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/ LP / 2>^ 










Hontron antr ODamiirttrge 



[The right of translation and reprodxtction U reserved] 







My dear Dr Kennedy, 

Once more, after the lapse of a quarter of a 

century, I render the account, which you have the best 

right to demand, of my studies on the last great writer of 

heathen Rome. 

You, who even 'between whiles' surprise the world 

with finished pieces and dream on Parnassus, may find 

much to censure in the form of my commentary. I shall 

be content, if only in the matter of it there appears that 
luv. II. b 

labor improbus, which men have learnt to associate with 
Shrewsbury ifycXofiadel^, 

If you see here a just advance on the first-fruits of 
my pen, I shall feel more at home in the Sparta founded 
in your honour and adorned by the genius of the editor of 

I am, 

My dear Dr Kennedy, 

Ever gratefully yours, 



m 1 

'he notes on sat. x were written, and nearly all stereo- 
typed, in the summer of 1S71 ; those on great part of 
sat VIII in 1872, the remainder to the end of sat. xiii 
in 1877; the last three satires have heen added in the 
two months. 

I give these details, partly to explain any apparent 
lect of materials lately brought to light, and partly as 
an example of the use of our long vacation. Many of us 
are unable during term to engage in any work requiring 
prolonged attention. Even in Bentley's time, Cambridge 
could only make hay when the sun shone". 

I have to thank several friends for help. Mr Munro 
supplies many notes (marked H. A, J. M.) and some emen- 
dations. I have aJso profited by communications from 
the late Professor Couiugtoti (J. C), the Rev, H. R. 
Bailey (H, R. B.), the Public Orator (J, E. S,), and my 
brother (J, B. M.)'. I have, as will be seen, examined 
the manuscript notes of Stanley, Hadr, Beverland, John 
Taylor', Marklaud*, Bottiger and John Mitfard°. From 

' FroefBtio to Eor. p. rv = xiii qa&liacmugno vero haec enut, aesHvii 
taiilam meniilius (ita tomen ul uno alteroque bieauio fuerict prorsQB 
intermiBsa) et primo impetu ac enlace sine lima curlBve Hscundia de- 
Bcriptu, Bio madida fere charta (at nemioi hio meonim iion comper- 
tiBsiiuiim eet) ad lypographoa deferebaiitiir. 

* Prof. Garrod kindly answered my zoologieal qaeriea, 
■ These three in Cambridge univeraitj library. 

* In St John's college library. 

* These two pena me, tbo former bought at 0, Jahn'a sale, the latter 
t Mr Mitford'H sale, where a nuble cullection Bold tor ai 



the fnenda of Otto Jaha I leam that his commentary 
■was only completed for a few satires, and that he intended 
to re-write the whole. In general he trusted to memory, 
but for Juvenal and Persius had formed collectanea. It is 
much to be hoped that his labours will be given to the 
■world, for few scholars have ever lived so well furnished 
■with the historical and antiquarian learning required in 
an editor of Juvenal: his library was perhaps the beat 
working coUectiou that the world has seen in its depart- 

I give elsewhere (bibliographical clue to Latin lite- 
rature Cambr. 1875 96-97) a list of the principal com- 
mentators and dissertations. Prof. Bernays', I am glad 
to see, does justice to the few notes of N. Rigault. Is. de 
la Grange (Grangaeus) is a commentator akin to Cerda or 
Passerat, widely read especially in the poeta. France also 
contributes the notes of Adr. and Charles de Valois (pub- 
lished by Achaintre). The essays of Martha, Boissier.Widiil, 
Nisard, are all naore or less worth reading. 

Italy supplies the commentary of Silvestri <le Rovigo, 
the life of Juvenal and occasional notes by Eorghesi ; 
Denmark the two disseitations of Madvig and a treatise 
on the poet's style by Kiaer. 

Critical readers of my book will possess Otto Jahn'n 
two editions (the larger with the scholia and full critical 


"Wlieii at Ontlia, I examined O. H. Fluthnei's me. commentarj and fonnd 
Bnperti's censure juatified. 

' In the magniQcent To'time which greeted Mommsen's aistieth 
birth day 'commentationoB p]iil(ilog!CEo in honorem Thcodori Mcimmsenl. 
Berol. 1877' p- 566. '.TJib admirers of Heinrich may be siirprifled to read 
(p. 565) 'der gnte Riiperti, immer noch dei einzig Neuere, iler einen 
"lorllaufenden Comm^nlor" zn Juvsnid geliefert hat.' 




tparatus Berl. 1851 ; the smaller with Persius and Siil- 
licia aod select critical notes in Weidmann's series Bcrl. 
. A few tracts by Friedlander, who is employed on 
!ition of Martial, are of value ; but his Sittenge- 
Bchichte almost supplies the place of a commentary hotU 
to Martial and Juvenal ; the same may be said of Mar- 
quardt's Alterthiimer and (in an inferior degree) of For- 
tiger's Hellas und Rom (left unfinished by his death at a 

at age a few months ago), 

I have on all the satires collections on the same scale 
as the fullest here printed and hope to publish as a 
basis for a commentary on satires il, VI. IX. the substance 
of ms. notes by the scholars named above and by others 
(ag. Caaauhon). In course of time, when I have cleared off 
other arrears, I propose to prepare a critical text founded 
new collation of P (cod. Pithoeanus or Budensis aaec. 
K, once in the library of Matthias Corvinus, now in the 
J)ibliothec[ue de I'&ole de medecine at Montpellier n. 125) 
■with the early mss. in this country. 

A bibliographical catalogue, with biographical notices, 
of all English works, printed or manuscript, on Juvenal 
to the year 1850, a rdprint of scattered translations to the 
end of the 17th century, and a dissertation on Bioman 
fiatire and satirists', are tasks which I have in view, but 
Cannot promise to undertake for several years. A smaller 
edition for schools, in three parts, will cost little labour, 
and may, I hope, be completed by the end of 1879, 

1 A leamea diTina (Ki 
litimpa np the meugrc list : 

Geacl). JesQ v. Nazaja l 381) g 

n spiiter romischer Satiriker des 4. Jahrh. 

Oddly enDagli, in. tho neit line the norda 'aua VerBohon' 

lonrcB of thii 'Verselien' ia all too obvloua. 





SCHOL. 1 1 luvenalem aliqni Galium propter corporis magni- 
tudinem, aliqui Aquinatem dicvmt. ea tempora Domitiani 
fyramii, quibna etiam ipse vixit, eo quod ia aula ipaius plus 
histrionea quam bonae vitae homines posaent, graviter carpsit. 
hoa autem libros in exilium iniaaua ad civitatem liltimam 5 
Aegypti Hoaaim ab ipso Domifiano scripsit. ideo autem ia 
exilium missus eat, quia dixit Tcrsum ilium [vii 90] 
quod non dant proccres, dabit histrio. 

SOHOL. IV 38 hoc convicium ia Flavium Domitianum Titi 
fratrem Tespaaiani filium iactat, qui calvna fuit. propterea 1 
quod luvenalis sub specie honoris relcgatus est ad cobortis 
curam iu Aegypto Hoasa, iibi mortuus eat. 

SCHOL. VII 93 propter hunc versum missus est in exilio 
a Claudio Nerone. 

SCHOL. XV 27 da sa dicit luvenalis, quia in Aegypto l 
militem. tenuit. 

lOANN. MALALAE CHRON. X p. 341 CHlm. d Be [avTOS ^atriXevs] 
Ao/ieriavds t^tXtl tov op)(TiaTqv tov irpaaa/ou jiipovi [r^s 'PdJ/J'js] 
roi' Kiyofituov UaptSa, TTCpl oZ Koi tXoiSoptiTO diro riji avyitk'^rov 
['Pu^ijs] Koi "lou^tvnXi'iiu Tou ttoijjtou [tov 'Fio/iaiov lus ^aipiav its 2 
TO Trpao-wov.] oims ^aiTiAtijs t^cupwe roy [a-uTov] 'lou^ecaXtov 
[tov xoHp-^i'] iv, iiri T^V AtjSinjv. 

sniDAS 'lovjicvdXio^ TToiijTijs 'Piu^aios. ovTos ^v (irt Ao/neriavou 
jSno-iXfius 'Pui/iauui'. d St — Ai^uqv (omisalg quae uncis inclusa 



Cum luvenale meo quae me oommittore temptaa, 

quid non audebia, perfida lingua, loqui! 
te fingente nefos Fyladen odiaset Creates, 

Thesea Pirithoi destituisset amor, 
tu Siculoa fratrea et mains nomen Atridas 

et Iiedae poteraa diasociare genus, 
hoc tibi pro meritis et talibus inprecor auaia, 

ut fiLcias illud, quod puto, Lingua, facia. 



De nostro fiiciiii(Ia tibi, luvenalis, og 
Satumaiicitis mittimus, ecce nucea. 

cetera lascivia donavit poma puellia 
menttila c us tod is li 

I 18 1—9 
Dum tu forsitin iuquietua erras 
clamosa, luvenalia, in Subura 
aut collem domiaae teris Ditui&e, 
dum per limina te potentiorum 
Budatrix toga ventilat vagunique 
maior Caeliua et minor fatigaot, 
me multos repetita post Decembres 
accepit mea rusticnmque fecit 
auro Bilbilis et Buperba ferro. 

^^^■^ AUMUN. uARCELLi!(. xxvni 4 g H qiiidam deteatantes ut 
^^^Vi^ena doctriDas, luvenalem et Marium Maximum curatioro 
^^^^rtiadio legiuit, ouIU volumina praeter liaec in profundo otio 
^^^^ oontrectantea, quam oh causam uon iudicioli est noBtri. 

30 ACRO in Hor. aerm. I 1 (p. 3 3 — 7 Hauthal) satira dicitur 
lanois genus tractum a cLora Liberi Patria, qui est miniater 
vini et epularum. satifa iatius inter Liicilii satiram est et 
luvenalia (media?), nam et aaperitatem hahet, quam Luoiliua, 
et suavitatem, quam luveualis, mixtam in suo carmine, denl- 

25 que nisi luvenalia (cannen) scripaisset, iato nemo esaet melior. 


huiua vulnificia satura ludento Camenis 
nee Turnaa potior nee luvenalia erit. 

lOANHES LTDU8 DE MAC. I 41 Tov/IVM Si ml 'IoD;8o'a'XlOS KoL 
30 Htrpiivtos aiTodev rais \atSoptaK tire^eXSoWes tov axLTUpinov 
vo^ov jrapcrptoiraf. 


C. Burth advers. vi 1 fin, Iuvena1is,..ex materia quam 

tl'actat, H^tit'ico sttle ritia, plerumque magiintum, tnaectaiis, 
m^icirs dictiis est. id on Kimatian. I G04 iovenalis snne 
emditisaimiis scriptor, elegantisHimus poeta et censor inonira 
liberrimus et aciitissimua. sumnio pvetio autiquitati habitua. 
a quo ncsutuli noatri temporu adeo fiitiliter dissentiunt, ut 
etiam latioitatem hominis tam praeclui'e dooti et ingeniosi 
vitnpei'are audeaiit. de quo Iiititiii uris atibi disserere non 
Tetabit illoruui de se ipsis opinio, quae ut praecipitea in 
aliorum coutemptum eos agit, ita domeaticos nuBvoa prorsus 
perpendera uon patitur. nuditatem seiiuonis et Titioruni 
Telut exinde diauiplinam caipunt Vai dootissimi. at talia 
describeuda sunt, ut evitari eo melius possint, sententia Dionie 
Chryaostomi, cuius lege orationem 31, quae Ehodiaca inscri- 
bitur. aestimatio autrra luvenalis etiam ad estrema tempora 
duravit. media ttuim baibaria {>er excellentiam ethici titulo 
citatur, siimaiis philosophis compai-atus, ut a loaone Saris- 
beidensi, Alano et eius geoeiis non pau::is philologis eonim 

This statement has been repeated by Fabricitis, Euperti, 
Aohalntre, Fraiicke, Weber, Corn. Mllller, Benifiardy and 
many otUera. Haviug seen i-eason, Binea my first edition, to 
doubt whether luv. was in any exclusive sense known as 
ethictu, I have looked through the works of John of Salisbury 
■nd Peter of Blois, who constantly cite him. Aa regards 
AlanuH de Inuiilia Earth's wonderful memory has deceived 
him. On turning over the 1012 columns of his works, I 




find only the following scraps of luv., who is named but 
oucB, and never Killed elhicuK, 

de arte praediaitoria, 25 (Migne ccx 162') Iut. vi 165 with 
a strange variation rara avU hi terns alboque timillima 
corvo. distinctiones dJctionum theolog. {9G9') 'tenuis dicitur 
etiam vilis, unde poota [luv. vii 145] 

in lemd rara est facundia panno.' I 

ib. (959") 'auBDUcEKE notat gupponera, nnda [luv. I 15] 
et nog quaTidoque manum, ferulae mLbduxiinMn,' 
ib. ' under hubhellia lie cites luv. by name and vii Wfreyit stih- 
tellia verau. I may notice that Alaniia often cites Seneca, acme 
additions to whose fragments he may perhaps supply. Vincent 
of Beauvais in volumes I (naturale) and II (doctrinale) of hia 
speculum constantly cites luv. by name and book (e.g. I vi 
31 fin. xix 28. xxxi 81 86. 115. II iv 7. 13), but I nowhere 
observe the title ethicua. 

John of Salisbury and Peter of Blois by no means coofino 
the title to our poet. lo. Sarisb. pol. ill 8 (489° Migne) unde 
et ethicus provide quidem et utilit&r ' opiintam' inqitit 'vivendi 
ammeludinem ab ineunte aetate elige, earn libi iueundam usita 
efficiet.' VHi 12 (760*) Horace cited as et/iieus. so i 8 (405'). 

II 3T (470*). Ill 8 fin. 9 (492"). 14 fin. (512''). iv 9 (531*). ti 
proLpr. (587*). Viii 13 (760'). 13 (702°). 24 bis (817"). 
metalog. i 4 (831*). 7 (834*). ep. 185 (195") elhieus et eth- 
■meus. luvenal is ethicas pol. i 13 (414''). iii 4 (483'). 12 
(501-). Tii 13 (668''). VIII 15 (773"). mtiricus i 12 (408''). ' 

III 6 (486*). 12 fin. VIII 8 (738*). Sioims v 4 (546'). e(A- 
niciM VIII 13 (767°). Ovid is ethieug ep. 134 fin. poL i 8 
(405*). So the epigrammatist cited in Suet. Caes. 19 ep. 183 
(184"). the author of the verse noli Fortunam, quae non etl, 
dicere eaecam (pol. Ill 8 490"). In poL viii 13 ia a notice not 
found in schol. i 12 'Fronto, secundum quosdam nepos Flu- 
tarohi, cuius meminit in primo [libro] luvoaalis sic: Frontontt 
platani damanl.' metalog. i 8 (836") 'obtusioris i 



I, Eed seduiitate exercitii in id 
1 ipBum Allobroga nominaret' 

tradiint fuisse Scaurum Eufum 
viriuiu evasiase, ut Cic 
cE luv. VII 213— 4. 

Peter of Blois (Migne ocvii) calls lov. satiricus ep. 15 (54°), 
59 (178'); poeta ep. 17 fin. (66''). 42 {124"}. 81 (261''); poeta 
Aquinas ep. 59 (177'); Aquhiaa ep. 95 (293''); rfAiciM ep. 72 
(221°). 74 (229''). 85 {261"). 239 (543°); elhniem ep. 95 
(299°). Horace ia ethnima ep. 60 {179''). elkiais ep. 72 
(222''). 81 (251'). 150 (441''). 

Prudentiu3 c, Sjmm. it 657 — 8 Btantisjwfl duces in 
curribiia altis \ Fahrioioa, Curios, cf. Iht. viii 3. ib. 1010 
— 1 et quae fianifieas arbor vittata lucernas | aervabat. of. 
luT. XII 93. 

Gerbert (Silvester ii + 1003) lectured on luv. at Paria 
(Richer hist. ed. Pertz Hauuov. 1839 in 47 p. 133) cum ad 
rhetoricam suoa jirovehere vellet, id sibi snspectuii; ei-at, quod 
Blue locutionum modis, qui in poetis discendi aunt, ad oru- 
toriam artem ante petveniri non queat. poetaa igitur ad- 
hibuit, qiiibua asauescendoa arbitrabatur. legit itaque ac 
docuit Maronem et Statium Terentiumque poetas, luvenalem 
quoque ac Persium Horatiumque satiricos, Lucanum etiaoi 
hiatoriographura. qnibns assuefactos locutionnmqiie modia com- 
positoa ad rhetoricam transduxit. 

luv. 13 quoted by Alcuin, by Rather bp. of Verona (saec, x), 
by Everhardus Bethunieusia cir. 1212 (Lyser poEtae lat. niedii 
aevi p. 825). I do not remember that the abbat Lupus citea 
or names him, cf. T. Wright biograpL Brit. lit. I 40 n. 
(Rutebeuf). 41. 476, la a catalogue (probably saea x) of 
Bobbio library, more than one ma. of Iut. (Muratori antiq. 
Ital. Ill 820). 

Many projected editions are reconlcd by Fabricius anri 
Euperti. see Casauh. ep. 289 p. 151 Elmenhorst preparing 
one in 1602. ib. 533 Caaaubon himself: eum poetani gravis- 
simum, si Bupori annuerint, accurate recensebimus, Boxhom 
from 1634 (Boshomii ep. pp. 29. 35. 46. 48. 50). Keitzer 
.ova epist. I p. 658). 



I lie luveitdlis vitae temporibua KiJiiigsberg 
1875 ito. XIII 17 written 60 or 61 years after Fontflius cos. 
A.D. G7, i.e. in 127 or 138. In verses 13 {tu) ami 33 {senior 
btiUa dignitaime) and throughout the satire Calvinus La ad- 
dressed in the second person, hence stupet haec, qui mm post 
terga reliquit sexaginia aniws, Fonteio consult natvs, must refei 
to the poet, not to Calvinus. 'se atupere dicit, quod amicuB 
ca&um tarn aegre ferat, quom ipse in sexaginta annis saepiBsioie 
viderit. ee igitur poeta Fonteio console natum \'erbia disertia 
dicit' vita cod. Voss 'Iuvenalis,..ex Aquinio Yolscomm op- 
pido oriunduB temporibus Claudii Nei'onis.' 

In all the lives, except 
claimed ' usque ad medi 
shortly after his 80tl 
altero et octnagesimo 
be aet. 40 or 41. Whether 
ing Friedlander cannot detei 

, he is EHid to have de- 
1 '; if he died (vita cod. Vobs) 
■ (vita in) ' anno aetatis suae 
zzo del cammin ' of his life would 
niddle age ' had any precise mean- 
mine from the only authorities in 
which he has fouad it Phaedr. ii 2 3 aetatis mediae quen- 
dam, with the old and young wife. Phiut. aiil. 157 aed grandior 
es; muUerit est aetas media. In Ceoaorin. 14 § 10 Staseas 
fixea aa the limit of life 7 x 1 2 = 84. 

Taking 40 as ' middle age ', the first book of aatirea will 
have been written 107 — 116, nearer to 116. 

Sat. VI 407 iitstantem regi Armenio Parthoque cometen a 
comet seen at Rome Nov. 115, ib. 411 nutare iirbes, aiibaidere 
terras earthquake at AutiochlS Dec. 115 (Friedlandsr Kiinigsb. 
progr. V for 1872 and Gutschmid cited there). Sat. vi then {or 
'book ii) will have been written A..D. 116 or 117. 

The em]ieror Hadrian, welcomed in sat. vii, came to Rome 
A.D. 118 (went to the provinces 119 120). 

Book IV written between 1 20 and 127 a. d., for xv 27 nuper 
ronside luiieo ehewa that hook v was written after 127. Fried- 
lander givea to Aeinilius luncus two nomuM geiUUicia, Claudius 
and Aemilius; 


Books I — III written in Home. IV v possibly in exile, vita 
cod, Knlenkamp 'in exilio ampUavit satiras et pleraque mu- 
tavit.' Fr. Riihl' {'zu den vitae luvenalie' in Jahrbb. cix 
1874 868—9, who tells ua that the luv. mss. of the Brit 
Mua. 'bietea simtlich den gewohnlichen, nicht Pithiianischen 
Text und sind daher voriiiufig ohne besonderes InterBase') 
gives from cod. Harl. 3301 saeo. xv exeuntis a life which 
also states that the satires were written in exile. 

Martial ahewa that luv. was in Rome A, d. 92 and again 
101—2 (Friedlander Sittengesch. in' 372—390 ' Chronologie 
der Epigi-amme Martials '). Paris the actor was put to death 
A.D, 83 aet. luv. 16. All the authorities agree that luv. was 
' irati hiatrionis exu! ' but the name Paris, given in the lives, 
Beema to be taken at hup-hazard from Bat. tii 87. Crispinus, 
colleague of Fuacua as praef. praet. under Domitian ^nd. ' Cria- 
pinns') may have stationed luv. in Egypt; he may have been 
exiled after 92 and returned before 101 — 2. 

The dates then, as given by Friedlander, are : birth 67 a. d. 
at Eome 92 and 101—2. declaimed to 107. bk. i 107—116. 
11116—118. 111118-119-20. IV 120— 127. v after 127. 
death 147. 


'Ah altera parte legitur decretum Aquinatium de tabula 
patronatua et statua constituendia IRN 4342.' Grotefend 
(PLUologiia xri 489 — ^490). Momnisen supplies the word 
TRIBMBMS. If in the old life of luv. we read miesiui ad 
praefecturam cohortis and in the life ex cod. Omnibonian. 
in Achaintre (cf. K. Fr. Hermann in iud. schol. Gott. summer- 
term 1843 p. 9) Traianii^... fecit eum praefectum minium 
contra Scotos, if ia the inscription we see him as officer of a 

—7 Raiil shews the necessity for a new 
ids vacat. i 61 eit capiendi, bat the t 

eraaad. i 160 dktt, e afterwards erased, i 1G9 animante let hai 
altered afterwards to animante. anime therefore is tlie true reading. 




coll. Delmatarum, ftnd learn from, the diploma of Trajan in 
Cardinali tav. xii, and from that of Hadriaa (Orelli-Henzeii 
6455), that the cob. i rielmatamm. (without the addition niil- 
liaria) was then in Britain, and consider that the inscriptiooB 
of the raefectua coh. I Delmat. (Orelli 2T1G— 7) were found in 
Cumberlatid, we cannot refrain from claiming for luv. also the 
title of a praefectns cohortis, and think we diacover the sting of 
Trajan's words el te Philomela promovit [vita v Jalin] chiefly in 
this, that by yirtue of them the poet received hy the Philomela 
only the lower grade of praefeutus, whei'eas (vii 92 praefectog 
Pdopea facil, Philomela tribunos) he had ascribed to the 
Philomela the promotion to the trihunate. Anyhow Momm- 
Ben's inscription, in addition to what I have here cited, i dds 
greatly to the weight of the report of Juvenal's exile in Siot- 
land. Grfttefend shews that tribuni are commanders of oohores 
milliariae, praefocti of ordinary cohorts. The coh. i milliaria 
Delmatamm (Or. 1833. Murat. 455 1) has a tribune, the or- 
dinary coh. i Delraatanim (Or. 2153. 2716—7. 4082. 4132. 
Murat. 81 2 8) has a praefectwa. The inscription will run theu : 
(Oere)ri sacrum (D. Iu)niu8 luvenalia (praefectua !) coh(ortisi) 
Delmatarum, ii(vir) quinq(uennalis), flaniea divi Tespasiani, 
vovit dedicav(it())ue sua pecuuia. 


mly true nobility: if jou are just in word aud deed, by 

tliBES teatnrus I recognise you {agnosco 26) as a nobla; othecwiBe your 

iUaBtriDUS name may hui be applied in mockery, as We cnll a dwarf 

,3 (1 — 38), Bubelliua may lioast of liia aucestor lulas: liat if 

BtiU as a etook, while plebeians ars aclivoly SBCving tbeir 

I'lDountry iu the law-court or the camp, Lc must look ta be coudemDed 

L Ske the lagging liorse in the clrcuG, wliom uo podigtco cau save fiom 

. mill or the cart (33— TO). Would you know bow to Ure aa befits 

IT deacout? Be a brave soldier, a juat judge, an lionest governor, 

a well iu unwailike Corinth aa in rude Ganl or Spain. So will high 

iiideed an honour to you; whereas it only brings out in 

-e glaring coloora the Crimea of tbs oppreEsor or dehauchee (TI — 

6). So IB it with Lateranufl, who, though b oonsolor, livoa tba h(e 

a Tulgar sot : a slave, who should do the Earns, would ho sent to 

)rlt in chains in the ooontty (146—182). Other nobles, still more 

mpletoly lost to shame, appear on the stage. IIq it bq, that they 

e well paid: what of that? No plea, but that of neceaaity, can 

fpalliale the oBeuoe. Nor indeed can that: better were it to die, 

net with Thymele or Coriothua (1S3— 197). Beyond this 

[ there is but one lower Blage of infamy,- the arena: and even there 

I you may see a Gracchus, and seo liim too, as though dEtermlned to 

jmblish ahroad his ahojne, choose those arms which least of all hide 

Itaturea. No wonder that the very gladialorB are 

Qed of BO degenerate an antagonist (193—210). None can be 

E ol nobler birth than Kero, yet he exceeded the crime of Orestes, 

witbont tho esouse ol Oreatea (211—230). Tha higli-ljoni Catilino 
would ha-TB laid the city wasta with fire nnd Bword, fcut for Cicero, 
n nesa TOan irom a conntry town; justly tLea did this nea man 
reeeiva tLe tiUa ol Fathoc oI b!a eoimlry (231—241). Marina also 
and the Decii were plebeinn ; Serrina TaEins was the son of a slays ; 
and theae Eoma reckons among ier cliiof btmefaotora [245— 2fi8). 
The Bona of Brutus, tho deliverer ol Home, would hotrajed 
thoir country, biul it not toen for a bIsto (261-268), After all, this 
long pedigree of wLich you boast, ends at laat in some peasant or 
robber (289- 275). 


ep 4 

TV. 1 

: i and S. Tell, i 


together with the painted lliuae 
h emnia or pedigree Becker i( 1 220 
: % 6 aliUT apud malortt iit atriia haec 
'.iAciart. nee aera ani 
,] ttngulii 
! eius, qui untguam 
cLnnt (Ld ima- 

1 40. Tha imag ne th 
which connect tharn nsti i 
seq. Matquardt t 1 247 Plm 
front, quae ipeclaren u n ; 
Tnarjoora: e^proas e a Tn as [iMterei ee 
jtipowiwinlur anaariia, ut estmt imagines quai 
fymtra; stmperqiie defuncto aliquo totus aderat familiai 
faerat, populia. stoaimota vera linoia diaonri 
ginea piotas. Sen. do ben. iii 23 g 3 nemo altera iiouiiior, nut cui 
Teetiu3 ingenium, et artOiai bmda apliui. qui imagines in atrio 
eiponnnt et Domina tnmiliaa suao Tonga ordino ao mnltis 
■teminatQiQ illlgata floxuria in parte prima aodinm collo- 
aant, non iioti magis qnam nobilea snutf Mart, cited on SO. 
Suet. Galb, cited on S, id. 'Scr, 37 obiectum est ^ . . . Cassio Longino 
iuris amsulto ao Ijiminilvs orbata, quod in vetere geulili steininate C. 
C<a$i percuaaorit Caesarii imaginea Tclinuisset. cf. Forcellini. 
nciUNT . . . raODBST Mart, ut 75 3— i led nihil eracae laoiunt ... 1 
improba nee proaunt iain tatureia libi. 

2 csMSEBi i^TiDE sxi. in Freniid 'to take rank by.' 'to ba rated at' 
as in pamo aere cetiseri. Apal. apol. 57 &d, pro itiidio bibendi quo 
bdIo conaetur. U. Son. contr. 21 § B p. 244 2G mendicitate 
canaantnr. picioa Macroti. Gat. 

II 3 clypfatam imaginem eius iiigentibus lineamcntis usque ad peeltu 
ex more piotam._ Polyb. vi 53 ij !i iU^k ia-rt ■npiauirot [a mask] 
th J/toionjra Jia^epoirui lleipyaaitirat sal irori ■riji' T'S-aaiv nai tori ttji- 
irriripaijt^. hs adds that at funerals the anceBtora of tho deceased weie 
porsonated. and tholr imagines worn, by persons resembling them in 
stature and bearing. There were Epecial slavea to attend to the imagines 
Bianobini camera cd iscrizioni sepulcrali do' liborti Itam. 1727 n. 82. 
3 aTANTEH etc triumphal statues vil 126 n. 
X 53. The enemies of the Jews set up such a atatue of Caligula in tho 
priacip^ prosewlia of Aleiandria Phil. leg. ad Qaium 20. 
AauiLiiNoa the son of L. Aemilius I'aulus, when adopted by tbo 
Scipio Africanus tho elder, received tho name o£ 1'. Coruolius Seipio 
Aemilianna Africanus minor. ^ cuiuos xi 78 i 

IT, CnriuB Dentatua, tho opponent of ryrrhna, Luo. vii 360 — 60 if Ci 


VIII 4-11 3 

rioB 7iii fata darent reiaceijiie Camillm \ UTHporibus. The lomilywaa 
now ostinct MarqoaTdt Met, egiiit. rom. 60. 

DiuiDlDS mutilated xt 5, Mart, i 2 10 dimidios Crispi mulio ridet 
equal, umebos hinoiiem Sil. iii 42 froatomgna 

minor tiuncam amnie Aaarnati. the abl. is in Lac. ii 717. 
1 108 n. Luc. cited on 9. 

t. Galb. 2 Nenml tialba ,acf^es3it, . . . hand duhir dobiUs- 
Bitnas WBgnaquo ct vctore proaapia ; ul qui . , . iiaperalor . . . 
etiam Btemma in nlrio propoBnerit, gao paternam originDm 
ad lovem referret. Toe. h. i IS. ib. ii 70 Galbae imagines, ib. 
4a Pint. Galb. 3. comp. Arist. c. Cat. 1. The moet eminent of this 
family wore (Snet. 3) P. SnlpicinB Galba Masimns (cos. n.c. 211 and 
ogun 200), who condonted the war with PMUp of Macedon ; and Ser. 
Snlpuniu Galba the orator, cooanl B.C. lU. 

6 seq. 135 Beg. 7 ecveral mss. omit this verse : 

it ofmnot have followed upon Ct i because Corviuns haa been mentioned 
jOBt before ; ii becanse the tablet need not he cupai to conlain a sin^ 

viBO* Teriouslj explained i echol. multia faccibui, dignitaU. ii Bnp. 
the lintae or rami (Pera. iii 28), which connect the haagiiiea. iii Heinr. 
■who however rejects the Terse, a hroom Ov. f, it 7B6. IT K. P. Hermann 
{who retains 7, but strikes oat E— G, Rhein. Mns. 1S48, p. 454 seg.) the 
wand with which the nohle points to (ronf.) the inutginei. 
8 nnioeos j 120 n. Sen, ep. 44 g 4 non f ncit nobilem atrium ple- 
nnni famosiB imaginibus. Cic. in Pis. 1 1 obrepiiati ad Itonarei . . . 
commtndatione fnmosarum imaginum. Boeth. de oons. phiL i pros. 
1 ante med. quamm tpeciem, lictit tumosaB iraaBinoB loUt, caligo 
quafdam Ti,-fflecta£ vetuatatis obdiixerat. The imagiTtei Blood in the atrium 
19 n. Serf, ad Aea. i 729 ibi [in atiio] ft eulina trat, wide tt 
atrium dictamesC: atcam enim erat ex tumo. Mart, u 90 S— B 
differnt hoc patrioi optat qui vincere ccniui | atriajue imniodieii artat 
imaginibuB. ] me focut ct nigroB non indignantia fomaa | lecta 
iuTttnt. laidor. orig, iv 3 4. Marquardt v 1 24Q. St, Lulto 22 55. 
9 conui Son. cp. 07 § 1 TVamqiiam apertitu 

i.Erniia vi 265—7 dicile voa neptoa Lepidi eaecive McteRi IGurgitii 
aut Fabii, quae ludia lumpserit Kiaquam { hoi liabitai ! A noble fami^ 
of the Aoinilift gens Cio. Phil, iin g 8 magrda ct multia pignoHbaa JI. 
Lopidum retpublica ilUgatum lenel. Bnmma nobilJtaB eat bomi- 
aie. ib. g 7, Veil, n 114 % 5. Tao, an. m 33. Luo. Tn 583— S nobilitas 
venerandaqne corpora /trro | urg&ntur. caedunt Lopidos caedunlque Me- 
--"-- I CorTinosgwe simvl Torqnataque neminn, regrnn \ >acj>e duces sum- 
, ie Aomimim. wn.n Tinrnn VM. n 9 § I 

lid p rode at pnv. T\ forii esie stren«uin, si domi male Yivitnr f 
EjnoiBs ono i, a, quo pertinft habere fjigiii eie. 
61. Oio. fam. tii 23 g 3 ilartia vera signnm quo 

___. il Hor. cp. 1 5 13 Bentl. and Obbar {not. crit.). Or. 

53 Heins. and Tt iiTMiTt . ib. iv 157 EeinB. id. amor, m 4 41. 
T 10 §70 quo schema, ai]?ite!;,?ffi(ar/ quo, si non intsllcgilaT 7 
Ben. oontr. 2 g 1 p. 68 2 qno niihi saoerdotem? 20 g 3 quo 
hi lumen? Phaedr. iii 18 9, app. Borra. 17 9. Mart, t 53 3 quo 
tibi ceiNioben, ifosss.i'ei AndromaehonT ib, is 66 3. IIT 27. 116. 
Sen. q. n. i IB Gnin. unde is slmilail; used InT. sit 5S n. 

-- " 11 AKTI9, 141. 

VIII 11-13 

, io Africoniia the jonngGT, who forcad Nnmantda ta sn 
randor 11.0. Iit3 App. vi 98 Ka\au0i ■yviii' atirSi' 0! "Pu/ibjol /lixp' ^''' ^' 
TWii av/jj/icpai', ds ittiffTjKe TaTs roXffft, 'Ai^piKaroy rf Kal S o/iarrTre 
Prop. v=iv U 29—30 si oai fama fuit per avita tropnea d 
cori, I Afra NumantinoB legna loc[Qaittur avos. ApaL apol. SS 
fin. Tiui; tgo Aemiliano, non kitie Afro, sed Uli Afrieano et Numau- 
tino E( praeterea cemorio, v!x credidUsem. O1. f. i 596, Sulpio. i6. 
Plin. ep. Vin 6 g a epBa'^a o' 'l'*' Betmto'a Msome flattery of PaHas ] 
cojiferant ee miiceantqwc, itiro dJco ilU veteree, Africani, Achaid, 
IJumantini, ted hi proximi, JUiirii, £ulla;, Forapdi .... tt0u fallQittf* 
laudes iacebuut. sobhibbi <tc. Sen. 

Op. 12a % 9 seq. lucet: Komni tempna est: qniee ett: nunc ixcTcea- 
mur, nunt; fri^'temur, nunc praadeamia . . ■ difs publicui relmguatur: pro- 
priunt HD&ii ac pfcuZiara nuiTu ^a( . . . , cum hoi vermt Tieitauet [Mon- 
tana luliUE] 'incipit ardentei Fhaebvi producer! Jlamnme, . . .' FaTUt 
. . . cxcUiiaamt 'ijicipit Bnta dotmire,' deinde cam aubinde red- 
lasseC ' iam sua pastorei itabiilia anaenta locarunt, | iam dare lopitii nux 
tdgra liltnlia territ \ inciptl,' idem Varus inquit "quid dicii f inM noi 
tit I ibo et Bntam talatabo" ... is erat ex hiic tarba Inoifngatum eU. 
Oio. fin. ti g 23 DsT. [asotos], qui laUm, «t aiiatt, me aceidentem urn- 
quam viderinl nee oTterttem. id. in Pis. g 07 nbi galH cantttm andi- 

Sesl § 20. Hot. b. 1 3 17. Plin. xrr % 113 iitterea, vt optime cedat, 
Bolom oriontom non vidont et minus diu viTunt. Bil. u 42 — 3 
ortn nonviria eoHb depronaii:. Mart, yu 10 S. GiU. ad Hippocr. 
progD. II xnii 2 p. 120 iW iiri tuv 'linroiipiTm% ^iri^r eix otto ji? ^jr 
Ti vara ^iaiv, dWo Si ra Mr;, yvA 3' f^iraXii' el r1w6aioi BpQair it XiAiia 

lyp-qyopirn. Lflmprid. Elfl^. 28 traiecit et dioium Betua nocti- 
bBH et Bootnriioa diabua, aealimaiia hoc inter imtrumeata luzuriae, 
ila «t seio de EOmno sargerot et Balutaii inoiperet, mane 
aatcm dormire inoeptarel. Tac. £n IS. Sen. Th^est. 466. untlioL 
Mofer 113S I fit de noote dicB, tonoLrae do luce serena. Said. 
Ti/iiimii. Plant, Menaeakm. 175. Ilor. 0. in 21 23. Mart, i 28. Claud, 
in Entr. jj 84. 12 (Jdq etc. at whose rising your 

nnoastors at the Lead of their troopa broke up their camp. 
13 iLLOBBOGicis Liv. eplt. txi Q. Fabiua Maiimua consul [B.C. 191] 
FauU nejMS adnertaa AUobngas eC Bituiturn Arvemorxim regem /lUciler 
pugaavit , , . AUobrogeB iu deditioncm acoepti. Veil. 11 ID g 3 
fabio . . . ex victoria casnamen. AUobcogioo indifum. ct. Plin. h. n. 
Tu §160. Strab.iTp. 185. ClaHdina in bis apeech oa the tiu ftonorum of tbo 
Gaola in Mipperdey Taol 11 p. 225 (ol ecct iiuignes iuaenti, quel itilueor, 
nan inagii sunt paenitcndi >enalore>, guam paenilet Peieioum ... inter 

Allobroges ocoupied the tract between the Bliona and the IsSra (Dau- 
pbui6 and Savoy). Their chief city naa Vienae- 

Mi^VA int. the ara ma^iinia Herculia, biult, as was believed, by Hercnlea 
hlmaelf, or iu honour oE HereiileB by Evunder : it stood between the 
Tiber and the ciroua maximns (Serv. Aen. viii 271 ingeuB enim eit 

the cattle-market BH. 1 40. Ov. t. 1 5H1— 2 coiulUuilqne libi, c[uaQ 
maiima dioitur, nram | Jiic, 11 'li part iirbii ds bove nonun habet. 
Iu the great fire in Nero's time Tne. xv 41 magna ara lanuraqus, 
^aae praeaenti Herouli Aneaa Evander aaeraverat ex. 


[V 9 GT aeq. Pint. qu. Eora. 60. 

when t!io tubii marched ont to 

HsrcnUi ranRivit nuuiiniH ara. Becltei- 

478. Schweglec i 353 3. Uetzger in Taolj m 117G— 7. Barn 

and the Gampagna 33. 40. 191. 

, iBooijKO Fabiufl, a degonerate deseandant of Hercules, tbe raodel of 

i^^dTirti]Bx361n. Ovid (to Fabiua) Pont, ni 3 98—9 conveniens 
^imo genus est iibi: nobile jtamgxie \ pectiu: et Herculeae eim- 
plicitatis Itabet. EleomciL meteor, ii 1 § 93 oix elaBa, Sri ij ^tiAoiTo^la 
'Hpag'MiL Koi arSpas "HpoKXiiou! ta\fT, aSX ovxl, /li ida, tiiyaliovi. Ou 
tbe descent o( tbe Fabii from Hercules and Tindana danghter a£ Evtm- 
der rf, Plttt: Fall. Max. 1. Ov. f. ii 237 seq. Sil. ii S, eep. ti C37 esq. -m 
34 41. Tin S17. On the greatness of the Fabii LIt. ii 42 g 8. 49. 
Dnnnann i Ii9. Haakh in Tanly in 368. Bnoh, a Fabiua [ooa. 34 i. d.) 
ia dMorilied by Seneea de ben. it BO g 3 quid nupir Fabinm Persi- 
cnm, cuiut oiculiim eliam impediret viri vota boni, lacerdoUm uon 
in ■una eolUgia fecil, nisi Verracasi et AHobrogiciT cf. lb. n 81 

K 4—5. IttT. 191 C. 15 ETTOAHBl LlT. 1 1 § 3 

Eaganeis^^ gai inter mar^ Alptsque ineolebant pulais, Hmttai 
Troianoimit tat tenttiase terms. Their name is derived by Pliny iroro 
g i:i4 praestanUiqii^ gentri EnganeoB, indt tracto 
lint Sloenos} and still remains in that of the Euganean 
Mils, nine miles sonth-irest of Padua, in the delegation of Verona. Their 
.lilef towns -were Verona (Plin. in g 130), Patavium (Sidun, BpeaMng of 
^^'s works paneg. Anthem. 189 vel quidquid in aevum | miltunl Enga- 
■ieii Palavina voliaaina eharlii, Luc. nr 193), and Altinum Uart. IT 
26 1 — *. id. iiT 155 villeribiii priiaU Apulia, Parma necundin ] nobilii : 
Altinnm tcitia laadat ovii. Colum. th 2 g 3 nunc Gaiiieai 
[oTee] pTetionorn liabt^ttxir, earumqne praccipue Altinates. 

iioLLioR AGNi Mart. T 37 1—3 paella ... 1 
agna Oalaesi mollior FhalanUni. ib. 41 2. WfltEt. on 1 Cor. 6 9. 
16 schol. Catina oppi- 
dnm Siciliaa nsque ad probra disaolntum votntur, vt H ISiba- 
ciiiiw ' Oki iMfJ: Catinaoqne puer, Ciimana mej'ffn'i.' Catina was 
fotraded {aboal 728 n.c.) by Chalkidinna from Nasos Thna. vi S. The 
-volcanic pomiee-atono abonnded thero, as it lay at the foot of Aetna to 
aa soQth-eaat Sil. 5;it 190 Catane nimiam ardonti vioina Ty- 
BWT. Aen. is 5B4 iirie Catineusi. There aro oonBiderable 
Lt Catania. tVViCB 114—5 n. ii 12. 

'ttl4.B5. 11157 n. PUn. ssivr g 134 li pumices, qui sunt in ubu 

laudatiaiimi otnC in llelo Niiyro et Jteoliit iiuulis. Mart, xiv 205 1 lit 
jtabii aetatt puer, non pnmice lovis. ib. t 41 6. Ov. a. a. 1 600 nta 
tua iimrdaci pnmice crura teraa. Cio. in Clod. 5 p. 103 Beier qui 
effeminare vultum, ailenuare voeem, lovaro oorpna pota. Phaedr. it 
5 93 glabrae. Ben. brev. vit. 13 % 5. Pera. it SB seq, Plin. cp. u 11 g 25 
Cort. Anwn. epigr. 131. Pitch was also used as a depilatory Philostr. 
ApoII. IT 27 S 1 Ap. seeing tbe men at Sparta Xefoin rd s-cAi), persuaded 
the ephoiB to isEUo an edict r-jy re rlTray rSr ^nXniprfiB' i^aipoivTai koI 
rdf rapariKrplaj i(t\a.irorrai. id. soph, i 35 g llj describes the sophiat 
Sfeop^linnua uif iKieS<jK6Ta ftLUTbn rirrj] iral ^apcLT^'STplcnt. Jacobs 
addit. aJ Athen. 109 seq. and on Ael. n. a. xiii 2S. Meineke ou Slenand. 
p. 378, MarquardtvllSS. 



ezpoBea to lidicule, ilisgroces ii 153. xi 31. Sen. do proT. 5 nuZfa 
tnoito majit potest deut concupitu traducore, iiuum si ilia ad 
tarpinaimoa dof ort, al) optimia abiRJt. id. q. n. yir 31 g E guo- 
tidie nownainUciiaur, per quae virUitaii Jiat hiiaria aul trudacatar, 
quia nimpolest exai. id. de beu. ti 17 g C malignis litioribua propositum 
est colluioreia traduoere. ib. iv 32 g 3 hie carport ifforviU est, <apecln 
foedus et oruamonta Bun traductnraE. 

TENENi I 70—2 a. add Tlin. ixll % 20 of tlia modical profeseion qnid 
enim veoeDoram fortiliua aat Mnde plur^i teslamentoruminiidiati 
with 1 72 cf. Ot. m. i 444 eguso per- vulnera nigra yaneno. ib. ii 198 
uigri . . . yeQani. QuiatiL t § 1 Bmoiig inaTtijieialia ligna iBckona 
Uvor. Tit S § 13 cum qMoerimusde amblguis signit cniditalis et reneni. 
Apol. m. II 27 — 30 a baeband poisoned bj a wUe. 

iiUHGZ>iDA iJiAjiiNi: tlio stEitiios and other memorials of great crimiimlB 
were deatroy ed by public antliority x GS seq. n. 

19 CERiH in. TI163. Ot. i. i GUI dUpositai goneroBa per atria 
ceraa. id. amor, i S 03 -rotorea . . . cerae. Marquardt y 1 2JG. 
20 iimi. 8 n. Mart. ly 40 1 atria Pisoaam 
ilabant aim ateiamate toto. Suet. Gidb. cited 6 u. TM. t 8 | 3 videhat 
enim se in eo atrio coniedisse, in quo Imperioii ilUta Torquati seoeritate 
corupicua imago poiita erat, prudeiUit»imoqtic viro fucairrebat effigiea 
maiornm oum titnlia suis idoirco in prima aedium parte po- 
ni Eolere, ut eoram virlales posteri non solum legeraot Bed 
etiam imitarentar. Sen. ad Poly b. 3J § 3. 0. Miiller Etr. i 254 aaq. 
ilarquardt it 33. NOBiLiTis unica tihtuh 

Stab, fl, LEdTi 17 iyii Bi i^la- ivy/ttiar dpcrh'' oHa. Eurip. ib. I 
6 fiir yip ^ff&'Sii iuyn/ij^ ifiaiy^ dtfTjp' I 6 i^ ou dtKatos, k&v ifLelyoi/oi 
irnTpis I Zigvj! rt^iq), ivayeiii]t cleax SoitT. Epich. or Iilanaud. ib, 6 
o[ it (B YiTOi-iij H ri ^uir« rpis rayaSd, | K3,r AWlaij/ J. /i^rEp, iarTy 
eiytr^s. [ Siciifi^i Tii tXtBpot, a 3' 'Avix'^^" °<' '^laiSv- Ben. ep. 44 e.g. 
% i qais ergogentToma t ad virlaiem bene a natta-a con^ositus. Cic in Noit. 
Tettistiacere cunt enim nobilitas nibil aliud sit, nisi cognita yirtuB. 
Tullns Hostilina in DH. m 11 ci ydp iv SKktf rivi tJji- ivepi^wlviji- euyi- 
vtiar inrApxta"<»dlati,tv, aW if apery, ind. Fhilo viTlut. 
21 PiULUs suoh as IJiB conqaeror of Persena at Pydna, d.c. 1G3 ii 146, 
On the AomiUi see 9. 192. tii 124. SU. Tiit 293—7 genas admoluia sa- 
•peris tummumque per altos \ atlingeiat avos caelum ate. 
coasna iii 184. Suoli aa Ser. Cornslius CosBiia, who won the ipolia opima 
from Lar Tolumniua king of Veii d.c. 437- 
DRDsns 40. euch aa the stopaon oi Augustus Hor. c. it 4. 

lirlne abovo higb. birt1i,aDd let it take precedence even of the/atcciirhen 
Ton ore conaul.' Flin. ep. t 17 § 6 mireque ciipio lie nobilca nostri 
nihil in domibus snia pulobrum nisi imagines habeant, quae 
nnno mibi hos aduleacentes tacLto landare adhortaii et, quod 

23 TIltOAS 136. 

24-TiBaEs my first demand upon you ia etc. 
:<iiii miNA \U. VII 5 § 3 nobititatis splendorc et animi bonis. Burm. 
on Petron. 71) p- 486. sanctus 127. On the constr. 

ct. HI 400 n. Ilamshom 853 n. 26 ritocBREii 

Cbarisius (i p. 93 16) and Becvius (on Aen. i 74(1. ii B09) obaorTo that this 
noun has no nam. or vac. sing. : other grammariuus reckon it among pht- 
ralia loiilu'ii. Capitolinua however uses pructt, and Pauliuu^ of Nula 


VIII 26-29 7 

procerli Oesner. Nbub Formenlehre 548, ct. intra 47 n. 
oiaiCMcK Cosana CDmelins Lentnlna cos, b.o. 1: afterwardB Plor, ii 
31=ivl2g40 Gaetutoi accotaa Si/rthvn Cosco dv.ce compescnit [iugna- 
tUB].- undd i[£i tiaetulici nomfit. Veil. iill6g2 qaem konnreia Itrium- 
phalia] . , . . Pusiienii* et Coesus, virl qitibusdain dieeraU virlatibut 
etlebren, in Africa meruerant. sed Cnsaui victoriat teiiimonium eiiam in 
co3Komen _filii coiiluHt, adnleaceiitis ia omDium Tirtatam aiem- 
pla ganiti. Tao. aii. iv 44. 27 silands 

F.applj ei. Silamts waa a cognomen of the Innia gena. Tao. an. lu 24 
illustriam domunia adverxa . . . loJacio affecil, D. Silaaus laniaa 
familiaa redditna. ib. xn T fin. 

28 cosiiNGiB eaiJ of good fortune, accidcre being nsed to denote mis- 
iorttmaa U. Ben. contr. 31S 4p. 300 6 loUbai temper optare, u( oontin- 
geret tibifitium habere iiiiliorcja. Sen. ep. 110 g 3 seii plnra mala 
oontingsre nobii quam aceidere. quoliena enim felieitalii taiaa 
et initium full, quod calumiliu vacabalur I id. ad Folyb, 29 § 5. Flor. 
cited 250 n. Ot. met. xi 263. Fhaedr. iv 24 9. Mart, i 99 1&— 7 optamua 
tibi mitient, Calene. \ hoc »i contigerit, faiae peribit. m 6 I. Plin. 
pan. 24 § 3 ambuiat inter noi, von quasi contingaa Le, ;oii do not 
expect ns to legard ;oar familiar presence among ua as a epooial blessing, 
\ouBliBafed by the gods. 29 uxcliuakg lidet 

Son. q. n. iii pr. § 3 libet igitar mihi eiolamare ilium poetae incUli 
venvm. Stat. a. it 6 39 tmneit exolamara libebit. Mart, u 75 9 
exclamare libet 'crudelii, per/ule, praedo' els. lioeth, eons, i pros. 
4 ad fin. itaqne libel exclamaca o elellijerl caniltor orbis etc. 
osini VI 634. schol. h. L 'why Bhould I apeak' aaka Athenagoras 19 'of 
Oaitia, oJ rr^i^roi Inri Tvipuirot Toi/ dSeXtpoS, . . ii'Iins fip-oCrra rii /lAif 
Kit ilipodea i/irKiret ell Toijiiv fl to^jj tm tup "OffipiaitiJ KaXtlrcu, . . . ni 
■ydp OTKZ"" I™' '"i jUOpio auTuv fltoiroioCirui, dWirrl (E^^B iyi/iara aih-oTl ti- 
Silienn, r^ fiif tdu fItov oro/jii- "Offipiu [supply ([oXou)t(i], Mw, ^a^f, 
/UrtfTHiii iiri T^ BvEu/iiBCi Tiu* >«\i3» fl Twy KOfvuv tTikexSJinu rj ^ff(!l, 
eiip'^Kaiiet, auyxalpanir. So whan Claudiaa arrived in Tattaros 
Sen. lud. de morta CI. 13 S 4 mm plausu procedunl cantanlei tipijicB- 
pev, ffuyxa'poMt''. Hinoc FeL 22 Isia perditum JUitan [Le. Oaipim] 
enm Oynocephalo [Asabi] tuo el ealaii lacerdoiibui tuget pUtngit inqid- 
Tit, et Itiad mieeri caedunt peetora et dolorem in/elieissitiiae matria tini- 
taitiur: mux invento parvulo gaudet Isis, exultant saeecdotes, 
Cynoooplialua inventor glorialut, neo dasinunt annia om- 
nibuB yel perdere quod iuveuinnt, vel invenire quod 
perdunt. nonne ridiaulum esl vel ijigere quod colai vel colere 
quod lugeai t liaea (amen AegypUa quondam nunc et taera Rataana 
tnni. Lact. t 21. Ang. eiv. D. ?i 10 g 2 cum in lacrla Aegypiiis 
Oaiiim liigeri perditam, max autem inventDm magno esse 
gaudio deritiiaet [Senoca], cam perdiiio eiut iuventiojus Jinga- 
tiir, dolor tamen ille atqai laetitln ab eii, qui nihil perdiderunt inTS- 
nornnt, veracitlr eTprimaiur, ' kuCe tanKn' inqiiil 'fiirori cerium 
lempui est. lolerabile ttt, semel in anno iiuanire'. Flat. Is. et Oa. 39 rj 

7.iTraL Kai ol lipiit eKijifpouri XP'""'''' i'ros (j^aiwan ti^Jmor, ils a totIixou 
^njSwTH Horot iyxiovti, Kal yirtTat Kpavyi tw» rapcfTuii; uis 
tipriftitou rou 'Oirlf]i3af. Tert. adv. Uare. i 13 sic et Oiitis quod 
umper itpelitur et . . . quaeritiir et cum gaudio invenitar, recipro- 
m fmgiim et vividi/rutn thmentoram et recidiiii anni Jidem argmaen- 
laL Firmic Slatem. 2 Typhon husband of Isis, leanung that 


VIII 29-32 

Bhe lived in incest with ber brother Osiria, Klaw him, and threw his limba 
piecemeal □□ the banka of the Nile. laia took with bei a himter Auabis, 
who is Tepreseutei with a dog's head, became he tiaclied the lemaioB bj 
the help of honnds. lio inyentara Oaitim. Itie tradidit tepullurae , . . 
in adytit habest idelum OsiridU lepuHwrn ; hoc aTimdi luetibtit plangant, 
radant capita, vt miserandiail caeum rcgii aid lurpitudine dehimeitati de- 
Jieant capitis, tundunt pecP\a, lacerant lacerloi, veterum valnerura TCeecant 
cicatrices, uf anniiii Ivctibia in anlmii eoriiin funettae ac laisfrandae 

■ exitiam renascatur. ft ram liaec certii liiebus feceriiil, tunc fijiEnnl; so 
Jaeerati corporis roliquiaB qaaerere et. com invonerint, qnasi 
sopitia Inctibn!! gaudont. The rationalietio interpretation was 
Osiris is seed [Pint, la. et Oa. 33. Bus. praep. ii 1. m 12. Suid. iiy/xa'}, 
Isis earth, Typhonheat, the death of Oairta the eowing of the seed, bis 
discoTery the new growth of spring, o miser homo I invonisee te nfacio 
gwid gandes, eitm animam taam ex islis saerii per annoi singuloi perdai. 
nihil illic inTenia, niai livMlacniTn, quod ipse pataisH, Jtiii quod iterunt 
aut quaeraa cut lugeas. quaere poti'ua ipeia saljitia . . . , ei, eum veram 
viam galalia inveiteriB, gande et rune erecta aermonis libertate jiro- 
clama tip-ixa/itv, wyxf^poif- Herod, ni 27. Namalian. i 373— G. 
ol the ftn i iiTijT of Adonia and Attis and EoniB. 

30 QENEnoBDM cto. MarfuB in Sail. Ing, 8E §§ 14 — IG contemmiut noin'fn- 
tejnvieaia,fgoiUoram ignaviam; mihi fortttna, illii prohra ohiectanliir. 

tiaaiinnia qnemqne generoBissimnm. ac liiamexpalribua Albint 
aut Bestiac quaeri posset, vifne an itloi ex at gigni malaerint, quid reipon- 
euros ereditii, niii leae liberoi quam optivwa voluiise ! 

^^^ QVt eto. obs. the omission of eat in a relatiTe Bentenoe. Eor. ep. ii 9 133 

^^V cut lie extm-ta voluplas. 

^^H 32 N^NUM I 35 n. ydyvar. the older Latin word was pnmillo Gell. xtx 13. 

^^H ib. xn 7 § ID nanus is clasBsd among the innovations of Laberiiis. Dwarfs 

^^^1 often formed part of the household of the rich Snet. Tib. Gl annalibiii 

^^H auii rir canaulaHs inierull freqiunli quodam convivio, cai et ipse ojfuerit, 

^^H interrogation eum a quo dam. nana astante [nonsae inter copreas. 

^^H id. Aug. 83 Caa. id. Damit. i par ontne gladiatorum spectaculnm ante 

^^H pedes ei stahat pueralns coccinatns pArTO portontosocjna 

^^H captte, «nm quo plurimnm fabnlabatnr, nonnumqnam aerio. 

^^H auditm ett ccrte, dum ex eo quaerit, 'ecquid ecirel. cut sibi visum esiet 

^^H ordinafione proxiina Aegyplo praeficere Maecium Rufam.' Prop. y=iy 

^^H 8 S7— 42 at a wanton teaat Lygdanaa ad cffathot .... Nilotet tibictii 

^^H erat, erotaliitria Fhiifij, | . . .nanns ot ipse snos brerilor con- 

^^H oretuB in artus | iaotabat trancas ad cava hnxa manns. Hot. 

^^H B. I 3 46—7 adpellat ..paler ..pntlum, mala parrna | si citi filiiu 

^^1 est, vt ahortivaa /uit oliin\ Sisyphna, where scbol. Croq. Jl/. An- 

^^B lonio triumviro pamilio faiae dicilur intra bipedalem statnram, 

^^H gnem ipse Siayphum appeUabat ob ingenii calliditatem. Mart. xiT 

^^H ilia pmaitua, Pliilodem. vcpl aijiiiliar col. S 3 in Oompertz Uercnl. stud. 

^^V I 4 among other raritios h yailiiuvot ^/((irimui flpfl/iuros iv ' We^o'Spfiif, 

^^1 KF^iXiiF it tii\aa-riKh' Ix"', i-P' ^> iir't>vpoti6rovii. iu iriSilKyvar ol rapi- 

^^M x^vral. also pygniieB in Akoris (on the Kile) like those brought by 

^^H AntoDins from Syria. Suet. Aug. 43 until it ^^■as lorhidden by a decree 

^^1 of the RBuate Augustus sometime! exhibited lioman knights as stage- 

^^H players and gladiators, postea nihil taae praelerquam adiilegcentutitja L. 

^^H Iciim honeile natum exhibuH, tantum Ht oitenderet, quod erat bi — '-'' 

^^H aiinor, libmrum teptimdtcin ao vmi* immeniM, PworlB wit 


VIII 32, 33 

^^ Pa. 

lioimneE are seen in tiie antiah. d'ETcolao, bronzi n tav. SI. 02. For 
other TepraseDtntiona, where they generally appear bald Inv. t ITl n., esq 
0. Jalin arcbaol. Beitrdge 430 — i. Friedloniler i' 39 seq. Lomprid. Al. 
Sbt. Si% 2 iiauoa et nanaa tt marionta tt vocaUs eiotitos et omnia 
acToamaia tt pantomimoa pojmio donavit; qui autem uminon era/it, singa- 
N« eivilatibai putatit alendoi singuloi, nt gravarmtur ipteie TOendicoram, 
Tbey were sometimes eiMtiited as gladiatora Stat. s. i 6 57 seq. DCass. 
X2T1I 8 § i Fatjde. Leer, it 1162 panjala, pnmilio. The Sybarites liept 
dwuFs and had special terms to deaignnta them Ath. xu 618"' iirixupid- 
^ir il Tap' QuroiJ Bii rV rpu^ifr it6puira,pia /iiiipd rail! uKuiralaus, 
Hi <piiea 6 Ti/inio!, Tutt KoKovfilvoyit rapd jiOi arlXwiMai, Jnke the feet of 
vomea in Oliina, tbs bodies of these dn'orfs were distorted aod Etaolcd 
by »rt [Longio.] de subl. 4i § 5 airep oB* (<f 7! ^ijo-l ToCro irirrrdp iariv) 
ixaiia, rd yXi.iTTiKOii.a, in ott cL Uuyimtai, KaXod^cvDi 5i tai-oi 

iWd Kal a-iiraifiilSia ri* rptKilfitn r roTi oii^noi Sfrr^o'ip. oarui 
Sraja* iaihuar, ii5j' i inoioroTTj, ^uxv^ ■yXurriicojioi- ml miivai' Sij tii iwi- 
^?fi^TB Bso/iiimjpiw. The fairies of pantomimes are dwarfeil among ns 
by ohcmioaL rather than mecboniCBl means. Pbilostorg. 1 11 a Syi'inn, 
Antomus, of live cubits and a span, bacdjleeged: an Egyptian 
dwarf 'who imitated partridges in their cage i Si AlyirriBs oiVui tari- 
fipaxii'TO. limf /itjS" d^fopfirriat Toi'i i' to"! uXov^oit r/piiKin If/u/xelcBai 
Kal eofattiptit aiiriji irpoi l^r tKcivaw ra 11 rapata^ircpai; Sn KaJ ij iftpi- 
njirit ir^i' Tt} iyffpujTr^f ovSiv vwd rrj^ ^paxfTip'vt Kafa^Xarrafiifyi. Ktd 
ydp Kid TO ^Cfysa oiIk ifiomrBt Tft Koi oi >itJ70i Toi ni ■waptlxf ipanBat 

lij* 7€W010Tl7Ta. ATlAHTi XI 2i. 

sm 4S. Scbol, vt li nannm gigantem vsffiRus. cf. Verg. Aan. iv 
;iU Beq. Ot. m. IV 030 Beq. Ilia bominum conotos ingenti corpore 
■^ " I lapitionidet AtUa /uie etc. The names of heroes, Priain, 

__ . were sometimes given to slaTes Orelli inscr. 2783. Henoa 

'^d. corig. I 36 SI antiphrruit ett lermo t conlrario inleltegenda!, ut . . . . 
Parcae ft Eununidet Furiae aula nnlli pareanl vel bencfacianl. Itoe tropo 
It Hani A tl antes tt caeci viilente-i tt ml go Aethiopes appellantur 
argentei. tl. Mart, vi 77 7—8 non aliter monttratur Atlas funt earn- 
pan ti'mno | qimequf vehit limileia btlua nigra Libyn. 

33 AETHiopEB II 23. Tt 600. Such slareB were rnneh used in Roma 
T B3 n. Jebb's Tbeophrastna p. 199. lu an entertainment given by 
Noro to Tiridates a.d. C6 none but Etliiopians, men, womeu and diil- 
dren, were admitted to tlio theatre DCass. lxiii 3^1. 
PAHTAa KimsTiuQCE V 3 n. 4 n. 4C u. a slave who both as a dwarf and as 
deformed would fetch a high price. Bnet. Aug, B3 'Augustus used to 
amuse himself with the prattling of Syrian and Moorish boys, nam pu- 
milos atque distortos et aniiifi grnerii eiusdem, ut [udibn'R nalurae 
jnaliquc nminii abhorribat,' Quintil. ii £ § 11 diatortis et qnoeanque 
tnodo prodigioBiB eorporibns apud quosdam mains 05 1 preti 






[id.] decl. 398 p. C75 haient luic qiioqae deliciae divitum ; tnalunt giiai 
omnia eonirn naliiram. gratvi est ilie debilitate, ill? ipsa infelici- 
tate distort! corporis placet. Pint, de cnrioa. 10 p. 6S0°. Flin.h.n. 
vti § 34 gigaitnlar et titrimque >«xui qiioa IleTmaphntdilo) voeamus, Dfin 
androgynoi vocatai et in prodigiii habiloi, nnnc Tsro in deliciis. 
Pompeiui nia^nui fn omanenlia theatri mirabiln fama poiait ejfigiet ab id 
diligeJitiiit Tna^onim artiftcum ingeniit elaboratai, inter qiias legitar 
Suti/ekii a viyiati liberii rogo iniata Trallibui laixa xxx partua, Aleippe 




10 Vili 33-38 

tltpJtantum. gaamquam id inter attenta est. ifa, §5 7i — 75 proetriitimuni 
hoTttineia aetas nostra diva Claudia principe Cabb<iTani nomiae ex Arabltu 
adiiectam novem pedum et totidem. Mitciiaum vidit. fuere tub dino Augutto 
semiytde addito, quorum corpora eius miraouXi gratia ia ^ondiloria Sallua- 
[daer Babaitlitr hartorum; Fasiani el Secaudilliie erniit 
eodem praeiide minimas homo daoa pedoB et palmtLm 

Andromeda Hbertu Inliae Augnstae. Uanium Uaximam et 
tS. Tullium eauitsB Bomanoa binam cubitoram faisss anctor 
eat M. Vnrro, et ipsi vidimua in loeulia adaocvatos. aesqulpe- 
ilalea gigai, qaosdam longioies, in trimatu inplentea vitas 
onrsutn, hand igaolum est. Hen. ep. 17 § ridicula mancipia. GelL 
xt 13 SiO homines infligni deformitate ad (aolenda ridicnla. 
ib. t8S6 iat-an gtandi capita. Tae. zii i^ Cappadociae procurator 
Jaliut Petignui, ignavia animi et detidicnlo coTporis iaxta deapicien- 
dai, ltd CUiiidio perquam foimiliaru, eum priivitui olim eoneerialione seur- 
rarumineri oliuin obleetaret. NikoI.Diuxi.iii Strab. ivTI9 Purus an Indian 
kins Eent to Angostos among other presents a man without arms, rtt ti 
'Epfiai/j ari tHi/ >j3fxiZp d^'jjpfjudifov iic vyjrlov Tiii ^pa^^Wai, 0i- jcai fitLtis ttSit^ 
fitr, there was a special market in Itome for these miegrowths, deliciae 
Pint mor. 520 iS^rtfloir /r'Pwfrg ruhri,! ypa^ai xai retis ieipiarTas iitti iii( 
&ia Td iidXAi7 Twi> utlur TolSar kbX ivea.uiui' cv fiijScvl Xiyy ti^^^uvh, iripl riji 
TCtfp Ttpdruv ayap^f ivittrrpi^yra, robi aKV>i}iJtvt Koi Toin yoXtdyKi/nai 
Eal Toili Tpui^Bi\iitas Kul roi)! iiTpoiiBiiKcip&iiu! iiiiTttuav6irefTct xal {^avu- 
TCT, tt TL 7f7^^}n^af trififiLKTOP elSot itiTo^ui\toi/ ripaf^ 6W 4a.* 
cortxi^ ft i'dy^ rots rwourdxs auTOilt ffeiiuuri, Ta\ii ir\ij(r^o»!tf Ktd nmriar 
t4 rpayp,ci rapiiii. Clem. Al. paed. Ill § 30 aSX bX ye dareiiTtpm TaiiT-uiy 
tpnii •LrSitov! jrai Taurnc Mijlumi}* inrpii^viiar Koi auraniKUvorTiii 
Till ^ofoli Taitfoufftti,^ riKlvnoi! TipaaL yani/itpai, tai tou 

BfpirlTai a 6k i^ dr3pdBiF inl^ycu, aXV Ir' iKtiroii ouxou^o-. B 
Stj Ax^°< 4ffTl y^t, Kal X7/™^ ^^^ ^apopw^i utifppoyoijarjji HeXiToiiu irci\X^ 
SiaifitpBuaaii Kwiliau, KoX rpecfiuriir rapapKimvai iiKaior, evvpiirtaTipoii, 

(Tiraflwoi loi iia/jpiuTouiri t4 xpVI"'-'"*- Pbilostr. soph, i 8 S * Favorinus 
f bequeathed to Hoiodes his books and house and Autotekfthus ^v S' oStoi 

I'lrSoi KiL IiKH-uf H^Xai, dd vpfia ii 'Uptiiau tc kbI ^a^ieptitoil' 
^iinrltarrai yip •uVoit Siijytr /yKxraiuyit 'lyliKols 'Atti™ *al iriiAon|- 
u^rn rg yXuTTji pap^apti^uir. So among the glares of Kasidienns Hor. s. :i 
8 lifuicai Hydaspa. 34 the daughter of Ageuor 

Hor. a. :ii 27 25 Europe nivmm doloso | eredidit taaro lalus. Ov. m. n 
83S seq. 38 '"uiiiB the name of one of Actnoun's 

hounds Ov. m. ui 217. 37 BROO slnco a great name it 

sometimes ironically applied. Ftut, qu. conr. 11 t 6 g 2 iaKrttiai pSX^jir dI 
iti TiSr CL0f)^[jv ovei5i^iwTft' roin rof7}poiii 'AptOT^iSat Kai rovv SaXoOl 
'AxiW"i KoXaiirref S ital to Su^ojiX^oui OiSiTmvi' TniiTi7( Kpiuf 6 mjTOt, 
aii dpx^ii <pi\os. 38 rn Ponticus. 

cBziicns 11 (17- Q. CaecUius Metollns, cons. B.C. 69, in the two tellowing 
years completed the conquest nf Crete, but could not obtain a triumph 
nntU B.O. ea. He afterwards received the title Creticua (Flor. m 7 § G, 
Cio. ad Att. I 19 § 2. Veil. 11 40 g 5. App. p. 47 27 Bckkec iSpian^tofft 
KSl KpiiTiKis iji\i;9it). The nobility of the Uetelli appears from tlie line 
ot NaeviiiB Aaoon. in Cic. Yerr. act. 1 g 20 fato Metelli Romaa fiunt 
oonsules. ciuEiiisca v:i 90. Ser. Salpiclua 


VIII 38-43 II 

Camei^iis noa oona, B.C. 500, aod in the early petiod oi the TopuUia 
other members of tbe family filled high ofQoes. Under iha empiru tlia 
Ctunerini agela appear in hiutory DUaas. lxiii IB Z0uATi(iav Sunt- 
pilot SrSpa rur ir/)urwr. Oa tlie thought ct 

Plin. pun. 3 G 4 noil enin periculum eat, lu cum loqaar da humani- 
tate, expiobrari libi auperbiam eredat; cum de frugali- 
tate, Iniuriam etc. 39 bdbelij C. Bubel- 

liuB Bkudos married a.d. 33 lulia, daagbter of DrusoB tbe son of Tibe- 
rins Tac. bu. ti ST. 45. Uy iier he had a son BuheUioB PlauCus ib. xit 
23 quoii iaiii depiilsa Ncroiie, quUnaia deliairHur anquirebaM; et omniam 
on Rubelliua Plautus «ie6ralur, c»i nobilitas per mattem ex 
lull* fnmilia [of. quae sanguine lulget lult lav. 42]; ipit 'placUa, 
niaioruni cdithal /labitu stvero caita el secreta domo quanloqui' metu occul- 
tior, tanio pba faraae adeptiui. It waa a charge agaiiiat Agrlppiiin ib. •"" 
19 deitinaoitue cam Hubellium Flautum, per materuam oiigi- 
iiero pari ao Nero gradu a divo AugUBto [Plaatns was great- 
grandsou of TiheriuB, stepeon of Augustus: Kero's mother, Agrippina, 
\TaB daughter of Uermiiuious imd Agrippina, daughter oi Augustus's 
dniightei lulia] ad ret nanus txtaUfre. When he was put to death by 
Mero's ordera *.t). 62 lie left a wife and cMldran ib. in Ci. One son 
appean (al vas usual) to ImTS assumed his grandfatlier'a eognamta, and 
ia laveual's time to have beeu notorious foe his pride of blrtb. cf. infr. 
42 n. Fritz Wolfgramm Bubelllus Plautoa nnd seine Beurtheiinng hei 
Tasitas nud luvenal, Eiu Beitrug zur Cieschichte des Claudiseh-Iulidchen 
GeschJeehts. Prenzlau, Uhse. 1871. 8vo. 40 icsBa 

Tie. h. I 16 JV^ro, qn 


D 131. 


n of lalia, is 

42 4CAD Unbellius Fbiutiia the father, who w 
confounded with his son (Haakh iu Pauly). 

an. IT 52 Agrippina calls herself catititi. sanguins orlam. ib. in oS. 

lULi 1 100 n. Ill 70. Acn. 1 267 al puer Ascanim, euE 

mine cognomen lulo. ib. 338 XnliiiB a magna demissum nomen 

lulo. ih. Ti75Gseq. id. g. iii 4B. Strab. xm p. G94 seq. 'Caesar was 

inclined to favour the IlIanF, both aa a Boman (the liomans legaidiog 

AeneaB as their progenitor), and also because he was oalled luhus, from 

Inlua one of hii ancestors, who as being a descendant of Aeneas took tho 

name from lulus [son oi Aeneas]. Accordingly he gave them land and 

liberty and immunity from state burdens, privileges which they retain to 

thiada^.' App. b. c. ufiS. 154. iii 16. Mart, vl 3 1. On the nobility of 

tbe InM and their descent from lulus see BH. i 70. Klanseu Aeneas u. 

d. Penaten 1059 seq. Venas genetrit is on their coinH. Caeaar claimed 

.4eK«ttfromTenusib. 731. 1067. Caesar in Snet. Caes. 6. Liv. i 3 g 3. 

FTell. II 41 S 2. 'Xac. an. it 9. DGass. xli 3i § 3. sua 14 § 6. 32 g 2. 

17. t-iill 29 S 3. cf. Sehwegler i 30S. 338. Serr. Aen. i 

s Prooulns DH. n 63. Plut. Eom. 28 g 1. AV. orig. 15, 

f wtiers Cato is cited, is a forgery. 43 cu^nocrA 

GlSfirraaque canductia annecUt tiffin telis. 

•■RB V 153 n. VI SS3 plebeiaja ia cireo poiitam at et in aggera 

Uor. B. I B 15 aggere in aprico ipaliari. This mound, which 

W to the east of Itome, is ascribed to Serrius Tnllins (Liv. i 44 aggere r( 

" itU et mum ciraiiiulat urbem. Strab. t p. 334 ' Servius enlarged the 

7 by the addition of the Bsqniline and Tuninal liilla. These also are 

' ) asaanlt from without. Accordingly they dug a deep trench. 

xowing op the earth inside, and c 

\ Etadia u 




VIII 43-51 

along tha inner brink of f he trench; on this they raised a wall asd towers 
from the Collins gate to the Esqoiline, Halfway in the mound is a third 
gate, hearing the Eame name as the Viminal hill 'j or to Tarqninius Bn- 
perbna, Hia. h. u. iii g 67 elaudlUir ab orisnte [Koma] aggere Tar- 
guinii Saperbi, inter priiaa opsre nirahili; namqite eiDii vatris atquavit, 
qua tnaxime paUbal aditu piano. Perhaps Tarqnin completed and 
enlarged the worh of Senilis DH. IT 64. The thickaeaB of the mound 
was SO feet, ita length 7 stadia ib. n 68, bnt see Sirab. 1, ], Cioero da 
rep. II 6 oallB it raaxiiaui. Plin. issvi g lOi aggeiia vastum spa. 
tium. From heuGs criminals were preeipita.led Suet. Cal. 27. Scbweg- 
ler I 727 i. 

44 iSQDis sava Bubellins. vdloi pahs ct/rmA 
Lnc. Ti 590 — 1 nou ultima turbae | pars ego Romanai!, UlagiU da- 
Tisiima proles. Sen. brer. vit. i3g7ull:imoniancipio. 

45 "■ 98 n. 46 CECHOPiDEB 53. cf. 1 100 n. VI 
187 Troingenae. lufitin. ir G § 7 ante DtucaliortU tempora reijem habuert 
[Athenae] Cecropem. Apollod. Iii 14 1 g 1 Viixpof airbxOar . . t^i 'At- ' 
TiKTp i^airCKfimt upaiTai. Luoiau Timon 23 fuyeyiarepoy . . . . toC K(- 
Kparm i? KiSpnv. vivas 'long life to you.' DCass. 
Lxxu 18 § 2 Commodns after despatching 100 bears in the ampJii- 
theatre took a dranght of sweet wioe iced in a cnp shaped like a clnb; on 
which the papnlaca and we all toSto i>) ri iv tois oUjUToafoii iliiiBbt 


1 H>M' 


t!)! ciytn 

wish you joy.' 47 of. 237 eoQ. Hor. s 
T.uiEH thongh yon Bcoin the poor. ima plebb 
Ov. m. nc 306 una ministrarum media de pi eh e GalantMs, 
QDiBiTSJi not used in the sing, by good prose writers. It is fonnd in 
poets and in some legal lormi^as 'Seae Formenlehre i 456. cf. Inr. 2S 
procerem. Becker ii 1 21. 48 riCDSODM )( vti H5. 
49 nob:m3 isDooTi nobilii U nsed as a substantivs cf. iit 233 plurimna 
aeger. vii 30 dives avarns. 130 veteres taecas. iiii 121 dubil 
aegri. Oic. Lael. g 54 inaipiens forlnnatus. Gostiraa on Vcrg. 
Mb. II 562. Eur. Ooii. fr. 6. Andr. 631. Lir. v 20 § 6 otioaorum 
nrbanorum. iv 48 g 13 Weissenh. ixii 34 g 8 plebeios nobiles. 
nanfragus. rna73aacros canoe. 

II 184. 


' Among low-hom civihann will be found groat lawj'ers, among 
jow-bom Eoldiera great captains.' On the toga as the garb of peace 
and qI Uie law-conrta of. 240 n. Two examples of orators, who raised 
theraaelveB from the lowest laBk by their taleuta, are givea by Toe. 
dial. 8 quo sordidiiu et abiectiuf nati aunt quoque nolabilior pauperlai et 
angustiae rerum naieeniee eoi circumilflenmi, to elarloTa et ad dtmott- 
ttrandam oratoriae eloqitentiae tUilitatem illtutriora exempla (unC, qited 
i'aie comiaendatione natalium . . . per multoi iam annoi polentUiimi iiint 
eicdtatU. 50 ivms hodob Gell. xiii 10 S 1 Lahes 

Antistius waa a master of grammar, logio, etymology, eaqae praeelpue 
leientia ad enodandoa plerosque iuria laqueos iiiehatur. cod. iv 29 
S3 pr. anfiipiae iurisdiotionia retia et dijicilHinos uodos rciotventet 
ft ttipeniaeuaa diilinctionci exuulare cupientei, 

AKNioMiTA BOLVAT cod. I 14 12 g 1 Ugum aBuigmata Bolvece et 
omniMa nperire, solvat students of law in their 

fourth year were termed li/tae (XiVai), in their fifth pmhjCae dig. prooem, 
'" s another plebeian cf. hie 48. 

I the I'arthiaus and AimeuiaQS, See the 


Biationfl □( tliB fleets aud armiea at I 
roiur Blienum inita, commune i 
dium octo Ugionei erani . . , . dehinc 
Kopiraten, quantum ingenti trrrar. 
eoSnata, accalU Hlbcro A.lbanoqu, 

Tea. KO. IT 5 prat. 

b Syria mque ad flnmen 

ambitur, quattuor Itgiimi- 

et aliii regiJnli, qui magnitiidtnt 

proteguntuT advernua externa imperia. 5tat. e. v 1 BS — 91 
« late dimitttre ia orbtm | Roiaulii mandaia daeia viraqae ma* 
lUt I imperii traclare mana; quae laitrun ab arcto, \ qtiid vagui Eu- 
ratta, quid ripa binominii Istri, \ quid Bheni vexilla fcrnnt. qaantam 
tMKO orbia \ cesierit et nfago circunuonn gurgite Thult. Fhila leg. 
a. 3 II 517 M in ft Btriking deacriptioa of tte greatncBB of Eomo 

jjnpfwi Jir TK aitou^iiiniy (rjroi. Sail s-ora^oit iptSap-iytiv, Eu^paTj 

ZittTtpa lOtTj, Vii^pdrs Si aapffi-i)r kbI rd SapnaTar -,ivit ko! 

■BiXLTX the Batavi oe Bat{xn (Luaau i 4ai), a Oecmftn people (Tac. Germ. 
29. h. IV 12), who occapieJ the ooimtry between the rivers Hliine Waal 
and Maaa. They ma^do an aaaadeeSBial attempt under Ckudiua Civilk 
19) to Bhake oft the yoka of Koica ib. 13—37. 64—79. r 14—26. 
9 ferox gem. id. G. 29 omnium Jianim gentium Tirtuts piae- 
Batari . . . nee tnbutli coatemnuntaT tub publicasia atUril : 
. ! oaeribin et collalionibvt ft ionium in usum proelioram lepmiti, 
!ltt tela alqae arrna, betlia Teien-antar. Bil. lit fi07 — 8 to Domiljan 
tranieendei, Genaanke, facta (uorum |,iiini puer auricomo pruf- 
iale Batavo, 62 iimcBTnins Son. cited 

53 CBOtopiDBS 46 n. The son of Ceeropa 
(king of Alhtna) ia aptly compared to a Ilermei. 

tranw" a bnst enpported on a qnadcangnlaj; pillar Plut. an sera sit ger. 
resp. 2S g 4 p. 797 tuu "EpniSf rata upta^inipout (E^^'pa! nai inaSat. 
Themist. of. 26 p. 316> rpa /lir AmS^ou TtTpdyi^as ^'v 01! fiirav ij Ti3r 
pHwr Ipyacia, ittXi jcoi 1} rim \aiiroir ivSpuinur. The noble, who baa 
ithing hnt his birth to recommend him, is aa useless as if he had 
hands hot feet. DL. v S 82 iScJii rort [Deiiielnim Pluxlereuaj 
I iffTon'oi' TJoe)^ iipTi 'TtTfliytiJifos'Epitijt tx''^ irCpps, Koi\laVj alioiov, 
' Stob. fl. 1» 68 */\<jnrij[ Tois 'A9iimiou! t!ta^ to?! 'Ep/iaXs, 
"iit irrop^a ftiror Ex"""" i"^ Maia pc-yi.\a. Bidon. ep. tv 13 Uhim ipfum 
" stolidissimum, of n blockhead. Liban. ep. 1308 i^SWav 

, ip<^iKi,« ,) T=tf7^;._ 

I 200 

of students at leotuie some stand like stocks nith wrist idly resting p: 
wrist, \i9ieoi.t iaiKom, jcopir^ Kapirov ijri^aXXoi-Tei. Eur. Mcctr. 38:1 
Bfiq. oti fi-if <tipay^ffcS', ot tcinit Ho^oTfultLiii | vXijpci! nXavSoBt, rS S hfitU^ 
ppBrais I Kpaitite sal ToU -^Btem toln euyerti! ; | ol yip ToujCroi toi itoXh! 
eltaSaty fS | ksL SiipaS', al Si eipKn al ttyal iltperZv \ ay akp.a.T' 
iyapat tlain. Cic. in I^. % 19 truiKOi at^tie ttipes. p. red. in sen. % 14, 
Apnl, apoL 66 fin, frutex d. Plaut most, i 1 13. Btrab. cited ~~ 

^^^K Apol. apol 
^^^^Bo ba also 


I lis. 

' yon ate a breathing statue :' there s( 
ba also an allnsion to the ijnagines jnaioruiii, whieU iiere a chief 

100 n. Tac. an, it 55, Hioron. ap. 108 = 27 3 Paula, whoBo motheir 
descended from the Sclpios and UraooM, her father trum Agomem- 
, married ih. 4 Toiotina, ^ni Aeneae ot lulioriim altissimum 
sangainem tiahlt. unde clima Jilia eiui ChHati virgo Eustoehium 

YIII 66- 

Inlia nuncapolur . 
(in{, led qaod contt 
qui fti* pollent priviUgii: 
G^laphjia prDToSei Salome 

, ^.,1),,.. 

ate dtcimus, nan quod habentibui grandia 
u laiTabilia, satculi Itonaaee eatpiciunt eoi, 
los. bell. I SI § 3 Herod's danghtei-in-Iair 

BtoTTiSTit, Kara. Traripn /lir ird T-^/xirov 

Aa late as 1984 ahp. Peck- 
a Trojan origin Wattnn- 

lajripa. 5^ tLTrd AaptioJi tov 'Tffrojrirei 

ham rebviliea the Welsh tor their 

Hazlitt 1 100. 

illnstration ot tme noLillty troja the iclerior creatian nuB fomiiiar 

to the Bohools Qnintil. y 11 § 4 an e):ainple of indaction ■ guod est yomum 

jeneroaissimum ! nonne quod optimamV eonaedetur. '([uid eqnnsf 

qui goncio GiaaimnB? noiino qni optimns?' et plara in euadeet 

modum. deiitde, caiia tH gratia rogatum est: 'quid holaoT nonne 

IB generosiBBimtiB, qui opiimu.iT fatendmn ml. Apnl. apol. 21 

kocine lioiaini opprobrari [poTerty] quod nulli ex aitimaUbui vitio datar, 

tlon ojuiZae, non tauro, non leoni t eqaas si virtntihaa aula polleOit 

nt alt ttDquabilis yeotor et enraor pornix, nemo ei penuriani 

pa ball oiprobtttt, Iti mihi vitio dabis -non facti vel dicti aliatiai pravi- 

tatan, scd quod vivo gracili lare etc. Stob. H. cvi B 6 KpiTurm Iiririi! 

irtiitKctnlpa-r hi" \ ^^^ou Bepairelar k.t.\. cl. Theogn. 183—6 leptoit /ilr 

not Enus SifiJ/ieflo, KHpre, tial finrou! | eiyci'/at, tal Tis pot!\(T(u /^ i-fa6Se\ 

P^cirOai- filial Si Kan^r KonaB ou /itKfSalvfi \ if9\ii dr^p. 

57 OBKEBOsi Verg. g. ii: 75 pecoHi generosi piillui. Earv. id ett, qui 

ex Optimo genere d^seendit. Bremi on Ncp. 1st 1 § 3, 'who compares. 

7Evi>cuDt. NsupB Hnjid. Turs. it 161 ■ interrogations 

facta respondent Latini alllrmitndo per neinpe, qnando res ipsa uperta 

OTit onmiboa nota, ant neoessaria videtm: esse.' iirfr. 1 110 n. 

53 Piiui. cod. TheodoB. xr 7 6 qvldquid illud est [of the horsea in tha 

Cireus], quod palmarum namero glvriasum et celelratii vtrinque via- 

toriii iiobile coiigregatur. Snot. Ner. 22. 

59 on the shouts in tha circua cf. ix 144. Mart, x S:\ 1. Ben. ep. 83 § 7 

Toce feiiuntar anres meae. nee eogitationem meam excjitiant nee 
inlerrumpiint. QuiiitiL I G g 45 tota laepe th^atra i 

g 16 viginti milia 
Hacedoniam misia. 

Q barbare i 

' o47. 

epitaph. 35 1. Plin. ep. ii S 
60 II0I1II.IS Inabin. n 2 
I efinarum ad genus fuciondum in 
61 IN AEOConB in tha course, 
hnt the breed of Coryphaeus and Hirpiona 
their maatera would gladly dispose of, if 
n el turpe pecus oto. 


ttre a voitblssa herd, Euch 
eto. peau is often used contomptnously 
CDRIFQAEI Kapv^aloa, leader, 
pedigree of horsca cf. 8tat. a. t 2 21 eeg. Romidei qiialU per miinera 
einH | cum puleher viiu et titnlis gencrosus avitis J exapectatur 
e'quna, cnina de atemmate longo | folix omeritos hahet ad- 
Uiissura parent es, J ilttna omnei acuuiit plautui, ilium ipit volantem\ 
Jitilvii ct incuTvae gaadent agnoicere mttae. Cypr. de Bpect. 5 guan 
vtma sunt ipsa certamina, llles in eoloribui, eonlrntionn in eursitnii, 
favoTtt in hanmibus, gaudere quod fguia veloeior fuerit, inaerere quod 
pigrior, onnoi pecan'i computare, eonsulea iiasse, aetatci diseert, pro- 
ipiam designate, ayoH ipsoa atayoaqna commomorarol quam 
u totum otioium negoti'um, iminn quam tnrpe et ignoininioium, hunc, in- 
iam, memoriter totam equini geceria aobolem computan- 
m et sine offensa speotaeali com magnn Telooitnte refer. 



M ran ovflpiii 
i Koi ya5p< 

roXcit, pTirrl 

iritli bounds and cocba. oinoi 

&r H TPDS n, 

nl Toiip (irxui' Kul Toil' luvwy Sii;injie 


Tin Wi 



tequtmiur, quorum tu enun 
rum tnorum Beiiaa? prae/er 
tttinaia egrnoi pnsccrei ! viinam 
iutora I iactai quia prodnmti ilic 

! yati 

TT. in pa. 1 S 4S quid glorlant, qvia 
:i tegmit latfra iua, plurimi te e^ni 
prosupiam, Gt tamqaam maio- 
viiias, quia eonviviii jiaifis lodatei. 
■ ineonwi miniatroa, Med voiorum ad- 
ctditur. et homines U tamqjtam ftram 


at I 

ledioare. jlli 
. BdituB: ilia av 
['nihil istud cqtj 

' tIclUatur. eavi 

id. da Mabtitlie § 64 quid U iactai de nobiiilatla 
iim veitrorum origiitei lictU dimtutn ti 
vextroTam nobilitatsm sio ' 
illo patra ganBratuB est i 
lo Baudet, illo se pcoavis adtoIHt. 

, divi 

: illia dicatur 

aribns nao in porplijreticis orbibna 
See Hemst. and Oroo. on Lnoian Nigrin. 2B ti 
Kal TO* <i9urniF avTuii jtai rd Siarpa kcH riv W 

non in i 


ratts ] 




oSpofiiir . 



1 lit nXijtfwt 19 iTTTo/iOi'ia Kal rsWiSv ^Stf iriri 
rai. FriedlSnder ii' ISU— 192 and ■ " 
63 aiBFisi Mart, 


qaardt iv517— 8. 

where ha is describing a bcUiu Iminc, Hirpin 

avna, lapia ap. Lips, ad Ital, et Hisp. 36 (op. ii 


The grandsire Aqnilo had non the ficsl prize 130 timee, the second B8 
times, the third 37 times (ib,J. See the names o£ Botcral horses Orelli 
inscr. 2593. 4323, 64 idi in the cmius. 

3 Snet, Ner. 2(1 a Greek prOTerh 

^iiifoe V 


65 Eeq. the horse c( highest pedigree is 

mall sum to draw a carl, if be wins no palma in the course. 

66 EPiBEDU Ecbol. ornamejila rfdarum aut 

latutra. Forcell,, Gesner, iichelier, Frennd understand bj the word 

■ funem tt callart, qua eqiiui ad redam allinntur. So Orelli. but 

ciirrai. On the form cf. Quintil. i S § G8 iunguntiir aiilem [yocea] 

ex daubju pfregrinii, tit epiredinm, nani cum sit pratpositio iwi 

" ' GBlticiim. iwe Grnrcuf tamrn nee Gallus -utitur eompoiiU. 

ex utraqne alieno feerritnl. The word rjdo (^«a, fiaiSlot, 

Iw) is hoveier found in late Greek Bpocal. IS 13. Buioer /huSIiiv. 

eoLLO Mart, n 58 4 ruptae reoatita 


YIII 66- 

cdIU miiJa/, 67 aeotsifEDES EeemA 

to occDr nowhera else. 

iiOLAH mills were commonly worked by assea (Ot. a. a. ill 200 
til rudil ad ecabram turplti aselU moUm. iri. f. vi 311 buci. 318. 
TaiT. r. r. 11 G g 5 pleriqut [asini] deducuiitur ad moIaB. Colum. Ttt 1 
% 3 iam vcTO molacnin et conjiciendi frumenti paen^ Bollemnis est 
huiua pecoiia labor, Cato leckous among farming stock 11 g T bbi- 
num molarium; and ib, § i molas SBinaiias. anthol. Meyer 9G0. 
CatuU. scvii 10. St Mark 9 43 ^i\o! iwjiij. Bt Matt. 18 G. Lyd. ds 
mens, iv 69) or by males (Isidor. iii 1 57), or by horeea (Mus. Chiaca- 
moati n. i97, ap. Walckec Id. Sclir. ii ciy Anm. cf. Apul. in£r.) 
timaa by Blaves Walloa u 227 seq. Marqaordt t 2 25. 30—33. Pliaedr, 
apiiend, 19 eqniim e quadriga multis palmia nobilem | abfgit qui- 
damtt in pistrinnin yendidit. \producCiu ad bibendam cum font a 
molia, { in circam aequalei ire coaspexit luoi, J uf grata ludis redde- 
rent certamina. Anson. episL 21 33— S cni eabmgaba de molaium 
nmbagibae, { qui machinali saxa toItqiiI ponders, | tripedes 
caballoH terga rnptoa Terberc. Lucian's aaa oomplaina oE being 
employed in a IP'H blindfold asin. 42 iBarrit rsic Sil/iodiv eririrdinaiTti 
iro^cvyruousl fit t^ KiLr-j) T^i (xiiXTji. aboye the upper millstone a 
hocizontal beam, Lncian's mini, projected, to whidi Ibe nas vaa fastened 
by a trace, helcium, and tbiis as be was driven rotmd tbo mill, turned tbe 
upper atone on a pivot. All tbia is delineated, togetber witli tba idin), 
or bandage over the eyes, in a cut in Fompeii L. E. K. ii 134. ib. 110 
' tbe fragment ol a jawbone, with Beveral teetb in it, was found in a roum 
irbiub eeema to have been tbe stable ; and tbe Soor about lbs mills is 
paved wilb rough piocea of Etone, while in tbe reEt of tbe rooms it is 
made of stucco or compost.' Apuleiaa' ass also worked blindfold ix 11 : 
cf, tbe leutonstrance of an osB Secnnd. 3 in Brunck anal. Iii S cix b^» 

SIuiTDi Ix'J; Apuleins' oaa was sold to a miller (ii 11 seq. cF. tii IS 
mola macbinaiia), who kept several milla at work day and nigbt ; it 
was attached to tbe largest of these by a trace of twisted broom (iz 12 
lielcio sparteo cf. 32): among its companions were o. 13 niuli lenti 
and cantherii [geldings] debiUa, wbosa various infirmities are minntely 
described. How iU a borse would fare with Ncpos appears ib. tii 15 Qn. 
mifti vtro per dim labarioiae iiuichinae attenlo nib ipsa vesptra farfarct 
appombat iacretoi ac tordidoa muitoquc lapide salebrosos. cf. Lociaa 
nsin. S3 ifuL Si rirvpa rJ ipmror ^y. In order to prevent tbe animaU 
Irom eating tbe meal, tlicy were muzzled with a ra-uirudTi; Fbot. 
and Snid. a. v. In 1839 the monoment of Eurysaces a baker waa 
opened at Kome, near tbe Porta viaggiort, and a baa-relief discovered 
representing all tbe processes of tbo trade and amongst tbem asaes 
working a mill. Otto Jabn in tbe annall dell' itist. aicbeob 1B38 x 203 
seq. cl mua. Borb. iv 81 Irom a Bsrcopbagua in tbe Villa Slrdtei, and 
mus. Chiaramonli n. 68S. Pauly in BIO. v 130. See IJia 'interior of 
a baker's shop ' in Donaldson's Fompeii it. 
KEforia a miller of tbe day, not Alartiara friend Ti 27 etc. 
68 PBiTUM something of your own, 69 Tirtjus 

the inscription on a tomb (vi 230. x 143] or on a statue (i 130). xi 8(1 
titnlo ttr coiualii. cf. v 110, vul 341. Tibull. iv 1 33 if tiia Ron 
titnluB capiet tub stemmate facta. Prop. iv = iu 4 IG titulJs o^- 
pida eapta legam. Hor. o. lit 34 37—8 paltr vrhiuiit | iiib'i 
Uuqiucdb ( 1 Ul. a 224—5, lav. xxii 31 % 11 Tabii titnlum iinagiuU 



VIII 60-75 

Fft. IT 16 g 4 faltxint imaginit tit 
|]ffin. ep. vm 6 g 2. TM. iv 4 g 1. 

Anloniui VetUt it Liberum palreni did et hoc v 

Autip&fer appointaJ by Augnstas governor d 

reBtore ths walls of JoruatUem nii i/Jr Si; riud? ravTa! aaio-ap airtm-twii' 

T^f TOW ipipoi c^er^t ^tri/iwo*'^ 

70 II.UB Sail. lug. 8s % SB maioTia eorum omnia, gua« Zieebaf, illU 
rtliqaert, diviliat, iraagines, memariam lui proccJaram .- eirtuCtm min 
reliquiTt : utque poterant. Sea. de ben. it SO g 1 ali^ando dalanaa mt 
elian indignii gaaedam non itfgaverita ia hoDorem aliorum, sicnt 
in petendia honoribng qnoBdam tnrpiBaimoB jmbilJtaB 
indastriia sed noTia piaetalit non sine rations: snora est 
masnamm Tirtatam memoria et etae pturei bonot iuvat, li gratia 
buRorum nun cum ipsti eadat. g 3 bos debemus Tirtntibns, nt non 

iamuB. g 4 bio egreglis maioribus ortua oat: qnaliaenraqao 
eat, eah umbra suornm latent, ut loca aordida Tipfrci^iitt aolia 
inliuirantur, Ita inertea maioruia Huarniu luoe respUDdeant. 
DAMira AC DEDimra in 190. Liv. s« 13 § 3 Fabri. 
63 J 12. XIII 31 %6. G0% 14. Quiotil. i 7 S 19 nun i^uia noatria guofue 
ttrnpoTibua non et feoerint qaidam boe at ficiant. 

71 lUTENEit 39 11. 73 FKRUE 'in gOTeial.' 

tm 238. Hand Tms. n 69a. ' Generally Rpenkiug, it is otJy now and 
then that you will meet with an example of dae oonEideration for others 
in that rank of life.' 

BEKucB couBUHia Hamilton'a Eeid p. 7.59 a (see the whole note A esp. § 5} 
' an acciuited perception or feeling of the common duties and proprieties 
eipecled from each member of society — a graritation of opinion^ — a 
Hense of conTontional decorum — oommunional sympathy, — goneral bien- 
tfance — publio spirit." Hoi. a. i 3 65 — B Bentl. Jortt legentem | auC 
taciturn impellat qjiovii aermone : noleslHS, \ commani aonau plane 
aaret, inquimaa. Pbiiedr. i 7 3—4 hoo ilUa dictum eat [of. Jay. 71], 
qnibuB honorem et gloriam I Fortuna ttibuit, sonanm com- 


lUgault ib. Se 

D. ep. 

5 S 

promittit, Ben Bur 


em et cangrtgattontvi. lb. 

105 % i. de ben. 
before the Logiqo 

13 §3. Qnintil 
do Port-Royal p. 



In the premier discoars 
ia a saying often ascribed 

to Voltaire -le se 


I'on pense.' 

MBUS M Ii.J.k POHTOHi J-lin. flp. Till 

23 g 


3 of Inniua Aritua latwm 

clavum in domo m 

a indairat ; m/ 

adiiitua in ptttitdia hoaor- 

ibue fuerat: ad h 

DC ita mt dilige 

rebatiir, «i me farmalore 

moram, mt quaai 

m lioB in aduleacantibna 

noatria. rmni quotas qnisqne Tel a 


altariuB tbI anotori- 

tati nt minor 

edit? Btntim s 



Etatim Ecivint omnia. 

tnr, imilantur 

empla annt. 



W.III.B cl. 77 laudi 

. On the repttit 

on Bt 

a H 

eerw. on Lir. iin 42 § 4. 



ofthoperi. oonj. of. it21. 

MbdTiglSEOb. For the thought cf 



UKYi 6 droXtf fit t4 i^i' 

jUMr, ri ^«, i^4. 1 p.^Tip, 44'' ^" 

irrv T<i -,/ 

«■ ot. o-r TO **«■« |a>flfl«- 

»ipXS fvH' ot'^o 

irpoir6y, \ iiaiac «aro^*yg 

iric cli ri in^/^ra \ -toi rg 

JUV. 11. 


^^H guiiiii, I alien a land at. id. ep 

^^^1 nee q\ioa ante no» til, nostram est. 

^^^B dX\ct rptrfintiii' i-YcSliu. Fliildstc. 

^^^1 Miletns woa of high ancestrr or 

^^^1 tA yap Kara'ii'iyfii' it Tois dn 



Cio. VeiT. I § 46 verbum tamenfa 

Dolabellam ipsiiiii pertineret. 

-ypdipc 8^ Pc\t1!.i Kit /t^ riis i^jr 
ip. 1391 rtrayVriiTiriT-iBtyh 
ooi^ta . . . Srov ^{arar^fi^ tii tii 
. amor, it 16 41 tilmue amat 

Fhilo de animal. 91 

lulaiando ampleciuniar 

M. Sen. Hf. 342 qui 

Pint, moral, p. 5' sii-y/Mia ta\if /Ut, 
soph. 1 22 g 1 vhetber Dtonjaiua of 
0, is a qasEtion whicli may be voived 

aroptpKriKiTtM iirrl rir i^' iavrtar 

77 XB Madvig compareB 

^ere nora audebani, ae forte ea Tea ad 

78 Liban. ep. 21S 

\oe Tf X'^P^^ irpoBiSBv- Arifltoplii 
Xapnj Tijv aH^reXoi'. sohol. ad loo. 
riiaai, paroemiogr. gr. ii 51 Leatsch. 


e Falsi 

■cunt atqae tamguam oseulo dilectionit 
'icem.'ut oUvam hedcra et ulmum ritis. 
S Hor. 0. II 15 4 — -5 platanusque coelBba\ 
lem Tiduas ducit ad arbares, id, epod, 2 
I altai maritatpopulos. 

seq. Hor. c. i 

I? 135 n. 80 aeq. Hor. c. ui 3 1 seq. 

73 Bsq, Obbar. 81 PHiLUiia this moat crnel'of all 

the Koilian tjrantB (ti 486) Boized upon the gOTemment of Agiigentnm 
about 570 B.C. Groto t' 274 ' His brazen bnll passed into imperishable 
memory. Thia pieee of meubanisia was boUow, and EufBcientl; capacions 
to contain one or more victims enl^laBed within it. to perish in torttues 
n-beii the motal was heated : the cries of these Buffering prisoners passed 
for the roarings of the animal. The artist was named Perillus, and ia 
caid to have been himself the first person burnt in it bj order of the 
deepot. The story of the braaen boll . . . aeema to rest on Hnffioient 
evidence: it is expresBij mentioned by Pindar (Pjth. i 185 al. 95 rir W 
Tavflifi ^aXrf^^ Kavrijpa ptjXia vhoy \ ix^P^ 'toKapiv xarix^^ ircu^a 
^STis), and the bnll itself, after having been carried away to Carthage 
when the Cartbaginiona took Agrlgentnm, was restored to the Agrigen- 
tines by Seipio when he took Carthage Polyb. in 25. DS. nil 90. Cic. 
Vorr. IV g 73.' C{. Pers. in 39. Sen, da ben. vii 19 S 4 seq. Plat, 
parallel. 39. On the craelty of Phalaris of. AristoL etb. N. vii 6 g§ 2. 7. 
eth. mogu. ii 6 g 10. Orelli onomast. Tnllian. PhalaHi. Cie. ad Att. Tii 13 
^H^a/mr^dv, i.e. tyranny. Ov. tr. ni 11 39 seq. Ibis 437 seq. and the 
proverb ioKipiiot ipxo-l paroemiogr. Leutsoh i 81B n, ef. 203, ii 50 n. 
706 n. ^aXa'piJDt apxit "i^ 'ExiT\<ni. Sen. de ira ii 5 g 1. In Lneian's 
tmcts, Fbolaris prior and Pbalaris alter. Pbalaris presents the bnll, 
which, he says, has only been tried upon the inventor, to the Delphian 
god Phal. pr. 11 seq. 83—4 wi BO— 1. 

83 pnnoHi honour xvi 34. 

84 vivEMm c^nBis ii 11. 'ends of Ufe.' Sen. Med. C47 haee canan 
vitae est. PUn. ep. i 12 g 3 plurimai Vivendi canaas babentem, 
Optimam conscientiam, optimam faitiam, moziniam nuc(oriia(«B; praetei'ea 
filiam, uinrem, nepotem, lorores, intirqae totpignora veroa amieoi. jb. v fl 
g 4 qui valujilatibus dedUi qiiaii in diem vipnnt, vivendi cansa* qno- 
lidiefiniunl: qui veto pmteraf cngitant et memoriam mi operibiii axlen- 
duni, his nulla mart non repeiitina eit, ii( quae semper ijichoatam atiqaid 
abmmpal. Quintil. decl. iii g 14 non enim nobis .... mortie conlenptw 
faeilioT, guotn pliriique barbaris eansam vitae non habentibns. 

8S PEBiT San. ep. 93 g 4 DJi $cire, quid inter 


VIII 85-90 ig 

lunimuni boniDii eia4 [vitae] taeelam et ilium cut muUi 
i trofumijiii Bunt ! aller pan mortem quoqMt til. alter ante titarlem 
Sfliiif- of- Wetet. on 1 Tko. 6 G, Libau. ep. 1320 Atcx'^ Ift fwrret tc- 
gpiKniur. Tibsr. in. Tao. an. vi 6 Bud Suet. Tib. 67 quid icribam vobit, 
patrts cinacripti, aut quomoda icribam, auC quid amnino nort icribam hoc 
temport, dii me deacque print pordant, guam periTe me giiolidie len- 
tit), ai icio. 86 a&ciUBi. scboL o>trea a lata 

Lticriito. Gauriti {moalfi Qouraiii), a Tolcamo cbttin oi bills between 
Comae and Neapolis, nliicb prodnoed eicellent wine ii 57 : at its foot 
lay tiie oyBter-beds of Baiaa {^n 49 n.) and tba LQcrine lata ir 141 n. 
Plin, iL n. lu gg 60— 1 ilrin ceiisurguiU Haiiici Qftnrani Sarrtntmlqiui 
vumtet. , . . haec litora /■iniihua calidii Hgantur, praiterque eetiTa in toto 
Mori CDnoliylio etpisce noLili annotajittir, 

a perfnmac Mart, i 8J 1 — 3 ne gravii Itettemo fragrea, Feeceimia, 
I paatilloa Cosmi luxarioia vorai etc id. lu 65 1 — 2 quod qua- 
le venit, Oosmam migrnrt putamut [ et Jlnere houssd cinnama 
vitro, ib. 82 2G CosmianiB ipae fiiiui ampnllis. id. jx 27 2. 
"id. ti 8 9 amid Coami redolent alabaatra. jb. 16 C— 6 q«i pino 
madeat nee erabeecat \ pi/iQiii lordidiu tiie Cosmiano. ib. Gl 6. xn 
6S 4. 87 P^viKcu Bee on tbe government oi 

a province Iba taniaus letter ol Cic. od Qa. i 1, with Fliny'a imitation 
VII si. Sal. lug. 31 § 25 nun peculatut aerari foetus est neq^uo poi vim 
sociia ereptan pecuniae, quae quamquam grasia tuM, tamen eon- 
anetudine tum pro nihilo liabentnr. Suet. Tib. 49 tba oliietiiieQ 
at tbe GauU and Spaina, of Syria end Qieece bad tbeir eatatea oonfie- 
cated, Bome for no graver crime tban quod partem rei familiarii in pecu- 
nia kaberent. Capitolin. Pert. 3 inlegre se usque ad Sijriae rtgimen 
Fertinax tenuit, post excissum vera Marci pecuniae sluduit. , . . enriam 
Romanam poet qaattnor provineias eoneulareB. . , . inm divea 
ingreaaua eat. itein Criminalr. 604 — 643 lawa relatiilg to the crimen 
repetandarum and early examples of tbair execution. 643—6 trials before 
the inatitation of tbe giiaeitio perpeltia. 646 — 52 triala imder !iu Cal- 
pumia, Iltnia, ServUia. 652—67 trials nndec leu Cornelia and lulia. 
667^73 triala nnder tbe pnipire. Severe measures of Clandins against 
oppression Hock i 3 231—0. Pbilirde Bpeo. Ip;-. 30 " 323— C M tortorea 
employed by a lai-gatherer to enlort money from the deatitnte. los. 
ball. II 14 gg 1 — 2 cruelties practiaed by the snooeEsors of Festns, 
Albinna and GeaEins Florua, on tlia Jews, ii ant. ivjii 6 g 5 Tiberios 
avoided frequent changes in provincial govemorabips, beeaose where 
the tenure was brief ami oncertain, the governor waa libely to be more 
rapaciona, making hay while tbe aim shone. 
88 FBENi Hor, ep. 1 2 63 Obbar hunc [Hiicmum] trenia, hune lu com- 

90 VAmia ahnmkcn. Calpum. v 116 et quibus est aliquid pleoae milale 
medullae. kiucta Ammian. xxx 4 § 13 in 

goal [depFavatOFum iudiciornm foveas] si capias ceeidtrit quisquaja, non ■ 
nisiper miilta extHiei Imtra aAusgue ipsas mednllas exaotns. Barm, 
anth. IV 279 2—6 on a son Qrcits cum te voravit, \ delicium miU omu 
abslulU, I baculum exnctis meiinUis | edcntulae seneclulis lecuit. Ln- 
tdan Tiraon. S ol 8^ [:;'i»ion'« ^lUilUrers'] m' 6ard yvp^ffai™ dxpi^ut kb! 

hri/uXw!. ^DtTo Qi'oi' nin-Si. . . . dTroKtwovrn. Bentl. on Hor. epod. 6 87. 
loB. bell. IS S 3 Herod, after tbe capture of Jerusalem, demanded of 
(be Boman oommander Soasiiu, il -xpTHviTur re gal MpiSii t^v rikir- 


20 VIII 90-96 

yip rap^p itSUai in Tiui- iiy/iofffu* natus' irm 

tIbciv. id. ant. xiv 15 § 7 Machaerae, in CDrnmand of Iwo Koman 
legions, cat down all Jews whom he met, friends at well aa foes. On 
which Herod uatuzall; considered thai be hud no need of such allies, 
ot ^Xa^ouo-iv aijriji' itaWnr ^ mOi roXe/doa!, Oa the severity of fioman 
taxation lb. ivii 2 g 2. 

92 fOLMiNH Plin. ep. HI II g B lepteia amUia meit ant oceiiis aat relc- 
gatU, . . . . iot circa me inlminibua qaaM amhaita!. id. pan. 90 % 6. 
Stat, ni 3 158. t 3 103. Artcmid. M 9 ji. 146 Beiff. cf. ii p. S21 rait 

93 ciPiTO Tac. lilt 33 Coasutiannm Capitonem Cilices detnla- 
rnnt [».r>. 87] maculoaam foed-amque et idem im audadae in prvtincia 
raCunt, qyod iit urfi« exercuerat : led pervicaci aceueatione eonjliefatta, 
poitrtmo dnjensionem omieit ae lege repetandamm damnatua ttt. Bytha 
interveutiou of hia iather-in-law TigelliDoa he Tecoveied hla Beat in tha 
senate (ib. iir 13), and vaa afterwards an Bccaser of Thraaea Paatos 
(Inr. T 36 n,) a.d. 66 Tac ib. 31 Capito CosantianuB, praiter aniraum 
ad fiagitia praedpiUm inigmu Thrateae, quod aactoritatc eiut oonei- 
diaaal, iuvantia Oilioum logatoa, dnm Capitonem repetund*- 
rnm interrognnt. ib. 23. 26. 2B. 33. Quintiliin remembered the 
trial of Capitn Ti 1^ § 14 tgregieque itohii aduUicentihai dixisie accnaa- 
tor CoBsntiani Capitocis videbatur, Graect qitidem, ltd in hane 
sensnvi, embeicit Caeiarem Ciinfr«. One Capito plundered ludaea Philo 
1^. ad Gainm 3D p. 67G M. nduitob a goTemor 
of Cilicia, perhaps the niggardly Nomitor of tii T4. 

94 FiaiTAE ciucuu BchoL spoliatoret latronma. On tlie Isanrinn pirates 
see Ammian. sir 2, ' ciLiccru Philoatr. tii 33 
a risb. Cilician is forced to bribe informers and officers of the government 
in Older to secnre his nealth. qcio oat- 
H^iia coKCEKtf I 50 at tu vietrix provincia ploras. Lact. ir 1 ad fin. 
after ^noting from Cicsro tlie complaint ol the Sicilians, aeae idlm. 
no deos quidem in snia orbibua, ad qnoa oonfugerent, ho- 
bece; quod eoruut aimuUicra C. Verrei ex delubrii reliffiosissimU 
aataliairt, adds that, knowing tha impotence of their gods of stone, 

I they sought redreaa of a man, Cioern. ' aC enim Verrea ob )iaec faci- 
Tutra damnatns est.' mm ergo di viadicavemnt, ted Ciceronia indiu- 
tria, qua vtl defentores eiiu appreiail vel gratiae reatilit. quid, quod 
apudipsina Verrem nan fuit itla damnatio, aed vacatio? u( quern 
ad modum Dioriyiio deoram ipolia geatanli di imnioriaUa ionam dtdt- 
Tanl aaviaatiaiiem. lie et'iavi Verri bonam ouietem tribniaae 
omni peiicalo et meta remotas, aliontm gravft cosua et miitrabHa 
exit}u atidiebat, et qni oeoidiase aolns nniverEia stantibus vide- 
hatnr, is vero nniversis cadentibna solas stetit, donee ilium 
et opibaa tacrilegio parlil et vita latialam ae icnectate confeetum pra- 
letiptia triitmviralii aaferret. oonfkbt i 108 n. 

96 PBAEcosBH v:i 6 seq. 
cHAiBiFPR probably a Cilician, ^ho had been forward in getting np the 
oaBS against Capito. achol. quid tibi prodeiC, Oiaerippe, ti damnalur 
iadix [praesea], gaem ta dantaandum aecataati, cum illiiu tueceitor plara 
ablatanu tit tiM t magU provide tifri pTNoconem et anctionem fac 
reium tuarum q^^ae niptTavenait, u( inpecaniam latum con/eraa, ne it 



I null 


■ mali 


tpioi pannoi tiiot perdnt qui rimamerunt : nam tifc accuiatio tibi proderit 
et insuptr naulavt perdit, oiiiuuuflFicK Bohol. provide. 

16T. haut. 159 aliud ieniut lodei Tide. Liv. v i 3 nee, lical cwilivaa 
ava, itatim aatuiano tecia ac Tecrttam cironmBpicere. xii 63 § 11 
loeum tnitifiu circamspsotars Poenitt coepit, xiti 15 g 3 vf ifonni- 
bdl . . . hiberait lamm oiroDmspcotaiet. Plin. ep. l 11 § 1 petii ut 
frairU tui fiiiae pTospisinm mnritum. Theolci. id. it 3 i/tri Sifipai, 
EMb, niir^. Cio. Att. T 1 9 3 intercageTat Statiut ut prandmrn ndbit 
Tideiet. Tsr. bnut. 458—9 atperajn I paler, Aoe etl: aliud Unba lodei 
vide. Cio. Tnae. Ill S 4(i Klibner. Victor, on Cio. Att. t Ig S. Heins. on 
Or. a. a. I 5SS. Gall, itii a g S pucnim iubet S'aurua oleum in 
aniain Tidere. ' 

FAMHta Fctron. 44 qaod ad mt attinft, iam panuos meoB ootnedi, 
^1 li peritverat hate annima, tiuulas weai vendam. 

07 NAOi.ti>i the psHiiage-iiioiie; to Koma. IQO vlika 

DOBiiB TONo ouNia Cic. Verr. it g 46 Verrea lomovad the jewels est in 
oensera and roturned the Te^Bels ttauit hoc iiuililutum in turibulit omni- 
but iiuaecumqae in Sieilia fuervat. iucredibile etit aatem qnam 
malta ot ijuam praeolara fnsrint. credo Cum, mm Sieilia Jlorebat 
epibua et eopiii, magna artijlcia fuiaae in ea intala; nam domua erat 
ante iatnm pcaotorem ttuUa panlo looupletior, qua in domo 
baeo non easant, etiam »i praeUrea nihil eu/.l argenti, patella gran- 
dis sum aigillia aa Bimulaciis deoium, patera qna muHeEee 
Bd res divioaa ntarentar, turibnlum. liaeo antom omnia aiiti- 
qno opera et summa artificia facta. Flat. Ant. 38 gS B—l Phi- 
lotwi, physician to a son of Antonius, bo charmed bia patron at dinnar by 
ftsophiam whioh eilenoed a vapouring quack, that the boj pointing to tha 
■table laden with goldon plate, said Tauro, a! ^Aiira, x'V'f'''*"' irivTo »w. 
Next day tbe plata vaa Bent, but rodoemed at lis fnllTalae: 'taait fip it 

Tix"F tfif"-' 0^ iba treasures of art carried from Greece b; Flamini- 
tSm B.C. 194 >ee Lit. mxit 53; by Fulvins n.c. 187 ib. inui B. Cio. de 
imp. Cn. Pomp. % 40 accounting Jor tlie rapidity of Pompoy'B movementB: 
1m had no miraeulaus force of Towera. no new art of Bteering. no Btrange 
irindB to spsed bis course; bat he waa free from tbe ubataclea which im- 
pede othars: non araritia ah iaitiiiiio cunu ad pracdam aliijiiaia dtvo- 

eornm oppidorum, quae cetori tollenda case arbitrantur, ea 
\bi Hit ne vieenda quidrn exittimaDtl. ib. ^§ 61 — T. K. 0. Miiller 
AHJiiiologie §3 164 — 4. J, Q. L. Bamahom de atatuarum in Graeoia 
■nnltitndine, Altcnb. 1814. 4to. Ii. Elaosa jiber das EinweglLibren 
^'-itiMbar Ennstwerke ana Griecbenland, Miinohen 1631. 4to. Tm. 
. B tort gaat'tiirae pnoineiara Aeiam, pro rontule Sttlvia^um Titi- 
tm drijit, gunram nfutra corrupCtu at, giiamqvatn et proyineia 
laiata peoeantibca, tt pro eoniuJ' in omwm aviditalim 
. ^ itaUbtl fttcilitaU Tedemptariu ettet mutuam dlriimiilationim 
malt .... after his praetorghip el-ecliit a Oalha ad dona lemplorum re- 
eognoicenda diligeatistima eonqaiiUiont ej'ecit, ne fuiua elteritii laeri- 
legium rei jiubliea quam Neronii seniinet. DCasB. nm 11 g 1 of Nero 
A.&. 67 biarip irl irAi/iifi oraXelt, riirar /lir t^ 'BXXilJa iki-rfliiriiiri. 
On art eollecCians in Borne aes Marqoardt v 3 210 seq. 273. Friedlander 
III 21U soq. 

101 BPAKiiKi riin, HIT § 45 Tyriam out Gaetnlteum vel Laoonionm, 
IindepretioaiBBiinaBparpuraa. ib.iii23(8). ii60(3e). Hor.o.u 




VIII 101, 102 

^^H 18 7. Mart, t 

^^^H VII 135— 6 n. Lucr. Tl 1072 pnrpnreuaqne coloa coaehjli mergitur 
^^^^M una I corpora cum lanae. I'liu. h. u. ix g 124 couchylia et parpaiaa 
^^^V omnU hora atte-rit, quibut eadem mater luxaria paria paeae el margnHtit 
^^^B pretia fecit, ib. g ISO conchanim ad pnrpntiis et oaitcliylia (eadem , 
^^H Bnim eat materia sed diatat temper am en to) dito lunt genera. 
^^K. M^aordt T 2 X21. The piuple -was diJnted to uiake eoTtchyliiait, of I 
^^^B which there were three varieties, the blue of the heliotrope and the mal- 
^^^1 low, anil the golden has of the aQtumii violet Fliii. xxi § 16. 
^^H cak Ji 6S eeq. ti 259—260. Sen. aA BeW. IS g 1 nimquam tm \ 

^^H placuil TSBtiB, qaae ui nihil alind qnam ut nudsret, componB^ I 
^^^^ retur. Pliu. xi g 76 of bombycea telaa araiKorumiaodo'temmt advtstem J 
^^^B tuxamqae feminarum, qiiae hanAycirut appellalar. prima eat redordiri 1 
^^^1 ruriiHjue texere invenit in Goo imiUer Famphila .... nan fravianda. } 
^^^M gloria exeogitatae racionii, ut denadet feininai vestis. % 77 bombycat et in . 
^^^1 Ooo iniula luuci traiimt. [Then fallows an aocoimt of the mode ot ' 
^^^1 keeping the silkwoona.] g 78 nee puduit has veitti uiurpare etiam 
^^^H viral tevitatem propter aeiUvatit. Hot. o. ir 13 13 Aoron «ec Cofte 
^^H re/emnl iam iibi parpnrae. id. B. l 2 101—5. Marquaidt v 3 12<l. 
^^H 102 PABBABu Hor. c. IT 8 5—8. 

^^H Ath. xn 513° Beg. n painter of Ephesiis (Plin. xekt § 67), a contempara^ 
^^^f ot Zeuxis. Qointii. xit 10 g 1 Zeuiis atgae Parraiitia nan ntuttum lutaK 
^^^ distantet, circa FelopoiiTteaia ajnbo tempora (nam cum Parraiio lenw 3o- 
eraHi a'^td Senophantem [mem. )ti 10 § 1 seq.] invenitur) plurimam atH : 
addidenint. qaorvm . , . ifcundui exaiainasse lubtiliiu lineal tnuKlw. ] 
9 B ifo ciTcumieripiit omnia, ut eum legum latorem voeent, ipda deoT^n 1 
dtque keroum effigiet qiiales ab eo sunt traditac, ceteri, tamqwan ita necettt 
tit, ieq^aaaur. Isoer. d. permut. g S p. 310. PUn. iti. % 65 detctadiae lOa 
in eertamen cum Zeuxide Iraditur et cum tUe detulitsit neat pietai tonto J 
fuecttm ut in leenam wees advolareat, ipse detalitie Unteam pieticm iM 1 
veritale repraetentata, ut Zeaxit alitum iudieio timuia fiagitaret tandem 
Temotoliateo oiCendl picturam atqve intelleeto errors concederetpalmamilt' 
gittuo pudort, qaoitiaia ipii volucrei fefeltiisel, ParraiiTU autem te arUficem. 
ib. g§ G7 — 9 pHina* lymmetrian pictarae dedit, primut argutiai voltta, eU- 
gantiameapiUi, ventulalem oria, confeaHone artijieaminlineliextretniiplit' 
mamadeptm. haee eit pietwae summaitiptiUtaa . . .extrema eorporalttfiuiert 
et deiincTitiii picturae Titodum incliidere rorum in aucceaml artin invenittr. 
ambire enim le ipia debet extremitai et eia dninere uepromiltaf aliapoit ' 
le oilendatque etiara quae accultat. The eonrcee for the lives and works . 
ot these nrtlata are oollecttid in Pr. Innii de pictnra reteram, Boterod. 
1694 foL Inl. Sillig catalogus artiilcum DroBil. 1S27 Sro. J. Overbeok 
die anliken Babiiftqnelleii ztir Geaoh. dor bildenden Kiinate bei dan 
Grioohen, Leipa. 1868 8vo. cf. H. Bnmn Geaoh. d. gr. Kimstler, Stntt- 
gurt. 1837—9, 2 vola. 8vo. Joi. Overbeek Gesoh. d. gr. Plaatik, 3°^ ed. 
Iieipz. 1869 Bvo. msbonih Plin. jcxjt § 57 Myro 

EleutheriB ivatum Ageiadae [an Argive who hod iuBtracted Polyolitas 
also § 55] el ipsum diicipitlum bucuta maxime nabililavit celebralit veni- 
but laadata e.g. itnth. Pal. ix 713—712, 793—8. Ov. Font n 
timilii verae vacca Myronia opiM. Anson, epigr. 58-08. In the time ■ 
of Cicero (Terr, it % 135) it was still at Athens, la (he time of ProkopinB 
(b. Qoth. IT 21) at Borne. Beveral of Ma workB were removed to Borne 
Plin. ib. g§ 57—8 Hereidem, qui ett apud Cireitm vuiximum in aede Pom- ^ 
peii Magni , . . ApoUtnejn, gunn ab iriumviro jlntonio niblalum r< 
£pkeEii» dimt A\ig'Mlut adinoailut in quitte. Tho Herculea waa caiiieil 

I of 

^H pe, 

VIII 102, 103 23 

■y from Measaca in Sioily by Yerres Cic. Verr. iv g S, as was a statoe 
of Apollo, bearing Myron's came, from the temple ol AeEcnlaplua at A|^- 
gsntimt (b. % 93. On tbe imitations of the famous diskobolua sea Weltker 
Bito Denkm. i ILT seq. cf. Quintil. 11 13 g 10. Before tbe pmcb of tbe 
Patetine temple of Apollo Prop. 111=11 31 7 — 8 aram clrcum steierant 
armmta Myronis, | quattiior artificet, yivida Eigna, bovet. Mart, iv 39 
1 — 5 argaiU gcniu omne comparasti I tt lolia veteres Myronos artes, | 
loIUf Fraxittlm vurnum Scopaeqtie, \ lolm Pliidiaei torenmB caeli, [ 
nalul Mentoieos habea labares. vui 511 — 2 qiiii labor in pMalal 
doctiMyoi anne Myronos? | Men t oris haec raanm eat an, Polyclite, 
taat Stat. B. I 3 St), u 2 63 — 7 quid referam veieres eeraeqnc aeriique 
Jiijurai t I si quid ApelUi gaudent animaase eolora, | fi quid adhac vacua 
tamm admirabile Fi>a \ Fhidiaoao raiere ntanui, quod ab arte Myto- 
uis I auf Foljolitao iiusuia tat quod vivere cado. it G 20—30 mitU ibi 
tunc ipeeiti aerisque eborisjue vetusti \ atque lociituriu mentito ecrport 
etra* I tdidici. quit namque oculit catmerit utquam \ Yindicii artificmii 
•eattret agnoieert dactai \ et non iiueriplit auctoTem reddere aignis ! | hie 
Mi qaae doeto multam tiigUata Hjiani j aera, Jabori/eri rivant qiiae 
mannora caeto | PmxitilU, quod ebni Pieaeo pollice rasum, { quad 
Polyeliteis iussum Bpizare camijili, [ linta quae vcterem longa fatea- 
tur ApiUem, [ morulrabit. Lncian somn. 8 also classes Myron nlth Phi- 
disSi FolyMitns, PraiiteleB. Cic. de ur. iti % 26. Flic, xxxir § S8 yrinius 
Mo muUiplicaae veritatem videtw, numemsior tn arte quam Polyalitus 
etia lymviftria diligcntior, tt ipse tamen corporum ternit ciinu«iu animi 
utuui non txpresiiiee, capillum quoque tt pubem non emaidaiivi ftcisse 
quatn rudi* antiquitaa instituwtet. Phaedr. r ptol. 7. 103 

PBUHAanu Phidias the friend of Perikles, under nbase direction the Pro- 
pykea and Parthenon were bnilt. See 0. Miiller de Phidiae vita et ope- 
ribiu, Gotting. 1827. Pioller in Ersch u. CJrtther. Paasau. t 10 g, 3 
ineoTi on tbe Zens Olymp. ^eiJfai Sap^Jou uIAi 'AB'ni'ollii n' iwolitat. 
Pint, Perikl. 13. 31. yuECiT Verg. Afu. viii 843-y 

exatdint alii spirantia moliiui aera | crtdo tquidim, Tivna dureiit de 
taarmort vultils. bbur Pans, t 13 § 1 ^i^iri^ux li li 

ri niXurrd /iiii gal Is Scuk ti/uJh ei iptiSaXol xp^/^tiu* Sasotira/ ol 'EXXijm, 
oft 78 TBpi 'InSur if-yero Koi sf AWiorlas i\iifias ft woir^ao' aya\fidTLii'. 
Mat Tyt. ssi g e. VM. 1 1 E 7. DS. iivi 1 g 1. scbol. Aristoph. nub. 
86B. pai M7. Philo da ebtiet. 22 i 370 M. On ebryeolephimtiiia works 
Bee 0. Miiller ArchaologiQ g 312. Of iTory and gold were 1} an Athene at 
Pallsne in Acbaia Pans, vii 27 §2. 2) on Athene in the Akropolia Ot. 
Pont IT 1 31—3. 60I10I. Ariatid. ni 320 D. Bcbol. Dero. c. Androt. 13 
p. S97 B. 3} Athene pacthenoa in tbe Parthenon [Plat.] Hipp. niai. 290". 

LStrab. IX 396. sdiol, Dem. I.e. Plm. siuv g 54. iiivi g 18. Parid. 

R^nd Nepotian. epit. VM. i 1 E 7. Clem, Al. protr. r» p. 41 P. Themist. 

■^r. 25 p. 374 D. Tzetz, chU. tui 330. 4} the Olympian Zens Paua. r 11. 

_-J.it31S6. Strab. vm 353. Prop. iT=in 9 15 Phidiaous signo so 

I Xappiter ornat ebarno. VM, iii 7 E i. Enst, II, p. 145. Hygin. 
I. 923 and Fbil. Byz. 3 g 2 reckon it among tbe Eeven wonders of tbe 
world; tbe latter makes it the final canso of elephimtB and their tusks. 
So otbars in Overbeok Schriftqnellen 133—4 Sedren. oomp. hist. p. 322". 
fi| Aphrodite Urania in Elia Pans, y 25 g 1. 6) Athene in EUs? id. ti 
■ JSgS. 7) AsklepinainEpidaurnsr Athena^. 14. 8) Zeus at Megara, 
"n which Phidias aided Tlieokoemua Pans, i 40 g 4. Sen. ep. 85 g 34 non 
I tanlum Phidias scitbat factre simulacra, faciebat ex acre. 
II 10 § a FhidittB in eboro longe citra aemnlum. Mart. 11 


VIII 103-105 

2i S FhiAiacvm Latio maTmore vicit ebai. Stnt. a. it 37. hnelnti 
Gallns 2i. Plut, pBtikl. 12. Laot. n 4 p. 126 Duheau, after qnoling 
PeraiuB non videbat enim Hmnlacra ipsa et effigiM deoruia Polyaliti 
et Euphranorii el Pliidiao manu ex aura atqueebote perfectaa nihil 
alijid ease qaam grandes papas, nan a virninibin, </!inriiiii luaibju cenia 
daripotesl, ted a barbatis hominibiu eo/uecralas. 
Hio NON 111 204 n. 

POLTOLITI Jll 217 n, stilt. B. IT B 23. Joined with PhidisB by Ariatot. 
eth. N. Ti 7. DH. do Isoor. 3. da Thuc. 4. do DioiiKh. 7. Cic nead. 
pr. II § 146. Vitniv. iti pr. % 2 {also witli Mjro}. Plin. issit §§ 58. 66. 
Orig. 0. Cel8. Till 17. Strab. tiii 872 in the Heraenm nt Argos the etatnes 
of Polyolitns sarpaBBed all ia art, though iaferiDr in cost and eize to thoso 
of Phidias, cf. Mart, i 89. witli Myron Plin. isiiv % 10. Cio. de or. m 
g 2B. ad Horenn, it § 9. VitruT, 1 1 g 13. Lneian Bomn. 8, lup. ttag. 
7. Among tlio collection of Heius, plundered by Verros, wero eanepboroa 
of Poiyelitas Cio. Veir. iv g 5. Symm. ep. i 23, Qiuntil. xii 10 § 7 
attributes to hini ocoucaoy and grace, but denies bim nia.jeBty ; his men 
ce more thun men, his gods ivanted dignity; be even siiunned the 
iTity of age nihil ausun ultra Uvea genat. 
__4 MDLTua r 120 n. laboe VFl. i 113 poculaquf, 

insignia velerum labor. Mart, iit B5 2. lipot ia similarly used, so 
an, W^vi;, mania. uentofb this moat Camcaa 

catlator argenli (i 76 n.) lived before the temple of the Ephesian Diana 
waa burnt 356 b.o. Plin. xixiii § 1S4 mirum auro eaelaado nemintta u(- 
elaniisse, argento Tnuifo*. maxime lamfa laudatiis est Mentor, de quo supra 
[tii § 127] dizimua. qaatUior (naia) paria ab eo omniiio facta lant, ae 
iam rmtliira exatare diciiur Ephfttae llianae templi aiU Capitolini inccn- 
diia. Varro se et aereiua signam eiua habiiiiae caribit. h. OraEaua the 
orator bought two scypki of Mentor's workmanship for 100 leat/rtia, bat 
iraa ashamed to uso them lb. g 147. Voir. ap. Non. dolitum. Prop. 1 14 
2. iT = mgi3. Mart, lu 41. iiS9 16. xt 11 5 te potare decct gemma, 
gui Mentora frangis. xtT i)3. Luoian Leiiphan. 7 there were oupa of 
all kinds on the sideboard rpv^tils nivrafitjupy^t eta. Sidon. c. xiui SOS 
Beg. poat qvaa noa tuapoeiUa et tiiarum | nusarum mediUi choma lenebat,\ 
qtialea aM stataat imagineagm \ aire aut marmoribiia cotoribaaqae | Men. 
tor, PritxiteUs, Scopaa dedenmt, | quaittas neo Polyolitns ipse finxil, | 
nee fit Phidiaoo figtirn eaelo. Cicero desoribes the efforts made by 
Teires to possess Mmself of a Mentor, tho property of one Diadorua 
Terr, it g 88 Ben. Verri dieilur, habere turn perbana toreuiaata, in fur 
pociilii qiiaedam, quae Thericlianominaitl^ir, Montoria mnnu smnmo 
artitioio facta eto, 

105 oa the plunder of Greek works of art by Eoman generals, emperors, 
govemora see Miiller Aicbiiologie § 165. 

