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Full text of "The third part of the Institutes of the laws of England : concerning high treason, and other pleas of the crown, and criminal causes ..."

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High Treafbn ; and other Pleas of the Crown ^ 

and Criminal Caufo. 

Xfte ^iictp CDftiom 

Ecclef. 8. li. 

^;j noil profitiur cito contra malos fententia, ahfque timore mUo filiijjomiimm perpetrant k. 
Inertis eft nefcire quod fibi liceat. 

(tAuthore Edw. Coke <Shdiiite. ,^ 


H<ec ego grandtevus pofui tihi candide Le&w. 

LO N DO ]^, 

Printed by W. Ravplins^ for Thomas Bajfet at the George near St. Dunfians 
Church in Fleet-Jireet, M DC L X X X= 


-y ^. 


/ -'i A«s:' 

©12^ ^k' 






Thefeveral Chapters of the Third part of the Inftitutesof 

the Pleas of the Crown. 

^SM^ulti multa^ nemo omnia noviu 

Chap. Page. 

1. f" '^ Igh Treajott , and of itjcidents 
j[ J^ thereunto. P^g.i. 

2. Petit treafon. 19. 

3. Mijprijfon of treafoft. 36. 

4. Felony by the Statute of^ H.7. tocon- 
fiire the death of the King^ or Privy 
Connfellor. 37- 

5. Here fie. 39. 

6. Of Felony by Conjuration^ Witchcraft^ 
Sorcery and Inchantment. 44. 

7. AL(rder. 47- 

8 . Homicide, and herein of Fe\o de (e. 5 4. 

9. Deodands. 57- 

10. Buggery or Sodomy. 58. 

11. iJd/>e. 60. 

12. Felony for carrying away a vpoman 
againfi her will. 61. 

1 3. Felony for cutting out of tongues, ^c. 


1 4. Bursary, and herein of Sacriledge.6^ . 

15. Burning of houjes. 66. 

16. Robbery. 68. 

17. In what cafes breakers of prijons are 
felons. 69. 

18. Bfiape "Voluntary of Felons. 70. 

19. Stealing, ^c. of Records. ibid. 

20. Multiplication. 74. 

21. Hunting in the night. 75. 

22. Imbejilling of Armor, Ordnance, Vi- 
&uals,&c. 78. 

23. T(? depart the Realm to ferve forain 
Princes, &c. 80. 

Chap. Page. 

24. Purveyors. 82. 

2 5. Wandringfouldiers^and mariners.S 5, 

26. Souldiers that depart Jrom their Cap- 
tains, (^c. 86. 

27. Marrying of two husbands, or two 
wives. 88. 

28. A plague fore, d^c. 90. 

29. Felony in a Gaoler by dures,d^c. 9 1. 

30. Felony by bringing in, C^c. of certain 
money. 92. 

31. Tranj^ortation of moneys. ibid. 

32. Tran^ortation of Wool, W 00 If els , 
Lead,S"c. 95. 

33. Tranfportation of Iron, Brafs, Cop- 
per, &c, ()J. 

34. Felony for pealing of Falcon s,i^c. ib. 

35. Congregations of Mafons, (j^c. <^<^. 

36. Bringing in of Bulls. 1 00. 

37. Receiving of Jejidtes, C^c. lOl. 

38. Felony in Recufants concerning Ab- 
juration. 102. 

39. Egyptians. ibid. 

40. Rogues. 103. 

41. Forgery in the fecond degree. ibid. 

42. Tranf^ortation of Sheep alive in the 
fecond degree. 104. 

49. Servants that imbefd their Makers 
goods after their death, &c. ibid. 

44. Servants that imbefil their Mjjiers 
goods committed to their truji, above 
40 J-. 105. 

45. Powdikein Mar/land. 106. 

A 2 46- I^if 


The Table. 




Cap. Page. 

46. Difcoverj! of coitnfcl by a Jitror, <&c. 


47. Larceny and The ft. 107. 

48. The year day and wafi. lit. 

49. Piracy^ ^^c. upon the Seai ' ibid. 

50. Clergy. 1 1 4. 
Abjuration and San&tiary. 1 1 5, 
Hue and Cry. I16. 
Alayhem. 1 1 8. 
Premunire. 1 1 9. 
Prophefies. 128. 

56, Approver. I29, 

57. Appeals. 131. 
5 8, Treafnre trove. 132, 

59. Wreck; 133. 

60. Frf//^ tokfns^ (S^c. ibid. 

5 1. Theft bote. 134. 
62. Incli&metits. ibid. 
65. Conn eel in Pleas of the Crown. 137. 
64. Principal and Acc/fory. 1 38, 
5 5 . Mifprifion divers and fever al. 139. 
66- Conjpiracy. 1 43. 

"^ ' ^f . received of forain 







67. Penjions ^ 

6d. Bribery^ 

69. Extortion, 

70. ZJfiry. 
J I. Simony. 

72. Single combat^ Ditell^ d^c. 

73. Going or riding armed. 

74. Perjury and fubornution^ and inci- 
dently of oaths^ and ofcommijjions^d^c. 
and of equivocation. 1 63. 

75. Forgery^ the firji offence. 168. 

76. Libels., and Libellers. 174. 

77. Champerty^ imbracery, maintenance, 
&c. 175. 

78. Barretry. ibid. 

79. Riots^routs. 176. 

80. barrelling..- d^c. in Churchy d-c. ib. 

8 1. Smiting or laying violent hands in 
Church., d^'c. 177. 

82. Striking or draveing weapon in 
Church., d^c. ibid. 

83. Striking., d-c. in any of the Kings 
Courts of Jujiice^ <&c. or in any of the 
Kings hoHJes. ibid, 

84. Fugitives., d"c. or fitch as depart the 
Realm vpithont licence., d^c, 178. 




Cap. Page. 

85. Monopolifts, Proje&ors.Propounders, 
^'^- 181. 

86. Diffenfers with penal Statutes. 186. 

87. Concealers^ d^c. 

88. Informers., relators.^ d^c. 
^<). Forefiallers., Ingrojjers^ &c. 

90. Roberdfmen. 

91. Banlirupts. 

92. Recujants. 

93. Netvs., rumors. 

94. Weights and meafures. 

95. Appareh 
<)6. Diet. 
()J. Buildings. 

98. De Lupanar\&c. Brothelhoufes. 20$. 
<)<). De Ajjcntatore., flatterer. 207. 

ICO. Fatje imprifonment. 209. 

101. Judgments and Execution!. 210. 
In cafe of High 7reafon. ibid. 
In Petit "Treafon. 21 1. 
In Appeal when the Defendant joyning in Bat- 
tail U vanquifl-ied., or /lain. iii. 

In Treafon or Felony rfiherin neither corporal pun- 

ijhment, nor forfeiture U expreffed. ibid. 

Autcrfoits attaint. ibid, 

Anterfoits acquit, 213. 

Auterfoits convict devant Judgment. 2 1 4. 

Judgment to reverje an Outlawry for Treafon or 

Felony. ibid. 

Judgment in cafe of Abjuration, &c. 216, 

Peyne fort & dure. 217. 

Judgment in Petit larceny. 2 r8. 

In mijprifjon of High Treafon. ibid. 

Forjiriking in Weflminjler Hall, &c. ibid. 

For flriiqng and drawing blood in the Kings 

Court. ibid. 

In a Premunire at thefuit of the King. ibid. 
In cafe of TJjeftbote. ibid. 

Pillory, Tumbrel, Cuckingdool. 2 ip. 

Judgment for deathofa man p'miortnnm.220. 
For the death of a man, fe defendendo. ibid. 
For death of a man that offereth to rob, &c. ibid. 
//) Confpiracy, where the party indeed, &c. is 

legitimo modo acquietatus. 222. 

In an Attaint. ibid. 

Judgment de conupto Jiidke. 225. 

102. Forfeiture, confijcation,&c. 227. 

103. Seijiire of goods for offences before 
forfeiture, and begging of lands or goods 
before convi&ion, unlawful. 2 2 8. 

104. Falfifying of Attainders. 230 

105. Pardons. T ifr 1 jt 22 2. 
^ n n LWorl{s of mercy. '^ 

106. Kejututjons.^ -' ^ 240. 

The Table. 

Chap. " ' " Pag. 

10. The Court of the Chamberlain for Prentices. 250 

1 1. The Court for the confervation of the Water and River of 
Thames, ibid, 

12. The Court of the Coroner ill London. ibid. 

1 3. The Court af the Efcheator in London. ibid. 

14. The Court of Policies and Afjnraitccs in London. 250 

1 5. The Court of the Tower of London. 251 

1 6. The Jurifdiclion^ ^c. of the Colkdge of Phyfitians in 
London, &c. ' ibid. 

Of the Courts of the Jujiices ajjigned for the government of 

the Jetvs. 254 

Of the Court of Stanclijje and Fricndkjfc Wapentage. 


51. Of theCityofWe^ ■ 255 

52. Of the City of Norwich. 256 

53. Of the Court of the Tourn. 259 

54. Of the Court of the Leet or view of Frankpledge, 261 

55. Of the County Court. 266 
^6. Of the Hundred Court. 2.67 
^j. Of the Court Baron. 268 
58. Of the Court of Ancient Demefne. 269 
i^i^. Of the Court of the Coroner. 271 
60. Of the Court of Pipotvdert. 272 
61.0/ the Court of the Clerk^ of the Market, 273 

62. Of the Cotirt of the Commijfioners of Servers. 275 

63. Of the Court of the Commijjioners upon the Statute of Ban l^ outs. 


64. Of Commijftoners for examination of vpitnejfes. 278 

65. Curia curius apud Grave||nd. 280 

66. Of the Kings Sroanheard. ' ibid. 

67. Of the Wardens Courts in the EaU^ Weft, and Middle Marches 
adjoyning to Scotland. 28 1 >, 

6S. of Callais, or Callis Caletum. 282 

6^^. Of the fjle of Man, andoftheLaVpandJurifdi&ionofthefame. 

• 283 

70. Of the Ijles of Jerley and Garnfey, and of the l,avp and Jurifdi- 
&ion of the fame. 286 

71. Of the Jjle of Wight. 287 

72. Of the Jfland called Lindesfam, ^c. called ^Ifo the Holy Jjland. 


73. Of the Forrejis, and the Jurifdi&ion of the Courts of the Forrejisi 


74. Of the Ecclefiajiical Courts^ viz. 

1 . The Court of Convocation. 5 2 1 

2. Concerning Subfcription. 323 

3. Of the High Commiff on in caujes Ecclefiajiical. 324 

4. The Prerogative Court. 335 

5. The Court of the Arches, 337 

6. The 

The Table. 

Chap. Pag. 

6. The Court of Audience. ibid. 

7. The CoHrt of Faculties. 557 

8. The Court of Peculiars, Curia Peculiarium. 338 

9. The Cotififiory Courts. ibid. 

10. The Court of the Archdeacon, or of his Commiffary. 559 
J I. The Court of Delegates, and incidentlji of Appeals, ibid. 
1 2 . The Court of Commijfioners of Revierv. 341 

The Courts of theConfervators of the Priviledges of St, Johns 

of Jerulalem. ibid. 

75. 0/ Scotland. 345 

y 6. Of the Kingdom of hehnd, 349 

f. V ^ 

A Proeme 


Pa TR i^, 


(^ Troeme to the third fart of the Inftitutes. 

[N the fccond part of the If/Jiitutes we havelpoken only of 
Aftsof Parliament, (viz.) of Magna Carta,a.nd many anci- 
ent and other Afts of Parliament, which we have explain- 
ed, and therein obferved which of them are declaratory 
of the-ancient Lawsof this Realm, which are introduftory 
of ncw,and which mixt; All of them (exceptinga veryfew) concern- 
ing Coww<?;;-P/r^//, and thefe two great Pronouns, Menm and Tmim. 

In this Third part of the Injiitntes^ we are to treat De malo^v'iz. of j^l inTii!ut« " ° 
High Trcafitr^ and Other 7-*/^?/ of the Crorvn^ and Criminal Caufcs, moft §. 500. 
of them by Aft of Parliament, and fome by the Common Law •• in ^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^^ 
which Cafes the Law of all other is moft neceflary to be known, be- (ffidtntm fed dtfi- 
caufe it concerneth theiafetyof His Majefty,the quiet of the Common- £vi[7at"''nT*an 
<vealth, and the life, honour, fame, liberty, blood, wife and poftcrity efficient, butade- 
of the party accufed, befides the forfeiture of his lands, goods, and all ^'^'«nt "ufe, by 
that he hath : for it is truly faid of thefe haws^ Reli/ii{£ leges privatorum of fome vertue or 
hofninuni commodfs froj^icitmt^ h<£ regi£ majejiati^ fnba7tornmvit<e acpnb- notable good. 
liae tranquillitati co»fnhnt. And that in thefe Cafes the ancient Maxim 
of the Law principally hdldeth^MiJcrafervitus eji^ ubi jm eji vagum^ ant 
itrcognitum. And where fome doth objedt againft the Laws of England^ 
that they are dark and hard to be underftood, we have fpecially in thefe 
and other parts of the Injlituies opened (iich windows, and made them (b 
lightfom, and eafie to be underftood, as he that hath but the light of 
naturc,(whichiS'tf/<;/i';o»calleth the candle of Almighty God, Prov. 20. 
27.) adding induftry and diligence thereunto, may ealily difcernthe 
iame. And that may be verified of thefe Laws, that Lex ejilttx, Prov.5. 
2 5, the Law it felf is a light. See Rom. 2. 14. And when we confider 
how many Afts of Parliament ( publifhed in print ) that have made 
new treafons and other capital offences, are either repealed by gene- 
ral or exprefi words, or expired : How many Indiftraents, Attainders 
of treafons. Felonies, and other crimes, which are not warrantable by 
Law at this day : And how few Book-Cafes there have been publiftv 
ed of treafons, ( though a Subjcd of greateft importance ) and thofc 
very llcnderly reported : We in refpeft of the places which we have 
holden,and of our own obfervation,and by often conferences with the 
Sages of the Law in former times concerning criminal caufes or Pleas 
of the 6>tfn'/7,have thought good to publifh this Third part of the Ik- 
jiitutes^ wherein we follow that old and fure rule, ^od judicandnm 
eJi legibuf^ O" fw>i cxewplrs. A work arduous, and full of foch difficul- 
ty, as none can either feel or believe, but he only which maketh tri- 
al of it. And albeit it did often terrific me, yet could it not in the 

B end 



end make me defift from my purpofe^ (efpecially in this work) 
fo far hath the love and honour of my Countrey, to pals through all 
labours, doubts and difficulties, prevailed with me. 

This, as other parts of the h/Jiitutes, we have fet forth in our En- 
glilh tongue,not only for the reafbns in the Preface to the Firft: part of 
the I»jiitutes alledged,which we prefume may fatisfie any indifferent 
and prudent reader :But (pecially this Treatile of the Pleas of the Crorvfr^ 
becaufe, as it appeareth by that which hath been faid, it concerneth all 
the Subjects of the Realm morenearly by many degrees, then any of the Other. Hereunto you may add that which Robert Holcoth an Englifti 
man furnamed Theologus magmis^ upon the (econd Chapter of the Book 
ofWifdom, in or about the 20. year of King E. 5. wrote to this efFed. 
Narrant hijloria qrtod cum Willielmus dux Normannorum regnum An- 
glic coMqmjiviJJet^deliberavitqtwmodo linguum Saxonicam ^o^jit dejimere, 
& Angliam,€^Normanniam w idiomate accordari^i^ idco ordwavit^quod 
nuUus in curia regia placitaret mji itt Qallico^ C^ iter urn qtiodpner qmlibet 
potjendns ad literas addifceret Gallicnm^ d^ per Galliciim Lati»um^ qn£ 

35. E. cap. 15. duo ufq'-y hodie obfervantiir. Hac ilk. But the ftatute of 35 £. 3. c. 1 5. 
made not long after Holcoth wrote, hath taken thefe edifts of a Con- 
queror away, and given due honour to our Englilh Language, which is 
as copious and fignificant,and as able to exprefi any thing in as few and 
apt words, as any other native Language, that is fpoken at this day. 
And (to (peak what we think ) we would derive from the Conque- 
ror as little as we could. 

When Henry the firft died, all the iffue male of the Conqueror, and 
of his Sons were dead without iffue male. 

The Wife of KingH i. was Mawde daughter of M^/c^fee Ring 
oi Scotland furnamed Canmor^zndi o^ Margaret his wife, who was the 
grandchild oiEdmond Ironjide K. of England^ viz. The fiid Ring Ed~ 
wondhsid'iffne Edward fumzmedtheOutlarp, becaufehe lived a long 
time beyond fea WwhSalamon Ringof Hw^^^r^outof the extent of the 
Laws of this Realm. Edrp. had iffue the faid Margaret his eldeft daugh- 
ter, famous for her piety and virtue ^ fhe had i^xxo^Mawde wife ofK.H. 
I .who by her had iffue Marode^oi' whole Englifh blood by Geff'ery Plati- 
taganet Earl o£Anjou all the Rings of England are lineally delcended. 
We have in this Third part of the Infiitittes cited our ancient Authors, 
and Books of the Law,wz. Bra&on^Britton^the Mirror oiJujiices^Fle- 
/rf, and many ancient Records,never (that wq know) before publilhed, 
to this end, that feeing the Pleas of theCrorvn are for the moft part 
grounded upon, or declared by ftatute Laws, the ftudious Reader may 
be inftrufted what the Common Law was before the making of 
thofe ftatutes, whereby he (hall know, whether the ftatutes were intro- 
ductory of anew Law,declaratory of the old, or mixt, and thereby per- 
ceive what was the reafbn and caule of the making of the lame, which 
will greatly conduce to the true underftanding thereof 

We fhall firfttreat of the higheft, and moft hainous crime of High 
Treafon^ CrimenUfaMajejlatisj andof the reft in order, as they are 
greater and more odious then others. 


CAP. I. 

2jE. 3. cap. 2. 

Of High Treafon. 

^ tlie Statute of 25 E. 3. De proditionibus, is Ccclawn 
in certain particular Caftjs, toljat offences fljall be ta? 
Ken to be STreafonj iBitlj tljig reflridion, aCljatif anp 
otljer cafe fH)J4)orcti to be SEreafon Ojoulu Ijappen befo?vC 
anp 3!u(lice:s, tlje Stuflicejs fljoulii tarrp iwit^out going to 
jtttigmcnt of tl)C SEreafon, tifl tlje Cafe be fi;etoeti bc;= 
fojctljeiiinganiilji? parliament, tuljetljcr itougljtto 
be nDjuogeo treafon oj otljer felonp : tl)erefoje toe will 
lap cur founuatton upoUjanD begin toitlj tljat ^tt of |0ar*= 
Ufitttent, tl)c Jietter toljereof, in proprio idiomate cnfuetlj. 

AVxint pur ceo que divers opinions ount eftre eins ceux J^iyf? opinions. 
teures qen cafe aott ejtre ait treafon, is" en quel cafe m',t. 
nemi, le roy a le requeft desfignion is" commons ad fait LawVor IL' m'ofi 
declarifment que enfuift, Ceftcfavoirej quant home fait com- bSdethlifo 
pajfer ou imaginer la mort nojire feignior le roy, '^^^^'^^ 7^ fhraVdenf uw. 
compaigne, ou de lour fitz^eigne iy heir e. Oufihomeviolajl la ^xuf'tuxfwLr hs 
compaipne h roy.ou leipnefile le roy nient marie^ou la compaiP' were a kind of 

I • ^ J. / L -inch 1 -f ^ bafe Coin to the 

ne leignejttzjstbeire le roy. Uuji home leve guerre enconter iii^enefs of our 
nojlrefdgnior le roy enfon realme-pufoit aidant as enemies no- K'lied? becaufe 
fire dit feignior le roy en fon realme, donnant a eux aid, ou [n7«J"«4r^'^ 
comfort en fon roialme, ou per aylours, iff de ceo provablement ^^^'"^ fometime 

J J ' i t 1 1 • r r 1 was an Earldom, 

foit attaint de overt faSi per gents de lour condition. Etfi ho- and after a Duke- 
me counterface leprand,ou privie SealleEoyxu fa monye.Etfi s^cchaMr b the 

2. ^^ \ r n • 1 \. r -^ 1 I'rologue to the 

home apport jaux money en ceft roialme counterjait al mony Monks Taie, the . 
dangliterre, ft come la mony apelle * Lujbeburgh^ou auterfem- ^u&ytlmv, '" 
hleblea la dit mony dangliterre,fachant le money efirefaux.pur ^SSlib%l7payZ 
merchander ou payment faire endifceite noftre dit feignior le rOy 'hat is c upon ' 

, 1 "^ r f 1 n yyi 11 'T r the coherence of 

ist defonpeople. tt fi home tuafi Chancellor, Treafurer, ou theverfe) no 
Juftices noftre feignior le roy del un Banke ou del auter, fufii- Es not f^r ^ 
ces in Eire iff daffifes, iff touts auter s Jufiices affignes de Oier ft^ZTuutx 
iff Terminer * efieaunts en lour places enfefants lour offices. Et J^/^^ S//' 
foit a entendre que les cafes fuifnomes doit eftre adjudge trea- nit^vj}^^."''. 

r /• r 1 r T> ' It ^/r • n maxime ft fiat ii 

fon, que ft extent a nofire feignior le roy iff fa Roiall Majefiy : txmsnu ofianm. 
Et de tiel manner de Treafon la forfeiture des efchcates apper- 
. tenont a nofire feignior le roy, cibien des terres iff tenements te- 
rns des auter s, come de luy mefme. 

B 2 Item, 

High Treafon. Cap. i. 

Item T 71 THereas divers Opinions have been before this time , in . 
Y V ^^^'^^ ^^^^ Treafon (hall be faid, and in what not -^ the 
King at the requeft of the Lords and of the Commons, hath made a De- 
claration in the manner as hereafter foUoweth : That is to faj^, When a 
man doth compafs, or imagine the death of our Lord the King, ofmy 
Lady his Queen, or of their eldefl: Son and Heir: or if a man do vio- 
late the Kings Compagnion, or the Kings eldcft daughter unmarried, 
or the Wife of the Kings eldeft Son and Heir: Or if a man do levy 
War againft our Lord the King in his Realm, or be adherent to the 
Kings enemies in his Realm, giving to them aid and comfort in the 
Realm or eliewhere, and thereof be proyably attainted of open deed 
by people of their condition. And if a man counterfeit the Kings great, 
or privy Seal, or his Money : And if a man bring falfe money into this 
Realm counterfeit to the Money of England, as the Money called 
Lufheburgh, or other like to the faid Money cf England, knowing 
the money to be falfe, to merchandize or make payment, in deceipt 
of our faid Lord the King and of his people. And if a man (lay the 
Chancellor, Treafurer, or the Kings Juftices of the one Bench, or the 
other, Juftices in Eire,or Juftices of Affize, and all other Juftices af- 
figned to hear and determine, being in their place doing their offices. 
And it is to be underftood,that in the cafes above rehearled,it ought to 
be judged Treafon, which extend to our Lord the King and his Roy- 
al Majefty : And of fuch Treafon the forfeiture of the efcheats per- 
taineth to our Lord the Ring, as well of the Lands and Tenements 
holden of others, as of himfelf. 

0nD albeit tiot'^irig can coitcctn tfjc 1fefttg,l)iis Cro\Mn,ani) 2Dignitp,mo je tljcn 
Crimen lefs MajeOatis, ^iglj Creafon: ^et at tljerequcft of l)i5ii(ijtis itntt 
Comnrortsijtlje WeffeD J^ingbp autl^otjti) of parliament maoetfje SDeriaraticiti 
ag is aboucfaiD : auu tljercfojc, ano foj otljcr crcciknt iLatog mace at t\M ^ar# 
iiamcntjtbijs toais caHeu Benedidum Parliamentum, ais it taell OefcrViED. i?0} tXi^ 
ccpt it be Magna Charta, no otljt'c Sltt of parliament Ijatl) Ijati mojc Ijono j gibeit 
tmtoit b}) tl)e ISing, =lLo?tis Spiritual anu aCcmtiojal anti tlje Commons of ti)C 
Mealm foj tljc time being in full |5artiament,tl)en tljis act concerning anreafon 

i Hj 4. cap. 10; jjat^ 1)55^ j^dj, jjp ti,g Statute of i . H. 4. cap. 10. reciting tbat Mjcre at a pat#= 

. iiament l;olt)en 21 R. 2. niber? pains cf Crcafon tocre ozBaiueti bp Statute, in 

as mucb as tbete tuas no man Bib fenobj boba to beljabe bimfcif, to uo, fpcafe;o^ 

fapjfo J Doubt of fticb pains : 3ft \$ cnatteo b-p tbe !Sing;tbe ILo jbs ann Commons> 

tbat in no time to come anp aCreafon be luugeo otbcrtoife tben it boas ojbaincii 

I E.«.cap. 12, bptljis&atutcof 2^.E.3.2Lbelifeel)onojisgibcntottbptb£§>tatuteof I. E. 

1 Mar. cjp. 1. 6. c. i2. ann bv tlje Statute of i. Ma. c. I . SefT. I. biffcrent times^ljnt all agree*^ 

SefT. I. itig in tlje magnifying ann ertoIUrtg of tbiS breffco ^ct of 2 5 E. 3. £Df tbis ^ 

of I. Maris, tue (ball tpeak moje bereaftcr.lSut to pjoceeb to gibe a iigb-t toue^ 
Ijoto otber Sets of |3atliamcnt babe been calleo. 
^Iie Parliament boloen at ^jcfoju An. 42 H. 3. mas taljeb Infanum Parfia- 

tum ^^ 2. E. 2. tbe Partiamcnt of MbitebanBS, Albarum Fibularum 01 Metella- 
xum. 5.E. 3. Parliamentum bonum. 10. R. 2. Parliamentum g; fecit mirabila,tbat 
?*>••' tojOllg^t ttfonbetS. 21. R.2. Magnum Parliamenturri. 6.H.4. Parliamentum indo"- 

a-umjiLacfe^earnittg parliament.4.H.d.Parliamentum Fuftium,tbe parliament 
of 515ais. Cbc scfTion of parliament in An. 14. H. 8. caiieo tbe llBlack parliaie 
inent %\)t aitt of 1 E.d. toas calleir Parliamentum pium,tl)C |3ions ^Barliamenf, 
^aino tbe fain 0£tof i Mar. Parliamentum Propitium,SnbESpcrciful parliament, 
SLljc parliaments of ajueen Elizab. ftileo Pia, jufta, & provida. aCbe |0arlia«f 
iflintlolben An.21 of ^tng Jam.caUcb Foelix Parliamentum, Elje ^appp l^ar^ 


Cap. I. High Treafon. ^ 

Itament. Sim t\)t ^ulmmnt IjolBcn in tljc tljirti pear cf our ^Ducrafp iioja 

iSing Charles, BenedidumParliamentuni, t\)C lEIdTen parliament. SEljC feUe# 

raU'cafons of tljcfc Syyenattoug appear of Irccojn ano m l^iCo?.p, 
anu t\)c iatter arc yet frcflj in mcuiojp. Sit tijc making of tljc s>tatiitcof 2 5 E.3. 
tl;c M^h Courts of Ittflirc Matte furnifl)CD tuitlj erccncntmcn, viz. &ir Willi- 
am ShardChill linigljt, ( fl)0?tl)) to^ttcu in lEoofeg Shard ) Ji ojD Cljicf JuCice 
pftljefctngisJlEntcij, anol)is!Compagniong Juaiceeof tljat Court i S>itJohn 
Stonor lutiglK, commonlpU'jittcu in look? Stone, iiojD Cl)icf Jufiire of tlje 
Court of Common peag, ana W Compagnionis Jufticcs of tljat Court i auD 
Gervaiiusde wilford, ilojD Cljtef ffiaron of tlje ©rcljetiuer i menfamougtn 
t^eir pjofctfion, ano cicccUcnt in tl)c knotoJcug of tlje JLaiog. ^t tlje making of 
tuc statute of I H. 4. ujcre ^ir Walter Clopton tenigljt, ILo:tjCl)icf 3uaice " 
oftlje?&ing6)15encl), ano Iji? Compagnions luaice? of tliat Court •, ana §>ir 
William Thirning ?fcnig1>t, iLojD Cljicf JuCicc of tljcCourtof Common Peas 
ano Ijiis Compagnionjs Jufticeis of tljat'Court i ano &ir John Cailie i&nigljt, 
iojD Cljicf lEaron of tl)C (ll;]ccl)eq.«er i Spcn cpal to anv of tljeir l^jettecelTojs 
in tljc knolMlcDg of tl)c iatog. 0t tl^e making of tlje Statute- of i E, 6. toerc 
^ir Richard Lilkr i^nigl)t, Jlojn Cljicf Jutticc of tl)c Uings JlBcnclj, ano Ijis 
CompagnioniS S.uOiccis of tljat Court ; mU ^ir Edward Montague isniglit, 
%m Cljicf 3Swtttcc of tlje Court of Common plta-s, ann Ijis Compagnion0 
SttCifcs! of tljat Court ■■, ano &ir Roger Cholmeley !SniglK, aiojD Cljief 
55arott of tl)c Crcljctiucr , men of tljat ejcceUencp, as tljep toecc toojtl)? of tlje 
name of tlje Mlo^tljieis of tlje Jiato. 0t tlje making of tlje §>tatutc of i Mar. 
lucre ^ir Thomas Bromley iSnigljt, iLojo Clucf ^uftirc of tljc laings )15enc^, 
ano Ijisi Compagnions ^uflices of tljat Court ■■, ann &ir Richard Morgan 
3fenigljt, iLoitj Cljicf luttice of tljc Court of Common peas, ana IjisCom^ 
jaguions '^niiite$ of tljat Courts ana S)ir D.Broo k!Snigbt,Jloja Cljief JEaron 
oftljtCrcijequcr-, men renotonea foj tljeir great knoiulcag ana jttagment in 
tljcir p;cfefiioti« ^U tljefc iwe lja\)c namea in tlje Ijonotir of tljcm , ana of tljeii: 
^Families ana #oaeritic?, foj t^iat tljep in tl)cir federal times! toere great 
furtljereris of tljefe erccllcnt Latos concerning SCreafon. In Memoria sterna 
erit Julius, ^na all tljip iwas aonc in federal ages, tljat tlje fair JliUiesano 
Kofcisof tljeCroia)nmigljtflourinj,ana not Ijc ttainea lip fetjercana fanguina^* 
tp Statutes!. Kut let us come to t-^e 3d: it felf, ana foj tlje better unacrttan* 
Bing tljcreof, ana of tljc OlEook Cafes, ana otljcr Uccojas grotmaea upon tlje 
fame : §let us aiuiae tljis act concerning =l^iglj aTrcafon into fetieral Claffe^ 
oj ^eaas, ana tljeu pjofecutc tlje fame in ojaer. 

''iBpcompairingojimaAQlJg'^ C«"i> iieclaring tljcfame 
gining tlje aeatlj of tlje)^^^^^? C bp fome osert aeea. 

JC^efirft concern 
nctlj SDcat^, 

irChancellorj V 

Juftices of the one 
Bench or other. 

3In t^eic 

5Bp killing ana mttr.^ Kf.Jij^yfite '^^^"^^^ 

nerififf t,f the "J juitices 01 AlliZC. i pff;,^^. . 

Itices of Oicr I 

and Terminer, | 

A«*Bof* ]„"Soior \'^"'' 

SCbefeconaconcernetbUlliola^^caDlic Kings Confort,oj Queen, 
tion, tljatis, tomiolatc, oj^JE^e Kings Eldeft Daughter unmarried, 
Carnallp to knom ^2C^e Princes Wife. 

acije tljira Is Jleijping toac agafnft t^e King. 

A High Treafon, Cap. i- 

%^t fourtt) is at>l)enng to tljc Kings cnemiEjs toitljin tlje Kealnt/.oj \sxi%f 
out, anti Bedaring t^e fame lip fomc oDert act» 

CSnije Great Seal. 
aCbe fiftlj iji counterfeiting Of<SEl)C Privy Seal. 

t^2D^e Kings Coin. 

%^t m\) iintlaff,^n' bringing into t\M l^ealm counterfeit monep to tijc like^ 
nef)3oftl)eilSingsCoitt,fc. ^ ,„ 

^0 a? SCreafon i% Membrum divifum,anD tljefe federal Clatress oj ipeatis are 
Membra dividentia. Sni) if t^ie offcncc be not toitljin one of tljefe CMc? oj 
^ea0!Ef, it ig no a^reafon. 

m Treafon.] is tictitocu front [trahir] toljirl) is trcacl)erouflp to betrap. 
* Rot. B*mana. ^^ li5ctraveo> ano Trahifon, per contradionem, SHrcafon, i% t^c betra?^ 

Rot. Clauf. 1 E. mg It felf. , „ . ., . . , 

3. part, i.tnemb.- Detegit imbelles amnios, ml tortiter audens 

»3* , . t; Proditio. 

Ar.K. Clm. 9 t. j^^^^ legisCanuti fo.ii8. ca. 16. Proditiones hlapopbrpi" numerabantur 

Tr'arE;'. coram inter fcelera jure humano inexpiabilia. aTrcafon is DiDincO into ttoc parts, viz. 
Rege Ro"t. 17?- I^ig^ aCrcafon, Alta Proditio, anuinto ^etit SCrcafon, Proditio Parva. %\)t 
Triviiegium [icuU- ^^^^^ ^^jj ufeuin llalo) iS Proditio (aProdere) ano tljereof comef^ Proditorie, 
renoncompnn ^^^. . ^^ „fff (fifp mnji jjc ufcti in c^jctp SnDictment of SEreafon, anB cannot be 
imm&T ejcpjeffeob}) anp ot^er toojD, ^eriyljjafis, oj Circumlocution. 

defij" '^" ' f[ Ad fait Declarifment.] %\0 lim is foj tlje moff part SDeclatatojp 
l5E.3-ft«-'- of tlje ancient =liato, am tljercfoje t^istoojti [DecUrifment] is ufcD. 31But 
^"FArt'rSAft Vtt tlje ttuDious Meaner (ball obferije, tbat in oiijcrs Claufcs it aotictlj to t^e 
Mich 3 1 E.;. CO- fojmer JLaU), to^ercunto t^is ttojo [Dechrifment] toilUufficicntIp e;:tenij. 

ram Rege Rot. • 

5j, Buck. Abbot ^ Quant Home, &c. ] SCtiis ertentietl) to botl) ©eres, «omo inciuDtng 
de Miffeny. j^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^ Woman. 2C^iS act is general, anu tljcrefore crtennetlj to fomc 
of cierRY in pcrtous wl)icl) claimeo a p jibileoge to be erempteu from f ecular Suristrtction. 
vhat cafes the f j^o J crample, ) » Adam de Orleton iBifl)op of ^crefojn TOJajS innicteo of ^ig'^ 
priviiedge of ^Ereafon fo? aioing tlje Mortimers, &c. toitlj S^cn, anu Armour againft J^ing 
Clergy is taken ^.^ ^^ ^^^ Wljereupon Ije toaS arraigneO, anO alleHgeti Se abfque offenfa Dei, 
''ro'perfons ^' ^t Sandce Ecclefiae, et abfque licentia Domini fummi Pontificis non poffe nee de- 
ciefiafticai, ani here refpondere in hac parte, ^xiti tticrcupon tlje arclj^biOjop of Canterbury, 
Temporal. ^^^^^ a^j gr»uWin, ann tljeir Suffragans came to tlje 515ar, tlaimeo Ijis pjiui^ 
Eraft. iitJ- ?• "°- letigc^ j,„i, toofe Ijim anjai? ■> anu Ije iuajs fo far from punifljment, as l)e uias af=* 
Bri«on!t- 18- *« tranflatou to Wojcefler, anu after toMincljeCer. ISut tljis Statute C to 
ricta cap. 13. 30. clear aUuoubts ) ertenuetlj to all perfons, "^ as lajell QDccleCaaical as 2Ce^«po^ 
Mirror cap. i- jal, ano fo ^at^ it euer fince been put in erecution, as liereafter in Diuers Ca? 

j*^' *'.!i Vp ho- fes it appeareti. See Ijereafter Cap. Murdre et Larceny. 

ndciSra E I a man t^at is non compos mentis, as fi}an be faiti mo?e full? Ijereafter in tlie 
cor. 383. 15 E. 3. tieict Section, oj an Infant toitljin tlje age of uifcretion is not (un home) tuitbin 
42. cor. 139. 26. jijjjj g,tatute ■■> foi the principal enu of punifl)ment is, SCIiat ottiers b? Ijis er^ 
aff. 27.3 H. 7. cap. ^^^^p ^jjp jggj. jp o{fp„i,^ ut p^^na ad paucos, metus ad omnes perveniat ; 315ut 
l\ H n\l' i*Mar'. fuclj punifljment can be no erample to S^atis^men, oj 3[;nfants tljat arc not of ttie 
Dier*i4o.Tr. 31- age of ^ifcrction. anod^oDfojbiotljatiuCatesfo penal, tlje JLato fijoulu not 
E.i.coramRege. i,e certain i attO if it be Certain in caCeof Sl^urtier ano ifelonp, a fortiori, it 
S5.8E. 2. ong^t to be certain in cafe of SCreafon. _^ 
cuftum' de Sf a man commit STrcafon 0^ i^clonp ano Wtfeffetl) tlje fame, oj be t^ereo£ 

Norm. ca. 79. fo. Ot^iertoife COnDiCtjif aftertoarO ^e become De non fane memorie (qui patitur exi- 

94. 95. 33 H. 8. ijum mentis ) ^e lljaU not be caUeti to anfiwer : £Dj if after luogment ^e become 
cap. 20. £, fane memorie, %e 0)aU not be ej;ecuteo, foj it cannot be an cwmplc to 

t 8t iMar. c. 10. , j ^ > 

jann all ;a«ens tljat m toitljm t^je l^ealm of Cnglaiju, anu iutiofe ?s>om 


Cap. I. High Treafon. 5 

ratsnest arc in amttv mtlj tlje IStng of CSuslanOjarc toitljin tlje pjcteCtnn of tljc 
iiing,antJ tio o\dc a local ol'CDtcucc to tljc litng, ( arc homes luttljin tl)ts Set J ^ gee hereafter 
anji if tljcp commit Ik^igJj Crcafon agaiuft tlic tJincr, tljcp fiiall Ic puniflicti as c^p. 73. 
Sraitoj?, but otljcriaiife it is of an cncmv, toljcrcof rott mav rcan at lamx, where and how 

Lib. 7. Calviiis Cafe, to. 6. &c. & 17, See. ^ " ''"/«•''•" H^.t.ji<j- 

' • «*>• pio faHo, by 

f^ Fait Compafler.] %n us-fcc firfHrljat tl;c fompafTirg o: imagining tljc 'and''th''e*'changr' 
Dfatl) of a &ul3jc(t luas l)cfo?i',anD at tljc time of tl;c making of tbis statute, a ihtuo>. 
luljCn Voluntas reputabatur pro fad:o.0nri i Bradon faitl),tl)at Spedtatur voluntas * Er^^o", .fol. 
& non cxitus, & nihil interefi utrum quis occidat, aut caufam mortis pisbeat. ^g'' ^' ^'^"'Cor. 
a>0 as \Jjl)Cn tl)C l.a\J) DiaS 10 IjolDcn, Ijcmua caufam mortis prabcre, tljat tS, ^/ Note this word 

Declare tlje fame bvfome open ueen tcnoing to tlje erccution of Ijis intent, oj [m'/'-//;^.] 
tt|)icl)mig1jtl3ecaufeofocatl), asjuftice c Spigurnclrfpo^tct^JaCafea^ltutlg# "' std hac Toiun- 
CD ; SCijat a mans luife tocut aiuap Uuitlj Ijcr i^Mototcrer, anD tl;ep d compafico }th7tvlim 
tljetieatljoftlje^ttsijanD, anDasljeiuasritiing toiDartistljcs>cfrions of ^iet „„d,s ivhis", ant 
ano 2Ccrmincr ano (!5aol iieltDerp,tijcv afTauItco l)im anc flrokc l)im mt\) luea? fawUs propauta, 
pong, tljat l)e fell cown as oeao, toljcrcupon tljep fleo ■■> tlje Ij^uslano vccoDcreo ^^ "''"i". """>'• 
anD matie ^ue ano Crve,anD came, to tljc 3>clTions anu flieiacii all tljis matter to fn,[lif^a!m'^' 
tlje KuOices, ano upon tlje Mlarrant of tlje 3tiCiccs, tljcp toere taken, incittcii, i_i ^ji^ clJ'q'is 
ano arraigneo ■■, ano all tljis fpecial matter luas founo bv ti:iernicr ■■, ants it toas dfaer\t opnam, 
aBiuDgeo tljat tljc man flioulti be Ijanccco, ano tljc laonian burnt. 5no a>sr vvil- 9«^^ '«■» '" ipf^ 
liam Beresford Cljicf autttce of tljc Common picas faio, tljat bcfojc Ijim ano WY''^!j"lf'"fl!'"' 
W Compagnions Ixi^kt^ of £Dier ano 2Eermtner ano (15aol=;ticli\jcrp, a l^outlj e ii%LtorV>,!'u'm 
toas artaignet),foi tljat Ijc tooulo lja\3C (loin tljc goo^s of Ijis Rafter, anti Ciime to See hereafte' 
Ijis seafters JlBco toljerc Ije lap afleep, f tuitlj a knife attempteo toitlj all Ijis fojce ^^ H.refie. 
toljaviecutljistljjoati antitljinking tljat Ijeljao inoccti citt it,lje flei3,Mjcrctipon p'^J^i; *'*^* 
tljc spafter crico out,ano Ijis i^eigljbojs appjcljcnocti tljc ioutlj,anti all tljis mat- ,^.^h 1 '-^e't ' 
ter being founo bp fpecial Sletoictjin tlje eno Ije toas aojuogeo te be Ijangeo, jc. Gafcoigii. ' 

Quia "'• voluntas reputabitur pro fadlo. ^0 asitlnasnot abarccompaffingoj ^ut fee? 
plotting of tlje seatljofa man, cither bplDOjD, oj tojiting, but fttdj an oncrt *''• J".J'd""or vu- 
neeD, asisafo;teCaii), tomanifcatljcfame. S>oa3ifaman Ijaa comparfcD tlje k'ngoffomewi'at 
Beatlj of anotljcr, ano Ijao ttttereo tljc fame bp tuojos o} lujiting, pet Ije fljOulD refoived to be no 
not Ijatie oico foj it, foj tljere tuantea an o\)crt oeca tcnoing to tlje epenttion of '^'ony- 
i^is rompaffing. e 2iut if a man Ijao imaginco to muroer, oj rob anotljcr, ano to Ifp 'V ^°' ^^' **' 
tljat intent Ijao become Infidiatorviarum, ano alTaulteo Ijim, tljouglj Ijefeilleti ca*fe.°vid"poftea 
ijim not,noj took anptljing from ljim,pet toas it felonp, foj tljcre teas an oijcrt cap. '15. Robbery, 
ticeo. ^ut in tljofcoapSjin tlje Cafe of tlje l^. if amanljat)com.pairet),o?imagi? '"fi"^- 
neo tlje ocatlj of tljc li. Ttuljo is tljc Ijeao of tl)eComrtion==toeaItl)) anoljaooe^ TT'^^'yt ^^' 
clarcD Ijis compaffing oj imagination bp toojos cj \i3jiting, tljis Ijao been ?giglj Brla^iib. J. f!?i8 
aCrcafon, ano a fufficient otierture bp tlje ancient LaU). ^no Ijereioitlj agree all Britton foL i"<s. & 
our ancient JiSookS. Glanv. faitlj, Cum quis de morte Regis, Sec. infamatur, &c. 39- b. 

. Bradon in tlje title De criminibus ]x[x majeliatis. Ipfe accufatus piteloquutus ^°^^ f^ '"''^'"^ 
fuit mortem regis. SnO Britton. fol. 1 6. Grand treafon ell a compaffer noOre Fiaa lib. r. c. 21. 
mort. anO fo. 3^. b. Cyface lencufor fon appeale, 8cc. que il oya mefmccei John Mir. cap. i. §. 5* 
pur parlar tiel mortjou tiel treafon,&c 0nti Heta faitlj in IjiS title De crimine Is- "p. 2. §. 1 1. 
fe majellatisjfi quis mortem regis aufu temcrario machinatus fuerit, &c. quamvis ^°^^ '^'^ ^°^^ 
voluntatem non perduxit ad effedum. 0nO tljc Mirror faitlj, Crimede majellie Mj^for^c.i. §. 11; 
eft un peche horrible fait al roy, &c. p ceux g, occirent le roy, ou compalTant a De lappeale de 
faire.ano it toil! ocligljt pou (in rcfpctt of rcDcrcno antiquitp) to Ijcar a ^2cC# Mjieftic 
Bent of an appeal ( toljiclj tljen ano after mas in ufc) of ^ig^ 2r:rcafon,cn pleine ^^^;. f '^^^, j^' ^' 
pliaiTi, &c. en temps roy Edmond en ceftes parolx. Rocelyn ici dit vers Waligrot vtde Mic.V H. 4. 
illonq, q^a tiel jour tiel anne del raignede tiel roy, en ticllieu vient celui Wall- Coram Rege. 
grot a cci Rocelyn, &luitrovadeftre en company, et en aide enfemblcment ove ^°^- =-• 
Atheling, Thurkild, Ballard, et autres de faire prifoner,ou en tache pur occire nrc fn^heTi ChaD'^ ' 
feigniorle roy Edmond, ou en auter manner p coupe felonioufment, et a ceo Appeals, 
fairefuef entreinresaceocouncelceler, 6c a ceo felony iflint fornic (olong. lour Brafton, Britton, 
poier. 315p all looljiclj it tS mantfca,tl)at compaaing,macl;inating,counfclling,?c, ^ '«"■ ^^• 


High Treajon. Cap. i 

to Ml t!)c Kingjtljougl) it lm\) no otl)cr Declaration tljcrcof but b? uojDe.tuajS 
i$ig\}ftunioxi bv tl)c Common Jlauj. ^nu fee Ijcreafter, verb, per overt fair, 
8c de ceo provablement, &c. 

(f Fait compaflcr ou imaginer. ] &o as tljcre mull be a compaffing 

0^ imagination, foz an 3ft Cone per infortunium, luitljout compafTing, iuient,oj 

Rifkia. imaginationjis not luitbin tljis ^ctjag it appearetl) bp tljc crpjefg uio jug tfccre^ 

of, Et a<3us non facit reum niii, mens fit rea.Snti if it be not Uiitljin tljc luo?li0 

of tl)i0 0tf, tljCn bp fojte of a Claufe l)Crcafter,viz. Et pur ceo que plufors auters, ■ 

&c. Jt cannot be acuingeB 2Ercafon, untiU it be neclareD SDreafon bp |9arliaj« 

ment, luljicl) is tbe remeBp in tijat cafe, tobiclj tbc makerg of tbciiaiu pjobiBeo 

in tljat cafe. 2Cl)is compafttng, intent, oj imagination, tljougb feciet, is to be 

trpeo bp tijc peers, auo to be nifcouereD bv rircumOanccs p jcccDcnt, concomi^ 

tant, anD fubfcquent, xoitl) all cnDcabotir bernioje foj ilje fafetp of tljc King. 

2Ll)is iwas tbe cafe of ^ir Walter Tirrel a i?rencl) !5nigbt, tuljo tlje firft nap of 

Mar par pa si- ^^^' ^""" ^^' ^'"'^'- ^' ^"' "^^^^ ^ '°o- i'^tug a ijuntiixg luitl) tlje J^ing m 

Hoii'ing. pa. 26. b.' tljc nclu fojtelJ, \Mas commantieD bp tbc lung to fljoot at a 10art, Exiit ergo 

Mat. Weftm. telum volatile, 8c obilantearbore in obliquum reflexumfacieiis, per medium cor- 

W. Malmesbury- J jj rcgem fauciavif , qui fubito mortuus corruit. 

Jt appearctl) alfo bp tlje Cuflumer of Normandy treating of SDreafon, ana 
Cuftum. de Nor. tl)e erpofition of tlje fame, tljat tljis 2rt tuas not STreafon. 2Eo calculate oj feek 
cap. 14. to knoiu bp fetting of a figure oj \Mitcbcraft, l)0U) long tbe toing fliall raign oi 

aamentTde 17 '^^^^ ' ^'^ "° Crcafou, for it isnocompading, oj imagination of tljeceatb of 
E.4. deTh. Bur- tlje iSiug, luitljin tljis Statute of 2 5 E. 3. 0ntitbisappearetl)bpt!)e judgment 
die. ai. fed judi- oftbi? Parliament in 23 Eliz. luberebp tljis offence uias mafic felonp miring 
candum eft legi- tljc lifc of dliuccn Eliz. luljicl) bcfojc \uas punifljablc bp fine auu impnfonment, 
bus, & non exem- j^^^ ancient l.a\u Tojas, tljat if a man man ban killen oj oftercD to kill tlje JS. 
23 Eliz. cap. 2. it luas bolnen foj aCreafon i ann fo it appearetl) bp In Alfreds 3iabu befoje tlje 
» wtr 'lists' Aivc- Conqueft, anu in lib. 4. in Beverlyes cafe. iEut no\B bp tljis ftatute,anri bp fo jcc 
rtdi cap. 4. of tljefc lUOjOS, Fait comparer ou imaginer la mort, be tljat iS non compos mentis 

Lib. 4. fo. 124. jj„j, t0taHj, nepjiuet) of all compafTings ann imagtnations,cannot commit li^iglj 
Ovid! scUket 'in 2CrcaftHx bp compaffiug oj imagining tlje neatl) of tbe iS.foj furiofus folo furore 
fuftr'is ttiam fonu- punlfur ; but it mufl be an abfolute maDnefSj auu a total oepnuation of memo^ 
naiuendaed: N«c rp. 0nii tljis appearctl) bp tljE Statute of 33 H. 8. foj tljcrebp it is pjobibcD, 
■vtniamia^o numine jj^^j jf ^ ^^^ jj^j^g Compos mentis commit ^iglj SCreafon.anU after accufation, 
fajus ai. ^^^ j^^ ^^ matinefs,t'^at be migl;t be trien in Ijis abfence, $c. ann fuffer tieatl),as 

if Ijc toere of perfect mcmojp : foj bp tljis (latute of 25 E. 3. a man man couln 
I? w- 8- "P- =°- not commit ^igb aCreafon. It inas furtljer pjobioen bp tlje fain Set of 33 H. 8. 
Mar. ca^. i©. ^^^^^ ^^ ^ man attainted of 2Creafon became man, tljat nottoitbftanning be fljouln 
tf Braft. li. 3. fo. be cretuteD ■■, -^ tobicl) cruel ann inljumanc JLalu liben not long, but toas rcs= 
1 1 3. pcalen, foj in tljat point alfo it toas againft tbc Common =ILato, bccaufe bp in^ 

^^Tn^ "**" ^' tf"5"^f"t of JLaiu tbe ejcecutton of tbc oftenDer is fo: ejcample, ut poena ad pau- 
Gianv.Tib"' ca.2. '^°^'"^^'"'^'^°™""P"^^"'^^ «*^^'^^°^'^*'^^''^^' ^^^ ^^ it is iiot lubcn a matt 
Ficta li. 1*1.' Hian is ejcecutcn, but Oiouln be a miferable fpettacle, botb againft i-aiu, ann of 
Mirror ca. i. §. y. ejcticam iuljumanitp ann crueltp, ann can be no ejcample to otljcrs. 

Ven Roy dt latri, 

■a i;Eiiz cap 1 ^ Mort.] a ^c tbat ncclaretl) bp obert Set to nepofe tbe 1>. is a fuffici^ 
ntu dicUrtl' ' ^ "^ ^^^ " ^* ^^ pjovjc, tbat be compalTetb ann imaginetb tbc neatb of tbe iiing. 
Brook tic. trea- 2nn fo it is to b imp?ifon tbc ifting,oj to take tbe to. into bis po\i)er,ann mani^^ 
fon 24. feft tbc fame bp fome obert 0(t, tbis is alfo a f ufficient obert act fo j tbe intent ai= 

47. i' 5V 8. "'2!" ^"^^f^^^* 51Butperufeani)ifcnlptbeaatutesof J3 Eliz.cap. 1.2.&14. Eliz.cap.i 

•vide infra verb. -,^ ^. , _ 

1 Per *virt fait. fi Nre teignor le Roy. J jnijefc \MOjns eytenn to all W fucceffojs , as 
It i^atb been alioaps taken. 

3 Mar. Dier, 131. C ^e Roy'] 3|xs to be unnerfloon of a iiing regnant,anD not of one tljat 
pi. 7- l;atlj but t^z name of « KingjOj a nominatibe Ji. as it Was refolbea in tbc cafe 


Cap. I. HighTreafon, 

of iiiug Philip, tuljo marrtca €iuccn Mary, auD \Ma;s lut a nominative feing, foi 

£rj«ccn Mary Ijao tl)C offirc anti Hgwix^ of a iUing, fo as flje tijat tuantcu tljc name 

of a !iin5, but Ijau tljc office anu oignitv, toap luitljin t^bip 0ct of 25 E. 3. 0nD l]C 

tljat Ijao tlje name, anu not tljc office anti Dignitp of tljc iSing, toas not iuttljin it. 

flnu tfjcrcfoKan Set wis mane, tijat to com^jafs o: imagine tljc ncatlj of JSing i & 1 Ph. & Mar. 

Philip,9fc. During W marriage \uitlj tlje iSiueen, \uag SCreafon. 31 ^uecn regnant cap. to. 

is ti)it!)in tijcfe UiojDSf, Inrc feignior le Roy] ifoj fijeljatl) tl)e office of a i^ing. 

%\M 0rt is to be unoerftoot of a Jiing in poffeffion of tl;e Croton anD iSing:? yut n h. 7. c. x. 
nom : iToj if tljere be a i^ing regnant in poffeffion, altljouglj Ije be Rex de fado, 
Sc ncnde jure, ?etis l)e feignior le Roy luitljin tlje putbien of tljis a»tatwte. 3nD 
tlje otljet tljat Ijatlj rigljt, ann is out of yoffeffion, is not mtljin tljis Set. ji^a? if ^ . . 
STreafonbe commiteo againff a teing dc fado,& non de jure, ant) after tlje teing 9 e* 1* ij 2. 
de jure cometlj to tljc Crotun, i^e fljall puniflj tlje aCreafon Done to tlje i^ing de 
fadto ; ^nD a parDon grantcD bp a l^ing de jure, tl)at is not alfo de faifto, is 
UoiD. ' • 

3f tlje Crolirn BcfcenD to tljc rigljtful K^eir, Ije is Rex befoje Cojonation; foj 
bp tl)c 3La\u of CEnglanD tljere is no interregnum : anD Cojonation is but an 0?;* . 
nament o^ folcmnitv of Ijonour. 0nD fo it tuas rcfoItoeD bp all tlje 31uDgcs Hil. i "''• '.^''V*^^ 
]a. in tlje Cafe of watfon anD Clark Seminary ^jieCs ; fo? bp tlje Hatu tljerc is and ciarkkmi- 
altoajs a iiiing,in toljofe name tlje iaius are to be maintainec, f erecuteD, otljcr=<= nary Priefts. 
ijoife 3Euftice fljoulo fail. 3Di\3ers iiings befoje tljeConciucft i30luntarilprenoun=^ 9 e. 4. 1. b. 
ceD tljeir itiinglp office : 0nD fo DiD Bing H. 2. in t^ie 16. jear of Ijis reign, ano 
Henry Ijis S)on Ujas createo anD Croinneo. 

3!t appcaretlj bj Briton, t^at to compafs tlje Deatlj of tljc father of tlje Bing, is See the the Pre- 
treafon,anofolMastt)e3latoljolDcn after tljat: i?oj after IRingE. 2, IjaD Dif;= zvcMe, Aitxm ofur 
miffeo IjimfcU of Ijis i^inglj? office,anD Dutv,anD Ijis fon bp tlje name of E.3. toas Zromuiulhs 
croiuneD, anD toing regnant, tljofecurfeoCaitifs, Thomas Gourney anD William tcux hims, que' 
Ocle, anDotljerswreattaittteDof^igljSnreafonfoj murtljering tlje icings fa^ «" "P ^"f '/^^ 
tljcr, to^o IjaD been iliing bp tlje name of E. 2, anD IjaD juDgmcnt to be Djaion, '^'^ V'^l""' ^ '" 
i^angcD, anD ciuartercD. ^l larli^m 

* SElje like juDgment toas gitien againft ^ir John Matrevers ?&nigljt, ano 4 e. 3. num. «. 
offers* as being guilt j of tljeDcatlj of tlje !&ings uncle, Edmond (iEarl of i^ent, * Eodem Rot. 
ifl'^iclj at tljat time (being fo near of tlj6.blooD JSopal ) toas bp fome l)0lDen alfo °"°* 5- * 4' 
SCreafon. ilBut noto tljis 0£t of 2 5 E. 3 . ijat^ reff raineD ^ig| STreafon in cafe 
of Deatlj al nf e feignior le Roy, fa compaigne, & al eigne fitz, & heire le Roy. 

Nicholas de Scgrave U)aS cljargeD in open |Darliament in pra:fentia diii Reg. PUc. in Parliam. 
• comitum, baronum, & aliorum de confilio Regis tunc ibi exiftent", tljat tlje iSing ?.*• . "JJ* T^"' 
in tlje ttar of &cotlanD being amongft Ijis enemies, Nicholas Segrave i^is leige Rgf ^^^.^ 22. 
man,anDljolDingoftljeJi>ingbvljomage,anDfcalt}),feri)eDljimforljisaiDint^at * * 
luar, DiD maliciouffp move contention anD DifcojD toitljout caufe, tnitl|) John de 
Crombewell, cljacging Ijim itMitlj man? enojmious ctimcs, anD offeree to pjoDc 
it upon Ijis boDv. 2no toljom tlje faiD John anftuercD, ttiat Ije tnouln anftoec 
him in tlje iaings Court, as tljc Court fijoulD confioet, f c. anD tliereupon gatjp 
Jim l)is fait^. 0fter Nich. toitljDreto ^imfeif from tlje iSings i^oft, anfl from t^e 
isings 3iD, leaving tlje ?&ing amongft Ijis enemies, in periculo hoftium fuorum," 
anD aDjourneDttie faiD John to DefenD^imfelf in tlje Court of t^eiS. of ifrance, 
ano pjefij;eD Ijim a certain Dap. Et fie quantum in eo fuit, fubjiciens, & fubmit- 
tens dominium regis, & regni fubjedioni diii regis Francise, ad hoc faciendum, 
iter fuum arripuit ufque Dovoriam, ad transfretandum, &c. 011 totliclj t|je faiD 
Nich. confeffeD, & voluntati dni regis de alto & baffb inde fe fubmifif. E^ 
fuper hoc diis Rex volens habere avifamentum Comitum , Baronum , Magna- 
tum, & aliorum de confilio fuo, injunxit eifdem in homagio, fidelitate, ct ligeantia 
quibus ci tenentur, quod ipfum fideliter confulerent, qualis poena pro tali fado 
fie cognito fuerit infligenda ; quiomnes, habito fuper hoc diligenti tradtatu,& avi- . 
famento,confideratis,& intelledis omnibus in prsdido fadocontentis,&c. dicunC 
quod hujufmodi fadum meretur amiifionem vltae & membrorum, &c. ^0 as tlji;S 

cffence luas t^en folemnlj? in |?ai;liament aDjuDgcD l^iglj SCtf afon. 3Sut t^is ii 

C tafectt 

8 High Treafon. Cap. i* 

taken atoaji b? tliiis 0ct of 25 E. 3.' being not unter any of tlje claSfCiS, oj Ijeaus 
fpccifieu in tljis 2(r. 
40 Atr. ay. ^0 piracv bp anp of tbe liings a)ub)C(ts! upon anotbcr,toa9 tafecn to be STrca^ 

fon bcfoje tljis ^ttjfoj fo i? tl;c fcooK to be inteniieii,becaufe a pirat ig Hoftis hu- 
mani generis. 51But b? tl)i)S ^c. it ig not nouj to be jitugcD 2Ereafcn. ^ee ijcre*= 
aftet in tlje cljaptcr of piracp. 

^nc not!) marrp a €5iteen regnant, if tljeil^wsbani) comyafs tbe neatly of tije- 

fflueen, ant Declare tije fame bp onert 5l£t, \)t ijs guiltp of aircafon, ano pttniHia^ 

•ble bp tljis att,fo> to t\M anti trtanp otljer ptirpofes fl;e iis a Biftinrt perfon bp tlje 

Common 3iato. 0nti fo if a ©ueen Daife to a liing regnant, rompaffeo tije oe at^ 

of ttje i&ing, ant) aetlare tlie fame bp ober 0£t, fl)c t? guiltp of ^Crcafon pimifljas^ 

ble bp tbisi aer. &o ag ( tbat toe map fpeak it once foj all ; bp tbefe ano manp 

Br-tton cao 8 and ^^^^"^^ ^^^^^ "^^^^ ^^ citet!,Cfome Uj^ercof fiiall btrcafter be toucljebjtbc pjeam^f 

other ancieni" Au- '^^^ of ^W Stt appearetl) to be true, tbat oi\)crs opinton0 Ijan been befojc ti;c ma^ 

diors, ubi fuprt. feing of t\M atf , ttiljat offcncejsi lljoulti be aijuBgco ^iglj SLrcafon, ano tobat ttot» 

acbisi Statute babing reflraineo tbe compaffing, ^c. of oeatbtotbciSing, 

Rot.pariia. 3 R. 2. £iiueen,anB ^jincEjit came to pafg after tlje making of tljts 0fr, tbat in 3 R.2. 

nnm. ^1^8.^^ ^^^^^ j^j, (j^iti^fng of London, John Kerby ^crcer, anO John Algore C-JOCer, conceib^ 

regHiIUn.*3R.2. tng malice againft John Innperial Janevoisof^t. Mary in (0enoa tbat camc ags 

rcavcn'difh^roc.s. dEmbaffaiiojfromtbe&tate of (!5enoato tbe iiing, (unticrtbeiStngsi JiettcriS 

London. Ho II. of fafg conoutt, foj alliance to be bao between tbe teing ano tbe SDukc ano Coms^ 

'^'''°°- \^" ^' P'' minaltp of CDcnoa afojefaioXoj tbat tbe faio Jo.Innperial ban obtaineo a * monos= 

**Monopoh'!' S^ilp to furnilb tbis Jlano (keeping bijs Staple at S>outbampton)of all fucb toarest 

a? came from tbe ilebant, fo plcntifullp a? tuag to be bat i\\ all tbe Tmclf part0 of 

>!(iitfhis end. Cl)?iftenriom,tbe faio John Imperial lua$ killeo bp tbcm, as mo?e at large ap^s 

jieatjB h^ tbe recojo. ^no albeit tbe faio John Imperial toas an Cmbaffaooj un:* 

2 Regum cap. 10; Her tbe iHings fafc conoitcr, ano tbe killing of bim toais jufti belli caufa, pet t\)t 

t}\^}-' billing of bim was no SCreafon, bccaufe it toas not ttnocr anp of tbe faio claufc? 

foreign Ambaffa- ^"^ W^^i Until it toas at tl)at time oeclaren bp parliament in tbefe toojos. Quel 

dor. cafe examine & difpute inter les feigni_ors,& commons,& puis mf e al Roy in pleine 

Honor Itgati, ho- Parliament, cftoit illonques devant nre feignior le Roy declares, determinus, 6c 

mr mitttntts ell, & aflentus, que tiel fait, & coupe eft Treafon, & crime de Royal Majefty blemye, en 

Sniitin mm "* <31"el cafe il ne doit allower a nulluy priviltdge del CIergie,anO accojOinglp t\)C faiO 

Kerby ano Algore toere attainteo of Pgb 2Creafon in tbe iiings 115cncb, Ail.3.R. 

2. ubi fupra : but tbis* Declaration is taken atoap bp tbe S>tat. of i Mar. a? Ijcre^ 

after (ball be faio, ano pet of tbis Declaration loie fljall make mucb ufe bereafter. 

12 Aff. pag.- 49. 3" tbe 22 pear of E. 3. to^icl) tuas about 3 pears befoje- tbe making of tbis • 

iWort dun Ambtf- Sirt, one Joh. at Hill baO murOereD Walton tbe feingS SlmbairaDOj,nuncium 
(ad. U Roj. dni regis miflT. ad mandatum regis exequendum : tbis loas aOjuDgeD ^igb SCrea^ 

fon, fo^la)bic^betMaSDjat»n,l)angeDjanDbebeaDeD. ^. if oj true it is, quod le- 
gatus ejusvicefungitur,aquodeftinatur,"& honoranduseftficut illecujus vlcem 
geriti & legates violare contra jus gentium eft. 315ut bp tbis ^(t of 25 E. 3. tt 13 
rcftraineo to tlje Bcati^ de nfe feignior le Roy, anO tljerefoje prorex is not Wit^ 
in tbis Statute. 

^ Sa eompaigne."] jCbiS too^D compaigne, ( tobicfi iS all one toitlj con^^ 
fojt 0% toife ) toas ufeo, tbat compaffing, f c. mutt be During tbe marriage toit^ 
tbe iitng, foj after tbe icings oeatb.fbe is not fa compaigne, anD tberefoje it tx^ 
tcntetl>nottoa®weenDoiuagcr,anDfoj t^i? cawfc tW toojD compaigne irau' 

f[ Le fitz eigne & heire le Roy.] %\)z elDett S>on $ ^eix of a ©umt 
3Kcgnant is toitbin tbiS JLftto, 51Befoje tbis Statute fome oto bolo , ^Ijat to 
Brittpn 4i fHfra. compafstbeDeatb ofanpof t^tHingscbilDjcn, luas fTreafon. JlPttt bp t^is 2(1 
it iB reftrafneD to tbe^jince, t^e Slings &on, being ^cic apparant to tbe 
Ctotojn fbj tbe time being: anft beneeo not be tbe firft begotten &on , ftn 
t|( f?wn» «ftw jl)? wcwfe of t|ie f»ft begotten tott^ont t(f«e,ii» Fit? eigne toitbin 

Cap. I. . High Treafon. 

tljtp a»tatHtf, & fie de csteris.3tf tl)C llfir avparant to tlje Croiun \it a collateral 
^cir appavant, Ijc is not toitljin tljijsi Statute, until it beneclarcD l)V^avU(V 
nicnt, as it luais in tljc SDiiUc of Yorks Cafe. 

Roger Mortimer €arl of ®ard)toas in Anno Dom. 1457, (11 R. 2.) pjo? 
claimcD %3£ir appavant. An.' jp H. 6. Richard Duhc of York luas Itkcmfc p?D#^ 
claintfD ^cir apparant. annfoluas ]ohnde la Poole Carl of Lincoln, bpR.j. 
anti Henry £l9arciuiffcof Crctcr, bplSing Henry tlje cigljtb. Jl^nt noncof tljcfc 
ox of Jtl)C lil<c, are \i3itljitt tljc %^ur\)icn of t!ji0 g>tattttc. 0nti noiu tijat \mc Ijauc 
ijanslcD compaffinff? ano imag,ination?> let \\% pjoceeo to tl;erefitiuc luljiclj con^ 
cern 0rts ann 2Pccdj(. 

C Heire is Ijcrc tafecn foj ll^eir apparant, foj Ijc cannot lie l^eir in tljc life of 

. ^ Si home violaft la compaigne le Roy. ] %\)t sptrroj faitlj, Crime S'c'^^fu ' ^" ^ 
de Majefty vercs le Roy |) ceux avowterers g- fpergilfent la feme le Roy. Mljcre^ ^ " "^ "' ''^"'' 
bi) it appcaretl) tljatil)ip tuap l^iffl) ETrcafon lip tJjc Common 3LaU). 

^Violare 13 Ijere taken fozcarnalitercogiiofcerei ant) it ig no SCreafon, tmlffiS 33H.8,cap.2i. 

it be Done During tl)c marriage UJttl) tljeJiing, anfi ertenoetlj not to a a)»cen 

H^otoager as Ijatl) been faiD. 0no if tlje toife of a lung Dotlj yiclo ano confent to PaCch.sS h. 8. in 

him iljat commit tctl; tljis Xrcafon, it is SDrcafon in Ijcr. spiimans Reporcs 

•^ in Cale 01 c^ieen 

U Ou la compaigne dc lour fitz &: hcirc. ] jcljis alfo ertenuftlj to rJ"^- s- "bi fu- 
xl)c wife of tl}C p?ince stiring tlje coverture betuieeu tljem, ana not to a SDoto^ m-, 'ncafe of 
ager> anoiftljcUiifci'icloanD confent to ijimtljat commits tljis SEreafon, it is Qi:"" i^^'harine. 
2Ereafon in Ijcr. 

^ Hcire.3 ^^crcijs taken utfupra, fo? !^cir apparant. 

'f Mirorcap.i.§.5. 

Ou leigne file nicnt marie.] { srijat is, ) elDcft Daugljter not marriea ^T^^A^tcil' 
attljc time of dje \)iolation, albeit tljereljao been an elocr oaugbtcr tbcn fljc sp.foi.Ti. 
tobo is DeaD toitljOUt iffue. * SCbe SpirrOl. AvowterorsqfpergilTentlahleleRoy 1 Mar. Pari, t.c.i. 
eignes legittime, avant ceo q el foit marie. " GUnvil. lib. i. 

0nD tbe reafon tbat tbc elocft onlr is bere mcntioneo, \% foj tl)at foj Default ""^^i^'onXs^'l' '' 
of tiruc a)ale, flje onlp is itrljentablc to tbc Crouin. foi.'us. 

Eritton. fo. i^.&c. 

fl Ou fi home leva guerre enconter noftre (eignior le Roy, ] Heta.ii. i. ca.21. 
a Snbis loaais I3igl) STreafonbp tbe Common l.aiD,foj no ^tibtect can lebp Mar f/f^'",^; Vs.^b.^* 
tottbin tbc Ixcalm \j3itb0ut autborttp from tbe toing, foj to bim it onlp belong;^ Dier. in sir V. 
etb. ^fC F. N. B. 1 13. a. Le R.oy de droit doit faver & defender fon realme vers Tbrogmortons Cafe, 
enemies, &c. SeeziE-j.s?. 

h comparing oj confpiracv to letoP War is no aCreafon, foj tberc mutt be p'^j)' ^' ^^^' ^^' 
alciipingof iwarinfado. IButifmanpconfpiretolebpiuar, anDfomeoftbem ik-Vcap.?. 
DO IcDp tbe fame accojDing to tbe confpiracp, tbis is l^igb SCreafon in all, foj 8 e. g. lo. 
in STrcafon all be p;iincipals, ano toar is lebieo. Seehereafter cap. 

If anp le\)p toar to erpulfe a)irangers,to Deliijcr men outcf ^jifons,to remoljc or rS arfned^ 
CounfcllojSjOi againft anp Statute, oj to anp otbcr cnD, p?etenoing Hcfojmati^ c se'e Rot. Fad. in 
on of tbcir oujn beass, luitbout warrant ■■> t\)i$ is leaping of toar againtt tbc cro. Epiphan. 
5Singt ISecaufctbep take upon tbemj^opal ;autbo}itp, tobicb is againft tbe »o- e. i.Ror. 2 

liing. SEljcrc is a Di^crfitp between Icijpingof tear anD committing a great ^Ite 7^E\iztw 
jSiot, al\out,o:unlaUifulan'emblp. cifoj erample, asif tb?ee, oj four, oj b.^Dier! 
mcjCj DO rife to burn, ojputDouinan inclofiire in 2Dale, tobifbtbf JlojDoftbe Seethe'statme of 
mmoi of SDalc batb maDe tbcre in tbat particular place ■, tW o} tbe like is a i M^r. cap. 2. By 
ifiiot, alScut, oj an unlawful ^ffemblp.ano no SCreafon. ifut if tbepbaD ri^ "''^''Vome cafej 
Cen of purpofe to alter Meligion eaabliOjcD witbin tbe Uealm, oj Laws, 01 to "" m" de felony. 
go from 2EDWn to SEown generallp, nno to catt Down Jnclofures, tbis is a leijp^ 
ing of War (tbougbtberebcnogreatnumber of tbcConfpiratojsj witbintbe 
5Puri)icn of tbis Statute, bccaufetljepjctenreis publick anD general, ano no: 

C 3 " p?iuate 

lo High Treafon, Cap. 


Pafcii. ?9 Eiiz. pjtbatc in particular. 3nD fo it 13j.iis rcfoliicB in fljgCafpof Richard BradHiaw 
byallilujudgesof c^mfj.^ Robert Burton aBafClt, auB Otijers of SJjCfojDflnrf, luijOfe Cafc iMas;, 
Attorney Genera'^ ^Eijat tljc}) ccnfptrcu ati5 agvcfD £0 aflcmijle tljcmfel\)es lait!) fo manp as rijcy 
andpretot. ' foulD v^o"'^'^ ^^^ ^'-^'^^f='^^^^^ '" tJjcfniD Cciiiuj', aiifl tijcre to rifc, anofrom 
tljcnretogofrom dJEittlemaniBlioutc to Ccmlnnan^ Ijmik, auu tocaHtolaii 
Juclofuvcg, as tflcll foj tnlargrmnu of i^iglj^Uiaps as of crraMc LaiiDS. Jflna 
tljcvagrccijtoget^rmctiraiia SrtilUrp attljf itja Norrysljis ijoitlc, ann to 
lucar tijcm in going ftom <II5fntkmans Ijoufc to C^cnticmans Ijoufe fo: t^c pur^ 
pofcafojcfaitijanntotliatpurpofctlicp pcrfuiaDcD niticrs otijcrs: ano ail tU^ 
luas confcffcti tp tlje offenucrs. Btiu it luas rcfoI\)ctr, tljat tijis luas a ronipafiing 
ano intention to leuptoaragainft tljc tliuccn, licraiuc tl;c pjctcnce loas piibltck 
luitljintljc sPtatutEof 15 Eliz- cap. i. CtliEiicttcr tDljcrrofljcrein fi:o?tip lol^:; 
lotoctlj, ) anu tljE ^fffnDcrs iBcrc attainrcti anii crcruteti at (Enfloiuci^MU. 
ianu tijis oiljerfitp is pjoDcn tp a latter ISjanrlj of tins act. 
Et ii per cafe a<cun home de cert realme chimancha arme di'covert fecretment 
ove gents armes, contrc afcun autre, pur luy tuer, ou difrobcr, ou pur luy prender, 
ou retainer tang, 11 face fine, ou ranfom pur ia deliverance, nelllentention le 
Roy & de fon counfel, cf en tiel cafe foit adjudge Treafon, tjies foit adjudge felo- 
ny, ou trefpafle, folorq. le ley del tre auncientment ufe. ©Hlljcrebp it appcaretlj 
tljat bearing of Arms in luarlifee manner, fo; a puuate rc\)cng;e o j eno, is no Ic^ 
Rot. Pari. H. 4. Dping of luar againft tlje iSing toitljin tljis statute. &o tljat cDerp gatljcring of 
nu. 1 1. 12. fojce is not 3ii3(gij aCrcafon. 3nti fo it toas refolDcti in parliament, in 5 H. 4. 

Th ^'ind'iamems ^°^- P'^^'iam- nu. ii. & 12. tlje (lEarl of i^oKljumberlants Cafe. 
and^ Atlainderrof 5!Bp tlje faiD ^tatutc of 1 3 Eliz. cap.i. it is enaftco, »ccInrcti,anD cfiablifijeB, 
Trcafon by force That during the natural life of Queen Elizabeth^ if any within the Realm or 
of this Statute are without, fliould compafs, imagine, invent, devile, or intend to levy war againft 
fn^i "^°!f ^Z ^^ r het Maielty, within this Realm, or without, and the fame declare by writing, 
tKS.evvhichOrword, &c. thatit iliould beHighTreafon . S»0 Buring tljC life of tljC Siueen, 
made them good, a fonfptracp to lc\)p ijoar luas l^iglj S^reafon, tl;ougljno inaciuerc \e\iitxi^ ann 
isexpired. upon tljat Jlato, Bradlhaw, Burton, anflotljers Ttuere attaintcB of l^iglj 2Crca>» 

Dicr. ?. & 4. rh.& fjjjj^ fj,^ confpiracp onlp to leVip uiar. %\\i it luas tefolDeti bp all tijc BtttOiccSj tljat 
10 E 4*1s 1 Mar « ^uas no 2Ercafon UJitl;in tlje Statute of 2 5 E. 3 . as Ijatlj been faiB. SLlje Imojdis 
Trcafon, Br. 24. in tljts ILato arc [levie guerre;] ^naflual Rebellion oj infurrection isalE#= 
Ter. Mic. 8 H. 8- Dping of toar tjitl)in tl)is 0tt, ann bp tlje name of letjping toar is to be erp jeffeo 
Mich. 7. H. 5. in tl)c 3n5i(tment. gfanptoitl) flrengtljanDwapons inbafiue, ano DefenOiie, 
Heref Rof 20. ^0^1) Ijolo auo BefenB a CaCle oj i^ojt againft tljc l^ing ann Ijis potoer, tljis is 
a Rot Pari.' leDping of tiiar againft tbe i^ing witljin tljia Statute of 2 5 E. 3. 
20 E. 1. nn. :. j^t ijas refol^eo bp all tl;e luDges of (iBnglanB in tl)e reign of JUing H. 8. tljat 
John de Biittaintt j,„ jnfurrecion againft ti)C statute of labourers, foi tlje inlianfing of falariea; 
Ro: Par! =• E i a"!" ^fgcs, toas a leaping of Uiar againft tlje JSiug, becattfc it mas gencrallp 
Rot. 6. Rohl'deiio's againft tbc toings =llato,anD tl)e offentcts took upon tlcm tljc reformation tljere^ 
de »fr^j Cafe. of,U)l)icl) a>iib)ctts bp gatljeriug of potuer ougljt not to Bo.Jt Iwas fpeciallp founc, 
* E.g. 10. tljat Bibcrs of tlie!5ings ^ubjettsoio minifter anu pielu ijittuals to s>it John 

Pari 1'r 2 ^nu <^ld-caftle ?inigljt, anu otl)crs,bEing in open toar againft tlje iiing>anti tljat tljep 
17, "18. &c. ' * toere in companp toitlj tljcm in open toar , but all tljis toas founu to be pro timo- 
«; R. 2, Trial 54. re mortis, & quod recefferunt, quam cito potuerunt : anti it toaS aOjUOgCB to be 
Hii. 18 E. 3. CO- xio SCreafon, bccaufc it toas fo?. fear of Deatlj. Et adus non faclt reum, nil! mens 
i4^Eto^rum!"' *'^ rea.SlnD tljerefoje ttiis in tljem toas no Icbping of toar againft tlje toinj tott^i= 
4?A(r. 28.42 AfT. in tljis act. ^ . , , 

29. ^ Ou foit adherent as enemies noftrc Icignrour le roy, a eux do- 

Giibm de ii. was ^^^^ ^- j^ g^ comfort en fon roialme Sc aylors.] 

Rot. Pari. 7 R. 2. * n -, 

nu. 15.17,24. C Adherent. J a 2Cl)is is l)cre erplainetr, viz. in giving ato ano com*; 

7 H, 4. 47. cuft. fojtto tlje iiiings enemies toitljin tl)E ISealm oj toitljout : SPcliuerp ox furren^ 
Jvi/™'j.f?-'5-tieroftljel^iitgsCaftlesojfojts bPtbc lyings Captain tfjereof to tlje teingg 
Dier. 2C)8. ' cucmp toitljin tlje Kealm oj toiliout fo> retoaro, flfc. is an anljering to tlje 
Bings encmp, ann confeq^uentip aireafon sctlareti bp tljis 0ct. ^ A. is out of 

Clp. I. HighTreafon. ii 

tl)c rvcalm at tljc time cf a r^cbcllton iDtrljin dBiiglanti, ant one of tijc lACbcIs Sce hercatnr. 
flic out of tl)c Ixcalm, toliom A. knoiutng l)i0 SIreafou Cotlj aio oj furrour, tl)i? ^^^^Aii.^B.'y' 
15 no SCrcafon in A. liv tljiis bxanclj of 2 5 E. 3. becaufe tljc ttaitoj'iiB no cnemp, 33 h. 6. i. " ' 
ae licreaftcr fl a\l lie faia i ant tljis statute t? taken Crtctlp. 1 9 e. 4- '^- a. & b. 

"^ 4 Mar. Tftalun. 

^ As enemies. 3 Inimicus t'n legal unter (fanning is hoftis, foz ctljc&ub^ Tiuu'uA.2u 
tcrtss of tijc iiing > tljouglj tljep i)c in open luar oj rebellion againft tlie lung, ^et , , £. ■^. ,, j.* ■"' 
arc tljep not tljc JSingjs enemies, liut traitojs s fo? enemies be tljofe tl>u be 22311. j). 49. 
out of tljc allegiance of tljc lling. 3f a subject jojm tottl) a fojaign Ciicmi' ano i ^ E[- ^'^r 2^8. 
fomc into Cnglano \i)tt.l) l)im , be fl:all not be taken pjtfouer Ijere ano ranton.- ^"^ SJ! p° Iki?"^" 
CD, 0? yjocectcD iMitlj as an encmp fijall, but l;e fijall be taken as a traitoj to tljc werbeck. 

^tng. '^ Ditr 4 Mar. 

i iln Cucmp foming in open Ijofttlitj) into Gnglant , anti taken , fijall be fo. 145. a. 
citbcr erecuteo bp aearftall ILato, oj ranfomcorfoj Ije cannot be tntictco of caivL ci'ie* ^" 
iEreafcn, fojt!;atljeneber toasiaitljintljepjotettion oj ligcancc of tljc King, fFieiaiib. i^.''. 
ant tlje Jntictment cf HEreafon faitlj, Contra kgeantiam fuam dcbitam. f Mich. 1 5. & 14. 

e David ^jtnce of Males Icbict mar againftE. i. 2El)is toasSTrcafon, foi £iiz.per ji.ftice. 
tliat l)C tuas tottl)in tljc Ijomagc ant Itgcanrc of tljc iling, ant Ijat jutgcment \l^'^^^'^' 
giDen againft Ijim as a traitoj, ant not as an enemp. 21 nt albeit in manp pjc# ^o ni^.'cap.' ,.' 
fitcnts of 3nti(tmcnts §>ubfects tljat be Iflebels, ant aCraitojs, ?c. be callet pro- g 27 e. 5. cap. i j. 
ditores & inimici s yCt toitljin tljis a>tatutc tijcp are not inimici. ? I H. «. cap. 4, 

/ 3(n tljcDukeof Jl2oifolks Cafe tljeq,ucftion luas, a league being betUicen I ^^\'l^ "'I'"'* 
tl)c€5ueen of ©nglant ant tljc ising of ^cots, toljetljcr tljc Jlojt Herife ant Reg^ \i,;!^\u 
otljcr §>cots in apertoprsiio burning ant toatting tiijcts SEouins in ©nglant n. b. 114.' 
luitbout tlje affent of tljc i^ng, were eucmtcs in Latoliiitljintliis statute, ant 'maa. p. 15. 
refolucttljattljevtocre. g »>ee mojc Ijcreafter intljis tijirt part oftljc 3.nQi#^ ^ v^ lupn. 
twtes. cap. 45?. of ^LMrarp, ?c. upon tljc Statute of 28 H. 8. cap. 1 5. D^ef' 3?Mar.'i 3-. 

-1 -1 Patch. 1 H. 4. CO- 

Ou per allots. J 2Eljat is to fapjbut of tljc Wealm cf CSnglant. llEut tl)en '''"» "^f* 
it map be temantet, Ijolu fljoult at tljis time tljis fojaign SDreafon be trict:" ^of* s-waiiia. ^ 
ant fomc h of our Jlcooksto anterjtljat tljcoffenter Cjallbc Slntictet anttriet V^'x ulf'imt. 
mtljts Mealm tuljere Ijis Lant Ipetlj, antfo it luas atjutget in 2 h. 4. ^itt i^Eiiz. Dier./ps. 
nolubptljc »>tatute of 35 H.8, cap.2. (Mjiclj pet remains in fojcc) aUoffcn^ Stanford pi. cor. 
res mate ojtcclaret, oj Ijercaftcr mate oj tcclaret aureafons. mifpjiflons of *^?" ^^-^ ^^ ''• *^« 
SEreatoti, ant conrealments of SErcafon, committet out of tljc Kealmof ©n? [heinnitm« 4L 
giant, fljall be inciuirct of, Ijcart, ant teterminet, eitljer in tljc lings 31Bcnclj * Hii. ^6 eijz. ' 
0) befoje Cimmiffioncrs in fuclj sljirc as fljall be alTignet bp tljc l^ing. gf it \}t '" the cafe of pi- 
befojc CommilTioncrs, it Ijatlj been commonlp ufct, tljat tljc !&ing totlj \xi%itt ^"^"^ o cuiien, 
i)is name in tljc upper part of tljc Commiffion. 3!Eut in tljc Cafe of Patrick O Cul- Erufieh if;" r/^ 
len an 3rifi) man, tlje iffiucen tit pur Ijcr Signature to tljc Warrant to tljc llojt lus Minnil 
^Sceper, ant not to tljc Commiffion : ^ ant it toas Ijolten bplljc SuCiccstljat ' 3? Ei.inomicks 
tl)e one wap ant tlje otljcr was a fufficient affignemcnt bp tljc -ISing witljin tlje ""^ ''^- 1- . 
S>tatutcof35H.8. Ul Di^r'^^^' ■ 

t It Was refolbct hv all tl)C BtufSes of cEnglantjtljat foj a SCrcafon tottc in 19&20. Eiiz. fo! 
3lrelant tljc offenter map be triet bp tljc Statute of35H. 8. in (Gnglant, be^ 360. i,b., 
caufc tlje lOJOjtS of tljc Statute be. All Treafons committed out of the Realm of '" ^°^- ^"i*^" 
England, ant Krclant is out of tljc Kealm of Cnglant. 3nt fo it luas refolbct a jgn 8 cap 
in §>ir John Parrots Cafe, ant OUrtoOJt Ijerc [perailors 1 is as mtlCl) as out ThisAaconcem- 
oftljciacalmofCnglant. ^ec Pafch. 2 H. +. coram Rege Rot. 8. Salop. Ktenf ing Treafons is 

f on in ©SI ales. not taken away by 

^ 011 SErcafonstonc upon tljc &ea lljall ht inciuiret, Ijcart, ant teterminet u^g'^lo^. °^ ^^ 
in fuel) fl)ires ant places of tlje ISealm as fiiall be limitet bp tljc lyings Com^^ra/^/i cap.49. 
miffion, in like fojm ant contition, as if tlic fame Ijat been tone upon t|e iiant, foi. i s i. of Pira- 
^c. after tljc common courfe of tbeJiatos of tljis tiant. 2nt bp tljc pjcamblc it ^V' ^^c 
appearetlj, tljat it coult not be triet bp tlie Common ilato, but bp tljc cibil '"''''■ ^^^' '''^■^*' 
ilaua befojc tljc Jlojt Stmiral. §)ce Ijcreaftcr in tVic ejrpofuion of tljc a>taiutc of 
i8 H. 8. cap. 1 5. & infra, cap. 4^. 


High Treajon. Cap. i. 

^ Et de ceo provablcmcnt (bit attaint per overt fait per gents 

de lour condition. 3 Bin tljts bjanrl) fottc t\)i\x%$ arc to lie obfcrUetr. 

gSeeiE.6.ra.i2. g jTirft tijigi ^O^ti [provablement] jnoUablP, t0, ttpoil IlttC(t anli msuifett 

the laft ciaiife. pjccf, uot tipott cotttcftural pjffumptions, ox infcrrncw, oj llratii0 of latr, 

ca. lo.&ii- ' PJoijnWVj i3'itl) a great foice, anf fipifietij a tiircft ana plain ipjcofi lu^ic^ 
1 Eiiz'.cap. 6. Viop t\)£ Mv.^, tlje ?LoiDS, antj Commons in ?l^arltamcnt ciB itfc,' foj tljat tlje 
iiEiiz.cap. I. offence toa0fol)atiioug5 anu tuas fo Ijcaviilp, anD feijcrclp jiunifl;eDj as none 
Stanf. pi. Cor. ^^^^.^^ ^^^^ likc,anti ti)ercfoic tl)e offenuer muft pjoi3abb be attaintcBjia'oitl) tuojus 
Br.'coron!^ Mar- 'ite '19 fojciblCjag upon Bttctf anu manifcC p?oof.i^ote^ri)c teoja is not[p jobablpH 
220. ' fo? tljcn commune argumentum migljt i)a\3e fctljen, but tije toOjO 10 |_ provably,j 

Dicr 2 Mar. fo.??- bc attaintcu. 

2. aniji? luojti [attaint] rteccffarilj) imylicti} tljat Ije be pjoccctico toitlijano at*= 

taintcD accojting to tlje cue tourfe, auB pxocccomp of Ham, ana uot bp abfoUtte 

* Rot. pari. aB.5v poujet, oj bj otljet tttcang, ^ as in fojmcv times ijan been uicD. h 0nJ) tljcrefoje 

s V' ^"cafe ^°* 'f ^ '^''^^ ^'"''^^ atiliere to tl)e enemies of tljc iSing,o? be fiain in open loar apinft 

Iia^Ik. i8.' tbc ^SinijjOj otljerlBifc Biebefoie tlje attainder of 2Eucafcn,l'c foifcitetlj noticing, 

8 eU. 20. " beeaufeCas tljis 0£t faitljjlje is not attaintco : U'ljerein tljis 0(t i)at!) aUereo tljat, 

7 H. 4.17. ?4E- 3- Mi\)iti) befo?e tt)is 0ct, in cafe of SCveafon was taken fo: lanj. 2xii} tlje a)tatutcof 

cap. 12. Lib. 4. .^ £^ 3. cap. 12. faijes notljing to tljc i^ing, but tljat toljici) miS in effe, anu pet:* 

cafe "■ * taining to tlje ifiing at tljc making of tljat ^cr^ GnD tl)is appcaretlj bv a Stingy 

*ipH.^. cap. I. menttn|3arliamentin Anno25; H. <5. cap. I. ITljat "^ Jack Cade being flain in 

open ISebeilion coulD no lnap be punifljeti, cj fojfcic any tl;ing, ant djciefojc toa? 

attainteti by tljat 0tt of ^igl) SEreafon. 

Vide fupra verbo 5« €1 ^^^ Ovcrt fait, ^ perapcrfum fadum. SljiS liOtlj alfc ftrengCl)Cn tl;€ 
^ i^/orr. fo. 6. former etpofition of tlje wo?b[provablcmentltljat it vnufl be pjcbablpjbp an open 
act, \xi\)U\) muK be manifeiilp pjoijeB. ^s if tst'oevs do confpirc t\)c oeai f) of tlic 
Vide 21 R. 2. cap. i^ing, ano tlje manner ljo\y, ann tljcreupon pjobine lucayons, poiuiier, ■^ poifon, 
fn^h "' H '^caT ^^^^ Ijarneffe, fenu letters, w. oj tlje like fo^ ctecutton of tljc confpitacp. 0Uo 
^Hii.'i6 Eiiz. pieparation bp fomc D\3Ct:t act, to ucpofe tljc lUng, oj take t^c iiing bp fojce, anu 
■Doa"or Lopes Ittong Ijano, ana to impufon Ijtm, until Ijc Ijatlj piclDcu to certain acmanfis, 
cafe 1 5 Eiiz. c. i . tljis is a fufficicnt oyert act to p jo\3e tljc compafTing, ants imagination of tljc Deatlj 
Brook. Treafon (,f j|jg jj j„g . fo,, j^^jg upon tljc mattct is to make tlje liiing a a>ubjc£t,anti to ni^ 
m\. i.Ta. R.Lo. fP°^^ Wnt of Ijis^Singlp office of llopal gobernmcnt. 0nii fo it teas refolueD bp 

Cobhains Cafe. ' all tljC SttngCS Of England, Hil. i . ]ac. Regis, in tljC cafC of tljC ilO. Cobham,JLOJO 

Gray, anii Watfon anfi Clark S)eminarp p^icGs : Snti fo Ijau it been refolueo bp 

tljc Suffices, Hil. 43 Eiiz. in tljc cafe of tljc (Barls of E. ano of S. wljo intenticD 

to go to tljc Court teljeirc tlje fflueen tuas,anD to Ijauc taken Ijcr into tljcir potocr, 

ant) to Ijaijc remqueti Bibcrs of Ijcc (Eounfcl, aitti foj tljat enS niD affcmblc a mul^ 

tituBc of peoplestljis being raifeo to tljc enti afojcfaid teas a fufficicnt obert ad foj 

fom.paffing tlje tieatlj of tlje ffluecn. 0nti fo bp teoftil erpericncc in former times 

it l)atlj fallen out, in tlje cafes of i^ing E 2 . R.2.H.d. <$ E. 5. tljat tecrc takcn,anti 

=f In ancient time impiifoncD bp tljcic fubjccts. fluu tljis is ma^c mojc plain bp tlje legal fojm of an 

traditifife & feio- innictmcnt of Crcafon: i?^oj fitff It is allcDgcti acco^cing to tl)is 3ct,Quod "^ jpdi- 

»;«. pari. 33 E.I. torie compaffavit, Scimaginatus fuit mortem & deftrudionem diii regis, & ipfum 

Ro\' hi5^c°aferbut ^°^' '^^em interficere, &c, ^V. tlje fcconti part of tljC SntsiCment is allcagCD tl)C 

now proditorit is ObCCt aftaSc ad iilam nephandam,8c proditoriamcompalTationem, imaginationem) 

neceflarily rcqui- & propofitum fuum perficiend' & perimplend', anU tljcn CCttainlp to fct HOten 

"■^f^- „ . tlje obcrt fact fo? preparation to takc,anD impjifon tlje iling, oj anp otljcr fuffici^ 

^<"'& o'"°M?r *^"^ ^''^^^^ ^^' ^^J^"-*^ "^ ncccffitp muff be fct loten in tljc ^nuictmcnt. ^crcfap 

Br. Treafon 24.' it appcatctlj Ijoto infufficicut manp ^nnictments tectc of ^iglj 2rrcafon,toljere^ 

=*-Ter.Mic. 5E.6. in it teaS gcnctallp allCBgeii, tljat per apertumfadum coropaflavit, &imagina- 

Lib. Intr. Coke tus fuit mortem dom. Regis,&c. '^ i?0? C)cample,TeriTio Mic. anno 5 E.6. Edward 

S°'/«/»'s mi- ^"^^ "^ Somerfet tea? IntiictcB befo?C CommiffioncrS of Oyer anu Terminer 

ItMifuis, &(. il^ London, quod ipfe Deum prs oculis fuis non habens, fed inOigatione diabo- 


Cap. I. High Treafon, i^ 

lica fedudus, apud Holborne in parochia Sandi Andres infra civitatem London, 
z/iz. 20 die Aprilis annoRegni domini Regis Edw.fexti quinto, & diverfus dktus 
& vicibus antea & poltea falfe, maliciofe, & proditorie * per apertum fadum * p^r anertum 
circunnivir, connpaffavit, & imaginavit cum diverlls aliis perfonis prsdidtum do- faftum. 
iiiinu Regem de Hatu fuo rcgali deponere & deprivare, &c. OTlliC^ 3!nf ittmcnt, 
anu all otljerg of tl)e like fojm tueiT againft ilaiM,as( Ijatl; Ijaii faiii,anD of tljc mat;* vid.hereafcer c. j. 
lev of tljt? SnDiftment tljat nolile HDuke luas bj) ^ts ^ctrs fount) not gtitltj). llPut ^', "/ ^'l^' ^^°^" 
lijen it map be ticmani!et),foj luljac offence l^e Ijao jucgment of ocatlj,anti 2. toljat gaiDft"Loirrds &c' 
jlato mane it an offence. SCljc offfncc aypearetl) in W 3snoi(tment,fo} tlje fojmcr 
pa«tl)ereof tontaineu ^iglj SCreafon Ttnljereofljetoagaccitttttetij ano tljc lattec 
|)art containeD one onlp offence of felonp Ouliereof Ije "Ujas fottno guiltpj) in tljetc 
lUOlIiSjEt ulterius Juratores praed. prsfentantjquod prsfatus Edwa'rdus dux Somer- the refiduc of the 
fet Deu prar oculis fuis non habens, fed inrtigatione diabolica fedudus 20 Maii An. Indiamenr of the 
regni didi Dom. Regis Edwardi fexti quinto fupradido, ac diverfis aliis diebus & ^"kcof Somcrfet. 
vicibus antea & poftea apud Holborn in prsd. paroch. Sandi Andreas incivitate 
London, &c apud diverfa alia loca infra civitatem London prsd. felonice ut felo 
did. Dom. Regis per aperta verba S>c fada procuravir, movit, & inftigavit com- 
plurimos fubditos iplius domini Regis ad infurgendum, Scapertam rebellionem & 
infurredionem infra hoc regnum Angliai movend' contra ipfum dominum Re- 
gem, & ad tunc 8c ibid, felonice ad capiendum & imprifonandum prsenobilem Jo- 
hannem cDmitem Warwick de private confilio domini Regis ad tuncexiften'. To take and im- 
contra pacem didi domini Regis, coronam & dignitatem fuam, & contra formam P''i'o" one of the 
Statuti in hujufmodi cafu editi & provifi. SCi^e Statute Daljereiipon tljilS BlnDitts^ Contra'fo"""'* 
ment luas intenoeo to be grounoeo, toas tf)e bjancl; of tljc Statute of 3 & 4 E. d. Sca"u[. °^"^" 
bp ysiWM it 15 piODiDCD, [2Etiat if anp perfon oj perfon?: bp ringing of anplBell.jc. 3 & 4 e. <?. cap. 5 

* oj bp malicious [peaking oj tittering of anp luojo?, oj making anp iSDutcrp, f c. 

* oj bp anp otljcr Dan oj act fljall raife oj caufe to be raifco oj alTembleri anp peri= 

* fonis to tlie number of 1 2 oj aboi)e,to tl)e intent tl;a£ i%t fame perfons fljoulo 00, 

* commit, ano put in ure anp of tlje actis oj tljings abo^je mentioned ( toljcreof to 

* tiike ano impjifon anp of tljc JSings moii Ijonoutablc pjtiijtc Counfcl Vuais one) 

* anD tlje perfons to tlje number of 1 2 j afaoije fo raifeo ana atfembleD after rcq,tteft 

* ana commanoment ( in fuel) fojt a^ in tljat ^rt i? pjefcribcD ) lljall make tljeiu 

* aboBc anD continue togetljer, as is afojefaiD> (in t^e ^ct) oj unlalufullp perpc*; 

* trate, no, commit, oj put in ure anp of tlje actjs oj tljing? aboijefaiu, tljat t^tVL 

* all ana Angular perfonjs, bp toljofe fpeaking, aaa, acr, oj anp'otljer tljc means 
' abo^e fpecifica anp perfons to t^e number of 1 2 oj aboi)e,Q)all be raifcB j affem^ 
*ble5 foj tlje ootng,committing,oj putting in ure anp of tlje acts oj tljings aboioe 

* mentioncD^ fljall be anjuDgeo foj Ijis fo fpeaking oj ooing a felon, ana fuffer tn^ 

* cution of aeatlj as in cafe of if elonp, ana fi)all lofe Ijis benefit of Sanctuarp ana 

* Clergp.] ?^ercbp it aotl) manifeUlp appear, tljat tljc trut'b concerning tljis j5o<= 
blemans attainaer, ana ejcecution in aiders things, is contrarp to t^e bulgar opi^ 
Hion,ana fome of our ClijonicleSj ana in fortic points contrarp to 3laU).i?irII,t^ac 
foj t'^e if elonp maae \ii^ tl)e faia bjanclj of t^e faia act Ijc coula not ^aue Ijaa Ijiss 
Clergp, fo^ Clergp in tt)at cafe is ejcpjeflp ouftea bp tljc faia act, 2. %\)&t ic 
toas not Sncictea foj going about, gtc. tljc aeatl) of t^ic ^dxi of Warwick t^tn, 
of t^e tSings ^jiViie Counfcl, but onlp foj Ijis taking oj impjifonmcnt, ana 
tlicrefoje coula not be Blnaittea upon ttic Statute of 3 H. 7. as fome Ijaijc imagi^ 3 »• 7- ca. n, 
nea. 3. 2El)at tlje Jnaictment is altogctljer infufficient, foj it purfucti^ not 

t^c \DOjas oj matter of tt)e faia bjanc^ of tljc faia 0ct, as bp comparing of tljcm 
it manifelilp appcaretl) •, toljiclj ( iue being aefirous tljat trutlj map appear in all 
rbings) toe l)a\3e tljougljt goDB upon t^is occaCon to aaa foj aaiianccmcnt of 
trut^. 4. snijat being but attaintea of if elonp, Ije coula not bp liaui be bcljcaaca, lib fo 
asclfctoljerc-tocljatieftetoea. Sina f^is ^tt t^at createa tljc if elonp faitti, x^at seignTor SancliVr* 
luc^ a Jfelon fl)all fuffer ejcccution of aeatlj, as in cafe of ifelonp. 5. ilafilp, tl^is cafe. 
Wljolc^a toas luftlp Ijolaen to be a aoubtful ana aangerous S>tatutt> ana tljcre^^ 
fo;e toas acfer^ealp rcpealea. 2na after tl)C fall of tl)iiS iSDttke, f» t^c pjcawble ' p.^' "''li*' 
»f t^^tautteof^ubfioieofyE.d. ]lXci,L 


1 4 High Treafon» Cap. ij 

0IXD tioto to return to Cafcgi of ^igi) SCrcafon. 3f a man be avraignco upon 

an3niJittntentofilgigl)2Crcafon,aniiflantimute, Ije fljall IjaDe fuel) judgment, 

anB incur fuclj forfeiture, as if Ije Ijati ban roniji^co bp tElernict, o> if Ije Ij&a 

coufeffeBit. i?o> tljiss ftanoetlj tucU toitlj tljiss trojo provablement, foj fatetut 

facinus, qui judicium fugit : but otljerluife It ijs in cafe of ^ctit 2Ercafcnj ^ttr;? 

tier, oj otljcr i?ef onp. 

Eiii Dier '98 ^^ ^ »>ubiect confpire tuitij a fojratp ^jince bejjonn tlje ^casi to inbaiie tfje 

ilEiiz.'cap. I. ' ISealm bj) open ^oflility, ano pjepare fo? tije fame bp fome owrt act, t^isi tg a 

j'lota bene. Fide fufficieut owtt art foj t\)e Oeatlj of tl)e ilSing, foj bp tljis Set of parliament in 

/Kpra virbo More. tl)at Cafe tljere muft be an O^ert att, * Qui caplti,aut faluti Regis pertidiofe iive 

=*■ Inter leges Al- f-gjyg^ fivefervis aut ficarlis mercede condudis ftipatus inlidiabitur, vita 6c for- 

veredi, cap. 4. ^^^.^ ^.^^ omnibus privator. ^0 as tljercbp an oviert act toa? reciuireD. 

2nijc compoCtion anu conneicion of tl)C toojn^-arc to be obterben, viz. [ ttjcreof 
* So reWvcd by \yt attainte5 bp D\)ert ueeu.] "^ 2Lt)is reiatetlj to t\jc febcral ann niflinct aCrcafons! 
the ]uftices Pafc. jj^fo jp ErpjeffeBjCanB fpeciallp to tlje compaffing ann imagination of tije Heatlj of 
we hearcTand ob- t^K !Sing, fc. foj tljat it i$ fecret in tbe Ijeart) ann tijerefoje one of tljem cannot 
erved. ic an oijert act foj another. 0? foj e;camplc : a confpiracp is Ijati to ieijp OTar, 

tljis (as l^atl) been fain, anB fo rcfolvieBj is no aCreafon bp tljis ^(t until it be le^ 
«26H. 8.cap.i3. i,(fj,^ tl;erefojc it is no obert act oz manifeli pjoof of tlje compalTing of tljc 
'& 1 ph^Ttiar ^^^^^^ "^ ^^^ ^^"S tuitljin tljis act-, fo;^ tlje toojos be C de ceo 8cc. ) tljat is, of 
cap. 9, 10. ' tlJf compalfitig of tlje neatl). iFoj t^is toere to confouno tlje feberal ClaCfes, oj 
J Eliz. cap. 6. membra dividentia, & fie de caeteris, &e. 

13 eUz. ca. I. &c. a SDiDcrs latter 3as of parliament l)a^c ojnaineD, tljat compaffing hv bare 
AS^''^he'fmirch ^ojtis oj fapings fijoulD be T^iglj SEreafon i but alltljepare eitljcr repealefl oj 
Lnof thein- cjcpiteu. 0nti it is commonlp faiB, tljat bare toojBS map make an l^ereticfe, but 
ititmes, ca. i6. not a SCraptoj, toitljout an oijert att. 0nt>tlje luiftom of tlje makers of tbis 
Brook Trcafon 24. ji^atM iBOulo not make U'ojos onlp to be SCreafon, feeing fuclj barictp amongft tljc 
^'"m'^ °^ff^'"^"' toit"^'"!^ ^^^ ^^*'"t ^^i^ f^""^' ^^ f'^^ "f t'^^t^ ^P* togetljcr. 31Eut if tljc fame 
See the*StVtute '' he fet ootou in ittjiting bp tlje SDdinq[ucnt Ijimlclf, iljis is a fufficient oDm act 
of 3 H. 7. hereaf. toitljin tljis Statute, 
ter, cap. 4. di- 1 b CarBinal Poole, albeit Ije tuas a Subject to H. 8. ann of tlje lyings bIa)ii,Cbe*: 

reaiy in the point ingcpfcentieD from George E^UkCOf Clarence, J15jOtljet tO ?iing E, 4. ) pet ^Z 
of the^PadiaS! i" ^t^ llBoofe of tljc ^upjemacp of tlje pope, lujitten about 27.H. 8. tnciteo 
Nott, this Aa of Charles t'^c CBmperour, tljen preparing againtt tlje aCutk, to benD Ijis fo^ce 
25 E. 3. faith, ;£r agaitttt '^is natural ^oberaign Jloaa ann Countrepi ilje tojiting of \xi\)icly 
"'""^ ^'^"/J" ^ook \m a fufficient obert att tJitftin ttiis Statute ; ana to mobe tlje CUmperow: 
Snot p«r/psr. t^Jf i^^tl^cr in tljat Of ook,lje mace H. 8, almoft as ill as tlje arurk, in tljcfetoojns, 
turn diduM, by In Anglia fparfum nunc ell hoc femen, ut vix a Turcico internofci queat, idque 
word or confefli- authoritate unius coaluit. 

°°- . c 3;n tlje preamble of tlje Statute of i Mar. concerning tlie repeal of certaitt 

Effz! Barton", ' ^Ereafons, fc. 3Ct is agranbp tlje toljole Parliament, t^at llatos juillp maoe 
Edw. Locking, foj t^e pjefcrbation of tlje Common^toealtlj toitljout ertream punitljmcnt, are 
and others attain- mojc Often obcpeb anb kcpt, tljen JLaUJs anB Statutes mabe toitlj great ano Cf^ 
led by Parliament (ream puniQ)ments i auB in fpecial fuclj ilatos auB Statutes fo maBe : ta^etebp 
and confpir^cies! "ft onlp tlje tgnojant anB ruBe unlearneB people, but alfoIearneBanBejtpert 
which being not peopic miuBing l)oneftp, are oftentimes trappes anB fnareB, pea, manp times 
within this Aft * foj toojBS onlp, toit^out otljer fact oj BttB Bone oj perpetrateB : tljerefoje t^is 
without an overt 0(tof 25 E. 3.S!otl) pjobiBC, tljat tljere muft be an obcrt BecB. llcut toojts tsit^^ 
be 'attainted b°y ^""^ ^" ^^^^ ^^^ ^ ^^^ ^" ^^ PMiufljcB in anotljct Begrep, as an Ijiglj mifpjiCon. 

the Common law. , ,. • -, 

*Nota. fl Per gents de lour condition. J 2Cl)at is, per pares, oj t^eic e*= 

''See in the chap- qttals, toljeieof ijjc Ijabe fpokctt befoje in t^e erpofition of tlje f apCljaptcc oC 
?M3°g.SS2o! ^^?P^ Charta. Verb, per judicium parium fuorum, anB moje Ojall .be faiB iijCrC;* 
after. STljisUBjancl) ( p gents de lour condition ) cj;tenBet| onlp to a conbictton 
bp 511erBitt, ijjljereof tlje Statute particularlp fpeaketlj ; but pet bo^ere t^e ^awp 
SInbicteB confelfetl) tlje offence, oj ftanBetib mute, Ije Iliali Ijabe BtuBgment as in 
raffof ?^ig^ EreafoHf ifoj tl)is bjanc^ bfingaffirmatibe, is taken cumulative 


Cap. i. High Treafon. 15 

atiD not privative. SiiD tljcrcfciE fcDtitg tipoti foufcCffon, oj ffanBing mucr, .tibe 
ttiDgmcut in cafe of ^l^igl; Sreafou \uas giycn at t!;c common Jlatu, tljtp ;9rt bc#= 
1115 as it Ijatl) been faiD, affifmatiue, takcilj not a\j}ap tlje fame ; 0n5 ( to Cap 
once foi all; tlic claufe Ijctcaftcf of rcftraint of iiltc cafcg, ?c. ejctcno? onlp to 
uffcnce.?, anu not lo tvial?, juUjmcntfj dj c;rcctttiong. 

K[ Si home countcrface Ic grand Scale. ] m ottr ancient 0tttl)ojs Eraft I a fo t s 
agi'ii' tijat tijis luas^iglj SCfcafon bp tijc common Jlaiu, ans foi tl)i<) offence Ijt? Erit.fc.'io.&c. ° 
juDgmcnt iua0 to be ti;ia\im, tjangcu, ann ciuavtereD, at tIjc common Juato, ajS in Braft. i. 5. fo. 414° 
ot!)er cafes of !^iglj SEteafon, Ctl)c counterfeiting of tlje !Sing3 monj) cjccepteo. j ^ '-'^ '• '• c^- -1° 

^^thefecondpartof tlielnftitutes. W. i.cap. 5. Mirror ca. i. §.6' 

* Jn ancient cime cuerp 2Creafott luas comp^icijcnDeB unoer tl;e name of felonp, j^ Afl;°pr49 
ijut not e contra. SnD tl)crefoie a parDon of all felonies bias fometime aHotoen * i E.3.tir.* chart. 
in cafe of ^^iglj SDreafon. lEwt tl)e llaiB 10, ano of long time Ijatlj lusn otljer\))ife f- i 3. 22 a(T. pi, 
ijolxien : anD if tlje Jnuittment lucre fdonice, auH not proditoric, ( fo^ tlje iliing '^9- * 
map leffen tljc offence, if it jjlcafc l)im) tijcn tlje paroon of felonies is goon at 
tljis oapjfoi no SlnDittment can be of ?^igl|SCreafon toitljotit tljis uwjo [prodito- * 5- 9- 
rie ; ] 3HD in qualibet proditione implicatur felcniaj quia in quolibct brevi de exi- 
gendofuper quolibet indidanfientode proditioneproclamitor facit lie, LB. ^n 5^ ', 
£]ctgent on tljp ^caD of SCreafon ano i?eIonp. 

a rompaffing, intent, O} going about to counterfeit tlje great ^eal is no trea#^ 
fon, but tijere muli bean artual counterfeiting, alfo it muS be to tlje Ufecncfg ' 
ef tlje JaiugS great &eal \ tlje toojOS be, Counterface k grand feale le Roy. 

i^olD it is to be fcen ta^at fljall be fain a fojgingjOj counterfeiting of tlje great 
^eal. 31f t^e JlojiD Cljancelloj, oj ILojo toecpcr put tlje great 3>eal to a Cifearter 
9C. luitbout toarrant, tl)is is no ^Creafon, bccauCe tl)c great ^eal i<i not counter^^ 
fettcD. 3i5ut it fecmetlj bp Britton fo. 10, b. tljat it \uas aCrcafon at tlje common 
iato, ano of t'^at opinion is Fkta fo. 2 p. a. but it is no SDreafon noi» ( ikattljottt 
iiueflton J \y^ tlje ncgatitje claufe of tljis iSltt. 

31f a man tafee iuar latofuHp impjinteo toitlj tlje great §>eal from one patent, 40 Aff. p. 3 j. 
ano fi]c it to a to jiting purporting a grant from tlje i^tng, tljere Ijatjc ban oitjers 
opinions in tljis cafe to^at tlje offence is, tuljiclj toe luill reljcarfe. 

Bin 40 AIT to^tc^ luas about 1 5 pears after tlje making of tljis iltt, it tuas not 
feolDcn ^igl) l^ccafon, but a great mifpjiCon, foj tljat it is no counterfeiting 
of a neio), but an abufe of tlje true great 3>eal, 

Bin 42 E. 3. tlje ^bbot of llSjuer caufeo Rob. Rigge Ijis Commoigne to raiCe a Ror. cuuf. 
Cljarter of R. i. ano put out tl)e ®anoj of Fisfetruda, ano in place tljercof put 42 e. 3. nu. 8. in 
inEdeghe. 0no tljis offence uias IjearD, anofentenceo bcfozetlje i^inganoljis coro. 
Council in t^e ^tar^^Cliamber, as a great offence ano mifpjifion t foj if it Ijao 
been l^ig^ SCrcafon, it lljoulo Ijaije Ijao anotljer trial, ano pet tl)is W9 a great 
abufe of tlje great S>eal. 

2 H. 4. Clje taking of tlje <5%ut &cal from one patent, ano filing it to a 2 h. 4. fo. 25. 
Commiffion to gatljer monep>'f c. looas aojittDgeo to be fuclj an offence, as t^e of# 
fenoet ^ao juogment to be Ojaton, ano liangeo. 2nije recojo of tuljiclj cafe toe Ijaije 
perufeo, ano tljc effect tlicreof is tl)is. 2Elje partp is Binoictco generallp fo> cotm:^ 
tcrfeiting of tlje great S>cal,tobereunto Ije pleaoeo not guiltp,auo t\jz Jlurp founo 
Ijiit^ not ^\x\\t^ of tbe counterfeiting of tlje great s>eal, as toas fuppofeo bp tlie 
BlttOietment, ano foimofurtl)erfpeciallp,tljat betook tlje great &cal from one 
|0atcnt, aiiD put it to tlje Commiffion, ano tljat tlje partp put tbe fame in etecu;? Errom adjm 
tion> ano tljcre judgment toas giDen, tljat be fljoulo be ojaton ano Ijangeo ; tobic^j prindjiia nfmi, 
(tol^atfoeucr tbe offence toas) ougbt not to Ijaue been gi\)cn upon tljis Mroi(t,tlje ^^ •^^MMn. 
iurp finoingljim notguiltp of tlje offence alleogco in tije Knoiftment : 0nD be# t^°hei"b/pin-" 
fioes tlje juogment is fuel), as is giDcn in cafe of jpctic STreafoii^anD not of ^3iglj nip^^ js to fee 
Sureafon. ^ercbp it appearetlj Ijoto oangcrous it is fo?. anp to repo:t a cafebp thsiriait.* 
tiie ear, fpeciallp concerning S^reafon, unlets |;e bao aonifcolp reao tbe iUcoxo': 
foj Cas 3B take it) tbe mifrepojt of tljis cafe Ijatl; Ijatcbeo errois, ano Ije miilcok 
i\t luBgment, if itbao b»n%igl) S^rcafou, fojtljcu it fiioulDlja^e bi^nojaton, 
l^angcO, auo ^uartereOx " 5r» . 37 H. 8. 

1 6 High Trea/on, Cap. 

57 H. 8. Br. 37 H. 8. Br. tir. Treafon. 21 Cljaplain IjaD fircc fuclj a &cal ta' a 

Treafon. patent cf ciipcufatiDn tottl) non^^rcftCEucc, anu tljis toas Ijolrscn a mtfp:tOonjatttj 

Stanf.Pi.coron. "''^ ^'S^^ Hicafciij loj it luas an almfc of tljc great &»cal, anc no counterfeiting 

fo. g.'c.' ' of if. Stanford faitlj tljat it iuas astuDgen in l)i3 time accojuing to tlje Ijook of 

Br^fton agrceth 2 H. 4. Et fic ex tnore fequitur error. 

l'^ u"c"f' %\^' ^" ^^^'^ ''^ Clark of tljc €l)anccrp jovncJ ttoo dean parcl^ments fit foj Ectttrsi 

^aT. r." ^' * l^<'itentis fo clofe togctljer luitlj moutlj gleiu, ag tbcp lajere tafeen foj one, tlje up*' 

permoa Ijcing ijcrj) tljin, ano Die put one J^abcl tljzougb tljem loti), tljen uyoti 

tl}t uttermott fje tojit a true |3atent, anti got tlje great ^caf put to t!jc Jlabcl, fo 

tlje Jlaljcl ano t\}t &cal toere anneiceD to botb tbe ISarcljTncntis, tljc one tujictcn, 

ano tlje otljcr Manfe : lie cut off tfje gf ewn skirtjS rounn aiout, anD took off tije 

uppcrtnoft tliin purcljmcnt ( inljicb tnas lazitten, ann iwas a true anB perfect . 

IPatcnt) from tl)e liabel, teljirl) toitf) tl}c great &eal m flilf Ijang to t'be parclj=^ 

^ mcntj tljen ije to jotc anotljer patent on tljc Wank parcljmcnt, ann niD publif^ 

it as a gooB patent, hereupon ttoo (lueflions tocrc moljeii. k tuaiijetijer tl)i? tiU 

fence lie ^iglj SCreafon oj no. 2, Jl it ije ^^iglj SCrcafon, tfjcn toljctijcr l)c map be 

Snuictet) gentraf Ip fo j tt)e counterfeiting of tl;e great «>cal, o> effc ttie fpeciaf fact 

mufl be erpjcffcD. 5!nti upon confer'encc Ijati betiuan tfjc 3!u5ges, upon great 

aotoifement anti confmcration it toas in tljc enn, concerning tljC firft point, res? 

40 AfT. jg. folucti bp tlje 3u£licegi Cfaljing a uerp few ) upon tljc autl;ojities afojefaio, ano 

42 E.3. Rot. C!. foj tijat it was no counterfeiting of tlje great S)cal luitljm tfjis &tatute,tljat tljijs 

ai7 nT'er dev *'ff^"f<^ ^^i^ ncitljer ^t?iglj SiCreafon, noj |)etit SEreafon, becaufeitis nottoitljin 

^Fietai*.'. ^'^^^^"^ "^ tijc b?ancl)e0 cf tljis S>tatute, but it i% a bejp great mifpjifion, anu 

Britton fo. 10. h. tt)epartp nelinciuent liuetl) at tljiis cap. 5I0 to tl)c 2. point it was refolWD> tfjat 15. if tljc fpectal matter ijanamoimteD to counterfeiting of tlie great »>eal in iiaua 

rt E * i^Td* ^I'n ^""^^'^ ^Wss act, tljen Ijc miglit Ijabe been generallp 3MAti of pgl) ^Creafon foj 

,jj.' * '^'' "' cotmterfciting tlje great S>eal. iS? if a man in an afftap kill a Conttable tljat 

e I Mar. cap. 6. fomc0 to keep tlje iSing0 peace toicljout anp crpjefs malice p^iepenfeD, tljis is 

I & a Ph. & Mar. muroer in JLato, ano pet tlje Belin(j.uent map be generallp SinuicteB of murDev b? 

"'0H6 t malice pjepenfeu. 

3 H. 7.' 10.'^ Scanf. ^"^ '* ^^^^^ ^^J" \si%Qit before tljiis 3ct tt\\n\^ ug, tljat Crimen falii dicitur, cu 
Vl. Coron. 3. vide quis lllicitus (cui non fuerit ad hoc data authoritas) de figillo regis rapto vel inven- 
pofteaca.64. to, & brevia cartafque coniignaverit. 315ut toljatfoe^jer offence it wa? before tl)e 
prwfipj// & acctff. making of t^iji Statute, it is after tljis Statute no ^iglj aCrcafon, betaufc it ijs 
EHz. Die/ 296.'* "° count erfeiture of tl)c great &eal, butamifufoj tljercof. 
Coniers Cafe. Qui b convidtus fuerit pro falfatione figilli dom. regisjquod tradatur Epifcopo 

d See Mat. Par. Saruni, qui eum petiit ut clericum fuum fub poena & in forma qua decer, quia vi- 
tll" ^^ '^'d^'f I '^^'"'^ concilio quod in tali cafu non adirittenda cfl purgatio,&c. ^erebp it fljOUlU 
mfamobJa &"' ^VV^^"^ tljst in tljofc Baps a manmigljt baue Ijaa lji0 Clergp fo> tlji? offence, anO 
rcfrobata. tljercfojejas fome IjolD^it luag not tljcn bolcen to be ^igb aCreafontgt herein alfo 

Et waifingham 10 tlje preamble of tlji0 0tt,roncerntng Di\)er0 opinion0 in cafe of treafonjberifieli. 
Dm' '". '^ft " ^^^^^ Statute naming tlje great &eal ano pjibp ^eal, tlje fojging anu tlje 
=1 i^rdem^kts counterfeiting of ttie pjibp fignet, o^ of tlje figne manuell, tua0 not toitljin tbijs 
& Mea[ures. Statute. i£ut bp tlje c Statute of i Mar. it i0 maoe l^iglj aEreafon in botlj cafc0. 
Baft. 7- albeit in tljis M t^ttt is no mention maue of ^ aibersanb confentets to tlji$ 

< Vet. Magna countctfeitiifg, pet tbep arc toitljin tlje pttrbien of tW Statute, foj t^ere be mo 
fo iTi*."' acceirarie0 in figlj SEreafon. 

22 Aff. p. 49. /-\ r J -1 

3 H. 7. 10. 25 E.3. C Ou fa rfmonye.J e SCljig toa? STreafon bp tlje common 3Lato, ag it ap*^ 
42. b. Core. 150. pcaretlj bp all tlje faiD ancient 0UtljOJ0, ubi fupra (verbo, Si home counterface le 

grand Seal ) ant) t^crefoje tlje opinion in 3 H.7 . i% Ijoloen foj no =iiatj),tljat it l»ai5 
/ 6 H. 7. 1 3. but iFclonp before tl)i0 act./Clie fojging of tljc teing0 Coine i0 l^iglj STreafon, 
I R. 3. 1. initiiout utterance of it, fojbptl)i09ct tlje counterfeiting i0maiic?|igl)2E:teafon, 

IjSrie p^a^'fo ^* ^'^^ ^"°"^ ''^^ "^ ^^^ 3nflitUte0. W. I. cap. i 5. g §>« Thorn. Wallingham, 
1278. 6 E.I. Hypodlgme Neui^rie. An. Dom. 1278. Judei pro tonfura monetae in magna mul- 

titudine ubique per Angliam fufpenduntur, &c. 
if 3 H. 7. 10. a. b. h Si ipfe qui facit monetam authoritate regis, &c. illam facit minus in pcmdere 


Cap. ii Hig^-^ Treafon. ij 

_-_ — . . , , I _ia^ 

vd allaiafaj viz. Alcumino vel alio falfo metallo contra ordinationem, &c:. SCIig! " Sec inter leges 
is tijevc IjolDcn to.l)C Pgl) STrcafon, an5 l)p tljat lEcofeiafeen foj a countErfetter ^thcidani, ca. a: 
oftljc l^iugB monci) toitljiu tijc ptvuicn Oi'tijisi§»>tatutc. a 0nti IjcrcmtljagcKilj {,^i""on cap. t!" 
Britton, tuljoraidj, Dcsfaucercs^' ount nolhe monyc counterfeit ou pluisde al- 
lave mife in nortre nnonye, 9 nulkr, ne fcrroit folonq-, le forme & ufage ds noftre See the Mirror* 

Realme. ' mo'^tPf^' .• 

b Ordeine fuit g^ nu! Roy de ceft realme ne puit changer fa monye, nc impairer, wi'hVH.? a d^" 
neailiender,neaurer monye faircg^de ore & argcntjfansfaffcntde touts IcsCoun- ca. 5, §. l.anJ 
ties. 3it inas ojDaincD, tl)at no iauig of djts lUalm mtgljt not djanjc \)is ttio^ Hci3ca.22.acc'. 
ncp, no: impair, mi amcno tl)c fame, no?, otljer money niiike tljcn of CDolocj ^§ ^. 
^tluer, tuitl;ot!t aficnt of pavUamcnt. v°e"rov« "or"" 

c Clipyins> toafliiug, ana filing of tljcmonep of tljig Kcalm, iiias no coiin# delnu?. 
tctfcitinn; of it luitljin tljisi 0ct. Sno tljercfo?.c being a lifec Cafe, it luas neclarca Ror.p^r. 1 7 e.?. 
iV ^ariiament in Anno 3 H. 5. cap. 6. to Ic lF5igb SCrcafon ■■> Wt iiljat ?^ct icing ''"•'5- vide hid 
repeafcB b? i Maris tljc Statute of 5 Eliz. cap.i i. Ijatl) d ccdarea, tljat dipping, -^°e"' "?•''• 
luaflung, rounning, oj f.Iing, foj lijicken lucre ana gain, $c. to he il?igb aLrea;^ 9 h.^Icap.'.^,'. 
fon.0nli bv tl)C ^latittc of f 18 Eliz. it is ticdareD,Cijac if anp pcrfon foj lutcfecu S:at.i. 
lucre 0^ gain0j:fafee, fljall bv anp iirt, toavs, oj mean? luljatfoe^jcc, impair, Di? See the fecor.d 
ininifl;,falCfie,fcaIe,ojiigl)£cntljcJSing0moncp, tc. iti? ^iglj S:veafon, foj {"" of 'i'^ laft:- 
being a like cafe, it m^ to be uedaren bp parliament. t,^. ("„^°c,/,' 

iFojging/oj counterfeiting of fo^raign monep, nuljidj is not currant iDitljin and tine t^'pofui-' 
tljeliealm, is mifpjifion of 2Ereafon, ano ttie offenocr fljall fojftit, as fojcon^ on upon ti.e fame. 
cealment of ^igl) Crcafon. ', i";'-"-^- 

^ -^ 1 1. 6. cap. la. 

^Samonyc. ] g cijts cjctentictlj onlp to tljc isings moncp coinea tuitljin dma,ior'wci:ed 
t'bis IScalm i ana tljerefoje after tljis §>tatute, if a man Ijaa coimtecfcitea tlje lucre and gain. 
money of anotljer lUngaom, tljouglj it toere currant toitl)in tljis Uealmj it toas ^ '^ fc^'iz-"P- '' 
noSEreafon, untd it tnas fo acclarea bp Parliament /nnAn. i Marise, ana in { ste hcre^to * 
•An. I &C2 Ph. & M. ana tl)c faia 0cts of 5 EI.& iSEl.aoejctcnato fojraigncoin cap. Principal' 
. currant liiitljin tljis liealm. iSna it is Ijolacn, tljat at tlje making of tljis S>i;a^ scAaxiiory. 
tutc of 25 E. 3. tljcre \uas no money currant toitljin tljis l^ealm, but tl;e ^iings '' L^"-"^'^ . 
OtJnCOin. i ^CC tlje Statute calleb Scatutum de moneta magnum, 3c Statutum cap. if '"° 

de moneta parvum. 0na it iS tO bC knoiun, fljat if an? ao counterfeit tljC / Vet.Mag.Carta, 

flings coin contrary to tljijs Statute of 25 E. 3. ^Ije fljall IjaDc tljc punifi> parr.z.foi.js, 39, 
ment of Ijis boay, but as in cafe of petit treafon, tljat is, to be ajalnn ana f' 
IjangcB till Ijc be aeaa, but tl)c forfeiture of Ijis Jianas is as in otljer cafes of who wro?e befor^e 
l^iglj aCreafon, foj tljis statute is but a aedaration of tlje Common Jiam, ana this statute, which 
tljereafonofljiscojpojalpimifljmcntis, fonljatintljiscafc Ijc inas only ajaton fs but a Law De- 
ana Ijangea at tljc Common ilato, but a ttoman tn tljat cafe teas to be burnt. ciaratory, as it ap- 

/ XU Abbot of MiiTenden in tlje County of Buckingham foj counterfeiting f^"^^^ ^f°^^' 
ana refection of tlje Hings money, toas aajuagca to be ajatun ana Ijangca, ana Der seiIz. 
not quarterea. acije luant of obfer^ation of tlje faia aiCinction Ijatlj maae fome Tcrm.Tr.M.s. fre 
to err in tljeir juagment. Nota. djis ;g;a of 25 E, 3. maketl) no cipjcfi'ion toniara momte tn- 
of tl;e juagment, tljerefoje fudj juagment as iiws at tljc Common JLalu citljer -^f"^ ^^^'^ . 
in cafe of l^iglj HEreafon oj petit SCrcafon muft be giuen. jurt'^t spiimans 

OEutifoncbeattamteafojaimimfljingof tljeiftings money upon any of tlje Reports, accord, 
battues maae in iDuecn Maries time, oi in t\)t time of ffiueen Elizabeth, be^^ '■ i^^ch. 31 e. 3. 
caufe it is ISigl) Ereafon ne^uly maae, tlje oftenaer fljall l)aae juagment as in ^"""^ '■^|^- 
cafe of mi\) SEreafon, toljidj jitcgment you may fee in tl)e firft part of tljc 3,ii^ ^Xm^% yeS af- 

CltUteS. Sedt. 747. ter making of cur 

w ilna luljcn a tooman commits l^tgl) E^reafon ana is tiutck tottlj cljila, fije Staru.e. 
cannot upon Ijer arraignment pleaa it, butfljenuiflcitkrplct'ia not-guiltp, oj r '^^'^ '''^ A(r 
confcfs it ; ana if upon Ijer plea flie be founa guilty, oi confcfs it, fije cannot al# p°,^;,2^ait!p 7jr. ' 
leage it in arreft of juagmcnt, but |uagmcn,tfl;allbegibfnagainll: Ijct: ana if i"2E.:i.cor.aTj. 
it be founa by an inciueft of patrons tljatfljc is ciuick luitlj cljila, ( foj privi- nAii. p. if., 
naent enfent toill not fertoc ) it fljall arreft, ana refpitc c]icfution till fljc le aeliV 8 E* 2- cor. ^i^i 
ijerea, but fljc fljall lja\)c tljc benefit of tljat but once, tljoug]^ (lie it again t^\xit% 

£) 2 iiirt? 

i^id, hereafter> 



nu. 1$. 

7H. 7- lo- 

Lib. 7. Calvins 
cafe, ubi fupra. 

18 High Treafon. Cap. t«. 

Tuaid) cljUD : fo as tljis rrfpit of e^cution fo^ tljts cauCc ig not 10 lie granteUj 
onlj' in cafe of i^clonv, tobcrcof 3[uSicc Stanford TpcafeEtl;, but in cafe cf 1$i^^ 
Stanford f. uk. b. SDrcafon, anti petit 2Crcafon alfo. 

^ Si home port faux money en ceft roialme, counterfeit au money 
d'Angliterre, Sc fachant le money cftre fiux, Sec. ] ^p tljis li^ancl) fl)c 
17 £• 3- tljings ave to bf obferDcu. i^irC, SEljat tljc bringing in of counterfeit monp, 
ano not tlje counterfeiting i0cxi3?crfeti in tljusU'ojB [apport.] S>econt)lpj SEbat 
it mud be bjcugljt from a fo jraign i^ation, ano not from Ireland, oj otljer place 
belonging to, 6i being a member of tljc Crowi of England, anu fo it Ijatl) been 
rcfolben, fo luarj) are Suugcis to ejcpouno tbijs Statute concerning STreafon, ano 
tljat in moli benignc fcnfe : J?oj albeit Ireland be a mftinct Jtiingoom, ano out 
of tlje Ifiealm of England to fome purpofciSj ais to ^jotectionsi ano iFtncs le^ 
Mien, ?c. as batl; ban faiD : yet to fome intent it ies accounteti as a member of 
oj belonging to tbe Croiun of tl)ig M^alm. 0no tljerefojc a Wiit of C'rroj 
is maintainable Ijcre in tlje !^ing0^5i?enclj of ajuBgment gitien in tl;e JSingis#= 
aiBencl; in Ireland, fo as tljc Sunges Din conttruc t\)i$ Statute not to ejttenti to 
falfe money bjougl)t out of Ireland. 2El)icDlj», Bit muH be to t\)C fimilituue of tlje 
money of England, i^ourtljly, SEbat tlje b jinger of it into tljis iJcalm, mult 
fenoto it to be counterfeit, .^ift^ly, tattering of falfc money in England, 
3 H.7. le. tl^ougb l)e feno\i3 it to be falfe ann counterfeit to tlje likenefs of tljc Coin of 

England, is no SCreafon toitljin tljis Statute, tmlefs be bjougbt it from a fojis 
raign i^ation, fox tl)e TqjojDS be, fi home apport faux money en ceft realme. JlBut 
if money falfc ox dippcti be founu in tljc liantrs of any tbat is fufpicious, ^t 
may be impjifonen until be Ijatl) founn bis tuarrant, per ftatutum de moneta 
magn' vet. Mag. Cart. fo. 3 8. 2 parte. Jlaftly, ^e muft mercljanti jC tl;cretott^, 
oj mafec payment tbereof, erpjeffcD in tljefe toojns, Pur merchandizer, ou pai- 
ment faire in deceipt noftre Seignior leRoy & fon people. &ee moje, De mo-^ 
neta regis, anti Of tbe Declaration tljcrcof in The fecond part of the Inftitutes, in 
Artie' iiiper cartas, cap. 20. 

C Si home tuaft Chanceloufj Treafurer, ou Juftice noflrc feigniour leRoydef 
un banke ou def auter, Juftice in Eire, ou d'affifes & touts auters Juftices atlignes 
doier 8c terminer e (leant en lour place feaiant lour office. ] 

31n tiiis cafe albeit one intcnti to kill any of tljefe bete nameti in tljeir place,ann 
Boing tbeit office, anti tljereuponftrifee oj toounti any of tljem, tbis is no Kttn^ 
fon t fn our a>tatute faitb, Si home tuaft Chancellor, &c. 3!f a man bill t^e 
Cbancellour, ^•c. if 0} if it be aCreafon, Deatb muft eufue. 0nD tbe teafon Tojberc** 
foje it is SCreafou in tbefe cafes is, becaufe fitting jutiicially in tijtit places Ctbat 
is, in tljc l&ings Courts) ant Doing tbeir office in anminittration of |uilicc,t|)ep 
rcpjefcnt tbe lyings perfon, tabo by W ^atb is bounD tbat tbe fame be Done, 
^nu tbis ^tt cttenos only to tbe perfons bcre particularly namen, ano to no 
otbcr t anti tbcrefoje cttenoetb not to tbe Court of tbe JlojD ^teU'arD, oj of tbe 
Conftable anD sparfbal, noj to tbe Court of tbe 0timiralty, oj any otber, noj 
to any CcclcfiaCical Court v i^ay, it crtenosnot to tbe ^igb Court of ^arlia*' 
went, if any2j9ember of tbe JLo^cs^ottfc, oj^oufe of Commons be Gain in 
bis place, anD iioing bis office, becaufe it is cafus omiffus, ano not mentionen 
in tbis 3cr. JlBut in all tbofc Cafes it is luiiful S©ur5er, fo; tbe %m implyeilij 

C Et foit aflavoire q in les cafes fuifnofmes doit ec adjudge Treafon q fe ex- 
tenda a noftre Seignior le Roy & fa royal Majeftie : & de tiel Treafon le forfeiture 
des Efcheates appertient a noftre Seignior le Roy cibien des terres & tenements te- 
nus des auters, come de luy mefme. 

a Rot. Parliam. 
20 E. I. nil. 2. 
John dc Britains 

giRtg.aj. 1$. 
See titter ligis 
/tlvmdi, cap. 4. 
ubi fupa. Pita 
&fertiini! oifinibus 
Cuft. de Norm, 
ca, 14. 
pi. 4? 

a fl Des terres & tenements tenus des auters come de luy mefme. 3 
2CbiS is an affirmance of tbe Common ilali), anft tljc teafon tbereof is, foj 
2 lib. Aff. tbat tlje offence is commit ten againll tbe aoberaign JlojD tbe ?fting, tobo 
is tl;e iiglit ansi tlje life of il;e Common^lucaUlj ; anu tljcrcfojc tbe Jlata 
» • DOtlj 


Cap. 2. Petit Treafofi. ip 

Dotlj giDc to tljcljing in fattgfrtction of Ijis offence, all ttje lanDg, $c. to^ic^ 
t^c offender Ijatij, ann tljat no ftililcc fljouto be partafeer of aup part of tljc foj^ 
feiture foj tljtis offence. 

3nti iMljerc tljc tMojtis be [JLanDS ant) STencmcnts Ijolcen, g^c] pet tlje fojfei^ 
tureejctennsitfl ^ tentsi ci'argcg, rents fcrli, Commons, <!i:ojro!5ie0, anu otl;er Ije^^ "^ Brook Efch. 9. 
retitamcnts toljicl; arc not IjolDcn, fo j in cafe of ^iglj STreafon tl;e tenure iis not ^r^!^"i^^'f^' , 

mateuai. ,,,,,,. *, - ^, . ^^ , manm tie Treofon, 

SCljiis ciaute Ijatfj 7 limitations. i?(rlf, acijis art crtcnuss not h to llantis &c. 
tntaple, r fatitttgonlp fojtljelifeof aCenant in taple) but tljc fojfeiture of Ocherwife ic isiri 
ffrtjeajts is to be ttntierttooDoffuclj Jianns anD 2Cencments, as Ije migljt law "feof PecitTrea' 
full? forfeit. 0nii tljefe general D)o;ins take not aluap tljc •§>tatute of donis ^"^"^ 4 Va^^see 
conditionaf c but latter Statutes $iw tl)e forfeiture of cCatcs in taple. 2. j^oj hereatcer in (he 
tiotljtl)is )3ttertenritoufes» but* latter Statutes no name ufes. 3. d i^oj nticofpr^w^ww. 
to rigljts of artions, tsljecc tljc entrie is tal^en atoap, anD fo is tlje llaioo clearlp ^'^'' C 'if 5 tertes, 
IjolDcn at tl)is uap. 4. i^oj to anp conoitions, but bp a e latter Statute con* ^p i, ' ^^ ""*' 
Bitions, unlets tljep be infeparablp knit to tljc pcrfon, be giljcn to tlje Jaing. c26h.'8.c3. t-,. 
5. i^ont>rigl)tsofentrp,ii3ljereanpU)asintl;ciLantis/bp title bcfojetljetrea*^ in fine. sgH.e.' 
ton committctj, but fuel) a rigljt of cntrp is Cncc giben bp latter ^Jtatutes. ca.20. y&dE.^. 
6. iPojto=lLan5Soj2E:cnemettts, ojlSigbtSgin auter droit, as in tl)e rigl;t l^'' ^^ ^^ 
of ttic C^urclj, noj to iLancs in tlje rigljt of a tBife,but cnlp During tbc coverture, * ^3 h. s! laill', 
auD it e]ctenDetl) to JlanD \uljicl) tlje offenDer Ijatlj h foj life, fo? tbe fojfeiture of 5 e. 6. ca". , 1. 
tl)e profits During l)is life. 7* 3t ertcliDetlj not to "^ a founDerflnp of an Ijoufc of ^ Lib. ?. fo. 210. 
Religion in Free almoign, foj tliat is annejceD to tljC blouD of tljc if ounDer. ^ere J "• 4- ^^'^c. 
gooDsanDcljattclSbenotnameD, but tljc forfeiture of tljem is implpeoin tlje \ib.j.{o'i'uEd- 

jUDgCment. glefieids'cafc. 

i Nota Jlertoj, tljc faiD acts of 26 H. 8. 33 H. 8. 5 anD 6 E. 6. Do pet remain fBngtifidds ca[e 
in fojce, uotiuitljftanDing tlje faiD Statute of i Mar. as it Ijatl) been often aD^ u^'f^pr"- 
juDgeD anD rcfolticD, auD namelp Mich. 2 1 ]a. in tlje (Brcljeciuer Cljamber in a \ Mar.Dier / -^7° 
M?itof Crroj) upon a juDgement giuenintlje Cjccljequer, bettoeen Ratcliffe Di£r. '12EI. 289. 
anD tljc 3L0JD Sheffelld, bp all tlje BluDges of England, anD is agreeable to rom^ Temps h. 8. Br. 
won e)cperience. coron. ^. 

^zz mojc of l^ig^ SCreafon in tlje nejct Cljaptcr following, cap. 2. verbo. * a^E?? S.'Ja. 
Et put ceo que plufors auters cafes, &c. Corony Br. $.' 

Temps H. 8. 
Efcheat 2?9. i laEI.Dier 189. Lib. 3. fo. 10. 55. Lib. 7. fo. 33, 34^ Lib. 8. 72- »^^» lib. 140. Scanf. PI. 
Corone. 1S7. a. 



Of Petit Treafon. 

Tovefqtie ceo ily ad un auter mdtimr deTreafon^ cefiaffa- 
voir, quant unfervanttuafon maifter, ou unfeme tuafon 
baron^ou quant homefecultr ou de religion tua fin prelate a que 
il doitfoje is^ obedience, Et de tiel manner de Treafin lafirfei- 
ture des Efcheats appertenont a chefcun Seignior de fin fie 
proper^ iS^c, 

And moreover there is another manner of Treafon, that is to lay, 
v/hen a Servant flayeth his Mafter, or a Wife her Husband, or when 
a man Secular or Religious flayeth his Prelate to whom he oweth 


Britton ca.8. 8; 
cap. 12. 


petit Treafon. 



foith and obedience. And of luch Treafoii the E(cheats ought to per- 
tain to every Lord of his own fee, &c. 

d 12 Aff.p.gOa 

21 E.M7. 

F. coron.447. 
Stacham tit. cor, 
2-1 E.5. azAff. 

Com. 86. b. 
7 El. 255. 
1 Mar. per Broni' 
ley & Penman 
of the report of 
Jurtice Dalifon. 
vid. I R.3.4. 
In cuLeo parricida 
CH/nfimu, cane, 
gallo, & ferpents 
inclufi wari olim 
miriibuntHr : fed 
nos ntn hibemttf 
talem confitetudi- 

* 12 E.I. Math. 
d}i Afl.p.y. 
Li.i.f.pp. 5<,f//yf 
cafe. 10 H.6.47. 
pi .com. 160. 
38j; 19 H.^.47. 
See c. Pr. & Ace' 
Dier. i(5EI.?32. 
Saunders cafe. 
Pafch. 32E. 3. 
Rot. 62. coram 

*40 AfT.p. 15. 

Brittonfo. 16. 

1 9 H. 6. 47* 

40 AfT.ubifupra. 
& i5 El.ubifup. 

i9H.d.47. by all 
the Judges. 

3t Iras calics ilBic^l) ox 0?nnii STrcafon fn rcfpcct of tiic Hopal spajcttj) a^ 
piufttoljomit is fommtKcB, aiiD comparatiDcIp it tp callcD petit Stcafou 
r\Kt)frfof "acto i\)i% g>tatutc fpcakctlj) in rcfpcG it 10 committEH againft «>ubjcf'3 
ftn£ infcricur pcrfou?, UJl)Ctcof tljisi^ttcotijcnumccatctiijecfeinBjEf. 

f[ Qiiant un {ervant tua fbn Maifter. ] 3:;i)is tua? petit S^rcafon iv 
tl'c Commcu \tm, fo: fo it appcarctlj bp f^e a tcDk of 12 Aff. tljat a luotnaix 
fcrtiaut fellcD Ijer il3ifti;if0, tuljercfejc fljc Ijan ittB^mcnt to lie Itirnt, luljiclj is 
tljc ititigmcnt at tljig sap of a tooman foj Petit 2Crcafcn. Snu IjercUsitl) apectlj 
21 E. 3. iMlKix tljc rcat-cr mull knolu, tljat inftcau of Mere in tljat cafe you 
ntuftrcan Maifter. 

h SnMipon tijis 0(f, if tl;e §>cn3ant kill tlje ^ifc of Ijis spaflcrjft i% petit 
SCreafcn, foj Ijc i% ^cr^ant botlj to tije l^usbann anu Mife. 

c if tljc cljilti commit parricitic in tlje killing of Ijig iJ^atljcr oj Spotl)CtClMljirti 
tlje Jiato^makers nei3CE imaginco anp ctiilu toonlo no ) t\)\% cafe is out of tlji? 
Statute, ttnlcfg tljc cljilD fcrijcn tlje Jf at^er oj SRotljcr foj wage?, oj meat, Bjinfe 
oj apparel, foj tljat it is none of tljcfe t^jcc kincs fpectfieo in tljijs JLatu. 0nij 
j)er t^e otfcncc i? fat moje Ijainous aim impious in a cljilD tljert m a ferviattt, fo? 

Pcccata contra naturam funt gravilTirtia : but tlje 3!U5gElS arc rcftraineo bp tl)i3 
0tt, to interpret tbis :3d: a fimili, oj a minore ad majus, ais l)crcaftct fl)all be faiti, 
0nti "^ fomc fap tljat Parricine toas petit SCreafon b? tlje Common Jlato. 

<i a fcrbant of malice intenccD to kill IjisSpaflcr, ano lap in wait to note 
luljilft l)c Uias liiis fcruant, but Diu it not till a pear after Ije ioas out of fertoice, 
anti it Djas anjucgcti petit SCreafon toitljin tijis 5ltr. 

f[ Un feme tua Ton baron. '] e %\n toa? Petit Strcafon bp tlje Com;# 
mon ILato, as it appearetlj in our books. 3f tljc toifc pjocure one to mumer Mt 
l?usbanti, ano be uotlj it accojmnglp, in tljis cafe tl)e wife being abfcnt is hxt 
accelTojj', an'o (ball be IjangcB ann not burnt, bccaufe x\t accelTcijp tannot be 
guiltp of petit arreafon, toljcre tlje principal is not guiltp but of mumer > ann 
tljc acccffojp muC follow tlje nature of tljc principal : but if Ije tljat nin tlje 
mumer IjaB been a fcrDant of tlje l^usbann, it Ijau been SCrcafon in tljem botb, 
ant! tlje iDifefljOulDlja^e been burnt, ^no fo it is in tljc cafe befoje of aferbant, 
anD in tlje cafe Ijcreaftcr of a Clerk. 

3f tlje iiJifc aitn a ftranger kill tlje ll^usbaun, it is Petit SDreafon in tljc toife, 
ano mumer \\\ tlje ttrangcr, anu fo it is in tlje cafe of tlje fersjant ncjct bcfojei 
ann of tljc Clerk ncict after. 

IfefojetljiS Statute it toaS Petit anrcafon, fi quis falfaverit figillum domini 

fui de cujus famiiia fuit. Britron agrcctl) Ijereinitlj. iSBtit tljefc are taken auia? 
bv tljis ^(t, an5 all otber fauing tljefe tljat are Ijerc erpjeffefl. 

^ Quant home feculer ou de Religion tua Ton Prelate a que il doit 
foy & obedience. ] SCljis claufc is unuerftooD onlp of an Crdcfiattical per? 
fott, be l)e fecular,. 0; regular, if Ije kill Ijis p?clate, oj ^uperiour, to toljom 
Ije oiMCtlj i^aitlj ano £>beiiience, it is Petit ST^rcafon : ann fo it toas at tbc Com^ 
mon 3Laiu. 0nD petit JErcafon ootlj pjefuppofe a tvttft, ant obetiicnce in tlje 
offenoer, eitljer Cii)il, as in tlje ©ffiife anD ^erbant, oj CcclefiaJlical, as in t^^ 
CDccleCaftical perfon. 

aitiojs, abettojs,anB procurers of anp of tljcfc Petit Creafons, are toittiti 
tljis ilaiD. 

3f tlje ferbant kill IjisSpiflrifs, viz. i^is ^alicrs ^nfc, ttiis is SHreafon Cas 
Ijatlj been faio ) not bp t^\\\x->^^ foj iljat is tenieo as lucll in petit SDreafon, as 
^iglj SCreafon, but it is luitljin tlje letter of tljis Statute, fo j flje is a spatter. 

in !§ig^ SErcafon tbere is no accefTojies, but all be pjincipals, ant t^err^ 


Gap* 2. Petit Treafon, 21 

fojc te|)atfocUt i art oj confcnt toill mafee a«tian accEffojv to a iTelonp, before t\)t 
Act UDne,' t|)C fame Bill ma'sc Ijint a pitntipal in rafc of ^)i^\) 2Crcafon. JlEut in 
fafc of petit SEreafon, tl)ercmapl)cncccfrojic0j citljct befcj:, oj after tlje act 
tone, ajj in rafc of £)?.urt!er oj ^omicioe. a See the 2. pare 

^erc it appcavctl) tl)at Set^ of parliament map binn men of tljc Cburrlj, of 'he imiimres. 
Secular jO J lACtiulai-jano no benefft of Clcrgp allotocD unto tljcm in cafe of 2nrea*= Hii'sR ^^'' "'^^' 
fort : but a Ijcrcof jou fi;aU rcan at large in tljc Cjcpofiticn of t\)t 1 5 Cljaptcr of regcLt.^s'.To^ 

Articuli deri. don. Jo. Imperi- 

als cafe. 

^ Et de tiel manner de Trealbn forfeiture dcs Efcheats appertei- por Efchea.s fte 
nont a chefcun Seignior de Ton fee proper. ] ^xsljercof l;creaftcr intl)C the ». part of the 
Cljapter of ifo^fciturc. ^ 3f a man fcifeti in fee of a i?air, S^atket, Common, [""^j^a^^*^' '' 
3Kent, Cljarge, Kcnt^ccfe, tffillarten, CojroHi), oj aup otljct inberitanrc, tljat iis t Scc before ca. i. 
notljoloen, anti isi attainten of iFelonv, tljeiSinglbalUjauetlje p?ofitsi of t^icm verbo, Des terrcs 
Baring Ijis life x but after Ijiis neceafe, feeing tlje blooo is cojruptcD, tl)ep cannot & tenement;, &c, 
cefceno to tlje Ijeir, ^ noj can tljep cfcljcat beaufe tl:)ep be not IjolDcn, t^ep periO) ^^^^ 
anDareertinrtbpactmllato: irojin ©fcbeatg foj petit aTrcafon oj ifelonpj inftimtes fo, ,5," 
a tenure 10 requifite, as toell in tljc cafe of tlje fcing, as of tlje fubject. vetb. Avera la 

ain appjober in cafe of iTclonp, refufing tlje combate \Dit5 t^e appellee, fijall ^rre per eichear. 
tabelilte judgment tljat is fo> Petit 2Eteafon, Probator recufans duellum ad- ^gg'*"oj'*"'^°"" 
judicatur fufpendi, &trahi in odium falis accufationis : but pet it iS not Petit Angfij. ' "' 

aCreafon, becaufe it is none of tljc tljjK fpecifien in tljis 0(t. 

SCi^e cafe baljic^ Shard recitetljin 40 AfT, tl)at a i^ojman being ileaner of 4° aA"- h- vide 
an CBnglifl) fl)ip, toljo IjaD CDnglifi;) men toitl) l;im, auia robbeti oitoers upon tbe * "• '• "P- ^' 
&ea, ana toerc taken aun fount guiltp ; ann as to tlje ipoxman it toas but ifelonp 
C becaufe iBo?maniip luas loft bp iSing John, ana baas out of tl)e ligeance of 
E. 3. ) ant) aji to tlje CBnglifl) it idoas aBjuBgcu acrcafon, anb tbe offenners ujabon 
anu Jjangen, toljiclj toas tljc jungmcnt of petit aCreafon ; but ttjis muft be 
intentren to fan out before tljisS)tatutc of 25 E. 3. foj it is none of tijcpetic 
ffl^reafons mentioneb in tlji^ ^a, . 

.^ Et pur ceo que plufors auters cafes de femblables Treafon purront Rimm preinjfm 
efcheer en temps a vener, queux home ne purra penfer ne declarer en prefent : Af- ejienduni mnlu 
fentu eft, que 11 autre cafe fuppofe Treafon, que nel\ efpecifie paramount, aviegne ?** """»;'■'<«"" 
de novel devant afcun Juftice, demoerge le Julticc fans alter a judgment de Treafon, '" """Fu*" • 
tanque per devant noftre Seignior le Roy en fon Parliament fbit le cafe mere & de- 
clare, le que le ceo doit eftre adjudge Treafon, ou auter Felony. 

anb becaufe t^at manp otljer lifee cafes of SCrcafon map bappeit in time to 
come, tobic^ a man cannot tbinfe noj Declare at tljis p?efent time : 3!t is accojDeb, 
t^at if anp otber cafefuppofeu SDreafon, tuljiclj is not abobe fpecifien, Dotl) Ijappen 
befoje anp luftice, tbe Juftice fball tarrp toitbout going to judgment of tljc 
aCreafon, till t^e caufe be fijetteu anb Declaren befoje tbe teing ano W ParUa;^ 
ment, taljetber it ougljt to be juugcb ITrcafon oj otljer ifelonp. 

^iSemblable Treafon. ] 31h tljis cafe, tbe Ittuges Iball nbt juDgc a fimi- 
li, ojbpeciuitp, argument, oj inference of anp 2Creafon,il^tgl)Oj petit, foj no 
iifee cafe fl)aU be aBjucgeu 2i:reafon,$c. anb note tljis b janc^i ejctennetlj ( as Ijat^ 
beenfaiu) to ttie offence, viz. aCreafon, anu not to trial, jfubgment, oj cjre;= 

^ Si auter cafe fuppofe Treafon. ] j^o dttiCr cafe, tbottgl) of as Ijiglj oj 
|)igljer nature, fc. fijall be aujuugeusnreafon, ^igl) oj Petit, as befojc it ap;? 
pearef^ in tlje cafe of PaticiUe, Anno i Maris, ubi fupra. 

^Treafon.] Citljet pglj 2Crcafon, oj petifSCreafon, fo as tW bjantlj 
extenbctlj as ^t^ been faio io tlje offence \,l a^reafon onlp. 

2 2 Petit Treafom Cap. 2. 

c ti,e cKPofui- € Qi^^ "'^^ fpecific paramount. ] snijis tooju [fpectfie' (s to !)£ fpcrianp 

o"uVon ^thrsr.'- Dlif'^i^^cii, foj it iiS .10 rtutcl) to fa)>, asparttcuUriCru, oj fct tomu parttctiJarlp : 

tute De frmg^pii- To fls itottjins igieft to tljc comtuudicn of tl)e liiHgc, if it tie not fpEttftfO auo 

/"o'"'w. yarticiiiarifcD Icl'ojc bp tljis flft. 3t Ijappp fanttuarp oj place of refuge foj 

^ f' '^' '' & Itii'ffes to flp unto, tljat no mans blocB ano vuute of Ijis familp do lie upon tljeir 

See '■''fvhr.' of "ju- fcurctcnccis againft Lato. 2nti if tljat tljc conRruction bp argwmcntg a limili, o? 

f>ice Daiifons a minori ad majus liaij been left to JttBgesfj t\)t tnifcljief bf fojc tljis statute ijaoulD 

Report, ubifupra. Jjaije rcmaittcD, viz. Dtberfttp of opinions, toljRt ougijt to be aDiungcD SCreafon, 

toljiclj tl)is Statute Ijatl) taken aluap bp crpjefg too^ns: auD tlje Statute of i Mar. 

I Mar. cap. i. ^^^^.j^ xti^ul all 2Ereafon0, 9C. but onlp fucb as be oedareo anc cicp jctTco in tl;i0 

SJt-of 25E. 3. toIiereinilji5(l»o?t! [ejcpjeffeD] is to be obferiieti. 

3n tljE parliament Ijoitien Anno 5 H. 4. tlie Carl of Nortliumberland came 

. before tlje ^ing anti 31o;ds in parliament, ann bp Ijiis petition to tljc J^ing, ac< 

nu 'i "^ s"' '*' feno^^ei'ge'' to batje Done againft bis allegiaitce : ana namelp, foi gatbering of 

nu! 15! Ibid, ^^ Potncr anD giving of iLiuericSj'ttiljEreof be pjapetlj parcon ; anD tbe rattjer, tljat 

upon tbc !^ingBl,Etters be ^ieloea bimfelf,anD came to tbe ?fiing untoYork,tobcre 

bemigbt^abekcptbimfelf atoap. arijc Itibicb petition tljc iiiing BcliDereo to 

tbe Sufiiccs, bp tbgm to be confiocreB. Mbercupon tbe JLojus mane pjote^^ 

ttation, tbat tbe o?5cr tbereof belongeu to tbem, as peers of tbe parliament, to 

toljomfuclj lungment belongefl in toeigbing of tbis Statute of 25 E. 3. &c. 

ano tbep iungea tbc fame to be no SEreafon, no? iFelonp, but onlp trefpaf? 

.„ finable at tbe iSings DJill. ;3ntrtbe opinion inzy Afl". is oenicD, tb t if one 

27 All. p. 6 J. ^j tbe^noid-ersoifcoDertbecounfclof tbc !Sing, tbat it fljoulo be aCreafon i 

becaufc it is not fpccifico bcfoje in tbiS ^tt, ano tbecefoje neitl)er ^igb 2trcaj« 

fon, m% Petit SCreafon, 

^ Tanque per devant le Roy & fon Parliament. 3 HSp tl;{s it ijS 
apparent, tbat anp like ojotljer cafe ougbt to be occlarcBi' bp tbc tobole Parlia:? 
mcnt, (ann not bp tbe iSing anri Jlo jos of tbe mpper^joufe onlp, j h"? tl;e Jfiing 
ann tbc Commons, oj bp tbe JLojos ano Commons. ) anii fo it toas tone \i'^ tbc 
lobole Court of parliament in 3 R. 2. ubi fupra. 5 Eliz. 18 Eliz. ubi fupra, anO 
manp otljer^tts of Parliament. 
Rot. Par. i7.R,i. John^ukcof Gwyen anii of Lancafter, ^CtaartJ of England, anU Thomas SDtikeof Glocefter, Conttablc of England, tbe iSinge JUnclES, complaineti ta 

tbc l^ing, tljat Thonnas Talbot 5inigbt, tuitb otber bis aobeccnts, confpireo tbe 
Bcatljof tljcfaiu SDukesinniuers parts of Chefhire, as tbe fame toas confelTea 
aitti loJEll knoDjn, anfl pjapeo tbat tbc Parliament migbt iuDgc of tlje fault i 
( tMljiclj petition toas juft,anD accojDing to tbiS bjancb of tbc atatute of 25 E.3 .) 
but tbe IScrojo faitb furtber : tobereupon tbe liing ano JLojUs in tbcparlia^ 
ment atijuBgcti tbc fame fad: to be open ano ^igb SCreafon : Ttnbijrt) iuogment 
■Uiantingtbeaffent of tbc Commons, luas no Declaration mtbitx tbis 0(t of 
25 E. 3. becaufc it was not bp tbc iiing anu bis Parliament accojuing to tljis; 
^(t, btit bp tbc liing aitu Jiojus onlp. 

r? El. cap. J, I. C Soit Ic cafe monftrc 8c declare, 6cc. ~\ %%[% SDectaration map be 

14 El. ca. 1,2, &c. abfolute, oi fub mode, fo J a time. 

Anno ir R o in ^? ^^^^^ '>si\)\t\) ^u\) bcctt faiD it manifeClp appearctb, inbat tamnable 

Latin. ' ' "* anu oamncB opinions tljofc toere concerning l^igb SEreafon, of Treiilian Cbicf 
3w{fice of tbc !^ings JBencb, S)ir Robert Belknap Cbicf %\x^itt of tbc 
Common 31Bencb» &ir John Hoir, a»ir Roger Fulthorp, ano &ir William Burghc, 
l^nigbtS, fellolMS «f tbe faiD &ic Robert Belknap, anl5 of John Lockton one of 
. . tbe lyings Serjeants, tliat tocre giuen to l^ing R. tbc 2. at Nottingham, in tbe 
CDle^entb pear of bis IScign. ^ut mojc neteftable were tbc opinions of tbe 3u#= 
fiiccsinai R. 2. anoef HankfordanoBrinchley tljc ©ings ^cricants, (anD 
tbe ratber, becaufc tbep took no cjcamplc \i'^ tbe pnniQjmcnt of t\t fojmer) tubirft 

t Ro I, a. i. & 4. affirmcD t^efain opinions^ to be gooD anp lawful, facing &ir William Thirning 

Cap. 2i Petit Treafon. 23 

Ci^ief ^uCice of tl)e Common Hf cnclj gabc tljts anftocr : ^Tljat Declaration of 

S::rcafon not DEclarcii ijclDngetl) to tlje parliament i but to pIcafCj Ije fait), t^at 

if ijcljacbccn a 3ioiD oj a ipairof parliament, if it Ijan been Dcmanoco of Ijim, 

i)e toonlD Ijaue mane tlje like anfiucrs. 2Lljcfc 3;utticciS anii S>erieantg being caUefi Ror.Pari.i h. 

in queQion in tlje parliament Ijoloen Anno i H. 4. fo? tljeir faic opinions, an? no. 97 

fiBcreD (ag cibersi Lo jns a>piritual ann SCempojal uio) t^at ttjep ourU no otljcr? ^^"** '1^ *'""*'* 
Ujife CO, foj fear of tieatlj. 3t toa$ tljereupon enatteo, tl;at tlje Mo-^n g)piritual "ZXl^mZ 
ann Cempojal, 02 3[ttiliccs, be not from tljencefojtlj receiben to fap, tljat tljep ' 

Dttrll not foi fear of ueatl) to fap tlje trutl;. Mljicl) opinions! being fo manifeftj= 

ipagainftourfaiDattof 25 E. 3. afterbjarnsiutlje parliament Ijoloen 1H.4. 

it i0 affirmei) bp autljojitp of parliament, tljat in tlje faio parliament of 2 1 

R. 2. tiber0 Statute?, Jiiogments, SDjuinanceis, ano &taWifi)ments uiere maoe, ^^^ "-^^ p"'^" 

ojDaineD, anu giben erroneottflp ann nolefitU}) in great nilljerifon anti final Be? ous^oJinionsTn"*^" 

firiution ann itnnotng of man? Ijonourablc iLbjn?, anb otljer liege people of cafe of high Trea- 

t^isUealm, ano of tljeir Ijeiris fo? eber. anutljcrefojenot onlp ttjat^arUa;? fon- 

went of 21 R. 2. ann tlje circumftances anb bepenbances thereupon, are tBtiolIp iH.4.cap^. 

reberfeti, rebokcb, \)0itieb, tmbone, repealcb, ann abnulleo foj eber, but alfo 

t^e parliament ^olbcn in 1 1 R. 2. bv autljoiitp of ttiljiclj ^^ailiament, Trefilian, 

Belknap, anD tlje tcft of ttjofe falfe iufticesi anb Serjeants afojcfain ujere at^ 

tainteb, i0confitmeb> fouljat it^uais ( a? tljcretlje parliament affirmetij) fb> 

tije great Ijonout anb common profit of tlje Uealm, 

^ Et fi per cafe afcun home de ceft roialme chivache armee, &c. "J 
SttO if percafe anv man of tljig Kealm ribe armeb, f c. ifoj erpoction hereof, 
fee tljc Cbapter Ijcreaftcr againft ribing oj going armeb. 

i?oj tlje better inCruttion of tl)C ISeaner to Difcetn toliat offences be ^{^ i ul- 
SCreafon oj ^ctit SCreafon at tljtjs bap, it fljall be neceffarp to atiii Ijerettnto ttie Mf ^'w-*. 
Statute of I Mar. tMljercbv it is enatfeu, [C^atno Stct, SDeeb, ot ©ffencc, being "^i^^ 'i'*;^ Statute 
bp act of iBarliament n Statute mane 2[:rearon,^etit aCteafon, oj mifpjifionof 7e" « i'^"" 
aCreafon, bp wojbS> tojiting, cipljering, beeug, oj otljertoife tnliatfoeber, fljall be sec'the s itut'e o£ 
taken, i^ab, beemeb, oj aujubgeb to be ^iglj SCreafon, ^etit ^Creafon, oj mifpji*' i to 
Conof2Creafon,bwt oulpfuc^asbebeclarebanberpjeffeb to be SCreafon, Petit the like effeft. 
Slreaton, oj mifpjifion of 2Creafon, in ojbptlieaa of parliament oj Statute 
mabe in t^e 25 pear of ttie raign of t^e moft noble iling of famous memojp,!tiing inter icges ca- 
Edward f^e t'^tb, touc|(ing OJ concerning SHreafottjOt t^e ceclaration of SCrcafon, nmicap. 7. u^rU 
anu none ottier, ?c. anp act oj Sets of Parliament, Statute, oj Statutes, l^an "^ ;«^*'f£« »t 
OJ. mace at anp time Ijeretofoje oj after t^e faic 25 pear of toing E. 3. oj anp TprTminm. 
ot^er ceciaration oj matter to t^e conttacp in anp toife notbjitt)ftanbing,] AHter in amiquoi 

JlBefo je tt)is Set fo manp SCreatons tiab beert mace anb ccclarec bp 0ct of ^ar;* m- s- 
Jiament fince tljis 3tt of 25 E. 3. fomc in particular, anb fome in general, anb ^"P"*"" "'i*/?« 
in fuc^ fo jt pentteb,as not onlp tlje ignojant anc tmlearnec people,but alfo leatn'b /^IVJ'/X'r- 
anc ejcpert men Were manp times trappeb anb fnareb : anb fometimes Creafons tMtHu 
tnabe oj cedarec in one Uings time, toere abxogatec in anotljer lyings time, tu 
t^ebpfpecialoj general luojDSjfo as tlje mifcijief before 25 E. 3. of t^e uncer^ 
taintp lui^at tuas 2nreafon,anb w^at not,became to be fo frequent anb Dangerous^ 
as tl)e fafcft anc fureft remecp )i)as» bp tljis excellent 0rt of i Mar. to abjogate 
anb repeal all, but onlp fudj as ate fpecifieb anc erpjelTeb in ttiis Statute of 2 5 
E.3 . 215p Tailjic^ JLatojtlje fafetp botlj of tlje i^ing anb of t%t fubject, ann t%t pje^s 
fetijationof tljc Common#DJeal is tiifelp anb fufficientlp pjobiceb foj, in fuc^ 
certaintp, as nihil relidum eft arbitrio Judicis. 0nD certainlp tl)e ttoo Uules reci*: 
teb in tlje preamble of tlje faib 3tt of i Mar. are affuredp true. 3Cl)efirft,[2i;i)3t 
t^e ftate of a toiug ftancetlj anc confiftetl) moje atTurec bp tlje lobe anc fabouv 
of tlie fubiect toiMarc tljeir S>oberaign, tlien in tlje creab anb fear of iLatos 
mace toitl) rigorous pains anb e)ctream punilljrtient foj not obeping tljeir &o? 
i3eraign. ] anb tlje otljer, [ %\u JLatos lufllp mabe foj tljc pjeferbation of 
f^e Common^'bjeal toitljout ertream punifl)»nent o> penaltp, are moje often, 
anb foj tlje moll part better obepec anc kept, tljen latos anb Statutes ntacc 

e ttitfc 

24 ^^f^^ Trea/oih Cap. 2= 

S:nica, Xuttl) gvcat aiiU ClttEam puttifljmEttt. ] Mitius imptranti melius parctur. 

|n toi^icl) ^ft fim notable tiling? are to Ic djierHED, 5^irft, "Jt ertcnnctfj 

(tiflitliout crccptionjto all l^ijlj SDreafon;? mace bp anv act of parliament fincc 

t^e laic acf of 2 5 E. 3. ^cconclp, to all ncclaraitons of l^iglj SEreafong fip atip 

0ttof parliament Cnce tijefaiijilrtof 25 E. 3. (as of tlie faiti ^Declaration in 

3 R.2. of billing an ^mbaffatour anD tljc lifee.) Srijirolp, to all ^etit SDreafons 

' mane ti oeclarenbv anp 3rt of ^parliament fincc tlje fain Set of 25 E.3. i^ourtlj^ 

ip, albeit nufpjtfton of SCreafon is not mentianco in tl)C Art of 25 E.3. ?et cijerp 

mifpjifion of anv SErcafon maBc oj Bcclareti fince tljat ^a hv anp ac of ^atlia^ 

ment is abjogatec. iTiftljlp, no offence to be SCrcafon, petit SCteafon oj mirpjt:? 

fion of Crcafon, but onlv fuel) as be oeclarea anti erpjeffco to be SErcafon, Petit 

2Creafon,Dj mifpjifionof SEreafonb^tljefaio 0ttof 25 E.3. ^)eretl)ja tljings 

arc tsbc obfer\)eo ; i?irftj tl^at tljis wojD [eryacffcti] etrclittictlj all implications 

oj inferences tol^atfocber. ^cconolpj^erc mifpjifion of Jlreafon is tafeen foj con^ 

T«afM' hichor ccalmcnt of Ijigl) JEreafono^pctitaCrcafon, anoonlp of Ijiglj SEr^afon oj petit 

petit, as is ex- Sl^reafcn fpecifieti anD ctpjctlcti in tljc Set of 25 E.3. 2El)irolp, tljat no former 

prcffcd inthe Aa jttt)gment5attainacr,pjetiiicnt,relolutioniO J Opinion of 3ttDges oj3i«fiifcscfljig^ 

of 2f E. 3. and of 2Erearon,petit aErcafonjOj mifpHfidtt of 2Ercafon50tl)cr tljen fuel) as are fpecificu 

Ti M^rliv 6 ^'"^ crpjeffeoitt tljc faia act of 25 E. 3. are to be follotoeu oj ojaDon to example; 

I & s"'h. & Mar. foj tl)C ujojus bc oircct ano plain, [ 2El)at from bencefojtlj no 0ct, 2Dfl;ti, j £Df^ 

cap.i I, ' fenccj^c. ftall be tafeEn,ljai),ri05mcti,o; aojuDgeo to be 2Erearon,petit 2Ereafon,oj <imifpjifionof2Ereafon, butonlpfuclj as be Declareu ant crpjeffeD in tljcfaio 

ta Eiiz' ''^'i* ^^ of 25 E. 5. &c. an? act of Parliament oj Statute after 25 E. 5. oj anp 

il Eiizi'cap. i'. otl;er Declaration oj matter to tljc contrary notiuitljCantiing.] &o as tfjcre is no 

27 Eiir. cap. z. Ijigl) SEreafon, petit JCreafon, oj mifpjifion of anp SErcafon maoe oj Declarer bp 

3'Iac. cap. 4. an? act Of Parliament oj otljerluiCe fince tlje act of 25 E. 3. but only fuel) as '^abc 

f(^"^8"b^''' ^* ^^^ *"^^^ ^"^^ ^^^^ ^^'^ "^ ^ Maris, anD of tl)ofc, onlj fuel) as tuere maDc 

rfijEiiz.'cap. I. ^perpetual, anD not During tljc life of £limi Mary, oj of ®uan Elizabeth, 

i4Eiiz.cap. !.*&' ijflljcrcoftljErc be Diners tuljicljnoUj arc cjrpircD, toljidj fon map reao being all 

cap.!. in pjint. ilBut tljcrc lojantCD notljing to tl)c perfection of tlje Statute of 25 E.3. 