DoUBBUAB i Cn. Dolabella, cous. b.c. 81, afterwards proconsul in 
Macedonia. He was accused by Caesar, b.c. 77 Suet. 4 Cornelima Do- 
Iftbellnm, mnauUirem et triumpbalem virun repetaiidarum postula- 
vit; absolutoqac, Eliodiira sceedere tCatuit. VM.thiO § 3. Lrumann 
nSniaeq. ii Cn. Dolabella, praetor B.C. 81, and Rlterwarda goTernor 
ot Cilicia, -where Verrea was hla legatnB Yen*, act. i % 11. lib. ig41. 
Both oppressed the proiincials not only in Cilicia itself (Verr. t g 95 cum 
iste civitatibua fnimctita coria clUcia laecot imperaret, tuque ea sunurel. 
pro his rebna pecvniam exigeret; hla nominfftuj loli'a Cu. Dolabellau 
HS. ad Irkiens [about £24,000] litent taat aeatimalam. quae omnia et»i 
tolantate DolikheUiike _fitbant, peT iitum tamen omnia gerebanlur], bat in 



VIII 105-107 25 

AthenB pb. g 45 Atlieii!i audiet'n ex aede Minercae grande avri pondiu 
ablalam. dictum )ioc tit in Dolttbeilae iudicio), Delofl ^ib. §46), Hali- 
oonuiEus, Teuedoa (ib. g 49), Sbjdoe {% 60) etc. On bis retom from, 
bis provinae, B.C. 7S, Dolabella vm sccoaeil b^ M. Scaurna (ib. § 97), and 
oondemaed ib. g 77. iii F. Uolabella, oousal b.c 44, Ciueio's Bon-iii- 
' law. Before hU eonsalahip had cxpirsd, ho crossed over to take posBos- 
ticca ol the provmce of Syria. Oa liis vuy ho plundered proconsular AbIb 
lieDtnl.ap. Cic fatn. in 15 DoIabelU vastata provincia. ib. fin. 
lie ealls liim ecdernCiiiimum lalroncm. Cic. I'bil. xi § 6 cum hoc billan- 
4)tM lioile tit ; eaiitt taelerrima eriidclitaie onini'f barbaria atiptTsia at. 
quid luquar de eaede civiam Eomajuirumf de direpiione fanorum.7 
iVTOsiCB C. Antonias Hjbrida, jonager 
Boa of Antonius the orator, imcle and father-in-law of tbe tiiniayir. 
Aitsr hia aoueulBhip, in which he was Cicera'e colleague, B.C. 63, he 
iMeiTed Macedonia as his province, and grierously oppressed it. DCass. 
uTTTiTT 10 oJroi T-ip iroXXi lilf tal l):u>ik rat to iir^noon to er 'MatiSaytf, 
Jfi^ai BiiT^i, tal TO (smriiySoy fliiyataT<i. He was ttfterwards condemned and 
baiushed, probably en a charge of rept^lundae Cic. in Tatin. § SB. The 
acoounts of bis trial are obscure and oontradittoTy Dromann i 538 seg. 
Habn on Cio. 1. e. % 27. 106 eacrileohb vebhes u 26. 

lu Si. tacr. not to be supplied nlth Dd[. and Aitl. (as b; Ocelli) ; YeireB 
was l^eemineDtly lacri'c^ui. Ci& in Yerr. act i 9 14 delabra omnia 

depopuiatnB est; deum deniqua nuUtim Siculis, qui ei 

panllu magiB affabre atque antique artiticio.faotns Tidere- 
" ■ 1 Caecii. g 3, Verr. i g S3 Boq. Lact. i ' - - ' 

aeq. qmd 0. Terre 

. gu^m 

Tulliui ac 



eiu> t 

dim Dionytio et 

Pluilaridi et tyrannit 


comparat t 

Sicitiam eompi- 

laeii, sublatia deo 

urn Ei 



qna fanornmT 

ohMun eit penequi i 


mu-ra UM 

in quo accjtsator 

imnibtu tlaqutntiae v 

ribwt, on 

rii denigue 


corporit deplora- 

nil, di Cerere Catine 

(Mi vH Kniitnii. . . 



r Ceres... er 

tralibus a C 



b\i* terrii impaiu tub 

idem v^re 

eum affinnare 

n a Simlis. «( 

caviam provinciae lu. 


aratum, h 



at '»MJ jam ne 

deoB quidem in bq 

is urb 

fane, ad q 


erent, habere, 

qnod eorura Binm 





B ei delubris 

-ceUgiQsisaimis su 


et.' jua^i 



tx urbibaa drlii- 

imtTilerat, de caela qaoque luitvltral. nude apparet ii 
\hU habtre in ic ampliMs quam ToateTima de qua lunt fabiicati. nac I'm- 
' ' Marce TulU, hoe eit ad hominaa, £fculf cimfugemnt, q-uo- 
I rant txperti deot illai nihil valere. tssent fni'm etultiiiiiai, 
Hadtot ob defendendoi iniuriat ftominiim canfu^lisent, qui 0. Verri nte 
pro M ipiii irati tut poluerMnt. . . . quin ttiata. ftUx in eo ip»o /uil, quod 
ante tuam moHtm crudelitiiitm'm exitam roi accuiatnrff audtiril,- Sis vide- 
licet proridtntibuB ut Eaerilegna ao praedo ille religionnm buo- 
rnm nan ante laoreretur, quam lalacium de uilione cepisiel, cF. Iut. 
94 n. 'VERHES A Bumniniy of the worlds 

o! art Btolan by Terrea is Riven by PaninB CoUactaoeen am- gt. n. rdm- 
AJtertliumakunde, Coburg, 1811, 150—170. 

107 ocecLTA Cic. Verr. v §S 66—7. on the lengthening of tbo a see 
finrm. on Phaedr, ni prol. 20. L. Uiiller de re metr. 320. This is the 
only ei. in luv. epoi.iA Serv. Aen. viu 302 

apolium f«l, qiildquid de hostibua tollitiiT. Cio. Verr. tv §§ 17—19 ■ 
~¥ £1 44. 40. Ga— 4. Plin, h. n. a g§ 117—8 I have seen Lollla Paulina, 

'S6 VIII 107-113 

quae fait Gat principiiraatrona, bodizened nlth. jewels to Uia -relae dl 
40,000,000 sesteroea, and thut on uot on any great state ceremonial led 
mediucrium eliaiit ipomaUum ccTia. nor bad those gifts been receiTed 
from an emperor's prodigalily, led avitae opts, piovinciarum eeili- 
oet spoliis partae. hie eit rapinarum exilui, hoe fait quart M. 
Lottiiis infaiaatai regitm malttribiu in toto orientc iitterdieta araicitia a C. 
Caeiare AiigusHJilio venemtm biberet, uC neptU ciu» quadringenliens bm- 
tertia aperta tpeetaretur ad lucemat. 

rtirnEs than were gamed in irar. JQg i 

Tae. an. iv 73 prinio boves ipsos, mox ogroe, postremn corpora c< 
ffum Qiit liberorara lemitia tradebant. cl. Marqnordt in 1 391 — 3, 
177. 110 of. Oio. Venr. iv e. g. S 1 ] 

Jingo in Sicilia tota, lam locupieti, tarn vetere provincia, tol oppidii, 
tot familiis tain, copiosia, ullum argentoum vas, ullnin Corin- 
ihiuni aut Deliaaum fuiaae, ullam gemmam aut margari- 
tam, qnidqnam ox aura aat ebcre factum, signnm uUuniL 
aeneum, marmoreum, eburneum, uega allam pictnram De- 
que In tabula neque in textili, quin conquisierit, inepez- 
.orit, quod placitum sit abatulerit. of. §S 3. i%. ib. g 18 ra 
illiim divinat apod eoi deo» in luo laerario prope quotidiane facers vidiitii 
non taovetur pecunia. . . . iibe hdbe Canephoroi ; (teorum Bimulaora 
lestitue. id, p. Best. § 9i speaking of Piso negue lamen alio in pvblieo 
mit religiosa loco ligmim aat tabalam aut omamsntam reliquitse. Of bis 
broQier Cieero nays ad Qu. fr. 1 1 gg 8—9 praeclaram est enira mmnM 
ciiininiprriii fuUai in Alia triennium, sin ut nullum te Bignum, iialla 
piotura, nnllum Tas, nulla veatia, nullum manoipiurn, nnlla 
faima cuinsquara, nulla oondicio peouniae (qwibiu reb^u aban- 
dal iita provincia) ab sulruna inttgritate continentiaqiie deduxetit . . . nun 
itineril/at tail perttrreri liomines, non tumptu cxhauriri, non adventu com, 
motieri I . . . . cam urfia eattodem, non tyrannwn, domai hoafAtem, non ex- 
pilatorem, recepime videatar. \\\ ai oms i» 

iKMCOi^ BBCg tmrcna Tibnil. 1 10 19—20 turn meliita teimire fid^ cum 
paupers onltu { stabat in exigua lignens aede deas. Patron. 
2S praeterea grands armariam in angulo vidi, in vaiaa aedioula eiaut 
Iiaces argentoi positi Voneriaqua signum marmoraum, tt 
pyxia aarea non pusilla, in qva barbam ipsiui eonditara esse dicebant 
Tert. do idoL 8 jim enim difftrt, an extruaa vel emrnei, «' templiim, rt 
aram, si aedioulam eius imtruxeri>._ Apnl. cited on 1ST. On Nero's 
plnnder of Italy and tho protiitoea and of tbeir temples sea Tao. iv 4S 
interea confereadii pecuniii . . . prosinciae eocnae lociiqae populi it quae 
civitatum liberae irocanlur. inque cam praedam etiam di cessere, 
spoliatia in. urbe templia, tgatoqwi anra quod triumphis quod volig 
omnia populi Eomani aetai proapere aut in tTietu aacraverat. aiim viro 
per Asiam atque Aohaiam non dona tantum aed simulaora 
numinam abrlpiebantur, miasii in tas provincial Aeraio ac £ecunila 
Carrinate. Buet, Ner. 38 fin. BCaas. lxii IB % 5. Oros. ni 7. 

112 uESPiotia Plin. ep. viii 21 g 5 to a friend going as poremor to 
^boia recm-dare, quid qiuuque civilaa fuerit, non lit deBpioias, quod 
euediiieril; abtil tuperbia aipcnl^u. 

113 iiiBiii,i,ia BBonioB Yi 39G. Mart, x 68 1. Flut. da cnrioa. div. S p. £250 
Toil /!&■ oJv'PoSIout i ^Tparimiii! irf^iTKUWTu tit ToXur^Xeiof, bUoSb- 
Af(» fiiy ui iBardrov! 'K4yuii', ii/uvtir li iit iXirfoxpariaas. Atben, Tin p. 
351=. ib. p. S53i«i toSj Si 'P«««ui 6 aOrii ^.r/xxrinKoi craraX&rat tal 
Bep/iorirat Stupuf, li"! aiiroit \ivKoit (frei Kupi)''al<iui. tal auriii 3i t^ 


vngiieniis maikntem 

OL Wetst. on 1 Cor. 1 2. G 9 Beq. Cic, de 
%§ 7 — 8 Corinth by its commerce witlidiawn from aBricnltm* and 
ar; Inxnriea imported; habci iain araoenitaa ipaarel anrnp- 
I vel desidioBas inleoeljias maltas oupiditaUm. Mart. 
ipem Corinthiorum | iactfs, Curnunion, 
:a nitidut coma vagarii, \ HiapaniB ego 
IropacB tu qcotidiauo. ib. 68 10— U. 

IT § 123 pudetque confiUri, ; 
piloiam e 

iam hono- 
pilia. ib. 


X ES 1 acq. fum U 
iugante nutlo; \ . . . 

Paroemiogc. gr. Gott. 
114^115 16 1- Plin 
rm ei,u [reainae] «. 
nix § 2B ilia perdldere imperii mores 

teeinit. QmntiL t 9 g 11 fortasee naipus vuisum, jrai 
vestem muliebrem dlxerit mollie et parnm viti aigna, 
languii e caede, ila ilia ex impudicitia fiaere vidtantar. I 
■n=Tii 13 § 6 flam qui cotidie vnguentalvi aduemtm jpucutum omeiur, 
<uiu> eupereiila Ta-dantur, qai baiba tqIbb f eminibnaqne aub- 
vulaia ambalet, . . , funmi! qtiiiquam dubitit, qxiin idem ftcerit, qaod 
einaedi facere toleni 1 Lncion de mere. eond. S3 Thesmopolia the Sl^io 
lived in the liouso of a ricli and luxuriotis lady: tA iih rpSror ixvm vaBtlii 
1^ yiXaoraTor, (TuyuBWffifflai irop' auTif vapaSeiMat ^ihoai^if 6im idrai- 
Sir Tiya rwi- -rcrtTTunimiir ri okAti xat rdy rtiyiara TrfpteiupJiiUixav. 
Marqnardt v 2 S6B. lexi. flXiuBpor. pnlothmm. JloTeia ii 3 220—3 
identifies (mth the lii and Tulg.) rcaina with the halm of Gilead. Mart. 
XII 33 21 — 2 nee $laia turpi matria olla reaina | Sammoeniaiiae qua 
pilantui tixorei. ib. m 7i i. Text, de poll. 3 fin. mide apnd kirloa 
el htrnilo), tmn rapax ab aln resina, tam fuFax a mento toI- 
aellK? , . , revera eiiim quale e>t Graecatim depilari magii qaam 
amieiri f Olem. Al. paed. iii S g 15 seq. 

116 Cio. de proT. eons. S9 29. 32—4. Tae. Agr. 2J si quidem Hibfrnia 
f>udi« inter Brilanniaiii atque Hiapaniam sita ct Gallico qaoqtie 
mari opportitOA ralentisfi imam imperii partem magnii in vieem 
tui&ui misciierit. of. ib, 12 of the Britona. h. ii 6. iii 53 mis exhorta- 
tionifiiisljaUiaBHiapaniBaque, TalidiaBimamtorrarumpaFtum, 
ad Veipailanum converiai. LiT, xm 46 g 5. 

Hisrutu Mart, x G6 cited 113 a Cic. ad Qn. fr. 1 1 £ 27 qiuid si tn sors 
Afria ant Hiapaaia ant Gallia praeleciBEet, immanibus ac 
batbariH nationibas. 

oALUccs DCass. Lxm 22 §§ 2 — 4 Vlndex, himself a Gaul, asacmbled the 
Gauls A. D, 6B Tiho had Buffered and nure atill euffering grieTotiBlj from 
continual impositiona, and called them tu riao against Nero, Sn irSiraii Ttir 
ToiK'Pujiaiiu* olKBviiivTiv ffiiniAijjio'. ci Tac. an. lit 4f) FloruH and Saorovlr 
i.D. 21 ditserebant de coiUiauatioTte tributorum, gravitate Jenoris, eaa- 
Titia ao suparbia praeaidentiam, . . . egregium Teeumendae libertali 
letnpus, ti ipii Jlorentea, qtiam i/iopt Italia, q.uaia inbeUia urbana 
ylebeB, nihil validnm in cxercitibne nisi quod externum, 
cogitarent. lb, 44 a report at Bome that siity-aix Gallia olana had 
revolted, adtumploa in socielalem Germanos, dubiaa Eiepaniaa. ib. 
46 the Boman general Silina made yeiy little of Gallia Talour paihndara 
ipiii qaod Germaniarum victorei adj'ernim Galloa tamquaia in 
ducerenmr, ' una rtujKr eohori rtbcUem Taronura, una ala Xn- 


VIII 116, 117 


veruni. paueae huiut iprius exercilv! iiirmae pTofiigaveri Sequanat. 
qvoRio peettnia ditti it volvptatUnu opulentm, tanlo laagit iDbollea. 
Aedtiot tvineltt.' it G. 72. ii IS A. d. il GAmmstu) at the liead ol the 
Chaact praedabwidia Gallorum. maxime oram natiabal, non ignanit 
ditea et icballes Mie. Germ. 38 ineitia Callomm. Agr. U J 
GbUob qnoquo in hellia (loruisBG acoeptnuw; t/iox segDittk 1 
onm otio intravit, aroisBft virtute pariter ae liberiale. I 

Axia Ti 470. siv 42. Luc. rii 423. BcboL Sfptentri<malit pari. Atien. \ 
deRcr. orb. 5S4 Amyrium lutpeetanl emiiiM axem. 

117 iLLTBiccM Liv. I a lllyrii LibamigTU it Islrl, geotea ferae 
et magna ar parte latrooiniia maritimis infamea. "the revolt ot 
the Deiffhbauiiiig Fancoriians and Dalntaiiana A.n. G Yiaa due to oppressive 
taiea BCass. tr 29 g 1. Their leader Baton threvr the blame on the 
Bomans, sajing to Tiberins A. n. 9 ib. i:,vt 16^3' ;oa send to keep tout 
floeka not dogs nor ahepherds bat vrolvea.' los. bell, ii 10 § 4 p. 118 
6S Didot o! a , . . 'INXiJ/Moi r^r t^hip^ iaX^iariai iiraTftir<iiti'''j' 'iarpip 
KaTottoCvTes ei Sv<ri /linoi! rdytiaair irdxiniri, fuS' ur ntiroi Tit AaKwr 
dtaKirrmiair opudf. the irboje chapter, a speech put into Agifppa'a 
month, aeta forth the gieatneaa of Bome vith great effect. The career of 
Qnintilina Yams is a commentacj on tbe words of lur. he vas for oiue 
years goyernor of Syria Veil, ii 117 % 2 ijiiam pauper divittm ingratus 
divei pavpertm reUqiiit ; but when a,d. 9 he treated the Orrmani aa 
slaves IH^asa. IS § 3, the Itoman arms snstaiaed a roverae equal 
to the ruin of CrasBus Flor. n 30=iy 13 g§ 80—32 German! victi 
magii gaam domili eranl . . . Van Quinlilii libidiveia ae lUperbian 
Jiaut seaua gaam aaeeiliam oditie coeperunt. aiuu« ille agiTe con- 
ventum et fncauiiui edixtrat, qwui violentiam iarharonim lietorit 
Virgil etpraccnma voce pouet inhibtre. at ilti, jui iam pridem robiglMii 
ebsilin eniei inertogue matrereat tquot, Htyrimum togat et laeviora a '" 
iara viderant, dues ArmiTdo arma eorripiant. Hock i 3 90 — 9S. 

LiTns Stat. B. IV 4 63 latrnm lervare latus. Flor. 1 fl 
31 = n 5 §1 lllyrii.. .lonEiBsime per totum Adriani maris Iltiii'^ 
effusi. uEssoaiBua et;. v 119 ii. xii 76 n,' I 

From Varro r. r. ii pr, § 3 ' most farmers have now abandoned plongll. I 
and pruning-hook, chooainK rather to employ their hands in the fkeatft ^ 
and Circiii than on eornfielda and vineyarda ; we have Com iinporl«d, 
qiia snturi ^iiiRus, from Africa and Sardinia.' cE. Colum. i pr. e.g. ' 
^ 20 'in this Latium and land of Saturn, where onco goda taught 
Bgricnlture to their children, in this land, I aay, we now receive tenders 
in public sale for tbe importation of com from provinces beyond sea, 
that we may not be pinched with famine." Tac. h. i 73 tranigmia in 
Africam ad inaiigandum in arma Clodium llaemm, famem popnlo 
Bomano hand obaoaie molita. Coeaar ou faia return from Ubya, 
B. a. 46, Plut. 55 ' aaid that he had conquered b coontiy large enough to 
supply annnaUy to the treasury 300,000 Attio modimni of corn.' Tadtng 
speaking of a dearth in Claudius' reign xti 43 ' once Italy sent stores to 
her legions in distant provinces ; nor is our present diatreaa owing to 
barronnesH of the soil, lint we till Egypt rather and Africa, navibaiqut et 
eaiibai vilapopttli liantaai eommiisa eil.' Suet. Dom. 7 cited on m 2. 
Flin. pan. 31 J 2 ' it was held of old, that our city aonld no otherwiae be 
fed and supported but by the granaries of Egypt. That vainglorioua 
people boasted that, if we were their masters, we at least owed our suste- 
nance to (hem, an<l that on their river and their ships depended the 
plenty or dearth of provieions itt Boiae.' cf. ib. SO. Commodua first 

VIII 117-125 


k^ipointftl B cliueii Afrieaaa on the model of tbe elaiiii 
(eetablisbed by AnguBtuB 7) , in order to aapply an; luiluro i 
hsiyesta of Egypt Lumprid. 17. of. Hor. o. i 1 9 Lumbiii. b, ii a tii, 
Claad. b«lL Gild. 5i say. Sen. ep. 17 cited in 141 n. Flln. li. □. v 3 (1). 
xvn 3 (S). MBtneiiiii. grat act. Inl. Aug. 14 g 6. Lipi. elect, i S. 
Salviac, de gabam. vi p. 138 Boluz. calls Africa anima rci publieat, 
A, D. 41 Oaius (Caligula) bad iritbdra'wn so many Bbipa from commarco 
in building his bridge at FnteoU, tLnt tbe magazinsa ot com were 
wellnigh exhausted San. brev. lit. 13 ^ G— 6. DCaflB. mi 17 § 2- AV. 
Caes. 4 g B. Suet. Claud. 18. 19 ClaudioB, who vas onoe mobbed and 
pelted bj tbe bungr; crowd, devised a. d. 61 measorea to secnre a 
oonBtant siippl}' even in winter. He fonnded a seonre harbonr porCiu 
Somamu at FinndciDO. Traders were aasnred from risks by skirma, and 
ivilegBs granted to sneh as sbonld build merchantmen eiot vacationem 
■ Papiat Poppaeae, Latino iui Qmritiam, feminU ins iiit UbtTonun: 
coiMituta hodieque lavanttiT. Tac. iti 43. dig. i. B § 3. cf. the 
sions BgaioEt wreokers ib. hlvii 3 g 8. The «eiiat« Etmclc coins 
honom' of Claudins with the eEGgy oE Ceres Augosta holding ears of 
«om Eckhel ti 339 ; others with the inscr. tx S. C. ob civta lematoa ib. 
others with the effigy of Claudius holdiiig scales with a taodiui between 
them ib. 13B (partly from Lehmiuiii). Hcick i 3 378 — 9. Marquardt ui 
3 X54— 7. T 2 6—6. 14. Friedliinder i' 33—5 has coUeoted the notioos of 
dearths in Eomo, which were sometimes eaiised by the floods, to whioh 
the emporium and eocn-magazines were specially eiposed. Pint. 0th. 4 
g 4 A. D. G9 the floodii^ of the magazines caused great scarcity for many 
da;e, Symm. ep. iii 55. 82 risk of famine in Itome from the failure ut 
tbe African crops. llCass. li 11 £ 2 neeosaity fur a nen- hecbQur. as 
all the grain, i,t (rat drtir, conaumed in Itouie was impoited. Ids. 
bell, n 10 S 4 p. 120 12 and 20 Didot Erain tor 8 monthB' consumption 
imported from 'Africa,' for Ibe remaining 4 months' from Egjpt. 

118 ciKCO I bl D. Tae, h. i 4 pkbs eardlda ft 

c thcD 

he people by ehowa : aa Pyladea, i 
disturbanee occasioned by Iho rivalry 
red Maccob. ii 7 § 19 Kai axapuirfis. 

policy of tbe emperors to ai 
Auguatua bad complained 
betneen him and Hylaa, 

19 seq. hat if you do commit tbis unnatural Crime, what will you gain 
by it, seeing that Morius Piiscus lately stripped the needy ACrieans of 
their aUT dibae because by plundering Africa 

120 t: 

UABius I 49 n. 
i. deipolia the word of command to IJclors Sen. contr. 25 

f S3 p. 257 1. 31 
proBineia agnoicit. 
Dec 1812 m Signon : 'la can 
pas SQuIement la bsine contre 
stronger ; elle exists dans la ruli 
des impoeitiona, coutribntiona 


s da t 

e, agnoscit hoe verbamt certe 
l^lj uisEHiB king Jerome to Kapoldon 
« pulsEonls de cea mouvementa n'esl 
lea Franij'ais, ct I'impatience du joug 
a de toutea les classes, dans la surcbarge 
a gueire, eutretiea de troupes, pasaogo 
les geuiea continuellement r^p^ttea. le 



VIII 125-128 

pitu. ib. 10 Bontentiaa, id tit Titrea Iroeta el a 
terpretamenta. ib. US controveriiant Bententiolis vibrantibttg 
piotam. M. Sen. contr. i pr. g 23 p. 6S 24 hae travelaticiaa guar 1 
propTie eeatentias dicimui, quae nihil habent cum ipsa controveTn» i 
inplicitvm, >cd latii aple et aiio transfsruaiur, tamquam quae de toir M 

eenns aententiarum aupalleetilBm Tooabat. 
126 ^1 S5i. Ov. s.. a, II 541 haec tibi non hominem, ted q 
PelaRgas | dioere. M, Sen. i contr. pr. tnatis, oplin 
iltam vocem, non M. Catonie, sed ocaculi ereditit. Plin. ixix 7 (1) | 
hoe pula vatem dixiiit. Cio. de rep. T § 1 quern quidem ille versma, 1 
inqttit, ml irevitate ■oel veritate tamquam ei oraoalo viiki quodam t 
etie e^atia viditw. Lacr. 1 739. Arnob, i 1. Bnrm. aath. iv IB 6^ 1 
mutru Terg. Aen. iii 444 eeq. /ala canit foliiaqne not at. I 
et nomina ■ \ qaafcnmqv^ in toliia deBcripsit oacminfif 
Tirga, j digtrit in numtram atque antro ^eclasa relinguit. \ ilia tnanent 1 
iiainota locis titqae ab ordine ccdant. | venan eadem, verso tenuit eun 1 
cardine venUii | ijapulit et tenerat tvrJiavit ianua (rondo a, | numquam 
delude cava volitanlia prendere saxo | . . . curat. Setv, ad 1. in f oliig 
autem paliusrnm Sibyllam Bcribeie Bolere tetiatiir Varro. 
Aen. VI 74 where Serv. cites the worda of Varro. Bjmiu, ep. iv 33. Yarr. 
ia Plin. xiii g€9 in pBlmarnm foliia pritao tcriptitalum, dein gaa- 
runiiiim arbomm libris. Later tho SibjUine liooka are epoken of aa iirit- 
ten on linen Cland. bell. Get. 231 — 2 quid carmine poicat \ falidico ciulo* J 
Romani carbaana aetil. Symm, ep. iv 34inoni(i« Cumanoi linteft | 
teitft iump«7TiiiI. 

127 — 145 if both your amte and your wife be blamelesa, if no lon^ 
haired minion bgII yoxa awards, then yon may c^boOEC the fonnder of 
your race from amongst the Tiians ; no one will deny yonr deBcent even 
from (Titan xiv 3S) Fiomethena himself, for all will gladly do honour to 
your desert ; but if you be the rfave ot IdeI and the oppreasor of jour 
province, then your noble birth only makes your guilt more flagrant. 

127 coaona cokots praetoria, properly the military staff of 
the governor, iucludiug yoang nobles, who as cnnlubemaUi or comitet 
praetarii were entering upon military aervico. Other officers, such bb 
liclores, praecones, scribae, interprttei, accenii, haraipices, apparitorei, 
were lees properly included in the term Gic. ad Qu. fr. 1 1 §9 12 — IS quai 
vera aut tx damesiicii convicli'mibiu fecum eiee voluiiti, qui qnftsi ex e»- 
horle praetorii apptUari loleitt, honlm non modo facta, led etiam dicta 
omnia pratatanda nobii lunt. . ... lit anulus tuua nan ut vai aliquod, >i ' 
tamqaani ipte tu ; non miiutter alienae vobiiitatie, sed tetlli tuae eta. i 
Yen. II S 27 contites illi lui delecti nuniu trant tuae; praefeett, teribat, 
mediei, acctjui, karaipicci, praeeonei tranX manua tuae. . . . DohoTB tota 
ilia taa, quae plus malt Siciliae dedit, quaia $i centum eohorlei fugitivo- 
rum fuissmt, iiia nanui. ib. | 20 tuos amicos in praviiiciam, quasi i» 
prmdam, invitabat. ib. § 75. Becker 111 1 2B4 Beq. Hor. ep. 1 3 6 Ob- 
bar. Nap. «v 6 § 4 of Atticua multorum eomulam praeloTumque praefee- 
tUTos dilatas tic accepit ui neminem in provineiam ait aeoiitua, 
Itonore futrit eontentua, rei Eamiliaria deapoiorit frnetnnt. CatuU. 
I 6—23. 128 ACKBaEooMEs infoiMiM, epithet of 

Apollo. On Bneh amatii ci. in 186 n. v 56 n. vi 378. The moBt famous, 
kuo'iMi by works of art, is Hadrian'a minion AntinouB. Tao. Agr. 19 at 
morum provinciac prudtni . . . caaial beltarum itatuit ezeUlere. a 
— oraua primnm domnm Bnam aoerouit, quai pieTisquti. j 

VIII 128-132 3r 

Jiaud ttiinin arduiini ftt gitam provinciam regere. nihil per liiiertoB 

33 Lips. Several Cafcijia crntuil [l.D. 21], ne guent magittratuja cut pro- 
viticia obvmUset, uxor cotailarclur. . , . ktaid enin fruilra ptaciiuni vlim, 
ne femiiiae in eociot out genlei external traherentur. , . . cogitareiit ipii, 

oliieotari. PJin. ep. ni 9 relates the trial of ClassicnB far oppreasion in 

ths province of Batliea [Inv. llQj. § 19 on tlie third hearing minor 

offendera were ftooaaed, excepta tamen ClaBaiei uiare, quae licut inpli- 

eila iiitpicionibia ita nim satia convitKi probaiionilna viia eiL g SO ths 

charge agiunst the daughter of C!. was cut pressed, cf. % 29. Ulp. in dig. 

1 16 1 g a pToficieci autem proconitiUm mtlitii quidtm eit tine more: 

' el cwm vMre poteit, dummodo eciat tenaiam Cotta tt Messala conmli- 

[a,d, Wt] ceruuitte /utarum, uC si quid uxores eorum qui ad 

Jain piofioiBoanlnr deliquerint, aii ipsin ratio et tindietn 

ligatar, Filate'a wife Matt. ST 19. Baet. Ang. 34 diiciplinam 

atriiiinu rexit: ne legalomm guidem cuigaam, nlii gravate hibemisque 

^t^muiH VKlKibui, permieil nxoreut intervitere. Tac. an. iv IS. 20A.n. 21 

Snsia Oolla, wife of C. Silina the congneror in Ihe nar with Sacroiir, 

baniGhed for eitortion; proposal of MeaaalmnB Cotta cavfiidum lenaUit 

eanmito, ut quamquam ijiaontti magUtratus ft eiiipae alienae nficii 

proTinoialibuB usornm ciiminihuB prrinde qiiani euis pkcttrentur. 

Ti 29 and DGo^s. Lviii 24 g 3 A.n. 34 Pompouins (Ponipeins) Labeo, eight 

veais gorernor of Moesia alter his praotorahip, being with hii wife aconeed 

of taking bribes, committed anicide with her. Ltx IB § 4 A.n. 39 in like 

manner CalitBiaa Sabinufl governor of Pannonia and hia wife committed 

anicide: her ofience was that she inspected the guordB, and was present at 

tbe eiercisea of the Iroopa. Plancina offended in the aams vaj Toe. on. 

XI 5S. id. h. I 48 the wife of Calviains Babinna. Flut. Oalba 12 g 1. 

129 C0NVENT08 HM. bell. Alei, 56 g 4 ix omnibai conrentibna 
calrmiifque. Gron. oba. in 23 p. 310 Frotsoher ' oonventuB dioebant Bo- 
moni oppida in provincus sclccta, in qnibus praetores et proconsnles con- 
ventns agebant et pro tiibunall loa reddebant ocourrentibas eo ad diem 
edictam, qui in tlrcumieclia lucia ot horom alioui attiibntis lites habe- 
rent.' See the trbole chapler. There were seven snch asEize-towns (aa 
they mof be called) in Hiapania Tarraconensia, fonr in Baetica, three in 
Lnaitania, three in Illyria elo. Becker ui 1 267. cf. ih. 136 seq. Rein in 
Paiily II 635. los. ant. uv 3 § 4 Oabinina made five conventtis, Jerusalem, 
Gadora, Amathna, Jericho, Sepphoiia in Galilee. 

130 oiB FAiuT Aen. it llB in nemui ire parattt. Staveren on 
Nep. nv 9 § 2. 

CEI.1IIN0 Verg. Aen. m 211 seq. qjuu dira Celaena | llarpyiaeqtie ruiunt 
aliae . . . virginei valucram vufftu . . . uneaeqtie matius ; C pallida lemper | 
ora fame. Serr. ad 1. fame, quam ill inferebat non inopia, icd avaritia. 
BntiL Namat. imitates luvenal's metaphorical use of the name I 009—610 
Sarpyiai, qiurum decfrpitur unguibas orbh, | quae pede ghtiineo qnod 
tetigtre trahunt. 131 Ot. m. irr 380 seq. Piena in 

Amoniii, prole* Satuntia, terris | rex fait, utilium bello itudiosfie equorum 
etc. Verg, Aen. Tii 48 Fauno Picnspatn-, iiqm parentetn | ie, Satumt, 
reffrl. cf. ib. 189 aeq. kukekbs Theokr. id, ivii 27 

iuAirtpoi S' Bpifl;if CirraL it eTxnror'apanX^a. 

M-TA 40, 132 TiTASiDA IV 23 D. Ituddim. 11 i. 

RamBhom 298 g. On the acom with which the Titana legarded the Hfio 
Aeaoh. PT. 8S. 96. esp. 206 aeq. 310. 389. 942. 955. So in th>j 


VIII 132-145 

Enmen, 133 pbomeihea it 133. 

136 TlRQla 268. ITT 18 seq. Cic. in Vetr. v % 112 eeq. 

139 FAQEic Holyduy 'Lolds 3 toicli before thy aliBine 
of tbe nobles vbo abased liim as an apstart, ap. Ball. log. 86 § 21 eeq. 
maiorei mios extollani, coram furlia facta memoranda clarioret lett patant. 
quod eontra tat. nam quanlo vita illorum praeclarior, itmto honim locor- 
dia ftagilioiior, et pro/fcio ita te rei kabet. 

ISanxa said ^^M 
a. 85 8 21 mn. ^^ 


IBt, [ 


patitni'. Bee WasEs od L p. 295 Have 

jv g 60. Ck. off. II § 4i. Beior on Ci 

LentuIoB Oatil. lit § 10 the likeness of yonr graudfatliei □: 

tanta seelere etiam maCa revocare debait. Sen. de clem, i " 


id. Catil. £1 g 12, ad Herenn. 
. fragm. p. 109 eeq. Cic. to 
a Jour seal tt a 
i. La fiocbefoli- 
le la lumiire fait 
. , e light tkal beats upon a throne. 

Daniel to lad; Anne Clifford in Chaimera' British poeta in B31 b the ttll* 
yoa, how that honour onlj/ it \ a goadbj garment put on fair deierU; \ 
■ahtrein tbe imalUit ataia ii greatest seen, \ and that it cannot grace 
aitwarthineis I | bat more apparent iheirn defective parts, \ horn gag 
e deek'd Oierein. 

: FUn. V IT g 4 pergerel, qua eotpiiset, luiuen- 
s aai praetuliasent, posteris ipie 

onNcp. iiTlSgB. 

a tibi, Pasipliae, pretioaai snmare veattit 

prodest. Eeind. on Hor. B. i 6 24. cf. InT. 

me that yooi ancestor built that temple ia 
Wills were kept iu the temples (dig. ziiiii 
n tabiilarum aedituua , , . atucepit. Tac. an. i 8 Lips.) 
Hlte othei valuables Iut. xiv 260 n. ; hero the d^eneiate noble BubstituteH 
a forged trill (which he seals in the -vetj temple itself) for a trus one, 
whiaU he abstracts. 144 ante 11. 


quo, (luod ej 


140 cosBPEcnus Bremi ei 

142 mra Ov. a. a, i 30a q 

Sappl; some such word a: 


Mart. XIT 13S 1 Gallia Santon 
Santa-aea occupied tbe coast of Fran 
name snrrires in Sainlea (Mediolat 
Saiatogne. tbus 

yelare eomaa adopeitus amicta. 

The 1 

: to ttic north of the Oaronne ; their 
m), tbo capital of the old province 

1 Verg. Aen. tii i05 purpurea 

cacau^ 111 170 n. 
OS meretrix Augiala 
oncalloa. ib. 330. Hor. s. 11 7 55. Ciu. PhiL n g 77 Antonias, in 
Older to surprise his mistress, domum vemt capita involuto. id. cited 
on 158. Isidor. orig. m 28 cum egrediebantia- de ludi prostibnlo 
tuvf7u«, . . . velamento tegebant oapat et faeiem: quia lolebant 
avbeieere qui lupanar introiaaeat. Sen. vil. beat. 13 g 2 et vitia lua evM 
eoipit putare similia praeeeptia, indulget itlia, noa ttmere nee obicure: 
laxitriatur ttiam inoperto capita. Patron. 7. Lnoian dial. mort. 10 
11 Menippus says that tbe pb^osopher laments the loss of snmptnoiu 
feasts, and becanse now no longer rOnTbtp i^^^f iwapras \eyS6J'tiv rif 
l/iarlif Tilt iit^a\itr KarciXiiiraf Tcpltiair in nitXifi rt X"*""- 
rvrtia. Philostr. soph, t 25 g 25 a Epecch of Polemon's i ^«;td[ i ^n- 
KaXii/ifiins. Apul. met, viii 10. Ji 20. Laev. ap. Non. s. v. lalibulet. 
Capitolin. Ter. i vaf/ari per tabernas abtecto capi 
vutgari fAatorio. Lajnprid. Elag. 33 ad omnea mere 
eaoullione malionioo ne agaotaeretur ingresHua. cl. DCaw. 

... H 


VIII 145-153 33 

L. Fomiion. Bouon. ap. Kou. s. t. paeuuta paennlam iu 
caput I induce ne te noacut. Flin. ep. lu 12 g 3. Suet. Ner. 2S 

inibat circamqne ricoi vagabatur tuiiibundus, . . . ac eacpe in eim modi 
rixU ociilonim el vitae pericTtlvm adiil, a quodam inticlavio, euiju uxorem 
adtrectaveral, prope ad neecm eacsiw. Fortniiatjaa. rbet i 6 p. S5 31 B 
adviUcToi Heel oceidere. tn/antM/utC innuruTn; tnv«>iifjiliu9 adulteinm 
obTolnto enpite rue emu occidit. interrogatar apatre, qui fttit adulter, 
cut pepercerit; non dicit et abdieatar. Mart, ziv 132. Marquardt 
T 3 186. Bich campBiiion cucnlhis. TheBO extciilli seem to haTS been of 
itcaol. cL Mait. i 53 5. 92 8. it 19 for other Uallio ttaSs ia use 
at Bome. 146 scg. 

cf. 1 56 seq. Driving in Italian cili^s being forbidden lu the daytime 
(ill ID. 236. Flin. h. n. vii § 141. cf. Kep. xx 4 g 2}, Lateranna driven 
Dnt on one of the main roada. uaiobcu i ITl n. 

Cio. p. Mil. § 18 HaquB ia eadem ista Appia via cum ornatUidnmn 
equitem Ramamm P. Cladiiu M. Papiiivm iiccidissel, nan fuit illud faei- 
nui puni^wfum ; homo enim nobitiM in auin mouumentiB tguilfm 
Jtomanum occidera.t. cf. ib. g 17. 147 CiESEHio 

II 132. It was B. covered carriage n^ith two ivlieele, used bjtbelaia- 
Tioos. Clandia, sister of P. Claadins Pulcber, co^ s.c. 249, drova in a 
caTpentum from the games Suet. Tib. 2. So Messalina (id. Olaud. 17. 
DOass. LX 22 § 2) and Agrippina (id. u 33 g 2. Tac. in 42) received per- 
misBion from tha Benate to drive in a carpfittUTa (DCass. retains Uie word 
Kaprinrif xpV"') "n solenm. occasionB ct. Aitamid. i 56 i.ya.9ir Ani- 
Bipait yvm^lt afia Kal vapBiyoa liKoiiaiaa rd Sii rdXeut i-pii-a l\a6- 
nir- AyaSis ylip ItpoBvuat abrius xEpiTotfirsi. Marqaardt v 2 321. The 
loim of tha t:arpeTttuin la known fiom tlie coins of the cmpreases who 
received from tha senate the right to nso it at the pontpa ciTcenaia Isid. 
orig. n 12 3 caipentum, pompatienm vehiculi genut. Caligula Bnet. 
IS instituted clrcenEian gamea in bonour of his mother Agrippina after 
hor death carpentnmjus, quo inpompa tradaceretar. The coins of this 
Agtippina, dI Livia, of the DDmitiJiao wife and daugbter of Vespasian, of 
Hadrian's wife Sabiua, ot Faustina ion. wile of M. Anrehas, bave the 
earpentiim. It was also used for travelling, Ly Tarqnin and Tanaqai! 
Iiiv. J 34 I 8 ; Ojnthia Prop. v = iv 8 53 ia diiven to Lannvinmin one with 
silk enrtains seiioa nam iaceo volsi carpenta nepotia, Marqnaidt ib. 
327—8. Becker GaJlus iii 10. UTBHANrs x 17 n. 

be had been ejected from the Bcnate on acconnt of an intiigae with 
Kessalina, a.d. 48, but waa restored by Nero, a.d. 55 Tac. ^ii 11. cf. xi 
"" When oonaul eleet, A.n. 65, ha engaged ia Piao'a conspiracy 

166-7 malo, malo. 148 suf- 

50. sehol. vinculum ferTeum, quod inter radios mitlit-ar, 
tlivtm detcendere eoepBril reda, ae ceieriut rolae seqiianlur et aiii- 


^^^^p^ n § 72 virga intellegilar .... eorporaliter, qiia uiimur sive ad 

^^^■^um, sive ad aliqaid aliud opui fuerit. BCasa. sal's of Garacalla, 

^^^^Tmen ho appeared as aariga, tiisvn 10 rpmrcKurti re airois [the nm- 

Jlires] KirmBip tv ndariyt. id. LSii 16 g 1 a,d. 64 roffmrij S'^riiroO 

mpui'03 atdhaala Curt K<d dp/iaTa Sq^oirJ? ifXavie. id. LSIU 1 g 1 

""f 8 TE ydp SJpap if Toi! KtSapi/ilo's ■^m-lnaTo, uni vufpJipia aurtf Here- 

jvv. II, a 

VIII 153-156 

ib. 6 g 2 on the purple awniogs of the thee 
i\aifuv, amid Btara of gold. % 3 after 

ib. Lii 17 §§ 3—5 A.n. 59 men and worn* 
Tank descended into the Etn^ ^nd circi: 
ing the flute or the gnltar, dmicing, acting 
hontt and claying wild beasts and Sab 
others sore against their irill ; and 

re Nero was embroidered &p)ia 
■ ast to Tiribatea 



iy rif 

1 of eqneetrian and Benatorian 
I and amphitheatre, some play- 
Itagedies and comedies, drii-ing 
inn as gladiators, some freclj, 
the great families, Funi, 

Pabii, PorcH, Valerii, and the others whose trophie! 
be Been, Btonding below and doing ilv f^ta orij' irr' dWi-iv yiypiiicva idtii- 
pony, and men puinted them out to one another with the ^nger, tha 
Macedonians Baying, 'this is Paulas' descendant,' the Qieeks 'oJroi rov 
Wa/i/ilou.'Xhe Sicdiots ' see Claudivt!' ibe men of Gpiros 'seeAppiatl^ 
the Viatica Lueiui, the Iberians Puhlivs, the Carthaginians Afrieaatu. 
So already Caligula a.d. 37 id. lis 6 g 2 Vrfts ruled by ebarioteers. ib. g 6 I 
himseU droro in the circus, ib, 14 g§ 2, 5—7. of. lay. ii 198 n. ju 
114 n. 243 n. and TiteUiasDCass. !:.it5§1 before he was emperor rubbed ■ 
down the horses of tha bine faction, ef. 8uet. Vit. 4. 
FRiOB he does not tnm away bis head in Bhame, but tries to calcb his 
154 nmjm, 

Toi^ ira^iois //^aXttt 
_ i thia plnral is cited bj i 

Quiutil. as a barbarism iSglG hordea el mnlsa . . . non alio vitioia 
sunt, qaarn quad pluraiia siagulariter .... efferuntur. It is used how- 
ever by many poets, e.g. by Terg. g. i 210, who was ridioulod by | 
BftTiuB and Maevius in the verse ap. Seot. ad loe, hordeo gut dixit, I 
ivptreit ut tritica dicat. Aug. dootr. Ohr. iii g 19 hordeo veed i 
more iumentorum. Harqnardt t 2 23-^. Bations of barley weia 
Reired out to soldiers as a punishment ib. iii 2 89 n. 41T. Suet. ka%. 34. 
Hin. ivni % 74 panew, ex hordeo antiqais luitalHm vita daimuaiU, 
quadripednmqae fere oibus est. Apiil. met. i 21 plant quod «t 
taihi lumme praecipuum, equo, qiii mc elrmue ptmexil, faemaa atqiu 
hordeam acceptii ietit mmmuUs tu, Fotii, emtio, tu 2S after bis 
transformation Lucius calls on Jappiter hotpitalis it Fidci leertta nu- 
mina, to attest the ingratitude of his steed aiiigor quani proeul ab hor- 



nihus illi 

.lo. ib. IV 22 noWs miiw ilia ... 
iilla laeniura largila ett. . . fffo vrro nnmqnam alias hordeo ciba- 
tns. VII 14 loipitatorem nuticupatum tnatrona prolixe curitabat, i 
nuptianaa die praeiepium in«um hordeo pateim repleri ivbct. 
IS. 28. 155 x-ANAlAS nsed anbatantively, 

as laniger, bidena, etc. noBuit so OrelU, 

^advig, Jalm. SchoL robam, i.e. robustum, rafum: uniJe HercuUi roJnit 
diciut eal. Paul. Diac. p. 134 lind. mbum rubra colore ct juoit ru/o 
ligraftcan, vl bovrm quaque Tuetiei appellant, Tnanifestuia eat ... . Tu'nd 
' hamiiui valentfa et boni coloria robusti. at. Cramer ad sdiol. h. L 

The word is arohaio (tbot* Nuniae) . 
Tubeo. of. ib. S 2) were most highly valned. 
156 HOiUE m 12. 138 n, Liv. i 43 Nu 
T^uma'a sacrifices unbloody 8chweglcc i ( 
lacrifico Humae. Marquarilt iv 34. 44, 
CASDiT as consul. The consuls offered on o: 

1 (Colum. yi 1 g 8 eofcir* 

!1 3. cf. 541. Luc. IX 
to luppiter Capitoliaos on 

VIII 156-161 35 

entering npon ihoir office (Ov. Toiit. iv 4 29 eeq. ib. 9 30. Cic. 3b leg, 
asT. I g 93. ct. Sem, ad Aen. tx 627), tmd also to luppiter Latisfis on 
tbe Alban mouut. 

IS? BPONIK Echol. Epona dea muliounm cet. AecailiLiis ItaJ. iii 
in Plut. pucftU. min, 29 p. 312' iouXjSnit SWXXa ^lamr yuriuKas trrif, ouk- 
^ff7«T-o' ij Si tari xpiror Itikc Kipiir ifv/i^p^w ital lirSimmi' 'Eworap, 
/iTTi a Sris vpiyaiar irmovnirfi trrav. Tert. apoL 16 voa tavten non nrga- 
bitis et inmenia omnia ft ioios catillifrios cwa sua Epoua coli a i-obii. 
Minnc. Octav. 28. Prndaut. apolli. 197—9 nemo Claacinai aut Eponaa 
inpfT aitra deabui | dat loljuiii, qiiaravis oUdam pertalvat aetrram | taeri- 
trgis^ue Molam mnniEius rimftur et txta. Apul met. ill 27 TCipicio pilae 
mediae, quae itabiiti trabes suftlntbat, in ipso fcrt m^ditulUo Eponao 
deae Bimulacrum resident aediculae, gilod accurals coroUU Toieis et 
qvidim Ttcciiiibiis ftiernt ornalnm. iusor. in lioaour of Epona Orelli 
ma. 1702—4. Henzen SSOJ. cF. PloTencourt in the Jabrb. des Veieins 
Ton,AlteTtbiimsfreunden im lUiEiBlande iii 47 seq. Walz iii. viii 120 
Beq, Schweglcr i GOG 1. Epona has the p ae Iir^roi, to nbicb eqitus is 
related as tequor to fwe^tai. cf. Cartiua Gruodzuge ii' 50. 62. 6G. 
rAciEs rude reptescnlBtions of Epoua nud other gods painted on tbe 
BtaUs. 158 I'ERvioiLEs XV 43 n. 

roFiHAB these appear to have had warm batbs attached to tbcm 1G8. 
Other esi. of nobles freqaenliug tavema Cio. in L. Tis. § 13 ■meminiitine, 
eatnuja, cum ad te quinta/ere hora runt C. Piione veitiaaetn, aescio qtio e 
gurguilio U prodire,iti-^o\-aio capite, soleatumf et eum isto ore foelido 
trtaterrimam nobis popinam inhaiasses, ticusationt te Mi vaUtadinU, 
quod diceres idnolenlis te quibuidam vxedicaminibta solere eiimri.} qwna 
not ca\tsam cum accepi>teia\is . . . paulisper ttetimus in illo ganearnm 
tDarunt nidore atque fnmo : vnde tu not . . . . lurpiaii-nie Toctando 
^eiili. The grammarian Lecaens called Sallust Suet. gr. 15 larcbo- 
iiBm et nebnlonem popinoneingufl. id, Vit. 13. Mart, v 70. Apul. 

met. Tni 1 inTenis Jiatalibna praeimbilis sed luxuriaa 

popinalia leorlisque et diuiiiis potationibns exercitatiis atqne ob 
id factionibus latronum ma!e toeiatiii. KTarqaardl v 3 79 — 83. ISockei 
Gallaa ni= 18— 2P. FriatUaiider ii' 21—9. 
159 iaaiirao Markl. ooni. Aisi/no d. Hor. c. ii 11 IG. 
avBOPHOENn et in G2 ii. Under tbe Romans Phoenike, nhioli was 
included in the province Sfria, received the name XvpoilHitytifn (St. Mark 
7 2B| to distinguish it from Syria proper or Svpia noiXti (cf. ZvpatiJtSla). 
It comprised three diEtrictB mth Tjre. BamaBcus and Palmjra for tboir 
respective capitals Marquaidt lit 1 190—7. Lneiaa deor. cone, 4 with 
a BDeer SvpoipslnuSs twos injropov KdSiiov. Cf. Wetst. on Mai. 7 2ti. and 
for the similar form Ai^mpolntis Pape-Benseler. Aiiouo iv 

108 n. Mart, v 64 3 pinguesfut nimio madiius mihi crinis amomo. 
Plin. xitl §g 6. 18. Movers ii 3 257. 160 intiHiCAE poiitiE 

Borne suppose that a pass in. Phoenicia (cf. VF. iii 497 Albaiia porta) 
is meant ; others, the triumphal arch of Titns. 

161 Hospma ADJEOTti=Apol. apol. 87 tabernariis blandiliis. That the 
eavpanet invited passers-b; to enter appears front Cio. p. Clnent. g 163 
si invitaverit [canpo], id qnod aolet, tic homineia atcipieiaui, ut 
molente ferat se de via deceisieie. Casaub. on Suet. Ner. 27, Plut. do 
vilioso pudore 8 p. 632 ne do not dioose physicians, tutors tor our 
children, advocates, for their merit, hut for their importunity or (ronr 
private friendship. To wean ourselves from this false shame, let 
- -'e ouraelveB in Bliglit matters of every day life, never to tm- 


VIII iei-163 

ploy KiiT-i Smruvlae n bai'bec or Inller, nor to put ,. .. , . 
there ia n. better at hand, Sti roWdms o Traedoitfis jfj-wiiri 
The SyrophoeuicianH were famouH for their inaimmtiiig aiidresi 
■■ Liban. p. 496 10 Didot o tcEftsi oI Zupo^oimcti ixou 

EGKHQUH T 137 n, IGl n. Mart. I 
ddiios, domintim regem^ne ei. 

SaeL Aag. 53 Torrent. FriedlHuder diss, de appelladoitB 
I Bomanis usmpata, Begim. 1859, 4ti> (cf. Bittengesohichte i^ 
nee of Iha fons of address doniint in ordinary life ') 
a papU to his paedagogns rogo, domine, abi est 
aitarco ? Mart, y 67. ti 88 by chanoa I saluted jon this maming hy 
yanr true name, forgetting to call you my 'loid,' Caecilianns. Tba 
freedom coat mo IDD qvadianUi (the usual sportula), Epikt. n 7 iS 
9. le to augnxfi. 15 g 15 ahd iii 10 g IE to physicians. 23 g 11 to an 
anditor at a lecitation. n 1 % t>7 A' isousst 'Ki^omet lituBty Ka2 dr 
rdSau! 'xipic,' tdv Siiltta ^aj3Sai rpodyuri, \iyt SoCXdI'. 
Fionto ep. ad amic. t 7 p. 179 Xaber. ib. 25 p. 188, where correspondent! 
are addressed as domine and domine fraUr reapectively. Apiil. m. ii U 
the hero is addressed by his host, ib. in 11 by the magiatrato of Hypata, 
irho is apologising for a practical joke played upon him, oa huci domint. 
ib. Ti 22 lappiter to Cupid domine fiU. So Synim. ep, n 41. G8 of and 
to bis daughter dmaina Jilia. So in inscriptions on boys domino jUio jnea 
Fabrotti inscr. p. 582 167 n. Cf. Lucian somn. 9. Nigrin. 23 tba 
flatterers are to blame for their patrons' insolence : Urar ydp alrrur tj)i> 
ire/)ioiicr!ai- Bau/iifruin tui rdi- xpuiriv iitawiiriJiTi Kal mis iriiXilJHii liiiSer 
^/iTrAijowin (ioJ wpinri\S6yTct uatrc/r Stojrira! irfiofffJwmri, rl Kol ^po- 
li^eiir iKtlniit tlnii iarty; los. ant. ITI i%7 Koi ^oaMa lot Surrinsi'i 
ssLDiiT Fabri on Lit. Km 29 g 11 
DOS, tnilites, qaoriim vo) modo artna dexierae texe-nml, patronoB BalQ- 
tabitis. Tac. xii 41. Suet. Ner. 7. ef. 'hail Him Lord of lords.' 

162 CUKE a copa Sjiriica such as is addressed in Virgil's copa. Iiooil. 
HI 33 oanpona hie tamenvna Syta. 

BUOCIVOTi IV 34. LAOONA T 29 D. Ill 60. 

163 MraNBon ccuAK noKT MiHi Phftodr. y4 9 Bed dicia. where BmTo. 
cites HI prol. Sfortiuse dices. Ben. n. q. i 1 g 4 dices miki. 6 g P. 


S — 6 mima mirandiim eit, illaee aeiaa ai quid iiiarum faeit, \ guam li 

1184 DEBiBTi Sea. contr. 14 §§ 2, 3 p. 107 obieil luxwiam fropriam it hoe 
Meit: adulescem fruBatittT vixi qaanidiH fruffi patrem habui. anU me 
desiste, ante me coeperai . , . ' neoBX laiuriare' aia; reipondeo 
tibi ' adaUseem enim iiavigam,' 'ego' ingait 'tam desii, lu ninlJKllli. ' 
'mm miror li prior deaisti; jirlor eoeperat.' Bee the whole contr. 
• goidam Imiiiriante filio luxuriari coepit ; filius accosat patrem demen- 
tiae.' 1IBUPG Hand Turs. it 16S vocdmbim 

colU)guii indicat elaram es»t et ajinmndam rem ix alleriui gui collu- 
quitar leitlentia. Hor. ep. i 16 75 — li 'adiiaam bona.' ' nempe peciu, 
rem, \ lectoa, aTgentiim: iollai licet.' 'We did the same oursalvea " 
our youth.' ' Be it bo : you bsTe b'tch it np now, you mean io tay.' 
166— 167 in 180 n. Mart, rv 77 0—10 haee faoient sane invene 

I 233 n. II 4. Mart, iii 70 6 ai),i. fraugendol 


VIII 168—171 

tffandetidiinique Foi^rnum I eJamabat, bibi 



] Beitr 


el qui modo lotQB 
I'd emte eed pnttipiam patmo ventre trecenta, \ eobrius a ther- 
BDit abire domam. Sen. ep. 132 § Q frequem hoc adulesctn- 
Iwn vitiUTn e>t,qai vires exc6lunt,ut ia ipso paeue baluei limine 
ndoB bibant, immo potent, et ladarem, qiieia movenmt 
buB crebrii ac ferTectibas, eabindt datringant. Qointll. 
I § 44 vein eC comitm ia gradna frangere tt ia balneis perpo- 
tare, qHomlibtt hare invaeerint civitalem, non erit comuetndo, quia nihil 
hontm caret repTthamont. advertiBemeati of bathe in oonntrj inna 
Uarini Btii ic S33. FriedliindeT n' 26. 

tiKTBA Bohol. }ioc tit ptctU vslU popitioi succfdit, out Unteii capiariciU 
tergitar. li the latter esplanalion (cf. Sen. anpr.) were the trne one, 
Kntea mnBt be ligiiied towels (iit S63 □.} used in ths bath. Bather 
trnderatand cnrtaina (vi 228. iz IDS. Caeanb. on Snot. Nor. 27). Orelll 
'pietam velum seu slparium ante oBtinia tabemae, theimopolii, caa- 
ponao, papinae Enspenamn. in quo erant titnli rarma vennliam, in- 
vitationeB praetereuatium, lelutl haeo Lugduni reperta iuscr. Lat. 
4320 Men^riin hie lucrum promittU, Apollo lalulem: Sepiumanut hoi- 
pMian cum prandio. qui Generic, tnelivi ntelnr. post, hoipcs ubi ma- 
neoa, proipUe. ea igitur in taberuA alea offerebatux, iatralipta, hu- 
pitioin, prandinm.' 

169 ABHENiAH HiBiiEgiTE the PaTthions since the death of CrasatiB were 
B oonBtant terror to Home Hor. o. i 13 53—4. 19 11—2. n 13 17—9. 
DCoHS. XL 14 — 16 describea vividly tho Buddennesa and tnrj of their 
OQBetB. cL apocal. 9 13 eeq. laaepb. ant. :!iv 13 g 3 eeq. b. 1. 1 13. 
ABUEiiUE 61. Stat. B. V 2 ^. Bnid. Ndpno!. Toe. 
BH. n 3. G8— 9. The rivers are Euphrates and Tigris Plin. h. n. vi g 25. 
las. bell. It] 1 g§ 2 — 3 choice of VespuBian for the Jeniah war after he 
had oonquered tba Germans and Britons. Verg. g. i BOB. 

170 ifflBNo iTQOE aiSTEo 61 n. eap. Stat, there cited. 
tv 147. Stat. B. IT 4 61 — i foraitan Auioniai ibit frtnare cahartei, j out 
*"' eai popalos aat nigrae litora Tkulei { aut Eistrnm lervare 
metucndaqve poHae \ lanina Caspiaeae. v 1 127 — 9 tecum 
I coma ilia per Arctoi, { SarniaticaaqTic Jiiemes Histrnmjue 
pallida Bheni j frigora. las, bell, n IG § 4 Agrippa in a long 
ich Bets forth the power of Borne, from the EujikTatet to the 
liiiter, to Gades and to Britain ; GaulB, Germans (in spile ot their 
foant itatore, their daring and their guardian Ehine), Spaniards, Dly- 
rionl, all have pelded ; the Farthians send hoBtages ; and shall ths 
JewB alone, of all nationa nnder the sun, reeint ? In the time of Tibe- 
Tao. an. iv 5 eight legions were on the Hhine, to curb the OaiilB 
Germans [ two in Africa, two in Egrpt; four from Bjria to the 
ihrates ; fonr on the Danube, two in Ponnonia, and two in Moeaia, 
two others in reserve in Dalmatia. Marqnardt riim. Staataverwal- 
Ig leipz. 1876 n 432—4, 437. HOok r I 378—883. J, Schneider 
' age znr Gesuhichto dea rdmischcu Befestigungswesens anf der 

ji Eheinseite, Trier 1844. The Enphratea, Elune and Dannhe 

nere the natnral bonndarieB of the empire; conquests beyond the E. 
and the D. were neither permanent nor a Rource of strength BOck in 
(1)107. BisTiorrlll. 

FiuESTiBB etc. Iiateranns ia in the prime of life ; be baB vigonr 
enough to Beeure Nero trojn all fear of foreign eneicieB. Send, Caesar, 
gend bim to Ostia to command yonr fleet, hut seek your general etc. 

171 "eq. idrrT£...iiiTBNiE8 I 155 n. ostia the port 

VIII 171—177 

of Home at Uie Tiber's mouth, from which the fleotE . _.. .._ , 

aommonly Ostia, -ae, but Stre,b. nued the pi. neut. and so Soli. Cbaria. 
I p. 98 le K and Lit. is 19 g 4. lui 37 § 1. mth 23 § 2. 
172 ropiNi plaoad near to legatum to enhance the shame. See Prieit- 
ISnder Ji" 38—9. 173 seq. Apnl. wet. yiii 1 

ivivenia natalibia frraenobilii, loco clams,.. .ted liixnrie popinali... 
et diamis potulionibus eierciiatne atqne olj id factionibuB 
latronnm male aociatns. So Nero (DCass. isa. 14 § 2) Tivra ii 
tlv^v rbr fUov it maikiiii Stairs ToiaitifviK. Marquatdt T (2) 79— SO. 
PEBcnsBORB Eohol. sicaHo aul ffJodi.i- 
tore. 174 NiCTia Hor. a. i E 4. Plat. Phaedr. 

p. 243" hi vairais tow TtBpa/iii4rt.iy xal oC'S^sa e\ii9ip<n' tpaira liiipat&rwp. 
Theopomp. fr.297 MUUer (in Athen. Vi p. 264'') rauriSr ical \araSvTi3i'. 
Plut. Dion 48 i yavTinis Sx\oi Ktd ffdyauaos. iust. Lac. 42 p. 239. 
id. Demoetb. 7 KpairattSrres di'^jiuiriu raOrai Kal diiaffeis inaiarnu aid 
MT^ovB-i tJ ^iifia. Plat. legg. 707'. Bur. Hec. GOT (in DCbr. or. 32 

I 695 Jl). TertnJi, adv. Talent, X2 guij nauclena mm etiam cum dedteore 
laetatv-rt videmus gTiotidie uaatieorum lasciviaB gaiidioram> 
TbemJet. or. IT p. 61 Hard. KimiKoi tal rauTai Kal ^apTixij flx^ot.- 
Thej vers often slaTes BdcMi Btaateh. h. ii a. 21 {I' 367). Celeua ia 
Orig. I 62. II 46. Laot. t 2. Pint, de sanitate IS p. 130 a student mnst 

I eiercise the voice continnaliy, even in an inn, thongh all Ehonld deride 

^^H idta. For where it is no disgrace to eat, it ia no disgrace to exerciss 
^^^L oneself either: dW atsxior rb SeJtoK^i'ai Ktd SvauraiiSai vadras lut 
^^^1 6ptaK6noui tai rayloxfU KaTayeXtSurat. ClandiuB also in the reign of 
^^^P Tiberius Snet. (Jlaud. 6 ex cimtubrrnia eaTdidissimorum hamimint tuper 
^^V veterem legaitiae natam ebrielalia quoqve et aleae infamiam iubiit. So 
I Nero DCasa. Lii fi § 1 iriiSXi. /xir «(««, 1^o^^ft 8^ Krd ip rg tAXh, yixTup 

jtbI lliff ifiipiy ^IKiDUTri/ifio! an ^irf\-,aivi, «nl h Tt tiariiXtia, ia^ei dai 
rarTuxi" us Kal ISiiiTii! iT>>Btari>. Vitellins lxt 2 g 1 ijr -fiii. yip 
I Kal di' Apx^' '^"S "P^ ^' t4 KaTrijXtrn xal Tipl ri «U(8iV7T]p<a...((nroii- 

^^ laKivai. 175 CAnNIFICKB 

^^^L Ti 4B0. EUfDAPCLASTTU schol. capularum, in qiiibiia 

^^H gladiatorei mortiii de ampMtheatro eiciuntur. the rich were carried ont 
^^^1 to burial on a lectui or lectiea fiaitbri! ; the poor in a cofGn laitdapila. 
^B^ Hor. s. 1 B S Tilis area. Matt, x 5 10 orciniana apotida. It was car- 
ried oat by slttTSB id. nii 75 9—10, Suet. Dom. 17 tadaeer eiiu popn- 
lari sandapila per veipiltonri [Mart, i 30 4SJ exportaltim. at. Mart. 

II ei, Marquardt v (1) 361. 
echol. ebrii, turpia patienlis. of. in 112 n. 

^^^ III 64 n. Aristoph. Tesp. 119. Varro in Nonius a. 

^^^^ when the tjalli saw a lion t7mpania.../ecFnint maiiaiielem. Catull. 

^^^B 63 8 seq, Ellia niveii cilata eepit manibus leve t^pannm | tjrpannm, 

^^^^ tubam, CybtlU, lua, mater, inilia; \ gimtiemque terga tauri niveii em a 

^^^H digilii.ib.20 21 Fhrygiam ad domura Cijbellee, Phnjgiaad ntmora dtae, | 

^^^H itbi eymbalum lonat vox, ubi tympana reboant. Lncret, n 619 scr], 

^^^K Terg. Aen, ii619. Snet. Aug. 68 de gallo Matrit dcum tympani- 

^^K zante. Phaedr. it 1 T. Dempster on Bosin. ii 4. Lips, on Sen. <rit. 

^^H beat. 18 g 4. Bpacbeim ou Uallim. h. Dian. 247. Cland, Bntrnp. i 

^^B 278. otLLi II 110 aeci. vi 613 seq. Fbacdt. IT 1. 

^^H Movera die rhijniiiier i 670. Apal. met, yiii 24—31. ii 1—10. Lam- 

^^1 prid, Seliog. 7. Hier. in Osee lib. i a. 4 Ter. 14 (ti 41k ed. Ven. 176H). 
^^B 177 iJBSHTiB V 161 n. Snet. ViteU, 7 Au. lota via eatipa. 

^^H toram qiioqne mitttuiii obeiot. exoiculam, perijiie itabula ac dtvtrtoHa 


Vm 177—182 



ionlhui ac viaioribiu pj-aeter modwm eomU, uE mane linguloi, ' ia 
rent,' iciieitarettir eeque Jeciaee ructu quoque oitenderel. 
- 37 Beq. n. 127 seq. n. LEcrna ib, 17 n. 

Fliii. pan. 49 g 5 nan libi temper in medio cibju i 
mmunisf cf. ib. g 6. kb» 

the CQiap. anil Hnpetl. of partieiplas, eee Jahn's Jnhrb. Snppl. i 
Beq. (and Nena FormejUehre ii' 119—128. H. A. J. M.] Naue giTea 
remotior from Cic aud Ov. and tlio adv. rejiioliii» from Cic. 

179 Colom. I 8 S 2 lucurs et lomniculosum id genu* tervonim, 
otiU, campa, Circo, tkeatria, aieae, popiuae, lupanaribus commetum. 
180 NEUPB 'to be Bwe,' snpr. 57 n, i.doaso3 

slaves were senl into the conotcy as a pnnislimeiit Tsr. Phonn. 249 250 
moleiidumst in piiirino, vapu-landum, habendae compedes, \ opiia tail 
f aoinndum. Hoi. s. ii 7 117 118 ociua hinc te \ ni rapU, accedes opera 
agro noun Sabino. Plaut. most, i 1 8, 15 aeq. aainaj-. ii 2 32S. Ben. 
daira ui 29 § 1 si ruatioum laborem recusal atit turn fortiter obiit a 
aeivitnte urbana el feriata tranalatiiB ad dttFum optlb. dig. 
nwnt 6 3S g 3. F. Faber semestr. u 5. WoUon hist, de I'Bsolavage u 
226, 3il, U5 aeq. Marquardt \ (1) 185—7. 

TDBiu. ni 2 n. Tiberius Gracchus (Plat. 3) noticed that TjrrheDia wag 
oultivated bj slayos. The social vax aud Sulla's tyranny depopulated 
the country etiU more. In order to repeople Italy Caesar (Suet. 42) 
tanseit ne.,.ii,qui pecuariam facerent, minus tertia parte puberam 

numera compede Tuscua agor. mtaisTOLl 

' barracoons.' ' ii 80 n. irv 34. Sun, de ir. in 32 g 1 ma.?nam rem tine 
4ubio feceriiitiu, si aeiTuIam iafalicem in ergaslulam miaeii. 
.nal Colam. t 3 §§ 16 17 «t eigastuli maneipia recognoicant, ut 
'tnl, an diligenter rineti ilnt, an ipiae tedet aaitediae mtU Inilae 
tint; num vUieat autaUigaverit qiiempiian domino aeicietite 
•it...tantoque cuHtaiar inguiaitio patTisfajailiai debet etae jpn> 
gttUTt lemoram, ne aut in vestiariU aut in ceterii praebitii irtitaioie 
Mtw, quanta et plwribut iitbiecti, uf viiicii, uC operum magittrit, ut 
Uitlariit, magit obaoxii perpeticTidii iniUTiit et mrmt laevitia atque 
\tia laeei magit timendi tarU. Ergailala were Bometimea imaer- 
id ib. 6 g 3 ciTicfu gaam taluberrimum fubterraneum ergaatalam 
rit idque anguatU illuttratum fenestrit, atqae a terra tie editii, nc 
eoniingi pottint. Fliu. zvni § 30 eoii mra ab ergaitulia pttti- 
' et qideqaid agitur a deaperantibui. On. the cumber of the Blavea 
:e &US employed of. App. b. o. I 7> Sen. ben. tii 10 g 4 vasta 
terranim calenda per vinetat. Lno.yn 4S)2vinclofaatore coiuntur | 
■ aegetet. Tao. ann. iv 27. Bat. m 141 n. xiv 305. 


1 22 Wilatemami tgomet mi ignoBco, l^aenius in^it. 

THRSiA DECEBDNT IV 13 nam quod turpB bonis, Tilio Seioqne, 

'eoebetj CrispmiiBi. ii 1. 175. _ ckkdobi 17 15S. 

Fers. IV 51. BcboL Qraece dixit \Kip5ia* is a slave's name DemoBth. 
Nicoatr. p. 1252 £u.] turpem vulgarevt, iaeri cupidum. id ett, it patiptr 
adiilterium eamiailtai, crimen admUitie dicitur; ri divei, tocaiiu dii^tur. 
cf. Mart. Ill If). 69 (iu. irliiah passages a cobbler is meant). 99. 
vou^Boa On the use of the plur. cf. 1 109 n. p. 140. The father of P. 
"Valerius Publicola (Liv, i 68. u 30) was named VoleauH. Au anoeator, 
VoleBas Voleriua, came to Itoine with Tatius (DH. ii 46. Nieb. i 638). 
33 words ouoe ouirout now need a jjlosa, ytiurir'iiiaTa rUr. 

u 263. V 37. 5 

VIII 182—187 

T 13. Luc. ^ 

183—210 nobles on tlie stage and in the hareua Friodlonder 
ii> 290—2. DCass, uv 2 § 5. i-x7. Piancua danced 'GlaucuB' before 
Cleopatra (Flat. Ant. 29. Yell, ii 83 § 2). Suet. Xibsr. S~ 
utHvigii4 ordinis projligatiiiitaus quiiqae, quominui in Ofi 
Larenaeqtie edenda tenatai coniulto tener^tar, famaai iudicii notam 
tponte lubibonl. 185 coNfiouFTis dpieus bankrupt 

lakeBiSa, 59—62,88—109. si I— 55; Bhifta ot atarving poets vii B— 14. 
vocEH LocAfiTi Echol. prafco fuisti ill mimo. vi 330 
yoeemrenieiitUpraetaribiii, Mart, tii 64 9. 

iiAuiBiEFG cf. Hot. e. it 3. A. noble of tbe day, haviog wasted his 
fortune, appears as a orier on the Eloge, tbeca to act the noiay Apparitieit 
of Catullna. 186 bipabio ■ to the curtain,' I. e. 

'stage' or 'bonnla.' echoL velum, eub quo latent paradoxi cam tn 
n prodeatit. Opposed by Sen. to the tragic colhumtig tranq. bn, 
11 g 8 fufiliut [a mimographue] tragicU coiiticUqv^ vehementior ingeniii, 
qaolUl mimieai ineptiai et verba ad iitmmam caveam [the galiaryi 
tpietantia reliqnit, inter multa alia cotltumo, non ianitim Bipacio 
foTtiora, et ftoe ait etc. A folding Bcreen (see ApuL in laix. and Siiih). 
Tertnll. ady. Talent; 13 alia aulem trant aiparium cotkumatio est. 
Inscription on a pillat at Pompeii (epbemeris epigraphica 1872 i 179 
n. 283) Fiimiolai cum archimimo a Bipario recfptue. In Tert. apoL 
16, ad nat. i 16 siphanim is a Sag. The root is rlipapos {lupparam), 
a sail. Tiberius decreed (Tac. ann, i 77) ne doTnaa pantomimoram 
lenatoT introiret, ne egredientei in publicum equitei liomani eingerent 
aut alibi guam in tkcatro lectarentur. Oaius (Caligula) on the othei 
hand took lesBons of the tragic actor Apelles (DCass. lh 2 gg 2—5. 3S 
g 6) and onca sununoned the principal senators in hot haste b; night, 
thai be might dance before them (ib. 5 § C). Ct. Fbilo leg. ad Oaioia 
p. B7. Marqnardt t (2) 95 — 6. cumositm as a praeeo, 

ecbol. or perhaps the character personated bj Danjasippus screamed 
at the sight of the ghost. rHASK*. the PAoimo 

of Menander was translated by Laviiiius Lnscus Ter. emi. prol. 10 
Donat. (who givea the plot). ciiutit sobol. nomen 

est mimographi. xiii 111 nrbani qualem fugitivia fcuira Oatalli, 
Mart, T 30 3 faeundi ecena Catnlli. Bee L. Miiiler in Hhein. Mus. 
1869 021—3. Bibbeok com. Eom.' 3B3. Tenffel* 285 n. 1. 
187 liiUBEotcM soboL iti fpio Biimo Lftureolo figitnr orni. imrf« 
vera enice dignai est Lentulua, qui tanta delestabilior lit, quaato meliua 
geatvua imilatitt at leenicuin. flic Lentulm nobHis fuit, et tmeepft 
tervi penimam in agendo mimo. Tert. adv. Talent. Ij 'being Tmable 
to fly [of. velox] over the cross .... as not having been practised In an; 
LanreolnB of OatnUus.' Mart, (speot. 7) Epeaka of a eriminal, compelled 
to aet the part of LaurenluB, and iu that oharaoter exposed apon a 
cross to be mangled b; a bear : gaaliter in Scythica rcligal/us rupc 
Brotnelheut { ateiduam nimio ptctare pavit avem: | nuda Caledonia tie 
iiectora praelmit urea j non falsa pendens in ornco Lauteolng. \ 
vivebartl laceri membrU ililtanlibux arlua I . . . vic^rat antiquum laeleratai 
crimina famae, | In qno, quae faerat fabula, poena fait. Among 
the ominons ocoarreuces of tbe da; before Caligula was murdered (Sueti 
57) earn in Lanreolo mimo, in qua acltrr proripiene le ruino lan- 
gainem vomit, plurea leciindarum ccrlallm experiiiKntum arli* Jarenti 


VIII 187—191 


traore icrna abandavil. losephoB (xix 1 § IS} ndils, that Laur. wbb 
B captain o( robbarH: 'the viinau was lepreBented, in which a captoin 

□I robbers is crucified : and there was a great eSosios of blood upon 

the stage aboat the cdmiiial who hang npon the crosn,' Bibbeok aon). 
F^TBgiu.' 392. TELOX probably the 'mnawaj' of 

imNTVLns a noble afl in VI 80. tii 95. 
na cnuctt actors were ivfamei. Ang. civ. D. ii 
A8 Somani, quamjiis iam euperstitiotis naxia premerenttir, ut Ulai deoi 
Ent, quot vidtbaat libi voluiiee icaenieia tarpitadincn eonitcrari, 
tamen dignitatis mnrwrei ae padorii actorea talinm fabnlarum 
laqaam hoaoravemnt more GTBeooiam, led $icut apud Cice- 
[de ra p. IV g 101 idemSeipio Ioquit\iT 'aum attem ladioTam 
lapnami^ne totam in probro ducerent, gsnns id hominnm 
modo honora civinm reliquornm carere, sed etiam tribu 
eri notatione eenaoria voluerunt.' cf. Aug. ib. 27. 29 § 2. 
II 4. Chiya. hom. 87 = 38 in Matt, B p. 421" ol /tfy riimi ol 
__^_ T&i 'EW'^mur ypaip^m! ori^out oi>Tois drat floiiXiH-Tai, This homily 
'jlesoribei with great force of iudignation the ooirnptions of the stage. 
Qnintil, in 6 § 18 qui arlem ladicmut exercucrit, in qttatlaordeciiti primU 
ordinibus ne ledtat. dig. m 2 1. 2 § 5. 3, luii 2 % 47. laiTiii 1 37 pr. 
XLvni E 25 (24) pr. (aat. x 316 n.). Labatioa, when compelled to act 
by Caesar, inserted in hia prolngne the verses (Macrob. ii 7. Bilibeclc' 
298 109—112) ego hit trieenii atinis aelis tine notn, ] equea Eamaniu 
e lare egrtiiui meo \ demum revertar mimm, nimirum hoc dU ] uno 
plai vixi mihi giianv vivfndum fuit. Boet. Ones. 39 Cas. TeitnU. 
de spect. 23 ipii aueiorei et adminlitratorti ipeeiaeulorum quadri- 
garioi, Bcenieos, xyslieos, harenarioi ill/tt amatiieimoa, qaibiu viri 
anlnai, feniinae aiilum illi4 Hiam corpora sua eiib$teniiint, propter quo* 
in ea eommittunt quae rfpreheixduiit, ex eadeia parte qua magnifaciunt, 
depannnt et diminnant, immo maniteste damnant ignominia 
et capitia minntione, aicentea cnrio, roatrls, senatu, equite 
etleriique honoribat limul et orrtataenti) quibusdam. quanta penjerailai I 
" rat linos nmltant, depretiant qaot probant; arlem Tnagnificaiit, 
ificem notant. quale indicium eat, ut ob ea quia otfnacetur, 
qvae projHeretiiT I immo quanta covfeteio ettmalarvm rerum, jlmrum 
ttuctorei, cuta acceplissimi tint, sine nota non snnti 
KHO TAUKH iFsi iQHOscAa F0Pn.o if they had any shame, they would 
not sit ont anch plays, ct Frieaiander ii^ 416—9, Mart, iit 88 ne 
legeres partem latcivi, caeta, Ubelli, \ praediii et nuijiui : tu (omen eeee 
legis. I fled ai Panniculnm apectaa et casta Lntinum, | non 
Bunt haee mimis improbiora, — lege. 

189 FHOua DDMon Tert. de virg. vel. 2 delicti durior (tons ett, ab 
ipso et in ipso delicto intpufEenfiani doeta. 

190 thisguiiria achol. iocoi nobillam. The tri aeoms to have a su- 
perlative force, as trifitr, triparcus, trivenejica. 

191 ptANiFKTJEB actors said by Diomed, iii 490 K to be so ealied aa 
appearing barefoot, not in sock or buakin. See Foroellini, Itich and 
TenSel* g 7 n. 3. AaaOQ. ep. 11 nee de mimo planipedem nee de 
eomoediia Imtrionem {ct. Herm. opuso. v 254 aeq.). Atta aedilicia 
(p. leo B') daiuTin' ettU auramJ oiultat plonipei. Cell, 1 11 g 12 
quid enim foret iala re ineplivs, si, ut planipedi ssltanti, ita 
Oraeeho eontionanti nuneros et vtodoi et frequentamenta quaedam 
varia tibiecn incineretf Ben. ep. 8 g 8 quantum diiertisiitnomm ver- 

' ' ' iaeell guam multa Fublit non ezcaleefttis. 


VIII 191—192 

s dicenda s 

r 1 I fl plE 
puaiEftBi praetBiiaiBYBCDa lacieniia. Lyd. de mag. i 40. 
xiEioB 14 u, JDCaBs. lxi 17 speaking o£ Net. 
'men and women [ i S2 n.], not only of eqnostrian. but aieo of BenBtorial 
tank went on to tha £tage and ciroua and amphitheatre, juat like tha 
lowest of the people; and some of them played the flute and danced, 
and acted in comedies and trBgediea, and played on the lute, and diove 
horses, and slew wild beasts, und fougbt in single combat (inf. 199 seq.), 
Bome of choice, others sore against their will [cogente NeroneJ, and then 
people saw the great families, the Furii, the FabW etc. 
192 KiKEECDEUM a Boble family of the Aemilia gens (supra 21) ; tha 
whole gens traced its descent from Mamercus a son of Numa Plat. Num. 
S. Aemil. 2. Paul. Diac. s. v. AemOiam. In the 5th cent. a.d. the 
Mamerci held many hononrs j one of the name e. g. wae thrice dicta- 
tor. _ ALAPis Y 171 n. Mart, y 61 11 12 o qvam 
dignixi erae alapie, Mariane, Latiitil | te tiicceisumm credo ego FannU 
culo. Cypi. de spect. 8 ictibns vulneium infelii facies loeatur, 
U< infelkiar venler lagiitetar. ooiNTr BDA. funkh*, 
fBBDAHT etc. ["Mftdfig has well pointed out how confased and salf- 
contiadiclory tbe eiplanations of the older editors ore : much that he 
says is manifestly true ; but I am not at all satisfied with It' 
nation of the most difficult point, guanii ixia /unera etc, ; funera, as ha 
takes it, even if Latin which 1 doubt, could not have been intelligible 
with tbe oonteit to a Latin reader ; and in my opinioa Lis interpreta- , 
tion weakens, if it does not destroy, the point of the contrast between 
these words, and Finge tamtn gladioa cet. with which they v 
dentiy intended to contrast. Juvenal here, as in other places, referring 
to an age long past, that of Nero, in bis rhetorical way, as if it were 
present, and indeed mentally thinking of it as present, is necessarily 
obscure. In describing too this liee memoranda rwvie annalibua atmie 
recenti HUtoria I believe he had Tacitus annal. zir 14 etc, before him, 
and perhaps some other of the aiithotities oi Bio quoted by you ; 1B8 
180 foU. seema almost to refer to Tacitus: noz ultra vocari popufuf 
Romano) laudibutque exlolltre, u( eat vulffa» cupt'fTit volvptaium...nobi- 
Hum familiaruja poateTOS egeslaie venalei in icciiam deduzit eat. X 
cannot understand why Madvig should deny that /unera venders toi 
vitam vendere is Latin, the two ideas being interchangeable and tha 
Iiatins often thus naing mors, redimere atiquid vita and the like are 
common in Cicero : see Nizolius and Freund: but then Caesar bel. Gall, 
1 44 13 says onniutn genlium alqve amicitiam eiiu morte redimera 
foiset: OvideiPonto ml 106 Simea mors redimenda iaa,...eiset: i.e. 
si vanderes tnam mortem ut meam redimeres. Well then Juvenal says 
■ At what price these oreatnres sell their deaths, what matter ?' (I omit 
for the moment 193 vendunt—ludis). Same taiaen gladioa cet. ' yet if the 
choice were given them " will yon go on tlie stage or be killed?" I should 
have thought that none would have hesitated for a moment to choose 
death, ratter than bo teJolypiM etc. ;' thus yon get a direct contrast 
between guanti a.f.v., and Sume tames gladioa etc. which is surely 
intended. Juvenal in his indignation does not choose to diatinguisii 
between their actnal degradation and what he thinks they ought to feel 
then 198 fall. Itta hatit mira net. seems still a reminiscence of Tacitnt 
1. c. 16 not! nobilitas eaiq«am (eith. print, mivau Nobilis) non aeU 
aul acti honorea impedimtnto ^uominiw Qratci Latinive Matrionia arttx 
t vaqne ad geata* modoique haud virila... and pailremi) ijua 




Vin 192—195 


B left bat 

...4 ineedit Umplam eitharam cet.: bo that uaw BOthiQe ' 
I ' InduB.' Kaw to retain to 191 Veadunt cet.: tbie mast ba as ii weie 
P% parentbetical thonght of Juveual, as before and ajtei lie is talking of 
Sero'B dajs: tliey Beam moant to point the contraet between the quaiiti 
cet. and the tasKn cet. : he knew fiom Tocitua L c. ' notoe quoque eqviles 
Itomama operas karenae promittere iilbegit donii ii^entibiu, ttiti gaad 

cogtnle Nerone); and be knew that in hii own days it had become a 
faebioD and a psisaiou vitli noblea to enter the harena as glttdiatora or 
to fight with wild beoate. This parentheaia then has no referenoe to 
Nero's timea of caaree, ae what precedes and foUows has; ' What matter 
then at what cost they sell their lirea (or deaths) : hie know from nbat 
we Bee (toing on at the present day that they do sell tbem readily 
enongh, tho' no Nero compels, nay tliey aahesitaliualy sell tbem at the 
games of the Praetor), I Eboulil bavo thougbt then tbat they would have 
cboeen the gladii at once, wlien tbe choice was between death and 
diibononr of tliis Mnd.' Many trains of tUoogbt mnat bare been 
running throngh Juvenol'a mind at the same time." H. A. J. M. So 
Mr Conington wrote: 'I don't think anything of Madvig'a objection 
that it should be vital veaditnt, Tirgil naeB indiffctanlly vitam pro 
laiide paeisci and Utum pro laude paciici.'} 

193 NCU.O cooENiE NEaoNE Aec u[ 433 lecMa mamm nnllo cogenta 
tagUta. of. georg. ii 10. Stat. Tb. ii 694 non uUo cogente in-miim. 
Ot. m. 1 103. Tbe definition of volantai by Inlianua in Ang. op. imperf. 
D. Inl.T42 iamotmanimi cogente anllb. DCssb. {ISl q.). Tac.b. ii 
62 (infr. 139 n.). ib. 71 Ntronem ipmia ViUltiue admiralione ceUbrabat, 
seetaH caTttantem lolitat, non neoesaitate, qua honeatisBimoH 
quisqnet led luxit. ih. ly 42 hoc eerie Nero non coegit. id. ami. uv 
14 IS. 20 ne ipectaculorum gjiidem antiquitaa lemaretur qnolies prae- 
torea ederent, milla cwquam civium neceaaitate cerl<iit<ii..,degent- 
rctgue sludiia extemii iuvenfLu...pFiacipe et senatn auctoribaa, qui 
iiuido iiceiitiiimmtiis permiierint, led yinx adbibeant; proceres Haniani, 
tpeeie orationyan et coraiinwm, icena. poUuantur. quid anperease 

33. Snet. Ner. 12. DCass. lxi 10. 

191 CBLBi PBAETonia Madvig aptitiime ampUlndo praeiorU in sella 
earali tedentU signijicatur, u( lo acetbius foe.ditai nnbilium homimint hair. 
te into- vilem hiitrlonaia gregem offcTenliam noletur. The praetor now, 
AB formerly the aedile, superintended the games of the circua (i SO 87) 
and the theatrical representations (vl 380 vocem vejidentis praetoribns. 
r 357 n. SCaas. uv 2 says that Augustus committed to the praetors 
I whole arrangement of the shows. Plut. £nit. 10. Too. Agria. Ii. 
^t Ner. 4, 21. Golb, 6. Plin. ep. vii 11 g 4 fuenint [mihi] et cum 

Eedetit. QuinlU.' in G § IB. Becker rflm. Alt. ii (3) 26*). 

195 rasoa T72n. Ov. epist. i 5 77. met. ll 74 finge datos 
eitmis: quid ages) 'Supposing that yon were compelled to cboase 
between running on a Bword, and appearing as an actor on the atage— 
which is the better?' Cf. Epict. diss, i 2 g 12 seq. "Agrippiuua, when 
Plorus waa deliberating, whether to take part in a show eiliibited by 
J, adrioed him to do so. On being oaked, why he did not bimaelf do 
same, he replied, ' Because I do not so mnch as entertain the quea- 
nat ali.., Por what iait you ask me f Wbttlier death or lift be pre- 
:, Lite. Fain or pleasure I I auswer, PleosuTB, But 



YIII 195 

/iB stage, I shall Inee mi/ liead. Away, s 

,' etc." in the christian ohnreh ahoiio teen I 

only Du renoLmciug their oalling cona. EU> j 

if I do not plav a part 
pl^ joor part, bnt I will 
ana. pantomimi were recei 
berit. AJ). 305 can. 62. 

1B6 euir)=ii(nira Verg. in 726 — 7 /ate imponif diirerao dn* 
rttm I qnem damnei teior eC quo vergat pondere letum. ib. 719. 
Pera. ii 20. Phaedr. iv MB 2. Tao. 
MADTia. add Hot. cp. n 1 41. Fhoi 
260. So qmiqiit=utcTque i 41 n. 
Ab beata vita 6. 

dubitet? adeo mortia timidua, Qt eins vitandae 
ciilB suacepta pcraoua, traducs,t ? Majjvio. 

QniMfAa Bunn. on Aan. i 4S. 

lie part of tbe jealous hnsband of the mima Thymele i 36 n. 
snn'iDi bloekhead, the domt in. a mime, Acuob. in v 171 n. Orelli 
luacr. 2645 Aureiiut Euiychei stnpidus greg. urb. {i, e. etvpidia gregia 
BceniconuQ orbani: persona quno risum etupidltate qnadam incitabat). 
ib. 2608. Capitolin. Antonin. phil. 29 cum TertuUum etiam prandenttm 
cum uxore deprelujidtrit ; de qiio mimus in eetna praesentt AnUmifKr 
dixit, cam atupidns nomen adtilteH tixorU a lerDo gnatreTet, tt iUt 
diceret ter 'Tidlus,' et adhuc stupidas qiiaereret, responderit Hie, 'ton 
dixi ter, Tallue diciiar.' Cj^r. de Bpect. 6 patrei/amilias togatos modo 
BtnpidoB, modo obaeenos. colleoi felloff- 

aotor of the mimia Uorintbna. 

198 of. BBt. Ti 617. ciTHiHOEDO to plaj OH Bit 

instroment, to sing, or to dance, was thought nnbecomiug in aBomon 
of condition (Map. IS 1 § S and praef. Macrob. in 14=ii 10 £§ 4—10, 15). 
Subrins Flayina in Too. jy 66 'mm referre dedecori, n citharoedna 
dememiTetuT, et tragoedui succederet:' quia (adds Tao.) ut Niro citharA 
ita Piio tTMico ontatu ca7tebat. of. ib, XPf X4 IS. zvi 4. DCass. Lin 
34. Snet. Mer. 20 $taliia ut impirium adeptvs at, Terpnum cithaToedani 
vigtntem time praetir alios arcesait: diebaique eoatinait poll cenam 
conenfi in multam noctem asiidcTta, paalatim et ipte meditari exereerigvt 
eoepit: nee eonim quicquam omittere, quae generii eiui artijicei vel coit- 
tervandae voci» caiua vel aagendae facHtarent etc. lb. 21 noiaen mum 
in aWo pn^tentium eitharoBdornm iuttit ateribi; torticulaqnt in 
urtwra cum ceteris demisia, intravil ordine tuo limulqite praefeoti 
praetocii cithaTam anstinentes, etc. A lampoon posted about 
the dty ib. 39 iwn tendit oitharanj notter, dum comua Partka, | 
natter trit paean Hit inaT-itPeyJnjs, When hia dethronement was pre- 
dicted, ha replied (ib. 40) ' ri t^hdi' iratro ■yaja T/i4<pci,' quo maiore aei- 
licet venia medilaretur citharoedicam artem principi sibi gra- 
tam, privata iieceiiaTiant (cf. DCaaa. lxiij 27). ib. 41 nothing in the 
inrectivea of Vindex Teied him eo mnch ^iiatn ul citharoedmu malum 
le incTepUiim; La turned to one conrtier after another, asking: nm- 
tenine avenquam praestanliorem } ib. 43 ho hoped to melt the rebel 
ftrmies by going nlona to meet tliem, weeping, anil prepared epinieia to 
he Bong the neit day: almost bis last words were ib. 49 gualia artifem 
pereo, id. Tit. 4 Neroni o ccqi It or... pecK If art merilo, quod praetidtnt 
certamiiii Keroneo onpientem inter oitharoedoa contendere 
qiia-mvit fiagitantibui cunctis promitteTe audtntem ideoque egreitum thn- 
tra revacaverat. ib. 11 (cf. DCaaa. 1. o. 29). DCass. ui 20 g 1 timi 
BKV^s & Kattap K.T.X. £b. 21. nim 1. 0. 8. 9. 14. 17 §g 6 6. 21. 23. 28. 
PWloBtr. Apoll. IT 39 9 1. T 7 § 3. 19. [Lnc] Ner. 2. Bibyll. t 141 sa^ 


VIII 198—200 45 

Plin. XXI § 11. Zonaras h 18. inlr. 227 n. For tbo juxU-poaitian 
eitharocila priiiclpe ol. Ti 118 merelnx Augmla. DCaaa, uci 19 gg 3 3 
(at Neru's iiivenalia Aelia Catella, a lady of higii birth, 80 yeora of age, 
daDced, and luiuiy other doIiIb ladies; from some Nero, at the biddiiJK 
of the spectators, plunked ofl the masks by wliich they sought to dia- 
gnise their ehame). SO g 1. 21 g 2. lxii 6 ^ 3—5. 18 § 1. 24 g 3. 
Lim 1 g 1. 6 g 3. 8 g 2 Ben. 12 g 2, 17 g§ 6 6. 
muDB 191 u. An^. (te mogistro g 5 hiiiritmei tolas tn tlieatris fabv,la» 
tine verbin pleramqae expomatl et aperiiml. Suet. Dam. 8 quaealarium 
einini, quod gestioulaudi Baltaniiiqiie studio tcnoretur, noait 
lenatit. Iiamprid. Heliogab. 25 in mimicia adultetiis quae loUiit 
limulato fieri ejici ad venin iaiiit, 

199 Bt.BC CbTUA QUID EDIT HiBi LUDUB 'what woiBS (than the nobis 
actors in the pantoraimeB) remains, except the Bchool of the laniata and 
the combats of the amphitheatre? Not ifl this crowning disgrace want- 
iDg; Oracchus has entered the hareoa and choaeo the equipment \chicb. 
leaves the face bare. cf. Tac. xiv 20 complaints of the better citizens on. 
the institution of the quinquenaalt ludicrum; outlondiah foabioua were 
milling morals pa trios morei futiditaa eveTti...ut dtgmeret itadiU exlemia 
iuvfnEKJ... see more supr. 193 n. Oa the degraded position of gladiators 
see Qnintil. decl, 9 g 5 inter debila noxae jnancipia contemptimiinui tiro. 
Calpum. decl. SO sereum ex libera et gladiatorem ex viro /orli. -gla- 
diator infarais in indicia Ia3iior...neqne euim condicione gla- 
diatoria qnioquam eat humilins in vnleo. Ror. nlB§3 aor- 
vilia, ne ijnid tnrpitndini deait, gladiatoria. id. lit 
20 g 1. Tac h. II B2 eaittum severe [£jf Vitelliju], ne eguitei Rommi 
Indo et karfna polluerentnr. jtriorea id prineipt) pecunia oc aaepius 
vi [anpr. 193] perpiilerant ; ac pleraque laanieipia eleolaniae aevlvlahim- 
tur jlsupr. IBS 189] comipiiiiimuin qtiemque aduleBcentium pretio illi- 
are, LtmuB xi20n. Madvig ' gladiatoriuB, 

in quo lanista magiatio artem discebant : Cic, in Cat. ii g 9. Caes. b. c. 
I XI M- Bnet- C;aes. 31. Hot. ep. 1 1 3.' Ben. ep. 87 g 9 hie [some 
troaiului of the day] sine dubio ciiltiur comitatiorqne quam M. Cato vide- 
relwr, hie, qui inter illai apparatiia deOcatoi cammaxime dabitat, ntrum 
se ad gladinm looet nn ad cultram. ib. 99 g 13 aipice illos 
iiict!tes quoa ox nobilisBimia domibns in harenam luxnria 
proiecit. illio in the ludus. Freemen 

and even nobles contended in the horena iv 95. ii 8, Sen. de prov. 2 g 5. 
q. n. Y 31 g 5. DCaea. lvii 14 (knights), ux 10. i.txii 19. Fronto ad 
M. Caes. v 22 p. 83 Naber comui popuii Somam poiila praeiexia nuiTii- 
induit, Iconem inter iuvenet quinquatriius percutsit popaJo Re- 
. I eptctant^. Didius lulianos (Lamprid. vit. Did. o, 9). Commodus 
vit. Comm. 11—3. 15). Tert. ad mart. 5. ad nat. i 18. Marklaud 
ij, illttd...habe cl. m 187—8 illud firmeutuin tibi habe. 

200 ujsaiLtoNis a gladiator equipped in OalUo fashion, with 
A fish (see below] on liis helmet (ver, 203. sohol.) When the retiarim 
fonght with tlia myrmillo, he cried in lonio a maiore verse 'nan u pelo, 
jiiicein peto, quid mefiigi', Gaiie f (Festus, see Forcellini). Bee Frieij- 
liinder ii' Slfi tnyrmilloaea (or Timrm- Eenzen 6174 seq.) were not quits 
identical with the Galli, for the two classes appear separately in the list 
'' Mjnmnsen IBN 731!. The myrTnillo appears aa the opponent of tfie 
'■ iritts also in VM. i 7 fi 8. Quintil. vi 9 g 61 Fedo de royrmillona, 
'iarinm Iquem—ua?'] comfquebatiiTnecferiebal, 'I'lmini' inguit 
vuW; geuer&Uy of the TItrcx Suet. Dom. 10 Thiecem mji-. 

^m 46 

^^M myrii 

^^^ arbitT 

' annoi 

VIII 200- 

AuB. monosyll. rtdyll. m) jufirl 
I Threi. Cio. Phil. 711 g 17 ' 
irum jjo(«i(iam tnaiorcm fi ' 
ill} Soet. Cal. 65. 


lloni parera, 
.rrmiUoni compomlHr ' a 
(where obBsrva the contrast 
iirbitramfni, qiiam ftuitu gladiatoria /utura si 
annoiir complete!; covered lum Amm. xvi 12 § 49 s 
rajmillonis operiena. jb. :bii[ G S83 pedilii emm in Bpeoiem 
nijriiiiltonum contstiti. Tac. an. 111 43 <7{a(Jiatur[M dcstinati, gai- 
jitu more ffmlico [he ii ipeahing of Gaitls; and mgrmillottti loere called 
Oalli', FestuB. Pint. Crasa. 8] conlinuam ferri ttgimen. The name myr- 
milla IB derived from a fish, iibpuvpas or likpfoiXos (Aristolr. etc.), Lat. 
inoTvofr (Ot.) On a Thaaian mecription (Biicklt 2164) the word /tap- 
liiTAam occurs. Eieh mirm. 

201 GracohuB does not appear as a Threx. Fanl. Diac. p. 1S6 Lied. 
Threces gladiattim, a similitudine pannularuia ThraciaTuia. Fried- 
lander ii* 517— 9. Plin. h.n.xxtii g 129 jiannaf IThrecidiDae. Artem., ' 
u 32 they were well defended {narfuKeviifBai toTi BwAoit), rose upon Uidt 
enemy (^ijSalvfiv), and bore a sciiaitar (ri /lij 6p96r Ixiir ri ilipm). of. Suet, 
Col. 32 myrmillonem e ludo rfidibui tecum baltueitCtm et iponte 
pfoaiTatum confodit forrea aioa ac more victorum cum palma diieucar- 
rit. Clem, Al. etr. i IG g 75 ' the Thraciana first invented the ea-caUed 
Slpttij, a hent sword, and first uaed targets on horseback.' The Thtll- 
oiana on Trajan'a colmnn are armed in the flame manner. 
FALCE BuiiNA ' & leverEcd siclile', a aabre bending baokwaida inatead of 
forvarda. Lahbe gloea. lica QpifKvchir ^ij>o! imnaiivlj. Beapeoting this 
Oraochns ef. ti 144—9 vicit el hoe monsCrum tunic ati f usuina Oraa- 
chi, I lustravitqne fnga mediam gladiator harenani | et Capi- 
talinit generoiior et SlaTcellis \ et CatiiH Paulique minnribvi et FaMU 
et \ omnibuii ad podium epectantibai, his licet ipgum j admoveai, cujtu tune 
munere letia miiit. cf. Eier. ep. 107 = 7 ad Lactam % 2 propinquUM 
vetter Gracchaa, nobilitatem patiiciam nomine aonana, cum 
praefeetUTam gereret wrbanam. 202 nAMNii et obit 

Or. tr. m 1 S. 203 bum. VM. i 7 S 8 'J 

ineidit deinde ue.,.iotiarinB mm myrmillone introdueeretur: eaius ^ 
cam laoiem vidiseet, idem dixit ab ilia le retiaiio trueidan ' 
pvtaiie. Suet. Claud. 34 prolapioi iugulaH iuhebat: maiime reti- ' 
arioB, nt esspiTantium faoiem videret. QointiL decl. 9 g S a' 
friend bids farewell to a gladiator suprema pa' galeam dcderam otcula, 
Tbe hairnets had vizora {see the cnta In Diet. Ant. or in Bieb). 
TBUENTBU the three-prongcd apeor (harpoon, fiucina), with which the 
reliariiis dispatched hia opponent, after entangling him in his net. Ha 
is equipped aa a fisherman spearing thunnies (Hem. Od. x 124 n.) Prnd. 
c. ajmm. n 1109 seq. speclant aeratam faciem giurm crehra tridenti [ 
impacto qnaitant lioslilia, laveiue ei qaam \ vulTieribiapatulit partem per- ' 
futtdat harenae, \ cumfagit. Mart, of a gladiator v 24 12 Ilermei aeqao- 
reo viinax tridente. A reliariiis named Aeqworeut in Mommaen. IRH 1 
2972. Arn. vi 12 cum fnacina rex maris, iamquam illi pugna lit I 
gladifttorii obcunda certaminia. ef. laidur. xviii 54. DS. ivii 43 Ihs ' 
boaieged Tyriana used nets and harpoons against the Macedonians. 1 
Prom VM. (1. L) and from the story of Pjttacua (Strabo p. BOO when i 
challenged by Fbcyno to aingle combat, he equipped himself ns a Saber- I 
man, caoght Phrjun in a oaating-net, speared him with a trident and'] 
dixpatuhed him with a dagger. DL, i g 71 Menage. Festua p. 23B Lind. 'j 
Fulyaen. i 25) it appears that a dagger was also naed by the reliarivi. 
XhiB dagger ia seen in tbe cat (fig. 188°] in Ouhl und Koner {ii' 338}^' I 

VIII 203—211 


origg. I 

,nt, nith lefereDcos ta works of ofb, In FrieillBnder ii^ 
201 RKTiA technically called iaculum 
a El), gloaa. Labbe relinrius imrva^pos 3«Ti)oS6Xot. 
205 MCBCM DCaaa. iJti 19 (cited 1S8 a.) 
CIA.CCXA. the benches of the nmpbitheatFe ; cf. Lir. i 35. 

206 ri^oic Artemid. n 32 if a man dreamt that be fotight 
retiari'ii, it was a sign that his wife would doseiC bim ^ij^eroi 
...t/iiryiSit. Wbila he is engaged in combat, and turned towards 
his foe, he may remain unknown, but when be JlUi along the rows of 
spectatois and lifts hia face to tbem, there ia no room for doubt. 

207 CHEDAUCB incredible as it may be, let us believe 
oar eyes, as he runs barefaced before us. Eiaer IS— 48 rightly makea 
ipira subject to porriffat (cf. vi 248—50, vii 20 21. 63— S. i 287—8. 
826—7. siv 125. Pera. iv 11 12) and reada credamui, tunieae (fs /. ' ag- 
noseimua faoiem Oiacchi; credamuB igitur enm tnnicam letiarii nobili 
Bomano indignam aumpeisse'. tuhicab the 

Tetiariia wore the tunto alone, sat. ii (supr. SOI n.). Bnet, Cal. SO 
retiarii tunicati ijvinqae nunifro ffreffatim dimicanUa Bine certamine 
uUo tofidem aeoutoribna auccubaerant : cam occidi iubercTttia; taaii 
Tceampta laacina omiift victorei intfreiait. 

AUHEi his lasso ia of gold lace ; this foppeiy and the size of bis amllet 
make >'i"i the more conspicuous. 208 uinoq in tlio 

BigDor raosaio (arcbaeologia ivin 203 Friedlander) the ahonlder-plate 
stands out like a wing. iscTEnrs dangles oa he nma. 

EPiBA Bohol. ladanmodi aliquid, gao cltiics ipaTium 
funem vel iactatam retiam colligat, s. Mnd of amentum {iyKiXij), a band 
pasaiug round the body from the left ahoulder to the right hip, and a' 
taelied to the net (Friedlander). ' " 

ett uinero impositus glaiiatorU the teohnieal uau 
or metal, worn on the left arm and reaohing o 

aerved as a sMeld to the retiarius (see Bieh and Gobi nnd Eoner's cut 
488''). Some (ound at Pompeii are figured by Garmcci in, boUet. Nap. 
nuova ser. 1 101 seq. 103 pi. 7. of. rev. archCol. v 8 pi. 165 (Friedlander|. 
209 EEoo BincQ Gracehua is recognised by liis featnrea 
and his dress, the gladiator by trade, the slaye, blushes to be pitted 

a BcboL galerna 
le for a guard, of leather 
T the sbonlder, which 

aiiainsl ao degraded a 
How are the mighty f 
iudiOBt gladiator cu 
Vinci qui tine periculo ■ 
Cio. Tuso. I ' ■ " 

marts at the diagrnce of meeting Gracchus. 
Sen. de provid. 3 J4 ignominiam 

r. of. ib. 4 § 4. ep. 78 g 16 (of athletea). 
210 BECnroB matched wiUi 
the retiariui also in Suet. CaL (207 n.) and in the cut referred to 201 n. 
ad fin. 2DS; therefore colled contra rele in inacriptiona (Wilntoiias 2605 
n. 6=CIL VI 631—2. ib. 2616 = Henzen 6174). Commodua fought as 
MCUtOT wilk award (cf. Prnd. c. ajniin. ir 1100 attiui iw-praso dum pal- 
jnCal enie secutorl shield and helmet (OCnss. lsui 19. 22. Lamprid. 
Comm. IE). Friedlander ii' E16 — 7, who cites for the helmet Philogeloa 
87 Eberbard. achol. luy. yi 108. His name is derived from his following 
tite Tftiarius in hia flight (cf. Artom. n 32). 

211 — 230 The people if free to choose would prefer the Spaniard 
Seneca to Neio tba scion of lains, but yet a parricide worthy of 
many deaths. ' Orestes aiao slew bis mother '; true, but at Apollo's 
Jtebest, to nvenge the treaoheron-a murder of hia father; and it was bia 
single sin; he laid uo finger on bis sister or on Hermiono, mixed no 
n lor his MnsfoLk, — never saug on the stage, note no Iiojan epia: 

Vm 211—214 

for what of all Xero'a crimes ooUed loadec for tlia aveuging sword of 
YeiemiuB, oi Vindei or of Ottlba? Behold the exploits, the BCcomplisb- 
menta of yonr high-born omperor; it is his prida to sing on a foreign 
stage, to mn the parBlej-wreath in Greek conuerte. Fix the trophies of 
hifi voice on the family gtatuea, the flowing train of Thyeatea or Aati- J 
gone at the feet of Domitius, and hong ap his guitar from a marbld | 

On Ner 
aertbnma imtcr..,I 
G, F, Hertzborg G 
u Halle 18G8. 

« espedallr Herm. Schiller Geseh. dea i. 

> Berlin 1872, and for his progresaes ia Greece 
b. Griecheulands outer der Herrsohaft der BOmer ' 



212 SENECAM the philosopher (v 109. 1 16), 
Nero's teaehsr. Toe. rr 65 fiinm fuil (a.d. 65) Subrium Flavuia aim 
eenturiimibus occulta conaiHo neqae tamen ignorante Seneca deitinavisse, 
ut post oeoisam opera Piaonii Nerouem I'Uo guoyu« interjiecretur 
traderetnrgae imperiam Senecae, quasi ... claritndine virtit. 
turn ad snmmum fastigium delecto. See on the Stoic oppcsitioa 
under the empire Boliiller'a Nero 666— 70S. W. A, Schmidt Geaoh, d. 
Iiont- n. Glanbensfreiheit BerL 1847. 

213 Nero deserved, not once alone (non una m 151, vi 218), bnt majij . 
times, to die the parricide's death. For be was privy to, and afterwarda 
jeated on, the murder of Claodins (t US). Early in a.d. 55 he poisoried, 
by the help of Locnsta (i 71 72 n.), EritannienB, son oi liia step-father 
Claadins (Tac. mi 15 — 18 : Agrippina was alarmed because, ib. 17 par- 
fieidii exemplum inlelkffebat). Among liis other victims were his fathet^a 
Bisters Domitia Lepida (i.e. 64, before the death of Clandins, ib. in Gl) 
sad Domitia (shortly after the marder of Agrippina DCass. lm 17. 
Baot, Ner, 34), hie mother Agrippina (March a.d. 59 Tao. sit 3 — 13, she 
hod long looked forward to Bueh an end, ib. 9 comul^nti itiper Nerone 
reiponderant Chaldad, 'fare ut imperarel matremque oceidsret? atque ilia 
'occidat' intuit 'dum imperet.' DCasa. 1.111 18 a Sibylline oracle was 
fnlfilled in Nero, the last emperor of the Julian line, lirxaTot Alna3up 
/itp-piHcrdrot ^c/uivei^bo. cf. LXi 2 § 1 the crime foretold by an astrologer. 
After the murder he was filled with guilty fears Tac. ih. 10, 11. DCaas. 
1.XI 14. Suet. 34 laepe eonfasta exagitari te viatema specie vcrbcribui 
furiarum ac taedit ardentibiu. cf. Stat, s, i 7 IIC — 9 as emended by 
Haupt \nosi:i3,,.noceiitcm]. The indignation of the people, amidst great 
outward rejoicings, still lonnd some yent: e.g. a child was found exposed 
in the forum, and with it a tablet inscribed, DCass. ib. 16 'I rear thee not, 
lest thon shouldst kill thy mother.' Yerses were posted about the city, 
BUoh as Suet. 39 'quia negnt Aeneae magna de stirpe Neronemf \ sna- 
tnltt hie matrem, sustulit illc patrem.' cf. Tao. xv 67. Namatian. 11 
57—60), hia wives, Oetavia tba daughter of Claudius (June a.d. 63 Ti 
HT 64. DCass. lih 13. Buet. 67), and Poppaea (Tao. jvt 6. DCa 
v , n 27 g 3); Antonia daughter of Claudius, and Bnlius Crispinns eon 
Pappaea (Suet. 25). 

214 cFLLECS a skin (wine-skin dig. nam G 3 S 1); a bag was hu „ 
round the neck of one of Nero's statues, with the insciiptioii Suet. 
46 rgo quid potui! led tii cnlleum meraiiti. DCass. lxi 16. dig. 
xLViii 9 9 pr. pa^tia parricidii more maionim haec imtitala tit, vt jur- 
ridda virgii eanguineU verberatus dtinde onlleo imuatur eum cana, 
gallo gallinaceo el vipera at aimia: deinde in mare profuttdum -"' 
leua iactatur. hoc ila, li inare praidmuni lit: alioqtim bcitiii obi 
tictinduBi divi ifoiinani eonttitutionem. Excluded trom the air of hea- 
ven and from burial in earth the criminal was shut up, like with like, 


YIII 214— 21S 


iritli the panicide viper (etjinoL magD. x. t. f^ti) the ope tblt equMEed 
its young to death, sai impious oreataFen tbal tight with their paieuta 
(ThoupMl. anteoesBor paiapiir. inst. iv JS § 6 pp. 021 — 3 Beitz. et. 
Gotliofr. on dig. L o. cod. n 17. DH. iv 62. VM, i 1 g 13. Tzatzoa on 
Ljh. 177S). Tho murdoter of father or mother, graniUatlior or grand- 
motber (Paul. Henteut. r 25 adds ol broOier or lister or patron), vete 
liobla to thla pnnishme&t Dig. 1. 1. 3 1 (ib.1. 1 amueh wider defiuitioa ot 
paixicide IB given), of. Sen. conti. tii 2S3, luv. xni 165 — 6. Suet, Aug. 
33. Doaitli. in diT. Hadr. aent. % 16 (corp. lur. auteinst. i p. 213 [also 
in TaLpj''B HSt vin 409 — 9, where see notoa], who says, that the impions 
man, sewn into a sack with, impiaus animals, was carried down to the 
sea on a wagon drawn ty hlock osen). Sen, do ir. 1 16 g 5, da clem, i 
15 §7. 23 9 2 (addressed to Nero!) parcioidae a lege torpemnt U illit 
faeiinui poena monitraeit, pesiimo vtro loco pietoi fail, poalqvam iitepius 
culloos vidiiiaia fuaia orucet. Gic. da invent, ii % 149. p. Boso. Am. 
% 70. Liv. periocha 6S. Tert. de an. S3. tA nat. u 13 Oehlcr in duoa 
aalleos dieidi Jovem decuit. Martian. QapellaTg465..Bein Onmjnalr.' 
d57. Bchrader ou lastin. inst. p. 767 seq. B. C. Claik early Bomau 
law 45—6. Budorff rom. Benhtsgesch. n 371 a. 6. ' 
215 AGAUBHNONiDiB CCsEa. LSI 13 g 3 when Nero attempted to drown 
Agrippina, the sea would not endurs t^v jiAAoiwa> i-r' airr^ TfiayfUat 
iatadai. Cf. 11 g 3 ii\ieo\i>y(ai: Suet. 39 multa Gracce Laiineqtie 
proscripta aat tmlgata sunt, lical ilia : Sipijii 'O/ii/rT^t 'AXe/mJuit ff,-g- 
TpOKTiB^t. I etiya/i^s Wan /ijirdp dir^creivii' Hdpuir (so Baumgarteu-Crus.). 
or. [Lucian] Her. 10, Bo ApoUonins in Philostr. jv 38 § 3 'you oaaaot 
say bt wild beasts, that they ever feaHted on tlieir own mothers, but 
Nero has battened on this food. U the same wag the ease of Orcalen 
and o[ Allimaeon, yet Oieir falhen teere an exaae for the deed, the 
tiDa having been tlain by hU own inife.' So Vindei (in DCasB, tiui 
33 g 6) ouTot Si 3ii e«ifmis re tal Ollimvi, 'AJiK/ia/i* re tral 'Op^iriijt 
SucBi^af Sy KoXiHTo' roi^oin 7^^ inKplveTat. cf. i1). g 4. Soet. Ker. SI 
inter cetera tantai>it.,.OieBt em matiioidam. In the schools of rhetoria 
the crime of Orestes was a hackneyed theme. Cia. ds inr. i §g IS^U 
ratio eit quae conlijiet caiuain, quae ai rublixta sit, uiliil in causa con- 
treveniae Telinqitatur, hoo modo, ut doeeudi causa in faoili et 
pervnlgato exemplo ^ . . 


Bidii, E 

I fee 

Dciderat,' uon habet de/emioiiem eto. ad Herena. i § 26. Libon. deel. 
an apology for Oroatoa (iv 110—137 K). Fiutaroli parallela 37 has 
1 exact counterpart of Orestes in Fabina f Uibricianus, who was saved 
J hia eiater, alew his mother and her paramoar, and was acquitted by 
le senate. In laae. 8 § 3 we find one 'sumamed Orestes.' 

\ Qnintil. 111 II g 4 ratio auiem, eit, qua id, quod 
tt, defendititr. et car nan utamitr eodem, 4110 mml ust 
implol Orestes matrera ocoldit: hoe comCat. dicit 
! itatiii CTit qKalilatii, quaeatio, an iutle fecerit, ratio, 
mneatrk maritam anum, patrem Oieatis, oaoidit. 
VII 4 § 8 forliaaimtaa est, ti crimen oanaa facU liienuov 

'plead jnalification.' f"" 

QuIntiL ID II g 6 idem jmtant et tub una guaeitto) 




I Id. £ 

respouais ait inpnlaas. Orestes acted iy direction cf Apollo 

(Enr, Or, 416 *or^oi, JtfXci^nt »>i(rp4s ttirpSiai i^foi: ib. 2a £91 seq. 

id. £1, 124S. Aesolu Eiuo. 4Jj& aoq. £79. HH seq. Ch. at>9 seq. lOSUg 

JUV. II. 4 

VIII 216—221 

iniD of Zens [Eiini. SIG £eq. 1 
e patria 

1 Homer Od. i 

Sopli. EL 32 Eeq.) eptoMug in tlio 
sag.). Cic. p. Ensc. Am. g§ 66—7. 

■"■ raaiusnitor, OreBtBfl. 

;;ui.A. Agnmemuon says 

i 400 eeq. i\\i. /lm ACyiaOot T(^{a( eitaT&v re |Ui,Ki>' 

tariKTotc flovr M pi-Trj/, So Sen. Agam. 007 seq. la Aeidijlua a 
hath is the seene of the nroider Ag. 1128. Eum. 4GI. 033. 
217 Eeq. imitated from Hor. b. ii S 201—1 imaiias quid enim Aiax\ ] 
Jeeit, eum ttravil jerta fiemf abetinait yim { uxors et g&Btoi,* 
mala ■malta precatut Atridii ] noa ills aut Teuorum ant ipHuOiJ 
TiolttvitUlisen. 218 Orestes did not kilt 1 

Eleetrt (from Hot. b. n 3 133 eeq. e. g. 139—140 non Pyladen terra ' 
violare aneuave Bororem est | Eleutram), as Nero did Oetavia oud 
Antonia. rtfaci.o Blomf. bIobs. Aeach. PT. 8BB. 

SFATiTiNi Hermioue, dangliter of Menelaug and Helen; tlila 
bis Spartan Vila Orestes did not kill, na ilero did Oetavia and Foppaeo. 
218 coNi can = con fulfil, add to lexi. Ambi. exhort, 
■rirg. 4 g 23 plnr. Bo maMmoiiium, iflriliiim, 

tcoKrtx I 158 n, Bnpr. 17 n., Paul. Aegia. t 45 (n 220 Adams). Sprengel 
Oesob. d. Arzn. i* 41. Or. m. I 147 tiirida Urrihilu vmcent aconita 
navercae. ni 407. Nero poisoued Britaonicas, Domitia and Antonia 
(Bapr. 213 n.) ; lie thrice attampted to poieon hia mother, but she n 
BBOured b; aotidotea (Suet. 34. Tan. xit 8). cf. Suet. 35 fi 
he thought of poiBoning the whole senate it). 43. 
220 BCENi 18B n. 225 a. Suet. 20 blaadienle proftctu (qiiamqm 
vocii et fuicae) }trodire in icenam conciipivit: eubinde inter familiarei^ 
Grneeum proverbiuta iacta/ia, 'oceultae muiicat nullum fai« r<»)iwtmn.TW 
et proMt Neapoli primam : ac m eoncinea quidem, repente mota U 
(hMtro ante eantare de$tltit quam abiolrerct vdjtor. ibidem latpiiu (1 __ 
plaret cantavit din; daring the great fire (ib. BS) SXueir Ilii in flloH 
suo seenico habitu deeantavit. ct. Isidorus ib. 39. He Towed, it 
victorious over Yindex, to appear as a hislrio ib. 61. Before singing on 
the stage in tbe pnbtio tlieah-es, be practised iu a private theatre Plin. 
JTITU § 19. Tao. HT IS. [Lucian] Nero 6. Suet. 21. DCass. Liui 9. 10. 
22. CluTioB BufoB, who hod been consul, acted aa herUd Bnet. 21. 
DCaes. lxqi 14. noHguAu cuitiyit on this merit of 

silence Philoetr. it 44 Apollonms to Tigellinus; ' I am better dispoaed 
towatda Nero than you ; you think him worthy to ting, I to be silent.' 

CAtjTAVii' 19S n. At tbe time of Nero's faU Suet. 48 
aKTiptum et eolumnU; iam GaUot eum oantando rxHtmie. Ha wm 
compared to Apollo DCass. uu 20. Lxi:t 20. Suet, G3. Lneion Ner. 10. 
Sen. apoc.4 15 seg. 221 on tUia humoronB 

climax of. m 9. VI 398 seq. Trbere tbe gossip, 1U4 seq. vbcra tha 
blue- stocking, is gravior than the adnltieas or the dmnknrd. Aristoph. 
ran. 147 seq. it ^ov j;»o» nt iiilKiin iriiirorr, | ^ raTSa nu™!- Tipyipuw 
iiptlXcro, I ^ pfF^P ijkiiatii, ■^ varpis yiiSM \ iriTa^cr, ij 'vlofiKor 
tpKor iliuvev, I 4 MofitFlfiau tii ^ait iitypafaro. DemOBth. STl *-a- 

TEoicA on Nero'B poems see Tao. Kill 3. iiv 18. xt 49. Stiot. 10. Mart. 
Tni 70 8. IX 27 9 ieq. Pera. i 121. Teoffcl" 9 386 n. 8 who indioatea 
fragments, f riedliiDder tn> 809. Ben. n. q. i 6 § 6 nt ait Nero Oaesar 
diiertiiiijru. 'tolla Ci/theriaeae iplendent agitata calumbac.' Plm. xxxrii 
S SO DonittM Neio in etttrii vita* luat portenlit capiUoa guogua 

adnptaverat quoilam Btiam 
BppelUttdo. Suet. Vit. 11. Dom. 1. Some affirmed 
that he was not the author of the works which went bj his name, bnt 
Baet. (52) had seen some originale. with eraanres and conectiona, aU 
in bia handwriting. Tha Troiea wBa an epic DCaea. lui ay i it 
HdptO' oKKa re y(\ri!a trpaTTt ral irl t^ roB Bearpou (ipjijirrpw ip xM- 

KVi 4 and Suet. 10 mention sneh a pnblio recitatioQ. The SXaaa 'lUw 
which Nero sDiig daring the great fire of Borne (31 a. d.) vms probably 
on extrnat from it (DCuss. uii 18 § 1. Suet. 38. Tac. sv 39). The 
poem waa known to BerviuB (g. m 36. Aen. t 370), 

OBUi etc. 'For what orime, of all that Nero committed in his orael 
tyranny, mora called for TBnBoacoe than thil T Maiivig oites Cic. Phil. 
zm g 31 quid non avt probaviitU aatfeciitii, tiuodfaciat, ai TerivUeat 
Cn. Pompeiuii ipie ? i. e. what iti there, of oil that Pompeins would do, 
if he were to come to life again, that ;an have not either applauded or 
performedT TBKamiua L. Vereinius Rufne, consul 

A.o. 63 was eorernor of npper Germania a. d. 68, when C. lulioa Yindai, 
propraetor of bis native Gaul, rose agaiust Nero, and (finding the 
proTincial levies insufficient to found a UaEio empire) offered tlie orown 
(Plut. Galba 4) to Ber. SulpiciuB Ualba, governor of Hispania Taira- 
concnaia, who declared himself 2 Apr. 68 (Suet. O. 10. Plut. Q. 6. 
BobiUer 278—9). Verginina morohed against Vindex. In the battle 
of Vesontio (Besan^on) Vindei waa alain with his whole army (Tac. 
b. I 61. IT 57). Verginiua repeatedly refused tha empire; he lived 
nntil A.n. 97, when lua funeral oration was pronounced by Tacitna, 
consul that year (Flln. ep. ii I S 6). Fliny the younger, his neighbour 
and ward (ib. ^ 8), epeaka of him in the bighest terma of praise. He 
left directions for this epitaph to be inscribed on hia tomb. ib. vi 10 
g 4 hie zitas eit iiu/i»,^u!so qni Vindice iwmiam \ imjimutn autraH 
iron tihi tti patriae. An inscriptioo ion ■ o • n { pno • salvte | Err ■ 
VICTORIA • h I VEnoiNi • nvfi set up by his slave Pylodes at the critical 
time, when Verginins had been Boluted imperator by hia troops, is 
in CIL T 611 n. 6702. See Mommeen in Kcil'a Plin. ep. p. 429. 
On the attempt of Vindei to establish a national kingdom JTao. h. it 
17 cL 57) in Ganl see Schiller 261—278, who oorreets the errora of 
Xiphilinna and modem writers ; on Golba's revolt ib. 278—284. 

223 SAEVA C. Fannins wrote exitus occisorum aut TtU- 
gatoTMiA a Nerone (Plin. ep. t S § 3) ; three books only were completed 
and greedily devoured by the public. 
CRDDA Mart. IT 49 4 cf nam, crud e Thyrita, tvam, 

224 seq. of. 11 104 seq. 225 foedo cahtf lafl n. * SIS 

D. ad fin. Nop. Epam. 1 g 2 <eimu> enim musioen noatria moiibus 
abeaso a piincipis persona, galtare vera HiaM ia vitiU poni: 
quae omnia apud Graecos et grata et laiide digtia diicuntur, Ben. contr. 
1 praef. g 8 cautandi tallaitdiiiiii obscena studia efteminatos 
touent. Yet even Thraeea (Tac. xvi 21) habitu tragico cecinerat in 
his uativo town Fataviam, at the games instituted by the Trojan Antenor. 
FDLFITA Til 93 O. loB. b. I. II 13 g 1 NsTo's murder of his 
brother, wife, and mother, bis extension of hia omalty to the noblest 
of the laud, niti 4i TiXruraior iiri i/iptPt^Xapflttt i(iitfi\cv tit axiivqi' 
kolI BiarpoT. The tribune Subrina FlavuB, when Mero asked why he 
bad forgotten hia oath of allegiance Tac. iv 67 'No Bolilier was more 
toTal, while yon deserved lore: odint eotpi, pottqwiia pairicida 


VIII 225—227 

matris et nTorie, anriga et hiatrio eC ijiecndiariiu fctlliiH,' 

KBme SabriHB Flavns ib. 65 declared that tiieie iras Hmoll oheic^ betWMn 1 
Nero and Piso : non refem dudeeafi <i oitlmroediia dtmavencur f 1 
trsgoednB luceederet. qvia ut Heia oitliHTit, ita FUo tragteflj 
orniitn oanebat, PJin. pm. 46 populia ilU, aiiquando t ' ' 

imperatDiis spectator et planior nunc in ^ntomimii qnoque (ui«m4 

Jotilr et damnat rffemijiatai artci tl indfBora laeculo itudia. B" 

Lsiii 17 g 5. HertKberg n 99—108. In the jear 61 Tao;. i 
oeHore in dies eupidint adigebaiar Nero promiteaa acnena freqTtenUsridi. 
man adhiie per darnHm mit kartoa ceeiifrat iavenalibut kidis, gum nj 
param celebrea et iautae voci angustos tpemebat. non taiiwB Benute 
incipere amiui Neapolim quasi Graeoam delegil: inde iniiium farir 
ut trauggressns in Acbalam inaignes «t antiqaitaa laoiaa 
ooronaa adeptna maiore fama sttidia Eivinm elieeret. To tha 
last ho retained his pasBion for ths stage SaeL ii.6i ; he had Imbibed 
the tnsti? ii~, ' iidttood bom a, AuDoer his pacdagogas ib. 6. SO. Bcliilla! 
89; 133—4, 137—8, 180—1, 198—200, 225, 345—7, 2S8— 9. 36% a. i. 
Friedlander n» 428—30, 463—4. 226 osiiia' 

Suet. 33 nee contentlt) hanaa artlunt experimenta Somae dtditie, 
Aebalara, ut dixfmiu, pttiit [i.e. 66], Aihc maxime molm. inttitartoMt 
aidtates, etpad gum tniaiei agones edi sclent, omnes eithaiaedatnm 
oarocaB ad ipsum ntitten:, eaa adeo grate r^eipitbat, at legate* qui 
peTtalisKat, , . . familiaribus epulis inlerponeret. a quibuadam fx his 
rogatiis, ut Eantacet mper certain, exceptMsque efTiisitis, solos icire 
undicB Graeoos, solosqoe se et Htndiis tinia difinoa ait_ cf. ib. 
38 24. fi3. VespBRian (Saet. Vesp. 4) incmred the extreme displeasnra 
of Nero, so that ha was bauiabed from liia court, aad fesjed lor his life, 
because, haviug been in his suite iaJds musical tour, oautants to avt 
di$eederet saepivt aut praesens obdormisceret. [LucianJ Mero 9 aeq. 
Nfpata toImW' is 'Axatan ifSal ^yov Kal ri <r^6ipa atrrii- ^iwnitifal ^iji' 
dr Tit MoEitfar (b-apiAXEirflBi fliiw, K.r.\. PMlostr. ApoUon. it 24 § 2. 
86. V 7 8. DCiiBB. Liiii 8 aeq. Tae. xr 33. 

iPIUM DCaes, Lxn 9 § 3 tIs Si pJti? iTariorlpa, fv J riy Korirar ij r^n j 
Sdfriir 5 ri a4\iyiir if t^b Irlruv Xo^ii'i", diriiXfOE [4 N^piiii'] Tii- ToXiriKili ; j 
llin. XTX g 168 hmos lapto] in Acliaia coronare victorsB »aori 1 
cBrtaminiB Nemoae. Lucian Anaoli. 9 '0\«iivlam iiir friiftayos 
iK caWi'Dii, laBiiol Si in irfrum, if Vtnif Si e(\lmr rejrSrypjKn. epigr. 
inc«rt. auat. 4S3 (Bmnck in 217, translated by Aoa. eologar. p. ^0 
Par. 1730 qwtttuor antiques eelebravit Achala ludes, ] , , . sertagmlna 
pimis, Tnaliu, aliva, upium). Moiueko'a Euphorion 105 eeq. DipUl. 
l/iwopn fr. 1 23. Pint. Timol. 28 § 3. Thumiat. p. 186-. Pint. qn. oonv. 
T 3 2 3 oitea several authoritiea to ahew that parsley was at obh time 
emploj-ed at tho Isthmian games ; thtu Callitnachua said of ib (3 g 3) 
O'^aoumr tlir^s aiii^oXov 'laBnioSof \ ^Xy twv Kw^^'- ef- ProcleB ib. 
g 4. Pind. Oljmp. 13 33 (46j, where ths achol. (p. 270 BiiclUl, flf. p. ti\ 
Bays tliat the irihipev need at Nemea was green, that at the IsUtmaa 
dry: id. lethm. 2 16=24 schol, p. B37. 7 64=13U. Nem. 4 88 (142). 
Hioandr. alesiph. 605 (618) KchoL id. tber. 649 Bchol. (c(. Eatean. 
metaphr.). D9. ivi 79. Greg. Naz. or. 24 % 10. 

227 Bsq- Siiet, 26 lacras coronas in caUli eiraan lecto) posiiil : {lent 
atatnaa auaa citharoedico habitn: qua notu etiam nunmum per- 
ewsil. ib. 2S. 32; An Achaenn coin (Eckhel ti 276) Neroiii ApolUtii. 
He rottirot^ in trinmnh from Greece, having the catalogue of bis 
victorieB borne before him,- Mooiinj; his 01;in[iian, and bearing in hig 

VIII 227— 23i 53 

baud hi^ Fftbinn vrown (ib. 26). He hang hk ctowug (180B in nnmLer) 
on tlie BgfptiBii obelisk is the oiroaa maiiinus DCbsb. t.xiii 21 £ 1. 

VDciB ni 91 n. Plin. paii. 2 § 6, Saat. 21 ^flae_itanHbiti<]ve 
eunctit oaeleateio Tocom. it was one of the chargeB againBt TbrasHft 
PftetUB fDCsBB. tni 2e), that lie had not aacrifieed to the emyierar's 
Itpi ^ur-i. On Nero's istucn ui triauph from Greece, the multitude 
excUimGd ib. LXtll 20 g 6 uiS 'OXd^ttidpTkb, M JiuenaiKa, . . . Sipun 
T^'A'K6\y.tiiri, lit ett rfpioSmlmis, tJj dx' aliitos , . . lipi, ^ubt)* natipiiu 
«I ir«v itoivfrti. ib. 8 S 3. 10 g 1. 14. 18 § 2. 21. 22 %% 4—6. 26 i% 1—2. 
cf. Pbilottr. Ap. IT 38 g a. 44 1 1- ' 7 S 3. He brought aectiomn porrum 
Into iBehion (Flin. xix £ lOS) tooIb gratia ez ar«o stalU menciint cmnium 
df'eiiM ni/ttlgue aliiid ac lie panna guidem vesetnda. CE. smv § IGSl 
Saet. 20. See the oritioismi of [Lueian] Nero 6 7 and PCaES. ijci SU 
S S Kill fipaxi Koi /lAoii . , . ^tTt/Lii. ot Lxn 26 gj 3—4. 
2^ D0HT11 Net« ivaa aon «f Cn. Doioitiiu Ahenobacbm. Snet. Ifancti 
a'Oltm [AheruilHU'bjj oonttilalibiU lepUm, triiimpho cenaaraqui dafilici 
tt inter jiatnciiit alUcH . . . ita dcgeneraese a luorum virtulibus Ntro, 
ut lumen I'llia cuimniac, qaaii tradila ci itigeiiita, reiluleriL 

THTEBTAE Viiidei olso (DGasB, Bupr. 215 n.) charged Nero ^ciEb 
tippearing in thiB char&cter. cf. id. inh>. 2'29 n. otltor charaflters are 
named (somewhat at random, aa FriedlHndEr thiubj ii' 430 n. 1) by 
PhiloBtr. T 7 § 2. Soet. 21. 39. DCass. lani 10. 22. 
229 BTBUA XT 30n. Hor. a. p. 216. axtiqokab Hero 

himself wtoto a tragedy Antigone Philostr. iv 39 g 2. 
tEBBONAS Snet. 21 tragoediaa quaque cantavit peiBonatuE, Jifrmim 
Jetnanqiu item heroiilnm in: dearnm pcrsoniB effietii ad simililudmeru 
erU mt ftfeminae, prout quamqae diligeret. iater cetera eaalapit Oana- 
esu ipaTtnTientein, Oreatem mattlcidam, Oedipodem. excaeca- 
tnm, Heroalem insannm. cf. ih. 4a fin. DCbbb. 1.1:111 9 gg 4—5 ri 
rpBOiJrfiBi' irDtinjp dvi^aTAi ri T^s i/ytiia'las i^^Ufia, iSeira ill Bpairinjs, 
troStiytiTO un fu^\6t, ixiti, (rtlLTer, i/taiyfTO, liXaTO, rir re OiSliruBo nil 
To» Qvi-mir Tor re 'HpoirXio vat tot 'AXirnatiiiya top ti 'Opiirrqy lit ir\TiBti 
inrBKpu,bp.«>!,!. kbI -ri -,! Tpocoirrfa Tori ^t ait'ilt lUtoa Tori fi »nj 
4avrif ilmnr)i4fa l^fpr. .ra yap Tiir yarainiiii vdrTa -rpi! ro" Sa^tar 
imcvairro. MKLisiprHa Melaoippe, daughter of 

AeoluB and Enrydiee, bore to Poseidon twins, AboIub andBoeotna. Two 
ot the trogeilies of Ennpiiles bore her uame, MAuiIinri; t) na^Ji, imitated 
by Ennina ; and M. 1; SfD-^uris, imitated by Accios. Tlie vacioos legends 
Are collected in Welckcr Qrieoh. Irag. u 840 Boq. ct. Cic. oB. 1 f 114. 

ram autem a ivdicibua ad le deUttam adoravit, ferrique ad Angusti 
Statnanv iaBsit, colossd not the coIoBEal 

slatne {ISO feet high) of Nero himself, wliich Btooil in the Testibulu of 
the noldcn lioaie Snot. 31 ; for this wks of brass Tlin. xixir g 46. Fro. 
Lably the statue of a Domitius is meant, 

281—244 The nobles Catilina and Gethegna plotted Rome's niin, 
fiB(«B againat their native oity aa the GaUie hordea their alliea, bnl the 
conBUl, an op.'ftart from a provmcial town, is on the alert. So the gown 
of ppace won tor him that title tor wMch Ofltayiiis ateoped his aword in 
continual slaughter ; but when Cicero was called ' fattier of the country,' 
tLBToieeofliomewaastillfree. Coruelius Soverusin Sen. anas. 0§2fl 4— -7 
tanevfdejmiimimis ingeniia aanaalis acta | iurataeque nanus de- 
prensaqne foodera noxae [ patrloiumque nefas eitinctum: 
fO«a& beih^gi-l deiectnsqna redit vatis Catilina -nsfandis. 