*rfeaPh.&M. jjut a limitation of fomc certain time Ujljcrcin tlje offenoer fi)oulD be accufcD. 

fSeethcfecond c Port intervallum temporls accufator non erit audiendus, nifi docere potefi fe 

part of the Infti- fuiffe juflis rationibus impeditum. 

ftutes. Mag.Garta. c Or the declaration of Treafon, &c. </Si)CclarationS waDC During tljC nattt^ 
V Vr ■ di ^^^ "'^^ "^ Cluan Elizabeth ccafcD bp Ijer Deatl) : foj S^eclarations map Ijaig 
cium parium.'" limitations as tuell as Statutes introDuctojp of neto JiatoS. 
g ;^ H.8 ca.2. SEljcrc is auotlier crcellent b?ancl) of a ^atutc maoe <■ in 1 & 2 Ph. & Mar. 

9 Mar. Dieri 32. in tljcfc tuo jDs. [auD bc it futt^cr cnactcD bp tlje autljo^tp afo jcfaiD, tljat all tri^^ J?, in ajg Ijereafter to be l)aD, atoarocD, oj maDc foj anp SErcafon, fijall bc ^aD anD ufcD 
fllcK^^Ei'a. ^^^V accojDing to tljc Dire ojDcr anD courfc of tljc Common JLato. ] 

Orurkscafe. ^ ah • 1 -i 

» 31 H. 8. cap. 4. fl All trials. J /JHpon tljefc toojDS manp tljings Ijaijc ban obfcriJCD bp 
iiE./.ca. T2. ot]^ers.ifira,tl)attljc3lcttEroftljisact c]ctenDetljonlptotrialofljigl)3Ereafons, 
Both*which arc "^ V^^^i 2Ercafons, anD not to mifpjifion. 3>econDlp, iPojraign 2Ercafons arc to 
mentioned iti tiie ht tticD bp tljc §>tatute /? of 3 5 H.8.CE.2. auD fo it iuas refolbet bp all tbc ^utti^ 
nexcSeaion. ccs of England in Orurks Cafc, anD IjaD b>ien fo rcfolbeD befojc. 315ut io} trials 
Hill. 14 Eiiz. of jCrcafons to be Ijao in Wales, ojluljcrc tljc Biugs W^it rimnct^ not, infac^ 
SoVi. This is the &^i«!6as tljc feing ftall affignbp^isCommilTion bp tljc "^ S>tattttc of 32 H.8. 
lafi Vefoiution ef ca. 4. atc abjogatcD h^ tljis act, bccaufe tl)cp are triable bp tlic llato. 
thcjudgesin this ^ Sfi^atlj ban IjolDcn, tljat upontljc trial of mifp?ifionof2Ereafontljcremutt 
pom. jjc tm latoful toitnclTes, astocll upon tljc trial, as upon tlje inDictmcnt, as it 

cltlhzndDicr ^^^ rcfolbcD bp tljc Bufliccs in tlic iLojD Lumleyes Cafe, Hil. 14 Eliz. repojtca 
were Chief ]u- ^V ^^^ 3lo?D Dier, unDcr Ijis oton IjanD, tuljiclj iDC i^abc fan, but left out of tlje 
ftices, and San- pjiut, Djljtclj foj otljcr purpofes IS citcD Ijcrcaftcr. SEljirDlp, it Ijatlj ban l)0l;^ 
^rs Chief BaroD, jcn, tliat tljis act cjctcnDct^ not to tl)e 3nDictmcnt of anp 2:teafon,but to tljc tri^ 
*'^' al bp pars>if tbc offcnDcr U noble : oj hv i?ra-IjolDers, if tljc offenDcr he unDcr 

t^e Dcgra of nobilitp:anD t^ctcfoje upon tije inDictmcnt toljici is in manner of an 


- — - " ■ ' ■■ ■ -m'— -^— _„ _*- * 

Cap. 2i Petit Trdcfom 25 

accufatton,lip tl)c statutes of i £.6. ana 5 ¥..6. tiro latuftil toitneffcss arc xzt\s\i- 
fttc: tfje wojcs of tl;c Statute of i E. 6. in tfjc latt tjandj be, [SEljat nDncfljaU « E.5.cap.i2. 
be incictcD, arraigncu, conDcnineOj oi ronntttcD fc; anp £;rcafou, petit SCrcafonj | E-^-cap-t '• 
tnifpjifion of STreafon, j fcjanj) too jds before fpccificD to Be fuoften, aftet tlje SeeWore'^^vt^' 
fatD ficlt nav of Fcbru3ry,fo? toljif Ij tijc fame offender 0?. fjjcakcr fliaU in anp luife [ Ui ceo prov'lbu- 
ftiffer pains of ceati?, impufonmcnt, Jofs oj fcjfetuivc of ijts (SJooDs, CljattelSjWot pu tf.'.'i.'«f. ] 
iLannSj oj aCcnemcnts, tmlefs Ije be accufco Ijp ttoo fufftcicnt ano latofHMjott:«: 
neffef, oj flmll inillinglp iMitl;ont Diclcncc confefs tljc fame. ] 

Nota tljat |_i3cfojc fpccifico] DO refer totljc toojDis mentioncD before in tlje 
0tt. i.Slttsnianifettbptljcconnerionof tI)etoo;t"3, viz. [fojanp Ijuojds bc;= 
foje fpccifieu to be fpoken, f c. ] 2. Ojc SCrcafons in 2 5 h.. 3. lucre nicntionco 
befojc* 3 . 2Cije firft irojDS be [ foj anp 2Drcafon, petit ZCrcafoiTj mifp jiflon of 
2Dreafon, jc. ] 

;anti bp 5 E.6.C3.I I. it is pjobinet bp t!)c laft clanfe faue one [SDtiat none fljall Sse i Ei.cap.^. 
be intii(teD,arraigneti,contiemueD,ronDi£tcDi,oj attatntcB foj anpof tljc SCreafons Scar.f.pi.coron. 
oj offences afo?etaiti, oj foj anp ■^ otljer SCreafons tijat noim be, o: Ijcreafter fiiall ^^^ l^^' 
bCjtoljtc^) fljall Ijeceafter be perpetrateti,committeii,o> tione,anlcfs tlic fame offen^ Br.2^2o.ui°r? 
Bcr be tljereof amtfeo bp ttoo latofttl accitfers, fifc. itnlefs tl;c faitj partp arraign*^ 2 Mar. '99. si 
EU Ojantoininglp,toitljoiitDiolence confefs tljc fame.l Ipccc tiDo tljings arc to 3M'rii2. 

be ObferbCti. i. 2Dlje particular peiimngof bOtlj tfjefe SttS, viz. indided, arraign- *Nota?hege. 
ed, convided, 8cc. anu tljc toojus of i & 2 of Ph. & Mar. ertcnD to trials ontp,anij words? 
not to tlje JnDtttment. 2? ^Cino latoful accufcrs in tljc Set of 5 E. 6. arc tafecn Rig,iu'. krba ge- 
foj ttoo latoftil tuitnetfcs, foi bp tiojo latuful accttfers, ano accufeU bp mo Itm^^ nernUiginriiitir 
M toitneffes ( as it is faia 1E.6.) is all one : tuljidj ujoja [ accufers ] tuas A*''^ '^^^m^^- 
ufcii, bccaufe tluo teitneffes ougljt oircctlp to accufc, tljat is, cljarge tljc pjifoner, orp'rlcy fcL*^'^^' 
foj otljer accufers ijaue toe none in tljc Common iiaio: ana tljercfojc lataful HiI i4.ei!lo.' 
accufers mull be fuclj accufers as JLaua allocs, ^na fo iwas it rcfoluca in tlje Lumicyscafe. 
Lo. LumkyscafcbptljeSlufticest fojif «wufers fljoula not be fo taken, tljcn "bifupra. 
tljeremuft be tluo accufers bp sE.d. ana ttoo toitncffes bv i E. d. ana tljc j^o Tho'mas-r 
ftrange conceit in 2 Mar. tljat one map be an accufcr bp Ijcarlap, toas uttcrlp ac<^ caie. 
nicn bp tlje 3!uflices in tlje Lo. Lumleys cafe. Sua tljis tooio Lawarded] in tljc 
Statute of I & 2 Ph. Sc Mar. ejctettaetlj to tlje trial upon tljc arraignment, ana 
not to tlje inaietment, foj tljat is faia to be aiaaraea. 

ana it jjjas refolbea bp all tljc Jultices in a Rolftous cafe upon clje rebellion a Micfi. i j & 14. 
in tljc i^ojtb> tljat tljefe bjojas [fljalltoillinglp iDitljout vitolencc confefs tlje Ei.Roiftonscafe. 
fame] are to be unaerflooo toljere tlje partp accufca upon bis cjcamination bcfojB 
Ijis arraignment, toillinglpconfeffcatljefame luitljoutuiolenre, tljat is, toil^ 
Jinglp toitljout anp tojturc : ana is not meant of a confeffion befoje tlje 3uage, 
fojljeisneber pjefcnt atanptojture, neitljertiponljis arraignment luas eDer 
anptojture offerca. 0na Ijere comctlj anotljer b statute maae in i & 2 Mar. to i i & 2 Ph. & 
be confiaerea, bp luljiclj it is pjouiaea, tljat Creafon foj tljc counterfeiting ana ^ar. c. u. fupra, 
impairing of tlje coin currant in tljis Kealm, $c. tljeoffcnacr tljcrein, gtc. fljall 
be inaittea, arraignea, trica, conijictea, oj attaintea bp fucb like cDiaence, ana in 
fuel) manner ana fo?m, as Ijatlj been ufea ana accuflomea iwitJjin tljis lixealm, at 
anp time befojc tljc firft pear of iSing E. 6. &c. Mlljerein tljc fpecial penning 
of tljis act is to be obferuea, luljiclj in cafe of SCreafon concerning tlje couur* 
terfeiting oj impairing of coin, f c. Ijatlj bp particular ibojds reflojea tlje etii:* 
acncc reciuifitebptlje Common iLaiu),befoje tlje Statute of i E. 6. as Diell upott 
tlje inaiftment as tlje trial. HBut tlje act of i & 2 Ph. & Mar. cap. 10. cjctenas to i & 2 Ph. & Mar- 
trials oitlp in otl)er cafes of ^iglj 2Crcafon, ana tljerefoic ttiat Sd: ertcnaetlj cap- 10. 
not to tlje inairtment of otljer %igljSCrcafons. aifo it is moii neccffacp (_ aj? 
manpaoljola) tljat tljere fljouia be tl»o lawful accufers, tljat is, ttoo latofiil 
3ajitneffesattljetimcof tljeinaictment, foj tljat it is commonlp founa in tljc 
abfence of tlje partp accufca, anaitmapbeluljcntljepartpfufpcrtca is bcpona 
^ea^ oj in remote parts, ana map be outlatoea tljereupou i ana tlicrefo^e feeing 
t^c inaiftment is tlje founaation of all, it is moft neceffarp to Ijaiie fubftantial 
PJOOf in a caufe fo criminal, iwljere probationes oportcnt efle luce clariores. 

© 2 JlaClp, 

26 P^tit Treajoth Cap. 2* 

See Magna Cart. =L?,fiIi', Bf tljE Jtmifimcnc Uicre part of tijc trial, tt)cn ougljt Ijc tijat ig noble, 
c. 19. and tiie ex- j^jij) ^ j^j-ja of parliament, le 3ntii(fc5 of ^iglj Crcafon, f c. bp Ijig pcrrs t 
pofition there- ^^^^ j|^j, j,.jjjj ^f j.^^ (toitijotit (ittcftion) VMxSX bc bv \)\% ^ccrsi tjbut tlje 3;n»!(t# 
4 p°t! 25 E. J. «^£«t of ^3ceris of tijc Ucaini is aliuaps bp i!^rce4joHicrs!, ann not bp tbcit ^.^?Er0, as Ijercaftcr fijaU appear. Mc tia^e been tbe longer ijcrein in rcfpcft . 
Ror.Pari.21 R.2. of loine tiarietv of opinion ffoj want of Due antj intirc confiticraticn ban of ail 
"f 'n '^ff '"^f ^' RttB f^crv part of tbatluliicbljatb been fain} uponfcriouss ftu5? tcucljing tljijj 
Rot Pau /h.^*4. Pi^int, teitljout rcfpefi of a common toanDjing opinion. 
Baiiefhuis cafe. ' ^xin it fcemctlj tlja.t bv tlje ancient Common Jlatu one accttfer oj tottnef^ \sitxi 
Rot. vafcon. not fuflicicnt to convict anp perfon of ^giglj SEreafon : a jpoj in tl;at cafe, toljcre 
I {;'-4-">j'-i4- (g ijut one accufer, it fljall be trieo before tijc Conftabic ana ^arfbal bp Combat, , 
rafe Rot pTrl" ^^ ^^V ms"? recojtijs appcaretlj. h JlEttt tl)C Conflable ano £parfi5al l;a\je no juri? # ' Diction to IjolD pIca of anp tljing, tol)icbmav be Bcterminco oj tsifciiffcD bp tljs 
Earl of ormonds common 3Lato. 0nij tbat ttoo toitnetrejsbe retniiren, appcarctl) bp our c boiltis, 
R*% s H /c ^"'^ 31 remember no autljo jitp in our boo&g to tbe contrarp ■■, ann tljc Common 
pa°.2.i?i!7Ltvveen ii-^bo Ijctcin i% grounneu upon t^e %m of dDoa ejcp^eflea botl) in tlje olDana ncia 
Upton and Dowy. SCefiament t ^Inore duorumaut triumteftium peribit qui interficietur : Nemo 
Vide the 4 part occidatur uno contra fe dicente teflimoniutn. 

of the inftiiuces. ^^j, ^^^ (eemctlj to be ttie moje dear in t^e trial bp ti)e ^eeris, oj j^obUsf of 
Chivalry &T ° tlje Mealm, becaufc tl)ep tome de aliqao vicineto, totjercbp t^ep migljttahe n3# 
See Braa lib!?, ticc of tljc fatt in refpect of vicinitle, asi ot^er 3luro?i3 map bo. 
fo.ii9.2. ^atoing nola) reljearfeu lu^at otiiersi liabc faio anb Ijoiben, toe upon Hue 

b I? confttieration '^ab of tlje toljole matter toiU fct sown our obm opinion, ana 
or'denanK 'de at- teafong, in tijcfe i?our point? following, iTirft, 2Cf)at tiie Statute of e 5 E. 6. 
taint.Braft. i.5.f. cap. ii. is a general iLato, anb ertenbsi to all ^igl) anteafong, a? toellbptlje 
354.48 E.3.30. Common iiato beclarcD bp tlie Statute of 25 E. 3. as to anp otlier S>tatute 
35H.6.46.i'ort. ^^j^ j,, jj, j,g ^ajp^ tlje negative tooiDis of toljiclj Statute be: [3^0 per:* 
"'^^•jjl^^jg'^ fonOjall be / inbirteb, arraigneu, conbiceb, conbemneb, 0^ attatnten foj 
//Deu. i7.M'9.i$-anp2E;reafontl)atnotois, 03^ hereafter fljall be, gtc] Ml^iicl) toojnp toitljout all 
Mat.i8.i6.joh.i8. (lueffton arc general, ann fo to be taken. 2Clie toojbis of tlwt S>tatute be Iwx^ 
23. 2 cor.13.1. tber, [Unlefgtlje fame offenoer be accufco bp ttoo laboful accuferg.] SDljcfe ttoo 
"A'd°fo^i hold la^fw^ accufer? are in jucgment of Jlato taken foj ttoo latofitl toitneffeg, ana 
the'statuteof I E. t^at foj ttoo caufe?: i?irft, aCliep mua be latoful, tljat t?, allotoeo bp t%i 
(5.C.I2. to be age- jLatojs of tljcl^calm : anbbp t'^e ilato, upon tljc arraignment cf tlje Pjifonrc 
nerai Law, and to upon tljc ^nbicfment of STrcofon, no otljer accufer can belicarb, but toitnclTesi 
T '"fo T &c ""^P* ^eceinblp, %%t toojb? of tlje Statute are 1. mw^ f«o actufcrs at t^g 
/Now^s'vveii'up- time of tlje arraignment of tlie partp accufcD, ifdjep betljen libing, fimll be 
on the indifttnenc bjougl)t in pcrfou befoje tljc patcp fo accufeo, anb aboto, anb maintain tljae 
asthearraigninent y^^^xy ^^j^ \^^<q^ ^q f^p top?obc Ijim gttiltp of tlje SDrcafott, unlcfs tljc part? 
''^ain^o bTtwr^ arraigneb fijall toillinglp toitliout biolencc confefs tlje fame, 1 a? bp t'^at Set it 
accufers.seeDier 2 appeatetl). i^oto to aboto anb maintain tbat toljtclj tljep l)abe to fap, to pjobe 
& 5 Ph.& Mar. 1 31 \\w. guiltp of tlje SCreafon, is tlje pjopcr office anb Dutp of toituclTcis, ano fo it 
g 1 the (g faiu in tlje 3>tatute ofg i tlje laii tlaufe(bp ttoo latoful toitneffes.) 
**Ei*^a"^^'i fe ^^^ ^^^^ S>tatute of 5 El. c. I. tobere it is faib [ accufeb bp goob anb fufficient 
Ph. &!/i. "^in^onp : ] anb to t%t fame intent, tlje Statute of i & 2 Ph. & Mar. cap. 1 1.'iS.' foj tljC toOJb [accufed.l 

Qui accufu ittte- i. Puniantur accufatores penes dominum tegem, quodamodo Rex eis de facili 
grafmiept, & jjon credat: & talis poena fiat eis, qualis debeat fieri illis, qui injufte fideles dni 
i Stat. deKenelw. "^^8'^ exhsredari & deltrui tccerunt, &c. 

fccunda parte ' 2 . scijat tl)ig Etf of 5 E. 6. mtxm a? toell to ^etit SCreafon as il^ig^ 2Drea:^ 
vet.Mag.cart. foH, fo; tlje toojbs be [anp aCreafon ; ] anb fo botlj tlje §>tatute of i E. 6. ca. 1 2. 
"p-'^; rn.. 3' 2[:]bat tlje Statute of i &2 Ph.&Mar. cap. 10. botlj not abrogate tlje f» in 
of tte iXutes. ^* "f * E-^- fJ of 5 E'6- i^oj tljat act of I & 2 Ph. & Mar. crtenus onlp to trial's 
§.i94.SeeFortef- bp tl)e betbitt of ttoelbe men de vicineto, of tlje place to^eretlje offence isals^ 
cue c.25,17. Juries lebgeb, anb i^ tlje Subictmcnt is no part of tlje trial, but an information ojbc^: 
ought to be infor- daration foj tlje Ising, anb tljeebinence of tortnefres to tljc lurp is no part of 
and wimeff?""* tljc tjcial, foj bp %m tlj€ ttial in tl)at cafe is not bp toitneffes, but bp tlje bcr=« 



Cap. 2. PethTreafon. ^j 

Diet of tiudDc mni» auD fo a mfiUtfc£Hii\3Erfitp be.t\Mcctt t!)c c\)tDcncc to a Itirp, "^^ E.^.ca.g, 
aiiD a trial bv 3itrp. flnu tlje toojD [ awarded ] in tljat §)£atuteDot^pjo\)C rljat § H^i^*""'^" 
tbat jatt crtenDcti onlp to t\)Z Venire tacias foj trial, foj ncitljer tljc innictmcnt noj , Marfof/V 

tlje CljiDencC can le faili to be atoaVDCU : Veritas qua: minime dcfenfatur, opprimi- Shirleys caife, and 
tur, & qui non improbat, approbar. Et lie libcre animam mcam liberavi. fo it was refohed 

a %\)t trial againft an 0UcnK;,tl)at liucD Ijcre ttnricr tljc yaotcttion of ttjc ?&ing, )j-, *'' ^ ^ 3udges 
anD amitv being bet\Mccn botlj ?^ing?,foj i^igl) HCreafon^fljaU by fojce of tljip aa "'re of Dqaor'"' 
of I Sc 2 Ph. & Mar. be trien acco:iiing to tbe mie courfe of tljc Common iLato, Lopez, Eihanuei 
anD t'^etefo?e ixi tljat cafe tie fl;aU not be tricti per medietatem linguse, a^ ^c fljall Loyfie' and Ste- 
Ije in cafe of ^etit Creafon, aSurDcr, an» iTelony, if Ije p japetl) it. P'^^" f errdra de 

4. h acijat a trial in a fojraign Countp upon ejcamination befoac tbjce of tljc f ™'^ ^ 
Council, gtc, bp tlje Statute of 33 H. 8. cap. 23. is abjogateti bp tiS)iis ^ct of i & j Mir.Djer 122. 
2 Ph. & Mar. being a trial contrarp to tl;c Hue courfe of tljc Common JLato, cier hei. 286.6* 
laaljicl) iiS to Ijatje it trien bp iiirours of t^cp?opcrCountp, cbmtljc inuictmcnt 'j->'-io-6?.a. m 
being founD in tlic pjoper Coitntp, it map be bp fpecial commiffion iKarm ana ^"^'^"^ ^"'^"^ 
netcrminctibefojc Commiffionersi in anp fojraign Countp, but tljc trial mutt be c 27 Afr.p.i. 
ip 31urouriEt of tlje pjoper Countp i anu ttjiji is uiarranteu bp tlje courfe of tljc iiAiLp.i'j.* 
Common ILalj). 0ni> albeit iMljen tljc SCerm begins, all CommilTicns of Oier w-i.c.j.jic. 
iiniiTerminer itttljeCoimtptoljeretlje iSings llBenclj fit, be fufpcnpcti mtring '^^eViV^^'iri 
tlicanerm, petifanintitctmentbcfotmiJbefo?cfiiclj CommiHioncrss befbjc t^c Somerviksand 
SCermj tljerc map be a fpecial Committion mane to Commiffionersi in tljc fame Ardens cafe. . 
Countp, fitting tljc JSingsJlBcnclj in tljat Countp, to Ijear ana Betcrminc t^c DienaEi.aSfi.b, 
fame mtring tljc SEerm : foj tlje icings JEcnclj Ijatlj no potucr to pjoceen tljere?' folVd m^''* ^V 
upon, till ti^c inBiement be before tljem. 3 no it is tljc better, if tlje fpecial com:^ ;„ sk wal'ter 
itiiffionbcar Tefte after tlje beginning of tlje aCerm. Jpote a DiDcrfitp bcttocen Raieighs cafe, 
general Commiffions of Oier anti Terminer, anD fuclj a (pccial Commilfion i ''i-Com.388. 
ann tlje Court of iUngs 3f enclj map be aujourncB, anB in tljc mean time tic Jt°""' 'J? ^^''^*^"" 
Commiilioncris map fit tljere. "?' „ 'g^, ^ 

d ana iMJtjerc it is pjouiueo bp tlje Statute of 3 3 H. 8. cap. 23. tljat peremptojp c And Vok' was 
c'^allenge, IhoulD not from tljencefoulj be aDmitteu oj allotucD in cafes of 5^igi refohed, An.i jao 
^reafonojniifpjiConofCrcafont e JEljis bjanclj is abjogatcD bp tljc fain aa jn Sk waiter 
of I Mar. iT^ou^ccnuof challenge is to IjaDc an inniffercnt trial, ano toljic^ byaUthViudpes 
is requireti bp iiatn ■■, ann to bar tljc partp innioea of Ijis lawful cljallcngc, is to and had been re- 
har Ijim of ?? pjinctpal matter concerning Ijis trial : ana all Sf s of parlia* foWed fo before^ , 
ntent concerning incidents to trials contrarp to tljc courfe of tlje Common liato, Scan.pi.cor.i57. 
are ab jogacca bp tlje taia luojas, [ ana tliat all trials Ijercafter, f c] but all tbis (i^ '° Garnew 
is to be unacrttooB of perfons unaer tlje aegree of igobilitp ■■> JP=oj in cafe of a And' fo ic was re- 
trial of a. =(5oblc man, JlojBof^^arliament, Ije cannot cljallenge at all anp o^foivedw. 25&2^ 

JjiS^^eCrS. *'EI. in Somcrvilei 

/Henry Garnet ^upcriour of tljc Blcfuitcs in England.upon Ijis .arraignment fBt^1^"ch'f' 
h% tljc ^otoaec SErcafon, aia cljallcngc Burrell a Citizen cf London pci= lenge's'^tV 
remptojilp, ana it tuas allotoca tmto Ijim bp tlje rcfolution of all tlje 3uBges : i> ^2 H.8.C.14. 
g feo as in cafe of ^iglj aCreafon, ojmifpjifion of l^iglj SCreafon, a man map 32H.8.c.g. see 
cljallenge 3 5 peremptojilp, toliiclj is unaer tlj jee juries, but mo?c %z cannot. ^ ^'^'l'^' ^'"? 

ILaftlp, ail Statutes maae before tlje faia art of i & 2 Ph-. & Mar. foj trial dfng &c*''for beL 
of ^iglj arrcafon, ^etit SCrcafon, oj mifpjiCon of aireafon, contrarp to tljc taken ou'c of san- 
auc courfe of tlje Common iiatu, are abjcgateabp tlje faia act of i& 2 Ph. & fli>ary in a forrain 
Mar. ana trials bp tbc auc courfe of tlje Common 3iati), tcitlj cljallenges incf^ *-°""'y '" <=*'^ °^ 
Bents in tljofc cafes are reaojca. ?ee hereafter «^'° 

fe3;famanbctnaictcaof i^ig'^2nreafon,ljcmapat tljisaappleaa afojraign Sjnftuary,aiisan- 
plea, as Ijc migljt Bo bp tbc Common ILalM, anafljall be tries in tlje fojraign ftnaries taken a- 
Countpt but otljeriojifcitisincafesof^etitCreafon, Sj3ttraer,o} jifelonpjfoj ^^y- ^nd noic 
t^ere it fijall be triea in t^e Countp inljcrc tljc inaictment is taken, ^"h's &c ex« °d 

ana fojafmuclj as tlje pjoceeaing againS a i^oble peer of tlje Wealm, being only" c'o indi'a- 
a JLoja of |0arliament in fome points agrees, ana in otljer points aifferetlj from mems and not to 
x%t pjocceaing againlf a fubject unaer tlje aegrec of a iSobilitp : %x ffjall be nc^ Appeau. 
ceffarp to lljcto to^erein t^cp agree, ana ^^crein t^ep aiffer. 

(8 Petit Treafon, Cap. ^; 

1 H. 4. 1. I. SEljc ii2ot.le ^-m cf tt)c l^ciflm mull iic Stmiftes iicfoje Commiffionrrs of 

Oier anti Terminer, oj in ri;e iSittgs?315£nr!), if tije Strcafot!, mifpxifion of Kxu^ 
fon, jFcIonv, d> mifiJiifion tt)crcof be rommtttcii in tljat County tulierr tljc 
iiings^iScnci) fit, as it ina0 rcfolucu in tlje cafe of Tho. D. of N. in An. 1 3 Eliz. 
ianotijis 10 common to boci) oegta.s Jto be inoicteo bp lurojs of tliat COuntp 
to^erc rfje ofencc toag committcD. 

j H. 4. 1. 2. tll£ll)cn Ijc is 3nBictco, t^icn tt)C iiing bj? liis €ommtiticn unBcc tljc (0jcat 

10 £.4. 6.b. §ieal conflttutc!5 fomc ^Decr of tljc Mcalm to be hac vice, S>te^j3ar5 of England •. 

ijH, 8. 12, i^o J Ijig itilc in tljc Commiffion is, [Senefchallus Anglis 3 laoijo is 3uop in 
tljis cafe of tljc SErcafon oj. i^ clonp, oj of tlje mifpjifion of tijc fame committcn 
i? anj) ^kx of tljc IScalm, 2ni)is Commiffion rccitetlj tljc Jlntitctment geucranp 
as it is founo t ano potocr giDcn to tljc ILo ju Steward to receiuc tljC 3nbicf^ 
mrnt, $C ano to pjOCCCD, Secundum legem & confuetudincm Angli$. 5!ttiJ a 
commannmcnt is giben tljcrcbj) to tlje ^aris of tlje Healm, to be aitencant ano 
obcbicnt to Ijim : ano a commannmcnt to t^c ^lieutenant of tlje SToiucr to bjing 
tijc pjifoncr bcfoje ijim. 

3. 3 Certiorari is aiojatoeb out of t!je Ctiancerp to remobc tlje Inoirtmcnt it 
fef f befojc tl)e g>tctoari) of England indilate, U)l;irt) map eitljer bear bate, tlje 
fame bap of tlje ^tetoarbs CommifTion, 0? anp bap after. 

4. SElje ^tcbjaro Directs Ijis precept unber Ijis ^eal to t{)e Commifl"ioncr;g,fc» 
to cetttfie tlje SSnbictment fuc^ a bap anb place. 

.5. 3notljer OTjit goetl) out of tljeCljancerpbirertcbtotljeJLieutcnantoftlje 
SCobJer, to bjing tlje bobp of tlje pjifoner befoje tlje ^tctoarb at f uclj bap anii 
place as Ije (ball appoint. 

<5. anije JLojb Steward mafeetlj a pjecept unber Ijis ^eal to tlje ^Lieutenant of 
tlje aCobjer, jc. anbtl)ereine)cp;circtljabap anbplacciMljenljc fljall bjing tl)C 
pjifoner before Ijim. 

7. SClje S>tcb)arb mafeetlj another pjecept unbcr %i^ &eal to a Serjeant at 
jarmiS, to fummon Tot & tales dominos, magnates, Scproceres hujus regni An- 
gliae prsdidti R. Comitis E. pares, per quos rei Veritas melius fciri poterit, quod 
ipfi perfonalitercompareant coram prsedifto Senefchallo apud Weftm. tali die & 
hora, ad faciend. ea qua ex parte domini Regis forent facienda, &c. SSKljercin 
i?our tljinp are to be obferbeb. iTirft, 2Dl)at all tljefc pjcccpts moft commonlp 
bear bate all in one bap. §>econblp,ICt)at no number of fJecrs arc nameb in tlje 
pjeccpt, anb pet tljere muli be aCbiclbe o; abobc. aCtjirblp, 3Dljat tlje pjecept ist 
aboarbebfou^c return of tlje ^eers befoje anp arraignment oi plcapleabco bp 
tl)e pjifoner. i?ourtljlp, djat in tljis cafe tlje JLojbsf are not de vicineto, anb 
tljerefoje tlje fitting anb trial map be in anp Countp of England. Sno Ijerciu 

."arc great bifferences bctlucen tl)e cafe of a ^ecr of tljc Healm, anb of one imbct 

8. attl^cbap, tlje a>teb)arb bJitl) fir^erteants at 0rmiS befoje Ijim tafeeg 
1 H. 4. 1. ijis place unbcr a Clotlj of Cftatc, anb tljcn tlje Clerk of tljc Croton beliberetli 

unto Ijim Ijis Commiffion, buljo rebeliberetl) tlje fame imto ^im. Sinb tlje Clerk 
of tlie Ctobjn caufetlj a Serjeant at 3rms to make tljjec £Dpes, anb commanb^ 
ment gibcn in tlje name of tlje Jiojb ^Diglj stctoarb of England to keep ftlcnce t 
, 1 H. 4. r- anb tljen is tbe Commilfion rcab. 0nb tljen tljc tlUfijer bclibcrctlj to tlje Steto^ 

arb a bJliitc rob, bjljorcbcliberctlj tljc fame to Ijim again, iuljo Ijolbctlj it bcfoje 
t^e Steluarb. aCljen anotljcr ^pcss is mabe,anb commanoment giben in tljc name 
of tljc ![?iglj 3)teb3arD of England, to all Jxi^iu^ anb CommilTioners to ccrtifie 
all 3inbtttmcnxs anb Uecojbs, gtc. Mljiclj being bclibcrcb into Court, tljc Clerk 
of tljc Crobun rcabct^ tljc return, anotljer 2)pes is mabc,tl)at tljc iLicutenant of 
t^c SCotocr, gfc. return l)is tHUjit anb ^^jcccpt, anb to bjing tljc p;iifoner to tlje 
5Bat : baljiclj being bone, tlje Clerk reabs tlje return. Snotljct £Dpcs is mabe, 
tljat tljc §>erjcant at arms return Ijis pjccept toitlj namcis of tljc iBarons anb 
|0ars h^ Ijim fummoneb, anb t\it return of tljat is alfo rcab. Bnotljer ^pes is; 
mabe, t^atall Carls, 5iarons anb ^cers ( to^iclj bp tljc commanbmcnt of t^c 
^i& Stemarb be fummoneb; anflucr to tljeir names, anb tljen tljep take tljeir 


Gap. 2, Petit Treafon. 


places ano fit Dcioii, aua tiicic names arc rccojUeD ; anc tJ)c cntrp of t^c Kccojn 

105 ti)at tijcp appear, Ad faciendum ea qua ex parte Domini Regis eis injungentur. 

5nDtol;cntl;cv be all in t?jcii- places anu tljc p^ttloncr at tije Bar, t^e l^tg^ 

^tetoarD Declares to tlje pjifoncr tl;£ caufe of t^eit affcmblv, ana perfittJaiies Ijim 

to anfUoer mitljout fcarj t!)at l)e fljall b2 Ijeaca Duttlj patience, anD t!)at SvSiitt 1H.4. i. 

fljotilD be cone. 2Cljcn tljc Clerk of tbc Crouin reaos t^t 31nDtftmcnt, ano p^o^* ^ 

cans to tl)e arraignment of tl)c pjifonec, anD if Ije pleaJj not gwiUp, tic cntrp 

is, Et de hoc de bono & male ponit fe fuper Pares fuos, &c. aCljen tlje ^i^ 

gDtcTojarD gi^jetl) a cljarje to tljc peers?, erljoiting tl;cm to irp tbe pjifoner in^ 

Diffcrentlj) accojDing to tOeir ciiiDence. 

9. 2E()e t%rs arc not flBojn, but arc cljargcD, Super fidelitatibus & ligeamiis 
Domino Regi debitis ; foj fo tljc liCCOjD fpca&Ctlj, 

10. acijen tlje iUtngs IcarncD Councel %VQt ebiDence, auD pjoDuce tljcir pjcofjS 
foj tljc liing againft tlje pufoner. 

1 1 . ^ut tlje pjifoncr, iuljcn l)C pleaDctlj not gitiltj), tolierebp tjc Dcniet^ t^e 
fad, Ijc necDS Ijaw no aD^ice of Councel to ttatplea. i5ut if Ije %u\) anp matter 
of iLalo) to plcaD, as Humfrey Stafford in i H.7. IjaD, viz. 2Clje pjiuilCDge of ^an^ 

tf uarpjljc fl)all Ijabe Councel alfisEncD to Ijim to plcao tljc famc,oj anp otljer mats' iq Scotland in all 

tcr in iLaui : as to pleaD tljc general parDon, oj a particular parDon, oj tljc lifec. criminal cafes, yea 

0nD after tlje plea of not guiltp, tljc pjifoner can Ija^c no CounccUcatncD '° "/'^s of High 

affigncD to Ijim to anftuer tlje iHings Councel IcarncD, tioj to oefenD Hjim. 3!^^^[°"' ^f' "\ 

SlnD tlje reafon ttjercof i^, not bccattfc it conccrnetlj matter of fact, foj Ex fafto iea7nedl^ ^°"ncei 

jus oritur ; but tljc true rcafoiis of tljc JLatu in tljis cafe are : ifirtt, tljat tljc tetti^ vide hereafter up- 

monics anD tljc pjoofs of tlje offence ougljt to be fo clear anD mattifeft,as t^ere can "" 'he Sntute of 

be no Defence of it. * a>econDlp, tljc Court ougljt to be in lleaD of Councel foj.^^J-'l^' «>ccern- 

tlje pHfoner,tofa; tljat notljing be urgcD againtt Ijim contrarp to ilatu anorig^t : * see'more"hereoJ 

nap,anp learncD man tljat is pjefent map inform tlje Court foj tlje benefit of t^c a. 65. couarci 

pjifoner,of anp tljing tljat map make tljc pjocaoings crroncous-SinD Ijerein tljere learned in pieas 

is no Diijcrlitp between tbcipar anD anotljcr Subject. ^\m to tljc cnDt^attl^e o^'hcCrown. 

trial map be tlje moje inDiftcrent, feeing fiat tlje fafctp of tljc pjifoncr conCffetlj i 

itt tljc inDiffcrcncp of tljc Court, tljc 31iiDgC)n>ugljt not to Dcliber t^eir opinions 

bcfoje?ljatt.D of anp criminal cafe, tljat map come befoje tljcm juDiciallp. ^nD \at 

reao, tljat in tlje cafe of Humfrey Stafford tljat arclj^traptoi, Huffey Cljief Biu^ i(J. 

fiicCjbcf ougljt i^ing Henry tljc ^cbcntlj, ti^at Ije tooulo not DcCrc to knotn t^eic 

opinions befoje=^banD foj Humfrey Stafford,foj tljcp tljougljt it fljoulD come bcfojc 

tljem in tljc icings IBenclj juDiciallp, anD tljcn tljcp tooulD do t^at bljiclj of rigljt 

tljep ougljt i anD tljc iSing acccptcD of it. Sno tljcrcfojc t^c 3EuDgcs ougljt not to 

Dcliuer tljeir opinions befoje^ljauD upon a c. fe put,anD pjoofs urgcD of one fiDc ix\ 

abfence of tlje partp accufcD : efpcciallp in cafes of Ijiglj naturc,anD toljiclj Dcferijc 

fo fatal anD cj;trcmc punifljment. iFoi botu can tljcp be inoiffercnt, to^io IjaDc ^tf ♦ 

liDcrdDtlj-ciropiniotTSbcfoje^janDiMitljoutljcaring of tlje partp, wljen a fmall 

aDDition, oj fubSrattion map alter tljc cafcf ^nD Ijoiu Dotlj it ttanD luitlj t^eir 

i©atlj, tjjljo are ftoojn, Cljat tljcp fljoulD \ijcll ano latnfullp ferijc our JLojD tlje ,g g , 

iSing anD Ijis people in tlje office of a ^ufticc t anD tbep fijoulD do equal ILato,anD *' 

crecution of rigljt to all Ijis fubjctts, $c. ^k mojc of ttjis matter in t^e 13 ^c(ti^ 

on Ijere following. 

12. SEljcrebcaltoapseitljeralljOjfomcof tljcBCuDgcscber attenDant itpon 
tljc ^iglj ^tctoarD, anD Ot at tljc feet of tljc |0aJrs, oj about a SCablc in tlje miD^ 
Dell, oj in fome otljcr conuenient place. 

13. after all tlje c\)iDcncc giticn foj tljc i^ing, anD tljc pjifoncts anftocrs, ano • 
pjoofs at large, anD toitlj patience IjearD : tljcn is tlje pjifoncr toitljDjaDon front 

t^e IBut to fome pjiDate place unDcr tljc cuKoDp of tlje ILieutenant,$c. anD after 
tljat Ije is toitljDjatun, tljc ilojds tljat are triers of tljc pjifoner go to fome place .. • 

to confiDcr of tljeir cijiDcncc : ano if upon Debate tljereof, tljep ftall Doubt of anp ,. ', 

matter, anD tljcreupon feno to tlje ^igb &te\Bar5 to Ijatic confer ciTce taitlj VQt ... ' 

lluDges, oj toit^ tlje l^iglj ^tetoarD, tljep oug^t to ^aijc no conference, citljcr 
toit!? tljc SluDges ojt\)C^ig1)^tc^arD) butopcnlvin Court, ano in t^c w^ 


Petit Treafon. 

Cap. 1, 

i>afch. i6 H. 8. in 
the cafe of the 
Lord Dacres of 
the North, repor- 
ted by Juftice 
Spilman, which 
wc have fccn. 


* Rcfolved by all 
the judges. 
Mich, i; & 14 El. 
in the cafe of The. 
Duke of Norff. 
1 o E.4. 6. b. 
Tr. 16 H. 8. Spil- 
mans Report. 

Rot. Ronian. 
17 E. 2. ra. 6. 
B. of Hereford. 
2 H. 4. Marks 
B.of Carlifle. 
in Temps H.8. 

d'lo E.4.d.b. 

h iiE.^.brief 473 
8 R. *■ procet. 
pi. ultimo. 
2oEl.Dier ^^o. 
38 H.8.Br. Trea- 
fon. Seignior 
Sancars cafe. 

fence,anti Ijcaring tii^t p?ifon8r, as it uoas rcfolijen bj) all t%z juSiccs of Eng- 
land in tljc reign of iiingH.8. in djc tare of tijc 3Lojd Dacres of tljc i^o^lj. inn 
tljis toas! a jufi u-folutton i fojtotjcn tlje Jlojcss (Ijoulti jjut a cafe, anD asfe au^ 
Dire tljercttyon, dje pjifoner otiglit Ip ILatu to Ic p^fcnt, to fa tljat tlje cafe oi 
queftion be riglnip ptit : ano tljetcfoje t^at notljing lie ccne in Jjis abfcnce, until 
tljep Ic aci,m» on tljdt Df rDicf. i^ercu^on it foUotoctljj tljatif tlje^ftrpoftlje 
Healm, luljo are intcnccc fo ke inniffcrent, can ijatoe no conference toiil) ti)e 
Simsegj oj toiti^ iljc l^iglj ^tetoaroin open Court in tlje alfence of tlje |i3;iifo^ 
ner: a fortiori, xlie icings f ear ncD Council fliouln not in tljc abfence of t^e 
part? accufeSjUpon anp cafe put, oj matter fijcteeo b? tl)em,pjii3atelp p?eoccupate 
tije opinion of tlje Sutiges t anti upon fo )uft a refoUition tlje c&fe fuccoitieD tocH, 
fo? tijc Pficrjs founD tlje Jlojo Dacns not guiltp. 

14. 51 i^oblc man cannot loaije \)i% trial bp Ijis! Peerg, ant) put l)imfelf upon 
tl)e trial of tlje Countrp, tjjat is;, of ttoelbe iTreeljolocrs : fo; t\)z Statute of 
Magna Charta iis, tljat ^e mutt ie trteD per Pares. ^uD fo it iMag refolueu in tljc 
310J5 Dacres cafe, Ubi fupra. 

1 5. * %\)t Paris ougt).t to continue togetl^cr (aisllluries in cafe of otljer ^whif^ 
lefts ougbt to 00 until tljep be agteen of tljeit tEleroitf : ano lajljen tl)ep are 
agreeu, tl^ep all come again into tlie Court, ano take tljeir placeis, anotljentlje 
Jlojti f^iglj &tciuarii publicfelp in open Court, beginning toitlj tlje puifne Jioju, 
(iuljo in t^e cafe of tbe ilojo Dacre ttas tl)e ilojD Mordant, ) faiD unto ijim ; 
SPp JLOJO Mordanr, Js William iLO^lr Dacre guiltp of tlje SCreafOttlS, iM^ercof 
Ijc IjatJ) bffin intiifteo oj arraigneti, t\% anp of tljem s" ^no t^e iloju ftanoing up 
faio, i^ot guiltp t ano fo upimarti of all tlje otljcr lloios! feriatim -. tolio all gabe 
tlie fame HHernid: ; 3Cn imliicl) cafe tlje entrp 10, Super quo w. Comes E. & caeteri 
antedidi Pares inftanter fuper fidelitatibus & ligeantiis didto Domino Regi debitis, 
per pracfatum Senefcallum ab inferiori Pare ufque ad fupremum feparatim publice 
cxaminafi dicunt, quod W. Dominus Dacre non eft culp. &c. 

16. Clie peers gibe tljeir Ctteroirt in ttie abfence of tfte pjifoher, ano t^eft 
i$ tlje pjifoner b?ougl)t to tlie li5ar ^Itn : ano tljcn oot^ tlie ILOio ^tetoaro ac? 
quaint tl}c p^ifoner tuitli tljeberoitt of l)is Peersfjanti gibe luogment accojoing*' 
Jp, eitljerof conoemnationojaceiuittal. iButittsnotfoin tl)c cafe of another 
fubjcrt : fo> tl)ere tlje beroicf iis giben in bis pjefence. 

17. CBberp ilojo of parliament, anb tljat Ijatl) boicc in parliament, anb 
callebtljcreuntobptlieJSingsWjit, ftall not be trieu bp liiis peerjs, but onlp 
fttclj as fit tljere ratione Nobilitatis,ai5 SDukes^arquiffesSjCounteffeg, ^ifcountiet 
oj ^aroniB, anb not fuel) as are iLo;ib!S of parliament, ratione Baroniarum, quas 
tenent in jure Eccletis, bp teafon of tljeit llBaroniciB tobiclj tljep l)Olb in tlie rigbt 
tlje Cbttrclj, as arclj?bifl)ops, anb 31f ifijops, anbintimepatt fomc Abbots anb 
Pjiojs, but tbep 0)all be trieb bp tlje countrep, tljat iis, bp if rce4blbers,foj tljat 
tbep are not of tlje bcgrcc of i^obilitp. 

18. a ^Q i^oble man fl)all be trieb bp lji0 peers, but onlp at tlje fuit of tlje 
?Sing upon an inbirtment of ^iglj SCreafon, oj mifpjifion of tlje fame, Petit 
SDrcafon, Sl5urber, oj otl)er #elonp, oj mifpiiCon of tlje fame, "kwt in cafe of a 
pjcmunire oi tlje lifee, tljouglj it be at tlje fuit of tl^e iSing,l)eQ)all not be trieb 
bp l)is pecrs,but bp i^rec#l)olbcrsi. 3nb fo in an Appeal at tlie fuit of tljc partp 
foj petit 2Ereafon,2Burbcr,lJ\obberp, oj otljer i^elonp, Ije fliall be trieb bp ifrec:* 
Ijolbere. See mo je tjercof in tlje feconb part of tlje 3Bttftituteis,Magna Carta,ca.2p. 

JS). b anb albeit a man be i^oble, anb pet no Lojb of tlje parliament of tbis 
ISealm, (as if Ije be a i^obleman of Scotland, j of Ireland, of France, $c,; Ije 
Ojall be trieb bp iSnigbts, Cfq,uircs, 0? others of t\\t Commons. 0nb fo it is of 
tlje Son of a SDuke, Spar(iucf0, Carl, $c. lie is i^oble, anb calico }lo?b : anb pet 
becaufe lie is no Jlojb of parliament, %t iljall be trieb as one unber tlje begcce 
of a peer, anb liojb of parliament. 

20. ipo Peer of tlje Mcalm, oj anp otlier fubjcrt (ball be conbictcb lip 
?aerbi(t, but tlje faib offences muff be founb bp abobe jFour anb ttwentp, viz. 
bptioelbe, ojabobe, at bis insictmem, ojbptbielbe peers, d> abobe, ifljcb? 


Cap. 2. 

Petit Treafon, ^ i 

^ol)k, anu bp mcltc, auD not abouc, if ijc be unuer i%z Ugm ai ifJobilttp. 

21.0 ^ccr Bf t\)t Ki'altn being Jnuitfeu of 3Crfafon, o; i^clonp, o; of ^if*; lo e. 4. 6. 
yjificn, ap is afo:ffait!, ann tulp tranfmitttu to tljc iojBg, map be arraignco ^°'- I'ar- »'K' =• 
tijcrcof in t\]t Kp|;cr t^caile of parliament, as fcequentlp in IDarliament KolliS Arunddsclfe. 
it Botl) ayycar : but tlicn tlierc mutt be appointeu a 3>tetoarr) of England, tultlf Rot.Pariiam.' 
fljall put bim to anftecr : nno if Ijc picaB not guiltp, \t Qjall tc trico per Pares 5 H.4.DU. u, n- 
fuos, auD tbcn tbc ilojns Spiritual mutt toiti^Djate, auu make tticir pjojtics : ?' "• ^- ^"'p''^' 
but no jappeal of SCrcafon ran be in |3arliament, a but i$ cuttco bp tljc Statute vons"cafc. 

of I H. 4-. cap. 1 4. 28H.6. nu. 19. 

22. i ;9no ag tbc beginning ( viz. tl)e fincing of tlje Hntirtmcnt bp irr«;== Duke of Suff. 
l)oIoeris) is equal to tljem bctb : fo tljc moft eirtream ana ijeaijp |ttDgmcnt, if tlicp f ' „ • '*' *^^P' *'•' 
be founu guiltv, is equal to boti^, ^c. toljicl) pcu map rcao in tljc firtt part of s,anf" pi'corpn. 
tlje inttituteis, S . dV. 1 47 . 1 8 2. e. k. ° 

23 . c janti tljouglj tte CommilTion of i\t liojo Steward be cnlp in tljcfe laitet See iiereafccr 
times hac vicei pet map tljc fame be aojourncn, as otljcr CommiCions hac vice '^^P- Jut'sement 
map, ana fo it lojas Ijolaen in t^ie %m DacresCafe. Sna foittoasaone bp tlje cPafch"2'6 h^'s. 
^tetuara of England in tije rafe of R. C-arl of S. ana of F. Ijig luifej Id'^o aas^ ubi fupra. " ' . 
lournea Ijis CommiHion until tljc ne jct aap. l. s e- 4- ??. 

24. 3f eicecution be not tone acco?aing to tlje |utgmcnt, tljcn tl)e!^ig|j «2H.4-20' 
^tetoara in ti^c cafe of a ^ecr of tlje Ucalm, 0} tl)e Court o; CommilTioncrisi in 

rafe of anotljer fubjetf, map bp tljeir |9?ecepf!a unaer tlieir ^eais commana ejce^ 
cution to be aone accojaing to t\}t juagment : but in cafe of ^iglj aCreafon, if 
all tl)e reft of tlie juagment C facing tlje beljeaaing, toljicb is part of t^t juag* 
mcnt) be paraonca, tljis ougl)t to be unaer tl)C 0jcat S>eal of England. 

25. ana toljen tlje feraite is perfojmea, ttien i% an {SDpes maae foj t^e aiffoU 
iittg of tlje Commiffion i ana tben is tl)c Mbice ISoa, toljic^ (jatlj been bojn 
ana Ijolaen befo?e t^e ^tetoara, bp tiim taken in botl) Ijis lianas, ana bjoken 
eaer l^is Ijeaa. 

iaiilp, 2D^e BCnaictments, togetljer teit^ tlje iSecojaof tljearraignmentjtrial, 
ana juagment, fl;all be aeliaerea into t%t J^ings#2^cnclj, t^ere to be kept ann 

^itljerto toe l^aae fpoken Mjen a ipoble man aotlj appear, ana pleaa not 
fiuiltp, ana put ^imfelf upon Ijis peers : J^olu let us fee toljat fljall be %ao 
againft Ijim tol)cn lie is Infittcn, ana appears not, ana cannot be taken ; ana 
gencrallp lie fljall be CUtlatoea, per judicium Coronatorutr. %\m llOto B0t|) tijat (^ 1 
Cana toiti^ Magna Charta, Nee fuper eum ibimus, nee fuper eum mittemus, nifi d See hereafte/^ 
per legale judicium parium fuorum ? JEl)at is tO be intenBea, to^en Ije appears ana the chapter of 
pleaajs not guiltp, ana puts Ijimfelf upon l)is Peers : but toljen Ije abfents ^im^ judgement and 
telf, ana mill not piela Ijimfelf to tlje aue trial of Ijis peers, t^ien Ije Qjali be "rTn^remfine 
outlatuea per judicium Coronatorum, oj ei£e i)t fljOulB take aauantage of i^is oton of outlawries, 
rontumacp, ana flping from juagment. </ ifo> p?occs to be atoaraeaupon tlje .sh. i. 
inaictment 0; Appeal of 2Lrcafon, i=elonp oi 2Lrefpafs, eitljer againft a i^oblc « h. 6. ca. 10. 
man oj anp otljer, fee t^je gjtatute of 6 u. 6. ana 8 H. 6. ana if tlje pjoces ana S.z in tfef dc 
ojBcr pjefcribca \i^ tljcfe Matures be not purfuea, tlje outlaiajpmap bereaerfea error coram Re- 

bp tSajit of (teoj, toljict) "Wait OUgljt to le grantea to Ijim ex merito Juftitiae, ge in Nlnian 

as it iuas aojuagea in Ninian Menvils cafe : ana tljofe Statutes ao eytcna as toeU Menviis cafe. 
to tlje ISings ^enc^, as to otl)cr Courts Ijaaing bp CommiCion potoer to Ijear ^reafonreverfc 
ana aetermine tl)c fame, ana bctp feto outlaiujies of inreafon xij jTelonp, ate of ;„ Bank le Roy. 
fo?ce ana aaliaitp in iiato, foj tljat tl)efe acts are not purfuea. -^ 1 9 h. d. fo. u »• 

;ana t^efc iJtts are luell cjcpounaea bp our * aiecoks, ana t^ere&je tljcp (Ijall • » h. 6. j<. 
not neea to be recitea at large. SE^is is neccfTarp to be aocea, tljat t^e opinion ^f^^^^ \- J° "• ^' 
af Stanf. PI. Cor. 182 1. upon tlje §»tatute of 33 H.S.c. 20. t^, tuyere tlje attainaer ^.H.d.n." 
is not erroneous, butlatoful bp tlje courfe of tfee iLaitu: .ina fo it toa^s refolaea, videF.N.B. 
Tr.28 Eliz. ana thereupon ftlie Statute of 28 Eliz.c.2.U'asmaBe,tljatnoattainj: jn '• 
ter tljat tljenDjasfejanp^^igljanreafonfijoula be rcberfea foj €mi toljcrc t^c s!;J"^p| ^"^r "s" 
prtptoasejTccutea. JEutt^iltt eictenaet^ onlp to ^tiaincets before tl;at;ac,^p. ^8,j, 
ana Mjcre tbe nartp attaintea fuffetea pains of 6eat^, fis tat|; fceen faia. c as ei. ca, z. 

5 2 Petit Treafon. Cap. 


5!5itt acmttting tl)C pi occfs he s^auuti psmtixia, to tifdt Matutcp, ann t\)t truth 

is, tl>it tijc 3;artp ^iitiictcD of i^^ijlj SCreafon C Ic Ijt noble o j otljer j at tljc time of 

ttie outlaljo:? pjoncunccii, i^ out of tlje l\ealm,'fr. mljetbcr Ije map aUciti tljc fame 

.i5j)t221I?itof Crroi:' SEl^e anftoer i?, tljatljemigljtliatcatiottictitlje fame bptS? jit 

of ^rro?attljcCommoni.alu: lutnotointafe of ii^ijbCreafon Ijc isliarren cf 

orthe infli 'se'a ^^'^ ^^^^ "^ ^^"^"^ ^^ tljc^tatutcs of 2d H. 8. mh 5 E. 6. luliicl) .Statutes are c,r# 

26 w 8. cap.' 1 5! * pountieD to ejctenc gcnerallj) to all 2Creafon0> tut tbofe statutes cjrteini not to anp 

5 E. 6."cap. 1 1. Dtljcr offence tljen l^tgl; STrcafon onlv, ano tljcrcfoie all otber offences remain njs 

iiEi.Dier287. ttcp otD at tlje Common ILalu fo? tijat point. 

i^olufojtljatall Jnotctmettts fo? anp offence teljatfoeber, as \uell of ijJfille^ 

* Artie, fup. carr. wcn, ascf anp ttntier tlje Begroc of j^oltlitp, ougljtbp Uje Common liatu of tW 
cap. 9. 28 E. I. licalm to be bp perfong tiufp returneo, ano bp "^ latoful liege people, intifferent as 
20 E. 3. cap. 6. ji^f J, gjjj^j, mif^ojii^ ant, iDitljout anp Denomination of anp : a gajB anD p?ofitablc 
43 E. |. o 1 1. ^^^ * ^SiS maoe in tljat beljalf at tlje parliament Ijolnen in 1 1 H. 4. in tljefc 
Regift. 178. tnojDS. Item becaufe that now of late i»Inquerts were taken at Weftm' of per- 
Raft. pi. 117. fonsnamed to the ^ Jufticcs, without due return of the Sherif, of which perfons 
flSa^Y"*o'8' fome were c outlawed before the faid Juftices of Record, and fome fled to San- 
b Ror.Par! II H.4. '^'uary for Treafon, and fome for Felony, there to have refuge i by whom as well the Kings many oflfenders were Indidfed, as other lawful liege people of our Lord the King, 
Bench. not guilty by confpiracy, abatement, and falfe imagination of other perfons for 
fod'i ^^'^' ^^^^^ fpecial advantage and finguFar lucre> againlt the courfe of the Common 
2iH.'«. 30. Law ufed and accudomed before this time. Our faid Lord the King for the 
9E.4. 16. greater eafe and quietnefs of his people, will and granteth, that the fame In- 
3j^ '^55- didment fo made, with all the dependence thereof be ^^ revoked, adnulied, void, 
^iih'a Ar and holden for none for ever. And that from henceforth no Indidfment be made 

* 14^.4.19'. by any fuch perfons, but by enqueft of the Kings lawful f liege people, in the 
/'21E. 3.^. manner as was ufed in the time of his Noble Progenitors, returned by the She- 
'5 E- 3-chaI.ii3. yjfj^ ^^ Baylifsof Franchifcs, without any/denomination to the Sherifs, or Baylifs 
sSAfrizi^a' ^^ Franchifes before made by any perfon of the names, which by him fhould b: 
49E.3.i.'49'Afr. impanelled, except it be by tha Officers of the faid Sherifs or Baylifs or Franchifes 
1. 18.4? E. 3. fworn and known to make the fame, g and other Officers to whom it pertaineth 
*^h'ii' ^^' ^ ^' '' ^^ niake the fame according to the Law of England. And if any Indidfment be 
7 H. '4!° o. rnade hereafter in any point to the contrary, that th^ fime Indidment be alfo void, 
2 1 E. 4. 74. revoked, and for ever holden for none. 

19 H. 6. 9. SCfjeboop of tljis^ctconfiftetl) upon ttoo niftinct Ipurbiens oj 51B?antl)cis, tl)C 

II H. 6.1Z. onctoremeDp amifcljief palJ, tlje ot\)Cx to pjonioe foj tlje time to come. SDljc 
e Nou * '" fi'^tt b?anclj conftllctl) of a preamble, ano a purbtcn : ano tl)e preamble containet^ 

tl;efc eigl)t parts, i^irtt, Ktfijetuctl) tiijera Jnquetts liao been taken at Weft-. 
minfter bp perfons nameo to tl)e 3x\itim, ^econnlp, tiKIlitljout one return of 
tlje ^Ijerif. SEljirolp, j©f toljicl) fome toere ^utlaiocD befoje tlje faiD S.ii^ict<s of 
Kecojn. i?ourtljlp, ^omeflen to&anctuarpfoj2Creafon, annfome foj /clcnp, 
i^iftljlp, 515p toljom anp offenoers tocre Jnoiften. ^ijctljlp, ^ome not guiltp. 
§>ebentl)lp, JBpConfpiracp, jc. <i!;igl)tl)lp,2Cf)at all tljtstoasapinft tlje courfe of 
tlje Common 3ia\i). 5iPp tlje bonp of tlje ^ct, it is enacten tljat tljc fame BEnoittment, 
toitlj all tlje nepcnoencctljereof, be reijokeo ann maoe boiD. SCljen folloiojetlj tlje 
feconDb?ancljojpuruicnfoj tljc time to come, ano tljis purjicn confiftetlj of Dif 
\3ers parts: i^irtt, Btnfefcrifaingbptoljat perfons InntrtmentsougljttobefounD, 
anittljerein I. privative, tljatis, not bp anp fuclj perfons, Ijaioing reference to tljc 
preamble, toljtclj perfons iMeljabebefoje particularlp tillinpifljcD. 2. Pofitive, 
2Dljat all BCnoictmcnts mutt be founu h^ perfons of tljefe qualities, i . SCljep mult 
be tlje liings laluful liege people, 2. iseturnco Iv ^Ijerifs oi )15aplifs of i!^ran# 
cljifcs, ano otljer jaDfficers to toljom it pertainetlj. 3I! Mit^out anp Denomination to 
tljc&'^erifs, »pfifs,oj otljer ;©fficers: ann tljis purtiicn is in affirmance, ana 
Decfaratojp of tlje Common Jlatu. 

Sblje fccono part of tlje purDien isintromictojpof anetolato, viz. CVatif anp 
3it«)ictmcntbemaoel)creafterinanppointto tljc contrarp, tljat tfje fame Jxmtt^ 
ntentbetjoic, revofeen, ana Ijolccn foj none. Mljerein tljefc ttoo tljings are to 


Cap. 2. Peth Treafon. ^.^ 

1)0 oMcr')£D : i. KM^x tljts ig ^ gcnei-al Unto, nhn Ejrtcncctl) to all Snmctmcntji 
fojanp crime, ncfaulr, d? Dftcncc lufrnfoc^jcr : to^idjciuojcgic [if an/ Indict- 
ment] gcnctall}) toitljmit uaiiuug of Aiip Court, o;t lefojtc luj^om. 2. JftljeSn^ 
Utrttncnt i)e fcmiD Iv .anp pcrfcttp djat arc cutlatoti, dx uot ti^e Jitnp latofttl 
iifgr ptoplCj 0^ not laluftiUp rctttrttEti, 0? ncnominateti Ip anp, viz. lip all ojanj - 
of t'ociC, tljat tl;cn tljC JnCtttmf nt 13 noiU, foj tlje ttOJDjS te , [ if any Indidment be 
made hereafter in any point to the contrary, Sec] Bpon tljtg Statute in t^e Cafe 
of Robert <^carletl)efo?CtljC JuGlceS cf ^{Ttfcat Bury in tljc Coimtp of Suffollt, 
in §>omtncr tUacation, 10 Ja. R. tijffc pointy toErerefoItiEB ana ati|uDgcb: ^ixSX^ 
^\)tit at tljc S'cnicns of tl;e "^tut Ijoloen at Woodbridge in i\)Z faio Coum^ 
of Suffolk, Robert Scarlet l>i» confcoetat? bcttiJttn %m ano tlje 'Clerik, t^at 
MS to rcau ttic ^amil of tljc grana B^ttrp rcturnco Ip tlje ;a>^mf, c t?Dljcrcof \i 
luas noncj albeit \)t laboiites tlje s^ljerif to Ijaijc rctiirneD Ijim ) t^at tl;e Clcrl; 
fljottlti rent) \ym ag one of tlje pancll, Mjicl) toag Bonf accojDinglp, ano l)c ftBojn : 
31t toa? rrfolijca annatluugeti tliat tljig cafe toas toitljin tljij Statute, fojtljat ^e 
tea? not retitrnco Ip tlje ^Ijerif. ^cconulp, %\m'^\,t\t tl;c rettof tlje great in*: 
quell giving faitl) to Ijim 3nDttteo rc\3enta:n Ijoncft ann gou men upon niters 
penal Statute?, toljicl) tuajs cone bptlie fato Robert Scarlet ntaliciouflpt 31t toag 
refoli3cri ann aojuageti, tljat albeit Ije ^ alone luap ftuojn toitljout tlje return of * ^^ £ j^ 
tlje &ljtrif, ano all tlje rett oulp rcturncn, pet tljisi cafe ttajEi icoitljin tljis &ta^ 7 H.4. 10. 
tttte, anu all tlje 31nDid:mcntp founa bp Ijim ana tl)e reft tucre Doia bp tbijs Statute : 2 1 e. 4. 74. 
fojljcrcbp it appeartatoljatniircljief fucljaonemigljt ao. 2Cl)italj), SDljat Robert 
Scarlet upon i\0. cafe Ijaa offenaca againft tlje faia J3(t, ana migTjt be ^naitfea 
tljcrcupon : ana accojainglp Ije toag upon fufficient p?03f cf.tlje fad:, aiSt)safo;ie;# 
faia, Snaittea upon ttie faia 0tt, ana pleaaea not guiUp, ana toag founa guiltp, 
ifouttljlp, 2i:i)at tljiB 'M ettenaetl) not onlp to inaittrttcnts of SCreafon ana ifelonp, 
Jjtit of all otljet offences; ana aefaults toljatfocijer, accojaing to tlje generality of 
tlje toojaisf. iFiftljlp, Confiaeration toa? l^aa of tlje 3(t of 3 H. 8. cap. 1 2. ana re^ 3 h. Si ca. x j.' 
foltea clearlp tljat tijijs Statute Ijaa not alterea tl)e Set of n H. 4. in anp tiding 
concerning tljc offence of Scarlet, ag upon tljat, tubic^ fball be faia of ttie ;act of 
3 H. 8. fljall appear. 0na upon Ijearing of Counccl learnea toljat tljep coula fap \xl 
arretl of ^uagment, at laft BEwtiginEnt Uiag giDcn, tljat Ije (IjoulB be finea ana im^ 
pjifonca, ana ojaerea bp tlje Court tbat no pjocefg fijoula go out upon tlje fai? 
Inaictmentg founa bp tlje faia great inciuett, to^ereof Scarlet toag one, 

l^ut nottoitljftanaing tljis goja JLato, tlj^oug^ tlje fubtiltp, ana untrue acnicano j 
of S^etifg, ana t^eir spinifterg, great cictoj^tiong ana oppjelTiong be ana bate 
leen contmittea ana aone to tnanp of tlje iSingg Subjcttg bp meang of returning 
at Sf ffiong Ijolaen toitljin Counticg ana Sljireg foj tlje boap of tlje fljire, tlje name?: 
of fuclj perfong as foj tlje angular aatontage, jc. of tlje fata Sljerifg ana iljeir 
^inifterg, toill be toilfullp fo?ftoo?n ana perjurea bp tlje finiCer labour of t^jc 
faia Sljcrifg ana tljcir SlOiniHerg, bp rcafcn tuljefcof manp fubftantial perfong, 
t'^e !Singg true 3>ubjettg,ljabe been tojougfullp inaictca of fl5urcerg, ifclonicg, ana 
spigaemeanourg : ana fomctimeg bp labour of tbe faia ^\)ml% ana tljeir #ini#: 
flerg, aiaerg great ifelonieg ana ^uraerg Ijaije been concealeo, ^t, ifoj remeap of 
iMljicb wifcljiefg it ig enattca bp tljc faia Statute of 3 H. 8. cap. 12. That the Ju- 
ftices of Gaol delivery, or Juftices of Peace, whereof one to be of the Quorum, in 
their open Seilions may reform the panel returned by the Sherif to inquire for 
the King, by putting to and taking out the names of the perfonS fo impanelled 
by thedifcretion of thefaid juftices, &c. and that the Sherif (hall return the pa- 
nels fo reformed. SLljig aa e;ctenag onlp to 3uCtceg of (0aol aeliuerp, ana of 
tlje^eacc: SClic boap of tlje M fo> offenceg ig general ana ebiaent, vide vid. nM.y.c.i^, 
iiH'.J. cap. 24. 

Nota Le<aor, ttjat tlje afojefaia parliament of 1 1 H. 4. bepn in Quindena 
Hilarii , Anno 11 H. 4. ana tbe fame term, viz.Hil. 1 1 H.4. fo.41. it mag ar^^ Hii, u H.4.f.4i; 
co?aing to tbe faia att of 1 1 H. 4. refolbca bp Gafcoign Cbief Sitttice, ana all 
tbe reft of tbe Siufticeg, tbat an jnaittmem of ifelonp founa bp an inciueft befoic 
5 H. 4. iJJbcrcof one loag outlatoea of /clonp, ana anotbfi^ toag acquittea bp tbe 

J? 2 general 


Petit Tredfon, 



Stanf, Pl.cor. 87, 
88. F. tir. 
InJiftment 25. 
& Coron. 89- 
Bt. tit. indift. 2. 

Vid. Teftattires 
de I R. 3 cap. 4. 
35 H. 6. c. 2. 
W. 2. cap. 13. 
I E. J. flat. X. 
cap. 17. 
All tending that 
Ind.ftments may 
be duly had. 
Dier 5 Mar. 131, 

Stanf. pi. cor. 90. 
3j H. 8. cap. 2. 

'^ Mich. 5 5 & 36 
El. in the cafe of 

$ £l. cap. I. . 

Mich. 6 8c 7 El. 
Dier fo. 134. 
Bonners cafe. 

Braa.hb. 3. 
fo. 1^4. b. 
VinciiU qui fen- 
fit, dididt ftccur- 
rere rhnU. 
Brad. lib. 3. fo. 
io<i. a. 
Stanford 78. 
Braft. li. 3. f. 
Note, Shackels 
abdut the feet 
ought not to be, 
but for fear of 

Mirror c. t. §. p. 
A Brit. c. 5. fo. 14 
iCap, 11. fo. 17. 


gencrai v'li^^P^^j foagd;q'tercenatprobi&legales homines, to enquire as tlje 
£aia3 irillcdj, aiic after tlic part? Ijau plcaticn not ^ixixv^ to tljc jFcIcnp, it toas atear^f 
tiED, tljat all ti;c guBitt mcnts iip tljem fouuti, taf re aBniillcB ana itiaDr ijcio. li^erc:* 
luidjagreetij Stanford in Ijig Hleas of the Crown, fo. 87. & 88. Vide F, tit. In- 
dictment 25. £>: Coron. Sep. anC- Brook tit. Indidtment 2. j^otC tljC iii(t fatti^, 
tijat tijcp lijf re ctttlatueti tcfo?e tljcmfelDcg, fo agi tl)e Ccurt ntav talxc ftnoto^ 
leage tijcrcof cf tljentfcl'ocg, n of anp otijer, ais amicus curias : iuttlje fafciJ luap 
fci tfje partp jnr.icteD istoyican, u}3on iji? arraignment, tficfyccial matter giVicn 
ttnto Ijim lip tl'£ statute of 1 1 H. 4. fo; tije cbcrtijjoiw of tlje Jnntctment, icttil) 
fuclja\icrment3, as ly =LaU3arercciuireti, CagretaWc to tljc opinion of tlje 3ioj5 
Brook, irbi fnpra. ) anti topIcaB o^erto tlje iTelonj), aniotorcciutrcCotmceUear^' 
netifo; tJje pleaBing tljcrcof, iiKljici) ougfjtto Ije granteHi anti affo to require a 
copv of fo muclj cf tljc 3ntiittmcnt,a!5 fijall i)e ncceflarp fo; tlje framing of ijtsi plea, 
lul)iclj alfo cufijt tote grantta. Snn tljefe 3La\uis mace fo; inBifferencp of 3.n# 
iicterg, cugijt'to lie tonfiruco faVtouralilp, fo; tljat tlje ^wiittment iis commonly 
fcuna in tljc alfence cf tl)e i^artv, anu pet it i.6 tlje founnation of all tlje reil of tibc 

SCo 5;atfl to an enn conrerning SCrialg ; It i^ regularlp true, tljat ip tljc Com* 
mon \tCoi t\)z SDrial fliall te in tlje CoHntp,tul)ere tlje Snuictment is tafeen : ana iy 
tlje afo;efaia ^ct of 3 5 H. 8. SCreafons ana si5ifp;ifions of SEreafons committca oj 
aoneoutof t^eHealm, fc. fljall be cnquireaof, Ijeara, anaaetcrmineal)efo?etl)C 
Suffices of tljc3Iiingsifcntlj,^c. ^otu tl)C cafe fell out upon tljiji statute to be 
tljus: '^^nct3as3natd:eal)eEo;eti)e3ufticesof tljei&ings li'encl), at tlje 2Cerm 
Ijolaen at Hertford iip a 3iirp of tlje Coimtp of Hertford, fo? ai\)eES ^tglj Creafons 
tommitteacut of tljis Kealm, ana after tlje £:erm tDas aajournca to vvefim. in 
t^eCountp of Midd. aDIje q,u£ftioma)as, l)p totjicl) of tlje Counties tlje partpjti* 
aitteanjculaietriea: ^naittuasrcfoluea, tljatljeflioulabctrieabp men of tljnt 
Ccuntp luljerc tije Jnairtment toastafecn. IFut otljerUiifc it is upon tlje Statute 
of 5 El. ca. I. tlje cafcieingj tljat Horn ^ifijoy of winch. tena;ea to Edmond 

Bonner late Kifijop of London, in tlje CoUHtp of Surrey, loitljin IjiS 2?i0CefS, 

tlje ;^atlj of ^up;emacp ace o;atng to tlje 5lct of i Eljz . lijliiclj Bonner rcfufea, ana 
t^is luas tertifica bp tlje IFifljoy of winch, into tlje feings HEenclj, tljcn fitting 
at weilminiler in tlje Couutp of. Midd'. iSoluljptlje Statute of 5 El, Ije t^t 
rcfufetlj tlje ;£'atl3 is to be Knaictea of a Prsmunire bp a Siirp of Midd' as a 3«rp 
of tljat Cotmtpmigljta'Ofo;anp offence aone in tliat Countp, ana cjrtenaetlj onlp 
to tlje Jnaittment, itljere tlje toJojas of tlje 0tt of 3 5 H. 8. be, [ (hall be enquired 
of, heard, and determined,] t^c queftton upon tljc ;3>tatute of 5 Eliz. twas, if Bon- 
ner fljoula appear ana pleaa notguiltp, bplnljat Countp Ije fljoula be triea, ioljr^ 
tljer jjp a Bturp of Midd' toljcre tlje 3inai£tmrnt louas, 0; bp a 3iirp of Surrey, 
loljcrc tlje offence toas committea^ anaretolteatliat^eijjoula be triea bp a 3urp 
of Surrey ; fo^ tlje statute of 5 El.cj;tenaetl)totl)e gnaictment onlp, ana leatjeti 
tlje trial to tljc Common llaln, toljiclj appointetlj tlse trial to be, luljere tlie offence 
\$ committea, ana fo amanifeft aibcrfitp betluetn tlje ttoo cafes : fo; regularlp 
bp tljc Common lialM in all Pleas of tlje Crown, Debet guis juri fubjacere, ubi 

3,t is noto ncccffarp to be fenoton, ljo\u i)jifonEts ( to fpeak once fo; all ) com;? 
mittea fo; aCreafon, o; anp otljcr offence ougljt to be aemeanea in p;tfon. Bradon 

faitlj, Solent prsefides in carcere continendos damnare, ut in vinculis contineantur, 
fed hujufmodi interdidafunta lege, quia career ad continendos, non ad punien- 
dos haberi debeat : 3na in anotljer place lie faitlj, Cum autem taliter captus co- 
ram Juftic. eft producendus, produci non debet ligatismanibus, ( quamvisinterdum 
geftans compedes propter cvafionis periculum ) &hoc ideo, ne vldeatur coadus 
ad aiiquam purgationem fufcipiendam. 

a 3f ii^elons come in Juagmc^it to anfiuer, gtc. tlicp Ojall be out of Irons, 
ana all manner of llBonas, fo ttiat tlieir pain fijail not take atoap anp manner of 
reafon, no; tljem conftrain to anftoer, but at tljeir ft® tcill. b 0na iw another 
pl4fe Ije faitlj, ana of ^;ifoners toe toiU tljat none Qjatt be put in 3iroi:s,but tboCe 


Cap. 2o Fetit Treafon. ^^ 

lubiclj ftall be taken fo? ircioup, oj SCrcfpnfe in parks o? tlStijaricg, oz IdIjicIj lie w.a.c.i . after 
fbttuo iti arrcvagcg ui30u acrotmt, anD toe ccfcuD ti^at otljcriiiifc ti^cp ftail not be [H^gment. 
pttnifljEIi noz tOjmCtttCsJ. c Omnes autem attachiabiles Jicet vicecomiti in pri- '^'' 
ibna cuftodire, &c, non tamcn ad piiniend', fed ad culiodiend', &c. djti^SXi 24 H.S-I^er 245.' 

abufe tljatjj^ronetsbcdjargciitottl) 3rau6, ojprtoan? pain befoje tljep be Pi-com.j^o.a. 
attaintcB. ^ Hetaii.i, C3.2f. 

eQuidamfacerdosarraniatus de felonia pofuit k fuper patriam, & ftetit ad ^'^''■'■°'' •^•'•S-'- 
.barram in ferris,fed per prsceptum Juftic. liberatur a ferris. ^no ttjere is no Hiffe*: / Tr. 7'e.T.'co-* 
• rcnr c in llato, as to a -pi\t'& arts a §iaj) man, as to Jrcng. ram rege"Ro^4.;^. 

/Prefentat quod ubi quidamBobertus Bay hens dc Tanesby captus fuit, & in 
prifona caftri Lincoln dctentus pro qttodam debito Statut. mercatorii in cuflodia 
Tho. BotelerConftab-ilarii cartri de Lincoln ibi prsd. Tho. le Boteler pofuit 
ipfum Robertum in profundo Gaole inter lenones in vili prifona contra ^ formam * i E.3.C.7. 
Statut. &c. & eodem profundo detinuit, quoufque idem Robertus fecit finem cum 
eo de 40 s. quos ei folvit per extorfionem- 

S»o as Ijerebp ic appcarctijjtljat toljcrc t\)t Jlaiu requtrctt) tijat a piifoner fijouln 
be kept in falva&ardtacuftodia, jjct tljat tl;at muftbc toifi)CHtpain oj tojment 
to tlje pjifoner. i.'.m.; • -. :.;.J3 i:f; 

^Bcceupon ttoo fiucttions 50 attfe, toJjen ano bp ttf^om 1^ iSack oj )lBjaSe in tortures, the ' 
tlje 2Cotocr toas bjougbt in. ' rack.&c' 

%Q t^t firff, John Holland Carl of Huntingdon, toas bp %i\\«, H. 6. cteatctt 
xDukc of Exeter, anD Anno 26 H. 6. tl^cUing granteti to Ijim tljc office of tlje ^°^' ^^^' ^^ "■^' 
ConttabIefi)ip of tlje Cotocr : ^c anu William de la Poole B?ukc of SufFblk, 
ano otljers, intcnoco to Ijatie bjo«gl)t in tlje Cibil iiatos. ifoj a beginning Rof- P'Jr'- 
inljcrcof, tlje SDukc of Exeter being Conliablc of tl;c JCotoct firli bjoug^t into ^^ "" ^' °"'3°' 
ti)C 2Cotoer tlje Hack oj 15jakc allotoeo in manp cafes bp tlje €i\ii\ aiato : ann Hoiienfhed 
tljereupon tl)c lHack is calico tlje SDuke of Exeters 2Daitg^tar, betaufe \it firtt pa. 67o.8fc. 

bjOUgljt ittljit^er. * Innocentemco- 

SCOtljefeCOimttpontljiSOCCafion, ^ir John Fortefcue Cljief ^ttQice of Eng- 8'C mentiri dolor, 

land, tojoteljisJiookittcommeuoationof tljeJlatos of England, anu tljeretn ^°^^^'^"'^- "• ^i*' 

p;tefen:etti tlje fame fo?^ tlje government of tljis Countrep b^foj^e t|)e Ciirfl ilato i ' 

ano particularlp tljat all tojtures ann torments of parties arcufea toere Direolp 

againtt tlje Comrnon Jlatos of England, ano fljetoctli tlje irtrontjenience tljercof 

bp fearfttl ejcample, to toljom 31 refer pou being too«]^p ponr teatring. §>o as 

tljcre is no Eato to toarrant tortures in tljis 3Untr,noj cair tljep be juffifiea bp anp 

pjcfcription being fo latclp bjottgljt in. 

i^nti tlje Poet in tetcribing tljc iniquitp of Rhadamanthus, ttiat criicl Sltiwre 
of tellJaitlj, 

Caftigatque, auditque dolos, fubigitque fateri. Virgil. 

irtrft, %t punifijea befo?e Ijc Ijearn, ano totien Ijc Ijaa Ijearu ^is Denial, %t c6m*= 
pellcti t^e pactp actufeo bp tojture to confefs it. IButM otljertoife uotlj aimigl)^ 
tp (Sod pjOCffiO poflquam reus diffamatus efr. i. Vocat. 2, Intenogaf. 3. Judicat. I-uke i5.i,2,&Co 
SCo COnclliOe tljis point, it is againfl Magna Carta cap. 251. Nullus liber homo, J"":"" 7 51- Nun- 
&c. aliquo modo dettruatur, nee fuper eum ibimus, nee Tuper eum mittemus, nifi nldicit hominem 
,per legale judicium pirium fuorum, aut per legem terra:. JXxiQ aCCOjDinglp all t^e nifi prius audieri: 
faio ancient ;3utfeojs arc againtt anp pain, ox tojment to be put oj infltctcD upon ab ipfo ? 
tlje pjifoner befoje attainoer, noj after attaincc r ,but acco^oing to t^e jttngment. 
Qno tljere is no one opinion in our 5f ooks,oMutitcial Kecoju ( tljat toe Ijatje fan 
ano remember) foj tlie maintenance of tojtarcstoj. torments, gtc. 

Stt3 noto, to concluDc t^is Cljapter bf SCreafon. 3!tappearet!) in tlje l^olp Proditor iiiudit 
&>ciipturc, t^at ttaptojs never pjo^ereu, to'^at goou focvcr tljep pjetenceu, but j;^' ^"' «'"'" ^"* 
tocre moa feuerelp ano eicemplarilp puniQ)eo; as « Corah, Dathan anD Abi- ^NuSr^,?i 
lam, bp miracle t Dirupta eft terra fub pedibus eoiumi & aperiens os fuum de- 32. 8:27. j. ' 
voravit illos, &c. b Athalia £^COa«gl)ter of Amri, interfeda eilgkdio. c Baga- b 2 Regum'u. i^, 
thaano Thara againtt Affuerus, Appenfus eft uterque coram inpatibula, d Ab- ^^^''- '^•*> 3» 
foloQ againtt David. Sufpenfusin arbore, &]oabinfixit tres Lanccas in corde^'""'®' *•"'*'• 
ejus, e Achitophel toitlj Abfolon agaiiltt David. Sufpendio i'nteriitj \^t IjangCB e i Sima^lj, 


o 6 Fetit Treajon, Cdp. 

/iRig.2.26,ii. Ijimfdf. /"Abiathartlje traitcroitj! ^^tglj l^jtcft againft Solomon. Abiathar 
Sacerdoti dixit Rex, &:c. Etquidemvir mortis es, fed hod ie te non interficiam, 
giSaro.i6.5,(f. &<^' Ejecit ergo Solomon Abiathar, ut non effet Sacerdos. g Shimei againft 
1 Re^.j'.Sj&c. 46. David, gladio interfedus. /? Zimri apinfl Ela, toljO burnt t)intfclf. iTheudas 
fc 1 Reg.'i5.9. (qui occifus eO,& circiter 400 qui crcdebant ei,difperli funt & rcdadti ad nihilumj 
^Aft^A ft ani Judas Galikus, ipfeperiit, & omnesquotquot confenferunt ei, difpetfi funt. 

26,27. ^° "' 3iaftlp, ^Judas Ifcariot, fecundum nomen ejus vir occifionis, tljC iraptOJ of trap^ 
i^Aft.Apoft.i.iS. tojs, Et hicquidem pofleditagrumdemcrcede iniquitatisfus, & fufpenfus crc- 
Math.27.5.1aquco puitmedius, fiidiffufa funt omnia vifcera ejus. * 

le fufpendir. |)crufc oijcr all Dttr 31£ookg, ISccDjDs!, aiiD ^ifiojicg, ano you fijall finn a 

Tpa^rUm!7J'fLTt puuciplc tu JlaUj,ariile inrcafon, ano a trial in cj;pcrifnce, SLljat 2Creafon notj) 
guD^ »«/j«'« ""*'•» c'^ct pjoBuce fatal ann final ueflruflion to ttie offcnnt t, anu neuct attainctb to tljc 
performs navem in Dfficcr) CUD, (ttoo inciDftttis infcpatablc tljctcunto.) * 0nti tljcrcfoje let all men 
J"" # wfe'"*--- abanton it^ a0 tljc moll poifonous bait of t^e Dcijil of l^ell, anJi follow tljc pje^j 
lnt'iiJ^7"S' "l"^ "^ ^^"''P 3>crii)turc, ifcar (0od, Ijonour tfte ISing, ann Ijauc no companp mitij 

M«t««». tljC a>£tiittOU8, 

Prov.14.21. &fc moje of Ctcnfott in tlje nejct Cljapter of spifpjifion, ?c. anti in principal 

ano Scccffojp, in tljc title of Suugmcnt anti CDrecution , ano in tlje Chapter of 
Monomachia, Cngle combate, jc. tlje rcfiuue of tW art of 2 5 E. 3 . 

Of Mifprifion of Treafbn. 

Wifprifio proditi- TV /| '^P*"'^*° tomctl) of tt)ciFrenct) tooiti Mefpris iMljic^ pjopedj) 0ptfietlj 

onis. ^^* ncglert Dj fontempt ; foj [mes | in compoCtion in tljc ifrcncl) fignifict^" 

SeeBraa.iib.g. mal, ag mis Dot'b in il)C (HJuglifl) tongtic J as mtfcljanrc, foj an i\l tljance, ano 

fo.ii8.b.& 1 19. a. fo mefprife is ill appjeljenDeu oi fenotun. 3n legal unoerDEantiing it fignifietli; 

toi^cn one fenotoetl of anp SDceafon oj ifelonp, ano conccaletlj it, tljiis is mif*" 

pjifton, fo calleo, hecmtc tljc knotolengc of it is an ill fenotolenge to Ijim, in re*= 

fpert of tlje feuerc pttniffjmcnt foj not rebealing of it : i^ojin cafe of mifpjiCon: 

See hereafter C.6 5. of ^ig^ 2Crcafon ^e is to be impjifoneD outing Ijis life, to fojfcit all ^is goons, 

SeSrcMn*^' ^ebts, ann Duties fojctoer,anDtl)epjofits of IjisJlanBS mtting ^fsUfe: ano in 

Thefibote. ci. 61. f^f^ of JPcloup, to bc finto auB impjifonctJ. ^nu in tljis fenfe notlj tlje faio &ta? 

I & 2 Ph. & Mar. tute of i & 2 Ph. & Mar. fpeak, UJ^en it faitl). Be it declared and enaded, by the 

Ubi fupra. Authority aforefaid, that concealment or keeping fecret of any HighTreafon be 

^nd I fif ca 6^* t^eemed and taken only mifprifion of Trcafon, and the offenders therein to forfeit 

25H.8.c"a.i2.' and fuffer, as in cafes of mifprifion of Treafon hath heretofore been ufed. *5Eutbp 

* Hii'. 14 El. cited t%e Common lato,concealment of !^igl) trcafon luas 2Cteafon,as it appearetlj irt 

by ihc Lord Diet t^c cafe of tl)C JLOJti Scrope,An.3 H.5. auDbp Braaon, b. & ii^.a. 

kvs cafe° M s' " ^^ ^^ mifpjifion of ^iglj S:rearon,foj fojging of moncp,toljicl) neitljer is tl)C 

« 14' ' wonej) of tl)is ISealm of England, no? currant iuitljin ttie fame. 

b I?':. b Sj9ifpnGon of ^ig^ SEreafon is concealing of a ISBull, jr. &« tlic Statute. , 

c 2 R. 9. c ^t is faio in 2 R.3 . tl)at euerp SCreafon ox i!^clonv inclunctl) in it a mifprifion 

stanf. 57. c. j,^ jBCreafon 0; ifelonp. SCljerefoje if anp man knotoetlj of anp ^iglj aCreafon, 

%t ougljt toiti^ as muc^ fpeto as contjenicntlp %t map to reijeal tl^e fame to t^c 

^ing, oj fome of ^is Pjitjp Counccl, e? anp otiier spagiftratc. Sno mifprifion 

in a large fenfe is tafeen foj manp great offences, \o])it1^ areneitliec aCreafon noj 

if elonp, toljereof toe fijall fpeak mo je Ijereaft cr, being in tliis pf ace reftraineo to 

mifprifion of SCreafon. 

&£C John Corners Cafe Dier 2^(5. SCliatt^creceibingof one fiiat Ijat^ coun*; 
terfetteo tlje l^ing Coin, ann comforting of "^im fenotoing ^im to Ijaue counter*: 
feiteo tlje !&ings Coin, is but mifprifion. 

&a more of mifprifion of SCreafon in ttic Chapters of !^ig|) SCreafon, ano of 


Cap. 4. 37 


Felony by compafling or confpiring to kill the 
King, or any Lord, or other of the 
Kings Counfel. 

M€]t:t hereunto toe Ijaijc tijougljt gam to fjjcak alt\t Statute of 3 H. 7. tlic J h. 7. ap. 14-. 

letter of U)l)icl)^atunifuctJ). 
//cw, 1 J Orafmuch as by quarrels made to (uch as have been in great 

j^ Authority, Office, and of Counfel with Rings of this Realm, 
hath enfued the deftrudlion of Kings, and the undoing of thisRealm3 
(b as it hath appeared evidently, whencompaffing of the death of fuch 
as were of the Kings true Subjefts was had, the deftruftion of the 
Prince was imagined thereby : and for the molt part it hath grown, 
and been occafioned by envy, and malice of the Kings own houfhold- 
fervants j as now of late fuch a thing was likely to have enlued: *And ♦ Noca, 
for lb much as by the Law of this Land, if adtual deeds be not had, there 
is no remedy for fuch fahc compaffings, imaginations, and confedera- 
cies had againft any Lord, or any of the Rings Counfel, or any of the 
KingsgrcatOfficers in his Houfliold, as Steward, Treafurer, and Comp- 
troller : and fb great inconveniencies might enfue, if fuch ungodly 
demeaning fhould not be flraitly punilhed before that atfual deed 
were done. Therefore it is ordained by the King, the Lords Spiritual 
and Temporal, and the Commons of the faid Parliament affembled, 
and by authority of the fame. That from hence forward, the Steward . 
Trea(lu-er, and Comptroller of the Kings Houfe for the time being, or 
one of them, have full authority and power to enquire by Twelve fad 
men, and difcreet perfbns of the Chequer Roll of the Kings honoura- 
ble houfhold, if any fervant admitted to be his (ervant fworn, and his 
name put into the Chequer Roll of his Houfhold, whatfbever he be, 
ferving in any manner, office, or room, reputed, had and taken, under 
the flate of a Lord, make any confederacies, compaffings, conipiracies, 
or imaginations with any perfon or perfons, to deftroy or murder the 
King, or any Lord of this Realm, or any other perfpn fworn to the 
Kings Counfel, Steward, Treafurer, or Comptroller of the Rings 
Houle ^ that if it be found befbre the faid Steward for the time being, 
by the (aid twelve fad men,- that any fuch of the Rings Servants as is 
abovefaid, hath confederated, compafTed, confpired, or imagined, as is 
abovefaid, that he fo found by that Inquir}^, be put thereupon to an- * 
fwer. And the Steward, Treafurer, and Comptroller, or two of them 
have power to determine the fame matter according to the Law. And 
if he put him in trial, that then it be tried by other twelve fad men of 
the fame Houfhold: and that fuch mifdoers have no challenge, but for 
malice. And if fuch mildoers be found guilty by confeffion, or other- 
wife, that the faid offence be judged felony, and they to have judgment 
and execution as Felons attainted ought to have by the Common Law. 


5 8 Compafing to h^ll the King, &c. Cap. 4. 

SE^jtis 5ictci^it!ctl) it fclf into SEtco general pans, vh. tljc ^?camWe> anti i^z 
ioti? of tljc 0rt. 3;ntl]cpjcaniWe2nt)J0Ctl3ing0 arctole ol)f£r\)e». 

1. Sljat l)vtiuan-clpmaiictofticti, asi arc in great :autl)onti), ;2DfFtce, anti of 
Coimfcl Uiitljilje lyings of tljeliealm, l)a\3c enfuen tl)c Beftructton of tlje llingsf, 
anil tljc undoing of tljclScalm, asintliel^ecojus of |3arliamentj anc ^iftojie^ 
&{ fting t . 2. R. 2. Sing H. 6. Scc. pou map vcan. Snn as ii;.tng William Rufus 
teas flain in tljc nelii ipojrctt hv tl)C glanrc cf an arrote, fo tlie oiicrtljjoto of tljc 
iiing, jc; t]nt!)^o!lotofDlj|) glances, anb ronfcqucnts, 'oAicn tlie Jjcto cf Deffrtt^ 
tfion Ijatl) l)dcn atmcn at tl;e ouertljjoto of tljofe, Mjo toere in great autljojitp nan: 
alowt, ant tear to t%t i^ing, not taring (n olrett manner to aim at tlje !Sing Um^: 
felf. E?jcrefo?c t\)t firtt tonclufion i^, tljat tnljcn i\)c comparing of tlie tearlj cf 
fucljastoere of t^e !Sing^ trite Subjects loas Ijat, tljc teCriiflion of tlje ^jince 
toas imaginet tljcrebp. 

2. an^atfoj tlje moft part, it Ijatlj groten Iv fn^P ««^ maliee ij tlie llingjt 
oton l^oudjolii^erijants : ano tljc reafon tljereof is,fo j tljat tljcv being of tlje icings 
^^oufiiolii, Ijabe greater ant reatier means eitljer bp nigl)t, oj bp tap to teftrop fuel) 
as be of great 0tttl;ojitp, ant viect about tlje iiing : ant fuel) an attempt ant con^? 
fpiracp toas bcfojc tljis |3arliament mate hi^ fome of tljis iSings l^ouftolt^er;^ 
rjants, ant great mifcljief iwas like tl^ercupontoljaue enfuet, toljicl)\nastljecaufe 
of tlje making of tljis !^(t> 

See before in the 3 . sciic conclufiott of tlje |0?eamble is, KW bp t\)t Haw of tbe 3iant, if atfual 

chapt. of High BJfCjgyje notljatjtljerets noremetpfoifucljfalfccompalTings, fc. SEljis is a true 

Overt Aft. " ' iifcJsration : ifoj tlje bare confpiracp of tlje teatlj of anp Hojt o; otljer of tlje 

litngs Councel, oj of tlje ^tetoart, aCreafurer, oj Comptroller, tinlefs t^ep Ijao 

ban nain intftt, teas no i?elonp befiJ?e tW Set, ant f o rcfolbct upon tbc contempt 

ant ronrpiracp afo?efait. 

3n ttie botp of tljis ^tf, ^tjt tljings are enartet. fixtt, SCljat tlje offenter mutt 
IjatEtljjecciualtties. i. l^cmuftbetl)eteingsrerbantrn)o?n. 2. %is name mutt 
be put in tlje Cljetjuer WoU of tlje Jftings ^^onfijolt. 3 . ^e mutt be untcr tlje ttate 
of a 3lo?t : ant if Ije confpire toitlj anp otljei^j tljat is not of tlje Jftings ^ouffjolt, 
pet is tlje confpiracp toitljin tljis J3ct, but Ijc of tljc iiings It^cufljolt is onlp tlje felon 
iooitljin tlje pur^icn of tliis Statute, as it appearetlj b^ tlje iBojts of tlje Statute. 

^erontlp, 0gainft luljat perfons tlje offence mate JTelonp bp tljis M is to H 

committct: ant in number tljcp be J^our. i. SCo teftropojmurtertlje ISing. 

See before in the ^? tW M it ejcpjeCp appearctl) bp tlje lutgement of tlje toljolc parliament, 

chapt. of High t^at bcfitcs tlje coufcteracp, compalTing, confpiracp, o% imagination, tljere mutt 

Treafon. ubi fup. i^ fcn^,(; jjtijjr jjjjfrt act oj tffit tcntiug tljercunto, to make it SCreafon toitljin tlje 

statute of 25 E. 3. 0nttljerefoje tlje bare confeteracpscompafiing, confpiracp, oj 

imaginations bp teojts onlp, is mate jpelonp bp tljis ^ct. 3i£ut if tlje Confpiratoj? 

top?obiteanpD3eapon, oj otljer tljing, to accomplillj tljcir tebilillj intent, tljiis 

ant tlje lifee is an obert art to make it SCreafon. 2. 0np HCijt of tljis I'Jcalm 

besngftoc^n of tlje lyings Councel: foj lip tire |5ntbien of tljis 0ct, Ije mwtt be 

alfo of tbe^i^ings Councel: tljis is imtcrttrotof tlje?^ings|3?ibpCoimctl, ant 

fbtlj?ougljouttl)e0tt. 3. anp otljer of tlje JSings Councel (tljatis, tljeiSingiS 

^jibp Councel) beinguntertljetegreeof aJlojt. 4. SClje ^tetoart, SCreafuj; 

♦ rcr, ant Comptroller of t^e i&ings^oulljolt, being great £Dfitccrs, tljouglj tljep 

be not of tlje 3^ings Councel. 

arijirtlp, ZEljc tljirt general patt ejcpjcffetlj tlje perfons to Intiom ^JOluej: i$ gi^ 

Sen to entiuire ant tetermine tljis iFclonp. 2Cljc ^tetoart , Creafurer, ant Comp^ 

trbllec, tij anp one of tljem map enquire, ^nt tljep orttoo of tljem^abepotoerbp 

18 E. 5. 1. ^ig ;3ctf Ijear ftnt teterminet^e fame : ant tljouglj tlje tnojts be foj tljc Sncjui^^ 

17 H (J 'g ' f?' tljat tljep tlj jec, 0? anp of tljem, '9c. pet an Sntittment taken befo?c ttoo of tljem 

27 H.8.' I j. *^ S®^' becaufc it is foj atuancement of ^uitice. 0nt tljis ;3rt is in nature of a 

Commiffion to tljem, fo^ otljer CommilTion tl^ep nect not to Ijate : ant tljis pou 

map fee in tiucrs otljer 0ds of parliament of like nature. Jf anp tlje Ijoufijolt fer«= 

Sants confpire tlje tcatlj of tljc ^teiaaro, SCreafurcr, ant Comptroller, pet h-^ fojcc 

Df ttjis '^rt'tlicp are 3Httg{S of tljetaufc, ant 'none otljft cah be, ant in tljat cafe, 


Cap. 5. Of Here fie. 


tijcp D)tn alTifl tljcmftlvicis fti;^ tljric trttcrtion, tuitl; fomc grawatiD icarneo men 
in tljc ilatog. If at if tljc Dcatlj of anp dxic of tljem be cbmpafl'eii,t^en it ig moje 
rbnucnicnt tljat it be !jcari3 anD nctcrmincD Icfoje tlje otljcc ttuo. 

ifourtijlp, tljc fourti; part fcttctlj fojtlj, firtt, Ijoto tlje Snciuirp, ant) aftet tU 
trial fljaH Ije maoe, t^at is,tljat tljc BSntiUtrji mutt be mace bp ttaiclbe faa men ano 
Difcrat pcrfons of tljc Cljctiuc ISoU of tlje liingjs IjouOjoId : auD toljen t^c of=; 
fenticr batl) plcaDcfi not guiltp, tlje trial fijall be bv tlje like pcrfong. SnD Ijerc 
tljottgb tiji^ act limitetlj tlje iiiiitiirp td be bp tluclbc, pet if it be 3incj.uireo of bp 
moje tljcn ttoelbc, tlje pjefcntmcnt i& goon, but tljc trial mutt be. bp tiuelbc 

iFiftljIp, no cballenge fljall be mane,! but foj malitc., 

^irtljlp, bp tbe contcjct of tlje toljole act, tlje cdnfpiratp, ttjat i$ td be Ijcaro Vide lib. piac, 
and dctermitied bp tljig Sift, mutt be plotted to be ddne looitljin tlje i^ingis cokefo.482. 

SCljc offender againtt tljis $>tatute fijall Ijabe tlje benefit ef Ijis Clergp : (0% 
Uljenfoebcc ifelonp i)3 made bp anp Statute, and tljc benefit of Clergp ijs not cy# 
y^eflp tafecn awap, tljc offender fijall IjaDc Ijig Clcrgp. 

See tlje Statute of 3 & 4 E.6. toljercbv amongtt otljer tljings in tome cafe it 3 at 4 e. 6. «. 3, 
tuag ^^iglj SCrcafon, and in fome cafe i^clonp, to intend, oj go about to feill, oj 
impnfon anp of tlje l^mg^ ^li^V Counrcl, jr. from toljiclj jT^elonp, t^c benefit 
of Sanctuarp and Clcrgptoag taken aiuap: but tljefc SCrcafong ano jl?elonic« 
are repealed h^ t\)Z Statute of i Mar. 

• CAP. V. 

Of Herefie. 

C2Dnccrhtng^crcficfibctljing0 fall into toiifidcratidn. J^irff, to^bo be t\)e 
3udgc0of^crefic. §>ccontilp, toljat fljall be adjudged IBcreac. acijirdlp, 
to^at is t$c judgment of a man conbictcd of l^crcCe. iTourtljlp, luljat t^i 
llatn alloTiJCtt) Ijim to fa^jc IjiiB life. i?iftljlp, tuljat Ije Hjali forfeit bp judgment 
againft i'im. 

SToudjing tljc i?irft, an l^crcticft map be conbicted abefoje tlje 3rcljbi(Ijop flBrad,i.}.fo.i2?. 
ana otljcr llBifijops, ann otljcr tlje Clergp at a general &pnod, dj Convocation, ^ "4- in cobc* 
as it appearct^ botlj bp our books, and bp l^ittojp. &iz tlje Statute of 2 5 H. 8. o^°°- Newburg, 
cap. ip. rcbibcd bp i El. cap. i. 6 "H.l'.'/tow. 

b and tlje ilBifijop of eberp 3Dioccfs map ronbitt anp foj ^erefte, and fo migljt Hoii.iog. 
fie Ijabc done befoje tlje Statute of 2 appearctljbp t^cJ9?camblc 2 H.4.Rot.Parf. 

oftljat0ttintljCfetl3OJdg. nu^^»9. Samrles 

Whereas the DioceGins of the (aid Realm cantlot by their Jurit "it2.N.B.2(?9,a. 
diftion Spiritual, without aid of the faid Royal Majefty, fufficiently i. 
corred the faid falfe and perverfe people, ( i pttttiqUlt^y namcH be= JayiF.N.B.'^'^ 
tOlt) becaufe the (aid falfe and perverfe people do go from Diocels to ubi fnpra.* 
Diocels, and will not appear before the (aid Diocelans, but the ^f'^^'^^b 
lame Diocelans and their Jurifdidion Spiritual, and the keys of Doa!&Stud. 
the Church with the cenfures of the iame, do utterly contemn and iii>-»ca-29-. 

delpifc. Herefie f. 

i^otoJ tljat Statute dotlj pjobidc, ttiat tlje SDiorefan of tlje fame place, fuclj 
perfon oj pcrfons, ?c. map caufe to be arretted, and under fafe cuCodp in Ijis 
pnfdus to be detained. iTtdm tljis act and otbet acts and aiuljojitics quotea 
in t^e margent, tljtfe 2C\uo toncluCons are to be gatljertd. JTirtt, tljat tl;e K>io-^ 

© cefa» 


Of Herefie. 

zap. 5i 

Mar. Hiinmond 
Anno 21 El. 
HoU. 1579. 
Scovve. \\6i. 
Legates cafe. 

Vide r c. 12. 
1 El.c.1. 

23 H, 8. ca. 9. 

I EI. ca. t. 

^ E.6.C.I2.& 
1 Eliz. ca. 1. 
* In diebus illis 
M ftersof Divi- 
nity C^ndBatche- 
lors of Divinity ) 
now Doftors of 
Divinity and 
m. 1 7. in Dorf, 
Deat.$.8.& 16.22. 
1 Tofin J. 21. 
f Rot. Pari. ^R. 2. 
ru.i5i. Vide7H.4. 

cffan Ijatlj jurifBicticn of ^etcfie> ana fa it ^atl; ban put in \\xt in all sEuecn Eli-. 
zabethsrcigu : anD acrojDinglp it toas refclijct) bp Flemming Cijicf 3ufttccj 
Tanfield Cljief 21£aiOn, Williams an5 Crook Sutttccs, Hil. ^. ]a. R. in tl)C cafe of 
Legpte i\)t %cr0tiq.upj anD ttjat upon a conDittion before tlje £<jtitnat:p of tecrt fie, 
tljC il3jit of Dc haerctico comburendo COtl) lie. ^CCOnDlp, ti'at toitliout tljc aiH of 
tljat ict of 2 H.4. tlje 2Dioccfan coulti imp jifon no perfon accitfcti of iftcrcfic, but 
mais to pjoceeti apinft !jim b? t{)C cf nfures of tlje Cljurclj. 0u5 noto feeing, tl)at 
not onlp tlje faiu 0ct of 2H. 4. but 25 H. 8. c. 14. arc rcpcalen, tl]C Dloccfan 
cannot impjifon an? p^rfon accufcu of ^erefie, but mufi pjoran againft Ijim, aji 
lie migijt l)a\)C 5one bcfoje tljofc »>tatute0, bp tijc ccnfurcs of ,tbc C^urrixas it ap^^ 
pcaictlj bv tljc faiD M of 2 H.4.C.1 5. ILike^uifc tljc fuppofcD a>tatute of 5 R.2.c,5. 
ann tljc S>tatutcis of 2 H.5.C.7. 2 5 H.8.C.14. i Sc 2 Ph.& Manc.d. arc all repcalcc, 
fo as no aJtatute mane againflt ^ctctiqucs ttannetl) no\n in fojcc : anti at tljig ta? 
no pctfoncan be inmctcD, oj impcadjcD foj ^ercfic bcfo^ anp temporal guugr, 
oj otljer, tljat Ijatlj tcmpojal jurigniction, as upon perufal of tlic faiD Statutes 

CDerp arcljbifiiop of tijis IScalm map cite anp perfon Utocliing in anp "BU 
fijopsiaDiocefs luitljin Ijis p;oDinre foj caufes of ^creftc, if tlje J£i(I)op, o;^ otbeu 
^jninarp immeuiate tljcrcunto confent,anD if t^at tl)e fame ^ifi)op,oj otljer im- 
mediate ^jDinarp oj Junge co not l;is mttp in puni0jmcnt of tlje fame. 

2. SCoucbing tlje fecono point, if anp perfon be cljarges luttl) IBerefic befoje 
tlje ?^igl) Commiffioners, tljep Ijaue no autljojitp to aniiioge anp matter oj 
caufe to be l^erefie, but onlp furlj as Ijatlj bcenfo aufutigeD bp tljeautljojttp 
of tlje Canonical §>cripture, oj bp tlje firlt four general Counccls, oj bp anp 
otljer general Cotmcel, ttljerein tbefame toasucclarcD l^crcfie bp tl;e crpjefs 
anu plain too JUS of tlje Canonical Scripture, ojfuclj as fiiall Ijereafter be Be;? 
termineo to be ^3crefie bp parliament, toitlj tljealTcnt of tlje Conboration .♦ foj. 
fo it is erpjeflp pjo^jioeti bp t^e faiD ^ct of i EI. Slnn albeit tljis Pjotiifo ertcn^ 
Bctlj onlp to tlje faio ii^igl) Commiffioners, pet feeing in tljc l^iglj Commiffion, 
tljerc be fo manp 5i5ifi]"ops, ano otljer H)i53ines, anD iLearneomen, it map ferbe 
foj a gooD Direction to otljers, efpeciallp to tlje S?iocefan, being a fole SuBge iw 
fo toeigljtp a caufe. 

Jgo manner of £)jDer, ^ict, oj S>etermination foj anp matter of IScligion, oj 
caufe Ccclefiaflical, ^aD oj mace bp tlje 0ut^ojitp of tljc iOarliament in Anno 
1 El. fljall be accepteD,Bec:meD,intcrpjeteD,oj aDJuDgcD ^ercCe,^cljifm, oj §>cljif:# 
matical opinion, anp ojDcr, Dccrae, fentence, confiitution, oj JLato C toljatfoeDer 
t'^cfamebe) nottoitljftanDing. 

SEi^erc toas a Statute fuppofen to be maDc in 5 R. 2 . tljat Commiffions fijoulD 
be bp tlje llojD Cljancelloj maDe,anD DirectcD to S>ljerifs,anD ot]ycrs,to arrcQ: fuc^ 
as fijottlD be ccrtifieD into tlje Cbancerp bp tlje ilSiOjops anD l^jelates, -^ a^aftcrs of 
2r>i^initp,to be pjcacljers of l^erefies, ana notoaious errors, tticir fautojs, mains' 
tainers anD abetters, anD to IjolD tljem iw ftrcng p^fon, until t^iep totU juftifie 
tljcmfel\)cs to tlje lato of ^olp Cljurclj. Igp colour of tljis fuppofcD Scr, a ccrs^ 
tain perfons tljat IjclD, tljat images toere not to be toojfliippcD, $c. tocre liolDen 
in ftrong pjifon, until tljep (to reDeem -tljeic ijeration J miferablp pielDCD before 
tljefe a^aftcrs of S?ii)initp to tafee an ilDatlj, anD DiD ftrear to toojfljip Jmages, 
b toljiclj toas againft tlje moial ano eternal JLato of ^Imigljtp <a5oD. OTc Ijabe 
faiD Cbp colour of tlje faiD fuppofcD Statute, jc.) not onlp in refpect of tlje faiD opi^ 
nion, but in refpect alfo, tbat t^e faiD fuppofcD 3cr, toas in f rutlj netoer anp Slct 
of ISarliament, tljouglj it toas cntrcD in tljc liolls of tlje |parIiament,foj tljat tlje 
Commons neDcr gavjc tljeir confent tljercunto. anD tljcrcfoje in tlje c ncjct 
i^arliament, tlje Commons pjcfecrcD a 51Bill reciting tlje faiD fuppofcD ^ct, ann 
conflantlp affirmcD, ttiat tljep neijcr atfentcD tljercunto, anD tljcrcfojc DcOreD 
tljat tlie faiD fuppofcD Statute migljt be anienteD,anD DcclarcDto be vioiD : foj tljep 
jjotcttcD, tljat it toas ncber tljeir intent to be juttifiicD, anD to bino ti^cmfclbes 
anD tljeir fucceffojs to tljc prelates, moje t'^cn t^eir Snceftojs IjaD Done in 
time? paU; ano Ijercunto x\)t teing gaije Ijis ropal alTcnt in ti'Cfe toojDS, y plcirt au 


Capi 5. Of Here fie. 41 

Roy. 3nti mnrk lucU tljc ttianncv of tljr pcniuiiQ; of tlje Stt : fo? feeing tJjc Corns! 
mons DiD not afTcnt ti)£reunro> tlje lUOjO.e. of tIjC iSct be, It is ordained and afTen- 
tcd in this prcfent Parliament, tliat, occ. i^nO fo it tua?, being but b? tlje iiing 

ano tl)C ilo?iJs. 

Jt is to be knoton, tljat of ancient time, toljcn anp 000 cf patUamcnt tierc 
jnatre, to tlje enfl tljc fame nna;!)t be ))ubIin)CB, ano tmoerif ooo, efpeciallj' befojc 
tijc tifc of pointing came into England, tlje 0(tsi of |0arliamcnt toere ingroffen 
into pavcljmcnt, ant bunDlcu up togctl)er witlj a wjit in tt)e icings name, untier 
tl3C great a>cal to tl;e S>Ijerif of e^erp County, fomctimein JLatin,anD fometime 
in i^rencl) to coniman5 tljc 3)ljerif to proclaim tl)e faiD Statutes toitljin Ijis bap* 
\i'^it\i, as lueU Ujitljin liberties, as tuuljout. 0nn tins toas tlje rourfe of j^arlia^^ 
nientarp pjoceeiangg, befojc pointing rame in ufe in England, ann pet it conti*^ 
nuct) after we Ijati tlje pjint, titl tlje reign of H. 7. 

iSolD at tlje Parliament IjolCcn in 5 K.2. John Bralbrook IBifljop of London 
being I.OJD Cliaucelloj of England, caufeo tlje faio ^joinance of tlje JSing ano 
llojgg to be infcrtcti into tlje parliamcutarp ysiiit of p?oclamatton to be pjoclai-- 
meo amongft tljc Sets of parliament : toljiclj lujit 3 batje feen, tlje purclofe of 
iuljicljtojit, after tlje recital of tlje 0ttgtiirc£teti to tljcsSljerif of N. is in t^efe 
lUOJDg. Nos volentesdidasconcordias, live ordinatiohcs in omnibus & fingulis 
fuis Articulis inviolabiter obfervari, tibi prscipimus quod prsedidas concordias, 
five ordinationes in locis infra ballivam tuam, ubi melius expedire volueris, tarn 
infra libertates, quam extra, publice proclamari, & teneri facias juxta formam prac- 
notatam. Telle Rege apud Weftm. 26 May, Anno regni Regis R, 2. 5. 215ut in 
tljc Parliamentary proclamation of tlje 3cs paffen in Anno 6 R.2. tlje fato 0ct ^ 

of 6 R.2. Djljerebv tljc faio fuppofen Set of 5 R.2. toagBcclarcti to be tioiD,is omits= 
ten t anu aftcrtoaruis tlje fato fuppofea 3ct of 5 R.2. tjas continually p?intc5,anD 
t^c faiD aa of 6 R.2. ijatlj bp tlje pjelateg been c^er from time to "time kept from 
tiit Print. 

Certain men calico Lollards luerc ittoirtcti foj l^ereBc, upon tlic faio Statute coram Rege Hii* 
of 2 H.4. for tljefe opinion?, viz. Quod non eft meritorium ad SaniSum Thomam, i H.5.Ro^4 & 5. 
nee ad JJandam Mariam de Walfingham peregrinari. 2. Nee imagines Crucifixt 
^ aliorum Sandorum adorare. 3. Nulli facerdoti confiteri niti foli Deo, &c. 
Mljiclj opinions toere fo far from ^crcfte, as tlje makers of tljc S>tatutc of i El. 
Ijati great caufc to limit toljat ^ercfie toas. 

0nD aftertoaros tljep tljougljt not goon to contain tljefe opinions in anp Slnmct*; iDdiamenc gene- 
mettt,but inuittcD tljem in general toortis, one of toljiclj inuiflments as to JloUar!* ",'• 
Brp anO I^CrcflC folloluetlj. Jurati dicuntfuper eorum Sacramentum, quod A. R. verbo"^Per"Ve'rt 
E.D. Lollardi &fallihaeretici die]ovis port hebdomadam Pafchs, Anno regni fajc. 
Regis H. 6. poll coijqueftum Nono, apud Abendon in Com Berks infra virg. Lollardi gcfalfi 
falfo S>c proditorie ut communes proditores, & infurreftores confpiraverunt, ima- h^retjci. 
ginati fuerunt, & ad invicem confoederaverunt cum quamplurimis proditoribus 
illis affociatis, & felonibus decorum comitiva, & eorum falfa malitia praecogi- 
tata, ut communes Infidiatores altarum viarum, ad fidem catholicam deftruen- 
dam, & ibidem falfo & proditorie ut communes proditores, vSi felones didi diii Comtnunes Infidii 
Regis fecerunt, & fcripferunt diverfas falfas billas, & fcripturas feditiofas, & non- yjj^ fup.c.i.f!?. 
nulla fidei & dodrinse Chriftianse contraria continentes, & eas populo domini Ad fidem Catholi- 
regis publicandas&credendas falfo, damnabiliter in diverfis locis, viz. in civi- camdeftruendam" 
tatibus London, Sarum, & villis de Coventria & Marleburgh, nequiter pofuerunt, jas^^&^f ri'^t„)'a|° 
fixerunt, &projecerunt, €C indies fie fcriberc, affigere & projicere & poncr-e non ^g, 
ceflant, nee formidant,in graviiTimam majeftatis, & corons dignitatis Regis nodri 
ofFenfam,& Chriftianae fidei ludibrium> & paeis difti domini regis perturbationem, 
& omnium Chrifti fidelium injuriam & eontemptum. Mljiclj general incictment, 
anti all otljcr of like form \Mcre utterlp infufficicnt in JLato: iforalbcit t^c toojus 
of tlje Statute be general, pet tljc inoicment mull contain certaintp, toljcrcuntU 
tljc partp inbittcti map IjaDc an anftocr. 0lfo TMljerc tljc parties are intjictco, uc 
communes infidiatores viarum, tljat alfo tS infufficicnt, ag it appcatctlj bp t^S 
§>tatutCof 4H. 2. 

(© 2 John 


Of Here fie. 

^^P- 5. 

Mich. 5E. 4.R0:. 
14?. Coram Rege. 
In rationabili par- 
te bonorum. 

Mich.nH.7. Incom- 
iBuci Banco. 


Sec in the fecond 
part of the Infti- 
tutes, theexpofi- 
tion upon the fta- 
xwttoi Anit.CUri, 
the refolution of 
all the Judges of 
England to the 21 
and 12 articles or 

John Keyfer itaa? Erfommuuicaten bp tljc greater crcommunifaiicn before 

Tnomas flrcljljifijO'j) cf Canterbury, auB JLCgatC of ttjC 2poSoltClUC 2)ec, at t5)C 

fuii of auodjCT, foi a itafonaWe part of gooti?, anu Co reniainca ctgljtwcntljs : 
Wi)i fail! Keyfer cpculv aftinueo tljat tljc faic feutcncc t^as not to be fcares, 
ncttljer Bis lie fear ft. Snu albeit t1)e 0rcljbifi}op, oj ibis CommifTarp liatlj ejr*; 
communiciueB me, ^ft before (Sou 31 'ini «o£ ejccommunicatco : atin lie fai& tijat 
Ije fpabc uotijing but i\yt trutl),atta fo it appcarcCifoj tljat Ije tlje iaC bavbefl San*^ 
Ding fo crcommunicatej l;aD ag great plentj) of toljcat, auD otljcr grain, ajs aup of 
i)i? ncigi)l'0j6, faying to t^cm in fcojn Tas \j3asi itrgeu againft liim) tl)at a man 
ejccommunicate fl oula not bai^e fuel) plentp of lubcat. 2Cl)c flrcljbifljop Denying 
tl)CfetJOjB!3tobe\uit5)intl3efaiD0£tof 2 H. 4. Bio by bis toarrant in tejiting 
tompjcbentiing tlje fain caufe, by pjetert of tbe faiu ^■ct commit tlje bony of tlje 
faiD Keyfer to tl)e d^oal at Maidftone,foj tbat(faitl) Ijej in refpert of tl)e publifljing 
of tlje faiO too:3?j dictum Johannem non immerito habemus de hsreli fufpedum. 
315y teafon tuljercof tlje fain John Keyfer toag impjifonca in Maidftone d^oal, 
anu in pjifon Bctainec uniier tlje cultony of t'be ?^ecpet tbere, until by bis Counj< 
eel IjC niODED ^it John Markhann tljcn Cbicf Buftice of England, anD Otljer 
tlje Sunges of ilje liings^lrcncb, to babe an Habeas Corpus, anti tljereupon Cag 
it ougl)t; an Habeas CorpuSAwag grantcD ; Upon luljirl) tojit t^e (Coaler rcturnen 
tbe faiD caufe, ana fpecial matter, ann toitljafl, accoiping to tbe tojit, bao \\i& 
booy tljere. 2El)C Court upon mature Deliberation pcruftug tbe fain ©tatute,CanD 
upon conference toitb SDibines) refolbeti,ti)at upon tbe faiu toojns Keyfer toa? 
not to be fufpect of i^erefie toitbin tbe fain Statute, as tbe Srcbbifijop took it. 
jano tberefoje tbe Court fiirft baylen bi»n, ann after be \nas neliberen : foj tbat 
tbe Srcljbifijop ban no poiuer by tbe fain 0(t foj tbofc toojns to commit lyixa to 

Hillary Warfier being an Snbabitant toitbfn tbe Parifb of &. Dunftans in tbe 
Wed, bcln opinion, ann publilbcn tbcre, ann in nibers otbcr places, quod non te- 
nebatur folvcre aliquas decimas Curatori, five Ecclefis parochiaH ubi inhabitabat. 

Mlljereupon Richard )i5ifljop of London commannen Edward Vaughan ann otberia 
to arreft tbe fain Hillary wamer : h^ foKC tMb^teof tbey nin arreft bim,ann netai** 
nen bittt in pjifon a nay ann a nigbt,anD tbcn \)t cfiapen.Hillary Wamer b;iougbV 
^bis Section of falfe impjifonment againfi Edward Vaughan ann otbcrs : jn bac 
iQ3ljereof tbe SDcfennancs plcanen tbe Statute of 2 H.4. ann tbat tbe paintif Ijelo 
ann publifijcn tbe opinion afojefain ■■> ittibicb opinion toas contra Hdem Catholi- 
cam, feu Determination Sandse Ecclefia?, ann tbat tbe S'cfennantS, as ferbantS to 
tbe fain IBifbop, ann by bis commannmcnt nin arrett tbe paintif, ann juCifieti 
tbe impjifonment ; tubcrcupon Hillary Wamer tbe ^laintif ncmurren in 3lato, 
ann after long ann mature neliberation it toas by Brian Cbief Juttice, ann tbe 
lojbole Court of Common |Sleas anjungec, tbat tbe fain opinion toas not '^itUxx 
x\)t fain atatute of 2 H.4. fo) tbat it toas an erro;i,but no ^ereCe. Wbicb 31 IjaiJe 
tbe ratbct repojten, fo; tbat tbe Kepojtcr of tbis cafe nin not only mifrepojt tbe 
time of tbe bringing of tbe Jetton, but tbe a>£atute,tobicb toas tbe grounn of tbe 
matter in Jialu, ann Icaijetb out tbe jungment. SLbe recojn it felf is toojtbP 
tlje reaning. 

^IHpon tbat tnbicb batb been fain toucbing tbe fain statute of 2 H.4. if our con<« 
cItiConsno necelfarily folloiu. irirC tbat faing, tbat many opinions Hjere bp 
tlje ^ifijops taken to be ^erefie, tobicb in trotb ban no Ibanotu of l^erete, ann fo 
njiffaken, ann tmjuftly ertennen \i^ tbe liiOjops futtber tben tbe purtjicn, ann 
true intention tbcreof, as by tbat tobidj bat?) bisen, ann migbt be fain, appearcn, 
t%t makers of tbe fain Set of parliament of i EI. ban great reafon to limit (as 
batb ban fain) to^at opinions Ibouln be jungcn ll^crefie by autbojity of tbat com:^ 
miffion grounnen upon tbat :atf. ^econnly, tbat if any CDcclefiaflical 3!ungE oj 
Commiffioner (ball by pjetejct of any statute, oj otber caufe, commit any man to 
pjifon, upon motion in Court on tlje bebalf of tbe party impjifonen, tbe lunges 
of tbe Common ULain ougbt to grant an Habeas Corpus foj bi«i > upon tberctojn 
of iDj^ic^ ^rit, it (Ijall appear to tbe 3!ui'ges, tljat tbe imp?ifoument is toell 


Cap. 5. Of Herejie. j^^ 

■iuai-uant£, tbepnrtp fljaUlcrcmauBcti: anu if tlie tnipjifonmcnt hz 
mt\)dut luanant af li.alD, tljcn t\)t ^attv m^Vjt to be tcli^crea. SEljirDlp, if tljc 
inipjifonmciu be wot lunrtanteD bi'llaiMidje partp inipjifonco map Ijabe Ijis action 
of falfc impMfounicntj anu rccoijcr Ijis tamageiS. JT^ourtljlp, tljat toljcn an ^tt 
of ^fadiamcntiisniaDCfoncci-ntttsmattci-mectlprpiritual, as ^erefic, gtc, pet 
tijat iJft Icing part of tijc JLaius of rt)c Ucalm, i\)t fame fijaU be conSrucli ano 
intcrpjetcD bp tl)£ luogcs of tlje Common!»g, luljo ufuallp confer tattl) 
tljofe tijat are Icarnci). in tljat yjofcffion. 15ut let its now ocfceno to tljc t^icD 

3. SCo tljc tJytrO. a 3t appcarctf) bV Bradlon, Britton, Flcta, Stanford, anti all " Mir.cap.4. 

our 3f cofe0, tljat-lje t^at is tiulp convjict of ^gercfte, fljall be burnt to cc'atl;. EraSon 'ubl fue 

4. aCo £l)c fcurtl). b%\)e Cccleftaaical 3.uDge at tl^isBap cannot commit Brit:on 'cap.9. 
tl;e pcrfon tljat is conuict of ^erefte to tljc s>l)eriff, albeit 1)C bepjcfcnt, to be Fiera Hd.'.jy, 
bumf, but mtlll Ijabe tljc iJinsSliitrit Dc hseretico comburendo, accojDing to p^^'p^*"- 

tf)t Common iim x fo> no\M all Ms of parliament C as l;atl) boen faio before ) if ^'^^^4 

againfi il^ereticks are repealco. ami tlje reafon toljerefoie ^erefic i$ fo cjctreme? Rot.Par'. 2 u'.^. 

Ip anU fcarfullp punifljCHj is, fOJ tljat Gravius ell seternam, quam temporaiem \x- nu.ip. Sautrye's 

dere majelbtem : aUD Hsreiis eil lepra anims. c 'SCl)t partp Ulllp COUUiCtCD of ^e^ "'^• 

rcfic, map rccallj auD abjure feis opinion, aun tbcrcbv fatoe Ijis life, but a Mclapfc combwen'T'^^'''^*' 

is fatal: i?o; as in cafe of- a cifeafc of iljebocp, after rccot)frp,recitii\wtton is regeni&''cond" 

cjctremclp Dangerous : S>o in cafe of IBerefie (a oiCeafe of tl)C ^oul; a relapfc is um in Parliament 

irrecoverable, ^na as be tljat is a leper of Ijis loop, is to be remoBcfi from tljc '°' 

focietp of men, left Ijc fljoula infctftljem, bp tljc l.ings Mirit De^eprofo amo- ^^^ Mar.t.t.Here- 

vendo : &o l;c tljat Ijatlj Icpratn anin ffi, tljat is, to be conbi(t£5 of il^ereCe, (liall ^' ' ^' 

be ciit off, left Ijc fljoulD popfon otljers, bp tlje toiugs ^Kilrit De hsretico combu- 

rendo. llgut if tlje ^eretick Will not after contoiCion abjure, Ijcm.ap bp fojce of 

tlie fain Mrit^Dehsreticocomburendo be burnt without abjuration. ^ m wr 

5. as to tlje fiftlj. e SElje §>tatute mane in tljc 2 pear of H. 5.cap.7. luljcrebp tljc ? v,u Doft. & 
forfeiture of lanes in fa;#fimple,anD goo5s>anD cljattcls t»as giben in cafe of ^e^ stud.i' 
refie, ilanuetlj repealcu bp tljc 0ct of i Eliz.cap.i. 2Clje JEooks tljat fpeafe of t^iis ^r. dr. Forfeiture 
forfeiture are grounneo upon tlje faio act of 2 9,5. toljiclj t^en ftoon in fojce, fa? ^' *• 

Ding 5 R.2. iMljiclj luas befojc tljat S>tatute : foj tbcrc,tl)Ouglj Belknap ftooje,Per ^ Maf.Ei!' ' 
rra foy fi home foit mifcreant, fa terre eft forfeitable, 6c le feigniour avera ceo p Herefie. ' 
voydefcheati pctiaasljisopiiaionnebcr taken foj JLato, fo>neitljer lanfiis noj 
goous/bcfoje tH making of tljat Statute of 2 H-s-iuere forfeitcD bp tlje conijirti;^ / vid. hereafter 
on of ^IpereOe, becaufe tljc pjocaoing tlierein is mecrlp fpiritual, pro falute ani- '" ^^'^ °^ P'"9y° 
ma:, anoinaCourttljatisnoCourtoflSecojD. anBtljcrefoje ttic conviction of cafe foi ^^b "" 
^erefie iuojkctl) no forfeiture of anp tljtng tliat is temporal, viz. of lantig 0? *i H.s'.Vo./.a. 
gooiis. g iFor UJ^at caufe tlje fain ^ercticks tocre calleij Lollards pou map reati in Rot.Pari. 5 h.s'.- 
Caudries cafe, antj Linwood tljercto agreetlj. + ann it is to be obferbcD, tljat in ""• ^'- '" 'he 
procecDing againft Lol]ards,tlje Prelates, betocs tljcir opinions^DiD cljargc tljem o7^^°Lf "" •'''*'' 
Uiitlj Ijainous offences : 9sconfpiracp lajttljmultifuties of people, infwrrection, Pafch.^ h.e.-fthji 
rebellion, or fomc otljer SCrcafon, or great crimes. sharps cafe, gic. 

Me Ijavc fpoken tljus muclj of tljis argument, becaufe tljere be sivcrs ijjan# ^°f- P"'-7 h,4« ; 
Bring opinions concerning fome of tljefe points, tbatare not agreeable to tlje ^^f^' ^^ 
3La\M, as It flanuetlj at tljis nap. 3»ce tlje fourtij part of t^c Jnltitutesi, cap. 5 h, 'I'm'.sl- 
Chancery, in tlje Articles againtt Cardinal VVcolfey. Artie. 44. i h. i. nu. 20. 


44 Cap. 6. 


Of Felony by Conjuration^ Witchcraft^ Sor- 
cery, or Inchantment. 

lE'^^cap".^* Tl'^e ficafltt of partiaiticnttljat mane anj) of tljefe offences iFdonp, toa^ 
Hnter leges Ai- 1 tlje Statute <«of 33 H.8. Mjicl) toaji rcpealeD bp tljc Statutes of i E.<5. 
veredi fo.2?. cap.12, anu i Mar. IBtit i befojc tl;c Conq.ueft it toas fcbereip puntCbeo j rome;= 
Edwardi & Gu- jj,^j,g jj^ j^jj^jj^ fometittiejs Ij^ e]cUe,f c. c 0nii after, it toas mane i?clonp bp tlje 
Et3an?ca 6 ^tatittc of 5 Elir. anu again b? i Jac. tol^tcb rcpcalctb 5 Elh. 
canuti. 4,' 5.' ' Coujutet i% \)t tbat bp tl)c Ijolp ano powerful namciSof aimigljtp (©05 in*' 
e 5 ijokcis aiiD conjutes tljeSDcijil to confuit tnitlj Ijim, ox to do fome art. 
J J3c.cap.i2. si^itclj is aperfont^at Ijatlj conference toitljtW SDebi!, to tonfult "mt^ 

Aconmrerde- ijj^^ „j ^0 50 fome att. 

A witch defcri- 0n Jncljantcr, Incantator, is ije, Ojflje, qui carminibus, autcantiuncuUs Das- 
bed, monem adjurat. 2Ebep lucre of ancient time caUeo Carmina, becattfe in itl)ofc 
■f^"k"j'^'"^" ^^' BaPiStljcir Cljarms luerc in bcrfe. 
'"''"^''' -Carminibus Circe fociosmutavitUIyffis. 

i5p Cljarms in ISbpmc (£) cruel i?ate -' ) • • 

Circe tranisfojm'D ulyiTes mates. 
0nl) r gain. Carmina de Ccelo poflunt detrudere Lunam. 

315p ISbi'ntcs tljep can pull Doion full foon, 

iFrom loftp sfep tlje toano jing 'Spoon. 

* A Sorcerer dc- ^ ^OJCCrer, Sortikgus, quia utitur fortibus in cantationibus Dsmonis. SCljoU 
fcribed. fjjaij jmt fuffcr a OTitcb to liije. Non eft augurium in Jacob, nee divinatio in 

^ItXlo ''' 'f"^'- ^"^ ^^^^ ^''^P ^^^ ^^^^^ compareo tljc great offence of iSebellion to tljc 
ii"i2.' ' ' finoftilitcbctaft. 3nti l)ere it ittfllp map be iiemaniieii,\ubat pimiflnncnt toas againif tljefe oebi^ 

1 Kfl, g^t, lojicfeeB offcnBcrs bcfoje t^efe liatutcs,ioubiclj toerematie of bcrp late time, 
fido Trchi iresb ^"^ " appcaretl) bp our ancient d books tljat tbcfe Ijo jriblc anD tiebiliflj offen^ 
§ I'gmeanti'a. ' fcrSj tol)icl) Icft t^ie cbcrliijing €5od, ann facrificen to tljc SDcbil, ano tljercbp 
'f Mir.cap.i.§.5. committcD Kuolattp, in faking aDbiceannaiiJ of Ijim, luere punifljen bp ocat'^. 
&cap.i.§.i2. ■^2DbeSpirrojfaitb, Que forcery 3c devinal font members de Herefie. 0nB tljere 
& cap.4. §. De jjj, 5f fcjijigtl) l^crcfie. Herefie eft un mauuafe & faux creance furdant de error en la &71. droit foy Chriftien ; anB after faitl), Le judgement de Herefie eft dee arfe in cen- 
F.N.B. i69.b. dre. 3nli berCMtl) agrfetl) Britten ; Sorcerers, Sorcereffes, &c. & raifcreants 
r Inr.leges Edw. foient arfes. 0nOFleta; Chriftiani autem Apoftatte, fortilegi,&hujufmodi detra- 
& E^h^iil^ ■ 6 *^^'^' debentj & comburi. 0nii burning tljcn luas, ano ytt is t'^e ptmifliment fcrj 
io.L!" ^°'"" ' ^creticKs. §i>oaBtljeconufanceoftljefeoffenccf, if tliepbe bjancJjcsofii^ereCe, 
& cauuti cap.5. Cas f^e Jla\u toas tben taken) bclongeo (as to tbis Bap ^ertfte totlj) to Ccclefi^ 
fo-?- aftical lunges. In tubiclj cafe toljen tljcp Ijabe giben fentence, t%txz liet|) a 

* Some'h^'k I ^Htit De hsreticocomburendo. 

this°n?ouid"beVhe 3 babefdDnarcpojtofacafeinanancient ISegidcr. tljat in ^^ftobcr Anno 

Ojth of Allegi- 20H.6. Margery Gurdeman of Eye, in tlje Countp Of Suffolk, toaS foj WXxtt^f 
ance, Que ji fern craft ano confultatiou luitlj tbe SDeuil, after fentence ano a telapfe, burnt bp tbe 
foiiU &i!,ian,&c. |ii„gg 'mxit De hceretico comburendo. e 0nti tljis agtcetl) toitl) ^ntiquitp, foj 
coron! 1 5 j'/* ' WitcljcSj ?c. bp tlje JLaiojs bcfoje tlje Contiucif loaerc burnt to neatb. 
See hereafter ^ man iMas taken in Southwark tJ)j[tb a Ijeao anD a face of a neao man, anti 

a. 74. of perjury, initlj a book of &o?cerp in bis ^ale, auD tuas b?ougbt into tbe teings^l^enclj be«= 
^^ll'- J"":*^^* fojc ^ir John Knevett tljcn Cbicf 3;uflicc: but faing no tnoictmcnt U)as againft 
we 1 the Judge, ^^^ ^jj^, cictks oio fiBcar bim, tljat from tljcnccfo jtlj ■* be flJoulD not be a &o?ce^ 
rer, ano luas celiucreD out of pjifon, ano tlje bcao of tbe ^cao man ano tbe book 


Cap. 6, Conjuration^Witchcraft^^c. 45 


of &oucrp\j3CtcburntatTuthillattljcrott0of tljc pjtfontr. &o ajs tijc Ijcati 

" ana Iji? l)Ool< of soiccrv IjaB tljc fame puntflwcnt, tljat ttie aJojcercr njouln Ijaijc 

Jjat) bp t\)t ancient iiaWr if Ije Ijao bp Iji^ 2)o^ccrp,p?apcri in tljc aiB of t'^e SDeuil. 

2ni)e|?oIv^iRd?i'ljat}) a ntott remarkable ylacc concerning tljc rcpjobation ichron chap.i*. 
anOBcatl) oflJingSaul. Mortuus eft ergo Saul propter iniquitates fuas, eo quod v. ij, 14. 
prsEvaricitus lit mandatum Domini, & non curtodierit illud, * fed infuper Pytho- ^ ^^^' '** ^^ 
nifTam confuluerit, nee fperaverit in DominOj propter quod interfecit eum, & , R^gfjg. g, 
tranftulit regnum ejus ad David iilium Ifai. &0 Saul UieD foi \)\<i tranfgreffion S* • • 
\a\]ic\) \)t committcD againft tljc 3iojD, e\3cn agaiuft ttic ^o?ti of tljc JiojD 
tol)icl) \)C fecpt not X And alfo for asking counfel of one that had a Familiar Spirit, 
to enquire ot it, and enquired not of the Lord i therefore he fiew him, and turned 
the Kingdom unto David the fon of Ifai. 

SCljcrcfojc it Ijati ban a great Defect in goiicrument, if fo great an abomination 
fjas paffen toitij imyuniti'. Snti tljiis i0 tljc caufc, tljat toe Ijaue pjoijeoljouj anD 
in ittjfwt manner Conjuration, OTitctjcraft, $c. lojerc punifijeti bp oeatl), ?c, bcs^ 
foje tljc making of tlje faiD fate .^tatutesi. 

3!But noiu let tis perufe tbc §)tatutc maoc in tljc i^irtt pear of iising James, » Jac cap. it. 
toljiclj onlp ftanaetf) in fojce, ano aitoioctlj ittelf into S^i)it federal bjancljes. 

1. ^[ If any perfon or perfons (hall uft-, praftife, or exercife any * 
Invocation or Conjuration of any evil and wicked Spirit. 

l^cre rtje "BtsAl bp tlje l)olp> ano potoctfitl namcis of fllmtgfjtp dPoD is tntjos* 
keo (as f;atl) ban faio : ) ano tfnis Slnijocation, oj Contiiration of a toickea Spirit 
fs iFelonv, luitljciut anp otfier act oj tljtng, fa\je onlp tljc apparition of ti)e Spirit 
&jc w. I. cap. 41. in tljc €)atl) of tl)e Cljampion, f c. 

2. ^Or fhall conlult, covenant with, entertain, employ, feed, or 
reward any evil or wicked Spirit, to, or for any intent or put-pofe. 

ilBp tl)i0 bjanclj, if anp confult, j c. (Ijctofocucr tljc Tuicken fpirit appeareti^ ana 
cometlj) tljefc actions (Ijerc mentioncB) toitljojtotljatunckcD fpirit, to oj foj 
anp intent oj pttrpofe, is iTclonp toitljout anp ot^er act oj. tljing. 

3. ^ Or to take up any dead man, woman, or child, out of his, 
her, or their grave, or any other place where the dead body refleth,or 

the skin, bone, or any part of a dead perfbn, to be imployed or ufed , 

in any manner of Witchcraft, Sorcery, Charm, or Inchantment. 

albeit tlje offender tljat commits tfjefe barbarous ano inljumane Dealings toftfj 
t^e bouies of t'^e oeatr, bo not actuallp implop oj ufetljem in iuitclicraft, fojccrp, 
c^arm,oj inchantment x pet if \)t Bio t^em of purpofe to ufe tljerein, it is ifelonp, 
fo^ tlje toojus of tljis bjanci) be, [to be implopcu oj ufcti in anp manner of toitcl)*^ 
craft, fc] ■ • . 

4. fl Or (hall ufe, praftife, or exercile any Witchcraft, Inchant- 
ment, Charm or Sorcery, whereby any perfon iTiall be killed, deftroy- 
ed, wafted, confiimed, pined, or lamed, in his, or her body, or any 
l^art thereof 

ilBp t^is bjanclj no otl)cr to(tcl)craft, incljantment, ci^arm, oj focerp (tljen ig 
befojc fpecifiieii) is i?elonp, unlefs bp means tljercof fome perfon be killcti, nt^^ 
firopeu, toaCeti, confumeo, pinco oj famcHj gtc Mlljiclj Ibojds Ijvue reference onlp 
to tljie laflE general clanfe. 

5. f[ That then every flich ofiender or offenders, their aiders, abet- 
ters, and counfellors, being of any the (aid offences duly and lawfully 
convifted and attainted, (hall fuffer pains of death, as a Felon,or Felons, 
and (hall lofe the priviledge and benefit of Clergy and Sandtuary. 

albeit acceffojies befoje be ^ere fpcciallp nameo, pet acceffojies after map !« 
of tljis iFclonp, asaftertoarts is fain upon tfic Statute of 3 H.7 . foj taking atoap 
of toomcn, ano upon tlje Statute of 8 H.<5. fox dealing of ISecoxus. 

SCljc fecono parr of tl)is Set concecnetl) if donp in a fecenn Uegrcc : antj tfje 
bjancljes tljereof arc alfo in number i?iw« 

€ I- If 

^6 Conjuration, Witt her aft ^ (^c. Cap. 6* 

^ I. If any pcrlbn or perfons take upon him or them, by Witch- 
craft, Inchantment, Charm, or Sorcery, to tell or declare in what 
place any trealure of Gold or Silver (hould or might be found, or had in 
the earth, or other fecret places. 

2Lijc nutcljicfg befojc t\)i^ part cf tljc Sift toass : 2Eljat Di^crjs 3nipofitn!S,S0eit 
aiiB Momcn \i)Oulii taUc upon tljcm to ttW, d% do, tljcfe fi^t tilings l)cre fp?# 
cificH) in great acccipt of tl)c people, ana cheating ano coufening tljcm of ti;ctc 
jnonep, o} otljct gooug. anijerefojc ujais tljis part of tlje 3it mane, luljerein tljcfe 
toojus [ take upon him or them] are Dctp remarbablc. iroj if tljep tafec upon 
tl)cm, ?c. tljougl) in ttuilj tljep Co it not, no j can u it, ^et arc tljei) in Danger of 
tljtg fitft bjancl). 

fj 2. Or where goods, or other things loft or ftoln, (hould be found 
or become. 

^t . ^ttein tljep beromc offenDerg, (f t\}tv ta&c upon tljcm as afo;efaiD.0nD note, 
tlje tafeing upon tljcm to tell anD Declare, gouern botlj tljefc bjancljes. , 

... ^ 3. Or to the intent to provoke any perfon to unlawful love. 

Il^erein alfot^ep iecomc offenDets, bp tafeing upon tl)cm,as isafo?efaiD.!^et'e 
- is ti)c change of a nc\u Clerli, v'n. [to provoke | &o as ti)C fenfe is,3f anj) perfon 
oj perfons fljall tafec upon Ijim oj tljem Ip toitcljcraft, incljantmcnt, cljarm, o?. 
fojcerp, to tlje intent, to pjotiokc anp perfon to unlawful lovie. 

^ 4. Or wliereby any Cartel or Goods of any perfon (hall be de- 

2C^c JLettet of tljis bjancl) is tljistKf ani> perfon fljaU tafec upon Ijim bp luitclj^ 
craft, incbantmfnt, cbarm oj fo?cerp,tBl)crcbpanpcattelo; gooDsof anp perfon 
fljoulDbc-DeftropcD. Slltljougljtljisbenotfcntentious, )et tlje meaning tljcreof 
istobetafecn, bp fupplping tl)cfc toojDS after fo:cerp [anything] anD not to 
turn [deftroy cd] into tlje Jnfinitite 9S(DD,as tljc reft be ■■> fo j ttjen it fat isfietlj not 
ttjc meaning of tljc makers : fo? a taking upon tljem to ceftrop cattei, otc. if tljc? 
ijc not DcOropeD, is not tuitljin tl;c Danger of tl;is 3tf , atjD tl)erefo?c muff be fups= 
plicD as is afojefaiD. 

d 5. Or to hurt or deftroy any perfon in his or her body,although 
the fame be not efFcfted or done. 

as in tljc cafe of cattei Ci;tgooDs, tlje Deflruti ion nuift be Casts afojefaiD) tf^ 
'fccrcDanDDonc J fo iit cafe of tlje perfon of man, teoman, ojc^ilc, tljoug^ tljc 
Ijurt be not effcctcD oj tone i pet is tlje taking upon Ijim, ?c. to Ijurt oj, Dctfrcrp 
anp perfdn, 9t, toitljin tljis bjanc^. 

4[ Being therefore lawftiUy conviftcd. . 

^erc [coniiitteDl is taken in a large fenfe foj attaintcD, anDtlje ratl)er,foj tliat 
after in tljis M t\)C Ujo jdb be f latofullp coni)icteD anD attaintcD, ajs is afojefaiD.;] 

^ Shall for the (aid offence, Sec. 

!^ere are ejtpjefreD tljc puniQjments inflittcD upon tljefe BimpoSojs, spountcs= 
banks, anD cljcating €luackj=falDerSjvi7. i. STo fuffer impjifonment bp tljc fpacc 
of atjji^olc pear toitliout bail oj mainpjife. 2. £Dntc eberp Quarter of t'^e 
fear t^efe ll5ountcbanks are to mount tic ^illojp, anD to ffanD tixrcupon in 
fame sparfeet JCoiun Ojc Ijours, anD tl;crc to confcfs Ijfs oj l)tx ewoj, ann 

^ And if any perfon being once convifted of the fame offences, &c. 

^ere is alfo [conbictcD] taken fo j attainteD,foj ^c fljall not be D?aton in qucffi^ 

en foj tljc fcconD offence, to make it iFelonp, till iuDgment be giucn againC Ijim 

foi tbc firft i foj tlje BnDirtmcnt of ifclonp recites tlje fo?mer attainDcr, anD tlte 

fccono offence muff be committcD after tlje jjiDgment, 0nD fo it i^ in tljc cafe 

i Eiiz. cap. 14. of i?o?gcrp upon tljc Statute of 5 Eliz. anD in cafe of conijeping of ^jap ali^c 

8Eiiz. cap. 3. out of tt)is IScalm, anD fomc otljcrs. 

^ Saving to the wife of fuch perfons as (hall offend in any thing 
contrary to this Aft, her title of Dower, and alfo to the heir and fuc- 


Cap. 7. Of Murder. 47 

ceffor of every perfon, his or their titles of inheritance, fucceffion, 
and other rights, as though no fiich attainder of the Anccftor or Pre- 
deceflbr had been made. 3 

snje jurigmcnt agatnft a ifclon i,s,tl)at lie (Ijan be IjangcD bp tljc neck utitU ^e 
Ic DcaD : ann albeit uot!;ing elfc 13 enJ^elTcD in tljc jttDgment, |>et bp tlje Comf= Seethe i part of 
mon 3Latu nianp tilings arc t!)ei-etn implicc i as tlic Jofs of f)i3 iaibeg 2r>oijjer, the inftimces. 
tljclofsof l)is inljcritance, cojvupttonof lu^biooD, forfeiture of ^i$ goons, ^ec. S-u?- 
Jo\i3 a facing toill ferbc foz anp tljtng, tbat is imptten in tlje jutigment, as in 
tijiscafefoj tl)c OTibcs SDotoer, anu alfo fo> ti)C ^^cirs Jnberitancc, ano foj all 
tlje reft of tije tljings implien in tbe tungment. IBut a failing totUnot ferijc vide lib. i; in the 
againfttljeetpjefsiiHiigmcntincafe ofiFelonj', foj tljat 0)OuId be repugnant i "fe of Alton 
as falling tlje life of tlje offcnoer fljoulD be tooio, becaufc it is repugnant to tbc ^^°°'^** ^°' 
f]cp?efs jHUgmcnt, viz. 2Eljat l)e fijall be l)angeti bp t!je neck until Ijc be bean, 
aifo toljere tlje failing iis to tljc beir, it is tuell fabcD bp tlje name of tlje Ijeit, be^ 
eaufc nottaitbftanting tlje forfeiture impltea in tlje lungmcnt, Ijis Jnljeritance 
is faiieti, auB bp confctiuent tlje bloou not corrupteo, foj if tlje blooo ituere eoj;s 
ruptcD, Ije coulD not inljerit a;s Ijcir, but nottoitljftanDing tljis fauing, tlje llanuss 
are fo jfeiteo Buring Ijiis life. 

SCljc Statute of 5 Eliz. foj pjcferbation of tljc OTiucs SDotucr, ano tlje i^cirg ^ ^'' ca. i4' 
3;nljcritance, in cafe of i?o?gerp, is pcnneti in tljis fojm, Provided alway, that 
fuch attainder of Felony (hall not in any wife extend to take away the Dower of 
the Wife of any fuch perfon attaint ; nor to the corruption of blood, or ditlierifon 
of any heir or heirs of any fuch perfon attaint. 

Snije toOjUiS of tlje Statute of, Provided always, that this Ad (hall 3 
not extend to corruption of blood, or be prejudicial or hurtful to any woman 
claiming Dower by or from any fuch offender, &c. tM'^erein it iS to be obfeciiCD, 
tljatbp tlje auoioancc of corruption of blooo, tlje inljeritance is implieolp faijeo, 
§)ec tlje manner of tlje penning of tlje 0ct of 3 1 Eliz. concerning tljis matter ann , , p, - 
tibersotljer?. 3it-i.cM. 

janD fttrcl}' it i? berp conbenicnt, tljat iuljen ne\n ifelonies be maoe bp act of see the Statute of 
parliament, tljat fuclj fabings or probiDons be maoe botlj for tlje Mliijcs E>oto? 3^. 
£r, anu tlje =Bcirs Slnljcritance, as toerc Ijan anu maoc iw tljcfc prefiDent?, 

Of Murder. 

H3Ding a wm paffeu l^iglj aCreafon, |0etit ^Dreafon, spifpriCoh of Crcafon, a see the firft pare 
iTelonp bp tlje Statute of 3 H.7. ^ereCe ano Conjuration, Mitcljcraft,f c. of the inftir. for 
Me are nert in ojoer to treat of ifelonies in general: ano of all iTelonieSj^ur^ K^^s"'°'^'*i*f"'^'l^'^' 
Der is tlje moft ljainou;S. Inter leges Canuti, ca. d i . fo. 1 1 8. Csdes manifefts nu- lonS- 50O-& 74r. 
merantur inter fcelera nullo humano jure expiabilia. ^ic bere ca. |0ari)On. SinU See the 2 part of 

Of all murteriS, murtier bp poifoning is tlje moft fletcftable. 2Ci^erefore firff of inftit.Marib. as- 

ipurCer. Murdrum iS OeriDCO of tljc &a]ron \3}0}Ji Mord. ^^^- ^« Norm. 

b puttier isiuljcnaman of fotmo memorp, ancof tlje age of Btfrretion, un^ Tm definition ef 
latofullp feilletlj tuitijin anp Countp of tljc Uealm anp reafonablc creature in Murder. 
rerum natura unt)cr tljel&ings i^eace, tottlj malice fojetljougljt, citljcr erprcfl"eti vid. devanr. ca. 
bp tljc partp, or implicB bp 3latJ), fo as tlje partp loounoeb or Ijurt, $c. nie of tlje I"""^"!!' ^"^ 
UjounD or Ijurt, ?c. toitljin a pear ano a cap after t^e fame. Sla'u "oi 120 

hereof iue toill fpeafe, togetljcr toitlj fomc tljingg concerning t^e accetforieg i2i,i'?4,'i35! 
to tlje fame, ano Icaijc t^e refiuue to otljerss tljat Ijaue Written tljetepf. J^oto let Brit, fcj-is. 
Its ejcamine tljc principal parts of tbis oefcription. f'^'» '''' ^•'^^- *;• 

..,,,.. ^ & ?o. Mirror 

cap. i.§. ca.2.§.ii. de Appeal de homicide. 'Tr. 32 E. i. Coram Rcge Ror. 15 25 E. ?• 28. 26 Aff. p.27. ?E ? 
cor.^Sg. 5 H. 7. ca. i. 3 H. 7. r. iz. ji a 7. 31. E. z.Coron. 989. i Ma, Dier 104. b. See the firft pare of the 
laftit. 104. 

^ C Killing 


Of Murder. 

Ca[p. p 

Trin. ;i E.?. 
Coram Rege. 
Ro . '4- Per 
Diorf. canis. 

Eraft.l.^.fo.izi. 14. 
See lib. iBtr. 
Coke 25. 
Lib.4- fo.44. 
Vauxes cafe. 
Agnes Gores cafe- 
Curfed is he that 
fmiteth his neigh- 
bour fecretly. 
a 22 
Read the ftatute. 
Dier?5 H.8. 
fol. JO. a. Sac- 
combes cafe. 
b Aono ;; H.8. 

BrictOQ fo. 14. 

c 15H.4. jfeij. 
Mic. 15&26 EI. 
Dowties cafe. 
iH. 14. 
Rot. Pari. 
8 H.<$.nu.38. 

Tr. 25 Ehz. in 
Lacies cafe, 
torcefcue ca. 31. 

i E.£.ca<24. 

^ Killing. ■] ajs h^ ^oifon, Mcapon, fijarp oj Munt, dEfun, CtOBlotu, 
Crtrilnng, ^4"tfs«g3 ^ntortjcrtng, Suffocating, §>tranglinff, SDjoianingj 'Buxi^ 
ntng, 21Eut^tng,i?amifl)iug, tl;joiji3tngiJoton,'tnctttngaticigoil)Cai:, ^c. to bite 
o> Ijtirt, fc. toljeccof ncatl) cnfttctl), laping afick man in tlje rolD, jr. 

•|?OifCttj C VenenutDj a venis, quia a venis permeat ) i0, ag Ijatlj hccn faiU, tlje 
moHtictciTaMcof all, becattfe it ismoftljoiviblc, ano fearful to tlje nature cf 
man, ans of all otlicris can ht Ic aft yjeucntco, citljcr bv manljooo cj pjoDiccncc : 
ana tl)at wane Fleta to tap, Item nee per patriam fe defendere debet quis de ve- 
nenodato, fed tantum per corpus fuum, eo quod initium fadii non fuit tarn pub- 
licum, quod fciri poterit a patria, 8cc. Wut tljat tg not IjClDCn foj ^ialM at tiji? 


a. snijig offence lojasifo otiious!, tljatbv ^ctof ^arliamcftt it luas mace !^tgtj 
2nrcafon,anti inflictcti a mojc grievous ann lingring Deatb tljen tlje CommouiiatB 
53jcfcrii3C5, viz. KAjn tljc offender fljoulD be boileu to ncatlj in Ijot iuatcr ; taiyon 
toljtcl) §>tatute b Margaret Davy a ^oung ujoman 11)30 attainteti of lt)igb SDreafon 
foj poifoning of %n Spifirifs, anu fome otbecs lucre boileo to neatlj in Smithfield 
t^e 17 Dap of March iu t^c fame pear. 315ut tljij! Set luais too febere to libe long, 
anb tljerefoje bjag rcpealetbp i E. 6. cap. 12. anu i Mar. cap. i. 

•ail tl)e ancient autbojs,ubi fupra, of oln timeoefineamurber to be, Occulta 
hominis occifio, &c. luljen it toas tonc in ferret, fo as t^e ofFenner loag not 
itnobon ; but nobo it is taken in a larger fenfe. 

Britton.mentionetl) anotljer feino of murtier ( bjljiclj is not IjolDen fo j murber 
attljiSHap) boljenljefaitl); Ceux auxi que fauxment pur lower, on en auter 
manner ount afcun home damne ou fait damner au mort, &:c. pet tljip iS murber 

befoje <5ox>, l^inb David feillcb Uriah toitlj l;is yen, anb tljcfc men boitlj tljcic 

^ Within any County of the Realm. ] cjf mo of tljc lyings ^uy 
jects goober into a fojraignlSealm anil figljttljcre, ann tlje one kill tlje otijer, 
tljis mumer being tione out of tbe iSealm, cannot be fojbaant of trial liearo ano 
Betermineti befo^ tbc Common JlabJ : ^ but it map be Ijearb anb betermincb be^^ 
foje tlje Conttable anu 35ar0jal. 

3,f A. gibe B. a mortal iaouno in a fojraign Countrp, B. cometlj into England 
ana aiet^, tbis cannot be triea bp tlje Common 3:ab), becaufe tljc Croak ujaiS 
gibentbere, toberenovifnecan come, but tljc fame fijall be ijeara anb Deters^ 
ininea befojc tljC Conflable ana SBarfbal : fcj tljetoojas of tlje S>tattfte of 13 
R. 2. be ; To the Conrtable it pertaineth to have conufance of Contrafts, con- 
cerning deeds of arms, or of War out of the Realm, and alfo of things that 
touch Arms, or War within the Realm, which cannot be determined or difcufled 
by the Common Law. 

3f a man be ttricfecn upon tlje Ijiglj a>ea, ana aietlj of tlje fame (Irofee upotr 
tbc jLana, tljis cannot be enciuirca of bp tbe Common 3Lab), becaufe no Vifne ran 
come from tbe place baljcre tbe ttroke toas gibcn, ( tbougb it tuere bJitljin tlje 
§>ea pertaining to tbe llealm of England, ana luitbiu tbe ligeance of tbe J^ing; 
becaufe it is not witbin anp of tbe Counties of tlje Kealm, il2eitbcr can tlje 
aamiral bear ana tetermine f^is mutacr, becaufe tbougb tbe Ifrokc luas toitbin 
bis jurifaittion, pet tbe aeatb lojas infra corpus comitatus, lubercof be cannot ins= 
quire : neitber is it boitbin tbe Statute of 28 H.8. becaufe tbe muraer was not 
committea on tbe &ea. IBut bp tbcfaia 0ct of 13 R. 2. tbe ConiJable ana £par#= 
Ibal map bear anaaetcrmine tl)t fame, ^na bcfoje tlje making of tbe statute 
of 2 E. 6. 3lf a man baa b0Jn fclonioullp Cricken, 0? poifonea in one Countp, 
Jrtia after baa aica in anotbcr Countp, no fufficicnt tnaictmcnt coula tbereof 
babe ban taken in eitber of tbe faia Countics,becaufc bp tbe JLato of tlje lacaltn, 
tbe 3;urojs of one Countp coula not intiuirc of tbat, lubifl) bjas aone in anotbcr 
Countp. Btt is pjobiaea bp tbat M tbat ttje Blnaictmcnt map be takeu, ana tbe 
Stppealbjottgliit in tbat Countp, toberetbeaeatpotbljappen, Jgefoic ttiema^f 


Cap. 7. Of Murder. 4^ 

king of tl)isi &tatute> tlje Appeal mtg!)t %mt ban b?migl}t ixi cttljcr of tlje fain »8 e. 3. 51. 
Countif?, but tlje trial niuft Ijaue Iren ottt of botlj ; Imt luijen Ijotlj Counties 9 h. «. 6?. 
coulD net |opn, tl)cu totlj ;appcal ant 3intii(tmcnt failcn at iljc Common JLaiu. . |h '7' 18* 

ilEut Ijcrc be Sntoo tilings to be obfcrucD : Srit^:, tljat in cafe of aCrcafon omh.t'.io.' 
mifp?ifion tljetcof, oj of i?cIonp oj mifyjifionof tljc fame tuitljin tljc IScalm, 
ttie partp ougt)t to be 3nDictCD luitl)tn tl)c fame Countv 'ujljere tlje fart 10 oone, 
aiuj it cannot be ancDgcu in anp otlicr Coimtp, tijen in trutl; tuljcrc tt toas tone, 
aino tljcrcfojeintljecafeaboucfaitineitljei: tlje ffroke, no? popfonincj, noj t\]Z 
I3catl)> tljougl) tljep be tranfitojp, can be alleDgeO in tlje 3Cntii(tmcnt o;t Appeal, 
but luljcre in ttutlj tljcp toere tone. §>econi)Ip,tl)e S»tatute of 2 E.<5. octEntctlj not 
lojljere one i% ftcickcn j poifonet on tljc s>ea, 0? in anp fi>?raign l^ingDomjant ti^ 
eti) in England, but Mjetc one ig ftcicken oj poifonct in one Countpj ano oiet^ 
in anotljei*. 

%%{% act ej;tentietl)> totieretljc Sautter, oj i?cfonj) 10 tone in oncCountp, ano 
anotljer Cjall be acccffoj^ in anotljeV Countp : toljereof pou map reat at large in, 
tljC JlOjH Sanchars cafe. ' ^^' ^'^• 

Richard Wefton being &tr Thomas Overburies J^aper in tlje Coiuer of f^"^!^- ^^I^*^- 
London, DID poifon Ijim in ttjat part of t^e SCotocr toijiclj i0 toitljin London, sjf jhomas o- 
R. (iarl of S. ant F. i)iS \i3ife, James Franklin ant Anne Turner toerc acccffo* v'crburies cafe.' 
rieg before tlje fact in tlje Coimtp of Midd. ant ^ir Gervafe Helwys %ie\Xf See hereafter 

tenant of t^e SCotncr toas accelTojp befoje tljc fact in London, ^oia upon .tl)i0 ^^•^'^- of ''"'*'^" 
§)tatuteof\)cr0tiueaion0tocrerefolDet: JFira, if t|)e acceffojp "'"•""oreot 
be in Midd. wljere tlje lUngs^}i3cncl) fit, ant tl;c piincipal i0 attaintct in anft# t ' " e. 
tljerCountp,tkj^ing0^)lBencljmaptrpt^cacceIIo?,p, a0 it teas rCiOlDet in tlje 
3Lo}t Sinchars cafe, ubi fupra. 2. 3if t^e intictmcnt of t^c accetfojp be tafeen in 
tlje !liing0#li5enclj, t^c 3[uaice0 fijall not bp fojcc of ti^e Statute of 2 E.^. t»jttc 
in tljeir Oton name?, quia pladta funt coram Rege, & norf coram Jufticiariis. 
but remoue tl;e Mecojs bp tlje 3aing5 tojit of Certiorari- 3. SDiber? pjeCtentg 
toere njelijn,tljat tuljere accelTojieg bcfoje tlic fart luere in Midd. mljere tljc iiings 
JlScncij tit fit, f c. ant tlje attaintcr of tlie principal J)at ban in anotljer Coun*= 
tp, tlje 3;uaicc0 of t%z iSing0?515cncl) Ija^jc rcniobet tJje attaintcr bp tsairit of 
Certiorari befoje tljem. &ef t\)t ilojt Sanchars cafe, ubi fupra, ant another cafe 
lol)ere tljc principal luag attaintet in tl)e Countp of Oxon, befo?e 3uflicej8 
of Oier ant Terminer, ant tijc accelTojp \ua0 in Midd. \ah,txz tlje Uingg^^HSenc^ 
fate. 4. Richard Wefton being attaintet as principal in t^t Citpof London, 
pjoceeting mag to be Ijat againtt James Franklin ant Anne Turner in ttie 
i^ing0#SBcnclj to^ere tl)ep tucte Sntirtet. %\)t q,ueffion toa0, if tJje Mxig'^f 
TtwtX) Qjouft remoiae tl)c tecojt of tlje attainter of t^^e pjincipal bp Certio- 
rari bcfojc tljem, ant after tljc fait Carl ant W inife {I)oult be triet bp tljeit 
§^eer0 befojc t\t JLojt a>teia)art, toljetber tlje Jloxt S>tctMart migljt tujite 
to tlje iiing0:#S5£ncl) foj tl;e reco:t of tljc attaintcr x lo% tlje toojt? of E. 6. be. 
Shall write to the Cuftos Rotulorum, or Keepers of the Record where fuch 
principal fhall hereafter be attainted or convid. 3nt to pjeiaent all tOttbtJf, a 
fpctial Writ toag tirertet accojting to tlje toojt0 of tlje Stf, to t^ie €tmmiVxQ^ 
ncr0 of Oier ant Terminer, to certifie toljetljer tljc principal tnag attaintet, 
conioictet, OJ acriuittet, ant tljep mate a particular certificate accojtinglp: foajs 
tlje recojo of ttie attainter rewainet flill \Bitl) tlje Commitfioner^ of Oier ana 
Terminer in London. 5. %t tna0 refolDeo upon confiteration Ijat of tljc toljole 
Sltf, tliat tlje tJ)OJt0 of tlje 0rt being, the Juftices of Goal Delivery, or of 
Oier ant Terminer, or other there authorifed, (hall proceed, &c. tlje fame tft 
tent to tlje ^iglj ^tetnart to ijjjite, f c. 

Snije iEntirtment of Richard Wefton Waef, tljat Ije p Die Mail Anno 1 1 Regis 
Jacobi, &c. gabe to S>ir Thomas Overbury a poifon callct Mofcacre in bjot^, 
iJjljict) &ir Thomas Overbury not feno\»ing it, receibct : Et ut idem Kic. 
"Wefton prsfatum Thomam Overbury magis celeriter interficeret, &c murdra- 
ret, I Junii Anno 1 1 Jac Pvegis, gabe unto Ijim anotljcr poifon cailet iwljitf 
!0irfemck. Slnt tljat Richard Weftonio Julii, Anno 11 Jac. Regis, ga\3£ unto' 

^ 2 ^im 


Of Murder, 

Cap. 7, 

i)im poifon, callCB Mercury fublimaf, in SCartiS, $c. ut prsd. Thoraam magis ce- 
Icriter interftceret, & murdraret. 0nli tljat a pcrfon unknotOll, Ip djC pJOCWC^ 
ntfittj anti in tljc pjefcnce of Richard Wefton, 14 Septemb. iifupradidto, gabg 
to tt)e faiD Thomas a (ii5Ivftcr toirij poifott in it, CaHcD Mercury fublimat, &c. ut 
pried. Thomam magis celeriter interficeret & murdraret. Etpratdidt. Thomas 
OVerbury de feparalibus veneuis pr£di(5t. & operatione inde a praedift. fepara- 
libustemporibus, &c. graviter languebatufque 15 diem Septemb. Anno 11 fu- 
pradid'o, quoquidem 15 die Septembris, &c. praedidus Thomas de feparalibus 
•venenis prsediftis obiit venenatus. 3nD tlji0 toas tcfollJCB to bc a gOOD ^ntiitt^ 
ment bv all tlje Kw^ice? of t\]t BingS^SBcnc^j aUJjoHgl) it uott) not appear ixi 
particular, of toljidj of tljc faia poifonsi \)t oicn. i?oj i\t toflancc of Vt^t Iwtiia^ 
ment taas, toljctljer be toas poifoneo oj no, bp tlje Cam Richard wefton. Snti iip^^ 
on tljig BIniiittment Ije toas arraigncD, plcaneu not guiltv, anti Ijao juogntcnt gi*: 
ficnagatnttljim. ^nij aftertnarti Anne Turner, &ir Gervafe Helwis Jlictttc*: 
Slant of tl)c Cotocr, ann Richard Franklin tl;e ^bpCtian, taerc inoittcu as arccf;^ 
fo?ic!0 bcfojc tljc fact, anii arraigneo, anu plEanco not guiltp : anB it fell out in: 
cbtnence, tl;at Franklin bao p jcparco nibcrjs otljcr poifonis t^icn were tontainetr ire 
tlje 3;ni3tctment,aistljc potuccr of 2Diamontis,t1)e poinccr of &pi»er0,iiapiis €att*= 
fiicu0, ani3 dCantljarities, obcr anti bcCce? tl)e potfonis in t^c BtnDittmcnt. 0nD it 
iMais rcfolijetr, tijatanpof ttiefe luasfufficicnttopjoictlje^ntiictmcnti fojtijc 
fubttance of tlje 3(nDictmcnt toas poifontng, Mjitlj (ajs Ijatlj ban fain) iis fccrct ; 
&* Machallis cafe ubi fupra. 0nii after \)crtii(t, jungmcnt toas giijen againtt 
all tljefc acccffojies. aino after, tlje fain (Earl ann tljc Countefsi Ijis toife toerc 
Sinnicten as acceffojiegbefoje tlje fact, ann mere arraigncn before tlje iioju Cljan^ 

tellOJ of England, ant hac vice, JlOJti ©igb &tCtoavn of England : anO upou 
tlje arraignment of tlje Coimtefg, flje ronfefTeo tlje 3,niiimnent x ann toljen tfjc 
Clerk of tlje Croton Din aslt Ijer,' OT^at (Ije eouln Tap taljp |itngment of neat^ 
fljotiln not be gibcn againft Ijcr f flje fain, 2Cljat fije e ottln lap mitcl) againil liet 
felf, but ndtljing foj Ijer felf. Snn tljcn tlje iiojn ^teluarn gabe jungment of 
teatl; againtt Ijer, viz. SCliat fte fliouln be Ijangen bp ti^e neck till fi)c toere nean : 
annanjout^nenljisCommiffion, (as it toag refolbcn Ije migljt no bpiLaiu) until 
ilje neictnap : ann tben tljc fain (Earl toasarraigncn, ann pleanen not guiltp, ano 
put Ijimfclf upon Ijis peers, toljo founn Ijim guiltp : ann tljereupon tljc iLo?o 
^teittjarn gabe tlje like jungment againft Ijim. Mlljirtj cafe toe Ijabereciteo 
tlje moje largelp foj ttoo caufes. iTirIf , foj tljat toe remember not anp of tlje 
i^obilttp of tljis Ifvealm to Ijabe been attainten in fojmer times fo? poifoning of 
anp. ^econnlp, foj tljat it is tlje firft cafe tljat fell out upon tljc fain 0rt of 
2 E. 6. in cafe of trial hy Peers of anp tliat toas ipoble, ann tljc pjoceening 
ijcrein toas bp great anuifcment. 315ut noto let us return toljere toe left, 

f[ Reafonable creature, in rerum natura. ] a;s man, tooman, cljiln, 
fubiett bojn, oj alien, perfons outlatoen, oj otljertoife attainten of SCreafon, 
i?elonp> oj pjemtmire, CljjiCian, BEcto, ^eatljen, SCurk, oj oiljer 31nfinel, 
being miner tljc'l^ings peace. 

a spatter of a &ljip ann nibcrs spariners, ?r. toere attainten of murncr befoje 
SuSices in Eyre, fo? njotoiiing of manp Bletos toitljin tlje Countp of Kent. 

^ 3;f a tooman be ciuick toitlj cljiln, ann bp a potion oj otljertoife killetlj it in 
Ijer toomb i oj if a man beat fjcr, toljerebp tljc cljiln nietlj in Ijcr bonp, ann flje 
is neliberen of a neanrijiln, tljis is a great mifpjifion, ann no mutner : but if tljc 
cljiln be bojn*alibe, ann nietlj of tlje potion, 51Battetp 01 otljcr caufe, tljis is mur^ 
Dcr : foj in iiato it is accounten a rcafonable creature, in rerum natura.toljen it iss 
bo?n alibe. aim tlje c 51Book in i E.3. toas neber Ijolnen foj Jlato. ann 3 Afr.p.2- 
is but a repetition of tljat cafe, ann fo Ijojriblc an offence fl}Ouln not go unpuni*^ 
fljen. aim fo toas tlie JLato Ijolnen d in Bradons time, Si aliquis qui muHerem 
prsgnantem percuflerif, vel ei venenum dederit, per quod fecerit abortivum, fi 
.puerperium jam formatum fuerit i & maxime fi fuerit animatum, facit homici- 

dlum. ann Ijeretoitl) agreetlj Fleta : aim Ijerein tljc Jisrto is grounncn upon tbe 


^Chro. deDun- 
Ihble, H0II.252. 
Coram juflic. 
iciner. in Com. 
Kane. 18 E. i. 
See the fecond 
pare of thelnfl. 
cap. Aat.deju- 
h22 E. 3. Coron 

c I £.3.13,24. 
stAlV. p. 1. 
Fleta, lib. ca. Jj. 

Cap. 7. Of Murder. 5 1 

^ . . ' ^ 

ilatU of dPoD, tuljtcl) faitljj Quii-unqueeffudcrirhumanum (anguinetr, fundetur Genefis c.<J. v. tf, 

fanguis illKis, adimaginemqujppe Deicreatus elc homo. 3f a man CDttnfel a . 

iMoman to kill tlje c|)ilD \j3itljin Ijcc toomb, to!;cn it (hall be bo jn, ona after fije ^'^'' ^ E^'^- ^°'' 

is UeliDcccD of tlje cljilD, flie feillctlj it i tijc counfello j is a" atceffojp to tlje xMXtif 

Ber, ann pet at t\)t time of tljc rommauomcut, oj counfcl, no mumcr coulo be 

committcDof tlje cljilD in utero mauis : tljc reafon of tul)icb cafe pjobct!^ Igeli 

t\)z otljet cafe. 

^ Malice prepenfed. ] jF(tlt let us fee tuljat tbis malice tg. 

^altce }j;icpcnfe5 is, toljcn one compafTctl) to kill, luounD, oj beat anotl)er, anti 
Botlj it fedato animo. 2Cl}is is faio in iia\u to be malice fojetljougljt, pjepenfeo, p '^^? ^^"- 'S*- 
malitia prscogitata. SDljis malicc is fo oDioits tn 3LatD, as tljcugb it be tntenuea 47, ^Ti ^''''' 
againfi: one, it fljall be c]ctcntieB totuarns auotljer, -^ Si quis unum percu(rerit,cum Lib.' 9. fo'i. gr. 
alium percutere vellet, in fclonia tenetur. ' Agnes Sores cafe 

Mandata tecipiunt flridam interpretationem, fedillicita latam & extcnfivam. ^^ Bra£*. hb. 3. 
3l5u£ Ijcrcin tljerc is a citicrfttv bettoeen tljc j^jtncipal ann tljc acrelTojj). ifoj if ''^' 
A. commano B. to kill C.ano B. bp miflaking killctlj D. inCeao of C. tljis i^ m\xt^ 
aet in B. bccaufc Ijc Bin tlje art : ana it fpjang out of tlje root of malice, ann ttie 
3laU) fljall couple tljc c bent to tlje caufe : but A. is not acceirojp,bccaufe Ijis com^ 
mannmcnt toas not purfucD ■■> ano Ijis confcnt, ujljiclj muft make Ijim accefl'ojp, 
cannot be Bjatun to it, foj Ije neber commannco tlje oeatlj of D. IBut tuljcre Deatlj 
cnfuetlj upon ttiat act toljiclj is commanteD, tljougl) ueatlj it fclf be not command 
aen, tljcrc Ije isacccffoji) to it, foj tljere t^ie commannment is tlje caufe of ceatlj, 
as if A. commann B. to beat C. anB Ijc beat liim, uiljcreof Ijc Bictti : tlje com*; 
manBerisaccelTojp, anB tljercfoje tlje Bibcrfitp is apparent, as to tlje acceJTojp. 
Mlbcre Bcatlj is purfuant, anB follotoctlj upon tlje act commanBcB, t^ere tlje con^: 
fent of tljecommanBermaptollbcBjatimtoit, fojtljat tljc commanoment igi 
tlje mean of tlje Beatlj. 21But iMljere Bcatlj enfuetlj upon anotljer Bittinrt caufe, 
tljcrc tlje cmtfent of tlje accclfo?.? cannot be Bjatun to it, & fie de ciEteris. 
. 0notljcr BibcrCtp tljere is, tuljcn tlje commanoment erteuBS erpjeflp to tlje 
IkiUing of anotljer,anB foj tlje better accomplifljmcnt tljereof pjefcribctib a mean'i 
tljat is, to kill Ijim bp poifon, anB Ijc killctlj Ijim toitlj a (0un, lie iiS accelfojp : 
fo? tlje commanBment tois to kill, toljiclj cnfucB, tljouglj tlje mean toas not fol^ 
JowcB i & finis rei attendendus eft. ^UB tlje ftibttancc of tljc commanBmcnt, viz. 
Lto kill] is purfucB : anB tlje fame offence tljat lojas rommanBCB, is committcBj 
aSut otbcrtuife it is, if tlje fame offence \Ml)iclj is commanBco be not committcB, 

9sif one commanB to rob tljc BHintncrs man of Plate, as %z is come to a 
Centlemans cljamber to l)is fupper toitlj toinc i anB Ijc b^eaketlj tlje 2Cabern in 
tlje nig'^t, anB flcaletlj tlje plate t^cre •, tljc commanBcr is not accclTojp to tljiis 
3Burglarp, foj ^Ijis is anotljer offence tljcn Ije commanBeB, ano tlje confent Qfti^z 
atccffojp muft be Bjaton to t^c muroer j felonp committcB. 

2. %t rauft be malice continuing until tlje mo jtal inounB, j tlje like be gibcn. 
Silbeit tljcrc IjaB bren malicc betiuccn ttoo, anB after tljej) are pacificB anB maBe 
frienBs, anB after tljis upon a nctu occafion fall out, ana t^c one killctlj tl)e ot^ierj 
tliisis ^omiciBc, but no spurBcr, bccaufc tljefojmcr malice continucB not, 

3if A. commanB B. to kill C. anB before tljc act be Bonc, A. repcntctlj anB couni= 
tcrmanB^ns commanBmcnt, anBcljargc B. not to Bo it x if B. after killctlj Ijim, 
A. is not acceffojp to it x foj tlje malicious mina of tlje acceffojp oug^t to conti:* 
3iue tmtil tljc act Bone. Pi. com. ubi fnpj 

. if ttuo fall out upon a fuBBcn occafion, anB agree to figljt in fuel) a fielB, anB 
caclj of tljem go anB fcttlj tljcir voeapon, ana go into tlje ficlB, ana therein figljt, 
ilje one killctlj tljc ot^er : l)ere is no malice pjepenfea, foj tbe fetcljtng of tljc 
lueapon anB going into tlie fiela, is but a continuance of tlj« fuaaen falling out, 
ana tlje blooB ixias ncbcr toolcB. %\\t if tljep appoint to figljt t^e nejct Bap,tljat i^ 
malice pjcpcnfea. 

|[ Malice implied, is in three cafes.] iFirft, m refpect of tl;e man^ 



Of Murder. 

Cap. y* 
I E. 6. c. II. 

Lb. 9. fo, 58. 

Ubi fupra. 
Lib. 4. fo. 40.b, 
4 ( . a„ Youngs 

Ubi fupra. 

Brit. cap. 11. De 
prifons fo. 18. a. 
See the Mirror 
cap. i.§. II. 
De Homicide. 
^ H.(5,58. 
27 Aff. 41. 

Braft. 104, 

See hereafter in 
the title of San- 
ftuaryfor Abju- 

Pafch. 20R. 2. 
Coram Rege 
Line. Ro. 58. 
* Mich. I R. 2. 
Coram Rege 
fior. I. Bedf. 
Sec hereafter cap. 
Judgment and 
/rPafch. 59 E. j. 
Coram Rege. 
Rqr. 92. Wiltes. 
Simile Pafch. 
28 E. 3. Coram 
Rege Rot. 97. 
In cafe dc Morti- 
mer, who was put 
to death Anno 
lE. ?. 

Vide Rot. Brevi- 
um Anno i E. 3. 
part. I. 

net Of tl;ci3iKti. 02 if one feillcttj anotljcr tuitljout anp pjouncation of tljc 
part of l)(m tijat ig Haiti, i\)Z Jialj] impUetl) malice : toticrcof you map rcaa 
lib. p. fol. 67. Mackallyes cafe. Sifo t^e poifoiting of an? man, taljerfof Ije 
Biett) ti3itl)tu t!i£ pear, impliet^ malice, anfi i0 aoiungeD toilful murDct oj malice 
pjcpenfeu. £Dne map Ic poifonen iFour manner of toap0 : Guftu, bp tafte, 
tljat is, bp eating, oj ojinfeiug, being infufeainjo Ijis meat oj njinkt Anhelitu, 
ip taking in of bjcatlj, ass bp a poifonouis perfume in a Cljamber, oj otljer room : 
3. Contadii, bp tcucljing : annlafllp, Suppoflu, a? bp adJlpCer oj tljc lifee. i^oto 
fo^ t!)e better finoing out of tljis Ijojriblc offence, tljere be fiibcrst binug of poi^ 
fott0, as tljc poster of SDiamonDS, tlje polMUcr of ^pioers, Lapis caufticus, rtlje 
cljief ingredient tuljercof is §>oapj CantljariBes, spercttrp fublimate, ^rfenicfe, 
Mofeacre, ?c. 

2, 3in refpcrt of tlje pcrfon flain. as if a S^agillrate oj fenoton £Dfficer, oj 
anpotljcrtl)atl)atl;latofultoarrant, anuinooing, oj offering toDoljis office, 
OJ toererutc Ijis toarrant, is Gain, tljts ismurnec, bp malice implien bp JLain), as 
t]^e&berif,3iufliccof !Seace,anDerfi)erif, cl)icf Conttable, petit Conffable, oj 
anp orl)er mintftcr of t^e Hing. 3tf a ntan hill a lasatcliman Boing Ijis office, it 
is murner : fo it is, if anp, tljat come in aiij of tlje flings aDfficer, gtc. to co W 
£Dffice, be flain, it is muruer. 

3. 3!n refpect of tlje pcrfon killing. 3f A. affault B. to rob Ijfm, ano in rc^ 
fiffing A. killetl) B. tljis is muccet bp malice implietr, albeit %t neber faba oj 
kneto Ijtm bcfoje. %t a pjifoner bp tlie durefs of tlje Coaler cometlj to un^ 
timelp Beatl), t^is is murtiet in tl)e Coaler, anb tlje JlabJ implietl) malice tnre=f 
fpctt of t^ecrtteltp. 0ntitljisis tlie caufe, tljat if a man biet^ in pjifon, tlje 
Cojoner ottgljt to fit upon Ijis boop, to tlje eno it map be inq,uireb of, toljetl^cr 
Ije came to l;is oeatlj bp tbe durefs of tlje Coaler, oj ot^er\uite : all inbic^ appears^ 
tt\) in Britton : anD tbis fitting of tlie Cojonct continuetli till tljis bap. 

Blftlje^ljerif, oj otlier Officer, toljcreljeougljtto^ang tl)e partp attainteb, 
accojbing to ^is Jubgment ano lirs cl)arge, toill againft tljc 3Lato of liis objn 
ti)?ong, burn oj be^eab liim, oj e convcrfo ■■, tlie Jlaba in t'^is cafe impliet'^ malice 
ittljim. i^eitljercanttiei^ingbpanptDarrantunDer tlje great &eal alter t%z 
erecution, otljer biife tljen tlje jubgment of JLato ootlj bircd; : foj it is a Maxime i\x 

JLab), Non alio modo puniatur quis quam fecundum quod fe habeat condetr.natio. 
2ni)itistobeknobfln,tbatincafe of 2Creafon aub ifelonp, tl)ere is an ejc^ 
piefs tubgment anb an implies jubgment : <ll;tpjefs,T»|ien upon appearance, ^t. 
an erpxefs luogment is giben againft l)im,quod fufpendatur per coIIum.3mplieiJ, 
tD^cn tbe offenber makes befault, anb is outlaboeb, baljere tlje jubgment is 

Ideo utlagetur i Ojincafcof abjuration, quia abjuravit regnum ; anb pet tlje 
like erecutiottftall be in cafe of £Dutlabfl:po J abjuration, as in cafe of an er*= 
pjefs jubgment ; ano fo it buas abjubgeD in cafe of a perfon outlatoeo foj ifelonp, 
Ije ougljt to be Ijangeb until l)e be bean, anb cannot be betjeabeb, "^ anb tlje like is 
in cafe of abjuration. ilEut in cafe of l^iglj 2Ercafon,bccaufe beljeabing is par#= 
eel of tljc juDgment, tlje ?&ing map paroon all tljc refiibue of tl^e erecution er«= 
cept tljat : foz feeing tlje iliing map pamon ttjctoljole ejcecution, Ije map parnon 
anp part, oj all, fabing part. 3f a lieutenant, oj otljer tljat Ijatli commifTion of 
sparflial autljo^itp, in time of peace Ijang, oj ot^crniife crccute anp man bp coi= 
lour of ^arflial i.abj, tljis is murber, foj tljis is againft Magna Charta, cap. 2$. 
anu is bone bp fnci potoer ann ffrengtb, as t^e partp cannot befenb Ijimfelf i ano 
Ijeretljc Jlato implietlj malice, vide Pafch. i+ E. 3. in Scaccario tlje abbot of 
Ramfeys cafe in a Mrit of Crroj in part abjibgcb bp Fit7h. tit. Scire fac. 122. foj 
time of peace. 

a Thorn. Countee de Lancafter being taken in an open infurrection, toas bp 
jubgment of spatfljal 3lab3 put to beatlj in Anno 14 E. 4. SLljis tuas aDjuogeo 
to be unlaboful, eo quod non fuit arrainiatur, feu ad refpunfionenn politus tempo- 
re pacis, eo quod Cancellaria 8f alias Curix Regis fuerunt tunc aperta,in quibus lex 
fiebat unicuique, prout fieri confuevit, quod contra cartam de libertatibuscum 
didus Thomas fuit unusParium & Magnatum Regni non imprifonetur, &c. 


Cap. ^i Of Murder. ^j 

Nee didus Rex fuper cum ibit, ncc fuper cum mittct, nifi per legale judicium Pa- 
rium fuorum, &c. tamcn tempore pacisabfque arranianiento, feu refponlione, feu 
Icgali judiclo Parium fuorum, &c. adjudicatus ell morti. 

^ Within a year and a day.] ^,q)^ tljis pcai* ano a Caj) fljall ie account 
ten, iss to be fan. 3f tljc firoke oj poifon, 5c. be gtucn tljc ftra nap of Btanit^ see the Satutc at 
arp,tlje peat fljall cno tljc laft cav of iDccember : foj tljouglj tlje ttrohc oj poi^; Gioocjft. 
fon, $c. iMEtcgibcn in tljc Afternoon of tlje ficlf tiap of Jamtavp, pe t tl)at fliall ^ ^-^ "•9- 
be acfounteo a iMljole oap, foj reguladp tljc iLaljj mafeetl) no fracton of a aapi ang ^ g'^* "• ' 
tlje nap toas anoen, tljat tljerc migl)t be a lul^ole jsear at tlje IcaU after tljc flroke, Lib! '.'fo.°? w^' 
ej potfon, 9t- ft}} a \)t nie after tljat time, it cannot be nifcernen, aiB tlje ILatn pje<: cieyconl cjfe. 
fumes, TmljetljEr l)e Dicn of tlje ftrofee oi poifon, jr. oi of a natural oeatlj ■■, am in 
cafe of life t\)c rule of JLaiu oisglit to be certain. JBut faing tijc pear ann nap iU 
tlje cafe of mtirner ann boinicice, ntufl be accottnten apres le fair, after tljc nrcn, 
if a manbeftrickenojpoifoneti, jc. tlie firll of 3aniiarp, annljenietlj of tljat 
ftcofte 0? poifon tlje firft nap of (©ap, toljctlier (Ijall tljc peca- ann nap be account 
ten after tlje (troke o> poifon giucn, 01 afcer tlje neatlj :* ann it 0)aU be accottnten,45. 
after tlje neatlj, foi tljen tlje man tuas nmtrneten, ann not after tlje ffrofee oj poi^ '" "^y«i°n» "fe. 
fon gtben, 9t. botlj in tljc Blnnittment at tlie fuit of tlje !^ing, ann in tlje Appeal 
att^efuitof tljepartp. ann fo it Ijatlj bitn often anfutiofen contrarp to tl^e 
opinion of Bluftice Stanford. mttrnercr Ijalf a year after tljc murner is re^* Stanf.Pi.cor.<5j. 
ceiten, ann aincn bp anotlier, t^is ^ccelfojp map be 36nnicren 0? 3ppealen toitlj;* x6Afl.p.5i, 
in tljc pear after lit became accctTojp, tljougb it be afcer tlje pear tljat tlje murner 
toas committen, ann fljali be trice taljen tlje p?incipal is attainten, 

31f a murner be committen in tljc nap time in a SCoVun not inclofen, ann tlic ? ^•'•^- '-^^at.i. 
mttrncrer not appjepennen, tlje SCoiMnlljip fijall be amercieni but if inclofen, lEacor*^'^* 
Iflljetljer tljc murner be in tljc nigljt ox nap, tlje Zmn fijaU be amcrcien. aCliep inter'ieges'^regls 
ti^at arc picfcnt Ujljen anp man is flain, ann no not tljcir belt inneaijour to apj^ Edvr.cap.6. 
pjeljeunt|cmtirncrerojmanflaper,fl;allbefinenannimp2ifonen.Mll)atjungmettt ^heiftani.cap.i. 
a iTelon attainten Ojall lja\)c ■■, ann toljat Ijc fijall forfeit i See the fini part of the f "i^- "P-^'&c- 
Inftitutes, Sed.'747. ano lierc cap. ^wngmcnt ann G;j:ecution, Hovenden Anno 

* Nota t^at befoic tlje reign of H. i . t^c lungment fox iFelonp Was not alDoaps 1 108. Simoa 
one, but i&ing H.I. ojnainenbp parliament, tljattlje jungment fojall manner Dun. 
of i?clonics fijouln be, tljat t^c perfon attainten fijouln be Ijangen bj> t^e ncc^ ^^^' ^ ^J?^*°* 
till Ijc be ncan, tj)l)ic^ continuetl) to tW 5ap. ^« moje foj gurnet in t|)c chapter ienft,°^^5. 
of Monomachia. 


54 ^^P* 8» 


CAP. VilL 
Of Homicide. 

Omicidium ex vi tormini compjcfjctttiett) ^ctit SCrcafon, ^utticrj ano 
tljat toljtcl) is fommonl}) callcti Span^flaug^tct : for Homicidium eft Ho- 
roinis csdium, attli Homicidium eft Hominis occifio ab homine fatSa. SDljcrt fo:c 
tljc rigJjt Diiiifion of ^omiciue is x SEljat of ^^omicines oj 5pan?iJaiigijtcrg,fomc 
h( boluntarp, ano of malice fojetljoitglj.t t as ^ctit SCrfafcn, ann mumr of 
anodjcr, auD mumerof Ijtmfdf. £Df t^c tiuo fojmer tue Ijaue fpokcn ••, am of 
mttrDcr of Ijimfdf toe fijall fpeak Ijereafter. ^f ttian^^flaugljtctg, fome be uoluti;* 
tarpjauD not of malice fojetl;ougljt t of tljefe fome be iTclonp (as fijaU u fljemen 
ijeteaftcr) ann fome ije no iFelonp ■■> £)f tuljiclj, forae be in reflect of gibing back 
ineuitablp in Defence of Ijimfclf, upon an affault of revenge : anu fome "Oaitiif 
out anp gibing backs as upon ti)e affault of a SCijief o} Mobbcr upon a man in Ijis 
JjottfCjOj ab?oaD. &ome upon ilje affault of one tljat is unaer cuftonpv as ti^e ^\)Zfi 
3 E.g.cor.290; rif> oj €ioaler affaulteo bj? ^lis pjifoner ; &ome in refpett t^at ^e is an Officer oj 
289.311. spinittcc of Btuftice, toit^out anp affault in execution of Ijis^Dffiice, oj lawful 

Britton cap. 7. jjaacrant. antr laftlp, fome i^omicincSjtl^at be no if clonv, be neitljcr fo?etljougI)t 
noj Doluntarpi as man^flaugljtet: bp mifaDbentute, per infortunium, oj cafu. 0nij 
fomeoftljefctljatbenoiTelonp.arecaufesof forfeiture of a mans goons, ana 
fome be not : an* of tljefe federal bjancljes in tljcir ojucr. 0nD firtt of-muwcc of 
a mans f£lfj xoljo commonlp is calleu Feb de fe. 

Felode fe. Felo de fe (s a man 01 tooman, toljtc'^ being Compos mentis, of fouttti mes* 

mojp, anu of tljc age of nifcretion kiUctlj Ijimfelf, iul;icl) being iatofuUp founti 
bptiyeoat|)of ttuclbemen, all tlje gootis anu cljattels of t^e partp fo oftensing 
arc fo^fciten. 

Rig»ia. i^o^ let m perufetlje federal bjancljes of tliiis ocfcription, Majus eft delldJ-um 

feipfum occidere, quam alium. 

« Rot. ciauf. € Being compos mentis. ] a 3f a man lofe Ijis memoip bp tlje rage of ficfe^ 

I E.i.m.7. nets 0} ittfjrmitp, oj otljertoife, anu kill Ijimfelf ujljile Ije is not compos mentis. 

Rot. ciauf. \)e is not Felo de fe; foj, as Ije cannot commit muroer upon anotljer, fo in tljat 

Ro^crtideKcfton ^^^^ ^^^ tmnot commit murDer upon tiimfelf. b Jf one miring tl)e time tljat Ije is 
^ E.J. 'cor.3i4! ' "°" compos mentis gibctlj Ijimfclf a mojtal tJ30unD,tol)ercof l)e, toljcn l)e \}nt\) re* 
Rot! Efcheat. ' cobcrcti \)i$ memojp,Dictlj,l)C is not Felo de fe ; becaufe, tlje flrokc to^iclj toas tlje 
Anno 47 E.3. cauf C Of Ijis Dcatl), lUaS giben Daljen Ije toaS not compos mentis : Et adus non facit 
Aicate ^'"^"^ tmm, nifi mens fit rea. 3,f a man gibe Ijimfclf a tnounB, intending to be Felo de fe, 
b 8 E 2. Cor. 412. ^"^ ^^^^^J """^ toitljtn tljc pear anD nap after tlje toounD, Ijc is not Felo de fe. 

T2 E.3. Cor. 244. _ , - . Ii Of the age of difcretion. J l^ereof we Ijabe fpoken befojc treating 

of murfcr, 

f 44E.3.44. ^ Kill himfclf.] c ainu t^is is often boluntarp, anb fometime not bolun# 

?E.3. cor. 28(5. tarp. 3if A. gibe B. fuclj a ffroke, as Ije felletlj Ijim to tlje grounD, B. bjabjetl) 

^ '■^^' Ijis knife, anb Ijolbs it up for Ijis objn befence : A. in Ijaff meaning to fall upon 

B. to kill Ijim, fallctlj upon tlje knife of B. luljerebp Ije is bDoiinncb to Dcatlj,ljc is 

Felo de fe ; foj B. tiTj notljing but tljat luljicl) tbas lawful in Ijis obin befcnce. 

d ^ Lawfully found. '] d J^o goobs be fojfeiteb, until it be laiofullp founa 
bp t^e ^'atlj of ttoelbe men, tljat ^c is Felo de fe : anb tljis botlj belong to t{t 


Cap. 8. Of Homicide. ce 

Cojoncr fuper vifum corporis, to intiuirE tljcrcof : anD if it lie founu liefoje f^e 

COJOnCt fuper vifum corporiSj tljat Jje tua.S felo de fe, a tl)C fiSrecutO?? OJ ^Umi;? " 

niftratojs of tljc ocati fljall Ijane no ttaijcrfe tljcreiuuo. 3nti tljis 10 tljc reafon, *^ ?• '^• 
tljat no man can y:cfcribc to Ija^c iFelons poDs,l3erawfc t^cp arc not fojfeiteDjUn*' 
til it be fount) of Mcco?.U, tijat Ije is Felo de fe. 

b 3!;f a man be Felo de fe, anB is catt into flje fca, oj otljertotfc fo fecretip %ixif^ ^ 
Ben, as tl)e Cojonct cannot Ijauc tljc Dielu of tlje boopvann bp coufeciucncc can*^ ["''T '^'"gsEtnch 
not inciuitc tljcrcof t 3n tljis cafe it map be intiuireo thereof bp tl;e 3uOiccs of in\hrca(eof o*!!" 
|.ieace of tljat Countp i foj tljep Ijabc potoer bp tljcir Commiffion to ino.itirc of Uuginon of che- 
allirclonies.liBvttifitbcfountibefojetljcm, tl)C ©recutojs oj 0omini(tratojs ^"^^ 
of tljcticati map Ija^c a traberfetl)ercunto,butno£ to tljc inoiftment taken befojc see8E.2.cor.4ii. 
tlje Cojoncr fuper vifum corporis, as bcfojE is faiti : Slna fo it Ijatb bren refolDeo. | -•?•*^°'■■J^*• 
;g[nD fo in i\)t cafe aboviefain map tlje ?f»ings^ll5encl) cntiuirctljcreof, if t^e ires' S1anf.pi.cor.134. 
ion^ be committeo in tljc Countp toljere t\)z JJiings^H^cnclj fit, ano tlje CSjcecutojiS 
oj ;atiminiKracojs of tljc Beao map traberfe tlje fame. 

^ Are forfeited. ] aibe'it c Bracaon toas of opinion i t1)at if a man tijat c 8 E.2.cor.42^. 
toaSreus alicujus criminis captus fit proeodem, lupote pro morte hominis, vel 44 E-3-44' 
cum furto manifefto, vel quod utlegatus fit> & metu poenx imminentis mortis mor- *?, E.3.cor.259. 
rem fibi confciverif, hasredem non habebit, quii lie convincitur felonia prius fa- \ E'.V.?.°cor? 2V1. 
fta, viz. furtumj mors hominis, vel hujufmodij & confcientise metus in reo pro 5 Mar.Dier.i6o. 
confeffo habetur. Aliud erit fi non fit in crimine deprehenfus, &c. non debet in 9Eiiz.pier.252. 
aliquocafuexhaeredatio fieri, nifi prsecedat crimen, propter quod periculum mortis ^""-''o-J-f-rso- 
vel membrorum fuflineri debet, &c. 515ut t\)t JlalM makes no fuel) OibcrCtpt ^foj d p[.com.25^ifat 
Felo defe,tol)atfoebec offence lje=^at!)committeiJCU)ljereofl)e teas not inljislife &b. per touc's les 
time attainteo) fijall fo jfcit no lanos, but Ijis gooDS ano cljattels onlp. e Snu fo J"^?c«- 
faitl) Britton, En cafe ou home eft felon de foy mefme, foicnt fes chateux judges c^n"°'j*^N*''* 
nous come chateux de felon, le heritage nequident remoine as heires. ifoj nO man cap. '21'. ^ °'°'' 
can fojfeit Ijis ilano luit^out an attainticr bp courfe of 3ia\u. 

a/csillain giijetlj ijimfclf a mortal toouno, tljc ILojB feifctlj tiis soons, t^e /fi-com a^o.b. 
XKillain after oiet^ of tljc wounTi toitljin tlje pear ano tfjc oap, tljc goons are 

0nri Ijerein g ttjere is a tiucrfitp hzmm Cljattels perfonels in ^fiion, anu in e 8 E.4.4. 
polfeffiott : foj if a Debt be otoing to ttoo, unlefs it be in cafe of two jopnt Sger^ Pi-com. ij^.b. 
djants, ano tlje one is Feb de fe, Ije Dotlj forfeit tljc Mjole : but otljertuife it is 
of gooos in yoffcffton, foj t'^ere Ije fojfcitetlj but Ijis part. h Pi.cotn.2(5®. 

a iLeafe h is maoe foj pears to tlje Ijusbanu ano toifc, tlje Ijusbantr ujotonettj Dier » Mar.ios. 
Ijimfclf, tlje Jleafe isfojfeiteti, as pou map rcao at large in Plowdens Com:? 

i^otj let x\$ yerufe tljcbjancljes into tuljiclj blcoop ^omicioe oio fpeno an» 
cmptp it felf. 

C&ome^anflaugljtersbcDoluntarp, ano not of malice fojett)Ougl)t, upon 

fome fuODcn falling out, Delinquens per iram provocatus puniri debet mitius. 
Sntit'^isfojtiiftinttionrakciscaHetiflBantlaugljtcr. SCljcrc is no oiffetence be^ 
ttottn spuroer anu S©anflaugljter,but fbat tlje one is upon malice fojetljougl)t,anD ' Lib.4.foi.44. 
iljc otljer upon a fuboen occafion x ano tljcrefoje is calico Cljancc^mctilp. 2s if Bibithcs «fc. 
tluomcct togctl)er, anD ftriDing foj tl)e lojall tljc one kill tlje otljcr, t^isis Span;^ ic 'mp i^""^'^'^' 
flaugljter ano iFelonp. Sno fo it i^^ if tl)ep t)ao upon tljat fuoocn occafion gone 4^ Aii;?!." Scc 
into tljc fielos ano fougljt, ano tlje one IjaO killeo tljc otljcr : tljis (as Ijatlj ban the ftat. of gioc. 
faio) Ijao ban but spanflaugljter, anO no murocr v bccaufe all tljat follotoco, toas cap.29- 
but a continuance of tlic firtt fuoocn occafion, ano tljc Ijcat of blooo kinoleo bp 'g^''^ °'^"'^'*' 
ire toasne\3cr coolco, till tljebloto toas giwn, 8c tic de fimilibus. ^. ^^j. '^'" ^°'' 

Spanflattgljteriisi?cIonp, anoljereof tljcremap be accetToiies after tlic fact see hereafter 
tone: but of spuroer, tljcre map be acceffojics as toell bcfoxc as after tljc fart. ". loi. of judge- 

C^ome be ^toluntnrpjano pet being oone upon an inevitable raufc,arc no fc^ ^^"' "^ ^''"'i- 
Jonp. 2s if A. be affatiUco bp B. ano t^cp figljt togetljcr, ano befoac nnp mojtal dea,'h of Yman fe 
blou) giocn, A. giDctlj back, until Ijc comctlj unto a Ijcoge, toall, oj otljct Crait, defendendo. 

31 bcpono 


Of Homicide. 

Cap. 8^ 

/J 43 Affiji. Roi. 



John Imperials 


h 21 E.?»i7. 


4 H.7.2. 

C Lib.4,fo.44. 

Eibitlis cafe. 

Semayns cafe. 
26 Afl.p.23.3:. 
29 Aff.p.25. 
5 E.3.cor.3o5. & 

22 E.3.cor.2£^i. 
21 H.7.39. 
f -24 H.I. cap. 5. 
^ 3 E.3.cor.290. 
2.2 E.3.cor.£oi. 
M. :2.E.3. coram 
rege Rot. 181. 
Kot. liberr. Anno 
1 &2 E.I m.2. 
i)Pafch.i6.E. 5. 
Coram regc. 

i J I H.7.21. 
"Vid. hereafcer 
cap. againft riding 
and going armed. 
^Mirror cap.r. 
§.15. Des adven- 

/Braa. Iib.3. • 
See the flar. of 
GI0C.C3.9. Marl. 
cap. 15. 
Fleta lib. I. ca 30. 
Mir.cap. i.§.9. 
w Draft, lib. M 10. 
b Sed eric diflin- 
guendum utrum 
quis dederit ope- 
ram ret licicx vel 
illicLta-, &c. 

2H.4. 1,8. 
11 H. 7. 23.3. 

bcpDUB toljid) \)Z cannot ^safis, anD tljen in Ijis olun tcfeucc, anD foj fafcgtiarn of 
Ijiis cum Ufc kiUetlj t\)t odjer : tljis is ijoltmtarp, ann pet no j?eIonv,anD tljc 5u# 
rp tijat fine it ixia? 35one Tc defendendo, ougljt to finn tlj£ fpccial matter, a Sna 
j)ct [iici^ a precious icgaro tlje ilalo) Ijatlj of tlje life of man, tliouglj tlje caufe liiaa 
incDitaljlc, ^ tljat at tljc common liain ije fijculo Ijaijc ruffcrcD i^eati) : ann iljougij 
tljc statute cf Glocefter faDe Ijisi Ufej^et Ijc fljall fo jfcit all ijis pous ana cljattrl?. 
c T^f fcof tljcre can be no acceffojiegjCitljei* befoje oj. after tlje factjbccaufe it is net 
tone felleo animo, but ttpon inetoitaWC neceffitp fe defendendo. 3^ A. alTauft B, 
fo fiiercclp anti biolentlp, ann in fuc^ a place, ana in fuclj manner, m if B. fijOuiD 
gine bacfe, Ijefljoula be in tanger of W Ufe, l;emaj) in tljis cafe Bcfena Ijimfeif i 
ana if in tljat acfencc Ijc feilletlj A. it is fe defendendo, becaufe it is not aonc fel- 
leo animo : fojtlje rule is, toljen Ije aotlj it in Ijis tmxi aefencc, upon anp incui^ 
table caufe, Quod quis ob tuteiam corporis fui fecerit, jure id fecifTe videtur. 

C some toitljout anv gibing back to a inall, ^t, oj otljcr inebitabic caufe. 
^00 if a tljief offer to rob oj muraer B. eitljer abjoaa, oj in Ijis Ijoufe, ana tljcre^ 
upon affault l)im, ant B. aefena Ijimfelf toitljout anp gibing bacfe, ana in Ijis ac^ 
fence killetl) tbe tljief, tl)is is no JTelonp , foj a man tljall ncber gibe iiiap to a 
tljtcf, $c. neitljer (ball Ije forfeit anp tljing. e 2na fo it is acclarea bp ilje &ta^ 
tutc of 24 H. 8. jLikebjife/if a pjifoner affault tlje (Coaler, ilje €?oaler is not' 
bp 3Lab) infojcea to gibe back ; but if in aefencc of Ijimfelf Ijt kill tlje pjifoncr, 
tljis is no i^clonp. 

g ^0 if anp officer oj Spiniffcr of Ivi^ite , tljat Ijatlj labaful boarrant, 
ana tlje partp affault tlje £»fficcr oj £©inittcr of ^v&ittt Ijc i% not bouna bp 
liab) to gibe back, but to carrp Ijim aboap ; ana if in c;cecution of Ijis £)fficc 
Ije cannot otljerboifc auoia it, but in ftribing kill Ijim, it is no i?clonp. ^na in 
tljat cafe tlje Officer oj fll5inifter of Suffice fljall forfeit nothing, but tlje partp fo 
affaulting oj offering to flp- atoap, ana is killca, fljall fojfeit Ijis gooas ana 

h Vicecomes feu ballivus Domini Regis, qui interficit duos latrones non per-i 
mittentes fe jufticiarii in fui defenfionem, & non e^ felonia, feu malitia, ac- 

i 3if at a 3uft 6} aTurncment, oj at ttie plap toitlj a>b30ja ana JiBuckler bp tlje 
3tiings commanament, one aotlj kill anotljer, tljis i% no if elonp. i^3;n tlje reign 
of ?SingH.^. it bjas enattea, tljat if in fuclj cafe one bias flain, it fljoula be 
no iPeloup, foj tljat in frienaip manner tljep contenaea to trp tljeir iTrengtlj, 
ana to be able to ao tlje JSing ferbice in tljat kina, as occafion fijoula be 

C'SDljcre is an ^^omiciae tljat is neitljer fojetliougljt noj boluntarp. / 0s if 
a man kill anotljer per infortunium, feu cafu, tljat is ^gomiciae h^^ mifabbenture. 
De amputatore arborum, qui cum ramum projiceret, infcius occidit tranfeuntem : 
aut cum quis pilam percuflerit, &c. excujus idfu occifus eft, tales de homicidio 

non tenentur. ^omiciaebp mifabbenture, is baljcn a man aotlj an act, tljat is not 
unlabjful, btiljiclj baitljout anp ebil intent tenaetlj to a mans acatlj. 

^ Unlawful. ^ m 3,f tlje act be unlaboful, it i% mtirber. 0s if A. mean^ 
ing to fteal a SDecr in tlje ^ark of B. Djootetlj at tlje 2Dar, ana bp f^e glance of 
tlje arrpb) killetlj a llBop tljat is Ijiaaen in a buflj : tljis is muraer, foj tljat tlje act 
buas unlaboful, altljouglj A. Ijaa no intent to Ijurt tljc llBop, noj kneb) not of Ijim. 
lout if E. tlje objner of tlje park Ijaa fijot at Ijis oban SDetr, ana bJitljout anp ill 
intent Ijab killea tlje 315op bp tljc glance of Ijis arrob), tljis l)aa ban i^omiciae bp 
mifaauenture, ana no i?clonp, 

n §>o if one fljoot at anp boila fobil upon a tree, ana tlje 0rrob) killetlj anp reas* 
fonablr creature afar off, bjitljout anp ebil intent in Ijim. tljis is per infortu- 
nium : foi it bias not unlawful to fl]00t at tlje biila fotol : but if Ijc Ijaa fijot at 
a Cock 01 l^en, oj anp tame fob)l of another mans, ana tljc 0rrobJ bp mifcljance 
l)aa killca a man, tljis "^aa ban muraer, foj t^e act ujas unlaboful. 

C Without 

Cap.^* Of'Deodands. 57 

^ Without any evil, intent. ] 3f a man fenotoing tljat man? people 
tome in t\]t flCLtt from a .^etmon, tl) joto a Itonc otjcr a toall, intenDing onip to 
fear tljcm, oi to ^i\it tijcm a iigljt fjtirt, ana tljcre upon one is feiUcD, tljts is mur<= 
Dcr i foj %t Ijan an ill intcnt,tl)OUgl) tljat intent ejctenoeo not to lieat{),anD tiougf) 
!;e fencto not tl)C part? flain. iFoj t^e feilling of anj> Ijp mtfanbentitrcj oj bp 
Cljance, albeit it be not i^elonp, Quia voluntas in delittis, non exitus fpedatur i 
yet i)e fiiall forfeit tljcrefoje all %\^ ©oodsi ano Cljattel0, to tlje intent tljat men 
aoulo be fo luarp to Dirett tljeir action?, ais tljep tenu not to tl;e effwCon of man? 

Nee veniam effufo fanguine cafus habet. 

Nota, |;)omicitiei? callctiChancemedley, oj Chancemelle, foj tl)at it i0 DOnc 
bp-c'^ancc (toitl)out pjemcDitation) upon a futitien bjatole, flHtffltngj ojcontenti;* 
on X fo J meddle J melk (n fome fap; iji an ancient ifrcncl) too?ti, anti GgnifictI) 
b?atulc, OJ contention. If ut 5 take it tljat tlje fu\\i% toojb is mefie, tol;ic^ Cg^ 
nifping fljuffling oj contentiing, ano bp corruption tne cljanging ilje S. to D. no 
call it medle, tl)c S. being not pjonounceH, toliereof toe Ijatoe mane medletum. 
&o as killing of a man bp cl)ancc#metile, is killing of a tnan upon a futmcn 
bjatoleo J contention bvrijance. ifoj t^e uioiti [medle oj mellej toljereof tuc .. 

i^abe maOea ilatin toOjO medletum OJ melletumjreeGlanvillj lib.i. cap. 2. Cog- ^ ^"'' 
nofcere de medjetis, de verberibus, de plagis: tljat is,0f bjatoling, Oj bjabling, 
ef batter?, of uiounoing : tlje firtt in toojos, tlje otliec tiaio in firokes, etc. in 
ancient time erpjclTetibvtljercttoo&ajtontoojiis, vlx. Flit,aFlitan, tobjatulci 
&Filif, iBljiclj me retain ftill to figljt iuljen it pjocceos to blows, Und« Flitwit, 
FlichwitCj Fightwite, &c. 

anB tljus mud; of ^omicine committed bp man. &a in ttie nc]ct Cljaptet of 
SDcocanns, of anotljer kino of killing of a man. 

Of Deodands. 

DEodands ta^ctt an? a mobeable tljing inanimate, t% b bcali animate, il^'^^A^'f^' 

lio mobe to, oj caufe tljc untimelp beatlj of an? reafonable creature bp ^ mii'i wheel. 
mifct)ance c in anp Cotmtp of t^e Healm (anu not upon tlje S>ea, oj upon Fieraiib. 
anp fait iuater) tjjitljout tlje toill, offence, oj fault of liimfelf, oj of anp perfon, quicquid mobile 
^aCi^ep being Co founti bp labjful incntifition of tiuclbe men, being precium fic'n moiend-no. 
fanguinis, tljepjiceof bloon, are fojfeiteo to (0oti, tljat is to tlje!Stng, (i^obs jlaSr Jo.^' 
ILieutenantoneartl), to be btfttibitteb in toojks of tljatttp fo^lje appeaCng of a maffe of ear^ 

€l>DtlS tojatl;. in a mine. 

2nb it is to be obferbeb, tljat tljere is a biberfitp, as concerning ti^e SDconanb, * ^"[f k' h'*"^"* 
toljen t^e partp flain is baitljin tlje age of oifcretion, viz. of 1 4. pears, anb inljen cane &c "^* 
Ije is abobc tlje age of bifcreticn. ifoj to'ben Ije is flain bp fall from a cart, Ijojfe, cBr/aon i.b. j. 
.min,$c. anb is toitljin tlje age of bircretion,tl)cre is no 2Deobanb,asit is abjubgcb 
*in8E.2.tit.Coron.38p.)lBtttotljerb3ifeitisif anore, "^ojfCjbull, ojtljc Xi^ty Bricton fo.(f.i5. 
Xio kill anp toit^in tlje age of bifcrction, tljere tlje fame ate a)eoDanbs. ^}'"°^ "^" '' 

;anb t^is iLato concerning SDeobanbS) is grounbeb upon t\t lato 6f <5ob, 
Exod. 2. verf. 28. Si bos cornu percufferit virum, aut mulierem, 8c mortui fuerint, 45 E-s.z.b. 
lapidibus obruetur. &» Stlftice Stanford lib. i. cap. 12. toljicl) nab not bcrc to "^'If^^ 4E-i-Stat.; 

be reciteb. B6f A. killetlj a man toitl) t^e ftooxb of B. tlje itam ftall be forfeit to TiTv^^\ 

61. a. Qua: movent ad moriem funt Deo danda. i Mar. ibid. J 07. b. Kelway zi H. 7. fo. 8. <^Lib. 5. fo. iio.Fox- 
leys cafe accord. And this is the reafon chey cannot be cliimed by prefcriptian. 45 E. 3. ubi lupra. Fletaubi fiip» 
{ 8 £. 2. Cor. 38$. /Exod. 2. a8. 

3B 2 ttw 


Of Buggery, 



Doa. & Scud. 
Er.Forfeiu 112. 

All our ancient 
Authors ubi fupra. 

Rot.Parl. 51 E.3. 
nu. 73. 

*The arm of the 
fei is included 

tticilitng a^ a SDeoBanUj tsecaufe movetad mortem > attti foj tiefauU of fafc iktt^ 
jjing of il)C fame Ijv tlje otonec. 

5!5ut uotu tljat tec IjaDc titcu, anti rcfcrrcti pott to oui'JKoofesi cf Jlato alrcaup 
feitoten aiiti pttliUfijea : Ictuscaltour epc upon fome IScrojDS of ^^adtamciit 
fottccttting 2Dco!jaitBS,ofjOj out of fljips oj otljetrliclfcls upott MibcrsSjO; OTarcriS, 
fccfl) oj faUjtIjc ilaiu Iscing dcatjtl^at in aqua duici tljcrc map iic 2r'fol)anii0, but 
in ti)C fca, cj in aqua falfa, Ijeiiig aitp arm of tl)c fea, tljougl) it Ic in tljc loap of 
tljc Couutp,tl)crc can be no SDconanis of tljc 0)ip, j anp part tijcrcof, tljougl) anp 
be Djolunco out of it i becaufe, tljouglj tlje arm of tl)c fcabe luitljin tljc bonp of 
t\)t Cottntp, tlje fl)ip oj otljcr Dctfel i0 fubjert to fuclj oangeris upon tijc raging 
luaijcisin refpctt of t^c loins aun tempclf. 0nB t'^iis oiuerfttp ootlj notablp ap^ 
pear in tbc parliament Moll. 0mongtt tl;e petitions in parliament it is oc*^ 
firen, ,tljat if it l)appcn anp man, oj bop to be Bjotunen bp a fall out of anp fljtp, 
boat, oj vjeffel, tljcp iljall be no 2Deooanti0. Mljercunto i%z iiing upon great ac? 
ijiceaito coixferenrc witl) liis ^utges ano Councel leacneo Cas aHuaps tlje ilsing 
5otlj to Petitions in parliament; mace anfluer, SCbe fljip, boat, oj beffel being 
upon "*• tlje fea, fljaU be aotuDgea no SDcooanu, but being upon a frefij riwr, it is 
a SDeooano, but tl;e i>ing mill fljeij) fabour. 

&a ttie like "petitions in otljcr ISolls of Parliameitt, Anno i R. 2. nu. 106. 
4 R. 2: nu. 33. 1 H. 5.&C. but ne\)cr obtaiueti moje tljen t)^z Common Jlaiu 
gabe in tljefe cafes. 

G A L, ^. 

2 J 
S Eliz. ca. 17. 
1 Mar. ubi fup. 

Horrendum illud 

Rot.Parl. fo £.3. 
nu. 58. 

Bticton ca.9. 
Gen. 19. 9. 
F.N.B. 269.3. 
Mirror ca.4.§. de 

Of Buggery, or Sodomy. 

Ii? anp pcrfon Qjall commit liuggerp teitlj mankinB ojbeaff i h^ atttl)Ojttp of 
parliatncntjtljis offence is anjucgcD ii'elonp witljout benefit of Clergp.But 
it is to be knoluH, (tljat 38 map obfer^e it once foi all) tljat tte Statute of 2 5 H.8. 
Tjjas repealen bp tlje Statute of i Mar. toljerebp all offences mace i?elonp oj 
Premunire bp an Sitt of Parliament mane fincc i H. 8. lucre gencrallp rcpcalen, 
but 25 H. 8. is rebiijcB bp 5 EHi. 

Buggcrp is a neteftablc aiiD abominable fin, amongft C^jiilians not to be 
namco, committeo bp carnal knotoUiage againlt tl)e £D?Dinanc£ of tl)e Creator, 
aito ojber of nature,bp maufeinu teitl) mauktnD,tj ym^ bjutc beaft,oj ;^p toomatiJ= 
feintj teitlj bjute beaff. 

Bugeria is an BStalian VBojc, anc ftgnifics fo muclj as is befoje uefcriben, Ps- 
deratks ojPaiderefles isa ©Jttfe lOJOjC, Amator puerorum, Djljicl) iS but a Species 
of Buggcrp, ant) it Uias complnincti of in parliament, tljat tlje JlttmbarDS liao 
bjougljt into tlje Mealm tlje fljameful fin of &o5omp, tljat is not to benameu, 
as tljere it is fain, ^tir ancient Sutljo?s no concluoe, ti^at it Deferuetlj oeatij, 
ultimum fupplicium, tljottglj tljep Differ in tlje manner of tlje punifljment. Britton 
faitlj, tljat s>oDomites anc ajifcreants fljall be burnt : ant) fo tucre tlje gJouomites 
bp SJlmiglltp (0Ot). Fleta faitlj, Pecorantes & Sodomitse in teria vivi confodi- 
antur : anU tljeceMtlj agCiStlj tljC Mirror, pur le grand abhomination> atlD ill 
anotljct place Ije faitlj, Sodomie eft crime de Majeftie, vers le Roy celellre. "M^Xl (tO 
fap it once foj all) tlje jungmcnt in all cafes of JFelonp is, iljat tljc perfon attain^ 
teu be Ijangeo bp tbe neck tmtil Ijc oj (Ijebe Dean, l-ut in ancient times in tljat 
cafe, tlje man teas IjangeD, ant) tlje tuoman toas B?otonet), laj^ereof tue i^abc fsest 
eramplcs in tlje reign of R.i. 0nt) tljisistljemcanittg of ancient i^^rancljifes 
gcanteu de Furca & Foffa, of tlje <15aUoius ano tlje pit, foj tbc banging upon t^e 
one, ano rijotuning in tlje otljer i but Foffa is taken atoap, ana f-urca renmias. 


Cap. lo. Of Buggery, 5^ 

Cum mafculo non commifccaris coitu faminco, quia abominatio eft. Cum omni Levit. iC.22,ij. 
pecore noncoibis^nec maculaberiscum eo: Mulier non fuccumbet jumento, nee 'Tim.i, lo. 
mifcebitur ei, quia fcelus efr, &c. 

%\)C 0ct of 25 H.8. Ijati) auju^gcti it ^donv, anti tl)crefo?c t\)t iungmcnt foj 
iTdonp notlj notu belong to ting offence, viz. to be IjangcD bp t^c neck till ^t be 
neat), ^c tl;at rcaDct!) ttc li)jeamble of tlji0 Btt, fljall finis Ijoiu nctelTati) tl)C teas' 
Ding of Ota- ancient autljojB is; W\)Z a)tatutc tiotl) take atuap tljc benefit of Clers^ 
gp from tJjc SDelinqucnt. 2!5ut no\i3 let tts perufe tlje uioxu?! of t^jc lain aefcripti^ 
on of JEuggci'p. 

fi Deteftable and abominable] 2C{jefe juft attributeis arc foun» in i%t 
;3rtof25H. 8. 

^ Amongft Chriftians not to be named. 1 SEijefe U)o?.ii0are in tljc uftt*= 
al 3inlii(tment of tljig offence, ann arc in effect in tljc parliament Koll of 50 E.3. 58. 

■ @ By carnal knowledge, &:c. ] snije IrojDg of tljC 3lnUi£tment be. Con- 
tra ordinationem Creatoris, & naturs ordinem, rem habuit veneream, diilum- ^ 
que puetum carnaliter ^ cognovit, Sec. ^i« aa ttjCre muft be penetratio, t|)at i)?, ded' u^ '^ ^'h""° 
res in re, cttljEt luit^ manlunQ oj tuitl) beaJl, but tl)e Icafl penetration maketl) it worTof God. 
carnal kno\3Jletige, ^i sec tljc 3nmftmcnt of Stafford, vuljicljtu?i!Si!jauanbpgrtat viz. Gen. 19.4,5. 
anbice, foj committing SEuggcrp iwitl) a boy ■■, fo? usljiclj Ije leagi attainteD, anD J"'^g« 'p- 22. 
IjangeD. ^^^ '=*'g°°''"njcs 

^ 2Elje Sodomites camc to tljis abomination bp four mcang, viz. bp pjine, cjc^ acoke lib.'intr. 
cefjsof SDiet, iolenefe, ant> contempt of t^epooj. Otiofus nihil cogitat, nifi de 352.Mich.'y. 
ventre & venere. llBotlj tljc agent anD confcntient arc iTelons : ano iljiss is confo^ i^- coram rege. 
nant to t'^C JLatU of (JJoD. cQ^l dormierit cum mafculo coitu foemineo, uterque ^Ez«l^.i6.49. 
operatus eft nefas, & morte moriatur. 0nD tljiS acC0JDCt|) Uiitlj tlje ancient Mule Deut.aj^a^'. 
flf JlalJ), Agentes & confentientes pari poena plecSentur. Efay'ijiig! 

Emiffiofeminis maketlj it not 51Buggerj>, but is an cbioence in cafe of ffiuggcrp 3er.i3-'4-49'>8.' 
of penetration : awi Co in Uapc tljc wojDs be alfo carnaliter cognovit,an5 tljcrc^ ^'^ 
foje tljete mull be penetration ■, anti emiffiofeminis iMitljottt penetration ma;* a "pet '2^6 '^^' 
jketl) no IXapc. videintljeCljaptcrof ISapc. 31f tlje partp buggei-CD be toitljin lud.verV.?. 
t^t age of Difcretion, it is no iFclonp in Ijim, but in tlje agent onlp. Wljen anp Rom.i.26,27. 
.offence is i?elohp eitljer bp tljc Common Jlato,oj bp §>tatutc-,all ^cccffojies bot^ Sapient. 10.^,7. 
befoje anu after, arc inciDcntlp incluDCD. d g>o if anp be pjcCent, abetting ano , coV c ^/'' ^' 

fiiDing anp to 00 tljc act, tljouglj tlje offence be perfonal, anD to be Done bp one on^^ di, &'4 p. & Mar. 
Ip, as to commit Hape,not onlp Ijc tljat Dotlj tljf act is a p^ncipal, e but alfo ti^cp J"ftice Daiifons 
tljat H pjcfent, abetting, anD aiDing tlje miSDocJ, arc principals alfo, luljit^ is ^^po"?- 
a proof of tljc otljcr cafe of ^ODomp. ' Pi?nm'"^^°^ 

H Or by woman. ] SCljis is loitbin tlje purijicn of tljis M of 25 H. 8. Sce xhtxl'm of 
iFoj t^c iJojDS be, if any perfon, &:c. loljidj ejctenD as lucU to a tooman as to a ^^^ inftitntes in 
man, anD tljcrcfojc if llje commit ISuggerp toit^ a 0catt, ftc is a perfon ti^at uDo^^h°s"°°t 
commits JlEuggcrp tnitlj a HScaft, to toljiclj eno tljis imojd [perfon] toas ufcD. 3nD of w. ifcap!!^ 
tljcratljcr, foj tljat fomctoljat before tlje making of tljis 3(t, a great iLaop IjaD andw,'34»' 
committcD ilcuggerp initlj a315aboou, auD concci^cD bp ityU^ 

SCljere be four fins in Ijolp Scripture calleD Clamantia peccata, crping finsf, 
TO)l)ercof tljis Deteftable fin i^ one, cjcpjeffcD in tijis Diftichpn. 
Sunt vox clamorum, vox fanguinis, & Sodomorum, 
Vox oppreflbrum, merces detenta labotum. 


6o Cap. 1 1- 

Of Rape. 

Deur.21.25. "P Ape ig i?clonj> hv the Common llato, ncclareu bp Parliament foj t'^c un^ 

Inter leges Aive-* XV latoful auf cantal knolulengc anu abufe of anp tuoman abo\3C t!;e age of 

redicap.ij. jd jieatis agaitift l)er laiW, o} of a taoman rtjtlo inmcr tlje age of ten pearss 

Seew 2!c??°4. ^'^^^^ ^^^^ *"i^^' ^"^ ^5^^"^ ^^^"^ ^^^^' ^"^ ^^^^ offender (Ijall not ija^c tl;c benefit of'?. * Clcrgp. 

Ror.Pari.8 E. 2. Mljat offcncc t^t? ttas at t1)c Common ilato, anB \am m$ of parliament 

& Rot.ciauf. ijaije ijfc„ cnatttt concerning tljc fame ■■, ^ff in t^e fecond part of the Inftitutes 

i^nwOuiuan^" "^ ^^^ ejtpofttionupon t^c a>catute of W.I. ca. 13. anu w. 2. ca.34. ann tljc rirft 

aliquis, &c. part of the Inftitutes, §. 1510. 7 H.6.2. 22 E.4.22. 6 H-y-^.b. 

6 a 2Elje toutt tljat toag maDe in 14 Eliz. at toljat age a tooman clulu migljt he 

18, ra\)ifl)e5, toas tlje caufe of tlje m.aking of t^e * 0(t of 18 Eliz. ca. 6. foj plain nt^ 
AiVx indeM'oui ^''^^^tion of t^c JLatD.r %\m if anj) petfon fljoulu unlatofuUp fenoiu ann abufe an? 
terl cafe. " ' tsoman^cliiltj untier the age of ten pearis, euerp iwh nnlatoful a-nti carnal fenota** 
See the i part of lengc OjoulD be J? elonp, ano tl)e offenDer therein being tiiilp coni)i(teD,fljall fuffec 
the inftitute5. ajs a JTelon tuitljout allotoance of Clergv.] 

M^cii ?o°E ' ^ 3ltl)0ugl) t^erc be emiffio feminisji'et if t^ete be no penetratiottjtljat i? res in 
Coram rege Rot. '«, it i0 HO ISape, foj tlje iMojBS! of tlje ^nsjirtment be, carnaliter cognovit, &c. 
1 5 9. London quod <i gn t^e parliament Uolls toe rcati \i3l)at ceteflation Ijatlj ban Ijau of tljig 
ipfam de pueiia- |)ainou0 ofifencc. 3t tl)e petition of Ifabcl late ttie imife of 'John Botiler of Beau- 
81° *V° f^'°"'" ^ fie in t^e Count? of Lancafter i^nigljt, toljiclj Ifabel one William Pull of Wirrall 
7°{iS "'" in ihe Countv of Chefter dSent. fijamefullp tin rabiflj. 3It 10 cnactcD hv Slutho^ 
22 £.'4.22. tit? of l^arliament, tl)at if William Pull 00 not pieln i^fmfelf after ^Ojodama* 

6 H.7.4.b. jton mane againft Ijim, tbat Ije fi)all be tafeen as a 2Eraito} attainten. e Kht fame 

t ^8 E^ ^'•^•J°'*' Ifabel b? anotljcr petition fljetjct, boin tbe faiD William bp ourefsi ann menace of 

* Sec before'in the impjifonment infojcet) lier to marrp bim, ano bp colour tbereof tabifijeti Ijer, foj 
next preceding ti^e toljicl) Qje pja^ctl) Ijet appeal, "oahi^h to Ijer is granteir. 

chapter of Bug- /Margaret late tlje toife cf &ic Th( mas Malefaut iSnigbt, maDe tlie like cora<= 

fi^' p plaint againfl one Lewis Leyfon, alia; Gethey a Welcliman. againtt tobom tlje 5[itie ojner is tafeen, as was fo; tfje fain Ifabel .- only toljere tbe Kape teas com*= 

tin the fame Roll mittcD tn Wales, it is cnacteo, tbattbc famcfl;aH be trien in Somcrfetfliire. 

nu. 15. g tHpon complaint of Henry Beamont «>on anu ^eir of ^r Henry Beamont 

'^fTl^^'a 5Snig^t, anti Charles Vowell (llifciuire, fC. againft one Edward Lancafter of 

e Rot Part Skipton in Craven Cfciuire, foj taking alua? SDame Joan Beamont ilje late 

31 toife of tlje faio S>ir Henry, being lalufullp marrieo to tl)e faia Charles, ann foj 

i> 31 tljat tbe faiD Edward marrieD tbe faiD ©ame Joan againft ^er toill, anD tabi:* 

fteD ber. 0gainft Edward Lancafter anD otljers, remeDp is giben bp appeal, anB 

furtljer h upon occaCons Ijappening tbereupon,tbe S>tatute of 3 1 H.<5. teas maoe, 

lubicb gibetb remeop to a taoman enfojceD to be boimb bp Statute oj £Dbligation, 

as bp tlje art it appearetlj. 

3t is rcaD in ftojp, tljat cljaft Lucretia being tabiOieD, fiic was founb in ex^ 
tream beabinefs, anD it toas DemanDeD of ber, Salvan' ? flje anfwcreD, Quomodo 
mulier falva effe poteft Isfa pudicitia > anD pct thereof it is trulp faiD, duo fue- 
tunt, & unus commifit adulterium. 
Gen.34. 3tn tbe Ijolp l^iftojp pou fijall reaD, Dinam cum vidiflet Sichem filius Hemot 

Hevei princeps terrae illius, adamavit & rapuit, &c. £Dbferbe tocll tobat folloWeD 

* S»m'»J'>4"iaf tbercupon. JLifeetoife Amnon prsevalens viribus fuis oppreftit Thamar fororem 

fuam, & cubavit cum ea, & c. qux afpergenscinerem capiti fuo, fcifla talari tunica, 
impofitls manibus fuper caput fuum ibat ingrediens & damans, &c. anD obferbe 
alio tht cnD of tbe offenDer. 



12. 6 


Felony for carrying away a Woman againft 

her will, &c. 

WCE IjaDc tljottgtjt poDiicjct after ilBuggcrp ann Uapr, to Tpeafe of tljc Exod. 21. i5. 
Itcalingof iMomcn, bccaufctlje-^apotllcijotljranfe, after tl;c Sodo- De"^24•7• 
mite, ijtm tljat is Plagiarius, fo calkD, liccatlfe lege Flavia plagis dam- , h^' c^'a*"* 
naretur. ^nii tac totU begin toitlj tlje Statute of 3 H. 7. cap. 2. 3^ £1* ca. 9, 

Where Women, as well Maidens as Widows and Wives, having 
Jfubftances, fome in Goods moveable, and (bme in Lands and Tene- 
ments, and fome Heirs apparant unto their Anceftors, for the lucre 
of fuch lubftances, been oftentimes taken by mifdoers , contrary 
to their will, and after married to fuch mildoers, or to other by 
their affent, or defbyled, to the great dilpleafure of God, and con- 
trary to the Kings Laws, and difparagement of the faid women, and 
utter heavinefs, and difcomfort of their Friends, and to the evil en- 
lample of all other : It is therefore ordained, eftablilhed, and ena- 
fted by our Soveraign Lord the King, by the advice of the Lords 
Spiritual and Temporal, and the Commons in the laid Parliament af' , 

iembled, and by authority of the lame : That what perlbn or perlbns 
from henceforth that taketh any Woman (b againft her will unlaw- 
fully, that is to fay. Maid, Widow, or Wife, that fuch taking, procu- 
ring, and abetting to the flime, and alio receiving wittingly the fame 
woman fb taken againft her wilH and knowing the fame, be Felony. 
And that fuch mifdoers, takers, and procurators to the fame, and 
receytors, knowing the faid offence in form aforefaid, be henceforth -. •. 

reputed and judged as principal Felons. Provided alway that this Aft 
extend not to any perfon taking any Woman, only claiming her as 
his Ward or Bondwoman. 

SCljiisiartontljcoffeniJCfisyarttiotI) ej:tcnii to all negritj;, anu to all yerfonjs, 
hut crtennett) not to all toomcn : i?D} on tljc tuomailg part jfout tljinp are ne* 
celTaril}) recinireo to make tljc offence iFelon}). jTirtt, %\)U tlje 20aiD, Wife, 
oj WinoU), Ijaijc Jlants o? aTencmcntis, oj mouealile c^oong, oj bcanljeir ap;= 
garant. ^econDlp, SEljat fljc he taken atuap aptnft Ijcr mill. SCljirnip, SC^at 
fijeljentarrieototljcmisiDocrj oj to fome otljec hv Ijis confcnt, oj be aefileij 
( tljat t?, rarnallp fenoton. ) i?o j if t^efe concur not, tljc mirDoer ig no i?clon 
luitljin tlj's Statute, but otljerusifc to be ptintflicB. 0no fo it inag rcfolbeo, }^J^^^,^"' 
3 & 4 Ph. & Mar. 2nD after rcfolijcti hv all tlje ^ftitigess of England upon aDUtfco ^epo" °'"^°"' 
conftDcration of tljig 0tt of 3 H. 7. ano upon contultation auD conference be^* M,ch.26 Eiiz. 
tiuffin tljcm, ass tlje iLojo Dier Ijatlj rcpoucD unner lji0 oUiu Ijano, lyul^ic!) Jljaijc Dier Manufcrip*. 
fan, but tlje report thereof i& omitteo in tljc ^jint, ano tljc ^ntiiftmcntss groun? ^"^ "^^ refoivcd 
ticB upon tljt0 statute, are atcojDing to tlji? rcfolutton. i^ourtljlp, SLbat ftc Anno 29 ei ap"?. 
be not ©iilnro oj 3iBonti\uoman to tljc perfon tljat takcil) l;ct ; oj caufetlj Ijcr to be 
taken onlp as: Ijijs Maro oj 15on5\j]omcin. 

5Bp tljis act, not onlp tljc takcrs,btu tljc p?ocuvcr?,abctter.s cf tlje i^elonv,an6 Nota, quia raro. 
recciuers of tljc fain QJHontanluittinglp, kneeing tljc fame, be all aoiusgca as 
principal JTclon^ : tljc likeluljercof Tojc finO not in anp otljcr s>ratute tbat tx>c xc^ 
member. JlBut hv a couftruttion of tljc Common liaia;, tijcp tl;at rcccitic t^iz vaiU 


-i <— r • ■.' - ^ n I ii ^ i n 111 n MliBBi r-i I — -■ - ■ — I ■ I 

6 2 Cutting out of Tongues, Sec. Cap. i ^ ^ 



Bocrjs, anc v.oi tljc luornan, are accefTojicg ■■> foj tl)i$ j^rt makctlj t^e ttamxs of 
tlj£ iBomaitj ?c. principalis. 
39 Ei;z.cap.2. ifo J tlje oBioutnefs of tljiji offence, tfie Icnefit of Clcrgp i;s tafecn aiuap from 
Keiway 81. b. jill ti)C offcnccvp agajnfi djc tain ^it, vid. Kelway & Stanford. 
Stanf. PI. cor. &>© a goDtantipjofitaWc Statute mane foj fuclj as take a\Dav spaitens, oj 

r& 5 Ph. & Mar. iijomcu cfilDjcn, ^. witl)itttljea$jeof firtecn pears ( tl)Ottg^ it be not againtt 
cap. 8. tljeir tuill ) toitl)out content of parentg,tc. ana a penalty impofeu foj ucflotujing 

Hii.34 Eiiz.iib 3. 0% contracting matrimony xaitl) fttclj tnaiOiS oj toomcn cljilcjen ■, anu furtljer, tlje 
fa 57. Ratdiffcs fo^fgimrc ^jjijidj fuc'^ niaiB 0? tooman cljilo unucrgo, Mjic^ confent to fuclj con;? 
tract, $c. ilBttt becaufe tuc arc noto to fpcak of i?clonicg, toljcrcimto tijat Sltt ejr^ 
tewDs not, tue refer t\)t Kcancr to tlje Statute it felf. ^Dnlp xaz nuiU aiia 9 cafe 
^W^ IOC finu in iijt parliament Moll. 

SElje ilacp Nevil of Effex complainet in parliament, tljat John Brewfe ano 
otljcrs bjafec Ijcr ijoufe at London, anu Diolentlp took tljereout Margery tlje 
SDaugljter of ]ohn Nierford Ijer Son ( bp Ijer firft ^^usbano ) anO carrpen tljc 
faiu Margery aloiap to tlje Ijoufe of Sir Robert Howard ftnigi^t i ano ti^cp kepc 
atoap tlje fain Margery, to tlje enn Qje fijouln not purfuc in Court Clijifiian, foj 
tlje aonullation of a contract of matrimonp, againft ti)e fain John Brewfe. KW 
luaiB ^olflen fo great an offence, a? tlje faiti Sir Robert tuais comntitten bp tlje 
ILojw to tlje SCotocr of London, anu Ijc after founo furetp, ano ^e pjomifeo to co 
IjisuttermolJ to b?ingfo;^tl)tI)efaiD Margery ip a cap pjefircn, oj e\it to fidri 
ilimidl pjifoner to tljc 2Eotoer again : lut it fcems tlje maiD maais reftojeo to Ijet 
mother again, $c. fo}31finii no furtljer pjofecution of t^at caufc. See i^ereafterj 
cap. 45. in tine 43 Eliz. cap. 13. 


Of Felony for cutting out of Tongues, and 
putting out of Eyes, 5cc. 

IF any man do cut out the Tongue, or put out the Eyes of any of the Kings- 
Lieges, of malice prepenftd, it is Felony. SClje mifcljief befoje ttjig Statute 
luais, tliattoljen one Ijao been beaten, toottnUeD, maimen oj robbeo, jc. t^emifi^ 
toers, to tl)e eno tljat tlje partp grievieii migijt not be able to acctjfe tljem, oio cue 
out tljeir tongues, oj put out tljeir epes, pjetenDing t))z fame to be no ifelonp : 
ann tljerefoje it is ojuaincu anu ettablifljcn to be iFelonp h^ tljis 3ct. 

^erc it is to be obferuen, tJjat ttiljere it uotlj appear bp t^e preamble of tljist, tljat t'^is offence IjaD ban before tW ^tt tiailp none : tliis ilaii) oio fo terris= 
fie offenDcrs, as toe remember not tijat Ujc Ijabe rcati in anp HEook j ISeco jn, anp 
to be inmctcD, f c. upontljisiLalu, aboijeoneattljcmott. 0nD of all Statute? 
tl^efe are to be pjeferrco, MiW^ pjebent offences befoie t^ep be none, befoje tljofc 
toliicl) punifl; tljem after tljep be Done, ano tb'crcfojc in tlje making of tljis iLaia 
t'^ere toas Salutarls feverltas, & beata fecuritas. 

^ Malice prepenfed. ] jdjat is, boluntarp ann of fet purpofe, tljouglj it ht 
none upon a fuoaen occafion : fo? if it be boluntarp, t^e ila\i) implietlj malice. 
Braft. lib. 3. tEffilc rea5 in Bradon, tljat tlje cutting off of a mans pjiijp members Doas i?e*= 

fo, 144. b. Jonp bp tlje common Jlato : fo;^ Ije faitl), Quid dicitur a quis alterius virilia abfci- 

derit, & ilium libidinis caufa vel convitii caftraveric ? tenetur five hoc volens fe- 

cerit vel invltus, & fequitur poena aliquando capitalls, aliquando perpetuum cxi- 

lium cum omni bonorum ademptione. ^nfi agraable tfcereimto 31 finB a Jf\e=! 

Rot, Clauf. Anno cojti (ji Bradtons time to tliis effect v Henricus Hall & A. uxor ejus capti &de- 

13 H. 3. m. 9. jgjjfj fyjjj jjj prifona de Evilchefter, eo quod re^ati fuerunt quod ipfi abfciderunt 



Cap. 14. Of Burglary. 63 

virilia Johannis Monachi, quem idem Henricus deprehendit cum prasdicSa A. F.'eia 
uxore ejus, &c. Fleta faitlj, Si quis caftratus fuerir, talis pro mahemiato poterit [^"^:'^*'.'5?' 
adjudicari. 01X0 tljCfClMttlj agrcetljoIUStiatCCSennal! in t^e Mirror i aixC fO tiS seeheraffcT'ta 
tl)eJLatuljoIiicnatt|)i0iiap. 0nii in tl;e Appeal anti Knuittmcnt of Mayhem it 53. of Miyhem.' 
tsi faiu Felonice Mayhemavit i Djljcrcof toe fliall fpeak moje Jjereaftcc in ^im 37 H.8.cap.<;, 
pjoper place. Cutting off of dSarsi is no i?clonp, as it appearetlj bj) tlje §>ta^ Mir, Ar- 
tute of 37 H. 8. vid. Stanf. PI. Cor. 27. a. SCl)t Offender fijall 'me tlje benefit "^' ^■'^' 
of l)i0 Clcrgp. 

Of Burglary. 

AlBurglar (01, tije perfon tj)at committetlj IBurglarp) (0 bp tlje a dTommon 
Jlato a if elDn,tl;at in tljc ntgljt bjealictlj ano entretlj into a manfion i^oufe a inter kg. Edm. 
of anotljei'j of intent to feill fome reafonaWe a*eature, oj to rommit fome-cap.^.fo.';^, 
otljer i?efonv toitljin t\)t fame, tol^eti^cr Ijis felonious intent he cjecuteo oj not. ^^ Deur. 2. 
Mle call it in 3latin Burglaria ; anc in Statute de officio Coronat. ilje offcntieriS 
are callCli Raptores domorum. 

2Cl)isi tooju^Bjrglar ii3 DenwB of tljefe ttoo toojDSj viz. Burgh, fignifping 
an Ijottfe, ano Laron fignifptng a tljief, as it toerc an ljoufe#iljicf. c m)c Karons * ^'^A-^o.^g. 
calico it hurbpec, inter fcelera inexpiabilia. AnU aptlp toaiB it Beriijei) from fin""^'!"'^' 
Latro: foj, Canutifo. 118. 

a lit jugulcnt homines, lurgunt de nocre latrones. cap.6i.Lamb. 

e Britton calletl) l;im a Burgeflbr. ^Cljcn let usi perufe tlje bjancljeis of tljis oe*^ '^ ".o"« iib. i. 
fcription. fl'^- . 

^ ■ , e Bntton fo. 1 7. 

([ In the night. ] / 2nije toojo in tlje ^noictmcnt oj 0ppeal, is, nodlan- 
fer, id e(l, nodtu. 2C|c natural Daj> iS OiDitCO in lucem, ligljt, toljiclj tS(dies/^4E.<?.Er.Cor. 
folarisj ano in tenebras, toljiclj i$ nigljt. g Sno tljcrefojc as long as tlje Dapj^ligljt gf/jf p, 
continues, toljerebp a mans countenance map be oitcerneo, it is calico oap : anO fo!^o. ' °^' 
toi^en oatfenefs comes ano Dap<=ligl)t is paii, fo as bp tlje ligljt of oap pou cannot s 3 E.3.cor,29 j. 
tiifcern t\)t countenance of a man, tljen it is calico nigtit. /:>Pofui tenebras & 
fadla eft nox, in qua pertranfeunt beftice lilvsei fol oritur 8c congregate funt, exit ''F'^I. ro4. 
homo ad opus & operationem fuam, &redit vefpere. SCljiS OOtlj aggravate tlje M-'ibormc f' 
Offence, Ctlj tlje nigl)t is tljc time toljerein man is to reft, ano to^erein 315eafts ' *^' ^* 
run about faking tljcir pjep. 

31n ancient Mecojos Crepufculum was fignifico, toljen it toas faio, Inter Ca- 
nem & Lupum J foj toljcn tl)c nigbt begins, tljc 2Dog flaps, ano tlje Molf fafes 
Ijispjep. ifoj fo toe fino iljc cntrp oftentimes in tlje reign of E. i. as taking 
one C]Cample foj manp. iMargeria filia NicholaideOkeleappellatJohannem 
Chofe pro Raptu, & pace Regis frada, die Martis, &c. inter Canem & Lupum, ' ^^'^ ^' I' '^°' 
id el}, inter diem & nodem, vel in crepufculo, anglice 2Etopligl)t. Glor. ' *' 

^In placito de domo combufta malitiofe hora vefpertina, fcilicet inter Canem Jk, Placita coronjE 
8c Lupum, venerunt malefadores, A. B. &c. apud novum ca- 

/ Ignitegium, a tegendo ignem, i. Cowr /e/f«, hora odava poft meridiem. ftrumanno24E.i. 

m Bradon faitlj,Si quis furem nodurnum occiderit,ita demum impune foret, fi / hIJ, a.R. a^'^col 
parcere ei line periculo fuo non potuit i fi autem potuit, aliter erit, in manibus ram Rege Rot.8. 
enim regis funt vita & mors hominum, ficut coram Rege apud Windefore de quo- London, 
dam homine de Cocham) coram Gulielmo de Ralegh tunc Jufticiario, cui domi- J°r " Imperials 
nus Rex in tali cafu perdonavit mortem. ;3[greEable hereunto toaS tlje Jlato of t^ie wVr'aa.lib.j, for 
ttoelije ffables, Si nodu furtum fadum fit, jure cacfus eft. 144. b. 

K '"' t Break '"'""'• 


Of Burglary, 

Cap. 14' 

I Mar. Dier 99. 

S.'anf. PI. Cor. 

50. a. 

Dier 1 Mir.99.a. 

as Aff.p. ^9.95. 


a 1 E.(5. Br. Cor. 

Brittonfo. 17, 
h 40. in 
Brooks cafe. 
Hil. 58 Eliz. per 
les Juftices, ibid. 
e 23 H. S.cap.i. 
5E. tf.cap. p. 
tee Inter Itgis 
Alvendi c. 6. 
a! Brittonfo. 1 7. 
Dier, I Mar.99' 
12 E.J. lit. cor. 
22 AfT.p. 95. 

26 Afr.i9. 
« 37 Afr.42. 
20 E.2.Cor.285. 
11 E.?. Cor. 1 20.. 
Rot. Clauf. 
gE.g.m. 2. &,i8. 
the Ordinary 
may allow cler- 
gy for Sacriledge. 
/Matth. 21.25. 
g 5 E. 6. cap. 9. 

^ Break and enter. ] %\)t toojcs of t!je 3[n«i«ttii£nt be, Fregit & in- 
travit : auD tljis 13 unccritooB of an ^(^m\ bjealung of ttjc ijoiircj antJ not of a 
breaking in iiaii) : foj eucrpcnti-p into t\)t ^oufc bp a trefpalTer, is a bjealuno; 
in JLaiw > but in cafe of a ^utglarp, cDerp entrp is not a bxtaking of tl;c boufe, 
fOJ tbC lUO^tiS of X\)Z inHiCtment be, Felonice & Burglariter fregit, &c. £!s if t\)Z 
Booj of a manfimt Ijoufe ffannopcn, anntljC tljief enter into tljc Ijotife luiti^ a 
jHtipofe to iicalj tl)i5 ijs a bjcalu«5 of tlje ©oufe in iiato, anD yet no IBurglarp, 
bccaufe tljcre muS be an actual breaking, ho it is if tlie Mintiolu of tljc feoufe 
be open, anD a tljicf "m.^ a ^look oj otljcr engine Djatoetl) out fome of tlie gootis 
of t\)t oluner : tl3is is no ffurglarv, bccaufe tbcre is no actual b;ieaking of tlje 
Ijoufe. ^ut if tbe tljief bjeaket^ tlje glafs of t\)t iDinBolo), anis iuitlj a ^ook oj 
otljer engine ujataetlj out fome of tlje gootij of tbe oiMncc, tljis is ^urglarp, foj 
tbcre \13as an acual breaking of tlje Ijoufe. 3;t is oameu an CUntrp, Iwljen tlje 
tljief bjeaketlj tljc Ijoufc, anu Ijis boDp, oj anp ^nt tljeteof, as Ijis foot, oj Ijts 
arm, is \j)itljin anp part of tlje Ijoufe ; o> tuljen Ije puttctlj a ©un into a tuintroto 
toljiclj ije Ijatlj broken, j into an Ijole of tlje Ijoufe iuljiclj Ijc Ijatlj mabe, of intent 
to muraer oj kill ■■, 0? as Ijatb been faio, a ^ook oj otljer engine into anp part of 
tlje Ijoufe luijiclj Ije Ijatlj bjokcn, of intent to (leal : tljis being put bp Ijim into 
tlje Ijoufe, is an Cntrv ann breaking of tlje Ijoufe. )Sut if Ije uotlj barelp bjeak 
tlje Ijoufe teitljout anp furlj entrp at all, tljat is no 215urglacp, foj it mutt be fre- 
git & Intravit. 

■^ If nibers come in tlje nigljt to so a 5!Burglarp, 'ano one of tljem bjeak ^ txia^ 
ter,tlje reft oftljem ftanoing near to tlje tioo?,oj about otbcr parts of tlje ljoufe,oj 
at a JLane^euD, oj fome ^jc^jaro gate,o?. 5^ielti gate,oj tlje like, to \uatclj tljat no 
ijelp Ojall come to 3.efeni3 anD aiti tlje otoner anti Dlucllerstljis is f-urglarp in all. 

2Dljat teljiclj is none in fraudem legis, tlje iLato gi^etlj no benefit tljereof to tlje 
partp. as if Snijiebes come in tlje nigljt \uitlj^ue anu Crp,pjetemiing tljat tljep 
be robbcu, anti fljall require tljc Conttable to fearclj fo? tlje felons, anD luljilft Ijc 
goetljiMitljtljem into fome mans Ijoufe, tljep binD anD rob tljc Conftable, ana 
Diuellcr, tljis is )lBurglarp •, foj in iuDgment of JlalM it is tljeir act. 

f[ Into a Manfion-houfe. ] JElje SiiDictment Caitlj, Domus manfionalis, 
a manfion oj Dtoelling Ijoufe. 

a Domus manfionalis is Di^DCD into t\)30 bjancljcs, viz. to 3!nfet Cl;Dificej?, as 
^all, l^arler, 3iEuttrp, liitcljing, anD LoDging^cljambers, f c. anD flje ;®utfet 
builcings, as liBarnes, S>tables,Co\u#ljoufes,BDairies,fc. all tljefe are^parcels of 
tke SlBanOion Ijottfc, anD twill pafs bp tlje name of Domus manfionalis. ana albeit 
f^erp £15anfion4joufe Ijatlj not all tljefe builDings, pet c^erp Ijoufe fojtlje Dujcl^ 
ling anD Ijabitation of man is taken to be a seanfiou'ljoufe, toljercin JBurglarp 
map be committcD. 

^ 3f a man tiatlj a fl©anlion4joufe, anD upon fome actiDcnt Ije anD all Ijis fa^ 
milp fome part of tlie nigljt are out of tlje Ijoufe, anD in tlje mean time a tljief 
bjcak auD enter into tlje Ijoufe, of inteitt to Ileal i tljis is Jfurglatp, altljquglj 
neitljer tlje otoner noj anp of Ijis iFamilp is in tlje Ijoufe : foj tlje 3!nDictmcnt of 
JEttrglarp i'^-, Domum manfionalem, &c. fregit, &c. anD tljiStS Domus manfio- 
nalis. c 3>a Ijereafter tlje Statutes of 23 h. 8. ana 5 E. 6. 

d%i?i man do bjeak ano enter a Cljurclj in tlje nigljt, of intent to fteal, f r» 
tljis is JBurglarp, foj Ecclefia eft domus manfionalis omnipotentis Dei. e Fru- 
ftra legis auxilium invocat, qui in legem committit. / Domus mea domus orati- 
onis vocabitur, vos autem feciftis illam fpeluncam latronum. Sacrilegium deriva- 
tur a facro & legere, id eft, furari. 

a aCent oj ^ootl) in iTair oj Sgarket, is not Domus manfionalis, but of ano^ 
tljer name n kino •, g, but tljat ispjotiiDcD fo; bp tljc Statute of 5 E. cJ.cap. ^. 
tu^etljer tlje robberp be Done in tl>e nigljt,o j in tlje Dap,tlje oltt)ner,gfc.bcing tntt^^ 
in tlje fame, flfcping oj waking. 015ut a lljop lu'^erein anp perfon Dot^ con^jetfe 
being parcel of a ^anfion^oufe, oj not parcel, is taken foj a spanfionj^ljoufc. 


Cap. .14' . Of Burglary, 65 

ilifeetoife a Cljambcr ox room, he it upper ox \awt, luljercin anp pcrfon Dotlj 

inljabitO^ Otocn, is Domus manlionalis tU LalU. 

£mt ancient ^tttljois aiiD oln ISecojUis oio erpjcfs 215urglarp uudcc tlji?5 
toOZDj Hamfuckncj OJ Hamfocktre. CljC ifirfl is HeriljcD from tlUO S>aton ttojDH, 
viz! of Ham tljat flgnifictl) a £paufton,<l]DHre, Domus manhonali?, luljicl) tO tl)i!3 

rsap toe call our l)omc : ano Suckne oj Succen, tljat is Sceken, as mud; to tap, 
as to fcek a man in Ijis Ijoufc to flap oj rob l)im. 

3tt is to he noteo tljat our ancient 0utl)o?s, no? our oln llFock Cafes do tiflinsf 
gui(I)l)ettoeentl)etiapanDtl)enigl)t, toljen tl)e offence fijoulD le committco in 
iljcljoufe, faije onlp tl)c cpirtoj. 

Si quis ^amfocttnc, quz dicitur invafio domus contra pacem Domini Regis, in Erafton I b. 3. 
domo fua fedefcnderit, &: invafor occifus el>, imperfccuturSi inultus remanebit, fo. 144. b. 
fi ille quem invalit aliter fe defcndere non potuit; dicitur enim quod non clt dig- ^^^^'^^^^ ^"; ,'^' 
nus habere pacem, qui non vult obfervare eam. 3nU t\)C S^ixXO} faitl), Hamfokne f^_ '^ .'^^^^ "^'^ 
de auncient ordinance d\ peche mortel, car droit ert que chcfcun eyt quiet en fon Snodon. 
hoael, q ala ley elK ' Mirr.cjp. i.§ n. 

^DtljcrS Dcri\3C Hamfokne from Ham, toljicl) of totlj fioes is confelTeti to he a £xpofiJ'°vicTb 
i^anCon^^oufc, ano Sockne tol;icl) Cgntfies a Court, asmucl) to fap, as to \)me !„,„ (t^;^^;^'; ' 
jurifDiction, or to IjolD plea of offences 5onc to a man in Ijis Ijoufc. vkra ib. 1 03.41. 

£!Due toas 3IlifiCteti Quoddaufum I. S. frcgit, dec. ad ipfum interficiendum. 13H. 4. fo). 7. tit. 
SEljiSts not i^elonpljjitljoutanp act none, tljouglj it lucre noftanter; fm tlje '•°f- ^°^- 
^appeal ano JnUictmeut of llBurjlarp is, Clyod domum manlionalem, &c. fregit 
& intravit. a>o as ncitljer clofc no? anp otijer place, but tl)e ^anfion^boufc cnlp 
is req.uireij to mal^e ffiurglarp. 21Eut iBurjlarp map be committcB as toell in t^e 
ontfct builtiings, as in tl^c infct, for all arc parts of tl)e spanfion='ljOufe, ano 
Ije t^at bjeakctlj anp of tlje outlet builoings ootlj bjeak Domum manlionalem, ?.$ 
toell as \)Z tljat bjcafes tljc infer. 

^ Of intent to kill. ] gf a man be gnnicteti, tljat Ije iv. tlje nigljt time , j h. 4. ub;. fup. 
Did feloniouflp bjeak tljc Ijoufc of I. S. ad verberandum ipfum I. s. tljis is no 
Eurglarp, becaufe it toas but to beat, auD not to kill. 3Zut if it toere ad intcrti- 
ciendum I. S. tljcn it is JlSutglarp, tljouglj Ijc ncber toucljen Ijim i foi tljc in* 
tent mtift be to commit i^clonp,aniJ not 2Crefpafs, 0^ otljer tljing tl)at is not S^e* 
lonp, tljCtoOjOSoftljeappealoj^ntiiCimcnt being, Quod Felonice 5c Burgiaritcr 
fregir, & intravit, &c. fo as tljcre muQ be a ifelonious ant) 31Burglarious intent. *■ 

f Or to commit feme other Felony. ] %^cj, he 51Eurglcrs luljiclj 2,. e. 3. cor. 2^4. 
bjcak anp lioufe oj Cljurclj in tlje nigbt,altfeouglj tljep take aiiiap notljing: otljer* 22 An. 39. & 95- 
toifeitisoflSobberp, as fljall be faio Ijercafcer : S)eeStanf. Pi. Cor. 30. b. 

2EljeS>tatutcsof 23 H.8. cap.i. ano 5 E.6. cap. p. no not Define toljat 51gurgj= j, h.s. cap.i. 
larp is, but take atoap tljc benefit of Clcrgp from certain kinDs of iDurglarp. ^s 5 e. 6. a. 9. 
toljen an actual robberp ts Done, ann toljen tlje otoner oj Dweller, ^ c. is put in 
fear, jc. 01 toljcn tlje otoner oj Dtoeller 5c. is fleeping ox toaking toitljin anp 
place tottljin tlje pxccinct of tlje fame Ijoufc ■■, tljefc ctrcumCances Do aggraljate 
tije llBurglatp : ano tljcrefoje tljc makers of tljofe Statutes took atoap tlje benc^ clergy. 
fif of Clergp not in all cafes of ISurglarp, but in tljofe particular cafes toljcrc a 18 Eiiz, cap. 6. 
robberp is Done, fc. 31Buttljes>tatutcof iS Eliz. cap. 6. Ijatlj taken atoap tlje • 
benefit of Clergp in all cafes of IBurglarp : ano Ijerebp a gcoD ano cciual pjo:* 
pcjtion is kept in all cafes of tljis nature. 0nD botlj acts of parliament, anD tlje 
rcfolutionof^iiDges Dotoell agree togctljer, wljiclj fome not toell obferuing 
•Ijauc publifljcD manifea erro;is, toljicli being in cafe of life are fit to be refojmeD. 

31f anp man fljall bjcak a ijoufe bp Dap, ano take atoap tljeuce moncp oj gooDS 39 Eiiz. cap. i j. 
to tlje \3aluc cf fibc fijillings j mo;ie, in anp part of a otoclltng ljoufe,o;t outljoufc 
belonging to tljc fame, tijouglj no petfon be tljerein, foj t^is ifelonp Ijc fljall 
lofetljc benefit of Ijis Clergp, fo a? foj t^is offence tljcpartp fijall fuffcr oeat^, 
asin cafe of 31Eurglarp. 

K 2 CAP, 

66, Cap. 15. 


Of burning of Houfc. 

De rnccndiariis f Tratittg no\jj f^ofecn of HSurglaticjE!, ano iTdonicfi ronrerning ^oufcsi,tl)cre 
inter leges i^thei- i—l t^ete tcftctl) One otljer of tl)at kitiD, tDtjcreimit!) toe tuiU ronclimc tW 
ftani cap. /. fo.6i. JL ^ tiuifion, anu tljat 10, llBunieriB of ^oufeiB : tol)ic|) being a iFcIonp Ip 
Et canmi cap. 61. ^^^ ^(,n,n,on 3la\ij, let u? fee toljat our ancient 0utl)o?g, an» olD |)arliament?, 
Husbtrm numera- anH ISecojDjs IjaDe left tittto uis tljcrcof. 

nur inter fcelera a %))e ancient article of t^e ©ire loasi, De incendiariis noi^urnis vel diumis, 
in expiabilia.. ^ combuftionibus tempore pacis nequirer perpetratis. 

Braari.'2"i46'.b. ^ ^ereof Bradon fait^. Si quis turbatafeditione incendiumfecerit nequiterSc 
* in felon ia, vel ob inimicitiam, vel alia de cauCa, capital! fcntentia punietur. Ne- 
quiter dico, quia inccndia fortuira, vel per negligentiaro fada, & non mala confci- 
entia, non fie pUniuntur, quia civiliter agitur contra tales. 
Bricton fo. 16. Britton faitl), Soit inquife de ceux que felonioufment en temps de peace aient 

auters blees, ou auters mcafons arfes, & ceux que ferr' de ceo attaint, foient arfes, 
iffint que ils foient punies per mefme le chofe dont ilz pccherenr. 
D "ombuftiom-* ^'^'^ fait^. Si quis sdes alienas nequiter ob inimicitiam, vel pra^dse caufa tern- 
bus, pore pacis combufferit, 6c inde convidtus fuerit per Apellum, vel fine, capitali He- 
bet fententia puniri. 
Mirror. cap.T.§ 8. SC^c Mirror, Ardours font, que ardent citie, ville, maifon home, maifon 
De Ardours beaft, ou auters cateux, de lour felonie en temps de pace pur hame ou vengeance 
Appcal^d'arfor ^^^ 3" appeal De Arfon. Iffint ]eo dife, occ. Que Sebright illonque eft defamy, 
& §.i2.cap. 3. §. &<^' de ceo que a tiel jour, 3cc. en titl meafon, ^ ou biens, miftlefeu, 3cc. ^nll 
Al arfon. aftcrtuarCS! en refpons al arfon. Al arfon poit il dire, que laventure avient dc 
* Ou biens. W.i. tnifchance, &nient de felony purpenfe. 

"P" ' 5' ^0 Ijainousi tuas tljiis offence tljat in Anno. 3 E. i . it toa? BeclarcD bp ^arti:* 

H1I.7. E. -•^°''*^ ament, Que feux queux font prifes pur arfon felonioufment fait, ne foient en af- 
$^H sTciv. 6°' ' cun manner replevifables. Adjudicanturfufpendi, qui ex malitia prascogitata com- 
See 15 H.'5.'nu.23. bulTerunt magnam partem de Lynne in Com. Norff. 

CIponBifperOngofbillst, tljreatning burning of IjoufeiS, $f. toag ntaue Ijiglj 
Ercafon, luljercof moie Ijcteafter : buttljat art iis tepealcDbp 1 E. d.cap. 12* 
ano I Ma. i^oiu upon tliat luljic^ Ijatl) been faiu, our purpofe is to frame a ae^ 
fcciption of t^is iFelonp, a? map alfobc toarrantcfi bp our ^ear^bookg, anc t\)t 
common opinion ann erpericnce at t\)is oap. 

C JlBurning ig a iFelonp at t^e Common ilato, committeu bp anp tljat mali# 
ciouflp anil tooluntarilp. in tlje nigtit oj uap, burnetlj tlje IjouCe of anotljcr. 
thore^ ''"*^'^" ^" "^"^ ^^^ """ per ufe tljtg Defer iption bp all W material par tsf, 

3 H. 7. 10. C Burning, "j putting of fire into anp part of a lioufe, toljcrcbp tl;at part 

n H. 7. 1. burnetl). i?oj tt i$ neceffarp, ttiat tljcre be a burning, but it i$ not ncceffarp tljat 
as H. 8. cap. i. nn j, j a^p part be tol;ollp burnt, no j tljat tlie fire Ijat^ anp continuance, but tlje 
5 &"'e "cap'o i"t^"t on^P fuficctl) not. Ss if one put fire into anp part of a ljoure,anD it burn*; 
4& 5 Ph. "& Mar. ^''^ "ot, tW i? HO i*elonp, fot t^c tMojDiB of tI)C 3Cn5iflment be, Incendit & com- 
cap. 4. lib. I r. buflit. 0gain, if it cot^ burn, ttiotig^j it goetlj out of it felf, it i$ if elonp, 

fo. 3$. Alex- 
ander PoDiccrs ^ By the Common Law.] 2C^i^ ijj piobeD hv aH t^e ancient 0it# 
i h! 7. ubj fupra. tljojs, 2ttiS of parliament, anu iSookis afojefaio, anu tljc rcafon tljereof i«(, foj 
tljat burning of Ijoufcs being an Ijottile atfion> iis pjefumen in ilato to be cone 
maliciouflp foj rcDengejann as an enemp, to confume t^c fame bp five in time of 


Of burning of houfef. 6j 

peace. 31t l»a0 mane iij fpecial mannct ^{glj SCrcafon r as befoje iis faiu ) viz. 8 h. 6. a. 6. 
if anp tfejeatneu bp cafting of Ijil?, to burn an Ijoufe, if monep Ic not lain in a | ^- '• '°- *'«''• 
certain place, ann after oiD burn tljeljoufe : but tW aCtcafon is repealeo bp High"Trcafen 
I E. 6. cap. 12. ano I Mar. but pet tlje i?elonp rcmainctl) HiU x foj In proditi- No.-a. 
tione C as Ijat^ been faiD ) Implicatur felonia. 

C Malicioufly and voluntarily. ] p?oDciJ alfo hv t\)t toojog of t^e Kn«= 
nittment) la)btc1) be, Voluntarieexmalitiafua prscogitata, &felonice. jfOMf 
it be Done bp mifcl)aucc,o^ negligence, it ijs no iFclonp, as befoje it appearetlj. 

%^e JLain Dot^ fometimc implp,tt)at t^c ijoufe luoaji lurnt maliciouflp, ano i)o# 
luntarilp. Sl$ if one intenu to burn t^e l)oufe of A. onlp, anD not tlje Jjoufe 
of B. ano i^n in burning t^e Ijoufe of A. tbe tioufe of B. is l-urnt ■■, in tljis 
cafe tl)e burning of tljc Ijoufe B. is iFeionp, becaufe it pjoceeneo of t^c ma*=Phconi fo 4-<u 
licious ano boluntarp burning of tbe ijoufe of A. anu tijc cijcnt (fcall be ••'*'>• 

coupicD to tljc caufe, tobic^ toas boluntarp ann malicious : ano tberefojc in t^je 
3llniii£tment foj tlje burning of tije boufe of B. it (IiaU be faio. Voluntarie ex ma- 
litia fua prarcogitata, & felonice, &c. 

^ The houfc of another.] aCljis i$ not onlp intcnneD of Jnfet Im^ 
fes, parcel of tbe Spanlton^^oufe, but to tbe £Dutfet alfo, as Ifarn, Stable, 
Coto^oufe, &^eep#t)Oufe, 2Dairp#^ottfe, spil^i^oufe, ano t^e lihe, parcel of Tr.44.Eilz 
tiie spanfion^ljoufe : but burning of a 315arn , being no parcel of a ^anCon^ coram regekor- 
Ijoiife, is no ifelonp : ann pet if tljcre be Co;n or %ap toitljin it, tlje burning 2°- 229. Lb. int. 
tljereof is if elonp, tljouglj tlje llBarn be not part of a spanCon4joufe. ■* y5ut[°^^^°-'^-^- 
tl)e offenber is not oudeD of ^is Clergp but iuljere Ije burns fome part of a BarhlmV c^^ 
i^antionj'^oufe, oj a 115arn toit^ Co>n. » pi, com. 47$. 

' i^ote tbe ancient 0«tljo;s ertcnoco tliis iTelonp furtljer tljen Ijoitfes, viz. to 
Hacks of Cojn, Wapues 01 Caris of Coal, Mood O} otljer gooDS. Sna it is 
faiO in 3 H. 7. ubi fupra, Certum eft «ju6d crematio domorum ielonicc fuit felo- 
nia per communem legem. 

2Dlje attempt to burn a ffack of Cojn tuas mane i?clonp h-p flje S>tatute of 3 & 4 e. 5. c. j. 
3 & 4 E. <5. but tbis is repcaleD bp i Maria:. 

^Burning of timeframe of a Ijoufetoasmaoe iTelonpbpt'^e Statute of 37 H. 8. 00 
becaufe tlje frame of a Ijoufe is no Ijoufc : but t\)U is rcpealeo b-p i E. 6. cap. 12.^' ' " " ' 
& I Maria. 

43 Eliz. cap. 13. 3ftisiFeIonp if anp toitljin tljc Counties of Cumbcrlanu, 43EI. ca. ij. 
iPortljumbcrlanii,MeCmcrlnnti, ox ttieB. of Durefm toilfullp, ano of malice 
burn 0} caufe to be burnt anp 3i£arn oj ttack of Co?n oj grain, toitljout' bcncfic 
of Clergp. 

iJ2ote a Diberfitp bettoccn tlje Intitfment of 2Eurglarp ann burning i foj tlje BraS. lib. j. fo. 
3tnui(tmettt of 31£urglarp muft fap, (as Ijatlj been fain; domum maniionalcm, '4^. b- 
but fo neeo not tljc 5(,nm(tmcnt of burning, but domum viz. alSarn, ?c. fllSalt* 
iiioufe, ojtljcUke, 


^8 Cap. 1 6. 

Of Robbery. 

Sec the I. part of T^ Obbery ig a i?dcnp I)? tlje Contmon Lalo), committ€ti l|> a \)ioIcnt afo 
tile infiituKs. rC f^ult ttpon tljE pcrCoix of anotljcr, lip putting Ijim in fear, ano taking 
§.^01. . AV from^i0pcrfonljigmonc}>ojotl)crgooti?of attv^jaUtetoljatfoEtoer.a^ee 

Cuflom. dcNorm. j^^^^^ j^g^^^^'^j.^ ^P"^* *^°"^P''*^'°"'^* """^^""''^' '"^" fcelere hominum in- 
« Int. leges Canu. expiabila. 
cap. £ 1 1 8. 

i-arab. n Robbery. ^ t 3t is utiwa de la Robe, toti) iccaufc in antient timess 

fo^"i^°" '' *' (^ ^^ fometimc yet is cone ) tbep l)crea\)e tl)e true man of fomc of Ijis vobes oj 

■ ' garments, ana alfo foi tljat l)is moncp o: otl;cc goous arc tafeen from Ijis per* 

Ton, tljat is, from ox out of fome part of Ijis garment, oi robe about ^is perfon. 

anD ij3 rankeo in tl)is place, fn tJjat it concernetl) not onip tljc gooes, but t^ie 
Braaon lib. 3. pf^fon of tljC OUJUer. tMe call it Robberia & rapina,anB tlje t^ Jcf RaptonM^crC;-' 
fo. MO b. ' of Bradon faitl), Eft enim quafi fuftum raping, qua: idem eft, quantum ad nos, 

Eritton fo. 2a. quod roberia, & eft genus contreftationis contra volu'ntatem Domini, & fimilis 
F.'ctalib. I. poena fequitur utrunquc delidum, unde praedo dicitur fur improbus : quis enim 

ca'p.'L' §,"i*o,' "''g's c'ontredtat rem alienam invito domino, quam ille qui rapit ? 

Britton & Fieta C Felony by the Common Law. '] SCljis is agreetJ of, of all, lotlj an* 
ubi fupra. jij^t jiuD late, U)itl)OUt anp (lueftion, antj it is netmeo in !La\B to be among tlie 

14 E. 3. cor. 1 1 5. j^^pjj IjainOUS irClonieS, Crimen improbiflfimum. 

Braft.Tib. 3.foi. t[ Violent Aflhult. ] srijis agrettlj Witl) tlje Sntiictment, ViolenterSc 
iso.b. felonice cepic, &c. 

f[ By putting him in fear.] EtiS agrfftlj alfo toitl) tlje ICntiiftmcnt : ana 
tijis circumfiance mafeetl) tbe tiffcrenre bctloan a ISobber ann a Cut^purfe : 
botl) take it from tljc perfon, but tljis takes it clam & fecrete, witljoitt affault 
6} putting in fear, ano tlje jobber bp violent atfault, anti putting in fear. 3f 
one cut a putfe, toirlj monp in it abo^je ttoelbe pence, lie fljall be Ijangen, anti 
tbe benefit of Clergp is taken from ijim. 3Eut of ancient time tlje punifljment 
loH.g.Cor. 424, ^SS Otljertoifc. S. captusin London cum burfaquamfcidit cum tribus folidis, 
Briitonfo. «4. b. & hocnon potuit dedicere, & ideo amittat dextrum pollicem. Britton faitl), 
Des cinfors des burfes, voylons que celuy que la burfc coupa li auter maviefe ne eye 
feyt, eyt judgment de Pillory i & lilz eyent emble auter chofe meinderde 12. 
deniers, perdent un orailc, &i li Ic chofe pafle 12. deniers eyent judgment dc 

C By taking. '] SCljC \MOJtiS of tlje ^ntrictmcnt be, Violenter & felonice 
cepir. Hie opus eft interprete. i?oj it muOE be uuDcrflooo, tljat tljere is an actu^ 
al taking in tian, ana a taking in iLatu, anu tljat map be, toljcn a tljief rcccibetlj, 
• f c. jTor erample : %i t\)ieu& rob a true man, ana fina but little about Ijim, 

take if, tljis is an actual taking s ana bv means of acatlj, compclUjim to fvnear 
upon a HEook to fctclj tbcm a greater fum, toljiclj Ije aotlj, aha aclitjcr it unto 
tljem, tuliiclj t^ep receibe, tljis is a taking in JLaloj bp tljem, ana aajuagea 
Kobberv : i?oj fear maac ^im to take tlie oatlj,ana tlje oat^,ana fear continuing, 
44 E.g. 14. maae Ijim biing tljc moncj',Djljiclj amountctl) to a taking in Jlatu, ana in ttjis 
4 H. v a. . cafe tljere ncca no fpcrial inatctment, but tbe general Btnaittment, ( quod vi- 

olenter & felonice cepit) is fufficicnt. Sna fo it is, if at tlje firft, tlje true 
man for fear acliDcr ]}i$ ptirfe, $c. to tlje tliief. 

Cap. ly. Breaf^ersofPnfon, -6^ 

anijisstoojoCcepitlnccclTavilpimplictl;), tl)attl;ctlncfmu{ibe in poffefTtoit 
cf il)C rljiug flsln ; i^oj cravtiplc, Jf tljc bag O} purfc of tl;e true man he faSnea 
to Ijis girnlc, ?r. ant) tl; c tijief tlje moje cafilp to taUc tljc ba^f c j puvfc, co cui; t^e 
girDle, iDljcrcbptljc lagoj purfe fallctlj totbe grcuuB, tbiss i$no taking, fox tlje 
tljief ban ncuci* anp volfeffion tljececf, 8c ilc de iimilibus •. lut if tlje tljicf Ijaij ta# 
fecn tip tl^e bag, ox purfc, ano in ftribingljat kt it fall, ana ncner tcokit again, 
tijts Ijau ben a taking, bccaufc \)t Ijao it m l)is poffcfiion i foj tljc continuance of 
l)is! pofTcffion t0 not rccLuirco bp llalu. 

^ From his peribn. ] 'SDlje toojcs of t\)e KnDictmenc be, a perfona, &c. . 
3f,f tljc true man focfeing to cfcape, foj tlje fafcguacD of Ijis monp, cart it into a 
bufli, toljiclj tljc tljicf pctccibing, takes it i 2:iji0 is a taking in ilaio from tlje u, e 3. cor.u?. 
perfon, bccaufc tt i$ cone at one time. Jf tl)c true man Ijao caiJ off Ijis furcotc, 
oj otbcr uypcvmoU gannent, anti ti'c fame Iping in Ijig pjcfence, a tljicf alTaulc 
Ijim, ?f. ano take tljc furcote, tijis; i0 robbcrp ■■> fo: tljat \ul)iclj is taken in Ijis 
picfcttce, is in JLa\u taken from Ijis perfon : anu fo it is of tlje Ijojfc cf a true 
man, toljiclj ilattCS bp Ijim, Et lie de iimilibus. 

%n ancient flutljojs anc Mecojos, in Pleas of the Crown, pou fi;all rcati cf 
Sakebere, &cc. teljom MiC luill tscriDC an9 Ctplain. Sakebere, Sacbere, OJ Sacburgh, 
Sac, o> ?ak is an ancient i? rcnclj toojn, ano figniftetlj a ba.g, purfc, 0; poujclj. ^ 
' tljat Sackbere is Ije tljat ois bear ttie bag,? c. anc in legal unoerftanriing,is Ije tljat . 
voasrobbetjcfljismonpinljisbag. Slnti tljis agrcttlj luitlj tlje intcrp?etation 
tljcrcof bp Eradon, viz. Furtum vero manifeltum ell, ubi latro deprehenfus eft fei- BraS.lib.g.foI. 
titus de aliquo latrocinio, viz. ^onDljabcnDe, $ ISatbcveuije, & infccutus fuerit 'J°^^^\ 
per aliqucm cujus res ilia fuerit, qui dicitur giacaburtlj, 5ln5 IjCrelDitbagrtttlj Fie- Brttton'fazi^b.' 
talib.i.c.42. §.Suntautem,&c. Sin'o Brittonfo.22.b.& 72,b. agreetlj Ijere^itlj, &72. b. 
anti calletlj Ijim Sakebere i anu fO DOtlj 3ittftice Sranford, Pj.cor. fo.2 8 . term Ijim, 
laljtclj (as Tjje take itjis Ijis rigljt name ccriijcii of tljefe t:tBO toojos, Sac ann bere, 
£l)at is, Ije tt)at Din bear tlic bag, f c. 

^Of what value foever. ] SCljottglj it be untier tlje baltte of tluefbt i^E.^.Cor.uj. 
jence tW is taken, (as to tije ualue of a pennp oj tttio pence) it is rcbbctp, but *^ ^^^'^0^' 
fomelDljat mutt be taken ■■, foj tlje affault onfp to rob teit^out taking fome monp l] g. ^f^j. 
oj geotis is no fcionp>anti fuclj opinions as fecm to tlie contrarpjtoere raaintainen 13 h!4.'7. ' 
bp tljat, toljiclj tljen toas ancientlp IjOlOen, Quod voluntas reputabatur pro fado. '' E. 4. 28. 
^it befojecap. High Treafon fo. 5. Infidiator viarum. 


In what cafes breakers of prifons are Felons. 

WdE lja\3e fpoken fufficientlp Ijereof in Ijis proper place, in tlje erpofition in the fccond pare 
of tlje Statute of 1 E. 2. de Frangentibus prifonann. £)nlp tljiS iS to of the Infticutes 

ie man, tljat in cafe of i?elonp, tlje offender fljall ia\)e tlje benefit of Clergp, upon 'he scaruie 

fOJtbcb-jeaC^Of pjifon. of i E. 2. De fran- 

gentibus prlfonam 


8 H. 6. ca. 12. 

Cap. iSji^. 


Where efcape Voluntary is Felony. 

WCD ^atc alfo fpoken fomctoljat tiercof in tljc ocpofitton of t!jc fain 3ia of 
I E. 2. 0nD tljc ijoluntarp efcape can he lu. S^donv in tljc ©aolf r, un? 
lefis t!jc ^?ironcr Ije uimcr cuttojii) bp iatoful Warrant cxp?en"tiig tljc 
offence, M)it\) you map fa tljere at large. 

2. SEtjere mutt U a iTcloni'toncatdjetimeof dje efcape : foj a relation 
'ijil^ic^ iis but a fiction in 3lato, l^afl neijer make a man a iFelcn, as likctoifc 
tljere it appearetlj. ^ecStanfordlib. i.cap. 26. 


Of Felony by ftealing, carrying away^ with- 
drawing or avoiding of Records^ &c. 
8 H, 6ccaf. 12. 

Sla/cun Record ou parcel diceUBrief^Retorn^PanneUProces, 
ou G an ant d' Attorney en les Courts le Roj, de Chancery, 
Efchequer, lun Banke ou tauter, ou fa Treaforie, foit volun- 
tarement emblee, emport, retreit, ou avoideper afcun Clerke^ou 
auter perfon,a caufe de quel afcun Judgement foit reverfe : Que 
tiel imbleor, emporter, retraher, (5f avoider, lour procurators^ 
concellors, iy abettors ent endites, iff fur proces fur ceo fait fOnt 
duement conviSlsper lour proper confeffion^ouper enquefispren- 
der des loial homes, Qdont la moityfoit des homes dafcun Court 
de mefme les Courts,ist lauter moity des autexs)foient adjudges 
pur felons, is^ encorgent lapain de felony, ist que lesjudges de les 
Courts de lunBanh-,ou de lauter eyent power de oier is" terminer 
tielz^defauts devant eux,is)' entfaitpunition,come devant eji dit, 

IF any Record or parcel of the fame, Writ, Retorn, Pannel, Procefs 
or Warrant of Attorny in the Kings Courts of Chancery, Exche- 
quer, the one Bench or the other, or in hisTreafory be vvilHngly ftoln, 
taken away, withdrawn, or avoided by any Clerk, or by other perfon, 
becaufe whereof any judgment (hall be reverled : That fuch ftealer, 
taker away, withdrawer, or avoider, their procurators, counfellors, 
and abettors, thereof indifted, and by Procefs thereupon made there of 
duly convift by their own confeffion, or by inqueft to be taken of 
lawful men, ( whereof the one half (hall be of the men of any Court 
of the fame Courts, and the other half of others) (hall be judged for 


Cap. i^. Stealings &^c. of Records , &-c, n\ 

Felons, and (hall incur the pain of Felony. And that the Jadges of 
the (aid Courts, of the one Bench or of the other, have power to 
hear and determine fuch de£iults before them, and thereof to make 
due punifliment, as afore is faid. 

%%z mifcljicf bcfojc ttitg S>tatutc, toa?, KXm tol;crws KccojOsf arc cf X\\z\ 
Ijtfflj nature ann crcnu, as tljcp import in tljemfclucg abfoltitc bcrtty luttljout 
contraDiction i to tl)c cnti tljat tljcrc ttiigljt be an cnn of contention ann control 
Dcrfte, anu wen migljt reft in Mt^ anu rcpofe, certain CIcikg auu otljcr per^ 
fons ti'iB liftcn times imbefel Meccjts oj fome jjarrcl of ti^em, ann fometime^a 
WiiitX:, lictojnjPanelljIJjoccfs!, oj tttSHarrant of Ettornep, oj rafc o^ viitiaie tJje 
fame •. bV reafon toijcteof tiijcrs iuDgments lucre abotucn oj rcDc rfcc, luljcrebp 
no man a? tljc (S>tatute faitljj) Ijan anp tbing in ftirctp. SLljis lMa0 a great rnif*^ 
jjuCott. foj tljc toljicl) tijc offcnDcrsi tisercin migbt be jjttnifljcti, eitljer at tljc fuit 
of tlje liiing bp innictmcnt, o> at tlje fuit of tlje partv bp an Action upon Ijis cafe. 
'^tt tlje UCCOJD concerning tljiss matter folloUiing. Placita coram JulHciariis de 
Banco Termino Trinitatis, Anno ip E. i. Rot. 57. indorf. 

Radulphus deGreflwpe communis Attornatusdecom. Weftmerland malitiofe 
Rotulum excurtavit & abfcidit, & ideo per annum & diem committitur Turn 
London, Polka Anno 20 E. 3. per mandatum Regis liberatur, & per Jufticiarios 
ei eft inhibitum ne de csctero in eadem curia de aliquibus negotiis fe intromittat. 

iEUjicl) rcmenp anti punifljmcnt lueve tljougljt too tueafe againft Clcrfes ana 
ottiec perfonB, toljicl) ( committing fuc^ tljings ) commonlp tuerc of fmall 
abilitp : tljerefoje rljis 0it, contiocring tlie iianger of tlje offence, mafectJj tlje 
fame i?eionp, ap \i'^ tijc letter tljercof appearetlj, 

^ Si alcun * Record. '\ UccojD is rcgularip a flBonttmcnt oj 0ct 3;uui^ * See the firn part 
f ial befojc a luugc, 0; Ituugcs, in a Court of ^um cntrcti in {a) parcljment in f [f ^ inftitutes. 

iljerigijt Koll. 3tiscallctia iScrojD.fonljatitrecojtictbojbcaretljtottttfrsofword"^' 
tlje trutlj, auD is Dcriueo of tljc Cikrb Recordor, tuljerc of tlje ^oet fpeafeetlj. {a) 9 e. 4. 3. b. 
— Si rite audita recorder. i6EI.Dy. 330.3, 

3t Ijatlj xW fODcratgn ^jibifcDgc, tljat it is p?oueij bp no otljer \m. ^^^ it felf. yirgH. 

Monumenta ( qus nos Record a vocamusj funt vetuftatis & veritatis velligia. 0niJ 

albeit tlje caufc aBiuugcu be particular, pet toljen if is cntreD of Kecozo, it is of 

great autljojitp in 3La\u, ano itv^z foj perpetual ebioente, ano tljercfoje ougljt to Rot. Pari. 45 E.3. 

be common to all, pea, tljouglj it be againft tljc i^ing : as it is tieclareo bp £lct of 9 h. ?• i^. See 

parliament in Anno 46 E. 3. toljiclj pou map rean in tlje preface to tljc tljiro ''/^ Vf^'^l '° '*^^ 

^DOkofmpWcpOJtS. third Book. 

^ Brief, Retorne, Panel, Procefs, ou Garr'D attornie. ^ %\\ tijcfe 
arc fttfficientlp fenolan, antr pet Ijauc ine trcatcfi of tljc fame in tlje Fint part of 
the Inititutes. 

f En les Courts le Roy.] fere arc ejtpjeap namco four oftljclingiS 
Courts, viz. tbe Cljancerp, i\t (Ejccljcfiuer, tljc icings fficncli, anD t^c Court 
of Common picas, anD Ijercunto is atitjeo tljc iStngs SCtcafurp : ^0 as tl)is 0ct 
cjttenuetlj not to anp ot^cr Court oj place tljen is Ijerc namcu. 

|| Chancery.] ^Cljis muft be untrcrftoon of tlje Court of Cljancerp, 
taljtclj pjocecDetlj accojuing to tljecourfc of t\t Common JLatu, as in cafe of 
pji\)ilcligr, of Scire Facias upon Hecogni^anccs, 2EraticrfE0 of £Dffiiccs anD tlje 
like : foi as to tljefe it is a Court of IxccojD, but as to tlje piocccoing bp CBn^ 
glifij IPill in courfc of ecvuitp, it is no Court of Mecojo, foj tljcreupon no Mljit 37 h. 6. 14^ 
of Ccroj Ipetlj, as in tlje otljct cafes, 

f Ou fa Treafury.] %\)t iSings Crcafutp \$ callen Thefauraria Regis, 
i\t place toljerc tlje icings Creature is liept. SCljis SCreafure is tinofolo, viz. 
^is sponcp oj Coin ; ano anotljer, tljat is fav mojc precious auo ejcccllent, ana 

2 Stealing &'C. of Records^ &^c. Cap. ip. 

tbofe be tljefacrcB Sttngcmcntsi, KffojDiSj anu otljcr Siuictal pjoccentnp tmtict; 
^ . tlje fafe cuftoDj) of tljc SCrcafurcr, ann Cljamberlainsi of tlje Cxcljctiucr. auD 

F N B '•'u d. ^W anrearurp 10 partlp in tljcCSjccljctiucr, anu pardp in t!)C ^Totor of Jlontion : 

JToj tljcrc be ancient lAolIg of tljc 2Ercaftitp remaining in tl;e aUotuer. Bno 

tl;ercfoje tl)i0 0ttintent)ing to inclime boftj tije one anc tljc otljer^raitlj general^ 

Jp, en fa Treaforie. 

^ Soit voluntarement emblee, eraport, retreit, ouavoide,'] ^xi tjje 
3[niiirtment upon tl)i0 Statute bcfineg Felonke, tijis tooju [ vokmtarie ] mutt 
of net efCtp be ufeu, to agree uiirlj tW 3tt. ^ere be four luojti? ufcti, emblee 
ffoln, emport carricD atoap, retreit \uitl)iiratonj ou avoide oj abOiDED. S>o 
astljefenfeif, if anp ISecojD 0; part of it, Mljit, lSeto?n, l^annel, |3?ofef0 oj 
Warrant of atto?nev, 9t. be floln, carrier atoav, toitljDjaton, oj atioiDcD, gee. 
i R. 3, 10. 0nt) tl)is toojii [ avoided ] is a large toojti, ano Botl) inciune rafing oj clipping, 
c? cutting off tlje fine, oj otljer part of tije ISoH, ojanp otl;er lim of aiciDing tljc 

2 R. 3. 10. C Per afcun Clerk ou auter perfon. ] TlW 0rt f otij not cxteno to anp 

3^uiigc of tlje Court; botlj becaufc it beginnetlj toitlj a Clerk, $c. ano foj tljat 

8 R. 2. cap, 4. iij) tljc Statute of 8 R. 2. a pcnaltp i? inflicteD upon a 3iW0gej 9c, foj making 
anp falfc Cntp, rafing anv ISoll, oj djanging anp tEIernitf. &tt tlje ^tat. fo j it 
cntentietlj alio to Clerks. SDxdv tljie is to be obfcrbeo in tljat ^tat. tljat luljere 

2 R. 3. 10. it i0 fain, [ t^e ining ann ^10 Council, ] it i0 intenncn of tlje Court of Jufticc 
tnljere tlje matter bepenuetlj : foj tlje 3;uDgc0 are tlje il^ing0 Council foj 3u5ica*: 

2 R. 3. 10. ^"^^ '''"^ pjoccetiing0 accoining to llalu anD Jw^ice. 

Huftire Ingham paiD in tljc reign of E. i. Ciglit Ijunnjcti CKark0 fo: a i^inc 
fo? tljat a pool man being fincn in an action of nebt at tljirteen fl)illing0 four 
pence, tlje faio 3uaice motietnoflitlj pitp caufen tljc IRoll to be raceo, anomaue 
it fir n)illing0 eigljt pence. 

2El)i0 cafe ^uHice, Southcot remembjcD, toljen Catlyn Cljief ^uttice of tlje 
5iing0 315enclj in tlje reign of sTiucen Elizabeth, iuoulo Ijabe ojoeren a rafure of 
a VioW in tlje like cafe, toljiclj Southcot, one of tlje Juugcs of tljat Court, utterlp 
DenpeD to affent unto,anD Cain opcnlp,2Cljat Ije meant not to builo a Clock^ljoufe: 
foj ( fait) Ije ) toitl) tljc i?ine tljat Ingham pain foj tlje like matter, tlje Clock* 
ijoufe at ^ISHeftminfter liiag builDcUj anD furniOjcn lajitlj a Clock, loiljiclj continue 
£tl) to tlji0 oap, 

f[ A caufe de quel afcun judgement fbit revers. ] mm M ejctenDct]^ 
onlp to lR.ecojri0, Mjcreupon Sucgment 10 giben, DlEut toljetljer gungment be 
gibcn in caufe0 Criminal at tlje fuit of tlje iSing upon an Snoictment, oj at tlje 
fuit of tlje partp in an Appeal, oj in action0 real, pcrfonal, oj mijct, o^ of tlje 
2 R. 3. 10. ^'^^ nature, tlji0 SlA txtems tl^ereunto, if ^utigment be aftertoarti0 giucn, ana 
to outlatojie0, foj tljere Juogment i0 giben per judicium Coronatorum. foi it 
10 not material iwlietljcr tlje act be bone againll tl)i0 Statute, eitljer befojc oj a£* 
ler 3iubgmcnt, fo ^ungmcnt be giben» 

^ Revers.'] 3(0 ijcre taken, not onlptoljere tlje BCubgmcntig mane erro^ 
ncou0 ant! to be reberfeo bp Wjit of Crroj, but luljere tlje fungmcnt i$ fo auni^ 
liilatet) ano mabe ijoio, 30 it binoetlj not, ej map be rebcrfeti 0% aboioco bp l^lea. 
^ee tlje 2f 00k in 2 r. 3. fol. 10. toljiclj ejrpoimoetlj toell tlji0 Statute. 

^ Que tiel embleor, eraporter, &c. lour Procurers, Councel- 

lors & Abettors , &c. ] 2niji0 Si(t erpjcflp ettenaetlj to 0cccfrojic0, be*= 

foje, ann Icauetlj acce{rojie0 after to tlje conflnmion of Jiato, pet map tljere 

vid. 3. & 4. Ph. & be acceffor{c0 after tlje fact : foj laljenfoeber an offence i0matic a i?elonpbp2(t 

Sfe Daiifons ^^ P^ii^liamettt, ttietc 0)311 be acceffo jic0 to it botlj befo?c ann after, a0 if it Ijan 

Reports.,ubifupn, ^""^•^^^^"JJ'i' tlje Common lialu, anu tljcrefojc tljouglj tVi0 act crpjcffetb 


Cap. i^. Stealmg^&^c.ofKecordfy&^c. 7^ 

acfelTojte0 before, jJCt it tafectl) not atMapacreffojicj? after, tut If a\3Ct^ tl)fm :3 stanf. pj. cor. 

t\)t iLa\i), coutrarp to tl;c opituon pf jHiIif e Stanford. 3>k bcfoje tljc C'ltpoGtion ■'4 ''• 

of 3 H. 7. foj takings aiwap of ilElDnten againtt t\)cit toiH. ^ '• "P" *' 

^ Ent endites. '] Jf t'bc att;s tijat tna^c tljig i^rlovip, ht cdntrttifttB in foca 2 R- 3" fo- lo- 
Cmirtties!, t{)E 3;ntiittment failctfj, agljaclibccn fattibcfojc ttpou rljr .Kattc.cof 
3 & 3 E. <5. cap. 24. ana tljiis cafe of if elonp riftiig in tluo Counuc?, is not ijol^ 
jcn bp an? Statute vet mauc. 

^ Dont la moity fait deshomes dafojH court. ^ ^crc ig a partp 
31wrp, tlje one Ijaf f to ht of tijc £>fficcris anu CIcrksi of tlje Court, $c, foj tljeic 
knotofcDge, ano fo: tljc better information of tlje ottiers. 

^ Et que ks Judges des dits Courts de lun Bank ou delauter ey- 
ent power de oier 8c terminer tiels de£mlts devant eux, & ent faire 
punition, come , eft avantdit. ] aCbig dattfc is iu nature of a Com^ 
miffion to tlje 3u(fice?( of eitljer 31Benfl> if tlje offence be committctr in tfje 
Coiinti) iwljere t\)t JBencljes no fit. ;anii tlje IttHiceis of eitljer IJcncl) IjaUc a 
toncttrrcnt autljojitv, anti tuljicl) of tl)cm intiuire firff fljall pjocrco: lutif tf)C 
ifelonv be committco in nnotljer Countp, tijen mijere f^e Ifcncljcsi fit C as foj, 
cicample, in §>urri', ^ertfoj5fi)ire, ^c. ) tliere tlje SiuCices; ougljt to Ijabe a Corn.* 
tniffion. ilBut if tlje IBcnclj fit in asiCDlefer, anD tlie ifelonp i? UPnc in ilonoon, = ^' ?• "o- 
in luljiclj cafe a ComniiiTion is tctiuifite, as is afojefaio. 2But tljen fomc lja\jc 
faiti, tljat bp tlje Cljarters of llontion confirmeo bv parliament, tlje spajoj oug^t 2 r. 3. 1 r= 
to be pjincipal in tljeCommiflton, ana tl)eSli5ajoj is none of tlje Ititgcs aut^o^- 
ri^cD bp tljis M to Ijear ann Determine tljis i^elonvjbut tlje JuCiccs of tlje one 
31Benclj oj tljc otljcr x ans tljcrefoje tlje Statute being penal, ann to be taken 
ttrtrtlp, no pjocccDing can be. Sed Salva res eft : JFoj tlje Cljarters of tljc Cttp of 
aionton crtcno onlp to fuclj offences committei) in JLonUon, toljcreof tlje ^ajo; 
laitlj otljers bp <Eomniifl"ion map inquire of, Ijcar, anjj Determine, anD not to 
luc^ offences fo anncjceo bp autljojitp of parliament to otljer perfons (as in tljis 
cafe to tlje Suffices of tlje one 51cenclj 0; tlje otljer ; as tljc Slfaioj is not tuarrau;* 
tcD bp tlje faiD act to inquire, f c. SnD tljerefo?e a Commiffion in tljis cafe map 
be maDe to tbe Jnfficcs of tlje one ISenclj oj tljc otljer, omitting tljc ^ajoj, ne 
Curia Kegis deficeret in juftitia exhibenda. 

anD albeit tljis kinD of i?clonp is an Ijcinous offence, pet map tlje offcnDcrs''- " 7- cap. 13. 
tljerein Ijaue tljcir Clergp : i?oj imtill tlje reign of H. 7. ( tljat toe map note it '^ "" '''^^P* "''^'• 
once foj alljtlje benefit of Clergp toas not taken atoap bp anp act of parliament 
in cafe of i?clonp. as foj tlje^atute of Bigamis mace in 4 toas but an ej:^ 
pofition anD allotoance of tljc conQ:itution maDe at tlje general Council at Ly- 
ons concerning tlje fame, as befoic Ijatlj ban faiD. IBut C as toe remembcrj tljc 
firff statute making a nctoi?elonp tljat took atoap tlje benefit of Clergp, toas 7 h „• . 
tljc Statute of 7H.7. concerning ^olDiers. vide Lib. 8. fol. ido, Sclib, u. ^' 

fo. n. 

1.2 CJP. 

74 Cap^^. 

Of Felony in fuch as ufe the Craft of 

< H cap 4 IVT^"^ ^^^^ henceforth fball ufe to multiply gold or filver, or ufe 
j_\ the craft of Multiplication : and if any the fame do, he (hall 
incur the pain of Felony. 

2Cl)iis t)S t^c fl&ojtea art of parliament tljat m remember ; Mm tl)c making 
tjj^ercof, niter? of tljc i^obtlitp, (l!5cntrp, anu otijersi niu luaa anticonrumea 
great part of tljcic intictitance, ann mealtlj, about tbe art of spuUipltfation, b? 
tlje fubtill anD finitter perftjjafion of certain impoacr? anu oeccitjcris, tobicll 
toofe upon tbem to be sfeilful tljerein, anu to be able to multiplp gols ana filler, 
beittgtf)cmfeli)ei8fojtl)emoftpartDerppooj ano inuigent perfons, oftuljomit 
toas faiUj Quod pollicentur aliis Ingentes divitias, & ipli petunt parvas drachmas, 
^it Chaucer out Cngliff) ^oet, itt)^o iBjjote about tbe time of tije making of tiiiiS 
art, in tlje tale of tljcCljannonsi yeoman, fo. 63. (inllbro mco,) that the end 
of this Aiding and curfed craft ( fo full of impofture and deceit ) is extrcam beg- 
gery: ^e iiB tMO jt^ tlje reaning, fo J Ije Bifcoberet^ tbe fecrctsi of tljisi Craft, ag 
our art terms it. 

i^oto feeing tlje cntr of tljiis feignenart of spultiplication iiS meet neceit, ano 
tcntietb to tljc untoing of manp •, at tljis parliament tlje ufe of tbis craft of 
Multiplication is mace iFelonp.iFoj tbe better imticrftantiiug of tljat tuljiclj fl;all 
be faio, it is to be knoton, tl)attl)ere are fir kinns of metals, viz. Aurum, Ar- 
gentunn, iEs, five Cuprum, (quia inventumfuit in-Cypro) Stannum, PIumbum,& 
Ferrum. SC^at is to fa?, dDolti, ^iluer, Copper, aCpnne, JLean, anti 3Eron > foj 
Chalybs §>teel iS but tlje Ijaroer part of 31ton, anO Orichalcum, Aurichalcum,viz. 

JLattpn ojlldjafs is compountieo of Copper ano otljer tljings. 

^ The craft of Multiplication. "] snijat i$j to cljange otljer metals 
into bejp ColD oj &tlber, a«D tljis tljep pjctenn to no bj> a Quint ellenfe, oj a 
fiftlj effence, four CDffences oj Clements lue knoiij, iFire, air, ®flater anu Cartlj, 
* 7 E. 6. Diet 88. but lap tljep, tljis Quint eflence is a certain fttbtil auD fpi'-itit.U fubffance tj:^ 
Rot. Pat. 34 H. 6. txzfttxi out of tljiugs b? fcpatation from tlje four Clcments,riiffn:ing rcallp from 
ci')Ro.Pat.55H.6, ^^^^^^ tffence, as Aqua vitae, tlje fpirit of luDine J tbelike,antitl)isiscallct) Elixer 
\b) Rolpac,'34H!6! 0% t^c piulofopbcrs ftone, ann it is part of aicbemp, oj Cbemp, in Jlattne Ars 
m. 7. . Chemica.snijc^ffcnticrs therein are calleoa5iiltiplicrs,Cljvmifts,aicl)cniitts,$c 

Hanc artem fophi- gcijcre " map be acccCfojics to tbis neto jPelonp,botlj befoje ann after, l;tng Hen- 

nSS^'y t^^ffil^^lj> ^P lji!S 5^"ters ¥'atentS, De concilii fui deliberatione deputavit 
Mentiendi & fal- WDm. Cautelo & alios cives civitatis London ad inveftigandam veritatem fuper 
lendi artem. hiis quae in fcriptis erunt eis monftrata,pro multiplicatione Nunifmatis, tarn de au- 

f "c'llo ^■'"^'^'^ ro, quam argento, & quicquid in prtemiilis egerint, cum eorum opinione referrent 
moni° praEftgias?' •" fcriptis regi & concilio fuo. 

pmerin STbC like JLettCtS patents Anno 3 5 H. <5. pro Thoma Harvy & aliis. 

Chaucer ubi fupra. Rex(t}ex fua rcgali praerogativa, &c. dedit licentiam Johanni Faceby & aliis ad 
(lidlne cnfc^° veftigandum, profcquendum, periiciendum quandam preciotiflimam medicinam, 
Vntitur in'fumim M'^ii'^m efTcntiam, lapidem Philofophorum nuncupatum, nee non poteftatcm fa- 
quirqiiid ineptiis ciendi oc exercendi tranfmutatibnes metailorum in vcrum Aurum, & Argentum, 
fl«'f- . , toitli aNonobflanteoftljis^tatuteof 5H.4 5)5p tbefe JLettcrs patents tljis 
int Sva'r'eper'ta ^^ ^^ "' ^^^ ^rplaincti tban bp anp ^eco^n toe htiMc feen. 
Tit. 7. fo. 357. ^0^ '■'^Jffc feberal kinns of mer als, as is fuppofcD, pjoccco cjfginailp from 


Cap. 21. Hnnters in the night. y^ 

^utjtir anD ffimclx#fiIiber,a£S from t'bcir jFattjet anu ^otlicrj anu odjer t^inp vide stanff. pi. 
concerning ii}Z fame, ^m map at pour letfure rean in George Agricola, lib. io.^°'" 37- 1>. 
cap.i. Encelmslib cap. I. l-' 33p. 

0lmisl)tp (poo in tlie fourtlj oap cteateo t|)c earri;, anu no mention tg maBc Geo cap i v < 
of metal?, foj tl^ac tljep tucre ag parts of tlje eartij. cap. 2. y.' it,' 

Wat fatal eno of tljefe ftue are beggerp i 2Cl)is kinn of fllcljpmiff, tlie flpono*= 
DOlia, tlje concealer, tlje Informer, ann poetaflerg. 

Sspe pater dixit, Studium quid inutile tentas ? 
Mseonides nuUas ipfe reliquit opes. 
3 coulo giue cjcamplesi C of mine otou obreruation ) of all tljefe, if it toer«: 


Of Felony in Hunters in the night, or with paint- 
ed faces, in any Forreft, Park, or Warren. 

AT every fiich time as information (hall be made of any un-' f^-7-cap.)l. 
lawful huntings in any Forreft, Park, or Warren by night, or 
with painted Faces, to any of the Kings Council , or any of the 
Juftices of the Kings Peace in the County where any fuch hunting 
Ihall be had, of any perfon to be fufpefted thereof, it fliall be law- 
full to any of the fame Councill, or Juftices of Peace, to whom 
any foch information ftiall be made, to make a warrant to the She- 
riff of fuch County, or to any Conftable, Bayliff, or other Officer 
within the fame County, to take and arreft the iame perfon and perfbns 
of whom fuch information ftiall be made, and to have him, or them 
before the maker of the fame Warrant, or any other of the Kings 
faid Council, or his Juftices of Peace of the fame County. And 
that the faid Councellor or Juftice of Peace, before whom fiich per- 
fon, or perfbns ftiall be brought, by his difcretion have power to 
examine him or them fo brought, of the faid hunting, and of the 
laid doers in that behalf: and if the fame perfon * wilfully conceal"^ Seethe expofi- 
the fame huntings, or any perfon with him defeftive therein, that r contea'iY heTe*^ 
then the fame concealment be againft every fuch perfon fb conceal- after in this chsip- 
ing Felony, and the fame Felony to be enquired of and determined, 
as other Felonies within this Realm have ufed to be 3 and if he then 
confeft the truth, and all that he fhall be examined of, and knoweth 
in that behalf, that then the faid offences of huntings by him done, 
be againft the King our Soveraign Lord, but Trefpafs fineable, by 
reafbn of the fame confeffion, at the next general Seflions of the 
Peace to be holden in the fame County, by the Kings Juftices of 
the fame Seffions there to be fefled. And if any refcous, or difbbei- 
fance be made to any perfon having authority to do execution , or 
Juftice by any fuch warrant, by any perfon, the which fb ftiould be ar- 
refted, fo that the execution of the fame warrant thereby be not had, 
.that then the fame refcous and difobeyfance be Felolny, inquirable,and 


y^ Hunters in the night. Capi 21. 

determinable , as is aforefaid. And over this, it is enafted and ftabli- 
fhed, that if any perfbn or perfons hereafter be convift ofanyfuch 
huntings with painted Faces, Vifors, or otherwife difguifed, to the in- 
tent they ftiould not be known or of unlawful hunting in time of 
night, that then the (ame perfon or perfons fb convift, to have like pu- 
nition, as he or they ftiould have, if he or they were convidt of Felony. 

^m let ug pcrufc tlje toojns: of t^tsi wtMi ann ill pcnncn Jlaiu, 

(f By night, or with painted Faces. ] %\)U is to fa^, eitljet ip nigljt 
oj in tljc mv xciil) yaintcn i?accs5, foj fbat mt\) cciual tljc cafe of t\)c nigljt, 
in refpct! tljc offcnncre cannot he fenotun, oj nifccrneti, in rcprD of fticlj nifgut^ 
fingg. 0nti albeit tljc bonp of tlje 5ltt fyeaketlj onlp of paintco faces, pet it er^; 
tennetl) to \3if0js ano otljer nifguifinsSjfoj tbote toojtiiS are in tljc pjeamllc re^ 
i)carfmg tljc niifcljief, ano tlje remcBp mttft be apjiliable thereunto, anj t^e laft 
bjanclj of tW 3tt uotlj mafec tW point clear. 

f[ As information ftiall be made, Sec. of any perfon to' be fufpedi.^ 
^ercb? it ajjycaretl), t|)at a bare information toitljout flictaing juC caufc of 
fnfpition at tlje icaft, is not fufficient to gtounn a \narrant accojoing to tljijs 

0tr, foj t\)e tMOjUS be, |_ Of any perfon to be fufpedted. ] 2nB t^is 2tt iS gcnC:* 
ral, ann ertcnDS to all perfons of luljat eftatc oj Degree focvier, anD as teell to 
iJJOmen as to nien,foj tljC WOltS be [if any perfon.3 ^"^ generalia verba funt ge- 

neraliter intelligenda. 0nti it is ncceffatp fo? Ijim tl)at taketlj tlje information, 
to tafec it in tojiting, bccaufc it is tlje grouno of Ijis iuarrant. 

ii E. r. tit. Fo- C Of any unlawful huntings in any Foreft,Park,or Warren. ] scijig 

refts Raft. 19. 0^ 5otl) not etteno to an? Cljafc of tlje toing, oj of anp otljcr perfon, ncitljcc 

Dotl) it etteno to anp iTojrefts, parks, oj Warrens in ufe oj reputation, ana 

toljiclj are not if ojrefts, parks, oi tlSElarrens in JLaU). ^cc tlje Firil part of the 

Inftitutes §. 378. Mlljat a iTojreC, a Cljafe, ann a park, ^c. is. 

fl To^any of the Kings Council. ] STljis is itr.ucrllooti of tlje !Sings 
^jibV Council ; mn anp one Daill ferije, but Ije mufl be Dtoclling in t^c Coun^ 
tj» toi^erc fuclj offence is committen. 

f[ Or to any the Juftices of the Kings Peace,&c. ] ^xin liketoifc 
anp one 31itftice of tljc peace toill ferbe. 

C Warrant. ] %i)is Warrant ougljt to be in tojiting unner tlje ^cal of 
Ijim tl)at mafeetl) it. 

C Before the maker of the fame Warrant, or any other, &c.] 
^0 as tlje ^flicn map carrp tlje partp arrelf eo before anp Pri^V Councclloj, oj 
3uaicc of peace toitljin tljat Countp, anD to tljat effect mutt tljc Warrant be 

C By his difcretion have power to examine him or the mfo brought 

of the faid hunting, and of the doers in that behalf. ] ^0 as tlje cr^ 

amination muff confiff upon ttoo parts. iTirff, of tlje Ijunting bp tlje partp Ijim** 

lelf. §>econOlp, of otljcr ooers in t^at beljalf. 

D. Haward tcm. ^ And if the faid perfbn wilfully conceal the faid hun- 

v?de Hon'* ^°' ''^■^^"^- ' ^^ ^"y P^^^°" wi^^ ^^^ defeftive therein. ] cijis bjandj be^ 
10 R. 1. 153. ^"5 tn tlje fiistunctibe, if Ije conceal either Ijts olun offence, oj of tlje otljer mif^ 
Vide Camden "oecs \uit\) Ijim ti^etein, t^e letter of tljis ^ft is tl)at it is i^elonp, Ijut bp con^ ' 
Eric. 210. tlrufttort 

Cap. 21. Hunters m mght. n-j 

fttuction upon i\\t li'ljok 3>tatutc, it is no i^cionj) : 0nB a Ijunting uiitljoui \\\f 
iing of any game, is iwitljin xX)t Danger of i\\% a>tattuc, 

SCtjiS 3tt is to 1)C taken tttittlp i foj it is tljc firft Eain tijat luaS matie foj 
tlje making of ani' l^unting iFelonp, againfttljat etrcllcnt ann cqwalbjanc!) of 
Carta de Forelta. Nullus decsetero vitam vel membra provenatione nolira, &c Care, de Forefl 
g)it tijc ^tattltES of 2 1 E. I. 1 E. 3, flat. I. c. 8. 7 R. 2. c. 4. Weam. c. 8. Regi«. "p. lo, 
fol.^.F. N.B. fo. 67. Vet. N.B. 41.45 E.3.7. 33 H. 8. Dier. 50. 

2E^c olD Statutes concerning tlje if ojjcilsi are calico tijc gcon olo Lalus, antr Rot. Pad 9 h 4 
Cuifoms, anticommantiet)tobeobrcri)cni ano tljcrefoje tljis netoSlftof H. 7, nu.V- ' 

is too fcDcre foj bcaCs tljat be fers D3tura,uiljcrccf tberc can be no iFcIonj) bp tlje 
Common JLato, auo tbat in cafe of tl)c i*o;refts,i0arks, f c. of fubjccts uiljicl; ne*: 
ijcr luas bcfoje : ano tljerefoic tljc Juoges Ijauc maoe a fabottrable conftrttctionj 
as ^jereafter in tljis Cljapter j?ou fl;aUfinti. 

^ And if he confefs the truth, and all that he fliall be examined 
of, and knoweth in that behalf. ] %\u \%^ of Ijis o\Mn guiltincfs, ana 
of otljer mifooccstoitl) Ijim, tljcn i\i% ^ct makes it no iFelonp, but trefpafs fine:== 
able as tt twas befoje : )13ut it mutt be a minful concealment i tljerefoje if %z 
kneto not tlje names of tlje otljecmifDoerS) oj kneiu not \ui)ctlKr tJjcp tucre tl;ere 
oj nOj it is no offcnce,fo?. tl)£ concealment muft be \iiitful. :9nD freiug tljere is no 
time limitco bp tljis 0tr,ann tt)c concealment ougljt to be iQ3ilfull,it tnerc reafonj 
tljat tl;c information mane fijoulo be in conijcnient time afcer tljc fact none. 

^ And if any refcous or difobeilance be made to any perlbn 
having authority to do execution of Juftice by any fuch warrant by 
any peribn, the which fo fliould be arrefted, lb that execution of the fame 
warrant be not had,that then the fame refcous and difobeilance be Felony 

5^erc it is to be oWerDcn tljat tlje Ijunting being as pet no i^elonp, tlje tefcous 
toulonotbejIFelonp, iftl)isb?ancljljatinotbeen. herein ttoo tljingsare to be 
confiDercD , i?itft, tljat it ertenoctl; not but to tljc refcous, oj oifobepfancc, tljac 
is committeo bp tljc partp Ijimfclf, tljat ts to be arrettco, ano not to anp otljer. 
^cconDlp, tljat if tljc partp refcue Ijimfelf, pet if Ije be purfucD anu taken, fo as 
crecution of tlje warrant be Ijan, it is no i?elonp, as it is manifcft bp tljc letter of 
tl)is bjanclj 

4[ And over this be it enafted, &c. That if any perfbn or perfbn^ 
hereafter to be convift of any fuch huntings with painted faces, vifors, 
or otherwife difguifed, Sec. or of unlawful hunting in the night, ^ Nota [that the] 
* that then the faid perfon or perfons fo convid, to have like punition, ^^- ?° ^^ before 
as he or they Ihould have, as if they were Convid of Felony. there is no Fekmy. 

Gerard tlje ©ueens ^ttojnep C^cncral Ctoljo feas a graiie ano reyer cnti man) M'c 19- & 20. ei. 
fait) openlp in tlje ?^ings IBencl), tljat it liao been refolueo bp tlje Juftices upon '" ^'^^ '^'"S' Bench 
tljis Statute, tljatifamanin t^enigljt, ojbpoap iwitlj painteo face bo Ijunt, fo[ut'io"o°f the '^' 
9c. ano being eramincD accojoing to tlje ^ct ano concealetlj it^ tljis is ( upon tlje juftices upon this 
conltrurtion of tlje toljole 0ct) no fclonp , foj tlje firft daufc concerning conceal;^ branch, 
ment, ano tliis tlaufe to^iclj noiu toe Ijantile, muft be coupleo j lopneo bp con:;= 
flruction togetljer, viz. 3f anp perfon be conbitt of fuclj l)unting toitlj paintcD 
face, 0: of unlawful Ijunting in tlje nigljt, tljis conljictian muft be upon not 
guiltp pleaoeo, luljiclj tlje juftices eicpounoeo to be tlje '^ concealment intenoeo * concealment 
in tljc firft bjancl), foi tljep Ijelo tljat it oug^t to be a Juoicial concealment, anti expounded. 
not an e,ttta#juoicial concealment, befoic one of tlje |)jibp Counfcl, oj a juftice 
of ^eace tuljicb map Ipe in abetment, fo as befoie it be iFelonp, Ije muft be con*= 
ijirteo of Cuclj l;un£ing, ?tc. upon not guiltp ylcaHea ftcft ; auD after fnclj conijiction 


y8 Imbefling of Armor, &'€. Cap. 22 

t%C\\ muft \)t he innictcli again, Super tota materia, tljat \)C Felonice bid CDltccat 
9C. f gainft tljE fojm of tljc §>tatute : ann if tl)C offcnncr upon tl)e fittt Sncict^ 
nif nc confeffetlj tljc 3nni£tm£nt, tl;cn it iis fttclj a 3uf ictal confcfOon as tljis Set 
imcntictl), ann no ifelonp mitljin tljis statute. 0nB tins toe ijcam tlje Httoj^ 
nep report, antj tl)cn obfeiijcn it, toljicli confurcing toitlj our oton ilDptnion toe 
tljoug^tgooBtopuliliflj, anotljcratljerfoj t^at in Staffer Lambards it'ooik of 
Juitkz of pearc,amonglT liis^Djcrcticntsof iniit(tmcnfs,an crromous^jcccDcnc 
of an Snniflment i^ of JTclonv fo j t\)t concealment, ?c. upon ejcanunation befo jc 
SttfliceiES of Peace. 

31t is fain in 3 3 H. 8. t\)U cljafing in ^arfts is niaw i^donp, Cintentiing tljig 
bier 35 H. 8. g>tatute ) ttottoitliflancing it map he mane aCrefpafs at tJje pieafure of tl;c pat;* 
^°' '' tp, toljicl) toe tl)infe is tlje rtearett toap. 

i^oto tol)at time fljall be at jucgen nigijt, &ec bcfoje in tlje Cljaptet of Wuu 
glac)'. i?ojtl)isiTcionvtljeSDeIin(j,ucntma})l;aDeljis Clergp: s>ee Stantord 
(0. 37. b. 


Of Felony for imbefilling the Kings Armor, Ord- 
nance, Sec. orVidual, to the value of twenty (hillings, 

provided for Soldiers. 

,51 Eliz. eap. 4. X^^ ^^ enadtedby the Authority of this prefent Parliament, that if 
^3 anyperfon or perfons, having at any time hereafter the charge 
or cuftody of any Armor, Ordnance, Munition, Shot, Powder or 
Habiliments of War of the Queens Majefties, her Heirs, or Suo 
ceffors, or of any Viftuals provided for the Viftualling of any Sol- 
diers, Gunners, Marriners, or Pioneers, (hall for any lucre, or gain, 
or wittingly, adviledly, and of purpole to hinder or impeach her 
Majefties (crvice, imbefel, purloin, or convey away any the fame 
Armor, Ordnance, Munition, Shot, or Powder, Habiliments of War, 

M^'%'v'k ^"^ * Viftuals,to the value of twenty (hillings, at one or (everal times: 
Ota ear i uas jj^^j. ^y^^^ every fuch offence (hall be; judged Felony, and the offender 
and offenders therein to be tried, proceeded on, and fufier as in cafe of 
Felony. PuQvided alwayes, and be it enafted by the authority afore- 
(aid, that none fhall be impeached for any offence againft this Sta- 
tute, unlefs the fame impeachment be profecuted or begun within 
the year next after the offence done. And that this Aft, nor any 
thing therein contained, nor any attainder nor ayainders of any per- 
fbn or perfons for any offence made Felony by this Aft, fhall in any 
wife extend, or be adjudged, interpreted, or expounded to make the 
offender or offenders to forfeit, or lofe any Lands, Tenements, or he- 
reditaments any longer, then during his or their life or lives, or to 
make any corruption of blood to any the heir or heirs, of any 
fuch offender or offenders, or to make the wife of any fuch offender 
to lofe or forfeit her Dower, or title of Dower, of or in any Lands, 


Cap. 22. Imhefilingof (^^rmor^&'C. jq 

tenements, or hereditaments, or her aftion or intereft to the (ame t 
any thing in this Ad contained, or any Attainder or Attainders hereaf- 
ter to be had for any ofFenee made felony by this A(3: to the contrary 
notwithftanding. And that fuch pcrfon and pcrfonsas (hall be im- 
peached for any offence made Felony by this Statute, Pnall by virtue 
of this Aft be received, and admitted to make any lawfjl proof that 
he can, by lawful witnefs or otherwife, for his dilcharge and defence 
in that behalf, any Law to the contrary nptwithftanding. 

'S^M i^ a ncccffarj) laU), aim To pcmifHj ais it, rcpimlj no curiotts C'lcijo^ 

d Ordnance. ] K\)U i^, (pun^ oj ^ttiWtx^ fo caHcti, of an ^'jucr, o? £D?^ 
fitnance ancifntip maoc, of tuljat l)o?c, fi^e, oj buf k tfjc fame fl)ottlD It. Sno al^ 
Jjcit tljc £D?iiinancc (tfjat iue can finoj i% not fjctant, pet tl;c name remainetlj, 

f[ Habillements of War. ] Habillement ijs pjopetlp apjjarel o; riotl;ing : 
lut ftt legal unDccttantitng it ootfj not onip ejctcno to ^arneffe ano Armour, 
iutto all tlHtenCistfjat lielong to War, toitljout ioljiclj men Ijauc notaMlitp to 
maintain Mar. 

%W M mafjtng; a new if elflnp, Jjatfj fiDe ercellent p?ot)iCons, loojtljp to ic Bonum en fare & 
imitateo in all like cafe? of neii) i?clonie£(. ifirtt, 2Eljat none fljall be impeacljco ftqui. 
foj tlji0 netfl jTclonp, tittt toitljin a peat after tlje offence none, ^econtlp, Srijat vid. hereafter, 
tl;e oftenoct fiioulo not lofc l;tg lanos anp longer tljencuring Ijig life. SCljirtilp, cap. of felony for 
SCljig ^ct makers not anp corruption of Wooo, bttt tljat Ijis lieir fljall inljerit. p"?^ ^^T^ ^ 
ifourtljlp, m% to make tlje Mife lofc Ijer oo^uer. ififtljlp, aCljat fuclj pcrfons mofe'fSi pro- 
as fljall Ijc imjjeacl)CD foj anp offence maoe i^clonp bp tl)ig ^a, fijall le aomitteo vifion. 
to make anp latoful pjoof a Ip tuitnefg, oj otljcrtuife foj Iji? nifcljarge ano iie# -^ ^ota. 
fence in tljat fieljalf. 

%\\ tlje Statute of 4 Jacobi R.egis, tljere i^ alfo a goon p jefi5cnt,vl2.[an luljirlj 4 jac. Rcgis,cap r. 
ttialg ( VIZ. in cafeis of J^elonp in tljat Set befo?e mcntioneo) i firff fo j tlje letter * Nora, two excel- 
i)ifco\3erp of tlie trutlj, ann feconolp, foj tlje better information of tlje confcicnccs '^'" """"= ^°' ^^- . 
of tljc 3urp anil Suffices, tljere fljall be allometi to tlje prtp fo arraignco tlje be^ nfce""'"' ^""■ 
nefit of fuel) ioitneffeis onlp to be eraminco upon oatlj, tljat can be pjoouceo, foj 
ljf55 better clearing ano iuftifiration : ] tljat as toitneffeg are p?otiuceti ann ftuojn 
againa Ijim, fo Ije map Ijaije iDttneffcs pjooucco ant ftoojn foj Ijim, foj Jurato 
creditur in judicio. ano to fap tlje trutlj, t)e neijer rean in anp m of |;^arlta:? 
jnent, ancient ^utljoj, ^ook cafe, o> Mccojo, tljat in criminal cafejs tlje partp 
accufco fijoulo not IjaVie luitneffeg fiuojn foj Ijim -, anti tljerefoje tljere i$ not fa 
muclj as fcintilla juris againft it. ano 3 toell remember inljen tlje i.o?i3 aCrea^ 
furcr Burleigh tolD ^nkv, Elizabeth, apanam;, ^ztz is pour j^tto^ncp dD^enerai 
( 31 being fent foj ) Qui pro Domina Regina fequitur i l|e faiO, flje tUOUlO IjaDC 
tlje fojm of tlje KecojOS alteren v foj it ffjouln be Attomatus Generalis qui pro 

Domina veritate fequitur. ^no toljen tlje fault is oenieOj trutlj cannot appeat 
luitljout toitneffes. 

Hobelarius ( ideft, alLig{)t4ojfcman) Eledus in Scotiam recepit armaturas & Hil i^E 2. co- 
denarios, ibidem fcrviturus, poftea non proficifcitur.per mandatum Regis, &re-ramRege. 
cufavit reddere arniaturas, & denarios, &c. per Juratores eft culp. & committitur ^°f- '^jNorff. 
Marefchallo, & finivit Regi 10 li. 6c ipvenit feeuritatem ad armaturas redelibe- 
randas, 8cc. 


So Cap.23, 

Cap. XXIII. 

Of Felony in (uch as pa(s the Sea to (er ve Forraign 
Princes, &:c. or do (erve Forraign Princes, &:c. 
without taking the Oath of Obedience. 

3 J«c. cap. 4. "P] Very Subjeft of this Realm that fhall go or pafii out of this Realm 
|~^ to lerve any Forraign Prince,State, or Potentate, or ihall pafs over 
the Seas, and there fhall voluntarily lerve any fuch Forraign Prince, 
State or Potentate, not having before his or their going or paffing, as 
aforefaid, taken the Oath of Obedience (p^efCtilJeU bp t&at 3jt) before 
theCuftomer and Controller of the Port, Haven, or Creek, or one of 
them,or their or either of their Deputy or Deputies, fhall be a Felon. 

&ome l&abc oljctfcn, tijat t\)e going oj paffing out of tW Ecalm, to fcrbe,? c. 
cannot Is ttteu ■■, foj tl^at offcncfg tion£ out of f^c JScaInt, cannot toit^out a 
fjjccial pjoDtCon he ttitn toitljin t^c IKcalm. SnD it tis a fure Mule, tljat in 
criminal caufejs concerning life oj mcmiec, ubi deliquit, ibi punietur : t^z oU 
fence iis local, ann cannot ie trieD, but tobetc it ig committer, noj cannot ie al*: 
leogeii to le in any otljet place, tlien tuyere in trut^ it toais tone. STo t^is it ijes 
anliuerct),tl)at bj) a later claufe in tijig 2i&.,iW iFclonp fljall be tricn in tljc SCoiun 
iflljerein tbe il^abcn oj^ojt ig,ti)^ereitt Ijc idocnt oj palfeii ober ; loljicl) daufc ijf. 
And be it further enaded, that all and every offence to be committed or done againll 
this prefent Ad, (hall and may be inquired of, heard, and determined before the 
Juftices of the Kings Bench, Juftices of Affize and Gaol-delivery in their feveral 
Aflfizes ■■> and all offences, other thenTreafon, (hall be inquired of, heard, and de- 
termined before the Ju(tices of Peace in their Quarter Seffions,to be holden within 
See 33 t^g Shire, Divilion, Limit, or Liberty, wherefuch offence (hall happen. ^0 ag "bp 

' t%z purbien anb meaning of tlje mafeeris of tljijs Sitf, tW iFelonp muft be 

trieb in tlje Councv toljere ^e toent oj paffeb ober, ano confcq,ucntlp in tljat 
%mxi lojlicrc part of tbe act toais none. Snb tljcfe baojtjs [and vi^herein fuch of- 
fence (hall be committed] muft be conftrucb in tliis cafe, bolietepart of tl;c offence 
i)S committeb. i?OJ, Sic interpretandum e(\, ut verba accipiantur cum effedu : anb 
bp tlje etpjels bjojbs, all ana ebetp offence to be committeo oj bone againft 
tijig pjefent Sid muft be inquireb of, lieatb, anb bctermineb, gfc. j^nb tljercfo^e 
tlje JFelonp cannot pafs atoap toit^ impunitp, anb tljat toljicl; ig bone out of 
t^e isealm (i)all be pjobeb to tlje 3iutp in ebibence. i^otc, boliere a fojraigiv 
SCreafon bp tljig Set is mabe,it iis enattcbto be trieb boljere tl;e offenber i^ taken, 

C Every Subjeft of this Realm. ] 2Cl)is bjanclj ejctenbg to all perfoniS, 
of toljat ettate, bcgtaj, oj pjofeffion foebcr, 

^ To ferve. "] Albeit i\t partp tin not ferbe, pet if tlje offenber tocnt oj 
paffet ober to ferbe toitljout taking tl)e oatb, Ije is in banger of tW Statute, 
5lnb tljis ejctcnbcti) to anp kinb of fecbice, ettljer in Camp oj ;armp, oj in tioufc 
oj otljertoife. 