Vin 231—234 

Sen. ben. t IS § 1 iitgratta Catilina; parvm eit illi capere jxtlrian^ '1 
niti ittTlerit, niii Allabrogunt in illam eokortes immiieril et Iram Alpet J 
aeintiu hattii viUra it ingenita adia tatiaverit ae iliu debilai in/eri 
Qallicii 6tHtt) dueti Rotnaiti penolverint. 

231 OATiUNA 11 27. X 288 a, xir 41. The Sergia gem vim patrickn J 
<SBlL6glL.Catilina nobili geueie ortQB. ih. 31 % 1 ne erUtima- ] 
reitt, he eidumed, aibi, patrioio homini, caiia iptiua aCgue maioTum \ 
fUirima benejicia in popuhan Bomanam tuenl, verdita reputlica ojnu 
ase, cum earn eerTaret M. TalUna inqmUnns oivis nibia 
Bomse-ib. 60g7. Cio. p. Mm. g 17. Liv. iv 35. tiu 18. A^p. b. o. 
II 2. Flor. IT 1 §S 2 — 3 ttnatiim conjodere, comiiU* tracidare, distciu* 
gera incendiis 'aT'\sa'm, g-aicquid nee Hannibal videretur optatae, 
quibiii, nefaal tociii aggreitua estf ipsa patTioins: aed boo 
minus eat; Curii, Poroii, Snllaa, CBthoBi..,quae familiael 
quae aenatns insignia !), and olHimed to be uI Ircjan descent. Aen. 
V 131 Sergestasqne, domns tenet a q.UD Sergia nomen. Sea 
Ben Joneon's Catiluia. KATALiBHa in the sensa 

of ' birth,' ' descent, ' ' rank,' t];a word belongs to tha Silver Aga. Fliu. 
ep. ui 20 g 6 nannajmiuam candidalm natales competitorU ant annoi 
aut etiam rrton$ argwbal. ib, x 12 (7) natalium iplendor. ib. 4 (3) 
g 6. CErKEOi X 2SB n. Flor. snpr. Sail. Cat. 

17 g 3. Veil, n 34 g 4. The Cethegi were a patrician family of the gent 
Cornelia. In the division of labour among the oonspirators, C. Cetha- 
gus undertook to murder the sanatota Cio. Cot. 4 g| 11. 13. p. Bull, 
i G3 Caisius inoendiis, Cethegna caedi prar-poaeretar: and it 
VBB in bis house that aims were diacoveied Cic. Cat. 3 gg 8. 10. Pint. 
Cio. 18 19. 233 FLABMis puiiTia Cic. de diy. 

I g 21 (from the poem on his consniahip book ii| el cladea patriae [lam- 
ma ferroqne purata. p. Flacoo g 97 this, qui P. Lentulo ferrnm et 
llammam de nianibus extoraimiu. Flat. Cio. 18 ' Lentulns... determined 
to kill all the Eenators and as many of the rest of the citizena aa hs 
could, and to bnm the city,. .A night had been fixed for the attempt, ona 
of tha Saturnalia, and they took and hid ia the house ol Cethegvt 
swords and tow and brimstone. They alao appointed a hundred men 
and assigned by lot as many parts oE Home to each, in order that by 
means of many incendiaries the city might be in a blaze in a short time 
on all sides. Others wore to atop np the water-conduits.' Cin. Oat. 
3 gg 14. 25. 4 §g 2. IS. SaU. Cat. 43 g 2. A luppUcatto was TOted 
to Cicero. Cic. Cat. 3 g 15 et kia decreta verbis est, quod nibem 
inoendiiR, caede civeE, Italiam bello libarassem. Olodins also 
was Bospected of plotting to bnm the city Cio. p. Mil. g 64. ef. g 68, 

234 BBicaTOBOM a namo given to what was afterwarda 
the provineia Narbonensit, because the inhabitants wore bracae (ii 169) 
or breechea Fliu. m g 31 Narboneiuii pn>irincia..,bTaoata anU diela, 
'Xao. h. It 20 biBDBS, barbaTwa teginun. Mel. ni G g 1 Tzachuoka. 

BEKONUu the Senonea were bounded by the Fariaii 
on the north, and the Aedui on the aouth, Their name still sncrivsa in 
that of tha town Sena. A branch ol Ibem settled on the Adriatio 
between Karenna and Ancona. 31iis was the nation which took and 
burnt Borne B.C. 300 (Liv. v 3u. 41 g 10 diripi tecta, eihaiatit inici 
jgnes. 42. 43 pr. 48 pr.). So entire was tha devastation that it was 
proposed to desert the ruins for Veii (49 — 55), and few historical doon- 
nients weia aavod (n 1). G. C, Lewis credibility o. 12 gg 7(1, 78, 
auhwEsler in 25i 2C3— 271. tt. Stat, s. y 3 IBS— 8 tubium eivilia Eri- 

VIII 234—238 

Phlegraeaque moitit I prnrlia, 

t aeuonnm fnrisB Latiai 

quod Galium faoera opoi 

235 f 


«j» I Tarpeio tli' monU fatei 
laetnt Capitolia taedin { 
ODhoitea. Sen. apocoL 6 

jest I 155 □. (ichol. vettii tx charia facta, pice illita, in qua ignibiu hi 
poenam addicli ardere loUnt. auii e/tii id eonari, jwid' hoe pacta 
debtat puniri, Ben. ep. 1* S 5 cogtta hoc loco eaTcerem el cracei tt etea- 
leoi et vncum et adactuia pa medium honiinem, q«i per oa tmcTgeret, itC- 
pilem et dittTocta in divenuin aetii curribai membra, illaiD taaioam 
alimeutiH igninm at illitam ot teztam, q-aicquid aliud praeltr 
haec cammenta taevitia eat. Mart, i 26 6 6 nam eiiin dicatar tnnioa 
praesento molesta | 'are utonum,' plui iit dicere 'twii facie.' Plat, 
(le ser. num. vind, 9 ' some men are jaat like children, who ottan when 
the; behold imilelactora in the theatres in tnnics of gold and pmpls 
chawla crowned and dancing tlie pyrrich admire and envy them as 
happy; until they are seen goaded and scourged and discharging fire 
bom. that flowered and cqhUj attire xCp Anitrtt U j^i Miriit ixiliy! 
' ToXwtXouT iirefros.' Like the shirt of NeSBna nr Medea'a fatal gift 
lander ii> 386. Marquardt v (1) 195. Tert. ad mart. 6 ad ignea 

IBfloereitt. id. ad nat. 1 18 incendiali tunica, cf. ad Soap, i fin. 
thQB hurut to lepreaent Herculea on Oeto. icl..apoL 15 
qm Ti-vuB ardebat, HercnUm indnerat. 
236 yioiur on the night of the 1st of November n.c. 63. Catiline had 
planned an attempt npon Cioero, who however checked it Cic. Catil. 1 J 8 
inlelUgei vattto me vigilare aerlvt ad aabilfm, fwim te ad pemiciem 
Teipublicae. 237 novub Plut. Cic. 26 ' Metellas Nepoa in a debate 

with Cioero often asked. Who is yixir fattier fi Tell. 11 31 §3 M. Cicero 
...yir no vita lis nobilisaimae. Cio. p. Piano. S 67- in Pia, § 9. de^leg. 
agr. 3 g 3 pavci tuibilet in hoc civiiate sonsulet /oclt (Un{.- novtifl ante 
me nemo. id. Oat. 1 g 28. Fhil. 6 g IT. p- Ctoent. g 111. 8alL Gat. 
S3 g 6 antea pleraqae nabililaa irwidia aealtiabat et guaii poU-ui contula- 
(um credebant, li earn qiutmvit igregiitt homo noTUB adeptat foret^ 
Q. Cicero EDoonraged kis brotier to disregard this prejudice de pet. 
cons. a. 1 2. cf. Cromann v 397 seq. Oudend. BchoL in. Gic. sp. 
p. 129. Lir. nn 34 Sg I 8 (a.ii. 216) id foeiia inter omnes nobileS' 
ioium, nee fiiuia ante helH habiturot, gaam oonsulem yere pleheinm, 
id at, hominom novum creansent: nam plebeloa nob lies ianprn- 
dem initiates eiae lacrit tt eontemneie plebem coepiiie. Tell, u 
129 ^ I — i Boeder. Tac. dial. 7 non ttim diem laetiorem egi, quo raihi 
' ' ' obfatiu <■(, vft (fuo homo novns et in ctTitate minime 




1 55 s 

I atgue etiam proBinciia in senatum erebro adtttmpti. esp. Plut. Cat. 
mai. 1 § 3. App. b. 0. 11 3 p. 170. 

ABFiNis S45. Ball, cited 331 n. Aipiuam, a Volaoian town (infr. 215 n.). 
to the eaat of Home, near the junction of the liria and Fibrenus (Cic. 
legfr tt c. 3, of. 0. 1. Drumann v 208. 212 aeq.}. Quid hamini Arpi- 
nali eum Baii), agre sti ac raaticoT asked Clodins (Cic. fragm. in' 
Clod. 4 S a p. 101 Beier. ef. ad Att. 1 16 g 10). [Soli] deol. in Cic. 1 g 1 
reptrticiai, aeeitia ac paMlo ante intittii htiic vrbi cifti. ik. 3 § 1 homo 
novns Arpinaa. ib. 1 g 7 Icited by Qointil. n 3 § 89) o Bomuls 
Arpinaat L. Mariani Arpintun nnd its antiquities in the days'ot 
t^ioeto. Load, ISTl. 238 iitnnuipiu» 



^^^1 oipiia, peregTinuin car Vie cue li 

^^H eau BC miinioipio.' fateor ct addo itl 

^^H iteium iam ealua hnie Dcbi impei 

^^^B IT 3 o{ Livia Ula, cvi avwtaiiut Ax^iatui, 

^^^1 Meque ae nuiioret etpoUeroi mauioipitli 

^^H BqVES p. Mur. S 17 non iu-bitra2>ar, cun 

^^^H consul deiignatua ab eq 


VIII 238—241 

cerii ' luic dico' iaquit'\ 

m, ex -eo utauicipio, iinda 
ioque misEn est. Tac. 
locer Titflriiw, -ea: J>rtKB Hfiert, J 
ida!tBi-o/o«(!ail«[(, T 

ex familia veUre et iOiatri A 
filio ODUanla defenderetar, 
de generis novitate acciisatorea eiie dictvroi, in Verr. u g 174. leg. 
agr. 1 g 37- p. Caal. g i cl Qnmti!. m 1 § 28. p. Mil. g 16. Plat. 
Cic, 11 (Dnimaiui Y 312 n. 89), Jlin. imii § 34 who triEBs to CicoM'i 
consiiUhip the iucreased importance of the eqneBtriao order. Seneca 
"" IT 63 fin. egime egneatri et provinciali loca oHms prooerihiu 
'dicuraeTOrf inter nobileg ei longa decora, praefercntea noTitaa 
.1 r Friedlondec 1* 231—4, 
OU.EAIVU eta. th« Bonuin koighta (Cic. ad AtL ii 1 g G) under Attiaaa, 
were stationed by Cioeni on the Capitol. Seetius also hronght troops 
bom Capua (p. Sest. g 11 aeq. Dnimaim v 4S1). 
""" - the bewildered citizEnB Sail. Cat, 31. 



240 Tooi. 49. X 8 n, Aa Cicero him self boaeted in Bia. § 73 eeq. 
eeJanl -arma .togae, concedat laurea laudi. oB. i g 77. cl. id. Catil. 
3 §■ 33. Brnt. § 355. Drtmiaim v 497 n, 21. Hie. to g 117 salve prtmu* 
omntuni i>areDa patriae appellaU, priimis in toga triomphcxt 
Uuguaeque lanieam merite et facmidiat Latiarumque lilleraniM- 
jjurena atqiigf lit dictator Caeear liotlii quondam luut de te tcripiit, 
omnima Iritanphonim laurea rnaiar, quanta y(iw 'est, itigenii Bomani 
terminal in tantun promoviase qaam imperii, Cornelias Setema in Sen. 
Euaa. 6 i 26 IZ—li. iUe lenatiu j vittdex, ille fori, legvm. ritiaqtui togaer 
gitf. QuintiL II IQ g 7 tion divina M. Talli eloqneutia . . . Gati- 
linae Iregil audaciam et Hnppliaationee, qui masiinne honor 
Tictoribua bello ducibna datnt, in toga meruit! gtat. b. v 
2 58 imperium muleente tega. FUn. ep. i 33 g 6 Diiiicg. LIT, it 10 
g 9 aeqnarit^ quod hand Jacile e»t, Quiactitu -oonsnl togAtaa 
armati gloriam callegne. Lac. vn 62 — G Soniani maximal aaetcrl 
TalHus eU>quii, euitia sub iare togaque | pacifieafl saevua tre- 
! etc The toga waa mom hy advocatei in 


the courts liui. xi 7 Grcm. plebem, quae t< 

eat. ivi 45 n. 
__ 3 K F. Hermaun'ii 

acm]. F9 have in (L. ^iiller do re metr. 311 omnino fals-aiatl in), 
p,u.non (so Jahn'). Mr Miioto'e con), quantum lum in is elegant and 
eas;. Kiaer 83^ eliewa tbat.noit cannot be nnderstoud from the fitat 
olanse with the second (quantum noii etc. would mean 'the like of 
Trhicb.O. did.not Tflnat Actimn, bat did min at Fbilippi,' as it 107—8 
nee enim ofiaiia, qvaedam \ pro vita faeienda pulanl). Sach a hiatus ag 
quantum in has Bo parallel in lav. eicept Jl 118 (Gth foot) (um hit. 
The negative ia oot of place, Jor Iut. roeans to .say: Cic., the 
Ibw, won the same title to which 0. waded thiouKh Beas of hlood, — 
bat, when Cic. waa hailed parent and father of his oounti^, Bonui 
was free. iebcabe Lencaa (formcr^^ Neritum, now 

Eagin Mavra), a pentnenla distant 240 stadia from Actium, yet ofteit 
spoken of as the scene of the battle of Aotinna (3 Sept. s. c. 31) i 
Till 075—7 cUui/i aeralat.Actia belia, \ eeraere erat, totuatqur insln 
Uarta viderti [/ervere Leucatiiu. Prop. it = iii .11 6B. Flor. ,iv 

"VIII 241—244 


9. VII BT2. I C6. Leueas la atri, ^rtlpoio in Bom: 
i; tUe Corinthians dug a canal tlirongli the isUimiiB (Stmboi52), 
%llioh in the time of ThucjdideB ami again in 197 b. a. vm choked with 
ul; the ItomanB cleared it not, bat it waa ouos more flllod in Pliny's 
days, and only made naTigabls Again by the Jlnglish (Buraion Geogr. 
y. aridcheiil. I 115 IIQ]. 

^(3 iHEsBALiAH ciupia Merivala iti' 91J: 'Beganling Uie baftls <if 
Fbilippi [b. c. i2] a cimouB error was perpetuated amoug the lioman 
writeca. TJiey persisteil in representing it as fonglit on tbe aanie spot 
OS the battle of Phataalia. The name of Macedonia was given by the 
Bomans to the whole region betifden the Adnatio and the Helloiipoiit, 
and sneli niunea as Aeniathia, Haemonia, were applied Tory loosely 
by their poetB. The mistake arose iroia an ambiguity in Tirgil's 
lines, which became a locui ctaisieui with Euuceeding writers g. l 
489 aeq. wgo inttr sese paribia eoaearrere telU I Boinanal acies ita- 
rumtiidarePhjlippi; | nee fuit indigaum auptrU bia languine noitro \ 
Aemalhiam ct lattn Hiwmi pingiisicere aanpes. Tbe poet here refers 
to two distinct battles, cue in Thesaaly (Aemathia is not a correct 
term), the other in Tbiace, bat the words might yeij easU; mislead. 
Xha site of the battles is accordingly coafonnded by Manil. i !I06. 
0». m. iv 834, Flor. it 2 § 43. Luo, i (180 seq. ni 854 eeq. is 270. 
Inv. h. !.■ 

2U FATitEU FiTBiiB this title won first given to Cicero in the seuate 
b; Catnlua p. Best, g 121. in Pia. g 4>. ad Att. u 10 ni<-, guem 
tlonnuUi eonsematoivHi istiut urbis, qucm parontem eiie d'txtrant. 
Goto was the Jirst to Ealnte him by it in the popular assembly I'lul. 
Cio. 23. App. b. c. ii 7. cf. Cic ep. fam. xv 4 § 2. Plut. (1. 1.) and 
Pliny (Bupc 240 n.) erroneously state that Cicero Srst iccsived this 
hononr. X.iTj ascribss it to Bomulus (i IG) and Caniillus (v 49J ; 
Cicero himself (p. C. Eabir. pard. r. § 27 both pater .and pareia) to 
Marius, Caesfti also (Cic. PML 2 § ai. flff. iii § S3. DCass. iLir 4. 
Prumann m 662 n. 7} was saluted by this title. It was confeired 
upon Anguatua 5 F^abr. s-c 2 Ot. t. ii 121 sag. ditm eaiamit taerat 
alterno carmmt i^ona» | • ■ • sanctt pater patriae, tibiplebs, tibi curra 
nomea I hoc dedii : hoe dedinua nos tibi iiaiuen eqiiea, id. trist. ii 3B> 
181, IT 4 13. Buet. Oct. 68. DCaas. uii 18. Flor. it 12 g 60: to 
Livia also the name of mater patriai: woe given Tac. ann. i 14. DCass. 
ltii 12. ltui 2. The title was deoliiied by Tiberius (Saet. 36. 60, 07. 
DCaaa. ltu 8. tvui 12. Tac. onn. i 72. it B8), and Naro (Suet. 8 
oa iis BoeesEion propter aetatent, yet Pliny says of him xutu g 20 
memarania rei tanliimperatorem pat rem que patriae bibiae, ScMUer 
88). Aa regards the later emperor^ cL Seeker law. Alt. n (3J 302 ; 
and tor the import of the term, DCnss. uii 18. Sen. de dem. i 14 
% 2. Tac, xt 25 A,n. 48 the consul Vipstaniu proposed that Claadius 
diould be called 'tatlier of the senate'; qvippe pronuacura pntris 
patriae conuomeMmn. Tert. apol. 34 qui pater pattiae est, q^u>modl) 
damitaia cstf The beat aocouut in Ittommsen rum. Staatsreolit u* 
737 — 8, who points out that Fhny, App., Iut. are mistaken in con- 
foimding the mere compliment paid to Cicero by partisans with the 
later imperial title. To bia citatiuna add Capitolin. Anton. Pius G. 
Anton, phii. 9. 12. Cicero waa also wluted as 'saviour and founder' 
Hut. 22 i 3. [Sen.] Oei 444 sen-are civet mfltor -eit [virtmi pairiae 
pntri, LisEiu. Lnc. rt 001 — 4 of Cato ecce patens 

vsruB. patriae, ttigniiBhitHt am, ,\ Jtviaa, lui'i, jwr -siici nuiitqaim 


SS VIII 244-250 

t puOebit, \f.t qttem, si steteiis nmqiiam ear 
nuNC olimfaclura deum ei. 

245 — 253 Another ruBtio (com Arpinnm, Mariufl, . __ _ 

day-labonrer, than a private in tha army ; yet be repeUed the inTaaion 
ol the giant Clmbri, bad hia high-bom coUeoguo Oatulus woa laia to 
reap but the second laurels. 

245 AnpiNAS ALiDB CiiMTo ofteu names Marina te hia feUow-townBmaii 
X 278—7 n. de legg. ii g C qiioil ex eo [Arfino] duo sm comernatorei 
txitilUnml. p. Sull. % 23. p. red. ad Quir. §§ 19 20. p. Seat. g§ GO. 116. 
VM. -n 9 8 14 C, MariaB . , . Arpinatibus konoribm iudicatui in- 
farioT qaaesluram Somat petere misat eat. ... ex illo Maiio tarn 
hnmili Arpinate, tttin ignobili Romae. tam faatidiando oan- 
didato ilU Jlfarim taant, ipti Africam tahegit, gni lagurtham regem 
ante carrum, egit, qui Teutonornm Cimhrornmqua exeTcitSB 
delevit. aathol. lat. 843 B. The father of M. cmlmawn Ael. v. h. 
lu 8. TotacoRUM Sil. in 175 clarum Volacorniu 
Tulli deem. eehoL Cio. p. Soil. § 32 votUnmwn eit autem faiise Cice- 
louem nations VolBonm, Arpino mniiieipio, unde illi quatdam 
peregtinitalu ab invitoribta com^tmabaiur infamia. 

246 MBRCEDRB I 108. HoT. B. II 3 115 Heiudorf farlem meroede co- 
lonam. Pint. Mat, 3- 'Mariaa waa the hoq e( obscure parents, who 
gained their living by the labour of their bauds, and 'were poor. It 
was lata before he saw Bome,. and beeame acquainted with the habits 
of the city, up to which time he lived at Cirrheaton (?), a Tillage in 
the territory ol Arpinnm, where his mode of life waa rude when oon- 
traeted with the polite and artificial faahioas ef a city, but temperate 
and in accordance- with the old Itoman discipline. He first Berved 
against the Celtiberians, when Scipio Africanus was besieging Noman- 
tia.' Cic p. Font, g 33. p. Balb. g 47. SaR b. I. 83 § 3. VU. ii 3 S 3. 
Plin. Hxui § 150 ilia arator Arpinaa ot manipnlaria imperator. 
Fronto prino- hist. p. 205 Haber omnibna Arpinati panpertat* 

Iaut Ifitrtina duritia dnoibns bellicosior extitit. Ael. v. h. iti 6 Feris. 
Sen. de ben. t IS 1 2 C. MariuB ad conaulatum a oaliga perdue 
t'UB, qui mii Gimbriois oaedibna Jbnaana funera aeguaverit eto. 
247 MODOBAU ApoL >net. ix 40 led vbi nullie prfcibus miligari militent 
magiique in iiiant pemictera advertil efferari, iamque invtrta. vita d» 
vaatiore nodnlo oerebrnm suum diifindere. 
rEWoEBiT -n 479 hie (rangit ftnilat. titek jit 

193 n. Marquardt m (2>283. 248 eoi^bba see 

Rich. Maecena-f, in the speech put into hia mouth by DCafls. Lii25gS6— 7i 
warns Augustus to eicludo those who have Eersed ir rif TfTa.-fii(nf from 
the senate. raSriliv ftlv yip Twy col ^o/i^o^op?i(rarruv nal ttapKo^it- 
pTtaivrmr Jtol alvxP^v icni litoniUrrln' Iittiv it Ttf ^avXturmv Tirol ffiri. 
fnr^at. Plutarch Mar. 13 gives two explanations of a slang term 1) he 
trained the eoldiera to such drudgery, races, long marches under heavy 
burdens, cooking for themselves, etc. that willing and hardworking sol- 
diers were thenoefoiward called Marias' mulea. 2) Scipio in the siege 
□t Numautia was bo pleased with the eondition of the horse and miile 
groomed by M. that he often sputLo of them : ourui ipa reit ffKiirTatrta 
tv ^lofpy tJ^ irSf^Ltx^ Kot TXjjfwm tal ^lU^ouoii Mapiarir i/iim/or ir/WiJOi*- 
pntdt, 250 i^ioT. I 37 = 111 3 %i ted neepHnum 

impetum iHTbartman Silaniu [cons. n. o. 109], nte ttcundma Manlim 
foons. B.C. 106% ntc Urtivm Carpio [proo, i.o, iW], nuHntrr potueruM : 
onmei fugati, extiti roatr^. actum erut, iiUi Maritu iUi mtmlo conti- 


VIII 250—254 59 

giiiit. Sail. lug. 114 per idtm ternpan adBemim Galloi ab dacibai nai- 
IrU Q. Cacpione et Cn. Manila mala jnij/iialum; quo metu Italia 
OmniB conittHiiiuil,..JJoniaii* lie habaere, alia omnio virtuti luat proiw 
me, earn Gallia pro salute, non pro gloria aer(aie...ea tampea- 
tkte apsH atque opea ciTitatis in ilUi [Mario] lidu. Cinem ealle 
Uuiua p. imp. Pump, % 60 ipei imperii, p. Seat, § 37 conatrvator 
vatriae, et ib. S 38. de prov. cone. § 32. Liv. epit. i^vin. 

252 Diador. exo. Ya,t. Tfxvn p. 113 Mai (p. 125 Bind.) 
*Tha Cimbri, in foim like giants, in slreogtli unsiiFpilssed.' Flut. Mar. 
II: 'the most probable conjecture voa, that tliey [llie Cimbri'} were Oer- 
DUUUD uationa beloiigiiig to those who eiteuded aa far as the Noith- 
em Ocean, aad this opiiiion vaa foimded on their great itaiure,' ete. 
Boa. de ira 1 11 g 1 ifuiil enim tit aliud, quod batbaros taato rolias- 
tiorea oorpoiibua, tnnto paiienliorei laborum comminuat, niai ira ittfa- 
ti)$ima obit... % 2 qvid Cuabioram Ttuiimortanqju tot milia ntptr- 
futa Alpibut iia luttulit, ut tantae claiit notitiam ad tuot non nunliM, 
itdfmna pertalkrit, niti quad erat illit jiro virtute ira J Flor. i S7=m 9 
aays of the Teaton king Tentobocchus who used to Tanlt oyer four or di 
hOTBeEi: iiuigne iptctaculwm tritimphi fvit. quippe vir pcoceritatis 
eximiae »uper tropaea ma t/ainebal. [QninCil.] deel. 3 g 14 non enim 
nobis vchementiora corpora, quam vel hia tcce Cimbiia. ib. g 13 
inaailala carporum magnitado. So of the Germans Colum. in 8 g 2. 
Tac. h. V 14. G. 4. Agr. 11. 253 lacbo Ot. tr. it 3 

El 52 tempora Plioebea lanro rinffenlur, 'io'que | milei, 'io,' magna voce 
•Trinmphe' canet. met. i 6G0— 5. coiiBoi Pint. 

Uar. 14 ' The many, seeing that the circumatanceB required a man of his 
euergy and good fortono, voted for the fourth eunsulBliip of Marina 
[b.o. 102], and gave Mm fur colleague Catalia Lutatiiu, a smn who was 
eateemed by the nobUitj,' Veil, ii 13 § S 'Mariua, in his fifth oonaiii- 
ship [B.C. 101], in tlie plains called the Baudii Campl on this aiilo the 
Alps, gained a deeiBive liotory in conjnnotioa with the proconsul Q. Lu- 
tatiua Catnlna. One hundred thousand men were Mlled or taken.' Pint. 
Mar. 27 ' The whole credit waa given to Mariua, both on acconct o[ liis 
previoas victory, and his stiperior rank. And, wliat was moat of all, the 
people gave ^i'" the titio of the third founder ot Home. ..and they 
thought that he alone ought to eelebrato both triumphs. Marias how- 
ever did not triumph alone, but Caluliis shared ihe himonr, for Mariua... 
Has afraid of the aoldiera, who were prepared not to let Mariua triumph, 
if Catulus waa deprived of the honour.' VM. ii 12 § 4 Q. Catulns, 
Cimbriai triumph! C. Mario particops a stnulu datu$. Cio. 
TuBc. V g fi6. 

264—258 Tlie Goula of the Decii were plebeian, plebeian their names, 
yet to mother Earth and the goda below their uacrihce waa an atonement 
Bufficient for all the legions oE Some, ' themselves more worth than all 
the host they aavad." 254 hecioewm uv 239. Before 

the great baltlo with the Latins near Vesuvius, b.c 340, the two con- 
anls, F. DeeiOH Mus and T. Manlioa ToFi^oatns, having been warned in a 
dream (Liv. viu S g 10) £i una acre imperatorem, ex altera exereitum 
dis manibus matiique terrae deheri, agreed that whii^hever of 
them should seo hia wing give way, should devote himself. The wing 
ot Deoiua giving way, Le devoted himself with these worde ib. 9 § B 
'pro Tepablica Quiritium, exereiiu, legionibna, auziliis populi 
Samuni Quiritiiim, legionea nujeiliaqne hoslium mecum dis manibus 
lolluriiiae ievoito.' ib. j 7 gg 3—4. Att. (ab. praeteit. 15 of 

^m fio 

VIII 254—259 

Deems animani devoro [sdaroTero] koitiliui. Xuc. vii 30O Dl 
eioBque oapnt fatale Toyentes. VM. i 7 g 3. v 6 § S. OteUi 
onomaat. TuHiim. 210. Pint. moraL 439 states that he deroted Mmg^ 
to datura. Again P, Docins Mus, theaon-of the forfigoiag, folloiredMB 
father's example, w/hea consul for the fonrth lime, n.c. 29i, iu s great 
battle with the Sanmitea and Qacls at Senlictutt Liv. z 38 (see Nuih. 
h. B, III 383). CicBTO iu tvo passages (fin. u g 61. Tnso. Ji SSj utaii- 
titma a third deyotion. bj the grandaon of the £rat DecioB, in a battle 
fought at Aesulum vith Pyrrhus, B.C. 270. Elsewhere howeTer ha 
Hpeake only of the father imd eon (Arnold h, B. ii 509). Clason (tobi. 
Ceaeh. n 2iOI rejects the story of the devotion. ' 

257 MS isFEKNia TEniiiEijL'ii PABENTi AV. Caes. 33 turn iTTUen* vulgvt 
pari clamorc terram matrem deosiiue inferos precartl/ur, Mda 
impia* uti Gallieao darent. 'With the devotion of the Ueoii, ooneidered 
DB an expiator; eaorifice, oompara those of Codrus, (Plut. parall. 16), of 
MemoeeeuB (aat. £tT 340 n.), of the daughters of Ereehthons (Cie. Tnao, 
I g 116 with which Plat paralL 20 comporea the immolation hy MarioB 
of bis daughter Calpnrnia in the Gimhrio war), of Mettoche and Mo- 
uippe danghters of (Mod, who thrice inyaked the ivfemal gods {Antouis. 
Liberal. 2fL Or, m. xiii 692 — 8), of the maidens of Lacedaemon and 
Falerii (Pint parall. 36), of M. (JnrUns (Schwegler i 484 n, 3), of Iphi- 
genla [Cic. ib.), of the daughter .of Aristodemus (Pansan. iv 9 g S se^ 
orao. ap. Ensch. p. e. t 27 § 4 vapdinov Alsailga jiX^pot naXfl, ■qrriya Wijt 
I taliKdi ttpreplws, Kol Ktr iriiatias 'IBii/iiip), al Poliunras i(Aen. y .81£ 
nunin pro luultis dabitor caput) and of tlie old patriiians when 
Bome was token by the Gaols (Plut. Cam. 21, cf. Liv. v 41 § Sj ; 'also 
the Kfr sacrum (Schwegler i 240— 1. ii254). See Winer Beal-Worterh.iH.T, 
Sfflmopfer. comm. on Petron. 1 fin. p. 9 Burm. Pauly ti 6fil, i6B9 n. 
esp. Lasank die Siihmipfer der Qriechon u. Burner (in his Studies dai 
class. AltBrthmns, Begensb. 1854.233—82). Preller riim. Myfh.i 406— & 
258 Merldand 'totue versus mihi nou admodum plaoet.' 
259— 2B8 A slave-girl's son, Sorvins Tnllius, wore the crown of 
Bomnltis; the consul's bods euCered death as traitors; the niave wiut 
■divulged their treason was hononred with a public moimiing, 
259 AMciLiA (JiTos yn 193n, Cio. rep. u S a7 Serviua TuUiiw 
primui imusiH papali rtgiiuvisse iradilnr, qittm fentnl ei serva T»r- 
ijniniensi natum. Hor. s. i 9. LW. i iI3 g S Tarquinius betrothed 
his daughter to Becvius ; a distinction which makes it incredible 'serva 
natum eum parvurnqna ipsnm serrisse. ih. 4CI §§ 3— 3 (cited on 
OuiriNi below). 47 910. 48 g 3. jt3 g 12 Bei. TulUani.,.cap.tiTa 
Cornicnlano natum, patre nulli, raatre aelva, ingonlo, virtuta. 
■repnnm tenuisse. 1>H. iv 1 (called Servim because of the MTrUe 
condition of his mother). "VM. i 6 § 1. ui 4 g 8 wndt proettttrit H _ 
jicTrenerit, statuae ipsiia titulia abimde teilatur, aorvili eopiemhie et 
regia appeltatUHie psrplexis. Ben. oontr, i 6 g 4. Sen, ep. 108 | ,30. Plia. 
■XEtvi g 204 calls his niotlier Tunaquili) Ti-ninae lanuillam Oereeian. 
lustin xnvm 6 g 7. PahL Dioo. p. 345 M femorum din feittu -erat 
Idibtu Auffosli, jnod ea die Servius, filius anoillae, arden Dianae 
^edieavit. cf. Festna p. 843 H 7 M. Plut. qn. Bom, 74. 100. ood. Tii 
16 g 9. TBABBAM X 85 n. Aen. TB.ei3 BerviiM 

Quirlnali trabea, Plin. h. n. vtii g 19S trabeia nsoa aooipi 
reges. id. h | 136 piir/iuTae u»«m Komos irmprr fnisft viiieo, led 
Roroulo in trabea. Ov. f. i 87 trahoBti cura Qnirin' '" 
-S03— 4 trabeaque deeoina Bomulns. ib. vi 37S. 796- met. wi 



rat ^M 



6 1 


823 tmljeati /oiwa Qnirinl. Suet, fle Renere veEtfum iri Sbtt. Aen. 
Tn fll2 (reliti- 26fl ReiBeraoh.) iliatiiiBiiishes three IdndB of trabeaf, tho 
second regnm, qiad e>i parpjireuni, hafiet iamtn album aiiiuid. Momm- 
aen tom. gtanlsr. i' Hi. Mniqnsrdt t (3) 11». 

DiADBui ini 39. DH. m 62. Lyd. i]e mag. i 7. Wesaeling on DS. 
1.47. Httbncr in HsmieB r 348 seq. Marquardt v (2) 393. Soet. Calig. 
i^ iron Kiiiltam afvii, quin atotiTn diailema lumeret, ipeciamiite priaci- 
patat in regni Jbnnam conyerttTf-t. qdirini 

the Tiame of BonuilaB as a god ni 67. Liv. i 40 |§ 3 3 the isna of 
Anena -bbm inJignflnt, si ne ab Tarquinio quidetn ad se ndiret rtffman, 
ted prutcepi inde jjorro ad Bervitia caderei, ill in eadem civilate post 
tetitesimiim fere aniivm, qnod Romnlaa, deo prognatna, dans ipse, 
nnm, danec in terrii furrii, id sarTns flerva natna 
(iminfins Romani naminir.,.dedtcut Jon, ef...Beiiii etiam 

_,„ .....lae pateret. 260 IJv. I 18 g 9 

[^erviuB Tullins regnavit anaos qualbwr et quadraginta ita, ut bono 
iom maderaloque taccidenti regi difficilis aeiaalatio tsset. celenm id 
'ijwique ad gloriam aecesiit, qaod ouni iLlo aimul insta ao legitimtf 
Tegnaoacidelnnt. 261 ^'^"^'^'^ tSeim- 

perf;, as m iSlSou, *oSeiei,' denotes tlie attempt. Liv. ii 3 § 7—1 % 1 
de accytierKJig clam vocte in urbem Ttgiba* coUoqaMMaT. YiUUiit Aq\ti- 
Kiigul fiatribus primo eommiiia res est. VittltUtriem toror consuK mtpla 
' eral, iamqve ex eo vtalrliiu>nio adnlesneiite? [iMvenes, S(>2] crane 
Titia Tiberiusque: eoa qttoque i ' ' ' 

K 310. 

1 131. 

j§6— 7 consnlis liberi o 
lerant ocmIos; ... illoi eo patiisimtijit anna patriam Hberatam, patrem 
'aiorem, eoTovlatum ortiivt ex daiao Ivnia...indaxiise is a&imuin ul 
<etbo giiondant regi, turn ij^esio exsali proderent. 

2B4 cocLrrB elD. Liv. ii 10. Verg. Aeu, vm 660—1 potttem 
•ioni ^Qod vellere Codes, | et tlavima Tiuclia tranaiet 
■ ■■amptis. Suhweglcr I 22 u. i. ir63— S. 187. 

I 0. Mnciua Cordua (achu). Bob. in Ko, p, 3eaL § 18) Scaevola. 
13. Mart, t 21. Scliwefler ir 04, 183—6, who derivea tho legend 

snji cf. XIV ItiO. Prop, v =iv.l 3 et Tiberis tjostris advena bubus 
erat. Alter the surreniier o! the tity (Toe. h. lu 73 dediia urbe) to Por- 
sena, the Eomans lost territorj on tho right hank ot the river Liv, 
n 13 S 4 rfe egro Veimtibus renlitueTtdo *™j«<ra(uin, expresiaqne ncea- 
" u obiidet datidi, si laniculo praaidium deduct velleat. In the poet's 
r^ Enpbiates, Ithine and Dannbo irero the frontier lino suprs 1G9 170 
~ 9 tiwri Oceano mit amnibns longinquia aaeptom iwpe-. 
YiKao Verg. anpr. Ben. oona. ad Maw. 16 § 2. 
n SG. 18S^7> who derives the legend trom the eqoeatrian. statna 
(i. e. of "Venns Cluilia or Cloaoina.) on the via sacra ib. i 33. 
It wjtb aec. as in English ' avam the Tiber,' Verg. „ 
266 SGnvus Xov. II 4 SS B 6 cum ... cotdarati...Teniatia aTbitfi* 
la inter le de nova, sljie, cot/silio esUiinl, lenumtat eorum ex asrTif 
Hexcepit,- ...rem ad eonenles &e:in\i.\;..,6%&damnatipn)diiorei 
' 6 ocnuulw in sfdfm pnetsiere luavi, miiiiqve lictoret ad maaendwia 
nnHdalos yirgis eaedant Heoiiriqiie/«rfjiiit;...§ Bpraemiam 
ifSiennia ex atrarin.fibfrtnl it eivilai data. SchWEgler u 41 — 6. 
""" [s jn 213, "Wliett £ratufl died» 

3. 1 33. ^ 

. Ill 260. ^M 

arbitrU ^H 

prodilorti ^^| 

tamtndmii. ^^H 

praxinivm ^^H 

: 1141-6. ^H 

itus died» ^^H 

6a VIII 267—272 

lir. n 7 S ^ matr<iDae annum, ut parmtcm, euat laiernnt. Of like 
liDDOiir this slave sbewed bimHelf wortli; ; but the sons of Bratas died bj 
pablio eiecation, after IiBTinR Iio^n flogged like elsTes (v 178 a.). 

»For Valerius also (Liv. ii 16 § T) and Augusina (DCass. i.n 43), tbe ^^ 

matrons wore mourning during a yetu. ^^M 

tebbbraLiv. tit 6S g 14 telgo ao oapite paulretnr. -^^H 

268 liEaou the first legal, as opposed to arbitruy [rfgni seeurii), ^^H 

eiecalion. lav. ii 1 SI imperia. legnm polentiora qitam Aoniinum. ^^| 
Luc. Til 441—2 de Brntis, Foiiuva, loqtior. gai/t tempora legnm I 
egimns ant annoB a consale nomen babHntea? ii866— 7. Sen. 
da ira I IG § Q etsi perversa ijiiiaenda wagiitratui vestU el convocanda 
etaiBka conllo eet, procedam in tiibanal non fatens neo infestae, 

i«d Tnlta legis et ilia BoUemnia verba leni magia gruviqaa ^^ 

Iqilam rabida voce conoipiam at agi inbebo non iratiis, seTs- ^^H 

lua. et cum G«rTtce[ii cuxio imperabo praecidi, Hue ira... ^^| 

268^275 Holyday 'It vere better to be tbe son of an nnworUif ^^H 

Tbersites, ao tbaC one's self viere so Acbilles, tfaan to be a Tbertdtes, ^^| 

tbougli one were tbe son of on Achillea. Sut, saja be, by na; of jeer, to ^^M 

the noblEEt Eoniaii, thou canst not proper]; derive thyself better than ^^| 

from the company which assembled &t Homulua's Aarlum.' ^^H 

269 thehbitbb II. n 216 at^x'^"! Si ivi,p Inri'lXior ^Ma: et. 318 ^H 

Achillea killed him Quiul. Bmyrn. I 746 seq. ol^a J' (EmXnn iri 
Hi/iiiiir ^6ye 6ii/iis | df/pos owilBi-oio- J£''/"I 3' '^P" ^"oi 'Axoti*' | td^i jAp 
niltee Trdiirar iirefffloXiDtri narjinr, | ain-O! iuv XWjSijril' a yap Aavadn' ri\ci 
all<ii. Soph. Fhi!. 439 aeg. Encomium of Th. (also of a i^uarCan ague) 
BOhool paradoxes by Favorinne Oell. ivii 12 g 2. cf. QuintiL x 1 % ij 
1. 6 n, BiTMjioDO VII 223. 226. 270 aeicid*s 

a Homeric (D. irm 321) name of Achilles, son of FeTetts, the sou ot 
Aeacns. Achilles is contrasted with Thersitos (si 30 31 u. eic. ihet. in 
Balm rheti ant. 588 2 eeteram ridiculuvi vidtlur, si Achillea in specie 
vel viiibus Thersitae comparatur. ct Theonprof^mn. 9 in Wais 
rhet. gr. i 232. After death Lue. Char. 22 Bcpalrs S laos e^Tiio. 
ToTf iusijioio. cL qnom. hist, couscr. 14, Plotin. enn. iii 3 to consure the 
whale from tho parts ia like taking a haii or toe as a sample of a 
man, or Thtriilei of humanity), as being not only the bravest, but 
the iaireat of the Greeks H. ii G74, 769. 

VDLOiNU iua* when, after the death ot Palrooins, the arma ot Achillea 
had been home off by tho Trojans, Thetia besonght Hephaustus to supply 
her Bon with a new anit H. xviii 309—616. Aen. xii 739 of the iuit of 
Aeneas arma dei ad Vnlcania. Cic. Tusc. n%h'i Daviea tectut Tnl- 
eaniia armie, id est forliliidine. Libao. ep. 136. 
272 TIMES VT I 240. Halm on Cio, p. Sest. % 110. 

With 272—5 ot- Ben. ep. 44 %3Flato [Theaet. I7G'] ait: neminem' 
tegemnonoiBBrviBoriandum, neminem non aervnm ei regi- 
bUB. LONOS iiEtETAB CIc. fam. xiii 39 g 2 ex- 

ipeetare te arbitror, hacc tarn longe repetita prineipia quo iptctent. do 
logg. I S 28. Luo. t 94 lire longe Jalorum exfrnpta petantnr. QuintU. 
T T g IT longina interrogatiane lepetita. Flin. ep. i8 § Sim Ion- 
gins exejitpla repetantui. 8o rep, alte ete. cf. Elotz repeto i 


Lb, and patpiBcr. Ans. grat. act. p. 1116 b Walker deduntum ah htToitmr ^^H 

pftitu ad deonim stemma roplicaie. ^^| 

BETOLVAs Son. oontr. i6g4 qacmcninqae voluerls revolTB nohJ. ^^| 

lem; ad humilitatum pervenies. quii reccmeo lingulot [hs liad ^^| 

VIII 272—275 63 

named STariui, Sririus], cum banc iir6*Tii ponim liit mtendere f 

273 ASU.0 liv. 1 8 'ocuR^ gui 7iun« meptut deieendentibui inttr 
daai luco! at, aaylxixa aptrit; eo ex Jinitimii populit turba onmU sine 
difloriminB, Ubtr an itn-at estet, aviia nosarum Tcnim prafugit. 
Strab. V p. 230 ' liavicg establiEhed an asylum between tlie arx and the 
Capitol.' DE. II IS ' the plaoe between the arx and the Capitol, which is 
now called between the tmo gropes.' Veil. I 6 S ^ aBjlo /ado inler 
dual, local. Becker i 386—7. dlO. ii 19. Schwegler i 4fi9— GO. 
*64— 8. Paiilyi' 1918. PreUer riim. Myth,' 237. Winer Bealwotter- 
'bash. B. V. i^reiilait. On the right of Bauotuaiy and its abuses Hiick i* 
S4 6. in EphesoB Strabo 611. On the asjlum itself, cf. Liv. ii 1 g 1 i7Ia 
paBtornm eunvenarumque plebi, iraiisfaga ex laii popalii, rub tiitela 
ittviolati Uiapti aut libertalem aul certe impunitateia adepta. August, 
a. Cieanon. ii 16 = 13 non igitur, licat conviciaris, tamquam in 
asylum Bonnli Teatros nooeutes iseipimns. id. de cons, ev, i 
§ 19 ia primordia sun recolant, faainoioBoriini Bsj';lnin 
conilituerant Eemiu et Bamalut, ut ^Uqait oninslibet seeleris 
reus eo confueiaHBt, inultum haboret eommissam, Plut, Bom. 
9. DCasa. xltii 19. Flor. i 1 g 9. Verg. Aen, rm 842. esp. Ot. f. 
Ill 131 seq. lustin iixmi 7 S 1 coulnvie eonTsuarum. That the 
UomanB were (DH. i 5} it rur ^taaXoTdTur iSrur rvriKii\ii6iTei, Bome'a 
foundera (ib. 1) irfm-iU Twes Kal irXii'ijTfi tal pdp^apoL, Ronie'B otiginal 
population (Lb. Tii 70) levti pdp^pa mil ariuri-a, and ancient Bome itself 
(ib. I 89) ft KUTa^ivy^ papffiptiw cat ipartr£r tal dBurrlvr ardpunini, are lo 
DH. slanders i 89, ii 8. iv 26. Minuo. Fel, 26 g 3 asjlo prima pltbn 
conijregalii est. oonfluxeiant peiditi fncineioHi inoesti aicarii 
proditorea, 275 rAsraii schol. ' qnoa collegit 

BomnluB.' lustin ixyiii 2 g 8 qJlos autem bomines> esitf nempe 
pastorea, qai latrociuio iuslii dominii adentptum iolum ieneant. 
DCasB. LI 29 § 3 paeiKiTs iyirayro x"! xfll» trtu b(t6\oi. 
QMOD eto, EChol. ' serrus aut infamis vet latro.' 

►NOTE ON S 1 a 
The following was accidentally omitted in b. i n. 1 after ' to tha 

Sen. n. q. i pr. g 13 quantum emm eel, quod ab ult imis litori- 
bUB Hispaniae usque ad Indos iacetT pavciiiimomm diertim 
apatinm, ti navem euu! ferat ventia, impltbit. Plin. ii g 312 para noitra 
terrarum...longiiiime ab orfu ad occasum patet, hoe est ab India ad 
Harculis colnmnas GadibUB aaorataa. gg 343— 4 two meaanrc- 
nenta are given, each ataiting from the Ganges. Sb nTes many other 
xaeaBuremeniB always reckoning from Gades tolheveat, Ganges to 
the east (aiUig'a ind.) and places Gades t § 76 eitra orbem. Claud, 
names Godea as the farthest west iv cons. Hon. 43. bell. Gild. 159. in 
Entr. 1 353. Sidon. o. 6 S86— 7. Ambr. de Abraham n §10 at lu- 
diae guogue litarihvt ad Hercalie, nt ainnt, columnas. 


Mes pray for 6loqnenco, strengtb, wenltli. and tliiiB invito tbeir 01 

upon tLemaslvea [I — 27). Well migJit Democritna and Heraelitns ia I 
thia vanity of liuman Irishes find ma,UeT, the one for laughtci, the 
other for tears (28—53). For irLat may we pray (54 — G) T Vaulting 
amhitimi o'erteaps itself: witness Beianns, CrasauB, Pampeina, Caesar 
(50—113). Tha schoolboy eariea the eloqnenoe of Bemosthencs and 
Cicero ; yet it had been well for Cicero, if he had only been known 
as the meanest uf poets : for Demosthenes, if he had never left his 
father's smithy (114—133), How passiiig is military glory, and how 
■naoertain military power, appears inHannibal aodXerxea; AlBxander, 
for whom the world was all too strait, found rest at last in an nm 
(133 — 187). tpngth of days does bat hriug decay of body and mind, 
Peleas and Nestor, had they died early, ^vonld not have moomod the 
I093 of Achillea and of Antilachus. PriaTQ, Eocnha, Croeans, Mitbri- 
dales, Marina, Pomi>eiuH were spared to their own hurt (!88 — 28S)i,J 
Beantj is dangerous even to the chaato ; example of SiliuB (289 — 34SfiT 
lieaye- ti> Ibe gods, who Miow what ia best for yon, to order your lot u 
they will : pray ouly for health of mind and body, that you ml^fl 
bravely bear tha worst (316— 3C6), 
Cf. [Plat,] Alcib. II. Pera. n. VM. vn 3 E S 1. Son. ep: 10 gg 4— 8;-l 
33Jg4— 5. GO§I. 118 ||4— 9, Lucian. navig. 13 seq. id. loaromen. ^ 
ac. Mai. Tjr. 11=30. Euaeb. ap. Stoh, flor. i Bj, Fr. Jacobs t 
Schrifteu m 107—113. Lasaulx Stndien d. olnSH, AltetUiumH 137— 15& ■ | 
DiiUinger Heidantham n. Jndenthum 109 — 203. 
Our satire ia referred to by Chaucer Troilna and Creseide rv 2S *0 
Juvenall lord, true ia thy sentence, | that little wenen foUce what is to 
yeme, | that they ne findeu in liir desire ofience, | for aloud of erranr 
ne lette hem disceme | what best is.' Warton-Hozlitl hist, engh 
puetry iv 411 'In 1617 one W. B. produced the eaiUeat attempt at aa J 
Bngliah Jnyenal,..T/iat ic/nch iteiiu bftt is Korit. E^pn'st in a jrarw- ■ 
^hraitical tronterijpt of JwerMV4 tenth lati/n.' A few t 

X 1, 2 


borrowed by HiUl. There is a, Sne version by Sir John Beanmont, 
ChalmetB brjtiah poets ti 43 — 7; hdA another in Hen. Vnnghan'a 
works, ed. GroBHib, ii 31 — 55. Jolmson's ' Tanitj of human wishes' 

^^^p^ pea 

_— 11 In every land, from fortbeBt west to furthest east, few only 

,n discern true blastdngB from their eouuterfeits, clear from all mist of 

For what do we with reason foar, covet with reason ? what ilo yott 

indertaie with toot no right, with a start so lucky, but you rus jonr 

httarapC and the Buccess of your deaire? Whole houses Imvo fallen on 

□ petition, when indulfjent gods hare taken them at their word. 

, in war, men crave what will only harm them ; his flood of 

Bpeeob is often the orator's death-warrant ; rash trust in his thews, the 

wonder of the world, made Milo a prey of wolyea. TM. vii 2 E g 1 (a 

passage which, as also Plat. Ale, it and Pers. n, Inv. had hefura him) 

'mind of mortalB, wrapt in thieiest darkness [luv. i nubuid], over how 

wide a field of error dost tbou throw thy prayers broadcast ; thoa seekast 

wealth, whioh has been the destruction of many [12—27]; thoa lustest 

after hDnourg, which have ruined not a few [139—187] ; thou broodast 

over dreams of soveie^ty, whose issue is often seen to be pitiable 

[56 — 113]: thou graspest at splendid marriages [330 — 3]; but they, 

though aomotimss they add glory to families, yet not seldom OTsrthrow 

them utterly' [/undi(!« domoB evertunt, cf. 7]. 

1 BiDiBna 31 162. Cadiz, beyond the pillars of Hercnles (Horodot. 

IT 8 § 1), was the western boaudary of the world, the ne pliu ultra, to the 

anoents Pind, Nera. iv 69 TaSctpuv ri irpoi {i^v oi TtpaTiv. Ana- 

•Unontia. rin'BBiek=iii:sji 25—6 Kal Tt^ TaSetpmr inrit \ rodt Bnirpltw 

« kM& [cf. here 2 Oangen^. Bil. 1 141 tinem homimm Gadea. VeU. i 

E|l. Btat. s. Ill 1163 tolisque cuhitiaG a ies. golin. 23^12 extremuB 

iH arbii terminus. Aristid. u p. 354 Jehb. Faroemiogr. ed. Leutsch ii 

li n. IS. Avien. deacr. orbia 98—100. 8t Paul (Ulem. Bom. ep. i 6} 

ant to the boundary of the west,' i.e. be fulfilled his declared intention 

RViBiting Spain. On the alliteralion in Gadibiis luqna see 122 n. 

csijtia witbont ad before the nomoa ol towns 
aally, before other nouns in PUn. Stat. luat. 

"- in. 1 61 Euru» ad Auroram Nabataeaiiue regna receasit. 

QANQEii lb rv 20 — 1 oriens tibi viatvi ad usque | 

^olor extremo ^ua ting-uitur India Oange: Luc. n 229~~23i. 

Hors were the piUars of Bacchna Avien. desor. orbis 

id FiTToi 19 112 337. n 63 ' only few,' To limit 

Vatici, ufiHS, Ciij either nsts mu Jn (somttunes eolus) or has no particle ; 

IdT. and the writers of Ihe silvPr age (e g. Quintil, 1 12 | 2) often add 

ianhm (Krebs Ailgaitr Antil arbnrua Tdfi »69). Caes. b. C, 11 43 g 3 

horumfii)ianuiivinanerariarumiiny\brrosi7Kila.bat: pauoi Uimncuti ad 

e^ciam impentimqii' connmrbani DtNOBCBiiB In other 

compounda the initial g of the second member ia preserved, ignosco, cng- 

tioieo eto. Bee Corsseu iiber Ansapraehe n. a. w. i' 82. 437. Peru, v 106, 

lOTveri ipecUm dinoscere eallet | ...quaegus aeguenda forent, qvaeqve 

I ^Bitattda vicistUn. BL. ti g 43 ' Diogenes blamed men for their prayers, 

^^^^Mlng that tbey asked for what tbey thought good, not for the true 

^^^^toda.' a^. ep. 45Sg0. 7 rtt fallmit : illas ditceme. pro bonis mala 

^^^^^MfaetfMur: opCannii contra id, qtiod optaritavt. ptignant rola noitm 

^^^^^Kt t>otit...adulaCio qvam limilit eit aiiiicitiae.'.,.doce quemadmodum 

^^^V }uy. ir. 



66 2: 2-5 

Aanc (imifituifinfni poisitn dinosoere...vitia nobii sub 
obrepuat, ib, 1 10 gj S, 7 nemo iMuIrum, guid reri es««(, excusiit. 
videmat, nee quid noceat, rue quid expfdiat. ib. 33 Sg 4— S. 118 gg 5- 
Obbar 00 Hor. ep. 1 10 39. Aninn. Epict. n 3 gS 1. 6. 
SiLiisi.e.i'fnsioniidat.iiB JnVFl. ivl57— 8 diTersaqne tegilcorAt 
gertnt. So Hor. Yell. Lac. Curt, and Quintil. often (Miiblimuii 
469). So the dut. is found with differre, dUtare, ahhorrens. 
njjs MOLTna DiTEnai i.e. mala. So recte an lecus, recte lecaeite. Tutu 
an leevi, rd KoKd ml ra /i-j, to xflijora ij ri irepa (Wytt. ad Plat., 
Fhaed. Ill* cited by Heinridi). 4 erhobis nkbcu. ' 

from [Plat.] Alo. 11 ISO*" ' as Homer [E 127 seq. cf. P ()43— 9] sayB thai 
Attetia removed the mist [ax^i'v] from, the eysa of Diomedes, that hs 
rafjfit vjell distingTiish a god and a man, bo you too, aa it aeemB to m^ 
must first remoTe the mist from tlie sool, vhich 19 now upon it, and then 
appl; the means whereby yoa are to disUnguinli the good and the bod.' 
See Max. Tyr. DOase. Eus. in HSt. bx^iIs ad fin. Theodoret. gc. afi. cor. 
I 4 p- 4 1. IS 'we must diacoyec every method to diepel the fog rS;u'x^iir] 
that weighs them down, and to shew them the biightness of the inteU 
lectual light.' Lact. v 10 g 5 tenebramia et errotum ncbes bominam 
pecCora obdaxit. Fmd. bomart. 88 sunt auimia etiam sua nubila eriu- 
nu et aer. of. the contest. ritione 'on prinoipie,' 'by 

■eaaon's role.' Plin.ep. ii7 § 1 aedijicare U sm6is. bens est: invmi patro- 
:(niutn; asdifico enira iara ratione quia tecum. Generally cum ia pie&xed 
;o the abL modi, when not accompanied by pron. or adj. ; a few anhstaiiT 
tiyes however are nsed ahnost adverbially withont cum, as vi, more, Dwia, , 
' !, delo, tilmtio Znropt g 473 n. 1. Madvig g 253 a. 3. 

-\ 4CT ctrpncns Olibar on Hor. ep. i G 9,10. Mmiro and Laoh- 

a Lnor. vi 25. Sen. ep. 82 g 6 leiat, quo ittinu sit, unda trrt^ 

guod ilU honam, quod malam, quid petat, quid evitet, quae tit Ula 

ratio, quae adpetenda ae fugienda discernal, giia onpiditatnm man- 

Mueieit iniania, timorum laevUia competcitur. ib. 88g83 — 4. Philo- 

Bophy teaches ns to diEcriminate tme from false pleasures uid psina, 

Xalpcif nai AiPireiffflai ott Sii Aristot. eth. Nio. 2 g 9- ^ . . . 

minute phUos. vii 34. Sen. ep. 123 S 18 debenan itaq\ 

[Inbouc, death, pain, reproach, spare diet] timeamua, ne ilia [rioheSti 

^^^ pleaaures, beauty, ambition] cupiamua. ibid. 121 §4. ,' 

^^^^ 5 ssxiBO fEDE Petron. SO ' after we hod been eated .with 

^^^H these pleasnres, as we were abont to enter the dining-ioom, one of th^ 

^^^^B slaves, appointed to the ezpiess function, cried out dextro pede.' Silt. 

^^^r VII 171— 2 atttilit ltaspilio...peB dexter et hora Pradent. 

^^^ c. Symm. 11 15 feliciler et pede daxtro. Titruv. in 3 g4 the steps 

' to a temple should always he odd in number, that the worshipper may 

mount the first step dexlro pede, and aUo eater the temple right foot 

foremost, of. Iambi, vit. Pyth. g 156 ! [Eur. Bscch. 343— i tV iijip xp^ 

IXi/iJi Bffii? roSl I atpff nr (the thyrsus) J. E. 8.] ApuL Met. i 6 p. 27 
' having act ont left foot foremost (ainistro pede jiru/iriifiitn), I woi, as 
DBUsl, disappointed.' Cf. Ov. Ibia 101 omiaibusque malii, pediboB^tu 
occurrite laevis. The gods ore entreated to oome pede lecando (is. 
Berv. Aeu. vm 302 amine praKprro) Aeo. i 255. Aug. ep. 17=44 g 3 
' What doea Namphanio [a Punio word] mean but a man of good [oot, 
i.e. one who brings luck with him; as we comuionl; say that he baa 
entered leeundo pede, whoae entrance has been followed by some proa. 
perity?' Ct Prop. in = iY 1 6 qnoye pede inqreiHt 0». fast, i 6U 



X 5-11 


{ht shoe before pnttiug it on, otiicrs on cruseing a place wbere tliey had 

looimtered danger. . Aogustus (Suet. 92) regarded it as of e^il oicea to 

Jmt tha left etoe ou the rlglit foot. coNciriB plao. cf. coite, 

fraudes. Q PEiU-CTl Or. .ibis 97 peragftmrolo vota tacerdos. 

Here 'aeoomplished,' aa Nep. 25 23 § 8 propDst£iun,..perBeit, Stat. Th. 
II 671 epet lonpa peracta etl. 7 eeq. 111. 346aeq. From 

jTlat.] Ale. II 138 '". HI' many call down min npoa tliemselveB, not wit- 
tinely, as Oedipua, but miataking it (or a bleasing. 142''. 143' Ignoranca 
makea na pray for what ia worst for us. Any ons would think himBelf 
able to pray far tlie best for bimaelf, not tbe worst; for that is more lika a 
ouiBe tban a, prayer. etgrteiib douob 108. cf. TM. abuve 

p. 65. Cio. p. Gael. S 28 tniUini vitaja lahefactent, nuUius domam 
eyartant. "Tha gods have oyertbrown,' they have been known to do 
GO ; e. g. Midas, Semele, Pbaetbon, Tbeaeus (&nr. Hipp. 14 seq.). 

oiTANTiBCS iFsis abl. Sen. ep. 22 § 12 rise to a better life 
by tha favour of tbe gods, but not as they favanr those, on whom, with 
good and kind look they havo heatowad mala magnijica, ad hoc unura 
exevaati, quad iata, quae urunt, quae excrvcianl, optantihus data lant. 
oL Froato de nepota amisao n p, 913 Naber. S ficilkb 

oompliant, graciona. Ov, m. vC59. Marl. 1 103 4 risi^unt faailes e( (ri- 
buere dei. cf. the whole epigr. m 6 10. Lao. 1 505 — 6 o faoiles dare 
avmma deofl, eademque tueri | diddles. nocitqri Sen. ep. 

110 §10 qaidqvidnabit butta futuntmeral, dem et parent iioitPT ia proximo 
jit>)Uif..,nocitara altisaijoe presiil. tooa ' by tho arts of 

peace,' in the forum and the senate tiii 240. Gia. in Fia. g 73 jiaeia est 
iniigae et otii toga; by the wards cedanl arma togae, he meant bellura 
ae linaultuM pad algue olio cimcessiatan. Plin. paneg. 66 g 7. DCass. m 
17 S 1 irffra T^K t!ininKi». 9 IobbeNS DiCeNdI cOpU. 

138 n. oi74. QnintiL m 8 § 60 ton ena ...diceniii oratio. Hence 
Aneon. proL I IT dioendi torrens tibi oopia. The repetition in 
torrent dicetuU eopia and faeundia ia ebaraGtenatic ol Inr. Lupus (22, 
23) Bites 11 ao. 102. m 36. 133—6. 287. i» 152. vi 25. 139. 200. 237. 
268, aS6. 311. 359. 493. 65a vir 3. 48—9. 63— B. 8i— 5. vui 50. 71-2. 
80—1. nc 43. 71—3. 108. K 113—8. 188. 348. xiil 38. 189—90. 240. 
DT 16—7. 31. 42. 66. IBS. 2BI— 2. kv 26. 79. 129—30. 7VI 36. Bibbeck 
(der nnechte Iny. 42) adds x 29—30, 8B— 9. 104—5. eto. 
10 KOBTiFEKi 114-132. IIJ.B 171 n, the Pjthagoreftn (Iambi, 

■vit. Pjth. gg 104. 249. 267. Porph. -yit. Pyth. g B5) Milo of Croton, 
'wedgad in the timber which he stroTe to rend' (Baaconunon, inGifiord), 
andthereeBtenbywolTaBsohol.h.LVM.i!(13E§9. GelL st 16. Strab. 
■nlgl2p.263. Pans, yi 14 2 I 8. He lived at the time of tha Persian war 
(Herodot. m 137 g 4) and his Olympian viotorieB first were ealabrateii by 
Bimonidea (knih. Plan, ni 94, ii p. 631 Jacobs). TeBtimoniea to his 
prowess in Ariotot. ap . sahol. Theooc. ir 6. Cio. de fat. % 30. Cat. mai. § 38. 
Plizi. vn S 83. iiivii § 144. Pans. ib. gg 5-7. Ael. y. h. n 24. sn 23. 
Philoatr. Apoll. iv 28. anthol. Pal. n 930 — 940. loann. Antiooh. in 
MiUIer fragm. hist, iv 540. He led (a.d. 510) the army of Croton aKainsE 
thrioa the number of Sybarites, wearing 'it is said. Us Olympic crowns, 
and equipped in tha fashian of Hercules with a lion's skin and club' 
(DS, m 9 gS 5, 6). Hia voracity Athen. i 412— 413'. Oy. Ibis 009, 610 
alQue Milon, To6ur diducere JUiite Umptea, I nee poiiii captor inde Te- 
ll viRiDcs coNFisna VM.I-O. tre'--- 

1 a field split with 
, Pans. I. □. (and thenco 


X 11-U 

Smd. MfXiiW. ^por^/ia) irwi ^^Hwq/uToi. Strali. L c. (nho doubts the stor?) 

iTOOTTM^jjr TDu ^iDij. Coitfina, thongh peri, in form, is here proa, in 

iDse : cf. ftaMt, di^sai, ratal, loliita, vsitt, veriita. 

IRUT in early iiucriptioDB we find redieit, venieit eie. See IiaelllllBntl 
and Mnnra on Imm. iii 1043. carp, inscr. lat. i 601 ooL 3. Coisaen 
AiiBSpraclie a. s. «. i^ G08 — 9 and ind. ii lO&l col. 1 (nhere ia tbe Osoan 
and Umbrian perf. in -eit). Bitadil opnec. philoL ii HiS. EeinsiiiB 
Ov. m. 1 114. Ovid oap. lengtheiiH the final i. 

uiuiHAKDiEQVB ucEKTis YM. l.G. eumqiie cnm tot gjmnicla palmia 
lacerandum ferii praebuit. D3. 1. c. g 6 'lie was admired among his 
fellow-citizens ae the aathor of the Tictory.' iiiCEsca 

the arm from the ahonliler to the elhow. Cic. Cat. mm. g 27 MUa in hi* 
old age, seeing athletes training, aspex'me lacertos luoa ikitur, eajing 
with tears : at hi quideia iam mortui lant. 0». m. iv 229^31 fictqtU 
Milon eenior, cum apeclat inanes | iUtu, qui fuerant aolidoTQiQ 
mole toioTum | Hercnleis Bimiles, Jlaidot pendere la 
lac, as the seat of strength see the leix. For the thought 
§ 1 'not the possesaion, hnt the right use, of poner is the great tbingsi 
far what profit had Milo of hifl bodily strengthf ' 

12 — 27 Btill more niunenias are the victims of money ; the fortnn* 
p3ed Dp itithendless pains, towering among all other incomes, as a British 
whale among dolphins, chokes its master. In Nero's reign of terror it 
was the licb who were singled ont for elangbter, the fall sponge was 
Bqneezed : Longinns and the wide pork of wealthy Seoeca were invested 
by a whole cohort ; the snmptnons maDEion of Lateranus was beset : sel- 
dom does a soldier come to ransack the gsrret of the poor. Thongh yon 
carry but a few small pieces of plain silver plate, yon will fear the award 
and pike us yon set out on your jonraey before dawn ; the shadow of a 
reed qnivering in the laoon will set yoo, qaaldng. The wayfarer who has 
no such dangarons load will sing nnconcemed before the footpad's toes. 
The first prayer, most familiar to every temple, is for riches, that onr 
funds may grow, our coQer be tbe best-Slleil in all the exchange. Yet no 
poison is drnuk from earthen bowls ; then fear it, when you pnt a jewelled 
cap to yourl^s, costly Setine wina sparkling in a broad beaker of gold. 

12 seq. xrv 2BB seq. 303 seq. Prop, iv = iii 7. Lueiau Saturn. 26. 
Maxim. Tyr.xi^^cxx gl'Midoa bemoans his wealth, and recants his prayer;' 
an allegory, the fool's prayer turns to his own hurt.ho prays that he may 
win, and when he has won repents, PaUadas anth. Pal. ri 394 'gold, 
iatiier of flatterers, son of pain and care, to have thee, ia fear, and to 
want thee, pain." Hor. c. lu 16 17. Sen. ep. 116 §§ 16. 17. 

13 HTaANom.u Shakespeare 'choked with ambition.' Sen. de tian^ 
nn.2g lOi'n angtata iacluiae cupiditatei tine exilu sc ipiae strangnlant. 
of. ep. SI S 13 mluptates . . . latrowim more . . . .iahoc noa ampUctanlar, 
ut Btrangulent. Ov. tr. v 1 63 Btrangulat inclmui dolor. Lnb^ 
cites Biog. ep. adChrysen 'like Midas, yon starve amidst your wealth, 
strangled as it were with a rope oE gold.' 

14 QOiKTo without (onto (which occurs e. g. Tin 140—1) cf. m 125. 
Plat. ttpoL 39" xo^f'J'-*!'" otf niiripai. SO'. Burm. on Ov. m. iv 64. 
Schwarz on Plin. pan. 73 g 3. Liv. xxi 53 § 10 ifgnius . ., , qnanto 
lonj/iai. Toe. an. in 43 maiur . , . , qQanto . . . opiikntior. 
hklpbinis with tbe double form delphiti, -if, or -u», -i Prisdan (n _ 
compares dcpkaf, ettphaittia, Arabs, Arabvi, Btrange fables ore 
ported of the dolphin by Aristot. Plin. 0pp. in Lena Zoologie der 


1135) H 
a6 re. ^H 

261 — CI. Add the ttmoroua dolphin of Plin. ep. ii 33. Hofmann b.t. 
Bochart Hieroz. pt. i 7. pt. ii v 12. dujena Fr. huhitie. 

ij,a\iLii-a, Germ. Walljisch, are all of the same root as oar whale. Wlialea 
were said tu equal mountaiaa in size and to swallow up entire vE9sel3 nith 
their erewB pionja. perieg. 596— GM. Priacian. periag. 598— fi03 Werasd. 
Avien. descr. oib. 7S0 — 93 Wamad.). Fhn, t\ § 4 apeaka ol balaenae in 
the Indian sea of 4 iiigera in extent, UDdpriaiei □{ 200 cnbits in leneth. 
See Lena 952—4. Bochart 11. co, HofniaDn. The eoutrast between tlia 
wealth of the few and the misery of the manj was nevermore glaring than 
in imperial Kome Marquardt lu 2 17. BRiTiNKic.t Dntsus 

and Germanicus had opened the north sea to the Komans, and the vic- 
tories of Suetonius Paulinue and lulins Agricola in Britain bad drawn the 
attention of the Bomana (Tao. Agr. 10 multi Tettiilere. el the Germany of 
Plin. and Tao.), with whom natural history and encyolopaedio learning 
were now in fashion, to oar island, which as lying at the verge of ths 
known world, was peopled with 'gorgons and hydras and chimaeraa dire.' 
Hor. e. IT 14 47^8 belnoauB qui remnlia | obstrepil Ooaanna Bri- 
tannis. Whalea sometimes appeared in the Mediterranean Plin. n % 13. 
Ambc. hesaem. T 11 § 32 Bays of the cete in the Atlantic, ' yoa would 
thiiLk tbey were walkiug islands, or lofty mountains lifting their peaks to 
the skies.' Hen. Hant. in Petria mounm. hiat. i 691" (cited by Taylor) 
quotes luv. and eaya that whalea and dolphins are oftsn taken on the 
dooat. The whale like tiis sturgeon was a royal fish (Ducange balena .pUcis 
regim), on which tithes were paid. Gotselin vit. Augustin. Cantuor. 2 
(Daeange) 'in the Biitisb oea are caught dolphins and seals, and also 
monttiniae batatnae,' OlaE Magnus and Pontoppidan fill the same 
eea, with strongs monsters (Weber). Sea Bojardo Tiui 68 (Diintzer). 
IS TEUFORiBtra DIR1B IV 80 of Domitisn's time. 
cf. IV 14. Nero's reign af terror began a.d. 62, after the death of Burrua, 
with the reataiation of the lex maiestatia, which had been in abeyance 
since the accession of Claudius Tao. iiv 4S. Dio li 3 g 6. 
16 IJ350IKUU C. Casaina Longinne, a iamons inrist (Plin. ep. vn: 24 
g 8. t) Ca/iianae ichalae princepi el pareni. the sect of the Ciiasiaai 
[Diikaan monaale a. v.] )( ProcalHaiiL 'Hac. sit 13. Suet. Nero 37), cob. 
Hofl. i-D. 30 ChntoaBorghasioenvrus vB3— 4. 196—6. 252. legatna of 
Syria a.ii. 15—49 Borghesi 11, ec. Tao. ib. 11. cf. los. ant. xvll§4. 
XI 1 5 I. Afterwards he lived at Eoma as an acting memberoE the senate 
in high repute Tac. ini 11. 48. xiv 42—5. xv 62. Pompon, dig. i 2 2 
% EI. A.D. 65 he was accused by Nero, nominally beeanao ha preserved 
among the imagines of his house that of the famous Cassiua, inaorihed 
Dv^ pmxiTH, really from jeolouey of Ma wealth and chacaDter Tao. xvt 7 
nulto crimine, nUi quad Gassiiia O'pibaa vetuatis et gravitnie morKm .., 
praeceltehat. cf. ib. 8. Suet. L o. DCoas. lxit 27 § 1. Cassius was ban- 
ished to Sardinia (Tao. 9. Pompon. I.e.), being then old (Tao. 9] and blind 
(Snet. I.e., who Bays that he was put to death; soDCaas.), He was recalled 
by Veapoflian Pompon. 1. c. cliosit, oa applied to 

LonginuB, denotes hia appcehenaion, not his oonfinemenl (eC. x 170) iu 
Bardinia. seheoab v 109. viii 312. 

BESECAE rniEDiTiTiB BOBTOB Tao. sv 64 fin, (of Seneca) praedivea et 
praepoteo!. Anson, grat. act. § 31 divoa Seneca, cl. n. on sat. i 137 
init. In bis tract on huppineaa, addressed to his brother Gallio, Seneca 
represents his enemies as cohtruating hia frugal precepts with Ida auiap- 
tnouB lite vit. beat. 17 | 2 se^. 'Why do you not dine by your own 
T -wbj have jon handsome tomitura 7 wine made before you were 

^^iWbT wh 

X 16, 17 

bom J . . . why bttve yon estatea beyond eea, mora than you have em J 
seen? . . . more slaves than you can recollect?' Bee the irbole traatiMi] 
and ep. 87 on the true riches. In his consolation addressed to his mother 
Helvja 14 S 3 he says that she always rejoiced in her sons' wealth, bat 
never drew upon it. a. d. fiS some blamed Seneca, and Bimns, viivi 
vilatem adteverantea, for dividing houses and conntry tnansionfl ai 
them as bo mnoh booty Tao. x!ii 18. a. d. E8 P. Suillinfl asted (Tao. 
42] ' by what philosophic role Seneca had, in four years of imperial favour, 
Diuitssed 300,000,000 sesterces 7 [cf. DCass. lh 10. The fortune of Fallaa 
was the same ; Narcissus and On, Lentulus hod each 400 millions Fried- > 
lander 1' 192], At Rome ho swept np as in a drag-net benueats and orM^ I 
ond drained Italy and the provinces [e. g. Britain DCass. rai 3] by exor-i I 
bitant UBiuy.' ji.ii. 63 Seneca was accused (Tac. xivSa)of still adding to. 1 
wealth already exceeding a private standard, of ambitious designs, and o| < f 
outdoing the emperor himself in the splendour of his parks and country' J 
houses, hortornm amaenitate el villurura viaffnificentia. Sen. to Nero.i 1 
(ib. 53) : ' Xon have heaped npon me such an abundance of offices aniLli J 
wealth, that nothing is wanting to ray good fortune bnt to moderate it. .... i 
You have surrounded me with boundless treasures, so that I oftea ' 
asli myself, Do I, a man of eqaeitrian and provincial family, take rank 
■with the noblrat of the Tfalmt . , , where is that spirit satisjifd viith a , 
modest fortune 1 does it lay out such parka a» these, tales hortos eitrnit.. j 
and italk through these luburban eitatei, and ran riot in to vast lerTitoTiei,A 
mch boundleii revenuei f The only excuse that presents itself is (cf. Seri.^] 
de ben. ii 18) that I was not free to reject gifts from your hand.' BOiJ 
begs (c. 54) to be relieved of the burden which oppresses him ; ho would 
gladly devote to the improvement of hia mind the time now set apart fot 
the management of hia property, quod temporis hortorum atit villanilB 
euros leponilur, Nero replies (o. £5) 'what you have done for me ■will 
abide with me till death; what you have received from me, hoiti, et 
fenus et villae, is all at the mercy ol chance. ... I am ashamed to name 
freedmen, who are seen richer than yon. I blush to think that yoa do not 
excel all the world in fortune, as you do in worth. ' In short he refused 
to relieve Seneca of his wealth (a. 6B. Bnet. Nero 35); who however 
changed hia course ol li!e, holding no more levies, and keeping close 
withm doors, k. n. 62 (Tac iiv 65] he was suspected of treosonaUe cor- 
respondence with Piso. After the fire of Home, A.n. &i, he made over his 
riches to Nero, as a contribution to the expenses of reboilding the oit;^ 
pCasa, LIU 25 I 3). _ 17 bbnbcae bortos oninsn 

TOli. coaoBE jl,n. 65 Antonim Natahs denounced Seneca as a confe- 
derate of Piso'a (Tac. XV 6S, 60) : a tribune invested, globis militnm 
sofpsit, his villa. Uis wife insisted on sharing hia fate [Tac. 61 — 63). 
Seneca's nephew, Lucan, also the owner of Aorii marmorci (Inv. vii 
79 — 80) engaged in the conapiroay from personal pique, Nero having 
disparaged his poems (Tao. xv 49); be denounced his own mother (ib. 
66), but did not thereby escape death (ib. TO). Mela, Lucan's father, 
while endeavouring to secure his son's property, was accused on the 
strength of a forged correspondence, which Nero, epibua tine inhiata 
(Tao. vn 17), professed to receive as Renuine. He too, like his brothur 
and sister-in-law and son, bled himself to death. On luirli see r 75 n. 
Valerius Asiaticus, another Nabotb, was murdered by order of the Komia 
Jezebel Mcssalina for the soke of liis liorli DOass. nx 31 § 5. Tao. xi 1. 3. 


a 147 n.), cos. des. joined in Pise's conspiracy from patriotio 

X 17-19 


'JDotives (Tao. xv 49); lie waa behended in the place of esecntion for slaves 
*^ 60); tha ftrst stroke not proving mortal, he laid down Mb neok on 
lilook a Beeond time (Arr. Epict. I 1 g I'J ; an iuatanoa of hia Mutaga 
8 20). Like many palacea ai the great (Mart, iii 18 3 — 3) his home stood 
on the Caelian moimt ; lor M. Aarelins, who was bom on that monnt, 
\na aUo educated there in the honae of hla grandfather Yemn lul. Capi- 
tolin. Ant. phiL 1 iiista aedea Laterani, Hieron. ep. 77 Vall. = aO | 4 
'in the Eight of the whoie city of Sjime, before Easter day, in the basilica 
quondam La tyrant, qui Gataariano truneatui est gladia, in tha 
rank of the peoitenta.' Beptunins SevernH gave houaaa, among othem 
tiutt (if £.at;ranui, to Tariona friends, among whom iraa Lateranils cos. i.d. 
197 A7. epit. 20 g 6. Constantino adorned the palace and erected there 
a, chnrcli on the site of tha present St John Lateran (Nicoph. vn 4B, 
Becker cHm. Alterth, i 607 — S. Oregorovius Geaoh. d. St. Horn i 87 — 9. 
Bnnsen iit 1 603—556. Bum Home and the Campagna 220. Tillemoat 
emp. tr I'll. Stanley adda Baronius m 115). Prud. c. Symm. i 695—6 of 
the Boman popnlaoe witibua aut iiiai/nU Laterani currit ad aedea, | 
tinAf lacrilJH Teftrat rcgaH chriemate eignlim. 18 Wealth the 

deadliest sin in a, reign ol terror, e.g. in SuUa'a proacriptlon App. b. e. i 
Se (Stanley). Caeaar in Sail. Cat. 61 g S3 of the aame proscription uti 
gtiiiqae domum ant villam, poatremo T&s aat vniimeniam concupiverat, 
dabat operam, «< U in proacriplonaK nuviero f (set. So in Uie proscription 
ol the trimuTirB Nep. 2Ci 13 § 4. Saet. Tib. 49 gives exK. both of Bomans 
and provincials put to death by Tiberina for no other crime ; cf. the case 
of Sex. Marina Tac. vi 19. At the beginning of his reign Tiberius saeri- 
ficed no man to his avarice (DCass. i.vti 10 g 5. Tan. an, u 48 but aee it 
20). Gaiiu Caeaar (Caligula DCaas lix 10 % 7. 14 §§ 1. 4. 18 Sg 1- 6 Inniua 
I'riscna turned out ' not worthy of death,' Oaiua complained : hs cheated 
mt and died in vain; fm he miglU ham liaed. 21 gg 2. 4. Suet. 39. 41. los. 
ant. xn 1 g 10) Commodus (Lamprid. 6 fin.), Maximinua (Capitolin. 13 
% 5), repleniBbed their callers by the same means. By the execution of 
his Jreedmaa Pallaa Nero wan a fortune equal to Seneea'a DCaas. lxii 14 
3 3. Tao. SIT 65. Suet. 35 fin. other eix. DCaas. Lim 17- eap. the plnndec 
of Greece i.n. 67 ib. II, while Polykleitoa and Helios were deapoilina 
Borne. See the general pictore of Home after Nero'a fall Tao. h. I 3 
nobitilaa opea omiiii gestlque hanorea pro orimiue. cf. M. Sen. oontr, n 
e 3 14 p. 122 20 (jifitum ineommoda, . . . vmlloi dieitei acematos. Pint, de 
snperat. 3 p. IGS^ ' the poor man feaia no informer.' Bymm. pro patre % 
p. 44 Nieb. Quintil. decL 345 p. 729 Bnrm. DCaea. Mx 10 g 7. 14 S 4. 18 § 1. 
22 gg 3—4. 25 § 1. LI 37 S 8. 32 § S. iJti 6 g 5. um 37 g 2. uiu 11 g 3. 
11AT1D3 via G3. Pbaedr. iv 1 6 lara mens inlelUgit. 
Hieron. comm. in Oaeelib.n pr. rarumjue inveniaa,qui , ...So Ov. Plin. 
Qaintih Tac. In Engl, na use the plur. or the adr. ' seldom.' cf. denMa- 
tiind lectica i 120 □. also respettinas, noclumui, eto., where we use the 
adv. OBNicnJii garrets, cocklofts m 201 n. vn 118. Cic, 

da leg. agr. n g 9S ;fun(ntn...cenaaulis snblatam atqae anapenaam. 
Sec Van. Panloa (Featua), Liv. xwix 14 g 2, Macrob. Sat. i 6 g 15 in 
lexi. When ViteUina (Suet. 7) went to take the oommaud of tha army 
in lower Germany, he was tain to lat his house, and stow away his 
family in a hired garret meritnria oenaonlo, Horace, after describing 
the fugitive whims of the rich, ep. i 1 91 quid pauper? rirfs: muiot 
cenaoula. Prud. o. Byirnn. i 680 omaia qui colsa auandil oenaoultt 
valgus. Marquardt v 1 252— S, 19 padca 2ii, 

'lOftly a fevr,' and those amall vointEti, and plain pari a 



teve argeiitum ' smooth ' ] 

X 19-22 

a afpera 'i 


ti yasnnla pnri, [ ltd guai' 
„ . II and email, yet beyond ths 
limit allowed by Fabrioiua. cf. i 7C n. (cep. Plin. ep. 1:1 1 % 9), 77n. 
Beokor Gallus 11' 320. Mart, iv 39 Charinns has plaM ctaeed by Myron,' 
Prasitelea, ScopsE, PLidias aud other nrtiBts: argeainm tamen inter 
omne miror, | quare nnii ftafims, Charina, purilm, QL Cieero'a pan 
Verr. iv g 49 Verres dinetl with Eupolemus: all the rest of the plattf 
waa plain jpurum, that ha might not himself be left jnirua ('cleared 
out'); there wore but two cups, not large, but etill emboseed. Yerrea 
then and there ordered the raised work eiablemata to he removed from 
the oupB, cf. % 53. Plin. ixtTii % 28 Drtiata conueal defeats in crystals 
by oarTiag, caelatura; thaae which sea without a flaw they prefer to 
leaTB plain, purai. Dig. yi 1 S 6 qaaimiis tt in, Taais oecuna.t difficaltat, 

ulTwa lancem damtaxat did oponeat, on etiam, . pura an caelala tit. 

So ekarlae purae are 'blank' paper )( written boofca Dig. xisnSa %i: 
maiit^ia pura plain tableclotha )( eocco clavata, with scarlet stripes Lam- 
prid. Alei. Ser. '67; ager purus (cf. xafiapla) is 'open' ground, not built 
upon Orelli inacr. 4371. From vascellum oome Ft: vaiseelU onAvaiaitaii, 
and oni 'vessel' whioh comprehends both, 

20 HOCTB on the practice of travelling by night see Cas. on Suet. Caes. 
31. coNTCJ* ' a pike,' sometimes thrown (Strab. x 

p. 448). See Biah companion s. v. and the lexx. conlariui. eontijieiitm.' 
eontas. loprdf. First found as a Latin word in Liv. (e. g. xxxvu 11 g 1S< 
where it is ' a pole') and Verg. Hieron. in Amos 11 4 vi 266" TalL Theo- 
doaio iipuTti, guem no> secati, contos vel hastas inttrpreiati miihtm. 
Sex. Ruf. breviar. c. 29 of Julian ab JioBfium nbvia equite oonto per Ula 
ictiu. A Barmatian weapon Claud, laud. 8til. 1 111. Cf. ind. Claud, tot 
5 other en. Arr. Epict tv g 68, after speaking of the deliverance of tha 
mind from its tyrants, and the destruction of the mind's Baatille (cita- 
del, see luv. X 307 n.) : 'if the tyrants are ei:pelled thence, why do I yet 
demoliHh the citadel, why at least for my own sa'ite ? Cor, if it stttnda, 
what hann does it do me ? Why do I yet espel the derieanta ? It Ja 
against others that they have their fascfi, and their pikei, tovrailt, 
and their swords.' KnyripaTOL are classed with to^othi in the anonym, 
comm. on Arist. ihet. f. 34 (ap. Brandis Philologns iv 35). 

21 MoiAE Luo. VII B— 6 pftvet ills fragorem \ motorum ventis 
ncmorun. Claud, in Etitr. n 462 — 3 ecce Uvii fmtdea a Urgo amcutit 
aura, | credit tela Leo: valait pro vuinere terror. Bo Nero in his last 
flight trembled at the bark of a dog or the twittei of a bird or tha 
rustling of a branch DCaas. lxiii 28 g 2. ad iajsoi 

*by moonlight.' Aen. iv 613 mfiaae ad lunam (herbae). Patron. 
Bnrm. Ov. m. tv S9 ad Innae radios (vidil). Plat, de aollart. x 
12 ga p. 968 irpot tV itt\-iy^. Phaedr. iv 10»11 2 ipiumgits 
pilavit ad lumen auam. cf. Ov. fast, n 741. Bo ad lumiua Snet. 
Caes. 37 Buhnk. Or. m. iv 220. Tart, ad nnt. 11 11 ad candetaa 
lumina. U. Sen. contr. 25 g 2S p. 259 Sad lucernam. HandTursell. 
I 97 — S. TtiBpiDABiT uumuu VIII 152. many intran- 

sitive verba, whioh denote a state of the mind, or its oiproasion, beoomo 
transitive, especially in the poets, by taking aa objeat in tha ao 
enibesca,jleo, gemo, horreQ, pnveo, tremo Madvigg 223 c. 
nuHEAU paroemiogr. gr. 11 88 riir lauroS irtiiy 3i!amev Loutach. 

22 Hence Boeth. phil. cons. 11 pros, S p, 3U 1. 95 Feiper- 
igilur guf nunc contnm gladiumque BolHcituH pertimeaolv 




X 22-25 

I'M vilae hiiiiis eaUrm vrctiiis viator intraasii, eorant 

I, Cf. Apul.m. 1 15 p. 53 'Opsn tLs stable daor; I wnnldset out batoie 
__. ..,' The porter lying on the ground behind the fltable-door, and Btill 
■ f&Atf asleep, 'What' Ea;a he 'ignoraa lationibuB infeslari vioi, oi 
I^Oa noatifl iter iucipiit' I leply 'ijawu is at hand. And beeidi 
^~pii<i TiatoTi de nimma prntperit la t rones avferre poifunl ! An ignorat, 
nndnm nee a decern palatilriiia deepoUari potter' St. CbrjB. 
n Matt. 83 p. 794' 'not even a hnndred men together can itrip the 
ir and naked.' Hieroo. Tit. 8. Hilar, erem. 12 Soma brigands meeting 
a ashed ' What would you do, ii brigands csme to yiiu ? ' He re- 
midv; latTonei nan timet. Ito Camot. hjmn. (cent, ii ciliid 
r Taylor, bibl. max. pair. Lugd. iriii 51") latrone coram | iner- 
taUalte praocinit viator, ef. Higdent412. Ot. nni 43—1 tic timet 
inHdiat, qui leit ee ferre Tiatoi | cui timeat: tntum earpit inanis 
iter. Phaedr. ii T. Sen. ep. 14 § ' let us have nothing which can be 
wrested from na to the great profit of the robber: oarrjr as few spoils onyonr 
parson as yon can. Ko one draws htunan blood for its own galie, or very 
I ■pW ; plaret computanl giiam odenml, nudum latro triniimillit, 
""tea where the road is beset there is peace lor the poor. ' DChrys. ti 
_.l £n. p. 218 B = 10S 3 IJind. where Diogenes eays 'I wolli by night 
tthithersoeTerl will or by day, alone, and am not afraid to walli, if need be, 
" ihrough an army withoat a harald's BtaS, or among robbeia.' id. Ti: 
p. 223 = 110 27 ' I readily followed ; for I never feared an ambneh, having 

nothing bat a poor coat Poverty is indeed a thing holy and inviolable, 

and no one injiuea it ; sooner wonld they injure those who hear herald's 
Btavaa.' Sen. de tranq. an. 8 § 4 regmim est inter avarae circumecriptores 

CAKTABiT ¥11 55 n, Naev. in Cic. de or. n | 279 ' Why do 
j'on weep, father?' Mirum ni canteni. cnndemnaiut turn. 

Ticrraa cohah liibosh viatoh Cio. de fat, % 35 (cited by 
Sntford), where ha ia warning against tha inferenoo poii hoe, ergn propter 
hoc; on this pdnoiple viator gaoque bene veatitus caaea graaaa- 
tori filiate dicetvr cur ab eo tpoliaretur. lAtnoNS 

on the insecurity of the roads see iii 302 — 9 n. isiii 145. Friedlnnder n' 
39 — 32. Angnstns suppressed the banditti App. b. c. v 132. A tra- 
veller snTpTJaad by robbers, viator a laironibat except-as^ supplied 
Boigeocs with an interesting ease for study (Cels. l pr. p. 8 3 Daremb. ha 
jnight be bo wounded «t eiui interior allijtm pars vulnirarctur). So 
Galen (in FrteiUlindar) recommends the study of the slieletonE of robbers 
left unbntiad by the road-side. 23—25 iiv 107—331. 

Pers. II 9 — IB. 44 — 51. Lucian. navig. 13 aeq. Pctron. 88 'before they 
touch tha thraahold of the Capitol, they promise, one a house, if he shall 
have hmied his rich relation, another, if he shall have dug up a treasura, 
another, if he shall have made bis way safe and sound to 30,000,000 ses- 
terces.' tha very senate bribes Inppiter, etc. fbhb with moat 
men. 24 nrviriiE opes several times found toBetbar in 
Cic. opet is the more general term, innludiug credit, following, and 
other means of ailvancement (Diiderlein v 81). 

VT uixi^ix TOTo sosTRA BIT ABCA TODo that We may have a larger sum 
at interest in our banker's hands than any capitalist of them all. 
at. m 140—1 viginti miliafenvs | pigneribus positit. 
25 ,u<cA a strong-box, money chest, coffer i 90. xi 26 n. xit 260. Becker 
Oallua n* 309—10. Rich companion s. v. To be the largest in Bome, the 
l^t nmst be large indeed, as some could afford shelter to a growa 


etill ^H 


X 25-28 


^^^H mBD. TORO Sen. da truiq. an. S g 5 grande in 1ar<k 

^^^1 fema. As early as Plant, and Ti>r. the famm is natnotl as tlio abode dl , 
^^H tbehajakeTS,memarii, ar/ifntarii. Their offices, (aiemne, ware on its N. E- 

^^^ft Bud S. W. Bides. Barn Itame ood the CiunpBgna S9, 9(). Hence luv. a 
^^^H GO n. eedere foro, or a2i(r« /., meraif., meant 'to become bankrupt ' Bain 
^^H in Pflnly i> 1513—8. Bwikei i 337. Marqnardt iii 2 65. 
^^H 26—27 Sen. Tbyeat. 451—3 'crimes do not enter lints, and the loai, 

^^^1 taken at a narrow lioard is safe, venenuni in auru b ' 
^^^B Hero. Oet, G53 — 9 the poor man Iiolils his boochen cup nith no trembling 
^^H hand; he eats hia cheap repast, looks back on no sword uf Damocles. 
^^H aniea mUcel pocula sanguis. acokiti i ISBn. 

^^M 26 ficTiLiiiDS HI IGSn. fictUibuB ccimre pudet, 

^^^B in Borne 'whers all live bcyaud their means. 

^^H 27 oEJiMiTi pooDu. \ieiKDkXi)Ta. v37—48n.wherethepatron drinks otti 

^^H of jawelled caps of gold, the poor client oat of broken glass. Cic. Verr. W 

^^^1 § 62 the joxmg Antioobas rashly displayed to Yerres much ailvei plate^ 
^^^P and not a levi pocula ex uuru, which, as is tbe fashion with Mags, 
^^ in Syria, g^miais erant disHacta claritsimU. ib. gg Gi— 68 we see _, 

danger of snch possessions. Piin. xiitii § 17 ' we seam (by greater Inxur]'' 
in other things) to have lost the right of reproving gemmata potoria* 
Treb. Poll. 16 g4 gemmata viisa fecit eademque anren. id. Claut 
IT § 6 aureoB gemmatos trilibrfs duos. Cypr. ad Donat. IS p. 13 SO 
seq. a close parallel to the text 'these quakin)^ trepidos, even amidst 
their riches, divitiai, the anxiety of nncertaia expectation tartures, ne 
praeda vastet,'nB percunoT infeiiet, lest the spitefol envy of evety 
one who is wealthier than they ahonld traable them with cinmaioua 
snits. nun cibui lecuro lomatisve cmilingit, euspirat Hit tn convivio, 
bibat licet gemma, . . . ncc iaiellegit miser, speeioia sibi esse supplicia, . 
aura se alUgattim ten^rl et possideri magii quam potiidere.' The fashioii.' 
of adorning cnps with jewels had long prevailed in the East ; throagb''. 
Byzantinm it passed to the middle ages, and ancient gems may be seen ob>. 
many a chalice, Miiller Archoologie g 315 n. 1. Salm, Plin. 
On Inxiiry in fnmiture and service cL Iut. u 120 aeq. 
bbtihijU t 31 n. Wine of Setia, now Seiia, an ancient city of Latinin, 
between Korba and PriTemnm, overlooking the Pomptine marshes Mart. 
X 74 10-11, KU IIB. It was famous and costly (Strab. v 334. 287), and 
preferred to all others by AagoBtoB and most ol his snccesaors Plin. xr» 
S Gl. Mart, iv 69 yoa always pnt on the table 8otine or Mosaic, Fapilos, 
but scandal will have it that the wine ib not so good after all. They say 
that that bowl of yonrs has made yon tour times a widower, I don't believe 
it, PapUns, but— I am not thirsty, id. vi SS. k 2 5 iueensnra nieu 
doiainae Setina liquanlur. Stat, ii 6 90. ed. Diocl. :i 5. 
ABDEBiT ' shall sparkle.' zi 166 ar dens purpura. Scbol. quia viMim 
epl/ndeicit in anro. In Mart, iz 74 5 'nory ' rampit el ardenti mo- 
didui cri/italla Falenta. 

28—53 New then [knowing the Tanity of homan wishes] mnst yon 
not praise DemocritHa for laughing, Heroclitus for weeping, when they 
bad moved but ono step from their sUlf But eveiy man can play the 
censor with caustic iiout; 'tis more marvel whence that store of brine 
t for tbe eyes. Uemocritns used to shake his lungs nith endless 
laughter, though Abdsra had none ol our Boman pomp, robes of state, 
liotors, fasces, sedans, pmetor'a court. How if he hod seen the mock 
majesty of onr circensian procession t the praetor standing out from hia 
lafty oar, towering high amid tbe dusty cireus, in tuoio Qgored with palm 



X 2a 

Thifl ( 
mon Liiciau t 
tha e^B at p 
Tzati. cbi]. : 
most bring ooTBelyeB t( 

leavas, bnironed from tbo temple of InppitEr, trailing from his ehonlders 
thfl purple Laaginga of a Btnrreil toga, and on Ma head a crown, whose 
teavy hoop no neck cirn support : for a public slave Bweats beneRth 
the load, slnve and consul ricliiig in one car, that the consul mar 
remembor Le ie but man ? Add too tho eagls, rit>iiig from the ivory wani^ 
on that Bide coinets, on tliia citi^eiia in enoo'-white gowns at tha horses' 
long train marcHug to i^oce the show before tbair patron, whoaa 
Jioarded dole has bought their friendship. Even in dajs of yore every 
meeting with hie Mud famished food for laughter to him, vhose 
idom proTSB that greatest men, destined to leave high examples behind 
iem, may ariee in the native home of blocMieade, under a gross, foggy 
Democritus moclied the busineas of the oroivd and ita pleasures, 
imeaita very tears; while he hamBelf bid frowning Fortune go haug, 
aod Rnapl his Gngers in her fni^e. 

' 'en Heraolitua and Bemoeritns is Tery oom- 

13 — 4, where the pair are pnt up together in 
. de aaorif. IS. Sotion in Stob. floril. ii S3, 
Inv, followe Sen. de tranq, an. In gg 2—3 we 
regard all the faults of the ynlgar aa ridiculous, 
hateful, and imitate rather Demotritxis than lltraclitnt. hie 
aiim, qnotiena in publioum piooesaerat [luv. 39—30], tlebat, ille 
ridobnt. 'iiiii; omnia, quae agimua, miisriae, illi inrptiaa vidrbantur. 
id. de ira ii 10 § 6 Hataclitufl qaotiens prodierat et tantutn cirea 
tf mill-: I'h'untium, immo male peremttrnm virUrat, (lebat, mUerebalur oi»- 
■nimii q:i} sihi laeti felietsqve oecarrebant, miti aiiimo, ted iiimis imbecilla: 
et ipse mler deplarandat erat. Democritnm contra ai'unC nnmqnam 
Bine riaa in publico (uiflBe: adea nihU ilU videbahir leriinn, eonim, 
quae eerio geTchanliir. anth. PaL n 1*8 ' weep for life, HeraclitM), far 
mora than when thou Wert alive; life is now more pitiable. Lav,gh at 
life, Dfmocritut, more now than of yore, life ia now more laughable 
than ever. I myself, as I look at the tivo, am puzzled to choose bstneen 
jon, bow to iBeep with thee, how with thee to laugh,' Lucian de morts 
Peregr. 7. Sidon. ApoU, ii 171— 9 quidqiiid Pythagnriu, Demooritna, 
Heraclitus, | deflevit, rieit, tacuit, where observe the cbiasmua. The 
tears of Heraclitus and laughter of Democritus ale apocryphal. Bee A. 
Chnas9,ug hist, dn roman et de ses rapports aveo I'histoira dans I'anti- 
qnits Rrecine et latine, Poria 1S62, pflrtie ii ch. 2 ']e cnman philoao- 
phique.' No more happy example of grave mockery could have been 
found than the trinropha] proceagion at tho games. The praetor, whose 
chief function wag now the management of shows, assumed the state 
proper to those who had enlarged tha honnda of empire. The emperor 
alone, or hia sons or nephews, were now permitted to triumph, but the 
dMorationa and solemn ritnal and nniveraal acolamations remained 
before; or rather the shadow outdid the substance in parade. For I 
populace, tu be kept in humour, must have ita circeiiset as well as 

28 'i« Hind Tnrsell. in 147 = oum hoo Bit. 'by this time,' after 
we have learnt so much of the blindueas of mankind. 
it is DOt only, aa Zimipt % 352 says, when attached to the principal verb 
(e. g. Cio. d. n, lu g 69. Phn. ep. in 16 g 13 aehiifer. paneg. 7-1 % 1), that 
TMiB used wherenoniie might Htand [as a,)0 where ap' oi5 might stand Matth. 

" ■ I ET. eynt. g 199 b) Plin. ep. lu 21 § 6 merilone T 

usthne de Caiuii 7 See Heind. On Hor. a. it 7 61. 

:v74— 5. iffls*riESTiBDaii,TBiii84.6e 

paneg, 88 § i 
^^^Hand TurseU 



prB<a nicknamed TeXsc 
i. 58. 69. PhilQstr. Apo 
qmdquid Democrit 

ni 2E9. VI SB5 qttaedam de Tiunwri 

this indirect desciiptiou alter . . 

eiitna is named S4. 29 bu 

aft ipie riauB, . . . .iii^erif Domocritna. 

Ael. T. h. IT 20. Suid. cf. anthol. Pal, y 

Tni 7 S 4(1. Claud. Mall. Theod. o 

Tzetz. chil. ii 979—83. 

Aei. T. h, yiii 13. DL. is § S. anth. Pal. th "'179. Tert. de i 

miieior. auctor doctor, master, authorit;. Hor. e. i 

11—5 of Pj-thftgorafl aactor | naturae verique. 31— 32!'J 

MarMand questions 'an nan lii duo versus aint ladibimdi alicuius eta 
imdenlia hano hiatoriani de lacrimia Heracliti nt (abniam et rem Htultam, 1 
at impoBsibilem. certe bene omitti possent 111 dao verens.' Lupus SI citel i 
many ez£. of supposed doubtful verses introduced bysfii, one onl; of which 
seems reall; apuiiooa iiv 117. 31 caohinni often implies' 

derision Clc. Brat. §216 caehinnos irridentium. Pers. m B7. It was 
iha age of satire and epigram. Lucian was soon to appear. Mart, i 3 
8—8. 41 16. nil 2. PUu. li. n. ii § 168 the cheeks wliich espress mirtii 
and laughter el aliior koTiiini tantum, quern novi mores eubdolaa 
irriaioni dioavere, nasna, Luoian fugitiv. 45 'What do you think 
DemocTilui would have done, if be had seen tbisP' ' He would liave 
laughed at the man, aa he deserves.' KoEroi ToBte fIxev ^(CFTtoi nxrourw 
7rtaiTa ; (Bottiger). 32 MiBiNEOM est, vt 

BinTEOBBii DMon Stanley cites Flia. u % 146 hinc [ex oculW] tletna <] 
rigantei ora rivi. quii ilia est umor in dolare t ' ' ' 

tut, attl ubi religua tempore! 33 i 

Fnid. perist. i 248 — 9 pulmonem movet | derisua utus intuatt it, 
tiai. 34—7 Hor. op. ii 1 194 ti font in terrk^ 

lideret Demooritufl, and would find the aadience in the theatre n 
entettftining than the play. Cf. luv. xiv 282—75. --.^ 

guAMguAM SOS essent in the silver age quamqvain often is followed by 
tiiecanj., and guamvis by the ind. Zumptg 674. Fliu. ep. vul g 1 quai ' 
qnam . . . novetim, vtrear tamen. of. Cie. Tuso. v S B5. 
Boa lujs Abdera and its neighbourhood 60 n. 3 

IS Flor.T 6 g 6 from the Etruscans ce 


i 99. logapr. 

insuls, procoi 
1 prieatB Bei 

bordered ' 
praetors, cuiule 
Pauly VI 2024. 

iBiEEiE vui •iaa a. irapeam it diaAtma 
a toga bordered with purple, and croasad by 
lams,' ' bars') of scarlet, worn by Hnss, liy au- 
iB by equites Marqnardt v 2 119. Becker u 1 
Valentin, sen. n | 3 trabeam consnlarem | 
64—5 n. From tha j 

XlUBCtiAj:. of 

with a purple stripe, w 

aediles, dictators, ceuso: 

Becker n 2 77—8. 

Qtiirini. The trahea wa 

horizontal belts (trabes ' 

gurs, and ou atate ocoasi 

260.337. i 

diitolora terta praetexant. 

low Lat. lectaria oome Fr. litiere and our litter. 

the praetor. 

38—46 A loeuM cZiunciu on the procession, pompa, at the Ciicecdui 
games 81 n. ; anotber on the games themselves li 193 — 202. FriedlAndec 
III igo— 316 and in Marqnardt iv 490—523 has nearly etbaoated tha 
Bubjeot. The ludi Ramani, I, MegaUniet (» 193 n.), I. magni, amd pro- 
bably the Cerealia. and all I. votlvi (as well aa 1. loilemna in tha 
'rfloa maximus) were opened by the procesaLon, which, iettiog 
it from the Capitol, crossed the gaily decorated forum, the vicos Tueaua 
^d foruni boEtrium, through the middle gate of the circus and rotmd th« 

fnttlieBt m.'fin: BeoliBr i 151. 491. Marquardt it 4B8 seq. DH. vn 72. Tbe 
road WBB etrcwn with flowerB Or. tr. iv 2 SO. Tlie presidiug miigiBtraUi 
led the way, if iie were a, praetor or consul, Etanding ou a loft; cbariot 
drawn by wliite boraea (Apul. mag. 22) crowned -with knrel (Ov. tr. iv 3 
23. ex P. n 1 58. Mart, vii 8 8). He wore tba garb of a triumphant geoecal 
(xi 194 — 5 eiiniliiiue iriampho \ praeda cabaltOTum praetor sedet), the 
broad folds of the gold-worked purple toga over the tmiic embroidered with 
palm leareB, bearing in bis himd the ivory sceptre wUh the eagle. A 
gold crown at oak leaves, set with jewels, nas held over his head by a 
public slave, Hia children sat, aa in a tTicmph, in the chariot or on 
the horses (Toe. ann. xn 41 in games given by Claudius Britannicas 
appeared in the praetexta, Nero in triumphal costnme). Before the 
praetor flutes and horns played, and clients in their- white gowns CBCorteil 
him. Images of the gods, accoutred with their fxaviae or attribntee, 
were borne on biers, fercala, thrones and ears, taiaae, drawn by mules, 
hoTEBB and elepbauta, and escorted hy compuniea of piieets and religious 
orders: nor were images of emperors wauting. The procession was 
'welcomed hy the people standing, with shouts, invocation of the gods 
and clapping of hands Ov. amor. Ill 2 43 — 62. Yet aa it delayed the 
sporta, it was viewed with impatience M. Sen. contr. i pr. fin. £ 24 p. 
66 10 I will detain yon no longer: I know well iptam odiosa Tea mthi lit 
circensibus pompa. 

3G POAETOBEU cf. 41 cortiul V 
in Pauly ti 27G. The mansgeni 
praetor's most important function. 


bignrnm t 

•e allowed tc 

194 n. XIV 257. Becker n 3 264. I^ein 
t of the games became at last the 
of. DCasa. uv 9 S 3. Hia- ep. tii 11 
3 with a pair of horses Flin. SKXiv 
celebralio in iii qui praetura funoti 
The tribunes in the l-udi Aiiguslale^ 
I wear the triumphal uniform in the circus but (Tao. an. i 
i haud permisfura. Dio lvi 46 % 5. See the cut in Ulch 
fflipanion s. v. citmu 4. Marquardt iii 3 448. Plin. pan. 92 g 5 au- 
eaatior lotilo onrrna. A gilt carin the form of a turret Zon. vii 21. 
Hor. ejiod. II 41— 3. Dempster on Eoain. x 29 p.778a. The tabnia Hera- 
Dleensis prohibits the passage of carts or carriages through Borne during 
the first ten hours of the day. Exoeptions are made in favour of 1) vebi- 
olee employed in publie works. 2) Vestals, rfx lacrorum, fiaminei at 
public EBCnflcea, triumphing gencrala. 3) processions at the public 
games, eap. the circensian. 4) market and (arm carta, which had entered 
the town by night FriedlSnder i' 44—8. ef. luv. iii 336 n. 

Ov. ei P. Ill 4 35 ilia dueit fades in curru stantis ebumo. trist. iv 2 
47 — 8 JiDi super in curin, Caesar, vktari neherii \ pitrpaTeai populi 
rite per orii tui. Spartian. Bev. 16 § Sevarus refused a tnnmph, on the 
ground that be could not itand in the car for the gout. 

tunica palmata and tuga picta are often named together. DH. ni 61 
the EtruBcaus brought to Tarquiniua ^iruvd rt ropi/iufioBv ■xpuaiaiHmr 
KqX -rept^tiKaiov ropipiipoiii tOMlXor, i. e. a purple tunie with gold stripe 
end on embroidered purple toga. Flor. i 6 g 6 Duker ' from the Etrus- 
came the golden oar and four horses of our triumphs, the togae 
'laeq-ue palmalae.' Liv. ixx 15 £§ 11 — 13 l^cipio presents 
irea cnrona (vor. SB— 41),...scipione ehurnv (ver. 45), 
... It palmata tunica. Baying that Home knew no higher 
than a trinmpb, nor hod triumphant generals any m 

(D3. ; 


H .ill,.. U.I,; 

^^H~ other figures, 
^^H nsed in Ron 

^^M the Sabjloi 

I • 

I ^ 


■ ^ 

■ : 

X 38,: 

: 11 § 11. s 7 § 10. DH. V 35. Tac. an. nr 26. Tlie (uniea 
) colled frum the palm-branches which, with Victories and 
sere worked upon it. There wore two kinds ot embroidery 
I, the Fhij'gian in cross-stitch, tha woik ot phrygionei; 
n in Batin-stitoh are pliimaria, the work of plamtrii: the 

%i. Atbcu. 198"), a work of the ara pluinaria; tha toga 

LRled with stars, xp""^"'-^^'"- " work ot the phrygiana. 

App. Pan. 6(i Suipio in his triomph were pacple with gold stars Worked 

it. Nero entered Home after his Grecian yiotoriefl in the trinluphal 

of AugnstuEi, wearing jSaet. 25) a chlamys dislin^tn lUllii aureit 

(DCass. mil 20 § 3 calls it dXaupylSa ■xporrivaarop, 'which is tha very 

term applied hy Flnt. Aemil. Fan). 84 g 5 to the triumphal robe). On 

tha Greek vases found in Etrnrie the embroidery consists ot stall, 

dota end round ornamenta eorroimded with dots, which were oltett' 


formed of little apangles and leayes of gold ; these Bpangles, the 
of the funeral robes, hEive been fonnil in graves both in Etrtirin and in 
the Crimea Marc[nardt v 2 146—163. Becker ii 3 243. iii 2 448. Bein in 
Panlyyi 2249. TertoH. apoi. 50 aaya of martyrdom 'this is the attire 
TTiotory, Itaec palmata vestis, tali oarru triimphamua.' 

iDNici loviB the floeptre, tunica palmata, and ' 
from the temple of Inppiter Capitolinus Serv. eol. x 27 lovia ijtiig- 
nla. lAv. z 7 § 10 IotIb opt, max. oniatu decorat^a, oarcn auiati 
vrbtm veclaa, 8aet. Ang. 94 Octavins dreamt that he saw his bod, of 
than hnmontorm, cum /uimine «t Bceptro ezaviisque lovis opt. 
radiata corona, super laureatnm cnrrnm, bia aenis eqnia eayidon 
imio tralientibiia. Vopiao. Prob. 7 ^§7— 8 Capitolina palmata. Alex- 
ander SoTema (Lamprid. 40 § 7) never aasumed the toga picta except aa 
consul, and then it was the Bomo which other praetors and coshuIb assumed 
is templo aamptaia. Gocdianns I {Capitol. 4^4) waa the first 
who hod a palmata tunica and toga picta of his own when out ol 
office ; whereas up to that time imperalares vet de Capitolio aadperent' 
Vfl de Patatia. EicTAH toOAE i.e. acu pictat vi 481.r 

Ov, ex P. II 1 31. in 4 101. Luoan ix 170 — 7 pictaaqne togas, velO' 
mina mmrito | ter conspecta lovi. cf. Stat. Th. i 59—60. II 101—3. 
BCaas. le 6 § 9. Sibbani ot Tyrian purple I 27 n. 

Tipoi ia only the gr. form ot hebr. TsSr, TiSr, mohamm. SSr, Sflr 
(Eittor's Erdkunde, Poliiatiua ind. p. 2164 ; Moyeis Fhanizier n i 17S 
makes the phoen. tor or lar) ' a rook,' the name originally ot tha island, 
then of the whole city. Lex. gr. nom. hebr. Hieron. op. n 6S. ValL 
Z^p, rirpa fj Tvpiijv iroXi;. c{. ib. 81. 278. Theodoret in Ezeoh. t. si 
e. 36 pr. gives ^djj as the nn^livB name. Plantns, who was acquainted 
with Phoenician, truoul. u 6 53 pnrpuram ex Sara tibi attuli. Bnn. 
in Prob, ad Verg. g. iiBOG Poenoa Sarra oritindoa. Verg. 1. c. Sarrono 
indormiat Ofltro. SiL iv 205 (who very frequently uses the adj.) 8ar- 
lano marine falgaa. Sidon.Apoll. c. nS — 7 of aoonanl umerosqne co 
laari priorum \ inchidtH Sairana chlantijt, ti picta togarum | purpura 
pill* capiat, id. ep. vm G iltam Barranis ebriam iiicia inter crepitantia 
tegmenta paliaataia pita picta oraliont, pita aniea convtnutlavit, 
Gell. XIV 6 § 4 cites Tyros (formerly Sarra) among cities which had 
changed their name. Tyrian flutes (tibiae Sarraaae) and purple might 
well bring with them to Home the name of their city. 
39 ^Di-ui xiT 263. properly hangings, cnrtaina ; here ot the broad toldf 




X M-12 


ol tke EtiLtel; toga, etiS tdth gold and embroidery Cic. Catil. ii § 22 Telia 
amictot voii logis. uidSAEtiiiH douunuc rixtnu 

OBBEUoI gold andjawelaApp. Pun. 66. Gell. T 6 g g £— 7. Tect. de oor, 
IS EtmeoMi arowna are of jewels and gold, in the form of oak leaves, 
and are worn by magistrates with the togae palmatae {ao the toga picta ia 
often oftUad Eein in Pauly ii 2319). Mart, viii 83 1 (thinness of the gold- 
leaf in tJie praetaricia coronai henee lav. is speaking ironically, when 
lia Bays that the slave sweated ondar the burden). Beside this crown, the 
general wore a crown of lanret on his head Becker in 2 41:i. 

40 OHiNTo cGRvn Hos aDTFiciT nLiii Stanley cites 
Paul. a. V. doaalicae coTOuae p. C9 M. postea, magntjice'atiat cavaa iiisti- 
tutae sunt super modam aptaram capitibus. 

SDfFicii a very common word in the silver age ; used 23 times by lav. 
41 SEHVus ruBLicus thosc prisoners of Vrar who were not 
sold by the state were retained in its service as strvipublici; or they were 
bought hy the state or bequeathed to it. Their conation was t)etter than 
that of private slaves (Wollon hist, de reaclavaga lu 59. 96. 98. 99), they 
were able to eave money, and had free quarters found them by the censora. 
Ihey served the masiatrates as aaEistaats to the aceensi and apparitoTts, 
were employed in the ceuaas, in prisons, at executions, at sacrilioes, in 
quarries, mines, waterworks etc. ; they bought and sold on behalf oC the 
state Kein in Pauly vi 1102—4. Becker ii 2 383—4. 
TENET scDina HAND puBLicuB ZoD. VII 21 'a public ilave rode in 
the chariot itaelf, holding over him the crown of jewels set in 
gold, and kept saying to him Look back, i e. consider well thy 
past and future life, and be not elated hy thy present state nor ovar- 
weening in pride. And there hung from the chariot a hell and. scoorge, 
to signify that he might even be nnfortnnate, ao as even, to be outraged 
9r even condemned to death. For the cufitom is that convicts sentenced 
to death for any crime bear a bell, that no one may contract defilement 
fay blushing against them as they walk.' Plin. xixin g 11 formerly in a 
triumph, cum cuTona ex auro Etrasca tialineretur a tergo, analaa 
tamm in diyito fernm erat aeque triMmphantii et servi fortaase coro- 
cam Buatiuentis. On coins yictory generally supports the crown, 
stai coHSc£ NX PLicEAT VI 2T6. Mart, i 72 6. 
t57X- vn 76 E. ivSOS ne tibi rcgali plaoeas, Cleopatra, lepiitcro. 
FJor. n 8=1 24 g 12 n« sibi plaoeanl Athenoe. Cypr. de domin. orat. 6 
cum eihi pluiTiiaeui placeret. cf. ind. Severid exx. in HiinEcb daa 
nene Test. lertulliansl.eipz. 1871 6fi6— 7, who cites libiplacenlia the 
translation ot ahapiaKcut In Iren. tii 3 g 2. conbuEi 

called PUiBTOu ver. 36 ; either magistrate might preside over the games, 
but the contrast ia more glaring between consul and scTvm. So the avia 
ot mttertcra at Pers. ii 81 is mitrix in 39. 41—2 "at 


§85 'like those who stand over triumphing generals fiom behind, and., 
reniinil them that they are men.' Tert. apoL 33 hominem ee eiie 
<tian( triumphana in illo sublimisaimo currn admoiietur. aiggerilUT 
enim ei a tcrgo : respice past te; horalnom memento te. 'and ha 
exults the more becanse his glory is ao great as to require anch an admo- 
nition.' Hieron, ep. 33 Yall. = 25 ad Panllam auper obitn Blaesillae S 3 
fin. 'to lower Ma pride in revelation^ (2 Cor. 12 9) a certaiu mouitor of 
bmnan frailty is assigned to him, in nmililudinevi iriumpfiimlium, qv,iba» 
in currn retro comes adlmerebal per lingTilaa acclamationes eUiium, 
Jtetnt hominem te esse memento.' IMs is mach better evidfrnae 


ihaa that of Ael, v. h. vtii 15 foi tlie alavo of Philip of Mncedon, whoMl 
btoiuees it was three times in tlie mnruing to remind liiin tbat La was Oi ■ 
man ; tliia was after tbe yictory of Chaerciiea. Isidor. itiii 2 g 6 makes I 
ef the slave an execationer, bnt liia interpretation ia just, ut ad tantunt. I 
faeligiiim evecli mediocrii/itis humanae commonerentur. Aa the triumphyB 
was the utmost goal of Bomac ambition (rer. 133 — 140), he who attained' F 
it was in danger of orerweeniug pride S^pu, and tui^bt proTolie the ei ~ 
6<fe of env; and the jealonsj of heaven Pint. Aenul. Paul. 31 g G. 3 
Tert. de Tirg. vel, IS ' among the gautilea alao there is Bomething to bs 
feared, wbiah the^ call fasoinam, tbe milinpp; iasne of ezaeasivo pmisa 
and gloi7,' infeliaiorem laadii ct gUiriae enormioris evenUim. As cMldren 
wore amulete in the bullae (t 164 n.), Eo tbo general in the hour of his 
gloTj and danger t/m under their piotectioD. Flin. h. n. ixvin § S9 illoi, 
[children] reUgiane muta tutatur et fatcinut, imperatoTum guogue, noit 
eolum in/antimn eutloi, gui deui inter tacra EomaHa a Veilalibui eolilur 
et cnrras tiinmphantium lab hit prndeTU dtfendit mtdicwi invidiae, 
iubetque eoadem respicere eimilii medUina linguae [Jnhn oonfeases that 
he does not underBtaud this : it seemB to laeaa the voice of tbe slave, 
which resembled in its remedial effects the sight of the faacinui banging 
behind the trinmphant general, to 'whioh it called his attention], ut ait 
eiorata a tergo Forltina gloriae camifex. Bee O. Jabn ' on the supersti- 

tiou of the evil eje amonRst tba anoienla' Ber. d. Eiiohs. Oeaellsch. 17 

Fehr. 1B55 p. 79. luv. Tli 112 n. Macr. i 6 § 8 says that the bulla VM: ^H 
gettamen tTtumphanlium and waa filled nith remedies supposed to bft. ^^| 
advertMi innidian valtntitBvma. 7he same feeling dictated the use of tho^ ^^| 
iron ring (see on 39), the jeering troehaica sung by the troops, and pro. ^^| 
bab^ tbe custom, which reminds tis of the devotees oi the Lateraa ^B 
chapel 5. Salvatore delU Scale lanie, observed by Caeaar and Clandios 
(Dio sun 21 § 3. Li23g 1), who went up the slcpB of the Capitol on th^ 
knees, cf. Fetron. 123 2JJfl — 40 of Pompeins quem ler ovanteta |'2ujk 

filer Aorruemt. On the jealousj of the goda see Blomf. glosa. Aeson. 
ers. 368. Agam. 921. Gesner opusc. lit 336. Woas. ad Hdt. i 32 g 6. 
Valok. ib. Ill 40 g 7. Nfigelab. homer. Theol.' 33. 131. nachbomer, TheoL 
46 — 63. 478 n. 7. Lehra ' Greek concepliou of the jealousy of the goda 
and human pride' in his popuh'ire Aufsiitze, Iieipz. 1866, 33 — 66. Lim- 

bnrg Brouwer hist de la civilisation vu 102—7. viii SO — 34. Leu. nndor - 

pauKivia.. )ieyalpoj. vi/uiris. vj3/i». ^Soyai. The fall of Troy avenged the ^^M 
S^pit of Paris, Salaniia aod Plataeae that of Xerxes. Compare ths ^^H 
stories of Atachne, Kapanens, Croesns, Marsyaa, Midaa, Niobe, Poly- ^^U 
kiates. 43 DiL natio %x vor-ncnsu cf. the ose ot ^^M 

adde l,qiiod) in Quiutil. voldcreu, ecefihd <tuat -^^^ 

BuBoiT EBOBKO BH. in 61 (who derives it from the Etruscans) ' a scep- 
tre with an eagle on the top.' id. r 47. App. Pun. 66 says that the 
general also carried laurel. In later tim^ the consuls bore this sceptra 
Pmd. c. Symm. i 849. peristeph, 148 — 150 aquila ei ebnrna ntmit 
arrogantiam \ geitator eivi ac luperbit bHuae \ injlatiii one, cui Jigura »t 
elitis. Ammiag. xiii 2 S 16 comuJnret poit scipionee. Claud, codb, 
Prohin. 20S. land. Stil. n SB2— 3. Vopiec. Anrelian. 13 § 4. The sceptre 
appears on ccins and diptycha Becker n S 243 ; see the out in Bich a. t. 
sctplrum n. 4. The eagle is tbe symbol of apotheosis of. Isld. xvni 2 J S ^^^ 

Lqnod per viatoriam quaii ad lupentatit magnilJidineia accederent. ^^H 
44 coQNTciNEs III i<4 not Only homblowera, but a choma of ^^H 
tarpera and pipers, marching in time, with xong and dance App. Pun. 66* ^^^| 
tlut. Aemii. Paul. 33 § 1 speaks of trnmpeters Bounding the cMrge, j ^^H 

44^5 1 

QiniuTEa the train of clients in their beet nhite togas i 4C a. m 137 n. 
TU 112—311. togati antspedss. Sen. de morte Claud. 3 H Clothe sa}^ 
I iriU not Bend Claudins widiout an escort ; ior it ia not fit that he, qui 
modo le tot milia homiimm lequentia vidcbat, tot praecedentin, tot cir- 
eumfaia, lubito lolum deiUtui. 45 otricu. iii 129 □. 

Offleium is a compliment, a dntyof cerEmony and respect; here it ia used, 
a&tract for conorata, for those who escort the Rreat man ta do him hanaur, 
K guard ot honotu, an escort. o[. i 34 n. where add civUai, vicinitai. 
Tni 104 a. X 100 n. cU4todiae, txcabiae, mairimanlaf minielerittm, operae, 
remigiunt, auxilimn, dignitai, koneilai, vlgiliai, lervilia. Drak. and Oron, 
UQ Liv. Ill IS I 9. ZBmptS67S- EiunBboch pp. OSS— 6. Iteieig-Haaia 
131 — 2, So in QiiintiL iitiiia and proftctat tor tbe lower and upper forma 
in a school. TM. iii 7 § fi duobui acerrimii odiis latera sua elngere. 
Sail. Catil. 1* g 1 oniHiuniflagitioinm atone /ucinoruw circa «e tamquam 
tlipaloTitia calsTvm habebai. We have tha sing, in Cto, Brut- J 220, 
Inv.Ti 203 labtate officio. Snet. Her. 28 cekberrimo officio dtduelum. 
Lamprid. Comm. II £ S praef. praet. siium luliaimn logatuia pTaasente 
officio EDO in piicinam detruiit. Tha genitiTe a^imini^ makeH our pas- 
E&ga less harsh tLan these. Suet. Caee. 71 inter off ieiu prosf^ufntiuni 
faseetqae liclonim. mv^oa Catpnm. vii 29 ni.vei 

tribnni. Mart, ii 29 i ft toga non lactaa vincere iutta nives. tiii 65 
6—6 hie lauTU rediinita covuii et Candida cnltu | Jloma $aliilavil Voce 
mavvgae dtKevi. t 55 14 vival et vrbanis albns in officiis. Pliit. 
Paul. Aem. 32 g 3. Lips, elect. 1 13. ad.frena the pmetor 

himself held the reins ViL it 4 § S ' those hands 'nhich had latelj guided 
tha yokes of plonghing oxen, now triiimphalit currua kabenai reti- 
Ruerun/; nor did the; blnsh to la; dawn the ivorii sceptre and leBame 
the ploogh handle.' Suet. Cal. 26 Gains (CaUgnla) allowed some sena- 
lors, who had filled the highest offices of state, ad eseedum libi cnrrere 
togatos per aliquot pasmvm milia. Capital. Anton, phil. IG § 2 ipte 
imperator filio ad triumphalem currDm m circo pedts cucunil. 
Aan. X 253 biiicgiqut ad frena Ifonfg means lions yoked to tha car. 
QiliRiTEB m GO n. Bo the Homans rescued from eaptiyity 
escorted their d^ivorer'a triumphal car with the pileum on their head 
(Pint, apophth, Saip. mai. 7. apophth, T. Qojnctii 2. pp. 196—7. Lit. 
XIX 45 g B. w«vm 35 § 2) and in the toga Tort, de res. cam. 67. Plant. 
CSn. n 8 10. 46 nBTOBBi ' buried,' ' stowed safe away.' Cypr. 

ad Donat. IB argenti et auri maximum p«ndua ei pecunianim ingiatium vel 
exlmeli aggtres vcl defossae ainiti. loculis cash-hox 

of the cUenta i 89 n. eportuia the dole, 25 asiea x 96 n. 

130 n. qnoa BPonrnU. teclt isiicos v 12—23. 161—173. 

Uart. ix 14 Do yon think that ho' la a stedfast friend, whom you have 
Ijonght with a dinner? Yonr Itoar ho loves, your mnllets, eow'b panncli, 
oysters, not yonrself : if I dine as well, be wiU be my friend. 
47 TCK UUOQi E even in that age of primitive plainneas B.C. ifiO— 357. 
OnrtTi 5 = 111 g 17 iiicolae aatem, ritu feronan virguita lubire loliti, turn 

ooDstr. Cic. de or. ii g 262 dixi . . . gr/ivium. . . ei iacorum unani tut 
materiam. EUewhere mai. ad lb. § 339 est eliam df/ormllatia et corporii 
vitioram talis bella matetias ad iooandnm. or with ilat. Mart. [44 
materiam dictis [=jests] ni'c piidet este dtieeni. 48 cuiua 

FUDDENTiA. Baa lus remains in Miillach frngm. philoB. gr. i 3:10— 3S2 
.(Mthorities for his biitiiplace S3U n. 2). QL. ix |g 16 to 49 enumerates 
JUV-. II, ^ 

,82 X 43-50 

GO of liiE worlia, moral, pliyBical.mathemBtical, mnBioalaadmiEOEllaneotis. 
AriGtotle, It kindred e^^'is, who oftfa iiiimoE him, wrote 2 books of 
problems from liis works DL. v g 26. Epicurus borrowed his atomio 
theoiy Cio. d. n. i § 130. Lucr. in 371 = T 633 Demooriti . . . lanela 
viH ttntenlia. Cf. Orelli ODomast. Tulliao. 49 bumudb 

fossE viROB VEDVECUM IN UlTbu nasci Abders. wss ulso the blrtlipiuoe of 
f rotagnras, o( the pliilosophers LeuMppos (? DL. ix g 80) and Anaxai- 
choH, the biKtariaua Hekatoeos and Diokleidea, the epio poet Nikoenetos ; 
BoBoeotiaof Piudnr, Epaminondas, Plutarch etc, Apul, de mag. 34 Hild. 
■apud Bocordiasimos Scythai Anacliarsia sapiens natas eat 
60 vEnsKcuJi IS pATnii. cttissotjnE anu iEBE on the effect of climate on 
character see Wess. and Valck. on Hdt. n 133. Gatok. on Anlonin, iv 39. 
Bigaolt on rhnodr. in prol. 53 sen. ('i 224 — 3 ed. Bnnn. 171B). Hippoor. 
Jiira, watera and places 24 Jn 220—1 Adams) ' Such bb inhabit-a coontij 
which is mountainous, rugged, elevated and well-watered, . , . are likely . .1 
to be nsturally of an enterprising and warlike disposition ; . . . . but snell 
na dwell ia places whieli Are low-lying, abounding in meadows and iUi 
vantilatfld, . . . these are not likely to be of large stature nor well-propor- 
tioned, but ore of a broad make, Scshyj . . . courage and laborious 
eiiterprise are not naturally in them .... In general you will find the 
Jorms and dispositions of mankind to conespoud nith the natnre of the 
coantrj'i tor where tbe land is fertUe, soit and weU-watered, there the 

men dtb not disposed to endure labour, and, for tbe most part, bM 

base in spirit ; indolence and sluggishness are visible in tbem, and tc " ~ 
arts they are dull and not clever nor acute.' Aristot. pol. Til 7, Cuit. 
9=81^30. Ael. Y. h. viufi (oITfii-ace. ef. Phaedr. L c). 

■raavECOM w patbia vcrvex (Ital. isrliicfi, Fr. Irebiit 
from tlio form lirlcz; also Fr. herger) 'a wether;' here 'a blockhead' 

ISO Oeim. SchJips, Engl. ' sbeep,'' ' sbeepbeailed'). Plant, mere, ui 3 G 
tan; rero, vervex, intra easi id. Casin. ni 3 S. Sen. do const, sap. 17 
% 1 ChryaippuB says some one was angry, because a man had called him 
vertiecem marinMm. Petron. 57 qiiirf riifc-8, verveir Taubm. on Plant. 
Pers. II 2 3. Ariatoph. Pint. 932 calls life without conversatioo r/N^arlsu 
pUf bt schol. Diogenes in DL. vi g 47 calls a rich ignoramus a sheep 
with a 'golden fleece.' Aristot. b, n. ix 3 g 3 p. 610 b 22 'sheep are, us 
they are reputed, naturally simple and stupid.' prev. in Maeai. t B n. 
liupoTipo! rpapirov. ceabbo buu aere Cic. de (at. % 7 ithtnii 

Uaae caelum, ex quo acuttorei eliam putanlur Atliei [Ear. Med. 839], 
oraasnm 3'lttbii, itaque pinguei Thciani. Hor. ep. ii 1 344 Sclunid Boe- 
otum in crass oiurarea aece natum. craamt is of the same root BB^rvn. 
Ihe sporions letters of Hippokistes and Democrltus speak ol Iha pio- 
Terbial dulness of the men of Abdera, but there is no earlier eridenco of 
the reproach than Cio. d. n. i § 180 auae quidem omnia lunt patria 
Democriti giiam Demoerito digniora.ii adAtt. iv 10 g 7 S4"Aj9J)|. 
pintir. Mart. X 25 4 Abderitanaa pectora plobis habn. Galen, de 
animi luorilmH ad fin. tiii 822 e. ' among the Scythians there arose ona 
pMloaopber, at Athena many; on tbe other bond at A bdera there are 
many faolt, but few at Athens.' Tatian ad gtaoc. 17 = 28 "na regards 
the sympathies and antipathies of Democritus, what onn we say, exoept 
this, that, OS tbe proverb has it, 'A{93iipi)^i(yo( iirlv i dirj Tur'ApSiipur £r- 
Bfiuroi, Abderite by birth, Abderile in tpterhl' Amob. v IS of Ag- 
destis, from vihoae blood a pomegranate was fabled to have sprung, >0 
AbdtTa, Abdera, what occasion tor jcera wouldat thou give the world, 
if Booh a fable, bo ImaGiiieil, were luund ia thee I All fathers tell it and 





banglit; population B real itlhrongli, and yet it is tbanwlio art jndgeil tobs 
/ataa et itoliditati$ fTiuidiiiijaae.' Tim. lex. Plat. a/fuiBci1e<rB<u. 
Theodul. in BoiBson. Bnecd. it 2011. In tlie ipiTto-yiXiiit of Hierokles and 
Pbilagrios, ed. Boieson. Pur. Ib48 pp. 280—292 are 18 jestB at tlie eirpenso 
of AbdEiitea e.g. Ill An ass spilt all tlie oil in the g^tnnoEinm : the 
people bj-Qught all the aesGB in the town together, that tbey laight toko 
warning by bia punishment. 112 An Abderite would hare hunghimaell ; 
the cord breaking, be fell down and broke his bead. He went to the 
surgeon, clapped a plafiter on the wound and bung himself again. 120 
An Abderite, hearing that leeke and onions are ' wind; ' (flatulent), being 
on a To;age, in a dead calm, filled a bag with them and bang it at the 
ateiTL 122 An Abderito sold a pot without ears. Being asked why he 
took off the ears, he replied : * that it might not run awajr, on hearing 
that it was to be sold.' Cf. K. Fr. Hermann hist, of Abdera in bia geaam- 
melte Abhandlongen, Gottingea 1849, 1U5-S. 370—1, The cases of 
delirium reported by Hippoki. epidem. iii and Laciaa. quom. conscr. 
bist. 1, have no connexion with one proverb. 