C Any forraign Prince. ] [Princeps] pjince iS Ijere taken fo: tlje pcrfon 
Prince. t|jat iS Primus, i.e. Qui primum locum, & gradum obtinef, bJljetljer \)t be iUing, 

c% artp otljcr t^at Ijatli ^oberaign aiut^ojitp, bp to'tiat name oj title foeber. 


Cap. 23. Serving Forraign Prince fy8i.c. 81 

%\)t lajojt tjatlj otljfr Cpifirattonis, liut not vcrtincnt to tijc tjrpofrtton of tljt^ 

^ State. ] 2Clje fojmct iMOjti [Prince] intltinctT) ani> tljat tg a ^onardjj 

CJCtCUDgtO State. 

^ State. J atye lo^nncc mu^u Lrriii(.cj iuiuhjici) an^ iijat i? a 
ti in nature of a ^onarclj, oj an abfolutc ^?incc. KW toojn [State] , 
aup State, ettljer ilriaocratiral, toljerc felu be in autljojitp, o% SDcmocratical, 
luljerc tlje people Ija^c tlje cljicf government toitljcut anp g)uperiour, falling 

^ Potentate. ] SCljiisigalargeiMojti, anucictenlietljtopotentatcjsasitoen Potentate. 
(!!;ccleDaaical as SCempojal. 

^ Or (hall pafs, 8cc. and there (hall voluntarily ferve. ] 0ltljougl) 
Ije laent not oljcu of purpofe to fcrije, but upon fomc otljcr occafion : pet if Ije 
after Boluntarilj) ferUc anp fuclj fojraign |3jince, state, oj |3otentate,anD IjaDc 
not talien tljc £Dati), l)e is a irelon. 

f[ The Oath of Obedience. ] XW ^^ ^artictUarlp fet tio\j)n in tlje 

^ And that if any * Gentleman or perfon of higher degree, or any ^ vjj. jiereaftet 
perfon or perfons, which have born, or (hall bear any office or place cap. 34. in fine- 
of Captain, Lieutenant, or any other place, charge, or office in Camp, ^,^'^°"lP"Js°^ 
Army, or Company of Souldiers, or Condudter of Souldiers, (liall af- j^e Statute of 
ter go or pals voluntarily out of this Realm to ferve any fuch Forraign additions. 
Prince, State, or Potentate, or (hall voluntarily ferve any fuch Prince, * ^'^' ^^^'^' 
State, or Potentate, before he and they (hall become bound by Obliga- 
tion with two fuch fureties, as (hall be allowed by the Officers, &c. 
fhall be a Felon. 

^Ep tijis Jf ?anc!j, if Ijc be a (!5'entlenian, oj of tjigtjcr negra, oj anp fuclj S$y 
iitarj) ^an, as Ijere is oefcribeD^ becaufc Ijc is able to Do moje Ijarm, if \)t bcfo 
fiifpofcti, l;e nntft not onip tafte tlje £Datlj b? tlje fojmet bjanci), but I^cntuft be.* 
come botinu bp tljis b?ancl) toitlj tiuo fureties, 5c. %\)C fojm of tljc ^Tbligation 
is let ooiun in tbis atr. SClje ejcpofition of tlje fojmer bjancljgiDetljligljtto tlje 
uuDerftantiing of tljc refinue of ttjisClaufe. 

arijere is a Provifo, tljat no attainder of i?fIonp,mate i?eIonj) bp tliis SttjAjal! 
tafee atuaj» tioujcr, noj make, oj toojk, anp corruption of blcoo, oj Difljerifon to 
tljc Jjeir. 2El)e offenDcrs in anp of tlje fait) cafes of ifelonp map lja\)e tlje benefit 
oftljeic Clergy. 

M 2 CJP. 

82 Cap. 24. 


Of Felony in Purveyors, 

See in the fourth Q Q^g tl)t ^tatUtfg of Artie, fuper Cartas, anno 28 E. i. cap. 2. 1 8 E. 2. cap.ult. 

partofthe Infti- ^ 5 E.j.cap.a. 25 E.3.cap.i. & 15. 27E.3.cap.i. 3(5E.3. cap.2. 0nli l)Cfo?e in 

ce[y.' Amcler"' tljC Second part of the Infiitutes, tit tl)C CjtpofittOtt of tl)Z Statute of Artie, fuper 

agaiiift Cardinal Chartas, cap.2. poU fljall fitlD tn taljat Cafe a Ptiri)£J)OJ map U CljatrgCO iMtti) ife^ 

wooifey. Artie. J clip, luljiclj bjtcflp ttiap Ijc ttmcCD to tljcfe four lieatig. i?trft, if ci aiip tljat tafee 
39'35.>3^- tjpoit Ijim £0 bc a ^unacpoj, oj Iji? ticptttv o;i ferljant tttafee purViepaticc of anp 

cap."'^ ' * tl)iit5 aboijemclbcpfncetottljottt Warrant. &ecoiH)lp,io?mafee})itmpaitce of 
18 E.'i. cap.ult. anp tijtng aboDc ttoclbe jjence toitljotit tcftintonp anfi a^pjifentcnt of tljc Conffa^ 
5 E.?. cap 4. bic, ano fonr Ijonett men, ann tuitljout tcliijerp of aCaleg. Si^ljirtilpj c oj tafec anp 
i 5 E.?. cap.2. 0j^j, jujjjj fi|jf(j ^gjjg ijgttoan (Rafter ann sptofummcr, anc carrp tljcm to ii& 
f 25 e!3"c^p.°i $. "^^'^ ''-'°"f*^ ^"^ ^'^^ '^'J^'^' iPourtljIp, (i 0; ntafec anp tafeingis 0? l)«ying5,oj tafee 
d ?6 E 3. cap.2. anp carriage in otl)cr manner t^en is container in tljeir Comtniffionj!, tljep fljall 
vid. stanf. PI. i)a\3C pttnifflment of life ann mcmljer : anu tijig M remains fliU in fojcc witlji* 
Cor. 57. b. j,„t altcwtion. 2Ei)C offcnnerg map IjaDe ti)c Ijcnefit of tljcir Clergp. 

1 27 H.8.cap.24. '' ^P ^^J''^ Statute it is enattcu, tljat l^urucpojg alTigncB bp Commiffion fljall 
make pttrDcpance of i)iaual5,co jn.atm otljer tljingSjag lujeU toitljin Jlibertie g ano 
i^rancljifeSj as wttbout, anp grant, allotuance, oj otljer tljing to tljc contrarp, oj 
let tljereof nottoitl)tlanoing : but tlje |purtiepo?g Hjall obfcrUe tljc Statutes foj 
f Trin 4a Eliz. ^^^^^ pjoDtoeti in ebetp beljalfjas bp tljat 0tt appearetlj./mpon tljis Sd: it toais 
coram Rcge. In a IjolDCu, tljat if tljc 5ifcl)arge of ^urnepancc toere bp lietterg patents, tliis 0ct 
quo Warrant, the mafecs it of uo fojcc : but if tljcDifcljargctMercbp Statute, tljen tl)C ^^uiDcpoj 
Lord Darcies cafe, igiottltt! tOObfcrue tlje^tatttte, agbp t^C S>tatttte of 14E. 3. cap. I. proClero, 

CccleCaftical pcrfong arc Bifcljargeo bp Statute, lutiiclj ii)c ^Burbepoj is bouno 

to obfcrUe. &ec tljc Statutes of 2 5 E.3. Statut. 5. cap. 2 r. & 43 E. 3. cap. 3. in 

iriljat manner ano in ujljat time tlje Jiiinp Sutler oj Ijis Jliewtenanc fljall tafec 


&kt moje of ^urbcpojg in tlje fourth part of the Infiitutes Cap, of tlje Coun^ 

ting Ijcufe oj (Djeen dotlj. 
See,4d. in Evans Cafe, a CommilTtou fo: tafeing up of bopg foj 

tlje lyings cljappel, tljc general luojns toell erpounceD. 
Rot. Pari. Anno ^? ^n ^c of |0arliament not in pjint,it is enarteo tljat no |0urbepoj arrcff*^ 
28 eo foj anp mistrcmeanour fljall Ijalje anp ^jibp Seal, to caufe fuclj ag arrctten 

Ijim to come befojc tlje Councel to anftner to tlje liing, but Ijabe Ijig rcmeop bp 

tlje Common aLato. 
,. tmpon a grieboug complaint mane at tlje parliament Ijolnen in tlje fourtlj 

hoiden ^1 jacobi ^^^^ "^ "^"^ ^^^^ Sobctaign 3i oja JSing James, h^ t Ije Commons of tlje Mealm, 
Regis. concerning manp griebanceg fuffcreti bp Ijig Subjettg in tlje ejcecution of a Com;* 

milTton granten to certain perfong foj getting of &alt#peter, Ijts #a)efties an*= 
Salt-peter, qiiajj f^yj^ (amongft otljcr tljingg) mas, tljat Ije ncber Ijac an intention to maltcanp 
guirautTx mate- '^Ppltfattou of Ijig |Djcrogaii\)e tljercin, furtljcr tljen mtgljt aano Uiitlj tlje hw 
ria quam veteres ful auB neccffarp ufe tliercof. j^no fuHljer Ijig spajeftp toas pleafen out of Ijis 
muri, rupes, & gractotig tare ano goDOnefg to rebofte'^no annul all CommilTiong, oj grantg 
faxa exfudant^, aut niatc to anp petfon oj pcrfoug, fo? ano concerning Digging, ano it)o?king of 
ft&^p"a,%u2"in ^fllf'Pcter, intending to coiifiocr of fuclj a courfe aftenjjariis, as tlje fame 
fiabuiisaniniaiium migljt be maoc toitljout' anp lull caufe of complaint, ag bptlje faio ropal an^ 
urinam ad muicos fttcr Tamongft otl)cr tljiugg) moje at large appearetlj. 3n purfuauce iul)ereof, 
annos escepit, i,p jijj. fai^, j^i„gg commanDmcnt, Popham Cljief 3n(iice, ano all tlje Slufliceg 
LmncMcmn. of England, ano 215arong of tlje CDrcljcqucr, buerc alTemblcti at Serjeants^ 

3[nn in Fleet-iireet, in December, in tlje faio fpurtlj pear, to refolbe ano certifie. 

Cap. 24. Turveyon, 8: 

itB^at ^jcrosatibe t\)t »ing Ijaii foj nigging, ann tafetng of ^alt^petcr hi t!;e 
lioufep, iJuilDingis, oj gcounng of Ijisi ^ulijccrg, tljat tljcrcupon a nelu Commtiri^ 
on tnigljt l3C maDe accojuinglp, toljo upon often conference, ann mature confix 
aeration vcfol^co z% follotuccl). 

f^irft ttljcrc it toag obfettea, %\jU dDtrnpototfcr toasi inV)cn== 
tPD in Germaiiv, luitljin time of memo??, in tlje reign of liing , ^"/''^ Accounts, &c.from the 21 o( 
E 3 fo a? tlje'king coulo not claim it bp pjercription . an? L^^J ^:;^ .?;TnlerthSof 

tijat ^'ijefojC tljC 3 I pear of tlje rctgn of sIKuan EllZ. ( toljlClj Artificers and Workmen ( inter alios3 

liiag tlie pear after tlje spaniflj 3ni3aGonj\ue, ag pet, flnii not Gunners 6. And of their wages and 
a„V CommifTion n ^Licence granteo Dp any iaing j ^ueen of »'?-''; p- d.-. •-= -^'d r amon^ft 
tljtp Kealm to anp foj tijc ttggtng oj taking of ^aft^pcter : Bombarda-.TorftientaJciopi! 
^no in tl;e fniu 3 1 pear of ilje faio late Suctn, tluo CommilTi^ Pafch. 49 e. g. coram Rege Rot' 
ons oj llicenceg tucre granteti, tl)e one particular, to George 27- oxon. Diyerfi maiefaftores vene- 
Conftabk er<e, to oig, open, anr. ttojlt curing tije fpace of ele. ^",g"[,g,SdsT g'^^^^ ^'"'"' 
Den pear? foj &alt#peter iBttljin ttie Counties of York, Not- Vide Rot. Pari, i R.2. nu. ,8. wii- 

tingham, Lancafter, Northumberland, Cumberland, aUO tIjC %y liam Captain of the Caflie of Cathe- 
fhopjick of Durham, aS tvell llUitljin our Oton lanOg, grOUUDg rick, being charged for delivering ic 

auo poffeffiong, as alfo toitljin t^e f ann^, grotmr.?, ano poffcai. ;vit£t'commimon'''anSed r til 
ons of an? of cur Io\3ing Subjects toitljtn tlje Counties afoje. ^^u) that the enemies brought to bat= 

faiO ■-, anO tlje COnfiOeratiOU of t^e (0jant lUaS, tljat \)t fijOUlO tery thereof nine pieces des groffes 

neUijer a great quantitp of poiutier to be mane bp tlje faiu George cannons. 

Conftable, an9 p?,obit)et) foj tljc ao?e of tlje iKuocns spajeC? at wlifl .oR^^i^^^ 

a lolBcr ratc,tljcn luas paio fo j it befo}e,toitlj tljis furtljer claufc-, po,, virgii. oe" invent' rerum. fo. 2. 

[aittiifurtljcr our luill anu pleafure is, tljat t|)c fain George cjip. u. 

Conlbble fljall at IjJS 0U)U proper COftS anO Cljarges erett, make Pancerollus Nova reperta; Tit. i3. 

up, an&lapall muo tuaHs, ftables, ano grountis to^atfoeijer fo ^\tl^±^^ZT'''' '"^: n„„,„^ 
Biggeo up , ] iwljereupon it tes inferreo ttiat no ot^er builo. , ^,t ^^ ' '^ 

ings coulD be oiggeo up bp fo^c of tljat Commiffion, but onlp 
Cables. JClje ot|er Commiffion tuas general, maoe unto George Evelyn, Ri- 
chard Hils, anO John Evelyn, anO CJCtenbeO tl)JOUgl;OUt tlje Eealms of England 
anb Ireland, anb all otljer tlje ^Dominions of tljc fame, as tocll tuitljin our oton 
proper lanbs, grounns, ano poffeflions, as alfo tuitliin tlje lanbs, grounns, ann 
poffeffions of anp of our Subjects, toitlj tbe like claufc of tlje erection ana repa^- 
ration, as is afo?efaii?,tottl)out naming of O^anfion Ijoufcs bpetpjcfs toojiis,ano 
toitljout anp pjoljibition to tlje Subject to big foj ^alt^cter in cfieir oton butl:? 
sings oj grottnos. 

as to tljc firft, ittoas rcfolbeb bp all, Cljat fojafmuclj as tlje taking of ^alt^ Purveyance of 
$eter,toas foj tljC neccffarp Defence, ano fafetpof tlje Mealm,tljattljeitiingl)ab see'theT'oarc of 
a rigljt of purbcpancc of it •, anb fljoulb not be bjiben to bup it in fojrain parts, the inftilutes. 
tol)ic^ fojrain|p?inces migljt reffraiUjanb fo tljisas.ealm migljt toant fufficient Magna chart* 
foj tlje befence tljereof, to tlje great peril, ano ^ajarb of tlje fame: buttlj? 
laing toas to take it, foj tlje necelTarp befence of tlje Kealm, accojotng to tlje 
limitations Ijereaftcr Cfp?ef[eb ■•, anb it i? no pje|ubicc to tlje ottiners of tlje foil, 
foj tlje plate tljat is biggeo mull be mabe up again, ano repaireb in as gooo 
jligljt as it toas befoje. ^cconblp, tljat tljis taking of ^alt^peter in tlje bui> , 2c 
bings 01 grounbsof tlje Subject, being a purbepance as is afojefaib, is anincii^ 
bent infcparablc to tlje Crolun, anb cannot be grantcb, bcmifcb, 03. transferrca 
to anp otljcr, but ougljt to be taken onlp bp tljc iliings SlSiniCers, as otljer pur^ 
bcpantes ougljt, ano cannot be conberteo to anp otljer ufe, tljen foj tlje Defence 
anb fafetp of tlje Kealm, fo; boljiclj purpofe onlp tlje ILato Dotlj gibe totlicJUing 
tl)ts |3jerogatibe ■■> 0nB it is not like to amine of golb oj filber in tlje grouno 
of tlje fubjcct, foj tljere tlje feing liatlj an intereft in tljofe metals, anb notpurs= 
bepance onlp. ano if tljc potooer bjljiclj is Co maoe bp tlje toings ^inifter^ 
begin to Detap, as it will bo toitljin t\no oj tlijee pears, tljen tljis eitlier ougljt 
to be cljangeo fo;i otljer, oj folD, anD tlje monep tljereof coming to be emylop* 
cb foj pobuoer iai tlje Defence of tljelSealm, ano tljc l«ings minifters ougljt to 
make great pjobifions of ^alt^peter, foj t^at twill laft a long time, anb wljen: 

84 Purveyors. Cap. 24. 

neeti t^ to mafec thereof gun^poiimctr, toljidj toili hz mate icfojc tljc ipatip can 

3 . U put in rcafitnefj!, jc. 2Cl)tttiIp, tlje ^tntffctis of tljc ifiing cannot in nig^ 
gtng foj &alt#petei; unnermine, ujcafecn oj impair anp of tijc lopails oj fotinna^ 
tionis of anp of tl)e Ijoufos of tljc ^ulijcct, ht tljcp ^anfion ?jottfcs o;^ ^mAjmie^, 
as 25anis, ^tabkjei, SDoDc^ljoufos, ^illg, oj tljc lifec, ncitJjct can tJjc}) nig tljc 
flfDj of ani? spanflon Ijoufe, toljiclj femg foj tljc Ijaliitation of man, iiecattfc ^is 
Spanfion is tljc fafeft plate of refuge, ann fafctp of Ijimfelf ant Im family, as 
ttjell in ficknefs, as in l)ealtl),ano Ijis defence as idaeU in tfje nigljt, as in tlje nap, 
againff felons, ann misaoers ■■> ncitljcr can tljc iiings minifters tig tlje acoj of 
anp ^arn of tlje fubjert emploicD foj tljc fafc keeping of Cojn, ^a]),jc. fo? tljc 
flcDj of a :^arn cannot be mane B?]), oj fcrDiccaWc again in a long time,l)ut tljcp 
mapoig in tlje flcojs of ^tal)lcs,an!3 £i]rcljoufes,fotljat tljep Ica^e fuflicient rrom 
tljcrc foi tlje ljo?fes, anu otljcr beafts of tlje otoner, ano fo tljat tljcp repair tlic 
fame again in con\jenicnt time, as imcU as it teas befoje. acijcp map alto Big in 
tlje flcD?s of cellars, anu Mults, fo tljat tljc loinc, l3(x:r,oj otlicr necelTarp pjoijtfion 
of tlje otoncr he not remo^JCD, oi in anp fo:t impaircD : Snti tljcpmap nig anp 
mun louals, toljidj be not tlje teals of anp spanfion Ijoufe, mn in tljc ruins ano 
Bccaps of anp Ijoufcs teljidj be not pjcfer\)eu foj tljc neceffarp Ijalitation of man, 

4. i?ourtl)lp,tljep ougljt to mafec tl)e places as tecU ant commonious foj tljc otener, 

5. • as tljcp toerc befo?e. i?iftljlp, tljep ougljt not to teojfe in tljc polTcirions of tljc 

fubictt, but bctteccn t'^c rifing of tl)e S>un anti tljc going noten of tljc fame, fo as 

tlje Otener map make fall tljc tojjs of Ijis Ijoufe, ant) put it in Defence againlt 

s^ mifDocrs. ^ijctljlp, tljcp ougljt not to place o% fix anp furnace, bcffcl oj otljcr nc^ 

tclTarics in anp Ijoufe oj biiiloing of tljc fub|ect,teitljout Ijis confent,noj fo nar 

7, anp manflon as Ije bp it map rccei\3e anp pjejuoice oj tifciuiet. ^ebentljlp, tliep 
ougljt not to continue in one place aboijc a con\)cnicnt time, noj return t^itljc c 

8. but after a long time, 3laftlp,tljat tljc otener of tljc foil cannot be reftraincD from 
Digging, OJ tafeing of ^alt^pctcr, foj tljc p?opertp tljereof is in tlje otener of tlje 
foil, anD tlje iiiing Ijatlj but tlje purbepancc tljcrcof, anD tljat cbcrp man migljt 
teo?k tljat WDulD, auD tljcn tljere Ojoulo be mojc plcntp of poteDcr, ant at a cljca^ 

*pi. Com. 236, P« rate, ant tljefc rcfoluttons arc agreeable teitlj tljat Maxime, * SCljat tlje 
Common Hate Ijatlj fo atmcafuret tlje p?erogatibcs of tljc i^ing,tljat tljcp fljoulu 
neitljer take atoap no; pjciutice tlje inljcritance of anp. 0nt tljcfc Monopolies 
being Malum in fe, ant againa tlje Common JLates, are confequentlp againft tlje 

* stanf. PI. Cor. ^jcrogatibc of tljc l&ing, foj "^ tljc^jerogatibe of tlje teing i^ gibcn to Ijim bp 
1^2- a- tlje Common ILate, ant is part of tljc iiates of tljc Mcalm. Wljiclj rcfolutions 
icant. f rer. j. o. ^^^^ tclibcrct in tejiting bp Popham Cljief limtz unto tljc iiittgs ^ii\ty 

Counccl,as tlje tmanimous rcfolution of all tljc Blutges, ant 2iarons of tlje (Bjc*^ 

c'^cqucr, ant teere bp^is flpajetties ^ii\)v Councel tecll alloteet of, ant app?o#^ 

l3Ct,asPopham Cljief SluUicc repojtct. ■23pon tljcfc rcfolutions tljefc confequcnts 

to follote.iTtra,if aman of Ijis oten autljojitp,o} bp colour of anp CommilTion, 

^Licence, oj dUjant, totlj take upon Ijim to take anp ^alt^pcter in tlje builtings, 

0} grounts of anp otljcr fubjcct to make tljcrcof gunpotepcr, in anp fojt to Ijis 

fiten ufc, albeit Ije co\)cnantetlj, oj agrectlj to ferbc tljc ising of fo manp iatts 

of poteter : pet feeing it is but a purbcpance, Ijc cannot fell anp pototcr tljereof 

mate to anp of tljc iSings fubjects, oj make anp pjitoate benefit tljcrcof: ant if 

Ijc to, Ijc map be tntictct of tigging, ant taking of tlje Sialt^^petcr at t^c filings 

fuit, ant begrie\)ouap finct ant impjifonet, foj tljat it is a grant trefpafs teitlj 

^ an liiglj Ijant. ^econtlp, tljc partp gricDct map Ijaijc Ijis Action of trcrpafs,ant 

recober tamagcs foj tlje trefpafs, gtc. accenting to tlje Qualitp of tljc trefpafs. 

a Rot. Pari. a Complaints mate againft ^Durbepojs in parliament, 

4 H.4. nu- 1 "• h iigp tlje ttatute of 9 R.2 . all ttatutes mate concerning purbcpors be confirm 

9 H 4 1 5. ^^^' ^"^ ^° ^^ Vwt in cicccution, ant tljat 3t'ifticcsof locate Ijabc poteer to Ijear 

* Roc.pari. Anno ^Ht tctcrmiuc tljctr offcnccs. &cctljciFourtljpartoftljelnlticutes,cap. 8. Art. not 33-35>3'^-api«ft Cartinal VVoolfey, 
in print. 


Cap. 25^ ^^^^^^ 85 


, Of Felony in wandring Soldiers and 


I. A LL idle and wandring Soldiers or Mariners, or idle perfons 39El.cap.17. 

j\ wandring as Soldiers or Mariners, (hall be reputed felons, 
and futfer as in cafe of felony. 

&o ajs not onlp %t t'^at i<i a ^oltiter, 0^ partner tnDcec, iut ^e x%st 10 an 
iule mtnieur,anD tafecg upon tint to be a pointer o> S^ariner, tljouglj in tcoti^ 
%t le none, i? in Danger of tW iiato i foj, a?i tlie |3jeamWe faitlj, t^ep abufe 
t^e name of tljat IjonojaWe pjofelTion. 

2. c^ijerp tt)Ie,anD tuannjtng pointer 0^ partner, taliicl) coming from |)i$ 
Captain from tlie ^eajs, oj from Ijepono tlje ^eajSjtljatfijallnot liaije a teflimo* 
nial unuet tljeljanD of fome one Iwftice of |0eace, of ojineattlje place toticre tie 
lannet), letting nolun tljerein t^e time ana place tolien, ann to^ere ^c lannefl, 
ann tlje place of liiis nlDelltnganD btrt^, unto \M<^ %t i9 to par$,anii a coni)e^ 
nientttme tljerein limiteu foj'^iis paflage, is bpt'^ig artaBjucgeD a JTelon. 

3. S>%il Ije Ijatl) M\i a tedimonial, ano Qjall ejcceeo t%t time tljerein Itmiteo 
aljoije fourteen uapis, Ije i$ bp tl)iis airt a felon, unlefst %t fall Cck bp tl)e ttap, fo 
ais after ^iis recoDerp ^e fetlctl) l)imfelf income latoftil courfe of life,ojrefojt to 
tljc place toljere '^e mm bojn, oj tuais laft abiding t but in boti^ tljefe ttoo cafejs 
ije mull be a feolDier 0; Mariner infieen. 

4. 3!f anp fuclj iDle ann ttanojing &ol5ier oj Mariner, oj otiier inle perfon 
toannjing as pointer oj fl^ariner, Ojall fo?ge 0} counterfeit fuc^ tetttmonial,!)^ 
10 bp tl)i!s2ttai?elon, 

5. £D> if Ije fljall i^abe toitlj Ijim oj t^im anp fuel) teffimonial fojgeb oj coun;* 
terfeit, fenotoing tlje fame to be counterfeit oj fojgeu, be i^ alfo bp tljisi 2iA9. 
felon, ann in botlj tljcfe laft cafec, ais toell be tbat ig a ^olDicr 0} Mariner in 
becD, ai8 be tbat i% none, iis in Danger of tbis Set. 

auD tbe offenDer againtt anp of tlie ;article0 of ttiiS Statute ^all not babe 
t\t benefit of \m Clergp. 

BJuCicejs of Mife, Siufticejs of (0aol Ddiberp, anD Slufticeis of J^eace, babe 
jobier bp tbis ^ct to bear anD Determine tbe faiD felonieg. 

315ut if fome boneff perfon balueD in tbe laft ^ubfiDp to ten pounDsf in gajDjf^ 
oj if ojtp fijillingiB in lanDSjOj fome boneft frecbolDer,a0 iyg tbe fatD Btutticcp fljall 
be alloiMCD, looill be contenteD befoje fuel) luftices; to tafee bim oj tbem into bijs 
ferbice foj one tubole pear, anD totll become bounD \yi recognisance, ajs tbe ^tai* 
tutc Dotb appoint, tben tbep ftall not pjoceeD anp furtber againft \i\m, unlef? 
fucb perfon retaineD Depart tuitbin tbe pear, tjjitbout tbe licence of ^Xtti tbat fo 
retaineD bim ■■, anD tben be isito be inbirteB, tricD, anDJuDgeo ais a felon, ana 
not to Ijabe tbe benefit of bi» Clergp. 


o^ Cap. 26- 

. -^ « ~~ * 


Of Felony in Soldiers that depart from their 
Captains without licence. 

J 8 H.(5.cap.i9?^ ' T"?^is ^tattttc 10 httovAC of UttU fojcc 01 uUx fo} ttje ancient manner of 

5 Eiiz. cap. 5. 1 retainer of ^olDicrg tolicrctinto tljat M refcrretl), i<s ttttcrlp altcrco ; foj 

extendeth it to ^^^^^^ jsiugits 0} dpcntlcmcn ejcpcrt in toir, anc of great reijenttesi ann iiDeli^^ 

Gunn/r? ""^ ^Pf i" ^^^^^ Countrep, co\)enantci) toiti) tlje i&ing to ferUe Mm in Ijig toar foj 

fuel) a time toitt) fuclj a numljer of men : anu tlje ^olnicrs! mane tljcir co\jcnant 

toitlj tljcir i.caiierg o? ^aflerg, anti tl)cn tl;cp toere muacrcti before tljc iiiings 

Commiflioncrg, ano entreti of Ixerojo bcfoje tljcm , ano tljat toas rcrtiiieii in^ 

'fBythenatuteof to tljc -^ Crclictittcr i aW) tljereiipon tljep tooK tljeir toages of tijc iJing, as it 

5 R.2. cap.i I. apjjcarefl) hv man? pjcfioents of tlje (il;]cc^equer,anij map be gatljereo bp tljc pje:* 

• • amWeannliDOpoftljea(t,antibptl)ClSegifler,Mjereitappearetl), tljatatmrit 

Se ResinVr ' J" ^as framcD upon tlju Statute Diretteo to a Serjeant at arms ad capiend' con- 

direaed to the * dudos ad prohcifcend' in obfequium &c. ^nO tW ^aS tljOUgljt an etcellent S^i<f 

Serjeatitatarmes. Utarp poitcj), tljat tljc ^oloicrs, ( part Ujljereof iuerc of tljeir oum tenants j 
flioulD be djofen ann let) bp iSnia;l)ts ano dDentlemen of qitalitp of tljeir oton 
Rot" Pa'r7< Ha Countr J', Miitl) \)3l)om t\}tv muft fig^t in toar, ano liMe tuitljal in peace, toljeu the like for tijep retumco into tljcir Country in refpert toljcreof tlje Pointer luoulo tljc 
keeping of Cafties nio?c cljcarfuUp ant) obenientli' folloin Ijis lleaDer, ano tljc lleaoer xooulo tljc 
and Forts. ^j,jp refpcttfullp ano loijinglp ufe Ijis S>oloier toijen Ijc is afajoao. ^ee tlje an^ 

" R f Pari < H 1 cicnt fojm of Commiffions foj arraping ano muttering of men in 5 H4. 
nu ;, V/ ^' 3iBp tljis act tlje benefit of Clergy toas not taKen abjaj) from tljc SDelincittcnt. 
2 E fi'cap 2. SElje Statute of 2 E. 6. cap. 2. ertenoetlj onlp toljcn tljc ^oloier Departs after 

renued 4 & 5 Ph. tljat Ijc Ijatl) fcrijco tljc l^ing in IjiS tuar : ^nu fuel) an offenoer fljall not enjog 

7H.7.'c?p.\^ Ifany Soldier being no Captain, immediately retained with the 

S H.8. cap! 5. K.incy, which fliall be in wages and retained, or take any preft to ferve 
the King upon the Sea, or upon the Land beyond the Sea, depart out 
of the Kings fervice without licence of his Captain, that fuch depart- 
ing be taken, deemed, and adjudged felony. And that all the Juftices 
in every Shire of England, where any fuch offenders be taken, have 
power to enquire of the fiid offences, and the fame to hear, and de- 
termine, as they do and may do. of felony, &c. expreffed in the Kings 
Xommiffion to them made, as though the fame offences were done in 
., the fame Shire 5 and alfo that the departing of fuch Souldiers, and al- 
fo their retainers, if it be traverfed, be tried in the fame Shire, where 
they be for fuch a caufe arrefted, and arraigned. 

Lib.d. fo.27. Cafe ifctli tljcfc ^tts of 7 H.?- ano 3 H. 8. arc perpetual acts, foj tljis tBojD 

de soi'diers. [ isiug ] incluDctlj all Ijis fucceflion. 

^ Without licence of his Captain.] SC^c Statute of 3 H.8. i^Ut^^ 
out licence of tljc iteings ^Lieutenant tljcrc. 

^ That all the Juftices in every (hire of Englatid, where any fuch 
offenders be taken, &c. '] SCljts act of 7 H. 7. ejctenus to all tlje !^ings 
Suaices in euerp &ljire, vh. juftices of aHife, C?aol E^cliuerp, JlTier ano 
SCcrnuner, ano of tlje |)eace. ano if tlje offenoer be tafeen in tlje Count? 



Cap. 26. I)eparting of Souldiers^ Slc. 87 

la)I)ere tlje Jliingis lEcndj fet, !)e map tc inntd-cu, jf. tljcrc : I tit tljts daufc in 

3 H 8. ig icftratncti to ^uHice^ of |Jface. 2El)t0 cJaufe in l)Otl) tl;f fail &tatutc0 

tg cumuIati\)E, ann fo^ mojc fpecup p^ocaning tottl; tht cffcnccr. )f ut anmit tlje 

offcnncr 1)E ncvier talmi, pet map IjebcinDittcu of fefonp in tlje Ccuntp bjljere See Sranf pi. cor. 

tfce Dcpattutc 11)30, ann if Ijc appear not, Ije map be cutlatocD, fo: bp tl}e firft foi.iss. c 

tiattfe, tljC offence i» mane fclonp, anD tlje fcconD claufe is afiirn'.ad\)c, antinot 


^ He or they fbofFcnding (hall not enjoy the benefit of his Clergy.'] 
%\ji? l)?anclj in tljc 0rt of 7 H. 7. is general, but in tlje Stt of 3 H. 8. tbere 
15 an c)cccption out of tlje lifee bjanclj, viz. of men being ttitljitt ojiicrs of Wv 
durclj. S)o as it nifferet!) mudj, lojljetljcr Ijc be intitcteo upon tlje one Statute, 
0? tlje otl)cr. 

51£ui; obfertic tu^at punifljment tlje ancient ILatn of England inflicteB upon t%c 
^olnicr tljat teparteo from tlje icings ^oft, botlj iicfoje, anu Gnce tl)e Conqueft. 
Item qui fugiet a Domino, ^1 focio fuo pro timiditate belli, vel mortis, in condu- ^j"^^" '^i'-Ti^^^f'^ 
dione Herecochii fui in expcditione navali, vel terreftri, perdat omne quod fuum Hoven.'^Annal'.'/c.' 
eft, & fuam ipims vitam, & manus mittat Dominus ad terram quam ei antea de- Poena Hereflitse.' 
derat. Jfcj tlje e]cpofttiott of Heterochius anfl Hereilite, fee tlje Fourth part of the 
Inftitutes,cap. Court de Chivalry. 

ipoto concerning Srmoj, Slrms, Cljargesof &olliieriEi,muftering of|^em,fc. 
^ee tljC Statutes in p?int of Conhrmat. Cart. 25 E.I. Vet. Magna Cart.2. parte, 
fol.35. I E. 3. cap. 5. 18E. 3.cap.7.2 5E.3.cap.8. 4 H. 4. cap. 13. 11 H.7.cap.7. 
anti 3 H. 8. cap 5. ann 4 Sc 5 Ph.& Mar. cap. 3. foj appearing at mtiftetSj $c. 
5f ut 4 &: 5 Ph. & Mar. cap,2. an Sia foj l)a\3ing of %ojfe, ;arTOo?, ano ijieapou 
is repealed bp tljc Statute of i Jac. cap.25. 

an M not in pjint, Rot. Pari. Anno 5 H.4. nu. 24,25. foj arraping an5 mu^ 
flering of men, fo? toatcljing of DBearons, ?c. 

KecojBS of |)arliament5 4 H.4. nu.48. 7 H.4. nu.124. 1H.5. nu.17. 

31Book cafes, 48 E.3.3,4. 21 E.4.17. per Catesby, p E.4.26, lib.7. fol.7.8. 

&ec tl]e Second part of the Inftitutes, Confirmat. Cart.cap.5. "hi fupra. 

Vide Pafch. 16 E.2. Phelip Malkr del Hofpit. de S. Katherins cafe, in Iibro meo 


88 Cap. 27. 


Of Felony to marry afecond husband or wife, 
the former husband or wife living. 

i Jac. cap. II . T F any perlbn or perfons within his Majefties Dominions o[Ef7gla»d 
X. and Wales, being married do at any time after marry any perfbn 
or perfons, the former husband or wife being alive, that then every 
fuch offence (hall be felony, See. 

%W i& t^cfirft M of |JarIiantent tljat toasmaBeagainft |poIpganit». Po- 

lygamia eft plurium limul virorum, uxorumve connubium. 

%\)t Difference iiettoeen Jiepgamp, oj 2Drigamj), f c. aim ^olpgamp is. Quia 
Bigamus feu Trigamus, &c. eft qui diverfis temporibus, & fuccelTive duas, fua tres, 
&c. uxo^s habuit. Polygamus, qui duas vel plures fimul duxit uxores. 

41 If any perfon. "] scijig llatu iiS general, ann cjctenDetljto all jjerfonjEf, 

of toljat cftate, oj Degree foctoer. 
See the i part of ^^ ^^^^ "^''" ^^ ^^^'^^ ^^^^ ^^^ "^ fourteen, toljiclj IS Ijisi age of confent, anu tlie 
the innitutes iMoman al)0\3e tl)e age of tUielbe, tol)icij tg Ijcr age of confent, tljougfj t^ep te 
Sea. ie4. toitljin tfje age of one ann ttocntp, are toitljin tlje Danger of tl;ts 3La\u : inljiclj 

appcarcti bp tljis, tljat tljts Slit crtcnDetlj not to a fojmer marriage mace toitijin 

tlje age of confent, ag Ijereaftcr fijall appear. 

f[ Being married, Sec. ] %\)i^ crtcnDettj to a marriage de fado, oj 
i30iDaWe Ijp reafon of a precontract, oj of confanguinitp, oi of affinitv, o} i\}t 
Uke : foj It iis a marriage in juDgment of llaln until it be alJoiDcD, ano tlject^ 
fo?e tljougi^neitljet marriage ht de jure, pet t^e? arc lojitljin tljiis Statute. 

C Do at any time marry. ] SCljiis feconD marriage i$ meerlp laoiD, ann 
jet it maKetlj tlie offenacr a felon. 

And the party and parties Co offending, (hall receive fiich and the 
like proceeding , trial, and execution in fuch County, where fuch 
perfbn or perfons fhall be apprehended, as if the offence had been 
committed in fuch County, where fuch perfbn or perfons fhall be 
taken or apprehended. 

&ec before tlje crpoCtion of tlje Statutes! of 7 H. 7. anD 3 H. 8. concerning 
Departing of ^olDiers, ?c. « 

See 22 E. 4. Con- ^"t Of tfjc gcncralitp of tljijS ILalM, tl)ere he iriDe eicceptionis ; JTiitt, it er^ 
fuitation. ^ .The tenDctl) not to aup perfou oj pcrfon0,|gbofe IjugbanD oj toife lie continuallp re^^ 
opJnion of the maining bepouD tlje S>eas, bp tljc fpace of fencn pears togetljcr. Wv tljis bjancl) 
Palns'cafe lib g """'''^ ^^ ""^ material, in refped: of tljc Commojancp bepono ^ca. 
foT. 72. ' §>econDl^> it crtenDS not, tnljen tlje Ijusbano o} luife fljall abfeut tjim oj |ec 

felf, tlje one from tlje otljer, bp tljc fpace of feijen pears in anp parts luitljin Ijijs 
^a}efties,2Daminions, tlje one oftljem not fenoiuing tlje otljet to be libing 
toitljin t^at time. I^erc notice is material, in refpett tljc Commojance i$ toitl)^ 
tn tlje JSealm. 


Cap. 27. Polygamy, 89 

2Cl)trDlp,nDj to anp pcrfon o? pcrfong, tljat attljc time of fticlj marriage tc 
nitoojccD bp aiip fcntcnce Ijan in tlje CccleCattical Court. 

%]itte ht ttoo kinDs of Di«ojcc0, tijc one tl;at otdolbctlj tlje marriage a vinculo 
matrimonii i ag fo? yjccontract, ronfangttinitj),?c. an^ tl)c otljer a menla & thoro ■■, 
as foj aoulterp, lecaufc tliat ofuojce bv rcafon of aotilterp, cannot oiP.'olDc tlje 
marriage a vinculo matrimoniij foj tljat tlje offcnce ig after tlif juft anD latoful 
marriage. %W b?anclj in refpect of tlje gcneralitj) of tlje teojog, p?i\3iUtge tte 
offcncer from being a felon, ag loell in tljc cafe of ilje oincjte a nenfa & thoro, 

ag \ul)CrC it is a vinculo matrimonii, anO yet in tlje rafC of tie Dil30?ce a ir.enfa &: 

thoro, tlje fcccno marriage is Vicio, lining tlje fcjmer toife o? l;uf lane. 0nti if 
tl)cre be a niviojcc a vinculo matrimonii, ano tlje aD\3erfe party appeal, uiljiclj is a 
continnance of tlje fo;imer marriage, ann fufpcno tljc fentence, yet after fucl^ a 
BiJjojce, tljc part? marrying is no felon toidjin tljis Statute, in refpcctof ti^e 
generality of tljis b;iancljjaltljouglj tlje marriage be notlaloful. 

iFonrtljly, noj to any perfon oj pcrfons, luljere tl)e former marriage is ip 
fentence in tlje Cctlefialf ical Court teclareo to be ijoio ano of no effctf. 

i?iftljly, noj to any perfon oj perfons, foj oj by reafon of any fojmer mar# 
riage maoe \uitljin age of confent ; hereby it appcaretlj tljat tl)e spakers of tl)e 
%m intennen tljat tljis 3d: fljoulD mtm to euery perfon aboiie tlje age of 

^f tt)c man be aboije fourteen, anti t^e tuife utioer ttoeltte, oj if tlje toife be 
abobe tlucltoe, anu tljc man unoer fourteen, pet map tl)C Ijusbano oj toife fo 
aboue tlje age of confent, oifagret to tlje efpoufals, as toell ast^e party ttiatis Trin. 42 EUz. 
unoer tljc age of confent, foj tl)c aotentage of oifagrcement muft be recipjo^ lirtrr^Babmeton 
cal. 2ttO fo it was rcfolueo by tlje Juoges ano Ci\)ilians, Trin. 42 Eliz. in tlje & wamer. 
3iings 5!5enclj, in a tKHrit of Crro? beiiuecn Babington ano Warner. &o as if 
eitljec party be toitljin age of tonfent, it is no fojmer marriage laitljin tljisi 

SClje offcnoer againft tljis Statute may Ijaue tlje benefit of Ijis Clergy. 

3;f Ijc be a j^obleman anu 3Lojo of iparliament, Ije fljall be trieo by Ijis pecrsf, 
albeit tljere be no pjobifion fpecial fo j it : foj of common rigljt,(tljat lojc map fap 
it once foj all) in cafe of treafon, felony, anO mifpjifion of treafon j of fclonp 
(asfiatljbeen faiobefo?cj ljeistobetrieobpljis¥>ecrs. ^ ■ * c 

31 fino tljat by t^e ancient 3Lato of England, tljat if any Cljjiftiatt man DiD* ^r"4ton 'by the 
marrp toitlj a tooman tljat toas a3teto, oj a Cljjiftian tooman tljat marrieo tnitlj common law. 
a 3etoj it tnas felony, ano ttie partp fo offenoing fljoulo be burnt alibc. 

Contrahentes cum Judaeis, Judsabus, Pecorantes, & Sodomitsein terra vivicon- 
fodiantur, &c. Fleta lib.i. cap. 3 5. §. Contrahentes. 

N 2 CAP. 

90 Cap.28. 

CAP. XXVlll. 

Of Felony for any having a Plague fore upon 
him, contrary to commandment goeth abroad, 

I ]ac. cap. 3 1. .TT F any perlbn infedted with the Plague, commanded ( by fuch per- 
J[ fons as are appointed by the" Aft) to keep houle, (hall contrary to 
luch commandment wilfully and contemptuoudy go abroad,and fhall 
converfe in company, having any infeftious fore upon him uncured, 
luch perfon (hall be adjudged a felon. 

Levic. cap. 13. sc^ijj tjg fdotip^atljeit no otijer'yerfon Ip fuclj mcawg ic infc tfEU, foj tW ^tn^ 

R ""^rt pP* 5' tutc ijja? mate to p?c\)Ent t\)e moft ijojriB ann fearful tnfeflton of tlje |LIa^wc» 

2^4! Breve de Le- ^EljE Jlatjj tMajs general, antj eictenccu to all eftatejs anti negreciB li)l)atfoeDer,ano 

pr'ofo amovendo toaf. gtounDeD it^ion tljc lalB of ©on : ano tlje reafon of tlje iiaw of tijc ISealm 

Braa.iib.5.f.42i.a. 15, tljat t\)( infccttoup ftcfe 0)01110 hc temoijcti from tlje toljole. 2Cljc j^avtj otfeuo^ 

Fieta u ca'^^' '"^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ lienefit of W Clergp, 

cLuf. 2". parte ^ext iS a rate ^jo\)ifo, That no attainder of felony by vertue of this 

tu- 14. Aft, (hall extend to any attainder, or corruption of blood, or forfei- 

ture of Goods, Chattels, Lands, Tenements, or Hereditaments. 

3;,n tl)t0 ^joViiCo, tljefe tljinggareto hz oMcrDeD ■■, jrirft, Sttjat bp iljeaiJoiDj^ 
ing of tljc rojruvtion of bloon, tlje M}iu$ nmn iis tmplieiilv faben ^ m toljerc 
tIjc Ijetc fljall inljcrttjtl^eimifc fiiall be ennotoco againft tlje l)eir.§>econDlp,2i;i)at 
* Nota. ^ijjjg fljfiil },£. ^ „£, forfeiture of CDootig, o; Cijattclg, luljtclj is rare, anB t!;e Ufec 

toe Ijabe not olfcrben befoje, ano bj) confequcnt tlje offcnocr map make Ijig 
?K!lill anD sreftament, ano if ^e oo not, tlje £'?t)inarp ougljt to grant anmint;* 
Oration of tlje dPooos anO Cl):ittel0, as Ije ougljt to to in otl;ec rafcg. 

SDljcfe \DO?tis [ to any attainder or ] niuft lie omittct, ano tlje fenfc to i)C, to 
anp corruption of l)loot),foj ( as it is pjinteo ) it i^, x^at no attainder of felony 
(hall extend to any attainder, &c. 

2Eljis 0tt is become of no fojce fo> ujant of continttance, ant is ejrpirct fincc 
iDC lufotc tljis Cljapter, tljcrefozc to be put cut of tbc ctiargc of iljc §alltccs of 


Cap. 29. 91 


Of Felony in Jaylors by dures of Imprifon- 
ment, &:c. by Statute, and by the Common 

IF it happen that the Keeper of thePri(bn,orUnder-k.eeper by too 14^.3 
great dures oFimpriibnmeni , and by pain make any prifoner that ^^°'J" '■■"^"^''.15 
he hath in his Ward to become an * Appellor, againft his will, and a keeper of aVrl- 
thereof be attainted, he (hall have judgment of life and member. C°" Angiice, » 

' ^ I'lyl, or Jaylor. 

315efojc tt)C mafeino; of tljis Statute, if a Japloj liao br nttrcs of impjifDimicnt 5 e.?. Cor.ip^-' 
mane \y\$ i)?ifoncr become an 5:pp?ovicr, to app.dl Ijonctt men foj ijtis o\un p;i<= 
iate, of intent to l)a\3e of tljcir gooDg, taljcn tljcp tucrc conimittcti to \\.% cu(f oDp, 
ann to retain tljcm in p?ifon tuiiljout being let to maiuvjifc, ann tljc i^ippellccg 
upon l)i3 appeal be bangen : tbi0 ig j^elonp in tljc BCaplcj bp ibe Common lato : 
but if tbe appellees! iwcte acqiiitteti, tljen it toap no i^elonp, but a great mifj= 
pjifton in tljc 3aplo?, tMbiclj tons one of tbc caufeg of tljc mahing of tbis Set j 18 e.?. cor.272. 
foj bp tl)i0 act, iftl)c pjifcncr become an ^ppjoDcr ag(iinftbisvuin,lubett)crtljc 
SppcHcesi be actiuitteo oj atcainteti, oj after tbcappjoucmcnt not piocctucu 
toitb, anu iBl^ctbec tbe app?o\3cmcnt be tvnc oj falfe, fo it be bp caves of impji? * i E.3. cap.i^, 
fonmcnt, ano againit tbe liuill of tbe pufoner, it is i^clonp. ^ jpoj it i3 not 20E.3. cap.?. 
lainftil foj aup man to ercite oj iltr anp ctljec to a juft accufation, complaint w^.'^ap'' I' 
OJ lalnftll fuitj foj Culpa ert fe immifcere rei ad fenon pertinent! ■■, anti fo \13agi d it 1 1 h'^.i /i.* 
ixfofiseo Mich. 7 Ja. in tljc ^tar^cljambcr, in ^ir John HolHs Ijigcafe, bp t^c 22 £.5.15.' 
inljole Court ) mud) moje to no it bp turcsi of impjifonmcnt, moQ of all bp a Seetheexpofition 
Haiflo^, tobo Ijatl) tlje cuflcBp of tlje pjifoner committer) to Ijim, to eufojcc Mm fiyj^^ " *^ wobi 
\s-^ Dures to become an BppjoDer. iJn» cljerefojc tlji? Jlato Ijatlj mace it i^elonp )„ curia ftdbt. 
in tljc Slaploj oj 51lniier#japloj. sir John hoiiis 


C Keeper of the prifon , or Under-keeper. ] ^f be beltccper, JiE'^^'bar^™-^ 
oj tHnter^feeeper, de jure, oj de fadto, bp rigljt oj bp la;?ong, Jjc is luttijin tljc I'miieV "^"*^^' 
^urbien of tljis Statute. 

f[ By too great dures of imprifonment, ] CSerp impjifcnment is 
taken ann teemeo in ilatu duritia, dures : a Uttle anmticn to it bp tljc Jtaplo? 
is tco great Durcs in tljis cafe. 

C To become an Appellor. ] SCljat is, an ^ppjoljer. 

C Againfl: his will. 3 SCljat is, toljcn tljc pjifoner neticr tooulD l)ai)e *w.2.cip.54. 
none it of Ijis oinn toill, if tlje iaploj, oj tanneivjaploj Ijao not eufojceu Ijim ^^ ^•3- "P;3- 
f^eceunto. ■ .«P3 

' I E. 2. De frang. 

^ judgment of life or member.^ ^- sntjefc toojtDS no implp irelonp. P^i'°"f^';^ * 
iFoj tljis offence, tl)e offenuer fijall lja\)c tljc benefit of Ijis Clergp. |r. cor°203. 

^3f tbe iaploj keep tbc pjifoncc moje ftraitlp tben Ije ougljt of tigljt, toljetc? /, Britron fo.18., 
of tbc l^jiioner iiietlj, ibis is irelonp. in tlje 3aplo j bp tbe Common l.alu. Sno Fiera lib i. c 2<5. 
tins is tbe caufc, ( as before ^atljbeen faio) tljat if a pjifoner 5ie in p;iifon,tbe ^Jl^lfll^\ . „ 
Cojonet ougbt to fit itponljitn. &eebefojcCap.|)etit2!Creafonfo.34. 1)0iij3 p;i# i^e'^ho'n-licidia 
foncrs ate to be ocmeaneti. * 

^o\a ■ 


92 Tranfportation of Silver, Cap. 30,5 

14 ^0^ <I15aolj8 ut tf iovitcB atiB UTtiteii to t\)t office of ^Ijcriff^, fee tJjis Statute 
i^ of I4E-3. 15^ H.7. cap. 10. Muttons cafe. SLWi tljcrcuntoRot. Pari. antfotuass it DecvccD in Fortefcues cafe, in tljc C^rtbEOucr 
Parr°8Et* cljamter, Anno 2. Car. Rcgis. " ^ '' 

nu. 45. 2 Car. Regis in the Exchequer Chamber. Fortefcues cafe. 


Of Felony by bringing in, payment, or receipt 

of certain money. 

3 H 5. cap. I. T T is Felony to make, coyn, buy, or bring in, and put in payment 
Abb. TiJ money Jl ^cc. any Galley half pence, Suskyn, or Dotkyn. ' 

""•s?- K\)e rcafon of t\)is U\a ujais, foj tljat tticfe moncpg toere Jjafe, ann not of t!je 

0Uap of Sterling, toljicl) teas (awongft otljcrji) tljc raufe of tl)e making of tljc 
9 H.5.c.6.stat.2. general latu of ^ H.5. cap.<5. Stat.2. 

31t iis i^elon? to pap, 03. recei\3e foj papment anp moncj> rallcD JlEIanfee;. JFoj 
2 H.^. cap.9. t^e better unncrftanoing of t\)i<i statute, it ig to ht knotun, tl)at tljefe JlEfanksi 
toere M)ite monep toinen bp !^ing H.5. in France after Ijig \)ido?p at Agin- court, 
anO Jleague toitl) France, tuljofe flple tljen toag, Rex Anglis, Rcgcns & ha^res 
Francis. Sim tljcp toerc caUeo OlBlankis o> Wl)itei8 in refpert of tljc colour, ht* 
cattfe attlje fame time lie toineo alfo a Salus in (!I5olD, tlje Salus being of tljei)a*= 
lue of ttoentp ttoo fljillingSj-toas of tlje allap of Jlerling : but tlje 515lank0,tMi&ifl) 
toere mucb moje common, being eaC^ of tljem ijaUien at eigljt pence, luerc not 
of tije allap of fterling, ano tl)crefo;e t^ep onlp luere Dccrieo bp tl)e faiD M of 
■ 2 H. 6. 

^Sfi tlje Second part of the Inftitutes. Artie, fuper Cartas cap. 20. 

i^oj citljcr of tljefe offence? of i?clonp tljc offenter map Ijaljc Ijiis Clergp." 

^^ P. XXXI. 

Of Felony for Transportation of Silver, or Im- 
portation of falfe or evil money, &:c. 

Mirror c.i. §.2. 1 ^\Efen4Me fuit que nul Argent ferra tranjport hors del' Realm. 
Inter les Articles J^ J %\\^ toaj! t^C ancicnt JlaiQJ of England lOttg bcfOJC tljC ConqUCft. 

deins ^°^^ ^^' ^^ ^^J^ iParliament ijoloen Anno 1 7 E.3. &$ toell tljc tranfpojtation of Cltjcr, 

Rot. Pari. 17 E. 3. ^^ t^ic importation of falfc ano cbil monep, in enactco h^ autl)ojitp of tljat 5^ar# 

UU.I j.not printed Uamcnt to be i?elonp. Sixiu alfo if tl>e fearcljerg mentioned in tljc Silt be affcn^ 

ting to tljc bringing in of falfe monep, oj toilUnglp fuffering filtjcr 0% monep 

to be tranfpo jtcD, it ijef alfo maoc if clonp. JlBut becaufc ti^iis Sift mag neber pjin#= 

tec mi tranflateo into CDngUJJ), ano foj t^at t^erc be otljcr t^ingg obferbabic, 

• cnaceo tljcrebp, toojtljp to be knolon, Doe pill tranfcribe t^e fame, de verbo in 

verbum in proprio Idiomate. 


Cap.^i. Tranjportation of Silven , nj) 

Le Parliament tenus a Weftm. a la Qumzeme de Pafch. 
du raign noftre Seignior le Roy Edward Tiers apres 
le Conqueft Dys & fepcifme.. 


17ew? accorde eft, defdre une Monoie Jes bones Efierlings en f/" J"""" ^ 
En^hterre du ?bh ist del ^ Alay del auncient Efier tins'. que ccft'aiiiyeflfo- 

r Tj 1 \ ^ 1 n I J 1 /^ lonque le forme 

averajon cours en EngLeterre entre les brandzjs Id Comune & ufage dei 
de la terre^ is; la qude ne ferra partes hors du rojalme d'En- Mirmrcap.i. §3, 
gleterre en nulle manere^ ne pur quecunque caufe que ceo foit, q','S[.^ ''"' ^°°' 
Et en cafe que les Flemings voillent faire bone monoie darfent f"^- '-f^- 

J* . ^ -^ n 7 0& cap. 5" §•!• 

^rofles ou autres accordant en alay es bones efterlinps. que tie! s^'" imerieges 

^ • • r J Tiyr 1 / n/ 1 , /F.thelftani C.14. 

monoie eit coun en tngleterre entre Merchanaisr Mercband CMmaps- 
isr autres qui la vodroient refceuire de four bone gree^iffint que Gianv.ii'.i4.c."' 
ml ar gent foit partes hors due Roialme, a^divTheKi^s 

Item eft accordes (sr apntu6^ que bones gents (y loialxfoient T"^^ ^f}^^' 
afftsnes es Ports de miere^S ailours.ou miefter ferraJe faire la ? "5- ca.n. 

'•' ", , f. . 1 t -n • 1 ^'^ before cap. 

fercbe que nul argent Joit partes hors due Koialrne en monoie Treafon. verb. 
nautrement-i forfpris que les Grandz^quant ils vont per dela see'Thrrecond 
qilspenfent aver vejfeals dargent pur fervir lour hoftels : Et fuVes°A?tic'i!Iper 
que nul fait cy hardy ^ de farter faujfe is" malvois monoie ^« ^This^s ftlon-. 
Roialme. fur Paine de forfeiture de vie isr de membre. (y a faire ?*^ ''^f '■'^'^ '" *'^^ 

^J i ' ^ rr 1 ■ j-> 1 1 Jn fecondpartofthe 

e chans^es a ceux qi pa/eront la miere a or pur lour bones Efter- mrtitutes. 

1. f 7 •' iE.2.Defrangen- 

lingS a la value, nbus prironam. 

Item affentu6 eft et accordes^que les dits Sercheours^per caufe ''^ '^' '°" ^''' 
qilsferront lour offices plu6 diliagement et plu^ loialment^ c Us tiJsearcheri % 
eient la tierce partiede tote lafauxe monoie^qilspurront trover ^^^>' ^^ diiigem, 
fortee deins le Roialm a lour profit demeen : Et en me/me la m,i- 
nere eient la tierce par tie de la bone monoie quele ilzjroveront ' 
en la miere pajfent hors de la terre. Eten cafe qilsfoient troves 
negUgents ou rebealx a tieuxferches faire,'^ que lour terres isf tu^^Sifltrbi 
tenements^biens et chateux foient feijes en Ltmain leRoy^et lour negligent, &c. 
corps pris^ et detenus tanque ils eient fait fine au Roy pur lour 
difobeifance. Et en cafe quils foient '^ ajfentants'de porter tiels f Their arrent to 
fauxt monoie^ et defufrifefachantement Urgent ou monoie au- iSre moneyf 0"°^ 
trement, C forfpris que les Grandz^quant ilz^vont per dela qils 7J^^%'°J£l 
penfent aver vejfals dargent pur fervir lour hoftels comede ^o^ted Sb"ebnV 
fupseftditj eftre me fines hors du Roialm, eient judgement de 
"vie is de membre* 

QA Tranjportation of Silver, Cap. 51. 

Iteff/, TT is accorded to make money of good Sterling in England o^ 
\_ the Weight and Allay of the ancient Sterling, which ftiall be 
currant in England between the Great men and Commons of the Land, 
and the which fhall not be carried out of the Realm oi England in any 
manner, nor for any caule whatfoever. And in cafe that the Flem- 
mings will make good money of (ilver grots or other, according, in 
allay of good Sterling, that fuch money (hall be currant in England 
between Merchant and Merchant, and others, who of their own ac- 
cord will receive the fame, fb that no Silver be carried out of the 

Item^ It is accorded and aflented. That good and lawful men be 
affigned in the Ports of the Sea, and ehewhere, where need (hall be,to 
make (earch, that no Silver be carried out of„the Realm in money or 
otherwife, ("except that the Great men may when they go out of the 
Realm, have filver veflels,to ferve their houfes J And that none be fb 
hardy to bring falfe and ill money into the Realm upon pain of forfei- 
ture of life and member, and to make exchanges with them that fhall 
pafs the Sea, of Gold for their good Sterling to the value. . 

Itcm^ It is aflbnted and accorded, that the faid Searchers, bccaufe 
they may do theit offices more diligently and more lawfully,(hall have 
the third part of all the falfe money that they can find to be brought 
into the Realm for their own benefit ^ And in the fame manner they 
fhall have the third part of the good money which they fhall find upon 
the Sea paflingout of the Realm. And in cafe they fhall be found neg- 
ligent or difbbedient in making fuch fearches, that their lands and te- 
nements, goods and chattels fhall be.feifed into the Kings hands, and 
their bodies taken and detained until they have made fine to the King 
for their difbbedience. And in cafe they fhall be aflenting to the 
bringing in of fuch falfe money, or wittingly fliall fuffer Silver or 
money ( except vcflels of Silver for the Great men when they go out 
of the Kingdom to ferve in their houfes, as before is faid ) to be 
tranfported out of the Realm, they fhall have Judgment of life and 

K.\)t offcnBcrjs in cafe of j^rtonji ntane ip iW )^tf map %zx^t t\z fjcncfit of 
tljf ic CIcrgp. 



Cap.52. 95 


Of Felony for carrying of Wool, W^oolfelsj 
Leather, or Lead out of the Realm. 

No Merchant, Englifti, Welch, or Irifli, (hall carry any manner of 27 E.^.cap.?. tfic 
Wools, Leather, Woolfels, or Lead, out of the faid Realm and Statute of tiie Sea- 
Lands, upon pain of forfeiture of life and member, nor (hall tranfoort ^'^' 
any of the (aid wares or Merchandizes in the name of Merchant Mirror cap. i. §.^ 
ftrangefs, nor (hall (end or hold their (ervants, 8cc. in the parts be- ^"e";^^""'^' ^" 
yond the Sea to furvey the (ale of the faid wares or merchandizes, or deins. 
to receive the money commins; of the (ale of the (ame, nor take pay- ^efendu que nui 
ment of gold or hlver, nor or any other thing m recompence or com- hors del reaioie. 
mutation, or in the name of payment in the parts beyond the Sea out 
of the Realm and Lands above(aid of meschandizes fold in E»gla»d^ 
Ireland^ or Wales^ touching the Staple, but that all fuch payment (hall 
be made in gold or (ilver, or merchandizes in Efiglatid^ Ireland^ or 
Wales, where the contraft was made, upon pain of life and member. 

That no Merchant privy nor ftranger,nor any other, of what con- cap. lU 
dition that he be, go by land or by water towards wines, or other 
wares or merchandizes coming into our (aid Realm or Lands, in the 
Sea, nor elfewhere, to fbreftal or buy the (ame, or in other manner to 
give earnefl: upon them, before that they come to the Staple, or to the 
Port where they (hall be di(charged 5 nor enter into the Ships for 
fuch cau(e, till the merchandizes be (et to land to be fold, upon pain 
of lo(s of life and member. 

No Merchant privy, ftranger,or other,(hall carry out of our Realm Cap. Hi 
of England, Wools, Leather, or Woolfels, to Barwick^ upon Twede, 
nor eKewhere, nor into Scotland upon the like pain, nor that any 
Merchant, nor any other, (ell his Wools, Woolfels, or Leather, to any 
of Scotland, nor to any other to carry into Scotland, upon the like 

If the Merchants or other people of Ireland or Wales,after they be Cap. 18. 
in the Sea with their merchandizes, do pa6 to anyplace, other then to 
the Staples in England : it is felony. 

No Merchant,or other,(hall make any confpiracy,confederacy,&c. Cip. 2$< 
or ill device in any point, that may turn to the impeachment, diftur- 
bance, defeating, or decay of the Staples, &c. and if any do, and be 
thereof attamted before the Major and Minifters of the Staple, or 
other whom the Ring (hall aflign, he (hall incur the pain of lo(s of life 
and member. 

Item,0« atiterfoitz fuit orden en * lefiatuti de Leliaple qiisnulEnglots 53 E.g. cip.6. 
fajfera la mere ove leynes,quire, pealtz, lanuts, ne per anter^Jitr peine defor- 27 E.?. ca.?,&c. 
feiture de vie ^ member, terres c^ tenements liens d^ chateux : Eft accord 
que la forfeiture de vie ^ member foit oufte de tout en lejiatute de Lefla- 

O pK 


Transportation of Wool 

.ap. 32= 

p/e, C^ que md home foit impeach per tiel forfeit are de vie d^ memhre, f ?- 
bie)i in temps paffe come ayemr, la. forfeiture des terres internments^ liens 
^ chateux ejieant en fa force. The fame in Englifh. 

Alfo where heretofore it was ordained in the Statutes of the Staple, 
that n6 Enghfti man (hould paft the Sea with Wools, Leather, Wool- 
fels, nor by other, upon pain of forfeiture of life and member, lands 
and tenements, goods and chattels. It is accorded that the forfeiture 
of life and member be oufted in the whole in the Statute of the Staple, 
and that no man be impeached by fuch forfeiture of life and member, 
as well in times paft, as to come, the forfeiture of the lands and tene- 
ments, goods and chattels, being in his force. 

55? tl)C cicpjcfgUttEi; of tljclioBv of tijis =iialD,tI)E fojfEiture of Iifcannmnti;! 
ber iji oulirt de tout in tljc Statute : tljf rcfojc it is Ijolncn tljat tlje felonp i$ 
taken atoap tl)jougl)out ti)e Statute, but tlje fojfcitutc of lanBjs anti gooti,s xe^ 
mma\) hv tt)C cjcpjefxi If tter of tW 31*. 

51Bp tlie Statute of i8H.<5. No man (hall carry Wool, or Woolfels, 
Stanf.PLCor.jj'.b. out of this Realm to other places, then to the Staple at Callice, with- 
out the Kings licence,upon pain of felony, &c. And that as well Com- 
miffioners affigned , as the Juftices in every County where fuch 
Wools and Woolfels fliall be fo carried out,have power and authority 
to enquire of the premifes^ and them to hear and determine, &c. 

)15ut tW Stt cictenuett) not to iMOoIs M)it\) Ojall pats t\)t ftrait of Marroke. 
gno tins is a perpetual JLalu), anu cannot be ctptrci),as it is ftippofen in tljc laOt 
imp jelfion of ti)c s>tatutes at large, but it ertennctlj onlj> to toools aun WooU 
Ms. 2DljE offennet Ijerein map ba^c bis CUrgp. 

0nB foj tbe better unneriianBing of ancient Statutes ann IRecoiBS concern:* 
ing^ooISj it is neceffarp to ejcpfant certain too^us anu terms. 115p tbe Statute 
of 25 E.3. cap.p. ^afack of toool contains but twentp fix ftone, ano ebcrp ttonc 
fouttcen pounB, tobere before ittuas a ttoentp eigbt ftone. 

^ocbet of Mool, unde Pochettum, tbat is, a little poke oj fack containing 
Mag. carta,2 part, j^^jj ^ j^j^ j,f ^^q^^ Sampler, unde Sarpleia, is alfo balf a fack, ann is Dcrtbeo 
° ■""* ' from tbe i?rencb tuojD Sarpillier, w^iclj fignifietlj a Mrapper, tuitljin tobJcll 
tojapper balf a Sack is centaineu. 

b a Weigb of JMool, unde Waga, is ba^f a fack. 

Si 2not) 0? SToit of Wool, unde Toddum lanas, containetl) ttoo ftone, ano is 
ccribeD from tbc ifrencb tflOjD Toilet, tobic^ is a Wrapper, luitbin tobtcb bp 
ttfage ttoo ftone of tMool is foulDcn : fome fetcb it from tbe i?iemmt(b tuojn 
Dodderem, tobicb fignifietb nedere, to tocabe, bccaufe it is tuoben into clotb. 
Petralanae is a Stone Of OTooi, fo calleD, becaufc ttie tMUeigbt) being a ftone, 
contains fourtan pounu. 

a Compof. de 
ponderibus vet 

Saccus lanx. 

Rot.Parl. 27 E.g 

nu. S3. 

b Compofit. de 

ponderibus, ubl 



Cap.3 9>j4: 91 


i^gainft tranfportation of Iron, Brafs, Copper, 
Latten, Bell-metal, Pan-metal, Gun-metal, or 
Shroof-metal, (Tin and Lead only excepted.) 

T^C tranfpojtation of tljcfe arc pjol)il)iteiJ bp niijers Slctsi of parliament 28 f..?. cap.|. 
upon t\}e penalties tljcrcin erpjetTcti. antj Ijcrcbp is pjoljibiceo tlie tranf# l^^f"^' 1' 
pojtation of anp diJtms toljatfoe^jcr : a ncccffarp ilaD), ann luojt^p of Sue triv s^e the'pTnakid 

CUtion. in the Sratutes 

flno toc ba^c obfcrttcD, SCljat dPoD I;atlj bleffen tbis Kealm luitlj tljitigs foj tiiemfeiva, vMdi 
t\)Z nefencc of tl)c fame, ann maintenance of SCtatie ano SCraffick, t^at no otijer ^^^ Jj'°"^8'" '° ^"^ 
partoftl)e Cbjiftian ttojlB Ijatl) tl)e like, viz. Jronto make (©ims, f c. moje pefru aferiendo. 
ferbiceable ant) pcniurable ttjen anp ot^er. §>econolp, SCimber fox tljc making Timber is a saxoa 
anij repairing of our i^a^jp, ann cfpeciallp foj tlje knecsi of tijea>l)ip0, better word, in old 
tljcn anp otljcr. ar^imlp, ^ ^iiri!ullcrs eartl) is better fo} tlje fttlltng of cur ^XMarSm' 
clotlj tl)en anp otljer. il=ourtl)lp, ^ttr Wool makes better clotb, anu moje laC=^ Lj^jg^^ Ligni ' 
ing anu nefenQblc againft luino anH t»eatl)er , tfjen t^e Wool in anp i^atton materia, vei Ligni? 
out of tlje Hings SDominions i ano manv otl)er fpecial gifts of (J^ou. ;?dificatorium. 

But Ijcre idoill toe flap, ano p^^ap, tljat none of t^cfc map be tranfpejteu foj "^ ^"" fuUccica!, 
manp inconbeniencies tljat mill folloiu tl)ereupon* 


Of Felony for dealing of a Faulcon. 

EVery perfon that findeth any Falcon,Tercelet,Lanner,orLancret, ?7 E-5- cap-i?-' 
or any other Falcon, that is loft of his Lords, that fortl^with he 
fhall bring it to the Sheriff of the County, and that the Sheriff make 
Proclamation, Sec. and if any fteal any Hawk and the lame carry away 
not doing the Ordinance aforefaid, it fliall be done of him as of a; 
thief that ftealeth a Horfe or other thing. 

2ni)c Statute of 34 E.3. infliflco tlje penaltp foj tlje concealing anti taking 34^.3. cap.2?. 
a\uap of tl;e Baluk, ttoo pears impjifonmcnt, ann tlje pjicc of tlic ^amk to tlje 
llojti, if l)e Ijatl) to^cretnitlj, ano if not, Ije fljall t^ie longer abine in ^jifon* 
SCljis 0ct of 37 E.3. maketl) tlie offence irelonp. 

Snije nebJ pjinteo book of tlje statutes at large, in tteati of tljefe lj)0jlis,Coj Printed for the 
anp otljer i?alcon ) ^at^, oj anp otl)er f atuk. ^T"-6% ^""°" 

31l)aDcfkenfomemanui:criptsCintl)efctoojDS)intl)eojiginaltongue,toI)erc=' """''• ' ' 
in tljC Statute toas publifljen. Que quecunque perfon que trove Faucon, Tcrce- 
let, Lanier, ou Lanyrct, Auitor ou auter Faucon. 0ttlJ botl) tljefe Differ from tlje 
trutl) of tiislLatM. J?oj tlje firft crtenuetlj tljis Sift to anp ^atob toljatfoeijer. 
SittD tl)e manufcript to Auftor oj Autor, a dJoSjatok, m^etcas in trail), Sr'4y""e'"rb^^' 
tIjisJLabJ crtenoetl) onlp to fucl> as be of tl)e kintJ of iFaulcon^,-t«ng iong# perfonai gocdsV 
U'ingeo ^atoks, Tualjiclj manv times bv flvingfar off are loS, anu not to anp etc. 

O 2 fijm 

98 Stealing ofHan>l\s. Cap. 54. 

iimt \i3tngcri m\x>% a? tljc ^DoOjatok, tljei:crccloEt^c(I5onja\i)lt, t|)e,^par^ 
Ijatuk, dc. i:!nti in tl^c bo5v of t^je 3d: tijis toojD [ i^aulcon] tss cDcr ufcti, ann 
not tijtsiMOjti [^atok, ] as bcrcafter appcarctlj. We luoulo bavie ban glaD to 
Ijate dcatcD tljiis point hv t\)Z Kccoju of tlje |0atliamcnt m% iut tl;e iSoH of 

f! R f 27 -8 tljis 3ft is not to be fount), ani) pet being a general Jlato,tlje3uops are to take 
In cafu'priocipis. notice tljereof: ano tl^at \Bl3ict) 3 tjaue fet uolnn as tlje luojD^ of tlje %m, a^ 

graetl) toitlj t^e firft impjctlion tljereof, anntwitlj all fuccaotng impjclTions fa^ 

in'ng tljc laft. 

d Every perfon. ] SSBljis is a general 3la\D, ano eictenuetlj to all j?er:« 
fons of toljat fcgra oj fejc foe\)cr. 

d That findeth. '] .=(^ote bp tlje Common Jlaioj tljc feioniotts taking of 
anp ^atok long^toingeo, oj fljojt^luingcn, from tljc ^earfe, gee. oj from tlje per^ 
fon of anp man, luitb a rninn to ftcal l)ev,is robberp : but tljc finning of a J?auls« 
fun, tljotigl; Ijc conceals, 5enie»j oj tolo Ijcr, xau no fclonp, but bp tljis 3d-. 

0^ Any Faulcon. ] 515p tljiS ant) t\)Z laff ^ojDS, or any other Faulcon, it 
appearcti) tljat ontpifaulcons are toitbin tbis =lLa\u,as beCoes tljofe tliat arc bere 
nameD, tljC Gerfaukon, Girofako, OJ Ardearius, ant) tbe SCercel, \Cil)itl) is caHcD a 
Jerkyn i anb tbe iianner is calleB Fakuncukis. Wm tlje i^erlpn, tubicb is fallen 
iEfalo, ano tbe 'l^obbp, tobicb is calleo Alaudaria, tbougb tbcp be long^lningeD 
^alufeSjpet being not of tbe feint) of ifaulcons tbep arc nottoitbin tbis Statute, 
neitber is anp njojt^toingeo ^atufe, as tbe CDolbatofe, tbe ancrcel of tbe (i5of#= 
ijatufe, oj tbe ^parbatofe, jr. as batb ban fait), toitbin tbis 3ft. 

f[ Tercelet. ] aCbis is tbeCercel of tl)C ifaulcon, calleti a ^Tercel gen^ 
til,tbemaleoftbeiTaulfOncallet)Terciolus, quia tertia parte minor fit femella, 
beraufe t^c SCcrcel is a tbirc part leCs tben tbe female. 

d Lanner andLaneret.3 SCljefe r as batb ban tain ) are of tbe fehm of 
iFaulcons, tobicb appearetb not onlp bp tbe name Fakunculus, but h^ tbe toojts 
of tbe 3ft, foj batoing nantcD tlje JLanner ant) JLaneret, it is fait), oj anp otbec 

3lbcit tljefe !^aMs> ttiat fijall be fo loft, babe no ;iHerbels, pet muft tbe finu^ 
er carrp tbem to tbe S>beriff, foj ©erbels are not requiret) bp tbis 3d'. SCbe 
onlp tbing tbat tbe finucr is to Do, to fatje bimfelf from fclonp, is fojtbtoitbCtbc 
toojti in tbe original is maiatenant) after IjiS finning to carrp tljc ^atofe to tljc 

f[ That is loft of his Lords. '] %om arc tafeen Ijerc foj tbe otoneris, 
tbe toojB in tlje ojiginal is Seignior, toljici) Cgnificf^ as toell a |3jopjietarp, 
as a Jlo?ti. 

10 E. 4. 1." €1 To prove reaibnably. ] scijis i^ not fntennet) accojning to tlje genc#= 

7 R. 2. barre 241. ral fcnfc of tbiS toojtr [p?oof 3 tbat is, bp a 3Surp of ttoeluc men, but [ rcafo# 
si^Hei?confta. ^^^^Vil t^J^t liSj bp tKcrbcls, oj bp marfes> oj bp otljer pjoof to tl)c ^Ijcriff. 

f[ And if any fteal any Hawk, &c. ] K\)t concealing anD carrping aiuap 
of tbe ^aiufe, not bringing tbe fame to tbe ^bcriff accojning to tbis £Djt)inancc, 
is atijucgct) a ftcaling bp tbts3ft. ^KH pet if a man finn gooDs, anu conceal oj 
Deup tbem, it is no felonp. 

14 El. Dkr 307. C As of a Thief that ftealeth a Horie. ] JlBut pet bp tbe Com^ 
Fines cafe. mou iLaH) ouc batb not as goon ant) abfolutc a pjopcrtp in ^a\uks, being 

Lib.7. f°'-'^" fers natura, ant) rcclatmcD foj celigbt ano pleafure ■■, fo? tbep map become Uiiin 
in caie de iw . ^^jj^^ ^^ return to tbeir natural libcttp) as in a ^$o}ie, oi anp otber tbing of 
pjofit : but t|)e concealing ano carrping attap of tljc ^atuk reclaimet), being 


Cap.34335* Congregations ^<&'C.hy Mafom. ^^ 

feunB \ua0 no ifclonp bcfojc tijis »>tatutc,no mojc tljcn anp tljtng of p;ofit, te^ 
raufc tljc yartp came to tijc i^atok bp finning. g)cc moje Ijcrcof in t^c Cljaptcr of 
Larceny. Si ?t?atofe tljat tg ncit rccIaimcD is nnllius in bonis, Ijttt occupant! conce- 
ditur, ano lj/ti)at firtt gcttctl) tijc ^mk cnjovctlj it. 

3n tljis! ;att four tbingis arc to be obferueir. Jfira,2Cl)at tljc^Ijcriff m«a make 
jjjotlnmation in all tl)e gcoti Cotuns of tljc Cottnty, tljat Ijc l;atl) fur!) a i?aulcou 
lij feapiug.0cconiilv>3!f none come to cljallcnge tljciTatilcon toitljin four moutljs, ^vvho n,aii he 
if tlje finncr be tmner tlje ccgree * of ad^emleman (tol)iclj Ijcre 10 calleoun fim- counted in Uw a 
pk home) t!jc§>l)eriff fljall Ijaue tlje i?auiconjpaping reafonabic coffgjijc. 2i;^irii=; Gentleman ; 
Ip, 3f t!)c fiuDcr be a (©cnilcman, ano no cljallenge bp tljc ouiner uiitljtn four S" ^''^ fecond 
montl;sijtlKn Ije fljall l;ai3e tlje i?aulcon, paying reafonabic coftp^^c. Jourtiyip Jt P^".°*^ f'^^ '1'^' 
ip to be obfcr\Jcti, tljat in tljcfe ttoo latter b?ancl)e0,tlje latt pjintco btck Ijatlj tljis orAdditbnr'" 
lDOjD[^atob:]bittin tljcojtginal, anBall tljeotljerpjintenbojkg, tljciuoiD is i H.5. c.<;. 
[i*alcon : ] unBcr toljicl) luojc, all tlje reft mcntioneo in tljis art are incluDcti. see before 0,25. 

i^ojtljis offence of i^elonp tljc offcnner fljall ijatoe tljc benefit of l)i0<i:iergp,fo;i l^^A'h*'% '*'"^" 
at tljc time of tlje making of tljis Set Ije tljat ijai! ftoln a Ijojfc H'otilo Ijauc IjaD Gent '"^ 
ijijS Clergy. ^ecStanf. Pl:Coron. fo.37. 


^^y, XXXV, 

Congregations, Sec. by Mafbns in their general 

Chapters, &c. 

IT is ordained and eftablifhed that no congregations and confedera- 3 ^■^- ^^- ^' 
cies ftiall be made by Mafbns in their general Chapters and Ailem- 
blies, whereby the good courie and effects of the Statutes of Labou- 
rers are violated and broken, in fubverfion of Law ; and if any be, 
they that caufe fuch Chapters and Congregations to be aflembled and 
holden, (hall be adjudged Felons. 

2Clje caufe toi^crefoic tljig offence tuais mate 5Felony,is!,foj tljat tlje gosti courfe 25 E.g. oe fervi- 
anD effect of tlje Statutes of Jlabottrcrs lucre tljereby^Jiolatenantiijokcn. J^olu entibusca.i.&q. 
all tlje §>tatutcis concerning Jlabourcrgi before ttiis 0(t, aita luljereunto tljis ^ct ^5 .£■?• De fervu 
fiotl) rcfer,are rcpcalcD h^ tlje Statute of 5 EIiz.cap.4. tuljerebp tt)e caufe anD cnu 5"ei.c" p'^4." 
of tl)e making of tljisi act ijs taken avjjap,anii confeauently tljig act is become of 
no fojce Q% effect x foj ceflTante rationelegis, ceflat ipfalex. anti t^e gnuictmcnt of 
iTelony upon tljis statute mutt contain, tl;at tljofe Cljaptersi ann Congrcgationis 
mere to tljc violating ano breaking of tl)e gcDB courfe ann effect of tljofe §>tatutes ceflante caufa ftu 
of ILaboureris:,tol)iclj noto cannot be fo allcDgCD, becaufe tljofe Statutes be repeat [nfaw " 
Jetr. Snijerefoje tljis toOHlo be pt out of flje cljarge of ^w^im of pace iu?itten ,4 h 7 ii . 

by ^ spatter Lambard. Per Fineux fimile 

27 H.8.4.b. 
Aidcj fimile 10 E.3.8. Account per Shard. 26Y\,6. EKamination 14. ^Lambard pag,227. VideStanf.jy.b. 


loo Cap.56. 


Of Felony by bringing in of Bulls of Excommu- 

nication^ Sec. 

1 ? R.J. Stat.2. T ^ ^^y "^^" ^""g °^ ^^^^ ^^^^ '^^^ Realm, or the Kings power, any 
cap.3. Jl^ Summons, Sentence, or Excommunication againft any perfon of 

what condition that he be, for the caufe of making motion, aflent, or 
execution of the Statute, of Provifbrs, he Ihall be taken, arrefted 
and put in prifbn, and forfeit all his Lands and Tenements, Goods 
and Chattels for ever, and incur the pain of life and member. And 
if any Prelate make execution of (uch Surnmons, Sentence, or Ex- 
communication, that his Temporalties be taken, and abide in the Kings 
hand till due redrels and correftion be thereof made. And if 
any perfon of left eftate then a Prelate, &c. make fuch execution, 
he (hall be taken, arrefted, and put in prifon, ajid have imprifon- 
ment, and make fine and ranfome at the difcretion by the Kings 

31Bp tijc Common JLato, toljcn tmv perfon, citljcr (Il;cdcftattical oj 2CcmpojaI, 
fljotilti hy pjctCjct of iFojraign potocr tmpugne oj attempt to fruDErate anp of tljc 
ilatog of tijc Kcalm, tijere liulj a Witit caUcn Ad jura Regia : if it tacce bp an 
Ccclefiaftical perfon bcnefireti tottljin tiii? ISealm, tljen t^e ^rtt 10,^i.b. Rex, &c. Salutem. Tuibamur, nee iramerito, & raovemur dum illos qui fub 

noftro degunt dominio, & ibidem beneficiis & redditibus honorantur, quo prs- 
textu in defenfionc, & tuitione jurium Regis Corons noftrae ipfos nos alTillere con- 
cederet, eadem jura eredtis contra nos cervicibus confpicimus fatagentes pro viribus 
impugnare, &c. 

Ibidem 60. b. SDljC general Mrit iiS, Rex, &c. Ad jura Coronas noflrs integra 8c iltefa pro 

Ibid.di.b. & 6z. viribus confervanda, eo amplius curani & operam adhibere nos convenit ftudiofam, 
quod ad hoc ex debito aftringimur vinculo juramenti, & alios confpicimus, ad ipfo- 
rum jurium enervationem anhelare; anil particularly againfl PjOijifion?. ^oajS 
l^jo^iCon!?, $c. toere, ais bp tljcfe OTritis it appcarctlj, againft tljc Common 
aiato of t\)t Kealm, but fufftcient ptmiftment loaais not tljercbp inflicten , tljere:* 
foje tljijs, anti otljer Statutes tuere mane. 

SttD Ijerc it ijs tuo jtljp of confineration,l)OTaJ tljc iLatog of England are not Deri#= 
ieo from anp fojratgn LatojCitljer Canon. Ci^il, oj otljer, but a fpecial 3Latt) ap^ 
pjopjiateti to tljijs iiingtiom, anti moft accommonate ano apt foj tlje grot) gouern^ 
ment tljeceofjunuct mljiclj it Ijatlj taonnerfttllp QourifljeDjiuljen tW latu tiatlj ban 
put in Hue ctecution : ano tlierefoje asi bp fituation, fo b-p JLatu it i? trulp faio, 

'■*■ Divi- r orbe & Et penitus toto * divifos orbe Britannos. 

fos \ legibus, 

f[ If any man. ] SCljougtj tljefe luojtiS be general, pet t^ep ejctenti not 
to CEcclcfiaftical perfon?, bccaufe tljcrc iis fpecial pjoiJifion fojtljcm after in 
tlje act. 

^ Any Summons, Sentence, or Excommunication, j ^erebp are 
pjoljibitet) tljc ^opcsi JlEull? of anp Sentence oj Ciccommunication, ?c. ana 
pjoceis of Summon?. 


Cap. 3 7. R.eceivmg a Jefuite^ e>c. i o i 

Jt aypcarctlj lip cue Wa\^ tljat tljc Ijingtng of anp "EuW of (Sjcrommunica^ 1 1 E.5. cenif.d. 
tion into tlje Mcalni agatnll a fulijett, iMa0 againft tljc Common 3Lalu of Eng- 3° Aft. p.?. 
land, in rcfpctt it gaVie toap to fojraign autl)o?itp, Snu fo it tua^ Ijolncn in tlje 'f^-?^" ^""^"°o 
time of E.I. anD E.3. &c. long icfojc tlji? ^ct, anu cucc Once. Erook.'pramu- 

nire 10. 
f[ Or execution of the faid Statute of Provifors. ~] Viz. 25 £. 3. de '' h-4-<J9.7^. 
Proviforibus. ^£025 E.3. cap.22. 27 E.3.cap,i. 38 E.3. Stat.2. cap.i.&: 4. I'^vf!^' 

^ Incur the pain of life and member. ] a %\zx \% of iTclonp, m l^ "•'^•42' 
Ijatl; ijccn often faio befo?e. Cljijs puniftment i<i altereo hv t\it ^tatnte of 1 3 EI. l^'Y"^' ^" 
cap. 2. ajs Ijereaftet in tiji^ Cjjapter fliall appear. in caudries'cafe. 

a W.2.cap.24. 

f[ And if any Prelate make execution, &c. ] aCljiig ann tl)e nc]ct foU ' ?;^- '•'^ ^""8- 
lotuing Ijancl) ej;tcnD to (iEccIefiaairal perfonis. acije puniftment in lotlj tljefe ^"E.g^Mp.?. 
J)}anri)cs, ano in tlje former alfo, is altercn bp tlje Statute of 13 Eliz. cap.2. i5R.2.stat.2.c.3. 
i?oj tljcrebp tW offence is manel^gl) SCrcafon, b as toell inperfoniSCccIeCatti;* p E.4.26. 
cal, aa SCempojaf: lujljic^ Stf, anB tlje caiife of tlje mafeing t^ercofj jjou map Fl-'j°'''*?^" 
rcatj in tlje cafe De jure Regis Ecclefiaftico, ubi fupra. &c. De'jurl^ ' 

Regis Ecclef. 

CAV, xxxvii. 

Of Felony in receiving a JeluitCj Seminary 

Prieft, &:c. 

EVery perlbn which (hall wittingly and willingly receive, relieve, j-gij^ cap 2 
comfort, or maintain any Je(uite, Seminary Prieft, or other Priefl:, 
Deacon, or Religious, or Ecclefiaftical perfon ( made by Authority 
from the See of Rovte fincetheFeaft of Saint John Baptifi, An. i Eliz. 
born within this Realm) being at liberty and out of hold, knowing 
him to be a Jefiiite, &c. (hall for fiich offence be adjudged a Felon 
without benefit of Clergy. ^l^'^f "'^" 

%^t cattfe of t^e making of t^is Statute of 27 Eliz. againll ^cfuitsi anD ^e# 
minarp pjieffs, $c. ann tljeir tcceitierSj lOU maj reap at large, Lib.5. fo.3 8,35^, 
in f&C cafe De jure Regis Ecdefiaftieo. 

C A P-: 

^ ^^mJ»^— — ■ II.— — ^^M ^— — ^ _ -■ 

I 02 Gap.38,3 9. 


Of Felony in Recufants concerning 

55 £!ii cap. I. TTF any Recu(ant (other then a Popifti Recufant or a Feme Covert) 
I which by the tenor and intent of this Aft is to be abjured, (hall 
•*- refufe to make abjuration, or after luch abjuration made (hall not 
go to fuch haven, and within fuch time, as is by this Aft appointed, 
and from thence depart out of the Realm, according to this prefent 
Aft, or after his departure (hall return into any of her Majcfties 
Realms or Dominions, without her Majefties fpecial licence iathat be- 
half firft obtained •■, that then every fuch perfon Co offending, fliall 
be adjudged a Felon. 

Sf anp offenner agaiufl tW ^tf hdm %^ oj tljep ht rcciuircfl to mafec abjura=* 
tion, repair to fome ^utitb Ct)urcl), on fomc S>unBap oj jITcflibal nap, ann tljcn 
ann t\}cte Ijcar SDtuinc fecrtotcf, ann ntafee fucb ftibmiffion ajs bp tljc ;act is 
pjefcribeD ■■> tben tbc faiD offenBer is tkarip to be tifcbargcD. 

SCljc offenBcr (ball forfeit Ijis gooBs ann cbattelMnH W lanDg Buring bis life 
ottip, tbe offence fijall toojk no lofjs of Botoer oj cojritption of blooB, anD tbe 
\i£ii to inbcrit. 2Dbe oftcnBcr lljaU not baie tbc benefit of bis Clergp. 

Of Felony in Egypiam^ &:c. 

J 8f 2 Ph & Ma ir^ ^"y outlandifli people, calling themfelves, or being called Egyp- 

cap.4. ' I /M«x, (hall remain in this Realm, or in Waks^ one month, at one 

5 Eiiz. cap. 20. JL or feveral times: and if any perfon being fourteen years old,which 

hath been feen or found in the fellowftiip of luch Egyptians, or which 

hath diiguifed him or her (elf like to them, (hall remain here or in 

Wales by the fpace of one month, either at one or (everal times, it 

is Felony. 

SCbe offenBct ll)aU not ba^c ttic benefit of W Clergp. 


Gap; 40,415 103 


0( Felony in dangerous Rogues. 

IF any dangerous R.o *e that was baniftied the Realm or adjudged 39 Eliz. cap.4: 
perpetually to the Gallies, have returned into the Realm without ' J*c.cap.7.25. 
lawful licence or warrant, it is felony: the felony to be tried where 
the offender is apprehended. 
aCi^c offenuer map Ija^e ii)t benefit of W Clergv* 

If any Rogue after he hath been branded in open Seffions with a 39 Eliz.cap.4; 
Roman R. upon the left (houlder, orfent to the place of his dwelling » J'c.cap.y,, 
where he laft dwelt by the fpace of a year, or the place of his birth,t6 
be placed in labour, have offended again in begging, 01: wandring con- 
trary to the faid Statutes, it is felony, to be tried in the County where 
the offender (hall be taken. 
%^e offenoer againll t^isi ijanc^ fijall not l;a\)c t\)t benefit of IjisCIergp. 

Mendicus non erit inter vos, %^ttZ Qjall be no beggar amang pou, D<' 

Ordeinefuit queles povres fuiflent fufteinus per les Parfons, Redors, & lesParo- Mirr.cap.i. §.3. . 
chians, cy que nul ne moruft per default de fufteinancc. ^^"^^ ^"^^ ^.^^ 

&eeanancienta)}iiinancetn5oE.3. concerning Kibauos; ano ffurnpllBeg^ Rot Par^soE?."' 
gar?, tljat be Bjibento tl)eir occui)ationi3 oj fersiccis, 01 to t|)e place from nuii. 
toljencc tliep came. Brit,49. b.* 


Of Felony by Forgery in the fecohd Degree. 

Ii? anp perfOH oj jjerfons being once conuemneo of anp of t-Jje iFojgerieis men^ s Eliz- "p. 14- 
tioneo in tlje 0tf,fi)aU after fuclj Ijig oj tt)eir conoemnation, eftfoonsi com^ 
ntit 6j perpetrate anp of tlje faio offence? in fojm in tlje faio M mentioneOjtljat 
t^en eyerp fitc!) fecOno offence ffjaU be aojungeo iFelortp. 3But no attainoer Of 
tW iFelonp fijall ejcteno to take aujap nowttj noj to cojruption of blooir, j Dif#= 
ierifon of tlje Ijeir. 

31n 43 Eliz. Markham ujais attaint efl of iFeionp upon tW b?anc^ in t^e i&ingis Markhams cafe 
IBmKojafeconofojgerpof manpbf tlje spannojis ano JLannplate of ^ic ^""^j^ ^^' 
Thomas Grefham }&nigf)t, annlooag ejcecwteo t^erefoje. 

* K\)is ifelonp is to be Ijeacu anti Determinefi befoje litfticeis of Oier ann Ter- Hii.3oEiiz.coraKi 
miner, anu Itittites! of Mi^z in tl^eir Circuit. 0no albeit tl)at Kufficeg of |3eace R56«- 
ialoe potoec to licar ano Determine felonies, trefpafs, f c. pet are t^ep not inclu^ s jrhs caVe^ 
teD unoer tljc name of lattices of Oier ano Terminer : foj m(tice§ of Oier ano ^ Mar. Br. tk. 
Terminer arc knoton bp one oiCinrt name, ano Itnfticts of |3eace bp another, oier & Term.8. 
51But ttie 31u(lices of tlje icings SBenclj are SluQicesi of Oier ann Terminer ujii^in 
tliis statute. 

Snijc offenoer lljall not Ijabe tlie benefit of Ijis Clergp. 

S>ee l)eceafter in tl)e c]cpofition of tbis Statute foj tlie firff offence, lisliete in*» 
c(|entlp tticrc ftall be moj^ faio concerning tte fecono offence* 

f CAP: 


104 Cap« 42,43. 


Of Felony for conveying of any Sheep alive out 
of the Realm in a (ecqiid degree. 

8 EI cap TVT^ manner of perfbn (hall bring, deliver, fend, receive, or take. 

See the Statute of l\j Or procure to be brought, delivered, fent, or received into any 
3H.5. cap. 2. (]^jp^ or bottom, any Rams, Sheep or Lambs, or any other Sheep alive, 
to be carried and conveyed out of this Realm of England, Waks^ or 
Ireland^ or out of any of the Queens Dominions, upon pain that eve- 
ry fuch perfon, their aiders,- abetters, procurers, and comforters, (hall 
for his and their (irft offence, forfeit all his goods, and (uffer impri- 
(bnment one whole year without bail or mainprife ^ and at the years 
end in (bme market town, in the fulne(s of the market, have his left 
His left hand cut hand cut off, 8cc. And that every perfbn eftfbons offending againft 
this Statute, fhali be adjudged a Felon, &c. 

llBut ttiiss 0d: fijall not cj;tcnD to anp cojruption of bloou, oj lofis of SDowcr. 
%W iTcIonp iis to ht Ijcarii anu netetmincB befoje 31ufticcji of OieranB Termi- 
ner, 3ullicc!3 of (II5aoI>=HDcltDcirp, awa ^utttccsi of ^cacc. Sinn t\)t offcncet 
map ljaV3C tfje benefit of liip Ciergp, ajs tuell in cafe of ttie cutting off \)i% Ijano 
ajs in cafe of ifelonp. ^ee Stanford 37. b. 

Of Felony in Servants that imbefil their Mafters 
Goods after their deceafe. 

IF any of the houfhold fervants of any perfbn (hall after the deceafe 
of their Lord or Matter violently and riotoufly take and fpoil the 
goods which were their faid Lords or Mafters, and the fame di- 
the Lord Keeper ftribute amongft them, that upon full Information a to the Chancel- 
of the Great Seal. Jor of England for the time, being by the b Executors or two of them, 
the AdmfnTftra- '° of fuch riot, taking, or fpoil made, the Chancellor by the advice Of 
tors, and aifo, if the Chief Juftices, and Chief Baron, or two of them, (hall have 
Execut'^Tr o"^ Ad- power to make fo many and fuch writs to be diredted to fuch Sherifs, 
miniftrator. as to them fhall feem neceffary, to make open proclamation in fuch 
fort, as by the Aft is prefcribed, to appear in the Kings Bench, &c. 
and if any fuch writ be retorned, &c, then if the faid perfbn or per- 

■ , , , fbns make default, then he or they making; default fhall be c attainted 
c Attainted by - „ , ' ■' & 

force of this Aft of V elonv. 

of Parliament %\)t offenDcrsi fljaff Ijaije ti^e benefit of tfjeit Cferg|>»- 

upon default. ^ 

See the lilce many times in the Parliament Rolls. Rot.Parl. 15 H.i$. nu.i4.& ij. Rot. Pari. 18 H. d. num. 28. ^ 


Cap. 44* 105 


Of Felony in Servants that imbefil their Mafters 
Goods committed to their truft above forty 

E Very Servant to whom any Caskets, Jewels, Money, Goods, or ^'HS.cap.y. 
Cattels of his or their Mafter or Miftris, fhall ^ delivered to ^s ".g.^aV.* 
keep, that if any fuch (ervant or (ervants withdraw him or them* 
from their (aid Mafters or MiftrefTes, and go away with the laid sE' 
Caskets, Jewels, Money, Goods or Cattels, or any part thereof to the 
intent to ftcal the {ame, contrary to the truft and confidence in him or 
them put, &c. Or elfe being in fervice of his (aid Mafter or.Miftris, 
without the a(rent and commandment of his Mafter or Miftris, imbefil 
the (ame or any part thereof, or otherwife convert the fame to his 
own u(e, with like purpofe to fteal it : If the Caskets, Jewels,Money, 
Goods or Cattels be of the value of forty (hillings or above, (hall be 
deemed and adjudged Felony. 

Conccnxing ttic iiatuc, (to fpcak it once foj all) Tantum bona valent, quan- 
tum vendi poffunt. 

KW 2ict cxttxiutl) not to an? aippjentirc 01 a[ppjcnticc0,noj to an? fetuant 
touljtn tljc age of rtgljtecn pear?, at tlje time of tljc offence committeD. 

Vide Dier 2 5 H. 8. fol. 5. I>ier 25 H.8. f.j. 

llBj) tlje a>tatute of 27 H.8. tlje offcnocr tuajs oudcD of \)i$ C(crgp,ljtst tijat act 
ijs repcaleD bp i E.d.cap.12. ^oa? at tljis Da? tijc offender map l;ai3C tljc Icnefit ' e-^-".i2. 
of W Clcrgp, 

^ Shall be delivered by his or their Mafter or Miftris. ~\ 3;f tijc Dier 26 h.s. 
Rafter nelibcr an obligation to l)i5 senjant to receive tlje monept^crcbp cue, fo.< a. & b. 
ana tl;e accbant receive t\)t moncp of tljc obltgtt, ano goet^ atuaj) loitl) tljc fhe indiftmenc 
fame toitl) intent to fteal tlje fame, tbis is no offence \aitl)in t^ijS S)tatute, bcs= uponthissuc. 
caufc i)t ban not tbe monep of tbe Bcfiijccp of bi^ spaffet : ann if be bau gone __L3mb. inter ?tx- 
toitb tbe obligation \uitb intent, ut fupia, it ban been aifo out of fbiss Scr, be- 'fidentes. 
caufe it luas a cbofe in action. &o if tbe spaffemclitier to bis ^ertant louares 
d; mercbaniiiws to fell, ano fellctb tbe fame ann goctb atuap toitb tbe monep ag 
befoje, tbis ig no offence toitliin tW statute fo? tbe caufc afoicfaio. ^ee Stan- 
ford 37. b. 

2 CJP. 

io6 Cap. 45,46. 


Of Felony to cut down or break up the Powdike 
in SVLarjhland in Norffl 

^ g cap II TD Very perverfe and malicious cutting down and breaking up of 

r& 5 Ph. & Mar. £^ any part of the new Dike called the Powdike in Marjbland in 

cap. I p. the County oi'^orff. or of the broken Dike called Oldfield Dike by 

Alarfj/atul m the Ifle of Ely in the County of Cambridge, or of any 

other Bank being parcel of the Rinde, and uttermoft part of the faid 

County, is adjudged Felony. 

KX)e Ituftices of ^c.icc \)nu jJolMer to cnattitc of^anti to !)car anu Determine 
tljis i?cIoniJ. 2El)c offenBcr map Ijaic tljc benefit of (jtsi Clergp. 

s>ome fap djat tljis is a p:ttiate ^tf, liut it i$ publicum in private, foj t\)t 

cangcr is publick, tljoug^j tljc jilare he pjitiate, ano uotl) concern mtiltitiiticis 

of people, am tlje M>ca iis fuel; an immenfc creatt-tre, as Doho can tott^ftano 

it \i)itl)out icngtl) of time, infinite Damage anD lofis, ano ejctream cljargc 

42El.cap.12. anncofl::' 

* See before cap. &fC t^K Statute of 43 El. cap 13. tobetebp in t\)C Counties of Cumberland, 

12. fo.(5i,62. Northumberland, VVeftmerland, ano ti^e B. of S>ucefme * carrying atuap OJ 
vM^' %^'^' A ^f t'''i"i"S of anp pcrfon agatntt !;is toill, oj impjifoning Ijim oj tljem to ran^^ 
fimije de Gaks ^^^^ ^^^^^'^ °^ ^^ ^^°^^ ^^^^'"' "l^**" Deaulp fetttt oi otljetiwife, OJ ftali receive oj 
^ Black mail is cartp * Black mail, 0} giDe Black mail foj pjoteaion, f c. is maDe ifelonp iBittout 
cKpUined by the benefit of Clcrgp, 

Aft it felf. 


Of one of the Grand Enqueft being one of the 
Indidors of any perfon or perfons of Treafon or Fe- 
lony, and difcover openly what perfons were fo. In- 
dicted, &c. 

T^iS bp fomc opinion in our books lyas IjolDen foj SCreafon, oj i^eIonp,anB 
Ijereof Di\3ers reafons lucre pieltico. 
sunf. fo.36.a. ^^^^ jCljat fuclj DifcoDcrp lojas againft Ijis £Datl), but tljat coulD not U tljc 

tcafon, fojperjitrp toag neitljer STreafon noj iTcIonp. 

S)econt)Ip, £)tl)ets Din IjolD, tljatbp-tljis Difcoiierp tlje parties inoirtefi of 

SDrcnfon oj i?cIonp migljt flee, oj efcapc ; but tljat can be no reafon ; foj tlji? 

cirroDcrpiDitljout moje,"can neitljet make ijim pjincipal noj acrefToip. 

isE.5.Cor. 272. SEljiriilp, j®tljers tljat enneaijoui- to ccnfcfs annaijoio tlje Slutljojities iti 

27 AiT. p.65. tljis cafe in iiato, are of opinion, tijat in tljofe times tlje intent of a man, in 

Georges cafe. criminalibus, tcasmuc^refpecteti, IM as muclj aS In criminalibus voluntas repu- 

tabaturprofadto,.anti tIjat bp tljis open t)ifco\)erp, ate, Ijts intent appearcD, 

tljat tljcp mtgljt flee o? efcapc, j^nD noU) it is agreeo on all parts, tljat at iljiu 


Cap47' Larceny or Theft. 107 

jiaj) fuel) uiCcoiierp ig ncttljcu twafon uoj fclonp : anti tljg rati^etj foj t^at no 
Vcvfon c^cc Dtcc fojfucl) tiifroDcr}). 31n Georges cafe, in anno 27. lib. AIT. upon 
%i% SuDictmcnt Ijc luas acqutttcn. lEitt certain it to, tljat fuclj Difcoxinp ijs ac? 
conijjauicD UJitl; ptrjurp, anti a great mifpjifion to le punifijeo bp fine ana mi 


Of Larceny or Theft by the Commcm Law. 

H0\)iug tljujs far p?ociiB£0, luc arc noto come to llarccnp, toljiclj cornet^ 
from Lanocinium, anti from Latrocinic, Jjp contraction, oj ratljer abtite, to 
%\)t iipirroj fita Dcfcrtbetl) iLarccnp, anntljen erplainetlj it. Lardne eft prife Mirror cap. i. 

d'autre moeble corporellc trecheroufmcnt centre la volunt de ccluy a q il eft j) male ^'^°' ^^ ^^'^''-'^^'f' 
■ egaigne de la poffcirion, ou del ufe. %\)t\\ JOtlj \)t Cjcplain anD fljClBi tljC tcafon of 
tljc p?incipal DoojDg tljereof. 

Prife eft dit, car baile neft iny title de laroun, ne livery en k cafe. 

Mocble corporelleeft dit pur ceo q en biens nient moebles, ou nient corporals, fi- 
come de tre, rents, & des Ad vowfons de Efglifes, ne fe fait nul larcenie. 

Trccheroufment eft dit pur ceoq fi lefloignourentende les biens efire fiens, &'que 
il les poet bien prender, en tiel cafe nc fe fait my cefte peche, nee en cafe ou leni 
prent I'autrui ^ la oulen entend, que ilplcift al feigniour des biens, que il les pren- 
dera, mes a ceo covient enfcigner appirant prefumption & evidence. 

Et fciendum, quod furtum eft, fccundum leges, contredatio rei aliense fraudu- BraftonliU 3. foL 
lenta, cumanirao turandi, invito illo domino, cujus res ilia fuerat. SnJJtIjcn Ijcal;^ 'Jj- 
fo Ctplainetlj it. Cum animo dico, quia fine animo furandinon committitur. Bra- 
don tlfetl; not tIjC lUOjH latrocinium, lut furtum, anD fo DOtlj Glanvilc, ^ec Brit- Glanv.Iib.y. c. 17, 
tonatuljole CljajJtcr de Larcyns. 0nfl Fleta \)U\) it tljUiS, Eftautum fuitum con- & \\ cap. i|j. 
tredatio rei aliens fraudulenta, cum animo furandi, invito Diio cujus res ilia fuerit, Britton cap. 1 5. de 
foiloiuing Bradon totidem verbis. Mjefe Defcriptions are generally of 2El;eft, ^^lllli^uci^^'^, 
conip?eljentiing Koblierp, JlEurglarp, iDljen anp tljing ijs tafeen, anti aU otijer " ' '' ' 

Jatrocinieg. JEut Ijcre 3iarcenp fo^ BiKinction fake ig tafeen in a narrolooer fenfc, 
viz. foj flngic tijeft 0? tljicijcrp, anti map be tiefcribcD tljuis. 

ilarcenp, bp tlje Common 3La\i), i%t\)t felonious anti frauDttlent tafetng anu Larceny defined 
carrping atoap h'f anp man oj Ujoman, of tlje meer perfonal goons of anotljetj 
neitljer from tlje pcrfon, noj h^^ nigljt in tlje IjotiCe of tlje otoner. 
. i^oto let uis perufc tlje pjiucipal parts of t|is nefcription. 

f[ Felonious taking.] i^irft it muft be felonious, id eft, cum animo fu- see tit.Piracy,ac. 
randi, as Ijatl) ban faitJ. Adus non facit reum, nifi mens lit rea. 0nti tljis intent Butlers cafcj 
to (leal muabeMjeu itcomctljto Ijis IjnnBS oj polfeffions ^ fo^ if Ije Ijatf) tlje ^s Eiiz. 
pofTeffion of it once lalufuUp, tljouglj Ije Ijatlj animum furandi aftertoarti, anu car^ 
rietij it aujap, it is no JLarcenp % but tljis receibetlj fome Dtllinttion, as Ijereaftet 
fljali appear, 

S>econDlp, tt muft be an actual taking : foj an gntiictment. Quod felonice ?. e.?. r, 
abduxit cquum, is not gajD, becaute it iiJantetl) cepit. I15p taking, ano not bails; 
mcnt Qi ueiiberp, foj tljat is a receipt, anti not a taking : auu tljeretoitlj agreetl; cianviiiib, la; 
Glanvil. Furtum non eft ubi initium habet dctentionis perdominum rei. cap.r3 

lEut Ijerein tlje l,ala) uotlj niainguifi). i?o? if a llBale n pack of mercljantii^e 1 3 e. 4- 9- 
be tielitjereti to one to carrp to a certain place, f Ije goetl) aiuap toitli t^^e ^wtjolc 
pack, tljis is no felonp: tut if l;c open tlje pack, auo take anp cljing out animo 
furandi,tl)is is Jlarccnp. iiikciiJifc if tljc Carrier carrp it to tlje j:iace appointee, 
ano after take tljC toljole pack iinimo furandi, tljis is iiarcen^ alfo ; fici t{)Z uli^ 




Larceny or Thefi, 



5 H. 7 12. 
21 H. 7, 15. 

13E.4. 9. 
Special ufc. 

22 AfT. pi. 
22E.3. cor. 2^5 • 


See cap. de Trea- 
fon. Verb, quant 
home, &c. 
Et cap. Murder. 
27 Alt'. 40. 
2E. 9. cor. 160. 
Lex InJE cap. 50. 
Stanf. 26. c. 
15 E. 2. Cor. 38 3. 

Mlc. 37 E. 3. co- 
ram Rege, Roc,83. 

Braflon lib. 3. fol, 

Britcon cap. 24. 

fol. 47' 

Fleca lib.i.cap.36. 

Pafch. ijEIiz. 
Vide ftatutum. 

22 AIT. pi. 39. 

ijcrj) \m tafef" Iji^ ffff tfi aitD tlje ^jibit^ of tlje iatlmcnt ig ccterminctr. ana 
fo it i^ of a 2Ctiu of Wine, oj t^e Ufec, mutatis mutandis. 

aifo t\)nt tiB a iii\3etfitv betiMeen a poffcfrion, anti a cfjargci fo;i lui^en 3 »d(<» 
V3cr gcDtis to a man, l)C Ijatl) tlje poffeJIion of t\)e groDief, ano map Ijaljc an :9(tion 
of trefpafs, oj an Appeal, if tljep be taften oj ftofn out of Ijiis poffcfTion. IBut 
mp 'Mdtt oj CcDk, tljat in mp Ijoufc !jat'^ cljargc of mp meM oj |01ate, Jjatl^ 
no poffcffion of tljem, noj fijall Ijaue an miction of trcfpaf0, o; an Appeal, ag t^e 
2Sailoj Itjall : ant) t%excim if tljep ftcal t\)e plate oj DcfTel, it ig iiarccnp. 0nD 
fo it iiS of a S>ljepl)ClIi3 foj tijCfC tljinglS hz In onere, & non in poffeffione Promi, 
Coci, Paltoris, occ. 

Blif a SCaDcvncj Ut a piece of plate ijefoje a man to o?tnfe in itjann Jje carrpit 
atoap, ?c. tlji)3 iji liarccnp : fo> it ig no bailment, but a fpctial life to a fpecial 

2C()tvt)lp,i^Dj l)p Cronct Dj finoing. 3if one lofe W gtotig, anu anotlier finB 
tljem, tl)ougl)l)e conijcrt tljcm, animo furandi, to Ijiis ottin ufe, pet ip it no Jlar^ 
tenp, foj tljefitft tafeing ijs laiMfwl. ^o if one finn trcafure troue, oi toaif, oj 
(trap, anu concert tljcm ut fupra, it is no Jiaitcnp, iot^^ in refpefl of tljc fintiing, 
ano alfo foj tljat Dominus rerum non apparet. 

C Felonious"] implietlj, tljat tl^ouglj tljc taking It actual, pet mutt it ie 
none Ip fuel) petfonis ajs map commit fclonp. 3 man man tljat ig non compos 
mentis, oj an infant tljat is uncer tljc age of i3ifcrction,cannot commit 3iarccnp, 
ag in anotljet: place toe Ijaijc fain, 

SI ifeme co\3ett committetlj not iLartenp, if it lie none ip tljc coertion of tiec 
liusiano , lEut a JTeme couett map commit =Larcenp,if fljcootl) it toit^iout tlie C0i= 
ertion of Ijcr Ijuglanii : ant tljerc it appearctlj, tljat a man map he acceflarp to Ijig 
tuife, but tljc toifc cannot beacceffarp to Ijer ^usbano, tljougl) fijc fenoto tljat Ije 
committeD iLarcenp, anorcUetoeljim, ano oifcober it not i foj bp tlje JiatoHDis^ 
bine, fije is not bouno to tifcober tlje offence of Ijcr Ijusbann. 

i?elonS came to tljc i^lOUfe of Richard Dey, awn Margery Ijig toifc i tl)C totfe 

KnciD tljem to be felons,but tljcljusbanu oiiinot,anob(Stl) of t|cm receiueo tljem, 
ano entertaincD tljem, but tlje toife confenteu not to tljc felonp, ;9nti it boas aD#= 
jUbgCD, tljat tljis maOC not tlje blife accetfatp. Quia ipfa in vita mariti fui de ali- 
quo receptamento in prsfentia viri fui, cui contradicere non potuit, occafionari non 

Uxor furi dcfponfata non teriebitur ex fado viri, quia virum accufare non debet, 
nee detegerefurtum fuum, nee feloniam,cum ipfa fui poteftatem non habet, fed vir. 

La feme nequedent al felon poit dire q tout fcavoit ele del mauvafte fon baron, pur 
ceo ne le poet ele my encufer, ne devoit, tant come elefuit de luy covert, 8cc, 

Uxor autem furis non teneatur pro delido viri, poena enim fuos debet tenere au- 
thores, uxor autem virum accufare non debet, ncc felonis fus conlentire, 8f c. 

C Felonious and fraudulent taking. '] 31f a man faing tljc =l^ojfe of B. 
in Ijis paffure, ano Ijabing a mino to fteal Ijim cometlj to tljc ^Ijeriff, ano pje*' 
tcnbtng tljc ^ojfc to be l)is, obtainctlj tljc ^ojfc to be tielibereo unto Ijim bp a 
Replevin, pet tljtg is a felonious ano frautiulent taking, as it baas tefolbco h^ 
tlje 3;uoges, asCatlin Cljief 31uftice rcpojteo in tljc iiingslBcncljjPafch. 15 Eliz. 
fo J tlje Replevin boas Obtainct in fraudem legis. 

f[ Carrying away, ] 5F0J tljc 3«bittment faitlj, felonice cepit & afporta- 
vit.snije remobing of tlje tljings taken, tljouglj Ijc carrp not tljem quite aboap,fa^ 
tisfietlj tljis b)ojo afportavit. 0s if a gueft take tlje cobcrlet oj fijeets of Ijis beo, 
anb rifling befoje oap, take tl)C coberlet q? floats out of tljc cljambcr, buljere fje 
lap, into tlje ^all,to tlje intent to ftcal tljem, ano baent to tlje ftable to fctclj W 
l^o?fe, ano tlje ilbftlcr appjcljcnoeo Ijim, ano tljis bias aojuogto llatcenp : ano 
tlje coberlet oj Ojects bjcre carrico abJap being remobcD from t|ic Ciiambn to 
tijt IpaUj albeit tljep toerc fiill in t^e Ijoufc of ttic oboner. 



Cap. 47. Larceny or Theft. > , i 09 ' 

§)0 if a twaitiS ^o?fc be in Ijijs clofe, ann one tafectlj tnm, anD as \iz iss carrying junke calizons 
Ijim atuav, I3C ig apv cljcnnjo, bcfoje Ije gettctl) ottt of tljc clofej jct tljis ip fufi= Report, 

f[ Of meer perfonal goods. '] It is fai» [meer^ foj djougl) tT;f}) te pfr^ 
fonal goBDS, ?ct if tljep fatio j anp tljing of tljc realtp, no larccnp can Ic com^ 
mitteu of tl;£m i 0s anp feinfl of co jn oj grain growing upon tlje grotinu is a pcr^ 
fonal cl)attel;anf tljc Crccutojs of tlje otoncr fljali Ijaiietljem^tljcugli i{;cp tc not 
fc^ercti, but pet no larccnp can be committcn of tljem,bccaiife tljpp art .luncrcD to 
tiic rcaltp. S>o it is of grafs ftanning on t^c grouno, oj of ;9pvlcs, oj anp otljcr '2 E.3. cor 199'. 
fruits upon trees, oj bun)CS,oj of toojos growing, but if tljc omter mi tljc grafs, ?? E-3-ibid.2^5, 
0} gatljcr tlje fruit, oj cut t\)t lajon, tljcn larcenp map be committeu of tljcm. ' ' *"'^" 

^0 it is of a bor oj cljcfl toitlj Cljartcrs^no farccnp can be comn-atteo of tljcw, 10 e. 4. 14. lib. g, 
bfcaufetljc Cljartcrs concern tljcrealitp, anti tl)e bo]c OJ eljfft'tljcuglj it be of fo' ??• b. 
great ijalue, pet fljall it be of tije fame nature tlje Cijarters be of : 8c omne ma- ^^^^y^ "^«' 

jus dignum trahit ad fe minus. 

igo Larccnv can be committeti bp tafeing, anu carrptng a^ap of atoarti, oj of 
a billaittj bccaufc tbep arc in tljc realtp, 

3t appcaretl) bp all our ancient Sutljojs ubi fapra^anu bp tlje Statute of W.i. w.i.c.15, See the 
tljat ttjcre is © janti JLarccnp, ano l^etit iiarcenp, niflinguifijcti fo h^ tlje balue : 2^'h g' "j" '"^"^"^ 
foj if tlje perfonal gcons ftoln amount to abobe tlje ualue of ttoeltoe pence, tljcn corio rorisfacere 
is it (©ranii ilarccnp, anu if it be unuer tlje \)alue of ts^tlMt pence, tljen it is or perdere sax. 
^etit JLarcenp, fo} lailjiclj Ije fijall fojfeit all Ijiis gcoo?, ann fuffcr fome cojpojal ■^^"''V his hide is 
punifljment, as labipping, $c. rorclt n^' ^"''^ 

0no tljis toas tljC ancient ILatobefoje tljC Conqueft, foj tlje Mirror faitlj, Et de robbery!""^' 
tout foit que la Ley ne eyt regard forfque al ceures des peuchers riequident Unit le 
quantitie del robbery & larceny en cell manner, ceftaflavoir que nul ad judgment 
de la mort, fi non larceny, &c. ne paflbnt 12 deniers de fterlings, 

ja man Ijatl) a mecr pjopertp in fome tljings tljat are tame h^ nature, ana i-7-f. 18. in cafe 
^et in refpect of tljC bafenefs of tljeir nature, a man fijall not commit anp lar# deSwans. 
cenp, great oj fmall, tljouglj Ije fteal tljem, as of mafliffs, blcon^jounus, oj of 
otljer feino. Bogs oj of cats, noj of fome tljings tliat be aMii\^ bp nature, auir ^ vide verb Qoi 
matie tame, asl^ars, fo]ces>apcs, monfeies> polcatcs, ferrets, anti tlje lilie, anc another; nextfoi- 
^etnomannerof ^lonpcanbe committcDon tljcm, in refpect of tljcir uiilD anD, 
fabagc nature, ano tljerefoje no perfon fijall m foj tljem : ano likeiuife it is of of^ 2 e Vd'n ^" 
tljeir toljclps, 0?. calbes, n young ■■, fa? it is a rule in iLato, tljat if no felcnp I'o ieveret. a e^" 
can be committeo of anp tl)ing tljat isferum natura,ani) of age being rcclainiea, Avowry.igzrferrec 
fl} mate tame, tljat no felonp can be of tlje poung in tlje neft, feennel oj ntw. 3^ e-s-io. 47 e.^ 
t ^0 as a man map Ijabc pjopertp in manp tljings, ann pet in refpect of tljeir 2?'^ n b's' ^ "& 
nature tljere can be no felonp cf tbem. ^Tn tlje otljer fioe, of feme tljings tljat s's i.'sdi! ''^' 
be fersnatura, being reclaimer), fclonp map be committco in refpect of tlj£icno='' * Mirror c.i.§.,o. 
ble ant generous nature ano courage, ferbing ob vitae folatium of princes, ann ^^^^ hei- 3015, 
Df noble anc generous pcrfons, to mafee tljem fitter foj great employments ; as ^^^^ ^^^- +• ^^ 
all kini! of i^aulcons, ana otljer ^aluks, if tlje party tljat fi^eals tljem fenoto 4. vide before 
tl)cp be rcclaimetr. 37 £.3. f.37. F,^f. 

F.861. . 

^ Of another.] c jBo larccnp can be committen of luilD beafts, oj of ^sm^'^h^p"^"* 
foujls tljat be luilD, 0} of fifijcs tljat be at tljeir natural liberty in riberg, oj great 74,75. BraaiT 
luaters, bccaufc tljcfe benulliusin bonis: but larccnp. map be ccmmitteo of f.9.8 E.4.5. " 
young pigeons in Doucljoufes, n of young Ijatofes in tlje nett. ilEut if any pcr# d 1 1 H.7.cap.i7. 
fon upon tije gcotmo of any otljer, tio take tlje egs of any jTaulcon, ©ol^atofe, ?', " \ "P- '^• 
JLanner, oj 3>\i)an out of tlje neft, tljis is not felony, ^ but Ijc fijall be impjifcnr- ' ^""g ^^ ^'g^ 
en by tlje fpace of a year ano a nay, ano finet at tljc icings iuill,tljc one Ijalf to 22 ad.??.!? E.3, 
t|ie IKing, ano tlje otljer to tljc oujner of tlje grounn. 51But larceny may be ccm<j 24- vid. before, 
mitteo of tl)e egs of fuclj as be domits natura, as of ^ens, SCurkics, peljcns, "^"f ^\^^^r\ 
ann tljc like, e ana larceny map be committeo of fifljes in a trunk oj ponD, fce^^ 3 h. ^"55^ jTb V 
caufe tljcp are not at tljeir natural liberty, but as it laerc bcafts in a pounn. f.ic4.b.f.7.f.i'^ i y 

• 1 1 o Larceny or Theft. Cap.4y. 

a lo E. 4. 14. a JlEut tf fuc^ as \>t iutlir,t|)st ferije foj tlje fcoti of manjlj^ mate tamc,aj3 SDar, 

iBilDlEoje, Coniegj CranciS, ^Bliefant, partriBgc, oj t^c Ufec, j.atKnp tnapte 
committen of ttjcm, fo ais Ijc tijat ftealctl) tljcm fenoto tl)at tljcp ic tame. JlBut 
tlje 2Dar, ?c. Icing toilB, |£t to'^en ije ig kiHec iarcenp map be commtttcu of t^e 
flefijj aiiD To of pijefant, ^artritige, oj tl^c like : 5lnD fo note a oiiierCtp iettoan 
fuel) bean? as ic fers natura, anD being mane tame fetue foj pleafure onip, anD 
fucb as be mane tame anD ferte foj fmu, f c. toljiclj Ditjcrlitp being not obfcrbeo, 
ijatlj mafie manp men to err. 

7 E. 4. 14. ^ man map be innitteu, Quarebona Capellae in cuftodia, &c. auD fo in time 

Stanf. 25. tf ijacation, bona domus Ecdelise. 

!o jac. ftegis, ^t tlje ^ffifcs at Leicefter, in JLcnt, Anno 10 Jac. t^e cafc iMas t'^is, one Wil- 

Hiins cafe. _ ijam Hain Ijao in tlje nigljt tiiggeu ttp tije grai)C0 of Ditjers fetieral men, ano of 

Furtutn mauditu. ^^^^ Ionian, anD toDfe tlje toinDing fl)ttts from tfje boDies, ano buries t^c boDieiS 
again ; ano Bl anbiOng i^ereupon foj tljc rarenefs of tbe cafe, confuUcDtoitljttc 
SiiDges at Serjeants Jnn in Fleetilreet-, ujl)ere toe all refoiljcD, t^at t^ie pjo^ 
pertp of tljc fijats toas in tlje Crccutojs, 0Dminiffratojs oj otl)cr otoner of tljem, 
foj tl)C DeaD boDp is not capable of anp pjopertp, ann tlje pjopertp of tlje lieets 
mull be in fome boDp x ano accojcing to tljis refolution, ^t toas inDictea of felo;* 
up at t^e nejct Bflifes, but t'^eHurp founD it but petit larcenp, foj to^iclj %t tua? 
latiippeD, as lie totil DeferVjcD. 

Nota, ja felonious taking mutt be of tljc poffctrionj anD not of tlje pjoperfp 
remobcD from tlje poffcffion. 

7 H. 5. 4?. 3f a man Dotlj bait, oj lenD W gojD.s to anotljer, altl)Oug^ Ije Ijatlj tlje general 

pjopertp of tljem, pet map Ije commit larcenp of tljem, b^tlje felonious taking 
anD carrping tljem atoap, anD in juDgment of JLato IjriHaiD in tl^is cafc to take 
tlje gcDDs of anotljcc ; foj tlie bailer |at^ jus proprietatis, anD tlje baila \)U% jus 
pofTeiTionis, oj a fpccial pjopertp. 

21 H 6. cor.455. SCljc toife cannot ttcal tljc gmDs of Ijcr IjusbanD, foj tljep be not tlje gojDS of 

Abbridge daff.^j : anotljcr : foj t^c ^usbanD anD toife are one pcrfon in ilaiUj Duae anims in carne 
una. Vide Stanf. PI. Coron. fol. 24,25. 

2Co fpeak it Ijere once foj all,if anp pcrfon be inDittcD of treafon,oj of fclonp, 
oj larcenp, anD plcao not guiltp, anD tljereupon a 3urp is rctojncD, anD ftoojn, 
t^eir DcrDitt mutt be IjcarD, anD tljep cannot be DifcljargcD, neil^er can tlje Slusf 
rojs in tl^ofe cafes gitoe a pjiup ^erDict, butougljt to giDc tljeir berDict openlp in 

Britton fol. 7 1. Macegriefs, flcfljmongcrs, fucl) as bup anD fell ff olcn flefl), knotting t%z fame 
to be ftollen. Vide Lamb, inter leges Edw. Regis fol. 1 40. b. De Machecariis lizxU 

iflCD of mace an olD ttojD foj fletl), anD grief, tojong oj injurp. 

C AP. 

cap. 48,89. 



De An?io Die iS" Vajlo. 
Of the year, day and waft. 

Hereof m Ijalje ti'catcD at large in tljc fcroiiD part of tijc Inftitntes in Ijijs 
Jjjoycr place upon tljC Cjcpolltion of Magna Carta cap.22. toljere it appear^; Mirror cap.i. 5.?, 

ti\f, tljat at tljisi nap tljc iiing fljall Ijabc but tlje pjofiitiS foj a year antr a nap in ^ '^^p 4- 
Jicu ano fatisfaction of tlje tuaft \xtW\) tt)C Common 3Iato ga\)e to tljc iiing in ^IH'J'^^" '^' 
nefpite ann nctcftation of tlje offence, as tljerc pott map rcanat largtf: ano t^erc Lege qumopdmc 
itappcarrtlj Ijotu nccelTavp itig, ancient 0Utljojg to be rcati, all luljiclj neconot Gianv.ii.y.cap.i?.' 
|)cre to lie rcljearfeo i •^ ann tljat if anp Statute be mane to tlje tontrarp of Magna Eradon lib. ^. fo. 

Charta, it fljall k IjolOen foj none, ann tljerefoje if Prsrogativa Regis anno 17 Brhton^* 

E. 2. cap. ultimo, be contrarp tljereunto, it i0 repealed m to tljc tnaft. pieta Wb.'i.' c^t. 

§ Ciitii vtro, &c. 
*42 E.3. cap.!. 17 E.2. Prar. Regis cap. ultimo. Regift. i6$. Mag. Chart, cap. 22. 5 E.3. Cor. 356.327. ji^^.ajio. 

C ^ P. XLIX. 

Of Piracy, Felonies, Robberies, Murders, and 
Confederacies committed in or upon the Sea, 

H0t)ing noto trcaten of j^elonicg, $ c. tljat are committer ann none upon 
tlje 3iann, luc toill conftner of ipivacicsf ann i^elonicp, $c. none on tljc 
^ea, tjljiclj bp an art of parliament are to be enquiren of, Ijearn, ann ncter# 's^'^- ^"^■ 
minen accojning to tlje ccurfe of tljc Common 3la\u, ais if tljep Ijan been none ^"■^- """^^r 
upon tlje iLann. 

All Trcafbns, Felonies, Robberies, Murders and Confederacies com- ^^ ^•^' '^•^5- 
mitted in or upon the Sea, or in any other Haven, River, Creek, or 
place, where the Admiral hath, or pretends to have Power, Autho- vid. 27 E. 3.0.12, 
rity, or Jurifdiftion, (hall be enquired, tried, heard, determined, del' ftapie. 
and judged in fuch Shires, and places in the Realm, as (hall be limi- videf R.' 
ted by the Kings Commillion under the Great Seal in like form and vide Palaciies cafe 
condition, as if any fuch offence had been committed upon the Land, 
to be direfted to the Lord Admiral, or to his Lieutenant, Deputy, 
or Deputies, and to three or four fuch other fubftantial perfons, 
as (hall be named by the Lord Chancellor of England^ for the time 
being, &c. 

And (uch as (hall be convift of any fuch offence by verdidt, con- see before ia the 
feflion, or proces by authority of any fuch Commiffion, (hall have and chap, of Herefic 
iuffer fuch pains of death, lofifes of Lands, Goods and Chattels, as if 
they had been attainted of any Treafon, Felony, Robbery, or other 
the fiid offences done upon the Land. 

^nijc offcnner^s not to be anmitten to Ijabe t^e tenefit of Clcrgp. 

^ snijf 


See 40 2 5- 

^ Concerning 
Treafoo, fee be- 
fore cap. 2. Verb. 
/Ill trials, fo.25. 
1 E.6. ca.i2. 
5E.6. ca.ii. giC. 
a Rot.Par. 8 ti.6. 

Hil. 2 Ja.Regis. 
at Serjeants-Inn 
in FUet-llrect, 
the rcfolution of 

Of Piracy, 

Cap. 49, 

Three points re- 

Vide fimilia. 
10 E.j.Cor. 124. 
8 H.4.2. 9E.4.28. 

* See tfie Fourth 
pare of the Infti- 
tutes cap High 

5 El. cap. 5. Vide 
fupra, cap. High 
Treafon, Verbo, 
&u fer ailors. f. 1 1 . 

2Clj0 tnifcljicf Moit tljis §)tatttt0 toa;s (as it appwrctl) hv tlje f '?catiille) tijat 
2braito?si, |Jii-atesf, SCljtefe, lElobbcrgj aSuvlJcrcrs ana ConfcDeiatcjs upon tlje 
g)^ tnanp timcis cfcapen «npuntfljeB> iecaufe t})e Common =Laii3 cf tijtsl^calm 
frteiiDcti not to tl)cfc cffcnccis, hwt mte Jtiogcti ann ticccrmin£ri Icfojc tljc ^Vi= 
niiral, gtc. aftet tlje cottrfe of tljc CiDii Jlalus, tljc nature usljcreof 10, tljat k^ 
fcjc any fuBgmcnt of ncatlj ibf gii3cn agatnli tljc offcnnerg, cttljcr t^cp muft 
'iilainlp confcifg tljctc offences (Muljicl) tljep ncljcr liuill »o tuitljcut tojtwrc oj pains ) 
0? bp ^ tuitncfs infiiffcrent, fuci^ as fato tljtir oRcncfjs committctij gfc. tojljiclj in 
tliffc rarc0 cannot lie gotten Int hv cljancc, oj ijcr)) rarelp : fo% ting caufc 
tljc Commonss petiticncti in a |?arliament in 8 H.d. tljat tlje 3u{f ices of peace 
nu'gljt entiuire of all piracies : but tlje icings anf^uer iuasj SDljat l;c \mcuIo1)e 

SEljis Statute rcciuireg a confiterate anu juff interpjctation, toljevein, foj t^at 
it ccnccrnetlj tljc life of man, tlje fafeft tBap is, tfi folloiutlje refoUuions of all 
tlje Sutigcs fojmerl}) Ijan tlpon tiue ccnficcration of all tljc parts of tljis atr.ano 
upn Uux$ confcrencca, ana in tlje enii, toljen 31 luas3tio?nei) general, refold 
ten hv tljcm unanimouRp as folloluctl) : 

^Ijcrc niijcrs tie in tlje ISeign of t\}t late 3^um Elizabeth commit piracy 
ano Kobberj) upon tljc Ijiglj »>ca, cf I3i\3crs ^crcl;ants cf Venice, in amitp 
luitlj tt)c fain ffiuan, ans a*ftcr tljc pirats, being not knclrn, ciitainen a par* 
con, granten at tlje <£o?onaticn of tiing James, ■Ujljcrebp tlje i^iing partonen 
tljem all jT^clcnies Cinter alia) i^irft, SEljat befojc tljis a»tatutc, piracp oj 
iSobberp on tlje Ijigl) ^ea U'as no /elonp, luljercof tlje Common M\o tcDii 
anp fenotolccgCj foj tljatit coulE not be ttien, being cut ofallSTolDusanriCoun^ 
tics, but )juas onlp punifliable bp tlje CiViil jiatu, asbp tlje preamble it appcar^j 
etlj ■■, tljc attainncr bp inljiclj 3latu lujougljt no fojfeitiirc cf iLancs, oj cojrups^ 
tion of bIcDti. s»econDlp, SLljat tljis S>tatutc oiD not alter tlje cftence, 0; make 
tljc offence irclcnp, but lea^etlj tlje offctice as it teas befo?c tljis Ser, vi?. jpelcnp 
cnlpbptljeCibil liato, but giijctlj a mean of trial bp tlje Common iato, ano 
inflittetlj fuel) pains of tieatlj as if tljcp Ijafl been atraintcD of anp /elcnp, ^-c, 
none upon tljc JLanti. 31Eut pet C as Ijatlj been faio) tljc offence is not altcrcrr, 
foj in tljc intictment upon tljis Statute, tlie offence muft be alk'tigeii upon tljc 
g)ea i fo as tljis Set inflittetlj punifiimentfoj tljat, toljiclj is a i^elonp bp tljc 
CiViil Hato, anti no i^elonp, tefjcreof tlje Common %m tafeetlj fenotelcnge* 
2Cljirtiip, Sltljcugl) tlje lung map parDon tljis offence, pet being no iFclonp iti. 
tlje epe cf tlje %m of tljc Mcalm, but onlp bp tljc Ci\3il 3ialJ, tlje parcon of all 
iTcIonics generailp cjrtenBetlj not to it, for tljis ifi a fpccial offeree, anu ougljt to 
be efpf ciallp mentioneo. 

tapon tljis rcfolution tljefe confeciuents to folloto. i. 2nijat Iv ^\>^ 0ttainiicc 
upon tljis 9tt, tljouglj tljere be forfeiture ofIaniisantigfDOs,pcttl)creisnoco?? 
ruptiott of blcDD. 2. |>eeing tljc offence is notmaue iTcIonp bp tlje flatus of tljis 
Kealm, tljere can be no acceffo?p of anp JTclonp bp tljc HLatns of tlje l\ealm in 
tljis cafe, eitljerbefojcoj after tljc offence, becaufc tlje pjincipal is no ^clonbp 
our ILato, neitljer cotlj tljis 0ct fpcak of anp 0cccffc;p. 3. ^f tljere be an Hccef^ 
ro?p upon tljc s>eatoa piracp,tljat Scceffojp map be punifljcD bp tlje CiDil liaui 
before tljelloju^timiral, but cannot be punifijcu hv tljis Set, becaufc it cjctcnB^ 
etlj not to acceffojies, noj makes tijc offence irclonp. "^ ilafflp, 231jc statute of 
3 5 H.8.cap.2. taketij not aiuap tljis Statute foj 2Ereafons none upon tljc a>ea foj 
tlje caufe afojefaiu. Mlljiclj rcfolution 3 liaiie tljougljt gccD to report, becaufc ic 
cpenctlj tljcMlincolus of tljis Statute. 

SnTrin. iSEliz. in iLojD Diers spamtfcript, tljere is a Qusre mauc, inljat 
offence it is to lolige ana entertain upon tljc liana a pirate, knowing Ijim to 
be a pirate, ana tnljctljer tljis Scceffojp upon tlje 3lana ffall be triea bp tljis 
Statute, luljiclj is onlp of principals in piracp. Bna it teas tljottgljt bp tljc 
xiojo Cljicf juttircs, tljat tlje furea mv, teas to Ijabc tljc Commiffion in tlje 
Countp teljere tlje 0cccfforp offenaca, ana tliere botlj tlje Principal ana tlje 
Scccfforp map be inaittea ana triea, Ut per Statutum anno 5 & 6 E. 6. Quaere. 


Cap. 49.. OfTiracy. 113 

Use ille. &0 u tW Qusre is noU) ckarcD bp tlje rcfolution of t\t Ititgoai : ano 
(lucCicnlcfs t1]C ftattitc i intcuocD of 2 &3 E.6. fojtTj«c is noneCuclj in 5 & 5 2 fe 3E•^•"•24• 
E.<5.JcrtcntlCtMI^il^ \ul)ntaa9urDEtoji?eIonpisi committco in one Countp, ^., ^^^^ ^^ 
ann anotljcc pcrfon i? acccfToii) in anotl)cr Countp C as Ijat^ been faiD befojc : ; Bingham's cafe, 
but in djat cafe tlje offence toas committeu upon tlje sea, ano not in anp Coun^^ sce tiie Lord 
tv anD fo out of tJjat ttatute : ano tljerefojc tljis part of tfje ^anufccipt of t^e Sancars cafe, 
jtojo DierU'asnot tbougbtfittobc pjintcn. ''''•9- Ji7,"8- 

Sutler anD otljct |3irats in sumntcruacaticn robbcD BiUcrs of Ijer spajcfiics ^^n^ jstiiz. 
fublctts, upon tljcdDoafl of Northfolk, upon tl;c Ijigl) S>ea i ann bjougbt oiijcrs Euderscafe. ' 
of tljC a;a)tis fotafeen into tlje Countp of Northfolk, ann tljere iBcrc app?cl)en^ 
ijcDDJitljtijcgajDs: SClje (luettton mobcD to Wray Cl)tcf Juftice, anti ^ttfticc 
Peryani, 3.ufticcs of aififc in Northfolk, luas, tUSUjctljet tljcv migljt be innicteo 
of ifelonp in Northfolk, as if one Ceai gcoss in one Countp ano carrp tljcm into 
nnotljec Countp, Ije map be umictcD in citJjer Countp : ano it toas rcfoJurn bp 
iljcm, tbat tljep couId not be insicteti foj i^clonp in Northfolk, becaufe i\)t mU • 
gtnal taking was no i?cIonp, tolKrcof tije Common 3La\u trofe conufance,bccattfc 
it louas tionc upon tlje S>ca,out of tlje rcaclj of tljc Common liaiu : auo tbcrefojc 
notlifee tl)C cafe, toljere one (tcaletl) in one Countp ann carrietlj tlje gams into 
anoti)£r, fo? tljere tlje original act luas ft\mv tuljercof tljc ^m tojk conufancc. 

31Eut noui let us perttfe tljc luojns of tlje Statute. 

C Where Traitors, Pirats. ^ %%i^ toojD ^^irat, in ilatine Pirata, is 
seviuct) from tbe CDjak toojo 7r«eaTnc, taljici) again is fetcbeu from Tre^eav, a 
tranfcundo mare, of toijing upcu tljc &ca .♦ ano tljercfojc in Cnglifi) a ^iras 
is callet! a Kouer ann a lAObber upon tlje ^ea. 

^ Treafon, occ. ~] ^^ote, SCreafon none out of t^e tiealm, is uectarea to 
be Srcafon bp tijc Statute of 2 5 E.3. ^nti pet at tlje making of tf)is Set of 28 
M.S. it luanteD trial, (as bp tlje preamble of tljis Ctatcttc it is rcljearfeD; at tlje 
Common iatv. ilno tljerefoje to eftabtiflj a certaintp tljercin, tbe ftattitc of 35 
H.8. luas mane, as is afojefaio in tlje cjcpofition of tt)e Statute of 25 E.3. ^ec 
Pafch.43 Eliz. 3ir Henry Conftables cafe. 

31Pcfc?ctljeftatuteof 25 E.3.if afubfectljan committeDpiracpuponanotljec sjE.^.cap.r; * 
(fcj to is tlje book to be intcnDco upon a fact none befojc 25 E.3. > t'^is was l}cl# 4° Afl. p.z5, 
sen to be petit SErcafon, foj toljiclj ^e tuas to be cjaton anu IjangcD : becaufe Pi- 
rata eft hollis humani generis, ant) it toaS contra ligcancia: fus debitum : bltt if an 
;aiien, as one of tljc Normans, lu^o IjaD rcbolteu in tlje reign of lling john,ljaD 
committet) ^iracp upon a fubject, tins offence coulo be no SErcafon, foj tljouglj 
IjC luocre hortis humani generis, pet tlje ccjme luas not contra ligeancis fus debi- 
tum, becaufe tlje offentcr tosno fubject, but fince ti)C ftatute of 25 E, 3. tljis 10 
no Ereafon m t|)c cafe of a fubject. 

f[ Upon the Sea, or in any other Haven, River, Creek, or othef 
place, where the Admiral hath, or pretends to have Power, Autho- 
rity, or Jurifdiftion. ] SCljefe twojos [ or pretends to have, &c. ] are tl)US 
to be tmtierftoot) betinan tlje ^iglj^taater^^mark, ann tte Loto^ljjater^mark : 8 E.2. cor.^po. 

foj tljOUglj tljc ILaitO be infra corpus comitatus, at tljC reflOtM i pCt toljen tljc ^ea f E. 5. Conu- 

is full, tljc anmiral Ijatlj BturiBtiiction fuper aquam as long as tljc &ea aotos x ^^^^^^ itcoron 
fo as of one place tljcre is divifum imperium at feberal times t but ejctcnti not 5,.ic. ' 
to anp ^auen, MiUer, Creek, oj otljer place, tljat is, inf^a corpus comitatus : Regia. 129. 
fo? offences tljere committcu tuere triable bp tl)e Comm'-ft ^ato, atm out of tljc m R-z.cap.?. 
tnifcljicf ant) pur^jien of tljis ftatute : foa in tlie p jcam .le, tlic ^ea is onlp men* p ";'*J^"i'" ' ^' 
tioncD, auB in tlje boDp of tlje 0(: it is fain, in like fojm anil contiition, as if anp 2 k.?. fo'i 2. 
fuclj offence Ijati been committcD upon tlje 3LanD. ' 19 H.6.7. 

f As Qiall be named by the Lord Chancellor of £«g/^«^. ] |°i£f ' P" 
Si iiominationbptl)C3io?t)!Saperof tljc great ^cal of England iuas taken to 

^2 b? 


5 Eliz.cap.i8. 

Trin. 7 Eliz. 
Dier 241. the 
cafe of Brook 
alias Cobham. 

Of Clergy, 

Cap. 5 


Ic \»itl)in t\)i$ 0(t ^ t\)t gteatcc opinion of tlje BSttfticesi : but tlje Statute of 
5 Eliz. Ijatl) mane a declaration of tljc Common llato concerning t\)t potocr anu 
autl)o;itv of t^e 3lo;o ©eeper of t^e <5im ^cal> iuljiclj ^atlj clcarcD t^at, ana 
all ot^er lifec qucftionis. 

^ To hear and determine (uch offences after the common courfe 
of the Laws of this Land ufed for Treafons, Felonies, &c. done and 
committed upon the Land. ] 3f t^c offenoer upon W arraignment Ir? 
foje CommiffionerjS Ijj) fojcc of tljis Statute ttanu mute, Ije Cjall Ijaue juvge^ 
mcnt De peyne fort 8c dure, bp fojCE of tl)i$ general b?ancl), but it ig out of 
t^e latter toOjClS of tlje Sitt, vii. And fuch as (hall be convid of any fuch offence 
by Verdi(a,Confeirion, or Proces. ifoj l)C tljat ftanoetlj mute, tis not conbict of 
tbc offence but fufferetlj foj tjig contumacy. 0Uo it ij3 neitljer bp tuerbict, Con«= 
fcffion, 0} p^oceis. 

ifoj peine fort & dure : &ee in tljc fcconD part of tljc Inftitutes, in tlje e]cpofi;5 
tion upon tljc Statute of W.i. cap. 12.,90. 

&c. Alexander 
Lib.5. 26,27. in 
Caudries cafe, 
Biggenscafe, & 
fo.iio. Heftons 

1 8 Eliz. cap.5.,44. 
Syers cafe. 
ib. Bibiths cafe. 
2 E.5.27. 

2 2E.5.Br.Cor.25o 

7 H.4.i(5. 




4 E-5. cor. 1 84. 

gArr.14. 5 AII.5. 

II H.4.93. 

b Rot. cl. 3 E 3. 

1T1.2. i8- 

cTr.2i E.j.cor. 

rege, Rot. 17 5. 



52 H.8.C.3. 

Vid. I E.6. ca.i2 

5 E.6, cap.ic. 

e Poulters cafe. 

CA'P. L. 
Of Clergy. 

Wl^at perfon fljall Ijabe Ijijs Clergp, fo% Xo^nt offcnceg, in bjljat fuitg, 
tobo ii6 3[ut)ge tljereof, ann at tuljattime Clergp ig to be temantieti, 
j)ou map reao at large in Alexander Poulters cafe in tlje (iBIebcntb 
part of mj> Kepojtg : toljcrc alfo is refolbeti tlje oibetCtj) bettaan a Clcrfe con*= 
bier, ann a Clerfe attaint ■■> tuljat a Clerfe conDict tobicl) batlj W Clcrgp fljall foj# 
feit, ano at tobat time ; am tljat none tljat Ijatl) Ijig Clcrgp alloiiieii ougbt to 
mafee anp purgation at tbi? naj) ; ano tljat tlje laing map parcon tbe burning of 
tlje banb, as tocll in an Appeal, as upon an 3!nbi(tment. 

't If tbepjiucipal Ijatlj bis Clccgpbefoje attainner, tlje accclfojp eitljcr before 
oj after ougbt to be bifcbargeb. 

^ |0o« map aw to tbe fojmer repo?t a IRecojb in Rot. Clauf. An. 3 E. 3. m.2. 
& 18. Ebat foj ^acrilcugc tbe £»?iiinarp map allobj Clcrgp. &o as it is in 
tlje election of tbe ^juinarp, eitljer to alloiu o; bifalloiu Clergp in tbat cafe. 

c See a notable BCCOJO Trin. 2 1 E. 3. coram Rege,Rot. 173. Hertford, tbat Pri- 
vilegium Clericale non competit feditiofo equitanti cum armis platis, & cotearmu- 
risj per leges Anglis. 

d 3it is p?obiBeo hf tlje ftatute of 2 5 H.8. tljat if anp perfon be incictet of J?c^ 
lonp foj Healing of anp grans oi cbattels in anp Countp,anb tljcreupdn arraign;* 
CD, ano be foimn guiltp, oj ftanD mute, ojcljallenge peremptojp abobe tbenum^'' 
bcr of tluentp perfons,9:c. tljei? (ball lofe t^e benefit of tljcir Clergp, in like man5= 
ner as tbcp fljottlo Ijabe tone, if tbcp Ijabbeen inuictea ano arraigneu, ano founu 
guiltp in tbe fame Countp, tol^cre tbe fame robberp oj burglarp baas none ano 
committer), if it fljall appear to tlje 3f-i^icc^i *c« ^V cbinencc gibcn befo?e tbcm, 
0} bp eramination, tbat fo; fut^ robberp 0} burglarp in tbe fame &bire bubere 
tljcp bjere committco d;^ 5one, tbep tboulB babe loft tlje benefit of tbcir Clergp 
. bp fojce of tljc faitr -^^atute, viz. of 23 H.8, cap. i. 

C Any perfcJi indifted.] SCbiS 2ct ertcnbet^ not to Appeals bp 
tMrit oj Bill, no? io tlje Appeals of tljc ^ppjobcrs. 

f[ Or by examination. 3 e Wv iiiek toojbS tljougl^ tlje offenbcr confefs 
tlje 3inbi(tmcnt, oj ftano mutCjOj ci^allenge abobc tiucntp,?r. pet if bp cicamina;* 


Cap. 51. Of Abjuration and San&uary, 115 

lion icfojc ttje 3iuftic£?jtl;c ti'tit'Jj of tijc cafe appcarcrtj, %t way lie put from Iji.s 

^ By force of the laid Statute, j viz. 23 H. 8. S»o ag if foj anp 2Eur^ 
glarv oj ISoiilicrp in one Countp Ije iuevc not ottftcn of ljt0 Clergv I)p tlje ^ta^ 
tute of 23 H.8. but fotnc later Statute, tljcn tljcSDclintiuent Ojall l)a\3c lji0 Clcr? vid.Stanf. pi.cor, 
o;i) in tlje Cotinti) toljcrc tlje gcoc? arc carricD % i?o? example, if tljc robberj) be |°'- ''?> '^''- ^'^ 
5one in a otucUing Ijcufe, tljc otuncr 0^ utoeller, Ijigtoifc, W cljiinjcn, 0? fet# ^^^>" 
uancg tljcn being iwitljin tlje Ijoufe, anD put in fear anu ojcau bp tlje fame, ann 
tljc o;cor)0 be carrtcDinto anotljer Countp, Ije fljall not ^a\)c %i^ Clcrgv : but if 
tljc fobberpin tlje uiMclling Ijoufe be not fionctoitlj all tlje circumftauceg mcn# 
tioncti in tljiss 0tt of 23 H.8. ( luljicl) ciccumttancciB arc not rctiuireti bp tlje 
Statute of 5 E. 6. cap. 9. ) l)C (IjaU not be ouftcD of l)ii6 Clergp in tlje otl;ec 
Countv. 3nD fo of all like cafes. 

^ee I Jac. cap.8. Clergv tafeen from Ijim iwljic!) uo ftab anotljet t%n Ijatlj not 
Djalun a DJcapon, noj ftricfecn firtt. 

Of Abjuration and Sandtuary. 

AJBjm-ation bp tlje courfc of tljc Common JLato map be tljug srrcrifccti. Norm. c. 
Mljcnamanoj atooman Ijan committea felonp, anu tlje oft'enuer foj 24^^ 8. inter leges 
fafcguara of lji0 oj Ijer life Ijau aen to tlje ^anctuarp of a Cljurcl) oj Cl)urcl)# ° " "^■^' 
pam, ann tljere bcfoje tlje Cojoner of tljat place \uicljin fojr p »ap0 Ijau confef;' 
fcD tlje fclonpj ano trok an oatlj fo^ Ijijs oj Ijev perpetual bauifljmeut out of tljc 
Kealm into a fo jain Countrp, cljajfing ratljcr, Pcrdere patriam quam vitam. ilBut 
tljat fojatn Countrp, into toljiclj Ije luag to be ei;ileii,muft not be amongft 3n^ 
finete. anutljig luastlje ancient Hlatn of tljijs Ucalm, toljiclj tnas, Prohibemus inter leges canut?, 
autem ne Chriftiana fide tindus quifpiam a regno procul amandetur, neve ad eos '•1C5.C.3. 
qui nondum Chrifto fidem adjunxerunt relegetur, ne eorum aliquando fiat animo • 
rum jadtura, quos propria Chrilius vita redcmit. 

2Clje fountiation of tlje Objuration tuag tljc ^anttuarp of tlje Cljurclj oj Cljurclj* 
jara. fQ% Ijc oj flje, tljat toag not capable of tjjig »>and:uarp, coulu not Ijaiie tlje ^ |.s j- ^^•'^^'^^ 
benefit of ^Ibiuration. a ana tl)crefo;e it i? fain, tljat lie tljat committcD &acri# chief lu^c?' of 
leirge,becaufcljccoulu not take tlje puijilctige of ^anctuarp, couio not abjure, the common pieas 
ifoj tlje fojm of Objuration, fa tlje s>tatutc of Objuration, Vet. Magna Carta, Anno 17 E.i.vid. 
part I. f.idy. b. ^Clie b Common Jlato Ijerein toag tocrp ancient, ann IjaD faueo inter pkcita Pari 
tlje life of manp a man i ann continucu luitljout cljangc until an Oct maoc in Afhring ioCr\^ 
tlje 22 pear of H. 8. cap. 14. -toljerebp it ttias pjobiDcD, tljat tlje partp abjurcD Epiphaniie. 
fljoulu not be banifljeti out of tljc ISealm, but to fomc ot^er ^anctuarp toitljin c 50 E.5.C. Artie. 
tljig iUingnom x c anti to fap tljc trotlj. Objuration luas ercecDinglp intricateti cieri.9 E.2. c. le, 
ann perplercD bp tlje fain Oct of 22 H.8.C.14. ann otljer statutes: JT^oj toljiclj '^^^h^V^:^"''" 
caufcs all S>tatute0 mane before tljc 3 5 pear of €Juan Elizabeth, concerning i:H.8.c.i"4.2iH. 
abjurcn perfong, ftano repealed bp tljc Statute of i Jac.c.2 5.ii3ljcrcbptljeanct# s.c.ij.ishsc.i. 
cnt Common lato concerning Objuration foj felonp toajs rciii^jen. ? 3 h-s- c. 1 5. i e. 

d 21£ut bp an Oct mane in tlje 2 1 pear of liing James it ig enactcn, snijat no ^ ^•' *• ^ ^f ,"* 
^anctuarp oj p?ibilcDge of s>and:uarp fijouln be anmitteo o> allouicn in anp igEi'.c.y.', jac.°c<,- 
cafe. 15p toljiclj Oct, fuctj Objuration ag inag at tljc Common ilato, founnen (a? 25. 
%u% ban fain ; upon tlje pjibilcoge of ^anctuarp, is luljollp taken aiuap : ano '^ 21 Jac. in the 

t^C ©Hrit in tlje ISegiftet 6a. a, De reftitutione extratfti ab Ecclcfia is become of c?"nVT ^r 
HOUfC. statutes, KC. 

« Onn pet tljc abjuration bp f$jce of tlje Statute of 3 5 El. c. i. bcfojc ^attu e 3$ el c.i. a ?- 


II 6 Hue and Qry, Cap. 52. 

ces of ^Mccj Dj Hitfttce? of 0ffi^e, j Ijp fojce of an M mate at tlje fame par ^ 
liamcnt, c. 2. befoje ttno ^ufliccs of peace oj tljc Cojonet bp a liecuCant, re^ 
mainetlji liiU j Ijecaufe fudj ^b|utatioii Ijati) no Depennenrp upon anp a>anrtu;' 
arp. caaijiclj being fufficient to fljetu Ijoln ttjc iialu ffannetl) at tljts nap, botlj 
eoncernittg ^anttuarp ann Objuration, mtgljt fuffice. 

Wwt yet \)t tijat i? ccfirouia to rean tlje general learning of Objuration tlje 
5i5?ancl), ant of ^anttuarp tlje Moot, let i)im reao tlje ajirro?; cap.i. ^.13. & 
cap.5. §.i. iMljerc Ije map rean tlje rigtit ufe of Objuration bj) tlje ancient iLato 
of England. Et inter leges Ed wardi deNormandie cap. 24. Of- 
ticium coronatorum tit. Abjuration. Bradonli. 3. fo. 135. & 136. Brit- 
ton cap. Abjuration, f. 24. & cap. Coroners, f. 7. OnU Fleta lib.i. cap.2p. 8 E. 2-. 
Ubi fupra. 3 E. 3. Coron. 313. 335. 21 E. 3. 17.29 AiT. p. 34.R0t.Pat. 25 E. 3. 
part.3. m.i<5. Hil. 43 E.3, Rot. 10. Coram RegeBuck, Hil. 26 E.3. Coram R.ege 
Rot.20. Quando aliquisabjuravit regnum, Crux ei deliberat' fuit in manu fua por- 
tanda in itinerc fuo per fcmitas fuas, & vocatur Vexillum Sandis Ecdeils. Rot. 
Pari. 2 R. 2. nu. 28. tlje rigl^t ufe of 3>anrtuarp. 6 H.4.2. 8 H. 4. 2. 1 l H. 4.40. 
7 H.d.8. 27 H. 6."]. 2E.4. 17.21. p E.4.2C?. 12 E.4. 1,2. 3 H.7. Coron. Fit7. 54. 
I H.7.23,25. 8 H.8. Kelway. i88,i8p.ipo,ipi. Fit7. 3uftice of Peace, fol 202. 
Stanf. pi. cor. cap. Abjuration, fol. i id, 1 17, &c. Et ibidem ^anftuarp, cap. 38. 
Dier 13 Eliz. fol.295. Lib.5. fol.12.26. Lib. <5. fol.j». Lib. Intrat. Tit. Abjuration 8c 

Cat. lil 

De Hutefio iS' Cla??iore. 
Of Hue and Cry. 


'^€ one being an ejipjcffion of t^e otljer. iToj huerin if rend) Cunde Hute- 
fium) is to ijcDt Q% fljout ; in CSnglifl; to crp. %\)nc be ttoo liinw of Til^ttesi 
anti Cric0, tlje one bp tije Common Jiato, ano tl^e otljer bp S>tatutc. SCljcreup? 
on tljere are ttoo purfuitg, tlje one foj tlje teing, tlje otljer foj tlje partp bp ^%if 
\3ate fuit. 

^ueann Crp bp tlje Common 5laiM, oj foj tlje iiing, 10, toljcn anp felonp ig 

committeCj oj anp jjerfon grieucuflp anD Bangcrouflp toountteo, oj anp pcrfon 

affaulten ano offcren to be robbeti eitljcr in tlje nap oj nigljt ■■> tlje partp grieucft, 

a Rot.Pari. An. ^l anp Otljer map refo jt to tlje a Conftable of tlje XQ'mh ana actiuaint Ijim \ait^ 

6 E.3. n. 6. Con- tljc caufes, Defcribtng tlje par tp,anu telling tuljiclj toap tl)C offenner is gone, antt 

fiabie of the Town requive Ijtm to raife l^ue auB Crp. Onn tlje tiutp of tlje Couttable i% to raife 

w make Hue and j^^p ^^^^^ ^^ ^j^^ sCoiun, h 30 tjeU in tlje uigljt u tu tljc Dap, foj tlje p jofccution 

b 2 E.4.8.b.& p.a. of t^J^ oftenoer, anti if Ije be not founa tljere, to gitoe tlje nert Conttable toarn^ 

ing, ana Ijc tlje nert, until tlje offender be fauna : ana tljis tnas tlje 3iaiu bcfo?c 

c Inter leges Ca- tljC Conqueft. c Si quis latroni obviam dederit, eumque nullo edito clamore abire 

nuti. f.i lo C.26. permiferit, quanticunque fuerit latronis vita sftimata extremum folvat denariolum, 

EchvTonfTL ^"^ P'^"'^' pertecftoque jurejurando de facinore fe nihil habuiiTe cogniti confirmato. 

Sin quis proclamantem exaudierit, neque vero fuerit infcquutus, fuae in regem con- 

tumacis (ri\ omnem criminis fufpicionem diluerit ) pcenas date. 

< In antique M. S. Si quis furi obviaverit, & iine vociferatione gratis eum di- 

mifit, emendet fecundum Weram ipiius furis, vel plena lada fe adlegict, quod 

For overfamefTa, '^"''^ ^^ falfum nefcivit : fi quis audito clamore fuperfedit, rcddat OverfameiTa 

See lib.Rub. c.5^. regis aut plene fe laidiet. Bradon MjO ttiJOtC befojC anp S(t of Parliament 

Brafton I, 3. fol. foncerning ?^ue ana Crp, faitlj, Omnes tarn milites, quam alii qui funt J5 an- 


Cap. 5 2. Hue and (ry. 117 

norum 8c atnplius, jurare dcbent quod utlagatos, murditores, robbatores, & bur- Britton, fol. 15.8c 
glatores non recipient, 8cc. Et 11 HuteOil vcl Clamorc de talibus audiverint, Ilatim ip- Fleca l.i.c 24. 

audito clamore fequantur cum familia, &c. atlD IjcrclBttl) agrstl) Britton. ^e^ ^^^. 2' pa" of 

%\)Z S>tatute of W.I. c.p. being in affirmance of tbe Common llato, pjoiji^^ w!/. c.!?'"' 
BCtt), Que touts communement (bicnt prefe a Ics foinons des Vifcounts, Sc au eric 

de pais de fuer & arrefter felons, quant mifter ferra, auxibiens deins fralichifes come 

ainlitljC §)tat«tCOf 4E.i.liCClarCft) djCiLatal fimilitcr de omnibus homicidiis, 4E-i-deofficio 
Burglar, occifis, feu * periclitantibus levetur Hutefium, &c. & omnes fequantur Hu- geeTh %"*' 
telium, Sc veftigium fi ticri potell : & qui non fecerit, be fuper hoc convidus fucrit, winch iTeTi? 
attachietur quod fit coram Jufticiariis de Gaola, 8cc. S^nti bp t%tX ^tt it npjJcatCtl) =^ 7 E.g. i.i6. ' 
tt)at fo it is in cafe of ISapc, ano tljcrctwitij agratlj <? Bradon alfo. 22 ait. 5 7. 

2Clje life of ^\\t anc Crp is frcn; fnit. f^ mV^'^'^K' 

^ Thamar tlje oaugljtcr of iiing David being ijiolentip rabifiicu bp bee bjotljer 9 £.4.2^'^° 

Amnon, tl)e %tji faitl) of Ijer, Quce afpergens cinerem capiti fuo, fcifla talari tu- SeetheCunum'of 
nica, impofitifque manibus fuper caput fuum ibat ingrediens, & damans. Norm. c.24. 

d SClKp luljici) icMp not ^\\t anc Crp, oj purfitc not npon ^7ttc ano Crp, (IjaH jg^E^*^" ' ^' ^' 
be pninjeo bp iine anD impjifonmcnt. d ^Ifo if a man be pjcfent toben a man b z RegJi?i''c!l'7. 
ig murojeo, ojrobbeu, antmotljnotenDeaboj toattaclj t^e oft'enner, noj lebp verf. 19. " ^' 
^uc ann Crp, Ije fljall be fineti ann impjifonclr. '^ 

^f I3«e ano Crp bp fojce of 3(ts of parliament in fibe cafes, e S^it^, 3f a cajtin^.c.i??. 
icatcljman cotlj arreft a nigljt tualkerjanb Ijc nifobep anD flpjtfjc taatcljman map J see'g £."^2! cor. ^ 
make ?Bue ann Crp. 39?. 

2. /Si quis foreltrarius, Parcarius, aut Warrennarius in baliva fua malefaftores ' Stac. de wine, 
aliquos invenerit vagantes ad damnum ibidem faciend', & qui fe Foteftafiis aut ^'^^'-^' 4^. 7. f.a. 
Warennariis illis poll: Clamorem & Hutefium levatum ad pacem regis ad ftandum ^ statutum de 
rede reddere noluerint, immo ad malitiam fuam exequend' & continuand & pa- Anno 21 E. i. 
cem regis diffugiend' fugam fecerint, & vi & armis fe defenderint, licet Forcftarii, Magna 
Parcarii & Warrcnnarii illi, aut alii quicunque ad pacem domini regis exiftentes in ^' fore'^^rs, 
comitativa Foreftariorum, Parcariorum, aut Warrcnnariorum illorum venientes ad 

tales malefadores fie inventos arreftand' feu capiend', aliquemfcualiquos hujufmo- 
di malefadtorum interfecerint, non propter hoc occafionentur coram domino rege, 
& julHciariis quibufcunque aut aliis balivis domini regis, aut aliorum quorumcun- 
que infra libertatem aut extra : nee propter hoc amittant vitam, aut membrum, aut 
aliam poenam fubeant, immo firmam pacem domini regis inde habeant. Sed bene 
caveant Forelbrii, Parcarii, Warrennarij, & alii quicunque, ne occafione conten- 
tionis, difcordise, contumelis, aut ali'cujus malevolentia?, feu odii prfthabit' aliqui- 
bus per balivas fuas tranfeund' malitiofe imponant, quod occafione malefaciendi in 
balivis fuis intrant, cum hoc non fecerint, nee ipfos vagantes ut malefaciant, nee 
malefacientes invenerint, nee caufam malefaciendi qusrentes, & iic eos occidant. 
Quod fi fecerint, & de hoc fucrint convidi fiat de morte fie interfeftorum, prout 
aliorum ad pacem domini regis exiftentium, & prout de jure, & fecundum confue- 
tudinem regni fuerit faciend'. 

3. OTeifljmen outlatoeDj a% intiirteti of trcafon oj felonp, t{)at flp into Here- 23 a 6. c.5. f\i. 
fordlhire, fljall bc app?el)en5cti, gtc, 0} clfc purtucti bp ^ue ano Crp, ann a foj# "v "8. c.25. 
feiture npon tljofe tljat no not purfuc. wciihipen. 

4. ^ue anti Crp fljall be leabieB upon tafeers of carriage iMitljin tljc tlKiergc 5.7 e. 5. c. 4. 
of tlje Staple of tbat toljiclj pertainetlj to tljc Staple. ftapie. 

5. Mlljere a man is robbeb : Upon ^wt anu Crp, ?c. Miat remeup Jje fljall winch. 13 e. i. 
Ijabc againll tbe !0unD?eii,5c. anbljobo ano in tobat manner tbe^ue anu crp fljall 28 e. ;.c./i.27 £'. 
bemanc in tljat cafc,tec tbe »)tatitteSj& l.y.f-^.Sc 7.tbeS>tatutes luellejrpottnOi: cij-sselcj?. 
CO. Sinn tljis robberp mntt be bone in tljc nap time,anD not in tbe nigbt, otljeri= 

iuifetlje partpgriebcu fljall not babe bis Action. 3nD fo notcaDtberfitpbetitiJitn 
a Ijue anb crp at tljc Common ?La\jo, oj foj tbe teing, anu a buc ann cvp bp 3)ta#^ 
tute tobcre t|e partp griebeb is to babe bis remeop bp pjibate action, ^otc alfo 
a bibcrfttp in tbe pjofecution at tbe Common JlabJ,oj foj tbe i5ing,gt bp tbe ^ta*; 
tutcs io)l)tclj giije tljc partp rcmcup, fo; a p?ofetution to tljc neicc Conflablc is 

f ©5 

1 1 8 Of S^ayhem, Cap.5 5. 

gcDD 1)? tl)C Common 3lato, lut fo it i$ not bp tljtr fain Statutes, Mjidj gibe tljc 
Lib.7. fol. 7, 8. ^)arti? giicura Ijis 0tfion. &iK 1.7. f.7. & 8. 22 El. Dier 370. &o t'^e pjofcmtion 
22 Li. Dier 370. jjj j^jg ccmmou 3iaU) is a gmii cj;cufc upon an ^nutttmcnt at tljc iiings fuit, 

Ittt note tljat it is no bar to tlje parties 0(tion. 
29 E.j 9. 58 E.5.!5 OTljere ^ue onri Crp citljcr lip tlje Common Jlato, oj bp fojrc of anp &ta*= 
See 5 H.7.5.a. tute is IcbieD upon anp pcrfonjtljc arrcft of furl) pcrfon is! laUifttljaltfjougl) t|)e 
SI H. 7.28. a. jjjyfp pf j^g ^yj. jmi, (£jj, jjg fcigiteti • ann if tlje cafe be fctgncD, J;e t ijat lebp 

tljc fame fi)aU alfo be arrefteD, anD fijafi be fineti ano impjifoncD. JlBnt com^; 

mon fame ann boicc is not fufficient to arreft a man in cafe of felonp^ unlcfga 

felonp be tone inUocB. 
5,„ . a p 3t is an article of tljc JLfft, to enquire of ^ue ana Cries lebieri anD not 

De civitate Lon- Mandatum eft Guilielmo de Haverhull Thefaurario Regis, quod Civitatem Lon- 
don, capiendain don capiat in manum Regis, eo quod Gives ejufdem Civitatis non levaverunt Hu- 
manum Regis pro tefium & Clamovem pro morte Magiftri Guidonis de Arretio & aliorum interfcdto- 
Hutefio °o" le- rum fecundum legem & confuetudinem Rcgni. Tefte Rege apud Wendefiok 22 
3o'" dieAugufti. 

Of Mayhem. 

i Firft part infli- /^ jf fl5apl)em pott map rcati at large in tfje a JTirft part of tlie Inftitutcs Sed. 

tuces § 194.502. \^ ip4, & 502. ann in 3uftice Stanford. ;9[n» toljere ( as it is tijere citto ) ^c 

Stanf.Pl.Cor.38.b. faitll, Caftratio vero, quamvis latens fit, adjudicatur mahemium. hereof \&t finD 

Cult, de Norm, c. ■' , ^ ' 

79.Mehaimus. '•'^ ersmpie. 

Braa.1. 5. 144,145. i H.Hull indidatus fuit de mayhemlo, eo quod abfcidit virilia Joliannis mona- 

Flcta I.1.C.38. clii, &c. quern idem H. deprehendit, &c. cum A, uxore fua. £Df t|e lifee acciaenc 

i Rot. Clauf. anno p(m map rea» itt Camden. 

Sec be'fore c!"i2. '^ Dominus Robertus Nevil ("cum numcrofam pvolem ex uxore fufccpiffet) igno- 

for cutting out of tus in adulterio dcpraehenfus, & ab adulters marito in vindicitam genitalibus mutu- 

tongues, 8:c. latus, brevi vi doloris expiravit. 

c Camden Brit. p. yjjg jpjj,^ j^ggj Alveredi, cap. 40. de ^ulnevibus fol. 43. 

rf^Braft. 1.3 f.148. ^ ^V t^^f ancient 3Latu of England, \]t tfjat maimec anp man, toljerebp fje lott 

n.4. Mirror cap.4'. attp part of Ijis botip, tfje SDelintiuent fijouln iofe i\)z Ufee part, as i^e tljat trofe a;? 

§. De pains in di- taap auotljcr mans life, fljoulD iofe Ijis oliin. 

r^sT^pr^ T'^* ^^^ ^^ ^^ ^''"^^ ^^^''' ^^^^^ Duellum eft Mahemium inceptum, ann Mahemium 

c. 38. Mem"rum ' ^'^ Homicidium inchoatum. jSnti tljetefojc in tljc ;2lppeaf 0% SinDictmcnt it is laio 

promembro.i8 K. Felonice mayhemavit. 

3.20. a. Vid.2Si E. 

3.f.p4. 8 H. 4.20, 



Cap. 54. 119 


Of Praemunire. 

P Rimer ment pur ceo que monflre ell d nofire fe'wniour k roy ^1 ^-Jfap-r-. 
r , 1 r J.1 -^ 1 /^ I ^ The print being 

per grevoujes is clamoujespleints aes yjranaees is" Com- examined, agrecUi 

munes avant Jitz^^ comentplufors gents fonUisfount eflre. treits 'si'Ahs\^\'^In 

hors de realme a refponJer des chafes dount la conufans apper- seftl^i".*^""'"' 

ieintalacourtnoftreSeigniourleroy; Et auxintque lesjudge- 

ments rendmin mefme le court font empeache en autre court^n 

prejudice isf difherifon nofire dit Seigniour le roy (sy defa co- 

rone^S de tout le people defon dit realme^ iy in defeafance isf 

anientifement de la Common ley de mefme le realme ufe de touts 

temps, Sur quoy ewe bone deliberation ovt lesGrandees (jy au^ 

ters le dit councel-,affentu6 efl <b' accord per noftre dit Seignior 

le roy^ isr Iss Gr andees is" communes fuifditz^^ Que touts gents The statute of 

de la Ugeance le roy, de quel condition que ilz^font.^ que tra- faith f/^cl"'* . 

hent nulluy hors de realme en plea dont le conufanct apper teint ''''""''' '"'' '^'^'' 

a la court le roy, ou des chofes dont judgement foit rendu6 en le 

court le roy ; ou quefaent en autri court a dejaire ou impeacher 

les judgements rendue ink court le roy, Eient joure, istc. \n 

Engliflb thus. 

Flrft becaufe it is (hewed to our Lord the King by the grievous and 
clamorous complaints of the Great Men and Commons afore(aid, 
how that divers of the people be, and have been drawn out of the 
Realm to anfwer of things, whereof the cognifance pertaineth to the 
Kings Court: And al(b that the judgments given in the faid Court be 
impeached in another Court in prejudice and difherifon of our Lord 
the King, and of his Crown, and of all the people of his (aid Realm ; 
and to the undoing and deftruftion of the Common Law of the fame 
Realm at all times ufed. Whereupon, upon good deliberation had with 
the Great Men and other of his (aid Councel, it is affented and accor- 
ded by our Lord the King, and the Great Men and Commons afore(aid, 
that all the people of the Kings ligeance, of what condition that they 
be, which (hall draw any out of the Realm in plea, whereof the cog- 
ni(ance pertaineth to the Kings Court, or of things whereof judgment 
is given in the Kings Court, or which do fue in any other Court to de- 
feat or impeach the judgments given in the Rings Court, (hall have 
day, Sec. 

sntie Effect of t(je S>tatate of idR.2, 10, jf anp purfuc oj caufe to be purfucD 16 r. 2. cap. ^ 
iutl)e Court of Rome, 0; eUetoljcrc, anp tljing luljtclj toucljetlj tljciUing, aptnft 
tim, IjiiEf Cromn ana JSegalitp, oj W l&eaim, t^eic ^otarieg, ^jocRtatoj?, ^u 
i?autojiE!, %z, C^aU be out of t%z ilitngs pjotcflion. 

3ft ' 3« 




Cap. 5^ 

Fourth part of 
the Inftitutes, 
cap. a. Artie, i. 
Die Decemb. 
Anno 21 H. 8. 
againfl Cardinal 
Wool fey. 
Vet. F.B. 143. 

Regift. 61,62. &c. 

Mich. 29 E.g. co- 
ram Rege. 
Nota, citramare. 

4 H. 4. ca. 23. 

flio H.4. 1,2. 
i8H.d.6. b. 
b 5 E.4.6. b. 
f u H. 7. Pre- 
munire Fiti. 
1 5 H 7 9 ace' 
lib. Inter.Raft. 

3;nt^t00ct 10 neclarcD tlje §>ot)craiptp, |9jci:ogattbe, ann ifranom tf tije 
Crotun of England, ann tljc fittt Article cjcljibitcD iij> tlie JlojDg of tljc Cottiiftl, 
r toijcrcof &>ir Thomas More CljattccIIoj toag one ) ant tl)Z pjiucijial lutips 
concerning tljt0 matter, 10 wojtl) pour reauing. 

2D|)t0 offence 10 callea a Praemunire of tijc \BojiJ0 of tlje tKKjtt, grottnocD ttpon 
tljip an5 otljer §>tatMtcs fo j punifljment tljei'cof. JToj tl)e too jt)0 of tljc SCTrtt Ic, 

Rex vicecomiti, &c. Prsemunirc fac. A.B. &c. ^nB rtgijtlp it ig fo caUeHj foj ^t 
t^at 10 prsmonitus i0 prsmunitus. 

llgefoje t^e malting of ttiig Statute of 27 E.3. tljcrctecrc tf);ia: great mif^^ 
cJ)ief0. /irff, Stbat tlje i^ing? ^ub)ect0 Ija^ie ban ujalnn out of tljc iicalm, to 
t:^c anftocr of tljtn50, tol;ereof tlje contifance pertaineo to tlje liingg Court. 
^econnlp, of tl)tng0 toljereof juugmentg Ijauc iiccn giuen in tlje Mng0 Court0» 
ann tJiirolp, t^at after |uDgment0 giDcn in tlje iSings Court0 of tlje Common 
Jlatu, of mattcv0 Determinable bp tlje Common JlalUj fuitg tuerc commences in 
otljer Court? luitljin tlji© ISealmj to nefeat oj impeacl) tljofe 3uiigment0. ^no 
tticfc tlj?ec mifcljicfg tiau tljjec unfufferabic effetf0 : i^irtt, tlje pjcjimice ann iiif*= 
ticrifon of tlje King ano of W Crolutt. ^eccnulp, tlje lifijcrifon of all Ijis 3>ub^ 
jectp. 0nri tljirtlp, tljc unnoing ann teftruction of tlje Common liato cf ttii^ 
Kealm : all toljiclb appear in tlje preamble cf tljis ^d, 

2ri)ev are callen^otljer Courts] either becaufc tljep pjocecu hv tljc rule? of otljer 
ILato05a0 bp tlje Canon oj Cibil 3iato,$c. oj bp otljer trials tljen tljc Common laioj 
Botlj toarrant. foi tlje trial toarrantcB bv iljc Jlatw of England foj matters of 
fact, is bp DerBid of ttoelbe men befoje tljc ^wcgcs of tlje Common laio of mar^ 
ters pertaining to tlje Common late , ann not upon ejcamination of tDimeltes in 
anp Court of ©(vuitp : a>o as alia curia, is citljer tljat teljiclj is gouerncD pev 
aliam legem, OJ teljiclj BjateCtlj tlje party ad aliud cxamen. JFoj if ttje frfCljolD 

ann inljeritances, grons anB cljattels, Debts ann duties, toljercin tlje liing oj 
&ub|ect Ijatlj tigljt oj pjopertp bp tlje Common late, fljoulD le t' Bgen per aliam 
legem, oj bc Beaten ad aliud examen, tlje tljjfc miffljiefs afojclaiD ejcpjeffcB in 
tljc preamble ano in tlji0 0rt fljoulD follote, viz. ttfijc rifon of tlje fcing ana of Ijis 
Croten, tljc Bifljcrifon of all lji0 people, anc tlje uncoinf anc Beffrudion of tlje 
Common late at all times ufcB : bp teljiclj teojB0 of tljt0 ^ct it appearetlj, tljat 
all tljefe mifcljief0 teere againft tljc ancient Common lates at all times ufcB.BnB 
tl;at alfo appearetlj bp tljf ancient ©UTrits of tlje Common late,tallcB Ad jurare- 
gia, teljereof fome touclj Ijatlj ban giBcn befoje, anB teljiclj arc teojtljp tljc rea*: 
Bingt anBalfobpBiDer00dsof |;;adiamentvasclje Statute of Carlile, Anno 
3 5 E.I. teljereof tee IjalJC treatCB befoje in tlje Second part of the Inftitutes : auB 
bp tlje Statute of 25 E.3. De proviforibus. SnB it is obterbcB, tljat in 2^ E. 3. 
teitljin tteo pears after tlje faiB 0rt of 27 E.3. tljat tljep tljat teerccallcB in ciue^ 
ttion upon tlje Statute of Praemunire, Invenerunt manucaptorcs fufEcientes, &: fa- 
cramentum praeftiterunt,quod non attemptabunt,citra mare vel ultra, quod in prxju- 
dicium regis, Icgum, feu coronse, feu judiciorum in curia Regis reddit', tendere va- 

leat quoquo modo, &c. Mljcrcbp, anB manp otljer lifee iSecojBs it appearetlj, 
tljat luBgmcnt ougljt not to be qucff ioncB citra mare, in anp Court, unlcfs it be 
accojBing to tlje courfe of tlje iates of tlje IScalm. 

^p t'^e Statute of 4 H. 4. cap. 23. it is ojBaincB anB ftablifljcB, t^at aftec 
BlttBgmcnts giben in tljc Courts of our 3LojB tlje J^ing, tljc patties anB t^^cic 
Ijeirs fijall be tljereof in peace, until tlje JtiBgment be unBonc bp attaint, ojbp 
crcoj, if tljere be erro?, as ^atlj been ufen bp tlje JLates in tlje times of tljc iiings 

a ^Ud tljat toljic'^ ^atlj ban faiB appearetlj bp our ^oo&s anB ancient ISe^s 
co^iBs, as hereafter fliall appear. 

b 5 £.4. fo.(5. teljcre tlje Statute of 16 R.2.cap.5. faitlj. In curia Romana vel 
alibi, CccleCaftical Courts teitljin t^c Kealm arc teit^in tljis toojB [alibi.l 

c Mich, n H 7. it teasaBjuBgcB bp t'bc teljolc Court, tljat a fuit in t^c ©cclc^ 
0altical Court teitljin t^e Ucalm foj a temporal caufc, teas: in cafe of Prse- 

Cap. 5 4- ^f ^remunire. 1 2 1 

d pjcfiucnt of a ^ijcmmurf, fo? ftting \\\ t\)t CEccleCaOical Court foj a uU, d Rafi. pi.429.b. • 
f 3:t luas rcfolUCB, tl>it Ijc tijat fucB in tlje CccIcfiaCtral Court fo; tjjc fc?a-ci7 & 430- 
tof alaaMilianDJDettamcnt, incurrcD tljc Hanger of a pjemuntrCi IccatUc '''^ "■ 7- «' tf^^ 
t!;e part}) grtf^jcb mtgljt Ijauc Ijijs remcD)) bp tljc Common i.ato. 9.m in tlje fame sEao 
})cnr of 17 H.7. Sufticc Spilman alfo rcpoHetl), tljat one Tuibervile, as tejdl foj 
tljef^ing, as feji InmCcU; tio fuc a ^Djcmttnirc agaiuft a perfon foz fuiug foj 
tidjwintljcecclcfiaairal Court, alleging tfjcfamctobe fcticrcs from tljc nine 
partsi, ann tucsmcnt gtVicn againtt tljc ccfcnHant. 
0lfo it appcarctlj tljat tl;c i!iimiral;s Courts i<& toitljin tlji^ toojD [alibi] if ^e 

IjOlO pica of anp tljin^, toljict) ijS not none fupcr altum marc, lut intra corpus 

/ Richard BcauchampcCfqu ire auti Thomas Paunccfoot (Dfciuirc, anU OtljCrg, /^ic ?8H..<. 
are cljargcn toitl) tlje oflcncc of pjcmunirc, foj tljat tljcp fucD John Crdfcy (Sfr.i *^'^'"*'" ^^8^- 
iefo?e Henry SDuke of Exeter, aomiral of England, fo? taking atoap a Crcffe of 
(IDoIii anD otljcr gocn^jfuppofing tljc fame to be taken Cuper altum mare, tuljcre in 
trutlj tljcp lucre taken at Stratford in tlje Countp of Effex , luljcretlje ftaiutc of 
1 6 R,2. is rccitCD, tljat none fljOUlD fue in curia Romana (eu alibi, &:c. anD tljac 
tlje conufance of tljis plea bclongcD to tlje Common laU), ano not to tijc Court 
flf tlje ;S5miraL 3no To it is of tlje Conttable anu ©arOjal, if tljcp IjolD plea of 
a matter BctcrminaWc bp tlje Common \m, 

g irabel VVinnington c.rl)ibiteii a bill of PKtttunirc againtt William Powdich e Mic. p H.7. 
upon tlie iiatutc of \6 R.2. cap.5. fo? fuing in tljc Bomiral court befoje John ™"'" f^^ee- 

ffiavl of Huntingdon, SlDmiral of England, fOJ a caufe toljic^ bclongeO to tljc bucrlmcaufeii 

Common lato, lo^ereunto tlje oefentiant pleaneti not guiltp. enrred. xrin. 

0nD tl)e reafon of all tljefc cafes iis, becaufc tljcp njato matters triable bj tljc 9- h.?. Rot.37. 
/ Common laTai ad aliud examen, anO to be DifcufTcD per aliam legem. '^°""' ^'■"S^" 

2Eut fomelja^c mane a q.ueliion, tliiHljctljcr fince tljc (iPcclefiaffical 3[uristii<i 
ction toas acknoUilctigeD to be in tfee Croton, an Ccclcftattiral iuDgc Ijoloing 
plea of a icmpojal matter belonging to tljc Common la\u, Botlj incHrflje wa^ 
ger of a pjcmunirc. SEljouglj hereof tljere is «o qucrtion at all, yet lett anp man 
migljt be leo into an errour in a cafe fo Dangerous, \ue tuill clear tljis point bp 
ISeafon, ^^cfiDcuf, ano jautljojitp. SCljc reafon Ijolrsctlj flill to ii?a\u tljc matter 
ad aliud examen, &c. 0nD tljc like qttettiou migljt be mace foj tljC aonurai 
Court, toljiclj i?, anu e\jer toas, tt)e icings Court, but gobcrnco per aliam legem : 
ano fo likciuife of tljc Court of tljc Conflablc ano Si^aifljal. - 

0t a Coubocation IjolDcnAnno 22 H.8. bpapubltck inltriiment mauebp all 
tljc XSidjops auD tlje luljolc Clergp of England, tljc iaing mas acknotulcngea' to 
be s>up;cam Ijcats of tljc Curclj of England, b 0ftcr tljis, vi7.24 H.8. it appear* /; 24 h. 8. tit, 
etlj tljat tljc a)tatute of |0icmumrc rcmainco in fo jce againilCSccIefiaftical Premunire, 
BiuDges, foj IjolDing of pleas mixrlp Determinable lip tlje Common lau. ^^°°^ '^" 

3n 25 H 8. Richard Nich iEifljop of Norwich Ijoas af tainted in a |3jcnutnirc Hii.2?H.8.corara 
at tljc iaing0 fuit, ann Ijis cafe tuas tljis. OTit^in tlje SCoiun of Thetford tljcre ^^^' Rot- RicU. 
tljcntoasacuSom, tljat all dUcclcCattical caufes rifing baitljin t^e fain STomi ^f^hXs afc"^' 
fljoulD be tictcrmincn befojc tljc 2!>ean tljerc, Ijabing a peculiar (igcclefiaaifai 
STurisnittion, ant tljat no inljabitant of tlje fame SCotun fljoulD be o^iaton bcfoic 
anp otljcr fficcleCaftical Hutge, ann tljat ci)erp perfon fuing contrarp to tljat 
cuCom, tlje fame being pjcfenten befojc tlje S^aioj of Thetford, (l)oulD forfeit 
fir fijillings cigljc pence ■■> ann tljat an inljabitant of Thetford, fo> an (iScclcfi-^ 
allical caufe rifing \jjitljin Thetford, fuel) anotljer befoje tljc iEidjop of Nor- 
wich, iKttljin l)is Confiftojp court at Norwich : ann tljis toas pjefcnteti bcfo?c 
tlje JJ^.tio; of Thetford accojuing to tljc cuftom, \uljercbp Ije fojfcitcD fir fljil.-^ 
lings ciglji pence, anije fain ffiiQjop, citetrtlje faiu aaaioj fojt taking of tlje fain 
pjefentment Pro falute anims to appear befojc Ijim at Ijis Ijoufc at Hoxon iit 
Suffolk, luljcre tljc spaioj appeareti, ann tljcre tljt lEiOjop ore tenus injopnea 
Ijim, upon pain of Ctcommuniratton to atinul tljc faiD pjefentment bcfo?e a cap. 
antj foj tljis offence Ijc toas attaintcD in a Ipjcmunirc upon Ijis confefTion bc;< 
fojc Fitz James Cljicf lufticCj ano tlje Court of l5ings JlBcnclj,upon tl;e flatute 

J\ 2 bf 

122 Of ^remunire. Cap. 54. 

of 16 R.2. t'tie HccojtJ li3t)CtEof tJJe tjaDc fan, Wv ^Wh luugtncnt ttuo jioints 
arcclcarcD; i?trftj tljatdjc Statute of p?cmunir£ etteunsi to C'cckflatttcal 
Courts miifiv. tl)C Healm. ^cconolp, tljat after t\)C ling icas in jiolTcniou of 
IjiiS Supjemacp, ti)e llBidjopis incurrco tljc Danger of ^jemunirc. 
Trin 6 H s ^^^*^ isifljop of Bangor toag attaintcfi in a ^?cntunire fo? joining pica of m 

ram"Rege. RotT ^fiJotofon, aitti of titljcis fcDcrcD frottt tljE wixxc iiarts, 
the B. of Bangors' Saint Germin in !)is 3!f cofe of 2?otfoj auD ^tutcnt, toljo tojotc after 25 H. 8, 
"fe. Ijoltjetl) J 2Dljat if a man mafeetl) a p?omifc foj a temporal tljing, an5 Itocar to 

D. &st.iib.2. pfrfojmit, ann totl) it not ^ if l)el)cfueDfo^perjurpinti)C S>piritualCourt, a 
Lib,^2l'ca?22. ■ PJoljibition ox a ^jemunirc Ipetl) in tljat cafe. Siiio he faitlj : If a man he 
CEjfCommunicatc in ttjc aipiritual (Court foj trefpafs, oj fudj otljer tljing, a0 he^ 
longs to tlje iaing0 Crotun anti W ISo jal 2?ignitp, ?c. tlje partp if Ijc MM, map 
IjaiJe a Premunire fac. againft Ijim. 
Br. tit. Prettiu- Brook rcpojtEtl), tljat Barloe Ififljop of Bath ant) Wells, in tl)C IScign of iliing 

nire. 21. E.6. iepjtDCU tljc SDean of Wells, tuljiclj JDcanrp toag a 2?o«atii3e : anu tijcre^ 

Temps E. 6. jjy tncurrED tljc Hanger of a ^?cmuttire. • 

,. Wf tljf'&tatute of I Eliz. ( \ijl;icl) rettojctl) ttje ancient ^urijBDictton €ctMf 

I 1 , cap. I. ^^if-ni tj, ti^p Crotonj t\)t Set of i & 2 Ph. & Mar.cap.8. ig repcalen. 5iBut tljere 
ip a fpecial p?ol3ifoin tljat Set of i Eliz. tljatit fijoulo not e.rtcnti to repeal anp 
Claufc, fatter, oj Sentence contained oj fprcificD in tlje fain ;act of 1 & 2 Ph. 
& Mar. taljiclj totlj conrern matter of ^jemunirc,but tljat fomuclj of tljatto^icb 
concernet^ anp matter oj caufc of ^' jcmunire, fijoulfi ftanti in fojce ano effect. 
J3n5 t!)at claufe of tlje Statute of i & 2 Ph. 8c Mar. .i;s t^is, That whofoever (hall 
by any Proces obtained out of any Ecclefiaftical Court, within the Realm or with- 
out, by pretence of any fpiritual jurifdidion, or otherwife, contrary to the Laws of 
the Realm , inquiet or moleft any perfon, &c for any Mannors, &c. parcel ot the 
poITeffions of any Religious Houfe, &c. (hall incur the danger of the Adt of Pre- 
munire, in Anno 16 R. 2. 
2< H 8 ca 20 ^* '^^ ftatute of 2 5 H.8. toljiclj alfo Ijatti reference to tl^e faio 2l<t of pjcmu;^ 

• nire, anD isf reijitjeu ijp I Eliz. 
Trin. 29 Eliz in Thomas Stoughton |3arfon Of N. in Suffolk, Ijougljt a ^rit of pjemunire 
Communi banco, againft R. T. upon tW ftatute of 27 E.3. fo; fuing in tlje Court of SuDicnreof 
Rot. 747. Tho. tijp ;9rcIjbifl)op of Canterbury, to impeacl; a jutigmeut gi\jcn in aQuare Impe- 
stoughcons cafe. ^-^^ ^^^^^^ jj^j. ^^^^^f■f.^ £,f affifc in tlje Count? of Suffolk, &c. tl)c DcfcnDant 
pleatieti not guiitp, gtc. 3nti tljis (omitting man? otljer things foj tljig matter; 
ii)&U fuffitc. Sim noui let ug perufc t|)e boBp of tljc Set, 

fl Trahe nulluy hors de Realme. "] £)f tljiis tijere is no q,uettion, be^ 
ing againft tlje ancient ILato of t^e IScalm altuays in wfc > as Ip tljig 3tt ap^^ 
pcarct^. anH tW iuas a remeBp foj ti)C firft mifcljief. 

C Ou des chofes dont judgements fiier' rendus, &c. '] 2ni)i0 bjanc^ 
pjof)il)tteti) all fojraign fuits, viz. in tlje Court of Rome, &c. foj any tljing 
mtjereof jungment unag giuen in tlje liingis Court. j9nii t^iis toas a remcop foj 
tl)e feconu mifcljief. 

^ Ou que (bunt en autre court a defaire ou impeacher les judge- 
ments rendue in le Court le Roy. 3 2C^i$ is a remeDp fo? tl)C tljirri 
mifcljief. i?oj Ijaijing tip ii}C feconti bjanclj pjoDiaefi againft fojraign ^utts 
to unfiOj oj impcaclj Sungments in t\)e iSings Court, tljis bjanclj notlj f as 
Ijatlj been fain) cjctena to all Courts, iMljic^ pxDCixo bp tlje rule of anotbcc 
ilato, oj Bjato tlje partp ad aliud examen i anti tljercfojc tljis bjancb tiotlj er^ 
tenu to CBcclefiaftical Courts, to tl)e Court of tlje Conftable, ano 39arfijal, to 
tlje Court of tljc ;aiimiraltp, anu to tlje Court of ©(luitp pjocaoing in courfc 
of eciuitp X foj it Ijan ban to no effect to Ijaue p^^ioeti againft fojraign fuitSj 
lul)icl) toerc troublcfome, tenious, ann cljatgcablei ano to Ijaljc fufferco tlje par^ 
tp to l)at)e attempted ann pjofecutcu anp tiding at i^ome toitljin t^is Kealm, 


Cap. 54. OfTremknire. 129 

to tl3C pjejuDice anD uiftcrifon of tlje iung, anD iit'is CroToan, ano ali Ijis ftibjf tfg, 
auti to tljc fubtiafion of tljc Common iiaiu. 0uD firft luc toill fycafe of tlje 
Court of cUquttv. SHjis Cotivt cannot pjcceeti in ccuvfe of cquitp after |ucg^ 
went at tlje Common iiato, foj tljja veafonp. f-itR, i?ojtl)at it cjamexlj t|c 
matter triable, an5 Bftcrniinabic bp tlje Common iiaii), ad aliud- cxamcn, viz. to 
a trial bp luitneffeiSjluljicl) (as ijatlj biisn faiD;ig contrnrp to tlje ancient iiain of 
tljcKcalm, ant) againft die pnrDicn of tljis statute. scconDlp, after jufig;- 
nient tlie yartieg ougbt to be at peace anc qniet, fo,i judicia funt tanquam juris 
diita, anti if tlje partp againft toljom judgment is c^iMcw, migijt after jucgment 
gi^jcn againft l;im at tljc Common iLaiu, go into Court of CDciuttp foi matter in 
ctiuit}', tljere citljer fdotilD be no enii of ,3»iiit0, oi ewrp ^laintif "maiiln If a\)e tl)e 
Common tLalu, ann begin in tlje Court of Cquitp, tuljitljer in tl)e e nD l)c ir.uft 
be b;oagl)t5 ann tljat fijculti tcnn to tlje utter fubbcrfion of tl;e Common liaw, 
as It 15 faiD in tlje a£t. aEtjirnlp, Slje Court of Cq,uicp in tije pjoracttng in 17^.6.14, 
fcurfe of cq^Http is no Court of recojc, anti djerefoje it rannor Ijola plea of any 
tljing, \i;l)£reof jucgraent is giijen, luijid) is a jutiicial matter of recojti. Snti 
tljip is tijc ancient iiaiu at all times ufec, as tljis Sla fpeaketlj. as taking tome 
feiu eramylcs foj many, bctlj before, auD after tljis Statute* 

Sn tlje cafe of Edmond C-arl of Comwal in Anno 6 E.i . it appearetf!,tljat af# Anno 6E.t. die, 
tcr judgment giijenbcfojc Roger Love-day anil Walter Winborn Juttices of Oier ^^^^ °^ CormvaU 
anti Terminer, agatntt Walter iEidjop of Exeter mD Ijis aTenaniS, the fain liBis= Lancenon in 
fljcp pjOtureU tl)e lEidjOp of Landaff in tljC ^ariflj CljurcljCS of Cornwal anO De- Thefaur. 

vonihire to p;onountc fentencc of etcomnmnication bp tlje fentence of tl;e 
0vcljlin op of Canterbury C luljiclj fcutcnte iuas Ijan bp tlje paocucement of t^e 
faiD rifljop of Exeter ) againft all perfons of luljat cftatc, Degree oj Cignitp fo*^ 
eijer, tljat tealt in tlje pjoceenings, $t. againft tlje fain lEifljop ann liis'tenanis 
bcfo;e tljc fain luftices ; aitt) in tljis part of tlje recoju being ut Jrrencl), it 
is faili, La Corone,8c la dignity notire Seignior le Roy ne doit per autre eftre Jultice 
ne guyne, 6cc. Et leschofes que font paffcs en fa Court per judgement, ou en auter 
manner, ne devient cllre en autri Court recrccees, &c. ^Ht of tl5is lUcojD Voe mnv 
obfertoe tljjcc tljingp. iFirft, ^Uliat tlje ancient iiatu of tbis Keslm teas, before 
tlje making of tliis Sl(t. ^econulp, jSElwt [en autri Court ] lulncl) are tlje tocjaji 
cf tljts act, teas taken to be anotber Court toitljin tljelJealm. arijiiriilii), STbat 
tljc mifcljief befoie tljis act, luas foj ®uits in otljcr Courts toitljin tljis fccalm, 
after juDgmentsgi^en in tlje liings Courts, lieao tlje vdIjdIc MecojD, toljiclj he^ 
ginnetlj tljUS, Comub. Dominus Rex mandat, occ. 
ano in 13 E.3,tljfre toas a s>uitin tlje Court cf R.ome after juBgmem in dje f^""^''- '3.^ ? la 

UingS Court) anD in tljat lUCOJD it is faiO, In regis contemptum, & Corona; iux Ro'r""o"inrerTo° 

prsjudicium, ac judicii prsdifti enervationem manifeftam, &c. Ac quod judicia in hannem de Dingle 

Curia Regis rite rcddita fruilra redderentur, nili debitum fortirentureffed-um. &!Viich de Englis 

a LletalDljolliJOte before tljiSa>tatUte, faitlj, Judicia debent rata permanere, 5c ^^^f^- 

firma confillere, ufque ad condignam fatisfadtionem inviolabilitcr obfcrventur. Trin 10 E^^'a^t 

anil as a a?atim of tbe Common }Laiu in tlje juDicial Wegifter, foL12.35.41. ^^ coram Rege° ' 

&c. it is often faiO, Eaqus in Curia Domini Regis rite adafunt, debits executi- John Bolrons cafe, 

oni demandari debent. ^^'^^- •? ^ 3. Rot. 

i^cto let US [ft iMljat batlj bKU none fince tlje act. b SCljc ■S>atute of 4 H. +. rffconeftiurPhs'" 
cap.2 3.ljatljb0tn reciteo befoje, loljiclj is a jttDgment of |)arliament. c a jutgv cafe, f.n b 169L 
metu teas cbtaincn bp coijtn ano practice againft all eq,uitp, ano confcience in tlje 20 e. 3. effoin 24. 
iiinas Iccncl) j fm tlje |3laintif rctaineii bp collufion an attojnep foj tlje £)(< f^ p-3 40- ''• 
fenuant, ( toitljout tlje knolulcoge of tbe SDefenuant, tljen being beponii isca; tljc ^4afch Te '/co- 
attojnep ccnfclTetlj tlje attion,"'tuljcr£upou |itDgmcnt mas giijcn, d tljc Srcfen;; ram Rcge inter ' 
Bant fougljt Ijis rcmcup in parliament, ano bp autljo jitp of |3arliament poloicr cobbe & Nore, 
\uas giuen to tlje l.m Cljancclloj lip ati\jife of ttoo of tlje ?ui3gcs to Ijear, anu <* Kot. Pari, fimile 
o?per tl)e cafe acco?iitng to cciuitp : ijuljiclj pjoijctb tljat tt;c CJjanccUoj couio not |,^-5^ ^Tum'^ia, 
no it cf bimfelf toitliout Ijigljer autljojitp. 

e i^o Snjunction after liersict attlje Common ILatu is to be grantee in Cbancerp, « 22 e. 4. 37. 
* if tlje Jlojti Cljancelloj fijouln grant an Bintun(Tton in ti^at cafe t^( funges faia, 





Cap. 54' 

I Decemb. 21 H.8 
Art. :c. 

Doft. & Stud. cap. 
1 8. the book of di- 
verficy of Courts. 

Mich. 8 & 9 EI. in 
the Kings Bench. 

Trin. 21 El. in 
Communi Banco 
Rot, 3 1 9. 

Pafch.27EI. in the 
Kings Bench. 

Trin. ?o the 
Kings Bench. 
Diverfity of 
Courtf, cap.Chan- 

Mich. ?9 & 40 EI. 
Seethe Fourth 
part of the Inft. 
cap. Court of 

tljat if t\)c dmctloi impHfoncB tljc partp foj bjrart; cf tlic 3(njiinaton, tljcp 
iBoitltJ grant an Habeas corpus ann BcUUcc Ijtm. 

iamongtt tlic 0rticle0 pxefErreD to tlje iaing bp ^tr Thom.-)s Moore JiOiO 
Cljanccloi of England, ann all tlje ^ji^jp Coitncd, ano bp Fitz-James Cttcf las^ 
fltcf, $ Siifltcc Fitz-Herbcrt agaittft Camtnal VVoolfcy, one t3 in tljcfe toojDsf, 
[ 3nti tljc faio 3lo;B Cartiinal Ijatlj cramincii niucrs! ano manp matters in t^e 
Cljanrerp, after Itiirgmcnt tljcrcof giUen attlje ^£ommon 31 aw, in fubbcrCon 
cf your LaiuSj anc mace fome perfons torcRo?c again to tl;c otljer partv ron#: 
ncmnet tbat, tbat tljcp IjaD in ejrectition bp bcrtiic of tljc juDgment of tljcdom^ 
mon iato] ii3l;irlj 3 Ijabe fccn in parcljment tinber all tljeir IjancSj auD as vet to 
be fixn. 

3f jimgmcnts gibcn in tlje Haingg Courts fiioulo be ctamincti in Cfeancerp, 
be fojc tljc lUngs Cotincel, oj anp otijer place, tbepiaintif oj Demanoant flioulD 
fcluom come to tlje effect of tbeir fuit, noj tlje 3lato fijoulti uebcr Ijabc cno, ?c. 
See the divcrlity of Courts, cap. Chancery. 

Fi^alph Heydon (iPent. tuas inoitteo of a ^jemiinire npon tlje3>tattitcof2 7 E. 
3. fo: p?ocuring of &ir Nicolas Bacon liojD ^keeper of tljc ©jcat ^eal, to grant 
an 3njttnction in Cbancerp after jimgment giben in an Ejeftione firme of lanns 
in Hertfordlhire. Sim tlje recojO faitb, Quod prcdidus Radus machinatus ertanti- 
quas leges, & confuetudines Regni fubvertere. 

SI Mlrtt of |13jemtmirc upon tlje fain statute of 27 E.3. bp Ric.Beans againd 
Fi.ichard Lloyd, foj filing befojc tljc ^JjefiDent ano Councel in Wales,"aftet 
luDgment giben in tbe Court of Common ^Meas, in an Action of Debt foj foj(? 
tp ano tUiO pounD ten fllillingS, b fubvcribnem Icgum antiquarum, &c. 

Peter Dc wfe toap ittHitteu foz procuring of sir Thomas Bromly tljen lio:n 
Cbancelo?, to grant an 3;njunction in tlje Cljancerp after a iungment giuen in 
an Ejedione firme. 

John Heal of tlje 3nner SCemple London Cfquire, luas innictcD of a^jemu*; 
nire, foj procuring a fuit in Cljancerp after a 3u5gment gibcn at tlje Common 
iiabJ, contrarp to tlje Statute of 27 E.3. Sna tljc councel of Heal tcnk tUJo eic^ 
ccptions,one,tljat tlje Court of Cljancerp tuas not toitljin tljc statute of 2 7 E.3. 
anotljcr, tljat one of tljc parties to tlje fuit in Cljancerp baas namcD in one 
place bp one name of baptifme, ann in another part of it bp anotljcr. £Clje 
Court refoltjeD tljattlje Court of Cljancerp luas boitljin tlje Statute of 27 E.3. 
but founDtlje otljer erception concerning mifnaming to be true, ^m tljetefo?e 
tljcp ciuafiieotlje Jnoictmcnt, but mabe a memorandum iuoojfeo apon tbc back 
of tlje gnbidmcnt, tljat it luas cbertljjobon fo? miftaking a name, auo not fo j 
t^e matter. 

Thomas Throckmorton ejcbibiten a bill in tlje Cljancerp againft §)ic Moyl 
Finch after itiDgment giben againft Ijim in tljc Court of dDccljeciuer upon appa*: 
rant matter of c quitp. tmpon baljidj IBill tlje SDefenoant oemurrcn in Eab), ana 
fo} tljat s>ir Thomas Egerton tljcn 1.0JB ^aecpcr inclinen to rule ober tljc oemur^^ 
rcr, Taping tliat IjebuoulnnotmeDtleboitljtbe jungment, but puniflf) tljc corrupt 
confcience of tlje SDefentant, in reliebing tbc ^laintif in equitp : tlpon a petiti^; 
on to Suitn Eliz. ( baljo cber fabourcn tlje oue pjocatiing of bcr Jlabjs, ) fije re-^ 
ferreo tlje confitieration of tbe BDemtirrer to all tlje BEuogcs of England,bJljo Ijear^ 
ing Councel IcatncD on botlj parts, ana upon bietu of ^jcCaeuts in tlje time of 
H.8. ano ftuce of injunctions grantco after lucgments, ana finaing bcrp feto 
of tljem to biarrant tljat toljidj Ijaa ban affirmea, ana none of tljem to be aone 
bp tljc aabire of anp of tbe Suages, tljcp all after aibers bearings, ana confcren^ 
ces, ana confiaeration Ijaa of tljellalos ana Statutes of tljc iRealm, unanimouf^ 
Ip refolbca, tbat tlje iioia Beeper coula not after juagment giaen relicbc tlje 
partp in ccimv, altljougij it appearea to tljcm, tbat tbere tuas apparent mat^ 
ter in etiuitp. <ana amougft otljers, tbe Huagcs gabe tljts reafon tbat if tbe par#= 
tp againft tuijom |ttagment tons giben, migbt after iuagment giben againft 
Ijim at tbe Common 3la\i3, ajauj tbe matter into tbe Cbanccrv, it tooula teno to 
tljc fubaetfion of tbe Common i,m, fonbat no man looula fuc at tbe Common 

31 am. 




Iiato, hut ojiginaHv b£gi» in C^ancerp. teing at tljc laft Ijc nugljt ht inotigbt 
ttiitl)erj after l)eljaiJ reroviercii bp tljc Common JLato ; ana tl;emtpon tljcp all 
certiftcu, tljat ttje 2Dcmun-cr ijjasi gajD, ano tijat S>it: Moyl Finch'tljc SDcfcntaut 
oiigljt not to anfttct. 

3n 3nfo?mation upon tljis a>tattite of 27 E 3. agatnft mt Anthony Mildmay, hiI. 12 ]ac. Regi5 
foj tljat \)e anti ot\)tt ComnnffionErsiof S>ctncr0 Din unpcncfj a (tifgrncnt in tlje ^"""^ '^"^^c 
iSinp ffcncl) : i^c purcljafco a parcon from tlje !&tng, ano picaoea it. 

^tt a ^jiup ^cal bearing Telk 18 Julii, Anno Domini idi 5. to tl)C contra^ 
r?, obtatncD bv t^c impojtunitj) of tljc ii;cn Jloja CljanccHoj letng toebcmcnt;? 
Ip affraio : Scd judicandum d\ kgibus, ana no pjcfiaent can pjcuail againtl an 
0ft of parliament. ;ana bcfiacs, tlje fuppofea ^Djcfiacnts (loljicljtnc lja\)e fitn} 
are not aut^entical, being moft lof tljem in to?tt papcrg, ana tlje refl of no 

^ Eient jour contenant le fpace de 2 moys per garnifhment a faire 44 ^■^■1■^s^ 39 £• 

a eux, &c. ] Wv tW it appcacetlj tljat a |3?emunirc lictlj ajai lojcfl foj tlje 27HJ.5.35H.5.50 
partp, ajs foj tlje iSing, ana tVev botlj map join in cne «rit. 

■^ 3,f tlje JDefenaant come not at tlje aapj^c. bp tljc ej;yjef0 letter of tlje ILato '^ 4? E.3.6. 42 E; 
jnagment fijall be giijen againtt liim accojaing to tljis Sia, 2Clji?f fuit na;a not ^■'^^^' ^.^'^'g 
be againtt tljem bp original Wnt, but if tlje SDefcnaant be In Cuftodia Maicf- jj^. prI'm.Br. u* 
challi, tlje fuit map be againft l)im bp bill, bccaufe tbe e na of tlje giiJing of tlje Tr.39 E.3.Rot.95. 
ttromontljjs iiia0, tljat tl)ep fljoula babe notice, luljiclj igfatieficaj anatljerciuttlj coram Rege.59E. 
agcittlj tlje ^jeaaentsi ; ana tlje SDefcnaant cannot be fuea in anp otljCr Court, 3-?Z,- T,^' Fore- 
tolien tl)ep are In Cuflodia Marefchalli. ^ee tljC Statute of 18 El, cap, 5. but tljat bys cafe. " 

Statute cttenas to common Jnfojmergj ana not luljen tlje fuit ig commcncca 
bp tlje partp gricuea. 

a HEut if t^e SDcfenaant appear ana plEaa,ana tljeiffuebe founa againtt Ijim, " 8 )i4.6.L\b. 
0} if Ije aemur in !Law,5tc. juagment Ojall be gibcn againft Ijim, tljat'lje Qiall be ^'+,^- '" ^'^^ 
cut of pjotettion, gtc. jSna fo Ijatlj tljig statute ban intcrpjetea, ana juagmcnt "^ '^^ ' 
giticn accojainglp. |3erufe Tojell tljc UJojojs of tljis ;3ct fo j tljig point, ano tx ti)t 
bojfe in 8 H. 4. 6. 

31Bp tlje ^tatutcof 38 E. 3. c. 2. tl)c SDefenaant ougljt to appear in perfon, spE-s?. 9^.4.^. 
ana tl)etefoje lie cannot appear bp 5lttojnp tuitljout a fpccial Writ out of ttie 'I "^'■^" ^" 
C^anccrp : ana tljig M aotlj bina as; toell tljofe tljat are iLojaiS of j^arliamcnt, * " ' 
aji otliersi. 


^ Avant le Roy & fon Councel.] =^ere Coitntel cannot be tatoi, ajs 
moft tommonlp it ig, foj Ijiis 3iuages of Ijis Courtjs of ^uftice, toljo are faia to 27 2 ^.3-10 
be of Ijig Councel foj p?occcaingsi in courfe of '^txttke, bccaufe tlje Courtg of 
3;uftice are Ijcreafter in tljiis Set namea ; neitljer aotlj it intcna tlje ifiing? ^^y 
ijp Councel, but tlje Using ana tlje lloja,s of parliament in ^parliament, tuljiclj 
i^ a Court of 3ufticc. 

giffittlcFirftpartofthelnftitutes, Se(a.id4. Veigne les Burgeffes alParlement. The King is armed 
SCljcre is Commune Concilium,Magiium Concilium,Priv3tum feu continuumcon- ^"jj]' ti'versCoun- 
cilium, ana Concilium Jufticiariorum, le Councel des Juftices. 

^ lis, lour procurators, Attornies, Executors, Notaries, & Main- 
tainors. ^ i^otebptliisatt tlje ^jocurersi, ^ttojnies, CBrmitojs!, i^otarieSj 
ana ^aintainerg fliall Ijabe tlje fame punifljment, tljat tljc |3jincipal fljall IjaUe. 
i^ote in tlje g>tatnte of 2!3 ij3o;ia [fautors] crept in, a inoja ( aetiiaca a 
favendo j of a large eictent, as ittoas! conftruea in tlje reign of H. 8. 

;djc plaintiff map cljoofetoljetljerlje \j)ill make tljem all principals, ojtlje Stanf.pi cor.44.f. 
one principal, ano t^e otljcc acceffones, but tljc aamages (ball be fcuerailp tarco, 44 e 5-^- 3^ " ^• 

^t tljat procures one to fue to tlje Court Cljrifttan, fijall forfeit as ntuclj as TroI:^:. pfeni,/ 2. 
%z tljat fuet$, ana is principal as tnell as tlje otljer, ana are in cciual acgree of s h 4 =• pi- com; 
i^jcmunitc ; but if tljep botli be inaittea, tlje one of tljc act, ana tljc otljer of tljc p?- b. 


126 Of ^Premmire. Cap. 5 4* 

pjocurcmcnt, ano Ije tijat i? cljargcB luit^ tljc procurement i;s founfi gtiilt?, ano 
tljc ottjer bp a\jotljcr cnquctt ig foinm not gtiiUj»5 jungEment iliaU ncvier te gtucn 
agninft Ijtm, Mi\)it\) iMas imiacn of tl)C p?ocurcmcntj hccaule I;c cannot lie an 
DffcnDcrj i)itt in rcfpcct of tljc offence of tlje otljer. 

See Littleton Seft. ^ Hors de la proteftion le Roy. ] i^p tljefc Uiojns tljc pcrfong attain#= 
T'orthJ'intt; ^^^ '" ^ ^'^^ of l^jcmunirc arc BtfaMen to ijauc anp action oj remeup bp tljc 
mes^the^fame" l^ings lialu, oj tlje iJiings MritiB i foj tlje 3laln ann^tlje teings C^rits arc tl)C 
Seft. Lib7.foi.14. tljingjs toljcrebp a man is yjotecten anc aioco, fo as \)C tljat is out of tlje l^ingjx 
in caivins cafe, pjotcttion, is out of tljc aiti anB pjotccricn of ti)e iLalD. 

g , ^ 2 il5ut bp tlje Statute of 25 E.3. it is pjobiDeD, tljat Ijc tljat putcljafetlj pjoljifiV 

See 5" li. cap. 'i. on^to 0bbies 0} |3?iojic0 fljall be out of tljc iunp protection, ana tljat a man 

map 50 tuitij l)imj astuitlj tlje enemies of tlje liingano Ijis Kealm, anntljat })Z 

tljat fiwll commit anp tljing againft fuel) pjoViifojs in botip 01 gccDSj oj otljec 

poffeflionsj fljail be ejccufcn againtt all people. 

54 H.s. forfeit.Br. C Et lour terres, biens, Sc chateux forEiit on Roy. ] STljis is intent!:^ 

,01. Pa(ch. 21 El. £jj of tljc lanes tljat Ije Ijatlj in fff^fimple, oj foj life, totjidj tlje SDelinqucnt 

Tud£es"in Trud- ^^^^'^ lalojfullp fojfcit, anD not lanns in tail i fo? tenant in tail fljall fojfett cn^^ 

gynf cafe. Dier Ip foj tccm of Ijis life, foj tljat toas all Ije coulD lalufullp forfeit at tlje mafeing 

inanufcript. Vide cf tljis statute, eitljcr in cafe of aCreafon oj. ifelonp. 0nD fo it toas refolueu 

before. 25 E. 3. j,p i\)c 3;tt5ges in tlje cafe of Trudgyn of Devon{hire,toljo toas attainten of a pjes^ 

Verb Et foic afla- ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^j^^ ^^^^^^^^ pf ^ ^ £j_ ^^p_ ^^ 

Nota, 2Dljis is a neto kinn of forfeiture giuen bp tljis 3iato, ana i0 penal, ana 

• cannot bp equitp crtena furtljer t^en tlje recortS; ana tljerefore tljis j9ct erten^; 

aetlj not to tlje forfeiture of JTairs, sparfeets, llents cljarges, IJent fecit, ^ar^ 

rens, 0nntiitiei3, or anp otljer Ijereaitaments tljat is not tuitljin iljis iccra 

[ terre. ] 

^ Lour corps imprilbn, Sc rents al volunt le Roy. "] JCIje greatncf? 

of tljefe punifljments ao fljeiu tlje greatnefs of tlje offence. 

ii5R.2.cap.5. Ex- 31t is to be obfct^ca, tljat tljcfaia Statute of 16K.2. isttridlppenneaagaintt 

ampies of thefe cffcnacrs. i?or firft,it crtcnaetlj to all perfons of toljat qtialitp, or fer foebcr, tlje 

are quoted before, ^jj^g j,^ [if any.] 2. SToallCcurts of tuljat ^urisaiction foeuer, ana mljctljer 

IjOlaen bp rigljt or h^^ lurong, In curia Romana, feu alibi, lQJl)iclj iBOrB (alibi J i<s a 

mora of a large extent, as befoje it appearetl}. 3 . STo all tljings iBljatfoeier : 

[ Where any thing, ] tuljiclj tooras be as general as can be. 4. J}ot onlp againft 

tlje lliing, Ijis Crolnn ana jDignitp, but againft tlje !&ingaom alfo ; againii the 

King, his Crown and Regality, or Realm. 5. CljiS 3l(t ertenaetlj not onlp to 

procurers, abbetters, maintainers, counfellor0, f c luljiclj are knoion tooras in 

3lato, but to faDourerS) fautores, toljiclj mora toas largelp ej:tenaea in tlje Meign 

vide juftice Spii- of H.S. OTljercbp it is to be obferuea l}0\j] aangerou0 it is to bring neto or unufu^ 

M^"h ^'^ H*"' ^^ tMoras into anp 0ct of parliament, elpeciallp into fuclj as be fo pennea ; for 

Cliffs cafe. ^' ^^^^^ ^^ appearetlj tljat ClifFbeing a|0arfon of a Cliurclj grantea to tlje Carai^ 

nal an annuitp, fo long as \)c fljoula be legate, ut decentius & fublimius fe ^ere- 

ret in authoritate fua Legantina, tuljiclj tlje Carainal Ijaa h"^ TuW, ana paia to 

ijim ten marhs in name of fcafon, ana Ije toas aajuagea a fautor. Tut fuclj ebas^ 

fions lojere foima out of tljis ana otljer Statutes, as toere maae againfl uftir^^ 

pations ana incroacljments upon tlje gcoa ana ancient Common Jlato, as aiucrs 

ana manp Statutes toere maae from time to time to meet tuitlj fuel) eijafions, 

iBljicl) being manp, ( ana otljers luljiclj concern tlje offence of ^remunire ) ine 

iDill but name, ana lea\3e tljc reaacr to pertife tlje fame at large, tuljercin ( &$ 

toe coucciije it ) Ije fijall fina a great ligljt, bp tljat toljiclj Ijatlj been faia, viz. 

25 E.3.cap.22, 25 E.3. Statu, de proviforibus. 38 E.3. cap.i, 2,3,4. 3 R. 2. cap.3. 

7 R.2.cap.i2. 12 R.2. cap.15. 13 R.2.Stat.2.cap.2. idR.2.cap.5. 2H.4. c.3 &4. 

dH.4. cap.i.7H.4. cap. (5 &8. p H.4,cap.8.3 H.5. cap.4. 24H.8. cap.12. 25 H.S. 

, cap. I ^,2 0,2 1, 26 H.S. cap,i5. 28, 35 H.S. cap.i. ^Ote, £I5uan Mary 

^ repealca 

Cap. 54- Of Tremmiire. 127 

rcvcaUn all offcucesi matie to be in tljc cafe of ^jcttiunire Once tlje firff tap of 

t\)t firtt vcnr of H. 8. but fome of tljcm arc rcbtijdD b}' tijc ifatutc of i El. ca. i. ^ Mar.a.t. 

215ut in aUaliHttn Maries timr,tl)c ftattttcs mafc roufcnung tljc offence© of ^?c#^ 

nittnire bcfozctbc rcignof H.8. mac ncitljcr rcj^aico ncjaltcrco, but (ai6 

Ijatb ban faioj allotoco of iniDiwn Maries time, i Sc 2 Pli. & Mar. ca.8. 1 i. 

5 I. 13 Ekap.1,2.8. 27 • 

ilnti itt)i)crct|)ci"tatute of 25 E.5. De Proviforibus piobinctlj, tl)at certain of^ 
fenticvs againft that 9ff,fi}aU bcfoxc tljep be Deliucreti, ruakc full renunciation, 
^c. becaufe ittjc BrCre tbat our (luticnt trap in all firings untftrttano Tajljat Ije 
rcatis .' 3it i$ to be feno^un, tl)at agi luell befoje tljat flatuec, viz. in tlje reigns 
of E.I. E.2. a$ after, tlje fojm of renunciation mas to tljis cffeft. I renounce all 
the words comprifed in the Popes Bull to me made of the BilTioprick of A. (ojtlje 
like) the which be contrary, or prejudicial to the King our Soveraign Lord, and Dier Manufcrip, 
to his Crown, and of that I put my felf humbly in his Grace, praying to have re- |^''' ! ^'- '•■' ^^^^ 
iHtution of the temporalties of my faid Church, &c. Wljerebp it map appear Eve^qie de chi- 
toljat tljc llatti luas in tljat cafe befoje 2 5 E.3 . 0nti albeit tljefc laius be ijcrp chefter. 
feucre, efycciallp againft tl)e ^ulls, jc. of tljc Pope, ann fojraign Suripoifti*' 
on, anu tbouglj ©uitn Mary relfojeti Ijis 3)up?emacp in fuel) fojt ag Ijcreafcec 
appearetlj, pet U'ouHi fije not repeal tlje fato flatutes of ^jo^ifion anD |3jemu^ 
Mire, but pjobiDcn tljct t'^ep Qioulo ttant in fojce. ^(t t\)C fi atutc of i & 2 Ph. i & 2 ph. & Maf. 

6 Mar. 'tol)erebp it is CtaCteU, That whofoever Ihould by any proces obtained out ca.8. 
of any Ecckfialhcal Court within this Realm, or without, or by pretence of any 
fpiritual Jurifdidion ^or otherwife, contrary to the Laws of this Realm, inquiet, * Not*. 
or molcft any perfon, &c. (hould incur the danger of the Ad of Premunire made 

in the llxteenth year of the reign of King R. 2. Sec. ^m bp anotljcr bjancl) ixi 
t\)t fame 3ct it is enaCteB, That all Bullsj Difpenfations, and priviledges not con- 
taining matter contrary, or prejudicial to the authority, dignity or preheminence 
royal of the Realm, or to the Laws of this Realm now being in force, and not in 
this prefent Parliament repealed, may be put in execution. 0nO lattlp, bp tl)e fatn^ 
;3(t it is HeclareD anO enattCD, That neither any thing contained in the body of 
the faid Statute, or in the Preamble thereof^ (hall be conftrued, or expounded to 
diminilh, or take away any of the liberties, priviledges, prerogatives, preherainen- 
cies, authorities or jurifdidlions which were in the Imperial Crown of this Realm, 
or belonged to the fame before the twentieth year of H. 8. and the Popes Holinefs 
to have luch authority, preheminence, and jurifdidion, as his Holinefs ufed, or 
might lawfully have ufed by authority of his Supremacy the faid twentieth year of 
H. 8. within this Realm of England, without diminution or enlargement of the 
fame, and none other. Mljerebp it appcaretl) Ijotu careful tlje ^tate toas in 
Siuecn Maries time to pjefertic tlje|)jcrogatibe of tlje Croijjit, ana tl;e ancient 
JLatos of tl)e Kealm, ano nia at tljat time fo cautiouflp reftoje t^e ^upjcmacp 

Oftljc^opc, Iccundum quid, bUt nOt limpliciter, auD bOUntiCIl IjiS ^upjcmSCg 

Mt\)ixi (trait ann legal limitations, asbp tlje fain M appearetlj. 

&a tl;c ftatutes toljtcb infliiJ tl)C puniftment of Pjemttnire, viz. 2 R.2. c.12. 
3 R.2. ca.3. 7 24 H.8. ca.12, 25 H 8, ca. ip,20. i El. cap. i. 26 H.8. 
cap.15. 28 H.8., I & 2 Ph. & Mar. cap. i. 8 ELcap.i. 13 El. ca.2,8. 3? El. 
ca.i I. 27 &ec tlje Fourth part of the Inllitutes, cap. Chancery, t^e ^U 
ttcles at large againtt Caroinal Woolfey. Artie. 7. 

Wt Ijabc ban t^e longer concerning cafes of |3?cmumre : i^irff, foj tljat 
tljep be matters of great lueigljt, anD neceffarp to be knomn, ant me toifl) tljat 
tlje offence map nciicr be committen. 2lx^^a feconolp, ioi ttiat pallet Stanford Stan. pi.cor.44.£ 
'^at^ ineffcd: but namea a jajemunire. 

C AP. 


Cap. 55. 


1 E.6. cap. 1 2. 


I Mar. flat, uni- 

cum, Seflione 


5 Eljz.cap.15. 


melius paretur. 

* Nota. 

The like Aft was 

made, 5 & 4 E.6. 

ca.15. expired. 

Auguft. in lib. 

a Cafaubone 
Exercit i. ad ap- 
paratum Annali- 
b Ephcl.c.g.v.p. 
c Ads ca.i.v.7. 
Mark 13.32. 


Of Prophefies. 

PlSopIjefiCiS u^on teclaration of amjs, j^ielrjg, ^^mcg, Copifanccs!, oi 
3f aDgcs, tocre mane felonv toid)out t\)t benefit of Clcrgp : but t^is 0tt ijs 
ttoice repealen bv general toojuis of aU iTeloniejEs mane bp anp (tatiite fincc t^e 
firftjicarof H.8. 

3;n Anno 5 Eliz. a mojc moneratc Statute toaji maue againft ^Jjoplcfie? bp 
Writing, Ringing, oj otlicr oyen ^paclj, oj SDa^n, b? rlic occafion of anp ^rmg, 
i^telt)S,li5caflis,iEatigC!S, oj otljet lifee tljings accuaomcD in armg, Cogntfanceg, 
oj &>(gnct0 ^ oi bprcafott of anp time, pear,oj Da}',name, blcDDton o} uiar, "^to 
tlje intent tljerebp to make anp rcbeiUon, infurrei^ion, niffenticn, lofs of itfc, 
0? otljcr Difliirbanrc tuittiin tljt0 Mealm, ai otljet tl;c snitecng JDoHiinion?. fo} 
t\)t firft offence impjifonmcnt cf l;ii3 loio]; b}) tljC fpacc of a j'car ioitl;out bail, 
anu forfeit to tljc ffluftn ann ^nfojmer, ten youno. ^no foj t'^e fccons) offenec, 
impjifonmcnt miring life tuitljciit bail, ann fojfett to tbe ©mxn alibis gcons 
ant) cbattelg, real ano perfonal : bttt Ije muCbe f^erefoje impeacljcn oj accufco 
Miit\)in flic ijpontlig ne]ct enfuing tlje offence bp \)im none. jtiff anu neccffarp 
limitation, auo tlje ratljer, foj tljat t'bc offence map be committeo bp bare 
too?ti0. %U$ offence ijs to be tieam ano netermineu bcfoje Jutticeg of ^ffifc> 
Suffices of Oier ann .Terminer, anu Sufficeis of peace. 

S>a l)creafter tlje Cljapter of j^m&, anu tlje Second part of the Inftltutes, 
W.i.cap.33. I5e tljat IjatI rcao our ^^iffojies fljall fino, luljat lamentable anu 
fatal events Ijaue fallen out upon bain p^opljeCes rarricn out of tbe inbc ntiong 
of \3)it\iCi men, pjetenueri to be ancient, but neiMlp framco to ^tm)ie true men ; 
ano iDuitljall, lioUi ctenulous aitti inclinable our countrpmcn in former time? 
to t'bem Ijabe ban, tue tuill fetpoton tlje trutlj concerning tlje fame. 

Certain it {s,t'bat to fojetel of tljinga to come, is a picrogatiDc appjopjfaten 
to t^e ^olp Cljoft , ant tljat tljcSDebil cannot prasdicere, fo:etcl of tljingsto 
tome, iQJljiclj notlaJitljttanBing, S. Aurtin uio fometime Ijolo tliat Ije coulD. JiBut 
aftertnarus jufilp retratteo it in tljefe tooius, Kem dixi oaultiitimam audadore 
affertioiie, quam debui, &c. certillimum el1: Daemones non praefcire. 

i^oto foj tl)e pjeBictions anti fo?etellings of tlje Sibyls being Gentiles, folong 
before tlje incarnation of our ^auiottr €\3ii'i : anD moje Direplp aun pariicu;!= 
Jarlp, of tlioCe Ijiglj mpfferies! of tlje incarnation anu |9airion^cfClj jiff, t^z 
roming of 0nticljjift, tlje fubbcrCcn of Rotrie.anti tlje enU of tlje lDo;lD,tljep arc 
bp tlje true l^jopljcts of aimigljtp Cou, tobo fpafee bp tlst ^olp 0ljoft, mil 
5ifco\)ereti : tljat tol)ile tlje Cburcl] toas in ber (traule, iljefe pjeuictions luere inj= 
Denteu anu fat'bereu upon tlje Gentiles ■■, to tlje inic nt to make tlje uoc: cine cf tljc 
faiu biglj £|5pfferics of vbc CDofpel ilje moje creuiblc amongff ilic Gentiles, ^no 
if anp fuclj pjeuirtiotts bau been bp tbe laiu Sybils, out of qutition, tljoJc great 
ILigljtS of iPatUte an-.ongft t^c Gentiles, Plato, ArKtotle, Thcophraltus, 0} fome 
otljer of tboic great |Dt)ilcfop^crB, tliat toitlj great alacritp utbeu into tlje fe<« 
crets of all kinus of learnitig,Uoulu iipve founu tbem out, anu mauc fome metts= 
tion of tbcm. tm befitrs tlje faiu tuiicoijerp, fuel) pjeuictiong bp tljc Gentiles 
anu ^eaiben perrons are h againtt tlje Moju of <[?du. 

^Uo pjcuictionpcittierof tijccimc cf tlje enu of ibeli3ojlu,oj tljatitis atlbanu, 
is not laujful. #0? d:c firff, cfec tbe firft of tbc Sets, 31t is not for us to know 
the times and feafons wni-rii the Father hath put in his own power, &c. f^O} tl;C 
feconn, to tlje g)iCona ©piule to tlje Theflalonians. 1 befeech you brethren. Sec 
that you be not Ihaiicu in mind, or troubled, dec. as though the day of Chrift were 
at hand, let no man deceive you by any means. 

, me baije tlje ratljcr laiu Ijcreof tbus nuicfe, foj tbat toe Ijatje Ijearuuibersf men 
lolclp anu conriuentlp upon ibeir j^umeral calculation to Ijabc errcy Ijcreiu. 


Of Approver. 

AP}o\3er, oj0ppjoDer, in iiattn Probator, is; a ycrfou inaiecaot aCrcafou Pari. 

oj ifelonp in pjtfon foj tI)C Came, anu not nifablcD to accufc : Ije map ^ f°^^: ^^^ ^°°' 

imon 1)10 arraignment, befojc anp plea pleaDcu, ana befoje rompctcnt aTnTcor ..a 

Simt0 b confefsi iiyt 3tnBi(tment, anu tafec a cojpojal oatlj to repeal all 2Crea^ 21 e.^-.s. ' 

fon0 anD ifelonie?, tljat Ijc kno\us!j ann pjap a Cojoncr, tcfojc toljom Ije is i9H,6.47. 

to enter 1)10 appeal oj accufation againft all iljofe tijat arc parndpes criminis, 2H.7.9. 

oj of l)i0focie£}) in committing of SCrcafon 01 ifelonj) containeti in tl;c Jn? J h 5\o°<i 

Dtftment, tliofc partner? Icing toitljin tljc Wealm ; anu if upon Ijig appeal c ^iH.'?.cor.44to 

all tljofe partners lie con\)ictcD, tl)e iiing ex merito juiHcis, i3 to parDon Ijim. jH.e.scs'. in 

315ut it is in tl)e aifcretlon of tl)e Court, eitl)er to ftiffcr bim to lie an 0ppjo<j l^f: '^ ^°y- 

Dcr, oj after IjisappjoDcment to vcfpitc ittogmem anD ejcccution, until Ije Ijatlj coram Rege'pU. 

conijicteo all W partner?. c 21 H.6.29.b." * 

& ?4. b. 
^ A Proven ] ^^e tS bp Biaaon CallCB Probator, hp Britton, Provor, ip ^ Braa.lib.3. 
tlje ^irroj Prover anu Approver ; anoljisnamc puttetlj Ijim in minu of Iji? ^•'".o.&i52. 
mitp> viz. to pjovic ann ap$!jD\)c Ins accufation oj appeal in eDerp point, foj 
£ anp failcr of trutlj nifablctl) Ijim in omnibus, ano as ijc mull affirm tl;c trutlj 17 48. 
ano tlje wbole trutlj, befojc tlje Cojoncr anti Ijis appeal : fo in tlje reljcarfal of Mir--.<-ap.i. §.13. 
tljc appeal before tljc ^uftices, it muft agra tuitlj tljc appeal, 26 AiTp.i^. & Bra- p'^v^orf "p'; 
don ubi fupra. / In one IxCCOjO 31 finO l)im calico Appellator. J 2^ E.3.42. 

21 H.6.^4. 

f[ Perfon. "] JEljis ejctcnuetlj not to a peer ai ilojD of |l)arliament, foj it ^^ e.?. cor.4150. 
isagaintt Magna Carta. cap.2p. foj Ijim to p:ap a Cojoner. fr^^h'^u 

g a man attainten of aCreafon oj i?clonp cannot become an 0pp:obcr, be^^ co'am Kege.'^5. 
caufe (as tljcbcok faitb) l)e is Hers dc la ley. ;9lfo tljouglj Ijie be inDitrc5, pet if g u Adpi.iV' 
l;e be out of piifon, be cannot appjo\)e. ip E.2. cor.387. 

/'SCljeSlJirrojfaitlj, tljatMomcn, Infant?, Biuiots, ilepers, oj pjofefTojs '? |?-'t^id.443. 
in o?ii€rof religion, ojClcrfes, oj perfons attainted of i^elonp, n Non com- 2] e|'.iI.' 
pes mentis, cannot be ;3ppjo\3ers : an» Stanford autietl) mcnabo^etbe age of 70, i)! §.13. 
e^maimcDs becaufc fome of tljem cannot tafee an oatfi, anu none of tljem can sranf.pi cor. 
toage battel. '4°'*- 

C Indided. "] i j^oj in anp appeal eitljer h^ Witit oj JlBill tlje ncfennant ; 4, a(T". 39. 
fijall not become an 3ppjo\)er ; ano before intittment, no perfon canappjouc, i5E.3.cor.ii3. 
becaufe if \)i^ appjobement be faltc, no judgment rtoljatfoeucr be confcffco; can 1 1 h 7.5. 
be gibcn againft bim, unlcfs be be inHirtea, k ano no juogment can be gitien , ^ 
againa bim if bis appeal be falfe, but of ilje offence containco in tbe Intiictment, ^ '* ^'^^' 
ann Co are tbe brofes to be unticrftcoD. 

/ 3f one be innicicD ano appjoDc, if after an appeal be fucD againff birti, tbe / s Hj. cor.442, 
appjobemcnt ceafetb. 

@ Of Treafon or Felony. ] 0nD tljat is onlp of tbat Crcafon 01 i^clo^ 
up tbat is ccntaineu in tbe InBittment, as batlj been Caio. m ^x. Trin. 3 H.4 Rot. „ 19 H.6.4: 
ip. Coram Rcge Hertford. Probator in duello devicit appellat', de alta proditione, 12 £.4.10. 
pro. quo devidtus fufpenditur, decapitatur 6c quarteria (ua dividuntur. Et ilmik 6H5 cor.i3r. 
ibid.Anglia. 19 E.2. cor.387. 

^ In prifbn. \| « Albeit be be innicteu, pet if be be at large, ano not in " ^ h^- "i^' ^op- 
pjifon, be cannot appjobe, as befoic i? faitr. 5' e^. fcis. 

S2 ceom-^^-'-*''*"' 


Of Aff rover. 

Cap. 5 6. 

^ Competent Judge, 'j aSi^ SufficcjEi of tljc iSinp Wend), Sufliccg of 
Oier nun Terminer, anu cf CE>aoI#BcIiDcrp, i)Ut not lufttces of ^cacf, Ijccanfc 
tl^cp Ijabc no autl)o?itp hv tl)Etr Comnuffion to aRtp a Cojoncv. SiiD bp tl)c 
fame rcafon tljc iLojo ^i%\) ^tctuaun of England cannot aftign a Cojoncr in 
cafe of SCrcafon oj i?clonp» 

Kl Corporal Oath. '] aCljougl) tljc £Patlj Ic general of aft aCreafons; ann 
i?elonie0,vct in courfc of Iain no aypjouement can bc^but of tl^c offence containeo 
intljeinotctmcntjaiSljatljljEcn faiD. 0notJjiiB£'atbanDt!)c acctifation of l)im^ 
fcif make Ijis appeal oj accufation of anotljer of tlie fame crime, to amount in 
%m to an SnDictment. 

41 Particeps criminis. "] ^o% it cannot he of anotljer ^Cteafon oj i^clonp 
tljen ig containeo in tije JniDictment. 

^ Within the Realm. 3 |Foj if it be out of t\)t Uealm, it Ijoantet^ trial, 
ana tljercfojc tlje accufation oj appeal not to be aUoiueD. 

ff Ex merito juftitis. 1 0nD tlje reafon i«i, foj tt)at Ije ritmetij tfje coun^ 
tr J) of toickeo ano Ijurtfui milnoeris t toljereb? t%e !^ing0 peace iis kept, ano tijc 
^ubjed: cnjopctl) Us o\un in quiet, ano tljerefoje tl>e ffiing ootlj in tl;e mean 
time gibe Ijim luageis. 

SL man became anHppjobcr anu appealeB fjijejano eberp cf tljem jopnco iat^ 
tel luitlj Ijim. Et duellum percuffum fuit cum omnibus, & Probator devicit omnes 
quinque in duello, quorum quatuor fufpendebantur, & quintus clam.abat cfle cle- 
ricum, & allocatur i & Probator perdonatur : fo ag tl)e appjObCC BiD anU OUgl)C 
to figljt in tljat cafe toitl) all tl)C appcllasf. 5Etit if tl)ere be ttoo oj mo?e ap*= 
pjobets! againft one man of one ifclony, ano ijc join battel toitlj tljcm all, ana 
banciuifi) tlje fiirtt, Ije i$ actiuittco againft tlje otlier. Concerning tljc |3?oceg tip^ 
on an appj^obcment, anB otljer inciDentsi, jou mapreaoin spr.^utticc Stanford, 
luljici) naco not I;ere to be rctjearfeu. 

■* 31f tlje appellee join battel, oj plcan not gtiiltv, ana after tlje iKing par^ 
oonctt) tlie appjober, t^e appella Ojall be Difc^argen, ann fljall not be arraignco 
at tlje fuit of tijc J^ing. 

Scanf.pi.cor.142. C Convifted. '] %^t appellee map cl)0)fe eit|)er to boage battel tuitlj tlic 
appjober, oj to put Ijimfelf upon tljc countrp ■■> ano if tljc appelKx be founo 
guiltv bp bcroicr, it fcrbctlj ass luell fo} tljeappjobcr, ag if Ije Ijao ban obercome 
bp battel. 3no tljerefoje tlje JlEcpfe in 19 UA^'y. i$ mifpjintcc, oj mifrcpojtca : 
anir tlje note of Fitzh. in ab?ioging ti^c cafe, tit. Coron. pl.<5. in tlje cnOjis againft 
%m* Vid. Rot. Pari. 1 7 E.3. nu.3<5. 

a Braft. ubi fup. 
9 H.4.1.2H 4.19, 


12 £.4,10. 

10 E.4.14. 

lE. 5. 17, 
1 A(I.p.2. 

26 AfT. 19. 
8 H.5. cor.459. 
21 H.6.54. 
12 E.4.10. 

Mich. 39 E. ?. co- 
ram Rege Rot.97. 

7 E. 5. 7- 
n H.4.9i.b 
Of battel fee 
more here, Cap. 
Single combar, 
and the (econd 
pare of the Infti- 
tutes, VVefttn. i. 
* 47 £.3.5. 

19H.15.35. a. 
Rot.Par. 17E.3 



Of Appeals. 

Ojf 0pyral|5 tUC Ijatje fpoltf n in tIjC Fii-ft and fL-cond part of the Infiitutes, anB Firrt part of the 

yottmavrcaDtljercDf in m}?Kepojtsi,Lib.4.f.4o,4i,42'Scc lib. 5. f. 105. i"'tit"c«. §.189, 

III. lib.d.t.44';8o. lib. 7.f.i3.3o.!ib,5?.f.i3.i 19- Wljctciinto iuc MH aCC a b cafe par°'of°'th-?7nft'. 

iutjidj toag atljtif 2CD in an appeal, toljcce tlje cafe, a? toudjing tlje point of tlje tutes,in wagCarc. 

appeal, luas t^nsS. Thomas Burghe, bjOtljCC ann Ijeic of Henry Burghe bjOUglJt C.54.W. i. c. 14. 

an appeal of mttcuer ajainft Thomas Hokroft, of tlje tscatl) of tljc faiD Henry : ^'' 4=°- cuft. de 

Clje uefcnoant pleaceD, tljaticfojc tljc Cojoncu Ijc tuag inuicteo of apanaatiglj^-- jp™(; foE\\z'ia 

tcr, anu bcfoje Commtflioners of Oicr ana Terminer, Ije tes upon tljat 3!niii(t# the Kings Eencii. 

ment arraigneu, ano confcffco tljc Innictmcnt, ano pjapea W Clccgp, anD tho. Hoicrofcs 

tljercupon toas entrctj Curia advifare vult, antj concltmeD, an5 oemanneD juDg;* "•'^'m^",'^ ^^'^'"' 

went, if djat appeal tlje plaintif againft |)im ougljt .to maintain ; tuliercHpon eMz betwlen^iact 

tlje plaintif Dcnuta-eii in iiatu. 0nti in tljis cafe tlncc points Ibccc an^HOgea ip wrote, late the 

f&it Chriftopher Wray, 3it Thomas Gawdie anH tlje loljole Court. wife of Ro. Wrote 

i?irft, 2Dljat tlje matter of tlje Wu Ijac been a groo HBar of tljc appeal bp tljc ^'' 'V-rh^ v''-*'- 

Common JLaiu, as toell as if tl)e Clergp Ijaa ban alloiucn : fo; tljat tlje tefen^^ dcf!roram RSf ' 

tiant uponljis confelTion of tljc Inoirtmcnt IjaD p?apcD Ijis Clcrgp, ti;ljiclj tljc for the death of' 

Court ougljt to Ijaije granteu, anti tljc ocfcrring of tlje Court to be atibifeti.ougljt 'i^r hufband, re- 

not to pjEjiinice tlje partp Defendant, albeit tlje appeal uias commcnceo befojc ^°'''f'* i§^'" '^^' 

tl)callotoanceofit. cordiogiy. 

aclje ^Econn point atiuugcu toas, 2Cl)at tljis cafe toas out of tlje Statute of 
3 H.7. foj tljat tljc too JDS of tljat 2tt arc. 

If it fortune that the (ame Felons and Murderers, and Acceflbries fo 3 "•?• cap.r. 
arraigned, or any of them to be acquitted, or the principal of the (aid 
felony, or any of them to be attainted, the wife or next heir of him fo 
llain,&c. may have their appeal of the fame death and m\irder againft 
the perfonfoacquitted,oragainft the (aid principals fo attainted,if they 
be alive, and that the benefit of his Clergy thereof before be not had. 

Zm in tljis cafe tljc Dcfennant Hokroft, tnas neitljer acqttittcrr noj attaiuten, 
but con\)i(teu bp confeffion, ann tlje benefit of Clcvgp p^apen, as is afojcfaiii. ao 
as tlje Statute being penal concerning tlje life of man, anD maire in reftratnt of 
tlje Common liaui, toas not to be tafeen bp cpitp, but is cafus omifTus, anu left 
to tl)C Common JLalu. 

0S to tlje tljitD it toas obietfeu, SCljat cUcrp plea ougljt to Ijalie an apt con^^ 
clufion, anD tljat tlje conduOon in tljis cafe ougljt to Ijabc been, Et petit judiciil 
fiprsdid. Thomas Hokroft iterum de eadem morte, de qua feme! convidus fuit, 
refpondere compelU debeat. 315utit luaS aUjUDgCO tljat Citljcr of botlj conclufions 
inas fufticient in Haia ; ano tljeccfoje tljat ejcception teas Difaliotucti bp tlje rule 
of tljc Court. 

Nota, 3Elje ancient JLato tuas, tl)at toljcn a man Ijau juDgmcnt to be IjangcD in 1 1 h. 4. t i. 
an appeal of ocatlj, tljat tljc toife, ann all tlje blajo of t^e partp (lain fljoulo Djat33 p'- '^o'"- so^- ^• 
tljc Defennant to etCCUtion. ^m Gafcoigne faiO, Illnit fuit in diebus noltris. 

Pvichardus de Crek appellat quinquepro felonia, & offert difratiocinare per cor- Trin. 10 E. i, m 
pus fuum contra quemlibet eorum feparatim. Ipll petunr fe allocari, quod ubi ap- Banco, Kot.yo. 
pellansdicit inappello fuo, quodipii fregerunt ofHumBracini, 8c non fpecihcac ex °' ' 
parte domus ilhus prsdidtum oftium fcitum fair, & petunt judicium, Et Joh.W'an- 
ton unus defendent' defendit feloniam, & totum , & paratus ell defendere per 


1^2 Of Treafure Trove. * Cap. 58. 

corpus fuLim ficut curia confideravit. Ricus dicit quod tion poteft pugnare contra 

, pvsdidum Johannem, eo quod ipfe mahematus ell in humero fuo dextro. Et prs- 

didtiis Johannes petit judicium deticut prsedidus Ricus appellando' ipfum optulit 

difntionare prxdidum Piobertum verfus ipfum tanquam felonem prout cuf confi- 

conclufion' of die ^^^ P"^"^ corpus fuum, & nullam fecit mentionem de aliquo Mahemio, unde petit 

appeal of felony judicium de appello ifl:o. Et ideo Confiderat eft tarn ad calumpniam prasdidti Henr. 

ought to be, when & aliorum, quam prtedidi Johannis, quod appellum ejus nullum. Set pro rege in- 

the Plainaf is qrtiratur rei Veritas, &:c. 

«nno''m?ke trial ^ ^'j^rc la? ait appeal of Ijtg^ treafon lip tljc Common Jlalu citljcv in ^Baclt'a^ 
by battaii. mcnt licfoiE t\)t »>£atute in i H4. c.14. ojiu fuel) of t\)t iiinp Courtis aj3 Ijauc 

* See before c.r. jtirifflidion tljctcof triaWc by battail 0; iJCi'Btd: : ana tljiiS appcauctf) bp all out 
high treafon f. 6. g^cicnt 0utl)Ojs, auti niVici'? rccojD0, auD fee in Bradton f. I ip. a. Mljat i)lca0 
Gianv. w^i.^ci. tljE E'cfcuCant itt tljc appeal of treafon maj) Ijabe, to oifable tlje ipiaintif to 
Erafton lib. 5. foL maintain lji0 appeal, fa Fleta ubi fupra, & Britton ubi fupra. 
118, 119. Britton 

cap.3.&29. Hletalib.i.cap.21. The Mirror cap.2. §.ii. Pat. 25 E.3. part. i. m. 16. Mich. 4 H. 4. Coram Rege 
Rot. 22. &c. 8 H.6. cap. id. F. N.B. 115. Lib. Intrat. Rafl. fol. 122. 

CAT. LVIir. 

Of Treafure trove. 

Thefaurus inventus. 

cunum de Nor. 'T^lteafure trobe is bjljen anp goltr oj filijcr, in coin, plate oj bullion Ijatlj ban 
cap. i8. \ of ancient time Ijitincn, tuljercfocbcr it be fotmo, tobereof no perfon can 

pjoije anv pjopcrtp, it Botlj belong to tlje JSing, oj to fome i.ojD o? otljec bp 

tljc Wings grant, Dj p?efcription. 
SLbc reafon luljcrefo?e it belongetlj to tlje iliing, i0 a rule of tljc Common 

5iato , 2nbat fuclj gajtijs Dobereof no perfon can claim pjopcrtp belong to tbei&ing, 

ap toiecfe?, ftra}'0, gtr . Quod non capit Chriftus, capit Fifcus. 31t i» aucientlp ral^s 
"<■ Inter leges 1, i. jjj, Af^ Fyndaringa^of finning tlje trcafuve. ^un noHJ Ict ujs pctufe tljig nefcription. 

^ Gold or filver. "] Jfoj if it be of any otbcr metal, it is no treafure : 

anu if it be no treafure, it belongiB not to tljc i»ing, foj it mull be SCreafurc 


PI Com In cafe de ^^ ^^ ^° ^^ obferbcB, tljat being of golD ann Clber in tlje grounBg of fubfetfg 

Mines per rotum. bcloug to tbc iiing bp Ijig ^jerogatibc, fo} tljep are ^Sopal mine?!, but not of 

vid.Braft. 1.2. fol. aup otljct metal luljatfocber in fubjcrtis grountp. 

222. Aurifodina, 

Fietliib'fc'Jc' !^ Wherefoever.3 a ^Ijetljec it be of ancient time Ijinocn in tlje grountr. 
Rot. Pari. 5 R.2.' OJ i« ^Ije rcof, oj toalljs, oj otljec part of a caaie, b ijoufe, builning, rHtn;^, oj 
nu 42.27 Air.p.ip elfetuljere, fo ag tljc oiuner cannot be knoton. 

15'^'^°; u 1. C Whereof no perfon can prove any property. 1 ifoj it iis a certain 

iirittOntO.^b.V.b. „..vT^ ,^ 1 1 r • • -r 1 r- ■ ^^ i- i 

2(5.b.7i.b.Mir.c.i. '■'"^5 cQuod thelaurus noncompetit regi, nih quando nemo icit qui ablcondit the- 
_§.;.& §.15.0.3. §. faurum. 
ifto. Glanv.l. I.C.I. 

1' i''^' "^I'x r • € Of ancient time hidden. ] ^ Eft autem thefaurus vetus depofitio pecu- 

In bundellnqin- „- a, • , -'.,.,. , ' , * 

fit. 32 E.3. in Ab- ' ^^' *-")"^ "O" ^xtat modomemoria, adeout jam dominum non habeat. 
bathia Sanfta:Ma- _. 

riiEborum.Braa. %. Belong to the King. ] e tiMljcre of ancient time it belongeb to tlie 

ubi fupra. Non re- 

fert in quo loco hujufmodi Thefaurus inveniatur. c 22 H. 6. Cor. 446. d Braft. Ubi fupra, and the other ancient 

Authors agree thereunto, t Glanv. l.i. c.r. I.14. c.2. 8 E. 2. Cor.435. 22E.3. ibid. 241, 


Ckp.'^^,6o, OfWrec\ Falfe tokens ^&c jg^ 

finDcr, .10 l)j) t\jt fntD aitrtcnt Sutl)c?!8 it appcnrctlj. ar.ii pet 3; fit;t> il;at licrojc . 
t'^C Conqueffj Tliefauri dc terri domini regis funi, nifi in Ecclefia, vd C oeniucrio 
inveniantut ■, oc licet ibi iiiven'iatui: aurum, regis elt, &: medietas arga»ti elhiiedie- 
tas Ecclefis, ubi inventum fuerit, quscunque ipfa fuerit, vel dives, Vel pauper. 

K By the Kings grant or prefcription. '] 21 H.<5. tit. Prercription.4. 22 
E. 3. Cor. 241. I H. 7' 33- 9 H. 7. 20. 45 E. 5. id. Stanf. pi. Cor. 3p.b. 1. 5. 
fol. lop.b. 

f[ The puni(hment of him that concealeth, Sec. it.] q^t appcai'etlj bp Gknvii ubi fup, 
Glanvil, attD Bradlon alfo, tt)at occultatio thefauri invent! fraudulofa, luap fuclj an Bnfton and the 
Offence, aiS ua^ punifijec bp ncatl;. J£ut it Ijatlj Ijan refoltjeir, rtljat tlje puniOj;^ ubi fupfa"'''°"' 
tnent foj conrcalntent of aCtcafitrc trouc, i? 1)? fine anD t'mpjifonmcntj anu not 
* of life anD member. =^22 ait. p>. 99. 

_4[ To whom the charge thereof belongeth. ~\ %t belongetlj to tlje The ancient au- 
Cojoner, ag apucaretl) bp tbc Statute de officio Coronatoris, Anno 4 E. i. thors,^ubi fupra^' 

' ' ^^ ■' '^ ■' ' ^ agree hereunto. 


Of Wreck. 


SCEQB ttje Second part of the Inftitutes W. i . cap.2. ano t!;e f]C))oCtion upon tI)C 

,_ ■■ •'' 

Of falfe tokens, or letters in other mens names. 

IF any perfon falfly and deceitfully obtain into his hands any Mo- 53 H. 8. cap. i'; 
neys, Goods, Chattels, Jewels, or other things of any perfon or 
perfons, by colour or means of any falfe or privy tokens, or counter- 
feit letters made in any other mans name, 6cc. he fhall fuffer fuch cor- 
redion by puniftiment of his body, letting upon the pillory, or other 
corporal pain ( except pains of death ) as fliall be to him adjudged by 
the perfon and perfons before whom he (hall be convifted. With a la- 
ving to the party grieved by fuch deceit, fuch remedy by way of Adti- 
' on, or othervvile, as he might have had by the Common Law. 

il^erc it is to be obfecDec, t?at upon tbis ©tatute^foj XW offen« t|)C offennec 
eannot be fineo, but co?pozal paiu onlj inflitteo. 





Of Thefibote. 

StJt.Wall, An. 12 
part 2. {.6. See 
Roc.dauf.An. i E. 
i.m.7. 42 Artp.;. 
Mir.c.2. §.12. 5 E. 
5. Cor.559. Scanf, 
Pl.Coron.40. b, 
42 A(r. ubi fupra. 

tf See before in die 
chapter of Mifpri- 
fionof trealon.c.g. 
Mir. cap. i. 
§.17. Brittonf.55. 
b That is floln 

THeftbote CUcfcribCli bp 0rt of ^arltamcnt) eft emenda furti capta fine confi-. 
deratione Curs domini regis : aim fo mttcJ) tl)t toOjD fignifictljj bote Wn^ 
tafecn fo; amcnD0 i theftbote, tliat iSj amcntiis fo; tljcft. 

2C:i)i0 offence iis tttojc tljen mtfj^jtfion of fdonv, fo j tljat i$ not a couccaf mcnt 
of Ijig bare knoMctige onf p t but HClKftbote i^ tol;en tlje oluner not onlp 
fenoiM? of i\)C fclonvrbut taketl) of tlje tljief Ijijs gcotiis again, 0; amcnuji fo> tljc 
fame to fabour 0; maintain btm, tljat i0j not to pjofecutc Ijim, to t^e intent 
l)e map cfcaye : but in tljat cafe, if Ije receibe tbe tljief Ijimfelf, ann aio ano 
maintain bim in bisi fcf onp, tljen iiS \)Z accelfojv to tlje felonp. ^nb fo note a 

Siberfitp, quandus proprietarius recepit latrocinium, & quando latorem. 5Eut if a 

man take W soft's again tljat wccc llollcn, it is no offence, iinlefsi Ijc fauout 
tlje tbief, a? iss afojcfaic. 

SDbc punifljment of SC^eftbote ijs ranfom anb imjjnfonment ; ano feeing tfjc 
yuniff)ment of STljcftbote, lubicl) i0 greater tben concealment of felonp, is but 
ranfom ann impjifonment, it Ctanbetlj bjitl) reafon, tbat tbe punifljment of 
a mifpnfion of felonp fljoulo be but fine anb impjifonment. SEbeftbote ig fome# 
times tafeen pro ipfo latrocinio, fo; tbe tbing it felf IfoHen from pott. 

|?ou fljall reao in ancient Sutbojs of Redoubbors, Addoubors, oeribco of tbe 
i^rencb boojn addoubeur, tbep are in liato patcbers, botcbers, 0; menoeri of aps; 
parel. tbat talie h tbeftbotc of dotb Cann cbange it into anotbcr faibionj) ano are 
ttoelling out of ifurgbs ano Cities , becaufe in tbofc oaps llcurgbs ano Cities 
lucre fo tocll goDcrnco, as fucb offenoers toere fcon oifcoDcreo: fojtbep iuere 
not tben commenoeo, fo; tbat tbep tnere populous, but fo; tljat tfje Cobcrncrs 
iuere p;obiDent in p;ebcnting of offences. 

Of Indidments. 

See the i. part of 
the InflituteSjSeft. 
194) 195- 

Holcrofts cafe. 

Artie, fuper Cart. 

cap. 10. 

The fame was a- 

gain refolved in 

Wrots cafe, ubi 


C;©nc£rning 3!noi(tmcnt tje Ijabe fpo&en fomewljat in tlje Firft part of the 
Inftitutes, Sedl.i5)4.2o8. 0no pou map reaO in mp Kepo;ts manp refolu;' 
tions concerning Jnoittments, vh. Lib,4. £.4.0,41,4.2. &c. lib.5. f. 120,121,122, 
123. lib.7. f. 5,6.10. 1.8. f.57.36,37. 1.9.62,63.116,1 18. 

Wit mill aoo one point abjuogeo in tbe cafe between Burgh anb Hokraft be*? 
fo;e mentioneo in tlje Cbapter, of Appeals, mbicb bias, tbat tobcre it is pio^ioeo 
bp tbe statute de Artie, fuper Cartas cap.3. En cafe del mort del home ( deins le 
verge) ou office del Coroner appent as views, & enquefts de ceo faire, foit maunde 
al Coroner del pais que enfemblement ove le Coroner del hoftel le Roy face I'office 
que appent, &c, 3no in tbat cafe one man toas Co;oner botb of tbe Jiings boufe 
ano of tbe Countp, ano tbe Jnoittment of manflaugbter toas taken befo;e bint 
as Co?oner botb of tbe lungs boufe, anO of tbe Coitntp. ;9no it baas ao juogea 
tbat tbe iEnoittmcnt tuas gcoo, becaufe tbe mifcbief erpjclTeo in tbe Statute m$ 
rcmeoico, a? tocll tnben botb offcesicoas in one perCon, as toben tbepboere in oi^ 
Uers ; ano tbercfo;c in tbis cafe tbe rule Oio IjoiO, Quando duo jura concurrunt in 
una perfona, aequan:! ell, ac fi effet in diverlis. 


Cap. 62* Of IndiB merits, 13 5 

Richard Wefton^comatt, Litcfct^ant of §>tr Gervafe Elwys, aiLicittcnant Of 
tfje ^ColMCr, anil unucr tlje Jlicutcnant, !U»tpcC of &ir Thomas Ovobury lljcn sir Tho. Over- 
j)nfoncr in tijc 2DoUicr, toas inHttteD ; ifoj iljat l)e tije faiu Richard tljc p tiap of ^"""r '^^i * 

May An.ii.Ja.Regis, in tljE STottlCr of London, gatiC to tJjC fatD ^ir Tho. Over- Se'e before cap ^i 

bury poifon calUU iSofeacrC in bjOtJ), toljicljljc tte fain a>tl' Thomas rccrt^JCD. Ofmurdermore 

Et ut idem Rich. VVellon prsfatum Tho. Overbury magis cclerirer intcrhccrct & '^^ this cafe. 

murdraret, i Junii Anno 1 1 Ja. R.egis fupradidl. gaDe to l)im anotljcr JJOtfOn callcD 

Mljitc Srff nicfe, f c. anti tljat i o Junii An. 1 1 . fuprad. gaijc to Ijtm a ^ciron calleo 

Spercurp ^tlblimat in SCartS, ut prxd' Th. Overbury magis celeriter intcrticeret Sc 

murdraret : anu tljat a pcrfon unknotun in t!je pjcfcncc of tljc faia Richard We- 

fton, ann h^ \w commanDmcnt ans procurement, tljc 14 naj' of Scptcmb.anno 1 1 

fupradidt. gattc to tljc faio 3»ir Thomas a gl})ftec miict toitlj poiion calico spcrcurp 

fublimatj ut praedidtum Thomam magis celeriter interficeret & murdraret. Et prs- 

didus Thomas Overbury de feperalibus vcnenis prsdidtis, 6c operationibus inde, a 

prsdidis feperalibus temporibus, &:c. graviter languebatufque ad 15 diemSepremb* 

Anno ii.fupradido, quo die didtus Thomas de prsedidtis feperalibus venenis obiit 

venenatus. &c. Snti albeit it Din not appear of ttljiclj of tljc faio pDifonsljctiietij 

yet it toasi refolyeo bp aU tlje Slwuges of tljC JSings Wtxit% tliat tJjc 3;nt)ictment 

luasi goDt) ■■> fo J tlje fubftance of tljc Jnnictmcnt toas;, \uljEtl)cr \)t toas poifoneo oj 

no. ano upon tl)e etoioence it appearetr, tijat Wefton taitljin tljc time afojefaio 

Ijao giuen unto ^r Thomas Overbury Diters otljer poifonSj ag namciv tljc poto;= 

tier of SDiamontigj Cantharides, Lapis Caufticus, ano potuticr of ^ptucr?!, ans 

Aqua fortis in a dPljifter. ^ttti it toas refol\)e& bj? all tl)c faio lEutges, tljat albeit 

t^efe faitj poifonjs toere not containeu in tlje JnBictment, -^n tlje etiioence of gi^ 

tiing tljcm Dsais fufficient to maintain tlje Hnniamcnt ; U% tljc fubllance of tlje 

3;nDictment toas (as befoje i% im) luljctljer Ije ijoere potfonco oj no. 31£ut toljen 

tlje caufe of tlje murticr i? lain in tlje HnBicm.ent to be bp poifouj no eminence 

caubegiben of anotljer caufe, aji b? weapon, burning, ojotontng, oi otljcr caufe, 

Jiecaufe tljep lie Oittinct ano feteral caufe? : but if tl)C muroer be lain bp one feinn 

of ii)capon,a!S bp a ^tnojo ■■, eitl)cr 2Dagger, ^tylctto^o:. otljer like ineapon is fuf^ 

ficient eljiocncej bccaufe tljep be all unuer one ClaHis o: caufe. 5lnii aftertoaros, vide li h6 

Ann Turner, Sir Gervafe Elwys, anlJ Richard Franklyn a pijpfitian, fpurVirpoj of Mackaines°"caft 

tlje poifons 3 toerc inniften as accelTo^tes befojc tlje fattuonc : ann it mas re^ acc 

folijeo bv all tlje faiu Huoges, tljat eitljer tljc pjrofs of tlje poifons containeo in 

tljc SnDictment, oj of anp otljcr poifon, toere fufficient to p?oi)C tljcm accclTc^ 

ties : foj tljc fubttancc of tlje Snuiflnient of tljcm as acceffojies tes, toljetljcr 

tljcp Dio pjocurc Wellon to poifon S»ir Thomas Overbury : anH bccaufc tljac 

not onlp Ann Turner anO Richard Franklyn, b«t fomC of tlje OCgrec of J^O^ 

lilitp toerc innicteo as accelTojies in anotljer County, viz. in tljc Countp of 
Midd. tiibcrs notable points tocrercfolDco upon tljc Statute of 2 E. 6. i^ittt, 2E,^cap.i4. 
Sf tlje 0ccciroap be in tlje County of Midd. to'^crc tljc iSings UPcnclj is, ano 
tljc principal oio tlje i?elony, ?c. in anotljer County, tljat tlje Cotirt of tljc 
liings IBenclj is toitljin tljc toojDS of tljat 0rt, viz. ( and that tiie Juflices of 
Gaol delivery, or Oier and Ternainer, or two of them, &c. ) foj tljC caufcs ana 
teafons gii)enintljc3lojDZancherscafeLib.^.fo.ii7,ii8, &c. ^cconoly, if tljc 
3!nt)ictment be taken in tlje ?^ings 315enclj, djen tlje Juttices fliall not tojitc in 
f^eir tm\ names, quia placita funt coram Rege. 2rijirt)ly, Di^jcrs pjeCtcntg 
luerc (Ijeiuet) toljere tlje arceffojy toa? in tljc County of Midd. toljcrc tljc JSings 
JlBenclj fat, ano tlje principal luas attainteu in anotljer County, tljat tlje 3iuftt# 
cejB of tljc Uings HBcnclj Ijaije remoiJCD tljc ISccojii of tljc attainUer of tljc pjin? 
Cipal befo?C tljcm \^^ Certiorari, anO fo it taas none in tlje JLOJO Zanchers cafe, ubi 
fupra. 2Dljc like pjcCoent tuas fljetocn in a cafe toljcrc tljc principal toas at*= 
taintct in tljc County of Oxon, ano tljc accelfory mas in Midd. ano t^c feingg 
515enclj fitting tljere, tljc SuHtfcs of tlje fame Court remo^eo tljc attainuer be^ 
foje tljcm ^ Certiorari, ifourtljly, it teas refolDeo, tljat tljc JLciH S>tctoar3 
of England, luljo is a Zw^^z in cafe of l^iglj 2Crcafon, 0; i^clony committco 
iy any of tlje jpars of tlje Kcalm, is toit^in tljefc toojDs, Jufticesof Gaol-de- 

% livery 

1^6 Of IndiBments. Cap. 62, 

livery, in; Oier attU Terminer, iccatlfe \}t iiS a %\\^\it of Oicr ailD Terminer, foj 
IjiiB autlicijitp i^ lip Comminion, aim t\)t toojuis of Ijis Comniiffton Ic after tii^ 
tocriS WCitaiiS, Et fuperinde, audiend', examinand', & refpondcre compcllend', 
& line debit' terminand' : fo a0 ije Ijatl) yotocr to Ijcar anti cctcrmtnc. aim 
toljeiE tlje toojusi IC [or any two of them] tljat t|S to 1)C iutciiDcti, iMljcrc ti;crc i)C 
ttBO Dj mo?c SuftiKis i aim yet tuljcrc tljerc is i)iit cue, it crtcimctlj to Ijtm. ^g 
39H.6.42. t''^'^ Statute of Merton cap. 3, poU3er icing gitocii to tlje ^bfiiff in cafe of Re- 

zjAfl. p.7. difTeifin, tljC lOJOm? iJf j AflTumptis tecum Coronatoribus placitorum Corona?, &c. 

in tljc plural ntimter. iJno ^Jct inbcre tl;erc is but one Cojoiier in tljc Count)) 
tlje S>tatute crtrnng tljcreunto, ann tlje ^Ijcriff fljall tafee tljat one. 0lfo tie 
tUOjOjS of tl)e Statute are furtljer, That then the Juftices of Gaol delivery or of 
Oier and Terminer, or other there authori7ed : luitljin luljitl) IjOOJCgj [ or other 
there authorized ] tW lom ^tctBarB is incluoeD. i^iftljlp, if tlje llecDjD of i\)z 
attainuer luere bp tREUtt of Certiorari remobeo cut of London into tlje ijingp 
Bcncl), tljen tljcve arofc anotljcr coubt upon tl)c fain Statute, if afterUiaros anp 
pjocamng fijoulti be Ijao againftanvPar, foj tljattlje luojns of tlje a)tatutebe, 
The JufticeSj &c. ftiall write to the Cuitos Rotulorum, or Keeper of the Record 
where fuch principal lliall hereafter be attainted •, an5 tljC attainler in tljis cafC 
toas in London, aim tlje Jliings iirenclj imas in Middlefex : fo as if tlje IRccajD 
fijoulo be renioVifO into tlje Jiiings 3feiul) in Middlefex, tlje Uctojn flDulo not 
be \Bl)cre tlje attainter ^ag Ijas v ant confeciucntlv, tlje lom ^telaiarD cculo not 
Injite to tlje lungs )f enclj. ;3nii tljcrefo?e to pjcljent ali queftions, it uiais refold 
DcD, 2Eljat in tljis rafc of tlje JiojH ^tctoaro, no Certiorari fioulD It granteo, 
but a fpecial Mir it njoulDbeciretfetiaccojDingtotljeiuojtisiof tljefatt Stttotlje 
CommilTioners of Oier ano Terminer in London, to certific tu^etljcr tlje p;itt#= 
cipal toajB ronijitfco oj acquittco t anD tljcp wane a particular Ccrttficste acfojs= 
tiinglp, fo as tlje Mecoju of tlje attainoer of tlje principal, oio nottoitljCaniing 
tljat Certificate, remain tuitlj tlje Commitfioncrs of Oier ano Terminer in Lon- 
don : fo as if anp furtljer p^ocecoing fijottlo be lja», tlje lojti S>tcluarti migljt 
XD>%ixt to tljem, as after Ije oia in tljc cafe of R. Carl of S. ano F. Ijis tffiHife. 

aino it ijs to be obferljeti, tljat tlje ancient toall of London (a mention iMljcreof 

uotlj pet remain ) cictcntietlj tl)jouglj tlje ^Totocr of London : ano ail tljat uil)ict5 

i% on tlje Meft part of tlje Wall, is toitljin tlje Citp of London,vi7. in tlje ^a^? 

• riflj of All-Saints Barking,in tlje Mam of tlje SCotoer of London : aim all tljat ig on 

tlje CBaft part of tlje Mall is in tlje Countp of Middlefex , ano tlje Cljambcc 

* of ^ir Thomas Overbury tnajs luitljin tlje Kmtt on tlje Mett part of tlje faio 

Mall, aim tljerefoje Wefton toais triea toitljin tlje Citp of London. 

0nri luljere it is often faio in manp a 0tts of parliament, b Kecojng, ano 

^ E*^""aD"*^^' '^ ^""^ ^^^^^' ^^^^^ ^^^ ^^"^ cannot put anp man to anltojer, but Ije mull be ap*^ 

2j. 'I.'s.c^. ftat.j. W^^^ iJP 3niii(tment, ^jefentmcnt, oj otljer matter of Meco jo t aCrue it is, in ' * ^Jcas of tljc Ctoluttoj otticrcommott offences, i^ufanccs, fc. pjincipallp cowj^ 

37 £.3. capas. ccrning ot'bcrs, oj tljc publicfe, tljerc tljc Uing bp ELato muft be app^feo bp %x^ 

42 1" '' cap ^* fiflwent, lajcfcntment, oj otljet matter of Eecojn ■■, but tlje lung map Ija^e an 

fcRotliaun '' Srtion foj fuel) iujong as is none to Ijimfelf, ann tuljcreof none otljcr can Ijabe 

18 H.g. m! anp 0(tion but tljc jfeing, Initljout being appjifen bp Biimicfment, ^jefcntment, 

Rot.Parl.ijE.?. OJ OtllCr matter of KCCOJH} as a c/ Quare impedit, eQuare incumbravit, a Mrtt 
dzErii^ 29 of /Attaint, gt>l SDcbt, h'^ztxmt of Maro, « Cfcljeat, ^Scire fac. pur re- 
sir John A Lees P^aler patent, &c. 
cafe. r 7 Vide St BE-j-go. 26 E.3.74.tit. refcous ii. 43 E.?.32. 
per Knivet. 2 John deBritaios cafe. gE.j.ip. 45E.?. Decies tantum 12. rf 5 E.2. Quar Inip.167. g^E.g. 
Br'ejie. « 17E.5.50.74. F.N.B.48.f.i3E.3.Jurifd.23. /42 E.5.26.F.N.B. 107. D^ 19 H.6. 47. 54H.6.3. &c. 
h 39 H. 6.26. I H.4.1. ij E.3. Corody 4. j Rcgift. fo. 165.3. F.N.B. fo.7.b. 21 H.3. B'rc S82. Eritton fo.28.b. 
cap.18. 1^ 16 E'J. Br'e 6$i. 



Of Councel Learned inPleas of the Crown. 

-r Tff 7^crcanyperfont?'iitiiictcnof Cteattiitoj ifdonv, anu pleaued) to see before cap.?. 
Y Y tijc anvcafon oj jTcIonp, not gtiiltp, liiijict) pctlj to t\)t fatt bett foaolr*^""' 
' ' knoton to tijc patti' i it is Ijolmi tljat tljc partp in t!jat cafe fijall 9E4I2. 
Ijal3e no cottnccl to giijc in cDiocncc, oj allcogc anp mattct foj Ijim ; Imt foj aia stanf pi cor. 
tnttri) ag ex fado jus oritur, it ig uf ccffarp to 1)C epptainetr, mi)at matters upon is.i-b. otherwife 
i)iis arraipment, oz aftct not gtuU]) pIcaocD, Ijentav allcDgc foi Ijis Dcfcnrc,ann 'vilich irthe^fdic 
j)jap cottnccl Icarnco to itttcr tljc fame in fojm of am, of the party. 

0nD fira upon tlje arraignment toljat anDantage Ijc map tafec in cafe of 10tgl) j _ 
SCreafon hv tlje Common iaUj. 3f it te foj comparing tl;c ccatlj of tlje il>tng,ije 
map allcDgc, tljat in tljc Btnuiflmcnt tljcre is no fuel) oDcrt oj open ^(t fct coUin 
in particular, as iis fufficicnt in %m, oj tlje like, jfoj it is to be obfertjcu, tl^at i h.7.2j. 
in no cafe tljc partp arraigncu of aCrcafon oj i'elonp, can pjap councel Icatnco 
gencrallp, lut muft (Ijciu fomc cattfe. 

S»econ5lp, in cafe of ^iglj SEreafon tp fojce of anp ffatute, Ije map alletige, 2. 
tljat tt)C Intiicmcnt being grounoen upon a Statute, t\)C statute is citljer mifta^ 
ken 0? not pttrfuco. 

SEljirtilp, of toljat matters Ije map take asijantage eciuallp concerning tl;em 3, 
botlj. ^c map alkogc, tl)at tljcre toas not at tljc time of tljc Snuictment cf 
^iglj :Crcafon5 tU'o lalijful accufers, tljat is, tluo laluful toitneffcs. 

i^ourtljlpj of toljat matters lie map gencrallp take attoantage in all cafes of 4. 
SCreafon ano i?elonp. l^e map allcoge, tijat tlje offence is not cectainlp allcogcD 
in rcfpect of tlje matter, time, anu place, oj tljat Ije is not rigfttlp namec, oj Ija^e 
not a rigljt aanition^oj tljat tljc offences mere Done befoje tlje laft general parcon. 

i^iftljlp, after Ije Ijatlj plcaoeo not gutltp, toljat atiDantage Ijc map take upon 5, 
tljc cuioence : ^e map allctge, tljat Ijc ougljt to Ijatie ttoo iaUiful teiineffes in 
cafe of !^iglj SEreafon, to p?oi3C tljc fact againft Ijim. 

3ij;tljlp, Ije map take aonantagc in arreft of ^uogment, if tlje ijcrtict be founn 6. 
againft Ijim, t^at tlje trial came not out cf tljc rigljt place ; as it fell cut in Arun- h, 
dels cafe conuicteo bp a 3[urp of 'milhil muroer ; Ijc infoimeD tlje Court, tljat tlje Arundds cafe,' 
Surp tljat trico Ijim came out of a tojcng place, fiuo tljereuponljc Ijao Ccuucel 
iiearncn altigneo Ijim ■■, toljo intiao fount), tljat tlje Venire facias iuas mifaii^ar^ 
Bcti, ano tljc Court ttjercof bp tlje Conned being infc?meii, jungment li;as fiapet, 
0nii tljat tlje pjifoner map allccgctljefcoj tlje like matters, it is cwiccnt : be^ 9 £.4.22. 
caufe foj etierp matter in 3La\u arifing upon tlje fa£t,tljc pjifoner fijall IjaDc Coun# 
eel learneB afiigneo ijim* Slfo it is laluful fojanp man tljat is in Court, to in^ Stanf.ubi ftp. 
fojm tie ^ourt of anp of tl)efe matters, left tlje Court fljoulo err, ano tlje pji^^ see bc^re IbW, 
foner unjufilp foj Ijis life pjocecBco toitlj. Sitiu tljc reafon tuljereof regularlp in 
cafe of Streafon ano i?elonp, Mjen tlje partp pleaos not guiltp, Ije Duas to IjrM 
no Counfel, tuas foj ttoo cafes, i^irft, foj tljat in cafe of life, tlje etiioence to 
tonlJince Ijinv fljoulo be fo manifca, as it coulD not be contraoicteo. ^econi5lp,tljc 
Court Dugljt to fiicj tljat tlje Snoictment, SCrial, ano otfier p jocecsings, be gmo 
ano fufficicnt in Jlalu , otljcrtoife tljep fljoulo bp tljeir erroneous judgment at*: 
taint ,tlje piifoner unjuClp. 

Robert Cherford COUnfelleO tljc P^io; of tlje |3jio;p of Binham in Norfolk, Rot.ciauf. , 
tljat John of Leicefter tlje iaings Serjeant at ^rms, coming to tljc P^tojp itiiitlj l^ftb^'^'^'^' 
tlje ^ings Mrit of pjii3p ^eal, fljoulo not be aomitteu to tlje ^jiojp : foi 
Mjiclj counfel Ijc usas incittco in tlje iiings IScnclj, ano oepcnoing t5e ^;cccs 
upon tlje ^ntiictment, tlje !Singooilj paroonljim: ano in t!)e |Daroon is ton^ 
tainco a Supeifedeas to tlje ^wfltccs, commanoing tljem to pjocKO no furcljcr. 

T 2 CAP. 


Cap. 64. 


Mich. 1 2 & 1 5. 
Eliz.2')6. Dier, 
Coniers cafe. 

a 19 H.6.47. 

5 H.7. 10. 
Stanf. fo.5. See 
before cap. Trea- 
fon. Verb. Si 
home counterface 
le grand Scale. 
b Pafch. 4 ]ac. A- 
bingdons cafe re- 
folved by the 

cM. 12&13 El. 
ubi fupra. 
See before ca.3. 
OfMifprifion of 
d 7 H.4.27. 
21 E.4.71. 
Heydons cafe. 
Lib.9. fo. 67. 
Mackallies cafe. 

6 Lib. u. fo.5. 
e Lib 
Vauxes cafe. 
Saunders cafe. 
Lib.Q.Sr. Agnes 
Gores cafe. 
SeePafc.52 E.5. 
coram Rege Rot. 
62. Ph. Cliftons 

cor. 1 26, 
26 Afr.47. 
5H.4.1. 7H.f.42. 

Of Principal and Acceflbry, 

Ailbdt Sttfticc Stanford Ijatlj tuetl coliertrtr t'fjc 'Efok^ concerning Pjincipal 
anD 5lcccnbj}J, pet diverfa defidetaiitur : anH ncccffatj) it iis, t^at fomc 
tljingg tottcljtng tl)e fame (Ijotiliii k awieD, toljict) are ijcrp nccctTarj) to be 

3lt is a furc Ulltle in llato, t^at In alta proditione nullus poteft eflfc acceflbrius, 
fed principalis fokimmodo. %i)i$ mlt being toeU unBerftcDDj xaiW open tljc rea^? 
Ton of i}i'o(x$ tafepj luljiclj jjet arc in^olDeti in DarKnefsf. 

^iglj SCi'cafon ig citfjer bp tljc Common Jlaio), oj b? M of ^^arliamcnt : toe 
toill fct Dolun eicamples ()ai\nc\) eDer tio iliuffratc) of botij. 

A. ootlj rotmtcrfcit tbc liingg Coin, v'n. S»l)illtng!Sj ann C. ftnotoing t1)c fame 
Botl) receibe A. ano comfojt ana aitie bim ; tljiis roiintcrfeiting ijSi^igljCreafon 
b? tl}c Common %nM) in A. ag Ijatlj been faifl t ano pet it Ijatlj ban Ijolnen tljat i« 
'tbiis cafe C. Ijatb not rommitten 2Creafon : foj fap tbep, in cafe of jTelonv, a res' 
ccibcr of a i^clon after tljc i?elonp noncfenotoing Ijim to be a j^elon, is no pjin*; 
cipal, but an accelTojv ■■, ann foj tljat ttiere is no acceffojii in 2Creafon, tljcrefoje 
C. in tbc cafe befo;ic committetb no SCrcafon ■■> foj tljen in jntigment of Jlatjjljc 
muft be a cotniterfeiter of tlje toings Coin toitbin ottr Statute of 2 5 E.3. tobic^ 
1}c is not : ano tbcrcfo?e tljep fap, tljis is Cafus omifTus, ano not toitbin an? of 
tbcCiaffes ojl^eaosof tbe fain Set of 25 E.5. JlBtitall agra;, tljat procurers of 
futb snreafon to be bone before tbe fact none, if after tbe fact be Done accojoinglp, 
in cafe of SCreafon, arc principals, foj tl)at tijep are participes criminis in tlje 
berj> act of cottivterfeiting. 

a Eut facing reformation toe fjolD, tijat if anp inan committetb ^igb SCrea^ 
fon, anti tbcrebp becometlj a 2Draito?> if anp otljer man knowing bim to be a 
SEraitor, ootb receibc, comfojt, ano aio bim, be i$ guiltp of SEreafon, foj tbac 
tbere be no acceffoncs in ^igb ^Ereafon. b ant fo it i»as refoltjco in tbe cafe of 
Abingdon, tobo receibcD, comfojtcD, ano aiteti Henry Garnet ^upertoj of tbe 
31cfHits, hnoloing bim to be guiltp of tbe |Dottiticr SCreafon, ano accojoingl^ 
Abingdon toas inoitteo ano attaintco of il^igb Creafon, 

c Sim tabere it is faio, tbat tbe faio offence in Conyers cafe \uas mifpjifion of 
2nreafon,tbat cannot be, becaufc tbere toas a confent, anu not a concealment on# 
Ip : otbertoife, l^igb aCreafon being tbe bigbeft offence fboitlo batic moje fa<= 
bour tben iFelonp : foj tbe recciber ano comfojtcr in cafe of J?elonp is ptmifljett 
bp oeatb, ano fo is not be tbat committetb mifprifion of SCreafon. UnD lafflp, 
tbis is no neto 2Dreafon, but a partaking ano a maintaining of tbe olo. 

3n cafe of i?elonp tbere are principals ano accefforicg, ano 0cccfro?ies be of 
t\i30 forts, eitber before tbe offence be committeo, oj after. &eetbe Second part 
of the Inftitutes, W. i.cap. 14. 0no concerning tbis, tbere be alfo certain 
Mules. ^Nullus dicitur felo principalis, niii adtor, aut qui prsfens eft abettans, auf 
auxilians adorem ad feloniam faciendam. 5iut tbiS Kule b^tlj WS crccptiOtt : 
for c ill cafe of poifoning, if one lapetb poifon for one, or infufe it into IBjotb, 
ox tbe Itfee, albeit be be not prefenttoben tbe fame is taken --, ano eitber tbe partp 
mtcnoeo, or anp otber is poifoneo, pet is be a principal; ano in tbat cafc,botti 
tbe principal, ano procurer, or acceJTorp map be abfent. &ec tbe JlPmfes aforci? 
fato for accctTorics before tbe ifelonp committeo, ano tobere ano in tubat manner 
tbe pjotttroncnt (Iiall be faio in Jlatn to be purfueo : tbe learning tnbcreof is fo 
plainlp fet oonm, as tbe fame nao not bcrein to be repeateo. / Nullus dicitur 
AccelTorius poft Feloniam, fed illequi novit Principalem Feloniam fcciffe, &: ilium 


Cap. 65. Of Mi jprijions. 199 

receptavit & comfortavit. a SlnD ti}ctdoie if a matt tojitc Jlctteris fbj Ijts ueliDciv a 26 a(t; ubi ftp. 
ance, o} in faijour of Ijim, oj tljc Ufee i ije is no acccffojp, foj tijat Ije rccciDcn 

not ti)C fdon. 

b SLMic&ty totjicij tntttttrtcD an 0ppjoDct; tuljic^ touit notreaD, toljilcft Ijc iMk.vR.a.coram 
toajs in ijjifon, to reatij luljercbp ije rfcapen, louas anjimgeD not accedavp to tljc RegeR0t.23.canr. 

fdonp. , '"•4^'- 

Catlin anti Browne 3«ff iceg of mift in tljc Countv of Suffolk put tW cafe 
to ail tljc 31ttiigc0. c a man committeo felonv in tljc Countp of Suffolk, fo: c Mic n & 12 ei. 
iBljid) Ijc teas committcD to tJje dDaoI , ano R. an jatturnep auijifco tlje frtenosi of 'j^^ ^f^ of Roberts 
i\)t felon to perfluaDc tljc tuttncffcs not to appear to gite cttiocncc againft Ijim, ^"omey- ^ 
toljicl) tuai5 none acro?tiinglp. 0nii it toais refoltico, tljat ncitljcr tlje frienngnoj 
t^c 3ttojnp toete accelTojiejB: to tljc felonp, Ijttt tljat it toa? a great contempt anu 
mifpjifiou, foj tolnclj tljcp migljt be fineo ano impjifoncD. 

d K\)C acccffojp cannot be guiltp, of petit ttcafon, iuljerc tlje principal i$ d see before cap. 
guiltp but of SI9urtier, fo% Accefforius fequitur naturam fui principalis. P^"' treafon. 

c Sf niviersi commit anp murDcr, oz otljcr felonp, one man map be botlj pjin^; 1 7 h. 4.27. 
cipal anil accclTojp to tlje otljer. 

^ic befoje cap. Clergy, tljat if tlie p^ncipal before attainoer Ijatlj Ijisi Clergp, f 2 h. 4. 16, 
tlje accelTojp i? uifcljargeo. Sim note gcnerallp, luljete tlje principal befoje at^ 
tainDcr is paroonco, o; Ijijs life otljerlutfe fabcti, tlje acceffojp is Difcljargen. 


Of Mifprifions divers and fcveral : and firft of 
Miiprifion of Felony^ Sec. 

OiT a^ifpjiCott of treafon \ot Ijabe alreaup fpofeen, ann of tlje Ctvmologp of 
tljc tnojB. 3t remainet^ notu tljat toe fpeak of otljer spifp^iOons. 

spifp?ifion is ttoofolo : one is Crimen omiiTionis, of omiffion, as in conceals 
ment, oj not nifcovjerp of treafon oj, felonp : anotljer is Crimen commiillonis, 
of commilTion , as in committing fome Ijepnous offence unocr tlje begra of 

W^ mifp?iCon is of ttoo fojts, viz. |3afft\jc, anb^ctibc; ^^affibe is of tljc na^ 
turc of concealment, toljercof fome be bp t\)t Common iLato, ano fome bp &ta#: 
tute* 15p tl)e Common JLato, as pallibe mifp jifion, tljat is concealment of ^tglj 
aCrcafon, toljercof toe Ijabe fpoken ■■> ann ^affibe afitfpufion, tljat is concealment 
of felonp, toljercof toe arc noto in tl)is Cljaptec to fpeak. &ome bv Statute ; as i Mar.i.Parl.c.ia, 
if anp be mobeo to make commotion 0? imlatoful affemblp, ann 60 not toitljin i Eiiz. cap. 17. 
24 Ijours neclarc tljc fame to a Siwftice of ^Dcace, S>ljeriff, ^ajoj, ojS5ailiff, gtc. See t'le /econd 
Concealment bp 3IUries. 3 H.7. c. i. 33 H.8. c,6, &c. fuccs w fcaW 

i^oto are toe to fpeafe of concealment o^ not oifcobcrp of felonp* 0s in cafe " ' ' ^ 
cf ^iglj SCrcafon, toljctljcr tlje treafon be bp tlje Common iU-atoj 01 Statute, tljc 
eoncealmcnt of it is mitpjifion of treafon. &o in cafe of felonp, toljetbcr tljc fe^f 
lonp be bp tlje Common iato, oj bp ^tatutc,ftljc concealment of it is mifpiifi:* 
on of felonp. 

31f anp be p^efcnnt toben a man is flain, anu omit to appjcljenB tljc flaper, it s E.2. cor. 39 j. 
is a mifp?ifion, ano fljall be punifljeo bp fine ano impnfonment. 

Slnh as tljc Concealment of l^iglj aCreafon is Ijigijcr bp manp Degrees tbcn 
tlic concealment of felonp, fo tljc punifijment foj tlje concealment of t^c greater 
is bcabicc tljcu of tljc IclTer, ano pet tljc concealment of felonies in &ljeriffs, Seethe 
0} IBailifs of liberties is mojc fcbcrelp punidjca tljen in otljers, viz. bp impji^ expofuion tiiererf 
fonmcnt bp one pear, ann ranfom at t|c toill of tlje i^ing. ;^rom tobiclj pu^ u^^ ^"P- 



Of Mr^rijionf, 

Gap. 6 5. 


See before the 
chapr. of Mifprifi- 
on of tredfon,foI. 
36. and of Princi- 
pal and Accef[ory 

* Ecckfiaftes c. I o. 
V. 20. 

flSee'the 2.p3rtof 
the Inliitutes W. 
It is high treafon 
to kill any of 
them in their pla- 

b j^E.^i^.ipE 3 
judgment 174. 
RegeRot.5>- Ebo- 
ruin, 41 E.g. Cor. 
:8o. Nota the for- 
feiture of his lands 
is but during his 
life. 41 E. 5.25. 
c Int. leges Alve- 
redi cap. 54. 
5 El. Diet 188. 
2 Ja. BellinghaiTis 
cafe Coram rege 
with his elbow 
and fhoulder. 
d 3;.H.8.cap.i2. 

?Mich. 1 5 EI. in 
the cafe of Peter 
Burchet Efquire 
of the middle 

ntftment if anp teill faue I^imfdf ^c ntitft foHotu tljc atiDtce of Bradton, to niU 
ccijer it to tijc iatng, oj to fomc ^mge oj S^agittrate, t^at foj auminiltration of 
jiiCicc fuppltetl) W plare, mt\) all fpeeo tljat Ic can. 

Non enim debet morarj in uno loco per duas nodles, vel per duos dies nee de- 
bet ad aliqua negotia, quamvis urgentiflima, fc convertere, quia vix permittitur ei 
ut retrofpiciat. 

Hnti tW ts tntcnflcn of a roucealmcnt, oj not tiifco\)Ctv of W mkx fenoiu;^ 
Ictge : i^oj if in rafc of M^i) treafon, ije tljat fenotoctl) it, htioic it he none 
ano affcntctlj to it, is particeps criminis,anii guiltp of treafon t anD in rafc of fe? 
lonp, \)e tljat rcceiijctl) tlje tljicf anu alTcntctlj to it iis acceffoji). 

§»rc fjffojc in tljc Cliaptcr of flpifpjiriDn of treafon, tljat 'c\3crp treafon antr 
felonj' Dotlj include in it mifyufion of treafon ano felony, ^ec tljc 3>tattitc of 
23 El. c.r. ^f mifp?ifion, tliat isf, crimen commiffionis. 

Com)jariing0j oj imaginationg againft tlje lung, bp tuojn, toitljottt an oncrt 
arr, is a Ijtg!) mifpjifion, as befojC is fain. -^ In cogitatione tua ne dctrahas Regi, 
&c. quia avcs coeli portabunt vocem tuam, Sc qui habet pennas annunciabit fen- 

a ?f ,anj) man in Weftminfter Hall, oj in anp ot'^cr place, fitting tljc Courts 
of Cljanrcrv, tljc Crcljcqtter, tljc icings Wctit% tlje Common lif encl), oj before 
3ufticc0 of ^fTtfc, 0^ Snfttces of Oieranu Terminer, ( luljicf; Cctirtg arc men:* 
tioncn in tlje Statute of 25 E. 3. De proditionibus ) fijafl ojato a iaeajjon upon 
anjj 3t!i5ge, oj 3u{ticc,tliougl) be lirtkc not ■■> tW is a great mifpnfion, l> fcj tbe 
M)it\) be fljall lofe bis rigbt banc, anti fojfcit bis lantis ann goms, ann i)\5 boop 
to perpetual impjifonment : tbe reafon bcreof is, becaufe it tenoetb an impcdi- 
mentum Legis terra;, c a)0 it iS, if in VVeliminfter Hall 0% anp Otbcr place, ficting 
tbe faitt Courts tbcre, oj bcfoje Suftices of 0ffife, oj Oicr ano Terminer, anD 
luitbin tbe Mifm of t\)e fame, a man Dotb flrikc a iuroj, 0; anp otbcr mitlj 
tueapon, banti, fljottHier, clboiu, oj fcot, be fljall bat)c tbe lifee punilbment •, but in 
tbat cafe, if Ijc make an affault, ano ftrike not, tbe offenoec fijall net ba^e tbe 
like punifijment. 

d 'ii anp ffrikc in tbe ^^ings palace, tubcrc tbe !Sings ropal perfon rcGcetlj, 
be fijall not lofe bis rigbt bann, unlefs be ojalu blrofi ; but if be njata liloiu, 
tbcn bis rigbt bano fljall be ftruckcn off, be perpetually impaifonca, anu fincD 
aiiD ranfomctr. 

.4pote tbe Jiaii) makes a great Difference bcttDcen ftrokeojbloiu, in oi bcfo;c 
anj) of tbe faiD Courts of Siitti^t} lubcrc tbe liing is rcpjefentatitocl)) p^fcnt, 
ano tbe iaings Court, toljere btS ropal ^erfon rcfioetb. foi in tbe isings bcufc 
(asbatb bktn fain ) blcotimullbc njatot, tobicb n^netb not in 0^ befoje tbe 
Couvts of Snttitc, but a ftroke onlp fufficctlj. 0gain, tbe punifijmcnt is moje 
rc\3ere in tbe one cafe, tbcn in tbe otber t fucb bonour tbe ILato attributetb to 
Courts of 3;uflicc, tnbcn tbe lunges oj36ufticcs are toing of tbat tobidj to %u^ 
flicc appettainetb : ano tbe reafon is. Quia Jufticia tirmatur Solium. 

31Eut note,tbat bp tbe ancient JLalus of tbis iftcalm, llriking onlp in tbe ?^tngs 
Court toas punifljen bp DCatb. Vide Lambert inter leges Ins cap. 6. Si quis in 
Regia pugnarit, rebus fuis omnibus muldtator, & fitne morte etiam pledendus. 
Regis arbitrium & jus efto. Inter leges Canuti cap. 56. Si quis in Regia dimi- 
carit, capitale ello, &c. Inter leges Alveredi cap. 7. Qui in Regia dimicarit, 
ferrumve diftrinxarit , capitor, & regem penes arbitriam vitae necifquc ejus 
efb, &c. 

e Peter Burchet pjifoncr in tlje SCoiuer, ffrokC Uiitbtn tbe STotoer John Long- 
worth bis ^Secper Ciuljo ftcoti in a winooto reaoing of tbe Mhlc) liiitb a billet on 
tbe bean bebinn, toberebp blcDtnoaas fljen, anu ueatlj inUantlp enfuen : tbis he* 
ing Uicbout anp pjo\3ocation luas anjungetimurner, fojtubicb be luas attainted, 
ano befojc bis crecuticn ( Mj\)id) tuas in tbe Strand oijer againft Somerfet-houfej 
bis rigbt bann toas firft Crucken oft", bp foicc of tbe .S>tatutc of 33 H.S.foj tbat 
tlje 2Cotoer luas one of tbe €iurens ftanoing bonfcis 02 |3alaces. 

snije lyings IDalace at VVeilminfter batb tbis libertp ann pji^jilcnge, vh. 


Cap.65. Of S^if^nfwru. 141 

Nullx citationes, aut fommonitiones liceant fieri cukunque infra Palatium Regis Pafch. 8 E. 2. Co- 
Wellm. ■ ""1 rege Rot. 28. 

%xkz pjitiilcijge Tjatl) WeftminfterHall, oj otijct: place, tatjere tljc iliiup Jm^* ^°''f- 
Ciccsi, f c. fit,. as by tljcfc foUotoing Uerojtus iippcavctlj ,♦ 

a Qiiia BcdellasUniverfatiscitari fecit VVil.dc Wivelingham infra oftium auls a Mich. 12 E. 5. 
Wellm, Julliciariis fedentibus, ad comparend' coram Cancellario, &c. pro quo fe Coram Rege Rot. 
pofuit in gratiain Regis, committitur Gaols, & Hcnricus de Harwood, ad cujus fe- '°'" ^*'"^- 
(ftam profccLitus fuit, committitur Marifcal. & finem fecit 40 s. 

h Matilda de Nyerford, filia Willielmi de Nyerford militis defundi, liitr libel i Placita coram 
againft John C'arl of Warren, aUD c Johan de Barro CountCS of Warren t\)t iStngS ^°"".'"° ^^8^ 'i 
niece ( in camitina dominx ReginsConfortis Domini Regis; in a cattfc of matri;^ apud w"(]m''"hi 
tnonp ana tiliJOJCC, anH tljC fame Johan de Barro toaiS Citcn in tljC lyings palace pra:fentia d!5m?ni 

at Wertminiicr, gfc. gt tuas: Upon full etamination of tljc catife, antutisco in Regis. An.21 e.i. 

^tarliamcnt in tijcfc UlOJOp, Quod prsedid-um Palatium Domini Regis, elt locus '^El'anordaijghter 
exemptus abomni jurifdidione ordinaria, tarn regis dignitatis & corons fuse, qua witli'willianiEarl 
libertatis EccKfis Wellm, ^ maxime in prsfcntia iplius Domini Regis tempore of Barry alias Ear- 
Parliamenti fui ibidem : ita quod nullus fummonitiones, ieu citationes ibidem fa- ro in France, and 
ciat, & prscipue illis, qui funt de fanguine Domini Regis, quibus major reverentia, ^^^ iPue the faid 
quam aliis fieri debet, &c. Confideratum eft, quod officiaf committatur Turri Lon- ^j ^^^^^ °ETrY"* 
■ don, & ibidem cuftodiatur ad voluntatem Domini Regis. Warren, 

^ecc tUJO tljinpave pjincipallj to be obfcmeo : i?trll, SHljat tljis royal pji^ 
bileDge \5 not onlp app?opjiatct) to tlje palace of Weftminfter, but to all tlje 
isinggi palacejs, luljerc Ijig royal ^Berfon refine?. §»eccntilv, Sljat tljig pji\3i^- 
lengc is to be crempten from all Ccclefiaflical jurifDicioit, Regis dignitatis & 

corons fus ratione, &c. 

Sf auv to refcue a pjifonec in oj befojc anp of tljc aboijcfairi Cotirtg, com^; 22 e 3. r j. 
mitten bv anp of tljc afojefaio Juftices, it is a great mifpjifion, foj U]l;tclj be 
ano tl;e pjtfoncr alfenting to it, fljall forfeit tljeir lanns an'o gcoDs, ano tljcic 
botiies to perpetual imp?ifonmcnt, but fljall not lofc Ijiss l)anti,becaufe no ftrofec 
ojbloU) luas gibcn. 

315ut it luas rcfoIijCO bp all tljC SilltigClS, tljat tuljere Thomas Oldfield, fitting Trin. 8 Jac. reg, 
tl)C Court of tlje SDutcljp of Lancalkf , ixiitlj a knife fiabbeti one Ferrer a 3uflice oidfieids cafe, 
of peace in tlje ijietn of tlje faio Coutt,tljat tije Court of tlje SDutcljp luag none 
of tlje Courts to makeit amifpjifionto lofc W ligljt ljanti,$c. but tl)C offcucer 
Was to be inBictcDi ann grie\)ouflp finen. 

3nti in 9 El. one Guirling lirofee anotljer in tl;e Mlljitc Ijall, fitting tl;e 30^^ Pafch. ei. Guir- 
fiers of IXcciuefts, auD it tuas tljcn rcfol\3Ct) bp tlje Court of Jtings l!f enclj, tbat lings cafe. 
it luas not anp niifpjifion foj tljc lyaljiclj Ijc fljoulu lofc Ijis rigljt Ijano, gee. but 
Ije toas incitteti ano fineo. 

Quia Thomas de Holbroke manus violentas impofuit fuper Joliannem de Loud- Hil. i^E.g.Coram 
ham, &c. ad SelTionem fuamfedentem apud Gipwicum, & eum dementitus eli, RegeRot.io4. 
committitur in Parliamento Turri London, & finitur 20 1. & invenit fex milites " * 
manucaptores pro bono geftu fuo. 

anti toljcrc fome of tlje bcoks abouefaiti fap, tljat tlje offender fljall fojfeit Ijis 
lantis, anu fome tl)at Ije fljall be nifljeritcn, pet tlje forfeiture of Ijis lanDS is on^ 
Ip foj tcarm of Ijis life, ( as before is faiu s ) foj being nofelonp, tlje blrot) is 
not cojruptcB, noj tlje Ijeir oifinablen to inljerit. Sno tljisfcijere punifliment is 
at tlje fuit of tlje l^ing, anB tlje partp map Ijaioc Ijis action, anti it fljall be tticD 
bp tljc officers ano criers. 3nD foj fuclj a Dtroke Thomas of Whittelly rccobereo „ . 
fiije Ijunujco pounBs, Trin. 9 E.3 . Pvot. 1 5 +. Spion. , u° Midd.'" 

Britton faitlj, Afcuns trefpaffes font nequedent pluis puniftiable, fi come trefpas Brie. c.25. f47. 
fait en temps de peas a ''^ Chivaliers , ou auters gents honorables per Pubaws, * Nota, for the . 
ou auters viles perfons i En quel cafe nous volons, que fi Ribawe foit attaint al digo'ty of Koign« 
fuit de chefcun Chivalier, que il eyt ferue per felony fans defart del Chivalier 
que le Ribawe perd fon pome dont il trefpaffa : fo great a rcfpett in tljofc Daps 
ittjas "ban of lionour ano ojoer. Ribawe is taken fjere foj a Uafcal Kuffian. 
2Cbece is a great mtfpaifion toljen anp reijcnge is fougljt againfl a yx^gt, Su* . 


» ' ■ ■ ^—— — ■ 

142 Of <*%fiJ}rifion, Cap.65. 

Sice, ^Dfftcetj 3!uroj, Serjeant, CotmfcIIoj, ^intfter> oj Clerfe, foj t'^at, \a\)it^ 
tljcp 50 fit Btfcljarge of tljcir UUul Buticis, office?, anti placcis, concerning tlje 
anminiilration of 3uftice. 
Mich.?? & 34 E.I Roger de Hegham anD Otljcrs ieing 3^\lfiim of Oier anti Terminer, anU fit# 
Coram Rege Rot. ting in t\)t (BT:c\)£(n\ct cljamlJEr, gatoc judgment foj Mary late t!)e luife of VVil- 
75- liam Brewfe piaintif, againtt William le Brewfe HJefcnUant, toljtclj jungmenc 

"mas pjonounreD bj> Roger de Hegham. William de Brewfe DemanneH Of Roger 
de Hegham if ije tooulo atotn tl)C jtiugment, ann fatOj Roger, Roger, nouo tljou 
Ijafl t^p toiU tol)icl) of long time tljoti Ijall fought : of M)om Roger de Hegham 
Bcmancetij lDl;at is tljat ^ Ko lulioni William de Rrewfe faio, mp fijame, anu mp 
lofs, ann tljis 31 toill rctoam oj recommence, oj 31 will tl)ink of it. Mlljcreof ijc 
Icing inuicteu anu arraignetr, ant conferring tlje offence, t'^e Kecojo faitlj, Et 
Nota. '3'-'''' '''^^^ honor, & reverentia, qui minifbis domini regis ratione officii fui taciun- 

tur, ipfo regi attribuuntur i lie dedecus 8c contemptus miniflris fuis fadl' eidem do- 
mino rcgi inferuntur ■■, Confideratum e(\ quod praed. Willielmus de Brewfe, difcin- 
&US in corpore, capite nudo, tena depofito, eat e banco domini regis ubi placita 
tenentur in aula Wellm', per medium aulsprsdidt', cum curia plena fuerit, ufque 
ad Scaccarium ( ubi deliquit) & ibidem veniam petat a praefato Rogero, occ. & po- 
ftea committitur Turri London, ibidem moratur' ad voluntatem regis. 
Braa. lib 2. io<. '^"^^ ^^^"^ ctamplar J) jungment againft a (HJentleman of a great ant Ijonoiir^* 
Thefe word's were i^ble family. Quslibet pcena corporalis, quamvis minima, major elt qualibet poena 
given to the Trea- pecuniaria. 0nD itt tl^at iSecojD it ilS faiU, Quod dominus Rex rilium fuum pri- 
furer of EngUnd mogenitum, & chariffimum Edwardum Principem Walliae pro eo quod quasdam 
ment'^of p^"'^^'of '^^^^■^ groffa cuidam miniftro fuo dixerat, ab hofpitio fuo fere per dimidium anni 
Gave[lo!t, amovit, nee ipfum hlium fuum in confpedu fuo venire permiiit, quoufque di(5to 

minirtro de dida tranfgrelTione fatisfecerat. 
Hil. 20 E. 5. Co- QL"^ Petrus de Scales minatus fuitRidim de Worlingworth, quifuit de confilio 
ramRegeRoc.160 Johannis deMoten, de vita & membris, didus Petrus invenit plegios de bono 
geftu fuo. 

2Cl)cte be man]) ISecojBs foj abufing of lurojs, viz. Pafch. 10 E. 3. Coram 
Rege Rot.87. Gilbertus Twilt. Pafch. 2d £.3 . ibidem. Rot. 22. EfTex, Tho. Hub- 
bert Hil. 7 H. 5. ibidem, Rot. 24. Ricfis Cheddre. Mich. 17 E. 2. Coram Rege 
Rot. 63. 

Percullio clerici curise in veniendo verfus curiam, &c. Trin.i i E.2. Coram Re- 
ge Rot. 42. London, i^ot oulp tljefe particular retjengejs aboiicfaiD, hut allot^ct 
of Malm feino foeber arc great mifpjifions. 
Cap -itineris. ^^^'^ ^''^'^" ^"^ rebcnge i$ foiigljt againff an? man foj complaining in anp of 

§ uitimo. ' tlje liingiS Courtsi, fuper gravaminibus, &c. foj griebance0, gfC. Quia deterret- 
homines a querelis fuper gravaminibus in forma juris. De hiis qui vindidam fece- 
rint, eo quod aliquo modo fuper praedidis gravaminibus in Curia domini Regis 
conquefti fuerunt. 
Pafc. 10 E. 3. Co- Jufticiarii taxaverunt damna 2 Marc' fuper Willielmum Botesford, eo quod mi- 
ram Rege Roc. 86. nabatur quandam Hawifiam de vita & membris, eo quod ipfa profequebatur ipfum 
Line. in placito tranfgrellionis. 

ititer leges inae c. "^^ ^^^^ concUiDc tl)i!3 point foj pjitjate rebcnge Untb an ancient Jlatu befo jc 

9. Lamb. See the tlje Conciueft. 'Si quis private confilio illatam fibi injuriam vindicaret, antequam 
4. patt ofthe In- jus squumfibi dari poftulaverit, quod nomine vindidse eripuit reddito, integrum 
ftit.cap.Chancery. rei pretium prseftatd, & 3 o folidos dependito. 

dinarwoolfe*^'^' ^^ "^ ^^^^ Fourth part of the Inffitutes cap. M tljC Cljancerp, ill tU ^ttiilt^ 
Arc 4, 5 6.11.41. againff Cardinal Woolfey. Artie. 4,5,<5.ii.4i, 



Cap. 66. ^ 14? 

Of Conlpiracy. 

CilDnfpti'acp J is a confultatfon ann agramenc tjctbjan ttuo oj mojc, to ap^- vide 
pcal, oj tiiDift ail innocent falflp, anD niaUciottflp of i'=donp> \uljom ac^ ^°nno ?/e 'i ve 
cojninglp tljcp catife to be inotctci) oj apycalcD ■■, anti aftctlMarB t!}C partp ig lato* Mag.can.parc i. 
fuHp acqutitcn l)v tljcDcrnittoftlucIbe men: tljc partv griclJCD map bcrelreWu, fo.ui. & defint- 
ano iljc offcuuer punifljeo tiuo toapg. S^ix^:, bp aMlrtt of Confyiracpj istjicl) is "on confpif. 
a ctDil oj common Action at tljc futt of t|}e partp, loljerein tlje platnttf 0iall xz^ ^^fob ''^"^" 
coDcv Damages, ann tljc Defenuant fljall Ijc impjifonen. S»ccont)Iv, Ip Jnticttucnt Artie! fup. cart. 
at tljc futt of tl;e Uing, tlje jitogmcnc luljereof tp criminul , of toljiclj t!;c arc i^oto b. 
tofpcafe. ''^V"5- 

Z> t!llpontl)i0 ftiit of tljeiliinc^, if i\)t offcnters! be conijictcn, tlje jtttipicnt t<i »t^nt.pi.cor.i72, 
grteijousaut! tcrciblc, viz. scijat tljcp (Ijall lofc tljc fjcctom oj francfjifc cf die Lib,4. fo.45, 
3latD, to tlic intent tljat Ije fljall not be put 03. Ijao upon anp Siurp oi Siriife, cj in^, 
anp otljer teQimonv of trutlj t ann if tljcp babe anp tljinr; to no in t!)c liingiS 57^58. 
Courtsi, tljcp (ball come c per folem, id eft, bp bjoao nap, ann malie tbcir^ttoj^^ t-^a'^ **'' 
np ann fojtljtoitb return bpbjoan tap. jS^nii tijeir boufeg, lantig, ano gcoiigj flail 43*e,3.' contpira 
be fetfeii into tbe %i\\^% Ijanuis, ann tljeir Ijoufes ann lanog ettrcppeD ann toaiJcD, cy. n.^i^. 
tljctr triJ0 rcDten up anu arrafetr, anu tljeir booicsi to p:ifon : all tljings retro^ 4 H.5. judgnienc 
grace, ano againtt oxner ano nature, in ccilroping all tljings tbat bauc pleafu^ ment as^in auain? 
ret 0; nourifijet tljcm ■■, foj tljat bp falfijmti, malice ano pcrjurp, tljcp fougbt to see the firft pare 
attaint ant obertljjoto tlje innocent. OTljiclj tutgment in our HP rokss 10 rallct of the inftitutes. 
a billainoi!j3 jutgment. 5?iriT, in rcfpert ot" tbe Dillanp ant fljame lubicb tbe ^^^t 
partp batlj lubiclj receibctb it. §)econDlp, foj tljat bp tbe jutgment be lofetb tbe [J™'^^ ^'^' 
freccom ant francljife of tbe 3la\i), ant tberefojc unterpctb a feint of bontage RotT43.^^^' 
ant 5)illanp. 3nt tbe reafon of tbiis bcabp ant terrible /utgment is : i. jl?oi Pafc'h. {2 e.?. 
tbat tbe offcnters babe coufpirct ant plottet tbe tcatb ant fijctting of tbe blrot <^°""i ^^^8^- 
of an innocent. 2, SCbat tbep to it tmter fair pjetence of Sufticc, ant bp ^°^'58- 
courfe of jlatojtDbicb toas inttitutet fojtbe protection ant tefence of tbe innocent. 
3. aCbat if tbep bat attaintct tbe innocent, be flioult baUe loft bis life, ( bv 
an infamous teatb) ^)i^ lants, W grots, ano bis pofleritp ^ foj bis blast tbcrcbp 
fljoult babe ban cojruptct, $c. 4. :31l tbis faldjcot, malice, ant perjurp is 
commtttet in placito Coronse, in a fuit foj tbe^aing, tuljicb aggrabatetb ant in^^ 
crcafetb tlje offence-, foj tljat tbe t>ing is tbe ©eat of Juftice, ant apiotcttoj 
of tbe innocent : ant tbecefoje at tlje ?^ings fuit, aitt not at tbe futt of tbe partp, 
tbis Ullainous iutgment fljall be giben. Sio as tbe Jlalu batb eitcellcntlp ttftri^ 
butet tbe remeties > tbe pjibate action of tbe partp to gibe \iim tamages, f c. 
ant tbe fuit of tbe King fo j e;templarp punifljmcnt. ant it is to be obferUet,ti7at 
tbis CUllainous jutgment is giben bp tljc Common ilatu, (as in tbe cafe of iit^ 
taint) ant not bp fojce of anp Statute. 

lJittgE.3.temantetof bis Suffices ant Serjeants, luljetber tibers men be^^ 27L!!5.aiT".p.:2; 
ing intittet of confpiracp foj tbe intitting of R,.of i^elonp, lucre mainpernable 
til no i 0nt tbep anCinerct tljeteing e;:p?e(lp> tljat tljep \ucrc not, tn refpert of 
tlje otioufncfs of tljc offence. 



Cap. 67 

See the fourth part 
of the Inflitutes, 
ca. the Chancery, 
Ardc. againft Car- 
dinal Woolfey. 
Art. 27. Vide 
Nemo poteft duobns 
dominis Urvirr.aut 
enim unim odin ha- 
btbit, & alterum 
diligst, aut urtim 
fuftinebit, & alte- 
rum contmnet. 
4Regum cap. 5. 
v.-6,8rc. Gchefi. 
See 5 Jac.c.^.con- 
cerningthe fervice 
of a Subjeft as a 
Souldier or Cap- 
tain to aforraign 
Prince; hereafter 
cap. Fugitives. 
VolyAor. Hall. Hol- 
ling\hedStoix>, &c. 
flRot. Parl.7 R. 2. 
ru.15. 18. 20,213 



Of Penfions, &c. receiv.ed by Subjeds of For= 

raign Kings, &c. 

1% isi notIa\DfuI foj anp §>ul)|cct of tljc M\\^ of England to ta&0 a Penfiou, 
etc. of anv fojraign Mwp |Onncc, oj^tatc f toitljout tljc Jtting0 Itfcwce ) 
albeit tljep i)C in Ilcaguc tuitlj t%t litng of England ■■, lotlj, foj tij.u tljcp nia^ 
Iccomc cnemiciSj aitu foj tljat alfo it is mifcljicDous anti Daugeroug to x\)t Mwg 
Ijimfelf auD Ijis ^tatc, as it appcarctlj !))> tljis 2Difticl)on, 

Principe ab externo veniunt lethalia dona, 
Qus Itudii fpecie, fata, necemque ferunt. 
01111 tW ^ais (tap tljcj)) tljccafe of tijc JLojd Haftings Cljamlicrlain to i^ino; 
E. 4. tobo in t\)z iFiftantlj pear of Ijis lacign, rcccibcn a |9cnCon of t\uo 
tlioufanu Crotonjs pearip from tl)C i^renctj iiing ; toljo being infoimeo bv 
Btuftice Catesbye Ijis intuarc fricnn, anti otljers Icarncti in tlie Jlatu, tljat 
tl)e receiving Ijercof toas an offence againft lain, being ticCreo bp Pierce 
Clcrett a iTrencijman ( toljo pato tljc |)enrion ) to make \)im an acattittance 
foj receipt tljcreof foj bis Difcljarge, titterip rcfttfco tlje fame. SDljis res; 
pojt 31 50 tlje ratljcr bofo to be true, foj tbat all our (jBugltfl) ^iftojians, 
( toljo foj tlje moft part rcljearfe but tbe carfeafs oj outfine of anp point in 
iiatj) ; gii3C great cresit beretmto. 9n5 toljat ill confequence tljis anu otbec 
lifee penfions, ann otljers of tljc Counccl of i^ing E. 4. ijan, pou map rean 
in our l^iftojies. 

&a tbe cafe in7 Pv. 2. of ^ Spencer ^ifijop of Norwich v ant! tijcrc alfo flje 
cafe of b Pierce Creffinghani, anO Otljers X anO of c »>ir William Ellingham auD 
otljers, punifljcti fojreccibing of monep,9c. of tbei^rencbiuug, toljidjDjeto 
tljem tuitljouttlje icings licence, to pielo up<Iaftles ano .f ojts in France ccm*^ 
ntitteo to tbeir cufioup, punifljen bp i^ine anc 3!mp?ifonment. 

^it the fourth part of the Inliitutes, cap. Of the Chancery, Artie. 27. againft 
Cartinal Woolfey. 


Cap.68. 145 


Of Bribery, Extortion, Exadion, 5cc. 
And firft of Bribery. 

BRihery is a great mifprifion, when any man in Judicial place Fortefcue, ca.jt. 
takes any Fee or Pcnfion, Robe, or Livery, Gift, Reward, or 
Brocage of any perfon, that hath to do before him any way, for doing 
his office, or by colour of his office, but of the King only, unlefs it 
be of meat and drink, and that of fmall value, upon divers and grie- 
vous punifliments. 

T^i0 tUCjn [Bribery] COWKtl) of tl)C JrrCUtlj tUOJD Briber, \d)U\) fipifiCtiUO 
5cV30ur, oj eat gratilp, applicD to tijc tici30iiruig of a tojnipt JnOgc, of . ^ 
mljomtlje pralmift fpcaktng in tljc ycrfon of dPon, fattlj, Qiii dcvorat pkbcm P'-*''^ ^3-4' 
meam licut cfcam panis. Qui cognofcit taciem in judicio, iion bene facit : ifte "^"^^ 
pro buccella panis deferit veritatern. 

315tit let uspctufe tlje XEjancljcs of t\)i$ ncfcvtption. 

f[ A great mifprifion. 3 jlEut it inav ic olijcttcn, tljat 15?il)crp tn a Rot. Pat. Anno 24 
31tiiip Djais fomctimc aojungcti a Ijigljec oftcncc. J^oj toljcrcas at tijc aiTifcsi ^"^'of paV'A™no 
IjolDcn at Lincoln ill tl;e 23 ycat of E. 3. an Crigcnt toasi to Ija^c Mn aU)ar# /^ £.5. part 1. 
DCD againft Richard Saltley, Hilderbiaiid Borefward, Guilbert HoUiland, Thomas ni.17. 
Derby, anO Robert Dalderby, toljo fojmctlj) IjaD hkxi iltnictca of t)iMCl'5 i?clO^ Rot.Parl.25 E.3. 
nirg Ijcfojc a>u- William Thorpe, Cljief S^uGtcc of t^claiup 215cncl), anu one ""v'°; 
of tljc SitflicciS of 0fl"ifc of tlje faioCountj) of Lincoln, Ijc tl)c faio s»ir William ^^ ■ ^' 
Thorpe to ftaj) tlje faiO Mrit of Exigent ngainft tljem, Cepit munera contra 
juramentum fuum, viz. of Richard Saltly loli. of Hilderbrand 2oli. of Holliland 
40 li. of Derby 10 li. anU of Dalderby 10 li. %incc Edward tlje^TljittiapjJointei) 
tl)C CDarlS of Arundcll, Warwick, anti Huntingdon, anU t\U0 JLOJtig, tl;C ilOlC 
Gray anU tijc lojo Burghers, to ctamtnc tl)e matter. lf-cfo?c tnljom ^ir Wil- 
liam Thorpe htintt. cljargcD laitlj tlje faio :^jiberp, Non potuit dedicere, dec 
iPoto tllClSecojO fattlj: Confideratum ell per didos Juliiciarios allignatos ad ju- 
dicand'. fecundum voluntatem Domini Regis, & fecundum regale poffe fuum, "^ '-■* 

quod quia prsdidus Williehnus de Thorpe, qui facramentum Domini Regis,auod 
crga pOpulum fuum habuit cullodicndum, fregit maliciofe, falfe, & rebelliter in 
quantum in ipfo fuit, & ex caufis fupradidtis per ipfum Williclmum, ut prsdi- 
dum elt, exprefle cognitis fufpcndatur, & quod omnia terrs & tenementa, bona 
& catalla fua reinaneant forisfada. 2Eijtg fcntence fitmetl)tO Ijabc l)i,Sfounl!at£On 
ais luell upon tlje oatl) of tlje Sucgcs, ( foj tlje Kccoxti faitbj contra juramentum 
fuum, anti tlje conclufion of tlje ;SDatl), And in cafe ye be found in any default in The Oadi of ths 
any of the points aforefaid, y^' Ihaii be ad voluntatem Kegif, of body, lands, and JuHices Anno 
goods, thereof to be done as pleafeth him. : 00 alfo f03."tl)at tljiiS laft dattfc is '^ '^■'' 
cnaceti iy antljojitp of |3arliament fag tljcp fap) in Anno 20 E. 3. Sno Ijcre^ 20 £>-.«?. 2, 
ypon tljC)^ tl;e fain 3Lojt)0 lucre appointed to jtingc fecundum voluntatem domini 
Regis, & regale poiTe fuum, accojDutg to. tlje \j;o;H!,s of tljcflDatlj anD 0ct of )t^aiv 
Itamcnt. Siwo tljis jiicgment uiap rcpcatco in Anno 25 to tl)c Jiojn?, ano affirm 
meti hv tijcm. 

Sljis pjcfment is not to le follolucti at tljis tiap foj m'beris cattfes. fitd, it 
fccmctl) li)) tlje Viiolation of tlje lyings £)atlj,an!) of tljts toojn [rebelliter] ano tp 
tljc fojfeiuire of all Ijtis lano.s auo tenements! to tlje iliing, t'ljat tljis offence fVc"l3 

a 2 U 

IA.6 Of Bribery y Extortion, &'C, Cap. 68 ^ 

he aCteafon agaitttt tlje !fting, anti ttjcn it icing eitljer ^igtj STrcafon, o?. 
ipctit aCreafon, it ijs tafecn aluapljp tijc Statute of 25 E. 3. De proditionibus, 
t\)t fame being none of t^cm tijat arc ti^erc ocpjcffci). Sni) in all tljc JSe? 
cojo tijip toojn [fdonice] i$ not to ic foitnu, ag it owgljt to ;|)aDc ban, if it Ijao 
been iTclonp. 

i^citljct bp tlje luojuisof tlie ^atlj, oi of tljc fttppofec Sitt of 20 E. 3. can 
il)C jutigmcnt ( quod fufpendatur ) be iuarrantcB t foj tljcfe TWOjBS [ to be at 
the Kings will for body, &c. ] cannot bc c]ctenfico to lofs of life, no ino?c 

Anno35E.i. the t\)m tijC ^tatUtC of Carlifle ( fub forisfadura omnium, qus in pntelhte fua 

ftat. of Carlifle. obtinet) cttcnuctl) not to fojfcitucc of lifc, but to impjifonmcnt, <jr. viz. lot? 

of Ubcrt|i, gfc. 

20 E.3.cap.4. 2iBut at tl)is parliament, \'n. in Anno 20 E. 3. tafeing in Isanti of (itiavrcls 

titl)cr tljcn tljcir oTam, anc maintenance of tljem, is pjoljibitco upon tlje pains 

afojcfain, viz. tlje painis containea in tlje faio fuppofcu 3d; of 20 E. 3. cap. i . tip*- 

on pain to be at ourtoill, bonv, lanDjs ann gmijiB ■■, to tio tljcrcof ap fljall plcafc 

mx )ii\)ic\) toitljout citteflion iMas neijcr crtennct to lofsf of lifc, tc but to im^ 

pjifonmcnt, as common c]tpericnce Dailp tcacljctlj. if oj, Hsc eft voluntas Regis, 

2 R.?. fo.ij. viz. per Jufticiarios fuos & per legem, &c. 2DljercfojC, aS bV t\)t KCCOJD appcar«= 

See 8E.2.cap.;. ^^% ^^^ William Thorpe toas paroonco anti rcttojco to all l)is lanBs. But) tuc 

Roc.Pari. 10 R.a. toctc ocfirous to fcc tljc Mccojh of tl)C Stt of 20 E.3. cap.i. but tl)crc is no l\C^ 

DU.24. cojD of anp fuel) SiA in ttic parliament ISoll. Sim tl)e bcrv frame ano compofi;' 

tion of it famctlj to be but a rcljcarfal of a Commannment from tljc iiing : fo?. 

t^t letter of it bCginnetlj. Firft, we have commanded all our Juftices, that they 

fhall from thenceforth do equal Law, &c. anU tljcrcfojC juftlp omittCD OUt of tljC 

Iparltamcnt Moll of 3fts of |?arliamcntst ann pet tlje impjinting of ic nc*= 

ccfiarp, foj tljat tljc fourtl; Cljaptcr of tljijs ^parliament ^atlj reference to tljc 

pains rentaincD in it. 

vide 1 H.4 nu.p9. It is enadtcd by Parliament Amio 1 1 //.a. in thefe words. 

&Nota. -' ' 

Rot. Pari. Anno Item. /^^1)e f/ul Chaftcelor, Trcaforer^ Garden del PrivicSeal^Coitn- 


never1mp"im£d. V^ filor le Roy^ Serjeants a Coimcell del Roy^ ne md auter 

Officer^ 'Judge tie mimlier le Roy^fcrrtants fees on gages de Roy pur lour 
dJtz ojficcs OK fervkes, preigne en md manner en temps a vener afam 
manner de done on brocage de tudltiy pur lour ditz> offices c^ fervices a 
fajrc, fur peine de rcjpondcr au Roy de la treble que ijjint preignont^ 
^ defatisfier lapartie^ ^^ puny s al volunt le Roy ^ d^foit d/jcharges de 
fin offtce^ fervice, (^ councel per touts jours^ C^ que chefcun que zioiera. 
purfuer en la dit matter^ eit lafuite cikien pur le Roy^ come pur lny mefme, 
& eit la tierce part delfomme^ de que la par tie eji dnement conviCL 

^ DlBp tljis M of parliamcntjtoljiclj is tljc iungcmcnt of t^c Mjolc parliament, 

it appcarctlj, tljat, if tljat to'bicl) is impjinteo as tlje firft Cljaptcr of 20 E.3. Ijaa 

been an 2£t of parliament, tljcn tljis Statute of 1 1 H4. 1001110 nctocr lja\)cin0t# 

(tcD tljis feino of punifljment, toljiclj is otljcr, anc far Ids tljcn tljat toljidj is 

mentionen in 20 E.3. 3nD tuljcrc it is fain in tljis 3d: of 1 1 H.4. [ 6f punis al 

2 R.?.ii.5. volunt le Roy j tljat is> bp fincanu impjifonmcnt bp tljc Court luljere tljc ron;# 

'^ Plac. de Pari. Diction fliall be i fo J, as Ijatlj ban fain, Haec eft voluntas Regis, viz. per Jufticiario5 

inCr'oEranno ^'^^^•' & legem fuam, & non per dominum regem in camera (ua, vel aliter. 

"9 E.I. S>oas bptoarrantof tljts 3d: of parliament toe Ijatje faio, tljat 51£jibcrp is 

Et Hoiilngfti. a SI- iipjiflou \ foj tljat it is ncitljcr aCrcafon, noj i?clonp i ano it i^ a great ^iU 

chron^pag.284, pjiflon, foj tljat it is cDcr acrompaniea toit^ |3criuri'. 

febn Td abiu * ^^"*^ " ^^' ^^"^^^ ^'^ Thomas VVeyland, Cljicf gufttCC of tljC Ccttrt of Ccm^ 

red. ^ ' ° won pleasjtoas attainteo of iFclonp, but it toas not foj 315?iberpjbut being guilcp 


Cap. 68e Of Bribery^ Extortion^ &-c. 

of Icing accclToj? to wtitDcr, foj tljc luljiclj bp tljc Cftmmon JLalu ijc \13a0 abjurcn 
tljc IRcaliti. 

ILikcUiifc Adam dc Stratton Cfjtcf JJBaron of tlje Cicclictiucr, a man of great 
poffcffionsi ana ricljcp, toajs attatntca of fcloup Ip Intn comntittco : all toljiclj 3 
colUrt ttpon iSecojDS of iDarliamcnt tljc furcft gutocg. foi in tl^e parliament 
Ijoltien in 18 E.i. in t\)c fame vcar toljen Ijc lua© attaintco, 3 fine ttoo pcttiions Roc. t>ari. 18 E. t. 
one V^ffcrrCDljp Inmfelf in t\)ek \UO150, Adam de Stratton petit gratiam Regis, '^o- 5-""7'^i- 
quod reilituatur ad aliquam partem terrarum fdarum, & de bonis luisquje habuir lefcjn'^the Record 
tempore quo tint ^ viz. 26000 1. ' 

<!Dl)C Otljcr hv Margaret de Boteler in tljcfc iDCjCiS, Margareta qus fuit uxor Job. Et ibid. num. dj. 
dcBoteler, de qua Adam de Stratton tenuit 12 1. lo s. in London, claniat habere ut 
efchaet. Refponfs. Pvex non conceffit ■■> quia in civitate nulla elt efchaeta niii R.egis 
SlnD at tljC fame parliament f.3. it ie tefolVicD, non funt nifi tres forms brevis de 
Efehaeta ■■> Qiiia utlagatas, vel fufpenfus, vel abjuravit regnum. Sntbp confcquencc 
Adam de Stratton fiting Ijis lauDs cfcljcatctij mtttt Ijabc tlje ItiCgmtnt of one of 
tljcfe t\nic. Wi\)ic\) tuc Ijabc aooeo to anf\uer fccrct objcftionjs t^at miglit hz 
mane out of tl)C miftakings of out Cljjonicleg. 

SUlje reft of tljc iuCices toerc remobeo, fincf, ano imyjifonen, fabing Johan- Rot.Pari.20 e.i. 
nes de Mettingham, anH Elias de Beckingham, toljo totljcit eternal mcmcjp anD ^°'" 5- 
ijonour tocre fotmo up jigljt, anu froj from all bjibcrp ano corruption. 

3;t luasi petitionee in parliamcntjtljat tlje Statutes luljcrebp t\)t BJuGicesi of 10 r. 2.num,24; 
tljE one bcnclj oj tljc ottier fijoulo tafec no rctoarn, ne be of anp mans f»t, nmv be 
Dbferbcij.SClje Jiing0 anfmer Uia0,[2ni)c3^ing \m\) ano toill cljargcfudj SuSice? 
to minifier rigl;t, ano luoill puniflj tl)e contrarp, ano tljercfojc luiUctlj tljat all 
Statute? maoc toucljing tljcm ano tlje JEarong of tljc ejccljetiuer, be maoe boio.] 

f[ When any man in judicial place, 8cc. ] ^01 tlje oifference betlMixu . 
b?iberp anb crtojtion tg, tl;at bjtiberp ist onlp committcb bp Ijim, tljat Ijatlj a jtt^ 
oicial place, anb cjcto^tion map be committcn botlj bp Ijim tljat Ijatij a jubicial 
place, 01 bp Ijim tljat Ijatlj a minifterial office. 

Bnti tljis offence of bjibcrp map be committeb bp anp tljat Ijatlj anp jiibictal "" 

place eitljcr CcclcGattical OJ SCempojal. Non accipies. perfonam nee munera, 
C anb tljc rcafon is ejcpjeffcb bp tlje %olp Cljoft; quia munera excsecant occulos Deut.16.i9, 
fapientum, & mutant verba juftorum. 

if bjiberp Ijatl) fo great fojcc, as to blinb fbe epcs of tlje taifc lubgc, anb to 
cljange tljC bJOJbS of tlje juft, Beatus ille, qui excutit manus fuas ab omni munerc. 
Judex debet habere duos Sales i Salem Sapientise, ne fit inlipidus, 3c Salem Con- 
fcientis, ne fit diabolus. 

SEljDuglj tlje bjibc be fmall, pet tlje fault is great t anb tljis appearetlj bp a Pafch. 17 e.?. co- 
Mccojbin tlje Meignof E.3. Quia diverfi Jufticiarii ad audienduni & terminan- £j^xTh^°B''^ 
dum aiTignat ceperunt de Johanne Berners qui indidtatus fuit, 4l.profavore haben- ners cafe. " 
do die deliberationis fua;, tinem fecerunt domino Regi per iv M. niarcas, fo as tljcp Rot. Pari. 7 R.2. 
paib foj cberp pounb a tljiufanD.marfes. ^tc befojc &n William Thorps cafe, num. 12.15. 
Rot. Pari. 7 R.2. tljc CljancellOj tuas accufeb of a bribe of ten pounb, anb Ijis 
man four pounb anb certain fiflj, luljiclj, tljouglj tljc tljings wxz fmall, pet it 
Ijab ban puniftcb, if it Ijab been pjobeb. 

C Take any fee, robe, gift, or reward.] Eljis is buatranteb bp tlje Anno 18 e. 3. 
oatlj abobefaib. 