51 NECNON ET 111 204 n. Bamshom p. 818, who has en. from Verg. 
Calpnm. Nemeaian. Quintil. bideb*i oittiiiA toloi 

Stat. s. II 3 129—133 luw, vilia ttttba, caduci* | deiervire bonit sem- 
perque optare }iarati | ipargimuT in caiui. celia ta mentis ab arce | 
dcspicis errantei hamanaque gandia rides, of . Lucr. n 7 — 16. 
S3 fOBTCHAE UAKDABET LAQHEUiE 'bid her go hang.' Apul. TO. IE Sd 
• maddened to the extremity of Irenay, shouting aloud that he i i d aU. of 
tbem and the Tery lawa go hang, Buspendiam leit et totii illit tt 
i^sii Ugibiii mandate.' Flaut. Peru, v 2 34 restim tu tihi cape erattum 
et Buspende te. Lncian. Timou 45 o/i^fai tov ppbxot. of. o//iiff'cii> 
KtKtiiA U topuKo-i. Bottiger cites Lncian gall. 19 eun arayfnj 

MEDiriiQUE osTENDESET DNGUEu Schol. infami digito [Pers. 
n 331 ^' '!"?''"■ irauUabat. Mart, ir 23 1 — 3 rideto vmltuia giii te, 
Sextille, oinaednm | diimi, et digitnm potiigilo medium. ti 
70 E — Q ostendit digitum, aed impudicnm I Alconli Dasiaqiie Syin- 
miwftojUB. cf. JPriap. 50 1—2 = Meyer anthol. 1071. Arrian Epiot. 
m 3 g 11 Diogenea exposed a Bophist by i(re(c7ii«s out the middU 
finger; and when he broke out into a futy.said: ' There you see the 
man ; I haTo shewn bim to you.' It was a. gesture worthy of a cynic : 
some strangers aslung to see Demosthenes (DL. vi § 34) Diogenes held 
out hit viiddlt finger and said 'There yon hare the famona orator 
of the Athenians.' Again {% 35) he said that a finger made all the differ- 
ence between madness and sanity with moat men: hold out the Middle 
finger, and they wiU think you mad; bnt not if you hold out the index 
finger. DCbrys. 33 u IS It. ' what would a man think of a eity, where all 
held out the middle finger in pointing, in shaking hands, in holding 
up the hands, in elections, in pasmng sentente ?.... these aro the 
things which hsTe given yom enemies oooasion to reproach you.' To 
aboot out the middle finger from the eleuchtd fist, in shape of the j haHns, 
at a man, iras to taunt him in the moat injurions manner, as a pri- 
thio. Hence the gr. name for tbia finger was Korairiyuv Phot. h. v. Poll. 
u 184 jtarttTTiryTJi. In Lat, verpiii, gloss. B. T. Verpui and SpiXo! (cf. 
Bchol. luv. II 95). Such an affront caused Chaerea to plot against Gaina 
(Cabgnla Suet. S6). Like many obsoeue gestnies, this was regarded oa 
a defence against the evil eye, 0. Jiihn in Ber. d. siiehB. Gesellaeh. 17 
Pebr. less, 83, who cites Eobtermeyer fiber Namen und symbnliBche 
Bedeatnng det finger ben den Qiie«[iBS n. Bomein, Halls 1836, 21 seq. 


X 53-55 

otth of tho^H 

Jorlo mimioft degll auticbi 136 seq. A like insult etill _ 

the iusertioQ of tlie tip of tha thumb between the index unit njiddltt 
finger, while yon Bay 'A fig for you!' Bee Bacange fichu. Tommoseo 
fica. lAitiifigue. 'Sexes Jii:o. jig. Pants purgatoFio xii S. HSl. o-ii^hi- 
Wfu. Atistoph. Pao. 54y Echol. In Petron. 131 Encolpiua is released 
from a apell liy im application to his forehead of cluy mAde by the 
middle finger with spittle and dust. Oa the viiddle finger alone 
no ring was worn Pliu. iixiu § 2t Sea Jalrn on Pers. 1. o. Grysar 
Ithein. Mus. 1834, 44. Gesenius onderstands ' tlie putting forth of ' 
linger,' Is, 68 9, as medium digilum porrigere. 

64—5 For what then must we pray f [' Ergo beginB a 
as it so olteu does with an interrogative, or an imporal 
back from a digression. luvenal may hace written : erga iitpervai 
at piruieiata petuittur, propter quae fa> at gemia incerare dtontm I that 
is, trgo, vt taperoacva out pemicioia inceratii gentbut deomm ptluntur, 
ita quae vere ittilia et pia hoc modo petuaturl "Well then to come back 
to our subject, even as superfluous or hurtful things are', as we have seen, 
asked for in prayer, what things may we with propriety ask for ?" Thaa 
he goes on to put cases; then 103 ergo quid optandam — Seianam, aa it 
with reference to oui erga. Then he goes ou to other cases; and then 
346 Nil ergo optabunt etc., as if again with relerenee to our ergo, Thfl 
lit merely repeating the letters of aut is a very easy emeadation. Ths 
omissian of ita in the apodosis is very common in poetry, aud even in 
prose. I had first thought of another emendation : haitt I find frem Jahn's 
index occurs eight times in luvenal: in throe of the eight places P has 
aut, a blunder common of course in all MSS.: ia eeien of the eight places 
tool think 7iaut ia joined with an adjective, aBfv,ror haul dubim, I thought 
then of reading ergo luperfocua haut, haut pemiciosa pelanlur, | propter 
etc. with a question : " Are then the things asked for in prayer not Buper- 
Huous, not pemidouB, things for which we may with propriety petition 
the gods?'" H. A. J.M.] 54 sufervacca adt rsuNiciou 

PKinNTUR Sen. de ben. vf 37 g 7 Yotum tuum aut aupervacuum eit 
aat iniuriosum. Suet. rhet. p, 363 13 lloth lumutilia et neceiiaria, ban 
petniciosa et supervacanca. 55 ^as est i 58. ti 69S. 

oENiTA iNCEHABE DEOBnu XII 8B. mi^. Slvotum 
in alicaius ttatuae femore aaaignaiti, Lucian philops. 20 an imagewith 
coins strenu at its feet, and some silver pieces fattened jeith via^ (a 
i(s thigh, and silver leaf also, the vowt or fee of those who had beat 
healed of fever. Prudent, apoth. 453—7 luhan used to bow his imperial 
head before the toot of a Minerva of pottery waie, to croueh at the foot of 
Hercules, genua in(ierarei>i(in(i«.id.hamBrtig.403— 4 iuceratlapide* 
fumosot idololatrix \ relligio. id. c. Symm. 1 202—4 the heathen infant had 
lasted of the sacrificial cake before he could speak, sax a inlita cetia 
viderat. Philostr. her. B § 2 an image worn by time and also by those who 
smear it and seal their voids upon it. The knees were clasped or 
kissed by suppliants Cerda ou Aen. x 523, Dempster on Coiipp, luetin. 
Ill 278. Alex, ab Alex, ii 19 p. 42S Lugd, Bat. 16T3. Lasaulx Studien 
154. PUn. XI g 250 hominii gunihus et relligio quaedam iiutt abierva- 
tione genliuia. hara supplioes tttingunt, ad liaec manua teudunt 
haec nt aras adoraiit. Plant, asm. jii 3 80. Arnob. vi IB -theio 
breathing statues, whoso feet and knees you touch and handle in prayer.' 
The wax tablets, hun;; from or fastened to the knees of the gods, were 
sealed (Plin. ep, ad Trai. 35 — 44), as a sort of contract; if tlio god failed 
to perform his part, the worshipper ^vas free from his vow; tha tablet, 

X 55-113 85 

n the eyBB o! tbe imaee, was a continnal mcaitor. [Aescli, Sappl. 

fms jrJi'of. ffpirea MUi^ijaai raie. H. K. B.] 
J6 — 113 Some fall in liendlong ruin throagh great power espoGed to 
IS greSit ciiTy. The long and Btntelj roll of theii digniliua wteuks tbcm ; 
dovfa f,o tb^ir ittatuea, folloiiiiig tbo tu^ng ropi^, then the stroke of the 
axe shatters the tety chariot-wheele of their trjumphal statues, and the 
innoci^nt horsea, like malelactors dq the croas, have their legs hrokm. 
Now hise the firea, cow the beUaws blow, and the head worshipped by 
the Boman people ia a-g!ow in t£e forge, mighty Seionns crackles: then 
of the face eecond to one only in tbe wide world, arc made eitera, wash- 
pots, frying pans, Tesaela for every ueaDest use. Festoon yoor homes 
with bays, lead to tbe Capitol foi sacritice a toll and wbited o\: For 'tis 
a general holiday; Seianus is drawn along the streets by the hangman's 
book, a pnblie show ; not a man but rojolces over him. ' What lips he 
had, what a haQght; face I if jou trust me, I nerer coald abide the man: 
hut under what a charge naa he cast ? who was the informer ? by what 
approvers, by what witness did he make good his coife?' "Nothing of this: 
a longandwordy despatch arrived from Capreae." 'Good: if Cneaor writes, 
I ask no more.' Bnt what ttoes the tbrong of liemus 7 It sides with [or- 
tiino, as ever, and hates those on whom sentence bas gone forth. Tbe same 
people, if Nortia bad. smilednponhei Tuscan, if the emperor's age had been 
ETUshed off its gnard, would this very hoar proclaim Seianua Augustus. 
IiOog ago, since we ceased to have votes to sell, it shook oil Etatecares: once 
it granted commands, fasees, legions, what it pleased; now it nairowa its 
ambition, and dotes on two boana alone, bread and tbe shows. 'I nm told 
that many will die.' "No doubt of it; a great fnmace is heated; Brutidius 
met me at Mara' altar, and my friend was pale. How I fear, lost Aiai 
take vengeance on Bmtidiua for his defeat, as due to bis sorry pleading. 
Let ns run at full speed, and while yet he lies on tbe banii. trample on 
Caesar's foe. But let onr slaves be there to see our loyal zeal, lest any de- 
nying it, collar bis master and drag hjin q^uoldng for fear to the bar." This 
vas then the talk, these the whj^pers of the crowd respecting Seianua. 
Would JOU be courted as Seianns was? be master of his wealth, and 
heslow on one curulo chairs of highest rank, on another tbe charge of 
armies? be counted guardian of an emperor perched with his wizard 
crew on Capreae's narrow cliSr you would at least wish to have pikes 
and troops at eommand, joung nobles on your staS, a guard quartered 
in yoar bonse? why should you not? even they who look the wil to kill, 
would fain enjoy the power. Yet what gloiy or snecesa can make you 
content with joy counterpoised by trouble? Would yon choose the robe 
of state of him whose corpse is now dragged in scorn, or be a country 
mayor of Oabii or Fidenae, paasiUg een fence on false weights, an aedilo iu 
tattered tunic at deserted Ulubrae, breaking short measures 1 Yon con- 
fess then that Seianus mistook the true objects of desire; for while covet- 
ing eicessive dignities and grasping at eMeasive wealth, he was but rear- 
ing the nnmeroua stages of a lofty tower, from which his fall might be 
from the greater height, and his crash once set in movement, might he from 
amdre appalling steep. What overwhelmed the Crassj, what the Pompeii, 
and that Caesar who tamed the Quiritcs and brought them nnder tbu 
lash r Why, ambition that spared no means to secure the highest place, 
and aspiring prayers hea^d and granted by heaven's displeasura Few 
kioRB go down to Pluto without a stab, few tyrants by a bloodless death. 

Tlie Seianus of Ben Jonson embodies nearly all that history records of 
the mighty favorite; in particular a t^7 spirited and faithful version of 


X 55-63 

tliese lines of luv. Woleey, cboscn by Johnson ss the modem Seianna, 
Rambles Mm in his power mid hia fall; otheraise the comparii 
too DatteTidg to 8eiajius, who tuoie nearly resembled ThoFi. CromvelL 
C[. Bhatapeare'a Henry Till. esp. WoIboj's farewell io his greataeBS. 


29 = j5. Stat, s, T 1 137 — S quisitam inpacata oonsaagainitiite liga- 
vit I fortuuam invidismiiue deuil Lucr. t lllB— 1180. Ov. lem. 
am. 309 snmma petit liyor. Sen. Here, Oed. 601 — 617. Even wis- 
dom heyomi the meoBoro of man's nature is hated by Zeus and the Fates 
Philostr. her. II g I. Stob. flor, iD:vir e.R. 34— 3G, 
57 sTEHaiT sill 9. )( emrgo. Lucr, v 1008 rerum oopiit mersat. Ca- 
tall. B8 13 merser fortunae Jiuelibui. ken. ?t 6U — 3 Hejne me fata 
nea , , . . \ hia mersere matii. ib. 6IG. Liy. ix IS § 1 AUxandro nom 
dura merso secnndis rebus, qizaTum nemo intolerantior fuit. Lncon 
I 169, 160 publica belli | lemina, quae populoa temper mersere potenlet,. 
'viz. avarice, ambition, luxury. Plin. h. n. vii g 132 the day honouroi' 
withtbenhitepebblehoabeentheoriginof trouble, quammultas acceptA' 
adflixere imperial quam muttoi bonA pordidere et nltimia mer- 
sere Buppliciis. Sil. Tin 2B5. 58 faoina SchoL 'a 

jilata of bronze in front of their statues, oontaimng every step ol their 
advaneoment, now colSed tabula patranatua.' cf. viii 69. Pallad. ti II §3 
uses it for the flags of a pavement. Balvian. de gubem. Uei 1 9 ineiiai 
digito Dei Jitteraa, rnpioea paginas, (oieunt voliimen. 


crimen maiestatU facto vel violatiB statuis vel imaginibus maxima 
exacirbatUT in militei. DCnae. lxt 10 g 3. Many esjt, of destmction 
by the populace of statues of emperors and grandees are coDecfed by Lips, 
eio. ad Tac. an. vi 2. Pitisc. s. t. itattia p. 819. Sic H. SstUb ChiTS. 
VIII 805 b (statues of Theodosias at Antioch, of Conatnntine in Egjrpt^ 
of Conatantius at Edessa). Add (I) the statues of Ptolemy at Alex- 
andria Instin. xxKvin 3 § 12; (2) that of L. Pisa at Dyrrashiom Cio. in 
Pis. § 93; (3) Caesar (Suet. 75. Pfut. 57 g 3) replaeed the statnes of Sollfl 
and Fompeius which his party had overthrown; (i) a.i). 43 the brosH corns 
of Goius (Calignla DCass. lx 22 % S) melted down; bis atatues had been \ 
removed a.d. 41 ib. 4^5; (5) statues of Pisa dmgged to the scalaa Oe- . 
moniae Toe. an. iii 14; (G) of Poppaea ib. xvi 61. [Sen.] Oct. 808—814^ I 
every statue of Poppaea in marble or bioDzeaJlicIa vulgivumibuiet taiva J 
iaeet \ evirea ferro, membra per partes trahnnt \ dednota laqueis,. I 
obruunt turpi diu \ caloata eaetio, their words are of a piece with tbe£f 1 
saTage deeds ; (7) of all hieronicae by Nero's order, that no trace or I 
memory of them might remain io rival his fame Suet. 24 tubvtrti tt 
nnoo trabi ablcique in latHnai [cf. Inv. ver, 64] omnfitni ttatiiat et 
imagines imperavit; (Sji.n.BSof Nero, by theioldieis o£ Verginiua Rufos 
DCasB. uni 25 g 1; id. i3.iy 8 g 3 A.n. 69 OUio ordered the hUtuel 
'of the guilty' to be restored; (9) of Vitellins DCass. lxv 21 § 3; 
(lOJ of Qomitian Suet. 33 the senate 'tors him to tatters' after death 
Ytith the bitterest jeers, ordered ladders to be brought, his shields and 
poctraitB to be taken down before their eyes and dashed npon tha 
ground, all inseriptiona in hil honour to be eficeed, eradendm vbiqut 
til-aloe [lav. 58 paginaf, and bis memory to be abolished. DCass. 
Livut 1 the nnmeronH gold and ailver effigies were molted down [luv. 01 — 
4], Plin. ])aiieg. 52 §34 — ■$ those conntleas gold statues fell in ruin, an 
acceptable sacriSce, amid DDiversal rejoicing. It was a delight to them 
to dash that most tyrannical laee to the groond, iaitart fcno, tatvirt 


KiMciiTilius, aa tliooeli lilooJ nnil pain followed ever; blow. 

■ loo auber in bia }oy ur tno deliberate in gladness, but thoagbt it a kind 
of reyenRe to beholii mangled limba, lop|)ed members, and lastly thoee 
fierce and terrible irnngea cast out and melted down, excoctas flamtait; 

c illo U 

■vjum, a 

, Mocrob. I 12 g 37: (11) ot Favorinus at Athens Pbitostr. 
Boph. I 8 g 3 Hadrian's enemy; (12) of Commodoa: eee the irild etiea of 
the senate, with a burden as of a litany in Lampnd. IS e. g. § 12 haitia 
tttiaaa ilndiquf, parricidae Btatuasun<li;u«, gladiatoris statu as uniii- 
gladiaimis ct paTricldae statnae detrahnntur; (13) of Flan- 
B by Severaa Spartian. Sever. 14^5; (i4) of iUaximinue, wbicliwere 
: Gapitolln. 12 g 11. 23g7; (15) ol TbeadDsinB at Antiaeb i. n. 387, 
deBoribed by CbiysoatDm and Libanins Tillemont emp^r. iv 2G4r— fl. So on 
the 3 Sept. 1B70 the Parisian crowd hooted the ttatae of the first Napo- 
leon in the Place Yenddme: on the ixh ' the crowd is tearing down the 
imperial arms everywhere.' Tlie Game day (Daily Hens 6 Sept.) 'in the 
neighbourhood of the Punt Heuf 1 Baw people ontne tops of ladderB busily 
pulling dawn the trnpcroT'i bust, whioh the late loyalty of the 
people led them to stick about iu all possible and impossible plaeea. I bbw 
the bUEtB carried in mock procession to the parapet of the Font Neuf and 
thrown into the Seine, clapping ot hands and hearty laughter greeting the 
Gplash which the graven image of the mighty monarch made in the water. 
Forlraili of the emperor and empreii, which many of your readers 
must have seen in the Hatel de Ville baJl-rooma, were thrown oat of the 
windows and the people trod and danced [ver. 86] v,pon the can- 
vai.' The Bnbseqnent fate of the Veudflme column may be read in tbe 
history of the Conimnne. besiem tbe forra reitim is 

Plantua of. Prise, vn 52, jtEsiEugua 

BEQUDNTnB 1 IGl. Aeu. : 

. 539 !f 


(vcniunt). ib. vi 146. S9 biouidu tu 12G n. hist. ApoUon. 

Tyr. 50 statua a liobii posita in biga, 80 iNaEttrria. 

Hor. e. : 17 23 inmeritamgue vestem. id. e, ii 3 7 culfaaUlr frutira 
calami inmeritusgue labarat (pariee). Prop, ii 4 3 taepe inmeritOB' 
eoTTumpai dentibm unguei. Other exx. in Mohlmann, Ou'the folly oC 
wreaking spite on inanimate things (e. g. throwing away a boolc written. 
in Bmall characters, tearing a dress that does not fait our fancj) aee Sen. 
deir. II 26. FRANausrnit citniu the punishment at slkves.. 

Sen.ib. in 32 § 1 if we have sent a poor Elave to the barracoons, ergastula, 
why need we make haste to flog bim, cr-aia prolinui frangere T Wetot. 
on Jo. 19 31. ciBu-us in IIS a word of common 

life, which has gained dignity in its passage into the Bomonce langmLges, 
eheval, cavalry, chinalry: to tlte from testa. 

flj CAMINI3 uy 118. henoH (through low Lat. caminala] eheminee and 
ehimnty. 62 ahorituu vatxiui cjfut Tac. an, m 73 i-n- 

22 Tiberias commends the activity and vigilance of Seianus, by whura 
exertions a tire had been confined to tbe theatre of Fompeiiia: the 
senate vote Seianus aitatue in the restored theatre, iv 2a.i). 23 TileiinH 
calls Seianus in the senate and before the people, >tho partuer of his 
labours,' and allows Ma imagen to be Korahipped in theatres and 
larket-places and at the headquarters of the legions, ib. 7 Drusns 
- ^plains cenii effigiera etui in monumentii Cn. Pompeii, ib. 7 
28 the senate voted aitars to Clemency and Friendship, with 
ISB ol Tiberius and Seionns about them. Sen. eons, ad Marc. 23. fig 
itriking passage on the 'bloodhounds' or 'wolves' of SwuiQS, 

X 62, 63 

fed irith human Llooil.wliam CremntiuH Cordas escaped bysaioiiie, Semniif . 
gavo liim bb 'a largess' congiarium to his client SatriaB Secundns. "" 
free speech of Cordns vaa his rain: tacitaa ftTre nan potutrat Seinnniii 
in cervices nostnu ne inponi guidon, led eicendere. A.tlatiie was decreed, 
to bim in the temple of Pompeius, which Tiberius yiua reetoring. Cordas 
diclaimed ttiae vere thealrum perire. Quid ergot non TumpereluT tupnt,' 
einerei Cn. Pompeii coaititui Seianam et in monumenti* maximi impera- 
torii Donsecrari perfidnm militem? Cf. DCass. ltii 21 g B who 
adds that alter this man; itatuei of Seianus were made by man}', and 
panegyrics prononuced upon him among the senate and people, ib. 
ivin 3 g§ 7 — 8 k. D. 29 it was decreed that the birthday of Seianns 
should be liept as a publia feast; the DBmher nt italuei raised to 
him by the senate, the knights, the tribes and the giaudees, was past 
connting; the senate and knights and people sect envoys to Seionu 
and Tiberius alike, prayed alike and ofTored sacrifices for both and 
ewnre b; the Eortune of both. cf. ib. 6 S 2. e g 4. ib. 4 g 1 x, d. 31 brazen 
ttattie* of Seianns oud Tiberius ware everywhere set op tt^ether, they 
itrere {tainted together, and gilt chairs vere eet ap far both in tba 
theatres: sacrifices were oflered to the siatues of both alike, ib. 75§1^ 
among ether amena of the fall of Seianus: smoke issued from one of hip. 
ilatitee; when the head was icmoved a great suake leapt forth: whe]|.J 
a new bead was placed upon the statue, and Seionus was about to sonrifiM 
to himself (tor such was his practice) on account of the omen, a rope was 
foimd round the neck of the £tatne. ib. 11 g S 'him, wboiathey used to 
odorK -anti sacrifi:e to him as to a god, they now were leading forth to 
death.'' The name of Seianns was erased from coins (Eckhol ti 193) and 
insoriptians OrelH 4D33. Suet. Tib. 48 certain gifts granted by Tiberius 
to the legions of Syria, becauaa they alone had monhipped no iniage of 
Seiamu among the standards, ib. 65 Seianus, who was plotting a revolu- 
tion, he overthrew at lost rather by guile and canning than by imperial 
anthority, although he saw both that his birthday was already kept as a 
state holiday and that his golden ttalnes were everywhere icor- 
thipped. 63 Seunos Ii. Aelius Seianns, son of the 

eqnea L. 3eina Straho of Volsioii [ver. 74 n. Borghesi oeuvres iv 43G— 444. 
V 86) and a lania, adopted by L. Aelius Oallus third prefect of Egypt 
(Borghesi iv 444seq.). In his youtli ha was in the «uito of 0. Oaesar 
nho died Febr. 4 a. u. Shortly after the oaccBsiou of Tiberius he was madu 
oolleaguo of his father, the praef. praet., and, when his father was en- 
trusted with the government of Egypt, he had the sole command of tha 
praetorian guard, and gradoally became the second personage in the 
state. His daughter was betrothed to a son ot Claudius, ofterwardi 
emperor Tac. an. iii 23. Jv 7. Suet. Claud, 27. TtCasa. Lvm 11 J 5. In 
hia wa; to the throne stood Dmsus son ol Tiberius and the children 
oi Germauicus nephew of Tiberias. Having seduced Livia, wife of 
Brusus, he poisoned her husband a.d. 23 Tnc. iv 3, 8. Suet. 63. 
SCoBB. Lvu 22 g 2i and aftetwardj sued fur her liand, bat Tiberias 
disoonraged the suit, as exposing Seiauus tu envy Tiic. iv 39. 40. Ha 
fell 18 Oct. 31, when apparently at the summit of his greatness. Be* 
the eharacter of him in Tac. iv 1 — 3. vi 8 (where be is called ' BOQ-in- 
law' of Tiberins cf. Zon. ii 3 iin. DOaas. tviu 7 g E). Sen. de tranq. an. 
11 3 11 'You have filled the highest offices of state: have you filled 
ofQoea as great or une:cpeated or aa universal as Seionus did? yet on the 
very day on which the senate had escorted bim, the people tore tim to 
pieces. Of bim, on whom gods and men had bestowed all giEts tbt^ 


X 63, 64 

bodd bs brougLt together, of him, I say, notbing remnmed for tbe oseeii- 
tianer to drag an-uy.' Vtlleiua FattrculuB, vhose biatory euda a.d. SU, 
attribates (il 127 % S. 128 § 3) lo the lavoriCa every excelleDoe of body and 
w nind. EX FACm toto orbe SEcnNC^ for tbe eipreseioD 

Itat. B. I 4 6—7 ol tbe prneL urb. prosima eeT-^ixponderU immemi, 
r 2 il Hit BeaunduB apex bellorum el prDiima cassis. Bj-mrn. 
"' BGii. 1 § 5 'most emperors Boou feared as rivuls guoa BHCiiD- 
it.' Nep. Pelop. 4 g 3Bremi Mec/uit altera persQo a TheiK, 
Dunda ita, ul proxima etiel Eparainundae, AV. Caes. tx 
Sll TitUB after his defeat of tbe Jowa was made pra«f. praet. Tbaa 
vnoi II, iDgenB a principio, tuaiidior atgue alter ab A-VgUBto imperia 
_l)i(. On the praefeclura pratlorii as 'faUiog little short of imperial 
' Mithority and power' (Herodian v 1) see Becker u 3 2SD. Maroil. on Snet. 
Xit. 4. a!dd Eunap. p. 490 39 Didot ' royalty without its purple.' On tbe 
paver of Seiamta aa praefectin see Tac. an. it 2 he flrst made the oSioe 
important by bringing the cohorts before disperBed through the city into 
one camp (cf. Bum &Dme and the Campogua 61 — 2). ib. 7 I>rnsns, sou 
of Tibeiiua, complained incolumi filio adiutorem imperii aliam vocurt 
et quaiiiuja luperaae ut collega dieatur! ib. 40 Tiberias to Seiauus 'I 
will only say, nihil tate tam excelmm, quod noa vlrlulet iitae tuuiqae in 
•me animits vKTeantur.' Sen, sd Mare. 1 § 3 death the only escapo from 
slavery inter Seianianoi taiellitei. ib. g 3 lulmetii iam cenrkibut omnium 
et ad SeiaitianuTti itigwn adactia. Snet. Tib. 35 Seioous raised by Tiberias 
ad lummam potenliam not from good will, but as an accomplice of bia 
plots against the family of Qeimatiicua. DCaae. i,vii 19 g 7 Tiberius 
loada Seianus his cnuneellor mid minister in all thinga. cf. lviii S § 1 
■ uted on ver. 93). No wonder that portents fa ball of fire Sen. n, q. 1 1 
9) nere reported as annooncing so great a falL Macro enticed S. to tbe 
— ite-boose by tbe bait of tbe iribiadcia potatat DCass. ltiii 9 g4, and 
leceived with plaudita by the senators on that accoont 10 g 3. 


pas. and Suet. Ner. cited on 5S. Tao. an. in 70 A.n. S3 L. Ennius an 
eques was charged with treason jiiod effigiem prineipis promiseuum 
od usnm argenti yertisset. Tiberius interposed bis yeto on the prii- 
secntiun, thangb Ateius Gaplto vith mock freedom complained that the 
Eenate ought not to be deprived of ita right of paasing sentence, nor oagbl 
BO great a crime to be nnpuniBbed. Prnd. perist. x 299 — 300 from luv., 
speaking of idols juoa Iruiia pelvis cantharus aaitaginoB | fraota « 
liguata contulemnt vascula. The noble protests against idolatry in Is. 
44 and Baruch 6 snggested the patristic common place, 'veagels for die- 
lumouF ' made into goda, or from gods. 8ee the collections of Oataker 
adv. mlBO. n I'J p. 370, Oehlcr, Havoro. and Herald on Tert apol. 13, 13. 
cf. Am. VI 14. cucEULi ui 203. jnga or ewers, with one 

handle, to hold gelida or cal4a for drinking (Mart, xiv 105 «. miniatra- 
loril; ib. 100 an earthenware urceus. of. Tetron. 74) ; of copper (Cat. r. r. 
13 g 1) or eai'thenware (ib, S 3 in both places urceui. Fetron. 95); used 
for preserving service-berries (Coliun. xii 16 § 4), medlars (Pallad, iv 10 
g 33), and melimela (ib. xiii 4 g 2) ; sometimes of Ellver |dl<t. xixiv 2 21 
pc. > decaitteie ') ; classed with paterae, calieta, tcyphi Faiil. iii 6 g DO 
ot g S6. Becker OaUus ii'> 316. in 284. Many are preserved in tbe mnseo 
Bocbonico (Heiii in P[iuty s. v.). Lob. paralip. 34 and Gurtina derive the 
word from Cpx<7- pelves hi 3T7 echol. vi 441. afoot-pan. 

one of Corinthian bronze in Orelli inscr. 3B3S. one of silver, contain- 
ing ointment for the feel, in Potron. 70. Varr. L L v g 119 pelvis. 

pedelvii, a pedum lavalioiu. It was also used for washing up cnpil J 
iloQ. xvi einut aquarius, in qua vasa p'riuantur. BiKTAat* f 

D frviug-pan, such as has been found at Herculaneiim, of the same shapa J 
as thosa now in uss <&ich a. v.) ; dig. xxxit 3 ID § 12 of silver; used ' 
melticg rosin Plin. xvi § 53. Siilou. ep. viii 11 compares the full h] 
of btitly redaced by mortiUcation to com parched in quadaja conscientiot 
sactagiae. MiTELiuB of. 1 131 u. Teoffel in Panlj U i' 858, 

ivUiSii. Plut, prase, ger. reip. 27 p. 820' 'of -the 3<I0 statues of W^ 
metrius Phalereua none sufiered from rust or mould, bat all were over- 
tlironn in his life-time; the statues of Demades they melted down tit 
dtiiSas.' Wliat fate would have befallen one who should hava done such 
indignity to a liliecess of 8. but a few hours before, appears from Ben. de 
ben. Ill 20 PauUus, nn eipraetor, wore at dinner a ring bearing a head of 
Tiberius. It happened tjiat he tuntpslBse matellam. Maro a blood' J 
hound, vatigator, of the day, culling the compuiy to witness odmulami 
ette tmaginem obicenis, began to draw up an information. But a slave, I 
watching the plot, hod drawn off his master's ring, aud displayed it on liia ' 
own hand. 65 DCass. ltui 13 §g 4—5 ' aa though they 

had been (reed from some deHpotiam, they voted that no one should mourn 
for him [Seianus] and that a statue of Liberty should be set up in the 
forum, and (a thing wholly without precedent) that a festival should be 
celebrated by all the magistrates and priests, and (which was no leea un. 
precodented) that the anniversary of his death should be kept as a day of I 
rejoicing both with horse races and boitinx of beasts, by the members at'M 
the four colleges of priests and the flamens of Augustus.' ib. 13 gg 2-— ^'l 
Tiberius refused to receive the deputation sent to congratulate him , and I 
even denied himself to the consul. Buet. Claud. 6 Claudius representedi J 
the equestrian order when it congratulated the consuls on Seianns' fi " 

POSE DOMi LAHRUS as at a weddiog Y 
jMBtss el ffrandi ianua lauro. ib. 237 — 8. or ou any oceasioi 
lb. 6I-a (ct 47— 8]. ra 85. xjiBln. Greg. Naz. or. 5 g B5 (i 170) ']etu?l 
keep the feast, . . not festooning the streets with Sowers, .... for bo tha 
gentiles keep holy day.' ib. 38 gG (i66G| 'let us not crown our vostibnles, 
nor decorate the streets.' Socr. h. e, ui 1 g 20 when lulian was entering 
a town, a crown (one of those with which they decorate streets), along from 
pillars by ropes, alighted ou his head. duo in ct?iioi.iA. 

MiONDU CBBHTniiquB jiovEM Ti 47 (ch 51—2). From Lucret. [?LnciL] 
Hp. scliol. cretatumque bovem duel ad Capltolia nuigna. Ov. ex ' 
1'. IV 9 40 — SO ' now to decree ikanksgivings to tbegoJa fur Caesar, alb a- 
ve opimoram eolla ferire bonm.' Air. Epict. il9 g ^4 ' Has a man been 
honoured with the tribnnateT all who meet bint congratnlate him; . 
one kisses his eyes, another Ms neck, the slaves his hands. He oomes I 
home, and Qnds lights burning; he goes up to the Capital and offers I 
victims.' g£. tlie rejoicings on Nero's fall DCass. uiii 29 S 1' 
SB CHET:iT\ju tauutlugly said; tha napkin dropped by the praetor 
signal for storting in the circus was alsofr^tnta Mart. lu 29 9; so too thv 1 
toga of a candiiinii'. Dark spots in the victim wero rubbed over with crela J 
['creta seems to have been a kind of pipe-clay, as onr chalk appeara tu bQ J 
quite unknown in Italy, as well ai our^int.' H. A. J. M.]. / 

BEiANua DtlciiuB UNCO ducttur = dTrdyerai Staveren on Nep. in 1 g 8. ] 
Sen. ad Hetv. 13 § 7 ducebatnr 'Athenii ad supplioium ArUtlde*. 
luT. XIII 215 nigri paiietur onrceris noonm. Aug. 
Ikbiui et Namiluriui unco traoti ipariii vinceribm iateriTeitt. UncUl J 
is the hook or drag, fastened under the chin, by wbiuh the aoipsat 1 

5 drawn from the neigkbourina career, Where they had 

I Btrsuigled, to the icalae Gemaniae, Prop. T = iv 1 141 btne cum 

, fijium vieiilo diicusii'rit unoum, Snet. Till. 61 erery one exeouted 
andcr Tiberius was east out uncoqile iractu>; in one day twenty, in- 
cludiiit; women and liojs. ib. 76 Bome threatened the corpse of Tiberius 
with tJie uncus and the Gemoniae; soma wbo had b«BU left for eieeution 
on the [lay of Ma death, weie etrangled by tbcii guards and exposed at tho 
Gemomae. Sen. ds ira m S g 6 eadavera quoque trahens uncut, 
id. ep. SS g 3 he who lies on peifmnee is no less dead than he who rapitur 
unco. ib. 92 gas the sage fears no tlireats of outrage to hialifelesa limbs; 
non eontfrret, inqait, me ntc uoisub ncc proiecti ad eontumeliam cada- 
verii la^eratio foeda viiuris. DCaes. lthi 5 gei.D. Bl when S., after 
sacriflcing in the Capitol, went down to the fomm, hia guard, not being 
able to follow him for the prssa, turned by the road leaduig to the career, 
and slipt and fell down the etepa down which convicts were thrown; 
B. bad omen for 8, ib. 11 § i — U in the first instance, after the reading of 
the vcTboxa ejnsiula, S. was led to the career: the same day the senate 
met in the temple of Concord near the earcer, and seeing the temper of 
the people, and the quieaoenee of the praetorians, eenteneed him to 

death ; so he was executed and cast down the Etepa His children 

also were slain in accordance with a decree, the daughter, who was be- 
trothed to the son of Claudius, having first been violated by the execu- 
tioner, because a virgin conld not without impiety be HUed in the prison 
[cf. Suet. Tib. 61. lao. an. Yi 1 § 4]. Hia wife ApicaU was not indeed 
condenmed, but when she heard that hex children were dead, and saw 
theii carcases on the steps, went home, and put an end to her life. cf. 
Tac. 1. 0, DCass. l: 35 g 3 a ghastly jest ui L. Innius Gallio, Seneca's 
brother: 'as the execntianera used to drag those who were geutenced 
to death in the career with certain great kooki to the fornw, and thenca 
bauled them to the river, he said that Clandiua hod been drawn np 
to heaven by a hook.' M. Sen. contr. 26 g 2 reliquiae praeloria nnco 
irahebanlur. VM. yi 3 g 3 M. Claudius [Qlioia b. □. 237] was execated by 
ordarof the senate: ipirilunt ixtinxit, corptu eonlumelia carcerig et deCtt- 
tanda Gfntoniarum icalaruni nota foedavit. ib. 9 § 13 of Q. Caepio ponti- 
fez max. corpaque eiiu fuaoli carnijicit manibiu lacerattan in aealis 
GemoRiii iacem magno cum horrore totiui fori Itomani eoniprctum eit. 
lul. Obs, 113 B. 0. S7 the people rifled the bier of Cu. Fompeins the (atber, 
«orpiu unco (roxit. Tad. an. iii. 14 ji.n. 30 stataes of Fiso dragged ta 
the Gemoniae. ib. vi 26 death of Agrippina, 18 Oct. 33, on which day two 
years before S. had died; the senate decreed a yearly offering to Iuppit«T 
Capitolinus on the day, and Xiberius boasted that he had forborne to 
strangle her and cast her out on the G^maniae cLSnet. Tib. £3. Tacib. 
29 many suicides to avoid confiscation and to secure burial, which wsa 
denied to those who wore executed. Saet. Tib. 64 Nero, son of Germani- 
cns, driven to conunit suicide, when au executioner, profeasing to be sent 
by the senate, dangled before him laqu^oe ft uncos. DCass. lx IQ g 1 
i.D. 42 men and women eiecnted, and their bodies thrown down the 
steps; where were also exposed the heads of those who were eiecnted out 
of Bome. Saet. Ner. 24(iiuoted above 68). Tac. h. in 74 a. n. 69 Flavioa 
Sabinna was mutilated and beheaded, and bla tcnnk thrown on ths 
Gtmoniae, Plut, Galb. 28 a.d. 69 the headless corpses of Tioius, Piso 
and Qalba, in consular attire, were left lying in the fornm; the head of 
Galba, after being paraded on a pike (27 g 1) was insulted by slaves and 
-"— It into the ^esiorium, where the headfl of those who were executed by 


X 66- 

imperial ordec were thrown, cf. DCase. hxiv G g 3. LampriiL Comaii 
18 — 3 fraatid litRny chanted by the senate after the death of Ciimmodns 
81 Dec. A. D. 192 ;iii aeiiahtm occidil, nnco trahatnr. gui innocsntrt- 
occidit, unco trabatar. , . . qui aangnini sua iion pepercit, i 
hator. qui U occiinnu fuit, uaaa ttfthatnr. cami/ex uni 
tar. taTiiifex tiuatiii more viaioram nnco trahatnr, . . , jtarricidat^ 
cadaver nnco iiahatur. gladiatoria cadaver nnco traliatur .... 
pfrraga, perronn. omnet ceastmug nnco traheiidam. gui omaea occidil, 
nnco truhatur. qui oiiiafin aelaUm occidil, nnco trahatnr. ^ui 
llfrumfiu ifxtitti oecidil, nnco trahatnr, etc. Hence the curse in Or. 
Jlua Ida— 4 cainijicisqiie maim populo plandente traheris | infixmque 
tail otsib\n uncus ecit. A barbarons nicknama was invented for the 
exeeatiuuers Fest. p. 102 M. HAM0TRAH0NB3 alii piacatorei, alii, qni 
unco cadavera trahunt. The red-hot (?) book, used to torture the 
living (Am. n 6 So. Prudent, perist. \ 73 — 4 of Viacentins etridenCibta \ 
lanialitr nncis), ajipeaFS to be different From, that in the text. Ct. the 
aniiety of Nero that bis whole body ehould be burnt to escape ontraga 
(Suet. i9), the threat of Goliath, the ends of Ahab and Jezebel etc. ; the 
lieatmeut oE Hector's corpse etc, ; the heads of traitors oa Temple Bkc 
and LondoD Itiidge) corpses of English criminals huDg iu. chains (as " 
old on the cross, e.g. In the story of the Ephesian matron Petron. 111). 
67 BPECTANDUS DUass. I.VI1I 11 g 2 (cited on 9il|. Plin. pan. 33 § 3 c( 
trasting Trajan's reiga with Domitian's nemo e apittaCore speotacnlun 
faetui miieraa voluptaUi unco cl ignibai expiavit. DCass. 1.IV 20 — 1' 
A.D. 69 the soldiers dragged Vitellias out of the dogs' kennel, where W', 
was hidden, pinioned him, pnt a rope about bis neck, and dragged him t^' 
the forum of Augustus, buffeting bim, plucking his beard, and mccMi^ 
him; as be bung down bis bead they pricked bim nnder the chin, to fonW' 
him to look up. he and his statues were drawn to the prison ; thenee to 
the Oemoiiiae, where he was hacked to pieces; his head was cut off aoA 
earned through the town. Tac. b. iii 84—5. Suet. Vit. 17 Casaub. 

□tUDBNT ouKES cf, the scencs at the execution (^ 
Bobespierre and other cbieis of the TeFroT. qdab iabiu, eciB 

iLLi voLTiia KiUT Bentl. on Phaedr. iv 6 3 eeeniB rightly to onderstand 
inbra of the Ecoril habitual to S. in hi4greatness(Iav.xiv325). qua as in 
guit furor est etc. 63 NnuquAM uuti uunc hokinxk 

Sin. Tac. an. iv T4 A.n. 28 those whom S. condescended to notice wer^ 
taaJe alacrea, qmbiii inj'auslae amiciti&e graviiexitutimiaiiiebal. villi 
i.D. 31 a fcieod of S. , on the point of dying by his own hand, says: hs 

E Tiberius], who had token 8. as his colleague and, tOTgive* 
liniselt; eetirf, guemper dedecora fovera, cam acdtre inseelantur. miairiiU 
tic ob amicitiam acousari, an amicum acousarc. baud diticTevmin, 
ib. 8 M. Terentiua in like manner confessed bis friendship for 3. ta irm- 
pestatfqua Seiani amioitiam oeteri falao exnerant. ib. 10, 19 monj 
executed for montniiig friends or relations who had fallen, DCass. LVtu 
10 § 4 when the verbosa ipistula was read, some of those who sal near B. 
rose up, not caring to share the same sent with him, whose friendship 
they had but just before prized, g 7 after the whole was read they railed at 
him, some from fear and to clokc their friendship, ib. 12 §g 2 — 3 the 
soldiers seeing themselves suspected in regard of their devotion to S.. 

fell to arson and pillage Nor was the senate calm; they tcho had 

courted S. loere aore troubled for fear of pimiihnnnl : they who Lad aocoaed 
or borne witness against some, whose ruin tbry suspected was due not to 
%. but to fi., were fliled with dismay. Very few felt assured, ib. 14 hii 



X 68, ( 


latioCB e,ai friends and all otherg ixlio hadflaUerfd liim Kid moved ths 
'si of baDQUTB for him, were put on their triiJ. Most of them trere 
iricted for what had made them envied befure, end the othcra sea- 
tenlied them for measurea which they themselres had before Hupported, 
ilaay who had beeo tried and auc^uitted, were accased agaiu and oon- 
demned, as bayiiig owed their former escape to hia faiVour. In default 
of nuj other oliarge, it iriu enovgh la lecvre a man's puniihmntt that ha 
had been a friend of S., us though T. himself had not loved him and 
been the occasion of the devotion of the others to him. Tba Tery 
turned informers; far they had no difficulty, from their 
i( knowledge of thase libe themselves, in dietrayering and aonvioting 
n etc. ib. Xti § 6 after a while a Mnd of amnesty wan prof^laimed; X. 
blared that aU were free to mourn S. or any one else who bod EUffered, 
Suet. Tib. 61 interdicHim ae capiu daimiato$ propinqui iugerent. Con- 
trast the flattery of TcUeiiu a. d. 30 with the execrations oE Valeriuf 
Maiimus I.D. 33. VelL li 127 g 3 virum teveritatii iaetiitimae, hilaritatit 
priicae, acta otiotit limillinuim, nihil tibi vindicantem eoque adaequtntan 
oniiiia, eemperque infra aliurma aeit'analiontu te mttientem, vutiu vilaqut 
tranqaillum, aitiino ersomneni. ib. 128 g 3. YM, ii 11 g 1 Seeint; all erimes 
outdone by the design of one single jiarrieide, I haalflu. with affection 
more loyal than powerful ad id lacerandum. Who can execrate aa he 
deserves one who essayed, abolishing ereiy bond of friendship, to bury in 
bloody darkness the human racs? Mora Bftvagc than Brcnnus and Han- 
nibal, 8. aspired to seize the rains which our prinee and father holde in 
his saving right hand. But the gods' eyes were awake, the stars main.- 
tained their in&nenee, altars and temples were fenced by a divine presence, 
nor did aoght, that was bound to keep guard for that august head and 
the country, allow itself to slumber; above all the author and guardian 
of our safety by his divine wisdom provided that bis most surpoasing 
merits shouidnot be overwhelmed in the general wreok of the world. So 
peace stands fast, the laws prevail, the even course of private and public 
doty is mointaiu'jd unharmed. But he who, in violation of the covenants 
of Mendship, pIottL:d the overthrow of this happy state, oiani cum ilirpe 
lud abtritiis, hy the might of the Eoman people, pays the penalty ho has 
deBerrud in hE;ll, if indeed he has found admittance even there. 8en. ep, 
jSS S 3 Vatia, though cieh and an es-praetor, lived to old age, and was 
ited happy: Nam quotieni allquoa amicitia Aiinii Galli, ;uoUom 
"' " I, dtiniie amor merserat, aeqae enim offendiase ilium gwua 
ioulosum/uie, exclamabanl bomines; 'O Vatia, salm eci* 
EI QUID uiHi cBEDiB cf. 246. IT 53. found also in pcoBe 
ep. od Trai. 26 = 11 § 2. Pronto ep. ad Ter. :r 7 p. 135 Naber. 
09 SEii quo CKOIDIT BDH cniuiNE Suet. Tib. Bl Tibe- 
1 his autohiography said that he pnnuthed S,, guod coaiperiisel 
adiitTsO) liberos Germaitici Jilii lui.- though one sou of G. was 
when 3. was already suspected, and the other after his fall. Aeeord- 
ing to los. ant. xviii 6 g 6 Antonia, aister-in-law of Tiberias, mother of 
Gennanious and Claudius, sent Pallas (lav. i 109 n.) to Caprcae, with in- 
telligence of the plot, when B. had already won many senators and the army. 

of. DCass. lavi 14 gg 1—3, where observe the c 
OECiDiT snn caiMiNE caderv often^to lose one's < 
ttare. i» 12 caderet sub iudiee marum. Buet 
ab hoiU in acic an in foro sub creditoribas cade 
ded. 379 pp. 776— 7i" . . ■ ■ 

Auert pocTiam; 

of Antonii 
luse, be cast in a suit }( 
0th. 5 nihilqite referre 
-et. Burm. on Quintih 

rt Eub hae culpa cut, for the phrase ctutere a 



Bee Dirkeen maanale [tnd Briseon; ia Cic. de or. i §g 1G6— 7, wheia ii-m 
occurs three times, it is iateiobangcd nith lUemperdere. 
70 DBLATOB IV 48 D. a word of the Bilver age. GaetaQ Boissier re . ._ 
deax moudea 15 Mot. 1870 traces tlis power of tbese informers froto. 1 
Augustas to Domitian. Bein Crimitmlrecht 817^ — 820 cites authorities 
from TilieriiiB to Tiiiii. iiiiii. ii, Geib Geach. d. rum. CriminalprozesEes 524 J 
n, 73 collects the laws regulating tho rewards of delatureg, and liiscrimL- ' 
nates (pp. 350—2) tboee who oame forward to occueo in court from tboaa 
nlio simply gave information. The foci elrutici for tHe time of TibBrioa 
are Tac, au, i 73—1. ii 27—32. 50, m 35. 30. 44. 40. ly 20—1, 39. 30. 
3B, 60. C8— 9, 71. Tl 1 S 3. 3. 4. 7- 18. 30. Buet. Tib. 49, 68. 61. DOass. 
tvii 19. 21. Sen. de ben. iii 36 g 1 aocutandi frequcna et paeiie publica 
rabiti, gaae omni eivili bello gravivi tagatam eivitalem confecit ; exeipie- 
EHtfxr tliriomm sermo, limplicitas iocantium. nikil erat tulam. oimtit 
eaevUndi placibat occiuio. nee iam reonaa exipectabatfiT eventut, cum 
ttut ftnvt. Cf. Djrksen manuals or BiisBon. s. tt. diferre, ieTatio, iela~ 
tor, detalorivt, 70 QCieus indicibdb, otra isbis 

fHOBATiTF VI 219—220 TiKTuit qtio crimine lervm | luppliciuml quit 
toBtisdcteitr gufjdetulit? wherefollowBthe answer 322— 3ni[ /tcrnt, 
rifo.' I SIC volo, lie iubeo ; sit pro ratione voluntas; as here £cne habet 
etc. The delator denounces, gives in the name of the accused often hj 
anonymoos llbtlli; indix ia an approver or king's evidence, one who 
betrays hia aocomplicea; snch evidence was only received in the case ol 
beinoas crimeB, as conspiracy, treason, aiBOn, never in eases of repetim- 
dae, avibitui etc, ; generally itidicce vere of the loner clasees, esp. slaves; 
no senator could be au index.' rewards e.g. emancipation, and free pardon 
were often offered to any who would come forward as indices Geib Orimi' 
nalprozesB 104 — 6. Bein in Fauly indesB. [Ascon.] on Cic. divin. in 
Oaec. §34. Fortheahlative jnil. leafecf. Caes.b.e. nlSgS hafc leceitis 
nuntiia, certis anctoribns comperitie. For the oembination of ind. 
and Ust. (a slave could not be a tettis) et. Cic. p. Oluect. § 39 nvlto teste, 
nulfo indice. Quinlil. vri 3 g 54 adaltsrittia dbicii: q\iis testis f quia 
index f Tac. an. iii 10 neque se accusatoTes, sed rerum indiaea et 
testes, jh. it 29 indejt idem H testis, ib. xv 65 adiaiigere crimen, 
cuilu leae pariler indicem. el testem faceret. InsCin. xuui 8 g 9 ad 

xivii 3 g 4 iUitm dixiiie sine indice ullo vel taste. In. the case of S. 
the indsx whs Satrins Secundns (Tac. an, ti 47 coninrationit tadiee) who I 
had hecu his creature. 71 n"' nosuu one readuig iii> 1 

Cio. p. Gael, § 34, where Orelli haa nihil eorum, after a number of ques- 

Lviii 9 Tiberius wrote to Naeviili Sertorioa Macro appointing him pre- 
fect of the praetoriana; he prepared Memmius Begulus oue of theoonsolB 
(the other was a creature of S.) and Gianicus Laco commander of the 
night police. Meeting 3. troubled at not hearing from Tiberius, be privately 
assured him that the tribuiilcia polfstai was designed for hiru. When S. 
had entered the Eeuate-honse (in tba temple of Apollo TalatinuB), Macro 
dismissed the praetorian guards of S. and tbe senate io their camp, shew- 
ing his commission and promising them a largess. He replaced them by 
vigiles, delivered the letter to the consuls, and proceeded to the praetorian 
camp. ib. 10 Meanwhile tbe letter was read; it was long: no oi 
tinuous attack on S., bnt first some other topic, then a few words of ci 
sure, then another indifferent matter, then further censnre. At the closa | 
it declared that two aenatora couuccted wiUi B, ought to bo punished, anil' J 



lie himself kept In caBtody, There wbb no downiiglit sentence of iealh 
oa &., T. fearing on outbreak. In otder to secure himself on the way ta 
Borne, t. summuued one of tlie consula to his presence [cf. Tac. un. vi 2. 
Svet. Tib. G5J. Sefore the letter wqb igbiI, S. vas greeted with planditx, 
nnd congratulated ou the prospect of the iTil/vnieia piiteilai. As tlie 
reading went on, perplexity uud oonfasioa seized the Eeuators: praetors 
and tribunes eurrounded 8. Regulua called him, but he did not obey ; 
not from contempt, for ha wii3 cowed, but from being unused to reoeive 
1 orders. When ItegulUH a third lime, stretching out bis hand cried, 
k;8(faniu, cotiu hitlitr; ho meekly asked ' Do yoii call me ?' and rose from 
Btiia Beat. The senate with one month reviled him; jiet because of hia 
^nuujj adherents HegnluB did not venture to put the question of his con- 
' demuatioa to the general vote, bat asked a Eingle aenator whether he 
should be cast into prison ; and eo with Laco and the other magistrates 
led him to the career. Suet. Tib. 65 spe ajinitatii ae tribuniciae potei~ 
tatii drcrptum inopinantem eriminalua eet pudenda miserandaque 
oratione. Dtnflua, son of Gennaniciis, Uien in pcinon at Home, was to 
be raised to the throne ducem conaiilai, if the emergency required it. 
The style of Tiberius was by nature or habit obecure and hesitating, and 
especially ambiguous when he desired to conceal his meaning Tac. an. 
I 11. IT 40. eix. of his despatches to the xenate ib. in 36. 47. 52—4. Bit. 
70 denouncing Sabinag; another thwiMnB the senate for bis panishmeDt, 
and casting Buapicion on Agrippiua and Mero. t S— 6 against Agrippina 
and Mero. Tt Q— 3 against lonius Gallio and SeitiuB Poconianns. ib. 6. 7 
against Q. Servaeus and Minucius Thermus, the latter a frieud of Seianus. 
ib. 9, 12. 16. 23—4, 25. 29. 47 where it is remarked as an exception 
wMvilae in cot imperatorit litterae. Suet. Tib. 67. DCoss, lvii; 8 *.n. 
' "ftagunst Gallus, on the very day that be entertained him at tbe impe- 
')1 table, ib. 6 A.n. 31 Seianus kept in alarm by letters against his 
ids. ib. B g 4. 21 g S tbe denunciations sent to Tiberius, and evi- 
ie extracted by torture, were passed on to the senate, whose ouly fane* 
■ mn. ib. 24 § 3. 72 ciPBEis 93 n. 

3i Ix"- Miihlmann ftati-n col. 1055 cites Ter. Fhorm. 
429 bene habent tihi principia. Cic. Liv. (4). Sen. (2). Add Prop. 
T = iv 11 97. YM. V 10 S 2 AemUiuB Paulus, who lost two sons shortly 
after his triumph, had prayed that any misfortune provoked by hu 
eieessire prosperity might fall wholly npou his own house; accordingly 
he bore bis bereavement calmly, saying, quapropter bene habet. M. Sen. 
oontr. Sig 10 p. S29 4 ' strain the rack still tighter, tighter yet: thatwiU 
do, hold there, bene habet, sic tme.' Stat. Th. xti 33B. Loct vii 1. 
Bobt^neesl. bate agitnr. Hioron. adv. Bufin. il 24 bene ^uiii — . 

quaero ploheius. 73 tubba heui The annalist Cassiua 

Uemina inDiomed. i p. 384 3 C 'the shepherds gave Bomulnsand fiemns 
an equal share in the government.' The poets, for the convemence of 
the metre, often nameBemua as founder. Catnll.58 S magnanimot Bemi 
nepotes. Prop, ii 1 23. v = it 1 9. 6 30. Perfl. i 73. Bolpic. 19 Hemuli 
alnmnoa. Stat. s. ii 7 60. v 2 IB. Mart, wi 3 6. Pmd. c. Symm. ii 
940. Piodor. Sard, in anth. Pah ix 219 B rforu 'Pifuiio. ef. Unger anal 
Propert. 63 seq. EEqiriTDB rowmniM nr sempeh et odit 

BiMNAiaB the burden o[ Ovid's works written at Tomi e.g. en P. i 6 
81—8. 9 Ifl— 6. 56. 11 3 B-94. 6 23—4 hirpe seqai oaauni, fxrtunae 
trdere amicam, \ et nisi lit felix, eite negare tuiim. tr. t 5 23 — 38. 
j^riedliiiLdei i' 138 — 9 has en. of the terrible oonsequsnces of disgrace at 


X 73-77 

oonrt. See e.g. the entire deaeition of Agrippina aHev she had loEtfitvonp ] 
with Nero DCaBa. lii B § G. The writings o£ M. About in 1870 form k 
hrely oommetitiiry on this verse, 74 xoiiiu as at 

Borne, HO at Volsinii, in tlie tempio of Nortia, an ElTuecan goddess,^ 
nails wars driven j'earl; into the weil (Cincias ap. Liv. vn 3 g 7), ^'J 
national calendar, and a Ejmbo] of tlie inevitable march of timeO. MiillW'J 
Etruslier ii 329—331. OiiVa Etruscan patera Athcpa (L e. Atropos, Ot^m 
tor Nortia, i e. ne-vortia Seh^euck Bhein, Mus. 1S43 p. 446) is aeea 
driving a nail into a wall MuUer ib. 331. Several altars and votive 
Btones ot lllortia are extant ib. 64. Seianti, Seiantml, Saintiol octnii as 
Etrosoan namoa ib. i 4!8. inscT. by Festas Avienns cir. i,i>. 460 in 
Fabretti p. 742. Wemsdorf-Lemaire p. 1. m. v 625 ]. 3 Nortia, le ccjif- 
rorlar^ crelus ynlsiniensi. TertaU apol. 24 and ad Nat. n 6 cites ^ 
Valtinieneivm Nortia among the Bods who took rank in Italy by ■ 
municipal oonseeratiou. Martian. Capell. i § 83 identiaos Bors, NemeHJa, I 
Tyohe, Nortia. Bo the eohol. makes Nortia = Fortmm. Seiaiiiu had ia | 
. fais house a statue of Fortmie, said to have beloni^ed to Servias Tulliaa, 
which tnmed its bock on him just before bia fall, as he was offering 
eacrifice to it DCasa. lyiti 7 § 2. FUn. vui g 197. Henzen Euspecta the 
inecr. in Orell. 1854 mu.^nof deae Nortiae. tubco he 

was born at Vnlsinii Tao. an. rr 1. ib. 3 mnnicipali adiittero. vi 8. 

Tac. sn. iv 1 Seianae so bewitched Tiberias, uf obiciiram adventu alios 
libl uni inoantum inteatamqne efficeret. Saet. Tib. C5 ft oppressa 
eoniuratiane Sniani nihila securior out eomtanlior; for the next nine 
manths he did cot leave hia villa lauu. As earl; aa a.d. 23 B. hod 
plotted the death of Tiberius DCass. ltu 23 g 2 Tin yiparTa ^irra 
P£TiLxitptia9ai. Tiberius, bom 16 Nov. 42 b.c., wanted a month and two 
days of seventj-two years of aga For the eipression ' the age of the era- 
peror'='tlie aged emperor' cf. iv 81 venit et Crispi incimda ae- 
neotiis. Sulpio. 48 eent<:iifta dia Calonis. ^B BtiCiPSA. 

BEUNnu DicsRET BORA AuocaTUH DCass. Lviii 4 A.n. 30 Seianns hal 
the command of llie praetorian guard which was devoted to him, and hod 
won the senate by favours or promises or fear, so that he was regariled as 
supreme; k.D. 31 he with Tiberin^was appointed consul for Hve years, and 
both alike, when they came to Eome, were to be received in state, ef. Tao. 
an, IV 2. Saet. Cal. 13 3, bad been snEpecled of aiming at the throne soma 
time before his fall. Tao. an. iii 29 x.d. 20 the danghter of 3. ia be- 
trothed to the aon of Clandius; by which Tiberius poUuiiie nabilitatem 
familia vidfbittur, BuapeetMiaqae iam nimiae apei Beiannm ultra 
extulitit. ib. iv 1 fin. a.d. S3 samma apiscendi libido -....parand^ regno, 
ib. S S. removes one by one those who stand between him and thetbronev 
and invite9 Livia ad coniugii ipem, conaortium regni. ib. tv68A.D. 
28 the_/iops» of 8. ib. vi 1 § 3 after the toll of S. Vitelliua was aconaed 
of having offered the keys of the treasury, of which he was keeper, and 
the military chest to the oonspiratorE. ib. 8 ■aovissimi coTtsilii . . . . in- j 
tidiae in rriii publicam, consilia oaedis adveraum imporatoTeio, ■ 
On the iuatability of popular favour see DCass. ^.ir 1 %§ 1—2. - I 

77 EI QDo BOFFaiGi* BOLiji vENDiiioa ou the bribery which cormpted 1 
electiona in the later years of the lepublio aee Nep. 23 S 2 Attiens ab- I 
stained from seeking oSioe because it could not be won without a breach 
of the laws in tam i-ffitsi ambilua largilioiiibui. Pint. Coriol. 14 g 3. Caes. 
28 g 2. Sen. ep. 113 g 10. 118 S§ 2-4. App. b. e. ii 19, 23. Lac. i ITS- 
ISO kine rapti pietio fascea asctorque faroria \ ipte ruf poguAv^ 

X 77, 


Jetaliiqtte ambltaa tirbi \ annua tsiibH Tffireiti eerCamina campa, 
Petron, 119 39—50 n. nee minor in camjio ftiror est, amptigue Qni- 
ritsB I ad pracdam itrepitumqiie lucH svjfragia, DfrCunl. 1 venalis 
popnlaB, vtnalis curia patrum, I eat favqr i/i pretio etc. Snet. Caea. 19 
Cfts, even Cato conaented to bribeiy as agHiast Caeaar. More Qua fifty 
triala for ambiiva ace on record. Cioero defended L. LiciniuB Morena, 
P. Vatioina, C. Plancjas, L, SemproniuB Atratiirae, M. CispiaB, T. AnniaB 
Mile, P. SeatiuB, M. Aemilins ScaoniB Beia in Pauly i' 810—5. id. 
riini. Crinuaalieoht 701—33. 7^ kffudit coaia Ben. da 

ir. u SB %3.omnemqae.oaram. siii eff undent, id. ep. 11 § 3 guoit onmem 
vereeimdiam eifndorint. Caesar (Drxunann iit 655. 6S0 — ^. Widk 
1(1)191—2. 199— 301) asBumed the right of ceoommeadingoaDdidBtes for 
election Cic. Phil, vii § 16. ad Att. kit 5. 6. Suet. 41 who gives one 
of his circnlara. ib. 76. DCasa. iliii 11 § 5. 45 § 1, 4G— 7. 51 ha re- 
Eened to himself br a lair the nomination of h&lf the magistratea, but in 
effeat chose all. Eutrop. it 25=20. The form of election was still kept 
np B.O. 44 Cie. ep. fara. vn 80 g 1. PMl. u ^ 79—84, The triomvirB 
received from the comilia the power of nomination App. b. o. it 2. t 73, 
DCaaa. h.ti 5^ S 3. iltii a § 1. 15. itvin 35, 63. AagustaH (Hook i (1) 
410 — 1) made a show of csjiTaBeiug for hia frienda and Toted as a citizen, 
bnt in fact appointed whom he would Buot. 40. 5S. DCaaa. lii 20. 30 
S 2. uii 21 gg 6—7. IT 34 9 2, tvi 40 5 4. The first work of Tiberius 
(Hiiclc I (3) 51 — 5) as emperor i.D. II was that ordinatio comitiaruin, 
qtiam menu sua ecriplam dirae Augiutiu reliquerat (Veil, il 131 % 3, who 
nith bis brother were praetora, candidati Caeiara, the last who were 
nominated by Anguatua, and the firat by Tiberius ib. § 4). Tac. an. i IS 
Lipa. exD, E 'then firat were the elections transferred irem the Campua to 
the aenate: for to that day, thongh matters of importance were done by 
the will of the princepa, yet Bomething was left to the inclination of the 
tribes, nor did the people complain of the loas of its rights except with 
an empty outcry, wlule the senate, released from the neuessity of bribes 
and degrading entreaties, willingly accepted the boon, Tiberias limiting 
himself to the recommendation of four candidates, line repiilta et ainbita 
deiignandoi.' ib. 81. ii 36. it 6. DOasB. ltiii 20 Fubrio. the mogia- 
tratea were still for show preaented to the people. DCasa. lis 9 §g 6—7 
t.11. 38 Oaina (Caligula) reatored the elootiona to the ceutuciea and tribes, 
to the alarm of all men of sense, ib. 20 gg 3 — 5 a.d, 39 owing to the 
Inkewnrmness of the Totera, and lack of camiidates, he reToked the boon, 
The peupia still boweTor assembled, and the new magiatrates, after tho 
uaual prayers and other ceremonioa, were proclaimed by a magistrate 
and herald Suet. Dom. 19. Pliu. ep. in 20 a lively picture of conleated 
elections in the aenate. id. pan. 92 Trajan rated for Pliny in the senate 
and proclaimed him in the Oampna. Capitolin. M. Ant, P^. 10 g 3 
M, Aureliua eomitiis ^nque ad iioctem frequenter inter/vit. Vopiso. Tac. 
7 SS 2—3. In the third century the l^x lalia de. amhitit waa dormant in 
tha city dig. iltjii 14 pr. quia ad caraia priiKipin mnuistratuum ereatia 
ptTtinet, lion ad popiili favarem. cf. Eeiii in Pauly u 538 — 60. On 
eandidali Caesaria see H. F. Stobbe in Piulologaa situ 88. xiTiii 648— 
700. The courtiara of tha empire emit in the loss of freedom Veil, n 13G 
g 2 aeinota e fora seditia, ambitio campo. Symm., Francof. 1816, 
laudea in patres S p. 40 let ns oompare our present state with antiquity. 
ilia Iribui evoeet UbeTtina ac pUbeia faece pollutai, noe palriciot favi- 
toret: elana ilia, not pnneipei, Tha voters of our day are what ttie 
oa ndidateB were of old, intellegamia no$iriaaeculiboaa; aliisteeratwpi^ 
^ JUV. 11. ~i 

X 78-81 

diribitio eomipta clienCdarum euncU, Bit ell a venalis. infer nnafumrf f 
principts eomilia tramiguntjir. Aoson. grat. act. g 13 consul ega, i 
raior Auguite,lHitnere tua, non paiaus tacpta Jieque campum, non tuffi-agia, i 
non puncta, Bon loeuloB . , . nihil cnm soqnBstre depoani, cum 
diHbiloTe nil fepigi. Amm. jit 6§(! 'the tribeeliflTe long eniojedlBiBnra 
and the centnriBB pBace, there ace no conteats of votes, tat the BBcnrity 
of Numa's ags haaroturned.' Mnmertin.. grat. act. lulian. 16 seq. 

Oand. bell. Gild. 96—103 UU dia miles yopuius, qui praefait orbi, | qui 
trabeas et soeptra dabat . . ■ | nunc inkonona, egeia ■ ■ . | obeeeei 
diaerimen habet . . { . . dKbitandaqne piMCi \ praeicribunt alimeatR dies, 
Africa heing in ths enBiD;'B hand. 79 rMFEHruu nacia 

dictatorships, consulships, praetorsMps, proTincioI goTemorBhips. 
FisCEB 36. T 110. TI1C 260. Hor. ep. i 6 53 of an influential elector cui 
libst idc faeeeB dabit. Lnor. iii 995 — 7 pitere a popitlo fasoea . . .j 
petere imperium. From the beginmng of the repablio the oonaul nsad 
to lower his fasces before the people, a confeBdon that bia majesty was 
inferior to theirs Liv. u 7 § 7. TM. iv 1 § 1. leoionkb 

connuand of oxmies m tbe Geld; also military trihuuatea, two tbirds of 
whiohwereaBBignedbjTot«Ljy. Tii6g9, ci 30 g 3. omnia an 

euimteration of several particolars is often closed by alia, cetera, omnia, 
refigud, without et Modvig g 431 n. 1. Kritz on 8aU. 0. 30 § 4. Bo rdXXa. 
TiSn-a H TwaSra Hemd. on Plat, Gorg. 507*. Onr et cetera ia lara-- 
Phaedr. it 4 36 ve$teia uniones pedUequos et cetera. "I 


the importation of corn frem Sardinia, Sicily, provincial Africa and \ 
Egypt, with the regulation of the market price and the free gifts of com 
or money, to which the dangerooa city population (containing mora tbaa 
half a nullion of panpera) naa accustomed, caused a great drain on the 
state exchequer Hock i (3} 138 — 11*. In the monumentam Ancjranum 
0. 15 Atignstus records his generosity in this matter, as in that of games 
(of.Hiickib. 114-.5) o. 22 see Mommsen ad loco. Toe. an. i 2 podium 
Bniiona...pf2!fzit. jb. xt36 a.d. 61 Nero abandoned the intmticm of 
maMng a tour throngh the East: haec .... pUbi volentia fuere toIuj^ 
tatnm eupidine, et quae pTotcipua cura ett, rel finmetttntias 
tmga»tiB.s, »i abeaset, meiuenti. id. hiat. it 3S A.n. 70 false ramoura of an 
inBurrection in Africa, when the com fleet was detained by Btress of 
weather, volgvi alimenta in diet mercari toUtum, cui nna bi re pnb- 
lioa annonae cura. Bee Lips, elect, i 8. admirand. ii 10. Matquardt 
III 2 87—108. Mommsen die rom. Tribus 178—201. Hein in Pauly 
i' 1031—3 annona. it 777—783 largilio fnimentaria. 0. Hireohteld in ' 
FhilblaguB xux 1 — 96 on the a^mnlatratlon of the com BQppIy, | 
MommsBu in EermeB it BG4 — 370 on the pTaefeeli fnimenli dandi. Tba I 
combination panem et circcnsei wae proverbial, cf . los. ant. ux 1 j IS ' 
some regretted the death of Gains (Caligula), 'being captivated, bi the ' 
manner of the vulgar is, with npectaclea, and exhibitiona of gladiatora 
and distributions of meat.' DCbzys, or. 32 i 66B It ' it is reported that 
some one once exclaimed: What can one say of the popnlaae of Alexan- 
dria, who only need to have bread in good t tore provided for them, 
and a spectacle of koTsef, as caring for nothing eliel' Fionto 
princ. hist, ad fin. p. 210 Nabor 'It appears to ha aconsnmmatB stroke of 
policy in the emperor not to neglect even actors and the other playerg of 
stage or ciicns or amphitheatre, as knowing jiapulum Ilomanum dva- 
iui praeeipue Tt'bni, annona et ipeetaculi; Unerir imperiwa 

X 80, 81 

J iudicHs quam tcr'tU probari : maioTt damno icria, gTaviore'^Miaia^/g^ Z 
ladicra neglegi: mimit acribui ititiudU congiaria qvam iptctacula "fl^fPa^ Or ' 

emigiariU frumentariam nwdo plebem evagiltalivi. placari ac nomiiuiTSls^J y 

iptetacalit imiuerffiim [pnpuiMm]. 81 cntcBHBEaii 195 = 197 

lodim ftodie flomam circw copif. m 323. 71 87, TinBS n. 117— Spare* 
et nuiaortbiu iUU \ qui Batarant nrbem circa tcfnaeqne vacantsiii. 
n 114. n 63. xtv 2S2. Od the lar^ tiumH spent by AuguEtna in ehowa 
see Suet, 43. DChsb. lit IT g 6 Pfladee, vlieii Tebiilied b; Augnetua tor 
bia quarrels with Bathyllns, 'it ia for 70111 interest, Caesar, that tbe peD~ 
pie should devote tlieir leisure to ns.' cf. Maer, eat. 11 7 § 19. Tac. dial, 
29 oallH the histrionalis favor et glatHatoram eqtiontmqve eertamina 
Bpedal'viDeB of Borne, inbred from the womb: athletics engrossed the 
mind, leaving no room for higher pursnita: few talked of an; other topic 
at home or in the leotnre-room ; even prolesaors curried layom with their 
d&aa by feigning bq interest in sport. At Oonatantinople bIho the eiicen- 
man games were the ' hfe ' cf the man; Greg. Naz. or. 3G % 12. After 
TrGves hod been repeatedly soelied by tbe barbarians, amid famine and 
pestilence, tbe first request of the few remaining nobles was for circensiiin 
games Salvian. de gnbem. Dei ti 15. See Friedlander u' 161 — 468 for an 
'BEbanstive treatment of the snbject. of. Mart, vii 7 S — ^10. vnt 11 6 — 6. 
Ajnipian. sxvin 4 28 — 31 e. g. hi onme, guod vivwit, vino et leaierii impeii- 
drnit et tpectaeuiit. eisqve templum et habitactiban el contio et cupi- 

ADDio MOLTos Tao. an, IT 71 a,d. 28 of the courtiers of B. gjiidam Tnale 
alaeret, quibui infavstae amicitiae gravis exitai imminebat, ib. vi 1 
g§ I — 2 a bold friend of S, who anticipated bis sentence by suidde, 
BlaesuE, g 3 P. Vitelliua who stabbed himself with a penknife (cl Suet. 
Yitell. 2); Pomponius Seenndus, who survived Tiberiaa; Aeliua GaUns. 
§ 4 the childrGn of S. (cf. DCaas, lviu 11 §6). § 6 the one consul. Trio, 
accused liis colleague Kegalns of slackness in cruahing the accomplices of 
B. HegnlUB aeenaed Trio in return of being himself a conspirator (cf. 
DChsb. Lvin » g S), ib. 7 Minucios, who waa the more pitied, as havrng 
borne meekly tbe friendship of S. ; yet after condemnation be turned 
informer, ib, 10 luhus Marinus, formerly a tool of S. ib. 14 Gemiuius, 
» boon companion of B. ib. 19 a. n. 33 inTitaivsque itipplieiis cunetoi, 
qvi carcere altinebuntar accusaii societatii cum Seitina, necari iubet. 
tocuit immenaa strBgea, omnit eexue, omnii aetat, inhatrei ignobilea, 
ditjterii out aggerati. neqite propiti^it oat amicii adtietcre, intacrimare, 
ne tieere guidfm fliufius dabatur. eed circumiecti cttitodei et in 'ataerareiii 
caimque iiWanIi corpora putTefaeta adaectabantur, dnm in Tiberlm 
traherentnr, vbi fivitaniia aui ripw adpalta non cremaTe qvisquam, 
net contingere. ib. SO A. d. 34 LentuliiB Oaetnlicus, who had promised 
his danghter to the son of S., was aecoaed, bat eBcaped, being the only 

'connexion of S. who wos spared, ib. 38 A.11. S5 Folcinias Trio. Snet. 
Tib. 56 cum plarimorum clade Aelium Seianum {pereulit]. ib. Ql jn 
omni geiiui enidelitalii erupii, . . . cvm .... Seiani familiaret atque 
etiam noioe persequeretuT ,- yo»( eutus exituin vel saeviiiimn$ extiiit. 
Gains (CaJignla) professed to bom the private informations, tibelli, againflt 
the friends of S. but afteiwacdB brought them forward, defending the 
severity of Tiberius as neoesaary id. CaL SO. cf. 12. DCbbb. ui 6 g B. 
Plut. de amicor. mult. 7 p. 96". DCass. Lvin 12 gg 1—3 Ihe populaca 
Blew OS it met them the Mends of S. who had abuaed tbeir greatneas 
the praetorians, jealoua of the confidence shewn to the vigiles, set fire U. 

^Oiues and fell to pillage. Those who had courted S., thosQ vfhci lu^ 

aocuaed or bamo witosHB ugomBt others to please htm, were pania-altiokea. 
ib. li his relations, friends, Sattorers, auii those wlio liad muTed the 
senate to vote liim hononrs, were pnt on their trial; some who hail been | 
acquitted were again tried, [>□ the ground that the; owed their escape to i 
iia lavonr ; the mere fact that one had been a friend of B. stood in lien at 
all proof of guilt; bis ownoieaturea endeavoured to sereen thomselTes by i 
accusing others, ib. 15 gg 1 — 3 most of tbe accaaed committed snicide. 
Senators and knights and ladies ware crowded Into the caicer, and either 
despatched -there or thrown headlong from the Capitol, ib. 16 §S 5 — 7 
guilt; and iunoi^ent aufiered n'ihp Once Tiberius declared that any ons 
was free to mourn for S. ; bnt shortly afterwards the eseculiona were 
I resumed, ib, 19 some friends of S. were spared, as L. Seiunns the praetai 

^^^ and M, Terentius a Imight, who boldly avowed his friendship for tha ^^_ 

^^^^ fallen favorite, and defended it by the esample of Tiberius, ib. 25 §g 2 — ^^H 
^^^H 1 &. D. 36 Fnldniua Trio, who had served 3, as an informer, anticipatecL ^^H 
^^H condemnation by soicide. ^^| 

^^H 82 lUoMl EST FonN&aui.ii Quintil. i 5 g IH tells us that some regarded ^^1 
^^^1 such B contrailictiii in adit'cio (the epithet 'great' with a diminnlive) as « ^^H 
^^^1 solecism vitiiim, qit^id jit per qunMitBiem., ut magnum peouliolnm, ^^H 
^^^1 erant qui s'll'ifci^miim pni-'iii, quia pro nomine integro ponitum sit devtii ^^H 
^^H nudim. Aim!, miig, T-1 <::i11:; n, false accuser lotius calumnUie fornaeultt. ^^| 
^^1 The toTia film. U also iined by Vitmviua and Fronto; diminativea begaa ^^^H 

I ta be affected in the silver age,- ajid have passed in great iiombera into th« ^'^^^| 

Bomsnce lai^uagea ver. 173 n. The metaphor lay very near cf. ver. Glseq, ^^^| 
la snch a devouring furnace perished the friends of Livia [Suet. Tib. 61), ^^^| 
I Agnppina (Tae, an. JT 63} and GermanicnH (ib. 68; see esp. G9 fin. (oi ^^H 

^^_ the universal terrorl. So Gains (Caliiralal nrosecnted many on the SBore ^^* 

the universal terror). So Gains (Caligula) prosecuted 
of friendship for his former victims (UCass. lix 23 § 6); the case of Le- 
piduB, hia brother-in-law and intended suueessor (ib. 22 §§ 6 — 9) is an. 
eiaot parallel to this of S. ; the ealdiers received a donative aa for a 
Tictoij, and three sworda were dedicated by the emperor to Mara Ultor. 

m the only instance of this form in lur. 

83' BBunniuB »Bus Bmtidius Niger, a famous orator of the day, aedile 

^n. 22, when he accused C. Siliuina Tac. an. iii G6 Brutidium artibut 

honeitis copiomm et, si rectum Her pergeret, ad claTiiiinia giuxtque itamm 

Jealinalio exlimulabat, dum aequalci, dein superiorei, ^otremo iwumet 

ipse spet anieire parat : quod niuZtos ttiam boni» peastim dedit, qui ipretU 

guae tarda cum lemriiate, praematUTu vel evm eiitio properant, word>. 

which aeom to imply tluit IJmtidius incnried some hazard by thna aerriiig ' 

the ends of S. DCoBS. Lvui 13 § 3 notes that many who had aconaed ths 

vioHma of 8. were themselves accused after his fell. He described ths 

death of Cicero and the exposure of his head M. Sen. suas. 6 g§ 30 — 1 

pp. 34—5 Bu. of. id. contt. 9 g^ 35—9 pp. 130—1 (he waa a pujal of 

Apollodorus) . Cf. BQcheler in Bhein. Mns. 3 Folge m SOS on the double 

I form o( tha name Brutidius and Bruttedins. ad 

^^■^ 1 44n. lUABTis ARAU in the campua Martins, near tha 

^^^B porticuB reaching from the porta fontinalis on the Quirinal to the aaoptft 

^^^H and diribitorium, Burn Home and the Campagnn 344 — 5, Liv. xxxt 10 f 

^H 12. XL 45 § 8. 84^5 ODAB IIMEO VtOtDB HI 

^^^B POEKAS EXiniT AiAX CI uAi:2 DEFEHSua-the conteat between A. and UUxea 

^^^1 for the arms of Achilles was a conunonplace of rhetoric vu 116 co«ild*re 

^^^ft ducci .' iKrgit lu pallidum Aiai. Greek declamations of Antisthenes 

^^^H are eitant on the subject. Poroins Latro also declaimed on it in hia 

^^^■^ ft^ool, fiojn whom his pupil Ovid m. xiii borrowed (M. Sen, contr. 10 S 8 




X 85-88 loi 

"^ 13C Eu.). Brutidias muat aleo bnTe eBpoaeeil the eiJe o{ A. in this 
aontrov^raj : he paasea Eiloiig pale for tear of the might; furnace vllidi 
deyaared S. ; but the speaker in the teit leigns concern ior his dear friend 
(mens), threatened with the vengeance of A., itliom. he has so feebly de- 
fended in the schools (Msdiig; Hertzberg adds that Bmtidiaa may have 
been one of those who timidly laised their voioe onbehalf of S. in the senate; 
8. is the A. ill-defend^, who aveugea himeelt on Ms lukewarm advocate,- 
boating over his teriar from the other world. HertzLerg gives the text to 
■Bratidias; hnt the transition would then be too Bbrnptl^^X' i-.aVj^ 86 
aiiru U.CET IS tan. the body was thrown down the eoalae Geiioi»i«, ont- 
.taged for three days by the popninco, acd then cast into the river BCass. 
XTm 11 g 5: BO Subinus before ib. 1 g S: eo many of the friends of S. 
Bfteiwards ibid. 15 g 3. cf. li 36 § 3. the corpses of all the friends of S. 
■who were esecuted were cast out in the fonim and then thrown 
into the river Tac. an. vi 19 tcited on Ter, 81). id, hist, i 19 (ontr:^ 
done to Golba's oorpae). Plin. h.iL. vm g 145 a dog remained near its 
master's body on the icalae, to whose month it carried food offered 
, by tiie crowd ; when the hody vias thrown into the river, the dog tried to 
- Bnppwrt it. Saet. Tib. 71 oriea of the people Ttfcerium in Tibtrim! Lnm- 
' irii ComM. 17 g 4 the people demand that Commodns' corpse shonld 
le dragged with the uncm and cast into the Tibet On Aug. 7 1328 
.-the bodies of Germans and other adherents of Louis of Bavaria were 
.^interred, drugged through Bome and then thrown into the Tiber. 

av GO. Blomf. gloss. Aesch. Ag. 8B8. 

J Suet. Calig. 7 Neronem el Dnaum 
ivititavit. Qf vwntjrr SBavl, 

B kick the traitor's corpse, lest any of 
of slackness in giving proof of loyalty. On the charge ot 
' vi quogue defrrentea aadiuntm; et qaidew, in 

slaves were severely punished foe betraying 
their masters cod. s 11 6—8 S 3- Tac. an. n 30 vetere aenatm contulto 
^ttaettia in caput domini prohibebaiur, a rale which Tiberius evaded by 
imdedng that the slaves should first be pnrchoaed by the actor publfcus. 

C^. TuZG lihnlviae etlama.c senMi patTonovel &omiz -- - 

'-" ■ us iatemptarent, ultra metuebantiLr, ib. 67. iv 
pan. 42 slaves are now again dutiful: verentur el 
It. not) eniia iaia semi noitri pn'ncipia amid, led ni 
itriae alienii le vutncipiii eariorem quam civibut ti 
iCOORatore doniestioo liberatli unaque talalii pUbli 
Hxerim, servile bellnm suat-ulUti. in qw> non 
mi praeililiiti ! not mim eecuroB, iUos hmwa feeisti. we remember 
Ham pritteipem illam in capita domin(yrum uriioi eilbamanttm nura- 
temgiui crintiiia qaat taiiujuam delata punirel. ot. Bnet. Tib. 61 
It delaCoTum fidei abmnata. DCass. lvh 10 g 3. Claudins punished 
If ^ves who had thus plotted against their masters nnder Tiberius 
fHxA Oaius id. 1.1 13 g 3; yet shortly after Messalina and Narcissus were 
aUowed to revive the abase ib. 16 S 6- 28 § 1. lxvii 1^3. i.ivijt 1%2 
Domitiau and Nero punish such slave informers. See Gcib Gesch. d. 
iCm. Criminaipr. 142. 848—52, 616—7. 87—8 m 

ins CESVICE OBSTBICTL soiiiNcu TRASAi Plaut. Poon. HI 5 45 obto: ' 
oollo ad praelorem trahor. TM. ii 1 g 5 ,in ins i 
eorpas eiaa attinyere non perviiieTunt. Tac. an. iv 21 trahere 

Crgalanialll. ib. 70 trahebatar (tnmnatui, guantum oliiluctit 

-aitllBtis fancibuB niti poterat, cUaniUaw, Bolp. Sev, ep. 8 } 1 

ienatvt Tiberio eriminante hos 
QDis HESET let our slaves si 






10= S 87-91 

^H ^t 

liceret in iUB vocare, te adpToeioris triliunal iiato dolors ■ 

imuB. cf. Britimn. SSoie ot 33 spondftia verses 

a 31 of the number the final word is a triEjllablo or tetrasylla- 
ble, and the 4tli Fool is n dactyl ; one lit 273 ends \Fitli a mocoByllabls, 

1S witli tliree spoadees LupnB 6. 
__ _.KK astcTABi HicBT BBiANUB I 73 h. (oh the use of the Beoond per- 
son). 128 n, HI 130. FriedlSnder l= 315— 3. Tac. an. iv 41 a.i>, 25 S. 
recommeniled Tiberias to retire from Horns, lest by forbiddiiig the crnwds 
which thronged bia bouBe, aaidaoi in danmm coetus arcen(lo, he might 
weaken Ma inflnenofl, or by permitting them, awake Buepiciou. Again, 
all approach ta the emperor would be Ihrongh hmi he w nld cs ape enyy 
by ceasing to hold morning ley en ad mjta sal ta t rba a d 

nonld by Bacrifioing the Bbadow of power se ze the i^ulstance b 7i 
A.D, 28 TiberinB and B., at the urgent pet tion ot the Kena o a qmtted 
Caprea:e for the neighbounng coast Sena o b kmj,] ts c mmons 
flocked to the spot, and br bed the nsolent ilav a f S lo un^ 
harder of access tiwn his maste to proenro Ihtm adm an The fonl 
Bpeotaole of their alayery pampered his pnde h ght an 1 day they lay 
pell-mell on the fields or on the beaoh, ic gont capn of turnkeys, 
until tbey were ordered home, thoee on whom he had not deigned to 
waste a word or a look, in great alarm, ib. vi 8 *. d. 32 M. TerentiuB, an. 
ei^ues, accused as a friend of 8., said in the senate: the acquaintance 
of hia Tery frsedmen and porlera was an object of ambition pro maffa^eo 
accipiebatur, DCas^. Lvil 21 § 4 J. D. 22 ' among other notablca the Terf 
eoDSule used often to j)[i^ hiia court in the inorniii^, and conanlted 
him both on all private daima which they intended to nrge upon Tiberias, 
and also upon any urgent pnhUo btisineBa; in a word, from this time 
nothing of this Mud was dooe without him.' ib. x.viii 5 § 2 a.d. 81 'there 
were eager struggles aboat his door, as men were afraid not only to absent 
themselTea altogether, but even to appear among the last ; for every word 
and nod was exactly noted, especially in the principal men.' gg 3 — i 
touchiness of upstarts. § 5 on a festival a couch in the aiidience chamber 
oE S. waa brok^ down by the multitude of visitoiE. 
HABEBB lAKTONDGU iiv 207 II. as ws Bay ' to have as much.' 
91 TABrnNDKii the Medioean Vergil always haa iaraiZudam, eundem, eandem. 
Orelli-Henien insor. 6183jier deoen dies, timtimdem occdib lour tiroes 
in the lex agraria of B. c. Ill, and once in the lex Cornelia de xx qnaea- 
toribuB of B.C. 81. See Corp. insoi. Lat. i SOS. Coissen Ausepraohe 
u. B. w. ■' 2U5— G. 

91— 2 iLU-.-iLLnH 196— 7. ir93— 5— 9. c[.i46— Tn. Aic.Atc. Ov. 
tr. I 10 50 ilia ^ms {venlot) Imbeat, ntc minus ilia nios (he had said 
47—8 altera . . . altera pTippis). id. heroid. 2 148 Buim. ib. 3 28. Quin- 
til. 11 a g 11 apald. and EonneU lex. p. 398. Plin. ep. vi 20 g 15 Schifeiv 
iLLi BuuHis DDHABE cuRHLEs i.e. selias, ivoTyohairs 
without back or arms, reserved for diotatora, censors, conmla, praetorg 
and curale aediloa Beoker ii 2 77. Marquardt v 3 317. 33i. 8il. vni 487 
baco altaB cboHe decnravic honors eurules. Stat. a. i 4 82 mnior 
ournlis. lit 3 115- 7/a»eeB summamgiiB curulem l/rotcr... tulit. 
Tae. an, in 66 lonius Otho a sehooImaBter, praetor a.b. 32, owed bis 
advancement to 8. it 3 a.d. 23 S. won the praetorian guard by hia 
affability; himself choie Vie ceittariora and trUmnci; and bribed the 
tenatori with qfflcei and provincial govemmenti. ib. 88 a.d. 28 fonr as- 
pirants to the oonsulship, (o which the only approach lom through B., 
accuse a Iriend of Oennanione; for the good will of 5. waa only to bfl woa 

X ai-93 103 

1)y TiHacj. ib. Ti 8. DCass. ltiii 19 L. SeianuB, a lelatiDu of 8., was a. 
praetor, el Claud, in Eutr, 1 192—221 eap. 198 imlitar mperii, envpa 
Januiiui Jionoram. 92 illcu ekssciTisuB fbaepomkiui: 

laninfl BlaeBUB, as maternal nacle ot SeianuH, wsb sent into Aiciea agaiaat 
TsofarinaB 1.0. 21, received the triumplial inBignio, and Mas the last 
general solated imp«ratr>r by order of TlbeiinB i.d. 22 Tao. an. m 35. SB. 
72 Tibeiiua diBtiuotly etated that he acted out of regard ia B. dare id it 
dixit honor! Seiani. 74. xv26 a. n. 24 Tiberins refused the trlmnphal 
inaignia to DoIabeUa, who ended the war, Seiano ti-iJucm, lest the glory 
of bin nude Bloesae Bbould be tomlBbed. ib. ti 1 g 3 after the death of S. 
A. D. 81 Tiberins Leaped many reproaobeB on Blaeaus. ib. yi 40 a. d. 35 
piieBthoods designed for two Blaoai during the prosperity of their family, 
and afterwardfl liept vacant, were filled up by Tiberina; which they 
nndersluid as a sentence of death and executed it with their own handa. 
TuroB HABERi FBTNoiFia 62 u. G3 n. The guardian's 
sanction was required to give legal validity to the acts of the ward; it the 
ward were ander seven years of age, or absent, or lunatic, the guardian 
had the entire administratian of his estate ; he represented liim in law- 
BnitB Eeia Privatrecht' E24— 9. Too. an. i 24 already i.D. 14 S, was of 
ereat anthority with Tiberius, and sent with the imperial prince Drnsna to 
the mutinous l^ons of Pamionia, rector iuveni. ib. tv 7 I>raEus, Eon of 
I., Bomplained JTicnlumi filto adiutorem imperii alinm votari. et 
quantum rupereiie ut collega vocaretar? lb. 40 a. n. 25 the magistrates 
and principal persons in the etato do nothing without asking couneel of 5. 
ib. VI 8 M. Teientius in the Senate a. n. S2 ' we courted not S. of YuUinil, 
but a branch ol the Clandisji and lulian house, which he hod entered by 
mamage, thy son-in-law, Caesar, tho partner of thy consulship, lua offi- 
eia in re publica capenenUm.' DCasa. i.vii 19 § 7 A.n. 20 Tibenns 
gave S. the insignia of a praetor, and made him his counaeUor and 
minister for all business, ib. Lvm 4 g 1 A.n. 30 senatora and others 
courted S. as supreme ruler, and made light of Tibenns. g 2 every word 
and deed of Tibmus was betrayed to B. by spies, while T. was kept in the 
dark lespooting the intrigues of B. § 3 a.d. 31 T. made S. his colleagua 
in the conaulship, and styled him in dispatobes 'my S.' ib. S S ^ men 
called S. colleagoe of T., not merely with reference to the consulship, but 
lo the empire, ib. 7 § 4 the senate conferred on B. proconsular power. 
Bnet. Tib. efi T. advanced S. ad luminam patenliam. Yell, li 127 of T, 
tingalarem pHncijialmin orterum adiutorem ia omnia kabtiit ab/iie kabet 
[Stianum], d. 128 §3 8. impelled by native genius ad iuvaada onera 
principit. 93 pbihcipis ahoubta cafeeabum in bupe 

bbdesub Jahn reads ausvsta with P, but the contrast is more effective 
between the emperor, lord of the world, and the narruie crag on which he 
ia aribbed. Bee F. Giegorovius dielnsel Capri, mitBildem a. SMzzen v. 
Ziindeman-Fromrael Leipz. 1868. fol. Biick i (3) 129—42. Clnver. Ital. 
IT 4 pp. 1168-^9. De Tit oaomaaticon. Mommsen iaBor.regni Neap. 181. 
Pwily It 137. E. Dnger in Philologus iv 733. Btrab. t p. 60. v 247 
Cftpveae near the jawnunturivm Miiiervae, Plin. h. n. iii g 62 an island 
eS the oooat of Campania, 8 m. p. distant from Surrentum, 11 in circuit, 
Tiberi principiK arce nobiUt Capreae, now Capri Augustiis ob- 
tained it from the Neapolitans, in exchange lor Aeaoria, and bnilt opon it 
8(mb, T p. 248. DCase. lii 43 g 2 A.n. 29. Saet. kag. 92. ib. 72 his 
teoacea and shrubberies there contained a geological mitaeum, immanium 
beUlarilm ferarumqiu metiibra praegrandia, guae dictmtur gipantum ossa et 
gnuk hdvum, ib, 98 he spends tear days in the teceaeus of C, rcmwais- 



104 X 93,91 

siiao ad otium et ad oianem comilatem animo; be there nmased himasit 
with watohing the games of tphebi, aad gave them a feast, when tli9y 
EOramMed for apples and other provisions and jested withont control. 
Tiberiua hud heen accnEtomed to seclusion at Bbodes fTao. as. I 4. 
IT 67), and severul motives combined to iudnce him, in accordaoce with a 
projeot long entertained (ib. m 31. 87), to retire from Borne, ncrer to 
retain (aa the asti'ologera foretold) in the antmna of a.d, 36 ib. it 67-^. 
64. 74. Suet. 3'J. DCasa. ltiii 1 g 1. He desired to escape from Ua 
mother, the imporious Liria DGoss. lth 12 § 6. Tac I c. E7: lie disliked 
the crowd (ib.^4. it 57} and despised ita pleasores (ib. i gJ. 76): he nos 
n^eary ol tne Benale's sycopliancy (ib. iii 65) : he smarted under the impn- 
tatious against bim attributed by witnesseH to accused persons (ib. it ^} : , 
Iio desired to ivallow unobserred in the most unnatural excesses of lust 
ib. i4. IT 57. 07, Ti4e. Suet. Tib. 42— 5. Tit. 3, who retails incredibla 
Econdal. QCasa. lviii 23 g§ 1-3 : finally Seianus recommended liim to take 
his ease Tfto. an. iv 41. 57. He so far trauaferred to B. the caj-es ol state, 
that it might seem that S. was emperor, and he only an island chieftain, j 
vijna/);(a! DCasa. ltiii 5 § 1. Suet. 10 (contradicted by themselvea and 
by Tac.). i.n. 37 hs took up his residence there: the diOienlty of access, 
the Tiew (of whieii the still quiet Teauvius formed the oot' ' — '^ " 
coast fromOirceii to Paestnm, over Falemnm to the Apsm: 
nium and the Lucanian hills, then sauthwaird to the Lipaiean islandB, 
the climate cooled by eeabreezes in aummer, aheltered from the coldwindB j 
in winter, all combined to make the place attractive Tac. an, it 07. "^ 
the land, separated by a channel 3 m.p, broad (ib.), it looks Ilka 01 
of steep rock from 1000 to 2000 ft, high, but the mterior produ* 
vinea, olives, figs, orsnges, olmonda. Tiberius built twelve villas in it (ib.J, 
one named pi((ii loiiis.wliicljhedid not quit for nine months after the fall 
of B. 8uet. 65. The eeourity of the spot (ib. 40. 73 ex tuto) was one 
great cliarm ; hehce the alarm of Tiberius when a Ssherman diacoTered a 
new approach over the crags (ib. 60) : a place was shewn where he tortured 
eouviols (ib. 62. cf. id. GoLll); one praetorian was killed for stealing a 
peaoDok from ids aviary (id. Tib. 60). His companions here were Cocoeiiw 
Horva a consular and learned lawyer, Seianus,CiiitinsAttiaus, Yescalorioa 
Flaccus, luhuH Moiinua, all of whom were condemned to death (Tac. an. 
it58. ti 10), except NerTK, who committed suicide (vi 36); also scholars, 
especially Greeks (it 68), whom he puzzled with recondite questions in my- 
thology (Suet. 70); hekept and fed a pet snake [Suet. 72). Uaiua (CaligulaJ 
was summoned to Cftpreae in his IStlt year and by conaummiite dis- 
simulation escaped the fate of his family (Suet. Cal. 10). Auaon. de mort. 
Caes. monost. 3 sera tenex Capreia ezaul Nero fata, purenil. Plut. de 
exilio 9 p. 603. Bemaina of the villus and numerons antiquities have been 
discovered in modem times. anoosta in bitpb HBDENTia ' 

' patched on liis narrow island crag ' of limestone the emperor was depor- J 
falul in insulam by his own decree 170 n. Suet. 40 the chief attrootioil of 
the island for Tiberius was quod una parvotjita lilore adirttar, laepta 
undique praeruptii immemae altitadinii rupibus et profundo mart. 
Here, ib, 65, after the despatch of his letter against S. he had ships in 
readiness for instant Bight, and apeculatnindui ex allisHma rupe watched 

I for die telegraphio sig^B which were to announce the success or foiliufo 

^^B of his cauji d'etat. Claud, it cons. Honor. 314—5 guem rapes Oaprea- ^H 

^^^h rnm taetra latebit \ incetlo poeaeua aeni t cf. in Entr, 11 61. ^^| 

^^B 94 ODU oflEOE CHiLDUO VI 553—61, liT 24B n. Tac, an. ii 27 *.d. 16 ^H 

^^^L liieriboiiiasIiiboDraatta charged with oousnlting Chaldaeorampramiiiu, ^^| 

- 94-98 103 

It etiam interprelei, ib, 32 oonseq^iieiit dediees 
of the Eenate for baaiBhiog nBtroIogers and wizardit; cf. Suet, 36, DCass. 
LTii 15 S§ 7—8 daily eoaferenoea of TiberiaB and Tbraayllua (Inv. ti 576). 
Tao. m 22 a. d. 20 Lepida occusod of consultiiii; Clialdaei aguJiiGt the im- 
perial houee. ib. it 58 the a.strulogei'a inforied from the CDHsteUatiana 
onder which T. left Eome, that he never would return; wbioh led to the 
ruin of many, who Gpread mmonra of hia appcoanhing decease. Tacitus 
soams here to attach a certain importance to the art. cf. Suet, 39, Tac, 
71 SO — 32 i, D, 33 T, predicts that Oalba would have * a toate' of empiro 
(el. DCasB, ltu 19 gS 3— i. liiv 1 g 1. 4 § 3, Snet. GUlb, 4, who aeoriboB 
this prediction to Augnatna; and saye that T. cum comptriistt ivtpera- 
turunt eum, uenim in eenfcta, livat Bane, ait, quando id ad noa nihil per- 
tlnet [) ; he had leaml the ait from ThraByllua in Bbodea, whom he 
eileemed bb au oracle, after he had put bim to a severe test (cf. DCaas- 
I.T. llwitb Xipbil.]. theao chapters t^ Tao., who distinctly accepts many 
predictions of astrologers as genuine, e. g. that of Xeco's accession by the 
son of TIiraBjllns, and the tract of FaTorinns agoinBt the ChaldeajiB (GeJl. 
iiv 1) are loci claisiei. Tac ti 4fi hia prediotion respecting Gaioa (Caligula). 
cf. loB. act. XTiii 6 = S g 9 an important passage. DCass. [.tiii 23 g§ 2—3. 
Snet. 14 early predictions which confirmed T. in Ms faith in astrology. 
Tbrasyllus. ib. 62 Thraayllns inducedhim to postpone certain executions, 
Ly holding out hopes of a longer life. cl. DCass. lvih 27 §§ 1—3. 28 g 1. 
Suet 67 he foresaw the infamy which would attach to him. ib. €9. Otho 
in like manner was snnonuded by Chaldeans Pint. Galb. 23 § i. 

conoRTES at least if jou do not desire to rule the 
tate and pomp. 'pLkes and cohorts' of the gaaril 
9S KOBEatoa EQ0TTE3 OS the 
la but a small sum for imperial times, and the order 
1 of mean origin, Augustas diatingnished those whose 
graudfatheis had been ingenui, and who posaeaeed a senatorial census, by 
the name ol equitcs iliiutrei (often in Tac.), /plindidi (Orelli-Henzen ind. 
p. 63 a), speciosi, insignes, primores equilum (Tac. h. i 4). The youth of 
sack families commenced their career on the staff of 8. 
CASTBA DDMESTTCA S. fiist hrougM tho praetorifms together into a stand- 
ing camp; before they had been quartered about the city Tac. un. iv 2. 7. 
Here his personal body guard is mcaut; bo damniici Vopiac. Hnmei. 13 
-g 1. Entrap, x-17 of the household troops of the emperor. 


Plant. Stich. 118 — 7 tho good woman is she qaoi male faeiandist poieetat, 
guom ne id Jaciat Umperat. oona. ad Liv. 47 nee nocuisss vUi et fortunam 
habuime nocendi. Add Or. her. 12 7B perdere posse sat est, si- 
quem iuvat ipsa potestas. Publii. Syr. 397 nocere posse et nolle 
laus ampllsiima ett, where Woelfflin cites Menand. monost. 633. Anson. tii 
sap. sent. Sias 6, 7. Gaecil. Bolb. pp. 21, 38, who quotes from Plato 
' it is the triumph of innocence not to sin where you have the power.' 
Tae. an. it 34 i. n, 25 Cremutius Cordus was accused by the clients o£ 8. ; 
id perniciabile reo. \i 8 i.n. 31 M. Tercntina before tho eeunte, 'wo 
observe what is open to view, who they are that receive from you [Ti- 
berius] wealth and office, guif plurima tuvandi noeendive potential 
and no one can deny that «A this fell to the lot of S.' 


Sit KEKSDRA UALOHDU the Bubjeot to laMi est is here and iii ai the prizf 
which is of to grtat worth, that one would pay such and such a price, en- 
dnWBUch and sticb BufFeringB, in order to win it; ziu 96 n. the subject 

world, you desire i 
which escorted S. 
equestrian cenans w 
comprised mouy m 


<■ to6 X 97-100 

ia tliB price mMch it ta icorlft vthile to pay, in order to win Bneh 
a prize. ■'Wbat gloi7 or BDcceBB is of bo great valae, tliat the meaBnre of 
miBfortniies should [i.e. that we should be conleut tbat it ehonld] equal 
the prosperity?' ' What glory or buccbbs ia not bonght too dear, at tbe 
coat of a weight of Bufleritig equal to the delight?' Madvig opnac. n 
187^135, where he dlBeriminatea the BeneeB ot the phrase, oompBires . 
Claud, in Buf. ii 219—250 nan eat victoria taati [ utvidear vicUW- 
nUki, "vietory would be dearly bonght, if I were thought to have won it" 
for mete set&sh ends.' Cie. ad Att. ii 16 g 2 ego noii addixcor queiaquimt 
honum uUam lahitmi futare mihi tanti fuiaae, ut earn peterem ab ilia, 
' I CBu'b beliero that any honest maa Uiinks that I bo hi^y valoed any 
peiBonal aafety, as to beg it from Caesar.' Add Prop. ni=ii IG 55 — 6 nc 
tibi ait tanti Sidonia vestis, | at timeas gaotieiu nubilai auater irit, 
' do not barter peace of mind for a purple robe.' Plin. ep. tui 9 § 2 rmUa 
Antm studia tanti sunt, id aiaiciliae qfflcium diaeratar, 'no plea of study 
can Trarriuit our neglect of tbe calls of friendship.' For the thought cf. 
Saet. Tib. 65 oi twen^counecllora of Tiberius Boarce two or three 
destruction. CT eebub ijehb par 


of Pompeina and CraBBua, nemiacm co fortuna provexit, 

illi vtinaretur, quantum penniierat. Tbe peaaimist Plin. vn | 41 (oiteA' 
by Britami.) exclaima: ' gooda are not equal to evilB, even when equal lA 
number; nee laetilia ulla minumo maerore pciuanda.' Grang. oitaa 
< [Plant.] qaeroliu 238—250, whore is repieeented as dogging wealth 
and pleasure. 99 Kuius QCI TBASrnia 66. 

FRAETEXTAU 35 n. Flut. quaest. Bom. 81. DCass. Lvm 11 ^ 1—2 'whom 
all in tbe mormiig eseorted to the acnate house aa even superior to them- 
Belvoa, liim they then dragged to prison as no better than the meaneat; 
whom before they judged worthy ot many crowne, on bim they then olapt 
chains ; wbam they used to eerre as a body guard, bim they guarded as a 
rnnaway and bared liia head when he would have corered it ; wbom tbey , 
had decorated with tbe praotexta, t^ irfpiTropi/iSpf Ifiarlf;, him thaf H 
buffeted ; whom they used to adore and sacrifice to faim as to a god, hink I 
they led to death.' Macro, warned by tbe fate of S., refosed to aTailfl 
himself of tbe penuiHsion to wear the praeteita. ib. 12 S§ 7 — B, n 

100 noENABDU GABinanavE ti 65-6. Aen. vi 773 Gabios vrbemqm "' 
Fidenam. Hor. ep. i 11 7—8 Gabiia desertior alquc | FideniB 
vicui. Gnbii, Fidfnaii, Ulabrae, are euuples of tbe desolated eonntiy 
towns ot Italy III 2 a (cf. on the decay of Samnium Btrab. vipp, 353 — 1). 
Fidenae, Caatel Giubdeo, 40 stadia or 5 miles N. E. of Borne |DE. ii 63), 
near the conQuence of tbe Tiber and Anio (ib. in 65) on the Via BaUria. 
In tbe early history of Borne it played an important part, but ia not heard 
ofaa an imlepondent city after It. c. 426, when ita inbabltanta were aoU 
as slaves Liv. iv 31. Jn tbe time of Augnstus Strabo t p. 230 ranks it 
with towns, TrdXlxna, which bad dwindled down to villaaea, ku/uu, and 
were in the hands each of one private owner. Plin, iit gS Bit— 70 ranks it 
witb tbe onoe famous towns of Italy, which bad vanish&d away. Bee tor 
Fid. and Gab. Bum Borne and tbe Campagna ind. E. H. Banbury in 
diet, geogr. Cluver. ItaL ii 8 pp, 654- 7. hi 4 pp, 954—8. 
OABionuK III 193. VII 4. a town of Latinni, now Cattiglionc, about half- 
way from Rome to Praenesto, 100 stadia or 12) miles from Rome Stralx, 
V p. 238. DH. IT 53, who adds that only the portions lying on the higb- 
stiil inhabited. Cic. p. Plane. § 29 names it amotig towns whidi 

X 100-103 


were almost too depopnlated to claim tliair share ol meat at the sacrifices 
en the AJban mount. Prop. t=iv 1 3* f(, qni nunc nalli, maxima turba, 
Gabi. cf. Lac vii S33, It vma famoas in the history of the Hugs. 
FOTESTis I S4 n. X 45 n. like ' goTemment ' imperiun (Bti- 
Big-Haase 131 c 145) nsed abstract for concrete (Staveren on Nep. iv 6 
g 4. Hand LehrLuuh 161) = ' magistrato.' ('ipx'^. magistratns, aalhoiities. 
Dem. p. 1264 ol apxoi^et followed immediEitiily by Tf opxS'' ■'■ ^- ^- '■''*" 
ileitd or principal magistrate see Eiwtace'a Italy i 148/ J. MiTyoRn.] Cio. 
delegg. in § 9. Tuso. t 3 74 tamqaam a magistratn out ah aliqua potet- 
tata lesitiimt, tie a d£o tvocatia. Lno. i 02 — 3 onmisque, poteataa | iin- 
patieta consoHii erit. iii 106 — 7 ntm comutf sacrat | fuleerunt ledet, turn 
pTOxima lege potestaa | praetor adeit. t 397 qnondam veneranda potss- 
tas (coiutil). Flin. n g 36 iniuriae potestatum .. . venimiium. uvui 
1 106 contra ducitm ae poteatatnm iniqaitaUi. iim | 66 juecMBus peli- 
tUmmna polestatibnB tt adU etiam precum, § S7 mitea praeetart dnminoi 
potestatesgue exorabUei. etc Saet. Cites. IT Bnhnken Noviam guae- 
itarem, quod compellari apud te maiortm potestateui patna csset. id. 
Olaad. 23 iurit dictioitem dejidd eommisiii, quot annit tt ianium in «Tht 
deltgari magistratibas solitiim, in perpetuum atque etiam per provincial 
potestatibna dtmandavit, etc. For Qnintii. see BonneU lex. and 
Spalding on ir 1 g 72. Ammian. ixiir 5 § IS cnronagiie ceUarum circum- 
datui potentatnra. cf. Diiknen maauole. Dnoange. Berv. and Ecbol Mai 
onAen. 1 18. Bitterah. on Salvian. lol. ii pp. 21 — 3, Qracchanna Innias 
'TTota a treatise de poUitalibui dig. i 13 pr. Span, pateetad ; portng. 
podestal, poeslat, 101 DR MENstmi ics biceee an aedilit 

iuri dicundo af Caere OreU. inscc. 3787; at Novaria Snet. rhet. fl. In 
several Italian towns, as Fnndi, Formiae, the chief magistratea (nsually 
called duunuiiri or qtiattuorviri iuri dicundo) were named aediles Iut. hi 
17B junimu aedilibns. Thas Oicero'a son and nephew and M. Caeaina 
vera acdiles of Ma birthplace Arpinmn B.C. 46 ep. fam. xm 11 % 3. cf. 
adAtt, XT 15 § 1. Hadrian also, Spartian 19 § 1, was aleeted dictator, 
aedile, dnnmyir by various Latin towns. Aedilea in colonies and mnni- 
eipia, who were inferior to the above-named, occur more frequently. 
They regulated the games, the commaiket, the public streets, buildings, 
liaths, temples, and ihk police Kein in Pauly i' 219^220, who cites many 
inscription a. Becker ii 2 312 on the jurisdiction of aediles in Borne, cf. 
the Athenian iyopd^HiiiOi K. F. Hermann Privat-Alterth. g 60 n, 11. St.-A. 
% 160 n. 12. 101—2 Via*. MiNOEj jiusoEaE pjssofioB vicnm 

ABSIUS DLOsma from Fera. i 129 — 130 eese aliipiem credem, Itaio gued 
honore ivpinui \ fregerit hominas Arieti aedilis iniquaa. OreUi- 
Henzen 7133 an inscription found at Catholiea between Piaaumm and 
Aiiminum; standard hi^ance and weights set np by the aediles in pur- 
enmue of a decree of tlie decuriona [locul senate], to oorrect the eiiating 
iaeqaolitiea of weights and measures; just as euch standards wero kept in 
the Capitol at Rome, of, Apul. met. i 34—5. Petron. 44. Plant, rnJ, 
373 — I. The aediles at Bome had the same function Cic, ep. fam. viii 
6 I 5 a frz alimenlaTia, committing the mcaeuring of com to the aediles. 
Bein Griminalr. 781. 7BB. vaba. uinori 'abort' measures; 

pleluacitiun Silianum ap. Feat. 246 M. 'if any magistrate fraudulently 
makea pondcra modioique vataqae. publica modica minora maiarave,' 
102 FBAK02RE dig. XII 2 13 § 8 'if any one sbaU have 
hired tneasnrea, meiuurai, and the magistrate (afterwards called aedile) 
ehallhave ordered them to be broken, /r a ngi, if they be faulty, iniqaae.' 
[LIB III 179 ia eonntry towns nf^iint 

tuaicae aummis aeillliljufl atbae, Ob tbo baa and easy DOBtome thera 
allowed, aa ooiitra,Bteil with the atiS Boman toga, of. ib. 172n. Cio. or. 
oma Kenat. grat. egil g 17 derisiyely cfllla Piso oonsnl of Oapna. Hoc. b. 
1 S 34—6 Orelii flontB tie praeteita and lutiuIaTB o£ the praetor of Fundi, 
of. Iqt. vni 238n. municipalia equei. Dealers in proriaions, though 
the; might have been ftoonrged by the aediles, were not debarred fram mn- 
nioipal offices dig. 1.2 12. vicnis Uludbib in 2 n. Ulubrae, a 

town of Latitim ptorerbial tor its desolation. Cis. ep. fam. vn 12 g 2 to 
Trebatins, pafronui of tlie tonn; 'what will become at the etate of I/Iu- 
brae, it yon (aa an Epienrean] hold it wrong to engage in pnhlic aflairar' 
ib. 13 g 3 'this I am writing in the Pomptine yilla of M. Aemilius Phile- 
mon, £rom which I have already heard the voices of my clients, those, I 
mean, whom yon secured for me. Foe it Is well known that at Ulnbrae 
a strong party oi frags have boatined themselves to shew respect to me.' 
Hot. ep. Ill 29—30qitodpetis, hie est, \ ett Ulubris, onimto si te nan 
di{ficil aetpiiti. Plin. ui % 64 names the Ulubreiues in the first region. 
In Orell. 49*2 we have apratf. iur. dicundo at UlMbrae; ib. 1 
a local senate (aa late as A. s. 1S2 n. 122); these last inscriptians wen _ 
fonnd at CiiteTaa, 8m, from Vellelri and 35 from Bome. The trinmvli 
ore said to have constitnted it a colonia Gromatici p. 839 Laclmi., 
it is placed in Oampania. IOI7-? DCaas. Lvni 12 g 6 of B< 

ianus ' they bad. egged Mm on to destruction by the extravagant 
novelty of his distinctions, and now they decreed against him s 
thanksgivings to the gods also.' niuios homores Boet. 

Oaes. 76 n/n enim honorea modo nimios recent. 105 bd»e-- 

sou Tii 161b. in this ooi modem Eense the word belodfea to the silver 
age; in Uid. it means 'rhythmical,' 'in time and measure' [Milton P. L 
vlGD])ros£ornameranBiii;rif. J.E.S.] Add to leu. Colum. vii 2 3 1 I 
nnmerosis dapibiu. TFL i 436 nnmerosa phalanx. Ammian. iix 4 f ■ 
U Crasii et Antonii et cum Philippii Scaevolae aliiqiu- nnmerosl Entti'F 
tB cum onni* numerosia iam pnpala iiomano obedirertt. ib. 11 27. K_S'" 
and 6. ib. 1 11 cu?r amieis numerosioribns eaa«t epiilandii 
■■ wMacr. l22g S. Philaatr. haer, 38. 




LITA lit 1B9. 

20—23 e. g. toUwitur in allum, \ ut lajmi grai 
in hoe altiui roKuntur, ut decidant altiue 
(uppliciuiR eaffiitantUT, ut hoiliae ad poenam 
52. Sen. Agam. S7 — 103. As early as A.n. 
coUeagnes of Tiberius in the consulship died 

I Oland. in Bnf. i 
(, Minuo. Fel, 37 
Im tit victimae ad 
Wetat. on La. I 
1 it was observed that all 
I violent death DUasa. 1.V11 

107 " 
wide pr. imp. r. met immanr. Fraecepi aubat. ct. i 149, Stat. s. i 4 SI 
lubiti praeeeps iwenile pericli. Apol. m. iv 6 piailuluni a via retraelwm 
per altiiiimam praeeeps invaJlem , . . praecipitanl. cf. BeiBig-Haue S96. 
Impello is ' to ahove,' 'to push;' imp. rulnam ' to set the downfall going,' 
'to start it;' praeeeps ' a Hteep,' 'precipice ;' niivae is gen. sabj. Bat 
stir (imp. ) the lolty tower with its many floors, and it would come toppling 
down from its giddy heigW. 108 CKAasoa pompbios pi. 

in the generis sense (i 109n. vtir 163), as the combination with Omut 
"Sot. 0. II 1 B — 4 gravesqae \ prineipum amivitiai n.o.' 60) shews. Else 
'e m^ht have included the son of Crassns, who fell with him in battle 
against the Parthians fl June 701 = 6 May 53e.o. and the sons of Fom- 
peiua, Gnaeua, who was slain 12 Apr. 45 n.o,, a few weeks after the battle 
of Munda, and Sextus who was slain at Miletus B.C. S5. Cl. Lna. i 81 — 
133. Sea. ep, 104 ^ 29. ben. v 16 S 1 izj-ca 0. Inlinm 

X 108-113 109 

P'Caesarem. . _. . 

I qiiiBiTEB r I73n, Cicero dieamt, Suet. Aug. 94, tbal luppiter preeeiiled 
' OotaTiaauB with nfiagellam, a symbol, aaya Casaubon, of alnyeTy, for a 
Soman citizen miglit not be Leaten witJi lods virgae. mncsli lens with the 
fiagdl«m, a ' oat ' of sever4tl cbaics, with knolis of metal at the DDda Bldi 
n. M. Sen. buss. 6 g 12 p. 31 qeuikus tabiub of Cicero quod ad 
1 attinet, non recuiabit; iam tritum collam habet; et 
PompeiuH illam et CaeeaT sublecerunt: Tetemnam manoi- 
pinm vidQtiB, Xiua. i 66o cum domino pax iita venit. cf, 86, ix 369. 
273. Maicellus the consul scourged a senator of Notdiu Comom, and hid 
him ehew the mejka to Caesar, as an evidence that he was not a eitizea of 
Some Plut. Caes. 29 g 1. Cf. the terror of the Pbilippiim magiatratea, 
when they learnt that St. Paul whom the; had scourged was a citizen 
Acta 16 87 Wetat. Oonjhearo and Howson i 332. nouiios Markl; 

ooni. dominos. 110 aauuca neupe locus nulu non 

ABiB iETnvs=pttilio tammi loci, this use of the participle to supplj the 
place of a noun {ab urbe condiCa 'from the fonndation of the cit;'} is in 
Cio. chiefiy oonflned to the obiique cases. Qointil. ix 4 g 117 flgnra 
labaranii compasitiimi vaciata /arpe aiiccurnt. For the thon^t cf. Sen. 
ep. 91 §g 64— S FompeiuB was impelled to his toroign and home wars iy 
iiaamui amor tnagidtudirds (alias .... infinita CTipitio cretctndi, Caewi 
Was drisen to his own and the public ruin by gloria et amWWo. Craasos 
also was stimulated by the ambition of canjing his arms to the tartheal 
eit£t, and so rlTalling the westem conquests of Caesai Plut. Ccasa. 14 £ 3. 
18, Hicjoo cam CrasH. oomp. 3 gj 3. 5. S %% 5. 6. 4 |S 1—*. 

NEMPB Tery frequent in replieH,=onr coUoquial 'why.' 
160. 185. 326. vniSTn. 180. Quintil. i 2 S 4 quid enimfiitMniiiieTatr... 
nsmpe. Tae, h. ii 13 qaas enim ex diverio Ugimial nempe virtas, Plin. 
ep, HI 18 § 6. Bo Plant. Ter. Cio. Hor, Ov. Hand Tursell. iv 162. 
MDLLA HON i.BiG Cocsar Often quoted the veiseB of Eur. 
Fboen. 524.-^ translated in Cic. off. ni g 82 and Snet. Caes. SO nam si 
eiolandum e»t iu», regnandi gratia \ vioiandum est. The same verses ore 
alluded to by Plat. Niciae cam Cross, comp. i%i. 


xt 157—8 nulli eiaudita dcorma [ vote. [Plat.] Alo. ii 141" many 
pray for their own harm, not wittingly, oa Oedipus, but thinMiig that 
they are praying for blessings. ib.<' ' I could name many who before now 
have coveted absolute power and done their utmost to gain it, as a great 
advantage, and afterwards have lost their hves by eonapiraciea caused by 
that very power.' 112 io gehebdm cekebis Pinto, whose 

queen Proserpina waa daughter of Cores. Another allusion to the lower 
kingdom lu 265 — T; it was derided even by children in the poet's time ii 

149—139. 112-3 SINE C*EUE ET VDLNEEB PACCI EE8- 

CESDUKT BEHES Pbftnias of Eresua wrote a treatiae on tyrannicide Athen. 
m 40 p. 90*. Harmudios and Aristogeiton were celebrated in Athenian 
drinking-songB, and Attio laws (Menrs. Them. att. ii IS. Petit, leg. att. pp. 
313—6) encouraged the murder of tyrants, cf. Xen. Hicr, 1 § 3S. 2 ^ 9 
—18. 3 g 8. 4 §g 2—11. 6 gg 8—15. 7 gS 10-13. Cic. off. ii § 23. Tbalea said, 
'the strangeat thing he hxid ever seen was an aged tyrant' DL. t%SH 
Men. Plut. Tii sap. conv. 2 p. 147^ SibylUne verae on Vespasian in 
Plut. de ser. num. vind. Z3 p. 66G<1 ii7S\6s itiv touirv Topavi'lSa \tt^a. 
DChrya. or. 6 de tyrannide l 212 It ' it is not easy for a tyrant to grow old, 
and old age ia burdensome to him.' Tyrannicide was a favorite topio of 
adiool declamations, Brntua, Cato of Dtica, Muciue Scaevola the idols of 


110 X 112-115 

the lohoola lay. vit 151 n. Schmidt Gasch, d. Donk- □. GlaubenelreilieUiS 
Berl. 164:7, 4^3 — iW ; pp. 455— G be gives an anal; sis of SI declamationftfl 
olM. Sen. [Quintil.lBudCalponiiaBFlftcouB. PJiot. ep. S02 = 73 tyraan/^ 
a bee vbioh man; climb, bat none deaceiids except by a violent fall. ' 
Evagr. b.e. nt 41 and Petr. Bles. ep. 42 (qaoting lav.) prove the pro- 
position by the histoTy of the Boman emperors. So John of SalisbiUT' 
polyer. nii 18—9. c!, 17. 20—3; in c. 20 ha refera to a Iraot of Ma own 
compoGition, de tyrannarvm exitu, and ia remartablo for the Tehemenca 
Tith which be justifiea taMag tbdrlife. fauci 2n. il61n. 


1 tai 

114—132 The boy who still wooes a cheap Minerva with a Bingle 
mite [who is Btill at hie spellmg-book], at whose heels the yoai^ hoase- 
elave bears his httle satchel, begins already in his day-dreams to pray for 
Demosthenes' or Tally's eloquenea and renown, and prays through the 
whole Mamh hoUday ulthe goddess. Xet their eloqnence waa the roia of 
both, both were done to death by the fluph of a bciixiniing spring of wit. 
Wit's hand and cecli were severed by the beadsman's sword, but tha 
rostra never reeked with blood of a pony pleader. ' O farlunatam nalam 
mt conmle Romam .' O Home, now bom to fortune in my conaalshlp I' 
Ciaero might have slighted the swords of Antonius, as he did CatiliDB's, il 
he had never epokeo bat in jingling, Tainglorioos doggrel like this, if 'aU 
his maUce had been to murder words.' Better for me his verses, made 
only for a laaghiag-stodk, than thoa, inspired Philippic, of world-wide 
fame, who art rolled aecond on the list. A cruel end snatched away the 
wonder of Athens also, wbo^bore the assemblj with him on the ourtent 
of his breath, curbing at will'the passions of the crowded theatre, Soie, 
he was bom under a boding horoecope, while the gods ecowled and fate 
waa froward, whom his blacksmith father, blear-eyed from Boot of glow? 
ing iron, sent from safe trade to glory, from coal and tonga and ewdkU ■ 
forging anvil and dingy Vulcan to the school of rhetoric J 

115 QciDQCAiHiBOE iriatrut, quinquatrus, lexatnu, leptimalna, deel-fl 
PlatTJU originally denoted the 3rd, fith, 6th, 7th, IDtb days after the ides Tank A 
1.1.T1S14. FeBt.p.254. Charis, p.Sl 20K. Serv,g.i377. Goll.ii21g7. I 
The q, maiores in March, and q, minoTes in Juno, fell accordingly on tha 
19th of those months. In later times at ali events the greater lasted G 
days, March 19—33. Pitisons and Pauly s. y. Marqoardt it W7— 8. 

95. Preller riim. MythoL 260 — 2. Ovid and others derive the name 

--'----''-- days f. 111809—10. SIS— 0. 839— 830 /;uBi sacra Mi- 
uBivuB ;, Tiomina quae iunctia qainqae diebns habcnt. \ . . Pallada 
nunc pneri teneraeg-ue orate jntellae. | qui bene piiKarit Pallada, doetvt 
erii. \ nee Tos turba fere censu fraudata, magiatri, \ tpemite, 
daeipalat attrahit ilia tiavni. He adds that spinners, weavers, follars 
[of. Plin. iixv § 143], dyers, shoemakers, physicians [Tarro'a satire guin- 

SuatruM apparently represented a company ul physicians keeping Iheiz 
oUday], scnlptora, painters, poets, all did honour ttt their patroness on 
this feast. Bo fortunetellers and soothsayers looked for a gift at the q. 
Plant, mil. GOl — 2. It was a general merrymaking Tac. an. xiv 4 at _ 
Baiae. 13; Suet. Aug. 71 spent by Angastus in gambling, Domitian, who 
pTofessed to be under the special protection of Minerva, established ptizM; 
for orators and poets on her day, and also a college charged with the 
exbibitioa of beaat-£ghta and stage-plays Suet. 4. Dio Livii 1 §3 A.S, 

bom these fi 

A 115-117 III 

aholiday in Bohools Hor. ep. ii 3 107 — 9 pnsr ul fettU 
a olim, I exigao gratDq\i.e Jruaris te-mpoTi TapUia. Symm. 
Vp.t is oroiam venial, etpraeientia lua liBnaTem uugeaa fettoTum difrum. 
lumpt Minervaa libi flollDmna da soholis Jtotum «(, ut fere me- 
morel mraai etiam procedente aetate piierilium ftriarum. a4 earn diem 
conniDium libi paTamvs. TUb school feast was in the middle ages 
ehristened in hnnow of pope Oreg. i the great founder of Euhools, fit 
Gregory's day, and ia still or was lately buie and there observed, being 
the only saint's day ever kept in the german erangeliofll cburob, Luther 
having a pleasant tecoUection of the days when he went about as a school- 
boy begging from door to door, and Melanchtbon having written a 'Oie- 
gory-Bong.' See J. E. Schaner in Niedner's Zeitschr, E. d. hiat. TheoL 
1852 146—62, where ia an aocoant of the boy-biahap, the school comedies 
etc. In some ptacoa the 12th, in others the lOth of March, in others . 
Wbit-tnEfiday, in Weimar 19 Ang. was iept aa the feafil. Where it was 
abolished, the teachers were sometimeB recompensed for the loss of their 
Minerral. 116 quieodib iEnno oso pahcab colit 

ABBE uiNBBTtii VII 217 n. 242 n. a boy in a low form oSerlng a very 
Bin»!l present Qlosa. MinereaU USatrpo'. Minervaliciaia aiarrariKir, 
' entranoe-money,' Maor. 1 12 g 7 'in March they paid to masters the tees 
which the year's end made due,' March having been oiiginaLly the 
first month. TortnlL de idol. 10 Bchoolmastera must keep the feasts 
of idols, as their income depends npon them. Wliat master wiU attend 
the quinquatria without a pictnre of the seven idols [Sol, Lnna, etc. the 
gods of lie week-days] ? Thei'eri/^ra(/f« of the new pnpil be dedicates 
to the hononr and name of Minerva, so that thongh ha may not bo an 
idolater, he may beeaid in words at least 'to eatof thinga offered to idols' 
. . . the Minervalia of Minerva, and the Batumalia of Satnm. 
Hieron. in Gph. vi 4 (vn 666* VsUarsi) of bishops and priesta, who teach 
their sons comedies, so that the offetioga made to God by virgin or widow, 
the pauper's mite, are handed over to grammarians or rhetorieiana .- Aoc 
kdUndariam itrenam et Satumaliciam iportulam et Minervale manus 
grammaticJa it orator ant in >uiRjitiu domestieos aut in teiapli ttipei 
aut in mrdida scorta convertit. fabcui ' he worships a 

frugal Minerva,' ' a penny-PaUaa' (Stapylton), he has not yet advanced to 
a h^ and eoatly school : from his A B C and hom-book he aspirea to ^'- - 
pinnacle of fame. 117 qdeh sEqurroB cusios ahoub' 

TBIII1UI.& CATSAE dig. XI, 2 13 capsarluB. id eit qui portat libros, where 
as in Suet. Ner. 36 he is diatingnished from the paedagogut. [Lncian] 
tunor. 44 of the boy well brought up ; 'he rises early, and sets out from 
toe father's house; attendants and tutors {iraiSayayBC^ follow him, an 
orderly chorus, bearing in their bands the grave inatrnraenta of virtue, 
no toothed oomb to smooth the hair, nor mirrors, nnpainted images of 
the forme presented to them, bnt either tableta of many leaves follow 
in hia rear, or books that guard the virtues of ancient exploits.' Fhilostr. 
Bopb. II 1 3 21 when M, Anreiiua attended in Boms the lectures of tbe 
pluloaopher Seitua, one Lucius esclaimed ' Inppiter 1 the Bomau emperor 
in his old age, Etill goes to school with a tablet slang on bis arm {SiKrar 
i^lWwos ef, Hor. a. i fl 71 — 82 Tenftel), but my king Aleiandor died it 
hia 32d yeai.' ib. 27 § 7 Hippodromoa seeing at Smyrna ' a temple and 
tutoia sitting by it, aud foot^bojs carrying burdena of boolia slung ir 
wallets, understood that a famous teacher waa giving lessons within. 
Idban. or. ill S60 "R. speaking of the echolars' prank of tossing in 
Manket, 'it is played not on the Blaves, by whom the books are oarried 


X 117-121 

laehiud (IxiTiu) tbeir yoime moEters, liut against thoae vlio bear ft reapeW'. 1 
table title (7rai3ayU70i), whom Iba maHtcru itcoil to Becond tlieir labouTB.'< 
B. Ang. in pH. u, 11 tlia Jews aarve na, tliey are onr ca^ 
ttudentibui nobii codicea poTtanl. Otbei capaarii kept batltsrs' 
olotbeB, oc jewellerB' goode, cu'bi£ vbenea eaie, eaih, 

ohate, encbaie. Dig. xkhiii 10 3 § 2 eapaas el armaria, ti libroraiu 
aut vestium aut arinaiofnUiTUm gratia parata Hnt. Jul. Paull. sent, m 
76. Figures in Bpon miaceD. erud- antiq. 316. 239 Beq. They vrero oftfln 
ol wood, eapeciOillf beedi, tor ligbtneBs, and of eyiindriciil loim ; tiia roUa J 
stood Dpiigbt, with the titleB piojectiitg Becker Gallua i* 333 — L C 
Lxviii 33. 36 nam quod scriptoriim nan magita, est eapia apad me, \ , 
una ex Mufffs capaala me Mguicur. Cic, divln. ia Goeo. g 51 viihi qwa^i I 
maitis uustodiljus qpiu erit, si ie lemel ad meat capBfta admiiero t ■^ 
, 118—121 QniutU. decL 368 p. 509 Boim. 'Wij Btonld I tell joWM 
how great aerviee eloquenoe has rendered to tbe state? It has imnaA-W 
itaclf. Letua lookattlla orators of either nation, nunne DemostlienenLa 
ilium oppressum venano boo scivtvaf mnne Cieoronem in iliil, i» 
quibiui fod'ei ptacacrat, rostria poeitae suae eatpositunil' DemoBthenBB 
took poJBOa in the ialand of Kalanria 13 Pjanepsion B.C. 822, 7 dfijB 
after the death of Hjjieridos, iu order to escape Antipater. Cicaro 'waa 
murdered 7 Ceo. b, c. iS at Caieta by order of the triomiira, whom bft 
hod irriiAted by bia Philippics. Cf. Pint. Bern. 3 g 3. comp. Dam. . 
c Cic, 1. 5. FBBu perfect, iii 171. vi 138. 395. 559 magmm 

civil obit et formidatiu Othoni. ib. 583 peril cui. L. Miillar de I 
metr. 399. X-ochmaiui and Monro on Lnor, iii 1043, Maivig opuao. i 

325—6. Mom- 

119 1 

■hue. IS 730 datiB omnio leto. Phpedr. i 22 9. 

in 16 18. TFl. Tta 

See Monro on Lner. v 1007 and ind. s. v. da. 

MiUdmonn i 505- 

FONB 128 n. 120 . 