315ut abmit tljc partp "<- offeretlj a h^ihc to tljc 3ubgc, meaning to coarupt Ijtm * since thefe inftl- 
in tijc cafe bepenbing before Ijim, anb tlje BCubge takctlj it not, pet tljis is an of= '"[« [° "'^^ 'l '^• 
fence punifljable bp tljc 3lato in tbe partp tljat botlj offer it. ISmber" Trin!"'. 

^ Brocage. "] 2Cljere i$ grob bjarrant foj tljis iuoib h"^ tlje faib ;3d: of 1 1 H 4. fonnadon aga-nfi; 

Kl Of any perfon that hath to do before him any way.] SLljis Ijatlj Bonium Norton 
%i& grounbiipon tljc oatlj afo^cfaib, foasbjiberp map be committeti notonip 3"'^ others. 
Hbljcn a fuit bcpenbCtl) in foro contentiofo ( ajS it Unas in tljc cafe of S)ir Fr. Ba- 

1 48 Of Bribery y Extortion, &"€. Gap.61 

con 31. of S. Alban. IL. CljaficcIIoj of England, lijljo fo? manp crojbitant ana foj^ 

BiB bjiljcvics toas fcntcnccn liv tljc iioins of |3arliamGnt, lul;iclj pott map rrafl 

Rot. Pail. An. ip Jacobi regis 3 lut alfo toljcn aitp ill Iiiiiicial place cotlj anp 

tljiug virtute oj colore officii, tljoiigl) tljcrc bc 110 fuit at all, foi fratiiplc, if tijc 

2 R.:. cap. 2. See iLo?ti SCrfafutci; fo: atip gift oj brocage, fljaU make anp Citftomer, Coiuroncr, 

the Statute of j,j g^p Officer oj si5tniftcr of tlje iSing, tins is bribery, foj Ijc otigljt to take 

5 E. 4. cap. \6. i^jjfijjjig i^ ttjftj ci^j-c i,p tijj. Statute of 12 R.2. bttt tljat Ije make all fuel) iDfli;; 

• ccrsann ^inificrs of tl;e bell, anu moft latoful men, anti fufficieut foi tljcic 

clttmatton ann knotolcrjoie. ( 0n crce llcnt tending greatlp to ijis ipajeftics 

anijantage, to tl^e gojB tifage mn inrottragcmcnt of ai^crcbants, etc. ann general*; 

ij) to tljc anijancemeut of Commerce, SCraue, ann SDrafftck, tlje life of tljis 

Bflant.) l^eantijisi Statute, foj it £13 of a large erteut, ana tlje stattitcof 5 E.6. 

foj tljcp are JLatoss mane contra ambitum, aim luojtlji) 10 be put i\\ execution, foj 

tljev p^Eiiciit briber}) aiin e]cto?tion t foj tljep tljat btip loill fell. 

Vendit Alexander claves, altaria facra : 
Vendere jure potcit, cmerat ille prius. 

Hii. 8 Ja. In Com- 0in, tijat Statute of 5 E. 6. Dotl) ejrteiiti ap Uirll to (il;cclcfiafltcal offices, as 
Tr^e'lers cafc %e 2rempo^al,\i3l)icl) CDiiccm tljC aumiuiftration aim eicccution of ^uttke. 2no it 
hereafter ca. of Si- ^^^ rcfolbeb in tl)e cafe of sDottoj Trever Cliancclloj of a HEifliop in Wales, tljac 
mony, and tiie 1. botl) tlje office of Cljattcelloj ana iSegiftet of t\)e }l£ifi)op are toicljin tl;at 2>ta;= 
part of the inftit. ttifp^ bccaufe tljcp conccm tlje atminitlration of tuffice. 
^ Rot'pari 2 1 lac" "*" ^' ^^^^ °^ ^" ^"^^ SEreafurec of England tcok colore officii ciucrs b jibcs,ftc. 
Regis! ' ' ^i^f namelp louljere tlje irarmers of tlje Cultoms ejcljibitcD a petition to IjaDe 
certain juft allouiances?, luljicij l)is fllDafeftj) refcrren to tljc fain Lom Srcafurer, 
10)1)0 long uclapen tljc petitioners, until tljep gaDc Ijim fcDeral bjibes, ann tljen 
Ije ga\je luap to relieve tljcm. foi tljis, anfi ocl)cr Ijis bjiberies, cirtojtiDus, op^^ 
pjeffious, ana otljer gricDous mifoemcanojs in Ijis feberal offices of tijc JLojn 
aCreafurer, aim spafter of tlje Court of tidarcs ( no fuit being in mxv of tliofc 
cafes ncpcntiingj tspon complaint, anc cljarge of tlje Commons in tljis parlia^ 
ment, auD after cbioent pjtof anD often Ijearing of tljc caufe, tlje Jlojcs of par^ 
liament rtl)e liojti SErcafurcc being bjctigljt to tljc bar bp tlje ©cntlcman SiiKljcc 
ann Serjeant at 0rms, anu kneeling till Ije tuas commantietj to (taim up) upon 
tlje petition of tlje Commons bp tlje S)peaker gaDc tljis iimgmcnt againil bim 
bp tlje mcutl) of tljc ILom lict per in tljefe toojtis. SDljis ^iglj Court of parlia? 
. ment ootlj aojungc ; i. 2rijflt pou L. Q;arl of M. noUi !lo;H) Ereafurer of Eng- 
land fijall lofe all pour offices luljiclj pou IjolD in tljis iiingoom. 2. j3nD fijall be 
foj c\)er uncapablc of anp office-, place, 01 implopment in tljis ^tate anti Com;? 
jncniueaUlj. 3. jann tljat pou fljall be impjifoncoin tlje SCoiner of London tu^ 
ring tlje teings plcafure. 4, j3nD tljatpou fljallpap to our ^oDcraign tljciJing 
dje fine of 50000 1. 5. ^m tljat pou fijall nebcr fit in parliament anp moic. 
6. 0nii tljat pou fijall neuer come looitljin tl)e vEferge of tlje lungs Court i as bp 
tljc fainiSoll of tlje parliament appcaretlj, looljiclj is ia)oitl)p of pour rcaning at 
Anno 21 H. 8. 3n anno 2 1 H.8. 2Bp Articles! uimcr tlje Ijanns of all tljc ILojus of tlje ^mv 
j\rtic. IS. Councel,, ( toljcrcof g>ir Thomas Moor tljcu JiojD Cljancelloj toas one ) aim of 

tljc p?incipal iimgcs of tlje liealm, tuljiclj 3, lja\)e fan, Carcinal Woolfcy taas 
cljargcn ijjitlj biwrs briberies, namelp in tljc 18 Article, in tljcfc inojos. Alfo 
the faid Lord Cardinal conllrained all Ordinaries'in England., yearly to compound 
with him, or elfe he would ufurp half, or the whole of their jurifdidion by preven- 
tion, not for good order of the Diocefs, but to extort t^eafure: for there is never ^^ 
poor Archdeacon in England but that he paid to him a yearly portion of iiis 1 iving. 
2 1 H. 8 cap. 5. 3f flny ^minarp, f c. baling potuer bp tljc 0ct of 2 1 H.8. to grant tljc aBmini;= 
vide 1 R.2. Rot. flration of rljc grous of Ijim tljat Dietlj inteftate, oj as intcltate, to tljc tuitiolju cj 
Pari. num. 4^. ^crt of kin, $c. take anp reiuarn foj preferring of anp perfon, bcfo?.e anotljcr, to 
tlje aBminiftration, it is )S?iberp. 

Cap. 69. Of Extortion^ ExaHion, ^'C. 14^ 

Si quis contra fas & leges adminiftrarit, vd pro odio, quod in alium habuerit, ju- the Law befure 
dicarit perperam, ant dcnique nummarium (e Judicem praebuerit, proprii capitis 'he Conqueft. 
xliiniatione Anglorum jure Regi damnatur, niil quidem kgum id accidifle infci- ^"^" '^S^s Canuti 
tia, &:c. ^■'^' 


Of Extortion, Exadion, &:c. 

T^i$ i$ mot\)tt great a S^ifpjifion, Umitt it i$ accompanfcD iMitl; pci-jittv. a f.ioi. & 
%creof vou map rcaD in tljC Firft part of the Inrtitutes, Sed.701. ^(t alio 102. 
in tlie Second part of the InrtitutcsVV.i. cap.2d,& cap. 10. 0nli in tljc Fourth SeTth?? ""T' f 
part of the InlUtutes cap. Chancery, in tl)E Sfticlcs againft CarHinal VVoolfey. thelnftituiesSea. 
Aricle 3. CBlCtOJtion of £^?tiinaviC0. /> Fvanullatores hominum, extortionatores ho- 701. Verb. [ Ex- 
minum : aRancunnier, an Cttonioner of ttlCn. tortioners'J 2: pare 

c %{)e CoUectojs of tlje ififtans tocuc commirtcti to yjtfon, foj tijat t\)cy cln'^VThe' wrc 
tojk cf tMctv Komx Etgljtan pence foj an acciuittance. of the innitutes, 

d Cojoncr ujas committcD to yiiim, lictaiifc lie tuouto not tafec tljc Dieto cap. chancery, in 
of tljcDeaD boDpjbcfojc \)C Jjao recciucD foj Ijimfelf ftjcfljiUingiS cig!)t penccj auD theAmdesagainf? 
foj W Clerk ttoo fljillings, ant teag finct at fojtp fljiilinffs. ^^"^'"'^ wooifey, 

c 3;f anp of tl)e iiingc Councci oiljis spinifterg Bo eract a bono of anj' cf i)i& i, jjin. .3 e. ?. 
futjiettsi, to romc to tlje ^iing tettlj fojcc a\jD arnig, 5-c. luljcn tljev fijouln Ijc fcnt coram Rege Rot. 
foj, fuel) tujitincss arc to tlje %\\\0 sidjono j : foj tljat ewrp man is liounti to bo 37-.Et>orum. 
to tljc toing;, as"co Ins licgc =lLo^3,/all tljat apiicrtatnctlj to l)im toitljout anp '^ "'''•'° ^•^- *-°" 
manner of U)jitiitg,c note tljesseneralitv Ijereof) anB fttclj tojitings are to be N^rff.^^ °^''*^ 
cancelleB, aji l)i> tljc M appearetlj. , d ibidem in the 

thereupon C bp a:Htl)o?iip of tljis parliament) tljefe conclufton? A follolu. fame Roil. 
iFirftjMijatfoEDerav!!' fitbiettis botmD to bo totlje JKing as to Ijis itcge Jlo^B, f 'E3-Scat.2.c.r5 
no bonB cj tojtttng is to be ejcatteB of tlje ftibjcn: foj Boing thereof. ^rconBlp, ■' °"' 
tHai^atfocDcr bonDjs oj uuHtingsf are to tljc icings Biftonoj, arc againft i!.ato. 
SnijirBlv, tMUljctljer fttcij bonBsi oj icajitings be maBe to t^c lung oj anp otljer, 
tlje bonBs oj \u?.itings be tjoio. 

g U a IBifljop n otljer ecdcCaaical SiiBgc, oj #iniacr, Botlj eract a bonB oj ^^^^^^""'^'r^lt 
catl) of anp perfon in anp cafe (Ecclefiattical not Warrantable bp ^laiu, tljc bono RogeroToveday" 
is \30tB, anB tljis eraction isi punilljable bp fine, f c. tlje ifvccojB i% iicrp long, but & waitcro de 

iBOJtljp to be reaB. 3>iisPvot. Pari. Anno 8 H. 4. num. 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20. Wynborn AnoE. 

ercellcnt matter conccrmng lix,$ in Cottrts: of iuflicc, anB in tl;e iatngs Ijouf^ ;','iv[kh""22 e ■> 

■"^ .... . . Coram Rege Ro'c. 

/j Officialis indidtatus de citando, & affligendo plurimos, non poteft dedicere, iSi.Eboruir. 

& petit quod admittatur ad, finem. /Hil. 2:; E.5. Co- 

i Contra fequelkatores, commiflarios ti alios offic' Epifcoporum pro captione "5" ^^^'. 

feodorum, priufquam debcnt, pro telhmentis probandis. ^^ ^g ^ ^ |j '*° 

/^SCljcertojticnof tljcClergp^anBof tljcir ^iniffer^ tobe enqttircB of bp nu!^^;24. 

SuftiCfS of ^eace. / Mich.' 6 Jacobi. 

Refolutions upon the Statute of 2 1 H. 8. c. 5. Rot.i? Com^ 

3f a man mafec Ijisi aCcCam/nt in paper, anB Bictlj polTeffcB of C^toBS anB ^j,"' Jm™ infor- 
Cljattels aboDC tljc \raluc cf fojtvponnB, anB tlieCrenttojcaufctlj tlje SEelfa^ mer,&c.&jaco- 
ment to be tranfcribcu in parcl)ment,anB bjingctlj botl) to tljC £'?Binarp 5c. to be bum Rowfe offici- 
p?obeB •, 3Bt is at tlje election of tlje ^DjBinarp tuljctljer Ijc mill put tlje S^eal ana =■'' '"^" Archiaia- 
Pjobatc to tlje oxiginal in paper, oj to tlje tranfcript in parcljmcnt ; but toljc^ don^o'fcndan"^' 
tljct Ije put tljrm to tljc one oj tljc otljer, tljere tan be tafecit of tlje dUjcccHtoj, etc. per le chief ]u- 
\\\ tlje toljole but fiue (Ijillings, auB not abo^e, xh. ttto fliillings Gr pence to tlje ftice, wahnefiy, 
£)iBinarv, fc. anB Ijig S^iniftec?, anB tiyo fljillings fir pence to tljc &>[ribc warbHrtoo d?- 

ICO OfSrihery ^ Extortion ^ &€. Cap.6o. 

foj rcgiftrtnc(: t\)t fame J oj t\it tlje fain, ^cxihc to H at \}is Itbcrti', to refitfe 

For punifhment of t^ofe t\j30 fl)iUingp ant fi]c pcttcc, ant) to l)ai3E foi tMiiting ftierp ten Ifncis of tlje 

Eccieiianicai [gj^g aEeCatticnt, luljercof rtcrp line to rontain ten indjess, one pennp. 

tio'li^^SeeVof "dj 3f tlje (jSrenuoj ncftre tljat tljc aCeflanicnt in paper map tc tianfcrtpteD in Com. pavdjmcnt, ijemuft agree toiti) tlje j)art|> fo; dje tranfcripting ; but tlic fi^jtsi*: 

Eborum,somerfet, natp, ^c. Can take notljing foj it, noj foj tljc craniination of tlje tranfcript luitlj 

&c. Anno 4 E i . tl)e oiiginal, but onlj) tlMO fi)illingi3 fir pence foi tlie to1)ole tutp belonging to 

iudIcibus"^Ecckfi- ^J''"* ^'Jfi^f tl)e gams of tlje oeati no not ercitn an Ijunnjets (I)illtng0, tijc ^iny 

afticisdicunt,&c. "atp, 9tc. fljall take notljing, ano tlje S)ciibe to IjaUe onlp foj tojiting of tlje 

Rot. Pari. 8E. 5. IDjobatcfir pence, fo tlje faia Settamentbe erljibtteti in tojiting mitlj tou 

nu. p. The Statute tljerciinto afftreti reatip to be fealCD. taJLlljere tljc grocs cf tije ocac cd anicunt to 

Parch^2 2Vrco" ^^"^^ tljeDalueof an ljunti?cDn;illings,antiiio nor ercKUtljc funi of fc:i|>pounti, 

ram Rege, Rot.27 t^jcrc fljall bc taken fo) tlje \uljolc but tljjec fljilUngs fir pence, Vjl-ercof to t'jc 

Rot. Pari. 50 E.5. 2D?iiinarv, ffc tiuo (IiillingB fir pence, ano ttoclbc pence to tlje Scribe fo; rcgt;; 

nd.9. iR.2.nio9. flting tlje fame. tSElljerc'bi' cuCom Icfs Ijatlj bren taken in am^ of i\)Z caftg 

2 ^^'2'-^°' ' I ^' afcjefaio, tljerelefs is to be taken. 2nij to^ere anv-perfon reqturef. acopn, oj 

n!;?'.^ The Statute foptcs of tlje SeKament fo pio^co, oj 3;n\)entojv lo mace, tljc £':t)inarp ?fC( 

of 3 H-s-cap. 4. 17;;:H take foj tlje fearclj, anti making of tlje copp of tlje STeftament oi 3nvientc# 

rp, if tlje gaos ercannot an Ijunojctlj fijilltngs, Ut pence, ano if tlje grocs erceto 

an Ijuntijetlj fljillings, ano cj:tm not fojtp pounu, ttoelue pence, ano if tljc crceeo fojty pounti, mo fijiUings fir pence, oj to take foj cnerp ten lines 

tljcrecf of tljc pjopojtion befoje reljcarfec, a pcnnp. 

Mich. 20 jacobi in ^Ijcu tlje part? tics tntcCta.c, tlje £DjDinarp map uifpofe fomehjljat in pious 

Camera steiiata,in ufcs, nottDitljftanting tlje fftio 0rt of 31 E.3. but toitlj tljefc cautions, i.snijat 

cak it be after tlie aomiuiaration grautcn, ant Jn^jentojp mate, fo as tlje ftate cf 

tijeinteftate map he knoton, aito tljerebp tlje fum mapappear to be competent, 

2. SCljf aominiftratoj muft bc calico to it. 3. SDljc ufe muC bc pullick ano 

goDlp. 4. It mull be erpacffco in particular. 0na 5. SLljerc mull be a tccrec 

mate of it, ant cntret of recojt : so in cafe of commutation of penance, it 

muft be after fcntence, ant mutatis mutandis, ut fupra. 

2 H.4. cap. 10. MTljcAs tiBcntp, fojtp, 0; an Ijuntjen ht intietet of one felonp, oj one trcf- 

pafs, anoll pleat to an ilTue, as not guiltp, tt'C Clerk of tlje Croiijn cf tljc 

JSings llfcnclj, ougljt not to take foj tlje Venire facias, oi foj tlje cntring of tlje 

plea, aiotc ttoo fljtHings, but tljc fain Clerk tit take foz e\)erp fuel) name bp 

crtojtion tiao fljtUings. Jt is ojtainet ant cttabiifljet, tljat tljc fait Clerk of 

tljc CroiMu, fl)all take no mojc tljcn Ijatlj Isan tulp ufet of olt timc^nn ntoje^ 

oDcr our sotieraign Lojt tljc iSing Ijatlj cljarget tljc fait Sulltccs of tljc t.ings 

31Benrlj, tljat no ertojtion be tone in tljis beljalf in tljc 2!5cnclj afo?efait. 

2 H. 4. C3p.8. ^*J^ Cijtrograpl)er of tlje iiiing in tljc Common HBniclj fo j making ant inji^ 

ting of cDcrp Jrinc lebiet four fljillings, ant no mojc, upon pain ( if Ijc take 

mojej to lofc Ijis office, bc erpcllet tlje Court, one pears impjifonmcnt,ant to 

pap to tljc partp grieUetljis treble tamages. 

2 H.4. cap. 2 2. SD'^^ ^^^ ^^ ^*J^ ^arfljal of tljc S^arftalfea of tlje lyings Ijoufe, pou map rcao 

in tljc Statute of 2 H.4. Vide p R.2. cap.5. 
33 H.8. cap 30. 3^ ^np 0utitoj of tljc (ll;]cclje(iucr, SDutcljp of Lane', oj Court of Marts take 
mojc tljcn tljjcc fljillings four pence, foj tljc enrolment of anp ^Letters ti^atents, 
JDccree, dp jant, oj Bintcnturc of 5lcafc, l)C fljall fo jfcitjfo j evicrp pennp fo taken, 
Cf fljillings eigljt pence. 

Munera ne capias, uncus latet hamus in efcla. 
Nulla carent vifco munera, virus habet. 



C^P. LXX. 
Of Ufury. 

US)tirp is a contcart upon tijc lone of monep, o? gibing oaj'g foj fojbcarinc^ ??,?. 
of moncp^BclitjOi Dti£v> IJP Huap of louc, cljtutfancc, fljiftg, fakjs cf toarcs, ' ? 
OJ OtljCC Doings toljatfoeDci*. Ufura dicitur ab ufu S>c are, quia datur pro 
ufu sris : Oi Ufura dicitur, quali ignis urens. 

^m firft, tlifurv is Ditcrtip agaiuft tljc ILaUi of (II5oii. 0nD tl)c rcafon tolKrc^^ Deut.cpp.ii. 
fojc it luas pcrmittcu liv tljc Jla'Ta) of C?oo foj an Hebrew to an JnfiDEl, mas-, l-.c^ Exo^ii.Levit.z^. 
cattfc it toass a mean citljcr to cjctcrminatc, oj to Depauperate tijcm, as^tljt}) 5- • 

CjotiiD not be able to tnuaoe, oj inttiix (!5od.b people. 

cflnD it is aDjtiDgen Ijp autl)ojitp of parliament, ttjat all tHIfttrp leing fcj^- ^ '? Eii^.cap.a. 
iiODeniiptljeJLaluofCoD, isfm, anfl Deteflable. 0nD it is alfo cnacco Ijp ^i J«c.cap.i7. 
^I'arliament, tljat all uftirp is unlatuful, tljat is to fap, againtt tlje lams of tljc 
i^ealni. iLct us tijcrefojc fee mljat fojmer iLaiDS \)nw pjoDitieD Ijerein. 

d Si quis de ufura convidus fuerit, omnes res fuas amittat. d See the cuft. de 

e Ufurarii omnes res, fiveteftatus, five inte[latusdcceflerit,dornini Regis funt: vi- Norm.cap.20. 
vus autem non folet aliquis de crimine ufurse appellari, nee convinci, fed inter ca^te- I""-'*^?" ?-E"''^- 
ras rcgias inquil-.tiones folet inquiri, Sc probari aliquem in tali criaiine decclTilTe per capa5. ' 
12 legales homines deviceneto& per eorumfacranien turn. Quo probate in Curia, 
omnes res mobiles, & omnia catalla, qus fuerunt ipfius ufurarii mortui, ad ufus 
domini Pvegis capientur, penes quemcunqs inveniantur res ills. Hxres quoqi iptius, 
hac eadem de caufa exhsercdatur fecundum jus regnii & ad dominum, vel dominos 
revertetur hsreditas. Sciendum tamen, quod li quis aliquo tempore ufurarius fuerit 
in vita fua, & fuper hoc in patria publice defamatus, fi tamen a delifto ipfo ante 
mortem fuam dclHtcrit, & poenitentiam egcrit : polt mortem ipGus, ille, vel res 
ejus lege ufurarii minime cenfebuntur. Oportet ergo confbre quod ufurarius deceffe- 
rit aliquis ad hoc, ut de eo tanquam de ufurario pod: mortem ipfius judicetur, & dc 
rebus ipfius, tanquam de rebus ufurarii difponatur. 

Vide leftatut de Merton cap.5. & Fleta lib.2. cap. 50. f Manifeftus ufurarius eft ^^"°^"V-^^- 
inteftabilis. _ ' _ {;'-"^- 

g Et inter les cdnftitutions ordeins per les viels royes Alfred, occ. ordeine fuit que g Mirror cap. t. 
!es chattels des ufurers fuiflent al Roy, & que les heritages des ufurcrs remeiffent §.?.& cap.5. §.r. 
efcheat.s al Seigniors des fees, & ne ferr' interre in Sanduary. . P^f'-S^ 

b Items atrox injuria elt, quas omnium mobiliumamiilionem confcrt, & legem li- ^ ^^^^^ Iib.2.c.i. 
beramaufert, qu« locum habet in ufurariis Chriftianis. 

i Ad I d Artie, de ufuris refpondttur ; Quod licet Epifcopis pro peccato illo pceni- i Rot.Parliam. 
tentiam ufurario injungere falutarem. Sed quia comm.ittendo ufuram, ufurarius fur- 51 H.:;. Pctitio- 
turn committit, Sc fuper hoc eft conviftus, catalla & terrse ufurarii, licut catalla furis, "^^ ^''^"* 
funt regis, & fi qui fequi voluerint contra hujufmodiufurariumjieftituaiitureisbona 
fua, qu3£ ipfi ufurarii per ufuram extorferunt. * l Braa.lib.5. 

/^anij it appcaretl) Ijp Bradon, tljat it toas an Article of tlje cljarge of ^nquirv fo 1 16 i 17?' 
lip tufficcs in(i£ircDe ufurariis Chriftianis mortuis, quifuerunt, 8c qux catalla ha- Fleta lib.2 c.r. 
buerunt, & quis ea habuerit. Et quod nullus recipiet ufuram arte vel itigenio. SnD Cap. uineris vet. 
tiiucrs mere inDiPcs fo; taking of ttfurp liefojc JuCiccs in ©ire, auD fome tuere foft"' ^"' '' 
partonea bp tlje iiing, ano otljers not. Rot. pat. 5 E.r. 

3n ancient time a great revenue Ijv reafon of tlje ufurj) of tljC Jews came to,20.21, 
tlje CroUin : i^oj iettoan tlje ^o^ear of H.3. anti tlje 2 -pear cf E.i. luljtdjluas ' ^ 3^R°^'^'3"f' 
not abobc feijen iJears rompieat, tljere toas paio into tljC lyings Coffers .four ^Rorpar.'j e.i, 
ijunDjco ann ttocntj) tljoufano pounDs of anO foj tlje ufurp of tlje Jews 3ni3 nu.14,17,2'0'. 
yet tljat erccllcnt Jaing foi Dibers toeigljtv reafons Uioitlji' to be lujitten in Ict# wiiiidm. Mid- 
tcrs of 0olD, m bp autljojitp of ^parliament utterlp p?ol)ibit tlje fame,tn tljerc Ji"°"4'^'''' 

S ■ 1i»0JDSJ 

152 Of V fury, Gap.70^ 

Vet, Mag. Cart. toO^tiiS. Forafmuch as the King hath perceived that many evils and diilierifons of 

2. pjrcfo.58,59. the good men of his Land had come to pafs by the Ufuries which the Jews have 

Stat, dejudaiirno. Jqi-ij, j,-, times pail, and that many iuis and offences have rifen tlicreupon i albeit 

the Inflirutfs*'''^ ° hc and his Ancellors have had great proht tliereby of the Jews ■, notwithfianding JudaVmo for the honour of God, and for the common protit of his people, the King hath 

and the Expofiti- ordained, and eftablilhed, that no Jew (hall take Ufury„&c. 51f cfojC tljistimc Jctos 

on uponthe(aaie...jj3(.j.j. jij^jp^g ^^fe; bauifljcti tl)is Mcatni,bttt (liU tl)cv tcturucD again. lEitt t\ys 

toifc anti Inojtijp iaing bv Slutliontv of pnrUamcnt bantfljing tljcir vElfttrp, put 

tljc 3ctB0tutopfrpcttial evilc into fojraign Cottntrieg, Uiljere ufurv lajas tole^ 

ratEt". IBy toljtclj^ttitappcarctl) tljattl3Cftipp:en"ionof CUurp tcuDcti) to i\)t 

Ijoncuc of CPoD. ano tijc common pjofit of tljc people. 

115p toljicl) i^iuljojities anu Mecoa50,anti bp man? otljeris rijat mig\)t be remeni^ 

iijen, it appcarctlj tljat bp tljc ancient 3.aTius of tbisl^ealm tUuvptuas unlaloflfiil, 

ano ptmifljable, altljougb^ tljc piininment iua0 not altoaps one, btitfometimc 

greater, ano fometimc icuer : ^no tljcrefojc at tbe parliament Ijolcen \\x tlje 

15 £.3.03.5. fiftecntlj pear of £,3. 3t ljja$ enafleo ano ceclareti, accojDing as it Ijau bren fomcj: 

time IjolDcn, tijat tlje J^ing ano Ijis Ijeirs fljottlo ba\5C conulance of tElfurerg after 

tljcir neatij, ann tljat tlje £»2tiinarp of Ijolp Cburclj (Ijotilo liaue conufancc of ^{\x* 

rer0 alibe, fo?afnnicl) as to tljem it appertains, to compel tJjem bp tlje eenfttrxs 

of Ijolp Cl)iircl;,foj tlje fin, to mafeercCttution of iifurics taken againft tljei-aiu 

of Ijolp Cljitrdj. J£ut tljis Statute was aftertoarti rcpcalen, as Ijereafter ll^all 


W\\.6 E.9. Coram Johannes Hopd convidus per Juratores pro ufura capiend' 11 s. 8 d. pro 20 s. 

RegeRot.130. prslhnd', & He de hmilibus. 

Norff. ^anp of tljc Cid^ens of London gibing ober trane ann trafl'icfe (\Ml)icl) is tlje 

Vide jjf£, jjf f jjj, commoniuealtb, ann fpeciallp of anSQanti) anDbetafeing tljemfelbeg 

oignes ca e. ^^ j.^^ ^^^^^^ ttftirp, 3)ir William Walworth being iioit) Sj^apo:, bp tljC aobice of 

tlje 0lDermen Ijis b?etljjen, tcnlt fuel) grou anc ftrict ojner foj^ tlje crecution of 

Jlatos, ann fojfuppjelTion of TiUfurpbJitbintbcCitp of London, as tl)e Com^ 

mons in parliament put up a petition to tljc lung in tbefeuiojUS, [That the 

TiTyiii ' '° ^" ^'^'^'^^ t'l^'^ '^^^^ made in London againd the horrible vice of Ufury, might be obfer- 

vide Rot. Pari, ved throughout the whole Realm.] MljereuutO tljC Bing anfiwercti, That the old 

6 R.2. nu.57. Law fhonld continue. 

14 R.2. nu.24. 0ftf ( tijjji g)^. Joiiii Northampton ^m% of i\)t Citp of London, bp tl)C atl:# 

biceof tl)c aiDcrmen Ijis bjetl)?en, tmk moje ftrict oxoer fo> tlie fuppzefiion of 

unlabJful5arurp\Mitl)intl)cCitp of London: luljicl) l}ai3 fo gcoo fuccefs, as tiie 

Roc. Pari. 14R.2. ^ICt'^'^ions in parliament petitionee tl)C teing in tljefc baojDS, The Commons 

nu.*i4. " " * pr^Yi that again/t the horrible vice of ufury (tljCU termeU ^cljcfesj and pradifed 

as well by the Clergy as Laity, the order made by John Northampton late Maior of 

London may be executed through the Realm. 'SSaijerEunto tlje iSing anftncrcD, 

The King willeththofe Ordinances to be viewed, and if they be found to be nc- 

celTary, that the fame be then affirmed. 3n5 Ijer'e it iS to be obfcrbeir, tljat of an^ 

cient time tljc notable ^ercljants of London ceteften tKfurp anc SDjp ercljang?. 

3,6. 3iBp tlie ftatutcs of 3 H.7. ann 1 1 H.7. all tlHfurp is namncti ann p^oljifaiten, alio 

v'd^'^'E '/' ^^^^^^ '^ ^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^ ercljange. &o as ufurp is not onlp againft tl^e Jiaia) of (I5oii> 

vide 5 .6.C.20. jjj^jj jjjj. ^jj^jj jij jjjg Kealm, but againft ilje iiaUi of nature. Ufura contra na- 

turam eft, quia ufura fua natura eft fterilis, nee frudum habct. 

27 3i5ut notu bp tljc ftatutes of 37 H.8. anD 13 Eliz. all foj.mer 0cts, Statutes! 

13 jinu 3lavos ojnaineD ano mabe, fo; tlje aboibing 01 puniOjment of tiafurp, ate 

21jac.cap.17. j^gji^ boio, ann of none effect. &o as at tljis bap, neitljertl)e Common iLaba,noj 

anp ftatutc is in fojce, but onlp tlje ftatutes of 37 H.8. 1 3 Eliz. ann 2 1 Jac. 0ud 

tlje Ccclefiaftical 3urisbi(tion is fabeb h^ tlje faib 3>tatute of 13 Eliz. as tljerebp 

it appearetlj. ifoj tl)e (l£)cpofition of luljidj ftatutes of 37 H,8, ann 13 El. fee 

tn mp MepojtSj viz. Lib,,8i,,67,7o, Ubp.26. 


Cap. 71. 153 


Of Simony and corrupt Prefentations. 

SSimonp. Simonia eft vox ecclefiaftica, a Simone illo Mago deduda, qui donum Simony defcrlbed 
Spiritus fanffti pecunils cmi putavit. by the Aft fol- 

0pina ig)inionp, 9t. tljc atatttte of 3 1 Eliz. is in tlKfe toojog. g^^^"^; p.- 

BE it enafted, that if any perfon or perfons, bodies politique or cap,6.'' ^' '^' 
corporate, fliall or do for any fum of mony, reward, gift, profit ^^ ''^'^.-/ .P""^ °^ 
or benefit, direftlyor indiredly, or for or by reafon of any promife, eypofnioVoV'ihe 
agreement, grant, bond, covenant, or other aflurance, of or for any ftid Aft of 51 ei. 

e(t iili 

fum of mony, reward, gift, profit or benefit whatfoever, direftly or in- Vsndm ^L gratis 
diredly, prefent, or collate any perfon to any benefice with cure of didrihni dmnt. 
Souls, dignity, prebend, or living Ecclefijftical 5 or give, or beftow the yj^^ 
fame for, or in refped of any fuch caufe or confideration : "That then '^ Nota, tiie fia- 
every fuch prefentment, collation, gift, and bellowing, and every ad- J|!ake'lhe\ond 
miffion, inftitution,invefl:nre,and induftion thereupon fliall be utterly promifelcovenan't, 
void, fruftrate, and of none effedi: in Law 5 and that it (hall, and may °oid''but"lhr"? 
be lawful to and for the Queens Majefty, her heirs and fucceflors, to knimmlXl?^^' . 
prefent, collate unto, or give, or beftow every fuch benefice, dignity, ^^^ ^° "^^^ ^^' 
prebend and living Ecclefiaftical for that one time, or turn only, and nltol^^lT' 
that all and every perfon and perfons, bodies politick and corporate, J" Communi Ban- 
that fliall give or take any fuch fum of mony, reward, &c. {hall forfeit ^^ly ^^^^^^^ ^'nd 
and lofo the double value of one years profit of every fuch benefice, oidbury dcfen- 
dignity, prebend and living Ecclefiaftical. And the perfon fo corrupt- '^*"^-- ^°^^ '*'*^^* 

, ^ , .-" ^ . r 1 • - ^ yK X '^^ ^Y ^ rentiam inter ma- 

ly taking, procuring, leekmg, or accepting any fuch benefice, dignity, lum in fe againft 
prebend, or living, ftiall thereupon, and from thenceforth be adjudged ^!^^ ^°]" n^°"oh-''' 
a dibbled perfon in Law to have, or enjoy the fame benefice, dignity, bitum' by fiaTuce 
prebend, or living Ecclefiaftical. Law, & malum in 

^ , , , fe againfi the 

Comipon Law, and malum prohibitum by the Civil or Canon Law ; whereof the Judges of the Common 
Law jn thefe cafes take no notice. 

SCljigi iis tlje tctt of tljisi part of tlje 0tf, ncto let ug p^ocao $0 tljc cjcpcCtion 
ijcceofj icing a ncccffarv %m to lie put in cjcccution. 

C Prefent or collate. ] snijt? ig not onlp intcnt!CtJ,U)Ijcrc tlje perfon pjC5= 
tenting n collatingjliatlj vigljt to pjefcnt j collate^ liitt alfo \i)l;erc anp perfon oj 
pcrfon?j iiotiicg politique ano rojpo?ate, 00 ufttrp, ano Ijaue no title to pjefentoj 
collate. anc fo it tosi aojungea in cafe toljerc tljc ufurpation toas to a Cliurcft Mi.i, t 
oftljcliing. 5:J;'iVped.' t..^ 

bed quando prxlentatio & jus patronatus funt temporalia, qusritur quomodo fit tween the King 

Simonia per donum pecuniae pro illisi Refpondendum eft, quod jus patronacus & ^".'* ^'^^^ of Nor- 

prsfentatio dicuntur fpiritualia, refpediu rei, ad quam pxa:fentatur, quse ipiricualis '"'j^ d\^°" ^°'^ 

eft. Vide Linwood cap. de Jurejurando. fo. 80. ' ■' ^ ^e?, S£7bS 

„, ,, , Pafch.19 Jjc. Rot. 

f[ Shall be utterly void and of none effeft. ] jEttt fjerc ig to ht ay "'■ ^"^ '^'^ "''^^^ 
fcrDco a tiiijerCtv bctluktn a p}efentation,oj collation mane bp a rigljtful patron, "'^^ t ik*'"'" 
anu an ufurper.^i?oj in cafe of arigljtfufpatron, luljiclj notlj cojrupth' p:cfent, '" 
oj collate, hv tljc cjcpjefs letter of tbi;s ;9ct tlje ifcing fljall pjefent ; hm uibcrr one 
»otlj ufutp, ano cojtupclp pjcfent oi collate, tljece tlje iiing Ojall not p?c.tcnr,ljHC 

S 2 tljc 



1 54 Of Simony. Cap.7 

t^€ rtgljtful patron : foj tlie bjattclj tljat gtbfstljc i^ing potocr to pjcfcnt, is on* 
Jp tntcni)CD,lu'[)ere tljc riglitful patron ijs in fault, tut toljcrc tljctigljtful patron 
is in no fault^tljcrc tljc cojrupt att, anti tojong of tlje ufutpcr ma&ctlj tl)£ beneiicc 

Mich.15 jac. ubi ?f' ^oitijbut tafeetl) notatoap t'^c laUaful title to pjcfent from tljc rigljtfuJ pa^ 

fupra. ' tron, ann fo it toas anjuBgcti in tijc cafe aboDefaitr. 

;9lfo upon tljefe tOOJUiS, [If any patron without the notice of the perfon fo pre- 
fcnted, or collated, doth take reward, &c.] pet bp t^e ejcpjcfis ^Letter of t^iS Ijancf) 
tijc Cljiirclj $r. ig iJoiD, foj tiotlj tlje Jit ttcr anD intention of tJji? 0tt is to mafee 
tlje aDmiffion, inftitution ann inimttion of an p p jefnttee, tljat comctlj in Ip a 
cojvupt patron uoiu. Snti fo it toag refolijeti in tlje cafe aboljefaitijagit Ijatljbeen 
fojmerlj) aojungeii in tlje dommon place. 3Zut luljere tlje p jcfentec i? not pjibp, 

r'rommmif bfn "'''' confcnting to aup fuel) corrupt contract, ag ig pjoljibitco bp tljiis :9ct, bccaufc 

CO between Baker '^ i^i no ^imoup in Ijim, tljcrc tlje pjefentee fljall not be anjucgen a Difablen peri= 

and Rogers. fon toitt)in tljig act : foj tlje iJJOJCjai of tljat'bjanclj be, And the perfon fo corruptly 

giving, Sec. fo ajs ije fljall not be Difablco, unlets! Ije be p;ibp to tlje cojrupt con# 
tract : anu upon tlje fcueral penning of tliefe federal bjancljejgj tlje Diberlitp 
aboljefaiD soaig rcfolijen Mich. 13 Jac. ubi fupra. 

^ Shall forfeit and lole tlie double value of one years profit. 3 

J2 . E.,.fo ii. '^^^^ Double baluc fljall be actountcD accojDing to tlje bcrp, oj true toalue, ag 

,38 E. 3.?. ' tl)c fame map be letten, anti Ojall be trieu bp a 3urp) anD not accojuing to tl)C 

7 Eiiz.Dier 25 7. £j;tent, 0? taration of tljc Cljurclj : toljcrcof one tuas mane botlj of tlje fpiritual* 

tit9 anti tempo?aUie5 in 20 £.1.12^2. in tlie time of |pope Nicholas: iTf tljat 

vide 1 1 F.N.B.176. & Polichron. lib.y. ca.38. Rot. Parl.18 E.3. nu.44, 

Stat.2. 1 H.^.nu.15. jSnctlje otljer taxation toaismaDe in 26 H. 8. 

C Be adjudged a di fabled perfon in Law. ~] 3[t Tjaais rcfoltcD in tlje 

cafe of Mich. 1 3 Jac. ubi fupra, tljat tlje iSing coultj not Difpence tuitl) tljis Difa^s 

liilitp h^ a Non obftante : foj tol)en an SlfX of |3arliament i? maue tljat tiifablctlj 

anp perfon, oj mafeetli anp tljing tioiD, oj tortious foj tljc gcoD of tlje Cljucc^,o} 

Commour'tocaltlj, in tljis liatu all tljc icings fubjects Ijavse an intcrcft,anti tljere^ 

foje the l;ing cannot nifpenfetljereuntlj no mojctljcntoitlj tlje Common i.a\u : 

but tuljcrc a Statute p?oljibitetlj anp tbing upon a penaltp, ann gibctlj tlje pe^ 

naltp to tlje Jiing,o; to tlje l^.ing ami 3nfcjmcr,tljcre tlje !Sing map DifpenfeiMiti^ 

5 E.g. 29. n H.4. tlje penaltp, anB tljiisDiucrfitp ijs luaarrantcB bp our bcofeg, ^ 

95 -H.7.6. *iSing James referred tljis cafe unto S>ir Thomas Egerton3lojti<irijanccltoj of 

J : ■' J g { ' England, anu to tlje Cljicf 3\^^\it of tljc iiingss benclj. ^ic Robert Vernon being 

27 H.8.F.N B. Coferer of tlje icings ljoufe,bp reafon of toljiclj office,lje Ijatlj tljc receipt ann pap^ 

2u.b. piacita ment of 40000 li. of tlje icings treafure pcarlp, anD papetlj tlje toages bcneatlj 

com.502. t^c ftairgj ^c, 5(5 bargain anD fell tlje faiD office foj a great fum of monep, anD 

reEi"""sir^ A '^h ^°^ ff^tain annuities to be paiD to sir Arthur Ingram Unigljt. S:ije firtt q[HcRi<= 

ingra'u 5 cafe upon °« ^^^^ tuljctljer tljc faiD ofiicc vucrc DoiD bp fojce of tte statute of 5 E.d. ca. 1 6. 

the Statute of SCljC fCCOnD toag, fcting tlje toOjDjS of tljiS act be [(hall be adjudged a difabled per- 
5 E 6.cap. 16. fon in Law,to all intents and purpofcs to have and occupy any fuch office, &c.] tolje*^ 
tljer tlje Jiing migljt Difpenfe toitlj tljat [difabled.] anD upon mature Deliberation 
anD Ijearing of councel learncD, tljcp rcfoliJCD, anD fo certifieDtlje !iing,tl)at tlje 
faiD office toas tooiD )iv tlje faiD bargain anD fale, atiD tljat tlje iising coulDnotDif^ 
penfe toitlj tlje faiD Difabilitp, foj tlje reafon anD caufe aboViefaiD ■■> anD tljercupon 
^ir Marmaduke Darrell luas pjefcrrcD to tljat office. 

iLiketBife \^'^ tlje Statute of 5 El. every perfon which (hall be eleded a Knight, 
Citizen, Burges, or Baron of the Cinque ports for any Parliament, before he (hall 
enter into the Parliament houfe, (hall take the Oath of Supremacy appointed bj[ 
Eljj fhe Aft of I Eliz. and that he that entreth into the Parliament without taking the 

1 cap. • j.^jj Oath, (liall be deemed no Knight, Citizen, Burges, or Baron, nor (hall have any 
voice but (hall be, as if he had never been returned, or elefted. l^cre be tuo JD0 tljat 
amoimt to a Difabilitp, ann t^erefoje tljat accojDing to t^ie fo;imcr refolutions tlje 
Uing cannot Difpenfe toitlj ttjc famct 

5 It: 

Cap. 71. Of Simony, 1 5 5 

^ It is further enafted, That if any perfon fhall for any fum of mo- 
ney, reward, &c. ( utfupra^) other then for ufual fees, admit, inftitute, 
inftal, induft, inveft, or place any perfon in or to any Benefice with 
Cure of Souls, Dignity, Prebend, or other Living Ecclefiaftical : That 
tlien every perfon fo offending (hall forfeit andlofe double value, utfu- 
pra 5 and that thereupon immediately from and after the inverting, in- 
ftallation, or induction thereof had, the fame Benefice, 8cc. (hall be 
eft-foons meerly void, &c. 

%\)t rfafon of tW clatife C foj 3i tja? of tljig parltamciu, ana obfcrbcti t\\t 
jjjocitBtngs tl)crein) tua? to a\3oiti I)allp aun precipitate a:timiirion0, JnCittttis^ 
tm, gtc. to tlje pxcjutiicc of tljcm tl)at Ijao rigljt to pzcfent, lip putting tljem to 
a Quare Impcdit, ano tto fttc'^ Ijaft oj pjccipitation i? ufen, \m fo? rciuarD, $c. 
ajs it is to 1)C p^efumcti. 

2Cljerc be tiwo great cnemicis to ^uftice aun rigljt^ viz. Pra^cipitatio, & morofa 

^wa albeit tbc Cljurclj ijs full bp tlje Jnffitution, $c. againll att, but tlje 
l^ing, pet tl^e Cl)urclj becometlj not boio bp tl)iis bjanclj of tljisf 0rt, until aftet 

^ And that tte Patron, &:c. (hall and may prefent, &c, ^ SCljijS iss 
10 intenaen of tlje rigljtful patron, o; of Ijim tljat Ijatb tigbt to pjefcnt. 

^ And be it further enafted. That if any Incumbent of any Bene- vki. 14 rt.4. ip; 
fice with Cure of Souls thall corruptly refign, or exchange the lame, 
or corruptly take for or in refpeft of the refigning or exchanging of 
the fame, direftly or indireftly, any penfion, fum of money, or bene- 
fit whatfoever : That then as well the giver as the taker, 8cc, (hall 
lofo double the value of the money fo given* and double the value of 
one years profit. 

315p anotljec bjanc^ of t\i$ M it iis pjobiUeD, That if any perfon or per- <j* 

fons (hall or do receive, or take any money, reward, See. Z)t fiipray 
(ordinary and lawful fees only excepted) for or to procure the ordain- 
ing or making of any Minifter, or giving any Orders, or licence to m 
preach, (hall for every offence forfeit and lofe the fum of forty pound, 
and the party fo corruptly made Minifter, (hall forfeit and lofo the 
fum of ten pound, and if at any time within feven years after fuch 
corrupt entring into the Miniftry,he (hall accept or take any Benefice, 
Living, or promotion Ecclefiaftical, that then immediately, from and 
after the induftion, inverting, or inftallation thereof, or thereimto 
had, the fame Benefice, Living, and Promotion Ecclefiartical ftiall be 
eftfoons meerly void, &c. 

C Take a Benefice.] EbiStUOjn Beneficium Ecclefiafticum cjctcntictl) not ?? ^ i.tit. Annul- 
onlp to 31Bencfice0 of Cljurcljes iparocljial , but to SDignitics ann otljcr ecclefi^^ ^^J'- ^/t^co^^' 
atticaipjomotiongi a0 to Deaneries, arcboeaconries, ^^jebcnus, gee. 2no it i5o',: the oath 
appearctlj in our * llBroks tljat E^eancries, ^tcbtieaconrieSj^jebcnosi, ?c. are againrt simony, 
JlBenefices toitlj Cure of &>oul0 -, but tljcp are not compjeljenceo unoec tlje iwmc ^^^ 
of 3ieenefice0 toitlj Cure of &OUI0 toitljin tlje statute of 2 1 H.8. bp reafon of a ^ E.3.22. 10 e. 
(pecial IDjobtfo ■■> tnljicb tljepljati bitn, if no futb Ip^oDifo ban been aoBeu, viz. tlg^.^^iXTmi^ 
SDcan0, arcbiieacon0, Cljanccllojs, 2Eteafurer0,C:i)antcr0, |0jebcnD, oj a |Dar# c.ij. verf. finem. 
fon toljere tljere is a Zlicar innotoeo, 

^ If any perfon orperfons, bodies politick or corporate, which 
have eledion, nomination, voice, or affent in the choi(e,ele£l:ion, pre- 
fentation or nomination of any Scholar, Fellow or any other perfon 


h^6 Of Simony. Cap.71. 

to have room, or place in any Church CoUegiat or Cathedral, Col- 
ledges, Schools, Hofpitals, Halls, or Societies, (hall take or receive any 
money, fee, or reward, Sec. the place, room, office, &;c. of the offender 
(hall be void, &c. 
Like cafes in PI. ^ Which have eleftion, prefentation, &c. '] X\)i$ 0ct king a 3laiu 
smute of ^^h's^ jjei'pettiiil, t\)tU tuojDs c]ct£ntinot onip to fuel) iDcrfon anD pcrfonjSjfc. as at tljat 
ofcond. Dier ' tiitic JjaD clettion, ji?cfcntat(on, 9c. Imt to all ano eijcrp pcrfou aim pcrfon;s, 
20 El. upon the tijat at ati}) time Ijerraftcr fljoulii IjaDe election, pjefentation, f c. otljcuiuifc tljc 
sratute of 27 H.8. j^alu njottin be l)ttt tempojarp, tol)iclj fljoulo U Direttlp apinft tijc meaning of 
°' "'"• tlie maftcrj! of tl>e Stt. ^nn bp tlje fame rcafon tl;i0 M ejctcnDctlj not onlp to 

Cljurcljeg, Colletgeg, ^t\)wl0, ^ofpitaljt, ^allg, ana §>orietie0 founncti at tljc 
time of tlje mafeing of tlje 0ct, iwt to all fuel; aji fljoulD be eretteo oj founnen 

f[ And if any Fellow, Officer, or Scholar in any of the Churches, 
Colledges, Sac. j/ffupra, contraft or agree for any money, reward, &:c. 
for the leaving, or refigning up of the fame his room or place to any 
other, &c. (hall forfeit and lofe double the fum of money, &c. lb recei- 
ved, and every perfbn by whom or for whom any money, &c. Ihall be 
given,8cc.{hall be incapable of that place or room foifthat time or turn. 
Sec, Andit is further enafted,that at the time of every fucheledion,pre- 
fentation or nomination, as well this prelent Adt,as the orders, and Sta- 
tutes of the fame places concerning fuch eleftion, prefentation or no- 
mination, (liall then and there be publickly read, upon pain to forfeit 
and lofe the film of forty pound, Sec. whereof, the one moity to him 
that will file, and the other moity to the Church, Colledge, Sic. 

31 Ijaije reaD ancient taerffs concerning ^imonp, auD otl)cr corrupt cntricg in> 
to Cljutcljcs, toljiclj are not unnecelTarp, in Deteftatien of tljcmj to vemcmber, 

^atttor EcclefuK portis intratttr in omnes^ 

C£faris & Simonis^ Sanguinis., atque Vei. 
Prima patet magnis., mtmmo patet altera., chads 
T^ertia, Jed paucis quart a paterefulet. 

Four doors hath every Church, and all but one forebod, 

( Whereof unfeen fome may be peradventure ) 
Of Csfar, Simony, of Kindred, and of God : 

And each Church-man by one of thefe doth enter. 
Great mens command doth open wide the firll, 

At next by money enter many one. 
The third to weak Allies, but ( for the Church the worft, ) 

Gods dore doth open to a few or none. 
7 E. 5. 39. a. 27 E. %Q concluBc tljis Cljapter toitlj tljijs, tljat &imonp i$ odious in tljc cpc of tlje 
p'lfen't' 5*Edife ^^o^^nio" ^^^^ • ^'^^ « dpatiiian in focagc of a mannoj,'Uil)creunto an anboMou 
Fitz.n*. 8 E.2. ' t^ appcntant, fijall not pjefent to tlje Cljurtlj, becaufe Ijc can tafec notljing foj Fitz. tlje pjcfcntation, foj tlje tuljiclj Ije map account to tlje Ijcic , anD tl]Ctefoje tljc 
N.B.33.S. 24E.3. ijetr in t^at cafe fljall pjefent of \uljat age foeijcr. 0nii if an Ijeit of tenant in 
=9 capite, Ijatl) liijcrp cum exitibus, yet fljall tl)e Ijcir not p^efcnt to an ^D\30tufon, 

* Jerome. bccaufc no idueiB oj mofit? can be tafeen tljercof, 

5 ";^-."'; J"''8«' ^ Latro d\ qui aurum ex religione fcdatur. 

See the z^part of :3nti tljc Commou llalu toOHl5 Ijabc tlie fatten fo far fcom g>imonp, ass it »e* 
thelnftic.w.2.c.5. uifti Ijim tO tCCOiJCt namagesi in a Qiiare Impedit, OJ ^ffiCe of Darrein Prefent- 
Lib.d. f 50 & 5 1, itient, before tlje Statute of W.2. cap.5. 

ub.5.58,59-spec. ^ ^jmonp is tljc mojc oniouis, UcMz it 10 mt accompanieD toitlj l^erjutp, 
a Vide Linwood foj tlje pjefeuteCj f c. i? fiuojn to commit no ^imonp. 

ubi fupra. CAT. 

Cap.72. 157 


Of Monomachia, Single combate^ Duell.AfFraySj 
and Challenges, and of Private revenge. 

T^l$ finglc conibatc bctluan anp of tijc j^ingsi fubjects, of tljcit mxi Ijcaosi 
anB fo? pjbatc maltfc, 0;^ tiifplcafiire, ijs pjofjilutco bp tljc Latos of tljis 
3fifalm : foj in a fctka 3>tatc pucnicn 1)]) Jlato, no nian foj any injtirp luljat^- Deut.52. 35. 
foEUer, otigljt to itfc pjiijate rfUenge i foj rc\3cnge bclonget^ to tlje SBagiftrate, Ecdefiafiicus -8 1 
tuljo 10 dDocs litcutenant. 0nii tljc Lalu liercin is groiinacn upontije JLato of Gen.54. ver.2s.& 
dPoB. Vindida eft mihi,&: ego rctribuam,dicit Dominus. HHcngCanCE 10 minCanU 30. of Simeon and 
31 toiU VCJJap it, faitlj tljC JLOJU. Qui vindicari vult,inveniet vindidlam a Domino, ^f*'* 
& pcccata illius fervans fcrvabit. ^c tljat luiU vcDcngc, fljall finti \3£ngeance fl'OtU 
ttjc 3lojti, anil \)c iuill furdp keep Ijtsi fin0 in remembjancc. 

Bit i$ alfo apintt tlje ilato of nature ann of j^ationis, foj a man to be ^m^c 
in W OUJn pjopcr Cattfe, Judex in propria caufa, cfpeciallp in Duello, M)tte furp, 1 

tojatl), nialifc anti rtVicnge are tlje rulcrg of tIjc jitDgmcnt. ^ac ntoje of pjiuatc 
I'etiengc, cap. Mifprifion, in j^ Crimen comminionis ] ■ 

IButitis obicctED, tljat tljiss ftngle combat map be unticrtahen foj rcDenge, objia. 
ann pjcfcrDation of tljc Ijonour of tljc partp griebeo. 

I. SEbe Ijonour o> cflimation of tljc partp map moje jufflp ann notojiouflp Rtlponf' 
be rcbcngen, anDrepaircti bptbespagtftratf inpubUckj tljcn bp tlje partp in 
pjiuntc. 2 . acijcre is notljing Ijonojable, tljat i<s againft ttie iLa^us; of Ijis €oun<= 
trp, ann tlje 3lato of J15atttre ann jgationg. 3. tKWjatfoetocr is agatnft tljc JLato 
of (0011 ig impiouis ano Difljonojable. 4. 2Cl)e eminent Danger of tl)e parties ^ 

fafeing pjiijate rcDenge : firft, concerning tlje a)ouIg of botl) of tljem, as irell ( 

of Ijim tljat feilletlj (ttiljo is vir fanguinis ) 30 of ibim t))U i0 flain, anD bictb in I 

Us malice ano as to tlje MojIDj Ije tljat flapctlj is in iBojfe cafe, tljen be tljat \ 

is flain. jToj tljC murnerer lofet^ not onlp Ijis =lLan50 anti dJcDHs, but Ijis life al;? \ 

to aub lji0 Ijonour, tuljiclj Ije fo muclj refpectcb : foj bp Ijis attainber lji0 blcoo ^ 

fljaUbccojrupteti, anoifljetoete noble, oj gentle befoje, Ije tljercbp becomes 
ignoble anu bate, anb Ije tljat i? flain bp laiu lofetlj none of tliem : fo a0 Ijcreof 
it is trulp faiD, Infcelix pugna, ubi ma jus periculu incumbit vidori, q uam vidto. < 
5. ipot onlp tlje &oul of man, but tlje liBobp alfo, tuas ojiginallp maDe to tlje 
31mage of (0Ob, QuicunqueefFuderit humanum fanguinem, fundetur fanguis illius, 
ad imaginemquippe Dei fadus eft homo. WX\)0 fo fljebbettj mans bloJD, b^ man 
fljall Ijis blcon be fljeb, foj in tl)e image of dPob maue Ije man. Solus Deus, qui 
vitam dat, vitas eft Dominus ■-, nee poteft quifquam eam jufte auferre nili Deus, vel 
gerens authoritatemDei,ut Judex. 0nti tbistoastlje reafon, tljat amongft Clj Jtje 
fiians it toas not lautful foj tlje JLojb to kill lji0 tBIillain. 

3n ancient time fo muc|^ ttie iLato Bio rcfpect Ijonour, anb ojbcr, as l)car toljat 
Britton faitlj. Si trefpas foit fait en temps dc peace a Chivaliers, ou a auters gents BrK.c.2 5,f,49,u. 
honorablcs per Ribaudes ou auters viles perfons, fi le ferue foit per felony, Sec. 
fauns defert del Chivalier, que le Ribaude perdra fon poigne dount 11 tre- 

auD manv iDjbinances, Jiatos, ann Sets of parliament, inljitlj bo pjoljR? ^^u^'^'c^IeI' 
bit tlje parDon of mlful mumer, are alfo grotmoeo upon tlje JLaio of (!I?ot), to l.i^^\^E.? 
tlje enb none lljoulb offeno in Ijope of parson. "^ Non accipies precium ab eo qui i\ R.2. Sc.2. c.i, 
reus eft fanguinis, ftatim enim &£ ipfe morietur. Ne polluatisterram habitationis Re*** '^'^^^ S"^' 
vclte,' qua; cruore maculatur > nee aliter expiari poteft, nifi per ejus fangui- *Ni3i ?''3'-?3- 


1 1? 8 Of ^Adonomachia. Cap. 72. 

See before in the nem, qui alterius funguinem effuderit. ^C fljail tafeC no fatigfafltott foj tlje life 

chapter of Mur- of a mitvtljcrer, to'bici) is gttiltp of Deatlj, but \)t (liaH be fttrclp })ut to ccatlj : fa 

der. pc fljaU HOC poUutc tljc lauD tuljercin ^ou arf, fo j blcoti 'cefilctl) tbcIanD, ano tljc 

lano cannot iie cleanfen of tljc blcoD tljat ig fljco tljctein, but bp tljc him of t)tm 

ttiat fl)ct) it. 

SnD tljip JLalu ijs confitmcb b? Cljjitt IjimCclf in tJic dDofpcl, anu bp t!jc laffi 

Mat. 25.'52. I^""'^ "^f *^^J*^ '^"''V ^Ctipturc. Omnes qui acceperint gladium. gladio peribunt. Qui ia 

Apocal.'i^.io. gladio Occident, oportet eum gladio occidi. 

Affray. Trin. 10 E. ^"^ albeit upon i%z Cnglc tombatc no ticatlj enfuc, no? blcou Dja\un, yet tljc 

3. Coram Rege, " t)£r]> combatc foj tcDEngc iji an ^fftap, ano a great bjcaclj of tlje lungs peace. 

Roc. 87. North, an affrigljt anu tertoj to tljc lyings fubjects, ann is to be punifljeo bp fine ano 

impjifonmcttt, anD to finti fureties fo; tljeir groo beljauiour : foj it is Vi & ar- 

mis, & contra pacem domini Regis, &c. anD in rcfpccf of incEoacljmeut Upon rO}!^ 

al 3utl)0?itp fo;i rctiengC, it is contra coronam & dignitatem. 

4 H 6.f 10. 8 E 4. ^" ^ffrap is a publick offence to tlje tertoj of tlje lungs fubjectjs, anti ijs an 

f.j. Cnglifl) toojD, anu fo calico, becaufe it affcigljtetlj ann mafectlj men affraiD, ano 

is cnquitablc in a 3lat as a common j^ufans. ^k. tlje Statute of 2 E. 3.C. j. 
lojljere it is, [ en effrair de la pais, ] anD tl)e MTrit gvountieD upon tljat 2>tatute 
faitlj, In quorundam de pcpulo terrorem, aS it appcatetlj in F.N.B. fo. 249. f. anD 
tljc regifter agtff tlj toitlj tlje ojiginal, anD tljerefoje tlje pjintcD btofe ( en a.Tray 
de la peace) muft be amcnDcD. 

auD if an?) fubjett bp tnojD, tnjiting, oj nicffage cljallenge anotljer to figljt 

•toitlj Ijim, tljis ii3 alfo an offence befoje anp combate be ^ejfoimeD, anD pttnifl)^ 

KiRuU. ^^^^ ^? JLalJJj anD it is contra pacem, coronam, & dignitatem. Jf^oj, Quando ali- 

quid prohibetur, prohibetur & omne, per quod devinitur ad illud. jSDj fuclj offen*= 

Ders map be punifljcD in tlje ^taivcljambcr, Mjercof tljercbe manp pjefiDcuts. 

i^olu luben an afftap is mate bp Cngle combat, anp ftanDcc bp, tljaj is no offi^^ 

ccr, map cnDcabour to part tkmj anD pjc\3ent futcljec Danger, auD tljc Jlaio 

Dotlj incouragc tljcm Ijcreunto ■, foj if tljep receive anp ijarm bp tlje 0ffrapojs, 

tljep fljall Ijaije tljcic rcmcDp bp iauj againft tljcm i anD if tljc 5lffcapo:s re# 

ccibe Ijurt bp tlje cuDcabouring onlp to part tljem, tlje ftanDcrs 1'$ map juGifie 

tijc fame, anD tlje Sffrapoj^ Ijauc no remeDp bp JLaw. %\\t if eitljer of rljc par:? 

ties be flain, 0} luuottnDeD, oj fo llrickcn, as Ijc falletlj Dotun foj DcaD, in tljat cafe 

tlje lianDers bp ougljtto appjeljenD tljc partp fo Oaping, toouuDing, ox flrifeing, 

oj to enDeabottr tlje fame bp ^ue ano Crp, oj clfe fo? Ijis cfcape tljep fljall be 

8 E 2. cor.205 fi"f^ ''^"^ impjifoncD. 3Eut if tlje s>ljeriff, ^vSiiit of peace, Conflablc, cj otljcc 

22 kn. pi.' 56.' confcrbato; of tlje peace Do not part tlje ;9ffrapoiS foi tlje pjeferbation of tljc 

lyings peace, ano appjcljcnD tljcm being toitljin Ijis tieba, oj Do not Ijis utter*^ 

mott cuDcabour to partano appjcljeuD tljem, tljep map be fincD auD impjtfoncD 

foj tbeirnegled: tljereof, foj ti^cp niap commanD ot^rs to afCiii tljem, ana 

3 H. 7. 10. b; tljcrefoje tlje rule IjolDCtlj in tljem, Idem eil facere, & nolle prohibere cum pol- 

Bedingfields cafe. Us : &i. qui non prohibet,cum prohibere poirit,in culpa eft. ^nD if anp be COmnjanD:? 

CD to atfiff tljem tljercin, auD refufe oj neglect tljc fame, it is -a contempt i\\ 

tljem to be punifijcD bp fine anD impjifonment. 

STljerc is a duellum allobacD h"^ jlaln DepenDing a fuit fcj tlje trial of trutlj, 

Fieta 1. I. cap.32. Uiljcreof toe Ijabe fpofeen in another place, anD as Ijcrc iCAppearetlj, tljcre is a 

^" ^a" t"o"the In *^"^^^^™ agaiufl %m X of botlj tljefc an ancient Sutljoi fattlj tljus, anD fiirlf of 

flitFw.i. c!4o.°' ^^^^ lainfuT: Duellum eft Inigularis pugna inter duos ad probandum veritatem litis, 

Fleta ubi fupra. & qui vicerit probaffe intelligitur ■■, &■ quamvis judicium Dei expecSetur ibidem,qui- 

cunque tamen Monomachiam, i. e. fingularem pugnam fponte fufceperit vel optu- 

lerit' homicida eft, & contrahit mortale peccatum. Et eodcm modo judex qui au- 

thoritate defert, vel prsftat, omnefque acceftbres, & confulentes, faventes & auxili- 

antes, nee non be facerdos qui dat benedidionem. 

n H. 5. Tit. droit 3n a »rit of rigljt, if tlje tenant luagc bactail h^ IjiS Cljampion, anD if tljc 

Fitz. 57. Clja'^ipion after become blinD bp infitmitp, anD not ex (tultitia, Ijc fiall be tif^ 

tljargcD of tbe battail. 0nD if a man be appealcD of fclonp, anD gage battail, 

ana after become blinD, ut fupra, ]&c fijall be Difti^argcD of f ije battail, becaufe Ije 


Cap. 72. Of Monomachia. 159 

Ijccometl) to bp tlje 0tt of <I3oti. 2ni) if tjjc appellant aftEr ImttaU toagcn 
Iccome Mint) upon anp occafton. tbe appclhx in favorem vits njall go quit. 
MUku iffue i0 foincD to be trieo bp battail, ano tlje trial bp battail is I'ccome 
impofliblc bp tljE act of dPoti, oj bp tljc Default of tljc appcHant^ tijc SppcUc 
goetlj free. 

ano iW feinl' of battail, in tafe of Appeals ano MXxit of rin;!)t, is bp pub^ 

. lich autljojitp anti courfc of Jlaw, luljcreunto all tljc people bp an'implicD ccnfent 

are parties i ana Cas foinc Ijolu; Ijatlj big Warrant bp tlje toojo of ©co bp tbc 

ftngle battail bcttuccn David ano Goliali, mljicl) tuap ftruclien bp publicU 

autljOjitp. jRegumc;i7; 

iSing E. ^. in tljC ^irtffntlj pear of Ijis ISeign, Ijabing ©Kar luitl; tljc iTrentl) ''^'■•4>5- &c. 
ISing foj liis rigl)t to tlje Isingoom of France, out of tlje grcatncfs of bis miuD, 
foj tljc lo\3C of l)is subjects, tljc fauing of Clj^ittian blooO, auD a fp^ctp trial cf 
tlje rigljt, offcrcD tljc Cnglc combate luitlj tljc jrvcutlj liing, but be rcfufcu it. 

aftertoarns alfo, after long ann cljargeable Mlars bctboetn tljc Croiuns of 
England anU France, foj tl)C rigljt of tlje lUngHom of France, it Vjas an Ijo^ 
nourable offer luljiclj !fiing R.2. ntaoc to Charles tljC j^rendj ^laing foj failing cf 
Cljnftians guiltlefs blcDO, annto put an eno to tljat blroiip ano lingring Mar ; 
iiiljiclj \ye liliU reljcarfc in tlje Dcrp toojDS cf tljc liccojD it fclf. " ^°^- F""cii 

<zR.ex dedit potelhtem Johanni Duci LancalV Avunculo fuo de certis requeftis The offer of R,2. 
feu oblationibus Carolo Regi F'ranc' facicnd', viz. quod ncgotium bellicum inter to King Charles 
prsdidos reges finiatur. j. Per certamen perfojiarum fuarum. 2. Vel aliter in- of France. 
ter perfonas fuas cum tribus Patruis ipforum ipOs utrinque adjundlis. 3. Aut alio- '• '^^'"S'^ com- 
quin quod dies congruus ailignaretur & locus, quibus fub univerfali certamine po- j^^^ Kine^" ^ ^ 
tentiarum fuarum rinis bello imponi valeat. 2CljC JDufec of Lane' accojUing to 2. or a combat 
ijis Commiffion matie tljefc offers from tlje toing of England toeing Charles between the two 
of France, but IjC toaS auditus, fed non exauditus i fo J iUing Charles litononc K'ngs and three 

Of tbcfe Offers. dtSrie " 

b 0nD in Anno Domini i ip^. AnnoRegni Ricardi primi Odavo, Philip JSing 5. Or that a fit 
of France fenttljis Challenge to P>-ichardt^Cfirft,tljati\ingR.lUOUlDClja)fcfi\)e ^lay and place 

fo? l;is part, ann Ijc tlje JSing of France inoulu appoint fiijc fo?i bis part, luljiclj ""{§'" ^e anngned 
inigbt figljt in litts foj trial of all matters in controijerflc bcttoisn tljcm foj univerfai conSia 
tbe a\)oit)ing of fljetming of moje guitlefs blcoo. !lUng Richard accepted tl}e of both their ar- 
offer, lajitl) conoition tljat citljcr i^ingmigljt be of tlje number, but tljis roubi?^ mies,an end might 
tton ujoulti not be grantcD. ^^ p"' ^9 ^^^ '^^'■• 

c SCljefe, anti ,tljc lilte Dfl'ers,as tljep pjoceeneti from Ijiglj courage anu grcatncfs c see the"* pare 
of mini), To IjaD tljep ban lauiful, if tljcp IjaD ban toarrantcn bp publicb au;= of^he innituces 




^ap. 75. 

9E.9. cap.;. 
coram Rege. Rot. 
8 R.a.cap.i^. 
the printed book 
157. but it ought 
to be 8 and fo re- 
cited in 20 R.2. 
St. Johns cafe. 

20 R. cap. 2. 

Parch.29 E r. 
coram rege. Rot. 
10 1. EiTex. 
Pafch.iS E.I. 
coram Rege. 

Rot.Parl.d E.?. 
nu 2.8c 3. 




18 E.^.nu.z. 

a u;. 
Vide before cap. 
Homicide. Brook 
Coron.229. See 
24 H.s.cap.i?. 
Bariers, 8£C. 
iPafch. 18 E. 3. 
coram rege. Rot. 
I46. Notabene. 
C25 E.3.cap.2. 
dSee before cap. 
Hightreafon. verb. 
On fi home levy 




Againfl going or riding armed 

IT is enafted, that no man, great or fmall, of what condition 
Ibever he be, (except the Kings (ervants in his pre(ence,and his 
minifters in executing des mandements le Roy^ov of their Office,and luch 
as be in their company affifting them, and al(b upon a Cry made for 
arms to keep the peace,andthe fame in (uch places where fuch things 
happen) be fo hardy to come before the Kings Juftices, or other the 
Kings Minifters doing their office, with force and arms, nor bring force 
in affray of the people, nor to go nor ride armed by night nor by day, 
6cc. before the Kings Juftices, or in any place whatfbever, upon pain 
to forfeit their armor to the King, and their bodies to prifbn at the 
Kings pleafure, and to make fine and ranfbme to the King, &c. 

tmpon tl)is Statute ttoo tljinp fall into conCueration. JTtrtt, luljat tljc Com# 
nion liato toag before tlje mafeing of tljiis a»tattttc. ^ccoitDlp, tljc true fcnte aim 
ejcpofition of tljig ^tt. ifoj it aypcaretl) ip a l^ecojn in 29 E.i. quod non liceat 
torneare, bordeare, juftas facere, aventuras guerare, feu ad arma prsfuinerc, fine li- 
centia Regis. See Britton fo.ap.b. %t was fallen turneamentum decurfus, of turning 
ant tointiittg, in refpect of t'^c agility, ag lojell of tlje Ijojfe, ag of tljc man. iFoj 
in tljofc napis tljig nac of Cljiljalrp taas at ransom, toljercupon great peril en^ 
fueti. 2Cljerefoje in tlje isetgn of E.3. foj fafctp tlje 2Eilt was: DeVitfeo. ^it i^t 
Statute of 7 E.2. Dedefeniione portandi arma, anD tlje Statute of VV. i. cap.5,\ 
& cap.17. W.2,cap.39. anu tljC etpofitionies upon tlje fame. 

3;t i$ Lex & confuetudo Parliamenti,t'bat toljetefoeDer tlje parliament ig ^olucn, 
proclamation fijoulD le mace fojljitming Ttuearing of 0rmo?, anU e)t;ercife of 
plapsi ann gameis of men, inomen oj cljilDjen, in oj about tlje City, ai place 
iMljere tlje parliament i? Ijoloen, left tlje pjoceeuingiS in tlje Ijiglj Court of |3ar^ 
liament pro bono publico, fljoulD tljerebp lie IjinujcD 0; DiffurbeD. 

a 3,f anp bi» mutual affent bo tife 3ufts oj aCurneamentgi, j to plap at ftoojn 
anu buckler, oj any otljer taw of armgjanD tlje onekilletlj tlje otljer, tljiis ig #e? 
Jonp, foj tljat iti0 not laUiful to ufe t^icm toitljout tlje JSingg licence , tuljiclj a^ 
greetl) initlj tlje recojn aboDcfaio, of 29 E.i. 

b Willus Jordan inventus fuit vagans armatus de platis, attachlatus, &c. comper- 
tum eft per Juratores, quod minatus fuit per quofdam ignotos, & quod pro lalvati- 
one vitae fuas, platas prxdidas appofuit fuper corpus fuum,tamen invenit fecuritatcm 
pro bono geftu fuo. 

c SCtie claufe of tljc Statute of 25 E.3. concerning tljis matter, toe Ijabe re^ 


fcrbeD to tljisi place, 

d And if per cafe any man of this Realm ride armed covertly or (ecretly 
with men of arms, againlt any other to flay him, or rob him, or to take 
and keep him till he hath made fine or ranforae,it (hall not be adjudged 
Treafbn,but it (hall be judged Felony ortrefpafs,accordingto the Laws 
of the Realm of old time ufcd,and according as the cafe requires. And 
if in fuch cafe, or other like, before this time any Juftices have judged 
Treafon,and for this caufe the lands and tenements have come into the 
Kings hands as forfeit,the chief Lords of the fee fhall have the efcheats 
of the tenements holden of them, whether that the fame tenements 
be in the Kings hands, or in others, by gift, or in other manner. Sa- 

Cap. 7 3 . (^gainfl going or riding armed, 1 6 1 

ving always to our Lord the King, the year and the waft, and the for^ 
feitures of chatte]s,which pertain to him in the cafes abovcnamed.And 
that writs of Scire facias be granted in fuch cafe againft the land te- 
nants without other original, and without allowing any protedion in 
the faid fuit. And that of the lands which be in the Kings hands, writs 
be granted to the Sherifs of the Counties where the lands be, to deli- 
ver them out of the Kings hands without delay. 

Concerning tljc yoint of i?clony it mull Ic obfcrijcD, tijat at tt)C itiafeinc? of 
tijat statiitfj anri bp tljc^iatois of t\t Ucaltn of olo time ufeo in fuel; cafctoTKU 

anp puriJOfCll to flap, anO Declare lip fuclj OiJCrt act, voluntas reputabaturpro fadto, Vide cap. High 

aiB Ijatlj ten fain lefojc ■■, anD fo is tljig bjanclj concerning tljat point to lie iin# xreafon v'erb.Fj/f 

BCrttOBD. comfaf[tr,io.6. 

^ And that writs of Scire fac. be granted. ] ^^fre it map apyear Scire fac. 
luljat f)j£ti)v remctip tp Scire fac. tijemaikcrjs of tljis; 3La\i) gaije foj refiittttion to Note for renitu- 
ie ntaoe, idJljcreip anp of tljC ^tiftices Ijao in anp of tljc cafes tiientioneti in tlji.s "on- See hereafter 
bjanclj jimgeo it Creafon loljiclj is oeclaveD bp tljis la^ to lie againft 3iato, *^^P' ^^'^"utioc. 

S^m let us perufc tlje toojns of tljc faio ;att of 2 E.3. 

C His Minifters in executing. ] llPptljeojner of tIjcComnioniLaluanD^, 
Statutes of tlje iSealm, tlje ^Ijerif, oj otfter SP iniCer of tljc ISing in crccuticn w-acap.??. 
oftl^ciiingstJjits, oj pjoces of iialu, migljt after tcfiltancc tahc poffecomita- i«J-_-=E'^ecutioii, 
tus. ifOJ, Sequi debet potentia legem, & non ancecedeie. i9E.2.ibid.247. 

3H 10. b. 

f Des mandements le Roy. "] m%^t is, of tlje ?&ings tojits, ann yjoces {^^-^r^' 
of llato, fccundum legem & confuctudinem Anglis. SCljOUgi) in tljis ^Ct tljcre ^iyaticlk 
lie t\nic fpccial cjcceptions, pet tlje Jlatu cotlj make anotljer e]cccption,an5 tljat iSj 
JO affemWc fojce to nefeno l)is Ijoufe, as Ijcrcafter Ojall be fain.' 

^ To come before the Kings Juftices, or other the Kings Mini- Eraflon lib 4. fo. 
fters doing their office, with force and arms. ] Bradon totl) notablp '^'' 
SWjite of tljc Diljerfttp of fo^ceSj viz. tliat tljere is Vis expulOva, perturbativa, in- 
quietiva, ablativa, compulllva, &c. luljiclj pou map vcao in Ijim. kwti tljcn ( iutjici^ 
is pertinent to our purpofC J Ije faitlj : Eft etiam vis armata, ( armis de)edum 
dico qualitercunque fuerit vis armata ) non folum ii quis venerit cum telis, verum 
etiam omnes illos dicimus armatos, qui habcnt cum quo nocere poffunt. Tdo- 
lum autem appellationc omnia, in quibus fingulis homines nocere poffunt, acci- 
piuntur : fed fi quis venerit fine armis, & ipfa concertatione ligna fumpferit, fu- 
ftes, & lapides, talis dicetur vis armata ■■, Si quis autem venerit cum armis, armis 
tamen ad dejiciendum non ufus fuerit, & dejecerit, vis armata dicitur effe fada i 
fufficit enim terror armorum, ut videatur armis deiecilTe. ;3a;rcEin(!: Iritll tljat of 
tljefoet, ; ^ » 

Jamque faces &faxa volant, furor -armaminiftrat. Virgil, a 

Britton faitlj, Nous volons, que touts gents pluis ufcnt judgement, que force. Eritton i id.a.' 

^ Nor to bring force in affray of the ( paiis, i J Countrey.] geethe chapter 
S^ljis^tt isnotablp crpounoeo bp tljc tojit in tijc IKegifter, anO F. N. B. fox bp next before, verb* 
tljat tojit it appearetlj, tljat if anp tio enter into, 01 Detain luaitlj fo?ce anp Ijoufes, ^j^'.^^'- 
lanDs, oj tenements, tljc partp gricbcD map Ijabea \axft upontljis statute, Di=^ Kb "T; f 
rctfcD to tlje ^Ijeriff, bp fo jce of luljiclj lujit, if tljc S>ljcriff fine tlje fo?ce, tljen if Noti. " ' 
anp after proclamation mace, riMljiclj pjoclamation is bpreafonable conttruction vide lib.,-. fop. 
to be maDc foj aboiDing of blcDDfljcD? fl)all Dirobcp,oj if it be founo h^ inqHiCtiou, Senj^y"" "f=- 
tljc^ljcrifl is to fci?e tljcir arms auD lucapons, anD to acrctt anD tafec tbe offen^^ IzSeclv ' 
Dcrs anD commit tljcm to p?ifon,tc. iEut note tljc ^Ijeriff cannot reftojc tljc partv 2 1 jac.cap a'.;'. 
gricbcDupon tljis lM?i£ to Ijispoffcflion, a no mojc tljenljc can upon tljc tunt de *?£•?• cor.503, 
vilaicaremovenda,butrcaitutionmuftbe mabebp fojceof tljcS)tatutesof 8 H.<5. 305- 
anD 2 1 Jac. b ^m pet in fome cafe a man map not onlp ufc fojtc anD arms, lut 2* h.-'^^o"' 

|3 2 alfcm^ ' '" 

i62 <$^gainfi goingy or riding armed. Gap.75. 

atfemblc companp aUo. Sis anv map affemWc W frieucgana nctgljbcurs!,to keep • 
^i)5 Ijoufe againft tljofc tljat come to rol)>Dj feill l)lm, oj to offer Ijtm Wolence in 
it, ano ig bp conflruttion epccptcD out of tljig 0rt : anti tlje ^Ijcrtf, f c. ousjljt not 

1 1 H. 7, 39. to 1"^ a^ ^"^ ^Ji*" "P°" t'^J*'^ ^* ' f^J ^ '^^^''^ ''J'^"^^ ^^ "J^^ CaOIc, & domus fua 

Lib. V'fo. 91. b. cuique eft tutiiTimum refugium ; foj toljcrc fljall a man be fafc, if it be not in \)i$ 

seraaynes cafe. }j£,n(p ^ 0nti in tljig fenfc it ijS ttiilp faio, 

Armaque in armatos fumere jura finunt. 

T\it \)z cannot affemble fo?ce, tljougl) \)c be e)ctremcl}) tl)jeatcncti,to go luit]^ 

Ijim to Ctnrcl;, oj #arfeet, oj anp otljcr place, but tljat ig pjoljibttco bp tljig ^cr. 

^ Nor to go armed by night or by day, Sec. before the Kings 
24 E. 3. fo. 33. Juftices in any place whatfoever. "] ^it Thomas Figctt iintgljt luent 
artneo tinoet Ijiis' garments, ag toeU in tijc palace, as before tlje gufticfs of 
t%eBing0 215Encl)i foj botl) toljicl) upon complaint mane, Ije toag arreffes bp 
§>ic William Shardifhill Ctiicf Suttice of tl)e i&tiigs ^cncl), ano being cliavgea 
tljcrelMitl;, \)C faio ttiat tljere lian ban Debate bettoaen l)im ano s>tr John Tievec 
18nigl)t in tlje fame laeek, at Pauls in London, ia)f)o menaceo Ijim, jc, ano tljere^- 
foje foj Doubt of Danger, anD fafcguaro of W life, l)t toent fo armeo. igottoitlj^ 
flauDing ttie Court upon tljeir X^izXa aUiarDeD, tljat tlje armg toerc fojfeitcD, ana 
tijereupon tlje fame toere feifeD, anD l3e commanDeD to toaro in tijc sparfljalCc 
During tlj£!Singg pleafure. ^ir Thomas pjapeo to fino maiiip?ife, luljicl) luas 
DenieD, until tlje pleafure of tljeteing toag Knoton, becaufc Ijc luag impjifoneo 
During tlje iiingg pleafure, accojDing to tljig Statute. 

f[ Upon pain to forfeit their Armor, &c. ] ^t appearctlj bcfoje bp 
24 E. 3. ubi fupra jjj^ jafj. (,f ^(^ Thomas Figett, tljat tlje offcnDcr luag to be punifteD accojDing 
of'*the^in1iimtes ^° ^i^^^*' ^"^ ^? forfeiture of tlje armoj auD impjifonment i but tljc Statute 
cap. Lm. ' of 20 R.2. cap.i . Dotl) aDD fine anD impjifonment. 

20 R. cap. I. T n- • 1 • 

vid.indorf.clauf. ^ And that the Kings Jultices, m their prefence, Sec, j ^o DiU 
2 E. 2. 19. 22. ^(j vVilliam Shardilhill, ag ig abOl)efaiD. 

f[ And other Minifters in their Baihwickes, Sic. ] %\)u ig to fap, 
^Ijeriffg, JlEailifg of libertieg, gfc. 

^ Lords of Franchifes. "] 0nD tljeir ^Eailifg, ^atojg, ano Ufailifg of <Zi^ 
ticganD 31Bo;ougl)g laitljin tlje fame Citieg anD 515o?Dugljg, anD ilSojouglj^ljoloerg, 
Conttableg, anD MarDeng of tlje peace toitljin tljeir WarDg fljall Ijavje pouicr ra 
Etecute tljig Set. SnD tlje 3Eufticeg alfigneo at tljeit coming Doiun fljail inciutrc 
ijotofuc^ officcrg anD JLojDg ^m ercrcifeD flicir officegin tljig cafe.aiiD to punift 
tljem tuljom tljep finD, tliat liaise not Done tljat toljiclj pcrtaineD to tljeir office. 

^K 12 R.2.cap.5. 

Regiftrura. 3It ig to be obferDeD, tljat upon f^ig Statute bp tlje refolution of tljc SluDgeg a 

F. N. €. 249. {. iijjit luag ftameD, anD inferteD into tlje ISegiUer, iuljen anp toitlj fojce anD armg 

24 E.3. fo. 33. j„tjj jj„p jjjj^j,^ j,„j| tenementgj oj Detain tlje fame toitlj fojce anD armg,Dire£tea 

to tlje ^Ijctiff, reciting tlje fojce,anD our ^(t, CanD faitljj Nos ftatutum prasdi<aum 

inviolabiliter obfervari, & idem infringentes juxta vim, 6c effedum ejufdem ftatuti 

caftigare facere volentes 8c punire, Tibi praecipimus, &c. publice proclamari facias. 

Vide jd £.3.03.9. &c, ;3g in tlje Mrtt. Sno Ijere ig a fecret in 3Lato, tljat upon anp Statute maoc 

simifc. fo J tlje Common peace, 01 gcoD of tlje Taeaim, a toiit map be DeUifeD foj tlje bet^ 

tcr c]cecution of tljc fame, accojDing to tlje fojce anD effect of tljc 0rr. ' 

i^ote,^?oclamationg are of great fojce, toljiclj are grounoeD upon tl;e i,mii 
of tljc Mcalm. 


Cap.74- ^^3 


Of Perjury and fubornation of Perjury, and in- 
cidently of Oaths. 

EVeryperfbn which (hall unlawfully and corruptly procure any jEliz.cap.?. 
witnels to commit any wilful, and corrupt perjury in any mat- 
ter or caufe depending in fuit, and variance, by any writ,aftion, bill, 
complaint, or information in any of the Kings Courts of Chancery, 
Star-chamber, or in any of the Queens Majefties Courts of Record, or 
in any Leet, view of Frankpledge, ancient demefiie Court, Hundred 
Court, Court Baron, or of the Stannary, or elfewhere within any of 
the Rings Dominions of England or Wales, or the Marches of the 
fame: or (hall unlawfully, and corruptly procure and ftborn any 
witnefs to teftifie 7« pcrpetuam rei memoriam j That then every fuch 
offender lliall forfeit the fum of forty pound, &c. And if any perlbn 
either by fubornation, or by their own aft, confent or agreement, wil- 
fully and corruptly commit any manner of wilful perjury by their de- 
polition in any of the Courts above-mentioned, or being examined ad • 
perpetmm rei memoriam ^ Then every perlbn fo offending (hall lofe and 
forfeit twenty pound, and to have imprifbnment by the fpace of fix 
moneths without bail or mainp'rife. Sec. the one moity of all which 
forfeitures to be to the Queen, and the other moity to fuch perfbn or 
perfons as fhall be grieved, &c. 

Albeit ip t\)Z Common JLaiu trial of mattery of fart arc hf t\)t Ijcmirt of 
tlMdije men, $ c. anu ncvolitton of luicncfTes tjs tot ciiincncc to tljem : pet, foj . 
cljat moa commonlp iluries arckDb? ucijofiition of toitnefffs!, jjcrjurp of tutt; Lvk iVai.'^' 
nctotuag feViecdp pm(I)£ti 1}]) tl)£ ancient 3Law of tf)t0 Ucalm •, perjtirp it Mattil. 5.' ?4. 
felf being fojbtOtien bp tfje 3Lattl of Coo, a Non perjurabis in nomine nieo, ncc l> i eges Ed'w c. ?. 
pollues nomcn Dei tiii. ^nU again, Non perjurabis, reddes Domino juramenta tua. |'j"^"*" ^- '° ^5-. 

falfc toitncCe is callen Perjurus, quia perperam jurat. ^ Perjurj) bcfo:etljC c.^l^^'^j, '^c""" 

Conqueft toas puuifijeti fcmetimc bp oeatlj, fometime bpbanifljment^anD fomc^ Edw. & Gru.c.ii. 
timebp tojpo?alpiuufijment,$c. • c Mir. c.,4. §. de 

c Afcuns font punies per cowper de langues, come foiloit eftre de faux teft- P^'"**- 
moignes. 31Bii£ tro ftDcre iiatus are ntut Dulp C]cectiteD. afiertoaros it came to "^^ CMv^idarc'ri' 
iC moje milD, fo; d Fleta faitfj, Atrox injuria eftqus omnium mobilium amiilio- Lingua exciditur. 
nem confert, &c. de perjurio convidtis. d Fl«a Ii.2. cap.i. 

aftenajams it came to fine ano ranfom, ano neucr to ftcar tcCtmonv. §• |f ^ Atrox, &c. 

Et queux fe voillont^jerjurer pur lower, ou pur afcun doute de afcun, & ceux Britton f. 38.257, 
font reints a noftre volunt, & mes ne foient crus per nul ferement. SinU it apilC^'^"' H^f a e"'^' C*^' 
ctlj in 7 H. 6. tljat fje tijat is pcrjureti fl)an be finco ann impjifoneu. ^'^ni ^,3^"^" r°'J]" 

Thomas Vigrus, & duo alii funt culpabiles, &c. perjurati pro fradione corbello- ^3. Effex. Fortef- 
xam Johanna? de Huntingheld in feperali pifcaria fua in aqua de Hadfeld. cue cap. 32. 

Qui teftes de perjurio convincere fatagit, multo illis plures , ptoducerc necefle 

%\)t punifljment'of perjurp in BJurojs foj a falfe Unia ms fo feucre bp j^nftfjte''s"verb 
ttje Common Jlalo, as fcio) oi no %mt$ tweve upon juflE caufe coniiicTeo, foj tljc Atraint.scd. ? I4. 

Glanvil.lib.2. c.i| 
6H.3. Attaint.72. Braft. 1.4. f.292. b. Flera lib.?, cap.21. Britton fo.245. 8 E. 2, Judgment. 196. i6 E. 3. Ibldcw 
109. Mich. 3 H 5. Coram Rege Roc. 14. & 49. Fortcfcue ca. 2?. 


1^4 OfPerjury. Cap^. 

JUBgnient agatttft tljem toajS, i. C^od amodo amittant liberam legem imperpe- 
tuum. 2. Non trahantur in teftimoniumveritatis. 3. Bona & catalla fua forisfaci- 
ant Regi. 4- Terrs & tenementa fua capiantur in manus Regis. 5. Quoad uxores 
& liberi fui amodo amoveantur. 6. Quod terrae & tenementa fua extirpentur, &c 
7, Quod capiantur, & in Gaolam detrudantur. Mijicl) fijclMCtl) ijOU) oHi'oUsi pcr^ 
jutv toajsin t^e e]?e of ttic Jlala : ann ttiisi ^laiu Dot!j pet remain in fojce •, tut a 
^ nTtlutr pniQjmcnt i% fet soton bp tljc Statute of 23 H.8. luljcrctn tljc partp 
23 H. cap. 5. gf^g^jgj ^ati, jiertion to grotinD Ijtg OTtit of ;9ttaint upon tljis statute, oj to 
ta&e iiis remetip at tlje Common aiauj. 

ifoj pcrjwrp concenunganj) temporal act, t^c G-ccleftaflical Court Ijatlj no 
jurifDiflton , anD if it, l)C conrc rning a fpiritual matter, tlje parrp gricDco maj) 
- H 4 10 1 1 H 4 fwe foj tlje fame in tlje ^tar,-cljaml)er. S>tt tlje Statutes of 3 H.7. cap.i. 1 1 H.y. 
88, 20'. ca. 25. 32 H. 8. c.p. anu 1tt)l)En pou l)a^c reaS tlje cafe in Mich. 7 & 8 Eliz. Dier 
22 E. 4. 13 El. 242. 243. pu toill confefg i)0\u nccelTarp tlje rcaning of ancient i^utljojjS ann 
Dier 302. Mich.7 35£cojj,stgj anti tl)e continual crpcvicncetn tlje ^tat^cljamljec tjs againtt tljc 
& 8 El. Dier 242, ^^^^^^^ conceiDeB tljere. 

Micii Ta Rowl ^"^ '^''^' ' ° J^'^' ^" ^'-"^ ^tars^cljambcr in tljC cafe of Rowland Ap Eliza, it \)oa3 
Ap^EUzaescafe. ' rcfoli)eti,tljat petjutp in a toitnefs toa? punifliaWe In' tlje common lato,as hereaf^ 
in cam. steiiat. ter M\\ 1)0 fl;et»JCli moje at large.lSut noto let us ptrufc tljc uoojog of tlje ftatute. 

See hereafter 

verb.information. ^ By any Writ, Aftion, Bill, Complaint, or Information, ] £«ut of 

Mich 40 & 41 El t'^Jcfe tuojBis are perjurp, ann fulojnation of perjurp upon an gnnictmcnt fo? tljc 

Lib.5'. f. 99- in ' l^ing Cfoj cramplc of ISiot j ag it U'as refolDeu in Flowers cafe, liecaufc tljat per^ 

Flowers cafe. |urp upon an luoictment is not luitfiin tlje Statute. llEut ftxina; pcrjurp toag 

an offence punifljable bp t^e Common JlalB, tljouglj tlje Snoictmcnt of Flower 

grounueo upon tljijs Statute was oViertljjoton, pet ig fuclj per jurp upon an JUi? 

titfment puniQiable, ano moft commonlp punifljeD in tlje ^tar;^tljamlier. 

^ Information. ] )iBp tljis it appcaretl), tljat perjurp ccmmittcD in an 3!n^ 

formation ejcljiWtco bp tlie IKings 0tto?np, oj anp otl)cr foj tlje iiing, bp anp 

toitnefs pjonuceo on tljebeijalf of tlje iSingjiss puniffjable citljcrliptljis act ojlp 

The cafe of Row- tlje Common llaiu.ano fo it luas rcfolDeo in tlje faio cafe of Rowl.Ap Eliza,ttiljicl^ 

land Ap Eliza in luag tljis. K^t toiugs ^ttojup pjcfetreD an information in tlje €]ccl)f(iuer 

the Star-chamber, againft Hugh Nanny (iBftIi tl)C fatljcr, anH Hugh Nanny tlje fon, ano otljers foj 

ubi fupra. intrufion an» cutting noton a great number of trees, ?c. in Penrofe in tlje Cottn^ 

tp of Merioneth, acije jDefcnoant plcaoeo not guiltp, ano tlie trial being at tlje 

J)ar> Rowl. Ap Eliza iijas a to)itnefs pjonucec foj tljel^ing, UMljoDepofcD upon Ins 

oat^ to t%t Slurp, tljat Hugh tlje fatljer ano Hugh tlje fon jopneo in fale of tlje 

faio trees, ann commannen tlje tmcntecs to cut tljcm ooton : upon luljiclj tefti? 

juonp t^e 3iurp fount) foi tlje iSing, an« aircffeti great tamagcs, ano tljcrcupon 

Jimgment anu ejcccution toas Ijau. Hugh Nanny ilje fatbcr erljibiten Ijis bill in 

tlje ^tar#cljaml)er at t^ic Common ILato, ano c^argco Piowl. Ap Eliza toitlj per^ 

|urp, ann alTigneo tlje perjurp, in tljat Ije tlje faio Hugh iljc fatljcr ncijer jopnctj 

in fale, noj commanoeo tljc mcnotts to cut tiouin tlje trees, ffc. ^vm it toas re# 

foltJCD, ifirft, snijat perjurp in a lojitncfs tuas pimifliablc bp tlje Common J-aluj. 

§)cconolp,2ni)at perjurp in atoitnefs fojtljel^ingluaspunifijablebp tljeCom;^ 

monJlaii), citljcr upon an gncictmcnt, oj in an Jnfojmation, oj bp tljis^ct iw 

an information. Sno tl)e faio Rowland Ap Eliza tuas bp tlje fcntence of tlje 

Court conijitteo of toilful ano corrupt perjurp. 

31Butforour moje ojoerlp procctoing, let usocfinc, oj tcfcribe toljat pcrfu«= 
rp is in legal ttnoeraanoing, botlj upon tljis Statute, ano at tljc Common lauj. 
Perjury defcribed IP^Iwrp isi a crime committeo, toljcn a latoful oatlj i^ miniftrco bp anp t^at 
Ijatlj autljojitp, to anp pcrfon, in anp juoicial procaoing, luljo fiucaretlj abfc#= 
Jutclp, ano faiap in a matter material to tlje iMi, 0? caufe in ciucftion, bp tbeir 
oton act, or bp k\% fubornation of ottiers. ^oto let ns pf nife tlje brancljes of tijis 

€ A 

Cap.74* Of^Ferjury. 165 

f[ A lawful Oath.] JCljts Ujojd ^'atli is ncriUf d of tljc s?ton toojn Eoth i 
ant) is CtV?cffcti tip tl)?ec fCMCral names, viz. i.Sacran entum, a (acra, &mente, 
Jjccaufe it ougljt to be perfcjmcu \i3ttlj a tacrcti ano religicitg niTnti. Qiiia jurare, 
ell Deum in telkm vocare, & eft ad:iis divini cultus. 2. JLuamentiim a Jure U;l)iclj 
ftgnifictl) ILaUJ ano rigljt, iccaufc Ijotl) arc rcciuirco aitD meant, ai Iccaufe it 
niuQ ICDOncDDitlja juftanDriglnflll nnnti. 3. Jusjmaudum ccmpoiintcti of ttoO Scrmentor far- 
toOJOgj a jure &C jUrando, in tlje Common ILato Sacramcntum is moil common;? ment,i Sacremcnc, 

lu uffO : in otir lajfes ann ancient Statutes puWifiicD in j^rc nclj, Screment, cf i- Sacramentum. 
Iljc i^jcnclj lUOJIi Serment is ttfCD. Ig't^'thZ' 

3n ilDatlj is an affirmation ojncnial Ijy anp dljjifiian of anp tljtng lalnftil i^'.i^l\6<,.2':i6.b. 
ana l)onefl,l)cfo?c one oj mojc, tl)at f)a\jc ataljoutp to gi\jc tljc fame fc: atijanre^ tkuiib.scap.zi. 
mcnt of trtitl) anti rigl)t, calling SImtgttp Ooo to U3irncfs,tl)at l)ts tcilimony is 
true. 0115 it is tVuofofD,citl)Cr aiTcrtiorum ut de pr*terito, Ik'HC tcitcs, Sec. feu pro- 
miiTorium de tuturo, ficut judices, jufticiarii, officiarii, -Sec. SO aS an oatlj IS fo fa:? 

crejD, annfotiaplpconccrneiljtljcconfcienccsof Cl);iftianmen,astljcramecan!^ So refoived An. 
not be miniflrcD to anv imlefs tljc fame be allotMCD Ip tl)c Common Jiatu, oj bp ^^ £'• '" ^''^",'5 
fome act of parliament ■, nc itljer can anp jSTatlj allotocn bp tljc Cemnun Jlato ^' 'heunderfhentf 
cj bp Slct of |3arf lament be altcren, but bp M of parliament. %x is caUco a tai^ 
jojal oatl), becatifc Ije toudjetl; loitl) l;is tjano fome part of tl^ Ijolp Scripture. 
%i)z oatl) of tljc laings pjiijp Cotmcei, t\)t Juaices, tljc 3»l)criff, ijc. uasi 
tljougljt fit to be altercD anu inlargeu, bitt tljat luas none bp atttljontp of par^* 
Jiamcnt. i'^oj furtljer pjcof luljereof, ano of tljc matters abobefain, f® il)c &ta# Mjgna cart. c,6. 
tutesljcrequoteii,anD it fljaircbincntlp appear, tljat no olo catl;can be aUereD, |""i'^^'''"%^" 
or ncU) oatl) raifcD loirljoiit an 2(t of parliament, o: anp oatl) minillrcD bp any c'll^ii e' t ubi 
tljat Ijabc not allo^nantc bp tl;e Common ilato, oj bp an 0tt of parliament. fup.'j R.2.cap.i2. 

6R.2 ca.i2.4H.4. 
cap.18. 2 H.f. cap.7. 8E.4. cap.2. iR. 3. cap.6. & 15. i9H.7.cap. 14. 14 H8 c,2. 23 fi, 8. cap.5. 52 H.8.cap.45, 
2 E, 6. cap.ij. 27EI. cap.12. See 3 Jac, 04. 

anu to concltiDe tljis point, 3!t wag refoTbco tn parliament Ijolticn in Ann.43 43 Eiiz. cap. 12. 
Eliz. tljat tlje CommilTioners concerning policies of atTurances coulo not c]c# 
amine upon oatl;, bctaufc tljep Ijan no ^narrant r itljer bp tljc Common Jiaiu, j 
Ijp anp 0ct of parliament: anB tljerefoje it toas- cnarteo at tljat parliament, 
tliat it fiioulD be laiwful foj tlje fain Commifftoncrs to cramine upon catlj anp 
tuitnefg ^t. 0t tljis parliament 5 attenoeu, being tl)cn Httoxncp gcnerai. rinti 
oatljs tljat Ijabc no Warrant bp JLaW, are ratljer nova tormenta quam facramenta, 
ann it is an Ijiglj contempt to miniflcr an oatlj luitiiout warrant of JLato, to be 
punifljeo bp fine ano impjifonmcnt. Snti tljerefoje ^JTommiirioncrs C tljat fit bp 
fojce of anp CommilTion tljat is not alloWeo bp tlje Common Jiaw, noj luarran^? 
ten bp autljojitp of parliament) tljat miniCer anp catlj Vuljatfoeber , arc guiltp 
of an Ijiglj contempt, anu foj tte fame are to be finen ano impjifouen : * ftn '^ commiifions. 
Commiflions are legal, ana are lifee tlje i&ings Mlrits, ana none are lawful bi:c Re^ift. i,2,?.i25, 
fuel) as are allotuca bp tlje Common Law, oj warrantcB bp feme Set cf|-frlia^ I6^'p.n'b'!io 
ment t ana tljerefo;ie CommitTions of ncW Slnciuities, oj of noucl itt\jention arc 1 , ,' je. 3. 26. 
againtt Jiaia), ana ougljt not to be put in etecution. Pafch. 44 £• 3- 

Coram RegeRor,2 
24E.3.Com.Br.3. 29E.3. 30,;!. 18E.3. c.i &4. 18 E 3. Stat.2.c.6. Rot Pari. 18 E.3. n.47. 2SE.3.C. ij. Rot. 
Pari. 50 £.3.11.56.(51. 2 H.4.n, 22jOptime4H,4. c.9. Rot. Pari. 9H.4. nu.36.42. Aff. p.5,i». 42E.3. c.3. Dier i El. 
io6. Scrog. cafe. 

ana albeit aibers of tlje litngs Courts in England pjocdca not accojaing to 
t^e courfc of tljc Common iiain, pet are tljcit p^ocetaings alloiijca eitljcr b? tljc 
Common JLaiu, oj bp fome act of parliament. ■ 

Certain pcDj Cl)?iCians tbatljna fpoken againCtbcWo:fi;trptng of Images ,„ r 2 „ U. "^ 
Were bp tlje UBilbops (wojn to U)o:fi)ip images t Wljiclj oatl) luas againfl tl;e * Exod.20.4.' 
ejcpjclTe Jiaw of (!5oa,ana agatnit tljc Law of tlje Jlana, foj tljat tljcp Ijaa no war# Deut. 5. 6. pfaim 

86.11. 55.7. 1 1 5. 4 

Levit.26.i.&c.Efay 44.9. fee. Jer. 10.3. 8;c. Sapient. 13.10. &c, ad Jan.cap.ii. idctn de fide Sf 
fymbolo,cap.7. ^^^^ in Pfal.ii3. con. 2. 


1 66 Of Terjury. Cap.74. 

rant to miniliet tijc fame. 3let t\jt rinlBjen of t%e Ctiurd) ie caUcn ann inffru^ 
Gregor. lib. 9. tffO 1)? t%t teftimontcg of tl)e l)oIv Scripture, tl)at notljing raaDe toitlj ^anng 
Epift. 9. map IC tDOjOjiyeO. ^ec tije Second part of the Inftitutes, Marlbridge cap.i 4.&: ip. 

conccrntiig oatljcs, aim fpcciaHp out of Glanvile, concerning t|)e ^obilitp of 

tljiiB IScalm, anfi VV.i. c.38. 

^ By any having authority. ^ jfoj toljetc tlje Cottrt i^at^ no aittljojtt? 

to Ijoln p!ca of tije caufe, Ittt it ig coram non judice, tl)crc pcrjttrp cannot he 

Erafton I.4. f. 186 rommittCD. iFoj ajS Bradon fait!), Sacramentum,habet in fe tres comites,Verltatcm, 

Juflitiam, & judicium: Veritas habendaeft in jurato i juflitia & judicium in Judice. 

3nD all tljiS is grotmUfO upon tlje llato of CDoB, Jurabis vivit Dominus, in ve- 

Jer, 4, 2. ritate & judicio, & in juftitia. 

^ In any judicial proceeding. "] ^poj t^ouglj an £Datlj It giucn bp i)im 
tl^at ^at^ latoful autliojitp, an» tlje fame ig bjofeen, pet if it he not in a iunicial 
Trin 15 Ja. Lib.i i pjocKOing, it ii8 not petjurp punifijaljlc citljcr bp tlje Common l.aiQ), 03^ bp tljts 
f. 98. Bagges cafe, ^tf, bccaufe tliep arc general anti ertratuDicial, but ferbe foj aggrabation of tljc 
offence, ag general ©atljeis giben to ^aDfTiceos o^asinifterg of JuiJice, Citi?enSj 
3f urgeffcs, oi tlje like, oj foj tlje b^eaclj of tbe ^atlj of i*ealtp oj ailegcance, 
gtc. tljep fljall not be cljargeb in anp Court juoicial, foj tbe bjeacb of tljem afteiv 
luarbg. 0s if an £Dfficer commit ejttojtion, Ije ig in trutlj perjuren, becaufc ie 
tg againli Ijig general £Datlj : ano toljen Ije ig cljargen toitli cjctojtion, t|c b^cacl; 
of big £Datl) mapfcrbe foj aggrabation. 

31f a man ralletlj anotliet periureb man, Ije map liabc Ijig action upon Ijig cafe, 
becaufe it muft be intenneti contrarp to Ijig £Datl) in a jubicial pjocceoing : ana 
fo it ig termeo in our statute of 5 Eliz. but fo? calling Ijim a fojftoojn man, no 
Action botlj Ipe : bccaufe tlje foj( tuearing map be erfraiubicial. 3iif tlje Defen*= 
iiant perjuretlj Ijimfelf in Ijig anf baer in tlje Cljancerp, (iBtcljequer Cljamber,f c. 
fit ig not punifftable bp t^ig &tatute,fo? it ejtenoetl) but to toitnelTegjbHt Ije maw 
be punifljeo in tlje ^tar=<cljambf;r, ?c. 

Eraftonii 4 f.289 € ^^^ fwearcth abfolutely. ] jfoj tlje bepoCtion muft be Direct ano 
Fleta lib.s. c.21. abfolUtC, antt not ut putat, noj ficut meminit, noj ut credit, dec. 

H And falfely. ] l^erei'n tlje ILato tafect^ a biberfttp bettoecn falfljmn in 

erpjefg iBojbg, anb tljat ig onlp toitliin tljig Statute, anb falfiiam in fenotolebge 

Gurnies cafe in OJ "iHW, toljict) map be ptmifijeb tljouglj tlje too jbg be true. i?oj example ; bas^ 

the Star-chamber, mageg iBJcre attarbCD to t^e plaintif in tlje §>tar#cljamber accojbing to t|ie ba- 

Mic. 9 jac. inc of Ijig goDbg riotouflp tafecn atoap bp t^e bcfenuant ; tljc plaintiff caufcb ma 

men to fboear tlje balue of Ijig gcobg, ttiat neber fato noj feneiu t^em ■■, ano 

tljougl) tljat toljicl) tljcp ftuare loag true, pet becaufe tlje knetu it not, it iuag a 

falfe oatlj in tljem, foj t^jc toljidj botlj t^je procurer ano tlje iMitnefi"egtoere£etti= 

tenceo in tlje &tar^cljamber. 

Flcta ubi fupra. jf oj ( ^g Fleta fait^) Ad redum juramentum exiguntur triaj Veritas, confcientia, 

& judicium : trut^ ano confcience in tlje tuitnefg, ano Juogment in tlje BEuoge, 

0ttO ^jcreboitlj agratlj Brafton, tljat a man map ftoear tlje trutlj, a»o pet be per# 

Braflon 1.4. f. 289. jurCD. Dicunt quidam verum, & mentiuntur, & pejerant, eo quod contra mentem 

vadunt. Ut li Judeus juraverit Chriftum natum ex virgine, perjurium committir, 

quia contra mentem vadit, quia non credit ita efle ut jurat. 

ilBp tlje ancient iLaiu of England, in all jSDatljg, dSquibocation ig utterlp coti^ 

Equivocation. OcmncO v hi Britton faitlj, Serement eft honeft, & leal, quant fa confcience demefrie 

Britton fo. 237. accord a chefcun point a la bouche ne pluis, ne meins, & 111 ad difcord, donques eft 

Job 13.7. perillous. BttO tljig ig grounOCO upon tljC ILaiD of dJoO. Nunquid Deus indiget 

mendacio veftro, ut pro illo loquamini dolos, aut decipietur ut homo velkis fraudu- 

lentiis ? Perjuri funt qui fervatis verbis juramenti decipiunt aures eorum qui acci- 

piunt. 3Ef etiuibocation ftoulo be permitteo tenoing to t^e fubuerfion of trua;, it 
Uaoulo (Ijafee tlje founoation of Juttice. 


Cap.74' Of^erjury. 167 

f[ In a matter material to the iffue, or caufe in queftion. ] 
i*o} if it U not ttiatctial, tljcn tibouglj it U falfc, pet it i$ no pcr|tii-p,bccattrc it 
fonccrnctlj not t\)t point in fuit, ann tljcrefojc in cffed: it is crtrajitiiicial. Mo 
tljijs ^£t giuet^ rcmcDp to tljc prtp gricDeu, anb if tlje bfpofttion lie not materia 
al, tie cannot lie grteUCD tljcrcbp. ^n» Brafton faith. Si autem Sacramentum fa- 
tuum fuerit, licet falfum, tamen non committit perjurium. Fkta I'ib"^''^^' • 

^ By their own aft, 8cc. ] 2ni)i£i claufeof tljc Statute, altljotigl) it he accord'. '^■"* " 
mo je general tljen tlje claufc of procurement, pet feeing tljc firlt claufe concet:* 
ning p?ocHrcmcntj e);tcnDeo not to per jitrp upon an Inoittment : tljis claufe bp Flowers cafe. 
conCruction fijall cjctenu no furtljer tljcn tlje fojmer, ^a Lib. Intr.Coke £0.1^4, "bi fupra. 
165. 362. 

K Or by the fubornation of other. ] ^ubojnation ij( ncriijeti of Sub 
ann omo, anb omare in one of W flgnifications i0 to pjepart, fo as fubomare 
is as mucJj as to fap, as to pjeparc fecretip, oj unoerljanD, Ell autcm fubomare 
quail fubtus in aure ipfum male ornare, unde fubornatio dicitur defalii expreilione y 
aut de veri fuppreirione. iJnii Ijcrc is to be notcB, tljat in tlje /uDgment of tlje 
parliament I'ius peccat author quam aftor, i?oj tlje fubojner forfeits 40 1. aiiD 
\}Z tljat if rtJl!0;ineti> but 20 li. Fleta faitlj, Si fervus cogatur fcienter a Domino FletaUb. 5x3.21^ 
perjurare- uteiq-, ell: perjurus ■■, qui autern provocat cum ad jurandum qucm fcit fal- 
fum jurare vcl cxigit, vel recipit juramentum, talis vincit homicidam, quia homi- 
cida folum corpus occidit, ifte vero animam fuam & altcrius ; & peccat, qui aliutn 
audit falfum jurare, fcit, & tacet. 

gn an Sr icn ef perjurp bjougljt upon tbts a)tatute, tlje plaintiff counter, tijat ^^9- ^9- & 3o» 
t'^c ccfcttoant falfo dixit & depofuit, Sec. attH in toljat action, upon tnljat iirue,anD ^''^" ^""^ ^^^' 
intoljat Court, ?C. ann COncItHJeO, & fie commifit voluntarium & corruptiim per-i 
jurium. ^wfs it laas rules bp tlje toljole Court, t?)at tlje Count toas bicious ano 
infufiictent foj tluo caufcs. i^irft, foj tljat in tljisjact of 5 Ell?, as Ijcrc it ap*-. 
appcaretl), tijere be ttoo oiCinct claufes, one if fje be perjureo of Ijis ouin pjopec 
acr ; tlje otljer, if Ije be per juren \i's fubojnation, gfc. ann tlje plaintif ougl)t to oe^ 
Clare in certaintp, tuitbin ^wljicl) of tljem tlje ioefentiant is perjures. SCljc fecono 
caufe was, tuljetc tlje 0ct fait|) [liJilfullp ano cojruptlp commit anp toilful petju^ 
rp,^c.] ans tlje toojns of tlje Count be, falfo dixit & depofuit : ana faitlj not, vo- 

luntarie & corruptc ■■, anti tlje faiO claufe, & fie commifit voluntarium & corruptum ■ 

perjurium, fal^etlj not tljc fo jmer infufficiencp, becaufe it is but a conclufion up^ 
on tlje fojmer matter. 

ano tlje like jungment toas gibcn in tljis Court, as to tljis latter pDint;Anno ai Eiiz. Meiicr.| 
27 Eliz. in tljc cafe of one Mellers of Lincoln-ihire, c?f'^- 

f[ That as well the Judge and Judges of every fuch of the faid 
Courts, "} 3if tlje perjurp be committed bp anp toitnefs ucpofeD in tlje Cljance? . 
rp, ?c. anu tlje partp grteueo commencetlj Ijis fuit tljere upon tljis 3ct, tlje fame ^'" '^ ^h^^^i 
auD all tljc pjoCkXDings thereupon mufl be in Jiatin accojning to tlje courfe of 
tlje Common iiato, aitu tlje flefenBant Qjall not be fiuo jn to Ijis anftoer, noj e]ca#= 
mincD upon interrogatories (tmlefs tlje Court of Cljancerp Ijan befojc tljis 5lc£ 
iifen to examine perjuries, ann to epmine tlje Bcfcntiant upon oatlj upon intcr«s ' 

rogatojtes before tljts M, for tljcn fuclj jutifnirtion Ijau been fabcti bp a Provifo in 
tljis 0ct j ano toljen iSHm i^ joineo, it Ojall be tries in tlje toings 5Eenclj, as br 

Jlato it OUgljt, & fie de fimilibus. 

Hf a man be tafecn for a fufpect, ant* Ijc is not inoictcti, nor is! tliere anp certain 25 t.i4t.^. 
caufe to arraign Ijim, ti^c Court map giijc Ijimtlje jSDatlj of 0llegiancc,viz. Que <^°''-'2f^ 

ilferraioial & loyal, &c. Vide45 E.3.17. b. fimile devantcap.7. De Conjuration, 
&c. in fine 22 E.4.35. 20 ¥i.6.^-]. attorncp abjure. 
^ee more of fier jurp ans of ^itnelTcs in the fourth part of the tnftitutes. Cap. 
1 Coramiffioners for examination of witnefles. ^a 2 1 Jac.cap,2o. a cm ^£t to pre.<« 

toent ans refortn profane flwearing. 


i6S Cap. 75. 


Of forging of Deeds, &c. 

IF any perfbn or perfons upon his or their own head or imagination 
or by fhlfe confpiracy or fraud with others, fliall wittingly ,fubtilly 
' """"■"'""*■ and falfly forge, or make, or fubtilly caufe, or wittingly afl'ent to be 
forged or made any falfe Deed, Charter or Writing fealed. Court Roll, 
or the Will of any perfbn or perfons in writing; to the intent that the 
ftate of freehold or inheritance of any perfon or perfons, of, in, or to 
any lands, tenements or hereditaments, free-hold or copy-hold, or the 
right, title, or intereft of any perfon or perfons of, in, or to the fame, 
or any of them, Ihall or may be molefted, troubled, defeated, reco- 
vered, or charged, 8cc. Or (hall pronounce, publifh, or fliew forth in 
• CAadence any iuch falfe and forged Deed, Charter, Writing, Court- 
Roll, or Will, as true, knowing the fame to be falfe and forged, as is 
aforefaid, to the intent above remembred, and fliall be thereof convi- 
fted, either upon action or aftions of forger of falfe Deeds to be foun- 
ded upon thisStatutc,at the fuit of the party grieved, or other wife ac- 
cording to the order and duecourfe of the Laws of this Rcalm,or up- 
on bill,or information,to be exhibited into the Court of Star-chamber, 
8cc. ihall pay to the party grieved his double cofts and damages, 8cc- 
And be it further enafted, that if any perfbn or perfons, upon his or 
their own head or imagination, or by falfe confpiration or fraud had 
with any other, (liall wittingly, fubtilly, and falOy forge or make ; or 
wittingly, fubtilly, and falfly caufe or aflcnt to be made or forged,any 
falfe Charter, Deed, or Writing, to the intent that any perfbn or per- 
fons, fliall or may have or claim any eftate or intereft for term of years, 
of, in, or to any Mannors, lands, tenements, or hereditaments, not 
being copy-hold 5 or any Annuity in fee-fimple, fee-tail, or for term 
of life, lives or years, or fhall make or forge as is aforefiid, any Obli- 
gation or Bill Obligatory, Acquittance, Releafe, or difcharge of any 
debt, account, aftion, fuit, demand, or other thing perfonal, or (hall 
pronounce, &c. utjupra. That then he fliall pay, 6cc. 

And be it further enafted, that if any perfon or perfons being here- 
after convifted or condemned of any of the offences aforcfaid,&cc.4hall 
after any fuch his or their conviftion or condemnation eftfoons com- 
mit or perpetrate any of the faid offences in form aforefaid, that then 
every fuch fecond offence or offences fliall be adjudged Felony, Sec. 

tMe %&Mt fpokcn of fojgccp oj counterfcttins of tljc dbjcat^cal of tljc lungs 

Coin, $c, toljiclj ate tcclarcti bp tljc Statute of 25 E. 3. to be ^i^\) SCccifcn : 

i^oiMioic arc tc treat of fojgeneg of 2Dati0,Cljarters, a«5 Vuiitings fcalco, fc. 

in tf]c cafe of s>ub|etfis. 0no firft, after our accuRomen manucc fjoio tljtfc offen#= 

ces tocce punifljcti of ancient time. 

Mir.cap.4. %l)t ^_li-roj faitlj, Afcuns peches font punies per pferdede poulce, come eft de' 

§Despaines. faulx notoires, &c. feccans membrum pmiebauir. ( Car pur fauxcr de feale ne Teir' 

Etcap.5. §.i. judgement mortel.) 


Cap.75» Forging of Deeds. 169 

Britton fait^, Judgment deftre treyne, & de fuffer mort doit encount' ceiix courc, Eritton fo.iif. 
q p appeaks de Felony font atteints, q ih eycnt le feale lour feigniour, qui main- a. & b. 
palt ils font, ou q homes p homage counterfait, ou autrement faufe, &c, Et fi 
tiels manners des faits foicnt atteints a noftre fuit, fi foient pur le fcale faufe juges 
a judgment de pillory, ou de perdre le oraile ii Jc fait foit limple : & fi le fait (bit 
grand & leyde, licome touchant dillierifon ou perpetual domage, li foicnt juges a 

la mort. _ • 

Fleta faitl). Crimen falfi dicitur, cum quis accufafus fuerit vel appellatus, quod ^'^'^ 
figillum Regis, ve) domini fui de cujus familia fuerat, falfaverit, &c brevia inde 
conlVnaverit s vel cartam aliquam vel literam ad exhasredationem domini Sec. 
ligillaverit i in quibus caulis fi quis convidus fuerit, detradlari meruit & fufpendi. 
Et quod de hujufmodi falfariis dicitur, de figilla adulterina Cartis & Literisap- 
ponentibus dicatur id idem. Snti tn atiotljcr p'aCC %t fattlj, Eil etiam atrox in- 
iuria quae perpetuam inducit infamiam cum poena pillorari vel tumbrelli, qua: quan- 
doque Ht per falfarios figillorum ( dum tamen non regis nee domini fui de cujus 
fuerit familia. ) - f 

iMt Ijatie tlje tttoje taillinglp repcateti ttcfe ancient pimifijmcntji, to (|)ctu 
|oU) in patt, (viz. concerning tlje dBarg anB ^illojp) tlji? ^ct foj %\)t firft offenc^ 
foncurtetlj witti tlje ancient jjuniiljment* 

|[[ Forge. ] SCo fojgc iji tttetapljojicaHp tafeen from tlje ^mitfi, luljo tieat^^ 
£tl) upon l)i? Sntoil, ano fojgeti^ toljat faOjion oj fijapc \)t tuill : tl;e offence Tag it 
appearctl) licfojc) is caUen Crimen falfi, ano tlje offenDev falfarius, ann tl)e %ui\i 
taojD ta fojge iis faJfare o^tfabricare. ^no tW ^^ PJfperIp tafeen inljen t^c Set iief 
none in tlje name of anoti^er perfon. 

SEIje Statute of i H.5. Ijatlj tl)efe toojog [fojge of nelu anp falfe ti»ti.] '^m pet 2^ h.^. forger s. 
if A. mafee a fcofiment lip Bttn toB. of certain lanD, ano after A.mafectlj a feoffs *' "■'^'^* 
ment bp nan to C* of tlie famefanD luitljan antedate Iicfoje tbe feoffment to B. 
tbiis toais aiijuDgeD to be a fojgerp luitijin tljat ^tatHtc,anti bp Itfee reafon toitl;itt 
tijip Ctatttte alfo : ano t^e ratljer in refpect of tlje ino? ius fttbfeciuent j[or make,&c.] 

fl Or make, &c. ] SCljefe be larger toojosi tljcn to fojge t foj oiie map 
mabe a falfe ^njiting toitfjin t^ijs Set, tfjouglj it be not fo^igeo in tfje name of ano;s 
tljcr, mi Ijis feal noj Ijano countcrfeiteu. as if A. mafee a true nan of fcoff>* 
ntent unoer Ijis ijano ano feal of tlje fl^annoj of SDale unto B. ana B. oj fomc 
otljcr rate out D.tljefirff letter of JDale, ano put in S. anu tijen luljere tije true 
jDecB teas of tlje ^anno j of JDale, no\» it is fafflp altereo ano maue tlje %a\u 
noj of S>ale* aCljis is a falfe lajjiiting unoer feal looitljin tljc purDieijj of tljts fta^s 
tutc, ^nu fo it is if a5Kent Cljarge of one liunojeij pounds bp tbe pear be gran^ 
ten out of lann in fee oj fojUfe, $c. ano tlje grantee oj anp otljer rafe out of one, 
anil iitaeao thereof lujitetl) tltuo i t^iis ijs a falfe ijijiting tuitljin tl;e Danger of 
tljiS Statute. 

C Or fubtilly caufe, or wittingly affent. '] %q caufc, is( to procure 
oj counfel one to fojge, gtc, SCo Sffent, is to gibe liis affent oj agreement after«= 
toarosto tlje procurement oj counfel of anotljer i Co confent, is to agree at tljc 
time of t^c procurement oj counfel, ana Ije in Jiata iisa procurer. 

|[ Deed, Charter, or Writing fealed. ] 3!t is requirea tljat tlje ^aUj . 
Carter, or Writing, muft be fealca ■■, tljat is, Ijabe fome imprcllion upon 
tlje ItUajC, for Sigillum eft cera impreffa, quia cera fiije impreffione non eft figillum i ' 
ana no ff)cca, Charter, or Writing, tan ^abe tl;c force of a jBDeea iuitljout a 
^eal. • 

Pafch. ijEliz. 

f Writing fealed. ] sCljefe ate large toojas : for tlje mafeing of a falfe cier 322. James 
CttComarp of a spannor in writing unaer feal, containing aibers falfe cuHonis ScameraS 
tcnaing to tlje aif^ejiifon of t^e %m of t^f ^annor, ana t^at tlje fame Ijaa been lata. 

■z. a alloiaea 

170 Forging of Deeds, Cap.75. 

aUotucB anti permittee lip tl)e JLojcp of tljc spannoj, f c. toljic:^ toajs aUo faife, 
toa? refoiDCD to he MtW i\)tit too^Hjs, [a falfc tujiting fcalcD.] 

f{ Court Roll, or the will of any perfon or perfons in writing. "] 

^ne be ttoo feinog of spttnimcntji tljat netn not ie fcalcn, bccaufc tljcp map 

tafec cffett toitljout anp fca!, foj tliat tljcp be no nkus ■■, as; Cottrt Molfe con^ 

renung grantg, futrcnucrg, aumittancejs, ^t. of Copp oj Cuftomatp lantiis ; anu 

tljf laft tuill in ti)?iting. 3lf anp perfon iMlitrtj tojitctlj tljc toiU of a 0cfe man in^ 

tenets a claufe in l)tis laft 'mill, concerning tije neuifc of any lantic oj tenements, 

Dier 12 El. f.288. ^Ijicl) Ijc ^ao in ikfUm^lt, fafflp taitljout anp toarrant, oj Direction of tl^c SDe^ 

Sir James Niarvyns tjifoj ; albeit te tiiti not fo;igC5 oj falflp mafec tije luijoie luill, pet is be pnntfijaWe 

cafe. bp tbis ^tatutejas it batb been often ^olDen in tlje s>tar.'cl)amber againil tfie opi# 

nion repojteti bp mp 3loju Dier. 

^ To the intent that the ftate of Freehold or Inheritance, of or 
in any lands, tenemer^s, or hereditaments, freehold or copyhold, 
(hall or may be molefted, troubled, defeated, recovered, or charged.] 
•2Cbe great boubt upon tijis bjancb, anm of tbe bjanclj Ijereafter enfuiug, toaj;, 
foj tljat it is not ctpjcffeD bp tbi? 0ct, lobat eftate, 0? intcrctt fljouln be mcn# 
lioneo to pafs bp tbe S^ao, Cbatter, ?c, toljercbp tlje eftate of tbe freebolo oj 
inberitancc (I;ohId oj migbt be moleften, gfc. oj cbargeo i tobetber if one tin 
fo?ge, 9c. a ban, ttarter, fc. of an intereft, oj term of a biinnjeo oj a cbou^ 
fanb pears, 9r. of ianbs, tobicb ate tbe freeboiu oj inbctitance of anotbet i 
toberebp tbe fame (ball oj map be moleffeB, jc. ana tlje fame queflionof a rent 
cbarge foj pears in tbe iifee cafe ; anti tbccoubttoastbe greater in refprct of tbe 
claufe i)ereafter infuing, Mjicb iS> To the intent that any perfon or perfons fliall 
Or may have or claim any eftate or intcreft for term of years, of, in, or to any man- 
ners, &c. ainfi it 103as refoljjeri, tbat a leafc oj cbarge foj pears of anp lanos be^ 
ing tbe frecbolD oj inbcritance of anp perfon, tuas toitbin tbis bjancb, foj tbe 
claufe is general, not mentioning anp eftate oj intereft, jc. luberebp tbe moj^ 
leftation (boulu grow •, anB it boas requiCte it (bouio ejctenn to lleafcs oi Cbatges 
fo; pearSj foj otbertoife menscftates of freeboln oj inbcritance, $c. migbt be of 
Pafch. 58 Eiiz. in ''iwlc oj no baluc J aiu accojoinglp it toas refolbeo, Pafch. 38 EVn. in tbe s>tar* 

Camera Stellata : Cljambct betWOn tbc ilaop Grefliam plaintif, an5 Roger Booth ^criDcnct of Lon- 

the Lady Grc- don, Markham anti otbcts SDcfcnDants, foj tbc fojging of a grant of a Kent 

ihatns cafe. cbarge, bp tetti bearing »ate anno 2 1 Eliz. foj ninetp nine pears to tbc faio 

Markham out of all &it Thomas Greftiams ianos of inbcritance, anb foz public 

cation thereof > ana fentencc giben upon tljc faio bjanclj accojbinglp againtt 

Roger Booth foj publication of tlje fame. 

^nD tbe fain bjancb after infuing, is to be unDerffajo boljetx tbc fo?gerp, jc« 
IS to tbe molettation of aSCermo?. as if A. be poffcfTeo of a leafe of lanas foj 
pears, anoB. in bis name notb fojgean affignment toC. of bis term, tljis is nU 
rettlp toitbin tlje letter ano meaning of tbis b^ancb, ano tbe ratber in tefped: of 
tljofc il)ings t^at be Jopnea tbcreiuitb Hnaer tbc fame punifbment. 

C Or the right, title, or intereft of any perfon or perfons in or 

VhsXV''^^' '° ^^^ ^^^^' ^ ^^^^^ ^°^^^ ^"^ ^^^^^' ^''^ ^^^^ ^^^^ Statute of i H.5. be^ 
20 H.'l. '"E to unoo anb trouble tbe polTcdiou ano title ( in tlje ConjuncttbeJ of tbc faiu 

33 H,6.2?. totngs liege people : ooubt luas mabe babetber a fojgerp to bar one t^at bab hut 

15 E4-24- a bare rigbt oj title, ann no polTelTion toas toitbin tbat statute x ann tbetc foje 

tljis claufe of 5 Eih. aaoen tbis claufe in tbe 2DiBjunctibe, as bere tt appcaretlj. 

JlButnobobp afpectalbjanct)of tljtsSlcttbc&tatuteof I H.5.cap.3. being aoubt? 

fullp penneo, is repealcD bp a claufe in tW ^^i an' greater punii^jment infli^ 

(tea IjptVis Statute. 

€ Or 

Cap. 75. Forging of Deedf, 171 

^ Or ftiall pronounce, publilh, or (hew forth in evidence any fuch 
falfe and forged deed, &c. as true, knowing the fame to be forged. ] 
^erc U ttjjo t^ingis to be cicplaincu : i?t'rftj «^at it ijs to jjjonounce, oj pitb^ 
Jifl) ais tru0. ^cconDlp, WSIW fenotolcDgc is fuflicent. 

2Co vjonounce oj publiflj is() tolinxottc fap iuojug oj tojiting p?oncuttcctl) oj 
j)ulUfl;ctlj tl)c iiC£D, ?c. to anp otljer ajsttuc. 

^ Knowing the fame to be forged. ] SCljiiB feiiOTDlcSp map come tp 
ttoo mcaiiis, citljcr of \)i& oton bnotolctigc, o^ ip t^e relation of anotl)cc. as if 
A. tcilctl) B. tljat fuc^ a Decs is faUe atiD fojgcii, antt pet B. toill after p?o^ 
iioimcc oj ;juWi(i) tljis to be a true Dab, anb afterUiarbs it fallcti) out bp pjcof 
tljat tlje relation of A. tuas ttnc, anb tlje mu in trutlj tuas fojgcb, B. is in tljc 
baitger of tljis Statute : anb fo tuas it rcfolbeb in tlje abobe faib cafe of tl)e JLn^' 
bpGrdham, againft Roger Booth, &c. ubi fupra>anbfentcnc£gibcn accojbinglp. 

tk C And that the Defendant (hall fufFer upon the Pillory the cor- ^If^rne^s'Sfi. 
poral penance, &c. "] 0ttb tljcrc is a clanfe ti^at tfje ^laintif (Ijotrto not re? ubi fupra. 
Icafe no; bifcontinue t^e yunia}mcnt, ?c. but onlp coffs anb bamages J anb pet 
it luascefoibeb t^iatt^e ©uenmigljt patbon t^c cojpo^l puni^ljmcnt, toljicl) 
treucljttl) to common ejrample* 

0nb upon tljc Statute of W.2. ca.25. taljiclj gibetl) ttoo pears impjifonment P^fch. ?4 e. 3. 
in a rabifljment of toarb, tlie iiing map parbontlje faib cojpojal puniBjment of ^^'^'^ ^'^he'^'f" 
imp?ifonmcnt. 0nb tlje ptmifljment of finbing of furetp, anb fojjuring t^c If' oodUha waf- 
Mealm, $C, upon tl)C Statute of.W.2. c.28. De malefadoribus in parcis, map be difh. Dier 7 El. 
jjarboneb bp tljc iiing. 231. 

f[ Any falfe charter or deed. "] jac'bis muft ic intcnbcb 'to he feaieb u* 
iojbing to tlje fojmer clauf^, tljoug^ it be not liere fpecifwb, 

^ To the intent that any perfon or peribns fliall or may have or 
claim any eftate or intereft for term of years. 3 SDljiS Ijjanrij ^at'^ ban cits: 
plaineb before in tl)C former part of tljis Statute. 

f[ Not being copyhod.] jc^is nabctlj no ejtplication. 

C Or annuity. ] gr^is is ebibcnt. 

f; Any obligation, or bill obligatory. ] iCljete mult ic intenbee to hz F.N.B.9d.b. c. Si 
Cealeb t 3f a man fojge a Statute fiaple, oj a -Kecognifance in tl^c nature of a '°- '• 
^atutc ftapic, t^at is, ac&notukbge tljem, oj citljer of tljem in t^e name of 
another ; t^tit ate obligations iuiti^in t^is^tt, foj cacljof t^cm l)U^ t^e feal 
of tlje partp. llBut otljcrbJife it is of a Statute S©erct)ant, oj of a Mccognifance, is h.t.i?. &c: 
lecaufe t^ep Ijabc not t^e feal of tlje Conufoj. 

C Or writing.] scijis cjctenbs to a tcttamcnt in tojiititig, tn^rebp a term Dier 13 Ei.302. b. 
foj pears o% gmbs anb cljattels be bebifeb, anb t'^e fojmcc bjanclj cjctenbet!) to a 
lutU tn tojtttug concerning freeljolb anb inheritance. 

C Acquittance, releafe or difcharge. ] Lodowick Grevil mmiu tuas ^^''*'• '^ %'\F:. 
jbounbbpKecognifanceofttoo^ttttbjeb pounb, to Rowland Hinde of tlie inner ImerSefe 
SEemple, foj papmcnt of one Ijunbjcb pounb. Hinde tD?ote a letter to Grevil Grcvii. 
anbtojit Ijis name in tljc lotuctt part of tlje letter v (as manpute to^ett t^ep tojite 
to mtn of great calling) Grevil caufeb tljc letter to be cut off, anb a general 
releafe in feU) toojbs to be mitten abobc Hindes n«me, anb ttolt off Hindes 
ftal, anb fijieb it unbec tljc releafe: fo ti^cre W» Hindes feanb anb feal to t^ijs 


Forging of Deeds, 

.ap. 75. 

Camera Stellata. 

rclfafe. Hindchcinff not pain W Ijunt^ft) pomiD, i)?cwgijt a S^cire fac' upon t\ic 
rccognifancc, iwl^crcunto Grcvil pif ancD tljtsi veleaU, Hinde pIcaDCB non eft 
fadtum, anD tricti l)iiB Dtti), tnljcrcupon jiicgment toaiS gitien againfl Um.Miltetef 
ip Hinde ti]a0 ijarteti of Ijig trtt. jfoj tljig fo;fic5 reUafc Crevil toa? ffntenKH 
in tljc ^tarj^cljamlier upon tljip statute. 

^ Shall pay to the party grieved, his double damages. 3 ^^on tljcfe 
toojDs in t\)e cafe afojcfaiti, bcttoeen Hinde ann Grevil, tljc tiucffton toag 
tol;ct!)cr Hinde ftoult) 'lja\3C oouWe Damages in refpcd: of tljc pcualtj), viz. t^ie 
tlDO Ijunnjeu pounc, oj of t^c Ijunojcn pouno, ttie nuz Debt appcartno: in tljc con? 
iition of tl)C recopifance. ;anD it toap rcfolDeD, tljat Damages (IjoulD lie afTef^ 
fcD ibp ti)e Court to Double tljc penaltp, foj tlje penaltv fiioulD be reroiiercD, bp 
ILain if t\}t fojgcD rckafc ijaD not ban i anD tSiis m? repo?tcD bp tlje Ji'ojo 
Dier, anD impjinteD, anD Cnce omittcD out of tlje pjint. 

^ Being hereafter convifted or condemned of any of the ofFcncel* 
afoiefaid, ihall, 8cc. eftlbpns comrfiit, &c. any of the fliid offences. '] 
%iere be four kinD of offences ■■, tbc iirft concerning mofcttation, $ c. of frcel^ofD 
ant. inberitance. ^econolp, 2Cbe publication of tljc fame iknoUiing, f c. K\)t 
tljirD concerning a term foj pears, annuities, anD DcmanDs pcrfonnls. i^ourtt^ 
ip, SCbe publicattur. tbcrwf. 
Pafch.7. Ta. Inter ^o)ii tljc tiueaion upou tljis bjanclj concerning fefonp, luas, tbat tobcreas 
sir wiiileadeW. t^c faiD Roger Booth Voas conbictcD in tlje §>tar#cl)amber foj tlje publifljing of 
&Rogcrua. Booth t\)e fojgcD grant bp DaD of a rent djarge of a bunojeU jJounD per annum, as ijs 
& alios Def. in gfojcfaio ■ aftcctoarDs tbc faiD Roger anD otljers toere cbargcD in tlje •S>tar^ 
cljamber \uitl) tlje fojging of a DeeD of feoffment , in t%e name of tt>ir Thomas 
Grelham bearing Date 20 Eliz. but fo?geD long after: toljetljer tljis fccono fo?** 
gerp toas felonp. c? no, Djitljtn tljis b?anclj t anD tlfc Doubt did rife upon tbc faiD 
iDD^Ds [ eftfoons] commit any of the faid offences. 3:nD it IraS ObjCttCD, tljat bp 
reafon of tljis too;tD [eftfoonsj iterum, tl)C feconD offence muft be of tlje fame na# 
ture as tlje firC offence toas, as tbe firtt offence being fox publication of a fojgcD 
Dtct), ^•c. tlje fecouD offence muft be foj tlje publication of anotljer fo^geo DccD^gfc. 
anD upon tljat bjanclj tuljereupon tlje firft offence toas grounocD, oj elfe it toas 
faiD, it toas not iterum, tuljiclj toojD toas in Qgnification quafi iter unum, tljat is 
to fap per idem iter, aUD it iS fo tafeen foj tbe feconD time. Primo quidem decipi , 
incommodum eft, iterum ftultum, tertio turpe : taljiclj DOUbt toas referrCD to tbe 
confiDerations of tbe ttno Cljief Bluftices, anD Cbief IBaron, tuljo upon Ijearing 
of CounceltearneDof'iotljfiDes,anD upon conference, ano conCoeration IjaD of 
tW 2(1, refoltocD, tljat ilje feconD offence toas felonp toitbin tlje toojDs, ano 
meaning of tbis 0tf, foj tlje toojDsbe erpjeflp, being condemned of any of the 
faid offences, eftfoons commit any of the faid offences ; fo as bp reafon of tljefC 
ll)OjDs,any of the faid offences, tljiS 1130 JD [eftfoons] iS toell fatisfieD i if )}t C0m*= 

mit tbe fecono time anp of tljem : anD fo tbcfe tuojDS any of the faid offences ejr^ 
teuD to anp of tbe faiD four offences befoje mentioneD. ^no it toas alfo refoluetJ 
bp ibcm, tljat bp reafon of tbis Iojojd [eftfoons] tbe feconD fo?gerp, fc. mutt be 
committeD after tlje fitft coniiirtion, oj elfe it is no felonp. 


<[ Provided always , &c. that if any perfon, &c. hath of his 
own head, Sec. forged or made, &c. Or if any perlbn, Sec. hath 
heretofore publiftied or (hewed forth any falfe deed, Sec. ] Hanford 
before tys Statute fojgeD a leafe foj^ pears of tbe lanD of tbe 3io}D Williams 
of Tame, tobiclj leafe after bp Weynman (inbicb baD marrieD one of tbe Daugb;* 
ters-auD bcirs of tbe faiD liojD Williams ) was impeacbeo, but not as fojgHi, 
anD bp compoCtion foj ttoo bunojeD pounD lijas rcDeemeD bp Weynman anD tbe 
leafe teas cancellco. Sim after Weynman perceibing tbe leafe to be fo?geD, 
fueD Hanford (n tlje C^ancerp to IjaDe reflitution of t'ije tvuo bwnDreD pouno, 


Cicero Lib. i 



Trin. 1 1 El. Dier 
ii; n nianufcript 
tiut printed. 

Cap. 7 5. Forging of^eeds. 173 

ant) tljei'c Hanford after tf)t9 Statute of 5 Elit. matwtaineti t\)z leafc .10 grou ano 
true : U)l)crcitpon Wcynman fufD Hanford in ttjc ^tar^^cljanilicr i toljcrc bp tljc 
opinion of tfje €Ud 3«fticcis it luag IjolDcn, tljat it toais not toit^iin tljig &ta^ 
tute, Iccaufe tl;at tlje oao toag cancclicD, anD Hanford maoe no title to tljc in<= 
tercrt of tlje tearm. 

^ Provided always,&c.That this Ad,orany thing therein contain- 
ed, thall not extend to anyperfonthat (hall plead or (hew forth any 
Deed or Writing exemplified under the Great Seal ofEf/glaMd, or un- * 

dcr the Seal of any other authentick Court of this Realm, nor (hall 
extend to any Judge or Jufticc, or other peribn that fhall caufe any 
Seal of any Court to be fet tofuch Deed, Charter, or Writing en- 
rolled, not knowing the (ame to be falte or forged. 

SCljis miift be intcnccti of a SDitu oj tllSlIciting, tuijtclj hp iiato map be c]cem^ Mich, /o Jacohi 
jilifleti : foj tljc Ivnctulctsgc Uilicreof loc mill report a refoliitton of tljc luljolc ^aTo'in T^X^^ 
Court of tlje Common picas. SEljc iffue bcttuan tlje faio partieis to be tticti bklon'tietwcn'' 
at tlje liPac luas, tubetljcr tlje latt 0bbot of Abbingdon,anti all Ijis Pjeocceffojg, Tho*ead. pi. and 
ffc. Ijcln certain lanos in tlje tOartfl) of S>aint Ellens, gfc. oifcljargen of tlje par^ Avis Hide, and 
mcnt of acitljeis: anti tlje paintif offcrco to fljcto in ci3ilience to pzotie tlje ^'*-Hide Dcfen- 
faio lanD to be oifcljargcD of papment of Citljcs, a Vidimus oj Innotefcimus un^s ''""' 
fier tlje Cjeat .^eal in tljefc toJOjng : Vidin:ius quendam antiquum librum in 
pergaraeno intitulatum Volumen de copiis munimentorum feu diverforum gefto- 
rum, & adorum monafterii de Abbingdon. Jn toljicl) btok toaiS a COpp of a 
JlEull of tlje |3opc, fojtlje Bifcljatge of tlje fain lanfl foj papmeut of 3Ettlj£0, 
toljiclj luas but part Camongft otljcr tljings) of tbe faio bcok. SlnD bp tlje opinion 
of tljc toljolc Court, Ijearing of tljc cotinfcl of botlj partiesf, it toag refolucD 
tljat tlje fain cjccmplificatton ougbt not to be giuen m ctoioencc to tlje 31urp foj 
tljcfe caufcs : i?irft, liapaufe tl)at lualjiclj mas enempliftcD, toagi not of recoati > 
foj ncitljer SDito, Cljarter, oj otljcv Mlriting, citljcc fealcti, 03^ ttiitljout fcal, 
ougljt to be cremplificD unoer tlje (II?jcat 3»cal, oj anp otljer &eal in Court of 
HecojO ; foj fcal^ of Court? of Mccojti ougljt not to etemplific anp tljing but 
tljatiMljicljis of Uccojn, bcraufe ISccoaCis be publick, tuljcrctnuo etierp fuljctt 
map IjaDc rccouvfe to confer tlje eremplification loaitlj tlje Ueca ju it felf , ano 
Jlccc3iti0 be in tlje cuftoup of ftnojn ^DfficeriS, ann tljcrcfoje no incounentcnce 
tan follolD upmt tlje exemplification of tljcm. 315ut a SDfen, Cljartcr, ano otljec 
tffllritings arc pjinatc, ann remain in tlje cuttoop of tljc partp, ano map be 
rafeo, iutcrlineti, 0? cojrupten in point? material, anti if tljcp fijoulD be et:=; 
emplifieii, tlje rature, interlineation, anu corruption fijall not appear tljcrcin* 
jaifo tlje SDan, Cljarter, o^ otljcr tujiting map be fojgcti •, ana if tljcp fijctilD 
be c]cemplificii, tijen tljc eremplification migbt f^er be fljctoco in euincucr, 
ano not tljc Dan, ?r. it felf, anti fo tljc fojgcrp, ano falfitp fljculc nebcr upon 
ttc bicui of tbc SDito, oj of tlje feal, oj otljer tljing? rifing upon tlje biclu, be 
oifcoDcrco. spojcoDcr if afo?gCB SDan llioulri be ocemplificn, tljcn tlje effect 
of tW ^tatiue concerning publication, niouln be tafecn aloap ; foj. tljen tljc . 
fo?geti DtXD, (jc. it felf migljt ncber be publifijeti, oj giben in cbincncc, but tljc 
Ejccmplification, anti fo tlji? Statute in tljat point oclutieti : anD tljcrefojc toljere 
tW Statute 01 anp otljer a>tatutc 0^ brok fpeaks of an CBremplification, Vidi- Micii. 29 & ?o 
mus 01 Innotefcimus of aSDccti, gfc. it muft be intcnticti of a HDftti inrollctij vh. Eiiz-lit>.5. fo.54. 
tljc Cicemplification, Vidimus oj Innotefcimus of tljc inrolmcnt tljcrcof, luljicl) '""g"""^' 
is of JSccojt). BEt iua0 furtljer refolbeti tljat no Kecojn, oi inrolment of anp 
Kccoro, map be ci:cmplificti unncr tlje (iI5jeat 3>eal, but of a Mccojti of tbc 
Court of Cljancerp, oj otljer l\cco?ti oulp remobeu tljitljer bp Certiorari, &c. 
iTurtljcrmoje it toa? rcfolbco tljat no eremplification ougljt to be of anp part 
of a Letters |3atcnts, o> of anp otljer Uecojii, 0} of tlje inrolment tljcreof, but 
t\)t toljole Mccojo of tljc inrolment tljcrcof ougljt to be cjremplificti, fo tljat tlje 
10)l)ole trut^ map appear, antj not of fuclj part, as mafecs fc^ t^e one partp, 

^ ■ ■ — * ' I " I M I I Tl' ■ .J 

nA Of Libels and Libellers, Gap.76. 

aiiD norfjing tljat wafecis ajjainft iiintjOj t^at manifcactlj tl)e trutlj. 3iaaip,3[in 

tlje cafe at tljC 51Ear, tlje faiD JlBcofe UJaS tntitulctij Volumen de copiis munimento- 

rum, & divcrforum geftorum. ^0 ais feting tl)C iEuIl it felf C Icing no matter of 

Kccojn) coulD not \x ctcmplifict ■■, a fortiori, no c)ccmplification coulo ie IjaD of 

28 H;8.c.i6. i & tl)t ccpp cf tl)c famc. Snc if 31EiilIis,9fc. migljt ibc cjccmplificD, tljcn tljcre migljt 

2 Ph. & Mar. c.8. be an cDaCon lomak';' tljc S>tatutc of 28 H.8. c.iCqI fmall fojre, tol^irlj p?olji«= 

I Ehz, cap. I. j,(t,.f{, pTcactng, 0} allenging of llEuUg, ?c. unncr pain of a IpKraunirc, ag jbp 

tl;at ;afi appcareil. 

^^T'. LXXVL 

Of Libels and Libellers. 

\ .\ 7^at a ILitel \§^ IjoTojman^ kintg of ^iiklsi tljcrc be, ^iiljo arc to ie 

V puniHtc foj tl}C fame, anu in Tojljat manner, pou map rt ao in m j» Mc# 

. ; :orj^ poitgjvi?. Lib,5. fo. 124,125. Lib. $>.fo.5p. SCotljcfc pou map atjfl tluo notaUe 

■>• ixat, : . i^crojDis. lii'p tl;c cnr it appcarct^i, tljat AdamdeRavcnfworth lojas innittcD in 

^Dorum. jijj. jjiitigg i^rncl) fcj tlje making of a iiitel in \ujittng, in tljc i^rcnclj tonguCy 

againft Richard cf Snowlliall, calling l)im tljcrcin , Roy de Ravcners, &c. 

tsa^ereuvon Ije being atraigncD, ■^\nxii\^ tl)crcunto not guilty, auD top founn 

gtitlti', ?o bp tije Mccojtis rppcarctl'. S>o ass a liibcHcr, oj a publifijcr of a i.y 

bfl committetl) a jjublitfe offence, ano map be intiidcB tijcrcfoje at tljc Common 


Mic.iSE.?. coram Johnde Northampton an 0ttojnep of tljc^ainp lEcncl), tojote a letter to 

rh •ii'^"'"' ^ '■ J°^" Ferrers one of tljc iStngg ilTounccI, tljat neitljcr ^a^Villiam Scot Cljicf ^Wi^ 

flice, noj IjiiB fellolus tixc i»ingp guSiccjs, no; tt)cir Clerfe0, anp great tijiug 

tootilD t)0 bp tljc commandment of our iiojti tljc liing, iioj of Sucen Philip, i\\ 

tijat place, moje tljen of anp otljct of tljc l^calm ■■> \ii\)iib, f?.iD John Icing calUn, 

confeifcD t\)z fain iiettet bp l)tm to le luntten toitl) Ijis oion pjopcr l)anD. Judi- 

ciumCuris. Et quia prsdidus Johannes cognovit didam literain per fe fcriptam 

Roberto de Ferrers, qui ell: de concilio Regis, qus litcra continet in fe nullam veri- 

tatcm: praetextu cujus Dominus Rex erga Curiam & Julliciarios fuos hie in cafu 

habere poflet indignacionem, qnod eflet in fcandalum Jurtic' & Curiae. Idco didfiis 

Johannes committitur Marefc' & polfea invenit 6 manucaptores pro bono geliu. 


Cap. 777^' 121 

Of Champerty, Imbracery, Maintenance, &:c. 

SC© tljC Firft part of the Inftit. Sed. 701, Verb. Maintenance. 0nti t\)t fecond 
part of the IniHtutes, VV.i.cap.8.32. ^ VV.2.cap.45?. aitU t1)C Cj:}3ofuion uyon 
tljC fame, ^a; aifo tljC Statute of 32 H,8.cap.9. in tljC hrft part of the Inftitutes, 
ubifitpra. Rot.Parl.17 R.2. John de Windfors cafe.0nD t\)t fourth part of 
the Inftitutes, cap. ChaiK<?ry. tKElljcrcunto })ou map atm, tljat tuljcrc lip tlje &ta;5 
tute of 6 H.6.cap.2. it isrccitfti, tljat utters in times paft Ijafcc ban mfljcvitcti, 
liccaufe tljat in fperial Miii% tljc aTcnant ano 2Dcfcnnant migljt not Ijanc knolu;^ 
Icup noj coyp of tlje yanncl of tljcm tijat be impanncncu to jjafjs in tljc fain 
aiTifee, to infojm tljem of ttjeic rigljt ano title bcfoje tlje oap of tijc ^effion 
tijat tlje 01TifC0 fljaU bctcmantco : loiljidj i0a rcljcalfalof tije Common iLalUj 
liut fo to be unuerilcDrij tljatbotl) parties plaintiff ano tenant, $f. be pjefcnt, 
mijen fuclj information is giDcn, anu confcnting tljereunto j otijettnife, if one 
of tl)em info?metl) in ttic abfcnce of anotljcr, it is unlatuful, anO a geoii caufe of 
djallenge of fiiclj of tlje Jttrp as fljall be fo on tlje one pact infojmco ; foj cDerp 
liirp muft be inoiffcrcntj as Ije ftanos unfluojn. 

Of Barretry. 

S€<!l; tlje Firft part of the Inftitutes, Sed. 701. Verb. Barretors. §»« tl)e -St^^ Vet. Mag. cart, 
tute of Ragman temps E. i. toljetebp tlje Commiffion of Trailebafton is cap.2S. 2 parr, 
rairct. Sit is tljllS pjObiliCll. Et pur tiels mancrsde quereles doit le court 
le Roy ellre favourable, voet Ic Roy, & enjoint' les Juftices q nul enquerelant, ne 
refpoignant ne foit furprife nenchefon per Hockettours, ou Barrettours pour que le 
veritie ne foit enfue. 

Hockettors o> Hockquetours is an ancient jTuenclj baojB foj a Bntgljt of tl;e 
|)oft, Ctoo^tljp to be fenit to a pcitj a Dctapsii man, a basket#cavvicr. 
i?OJ 31f arcettOJSj fit tlje Firlt part of the Inihtutes, ubifupra. 

Aa CAP, 



* LatineTurba. 
Corns tjl difcor- 
dia viilgi ; 
Niinq; a turbando 
nomtn fihi turbo, 

Lamb. int. Leg. 
Inxca.i 5,14,1 5. 
Vide Alvered. 
cap. 2 5. 

* Turma quafi 



Of Riots, Routs, Unlawful AfTemblies, 
Forces, Sec, 

Rtotum comcd) of rijciTrencIjlrojn, Rioter, i. Pvixari : ant in tljcCommott 
ilain fignifictJj, luljcn tln^c n inojc Do anv itnlalDful art, as to Icac an» 
man, oj to Ijtint in Ijis |3aife, Cljafc, o;i Mlarrcn, oj tr» enter oj take yoITef^ 
fion of anotljer mans Jiantij o% to tut oj ceftrop Iji,8 Cojn^ 0jaf0, oj oi!;ci- 
j)jofit, jc. 

* Routa tis Dcriucu of t\)t ifrcnclj toojoRout, ana pjopci-Ip in la^ fipifictlj, 
tiljen tijjiix oj, moje to anp unla^xifiil art foj tljcir oton, oj tl;c common tiuatrcl, 
?c. 5p toljcn Commoner! i)?caft toton ^ctgeg, ojpakjs, oj caftDoTojn a?itcl)cg, 
oj 3nl;^Wtant0 fo? a louap claimctl))) tljcmjOjtljeUfec. 

^n itnlatofiil affcmblp tis luljen tljjrc oj moje alTcmblc tljemfelijcjs togcttjer to 
commit al^iot OJ Wont, ant to it not. Pra^dones autem nominamus ufqi nume- 
rum fcptcm virorum i deinde ( quoufq^ numerus 35 coalueritj ^ Ti'.rmani (Saxo- 
nice hloth) dicimus s numerus fi excreverit, exerdtum vocanuis, hlothbota., it be 
quit of unlatDful altcmlliejs. 

^ne map commit a i^ojce. 5iEut of tljisf, t\)U % map not unpjofitalilj' repeat, 
you map reat at large Fitzherbert, ant tljofc otljers tljat IjaVic lujirtcn of tl)is 

Interefi: rcgi habere fubditos pacatos. Vis legibus eft inimica. iSk Lib. 5. fo.pi, 
&, ^a tIjcFirft part of the Inliitutes, Sed,43 1.440. Cufluin. 
de Norm, cap.52. fo.ddj^y. 

5 E.5. cap.4. 


Of Quarrelling, Chiding, or Brawling by words 
in Church or Church-yard. 

T^c offcntcr being a JLap^man, ijs to be fufycntet bp tlje £?itinacp ab in- 
greflii Ecclefiae. ant being a Clerk, from tlje miniffration of Ijis Office, 
fo long 30 tlje ^?tinarp tljinkg mat actoiting to iljc fault. 

C AP. 

Cap. 81382585. 177 

^^P. LXXXI. 

Of Smiting, or laying violent hands upon another 
in Church or Church-yard. 

T^e offctmcr fijaU ictcemen ipfo h&o cjccommtmicate, aitD cycluwo front 5 e.6. ubi fupra. 
tlje companp of Cljjiftsi congregation. v.Lib.< 

Greens cafe, fim, 


Of malicious ftriking with any weapon^ or drawing 
of any weapon in Church or Church-yard, to the 
intent to ftrike anotlier, &c. 

T^z offenDcc being convict Ip tlje oatlj of ttoeltoe men, oj bp W oiun con*^ <; e.(5. ubi (up. 
feffion, ^ojbpttoolatofui toitnelTeiB, iefoje Sufticcisof jaiTifc. Iviiiim !'n°F'' ''^^ '*■'"- 
of Oier anD Terminer, oj 3tufticcis of |0eace in djeir gjeffions, Ojall lofc one {TzkTiax ca 6 
ct l)tsear0 1 ann if Ijc Ijatlj no carg, to be marfeco in tJjc cljak luitlj a Ijot oui in tempio* 
jron i»itlj tJ)C Jietter F. ann ipfo fado U curcommunicatc. pognavcric 1 20, 

folidis noxiam 

-■ — ^— — — — — — — -^_— ^-_— -___^______^__ Dier 2? Eliz, 177, 

Cafe ultim. 


For ftriking, &c. in any of the Kings Courts of 
Juftice : and for ftriking, Sec. in any of the 
Kings Houfe, Sec 

S€(t befoje in t^ ^ijctj fift^ Cijaptcc of fljDifjjiCon, t^at i?, Crimen 

Aaa C^'P' 

1. 78 Cap. 84. 


Againft Fugitives, or (uch as depart out of the 
Realm without licence, and fuch as are beyond 
Sea, and return not upon command. 

Q • 1- Omnefolumforti patria ejl,, ut fifcihus £qtior, 

Et volucri, vacuo quicquid in orbe patet. 


% i^ firft to tic fan of 0ctis in^Datltamcnt puMifijcD in pjint, \&\)\d) of tljem 
are atjogatcB ana tEpealeti, ann inljiclj of tljem ftano in fojcc. %\)t Statute 
of 5 R.2. cap.2. IS! rcpcalcti bp dje Statute of 4 Jac cap.i. ann tlje Statutes of 
12; j^ £jj^^ ^3p^_ g^ j^ YXn. cap.d. arc crpircD. 2Ll)e Statute of 12R.2. ^\\t\) ais 
pafei t\)t s>ca, oj fcnti ottt pf tljc IScalnt to pjoViinc oj jjurrijafc anp benefice of Ijos^ 
1 Eiiz.c.T.^revhe. ^? Cljiirrlj, luitl) ftirc oj toitljottt cure, arc in Hanger of a ^jctnunirc. j^o pcr^ 
fon rcfiant luitljtn anp of tije l^ingg ^onnnionis, fijall cr part out of any of tljofe 
SDominiong, to anptiaifttation,Congrcgationj oj^nctnblp foj IScligion. 
I iac.cap.4. Anno I Jac. cap. 4. ano 3 Jac. cap.5. Sgainft going ojfcntiing of cljiinjcn to 

3 Jaccap.j. anp Seminar? licponu ^ca, ant) againft tljc ccparturc out of djc iSealm (toitl)^: 
out liccnfe) of anpcljiliijcn not being ^ouloicrg, sparincrg, S^crrijantg, oj otljcr 
Slppjcnttcc0, oj i^artojs, fo? an? taufc Mjatrocbcr. Snti anno 3 Ja, ca.4. againft 
impoftng j[?cIon})uponanvfubjert tl)at fliall Depart tljisHSealnt, to fer\)c anp 
^?inee, ^tate oj potentate: oj fljaU pafs oijcr tlje feeagj ana tljere ffjaUUO:* 
htntarilp fcrDe anp fuclj fojrain IBjinrc, &tatc, oj potentate ■■> not Ija^ing befoje 
\}\% oj tljcir going 0? paffing, taiken tljc ^atlj mentioneti in tl;at ;3(t. 0nti iike^ 
Inifc impofing il^cKonp upon any d^cntleman oj perfon of Ijigbcr ccgrttj oj anp 
perfon tuljiclj Ijatlj bojn, oj iljall bear anp offirCj oj place of Captain, !licutc;« 
nant, oj anp otijer place^cbarge, 0? office in Camp, armj), oj Companp of «)oul;* 
Bier?, o;i Conturtoj of ^oultiicrg, tljat fljafl go oj p*ifi3 boluntarif p out of tljiss 
Ucalm, to fcrbc anv fuel) fojrain Pjince, S)tate, d;i potentate, oj fljaU violun;? 
tarilp ferbc anp fuel) fojraiu ^jince, ^tate, oj potentate, befojc be be bouna bp 
£Dbligation tnitlj tuio fureticgj ass in tbat 3(t ig pjcfcribcn. HFut it is p;o\jiDco 
tljat upon tbc attainder of anp fuclj jTclonp, no fojfciturc of tiotoer 0; corruption 
of blom fljall cnfue. ISeao o\)cr tljefc Statutes, foj tljcp arc fo plainip penncti, 
iii3 tljep nan no expoCtion. 

i^ejct unto tbijs, t\uo tljings fall into conCncration. if irff , inbat 0£tis of Par^^ 
liament not publifljco in pjint in our llgcofeis of Statutes tio pjobibit men to paf? 
tbe &ea$ tuitbout licence, ^nii fccontilpj totjat map be Bone tljcreinbp tbeCom#= 
mon 3laia) of England. 

0t tbe |9arliamcnt Ijolnen at Clarendon, Anno 10 H. 2. callen tfjc jacfife of 
Clarendon, fada eft recognitio cujufdam partis confuetudinum Sclibertatum ante- 
cefTorum Regis, & ca.4. 1'c rccognitum eft. Archiepifcopis, Epifcopis, & perfonis 
regni non licet exire regnum abfque licentia Domini Regis, & ii exerint, ii Regi 
placuerit, fecurum eum facient, quod nee in eundo nee in redeundo, nee moratn 
faciendo perquirent malum feu damnum Domino Regi vel regno. 

2Ebis appcaretb in it felf to be but a recognition, j Declaration of tbe Com^ 

mon JLanj ; an» tljis ig nianifeftlp pjobeo bp tlje OTrit in tbe Kegifter at tlje Common lato, purfuing in effect tlje tserp toojDis of tbe faio 0tt of i o H.2 . Breve 

F.N.B. 85. de fecuritatc invenienda, quod fe non divertat ad partes exteras fine licentia 


Cap.84. <$^gainH Fugitives, 17^ 

. aun tjcmtpon t\)txz arifctlj atiiljcrfitp Ijcttoofit one of tljcCkrp, anD one vide fimiie Regift, 
of tl)c 3Laitp : foj a man of t\)Z Cljurclj ma}) be compelleo to yttt in ftiretp, tJjat <' ' • S'c. Ad jura 
\)t fijall not Depart tljc Mealm wttljouttlje iSinp Ucenfe,noj flmll tljerc attempt R^g'-*- Rfg'fi- /<>. 
anp tljins iw contempt oz pjcntoice of tlje l^tng oj of Ijip people. 0ni) tljtgMrit tMnsfSandrp'o 
is Jireflcn to tl;e S»ljei;iff, anU faitl;. Quia datum dt nobis intdligi, quod A. B. religiofis. 
Clericus verfus partes cxteras ad quain plura nobis & quam pluribus de populo 
noftro prsjudicialia & dainnofa ibid, profequend', &c. MW^txth^ it appearetlj, 
tijat tljtjB Writ lietlj oulp in tl)e rafe of an (iSccIcfiaftical perfon, oj a man of 
tlje <nmc\h ano tljat foj i\m reafong. ifirft, i?oj tljat tljep ijati tlje cure of 
^oul0, anD tljerefoje oitgijt to 1)C refltient. S»ccontiIp, i?oj tljat tljep, main^ 
taiutug fo^raitt autljojitp, impttgneo manj) of tljc icings llaiojf, to tlje great 
pjcjuDfce of tlje Jlaitp. 2Cljirolp, auljep Ijao no tcmpo?al lanji?, tljcrefoje tljcj? 
fotnm ftirctie?. 

3nijerc ijs anotljcc Writ in tljc ^ Kegiftcr, ann tljat is to ie Direcfco to tljc <? Regift. 89,90. f. 
partp Ijtmfelf, viz. eitljer to tljc Clerk, oj to tlje JLapman, toljerein tlje iSing ^c^'fn^'i 
reciting, Quod datum dt nobis intelligi, quod tu verf. partes extcras abfque li- thi°Writ,^no'r a 
ccntia noftra clam ddHnas te divertere, .& b quamplurima nobis corons nollrae Proclamation in 
prsjudicialia ibid, profequi intendas, &e. fub periculo quod incumbit prohibimus, nature of this 
ne verf. partes extcras abfque licentia noftra (peciali aliqualiter te divertas, nee quic- ^""^ °^^^} '•° ^^ 
quam ibid, profequi, &c. SiwXs upon tljtg Writ tlje partp i0 not to finO anp fure^ ^vhere the party 

tj), foj tljere is no tuojo of fiiretp in tlji.s Mrit. ano if tlje c ftibtett cannot be intends to depart 
fotniD, tlje JSing map mafee a|)joclamatton unner tlje dl^jeat ^eai, to tlje effect the Realm for 
of tlje Writ latt mentioneo. ''l^N^p'f'fi b 

i^olu let us perufe fuclj autljojities as toe finn in ISecojns oj 51Pcol<s of llato vide Dier°i Eiiz. 
in ferie temporis, tafetug fome fcta ej:amples foj manp tljat migljt be citen. 165. b. 