[NoENio dat. of. lor 

uae of the aliBtract term ki 44— C non praematiiri i 

oinerea nee fiatvi <u 


Oeniusloat band and head. M. Sen. suas. 6. 'delibeiat Cicero tm An-, 
tonium deprecotnr.' oontz. ni 17 ' Fopilhus, tho murderer of Cio., who 
had defended him, Ib accused of ingratitude ' (the moat valaabla piuiB ol 
his book) has preserved a fragmeat of Liiy, with other oontampoialT, 
evidence; for no thama was mora popular for sohool declamations (QointiL 
, ni 8 g 46). The authorities are cited by Crumann \i 377—9 and girsn-, 
' at length by Surlngai Cio. de vita sua B20-~4. Add Seu. ep. sa f 2& 
drunkenness ruined Antonias: it made him cruel, cum capita jMi'net- 
jium civitatii ceiianli referrentur, cum inter ailpaTatiaaiiaaa epaiu o« 
ao manuB proaoriptoram reeognoaaeret. See esp. Lir. up. M. Sen. 
Buaa. S § 17 prominenfi ex leclica praebenligue immotam cecyioem ca- 
put praeoisum est. Tiec aatii ttolidae cmdelilali militam fuit : ma- 
nus quoque ecripsiaae aliquid in Antonium exprobantea praecidemat. 
ila rclatum caput ad Antonium iussuque eiui inter duaa manm in 
rostris positum, .... ubi eo ipso aniio adrersus Antonium qnautft 

auditns iuerat; in Idv. perioch. ckx on tho other hand the Tight hand 
alont is said to have been exposed with the head. Sen. ib. § 18 Aoflding 
BaBBus mokes Cic. give the word of command incide errvieem, Groti^ 
mntius Ooidusih. SlOjtrarpmdmfi oapiti oriqae <iiw iiuperia tmlt 
jet what moved most tears was viia ad oapat enu deligata m( ~ 
dextera, divinae etoqjuntiae minittra. Brattedios Niger ^ 30—1 
l^tweea two hands. Cornelius SeveraB ib. g 36 (Meyer onUiol. 131) 

X 120, 121 113 

KTL6 — 20 oiaque magTuuiimam ipiranlia paene virorum | in roatiii ia- 
: »ed laim abslalit ontnis, \ tamquam sola foret, rapli Oioe- 
iflo. I . . . . informei ToltuB fporeamgue ornote nefaado\ 
ennfltem SBOtasqne manuB opentmqiie ministriu \ tantorum pedibv* 
vielcT pToiecta luperbii | proculcavit OTiam vec [u&rieo fata deoique | re- 
' ipexit. nallo Inet hoc AatoninB aevo. H. Sen. HQntr. IT § 1 Porciua 
Latro Bpaakingof PopiUina abicidit caput, amputavil manum. g§ S. 5. 
7. 9 fin. lOfin. li fin. App, b. 0. it 20 'then Laenas, tboogh ho had ocoa 
■won an aotion throngb Cicero's advocacy, drewhis head from the Utter, 
Etrikmg or rather BaiviDg it three times ; so uiibaQdy nas he. He like- 
■niae cut off the hand, wherewith Cicero moto those oralioua against tha 
tyranny olAntoniui, which in imitation of DemoBthenea he called Phi- 
lippioa [the eamo point in Pint. Cic. IS g 2 both handi, Anton. 20 
§1 the light hand] .... Laenas, finding Antonine seated in the forom, 
■waved the head and hand while yet a long way off, byway of dieplay- 
ing theni. Ant. overjoyed crowned the tribane, and gave him 250,000 
Attic drachms over and aboye the promiaed reward, aa having despatched 
the greatest and most rancorous of his enemiea. Cicero's head and 
hand long hung {row, the rostra, where he used to Bpeak. . . . It is 
said that Ant. set Cicero'a head before the table at hia meal, till he had 
riQtted himBelf with the sight,' Fulvia, another Herodias [Hieron. in 
.. m 421 spat upon the head, took it on her knees and stahbed the 
le ■with her hail pin DCass. xlvu 8 gg 3 — i. uihds 

iBTn VM.vS §4 C. PopiUias Laenas oapat Somanai elofuentiae et 
it elaTUiimam dexteram per eurnvtam ae teeurum otiwm occupavit. 
. . negue enim seeleitu,in partanli omit luccvrrit illud se capni ferrc, 
gnod pro capite eiiii guondam perorai'irat. Plut. Cio. 49 g I. Ben. da 
tranq. a!i.l6g 1 Pomppius ff Cicero leosaniariclientibitsruUpraebeTe cei- 
vioem. Handa (Sit off M. Ben. contr, 27 p. 266 9 qui pattern puliaverit, 
manni ei praeoidantur. ib. g§ 3^ 8. Ben. de ir. ui 18 § 1 Catilina 
carried ont Sulla'a orders for breaking the legs, plaokiBg out tha eyes, 
Btriking off the hands of the proscribed. ■ 


ot, 18. Marina (DCasa. pr. 102 gg 8—9 pp. 141-2 Bind. Oros. t 19 p. 315) 
andSnlla (DCasa. pr. 109 S 21 p. 163), the trinravirs of b.c. 43 (id.3i,vji 8 
§ 2), ClaodiuB i. n. 42 (id. ni IS | 1), Domitian a-b. 91 (id. isvu H g B), 
all eiposed on tha rostra the heads of those vhom they had exeented. i 
ct. Lac. VII 305 — 6 epectate catenas J et caput hoc poiiium roatris. 
[Sen.] Oct. 522 — 5 ezpotita roBtris capita caeaornm patrei j videri 
nauti. Jiere nee lieuiteuos, \ iwngemere diTa tabe pollutafora | tiillante 
fitnieper palres volltis aravi. Eix. (1) P. Snipicius, tribune and deraa- 
eogue, slain by Snlla B.C. 88 Veil n 19 §1. (2—5) the orator M. Aatonius, 
C. and L. loliua Caesar, and Q. Lntatina Catulns, victims of Marios, 
B.C. 87 Cio, de or: ii: § 10 words which might ^eem prophetic of his own 
fata SI, Anlonii in eii yni's toatria, in guibui Ule rempublicam conitan- 
tiiiime coiuul defenderat, . . . poiitum caput ilbtd fait, a qvo erant vad- 
torum civiam capita servata. id. Tnsc v g 65. Liv. ltlzx. TM. ii 2 g 2, 
App, b, 0. 1 73. (6—7) the consul Cn. Octavias (Cic. Tusc. y g S5. Liv. 
UEC. App. b. c. I 71. Flor. n 9 = iii 21 § 14. Aog. civ. D. iii 37) and 
Q, Aaohnriua, in the same perseentiDn App. b. e. i 73. (B) C. Marina the 
younger in hia consulship b. c. 82, after committing sniojde iii. i 94, For 
Iho special risk mn by orators ia revolutions see Cic. Brnt. § 307. 

ainioi vn H3n. rostiu liie Temple Bar and. 

Bridge the most public place in the city, being ia the iiud^\» ot 


I 1X1 ' 

,?uv. u. 


114 "^ ^2^' ^22 

one Bide ol the famm, between it and the comilitim Btirit Borne tuid thS] 
Compogna 85—86. Bein in Panly ti 552—3. B.C. il38 tbe conBidkl 
0. Maeuiua, alter a great naval victory wMcli ended the Latin war, fixect 1 
the beoka of tlie captured diips round the orators' platform Plin. txar 
g 20. rior. u 16 = rv 6 § 6 BoTtiae capita aaeaornm propojtere ■» 
roatria iam tuilafum emt; veruia tie quaqiit cinitai lacTimat tenere turn 
potuif, CUD) reciEum Cicaronis caput in illia Buia roatris videret 
nee alitir ad videttdum eum, quam solebat ad audiendam, eonanriretUT. 
EoHmm med b; Addisoa aud others a9= mslra, has no ancient autlioritj. 


extracted from a poem of Ciuero's ou bia cansnlship a. b. 63, Erom whioh 
ha quotes CaUiope's address to bimeelf in the third and last liook ad Att. 
II 3 g 3 e. c. 60. ad fam. 1 9 g 23 (still unpublished b, c. 54) cf. Drumaim 
V 6U1 — 3. Bmingar de KomaniB autoblogcapliia 26 eeq. Baiter and 
Enyser'B Cie. n 130—5, wheta the evidenee and fragmonte, one of 7S 
verses, ars ooHooted. The firat book was approved by Oaeaar A. 3). S4 
die. ad Qo. fr. it 16 § 5. cf. 15 % 2. The verse was oniveiaallj Don- 
demned, partly for its conceit Qointil. xi 1 g 24, wheio he ia speaking of 
self-praise in canairtibua Jitinam pepercitset, quae noti desientnt earpere 
maligai, 'cedont acma togae, concedab laurea landi,' et * o fortnnalam' 
etc. Sen. brev. vit. 6 § 1 guotiena ilium ipiam conmlattxm luun nan tine 
caiaa, led sine fine laadatum detestatar .' partly and mainly lor IM 
tasteless assonance ib. n 4 § 41 ne mnat also avoid taking the last 
eyllables of a preceding word aa the first o( the iollowing word. Tha 
caution might seem superfluous; yet Ciceroni in e^ixtuiit eaiidit 'lea 
mihi inviiae visaa sunt. Brute.' c( in ciiTmiae 'o [ortunatam' eto. 
ct. Biomed. 466 1 K. also blamed in [Sail.] decl, in Cio. § 6, and dft- 
fended in [Kc.] in SalL contr. g 7 [in Cic. ed. B. and K. ii 1*8. ISIJ 
On Cioero'a poems aea Cio. ed. B. and E. u 8!)— 138. Drumann ■ 
220—1. 602. Ti 681-^. Teufiel Qeseh. d. lom. Liter. % 176. Cio. Phil" 

II § 20 n. (Ant. had taunted him on this score). M. Sen. eic. conti. 

III praef. g 8 Ciceranem eiojueniiii eua in camiinibut dcititail. laa, 
dial. 21 Caesar &ud Biutus wrote poetry, net better than Oicero, a«I 
/diciwi, guia illoi feeine paucioret eciant. Mart, ti 69 3 — i earmina 
quad ecribU MmU et ApoUinc nullo, | laudari debet : hoe CioeroniB 
habei. Flut. Cio. 2 J 2 at one time he was regarded as the best of poeta; 
but afterwards, while his onitorical fame survived, he was entirelj thrown 
into the shade as a poat. ib. 40 g 1 he would write 50 yeraea in a night 
BchoL Bobb, on Cio. p. Seat. e. 68 p. 306 Or. The Jesuit A, Sohott 
'Cio. B calumn. vind.' c. 10, Turnebus adv. vii 19, and othera [wa De 
La Monnoje in Menagiaua, 1716, iii 188 — 9), also A. W. Emesti ia ft 
feeble programme. Lips. 1785, have defended ourvurBo. On the repetition 
ot two syllables cf. Bioukh, on Tibull. 1 1 3, eisp. Kiike Bhein. Mub. 1B39 
339 seq. Cic. off. i % 61 Beier plmiore ore. Brat, g 231 ocer acstim. 
de or. t g 2 moZes rnal«<ltaruii>. Tei. euu. 236pannia niinisijue. Cf. Monro 
Luor. ind. aXUtefaiiov.. Cio. PhiL ii S 25 1. 13 n. add Plaul Trin. 3B7 

wlm jaxceos morea. ib. 669 mores /lonunum tnorOB <t 
Ter.Andr. 218 amentium }iaa.d amantium. Tarroin Qell 
xin 11 g 3 a deHnition of a pleasant party, li helli honatnodi oonleati 
mnt, li electuB locut, li temput leotum, ti apparalju jton negleetUk 
Aen. z 735 farlo. fortibui. Nep, T 1 g 2 nan maglt amore quam mo ~ 
Bardili ib. xvnt 13 g 3. Spald. on Qiiintil. ix 3 g 70 oxx. of Jiigid j(.._ 
as warnings ' amari | iucundiim at, ti curctur, ne quid intit amBFl| 
•iriam duletdo ad avinm dueit;' ec apud Ovidium ~ 

A 122-126 115 

non dicam, Fnrin tc taTiam*' id. ivpr. S - honorem. . .oseria. Jani 
art. poet. 433. UetiiDg on Caea. b. G. viit lU p. tial. FUn. ep. i E g 8 
pliiae mane, Fabci on Liv. mi 30 § 4. A sioglo sylialiie often recurs. 
Iiiy. Ill flu. T 68. yii 162. 168. 1 1. iit SO. xv 71. 74. Dijden iimtatea 
tliB assoQaDce Fortnne foretun'd the dying notei of Some, \ till I, thy 
coaaal sole, consol'd ihy doom. So GiSord Hoa /ortanat^ a natal 
day KOi thine, \ in that proud consulate, □ Somt, of mine! Martignao 
O Some fortuDie \ <om mon consulat n&e. For the thought cf. Cie, p, 
Flaco. §103 nanae illae DecembTei, quae me oonanle /uufii.' gucTii 
ego dton vere uatalem hnias urbis . . . appellare potautn, lav. ym 


(of. 12S) Cie. Phil, n g 118 contempsi Catilino! gladioa, non perti- 
mrican tuoa. TIib flrat PbUippio whs deliyeced before the Benata 2 Sept, 
B. 0. 44; 19 Sept., when Ciu. was absent (or tear othia life, Ant. replied in 
a bitter invective; the fierce second Philippic, which eealed it9 author's 
fate, was aever epokea, but professes to be an answer deliyered on tha 
epot, I have collected the evidence in Cio. Phil, u iutr, pp. Hi — Ivi. 
cf. Dromanu 1 193— 201. TiSli. Soringar 444 aeii. 790 saq. Cio. in 
a letter to Cussins xu 3 g 1 (cf. PhU. in § 33) autieipated that Ant. would 
begin the massacre with him. Two ihetoricians in M. Sen. aaaa. S 
gg 5. 7 cite passages from the 2nd PhUippio huic ta taeviettti pulai Ciae- 
roaempoete subdMcil % 9 Albuoiua 'the chief cause o£ tiie proBoription 
WM Cio.;' of all the deolaimets he (Alb.) alone ventured to say non umim 
ease illi Antoninm infe»t\un, g 17 Livy 'Cie. knew that he could not be 
reacued from Ant., an; more than Casaiua and Brutus from Caesar-' 
cf. anthol. lat. Bieaa 603. 607—613; and on Antoning' hatred of Cicero 
Nep.ixvl0§4. 123—4 mioit, %i mo BttissET Madvigj|34B n. 

Znmptg 618. Gemhatd cpuac. Lips. 18S6 lart. 2. llaase on IteisigSlS. 
Cie. Phil, n g 99 n. 124 bidesdi poeu&ta Sen. de ir. m 37 g S 

125 ooNflnoDAE DiviNi FHitipptCi WKiB in ft Speech tor Lamia AsinioB 
I'oliio wrote, but did not dare to repeat tha calumny in his history, that 
Cie. was willing to abjure the Philippics, to answer them himself with the 
ntmost pains and to reolta the anatvera in full asaenlbly M. Sen. euas. 6 
% 15. It wBB a haekneyed topic, introduced into tha achoola by Pollio (ib, 
g 14. QuiutiL in 8 g 46], which is discuesed iu euaa. 7 ■ Deliberat Cicero, 
an Boripta sua conburat, promittenl« Antonio incolumitatem, af feciaaet.' 
g I Q. HaterinB says toCic. ve propter hoc quidetn ingenium tuum amai, 
guod illud Antonius plus odit qoam to7 rcmittere ait le tibi ut 
vivai, commentta gTiemadmodum eripiat etiam quod vixeras. g 7 Argen- 
toriaa ignoscentem illttm tibi putas qui ingenio tno iraicitjirf % 10. 
Cestias 'tis a poor exchange: dari vita-nt, eripi ingenium. The 2nd 
Fliilipplc is often ([uoted by Qaintil. and tha other rhetorioiana. Yell, n 64 
%§ S— A haec tnnt tempera, quibm M. TaUiuB continniB actionibua 
aeternas Antoni memoriae inuasit notas; led hie fulgentiisimo 
et caelasti ore, at iribUToit Cannuluu eontinaa rabie laetrabat AntO' 
nium. utrique vindieta liberlatii maTte atetit; led tribuni languitie com- 
mitta proioriptio, Oioeronia velut satiato Antonio paene finita (i.e. 
ended, because on receiving Cicero's head. Ant exclaimed that the pro- 
Bcription had done its work Plut. Cie. 49 g 1). Toe. dial. 57 not the 
defence of P. Qninctius or of Liciniua Archias make Cie. a great orator: 
Catilitui et Mila et Verrei et Antonius hanc illi famam 
rmtt, DiTiiu. very common in this application Miihlmaun. 

Bonnell lei. Quintil. 126 toltieis in the soroU. 

X 126-130 

loxiui 3J7 n. Ot. Tern. &m. 404 a prima proiima i«!;n{( erih 
Cic. orat. % 217 -pioiLimixs a poitTemo. Or. es Pont, ii S 37 a CaeaaTs 
proiime Gaaar. Qnintil. i 7 § 16 proiimani ab ultima liluram. Plin. 
sp. VII 20 § 6 taiki primut qui a, U praxlmne. See Hand Tvn. x 43 
{pTope ab). 43 — i {qua-rtua, eem/ndui, twmie, proximui, alter ab). 
ILLCM Dsraostlienem. 128 tobbehxbm 9n. 119. Hot. 

8. 1 7 27—8, Heind. Lamb. QoiDtU, x 7 g 23- tlbsi uodkbak- 

TEX YBES^ TBEAiRi the asseuibUes of the people wstb held in theatiea, 
aa at BpheanB Wetst. on Acts xix 29. Conybeani and Howaon St Paul ii> 
77. Baroeoc on luatin. xui 2 % 10. Heralii advers. ri 16. Tftc. h. □ 80. 
D'Orville on Chariton p. 874 liipfl. Bohiimaim d m t £6—7 X. Pr, 
Hermann Priv. Alt. § 18 14. Thuo. vui 93 § 1. P nt n trat m 2 S 6. 1? 
7 g 22. YM. II 2 § 5 of ambaesodois sent to Tar n um n theat Qm, ut 
tst con^uetudo Oraeniae, introducti, legationem . p g ri D3 in 84 
§ S— 85 g 1 B.C. 338 in the alarm before the battle f Chaer aea the 
people hurried to the theatre at day -break, with at wa ting fur the 
nsaal siunmons. After the past had told th n w silen e and fear 
seized on the aodieace ; none Tentm-ed to addre the a mblj in reply 
to repeated invitationH. Every eye wa> fasten d a I> m h nee; he 
ohBered the people, ctging them to make an alliance nith the Boeotians, 
whereby they donUed their forces and reooyeied Irom their despair. Ath. 
T ^13' ' templee shut, gymnasia mossgrown, rd Oiarpor dvtKK^'^laaror, the 
courts without enits,' Plat. Dion 43 g 1. Phoc. 34 | 2. Sidon. o. it in 
13C — 7 9"i Pandianiam movebat arte | oralor caveam tuiaultwmi. 

i Ov.r 

n 796. 

Tin 88. Tory frequent in Uie metaphorical sense MiiMmann 564 — 5 /. pu- 
dorii. f. licentiae inicere. voluptatei tenere sub freno. So Sbaksp. 'to 
briile passion.' ' the bridle of jonr will.' [Eur. Aadr. 178 3i«irip yumiKvIt 
£r5p' (v ^rlat ixt<y- tjuoian aaiorBs'67 auSeyitavToOrijrSidyoiiui-jnex'^'' 
luyap^fau \<iytii>ioO. BiJtTiQEB]. The familiarity of either metapboT 
((m-r./r.) helped to disgiiise their incongruity wben taken together. Cf. 
BhaTiap. talie up arms agaiiat a sea oftroublee. Hor, quanta laboraba* 
Charybdi { dignepuer nteliore flamma. theatbi of Baoohus 

Pollai via 13S. Auaon. lud. viisap. 6— 7. 10—1. Atticiaguo^ius, | qui- 
but theatram curiae praebet vie&ia. I ■ . ■ wa est Atheuis atgue in 
omni Graeeia \ ad cDjuuZendum publki tedei loci. 129 "la 

iLiiE ADvKHBia BENiTDs FATOOTB BtMiatHD ucoarding to the general belief 
of antiquity that auftering was a Epeoial mark of heaven's diapleasnre. cf. 
Job's friends, lo. 9 2. Auts 28 4. Plant. mU. Bli quia maffia disinimicis 
natust guam iu atgue iiatiaP Liv, nig 11 cum remia humaTiarun max- 
imum mumenlum sit, quam propitiis rem, qvam adversis aganl dia. 
Pers. IV 27 hnnc dis iratia genioque eiuistro. Son. de ben, iv g 3 
gtiia tam dnro fato et in poeaam genitas? lud, do moite Claud. 11 % 
S dia iratifl natum. Hor, s. ii 3 8 Lambin. 7 14, Phnedr. jv 19—20 16. 
Erisson. de formal. 1 181. The ' bavna of heaven' impliea all the diffigul- 
tiea whioh beset D., from his gaardiajia' injuHtice and the physioal defeota 
■which ha overcame, to bia esile and death VM. vm 7 E g 1 proelialua eat 
cum remm natiira et qaidem victor abiit. 130 patbii 

abdenub mabsve muoiNB lippcb as a blacksmith : so the elder Domoa. 
tlienea appears in VM. in 4 E 2 (a retail outlor). Lucian somn. 12. 
rhet. praeo. 10. Sidon. carm. tr 187 — 8 fabro progcnitua, iprcto cui patre 
polita I etoqaiia ptus lingaa /uit. Z£iii 142—3, Martian. CapelL v f iiO. 
Od the mythical oormptions of Greek literary biography see n. on 38— 6» 
p. 73. The biographers Plut. Dem, 4 g 2 (citing Theopompoa fr, 106 itt 

X 130-187 II? 

Ciidence that tiie father was a gentleman twv KoKaiy koL dfaSuy), Liban. 
p. a B (citing AeecMnsB adv. Ctes. g 171 p. 78 ■ hii father was free; for 
ons must not lie'). ZoEimna (p. IISB) testtf; that the father waa called 
'the cutler," but eiplain that the aword-factory waa only one Bource of 
hia wealth ; of the li talents which he left behind him, not a, ioxaih port 
was Invested in that business Am. SchaferDemostb. n.seine Zeit i 235 — 
44. In the speecbss against his IrOiUdiilent gnardians the son makes 
honorahlB mention of him p. 833 26. 842 21 ; also de cor. 22H 19. 8o the 
biographer of Sophokles contradicts the statements of Aristo^enos that 
he waa a carpenter or smith, and of Istros, that he was a sword-cutler, 
allowing that he may have Imd slaves of those oacnpations. So Isokrates 
was satirisect by Ariataphanea and Strattia sa a fl-Dtemaker, because he 
had alavea who made flutes [Plal.] Tit. x or. 836°. Philostr. soph, i 17 g 4- 
Bohafer p. 235 n. 2. 132 lutbo vULOiNO 'dingy Vul- 

can,' a hmnorons designation of a amith. cf. iv 133 u. 'Prometheus.' 
AD EHHTOR* aisiT the orator was far too young (being only 7 years 
of age Dem. 811 B) to have entered the Bchool of rhetoric at Ma father's 
death. He complains (828 6) that his teachers were defrauded by Aphobos; 
Flut. Dem. 4 g 3 adds that he thereby lost the opportunity of a good edu- 
cation, and that his mother kept bim baek on the score of his weak health; 
but Aeaubinea (3 § 255 p. 90) ridionles his boyish indifference to hunting 
and gitmes, in comparison with the art of rhetoric: and Dem. himaelE 
(312 21. 316 7) decides that he went in due courae to school. His master 
in orator? was Isaeos (Plut. Dem. 6 g B. Sehaler 1. e. 252 — 8), whom he 
kept in hia hoiue for four years [Plat.] vit. i or. 844'', in order to prepare 
hiinaeli for the charge of embezzlement against his guardians; a fee of 
10,000 drachma fcuompensed Isaeos, on leaving hia school for a single pupil 
ib. 839'. Schiifer treats at length, ib. 372—303, of the later Htndiea of 
Demoathonea, and the traces of his model Isaeos in his earlier speeches. 
133 — 187 Spoils of ware, a corslet hmig on stumps of tiojihiea, a cheek- 
piece dangling from the battered casque, a chariot yoke short of it^ pole, 
B SagstaB from a prize galley, and a pensive prisoner carved high on the 
triumphal arch, these aie ranked as more than human blessings. To this 
a Roman, Greek and barbarian captain has raised his soaring tbonghta; 
toys lite these have been the mainsprings of his hazard and his toil. So 
much fiercer la the thirst of renown than of virtue; for, hate her rewards, 
who wooes bare virtue for herself ? Tet their country waa long ago sunk 
by the pride ot a few, by their itch of applause and of an epitaph that 
might cleave to the stones that guard their aehes ; atones to spring which 
there needs but the miscli;evoua growth of the wild-flg tree, since tombs 
themselvea have their appointed hour of doom. I>ay Hannibo! in the 
scale: how many pounds will you find in that greatest of eommondere? 
yet this is he for whom Africa has not room,— Africa lashed by the 
Atlantio main to the we^t, stretching eastward to lukewarm Nile, and 
again southward to the Etliiopiana and their tail el^hants. Spain la 
added to hia rule, he soalea the Pyrenees: Nature reared a barrier of Alp 
and Hnow, he rends the lock and blasts the mountain with the steam of 
vinegar. Now Italy is won, jet still he pnshea onward: 'Nothing,' he 
cries, ' is done, nnlesa we storm the gates with our Carthaginian power, 
nnd I plant my colours in mid Subuia.' O what a visage, o for a painter's 
convas to do it jastice, when the one-eyed general bestrode his Oaetulian 
elephant 1 What then is his end ? O pride I why, vanqoished in hia turn, 
he posts into banishment, and site there a mighty retainer, the marvel 
of B gaping crowd, in the lobby of a oonit, till his Bithyuian maieat? m£j 



I fl 

1:8 X 133-135 

deign to ^ake. If ot Bworde, nor yolleja of etones, noc dorta, shall qnenoli 
tlmt Boul, which once embroiled the world, but tlial avecger of Cuume, 
the poisoQed ring, maHug amende for floods of Itoman blood. Go, inad- 
taan, Eeom the etoim; Alps, to become the wondec of sohool'bojg, to 
formsh cut a theme for a epeecli-da; show. For Pclla's youth one nngle 
globe is all too small; lie chafes, poor soul, in the narrow bonndg of the 
nniverae, as though pentinGjara and tin; Seriphua; jet, letkim oDceiel 
foot in Babjion that city of brick, and a stone coffin will satiBfy his 
every want: death and death alone betrays the nothingness of men's 
puny frames, what dwarfs our bodies are. Ships sailing across mount 
Athos, and other bold lies oi Greek history, have long paased for truth, 
the sea paved hy the Eome navy, a firm roadway for wheels; we believe 
that deep riverg failed and their strsama were drained to the dregs as tbe 
Mede broke hia fast, and whatever else Soatratus einga and gtraina 
himself to sing with reeking armpits. Tet in what plight did ha 
return, after tho flight from Saiamis, — he who in hnrharian fashion waa 
wont to storm with the lash against the North-West and Sonth-East, 
winds that had never brooked like outrage in their Aeolian dungeon, — 
he who had fettered earth-ahaking Neptune's aelf — so far relenting, no 
donbt, that he did not sentence him to bo branded to boot 1 WcmM any 
god aci^ept service under such a lord t — But in what plight, I say, did 
he retnm ? why with one poor barkj while the waves ran hkiod and the 
cambered prow Ktmggled through shoals of corpses. Suuh forfeit did 
gloiy^ — glory sought with prayers — wring from him. 

A parallel passage, which luv. maj have had in mind, is UaniL iv 37 
seq. Haaiiibal e. g. a? (luv. 15E, 16S) qidd referam Cannaa admotaquo 
moenibuB armaf 41—2 (luv. 162. 165) /uriim mor(c.- 65— 6 (In, 179. 
185 — 6) Xeriem, jiioiiis ct ipso \ jiaufragiura pelago. Croesus, Mariin 
Pompeius, Frinm are iutioiluccd later by luv. 

133 Beq. [Piat.] Ale. u 142* generals exiled and put to death, mora 
atraitly besieged by false aocuseis than they had ever been by an enemy, flo 
that they regret their succosaful ambition, iSrri iyiaus airruiy ilxis$et'-§ 
aarpariiyirous tltai /taXXrw ^ l^TpaTtiyir'ii^'i' 

133 EKOviiE from (jflio ef. ^«5iluj. lub-u-cula. i™du« i. . 

riai; (Curtins gr. Etymol. n' 205 — 6) ' strippings,' used of the serpent* M 
slough, the I^emean lion's skin etc., very frequently, as here, of q "' 
taken in war : T«i'\a (from eniWia to flay) and spolia i 
Tao. an. m 73 haatUei esuviaa. aee MUhhnann. 

cuiiA FEXDEKS Tac. On. II 18 tn modiiia tropaeornm arma nbjrcripttt^ 
vietanita gentium noniinibui impoiuU. ib. 23 confieriem aimoruni ' 
stTuxit BMpcrbo cmn tituto. Gains (CaliRUla Suei. 45) ordered a sudden 
attack of the Germans to bo reported to him, on which he and his fdenda 
with some horsemen hurried into the nearest forest, trunoalis^e ar- 
boribia et in modam tropaeornm adamatit, returned to eamp by toroh- 
li^t, taunting with conaidiee those who had not shared in tus e^loit 
Trophies wora borrowed by the Komans bom Greece, and often appear 
on coins, always in the shape oC the trunk cf a tree with a cross bar bnug 
with arma. See Aen. xi 5—11. cabsidb Diez haa a warning 

against the derivation of easijue from eaaais. Bi;oaittui= 

vapayi/aBlt gloss, p. 209 Valpy; the oheekpiece of the helmet. In low 
Latin= baolde. Lacciilti also = d^u^o^di the boas ot a shield, whence 
httckUr. 135 cnnrnM tebonk niODll the yoke of a war chariot 

fcnjken off at the pole, a part of the trophy, 135— fl Yiciiiqui, 

A 135-143 

TBinEMlB iPLcsTHE Hn onmment of boards, projeoting above the Btfiia 
o( VBsseto, in Uis form of a bird's Crest or wing, or a fiab's toii. A itaff 
with gaj ribboDB rose from it Sil. x 334 laceroquc aplustria veto; whioh, 
floBting in the niiid, Ecrved as a 'weathercook. It vas carried in naval 
tcinmpbE, like modem &a,ga. cf. Luc. iii 586. On the two forms apUtstre 
and apliustmm ace (1. 3. Vose. de analog. :t 13. There ia a cnt ol an 
c^luitre, which appears on the colnmn of Trajan and on coins, in Bich 
oompattioa 136 buhuo tiustib oapiitob m abcc Lnc. vm 818 

exttrucloi epaliia hoitililmt arous, Pmd. c. Symm.ii 666-^1 /riu(ro ijiBir 
ttumwaummomiraTnurinaTcn | ...)ub pcdibiugtie diiairaaB,ptiToa pap- 
lite ^xo I ad iuja dtpnatoi VKmibitsqin iaterga retarlit \ et luipcnia gravi 
telorujn fragminti tranco. There still exist in Itomo 5 triumphal arches, 
(1) oC Drusu9 ; (2) of TituB, highly Taluahle for the nrtistio merit and the 
Babjeot of its sculptm'es, nbich reprsBcnt the golden candleatiok, the 
table of ahow-breod etc. from tba temple at Jernsalera; (3) of Sep- 
timiUB Sevems; (4.) of Oallieuus; (5) of Gotistantine. 8eB Bum 
Borne and the Campagna ind. s. t. arch. Pauly i' 1487 — 9. J. P. 
Bellorii veteres arena Augnstnmm triiimphis insignss. Bom. 16'JO fol. 
137 GB1IC3 as Alexander 168—72. ni-BElBua aa Haanihol 

147—167, and Xerxes 173—187. 138 ineoeebitob it 29. 

An arohaia form, found in Lucr. , and aftemards iu Optatiauas, Prudent. , 
Sidon., Porfirlita (L, MltUor de re metr. 391. 469). Ermius has indapcra, 
Iiucr. indupedio, carm. de flguiis orat. GG (in Halm rhot. Lat. 66) indu- 
pttro. Exx.of the pronoun aido (lySor), indo, indu in CorsBen Aussprache 
n. H. w. ii' 271—3. cf. lav. xt 157 defindier. 

140 the only Terse ia Iny. in wbich one anapaestic word ia followed by 
tloee spondaic ; tno spondees follow an anapaest ti 468 (Bibbeck). With 
the thought cf. Pliny's argument against tha ballot ep. in 20 g 8 guoio 
euigue eadcm hanntatU cwa secreto quae palaia! Multi famam, con- 
Bcieutiam pnuoi verentar. ihdb from trophies and 

tiiomphoJ arches and ' WeGtminster Abbey.' rsuiE siiia 

IT 138 aliamqw faiiiem. cf. on the metaphor Obbar on Sor. ep. I 18 23. 
WetBt. on S. Matt. 6 8. 141—2 tima esiu yiBTUtBU na- 

PLECTTTUB iPBiH, piuEHiA Bt toujls? Blomt gloBs. Aesoh. P. V. 327. 
Quintil. Ill 11 § 29 more fonim, qui a ee non virtntss, sed Tolnpta- 
tem, quae fit ex virtntibns, peti dicant. Or. exP, u 3 11—14. 35—6 
70a oan scarce find one in a thousand virtntem pretinm qni pntet 
esse sni. [ ipse decor, recte facti ai praemia desint, \ non mavet el 
grata paenitet aie profinm; j . , . . iudice te mercede caret per lejue 
petenda ent j exteritU viTtm itieamilata bonii. see more in Grang. and 
compare the argmneuts of philosophers on the mnunum bonuia, whether 
Tirtue alone, or Tirtue acGOnjpanied by outward advantages. On the 
oonstr. amplectilnr, »l toUta cf. 205. 339*. tii 50. 11 16, Ov. L c. Ter. ad. 
781—2 si capiat . . . , non potest. Modrig g 348b. 
142 TAMES yet the glory, 'Bhioh spurs men on to effort, is often the ruin 
of their country. There is an allusion to the cItiI wars oE Borne. oliu 
o^er and anon, again and again, rori. Germ. somt. Serv. Aen. Tin 391 
fire vt Bolct, Hor. a. i 1 25— (i Heind. iitjmen's olim daiit cnutula blandi 
t declaret. Hand Turaell. iv 368. Lambin. and Obbar on Hor. op. i 10 
42. 143 Tiinu epitaph, ti '230 titulo res digna aepuloii. 

Lbo. Till 815 6 oEPompeins' grave surgit mhterahilt bus turn | nun uilis 

plenant titulis. cf. ib, 805—14. Plin. u g 154 of the earth nulla 
magie lacra merila qnam qao noa quoqus aacroa facit, ei' 
m titnloB gerem uomenqne prorogans noBtrnm 

lifiO X 143-151 

eitandens contru brevUatem aevi. Ses tha funeral inBcrjptioiil' 
in the great coiiectionB, Sen. de biev. vit. 20 g 1 (cited by SilTdatri) 
qvoidam cum in coiaummationem dignitatis per milte indiffnitata tnt- 
pisient, ■mUem siibit cogitatio laboraeae ipsos in tiinlum Bepnleri. 
Hor. 0. IV 9 13-6. a. ij S 84-99. 144 ai^'s oinbeum cDBTODiEna PxU- 

oian vii § 33, citing this v. hoe castos raro nisijigarate 

tMs time (Sept. IHTl) a wild fig-tree may he Been graving out of tbB 
Mijl ol the senate-hoase court, Camliridee. Hor. epod. 6 17 Bchol. sepol- 
oiiB oaprifiooa eratai. Prop. T=iT 6 71—2 Ht tamnlua lenae ourlo 
vetua amphora eoUo, ] iirgeat hanc lupra vii, capiifice, ftta. Fere, i 2S> 
Sen, Q. q. II 6 g S. Mart, x 2 9 marmora Mesiallae findit caprifionB. 
laid. orig. xTii 7 g 18 haa an absurd etymology caprificns appellata ea 
quod parietta, quilna innaaeilur, carpit : erwn^t enim H prodU fx Uitebrit' 
quibiu coneepla eit. 146 ('i'<- ^ tiaa. ir 6 § 4 hem! nas *" ~ ' 

munouli tTtdignamar, li gaii iHntntm inieriit aut occisai ett, gtioi 
vita trevior eiie debet, cum una loco tot oppidnm cadaveri 
iacent} Prop. iy = ni 2 IB— 20. Mart, i 88 4—5. Anaon. epigr. 
iROTninumf a /atiacunf , \ mors etiam saxia nomtnfbusjue venit. Bntil. N^ 
mat. 1 41* cemimu* exemplii oppida posse mori. 


villi the whole paesage comp. Sen. n. <i. m pr. g 6 quentadmodum 
Hannibal Alpea BnperaTerlt tcribjmt. quemadmodum confirmaiui 
Hispaniae eladibaa helium It alia a inapinahia intuleriiifractiiq^ie rtbut 
tC post CaTlhaginem peTtinax reges peretrftTerit dncem pmmittent, 
eteTCitum petene, quemadmodum non desierit omnibui angTitii beilum Knee 
qjutereTC: adeo line patria pati poteral, erne ho>te non poterat. ot Iqt. 


172—3. Oy. m. sii 

615-6 i 


tde ti 




1 nescio q^iid par 

od non bei 


t nrn 

am. Hamlet 

IT 1 186-204. 


Cf. CO, 

1 Nep. XXIII 1 


148 c. 



Dr,' 'U 

large enough 

te Batiefy.' Cio. p. 

imp. Cn 

. Pomp. % 66 quae 



. . quae uniiM 

tribuni militicm. . . 

. ipiritia 
.. Bnnn. 


il? id. 

p. Mil 



on Stat. Aoli. 1 161 

on Ot. tr. m 

4 30. 


on Lne. i 111. Mtit-ci 

zell on Cnrt. in i- 

=11 S 12. 

Hofm. Peerliamp Verg. 

vol. n 

p. 209. UT.-4 

1 16 S 3. Flor. IT 2 g 14. Claud, in Hal. ii 156. In Or. x->p^ WetaL 
on lo. 21 25. Demosth. 118 8. 579 3. uauho of. Maura 

vnda in Hor. o. ii 6 3—4. 149 Markl. conj. Niloque 

amota tepente ruTsug etc. ' Atrioae fiuea deaoribit qoilina non contentna tnit 
Annibal ; nempe, aMaaretaniauaque adAethiopiam: aviota Nilo tepente, 
est, quae pertingit a Nito ad Aethiopas. rursut est ex alia parte,' 
HiLo TEPZNTi Prop. ui=n 33 3 Nilo . . . tepente. 
150 annauB ab Monil. it 602 rataam naqna ad Nilam directii ftuelibvt 

CJril. ELEPHJHIOS n 124—7. Ill 101. ISliTHHTUm 

nTFEniis Eispuiu Sil. i 190—242. Lit. xii 30 § 2. The CarthoginianB 
had held only a few faotorios in Spain till the 3. and W. coaBtB of the 
peninaula were reduced by Homiicsj' Barcoa n. □. 230 — 228 and hia lon- 
in-law Hasdrubol 227 — 220, who thus opened out for Carthage a aonrea 
of weaIth,aBGlioolof arma.and a recruiting gromid(Flor. i 22=ii6 § SB). 
Aa a bey of thirteen Hannibal accompanied, hia father Homilcar to Spain 
B.C. 236; in B.C. 220 he succeeded the mnrdored Hasdrubal bb doin. 
mander-in-chiBf there, having before commanded the cavalry; in 218 h» 
croaaed the Pyreneea with a combined army of Spaniards and Africans; 
in 207 hia own brother HaBdrubal, who had brought a Spaniah arm; to. 

X. 151-155 121 

Ub aid, loBt bis lifo ia the battle of Sena. Foljb. ni 39 the Oailba. 
ginian dominion extended in Africa from tbs altars of FhiiBeiias (tbe 
boonilitrf of Kycenej to tba pillars of Hercules ; and in Spain from thence 
to the PyreneeB. On tte rapidity of Hannibol'B msroh {Iraniiiuit) ef. ji. 
40 5 a. 41 g 6. Sil. : 643— fi. On hia imperium Uv. mv 42 g 12 gpe 
animoque complexvm orbii ttrrarum imperium. 152 dppo- 

axsiT NATuiu ALfEMQUB KrTXHguE Kutil. Kamat. It 33— S God set the 
Apennines aa a vangnard of Latiom, a barrier Ecorce accessible by 
mountain-pBtbs : inviditaa timnit natarn panwiaue putavit \ Areteit 
Alpea oppoBQisae nitni't. Cio. pioT. oons. % 34 Alpibns Italiam mnni- 
orat onteu natnra ntni tine aliquo divino nuniine. of. Mamertin. gecethi. 
HoxJui. S &D. Naturally HeHiules nas legaided ua the first to open 
the road Nep, xsm 3 S 1 Bob. DS. it 19 §§ 3—4. Liy. y 31 § 6. App. Syr. 
10. Sil, m 496—517. Amm. it 10 § 9. The litaratnrB en the route of 
Hannibal ia given in Panly i' 796 — 7l Niebubr and Mommsen hold 
that it WBK over the Little St BeroBrd : Mr Bob. Ellis has shewn leasons 
for believiDg that he croBsed by the little mt. Cenis: mncli snow bod 
already fallen Folyb. m 54 % 1. 55 §g 1—6 where ie a lively picture 
of the obstacles overcome. Scipio ib. 61 § 5 could not helicve that Han- 
nibal would haye the hardihood to essay a puBBage, *uem the 
Bing. bIeo in Ot. Ldq. Gland. Milton. xrvEUQUE Sen. 
ep. 51 § 5 indomitum tJZumniTibusarifue AIpibuBvtrum. 153 oi- 
Dnarc scopulos et uonteu nuuprr aceto Plin. sixvi g 2 Hannibal's 
paaaage of the Alps waB regarded by onr anccBtars bb a portent. Polyh. in 
47 g i—id eomplains of the falBebooda corrcnt on the subject; claiming 
aredit for his own account as derived from the evidence of contemporaries 
and from personal suirey of the ground. He says nothing of the Tine- 
gar. Liv. Ill 37 they set fire to a great pile rf wood, and soften the 
rooks when red hot by pouring vinegar upon them ; they then cut a way 
through them. of. Fliu. xxm % 67 of vinegar saxa rumpit in/mum quae 
non ruperit ignii anlecedeni, App. Hann. i, Serf, on Aen. i 13 who 
quotes luv. Amm. iv 10 g II. See Niebuhr'a lectures. 
154 lAM TENET iTiUAM after the hattleofConnaePolyb. nill8g§2— 5. 
Liv. xui 64 g 10. 155 AcTCM Hma. ebi agere 'to effect' 
is often used with multum, plai, plurimum, nonnihil. Klotz l' 266 a. 
Freond. [Lucan u 657 of Caesar nil actum credeni, ijum quid ivperiuet 
ajjmdum. J. E. S, and H. B. B.]. Aen. xi 227—8 nil emnilmi actum 
I Mntoritm impeniii oprrum. Hor. a. j 9 16 nil agis. ii 3 103 nil agit. 
Ov. m. VI 685 vii blanditiia a'gitnr nihiL Liv. xxin' 61 1 6 nihil 
aotnm eete . . . exiilia nannibalis, bI absent guoque novai maliii res ... . 
posset. Fhoedr. ii S S multam agendo nil agens. Plin. ep. I 9 %S s, 
vritticism of Atilius laUitt est aliotitm tsti qitam nihil agero. TFl. t 
299. Stat. Th. xil 442. Inatm. xixvtti 1 g 1 nihil actum morte patris 
exiitimans, si adideseentft paltmajn Tegnum .... oeevpaeienc. See Eubn- 
kea OD Butil. Lup. it 11 and on Ter. ad. v 8 12. helitb S. Aug. 
de gen. od htt. v 26 dieitur miles et muiti intelUgv-nlur. so equee, 
poBTis VI 290—1. YM. m 7 § 10 after the batUe of Cannae, the site 
ot the enemy's oamp, tiim maxime Capenam portam armis Hanni- 
bale pulsante, was sold fur ita full value. Froctitt. strat. in IB. At 
the same time both the Bomana and Carthaginians expected the speedy 
capture of Eome Polyb. iii 118 §g 4— B. Maharbal undertook in Ave 
days to dine on the Capitol Liv. xiii 51 § 3. VM. ts 5 E § 3. Hannibal 
ad poTtaa was long a word of terror in Borne Cio. de fin, iv g 22. of. 
OriM, tr 17. Seu. de ir. ii ii %5 timor, qai Hannibale post Caanas . 




122 X 155-iaO 

moenia ciicamnidBntB Uetorii jjercurrit animal. Plin. xxiit g 32 
three atatnoa in Bome of Hanmbsl, tbo only enemy (1} yiho lamiched a 
Bpear within its waJla. Hieron. ep. 123= 11 Hannibal, de Hispaniss 
Jinil/iu orta ieinpeitat, cum vailoiaet Itailiam, Tidit urbem, nee aiuua 
eat ohiidere .... toto orbe fagitlvua, tandsm Bithyniae' mortem 
Tflneno repperit. 158 pe*nqim7IS ei eono Bamahom 

p. 959 takes frangimxiM BB = 'II)reak;' for en. of a like sudden ohanga 
from pi. to sing, see Kahner gr. Gr. § 430 d. Hildebr. on ApnL i p. 11. 
Ot. tr. i5 67 doctiviala aoattft poetae. id. m, t 49i Bach /"uo mihi 
jjalrio eit ct ab Elide dneimus ortua. Spald. on QnintiL iii S % 21. 
Baita. ib. 1 1 g 41 p. 889. Brontb. ad TiboH. iii 6 SS, Here howevei- the 
standaid might be planted b; the general in person, while the gates would 
be oarried by a body of troops. For HanDibal'H march on Borne, a diiei- 
aion intended to raise the aiegfl of Capnra, b. c. 211 see vn 162 n. Polyb. rs 
i § 7— T § 2. Liv. xiTO 7 — 11 [10 S 3 he advanced Mmaelf to the temple 
of Hercules at the Colline gate and aurveyed the city. cf. I'lin. iv % 761, 
Prud c Sjmm. n 738—40. bobuei t lOG. n 51 a. the 

Cheapaide of Borne, at the haci of the Argiletom between the converging 
pointa of the Quirinal and Beqnlline Burn Bome and the Campogna 79 — 
80, 157 quALia Fiotaa et QUiLi dioha tsbbijIiA there 

weTO Hogoitha in antiquily, as many estant remaiiia prove Champfleiiry 
iasL de la caiicSiture antique. Faris IBGS. Eipponax waa said by his 
lampoons to have driven the sculptors BnpaluB and Athonia to coranjii 
BoicidB. Their offence waa (Plin. uiti % 12) Hipponaeli notabilU foedi- 
tat voltai erat, qvanwbreia imagimm dtu laaeivia lacorun ki propo- 
aaeri rideatiuia circulit (Calderiuns). 158 cu oaetoi^ 

fiVOEU FonTABET BELUA LcacQU 111 103—8 ot the elephant belna . . . 
Tyrio parere taUbant [ fiannibali. In consequence of the battle of the 
Trebia, Deo. 318, Hannibal lost all his remaimng elephants esoept one, 
monnted on which be crossed the Apennines and the flooded lowlauda 
between the Serohio and the Anio in the epring of 21T ; four days and 
three nighta the troops waded through the watera, sleeping on the bag- 
gage and tia the carcases of the horses which fell Hero Hannibal lost ■ 
one eye Polyb- ui 79. liv. xiii 3. SiL rv 749—62. Oroa. iv 15. I 

oAErnLA V 53 the Gaetuli dwelt 9. of MaoFetania and Libya, N. ol tha I 
negro tribes. belca see Fore. lusouu 228. 

Feri. 1 128 luaco qai poaiit dicere, lusce I Bo Philip, Antigonos and 
Bertorins were all one-eyed Plut. Sert. 1 g 2. Tao. h, iv 13 of Inlios 
Civilis Sertoriumie aut Hannibalem fereni airaili orit dehoneatamento, 
Inno in a dream threatened Haunibal with 

I uomm. on Aep. xxiii i i a. inno in a oream inreaienea uaumtiai wiui 

^^_ the loss of the other eye Goelins Antipater in Cic. de div. i g 48. ^^_ 

^^^L 1S9 TiNciiuR B, c. 204 near Croton by the consul P. Sempronins LIt. ^^^t 

^^^H xin 36; and again b. c. 202 near Zama by P. Comelioa Scipio Afrieanna ■ ^^^| 

^H theelderPoljb. XTD— 19. Liv. in 29-35. 160NS"CBllOn. ^H 

^^r IN EXCiiJH FBABCErs FnoiT Cio. p. Sest. § 142. YM. t ^^H 

^^ 3 E S I. Plat. Flamin. 9 g 7. Sen. n. q. iii pr. % 6. Liv. in 37 S 18 .^H 

a rumour that Hannibal fled to Antiochua HI ' the Great ' immediately ^^H 

after Znnia, and that the Carthaginian reply to Bcipin's demand for the ^^H 

surrender waa, Hannibalem in Africa non esie. But iu fact he remained ^^^| 

some years at Carthage, where he intioduoed constitutional and flnancini ^^1 
reforms. His political enemies denounced to the Bomana hia intrignea 
with Antiochua; and the Bomana, in spite of Scipio'a remoDBtraDcas 
(VM. IV 1 g 6 and Liv.) demanded that he should he given up; on which 
I he eaoaped to Tyre, and then to Antiochua (Utc. de or, ii g 7ji, JA-y, T"m.i 

UBKAT Tian^BE TTltANKD like the Gamait clients, riaing liefara dawn tn 
(Unoe attendimce at the lerees of the great i ISS c. et. SH. jan 866. 888 
— 9 Astyrio [amnliiB regi .... Praeiacas delatia irgniteT oral | altera 
seTTitia imbelli patietur in aevo, erdet a Bappliuiit'B 

posttaie Stav. on Nt^p. iv 4 g 4. 8tanl. on Aesch. Snppl 2^2. Hennanu 
gottesd. Alt, § 23 26. cf. ThemiBtoUss on tliu hearth oF ihe Mdoiwisn 
king AdoiBtoB Tbao. 1 136 g 3. rn*£Toiiii 1 7S c 

BxaiE Ladan. dial. moit. 12 §6. PrnsiaB I, king of Bithj^ia B.C. 236 — 
166. brother-in-law and ally of Philip of Macedon. After the defeat of 
Antiochua at Magneeia b. a. I'M he vaa required to Buircnder Eannihal 
(Foljb. lo li g 7. XXII 26 g 111, which he toqM have done, if Eamiibal 
Iiad not escaped to Crete (Nep. smi 9. Inatin. sxai 4 §g 2 — 6) and thence 
to Pnisias (Nep. luBt. U. ce. Strab. xn 563 fin. Zonar. n 2U) ; a legend 
□amed him £rBt to Artasas king of Armenia, for whom (like a mythical 
hnindeT) he designed the new capital Aiiaiata Pint. Lnc. SI §§ 6 — 6. 
Strab. XI 628 fin. Fnuias II the son, n. c. 186—148, employed Hannibal 
BgftiiMt Eoroecea II, and wBBrebakedbjhim for superstitions deference to 
omeoa Ttheii opposed to military experience Cio. dedir. iig 62. VM. iiiTE 
|G(Flat. He exil. p. 606 aaya that it was to Antioobna that the lesnon was 
giran). To Hannibal was BBcribed the fanndation of Pnisa in BitbToia 

Plin. T § 14.8. 163 ANIMAB, QUAE BKB KOMiSAB MISOBil 

obui so miietre rempziblieam, eimtattm, omnia, plwa. See Fotc. Gesner. 
A dream of Eaimibal's scouted by Polyb, m 4S § T, is related by Silenns 
mi Coeling Antipater in Cio. de div. i § 49. Liv, ra 22 §S G— 9. VM. 1 7 
H g 1. Sil. lit 170—213. Zon. vui 22. Mercury, or some god or hero, 
led bim forth to war, forbidding to look back. Cariosity making him 
tarn, his head, he eaw a gigantic monater, twined with enakes, oraaiiins 
trees md bnildinga in its course, amid a deBtmctiTe storm ; this waa the 
'devastation of Italy ;' he was to march right onward, taking no thought 
for what he left behind bim. cL Hannibal to AnUochas in Lit. uxt 19 
ii whsresTer I shall learn that there is strength and arms, thither I will 
go, tolo orbe terrarum qjiaerciia aliqiios Somania hostei. Hannibal 
jB oommonly compared to Bome mighty force of natore, a conSagration 
orbntrieane Hor. c. tv 4 42—4. Many eii. of ™« hamanae in Mfihlmaua 
humania 1318 fia.spl. humana ibid. 1319. The 'world' then kaowa 
VHB indeed troubled by Hannibal ; first the West and then the Etlst were 
bniled by bim against Bome ; and he Hvod to see both Babjugated. 
164 S0N...HOH...BE0 Hand Tursell. iv 123. unem DAHnKr 

Ean. in Snip. ap. Mocr. ti 2 g 26 and Lucr. ii 119 paneam dare Miihl- 
minn Mil col. BSl cites Att. 203 fiuem dare miieriit and other exi. 
from Verg. and Claud, and (s. v. do col. fil3) exitum dare from Vopise. 
Hannibal's death was dated c. c. 183 by Yalenos Antias (Lit. xxxix 56 % T) 
mi Attions (Nep. iiui 13 g 1) ; by Polybins b. o. 182, and by Snlpidus 
Blitbo B. o. 181 (ib.). In the same year died Fhilopoemen (also by poi- 
d F, Scipio (Fischer riim. Zeittafehi b. a. 183). 


eoa) and 

B. c. 216 after the battle of Cannae {Canne, Polyfa. ni 
107—118) Hannibal sent home three moiKi (VM. vii 2 E g Ifl. Plm. xxxiii 
I 20. Ang. oiv. D. m 19. Oros. iv 16. Eatc. tit 11. Lit. ixm 12 g 1 
mentioni this Tsport, but prefers another, reducing the amoimt to ona 
nodftif) or two iwdii (Flor. ii S S 16] of golilen rings of equilti slGun ii 

laimibal took ^^H 

124. X 164r-168 

thie gre&t disaster (FIdt. ib, § 15 paene ultimum rutmu imperii). 
'' ' 1. mart. 12 g 2 does not Bpoolf j any mimber. 

i wben Frasias conaeuted to deliver hm up, Eaimibal 

poison, vMcb lie bad npon liim for the pnrpoBe Liv. jtttt 51 g 8 (a 'regit 
■ moi' id. xu 15 g *). Varro in his latnra on Boioide ap. Non. B15 21 
qiiaerit ibidetn ab Harmibah, cut biierit medicamentviit: 'quia Bomaiiis,' 
iTiqltit, 'me Pradadea tiadere TolebaL' Nep. xxiii 12 g 5, 71)1.112^1 
gS. BO. iiii 885— 833. App. Syr. 11. Solin. 4ag3, Inetin. ism i f 8. 
Pint. Flttmia, 20. DChrye. Q4 11 213 30 D. AnBon, idyl, 12 hist. 16. 
Zonae, n 21, Eutc, it 2 = 5. Sidon. c. □ 300—4. Oroa. iv 20 p. 270. 
The ring occurs oiilj in AV. vir. JJl. 42 § e. nl Plin, sram § 26 Boma, 
like DemostbeneB, bide poitont under jeieeli, analosgue mortii 
gratia lidbent. So Vibnleuaa Agrippa a. o, 33 Bwallo\>ed in tlie senata 
poison which he wore in a ring BCaes. 1.TI11 21 g 4 Fabric. Kirchmann de 
ai«iliBp.25S. I DEUENS SU. ii96i demena, i goo 

tendis. 1 Bt coans a fommla of deriBion or remonsttanoa, 

ased with or withont et and nunc 310 d. ti 306. \n 67. Jabu on Fera. 
IV 19. Mublmann eo col. 767. Bobmid on Eor, ep. i 6 17. WetEt, on 
James i 18. Savar. on Sidon. ep. 1 3 init. M. Aurel. iz g 29 Sraye rir 
KoX 'A\iiafSp'Sr.,,iiai X^e. Inv. 11 131 vade ergo at cede. Ayian. (ab. 
40 9. 166 OT rDEBis rtJOEia %t jmaAOitto fus i 16 n. 

Tn 160 — 3 n. itiveni, cuiiis mihi irxta \ quaque die miierunt dtrui caput 
A.nnibal implet; { quidquid id <b{, de qao dsliberat, an pelat urbnn | 
aCanniB. Sabolastio tbeses from the plans and hiatoi; of Hannibal in 
CicdsinY. Igl7. iigl71. fin. t g 70. ad Heren. in g 2. QnlntiL 
m 8 § 17. EmpoT. in Halm rbet. Lat. 571 27—31. Pora. i 29-^0 tm 
cirratoraja centum dtctata f niaae j pro nihih pendaa J Eor. epod. 11 
8 fabnla quanta tai, wbere aea Lambin. p. 373 — 4, TibulL - • "" - 

tvrpii fabula flam. Or. 1 
Mitford cites Stat. Ach. n 273. 
ut de ts paeri eiudenies dicant. 
d4liberatii)a, Hamiibal atrum de Alpibtii 

1 21. ObbBc 

ni ECEBia PtAOEAB ScboL 
EECnaaiio SchoL 

IT OBBIB iiT 311—4 anthol. a 
15 B. 702 M. epitaph of Alexander auffioit hnic tumnluB [lay. 
172], GUI non auffecerat orbia ; | ret hrevU ampU fuit, cut Jirit 
amplairevU. Anth. 934 31—4 B. Flat. Alex. 6 § 2 Philip to Alexander, 
after he had broken BukepholDa, ' aon, seek a kingdom eqnal to thee, for 
Macedonia has cut room for thee tioKciovin yip <re av x'^P'^-' (^ ^^ 
bonndlesa ambition of Alexander aee Arr. tu 1 g 4. VM. vin U E g 2 
Alexander'a lament, when taught that there were many worlda keti nx 
muerum, quod ne nno quideia adhue mm potiluni loan. Sariab. polycr, 
yiit 5. Sen. ep. 119 gg 7 — 8 poit Daraan et Indoi pauper est Alexander. 
. i . > Mundi clauitra perrumpit .... inventus eat, qui eoTicupiaceret aliqvid 

pMl onuiia ille modo ignobilis anguli [there ia a Uke aaroanu in. 

fellaeo] m>n line coTitroveriia dominm tacto fine terraram pec 
anum raditnrua oihem triatia eat. id. de ben. vii 2 § 5—3 g 1. 
of. EaaBe'a ind. Curt, is 4 = 16 gl8 MiitzeU. For text and apeoitnensof 
ihetorieal eserciseB on this theme cf. QnintiL 111 8 g 16. M. Sen, contr. 
22 I 19. snaa. 1 | 2 POMFaitra siiji idem aunt termini et regni tul et 
mandi... oacosffmjnMof Alexandrnin onm orba et eumsole deiinert. 
.... a a ALiiocios BiLDB Alexander otbi 
orbiB anRnatna est .... g 6 cebtidb orb 

Utfm. of. Hamlet T123S—J99. When ahartJy bofote Mb deatli (Air. Tib- 

8-170 125 

I U§ S) embsssies urriTed Iram Spain, Oanl, Italy (perhaps Bome itealf), 
[ BcTthia, AetMopia, he seemed to himBelE and others lord of earth and sea. 
^e formed a port at Babylon and deaigued expeditions on the Caspmii 
and the Persian gait (ib. IQ) esp. agaicat the Arabs (13 — SO). He de- 
signed to make ol the Eapluates, what he had made of the Nile, and what 
Boma Enphrates valley railway may yet make of it, a bigh road toT the 
oommerco of Bast and West ; Babylon was to be the capital of Mh nniiec- 
aal empire Hitter Ecdkuude i 24 — B4. 37 — 43. His admirals' dis- 
ooferies remained the ohief aauioe of geographical knoirledge far thosa 
parts till very recent times (Bitter). peixieo invEni Claud, 

epiat. I IB Pellaeum inrenem regum flexere ruinae. Sjmm. Uud. iu 
Qwtian, gG Pellaoum *i«m, Stat. s. iv 6 69— GO P. refliialor, A oom- 
num epithet of Aleiauder, also o£ Philip, who were both natives of PeUa 
(Stub, nn 762. Mel. ii 3 § 1 with Tzschucke) and also == Alexandrian, 
BBS en. iu lexi. Fella in Bottlaea, on an eminence by a lake formed by 
the liTer Lydias, 120 stadia from its mouth (Strab, tti tr. 20 p. 330), is 
mentioned Herod, tu 124 and called by Senopbon Helten, v 2 g 13 the 
largest oitj- ol Macedonia. From the time of Phibp it waa the royal reai. 
denoe and ao continnedtill the fall of the monarchy. See the description 
inLiv. xiJT 4S. The comparison of Alexander and Hannibal in a com- Liv. izxt 14 g§ G — 11. App. Syr. 10, Luclan dial, mart. 12. 
TCT. hist. II 9. Pint. Flamin. 21 S 3. icveni Alcsander's 

ssrly death (in his S3rdyeai B.C. 323) is a eoDBtant theme ol rhetoric Oic. 
Phii. T 8 4B. Tac. an. n 73. hon sniriar oiiejb 32. vi 53 

itBllB HibtriTiae vir saflicit? Lnc. v 356 — 6 iperaaiei omnia dextrai \ 
exarmare datur, quibaa Mc non snfficit orbis. ib.x4G5 — 6 of Caesar 
hie, cut Somani tpalium non snffiait orbia, | parvaque regna putat 
Tyriia cum Gadibus Indoa [of. luT. x 1 n.]. Veil. □ 46 g 1 of 
Gaeaar alterum paene imperio noatro ac suo quaerena orbem. 
369 AESTDA^r iNFEux Ufonsio LiuTCB uONDi met. from the aea sarong 
n channel Lac vi 63 aeetuat angnatarubio cii'ilU liarenii. 

HiUord cites the 
ohoB ciun orbom t 
talit ac vitae luae 
toiius mnndi te: 

iDd Lyaii 

of Oros. II 23 p. 209 of Seleueus ui 
toll possidirent, ct aiigustisi 
' non edspicimtea angnstos esie imperio eu: 
arbitrabantur. 170 dt oyah 

ou Oyanu and the banishment ti 
bus Gyaria, ti 66.1—4 o£ aatrolo- 
(i vix in Cyclada mitli { contigii et pal 
Ov. m. V 242 parTae . . , Seriphi. ib. 261 
), one of the Ejkladea, between Kythno 
Pliu. IV g 6S. its inaignificancB appeara from 
the retort oi Th'emistokleB fo the Seripliion (Plat. rep. i 329". Cic. Cat. 
Stai I B. Plut. Them. IB g 5, apophlb. 1S6°. ef. the Seripbdan'a 
rejoinder to the Athenian, who derided hia birthplaee, Stob. fl. 39 29 'my 
Ooontiy is a diagraco to me, yon to your country '); its incommodity ae a 
residence from Plut. de exil. 7 p. 602". Cic. d. n. i g 8S. schol. Aiistoph. 
Aoh. 641—2. Aristid, t 637. 811 Bind. Hither (Tac. an. ii 85) Vistilia, 
a highborn matron, waa banished for shameless prostitution J. d. 19; 
llitbei also a.c. 34 Cassius Seyenia the orator, wlio hod already been 
laQished to Crete for the caustic criticisms on the great, which he had 
continued to publish in eiile ib. iv 21 ioniaque exatui, interdicio igni 
atpu aqua, saxo Seripho conscnait. scofcua Ben. epigr. 9 13-— 4 

to hia aetiie eity Cordaba ilU Cuiu qwmdam magnai, inn gloria, eivis I 
infigar aoopulo. of. 6 11 qui iaeto saii" +-""'!■ -^,o^ = 

B adhaerena. 

t26 X 171-173 


^^H 171 — 2 Sliakap. Hen. w pt. I v 1 SB~93 ill'ineaved ambition, hoa mucfi 
^^H art thoa ihraiik .' | when that thit lody did contain atpirit, \ a hicgdom 

^^H earth { is laom eDOQgh. cf. FopB o death, all eloquent, you only 

^^^P prove \ what dust vie dote on, when 'tin taau. we love. 

^^H 171 cuu TAusN i. TieDLis unNiTAu iNTHAVEBiT CUBES Aleiandsc en- 

^^^H tered Babylon s. c. S23, ia spita of the waruinga of soottasajerB (kit. Tin 

^H IG § 5—0. 18. 23 8 1. 31—28. Plat. 73— S. DB. STlii 112. 116 g 4) and 

^^^^ there died in the Bants year, 11 Jnne {Thirlvall c. 55. Droy een). M. Sen. 

^^^B Buas. 4 deliberat Alexander Magnne an Babyloniam iutiet, cum 

^^^V denuniiatam esitt illi regpansa aaguTii perietilam, Ben. de oonet. aap. 6 

^^f % S nan Babylouios ilft muroe contnleHi, qUos Alexander intravit. 

^^ Ou the wallB of Babylon see Bitter xl 865—92*. Layard'a Njneyeh ii« 

375—8. Hdt. I 178—183 with the commentatorB ; a trench was dug, tha 

clayfrom the trench formed into hricka and baked in MlnB; then the face 

of the ditch and the wall were bnilt of the bricks, cemented with hitninen 

and reads. Aristoph. av. 563 with Bchol. 7r*f«Tf (X'S*"" l'-eyA\<M v\lv8ots 

dirTai! Sairep Ba^uXiica. Ot. m. IV 67—8 dicitur altam \ coctilibiu 

muni cinxUse SemiramU urbem, where see the notes in Boim. Prop. 

tT=iii 11 21 — 3. Luc. Ti 4y— 50 tragili cinnaniiata testa | meenia 

' mirentnt re/vgi Babylonia PuTthi. Mart, a 75 2—3. Btrab. xvi 743. 

■ D3. n 7 M- . Cnrt. v I = 4 § 25. VitcUT. viit 3 18. lustm. i 2 § 7. 
Philo Byz. 5 %1. All these authorities notice that these walls, which have 
served many eentuiiea and many towm as gnariiea, were biult of briok. 
See Or, Bawlinson in Bible diet. i. nouLia unsiTAu qrbeu 

this indirect deeignation of a person or thing or place ifl charaoteria- 
tio of luv. 10. 28—83. fiO. 108—9. 179. 226. 257. 272. 276—81. 331. 343, 
3 10, 33. 33—6. 130. ii 28. iii 79—80. 116. v 45. 46. ti 7—8. 337—41. 
615—7. 621—3. 661. vii 25. 64. 68. 305—6. viii 337. 246. 253. 262. 26B, 
II 61-2. Ill 3. 4. 47. 70—3. iin 43. 79. 80. 185—7. 199. sir 35, 48. 
81—2. 287, 313. xvi 8. 172 siBcorHAoo ooaraNTCB kbit 

1117. anth. lat. 437 4 S. Mart, re 43 7—8. Ot, m. m 615—6 iam einU 
cit, tt di lata magna reatat Achille | neicio quid, parTam quod non bene 
compleat urnam. Plin. h. n. ii g 17S. Stat. a. ii 7 93—5 tie nrUma 
Nasanionii Toiiantis [of Hammon] | post ortuB obitasqne fnlmina- 
toB I angnato Babylon premit sepulcro. Menand. fr, ino. 176. 
Antomn. yi 24 Alexander andhla muleteer come to the aame stato ottei 
death, sarcopftajus ' oarnJTOroua ' ' flash- eating,' is an epithet of iapfe, 
lapii Aisiu), a, atone choseti for cofGns as haatening decay; toraba each. 
of one aolid block ut granite may still be seen at Aaaoa (Conybeara and 
HowBoa St Paul ii' 216]; as aubst. 'a stone oofiin' Foteell. Dlrkstn 
manaale. Pauly. SalmaB. eserc, Plin. 847, Boieaaid in Grater's thes, ed. 
Graer. Hoiico gemi. Sarg (Diez) and Fr, eereeuil (LittrS praf. to Brachet 


e hist. Ill, IT. cf. Salmas,). S. Aug. civ. D. irui 6 area in oua 
-"■■- - ■■■ .--.. .. ■ Mtur 

mortuiu panitur, quod omao iam aaroDphagum vacant,; aopit dietR 
graece. riiKTOB n 17 qid mdt\i vwrbam fncMiujuf J 

fatatur, ' betrays.' 173 (jnimnu. bikt hokisdji ooBpnaooiif \ 

Gran, on Sen. q. n. ti 2 § 2. Lad. Scbwabe de dominutiTie, Oisaaa ^80%, j 
19 lumadlia. Plant, rnd. 156 }mi, homuncuH qnanti eatisl i,e. n i 
liaw little worth, of. capt. 5L Schwabe 23 idlai (L e. loiuliu), tantulMt 
tantiUiu, qvantilbu, iingiili,iinga!at,B:n3 (mediacTol) jnotuJiu, qutteniut, 
luv. has 1 11 pellicula. 40 uneiola. 160 etc. labtllnm. ni 28 bae\ll\u\ 
95 palilobm. 97 ventricu2u>. 103 igniealm. 149 lordidaliu. 161 ete, 
lareinala. 204 eto. jutrf ului. 219 forvltu. 396 Aorfuliu. 353 ete, Mf 

X 173-184 137 

vului. W2foculttt. rt iS fraUrcutiu ffigantU. v 75 inprohulas. 105 oto. 
vernula. 13!) kamuneio. vi S etn, oceltui. 3Q munuiculuin. 57 eto, 
ageiltii. 10a Sergiolui. 151 eto. guantulum. IdB eto. Graecutui. 241 
eia.Jiliola. V£tidiii. Z3i eta. aitlliu, 390 eta. JUiolai. iOl ela. viamilla. 
426 rubicvndul^. 469 aiclla. 479 eto. fiagelluM. SSI cnfeJiut. vn 
46 tigillam. 110 peCaauncuIiu. 14S Rutricula. 174 tummula. Till 5 
Qi(ricu2a. 1\0 aedicula, n6 cnululum. 127 floBoulaa augastae ni- 
Bsraequa breiisBimii Titae. 141 etc. uoscutuin. x 64 mattlla. 81 
/m-noetiJa. paUiiuIiu. 121 puriI2u5. 834 ^mtaeolvn. 354 etc. «i««I- 
lum. SS5 condtduiuf. si 66 Aiuduliu. 79 hohuculam. 110 fintiiuiut. 
133 tatella. 133 eto. iMiiieUiu. 135 mncif&duf. 143 tiniaeulia. 144 
o/eite. 153 eta. comtia. 167 eto. teiticulvr. 203 ontionla. m 60 eto, 
reticalum. 100 etc. libefiiu. xui 40 sir^uncuk. 153 (ralffoJa. 163 
qumOitluicvrnque, 213 mi>«I2us. iit 9 Ju^dtn. ISB laccuZiu. 166 gle- 
biUa. 1U6 e<i«fe22um. iv 79 particula. See Bob;'a grammai i 31Q— 330. 
The other diminntives ia Inv. are either proper naraea or auoh as have no 
primitiva in Tise, or tave a special Benee wholly different from that of 
their primitives, e.g. avuvettlia, loculit baccula, ^ergula, tportaUn 
eaCTtbaii; patella, paella, tabella, umbella: ancilla, icinlilUi. 
173—64- The engineers of Xerxea, [Lj^O epitaph. §§ 27 — 9, Betting at 
naught nature, and the laws of hearen and the opinions of men, ma^ng 
a Toad through the sea, a sea yoyago Uirough the land, nere a etcck 
argument in the rhetorical schools from their infancy iBobr, paneg. % 89 
S vdn-ei 0pv\oBirw. Arr. Epikt. ui 23 % 38. Eren Cicero did not disdain 
the well-worn antitheaes fin. ii g 113 Xerxei, ram .... HeUesponto 
M. Sen. aaes. 2 (the three hundred at Thermopylae, deliberatiiig whether 
they ohoold hold their gcoimd). % 3 tmabids led tnontes perforat, 
maiia contegit. g IS beneca qui elateibus »ui> im-ria tubriiiait, qui 
ierriu eircumscripsil, dilatavit profandvm, novam Temm lutturae faeiem 
impcrat. ib. benianus tenam armia obsidtl, taelum lagittit, maria vin- 
culia ; Laconei, niai succurritis, mundui eaptui tat. ot. suaa. 5 § 7 BtisDUB. 
A long passage in the FauatheuaikoH (or. 13) of Aristid. pp. 207 — IS 
Dind. containa all the pointe insisted on by lav. Fbila de aomn. n IT 
a3 important passage ; ^froTrai^iavv ' to change the elements ' is applied 
to Xentes also in rhot. gr. i 628 2W. cf. ib. 340 B— 28 the impioty ot 
Xeraea, pretending to create a new world; his defeat and flight- 604 28. 
los. b. lud. II 18 g 4 [V 182 26 B) 'that Tainglorious Xerxes, who tailed 
acToii land and marched over (fee main, whom aeas could not oontain, 
who led an army broader than Europe, was chaacd by the Atheniana a 
fugitive in one single veiael.^ Pannenio in anth. ii 304 to* 7«It)i 
ical xiyTou d/itl-pdiiaaiai Kc\t\J9ois\ roifriji' ijirtipou, irffoiropoF 
irtX{i7ou!. Ael. y.h. ii 14 Pariz. DChrjs. S i 44 9— 19D. Lucian dial, 
loort. 20 g 2. Fhilostr. aoph- ii 6 a cammonplaoo of Varos, addressed to 
Xerses in a load vuice : ' yon como to the HeUespont and call fur a horse ; 
to AthoB, and would tiike ship. Don't yon linow the roods, man? do yoa 
expect a little earth to last, cast on the Hellespont, nhen the moontauui 
do not last?' Themiat. or. 7 p- 96^ "Xeiies transformed tineiiipiau land 
and sea-' lulian. or. 1 p. 28° ignominions end ot the march and voyage 
ot SerKBS, who dared to do violence to natore Zoaim. t 3 § .^. Verg. auj. 
SI— 3. Lud. It G73— 7. anth. Lat. B 239. 442. 461. Manil, ni 18—20. t 
49. Fkir. 1 24=11 8 | 2. AmpoL 13 § 4 contabnlato Hellosponto et 
forato Atbo monte. Instin. u 10 %% 23^. 11 g 1. Amob. i 5 ut Hie 
fmmaniiXeiie s mare terris immitteret etgreaaibu^maria tiftuCi 


128 S 173, 174 

Iret, nostri nominii tffeclum nl eawat Sidon, d. is 37 — IS, vhose next 
eisanple IB Ahxander. ib. n G07 — 11. cf. iba opitEieta applied taXenes: 
Oorgias in [Longin.] S g 2 J tSv IltpaiSr Ziit. AlMdamu id Aiiatot. rhet, 
III 3 rf\apo!. Themiat, 11 p. 143> and 13 p. 166" d\at6r. Fompeina niok- 
named Lacullna ' Xerxes togatus ' Veil, u 33 g 4 06 iaieeta* nulet taari et 
receptum snffoeaia montibm in terrai mare. Plin. n g 170. cf, Vmt. r.». m 
17, Plut. Lnc. 39 § 3 asoribes the jeat to the Stoio Tubeto. Sail. C. 13 g 2 
aUndes to the same eajiug guid ea vtemorem, qiuK niii Hi, qvi videfe, 
nemini cTedibilia sunt, aprivalii eompiuribui BabvorsoB nLontis, maria 
constructa [v.l. oonstrata] eiiet DCass, li£ 17 and IS a.d. 39 Qaioa 
(Calignlit) made a bridge, mth taveiiia and an aqueduct, between Pnteoli 
and Sauli, a distance of 3m. p, 600 ft., 'TOahing to ride6oroaaBea'(I7gl); 
tiie number of ve^selH taken from the com trade tor tlie purpose waa eo 
Imge as to causa a famine in Italy; the emperor harangued the soldiera 
(g 7) on their great teat, < the}' had. marched on foot across the sea.' g 9 
'ha made sea into hmd.' §11 'he said that Neptune himself wag afraid 
of him, and Bcofied at Darius and Xerxea, as having bridged over a breadth 
ot sea man; times greater than they had.' ib. 26 g 6 Cahgula called 
Neptune, ci. Suet. Cal. 32. ib. 19 most thought that the bridge waa built 
to ria with Xetses, who had won admiration by flooring the narrower 
Hellespont; but Suetonioa' ernndtather heard bora courtiers the teal 
mutive: Thraayllua the astrologer biid declared to Tiberius that Gains 
TfOtild no more reign than he would tide on horseback over the bay of 
Baiae. Sen. brev. Tit. IS g 5. Bo Nero, who designed a ship canal across 
the Corinthian Isthmus, had the examples ot Dariua and Xerxes before 
hia mind [Luoian] Nero 2. 173 cbedhcb 01.1a it bai 

long been believed it 96 n. 174 tblifiC4ids tiaoa Hdt, 

Yii 21 § 3 preparations for the oanal bad been made for three yeara (be- 
cause of the ^pwreck of 300 Persian yessela there in the autumn of b.o. 
493 Hdt..Ti44). vu 22—24. 73 gl. 116-7. 132 § 1. Thao. it 109. Never 
was acopticism, auoient and modem (Belloii, Belon, Cousinly, Wiehmd 
Lninan 11 265 dial. mort. 20) more gratuitous than that which queatioiui I 
the existence of this canal. Ael. n. a. iiu 20 and [Skymnus] 647—9 speaka 
of it as shewn in their days. Many other writers were content to belierfril 
Hdt. CatuU. 66 45 — 6 cunt Medi peperere nevam mare cumqui iuaen^M 
lot I permediamolaasibarfiumna-vit Athon. PI. IT g 37. MeL 11 9 J 
g 5'i. Claud. Buf. 1 335—6 rcmige Slcdo \ lollicilatue Athot, where he 
imitates the rhythm of Inv. Amm. xui 8 g 2. Martian. Gapell. VI % 656, 
Demetrioa of Skepsia in Strab. TH fr. 35 held that the canal could never 
have been completed, so as to be navigable its whole length, owlnf; to the 
difficulties ot a part of the ground. But travellers, as Choiseul.GoufBor, 
Walpcle, Leake, have found remains of it, and lieut. Wolfe, who Eur- 
voyed it, says (penny cyclop. Atboa. class, mna. 1 84): 'The canal of 
Xetxes is still most distinctly to be traced across the iathmua, from the 
gulf ot Monte Santo to the bay of Erso in the gulf of Contessa, with the 
exception of about 200 yds. in the middle, where the ground bears no *| 
appearance of ever having been tonched . ... It is probable that tha^ ■ 
central part was otterwarda filled up, ia order la allow a more ready ■ 
passage into and out of the penineula .... The distance across ia 85W ^ 
yds., which agrees very well with the breadth of 12 atadia assigned bf • 
Hdt. The width of the canal appeaia to have been aboat IS or 20ft.; 
the level of the earth nowhere eicecda 15 ft. above the sea; the soil ia a 
light clay,' cf. Qrote, ed. 1862, 111 378—9 and Leake northern Qreece lU 
).45 thete cited. In modern times Athoa or Holy Monnt iyiov 6pat, 14 

X 174, 175 


remnxkiible cLiaflj lor having preserved the MSS. of Babiios and Hip- 
poljtoB. St ouimiDiD 'oMd whatever else' 178 n. 313, 


Oraecia vera, it 13—36. 117. ef. vi 16—7. and sat. in. Cio. de kgg. i § 5 
'in Herodotui, the father of hietoi;, and in TheopompaB, are umu- 
jnerobls fablee.' Liv. n 18 § 6. VM, iv 7 § 3 genlis adfingmdam paratae 
monstro similia mendacia. Str&h. i p. 43. si p. G07— 8 muks Hiit, 
Vfith Kteeia^ and Hellaiiikoa, as fabuloua hiHtorians, aud aajs he would 
rather trust Homer, Hesiod aiid the tragedians, ct. Oroseknrd'a ind. US. 

1 37 §g 3—4 the early logosraphera. Hdt. eto. 09 g 7 and iii 11 § 1 Hdt. 
and other nriiera of Egyptiau history, i 21 g 1 the marvellous with Hdt, 
bears the hell from the true. loe. u, Ap, i 3 HeUauihOH difFeis frora Ahnsi- 
laos; Ephoioa proves that Hellauikafi lies in nioal points, Timaeos proves 
the same of Ejihoroa, hia succeaaora of Ephoros, idl of Hdt. ib. 14 Hdt. 
blamed by Manetho as having told many falsehoods on Egyptian history 
from ignorance. Gell, iii 10 § 11 Herodotus, humo fabulator. of, ih. 
Ym i. Lnclan philopa, 2- — 4 Hdt. andEtesias; poets and states; if legends 
were exploded, what would beuome of the verger aud tbo ciceroner ver. 
Iiiat. n 31 Hdt, and Etesiae, with other liars, suffer the severest pnnieb- 
ments in helL ol. quom. hist, conscr, 42, DChrya. 18 i 382 28 P. the 
-norli of Hdt. more legendary than MatoricaL id. 11 i 178 ID the Greeks 
readily believe ivhatmer eutertaius them, [anon.] ib. □ 298 8 Hdt, The 
history of Aleiandec was known to be tainted with fable Curt, is 5 = 31 
g 15 CUtarehos [of. Qointil. x 1 g 75] and Timagenes id. vm 10=36 § 13 
inde Giseci mentiendi traxerelicentiam. Lucianquom. hist, conacr. 
12 AristobiUos. Strab, x p, TO writers of Indian history, Deiinaehos and 
Megasthenes. ii p. 608 historians of Alexander, ib. p. 50S, xv pp. 685. 
688. flsa, 702. iva p. 813. Sen. n. q. it 3 § 1 hiatoriaas generaUy, vu IS 
§S I. 2 ma Jaagnamolitione detrahenda eit auctorilas EpJioro : his tori on s 
eat .... Iiaec in eommuiu de tola nations [the whole profession], quae 
a^robari opus <uum eijieTipopiiiart non patet poiae, nlai illuijmendacio 
adaperserit. Flin. m %% 42, 162. iv g 1 and xu II Graeciae fabalo- 
sitaa. vg 4 portentosa Giaeoiae mendacia. g 3). vui § 82 minim 
til rpto proeedat graeca creduiitat.' nallniu taminpudensmendaoium 
est at teste careat. ixix § 112. Qnintil. ii 4 g 19 giaecis biatoriia 
plerumque poetioae similis licentia est. Censorin. 17 g 3 paetae 
qaidem vrnlta incTfdiUlia leripierant, nee taiaoa historiei graeoi; 
he upecifles Hdt, and Ephoras. Macr. I 31 g 4 Graeci sua omnia in in- 
men^m tollunt. Mamertin. grat. act. in luliau. 8, 8ymm. in Yalentin. sen. 
Ang. u 17 p. 25 Nieb, Fulgent, myth, u 8 Graeoia stapenda men- 
daoio. A treatise 'on the malignity of Hdt,' is printed with Flutatch. 
Aeliua Harpokration wrote a tieatiae on the fals^ooda of Hdt. Midler 
fragm. biEt, gr, iv 413, See Chassang hist, da romari dana I'antiqnitd, 
Paris 1862. 10, 21-38. 71—117. 129—143. 163— 178 etc Thne. i 31— S. 
H. Ulrioi Charakteristik d. ant, Hiatoriographie, Berl. 1833, 34—36 Hdt. 
61 — 2 TbHDpompos and Ephoroa. GO, On the legendary element in Bomon 
histoiy cf. U. C. Lewis credibility etc and Sehwegler. Vopiso. Anrelian 

2 ohargea Liv, Sail. Too. aud Trogna with falsehood. In the fragments 
of the gr. hiskirianB collected by MLiiler, and those of the lat, by Feter, 
everyUiiiig known of the authors is oollected, 175 cossibi- 

TM CLlSSCBUa ISDEM MABB Hdt. Til 33—6. VIII 107 § 3. 108 g 3. 109 g 1. 

110 I 3, 111 g 1. Grote ni 370—7. MoniL i 773 Pertidos et victor, qui 
stiaiatolasGibnsaeauor.LiT. ixzv 49 g 5 of Autioehiu B. c. 192 oon- 
Bteniit miriaclassibuE ntis, in a different sense, ol Ecn. an. 371 Y. 


X 176-183 

itqac Helleiponloponlem eontendit in alto. Stanley on Asach. Peru. TI. Lncn.l 
m 1028—83. Prop, ii 123. Plin. jy § 7S. Solin. 13 52. Pint. fori. Alei. iTl 
p. 329*. Sidon. c t 45&~6I. Martian. Cap. n % 661. Xerxes also mnde * 
praparationa for a oausoway from the mainland to Salamis HdC. rut 9T 
I 2, Klea. Pars. 26. Btrab. ii p. 395. Plut. Tliemiet. Ifi g I. Aristodem. 
1 § 2 in MlUlec fr. hist. gr. t 1. 177 ^EtsmBsa auneb 

Hdt. i£ 21 g 1 ' what watec did not fail as a uappl; f oi his army, except 
tiia great rivers ?' 43 g 1 the Skamandroa waa the fiist to fail. 53 g 3 tlie 
Melas. 109 g 2 the Ltssos. 196 § 3 the Onochonos in Thessaly 
aod. all the dvers of Acliaia eicept the EpidODDa, which barely 
enffieed. of. 187 § 3. DS, sxivii 1 § B. el. Taeso Jii IS). auneb 

EPOTAquE FLuuiNA 9q. p. 67. I'rebell. Cland. 6 g epotata Ilnmfaa. 
Instic. 11 10 g 19 { lumina ab exei-cita eivs Biccata, 
177-7-8 "EDO PRASDENTE See the tale of the royal hospitality of the Lydian 
I^thioa to X and Ua troops Hdt. vii 27— 9. Like the visit of a mediaeval 
Mahop 01 arohdeasou to a monastery, he bronght rain on those whom he ho- 
nonred with hia company; bo that the Abderitea returned public tbankit 
to heaven, becaoae it waa not the king's (aahion to take more than one 
meal in the day ib. 118—130. 178 Bt quab 174. 'and 

what else.' Hoinr. on n 156 compares xii 103. Cie. ad Att. n 19 g 3 thea- 
iro et ipectaculii, S ZiG Kot Btol. 'pablicans and Binners.' SoMfer jad. 
Soa. ellipa. g. v. liXXoi and appar. Dem. iv 232. Add Hor. s. 11 7 36 Heind. 
Often the general term cornea first and ia joined by ' and ' to the parti- 
aular aa tpdieaai. koI 'Ektoix Mark 1 5 Fiitr.sche and Gxinfield. luatin, 
xxiz 3 g 7. UASiniB cani/.t quae sosTBiTUB ALiB a poet who de- 

Ecribed the Persian war; madidii, becanae the arm-pita {alU aa xi 1ST. 
siv 195) when one recites (iii 9n.) with frantic vehemenee, are bathed in 
sweat. So the schol. (citing Hor. s. i 9 10 — 11 cum sador ad imoi via- 
naret taios) followed by Biganlt, Stanley, Gesner, Heinrich. The aes- 
thetic objection, taken by Weber and translators generally, to this inter- 
pretation, oonfounds the ancient and modern atandarda ol taste, ct. Hor. 
epod. 13 S on gmuii hirnUU cvhet hircna in alia. Fetron. 128 nwiquid 
te oteulma meum offendilt .... nanquid alarnm neglegens BudorF 
Ariatoph. Ach. 652 — 9 S^aiv Kaxiy tup fia^xo^i^vj rarpij Tpcnaraiaii. 
~ alia meant 'dank and drooping winga,' the verb wonld have 

been t;esiat, premi 
not the sense, cf. Or. 
Xerxes 171 n. 
sponsible for thia. 
'0 Xerxea. barbaria 
ir the Helleapont 

B equivalent, not cantat, for the worda, 

L, I 264 madidis Notai evolat alia. 179 tllb 

180 coHuu XIV 268 n. Hdt, is not ra- 

181 DAEBABDB Plat, de fort. Alex. 1 7 

and besotted, whoso much ado about the bridge 

,__..__. all in vain; thna wise kings link Asia to Europe, 

not by timbers, nor by ralta, nor by lifeless and unfeeling bonds, but by 
legjtiniBte love and chaate marriage ' etc. Max. Tyr. 20 g 3 ' Maidoniua 
flatters Xerxes, a barbarian a baTbarian, a madman a madman, a eraven 
slave a luiurioua master. See t}u end afthixjlattery: Asia ia overthrown. 
the tea tcaurged, the Hellespont yoked, Atlw dug throught and the end 
of oU the zeal is defeat andfiight and the death of the flatterer himsell.' 
Alexander is next named. aelio in oabcbbii I Bn. v 

100 — 1 Aialer. \ dutn . . . sieeat madidas in oarcere jrinna*. Aen. i 
52 — 63 vatio rex Aeolns atifro | luclanles ventoe tmip'itatetqiu lonoro" | 
imperio premit ac vinoliaet care ore /renaf. Hom. Od. i2lwithiuy n. 


the first bridge ovor the Helleapont was broken down by a stoTm, Xerxen 
ordered 300 laahea to be inOicted on the rebellions sea and a pair ol 

X 182-184 


fetters to be thrown into it Hdt. tu 35. 54 g 3. viii lOy § 3. Art. \ii H S S, 
YM. Ill 3 E g 3 gravem ilium et mari et terrae Xerien, nee Junninibui 
tantum lerribilem sed NeptnnD qaaqae god pedes et caelo lenebrai 
minitantem. Sea. de uouet. sap. 1 g 2 'do feu tbiuk that, whea tbat 
doltiGb king (Jaikeaed the day wltli a multihide of durts, any airovi 
leaolied the Bun? aiit dim is sis in pontnm catenia Neptanuia patuiiie 
e(tntingi!' M. Sen. suas. 5^3 abbllius foscos hoe ille nuniero ferax el 
in deoB arma tnlerat. § 4 OESiiira ' the trophieB are the gods', the war 
vol the gilds', illo! Xerxea viiionlia . . . perseguebatiiT,' EiuneQ. paneg. 
Conatantio 7 Xerxei, ut mtdia, . , . pediaas iecit anreas in profan- 
dum, Neptunam eb dictitana adligare, quia fuctih-oi feraciret: 
tt'Uta ille iactaniia et sacrilega vaidtate. Pint. fort. Aiei. n 12 when 
Alesandef eroesed into Asia there were to be seea no fieeti tailing 
throuuhmo'untaini, nor scourget.nor fettert, Eiantic ahibarbarian 
ehastisementaofthe sea. Grote hist. gr. o. 38 in ST2— 3 giyes ana- 
logous examples of impotent revenge, to justify his belief in the story, 
whioh Stanley on Aeseh. Pera. 7Sa, Volck. on Hdt. vii 35 § 1, Blomt. gloss. 
Fen. 728 and Onciiiis, all regard, apparently with justice, aa a Jegend, 
expreiiFtiig the Qreek detestation of that blasphemous S^pis of X. , whiob 
revolted against the bounds imposed on man hy nature, nun tangenda 
ratei traniiliant vada. Cnut on the shore haa been well uontrasted with 
this anecdote of Xenes; the didactic pnrpose in each case is patent, and 
the birth of the Greek story might, as Blomf. notes, have been aided by 
deseriptiou of the bridge in the PerBae746 — 51 where Darius says of his son, 
hurrying blindly to his doom' E XX ilirirsi'TDv Ipav SovXoe uii SttrfKiftaaie 
\ iJXi-iot incweir li4arTa, BSairvpor jmot BcoS- | isni irdpoi' («rfp/>vfl;u{iE, ml 
Tiiaii ttrpvt/riKiTotI ] irepi^aX^v iroXXi7r K^tvffoy ijyvir^ ToWi^ UTparif, \ 
drTiTotwi^ Bewy Si rdyTuriPcT, cut fi^oiAlf | KaiTleeeiSilvB! Kpar^nelv. 
Dli. pr. g 9 they who wrote the history of the Magi condemn Hdt. for 
stating tbat X hurled darts against the sun [Hdt. says this of Darius] 
and cast fetters iuto the sea; fur aun and sea are gaie in the tradition of 
the Magi. Themiet. or. 19 p. 236'' 'XerscB, who was so frantio as to 
scourge the sea and clap chaiua on the EelleEpout.' 
couFEDiBua as a slave ii BO n. ensosiii\ecu ' eartb- 

sh&ker,' a Homeric name for Poseidon = jeialx^''"'- rirdtrup fall)!. 
nuirrfp T^t. iroctx^w!'. ^vnHriSas. The opinion that earthqaalies were 
Oftuaed by water forcing its way into hollows, was general in antiquity 
Weloker gr. Gblttrlehro i 627— S. my n. on Horn. Od. ix 283. Grote i 
329 seq. Ukort ii 1 182. Aristot. meteor, ii 7—3. Ben. qu. u. Tl 33 g 4. 
Gell, II 28 g 1. Amiu. stii 7 g 12. 183 s*nb in its 

proper concoBsive sense, 'no doubt,' "I grant yon.' The god might 
think himself lucky to have escaped a mare degrading seuteuce, 
ffnoWATE moNiTU uv 24 n. as to a truaut slave. Lightfoot and Wctst. 
on Oal. 6 17. Hdt. vii 33 ' I have heard that he also eeut branderi to 
brand the Hellespont, giving them orders as they buffeted it, to utter 
barbartma aud impioas words: O bitter water, thy master {Seirirorrts cf. 
lav. 191 temire] lays apou thee this punishment, because thou didst him 
wrong, having Buffered no wrong at his hands. Aiid king Xenes will 
oCDBa thee, whether thou wilt or no.' cf. the branding of the Thebans ib. 
233. Plut. de coh. ira S p. 465 'Xerxea both branded and ecourged 
the tea, and wrote a letter to the mountain ; Dictnf Athaiiioh') toareit 
to heaven, 'Aflw Sat/taVie oii/MPD/i^mj, lay no targe and impraclicnhU sionea 
in wig worki; tine I tclU cul lliee up and cast thfe into the lea,' 
Jfil Huio guisguAu v£U,et sbbvibb KBOBcu Bchol. as Neptune was 


X 185-216 

slave to Luomedon, Apollo to Admetna. 

155 BSD qnALia REDiiT? taksB up ths question of ITS, interrapteil hj 
participial (180 — 1) and relative {182) clauses, anil by the poreutbeBU 
(183 — 4). So ' but ' 19 used in reaiiimng the thienil of diBcourse Zurapt 
§ 7S9. Madvig § 4B0. InT. S18 n. . nempe 110 n, 

DNi NiVE ' a single ship ' 2 n. i 161 n. Hdt. rai 113 
a feiT days after the battle of Salamie, X. returned to Boeotia by the road 
by wMch lie liBil come, and thence to Thessal;, whore Mardonins selected 
aOO.OCK) ot bis best troops, 116 — 117 mth the remainder of the array 
X. marched to the Hellespont, which he reached in H days, after the loae 
of ahnoBt the whole force by famine and hordshipa 115 % 1 drdyuv r^c 
irrpiTi^i oui^f n4pDi lis tljrai. Arrived at the HelleEpont they found the 
bridge broken down by the storm and Bailed across 117 g 1 r^et rijuirl 
SUpjjirai: cf. Aeach. Pers. 470. 480. 510. Later rbetoiio invented the 
' single ship,' and Inv. speaks as if X, ded at once from Salsmis, ham- 
pered in Ms flight by floating bodies. lustin. n 14 gg 9. 10 Xerxes, finding 
his bridge broken down by winter storms, made the passage qu^ing for 
fear in a fishing boat. Aji instructive Bpectaole, and wonderful instance 
of tlia fickleness of fortune, in exiguo latentem videre navigio, 
gutnt paula ante rix ae^ur oviik capiebat. Oros. n 10 has nearly the 
same words, with more. Philoatr. ApoU. iii 31 § 3 ;» ^f ,,t t^ivyt. 
DChrys. 14 i 254 20 D. 17 i 27a 21 'he who had mnstered so many 
myiiada, shamefully lost his whole force, fiiSXii Sj ri 
i^iyiiir ailrai.' cf. Lac. vni 37 — 9 of Fompeiua. 
185-6 cKuaNTia n.nCTiBDa ic TAnn* pkb be 
[' Aesch, Pers, 419—20 ed\aaaa i' ou«^' iff H™ j ya<ia-yluv irX^fli 
^nv ppormv.' J. B, B.]. Lnc. la 573 — S e. g. obducti conorel 
gnine fluctus ; | . . . . proWient iitngi oouserta cadavela ... 
Sen. de ira m 16 g 4 after telling the story of the eon for whom Pythias 
begged a discharge, whose body X. cut in two and led Ma army between 
the parts liahait ilaque quem debait exitnm: victu* et longe lateqat /vtvi 
oettratamubiiiaeruiTiamsiuwiccnieiiimediuaiiiiet suorum oadarera 
inoeasit. 187 EXEoir poksas 84. Miiblmann txigo 

980— 7. 

188 — 2S8 ' Grant length of days, grant, great Inppiter, years good 
Rtore I' This prayer you offer with set, ouflinching look, this alone even 
pale [with fesJ of refusal]. Yet mark, what an endless chain of tronblea, 
and how sore traables, fill long-lastihg age. See first and foremost the 
face unsightly, foul and all unlike itself, in place of skin an anfeatared 
hide, sagging cheeks, and wrinkles such as, where Thabraca atretcbea its 
shady glades, a grandam ape sonLtches in her time-worn chaps. Youth 
from youth are distinguiBhed by countless marks ; that is fairer than this, 
aud tbat again than another, this sturdier far Uian that : the old have 
one only aspect ; palsy in limbs and voice, a soalp now smooth, a nose 
enivelling in second childhood, toothless gums wherewith, poor sool, to 
mnmp his bread: so loathsome to wife and sons and to his very sell, ob 
to strike qualms into the fortune-hunter Cosbub. His palate numbed, 
wine and meat have no mote the relish that tJiey once had. The appebte 
ot Bex also is lost or poworieas. Tom to another organ. Sing who may, 
the rarest of harpers, even Selenoas, and such au glitter amid the ohoii in 
a suit of gold, what clinmi has all tlielr musie for cars that Bra dtiaf ? 
What odds to him, where in the wide theatre he sits, who can scarce hear 
comets or the tmmpeta' bloce? ' under an actor's nose he's never near.' 
His page must bawl to let him know who has come, or what's o'olock. 

X 217- 


Once QiDFe, the little Llaod. stUl left in liis tiozen frame ia tbOiT^od lij fever 
□nlj: on all himda eitmeiitE manifold mnstei for the aaeault; aak me 
theli uaiaeB, I iviU sooner dispatch tbs lists of matron Oppia's pajsmours. 
of patients mordered iu a single nntaum \ty Tbemiaon's ilmga, ol part- 
ners oosened by BiiBilus, orphan wnrde by Hirros, ol gallants reoeived 
in a day Lj the toll Btnunpet Manra, of boys oormpted by Ihd school- 
master Hitrua ; — sooner will X rebearse the moneionB now owned by him, 
under nbuee razor my stron({ beard rustled iu my youth. One is feeble 
in the aboalder, one in loins, one in hip; another, blind of both eyes, 
enyies those who still have one ; this msD'a bloodless lipa take food with 
others' fingers ; as for himself, long inured to stretch bis jans at sight of 
supper, he ' gapes and gapes and that is all,' like the swallow's brood, to 
whom their mother flies with full beak, herself fasting. But worse still 
than all decay of limbs is memory's decay, which recalls neither his alaves' 
names nor the friend's features, with whom he supped but yesternight, 
nor thnse whom he begot and bred; for by an mmatural testament ho 
disinheriis bis own flesh and blood ; all his estate is devised to Phiale, in 
retom for wanton services, learnt by many years' apprenticeship in the 
dongeon of the stews, trront him still sound in mind, yet he must lead 
ont his sons to burial, must gaze on bis beloved wife's and his brothel's 
pyre, on urns charged with aisters' dust. This forfeit is laid on all long 
livers ; stroke on stroke lighting upon their home, they grow old amid 
' griefs always green, a household still in tears,' in a standing livery of 
block. Nestor, if we put any faith in great Homer, was a pattern of long 
life second only to tho crow; happy sure, who staved oS death through 
three ages and ajready tails the sum of his years on the right hand, and 
has broached the new wine of so many seasons. Bnt soft, stand a while, 
and hear him repining at fate's decrees, at the thread of days too lavishly 
spun, wheu, watching his hold son Antilochus' beard blazing in the 
funeral Qame, he asks every comrade about him, why he lasts to these 
years, what he ever did to doaervo so lingering an age? 3o Pelens mur- 
mured, while he mouiiied Achilles untimely Bnatohed away, so Laertes, 
whom nature bids lament the storm-toat TJliies. While Troy was yet 
EGCure, Friam would have made his last progress to the shade of Assaracua 
in royal state, — -Hector and Ms other sons shouldering tho hearse amid 
weeping daughters of Ilium, so that Cassandra might l«id tbeii: wailing 
with beaten breast and Polysena with her robe rent, — if only he had died 
before Paris began to build his daring keels. 'What then did Priam win 
by the long respite ? He saw a, (general wreck, aU Asia crumbling under 
fire and sword. Then dofGng his diadem, he took arms, a tottering 
soldier ['a soldier half, ondhalf a sacrifloe'] and dropped down before the 
altar of high Inppiter, like some decrepit steer, which disclaimed long 
since by the thankless plough, tamely yielde to hia master's knife a 
neok lean and pitiable. Yet that was at least a human death ; his queen 
ontUved him, but only to glare grimly and snarl with a true oui's grin 
[' Burvived a bitch and harked away her life']. I hasten now to fiome, 
passing Mithiadates by, and Croesus, whom righteous Bolon's eloquent 
Toiee oharged to regard the closing evening of a long lite. Banishment, 
jail, Mintumae's fens, the bread of beggary in vanquished Carthage, — all 
these lapse of daya brought apon Macius. What would nature ever have 
engendered on earth, or what Borne, happier than that her oititsen, if 
only he hod straightway breathed out his victorious eoul, after heading 
the prooession of prisoners and all the pageant of his wars, in the aot of 
"^ting from his Teutonic car? Campania in hei forethought ka&.iAn,V 


X 188-194 

Pompeiua fevers for wliich tB bad dona wisely to pray; tut many cities 
and their Btate prayers previiiled to Bave him; bo Ub lorttme and the 
city'a Htnick off after hJB defeat tlie head thus reprieved. This torture 
Lentulua escaped, this panisbmeut CethegnB, and fell uamii.iigled; nay, 
Catihne ou the battle-field lay with corpse entire. 

On old age see Cic. Cat. maL Btob. fl. civi ^£70: 7i!pi>J!. civ fwat- 
rot y/jpi-i!. cxvii 'Wisdom taalceH age serene and Tenerable. 3oi. Langii 
poljautteaLngi 1659 eoL 2S2B— afi41. eap. Mimnerm. Nix».(Jfr.l~6B. 
Tbeodeitea in Stob. tavin 26 age is Uke marriage [lav. SBB], we are eager 
to attain botb, and having attained, repent, cf. Cic. Cat. maL g 4 lenee- 
tatem quamut udipiscanfur omnes optant, tandem acansant adeptam. 
Hoose ind. Sen. simeclai. seitex, Hor. e. p. 16!> — 74. Maximioni eL 1, 
1 WeinsdoTf.Lemoiro vii 135 — ^228 enumerates at lengl^ the tioulilea: 

n 45—6. Aen. i 

with look neither downcast 
turned aside, lint conlronting tho god, and looking bim fuU in the fi 
poJntblanJt. Eentl. on Hor. c. 1 3 18. cf. Pera. 11 6—23. Tart, de orat 
17 Chrisliana pray with all modesty and humility ne valtu qiiidtm in 
avdaciam erecto [v. L recto]. piLLioca with anrioua desiro 

Hor. B. II 3 78 auMtione mala aui argenti pallet anioTe. Peis. tv 47 
vUo H palles, inprobe, nummo. Prud. c. Symm. i 207 palleie prs- 
cantem. optas on the prayer far old age, and the 

lepentanee tvhioh follona nhen the prayer is granted, see Stob. fl. czn 
6. 6. 8. 23. 27. Sen. ep. 101 §g 10—15, 190 AntiphaneB 

in Stob. J. c. 14 caJla age a workshop hatmted by all human ilia; ib. IS 
an altar, to which all lUa fly (or refuge, 191 !> 

the same word 192. cf. 365—6 htget liigere. 350—361 laboret. 
9 amanti apiantii. 504 — 5 brej>e hrevior. 

192 nisaruiLEUQUE bui cons, ad Liv. S5. 87 vidimaa atlonitum frai 
vuxrU Neronem | . . . . diaBimilemqae sni. 
fELLBU gloss, cull's Bipiui drBptiirov. In the transformations in Or. m. 
atUi (our 'hide,' G-erm. 'Haut') denotee the hnman skin, pcUii (onl 
' fell,' ' pelt ') the hide of beasta, but the words are interchanged as ib. m 
63 — 4 of a serpent iquamis defensa» et atrae | daritia pellis validiit 
onte reppuiit iotm. Hor, epod. 17 21 — 2 fugit iuventaa et verteuniMt 
color I relif[itit ora pelle amicla luTiia. id. 0. iv 10. 

193 rEKDiiNTisQDB otwiiS Pllu. h. u, Kiv g 143 o[ the effects of dranken- 
nesE kiticfalior et genae pendulae. Or. m. zv 231 fluidoi pendeie 
laeertos. 8eu, Hipp. B64 Gron, lapsae genae. On the loat day of IiiB 
life Augustus (Saet. 90), calling for a mirror, ordered his hair to |m 
brushed ac malas labantes corrigi. ihficb 209. li 
166,^ T 80. VI 261, III 01. un 76. xiv 275. on the sudden use <A 
the imper. cf. i 73 n. Lupus 19 givea eix. of accipe, retpite, audi etft: 

194 iHiBRAOA on the coast of Kumidia,neaT thenumtti 
ol the river Tusoa, which divides Numidtn from its eastern nei^bonr 
Zeugitana Plin. v § 22 oppidmn Tahraca HvUim Eovianorum. IMa I 7 
Sl = lgS3. Mart, Capell,tiS 669. Here GUdo died i, n. 398 Cland. Uttd. 
StiLi35a. inEutr. i 410. iipr.71. It was an episcopal sea Aug. a. Dooat. 
VI g 61. Still known aa Tabarca, a name also given to an island oppotite. 
On the Phoenician trade in African apes see Movers iil 9B — 1, Edt. n 

194 speaks of the coast as swarming with apes. Fosidonioa in Btntb. zni 
p. 827 on a voyage from Cadiz to Italy, obeerved in a wood reaohinB to 
iJie beaeh apea, some in trees, some on the ground, some suokling thdi 


ib. 15 


i ! ' 196-7 ".LE ILI.E 91 n. I 4fl n! Ifl? mdlium 

B tlio s,I)l. of diSereccQ multo ia mate uaaal mth the oompar. 
Znmpt S 4^3 c- 3 I'as examples ot multum, quantum etc. bo used. Add 
(Jnintil. 1 1 § 04 mnltnoi termor. Lao. n 226—6 multum . , Tnoiore . . 
daman, nhere, as bero, mullo is SToided becaaEe of the other a1jL Ond. 
and Bonn. ib. cf. Barm, on Fhaedr. in 10 5. 

198—9 Oif the feebleneag of age cf. Cio. Cat miii. §| 27—38. Plin. vu 
gg 16T— 8 m lulling up tbe years of lifs ve mast Etrike off tlie lioma of 
Bleep tmiialimiiy, and. lentctae in poenam vivacil .. . Natme bas 
given no bottur bunn to tann than shortness of life, hebeicuat tftuiu, 
mtmbra toTptnt, ^aemoritur visua audituB inoeosaB, deates etiam 
BC eiliorum instiumento. Plut. apophth. Cut. maL 15 p. 199* t^ Si 
7ip? woWur alaxpHf napivrap, i^lou ;iJj npoFriBimi ■!%> dei rftt 
Kanlat alaxi"!'- Lncian diaL mort. 6 g 3 piDturca the ^irfpyijpui' as hav- 
ing three teetk in kit head, dull of hearaig, leaning on Uuou BlaveB, witli 
noie and tya running, a living eepulohie. id. gaU. 10. 

199 uniDiqnz iHTAKiu BlEi VI 143—8 if the wifo huE three wriuMes 
ft le eutit aHda laxet, she ia tiumed out of doors 'iam gravis es nobii et 
Eaepe omungerig. e.xi \ ociut et prnpera.' Bidtto venlt alterar 
nuBO. Hea. so. 297 of Sorrow t^ S' in /tiy pirSiv n6^ pion. 

200 QiNom INBBHI a toothless, coughing, crono, and an orbua, courted 
fur their decrepitude, arc favourite butts of Matt. 1 10. 19. Ii SU. lu B3 2. 
V 39. VIII 57. 201 QBiviB uMEi MAnaQUB Cie. Cat. mai. § 7. 
Caecilius ib. g 26 the saddest part of old age ia lentire ea aetale me ae 
Ddiosnin alterj. Miumerm. fr. 3=1 the faueat ol men, when hia 
bloom is past, oiSi rarijp iraurlr rf^i oUre ^l\ois. 

BtDt the i in ibi and tdii is only need long by luv. in ubique and ibidem: 
in mihi it ia long 7 times, in tibi 12 times, in sibi Ti EUS. vii 21. 171. 
IT 143 ; much oEtener short (Lupus IS). 202 OAPTiToiu 

T 98 D. sii 93 — 130 n. even the adventurer who prejB pn the djing, the 
vulture who scenta carrion from afar, sometimea feela queazy at tho sight 
of bis quarry. Friedlonder i' 326—333. Airian. Epikt. iv 1 g 118 ' who 
can tolerate you, tuv ypaulr IpvrTOs Kai Tur yepbtTuv, and bloviing 
the noiri of the old ladiei, and tendii^ them in their Biclmeas lilie a 
slave, while at the same time you pray for tbeir death, and consult the 
pLysimana, whether thoy ate already at death's door?' Lucion dial, 
mort. 5 — 9. e. g. 9 § 2 ' what, had you lovers at your time of life, vdth 
tcarce four treth in your headl' "Yae, to be sure, and the first men in 
the city: and aged aa I am, andduid, as joa aee, and blear-eyed, and 
snivelling, it was their greatest delight to pay me flourt; he was a 
happy man on irtiom I did but chance to look." Flin. ep. a 30. Sen. 
ep. 95 §43 a man sita up by a friend's sick bed; we commeud bim — Bnt 
tie doea it to win a legacy, jiallnr eit. eadaver expeelal. Mart, vi 63. 63. 
MOVEAT FABTUiu Mart. Hit 17 1 IK tiU paUeiilea moveant 
f BBlidia caulet. Hor. s. ii 1 7S. Ov. Pont. 1 10 7. Quintil. it 4 g 29 
(aing.). cosso anknown ; one of the name is courted, not 

courtier, in m 184. 203 seg. on the decay ol bodily 

appetites see lunoiia in Stob. f . civr 49 (iv 81 39 M.) of the old man dn- 
Tij re Kol iTTOTM Kai avipairrat. Cie, Cat. mai. §S 7. 39— 6B. Plat, rep, 
I D. 32B, 203 viNi iTOOB oiBi Cia. ib. gg 41—6. 

j on aeiQoI decay cf. vi 335 — 6, Cie. ib. § 47. Mininermua 


X 204-211 

1.0. 9 DothiDg edit bo mora 
be iTipos i4f,m' tpue. Eurip. 
imiL as. ^u% Sill Cic. Bmt. g 48. Qaistil. £ 1 

§g 13. 50 after saying tbat oomparisotie, digresEiona etc are bo nmaeroua 
in Homer, tliat writers on rhetoric borrow exiunplea from Hs poeiDB nam 
epilogai ifuirfem quia unqimm poterit ilHi Priami TOffanlii Achillem pre- 
cibut aegiiari) Wlien aometMng iaa been affirmed of saveral partionmrs, 
one of Vbioh the same tljing talds trae itiil more evideutl;, often follows 
with nam ; as here, 'as for the epilogue, I need not speak of that, — 
the same ma; lie siud of that as a matter of course, — -for — .' ib. g SBi.4 
II 3 §g 21 Spald. 27. IlBrtzberg on Prop. iv=ju 11 37. Hand TaI8a^, 1 
IT 17. 204— S Bl coNEBis, liOEl OH the oonatr. see 339 n. ■ 

20s luuics VI 326 Neetoris hiineo. From Lncil. ix up. Non. ramiea 
p. 166 quod deformi' seiux, UTthriticua aa podagruaia \ eit, q-aod viancu' 
missrqiie exilU ramioe magno. Varr. ibid, rapta a aesirio quo imiHonB 
roptori rainiees rapil. Tomex ie a diminutive form (Rohy % 777) from 
ramiie, and denotes (I) brushwood for wuttling a fence ; (2) Uie bianohing 
lur-TeBsela of the lungs {rumpere ramicei in Plant, eto.); (3) Celsns va IS. 
22. 21. Faulus Aegin. vi 63. 64. 66 with the commentaiy of Adama = 
KipeatSKT] or poi/pursonv^v- variuoae enlmgoment of veins of the tcroUan, 
tmliculi or ingiie.ii. cf. iud. riin., who names several spooiiea; perhaps 
bI! the em. cited for meaning (2) may be referred to (3|. 
HBBvns Sehol. penie. add to teix. n 31. Apul. m. n 16 Hild. Tort, 
apol. 8. Amob. v 18. Aug. de gen. ad litt. xii § 37 (very eingulaf phe- 
nomena, resembling those of mesmerism). Much information respeotfog 
the eexiuLl disorders of Greeks and BommiB is contained in the work of b 
phjsieian JnL Boaenbuum GBBcliichte der LuBtaeuche im Alterthome, 
Leipz. 1S^I5; e.g. p. 417 nervus. Ca^aub. on Atb. t p. £« ytSpor. 

206 Ti 238. 325—6, Mart, n 23. 29. 
208 sospBCTJk 238. the obscene arts, known as irmmatio and fellatio 
(BoBenbaura 219 — 2S0) were condemned by pnblio opinion ; the grajili of 
Pompeii shew that no imputation wGS more ooiomon ; we may questioa 
therefore the truth of mnch of the scandal ogainEt Tiberius in Suet. 44. 
209 Mart, i 94. in 76. 87. it 50. vi 26. xi 25. 46. 
sri9T. BINE TiEiBna Verg. g. in 09. 

isrxcB 193 n. pabtis the ear. 211 crrniBOBDO 

Yt 76. 378—391. Tin 138. 220. 226. 230. esheacij- - 

musician. et gnmna 1, e. ct qnibus aliis 178 n. ' and ot 

playorson harp and flute.' (jt'iauB adr 

LAOBiiNi Suet. Ner. 26. ad Heren. it § 6U '.as a harper, when he 
come beloia the public in rich attire, palla iaaurata inihitui, 
chbanyde purpurea, coloribua variii intexta, et cum tarojia aurea, magnit 
fillgetUibaa gemtnis ilhaainata, cil/ioram leneni exomatiiiimam, attro et 
chore distittetaia, if his DWU peraoii and etatare are of » piece with his 
attire, and then, when pabhe eipeotation is aroused, and there ia a dead 
silence, he ntters u harsh note aooompanied mth nngainly gestntes, tha 
scorn with which he is hissed off the stage is the greater in proportion to 
the great hopes which he had awakened.' of. the libicen FrinoepBin 
Phaedr. t 7 1^ in white down to bis shoes; ib. 88 — 35 the separate Beats 
foregtii'tei[IaT. ver. 218]. et. Arion's costume Hdt, 1 24 gg 4— 5. Laaaa. 
adv. iudoot. B — 10 a Tarentine Euangeloe, who aspired to the Pythioii 
crown, sang to a golden ejid jewelled lyre, in a robe embroidered with sold, 
and was flogged out ot the theatre for his inoapocity : stid the Jims «u 
AW^ed to Uie Elian Bumelos, whose only ornament was hiu akiU. ' 

len he hjul^^^| 

dlltUM. CllM-^^ 

X 211-216 1 3 7 

. 2U — 5 luxurieK addidit arti \ tibicen traxitqae vagut per pulpita 
— et Marquardt v 2 IBS, Thesa ftrtiata were highly paid luv. vi 

-nlZGn, cf. the ioppish attira of pleadMB vu 124 — HO; ol aa- 

ihorB reciting their works I'era. 1 15 — 18 JoJiu. LioEEHi 

m US n. 

213 MioBi THEiTHi ths nnmbors o£ aenta in tha thrm theatres of Pom- 
peina, Balbas, and Marcellna, are yarionsly given, the highest number is 
40,000 in the thentca o( Pompeius (Plin.), the lowest 11,510 in that of 
BalbuB, (onriosmn, but the notit. RivaB 30,035) lYiediSDder i' 297, 
gnA SUITE whether in the orohefltra (m 178) as a aenator, 
or in the 14 rows behind the orchestra as au eques ib. 151. Hot. ep. ii 1 
185. 187. B. 1 10 76. Cic, Cat. mai. § 48 ut Tarpione Amiivio magii dtUc- 
latuT qui in prima carea speatat, deleclatur (amen ^tiaia qni in nl- 
tima, aie aduleicentia volaptates prupter intuent magis fortaaie Eoctalur, aed 
delectataTeliamieneciiuproeultasipeetam f anCiim juantinn laC eat. ib. | 50 
of tergpealdugol the intellectual pleaBures of age juaeninit^ifurepiil arum 
out ludorum aui suortornm vuhipialei cum hit volvptatUnn CDHtpar- 
andae! Son, du ben. vu 12 ^ 3 — 4 equeatria omnium egiiitum Romano- 
rum aunt, in illU tamen locxu meut Jit propriai, quem oceupavi, etc. 
214 caanioiNEB ATQnz tubjuiuu cohcehthe ui 34. Hnr, 
B. 1 6 13 — 4 magna lonabit, \ cornna quad viacaUpu tubas at a fimeraL 
Trumpatara were empiojed in the concerts Sea ep. 84 % 10 in commisai- 
onibiit noatrU pla> cantorum e>( guam in tkeatria olUa ipectataruyajuit. 
own omnfi viaa ordo catientium inpUvit et cavfa aaneatoTlbas cineta til 
etexpulpito ojime til/iaTtim genua organorumqiu comonuit, fit aonoentua 
as diiaoiii!. euuuiet Lnor. iit IflT — 8 of one 

in lethargy Kndt neqite eiaudit vocei nee notcere vidlia \ Ulorvin 
potia e$t. 216 QUEu s:i3AT vbnibbh pdih it was the 

□ffioe of the caiiirMlariua to aimounca oallerB Marquardt v 1 119. Cic. ad 
Att. Ti 2 § 6. See the famous stor; id. de or. □ g 276 Nasica called on 
Knnioa ; ths maid replied that he was ' not at home.' Nasica detected 
the eoDveutioiuU fib. A few daya after Enniua called an Naalca, cum ad 
Naaicam, veniaaet EnniiM et eum a ianna qnaereret; Nasica cried out 
K domi noil eaae. Tutu Enniua, ' quid, ego son cognosco,' injuil, ' vooeui 
foam?' HU Naiica 'homo es impudens. ego com te qnaererem, ancillae 
tutte oredidi ta domi non esi^e, tu Tnihi non credis ipsiT' Maor. i 7 9 1 
ttnui e /aniulttio, cut provitieia erat admittere volentee dominum 
oonreuire, Evangeluin adesae nuntiat. qcot nuktiet 

BOBAB sundials and wateralookB were found in private houses (Cic ad fam. 
XVI 18 S 3. dig, xxuu 7 12 g 2S), but more commonly slaves watohod the 
public dials on teraples or baailicae, and reputted the time to their 
juastera, much as the watchmen of the laat generation cried the hours, 
piftut. in Gea m 3 § 5. Cic. Brut. § 300 a jndga yawning, chatting, mi 1 1 en- 
tem nd horas. Plin. yii § 182 Cn. Bebiua Pamphiloa died cam a puero 
quaesisset horas. d. ib. g^ S12— 5 on olocka of various kinds. Sen. da 
blev. vit. 12 § 6 gilot quandolavari delitant, quanda natare, jaando ecaare. 
aliua admanet, ti usque ea nimio delicati anind laagwyre loluuntur, v,tpt* 
te icire nan poaiini, an auriant. id. de morts Claud. 2 g 3 horam nvn 
poaaum rertam tibi diecre: faelliua inter phiCoaopboa qnam inter korologiu 
eanveniet: tamen inttr aexiam et septimam erat, Uirt. vui S7 1 horaa 
qainque puer nondnm tibi nantiat. wordaent toa guest that thedin- 
nerhonriacome Ter.hant. 169—171. Bidon. ep. ii 9 nuntinmiwrajMiia 
clipaydras horaium incremeltta len/antem, Suet. Dom. 16 just before 
"le murder ol Domitian horas teqnireutijiro quinta, quum tMtttebat, 


-A- 216-221 

indtiilria ncutiata ill. Petron, 26 Trimolchio has korologi 
trielinio, el bacinatorem hahet ivbomatam, ut mbinde aciat, qaantum de 
vita perdiderit. A letter from Tbeodoric tu BoetMuB, Teiiaeating him to 
conEtmot B. anndial and ^veiter-clack for tlie king of the Bargnndiana 
Gasdod. ep. i 43. YitniTiQB tx 9 ingemuna clocks for measuring the vari- 
aMe hoQTB. The goJa also mnat be informed of tbe time of day Sen. fr. 
Mining, civ. D. ti 10 ndiis boraa Jot-i nuutiFit. Mart, i 48 1 to Ida, 
Apul. XI 20. Beoker GalluB ii= 861—62. Manjuardt v 1 269. 2 870-^81, 
BoscoTieh in giom. di Ikima 1716. Ssillier in mfm. ila I'aoad. des inscr. 
IV 148. F. Woepke disqniB. arohacol. math, circa solaria Tetemm, BewL 
1943. PitJscuB B. V. clcptydra. 217 obudo kea. v 395—6. 218 tebr» 
CALGT SOU Stanley cites Mart, ni 93 on a hag, toothlesa, Trrinklod, sroalc- 
ing, blind, fetid, a yerj cnroase 16^7 cam brama vieTisem ait Ubi ptr 
Avguttam \ regelare neo te peatilontiea possit. Aauim 

ricio III 162. Verg. g. ly 167 of becB. Aen. i 82 of mnds. vui 596. 
219 MOBBOHDM omra denos Ter. Phorm. 575 senaotua 
ipiast moifaaa. San, ep. 108 g 28 the graminariaii remarka that Tecg, 
^'jvaya oouples diseases and age; and with good renaon too; soDeotaa 
enim iTuanabilii morbas est, 219 — -20 ^i Quieiuh, 

DXi>£DtAU on the oonstr. ^{xp, tat. iud.) see 340 n. Ov. m. sr S93 — 4 ai 
qnaeras, . . . ineenies. 

220—6 ft parody of pasaagea like Ov. tr. iv 1 65—60. Pont, ii 7 25— 
30. cf. Aiiosto UT 99 (DHutzer), in which the greatness of a number is 
eipreaaed by compariaou : Booner can yon count the thyme of Hybla, the 
ears of African com, tbe biidB of the air, the fishes of the sea, tiie frnita 
ol antiimn, the fiakes of winter enow. Cf. Jani art. poet. 490 — 500. 
Boileau iv 31—4 imitates these verses. 220 fhdufT'IDB 

an adv. of common use in the Bilver age ; firai used apparently by HirL 
and VSf. cf. 225. iv 19. ivi 83 citiui. sxpehuu unfold, 

draw out at length, detail gcoT auatekit oppu uoschob ztt 

26 — 8, AUAVEniT commonly need of illicit intrigue ii 168. 

Ti643. Hot. B 1 3 55 Heind. a?naf(/r. Benfr. B4 — 5 in Hieron. adv. loviniui. 
I 30 Sextiia m aententiii 'adnltei eat,' inqliit, 'in guam uxnrem amator 
aidentior.'. . . nikil eiC foediiu qitam tixorem amare qnaBi adnlteram 
.... rtec amatorcB ibmri&ui at exhibeaat ir^d vt<tritoi. Ter. Audr. 191 
omnea, qai amant, gTaviter libi dari uxorem ferunt. Hot. s. ii3 350. II. 
Sen. oontT. 14 g 4 FAnttioa vibiamuh tun eil luxaria tua qaalem videri 
velii. nan aimulai enim ata, led facia, neo amantem agis, led amag, 
nee potantem adambraa, aed bibia. opFii. 1122. 

221 THEMisoN BchoL arehlatcT ilUia temporii, cui delrahit. Dr Qreen- 
hill (diet, biogr.) foUovrs the BchoUaat in distiagaishmg our Tbemison 
from the Laodicean phyaician. a oontemporary of PompsiuB, founder of the 
seot of the Methodici, said to have been tbe £ist to employ leecheB : Sen. 
ep. 95 g It alia fit Hippocraiia aecta, alia Aecltpiadii, alia TbemiBonii, 
Flin. iiix g 6 etc. He is often cited as an auUiority, esp. by Gael. AateL 
It vroa UBoal ioi artists of every kind tu assume the name of former emi- 
nont profesBOTS Friedl^nder ii' 459—64 Pylades, Bathyllus, Parie, Mem- 
" phjBicianB Asolepiadea, Antigenes, Alcoa. Bo ApaL mag. SB. 
on Bfrviia nosier, medioinae non ignarns. 
"6 n. Bum Borao and the Campagna 22—^7. 
I. 6. cit 0* the pleader and pbyBician alone are chartered 
to Mil without being killed for their pains, iratTiiriir liir, iraSr^aKtai 
Si )i^, A standing jest in every age Mart, i SO. 47. vi 5B Andragoras, in 
rude health at anpper, fonnd dead in the morning, having Been in a dieiua 


X 221-228 139 

pbyajciai! HermoerateB. vin 74. AnsoD. epigr. 73— S, Arfemidor. 
.. actb. Pal. II 112—136. 131 4, MuliSre le malade imaginoire.^at 
end; the candidate of medieine lias three lemediea, eljBtera, bleeding 
. id poiging, foe nil diBordera; and Bwesis bi Tuae none bat tboae of the 
faonlty, maladus dltt-il crevare et tnori de tuo malo. He is then granted 
loe to bleed ant and kill all the world over The doctorE wi^ their 
brother a thousand jeara of life; manget et bibai, et leignei tt tvat! 
222 BSB1I.TJS one of tUe name, a pleader, in vii 145—7. 
tt frandulent sociv^ i.e. member of a paitueiBhlp or trading eom- 
tietai, Eiiah as existed in Home for buying and selling slnTes or 
bnilding, banking, edncation (Dig. irii 2 71), farming ibe rere- 
Be<ianse of the saiMedneBa of the relation, a partner convicted 
of daloi (in an actio pro soeio) incnrred infaraia Rein in Panly vi 1232 — 3. 
rjl61B3. PriTHtr.' lOi. 7ai— 3. Cio. p. Qninot. |§11— 26. 62. 74.78. 
SO. g 16 the lie of partnership is a brotherly tie, fralema nicfiiitudo, 
% 26 the breach of it is impious, p. Koso. com. $ 16 if there are three 
private actions which tonch ropntatica and almost life itself, thej arc 
jiduciae, tnteUe, looietatis. aegwe enim pcrfidioium et nefarium est, 
pupillnm Jrandare, qui in tuletam pervcnii, et sooiam fallere, 
gui It in negotio eoniunxit. %% IT. 22. 24—6. p. Caea. g§ 7. B. ep. fam. 
Ii25g3. d. n. m§ 74 iudicta... pro socio, p. Flacc.g 43 tt furli et pro 
Boaio'damjiatus. inatit. rv 10 g 9. flig.ni21. A gnnjdiamsho had pcd- 
Boned hia ward, to whom he was heir, cmcified hj Galba 8net, 9, 

pnpiJJnm ad iura vocanlem | circnmsGriptorom. Cic. oB. iti g 61 
oiiDUmscriptio aduieicentium lege Plaetoria (erut viitdicaia). Sen. 
de ben. it 27 § B dcmenlissime teatabilur, qai tutorem filio reliqueHt 
pnpillornni spoliatorcm. 223 KsoasEiT cf. yi 126 oonsmnea, 

nsed like vnra, of ereeLl; passion. 224 UAtnu irho hiasea 

the altar of Chastity in vi 307—8. i)i8circi.0B on the danger 

to tilB modeatj of youth in schools see Tii 239 n. Pliny ep. r? 13 § 4 
hearing that Uie boys of bis native town, Comnm, went to school at 
Mediolaniun, nrged the fathers to sot np a school in their own town (ubi 
enim nut iaeundiiu morarentar, q-uam in patria, aut pndicins con- 
tinerentnr, qtiam t-ab oeiilia parentumt). He oSered tocontribnte I of 
" - eipenae, and asks Tacitns to recommend a master. Eunua, the 
eroofl Syrian, branded by Aaaon. epigr. 123-4. 120-8, waa a. 
lOOlmaater. anth. Pal. in 222 a master of gymnastics is charged with 
breach of trust as Haniillus here. inclinet 

II 26. Mart, xi 43 5. hahilltts the Amillus 

of Mart. Tn 62 is in character like this, bnt not in condition, being the 
son of a man of wealth, living with his father. £ 

230 a. QODT TiLLia xiy 9&— 95 n. 

Bame versa 1 2S. of. nvSlSn. gnolTln. 

Mni BiBBi CADEiiJT VI 105. OoB Cinnamos, a barber emancipated by 
hia tnietresB and become au eques, eichanged his name for the 
nified Oinna Mart, vi 17, vii 64. 227 nic i 

Obbar □. or. »n Hoi. ep. t 6 £3. cou Sen. ep. 101 % 11 

BeveielyoenaureBthe prayer of Maecenasdebilem/ocibiinanii, | debilcm 
^ede, coxa, | tuber adilnie gibbtnira, \ tubricoa guaie dentes: | vita dum 
ttbeneeet. \ kancmihi,vel acuta [ Hiedeamcruce,aiiatim- 



^^^H dann gar blind ' {alt 

^^^H der Blinden eine S( 

^^^H liberBebeu.' 

^^H PUn. ep. Ill IS e 8 


I I 

^H oil 

X 228-238 

n'n^o ia aJlisd 


3 § 8 atrvuliw aliq^io>, i^aoium e 
ra gout in the Land. 230 ^ i! 

run Eor. b. 1 10 7 ruu didacere rictaia. 
r, and germ. Sacheti Ooissen Ausspracbe i' 

231 POLLCS wbenoe ' pullet,' allied to foal, filly, ttuXot. 


HonL II. IX 323 — i tis S'opnj am-ijirt mwooi'tri wpoipipTjiriii 
I xe Xa^-gai, caKwi 3' dpa ot riXti aiirg. Enet. ib. cites 
Achaeus xaVKDiTa Xi>i$ ^drrxov uiix'^'i^^i'oi. Lnciau Timon 31 Flatos 
Bays at those who hope to be euriched ' thej await me gaping iSimp tijv 
Xi\i3ifa irpotiTfTn^lrTiu rerpiyira oi norrei.' Pint, de ftuciiendo 48" applisB 
the HiiniJe to idle pupils, who expect aa it were to bo fed with a spoon, to 
rery difficulty smoothed, of. id. 80* Wjtt. ISl". 233 de- 

Bee the answer to this reproach in Cio. Oat. mai. |§ 21 — 6. 
36— 8. 19. SO. 67. [Plat.] Axloch. 36;" after saying that Nature impawns 
old men's sight aud hearing, t^ •"? *i riuSn al yianvrts. M. Sen, ocmtr. 12 
1* and IQuintil.] dec!. 346. 387 fathers aoonaed of dementia by their booh. 
Qnintil. liaa dfinenliae cauia, d, actionei, d. indicia, agit cum eo de- 
mip.tiae Boonell lex. Qnintil vji i % 10. 234 voaini. bibtobitk 

Stanley cites PHu. Tn § SO notUiug in man so frail or so caprici- 
ona aa memoiy: ona man after a blow with a stone forgot tha 
letters only; another after a fall from a lofty wall malrii et adjiaium pro- 
pinquorumque cepil oblirioneai, alitis aegratua Beryorum etian, MiwnnU 
Ooivinns the orator coxUd not recollect his own name. Add the mark o{ 
dementia [Qnintil.] decL 868 mm reddlta edlutanlibut oomina, nan dii- 
eretot q6 inimicii amicos. 23G Bunxrr used in the Benas of 

the cognate form edUeare (of. dScere, dicare) in Plant. Ter. Cio. Verg. Prop. 
Liv. Tao. eto. MiihlmHnn has 36 erx. 236—7 OODIM 

BiEvo azBBDKs vETiT BBSB SDos the teetator, who had sai heredeb (i.e. 
children, begotten or adopted, in poleitatui a wife in nuim; a daughter- 
in-law in manujilii, when the son is in paleataU; poHiimi who would be 
in manu, if bom daring the testator's liie; grandchildren after the father's 
death Oaius ii 156—7. tllp. ixii II — SJ must either make them his heirs, 
OF disinherit them espreesly (If a son or potlumai, by name] ; if the sou 
or jiosf umui was not mentioned {vas praelerilua), the will was wholly void; 
if daughters and grandchildren were passed over, they were entitled to 
share with the heirs named in the will, flui heredei (and also parente 
and brothers aud sisters], disinherited or passed over, might bring a 
qiterella inojicioii (i.e. teetamenti), to shew that the testator acted with- 
out Bufflcieut cause, in error or in blind paasiou dig. xxviii 3 g 1. inst n 
IS. Bein Privatrecht* 817. 833—7. Such an unnatural will ia called 
impivm, influmoniim, fariosum, tabulae plenae furorU, t, iniqtiaa ib. 834. 
Here the testator cither expressly disinherits, or pasees oTer, hia children 
(for heredei vetat esse suoa may have either signification). Codicilitu (our 
' codicil ') is frequent in the sense of a less formal will Dirksen mannala; 
from it is derived > ooucher,' a register. 237 — 8 bosa 

^RUNTua AD FBi.'Lj.aN like rewords for like aervicea i 37—43. 5S— 7, 
pertana Uirpii Phiale was not intitled to inherit (Bein 180. 143. 
825n];bntv6t,irahe wereinpoasesaioa, aiidthe true heirs had no advooata 
weir rigbtfl, she might oust them in defiance of the law. 
238 fouj^v /eltatricem, the name ol a nfoiph ifi 

X 338—246 


238—9 208 n. VI 51. 301. Hor. ej 
I. Amob. n 12. Minuo. Fot. 28 g 2. Blinem. on L>ot. 
a PeWon. 9. 239 bteii 

latilnilum. ii 173 — 8 nudum oiido 
taaneipiam. Hot. a. i 2 SI oUnte in foxnice 

amor, i 10 21. Sen. contr. 2 gg 6. 7 (hie). 11. 