^ Willelmus Marmion Clericus profeftus ert ad Regem Franciie line licentia Do- ^iRot.Finiii iJH.j. 
mini Regis, &c propterea finem fecit, &c. ^OtC tlje going 0\)er iBitljOUt anp pjo^ ^^^''^ Clauf.y H.3 
Ijibition pjieceuent unlauiful. '^■5" 

e Nul grand Seignior ou Chivalier de noflre Realm nedoit prendcr chemin (da- ^Britton temps 
ler hers de Realm) fans noftre conge, car iffint purroit le Realm remain difgarne de E. i. fo. 282, 2S3. 

fort gents, aino/tlje J^oblcjs ano Peers of tlje Mealm are of tljc JUings great ^'^^^ leftatut de 

{Tmntel 5 R.2 c.2.Seigni- 

,rr. *• - , t Y ^ , w . , - .. . ors except out of 

315p tins tt appeacetlj, tljat tijcfe arc pjoljibiten to go beponn 3>ca initljout li;^ thatsratme. 
cente: butotljersof tlje inferior llaitp map go toitljout licence, iftljep traucl j See the firft pare 
not to tlje abobefaio pjoljibitcD enos. ^ittgtljofe of tlje ilaitp anD tncn of tlje of^he inftit.sea. 
Cljurclj alfo being beponD&ca, map be commanoeDbp ilje IMngs Writ, eitljcr '^aus'sh^ De 
unDer tlje Cjeat |>eal, oj ^jiljp &eal, in fide & ligeantia, &c. to return into tljc foh grand councei. 
isingDom Ctljouglj Ijc be not tljere to anp of tljc aboucfaiD pjoljibitcD cuds '■> ) anD ^ An. 19 e. 2. in 
if lie return not, foj l)ts contempt Ijis lanDs anD gcoDS fljall be feifcD, quoufque, Scac. 2 & 3 ph. & 
Sec. /jCommanomcnt m$ gitien to an (Il;ccle(iailical perfon refioing at Rome to ^"w deVrha'ia' 

return into England. _ Countee de Rich 

jQuamplurims literae Domini Regis miffae Romse, ad revocand' diverfos Cleri- mondscafe, 
cos ibid, commorantes, qui quamplurima attemptarunt in dedecus R.egni, prsecipi- ^Rotxlauf. 4 E.3 
ent etiam, quod redeant ad feftum eis appunduatum : & pro eo quod non vene- ^^il "24 E 2 cora 
runt, praeceptum fuit vicecomiti quod eos capiat. Et Rogerus de Holme Prsbenda- Rege, Rot.13. 
rius, in Ecclcfia San(3:i Pauli London captus per Vic' London, 8c arenatus, examina- 
tus, & convidus mittitur prifonse Turris London ibid, moraturus, &c. 

^Rex prodamari fecit in omnibus comitatibus Angliae, quod nc quis comes, baro, k. Dor'- ^Uui. 
miles, religiofus, fagittarius, aut operaiius, 8cc. extra regnum fe transferal, fub poena ^' ^^' "'''^' 
arrellationis,& incarcefationis. 

j^erein it is to be obferiJCD, t^at teeing bpHato, no C-arl, lEaron, oj?^nigljt, 
f^s Rritton faitlj ) noj religious, 9c. ougljt to go out of tlje ISealm, a general 
P>}OClamation Dcclaratiije ^ill ferbc to aggratoate tljeir offence : but otljertoifc 
it is of tljofe, tljat are not pioljibiteo bp JLatu, tljep muft Ija^jc fudj a particular 
Writ oj ^joclamation as is abotoefaio. ^ ^^J^ |9 e- 3- 

/ &ir Matthew Gourny tonigljt luas pjoljtbitCD bp tljc iftingS Writ to Depart j°"someff! Ror." 

tljc IRealm, anD to Ux\>z in tuaru eicpjcflp inljibtteD bp tlje !^ing s luljicl; notioitfj* vaic. lo e. 3.^.29 


1 8 o (^gainft Fugitives. Cap.8 4. 

fianDtng IjC Bin. i^Ota tl)Z MeCOJB faitl). Quia Matteus Goumy miles contra dc- 

fenfionem Regis tranfretavit, & feguerrisfibi per regem inhibitis immifcuir, tarn in 
'^ By feifure and corpore, quam in bonis * forisfecit Regi manerium de Corimallet limul cum una 
imprifonaienc. Carucac terrae, 8cc. 

a Rot. Pac. 40 E. ^ ^^^^ licentiam dedit Abbati de E. quod proficifci poflit ultra mare ad vifitan- 
pt.i. n.4o.Mic.4i aum caput Sandti Johannis Baptiftse Ambiani, corpora trium regum Colonias, fere- 
E. 5. Coram Rege trum Sandli F'rancifci in & Sandtum Jacobum in Galicia, ita quod non pro- 

s °y^B^'^h°'^K' H ^'^'l'^^^'^''-" ^^^ procurabit quicquam in prsjudicium Regis, aut "^ legum fuarum, llcuc 
:.ovo Caftro quod '"^^"^ Abbas in prsfcntia Cancellarii Regis per juramentum promifit. 
iaare non tranfi- S^ott il)at (iBcclcfiaftirai pcrfon0 cotilB iiot go bcpoiiD ^ca on pilgrimage 
bit, &c, luitijottt licence, nojlio an|> t^ing in p?c)ut)ice of tlje Ifiingj oj \)i& Jialo^, 

jl ^°'^ C legum /, 2ii\n it is to be obfcrtoeD tljat tljc ?^ing ntap grant licence to travel iepono 
Sb sVt^"" ^^^^ ^f^i^' eitljer unuertlje Cjcat ^eal, ^jiDp §>cal, m ^jiup S>ignet, lut Ije 

cannot recal one tljat iis bcpona ^ea, tut bp tJje (115?cat §>ealj oj ^jiijp g>eal. 
3!P«t fo^ aboiDing of teMoufnefiS, anc Ijeaping man? to one cnHj let ttg nefrenD 

to later tinieg, 
c Dier Hii 2 Eiiz *" ^^^^ %cuet$ umet t%e <5ieu §>eal, oj ^jiDp &eal to recal anp from be^ 
175. the" cafe of ponD &ca, ougljt tobc ferbeD bp fome ^^ S^cfTenger, tol)0 upon Ijig oatlj is to 
Esrteu and the inafee 3 Certificate tljercof in tlje Cljancerp, anti from tljence a Mittimus to be Cent 
Dutchefs of suf- ijup jj^^. Crclieciucrj anu tljereupon a CommifTion to be granteD to feife t^jc lanD? 

?see I o H 4 < ^"'' ^'^^^ "^ ^'j^ SDeltntiucnt. 

Engiefieidscafc. e Mich. 12 & 1 3 Eli7. It W& refolbeD bp all tlje ^ixttice^ ( except ttoo ) tljnt 
Lib.7. fo. II. See a ^crc^ant of London departing tlic iSealm, to tlje intent to libe fralp from 
fft'' ^"'^^^ ^^^ ^^^ pcnaltp of tlje ILaU), ann out of W Due obetiience to tlje dUueen, ana not foj 
! MichTa's: I Tei. ^"? #crcljant)ifejtljat it teais no contempt to t\}t snueen, foj il^ercljants toerc ej:^ 
Dierf296.&Pafc.' ceptetoutof tlje faiti&tatutcof 5 R.2.c.2.ani>bp tlje Common JLato^ercljantg 
23 El. f.375. f . mi^U pafsi tlje &ea toitljout licence, t^ouglj it toere not to mercl)aniit?e. 

3t ig Ijolten, anu fo it Ijatlj ban rcfolbeHj tljat nibitieti i^ingnomg uncer febe^s 
ral teings in ilcagne one toittj anotljcr are fanttuaricis foj ferbants oj fubfcctgi 
flping foj fafetp from one iSingnom to anotljer, ano upon oemano mabe bp tljem, 
arc not bp tlje iLaluiS anb libcrticgi of iSingbomgi to be belibcreo : anb tljis (fomc 
IjOlbJ ijS grounoeO upon tlje iLatU in Deuteronomy. Non trades fervum domino 
•3' -IS* fuo, qui ad te confugerit. 

tISKIien ©uan Eli2abeths flmbaffaboj lieger in France, anno 34, of Ijer reign, 
bemanben of tlje ifrencljiiing Morgan anb otljers of Ijer fubiettg, tljat Ijab com*" 
mitteb treafon againft Ijer , tlje anfbuer of tlje ifrenclj laing to tlje ©uan? 

Camden EI. p.35. J^ntbaflatiOJ iS trulp relateb in tljefe tUOJbS. Si quid in Gallia machinarentur, Re- 
' gem ex jure inillos animadverfurum h fin in Anglia quid machinati fuerint,Regem 
non poffe de eifdem cognofcere,& ex jure agere. Omnia Regna profugis efle libera, 
Regum intereffe, ut fui quifque Regni libertates tueatur. Immo Elizabetham non 
ita pridem in fuum regnum Mountgomerium,principem Conda;um, & alios e gen- 
re Gallica admififfe, &c. anb fo it reffeb. 

^, H.8, in tlje 28. pear of Ijis Meign being in league luitlj tlje i?renclj ifting, 

anb in enmitp toitlj tie pope, toljo luajs in league toitlj tlje i?rencb l^ing, fent 

Carbinal Pool 0mbaffaboj to tlje ifrcnclj iJing, of mljom i&ing H. 8. bemanoeb 

tlje faib Carbinal being Ijiis fubjctt, anb attainteb of treafon, anb to tljat euD 

caufeb a SCreatife to be mabe C boljiclj 31 Ijabe fi^n } tljat fo it ougljt to be bone 

jure gentium :, fed non prsvaluit. 515ut Ferdinando i^ing of Spain upon rcciuett 

mabe hy H.7, to Ijabe Edmund de la Pool dUarl of Suffolk attainteb of ^iglj 

An. 21 H. 7. 2Creafon bp ^parliament, anno 19 H.7. at tlje firtt intcnbing to obferbe tlje pji^ 

RocPari. 1$ H,?. bilcogc anb Itbertp of !Sing0, to pjotert fuclj ajs came to Ijtm foj fucco?, anb p?o^ 

lection, belibereb Ijim not, pet in tlje enb upon tlje earneft req.ueft of H, 7. anb 

pjomife tljat Ije \j30ulb not put Ijim to beatlj, caufeb tlje faib Carl to be beliberen 

unto Ijim, luljo kept Ijim in pjifon, anb conftruing lji0 p?omife to be perfonaT 

to Ijimfelf, commanoeb Iji^fon Henry after \)i0 bcceafeto e]cecute Ijim, toljo in 

t^)e fift pear of Ijis Ueign upon colb blmo perfojmeb tlje fame. 

Mc coulb abb mo je ejcarapless of ti^iji feinb, but (to fpeafe once fo j all) Ijabinj 


ap.8 5. (^gainji MonopliHf. 181 

jiurpofEti to %iU fomc taCe of tijcip tljiiig pcrttn£nt,oj inctDciu tofuclj tljinp, 
ajs iMC Ijabe unoertafecn to treat of, tljefc fljall fuffice. 

&ee t!)e Statute of 3 Car. an ;a£t to rcllrain tlje pairing anu fenDing of anp ? ^^^r. cap. 2: 
to be ^'opifl'ip hjeo bcponn tljc ^ea?. ^ 'I Mich, 10 h. 4. 

* Fkmensfrcme, five Fkmmsfmithe, interpreCatur, Catalla' fugitivorum. 59 "HterS '^°'' 


Againft Monopolifts, Propounders^ and Pro- 


1% appcarctlj a ip tlje preamble of tijig ;att C as a /uogmcnt in ^parliament) « The statute of 
tljat all dJjants of SSonopoliesi are againtt tlje ancient an»i?unDamental ?.' J""^- "P- 5- 
3iatos of tljigiSingoom, anu tljerefoje it is neccffacp to Define iuljat a i^onopo^ tcTmmarorim^"" 
lj» is. 

^ Si9onopolp is an Inllitution^o; allowance bp tlje Jiing bp tjts d^jantjCbni;? ^ a Monopoly de- 
million, oj otliertoife to anp perfon oj pcrfons, bonies politicbjOj co?pojate,of oj p"'''^^-. ^^^ ''^^ 
fo} tljc fole bu})inE,felling,mafeinK>tBo?fein5,ox (tfing of anp tl)ing,\uljerebv anp Ka carta c°2o 
perfon oj perrons,bomespoliticfe,ojcoipojate,arefottgl)ttobcrlftraincB ofanj) & fointhe 2.^1 
frcEDom, oj libcctv tljat tljep ijat befoje, o^ljinojeu in tljeir latoful trace. of theinftit. 

c i?0?. i%t InojO ^OnopolPjdicitur, KTTO T' i^6vi<, i. folo, Hj itokioixoii^ i. vendere, c Trln.44 EI. Lib. 
quod eft, cum unus folus aliquod genus mercaturas univerfum vendit,ut folus ven- ''• f-84>85.le cafe 
dat, pretium ad fuum libitum ftatuens : %txttil pou ma]) reaU moje at large in tljat DeJ!'°c"aD''i°A ^5 
cafe, ^no tlje iLato of tbe Kealm in tljis point is groUnbeBi Upon tlje 3latu of • f- 4- • • 
Cob, toljict) faitlj, Non accipies loco pignoris inferiorem &: fupcriorem molam, 
quia animam fuam appofuit tibi. %\}m fljalt nut tafec tljc nctljer CJ ttppcr mils^ 
fione to pletige, foj Ije tafeetlj "a mans life to pleoge : OTljcrrbj) it appearetlj 
tljat a mans trate is accounten bis life, becaufe it maintainetlj Ijis life ■■, anB 
t^ercfoie tlje fli^onopolift tbattafeetlj atoap a mans trane, taltetlj atoap Ijis life, 
ano tljcrefoje it. I'o muclj tljc moje ooions, becaufe Ije is vir fanguinis. againft 
tljcfc 3iUtoenters arto pjopotmocrs of ebil tljings, tlje ?^ol)) ©Ijoft Ijatlj fpofeen, 
Inventores malorum, &c. digni funt morte. Rom. i. 30. 

auiiat sponopolies are againft tlje ancient ann i?untiamcntal JlatJS of tlje commerdumjm 
Kealm (as it is occlarco bp tljis 0£t) anB tljat tlje ^ouopoUft Ijjas in times paft, emtium commum 
ano is muclj mojc nolo punifijable, foj obtaining ano pjocuring of tljem tue tuill ^(^^ dekt,&non h 
nemonftrace it bp rcafon, ano pjoije it bp autljojitp. faZ;iu£r^Z' 

Ml)atroe\)er olfencc iscontrarp to tlje ancient anBftmBamentalJlaios of tlje qu^m convmtn. 
ISealm, is punifljable bp ilaia) ; but tlje ufe of a sponopolp is contrarp to tljc an- ^'"«- miqunm ift 
cient anB funBamental Jlatos of tlje Mealm. ; tljerefojc tljc ufe of a Monopoly "{'.'^ pjmiiwe, 
is puniajablebplLatu. ml" "'" 

SCljat offence toliiclj is contrarp to tlje ancient anB funBamental Jiaujs is ma- u H.7.ii. 
lum in fe. 3Elje spinoj is pjo^cB bp tljis Beclaration in ^aarliament. 

2nijelibertp tljat tljc fubjett ^atlj to go to anp Clerk in tljc lyings Court can^ w.i. cap.27. 
not be reftraincB but bp parliament. 

3n 50 E.3. John Peachie of London toasfebcrclp pUnittjeB foj piOCUring a li-^ Rot.Par, 50 i-i'. 
cencc unoer tlje dDjeat S>eal, tljat Ije onlp migljt fell fttiect mineg in London. nu. 3?. 

s>ecintljc|p?eamblesofs>E.3.cap.i.2 5E.3. cap.2.27E.3. 6f 28 Ej.Stat. 
Stap. 2 R.2. CI. &(£: tlje Statute of Magna Cart, c.3. 3 1 E.3. 7 H.4, c.$>. 
anB 12 H,;. c.6. i & 2 Ph. & Mar. c.14. Rot. Pari, r R.2. nu.20. 4 R.2, nu.3p. 
5 R.2. nu. 8p, Fortefcue cap. 35, 3d. gDnC of tljC Articles IttJljerctoitl) William de Rot. Par!. 18 H c'. 
ia Pool 2DHkc of Suffolk itt)as cljargeB, tuas foj procuring of Biucrs libevticiB iu ""• ='• 
Bcrogation of tlje Comon JLalu, anB Ijinojance of ^uftice; ^ote tljis ts an of^ 
fence puniOjable. 

182 (^gainU Monopolifty, 

Mich 2 & :! El ^i»e Phi'iP ^"^ ^"*" '^^'^y ^^ ^^^^^ 3l«tcts patnttss grantct) to tljc spaioj, 
Dier Manufcript iEaittfe anD 3f tttgcltfjS of Southampton a«ti tljf ii" fttcccITojg, ffoj tljat i^ing Philip 
not printed. firft JanBCD tijcxc) tl)at ito WittCjs calko spalnifics;, l)?ougIjt into tljis lacalm from 
t\)t parts ticponn tlje &eag bp anp =lLic!jeman oj ^lien, fljoulD be Dtfc^argeD oj 
JauBEO in anp otber place of tbe JScalm, btit onlp at tfje fain SCoten anu po?t of 
Southampton, twitt) a pjotjibition, tl^at no perfon oj pcrfongi fl/all 00 otljcrtoifc ttps^ 
on pain to paj» treble tuflom ; 0nti it toag refofwn bp all tljc 3!uBcrei5tifEnghnd 
tljat tljijs grant ntatie in rcftraint of tl)e landing of t\)e fame tuaaineisi tuas againtt 

tljC ilatOS anO ^tatUteiS of tbi? Meafm, viz. Magna Carta, 29,30. p E.3. cap.i. 

14 E.3. 25 E.3. cap.2. 27 8f 28E. 3. Statute of tbc Staple. 2 R.2.cap.i, ana 
otberg i ann alfo tbat tbe affefment of treble cuftom toajs againtt 3Latw,ant) maxi' 
Stat, de 5 Eiiz. ip Main, ^nh after at tlje |0arliament Ijoitien in Anno 5 Eliz. tlje patent, ass to 
aiienjs, toajs bp a pjibate 0rt confirmco bp |3arliament, anD not foj CSngiin). 

Trin. 41 Eli7. Coram Rege, Rot.p2. Int. Davenant& Hurdys in trefpafs. Trin. 
44 Eli?, in Lib.!,85. &c. Edward Darcies cafe. Hil.7. Jacobi in Lib.8. to. 
1 2 1,122. &c. tbc cafe of tbc Citv of London. 

SCije |ti5gment in tfje faio cafe of Sponopolicis citeo befoje, Trin. 44 Eliz. tuas 
tbe principal tnotibe of tlje publifljirigof tbei&ings IProfe mentioneb in tljc ^ic^ 
amble of tljis 3ct, anb tljat W<a^ toas a great motibe of obtaining tl;c ropal aC^ 
fent to tljiiS act of parliament, vuljereof toe arc nob) to fpeak. SEljiss 0ct mo? 
13CD from tbe ^oufe of Common? : tlje M is long ano in pjint, ano neeb not 
, ijere to be rcbes^reb x yet toill bje perufc anb explain tljc \i3oin$ in tljc fcberal 
bjancljeg of tljc Sid, 

^ By his Grant, Commiffion, or otherwife. 3 SCljefe tuojbgi [ or 
otherwife ] are of a large eytentj anD are toell toarranteo bp tljis Sid, tlje biojbsi 
looljereof ejctenb not onl}> to all proclamation?, Snljibttions, Keflraints anb 
?E2Ilarrant? of alTiftanccof tljel!iing,butall Snljibitiong, Ueftvaint?, ann Mar^* 
rants of alTiflance of all or anp of tlje |0jibp Cottncel oj anpotljer : anb all otbct 
matters! oj tljings tobatfoeber, eitljer of tbc JSing, oj of all oj^lnp of Iji? Pjibp 
Councel, to tlje inCitutingjCrccting, arcngtljning, furtljering^ji|ife|ntenancing 
of tbc fole buying, felling, f c. oj any of tbem, arc ncclarco t'a Tie altogctljcr 
contrar)) to tbc %t\W of tbis IScalm, ?c. ut in Statute. ^Cbis act bcrein, ano in 
tbc refttme tbcreof, i? fojciblp ano bcbementlp pcnnco foj tbc fuppjeffion of all 
S&onopoliCiS : foj Monopolies in times paft tocrc cber UJitljowt %m, but nebet 

^ Sole, ] 2Cl)is toojb [fole] is to be applieb to i?ibe febcral tbings, viz. 
Itiping, felling, making, tnojfeing anb ufing ■. four of biljicbare fpecial, ano tljc 
Jaft, viz. (fole ufing) is fo general, as no iponopolp can be raifeb, but (ball be 
toitbin tl)c reac^ of tbis Statute, ano ytt foj moje furctp tbefc tuojos [or of any 
other Monopolies] arc aDHciJ v anb bp reafon of tbefc tuojos [fole ufing] nibcrs 
pjobifions are mane bp tljis Sid, as lercaftcr fljall appear. 

•• C Of any thing. 3 0s t^c iuojos befojc lucre general, fo tl^cfc boojbS 
£of any thing] arc Of a large ej;tent. Res enim generalem habet fignihcationem, 
quia tam corporea, quam incorporea, cujufcunque funt generis, naturae, five fpeciei, 

comprehendit : anb tbis bJOjb caufctb fomc ejcccptions Ijercafter to be maoc, 
tobercof toe fliall fpeak in t^cir proper place. 

41 Whereby any perfon or perfons, &c. ] iFojtbiSf* tlje Statute 
of Magna Carta, ubi fupra : anb tbis claufc is implicblp toarrantcD by tljcf e biojbs 
[or of any other Monopolies] in tljC firft claufC of tljC purbiclU. 

C Shall be for ever hereafter examined, heard, tried, and de- 
termined by and according to the Common Laws of this Realm, 
and not otherwife. j %\)i^ ^a ijatjing beclaren againa all IponopolicSjf C' 


Cap.85. ^gaitiH Monoplifis^ 183 

to 1)C vjoitjljp tl)c (Common iLaui, Tjat!j vjouided "bp rtjigf claufc, tljat tlje^ fljall 
l3C craminet), IjearD, trtcu ant) DEtcniiincD in tljc Courts of tl)C Common Jiato 
accojBing to tljc Common 3ia\u, ano not at tljc Counrcl SEalilc, ^taivdjamler, 
Cljanccrv, CErrljeciuer cljambcr, ai anp otljcr Court of Ufec nature, but onip ac^ 
cojDing to tljc Common iLalO) of tljtg IScalm, tuitlj toojojs ncgatiijc, ano not 
otlKrtutfc : i^oj fuel) loloncfs tljc S^onopoUas tcok, tljat often at tljc Counccl 
Stable, SJtar^cliambcr, Cljanccrv, auo ©iccljequcr Cljambcr, |3etttiong, Snfo?*: 
mations, ano JBills \ucrc pjeferrcD in tljc ^tar^cljamlicr, fc. pjetcnoing a con^ 
tempt foj not obeping tlje commantimcntstano claufes of tljc fain grants of muf 
nojjolies anfi of p?oclamation0, jc. concerning tljc fame x foj tljc pjcbenting 
of iMljiclj mifcljicf tljis bjanclj uias aoncir, 

4[ That all perfon and pcribns, bodies politique and corporate 
whatfocver, which now are, or hereafter (hall be, (hall ftand, and be 
diiablcd, and uncapable, &c. '] sCljiS bjanclj fo? furtljet crtirpation of all 
SponoyoUcs, tiifabletlj all men, ^t. to Ijaijc, tljat is, to take anp a&onopolp, oj 
to ufc, crercife, oi put in urc an}) sponopolp, ft. luljcrcbp tljc Tuoifij anutiefire 
of tljc poet is grantcB. 

Fuiiditus extirpa Monopolas & Noniopolas i 

Hie labor, hpc opus elt i Hcicule major eris* ' 
Paucorum nocuit fcelerata licentia multiSj 

Argento mutat dum Monopola piper. 

^ If any perfon or perfons after the end of forty days next after 
the end of this prefent Seltion of Parliament fhall be hindred,grieved, 
difturbed, or dilquieted, &c. 3 

15}) tljis b;tanclj ^ir tljings arc pjo^iocu anti cnattcn. i. KcmcUp is givien 
to tljc partp gricbco at tljc Common iiain bv action oj actions to be grouniicoupj= 
on tljis Statute. 2. SDljis remcop ma}) be Ijau in tlje Court of tlje lyings 
JScnclj, Common picas, ano e;i:cljc(iucr,*oj anp of tljcm, at tlje elettion of tljc 
panp gricbcD. 3 . Clje partp griebcD fljall recoDcr treble bamages, ano octiblc 
rolls. 4. i^o clloin, pjotcction, tuager of Jlaiu, aio, pjapcr, pjibilcbge, infun*^ 
ction, oj ojner of reflraint to be allotoeb in anp fuclj action. 515p [ aio pjaper ] 
is intcnDeo as tocU tljc 23lrit de domino rege inconfulto, as tljc ufual fojm of 
aio p?apcr, foj botlj arc to one enb, anb [ojber of rettraint] toas aobcb, foj tlje 
Counccl STablc, ^tar^cljambcr, Cljanccrp, CBrcljcqucr Chamber, anb tljc liftc. 

C 5. If any perfon or perfons fhall after notice given, &c. caufe or procure 
any fuch action to be ftayed or delayed before judgment, by colour or means of any 
order, warrant, power or authority, fave only of the Court wherein fuch action 
ihall be brought and depending, the perfon or perfons fo offending fhall incur the 
danger of Premunire, Sec. 

SCljis tlaufc ertcnos to t'^e pjtbp Counccl, ^ar^cljambcr, Cljanccrp, (tjif 
tljcciuer Cljambcr, anb tlje like, anblifeeboite to tljofe tljat fijall pjocurcanp \uar^ 
rant, ?c. from tljc i^ing, grc. antj fo it was refolbco bp a Committit of botlj 
l^oufes befojc tljis bill paffco •, but it ertenbctb not to tljc Hubges of tlje Court 
i)cfo?e toljom anp fuclj aaion fljall be b jougljt, foj bcfoje jubgmcnts, baps tnutt 
be giben bp ojoers of Court, ?r. 

C 6. Or after judgment had upon fuch adlion fhall caufe or procure executiorj 
of or upon any fuch judgment, to be ftayed by colour or means of any order, war- 
rant, power or authority, fave only by Writ of Error and Attaint, the perfon or per- 
fons fo offending fhall incur the danger of Premunire, &c. 

snijis claufe is mo:c general tljen tljc former, being tljc fiftl) claufc, foj ttjis 
cictcnuetl) alfo to f^e 3iibges of tlje Court inljcrc tl)e ;a£tion is bjougljt qi oc^ 
pcnuing, if anp flap oj belap be ufcb bp tljem after jubgmcnt, anb fo it luas n^ 
folbcb as is afojcfaib. 

^b Cljtre 


(^gainfi Monofolifls, 


Concerning new 
inaniifadlures and 
heretofore gran- 
ledj &c. 

Pafch. i5EIiz. in 
the Exchequer 
Chamber, Eircots 

Rot. Pari. 21 E.4. 

I Jacobi ca.5. 

Concerning new 
hereafter to be 
granted) &c. 

%%txt be in tW 3rt concerning ^onopolieis oj fole buptng;, jc. maniD Pjo\)t# 
foes. 2Dlje firft i?, %%u tljiiS ^& fijail not cjctcmi to anj» iLcttcr$ patents oj 
grants of pjitoilcnge Ijeretofoje maDe of t!)C foTe tBOjktng oj tnafet'ng of anp 
manner of nclM manufacture : but tljat ncto manufacture muft Ijalje fcuen jj?o^ 
perttejf. i?irtt, it muft be foj ttoentp one pearsi oj unuer. §)econi)lp, it mult 
be grantet) to tlje fiirft ann true intoenter. iDbirnIp, it mutt be of fuclj manu^ 
factureg, tnijici) an? otljer at tfje making of fuel) ILettersf patentg DiD not ufe : 
foj albeit it toere netulp inljcntcti, pet if anp otljer Bit) ufe it at i\)C making of 
tlje ^Letters patents, oj grant of tlje pjtiotletigc, it is oeclaren ann cnartcn to be 
iJoiD by tl^ijs &ct. ifourt^lp, tbe jijibilenge mutt not be contrarp to ilato : fuel; 
a pjibilcDge, as is confonant to JLaU), mutt be fubflantiallp ana efTenttallp ncln^ 
Ip inbentcD ■■, but if tlje fubttance toas in effe before, anti a ncto aUDttton i\}txci^ 
unto, tljouglj tljat autntion make tl)e fojmer moje profitable, ^^tt it is not a nr to 
manufacture in JLato ; ano fo toas it refolijcti in t\)t Cjtrljcquer CljamlerjPafch. 
1 5 Eliz. in Bircots cafe fox a pjitiilenge concerning tlje preparing ant mcIting,(Tf. 
of lean oje •• foj tbere it toas fain, tljat tliat toas to put but a ncto button to an 
olB coat : ant) it is mucb ealicr to aBB tbcn to inncnt. 0nB tljcre it toas nlfo rc# 
folDcB, tljat if tljc neto manufacture be fubttantiallp inbentcB accojBing to 3iato, 
pet no olB manufacture in ufe befo?e can be pjctibitcB. i?ift!)lp, noj nufcljicucus 
to tlje S>tatc bp raiftng of pjices of commoBities at Ijome. 3n eberp fuel) neto 
manufacture tljatBcferljes a pjiViileBge, tl)eremutt be Urgens necellitas, anB cvl- 
dens utilitas. Sijctljlp, noj to tl)c Ijurt of traBC. 2Dl)is is bcrp material anB c\3ir. 
Bent. ^eUentl)lp, no? gencrallp inconvenient, acijere inas a neto ini^entiou 
founB out beretofojCj tl)at ISonnets ano Caps migbt be tljickncB in a il'iillinci; 
mill, bp toljicl) means moje migbt be tbickneB anB fullCB in one Dap tiieu bp tlje 
labours of ipourfcoje men, tol)0~got tbeir livings bp it. ^t Uas ojBaines tljat 
JEonnets anB Caps fljoulB be tbickneB anB fullcB bp tbe ttrcngtb of men, anB net 
in a i^ullingmill, foj it toas bolBcn inconbcntent to turn fo manp labouring 
men to iolenefs. 3;f anp of tbefe feven dualities fail, tlje p?tbileBn;e is Becla^? 
rcB anB cnactcB to be boiB bp tl)is 0(tt ana pet tbis 0tt, if tbcp ^abe all tbefc 
pioperties, fet tbem in no better cafe tljen tljep toerc bcfojc tljis ;9tt. 

%\)t feconB p?obifo concernetl) tl)e pubilecgc of ncto manufactures bereaftec 
to be granteo : anB tbis alfo mutt bave feijen properties ; firft, it muft be foj tbc 
term of fottrtan pears oj uitBcr : tbe otber fir properties mutt be fuel) as are 
aforcfaiB, anB pet tbis 0ct maketl) tbem no better tbcn tbep fljoulB Ijabc been if 
tl)is act baB never been maBe, but onlp ejccept anB erempt tbem out of tlje pur? 
liieii),anB pcnaltp of tbis ILalu. 

2Cbe taufc toberefore tbe pjiVileBges of neto manufactures eitber before tl)ts 
3ct granteB, or tobicb after tl)is 0ct fiioiilB be grantcB, babingtbefefeben pro;^ 
perries, iducre not tedareB to be gcoB, inas, for tbat tbe reafon toberefcre furlj a 
pribileBge is gcDB in Jlato is, becaufe tbe inbenter bringetb to anB for tbe Com^^ 
montoealtb a ncto manufacture bp bis invention, coft anB cbargcs, anB tljereforc 
it is reafon tbat be (boulB babe a privileBge for biS retoarB (anB tbe incourage^ 
mcnt of otbers in tbe like) for a convenient tim^c : but it toas tbougbt tbat tbe 
times ItmiteB bp tl)is ;act toereto long for t\iz private, before tbc Common*^ 
toealtb fijoulB be partaker tbereof, anB fucb as fcrve privileBgeB perfons bp tbc 
fpacc of fcven pears in making or toorking of tbe neto manufacture c tobicb is tbc 
time limitcB bp lato of 0pprenticcbroB) mutt be Apprentices or Servants ftill 
Bitring tbe refiBue of tbc priViicBge, bp means tobercof fucb numbers of men 
tooulB not applptbemfelvestberetmto, as fljoulB Ije rcquiCtc for tbc Common:* 
toealtb, after tbe priVilcBge enBCB. 0nBtbis toas tbe true caufctobereforcbotb 
for tbe time paffcB, anB for tbc time to come, tbep toere left of fucb force, as 
tbep toere before tbe making of tbiS Set. 

2Dbe tbirB provifo iSjCbat tbis 0(t ttjall not cjctenD or be prcfttBicialto anp grant 
or prtVilcBge, potocr or autboritp beretofore maBc, granteB,aHotoeB,or confirmcB 
bp anp act of parliament noto in force, fo long as tbe fame fijall fo continue in 
force. EljiS toas aBBcB for tbat tbc Citp of London, atiB otbcr Cities anB ioo* 


Cap. 8 5. <^gainH MonopUHs, 185 

rougl)^5f c. babe fome pjiDileDffcs fo? buping,fellttt{j5 $c. bp arts of parltamr lit. 
i?oj £j;ampIc,2Cl)e ffat. of i & 3 Ph. Sc Mar. giuetl) a ^nViilcoge to Cities, llBo? i & 2 Ph. & Mar. 
rotigH aCotonscojpojate, ann S^atfect 2no\i?ng, foj tlje fale bp retail of certain "P-7' 
animate? antispcrcl)antii?cg,anti fome otl)erjatt0 of Parliament in like cafe; all 
toljicl) no piobe, tljat furl) pjiuilenges; coulo not be grantee bv ^letters ^atentis. 
315ttt fveciallp tljijs clattfe tuag aODco in reflect of tlje generality of tljefc taojDs 
ffole uling.] 

%%t fouttf) iE>Jot3ifo. pjoDiueD alto, ann it igl^erebp futtljer intcnueii^Bcclareo 
ann enatfeu, tljat t^iis act, $c. fljall not in anp toifc ejctenD, oj be pjejunicial 
unto tlje Citp of London, &c. v 

31Bp tljis i^joviifo, not onlp tlje (l!5jant!Ei, Cljartcrsijanti llettcris l^atcntst to anp 
Citp o: aCoton Cojjjojate, $c. but alfo tljc cufloms ufeo tuitljin tlje fame, are 
ciccepteoout of tl)i)S Set : iMljiclifaemetlj tome mojetljennden, becaufe tlje firlE 
claufe of tlje ^ur\3ieto of tljig ^ct ootlj erteno but to Commiffions, (©jantg, %U 
cencesfj Cljarterj!, ano =11 etter? patents;, 

SClje ftftl) P;io\Jtfo tiotlj ei:ccpt out of tljC l^urbtetu anti pcnaltp of tljiis Statute 
four t^ingsijbut Icaijctlj tljem of tlje lifee fojcc ano effect, ano no otljer, as tljig jSct 
%$Si netjer ban mane, jff itft,tt)e pjibiletge concerning pointing maije,oj Ijereafrct 
to be mane. &cconDlp,Commiirion!g,(lI?jant9,ant) Jietters patents mane 03^ Ijere^^ 
after to be mane foj oj concerning tl)etiiggtng,mafeing, oj compounning of gaits' 
5eteroj(E>unpolMii£r.2Dl)irlilp,ojtI)C catting oj making of ^jnuance, oj fijot foj 
^mtance.i?ourt!jlp,(0?ants ann ^letters Patents Ijeretofoje mane, oj Ijereaftec 
to lie mane of an? Office j Offices Ijeretofoje ereden, manc,oj o^nainen, ann nolo 
in being,anD pnt in e]cccution,Cotber tijen fuclj Offices as Ijalie been neccien bp anp 
I)is ^ajetties Proclamations.) ^0 as to tlje tljing bp tljis IBjanclj eit;cepten,i?ouc 
tljittgs are rcciuiren. i?irft, tljat it be an £)fficc. 2C|iS ej;tennetlj onlp to latuful 
Offices fo J ni\)crs caufes. i . 31t toas necelTarp to ejccept latoful Suffices in refpcrt 
of tljefelMojns[fole ufing.] 2. Offices arenuties, fo callea, to put tlje jSDfficet in 
minn of Ijis nutp. 3. SCliat Djljiclj isuotn annagainft Jia)M,is no nutp, unlefs it be 
not to ufc tljem. 4.&uc^ as are erecten againtt Lato,are sponopolies ann ^DppjeC^ 
fions of tlje people, ann no £>fifices. 5. 31n 0cts of parliament latuful £)frtces are 
intennen,as in li&e cafes Ijatl) been often anjungen : tljerefoje unlawful ;©ffices 
are all tafeen atoap bp tljis ^ct, ann latoful i©ffices remain ann continue.^l.b. 

&econnlp, tljat it be an £)ttice Ijcretofojc eretten. Bp t^is art tlje erertion of 1 1 H.4'80. ' 
all neto Offices, toljiclj mere not erertcn befoze tljis^rt, are uiljollp taken aiwap. 4 E.4.31.PI.2. 

2Eljirnlp, tljat it be \\m in being, ann put in ejcecution. HCljouglj tlje S^fiitc 
toerc ererten befoje tljis aid, ^tt if it luerc not in being ann put in ejcecution tljc 
19 nap of February in tlje 2 1 pear of tlje Keign of !&ing James (at iwljat time 
tljis parliament begun) it fs clearlp taken atoap bp tljis 0*. 

ifourtlilp, tljat it be fuc^ an ;©{fice as "^atl) not been necrien (foj fo is tlje lie*; 
cojn of parliament, ann not [decreed] as it is in tlie pjintcn bojk) bp anp of Ijis ^9^ ''?^ Prodama- 
^ajefties proclamations : fo> all fuclj£Dffices as be necrien, tljat is, eitljer foj^ iTluiy^'n.^io Ta! 
J)innen, 0; pjoljibiten bp anp of Ijis spa jetties Proclamations, ox luljcre tlje partp Regis,and another 
grieben is left to Ijis remcnp at t'^e Common iiato bp anp Proclamation, tljcp Prociamationbear- 
le alfo necrien i for being contrarp to t^e JLaijss of tljis Mcalm, as it is neclaren ingdate,2o Martii 
ann enaden bp ttiis ^rt, tljep are alfo necrien toitlj a uiitnefs, ann can neuer be '^"•'^ JaReg'*- 
granten licrcafter. 

2nije fiftlj Proijifo concerning tlje making of ailom, or ailom#apines,n»ncn 
not,fDr tljcp belong to tlje ^ubjert in ti3l)ofe grounn focDer tl)c£Dare is : ann tljere^ 
fore anp prtbilcngc tljcreof cannot be granten, but in tlje lyings oiun grounn. 
aCljeOrtlj Pro\3ifo concerns tlie^ottm en of i^eto;^Caftlc,fc.2Eljis claufe toas 
inferten in refpefl of tljcfc morns [fole ufing.] 

2Dlje reft of tlje proDifoes concern particular pcrfons, ann no erempt ann ejr:^ 
cept certain fuppofen pribilenges out of tlje putbieto ann penaltp of tljis Jlato, 
iut leabetlj tljem of like force ann effertj as t|cp mere before tlje making of it. 
llBut it is to be obferben, tljat all tlje Promfoes after tlje ^ittlj,e]ctenn onlp to 
tlje fuppofen pribilenges tljerein particularlpme»uioncn,alreanpgranten,auD not 
toanptobegraiiienljareaftcr. 15 b 2 CA?^ 



The Statute of 
2 1 Jag.cap.3. 

In Exilio Hu- 

Rot, Parliam. 


See 28 H ( 

50. before. 

The Pursrievv of 

theAaof2i Ja. 


The offence de- 


Hil.2 Jac.lib.7. 
; v(i.b.thecafe of 
nal Statutes. 

Cap. lxxxvi. 

Agamft thofe that obtain power to difpence with 
penal Laws^, and the forfeitures thereof 

12Cai)peaml)bp t!)C pjeamWe of tW 0d:, tW all (Pjants of t\)t lencfit of 
anj» ^enal ILalM, oj. of jiotoer to otfpcncc tottlj tlje 3Latti , oj to compounti foj 
iiie forfeiture, are contrarp to tibe ancient funtiamental ^Latus of tljis Mcalm. 

31t toas one of tijc Article? Mjercfoje tlje Spencers in t\)t ISeign of iSing E.2« 
iwere fentenceo, tljat tljep pjocurerr tlje ?Sing to mafee manv SDifpenfationE. Per 
lour malveis counfell defeafant ceo que le Roy ad grant per Parliamrnt per bone 

Silt 50 E.3. Richard Lions a QSercljant of London, anU tlje 3iO. Latimer, taerc 
feDerallp fcntc-nceti in parliament foj pjocuring of itcenceis anu SDifpenfationis 
to tranfpojt McdIp, $ c. 

IT is declared and enafted, that all Commiffions, Grants, Licences, 
Charters, and Letters Patents, heretofore made or granted,to any 
perfon or perfbns, bodies politick or corporate, of any power, liberty, 
or faculty,to difpence with any others, or to give licence or toleration 
to do, uie, or exerciie any thing againft the tenure or purport of any 
Law or Statute, or to give, or make any warrant for any fuch difpen- 
lation,licence or toleration to behad,or made,or to agree,or compound 
with any others for any penalty or forfeitures limited by any Statute, 
or of any grant or promiie of the benefit, profit, or commodity of any 
forfeiture, penalty, or fum of money, that is or (hall be due by any 
Statute before Judgment thereupon had, and all Proclamations, In- 
hibitions, Reflraints, Warrants of affiftance, and all other matters and 
things whatfoever, any way tending to the inftituting, erefting, 
ftrengthniflg, furthering or countenancing of the fame or any of 
them, are altogether contrary to the Laws of this Realm, in no wife 
to be put in execution. 

And (hall be for ever hereafter examined, heard, tried and determi- 
ned by and according to the Common Laws of this Realm ^ and not 
otherwife, &c. 

Provided alfb, that this Aft (hall not extend to any Warrant or 
Privy Seal made or direfted, or to be made or directed by his Majefly, 
his Heirs or Succeflfors to the Jufkices of the Courts of Kings Bench, 
Common Pleas, Barons of the Exchequer, &c. and other Jufticcs for 
the time being, having power to hear and determine, Sec. to com- 
pound, &c. 

anijisi art moDcB from tlje^oufe of -Commons. jSolu let U0 perttfe, firft, tljc 
IBOjtsi of tlje |Dur\jie\j) of tW 3rt,ant) fee ontilp, of tW |3?oi3;fo. 

311 ant)bytl)c|."'ur\)inui^itoe tljingisarcocdareDanDenarteD to lie boio, anu 
contrarp to tde ancient ftmBamcntal 3latoji of tliisiKealm. i?itft,aUCommi(ri:f 
on?, ILicenrcs, Cijarterg, anti ^letters patents of an? power, liliertv m facultp, 
oj to ctbe licence oj toleration to no, nfe, oj erercifc anp tljing agamft any lain 
oj Statute. 2D()c reafou ijereof ig notablp erpjeffeD b? t\)C refoltition of all tlje 
ilurigesi of England, in tlje cafe of penal ^taf uteg, luljcrcunto toe refer pou, 

^ 2 Or 

Cap.86. Serial Laws, i8' 

C 2 Or to give or make any warrant for any fuch difpenlation, li- 
cence, or toleration. ] iFoj.tljisi Iranclj aUo, totljc fain cafe of penal ^ta^ 
tUtfS, ut fupra. 

^ 5 Or to agree or compound with any others for any penalty or 
forfeitures limited by any Statute. ]^js bjanclj, all CortimifTtons to 
agree oj compounii toWj anp 6ttjn<i fo: anp pcrtal'ti) o; forfeiture Umiteo Ip aiip 
Statute, are tieciarcD to be DoiD, anti agatnft ti^e ancient fttuDamerital iiatos of 
tlje Uealm. 2Dlje great inconucntcncc fjeteof appcarcD in tlje p;ioc*tiingg of Emp- 
fon ano Dudley, in tJjc JSeign of liing H.7. luljo Ijati tfje ^'ffice of spatters of t\)t 
fo?fcitureis ; ann bp colottt of tljcic Commiflion ana Office, nio moft intolera^ 
blp anD tmlaUifuUp oppjefj;, bumen, ani5 Depauperate tlje s>ub^ctis, Jiet tl^em 
M)it\) follob) tijeir ttcpg be afrain of ttjeir fearful enti : Qui eorum veftigia fe- 
quuntur, eorum exitus perhorrefcant. aCljC lifee oppjeffion TuoaS uteU bp certain 
CommifTioners fo? compofitionis to be ntace foj offences rommittet againtt pe^ 
nal Statutes, in t'^e Keign of£Dttan Mary. SDljig 21Bjattclj liatlj firucfeen at t^e 
rojtj anti pjebenteu tW mifcljief foj eber Ijcreafter. 

ip 4 Or of any grant or promile of the benefit, profit, or commo- 
dity of any forfeiture, penalty, or (um of money, that is or (hall be 
due by any Statutje before judgment thereupon had. ] scjjtiS bjanclj U^ 
tlaretl) not onlp tlje grant to be Dotn, ann againft tljc MW of tijis aaealm,f fo? 
tlje Mjiclj, fee tljfc refoltition of all tlje 3ittigeis in tl)e faio cafe of penal 3)ta^ 
tuteg, ubi fupra J but tlje pjoitiife tljcreof alfo, ^nu tlje reafon tljat tlje 3;uBge3 
pielO t^ere, is notable, in tljefe tnojtiS, For that in our experience it maketh the 
more violent and undue proceeding againft the Subjedl, to the fcandal of Juftice, 
and offence of many. &>o as tlje gtftnt J pjomife of anp fojffeitutc bcfoje )UDg^ 
ment, is botlj againft 3LalD, ano inconbcnient. 0nti if it be fo in cafe of a foi^ 
feiture 0; penaltp ■■, muclj moje in cafe of life ann ucatfj^ foj tlje fo?feiturej f c. 
cf cftip man to be beggen, befojelje be milp anu latofullp attatnteo. jpoj, as tlje 
3[utrges fap, fijere is tlje ntoje ijiolent and unDue pjocecBing againft tljc fubjert 
to tljc fcanoal of )uftice,«anii tlje offence of manp ; ann tljerefojc fuel; bcggers are 
offenuers, luojtlip of febere pHntfijment, 

againft tljefc l)unters foj bltob tlje l^jopljct fpeafeetlj tljus, Pcriit fandlus de Micah j.t. 
terra, & redf us in hominibus non eft, omnes in fanguine infidiantur, vir fratrem fuUm 

ad mortem venatur. 2Dljcre is not a goDlp man upon eartl), tl^erc is not one 
rigljteousamongftmcn, tljep all lie in mit foj blcou, anu eberp man ^untct^ 
Ijis bjotljer to Deatlj. 

f[ 5 And all Proclamations, Inhibitions, Reftraints, Warrants of af- 
fiftance, and all other matters or things any way tending to the infti- 
tuting, erefting, ftrengthning, &c. ] 2Cl)is iS tlje lifee claufe, ann is, fo, t« 
he ejcpounueb, as before tiatlj been in tlje Cljapter of sponopolies. - '. / 

Concerning tlje fain p?obifo, tljc 3ubges befoje toljom tl)c caute oepcntietl^', 
anb tljat Ijabe potoer to Ijear ano Determine tlje fame, mljo are pjefumeb to be in# 
Different bettoeen t^e teinganD tlje fubjert, map bp ttarraitt oj ^liMv ^eal,fc, 
compounD, $c. foj tljc Using onlp, after plea pleaDCD bp tlje Defenaant^ 

SEljcre is another |t)jDbifo concerning ^Letters i^atents, oj Commiffions fo> 
UccnQng oj feaepingof anp aUabetn, oj felling,$c. of Mlines^c. oj fox tlje ma*^ 
feing of anp compofitions foj fuclj liccnfes, fo as tl)C benefit of fuel) compoCtionS 
be referbCD, auD applicD to oj foj tl)e ufe of tiis spa/eftp, Ijis ^eirs oj ^uccelfojs, 
anD not foj tljc paiuate ufe of anp otljer petfon oj pcrfons, 

anije report of ttjefaiD cafe of penal Statutes tuas a principal mottbc of t^jz 
livings 315a)b, mentioneD in tlje preamble of tljis Sirt : ainD t^at llBocpk amongft 
otljec juft anD bjeigljtp caufes mobcD tlje iSing to gibe Ijis ISopal affcnt to tljis 
Stt of Jparliamentj ?c. iwljeccofTweljabefpofeen. 


Cap. 87« 


Againft Concealers ( tmbidum hominum genus ) 
and all pretences of Concealments whatfbever. An.ji Jac. *T^Hat the Kings Majefty, his Heirs, or Succeflbrs, (hall not at any 
cap. I. j^ time hereafter lue, impeach, queftion, or implead any perfbn 

or perfbnsj bodies politick, or corporate, &c. 

%%tM i% long, anti nao not \tu ht xz^tuitxi, f ct toill Djc perufc anu 
cjcjilatn i%t feljeral bjanc^cg anu vart? of t%t ^rt. 

315£foj£ tl)e making of t^ts &tatutc,tn rcfjicrt of tijat ancient pjcrogatibe of f^e 
Croton, rfjat nullum tempus occurrit Regi, t\^z titleg of tl)E teing tocre not rc;? 
CraincD to anp limitation of time , foj tlbat no Statute of limitation tljat c^et 
UJag mane, niD eDcr limit i%t title of t^e i&ing to anj? spannoj?, Iianusi, %txiZii 
tnentg o? ^etetiitamentg, to anj> certain time. 2nu tuljere man? Mecojng anu 
ot^er Muniments, making gajo tl)e ellate ann intereft of ttie ^Hlijcrt, eitljcr hp 
alufe oj negligence of ^fficetis bj> ueuouring time toerc not to Ijc fottno •-, ip 
meanistoljcrcofjCertain inoigne ann inoigent perfonis p?ping into man|> ancient 
titles of t!^e Croinn, ann into fome of later timeg concerning tl)c polTeffiongi of 
Ditjcrs anD funorp UBifljopjicks, SDean ano Cliaptcrsi, ann tl)C late sponafteries, 
Cliattntcriejs, $c. of perfons attaintcD, ano ti)c like, Ijaiie palfcD furrcptittotiflp 
in 3lcttet0 patent?,oftentimcji untier obfcure ann general toojngjtlK £^anno?s, 
ILanuis, aCenementsf, ano ^erctttamcntg of long time en|apeti bp tl;e &ttb)cctsj 
of t^is Wealm, a$ well C&ccleCaaical ag aCempojal : ^m to limit tlje Croton 
to fome certain timc,to t%t enn, ttiat all tlje ^nbjcctg of tbis I'vcalm, tljeir l^cirjs 
ana &ucceiro?si, map q.uietlp ba\je, Ijoln, anD iniop, all ano Cngular ^annojg, 
iianng, aCenementjs, anu l^erecitamentis, \!iii}\i\^ tbep, tljeit antefioj?, o% p;ctie*= 
ccITojjs, ti% anp otljer, ip, from, tii untier tol;om tbep claim, ba^e of long time 
cnjopeo i tbis! 0(t toas mane ann monen from tbc f^oufe of Commons, tbe \iOf 
up ijoljcreof confittetlj of tbjec parts. iPirU, %\)U part toljicb abone ijs in pare 
rcljearfcn, conCftetlj onSCbjceJlBjancljeis. 

Tbe firft part. FzVi?, That the King, his Heirs or Succeflbrs, fhall not at any time 

hereafter, fue, impeach, queftion, or implead any perfbn or perfbns bo- 
dies politick or corporate, for, orinany wife concerning any Manners, 
&c. Secondly^ Or for, or concerning the revenues, iflues, or profits 
thereof Thirdly^ Or make any title, claim, challenge, or demand, Sec. 

%W part is c]cclufine ano negative ; ann berein 6 tbings are to be obfcr^cn. 

1 .%W claufe E,rtentietb to all manner of fuits^gtc.citber in 3i alM,oj iv, CBquitj?. 

2.2noall manner of Courts tubatfoener.s.Sit crtennetb not onlpto all manner 

of fuits, but to all impcacbmcnts, q.uEfttontngs, implcanings, making of tide, 

claims, cballenges oj oemanns. 4- tHnner tbcfe toojbs [right and title] not culp 

bare rigbts ano titles arc compjcbenneo, but real eftatrs alfo. 5. iI2ot onlp 

fuitB,ffc, foj oj concerning anp aRanno?s,jf. but foj c? coufcrning tbe revenues, 

xITucs, ojpjofttSstc ano tbis ettenoetb to tbe ancient ncmcans of tbc Croiuu, 

tobicb are mentioneo to be reftraincO bp an ;9[ct of 1 1 ^.^.6. ^0 as all ©Hvits of 

Rot. Par. II H. 4. ^'^"^ ^^'^^ "? ^^^^^"^ 5^?occs upon anp Hccojo ■■, all informations of intrufion, 01 

Du. 23. liot im- cbargmganpmanasji&ailift": all finning of Offices, citber ofintitling tbc 

printed. 5feing, oj of information, arc rettraincn,not onlp toitbin tbete too?ns [impeach or 

queftion ~\ but alfo luitbin tbcfe tOOjOS [ or make any title, claim, challenge, or 

demand ] MAyitX) are large ann beneficial luorns, ann all otbtr fuitSj *c. of 


Cap. 87. (^gainfi Concealers. 189 

— ■ ■ ■ '■ '■■"■■ !■■ ■ ■ ^ I ■ ■■ ■ ■■- - ■ . ■ ■ 

luljat kinn oj nature foencr. Wut t\)i& J^cgatiisc claufc mutt IjaDe JTour imi^ 
Bent?. I. SClje iSings! rigljt ann title mutt accreuj unto Urn alioDc tljjeefcojc 
licai-sv^ft kfojctljc 1 9 Bap of February, in tlje 2 1 peat of iJing James, luljicl) 
liflp tl3e nap of tlje beginning of tljis parliament. aCijc reafon Ijereof ijaap, tljat 
if anp title of efcljeat, forfeiture, 9c. accrctoeti tuitlnn tl)jafcoje pearp, tl)en it 
fljotilD be out of t\)i0 M : fo j gencrallp tljc time of limitation to bar tlje !^ing 
luas tljjixCcojc pear0, but fuel) rigljt oj title mutt noto be in effe. 2. Unlcfs the 
King or his progenitors, &c. or any, under whom he or they claim, have been an- 
fwercd by force and virtue of any fuch right or title to the fame, the rents, re- 
venues, iffues or profits thereof within tlireefcore years, &c. 3!n tljisi bjanclj t|)efc 
lUO^DS [ by force and virtue of any fuch right or title ] iMCre materiallp atmeU, foz 
otljcrluifc if tljei^ing Ijao bflcn anfiMcreo tlje rent?, teijenue?, fr. bp reafon 0; 
pjcteict of tuatlarnflji}), pjtmer fcifon, cjctent, oj tljc lifec, it migljt iabe mace a 
ooubt luljetljcr fuclj an anftoering of tljc revienueg, f c. IjaD ban toittiin tl)is att i 
tuljiclj ODubt tji clcareD, tljat it muft be bp fojce oj liirtue of anp fuc^ rigljt oj 
title, fSing impeadjetl) tl;e Hate of tljc fubjecr. 3. Or that the fame 
have been duly in charge to his Majerty, or to the late Queen Elizabeth within the 
fpace of threefcore years. SDulp in cljarge in itiOgmettt of Jlat), iiS tlje roll of tl)C 
jjipe X foj altljougl) anotebefoje tlje ;9uoito} oj anp otljer map be a mean to 
to bjtng it in tiuettion, ann to be put in charge, pet tljat 10 not in jungment of 
aiain fain to be nulp in cljarge, unlcfs it be in cljarge in tlje ))ipe. 4. Or have 
ftood in fuper of record within the faid fpace of threefcore years. 3lt cannot ttanU 
in fuper, unlcfgi tlje tljing in (luettion imere before oulp in cljarge. 
IBut tljere ig a gton p?.oDifo autcD tolMamsi tlje cno of tW 0d:> viz. that no 

putting in charge, or fuper, or anfwering of the farm rents, revenues, or profits,&:c. 
in four cafCies fijall be luitljin tljiS 0d:, viz. By force, colour or pretext of any Let- 
ters Patents of concealments : CljcplJJCre callclJ JLCttCriS l^atCntiS of COnccals= 
mcttt0, bccaufe eitljer tljepljaO a Claufe bCfoje tl)e habendum : quae quidem ma- 
neria nupcr fuerunt a nobis concelata, fubtra<fla, vel injurte detenta, OJ tO tljC llike 

effect ■■, oj elfe a |)jo^ifo after tlje habendum to tlje like effect. ^Letters patents? 
of concealment idaerc grantee ht ©uan Maries time ■■, ann tlje firtt tljat 31 finOj 
toerc gcanteti to &ir George Howard : anu in all fuccaning ^ctis of parliament 
of confirmation of ^letters patents, Jlettersi patcntis of concealment arc c]C;s 

2. Or defedive title. 315p iletterjs patents paffcD hv tlje Warrant of certain 
CommiffionersunDcc tbc C^jcat &eal foj compofiitiottjs of Dcfcctiuc tttleg, pje^ 
tencing tlje fame to be foj tlje iliings benefit, anu fafetp of tlje fublect, in toljicl; 
aicttcrs patent j3 no tuojns of concealment, fc. are mentioncD, but pet ujjon tljc 
matter, tljep tocre fuppoten to be conccaleir, f c. from tlje Crotiin. 

3. Or of lands, tenements or hereditaments out of charge. 2Cljij! tuas a ncto flC^ 
)i\ict to IjaDe a certificate, ttiat tliep lucre not in cljarge, anu tljen to take a grant 
from tljc l^ing, foi a Derp Cmall compofition, ?c. Snu tljcfe toere but in\3enti#^ 
on? anfi fubtiliieDicesi to ncceibc tlje Jtiing, to rob %m of Ijiis tenurcg, ano to tljc 
infinite toeicatton anu trouble of t^e fubjcct, all tuljiclj mifcljicfjs are noiu rc;-- 
weDieti bp tijis 0tt. 

4. Or by force, colour or pretext of any CommilTion or otiier authority to find 
out concealments, defective titles, or land,&c. out of charge. 2Dlji|SlDasi a nccClTa*^ 
tp claufe to be aBDcn, foj of t\)i& kinB tljcrc tocre infinite number?. 

£Dut of tlji0 firtt yart all liberties! anu francljifcis be ejcceptcii, 

^[ And that every perfon and perfons, bodies politick and corpo- Thefecondpir:. 
rate, their heirs and fucceflbrs, and all claiming from, by, or under 
them, or any of them, for and according to their feveral eftates and 
interefts, which they have, or claim to have in the lame refpe^lively, 
Ihall hereafter quietly and freely have, hold and injoy againlt his Ma- 
jefty, his heirs and fucceflbrs, &c. 

190 ^gainU (oncealors. Cap. 87, 

%\)is is tlje fcconD part of tlje beep of t!jc 36, ann ag tljc firtt part t'lS i^c ga=^ 
ti'DC ant) crclufitoc of tl;c rigljt anu title of tijc liing, fo tlji;s part iis ;^fttrmatitif , 
ann rftabUfljing tljc ftatc of t\)t rtilijett. 

a:i;e mifc1}icf before tijts Statute uiasi iu tUio ro?t!S,vi7. citljcrtoljcn tIjclu'JIg 
Ijau anp eftatc U£ft£Hj oj continuen i\\ Ijim : oj luljere tljc iUing Jjao bttt a hare 
rigljt. i^oj eramplr, tlje Hingis tenant feifeti of lanus, jc. in fit is attainteD of 
felonp, anfl nietlj, tlje jaing Ijatl) a real eftate t'n Ijim : hut if liefo?c t^c felonp 
tljc ilungis tenant tocre nilTeifcti, ano after ig attainted, anD Btctlj, noto !jat^ t%t 
^ing hut a hare rigljt. Iln hot!) tlicCe cafes, & fie in fimilibus, tlje fuhjed: is pjo;* 
toineo fo J })p tl)is 0ct, hot!) bp tlje firtt part, ano h^ tljis alfo : foj Ulcere in tijis 
part it is faiO, according to their and every of their feveral eftares and interefts 
which they have or claim : 3f tljep Ij^tie en eftate, anH tlje iiiing hut a hare right 
oj title,tl)en are thev toithin theCe toojcs [which they have]i ann if the l^ing Ijatlj 
a real ett ate in him, then are thep taithin thcfe luojos Lor claim] : fo as tljc re^ 
tncttp is applien to hoth the mifchiefs. 0gain, the toojns in this part are ftuv 
ther,1iave held, or enjoyed. 2Lhat IS, luljere the fu'iject hatlj an <ftat'c, ano the 
j^ing hut a hare right oj titie. 

^ Or taken the rents, Ulues, revenues, or profits thereoE ] %\)tlt 
Ujojos eictcnti to ad cafes tohcre the real cllat^ is in the ISing : l^erehp is un<: 
DcrifroB the actual taking of the rents, ilTues, rc\jenucs, oj pjofits hp one that 
claims an intercC in the lana : foj albeit the !iing map i\\ Jlalu charge him as 
315ailif, pet toichout (lueftion, de fado, he Bio taite the rent*;, ilTues, revenues 
ant) profits, anB that fufttccth to anftoer the letter ano meaning of this ^&. 

^0?eober, the UIOJOS of this part are, [againft him, his heirs or fucceffors.] a>0 
atmit in the cafe put befo?e, the ifeiugs tenant leing BitTfireB, as is afojcfaio, 
before his attainoer cf felonp, that that oilTeifoj hao befn Biffeifen, o j han mojga^ 
geo the lanB befo je this §»tatute, thi? ^A in thiis cafe barreth the iJing of hiis 
right anB title, antr to that tno luojfeeth upon the ftate of the BilTeifoj o% £po?*« 
gagee ■-, but pet the firfl SDiircifoj oj the spo?gaga fc^. che conBition pe rfojmeo 
Dj bjofeenmap re-enter i foj the tnojBs of this part he [ againft the King, his 
heirs and fucceffors ] fo as the bar IS onlp againtt them : ano cberp fub ject Hall 
take benefit of this i3ct, foj the icings right ano title is therebp utterlp barreo : 
ano there is a fabing hereafter in this 0tt to all perfons, m. other tljcn the 
iSing, gfc. all fuch right, ?c. as thep ougljt to habe haB before tljis ^ct. 

%\)i% part ertenBeth not to liberties anB.franchifes. 

S^m follobjetl) tl)e t^irc part of tljc JDurbieiu of t^is^ct. 

The third parr, And furthermore that every perfon or perfons, bodies politick and 
corporate, their heirs and fucceflbrs, &c. (hall quietly and freely have, 
hold, and enjoy all fuch Mannors, Sec. as they now have, claim, and 
injoy, &c. againft all and every perfon and perfons, their heirs and af^ 
figns having, claiming, or pretending to have any efVate, right, title, 
interefl, claim or demand whatsoever, &c. by reafon, or colour of any 
Letters Patents, or grants upon fuggeftion of Concealment, or wrong- 
ful detaining, or not being in charge, or defective titles, or by, from, 
or under any Patentees, &c. of or for which Mannors, &c. no vcr- 
dia, &c. 

aChiiB part fecures tljc fubject againft the fubject, viz. againft patentees ann 
tiSjantees of concealmentSjBefertibe titles,oj lanes not in charge, anB all claims 
tng unBer them, a beneficial =liaia) both foj the Church anB Commontoealth, 
in refpctt of the multituoe of betters Patents anB (II??ants of thefe natures anB 
(lualities, ano manp of them of large ejctents, anB in general toojBS, anB hao 
paffcB through the hanns of manp inBigent ann nrcBp perfons, ?c, 

aChis part ejctcnuetl) to J^iberties anB i^rancljifes, tohidj tlje ifoimcr tU)0 
partjS BiB not. 

Cap. 8 8. ^^gainfi Vexatiom Informers. 191 

2Ll)e ttvo firft |Et?obifors arc plain, anir in fffcrt arc incItiCCD in tljc loup of 
tl)C ^ct. Stljc fccouD p'joDifo teas nccclTar}) to pzcfcrljc tenures : tljc fabing nati^ 
ctl) no ctplanation, 3Cljc tljiro |)?obifo is particular anti c^iDcnt. SC!)C fourtb 
^•JObifOj Provided alfo, and be it enadttd, that where any fee farm rent, &c. %\)i^ 
■ttas abtiCD foj tl)C p?cfcri3tng of tbc icings ik farms ano rents out of fuclj 
<!15annDjs, $c. toljirl; arc cflabUfljco ann mace Hire bv tljts act. /oj cicample t 
i^ing E. 6. DiD grant tljc SBannoj of D. toljiclj came to Ijim bv tljc B>tatutc of ' 

(Eljantcvies to J.S. ano l;is Ijeirs, referring a f» farm, ox anp otljcr rent, ^IjicI) 
grant foj fomc imperfection luas infufficient in Jiain to pafs tljc fain QBannoi, 
ann yet i& eftablifljcb ano maoe Cure bp tljis^ct. 2Cl)iS |3?obtfo makctlj goo tlje 
fee farm oj rent to tljC ibing, if Ije Ijatlj been anftocreb tlje fame bv tlje greater 
part of fiicti' pears latt pall. 

%\)t laC |)jobifo is particular anb ebibent, 

^f tlie benefit of tljis i^tr, tlje pooi oo participate as toell as t%t nth, foj ljere«= 
bp Camongft otljer tljings; abobe an Ijunojcb JLap l^ofpitals Ijabtng liab |3jicfts 
tuitljin tljem in tljofe caps to pjap anb Cng foj ^ouls, f c. (if ncco lucre J are 
cCablifljco againO; all bc]cations anb pjetences of concealments. 

^x, an ejcccllent 3ct mabe againft f^efe Harpyes o% Helluones, tljat unbcr ob=^ See 59 
fcure lujojbs cnbcaboutcb furreptitiouflp, in a |i)atcnt of concealment, to Ijabe to be rcad^"" 
ftoalloibCb up tlje greateft part of tije polTcffions of tljat ancient anb famous sce this cafe at 
^Billjopjick of Norwich, U]|)iclj bp tljc inbuftrp ano pjofcrution of tl)c tljcn St^ large in the 4parc 
tojnep general baas obertljjotwn, ano pet foj mo?e furctp in a matter of fo great °^ ''i'^ inftituces, 
lueigljt p jcferreo a OlBill in |3arliamcnt foj eftablifljing of tlje JlEinjop jick, Ttoljtclj co^J^J;" &e; ^ 
in tlje eno paffeb as a Jiab), anno 3^ El. ubi fupra. ' 

Triftius haud illis monftrum, nee faevior uUa 

Peftis & iraDei ftygiis fefc extulit undis : 

Virginei volucrum vultus, foediirima ventris ' 

Proluvics,^inca£que manus, 8< pallida femper 

Ora fame. 


Againft Vexatious Relators^ Informers, and Pro- 
mooters upon penal Statutes. 

THat all offences hereafter to be committed againfk any Penal Sta- Statutum de n 
tute, for which any common Informer or Promooter may law- J'^Reg.c 4. 
fully ground any popular aftion, bill, plaint, fuit or information, Sec. • 
(hall be commenced, foed, prolecuted, &c. before the Juftices of Al- 
fife, Juftices of Nifi prius, 6cc. in the Counties where the offences 
were committed, and not elfewhere. 

Wlljereas a gcoo ano profitable ILain Djas mabe in tljc 1 8 peav of ©uccii Eliz. is ei. ca. 5. 
foj tlje cafe ano quiet of tlje ^ibjcct, ano foj tlje regulating of 5"ft>jmcrs up^ 
on penal statutes, inflicting cojpojal punifljments iu certain cafes upon tljem t 
ano boljereas ttoo otljer gooo JiabJS baece maoc foj tlje fame cnos,tlje one in tlje -s ei. ca.<. 
28 pear, ano tlje otljer in tlje 31 pear of tlje faio late €Jitdens lieign, baljiclj 5i £i" ic 
?et liano ano remain in fo?ce ; pet tljefe iacts pio not meet luitlj all tlje mifcljiefiS 
ano griebances offereo to tlje Subject bp tlje Mclatojs, 3;nfcimerSj ano pjomaj^- 
tcrs, Cturbidum hominum genusj but tljcfc fouc mifcljiefs ano griebances re* 




1 9 2 (^gainft Vexatious Informers. Cap. 8 8 . 

jTitff, manp penal iiatoss obfolete, ano in time gvolMn apparently impodiblej 
Dj inconvenient to bcpei-fojnteD, remainen as fnarcs, luljerctipon tlje Mciatoji 
3!nfo?mer oj p?ont(Dter, uiUDeic anu intangle tljc 3>tib|ert ■■, isutljap tocietlje 
^tatutep mane anno 37 E 3. cap. 3. concerning tljc pjicfg of pctiltrpjantr •34E.3. 
cap.2o. concerning 2Cranfpojtation of Cojn, 3 E. 4. cap. 2. concerning Cojn 
not to Ijc bjougljt into ttie Mealm, anu 4 H. 7. cap f?. concerning tlje piices of 
^ats anu Caps, ann 1 4 R. 2 . cap. 7. concerning t|e pafiing of ST^n out of tlje 
asealm, ann 15 R. 2. cap. 8. Concerning tftc carriage of STini to Calice, ana 
4 H.5. cap.3. concerning making |)attcnis of jHfp, ano 4 H. 7. cap. 8. concer==^ 
ning tl)c pjiceg of ^joanclotl}, ^t, ann 1 1 H. 7. cap. 2. concerning CJagalonts;, 
tmfatofuldDameg, anD ^leljonfcis, gfc. ann one otljer Statute in tije 19 jenr of 
H.7.cap.i2. concerning tljofe matter?, anu 11 H.d.cap 12. concerning tSlapcljan*: 
liler0, an» tlje pjice of CanDles,anti 34 H.8.cap.7. concerning tlje fale cf M-inegi 
ana 28 H 8.cap.i4. concerning tlje p?ices Minep, anu 27 H.8. Stat, de Monafte- 
riis, concerning keeping of Ijoitfe ann IjonfliolOB upon fcites of £1- onattcriee, f c. 
ano 4 H.7. cap.19. concerning Ijoufep of il^tisbancjp anu STillage, anU 7 H. 8. 
cap. I. .concerning letting nowi of 3Eo\nn0, ann 27 H. 8. cap. 22. concerning 
necapo'f l?Dufesant)?nclofurcj5,ant) 5 fcj tlje maintenance of 2EiUage> 
9rc. anu 5 Eliz. ca.2. foj maintenance anu increafc of STillage, anu 1 4 R. 2. ca.4. 
8 anu 5 E.d. cap.7. concerning tlje lupingofMfail, CSilcDllcn ^arn, 
ffc. anu 33 H. 8. ca. 5. concerning tlje keeping of great ^^ojfes, tlje Statute of 
- . VVincheft. in tlje time of E.i. concerning ^arnef0 anu 0rm0> Artie, fuper Cart. 
winton. C.20. concerning making of ISings, Crofres, anu 3lockg, anu 37 E.3.cap 7. tljat 

makeris of \Ml)ite toeffel flioulu not guilu, anu 2 Stat.2. tljat dRolcfmitljs 
fljoulu not take mo?e tljen fojtp fir (liillingg eigljt pence fo? a pounu cf Sircp ftl:# 
Der guilt, anu 2 H.< 1 4. tljat no filler fljall be lougljt foj moje tljen tljirtp fljilf^ 
lingg tlje pounu of aCrop, anU 2 H. 4. ca. 6. againft tlje l)?ingtng in of Coin of 
Flanders,Scotland, anu otljer i?ojrain Coin, anu 1 3 R..2.C3.8. anu 4H.4. ca.25. con^ 
cerning tlje pjices of ^3av ant ^t\t^ folo ip l^ofllerg, anu f & 5 Ph. c<. IVlar.cap.5. 
concerning tlje putting to fale of roloureu Clotlj : anu anotljer part of tlje fame 
Statute concerning tlje mpflerv of making, tocavjing, ojrolningof ^iaiconen 
clotlj, $c, anu 18 El. ca,ii5. foj toleration of certain Clotljierg to uuiell cut of 
aCotimis co?po?ate : anu manv otljer unnecefTarv statuteg unlit foj tljis timc,al'out 
tlje numler of tljjeefco?e, are repealcu ip an 0ct maue at tljig parliament in tljc 
21 vear of tljc ISeign ofiSing James,as bv tljat^tt appearetlj: anu manj) like acts 
are not continueu, as! l)v tlje conference lictuian tljat ilct anu otljcr fojmcr Sets of 
continuance mav appear : S)o ajs tliefe fnarc? tljat migljt Ijaije lien Ijeaijp upon 
tlje fubtett,!)? tljis anu otljer fo^mer^tatuteiSjeitljcr are repealcu j not continueu. 
Snijc feconu mifc^ief iajag,tljat common 3nfo?merg,anu manp times tljc lUngs 
^tto^nej) u?etM all informations foj any offence, in anp place toitljin tlje Kcalm 
of England againft anj) penal iiato, to fomc of tljc lungs Courts at Weilminfkr, 
to tlje intolerable cljarge,Dc]ration, anu trouble of tlje Subiect ■■> anu it iwas feareu 
ttiat Weftminfter Hall tooulu labour of an :apoplcrp bp u?aU)ing up all ^uits un^ 
to it, as tljc natural boup uotlj tabefcere, toljen tljc Ijumcttrs of tlje bouy are Djawu 
• up tmto t^c Ijeau, inljiclj in tlje enu (if it be not pjcDenteu; turnetlj to an 3po? 

2Dl)e tl)iru mifcljicf Vuas, tljat in informations, ?c. tlje offence ftippofeu to be 
againft tlje penal Jiaijo, anu to be committeu in one Countp,toas at tlje plcafuvc 
of tlje Jnformer ?c. alleugeu in anp County luljere Ijc teculu, tuljerc ncitljct 
partp no? toitncfs toas knoiun, againft tl)e rigljtinftitution of tljc Jiaio, tl-at tljc 
§urv rfoj tl)eic better notice; fljculu come de vicincto of tljc place iwijcre tijc fact 
Tojas committeu. 

2[;i)c tourclj mifcljicf inas, tljat in uibcrs cafes tlje party HDcfcnuant in %\\l\ii<^ 

mations nj attions upon tlje Statute, loere Djilsen to pleau Ipcciallp, leljiclj 

loaas botlj cljargcablc anu uangcrous to Ijim, if Ijis plea inere not botl) fubllantial 

anu formal alfo. 

2El)Cfetlj}a mifcljicfs laft mentioneu arc erprcfly anu alfolutiiP pjoi)iueu foz 


U^^lW—IW^Mill^M— l|-Mll--fr T ■ IMITB-TTII ' ' ' - ' 

Gap.88. (^gainH Vexatiom Informen, i^^ 

ipdjtjs^tf, urf)icl)tnoDCD from djcljoufe of Commons, 0ttD fo m tlje 0c of 21jac.cap.28. 
coutintitng anD rcijitotnj of niijcrs Statutes, auu repeal of Dtucrs otl;ec0. 

SEljefirlJ part of tl)c|3«rbtcto beginning tljujt. For remedy whereof be it The firfi part of 
enadted by the Authority of this prefent Parliament,thatairofFences,8cc. ^^^ ^^• 

%W clattfc conftftctlj upon t\nit partg. iTirff, affirmative : ann tljig is Bt;^ 
DitcD into ttuo b?anclK)6. i- i?oj tl)c Snfojmationg,? c. It is enattcvljat luljcrc 
a common 3nfo?mer migljt bcfojc tlji? 0£t Ijavjc infojmeii tipon aup penal ^ta? 
tittc, bcfo?c itiaiccs of aCifc, 3\x^iic^ of Niii prins, t% Stiftircs of ©aol-aeli* 
ficrp, Jnfitces cf Oier ano Terminer, oj BiHfticc? of pcacc in tljcir general 01 
quarter SciTions ■, tljerc a common Jnfojmcr map infojm, gee. 2. JEcfoje liiljat: 
iuDges i tlji0 i3ct appoints no neiu 3uDges, but fuclj as fojmcr pcnai Itates ap? 
pointeo, viz. tlje luflices befojc mentioned, oj aitp of t^jem accojoing to t\)t fo?# 
mer iJtt. ^ 

%\}t fccontJ part is reflritti^jc, reftraining anp 3i«fojmatiott, tc to be tom.-^ 
wcncea, fueo, gtc. eitljer bp tlje 0ttojncp General, ojbpanv Officer, common 
3Enfo}mer, oj anp otljer perfonlMljotfoetocr, in anp of t^ie Jfiings Courts at Well- 
mincer. ^0 as tljc 3^ings^)lEcncl;, ^tar^cljambcr, Cljancerp, Common^pieas, 
CEjccljequer oj ClSrcljequer^Cljambcr, cannot receive oj IjolD plea of anp 3nfojma;^ 
tion, gtc. upon anp penal Statute, citljer b? tl)c ISings 0tto?np,anp common in^ 
fojmer, oj anp otljcr perfon ualjatfoeijer : but tlje matter fijall be Ijearo antH)eter«= 
miuco befo;ic fuclj 3«fttccs as arc afojcCaiu in t^jc p?oper Countp luljcrc tlje of^ 
fence luas committen. , 

2Dlje tljiro part gi\3Ctlj tlje lifee |3?oces upon cljcrp popular 0£tion,51Ein,piainf , 
information, j s>uit to be commcncco,o; pjofccutcD bp fojce i of, oj accojoing to 
t\)c purport of tl)is ^tf, as in an Action of S^refpafs, Vi & armis, at tlje Cc mmon 
ilalij : but upon no otljer popular Action, 215iH, f c. tJJljicl; is not fuen, ?c. bp 
fojcc of tljis 3tf. 

%\)c fccouD part of tljis M Bot^ meet luitlj t\)c ferono of tljc faio tljjos mif* The fecond part 
tljiefs, auD flannctlj upon tl) jec b?ancljes. of the Aft. 

iTirft, tbat in all 3nfojmations, gtc. ctljibiteBj fc. citi^cr foj tlje Using omp 
ot^er, tc. ttie offence fljall be lapeo anD allcDgeti, gtc. in tljc fain Countp mljerc 
fuel) offence toas in trutlj committed, ann not eUctolKre. 

2DljcreconDb?anclj is, tljat if tljc uefenuant pleacctlj tljc general ilTue, tl;e 
plaintiff oj infojmer upon eijinence to tljcSurp muft pione ttuo tilings : i?irff, 
t%i offence lain in tl)C information, fu SeronDlp, tljat tlje offence toas commit;^ 
ten in tljat Countp, otljertoife tlje oefentiant fljall be fount) not guiltp. 

%%t tl)irti bjancl) is, tljat foj moje furctp tljat tlje offence fljall be alleBgcD tru^ 
tp in tl}c proper Countp to^erc in trutlj it luas committer, no information, gee. 
lljall be recciijco, fileo, or entreri of ISecorn, until tljc Snfojmcc or IXelator liatl; 
fitft taken a corporal oatl) before fome of tljc 3ii5gci5 of tljat Court, toljiclj con<= 
fiftetlj on ttoo parts t jTirft, tljat tlje offence oj offences laio in fuclj informati^^ 
on,$c. toere not committen in anp otljer Countv,tljen toljcre tljc fame are allccgcn 
ttt tlje 34iformation, f c. Sccontilp, t'^at Ije bclieijctlj in Ijis ccnfcience, tljat tbc 
offence toas committeu ^ttljin a pear before tljc 3;nformatiott or Suit, ami t^is 
£Jatlj is to be entreti of aSccojD. 0ut) all tljis is to be none before ttic Snfcjma^ 
tlbn be receiijet), filcn, or entren of Hccorn. 

. SLljctljiro part of tljis M meetetlj toitlj tlje latt miftljief : for Ijp tljis part T|\^!]"^'^ P^" °^ 
^JDefrnoant map pleao tljc general iS^we-, ano giue anp fperial matter in fau ^"' 
unce to tljc Surp : Mjiclj matter being plcaccti, Ijao ban a gccn anu fufftcient 
matter in JLaijo to Ijaijc cljacgeo tljc tcfcntiant, ?v. 

, 2Cljis is a locrp beneficial claufCjauB clcarcilj manp qucff iong at tlje Cflmmon 27 ft.s f 2 j.fe'-. 
llato. 0no teljcrc it map be objcttcD, tljat for toant of ftifficient Clerfes, tlje pro^^ 
cccning accoroing to tljis Statute toill be erroneous, anO to be rcbcrfcD bp CElrit 
of Ci;rroj, fo as it toill nctcr informers to S^form, tc. am in effctr, lap aflccp 
aft penal llatos. 2Do t^is it map be anftjjcrcB : if irft, tljac it Cjall be tlie fault of 
tlje Snfojmet Ijiwfrtf i foj if Ije mfo?m i)?fej? JuQices of ^Ifife oj Niil prius, 

C c 2 rt)C^' 


(^gainft Vexatious Informers. Cap.8 8. 

Mich 29 8:30 El. 
Coram Rege. 

18 Eliz.cap.5. 
Gregorles cafe. 

Hil. ?5 Eliz. Rot, 
155. Int.plac. Re- 
gis, coram Rege, 
Hamonds cafe. 

Trin. 51 Eliz. co 
ram Rege. Stret- 
tons cafe. 

See hereafter cap 
105. of PardoBS. 
37 H.6. fo.4. 
5 E.4.5. 
2 R.;.fo.i2. 
I H.7.3. 

tl)cp Ijauc ftifficicnt Clerks. &£coiH)lp, 3 pcrftoace tnp fdf, t^at tijc ottjct^u:* 
flicciS toiU in cifrijargc of tl)Cir confciencc anu tutp, pjoDioe fufficicnt Cletfej?. 
;anti iaftlp, tljat fciu oj no crrojs fi)an fail out in rcfpett of tl)€ general pleaning, 

2E^e laft clanfe of iW 3rt is tljiS" ♦ Provided always, that this Ad or any 
thing therein contained, (hall not extend to any Information, &c. 

5i5|> tljis claufe tl)ig act ejctcwis not to penal Statutes of i%tit fojes t €m* 
ccrning i. popifl; lvecufant0 fojnot coming to Cljurclj. 2. Maintenance, 
Cijampertp, oj buping of acitleg. 3 . acijc fuljfiDp of SConwage anu ^Bountiagr, 
tEaUcDl, gfc. 4. 2r;^c DeftauuingtljciSing of anj» Cuftom, SConnage, ^ounoage, 
^iibfiov, gmpoft, oj ^jifage. 5. 2Cranfpojtation of CI5oliij &il5)cr, JBotoner, 
^Ijot, ^ptinition of all foitiS, Mcol, OToilfelg, ojJlcatljcr, Ijut t^at etierp of 
tljefe offences map be lapeD oj allengeu to lie in an? Count? at ti^e pleafutc of 
anp Informer. i?ut pet t^e infojmet cannot inform, $c. foj anp of tliefe offences 
inanpof.tljeCourtsatWeihTiinikr, but befo?eti)e Siuttices appointea bp tW 
0rt: fojtljis claufe cjctenDctlj onlp foj tl)c laping 0} alleging of anpof tljefe 
offences in anp Countp tljat Ije toill. 

Inter Widefton & Clark ^aioj Of Nottingham, t^C cafc tuas tl)is : Widefton 
being arteften in Nottingham bp ^jeccpt in t^e nature of a Capias, te toai^ 
impjifoneti in tlje cuftoDp of tlje spaioj being Keeper of tlje dPaol luitljin t^e fame 
aCoton, anti before tljc return of tlje pjecept Widefton offeren to tlje J^aio?. fufft- 
cient furetp to appear, ?tc. anu l)C refufco to accept tljc fame : luliereupon Wide- 
fton bjougit l)is Action bp UBill upon tlje Statute of 23 H.<5. toliereunto 
tlje nefentiant pleanen tlie general iffue > ann it is founn bp uernict againft tlje xa^ 
fennant. gn arrcft of 3uiigm.ent, it toas fijetoeti, tljat bp tljc fain Statute of 1 8 El. 
cap. 5. it is pjotoitec, tljat none fljall be atmitteD 0; receibeo to purfue againtt 
anp perfon upon anp penal statute, but bp toap of information 0; original atti;* 
on, nr.tinototl)crtoife : in refpect of tlje fain negatiije tooits it toas aninngeD, 
t^at, foj tljat tljc faiD Action looas bjougljt bp 515ill, ano not h^ Sinfojmation 0? 

£Djtginal> Quod querens nihil capiat per billam. ^iz tl)C reft of tlje Statute Of 

J 8 Eliz. concerning 3info?m£rs. 

f^ou '^aue Ijearti of four viperous tEIcrmin, to^ic^ entieai30MreD to liabe eaten 
out tlje fioes of tlje Cljurclj ann Common^toealtlj : 2Cljjee wljereof, viz. t^t^o^ 
nopolift, tljeSDifpencerluitlj piiblicb ano profitable penal Jiatosfoj aputjate, 
an» tljc Concealers are blown up, ann ejcterminateo ; ann tlje fourth, viz, tlje 
♦aeratious BInfojmer looell rcgulatcti ano reffraincn, toljo unDcr tlje reijereno 
Mantle of 3latu anu Jutticc inftitutefi for protection of tlje innocent, ano tlje 
gcDB of t^e Common^slMealtlj, Dio bej: ann Depauperize tlje Subject, anu common*; 
Jp tlje poorer fort, for malice or pribate enus, ann neier for lobe of 3ufticc. 0nB 
tSefc are \nortljilp placefi amongft tljc ^leas of tlje Croton, becaufe it is for t^e 
Ijonour ann benefit of tlje Croton, toljen tljc Cljurclj ano Common#toealti no 
flouriffj in peace anc plcntp : for t^e ifiing can neber be pcor luljcn Ijis ^ubjefliS 
arc ric?j. 

George Hamond informcb upon a penal Statute concerning (flipping of Clotifi 
in tlje name of anotljer, Qui tam, &c. againft Edw. Gritfith nefenuant. Hamond 
t'^e informer bpeb, ano upon motion maoe bp tlje 0ttornep Cieneral, it tuas tlje 
opinion of tlje toljole Court, tljat ^e tljc attornep dDcneral migljt pjocsD for t|e 
SDuecns spoitp after tlje beatlj of ttie informer. 

■ ^et\xianStretton, Qui tam, &c. anD Taylor bcfenbant, tljat after a popular 
• miction commenccb, altljouglj tlie 0ttornep ©eneral toill enter an Ulterius non 
vult profequi ■■, or if tljc Dcfentiant plean a fpetial plea, altliottglj tlje ufe be,tljat 
tlje Sttornep (to t|ie enb t^at tljcre map be no juglingor Cobin bettuaen tljcin^ 
former anu t^c SDefennant) replp onlp ■■> nottoitljftanbing, if tbc Sittornep <S€f 
, neral toill not replp, tlje informer map procan, anc profecutf for Ijis parti foj 
tlje 3[nformer bp lis fuit commences Ijatlj mane of a popular 2aion Ijis pribate, 
lutiic^ tlje i&ing cannot for tlje part of tlje Bjnformer parDon or rcleafe. 9lm not^ 
toitliftanmng in all t^efc cafes before anp^action or information commenccb bp 
ttic informer, but t^e fuit ye;maining popular, wlere in tbe J&ing onlp, anb no 


Cap.89. Of Foreftalling, &'C, 195 

&ub|cd: i^atlj anp intcreft, tlje iatng map partton aHa rdcafe ti)efam£; foj af# 
tet tljat parDon, no Snfojmet: can infojm tam pro Domino Rege, quam pro fe- 
ipfo, accojBing to t^e Statute, ?c. ano fbj liimfelf onlp in a popular ;9aion \iz 
cannot infojm; 

Cap. lxxxix. 

Of Foreftallihg, Ingrofling, &d 


JOriftel, Fariftel, Z* Foriftellum, & Foriftellarius, BetiiJCli of ttoo &a]COn toojD?, ^^^ the. i. part of 
^ viz. far OJ fare C via 01 iter ; unde fare fo^ a paffage anO farctod, to go 0} [. ^"!J'^' §• 24c. 

pjoceen toeU : toe Ijate turneu far to for ano ftall, tjj^ici^ looc retain fiill, ann Cgnt^ tfclw Dover 
fiett) interceptionem, oj c impedimentum tranfitu^, IjinBcrance oj tntcrccptton. /> Wirceflen^'dr- 
flnutlje offcntier i» calleo Forfteilarius. &a of tW offenncrin £|)Je ancient S)ta^ '■oprcircivitas, 
tute: d NuIIus Forftellarius in villa patiatur morari, qui pauperum fit depreffor i^J^"n^-^''^:4'' 
nianifefte, &: totius CommunitatiSj & patriae publicus inimicus, qui bladum, pifces, cap°nB'i^ ''''"'* 
allec, vel res quafcunque venales per terram, vel per aquam venientes, quandoque fo. 5 3. a. 77^°" 
per terram, quandoque per aquam obviando prae ceteris fcftinat, lucrum fitiens vi- -^ Vi. Ver, M,C. 
tiofum, pauperes opprimens, ditiores decipiens, qui fie minus jufte illo qui eos ap- ^"j ^•^■^- 34 Zi 
portaverit muko magts vendere machinatur. Qui mercatores exterraneos venalibus Braciaro h* »• 
venientibus circumvenit, offerens fe venditioni rerum fuarum, & fuggerit, quod ho- aliis viftuellariis 
na fua carius vendere poterunt, quam vendere propOnebant, & fie arte, vel ingenio * <le Foreftella-* 
villam feducit& patsiam. Primo convidtus graviter amercietur, fecundo fubeat ju- "^*' ^ic infra, 
dicium pillorisc, tertio incarceretur, & redimatur, quarto abjurct villam. Et hoc ju- 
dicKim het de Forltallariis univerlis, & fimiliter de hisqui'^ confilium autauxilium * 51 H.5. Raff, 
eifdem praeftiterint vel favorem, &c Sim W Dcfcription fee in a latter 3tt. @« weights and mea.' 
icfoje in tlje Cliapter of sponopolias. ^'"■"- 4- 25 £.?. 

IngroiTator OJ Engroflator, of t^e C'nglitl) anU Jprencl) toOJtl, grolTc, ttat 10, c'.li. Tut'.nlp'^' 
great oj toljole, unde ^erc'^ant groifiec, a#erc|)ant tljat fcllet^ bp great 0? 28E.3. c.'/j. je. 
to'^oIe^^falc.OTc remember not tijat W Ija^c reao of tW toojo [ingrofTe] taanp '*• <^-'4- 5 ei. c.i2[ 
Sid of parliament, JlEcofe Cafe, oj ISecojo, but e rareip, before tljc tain 3ft of Ipor'"^'^^'. 
5 E.6. 0nti tljcrc is an BIngroncc bp tlje Common ilatojs, ltt)t)o is bcreafter ne^ {_i°gninr ifce 
fcribeo. ^nn tticreijean Jngcoffer bp^cof i3arUament,anii Ijc ignefcrifaeobp 2 7E?.c.5.stat.r.- 
tl)e Statute of 5 E.<5. Snu bp tljat Sitx nf IScgratoj is alfo tcfcribeo, toljo is a fl^-3- cap?, 
kino of 31ngroffer. ISegrato^ is ocribeo of tbe ifrenclj lojojo Regratement, foj r^°'^,^'"'7/""'* 
!0ucfeaerp. iEut in ancient time botlj tljc BingrotTo? ano iSegratoj tocre comp je;? 5, ff' 3' wejeh« 
Ijenoeo unoer iFojettaller. and meafurel 

3t toasgrefolueo bp t^e %n^im anu JlEarons of tl^e <iS]cc!)cci«er upon confe*= 4- Raflaii 14 r. 2. 
rente bettoijct fbem, t^at &alt is a bictual, anu ti^e buping ano felling tljereof ^•'^" ^ "•'^- <^^P-s- 
tuas toitljin tlje Statute of 5 E.6.foj it toasnot onlpof neceffitp of it felf foj tlie choppers °nd in 
fan ann Ijealtlj of man, but it feafonctl) ano mafeet^ luliolfom llBaf, pojb, gfc. feme countries 
315utter, Cljixfe, gtc. ano otljer mianos. ano Peryam SinSticc faio, h Hill. 26 El. caiied}ob!>ers. , 
in C5i banco, t^at fo it Ijao bren latelp aojungcti. ^ m. 44 & 45 ei. 

> Mich. 6 Jac. in Scaccario, in an information bp Baron againll Boy, upon Ac Fieetftreer" '"" '" 
Statute of 5 E.6. cap.14. of SlngrotTers foj^ buping ano felling of Apples * Wt hm. 26 ei. judg- 
Hefenoant pleaoeo not guiltp, ano baas founo guiltp. IBut tlje iJBarons gatje juog? mcnt cite p. pi- 
ment againft tlje 31nfojmer,attD cauteo an CSntrp to be maoe in tlie ^argent of 7"'" J"'^'C5- 
ttc KecojD, tbat tlje juogmcnt toas gibcn upon matter apparent to tljem, tbat 'i^eJcnUp^t'^' 
apples toere not toitbin tlje faio aict, fo> tliat tlic M is to be intenoeo of bictu^ 
al neceffarp foj tlic foio of man, tjje toojos of tbc 3(t being [Com, Grain, 
Butter, Cheefe,Fi(h, or other dead vidual ^ toljic'^ iS as mucl; aS to fap ( of Otljcc 

pm i)i(twal of like qualitp: id eft, of liU neceffarp ann common ufe. ) ^nb 


196 Of Forefialling, d^C; Cap. 88. 

tljcrcfojc 0pplcis icing vtitiftt of pkafure tljctt nccclTttp, are not toitl)in t^cfain 

Statute, no mojc tljnt putmljg, €l)crric$, o j otljer fruit •, ann no information 

ijati) cDerbflEtt ficlbibitcofoj ingrolTing of ^pplcig, piumts, Cijcrrifjs, oj ctljer 

fruit ; but tije Statute of 2 E.6. c. 1 5. cotlj fojbiti confpiracp of Coltcrmcngcr^ 

ana j^rtttcrerg, ann makctlj fuclj confpiracp unlatofuf. 2nD tlje faiu jungment of 

tijc ^Barons iuas affirmco in a Writ of €tm in tlj£ Cicljcqucr^Cljambcr, 

p. 18 E 2. Coram VcnditioBrafei non eft vendifioVidtualium, nee debet puniri Ikut venditio pa- 

Rege Rot. 75. "is-, vini & cervifis, & hiijufmodi, contra formam Statuti. 315ut tliC0Ct of 5 E.6. 

southt'. ijatlj mane cojn, grain, fc. to be Miami witi)in tljat Sift, Vide Vet. N. B. 2, part 

2 5 .b. Stat, de Piltof , Braccatof , & aliis vidtelariis, 3 4 E. i . 

Mie. 59 & 40 El. 3£ toas upon conference ano mature tcliberation rerol^jcn bp all tbe 3«ff tcei?, 

Refoiution de t\)U au}) spcrcljant, ^ub|e(t oj Stranger jbjinging ijictuafe oi mercljanuifc into 

touts les juftices. tW Kealm, map fell tijem in grorgMjut tljat bcntia cannot fcU tljem again in 

An ingroffe'r by Srofjf, foj tijcu Ijc is an '^ BEngroffer accojaing to tljc nature of tljc toojD^foj tljat 

thecomition Law i}e bup in grofg, auB fell in grofs, anDmapbeintjiflcottjercof at tlje Commoti 

defcribed. Jlato, a0 fo;^ an offence tbat ig inalum in fe. 2. 2Dl)at no fl5crcl;ant o: anp otljer 

map bup ii3itl)in tlje Mealm, anp \)ictual 0} otljer mcrclianDife in grofg, ana tell 

■iijt fame in grofs again, fojtljen Ije iis an BSngroifcr, ano punifliable, ut fupra : 

J^ojbp ti)is means tije pjices of bifluafs anD otljcr merclianoifc fijall be inl;aun^ 

.-Lucrumq; acqui- ccD, to ttjc gricDance of tl)c ^ubjcct i foj tl)t motc IjanDiS tljcp pafs tl)?OUglj, tl)C 

ric cundo, Nivis u^afcr jijgp gjoUi, foj CDCtp OllC ttlirftct'^ after gain, vitiofum litiunt lncrum.2na 

cundo^giobus? "' *^ ^^^^^ tt)ingis Tuere latoful, a riclj man miglitingrofs into W Ijanbs ail a nnu 

• ' moDitp, ant) fell tljc fame at toljat pjice %c M\h ^no c\3crp pjactifc oj ncbice 

bp art, confpiracp,toojDs o> ncDa^jto inljaunce ttic i^iia of bifiualg oj ot^er mer^ 

f Ijannife, toas punifljable bp ILatu v anD tljep rclico muct) upon tt)C statute a? 

leftat ' F N B fojcfaiD, Nullus forihllarius, &c. tol)idj te bcfoje in tl)is Cljaptct : ano tljat tlje 

250.1. .' ' "•'^'^'^ °f ''« ^ngroITcr in tlje Ueiept of H.5. ano E.i. toais not knoton, but com^ 

pJcijentiCD moitljin tllistuOjO [forikllarlus] lucrum litiens viiiofum ; anO ingtofs: 

fing is a bjancl) of fojeftaUitig. anti foj tijat forftellarius mas paupcrum dtpref- 

for, & (otius Communitatis & patris publicus inimicus, Ijc 1u3a0 ptiniiijablc bp t\)t 

45 Common Jiaii). 2Dl)cp ijao alfo in conCneration tlje JErok in 43 AiT, \u^ereie 

Afl. 5^4. loias p?ef£nt£t),tbat a liombarb oio pjocurc topjomote ano iniawnce tlje price of 

mcrcljantiife, ano fljclBeo Ijoto : tlje iLombaro nemaitcco jutgnient of tbe p?e=5 

ftntment fo? tluo caufcis. i. 2Ci^at it oio not founo in fozcitalliug. 2. SDljat of 

%i$ cnDeabour oj attempt bp \jjojDis, no ebil toas put in ure, ( ttiat is ) no price 

toajs inljaunceb, & non allocatur, ann tljereupon Ije plcaoeo not guiltp t ^Ijerebp 

it appearetl), tljat tlje attempt bp iMorBs to inljauncc tlje price of mercljancifc 

tjaaiB punifljablebpllaui, ano oiB founo in foreffalment: anti it appearetl) bpt^e 

Nota, the abate- JBook t^at tlje puniffjment toaiei bp fine anti ranfom. Qnn in tifeat cafe Knivct re*: 

ment by undue ptjjteo, tl)at certain people ( anti nameo tljeir names ) came to Cotefwold in He- 

o/ournadvecom- refordlHre, ano faio in Dcceipt of tljc pcoplc, t})at tljcrc ijjerc fucl) toargbepono 

modities, is pu- tljc S>eas(, as no WcdI toulD pafs or be carrier bepono S>ea, toljcrebp ilje price 

iriniaWe by fine of WtDls loais abateu ; anD upon prcfcntment Ijercof mace, tl)cp appeareo ■■, ano 

and ranfom. ypj„i ,t|j£.,j confeHion tljcp tocrc put to fine anD ranfom. ^cc ttic Statute of 

arR-'2.caV8. 25H.8.cap.2,toljerebptlje?lorD0oftlje<Iouncel, SuCiccs, ?c. oranpfcben of 

Inter" leges Ethel- t^cm^^c, Ijatjc poto£c to fetpjices on bictuaiss, ano tl)c fame to be prociaimco 

ftani. csp.i2. tinoer tljc d^rcat s)eal. 

if or prebenting of all ingroffing anD foreftalling, it toas tljc ancient Jlatn bc^ 
f^etljc Contiucft, Decrevimus porro, ne quis extra oppidum quicquam 20 Dena- 
xik carius asftimatum emat, verum intra portum prsefente oppidi prstedo, aliove 
vfro iideli, aut ipfo denique praepofito regie, in celebri plebls concurfu, & hominum 
oculis quifque mercator. 
Inter leges Will. Interdicimus etiam ut nulli pecudes emantur nili infra Civitatcs, & hoc ante tres fideles teftes, nee alia neceffaria fineHdeijuflbre & warranto, &c. Item nullum mer- 
catum vel feria fit, nee fieri permittatur, nifi in c-ivitatibus Regiii uolhi oe in bur- 


Cap. 90. <?>yigainU Koherdfmen. joy 

CommilTio fada fuit Pvobcrto Hadham ad vendcnd' blada & alia bona diverfa- Hil. 25 E.j. coram 
rum Abbathiarum alienigenarum, qui venit& cognovit, quod vendidi: blada Prio- Reg.R0c.15.Euck. 
ris de Ticktbrd in garbis in duabus ^ tallis exitknt pro 10 1. qus vcnditio fadla fuit Jj'Jdhains cafe, 
contra legem oc confuetudinem Regni Anglic?, vendend' in garbis, priufquam tri- lyord Tarir"^T^^ 
turat fucriint, quod fieri debuiffet per menfuram poll corum triturationem : Idco in°Goves'or ft,xks 
committitur prifons, & adjudicatur, quod ab omni officio Domini liegis amovea- See 5 E.6. cap. 14! 
tur, & quod hnem faciat cum Domino Rcge. •• He is 'a: Tngroiier 

£»bfcruc lufll tljis jiicgmcnt, tljat it is agatntt tljc Comnfon ILato of Englard '1'^^ '^V>'" ( °^^" 
to fell fojn ttt flicafs before it ij! tljienjcD ano mcafurco : ano tljc rcafon tljcrcof leai" of l"d^r 
fccmctij to l)Cj foj tljat bp rwrlj falc tljc Market in effect i? fojeftanco. tithe) any com 

growing in the 
fields. Sec. 

Againft Roberdfmen. 

I2C i$ an €\\f^liU) pjoDcri ■, SCtjat, manp men talk of Pvobin Hood, tijat i\cm 
(I)Ot in \)i& lEoUJ : anDbccaufe tljc S>tattttC!S ant laccojcsi Ijcreaftcr tncntic^ 
net) cannot luell be tinccrftajii, unlcfs it be knotun toljat tW R-obin Hood luais 
tljat \)nt\) raifcD a name to tljefc kinu of men caUcn Roberdfmen, Ijiis foUolucrj?, 
lue toill Dcfcrile Ijim. 

%W Robert Hood \i\iCn in tljC meign of iiiing R. I. in tljC imtt^ Cf Eng- He was, faith Ma- 
land anB Scotland, in WHm^ auo cefertg, bp robbecp, bncningof ^oufcs, fdo* '°'' Scotus, pr«- 
np, •iMafte ann fpoil, ann pjincipallp bv antiluttlj tuagabonns, inlc toantiercrg, l°"r"!iP""?,7'' 
nigl)t tonlkcrs, anu ojato^atcljes ; fo as tljig notable tljief gauc not onlj) a mis.^ ooi"""- 
name to tljefc kinn of men, bnt tljcre is a JlPap, caHcti Robin Hoods TR\\in tlje 
Kiber of in Yorklhire. anB albeit Ijc liucti in Yorkihire, pet men cf Ijijs 

qtialitp tcDk tljeit Bcnomination of l;im, anti tocre calleu ISobeicfmen tl)?OHglj# 

out all England. 

aigainft tljefc men toas tlje3>£atMtc of Winchefter mane in 13 E. i. foj \nt^ 13E.1. 
tenting of robbcrv, murtiers, burning of Ijoufes, fc. 31fo tljc ©tatute of 5 E.3. wincheft. c. 1. 4. 
luljiclj reciting tljc Statute of VVinchefkr, ano tljat tljerc Ijati ban nibcrs man^ 5H.7.f.5-5E'5Ci4 
flatigljters, felonies, anti robberies none in times l^aft, bp people tljat be /alien 
fiobernfmen, ^afterSj anB 3?jaiojlattl)cs, anB rcme»p yjo^jincti bv tijat ^ct fo j 
tljc arreting of tljem. 

2t tljc parliament Ijolnen 50 E.3 . it luas petitioner) to tijc Jiing tljat KihitiDs RotP^ri. 50 e 5. 
ant aurnp Keggcrs migljt be banifljcD out of ebcrj) 2EoU'.n. SCljc anfuicr of tljc ""' °'" 
5^ing in parliament toastoucljingKibauosi 2Eljc Statute ofWincheiter ano 
tljc Declaration of tljc fame toitlj otijer -^ Statutes of MobetBfmcn, ann foj fuclj "^ £•?• c'4- = h 5. 
as make tljcmfclDes (115entlemen, ano men of i3rmcs, ann 0rcljcrs, if tljep can# ^^i ^ "fI" "''" '"^ 
not fo pjo\)c tljeir felues, let tljcm be njiuen to tljeir occupation oj ferDicc, c j to ^ ^^^ "^"^' 
tljc place from luljence tljep came. 

3t ispjoiiinen bp tljc Statute of 7 R.2, tljat tljc Statutes maoc in tljc time of 7 R.2.cap.5. viJ. 
lt»ing Edward, dUjantifatljcr of tljc iSing,of aSobcrtifmcn. anu 2?jauilatcljc0,bc 3? E''^- c-4- 
firmli' IjolDcn anO kept, anffurtljcr pjo\)ifion againft tETagaboncs toanDjing 
ftcm place to place, hk a ILaio maoc in tljc ftjctlj parliament of iKuttn Mary, 
.AnnoDom. 1555, in Scotland againft Robert Hood, Little John, dec 



Gap. 91,92,95,94. 

Of Bankrupts. 


Ide ill the fourth part of the Inftitutes, Cap. SEljC Coujt of t!)C ConimtfTtO^- 

Of Recufants. 

I EI.C.2. 2?Ei.c.i. r'^t^, t\)t ^a^ of IDadianicnt tliat arc mace againft tljcm arc 

28 El. c. i5. 55 EI. r^ .^i- <^T-i- ^ . T-i- _ o - - T-_ _- 

Dr .Fo'aers cafe S^c^oj F'oikrs cafc, all frpcfttioii of all tljc fain s>tatHtcs. ^CC Lib. 5. fo.'i. &:c. 
Lib 5. fo.i. Cau- Caudries Caff, ^it Dier 3 Eliz. fo. 203. an C]C130ftU0ll of tljC fniD 5ft of i El. 

dries cafe. couccming Ijcariiig offpafg. 

Dier 3 t 


Of NewSj Rumors, Sec. 

S(lB(i!; tljC Second part of the Inftitutes, W. i. cap. 34. News. &it alfo ill tlje 
fourth part of the Inftitutes, cap. Chancery, ill tbc 2rticlcisagaillft CarOinal 
Woolfey, Artie. 32. Convicia, fi irafcaris, tua divulgas, fpreta exokfcunt •, Jf POU 

fak to rcucugc flanocrsij ym publiflj tljcm as potir o^rn , if pott Dcfpifc rijcm, 
tljep uaniflj. 

%\)C Jiaioj If fojc tlje Coiiciucft wag, tljat tijc autljoj aiiD fpzcaccr of fnlfc xuf 
mo;s amoiiga tljc people IjaD Ijis 2nongue cut out, if Ijc reoecmcti it not bp tlje 
cflimation of W ^cau. 


Int.leg. Alveredi 
cap. 28. 

Of Weights and Meafures. 

Sd© tljC fecondpart of the Inftitutes, W.i.cap.4. ailUt^C Crpofitiori upon tlie 

C AF. 



Of Apparel. 

DtW& Hctjs of Parliament l)ai3e ban mace apiutt tlic frccfs of 0p;* , 

"parcl t« tl)e &cign of E. 3. Ji3s n E. 3. cap. 2, & 4.,, 
11,12,13,14. 38 E 3 cap. 2. 3n tl)C licigu of E. 4. 3 E. 4. cap. 5. 22 E. 4. 
cap I. 3n tl)f \Rein.\\ Cf H.8. i H.8. cap.14. ^ H.S.cap. i. 7H.8.cap.7. 24H.8. 
C3p.i3. 53 H 8. cap 5. 37 1 8c 2 Ph. Si Mar. ca.2. 4 &: 5 Ph. & Mai.c.2. 
5 El. ca, 6. 8 El. ca. 1 1 . 13 El. ca. ip, 3»ome of d;cm figlKtng Vaiil), auD mffmg 
one another, lotnc of tlicm ctytrcD. Wm fojafntudj as tljofc tl;,at flfcD in fo?CE 
toerc olfokte, anD rcmatneo tut as fnarcc to catclj 0; Ijcr ntcn at t\)c plra^ 
fttreof tljcliJiomootcri at tl]e|Badtanifnt ftolDcn Anng i Ja. aUflrsofiSar^ i Jac.Rca.ij. 
Jiamcnt Icfoje tijc time mane concerning JSpparel are rcvcaleti, anD al'Jcg^^rcD, 
antJ fincc tijat time no ^c Ijatl) bam mate concerning 0vparel, anO fo rtantiffij 
t^c ila\i! at tl)ts Cav. 2E;i)joe cottlv tljings tljcrc are tijat do muclj impobfriiT; 
tl;c sttbjcctsi of England, viz. €o(Hp ^Ipparcl, roftlpSPiet, ano ccfilp WniU pxccfs of Anpa- 
Bing. SDljc bctt mean to rrpicfg rofllp Apparel, anti tijc crccfs tljcrcof, rei is bed cured, 
tg bp f]t;amplc : foj if it teoitlD plcafe great men to fljetn gcoo ejtample, excmpio & vitu- 
an» to toear Apparel of the Clotij ano otl)cr Commouitics luiougljt Icitlj?; P^"° 
(n tljc IRea^m, it toodo bed cnre tljis uain ams confuming ill, \Dl)iclj is a 
ijancl) of ^jonigalitv, anu Ijerctoitb fcU) luifemen are tal^cn. Kf j-oti Unll 
look into tbe parliament litoll of 2 H. 6. you fljall fit "mlm plain ana fru# Rot.Pari. 2 h <5. 
gal apparel tbat renoiuneo iSing H. 5. after 1)C toas iiing Din Ujcai-j Ijis CPoton ""■3°- 
of Icfs Daluc tljen 40 s. 

Magna corporis cura, magna animi incuria. 

Non induetar inulier vcfte virile, nee virutetur vefte fceminca : abominabilis ^^^^■^^•'>- 
apud Deum, qui facit hoe. 






a Rot. Clauf. 
9 E.2.iti.26;, in 
Ordinntia fupcr 
tmnfurationt ftr- 
b 2 cap. 19. 
5 E.(5. ca.3. 
^ Unt 2. Saxon. 
c Hereof fee the 
4. part of the In- 
flitutes, cap. The 
Court of Audi- 
ence, &c. and Fa- 

* Vide Britton 
cap. 55. and other 
books make men- 
tion of tliefe. 

d Luc. C.21. v,54. 
Rom. ca.i:;. v. 13, 
ca. 37. V, 30,51. 
( Ecclefiafticus 
/ Cicero. 

Horace 2. Ser.Zt 

g From whence 
excefs of drinking 
in England came, 
fc From whence 
troops of idle fer- 
vingmen came in- 
to England. 
i 4 Jacobi c.5. 
See I lac.cap.9. 
II Jac. 7. an ex- 
cellent Law. 
Uni filtts janls 
niilUm ptniefi- 

Of Diet. 

Tl^cre toas^ an^?tiinati« mate ip JSing E. 2. lip atbicc of Ijiji Councd, 
agatnft tljc t%tt{^ of Diet, but Ircatife it Ijati not tlje flrengtlj of an ^tt 
of |0arItamfnt, it tojougljt no tffctt. 

•V ^3itispjoDtD£m)p^tattttfsma5cint!)cMci5nofE.!5. anD £Uuan Elizabeth, 
tljat no f\t^) fi)all 1)£ eaten on i?tflj#tia})iS, viz. j^rtnap, ^atwrnav, (Smbnnif 
tiap0 anu ©t'giig, ann tlje time of '^ Lent-, cant) foi licencesi -to eati?Icfi) onipiflj^ 
tiapg, jc. &a t^c preamble of tlje Statute of 2 E.^.ca.ip. 

C Embring days, fo callcD, bccaufe in fojmcr times toljcn tljep fatten tijep put 
;9fljes 0?. Cmbers on tljeir %mw. Job 2.1 2. Jer.(5.26. 2 Sam. 13. ip. flno as tbe 
natural tontocrfion of tlje fleCj of tlje boDp is to Duft, fo t\)t fins of tlje soul, 
CynrepenteD) are turnec to fire, auD tljis toas fijanotoen unner Cnibcrs t^at euer 
Itffip fire. 

^ 2Cljefe Ctmbjtng Dapg are tbe luixit ne)ct befojc Quadragefima, fo r alleti,foj 
tljat it is tlje fojtietlj Dap bcfoie Eafter, ana is tl)c firfl: s>untiap in ilent. s>o 
QLiinquagefima i^Z ^untiap fiftp DapS befoje Eafter, Sexagelima fijttp Caps befOJC 
Eafler, anO Septuagellma feDcntp »aps faefo^ie Eafter. 

llSefoje tljefelatc 0tts tlje eating of i?lefl) on i?ri5aps liJas pttnifljable in tlje 
CBccleCattical Court, as pet it is, t^e 3EurisDi(tion being fabcD bp tlje faio actst. 

31£ut tljere is no 0(t of parliament againft ejccefs of E'iet, foj it is fenoum to 
be fo Ijurtful foj mans boop, anD fo obfcuretlj tl)c faculties of tl)e minn, as tlje 
unfierttanDing, memojp, 9c. as to men, fpeciallp to Clj^ftian men, tljere naceo 
no i.a\n at all to be maoe, eber being minDful of tljat Caveat, d Attendite autem 
vobis, ne forte graventur corda veftra in crapula, & ebrictatc, &c. 

cVigilia, & cholera, &: tortura viro infrunito i Somnus fanitatis homini parco, 
dormiet ufque in mane, & anima illius cum ipfo delcdabitur. 2Elje Spojal l^eatljen 
men bp tlje ligbt of nature agra Ijcrettnto. / Tantum cibi 8c potus adhibendum 
eft, ut reticiantur vires, non opprimantur. 

Accipe ta, vidus tenuis quse quantaque fecum 
AfFerat, imprimis valeas bene : nam variae res 
Ut noceaiit homini, credas, memor illius efca?, 
Quse (implex olim tibi federit : At limul affis 
Mifcueris elixa : fimul conchylia turdis: 
Dukia fe in bilem vertent, ftomachoque tumultum 
Lenta feret pituita : vides, ut pallidas omnis 
Coena defurgat dubia ?" ■ — — . — 

Ex plenitudine generantur morbi, qui fuperant medicorum artcm. 

iiing Edgar permitting manp of tbe Danes to inljabit Ijere (g Vuljo fird 
bjougljt into tl)is l^iealm ejcccffiije ujinking ) toas in tljc enn conllraineii to 
make a Jiabj againil tljis ejccefs (toljiclj neber cometlj alone ) njiiiing certain 
nails into tlje flDcs of tljcir cups, as limits ann boimtis, toljicl; no man upon 
great pain flioulD be fo Ijarnp as to tranfgrefs. 

William of Malmesbury, comparing CngUfljmcn anD Normans togctljer, faitl), 
tljat in Ijis time, tlje Cngliflj manner tuas to fit bibbing tuljolc \^mx^ after 
Dinner, h ano tljat tlje Norman fafljion tes to lualk tljc ^trrcts loiitl) great 
troops, \uitl) iBle ann loofe ferbingmen following tljem, botlj tuljictj luere caufejs 
of manp oifojDers anB outrages. 

i 3f tlje ctcefs of Blinking crtenD to tlje loatljfome ano onions \ikt of SDjun^ 
feennefs, it is puntfljablc bp iJctof parliament, ^nnto fap tlje trutlj, tljeanci«= 
iu Britains toere frcc from tljis crime, 


Cap. 97- Of Buildings. 201 

Ecce Britaiinorum mos eft laudibilis ifte, 
Ut bibat arbitrio pocula quilque fuo. 

SlitB t\)t ilatj)^ againft SDjtmfecnncf? are ucrp nclu. 

i^otljing i? Ijcre faio againft tljat great ^caccmafeEr, auD b?ancl) of Ulicra^ 
Ittp, ozBcrl}' l^ofpitalttp, but agatnU t\)e oaintp ann cifojDerlp cjcccfs of mem 
ana ojtnfejs, toltclj is a fpccifg of pjootgalttj) t fo;t it is pjobicco bp 0rt of |?ar== 
Itamcnt, tljat tljc grace of li^ofpitalttp ftall not be toitijojaiun from tljc necoi*. w.i. ? e.i .ca.t< 

&0C tbe Statute of 37 E.3. ca.8. agatnft crcefTise 0pparcl ano SDict ; but it 
m» repealed in tljc nejct |0arltamcnt, 38 


Of Buildings. 

Wd; 1)3130 not teat) of anp 0tt of parliament noto in fo?ce mane agatnft See the i.part of 
tlje C]ccef!S of lEuiloing, oj toucbing tbe ojDer oj manner of ilBuiloing •, ^^^y^^""^^*' 
lut it iji a Ixiafling ebil, toljcrc unto fomc luifc men are fubjctf. 3Eut tbe Com=^ vet.Mag ca'r't 
mon Jlaljj ootlj p^oljibit anp Subject to builo anp Caftlc, oj l^oufc of ftrengtl) i.part fo.162.' 
imbatteleDjfc.toitbout tliclSings iLicencejfojtlje oangcr tljatmigljt cnfuc. j Slfo "p Efchactry,g.c. 
tljc Common JiaVu p?oljibitetb tlie builoing of anp €mfitc to a common j^ixf u H.^.nu.7. li- _ 
fance, oj to tljc ipufance of anp man in biis l)oufc> a^ tljc {topping up of Ijts ","" |o imbattd 

lligllt, OJ to anp Otljcr pjCJUtice OJ annopancc of Ijim. JEdihcare in tuo proprio Greenwich, 
folo non licet, quod alteri noceat. a U.g. f. 54. & 58. 

i 3n Deuteronomy it 10 faiO, Cum sedificaveris domum novam, fades cmurum &c. 
tcfti per circuitum, ne effundatur fanguis in domo tua, 8c fis reus, labente alio, 8c ^Bmlements, 
in prsceps rucnte. This was f6r fa'ferj/ 

d% like tjaell tljc Counfcl to a i^oHeman, tobofoebe? gabe it, Si vis fait illej only 
a?dificare domum, inducat te neceflitas, non voluptas h cupiditas sdihcandi sdih- ^ Bemhard con- 
cando non tollitur v nimia 8c inordinata cupiditas sdificandi expedat sdihcii ven- 
ditionem : Turris completa , 8c area evacuata faciunt tarde hominem fapi- 

^dificare domos multas, 8c palcere multos, Euripides tranfla- 

Eft ad pauperiem femita laxa nimis. ^^'^ ^y ^'"^ ^''" 

2Co builD maup Ijoufcs, ann manp to feeo, 
%o pobcrtp tljat luap rcacilp botlj Icab. 

iSDf tljeCe tljjee it batlj ban trulp faiu ■■, Veftium, Conviviorum, 8c iEdificiorum 
luxuria sgra: civitatis funt indicia, 8c fpecies prodigalitatis. 

llEut bp tljc Common Jialu, ano general cuftom of tlje l^ealm, it luas Im^-- 
ful fojlEinjopsf, (i!;arl0, ano 31t'aron0 to builo Cljurcljcg, ojCljappels ujitljin 
tlieir &0ts : ano Ijereof i^ing John infojmco |0ope Innoccntius tlje tljirti C na^ vide tiie like in 
mingonlp, honoris caufa, tlje lBifljop0 ano XEaronage of England, albeit tlji0 theRegift.36.b1. 
iibertp cjctcnueli to all ) toitlj rcqueft, tljat tljiglibcrtp to tlje i£aronage migbt Prohib.dcdccimis 
Jje confirmco. 2Co tljefe Jlctters; tlje |3ope mane tljis anftoer, Qiiod enim de [n'^EpTn 'decree, 
confuetudine regni Anglorum procedcre rcgia Serenitas per fuas literas intimavit,' 
ut liceat tarn Epifcopis, quam Comitibus, cc Baronibus Ecclefias in feudo fuo pag.228. 
fundare, laicis quidem principibus id licere nullatenus denegainus, dummodo 
Diocefani Epifcopi eis fufFragetur affenfus, 8c per novam ftruduram veteium 
Ecdefiarum jultitia non laedatur. Mljcrca0 tljC SEarOnagC Ijati abfolutC libcttp Tr. 20 E. r. 

ijcfoje, nciu tlje pope atmetlj tljc confent of tlje IBiOjop : but tljat atmition botiuo ^°^;' 'je "T^urn>°s 
?iot, fising it 10)30 againtt tljc Iibertp of tlje iBaronage toatranteo bp tlje Com* cafe. Eborum. 
tnon Jialu : ano toe tooulo not Ijabe rcljcarfco tlji? Cpittle, but tbat it i0 a pioof 
toljat tlje general tuttom of tlje Kcalm toag concerning tljc builtitng of 

2D & 2 Cljurcljcg 


2 02 Of Buildings, Gap. oy 

Cljurcljrs bv tl)C iEaronagc of England. Snti ailiEit djcp migl;tkiil5 C1;urcljcs 

toitliotit t\)e 5atngs licence, ^ct coulc tljcj> not crert a fpiritual pcliticiuc Iodjj to 

conttnttc in fucceffionjanti capaWc of tnnoDjment luittout tljc ^^ings licence : init 

J)}) tlje Common liato licfcjc t^c Statutes of ^ojtmain, tlje? migl;t l)aDe inno'to:^ 

CD tl)is fpiritual bocp once inco?pD:atcDj perpetuis futuris temporibus, toitljotit 

anp licence from tljclSing, oi my otijcr. :,'j;; rr 

5ln5a6tl)e=Latoiisincafcsiof SDcDotionanBlStligton, fo it is in cafcg of 

^ . -. ^„ C^aritp : 0ni) man map erccS ann Ijuilti a Ijoutc foj an "^ Tp^ofpttai, a)rija3l, CEIois: 

Lecafe'de sunons ^'"K ^J°"ff' "^ ^JO^f^^ °f Co;rc(tion,oj tljc iilJC,lMitl)Ditt anp Uccnce,foj tljat is but 

Hofpitai. a pjcparation, ano map be none as oiunct of tl)e foil i but b? tl^e Common iiata 

See the Statute of coulo Hot inco?po?ate aup of tljcm toitljout Iicencc,but no\» ljemap# inrioU) tljem 

39 ^'-f^P^- . iuitlj lanns in certain cafes, ^bp tlje s>tatutes of 59 in 

ty is gWen to iu°nu ^^J*^ Second part of the IniUtutes in tljc erpofition of tljofe Statutes! it appearctlj. 

ces of Peace to Conccming tije builoing oj erecting of b aCombs, S>epulcljcrs oj sponus; 

huiid and ereft mcHts foj tije oeccafen, in Clntrdj, Cljancel, Common Cljappcl, 03. C^urclj^ 

houfes of corre- ya^t, [^x conbcnieut manner, it islaluful,fo^ it is t\)e laft tuojk of cljaritp t)}U cm 

a°gEic3p ^^ ^""^ f"^ **J^ ueceafec, toljo inljiles Ije iiiseti toas a Uijelp SCcmple of tljc Ijolp 

3 Car. cap I. ©Ijoff, luitl) a rel3erenti regarn, auti Cljjiftian ijoye of a iopful KEfurrertion. 

b Tumbi, tHMidtis, ^m tijc ocfaciug of tljem is punifbablc bp tljc Common =llato, as it appcarctlj i\\ 

fipuichrm. c tljc bfflfe of i? E.+.i+.a. 0nti fo it tuas agreen bp tlje luljole Court, Ja. in 

widKs ctfe wfe ^'^'^ Common picas, bctlurcnCoiven ana Pym. jano foj tljc Defacing tljercof,tI)cp 

of sir Hughwiche. t^jat builD oj ctcct tljc famc fljall Ijabe tlje action During tljeir IitiES,Cas tljr iiaDp 

Mich. 10. Ja. in Wiclie l)aD in tljc cafc of 9 E.4O anD after tljeir Deccafes, tlje Ijeir of tlje Decea^ 

communi Batico fdj (j,all Ijabc tlje actiou. 5i5Ht tlje builDing, oj erecting of tljc ^cpulcljcr, 2Comb, 

i"yni*^°'^^'^" ^ °^ "'"'f '-■ Monument, ougljt not to be to tljc ^inDjance of tljc celebration of Hf 

Barih. cananeus ^'"^ fcvtiitc. SuD iu tljat cafe of Corvcn it luas*refolDeD,tljat albeit tlje frccljolo 

fo. I ?. conciiifip. of tljc Cljurclj be iu tl)e |Darfon,pct if a 3lojD of a 0?anno?,oj an? otljer tljat Ijatlj 

Adio datur, fiquis an Ijoufc ttitljin tljc SColoin oj ^arillj, anD tljat Ije, anD all tljofc luljofc cftate Ijc 

c™pofita''dde \°' ^^^^^^ '" ^^•'^ manfion^ljoafe of tlje ^annoj, oj otljer Ijoufe, Ijatlj IjaD a feat in an 

feuabrafit, ^c! ^' 3fle of tljc Cljurclj, foj Ijim anD ijis i?amilp onlp, anD Ijabe repaircD it at Ijiss 

proper cljargf s, it fljall be intcnDeD iljat fome of Ijis 2nceftors, j of tlje parties! 

mljofe eltatcljc Ijatlj, DiD builD anD erect tljat BJflc fojljim auD Ijisi^amilp onlpt 

anD tljerefo jc if tlje £D?Dinarp cnDea^our to remote i3im,o j place anp otijer tljerr, 

rfSHy. i2.a. per ^)^^^V IjaDc a ^joljibttiou. «^3ttl»asfurtljerrefoltieD, tljat if anp man Ijatlj a 

Hufly acco'rd.' Ijoufc in a ^oMx oj|parifl), anD tljat Ijc anD tljofc luljofc eftatc Ijc Ijatlj in tlje 

Pafch.iojac. in ijoufc, Ijatlj IjaD timc out of miuD a certain pelu, oj «>cat in tljc Cljurclj main^s 

curia Cam. stdia- t^inct} bp Ijim auD tljcm, tljc £DjDinarp cannot remobc ijim, ( for prefcription 

piaindff^ & KatV ^^^^tl) ccrtaiutp tljc motljcr of quietncfs ) anD if Ijc Do, a pjoljibition Ipetlj 

Layton,'&arDe'. agaiuCljim. clEut toljere tljcrc is no pjcfcription, tljcrc t^c ;3D?Diuarp tljat Ijatlj 

fendants iffint re- tljc CutCj anD cljargc of souls, map foj aboioing of contention iu tljc Cljurclj,oj 

foive per ic Court, cijappcl, auD tljc mojc (luict, auD bcttct fcnjicc of (i?0D, auD placing of men ac# 

12 ti'l'.u.'p^i'^'^' corDing to tljeir finalities anD Dcgras, take orDcr foj tijt placing of tlje ^a^ 

Hufly. ' ' rifljioners in tljc clurclj oj Cljappcl pttblick, Mljiclj is DCDicate anD confecrate to 

tlje ferbice of ©od. 

Nota, i?uncral cicpences accorbing to tljc Dcgra^ anD tiualitp of tljc DcccafeD, 
arc to be allotocD of tlje gcoDS of tljc DcccafcD, befojcanp Debt oj Dutp luljatfos; 

Cber, for tljat is opus pium, or charitativum. 

0mongft tljc people of aimigljtp (©oD, as it appearetlj in tlje bolp ©iff or p, 
§>epulturc iras cbcr IjaD in great rebcrcnce, not onlp of iHings, but of otbcr men, 
as Camongft manp otljers) groD olD Bar7illai, toljeu Ije IjaD e^cufcD Ijimfelf fo? not 
3 Sam. 19.37. going toitlj tljc iSing to Jerufalem, Ijc COnclUDCD. Obfecro ut revertar fervus tuus, 
& moriar in civitate inea, & fepeliar juxta Sepulchrum patris niei, & matris 
meae, 8cc. 

0nD alfo tljc moral l^catljcns IjaD builDing auD erecting of S>cpuTcljers, or 
sponumcnts, in great account, as it Dotlj appear bp tljc s>ebeu \uouDeis of tlje 
iBorlD, iMljiclj for memorv map be ocpreffcD in tljefc few merfes. 

>■ ' I. PyramideS 

Cap.97' ^f ^J^ildings» 203 

I. Pyramides Memphis. 2. Babylonis moenia celfe, 

3. Tcmplum ingens Ephell virgo Diana tuum, 
4. Maufoli Cariffi monumentuin. 5. Raraque Pharo 

Turris, 6. Olympiaci fplendida imago Jovis, 
7. Denique apud Rhodios fplendciitis ftatua Phoebi : 

Hsec fcptem mundus mira, viator, habet. 

%i{m% i\)t rcligiouiS, atiD Cljjiftian rcgam aloljcfattr, tijcfc ttionuntc ntg te 
fcruc foj four gcoD tifcs ann r nn?. iTirft, St^i dJtucnce, ann pjoDf of DcfccntSj 
ano pcDcpiae0. 3f conolp, Mijat time Ije tijat is tljcre buricD Dcceafcti. SEljirnlp, 
jFoj cramjjlc, to follow tljc so'i', o;t to f fcljeiu tlje cbd. i^ourtljlp, SCo jjut tljc 
libtng til minD of tljcic citD, foj all tljc fon? of Adam ntuft Htc. Statutum dl ho- 
minibus femel mori. 

Moiiumcntum ktvzt alicujus rci memoriam aliter interituram, camque nobis re^ 
prsfcntat : atiD tl)£rcfo}c a ipouument tis calico a ^cmojial. 

Monumentum dicitur a monendo i quicquid enim nos monet eft monumentum, 
ut fepulchrum, quod nos fumus mortales. 

Cum tumulum cernis, tum tu mortalia fpernis : 
Efto memor mortis, lifque ad coeleftia fortis. 

3Ct i% to be obfcrijcii.tljat i\x eijcrp ^cptilcl)cr,tl)at Ijatlj a !TK)mttticnt,tluo tljinc?^ 
arc toljc confrtcrcir, viz. tljc monument ano tljcfcpttltttrc oj tattial of tljc Dean. 
'^ %\)t btirtal of tljc Cadaver (tljat 10, caro data vermibus) is nullius in bonis, anti "^ Eritton fo. 84. h> 
hclongs to C'cclcfraflical cosniTancc, lut as to tljc monument, action is giucu (as 
Ijatlj ban fain) at tljc Common JiaW fo j Defacing tljercof. 

5n tljc vcar of our jlojd i58<5. ann in tljc 28 peat of tljcHctp of tljat glo^V 
BUS ©UCtn Eliyabeth, luas tlje olo gate callCD Ludgate in tlje Citp of London (as 
Stowtaitlj)taUcntio\Mn to be nciM builDea; 2Eljcrc tuasfounti cotocljct toitljin Stow in his Sur- 
tljc olD uiall tljercof a ftone, tuljcrcin toas graVien in tljc l^cb?cU) tongue ann T^ °^ i-ondon. 
Cljaracters, -^ an Cpitaplj, Ogntfping in ©ngliOj ; SEljis is tljc aComb of Rabbi * For Vo is the 
Mofes fon of tlje illuftrious Rabbi Ifaac : iuljiclj certainlp luas befoje tljc 2 3 pear truth. 

of tljc ISeign of H.2. Anno Domini 1 177. foj. bcfojc tljat time all tljc 31clUS in ^°- Hovenden 

England iDcrc buricD icoitljin tljc Citp of London, auD in tljat pear, faitlj Ho- '^""° ^°'^- "^'^' 
yenden, Dominus Rex pater dedit licentiara Judasis terras fushabendi ccemcterium |b°'I o 1° bTo ^"° 
in qualibet civitate Angliae, extra muros civitatum, ubi polTunt rationabiliter, & in 
competenti loco emere, ad fepcliend' mortuos fuos : prius enim oranes Judid mor- 
tui Londonia fcrcbantur fepelicndi. 

0nii albeit Cf)urcljcs 0? Cljappcls map be built bp anp of t^c lUings fubfects, 
(as Ijatlj bffin faiu) toitljout licence, pet before tljc JlaU) take knoiojletige of tljcm 
to be Clmrcljcs oj Cljappcls, tljc JlBifljoiJ is to confccratc n netiicatc tljc fame i 
anu tljis is tlje rcafon, tljat a Cljurclj oj not a Cljtirclj, a Cljapijcl, j not a Cfjap^ s H.d. 32.37, 
pel, fljall be trien, ann ccttificti bp tl)e llBifijop. 

&aj foj tljis BCBication o;i confecration tlje 43 cljapter of E^echiel, tljc 23 

tljaptcr of Genefis, tljCpoPfalm, tljC 24. 26, 27. 84. anD 134 Pfldms, tljC 2 of 
Samuel 6. 10 of &>aint John, verf. 22. to tljC CnH. 

Vide inter leges Edwardi ConfelToris cap. 3. Similiter ad dcdicationes, ad Syno- 
dos, & ad Capitula venientibus, &c. in eundo, & redeundo fit fumma pax. 

tKHc finn in ancient times tljat tHaults, IjolloU) places, j fubaructions unDCC 
tljc gcouno lucre mauc bp men fojreceits, oj receptacles foj kktping of tljcir De fubterranen 
toijjes, cljilDjen, monep auo gams fecrct, to a\3oiti biolence, antr rapine in time fubdruaionibus, 
of Ijoftilitp Dj rebellion, ann luc fino no Jlatu againtt tljem. ^ "^p"^- 

2Eljefc feinn of builnings \ue Ijao from tljc ©ermans, astucfiuti it in Taci- xacii 
tus, ^Ijo treating of tlje olU Germans, faitlj, Solent & fubterrancos fpecus ape- 
tire, 6cii quandoholtis advenit, aperta populatur, abditaautem & defoflfa aut igno- 
lantur, aut eo ipfo fallunt, quod qusrenda funt, 2Cljep ufe to builB HUaultS un^ 
Bee tlje eartlj, anti if tljc cnemp come, Ijc Dcttropetlj all open ano aboDegrouuD, 
but fuclj tljings as lie IjioBcn i\x tljc caDc, citljcr tljep lie unbnoton, 0? at Icaft 
t'jev uecci^jc Ijim, in tljat |jc is enfojccD to fino t^iem out, ^citljec ijauc Wc founo 



204 0/ Buildings. Cap. 97. 

anp licence of tljc l^tng to mafee ffjcm, noj yuntff)mcnt of anp t!)at maue t^em 
*i tie manner of tDttljout iiceucc, anu ^etmaixp Jjaijcbaen mauc bp manp fulijcctg^fomc Mieicof 

Mi . fl r Lovel m * ^^ jjg^j^ fjp„^ 

^ Cam*den Line.' '^ ®^^ '^f '""^ "^ Alexander SBiOjop of Lincoln, ill t\)t rciglt of H. i . anU iSing 
pag. 406. Stephen, a i^Ojman tiOJltj M;o luaiS, infanis fubflrudionibus ad infaniam dele- 


b See the Statute ^ ^^ P^ ^ f"" f^" ^'"^''^ 0? ^ i"f f* Eiglit^^ljOMfc?, Pharos, ^ca;*marfe;s oj SBcacoiiiS 

of 8 ELcig-and toitljout Ifltofttl toatrattt atib autt)ojitp, 

the LettersPatents Lumina nodtivags tollit Pharus snaula Lunse. 

of the Lord Ad- g^ iiig^t^ljottfe top ij3 rcac'ii tijc ligfjt, 

'"'^•' • 0$ I)iglj a0 tlje mcDit tljat toalk,s ip nigljt. 

<: 4 H.s.cap. i. c ^jobificii Dwg ttiatie ip autljojitp of parliament foj iuilnittg aim crcflins 

rfDe propugnacu- llElocfeljotifcg, lEuItoatfeg, pieji, anB tljc likc, fojtoitijout Parliament fuljEd:0 

]is, munimentis, cannot U cljargcti luitl) luiltiing, d 01 erecting of tljem, aiiu tljat Sc? is erpiren. 

Buiwarks'BaJ'bi ^ ^Clje JlojH of tl)C foil ma? inilD a Miimmil, ^Ijcpcotc, SDairp enlarging of 

canes. Block- hoa- « Court ncccfrarv, 0} a Curtilage in grounD0,'bJljerc men Ijaue common of pattttre. 

fes, Piles, &c. /^ man cannot erect anp luiloing upon Ijiis oiun grottnu in tlje toing0 j^oittty 

e 1 5 E.I. cap.46. iittt it i0 a purp;ic0ure, anu map euljer U nemolifijen oi arrcnteb to tlje Binois 

f 7 El ■ Dicr";'4f' «f«^' ^f' «t ^ 3"flice &cat. 

^ ' Concerning ijonfcg of IjttjslianB?? anu tillage, tlje g>tatuteis of 4 H.7. cap. ip. 
7 H.8. C.I. 27 ti-S. C.22. 5 E. 6. C.5. 5 El. cap. 2. are repenlcD lip tlje Statute of 
2 1 Jac. cap,28. aiiD tlje ^tatutcis of 3p El. cap. i, & 2, are erpireD, foj tljat tljep 
lucre fo li&e ILabpjintliegjtoitlj fuclj intricate luintiingis an5 turning?, a;s little 
oj no fruit pjocceBcn of tljem. 

See the 2 part & ^° ^^^^ f^» ^^^^^ «" ''j''"^^ ^iJ builDtng fo tlje i^ufattce of anp otljcr. 
of the infiitutes. /^ S>it Iflljere a man Ijatlj any Ijoufe oj mill, 9:, anti Ijaljing anp pjiDilecge oj 
w. 2. cap.24.Lib. tljing appurtenant tljercunto, ant pull it Doton ant built a nciu, loljere tlje pji;* 
5. foi.ioi. Lib.8. tjiicDge 01 appurtenant remain, ant ixiljerenot, 

foi46. Lib.9.f.54. • (£(,„c£nung tlje erecting, 9c. of Cotageg, fee tlje Statute of 3 1 El.c.7. luljiclj 

h See iib.4. f. 84. fcult not be reflrainet in fuclj fo?t ajs tljcp are, but hv autljojitp of parliament. 

Luttereis cafe,and ^Lljcre 10330 a »>tatute mate Anno 35 El. (taljen 31 toas 3»peaker3 agaiuft 

the authorities builtings in tljc CitiejB of London, oj VVeaminfler, oj toitljin tljJfC mileis of tlje 

iilziiziiv " £^"^ °^ ^'-^^ ^"^ "^ London, ant againtt tlje tibtting ant conberting of anp 

^ • i"- '• jtof lling Ijoufc 0? builting into tibets Ijabitationg, ant againft inmates ; but - 

tljat enturet but fo j feben pcaris, ant until tlje ent of tljc ncrt ^clTion of par^ 

liament, li3ljiclj;3ct, being ljolDcntangeroits,toas not continuet at tlje hellion 

of Parliament boltcn in 43 El. being tl)e ncjct ^effion after tlje feben pear?, 

ant tljerefoje ejcpiret toitlj tlje fame. BEn tlje mean time tljere buag a iiaiu mate 

againll neb) builting0,tc.bJljiclj tljen toag a toarrant, ant Gnce liatlj been a colour 

foi tibcrs p?ocatingp in Court? of Suflice, not obterbing tlje ej;piration of tljat 

aiabJ^ but nobo tliat ilatoljatlj long fincelott Iji^fojce, ant tlje ancient ant 

i^untamental Common Jlabo 10 to be follotoet. 

Lamb. Peratnbuia- Sylliva, oj Sulliva i0 a lojojt tctibet from tlje S>a]Con Syllc, ant Cgnifietlj a polle, 

tion of Kent. o; plate fircb in tlje grount : t'^e ^ajcon toojt i0 not pet out of ufe, foj ebcrp 

Thefe words, you ^-,,1 kno\i30 iMljat a grountfil is. 

co'rds^concaning P"^^ ^ ^'^^^ teribct from tlje llatin toojt Petra -. Plance, of tlje CEnglill! 
priviiedges. luoit piaufe?, fo} bcDjt? 0} tablc0, in ufe alfo at tlji? tap. 

!9abtng fpofeen of erecting of ljoufe0antbuilting0,gfc.toetoill tcllpou toljat 
toe tint in our ilBmfe? ant l£Jeco;it0 of SDilapitation, ant tecap of builcing0. 
i^2y e.?.t5. 2 H.4 /^SDilapitation of (Scclefiaftical palace?, Ijoufcs ant builting? i?a gcot caufc 
f. 3. 9 E. 4.34. of tepjibation. 

/ 4 H.4.c.2.Lib.i I. / 3jt appearctlj bp tlje Statute of 4 H.4. c.2. tljat Depopulatores agrorum mere 
Alex pouiters cafe S>-'fat offentcr? bp tlje ancient iato, ant tljat tlje Appeal oj Sntictment tljereof 
ougljt not to be general, but in fpecial manner ■■, ant pjobite?, tljat tljc offentcr? 
tljercin migbt Ijaue tljcir Clergp. 2El)ep arc callet Depopulatores agrorum, foj 
t^at bp pjottrating oj tecaping of tlje Ijoufc? oj Ijabitation of tl;e Jiing? people, 
tbep Depopulate, tl)at i?, tifpeople t^e 2Coi»n?, 


Cap.9 8. Of Brothel-houfes, Stejps, &'C, 205 

Prohibitio Regis quod Incokde villa de Southampton non prolkrnent domes Dorf. cIjuC An.43 
fuas in alias migraturi rcgiones. E-3- '"• 23. 

Simile pro magna Jeraienutha. Ror rhnr An i 

%Ut wWhm&v latofitUp ie pjoljibiKO befoje it U Hone, ni^p U jmv aim 15. 
Vunifljet) aftcc it U none. 

Bnu l)creu)itl) toe toill clofe ttp tW Cljaptcr : tljat tl}c llaiu cotlj faljouc tljC Fii-apart of the 
fupjjojtation of Ijoufcis of l;atiitatton, ann ule foj maufeinD, inftitutes, i.54. bi 


^JDe Lupanaribus d> Fornicihm^ ^d 
. Brothel-houfes, Eftuis, Bordelloes. 

Tij^CE feeeping of tijcm is apittll rijc 3Lato of (0oiJj on Uiljtc!) tlje (Eommoti 
llatU of England in tljat cafe is gvounHCti. -^ Non offcres mercedem prolH- * Numb. 25. 9, 
bulij nee precium canis in domo Dei tui, &c. Quia abominatio eli utrumq, apud ^jek^,^^'^' 
Dominum Dcum tuum. Joel 3. 3! 2 Ma'ch. 

anu tl)C l^ecpcr, Ijc oj flje, of futlj Ijottfes i;8 pitnifljaitc bp 3[tttiirtnicnt at tljc 4- 1 2. Hofpes me-" 
Common JLalu bp fiitic anD impjifonmcnt : foj altljoiiglj atntlterp aun fojnicatt? retricum Lena 
on be punifiiabic bp tbc CSccUfiaaical Hlato, pet tlje feecpingof a Ijoufc of llEato# cYnium""'*^ ''^°°' 
t);ip oj S>teto0, oj ^^otljcW^oufe being a^ it toere a common nufance, is punifl>' 
able bp tlje Common, anu iis tt)c caufe of manp mifcljicfis, not onip to tljc o\)er^ 
tljjoto of tl)c boDiesf, anB toafling of ttcic libeliljcDUj!, but to tlje inriangcring of 
tljeit fouls. jToj tbc mifcljicfss cnfuing Ijcreupon, fee 1 1 H.<5. cap. i. i H.7. i.6. 
12. 13H.7.5. 27 H.8. Rot. Pari. 14 R.2. nu.32. 
) l^ing H 8. fuppjeffCtl all tlje ^ttW OJ 115?0tljCl4j0UfCS, Wljidj long baO tOn# Ey Proclamation 

tinticton tbe llBanfefiue iu Southwark, foj tljat tbcptocrc ( ag Ijatl) ban faio ) ""'*" ^\P^^-^ 
p?ol3ibiteDbp tbe 3iata of dPoD, ann bp tbe llaiu of t\)\% lanti. iJnn tbofc infa^ ^"hJ" ° 
moiig toomcn toere not burieo in Cljjittian burial tuljen tljcp tocrc Dcatij noj 
permitteu to rcccivie tbe rites of tljc Cljurclj lubilett tljep libeo. 

snije toojuEiluis oj Stewes is iFrencl), toe Ijabing no CDugUfl) tooiD fo; iu 

OEcfojc tlje ISeign of H.7. t^ere toere cigbtetn of tljefe infamous Ijoufcs, anu 
H.7. fojUtimefojbaD tbem : butaftertoarDS ttoclbc onlp toere pcrmittcn, ano Fabian, chroo. 
iaofignspaintcDontlieir toallsv as a lEoars Ijeati, tlje Crofs fecps, tlje ©un, '^^' 
tl)e Cattle, tbe Crane, tbe Caroinals bat, tbe llBell, tlje SJtoan, ?c. 

i^anp toickcD anfl common toomen ban feateu tbemfelbes in a Jlanc callea in Dorf. ciauf. 
Water-lane, ncrt to tbc boufe of tbc jFriers Carmelites in Flcet-ilreet : tbis be* 21 E.3.parc i.m 6. 
tng an open anti knoton toitfeeDnefs, fKingE. 3. to tbc enc tbefe i?riers migbt 
^ictfojm tbc ir tllotos, one of tobicb toas, to libe in perpetual cballitp, tcofe ojoer ^jrix de^Monte 
fo; removing of tbefe toomen. 2Lbe ISecojo faitb, Rex prxcipit Majori Civitatis caTmdi,^ caHed 
London quod amoveri faciat omnes mulieres meretrices in venella prope Fratres Car- white Friers., 
melitarum in Fletefttect inhabitantes. 

• iScaU 3 Regum cap. 14. verfe 24.. eodem lib. cap. 15. verfe 12. & 4 Regum 
eap. 23. verfe 7. 

0niibp tlje Common iLato it appcrtainctb to tlje SBarfljal of tbe Jaings 7E.3.fo23,24. 
IpDufe to froj, oj protect tbe Court from Femes puteins, tobicb is moje particu* F'eta lib. 2. cap. ?. 
Jarlp Cj;plaincli bp Hcta, tobo faitb, Marefchalli intereii virgatam a meretricibus h''''A^',r^^ '^f^ ^^ 
omnib protcgere &deliberare,iSchabet marefchallus ex confuetudinepro qualibet 
meretricecoi infra metashorpitiiinventa4d primodies qu£ fi iterum in baliva fua 
inveniatur, capiatur & coram Senefchallo inhibeatur ei hofpitium Regis, Regins, 
& liberorum fuorum, ne iterum ingrediatur, & nomina earum imbrcvicntur : 



Of Brothel-houfeSy Stents ^ <^c. Cap. 98* 

Rot.Pir. :4R.2. 
tiu. 31. 

3SH.6. Bar 162. 

r H 7. fol. 6. &c. 

Ghent. Dover. 

Ibid. CeftrisE civi 


Ibid Sudfex. 






Raflal term. Ifg. 

Stat. deexpol:t. 


qua: fi itcrum inventa? fuerint hofpic'' fequutrices, tunc aut remaneant in prifona in 
viiiculis, aut fponte praedid:' hofpicia abjurentur ; qus (i autem tertio invents fue- 
rint, confiderabitur quod amputetur eis* trefforia, & tondeantur ; quse quidcm li 
quarto inveniantur, amputentur eis fuperlabia, ne de cstero concupifcantur ad libi, 

14R.2. 3tt is cnactcB tijat no (iSttctug oj IBjotljel^ljoufcs fijouln le ktp in 
Southwark, tilt in tl)e Common places tlicrcfcje appouucti. 

a»o oBtouiB ano fo tangcrous toas tint infamous uicc ( tijc fatrcft tm luljfrcof 
is tfggcrp) tbat men in making of Jicafejs of tljcii* Ijoufcg m afio an tjcpjcf? 
contiition, tljat tl)C IcfTec, jc. fl;oulti not fuft'crj Ijarboj, oj kocp anp Feme puteinc 
Uutl)in i\it faioliouffB, jc. 

3>K die cale of i H.7. tljc cuff cm of London fo^, cntrincc into an Ijoufc, anu at^f 
rcfting of an 5lD^cvutrcr •, ano carrying Ijer to pjifon, fn anacut times nMh 
terp antj fojnication lojcvc punifl;eti bp fine anD impjifonnunt, anti inquiralkin 
SEurus aito Elects lip tijcname of ILetljenuite. ©HcftnD in SDomcstap De adul- 
terio vero per totum Ghent', habet Rex hominem ( i. aincrciamentum hominisj & 
Archiepifcopus mulierem, ( /. ameiciamentum mulieris ) &c. 

Vidua, li alicui fe non legitime commifceb. 20 s. emendabit, puella vero 10 s. pro 
confimili caufa. 

Adulterium faciens 8 s. & 4d. emendabit homo, &foeroina tantundera.Rex ha- 
bet honiinem adultcrum, Archiepifcopus foeminam. 

2!f ut noD3 tljefc offences belong to tlje Ccclcfiaftical Court. 

Legvewita, o;Log!ewita,Legcrgeld, oj Logergeld, of Legre OjLogre foj a IfD 
anD Wite amerciament, bp common fpaclj Letherwite oj Laiervvite, Lierwite, Lo- 

Childewite i^ foj tlje LojD to take a fine fo; Ijis bont^jjoman ccfilei; anD le^ 
gotten \i)iil) cljilo. 

Bawdry, Lenocinium, unde Ribawdry & Ribaude, i. Impudicus rabula. &;>? 
^arliam. 50 E.3. nu.di. of UibauDs anD l^obertfmcn. 

c A r. 




De aflentatione, Fucologia, Pfcudologia^ 


We finB a ilato befojc ttje Conqtica againft iTIattcreris in tijefc tuojcs, mt. leges canuiF 
Liccepan Leo^opar pepepar -jpeapapa)- jober gpanian habban,&c.<5.c.7. Lam/ 
twljicl) Spr. Lambard tranflatetl)tl)U?j Aflentatores, mendaces, pras- Fetalis magnarum 
dones, & rapaces offenfionem Dei graviffimatn incurrant, 8cc. poteftatum peHis, 

SCfjC ancient Spanufcttpt tranOatCt^ it t^ug^ Seduaores, mendaces, rapaces, & SemJeTaffentor 
i-aptores Dei gravamen habeant. 2nD hot^ tcanflattong HO in cffctt agree, foj a id, quod isadcu- 
flattercr isafcnucct; fojfome pjioate cno, bp faineu pjaifc ano Rumouring of )« voiuntatem di- 
ahother, \xi\)tuhv %t l^at^ an oultreguidance of itiimfelf, W^^tc anii action?, Ifti c'tu^eiremagnuiii 

J V. o /- 1 . ' uc m Terentio! 

ducunt & leducunt. , . ^ ... magnas vero agere 

anijc otcafion of mafeingtljtsiLato toa?, ti)at iimg Canutus Ijati Been femtceB gratias mihi, &c. 
Ip i?Iattercrg, to^o ban fijctoen Ijim Ijis fare ano ftatc in a falfe dDIafg, mafting f*."s ^rat refpon- 
toB great a fljctu of W oton partg, aflionis, anu ftatc, to t^e enn to make ^im con*: '^''^^ magnas, ini 
ccit l)imfflf to ht letter anu greater tljen Ije toag, anu !)is antjerfaricg lefg tljen S^"^"'^"!""- 
f n trutlj tljep lucre, i^ap, tljia Itiing by tjjickctt flatterers affumcD to \)im ^iUnc 
pmet ann Ijononr : foj coming from feea, \)t fet Ijisi feet on tljc &ea ftront), ass 
tbc ^ea tuas flotoing, anu commanoea tljc Sea not to rife to tnet Ijiis Jiojolp ana 
S^ajcftick feet noj clotljesi t %\)t &ca feaping on bijs accuaomcD courfe, botlj 
toct l)is i?eet ann SCljigl)? alfo : toljcrm being foje ama^eir, repented W PK^? 
fumptiott Ctobicl) Ijc ^ao tmriertafeen bp toickeo flatter}).) 

ano luell 10 tbe i?Iattercr marfljalleo in tljiis liatti witlj liars, tijiebes, ano 
rabeners ; foj tbe SDibine uefcribeo i?iatterers to be tbofe. Qui colunt aliquem, * 

& auf'erunt abeoaliquid temporarii boni. ^0 aS it iS peccatum vifcatum, it get;* 
ml) atoap muclj antr gibett) tmofee. 

0nti tlje ^olp (©boft batlj ftilco flattcrp oleum peceatoris, tbat is, tlje oilc of 
tlje finner, v.xr' tloxpic, tljat is, of Ijim tljat ejccatrctb otljcts in On, ano botb af** 
fctt gceatnefs t tbat is, tbe Ijeab, mafemg it greater anu moje pjofperous t!jcn 
it is, as pou map rcan intlje Pjopbet David -. Corripiet me julks in mifericor- Pfal.14t.5i 
dia & increpabit me, oleum autem peceatoris non impinguet caput meum. Wilietef 
h^^ be being botlj a Bing anu a ^jopbct, pjcfcrretl) tfje repjoif, nap tbe fljarp . 
tebufec of tlje jull ant bettuotts, before tlje fmcotl) Ijumouring of tlje flatterer 
Cper nomenj of tbc Gtmer. 3Cl)iS oleum peceatoris is mel venenatum, & venenum 
mellitum, anb commonlp affcttctb greatncfs, ann is caUec llojcbane. 

SlnD again, David fpcafeing of tljc flatterer faitb, !^ts toojDs are fmmtbeE^s* 
tljcn oile, ana pet are tbep berp ^toojbs. Hsc didt Dominus Deus, Va? qui con- 
fuunt pulvillos fub omni cubito manus, & faciunt cervicalia fub capite univerra2 E"'^''?'!^. 
aetatis ad capiend' animas, &c. K\)\X$ faitlj tbe 3L0?D dPoD, Moc to tljcm tljat fob) 
pillotoesunocr all armboles, ana put kercbifcs upon tlje IjeaDs of cberp age to 
Ijunt ^ouls. acbep mafee tbc Hing glaa boitlj tbcir toicfeeonefs, ana t^e Pjinccgt 
luitb tbeir Iics« Inmalitia fua laetihcavcrunt regem, & in mendaciis fuis prin- Ofee.7.3. 

2Cbc flattcrinj5 moutb toojfeetl) ruinc. ;9na mo?e liings aha Ifeingaoms babe Prov 25.3s, 
ban oDertb?ob)n bp tbe means of flattcrp, tben bp publicb boffilitp. 0nD tbis i^ ^"- ^""ira, 
tbe caufe tbat buc ba\3C mentionea tbe faia ancient itab) foj tbeir puniibment, 
tbep be latofullp banifl;ea from pjinces Courts, ano Subjects boufes* 

Ut videat, caeco fit fimia pra?da ieoni : 
Rex cscus cernit, cum fycophanta perit. 


2o8 Of Flatterers^ ^c. Cap.99. 

Nota, enemies to Wi\}tit fcavful citiDS flattering faMutitcg, CO jcupter0 of t\}tit ^olieratgn iLiege 

Laws' piniOied by 3io?o0, aliufiug tl;ctr faboutst in fuljVicrCon of tljcir i,at»is, Ijaue IjaD, appearettj 

the Laws. i,, cm- ^avUamfnt HolIs, ISecojDg anti l^iftojics. 

t-^H*::^ Nofin^e- '^^'"5 H. 3. l)aD Hubert de Burgo Cljicf SuCicc anD earl of Kent, anti manj) 

gre& firmiter te- ot{)ers t buttljis toajs Ijig fafctj), tljat upon juttoccafton toitljoiit anv great grief 

nebimus judicium ijf cotilt) fojego a iFaiJourite. ^k in tbe pjefarc to tlje feconn part of tlje Initi- 

de Huberto de £^,(^5^ ^^ counfel tD H. 3. tO btltn Magna Carta. 

nesXtum '^ "°' E. 2. Ijat) i Pierce de Gavefton, tl)C c.Spencers, &c. anB tijc Spencers pjOCfiCDingS 

Speed 18 H.3.520. againft le grand Charter lip namc (amongft otljer tljings; tenning to tljc rulucK- 

iRot.Parl.7 E.2. fion of JiaU), f C. 

Ne quisoccafione- p^ j, jj-,j, ^^^ j^obert Trefilian Cl)ief ^uttice, ?C. anB Robert Carl of Oxford 

de G^aveftorHir '"""^ SDt.he of Ireland, &c. 

3r8 a. &ib 32i.a. H. d. Jjatie William de la PoleSDiike of Suffolk, ^fc. luljo ennealJottreDto Ijatoe 
<: vet.Mag.cart. lijougljt in tljc Cii^il JLato^, luljiclj toisi tbc occafton tljat tlje Cljicf Iw^ict For- 
2 part44. ib.5c. tefcue to?otc in tlje tommcniiation ot tlje ilaius of England, preferring tljem foa 
& <rNeTisoc- ^^"^ goijetnmcnt of tljislano befoje tljeCiUil Jlatos. mjisS^uke, toitlj otljcrg, 
cafionetur pro fe- plotteo tlje ocatlj anD ncftrttttion of Humfrey tlie genu E'Ul^c of Glouc. toljo etier 

loniis in profecu- ttcoD in lji$ luap. 

tione de Spencer £. ^. ijati/VVilliam 3Iojl> Haftings tlje i^ingg Cljambcrlainj anD Captain of 

^Rot Par I'l R 2 Calice. 211 tljcfc camc to fcarfiil anD untimel}) t\m. 

nu.s.&c."^* ' R. 3. IjaB g ®ir John Catesby one of tlje 3«fticeg of tlje Common plea?, ana 

e Rot.Par. 28 H. 6. Henry SPiilic of Buck. jc. p:ibv plotters ano tounfelloj0 iu)itlj R. 3. foj tlje moft 

nu.19. until 47. ejcccrable mttrtier of Ijig i^eplje\us, E. 5. ann Richard 5?ufee of York. Mljat a 

j HoUenfh. 7 1 3. ^jnff jgjjjj j nj tlje JDuke JbaD, vou feno\u % ann Juflice Catesby in Ijis Honrnep to 

^ Hollenfli. 722. London, in tlje iiing0 Ijiglj tnap IjaU fubitaneam & improvifam mortem. 

748.767.8. ' H. 7. Ijan /^ ^ir Richard Empfon, Edmund Dudley, &c. &ir Richard Empfon 

2H.7.10. jj3ag inOiCtCO, Quod ipfcconfiliariusexcellentitrimiPrincipisHcnrici nuper Regis 

fc Coram Rege^ Anglis feptimi Deum pr3E oculis non habens, fed ut filius diabolicus fubtiliter ima- 

information verf. ginans honorcm, dignitatem, & profperitatem didi nuper regis, ac poftcritatera 

D. Peter & alios, regni fui Anglian minime valere, fed ut ipfe magis fingulares favorcs didi nuper 

The like india- Regis adhibere, unde magnat' fieri potuiiTet, ac totum Regnum Anglis fecundum 

Dudl-v^*^" ^ ' ^'"^ voluntatem gubernare, falfo, deceptive, & proditorie legem Anglian fubver- 

tens, diverfos ligeos ipfius nuper regis, ex fua falfa covina, & fubtili ingenio, 

contra communem legem regni Anglis de diverfis feloniis, &c.'*indidari fecit, &c. 

per quod plures & diverli populi didli nuper Regis hiis gravaminibus, & indebitis 

exadionib. multipliciter torquebantur, in tantum quod populi didli nuper regis ver- 

fus ipfum nuper regem multipliciter murmurabant, & malignabant in magnum 

. periculum ipiius nuper regis regni fui Anglias, ac fubverfionem legum & confuetu- 

dinum ejufdcm regni, &c. SiXiQ t%t\i^t IttBittment toa$ againfl Dudley. 

Tr -^ 2 H 8. coram ^' ^' ^^^^ Thomas VVoolfey CarOinal. Ipfe intendens finaliter antiquiilimas An- 

rcge* Rot.14. glis leges penitus fubvertere, &enervare, univerfumqihoc regnum Angliae & ejuf- 

dem regni populum legibus Imperialibus, vulgo did', Legibus Civilibus, & earun- 

dem legum Canonibus fubjugare, & fubducere, &c. 

Wit XaiW foj fome caufcgi tefcenc no lotoer ; Qui eorum veftigiis infiftunt, eo- 
rum exitus perhorrefcant. 

215ut tljat rigljtbeDonc to Ijim tuljo Idoajs a faitliful faDojitc ann counfelloj to 
tljis i^ing, l»e lja\)e fan a spanufcript tljat relatetlj, t^at Charles Brandon 2Dube 
of Suffolk, a luife ano luarlikc pcrfon, luas fo; manp pears bcfojc Ijis oeceafe, tlje 
grcatcft faboiite tlje Mwg Ijao, upon toljom Ije cljietlp relicu in all Ijis tucigljtictt 
affairs. 2Cljis noble SDufee oexeafeo in Auguit in tlje 37 pear of tlje reign of iSing 
H. 8, iafter Uiljofc oeatlj tlje nert time tlje iliing fat toitlj Ijis Counfel, anD miU 
fing tlie groo BDuke, grieijouflp lamenteD fojljim, anD faiD, tljat tobeu 36 luas of# 
fenDeo \duIj anp ( as often 31 \13as ) anD acquainteD Ijim tljereUiitlj, tljat Ije cViec 
inDca^jourcD to mitigate my Difpleafure, anD neljer fpake to me ebil of anp of 
tljem. 0nB tljc !liing looking upon tlje JlojDs of Ijis Counfel one after another, 
faiD,anD fo (mp 3lo?D j cannot pou fap,peruCng tljcm all tljjougljout.SJ ropal com^ 
me\tDation of tljis great jDuke, ano a great argument of Ijis pietp anD Ijonour, 


Cap. loo. Of falfe Imprifonment. 209 

rtjattto fubtcrtljaucDet tljc utmgtiaticnoj tufplcafurc of ljt0 aJOtccp.tgn, Ipanp 
pjt\3atc Tojljiipcring of \m, 

Zllc mW cotiduDC tljts djapter luuJj one of our oton l^ittojics. Gcneralitcr Anno 5 r. 2. 
cundorum habitatoriiiTi terrs peccatis incluliveordines fumendo Mcndicantium ad Th.Walf.p.281. 
cumulandum caufas malorum, &c. ilH poirdlionatis invidentts, procerum criitiina 
approbantcs, commune vulgus in errore fovente^ & utmrumque peccata conieden- 
tesj pro pofTellionibus acquirendis, qui pofTeiriones renunciavcrant pro pecuniis con- 
grcgandis: qui in paupertate pcrfeverare juraverant, dicunt bonum malum, & ma- Read the fiory, 
lu'm bonum, feducentes Principes adulationibus, plcbem mendaciis, Sc utrofque fc- and fee the- n oft 
cum in devium pertrahentes, &c. igotC toljat (0 faiD, tljat tljc full Ijcap of tlje '■'"'en^l^le ef*«e 
raurc0 of (II?oD0 vjcngcanre in tljofc Dap0, luas tiumc up lip tljofc flattering p?caclj=^ Note tLTdi'ree 
ing i?ricr0. lEut parliament?, ^alaceg of pjincc0 ano pulpits, fljoulD U ki& p p p. 
from aDuUation ano flatterp. 

CAP, C. 
Of falfe Imprifonment. 

S(^<B tl)C Second part of the Inliitutcs, •A)t Statute De i E. 2: de frangentibus 
prifonam, anfl jljc erpofition upon tljc fame. 

&iV tlje petition of Kigljt, 3 Car. Regis, anU Mag. dart. cap. 2p. SlnS it i$ -Int. leges Alveredl 
to be obferbeD tljat bcfojc tljc Conciucft it toag tljus pjotiiocD. Qui hominem cap.ji. 
Paganum immerentem vinculis conlkinxerit , 1 o folidis noxiam farcito •, eum fl 
verberibus affecerit, 20 folidorum poena eftoi li fufpenfum in fublime rapuerit, 
30 folidis culpa penfator '■> 11 contumcliofe capillum ejus morionis in morem to- 
tondcrit, i o folid' prxftato i fin caput in morem faccrdotis rafcrit, nee ipfum !i- 
gaverit, 50 folidos numerato i fi barbam illi refecarit, 20 folidorum compcnfatio 
fequitor i fi denique ei vinculis conftrido capillos in morem facerdotum abraferit 
60 folidos pendito. 

Jlop tuap of aOQitioUjljcre it i$ ncrcffarv to he 'fenot))n,l)o\)3 annbp toljat means! 
one tljat i0 in pjifj#map be oifdjargcti. QMet^ man tljat is in pjifon, eiiljcr is 

impjifoncO UittljOUt laMul Mittimus CUiljCrCOf iDClja^e fpokcn iffojC ubi fupra, 

ano Ijolu \)t map lie frao from imprifonment in tljat cafe) oj tt.itl3 laUjful Mit- 
timus, ^e tljat is latofullp impjifonen, is citljer impjifoneo bp laiuful commans; 
Dement J ann ojuer oj luarrant, 0; bp tlje icings WHxit : '3'$ commancment ano 
ojBcr of anp Court of lScco;to-, anu tl}i6 commanocmcnt, warrant 0^ uijtt, is ei? see°iie st«ure'of 
tljer foj caufes not being SEreafon oj iTclonp, mifpjifion of tlje fame, no? otljcr Mag.carcca.29. 
■ publick ofience 0? caufe, ojinferiourcaufesto tljcfe: as contempts, pjiijateacti* 
bUs 0} fuits. 3f anp Court of licrojii commit a man foj a contempt tione in Court, ^^l°%^l^"l^l.^^°^' 
tljcp map Difcljarge Ijim bp like oincr at a)eir plcafiirc : but if tljcp IjaDing au? '^ , 
tljoiitp, no commit Ijim foj SCrcafon, i^elonp, oj ctlicr crime, oj foj fufyitton cf ^ul' ph. & Mar. 
tljc fame, tljcp cannot oifcljarge Ijim until Ijc be inquired cf, ana citljer inistctca cap 10. 
antiactiuitteti, o^ an 3gnojamus founo, ano rieli^jcrco bp piotlamation, a Zn'O fo * '4 ^^-^^ F-N-B- 
it ts if anp be taken ano impjifonco bp lawful luarrant, m tlje teingss toiic fcj ^^J J'^ ^ ^ '^ 

freafon, jpclonp, oj otljcr crime, $c. ^c cannot be DifcljargcD bp anp toitljcut le? ^ Mich.i .- Jac. in 
ypJOCaOing (bUC bp tlje liing onlp.) banke le Roy. 

r3f a t^lagrant, refufing to tcrVie, Ijao bren committen to pjifon upon tl;'c ota# int. wuhers & 
• fute of 23 E.3. of Labourers bp tbc HojD of tljc £rc\yn,Dj3ufiicc cf peace, tijcp ^^^J^^^ adjudge 
migljtlja\3C oiicljargco Ijim, c\3cn as tljcCljancclD?,(jc. map commit a man fcja j^H-^^s.b. 
contempt bcfoxe Ijim in Court, ano oilcljargc Ijim again at Ijis plcaiure. i 

e 3,f a man be taken bp ilje ifting0 ©Ulrit in an adon of Debt oj anotljcr pjil;ate'io h 7-3- a- per 
aflion, tbr piaintift map ntfcl)arge tljc ©aolcr cf Ijim ano fee Ijim at liberty, y^^^ °''q^^ ^ 
tljouglj Ije be in execution : but if tie be taken in an Appeal of ^e atlj, laobbrrK ^ '' 

€t 2 Kapr, 


:2 1 o Of Judgments and Execution, Gap. i o i . 