CEntu ot the cella, from its dorkneBS and fonlneaa (Qlem, olidus /.). 
n>RNicis III 156. VI 131—32. Boeenbaimi Lnst- 
I Benohe 97—116. 240 ijr though tiii 272. Til i 

I ^evarU en, of u( foHawed by tamai in Boonell les. QaintiL 93 
I DDCEMDi rnsBBi 1 USd. [Ov.] cona. adLiv. 27 fi 

^ro tacrit tibi lunt duo end a triamphit. "" 

Clio. Gat. mai, § 12. Aen. ti30S inpositiguerngii iuvenes ante BrapaTenlum, 
It waa QGuaJ to pray that any one dearly beloved might Botvive the peti- 
tionar (inv. 71 567—8. Hor. 0. m 9 11—2. lS-6. Henzen inBor, 7388. 
DOasB. LsiT 15 g 2), but most of all a son or daughter Eur. euppl. 174—5 
Pots. Plaut. aain. 1 1 1 Taubm. Ter. haul 1030 Oalp. Hor. epod. 6 101. 
Ov. her. 1 101 Barm. Kuhuk. Verg. oatal. 14 7— S. Veil. I H § 6. Luc. in 
747, Quintil. vt pr. gg 4-13. Stat. e. in 3 25-6 /flix, tt nimivmfelix, 
plorataque nato | umbra. Mart, i 36 4 93 2. 114 4. Plin. ep. i 12 g 11. 
Not only ths natural eorrow over 'fair flowers, no Booner blown bnt 
hlaated,' and the natural dread of berearement, prompted anob prayers, 
tnt a feeling that the ioly order of nature was reveraed as by a eniBe, 
when the child went before his father. Cic. d. n. n 3 7^ derives luiier- 
itilia from lupfntes : ' those who offered eaciifi<Mia and prayera that their 
nbildren mi(;ht outlive them, were named Buperstitions. ' id. Tuac 1 § 85. 
M. Sen. contr. 27 g S mbsto 'Aa I hope to live and die free, as I hope 
that my son'a hancla may close my eyea.' Ben. ad Maro. 1 § 2 you loved 
yonr father not Ibsb than yonr children, eioepting only juorf no™ optabaa 
saperHtitem: nee icio an et optaverU. penaittit enin eibi quatdam 
contra bonam moiem magna pintai. ib. 10 g S all a\a relatious, et 
tnioi BuperatitoB lege naaoendi optamaa ft q\ 

243 EAi 

9. ad Liviam. 


dare here 'toaanign,' but ifare poeTua = SoSiiai.SiKiiv, to pa; a pe- 
nall^ MUhlmann da 435—0. 244 — 5 <"i ^e repetition cf. 

9n. 245 maniYEaxBUtaian. Varr. devit. pop. B. 

m in Non. p. S49/uiMr« ypao uC pnllis paliU amietae ihigerent). ib. 5S0 
propinpiae aduletctntulae etiatn anthraoinis (ooal-black attire) jiroxunio 
amieulo nigello, capillo dimuio leifuereatur luctam, Tiboll. in 2 18, Prop. 
v=iv 7 28, DH, Till 62. TM. i 1 M5, Tao. an. m 2 atrata pUbei. 
Apal. met, 11 23. Berv. Aen. in 64. Artemid, n 3 a dream of black sig- 
mSea recavery; lor not the dead but the mourners near such clotbee. 
of. Kirohni. de ton. 11 17. Lipa. eic. M ad Tac. an. 11 75. Matqaardt v 1 881. 
246 HEi riLitis Ti 326. Ill 128. Cio. Cat. mai. % 31. in Horn. II. i 
247 — 252 Nestor haa outlasted two ytnal, and is reigning over the third, 
of. Od. m 245. Iteckoning three generations to the century (Hdt. 11 142 
g 2. BO faei-iilum in Liv. ix 18 § lOj, we obtain 70 or SO as hie age before 
Troy. Laevina in Oell. m 7 g 13 tritaeclisencx. Tibull. iv 1 48—61. 
Hygin. f. 10. [Lncian] macrob. 3. Ov. m. xu 187 — 8 talcea laeeubim 
antuiy; for Nestor says vixi | annoa bis oontum . nunc tertia 
letai. See Censor. 17. Fore, sacculum. FiliBons aeeuban, 
rqnardt rv 832—3. MUller Btraakar a 331—7. Idaler ChronoL u 82 
ai qinnguAH CitESia nouEBo 174 n. Homer 




; S 246-249 

tke great Buthoiitj, whose teBtimony was invoked hy hlBtorions, geo- 
grapherB, rbetorioiana, grRmmarUng Qxiintil. x 1 §S ^^ — 51 with lay u. 
For the form of tba caveat ct. Thuc. t 9 g 4 tf t^ Iito'Si Tttfiij^iSo-ai. 
10 §3 etc. Sen. ii. q. ti 2li % 1 sillomtro futei est. priap. 80 5 si quid 

f amor i£ 

1 ei. ra 

m. 305. tr. 

i( 379. Pont. Ill 

9 24. 


'if yon put 

any trast in,' a. c 

lognate ai 

aa. Madvig 

229. Znmpl g 38S. 

Plat. Plia«d.§21. 

17 1 coaNie 


OLE 126 n. 

Hor. 8. 1! 3 193 Al 

01, Afros 

ah AoMUe 

247 i 

HBOunduB. coRgica = coTnicUvitaui7iii. Tha 

great auQiorit; tor the crow's longevity is Hea. in Pint. deL orao. II 
p. 116* iryea lot fiift 7«i'Ea[ Xanipv^a nopiirj) \ drSpiSr ifi^imn'' fto^i 
3^ Tt TtTpuKdpuvia. Ariatoph. av. 609 HohoL Cic. Tubo. i S 77. lu g 69. 
Hor. c, m 17 13 annosa oorniK. rv 13 25. Ov. amor, ii 6 30. m. vii 
274 novam oornicia Baeonla pasaae. Fhaedr. app. 21 7 gives ths 
crow 1000 yaara of Ufa, priap. 57 1. 61 11, Plin. h. n. vug 153, Mart. 
X C7 5. Maorob. vh E § 11, Anson, id. 11 II — 2 who also compares tha 
orow with Neator. 18 3. 249 aoo3 iiu deitri coKpniil 

ANNOS Inv. takes the yend oi saeculam as ^ of a century ; Neitor, who has 
lived three saecula, is beginning (iamj to tell his years on the right hand. 1 
Nicol. Smym. p. 177 Bchn. umts and tens were counted on the left hand, J 
hundreds on the right. Bod. p. 113 for 100 place the noil oE the index '' 
finger on tha widdla joint of the thumb. Plaut. mil. 202—9 e. g. dei- 
tera digitU rationom coaipiitat. Ot. t, iii 123 digit!, per quoi nnaiB- 
lare lolemus. id. Pout, it 3 18. Sen. ep. 88 g 10 arlthmetia teaches ma 
to count and avaritiae commodat digitos. Plin. xx£iv § 33 the fingers 
ot the IsnuB geminus dedicated by Numa {?) indicated 365. Quintil. 1 10 
§ 35. II 3 § 117 geittim , . . numerum quingentorum fleio polUco 

effioientia ne in ruaCiei's quidem vidi. Suet, Gland. 21 the 

emperor counted voce digitisqne the gold pieces given to victorioas 
gladiators, Mocrob. vii 13 g 10. Pint, apophth. p. 171'' as the fingers of 
arithmeticianB stand now for units, now lor myriads, so the friends of 
hings at one moment oreoll-powariul, at another powerless. Bnid, 'Appa- 
idfioi. DCasa. iiai 32 g 1 Eaint, snth. Pal, xi 72 the garrulous crona 
ii' ^p NifiTTup Btthi jr/KirpiiTaTU!, | i ficfoi d9p^aiui' i\aipou irXJw, ^ 
Xepi XatS I yvP'^t dpiff/itlaSat San-tpop ip^aiUvii ; the left hand, applied to 
diiFcreut parts of the body, expressad numbers from 10,000 to 90,000 
(Hhabanus), DChiys. 1 p. 169 fin. B. Tert. apol. 19. S. Aug. tract, in 
lo. 122 g 7 in aiimma cen.teiiarii mimerui ad dexterant transit. Bidon, 
IX 9 Sav. pp. 579. 587 — 8 from luv. your life has had a douhle lustre, lit 
guandaqtiidem tuoi annos iam doxtra numerBverit, sa^fulo praedi- 
catui luo, deaidtrajiditi aUeno, utraqtte laadabiti aciione dfcedai. Eieron, 
&dv. lovinian. i 3 i 210 Vail, where is much allegorical trifiing, see tha ] 
Bened. n. Cassian. coUat. IIIT26. Iren. 1 13. Petr. Chrj-Bol aorm. 163 J 
the loss of a nnit had broken up the tonnd hnndrad, and brout^t the total 
from the right hand to the left .... 90 lies imprisoned, in the left ; add 
one, max dextrae traiiiii aii palmam, max eentenarii niimert pemtnit 
ad conmam. Martian. CapelL Tn g 729 the goddess Arithmetic salutei 
luppiter with the number 717, Eighteen positions of the fingers ot the 
left hand eipreaeed the 9 units and tens ; the flame on tha right hand 
the 9 hnndieds and 9 thousands ; 10,000 and higher numbers were ex- 
pressed by moving the hund to various parts of the body. Hence tbo 
word digit and tha denary scale of notation; on digiluii as a measare iea 
— 5S u. See Bicolaos Smym, iKfipaais roi! BaxTuXmoi liirpav (pubh ifitl) 

X 249-287 


BedabyMorellPor. IGli.aTerjnitebnoi; also, in part at least, in ScLnei- 
der eolog. phja. i 477—80, with tlie notea u B16 — 9). Beda de compnto 
vel loqnela digitonun (o. 1 of tlie treatise de tempornm ratlone vi 111 
Giles), printed in GraeT. tlies. xi 16^0, and with cats by Wiiatemanu in 
John's Jahcb. auppl. sy (1^49). Bhabanas of Fulda de compnto {in 
Bolnz. miBo. Par. 1678 i lU— 12) o. 6 quamado [uameri] digitU ligni- 
Jicenturl c 76 pp. 70—1 is a methud of calenlating the epnots on tha 
fingers. The most exhaustive treatise, ia which oriental authorities ars 
cited, is h; lUiJigor in Jahresbcr. d. deutsahon morgenl. Gesellseh. fiir 
1845. Laipz. 1846, 118 seq. cf, E. H. Palmer joum. of philol. ii 247—52, 
where he explains mi a understood passages of FirdaoEiacd Hariri. More in. 
FabrioiuB-Emeatibibliotli.lflt. ui 384— S. Colv. oaApnl.apoL p. 579 Ond. 
Wouwer poljinatliia e. 7 (in GronoT, thea. gr. z). Coonters were alao used 
luv, n 40—2. 251 iTTEHDiS Ti 6S of a spectator 

a theatre. _ leqibdb Fironnu Mart, t 37 16 peisimorum les 

I fat 

8 fatoi 

253 *: 

Sohol. laioeDtiiig Antilochns, slain at Troy by Memnon, when hs waa 
haateaing to reacne his father; theuca called ^iXordTup Xen. cyn. 1 % 14. 
Nestor in Homer only alladea to Ma son's death Od. m 111 there lies my 
dear son, Afia KpoTs/wt Hal dii.iii.iiii',.,.ir4pi /lir Biar raxit 'iSi /inxi")! 
[aeru]. cf. iv 187—8. 193—202, Find. I^th. vi 23—43 the lament of 
Nestor ^truvilov Si 7E|}iHTa( \ ScmjSaira ^pi' poaai raiSa Sy. The filial 
BAoriSoo and burial of A. \CGie celebrated in the Aethiopia of Arktiuos 
Prokl. ohreatom. Welcker ep. Cydns n 173 aeq. BU. Soph. Phil. 431—6 
grief of Neator. Quint. Smyin. n 243 — 344 death o! A. Tiyphiod. 18. 
Tzetz. posthom. 260-5. Philostr. im. il 7. Prop. iii=ii 13c 45—50 
whom luT. follows nam quo torn dubiae snrvetar ipiritua karae > | Nesto- 

,. i„ 

1 be had 

, liiacia milet 
tet corpus httmari, { dieereC aut, 'omora, em mihi 
aera venisC Hor. c. ir 9 13—5. Aaaon. epitaph. 7 4—6 lervato 
Antiluckus Neitore paSre abii. \ non liic ordo fuit : sed ijulias H 
tla. ib. 8 on Nestor. Dlai. Cret. iv 6. Bumii 

never shayed off his heard, nhich wae done in early manhood n 
VI 105. Marqnardt v 3 199-201. Pldloatt. im. ii 7 §4 ol the dead A. 
Tl^dmt liiy inci\vi]t irpiaa, Konf S h' TiXiuay eJ^ii. 
253—4 An ouHi, QuisQnitt Asssr socins the antecedent inserted in 
the relative clause iii 91 □. Kuddim. ii 18. 254 cim 

HAEC n< o'eu^oai ncBET [Ov.] cons, ad Liv. 104 aecuialqne anrtoi, «t 
diutuma, suoi. 255 Serv- Aen. n 437 quando alilcr 

ntqueo crudclem abrumpeTe vilam. ' hinc traxit ilinin eolorem luv. quod 
faeiiau' etc. inuisERii 340. vi 494. xiil 237. Btar. 

onNep. xt6§3. 256 teleub xiv 214. That Achiiles 

w^ doomed to an early death, waa well known to himself and to his 
mother Thetis n, i 352. 416. is 410—6 lie had the choice between 
a short andglorioua, and a long, inglorious life, xviii 440 — 1. 458. six 
408—23 his horse Xanthoa warns him. ixiv 534 — 43 bo pities bis father's 
approaching bereavement, cf. Od. si 494—503. To escape this doom 
Aohilles had been sent hy Thetia to Skyroa Stat. Ach. i 25—39. 266— 
271. Piud. Pyth. m 100—3. Qnint. Smym. ju 45U— 8 lament of Aias 
over A. perhaps the tidings will he the death of Pelens, and better su than 
that he ehould waste hia days with momning etc. 483 — 3. vii 249. 
257*"n8l71n, ilOn. Hem, Od. 1 189-93, 


B53— 5 Laertes still li 

ea, but ever prays for hia release; CKvdyhus 7^ 
Mfirt. z 67 S of a orone 'stepmotlieT of Not 
>r of every croie, Laertes avian senei 

FAS ^thout est MiiMnuan coL 121flii.=iit J 
1 306 illic fas regna Tesurgere Traiae 
NATiNTiiiu toat on the 

258—71 Priam joinea witt Nestor also vi 32i— 6. Mart. (ver. 2fi7 n.). 
priap. 57 i. The whole passage is from Ola. Tasa. i § 85 Mstellos bad 
four Bans, Priam SO, 17 of whom were by hin lawful wife. Fortnne bad 
ji of both, but used it on one only. Metellnm 

enjm noiUi filii filia 
PriaiDttm taata pre 

acam coafngisaet, 
ic si TiTia filiia iuoolumi regno 
I boaii an a malia disceninetl turn 
te ei meiiui evenisiet nee tarn Jltbililo' 
:>idi inflammari, | Prlomo 1' 
evitaii, lovie aram eaDgume turpati.' g^uad H ante oocidiatet, t 
eventum onmino antUisset : hoc autem tempore 1 
Tbeo (ollows the case of Pompeius. npia/uiial rux'u proverbial to denotfl^ 
a great reverae of fortune Aristot. eth. N. i 10 g 14. of. 9 g 11, Attioi ' 
phiL in Eua. praep. ev. 790'. Plotin. enn. 1 4 5 Tii voy.vBpiifAinvs . . . 
Tip. T. Heuoe the epithets i-oXuTXTiroi. roXuSdtpoTai Fape-Benseler Uplti' 
/lot. Pint. GrylL 6 § 6 p. 989 tou Ilpiautiii ^apvroruoTtpos. id. apophth. 
Ages. 37 p 211" when some one 7as envying the Perdion lung, then vary 
Joong, A^ailaos replied, 'Priam too, at that age, was not unfortunate.' 
the B^ing of KalUmaulioH ' Troiloa wept less than Priam ' is aited by Cio. 
1. c. ^93. Flut. couB. ApoU. 24 p 114'. See the touching appeal of Priam 
to Hektor H. ikii 59 — IS, where he laments hissons fallen, and forebodei 
that he may eoe hia liaughtera ravished, hia infanta brained, and be him.- 
selt torn by doga. xiiv 493 — SOU he appeola to Aehillea by the remem- 
branoe of Peleus ; 643 — 60 Achillea is overcome by Priam'a present aorrow, 
coutraated with his former glory. Suet. 62, confirming the report thai 
Tiberius intended the destmotioD of ali his graadchitdren, identidem 
fdicciii Priamttm vacabat, quod stiptret^s omniam saorum extitisieU 1 
DCass. Lvm 23 J 4 otberwiae; 'he deemed Priam happy, inasmuch U^ 
country and kingdom tell with him root and branch. ' ib. uuilS gl tl 
same words are put in Nero's mouth. | 

Stat. B. HI S 206 immilet lente deacendit od u 
259 AaaAB&ct Aes. Hoa and Ganymedea were sons of Tros. Priam n 
son of Laomedou, son of Dos ApoiloiJ. 111 13. Heyne on Verg. g. i 

BOLLBMNXBos Verg. Aen. t 605 variii tumnlo Ttfen 
foUemnia hidis. vi 380 tnmulo sollemnia mittmt. 
259— SO HScToaE i-nNns portamtk II, iiiv 786 mi^ptt Bpaala "Bimipn ' 
iiKpaxiatret. Cio. Tnso. 1. C. PUn, vii § 142. VM. vii 1 g 1 Q. MetaUna an 
example of unalloyed blisa, each as heaven itself eaonot boast; greftt 
domestic happiness, great publio distinctiona.inilfuin/uitua, nidlu* jemitm; 
and then the wortl^ orowc of all: ultimo; senectulit tpatia de/KMliMl 
leniquB genert martii titter aacala complexmqtie c ' ' 

i. TeU. 1 

^^■t Mnse. 

X 259-268 145 

fi«iu Jiabet; niimquam maUr liigabrla minpai: | venit in eieqniaK tota 
oaterva meaa. Nep. eu 2 § 3 of Plulip of Macedon annos lexaginta 
tiatia deceirit floreiite regno; iw.qve in tarn mallit annii cuiasqaam 
Bi ana Btirpo funnB vidit. funds ■ corpse' Serv. 

Aen. iilSL Prop, 1 17 B hofcine parea metim Sann» harena tegetj Catall. 
G* 83. Butr. vn 23 of Domitian fauna eiiu cum ingenti deiUcore per vei. 
piUoaei eiportatum et ignabitiler eit aefultum. [Quintil.] Jeol, 13 § 26 
Uteram laneribuB gravidum. VFL tii 6i3 Burm, mora m MiMmann. 
260 PsiXBDld SO sons in nU U. xtii 493. Aen. n SOS. Ee;ne 
on ApoUoiL ui 13 6. ckbvioibub Luc. ym 733 u( Bonutna autaa 

gesteut pis aoUa parentom. 261 fbiuoh bdere iluictits 

IL XXIV 723. 747. 761 ijoxs l^i'ipX') yioio, aaii of AudromocbB, Hskaba, 
Helens, lamenting Hektor: in Hacli ease the lamentation la taken up by 
others 746 iri 3; rrrwuKoiTfl 7iiMfit«. 760 7.iw S'aWaffroi- Spir^. 776 iwi S' 
tirrtrt i^fiot awdpaii: Heyne ad I. p. 744. Sa in Borne the protesBtonal 
monrnsTB, praeficaf, Peai. p. 333 M. dant eeteria modma plangendi. 
Or. m. II 340—3. Marqnardt t 1 331 on the beating the breast and Boratoh- 
ing the uheak to diaw blood. 3tanlo; qu Aeaoh. oh. 23. 26. 262 Osbb. 
(Aescb. Ag.) and Fol. (Ear. Ees.) both anrvived Priam; bnt thsy oonld 
not follow his oorpae in Bolemn state. Bciaai puj,* 

KLrehmaiin fun. ii 17 fin. Faber semeatr. n 10 init. Stat a. v 1 20jJere ft 
' ' e Testes. Ot. m. u 33a laniata sinus, xi 6S1— 3. On the 
Marquardt t 2 181—2, Ferrar. do re Toat. 1 3. 13. 
iCEBlLT65. AEiTiFiciRK ciKiKAS Ot. her. 

41 — 3. 16 105 — 110: aedificare, atrictly 'to make a house' is used, lite 
' " Hi-, far ' to baild' generally. 265 LONOi Dies in this 

'period of time,' di^t la tern. Plin. ep. tiu 5 g 3 dies louga et 
taiieita dolorii. qdid cootuut 1 106n. 265 — 6 ounia 


haecfiHU Priami, /utorum hie exilsii iilmn [ lorte. iulit, 1?roiam inoen- 
Bam et prolapsa videntem { Pergama, tot qaondam popniis terria- 

perbnm I regnatorem Asiae. iaeet ingem litore (ranciw | acol- 

umerii caput et sine BDiniM carpus. ManiL it 03 — 5 (aboTe p.ll8). 
'a aeveral timea need in the Aen. ot the deBtmotion of Troy Priami 
Wpnorum evenar AchiUei. everiae Traiae excidia, evetia Pergama. everia 
(» urbe. 266 asiih Aen. in 1—3 poitquam re» Asiae 

Friamique eyertere geatein I iiinierilam viswn imperii, oecidit?ue aiiper- 
bum I Kium et omnia huvK fumat N^eptunia Troia. From the time of 
Hdt. 1 3. 4, the Troiaa war was regarded as one stage in the long lasting 
lend, between Europe and Asia. 267 "n^s TBEMn;i.OB pobha 

OVUT axi. lUBi, Aen. n 509 arma diu aenior desueta tremeatibns 
10 I eircuiadat nequiquam umeria et iiatlile feirvn* | eingilur. ib. 518— 
g41— 6. Oic. p. Base. Am. g 90. 

t filS Phrygja vestilur bueea tiara. Aen. tii 246 — 8 hoc 
i&ml gestamen erat, eum iura uocatis | more daret popalis, leeptrumque 
laeerque tiaras | Iliadaiujii^ UUior veiUi. The npcight tiara or fez was 
reaarred for kings Sen, bsn. ti 31 g 12 rectum ciipite tiaram gereiu . 
id talii datum regibim. DCass. xxxti 52 = 35 3 3 makes it identical with 
BMt8«UB. of . Bioh eompanion. Foroell. Curt, iii 3 = 8 g 19 eidaT-im P«-80fl 
voeabaat regium capitis inaigji^: hoc caerulca fascia alba distincla cir- 
cttmOat. Amm. xviu 5 9 6. 8 g 5. 268 buit antb 

ABAM BnMBi 10TI8 Aeo. II 501—2. 514—525. 550—3 altaria ad ipsa 
trementem | traxit. of. Heyne exo. ii. Arktiuoa in his 'IMou rdpias 
le Priam take lefnge at the altar of Ziriii i/xelot Weloker ep. CycluB u 


■eniUT ABHA haba Aen. n CiU9 arma aiu teinar aesaeia iremeaiious ^^H 

tew I eircamdat nequiquam unuiria et iaalile femin* | eingilur. ib. 518— ^^M 

B. g41— 6. Oic. p. Base. Am. g 90. ^^1 

9(UA TI SIS Phrygia vestilur bueea tiara. Aen. tii 246 — 8 hoc ^^M 

JPtlaml gestamen erat, eum iura vocatis | more daret piqialis, leeptrumque ^^| 




146 X 268-272 

G22. Leeches of LeslioB, Bathoi of the ' little Uiad,' Eaid tHat Fiiam was 
not slam on the hearth of Zc£i ipxtios, bat at the doora of the honse after 
he had been dragged from the altar Paae. z 27 § 2. Other aathors fallow 
ArktinoB Eur. Tr. 17. 483, Hee. 23 with aohol. ib. 21, 24, Quint. Smrm. 
XIII 223 (Pdam nishes, 231—3, that bo had died before Trojr was iu 
flamea). Tijph. 400 prophecy of Kftsaandra. 635. Pans, u 21 g 6=8. 
IV 17 S 4=3 Neoptolemos atoned tor Mb Bacrilege, being himself slain at 
Delphi, Ov. ib. 2S2. On this altar Alexander Baoiihced, in order to 
e:cpiate the aacrilegs of JTeoptolemoa Arr. i 11 g B; it was shewn by the 
loeal cicerone Luc. u 979 Oud. Herceas, manitratiir ail, non respiciH 
araa? DChrjs. or, 11 ad fin. Priam Mng of ^ciu, wounded in extrema 
old ago near the attar of Zeus, from whom he was deHcended [Verg. 
g. ui 35], was slain upon it. Diet, Cret. TlS, Markland conj. Hereei 
loeis. BU13 ANTE ABAJi YM. y 6E S 3 of Themiatoelea 

ante ipuant aram gaani quatdam pieiatii clara vicHma concidit. 
UT TEICLIFS BOH the monoayllahia fall from Aen. 
viSlitemitur fxanimisqne tremens procumbit haiai boa. the ejmile 
from Od, iv 535 i3s rii re KiT^icran PaSv M ^drvp. Ov. m. 7 123 pro- 

269—70 coLLDM pRiEBET 345 n. 270 iB nsed even 

with EameB of lifeless thinga, when they are represented as feeling or 
acting Hand Tnraell. I 27. Cic. p. Clnent, §110 locum ... a tiibnnicia 
Toae desertum. Stat, b. hi 1 111 inmeaso non uinquaia exetus ab 

only in exceptional cases that oxen from the plough veie eaerificed K. Fr>'-4 

k Hermann gotteEd. Alterth. § 20 20. Aeh t. h. t 14 Eiihn, Wetstein oi> I 
- Mark 11 2. Macrob. m 6 § 5 irdagea. Verg. g. it 540, Aen. -n 38. Ben, t 
Oed. 300. Lezz. avcrbt. atiriiu. iiperbt. Valck. and Wese. on Hdt. □ 6S. 
Tet Lueian saciif. 12 saya with Iut. 'they bring their eacrificea,the hns- 
bandnmn hia plonghing ax.' Bo Or, m. it 120—142. Laaaulx Btudjen 
269 n. 242. ia Israel also the compromisa between religion and aToiice, 
the offering of blind, lame, torn, eick Tielmia, was not imknown Mah 1 7. 
8. 13, 271 UTCvuquE 359 n. used, hke guieumqut . 

and many other relatiTes, as indefinites without a verb in the silTer age.. 1 
' at any rate;' 'howerer hia end waa, it was at least human.' Plin. ^> v I 
6 § 2 sell }toc ntcumiiue toierdbiles gravim illttd. ib. I 12 § 2. Xas. I 
Agr. 39, Bonnell lei. Qnintih has 3 exi. I 


from Ov, m. xal 617—22 where Eecnba says gao tut servos, aitnoia tenet- I 
tunt I quo, di cnidelet, nUi gno nova funera cernam, { vivacem d^fferiit- J 

Ianumt quia posse putaret | folioem Priamum post diruta Pet- I 
gama did? | felix morte aua est, neo io, mea nata [PolyxenaV I 
peremptatn I aspioit, et vitam parttec regnumque reliqait, 1 
of. 462— 4. 481— 576. BiH toiyo B luitottU ad aethera vultui. 66S— 70 J 
lieiaque in verba parato | latravit conata loqui , lacui txtat, et ex re \ 
Bonte?! habet . i e. Strab. xiu p. 595 Ki*ii v^^. Ov. m, ira 630. 
Eur. Hee. 12eS Pars. DChija. or. 11 1 3fi9 B. 33 Jt 29. Quint, Smyro. 
xiT 343— E3. anth. PaJ, ii 212. Tiypb. 401—2. Plant. Men, 713—8 
do yon know why Heouba was oalled a dog? 'No.' Because she did 
what you are doing now . omnia mala ingerebat, qaenujoem aipixerat; | 
itague adeo jure coepta appeilariil CanU, antb. Lat. 105 B. Cie, Tnac. 
ui% 63, Hygin. i. Ill Mmioker, '_■■""■- ■ - •" 

S 264, Atu, epit, 25. 
indae ta magit severos | ; 

.. _ . Sen. ep, 47 § 12 (and Macr. i 11 g 7) 

^ ego,' inqaia, 'nullum habeo domlatim.' bona aetaa eit: Jortiimi 
'hebebii. niieiit ipta aeCate Heonba semire coe^erit, gaa Croesus? 
Sen. Agam. 705—9 tot ilia regum mater et regimen Phrygian, \ fecanda 
in ignea Hecaba tatoium novcu [ experta legeB [Inv. ver. 251] iiiduit 
Tnltua feros, | circa rainm rabida latraiit luot, 1 Traiae Baperstes 
Heotoii Priamo aibi. antli. Lat. 1316 11—3 H an fclix asgrae 
potita labditeta lenectae ! \ eic Eecuha JUviC FertiheHlea mintis, Uban. 
ep. lat, 16 p. 7a9*W liberrlmui quiique ■urgenle fortana eerviu fieri potesi. 
lervivU Heoaba, servivit Croeaua. 'The fate of Hekabe,' ri r^ 
'Stap-rp, proTerbial Plut. comp. Ties, et Bom. fi § 9. Pelop. 29 § 4. 
mth. app. 102 71. 273 seoem eosti yi HI. 

263—5 n. There is a brilliant acoount ot Mithradatea n Eapalor 
D. c. 130 — +63, the year of Cicero's oonaulship) in Mommaen'a hia- 
If ha Bhared with Priam etc. the sorrow of losing wife, brother, 
, and children before his deatli, tho fault was his own, for many of 
died by his orders (App. Mitiir. 112). Oigantlo of stature, hardy 
and fleet of fool, restlesB ia enterpriae, he fonght in the ihickeat of the 
£ght in his old age, could speak all the 31 tongues spokeu by bis EUbjects, 
and was the one foimidnble obstacle to Boman power in tbe east befoie 
the Parthian wars. To Fontua ha added at different times Skytbia, £ap- 
padokia, PaphlagouJa, Galatia, Bitbynia, Lykia, PamphyUa, Bosporos, 
Kolcbia, posbed his frontiers to CauoasuB, and gained a footing in Ureece 
proper, wbeie bis forces held oat at Athens agaiust Sulla, b. o. B6, one of 
the most memorable of sieges. In hia three wars with the Bomans he 
Gnaouutered Q. Oppius, L. Caasina, Id'. Aquilius, Sulla, Fimbria, Murena. 
Cotta, FabiuB, Triariua, LncuUuB, Pompeius ; and formed an aUiance 
with Seitoriua. Prom hia last battle with the Eomans at Nikopolia b.o. 66 
he fled mtb only tbrea attendants, ujid had a price sut upon his bead by 
Tipimes, Even after this (Plat. Pomp. 41 g 2. App. Mithr. 101. 109) he 
formed a plan for the invasion of Italy. His son Pbamakes, whom he 
designed for his successor, formed a plot against his life ; being deserted 
tj every one, he took poison, but in Tain (Iut. iit 252 n.| ; and fell by 
the hand of a faithful Gaul App. 111. Pauly vi 100—12, DCaaa. i3ivr 
11 be planned the icTasionof Italy, choosing rather to die with bia Mng. 
dom than to surrive inglorioualy. Cic. acod. it g 3 Lucullua called M. 
the greatest king since Alexander; cf. p. Mui. %S2. App. 113 '67 years 
a king, be waged war 40 years with Kome, waa master of tbe sea from 
KiliMa to tbolonian gnlph.' ib. 119. 274 cboesdu 

tbe beautifol story of the interview of Croesna with Solon was questioned 
on ebronological grounds in antiquity (Plut. Sol. 27 g 1); Granert, Groto 
book li 0, 11 fin., Curtiua, have shewn that, as reported by Hdt., it cannot 
have taken place ; though the two may have met at another time ; Uie 
travels of Solon lasted from b. c. 593 — 583 ; Croesna came to tbe throne 
B, 0. 660; however DL. i^§ BO. 62 and Snid, speak of later travels ; Solon 
died in ^pros. Duncker Gesch. d. Alterth. i' 59(i — 7 accepts the story 
in the main, anddatea tbe interview B, c. 660 or 669. M. Sen. oontr. 9 
§7 p. 119 29 iHeCroeaaa, inter reges oyuif iiiis»imii», jn«men(n, poat terga 
oiiwti* manibiiB dedaetai est. The story of Croesus, like that of Polykrates, 
-well iUustratea tba Greek belief in divme Hemesis (ver. 43 d.). After hia 
aceeaaion to the throne of Lydia, he added lately to bia dominiena by 
oonqueat (Hdt, i 26—8) ; many Greeks famed for wisdom came to Sardia, 
and among them Solon (29). When Solon had seen all the royal trea- 
nueB, Qroesns asked, who was the happiest maa that he knew. He 



148 A 274-283 

leplied Telloa ot Atbenti, for he Imd tegotteu good eons, who had also 
ohildien; and whenhe diedfightiDgforbiB country, thej all mrvived (SO). 
Next to TeUoB Salon ranked Klcobia and BitoQ o[ Argos, who died the mght 
altar thoy had drawn their mother, a priesteBS, to the temple fSl). Groe- 
BUB being angry with bia guest for not naming him &b the happieat of 
men, Solon reckoua up the daya in a life of TO years, each day eipoaed to 
its owD accidents ; and shewa that happiuesB does not iucreaae in propor- 
tion to wealth ; ' in every thing we most have regard to the end, how it 
will fall out at laat ; for God has ahawn prosperity to many, whom after- 
wards lie has plucked up hj the loots' (32). CroesQB dismisses Salon, 
thinking >n"m very simple, blind to present prosperity, while he insistB on 
keeping the end in view (33), Vengeaoce begms to fall on Croesas for 
his pride; he dreams that his son Atys is killed by the thruet of a spear 
(31. 38 — 9). The dream is fulfilled, and Croesus spends two years in 
monrning (35—48 g 1), Feanng the growing power of Persia, he conaulta 
the Oracle, which declares, that by crossing the Holys he will luin a 
mighty empire (iS — 66 § 1). Ho iuTodes Kappadokia (69—71. 73. 75}; 
after on indecisive engagement retnming to Sardis, he is besieged by 
Cyrus, who takes him prisoner, and oidera him to be burnt. On the pyre, 
remembering Solon's lesson, he calls thrice, Solon, Solon, Salao. Qyrua 
enquiring the meaning of the cry, hears the tale; fearing divine Ten- 
geance, and remembering that his own fortune is as uncertain as his 
captive's, ha orders the fire to be quenched ; which the bystanders cannot 
do, when Apollo, moved by the prayers of Craesas, sends a heavy shower 
(70—87). On the proverbial wealth of Croesua sea Pupe-Benseler Kpoima. 
274—5 cnoEsnu guBU voi insii FicuNDi soLONia hespiobbh 
AJ) LOHBAE iDsait SPiTii OLiiui vrTAB tMs maxim (Hdt. I 86 S 3) p.i]Sitm 
tlvai r£p fuon-Qw 6>^uir (cf. C. 33 Solon 81 to ^aptirra dTofli »«Trft t^ 
TtXfiiT^i- itoiitA! xP'^^'^os ipSt ixtXcvt) is very frequently cited, esp, in 
tragedy, o! ivMch it is the key-note DL. i § 60 ra BfiuKai^icya. Soph. Traeh. 
1 — 3. Oed.r.1528— 30Erf.Enr.Andr.100— 2BamBH.El.»62— 6. Tr.610. 
Iph.A.161— a. AriBtot.eth. N.iX0 = U§3. Gio.fin. iig87 Day. iit 576. 
Ov. m. Ill 136- 7. Sen. de trauq. an. 11 g 12 rex it : non ad Croeinm 
tt miaam, qui Tagiim mum et escendit imsut tl 4xiingiii vidit, faatna 
non regno tantam, sed etiam morti suae snperates. los. b. I. 
V 11=39 § 8 applies the saying to Antiochos Epiphanes of Commogene, 
who aided Titus at the siege of Jerusalem; Arr. vii 16 g 7 to Alexander, 
who was felix opportunitalt itioTtii. Henl^e the proverbs paroemiogr, 1 
316 n. rr^Xot Spa plou. 11 137 AvSis d.rofl»))TiiM ff<«^t iv^p, said of 
Croesus, ib. 665 rip/ia i' opdv piirmo, ZJX™ Uptut iv 'AO-quaa. Maura. 
Solon 0. 26. cf. eodus. 11 28. FUn. vxi % 132 alim de alio iitdieal diet, 
et tamen, supremus de omuibns, ideoque nullU crcdendum nt, Chuon 
in Lucian contempL 10 takes Solon's maxim as a compliment to b'" ! aoA 
his feriy-hoat. cf. 'all's well that ends well.' 'Ende gut, allea gat.' 
■Einis coronat opua. ' and many other proverbs Wander a. v. Endt. 
276—282 ffom Teli. ti IB b. 0. 88 ' Salln returned to Home, oecnpied 
it by force of arms, and drove out from the city twelve ringleaders of 
revolntion, among whom were Murlui with liis son and P. Sulpieini, 
ac Uge lata cxules/ecit; . . . Marias after his sixth conBulship and his 
70th year, naked and overwhelmed with mire, eyes only and nose rising 
above the water, was dragged forth from a lied q[ reeda hard by ibeiwamp 
of Morioa, wherein he had concealed bimspll when Hying from the pursoit 
of Sulla's cavalry, A halter being thrown avtsr his neck, be was led tu 
the prison of Ihe WMtaraemiana by order of the dnnmvir. A public 

A. 276 149 

Di!, was sent with a sivorJ to JiflpatoU Iilm; it 
chanced tliat this slave Iiad been taken by him when impeiator in (ha 
Oimbrie aar; no sooner diil he recognise Marios, than ottering a load 
shriek eipreeBing indignation at bo groat a man's caUmltj, he threw 
awa; his sword and Bod from the prison. Thou his coimtrymeii, tanght 
by an enemy to compaasionato one who was but lately the chief man in 
the Btate, ftimiBhed bim with provisions and clothing and pnt him on 
board a ship; bat he, coming np with his son noar Aenaria, bent his 
caoiBe to Africa, and supported a life of deititalion irta kat of the ruhti of 
Carthage; while Marios beholding Carthage, Gartb^e gazing on Marins, 
migbt eaoh comfort tbe other.' Manil. tv 45—8 et CimbTum in Mario, 
Iilariiimqne in carcere victum: | qui consul totios exaulqiu et in 
exmle coniitl { adiaoait Libycis compar iaetnra minis. | tque 
orepidinihuB [luv. Y 8n.] Mjrit Carthagiaifl orbem. Mor. 11 9 = m 
SI S 6 inilium ft eama belti inesplebilii bonoram Maril lamaa. 
g 8 Jfarium BCTTilla faga exemit. § 10 rediit ab Africa Marim clade 
maior: tiquidem career caMnae./u^aeiilinm horrificaveraat dignitatem. 
LuD. ii69— ise. e.g. 63— TSpoji Tantonioos flnv. 282] victor Libyeot- 
que triumphos | exnllimosa Karina caput abdidit nlva. | itagna 
avidi Uxere soli lozatqiie palades | depoailam, Fortuna, (uunt; nez 
vincula ferri \ exedtrc lenem longiaque in earoeie [lar. 2TG] paedar. | 
consul et eversa felix morituma in urbe \ poenas ante da bat Bcelernnt. 
79 the Gao! (or Gmmanl viderat inanemain tenebroio in caroaro lucim. 
90 — 3 nada eriump/wrfi i'aeatt per regaa IvgvTthae J et Poonos preaeit 
sinetea [Inv. 277]: lolacia fati \ Carthago Mariasqne talit, pariter- 
;u« iacentea \ ignovere deis. 130 — 3 leptimiit haee eequitur repetitU 
fascibug annut [b.c. 86] : | illefuil vilae Mario modna, omnia paaso, | 
quaa peior fortuna potest, atqne omnibaa aao, | quae melior, 
menaoqnehomini quid fata pararent. The eiile Orid draws the 
Bame lesson txoia tbe fate of Klarius Pont, iv 3 46. 47 ille Iiigurthino 
elarut Cimbroqae triumpbo, | . . . in caena laluit Marins caimaqtte 
.Inatri. ib. 37—8 the revarBas of Crneaiia [Inv. 274—6], and 41—4. of 
mpeiui puT. 283—8]. 276 esilidu on tbe flight of Marina 

Flat. Mar. 8S g 6— a. 40. 41 § 4. 45 g 5. 43 §3 2—9 an hie return b. c. 87 
entered Borne, but Marius lingered at the gatsB, feigning unwil- 
IB to enter while still under the decree of hanisbment (of. 42 g 3h 
if his presance were reqairad, the decree must be formally rescinded; 
when three ot four tribes only bad voted, he threw off the mask. ib. 41 § 
4 from hie flight to hia return, u period of more than 70 days, he soSerad 
his beard to grow, and refuseil the proconsular uniform sent him by 
filnna, paBsing through Italy in tatters and unkempt, of. App. b. 0. i 60. 
' — Pint. Bull. 10. Lao. 11 327 eiulibas Mariia. ciiicEB ho 

□omraitted to tha honje of Fannia in Minturnae TM. I 6 § S. 11 10 § 6. 
2 g 3. Flut, 38. 39 the Ganl who was sent to kill him saw his eyea 
'^ring in the dark cellar, and heajd a load voica 'Man, dareat tboa kill 
Gains Marios?' on which he ran out orying: 'I cannot kill Qaiua Marios.' 
cf. App. b. a. 1 61. Loo. n 73, 79 and Ores, v 19 also speak of a career. 
mHTCBHAHuuQnH PALUDEB Cloero often Qpeaks of Ms fellow-townsman fin, 
II § 103. p. Seat. § 50. p. Plane. % 26. in Pis. | 43 C. Marina, quem Italia 
tervata ab iUo demersom in Minturnonsiam paiudibus, Afrtoa 
dteieta ab eodem expnlsnm et naufragum vidit. p. red. ad Qoir. 
S9 19, 20. Ores, v 19 p. 343 H Marius ftigUiu. cum peneqvmti-am in- 
tUintia cirCTinnaepliu eiiet, in MintiirDensium paludibns tese ab- 
'"'" qttibta isfeliciter luto obsitua iffaomittioaeqiu: protractui, turpi 



J 50 X 276-280 

imtem tpectacula Mintucnfts ded'^tut eontriiiuique f 

Lialorem ad le mitsam »olo vuUu fxtemnt. Hut. ep. i i ^ 

Minlnrnas. To the malaria arising from ihe swamp Ovid aUndee ic 
716 Minturnas^ne graves. uinturnabdji a Be 

m colon; of Latinin oa the via Appia, Ipng on the right bajik oE the 
linS Garigliano, ahoat 3 miles from the sea Strab. v p. WS ; there ore 
still large remains of on amphitbeutre and on ac[nedact, sabstractiona of 
a temple, trails and towers. Cluver. Ita.1. iic 10 pp. 1071 — 9 gives the 
anthoritiea in full; aeoftlflo E. H. Bnnhnryin diet, geogr. 
277 XEtnncATDB vicTA cABTHAoiNG PAnis Loc. VTii 268 an LibyoBS 
ataiinm potuere rninae | erigere in fasces? anth. Lat. 415 3&_8 
lujwri, qnU fuit ilU die*, | 3110 Macium Tidit snpta Carthago ifc- 
eentemt | tertia par illis nclla ruina fuit; ib. 33— a hope moved 
Marias to trnst himself to the marsh, turpi te credere limo, and to make 
for the shores of conquered Libya,. 39 — 10 hope carried the exile Pom- 
peins to the boy king [Inv. 383—8]. 43 hope lemaiced to Priam after 
Hector's loss [lav. 258—73]. Plat, Flam, 21 g 7 (g 6 he speaks of 
the reverses of Milhradates {lav. 273], and c. 20—1 of those of Hannibal 
[Inv. 147 — 67]) ' the Eomans, who mDoked the foriunes of Mariiu a va^a- 
hand and a beggar, iXu/tdpou lai ■rTux'^i"^<"- in Africa, presentjj adored 
>nm at itome a^aTTifie-oi nal fiairTiyoi)i.iyoi.' S 8 Solon's malim. id. Mar. 
40 gg 5 — 7 Marius reached Africa, SeitiUus the praetor wacned him not 
to land; otherwise he mnst cany out the decree of the senate and treftt, J 
him as an enemy of the Bomans. Marias lephed 'tell him that 701^ ■ 
have seen C. Marina sitting an fxile amid the mint 0/ Carthage.' M. BeilcS 
oontr. 17 § 6 p. 198 ctpiTo MintnTnenBis pains einlem Marinn),' 1 
Hoa havsit; GivtbeT etiam in capto vidit imperantem; 'praetoT iUT a am- 
njMefit eialis jlSiXit.' qvi in crepidine [lav. v 811.] viderat MaHimi, 
in lellafiguravit. ib. 1§ Sp. S7 quit crederet iaeentem aupra orepidinem 
Marinm fuiise conaulem aut fiiturvmf g E P. ASPEENiB quid re/eram 
Marinm lexlo eoTtiulatv Garthagiiii mendioantem, leptiniD Somae 
imperantemt Stanley compares the legendary date obolum Beliiario. 
278 For the trochaic caesura in the third foot LBp&a 
compares 11 14G. it 120. vi 192. vui 100. 267. 11 133, uv 137. 342. xv 64. 
116. Hiiso from long life 27E, 278—9 ID™ BEATnra 

more nniversal than queja beatiorcm; so nihil than nemo, oHir than _ 
oSStlj Ti 469. Hot. B, I 3 18—9 nil fuit timquam \ tic fmpor i<Ut J 
fiuddim. ji 103. Bamshom 956. Bpartian. Sev. 21 g§ 5—6 qnid Jlfareafl 
felioius/uitj«t, si Commodumnon reliquiaset heredemt quid 5m«ro iScpffV 
iintio, si Baitianum nee genuisieti Cic. parad. 2 g 16 O. vera Mftrinm n 
cidimtu, qui mifn etcvndii rebat unui ex foTtunatia Aominibut, adverHl 
una* ex runtmit virii videbatur, quo beatiuB cue mnrtali nihil poiiit. 

For the thtmght cf. TM. iv 9 S 14 ille Mariua cui poii ei- 

ilinm consul ereari proteripiogue jacere proseriptionem eon^git. quid 
Auliu condfcione incoiatantiut av.% mutabitim t qwcnt li inter miitroi 
ponurit, miierrimv, inter felloes feliciBsimns reporietur. Stat. 
Th. TI B13— 7 of Folynices. Pint, Mar. 23 § 1 fortune, or the tni^ of the 
gods, or necessity, leaves no great success unalloyed, but diTOTEifiGS hu- 
man life with a mistniB of good and ill. 

280 on the frinmphal procession see 36— 46 n. ; those of Marina over la- 
gurtha (Plut. 12), and over the Oimbri and Teutones ib, 28 % 9. Hor. e. x 
37 30 — 2 laevit Libumii tcilicet invidem \ privata dedaei laperSo | turn 
humilit miitier triumpha. Prop, n 1 38 Vnlp. Flor. i 88 = in 8 g 10 Teato- 
ivdns, king of the Teutoni, insigne ipectacutum friumphi fuit. qaippe vir 

X 280-283 


praetritalia exiniae suptr tnpaea tua eminebat. 281 ionfi. 

.umtAH oF the 13 eix. at hiatus m Iut. B are in this place (LupiiB) in TO. 
Ti 274 i68. Till 105. HI 110 (?). iiv 49. it 120. iKiiuu opi- 

ulM U we say op. decu3, gloria, tHvmphva, 282 emu he 

TTBtrroNioo TEM,ET,DescKNDEKE cwaHO Yiii 249—53. The terror o£ Eome 
before these iiorthem hordes, whose time was not jet fnlly comei was 
great Flor. i 38= m 3 § 5 actum erat, ni Mariui illl laeculo contigietet. 
Oa the vei; day of the Tictory at tho Baudii campi it waa Bunoiuiced at 
Bome, na trftdition told, by Castor and Pollui g§ 19—31 ftuita (am laetum 
tam^ae felicem Hberatae Italiae adtertique imperii nunlium . . . jjopulut 
Somaltai acaepit . . . per ipsot, ei credere fas est, deoa. o(. Plat. 17 (or 
nuuiy other portents. This Arst OermiLD imm^trotion (for the nomeil 
Bad ohildren marched with the fighting men or rode ia wagons) ot the 
Cimbri was at the outset entirely sncuessfnl; they deEeated the oonEols 
llOuboB.c. 113 at Noreia in Corinthia,, 2) Silaiius B.C. 109 in sonthsm 
UAul, 3) Maxlmiia Oct. b.o. 105 with a legatas aud proconsul, cominand- 
ing three armies, in a series of battles at Orange; in these days 80,000 
Boman soldiera were slain. SnlL Ing. Ill § 1 qiio tnftu Italia omnU con- 
Iramterat M at that time spes aiqiie opes civilatis in illo [Maria] sitae. 
Pint. 11 g 4. 16 g 1 compares the inTaders to a cloud and a thnuder- 
bolt falling on (iaul and Italy; 11 g 10 to fire, for their ^sed 

B,(h 106, was oonsul 5 years iu anccessiou b.c. 101—100, during 
Tbioli he reformed tlie army, destroyed the Tentones at Aqnaa Sextiae 
Aiai B.o. 102 (Pint. 11—24. Liv. perioch. lithi) and the Cimbri on the 
««mp[ Bandii, near Tercellae 30 July b.c. 101 (Plut. 34r— T.Liv. ib.). He 
had put off the triompli for the viotory at Aii (Pint. 24 g 1. Liv. ib.), and 
now accepted only one triumph, though two were offered Liv. ib. Plut. 
38 i9 8—9. After the battle of Ais he leserred the choicest arms and 

rls tor Ms triumph, offering all else as a burnt saciifice ib. 22 § 1. cL 
inscription seen by Foggio on the basis of the statue of Maiiua at 
AreKZD Orell. 643. corp. insor. Lat. i p. 290 he waged war as consul with 
In^oitha, took him prisoner 



IBTTON' iEDBu.HaNora-Er«-nBiTii-TiOTott-rBCii. In return for their 
great deliTerance the people named Marius the third toundor of the 
dij, and poured libations to liim as to their gods at feasts Pint. 27 g 9. 
From the history of Moriua Aug, cit. D. u 2S § 1 draws the inference 

{one Juimines, sicvtfuit Mariut, laltite viribm opibvs honoribua dlgnilt ' 
DDgasTitatfl canaUari etperfrvi di) imfii.ibid. S 2 lymitto ^uoiJMari 
a VAterantib-ai Uiaturnensibus Maricas deae in lueo eiva commendatiu 
ttlfVit ti omnia protperaret; et ex sunaaa deipcraiione revernis incolamii, 
in vrbem duait cradelem enidelii exercitnm. 
.283~-8 from Cic, whom VbR and Sen. also follow, Tnae. i g 86 [cf. 
I 8S, the aomce of Iqt. 253—^72] Pompeius struck with a dangeroiu 
diaeaae at Neapolis, reooTered. The Neapolitans, aye and they of Fateoli 
[ too, put on crowns for joy: Tolgo ei oppidis publico gratnla'--- 
I tnr: ineptvm sane nfgotitun et graecidnm, tid tauten fortunat 
L,^ad lie then died, would he haTc been token from goods or ills F ce\ 


X 283-285 


misBTiB. For be would not hava fought ■with hia lathet-in-law Cuesar, 
would not bave taken up arms unprejiared, ^ould not fled from 

nuB inoidinset, . . . non fortunae omnes a vicCoribut postiderentur. 

Bet, IB propagations vitao qnot. qnantas, quam inoredibiHs 
liauBit {ortunaa I Veil, ii 4S g 2 it Fompeius two jears before the 
oatbreak of war, when ha had finiBhed hia theatre and the adjoiniag 
works, {jnmftsiinn temptatut 'oaletudine deceneisttt in Campania, 
quidem tempore univerBa Italia vata pro salute eine, primi i 
ninin oivium, svseepit, d^fitiiset fortunae deatrv&ndi eiu> Uicite tt ^ 
apod luperei habiierat_ magnitadinem, inlibatam detulisiet ad inferot. 
Sen. oons. ad Mace. 20' §J 4—5 cagila qaantum hani opportuna m ' 
btal, qaam multia diutias TlKiaaa noonerit Si On. Pompeiuia 
dieui iitud firmajnenttimqae imperii, Neapoli valetudo abataliBse^ 
iitdubitatui pepuli Eomani prineepi excenerat: at ■nime txtgai letr^orit-M 
adiectio failigio ilium luo depulit. , . . vidit Atgyptiiim caratfieetn ikm 
eacTosanctam victoribia corpus salelliti praeiiiiit; nest follows the fate at'% 
Cicero (Inv. 120—6). Lw. tx IT § 6 quid niti longu vita . . . MaBnam;! 
modo Pompoinm rertenti praebnit fortnnae? App. b. o. u 39 I 
mentionathesiclmBsa of P. Plut. Pomp.67it waa on the motionof Fraia* I 
Roras that the Neapolitans voted lacrifices for the recovery of P. Tbdr I 
neighbours followed the eiample, and an the thing went (AeroMiido/ItatyJ f 
citiei great aiid imall keeping afeatiTal for many days. Crowds BtreuneS 1 
out to meet P., streets, villages, andharhoors wore thronged with rev^erfl 1 
and saorifices. Many received bim with garlands on head and torehea in' * 
hand, threw flowers upon Mm and esoortcd him in procession. Ths blind ' 
self-oonfidence engendered by this progress was one main cause of tbo 
war- To those who asked with wha,t forces he conld oheok Caesar's mareb 
on Kome, P. replied; 'Wherever I stamp my foot in Italy, foroea, hor« 
and foot, will start up.' Flor. ii lS = iv 2 g 8 causa tantae ealandtaliM 
eadtm quae onmium, nimia Islioitas. cf. g 20. fS £1—2 felioent 
lOeumque in molts Pompainm, li eadem ipeum qaae exercitnm 
eins forlana traxisaet. snpersteB dignitatis suae vixit, nt 
Dum maiore dedecoia . . . imperio viliinmi regiii, eonsiliii ipadomtm 
ft, ne quid malii deeiiet, Sepilmii deiertorii mi gladio trucidaiM, iu6 
oculia vxori$ suae liberanunjiie moreretur. Plin. h. n. v g 58 the 
Mile rose but five cubits this year, the lowest recorded ntunber, viluti 
Ttecim Magni prodigio quodam Jiumine averianic ib. vii g§ 9S — 99 is 
a snmmaiy of the exploits of Pompeius, 'rivalling the lustre not ol 
Alexander only, but almost of Hercules and father Liber,' including tbo 
inscription on a shrine of Minerva, built from the spoils of his victoriel, 
and the 'preface ' of his eastern triumph. Ov. f. v 1 185 — 90 has a like 
passage abont Manlina ; how weU hod It been for him if be bad died in 
dfifencBoflnppiter'a throne; vixit, u( oecideret dainnatiti eriiaine ngni. [ 
hoc illi titnlnm longa seneota dabat. 

284 iDBLiCA vol* state flerrioea, vows formally voted by the !ooo! senates 

I assemblies. Cie. Att. viit 16 |t p. o. 49 the viunicipia treat Caesar ui 

god; nee limulanl, tit cum de illo aegroto vota (aciebant. Ib.ix K 

. 3 ilia .. .dt valetadine decreta municipioTum. DGaas. xli B %% B — 4 sJl 

the cities of Italy, so to say, vowed autipt-a atrrou tijuiuTlf Siaiir, a dis- 

sfterwards accorded to the emperors (as to Qaius Snet, Cal. 14 

' bis retumfrom the islands near Campania), but to no oflier man. 

2S5 ronTDHA iFSiDS Lac. viu 21—3 pnenat tmgi 

1 I dcitruit 

lit a taiiero. 27—31 long 

'* ' ' I aff nit et oeleri praevertU Iristia leto, j df.deeori 

. . _ , - - The (ortvine o( Pompeina waa Do less celebrated than 

that of Solla Cio. de imp. Cn, Pomp. §§ 47—9. Patron. 123 239—244. 
Lao. vin 728 — 9 lum pTelioaa petil cumuialo ture itpitlchra \ Pompoins, 
Foituna, taua. i 134 of P. nee reparare novai vim, mult'iiinq'ue 
priori I credere fortunae; ttat magni naminii umiro. ii 725—36 B.g. 
iasiata iriumphoi [ dettituit Fortuna fruw. vm 700—7, e.g. felii 
nullo iurbante deorum, \ et nallo parcente miser; tfjiifl impulit 
ilium { dilata Fortuna manu. Tlie 'foitaue of Oaesor' nas alao pto- 
verbial. Heinr. cites DorriUe on Chai. t 6 p. 434. 

Eokhel II 455. Iii 111 TTXB nOAEOS. Luc. Tin GB5. 
286 BEiivunii TicTO cipni ABBTULiT PftOBT. in Suflt. CaoB. 84 rafii' ser- 
vasse ul taient qvi me perderent? After escaping from the battle of 
rharsalaB (9 Aug. 706 = 6 June 48), Pompeina fled to Egypt, bat was pat 
to death before he ooold land, on the da; before his 69tb birthday, being 
the annivcrsarf of his triumph (n. c. 61) OTer Mithradates, 28 Sept. 706 = 
24 Jaly48 FisshGr riim. Zeittaf. The adrisers of Ptolom; Dionysos (Cleo- 
patra's bruthcr, a bojr of 13), the eminch Potliinoa, the general-in-ahiet 
Aohillas, and the Chian eopbist Theodotoa, resolTed to loll P,; Pint. 
Poiup. 77 § 3 ' a dead man,' the sophist with a smile, 'does not bite.' 
ib. 78—80 Achilln?, with the tribune Septimios and the centurion Salvins, 
pat off in a small boat to receive P. ; who on passing from liis Tessel 
qnoted Sophokles, 'ha who goes to a tyrant, is his slaTe;' in the boat he 
conned over the Greek speech which he intended to address to the yolmg 
king. Aa he rose to leave the boat, he was stabbed, his head cut oft and 
the body flung naked out of the boat, to feast the eyeg of the curious. 
When all had gazed their fiU, a faithful freedman Philippos (with Servins 
Cotvus a fonner quaestor of P. Lno. nii 714 seq. AV. vir. ill. 77) gathered 
fragments ol a £shiag boat, enough at a pinch to furnish a pyre for a 
corpse naked and not entire {nKpif yvftiiip i,-at oiSi itXif; luv. 288 cada- 
vers toto). The head was presented to Caesar when he amved a few 
dayslaterlct. Plut.Caes. 18 §2). The 'remains' were sent to Corneliaand 
bnried by her in her hoflband'a Alban estate. See on the head of P. Luc vm 
662— GOO, who describes the embahaing. n 136—144. 1009—92. The 
tragical end of such unprecedented greatness powerfully impressed the 
Boman imagination. Prop. iii = it 11 34 — 5 totieja nostra Mej\iphi cruentn 
mala, \ trea tiH Fompeio detraxit harena tiimnphoc. Petron. 120 63 Li- 
huco iacet aeqaore Magnui. Sen de ij. ii 2 § 3, where he also speaks of 
tha and of CieeTo (Iut. 120—6). id. ep. i^l. Tell n 53 g 4 kie post 
tret eonsalatui et lotidem tTiaiaplioi domilamgue lerranija orben laiiclii- 
aimi ae praeitantiuimi viri in id evecli, nupcr quad aicendi non poteit, 
.... vitae fait exitia. In tantum in illo viro a se dieoordnnte 
fortuna, ut cai modo ad victoriam terra defuerat. deesaet ad 
sepultnram. Luc. Tin 711— 821. 833—71. the tomb was shewn to sight- 
eeeiB hy the local guides 821 vionstratum, 669 taonatraniibus. ix 1 — i. 53 
— 4. App, b.c. II 84 Fothinos and his men sent the head of P. to Caesar, 
in hope of reward; the body 'Borne one' buried on the sand, and erected 
a aheap tomb over it; Eodrian extemporised an epitaph (cf. DCass. lxix 
11| 1 A.D. 122. anth. Pal, xx 402. Spartion Hadr. 14 g 4) t^; vadi? P(A- 
6i»rn win v^'t Ir^Tn rC/tpBu, Hadrian also brought to light the 
Ipnib, then buried in sand, and raatored the hiazen Btatnea which 


X 286 

tlia MendB of F. lUid erected. DCoias. £i.ii S ifhers tlie coDtrosE 
between tbe greatneaa of P. and hia fall is drawn oat at length,— via- 
torioua from a Etripllng in Europe. Aeia, Africa., lis li^ pacified the 
whole Mediterrimean, and now met Ma death there; the former admirBj 
of 1000 Bail in a litfle boat; oo the very dny of his trinmpli over Mithrfti 
dtlt«B and ilie pirates, the day of hia greatest glory, he BoiCeced tbe moa^ 
grievDua shame. VM, v 1 g 10 quam praeelaTuni tributat htiiaaititat^. 
ipeciinen Cn. Pompeim, juam maeTabiie deeidfratae idtm evaait txao'- 
plum! nam qui TigranU tsmpora intigni regio texerat, eiut aapnt trilnu 
corOHit triianphalibui spoUatHia, in sua modo Urranan erbe DDBqnam 
BBpnltaiae locum habuit, aed abscieum a oorpors inops logi 
. nefaHum Aegypliae perfidiae manus portatum eil, etiam ipii viclori mi»e- 
rabiU. ut eitim id Caesar aapexit, ohlitas boitU loceti vultitm iTuiuit, . , . 
caput autem plurimis pcetloBiBaimis odocibae cremandum 
caraTit. AlmanJcr Sevcriis Lamprid. 63 § 3 cited the same eii. of 
great men dying a viakut or early death as lay. does here, Alexander, 
Fompe.ius, C'l^esiir, DeniosUwiie,), TuUius. Sen. de tranq. 16 § 1 Fompeiiu 
et Cicero i_coguittur] clknUbiii tuh pracbeTe (eroicem. bre¥. vit. 13 §§ 6—7. ,, 
TM. I 8 g 9. A. very famihar commpnplaoe on the tombs of P. and hia -' 
two Bons, in Airica, Europe, Aeia (luv. lOS n.). anth. Lat. 400 — 4. 
4S4^-6 S e. g, 402 (borrowed from Mart, v 74. ct. Sen. ep. 71 9 9) Pt 
peius (olum victor luitraverat orbem; \ at rureui tolo victor in orbe iacet. \ , 
tnembra pater Libyeo posait male tecta Bepuloio; | fliju Hitpana at 

iionpotuit tanta iacere loli. ct 406. 416 39—40.438. 845. Tbe Bite o( 
tbe tomb was Ostracine Soliit. 34 g 1, near mt. CaeiuB and FelnEiom FL 
T § 68. Strab. 760. 769. The flight of Pompeiua was a topic of luiuoriiM 
in tha sohoola (juintiL ui 8 g 33 (cf. Empor. in rhet. Lat. 571 4H) Pom- 
peivt deliberabat, Parlhoi an Africata an Aegyptitm peuret. gg 55 — T oi« 
pro Caentre Jaerit oocidi Fompeinm? etc Tii 3 g 6 qitomodo laEuru* 
lit Caetar, ti Ptolemaeia Pompeium oeciderit? 

iRlnasB itil 231 — S44 n. Uieae occompliceB of Catilino, P. Lentolos Smft 
(conaul B.o, 71, ejected fcom the senate for immorality 70, praetor again 
63) and C, Cethagus undertooi to marder tbe consul Cicero and Ow 
senate, and to set fire to Borne, while Catiliua marched with an arnn' 
from Etmria Sail. 32 5 2. Pint. Cio. 18. App. b.o. ii S. Tbe baokward- 
neas of LentnluB destroyed tbe cbances of the conspiracy (Sail. ES g t M- 
cordia atque ignavia Lentuti. Cic Bmt. J 235. DCaas. saxvii 32 g 8); Iia 
was f uU of bUud confidence, trusting to certain so-called Sibylline vsTBea uid 
to fortune-tellers : 'it was fated that three Comelii should be lords of Roma,'. 
i.e. as he supposed, Cinna, Sulla and himself Cio, Catil. in Sg 9. 11. it 
SI 2. 13. SalL 47 3 2. App. u 4. QuintiL t 10 % 30. Plut. 17 9 *• Vha. u 
12 = IV 1 S 8. On Hie night of the famous 6 Deo. G3 (Cic. p. Fkoo. g lOS 
nimae illae Deeemhria. ad fam. 1 9 g 12) Lentulus and Cethegus were Btran^ 
gled in the Tullianom, or underground dungeon beneath tbe Capitol (Bom 
Rome and tbe Campagna ulii. Bl) by order of tbe Bcnate Soli. 56. TelL 
II 34 g 4. Plut. Cic. 22 g 2. App. ii 6fin. DCass. nivn 36 g 8. 39 g S. 
This illegal eieontion was contLcnaDy cast in Cicero's teeth, aa b.o. 43 Iqf 
Caleniis ib. ilti 20 g 6, where is a play on Tulliui and Tuilianum. Tha 
mother of Antonius after his father's death married Lentulua, a b 
neiion from wbicb Plut. Ant. 2 g 1 derivoa the tend between Ant. i 
Cic. Ant. asserted that the body of Lentulns was not g 
irieads ICic. Phil, ii i 17), or not until his wife begged it of Teretitii 

but none of the bodies 

were refaeed mtennent Pint 

Lo PflulyiiGa2— 8 


Q h 

N iv S 2 

Ceth e m 


ung Sail. §3 


b dm U 

debt H 

to di 

Im ing TT 11 tb 




re te il 

Bolat uiBd 

m h mna 


B 43 SS — 1 

e.g. natura J 

■FOX, venemtm, manu p 


lUi eroX; 

ceVailaxe pulabaC. Cio. CatU. in % 10. 16 I foresaw remalo Catilina 
non mihi eitse P. Lentnli fiomnum . . , nee C. Cethegi fcTioBam 
temeritatem pertimiMcendam. t» § 11 tapectuf Cetbegi et fucoc in 
veitra caede bacchantii. Luo. ii SH — 8 nee magU Hoc helium «(, gvam 
cum Catilina paravit \ artarai in teela facet, iociiaqae fiirarit | Len- 
talnB erserlique manus Tsaana Cetbegi. 288 ihtegbb 

Apul. Yu 24 morifura* equidem vihilominui, ted moritnrns intager. 
Here 'eiitire')( 'bebeaded;' generttllj ) ( rnuriu* Milblmann col. 1201 — 2. 
j^cuii ciTiLiHi. CABiYEBE Toio ITT 41. Com. SsT. ap. Ben. 
anaa. 6 S 26 31^ — 5 (firet sompaied bj Bsrth) after epeaMng of Cicero'a 
mutilation (Iiit. IZOn.) hoc tifc in Ematliio mitii vietaria Perie, [ nee te, 
dire Syphax, nun fecit in hotte Philippo. \ inqvf tTiump]uitr> Ivdibria 
cvnctaltiriurtha \ afuerunt,nBttraequ«cade«ifervtHannibaliTac | membra 
tamen Stygiaa talit inviolata sab umbiae. Tbe rentlesa energy 
and gieat capaoit; of L. Sei^oa Catilina ia attested by bia enemy Ois. p, 
CaeL S§ 12—4. Cati], m gg 16—7. Having been one of tbe most blood- 
tbiratj agents of Snlla (Sea. de jr. iii 18 %% 1—2) he threw biraaelf into 
the demncratic movement 'with chaiacteristio ardonr, declaring that, 
there being two parties in tbe atate, tbe one (the aristocracy) feeble, with 
a weak bead (Cicero), tbe otber etrong, bnt without ■ bead ; so long as bs 
lived, it should never want a bead Cic. p. Mnr. ^ 51; and indeed, beside 
tbe plunder of tbe capitaliatH, the renewal of tbe days of C. Mariua tbe 
democratio captain, and the exaltation of Manas' nephew Coeaar against 
FompeiuB, were tbe chief aims of tbe conapiratora. Catilina joined battle 
early in B.C. 62 with ibe troopa of tbe proconsul C. Antonloa, led by tbe 
oftpftble veteran M. Petrsius, at Pistoria in Etruria; during the engage- 
ment he diBcbarged the duties of a bra've soldier and consummate com- 
mander, and when all waa lost, charged into the thick ol tbe enemy, and 
fell fighting Ball. 60—1. DCass. mvii 39—40, who oontradicts luv. 40 g 3 
'Antoniue tent hii head to the city, in order tbat, being assured of bia 
deaib, they might be relieved froni fear.' Cic. p. Seat. §S 8—12. Plor. 
II 13 = iv 1 § 12 Catilina was found far from bia own lines, among 
corpses of Ibe enemy, pulcbeirima morte, li pro pairia tic concidiiiet, 
Ben Jonson in bis Catiline haa worked up the evidence with a master's 
hand. ciUiVEBjt ioto Lac. vm 697—9 litara Pompeiinn feriunt, 

tTWiCiaqut vadotit j hvc UliK iactatar aquiir adeom laolrita \ totum 
euro fuit locero tervaTe cadaver? 707 — 10 e. g. nallaque manente 
fig&ra, I unanota etl Magna capitii inttara revnlti. 736 lactTam corpia, 
762 tnincum. 773 Inmei cineret. n 63 Iruneiw. i 879—80 tumulumque 
e pidvere parva ladipicf, Fompeii non omnia membra tegentem. 

2S9 — 34S with low whisper, at sight of Yenns' temple, tbe eager 
mother craves beauty for her bojs, for her girls aloud, even to a very 
daintiness of desire. 'Yet why rebuke f sbe asksi ■ Latona's self takes 
piide in her fair Diana.' Yet Lncretia's fate forbids tbe wish for featnies 


X 289 

like Lacretiu's; Vcrginm would tain tiika Batila'i bump, giving llutila iil^ 
exabaiiBe her avni f anltlesa ehapii. Still greater dangers await the beau : ' 
a blooming Bon. keeps hie parentfl on the rack with fear: bo Beldam is 
beaut; mated with chaslitf. [' chBiSte is no epithet to suit ^th faiT*]. 
Though the plain home, taking after the ancient Sabinea, ma^ La-re 
handed down from eire to Bon Epotless manners, though boon Natina may 
have done her part, denJing with liberal band chaste affections, and a 
face flushed with modest blood (foi what mora oau Mature bestow on a 
boy, Nature mightier than STerj keeper and erery safeguardr) still the 
well-lavoured youth may nefer be man; (or the seducer's lavish hardi- 
hood is bold to bribe the very parents to their children's am : each trust 
have they in the power of gifts, Mo tyrant ever in his cruel fortress im- 
mauued a misshapen stripling, no Nero ever ravished a lad handy-legged 
or wen-throated, gorbellied at once and hump-backed. Go to now, and 
I'ojoioe in your spruce youth, whom greater perils await; he vrill turn 
adulterer general to the city and will fear vengeanoe, such ob a wrath^ 
hasbttnd may take, nor ndll be a luckier gallant than More that be should 
uever be entrapped. Soraetimea however that indignation tikes mora 
license than any law has allowed to indignation ; one stabs the paramonr 
to death, another draws blood with the lash; some lechers also aie 
cljstered with the mugiliB. — But your Endymiou, I say, will prove ttXB 
adulterer of a wedded dame whom he loves; presently,— when Servilia 
comes, money in band, — of one whom he loathes ; he inll strip her of all 
her bravery; for what sacrifice will not any matron, be she Oppia or 
mora profligate Catnlla, moke to her lusts F woman's whole oharaoter bM 
its root thera. But what hoim does beauty to the chaste? nay, what 
good had HippolytuB of his temperate resolve, or what BeUerophonT 
For Stheneboea and Cretan Phaedra alike reddened as icomed l^ tiitS 
rebuff, both took fire, bath shook for rage: when shame goads hate, thm 
it is that a woman is moat mtbless. Choose what advice yon tUnk 
best for him whom Caesar's wife is bent on wedding in her husband's 
lifetime. The fairest at once and best of a patrician honse is hnrriad of^ 
to be elain poor soul by MessaUna's eyes: long since she is seated in 
Btate, the flame-red wedding-veil is ready, the coverlet of Tyrian purple 
is spread on the marriage-bed for all to see; the million Besteicea of 
dowry will be made over in ancient form, witnesses will come to set their 
seal to the contract, the auspes to dealare it blessed of heaven. Ton 
thought this a secret, entrusted to a few; she will not many but ia due 
form of law. Say, Biiius, what is your choice. Kefuse, and yon ara ft 
dead man before the lamps are lit; commit the crime, and a Utile respite 
will be granted, till the news, stale to the city and to all subjects, nu^ 
reach the ears of Clandius. He will be the last to learn the stain on bu 
home; meanwhile do you, it a few days' life is worth the price, obey the 
behest of MessaUna: in either case, whichever event yon think betlet and 
easier, this fair white neck must be offered to the headsman's Bwold, 
289 — 97 <"i the fond prayers of parents see Sen. ep. 9i f/i £S — 1 
nulia ad aurcl naatras vox inpuiie ptrferttir: noceut qui opt&nt 
.... illocnm amor male dooet bene optando. miltil nilm 
no< ad longlnqtia bona et incerta et crrantia, cunt poiHnais feUeitattM 
domi pTOtaere, non, inquara, ire >*e(a via. trahunt in pia- 
vum parentes. ib, SO § 1 eiianiitane optas, quod tibi optavlt 
nutrii tuB ant paedagogus ant mater? nondnm intellegli, 
quantam mali optaverint? o quam inimica nobis sunt votft 
QOstroram ! eo qaidem inimiciora quo cessere leliolQB, (mm 

t no» a prima jiueritia tnala iiqujintar: inter 
itnm erBvimiiH. Hor. ep. i 4 6—8 to libnllus 
tibi divitiai dedenmt artemque fraendi. [ qaid 

a of the votary of Oairia. 
It ipiodapud Athaindanlni invent: ' tuiio Boito esse te onmi- 
bns cnpiditatibus BDlDtum, cuoi eo perveneiis, at nihil deum rogee, 
niai quod rogara poBsis paiam.' nunc eaim qaania dementia est 
hominum.' tuFplBsima vota dis inBOBmrant: b1 qnis admoTeiit 
■.arem, cunticsBoent, et qaod scire homineia nolunt, deo 
narranl. vide ergo, ne hoc piaecipi latnbriler poetii: 'sio viva eimi 
honunibuB, tamqauiL denB lideat: eio loqnere cum deo, tnmqaam 
homineB audiant.' id. lien, ii 1 g 4 vata hominei parciui faerreni, 
si palam fauienda csBent: adto etiam deos, quibus honeatiaiime nip- 
plicamtu, tacilB malumua et intra, nosmetipsoa preoaii. ib. vi 
88g;2— 6eBp. qnam multa aunt vota, quae etiam sibi fateri 
pudoti quam pauoa, quae (aoere coram teste poaBimua! Tlbull. 
n 1 85 Broukh. Hor. ap. 1 16 59— flO Obbar. Luc. t 104—5 haud illie 
tacito mala vota BUEarro { concipiunt. Fers. ii3 — 75 Cas. Mart, i 
39 5 — 6 siqais erit reeti cvatof, miralor honeiti,\ et nihil aroano qui 
roget ore deoa, Gataker on Anton, iil 4. Cf. the Pythagorean rule 
Clf>m. Al. str. it 26 § 173 ficrd ipui^s lOxtaOat ; so laBtinian uovell. 137 
orders the prayerB in the admin is tratiou of the saerajneuta to be uttered 
una pur^t, ' with a loud voice,' a? our rubrics enjoin, of. Beveridge on 
art. 24, 290 i^)^ xutEU Fiop. in = ii 22 42 

lutiiM el geminoi anxia mater alit, 291 obqdb u> 

DKucus voTORDu IT 4. Ti 47. 260. XIII 140—1 ten-o dalioias— extra 
commnnia cemeJ ponendumt deliciae and delicatm connote aameUung 
loppish, tantaatio, whimaical, caprieionB, vain, fine, esquiaite, faatidious, 
nioe, choice, geaiert; in atyle (Bounell lex. Quintil.) affected and far- 
fetohed ; deliciae ' a pet,' fondled with a doting love. Here the fond mo- 
ther does not limit her prayers to plain, sohd benefits to aatiafy her 
ohildren'a nantB, but aaks heaven for something out of the common way, 
to content her vanity, to indulge her to the top of her fancy ; she will 
pray e, g, for any charm that happens to bo in laahion Ben. ben. iv 6 
5 1 ■unde ilia quoqtie lumlriam imtrvens copta! tteqHe enim neceaeitatibut 
tantummodo nostril provifum tst; nsiiae in delioias aiiuimur. Flin. li 
§ 157 ol the earth qaat rum ad deliciaa qaatque non ad contaTneliat 
ttniit homini f . . . aquii, ferro, igne, lapide, /Tage, oinniltfa crucialar 
horU, ■mallaq'ue plua ut daliciia quam ut alimentia fanailetitr noatrit. 
Ainbr. de paenit. i g 42 delicioauB . . . et fattidii pleaus. cf. ind. Plin. 
Dryden ' they must be finished pieces.* 202 FfftUBB* 

Ginuiir LA10NA uiAHA Uom. Od. vi 102—8 as Artemis Btrides down the 
liill yiyiiSt 14 rt ppfta. Airru. she towers aboTe alt her nymphs by the 
head ami ahoiiildcrB, and is conspicuous among all, though all are fair. 
Aen. I 499 — Wl as on. the banlu of Eurotas or rldgea of Gynthus Diana 
leads the dance, encompaaaed by a thousand Oraada, bnt she outtopa 
tbeni all: Latonae taciturn pertemptant gaudia peclua. 
293 MCBBTiA LiT. I 67 §10 B.C. 610 Sci. Tarquiciua was aeiied with 
B guilty passion for Lucretia : cum Eorma, turn tpectata eastitaa incilat. 
The story is admirably told ib. 67—8 and by Or, I. H 721—3521 authori- 
ties in Schwegler i 77H n. S. Tertullian (exhort, caat. 13. mouog. 17. ail 
mart 4) applauds her suicide; so Hiemn. aidv. lovin. 1 49 6n.; Aug. civ. 



S 283- 

D. 1 19 condemns it (a favorite topic in tho scbuola, for lie gii 
mens of decla[DB.tioii: 'miTabite dicta; duo fitemnt, et adulteriian 
adinitit.' 'li adaltsTala, curtaudatat si pvdica, cur occUat'}, She 
the model of a Boman. matron (M. Sen. eic. contr. ti B g 3 p. 409 4 guodlf' 
atiqiie laudare via nupltot, narra Lncretiam); and of homely otaoBtit;' 
id. oontr. E g 3 p. 89 15 refer nunc VBrginiam, refer Lnotetiam: 
•plmrei lamen Sabinae lunl. VM. Ti 1 § 1 dux Jlomanuc p-adicitiae Jia- 
oretia. 294.fEBODnA hec story d. c. 449 is told by Lir, lu i4— 51 

B. g. 44 gS 1 — 3 aa attempt on female lionoor the aaasie of tbe downfal of 
the decemvirs as of the kings. App. Claudius was smitten ^th a passion 
tor tbe daugbteT of L. Vergimna, a man exemplary in peaoo und war and 
in tbe government of bia bome. He bad betro&ed bis daughter to Ii. 
loiliaa; hane virgimm adultam, forma eicellentam Appius, amore 
ameni, pretio ac ipe pellicere adorttit, poslquam omnia padore 
Buimadverterat, ad cmdelem luperbamque vim animum convei 
% 7 after Vergimns bad stabbed Ha daughter Iciliia Nvmitorivsi 
exlaiiffue corpui lublalum osUntant poputo; tcebit Appii, pnell _, 
jnfelioem formam, rucKsiilatem palrii deplorant. 50 § 8 Ver^mug 
says, Jiliam, quia rum vltra pudica victura fuerit, miseram, ted honei- 
tam mortem accubitiise. DH xi 28 — 40 calls V. (28) ' fairest of all Bomaa 
maidens ;' SB Y. before Appins in sordid attire nitb danncast looks atiU. 
'enchanted all men's eyes, so superhuman a grace and charm was in her.' 
39 'pity for the maiden nbo bad Buffered dnyi nii ircpi lenr&ii Sii, rb 
iroxi^ KiXXDi.' Cf. 41. autboriticH for Verginia'a late in Sobwegler 
III 52 n. 2. Over and above its poetical and moral and historical interest 
the story ia of importance as a cose in tbe law of vindiciae in UbertaUm, 
nnd SB an example of the early betrotbala (and marriages Friedlander l^ 
467 — 72) customary in Borne Schwegler 52 — G5. Oros. m 13 pita par*- 
Ticida. QiBsuu 309. vi lOS— 9 mediitqae ' " ^ 

ingcTis \ gibbua: the vford denotes any swelling or hump. 


filial deceisil 

9 quoad aetasM. Caelii dare potuit isti Buspisioni!] 
1, fiiit priimim ipeiuspudore, deinde etiam patris diligentia dia- 
3 munita: ;ut ut huie viriUm ingam dedit,,.jnema hum; IT. 

ssi oBstissima domo. g§10. 11. Plin. ep. ni 16 f 3 
limia pnlchcitTtdine, pari yereonndia. vn 24g3 

t. [QuintU,] deol. 292. 297—8 aisi est adeo 

Ji iiOOB rnniciTiAK [Ov.] her. 15 = ia28aiia est cum 
forma magna pudicitiae. Ov. amor. 111 i 41—2, i. 11 161. Petron. 94 
raram fecit mixtaram cnm sapiontia forma. Sen. ben. iii 16 | 'S.^ 


SI 152—5. Veil. II 11 § 1 C. Mariva . . . natut agretti loco, kirtus atqiuM 
horridua vitague aanatus. Flin. ep. iii S £ 5 fir tst tmendatui tt M 
gravii, paulo etiam borcidior et durior, «t in AfU licenlia temporwn. 
More in Miibbnann. 299 vETsiiEa mrrATA sabimos 

11185. 169 n, vtl63— 4 intaotior omni | cnnibui ^aaii Mliim diri- 
vienti Babina. Ov. amor, i 8 39 — 10. u 4 15 atpera ti viia at ligi- 

X 298-307 159 

daaquo imitata Sabiuaa, m 8 61. m, irr 797- Cie, p. Ligar. g 32. 
comm, on Aea. viii 638. Hor, c. iii e 38— 4J. apod. 3 39—41. ep, n 1 25. 
Co\am. I pr. g 19. Liv. i g 4 'the ragged and stem dJBcipliue of the 
BDciect Sabinei, a race formeily Borpiieeeil in parity of manners by na 
other.' Strab. t p. 338. Sohwegler i 243 n. 1. Aa a hardy racis they 
gave out that they were a colony of Sparta lb. 3S1 — 3; the resemblanca 
of national choraoter was often remarked. 


BKiM iDBKO coNJBKKB POTEBJ] PLHs? n 154. DL. VI g 54 DiogeneB the 
Cynio, seeing a boy blasb, eaid, ' to^e heart of grace ; sauh ia the ootonr of 
Tutue.' Sen. ep. 11 S 1 vereeundiaia, boiiwn in aduleicentc ligmtin. 

301 NAIDRi II 139, HV 331. IT IBS. 303 CDSIODB YH 318 n. 

OnSTODE ET CDBl HitDE*. potknuob ouni Ot. m. n 760—1. 
7S8 Tton te castodia caro \ areit ab ampleiM, nee cauti onra mariti, \ 
.... at tjon valt natQra potentior omnibns ittU, Oic. p. Bab. Poet. 
S 4 though he had nerer seen his father natnra ipaa duee, quae plmri- 
mum valet, . , . inpatemae vitae similUadinem aeduetus est. SO^tibo 
often used in a pregnant sense, of one -nho is a man indeed (Fabri on 
Iiiv. nil 14 § 11), who haa not forfeited or tarnished his maimnod e.g, 
by mmatacal complianoes Bosenbaam Lustsenche 116 — 140. Meier in 
Ersch n. Gmber 3 aeot. iz. 149 — 1S9, Fetron. 81 qitem tamquam puellam 
ermOu^l eliam qui viTum putavit, quid ilU alter! qni...die tagae viiilia 
togam lumpiit; qui ne vir eseet, a matre peranasus est, gui opna 

enliebre in ergaalulo fecit. Cio. in Clod. 1 § fl p. 90 Beier was well oon- 
dt with the verdict Tton vidsri virnm venisse, quo iitt venisset, in the 
eemse (schol.) tbat Clodias was no vir. Apul. pnyaiogn. in Ysl. Bobo 
aneod. i 111 35 alim sternutamento tiibito virum te Tum taae eonfrttu* 
ett. M, Sen. contr. i pr, § 9 g- *" i"** oe?Maiium veatroram, quid dioont 
$atit ingenioajn, saiia itiidii>su«, inimo quit iatit vii eit! &a9iliti ener- 
vesqile quod nati aunt ini'ili tnanent, txpugnatorei alienae ptidieitiae, 
negUgentei suae. Tac, %\ 2. Suet. Vesp. 13. [QuintiL] deol. 3 g 3 nri; 
jmdet rtccutatorem apud G. Marium .... obicere miliii quod yir lit. 
DCaes. luii 22 $ 4 of Nero Tdv d!i^/)a ittlroe, ftye iviip i Ziripot -ytya- 
/tijjtiis, i li\:Sa.-yi(iif yiyaniiinit. See the leu. 305 i"- 

pnoBitiB efirDntery IV lO0n. Monro on Lacr. iii 1036n. Caes. b.c. ii 31 
g 4 iinproboB )( pudental. Phaedr, i 22 9. it 8 1. Lne. v 377 i. vola. 
Cort. T 130 (also vi 29. loatin. nn 7 3 4) ». 'P'l- 'VFl. vi 703 Barm. 
Freinsh, ind. Tior. Duker on Flor, m 10 § 17 t. claasem. Sen. Med. 340 
of the Argo. PUn. ep. vu 30 g 5. zEuriAnE Hor, a. ni 

i 70-1 i-ntegrae \ teraptator Orion Dianai. 306 n* huhe- 

BiBcs rtnncM Stat. Th. t 167 of the doa ia vohim tmuia fidaeja cufiu. 
CQand. bell. GUd. 436 in soli) longe fiducia tetii (Muhlraann). 
307 HiETi IN ABCE TviiAssus a demagogue, it allowed a body-guard, Thirl- 
imll i' 4G0 'ivtth its aid made the fiiat step to absolute power by seizing 
the citadel : an act which might be considered a form^ assumption of 
the tyranny, and as declaring a resolntion to maintain it by force.' 
Hence the lamiliar phrase arcem occupavit = ' aaanmed the tyranny ' For- 
tnnation. art. rhet. i 6 p. 88 4 H. M. Sen. contr. 27 g 2 p. 367 J. Com- 
pois the enterprises ot Kybn (Thae, i 126 gg 4—5 schol.), of Phalaria 
(Polyaen. v 1 § 1), of PeisiBtratos (Phaedr. I 3 B arcem tyrannue 
ooonpat Piaiitratas), Dionydos the yoanger (Nep. 20 B g 3 of Timoleon 
»Mem Syraeuaii, quam munierat Di'/nutiiu ad urbem obiidendam, afun- 
damentli dislecit; oetera tyrannidia pcopngnaonla deniolitut fat. 
YM. 71 2 E g 2. lufltin. m 2 gg 9—10 velut iure Tegnaret, arcem oecupat 


X 307 



cjpumad Btup 

Polyasn. v 2 gs"3— *. Plut, Timoi. 13 g§ S— 4 e.g. 

nil dxpiroXir kb.1 -ri. TVpavnia. 22 §g 1. 2), Klearchus of Eerakleia 
{lufltin. ivt 4 S 11)- Hence the ontery against Valerias Pnblieola (Lit. 
n 7 ^ G— 12. Serv. Aen. iv 110 vho explains leglum citimfuit habi- 
tare in arcibua propter tutelam, gcliwoglec ii 49 D. 4), and M£nlius 
Capitolinaa (b.o. 384 Lit. vi 13 § 1 tlie eenate diecuBsea de seceaione in 
domuvi privatam plebii, forte etiam in aice poaitam, et immiTunti m 
libertati. 30 g 13 a law nequii palricitu in aica aut Capitolio habiU 
Schwf^ler m 358 n. 3. 2Sa n. 1. 287. 290. 299). Lura. v HOB— 9 c 
coeperant wbes aroemijiu locare { praesidiam regea ipei Bib 
fngiamgne. Contrast Liv. iii 45 g 8 duaa aices libertatis taendae. > 
Ti 87 g 10. Pint. Cat. min S3 g 3 (cf. Crass. 14 % 2) vhen niyrionm and 
Ganl, witli toai legiana, was sseigiied to Caesar lat five jfearB, Catn 
wamod his oountrynieD. that they were installing the tyrant in the 
citadel by their onn votes. Geographers noted snch strongholds Flin. 
IT g 47 Bizye an rognm Threciae. t g 50 Mempkii qao-ndan arz Ae- 
gyfti legom. la g 83 Tiberi prineipU aroe nobila Capreae. Plin. pan. 
47 S 4 magna quidtm animo parens (uu» [Nerra] hanc ante coi principea 
B.t eera publiearam atditaa nomine imcripierat, where the nnc is that at 
Donitian. InT. iv 145 n. cf . the definitious of the grammarians PolL ix 
§ 40 j-rfx" Si T^r OKpiroXf tni paciXeua' ae TiS ttrot noi TVpamiht. Aseon. 
Cia. ditln. in Caeo. g 18 an tTiterdum tedei lyranni, id at regit, dieitar. 
In the rhetorical exercises on tyrannicide (lav. 113n.) the oitadel etm.- 
tinnallyoecors QuintiL viilg 22. M.Sen. contc. 27 g§ 1. 2. 17. [QnintiL j daoL 
274 p. 529 Burm. ftominem ocdde.rt non lieet, tyrannum licet; expagnart 
doTimmJas Tuin ett, arc em rxpugnahit oplimus guitque. ib. SSSprtmua tj- 
rannns: . . . ocoapavit tcinKnaraemaJCer. ib. 267 pp. 503 — i. 271p.G20. 
282 tjrannna cum in aroem dwciiiaHiHt euiiadam lororcm. 32B p. 669. 
345 p. 728. CftlpmTi. deol. 13 fin. Lacian. tyrannic]. 7 fin. 9. IB. 19. cl 
Stob. fl. iLiK 8. 14. Luc. IT 800 Cort. (md tromhim Frennd a. v.). Sen. 
clem. 1 19 g 6. Tac. iiv 31 Era. xt 69, Pmd. cath. 6 BO SToiB tuitttiuni 
triste tyranuicae. TertulL apol. 4 Herald and Oehler tim profittmini tt 
ittiquara ex fttCB dominationam. Poljb. in Suid. dxpiioXit. geopon. it 
2 fin. Strab. xn p. 7G1 ot the Jewish temple: 'they obserred a certaio 
decorum with respect to their citadel, not detesting U as a. stronghold 
of tyranny, box mrvpavreier PScXuttoiUum, bat eiallinR and raTeren- 
cing it as a aanotuarj.' DChrys. 1 p. 6BII a version of the 'Choice of 
Herakles:' Hermes ^ews him a mountain mth tivo peaks, the odd 
called ' the royal peak,' sacred to king Zeus, tho other Tvparmrfi, named 
after Typbon. Themiat. 31 p. 266" KaBaipiTior i^ inperhMai ttji- Tupan-lSa. 
Bopat. in Walz rhet. v 100 1. 18. 161 a debate whether tyrannicide means 
1. 1 'to eipel from the citadel,' or 1. 6 'to mount tkt citadel, to fight with 
the guards, to slay a tyrant.' The vord is often used allegoria^ly Phil, 
leg. alleg. ii 33 i p. B3 M if you do not make war on the affections, 'gain- 
ing immunity and anthority they will climb to the citadel of the tout, 
and, in tyrant fashion, will storm and ravage the soul.' id. de agrie. 11 
1 p. 307 ' the tuTant and natm-al enemy of cities is a man, of body and 
son] and of all tbat conoems both, the moat embruted mind, tjjv dspi- 
w6\ir iTTircTfixiiox ^sdoTifj.' Arr. Bpiet. it 1 § B6 — 8 'how ia the eitadtl 
oyertiirowQ? Not by sword, or by fire, but by rules of reason. For il wo 
■■"""'"■'" ' " the Bity, shall wo have de- 
word, the citodil 

X 307, I 


within ns, and iiave we cast ont oar inward tyrantaJ . . . With tHs wb 
DinBt lieein,hBuce we must demoliBli the citadcl,castoTilihB tyrants.' 
of. Iny. son. p. 33. ciSTHAVii vi 366—378. Winer Eenl- 

worterb. Vereehnittener, Bein Criminalr.' 432 — i. Hdt. viii 105. Slayos 
(and a Nero regarded nil mankiod as hin slaves) were treated as chattel?, 
and mutilated with as little scniplo as the inferior animals. Paulns Aegiu. 
\i 68 with Adama' n. ' the purpose of our ait being to restore those parta 
which are in a preternatural state to tteir natural, the operation of cas- 
tration profoBBea just the reverse; bat since we are Bometimea compelted 
against our will [aa Heliodoma was Iuy. vi 373] by peraoni ofhighranfc 
to perform the operation, we shall briefly describe Uie mode of doing it' 
JI. Seo. oontr. 88 § 17 p. 332 28 principes . . . viri contra aatnram 
divitiaB Buas exercent; oastratorum greges habent, cioletos 
Buos, ut ad longiorem patlentiam inpudicitiae idonei sint, am- 
pntant et, qniaipaos pndet viros eese, idagant nt quampauoia- 
simi aint. hit nemo succunit delieatis et formoiia debilibui. Fortuna- 
I 15 p. 93 37 H the theme of a conlroversia 't^ran- 
nnin .,..«. '■'^"rQ jjaier amico commendavi' '-"-- — * -J 


nidi! tempore b 

8 tyra 

Bit, nbi I 


amicnm, amictu puerma occidit, tyra; 
Tf cognila le necavit: amicum mater pueri eaedU accoJiat; adeit ei pater.' 
hie tjiim dicit puerum maiore a sa pndoris innria liberatum, a 
parallel to Yerginia's death. Nep. 21 S S 3 of the elder Dionysini id qvod 
in tyranno non facile roporitnr, minims libidinosus. DCoss. Liz 
28 § 9 TO yc ahtiifiiiTa [ = /iiponoria] rn ir airi} t0 iraAariv i-roiux^hTa, 
Koi Tit yirriUKtxi rii tup Tpiirwr toi/i t( waijai Toit r&yefiivordTaii, 
ovi it airrii KaBi^up B^pijep, iierfapiTtnifLei'ot tr' auTOis rdpTas iir\Cis toiSt 
fiiv /Bc\ovtIi! roi>t Si tal duorrai, Swiin ^1) col ioJX'P''^"'' ''' rofJ'SiSin., 
lasi 28 g 3 of Nero iraiSa Awe^iiBipor »r uni Iripoy ^Q/iafer, ;«rt;iii», 
because at bis likeness to Sabina. of. Liin 13 g 1. Lim 2 g 3 Koiwtp sol 
oWi 'Ea/jiiwu Twoi timvxixi ipilr, Bfiui, iTmlHi ml 6 Tirol itrxvpiit rtpl 
rots ii(Top,la! irrmSdnei, ijnrr>ipfi>air ixt iKtirou Ippii niiiiva (n if tStiSh 
'Tu/Mlar dpxv iKrinneeat. ct. Suet. Dom. 7. Stat. s. iv 3 13—5. 
BriBSon. ant. ior. n 21. QuintiL v 12 gS 17 — 9. Protection was reqmiod 
even from tho cradle Mart, n 8 3. 6—8 iam cnnfts lenonis trant. . . 
[ immatiira dabant in/andaa corpora poena$. \ non t'alil Atisoniiu ialia 
monalra paler. I idem qui tenerU miper luccMrrit ephebis, | ne faceret 
tterilet saeva libido viros. DCasg. liyiii 3 § 4 Nerva repeats the prohibi- 
tion. Sen. fr. 84 in Ang. civ. D. vi 10 § 2 cruet self mutilations of tana- 
tios, as the Galli; no tyrant ever so crael, as false gods; taelerrimi et in 
fa,bulai tradilat eradsliiatii tjranni laefTOverant aliqaamm memhra, 
■nrmitiem ma lacerare iiaserimi. io regiae libidinis volaptatem cas- 
trati snnt qnidam, eed nemo lihi, ne vir e«c(, iubenle domino mamis 
intulit. PhijDBtr. soph. K 4 g 3 a eontroversia of Antiochos of Aegae; a 
tyrant having abdicated on ike score of weak health, a eunuch, made 
snoh by him, slew him and is accused of mnrdBr. The accusera rely 
on the compact under which the tyrant bad abdicated; the aBBassin re- 
plies : ' with whom did he make thia agreements wilii children, women, 
yontha, old men, men; but I have no name in the treaty.' lo. GhryB. 
Iiom. 87 = 38 in Mattb. p. 423'> tJ 71;^ ywatroi ffiaffTToPiioi irnrSaii/^pljiu' 
■ ■ " 'ei\t}</i6tui' irrrl. 



X 308-313 

Flic. V § 46 among the faboloQB races of Africa hi 
pedes quidam f uibus leryendo ingridi natura ett, 

309 BrKDuoauH Cic, in Vatin. § 4 Halm iiijlato collo, tiaaidU cenicibia^ 
cl Gesuer ami ForceU. dteho used ol males, both 

man and beast, bj Verg. Lno. PllD. CelB, TtiereEora the ingenions conj. 
of C. Yales. itero is needless. gibbo 2^1 n. 310 i smsa ex 

166 n. Prop. m=ii 29 23 i nnnc et nodes diaoe manere dumi! Mait. 
Bpeet. 23 6. i 42 6. VFl. m 169 'i nunu', a-t7, 'ifereulis amiw." Aen, is 
631 1, verbis virtultnt inlude tjiperbii.' Bidon. ep. i 3 pr. Suv. i nunc 
et . . . nunit. 310 — I kjtgsib sraciK i>.^eiabe ioi, quEu 

UAIOnl EIBPECTAKV DISCBIHINA 296 6 U. CspitollD. MlLliinin , 23 g 3 

torei, qui Bpeciem illam velat diTinitns lapsant incariuptam 
esse nolneiant. Sen. eons, ad Maic. 24 g 3 adnlescens laiisBimae 
lormaa in fain magna fimlnarum iwba viroa comanpentiuia nulliai $e 
ijtei praebuit, et cum quaramdam luque ad iemptundum [Iqt. 30E] penw- 
nUiet inprohitaa [lav, ib.], eniiuit [Iut. 301] gwni peceatiet, quod 
Iilacnerat. Tao. \i 49 Ses. Papinins committed Huicido; eaula ad — 
trem re/erebatitr, quae pridem r<:piidiata adsentationibui atqitt luxa 
pulitsel iuTenam ad ea quorum effiigiam Jioit nisi morie iiweairet: 
raotiiffc vaabejmhed tor tea jeais, donee minor Jiliua lubrioum in' 
tae exiret. The adulterer ia Luoiao Paregr, 9, who, on enttanca 
manhood, ia taken in tba act of adnltery, is beaten with many Btripee, 
and at last escapes only b; leaping from the roof fiaj/ay^i rijr rvyifi pt- 
pvciidyos. is a paragon of beaatf , nature's own handiwork, the idekl {ta- 
yiiy) of folyMeitos. [QnintiLJ decL IS argument ' ipeeioium filimn, infa^ 
mem, tamquam ineeatum cum matre committerei, pater in aeoratft parte' 
domua tomit ot oocidit ia tormentis.' §9 'speoiOBae,' intuit, 'fuit.' 
non magU hoc facimu in matre eil, gvam oriiatn in filto. ' spscioBilB 
fait;' ul hoc obici posait, ut debea,t, adice, etadidler, et raptor, iniOa 
viatrana maritali dolors ^av. 315] paene perenssus, in iltatiirjtne 
publico, eubclamatiti iiividia: qaa-mquain hacc skdjuc intra notoa do- 
ourcunt iuTentntis esBursus. lOTBNia iiv 33 n. 

311 UAioRi gTGBtor llian those named 304— S; bm 
8IB— 7. 339—46. 311-2 inuLTKii pnaioona Hot. 

0. II 8 7 — 8 iavenwnque prodie \ pnblioa ciira. M. Sen. contr, 12 S ft. 
p. 152 1 misiUBdonramnoiiram publicum puernm {i.e. not, ft»~ **"- 
other en. 'Btale,' 'common to all bidders,' bat 'everjbody'a aad~" 
cMld'). Sen, ep. 68 § 37 among idle school questions, an Sapv 
lie & fmrrit, cf. L;s. de oaede £rat. g 16 p. 93 he boa corrupted not 
your wife, but many otherB, Tair-qv ydp Tix'V" ^X^'- Anaiandiid. & 
Stob, fi. Linii 1 dXX' tXa^er lipoia^ tij- giiic ylynrai \ p.a\\ir ri 
ToS yfiiiaVTOS v T<3v 7eit4i'(o», 312—3 »"mn 

KxiDEBB iBiTisi [' posEibly the original reading: when tbe si, as BO often 
happened, was omitted, then debet or dthe»l would be a natural addiHon, 
and P would omit exifjere for the metre.' H.A.J.M.} P has vtairiti iroti 
debtl, Kigault and Jahu marHis iratia d., many MSS. nuiriCi exigere iratl 
debenl, which exhibits the progresa of interpolation. The exigit autm 
of 3H refers to our exigere. iHiTi Paul, sent ii 26 g 7 iniwnia 

in adulterio uxore maritna ila demwa adulteium iratae oooideTe 
poteH, li eum domi auae d^prehendat. 313—4 h>0 

ESIT fELICmn AaiRO MiUlTia, DT IH t~iq<7E0S NOUQUAH INOIDAT i.B. OeO eilt 

ciiis astmm feliciua etc. 347 n. >noT will he be more fortunate than Man, 
n-hom Tulcan eiunaied in the armB of bia wife Yeoas.' The lioty iru 


X 313 l63 

Bnng b; Demodokos tlie minatiEl at tbe eoxai of Alkiaoos Horn. Oil. vtll 
966—369; asp. the commsats of the gode 329. 332 ait ipir^ KaKci Ipya... 
ri Hal urnx'^-ypi' iipiWn, In Horn. D. v 363 Area giTBB Aphrodite liis cha- 
riot; eomjiliii'iB to Zens (i1). BUS) on lier boboJf against Diomedes i bhe 
takes him bj tbe baad (sxi 416], wLcn ha is nauadad by Atbeuo. In 
Hbb, thflog. 939 cl. 915 they are man and wife. of. VFl. it 308 Mavortia 
iDiiiux. Stat B. I 3 53. sohol. AriBtoph. ay. 835. Oy. a. a, ii B61— 590 
fabula narratiiT to to notiaaima caelo, | Mnlciberis capti Mars que 
VeQusgiie dolis, eto. ET8 diiponil lagueoa. C80 impliciti lacgaeie. 
id. amor, i 9 89—40. tr. n 377—8. m. ly 171-189 adnlteFium Vene- 
ris onm Matte, ot luy. yi 69, m S. comm. on Hjg. t 14S. Folgent. 
jojtb. II 10. TFl. u 98—100. Verg. g. ly 845—6. Stat. b. i 2 59—60. 
Th. m 273- a. Til 62. PbiloBtr. Ap. yii 26 g 5. Nonn. y 578-683. 
Wemsdori-Lemaiie p. 1. m. m 324—313 (or anth. lat. 333 B) BepoBiaoi 
ooncabitus Martia et Veneris e.g: 143 — Q eriminU txemplvm ti iaia de 
nitmine habewu, \ quid tperet mor(a;« amorl quo vola ferendal | qvod 
Tmmen poirat, quo sit senina adulter f I Cyprii amat, nectuta tamen. anth. 
it. 302. 272. 749. Nikolnos in VTalz rhet. gr. i 884 speecli of Zens on 
seeing Area dftr/iiiTt)!. In art Area and Aphrodite are often gronped 
together, as on the cheat ot Eypselos Pans, v 18 g 6. cf. Xcn. BpheB. I 8. 
The Boena was repreaenfed on the stage Cjpr. ad Donat. 8 p. 10 17 expri- 
rauni inpndiaam Venereu), adaltemm Mart era. Aniob. ly 25 'who 
has related that Mara diim gdilaiilna iiuiultat alienis, haesiae in laqncis 
involutam ? noii commentarii veatri, non scaenae t' asp. Laoian de salt. 63 
nhere a dancer acta in dumb show each charactar in turn. Claud. Magnes 
S3 — 39 a description of a Venus of loadstone attTBCting a Mars of iron. 
The comic and eatirical writers did cot oyerlook so obyioua a anhject of 
banter Lucian deor. dial 12 § 2. 16 g 8. 17. 20 g 2. gaUue 3. philopatr. 
6—7; see Benetaily on the adulteries of the gods id. Prom. 16—7. 
necyom. 3. Philosophers from very early timea took esception to tbs 
gross anthropomorphism of sueh teaching a. g. Zanophanes Ir. 7 
Homer and Hesiod ascribed to the gods all lawless deeda which are 
among men a ahnmo and reproach, Mrriiy tioix'iti' tc tol dXXiiXoui 
AraTcitif. Flat. Rep. iti 390° espraasly condemns, as injmiona to 
moraJfl, the hearini; 'Apf6s rt jtol ' AijipoSinit iiri 'H^aioTDu Bfir^i<. Ari- 
atoL pol. II 1269'' 28 sees in the legend an allegory of tho ehiyiUrOtta 
gallantry of warlike races: of. Pint. Pelopid. 19 g 2 Harraonia rightly 
called child of Area and Aphrodite, for states liye in concord when strength 
is wedded to sweetness. [Pint.] vit. Horn. 101—3 giyea a phyaieal inter- 
pretation : Aphrodite is the ipMa ' attraetion,' Ares the rcixaj ' repulsion,' 
of Empedokles; Helios detects them, Hephaeatos hinda them, Poseidon 
looses them; i.e. tho warm, dry element, and its opposite, ibe cold anil 
moist, Irf turns combine and diasolye all things. Hormonia la their 
daughter, for a dne combination of hi^ and low notea produoea harmony. 
Athen. i. p. 14° (cf. schol. and Enst. Hom. Od. yiii 267) regarda De- 
modokofl as curing the voluptuous Phaaakiana by a homoecpathio remedy. 
Many other attampta to escape the difficulty in Enst. and sohnl. ib. 266— 
369. The moat tasteless of iJ] makes of tho lovea of Area and Aphro- 
dite a conjnnction of their planets [Lncian] de aatrol. 22. The Christian 
fathers follow in the stepa of the philosophara, [Inst, mart.] or. ad 
gent. 3 'Let Ilenhaesim put aienij jeuloiay, and not be cnyions becanae, 
elderly as ho was and lamo, he had been hated, and Arcs, ns young and 
fair, loved,' id. de monarch. 6 calls Ares and Aphrodite rait t^i 
'-> ipx^y^'- Tatian apoi. 34. ACheuag, 21 bida Homer 'be 

J 64 


ippitar tO' ^^^1 
23. ^H 

eHavi, Mt/^^M 


^^M Eilent,' ai S4 lui. . . r^r ftgixclaf a^oE Siiia col ra ico/iiJ. Oleul. Al.- 

^^H pratrept. 2 % 33. Fitm. Matern. S. 13. Minac. Fel Oct. 23. Arnob. 

^^H V 41. Laot. epil. B. inst. i 10. Aug. de util. ieiim. § 9 TntcannB 

^^^H et Mars inimiai lunt, et hutam causam habet Vvlcairai .... odit entnt 

^^^1 witer uxom adulleriiaai nee tamen avdet cvltartt luos a Marlit templo 

^^^1 prokibere .... Eunl de templo Martis ad templum VuUani i nui^n« indig' 

^^H nitat/ nee tamen ne Hbi irasealur maTilm, quod ad eum veniUir de tim^- 

^^H MaitiB adulterL ht^ent eor, Kiartt lapidem aentire 7wn fotte. id. oiv. 

^^H D. Ill 3. Greg. Naz. or. 4 116. 6 a2. AChanaa. or. o. Oraeo. 12 i p. IS 

^^H Ben, Fmd. perist 10 183^ of the pagan heaven incesta fervent; farta 

^^^M vioeeherum calent; \faUit maritut, odit ujwr paeliceia, j deos catenae 

^^H Douligant adnlteros. cf. 212—3. tji iM UQDios 

^^f NuuguAM iNciDii Volcat. Avid. Cass. 2 ipse sponie , . ,/aialet laqneoa 


dolor ia teehnical io this Tiee Aen. ix 137. Ot. m. i 736—7 luppitai 
lano namauam tibi causa doloris | haec eril. Phaedr. m 10 16. 
[Quintil.] deeU 277 p. 635Blirm. hoc ti« icriptum eetmariti dolori, 
p. E3S adidtera dimitea non r^diC in manum mariti. nee hoe tantuntil 
in lege eit, ut adalterae u^plieium differri non poggil: ted illad eUaia, 
non tanlum adalterae pereant. nam lex, cum ocoidete mihi adnlte^j 
rum onm ^dalteia permittat, maaifeile illvd ottendit, non jkmM' 
eoi diveriii temporibua occidi. ib. 279 p. £>12 of a boj husband pnto non-^ 
dam kabebat mariti doloieni. ad vnlnera adultari et oaedem et 
IriBtiaBimnm ooeidandi hominiB miniaterinm, magno guodam 
irnpeta et, ni sic dixerim, furore opui ett ib. 18 § S (yer. 310 n.). Paul. 
Bent, n 26 § 6 maTitnm, qui morem deprehenBam cum adnltaro 
oofiidit, quia hocimpatientiainBti dolori sadminl, lenivi puniri plaeuil. 
dig. mx 5 3 § 3 if the huaband, having taken Ins wife in adaltei7, Blay 
hei, beoanHH be it forgiven, we miiBt brj that the slaves not ot the bus- 
baud onl;, but of the wife, mnst be set free, si iusttini doloram ex- 
leqaenti damino non reaiiteruait. ib. xt.Titi S 2 § 8 the hnsband to be pre- 
ferred to tbe father ot the guilt; wife as accnser: nam et propeneiore 
ira et maiore daloie execiUu-nim eum aecatationem eredendum eit. ib. 
39 = 38 g 8 6{s. cod, ix fl§ 4 « legU auctoritaU eeiiante incaandto dolore 
adaltenim interemit, guamvit hondcidium perpetratum sit, tanWTi, giria et 
)U)i et dolor iuatuB factum Hta Tetevat, poteat in exilium dairi. ib. 1ft 
vUidictam . . ., guam maritali dolore peroassiiB reposei*. ib. 80=39 
veina dolor, anth. lat. 2E3It 160 ot Vuloan vix tajieit ira dolori. 
164 — 6 muflum doloc addidit arti, | guam cito cuncia gerunt ari nutium 
flamma viaritui \ ira dolori 315 — S fldb qirui I.BX 

HLLl DOLoni CONCESSIT Hor. s. n 7 46 — 71. In Athous (and aaoording to 
LjB. de caede Sratoath. § 2 ol. Xen. Uier. 3 S 3 in other Greek atatea) 
the man vha detected another in unlawful aommerce with bia wife, 
mother, sister, daughter, concubine, might avenge bimEelf {Lys. ib. ^2G 
—34. Deal, in Aristoor. gg 53—6 p. 637. Poljb. ii 56 % IS. Pint. Sol. 38 
§ 2. PaoH. IX 36 S 8) by slaying the offender. Bomctimee the adnltarer 
was fettered nntil he gave eecuiity for the payment of a fine; he might 
bring an action for unjast detention, afwut ilpx^^rat <at itorjtir, bnt it 
he lost it, bis adversary wae allowed to take vengeance upon bim at bia 
pleaBnre,ot)lytt»n;iyx«pi3lou(Dem.inNeaer.§66p. 1367). Bnoh vengeanoa 
Bometimes took the form of riipB.n\/i6s and fioifHiriSuau (ooireBpondx 
ing to the Boman vengeance with the nmgilii, and intended no doubt tor,! 
brand the oulpiit as a patbio Ariatoph. nab. 1083 of. Ael. 

X 315, 316 


magtii b 

3 45, see Bcliol. and eonuD. on Aristopb. Plat. 1G8, ran, E16. 
9. 151. ouclea. 794. Lnciaii. Peregr. 9. Snid. (loixit ad fin. irapa- 
vOkXtT-ai. ti i.nmilaL EiiEtei ib. ^aipai/l!. comm. on HeKfch. AandSsi. 
^a^avijud^vat ariMar. poroem. gr. i itil L. Taylor lect. LjB. u pp. 301 
—8. Meier u. Sctdmami att, Proo. 397—332. Becker CliariM, iii' 320—6. 
Paulj i' 194—5. Tha sanctity at Bomaa mamaga was guarded in the 
earliest times b; tbe patria poteitat; the husbuid whQ surprised hin 
vife in the act of adalter;, might slay her on the spot (Cat. in GeU. 1 23 
« fil, and kill (Calp. Flaco. decL 11. eiduil. Cniq. Hot. g. i 7 61. San. do ira 
tub gladinm mariti venit uxor morte contnnpta, ex. of libido 
nimi), flog or matilate (Plant. Onro. 35—38. mil. 139S— 1426. 
2 40. Ter. ean. S67. Mart, ii 60. 8S. m 85. 93. al. Deiphobns in 
494—501. the threats of Progne in Ot. m. vi (512—8) the para- 
If the father ot hushand killed one of the guilty parties, he was 
joired to kill both sohoL Craq. Hor. s. u 7 61. M. Sen. contr. 4 p. 83. 
p. 243. Qiiintil. v 10 g 10^ ''" 1 §S 6—8. deol. 284. 291. 335. 347. 
9. In order to cheek the growing laxity of manners (Sor. o. in 6 17 
— 33) Angnstns ordained the lax lolia de adnlteriia aoeicendia b.c 17 
Hor, 0. ry 5 21—4, Ot. f. ti 139 ; Plot, apophth. Ang. 9 p. 207. Inr. n 37. 
Brisaon ad leg. In!, in op. min. ed. Trekell 178—226. dig. iLvm 6. ood. 
Theod. IX 7. eod. a 9. iust. it 18. Paul, ii 26. eollat. rr. The guilty wife 
fQrfoil4>iI halt her dot and a third of har estate ; marriage with her was 
counted Ifnociniam; the adulterer forfeited half his estate; the two were 
relegated to different islauds Paul. ib. g 14. Too. an. ii 85. Plin. ep. ti 31 
gS 4—6. PriTate roTenge was leetricted: the father, adoptiTe or natu- 
ral, might kill the daughter Etill under patria potestas, or given by >iini 
inmannm Yiri.inhia own orhia son .in-law's house; but he moet be Called 
in by the son-in-law, and kill at once (in cimtinmti, props woo ictu) both 
the erimiuals Quintil. ui 11 g 7. t 10 g 104. oollat. it 2 §g 2—6. co. B. 9. 
13 %% 1—2. PauL ib. g§ 1—2. dig. ib. 31—24 ( = 20—33). 33 = 83. The 
hoBband was no longer allowed to kill ,llie wife at all, nor the adulterer 
DDlesB he were a treed man, slave, gladiator or bestiarins, pandar, actor, 
■tBge-dancer or singer, who had been condemned in a public trial oollat. 
IT 3. 10. 12. Paul. ib. §§ 4—7. dig. ib, 23=32 % 4. 25 = 34. 31( = 3B % 9. 
43 = 42. cod. II 9 4. See Bein Criininalr. B35— 856, who gives all the 
known eis. of trials for adultery, id. in Panly i" 195—7. Hudorff riim. 
ReohtEgesoh. i 87 — 9. Qniniil. iii 6 gg 17. 27 case in which what may 
legally be done in one way is charged to have been in another: adulter 
loris caesus vei fame naoatus. of. g 53. t 10 § 39 oeoidisti adul- 
_teruin, quod lex parmittit; sed quia in bipanaH, cacdet eil. tii 1 g^ 7 
Fortunatian. i 6 in rhet. lal. p. 8S 24H. ib. 9 p. 99 L 11. 
' ssoJlX iu-e cncEHTis TERBEumnB Hoi. a. i 2 37-46 laidire eit 
preliiim, jiroeedtre reeu \ qui moeehot non vuKis, uf omni parte 
t, j iitque mil isTitto comipta dalore voluplat { atqiu hate rara 
.ura inter saepe pericla. ] hie u prateipiteia tteto dedit: ille 
llagellia | ad mortem caesus; .... quin eHam illud | accidit, vt 
evtdam tettii eaTidamqve salacfm \ demeterent feiro. iure omnei: 
Qaiba Tugabat. Ascon. vit. Sail. ap. Acron. ib. 41 says that Hor. alludes 
ta SaUnst, who, when detected by Milo in adultery with his wife Fausta, 
Sulla's daughter, was by him caeaus fiagellit. of. Varr. in Oell. XTU IS. 
TM, VI 1 1 13 u( eot qvaqve, gui in vivditanAa padititia dolore taopro 
pabUea lege lui sunt, ttricliia percarram, Semprottiai Miisca C. GeUiuvi 
dtprehtTuum in adultcrio flagellla oooidit, G. Memmiv* L. Octavivm 
cinviliUr dtprthtnmm pemii coiitadit, Carbo Attiema a Fibinta, iixm. 



1 66 

Ponlita a P. Cereaido depnhemi eastraii sunt. Gnacwa etiam Fiirit 
Sroechnm gui depreheaderat familiat etuprandum obiecit. quibui 
snao indnleiase fraud! nan fait. QnintU. v 10 g 8 ' ' 
huiuinnodi est: ex maiore, li adulteTum occidere lie , 

deTC. 317 0D03DAK KOECBOS ET MTJOILIB tNmiT Schtji^ 

'Q flsli witli laiga head, tapering off to the tail, ^ . 
mm depTehensonira solebat inmitlL' Catnll. 16 15 — 19. A ecorpion vi^ 
employed for the aamo purpose Plat, com. in Ath. p. 6'' Oasaata' 
The muiiilii (ra. eephalaa Linn. Kcarpcit Bonitz jnd. Aristot. Alien. 806" 
— 308'' with Seliweigb. n. is 28fl. Cnyior hist, des poisaona, Par. 1836, w 
] 9 citad b; Sietpold) ivftB choaen from its wedge-liko lonu (Ath. 307^ tr^tpim). 
The law ollaned pBraonal vengeance dig. xlvui S 23 = 22 g 3 qui occidert 
potest adulCerum, matto magii cunt nmelia potent iure adfieere. cf. Talok.. 
on Eqt. Hipp. 415. Lips. exo. on lac. an. iv 42. On the form Bee 
Hioeaa u 9 p. 414 20Z hiepugil hie raugil; sed luveiialis hio mngilis 
mmUnalarum d;ii(. 318 sed fiet adttltkb realmiing the 

Jlet adulter of 311 : BO igitar, verum, veramtamen, aie naed Zumpt g 739. 
Hot. h. 1 1 27 Heind. aed tamen. Tune eksiuion joia 

Mooming son cf. i Gin. v 139 Jeiteas. Apid. m. i 12 hie eit , . . eana 
Endymion, hie catavdtui metis. BndjmiDn is a patronjnlio (com 
trSufuj!, and that from tvSiu); i.e. according to Bome, Endymion in A pee- 
BoniScation ol sleep, and the name denotsB lh.e stealthy approaches of 
slumber; aceordiug to Wolcker Uijtterl. i 65T — 9 it denotes tho visit ot 
the goddess, her entrance into Endymion's cavern; the lingering of hetf 

* rays on tha grey rocks of Latmoa, as it Btands out inEbarp _ . ."1... ._^_! ' 

the bloe sky, became in the legend the parting Mea with which she re> 
luctsntly tears hereeli from her Endymion. The image of ths setting 
moon, when Selene was chnnged into the coy Artemis, became a hand- 
some huntsmaji resting ia the cavern, or a ehepherd of the hiils. He 
wlio ia wedded to a goddesB cannot live, and bo Endyinioa sleeps in 
his adyton on mt. Latmos in Karia (Paus. v 1 g 4 = 5) a sleep that 
knot's no waking (Welcker). The Elcians alao laid claim to Endymion 
and shewed bis tomb (Fbub. ib.), as did tho Eai'ians in a cave near the 
river Latmos Btrab. p. 636. Hea. a. v. Sleep appears by hia side in many 
sarcophagi and pictm^e (deacribed by O. John archsol. Beitr. Gl — 
73; e.g. the well-known bas-relief in tlie capitol). Niike on Valer. Cato 
165 — 9 has collected the jesta to which the stoiy gave rise. Pint Num. i 
% 3 has lome interesting remarks on legends like this, comparing that ol 
Egerja etc. John Fletcher the faithfn] Bhepherdesg i 3 (ii 88— » Dyoe) 
tella the 'tale of love' well: 'how the pale Phoebe, hunting in a groTS, | 
Cist Eaw the boy Endymicn, from whose eyes | she took otcmiil fire thftt 
never dies ; | how she oonvey'd him softly in a sleep, { hia temples botmd 
with poppy, to the steep | head of old Latmos, where ehe stoopa each 
night, I ^ding the moontain with her brother's Ught, | to kiaa her sweet- 
eat.' Bee Theokr. in 49 achol. m 37. ApoUod. i 7 5. SchoL ApoDon. it 
67. CatuU. 66 5—6. Prop. iii=ii IS 16—0. Cio. Tusc. i g 92. Ov. tt, a 
— - - 1, her. 17 63—4. amor, i 13 43—4 aspice, quot 




g 43 ol the □ 

bendit hominufa primus Endymio 
ditas. Fulgent myth, ii Ifl. 
H 866—366. 

iges quae singula in ta d^irt- 
1 amorc eiui eaptui Jama trtt-, I 
31G ecu hkkbbii sebtilu.J 
.0 1LL1D3 tierriliae. 

X 321-325 16/ 

321 — 3 In'T- lashos tlio follica, vicbb and erimas of women j 23—3. 87 — 
ii. 6S— 7. 69—72. II 68—9. iii 45. Ti. yiu 128—130. x 22U. 233—1. 
31 186—9. xiu 191—2. siy 25—30. 322 oppu 

220. CATUtLi II 40. Mart. Tin S3. 

323 DETEBioH Mart, n 34 6 mater, qua nee Pontia deterior. 

TOiQB EASET UJ.10 TEMiM* MOHES Hd Heren. IT g 23 mainra 
iMstri, ei qvam unias pecoati malierem damnabanl, limplici iitdicia 
mnltorum malafioiorum eonvietam patabanl. 'qucpaetaf qiiintiajn, 
quftm inipudioam indioarant, (o vetujicii juojne damnoto friatma- 
batur . . . viroa ad ■amon qaodque tnal^/icium eingulae capiditalet impel- 
lunt! mnlieres ad omnia malsfioia cnpiditaa una dnoit DH. 
II 2S. Quintil. v 11 g 39. M. Sen. contr. 18 g 6 p. SOG 12. Tao. an. it 
3 aequefemina aniissa pvdicitia alia ahnarrit. 

324 ciSTo QUID roBMA NDCET? Ov. m. n 572 forma mihi nooait, 

Qcm fRoruii lb. 689 quid tamen hoc prodestT 

325 nippoLTTo . BELLKitopHONTi tho JoBBpli, Bs P]i. and Stli. are tha 
Potiphac'a wife, of Greece, paroem. gr. I 2C7 Lentach 'lirvbXvTOf iiip4- 
oBiiiu, iirl Tuv aa^popiiv ^oukoninjr. ib. 20 n. ii 76 n. and on B. lb. i 51. 
11761. ol. Tenes (Bajlee.T.Murot.T. 1.112). Sorv. Aen. iii 209 PJiiitnu 
. . . Cleobatam . . . kabiiit uxorem et ex ea duof filiaa, qnibna anper- 
induiit noTflrcam; quoa noveroa ad patrera tamqnam atupri 
iadfectatores detulit : ob qnam rem eos Pbinens oaecaTit Apnl. 
42—12. HiProLiTO Ov. f. T 309— 310 Hippolyte infelii, iieHes 

line Dioaen, I eunt constematU diripererU equU, Mart. Tiu 46 2. 

Km. id. IE 94—6 pudicnia Iperdidit Hippolytnm non felii 
.^Ift pndoriB. ef. Hofman lex. Paul; e. t. Virbina. In tragedy Sopho- 
Hbb treated the Bnbjeet in his Phaedra (fr. 000—30 Dind^ which Welcker 
identifies with hix Thoeoaa tr. 333 a. 333 b. The Hipp, of Eorip., 
«hlcli won the prize s.c. 428, and is therefore called ffrtiparia!, )( tba 
loat 'I. jtoAvxTijWM! (PoU. n 60. EohoL Theofa. ii 10) ■ the Teiled H.', 
in which Phaedra had nnblnshingl? declared her passion, and wliich 
failtd to gain the prize ; it ia this first Phaedra (for so it is often called) 
that drew forth tho wrath of Aristoph. thesm. 153. 497. 646—650. ran. 
849—50. 1043-53 vhere Ph. ia coupled with Sthenehaea, as corrupting 
the morals of the spectatorB. at. Bode hell. Diohtk. ni 1 483; ace the 
fragments 431 — 50 DiaA. Id the existing play the two goddesses, Arte- 
mis and Aphrodite, are as deeply interested aa the human actors ; the 
choice of Eippoljtos between the two la veH compared by Welcker (M. 
Schritten n 473 — 4) to the • Choice of Hercoles' Inv. 361 a. See on 
both plays Weloker gr, Trag. 738—49, Sen. Hippolytus (or Phaedra). 
Ot. m. XT 497 seq. Pans, i 22 | 1 his tomb was shewn at Athena; a 
□urse waa said to have oeeasloned his death ; no barbarian who has bnt 
learnt tha Greek langnage ia ignoraot of Phaedra'a passion, and. her 
nnrse's bold attempt to gratify her. § 2 a tomb of H. is also at Troezen ; 
where is a myrtle, with the leaves perforated, not by nature,, hut by 
Phaedra with her hair-pin in an acoeas of pasaion. u 31 § 6 = 4 Fansa- 
niaa saw at Troezen a temple ot Artemis built by H. ib. B3 5 10 and also 
the tree in which the reins were entangled, when H. was thrown oat of 
bia car. ib. g 1 Tirgins before marriage offered their hair to H., whose 
tomb was known, but not exhibited; the Troezeniana would not admit 
that ho had been torn asunder by horaes, but identified him with the 
constellation auHga, § 3 atodimn of H. and the temple of Aphrodite 
the watcher ((aTaincairfa) above, on the spot where Fh. used to watch the 
aSiletic feats of Eipp. cf- n 16 g 4. 

^y i68 



Phaodra'a tJireet Eur. HJpp. 730—1 riji 
T^iSl /loi I 101*3 fwrairxil* vwppoydy /utftjosrai. flBl — 9. 1002 — B 
(paaaagoB of an Otphio cbhI), ib. 1(13 ii7i'it. 79—87. 102—113. 1154, 
1S64— 9 Sd' a ae^vas iyii Kal BiouivTup I bS a aw^poaiv-g tdrrat iwe/t. 

\ut T^s «ufff|3!asi e(t aySpiiious ivivTiea. Sea. Hipp. S29— S3. 
2SG. 4S3— 579. sellebophonti Bcoused by 

Bth, (in Horn. Antoia) wifa of hia host Proatua 11. ti 150—211. 
Soph. trcatHd tlia aubjoct in liia lobates, Eur. in bis Stb. Hor. o. 
Ill 7 13 M' Prottum mulitT perfida credutvm I faUit imipuUrit criminil 
uimiB I caato BellerophoiLti | matnrare ceaem refert. The ' 
bonia' of BellerophoQ (Cbimaera, 8olymi, Amozona) are nearly 
famona aa thoae of Hercnlea Faolj l' 233S, 

326 NEupe IID n. -ako Hnnpt conj. Jobn' 

haec P a. Ilaec woald Rrammatically rpfcr to Sth., but v^r. 327 requires 
that it Ehonld donote Fho^dra. [MarUand ' kaec en bac voce vidstnr 
patera uicidiaae aliiiuid, in quo nomea Phaedrae positam luerit: alitar 
enifa nemo scire poteiit vocem haec ad Fbaedram refeiri, nt ~ ~ 
Tepulsa[so a, Haapt. Jahn^. reptdio 'P^)=caitae famute repulta, the 
beauty of H. and S. waa a rebuff to Fh. and Stn. Stbuiuboea is Bubjl 
toervbmt. Eiaer cites it GO— 1. vi 218— 60. raSO- 1. 63— E. x41- 
2S7— 8. cF.u not used (lUbbeck) for the expliaative 

but rightly {in comparison) aa ti 673. tii 237. ix 2. x 231. tamqu 
reallyia often uaedaallibbecktakeacmheTeaat. Ill 222 n. add Tao. xn8; 
Siionuw vncrepuit, taraqnam dispaneret imperii euros. PUn. ep, 
18. Eotc. 113(12). et. TuraeUinna 0. 261. DrSger jyiie. Toe. p, ' 
qvati Plin. ep. 1 16 g 5 and often in Oeiliun. Kincr [who atrangoly 
repuUa aa partic, and omita kaec altogether) rightly interpreta ' aa if aba 
had been eligbled,' whjcb she had not been, tfiongb Bibbeclt aaja ' daa 
erlittenB/asd'diuHi ... ein eehr reeilea iat.' It was not Jrom dierispect 
that Hipp, tinned a deaf oar to PhFiedra'a snit. She who had done tha 
wronf;, ia indignant ai if aha had safiered wrong: he mnat ain to 
please her, or he aSronts her. Bhe troata incest as a contpliment 
due to her, its refn^al oa Bcom and disdain. An exact pamllel in 
m 278 — 301, where the diunlieii bucli RuiumonB the man whom lia 
haa assaulted. 327 cnuaaA Pbaedra, daughter at 

MncB, Mug of Srete. Bee Qacine. Sen. Hipp. 85 — 91. 113 — ISS 
Phaedra traces in ber paasion the iitlieritanca of her mother Faeli 
e. g. 127—8 nulla Minois Uvi \ defuncta amore e«(. junjidir lemper ne/atm: 
of. 143— 62. 170. 176—7 —■'■•-' '"'■■"- i-^ih,,. ,.^., .„;. I ™.„*J_i. 
amabitCrossar 688-93 
Ov. her. IT 63. m. iv 500. 

desco dnea not, sa Eibbeok thinks, mean 'erhlaaaen.' Kee leu:. 
pride, fired at the cobl relnsal — burns,' 

36^111 1 pr. nan leviler Be Numidta 
unLiER etc. 321 n. 



329 Aen. 

T E 6 duri tnagnc 

■ led 

aTiuiTB dolorei | pullulc 

1, not 



Lno. U 

231 irarun 


p. Seat. § 12 3!u» stimulos 


verit homini. id. Tuao. m % 


330 suj 

oria 1 16 n. 

cDi ef, eni. 


VI 116— 13E 

; reepice rivala iivonm. 

Clandina audi ] quae 

: luleHt. dat^i 

mire virvm 


The mwriflge of (Sen. 



X 330—334 


C. BiIiT]B<;on(uI(If»^afiumt1iMeHaa1iiiaand their deaths a.ij. 47 in Tac. 
It 13 floiio ft farori proximo amare diitinebatar. nam in C. Silinm, in- 
ventntisKonianaepaluhecriniiim,HaezarserHi, utiuniam Silanam, 
nobilem feminam matrinumio eiia exlarbaTet vaciwqve aduUero patertiur. 
ne^ Siliiafiagilii auC psricnli neteim erat: >ed cerlo, bI abnnsret 
exitio et nonnutla falUndi ipe, limal viagnis praemiii, opperiH /utura et 
praxiaitibus fmi pro eolncio hi^ebat. ilia nonfurtim, ted multo coviitatit 
Tentitare dommn, egreitibtta adhaereicer', largiri opei, honorei, poitremo, 
Telut translata iam lortnna aeivi liberti paratus prinoipia 
apud adnltsinm visabactar. ib. S6 a.d. 4B iam Meitalina ... ad 
incognitas Ubidinei projliwbat, cuia abnimpi dissimulationem eliam Siliiis, 
live fataU vaecordia an imminsntinm psrloalorum remediam 
ipsa perionla rataa, wguebat: quippe nan eo ventam ut tenectam 
prlncipis opprrirenlar ... tegniter hoe voeei acceptae ... nomen tameu 
matrimonii concnpiTit ob magititvdinem infamiae ... cunctu, 
nnptiacnm BOllenmia celehrat. aat. xiv 329—31. BCass. u ^. 
Other paiamoaru of Meas. Plaatiua Latoranna Tao. xm 11 ; tlie liandaomo 
oator MueBter ib. 2S. 36 (ho proteeta alUt largitione aut tpH magmtudhif, 
Bibi HI noiieaaitflta oulpnni. DCass. lx 33 gj 3—6 Claudius, at bar 
bidding, ordered Mnestec to do whfttever she required of him; thia waa 
her frequent praetioe. 28 §§ 3 4. 81 g G], PolybiiiH (ib. ^ 2). 

331 OFTiHDB the oca BXBmplQ in Iiiv. of the Sad foot contained in 
one dactjUc word L. MiiUer da re metr. 31G. It ia found in CatuUua, 
Cato, "Verg. Prop, and oftener in Hor. On the character of SiUas DCass. 
LX 81 S 7 iriip d-yadst iyopl^ija. IVomoBiBBEUDB 

Tao. XI 2S lutvfletn nobHem dignitate formae, vi vuntlt ob propiiiquo 
eonsuldlu lauiorem ad spcia ai:i:inffi. ef. ib. 3G Traulua Montanua, a Knight, 
mod^iCa iimenta, ttd corpore insigni, accitiu ultra Hoctemque intra 
uttam a Mrgsalina proturbatUB erat, partbiu la»civiit ad cvpidintm tt 

332 OEsri3 PiTBiciAE Stthwegler iit 104 n. S " Liv. x 8 S 9 temper isia 
audita lunl .... vos solos gentem habere. Hence we find fur ''pa- 
trician' not nufreiiuentlj cir palriciae gentit (in 27 g 1. 33 g 9. vi 
11 9 2. Ill 39 % 12), a mode of eKpresaion never uaed of a plebeian. And 
for'patrioianordei'poiricioe gentes (s IS § 9. Gell. x 20 a 5. ivu 21 
§ 27), hut never piffteiua gattei." The father of S. was diBtineniahed 
by Tictoiiea over the Qanls and Belga^ (Tac. in 42—3. 45—6. iv 16), 
but Uie Bilii were plebeians, 
BiPiTun Heinsiaa on Ov. m. iv G04. 

I but Mos^ulla [Laehni&nn Lncr. i 313. J. E. S.] 

lO perhaps S-wa^ \tyb)i,eiiot n 117 — 34 qnadringenta dedit 

sesteitia dotem | . . . . tegmenta et Itmgos habitvg et flam- 

(I. Ti 226 Echo), permutatgiie domoi et flatnmea conterit, 

3 of Nero A. d. 64 nihil Jlagitii reliquerai quo aorruptior ageret, 

■ ■ i grege {nomen Fythagorae /nitj 


imperalori fiarameum, doa et genialia torus et faces naptialea. 
Suet. Ner. 28. I'lin. tii § 46 lutei video honoTim antiquianimiim, in 
nnptialibua flammeia tolum feminii concettam. Lue. ii 360—1 
" n limidvm nuptae leviler teetura pudorem \ lutea demiiaaa velanmt 
- nniBa ruilu*. Mart, n 78 3. ui 42 2—6 hae juo lege vira nubero 
o tolet, I praelTtxere faces, vetaruJit flammea tTtldm. | . . . dos etiaM 
a ett. Petron. 26. Claud, cons. Hoc. et Mar. 285. Tert. de virg. 
l.'ll p. m. etuna itpad ethntcoi veUtae ad virum dueiatttir. Martian. 

X 334—337 

Cap. g 111. Bossbocli tile riim. Ehe (Stuttg. 18S3) QT6. Horqaatflt 
(1) iS the veil reueliQa below tiio knees. Bieh. cf. cumKokinrT-^pta Meiui ' 
on Menantl. Ii. n. 359. Fieraon on Hoeria 288. PhiloEstr. soph. 
25 g i. TtBtVB J 27 n. CatnlL 64 47- " ™ 

II g 137 trieliniarta of purpura Tyria dibapha. 
QENULia n 22. 226. 268. Hot. ep. i 1 87 leotuB eeniali 
eat. Sen. eio. oontr, ti 6 p. 288 27 K oeraas iunt in exseguim mipt\ 
rrtatabaque genia] ie lectus in farKbrem,. Cio. p. Claent. S 14 ' ~ ' 
ilium genialem, queTa . . .filiat luae nubenii strayeiat, . . . sti 
et aterni . ■ . iiibet; nubit genera locrui nnllia uaEpicibaa. 
in Cic. p. Mil. g 13. Serv. Aao, vi 603. Fotbiger Horn i' 363, 
Marqaardt v (1) S3— 4. Eioh. Am. n 67 cum in Tnatrimonia ca 
lona Bternilia leotaloB et maritomm genioE aiJvocaCia. Also call* 
advenrui (Piop. t — iv 11 85) aa fronting tbe entninoe ol tlie atrium, 
H0BT1B I 75 n. the gardens of Lacullus on tlis 
Pineiao or cotlis borlorum Beoker l 691. Bum Home and tha Campagna 
259—60. Tao. u 1; wbitlier Meeaalina fled after the difiooTety oi her 
crime (32), and where she was eloin (87—8). DCaes. xs 31 g 3. 

335 BTEB^TUB Ot. dl ti 431 Eilmenidet BtrBvet^ 
torum. BiTn JHTtguo UT 221. Lipaius (i 

seems mistaken in applying the words to the amount, thr 
deciei ceniena (1,000,000 sesterces) was though a large, not an 
dotrryTi 137 bis quingena dedit. Sen. cons, od Helv, 12 g 6 panto-' 
iiiimae decies sestertio nubuiit, 'i/Larl. xi 23 8 4 decias miM dotia 

TOBiBns ADRfEis of. 341 B. go 10 the manisge of male with male u 119 
signatae tabulae, dictum '/eliciler.' On the marriage tablets ot. a. 
75-^ tabulae guoque ruperal. et jam | aignabat. Bamsay on Oio. p, 
Cluent. %% 156—7. Marqaardt t <1) 46. Suet, Claad. 26 qaaia (Mbm.) 
eutn eomperiaiet 0. Silio etiam nnpsisse dote inter anspioeB oon- 
eignata lupplieio adfeeil. lb. 29 iUud omitem iidem excetserit moi 
nnptiis, quas Measalina cnm adulteto Silio fecerat, taballa^t^ 
dotia at ipse eoasigaaverit, JniJuetuj, juoside indiatria timjdartn. 
ad avertei)duvi traiuferendumque periculam, qaod ijiaamere ipsi per 7Uat3 
dam oatenta poTtenderetv,r. Tao. XI 27 haud nua igna/na fab: ' 
Disum iri taiatum vXlit mortalium leeuritaiii faiise in clTltate pm 
gnara puy. 341] et nihil reticente, nedam conmlem designattim e_.._ 
UKore prinoipis [lur. 330}, praedicta die, adhibitU qut obBigiiaiaAt 
velat taacipienJloruin liben/rum cama convenine, atque illam ovdiua 
auBpioum verba, «ubi>te, lacrificaiie apvd d^ot; diicubitun inter oonM- 
vai, osctila coa^lexut, noctem denigue oetciTn lieentia coniugali. DOmi. 
IX SI g 2 she would in due form of contract (tiiTit cm^^Xaia) haTe 
wedded all her paramours, if she liad not been detected and killed if rji 
Tptirif. Quintil. T 11 g 32 nihil obitat, qvominvt iiutum matrimoniwn tit 
mente eownlium, elianm tahnlae signatae nonfiurint: nihil enim pro- 
derit fiigaasee tabnlas, li mentem taatrimonii non faiiie conilaHt. 
AcsPKi 834 n. jCio. p. Cluent.). Becker ii (3) 
fi9. Marquardt ,v (1) 45 — 8. Cic. de diT. i g 28 nihil fere quondam 
maioria rei, mii auspicate, ite privatim qiiidem, gerebaiur, quod etioM 
TiUHc nnptiarum auspioes deeUtrant, qui re omiiia nomen tantuwt 
tenent. ib. g 3. VM. ii 1 g 1. Luc, ii 371 iangunltir taciti conUMique 
■ auspice Bruto. Berv. Aea. i BIC. iv 45. 16C. Plin. x § 21, Slat. s. 
1 2 229—30 aocialia oniiiia. 

337 MarkL. ' vel ex loco sue motos, vel Bpaiioa lidetui bio Terana.* it 

X 337—341 171 

is genaine, Oi mtiBt be Silina. 338 noh mat 

vCLT KCBEiiE n 135 — 6 liceat modo vivera Jient, \fieHl Ula 
:pient et iit actnTeleTie. Ben. Threat. fiS9— 90 iirvatuT 
■s ordo.iieiB.nt-am uefns | non rite fiat. 695 nnlU pars Haorl 
peril. AV. Cae!<. iv g 13 of Messalina quasi inre aduUerii uttbatu/r. 
(IDID EiACEAT, BIO apQ. ten. ti 31 g 3 qaid ergo plaoeat 
dioain. 339 v tbi-i8, rSBEDNnnii kbit 141^ 

n. 205. 310. 3Go. ni SO. ii 10. xn 115. Oy. amor, i 2 38. tr. u 
33—4. V 12 51—3. QuintU. pr. % 26. Mart, i 68 i. Tao. an. in 54 pr. 
Zwnpt § &2-i n. 1. Madfig § B48 B. AriBtot, eth, N. Til 14 § 8 (( tow 
Tj ifiiffii drt.i] ill), del ^ oiVrJ; rpS^is TiUrr-q tarai. ib. t ID g 8 ZeU. Xeo. 
mem. i 5 g 2. Eabuer § 819 b. Matth. % B31 8. Modvig gr. SyDt. 
g 135 1 b. PEnEHNDnu erit Too. xi 35 nee cut- 

qixamaUi ante pereandnm faisse, «i BUva rentm voteretar. asTinioius 
bad been poisooed b; MessoliDa DCasa. li 27 g 4 opyg Sri aix jeiXriirhr 
d1 avyytriaaai. So C. Appias BilonaB ib. 14 g| 2—3. Tao. xi 13 (qaoMd 
on 330). AV. Oaes. iv g§ 6—8 exstinoti oam eais pleriqne ingenio 
£su metii abstinentee, ^um piTvagaiit mulieram ariibui peti te a 
petitU criiainatur. dfhinc atrociui ineeiua nubilioree giuuqui nuptas et 
virginti tcortonim modo tecum prottituerat, coactigv,e naree uti adramt. 

uemiiae familiam BaeTiebatnT. Airia 

LncEENiB Hdt. TU 215 § 1 Trtpl \ixy<if «0ltj. 

340 al IDMITTAS, BAEETDB 339 D. B(IEI.T79 iDUIt- 

T18 356. Yi 494. Bo Plant. Ter. Cio. babiidb 

uoBA Mi'ihlTnnnTi do col. 500 citsa exx. oF dare pauiam, tevpui, viaram. 

ciftH ADaEH DCoBH. LX 31 g§ 3 4 MefBolinB gave a BiuuptuonB marriaga 
fenst, and preseoted Bilins with an imperial manBioii, into wliicll aha 
conTejed tha moat ptGcious trcasm^a ot Clandias, and finall; declared 
liim conanL All thla. heard and leen before Ly aJl olhere, icu» unkntnira 
at least to CViadha.' ib. ISggl — 3 bIis made manjladieB prostitute them' 
Eelvea ia ber palace, before tiieir bosbanda' eyee; the huBbonds who 
refueed to be parties to their own diahonnnr fdie pot to death; yat all 
tlteBS acandalB, so heinous and bo notorious, tw KXoi^Sioi' M xXEiimn' 
IXaSry. 23 gg 3 — 5 she isBued eoinaga bearing the head of the doneer 
Mnester, nbo resisted oil her adTacees, until Bho requested Claodins to 
order bim to obeyhet in all things; to 8' airo toCto iral rpis oXXoui 
irvxroiy trparrfV luj yAp ciMros re tou KXavfiov ri yeyyintna tnl iTfyxB- 
poSvrhs ol dKoXasTali-tii' iiLOixairo. 38 §§ 3 4 a tumult arose wheu 
Meesaliua ivithdrew Unester boia the stage ; Glaudine expressed hia 
■iTonder, and the people, 'beUeving that he waa really ignorant of what 
was going on, were grieved that he aloTie knew not tehat was beiTiir done in 
/lis palace, newa which had B,keady found its way to oar euemiea.' el. 
Too. XI 3(i. ib. 13 after the open adnltery of Me^solina with Silius 
Claudius matrimonii eui igaarus. Naroiasua (Iqt. nv 32!^— 331 
dlvitiae Narcissi, | mdnleit Caesar cut Clandias onmia, cuius I paruit 
imperils uxorem oooidere iusans) informed Claudina of the mar- 
riage by means of two of hia mistresBSB (Tao. xi 29): Colpumia falling 
on Caeaar's Itneoa exclaims that Measalina has married Silias, and 
reqneata that Narcisaua may be caUed; wbo saya that he will not reproach 
SiUoB with the adultery or reclaim the plate, slaves and other property 
that MeHBalina bad conveyed to bim; be might enjoy them Tae. xi 30 
fed redderet laorcm rtiiiipcretque tabaUu liMptialei, 'an diBoidinm' 

342 D 
[to Claiidiua]/ini» 

fiagitia uioriB noaoera ao pnnirB adaetua. 
778 — 9 quod ai lunl vola deiique | oudior, eventus 
eonltix. Sett, fragm. 63 L. Sallae, /eticii, >i no 
Metella palam erat impudiea, ei, qaia QoyiBBimi i 
nma, id Athecia cantabatur et Snlla igno 
1 didi 

habuiiaet uxor em, 

abat, Bearetaijue 
B.O. 9 the 

flagrant BXoeasea ol lulia ia tlie very fonim and rostra 
knowledge of Angustoa DCaas. lV 10 § 13 afi iron ^apiaas. § 13 he 
ieetnred before that her lifs was uregnlar, but vaB not uasored of il 
jdp TOi Ti) iiyefioi'las (jjoBTft rdrra /laXXoc fl t4 cf»^Tfon 
■yruiTKoviri. Kap. B 3 g 1 dffecerat a rege 'J'iasaphei 



I 2C9— 270. 

Gcon. on Lit. kit 16 g IS prasbentea eorpoca pecorom tnodo iaulti 
truoidentur. Sen, trmiq. an. 11 g S eo magif convoliteraberU et eonfo- 
dierie, quia neicis piaebere ingnlam : at tu et vivet drntiui et titorierii 
expeditiiu, qtxi femim non Bnbdaota cervice nee mauihia oppo»itii, 
sed aidmose reeipis. ib. 16 g 1. id. vit. beat. 27 g 3 Socratea aajB praebeo 
ma non aliter qaam rupet aiiqita in ■nadsao Tiutri deitituta, qtiam JtiKtua 
turn de»in,ant...verberaTe. id. breT. vit, 13 g 7. ep. 4 g 7 Gaiiu Caeaar 
iaiiit Lepidam Dextro triAuno praebere ceryioem, ipae Chaereae prae- 
itUit. ib. 82 g 13 Brataa...mim perituraa mortia moral quaeTeTet,.,,evoca- 
tm ad mortem iaiiuaque praebsre cerTioem: 'ptaabebo' inquit 'lio 
Dioom.' SsTaro on Sidon. ep. 1 11 fin. p. 90 has other est. cemU 
cem. Tim. Tin § 68 of a lion which had a bone Btisking in its throat, 
one Elpia evellit praohenti et qaa laaxime opui ctiet adcommodanti. 
M. Sen. oontr, 25 g 8 p. 253 {iubet) miarram stare ad praebendas oet- 
vioes immotvm. Sen. Aen. x 867 eiplajning teeoo exceptdb eqao ae 
piaebente amecptua. Frad. perist. i 55, Ov. her. 7 126 praebaerim 
teeUri braoakia twitra tuo. Oy. m. xjii 176 — 6 ipee etiamjlem invitut- 
que sacerdoi \ praebita conieeto mpit praecordia ferro. Ban. da ir. 
I 16 § 6 oerTioem noiio iiaperaba praesidi. of. Lips, on Tao. XV 07 
adiKoait'oaqua fortiler proteudeie oerTioem. faaslTe, imresiiting, 
tame Bnbmisaion iaDommonlyoonnotedbypnuAfo {praeliibeo = wapixi'>; 
and in laet Silina when hronght to the tribimtd did not attempt 
a delenee or aak lor a delay ; bnt only that Mb death might be hastened 
Tao. XI 35. The kneeling gladiator, awaitinR the mortul stab, ia eaid 
praebere iugulum. Arr. Epikt. l 1 § 19 Lateranua [luv, IT n.] atretnlitd 
out his neck to the hcodamaii'a aword a Becocd time, after one inaf- 
leetaal stroke. 

34B— 366 Conclnaion. Is nothing thea to be sought by oor vowa ? 
If you viah my counsel, leave the goda tliemselvea to decide vbat is meet 
for as, what ean promote otir welfare. Do they withhold what we like f 
They will beatew instead what is best. Dearer to them ia man tlmn to 
himself. Traneported by passion and blind desire ne ash for -nife and 
child; what ohitdren the; will be, and what manner of wife, is known to 
heaven. Still, that yon may also put up some petition and offer soma 
humble meat-offering, ask for a mind sound in a sound body: a Bplrit 
hraye, f earless of death, reckoning life's olose one of kind Nature's boons, 

X 346—351 173 

eqnol to Mij toil, ignoiant nt anger or of desire, esteomitig ths labaora 
sad cruel pains ot Hercolea dioicer than all SarJanapalliis' ilalliarica 
and feasts and conches of down. I point to nothing bnt what fooraelf 
maj give to yonrself. Tlie only road to peace lies Uiroagh tirtue. For- 
tune, thou hatit no divinity, if bnt wisdom be with ns; it is we that maks 
of Ihee a eodiiesa and set thee high in heaven. Uplcm (Spenser ii65[t— 1) 
compares modem pt>ctB and aome of our collects. 

346—353 Xen. mem. i 3 § 2 ' Sokrates prayed to the gods lor the gift 
of good things geneially, iirXCt, confiideriag that the godt knmi! best what 
kinds of Ihinj/iare good.' [Plat,] Ale. ii 143- a prayer ZeD ^aiAeC, ri 
liir ia6\i. (ot cufa^^oii raX duEurroit | cCfi/u SlSav, rd hi itali KoL ei^apiifoa 
artpiSxBV. ih. IIS* ' ths Lakedaemnnians also, either as Tying with this 
poet, or from their ovn judgement, both officially and indiTidually oHer 
up on all oooasions a prayer ot thia Mnd, t4 naXi irl tdTi dyaeat toiIt 
Biods loDrBi mXcvami aS (nplnv ai-raii, one will ncTar hear any ot them 
prying for more than this.' Bo Pythagoras DS. i 9 § 7 dcclarBd that 
the wise ought to pray tor good things from the gods on behalf of the 
foolish ; tor the toolish do not know what in really good. § 8 in prayers 
we ought to pray for good things irXiSt, not naming any in partiouJar, as 
authority [lav. 56— H3], beauty [luT. 286-346], vreallh [lav. 13—27], 
and the like; for each of these often mins those who obtain it at their 
desire; their prayers are a curse, cf. DL. viii § 9. ib. ti § 42 Diogenes 
blamed men for praying tor reputed, not real, gooda. Menand. monost, 
33fl /iij MO' 76'O'S' d PoiXe/t oKX a gv/upipti. Gataier on Antonin. v S 7. 
Mai. Tyi, 11 = 30. Epilttel. enchir. 8 § 52. Enseb. in Stob. fl. 1 85 (i 39 
10 M). Matt. 20 39. Wetstein on Matt. 6 10. 

346 !"'■ EBOO OFTABDNT HOMINKST LupUS (10 20) CitSS Other BSX. Of 

interruptiona like thia i 101, IfiO Beq. K 70. 133—6. iv 130. v 7*. 
135. lee, Tll3fl. 142. lei. 219. a86. 492. 642. TuSe. 158. 215. 
Tiu 39. 183. 211. I 67. 71. 81—8. lui 71. 174—5. xiy 60—2. 


ttulti htaucimiui fnatra ul limiu, quom gvid cjipicnter dari | pelimasnobii': 
quasi quid in rem tit pommjui noscere. | rfrta andttimug, dam incPTta 
petimia. TM. vn 2 E g 1 Socrates, an earthly oraole as it were ol human 
wjidom, thought that we ought to beseech the immortal gods only to 
give us good Uiinga, beeanse they alone knew quid caique enset utile, not 

taitem pkrumquf id votis Mjteteremus, quod turn iiqietrtuie metiui foret 

define igitur itutta [mortaliuta merai futuria mahmim tuorum cauiii qttan 
felicissimii rebus inbiare et te totum caelestinm arbitrio permltte, 
qvia qui tribuire bona ex faciii lotent, etiam eligere aptissivu: poemnt. 
Plat. legg. m 687" we must not pray that all things may follow onr will, 
bat rather that our will may follow wisdom, ib. Tin 801. Plat. Kriton 
43^ a saying o( Sokrates: 'if such be heaven's will, so be it.' Epikt. fr. 
15 in Stob. 11. n 92. Herakleitos ib. iii 83. Arr. Epikt. n 16 gS 28. 42, 
46 — ^7. Nearly all of these passages are dompared by Suhneider christ- 
Uohe HiinKe, Gotha 1865, with the Christian rule Matt. 6 8 and 10. 
20 23. Lu. 23 42, Jo. 6 30. ct Lsighton's works ed. West v 248. 


Orang. cites ths beautiful words of Sen. ben. u 29 e.g. g 6 carissimos 
HOB habnerunt di immoitales bahentgue, et qui maxiviia tribui 
brmos potuit, ab ip»is proximo^ corilocaverunt : Toagna, aecepimia, maiora 
mm eepimus. ib. iv 4—9. 351 — 2 cabca uao- 


174 ^ 35^- 


Ale. II 142^ ' 80 yon will find that aomf 

1 hnvB prayed /or the lirth oj^ 

thildren, and when they have bse 

n born, have 

fallen into tkef] 

greaUit calanittei and lorrows' etc. Sea ben. l 


toUendii nihiliudieio totUntmm licet; tota res voti eit. 

id. ep. 69 § 2 wo 

ei nuptii 

a ant ei partu 

nsoriB aercepisae, qiiae oiieo non sunt i 

jandia, irt saepi 

: initia fEturaa 

tliBtitiB.B ,iat. 

352-3 Mas 


ad Maro. 17 § e (Xatura apeaks) 

UiHJiliostustitleris, poteria babeia fi 


formes poteria: 

fortasBB muti caaoentur. id. ben. 

IV 32 § 1 it is 

probttblB that the 

gods are iDdviIgeDt, as to Borne for tbeir 

parents' and ai 

to othera for the sake of their posterity. 

nota enirn 

illis est oparia 

e illis rerum guat per n 
aperto leraptr eit, jiobii ex abdito subit et quae reptntina putamus, iltia 
provi^a vmiunt ac familiaTia. DIi. vi g 63 Diogenea, when Bome wero 
aaoriQsmg to the gods for the gift of a Bon, aelied: repl ii tov s-oiaWi 
(k^^ OB 8i(Tei DCasS. uxa. 20gSTA /lir yfrriiniyor, iTToTav an S6^TiTif Baifut- 
rlif, ylyytrai. qualib uiob pror. 19 14. 351 et not 

only submit to vhat ia appointed, bnt alio prefer a petition. et = etiiiiit 
43, 320. I 67. n 143. m SOS. u 27. m 177. wt i. 228 (Kiaer). 

35S Eirrt, e.g. lungs, Utct and heart. cuidi- 

Duu TuyiHA lOKAcULA FDitci Eatirical exaggeration. Mart, n 57 4. ef. for 
the tone i 84. On the oSering xin 117 — B alba porci ( omenla. A pig 
teas slaughtered on the ocoasion of a marriage Yarr. r. r. n 4' § 9 napti- 
arnm initio antiqui reges an nublimea viri in Httniria, in coniano- 

immolant. § 10 Pri/d quoque Lalini et eiiam Oraeei in Italia idtm 
factitaite videniar. In l^e reliefa on the aaroophagus presened iu 
S. Lorenzo'a ohnrch, between Homo and Tivoll, vhidi represent mBniage 
OBremoniea, we find a pnpa teaily to offer a swine RoBsbaoh Unter- 
Bttohtmeen iib. d. rBm. Ehe 378—81. In the time of luv. it was atill ths 
praotioe for the bride, on entering her new home, to mb the door-poata 
with awine'a (or wolf a) fat. ib. 356—9, Plin. ixrm % 135 praxuma in 
eonanunibiis adipi lata eat, led maxime Buillo, apud antiquon etiavi 
Teligioiitii. certe noTae nuptae intrantea etiamnnm aollemno 
habent poetis eo attingere. Atben. ui HG' the Argivoa saori- 
£ced a pig to Aphiodite. divina a feaat for goda. 

TOMAccLi (fromT^/ipij) 'minoe-meat,*!! 
'BauHftges' Petr, 31 aerred piping hot on a grid-iron tomacnl* ttijwr I 
craliculam argenteam ferventia posita. ib, id. Mart. 1 41 9 — 10 hawkeil 
abont tbo streets /ntaantia qui tom.aola raucui \ circumfert tepidit^ 

BAKA IN coBTonn 8AH0 Hor. c. I 31 17— 19/rui paratii et valido miU, \ *M 
Laloe, donst ae,precar, integra | cnm mente. Patron, 88 quit, inguam^m 
venit in tempbim et voivm fecit, ai ad elaqiienliaia penieniinell Jtiw, ti 
philoiophiae foniem attigiseett ae ne honam qaidem tnenteiu ant 
bonam Taletudiuem petunt, led itaiim antrquam limen Capitolit 
langanf, aliui donum prvmittit, si pr^ingaTim divitem extulerit, aliiu, 
ij thefaartim effoderit, alius, ai ad trecenliet iistirtium salvaa }icr- 
vemrit. ib. 61 ontnci bonam nentem bonamqne Taletudiaetn 
sibi optarnnt. Sen. ep. 10 g 4 vatoram tuamnt vettmtn lieet 
deis graliam facias, alia de iiitegro susripe: roga bonam mentem, 
bonam valetadtnem animi, deinde tano oorpocia. gnidiii (u 
ittit vvta la^e/aeital DCuBa. Lxrc 20 g 3 ipTiftiX^ koI iprlrovr^ 

Verg. g. n 490—2. Hor, h. 
~ '. ignams matoram 
naturae landatnr 
magnum, quod extremum est. 


aut ne psneniat 

ad contemplionem anijnos g a ptenqiie inter morns mnium « 

vitae tormenta miieri Jtactuant: et vivere milimi et niori tuaciinO. See 
Hum; other passaRea ia Huase's ind. mori. The Stoics argued (1) that 
nottung uataral is eii! ; (2) that hie as saoh is no good ; (S) that nothing 
glorious is evil, bnl death may be gloiioaa ; and elaborated a theory oC 
BOloide, which was illnatrated by manj examples, esp. Catonit iiabUe 
lelum. Saumhaner yet. philoBoph. doctr. da morte voltuitaria, TraL ad 
Eh. 1843, 313—0. 33t>. Arr, EpJrt. i 9 gg 13 14. 24 gg 4 Mason, ap. 
Btob, fl. ss.rsi 78 si 15 14 and 23 M. Bee the doctrine of Sokmtea in 
Plat. apol. 40* seq. Phaed. 61° seq. 80* seq. Pint. cone, od Apoll. 12—3. 
pp. 107—8; that of the Epiouraans in DL, s gg 81. 124—7. Lncr, 
ma?— S3. 830—977. Sest. Emp, Pytrli.hjp.m g 229 seq. Zeller m' 
1 S87 — B. The qnestioa 'wlietliec death is an evil' is fnllj disoaHsed in 
Cio. Tuso. I ^ 9—119. See Lasnnli Stndien 459—494 ' de mortis domi- 
natii in Tettires.' Kiigclsbauh horn. Theol.' 376 — 60. nachhom. Theol. 
B92— 9. Wetfit. on Hebr. 2 15. The frequent ocourrenoo of in pace, 
Kpiritus I'n pace, and the ulire branch in earlj ChriBtian inscriptionB, 
telU of the ' better hope ' which had lit np the giave. 

aesura in 3rd or 4th foot, so xit lOS i-aviti quoqfie avari- 
itibentiir. cf, Lachmann on Luer. vi 1067. L. MtUler de 
With the thonght ef. Cio. Cat. moi. g S it is not 
table that Natore, lilie an idle poet, should slue over the last act of 
.. [b. Flin. Tn g 190 psrdii profecto ilia dalcedo credulitasqKe [the belief 
ia imnmrtality] praecipnnm naturae bonam, mortem. Sen. cons. 
ad More. 19 gg 4—6 cagila liiillit dsfuneluia viahs adjiei, ilia quae nohii 
inferoi faciunt teiribiles, /abutara esse . . . lusentnt ista poetae et vanil 
not a'ritiU'ere terroribuB. moiE doloium omninm exsolntio est 
et finis. In many pasaogos Seneca appioachea ta the Christian view of 
death and the life to come ep. 102 § 23 per lua morCalia aevi marai illl 
meliori vitat longioTigut prohiditiiT. g 26 dies iste, quern tamquam 
reformidaa, aeterni natallB est. 6il. xi 186— 8 nulla 
Ma I armaiiU natara bono, quam ianua moTtU I quod patet. 
1 187—8. Ligttfoot on PhiL pp. 28B. 320—3. Wetst. on 
359 QUDBCtTugtTE indefinite = ;uos- 
libet m 166. 230. im 56. 89. nv 42. 117. 210. ef. i 371 iitcumque. 
Observe the rime lahores potioTci laborei i59—^5\. cf. L. Miiller de re 
mstr. 457 — 8 and Cic. Tusc. i gg 69. 86. Bi. Johnson againat Bentley 
p. 87 oitea Aen. iii Ofi6— 7. iv 256—7. t 385—6. vi 843—1. 
Tin 620—1. cf, Horn, Od, h 185—6 n, Acn. ii 124—6. Ov. ni. 
Ttn aeo— 1. 380-7. Hor. a. p. 0'J— 100, On the repetition oi tabmen 
Bee M. on 191—2. xiv 47 — S. 

360 N^aCTAT iBASCi Scc. de ir, ii G argues against the doctrine that 
Tirtne lurptbitt irata etse debet, seo on the Stoic 'apathy' Cic. fin. 
in g 35, Tusc. IV gg 10 seq, 34 seq. acad, i g 38, DL, vu gg 118—4. 
Zeller in 1 204^216, onpui mihu. 4—6 n. 

^hiygippos in Sen, ep. 9 g 14 aopintCem iluIZa re egtre, et (onwn muUii 

noi invida tc 
et. Zeller in 
rhih 1 21. 

176 X 360—361 

, nvadunt. thi 14 n. 

B Plant. Pera. i 1 S seq. cf. tho labours of BeUo* 
raphon, Feraeaa, Theseus, Ulixes, and of Fsjcbe in Apnleins (Frieda 
IKndBT i' HB seq.). Cio. fin. n g 118 to an EpicBiean percontare ipie U, 
perpctuitne malii voli^tatibui. ptTfruem in ea guam laepc uiurpoJo*, 

trangv,iUitate degere ovmein aetatan tine dolare, an earn de otimibu* 

getitibia optimt mererere, eel Heronlia pati aernmnaBT Bio 

Terbo aeraaiias etiam in dec nominaveraat. lb. t g SG ut ubi 
tiirluf lit reique jnagnae el lamme laudabiUi virluU gestae, ibi tute 
miseria et aercmna non possit, tameti labor paitit, po»sit molestia. 
A Stoio parados was that virtas ia sufGoient fur happiness Oic. parad. 

II g IS nee VETO ego M. SegulKm aatumnoaum n*c in/elicim nee Tnuerum 
umqiuim, putavi. id. fin. lit g 42. t gg 79 — S3 Jt^nlns as happj aa 
UetelluB. Qiiintil. -vm 3 g 26 aernmnaa gtUd opus est [dieere]t lam- 
guam param ait si dicatar qtiid ttorridam. cf. Foroell. Orig. o. Cela. 
ur GG cites as ackaowledged examploa of petfect life, among faercMB 
Herakles luid OdfEseoa. Sen. conat. Bap. 3 g I the goda have giveu to 
us in Oato a more oertain model of a sage than they gave to early ages in 
Uliios and Hercalee, hoi enim Btoici no«tri sapientea pTonuntiaoentnt, 
iiivictoa laboribas, contemptores votuptatit et victore* omnium terranaitt 
id. ben. 1 13 g 3 in contrast with Alexander, a brigand from cMldliood, 
HeroaUfl nihil libi vicit; oriem teTrarum traniivit oon ooncuplB- 
c e n d 0, eed rindicando. of. the famous myth of Prodio us (Xen. mem, 

II I g 21. Cio. off. I § 118 Beier). Hercules ia distinctly called a phi- 
losopher. Max. TjT. SI g 6 HeralcleB was wise; jtt not for himseU 
wise, bat his iciEdom extended over everj land and sea. It was he that 
was the esterminator of beasts of prey, chaetiser of tyrants, liberator of 
slaves, legislator of the free, estsblisher of rigbteousness, iuveutol of 
laws, trutlifal in words, reformer in deeds. But if Herakles had ohosen 
to retire and live at ease and in leisure, and to pursue an iuaotive 
wisdom, he would have been instead of Herakles a sopliist, and no one 
would have dared to call him sou of Zeus. ib. 3 g T. 6 g H. 31 g 7. 36 g 7 on 
the pleaanre and reward which he derived from Lis labours, ohroni 
pasch. I 78 Bonn ' in the days ot Mug Fhoenix waa Herakles the philO' 
Eopher, Bumamed the Tyrian, who discovered the purplo dye.' Tzetz, 
chil. y 129 — 33 Herakles wrote an inscription (!□ heiometeia which are 
given 133 — 7). for he was universally accomplished, poet, astrologer, 
philosopher, magician, physician, and all else that OrpLeus and other 
aathors describe him to have been. Betv. Aen. i 741 eonttat inim Her- 
cnleui fuisse philosophum: et est ratio, ear omnia ilia monilra 
viciase dicalur. More thou oue treatise of AntisUienea, (oonder ol the 
oyuie school, bore the name of Herakles CL. vi gg 16. 18. He shewed 
that lahoor was a good by the examples of Herakles and Cyrus ib. g 8. 
lus. proep. ev. xv 13 g 7 p. 816" 'AmuSA-fl!, 'Q/jaKXeuriKi. rw (Wjp t4 
^piyriiia. epist. Socrat. 9 Aristippoa to AutistbeDes in mockery: 'I will 
send you large while beans, that when you have exhibited HeTaklei to 
your pupils, you may have something to munch.' cf. Auson. epigr. 
"" 28. Kleanthes was called a second Herakles DL. Tii g 170. Apnl. S. 

2 of Crates, follower of Diogenes, quod HertaUiA uliiit paetae memo- 
'■ vamttra ilia immania homiaum aejerarurn rinute ifibegitie orbeinqve 
xe purgasse, similiter adverauia inicundlam et invidiam atgut libiiK- 
mm eeteraqm animi human? monatra a fiagitia philoBophos lata 

X 361- 


loB fuit. eat Dtnnii patea msnltSia excgit, /amiliiu purgavit, 
malitiam perdomail : leminvdus el ipie et clava imignit. id. mag, 22 for 
the ireeemblance in exterioi betneeu the hero and llie Cymca. They 
bear the club Aug. oW, D. xir 20 we etill see Cjnic philiisopliets ; hi 
rnim i\mt, qui turn solum amieiuntur poilio, ceram eliam olavaxa fertmt. 
id. 0. Acad, m § 17 of the braggart Aoodamic de onmitim eckolii von 
ferulii, quod euet dtformiut qaara inoleitita, ted iliorum palliatonan 
clavis et fattibiu proicielvT. non enim magnvm negolium crit contra 
conamaiem jieitanvelut Heroalea qnaedam jfoilulare aaiilia Gyni- 
cornia. Bidoo. ep. iv 11. ii 9 p. 679 non caetariem pateere, neqyt 
pallia aut clava velut aophiiticii iniignibui glariari, Pmd. homact. 401 
liine gerit Herculeam vilia sapientia clavam. The Cj^o AJkida- 
moB Lnoian conviv. lU to a bride rpowlrv am, i3 KXfco'W, 'Spax'Xfoui 
dfiXTr^""- -^^ when all langhed, iyaXaaaTi, iH taBipfiora, tl rg r6fup]i 
irfiolfrior ixl toB i/tiCT4pou StoS tdS 'HpatXiovi; he then compares 
himself to his patron god in indomitable strength, in freedom of mind, 
in Tobaet body, which he exhibits in order to prove hia point ; he might 
have done some mischief with his club, il he had not chanced to eapy a 
larg* cake. The Cynic aaks ib. Cynic. 13 'do joa think that Heraklet, 
the braye&t of all men, a man divine and justly esteemed a god, roamed 
abroad because of hie unhappiaess, with no attire but a skin, and with 
none of youi wants 1 nay, he was not unhappy, who reheved atheia 
also from sufiering ; nor yet poor, who was master of earth and sea,' 
eta id. vit, anct. 8 Diogenes is asked 'Whom da yen eronlateJ' 
"Herakks." ' Why then do yoa not bIeo don tlie lion's KkinT for as to 
the club, in that yoa are Uka Lim.' " This threadbare cloak is my Uon's 
itkia, like him I wage var apun pleasures, not by order, but of my own 
free will, making it my vocation to purge life of them." id. Demon. 1 
Sostratoa ■ol Soeotia, a oontemporary called Jleraklea by the Oreekg, for 
hia bodily strength and hia labours in BnppresEiDg brigandage, loakirig 
roada throagh trackleaa wilda and bnildijig bridges. DChrys. or. i 
1 151—3 R 'men of old called by the name of sons of Zeus tbose who 
enjoyed virtuous training, and were brave of soul, trained like the 
famous Herakles.' luliau or, 6 p. 187 S ' the more generous Cynics aver 
that the great Heraklet also, as he became the author of our other blessings, 
BO also left to mankind the chief pattern of t^iia [Cynic] life too.' Ens. 
pr. ev. IV i 797* 'those Herakteian and divine doctrines, that virtue ia 
a thing strong and esquisitely fair, never lat^king anytbing for happi- 
nesB, never ported from it, but though poverty, disease, disgrace, 
torments, burning pitch and the cross, and all safCeriiiga of tragedy 
should ponr upon bint at once, still the }asi man is happy and blessed.' 
The Christian fathers have an easy taalc in accepting the challenge Qaii 
vitvperavitt [lust, mart.] or. ad gent. 3. Theodorot. gr. aft eur. viii 
'■p. 113 27 dytpaoi atiittaa^a alii •piXoaa-fiiai' ^unjnDTa, i>K\' iiKo>iaalf Kol 
Xai*fifl iuytfijKorit. Clem. Al. piotr. 2 g 33. Amob. :v 26. (Partly 
from Bmcker. I have not seen U. C. Merger de Heroule sapientis stoici 
eiBinplo. Aug. Tind. IS29. ito). 

362 FLosii 1 1E9 n. TibuU. 1 2 77. Sea. de prov. 3 g 10 of Maecenas 
tarn vigilablt in plnma, quam ilU IRegulut} tn citice etc. Mart, n 92 
a 4 dat tibi itcarot vilU Icgeticula tomnoi, | pervigil in plnma Gahit 
enceiacet. Cypr. adConat. 12 of the rich man cum epulis nmrcidum 
eorput torn* mollioT alto lina eondidit, vigilat in pluma nee inlelUgit 
tTsiieT, speciaia libi eiie itipplieia, auro te alligatnnt Isneri, eC posiiiUri 
magit gunm ponidtre. Cic. Alt. i S E T ni'ii forte me Sardauapalli 

JUV. If. 


X 362 

ArbaotnB, gen« 
:m to hiB preseiiM 
fntem et ranliebn 

Tioem in raeo leotnlo mori Tiialle cfnaiierii quaminexHlinTliemiilocUi. 

Max. TjT. 10 g 9. BAHDiNAPiLM BOhol. S. TtX 

Aisyriumm luxiiriotvt. de qvo TulliHi in tertio de Teptiblicancait: S.iUe 
vitiismulto qnamnomiue ipso deformior. CoatraBtednith Hsr- 
onles alao bj Eleomedes meteor, ii g 01 tr ni Tin S. fnro^atic rtpl Kapre- 
plas Tip 'BpaK\eT avyKplvcuBai trix'tpBSvTa, Hia eflemmaoy pro- 
TarMal pmoem. gr. u 207 LbqIbcIi Sapi. M rUr ippoitahat. ib, 600 
TrifaSpas £. ^i tUv rpvipiirmy Kol va\iii\pon: ib, i 449. EpiM«l. diBB. 
lu S2 g 30 ' Hftppiness is not in jOyaltj. Else Nero noold Lave b 
liapp; mi Sard.' See Biihr's CtesLos 424—436. 
1 3 S. tlie last king of Assyria, nir muliere vomiptim 
of the MedeB, haying with diiBoultj gained admisa 
found him inter seortoram grega purpuras eolo i 
habitn, cum mollitia corporis et oouloium iHBuit 
feminas ant Biret, pinsa inter virgineipartitntem. quibia 
natui tnli ieminae tantum virorum tuMectttm traetanteeqiu fernmt S 
arnvi babenlte parfre,progreiiu» ad locias quid viderit refert: negat u 
parere paste, qui se feminam malit me quam virum. "Site plot is hi 
ceaaful', Sard, bmiis MmBelf with his treasoxea. cf. Oros. 1 19. Flat, da 
Alex. foit. 1 3 p. 326' Fortune placed the lojal diadem on the head of B, 
topijiipar ^olram. ib. 2 3 p. 336 anyone seeing the life nr tomb (for tiu^ 
are the same thing) of S. would say that it was a trophy canairtieted Ot 
Fortune's bleaainga. id. aomm. notit. 13 g 4 p. 1066. [Plat.] pro uobS. 
10 g 2 in Stob. fl. imxvin 12 Sokratea more noble than S. Ladon dial. 
mi^. 2 g 1 B. in the lower world lamentB, remembering r^i ro>Mjt 
Tpuip^s. ib. 20 g 3 Ueuippoa wiebea to cnlT, or to spit npon 8, AgSpoytnf 
ye 6rTi. cf. necyom. 18. rhet. praeo. 11 rivappiv rara S. Inpp. eonf. 
18 S. BriKai &>. Inpp. trag. 48 think of the poverty of Bokrates, iri- 
Bteidea, PhoMon, iv foot: Si iyaedis KaXXIat inl MeiSfa; Kal 2. Wtprpii- 
^Qrres. DChrys. 1 i 1 12 D. not even Marsyas or Olympos conld hare 
roosfed B. M ToC ea\i)iov rapi ray yvyaiKuy. ib. 2 1 27 20 his jewels, xti. 
3 1 51 S7 proverbial for Ms softness, ib. 62 ii 202 full acaonnt of his 
effeminate dress, altitude, complexion, Sr oiic -qv tiayvvnai tuv IrafAaKor. 
ib. 64 II 207 28. 78 ii 280 8 ■ thinking S, to be envied, who said that hfl 
Bpentliis life infeastingandwantonnesB with eunnchs and women.' TerL 
da pallio 4 p. 938 Oeliler. Mart, n 11 5 6 (e potare deeet gemma, qv( 
Mentora frangii I in jcaphitini moechao, Bardanapalle, luoe. Athen. 
294". 412''. 538'— 630". Aug. civ. Dei ii 20 fin. DCaaa, lhyih 22 86. 
Lxiix 1 g 1. 2 g 4. 10 g 2. 11 g 3. 13 (in this book a nickname of Atitns 

I or Fseudontoniaus). Clem. Ai. etr. i g 159. paed. in 9 TO. Opposed to 
CyruB Moi. Tyr. 21 g 8. ib. 1 § 5. 3 §J 3. 9. 13 g 7. The anthoritieB 
for two epitaphB of S. are coDeeted in Niiko's ChoerUns 196 — 266 ; tha 
one in Aseyiian choraeterB at Anchiale Strabo 672 (of. Ajt. anab. n 6 g 4. 
Ath. 630'') > S. son of Anakyndaroies built Anchiale and Torma in ona 
daj : eat, d n'nlr, and bo merry, lirSit, vlvr, tbT^, for all else is not WQrth 
thU' (a snap of the fingers, cf. 1 Cor. 16 32); the other a Chaldean 
inBcription on the tomb of Sard, at Minereh, translated by Cboerilaa 
(Ath. 623') into Greek. BChij'H. 4 i 89 20 Dmd. Ath. 335' ieq. AlV. 
Clem. Al. str. i\ g IIS. US. a 23 tout' fx" H"' liayoy Kal ifippuia ral 
Iter IpifTOS I T^pin' fraBor, ri St roWi ical SX^ta Keiva XiXrirrm, an epitaph, 
as Ariatotle (Cie. Tusa, v g 101 Dav. finn. u g 106. cl. Ath. 33B-( sayg, 
fitter for an os than a king. On B. the conqueror, the mighty honter, 
hia stately palaoes, and rich library of brick bookn. of which fragmenls aro 

X 362—366 179 

c. 6, Brandis 'Asejiia' in Paol; i', and Geoigii ait, Bsid. ib. nith tlis 
authorities cited. Modem vriters pliua )"m (or them, for some make *3 
man; as four of the name) at dates varying from tha 10th to the 7th cent. 
B. a In claseical antiquity lie ia the tj^iical voluptaac;, and the last Mag 
of Assjiia, Modernfl {0. MUUer, MoTera etc.) find in liJTn the Aaiatio 
HeronleB. W. C. Koopmana do Sard. Amat, 1819, 

363 HosBTBO siy 256. Gronovins on Sen. da beD. tv 28 ahawa 
that the word is techtiicaU; used of phyaicianB' preacriptloua. 


qvidem oirtiut TiuyrtaUi lic habent, txlernat commodiiaUs, vintta, icgeles, 
o&veta, iiieTtatem fntgma etfraetmna, omnera denique eommoditatem prot- 
peritatemqiit vitae a di3 se habere; yirfutem antem nemo cmqaam 
aoosptam deo rettolit. nimiram reete; propter virttitem enim tare 
lavAaiiur et in virlMle rente gloriaimir: quod now coatiTtgeret, li id donuia 

a deo, tinji a nobis haberemia iudictam hoc omnium morfalium est, 

fortnnam a deo petendam, a ae ipao Bnmeiidam esse sapian- 
tiam. id. Cat. mat. % i. Hot. ep. 1 18 111 — 2 »(j latii eat orare lovtm, 
qui poait et aujert, | if«t vitam, dst opes; asgnnm mi animnm ipaa 
paraba. Obbar ib. cites many parallels, cf. the distinction in Epikt. 
man. 1 between tbe thinga whicli are and the tilings whicb are not li^ 
Tliup. It is the Stoic atn^pKiut Sea. ep. 9 g 19. 27 g 3 aliquod potiui 

ex se Bibi invcnit. 31 g S uninn bomaa est sihi fidero. 41 g 1 

bonam mentem, iinam atnllum est optare, cum poaais a te 
iopetrnre. 80 §g 3— S. Laaanli Studieo 146 adda laolir. ad Demon. 
S 34. LiT. xxxTii 45 g 11 ; bnt also passages from Bias, Pindar, Simo- 
nidea, Kalllmacbos, which agree with Christian piiuciple 1 Cor. 4 7. 
HarUand cites in contrast 2 Cor. 3 6. Phil. 2 13. 

BBUiXA prDperl; a narrow track Fhaedr. in proL 38 ego illiua pro semita 
feci viam. Marl, vn 61 i et mado quae fverat semita, facta \ia est. 
Often uBod metaphorieall; Hor. ep. I 18 103 falknCU semita vitae. 
Obbar on Hor. ib. 17 26. 

365 366 the some versBs nr 315 316 n. 
unLLCa fnaes HiSES Ot. f. vi 241 Jff jis qaaque nnmen babet. mnor. 
iiiB 18»un[ etiam, quinoe (poets) nnmea habere putent. [Sen.] Oct. 
933 nnllum pietta nunc nameu habet. Mart. Tin 80 6 et casa la»i 
culto sub love numen habet. HASEa, ei sn 33!) n. 

PRCT.ENTIA Sen. ep. 65 a g. 8 2 prndena 
beatus est et prndentia ad beaiam vitiim latis eit. g§ 36 — 8. 

366 "n 18 n. 20. PreUer rfim. Myth.' 652—64. Philem. 
in Clem. Al. str. t § 129 wk tariy 4^ oiScfiia rixt ^iii. Sen. n. q. in 

pi. gS 11^16. ep. 74. 98 e.g. g 3 errant, qtii aitt boni atiquid nobis 

aut TiutU iadicimt tribuere fortujutm. de prov. 6 g 6. da oonst. aap. 15 
Sivincil nos fortana, nisi tola vincitur. ct. Eaase'a ind. b. v. fortuna. 
Plin. □ £ 22 invenit aibi ipsa mortalitas nnmen toto 

Toeibna Fortuna sola invocatur ao nominator, adeoque 

obnaxiae mimus eortis, nt aors ipsa pro deo ait, qua deiu probatur 
ineertta. Lact. m 29 g 1 foctnna ergo per se nihil est. § 7 is plans 
vulgi et impcTitomm opiTaonibiis credit, qui Fortnnnm pntant eBse, 
quae hominibnB tribnat bona el mala, nam limulacrum elut aim 
■ it gubemaevlo fingmtt, tamgvam haec et apes tribuat et kumanarum 
§ 17 Fortni ---.-— ---= : 


186 X 366 30—325 

hi$ venib«> NULLUM LOCAMUS. § 18 stultitiB igitni 

et CBScitas et, «( Cicera [Aead. 1 g '20] ait, ignorati 
canBaram Natniae aa Forlauae nominn icduii 
IT 18 19. 

30 Qreg. Naz. or. 4 72 rir 'Hpni^cfratr icaT^>peiar. 

38 four nhite horseB Serv. Aen. it 643. cf. DH. n 31. 

50 TKBTBcnu SyneB. El** cl ykp iriKSai •^CKoaaipiLv roTt Hpiott, 
tha Boliools OdyBsenB and Demokritos vers the eioak. examples of 
topia ' thongh ha oama of a little birthplace, he noQ renown ' Thetm 
piogymn. in Spengsl rhet. 11 111 23. 

55 oENOi SetT. Aen, m 607 phyiiel dicant ease eonsfcratas nurainibttl 

lingvlat corpom partes genua Miserioordiae: wide haee tattgvM 


71 EPiBTUiA Tae. Ill 44 many blamed Tiberins, becanae in tamio rcnint 
tnolu libtllie acwtatorum insumcTBt nperam. an Sacroviram maiettati* 
crimine ream in senatu fore? extitisse tandem viroi, gui crnenti 
epistulas armia cohibeTent. 

117 CDBtoB ^dHereuii. it g Go pedisequo pnerarnnt, App. b.e. 

271 272 cANwo I 
274 B. Sahabert d 
277 Ot. Pont. IT 

OTn Serr. Aen, ij 
Cioeso et Solone fabtda. 
B 4S — 47 ille lugurthin 

Beg. 1868. 

clamt Cimhtoqae tji- 

Marina iacnit oannaque palnHtri. ib. 87 88 Croeiiu (Iht. S74 
27S). 41—43 FompHm (Iut. 283—6). 
314 uoDEoa Ben, HippoL 124 125 Venus \ per no« catenaa vindieta , 

■0 Weloker gr. Ting. 394—402. 


At the time of the Megaleaiaa games (193), early in A-prll, lar. 
invitea his friend Fcisious to a fiugal dinner. 

Thb riol] epicure is admired; the poor, deiided: oar liousekeepiDg and 
onr whole plan ol life bhould be in just proportisa to our meeaa {1^8). 
Many, it ie true, neglect this golden rule ; they liot for a irliile at liome, 
and then retire to Baiae, to avoid their ereditora (38 — 55]. 
To-da;, my friend, you may jndgs irhetlier I practise tha frugality 
- vMeh I preach ; whether I live like the vorthiea of tliosa good old times 
Vluin heaven itself gnarded our city (56— 119], or, like Uieir pampered 
deseendanta, can reUsh no meal but anch as is served on the costliest 
tables, by fbe meat expert and elegant slaves (120—161). Let rioher 
men enliven their feasts hy yolnptuous songs and dances : here you may 
Hsten, if yon wiU, to Homer or hie rival Virgil (162— 1S2). 

Leave then alL care behind jou ; leave to younger men the dissipation 
of the Circus, and spend the festival vvith me in enjoyments better sniled 
to our years (183—208). 

Whether Fer^icus is a real or fictitious character does not appear; it is 
not certain that lurenal would have hesHated to address a living friend 
in BUcb verses as 186 seq. 

Ct Hor. 8. n 2, ep. i 5. Mart, t 78. i 48. si 52. Plin. ep. J 15; on 
lunuious furniture Clem. Al. paed. ii c. 3 ; and on the liugjl life of the 
old Romans TM. rv 4. 

1 — 23 the cost of our table must be proportioned to onr means; what 
IB dne elate in Atticus, is stark madness in Itutilas. Many men ivaste 
L.iheir estate in dainty living, till at last they are lain to salist as ewotcI- 
irs, and put up with the hodge-podge of the trainer's barrack. 
1 21 23. 171-JJ. cf. viii 182 n. iiiicua Ti. Claodios 

K Attiens (father of Herodes Atticns), who diaoovered an immense treasure, 
P the entire enjoyment of which was allowed him by Necva (Philoetr. 
' Boph. nigs. Zonar. ii 20). He was twice consul (PhiloBtr. g 1, Suid. 
I *HpiiSiii), 'the £rst time before 859 n.c., for he must have been the 
LB consular legate of Syria in ths tenth year of Trajan (Ens, h.e. 
§1 S. 6].' BonoHESi mnvres y 632—3. 

B 1 67 n. Vatro in Goa iiu 11 S 5- 2 edtilcs hv 18 a 

Wi-Jjota hoMb, haiobe ciCHisso ni 100. cacbi^iso n: 152—3 n. 

'' 3 Af loina IV 23 n. Apion the grammarian wrote a mono- 



1 hia lusnry Ath. 291'. 

gtapb on hia lusnry Ath. 29i'. 4 conyiciub i 145 
Qnintil. Ti 3 § 27 in ooDviotibna et gnoHdiano tenaone. Mart. : 
praeL eivitatie aures, quibua assueveram, qnaero, et videm mihi in alleiui -\ 
/oTO liiigare. it quid est enim, quod in litellit raeii placeat, dietavitl 
auditor, iliam iudicioram lUbtiiitatem, illud materiaraia fn^<m'uni,.il 
b^bliolkecat, theatra, oouTiotiiB, in g^tibat itadtre it volaptatts noKi 
tentiunt, ad lummam omnia ilia, quae dtlicati Teliquimus, ileiideramu^A 
queai deititati. cf. Friedlander i> 333. 343—8. thbbkab' 
vn 233 n. Mart, t 20 8 — 10 of an easy life of enjoyment, scii j7«taI{o, 
tabulae, libeUi, \ eampiu, porlicia, umbra, vtrgo, thermae, { haeceueat 
loca temper, M laborfs. st&tionkb Fhn. ep. 1 13 g 2 pUHque 
in BtBtionibns tedent, tempaiqae aiidi&n.di fubulis conUnmt. ib. n93 5 
ambio domoi stationesque circameo. Gall, mi 13 g 1 ram ex angulit 
teCTetiiqKe ifiroram aa magiilrorum in medium iam hominum tt in lueetH 
fori prodiiiem, quaeiitum esse memini in pteriaque Eoniae BtationibnB 
ita publici docentiiim aat reipondentiiim, an quaestor populi Rojaani a 
praetore in iut voeari potiet. dig. slth 10 15 § T ad etationem eel 
tabemam. ThorlBoii proIuaioneB et opasc, acad. Copenh. 1606 n. 5. . 
TuirTiiirni. Xiaxii. SpeciBl itationet near tha forom for pcOYinaial town|, J 
Snet, Net. 87. Plin. itx % 23G. 5 ^ btttilo supply lojuinfl 
tuf im 181. iiv 189. Madvig g 447 d. NiigelBbaoh % 183. I 

VALEDi ka icrvENALiA UEUBBA. bb)( iuvetiilie i'lrenalis Bonuotea praiss^ J 
worthy qaitlities, manly rigour, verg. Aen. v 476 quae fuerint iayenm' 
li in oorpora ylres. 6t. am. i 5 32 qiiam inrenale femart Bo 
iuvenaUteT. See Mfihlmann andUoderlein Sjnon. v 49. 
g oALEAE vn S3patieni oaaeidis. he might have won hononr in the fidd 
ol battle [Quiutil] ded. 9 g 9 facinui indignum, ilium animum, ilbm 
ardorem nan conligiiit eaetris, turn bellicii eertaminibui, iM verae 
virtMi nvlla pugnandi lege praemium praeicribitw I Calpnm. deel. 50 
'ntTAUiB NDN uiLTTET, TIC fortis in pirataa incidit; reBoripait patri 
de rademptione ; illo casaanto, Tfidemit emn laniata et mdem ^ In 
harena dedit. leverso bell! tempore dentintiii.( militiam imperatoT.* 
of. lur. Tin 199 n. tebtdh 'is reported;' itJB the/abulaot 
aTery lounge. 7 coaBNTB viii 193 n. The tribune (ct, th 
228 n.) has not indeed aaaigned over Bufilns's estate to his creditots, and 
BO driyen him to eDgage himaelf to the lanieta foe hia bread; (Butilins is 
not damnatus adfirrum dig. xinit 1 8 g 4. Gal. I 13, Ulp. l 11); but yet 
he hna not interposed to save him from a degradation worse than slaTeiy 
{Tin 199 n.). Prohibeo wan the teohnical farm of intereesaio on behllf 
of a eitizen Gell. yi^tii 19 % 6, and the chief function of the tribunate 
was jealouBty to guard the freedom of lioman citizens. Mommsen StaatB- 
reebt i' 37 n. 2. 263 n. 2. 266 n. 7. bed neo Or. Pont. 
1 1 lOneeitaB hoc vuUii, sed neo ptoMbeie potest!!. Mart, ti 76 4, x 
le 2 (cited in 97 n.) Hand, it 117. nbo fbohibiintb Stit. 
B. 1 2 193 neo me probibantB, 8 v 123 a. Sen. ep. 67 and 
99 (cited Tin 199 n.). Quintil. decl. 9, 803 'qnidam ut patrew Bepeliret, 
QUctoraTit Be: die munere prnduotoa Bub titulo causae rudem postn- 
lante populo accepit : pastes patrimonium etatntmn per leges equitibUH 
aciiniaiTit, prohihetur gradihus' (the law enacting 'gladiator in qaatlnot- 
deeim gtodibna tie sedeat') p. 68G Burman li creditor pott iatam 
pecuniam eperat remieitiet, dicerei turn gUidiatoTem fnitie1„,iU,ittn ergo 
-'-' — pTohiimenait theatro, qui utilitaie, qui gnlft as KUGtoiaaaet, 
□ who engaged themnelTSS as gladiatora (« auetoralbant), tnaa 
EWDm to obedience Petron. 117 in verba Eumo^i tc '— - " ' 

XI 8—14 



, verberari ferroque neoari et guicqidd aliui Eumolpus 

imqiiaia legitimi gladiatoies domino oorpoca ani- 

masqiie religiosisaime addioimus. Sen. ep. 87 ^ 1 2 illiiiB tur- 

necari.' ab his, qui manuB Larenae lo'aant et edont ftc bibnnt, 
quae per BaagQinem reddant, oavetur, ut iata vel invUi pati- 
BQtUT. cl. [Qiiintil.] deal 9 S 22 venit ia tareoam bomu neo 
aceleratuB uoa infolU. eoqaando, iudioea, lioo andiatiBr of. 
Hm. s: II 7 69 Huindorf. The lanUtac are called doctorcs (TU. u S g S 
ex hido C, Aarelii Scauri daotnribaB gladialoiam arceiiitii vitandi 
atque infercndi ictui iVbliUorem rationem Itgionibiu ingeiaravit. QaintU, 
decl. SOi. Friedlander ii' where e.g. doetorea myrmillim'um, from inacidp- 
tiQnB)orm(7i(i«tri(CiB. de or, iii g eSmagiatsr ftic Saa.nitiuni...iiuoUdie 
coKmentatur); their leasona, dictata 8net. Caea. 26 Caeaubon. Tert. ad 
mtrt, 1 nee tanlni ego sum, u( vot aHaqaar; verumtamen et gladiatoies 
perfectiseimoi turn tanlvm magiatri el praepoiiti <u(, Md eliam idioiaa et 
anpertiacui quiqui adhorlantur de longinjaa, ut saept de ipio populo 
dictata tuggeeta profiterint. bcbibtttbub esse of. pubL 

ech. Lat. gr. g 99 1 ap. SJ6. lamistae hi 158 n. Bcu. ep. 

87 3 ^S a""** cantemptieiimu eitique eanHngere ac turpiasiiiui potest, bonum 
Tton eil; opes autem et lenoni et laniatae coniingunt. Bpartian. Hadr. 
18. Qniutil. decl. 9 g 22. 278. The tallen uoble'a rex, from whom he 
iBCeives laici, is a lanUta! cl. t 170 — 3 n. on the volontaiy slavery of 
trenoher-knighta. [QuintiLj deal. 9 § 7 tenenti Bervilia arma et ignovti- 
nioia morte periiuro. % 22 illud vera exiatima gramui, nomen gladia- 

in ecUviam, ferret saginam, magiattum, penoJiaia denique eceleriit ib. 
g IS fin. piiBtia lanietiBqne. g 12 fin. calamitalum meamm gradm, 
piratam, lanistam. 10 Hor. s. I 2 S omnia oondnotiE 

coemena obsonia nummU. M),celu Gil n. t 96 n. lei. aan. 

25S — 8 ad macollam vbi advenivuit, { concvrrunt laeti mi obviam cuj^e- 
dinarii omiies, | eetarii, laiai,i:oqui,faTtorei,piicatDTet, \ guibusetre salva 
et perdita prafaeram. 11 oainua in boi,o tiveniii ciuai palato 

mt III fiO 61. GeE. au 2 § 7 (thence Mara, n 8 § 16. cf. Wjtt. on Plot. 
II 81*) StKTatea ^aidem dicebat multot hoTninei propterea vall^ viTerent 
ederent et biberent, le bibire atque eite ut viveret. Aog. de magiHtro 
8g2e. YivsNi)icAuai¥in84ii. 12 egeboidb 

caatij ess. of such farms (e.g. aobriar, induatriar) in Euhnei (ISTT) 1 370. 
Haase oa Keisig p. 172. Nene ii= 112-4. 689. cf. Madvig adr. i 117. 
Sen. da elem. 1 13 § 2 noiior. Fiiiiimtui, whioli Cio. rldieoles as a bar- 
barism in AntouinB (PhiL IS § 43), is found in Tac. Sen. etc. 

13 ET ciia cAauana i S3 B4 magtii delator amici \ et cito raptnrns. 
On the rare use of the part, aee Kiaer 186. lEiavcEtirE n 78. 8eii. 

Hera, t 1001 perlncHt omnit regia. Holiday 'he's set | on liot most, 
that still ia most in debt, j and soon mnst fallj you may see throngh the 
lent.' 14 tNTBUKi wlulemin threatona. ODBiDBhere (cf. viiia) con- 
crete of the thing ttlBlei^ tapores. Colum. iii 2 § 5 a site for a Tineyard 
inqva gustua nobilii pretioiiuque J!«it. Petron. 77 6n.proferei ungam- 
tim etex ilia amphora gualuni (of wine), ex qua iubeo lavari 0!>a mea. 
ELEUEMTA thiough Bir, eaith, and water v 91 n. Luc x 156 — 1G9 
e.g. infudere epalas aaro, quod tena, qvod aet, | qaod pelagus, Uilia- 
f/ue dedil, gimd luxiu inaai j ambilioTie furens toto quacsivil in orbe, \ mm 
mandanfefame. Qnintil. T 10 g 31. Oell. t(=vii 16 § 6 peragrantia 
galas el in sncos inquireutisindustTiam atque has andiqne 

roranm indaginea cupped 
'SetiiiTiim a list of daintiea q 
with theic homes. DUaas. lx 

(some dielies retainad tbamtmi 
g 6 (i 261- ed. Van. 1766) novi 
eoncAa lecla tit calleo : laportbui at 
pretioBotnm me racitaa ac m 
ib. 13 {266") guid prodeet mole: 

XI 14—20 

im ; tlio chaptG: 
g 1 the whole 

gives from Yairo lepl 
'Dign of VitelliiiB yiaa 

ij<yi)t Kal ix r^i ffaXditBTit svr^ytTe 
1 'Titelliaii'J. Hier. ep. 52 = 2 ad Nepotian. 
et genera et noraitia piseium, in quo litore 
is avium discemo pnminciiis ; et cibornm 
■ - ■ - - - - ■ ■sbtanl. 

J quas 

16 A 

1 didieulti 

X 339 n. 

u 144. Madvig | 348 n. 3. pub]. Ech. gr. § 214, Boby § 1574. 

(tiUia ILL* lOYiKT, gOiE rLOBlS EMUNIDB 14 n. 120—9. T Mi IX. 

I 2 15—52. Petron. 93 ales Pbasiaoia petita Golehia | 

.fiae Tolucresplacent palato, | quod non Bunt faeilea ; 

'ji pennis \ pUbeium lapit. 







tnr. ib. 119 7— 

ebcio trita vol 


lamen graluiUtm, 


luicquid qnaetitur, optim 
D nota placebant 1 gaodia, non nan 
1. ep. 1-22 § 11 oinma eoncapiBoonti 
gno aut parvo empta sunt, faiHdio 
iimen praecipua miki videlur Auiui norM 
viias commuDiB las^iaium. id. qn. uat iv 13 JS 3 i. id. cons. 
HelT. 10 g S migerabiles, quorum palatum nisi ad pretioHOB 
ciboB con exoitatar I pretioeoi aatem mm fasimiua lapor... ted Taritat tt 
difficuUaa paTa7idifacit..,om7itt regionet ptrvagavl'aT, laaria traicimiitl,, 
cmajamtm exiguo postint tedare, magno irritant, ib. g§ 2 — 3. "--■-'" 
T 12 g 19 numnuam tamen hoc coTUtnget malii tnoribua Tegnum, i 
pretiosa fecit, f eaerit et bona, Plin. xiii g 3. ^^ 

17 EBea therefore, since they like expense for its own etim, thej make fiq. < 
oonsciecce of p:Lwaiiig the family plate. f eeircnAU 1 18 □. 

Pliaedr. HI 2 6. to be equandered on their appetite, 18 oppo- 

BiTiB so iu Catullus'a pna 2S Ellis Fart, villula nostTa non ad AiatH | 
flatju oppoBita est neque ad Favoni. | ...Terum ad milia qaindeaiut 
et duceiitoB. { o veittiim horribilem alq-ae pestilenteml 
uiTRia luuiiNB FfuoiA he defaces a silver raedallioa ot his mother, and 
pawns it as old silver. Flin. ixxt % i imaginum qnidtm pictara, qua 
inaximt tlmiletinaevwapTopagabaatuTfigurat, in totum exoltvit. utrei 
ponuntur clipei, argeoteae faoiea, lurdoJigurammdiicrijaintitalttaTUilH 
capita permuiantiir, vutgatii iam pridem latibua eliam carmtnuni, adio 
materiam conipici malunt omnei quitm le natci. et inter hate pinacotheeaa. 
veCtribui tabulis consuimt alienatque effigiet cohait, ipsi honor em noa 
nisi in protio duoeutes, ut frangat heres fariaque defrabtt' 
laqnena, Siivar statues ib. rani § 161. 

19 QDAiiBuiaENTia 400 sesteicea. ansDisE toloul 

-with dainties. 19 20 coMauu FicrrLB s oos- 

tradictio in adiecto like m 182 183 amhiiiosa pavpertate. Hier. ap. 107 
= 7 nd Laetam g 10 faciant hoe ciittorei Iiidii et Cgbelet, qui giilo«« 
abstinentia Pkaaidii avet ac favtantta lurturet vorant, ne icilieet 
CcTcalia dona contaminent. 20 fictils his plJKte 

ia in pawn, so that he mnat eat hia delicacies off earthenware. ~ ~ ' "" 
fietilibua canarepiuf^f. bic achol. 

liabeant, nnde mandacent, distrahent Be ad ludtun.' 



uiscELLANEA. Bcliul. 'cibas eladiatonim, idea nusceUnaeii, 

qui omnia, quae ftpponuntnr eis, miscent et sio mandneant.' yuintil. 
decl. 9 §6 atebat deTotum corpna gtavioc omni fame sagina ot 

intei debits noxae mancipia coniemptissimia tiro gladiator dis- 

cebam gvotidie sceliu, ib. §10 quid praeititi f quod lauiata gla- 

diatori, exiguam aiipem ei oibos semper petendos. 

LDEi Till 199 n. [Qamtil.] deol. 9 f 21 in ludo fni : qua 
poena nnllam ulterioram aoelera novernnt, cuiiw ad compara- 

lUmem ergaatulum leve tst morabar inter lacrilegos, incertdiarioi et, 

guae gladiatoribut vna lau3 est, homieidat, ineluioi tutpiore cmtodia et 
lerdido celUtrum »itv. 21 shoo aince bo man; 

are rained hy Inxor;, men give it a bad name in tboes of narrow meaiiB ; 
while in the lich it is extolled aa generositf or taate 1. tui 162. 

ncTiLO 2, NAM not loiiDd in this 

Bentlajon Her. a. ii 6 
22 TKSxiDio dirite. 
23 sauET the sabject is lutec eadem parare, nhioli ia 
also lbs salijeot of eit. 

23—38 ia all thinga great and small ' know tb^eelf ,' attempt DotMcg 
beyond tli; power; thua Boorates disregarded nutiual pbjlosophy in 
eomparisou with self-knowledge Plat. apol. IS". Phaed. 96 seii. rep. 
629. Xen. m. 1 1 g 11. it 7 § *>- <''- Sea. ep. 88. Encjclopaedio learning 
was in fastiion, even in poetry (in imitation of the Alexandrine school] cf. 
Lucan, the Aetna etc. 21 atus Aen. it 4S1 

maiimns Atlas, ib. 246 seq. Probably the sclioliaats maj have dia- 
pnted (Diintzer) about tbo absolute or relative height ot tbe xaomitaiu 
thus honoured with a superlative tii 234 — -6 n. 

25 nio Horm. in Halm on Cic. Tatin. % 24 gives other eix. of telatiTB 
sentences, in the Beciind clanse of which, inttead of repeating the rela- 
tive, the writer employ^ the demonstrative. The BOotenoe is one, in 
which two contrasted cUtasea are connected, as coordinate, in such a way 
that whils the two together suit tbe meaning of the context, one of them, 
taken apart from the other, will not. fiom. 4' GT7 — 8. Cic. CatiL 1 1. 
StJirenb. on Cic. p. Arch. p. 161. p. MiL § 33. Phil. 2 % 110 1. 6 n. de fin. 

Ig IS Madvig. Liv. u 12 §2 C Muciui, cuiindifftmm videbatur, popn- 

lum Somannm Eervientem, cum snb regibua esset, nullo bello 

lumabifldemEtrusciBobeideri. TeuSel on Hot. B. Ji 7 109. Plin. 
ep. 1 12 % 13. 1(! g S. Qnintil. ii 7 g 3. x 3 g 29. Lact. de ira Dei 10 
S U. Ear. Andr. &69 aeq. IT. 116—7. Schmidt on Aesch. PV. fi07. 
laae. 7 g 39. Antiph. in Harpoor, a. v. araaiCmit (Sauppe ii 138). DChrjs. 
«. 26 I 316 13 Dind. Cobet v. l.> S69. Madvig adv. i 453. Hand Tur- 
aell. 1 360. Hecbst on Qnintil. x 2 g 6. Eeie it is not far the atndj of 
AUean geography that the man is despicable, but for neglecting more 
neoessaT]' studies. 26 abca x 26 n. xiv 269 

260 aerata mu/tuj tn area j JUcui. CatnU. 23 1 Furi, ciii neqae itnmt 
at Tieqac area. Cic. parad. 6 1 g 44 ammut hominia dives, non area 
ap^Uari solet. Phaedr. it IS 2. Gron. on tien. ep. 81. Hot. s. 1 1 67. 
]&iBEon or Dirksen (and inscr. ind. ) under arcariut, 

27 SACcuLua HT 139. Catnil. 13 7 8 nam tui Catalli [ plema 
saeculua est araneamvi. Mart, complaining that he had spent liiti htCle 
all on a wealthy orbiu T 39 7 excaaai Inctilasquc sacoulnmijue. id. si 
S 6. Saceut and saceulua aie frequent in the iurists [sea Dirkaen'a 
inale). e caelo □ 40. Stat, s. 1 1 2 Hand. 



XI 27 

cftalone peraetum | fiuxit opui t Qnintil. i G § 16 (et Fareus od 1. p. 75 
BnimBD) non enim, cum primum JingerentuT hamiiiel, analagia demissa. 
caelo formam loquendi dedit. Tert. apoL 4 ti I«x taa erruvit, pato, ab 
homine concepta eili neque enim ds oaelo rait. Eeerwagen on LiT. 
XIII 29 § S. s ciEi^ DEBCBNDrr t^6L aeavri- 

Xen- Kjrop. to 3 |g 30—26 ocaele given by tiie Delphia ApoUo to 
Eioeeoa. raemor. iv 2 §S 24 — 30 ineoriptiou at Delphi iviUi Dommentatj'. 
Plat, Phileb. 48° eeq. vLeie, lef^mng to the Selpiiie iiiBDription, he di»- 
tingnishea three Idnds of Belf-ignorance, rDlating to mind, body and. 
estate. Frotoft. 343° Eeindorf (the seTen. aogea met at Delphi and dedi-: 
cated in Apollo's temple the first-fmita of their wisdom, ypdiraeTct tuQtch 
a S4 iriiiTci iiu-ouiri, yrwSi aavriv Kai niSiv £701'. ol. I'aus. x 24 g 1)„ 
Phaadr. 229' 230' (oL Tert. de an. 17 p.m.). Alkib. i 121>'. 129'. 132".. 
Cbarmid. 164"— les". Ridiculed by Ariatoph. nub. 842 7] ' 
rir 6{ d/iaflij! fl nal mx^i. Philemon in. Btah. ft. isu 4 ™ . 
oi itATtf fi M' Sr-t [ t6 jiTJlia toSto Biiaf tV AcX^oTi ix,ti. Menand. i)>^ 
m (the book is beaded repi rod yr. a.) 2 and 6. Fhilo de Bonm. i 10 
(I 629 M). Stob. ib. 26 from the work of Porphyry rtpl toC 711. n. MOriboS 
to Fhemonoe the first priestess, to Phanothea, Bias, Thules, Chiton ; 
Heaiohos said that it was Apcdlo's response to Chilon when he asked 
what was man's highest good; Aiistatle ir rait rcpl fiKixrn'filai said that 
the inscription waa there before Chilon's time. The queatioa of anthor- 
ship let us leave unsettled : one Uiing at all events is indisputable, Omt 
it was spoken either by God or not without God. [Heraclit.J fr. lOG By- 
waler iiepiiroim irSiri /i^Tjrm yiyi'ii(rireie iauTnis tal (Tu^poffir. Plllt, 
n 116'' two of the Delphic maxims most necessary for life youSi oiaurir 
and itijlir ayav, each of which contains the other; he cites Ion to 7*139^- 
ffavrJi", TOW trot /lif ai fxiya | ipyw 8' Sitav Zeis fibytti ivlirraTiu ~ ' 
ib. 1640 Wytt. 385''. Flut.Demostb. 3 g 1. DL. i S 40 Menage, paroei 
I 891. II X9 Lentsch. snthol. Pal. iz B66 1 (tiansl. in Hygm. lab. 
and by Ana. -m sap. sent, ad fin.) tiri, ao^f ipia ko-t (vas xdXiv, ahi^u^ 
^eipi. I 3 £f\i,n' S' fv KoiK-jj KaKfinlitan, yvuBi atavrbr. Doiss. anaoil, 
il-27n. 13B. Inlian21K Cio. legg. I g 58. Tuso. i g 63 Davies. de fln,T 
g 44 we most study nature: alilfr enim nosmet ipsoa nosse non pot- 
suvaa. guod proeeepntm guin maiut trat, guam vt ab homine videretur, 
idairco assiguatam eat deo. iubet igitur nos Pythiua Apollo uoa- 
oerenosmet ipeas. Varro's sat. Menippea 7va0i a-. (12 fragments aftm 
Biicheler'B Petion. I8T2 179 ISO). Or. a. a. 11 439 5U0 lead jav 
disai[deB, says ApoUo, to my temple, est libi diversxim /ama eclebmta per 
Dr6(in I liltera, cognoBoi quae sib! quemque iubet. Sen. cons, ad 
Marc. 11 g 3 Jioc videlicet ilia Pythicis oraculia asotipta, noace to. 
ep. 04 % 38. Plin. vii g 119. Mmue. Fel. E § 6. Tert. apol 48 (u fawM. 
tantum iwmen, ti intellegas te vei de titnlo Pythiue disoens, Aas. 
Ind. VII sap. 'Indius' 1 — 3 Delpkii Eoloneia icripie fama tit Attiatat { 
yywBi ircavT6r- gtwd latimim est ' noioe te.' I mulli hoa Laconia UK 
Chilanit pntant. ib. ' Chilon' 6-— 16. Macr. Bai i 6 g 6. comm. i S 3 
(qnotes onr teit). Bidon. 0. 2 163. 16 50. anthol. 3E8. 673 Meyer. 
Ambr. in ps. 118 scrm, 2 g 13 Moses far older than the philosophers who 
ascribed the saying to Apollo. Bernard serm. de divers. 40 g 3. 
' 36 gg 5 — 7. Special treatises by Abelard (?hiB ethics or icita 1« 
), printed in Fez anecd. iii 2), Six John Davies (his fine poem tuMce 
ipgum). A tract by John Mason (tl703) 'self-luiowledge' haa been 

1...1 ,r, — i,y j^_ Wagner Leipa. 1822, modem Oieslt by 

"■"■"' ■■ septem sapJeutibiM Iloan 

ywatK ^^ 

I. fic^^^H 
lb. Si^l^H 

See F. A, Bohren d 

XI 27—34 


. EarBten de eff&tis delpMcis ^tiS^h dyay et y. a. in Gymb. lit. Batav. 
II 57 ieil- On the selr-eiamination inculoated by the uncititit moralists 
see Keinlmid cluistl. Moiol Wittenb. 1816 t 1'J8— 32. kI. Rothe theolog. 
Ethik S 873. 28 noEBBUM ii 94 tacitas noetroi 

intra te fige qtierellai. 29 coniooitim Aesoh. 

F7. 890 = 916 Blomiield to miStSaat xae' iavriir ipiorciti naupv. Kollim, 
epigr. 1 16 o^u eai r6 y lia> tJjp toTi trauTAf (\a. Pint, n IS' Wjtt. 
D!L. I 80 Menage, paroom. i 3H. ii 071 Leutech. Ot. her. 9 32 si qva 
roles epte imbere, Qnbe pari Aua. tii sap. sent, 'Solon' 2 par pari 
ingalor coitiux : quicquid impar, diniidet, Chaucer the mUlpres tale pr. 
' ha knew not Crttan, for bia wit was mde { that bade a moa ebulde wed 
Ms sinulitnda. | men aholden wedden after bir estate.' 

IN PASTE Toe. iiv 33 comilantei in partem agmiaii acciperet. 

(tradum ascendit, cetmua eqiiilem iioinanum aplehe discemit. 
" " ' t between Aiai and Ulises for t' 

AohilleB cf, Ti 

115 n. 


—71, Epifct. diss, rr 23 § ! 
otber of uelineBB. Thomist. or. 7 p, 
Ackillei claimiiig the piiBoners, but er( 
Aniel. 1 laaius TiberianQa to Yopiaci 
ilia pTodigIa uetustatia it no> bene ici 
shall AurelUn remain unknown? Si 
as a CBnilidaite for Achilles' arma a 
I Stob. 

contrasted with Achillea 
the one the type ot beauty, the 
16* in Homer, we hear not only 
a the ridiculous Thersilea. Yopisc. 
>ua : erga Tharaiten . . ceteraque 
rimui et poiteri freqaentabatit, and 
pengel rhet. ii 119 29. Thersites 
a stock example of the schools 
e t4 tou 'AxiXX^ut BirXa rv 
„ , , . afipon afifiirrti. Luc. adv. ind. 7 

yoa have often boagbt Homer, let Booie one read to yea II. ii where ia 
described Sfifiiryp^'' Ta77AiHoi ivSpiiiroi, Siiarpoifios ri trClpjt tol XcXu- 

would that moke him fair and strong, would he leap the river and Blay 
Hektor? Nay, oXKk KaX-fi\vira h- i^Xio-«a>oi x^^^" *•* ''B liffT'Bi 
K.T.\. luy. like Soph. (Pbilokt. 415 Bchrf.), eapposea Thereites to hava 
GuxviTcd Achilles : otherwise Arktinos (in whOEe Aethiopie, Frokl. 
chreatom. ad calc. Hepbaest. 178 Gaisf. 'AxiX>.'i>i Qipahtpi iyatpti, "Kovia- 
pijOeli irpbt uvToO koX ivriSLaStU Tor iirl tq TlaBraCKtlr^ "^tyb^ttvov iptara. 
el. Hate ht. ace. Gr. ii SS3), Choeremon (in hia tragedy 'A^iUt^ Orprt- 
Toxrtjiot, Welcker Orieoh. Trag. m 1086), Qnintna Calaber (Poathom. 

I 742 aeq.), Tzelzes (Posthom. 205. ad. I^kophr. 999) and EuBtath, 
(D. II 319). iBisBnuOEHAi Tin 17 n. Mart, n 
77 4 6 being poorer than Iros, younger than Partbenopaens, etronger 
tbaa Artemidorna in the hojda; of Mb vietories, why do jou insist on 
being carried in a palanquin by aix Cappadooiana f riderit nailtoque 
magia traduceria, Afer, \ juam iiudiu medio «i ipatiere foro. Sen. hen. 

II 17 g S malignii Ituoribiti prnpoiititm e)t eonlaiorem tiadncere. of. 
Ot. met. uii 1U3 seg. 32 beo the eonne^on 
having been interrupted by the parenthesis (neqne...Ul.) a new sentence 
follows in the ind, td Uentley on Hor. c. 1 9 16. 
a, n 6 83 ille. Luc, li 637^0 nee Fhamaeia anna relinquai | admoneo 
nee tu populot Jitraque vagantei | Armenia, so iUe Aen. i 3 Forb%er. 
cf. the Homorio S yt Kubner gr. Gr. n' 665. 735. 

33 XB coHSUi^s Pers. iv 62 ticMm habita, et norli qvam lit tibi nirta 

IHpellex. 34 TEHEWENB Jfivil. CtTBTlUa KATBQ 

Gchol. 'iactantlcnii, qai tantunt bnccas inflont, et nihil dicnnt.' 

lUTaa I 32 D. vii 120. Mart, i 16 cmnfa vit belts. 

8 XI 34—42 

Matho, dicere. die aliguando | tt bene; di 

male. id. ti 33. vii 10 3 4 (his exttavaeant Inst}, 90. ' 

ib. IT 81 (of a pertinacions deolaimer) Sehneidawia reada Mbtod. 

BUCCAB III 35 noCaegue pfr oppida baocae. Mart, i 
13. BO 1 140 gula. 35 roscbnda Tuc. it aa 

noBoanda valgi natara. menbuba vi 357— d nulla 

pudarem j paupertatii habet, nee se raetitnr ad ill-urn | ifunn dedil haec 
poiuitque modaw, Plin. ii § 4 quasi vera meusnram tiliim rei point 
ageri qui sninesdai. Hier. ep. 61 = 75 ad Yigilont. § SprudeiUie homi- 
nil eii nosse menanrBiii siiaia. eui Zuinpt 

g 434. BitTneboiQ pp. 532 — 3. Tlie posaesaire pron. Beldom stands for 
tte Directive gen. 37 mullum u 15 n. 

aoB:o i. a. the price of a gobio Plaut. a 
verherarem | aeinoB si forte oeoepcrint clamare hiiu: ex c 
true. 646. Feisa S17 boTSB bini hio sunt in ernmiiia. ib. 261. 
Gudgeon lgobiofiuviatilii),¥i.goujon,ia a deiiTative (cf. Dibio Dijott). 
Halt, xni 88 in VtKettt tint Inula licit convivia terria, \ priiuHpiiint eeaae 
gobjns esse laUt. Colum, »ui 17 % 14 exigaitique gobio. Aua. li^ll. 
10 132 gobio non,maioT giminia line poUiee paltait, eto. Aiiatippua, 
irhen taunted for Ha taina aubmisBion to tbe insoleace of Dionydna 
DL. Iig67 '(Iraol^itv Unit' Elir» 'iTo/xinvai iialrta9ai rf faXdrrg, &a 

U^,j;' of. HSt. 38 LoccLis I 89 n. Mart. 

(attpra 27 n.). 

38 — 55 When jon hava Bold yonr all to fill your maw, and gluttony 
giowB \iitli want, what will your end be? Yon «ill pawn tlis ring from 
your £iiger, the badge of yoiu birth, and beg. Kot an ' nnripe ' fnneral, 

a liruken old age is the prodigal' 
mptoj, flight, Ihase are the etagea of 
(aiure ; but for tha games, not a tie bi; 
is laugbed out of town; no drop of l 
cheek. 38 def: 

p iitprob. from Hor. ep. i 4 11 non dafio 
"" — I UO n. Y 90 n. 

I tenor. Sorrowing, bank- 

Nor are they oahanied ol 

bem to their home, Hodeety 

:t blood remains to flush the 


129 n 

OLbar. Phuedr. 
gonrmanda. Macr. m 13 (=: 
patrimonio cagnominittuta, 

40 « 

IS Ot. n 


a of Varro (1. 

813 — 4 iamqvefame 

I atiemiaral opei. Hor. ep. 1 16 81 

9 vuTugo, gurget, barathrum, applied to 

9)%6ut taceam Gurgitem a devoiBto 

Metelhi* Pita in juan foTeam. 

m contiwaatione pervmitl Apul. mag. H 
I onivia plate Sen. trann. 1 § 7 aisentnia 
opere «t nomine artificit. 42 4 

tiiVe in Tar. with a6 riafffa, 
HUB EXIT same words in Or. 
SsS — 8 hate tamai argent! 
[ levibia aihlecii et vasa novisiinik 
I. VI g 58) AeUuB Stilo and (-"--'■ 

donat. In Ib a til 

branded the nee 1 _. _ _. 

Cio. also eecbewed it, thongh need by M. Cato and Sail. Snoh 
are Btript of everything. bsit it passes ont 1 

family. Cie. Terr, ii j 61 ad iilvm illoi ntimmoi, guiper linulationetn 
iato eiierant, Teverlitte. It ia a legal term dig. tixi 77 S 11 •! ofat 
my heirs not to alienate my Tnsmilan ealate, tt ne dt familia nominU 
exeai,' jb. § 26. 86 § 6. xxxti 38 g 1. 91 Oaiua deSncs deioinnt 

XI 42—19 iSg 

ib, V 3 21 quod ueticapium titet ct ob id ds kereditate eiiit. Oci^lli iaicr. 
48ae— 7. 43 ANUi-ca I&st of aU of their ling, 

the fljmbol o( equesirian rank 129, i 2B. vii IB n. 89. cf. Suet. Caee. 3a 
cum in adloqiiaido erhorta-ndogue laepiai digiiam laevae jnaims osUntaTui 
adJiTmaret, ae ad eatitfaciendum onini6u«, per guot diffititatera iimrA dtfcn- 
tvnu tttet, anulum quoqut aequo nninto detractcrnm oibi. Mart, ii 
67 7 6 of one wlio sauntered in purple about the gaepta with, a crowd of 
retainers and brand-new palanquin oppignaraTit nuxia modo ad 
Cladi mensttm | vii oeto nummig anulum, onda oenarot, id. vm 

6. ApuL mag. 7S cum luuligue vfrtunl tahalii jiagitiaetuT, negat 

poiK dUtolvere, anulos anreos et omnia iruigfua dignitatU abioit, 
eiun crediloribvi depaciecilur. FriedlSnder t* 269—275. 

43 P0IJ.10 n 6—8 non erit hoc faeie miierabilior Crepereivs j 
PoIUo, qui triplicam nantani prftestare paratua | oircumit et 
[atnos Qoniavenit. 44 45 seethe account 

of Apieius iv 23 n. Eiaer 162—4 malies laxuriae gen. and plaoes these 
lines (44 46) as the reply to the question qvii exilus } after 41, «ayiny 
truly (cl. 1 141 ftine lubitae mortei) that rakes had reason to iear an early 
deaUi, and that ' maia noa metuenda est, sed morte magis senectus,' is 
vapid. But the gen. seeros hBiah, and the transpositioa needlesa. 'Not 
an earlj fuoeial (that standing terror to Roman luperititio z. 211 n.], but 
old s^e worse than death is what lu^nry has to dread.' 

44 FDNDB iOBBBOM Plaat. isin. 595 ncerbum funua jiUae faeiet. 
Aen. Yi 429 funera mtnit aoerbo. Serrius adl. 'ac. immaturo: trana- 
latio a pomis est,' id. ib. iii 64. h 143, Cio. Tnso. m § 29 tranalatea 
Btairovt t iflipow, aut martera aeerbam. Nep. Cimon 4 g 4. Lit. tii 1 

9 8 mon qtiam matnra, lam aoerba (Modvig'a qmaiuiii tamen ia 

needless). Sen. ad Mare. 9 § 2 FoE praetet domum ncafram du^untur tiae- 
guiae: de morte non eogitaima. tot aoerba funera: twi togam noilTorum 
in,Ja.nliv,m, nos militiain et patemae hereditatia ivccemionem ojiiamiu 
animo. id. ep. 99 g 18. 122 g 10 quanltilam enim a f nnere absimt, et 
gwdeta acerho, qui adface> et ctreos vivunt} Tao. zin 17 p.m. Flin. ep. 
Y & % i mihi auiera videtuT aoeiba semper tt immaturn mora eorum, qui 
immartaU aiiquid parant. ib. 16 § 6 o Iri^te plane aeerbumque 
fnnnsl o morte ipsa mortis tempas indignina 1 Curt, n 6 §19 
vniaatt bonum diutumam vitamexistimantes eatpe acerba mors oecupai. 
Qniotilian bad lost hia ohildten ti pr. g 4 guos vtique inmeritoa mors 
Boerba damnacit, trepla mikipHiu Toatre eorundem, quae nnndum expUto 
aetatisundeciEetiiao anno dv.ot eaixaJilioi,qitamvU acerbiHsimiB raipta 
tatis, felix decesHI. Pnbljl. Syr. 396 nil non acerbnm prius guam 
nuOumm fait. 360 mori infanti felix, iuveni aoerha, sera njmia etni. 
The word ia frequent in the epitaphs of children. Orelli 4836. anthol. 
Meyer 361 12. 1236 7. 1248 2. 1234 2. 1258 E. 1268 11, Anson, 
prof. 3 B. parental. 11 2. 14 1 and 12 indole nuitarae, fnnero Bcerhue 
obti. 20 5. 29 6. Luc. catapl. 6 d/i^aiclsi vu/iol. 

4G LnuKiAE IT 34 3S vitia ultimajictoi \ contemnunt Scauros el castigata 
reviardenl. s 120 ingenio manut eit et cervix caesa, 
46 C0MMT1.1A Hor. B. 1 2 9 oonductis...numiuis. So Plaat. most. 620 
Iiorenz, locace argenti nemini nurnmum gueo. iio>[ikib 

the ownera (lenders) of the money =/fnoris aactoriliu. 
49 TBBTESB eoLtru Bchol. 'eiBilium pati.' Cio. pro Caec. § 100 ^t 
volant aliquam poenam sKbterfugere ant calamitatr.m, ea solum vertant, 
hoe est ledem ae locum mutant. Petron. 81 conturbayit et Ubidinit 
tuae solum Teitit, luuz ni 4 n. Sen, ep. 61 g 1 Baiaa, 

orum, g 3 iUie Hbi yiurimum laxi 
licentia debealur loco, magii lolvituT. 
1x2% B. p. Gael. ^ 27. 3u. S8 cufui it 
libidineB omnium commeareut. 
, Spartion. Hadr. 2S. Stat. s. iii 2 17. 
p. 469 ao— 23 Didot 'Godara, warm 
Baiae, to which none oan compare, i 
1 3. 7. 8. 47. n 17. 26, 

(Daja), the Brighton ol Bome, lay to 
on the ooast of Campania. It wai 
springs, and its fieheriea. Mart, ii 
Baias, | Baiat aaperbfU blaitda dom 
versibui Baias, [ laudabo digne mm 

'ptrmittit, iliie, tamqiuun aliqaftm 
g§ 11—13. 56 § 7. Cio. ep. ttax^f 
kortoi, domum, Bai 
47. 49, FriedJinder ii^ 106— B. I 
Klaufien Aaneaa i 651. Snnapi fl 
batba in Sj^, second only td 1 
the Boraan empire.' Symm. ep. 
16.24. 73. Sdon.c "" " ' 

the Bouth-west of the stniu BaiaTua, 
■ sought for its situation, its warm 
[ 80 1 — 1 litm btalae Vtnerii aureum 
ia naturae, \ ut mille laudmi, Flaece, 
n satii tamen Baias. id. vi 42 7. 48. 
Ill 86 n. Mait. z 37 11 12 oatTea 
BaianiB...Bon liventia testis | quae domino pueri non prohibenU 
KOToit. id. VIII 82. Three glass oiipa have been found with inscriptiaiu 
descriptive of the chief boildiuga on the coast of Pnteoh ; the nuna 
oitriaria ooaaia twice Joidau Topogr. d. St. Bom Bar!. 1871 ii 145. Ana. 
epiel. T 1 astrea Baianis certaHtia. 9 30 ((he whale ep. is ou the Aobitol 
of ojeteis) uel qyae Baianis pendent fiaitantia pilU. As here the 
debtor, so the criminal (i 49) enjoys himself the more in exile. 

50 cedeue foro x 25 n. Hor. e. ii 3 18. schol. ' tantnm est lUis 
doserere patriam soam vel forum [the bourse, the stock-evohaoge], i^uas- 
tum est qui a Subuia, frcqaenttBsima regione, ad Diooleljanag migret, 
nbi Bohtado est.' dig. sri 3 7 S 3 quolie) foro cednnt nummutorfi. Soi. 
ben. IT 89 g 3 pecaniae eliam male credilae exaetio eat, et appellare dt- 
bilorem ad diem poisum, et, >i foro oesserit, porlioium feram. Cie. ~ 
Eabir. Post, g 41 nisi G. CaeiarU iTteredibilii in fciinc liberalitai ex. 
tUnl, jioa kiine iaitipridem in foro non haberemns. Flaut. epid. 
IE merBOB...foro. In foro vertari is said ol one who is Boltenl Ci& 
p. Flaoc. S 70. cf. ^ imp. Pomp. § 19 haee fidei (oiedit) at^s hate 
ratio pteaniaram, quae Ramae, quae in ioTO veraatnr. Plant. Peraa 
435 436 (ol argentarii) «6i quid eredideria, eitiia exlemplo a foro ] 
tnginnt, quam ex porta ludia quom emiinut Uput. ib. 442 — 3. Ter. 
Ph. 921. ad. 277. lulian p, 340* del luiru rii IwroSpofiiat, ilntp ol xp<i- 
ttara di<^\7i<iiTei rds iyapdf. Becker III (2) 56. 

51 EBguiLUB Tu 71 n. Hor. s. i 8 14 nunc licet Esqniliis huHtare 
salnbribus. henoe Augiutas Snet. 72 aeger in doma Maeeenatii [on 
the Eaquil.] cviabat. id. Tiber. 16. rEBTBun bubqu 

the Subura (v 106 n. z 153 n.), was the buiieit part of ancient Bome 
(ill 5 n. Mart, t 22), with many shops (Mart, vii 31 9 seq. quicqvid 
vilictil Umber aut Calenui, | aut Tatei tibi Tuacalive mittant, | lota 
mihi naacitur Bnbura. id. z 94 6) and hrothela (Pers. v 32. priap. 40. 
Mart, yi 66. II 61 3. 78 11). 52 illh hoth in Qreek 

and Latin a neuter pronoun, when the BQbjeot ot a seutenoe, takes {hj 
attraction) the gender of the predicate; here for illud lolum {caniUae gg.^ 
we have ille by attraction to dolor, and ilia bj attraction to maettilia, 
Ov, Pont. Ill 3 3 4 dum tibi quae vidi referam; aeti corporii umbra, | leu veri 
epeciee, leti fait ille lopor. Veil, ii 60 £ 3 kunc protima Antoaiu* eenttd 
luperbe excepil {neque is erat conteiaptiia, ted nietws). (Jnintil. 1 1 g 112. 
S % 17. Fabri on Liv. izi 10 g 12. Jahrbb. zci (1866) 722 seq. Plaut 
at'a cry when asBailed by hif 


JO. ^^ 

XI 52—62 igi 

mnrdersrs Saet. 82 ista qtiidan vU eit. Cic. Phil, 2 §51 1. 2 a. Plln. 
ep. IT 2 § 4 jttc dolor eral ille, ted otUntalio doloris. 53 oiB- 

CEHMSua s HI n. Plin. ep, K 6 omne hoo tempui intw pagillarei oe lifieiio* 
iucundiiiima i^uifte traiumisi. ' quemadmodiaa' tnguii 'in vrbe poluialif 
oiiceuBes eranf, yuo genere i^ettacuU ne leviiiime guidem ieneor. 
nihil novum, nihil varium, nihil quod non lenil ipectaiie itijieial. quo 
magi! miror, toC milia vji'orum tarn paeriliter ideniidtm cjipere earrentts 
«jua>, iniUtentet cwribita hominet videre, eta. cf. lulian (on vor. GO). 
Inv. VI 86 — 7 initumor ilia domat tt eoniugii atque eorarit] nil patriae 
induUit, ptoTonteaque impraba nutos, \ ut qua maeiB BtnpaaB, IndoE 
Parideiaqiiereliqait. 54 sAnnciNis x SOI. xiii 

212. 55 EFfUQiSNTGU Ti 19. Hea. np. et d. 199 aBaviL- 

T«i' peri ^vKar htii' rpoMritT (luSpiiiroi'! | AiSiiis nni Ninnri!. ['I shonld 
think the ^ugientemoi PumorepictnTBaqneandforoible than fiigieittem: 
the qi^asi-oaBBum, ef | /tigitnttm woald be lika that in Beveral Tersea ol 
Isaar. aa ii 1059; and of Yiigil and Hnr, as magnaniiai lovis inlgratwrn 
aijeendere cubile, non qaivii videt in\!tiodutata etc. luv. hiniRelt xn 
108 ex I (^r«re.- 1 358 is bt«ii harsher.' H. A. J. M.]. 

56—63. cf, Hor. B. H 2 89—93. 7 22—38. ep. i 7 35 n«c lammum 
pjebii lauda saliir altilium. To day, PcTBicnB, jou shall prove vhether I 
prftotiae the plain living that I preach, or whether, after bawling 'make 
grael, oook,' I whisper ' aweet-meats bay.' You wiU find my board 
patiiaruhal as Bvandec'B when he entertained H^oolea ox Aeneaa. 
57 FCBSiCB the (unknown) friend whom Iut. invites to dinner. 

58 smiguAS Hor. ep. ii 1 123 vivit ailiquia et pane srcmido. 
Fera. iii 55. pcltes xiv ITl n, resembling the Italian paUnta. 

59 IN ACBE Her. a. I 9 9 10 in anrem | dicere neseiu 
quid puero. Talok. on Ear. Hipp. 936. fiacqijiab 

Laeil. in Prise i 508 Hertz iiicun^iique ptur qui lamberat ore plaoentaB. 
Hor. a. II 8 21. Mart m 77 1—3 nee mulltu, nee te deleetat, Baetiee, 
turdas, I nea lepus eiC unqiiam, nee tibi gratwe aper, [ nee te liba iuvant, 
nic leetae quadra ■placentae. Cato r. r. 76 = 77, 60 fbomisbcb 

Phaedr. iv 25=24 15 ad cenam mihi promitta. Plin. ep. i 16 3 1 
hem tu. promittia ad cenam nea eenii. Ben. ben. iv 39 g 3. ep. 62 
§ 21. Sen. euas. 2 § 12 Sabiimi Atiliili...ctim hajtc teittentiam Leanidat 
rettalistet [d^rjTsiraiciirtiiu ui it pSou StnnniBonitBiii], ait: ego iUi ad 
vrandiam nromiaissem, ad eeitam reimntiasaem, 

rm 100 tnm res inapea Evandrna habehat, ib. 

enbibant | panpariB Evandri; ■ ' 
" ibiit; haec illinn regia cep 
qnoqae dignam | finge 
The entertoinmeiit on a Beat of torf, Aeneas 
having the post o( hononr, a maple chair, ib. 180 — 3 viscera toitafermit 
'.auTorum onerantque eaniatrU \ dona laboratae Cererit Bacehatiigiie minit- 
■-flnt. I vescitwr AcMax timvl et Troiana iiMionlm | petpetui terga bovie et 
utralibm i^xtii. ef. Ov. m. xiv 456. mythogr. Vat. i tab. 303. Schwegier 
861—2. 357. U3. vhnieb 65 veniet. 

TinisrnicB both as adj. (antb. Pal. « 237 Xtuwroirittw. 
Kallim. Dian. Ilti be^ui'. Ov. T. heroi. Stat^ T. pubea), and «Qbat. 
(Varg. Ov. Stat.) applied to Hercules. >iiH mother Alcmeua is Tirynthia 
in Ov. (of, Eat. Alk. HSH|. 62 coiwiNflEtja 

BANoiTDiii cASLuii VIII 7. Sen. apoc. 9 g S Hercnlea aaya cttm divtit 
Claudiat et divum AiiguHum sanguine oontingat, nee miniu divam 
Augjulam ai>iam taam, gvam ipiie deam oae iiiiait,...cenieo titi dieiu 


XI 62- 

Olandiia ex liac die dtm lU. Sil. yui 295 — C 

before their admission among the goAi, paaa tlitongb a dieaiplins of puri- 
fication, the one waBhed in the Ntftnicins, the other refined in the fiiea ol 
Oeta. AQUia TibulL ii 5 43 U illie aanotaa eri 

[snja the Sibyl to Aeneas], cum le veneranda Numioi | unda dear 
caelo miserit indigetem. Ot. m. iiy 681— DOS. Satr. Aen. jv 820 
TU 150, 797. DH. i 64. Terlull. ad nat. Jt 9. Aniob. l 36 indigetet ill 
qni in Jlumen repnnt et in slveis Numioi mm ranii etpieciculi 
4f9unC.., flam mis alter [Herculee] aoncrematus Oetneis. Aug. o. II 
xrui 19 Aeneam, quoniam quando morlutu ett nan campainit, deum 
at£i feeermit Latini. The grave of Aeneas waa shewn in mon^ plaoes 
DH. I 54. Festns p. 269 Bomam. Suhwegler > 287—8. 295. 399. 
300. PraUer rHm. Myth.' 520. n^AmsiiS Soph. 

Tr. Sen. Here Oet. Amoii. i 41, ly 35 HUdebrand. Miauc. Fel. 22 j 7 
HeroQleB nt haminam exaat, Oetaeis i'gnibus conorematnr^ 
Samia ii fulget Eacratis ignibus Oete, | ingentomque animara 
rapiunt ad aider a flammae. According to luba (hist. rom. i fr. 18 
MlilleT from Plat. qu. rom. 59} Hercules tau^t Evander's people tetters, 
cf. Tflc. II 14. 

64_78 bill of fare cf. Hor. e. it 2 120—5. )( a flumptnoua bill in 
Macr. Jii 13 ( = 11 9) g 12. 64 FKHcnLi i 94 n. 

onNATA Schoke cites Vair. t. r. iii 9 £ 17 ffollinaa 
in ornatibns publieis solsat poni cum psittacis. Sen. ep. 96 | 27 ntul- 
tomm ferculorum ornamenta loeanl. Mart. lui 91 2 atabroiiaM 
ornent munera Tarn dapea. saCEtuS 10. Vi 40. 

Mart. X 56 3 4 dives el ex omnt potita at insCmcta macello I eeiia tibi. 
Bum Bome and the Campagua 221. 230. Hor. s. n 3 229 Eeind. Mai- 
quardt t (2) ISl. 65 tibubtino iry 87 n. Hare 

Iqt. had an estate. 66 haedulub Hor. a, n 3 

120 121 btne crat non piicthui wbe peCitii, | led pallo alque Itaedo, 
Matt. I 48 13 14 Tina ponetar cenula m^nsa { haedns infiuntaxi rapttu ab 
ore iupi. imbcidb hebbix UQweaned. i 

67 siLicTi Verg- 8- " 434^6 aalioeB humiUique genettat \ ■ 
aul ilUie 'peeori frondem... \iuffielMnt. ib. in 175. ■ 

68 EI noMTim IUls ending of the yerae 71. 138. u 145. iii 17. 130. 37» I 
ad cenam li. iv 87. vi 296. vin BIS. x 88. wii 191. in 166. in t 88' I 
a spondee inaegualei bervllo. 
iTsi ASFiBAoi y 82 n. Fhilem. fr. inc. 13 (in Stab, i^yn 6) my 
physician and Btinta me to sink man's diet, bearing ri 
t' 6i/'diiM, Kirrapu', Biimv, | dCTrtt/ja-yoi', aird. toCth. Plin. 
xii % 145 omnium in hortis Terumliiutiiaima cura aBpaTagiB...e(t et ad'ud 
I7miM tneuZftui aspacago, nitiia eomida, paetim eliam montibni 
nalceni. Celsua ii 29., Apic. in 3. Maci. m 13 (=□ 9) g 12. ediot 
Bioolet. G 34 harCutani. 35 agreltea. Ath. 62. It is the last item in the 
dinner of herba (antb. Pal. xi 413) from which the gueat hnrried in alarm 
last the next course might be grass ; a jest which recals that of TiheriUB 
(Plin. L 0.) berham ibi (in upper Germany) guandamTuiict simillimam 
asparago. Hebn EnlturpflanKeii'' (BarL 1874) shews that not only 
names of fruit traoa and o( the inHtruraenta and yeaaclH need in the pre- 
paration of fruita (especially grapes) for man's use, bnl names of fiowen , 
and vegetables (e.g. beet, cale, cauMower, lettnce, lentil, miut, panley) J 
haya oome with the things themselTea to modem Europe from th« J 
ikiiiianB. gg yiLicjk Mart u liO 3 tfu Praenatin^ I 


the 4th toot al 
68 69 





horto. id. 1 65 II IS piiigiiis inaeqvalei onerat cui 
aa non tmptus pratparat ova eiais. id. i 48 7. 
70 ciLBNTii FASHO freeh eggB were carried abont in 
ia,y Msrl. iii 47 14 fuCa faeno cunor ova partabat. Others make 
ftttnioa the nest. 71 u^thibus Murt. tii 31 1 raucae 

eltortii ave) et oyb. matram. bervatib the varioUB 

modes of lieeping grapes, in an air-tight cask, in Baw-dust eto. are 
deaoribed b3f Plin. xv g§ .62—7. Varro r. r. i 51. Hoc. s. ii 2 lal 133 
jpeasilis qtb ncundaa \ et mac omabat minnas. ib. i 71 7S FenucuZa 

nit ollis, \ rectiiis Albanam tamo daraveris uvam. Aug. da 

JVfftnich, § 44 avaa suipejaas alque aervatas .^ri miiiorea ilul- 
laiubrioTfi. 72 fABTS the abl. is seldom 

]0 denote dnration Cis. n.d.iig 130 iota aestate [Hilj^a Aegyptimi 
nbrMiaa oppletaToque tcnuil. Madvig % 335 3. 

73 eioxrauu Colom. TlOg 13 curatidum eat autem, tii qvam generosistimii 
pirie pamana coiaeramv*. ea tunt...Stgnina, Taientiua, qnaa 
Bjria diEantnr. Plin. ky § 65 Signina, quae alii a colore Uttaeea 
appellaitt. Mftcrob. ii 16 ( = in 19) § 6. Celsna (u 24 pira, quae npo- 
nuniur, Tarentina alqiie Signina) laoommenda tham as whalesome. 
Signia (now Segni, nitli mins of Cjclopean nalle). a town of Iiatiuni, east 
of the Volacian hilla, was founded b; Tarq^uinins Buperbue Liv. i 56. 

eittxDU Phn. IV g S3 (qtKu vis swi abundat—laete^ 
itiir — in his [pins] guae alii colore mgro donaTit Sjriae, Mart.' 
.3 mareenlei UbipoirigentUT U\a.E, \ et nomen picaqnaa fornnt 
m. Verg. g. ii 88 SarviuB. jbdbu tba fruit 

brongbt in baskets, and of them tbere are no more than is neceasai;. 
74 PiCENiS Hor. s. a 4 70 Picenia oedunt 
saco. ib. 3 272. The paars ol Picennm (iv 40 n.) 
were also in repute Plin. iv g 65. miaoiiE acbol, 

'hieme, nam sicca poma non incitant morbum omorenociTo cDnsmnpto.' 
Hal;daf ' winter's cold has dried { their auttimu ; their raw juice thujVe 
laid aside.' Aug. de mor. Manich. g 43 multa eniia carpts de arbo- 
ribuB, anUquam ad cibura nostmiit verdant, interpoaitiane aliqna 




pira: eC muUa praeterea, quae et colorantar meliiui, dum rum glatim ul 
deetrpta jaerirtt abtanaaitu.r, et corpora capiuntnr saluLrina et 
sapiuat in ore aonditius. 

77 — 89 In the good old times such a dinner iraa a feast tor the 
senate already grown less frugal. Corius Dentatns plnekt in his little 
garden aud drest with his own bauds pottage at wbiob now a d^u 
roguea that dig in chains, pampered in the cookBhops of Bome, turn up 
their nose. For gala dn;a a flitdi of bacon on the rack, to which migbt 
be added a chance joint from soma saciiGce, icos a treat to wbioh retired 
consuls and diotatora woidd hasten, ehouldering theit mattooka before 
the wonted time, 77 iu< i.uxuniosA Plin. ivtii 

% IB luxariantis iam reipublicae fait itta memuTo. Such once were 
the repasts of our Benators, already luinriona when compared with the 
Aofttf of CoiiuB. With the following Unas cf. Ti 286—91. ii» 160—73. 
Prop. T=iv 1. Or. 1 1 197—219. Hot. c. n 15. m 6 33—34. Mac- 
quftrdt t (3) 4. 78 cDHina eto. n 3. 163. viu 

4 n, Manil. tv 148 149 Serrams Cnriosjrie iulil, laseeaiiue per arva I 
tradidit, eqne aao dictator venit aratro. Plin. xix % B7 AT. 
Curium imperalorem, qtiem ab hoatiam legatii nurum repudiaturo od- 
feretUibtia rapum torrentem in foco invenlum annalei rtoitri pro- 

luv. II. 13 


XI 78—81 

Udere. Id. ttih J IS b Btjicg of Cuiine pt riiii^insKln inteOtgi circM cat 
ttftem iugera von eamt latii. Sen. codb. ad Helv. 10 g 7 icilieet maiorss 
tiostri, quinvm viTtiu ctiam nunc mtia nostra ivstentat, infelicei erant, 
q^ui eibi loaiia parabant oibma, qaiboB teira cnbile eiat. g 8 
leilieet mimu biatt vivtbat d-Ktator noiter, qui Sanaiitium legaUa aviiit, 
cam TiliBBimnnt eibam in ioao ipse mann sua versaret, ilia, qtta 
iam soepe hmtempejTmterat...qwxm ApioiiiB. Cic. parad. i g 12 tenuilut 
victw M'. CuriL id. Cat. Hai. g 65. Plat. Cat. Mai. 3. id. n IH' 
'Wjtt VM. IT 3 S 6. Lao. I 161-^ pone duces priecm et namitia pau^tri* 
aevi \ FabTiciot Ctxiiosq^tt graves : hit; iUe recumbat | BoididnB Etrna-i 
cia abdaotas ooaBTil aratris. Pint. Ariatid. a. Cat. comp. 1 S S Cato 
fiDia a amall town and coDuti^ plunged into the pnblio life of Borne 
as into some vaBt Bea, oilcM "Kov/iluir mi iappiKtar..Jpyar, D!ra» 
ifyttx^yuv, Dii&^ dw dp&rpou Kcd <T/ca0f Jov T^njrai jroi a^T ovpy oit 
dro^alvai^Bc irl ri ^ijiia wgvrtiiiivrpi ifxotTiLi. The Bsme story ia toll 
b; Sen. (pror. S S 6) of Fabriains. M'. Cniina Dentatas (Hoi. o. t 
12 41 ineomptii Carinm eapiliit) as consul b.c. 290 triumphed ovW 
Ha Samnitea and Ssbinea. '"t-- ' ' ■' 

ha triumphed oyer Pytthi , 
defeated the Lucaniana and Samnitea, 
QUAB ISQEHAT BOHTO Fllu. XTin § 40 nejiidm agricolam eat, gufogui* 
eiaent qnodpiaeBtaTe ei fundus posset. % Vi ipmnint time mmOna 
iiaptratoTvm colebantuT agri, ut fas ett erfdere, gaadaite terra ventre 
laureato et triamphali aratore. id. m % 51 Somae quidem per le boitns 


ager pai 

: horto plebei 
B patienier, regibua u 



. 6 6*. 7 30. 

So :rASTniii Maiquardt t (1) 306. coufede fobhob Tin IBO it' ] 

zlS3n. »t24ii. Ot. Poat. i 31 haec faeit ut vivat yinctna giugw.J 
eompede fosaor. id. trist. it ] 5. Tib.ii625. Matt.ix2al. FUa. < 
ep. tx 28 g 4 polliaerii,,.futurvm te fugitiv-am r;t familiarii itatim^iu 
ad not evolatttrum, qui iam tibi oompedes neetiimt, quas perfringvre 
nulla modo poisU. id. ni 19 g 7 nee ipie tujuam vinotos habeo. dig. 
ssiva 10 IE g 44 multum interest, qiialii ieniu3 alt, bonne fragi, ofH- 

noriiu, et quid ei oompeditnB vel male juilue vel notae Kctrvnoe. 

Aptil. nmg. 44 quindeeim liberi Iwraines popiilue est, iolidem tenH,famUio, 
totidem vincti, elgastnlum. Beokei- Hermann Charikles " "" "' 
WaUoQ n 217 seq. 226. Marquardt t (1 ) 187. Kpaion 

'ditohw'PeiB. T123. ti 40. Cstull. 22 10, 81 cAUDiz 

Mart. I 41 9 10 fumantia qui lotnaela raucm | Hrcvrnfert tepidia eoaa 

ripopinia. bapijlt ocin Pbaedr. in i 3 some one, 

seeing an ape'e caTcass hanging up at the batcher's qaaetivit, quidnam 
aaperatf Cato r. r. 10S = 109. 

TCLTiHor. ep.T 15 41 Obbar nil TulTa palobring ampla. Mart, Tii 
20 11. xiii 66. Atben. 96> (11(7-^0.,. fiTirpiToXis tii uit dXijflfii oSffii *ai 
liitnip Tolv 'IjnrotpdTovs yl&r, oui th iaSiar KiafUiiloiifiipiivs elBo. 100" 6rtp 
■rirpat /lir wo! Tit &-iri>9iHiirfio> W\n, | brip Si nirpa! KaiAiitiSar i 
Kipa^o, I ^e^ hai vpamTr' i, iJUwi iroeanii-. 101. PUu. Tin g 809 
hinc Miuorianim legtim paginat iateFdictnqno cesis abdoiminft., 
vulvae, id. 11 g 210 vulva eieclo partu mtliin- quam idito. eieetici- 
eocatur ilia, liaee porcaria. priiaipaToe laii ojitima, conira 0et\l. Pliiw J 
ep. 1 15 S 3. Luo. leiiph. 6 To«dioi Ws rh i/ippvoSAx" ' — " ■* 

XI SI— 8E 195 

_ I. 4 4 where 'bnlbae' are dearer tban any other meat. Biittiger kl. 
■Aduifteii m 3S5. Mar^nardt r (2) 39 (the encroaohmeDts ol a meat 
P&t). FOFiNAB vui ITS. LnoU. 1 IG MUUer tnr- 

psmjiK 0iii3s« popinam. Giaeoh. in Gell. it 13 g 3 nulla apud tru 
fittt popina. Tac. h. ii 7S fin. Hadrian in Spartian. 16 latitare per 
popinas. Hot. to his bi^liS ep. 1 14 21 23 Obbar fornix tiM et uncfa 
popina I incutiani urint diuideriuia. id. b. ii 4 63 quaecunqut im- 
tmaidii feiveni altata popiniB, Bnob Vit. 13 ut aulem homo mm 
profundae modo, sed iniempetiivae qaoqae ae lordidae ffulae, ne in taeri- 
Jleio qtiidem umquam aut iHnere ullo temperaiiit, qiiin...circa...viaTum 
popinaa fnmantia obsonin {majuleret]. They were ehiefly frequented 
by eUves (nn 173 n. 174 n. 179 n. Cio, p. MU. g 65. Oolamall. 
fn&a 151 u. Mart, t 70 S), gamblers (Mart, t S4 4), and the like (Sen. 
Tit. beat. 7 S S voiuptta humiU, servile, inbeeillum, eaduc^im, atitu 
itatio ae domicUium fomices et popinae sunt. Mart, tii 61 8 nigra 
popina). Tbey were ondei the control of the aedilee Suet. Tib. S4. 
01. 83. oF. Piin. zxuii § 32. dig. iv 8 21 g 11 tn aliqaeia locum in- 
hmatiaa,...puta in popinam vel in lupanaiinm. ib. xlvh 10 S6 n 
guff aerram meum vel Jtlivm Indibrio habeal licit eotaentieTitem, 
tamen ego iniuriam vidior accipere: vebiii si in papinam duxerit ilium, 
tf tUta liuerit, noTelL 117 16 pr. cf. lexx. nndel poptTialii, popino. 

2 117 fumosae eum pede perniie. Verg. moret. 65 56 iiMpenia/ocum 
eantaTJa iuxta \ durnti sale terga suia trancique vacahant. Or. m. 
tin 6S8 BOrdida terga aais aigro pendentia tiguo. Swine were 
1^ in great nnmbers Varr. r. r. n 4 § 3. Cic. Cat, mai. g SO. Ot. f. 
Til79 ana erat in pretio ; caeia sue festa eolebant. Waddington on 
ed. DiocL i 1. cuiiB the rack on nhioh the 

flitch of bacon hun^ in the kitchen: TrinuJoliio eerred op Fetron. 31 fin. 
tamncula lUpra oraticnlam arffenteam fementia. cf. ib. TO. Mart. IIT 
221 rara tibi curva eraticula eudei ofella; \ ipjiraeiui in longa mipide 
fumet aper. In theae paaaagea it seems to mean a Gridiron. 

83 MOMS Madvig § 2fl0 2. pnbL aeh. Lat. gr. p. 413. Plin. 
ep. I 12g7 Daring. Gaes. h. G. iTg2 eat «nim Aoc Gallicae conanetu- 
dlnis, Viti...eogaii,t. gj natalioiuu aa e. biztjf- 

day treat. Feia. 1 16 natalicia tarufem cura lardomjche albai. On tbia 
feut In honour of one's geniva ct tr 66 n. T 37 n. ix 51. xn 1. 
Beoler Oallna i 119. Panly t 421. Cenaorin. 3 g 3 illud eliam in hoe 
\ttatali] die obiervandiim, g-uod genio iH,ctTim neminem oportet ante 
gaeiare, quam eiaa qui feeerit. Morqnardt t (1) 256. 
ULSmtH short for laridiim (cl. calda, aoldura etc.) 'bacon,' see Flaut. 
Eiv. Maorab. in lexx. Ov. f. Tt 169 — 72 pinguia cur illit gustrnlur lardu 
SaUndis, | mi^rta^ue cunt calido sit faba f arre, rogat ! { piiaca dea at, 
alilnrque eibie, qnibaa ante aolebat, | neo petit aBoitaa luxii- 
lioaa dapes (no oyatera, no peacocba etc.). edict. Dioolet. i 7, It 
formed part of a aoldier's rationa (Spartian. Hadr. 10. Vulcat. Avid. 
Cflss. 5. vit. Gord. 2S. cf. TrebeU. Claud. 14. Vopiso. Frob. 4. cod. 
Theod. TII 4 a and 6. Teg. it 7). Mart, t 7B 10 pallcnt faba cum 
ruiente lardo. gS aosTuapart of the Tiotim «aa burnt, 

and the remainder eaten by the offerer, or eold (Hom. pnesim, Wetatein 
on 1 Cor. 10 38. TM. u2S8. Plin. ep. i 96 g 10. Flut. quaeat. Eom. 60 
p. 278). Of old oreiy feaat was in a aeneo a reljgioua ceremonj (Herma nn 
gotlead. Aiterth. % 28 3). Bo aoldiera now and then had freah meat ood. 
Xheod. TU 4 6 cum )n<2ttibiu..,laridQm vel recens foraitan earo 

1^— i 


XI 85—91 

deinctpi erogahttur. 

Veg, it7. of. ni3. Pliiloeiledj 
_ IS § 5 ol Bcipia abluebal corpus laboribwi nuticiM 
jeaium, exercebal enim opere se terramque, ut moB tail priHoiB. 
ipsa anliigebat Mart, it 64 33. Sil. yin 371. 
BOSTBU 737i populaa modo aiclor et illad \ jnontaiiEm posit ja alidiret 
eidgua aratris. vi 5. et 181—173. Hor. u. lu B 37— J4. Aral, phaen. 
118 Bohol. Ov. f. Ill 779—83. Clani cons. Mall. Theod. 8 9 totia a 
ntreprofeclus \ liclor et inmediia qnaeaitiis aonsul aratris. Flin. 
XTiii § 39 qvi triuniphalee dcnag argenti iiSToa in etipellecHle erinttni 
dabant, qai mortno vilioo relinqueca viotociaa et reyaiiti inrura 
sua poBtalabant,...f3ardti«3ue ducebant aenata illU vilieante. ZXXVI 
I 111 nimtrum lie habitaverant illi jui hoc imperiam fectre tantum, ad 
devinceudas gentea triutnplioaqae rofcrendos ab aratro aut 
fooo ezountoB, quoTimi agri quoyue minorom modiim obtinnere 
quam sellaria istornm. For praisea of agriculturs seo iir fi7 n. nr 
181—9. Cio. p. Hoso. Am. §g 50 51 e.g. cum ab aratro aioeBsebantiir 

tern aemen qui miaai eract convene runt. off. i g 151 Beier. TM. 
IT 4 g 4 (aoe tjie whole chapter) ilU enim praedivites, qui ah aratro 
aroesBebantur nt conaulea fierent, Plin. xnn §10 noticee Eoma 
familisB (Lentuli, Ciceronoa, Fabii, Pisones, PilunmiJ mimed from their 
devotion to these pursuita. 

90 — 119 When Cato and Fabridua kept men in awe, and oe: 
v/eie a terror to their very colleagues, none oared to rifle the ooea 
tortoiEeBbell; an oss'b head, rudely cut in brass, sole ornament 0: 
Goueb, waa crowned for the feast, and about it the peassul heroes 
to romp. Innocent of Greek art, the soldier defaced work of fa: 
engTBTOFB, his eliare of booty, to aiorn his horse or helmet; the wolf that 
anckled the Quirini, Mare with spear and shield, these nere the deeora- 
tions of his choice. He dined oH earthen platters, saTing euoh ailTer bb 
he had to deck his arms. 7et then wae heoTen near to Bome ; a divine 
Tflice foretold the inroad of the Gauls. Bo watohiul was Inppiter, bb jei 
at olaj, unspoilt by gold. Tables too were then of native tunfaer, some 
chance windfall of on old walnut tree. 

I 145 146 generoaior...Pabiis. vm 14 a. 191 n. The 
3 censor of the Fabia geii3 was Q. Fabius Masimus BulliaimSi 
colleague of F. Secius s.o. S04. Joined with Cato also 8en. ep. 84 1 10 
di bimi, quam iuvat ilia balnea intrare obicura et gregali teclorio iTt^ncIa, 
quae leirei Gatonem tibi aedilem nut Fabiam Maximum out tx 
Comeliia aliqaem mamt ma temperaess. mnnai 

ciranBu 11 40. Mart, zi 3 13 Iriite aiiptrcilmm duriqaa - levera 
Catonis l^onir. Cato maior was cenaoi b.o. 184 (Liy. "rrr 40—14. 
Pint. Cat. Mai. IE seq. Sen. ep. 87 %% 9 10, VM. n 9 § 3). 

91 scAUBoa u S6. Ti 604. Hor. a. 1 12 87, vbere, U 
in Cie. (p. Mur. g§ 16. 36. p. Font, g 14 = 24. p. Seat. § 39. Brut. | 111. 
Crumann Oeach. Bomsi 28) and VM. (t 8g 4 Bcaurus, lumen an deem 
patriae) this M. Aemilius Scaurns, eons. b.o. 115 (when he paaaed » 
sumptuary law Plin. tiii § 223 glires qttoa cemoriae leges prinoepB. 
que M. Scaurns in eoratilatu non alio mode cenis adeuere «e 
eonchylia aut ex alio orbo cunvectaB aves), oemior B.C. 109, la 
held up as a modal of virtue. But see Sallust lug. 16 g 4 Aemilina 
SeauiuB, homo nobilis, inpiger /actioaui avidtu polenliae hrmori$ 
divitianim, celerum vitia >ua callide aecultani, Quintil. n 1 g 31 Cioera 
and Asioiua, the one speaking for the yonnger SoanruB, the other for th«: 

BOTH ^^^ 


XI 21— Si 197 

father, urged in mitigation n obi lit as etmirita maioram. On tlie generio 
pirn. of. 1 109 n. p. 140. Drtiger hist. Sjnt.S G b. »eas l' S»4-e. Oic. 

LCael. %39 if there is a yonth Bcoming delights and liTiDglaboiiaos da^. 
IB divinelj endowed, ex hoe genere Ulo» fniiie arbitror Camillos, 
Fabiioios, Oaiion onrnUqueeoStqTiihaecexmiKimiitantafecemnl, §40 
eerum haec genera virtutum turn solum in morilna noitrii, ltd vix iam in 
Ubrii reperiimtjir. Plin.pan. 18 PabrioioB el SeipionaB et CamillOB. 
BS vuunfur eadem e vtateria CatsatU stalvae, qna BintoFam, gtia 
OamiHornm. The fajnily was estinot Sen. flnas. 2 g 23 Soanram 
Mameram, in g«o Soaurorum fttmilia estinota eat. Tac. vi 2!) 
MomercK! dein Snaurna niraura -poHulatia; insignia nobilitate el 
orandU caasit, jraia pro6rDsus...Scaiiruj, u( dignum Totorilma Aemi- 
liis, damnationeni anteiit. Ssn. bon. it 31 §§ 3— S on the infamy of 
this SeaninH. t-asbicioh 

□ 154. II 141 143 argenti vaacvla pari, \ aed quae Fabriciua cenaor 
notet. C. Fahricins Lnscinus, cons. B.C. 282 and 27B, in his cenEorahip 
B.C. 276 temoved from the Geoate F. Cornelias Bufinus, lor possesaing 
ten pounds of silver pia,te (Liv. perioshu 14. Flat. Sull. 1. Sen. Tit. beat. 
21 g 3. SalTian. de gub. Dei i p. 10 Baliiz. Sen. oontr. 9 % B hoe acio 
noitToi fagiaie ■iaaioTi>,...hoc Fabrioium Sammiivm -non aceipientam 
muncra, hoc ceieroa patrea noitroa, quoi apnd aratra ipsa minantes 
paooia sua ciroumststerunt liatores. ib. §g 17 18. Flin. ii % 118 
oontiastB the jewels of LoUia Paulina, the spoils of proTinces, with the 
old frugality : eomparet nunc aligtiii ta altera parte qttaittum Curine ant 
FBhTioinsin tritimpkia iulerint; imaginetur illorumfereala. ttti ti g 1E3 

BBlinnm habere es argento yetabat, videret fiinc dona fortium fieri 
aut in haec frangi. heu jnorea, Fabrieii no* pudet! Gell it 8 [the 
ohaptei treats of Fabriciua]. xtii 21 § 39. TM. Ji 9 g 4 [the chapter di 
emioria nota]. Text. apol. B). Ang. c. Inlian. it g 17 who but a Pelagian 
will giye the name of just to an infidel! lit licet ille Fabrieias, sit 
Ueit FabiaB, lit licet Scipio, eit licet Eegulus, quorum me nominibua, 
(amgimm in antiqaa Jtomana atria iogiieremur, patanti esae terrendum. 
92 ootLEOi the ocnsoTfi M. LiTins Salioator and 
ClandiuB Nero b.o. 304 VM. it 9 g 6 Neto et citaTi ooUegam et 
eqnnm Tendere inssit,..Salinator quoqoe eadem animadTer. 
■ione Neronem peraecutna eat. d. id. ni 3 g 6. Liy. max B7. 
Bflokerii(2)316— 8. MommBenStaatBr.«s363— 9. 94oaBAKn 

lliDom XV 23 n. mare oceanam nom. in Ampel. t 7. Unger paradox. 
Theb. 396. Zunipt § 357 n. Freund a. v. Heina. on Claud, p. 249. 
Burman anth. ii 2!I6. Nene i' 643—3. The tortoiBesheU waa brought 
from the mare Indieum Plin. ts % 35. tbbtodo tt 80. Sw 808. 

Terg. g. II 403. Mart, n 69 9 teBtndinenm...ftej!a«[inon. id. xn 66 5 
gemnmntes prima fu}ge}it teatttdina looti id. IIT 87. Plin. tx % S'J 
teatudinum pulamitia tecare in laminas IsstoBjw el repoiitoTia ki.^ 
aagacia ad btxuriae iaiiru- 
ce saiii : coepere tingui anivutlijim 
■e dUtingai, max operiri. plMUit 
deiTlde materiam et in m.sri quaeri. teatudo in hoe aeota. nnperque 
porUntaaiii ingeniia principata Neronii inventJtm ut pigmmtia perderet le 
pluriagtie veTiiret imitata ligimm. sio leatia pretia quaernntuT... 
medo hiaruria non fuerat contenta ligna, iam lignum et teatudinem facit. 
id. 'TTTTTT g 14Q trieliltia of tortoiBeBbcll oame into fashion under Tiberius. 
~ § 3. Lucian asin. 53 (translated by ApuL met. i 34) xUri) 

a iternatur Uctiia 
s and other £gares Becker 

I, I mallia cum duria. 

98 XI 94—98 

^r /ityiXij dTo X'^'^'V' 'Ii'Sitfli trtrotitlUri!, XP'"'V ^o-^iJ<u;i^"J. Clem. 

AJai. paed. n 3 g 3B. Vftrto in Non. b.t. euiei(a. Vacro LL n g 47. dig. 

xnolOOf 4 cui taBtudinBB isjjoio essent ci Isctoa taatudineoB 

pfdibw inargentalii deberi. Murquociit v (i) 318, Luc. cited 123. 

95 ■TBOiTjOESLB 1 lOO n. Hdn. II 3 § 1 Qlabrio traced his pedigree to 

AeasELs. FULCBUU Ti 22. Prop, iii— ii 13 21 when I 

die, lot me not be bnried in Btato ixic mihi 

uburuD. Buppcrta decorntod witli spMnxi 

Gallaa u 249. 96 xm 

19 20 frigida pugaaiia'at eaiidU, umenda tie 

poudere { = tixs ayaj pdpaut oUaw) habentia pondile. Loor. 

animarts, non ezaiiinio duhl oorpore, ut arboa. Cic. orat. S 1 >•• 

poetii non Somero loU locui eit, au( ATchilocho aut S^hoeli out 

Pirtdaro, led horum vel secundis vel etiam infra secuitdoB. 8uet. Oaes. 
13 dUpoiitii circa maceUtoa cuBtodibw, qui obionia oontra yetitnm 
retiiKrene. Yesp. itt iudiiBtTiae expert ae nee metuendm. Miigslab. 
Stfli^tik S TS 2. Nep. Iph. 3 g S boitJia... civil fide^ne magna. Heu- 
singec on N^. Att. 8 § 2. Ov. m. it 403 404 firnta Buiqua | roboris. 
Tao. IV 31 compoiitui alia) et vtlut Blnotantinm votbornm. Oupi- 
tolin. Maiimin. 2 § 5 lemlbarbaToa et vixadhae Latinaelingnae. 

(VM. II 10 g 3 leoti iilius (rontem Maeedimieis triuinphis..,adornataii^ 
ia the head of the couch. The Bides vero plain, not inlaid with ivory or 
tartoisBHliell. Liv. xxm B g 6 B.C. 167 not only the outragee reported 
from the proTincea, std ea etiam magin, quae in militibu)...quotidie ad- 
ipiciebanttir. % 7 luxuriae entm peregrinae origo ab extrcita Aiiatico 
invecta in urbem est. it prinmra lectoB aeratos [Cio. Terr, iv g 60], 
teatem itragulam pretioiia>a,, qaae turn magnificae SMpeiltctUit Aaie- 
bantar, monopodia et abacoi Romam advexertmt. g 8 epulae qaoque ipiae 
et cura et eumplu maiore apparari coeptae. 97 viu 

of rude workmanship and email cost. cohoh^h ibelu 

Ov. f. VI 311 eccs coronatLB panii dependet aeelliB. ib. 347. The 
licad naa cionned with vine-leaves, the asB being saored to BaochoE (and 
Veata, Ov. 1. 1., Ljdoa de mens, iv 59. Prop, iv 1 21 Veata ooronatia 
pauper gaudebat asellia). Hygin. tab. 274 antiqui aulem noalri in 
lectis tricliniaribQB in fulcriB capita aaelloTum vite alligata 
habuarnnt, significanteB saavitatem pasinmnritBrncmt;. BeinoB,] 
invenisae. Pausan. ii 38 g 3 acnlpture of an aaa at Nauplia, in gtatitode 
for ita invention (b<r the example of its browaing) of pmning. Sritanijioiu 
GOmparea the Etraaoan superstition Culnm. z 344 345 'line oapat 
ATcadici nullum cute fertur aselli [ Tyrrhemia fixisae Tagea in linriU 
rurii, Fallad. i 35 g 16. Markland 'vetus kalendarium mensia Iimii: 
vi iduum asima coronatur.' Qg labcivi playful : oL xiT 

168 seq, bdrib ai-uuni Kioer 97 rightly nnderstaiicia 

ihe gaesta (incolae mris, ogricolae). 'olim viri consulares at qui diota- 
turam gesserant ab apere agreati od epolas frugales laeto animo ibant; 
hupelloz nt cibua sitaplex eial, leoti nulla tcatudine oruati, frona aerea 
Vila caput asoUi oatundebat, et ad hoc coDvivae ad epulaa feslo die conve- 
identea laeti puororum more ludebant.' He aitea Ov. who calla Mmselt 
I'aeligni Turia aL, Btat. {Diana nemaria al), Cic. (froga paludis at), Hot. 
i'aona and Satyrs alumni ol woods and Solds). ct. AgesilaoB equilaia 
n harundine longa with hie boy AeL v.h. iii 16, where ate like fnaka of 
lleiaklea, Sokiates and Archytaa. VM. viii S. For the old interprett 
lion (ebUdren playinj) ef. Suet. Claud. 32 Torrent. Marqunrat v iij 1811, 



99 MarMand ' dobitati potaflt de hoo verBii.' 


1)1 Bsq. n. vm 100—110 n. Liy. ixt40 g 1 B.a 212 Alarcelhia, ul non 
moda suam gloriam, sed etian maiestateia pop-uli Romani augeret, oma- 
taenia urbii, gigna tabulaiqv^, quibiu abundahaiU Sj/racusat, Eomam 
deveiit. g 3 iiuii<]>rfinum initium mirandi Grraecattini artiiim opera 
Iiemtloejue huic taera pTofajiaqut ovatia vulgo ipoliandi fact-am tat, gufU 
pottremoin Bomaiu» deoi..,vertil. CaCa ib. xixitI e.g. § iinftita, taihi 
cndiU, ligna ab Syraetuii iUata atinc k-uic urbi. iam nimia mulloB 
audio Coiinthi el Athenarum ornamauta laudantea miiantaa- 
ine, at anteliia fioiilia doorum Bomanornm ridentes. S 6 tgo 
b» tnalo propilioi deos. Sail. CatiL 11 § 6 speaking ot Bulla's ABiatiu 
Dunpaigu ibi primum inauevit exercitas populi Romani amare polare, 
aigna tabnlas plotas vasa oaelata mirari, ea privalim ei puMice 
ra^ere, delubra spiilinre. Plin. xixrii g 13. Boman mogistrateB anciectl; 
refnaed to ceplj eyen to Greeks except ia Latin VM. ii 3 g 2 Peris. Qnintil. 
I S i 60. Saet Claud. IS. Here contempt of tbe fine arts 19 meant 
Aen. VI 842—864. Veil. 1 13 p i 6 Mammiwi lam tttdis fiiit, ut eapta 
Oorintho [b.c. 146], cum masimorum actificum perlectaa mani- 
hne tabnlaa ao etatuaa in llaliam pnrtaTtdat locaTel, iuberet praedici 
eondwentibas, ai eat perdidisaet^, novo* eaae TEdditurta. mm taiaen pato 
dubiUi, Vmiei, qnin magis pro Tt^ubUca fuerit Trnmere adkae rudem 
Citnallaonim intellectum quam in (anitint ea inleUegi, et guin hoc pra- 
tbntia ilia impradeatia decoH publUo fittrit eonvBnieniior. Straba 381 
Polybina was present and bewails the seblieTs' oontempt of worka of att. 
he aav with Ms onn ejes ipi>iii^roii! irivatas ir Hi^m, VErr-iiwrai U 
rait erpaTuirai iri Toirur, ib. Mnmmius being generous, but no con- 
noiaaeoT, freely ga»e to BUDh aa aakei. Flor. i 3a = ii IG §g 6 7, Cio. 
oft I g 35. II S 76 Beier, [DChrjs.] 37 ii 123 B Bvtfpwi-ot draiStvrot 
lUummiua] tal h^Sevoi Tur KaXur TtrapB-iUyos. Tbiilnall Vin' 453 4S4. 