»ape, ftc. tbe paintiff cannot nifcliargc l)tm, iefattfe it ig a ^uWicb offence 
toljcrcin tljc JSing l;atl) an intcrca, antilje map after i^onfnttljptlje^Iauutff 
It arraigucD at tljc !feings fuit. 

snijcrearc ttoo great antierfarie? to tlje tiue e]cccutton of tljefe llatojs rag be^ 
fo je l)atlj been tondjcB) efpeciailp in criminal catifcg, viz. Prscipitatio & morofa 
cunftatio. |3jccipitation i ag a man oj teoman to be committen to pjifon, ano 
toitljin fo 1I)0U a time to be intiictco ann arraigneBjag it ig not polTible foj tijjem 
to fcnri fojjO} pjocure t\)m toitneffeg , tljig ccttainip ig precipitation, foj t^c 
iiato boti) in perfonal ann real actiong iiotlj gibe tlje partp, 2Cenant oj SDefcft;^ 
tantj a conbcnicnt time toitijout rcfpett of perfong to anftocr, f c. muclj mojc it 
Otigljt to be in cafe of life, Nee unquam in judiciis tantum eminet periculum, quantum parit proceffus felHnatus : anb again, Crebro in deliberationibus judicia 
fo.i27.b. maturefcunt, in accelerato procefTu nunquam : anB fpetiallp in cafe of life. 20 

foj morofa cunflatio, frotoarU 0? loeptoarti Belap ■> fee tlje Second part of tlic In- 
fiitutes Glouc. ca.2<5. 2nD lue tuill conclutic tljig Cbapter toitlj tlje rule of Jiab)> 
Quod in criminalibuSj probationes debent effe luce clariores. 

Of Judgments and Execution. 

'Udicium ig BcribeD a Jure, & dido, & eft quafi Juris didhim, anD tijecefoje 
J if tlje iuDgmcnt be erroneoug, botlj tlje judgment ann ejrecution tljereupon, 
anu all tbe fojmer pjocfcbingg fljall be reberfeo bp lujit of Crroj : but if tlje 
former pjoceeDing ann iuugmcnt be gmo, if tlje execution be erroneoug, tljc q:^ 
ecution fball onlp be rebcrfen ; anu becaufe tlje jungment ig tlje guine anD Hire:* 
ction of tl)c erecution, toe Iljall treat pjincipallp of tlje Jubgment, ann incioent*' 
Jp of Crccution. 

;aDf 3lut!gmcntg, fome be bp tljc Common 3lato, anu fome bp Statute llaui, 
ano fome bp CuCom. 

^f 3[u5gmcntg bp tlje Common ILato, fome be in criminal caufeg, oj ^Ica? 
of tlje Croton,concerning tlje life of man (toljcreof toe are^^cipallp to intreat> 
ano of tljcfe fome be eypjelfen, anti fome implieo. ^tljer 3[«uPtientg at tljeCom* 
mon l.ato be in actiong real anti mijtt, of toljiclj fome be Judicia interlocutoria, 
anD fome ultima feu principalia : anD again, de principalibus, quaedam funt Hnalia, 
& qujcdam non funt finalia. ^l 3nDgmentg bp ^tatuteg, fome be in Criminal 
caufeg, anD fome in Common pleag ; but ^uDgmentg bp Culfom are onlp in 
Common pleag. 

311 ipieag of tlje Croton, concerning tlje life of man, arc DibtDCD into %utif 

fon anD i?elonp: anD SCrcafon into l^iglj Creafon anD petit 2nreafon,anD jfelonp 

into all tlje federal bjancljcg abotoefaiD. 2nD ag in tlje cafe of ^^iglj aCreafcn, (ag 

it batlj bcfojc appeareD) fome be far moje Ijo jriblc anD oDioug tljen otljer,pct(one 

cafe ejrcepteD ag befoje ijatlj appearcDjone anD tlje fame B^uDgmcnt ig giben foj all, 

S)o in cafeg of petit 2i:reafon,one JiiDgment ig giben in all, nap in all tlje fcJjcral 

6 Ei.Dier 250. Cuffs' cf i^clonp, tljouglj fome be far moje Ijainoug tljen otljcr, pet all being but 

See before in the ifclonp, oueauD tljc famc juDgmcnt iggibcn. see tlje jttDgment anD forfeiture 

ZT" °^ ^^"' '" ^^^^^ °^ s:reafon,i?elonp,gtc. in tljc feberal titleg ttiereof, tljefc toe toill aoo. 

Judgment in High Treafon. * 

Pl.Com 587 b. Ec fuper hoc vifis, & per curiam hie intclledis omnibus & fingulis prsemiilis. 

See Stanford 182. ^ confideratum eft, quod prsdidus R. ufque furcas de T. i trahatur, & 2 ibidem 
Lib.lnr.Co.^^i, fufFe;idaCur per collum, & vivus ad terram proftematur, &3 intcriora fua extra 
'^Seethe book of Judges cap. 19. ver.ujt. Confider, Confult, and give fentence. 19 H. ($.47. Trahe, pende, & 
ai[c\o{'e. ETilX.W.-^So. \ii.h. CTiminUfxmajtSl. ut ft contra, firjonam ipjias regis /it prxjmjitum, quod quidtm crimta 
emidnliacrimina ixcedit quoidpcenam. 104. b. maketli mention ofexecution^ Uquio & jecnri, Pari. 
21 R.2, inter 


Cap. I o I . Of JudgmenU and Execution, 

21 I 

ventrem fuum capiantur, ipfoque vivente comburantur, & 5 caput fuum amputcturj 
quodque 6 corpus fuum in quatuor partes dividatur, ac 7 quod caput & quarteria 
ilia ponantur, ubi dominus Rex ca allignare vult. 

31mplif5 in tlji0 juDgmcnt 10, iFirft, tljc forfeiture of all ^is ^anno?0j3laniJiS, 3? h. 8. Br. For- 
2Lcncm£nt0 anD l^crenitamcntjs^ in fa;;'fimi)Ie, oi^tZ'MiX, of totjomfoctcr tljep feit^^e.9p. 
1)C IjolDen. S>f contilp, W vuife to'lofe Ijer SDottcr. 2E^irtilp,l)e fljall lofe W ^^i\f 
Bjcn f fojtljf? become bafe anii ignoble.j i?ourtljIp, %t Ojall lofe Ijig ^^ottcritp, 
for Ijis McDti is ftaincD anu coj-rupteo, ano tl^ep cannot inljerit to bim, oj anp 
otljcr anccflo?. iFiftljlp, all Ijig gmug anU cljatteliS, f c. antt reafon ig, ttjat W 
loDp, lanB?!, goDDiSj pofieritp, ?c. fl;ouH> be to;n, pullcD afunDec, an» JoftropeD, 
tljat intcnueD to tear ana octtrop tl)C spajeQp of government, ^nn all tljefe fe^^ 
iccal punifljmcntis are founD foj treafon in Ijolp Scripture. 

1 Reg. 2 ."28. 3cc. Joab tradus, &(c. 
Efther 2.22, 23. Bithan fufpenfus, &c. 
Ads 1. 18. Judas fufpenfus crepuit medius, & diffuia funt vifcera ejus. 

2 Sam.18.14,15. Infixit tres lanceas in corde Abfolon cum adhuc palpita- The hearT, fee. 

ret, &c. while he lived. 

2 Sam.2 0.22. AbfcifTum caput Sheba filiiRichri. Behead. d. 

2 Sam.4.11,12. Interfecerunt Baanan & R.echab, & fufpenderunt manus Q."3rters hanged 

ic pedes eorum fuper pifcinam in Hebron. Dj'mnatsE memo- 

Cojrwption of Wmti, ann tljat tt)C cljilnjcn of a SCraitoj lljoulu not inljcrit, nx. 
appcaretlj aUo bp l^olp Scripture. 

Pfal.iop.p,io,i 1,12,13. Mutantes transferantur filii t\u%^i8i. mendicent, & ejici- ^ ^^ E.a.42.b. 

antur de habitationibus fuisj & diripient alieni labores ejus, & difpereat de terra coron. 130. 

memoria ejus. tri''- c «• f. i(J. b. 

- — ' - ' ' ' accord. 



a 2El)e SuDgmcttt of a tooman fox l^iglj SCreafon ijs to be ujaiim ann burnt. 

• bDegr^di'ion. 

Com. Cstfar. ante 
Chriftum natum 
1600 annis, what 
the judgment was 
for Petit. Treafon. 
I R.5.f.4. 25 E.3. 
42. 12 A(T. 50. 
5 E.4.4. a & b. 
See the Preface to 
the fixth part of 
Reports, what the 
Law was before 

b &tr Andrew Harkley (Eatl of Carlifle", contJitfeu, BcgraDcU anD attaintcD of ^[j. ,3 e. 2. Co- 

JSCreafon. » ram Rege Rot. 54, 

Judgment in Petit Treafon^ where he is convive d thereof \\^^^ mgi. p. 

by verdiEi or confejfion. 

Super hoc vifis, &c. ut fupra, Confideratum eft, quod pra^didus R. ufque farcas 19 H. ^. 47 
de T. trahatur 8c ibidem fufpendatur per Collum, quoufque mortuus fuerit. "^ '^'^ ' 

JEut a U'oman ijs to Ijabe juogmcnt to be njaton anu burnt as iucll in cafe of 
5^ctit aCreafon, as ^ig^ Creafon, anti ouglK not to be beljcaDeu oj IjangeD, De 
morte mariti ficompertum eft uxorem,8cc. igneBritanni interficiunt. 

Bradon li.3. fo. 105.3. Igne concremantur qui faluti dominorum fuorum infidi- 
averint, idem fo. 104.. b. 

Judgvient in felony-, where he is convi^ed thereof by 
verdioi or c07ife[fion. 

Et fuper hoc vifis, &c.ut fupra, Confideratum eft quod prjedidtus R. fufpendatur ^j^g conquefl. 
per collum, quoufque mortuus fuerit, Bradon lib. 3. fol. 104. b, fpeaketl), De An. Dom. ^g^^. in 
laqueo. cafeoffelotiy. 

ant) it i^ a marim in Jlato, tliat execution tnull be atcojuing to tlje tuug^ 
meut, Et qua; in Curia noftra rite adta funt, debit' executioni demandari debent : 
* anti foj erprefS autbojitp, non licet felonem pro felonia decoUare •, anD pet feme "^ Pafch. 20 R. 2. 
examples arc to tlje contrarp. Sco^ia^'^^ ^°''^ 

SCruc it is tljat tljc llojn of Hungerford of Heytsbury toas in 32 H.8. attain^' 
teti of lEuggerp, anD Ijau jungmcnt to be Ijangen bp tlje neck, until l;e ijcas 
iicati •, anB pet on tlje SCtoentp eigljt nap of July in tlje fame ^ear \13as tebeats^ 
£ti at tlje iCotBec Ijill. IBut as true it is, tljat Thomas Fines 3L0JD Dacres of tlje see before cap. 
^outlj, in anno 33 H.8. uias attatntcn of muwer, ano IjaD lutigment to be Ijan^ Murder. 
gcD bp tlje neck until Ije toas ceau, anu accojting to tfee luDgmcnttnas Ijangcn 
at Tiborn tljc SCttentp eigl)t of June in tlje Came pear, ^nn true it is tljat 
Edward gDuke of Somerfet tuas attainten of felonp in anno 5 E. 6. ano ^an 
(utjgment to be ^angeii bp tlje neck until ^e was wan, ann en t^ ttocntp f£*= 

212 Of fudgments and Execution. Cap. i o i . 

conn of February itt t\)t fame year toaji ieljcaiicti at Tower-hill, ^nn ag true it 
t$, tljat 3 & 2|. Ph. ant) Mar. tlje JLojU Stourton toag attaiiUED of murDcr, ann ijan 
^ungment to le Ijangcn bp tlje tiecfe, until Ije lucre ceat, anft attojntng to tic 
jucgment, tl)e fitt of March in tlje fame pear lua0 IjangcD. 

3ln cafe of ^igtl SCrcafon, beljEaDing is part of tlje itiDgment, ann tljercfoje 
tl)C feing map parnon all t\\t reft faViing beljeatiing, ag ijs ufttallp Bone in cafe of 
igobilitp. 5iEut if a man being attainten of fclonp, be bcljeaoeD, it i0 no eretutis^ 
on of tlje Juiigment, becaufe tlje jutigmcnt ig, tljat l)e be Ijangen, wxtil ije be 
Dean, 3h tl)i0 cafe tlje judgment Botb belong to tlje Sungc, ano Ijc cannot alter 
itj t^e crccution belong? to tljc ^Ijeriff, ?c. ano Ije cannot alter it. ^no if tlie 
cr£c«tionmigl)t be altereo in tbis cafe from Ijanging to bcljeaning, bp tlje fame 
reafon it migl)t be altereti to burning, ftoning to ncatlj, ?c, SCo concUioe tijts 
point, Judicandum eftlegibus,non exemplisv anO Judicium eft Juris did:um, 8c 
Exeaitio eft executio Juris fecundum judicium. .. 

%^t forfeiture in cafe of |3etit, SEreafon ana fclonp ( toljiclj iis impltca in tlje 

lutgment ) i? all one, taljicl; pou map rcao in tlje Firft part of the IniUtutes, 

Sed. 747. 

_^ . Quando peccaverit homo, quod morte pleftendus eft, & adjudicatus morti, ap- 

Vide Hil. I H.5. penfus fuerit in patibulo, non permanebit ejus Cadaver in ligno, £d in eadcm die 

Rog. Aft'oDs cafe, fepelietur, Sno tlje rcafon tl)at 2Dii3inesi pielo Ijereof ip, foj tljat l»p dje ctccuti;* 

DU of tl)e jungmcnt bp treatl), tlje 3laii3 is fatigfien, ano abl)ojretlj crueltpj anu 

in tliat cafe. Mors dicitur ultimum fuplicium. 

antiljercin tljiis is obfer^jable, tljat in SCreafon ano i?elonp, tlje lungmcnt iis 
onlp of tlje fatal anB cojpojal punifljment, ano notljing of tlje fo^feitufe, uil)it|j 
is implieo, but in Common picas tlje juogments are mo?c particular. 

Judgment in Appeal^ when the Defenc/a?2t joyning hah ail 

is vanqidjhed in the fieU^ 'tSTc. 

Sf tlje SDefentant in Appeal be bantiuiflicri in tlje fielo, tlie lSeco:ii rccitetl) 

8 E.3. Judgment tlje tiantiuifling in tlje ficlO, Ideo conllderatum eft quod fuf. per coll. nno fo it iS 

225. toljcn tlje SDefcnoant is ijantiuinjei) ano (Iain in tlje ficlo, pet tlje juogmcnt is 

ut fupra. ^tlierwife tlierc (toulu be no efcljeat : fee tlie Second part of the infti- 

tutes, W.I. cap. 1 4. 

Juc/gme?n in Treafon or Felony ^ wherein ?ieither any cor- 
poral piinijhment or forfeiti/re is exprejfed. 
3;n cafe of 2Creafon oj ifelonp, if anp pcrfon be outlatoeu, tlje jutigmcnt up#^ 
Regift. 164. b. on tl3C Ctigcnt at tlje fift Countp Court upon Default of tlje partp is, Ideo, Sec. 
Fecit feloniam per judicium Coronatoris Domini Regis comitatus prsdid' utlagatus eft. CiSlljiclj 
pro qua utlagatus ^^it being Dulp retumeB of Uetojo bp tlje §)ljeriff, tlje partp fl)all liaue tljelilie 
^""- cojpojal punifljment, ano fljall lofe anti forfeit as mudj as if Ijc Ijan appcarco, jc. 

anO iuogment Ijao been giuen againft Ijim in cafe of 2Lreafon 0? i?elonp refpci^ 
ttiticlp. ano note tljat in tljefe toojos C ideoutlagatur ) botlj tljc cojpojal puntflj:? 
ments ano forfeiture alfo are implico : ann if iljeprocceoingtljcrein, or tlje 
Juogment be erroneous, ano upon Ijis appearance upon tlje Capias utlagatum, 
19H. i5 2. a. 'f ^^ appear to tljc Court ( toljereof anp man, as amicus Curia, map inform tlje 
Error Fi." 26. Court J tljat tljc partp map eitljcr aijoio tlje cutlaimrp againtt liim ^^^ U'jit of cr^ 
28 E.3.91. a. ror, or bp plea, tlje Court ougljt not to aluaro erecution againft tl)c partp, lut 
^ H '^'^' b Jiffig" l)im or Ijcr counccl learneo, ano require Ijim or Ijer bp tljcir aoutce, citljer 
9 H 7- 19- • jj, j,j(,^g J, Wxit of error or pleao : but if tlje partp refufe to bring l)is GGlrit of 
error or pleao after ronijenient time be giucn, if tlje outlalurp be erroneous ano 
not noio, rbe Court map alMaro erecution. 3nO fo it \ijasrcfoli3cti>TerminoHil. 
Hil. 3 ]ac. Coram Anno 3 Jacobi Regis, bptljc luljole Court in tljc iStugs 3!£^enclj, ano ttUers prefiVs 
Regc per Curiam. DcntB tljercof fljeiucB in tlje iSeigtts of H.d. E.4. ano one in tbc IScigit of iE:uan 
Auterfoits attaint Eliz. tDljicl; uic lau) i for ap long as tlic attainoec bp outlatorp ftanoctlj in force, 
demefmiie offmi. tlje partp cuilaioJCB cannot be oraton in tiueftion bpanp neto Snoictment or ap 
peal for tlje SCreafoUj ojifelonp, for tljc Uiljiclj Ije toas outla^o •, for Auterfoitz 


Cap. I o I . Of Judgments and Execution, _ 2 1 5 

attaint foj i\]t fame offcnrc t's a gcou pica to fi-i% Tjim from anftorr in tijatcaufc, 'Videtf e - << in 
albeit tl;e l\cro;Hi be erroneous. HBtit if tljc ^ttainoer oj £'titIaiD:v be Doio Ajd. ' '' 
apintt Ijim, tljcn map l)e be citljcr arraigncl) upontlje fojmer BinDittmcnt, oj 12E.2. Efch. r4. 
appeal, oi ncU)l})3:ntitrteD,(tr. if tljere be ratife. flnDti)ercfo?et1jc Kungcjsareto '? £2. cor.jgy. 
tafee Due conftneration of t\)C lubole UccojD of tlje attainuer oj ^Tiulatujp, tljat 
tiev map be trulp infojmco of tbe true ftate of tijc caufe, befojc tljcp aVoaro crcj= 
cution of tieatl) againC Ijimupon tl)e outla\j]jv. Mean Brafl-on lib.5. Trad. 2. Eraa.i.?. f. i;r. 
cap.14. anuBrittoncap.13. fol. 20,21. ctceUentlp treating ljereof,auti Flctalib. Erittonf.20,21. 

T. cap.27. *^ 

jSlnii bp tlje Common llato Amerfoit?, attaint. Sec of tijc fame fclonp toas a 
gojD plea a0 toell in an SUnnictment a0 in ;appeal bp tljc Common %m. 3><x; tljc 
Statute of 3 Hy. cap.i. concerning appeal of tseatlj : fo as in an appeal of Dcat^, 
at tljC futt of tlje partp, Auterfoitz attaint de inefme le mort, is no plea at tljis 
Dap, but in cafe of an Jnnictmentof teatlj at tlje fuit of t'be !l5ing, Autcrfoitz 
attaint de meline le mort in appeal iS a gCDU plea. Auterfoit? attaint de murder 
is a gcDD plea to an 3n5ictment, gfc. of petit 2Crcafon of tlje fame oeatlj, foj in 
eifctt it l)atlj tlje fame jutgment, anu tl)Cfclf fame forfeiture. ^olike\uifc if a 
man bcattaintefl of manflaugljterj it is a gcon bar to an Smuictmcnt of mtircct 
of tlje fame neatlj, & e contra. 

IBp tlje Common 3lato if a man \uere attainten of a felonp tone bp Ijim , anu Auur^inx attaint 
acmitting Ije tuerc after parconetij Ije cannot at tljc fuit of tljclting be impeaclj* ''"" """'' «^""' 
CD foj anp felonp \i)ljatfoel3cr befcjc Ijis faiD Httain^er bp Ijim committcD, foj Dkf "4 Efe ^' 
bp tlje 0ttainDer Ijc toas mort in Ley i anD in tljat cafe Ijc IjaD tlje juDgment Due stones c^fe." 
foj felonp, viz. Si f. per coll. IE ut tlje partp map Ijaw Ijis Appeal of IHobl-crv, 6H.4.5. io'h. 4. 
foj a robberpDonc befoje tlje felonp, luljereofljeluas attainteD, bccaufe in tlje ^of^"- -37- 
jappeai ^c is to Ijaue rcOitution of Ijis gooDs, l^efiDes jttDgment of Deatlj. ^ 0no ^fE'^^cor'"'^' 
if tlje partp attainteD of felonp IjaD committeD It^iglj SUreafon befojc Ijis attain* scann; ioT,io8^ 
Der, Ije fijall anfincr to tlje aCreafon notiuitljftanDing Ijis SttainDcr of felonp, be;--, see 44 e.3.'44. * 
taufctljeiSing bp tlje aCreafon luas intitlcD toljaDetlje forfeiture of all Ijis 7H.4.51.4E.4.U 
lanDS, of tuljomfoetoer tljep lucre IjolDen. 3lfo for tgiglj SErcafcn tljere is ano;? I. ' ",^' '°'-5- 
tljer juDgment, being an offence of an Ijigljcr nature : but being attainteD of fe^ nmis-To impe-'^' 
Jonr, if Ije commit acreafon aftertoaros, Ijc fi)all anftoer tljercunto, beraufe it is rials cai^. 
of Ijigljer nature tljcn tlje felonp, but it fljall not Deijeft tlje rigljt of C-frljeat, 
toljiclj lalDfullp toas bp tlje felonp bcCeD in tljc 1Lo?ds, contrarp to tlje opinion 
of BiuCicc Stanford in tljat cafe, for tljc act auD offence of tlje partp fljall not De^ 
bell tljc latoful (Bfcljeat of tljc ilorDS j but if a man be attainteD of JErcafon, Ijc 
cannot be after attainteD of a former SCreafon, caufa qua fupra. 

Wl^cte a little before it is faiD, tljat a felon bp Ijis SttainDcr is mort in Ley, 
it is to be unDcrtttoD of fuclj former offence? as rctiuire pcenam mortis: for not;? 
luitljftanDing tlje iattainDcr, Ijis boDp remains fubject to arretts anD ejccrution 
for Debts, ?C. Vide hie paulo polr, Truflels aUD Prcftals cafc in margine. ^Ibtil ^^" '4^^- 30S. 
for felonp a man be aDjuDgcD to Ijis penance. Pain fort & dure, pet lie map be c°^'""is cafe. 
impcacljcD for anp former felonp, bccaufe tlje juDgmcnt is not givicu for tlje fc* 
lonp, but for W tontumacp. 

3f a man be attainteD of l^etit JLarccnp, Ije map be after attainteD of felonp, 
for tljc luljiclj Ije fljall Ijaue jutgment of Dcat^, bccaufe it is an Ijigljcr offence, 
anD i? to Ijaijc an otljet juDgment. 

Auterfoitz^ acquitCj a7id the Judgment thereupo?L 

^ut Auterfoitz acquite, muft be of tl)C fame felonp, anD albeit Ije be acciuit cf ^^] ^""f* '^S' ^° 
tlje latter felonp, pet map Ije be arraigncD of anp former felonp ; anD fo it is in ' 

cafe of treafon, Auterfoitz acquite of trcafon muft be of tlje fame trcafon, for it 
acquitetlj no otljer, bccaufe Ijc ei3er remaincD a pcrfon able. 

0nD albeit at tljis Dap in an appeal of Dcatlj, Auterfoitz acquire, upon an %xif 3 h 7. cap. r 
Dictment of tljc fame Deatlj i% no bar, pet in an BtnDictment of Deattj, auterfoitz '^ e?- Jit. co- 
attaint de mefme le mort in an ;appeal is a gtoD bar. '°"; ""'•'' ^^' 

2 14 ^/ Judgments and Execution, Cap. i o i> 

3n an Snotttmcnt oj ^appeal of neat^, if it be fouim tljat ije feilUu |iim iK 
Lib 4 foi 44 4? * iisoton Defence, Ijc igi acquiten of tljc felon? foj cDcr. 
And fo it was ad- 3it appearctlj in Vauxes cafe, tljat if a man be crroneouflp acquiteu of felonp 
judged Mich.53 & bptoerDictanniuDgmcnttljeteupon gi\3en,pet if tlje 3;nDirtment,?c.beinfuffici# 
34 Eiiz. coram cnt, tie ma J) be infiicteu again foj tbe rcafons f caufes in tijat cafe repojten, taljic^ 

of dea"irbmvcen ^"^ "^'^^ ^^^^ ^'^'^''^ ^^ ^'^'^5^' ^"^ "*'' ""^ ^^'^^ ^^ rcpeateti : 9iwa tljereunto tW 

Katife/ine wwe ^^ toiUaDtj, tljat tlje tcafon, tofjcrcfojc upon an erroneoug jungmcnt of connem? 

and Tho. wigges. nation, tlje paitp (ais batlj been faio) isi njiben to Ijiis Mtit of Crco?, ann in tije 

vid. 19 E. 3. tar cafe of an erroneous! juDgment of actiuital, ttiat no Writ of €rro} naoetlj to 

'♦44- be bjougl)t bp tlje iiing, but tlje offenfioj map be netolp intiitteD, $c. iis tl)is,tt)at 

in tlje cafe of conoemnation, tlje judgment 10, Qiiod fufpendatur, &c. to^iclj 10 

ttje jutigment of ilatu Hue foj tlje offence, ano ougljt to be giben tljerefoje, ann 

can Ijabe no otljer intentimcnt ; but in tlje cafe of Requital tlje tuBgment is 

Quod eat fine die, &c. iMljiclj map bc gibcn ag tocll foj tlje inrufficicuf p of t^e 

3lntiictmcnt, a0 foj tljc panic? innocencp, 0? not guiltinefg of tlje offence. ;9nU 

tlje 3uugc0 of tlje caufc ougljt before juogment to Imk into tlje tuljolc ISecojtr, 

V. 3 H.4.f.3.Ui anfi upon fine conCueration tljereof to caufe it to be entreb, Ideo confideratum 

c[\ quod eat line die ■■, luljiclj upott tljat report, anb tlji? abbition implieo tljerein, 

loe Ijolbmap fatigfiie tlje ffubioujs reaber. 

Auter foits conviti de me^yne le felony devant J2iclgme?it. 
Lib 4 foi 45 a6 ^^^ ^"J^^ uibiConjfee Holcrofts cafe befojc in tlje Cljaptcr of ^utBcr, anb Lib. 
Hoicrofcscafe. * 4- fo45,4^. toljerc tlje Statute of 5 Hy. cap. i. is tucll ejtpounneb : anu tlje 2, 

Second part of the part of tljC BJUffitUteiS, Artie, fuper Cart. cap. 3. & Lib. Intr. Co. fo. 53, 54., &c. 
InAitutes, Art. fu- anH Lib. 4. fo. 40. Wetherels cafe. 3nti Stanford Lib.2.cap.37. in pi. coron. 

vL TnVr *co 5^2 * ^ff°^^ ^^y^ Statutes Of 8 El. C.4. anb 18 El. c.6. %l a man ^an fommittco 
54, &c. ' 5iber0 feloniegjif Ije Ijau ban innitteu of tlje latf,anb Ijab benefit of Ijig Clergp, 

Lib.4. fo 40. We- Ije coulb not Ijabe been impeacljeu foj anp of tljc fojmer felonies, albeit foj t%z 
thereis ca(e. (amc Ije cotilt) not Ijabe IjaB Iji? Clergp : bp t^at 0ct it is pjoViineD, tljat ttot*= 
^Mmhitsfon.^' TMitljftanDing tlje allowance of fuclj Clergp, Ije map be impcacljeb foj anpfoj* 
via. din auter fe- ^itt offcnce, foj lojljiclj Ije coultt not IjabeljaD Ijiis Clergp. 

pro'ckro.'^'*^'''*' Judgment to reverse an outlawry for treafon orfeloiiy. 

SClje iungment to re^erfe an outlaioojp of A. B. in cafe of treafon o? felonp in 

Vid.Pafc.39E.?. a ®!ilrit of Crroj i0 5 Ideo confideratum eft quod utlagaria prsedida ob erro- 

Rot. 95. Scire fac. ^^^^ prsdid' & alios in recordo & proceff. prsdid. compere, revocetur, adnulle- 

&°immediati5 tur, & penitus pro nullo habeatur, & quod praedid. A. B. ad communem legem & 

omnia quae occafione utlagaris praedid, amifit, reftituatur, &c. bi. quod ipfe eat 

fine dine. 

3f tlie £>utlatojp be a^oibeb bp plea,tljen tlic jubgment iiS, Ideo confideratum 
eft quod prsdidus A. B. de utlagaria prsdida exoneretur, & quod ipfe ad commu- 
nem legem, & omnia, qus occafione utlagariae praedid. amifit, reftituatur, & ea oc- 
cafione non moleftetur in aliquo, nee gravetur, fed fit, & eat inde quietus. 

3f A. B. be inDictcb of treafou oj felonp in tlje toingsllBenclj, ojif Ijc be in*: 
bitfen before Commiffionerg of Oier anb Terminer, ojanp otljer, ann tlje Itnuitfj* 
ment of treafon oj felonp is remobco into tljc toingg llEcntlj : ann bp |.>?oces 
out of t^e teings 315encl) %z is erroneouflp outlabjcb anb fo returneb, a mxxx, 
of CBrroj map be bjougljt in tlje Ifiings 51Bcnclj foj rcbcrfal tljereof. 

ann bJljere it is ^oluen bp fome,tljat if anp pcrfon be attainteb of l^igl) ^Crea*! 

fon \i^ tlje Common Jiatj), tljat no «jit of dErro? (Ijoulb be bjougljt fo? tlje reber^ 

fal of tljat attainBcr bp reafon of tljefc wo jus of tlje Statute of 33 H.8. cap. 20. 

Stanf pi cor. i8. "-'^^ ^nd if any perfon or perfons (hall be attainted of High Treafon by the courfe 

k. 1. ' ' of the Common Law, &c. that every fuch attainder by the Common Law Ihall be 

33H.8.cap.2o. of as good lirength, value, force, and effed, as if it had been done by authority 

of Parliament. OlBut tlic contrarp Ijercof toas refolbeD at a l^arliament Ijolneti 

Anno 2 8 Eliz. tljat a Wxxt of C'rroj HjouId be maintainen foj tlje reberfal of er^ 

roneous attainbcrs of l^iglj SCreafon bp t^« Common Haw ; fo} tl;at Statute of 

53 »• 

I o I . Of Judgments and Execution, 215 

33 H. 8. tiS to l)C tntcnDcD of latoftil attaintrrs! bp tljctmc coiirfc cf tljc Common 
iLalojji«nt) not of erroneous oj uoto attatnocrg. 5lnti tljcrcupon at tl)at patlia;? '^ Nota, this Aft 
went ijOlOcn anno 28 Eliz. an i?tt toas mane. That no Record of attainder of any <^^'f^;nds only to 
perfon or perfons, of or forany HidiTreafon, where the party fo attainted^ is or fons'bcforefheAft 
hath been executed for the fame Trfafon, lliall be, &cc. in any wife hereafter rever- 0628 EI where the 
fed, undone, avoided, or impeached by any plea, or for any error whatfoever. party hath been 

"^ BnO albeit ^ticgmcnt be giucn agatnfta man in cafe of 2Crcal"on oj iT^cIonp, executed, and not 
yet Ijis bcC}' ts not fojfcttcti to tlje liino;, but until ejcecution remains Ijts ouu. \°^ fo"'"'^^ ""^ °^ 
;anij tljetefoje bcfoje etcruticn, a if lie be flain tDitijout autbojitp of ilau.', iji? wjra^s!'* ^ ^"' 
Tcoifc fliall IjaW an ifipcaU foj notiuitljaantiins tlje attaintiei- Ije remaineo Ijer "Wha'r in^ter^fithe 
IjujsbanD. 0no after fuel) attainoer Ijis bonp map> at tl)c futt of a ^ubjcctjic taikcn King hath in the 
tn c;tccution uyon a Suogmcnt oj Statute, 5c. ^no Ijc ma]) be ererucco foj SCrca^ MinKd°bcf '"" "' 
fon OJ i^clonVjUottoicbiianoingE furlj erecuttcn-tati againft ijim. ^no in an :a(tion ccution. ' °"^ ''^' 
of Debt, OJ otbcr Sftion b?ougljt againtt a perfon attaintec, Ijc cannot picao tijc 4 ^5 h 6.63. 
attainncr, ant) oemano jungment, if tiuringtljcattainDerljefljallbe put to an# ^ste Bruton, en. 
f\jjer; ^foj upon conftoeratiou Ijao of tije brokssin 1 1 A(r27.2 E.4.1. 4 £4.8 6 E. ^j^/'"'' ''''■'^' 
4.4. 6 H. 4. <5. 8 EUz. Dier245, &c. cittoag aDjuDgeii tljat tljc pen'on attaintco fMich'33 & :^g 
fijoulo not plcaD tlje faio plea, but fijoulo be put to anftocr. iSno tijcrc is a great Eiiz. in c5i b'mco 
DiberCtj) betUjan an attainDcr cf aCrcafon oj i^elonp, ano an entry into licligi^ '"f- Eanificr & 
on •, foi l)e tljai is attaintco of 2Drcafcn oj i^elonp Ijatlj capacitj), an? d map pur^^ de^vion ^'"""^ 
cliafe lanDsi to l;im ano bis bcirs, «but fo cannot be ibat is cnireu into litligtcn. v^de °"icii. 52 & 
0nt) ii isapinft a rule in i.avu, tljat anp man of full age lloulD te recctijco in ?^ Eiiz. coram 
anp ^plea bp tlje/iiaiy to oifablc Ijis olrn perfon, g o: tafee auviantagc of bis o\un '^'^g^ Rot 5^-. 
tu:ong. 3nO if tbc perfon attaintco be beaten oj maim.eo, oj a luoman attainieu ^.'^^J"^' ^ 
be ra\)ifijco, after paroon, tljcp fljall IjaDc an ;^icrion of batterp, JSppeal cf mapme, m'ic ^VeHz. inter 

OJ iSapC. ^it Lib. Intr. Co.247,248. Wade p ain'tiff, 

h 5n ancient time a man tnoiceo oj appealcB of life oj memler,oj impjifcncpj & Prciiai dcfen- 
gtc. fljoulo not be compelleo to anftoer ac otljcr mens fuitSj but (as bcfojc it ap# ^^'"[ "J*''" ^'^ 
pcaretlj ) tljcfc opinions Ijaue ban juClp cbangeo. ^i r ge" vkijup. 

i K\)nt teas a notable cafe aoiuogeo in tlje l^iugg lEenclj Mich. 26 & 27 Elii. d see the fir > part 
tuljcretoitlj 3 lra0 luell acciuaiiueo concerning tbc matter? of cutlaiujp ano ec;-- ^^ 'he inftitutes, 
rojs befoje fpoken of, toljiclj tuas in cflett as follolMctlj. s'^car'f 1 ome 

Ninianus Menvile nuper de Stedwith in Com' Dunelm af Anno i & 2 Ph. Sc purchafe!"'"^ 
Mar. tuasinnicteoin tl)ci^ing0 31Bencl)of i^iglj 2Creafon, ano upon ^'sjores Ijc fibidsea.199, 
toas outlatoeo, ano fo retoaneo, ano Ijis Daugljtcr ano Ijeir bjougljt a Mrit of 'oomo'f'n'^y' 
Crroj in t^ie teings X5enclj, iBljerein ttoo errojs ujcie afiigueo. i . SCljat hcfojc ^1^^ P^" ^'*""' 
tl)e ©rigent tbc 2. Capias baitlj a ^joclamation tuajs atoaroco to tlje ^Ijeritt cf ^"45 E°L.a. 
tljc Countp palatine of Durham, tuljcre it ougljfrto Ijabe ban tiicecteo to tljc i8E.4!25.' " 
Cbancelo: of tbat Coimtp. k,Sro% tljat point 30 H.d.d, 36 H.^.35, 1 E.4.10. tljc 15 E.4.5.a.ftc.Lic. 
IJCDfeof entries Ra(Uo.52. Stanf. pi. cor.dS,^^. & 70. Vid. 19 U.6.Z. 3 1 W.6.11. \^^^lll^"\ 
but tl)c Court gaue no opinion concerning tijis GDrroj. %\)t otijet Crroj tijat crmie!' "^""^""^ ^ 
toasaftignco, Dias, tljattbe^ljertflf retojneo upon tljefaio Capias, tljat at l)i0 Fieta *iib,^.c.5,7. 
Court boloen attlje Citp of Durham tl)ceigljtt)Oap of July, in tljc fecano ant ^r'^-. 
t'^iro pears of tlje reign of iaing Philip ano ffluren Mary Ije maoc tljc ^?oclama# Nmkn^MdvL^'' 
tion, ^c. ano tljere toerc no fudj pearjs J foj©ufcn Mary began Ijer Keign tljc c." in the Kings 
6oapof July, ano t%t2<^ oap of July in tl)c 2 pear of Ijcr Mcign fijc marritD Bcn.hii.Br'ede 
rising PhiUp : fo as betiuan tlje 2 oap of July, ano tljc 2 5 cap of July, tljc slir;n Errore. 
tojote t)j30 pears befoje tlje iaing. ano tbcrefojc tljere cculo be no fuel) pears as ^^"^^ ^^^ ^"'■- "^^ 
8 Julp Anno 2 Si 3. but Ojoulo IjaDc bktn 2 & 4. 3uo fo luas tljc clear opinion of ' "" '°' 
dje toljole Court. llEuttljenit toasobjecteti, tljatbptbefaio2ttcf 35 H. 8. ano 
Stanfords opinion tbcrcupon, tljat tl)e attainoer ^i^^ outlauijp being an attainder 
bp tbc Common JLa\u,it coulo not be reUerfeo bp Wiiit of (ll;rroi,fo j'tljat tljc faiti 
act of 3 5 H.8. was to be intenoeo of ,la\Bful attainccrs : iJno after great oelilc^ 
ration tlje outlatojp of SDreafon loja? reUerfco. ano, 3! take it, it fijaU not be f.l^ « 

togetljcr impertinent, furc 3 am it fijall not be tmpjofitable, torepcjt tljc confer Hii. 27 Eiiz m 
ciutnt of tbis rcberfal. 3n tljcue]ct 2Cerm, fc Term. Hil. anno 27 EHz. foj tljat f ''?='" cancci- 
®uan EUz. Ijao tlje ilano? Uiljeicof tljc faio Ninian toas fcifeo in fa? : Ijis ii-nfc '"'*' , 

2 1 6 Of Judgments and Execution. Cap. i o i , 

hv petition of tigljt, loaljiclj compjd;enlicii tl)c title of tlje toifc^ano tlje title of tlje 

€iufl;n, tlaimeu Ijec Do\uer, toljicl) in effect Uiajs tljig i 2E|)at Ijer Ijusiann ttas 

fctfcD of certain lanns in f*, ann taik ijcr to OTifc : ano iicfojc W 2n!caTou 

committed Anno i Mariae leijieD a iFinc luitl) |3?ocIaniation to another', taljofec* 

ftate tl)c '■Hum Ijan lip latuful con\jevance tljercin ejcpjclTeii ■■, ann tljat afteriuaris 

i)Ct faiD IjUEbanD tuag attaiuteD of l^iglj SEreafon bv outlalnjp, ut fupra, ano 

tiieti in anno 4 Eliz. Maifici) outlatojp lai&^t^t latt 2Cerm reDerCen in a Writ of 

Crro J, 30 ig abobcfaiD : wljiclj |3etitian being innojfeo bp tlje SDuan, Soit droit 

fait al pertie, anti celibereD into tlje Cljancecp, ^ix Thomas Bromley a man of 

great graijitp ann intigmcnt in 3lato, tijen being JLoja CljanccUoj of England, 

bp t\}e aDijtce of all tljc 3«i>gcisi rerolbca tljefe i?otir pointis folloiaing. i^irffjtljat 

tlje petitioner necu not to Ijaue anp office to (inn Ijec title, beraufe Ijcr title flans: 

rictl) ititlj tije title of tlie €5uccn, ano tlje ^tt^n i? not intitlen bp office ( toljic^ 

fije niigljt tra^erfe, oj confcfe ana atioioj but bp conbepance, tuljictj Oje affirmetl;. 3)ccontilp, tljat 3 i]=ine \uitlj pjoclamationg, annfibe pears paft after tlje ceatlj of 

See thTfirft part ^'^^^ ^"slianii totlj bar tlje mik of Ijcr nolucr, ano tljat tlje couufit fijall tafee m 

of the inftitutei. iJantap tljercof, ann of tlje attainder alfo. 2Ll)irolp, tljat albeit fi\)e pears ana 

Sea 5f . manp ntoje in tl)is cafe tuere patt Cncc tlje Deatlj of ^er Ijusbann, pet tlje faiufine 

■biitlj |9joclamations bio not bar Ijer ; becaufc as long as tlje fain attainncr of 

SCreafon Acdd in fojce, Oje toas barren of Ijcr tiotoer, anb coulb not IjaDe anp renter: 

up, oj purftte Ijcr title, until tlje outlatojp toere rcbcrfeo, ann tljen Ijer title of 

boiocr biD firllgtoiu mtc unto Ijerjanntljerefoje fljc migibt tnitljin fibe pears afs^ 

ter tlje rebcrfal of tlje faio outlaiu jp, purfue ter title bp tlje erpjcfs toojns of tljc 

4 H.7.cap.24, the fabiug of tlje M of 4 H.7. iFourtljlp, albeit an attainber rebcrfeb bp a Mir it of 

tirft faving. ©rroj, IS as concerning relfitution to tlje partp bp relation from tlje beginning 

<zi6E.5.75. become of no foace, ^anb tlje Mecojbroamnljilatea tljercbp, as Nul tie! Record 

4 H.7 fo 22. & jr.ap be plcabcb tljercunto : pet tljis relation Ojall ncbcr toojk a bar, anc confer 

?' h'<J j & 1 1 Vicntlp a tojong to a flrangcr, but tljat tlic trutlj of tlje matter map be Iljebaea, 

21 E 4 23. Dier ^''^' ^^^^ l^eco jD, anb tlje reberfal of tlje fame ; ant tljc racl^cr (as fome faio) be:* 

29. caufc tljc iuQife coulb not Ijabc anp Mlrit of Qxx6% to rebcrfe tlje outlabjjp, b fo 

H.8.foi.32. pi 8. as flje Ijab no mean to purfue l}cr rigljt fo long as tlje outlaln jp remaincb in fojce, 

d Eliz 228 I ''^^^^^^^ " ^^^» """" ''' ^^^ reberfcn bp erro?. 5iut abmit tlje tianife Ijab ban Ci« 

s Eiiz".fo.i*88. '^*' ^ ""lote bcgree of confanguinitpjljcir to Ijer Ijusbanbjfo as fljc miglitliiitljin fibe 

pi.s.a. " pears after tlje beatlj of Ijer Ijusbanu Ijabe Ijao Ijer OTrit of CDrroj after tlje beat^ 

Lib 8. fo.42,45.b. of Ijer Ijusbaiib to reberfe tlje outlaloa?p, anb to enable Ijer felf to purfue foj Ijec 

f^^4H6\o"^^' ^^^^^' ^"^ leberfetl) not tljc outlabojp luitljin tlje fibe pears : 31 Ijolb in tljis cafe 

tljat flje lliall Ijabe fibe pears after tljis reberfal, ano tljat toitl)in tlje faiD fabing 

of tl)e statute of 4 H.7. foj tljen bio Ijet title of boiner (as Ijatlj btxn faiu j licit 

'^Nota, groU) unto Ijcr, -^ anb it uias not in l)er poboer to reberfe tljc outlatojp toljen 

llje tooulb. Slno in tljis 2Cetm of ^. Hillary, Popham ^ttojnp Central, accoj- 

bing to tlie faib refblution of t\ie i.0Jb Cliancclloj ano Kubgcs^confeffcti tljc ^cci 

titioH to be truci anb tljcrcupon Slubgmcnt toas gibcn, tljat flje fljoulb be inboto? 

c 26 H.3.cap. 1 5. CD, anb toas inboboeb accojbinglp. 

Tfe'rtst«uVe not '^ ^^ ^^^^ »>tatute of 2d H.8. auD 5 E.d. it is enacteb,tljat all pjoces of outlato?? 
only extend" all ''pinft ^^V oflcuDcrs in 2Crcafon,being out of t])C Mcalm,o; beponb tlje «>eas,at 
Treafons by tiie tljctimc of tljc outlalM?? p}onounceb,Q)all be asgmb anb effectual as if tljc offen^ 
Statute of 25 E.3. 5crs Ijab bcentoitljin tlje iScalm at tlje time of tlje outlaU);p pjonoimceo. g>ee 
Law butZ'anv ^^^^ ^^'° ^latutc of 5 E.6. cap.ii. tljat, if tljc partp outlatocb (Ijallmtlnn one 
other sratute! ?f^i^ ^^cr tl)e outlabujp pjonouuccb, pielb Ijimfclf to tlje Cljief Zxitticc of Eng- 
vi. Dier 12 Eliz. land, anDtraberfctljc faio Snbiament, gtc. anb tljereupon be founo not guiltp bp 
fo. 287. accofd. ijcrbitt, Ijc fljall be clearlp bifcljargeb of tlje faib outlatujp. 

Firft part of the ^ . 

Inftitutes, Seft. 'judgment in cafe of Abjuration for FeloKj^ rrhiks it was of force. 

^^^' ;after tl)e ffping of a felon foj anp feinb of felonp luljatfocber, §>acrileDgc er^^ 

• ccpteti, but in cafe of l^iglj Creafon oj ipetit 2Creafon a man coulo nebcr ab^ 

jure, be.caufe tljc Cojoner is not allotweb bp JLaba to be a Sunge of tljofe l)cpnousi 

crimejsj into a Cljurclj, 9c. foj fafegitarb of W J'ff » sno upon Ijis pjap" of a 


Cap. 1 01. Of Judgments and Execution, 217 

Cojcncr, a anoljig \)oUintari' anu particular coufcfTton of tljc i^clonv Icfojc tbc ^ d e. 3. 5^ in 
Cojoncr, naming tljc certain time, tl;c jiiogmcnt toaic!, Idem A. petiit de prx- Ajeii waiioms 
fato Coronatore regnum doixi Regis Anglix abjurare : Super quo tradito b ei libto p ""l- 
prsetat coronatorenij idem A. regnum prsedid' coram prsfato coronatore prsdidt' jj. ^j £ j corarn 
die &c. in ecclelia prsedida abjuravit, in idem regnum nunquam rediturus abfque Rege 42!finiile. 
fpeciali liccntia, & reconciliatione regis Anglis, & affignatus eft eidcm A. pro tranli- b Heicuijon it wjs 
tu fuo extra regnum prsdidum Portus de Yarmouth c Cruce in manu fua dextra called abjurationj 
polita, prout lex Anglis eft & conOietudo. ifJotlnng i0 crpxciTcii in tljis im^^ fworn to deplrc 
mcnt Init abjuravit regnum, but tisercin i0 impIicD, tljat aU Ijis Jlantisi luijicl) the Kingdom. 
\)z Ijati at tlje time of tlic i^elonp committcn, ^/ranu tljcrefojc tljc time of tljc see the oath, 




Ijis liIcDi! cojvuptcD, anD otljcr tncioents, ag in otljcr attainncrjs of jTelonj'jOnIp bv an abjured pci-- 
Ijis tioUintarv ann particular ronfefiion. 3n tljis cafe foj i\)t offence of .f clonp, [0°' *^"? ""■^'j^ 
ije faljcti Ijis life fo long as be Kept bimfelf extra regnum, bttt if be retuvncti^tljen i"s,ou'rny ec" 
nnCer tljis tUC?.ti [abjuravit] is implicD Suf. per collum. Mich, i Pv.2. Rot.i. Bedf. crux fuit fignum 
rediitSc iufpcnd. ^tTtljChrft pare of thelnftitutes, SedV. 200. fo. 132,1 3 3, anti tljC fervata: vua- per 
Second part of tlie IniHtutes, \V. i.cap.20. verbo, [Forejure le Realm.] Artie. Cler. ecclefiam, and is 
cap. 10. & 15, ilus tlje lato toas fo favourable fo; tljc picfcniation of sanctua^ vexHium Sanale 
tp, tl)at if tijc i?eIon Ijao ban in pjifon fo; tlje i?clonp, ann before attainder o: Eccie(i,t. 
conviction, 5 Ijau efcapen anti taken Sanctuarp in Cljttrclj oj Cl3urcl];r}-arD,5ic.anti hu 25 e. 5. coram 
tlje Caolers 0; otljer.s bat purfuet! Ijim, anD b;oun;l;t l)im again to p?ifon, upon ^<-ee Rot.20. 
Jjis arraignment l)C wigbt Ijave pleanen tlje fame, ann fljouln bavc ban reifo? a. in Dai^e Haks 
ren again to tlje 3>anftuar]) : ^k mo?e concerning 3bjuration,lviic.p E.3. Coram cafe. Regin<r fo. 
Piege Pvot. 84. extra legem poritus,&c. STo conclute tljig SuDgwent of Sbjuration, if^.b. f-ecic fdo- 
lue take it, tljat fo; i?elonv /' Objuration is utterly taken auiaj'. iTo; abjuration ""'" P'^" i"^ ^^e- 
of Kccufants anD of f unters in ^arks, (jc. ixic Ijane given but a ligbt touclj, "^"^^i" 
liccaufe tljep belong not to our trcatife of tljc |3lcas of ibe Crottm, no; Ijavc toe « stanf! Pi. Cor. 
fpoken anp tljiug of abjuration in cafe of il^crcfie, quia fpedbt ad aliud forum. 1 17. e. 

SEljus Ijalc txie fpoken of Juogments anD Ottainoerc in cafes of ^iglj STrca* ^ £.3.5?. iri Ajeii 
fon, upon verDicf, confelTion, 0; nihil dicit, ano bp outlaVu;ji ; in cafe of petit ^'^^'^."J^^yj?',^"^ ,. 
SCreaton upon VcrDict, confeffion, o; bj) outlatu;p : anD in cafe of i^elonj', upon ^ E.i^Forf.Lr.i'ii 
VcrDirf, 0; confefiion, 0; bp otulati3;i', 0; bp abjuration, fo; none can be actaiutcD 6 h. 4. 6. 
cf ^ctit Creafon 0; i^elonp upon a nihil dicit, 0; refufal to anCtocr, but in tliat /Foreiurc in 
t^t HDelintiuf nt is to Ijavc Ijis punifljment of Peine fort & dure, toljiclj nej:t fall? L^v^L^^ ?n i". 

Ctlj to be IjanDleD. tin abjurare. 

IE. 3.17. lib. Intr. Raft fo. i^iS.b. pi.(5. ^ Lib. Int. Raft. ^32. b. Sanft. 2. Hil.43E. 3. Rot.ii?. Buck. William 
Atrewels cafe, /j For all Sanfiuaries are taken away by 21 Jac. ca. 28. Note aSanftuary in ihe Statute of r H. 7. 
cap. is called a hide! or hydle, becaufe it hiderh and p'roteiteth the party,8cc. Vide Dcuc. cap; 15. 3. 9,10. Numb. 
35.13. Jofhua 20,8. Sec 2. part of the Inftitutes, Gloc.cap* 

Peyne fort iS' dure. 

%\\ r^fe of |3ettt Crcafon o; i^elon p, i lojljen tljc offenDcr (lanDetlj mute, ana 
refufetlj to be trieD bp tlje Common lato of tlje lanD ', S>a Paine fort anD dure in ■ pj^ (^ pj^t of tht 
tljc Second part of the Inllitutes,W. I. cap.2. but tljis bolDetlj but in cafc of Petit innit.Sirft. 545. " 
treafon ano j^clonp. 3n cafc of !^iglj treafon, upon ftanDing mute, o; a nihil di- verb. Attaint. 
cit,tbe juDgment afo;cfaiD Ojall be given againft ljim,ac if ije IjaDbccn convitteD. ^•. P^^- °^=^'f '"- 

iJno in Doing of crccution,botlj in SUreafon anD i]^clonp,t\i)o tilings arc to be ^^^^ ^'EuJo^a. 
fil'fcrVcD. /-irft, tljat it be Done bp tlie rigbt dDfficcr, as tbe ^beriff o; £l5arfl;ai, i^ Ei.joo.b See 
fo; if anj) otbcr trccute tljc offcnDcr, it is jFeloni'. S»cconDlv, ctecutioitmuii be before in the 
waDc bp Ijini tljat is tljc riglit £>fficcr accoiDing to tbe juDgment : i^o; c,ram^ chapof Treafon. 
pie, ^vjljerc tlje juDgment is, tljat tlje offcnDcr fijall be bangcD, Ije cannot bc^ next'chlpt" r of 
leao Ijim, $C. as befo;e is faiD. Bradon hb. 3. fo io4.b. Non alio raodo punia- Forfeiture fo. 
tur quis, quam fe habeat condemnatio. P.20 R.2. Coram Rege Rot. 58. Lincoln, when the party 
Non licet felonem pro felonia decollari. arraigned challctf- 

■^ geth perempto- 

rily above the number of 3$. viz. three whole Juries. ^35(1,^.57,58, Vidcli.p. fo. n 24. the lord Zaticherscafc^ 

F f 2 Jndgf»Cf!t 

2 1 8 Of Judgments and Execution. G ap. i o i . 

Judgment in cafe of Petit larceny. 
%%z jiujgmcnt Ijcrcin tuajs in anctfttt time rcfcrreu to tlie nifcretion of tljc 

iBraflonlib.g. Suffffj '113 inBradons timc. Per fuftigationem, & fie caftigatus dimittitur. %xi 

fo.i5t.b. Brittons tittiP, Comctime ip tljc piUojp. fontetintcbp tl^ie ioft of tljc car: ano 

Bmron fo.24.3. p|gf^ lm% Eft enim furtum de re magna & parva, pro minimo tamen latrociiiio 

BraaoiiViba'Ao. 1 2 flenariorum & infra, nullus morti condemnetur j pro hujurmodi modicis de- 

104. b. makah lidis inventa fucrunt judicialia PiUoriaj 8c dcformitates corporum, ut fciirio au- 

mention of pu- _ ricularum. 
nillimOTt, verberi- -i*^ j^^ j„ ^^^ Q„fg jjj^ jp,g„ pf £_,_ j^j, pgjfj,„ jjjjj fi„j, m^niljCi: foj |9cttt !ar# 

■^"I's aI'.'^p 1 3. f f "P' ^"'^ "^^"^^ tomctime pimifljcti ip inipjifonmcnt, anii fcmetime Ip otljer pc# 
8 E. Cor*. 13c*. nance, ajs ujljtpping, 5c. If tlje SDelinqucnt flietl) foj ^Bctit larceny, anD fo Ijc 
41 E 3. cor.45 1, foima Up tljc 3,iirp, tie fojfeitctl) ^is gcDDiS. 

Judgment in cafe of ff/ijpriflon ofHighTreafott. 
Snijat ttjc offcnBer Ip tljc Common liaiu'lljall foj tljisi concealment forfeit all 
Ijis gcon^, ano tljc pjofitiS of Ijis ilanns ntirtng Ijijs life, ann fuffer impjifon* 
ment During IjiS life. Vide Stanford PI. Coron. fo.38. I &2 

Tr.4 E 4. Coram Judgnmit for Bribing in Weftminftcr-Hall, 8cc. fitting the Courts. 
Rcge Ror. 5. Sljat tljc offcntcr fljall be impjifoneo During l)ts life, fojfeit all Ijiis lanDs;,te# 

39 E. 3 judgment KftlicntS, gCDDjl auD Cljattclg, & quod manus fua dextra amputaretur (apud talem 
39 AiT.p.i. '°'^'-™ • ^ ^^^ ^^^^^ ^nugment is giDcn bp tlje Common ILaio. Bradon lib. 3. 

4 1 AfT. 25.' 1 0+- b- Poenarum qusdara adimunt membrum, 8c corporis coercionem, fc. impii- 

22 E.3.i3.a.4iE.5 fonamcntum, vel ad tempus, vel imperpetuum. 

COiOn.280. 42Afl. 

18. StanfPl.Cor. fiidgt/icnt for flriking and drarving blood in the Kings Courts C^c. 

"180!" ^ '^' ^'" 2Elje effenDcr fijall Ijaiie Ijiis rigljt IjanD ftricfecn off, ie impjifouec During W 
life, anD be fincD anD ranfomcD at tlje JStngis Juill : anD tljtg 3;uDgment is gi\>ett 
bp tlje Statute of 33 H.8.cap.i2, 33 H.8. Paine Br.i6, 

I & 2 rii. & Mar, w.t cannot omit to touclj bp tlje irap an 3ct maDc in i 8c 2 Ph. & Mar. tns= 

manus dextrT'" titlcD, an Sct againtt feDitious tuojDs anD rumours ■■, bp a Jjjanclj of toljiclj 00, 
extrs. j^^ ^j^^^ flioulD fct fojtlj aup bcofe, rljimc, iallao, letter oj tojiting containing 
anp falfe matter, claufe 0} fcntence of flanDcroj repjoaci(), anDDifljonour of tlje 
^ing anD illuecns; a?ajcflp, oj citljer of tljem, f c. fijoulD Ijabe Ijts oj tljeir rigljt 
IjanD ftricbcn offi tuljiclj 0(t being but a pjobationer, at tlje parliament in 
4 8c 5 Ph. &(. Mar. lojas contittucD until tlje ens of tlje nejct parliament. j3nD 

I El. c.v. iip tljc aa of I Eliz. (toljiclj toas tlje ncjct parliament} tljc faiD 0ct of i 8c 2 

Ph. ?)C Mar. iBajS cnattcD to ejctenD to €iucen Elizabeth, anD to tlje Ijcirs of Ijec 
ioDp iSings anD aDuanis of tl^iis Kcalm, fo as bp tlje Demife of ©uecn Eliz. 
tljat ^A ijatl) loft W fojcc, as it toas uieU lojojtijp, ieing a Dangerous ;9tf, ajs 
fome ^aD felt in anno 23 Eliz. 

Judgment in a Premunire at the fitit of the King. 
3f tl)C 2DcfenDai\t be in pjifon, Quod praedidus R, fit extra protedionem 
domini Regis, 3c terras, di tenementa, bona 8c catalla domino Regi forisfaciat. 
See the i. part of 8c quod corpus ejus remaneat in prifona ad voluntatcm Regis, aS in tl)e bcofe of 
theiiiftit.§.i59. (i;ntries. Raft. Judgment 4<55. EnD tl)is 3iuDgment is giuen bp tljc Statutes of 
25 25 E.3. de Proviforibus, 27 anD if Ije be not 
44 •3'3<5' i^ pjifon, Qiiod pracd. R. fit extra protedtionem domini regis, dc terras 3c tcne-, 

menta, bona 8c catalla domino regi forisfaciat, Sc quod capiatur. 

Judgment in cafe of Theftbote. 
5 E.3.cor. 353. 2Cljat tlje offcnscr be fincD ■■, ano it is to be obfetieD tli-at toljenfccijcr tl)e S)ci 
27 \l% linquent, oj SDefenDant is to be fincD, tlje iuDgment i9 quod capiatur, t^at is, m 

42An.p'.5. ^^ impjifoneo until l)e Dotlj pap Ijis fine : buttoljen tljc DefenDant is to be 
stanf,fo,4o.b. ametecD, anD not fincD, t^en t^e ^efencant is in mifericordia, \ul3ere0f poit 


Cap. I o I . Of Judgments and Execution, 2 1 

map rean at large, Lib. 8. fol.38, 3^. &c. & 5p,<5o. & 120. Lib. 1 1. 43, 44. 

Pillory 10 a jTrcnc!) toojDj atm it 10 ueriDcn of tlje i?renc!j tuojD Pilaftre a ^il# Saxonicc Hf;V> 

lar, colunina. Et ell lignea columna, in quacollum infertum prcmitur, atm i%nt^ fang, or Hjlsfjrg, 
upon in lla\» it is rallED Collillrigium, quia in eo coUum liominiim cdnftringitur : ^Jff^o i^na\fi 
tljig punifijmcnt i$ ijcrp ancient, foj tlje^ajcons caHcti it Heak-rauzjo calico foj caikd an amerch- 
ftraining tljc nctfe. Britton fo. 24. faitl;> tljat tl)ofc tljat tabc been aiijutigcir to n^enc for commu- 
tl)£ ^illo^p, 01 %imhld, are fo infaniong, Come ilz ne font receivables al fere- "tion of fucli a 
ment faire in juries, cnquelis ou en teltmoignants j anS ^erfluitl) agrcttl) Bradon. 5"H.,!7"dicium 
Vet. Mag. Cart. 2. parte fol.23, 24. 45. Colh'flrigii. Ec Pil- 

lorii, Vet. N.B I. 
parte. 1 1 i5j 1 1 7. Brittoti f<j.i4. Mirror cap. 4. §. De paines en divers manners. Kelway Temps E.3.145. b. tleta 
li.2.cap8. By the Statute of 51 H. 3. & 31 E. i. Vet. Mag. Cart. 2. parte, fo. 23,24.45. 


'aSumbjcUgi R too^D in life attljiis napfcj a^Dimgratt. Bradon calletljit Braa.iib.^.foioi 

Tymboralem. b.i29.b.i5i.b.i,s 

Infligitur poena corporalis v Cc. pilloralis vel tumberalis cum infafnia. Secundum xeJ^nj g'" '"-KeU 

Regni ftatuta, Bit IS calleD tumbrellum, i\)cu keing 110 pjcpcr JLatin tuojn foj a way 139, 1% b'. 

jDungcart. 149. b. 152. 

Furce Pillot Sc Tumbrel append al View de Frankpledge. 0mi t\iCtf cnc t^at ^'"^^ ^•^- ^\^- 

latlj a 3lat ct Market oiigljt to J^aUe a |)inojp anD 2Ettml)}£l jc. 10 ^vixiifl} oU Lib^imr^'Raft 494 

fcuDers, m iDKlucrg, loakeris, if ojefiallcris, ?c. a. in t^uo war!? e. 

2. in eodem 260. b' 

Trebuchet. * 

^j cafiigatory, namcB in tijc Statute of 5 1 H.3. flpifietlj a (Eucking ttmijann Star, de 51 h. 3, 
SCrckidjCt pjoyerip iiS a pitfal 0? nouinfal, ann in 3la\u fignifictl) a flcol, tljat "^''' •"?"• 
fallctl) Doton into a pit of luater, foj tlje puniflwent of tlje part? in it. km ^"" ^f^ ^"^' . 
Cuck, 0? Guck in tlje S'aron tongue, fignifictlj to fcoulD oi bja\ril, C taken from sm. de pane & ' 
the Cuckljato, OJ (I5uck!;ato, a lirO, qui odiofe jurgat & rixaturj anS Inge in tijat cerf ifu. 

Janguage [toatcr] iecatife Oje Mins fo? Ijer punifi;ment foMeo in tlje tuater , ano 
otljers fctclj it from Cuckqucan, i. pellex. 

i^oto foj tljat tl)c Sungment to tijc |3ino?p oj Kumbitl C as it Ijatlj appears Judgments to bt 
«B l)efoje3iiotlj make t^e 2DeIin(iuent infamoiis,anri t^at tlje rde of Jiato is, Ju- 8'"^" p juftices 
diciumde majore poena quam quod legibus fhtutum eft non infamum facit, fed per and^Terminer^'of 
breve de errore adnullare poteft, anU again, poena gravior ultra legem polita siii- Gaol-delivery ,' of 
mationem confervat, tljat tlje JtlitiW of ^ffife, Oiet anU Terminer, ©aoi^licli*^ Jufiices of Peace. 
ijcrp, anu Bttttice s of ^Dcace, tooiilo he tjcll auijifcti iefoje tljep gite |u5gmcnt 
of anp pcrfon to tlje ^illo?p oj aCiimlijel, uulefs tijep l)a\jc gcoD luarrant faj 
tl)cir judgment tljtreifi. ifine anu impjifonment fo> offences finaMe Ip tlje 31u*= 
Cices abobefaiD, is a fair anu fare toap. 

^nD it is to be obfcrueo tljat tljofe kinos of pttnifijmcnts of |)ilfo?p, ?c. l)al)c Vec. Mag. cart, 
ian gitoen h^ acts of parliament in cafes of cnojmiotts ano f?;ojlitant offences, P"^^ *• ^°- ^^.^s- 
as bp tlje »>tatutcs of 51 H. 3. 3 1 E.i. De piftoribus, &c. 3 1 E. i. De forellallariis. 
II H.7. C.4. 33 H.8.C.I. i&2Ph.&Mar., 2E.d. C.15. 5 E.6.c.6.8c 14. 
7 E.6. c.7. El. c.y. 5 El. c.9.16. 18 El. cap. Sno tljercfoje tlje fafett toap fc? tfjem 
is to fcUoto tljofe acts of |9arliament in cafes pzo^itico bp tlje fame t llrut of 
t})t Court of tl)e iJings ilBenclj, ( tlje Ut^ctt Court of ojDinatp gufticej in rcj* 
fpctt of tljc multituiie of tlie judicial pjcficen^^ ( toljiclj toe tauc fecn ) toe fap 
toitlj tlje |)oet, Huic nee metas rerum, nee tempera pone, ( foj |unicial pjefiDentSf 
of grabe ano tcberenn Snnges, arc grou guices to Direct men in t^e rigljt toap ) 
toe toill enumerate fome of tljem. 

2 1 E.I. Coram Reg. Rot.2 Euftachius de Porles Caftel, foj flanoercng of |.n£f icc txettiplary pair-" , 

Bcrisford, impjifonment in tte SEotoer, ad voluntatem Regis. ifhoientsadjudgcci 

Mich. 33 E.I. Coram Rege, Rot.75. William Brewces tafC,fo? flanB?ing,ffc. of i°''^^°'^'"8*£"eh 


- — — — ' ' • "^^ — -^ ■ 

2 2 o Of judgments and Execution. Cap. i o i . 

P^ot^er Hegham JulVice. Tr. 3 E. 2. Int. Mem. Scaccarii foj flaitHjing of Foxley, a 
OEaron of tljc (Eiccljcnua. Mich. 18 E. 3. coram Rege. Rot. 151. foj flanDenng 
of tljc 3ullitcs! of tl)c ^ings JEenclj, by a iLEttet of Tho.Bulbroke a «LIcrk of tlje 
fame Court. 30 AfT. P.5.1C?. ip Aff. i. Paffh. 10E.3. Rot. 87. Tho. TwyceHa- 
zardcr cots ludens ad falfos talos adjudicatur quod per fex dies in diverfis locis po- 
natur fuper coUirtrigium. Mich. 10 E.3.Roirp2, coram Rege, Adam de Ravenf- 
worth. Mich. 2 1 E. 3. coram Rcge, Warw. VerlT. Attornat apparent fine Warran- 
to. Hil. 25 E. 3 coram Rege, Rot. 1 3. verfus Robert Hadham CommilHonarium 
pro venditione Bladi in garbis adjudicatur prifons, & quod ab omni officio Domi- 
ni Regis amoveatur & tinem faciat. Trin. 2 H. 4. coram Rege, Rot. 10. Sufl&x. 
Mich. 4 & 5 Ehz. coram Rege, Hugh Bakers cafc, foj a ilibcl agatuft rcrtain of 
tijc in^alttant!3 of Cherfie, puuiflijci! i)p imp?tfonmentj ^MUoji', ano grotj M)^<f 
Diottr, 5fr. 
Ancient rules of 3>x tljC fourth part of the Inftitutes, Cap. Star-Chamber, foj punifljmcnt hv 
Law in corporal ^iiiHo?!' jc. foj cuojniousi anu c^ojbitaut offeuccgjtoljtcl) rcfiture luojc ctcmpla^ 
pmiirtiments. jj, ymufijnicnt tljcu an ojuinarp tciirfc of t\)e Jiatog of tljc Kcalm do iufliff. 
Nobilcs magis pledtuntur pecunia, plebei vero in corpore-, Mjid) t0 ObfcrDaWc ixi 
Eraa.Iibj.f.ios.a all tljC fain ^tatlttfg. 0110 Bradon fattl), Qudibet pcena corporalisj quamvi- 
Ibid. minimaj major eft qualibet poena pecuniari. Career ad continendos, non ad puni. 

endos haberi debet, &c. Poencs potius moUiendae, exafperanda? funt. Refpicien 
dum elt judicanti, ne quid aut durius, aut remiiTius conflituatur, quam caufa de^ 
pofcit •, nee enim aut feve-ritatis, aut clementis gloria affedanda eft. Alitcr puniun- 
tur ex eifdem fafrionibus fervi,- quam liberi ; 8c aUter qui quidem aliquid in Do- 
minum, parentemve commiferit, quam in extraneum v in magiftratunij quam in 

Death of a mm per infortunium. 

Matibr cap 2<. ^^ ^^^^^ mifcljaiicc \\)txz IS HO ctpjcf? jutigniciit to 1)0 giucii, but tijc offenucr 

Erlfton ubi fup. h to fue cut l)iis partott of tourfc, a$ it appcarctlj in tfje fccond part of the Inifi- 

tutes, Gloc. cap.p. 5lnD IjCrcof Bradon faitlj, Cafu, cum per infortunium, ut fi ali- 

quis venando per tclum in fcram mifTum, hominem interfccerit,'& fimilia perpetra- 

♦ verit, &c. licut albeit tljcre be no etpjcfiS juogmcnt gi\3cn upon fuel) a Deroict, 

TuJgmcnt impii- I'f t iljE iialu gibctl} a tuosment tljercupon, viz. tljat \)t fljall forfeit all Ijis gcoos 

ed, or in Law. (luD cljattcl^, Dcbts auti outieg lojljatfocucrj a? in tljc fecond part of the Inftitutes, 

14 H.8. cap. 5. tihi^u^ra, it appcatCtlj. 

Of death of a ma?i, fc dcfendendo. 

lodgment implied tSipon fucl) a Dcrtict gtben tl}C (Tourt gibetlj no cjcpjcfs iuognicnt, foj I)C is 

cr in L.IVV. alfo to bc pattionct! of courfc : but tljc Laiu Ijatlj giijen a juognient, tljat Ijc fijail 

See ca 7. fojffit all Ijts goot)0 anti cljattclis, Debts ftiiD outieg, ag in tlje fecond part of the 

4? A J; P- \'- ^ inftitutesj :iM fufra, it appcatEtlj. 3iEut tlje Slurj) cannot fino tl)at tl)c party \i\\a 

nu.\' 8."]ohn im- ' T)tm (jencrallp fe defcndendo : but tljey ougljt to finD tljccafc fpeciallp, fo as tljc 

periaiscafe. Court ttiaj julige iBljcttlcr \\x llalM it bc fc defendendo, oj no. ^a Stanf. fo.i 5. 

, « ? E.5. cor 505. ■ Of the death of a vian that ojfereth to rob, iS'c. 

J Ail srExod. 3f it be fouiiti b)' ijertiict, tljat tlje party CiuuicteD oj appealcD foj tlje teatlj of 
22. Si etftingens A.) A.attcttiptco to Ijabc murtcreti j a robbeii l)im in j \\ig\) any common Biffb^ 
vir domuni live toi,y^(|i:art#'U!ay,l^o?fc*toay3o;i i^a)t#inay,o j in ])i$ h manfion oj D\i3clling Ijoufe ■■, 
inJemuT&ac'cep ^l foJ ^Ijc MUing of Ijim ^Ijiclj attcmptetl; iSurglary tobJcalUjiSDUiclling 
tovuinere mor- Ijoufc tutljc nigljt i tlje jutigt^it iipon fucl) atiecoict fljall be, tljat Ije fijall bc 
tuus fuerir,per- acquitcu cf tljc Dcatl) of fucl) a plrfou paying Ijis fees, ana Jjc (ball fojfcit noif 
cutTor non erit t\wg. 3nB fo it is c oeclarfD aiiu cnaeteD by tljc Statute of 24 H.8. 
rNotT^dTdared ^"^ if al" t^J^ circumttanccs bc pjoDCB to tljc 3ury in cuioencc rctiuircn by tljis 
&c.andiow3stiie 2tt in tljefc cafcs, tljc 3[ury may fino a general ijetoict of not guilty.anotobcrc 
cbmmon Law, as it {g rcl)carfct) in tl)C im 0(t of 24 H.8, tlwt bcfojc tljat M it \i3ast a ciueCion 
by the Fooksa- j,^^ anili^uity tobetljcr cbil tiirpofco perfon? fo attempting, ut fupra,n)OulD fo?i= 
forefaid it appear- ^^-^ ^^^.^ -^^ ^^^ cljattcls J tljc rcafon of tljat quefttcn ano ambiguity toas iv. 
^^' ' none 

Cap. loii Of judgmenU and Execution. 221 

none of tljofc cafes mentioned in tJjat 2cr, no Koblcrp, filStirDcr, ojJicurglarp ajAn.p.^s.aa e. 
teas tjoncjljutan attempt onlp to do it. Wnt it toas no qttcttton at t\z Common ?• cor. 261. 3 e.j° 
llaiu, tijat if a Kobier}), a^urocr, llBitrgiarp, oj ot!jfr fclonp luag none, anU pttr:^ *^ fa ^^^" ^ '^•5- ''*' 
ftiit; mane after tlje offcnBcr, dqIjo citljcr Ijp rcfittance oj Oigljt coulo not be app?c# ^^^'^s^'^?^- 
IjcuticiJ tuidjout killing Of Ijim bp incbitablc neccffitp, tlje partp fo purrtiingann 
billing fijoiilo not forfeit lji0 ga)50 01 cijattelsf i foj in tijofe cafes cberp man map 
arrcft tljc felon bp a ^warrant in iLaw. iEiit tljcte is a biberCtp bcttoecn a ®i:iai-^ 
rant in ooccanD a eiarrant in iLabfl, in tl3is, tljat if a man be innictco of spurtier, * c-e ;„ th rn 
liobbcrp, 5f urglarp, oj otijer fdonp, anti tljc&ljertff bp bert«c of a Capias offer of Hue andcry*" 
to arrcO: Ijim, nnDljc tcfittetb,anii ap,ut fupra,tfjca>"l)eri{f map f^iil ljim,if otljcrs^. -^ Rot Pat 3 h^. 
tuifc Ije cannot arrcit l3im,altl}0Uglj in trtitlj tlje partp be not guiltp^no? anp fclcp^ P"'--- Dueiium 
np Donc,i£ut in tljc cafe of ttieaboisefaiD CiHTatrant in ILaiu, tfjeremttC be a ftlo;^ 4"4''hT' '^ ""** 
np oone, ano tljin BtberQtp appcaretlj in our lEcofts ■■> "^ anB fo it i^, if after ar# SeebeforeTnUe 
rcK fo? fclonp tlje partp arccQcti refiftetl) oj flictl), ann in purfuit is flain bp chapter of Appro- 
incbitable neccffitp, tbcp fo killing Ijim fojfett noticing. vef- Heta i.i.c.^2. 

fln jJippjober tljat kills t^c partp accufeo in battel,o?a Cljampton tljat killctlj t^^^'f'"^"^'^' 
tlje Dtber Cljampion in a Mlrit of Kigl^tj 0; i^z plainttf oj cefenDant in an ap^ 1 3 euz. Die'/joi. 
peal tljat killeti^ tlje otljer in dudlo,accojt)ingto tlje Common Haiu, oj in com? Mirror.c.3.§.coml 
bat aiojaroeo bp t%za Conttable ano J^arlljaf tn tlje Court of C^ibalrp,tlje parcp ^"'^ §.Juramen.. 
killing lljall fojfcit notl)ingi fojtljefe combats oj Duels arc fuclj trials as tlje ordinado' ^ ^' 

3LaU) appoints in fUClj cafes. i?OJ, fait^ Fleta, Ducllum eft fingularis pugna inter nancium'.° ^"^" 
duos ad probandum veritatem litis i & qui vicerit, probafle intelligitur : &quamvis fJudgmentitiLaw 
judicium Dei expedatur ibid, quicunque tamen monomachiamj i. lingularem pug- 2gain!\ a Recreant 
nam fpoute fufceperit, aut obtulerit, hcmicida eft, & mortale contrahit peccatum. ^""^ ^r^^"^" C.ham- 
ifc'ut befo?etocleabetljcfeCljampions,itisto bcobferbeo tljat luljofoebertakctlj InimVgem!" 
upon Ijimto be a Cljampion foj anotljer Ctlje foim anu b oatlj luljereof pou map see a notable Re- 
rcnii in tlje Second part of the Inftitutcs, W,i. cap. 40. & Clanvil lib 2, cap, 3, ; cord hereof R. p'. 
if Ije bfcome recreant, tljat is, a crpmg CoiBaro 0? Cjabcn, Ije Hjall fo? Ijis per^ P "^'l-'-Canv. 
|urp clofC hberam legem. ^Craben is ^eribcO of tljC <i>li£k lUOjO k^xuhv, a voci- /iviir^r'br c.j'^f Orl 
feratione : otljcrs nearer Ijome, of crping ano crabing of mercp ano fo?gibcnefs, dinatio pugnantis 

0ua rccreantia iS DeribCD of tljC iFrenclj tJOOJb recreance, of gibing back OJ C0# L' ''oTible more 

iiarbi^c. jano fometime it is cailea creantia e per antiphrafin, becaufe Ijc tljat '^^Cf"^"f- 
ufctlj it is notfaitijful, but bjeaketlj Ijis oatlj. Sim fo if tlje Appellant jcin bat:=^ crVj«forX£ 
tel, ann crp Crabcn, Ijc fijall alfo lofe liberam legem fojtlje Caufc afo?cf<iio, bi:t if Eraft.iib.3.f.i4i,° 
tljc J9ppcllffi crp Crabeu Ije tljall be Ijangeo J •^ but if tljep combat until ntgljt Entfb 42.31. 
come, ano aars appear, tljc oefenbant in tlje appeal goet]^ (\}xit^ ano tlje plaintif *"'^h J''}' '" '^^•?^* 
in tljat cafe lofetb not liberam legem. /Amittere liberam legem iz to become in? 'i ne u"^' 
famous ann of no crcDit, neber to be tuitnefs, or 3urcj : fo? liiljen Ije is of fame ^ Mir.c.j.'s.ubi fu. 
ano crc'bit, Ije is calleo Liber& legalis homo : anb fuc^ men cugljt to be cf Biurics /G'^n^ii 1-2. c.19. 
ano ^laHitnefTes, becaufe tljep 00 injop liberam legem, g ano a Cljampion ougljt ^'^^^™ ^^"* *'"'"^- 
JO be liber homo, anO fo is tl)e GJntrp, per corpus liberi hominis. Et quam infamiatn bf/mi JnmiS 
vidus incurrit, feeGIanvil lib.2. c.3. & lib.i4.c.i. SuO Ije furtljerfaitlj, Talisde- merito incurrunt. 
bet Campio petentis efle, qui lit, &c effe potTit inde teftis idoneus. S)0 as no man bp ^^^ ^^^ fiff* Pare 
tlje ancient Common Jlalu coulo be a Cljampion, but Ije tljat kneb) tlie rtgljt, °^ '''^ inft. Seft. 
ano tuas a luitnefs thereof : ano t^eretoitljagcatl tlje ^atute of VV. i. cap. 40. fiber/iepgquf&c 
toljcrein obfcrbe baljat tlje oatlj boas bptlje Common ^latu. Aliquando patria ftat g i H.fS.I.^ 
procampione, & aliquando in bfe de redo campio itat pro patria. Campio is be* ^^^ ^^^ o^th ia 
ribeo a campo, becaufe it is publicklp llroken tn tiie fielo, ano is calleo Camp# ?''i^"''K"i*-' '■^" 
figljt: ano is taken in tlje Common iLato foj one t^jat arikctli a legal Camp;^ fo.At'FietaT?'' 
figijt 0? Combat in another mansquarrel: in JLatin Ije is calleo "^Pugil, a pugna, c.'jj.Gianvii'i.i. 
JlBut tlje oefcnoant in an appeal t^at is to combat, i^ not calleo a Cljampion, be;= c.3. iib.p.cap.i. 
caufe Ijc figljtctlj fo? Ijimfclf. ;anD tljefe combats in cafes toljcreof tljc conufance ^^ '^^'■•4- "p. i. 
belongs to tljc Common ilato, arc to be oirecteo bp tlje BEuoges of t^c.Commou ^, e^.IV.' '^'' 
liato fecundum legem & confuetudinem Angliae, anb not bp t|)C ConSablc anO 9 E.4.23.' 
igarfljal bp tlje Cibil llaij) as all our ancient jSutljojs anb 3iEoks abobefaio bo f^'"^ "i'' ^"P ^'^^' 
astet, im^iclj alio is apparent bp %\t Statute of 13 R.2 . cap. 2. « H^j^ubi %v. 


2 2 2 Of Judgments and Execution, Cap. i o i , 

Judgment in an IndiUmerit of Confpiracy^i^'c. where the 
party indioied is legitimo mocio acquietatus. 

4H.5.iiidia. 220. Nota, Slje jtitigmcnt in tljijs cafe isi, as in cafe of attaint againtt a Slurp^ 
Tr. i8 E.?. coram ftoljcrcof iDC (Ijall fjJCak l^erCaftCCj ) viz. Qiiod committantLir Gaolse Domini Re- 
\ n^' ^°a' •''^^' S'^' ^ <^^o^ omnia terra? & tenementa prasd. R.& C. capiantur in manum Domini 
reddit'"conc"con- ^^g'^J ^ devaftentur, & extirpentur, & uxores & liberi eorum amoveantur, & 
fpifitorcs. Pafch. omnia bona & catalla eorundem R.& C. forisfaciant Domino Regi, & amodo amit- 
?2E.3. Rot.58. tant liberam legem imperpetuum. 

somerf^27 An.59. • Nota in t1;is juogment i^i\3C fcljci'c pttntnitticnts. i. SEljat tljcirbonicisfijaU 

?t b. v^d 'Artic^' ^^ i'np?ifoucD in tijc connv.on d^aol. 2.£;ijcir TijiDcs ann tljilnjcn auictcD out of cap.iol tljcic l)Ourcs. 3. STljat all tljcit Ijoufcs anu JanCS fijail Ic fctfct into tljc iiinp 

ijanHSj anotljc Ijoufcs luattCD anu t\)t txm c j;tirijatcti. 4.SU tljcic goitis ana cljat^ 

tds fojfcitcD to tljc iaing. 5. SEbat t\)tv foj c\jcr fljaU iofc tljc fracom ano fran^ 

djife of tl)c i-alu. SCljat is, ^ii^:, tljcp fljaf I nci3ct Ijc of anp Surp oj Kccogni? 

toj£! of 00ifc. ^cconolp, noj fatx. bcrcccitoco foj a toitncfs in anp cafe.2Eljirt)lp, 

tliat tbcp flail ncijcr come into anj) of tljc lungs CoiirtSj lut mafec flttojuics, 

* 24 E.3. fol. 3j. if tljep l)a\3C anp tljing to 00 tljcrc. 2nii tljis is callcD a "^ Dillanoug jittgmcnt, 

27 ijccaitfc of tljc DiUanp ano infamp Mjicl) tljcp oefcrUc againll toljom it is giijcn: 

ant) all is inflic^eo Ip tljc Common liaiUj foj tljat tl)e offcnncrs Ip falfc confpt^f 

racp unocr tljC pjctert of ilato, lip intiictmcnt of trcafon oj fclonp ano legal pjo^ 

cftning tljcrctipon, foitgljt to 00 tlje grcatett injuftice ip falcc ccnfpiracp to fi;ctt 

Ijis llfDOj tol)0 aftCCluavOS is tl;crcof legitime mode acquietatus. 

3iEut in a SKttrit of Confpiracp at tl)c fitit of tl^c partp gricDcD, tlje ^ncgriicnt 

is, tamages to tljc yartp, fine to tlje Hing, ann impjifonment. 2nti tlje rcafon 

tljcrcof iSj i^irttj foi tljat toljen tljcp are innictcD at tlje ftiit of tlje liing, tlje 

juDgmcnt is fo fetcre, foj tljat tljep falfelp confpirco in tlje iSings namf , j at 

tlie iftings fiiit lip inoictment, $c. to 00 fo Ijojriblc iniufticc ; tljecefoje at tlje 

4H.5. judg. 220." 5aings luit tlicp fljall be IjeaWlp punifl)eli. ateconolp^foj tljat as it i^ faio in 1 5 E. 

24 E.3.J4. 27 AfT. 2. De exilioHugonis, Sec. tljciiaiu iuljicl) teas inftitutco foj tlje maintenance of 

59' j!cace ano of gaio men, ano tlje punifljment of tlje eutl, is turneo to tlje oifljerisf 

tancc of tljc great menjantioettrudion of tlje people, snijirnlp^foj tljat tljc jtiDgCi^ 

meittat tlje !atngs fuit \% Ip tlje Common Jiato, anu tlje Sction of tie partv is 

D;ilicn Ip atatute, luljidj giijetlj no fiiclj punifljment : lut tlje partp in Ijis action, 

fn refpect of tlje oanger of Ijis life, H to recover antlucraWc oamages. ^f Conss 

i 2 E a 2? b. fpicacp fkt tlje ISCgiller tol.i34.a.& b. & 188.F.N.B.1 14,1 1 5, &c. Stanf. pi. cor. 

Tr.?2 Eii-RoMs fol.172, 173, 174,175, ficcann in tljenciuOl^osk of CntrieSjfol.iop.apjcliDcntof 

Eborum. a confpicacp upou an iuoictmcnt of fcloup. 

. 3t is cnacteo, tljat fuclj as lie attainteo of Confeoeracp oj Confpiracp, fiiall 

Pari.«7 ^^^^ ^^^ ^j^,^^ ^j ^^^ ^^^^^ ^^ ^^^ V>.\\\%^ ^mxi, 0? otljcr i^oblc, ucitljct fljall U 


Judgment in aii Attaint. 
Lib.Tnt. Rafiai fo. ' I • SEliat tlje plaituif fljall be redojeo, f c. anti tlje ocfenuant partp to tlje Kcj* 
92. a. 9 E 4.51. cojo, fliall le finco in rcfpett tlje falfc ueroict toas gibcn foj Ijim C cui bono; by 
4"^5-ubifup. tlje Common ilatti. 

! Lb! ^" ^ 2Elje itiogmcnt againft tlje ^etit gtirp is, as it is in cafe of Confpiracp at tlje 

Gianviii.2.c.i9. fuit of tljciiiug, as is al)o\)efaiti,ano in no otljcr, but in tljofc tuio cafcs,tliat bil# 
Brad. 1.4. f.129. latnous juogment is giben. §>» 8 E. 2. AfT. 396. ano 42 £.3.2(5. b, Bdiogmclita 
Brit. fo.2^37,238_ gi^jcn in ;attaint, & nota bene. 16 E.3. tit. Judgment. 109. 21 H. 7. 83. Keiway. 
attaint. Her. lib 5^ ^ 5°"' p^cfiocnt of a jtiogmcnt giuen in an attaint. Fortefcue c. 26. Concerning 
c.2i.ApudNorth- .Attaints, f« tl)e fecond part of the Inltoutes, Marlb.c.14, VV.i.c.37, See. 
alverton id Com. 

Eborum coram Hen. de Guildfo'rd & aliis Juft. affignatis An. 3s E. i. attinfta. See the firft part of the lofiitures. ■ 
Seit.514. Verb, ^en attaint. 3 Vide Mich. 3 (1,4. Rot. 149. judgment en attaint. Kane. 

ilSnt notn bp tlie Statute of 23 H.8.C.3. tlje fctoetitp of tlje puntQjnun: is mo^ 
tietatcDj if tl;e Miic of attaint be grounneo upon tljat Statute : but tlje part? 


Cap. I o I. Of Judgments and Execution. 223 

grirtctmavat Ijis dcrtion cttljer tjingi; \m Wixii of Attaint at tljc Common 
ILaUjjOj upon tljat Statute : Int all attaint? cttljcr at tlje Common ilato o? itpon 
tl)c statute are to be taken ijefoje tlje Jsing in IjisiBencl;, oj bcfo?e tljc Jufticejs 
of tl)c Common ^leas, anu in no otI;cr Courts. 

%\]i<i. 0(tof 23 H. 8. pjobioetl; foj oiber? mifdjiefg tolnclj \ucrc at tTje Com^^ 
won Jiatu, ano gibetlj to tljofc of tl)e ^cttp 3[urp Diucrp pleas, tol)iclj tljep coulti 
not IjaVie at tlje Common 3ia\M, ano Ijatljbecn tuell ejcpounDeo. 7 E.6. DicrSib. 
^ir John Ailifs cafe. 3 & 4 Ph. & Mar. 129. b. Heydons cafe. 3 Eli?. 201. Clovils 
cafe. 3 Eliz. 202. Auitens cafe. 7 Eliz.23. b. Stephens cafe, ^it t%t iSecojo tljcre^^ 
of upon tlje Statute of 23 H.8. fo? it is an eiccellent pjcfinent. 

Sno generally of Attaints. S»a; 11,112. Lib.d, f04.14.25, 
26,44,80., 43.^2. ^cc aUo 
tlje neiij 5l?cDk of (Entries, (53,66,68,70,73576,77,81,83,85 8d,&c, 

Jiidrciii/f/ cle carriipto Jnclice. 

Wt coulc not pafs oDev a Rrange jutigment of Sufpendatur, fc. as in cafe of „ 

JFelonp cix)l;icl) toe Ijaue toudjeti befoje in tlje Cljapter of SE jiberp) ^mw againft 2 4 e!?. par"*?. 

S>ir William Thorpe, iatelp befojeCljiefluftice of England, toliicl) Hjcfino of m.2.indorf.& 

Kecojti in tljefe taojOS. ProcefTus fadtus An. 24 E.3. contra VVillielmum Thorpe Rot.pat. Anno 

chivaler nuper capitalem Jurticiarium coram Rito Comite Arundel. T. de Ecllo- ^^ E.3'P*fci. 

campo Comite Warw. VVillielmo de Clinton Comite de Hunt. Joh. de Gray de " '' 

RothersHeld Senefchallo hofpitii Regis, & Barthol. de Burgherf. Camerar' Pvegis 

Pro eo quod idem Willielmus Thorpe nuper capitalis JulUciarius Domini P\.egis 

ad placita coram ipfo Rege tenenda, duni ftetit in officio, cepit munera contra ju- 

ramentum fuum, viz. de Richard Saltley 10 li. de Hildebrando Borefward 20 li. in toto 80 1! 

de Guilberto Hollyland 40 li. de Tho. Darby Sandi Botulphi, & de Pioberto Dal- 

derby 10 li. qui pro diverfis feloniis, faliltatibus, & tranfgreflTionibus coram ipfo 

Willielmo in lelTione fua apud Lincolne Anno 23. fuerunt indidrati, & per ipfum 

Willielmum bre de exigendo vfcrf. cos refped:' fuit : quae omnia & imgula dedi- 

cerc non potuit : Ideoadjudicatum fuit, proiit fequitur, wz. CotiGdcratum eft per 

didlos JulHciarios affignatos ad judicandum a fecundum voluntatem Domini Pvegis, ijTlieeffeftofclit 

& fecundum regale pofle fuum, quod quia prsdidus Willielmus de Thorpe qui wordsof the oath 

Sacramentum Domini Regis quod crga populum habuitcullodiendum fregit ima- "^'^""^r menti- 

liciofe, falfe, & rebelliter in quantum in ipfo fuit, & ex cauiisfupradidis per ipfum ^ Notariiere is 

Willielmum, ut praedidtum elt, exprefle cognitis, fufpendatur. Et quod omnia cter- nsnhiT jeUnice, 

rs& tenementa, bona & cataila fua Domino Regi remaneant forisfada. Et poilca "o."" prsditoiie in 

Dominus Rex mandavit bfe fuum fub private figillo, all in J^renclj, anO t|}Crc en*- ^'^'^ ^"/!f^r,^°^' 

ttCti de verbo in verbum. Idco conlidcratum elTquod executio Judicii prsdidi de ^ According to the 

fufpenfione ejufdem Willielmi omnino ceffet & ei pardonetur. Et quod idem Wil- faid oath, for 

lielmus remittatur prifonse Turris praedidt. ad gratiam Domini Regis expedrandam, otherwife theKing 

&c. Et non eft intentio Domini Regis quod hujufmodi iudicium in conlimili cafu ^ "? ^°'°H'" ^° 

r ,. ° ^ r r 1 iriri i h ive th; forfeiture 

verlus quemcunque ahum ex quacunq-, cauia Ic teneat vel extendat, led lolummodo ^f ^\\ \■^^^ y^^^^ ^^^ 

verfus eos qui prxdidum d Sacramentum fecerunt, & fregerunt & habent leges re- Felony, but every 

•gales Anglise ad cuftodiend'. Lord of whom 

e OTe Ijabe alfo founo, tl)at at a parliament fjolccn at Weftminfter in Od-abis ai'/^i'^hoMe?!' . 
PuriHcationis beatas Marias, Anno 25 E.3*. l;olBcn ]jcfo?C Lionel 3DufeC of Clarence ^ Nota.pri'dT'tum 
ip fojce of tljc teings CommiCion,? c. Commantiment toas giwen, tljat tlje ISe* facramentum. 
cojt of tlje fain 3ttiigmcntagainft ttie faia »>ir William Thorpe fijouio I'c bjougljt ^ Rot. Pan. in 
. into t%t |0arIiamcnt, ano tljere to be openlp reao bcfojc tlje i^obfcs of tlie ^ar? 9^- P"r.An,if , 
Uament toijear eberp of tfieiratiijiccSjtoljicttoas iioneacco}(5ingIp,ano tljerc tljc •5""'°' 
i^obles affirmec tlje Jungment. 

;9nti tljefC luojUS in tlje fait^uUgment, Ad judicandum fecundum voluntatem 
Domini Regis, & fecundum regale poffe fuum, anB tl)at IjiS JianOS ff)OHlD be fo?^ 
feit to tlje iBing,& pra^did. Sacramentum, uiere grounacD upon tljc &U\) of tljC 
^ings 3iuQices in Anno 18 E.3. tlie conclufion of luljicb ^atlj i^, [upon pain to 
le at tljc ^Sings toill, boop, lanos, ano gcous, tliereof to be oone as pleafctlj Ijim.] 
Wi DeGrous to fatisfie our fclf herein, fearcljca foj tlje ixecoiti of tbis gpatljjans 

(0 g albeit 

2 24 •. Of Judgments and Execution. Cap.ioi. 

§. Cum igitor non 
fit, &c. 

Vet. Mag. Cart, 
i.part fo-idj. 
fo.109. Sacra- 
ment, Juflic' iti- 
ner'and that then 
was the efFed, de 
facrament Juftic' 
§. Item atrox eft 
injuria, &c. 

8 ;. 
Vide Vet. Mag. 
ubi fupra. 
9R.2. cap. I. 
a In refpeft of the 

iRcPar.n H.4. 
nu.28. not hereto- 
fore printed. 
^ Nota. 

c This is agreeable 
to the Law of God 
Non acci pies per- 
fonam, nee mune- 
ra, quia munera 
fapientuon, & mu- 
tant verba jufto- 
Exodus 23.8. 

albeit tl)crc ii a |Satliametit IRoU of rijiis parliament, atm otljcr 0tt!S, tljen 
palTeu bv autbontp of ^ailiamcnt,bc entren into tl)e fam JSoU, yet t^iig is not i 
foj tljat it IjaB not tl)c toarrant of an 0(t of |3arUament. 31t oiigljt to i^abe ban 
pjtnteu amongfl tlie^tatutcsi of i\)Z Mealm, ano tl)e title of tl)cm ie, %zxt fols* 
loiuetl; t^c oatb of tlje SiUfticejs mafic in tlie fame cigljtecntlj year, but faitlj not 
at t'^e parliament, tc but after it became to be pjtnteo : ano tljat toljiclj ig p jtn=f 
tea in anno 20 ig but a recital matic by t\}t toing alone, ann no k& of 
5^arliament ; foj it appcarctl) bj) tljat tuljiclj pjccenct'^, ano bp tljc oarlj it fclf, 
t^at it lua0 t%t Sid onlp ano commanomcnt of tljc Jiing,foi it begiunctl;; iFirft, 
We have commanded all our Jultices, &c. MtAyid) fo?mcr part toai8 but a recital of 
fome pjeccOent Act : anU tbcn folloluetl), We have ordained and caufed our faid 
Juftices to be fworn, &c. fo ais tljc oatl) toajs oebifeu bp tlje totng, anti tlje ^utttceis 
ftuojn befoje tljis ^parliament. iLaftlp, it is tljere laio-ann contlucetlj : And for 
this caufe we have encreafed the fees of our faid Jullices, &c. luljicl) tIjC iUilg of 
tlimfelf DiD befoje t^is 3ct aUo. 

0no toe Ijase an ancient l^anufcript of tlje Sets of parliament in Anno i8 
E.3. ano t^e oat^ is not toit^in it. 

j9nD it appeareti^ bp Fleta, t|)at tlje punifijmcnt of a cojrupt Hucge, tljat xe^ 
tei\)etlj gift OJ rCtoatB toaS, Si inde convidtus fucrit: quod imperpetuum a con- 
dlio regis excludatur •, terrafque, res, redditus, & proventus bonorum fuorum amit- 
tat per unum annum : qui, fi proventus non habuerit, puniatur per difcretionem 
regni & confiliariorum regis, ^nb tljat tBljiclj Fleta calletlj Sacramentum Juftic\ 
in Vet. Magna Carta, is nameo Juramentum confiliariorum regis : foj tlje jiuDgeS 
of England ate of tlje icings Counfel fas cUetoljere ^atlj appeareo) foj, in, ann 
cottceruing tl;e ^atos of tl;e Iflealm, in ituljiclj oati^ alfo t|e (aio fatal claufe 
is omitteb. 

&ae tlje Mirror cap.4. §. de faux Judges, & ca.5. §.i. of tlje iiabJ in tljc time 
of laing Alfred, Ijoln manp 3!uttices toiere in one pear liangeb, as Ijomicibes, foj 
tljeir falfe juDgments : but tljat iLabo Ijatlj been longfince bcleat ano antiquateb, 
anb yet map ferbc foj a memorial of tlje time paft. 

2Clje offence of llBjiberp toas puniOjeb bp fine anb ranfome, ann lofs in tlje 
IJeign of E. I. as in tlje Cljapter of (Ertoj^tion anb 31Bjibecp befozc appears : onlp 
^ir Thomas Weyland Cljicf 3uflice of tlje Common lipieas, took 3>anttuarp, 
ano before a Coroner confeffeo Ijimfelf gutltp of municr, anoatcojning tot^e 
tourfe of tlje Common iiato abjureo tlje Kealm, fo as inbecb Ijenjasattatnteb 
of i^clonp, (wljiclj cafe Ijatlj ban beljementlp urgeo; but it toas not foj b?iberp, 
but fo} murbcr, as anp otljer man migljt Ijabe ban. 

Jiut to tninb up tlje tljjeao of -tljis oifcourfe toitli tljjee 0£ts of parliament, 
i?irft, boitlj tl»e Statute of 8 R.2. to^erein it is recitea tijat tiiljereas in tijc time 
of J&ingE.3. it luas ojlraineb, ttjat 31uCiccs as long as tljep fijoulD be in cfftce, 
fljoulb not tafee gift oj retuarb, anb fo fojtlj, as in Veteri Magna Carta, (luitljout 
tlje fain fatal claufe) SCliat 0(t pjobibetlj, t^at tlje oatlj toitljout tljat fatal 
claufe fijoulb cictenb as tuell to tlje llEarons of tlje Cjccljcciuer, as to tljc ^v&i^ 
tt9, ano erpjeffeo tlje pcnaltp of all to be f accejbing to tlje Common Jiaiu; viz. 
lofs of office, fine anb ranfome. 31Eut at tlje next parliament, v'vi. 9 R. 2. tlje 
faib ^n of 8 R.2. foj tljat it toas a berp Ijarb, ano nanco Declaration, luas mane 
of no fojce till it be occlarcb in parliament, b ^ftertoarcs at tlje parliament 
Ijolben 1 1 H. 4. it boas bebateb luljat punifljment great Officers tljere namcD • 
Counfcllojs of tlje iaing, anb SlwbgeSj uc. fijoulo Ijabe, toljicb fijoulD tfftc anp 
gift, rcbuaro, 0^ brocage foj ooing of tljcir offices oj ferbires; in tfje cnD it iiaji 
Dcciareti ano enatteb bp autljojitp of parliament, in tljefc too?i3»s fcl{o\v;ing. 
Item que nul chancellor, Treaforer, Garden del Privy Seal, Counfdlier du Fvoy, 
Servientes a Counfel du Roy, ne nul autre Officer, '^ Jugge ne minilier du Roy 
pernont fees ou gages de Roy pur lour dites offices ou fervice, preigne en nul 
manner, en temps avei»r afcun manner de c done ou brocage de nuUuy pur lour 
dit2 offices & fervices arifaire, fur peine de i refpondex a Roy de la treble de ceo, 
que illi preignont, 2 & de facisher la party, 3 6c puis al volunt Ic Roy, & 4 foit 


Cap. I o I . Of Judgments and Execution, ] 225 

difchargcs de fon office, fervke, & counfel pur touts jours, & que chefcun que Nota Four punifh* 

verra purfuer en la dit mattier eit la fute fibien pur Ic Roy come pur luy mtfmc, ments. 

& eit la tierce part del fumme de que la partie foit duement convid. Relionf. Le V ^y ^'"^ Court of 
„ , ^ "^ ■'^ ■' Juflice wlKre the 

Roy k voet. matter /hall de- 

a i:ijts 0rt king bpjatttljojitpof IBarliament, Ijatlj limttcD t\)e punifljmcnt pend(as hath been 
Caniongtt otljcris) of toj^riipt ^uDgcjf, of toljom noto ttc entreat, fo a0 tlje foj# often obfcrved)by 

tnct f IcamplC of &it William Thorpe ig not noto to lie folIctoCD, toljiclj \Be af^ fine and imprilon- 

fiirm not in faijour-of fojtiiu bjiberp, (tnljicl) toe bate, ag in tljc p?oper Cijaptcr ^j^^^he oath of the 
ttjcreof bcfoje appcaretlj) but in acDanrement of juftice anc rigljt, tobiclj tji tlje jufiices in waks, 
cnD of our labour in tljis antj otljcr of our lB0?fe!3 ■■> b auD tljerefoje banc raufcu that fearful ciaufe 
tbat go)D :art tljat batl) li\jc5 fo long in obfcuritp, foj tbc better notice ano ob== '.* omitted.neithcr 
ferbation tijcreof, to be put to tbe ^?efs, toljiclj xicatt toae pet p?intcti ■-, anO tfje J^e^ EaJons°^of 
caufe tbercof bja5 foj tbattn tljc spargent of t^c parliament Moll of tbi? 5l(t, the txdiequcr of 
it is iMjittcn, Refpeduatur per dominum Principem & Concilium : fttauge England. 
njefumption toit'l;outipaarrant of tbc ilsingbis i?atber, ano of tljc |0arliamcnt, '' ^^"".l.n'hi.' '^' 
to caufe fuel) a refpeduatur to be mane to an 3(t of parliament. '""' "'" ^''''°'*'- 

2Cl)e lifee %t tiin to another 3ct in tlje fame ^Sarliament, nu. 6^. concerning 
;atto;neps!, tlje Ufec tobcrcof toap nebcr Done in anp former oj latter ^arlia^ 
ments. "^ %\]ii toais t^at i^jince Henry, Mjo kaping ill companp, ano Ico bp '*- See sir Tho. 
ill Counfel, about tljis time afTaulten (fome fapj anblJroke Gafcoign cijicf ^-i' ^ '" his go- 
Btutticc 0tting in tljc i^ingsi nerncb, fojtbat tbe pjincc enbeabouring baitlj c'h"oT54Ta 
flrong IjanD to refcue a p;iifoncr, one of bis untb^ftp minioniB intiicteo ano ar^ 
raigncB at tbc feings 31£encb If ar foj i?elonp, lojajs pjebcnteb of bis purpofc h^ 
tbc perftoafion anb commanomcnt of tbe Cbicf Suftice, foj lubicb tbe Cbicf 3u^ 
fiife committcD tbc Ipjince to tbe ?fiings ^cncb, tobcreof fome of bis foUotocrig 
inftantlp complaiuco to tbc i^ing bis JTatbcr : bobo informing bimfclf of tbc 
true flate of tbe cafe, gabe (©ob infinite tbanks, tbat be ban giben biw fucb s 
31uDge, as feareo not to miniftcr 3[ufticc, ann fucb a &on, as r oulu fuffer fcmblaj= 
blp anB obcp BEuttice. ^no tbis is tbat ^?incc, bubo abanooning bis fo jmet com^ 
panp anD counfel, anB follobutng tbc aBijice of grabc, tuifc, ann erpcrt men, 
lobom ^t mauc cboicc of to be of biiS counfel, became a ijictojious anB bcrtu^ 
BUS toing, anB pjofperous in all tbat be tcok in banb at bomc anB abjoaB. 

if oj tbc BUtp of 3uBges it is trulp fain (as bcfoje batb ban faio; tbat Judex 
debet habere duos fales, viz. falem fcientise, ne fit infipidus, & falem confcientise, 
ne lit diabolus. 0nB tobat pcrfonS IbOUlD be BEuBgCS, fee Bradon lib. I. cap. 2. 
& &Fletalib,i.cap.i7. §. caveat, anB tbC Mirror ca.2.^ Judges, 

2no tbefc bue tuill ao^^tbat upon tbe tonclufion of a marriage tbcn to be baa Anno i Mar.Stat. . 
ictboan Philip tbc &on of tbc CDmperour, anB |3?incc of Spain, it toas noblp anB 2x3.2. in print. 
toifclp pjobiBCB bp tbe i3rjuan,tbc iLojBs Spiritual anB aCempcjal, anB ibf Com;= See tiie Articles of 
mons bp atttbojitp of |3arliament (amongtt manp otber cjtccllcnt pjouiDont ^°'^™p_;*'i^^^^* 
toojtbp of obfcrbation) tbat tbc faiB p?incc fijoulB not pjomotc, aomit, oj rc# & Anno - h 5 be* 
tciuc to anp office, aBminiftration oj benefice in tbc IRcalm of England, anB tweenKiiisH. <- 
tbc iDominions tbcrcunto belonging, anp llrangcr, 0? pcrfons not bojn unBcr an^J charies tiie 
tbe SDominton anB Subjection of tbc moft noble SDuccn of England : anB tbat rije ^JheTc'bv'^t'ife 
faiB moft noble |9jince fijoulB bo notbing tobcrebp anp tbing migbt be innoba^ crowVof trance 
teB in tbc ftate oirigbt, citbcr publick oj pjiijatc, oj in tbc Jiaibs ano Cuftoms after the deatii of 
of England, 0} tbc dominions tbcrcunto belonging, but fljall contraribuifc con*^ the faid charies, 
firm anB keep, to all eftates ana ojBcrs. tbeir rigbts anB pjitoilcogcs. !!*^ ^'^d1'Mfeh-° 

anB it is tbere furtbcr pjotoiBCB foj tbe future, fc. tljatif tbe faiB ^jince "/tic."7>8.'&c.' 
fbottlB babe iffuc male oj female, tbc ojoer of fucceffion is tbcrc oeclarcD, but 
battb tbis l^joijifo. p^obiBcB nctocrtbclefs, anB cjcpjcflp refcrbcB in all anb 
angular tbc abobe BcclarcB cafes of fucceffion, tbat bubatiocber be oj Ibc be. 
tbat fljall fucceeB in tbem, tbcp fijall Icabe to cberp of tbc faio Kcalmp, JtnnBs 
anB SDominions bJbolc anB entire tbeir piiUtlcBgcs, rigbts anB cuftoms, ano 
tbe fame iiealms ano SDominions fijall aominifter anB caufe to be abminiftrcB bp 
tbc natural bo?n of tbc faio J^calms, ^Dominions anB JianBg. ' 

<:? g 2 5i5p 

2 26 Of judgments and Executim. Cap. i o i . 

)i5p tl)t05 PhOip, (aft£t !^ing of Spain) coulB not pjefet aup llranger Jjojn to 

anp office of luntcature, ^t, toitl)in t^c Mcalm of England, oj ^Dominions of 

t^c fame, no} all rijc time l)e toas luittiin t^tjs Wealm, cijct attempted tlj? 


vide camdeo. ;3nii in tljC 0rticle0j De matrimonio praelocuto inter Reginam Elizabetham 

^^^^^•rn^'Eii"' & '^""'"^ ^^ Alonfon, aitiongtt otljers it inais ejcpjeflp pjoDioeUj Qioddux 

k Ffanaicum Du"- "u^'um extraneum ad aliquod officium in Anglia promovebit, & nihil in jure mu- 

cem Alonlon anno tabit, &c. 

S3 El. Popuio fu- a SlfoiKing James toifelp pjotoiDCB ip 0utl)Ojitp of parliament jl)j> tlje aiil)ice 
per importune uc (,f ji|jg ji^oj^jg Spiritual anD aCempojal, ano Commons in tl)at |3atliament at? 
t "i'n'c"miths!"" fcmlleo, tljat \u\j£reasi in regaro of fome Difference ano unepalitp of tljeiiatoiS, 
/:4ja.Rcgisc.i. trial& ano pjocsoings "^ in cafe of life, ietwecn tlje BBuflice of tl)eKealm of 
about the midd. England, ano tljat of tl)e IScalm of Scotland, it appearet^i to be moll contocnicnt 
* That cafe being f^^ jjjg contentment ann fatigfattion of all W ^ajeftiesi S>ub)ert? to pjoceen 
then in sueihon. ^.^.^^ ^^^ poffiWe fcDeritpj asEainft fticb offenders in tljcir oiton Countrp accoj^^ 
cing to tljc ILatois of t^c fame, toljcrcunto tljepare bo?n ano inljeritaWe i anob? 
ano bffoje tbe natural bojn ^ubjcttis of tlje fame Mealm, if tl)ep be tljerc appje;» 
l)entJcD. 5lno bp tlje ne]tt claufe it in pjobioet), tbat iFelonieis committeo bj» €n? 
glifljmcn in Scotland, fljalJ beenqtiireo of, Ijcarn, antmctcrmineti befoje ^.uitices 
of Sffife, oj CommifTioners of Oier ano Terminer, anti<II?aol#Beli\3erjij being 
natural bojn &ub)c(tis toitljin tbc ISealm of England, anb none otljer. kna tlj« 
like in anotljer tlflufe lojitlj an ainition of SHftice? of |0eacc to be natural bojti 
gtubjcf^s teitljin England i anb (©on blelfeb anb pjofpereb tljiis Sift luit^ Ijapjp 
ano cefireo fucccfg. 
Math.Par pag 3^3 i£ut COntraritoife, Petrus de Rupibus, oj of tlje iSocfejf, being a Gafcoign bojn, 
380383. &c. pjcferrfO to be IfiQjoy of Winchelkr bp toing John, ano being a pjincipaf 
Hoi. ciuon.pag. ^^ouiiffiicj aliout Jaing H. 3. botl) in Ijis poung pearief, liu after in Ijig; ripcj; 
231.1071.3. . agf pjefcr to office? about tbe iSmg, fuc|) Gafcoigns ap mere of Ijij; blojb oj alli# 
ance, (tobereof one of W feinojeD, fome fap Ijis &on, Peter de Orival aCreafu;* 
rcr of England) to tlje great grief ano oifcontcntment of tbc j^cbilitp of En- 
gland to babe a Gafcoign bojn in place abobc tljem. 0no luljat beaup ebent enfueB 
tljercupon, let Ipiftojiang infojm pou, foj it in griebouis to me to remember it. 
Vide 50 E 3. nu. 3.f ?ou oefire to tee fometobat concerning CccleCaflical officejs, promotion?!, 
lij. for the keep- gno bcneftccs, firft bjljat petitions babe bccu mabe in |9arliament againft Slli^ 
N^f 'ham^'^'^"^ ^^^ °^ ^ttangcriS ; look in tlje ^parliament ISoHis of 50 E. 3. nu.$)<5,P7, 120. 
Vid""l e"''i. '3 ^-i- '^"•23' 17 E. 3. nu.59,60. 18 E.3. nu.38. 2 6 4 H <5. 
Rot. Pari, nu.' nu.29. &c. 0no tob^t JIabuis babe been mabe tl)at ;9lien0 oj &trangcris fiioulo 
Soiomou de Roifes not be aobanccD to tlje famci Vide 35 E.i. Statue. deCafcfle. 3 7 R.2.- 
"**• ca.i2. Rot.Parl.13 R.2.not in p?int. i 4 & 5 Ph. & 


Cap. 1 02. 227 

.CAP. cii. 

Forfeiture, Confilcation, &c. 

NOta confifcare & forisfacere atC Synonyma, anU bona confifcata arc bona p^^. ^^^^^■ i 
forisfaCta: Fifcus pjopedp figttifictlj apmict o^ !0ampcr of i^Cerg, onoffl,^/"^"* 
iB^Etcin t\)t ISomaitsi fecpt rijeir trcafurc, ann bp tlje figure of Metony^ See the firft part 

mia continens pro contento, it 10 tafeClt foj t\)e ttcafure it felf, unde contifcare, of the Inftimtes, 
anH bona confifcata, anD tljcrcupott it 10 rairi, Quod non capit Chriftus, capit T^',l^ioTkn%t 

^f forfeiture of lanti? ann tenemcntg, anu ocljer Ijerem'tamcnts foj ^igt) * see before cap. 
SDrcafon, ^etit aCrcafon, i^elonp, ajifpjifion of sntcafon, pjemunirc, ano in High Treafon. 
fomc cafcg of flpiCpjiGon, ■* ano tuljat IjcrcBitamcntg toljiclj he not Ijoloen fijall ^"^'^. [P^ "'^l^ 
be fojfcitco foj ^igb 2Dreafon, ano Qjall not efdjeat foj ^etit aCrcafon oj fc^ foriTT i^" 
lonp, toe Ijaibc fpoken befoje in tljeir federal CbapteriB, f c. noli) let U0 fpeak of Petic 
forfeiture of groti? ano cljattelg in tljcfe aho fome otljer cafeg. treafon. verb. 

a M t\)ttz tlje forfeiture of fome of tljcm mull appcar,or he fouuD of IXecoru, ^ \^^ "^J '"'-?" 
anu tljercfoje tljefe cannot be claimeu bp pjefcription ; of ottier fome tlje forfeit |" fo^ treafon, j 
ture necD not appear, or be founD of lR.ecor», anO tljerefore ttiefe map be gaineo a see the i'. pare 

bp pretoiption. of the Inftitutes, 

b M tl)e former fort be bona & catalla proditorum, felonum, utlagat', in exi- °^ '"^^'^ ^^^^^ 

gend' pofitorum,fugitivorum,deodand'i annus, dies, & vaftum, &c. auH atl Otljcr ^ ""e t"e r part 

forfeitures \ul)icl) mutt appear or be founD of MecorD. of the innituces, 

M tlje latter fort be ai^reafure trobe, bona & catalla waviat', extrahur', wrec- ubi fupra, both' 

cum maris, &c. the former and 

c 31f a 2Craitor or i?eIon eitlier rcfcuc Ijimfelf, or toil! not fubmit Ijim to be '/" ^ ^°"' , 
arreftea, but rcfittet^, anu in refittance ig flain i upon prefentment Ijereoflje 312. 
forfeitetl) all W got"? ano cljattels. 

d 3f a iTelon in purfuit toabe Ijis oton gcoug, tljep are forfeiteo, pet are tijcp d 29 e. 3 29. 

not bona waviata. 4j E.3. Cor. looo 

31f in appeal of robberp t\)e piaintif omit anp of t^e gmw ttoln, tljep are 
forfeit to tlie toing for t^e fabour, \aUc\) t^e %m prefumctlj tbe ^laintif bcar^ 
n% to tlje i?elou : auD for t^at jje cannot Ijabe reftitution for more tljen 10 in 
1)10 appeal. 

3n appeal of robberp of ga)D0,if tlje 31urp fino -tljat tlje SDefencant founo tljcm ? e. 2. Cor. 3^7, 
in tl)e liiglj ujap, in tlji0 caCc tl)e l^laintif for ^t0 falfc appeal in fccking tlje 3^8. 
blcDD of tic innocent, fljall forfeit W grous to tbe iSing. 

Itf one arraigneo for SCreafon or petit SCrcafon, cljallengctl) peremptorilp 3 h. 7. 12, 
abobc t^irtp fibc : Ijc forfeitetl) ^is gcoog, ann Judgment of Pain fort & dure fta^l 
be giDcn againft l)im, a0 one tljat rcfufetlj tbe trial of !iatu,bp cljallenging tlj:* 
full Surifcs, anD lifee unto one tijat ttanoet]^ mute ano tnill not put feimfclf up# 
on tlje trial of t^e iLatu. 

31Bp tlie Statute of 22 H. 8. it tija0 probiceo tljat no perfon arraignctt for anp 22 H.8. c. 14, 
5Pettt treafon, murucr or felonp, 0)all be aomitteo to anp peremptorp cljallcnge 3^ h. 8. cap. 5. 
aboue t^e number of ttoentp : but at tljis Dap ixi cafe of l^iglj treafon, uoctoitlj'^ ?7, ^^^^^ ?'74 
flanoing tlje g>tatute of 33 H.8. c. 22, 23. anu petit treafon, nottuicljllaniiing next preceding 
tlje 3tt of 2 2 H. 8. l)c map cljallcnge tljirtp fibc accoroing to tlje Common JLaui, chapter. 
for it is enartcD bp t^e statute of i & 2 Ph. & Mar. cap 10. tl^at all trials Ijcre^ See before in tfie' 
after to be atoarocD, or maoe for anp treafon, fljall be Ijao ano ufco oulp accoru# j'^^^^^ foi'S" 
• ing to tl)c bue orncr ano courfe of t^c Common Jiato, fo ne to petit treafon tljc " ' 
M of 22 H. 8. is abrogatcD, but in cafe0 of mutJer ann felonp Ije cannot cljal* 
lenge peremptorilp abobe tlje number of ttoentp^no if \)e challenge sbobe ttoen^ 
1 «?» 

2 28 Seifure of goods before convi&ion. Gap. 1 05 . 

tv, ant) ttnucr tljirtp fiic, Ijc fojfeitetlj not W grofss atm clmtels, foj no 3iato gi# 

DC Ij forfeiture foj cljallcuging aboijc ttocntp i lutt tbc Court ougljt to oier^rulc 

tlie cl)allcnge : tieitljit is l}e conutctcu tp ttje cljancnging aloue tujcntp, ag :^e 

toasi tp tljc Common iatoljp cijallenge of tlj^ee Sinttcis, foj tljc 0d: of 22 H.8. 

c.rtf nuctl) not to anp conijirtion, but to tbc cljaUcngc onlp. 

G E 2. rorfeit. n. gf tl)C partp SDcfcntiant lie attacljet 01 ciOrcincb Ip yjocrg out of anp Court 

2? Econfu'Tiac. 17 of Kccojt^Countp, Ip fojcc of & Jufticics, 9c. Ijurujct Courtj oj otljfr Court 215a^- 

Itiuchmimf' '^^"' '''"^ '^^'^^ ccfnult, tljc gcotisf 0? tfiticg art fojfcitcCj ann upon tl)c attachment 

23 H.5 9. 34 H. (5. ilif S>^cnf c} otljcr £ fficcr map tal<c tljc gcotg toitlj djem : ann tljis is tljc rea^ 

29, 49 32 H. 6. fon tljat upon tlje attacljmcnt tljc 3>I)crif oi otijet £Dfficer ougljt to return tlje 

ii)td. 9 H. 7 _ 6._ certfiintp of tlje gcotis ann tljt Dalue, anti it is not fufficient to return tljat Ije 

4 2Ei'Dktw 'wfUttad)cti Dj tiaratneti tlje HDcfcnuant bp gmtsto im\) a balue, ano foupon 

p'ag 54! tI}E tiftrcfs tljc iffucs miift lie teturncii in certain, bccaufe ttjep arc upon Default 

to be fojftitco. 
I pa t of the In- ®^^^^' ^ pcrfou CDW'oid of fcloup bcfojc attaiutscr fijail fojfcit: fit tl;c Firft 
ft'i.utes, § -Ic."' P-'^''^ ^^ '^'^'^ Inftitutcs, Sed-.745. Verb. Attaint, fol. 3pi. 

• ' ' ^flc Supra in tl)c Cljaptcr of SDcotanns, anD in tJ)C Cl)apter of Mrecfe, 

Vid. Stanford PI. Cor. fo. 1 83,1 84, &c. 


CAP: cm. 

Of the feifure of goods, Sec. for ofFences^ &:c. 
before convidion. 

RCtguIarIp ti)e gcoBs, $c. of anp S^clinciuent cannot be ta&cn ann fcifcn to 
tlie toings ufc, bcfojc tijc fame be fojfeitco. 

2. ' WA)e fame cannot be imjcntojtcti, ano tljc SToton cljargen tl;eretuit^j bcfoje 

tlje oiduncr be intiicteti of Mecojn. 

3. gf is to be obftructi, tljat tijerc is ttoo manner of feiftires, one ijerbal Xoit})^ 
2<? Air.p.^i. 45 E. out tafeing, removing, oj, carrping alnap, onlp to mafee an Bsnucntojp, ano to 
3- fo 24 44 Air. charge tljc STotun : ant t'ljc otljcr an actual teifure, anO taking atnap tlje fame. 
xib!s?fo t,?"''^' ^^ ^° ^^^^ ^^^' ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^ manifefl bp Braaon,anti all our ancient ;9uti^ojst 

See tlie i. part of ^^^ ^^^ Brafton fpcak fOJ tljCm all. 

the Inflitutes. Prifones imprifonati, antequam convidi fuerint, de terris fuis diffeifiri noii 

Seft.745.f.3oi.a. debcnt , a ncc de rebus fuis quibufcunque fpoliarii fed dum fuerint in prifona 
Brkt f '^L '^5" debcnt de proprio in omnibus fuftcntari, donee per judicium del iberati fue- 
Flera'l.*i.c!25',2(5, '^"''^ '^^^ condemnati, &c. SnU fol. 136. Ije faitlj tljUSj Qui pro b criiuine vel fc- 
< Nota the genera- '""''^ magna, ficut pro c morte hominis, captus fuerit & imprifonatus, vel fub 
lity of thefe words cuftodia detentus, non debet fpoliari bonis fuis, nee de terris fuis dilTeifiri, fed 
Hil. 29 E.I. Coram debet inde fultentari donee de crimine fibi impofito fe defenderit, vel convidus 
plMVcf""' fuerit, ^ quia ante convidtionem nihil forisfacit i & fi quis contra hoc fecerit, fiat 
ilntli A Vicecom' tale bf e. e Rex vie' falutem. Scias quod / provifum eft in Curia noftra 
Treafon is com- *-°'''' "O^is, quod nullus homo captus pro morte honjinis, vel pro alia felonia'pro 
prehended. qua debeat imprifonari , dilTeifietur de terris , tenementis vel catallis fuis, quo- 

cNota Mortdel ufque convidtus fuerit de felonia de qua g redtatus eft, fed quara cito captus 
maTna^ lelonia fm^^jt p^^ vifum cultodum placitorum coronae noftrx, & per vifum tuum dc le- 
d Note' this reafon galiuni hominum apprecientur catalla ipfius capti , &c imbrevientur , & falvo 
extends as well to cuftodiantur per h balivos ipfius qui capitur, & qui bonam inveniant fecurita- 
treafon, as to felo- 
ny, f This Writ is in the Rcgift. / That is, by Magna Cart, cap, 29. and that Aft extends to Treafon as well as tc 
felony. 5 E.3.cap.9. Fleta lib.2. c. 26. accord, g Id eft, indiflatus, for before Indlftment no verbal feiture can be 
made, or Inventory taken. Stat.de4E.i. de offic. Coronatoris, &aliquis culpabilU inveniatur,&c. Brittonf4.b. 
accord. /; So was it in Braftons time, but afterwards the Townrtiip w»5 charged, and aofwcrablc for the fame. Brit- 
ton fo.i8. Mirr6rc.2. §• 15. Fleta lib. i, 0,25,215, 45 E.j.iS, a. 


Cap. 105* Seifure of Goods before conviUion. 220 

tem de refpondendo coram Jullici^riis no(tris cum ab eis exigintur : falvo ta- 
men eidem capto & familis fuse neceflTaris, quandiu fuerit in prifbiia, ratio- 
nabili elloverio fuo, &c. i. rationabili vidtu & velHtu. 3 E. 3. Coron. 35(5. 13 H. 

4- T3- 

315p dje Statute of i R.3.cap.3. it t0CnafffDantHiaIarfD, That neither She- -« Note the generf- 
riff, Efcheator, Bailif of Franchife, a nor other perfon take or feife the goods of any ''ty.of ihefe words 
perfon arreded, or imprifoned, before he be convidcd or attaint of the felonv, ^'^'^■'°E.i.Cora 
b according to the Law of England, or before the goods be otherwifc lawfully NiL^uh^ap^dk' 
forfeited, upon pain to forfeit double the value of the goods fo taken to the party tus indiaatus vet ' 
grieved. cum manu opere 

S)oais! Cfuper tota materia) tljcfc t\BO concItiCoitg arc raaiufeCIp pjotcD* iFu-ft^ "P"^"^ ^""''^> ."<^" 
x^iuMm 3niit(tment, tlje gm^ oj otljcr t^tiigg of anp ofienDerfi-nnot be feal^contMm'fum 
fcarcljcn, inljentojfeD, oj in anp fojt fcifcD •, noj aftcc Jnoirtment fctfcD, ano 
rmoDctJ, ojtahcn alwap before conbitfion oj attanmcr. ^cconDlp, tljatt^clifg.- Begging of lands 
gtntj of t\)t gcDDst oj ftate of anp SDeltnciucnt accufcn oj tuDitScfi of anp tvcafon, ^"^ ^9°^^ before 
fdonp, J otljcr offence kfojc \)t U contjttteti anu attaintcu, ig uttcrip t!nla\uful, unkw^""' ^''' 
iiEcaufe bcfoje couljtction anti attainner, as Ijatlj ban faijr, notljing tp fcjfcuca 
to t^e l^tng no} gwntablc bp Ijim. ;9nB befiocjs it fitl;ct maltcsi tljf pjofcciui^ 
on againtt tlje j^eltnqucnt moje p?Ecipttatc, biolent, .inn untittr, tJjcn t^c 
fluiet ann cciual pjocKDing of iLato ann 3uliice laouic permit, oj tile bp fonte 
unoerljano comjjoOtion ano agreement ttop oj Ijinuct tl;c bue courfe of juCicc 
foj ejtemplarp puninjmcnt of tijc offender, ^no laCIp, toljcn tfje S?elinq,uent is 
IcggeD, it Diftouragetl) botlj Suoge, %\xm, ann toitncfis to to tljeir mitp. 

31t tuas an article of 3nq,uirp, De hiis qui aliquid agunt per quod Veritas & Cap. i-inerii' 
juftitia fuffocantur/ 

S»aLib.7. f. 3^,Sc 37- tljc cafe of penal Statutes, Scnotabene : ^ccalfo t\)Z 
Statute of 21 Jac. ca. 3. a fortiori in cafe of life. Placitum corons OHgljt not tO 
become in effect placitum privatum, anu if it fall out tljat tlje partp accitfeo be 
Jegitimo modo acquietatus , let fuclj as beg l)im anD pjofecutc againft Ijtm be 
terrifieo bp tlie billanous Juogment againft Confpiratojg, mljielj pou map reae 
bcfoje cap. Siungments ann d^jtecution. 


230 Cap.104. 

■> — « — • 

Of Falfifying of Attainders. 

ASC SCtoelfe feeffionis of t%t ^cacc ^olOfu at Norwich foj t!jc Coiintp of 
Norfolk, Anno 32 Eliz. one Syer toais tntiictcD of 315urglarpj fttppofcD to Ijc 
s*'^"^' comtnttten I Augufti Anno 31 Eliz. iMljercttnto Syer plcaBco not guiltp. 0nn 

upon tlje ctiitcncc it appeartti ttjat tlje bttrglatr]) lojas committed i Scptcmb. 
Anno 3 1 Eli?, fo a0 at dft time ailcBjen in tjjc BinDifltncnt tljcre tuag no ibur^ 
glarp Done : ano it \on& concciueo tljat tljc ucrp true nap in tlje Binnittmcnt toa3 
tieceffarp to be fet toton in tlje Jniiirtment, fo? tijat t^e Jirngmcnt cotlj relate 
to tlje Bap in tlje 3nBittment, ana fo avioio iFeoffmentis, Jleafeg, ?tc. foj t^at 
(a? it \i)asi alfo conceit eu) tlje feoffa, leffa, $c. toljcn tl)e attainncr is upon a 
DerDirt, fijouio not faififie in tlje time of tljc fcloup : ano tljerettpon tlje 5urp 
founii Syer not guiltp. 0nti at tlje fame ^cffions Syer luas again intiicteti foj 
tlje fame itirglatp cone i Septembris Anno 31 Eliz. luljen in trittlj itiuag sone. 
3nti Ije tbat gavie tlje cljarge at tljat s»etlions noubtes, tolietber upon tljis mats' 
ter Syer mtgljt pleao Auter toitz acquire foj tlje fame burglary, (foj feeing tlbt 
offcnter is allo^eo no counfcl, tlje Court ougljt to no Ijtm inttict ano affign 
ijim counfcl in favorem vitse, tljoHglj Ije nemano it not, to pleao anp tr.nttcr in 
JLato appearing tofbc Court foj Ijis oifcljarge ■■, ) anti tljcrcupon lie Itarcti tJiC 
At the AiTifes in P^ocecoing againft Ijim, ano tlje affifes being at Ijano Ijc acquaintco tlje 3u^i^ 
Lfnt. 32 Eliz, in CCS Of Sffifc, Wray Cljicf Btufticc, anc 31u!Jice Periam toitlj tljis cafe, ano tnttl) 
Com. NorfF. tlje ooubts conccttoco tljcrcupon ; Vaiio anftocreo Ijtm, tljat tlje lilic cafe IjaB tljcn 
been latclp pjopounuco bv tuftice Periam to all ttie 3ufticcs of England ■■, ano 
Nota, The refoiu- ^V t^^"^ tl)5nx poiuts lucrc rcfolUco. I. 2Cl)at t^c CrotDtt tuas not bouno to let 
tion of all the toiun tljc Mn^ flap toljctt tlje SCrcafon, JFelonp, gtc. toas flone, but tlje flap fct 
Judges. Boton in tl)e BInflidmcnt being before oj after tlje offence flone, tlje Surp ougljt 

to fino Ijim guiltp, if tlje trutlj of tlje cafe be fo ■■, anfl if it be allcflgcfl bcfcje 
ilje offence cone, to fino tteflap luljen it toas flonc in rei veritate, foj tljcp are 
f\Mojn ad veritatem dicendam, anfl tljcn tljc forfeiture fljall relate but to tlje flap 
in tlje \3crfli(t, toljiclj \Bas tlje flap of tlje offence floncj anfl not to tlje flap in tlje 
inflictment. 2. SCljat if tl)e triers fino tl)e offcnfler guiltp generallp, pet tit 
feoffa oj leffee, $c. if tlje offence be allcflgeo in tljc inflictmcnt bcfoje it iiiasi 
tione to tljcic pjejuflitc, map faififie in tlje time, but not foj tljc offence, /oj 
feeing tljc Croton is not bounfl to fet flouin tljc bcrp juit flap toljcn tljc 2rrcafon 
oj i^clonp, jtc. is flonc, anfl tljat tlje &icrs Ijabe tljief rcgarfl anfl refpect of 
tljc offence it fclf, <0ofl fojbifl, but tljat tlje S>ubjc£t migljt faififie as concerning 
tlje time of tlje offence. 3. 3f tlje offcnfler be founfl not guiltp, Ije in tljat cafe 
tnigljt plcafl upon a ncta Suflittment, Auterfoitz acquitc : anfl fo Syer in tljc cafe 
afojcfaifl flifl, anfl toas tljcrcupon flitcljargcfl accojfling to tlje faiflrefoluttcn?. 
Nota tljjit notable points refoltjcD, tljat ncijcr iucre refolbcfl in anp Jfcok tljat 
toe Ijauc rcao, anfl remember. 
49 E.;.ii. 3;f a man infeoffetlj anotljer of Ijis lanfl, anfl after is infltctcfl of a fclonp fups^ 

7 E.4. 1,2. ppfjjj jj, jjj, conimittefl bcfoie tljc feoffment, anfl cljcreupon Ije is outlatucfl ■■, t|e 

partp Ijimfelf is bounfl Ijercbp, ano cannot traberfe tlje fclonp, but tljc ffof# 
fie, gfc. mapjbccaufe Ije is an ellrangcr tljercunto : foj a falfc infli(tmcnt teit|i# 
out anp trial bp Derflitt Cjall not bino tlje feoffee, ^c, but tljat Ije map faififie, 
eitljer bp trawrfe of t^e felonpit felfj oj of tljc time of tlje feoffment. 


Cap. 1 04. Of Falfifying of Attainders. 291 

0nt) fo it is if a man mafectlj a feoffment of Ijis JLani>,aiiD aftcs; tafeetlj ^mdiu 1 1 h,449. 
.iri', aiiD confers tljc JTcIonp tcfojc tlje Coroner bp l)im to be Done Icfoje tlje fe^ 2 H.5. 
oftment, ano abUivctlj tijc ISealmi tlje fcoffa; fljall falfific tljc attaiuoccbv tra*= 7,j'^"''p , 
ucrftng of tlje fclouv. ^"H fo it is if a man be incittcti of fclonv, ann is attain^ 22^Tn\x^-^- 
tet) bjjljis oliin confc(rion,tlje feoffit fljall falfifictl)c attainner by oen^nng tlje felo? " " '^'" 
np. 31f tit otljeriMifc it is if l)c be attainteo upon a beroitt jriben bp ttoelbe mcn,fD?. 
tljen tl)c fcofta fljall not falfific bp tvaucvfing of tljc offence, but of tljc time onlp. 

UHjcrc tlje cafe in effect is, tljat \^']miaui Anno i Marise, a (Eommiffion pi cotnf ■■oo 
of Oier anO Terminer in London \MaS mtCCteB tO ^it Thomas White tljC JL0J3 Le* Co'untee de 
S19ai0J of London, anO to Oiuel'S OtljecS, VCCiting, tljat buljcre ^ic Robert Dudley Lcic. cafc. 
jiuiglji, 9 Januarii Anno I Maris \BaS inOictCD of ^iglj SCreafcn 'icfojc Thomas 
SDufec of Nortf. ano 14 otljers Commifftoners of Oier ana Terminer in tlje 
Countp of Norff. (iMljere in trutlj tljat Commiffion toas cirecteo to fo manv,bue 
tlje innictmcnt luais taken but befojc 8 of tljem onlp) granting to tljcm oj anp 
4 of tljcm, autljojitp to receibc tlje innictment taken bcfo?c 15 Commifftoners, 
ano to pjocKD tljercupon as fpccial Suffices of Oier ano Terminer, jc. X3p pjc#^ 
tept toijcreof tljcp pjocivoei? : ano upon tljc confcffion of tljc fain ^ir Robert 
Dudley, gabc JuDgment againft Ijim in cafc of ^Biglj Crcafon. a 3,n tljig cafc it « Trin. ? el 
tuas anjuDgcti, tljat ,a>ir Robert Dudley, tljcn CSarl of Leic migljt falfjfie tbe fain * ^- f?"" t'"s poia: 
attainoet bp plea, becaufc it luag boiti, ano Coram non Judice : fo> tljat tijc fain ''^ gV't*' 
latter Commifftoners A Ijab no potoer to pjocab upon an inbictment taken befo:c 41 Afli'pi.ui^ ' 

8, but bcfojC 15, anOfO tljc Jntigmcnt luas bOiO, anb coram non Judice : foj 27 An.p.55.' 

luljcrcfocbci' tljc Jitngmcnt is boio, oj coram non judice, tljc partp i!3 not; bjibcn 39 An:p,5. ^ 
to Ijis fiarit of Crro?, but map falfific tljc attainbcc bp pica, fljctoing tljc fpccial ]^^'1' f/fJi^ 
matter bjl)iclj pjobetlj it boio, oj coram non judice. 3;n ijjljiclj cafe tljcpartp fo;# d.52.' 3i'h'.<5'ic. 
fcitctljncitljcr llanus noxCiroog. 15p \Ml)iclj cafc it appearctlj Ijob) neccffarp it 4H d.24. 22 e. 4. 
is foi 5iingcs, cfpcciallp in cafes of itreafon ano irclonp, to Irok into tljc teljolc ?•• ^oiyns cafe. 
Kceoib, anotlje procetbings tljcreupon, befoje tljep gibe Siibgmcnt, left tljep ^n^'fo"^"''"'^" 
gibe an unlawful ano unjtift Jubgment, bp means iuljercof tljc partp map iofc videEToVpari. 

IjiSlifC, ?C. 

c A anb B tocre inoicieb, A as principal of /clonp, ano B asi acccffojp fo j recci. Mountgom. eo- 
bing Ijim. A flebanobjas attainteo of tljc i?clonpbp outla\u;iv. B tljc acceffojp f set^ JJH^cafe^'^' 
(betngfcifeoof JlanbsinfixljolDenof C) bjas arraigneo upon tljc inDictmcnt tempsE'.i"]:. 
anb founo gttiltp bpbcrbi(t,anb Ijao juogmcnt, ano boasljangeo : C tljc lojB cn# Moraanc.46.1)u: 
trctlj as Lojb bp Cfcljcat : A tljc principal tcbcrfetlj tl)C £Dutlab)jp, anb to tlje "°f ^""y there rc- 
fclonp plcabco iiotguiltp, anotp berbict toas founb not guiltp, ano tljercupou ^y^j^'o ^ ,,c. 
toasbp Jtiogment acquittcb. SCljcljeir of Bbjougljt anflffifc of SlBojoancclJoj i.ord zanchm ' 
againff C tlj'c iiojb bp Cfcljcat, bjljo plcabco tije outlabjjp of tlje principal, ano cafe. 
t\}t attainoer of tljc acceffojp, Ijis feifin in fat, ano tljc crccution, anb Ijis cntrp 
as iLojb bp Cfcljcat, d Clje plaintiff fljetocb tljc rebcrfal of tljc outlabjjp bp tljc d where the ancc- 
j);inctpal,ano Ijis acciuittal bp berbict aito iitbgmcnf, toljercupon tljc Lojo oe^^ fiorot theacccfio^ 
jnurrco in Juogment. Snb it was aojuogco tljat tlje plaintiff in tljc MU'it of ry '-v^ lawfully 
ipoioanceffoj fljoulb recober againft tljc Jioj^o bp Cfcljeat. Clpon luljiclj |ubg# ^"tainte^d'of fdo- 
mcnt bje obferbe tljefe fibc concluOons. i.c Sljat tljc attainder of tljc acceffo?p „ " and yec'^the 
ijatljakino of bepenbcncp upon tlje attainoer of tlje pjtncipal. foi it i<s a hei'r iTiaii'iniierit 
S^artm in ialu, SEljat tlje acceffojp ougljt not to be put toanfbacr bcfojc tljc by matter export 
pji"cipal be attainteo'i anbbp tlje reuerfal anb acciuittal of tljc principal, tlje f-'^y , , , 
bcpcnnent ^uogmcnt againtt tlje acccffojp cannot ftano. 2, / SDIjat tljis attain* LoizancheVs^caiV. 
bcr of tlje acccff'ojp map be falfificb anb auoioeotptljc Beir bpplea, anb is not oebiii fundamctt- 
b;i\3cn to Ijis Mrit of Crroj ■■> foj tljat tljc attainiier of tlje acceffojp is bp mat^ to faiiit opus, 
tcr in l.a\u aboiocb bp ISccojn of asljiglj nature as tljc attainber of tljc principal ^^ ^fo«2- 
toas. i?oj in tljis cafe it is impoffible tljat tljcrc fljoulo be an accefloip wljerc \]i6.'A.% e - 3 
tijerc was no puncipal, of tljc fame #elonp. 3. 2Eljat tlje Cfcljcat of tlje Jlano 4 e.?.?^. ^ 
labafuUp once befleo fliall bp tljis matter ex poit fafto, be oebefteo. 4. 2Cljougl) 1 1 h-4-4-^' 
tljere were no immeoiatc oefcent to tlje IBcir, pet upon tlje 3uogment of tlic ac# ^ Hlo.^s.b. 
tiuittal of tlje principal tljc OHlrit of ipojoancetto?, was maintainable. JLaftlp, I ^ g! su 7.10!- 
I'yat albeit tljc attainoer of tljc acceffojp is aboioeo hy Jubgmcnt of>pet tljc 13 k.4-4. 

!0 Ij *.o?o 

292 Of Faljifying of Attainders, Cap. 104. 

18 E.4.9.b, 3lojl> b? CBfcijcat temain tenant of ttje iann, until it he cijitten from tint Ip acti*: 

on oj cnttp. 0nD fo \ti% if tlje jjjincipalbc attaintcD of ifelonp, ann after t^c 

arcclTojv iss alfo attaintcli, if tJjc principal rcwrfeti^ ijisf attainter Ip Mrit of 

(Erroj, tljc attaintct of t%t accctrojp nepentiant tljercitpon is reiserfeii. 

Dier 20 Eiiz. 135. ^ "i^n commits acrtafon o j iTclonp, ann iis tljcreof attaintcn in tiuc fo jm of 

)ib.6. fo.i?,i4. in 3laU), ani) aftct tijis 2Crcafon J i?donp is j^atBoncn bp a gCHf ral partion i Xmti^ 

Arandeis cafe, jjp tl;e founfiation it fclfjviz. tlje SCrcafon oj i?donj) being ip ^tttljojitp of ^tXf 

iiament tifcljargeD ano paroonco, t!jc attainocr ( being builocii tljereupon) can* 

not ftanOj but map be falfifieD anu auoioeo bp pica, foj Ijeljat!) no ot^ier remcup 

bp Mrit of €xxQ% oj otljcrtBifc. 

3tn tljc Countp of Warwick tljete toerc ttoo bjctljjen, tijc one Ijabing ilTue a 
taug^tcr, ant) being feifen of iLanns in fee oeDifeti i%t government of Ijis naugl)* 
ter ano Ijislanos, until fl;e came to Ijcr age of Cictan pearg, to big bjotberjann 
Dieti. %\)t tHnclc bjougbt up \)\% i^iece terp tuell botb at bcr ilf 03ft ano J^ffule, 
tc ano fljc toais about cig^t oj nine pearis of age: Ijer tlHnclc foj fomc offence 
correcting Ijcr, flje toas Ijcaro to tap, £Dl) gtoo tmnclc feill me not. after lubic^ 
time tljc cljilD after muci) inciuirp couln IjearB of : ?!Ismjcreupon tljc i!Hn<* 
cic being ftifpccteo of tljc murocr of l)er,tl)e ratljer foj tljat %t toag Ijer nert l^eit, 
juag upon eramination Anno 8 Jac. Regis committcD to tljc Caol foj fufpicion of 
muroer, anD toagi atimonifljeo bp tbe 3ufticeis of ^ffite to finn out tlje CljilOjann 
thereupon bailee Ijim until tl;e next strife?. 0gaintt luljicl) time, fo% tljat lie 
cottlD not fino Ijcr, anu fearing toljat luoulo fall out againli Ijim, tcok anotljet 
cljilo as lifee unto ber botlj in perfon ano pears as M coulD finDjano apparelleu Ijec 
like unto tlje true cbilB, ano bjougljt Ijer to tlje nert ;9JTires, but upon vieto anu 
Ej;aminattonj fl)C baas fouiro not to be tbe true cljilo > anO upon tljcfc pjefump^ 
ttons be was inoicterr, founo guiltp, Ijao Jucgment, ano toas Ijangeo. Jlt'ut t|e 
trutlj of tbc cafe toas, tljat tlje Cbilo being beaten obcr nigljt, tbe nejrt mojning 
luljcn (Ije fljoulo go to ^cljool ran aiajap into tlje ncjct Countp : ano being luell 
coucateo toas rcceibcn ano entertaineo of a flranger : ano iiiljen fl;e luas fijctan 
years olo, at luljat time i\)t fljoulo come to ber lano, flje came to oemano it, ana 
toas oitectlp pjobco to be tlje true cbilo. Mljicb cafe Hie Ijabe repojteo foj aoou^^ 
blc cabeat : firft to BufgeSj tljat tljcp in cafe of life juogc not tro IjalJilp upon 
bare pj^cfumption: ano feconolp, to tlje innocent ano true man, tljat be nebet 
fak to ejcufe bimfelf h^^ falfe oj unoue means,lett tberebp Ijc offenoing Con (t^e 
autljo? of trutljj obertb?otti Ijimfelf, as tlje Tianclc oio. 

Falfifptig concerning goods. 
Braa.iib.3.f.i:8, 3f A bc inoifteo bcfoje tljc Cojoner foj tbe oeatb of anotljer, ano tljat A fleo 
129.3. Brit. ca.i2. foj tljc fame i Ijerebp arc all tbe gtoos ano cljactels of A fojfeiteo luljiclj Ijc Ijan 
^°E^°'f f it ^^ ^^^^ "'"^ °^ ^^^ toeroict giben i ano tl)is cannot be falCfiieo ^ traberfc. i?oj if 
22Air.p5.^ ^^' tbe partp be arraigneo upon tlje fame inoittment bcfojc ^uttices of cI5aol oelibcs: 
1 1 H.4! 1 5. rp, ano is bp beroitt acciuitteo of tlje i?elonp, ano tljat be oto not flee foj tlje famci 

a 4 H.7.18. ^)ct Ije fljall forfeit bis go30s ano cljattels, but pet ^fucjb a fugam fecit map be fal^? 
i 3 E.g. cor.296. Qfjj,^ jjp j^attfj i„ jLf,^ ■ fdj if tljc itiiicjment be boio oj infttfficient, tljere is 
f 47*E.3.25. "0 forfeiture, h )lBut if a man be inoitteo befoje Biuttices of Oier ano Terminer, 
13 E.4-fo.8.'a. ano is acquitteo bp beroict ■■, ano tljep finO furtbec tbat Ije fleo foj tbe fame, \)i» 
Travers de chattel gooos arc fojfctteo tobicb Ije bao at tbe time of tbe beroict givicn ; c ano it being 
w "^""aTd ^^^ * ^^^° ^°""^ '" particular loobat gooos be tljen ^ao, tljat map be trabcrfco 'b'^ anp 
Ai^'R.v.iT' t^Jat bat! p?opertp in tbofe groos. 

44 Afr!p.i5. 2Dbcre is alfo a fugam fecit in Jlatu. «f ^s if a man be inoicteo 0? appealco of felonp ano^Djoces continueo againft ljim,upon Ijisoefault of appearancc,ano an 
'^r'*'?" r'- a CErigeut auuaroeo againft bim» tobercupon be appearetb, albeit be be after ac^ 
liE^ats. ''^ ■ (iiiittcD of tbe felonp, pet all bis gcoos ano cbattels arc fojfcicco bp tbe atoarc* 
7 E.4 17.3. ing of tbe CiDTrigent upon tbis fugam fecit in i^ato. e 31But tijis map be falfificD bp 
per cheke.45 AfT. matter in iLato ; foj if tbe inoittment oj tlJEIrit of iJppeal be infufficicnt, oj er^ 
P-9- Scanf pi« ro J bc in tbe ^joces j Cicigentjtbe fame map be aboioeo bp ejcception,ano no foj=» 
cQr.284.(i. it:\wxt of goios. ^uo tljcrc is no 3i0ojk to toarrant tbe opinion of Bufltce Stan- 


Cap. 105. Of ^ardom, 25^ 

ford in tW cafe : foj in 43 E. 3. tljc original tMxit teas gam-, Qiiod adnoto, ,0 h. 6. tit. for- 
non ut arguam, fed ne ip(e arguar, 0nD alfoip matter in BKD OJ MecojD Ije map feit.5'1. ic e! 3. 
ctcufe W abfence, as if Ije toerc in pjifon ozljepono tljc ^ea, at tijc time of tlje "''■'i- '?• 223. 
<a;rigcnt awrDen, o} if t^e Uing befoje t^e (Bicigent nott) yarnon Ijim. 4S e. 3. ah. 9. 

A. i? intiictcti of ^Oetit iarccnp, ann upon W trial is founii not guiltp, anb „ p 
tljat \)e ciD a? fo J tije fame, Ijc fljall fojfcit \)is gcoos. anD fo it is if an CBjcigent ^' ^°'"' '^ 
he upon furij an 3nf irtment atoatDeD againft Ijim : lut Ije map falCfie t'be fame 
to free Ijim of tlje forfeiture of W gtoos bp fuclj meanjs ag ijs afojefaio. ^a t^e 
firftpartof tl)C Inltitutes. Sed.74.5.fol.3pi.a. 

Has leges vitam veftram Cgen^rofa Juventus) 
Inrtituunt, quae funt fugienda, fequendaq') monftrant. 

CA'P. CV. 
Of Pardons. • 

W€ ^&U fpolten of tlje ropal anu eflablifijing ijertue of BCuifice t ropat 
ann eCEaWifljing 31 fap, becatife Juftitia rirmatur folium, bp Sluftice tl)C prov. 16. n. 
axopal 2Dljjone is eftablifljco. WSit are note to fpeafe of Ijis ^etcv : foj tljc 
fame l^olp S>pitit fait^ : Mifericordia & Veritas cuftodiunt Regem, & robora- Prov. 20.28. 
tur Ckmentia Thronusejus. ^crcp ann trutl) pjeferbe tljc JSing, auD bp tle<= 
mencp i? W 2Clj?one ftrengtlmeD. 2im Ijercupon is tl;e Hlatj) of England 
grounDCD, Non folum fapiens debet efle Rex, fed & mifericors, ut cum fapien- Eraft. lib. 2. fo, 
tia mifericorditer fit juftus. Sec. Quibus tameii & qualitcr eft miferendum, docc- 
ant eum merita vel imraerita perfonarum, &c. ®f tljis Kopal bettUC Uic (IjaU 
fpeafe tljc mojcluiUinglp, foj tbat (as it Ijat^ appeareo bcfoje in t^e Cljapter 
of ^anrtuarp) all p>anctuarie0 ano places of Ucfuge foj fafeguara of life are . 
tafeen atoap. ^uu toljcre Bradon in tlje fame place fpeakiug of tljc icings mercp 
faitlj, Nihil tarn proprium eft imperii quam legibus vivere, it iS to bc obferbCDjj 
tljat tljc Eaws of tljis ISealm Ijabc in fome fojt limitcD ann bountrea tfjc liiiugs 
tttercpj as fljall appear Ijercaftcr. 0niJ fojafmuc^ as Ijis mercp is conuepcti unto 
Ijis s>ub|e(ts bp \)i$ parBons, toc fljaU noto fpeafe thereof, being leo tbcreunto, 
bp tlje iBfflfe in 9 £.4. m'^cre it is IjolDen A chefcun Roy appent per reafon de fon , , 

office a faire juftice 8c grace ; juftice in execution des leyes, &c. 8c grace de gran- ^ ' ^' ^' '* 
ter pardons, &c. 

a 21 pardon is a tuojfe of mercp, tofjerebp ttje iSing eitljcr befoje attainuer, " Seneca lib. de 
fcntence, oj conijiction, oj after, fojgiijetlj anp crime, offence, punifljmcnt, cm\x* R-mmaslmlW 
tion, rigljt, title, nebt, 0} outp 2nempo?al oj CccleCattical : ^ailtljat i^ foj# ti'mdiuspare^r! 
feitcB to tlje J^ing bp anp attatniiec,?tc.ljc map rcfto?e bp ^is Cljarter : but if bp b see the firft pare 
tlje attainner t^eblcDObe cojjupteo, t^atmuUbe rcftojen bp autljojitp of ^^'ar^ oftheina. Sed.i. 
liament. ^°-?- * ^■'^^M7- 

tiniiituio See after CJD Re 

WXZ call it in JLatin Perdonatio, ano CeribC it a per & dono : per is a ^?cpo^- nicutioD. 
fition, ano in tlje &aron tongue i^ for oj vor : as to fojgiac it tljjSug^lp, to 
remit, ano ^ fojetljinfe is to repent, ann fojbear is to bear laiitlj pifticnce, as it "^ Rot.rar. 17 R.a. 

is faitr, Leve eft ferre, perferre grave. " nu.i i. &c. 

c an partons of Cceafon oj ifelonp arc to be mane bp tljc toing, ann in Ijis c 27 h 8 Mp.4. 
tiameonlp, ano arc eitljet general o?fpecial. 011 pamonseitljer general ojfpe^ Hii. 29 e.i. coram 
cial areeitljer bp M of parliament (inliereof tljc Court in fome cafes fijall tafee ph^Lp[p/rpoinc* 
notice) oj bp tl]C Cljarter of tljei^ing, CtuOiclj muft aluwps bc plcaocD.j Slnts , 1^.4X37. " 
t^efe again arc eitljcr abfolutc, oj unuer conoition, ejcccption, oj f^ualiftfattou t 17 H.i.prot'ea.j?. 

2 54 ^f ^^r^ons. Cap. 105. 

foj fomc of tijofc ifarBong Utt mtxiimen tljf prtp map ta^c a ^rit of aUoui:« 
jmcc, 0? tafec ail aijemicnt in CErtain fafcp, in otljecsi tl)z yartp map le aincu 
tip aviccmcnt qnlp, toljfre no Mrit of alloujancc notl; lie. 
1 1 H 4 foi 41. ^"^ fi*-"^ °f general paroong, (25encral parDonjs arc bp 0£t of ^\irlianifnt, 

28 H 8." Dier'23. if anp of tl)cfe parDong be general anu alfoUtte, tljc Couit mutt rake notice of 
5 MjT.ibid.ioo. tljcni, tijcttgl) tijcpartpplcafi it not, but tooulo luabe tljc fame. lEut in tljife 
26 H 8. foi.7^^ jjjjpjjj tijp g£itcral parDous Ijalie fo manp ciualificationg ano ercepiions of offcnre? 
gel^eraUndMo- auo tljings, auB of pcrfoHg aifo, tljat tlje Court cannot take notice of tljem, nci# 
lute pardon. tljcr csH tl)c partp take benefit o; atiDantage tbeteof uuiefp ije pleaD it ; ;9nti fo? 
Roc.Pari. 15 H.5. tijat it map concern tljc fafetp aim quiet of manp a gjubjectj toe Ijabe erpjcffcD 
tiu 31. 55 H. 6. jiyg f^^^ Qf jIjj, pleading of a general paroon, ann Ijaijc fet it tioton l)ere in 3ia^ 
""^^' '^' tin : but if tljC offence be objccteD in ttje ^tar^cljambefj oj anp otijer Cnglifij 

Courtj tljcn itmutt bepleancBin Cnglifij. 
* 1 liis is put but £(. prjed' A. per B. Attornatum fuum vcnit, &c. ( 0} in propria perfona) Et di- 
b'ut care^'muft' ^be '"'^ ^!-^od dominus Jacobus Rex nunc ipfum A. occafione praemiira inipetere feu 
taken, that what occalionare non debet: quia dicit, quod per quendam Acfltim in Parliamento 
general pardon fo- did:i domini regis nunc tent' apud VVcrtm' in com' Mid' nono die Fcbruarii anno 
^''^'^fi'^rt pleaded j-gg,ii fuj feptimo, inter alia, inaftitat' 6c ihbilitum exiftit authoritate cjuldem 
the wr don of d if- P'"''a''nenti, * quod omnesSc finguli fubditi didi Domini R.egis tarn fpirituales, 
charge, &c. be qujm temporalcs liiijus regni Anglis, VVallia?, Infularum Jernfey, &: Garnlcy, 8c 
truly allcdgc-d. Vilke Baru'ic. hasrc^es, fuccelTores, executores & adminifiratorcs fui, & eoruin 
Foriheexpofition qujlibet^ ac omnia & Inigula corpora aliquo modo corporata, civitat', burgi, conii-^-? tat'. Riding, Hundred, Lath, Rape, Wapentag', viU', viUat', Hamlet' & Tithing, 
Littletons cafe. & eorum quilibet, ac fucceflbr, & fucceflbres eorum, & cujullibet eorum autho-, ritate ejufdcm Parliainenti acquictarentur, perdonarcntur, relaxarentur, & exo- 

Frandlyns cafe, ncrareiitur verfus diftum dominum Regem, haeredes & fucceflbres fuos, & qucra- 
vvoodscafe ^^' ''^^'^ ^o'"'-"" '^^ omnibus proditionibus, leloniis, oftenfis, contempt', rranfgi:efl~. , 
Ibidem 49. b. intrationibus , injuriis, dcceptionibus , malegefturis , forisfadluris , penal itatibus, 
uiiraiscafe. & fummis pecuniae, poenis mortis, poenis corporalibus, & pccuniariis, & genera- 

l.ibo^fo.TjSo. liter dc omnibus aliis rebus, caulls, qucrclis, fedlis, judiciis, oc executionibus in 
cif.-> iRii'fT-b P''^''i'^o Adu non exccptis, ncque forfpris', qus per ipfum dominum regem ali- 
LiKcKv. sua' quo modo, feu per aliquem modum perdonari potucrunt ante & ufque nonum 
iSv.Ibid, 10 H 8. diem Novcmbris tunc ultim' prsterit' ante editionem Adus pracdidi, cuilibct, aut 
fo.ic8. a.ter. alicui fuorum fubditorum, corporum corporat', civitat' burgorum, comitat', Ri- 
(Jvou'peTeivO ^'"8. Hundred. Lath, Raparum, Wapentag', vilte, villat', & Tithing, vel ali- 
may be taken quorum aliorum prout in Adu prscdido plenius continctur. Ec idem A. dicit 
without any writ quod f oflFcnfa pracdida verfus ipfum in forma prscdida objeda non elt in Adu 
of allowance. prasdido excepta, neque forprifata. Et quod ipfe eft & tempore editionis Adus 
Lib 8 fol'^Sg' pr^edidi fuit fubditus & ligeus didi Domini Regis nunc natus fub obedientia fua. 
Trollops cafe, videlicet apud Weftm' praedid', quodque ipfe non eft aliqua perfona in Adu prae- 
did' except', neque forfprifat'. Et hoc paratus eft verificare, unde non intendit 
Vid. Iib.5. fol. 15, quod didus Dominus Rex nunc ipfum A. occafione praemilfa impetere feu occatio- 
14. in Arundcls nare velit, unde petit judicium. Et quod ipfe de praemitlis prsdid' exoneraretur, 
cafe. A cafe of ^ ^^^^^^ generalis pardonatio prsdida ei allocatur, &c. ^x bcfojc cap. of iralfi^ 
^""°"* fping Of i!ttainticrp. 

Hii. 2c EI. the re- 31gp tljc general paroon of 28 EI. all /eloniee are pamoneu, 5Zurglarp ejr* 
foiutioa of ali the cfptcu. Hil. 2p El. it toas rcfolbefi bp all tbe Intticc?, tljat a man being attain*: 
juaices. J jj, pf ifuvglarp bjag cjcceptcb, fo j tlje JEurglarp remains, ans is mane mojc ^f 

parent bp tlje attainiier, anD tljc offence of 31f tirglarp is tijc faiuDation. 

%l)C mott beneficial general paroons foj tljc fubject toere tljcfc of tlje fift, ana 
tbirtecntl) pears of tlje ISeign of Siuccjj^ Elizabeth, as bp ccmparifcn of tljofc 
toitlj otljcrs, toill to i\)e iHbiciou| Keaner eafilp appear. SEljc bell general par^ 
ton in all lUng James time, luas tljat of tljc 2 1 jcar of Ijts i;cign, as bp com^ 
parifon of tljat toitlj anp of Ijis fojmer, bPill ebinentlp appear, anD loaere tco long 
Ijcre to be rcljcarfea. 
Hil. 25E.3.cotam 0ut) uoluof particular parBons.i^o partictilar pari!on,bc it at tlje Coronation, 
RegeRot. 2t. i)j aiip otljcr, of aiip offence 01 offences inljatfceber, tljat is abfolute toitliout 

Cap. 105. Of Pardons. -2 5 5 

anp concitiort, ?c. naeDaiip lujt't of anotoance, Itit tul)Ctt tfjc paiBon is coiiDittV 5H.7.7.?.thisSra- 

ottaJ bp fojce of tljc 0rt of 10E.3. cap.2. tljcrc a Writ of anoyance ottt of tlje tufe expounded 

Cljanccrv tcttifptng tljat tijc conntcton tgpcrfojmco, viz. furrlp foimia accojoing aiK^ t'lis Aft ex- 

10 tljat art, map Ic ^ao, oj ttje parcp map ylfao tf)e finiiing of fiirctp, (jc. ano not to^trcafon''""* 

UOltclj tljC rCCOJU. Rot. Pat!": Hulii 

SCJjc mott large ano beneficial paruons! bp Jlcttcrs Patcntst, tliat toe l; ate Anno i r. 2. 
rcati, avg co remember, inrrc tljat to William Wickham llEidjop of VVinchdkr Rof-P". '2 Feb. 
( foj gffi^ men lutll ncbcr rcfufe dUoo anu tl;e litnp pamon.bccatifc ebcvp man f ' " ^' ^'.'^^" "^^ 
totlj often offent) boclj of tljcm) ann tljat otljer to Thomas Woolfcy Caminal, pardon"'Stif of! 
M3\)id) are learncolp auo largelp pcnneo. fences are foon 

JiButlet us turn our epc to ancient Cljartcrgof pwdnj ani» con Boer toell of forgiven. 

tljcm. Rjge^He''V*^T'^ 

Edwjrdus Dei gratia Rex Anglis, Dominus Hiberniae, & Dux Acquit', Omnibus JohanneY'fii° ph 
balivis & hdelibus fuis, ad quos prsfentcs Ifx pervencrint, Salutem. Sciatis quod I'erpoint, &c. 
pro bono fervitio quod Johannes Chaumprona de Thornton in Pickerings,in porti- 
bus Scotii- nobis impendit, perdonavimus ci fcdtam pacis nollrce, qua ad nos perti- 
nct * pro morte IfabelLt, quondam uxoris fu£, unde indiftatus eft, Ik firmam pa- * It appesVeth hi 
cem nortram ei inde concedimus. Ita tamen quod llet redto, fi quis verfus eum inde the Record that 
loqui voluerit. In cujus rei teftimonium has literas nollras fieri fecimus patentcs. P '^'"^d her per 
Telle me ipfo apud Pvoukesburge, nono die Febr. anno Regni nolki triceiimo. ortunmm. 

Edward' Dei gratia Rex Anglia:, Dominus Hibcrnia?, & Dux Aquitan', Omni- 
bus balivis & rtdelibus fuis ad quos prsfcntes litcrae pervencrint, Salutem. Sciatis P^)'''- Qadlx de _ 
quod pro bono fervitio quod Galf. filius Warnum in partibus Scotise impendit, per- Hueone 'de' ^°'^ 
donavimus cidem Galffo fedam pacis noftrx qus ad noS pertinet, de homicidiis, EraunJ, 8:]ohan- 
roberiis, latrociniis, fradtionibus domorum, feloniis & aliis tranfgrelTionibus contra ne N. prLint die 
pacem noram in Regno nro fa(2;is,uude indidtatus eft, 8c fimiliter tranfgreirionem Jo^!spro:<im'pofl: 
quam fecit ab Ecclella de Watford, in qua aliquamdiu pro timore inimicorum fuo- ^^g /''*''^" "'^""^ 
rum fe tenuit fugiendo , & fe fecundum legem & confuetudinem Regni noilri 
Jufticiar' non permittendo, & etiam utiagariam, fi qua in ipfum ea occalione fue- 
rit promulgata, & firmam pacem noftram ei inde concedimus. Ita tamen CKiod 
lict redo in Curia noftra, fi quis verfus eum loqui voluerit de homicidiis, robcriis, 
latrociniis, fradionibus, feloniis & tranfgreirionibus prsdidis. In cujus rei tefti- 
fnonium has literas noftras fieri fecimus patentcs. Telle me ipfo apud Linufca 
vicefimo fecundo die J anuarii anno Regni nollri tricefimo, per breve de private 
ligillo. • 

Ht appearetl) bp t\)i$ xtmts, ti)U t%e faiu Jcffry ms innifieo foj tlje oea t^ cf 
a man, ano of oilers 3i5ttglarieg anu i^cloniesi, ano being tljereupon arraigns 
CO pjapeD l)i0 Clergp, fed falvo fibi privilegio