Itoquaidt V (2) 209. 102 viu 103-110. 

60 n. Liv. uut 62 g 6 of the booty taken at Cannaa si quid acgenti, 
guod jjlurtmum in phaleiia equocum erat; nam ad veicnadam faclo 
pertxigtu), Miqae mililanUi, vtebantur. riuLBHis 

aiimEKET EODB Flln. TUi g 12 nben Antioclina was tiyiiig a ford Aiax 
[an elephant], who otherwise alwajs led tbe yan, hung back, turn pro- 
nuntiatun tint fore principaCum qui Iranaissft, ausumqae Palraclum 
ob id pbaleriB argentoia, quo maiime gaadent, et reliq^io omni 
pHmatu donavit, 104 aounLKis 

BntDLiaiu. FEBAB Aeo. Ttic 630 — 4 from SnniaB (Servlua), descrip- 
lion ol the shield made by Vulcan fecerat et viridi fetam Mavortii 
ia aiUro \ procubuiise Inpami geminoa Mo viera circatn I ludere 
patdenia puerei et lambere matrein | inpavidog, illaia tereti cervice re- 
fitaa I widcert oiismoi et corpora fingere lingaa. Or. f. u 413 — 420. 
Sohweglor i 361. 3ST n. 424 n. 20. b.c 2S6 Liv. x 23 g 12 the aedilos 
ud fiaaa ravdnaleia titaulaora infantiam coaditorain urbit sub Mberibui 
Inpae paeasTaat. DH. t TO in hia time the same group of anaiont woik 
was to be seen at the place. The waU is still preBoived iu the Capitolina 
nuueam. Burn Bome and the Campagna 157. diet, geugr. ii 723 nheie 
It ia figured. It is the subject ot eonntloaa wocka of art, and Bome atill 
keeps a live wolf on tbe Palatiae and on the GapitoL Claud, coos. Frob. 
96—09 of a shield wrought by Vulcan hinc patHas Mavortis amorfelui- 
guc nolanCur I Jiumufei, piui omnia intat et helus nutiii, { eUctro 

2O0 2 

Tibtrii, pueri farmantur in n 
•aante coruseat. The vdil 
416 a, 3), who had a etatne c 
mi 1 S 12- 

'ra; ]fing'ant aera Iiipani; ' 
Baa BBcred to Mare (Sehwegli 
the Appian way ad nimulacrc 
- "■■■ 5Pii!i<.cinDH.i79 

...... r&v ppti,ay 'iptiia...d^^,. 

dr4x'-»' ''p4' X^P"* ^^V ^afljfp irmTjpcipii!, uni liTpa no 

Aju. it 3 quod abisctis inlantibaa pepercit 1 

Lvjierca, inqvit, dea est auetare appetlala Van-one. e: 

veatu, non ex vi nnturae dea ista est prodita! etpottqua 

ImmaniB prohibuit belua, et ipsa este occepit tt ipsiua naminu tigrA' J 

ficantiam traxiti So Eroesoa vaa Bnid to have been snckled hj a bitoli J 

(Hdt. 1 122. loBtdn. ilit i § 12), Habis bj bitobos and & 

thcown to the creatnrea wben raTeuons fiom a long last, but bnit 1^ 

cone, BocUed by aome ib, g§ 5 6.) 105 imi>bbii 

MTO Pliu. Tin g ai qaae de infantibui ferarum laete tmlrilis, cam eismi 

txpotiti, prodioitur, siaitAe aoniitoiibaa noBtriealnpa magcitii- 

dini fatoium aeeepiaferri aiquijii guam feranim naiurat arbitTor, 

QuntiNos Bomulns and Benraa are called pnnlni 
Quirini aa Castor and FoUux ace called Castores (Mjnaa. Oct. 31 § 16. 
Anson, grat. act. &n. Seir. g. iii 89. Sjmm. ep. 1 95, wbere also FoUacei 
gemini) and geminus Foiluse (Hor. o. in 29 64) and so possibly gemirali 
Castor (Ot. a. a. i 746), PoUucea {Symm. ep. i 89), a king and qneen 
Ttgei, a brother and sister fratres, father- and motoec-in-iBw «oa!ri (add 
to Nana Stat. Th. ii 217. xii 301). Bentley on Hor. b. 1 1 100. Burniwi 
on QuintU. i 835. n 806, Orelli inacr. 4583. Apal. mat, ii 7. Beda in 
Migufl M 184". Neae i" fi98. 602. So in Sp. hormanos, liijos. 

106 NoniM III 216 n. AddiaoQ ramaria on Italy : Eonie 
[i 463 Bohn] ' the old Bcnlptora genaraJly drew their figoraa naiad, that 
they might have the adTantaga of the difFeient awelling of the mnsDlea, 
and the turns of the body.' cltfeo TEtnsMiu 

BT BiBTA Verg. eol. s 24 Tenit et agreiti capitis SilBanas honore. 
['coming with spear and shield': 113 Gallia venientibua, Lucr. 
ni 883 n. ad confligendma Tenientibaa undiqiie Poenis. Venire 
seems almost a technical word for soldiers cuming in a hostile 
way: LiTy often has i?i6 ngni) venientes and tbs like.' H.A. J.M.] 
Addison (p. 464) 'the scnlptor,.., to diatinguiah him from the rest ottbe 
gods, gave him what the madallisla call his proper attributes, a spear in 
one band and a shield in the other.' Spear tha symbol of Ukra 
Marqnardt it 5. 107 pbsdehtis Addison (fbl- 

lowed by Spence Polymetia dial. 7 p. 77) with acbol. makes ibis a seobnd 
group. Mars 'descending npon the piieatess Ilia' (see Addison'a pi. 6 Mr. 
IT Bohn). Lessing (Laokoon o. 7 tiie long note) retorts : the text makes 
no nlluaion to the priastesa, wbo imports a hyateioa proteron into tbe 
paasage. Tenftel (cl. 0. Hliller's Denkmaler ixiii n. 252— 2G4 where 
Uars visits Bea Siltia naked, or with a mantle hanging behind him, and 
bearing shield and spear) makes only one gionp ; the twins snckled in ft 
grotto by the wolf, watched by their father Mora, who bends over them. 
cf. "Varg. pTowis pendens in verbera, 

108 Snet. Caea. 57 Oasaubon. poubbaht 

1 141 n. Phaedr. i 28 5. v 4 3. Tnsco oatiho 

30 D. Ill 168 n. Pera. ii 59 60 aumm rasa NuTme Satumiaqu* 
Jni27ulit aera, \ Vestaleique irniai et Tnsonm fictile mutal. Hart, uv j 
98 Arretina nimii ne tpcmai vasa montiiati. \ laalua erat luseig \ 

Ai 108—116 201 

Partem lidtilibua. id. i 63 6. Plin. nxiii g 142 Catum AcUum, cum 
Ugaii Aetaloram in consv,lata firnndentsm in ticliUbus adiiient, vdiiii 
la argentea non accepiite, neqae aliud }iu,baUee OTgenti ad mpre- 
e diem juam dan pociiUi qaae L. Pau2ua locer ei ob virtatem 
devieto Perieo rege donaviisct. id. xxxr % 160. Ploi. I 13=18 £ SS. See 
Bitoli hist. ana. potlei?. Uaiqnardt v (3) 349. 

nasATA XIV 171 D. Ot. t. ri IBO of the good oli. tiraet terra f abas tantum 
dwraqae turm. dabat. DH. il 36. Fere, iv 30 31 timieatum cum laic 
mardeia I oofpeef fa»atBpu«n<plau<leaIiAuiolfa. id.Ti40. Marqnardt 
7 (2) 31. PreUec rfim. Mjth.i 116. owwo vi 343. Hor. a. 

1 6 114 115 domiim rm \ ad porri et cicerii refero laganiqvs catinnro. 
Uarqnaidt r (2) 260. ib. 289 280 onoMng yesEela of silver. 

110 111 for the rhythm of . XT ISO 151 adfectiupitlre... 
|t<KqMr»M trihgre. HI pbaebentiob hi IS u. 

a 163. 245. Gonaal. on Petron 17 p. 104 Barm. 

Tox Lit. v B3 g 6 b. c. 391 M. Caedicins dt flebi mmtiavit 
f tribwds le in nova eia, vbi imnc laeeltvm eit nipra aedem Veetae, vocem 
3 aadiaae clariorem humana, quae magUtratibue 
!i iubtrtt, Gallot adveatare. After the resoTery of the sit; ib. 60 g 5 
1 noottirjliie, guaa nunlia eladit an(« ielUira 
OalWntin audita negUctaque e»et, meittin iUata, iaairumque templum in 
' Locutio fieri, ib. 62 S 11. Cio. de divin. i g 101 esp. the con- 
it haec igitur et a dii tignijicata et a noitrU maioribia 
iudieaia t ' * ' ~ '" ' _ " 

te Loqvms, cum eum tteraa norat, et aiebat et laqve- 
...poitea guam et sedem et aram et nonun irmenit, obmatuit t Vacro 
in tieli. iTi 17 g 2. Km. Camill. 14. 30. de fort. Bom. 6. Bchweglac 
m 230 n. 1 Aiaa Locatiua like Bea Dira, Anna Perenna, Fora Fortima, 
Vina Pota. Preller riini. Mjth.' 65 oomparea other divina Toicee, oua 
after the fall of Alba Longa, complaining of the ceglout of the ancient 
VorBbip, another demanding a propitiatory Baurifioe after an earthquake 
(Gio, de divin. i § 101) ; a threatening voiee in the templa of Mater 
MatatB at the destruation of Satrioum by the Lstini (Liv. vi 33 § 6); 
Terg. g. I 476. For the personification of speech Preller oompareB 
Fabolinus and Farinua. 112 audita, est. 

11~ . . tTBABt Lit. V 37 § 3 inviiitato atque inandita hotte 

i#b Oeeano terranimque idtimit orii bellam ikenU. Flor. I 7 = 13 | 6. 
169-102 ab ultima Hiipania, id ett ab Odeani litoia. 

114 Bia bao Tooe et hmnsmodi signla Madtiq, 
^otLiT. HUT 4 foiled on 100). mondit LIt. t 83 

i£ dearaiii modo monita ijigniente fato ipreta. 
__j FiGiiLia 109 n. 126 n. ni 188 n. Cic. de divin. i % U in fastigio 
loTia optimi maarfm, qui tarn erat liotilia. Sen. oontr. 9 g 1 quieti- 
a iempora paHperee Aaduimiu/bella oivilU anrato Capitolio geg- 
ib. § IB quid loqu^eris Fabrioios, qaid Coruncanioal pompae 
. 'sjila, fiotilea ubifuerunl del Varro in Non. p. 182 quod inter 
I lovei intersit et hoi gui ex marmore ebore auro nunc fiunt, poles 
\o advertere et horwm temporura dlvitiai etUlorumpanperlatet. Ti- 
1 10 19—24, Prop. v=rT 1 5 eeq. e.g. fiotilibaa crecere deis hate 
% teu^la. Ot. f. I 197— 208 eap. 203 inqwe lovia dextra fiotile 
ut. SH. II 23 saw feasts spread for the goda on uld-fashioned 
ables on earlhea platters, barley bread and spelt eto. and the 
libationa in cupa of eroekerg. Ben. ep. 31 g 11 ' te qaoque dignumfinge 
tdto,' Jvaget autem non anro, nm argento: non pnteit ex JvK materia 

202 XI 116—123 

imago liri ecprivd sitailii: eagita illoi, cum propitii eiimt, fictileB 
/nine. id. oona. Heir. 10 § 7 qtiorujn tecta namlun aaro fulgebant, 
guomm tmtpla nontjum gemmia niCebant. itaque tune per fioClleB deoi 
religiaie iurabatiir, id. ban. i S S 3. Plin. xmv g 34 lignea potiui aut 
fiotilia deorum limulaera in delubrit dicaia vique ad devictam Aiiam, 
unde luxuria. ib. g IS. ixxvi § 6. xuv § 1ST of tha Capitoliue lappi- 
ter dedicated by TorqainiiiB PrieauB fiotilem eumfui>tt...hae enim tnm 
effigia deorum trant latitiiiimae, nee paeniiet not illoram qui taUi tat 
eolutre, aamm enim tt argentum nt dii quidem conjlciebant ib. g 16S. 
Teit. apol. iSfrugi religio et 2>auperet rilui et nulla Capitalia certanlia 
ad caelum. ..nondum enim tunc ingenia Graecorum atqiu Tutcomm fingen- 
dis linmlacrie urbtm immdaveraal. Mar^nardt iv 6. 43. v {2) 236—7. 
263—4. Jahn'a PereinB p. 136. vioniOB ni 

20 n. Lao. ix. 519 — 621 of JappiUr Amman pauper adhuc deui at, milUt 
violata per aevuni \ divitiit delubra teneTU, morumque priomm | numen 
Bomaao templnm defendit ab euro. Plin. nzvn § 1 violace etiam 
eignii, quae causa gemmarum eat, quaidam nefaa dacealei. 

117 DQHi HATis not the foieiga citrus 1 137 n. Mart zn 
66 6. nv 90. On imported loxorj see m 60—85 n. vi 386—306 esp, 
238 — SOO prima peiegiinoe obscena pecunia moret \ inlulit, et turpi 
frtgentnt laecuia luxit \ divitiae mollei. vni 226i. uv 17!) — 188 cap. 
187 ISS pecegrina ignotaqae nobis | ad ecelns atqae netan, 
quaeeamiine eat, purpura diwrt. Sen. oona. Helv. 10 g§ 2 3. BtBt. a. 
in 3 S7— 96 bnasta o! the vaatneaa of the importtttions, BATiS properly 
applies to the trees, bat cf. Hor. c. t 27 1 n a tie in uiun laetitiae icyphii. 
120—129 Luiutj in furoitore now-a-days. Vemson and toibot hayo 
no reliah, rofles and perinmea stink, imleas our broad tables ot dtnm 
reat on a leopard of ivorj; thia, the oaBt-ofl harden of the monster of 
the tropics, alouB can wbet jaded appetite ; a BJlver pedestal is as an 
iron ring on the finger. 120 Eeq. 16 n. T 93 aeq. n. 


A Mart. 1 49 23 (where 


is classed nith the hare and boar), nt 68 £8. 
iiuai. 122 DHOBEKii IT 108 n. VI 297. 303, Kl2e, 

IT BO. Hor. 0. u 3 13 14. 7 8 and 23. in 14 17. Mart, i 19 19 20 
cumfurit Lyaeua, \ cum rfgnat rosa, cunt inadent eapilli. Ath. 085° 
il Si T&r ffTf^iniiB sol n6puy rpdrtpor ctaoSot ilt t4 ou/iirioiBi i^tro rjl 
icvripas Tfiairifjis. Luor. T 1128. Focbiger i' 86(J. BOBAB 

T 36. HT 60. Hor. c. i 36 IS. 38 3. Mart, m 68 6 hie iam depoiilo poet 
.loiaaquepudjire, n 11 14. m 29 3. TM. n 8 g 1 primotque loiiat 
ungnenti coronarnmgiu in convivia iZanilannn et ttcrmiae vtemaa 
ponendae conxaetadinem haudparoa luxuriae inritamtnta repperiiie. Pint. 
~ - UT. in 1 tit. tl xpiyriiii' oi^ifoit STfifiiviM jrapi irirov. Plin. ni ^ 
e.g. § 14 panciiiima noitri genera coronamentorum inter hcTteniia 
, ac paene violai rosaajuc (anluin. Clem. Alei. paed. u o, 8 tit. 
ft /iipBit ml sre^dyoii xP't'Triof. Becker Charikles i 495. Henoa tha 
proverb tub roaa. Marqtmrdt v (1) 341, Forbiger l' 216. At « faut 
siven to Nero the rosea (no donht in winter) cost more than fonr million 
I Suet. 27. With the thought cf. Fronto ad M. Coee. i 7 pp. 18 
19 Naber nitlium adeo vile aut valgatam est holm aut p-alpaiaentma, euin 

\ videaluT i 
ot ooronia: alia dignitatt >■ 
tacerdotibiti porriguMur, 

aUTatot, Yarro L L Tin § 33 i 

idrm evrnit (loi 

OBBEB 1 137 n. isa n. 

OB Plant. SticK 377 leotoa obnratos, 
■e applied the principle of ' analogy" to 

XI 123— 1S6 


fnrnitnre, we Blionld not take mora pleasure rupellectile diitincta quae 
tieet ex ebore and other BubHtanced and viLrylng ahupea than in grabali, 
nhioh generally are o£ one stuff and make. At CaeBar's fnueral (Snet, 
81) leotuB eburneua aura it purpKra ttratm. Mart, ii 13 9 10 M 
Libf/coi India latpendis dentibus orbea : | fulcitw tettafagina metua 
nuAi, id. xrv 91. Luc. 1 119—121 ehnr atria vtitil \ et ta£ecta mamt 
foribaa testudlnia Indae \ terga eedeTit crebro macuiai dittincUt 
imaragdo. ib. 144^-5 dentibus hie niveii eectoa Atlantide tilva \ 
tai^otuere orbea. Plin. xii g fl ut a dii nato iure luxarias eodem 
eboie numtnuni ora spectantuT et mens arum pedes. Ludan galluB 11 
ha who used ta ^oio. rags and naa fain to lick the cups, now drives out 
n purple, tas his servants, onps ol gold, tablti with ivory feet. Ath. 49* 
yart^ i\(iliarr6rriSes. Phit. com, ib. 48'' A- nXiwui iXttjiavThroai. 
CCasB. u 10 g 3 Seneca had fiOO snoh tables I Tubero in dig. xmii 10 
7 g 1 nee minnii eat jaoTibm civitatia et luu rfrunt apptliatiimem eiua 
I .{Bupdleotilis] mulatarn eiie: nam fiotili aut lisnea aut vitrea aut 
- — iB denique suptlUctili utebantur, mine ex ebore atqite teatudine el 
:nto, iam ex anro etiam atqiie gemmia supelleclili utuntur. ib. 7 
a8.inenBae...eboreae. Clem. AL pled, ii § 26 p. 18S K^trr^pi, 
oyvpo'i...VKii>Jidfryvpdt(iiatj(j>vai..,iialiXi^>^ot...K\ivai re ap-yV' 
iSo Koi d\E0a>TO«iX^TiToi. MarquardtV (1) 318. (2) 33*. 

['Bi:=idest ; Uieatqtieiu Luot. lu 993 n. gum 
vobierei lacerant atque exeit anxias ongor.' H. A, 3. M.] 

124 OBSiiBua 123 u. Plin. cited on in 36. 
xoBik yiii ItiO □. siENEa AisovaTi, 

a trantier fortress in Boatbem Egypt, held by tbiee cohorts Htrab. 797. 
Hence jwrCa may be the gate of the town, through which all traffic from 
Aethiopia, e.g. Nabiau ivoi?, muEt poBs. Others, since the volley ol the 
I Hile is greatly narrowed below Syene, understand by porta the pass thus 
I loaned. Tha lives of luv. (n. 1 and 2 Jahnj seem to imply that he was 
F Wiished to this town {misgmque ud praefectaram cohoiiU in extrema 
Aegspti p'''''^ tendenlie). Here were the qnarriea of Syenite marble, whidh 
■Implied Egypt with its statues and obelisks, 125 umsto 

OBSComoB INDUS v 63 iiigri.,.Mauri. The tiro kinds of elephants were 
diatlngnished by the andenta {of. eat. x 150 n.) and the Alrican was found 
mneh further northtbonnowPliD.viug 32 elephantos/ert^/riea ultra 

Sytlieai solitudinti et in Maurotania, >ed Tnaaimoi India. Hence 

Iitdtu4etu,IndmnebuT,eio.Catuil.eHaEms. 0T.m.Tm2SS. Petion. 
136. Stat. s. m 3 91—6 Indi | dentia honoe. Hart, cited 133 n. id. 
z9B6oitcumD£liuIndicosyue denies, I 73 1 emplii oaeibia Indie 

Mtt oomu. flin. ind. elepftoj. ' — ' " " 

Indorum niin nejue ntiror eborie 

titit ad naicentem dieia fairunin coipore color i 

080 oonoolor Indo | Mauras. 126 

shed. The elephant has sii grinde 

towards the front grow first and ari 

omne into use. ' One tooth alone is nee 

an; time. This one may be an entire 

worn, the other coming into use). Tl 

uaelesB an; teeth or tooth-stmet' ' ~ 

Esq. of the Zoological Gardens). 


Loe. IT 679 

n each side of eiuh jan ; those 

m, and then the others in turn 

' (on each side of each jaw) at 

le or the halves of two (one 

elephant does not eject aa 

this note to A. H. Oarrod, 

__,. „ __ ._ _ho tone of PUny (e.g. m g 2) 

ir Seneca is lashing the delieiae of the age; instead of using homegrown 
limber, men import at vast cost Ivoiy, the mere lefaae of a monster from 
liarbarj, NiBATiEO Plin. vi § 111 Nnbataei oppMum 

204 XI 126—131 

JTiBludunt Fetram nominf. As there are no (ilupluiuts in Aralia, bi 
have aongbt these Nabatiiei among the Aothiupen Trogladjtae, where > 
branch of the people nas settled, id. xti § 98. But the word is used ))y 
poets ioosely loc the Bast Lao. it 63, belda i 158 

Oaetiila...belaa. leu. SU. oited lu 110 n. Plin. in § 3 haec [of wood] 
flure ntiminum templa, priaeoque rilu timplicia rura etiam nuTiB deo 
praecelUntem aTbrmm dkant. we magis auro /uljaniia Mque abora 
timulacra guam lueol et in iit siUntia ipsa adoTamus. § i arhorea et 
timviacra Biimliium fitere nondum pretio esoogltato beluarum 
oadBveri. 127 niHO Bnami obexis the coEtljr 

tsble gives an edge to the appetite IS a. ti 428 rabidam faelunis 
oreiin. Liunprid. Heliog. 29 fin. amabat fiibi protia maiora dici 

atiereru. cf. Fronto ad M. Caea. i 7 p. 18 Naber pleraqite propria, vewu- 

tale canntia gratiam ribimet alieiuan extriniecus tautuantur. juail J 

evtnil etiam in pUbeit i^lis edulibua: nullum adeo vilt aut KalgatamM 

at hobia aM pa^amentmn, quin e 
I Ath. SSf!° speaks 



. Paphian dandy who lay H-' 
LI 10 3 § 3 boda and tables fiilvered and 
gilt, of. ib. pc. Fapinian ib. 9 g 1 ooiichea and tables {vel aTgentcm vel 
argenlo incliisas) ; he oites the bed of Dliies with its gold and eilver 
omantentsl Fctron. 79 menaas Cotos argentoas. Heliogabalns ^am- 
prid. 30) had beds and concliea of solid silver. Aug. serm. 11 {=de tem- 
pore 110) g 6 sorrnms Jaciliia accfdcbat addaram icrram, quaiaad leetum 
inargentatum. aerm. 306 ( = de diversia 112) valde vellet divei 
leotum argenteam cam paaperis mfitare eilicio, li posiet aegritttdo 
migntre cunt Iceto. Asferina homil. in avar. (bibl max. patr. r 816") 
piaiperne panem quidem hahet, qaem in lignfa, wuma fnmgat ; cam malJi* 
ae dtlieatia falgore latiitimae ex argento meiaae, guam opere duetili fieri 
eura«i(, mentem et ocalm pomat, illg inanfi diviiiat iactitam Ucti fatga- 
ribu9 nndeqaaq-ue coruiCal, cuius sint argenteae sphaeiae ex codaaqui ■ 
metallo catenae vice faninm. Forbigot i' 21B. J 

120 ANUtca FEBKEua a table with legs of aiher ia aa TulRar and ahabby, I 
in the opinion of onr Tolaptuariaa [iUii; i.e. divitibua 120), aa a ring of 1 
iron. Flin, iisui g 9 maitae et proraii* linistrae maximam aacloTitataa \ 
conciliavere aaro, non quidem Somanae, quarrnn in mare f errei eronl rt 
ttirtutii beUicae ineigne. ib. 1 11 (cited k 42 n.). ib. 9 13 it guoguc gal' 
06 legatiorum aceeperant aareos in publico lantum utcbantur iii, intra 
damoi vera ferreia, qua argumento etiam mai£ tpotwae munerif viea 
forreuB annlns ndtlitw, iiqae sim gemma, ib. gg 21. M (worn 
by slaTes). 30. 33. Plin, op. Tin 6 § 4 of the distinotiong conferiBd by 
the eenata on tho froedman Fallas eejitent non exkortandum modo cerum 
etiam compellendum ad atum aureorum anulorum ; erat enim amtTA 
maieftatem senatui, ei farreis praetoriut titereluT. Stat. s. m 8 143—41 
idem, in cuneoi populum cum diadt equeatrei | mutavitque gaau I&evae- ■ 
que igttobile ferrnm | eiuit, et eelse natorum aequaBit konori. J 

IK mono loann. Sariab, polyar. ti 12. I 

129—136 ' Such fine feeders Hie no gnoets for me,' who have not tgt m 
onnoe of ivory, not a die or 'piece' in dranghta ; the very handlea of n^^ 
knives ore of bone; yet my Ghi<ikan cuts no whit the worse, the blade 
takes no taint from tlie plaianesK of the hnft. 

131 ADio III 84 so utterly destitnte am 1 of so mnch fi^ an otmee etc. 
KULiu CNCU FIttUt. rad. 913—4 necpiielum 

I «aho 

XI 131—133 

hodU I pcniZd cepi. Murt. iz 3 5 cited tii 129. iS 10 U 
nalla { de nostra nobii auaia, venit apro, 132 i^BsaciJiAa 

dice (mi^oi) of BJi marked sides, not to be eoDfoonded nith tali (im-pi- 
7oX«) of four Mart, xcv 15. Varro in Geli. l 20 g 4. Ivory tetierae 
Prop. u=ui 24 13. Ov. a. a. n 303. Mart, mi 1 a, iiv 14. L. Beej de 
Foaqoiferea los jeas dea anciens Par. 1869 oh. Ifi. Forbigar i' 231—3. 
Infr. ITG n. XIV i D. Hich b.v, tetiera gives a figure of an ivDi? die 
fonnd at Heicalaneiuu. Maiqnardl v (2) 3S6. 

OAiiCDLUB a counter, need toi plajing the ludiit latruneuEorum a Eort of 
draDghta, aud daodecim icriptorum backgammon. Foaquii^ea eh. 19 
and 17. calculi weie comuoiil; of glasg (Mart, ni 72 8 n. vtfreo Ialnm«. 
Basei paiieg. ad Pis. 181 183, where ia the fullest accoant of the gams 
vitTco perag'tntur milite betia, | vt nivena nigrot, nunc el nig&r alli^et 
alboi. Ov, a. a. n 308). ef . ib. m 357— 60. id. tr. n 477— 82. Mart, xiv 
17. 20. VM. yin 8 g 3. Becker GaUos m 261 seq. Forbieei i» 223^. 
Ifarqnardt v (2) 434—8 stone calculi, of Bemiglobolai form, white, blaok 
and Ted, have been loond in a tomb at Camae. 133 lUHnsBU 

inn.IBU.OBi}li V 132. Clem. Al. paed. Ii3 g 37 ri yip, tlvi /uu, ri p.axal- 
ptarrA l-riTpairi(ttr,^r /tii Apyupbikor -S ^ iH\iipavTO! Ttironijii~ 
mr r'^r Xa^i}v; ai ri/a-ei; soclj a handle in oiohaeologla zivu 143 
cited by Macqaardt v (3) 335. FUq. xxxiu § 163 quid haec attintt 
eoUigtn, cunt capvli militian eboie etiaia failidita eadenlar argento, 
vagi'iac catellii, balUa lamnii crepilent! 13S iiit.NOEDDi.A. 

eited in lexx, from Peis. and Mart, add in Migne lxulvii 3S9* rancidn- 
lum iumrrei. 

136 — 141 No oarver have I, worthy to be prizeman in TryphBrna' 
Mhool, where models of sow's paiinoh, haio, boar, ' white- breech' deer, 
'lAeasants, the huge flamingo and Gotoiian orpc, feast right dainty, if in 
"" n, diNsecl«d with blnut knives, clatter through the length and breadth 
Sahara. 136 smccTOB v 120 n. 121 n. vn 184. 

..rorbigeri' 73. 137 PEKoniA from pergo, like 

refill, tigula, a balamy, at the top of a house (gloss, p. 294 Valpy 
irtp0<ir, Tpo^ok-^. Tert. adv. Valent. 7 etiata crealari nostra Enniana 
cmaeula in aediculaniia dispoiita innt forma, aliii atque aliii pergalia 
tu^erstniclii. Flin. xxc 3 8. Saet. Aog. intra) ; also a booth {Atuon. 
epist. 4 8 viiii harandineis cohibet qaem pergnla itclia) in which wares 
" 3 offered for sale (dig. T 1 19 §2); esp. a painter's stiidio (cod. Theod. 
4 ipictarae pnfesiores, ..peigulas et o^cinai in lode piiblicia tint 
. IT07U obtintant, it taiaen f« Mi uium propriae aiiis exerceant. dig. 
S 6 S 12 ctanpictor inporgala clipeum vel tabulam expoaitam habui)' 
' tagm excidisiet et tranaennti damni quid deduset, Flin. zxiv § 81. 
oil. XT lU HuUer in Lact. i 22 g 18) or a school (Saet. Aug. 94 Theogenit 
'.tfiematici pergulam comite Agrippa ascenderat. id. gr. IS initio 
Ti vtTtatus est, deinde in pergnla docvit. Yopiac. Satnm. 10 
fTeqacnta/eerat pcrgulas tnagistraiei). Marqnardt v (i) 93. 
TRVPHERi Tpv4iep6!, delioatug, a anitabie name (cf. 
67 n.) for this professor of an oatlandieh craft ; aoriie of the dainty 
iita also have foreign names or am ' Scythian,' ' Qaetnlian, ' 

138 HouiHB Lncil fr. inc. 49M:illler tltum sumina 
•bant atque altiliam ianx. Pers. i 53, Plin. vm S 209 ut tamen 
It mimorum poetae caia, poitmiam tervitutem exuerat, milla memoTetUT 
lint abdamine, etiam vooabnio Buminis ab ao inposito. of. n 
I 311; but it was known to Plaatns. Mart, n 37 2. vii 78 3 Bnmen 
aprnm, leporem, boletoi, ottrea, vmlloi. n 14 3. ii 52 1.1. su 17 4. 

II 41. 

V 167 n 

„ . . ra aohot. 'fora ast in spaoie 

retrioras partes albas liatet.' A speaies of eapra Plin. vui § 214. 
139 aorrniciB volccbbb EchoL ' phaaianua 
OiiriSo!.' PhflManta ocour in tha fable o( Solon DL. i g 51 Kroeaoa 
baving arrayed bimseli in kingly state asked tha sago wliether lie liad 
evar seen a flner sight, 'cooks, pheasants, peacocks are adorned with 
a natural beauty infinitely fairer.' Known to Aristoph. and Aiiatat. 
Ptolemy Fhyskon in Ath. 654° says that bis predecessors imported tbem 
from Media and bred Ihem with such snocess that they are eaten ; bnC im 
plies that he had not tasted tbem himself; on which the deipnoaophist 
> had he seen na, each with a pheasant before him, beside those ve hara 
already dixpatohed, he wonld have added a 3ath book to Ms history.' of^ 
Ath. SB6* — 387*. Pallad. 1 29 giiras directions for keeping them. MuiiLr' 
T 375—8 atqUB haec in luxma. iam ventri longiMt tlur, | quam TOodo- 
jnilitiae; Numldarum pateimur orit \ Phasidos et lacii; arettritiiT' ■ 
inde maceUum, | unde aurata novo devecta eit aequore jMilu. Colnm. 
SSlOiffosyuiPonticnmPhasimef ScythioastagntiJlfiieofidufluant. 
iam naitc Gangetiaa et J-egyptiat avti iemaienteT eruetant. Plin. ixi § 43 
huius [alvi] gratia, praeeipue avaritia expetit, huic liemria condit, kuie 
nBTigatnr nd Phaatm, huic profundi vada exquiruntur. in J Ei 
tnergi cnim, credo, inprofunda eatiui est et oatrearum genera naa/ragio tat- 
qairi, avea ultra Phasim amnem peti n* fabulaia quidem terrore 
tiitiu, immo aif pretioiioreii, aliae in Snniidia Aetkiopiaque in eepulehra' 
aueupan. Petron. 93 (cited 16 n.). 119 86. Mart, iii 5S 16. ziii 46. 73. 
Bnet. Oal. 22 hoitiae erant pboeuiaopteri, p(ii'anM,...phaaianae,. 
quae generatim per linguloi dies immolarentur. Stat. a. i 6 75 — 78 at 
an entertainment in the amphitheatie doade of birds were 1st looge goat 
f/ilui lacer horridueque Fhasia, { quae udo Numidae leguntaui Awlro. 
Luoian. navig. 23 Spyn in ^doidos Kai raiii ef 'IrSlas tal i\tfTfHii)r i 
Sa)iaStic6s, Capitol. Pert. 12 pinasiaiiam numquam privato eonnivio 
comedit ant alicai mitit. Lampr. Alei. Sev. S7 lovie epulo et Satwnali- 
iiu et huiutmodi feetii diebut pbasianuB. ed Diocl. it 17 20, Inliaa, 
by advice of Conatantias, f orbod it to be aerred Amm. x<i S g 3 faaiannm 
■ et vnlvam et eameu exigi vetuit et inferri, mtaiificii militit vilt tt 
foTtuito cibo amtenlui. Ambr. heiaem. ti | 5 exquisitum ilbut et aeatra- 
tum opipare eonvivium, in quo phasiani aut turturii ipeciea appaniUir, ti 
intu» pulba taanduaatur, out puUus iiifertar, et oitreia est fartta out 
ipondijlii. Hehn Eviltnrpflanzen und Hansthiere' Berlin 1874 31&— 9. 
pttoBsicoiTrEBnB Mart. la 68 14. no 71. The tongni) 
(Plin. X % 133) and brain (Lampr. Heliog. 30) of the Jlamingo were most 
eateemed. See Snet. Tit. 13. Forcellini. 

140 OEYI Plin. I g BOl arygem perpetuB lilienlia Afrkae gmertad at' 
tiatura loci pota eareTitem, etmirabili modo ad remedia aitientinn ; namgiiv 
Gaetuli latronea eo durajit auxilio, repertia in corpore eoram laluberriml. 
li^uorit veiiais. a Mnd of capra id. Tin § 214 aoli q-aibatdam dieti eon- 
trariopilo veitiri et ad caput lerto. id. zi % 255 ujiicoTne et biralmnt 
oryi. id. ii g 1B7. Oppian (ven. u 445 Boq. of. Mart, im 95) Bpeoke ot 
ita ferocity. i^AniiasiuA 1 n. Mart. ui48 5 lanta tamen 

oenB. e/t ; faUor lantiaalma. 141 trt,KEa 

wooden modela of the varioae dishes to be carved; the jointa vere slightly 
fastened together, so that the pupil could sever them with a blunt knife. 
So blunt raaora were used by prentice hands Petron. 94 fin. radii... ttnvaeula 
et in hoe retuiOf ut paerii diicentibut audojiiam tojuoris daret, in$tTUxeral 


XI 141—146 20? 

tlucam. of. lOa BDBDKi 51 n. 

142 — 161 1^7 waiter, a taw noTioe, flesht on liomely Bciaps, has 
no Bkill tu lilch a slice o( Tenison or ning uf guineafowL Coarsely, bat 
warmlj clad, my hoy vrill seno plain cupe that ooel: but a few balfpence. 
No Pbijgian he oc Lj^iian [bought in the slave-market and bought dear] : 
nhen you oall for icine, coll in Latin. All are diest alike, with straight 
boir flut short, combed to-day in special honour of the feast. The one 
is a shepherd's, tlie other a cowherd's son. A lad of modest look and a 
modest blush, that would become freebarn weEtrers of the dazzling purple 
praetexta: he pines for a holiday to see hia mother and cottage home 
and old friends the kids. His skin is still smooth without help of art; 
his Toioe not yet broken. The wine ho hands to yoii was bottled on his 
native hilla ; he is the grape's own oonntryman. 

142 CAPKEAE cf. dama {121), pygargui (138), oryx (110). Hot. s. n 4 43 
einea labmittit capreas non semper ediilet. bubducekb 

to purloin Sen. ep. I g 1 qvaedam tcmpara eripivaiuT nabia, quaedam sub- 
duonntnr, quaedam ejtuunt. afbae avib 139 n. Varni 

T. r. in 9 § 18 galliitae Afrieanae rant grandes, variae, gibberae, quat 
)it\eayplSa,s appellant Qraeci. hae novieiimae in trielimuta ganearium in- 
trriervnt e cutiTia prcpter faitidium homittum. D«n<unC propter penuriam 
magno. Hot. epod. 2 53 turn Afra avis dtaumdat in ventrcm mmm | <u- 
atndlor. Mart. xiii45. 73. tii5816 Mumidioaegne g^ttatae. Colnm. 
Tin 2 § 3 Africans <st, qiiam pleriqite Hnmidioam dicwit, Meleagridi 
({tnilii, nut quod rutilam galeam et crittam eapite gerit, quae utraqiui 
ttutt in Meleagridt eaerulea, ib. 12. Fetron. (cited 16 n.). PUn. znvii 
9 40. Probably our guitiea-faiBl (Becker Gallas i 97), which are found in 
Arabia, and are (according to Speke) the commonest winged gome in 
Bast Afrina Hehn 313-^. Bointrodnced into Hurope by the FortugueBu 
they now run wild in America. 143 novit with 

inf. To Haupt's exx. (opusc in 66G) add Ambr. heioem. t 6 terrena 
[mnstella] le novit vindieta faetaria ulaisei. ib. ti § 26 vix infantula 
aaeptrunt dtntes ptonaapere, etiam novit s\ia arma, temptare. id. de 
Parad. § 40 novo rat,,, Eminem peccaturum? Symm. or. pro patra 
7 fin. noveiant non lioero. TmrNCULua not 

like the footmen of great houses, an expert thief. 

144 oi^LLAG from offa, as inandUa from mamma, farina from fa/rrii. 
Mnnra onLuor. in 504. Mart.x.iS15 et quae non egeant fcrra strnotoris 
ofellae. xn 48 17 ni« mnu ad tabilas invitet amicus ofellab (to pot- 
hick). KIT 221. 145 PLEBKIOB CALKTBB V 39—48 U. UOt Ot gEimS 

or gold Mart, x 49. id. xtt 94 1 nonsumiu au^a«ii plebeia toreumata 
vitri. E1UC1E ABBiBus ExirroB Mart, n S9 22 asse duoa 

oalioes emit. 14Q inoultcb fcbb Sen. trang^. 1 % 7 placet 

miniBter incultna et rcdis yernaia. Start, t 60 9 10 nee tener 
Argolica miaaut de gente Tninuter, | tfd stetit inculti rnstica turba 
foai. A FBiuuBH TnTCB I 93. ix 68 quid dieam acapulvi paerorum 

aqtiiUme Oecrmbri J in ITO n. nr 185^8. wearing warm and ooaise 
ehlthing, not, like a favorite page in a great house (in 186 seq. v 66 seq. 
n. Mart, tii 80 9), Tustling in silks, or naked. Sen. hrer. vit. 12 3 S 
guiiin diligenttr exoletorum tuorum tunicat aaccin^ant. With tiiese lines 
ot. tiie boast of 0. Gracohns, rendering on account of his administiatioa 
of Budinia Gell. xv 12 § 2 neqtie ptieri eximia faoie eiabatit et in 
eomrinio hberi vestri modeitiai eranl quam apud princfpia. § 3 I was two 
ysfttB in the proviDBB : li cuiatquam BeivaljiB propter me laliicilatua eat, 
think me the vilest of mankind. Clem. Al. poed. m § 29 olyox^'^i' 


147 F 

ap^ tLr dtxlXya/Ttti 

V 5S n. floa 

Hermippua in A 

. 27' 

iySpirae' 4x ipyytat. Eurip. Alk. 675 676 <1 rat, tU a&X"S, rbrfpa AnSiy 
f tpiya\ Katoit iXaunit ipyapiiin)Tti' v43ct ; Ariatoph, av. 1214. 
Polyb. ly 3B § 4. Strab. 304. Ael. v. h, x 14. paroemiogr. i 95 I^eutscli 
ipi^ dfijp irXi}7eii A/itlpbii/ Kol SLaKoyiarrpos^ irwOpal y^p SoKOviri^ ol 
ip6yet oisiTat. DL. 11 75 Simos steward of Dionysios iraa $/)i>f koI 
S\t$pos, Lac. diaL mort. 9^4. On the various nations from whidh 
slaves were breught, of. I 104 n. v C3 n. 66 a. vu 15 n. 16 a. Luc. z 
127~13B. Maiquardt i (1) 1<!6. Indian slaves Fbiloatr. soph, i 8 g 4, 

tUHoONB of. I 111 n. Sen. de const, sap. ii 13 g 1. 
id. ben. tv 13 S 3 meTcator v,Tbiba> prodeel, medicui aegrii, mangD 
vtnalibiu. led omnea iiti, quia ad ad'enuin commodma pro luo vaUmit, 
mm obligant eoi guibiu pronmt. id. ep. BO g 9 mBugones quicqttid at 
qaod diapliceat, aliquo leiwdnio abicondunt; ilaque aaenliba* omameMa 
ip>a tuapecta lujit: sive cnu adligalum live bracchium adapicera, nadari 
iubtrti et ipaum fi6t corpus oitendi. dig. 1. 16 207 mercia appellatione 
hominea non continen Mela ait : ei ob earn rem mangones nan merca- 
torea eed venaliciarioi appellari ait, et reete. ib. xii 1 44 § 1. Quintil. 
A^cLSiS} videtar la&'o.^oiii puer pretiosaa : timaitne maRQO aeitliaareior 
...iudiaetis, quaia malta Jasere possit advertut pan 
ilUfortasse pretium ^xsecta viriiitaie proditcet, nut 

aiinoi venibii in aliquod lupawtr. na eit noiu cum luname, qui nan nu- 
beicit, nihil reservat, etiam perieuloae avarm eat. cf. Mart, vii 80 9 Iifily- 

'.aephebaa. iz 5» 3—6. Maniuardt v (1) 178 179. 

is oontMmeUae 


Tvica Gxi 

148 ^^ UAsno V 56 n. echol. ' qnalas yendnnt 


maioribua poculia. cf. Hot, epod. 9 33 Lambin. b. n 6 3G tt 
calicti poscit maiores. Qniutil. ii 3 g 117 jiesiumpoaulum poacentia. 
uiiNE not in Oieek ni 61 n. vi 1S5->199 a^. 
quid rancidi^u, gjiam quod ae nonpatat alia [ /ormoiam, nifi juoa d& 
'.& faeta aatt \ ..,omma graeoe. QuintiL i 13 £ 6 ~ ~ 
viciiB noBiiiB pel' quot amjoa sermo latinns lepugnat I 

119 iDBu HlBiiUB see tbs waidcobe ol a delicatia in Stat, 
n 1 12e-SS. roKBi Hoc. ep. 1 18 7 Obbar. Iilal . 

a.i&lllibiaidederitvvituae!maioasa-vi.rWBi. in 66 30 31 <t piuda^j 
gogo Tton iabenU laacivi \ parere gaadent vitico aapillati. Marqoardt T 
{1) 152 on the fashionable gtabri, camati, cHniti, criipuli, CETWtnnotuIf. 
Sen. ep. 119 § 14 li perlinere ad It iuAiciu, quam-(itiii.Ha,n pucT et juaM 
perlucidum tiU pocitlvm porrigat, non *i(i«. 

RECTI not curled Hor. a. ii 8 69 70 ul oniiies | praecincli racle paeri eomp' 
tique miniatrent. Sen. ep. 95 % 24 traiaeo agiaina exoUloram per nsMoibM 
caloreiqve detnripta, ue eadtta omTobiu levitat lit, eadeia priviae ratnmra 
lamiginia, eadem tpecies capilloTum, ne qait, cui rectior eit coma, eri>- 
pitlia mieceaiur. Apul. met. ii 19fu<!n onlainiatiati puUtire iflduaiati 
genaiiat foTmataa in pocula -oini vetuili freqiunler offerre. Petron. 103 fin. 
ISQ PEU VI 26 27. f era. i 16 Jahn. I&o. d. 
20 (metaph.) impeiam antiq-aitateta. Marquardt v (2) 203. 


The; camp out in tbe mountains and dress in sheepskins. CoIuUi I 6 
S 2 locora et lomvioulosum geniu id [urbannm] mancipionita oUis tt 
circo tkeatrii aUae popitiae lapanaribtu conatteium...iligendui eat rn ._ 
ciaoperibusab infante duralua. Mart, x 98 nrfdnf cumtni'ti CatM 

I ?"■> 

I Idato Teioluiior cinaedo, \ qua tiec'Jilia euUior nsc uaor j 
nee mater tua nee toror Tecumbit, \ via epeeUm potiut iuai laceniai \ aut 
eitntia vetut Indicosquf deniei t \ taipectai tibi ne iamen recu/abam, | 
pisesta de gregs eordidaque villa | tonaoa hariidulos ludea 
puaillos { hiraosi mibl filios sabuloi. | perdet te dolor hia hahere, 
Piibli, 1 mores nnn poUi hoi et hoi miniitros. Luaian oonviv. IG fin. tha 
raRBter of tbe feast sent awa; ths capbearei Sito lipafo^from Kleodemos, 
and sent in hia plitae tQp i^jipay '^iti koI taprip^y, iptuKi/my riti ^ 
li-TDii6^DP. 152 suspiBu Prudent, oath, u ID H 

mtreator hiac et rustictii \ avara BUBpiiant lucra, 
154 Ciof. on Ot. m. iv 329. 155 iSDEHS pdrpub* 

jLen. IT 262 Tyrioque ardebat mnriae laena. Vfl. i 427 428 ignea 
pnrpuTB. Heina. ib. ti 526, I'l^d. pajulicm. 39 arclentigue iiibel 
- piitirier ostro. Caligula struck Ptolemj at the shows, because ha 
L Bttracted the attention of tbe craiid Suet. 'AS f iilgore purpureae abollae. 
I f HBPUOI I 27 n. (^here add Hertaberg GriechenL lu 72 

78, and on the use of pnrple bf princes I Maoo. 14 41. Ambr. heiaSm. 
X SS B ^1- 33 ^- "i^^ l>y coiitts los- aut- xiy 3 § 2 fin. on the purple-fish 
08 used for food Lac, cynic. 11). 78 n. i 303. iiv 187 IftB the old- 
^Uoned caution of tbe Marsian or Hernican farmer pcregrirta ignolaqus 
nabii | ad soelua atque nefas, guaecnniiiUB est, pnrpura dacit, 
The toga praetexta (sfpiiriprJit.pDt), originally Etruscan (Piin. Tin § 195. 
FlOT. I 6 g 6. Becker rSm. Alterth. ii 2 77), was bordered with pnrple 
JIflT. BCtiT 7 § 2 liberi nostri praeteitis pnrpEra togii ufenfur). When 
Tarqniniua Bcisoua triumplied oyer the Sabinea, ha presented hia son, 
Uien a jonth of 14, who had taien part in the victory, witli a, praetexta 
(Maerob, Sat. i 6 g 7 aeci,.), which thenceforth became tbe distioctiTe 
auaSt of tree-born joutha. Cic. Terr, l % 113 logam praeteztam... 
emameTita nun lolum fortunae, led etiam ingenuitatis. ib. g IBS vei- 
tiltu...ii, auetn illi iroji et iia ingenuitatia dabat, Qnintil. decl. 340 
fin. (the heading ia mango navicium putTiuit per publicaaos traieeit 
piaateztatam. dicitur ille libet) ipium iilad eacrnm praetex- 
taram, guo lacerdotes velanlur, quo magiitTatua, quo intirmitatem 
pneiitiae saciam facimua ac yenerabilem. Uor. epod- 5 1. Pers. 
v80 cujji primmn pavido custoi mihi pnrpara cesail. Stat. e. u 1 136 
ol a fa^B tola verecundo dcrat praetexta decori. v 2 US astrum puerile. 
ib. 3 117 — 9 te dieite rita \ ponere pulpnreoa infantia adegit amictua \ 
ilinii) hoiwre datoi, Marquaidt v (1) 127. 

15b rnFiidiABES Bcbol. ' quales habenl hi, qTii paties noQ babent, scilicet 
tiunentea in licentia pneritiae,' ti 366—378. Salvian. gab. Dei ti H fin. 
eumgtu etiam papillia prodigti vei prodigioiii loUat lubvenire paupertai, 
timulqae ui lUititsrant eise divitei, deiiimnt quoque e9i£ Titioai, tioi 
toRtuTn novum gai^a papilloinm ao perditoraln >uniu«, ia guibiu 
apuIaUia esic iaiit, md neqaitia ^erdarat. ib. Tin 1 pnpiUiB...iieI 
wvmime prodigit. sm.nea vi 372— 37S. is 34 35. 

Jfart. I 23. 96 11—13. Til 35. si 47 1 2. Petron. 27. Clain. AL paed, 
HI iS gg S2 33. Cjpr. de babiiu virg. 19. Ammian. xxnii 4 g 9. Lncian. 
Nigrin. 84. Forbiger s? 96. Wallon hiat. de I'eacl. ii SID. Maiqnardt t 
(1) 289. Bincna Orangaeus ' ut qui non caitni 

indulgeat ; sic euim vox lancesoit ; hino cautaies infibulati ti 73. 379.' 
EsTtzbei^more aimply ; ' Me voice is not yet brolten' ; iam (157) supporta 
thiaTiew: he atill speaka in boyiah treble, baa not yet reached puberty : 
ef. Ang. oonf. ii g 6 of his 16th yeai : obi me ille pater in b alneia vidU 
pnbesBentem el iaquicta indatum aduliicetUia, q-uaii ian ex hoc in 

lUV. II. \^ 

2rO XI 156—162 

nrpotei gestirel, gaudtni matri indieavU. 

157 veijjiMDAB ALiH VIII 16 h. 114 n. Theopomp. in Ath. 2S0*. Menanl,' i 
ijiyfi Ir. 1. PlauC. aul. S%6 399 Cu iitam gallam, ti sapi> | gUbriorem 
Teddea mihi quam Tolaus ladiuiit. Sen. ep. 47 S 7 aliiu vitu minuter lA 
mulubrem vtoduni omalui cum aelate laclacar. ttoitpoUst effagire jnteri- 
tiam: reuahitux, iamque miUtari habita glaber letritia pilia aat 
_.....__ ... ... -nigilat, qaam inier ebrietatem demini a( 

iibidinem, dividi 

pilum eogita tenuan el tlTidulam 
primenlem nee umjuam locenlem, n 
elavutre cagit. ib. 114 % 14 alter lep 

la meherciilei korum n 

an pro *vn^H 

quo lit notabilior, lubinde tx- 
( vellit alaa et alium pro "_ 
3 colit, aiterplva iusto neglegUt- 
IS qniaem vellit. id." ■■ — - - 

posuerint inter v<Kantia tempora, aim vidtam, 
...qua celerilaie ligno dato glabri ad minitieria 
es 6 (cited inFra 162). ix 27. Snet. Caei. 45 
(piaotised b; Oaeaar). Qointil. ii 6 g 12 Spalcliag. DCfarys. or. B'd fin. 
1iiB132It). 0j7r.teBtim.iuB4Tu)nTelUDdtim. MarqnardtT (1) 163. 

(3) 201 (the ehin). Qndina on Pliaedr, • — - ■ -^ 

iua X 178 n. Thcophr. char. 19 roakea it a mark of 
iiHTX'pif to bitTe shaggy arm-pits r^i )j.aaxi^t B-ripiiliSiis Kai Sardai 
dxpi iiri ToXi) TiDf ir\(upS:v. The aiiEiejits wora no Bleevas. OtttuU. & 
Ellis. Hor. ep. i 5 29 Obbar. 1S8 aoTo iii St 

159 DirFnsi. y 30 n. home-made wines, 
Chian or Falernian. Mart, v 66 8 vica ruber fudit Donperegi 
cadas. 161 Maikland 'quodnani opua hoo t^ 

ei qui legerit duos pruccedentes ? ' 

162—182 No Spanish girls will fling and toaa a fandango to 
elapping ol my guests; though wives at their husbands' sidei 
to watiji wbut one would blush but to name in their hearing, 
sports are Kins in the poor ; to the rich they are nettles of 
appetite, condoned or admired (or 'such wild tricks aa gentlemea ^_ 
shonid have.' At mj board expect other entertainmeiit : Homer tsxi' 
hia rival Virgil shall ba road; what need of trained voice to givo 
efieat to verso like theirs? 162 oiDiTAilik m a. 

z 1 n. Mart, often speaks of the voluptuous dances of his iicnmiry~ 
women (the 'LolOia and Pepitas' maiutaining the Bucaeasion, Eertzb«i^ 
I 41 12 de Gadibus improbua magistsr. Gl 9 iocoiae Oadea. ui 63 S«g 
qui Qaditaua luttirrat, | qui niosel in varioa bracchia vulsa tt 
"'" ~~ ~" " - r... .. afmgalmesl) tiec de Ciadibne inipra( 


e fir 


[V 203. Quintil. i S g 8 compkining ot the Ol 
tionof dbildrenathomeomnB convivium obacenis dantiois strepi% 
pudenda diatu apectantur. c(. Savar. on Sidon. ep. I 3 fin. p. S 
Flin. ep. ( 16 Sg 2 3 audiisei comoedot vel leotorem vel {i^itn 

qwte TBca liheralila>, omnsi. at tu apitd niscio qaem ottTta, v^d' , 

eehinot, Oaditanas malaisti. O. Jahn in Sltzungsbec. der siielu.'* 
Akad. Leipz. 1861 168 seq. (For the quantity (!j L. MuUec de re melr. 
SBl domparea Antipolitanus, Mossilitanus, TauromenitannB, Tomitanos, 
Tuditanns). Forbiger i> 220. Marqnardt v (1) 64. 157. Friedliinder 
ml 240. 250. Moarob. Sat. inl4=ii 10 g 4 speaks of the praotii.'e m 
obaolete: dio aiim. Bore qui aTitiqvitaiem nobit obicit, ante eaita triati- 
niian modo saltatricem vel ealtatorem le vidi/ae memi-nittit Pint. qit. 
coDT. vn S 4 g 4 speSiMng o£ the olasa of mimes onUed irafyrio, wlluth 
respeotable masters would not allow the boys that carry theii slmos to 

XI 162—175 311 

vitneas: ol St -r^Woi Koi yuraitiit avytaraKiiiilva* tal lalSur 

jiiSjIJ mpax^SiaTtpof tIl! 'pvxi' Jiariditirip. Tert Bpol. H'J fin. 
speaks of the purity ot Chrietian feusts, Clem. Al. pasd. u T g 63 siglits 
and suimda at Jtiaets corrupt the young. Clergy ordered to witbdrair 
trota leasts befors the perlormacuea began «ous. Laod. c. 61 rpi rou 
cWpx^irCai Toi)i Sv/tcKiKOit. oouo. Trull. 3i, paenitetitiale Bom. v 3. 
HieFon. 0. Belvid. 2U ubi tympaKa tonant, tibia clamitat, li/ra garrit, 
cuvibttlum coitcrepat, quU ibi JJei timor!...ingrtdiunlur expoiilae libidi- 
tutm viciimat et tenuilate veitiam nudae impadieia oculii irigenaitur. hit 
infelix uxor out laeialUT tt perit; aul offendilur et taarilui in iargia 
coacitatw. 161 Apol. met. ii 7> Amab. u 43 

HildebFSDd. Uoorob. Bat. n 1 g o. 165 " 433 

433 of the wile bibit et vomit . ergo mnritas | noMitat atqite aculii biUm 
tubitringit opertii, 166 ^^rio Agatha fr. Q 

Biicbel^ virgo de convitiio abducatvr idea qyod maiorei main Virginia 
acerbae auria veneriii vocabutii imbui nulueruiil. oomm. on Nep. prael. 
§ 6 niBDy thicgH are beeomiag ia ouc node of mauners wbicii ace un- 
eeemty among the Greeks; qaemenim Romartorura padei uxorem dacere ia 
conirti'ium ; 168 urucAs □ 127 12B aade { haee 

tetigii, Gradive, tuoa tirtica ntpoieal antboL Pol. xii 131 Gti iXXort 
fteidiituaf, Itrt S' a& ipt\ot' apa fuXiffffiaif \ eaiAoS koX KtlStfs Koi mpit 
i^if'd/ifSii, 169 MiTEHiUB SEiua Ba oppQaed to 

tlLe diaes vi 26S 264. MarMand •temut (videndi) ilia (voluptas).' 

EXTENDIIDH VI 129. 170 VI 64. 

309—319. Pera. i 2D 21. Luoian NlgriD. 15 16. 

171 CAPiT 1 118 n. Fliu. Ill S 54 cauU in taiitum eaginato, nt pauperis 
mensa hod capiat. QuintiL deeL S82 p. 730 n. non est humilis 
pfctoria libertatem pablicam oapeie. 172 'ceeha- 

BITM CBEPiTua caatanets Arietopb. ran. 1306 1306 scliol. roS 'imr ^ toIc 
AvrpiKOi! I aiJnt KparoSaa. Scipio (Macr, m 14=ii 10 g 7) uomplaina 
that be saw in a danuing echool jnterum bullalam oum crotalis saltare, 
quam aaUationfm inpadicjis aemaliii htmeste taltare nonpoaut. el.%% i.B. 
Uic. p. Mm. g 13. Ath. 636''' Didjrmoa soys ttiiiBiviu rala di-rl t^i \6pat 
jt0'y;^i^\ia HU-l SfrpuKt airyKpoiorrtii tppuBpoK ^x^^ "^""^ dTroreXth/ r£i ip- 
XOViUvoi!. MiLTt. VI 71 1 li eder; lascivoa ad Saetica crusmata 
gestuB I et Uaditania Indere doota modia. Her skill bevritched 
her Eametime master 6 Bendidit ancilia-m, nunc Tedimit domlnaia, Stat. 
s. I 6 23 iUU cymbala tiunulaBque Gadee. Gifford 'small oblong 
pieces of poUsbed wood ai bone, wblub tbe dancers held between their 
lingers, and dabbed in meaaure, with in conceivable agility and address..,. 
I have beard them often.' Bicb a. w. erolalaia. ertumata. Yerg. copa 2. 
MonDH VI laa. Tac. XV 37 Lipaiua. Petroa 7 Wonwer. 
DCasa. liiix 13 § 3. ouno STAJia fobnioe vi 132, 

Hor. 13 30 oleute in iocnico stantsm. Sen, contr. i 2 § 21 re do- 
let adhue fuliginem fornicis, Prud. c, Sjmjn. u 836 ipurcaia 
redoienti in f ornice cdlaTO. Biisa Ciu. Vcrr. 

n g 164 huius loinii in. /oro SwrocusM est, in quo nndua Jiliua atat, 
of. IV g 143, 173 faKNioa m 166, x239. Sen. 

Tit. beat. 7 g 3 vnluplai hiimile, aervile, inlieeilluTii, caducum, cuiui itatia 
ae domieilium lornices et popinae lunt. 

175 LiOBDiEMOMiUM cl, uv 88 n. Strabo 367. Varro Ttt«i) Mf>.|TirDu 
fr, 18 \ie4oTpuTa puuimfiita etparietsi incTiiatattie. Simplicity of AugUB- 
' I Suet, 72 aiue maimoie ullo aul itwigni paviiaertto conclavia. 

XI 175, 176 


'^Vben Simog DioQ^sios' etewaid. r Phrygian, shewed AjiBtippoB his 
master's toatl; palace DL. □ S 7^ iraXurcXcfi altovs xal XiffHrr/iuroti, Arist. 
ayaxp'i^i'il't'ot rpotrirTTiiii tj) 6^i, and. when he wne angry Boid: 'I had 
DO more fitting place.' Flin. ixivi § 56 non aataa omnia in lapicidinia 
gignuntUT, eed multa et lab terra tparta, preUiiiiuimi quiden generis, 
ticat .Laoedsemoniam vlride amclisiiue AiJariut. Stat. e. i 2 US 
119 hie dura JJBCoaum | saxa virent. The Etone of moant TBenama was 
much Talaed Prop, iv^iii 2 9 good non Taenariis domui eit mihi fuUa 
cotumnii. Strabo 367 thece are old qaarriea of coEtlj stone in Taenarna, 
and some liava lalel; opened a large mice in Tajgetna, xo>"77^>' fx"'"' 
TJ)i' TWO 'Pu^slui' ToXuT-Aciar. Plin. ib. % 136 sunt et nigri [lapideaj 

nrum aactorilat venit in marmora, sicut Taenarius. Meure. miscell. 
on. II IS. Prudent, o. Bjmm. il 247. Lamprid. Heliog. 24 itravit 
emoniia ae ipurphyreticia piateta in Palatio, qi 

Antoiiiiiianat vocavit. Bursts 
berg Gesch. Oriechenl. i 515. 
dited. Miiller Arahaologie g^ 

Geogr. T. Grieohenl. 
II 207, mth CuitiuE Feloponn. thi 
S. SU9. Maiquardt t (2) 221 n. SO 
ptTiBUATB Ter. haat. 48 49 pytia- 
sando modo mihi \ guid vini abaumpiil, where Oron. 'pytissare reote 
eiplicatar a vet. echoL gustare et ^uasi cum qaadam probatione eiLBpuere, 
dnm aapor vini probatar. qnoJ hodieqne facere Bolent, qai vinum 
probaut. est a Oiaecis, quibus atnov rurifiai Iconnected Kith ttl'u eiyin. 
mii^n.] est vinum ore reicere. Hiuo ap. laY. pytiima, pro illo nempe 
vino, qnod E2 ore reicitnr. qui Lac, &e. i.e. homo diyee, qui non yul- 
gsiom orbem, sed ei marmoie Laconico factum, reioiendo iato viuo, cum 
pytiaaasEet, lubrioimi facit.' Soaliger on Manit. pp. 464 465 first gave 
this eiplanation: 'noBtrnm pavimentum plebeium est. itaqile nos pavi- 
mentiun plebeium pitysmate lubiiuamua, non autem pavimentum Laee- 
dBemonium,..AleiiB (Ath. 124*) rnii rAv filr 6iir olvor iiirvri^a/iti'. 
Arohediohus (Ath. 294") SiarvTioOa' alvoy Si TmoiJTDi' x<iM-' '^itraT. vii 
i%& ita coiiviviii eorum el quod poculia ft pytiBmatis effunditur, limul 
cadit aicceacitque. Hoc, o.iil4 26 27meia { tingct pavimentum tuperl 
Cio. Phil, u i 105 natnbant pavimenta vino, madebanl pai' ' 
id. pro QalUo ap. AquiL Bom. % 2 r.uhnken ftumiM erat lutalent 
Petiou. 33 Burm. Flin. xit § 146 of Novelliiia Tolquatos opii 
non Ttipiraiee in haariendo nee expniaae nihilqae ad elidem 
pavimentia aonum ex vino Teliipiiiie, diligenti icito legum contrt 
hibendi /allaciai. Balvian. adr. avar. 6 fin. nataitt tricliniorum redan- 
dantiunt pavimenta vino, Falerno noblli lutum /aciuiit, luv. Eeetnii 
ID repudiate the Oceek fashion (commonly spoken of as an exaesa) vith 
its Qieek name, not leBX than the Qreek maibloa. 

oBBEu the Qoor Bchol. 'qui oispuit supra mamior Lacedae- 
monium, quo stratum est pavimentum.' Tibull. iii 3 16 marmore- 
umque solum. Luc. x 114 115 nee lummti cTostaia domui leetiique 
uitibat I marmoribus. Sen. ep. 16 § B eo deliciaram opamqjte ifortuna] 
perdacat, tit terram mainioribuE abBoondas. non tonfunt habere tibi 
iiceat, ted oalcare divitiai. ib. B6 g 6 pajiper libi videtvr ac lordidut, 
nieiparietes magnit ct pretioiii orbibns TefuUerunt; niii AUxandrina 
ma/naora Numidicit cnutii diitincta runt. ib. 90 g S5 guid loquar 
marmora, quibut lempla, qaibai damiu fulgent t ib. Ill g 9 ut paricla 

M Uicunaribiu pavimentorum respnnJmt nilar. id. ben. iv 6 | 3. *u 

2U S a. de ita in 35 3 6. Plin. ixivi g§ 44— 5a Marquardt v (2) 296. 

176 iBi in the house dI the riok, pared with 


XI 176—180 

Laconlon motblo. 
viii 10. jiiv 4 5 D, ( 
iote^t omjien aiialterir ' 

PiiU. ii§56 Abram. Pulilil. Sjr. 33 Sp'engel aleator quanioia, 
potior, tanUi «<( neqaior. Hoc. B. in 24 68 yetita legibuB &lea. ep. t 
21 18 Obbftc. Ov. tr. ii 471^ Sen, oons. ad Poljb. 17 § 4 CaUgoIa 
v/ae playing at dioa in hia Alban yilla during hia sister DmaiLn's fimeraL 
id, ben. yjt 16 % 3. Suat. Claud. 5 in tie days ot Tiberiua ex canlahemio 
aordidissiTnoruia haminum luptr velercm segnitiae notain tirietatis quoqut 
et aUae infamiam mbiit. ib. 33. id. Aug. 70 71. CaL 41. Dom. 
21. Mart, iiv 1 3 nee tiiru't aedilem moto ipectare fiitillo, id. i» 14 7^0. 
» 84 3 aq. LuL'ian SatumaL i. Chcysost. bom. 13 in 1 Cor. p. 103*. 
Amm. sxTiu 4 S 21 Bome scouting the name aUatorei, wisli to be called 
taseraTii; the differenea is lite tbat between fares and latrones; yet it 
moat be oonfesBed that, while all othei' friendBhipB are lukewarm at 
Eome, tUeariae sulae, quasi gloHoiis qnaeaitae mdoTibnt, eocialet run* et 
adffelu nimio fimiitate plena (on&iaif. See [Cjpr.] de aleatoribui (n 
92 104 Hartel). the title de aleatonbiui in the dig. fi 5 and cod. tin 43, 
wbeie the btahapa ate charged to euforce the law), Friodliindec i' 404 
4li6. Forbigec i' 221—3. Marquardt v (2) 426—33. 

177 TORPE 1 n. n 63. Sen. ep. 87 % 23 taxrHegi-am, fuTtuia, adnlterinm 
infer bona habsri pronua persaatimwi. quaiii muili furto nan eruiiscuni, 
quant multi adnlterio gloriantur I nam uacrilegia minuta 

178 iriciDNr Munto on Lucr. ui 736 reads /acionf with P. 

179 cf. Plin. oited 162 n. dabont Miihlmann a. T. ool. 
4'jy cites exE. of dare cenam, prandium, epulum, munus. Suet. Tib. 7, 
Capitol. May i mini 2, VopiEc. Carin. 19 have dare bidet, 

ISO conhitob n.iADOs Aua. idyll. 4 16. A lector vbs employed 
to read during meals v 167 n. n 434^ — 7 ilia tamen gravior, gaae cum dii- 
ciimbere coepit, | laudatVergilium, periivrae ignoicil Eliiiae, \ oommittit 
Tates et oomparat, inde Maronem | atque alia parte in trutina 
suRpendit Homernm. Cio. Att i IS g 3. fam. v e g 2 anagmitei. 
OreUi inscr. 2846 leclrix. Sen. ep. 64 g 2. Suet. Aug. 74 £□. acroo' 
mala, Stat. a. ii 1 117— 9 a d«!icaiu< reciting H. and Od. VarroinGell. 
XIII 11 g S in oonvivio legi mm omnia dtbenl, aed ea potimmum, guoe 
litRUi lini ptai^Xlj et deliolenl. id. xviii 5 an Ennianiila reading the 
annals of Enniua in the theatre of Puteoli. jii 9 in a feaat given by a 
wealthy knight from Asia, the Bpanieh rhetorician Antonius lulianna 
diuidtravit exhiberi, quos habere eum adukscentim iciebal, iciliiiinuu 
Vtriiagtie <eiu» gut eanarent TOCe et qni paallecent They aang 
some pieces of Anacreon and Sappho and later poeta. Some Greeks 
challenged lulianuB to match these Jluentei carminum deliciai from Latin 
Butbors. On which be voce admodum- quam auavi verans oecinit 
Yaleri Aeditui, cetem poetae, Poreii lAcini et Q. Catuli. Martial's 
TOTBCB were read iv 82. Nep. Att. 14 § 1 Ticmo in eonvivio eii« aliud 
aereama audivit qjiam anagnosten; guod noi quidem iiKuiulissimum 
arbitrarnvT: neqne umquam aine aliqua lectione apnd eum 
osnatum eat, ul non infniia animo guam venire convivae deUUarentur. 
Plin. ep, 1 16 3 3 (supra 162 n.). id. m 1 of Spuriuna (77 years of age): 
be listened to reading while walking and silting §^45; while waiUng 
for dinner 8 8 ; § 9 frequenter cotiioedli cena di'tingvitar, u( voluptato 
gtwque atudiii coitdiantur. ti 31 g 13 a dinner at Trajan's plain, li prin- 
eipem cogitarci. interdum acroajnala audiebavmi, v 19 S ^ "^ ''^^ 


XI 180, 181 

freadman Zosimua ar$ q«idem eiat et quaii inimptto 
jiIurJiR?(m facit. nam pronJintiac acriter, lapUtder, apte, dtceiittr i\ 
ulitur tl cithara perite, ultra quam comoedo neeeme eet. idem (am c( 
mode mutiaiei et kietotiai et carmina legit, ut hoe tolum i]uIici«M.J 
vidialur. ii, -vol l%2Eniiolpiaa...leetoi, ilia seria not 
...quiB libellos meoa bio leget, tic amabit! quem a\ 
gyenturt fni%3. n 17 g S quam mvlti, cum leotor aut lyrletei Mt 1 
eomoedui induclm at, calceoi postmnt aut turn minore evia taedU) rMuiont, j 
qaam tu ilia {lie enim appellai) prodigia perptssiit et I ib. ep. 34 bearing 
that lie reads poema ill, he has resolved to employ biafieedman, and asks 
Buetouins nhether he ahould sit by dejixia et mutui et timilit ottoto, or 
lather (as some did) accompany the reader vmrmure oealie mana. But 
alas puto me non miniu nude taltare qwim legere. ib. ep. S~ 
oenanti mihi, li cum uxors vel paucii, libei let;ltur. Ben. oo 
Folyb. 8 g 2 sends the empeioi'a freedman to E. and V. to seek ei 
in the !oBS of his brother: tunc Homeras et Tergilius Cum bene ^-M 
generi kunuaii taeriti, guam tu et de omnibyt et de illis n 
pturibut mitae esie voluieti quam tcripierant, multum lecu 
Bnrm, anthol. it 360 11—14 n. epitaph od a readei of Homer : ^ .. 
ego Pierio natum monamenta canore I doctae cygneia cnameraTe modii.\ 
doclua Maeonio spirautia oarmma yereu | die-'" /'-....™~ —— 
minanataforo. ib. 341 6on aboyot ten: legi pia _ 

ib. 348 1 2 (Orelli inaer. 1200) grammaticiu leotorgue /m", ted leoto* 
eortra \ men, incorrupio qui plaeuere sorao. (Jalrisias Sabinua had ■ 
slaTe who knew Homer by heart, anotliec who knew Heeiod, nine othera 
who knew each one of the Ijrio poets : as snch Hlaves were not to be 
bonght (Sen. ep. 27 % 6) faclendos locavit. anth. Pal. s.i 141 against the 
gramnmriaiis who talk Homeric criticifiio ('shop') at djcoer: ir'fiitpat 
ni Sits-vu n^rir aeiti Bid. Lucion adv. ind. 7 from a book written on 
purple TeEom, with lanbilicui o£ gold, the iKnoraot owner oi a fine 
library reads and murders the author by his barbarisms, so that the veij 
parasites who applaud lum laugh at him in their sleeres. Fhilostr. 
soph, n 10 eg 1 3. Gell. Il33§§l 2apadmemam Favoriniinaoiirijio 
lamiliori leg! eolitum eiat aat vetiiB eaiman meliei poetae ani 
iiistoiia partim Graecae HngMae aiiat Latinae. Itgebatur ergo ibi tune 
in carmine Latino 'iapyx' ventiu qtuietitumqve eat, qui) hicventut. ib. 
IH 19 § J. EI 7 § a. Ath. aoe" w! florra! iv toTi oufftririiHi oSTifJpiu tit 
TOO "flpiiel" raiSm. Marquardt T (1) 150. 34a. FriedliCnder i* 416 417. 
Sichardt vita Caroli magni 21 p. G30 3a36 inter caenandum out 
aliqaod acroama aut lectorem audiehat. legebantui ei bistoriae 
et ftntiqaorum res gestae ; also Aug. esp. the civ. Del It was the 
monastic rula and is enjoiued in ooUege statutes: it was the practice tkt 
the board of James I. and of lord keeper Williams. Card. Wiaeman in 
the Euglish oollei;e at Borne chose Walter Scott's novels for the parposa 
(see two lives of N. Ferrar Cambr. 18EB 41. Bayle a. v. Berenger note A. 
Becker Gallus ii' 125. iii> 261). igi yn 327 n. 

Ho Prop. 111 = 11 SSeseGeediteRomanieeriptoTei, oedite Grai: \ neseio 
qaid mains naacitnr Iliada. Macrob. t 12 g 1 (which book oontaiDS 
a comparison of Y.'a translationa with the originals in H. see Jau'a ind. 
Homeraa p. 656) tn quibiitdam par paene ipUiidor aviborum etf. QuintiL 
I 1 S86u( apudilloi Homerus, sieapuduDt Vergilina atupieartMin 
deilerit eaordivm, omnium eius generis pi 

noatrornmque, hand dubiu ei proiimus. Ov, a. a. in 387 33fi 
rem. 396. amor, i IS 25. anthol. Lai. Mejor 254— 6. 28S. For modes 

XI iei-193 215 

writers of. Paulj n ZG65 seq. 182 QT^in befurt, 

TM.BB TBBBua QUI VOCE LEOiBicii ? cl. tbs question of Pliny the elili^r 
Plin. ep. Ill 5 3g 11 12 mper kaaa [oeuam] liber legebatur, aditotabatur, 
«l quidem oanim. memini quendam ex amiais, cum lector qtiaedam per- 
jierain proniaitiaiiet, revoaasie et repeti eaegitie, huic acuneuZum jneian 
tUxiiu 'inteliexercu nempe]' cum tile aditaiiiet, 'cur etfro revocaJ/ail 
decern awpliua vemu hue tua inlerpellaiiiHU perdidlmui.' As Iut. here. 
BO Fers. (i 96 eeq. of. SO seq.) oontrsEts poemB vMoli need a aMlful reailBr 
to make them endurable, with Tiigil's wliich hsTB an intiinsia merit 
of their own (supra vii 83 n.l. 

183 — 192 tiive yooTBelf a weloome holiday for once; pnt oS at lay 
door eil thought of the maney-market, all pangs of jealousy; forget tLo 
glaring tokens of your disgrace, your wife'a long absence and lata 
returns, her disordered hair, ruffled attire, and tingling ears; dismiss 
home troubles, lasses by naste or tireakai;e: last, not least, ingratitude uf 
friends. 187 TAomi i SS— fi7. ti 206 seq. 433. 

MoDio on Lucr. y 1091. 188 Busracne i 208 n. 

MVLTion II 66, 76 seq. rar 101 n. Sen. ben. 
TH 9 3 S, Tert.pall. 1 tndiomidii (m 103 n.) loloceia. atiqtM multioia 
tpnUuii extnmt (i.e. has driven oat the thick, coarse endromii by the 
light lyiitheiie). MvUkia soft Coan robes. 

BUQis Macr. ui 13 = if B gg 4 E of HorteiiBitta/ui(...cM(i(u ad mtmditiem 
Cttrio80 >t, utbetie amictiu irft, faciem in ipecala qnaerebat, ubi le intueni 
logam corpori eic appticabat, iii rngaa non forte aed indiatria tocatat ar- 
tifex nodtu astringeret.,. capital putavit, quod in umero luo lacum ruga 

mutaiiet. Plin. snv % 66. Tert. palL 5 pr. 

189 TBJLiTisisna couas et tcltpm: iniiEiranE ciLEKiEX Prop. v = r' 

pace prenundua erit. Suet. Aug. 69 Antoniua spread the scandal /emiRant 
cimitUaTem e tHclinio niro coram in cabiculum abduclam, itiraiu in con- 
pfniiHBrubentibuB anricnlis inoomptiora capillo reductam. id, 
Cal. 36. Theokr, 11 140. 

193 — ^202 Meanwhile the crowded benches pay their devotions to the 
Iilaean fextiial of the Qreat Mother's ' tovel ' ; the praetor, ruined by the 
horses, eits in triumphal state, and (without offence to the countless and 
overgrown populace be it said) all Borne now finds place in the CircuH ; 
hark, a shout strikes on my ear, from which I gather the victory of the 
green 'rag,' For if it lost, you would see this city plunged in trouble and 
bewilderment, aa when Hannibal at Cannae defeated oor consuls. Such 
sights are for youths whom noise, hold wagers and gay company befit. 
On the circus and the shows see x 81 n. t£e exhaastive collectiona of 
Panviuius and Bulengerus (Oroov. thes. it], Friedlander in Maiquardt 
IV 490—623. Bittengesch. n» 263—330. suthol. Pal. ivi 836—387 (on 
the statues of drivers in the hippodrome at Coastantinople). 

193 iiGaAi,BBiiciE VI 69. Bhortly after the Mater magna (fUTi^Xii 
Sfdi) had been brought to Home (b.c. 204 m 137 n.), the MegaUHa were 
established in her honour (prid. Id. Apr. Liv, xxix 14: prid. Non. Apr. 
Ov. t. IV 179 seq.). Cic. barusp. reap, g 24. Spart. Caraoall. 8. These 
games, originally aedilician, are spoken of as praetorian under the 
snjpire also by DH. ii 19. Moa^. s 41 you divorce your husband: why? 
dicam egi>, praetor erat, \ conatatura fuit Megayjtsis purpura centum \ 
mijiiiw, «( nimivm munera parca daree, | it popjilare lacrum bit viilia 
dtna luliiiet. J discidium non «! hoc, ProeuUia: lucrum eit. Prellur 
rom. Mjlh'. 443 — 4oli Thiy were the first games in the new year, aud 


XI 193—195 

therefore the crowd would be gcaater, 

spectatorea. ef. tir 24 n. caria, theatmm, • gnHeTy, 

HAPPiE of. 198 pofini. QulntU. I fi § 57 mappam ciroo quoq-ae 
TtHitatom nomen, Pocni aiii vindicanl. Hence mop, najpjtin, napery. 
The OQneiil nt praetor, by dropping a napldn, gave the signal for starting. 
Suet. Nera 22 univeraonm le oculii in circo maxima praebuit, aliquo 
llberlo milieiiU mappam, and/! magislratiu talent. Mart, m S9 9 
cretatam praetor camvsllet mittert mappam. Tort, spect. 16 aipiee 
jjDpulum ad ipeciacnlum iam cam furore v^nienlem, iaia tmmdtaiosiim, ' 
caecioa, iam dt Hponsionibaa concitatitm. tardvt est illi pras' 
temper oadi in wma tint cum aortibtu MiluJantur. dekiaa ad sigm 

iinxii pendent ! itniiit dementlae una vox «t...'miBit,' diciml, et nuniliii 

invieem qiuid simul ab omnibui visum eet. teneo testimonium caecitatiiji 
turn videat guii! tit; mappam missam putant ; sed est diaboli oA alio 
praecipitati Jigura. id. aiv, VbI. 36 mappa, quod ai-unt, mi 

oomp. I 297 Bonn. Friedlacdei 
(dropt from a balcony 
KoT)erfiB.48« ' ""' 
Pbiloxenns {i 

1 Maiqtiaidt i 

7. Cedien. hist. 

The mappa 

in Gahl nnd 

325. Rich. The oonBOlat diptych of PlariUB TheodorUB 

Oori thea. Flor. 1759 tab. 16) haa a mappa. 

EnninB in Cio. de divin. i S 107 exspttlant veluti, ci 

aiganm | Tolt, amv£a avidi spectant ad carcSTls oras, ] quam max emittat 

pictia efaaeibua curnii. 194 iiutltra ui 139. 

BiuiTJH TBinupHo PEABTOR 1 36— i6 h. cf. vit, Gallieiu fl, 
where OaJl. celebratea hia decennia. The eenate in toga, the knighU, 
the Boldiers clad in white, omni popalo praeeujite with almost all the 
slavea, and women bearing tapeis and lamps, march to tke Capitoi; 100 
white oxen with gilt yokee and silk doriualia of many colonis, 200 white 
lambs, ton elephants, 1200 gladiators pompabiliier ornati cunt a/uratU 
restibus matronarum, 200 mansuetae ferae diversi generis ornata qiuivt 
maximo affeelae, cheers and clapping along the ronte. ipse mediiia 
cnm picta toga et tnjiica palmala inter patrti, ui diximm omnium 
saeerdotibas praeiexlalis Capitoliuin petit, 500 gilt Bpears on either aide, ■ 
lOU standards ; standards of the collegia, of the templea and of all th»>fl 
legions; genies simulalae, «S Gothi Sarmatae Frajici Fcnae. I>Cssa,H 
Liy 2 B.C. 22 the direction of the games was made orer to the praetors. ^ 
Mommsen Staatar. i' 897- u' 227. Berv. Aen. iv 543 qii.L..lTiaBiphat, ■ 
altit eqvis utitur quattuor et lenatu jmieeuniA in Capiiolio d» tawit 
saertJUat. For Ihe eiprMBion of. LIt. it SS g 3 dietalw...proeUmn 
eiem ipse in tiniitnim comu, quod, incendio simllins qnftai 
pioelia, terriliiwt cesierat flammis. ib. xXTm 9 £ 16 iret alter mnml 
tablimii curni maltiiugis, li vellet, equii; nno ei^aa per nrbem 
Teinm irinmphnm vehi. 1Q5 poabda 

OABLLLOROU FBAETOB 53 n. Gron. obs. IT S4 'qui in comparandia et 
instraendia ad mmms equis, munere dcEiique ipao sub Tana specie 
honOTis oensum mergit. Tbeoa progymu. 6 Amjiiijiii Si Bpi^ ilt Irrf 
rpai^av i(an\biOtli i)Jx9^ "i rw ttimS Etvui' iToXuKirai. et. Palaeph. 
4,' Suet. Nero 6 bia father Cn. Domitiua was auch a swindler uC.iii 
pratiura mernede palTnarum avrigarios fraudaverit, Vopiso. Aiirelian 15 
we haTe seen cbnrioteers roceiTe not prizes (praemia) but estates (patH- 
nwnin), cum darentar tunisae subierieae lineae paragavdeae, daretUUf 
etiam equi ingemiseeatWus frugi kominibua. factum est rtiim, Hi ion 
divitiarum ait non hominum consulatus, quia iicique si virtulibva 
il'-/crlur, editorem spotiare nan debet. DCasa. i<x 27 £ 2. dig. \ 

XI 195— 1B7 217 

ea hired). The tressorea lelt by Tiberins wasted on Bbone Ly 

lesd than two years DCaes. lix 2 gS & 6. S g§ 2—5. Mart, iv 

10. Plin. patieg. 96 in praetura modeatiae. A lively 

of ths tDTmidable correBpoudecce required to iMihiah tho 

ep. n 12. 16. 18—35, Friedlacdec in Marquardt 

aot. II 1164 piaedo venU, sed piReda iacel. Martian. Gap. t jj liitS 
paronoimuia [i 122 □.] Unit fminufalio verbi ec nominii, id eat, eum 
ayllaba aut iitlera mataia diveria lignijicat, ut n dicat ; praetor fH vel 
potius praedo. Diomed. ii p. 441. Cio. Veer. I § 131 pupillot ct pupWat 
cerfini^numpraedam tiae praetoribas. ib. t g 63 tiava inanet, juae 
pcaedam prantori, non qaae piaedonibna metum adferrent. 
fiCB LiCBT SI DiOERE II.EBIS Qnintil. I 6 S 8 pace dioere hominii eradi- 
tUsimi liaeat. Flin. xxiiv g 108 haea omnia mediei, quod pace 
eornm disiaae lioeat, ignorant. Tibull. u 6 105. Or. am, ii a 60 
pace loquar Venerie, (u dea maior erii. Petron. 2 paoe VDBtra 
lioeat diKiaae, primi omnium eUtquentiam perdidiilii. 

196 iiDJEKaAE Stat. B. i2S3SetpaT»imia.enBB.egtaidetefk' 
beirima Rirmae. Friedltiiider I* 19. 64 — 63 at tLo beginning of the 
empire tha population amounted to a million, and grew to two milllan 
or more. loa. b. L tu S § 3 at tlie triumpli ut Titus none remained at 
boms r^t i/idTptu r\v96oi ir rf TrdXet. Some suppose that 

a Terse haa hero fallen onti bat imnuinsae nimiiuqKe shew that the next 
verse might offend ths OTergrown populoeo : 'iLl Borne is here,' puts a 
definite limit to the unlimited, couuta the oonntleaa. Congrere : ' it 1 
may be allow'd, J without offence to luch a num'rout crowd, \ to aoy all 
liiime.' Chrya. de Aima aerm. 4 (ir 730^) Srof raira ^ xJXti rpit t^v 

SHiai* ii(fh>ir. A eermou la aonsubatantiali 7 (i 601°} begina trdXir Irm- 
ifiontai Kol ira'\(>' 6 alitAoyat ^^ur Utarriini yiyint. id. in illud, Tldl 
Dominnm, horn, ii J 2 (ti 113°^) oi^ op§.j -rnis V'^oui. ot ■rv' r6\tws 
axdffiil aru cnSi]):!^!');! ir rati rQt Xrrar i/itWiiii, irar toO arallm 
intparpij^orrtt rb fiipm, iittt ^iXta/eucoO^L ra tQv ifrtrdXar dpitara Kara- 
BTpi>pfW, tyBn ir tiuai riv paaikia saSiitimii; _ 197 cmcm 

oatendit. Or. a. a. 1 1B6 muUa ospax populi etnamoda circus hahet. 
Qnintil. xii 1 § 6 dati ipectacKlii dies multnm siudii3 aafrmnt. Luo. 
Nigr. 29 the jostling and the Ciroua and the pictures of jookeyH and ths 
Domea of the huraea and the diBenssioua about them in the atreets i 
iro^Jj yip uis dXTjfluii ^ IrtDfMriai and it has eeiaed on many men of good 
repute. Tao. mi 64 intrauare Pompeii theatrum, quo raagnitndinem 
populi Tlserent. On tho daya at the games Augnstna (Snat. 43) ciu- 
todea in urbs ditpotait, Jie raritate remanentium^aiiaforibuH obnoxia 
etiet. rBioon Tin S9 n. Sen. ep. 83 g 7 ecce cireensium 

obstrepit olamor. subita aliqna st nniTaraa vooe feriunlur 
auresmeae. Anson, idyll 171011. Namatian. 1 201 — iaaepias altonitae 
rasonant oiroeasibus aures, | wtntiataccemKi plena thratra Say or. \ 
paitato noiae Teddantar ab aelhert voces, \ oel quia pcrvemnnl vel quia 
fingit amor, ^piktet. man. 93 g 2 'apeak seldom, and in few words; 
when occaaion demands it, speak, but not on trivial mattera, not of 
d playa, nor of hone tikcs, nor of athletea.' It wae a aafe topio 
. X & 21—24 accedant tine fells ioci nee mane limenda \ libertaa /t 
iquod taeaime veils, | do prasino cunviva mens Touotoque lo- 
^tni, I lie« faciunt guriRjiiam pocula nostra rtum. SU. xri 313 — 157 

XI 197, 198 

KUos ciirrui magimqae volanlibiu idem | voce 
ccrtamine circm \ e^rlanlum et nitlli meniem n 
praMipitei eteqiua clftmoTB gitbemant. Caaanhou oi 
Symm. ep. i 29. Prndent. hftmartig, 301 veBHn' 
Tett, apeet. 23 an Deo placebil anriga ilia tot an 
tator, tot fnrjaram TiiiDigtBr...eBloraCus«ttenol Philo (de piovid. 
II g 103 fin.) had seen mea in a. frenzy tlu-iro themselves under the 
wheels ol the chariolH, Chrjaoat. in gen. hom. 6 (nr 3a''). horn. 6 (41*) 
oil liiror yip Iitttou! Tpixorras (mo' lltiv, iX^i tai tpauy&v ral pXampifiiilir 
Kal iLvpiuu ixalpuir Itmr dioDdni Xdy^ tal -/iiniisas irr<vpT)iioiiit dj t4 iiiaor 
irapioiirai ISdv raL p^oivi rpai ti3p yvra.iKiii' iiraWrijTa ia.uro6t inB^iivrBi. 
ib. id'', id. da Laaaro 7 (i 780""), when I proacJi against the cireaH, I 
Bee men clap my words, aJid then again run to the hippodrome, cot 
/iiifiwai TOi>! npireus iwl Toi>! ^(ndj(ous ^iBtowufiAow «al nrfflKToP riji" 
/KU'ltti', «al p.nd i-oAXoo toS T6rov ffuuT/uij^iwTat naL rpis dXXtiXotit iroXXiut 
&airX7j«TiiJj^out Kiii Myorras, Sn 6 /iir twv tirirue oi 'KoXiis tSpapiy, 6 Bi 

T$ ^^^v- It is a Satanic apectaole 791°. 793*. ad pop. Antiouh. horn. 15 
(ii 167'') the spectacle of the horee-racee baa often Isd to battles, revilinga, 
bloHH, iBEnltB, lasting fenda. cf. G61* the insatiable passion of those 
who sit Bgape for the horso-racs. Friedliiudei ii' 266 — 274 (acclama- 
tiuus, petitions, hooting, political demonstrations). 321. 329 330. Vit. 
GalL 9 Oallienus, when Some was murmnring at his neglect ot liia 
father's memory, took no heed obitupefaclo voluptaUbue corde, ltd ab kit 
gtii ciTcum erant, requirebat ' ecquid habrntue in prandio t ecguat voliip- 
tatti paratae iimtl' tt ' qualii crat erit cena qualeique oiroanflesT' oL I 
luT. X 81, when the people, once reTum damiiti, care only for Um | 
same 'two things' pattern et eirctntet. I 

198 X 81 □. [Cypr.] speot. G qwm vana sunt ipia 1 
cerlamina, litei in colorihus, coMenlioiui in ewiibua, favom in Anno- ) 

rilius, gaudere quod eguuB vtlocior fuerit, maerere quod ptgrw. Four 
ebariots generally contended, the drlTeis being distingaiBhed by lour 
oulonrs Sidon. o. Si) S2S 334 (where is a full description of the raae) 
mieant colortt, \ albas toI venetna vicens rnbauaque. The fac- 
tiones (alao panel, popidi, iiApi, iiiiioi: the members iTipiriu or i Xagi), 
not named by any wcilcc ot the republic. The earliest trace is a DDlioa 
(Plin. Ill % 186) Irom the acta, of Felii a driver of the red faotion, on 
whose pyre one ot his partisans threw himself [capia o^Iarunt cormptum, 
said the rival faction) ; this naa sbortly after the deatb of M. Lepidus 
li.e. if the triumvir's father, cu. B.C. 77). Cic Vorg. VM. etc, derive the 
games of the Circus from the rape of the Sabine women ; whence 
Malalos, the ohran. Fasah. Cedrenua etc. attribute the origin of these 
factions to Baminlua (Sohwegler i 471). Teit. apect 9 qiuidHsat pro- 
diictae mtritoet avrigaa coloribua idololatriat veatieranl, etabinitia duo 
loli fuentnt, albus et rnsseus: albas hitvU ob aivea candidal, luesens 
iieeiati ob tolii ruborem voli erant. >ed postea tain voluplatr, quam 
tvperttitione provecta, ineaeaia alii Marti, atii nlhvini Zephyrii contt- 
eravtruntj prasinam vcto terrae matri vcl veri, venetum eatlo tt muri 
mi auctvmno. Isidor. xviii 41. Ot. amor, in 2 78 evolat adiaii 
disiolor agmen equii. Mart, s 48. 53. iii 131. anth. Fal. vi 368 1 
ol pfiKTtn irpatlmuiii' irairrloi alir ^ovtii. Tbe green faction tpraiimi trata 
iri-daiir, leek. Ljdas mona. iv 26 oi Si pipiJti rio» drBtipci- ipaei 


XI 198—200 219 

biItdAi rail rpoaayafliioviii) vas faTOored b; Caligula (DCosS. Lii Ij], Nero 
(id. LIIII 6 -ip^jiXarijoe ti)i' tc BToXijn tV T/Mffmoif i»!eJii*j^jioi inj td 
■piCi'iii TO ^via^iiov TipiKtl)iiyat), Verua (Capitol. 4), Commodus (DCaes. 
mil IT. Lxiiii 4), HeliogabaJuB (id. lsxii 11 § 1). EaoL party bad its 
mpporters among the apeatators (id. LicxTni 8), and the contests between 
the factions often ended in Uoodehed <tbua Apollonias of Tyaaa rebuking 
the AJBxandriang PhiloBtr. y 26 § 2 6rip S' Xrrav irraSSa ^t^a /liv ifut 
ii a>iX-/i\ois (li/ni, (JoXai 3' trai/iM tdBair. Again at Antiooli in Caligola'a 
days between bines and greens Midal. p. 244 Bonn. Tbe most memorable 
inntance ia the Nim riot at Conatantinopla a.d. 5B2, well described by 
Gibbon, c. 40 2), See Cbijsoet. de Lazaio condo T [l 790 seq.) against 
frequentersofttieeirena. Orelli insor. 2593 aoq. Boleager de ciroo 47—- 49. 
Panyin. 1 10. Wilken fiber die Partbeyen der Bennbabn Berlin 1829 4to, 
(Akad.) Alfr. Bamband de Byzantino hippodiomo et circensibns lac- 
tionibns. Faria Fronck 18TQ. sventcm Amm. xir 6 g 26 

eit admodum mimm videre pUbcm innunwrom mentibui ardore quodain 
iiifuso cum dimicaiipnum euru/ium eventu pejtdentera. hate limiliaque 
memorabilt nihil Vel lerium agi Uomae ■pemtiltiint. Flin. i § 71 Gaecina, 
owner of aome ciiariotB, sent to bis friends news of Ma victory by swallows 
Ailito Victoria^ colore. viBinis CsJigula waa so 

devoted to this colour that he dined in the green atable Suet. Cab 65. 
Naio's talk from his boyhood ran cluefly on the clrcensian gamea 1 
Iftmenting among his Echoolfellowa an accident to a green charioteer, who 

• was dragged on the groond, he was reproied by hia paedasogus ; on 
•rhiob (Bnet. 22) de Hectare le loqiii cmcntilin eit. DCaaa, lu 6 gS 1—8. 

'dlart. also cheered the Greens u 33 laepiu* ad palmam praainus post 
fataNenmU | ptnenil et victor praenaa plurarefert. | inane, UvoT edax, 
die U ceaiaae Neroni; | vicit nimintm Tum Nero, ted praainus. c[. vi 46. 
FrieiMnder ii^ 310. riNNi Flin. ep. □: 6 (see n. on 

6S) li (omen aut vetocitate equonin aut hominuia arte trahireatur, eiiet 

nt par 

mediog-ue Ci 
'OTqut (romriftit, et repente agilaloret illos, equos iilos, quoi procul 
eitatit, q-aorum clataitant itoraina, Teliiigaetil. tanta gralia, tanta 
■.Unitat in ana yiUasima tunica. 1Q9 ai 

achoL 'fli vineeretur prasinna.' Amm. uviii 4 § 29 eiiqae 
tejnplum et kabitaculum et eantia et cupiloram ipet umnin ciroaa lit 
■naxinatt. g 30 inter q\ioi hi, qui ad latietatem viiemnt, putlora auctori' 
tate toitgaeva, per cam» et rugae ciamitant eaepe, rem publicam stars 
Mon poaae, ei futnra conoettatione, qnem ^uiaqne vindioat, 
earoeribna noa eiailnerit pcineepa. § 31 on the morning ol the 
tace belore daybreak ffurinj omnei feetinant praecipites ut velocitate 
eurnu ipsoi anteeant certaturoi: ttiper qvoram event n disoiisi VDlomm 
ttadiis anxii pltirimi aguiit pervigilei noctee. CaHsiod. var. lu 61 
transit praainus, pars popull maeret: praecedit venetua, et 
potior pars oivitatis affligitur. nihil projkieittes feTVenteriwiuilant, 
nihil patientei graviiirtmlneraMuT, et ad inants contentioaea aic deacendi- 
tttT, tamqnam de stata periclitantis patriae lahoretur. 

200 CANNABDU iH fulvshe h 155, VII 163 n. 1 165 n. Liv. 
ixn 43 %% 10 11 Hanmbal cattra potaerat avena a Vuttarno vento, qui 
ipit torridia siecitate nubet pulveria vehit. id cum ipsia cattrit pn- 
inioifH'n fait, tum ealutare praeoipue erat, cum aciem dirigirent, ipai 
rti, terga tantam afflante venlo, in oceatcal}int pnlvere o^ma hrniem 
i^naturi, etc. ib, 46 g 9 ventm (FuICumunt incolae regioiiia iiocaM) 

advertu) BomoKii coorlni mulio pulyei 
ademit. Sfl. W 4D1. of. Sen. n. q. V 16 
Fab. 1« 9 1. App. Ill 30. On the Hon: 
GO ^ 1 2 pagna CaniuneU, Aliaisi cladi nobititati 

valvmdo proipectum 
23 = 11 6 §16. Pint, 
nnas see Liy. ib. id. 

foediorque. On lie panic at Eome ib. S3 (a plot fcprmed by 
tame nobles to desert Italj). 64 § 8 nuinjuain lalva uria iantum pavoriM 
tumultusque intra vtoenia Romana fuU. itaque niccumbom oiwri iwgiHt 
aggTediamarrarUfqnaf ediiaarta-nda minora vera fecero. 

201 ooNGai.iBDH B.C. 'ii.% L. AemiliuB Faullus, who tell is the 
battle; C. Terentius Varro, qho rec^Tedtho thanks of the senate for not 
having deapaii-ed of the atato. BtiiCTENT tiiV£NB3 

Chrj-B, de Anna serm. 4 (it 730^) dvSpatix yiyTipoKim rii-v on/mfirrwr 
si/HiSpaTcpay imT rp^X"""'' ''*)" TDXiii. «ariiiir;(w'orTCf, rJjF ii\iKiat xapaifty- 
HOTlfoBrd, TO -yiipiU airi icnro>rtain-op raiaOrre!. Of. 730'-733*. 

202 fiPoNsio Mart. Ki 1 IS 16 cum sponaio/aiuIOfjH* 
lossae I dt Scarpa fuerint et Tnritatn. TertulL (aupra 193 a.). Ot. a. a. 
1 167 IfiB : even in the B. (siiu 485) a wager is laid on the iastte of ft 
laoe. Plin. xcxiu § S8 coiKaetudo viilgi ad sponsiones etiamnsim anufo 
exilifnte. Trimalohio'a cook, being invited to take his place at table, 
Pstr. 70 fin. ctmtimto E^hiaum tragnedutn coepit aponaione prove oars, 

Sat. II 18=ni 17 gg 16 16 Cleopatra nior, quat vinci a liamanis nee 
iiunlrin dignaretur, aponsione provocavit instimere se posae in unant 
eenam leaUTlium centiei. id mimtn ATitonio viaum, n«o tnoraiui apon- 
sione cimteTidU, digivu sculna itunatio Planco qui tam konetU ceTtiu 
viinia arUur skclua eat. ct. PUn. n 1 120. 

CCLIAE Tert. Bpect. 2S padicitiam ediscet attonitvt in mimoi ! immo in 
omni tpectaculo ntili-am viagia icandalam oecwret, qaan ipee ille mnli- 
orum et virorum accuraliar enltu s. ipsa conaenaio, ipsa infavorilmi out 
coaipiralio But diiieiuio inter H de conanereio scinlitlas libidinitm eonjla- 
ieliant. . JlCbesibbg ot. Hor. o. rv 1 20 seq. Tue 



HI 2 65-43. 
Teq\iirat; \ (ui 
toUalur circnt 

Fera. i 24. 

a. a. I 1S6 seq. esp. cuiui equi venitmi, facito itudime 

; mora; quiiqvit crit, eai favit ilia, fave. tr. u 28S 384 

/ nan lata lieentia circi eit .' | hio sedet ignoto innata 

et. ths precautions of AogaBtua Suet. 44. Frooop. b«U. 

_ ir wnnkled sMn diink in spring's warm emi, and tij tha 

[cumbionB and formal] toga. Already, though it wants a fall hour ot 
noon, ;on may go to the bath, nor blueh for the' loss of a. day. Ton 
could oat live thua five days runnmg, for even such delights patl, 'lia 
spariug indulgence must give pleaxuieB their zest. 

203 BiBAT vsuNUK cuTicciA soLBU VII 106 n. 173 n. Mart. 1 13 7 { 
presor et totoe avida cuts combibc aoles. Pcis. iv 18 aiiid-ua curata 
cuticula sold. ib. 33 si unehte ceetei tt figae in cuto solem. Hor. 
ep. I 20 34 Obbor. The Bomana, esp. the elderly (hence Pcra. t 170 
apria tenet) and men of leisure J9en. brev. vit. 13 § 1 peraequi tingulat { 
Icngaia eat, quorum aat lalmnettli aut pila aut ezcoquandi in sole i 
corporis fium coTuumpiere vilam] walked (Plia. cited 204 n.) or bsakad 
(id. ep. uiGglOii {uidotii, iaoebat in sole, vi 16 g fiiuiu jI2« aole, ' 
max frigida, gtalaverat iacem ttudebalgue) in the sun after rub- 
bing their bodies with oil. Cle. Att. xii 6 ^ 2 pro itio aaao sole, qw> 
lu abiituB ei in noilro pmCiifo, n te nitidum solom nnctumqne r/pe- 
temiit. The process wa^ called iiisolatio, apricntio, ^Xluim:, and tolaria 

XI 203—208 221 

's appropriated to this use. Arn. i 9 juidHsole aliqnia torreie bs 
ituB at adqairere aorpori Bicoitatem,..conguerolur /re}uenlii- 
it nuiiiii iucimditatem serenitatii ablalam } juanquid idea dicenda lunl 

a obductioae pendere, quia iibidini turn permitUttir otione 

aiiiare se Ilammia et eauBUS putionibuB praeparareT Ast 
.n Plat. Phaedr. p. 262 aeq. euui Qointil. si 3 § 23 

m^idigo lucubrationum bibenda. tebnciu the April 

\ BQU 193. coNTDiCTi Bhcoiik, lov, being about 

70 jeara of age, cdticuli tbe i ia long uIbq in 

eanictila, clavicula, eraticula L. Miiller de ro motr. 353. 

204 BBTDOiATguE Toolu lit 173 Q. lunala naiqjiam peUie, et nus- 

Jquam toga, thnB Uort. (i 43 31) rocummenda the life in hia native Spsia. 
Bo HI 18 17 ignota eBt toga, Spart. Hadr. 23 lenator/a et eguitea 
■Bomaiw$ iimper (a publico togatoB esse iviiait,iiiBi Biaoena leTeite- 
'^entuT. On publio occasions, as in the circus, tbe toga vas full drees 
flnet. Aug. 40 itegoUun aedilibui dedit, tie quern paslhac patermtar tn 
itoro circoTB niti positit laeemit togatum comiitere. Lhmpr. Comm. 
16 eontra eoasaetadinem, paemdatoa iusiit apcctatores, nlm togatoB ad 
numtu convtnirt! tbia order {the paenula being dark and worn by 
moumeraj puBsed for an oinon of tba emporui-'B death. FriedlandE^ 
ii» 274. BAUJEi HI 262 263. yi 419. Artemid. 

I 64 (Ito Si] XouoFTOi )i4>,\etTei itmriiirtir mI ftrri tuv to ^nXnKror 
oiStn aXXa 'q iiii iirl Tpo^^f. Cata bathed and supped as usual before 
hia nobile letum App. b. o. it 9S. Aptil. mot. viii 39. 1 15. Tbe nstial 
time of liatliing vroa tbe eighth boui Mart, u 53 3. Pliu. up. iti 1 g 8 

ai carat vento, ambulat nndns. Spardan. Hadr. 

ihoram ia publico jieminem niii aegnim lavari piunu 

Tbe t«atb hour is also named as late Mart, iii 36 5. T 70 13. cf. 

le bathed at tbe sixth haurib. 49 1 — 4nu7tiia( octavam 

ba iuuenca* | ..Afntperat haee tkermas, nimios prior Imra 

Wiu^orei I halal et invmodico BBxta Nerane caMt. Sportian. Feauetm. 3 

'~",er of SeveiuB; tribwd mBdio die layant, pre tTieliniit jpopiiua 

it, pro cobitulis meHtOTia. taltant, Mbuiit, caxConl si mensural ean- 

"fefoTWH mjcoTit few sin* maaura potare. Vitrav. v 10 Jl maxiait tam- 

.ndi a meridiauo ad vfapenetn at comtilMum. Tert. apol. 

BVor diluculo saturnalibna, ne et Tioctemet Jicnt peniain, 

atlamen lavor boTteeta hora et lalubri, quae mihi et ealarem et eansviium 

leTvet; rigere et patlere poet lavacruja morluiu postum. Here lur. pro- 

' 'bathe at once, though it wonts a whole hour of noon Iut. i 49 n. 

Lips. em. on Ttto. iiv 2. Maiquardt v (1) 277 278. Salm, on 

i TopiBC. Florian. 6 (it 931—4). Bcclier Oallns sc. 7 esc. 1, 

--- uoMTi! lui 242. I'eta. t 103 104 exdaToet miicerla 

fensee \ fro 

Item de 


^iS. «88 

109. vt 

16. x34n. in 23. 

IU1I73. Jtv30; BoganeraUy 

fa Tao. 

lEor. 0. tl20parte>nBolido 

dimere de di 

0. Bea tbe lexx. 



B. 1 3 16. 

,' ' Bf la off.' Pbaeilt. 11 pr. 7 


"!!!. riin. ep. 1 2 § e scd laut 


hoc me«dacii>m mbis 

stadia noitra aommendent. 

yii 3 g 3 tempia eft te 

Ti'visere moUstias no 

trae vcl 06 ftoc aulum,. ne To- 

lliptatea i 

ut. IX 5 § 1 itutiliam tuam 

p.mUncialibat mutta hunutnilale oomme 

daa. ib. 36 S 6 gwmm wtVii 

I qtierellae lilterai nottrai eC hofc urbana optra commenilant. 
1. 5 miirif eaelique temperiein iurbinti tempettaleeqw oomnitu- 
Kulmkan ou VeU, ii 29 § a." oomm. on Peti. 110 p. BSfl. 



10 San. ben. i 10 g 2 faedUaimum patritiKmiontm tsntiom enlin 
Phiio legat. 43 (u 596 M) the great men who thought that they were 
highest favonr with OaiUH, were compelled to incur great eipenses, 
rdii-woWa /Uy tls rii itplToul nat irojiToiis Kal i^aTriralaut iliro' 
ivoAlsmivTES, ■iranra\}\a Si tls t-sc iiTidaen. B\at ydp a 
i(arii\ovr tli itbt itlTrvau irapanKtuiiy, lii xnl Sarttic 

18 uATHiB iKAsiNu FBicTii Am'bi. Ae Tobia g 10 (the wbole b 
it on osnr;) at ubi uturarum facia faeril mentio aat pigitorie, tunc driecto 
nijaereiliofeneTator arridet et, quern ante tibi cognitum denegabat, euniftn i 
tamqwvn patentam amicitiam recordattu oacalo excipit, hertdifariat j 
pigmii carilatii appellat, flere prohibit, '^uaeremm' itijutt 'dami aii^ 

quid nobis pecwaiae ett: frangam propter te nigentum pater: 

q.aod labrefaotum eet; plitrimum damni erit: quae uiwae eoi. 
labiaitpretia, embltmatuml' Mart, u 11 5 cited x 362 n. 

31 Luoion pro iniag. 20 rbr BepalT-rtr eviuip^bTtpoii diro^igra. 

33 TH coKBCLE Ben. n. q. it praef. g 18 ipse te conBule, rerot 

[40 'Or. ihidem 846 aemisao in yiacera censu. Plant, trin. ^ 
424 nut /arte in Tentrem^iio correpierit. The general chamcler of the 
imagery of the whole paaaaga reminda me of Ptrfi. u 60 51 donee diceplv -^ 
et exspei | nequiqtmia /undo mxpiret mimtiau in imo.' 3, C] 

43 MBBDioiT [QuiotiL] deoL 9 g 23 duo egentea ft circa t 
iffnoWrunii domot etipem rogabiima paTiteT....foTlatte proderii meniiica- 1 
tnro raihi, quod ipie aliqaando egetUem paaperem abii. 
\f,R 'ANNO Bame abl. ae 72 parte annt' J. B. M.] 

i good part, xn 110 partem aliquam biUi.' J. B. M.] 
I Ambi. de Tohia § 19 adhibenlta- nitentes JainUlri, 
I, tampta paxcendi maiori. 

1 the pnpilB of Diogenefl. 

160 I'BXi Luciau dted x 117 lin. 

167 ^n- n. q^. vn 31 3 S adhuc guicqaid eit boni morii, exstiiigvimiM , 
vitste etpolitura corpunim. 
164 Alkiphr, ep. 1 3'J. 

To-DAT, CorvinlH, I keep hnly to the gods, wlio hive dfliTerp.! 
OatullQB; nor, were my meacs equnl to mj aiTection, voulil I witlibolJ 
the ooatliest oSeringa (1 — ^IG). For, after enoountering all the perils oF a 
Btorm, and cheerfully aaorlficiiig his treaanraB to tighten the ship, he lias 
Teacheil in safety our new harbour (17^92). Wonder not then at my 
rejoicmg, nor qaeation its sincerity: he, for vhom I raise so maiiy altars, 
ia no orlna, that a fortune-hunter should pay him eourt; even those who 
iroold ofler their own children on tha allar to propitiate the cbildjess 
.ti<^, Would think any the smallest attention thrown away npoo tha 
biker of three eons [93—180}. With 1—92 cf. Catoll. 9. Eoi. o. T Sli. 
n 7. in U. Btat. b. n 7. Mart, i 87. GelL m 9. With 93—130 
Hot. a. n 5. Lno. dial. moit. 6 — 9. Obbai on Hor. ep. 1 1 78. 

1 — 16 To-day, Corrtuua, is sweeter to me than a larthday, To-dny 
I perform the promised tow to the three god9 of the Capitol, snow wliito 
lamtiB to Inno and Mlnerra, to Inppiter a calf just weaned ; il my fortune 
vers as my love, a fat bnll from the CUtnmnus should prove tay 
gratitude for my friend's deliverance. 

1 HATALi :□ SI n. Hor. c. iv 11 17 18 iiire lollannii miki lanctioTqtte | 
paent n at propria. Mart, n 53. Censorin. 3 § 6. Aug. dobesta vita 
§ 6 idWu) tfoverrJiTU mihi natalis die a (ml: poit tarn teiiue pranditim, 
Ht ab eo nihil ingeaiomnt intpedirelur etc. Becker Gallus i' 127 ISH. Serv. 
a eeL ur 7(1 lane cum natalis opuii maiorca plaaim futrit, pasttriltis 
latalis dies dicere coepit; itam cunt Hor. dixerit natales (ep. ii 3 210), 
l^. ait natali Corvine, die. Cio. however (aee ForcelL) ueea nalalia 

viridii de oaespite Jlat. 
Tert. apol. 25 prnpe fin. teraeraria de caeSpite aUaria. Hor. c. i 19 1.1. 
m 8 4. Luc. Ji asa. Stat. b. i i 131. Lact. vr 26 9 27 God requires 
an offering not of tha man and tha life; for which niqtxe verbenii opiit 
fit, tuqiuJibTii, mque cBeapitibuB, quat sunt vUque vanisnma, led lis, 
quae d£ inliiwi p'ctore proferantur. Maxim. Taur. Berm. 96 p. 655 (ed. 
1784). Berthold de ara 6 (Graav. vi 273 274). 
3 .NIVEAU Aen. iv 61 (cited 8 □.). White TicbimB were offered to the gods 


XU 3-11 

of henven. Liv. xxvn 37 B.a. 2DT the temple of Itmo Begins 
Aventine vas struck by lightniug; bovei feminae albae duae porta Car- 
mailali in urhrai dnctae. Yopiao. Florian. 6 " ' 
BO overjoysd, ut in domibaa tail omnei albas bo: 

BEQiNAs a. title uudec irbuili luuo vas worsbipt among tbe EtmsouiB, at 
Ardea, LanuviuiD, FiBanmm etc. At Borne tha Capitoline lano is 
generally called Kegina in inscriptions (Orelli ind.) and 
Preller rdm. Myth.' 253. Temples irere bnilt in honoar of I-ano Segiia 
by Camillus on tbe Arcntlne and by M. AemilliiB Lepidiis s.o. 179 
(Liv. V 22 SM- 7. 23g7. xixis 2 S II). Ov. (.ti S7 cur ifliJurregina 
vBcor) Varr. 1. 1. V § GT. Serr. Aen. i 8. tiu 84. Martian. Capella ( 
g 40 Kopp. unciuuB 112. 3. 65. 

4 □OBOONH abl. instr. As Pallas bore ths Gorgon's head 
on her ebield, Oorgo is used for tbe sMeld. Aec. ii 61G of Pallas IJTnio 
fjfulgeni et Oorgone eaeva ['eSulgent irith the border and terrible vitlt 
the Uorgon'; i.e. 'wearing the aegis, with its golden fringes and border, 
and tha Tojiyrl-ii Kc^taXii Bumia xi\iipou in the oerilre'. H. A. J. M.i 

Prop. T=r7 9 56 fonia dam potiia (iorgone viembra laval. Or 

23CI of Perseus in partem Phoroynida (ninifulit illain, Cland. 

torn. 91 92 'fritonia viTgo [ proailit oalfnilfTM ralila cum Gorgon epeeltw,' 
id. iD Bufln. i 280 rigida cum Gorgone Penau. of. sat. tu 130 rhUi 
nocercle. In Ov. m. Vii 161 two mss. have arietia aarei for the golden 
fleece. Gland, in Entr. ii 387 non sepiem vaalo qaatiena uinbone iu- 
vencDB (bides), Haupt opusc. ii 163 169. g Serr, Aen. 

u 134. luv, ai;knowlBdgei the elaims of his 

S TiBFEio ri 47 48. to luppiter, luno sjid Minerra belonged 
separate cellae in the Capitoline temple (liiv. ti 29 g 9. Beoker tSm. 
Alterth. 1 397. Bom Roma and Campaj^a 189 190. Sctwegler i 696— 
9): hence the; are frequeDtly ioToked together. Liv. in 17 g 3 lappitet 
optimia maximus Inn ague re gin a ct Minerva aiiiqtte EJi deacque obii- 
dtntvT. VM. V 10§ iJ Id vera optimum maxiniam lunonemjue Kegina at 
am. au. I 433— e Diakenb. Liv. n 16 g 2. ixn 
«35. Lact. 1 11 g 39. Mmtiao. Cap. i g 39 Kopp. 
be the Penates Arn. ni 40. Macrob. in 4 § B. 

of cormco mucronem, hatlam, tehH% 

lggl7 18. Becv.Aen. 
Soiae sappoeed tbem 
cf. aerv. Aen. ai 12. 
Barman on Uv. m. iv 

36 2; IV 2 6i—eO. 
turas hello. 

,.ipia tensna dextra pattratii 
ntcT eormia fuHdit. —""• 
Servius. Or. met. vii 594. useha hatsib Hor. o. tv n 

£1 — G6 me tener lalvet vitnlus, rtlicta ] maire qui largii iuverutcit 
htrbia I in mea vota. 9 vex&i iubcenti boboba oobhu 

Terg. g. ni232 239{r<ucifncoruDaiIiR;(C | arbor is obnixua trnnoo. 
id. eel. 3 87. Hor. o. m 13 4—8. tialen. de nsu partium i S (m 6 K) 
had noticed a calf butting UvplTTouTa) before his horus hod grown. 

10 Hor. 0. 11 17 30—82, iii 23 9—^0. 
ADFECTiBCfl a silvor age use Plin. ep. li 1 g 8 of VerginiuB Eufufl ilU nu'W 
lulor Tclietus adfeotum panntit txhibuit. it 19 1 1 nee lantum omitm 
ei ttdfeotam vemm etlam patrii emieti repraesentes. viii 11 § 1 adfeo* 
tum taum erga fratrit fdiam. ..etiam matcrna induls^nlia moUiortn. 
IX 13 g 16 Dering. I 4=^3 §6. 11 BiSFDUA 

n 74 of. u 60 Hiipo, BO Cato GatallaB, Maro MunllnB, botuo homiUliui 



X deum duxer 

n AnBEprache ii' llSj. 
(jUtutoiiuH (CHtiinno) falle near Meva,ma 
Tinia (riraia), a ttibutatj ot the Tibar Verg. 
fltti, CHtumiie, ar.'scs et maxic 

perfUBi llumiiiB sacro | Jtomajuw ad templa ^iim du^ere irtumpAns, 
Prop. m=ii 19 25 26. Colum. m 8 § 3 armentU snblimibua iiaignU 
Mecania at. Luc. 1 173, Btat, b. i i 139. Sa ir 647—8. ti 617 648. 
Tin 462 — 3. Plin. ep. vni 8 highly oitola the beattty of its bmika and tha 
cleaiae^ of its vratera. cf. Suet. Cal 13. Claud, vi ctma. Hon. 606 
507. epigr. 13 1. Addisop works i HO Bohn. Childe Harold IT »6— 63. 
FAiicui.10. siNoria the blood 

and TUeh tnould go to the altar, i.e. tha ox chosen for hia fulness of blood 
(cf. Terg. g. Ill 192) aiid thick nock Cf. infra 112 fliiir. uv 10 gula. 
X 238 239 kalilus oris, | juoit steterat multU in eareere fomicii anHii. 
14 i asANM FEBiBNUi MiNiSTBO HcniiidivBB (in Gr. perf. pass.) 
nEaallftake dat. of agent; they take abl. with ab [iwh with gen.) howevsr 
aometimeB for pHrspicuity Cic leg. ogr. 2 g 95 vuneraiidoB a nobis, 
de imp. Pomp, g 6 Halm. esp. p.Caeuina 3 33 Jordan, ep.fa^i. l 9 § 17. 
Ov. m. II 431. Bohy ir pcef. liiv. qkindi tii 210 n. 

FEMBMnA the technical term Mlihlmanit col. 191. Ov. f. ir 416 afta iago 
cetTii:non«tferienda securi. MiNiBtiio popa Suet. Cftl. 

82 admota altaribai vietima avccinclm popanaa habiiu elato alte maiieo 
cultraHum mactavit. 16 auici CatuUns 29. 93. 

17 — 61 Catullus has escaped not only the tiske of the waves but thunder- 
baits; darkness overcast the heaven with one cluud and a. sudden flaah 
caught the yaid-af ma ; every man thought himself atmclt, and stiumed 
with the shock eouuteil blazing shrouds worse than any shipwreck. No 
terror by which poets odd awe tu a etorm was wanting there. Hear 
another form of danger, and pity once more; though it ia true what 
remainB, if terrible, is but part and parcel of the same mischanoe, 
known tu many, to which numerous temples by their votive tablets l>ear 
witness. Who knows not that painters look to Isis for their hreadf 
The hold now half filled, as the billows rocked the ship, snd the hoary 
master's skill found no help lor the tottering tree, he compounded 
with the wind by lightening the vessel ; as the beaver ransoms his Ufa 
by biting o3 the drug for which Le is hunted. 'Over with all that's mine' 
cried Catullus, readily offering purple xobea fit for fopa like Maeoenos, 
Spanish wcollens of native dye, chargers engraved by Poclheiiine, a 
bowl that holds a draught tor Pholus or for Fnscus' wife, baEkete, a. thou- 
sand plates, embossed goblets in which Philip of Macedon hod caroused. 
Who else the wide world over would, to save life, cast away his oU! 
Most of the cargo is thrown out without relief; as a last resort the 
master fells the mast to ease the vesseL by crippling her to a hnlk. Go 
now, commit your life to the winds, trust a drest plank, and bve four, or 
at most seven, fingers' breadth from death : and with bread-sack and 
vine-Dagons, be aure to pack up axes against storms. 

17—19 ASTEMNis dig. iiv 2 6 nacif adveraa tempestate dsprsjso 
a deiulU Drnianmifis et ftrbore [luv. S'2] et i ' 

17 E 

19 N 

rsi Corte on 

n 27 3 3 ot the thnnder-dap kia proprie fragor dicitur, eiibitus el i 
ptenfi qua edita coJiHdiml hnitiiiea et fxaniinantur, quidant vera 
itupeat et in latum Hbt esccidvnt, quoi voeaiuag adtoaitos, juanitn m 
tonua ilU catUsiU loau pepuUt. 23 ialu. tu 

inv. II. 15 


XII 23—33 

verted oompBriaon as in Than, iv 64 g 1. vi 78 g 3. 
SI anASDD [*all tilings are enoh and as bad in u poet's storm (but nowber 
elae ont o( poetr;).' U. A. 3. &f.]. 23 24 roETia 

TBUPESTTAB Luclan qnom. hist, oonscr. 45 toiijtikou Tivot av^ftou ^ow J 
PKuroi'Tiit Tii oKdria. Gisng. cites Bom. Od. v a xu. Aen. i. 
XI 478— 5fi3. tr. i 2. Lao. t. Stat. Th. v. 'VFl. i. Badham Tao. it\ 
23. 24—29 K. F. Hemmim audXapos (21). I 

oita exx. of like Terboaily in detsi], wliich injmres tbe general effect e.^ 
1 40—44. 137 138. ii 102—9. 143—8. m 12—20, 172—9. iv 49—68. 
9S— 103. V 19—23. Til 189-202. Tin 54 55. 100—124. n 79 80, 
X 95—98. Ill 48 49. 57—61, 76—79. 106—110. ini 2—4. 43—62. 
130-4.187-192,199—308. it 110— 3. 25 Poeta, ' 

tunqnom nimis gruTitec muerere iterum dixerit, haeo, quae additoraa est, 
de bononim iaetura, dija ilia quidem ait esse, sed tamen partem et qaasi | 
appendioem einsdem sortis, nanfragii et pericoli maritimi, multis uotam, S 
IlADTia. QDAugniu bint XI 205 a. 27 TorniJ 

TABSLiA iiT 302 n. Hoc. 0. I 6 13—16 me tabula sacer | TotivftS 
pariti indlcat uvida { luspendiiae potenli | vestimenta marie deo. td^I 
s, n 1 33 34 Totiva patent vebili deicripta tabella | vita lenii. Oiai,fl 
n. d. Ill g 89 Biogoras the atheist, wheii asked fu qui deot patas AunuuH^I 
wglegere, noime aitimadvertti ex tof tabalia pictie, qiiam miilti Toti^H 

repKediiii enim nutqvam pii:ti »iini, qui tiaufragta fsceruat in marigvepa^^t 
rienmt. Others (DL. vi % 59) ascribed tba sajing to Diogenea. Ambrosa^ 
de exeesan Satyrii 17 attribnlfis his brothec'fl escape from ahipwrecktohiB ■ 
TOWS apud (anelum taartyrem Laarentiam. Aea. sii 768 769. Plat. Uar.'« 
40 init. A like tablet was offered in other eaaaa Apnl, met ti 29 Hilda- | 
brand; la AeBonlapins Aristid, li 541'' Jebb. Terg. oatal. 6 6 6 picla tua 
tenipla tabella j oraaio. 38 pfOTones Sen. contr. 34 g 1 ntmo, vi 

naafcHginm pmgoret, vierait korainenl. isniE (with tbe fona 

et Ti 370 and XV 163 tigHde. SeiTins Aen. i 169. Keue i' 142—146). 
Ti 489. 526—034- m 23. im 93. Preller iHrn. Mjtb.' 733-733. Mar. _ 
quardt it 85-89. 94 96. "Whan TibnlloB went on a Toyage Delia made » J 
vowtolais r3 33. 37 28 Bronkh. quid taaminc Isis mihi, Deliat... | ■ 
nunc, dea, nunc suceurre railU; nam piaae mederi I picta docel templi^fl 
mttlta tabella tuis. Stat. s. iti 2 103. auth. Pal. vi 231 Xlyiirraa^ 
/itSiovaa /ifhaiipiiMi', XitirewXt | Jolfioi'... | fH' <it it nXayout ipp6aao 
Aa^iis, draaaa, | t-^x wiAit, fliiufi xp<'<'f'"P'-" 'iliiSa. Zeus uomnuBflioiiS 
Hermes (Lncian dial. deor. 3 &□.) to take lo acroas eeaa into Egj^C and 
make her into laia : ' let her be a goddess of that country lal roil dtiiuivs 
intreniriTai m-l autlru roiis r\4ofTiit.' Apul. met. u 6. Hygin. 
tab. 27. See inscriptions to Isia (sometimes aalularif) ex voto Orelli 1871 
eeq. 3494. Marquardt it 94—96. FriedlKader ui 147 149. At Salzbm'B 
I have seen an altar hacig irith vrax models of legs, arms etc. and inscrip- 
tionB kilf, Maria .' Maria hat geholfen, ascribing cores to tbe Virgin. 

FAsci III 141 n. VII 93. ix 136. 30 alvsvb 

Terg. Frop. Ot. (in Fucoellini). Amm. xxit 4 § B arbanim caraiarum. 
XXXI 4 g 6 eavatU arborum aWeis. et um ia 

6th foot slao TI 674. ix 76. xiii 0. XT 62—64 erga aeriar impetiu et 
iam 1 taxa inclinatU per humum quaesita lactrtii { ineipiunt turqvtre. 
ct. T 47 gvattuor ac iam. 32 Annoid Laohmaim'a 

oonjectnre for arboria. 'When now, the abip rolling from side to Bide, 
the helmsman oould not saTS the tottering moat.' Lnpua 7 objeota tbtt 
Buoh a hiatus in nnexampJed in luv. He reads arbbrii and cum fermt, 

XII 32—35 227 

TDaking the constmctton ' cum alvenB foret plenns flnotn et Btboris in- 
eurtae, & hall of tottermg maHt,' gen. quol. cf. Forcelliiii. Sclieller. Ov. 
m. XI iie. 551. Luc. VIII 179 deaceRdit ab arbore ivmma. Plin. ep. ix 
26 §4. 33 iiECroRiBBchol, 'gnbernatcria.' Aen, 

T 161. Ot. m. It i92 493 ipie pavft two ae, qai lil etatm, ipae fateiw | 
tcirt rata reatoi, nee quid iubeatve neletve. Censor, de die nat. 12g3. 
DEOicBun the tauhnioal teem for a bsnkrapt'a 
compoBttion, as for other Bettlements: here, to compoimd tor liie with 
lose of cargo. Mart, ix 3 S 6 cited n 131 n. Sen. coni. Poljb. IS {^30 
&n.,) I Ipro horun ontnium talute hac tecum portione fortana deci- 
dit. dig. n 14 44 tuCur cum plerisque creditoribat deoidll, ut certatit 
portioneia aeciperent. ib. ti 146 tratutgUse enim cum eo et decidiBBe 
nidear eo pretio, quod ipae cotutituit, ucru dig. 

IiY 2 de Uge Rbodia de i a eta. acts 27 38 Wets teio. 

34 cisTOBA. Bcbol. 'castorem bebrum [fibnim, Qerm. hiler, our 
beaver] dicit, qui cum videiit se obnideri et nou posse evadere, testicuios 
EQiiB raorsu avulsos proicit: intcUegit enini ob bacc rem posae oapi.' 
Cic. p. Scaur. 2 § 7 (cf. Beier'e note) redimaiit ee ea parte cor- 
poris, propter quam maxima expetuntnr. [Oy.] aa\ 1S4-^ 
jutinam] poisem fructas excutere ipsa metw. { sio ubi detraata eat 
a te tibi causa pericli, | quod superest ttitum, Pontice castor, 
habes. SU. it 486—490 tenuitqae iiHimlaa [praeda] | a caede, ut Liby- 
ei« ducioT provideral, iraa. | Jtumiiiei velvti depretisvi gurgitii undi» | 
afulsa parte inguinibuB causaque perioli I euatat intento 
praedae fiber aviua hosti. Ammian. sni 5 g 7 letter of Sapor Mug 
of Mugs to CoDBtantiUB ; resign Armenia and Mesopotamia, that jou may 
Bafelj enjoy the tost of your empire, remembering that phyaiciana 
amputate limbs to saTfl the body; hocque bestiaa factHare: quae cum 
advertant cur maximo opere capia/itur, illnd propria sponte amit- 
tuut at Yivere deinde posaint inpayide. soboL Nikand. ther. B6S. 
alex. 307. Teit. adv. Marc, i 1 quU enim tarn aaatrator carnla 
Caator gtwm qui nuptiat abatulit! (a passage wliioli coantenances 
Hertzberg's eiplanation; an etymological myth). Aesop, fab. 236 (p. 93 
Lips. 1810). Phaedr. app, 28. ApuL met. 1 9. Ariosto ixvii 57. Barth 
on GuL Brito Phffippis ii 183. The fable was beUeted by Plin. yiu g 109. 
cf. xxxyn g B2 cum ttiani ferae abroaa parte corporis propter 
quam periolitari Be soiant relicta redimere ae oredantur. 
Sery. geoi^. i 58. Apul. met, t 9; rejeoted by Sestins ap. Plin. xsait 
e as and Dioaoorid. ii 26. Bee Aloiat. embl. 103 with n. (Padaa 1S21 
pp. 651— i). Whitney's emblems p. &S. Sir T. Browna vulgar errors 
b. m 0. 4. Z. Grey's n. on Hndibraa i 2 B*. lo. Jonaton de quadrup. 
Frankf. 1650—3. p. 148. Fabrieins bibiiotlieca Qraeca ed. yet. iv 
B34. 341. H. E. Weber BeilrSge lur Anatomie u. Physiologie dei Bibcn 
(in the Berichte Bb. d. Verhandt. d. kiin. tiiclm. Geeellich. d. Wisiimch. 
Eu Leipiig u 1848 p. 185 seq.) gives an accoimt of bia disaection of 
Beveral beavera. Cuvier (Fliue vr 448) ' Le caetoreum ne conslate point 
dons leB testiculea du castor; c'eat una sabstance hnileuse et f^tide 
qni nait daua une glande adhfirente an prdpace. Loraqas lea con- 
doits de cetle glande sont gorges du cattoTeum, il est poasible que 
I'animal s'tn debarraase en se frottant coutre dee pierres ou des tronos 
d'arbres;' which may be tbe origin of the fable. The beaver aeema not 
to bave beea bunted for ita fur. 35 D*UN0 

Fhaedr. m 11 3 a eonuch bad a diapnte cum quodam iir^rtibo, who, among 
other tanuta, damnam irueciatui tat amiiti roborii. Mart. ii 7 5 viri^ 


XII 35-41 


litatit damna maertt ereplae. [Qniotil.] decl. S g 12 dnmna 
36 TEBTicuLi ai)e:o the only exam 
of MatuB ia this place. L. Miiller lie re metr. 310 rejects it. 

iNTt^LriEDii Pliu. yiii § 7 of elephants praedam ips 
petendaiQ saiuot salnni esse iu aimis Biiis. quae luAa cormia ob- 
fellat, Herodotiu tanlo antiquior et comuetudo meliia denUi. quBmob- 
rem deoidaoa oaHa nli^uo vel seuecta defodiaut. % B drcino' 
veniigae a venaWibat primoB conBtitmint quibas sant minimi, 
ne tanti pioelium patetar, postea fessi inpaotoa arbori f ran- 
giint praedaque ae redimunt. of, what he eays of feiec x | 203. AeL 
a. a., isM the heaver knows the hunters' motive koI iTim/'f^i icni SattSir 
ar^iof E Ts^! iairroS Spxnt lol vpaj(ppiil/a auToa, like Skprudtai man fallen 
; rolibers, who redeems his lif« by a raneom. If hunted a seoond 

time, he rt 

■•K #xn 

ixt! B'^pards. In this way they often gull 
the hunters; hiding to aJuniia-^iittor liipoi vijx: (ro^idt xal imvauryui 
iinrarqaoji, iit oat fxanTtt a Kpu}fn<rm ttxor. TiiU legend may Lava 
property of the beaver : ' The animal has the 
teBticlea into the abdomen, where they abide aa 
easou of sexual excitement. It never mutilates 
X'r. Jacobs citea M. Olycas ami. 56^ and tbs 
n Enstath. hexa. p. 189. 

') connotes technical knowledge. 

1 from a peculia 
power of retracting it 
a rule, except in thh 
itself' (A. U. Oarrod). 
oollectionB of AJlatins 
intellegere (of. inUUtgi 

here a diuggist's, see iexi. esp. Miiblmaun 12S1 — 2. Cic. Yeir. 
ego anlea, tamttii hoc neicio quid nagatcrriuiii iciebam aet, itia intel* 
legere, tanun mirari solebam isJum in hit iptii rebut aliqtitm lautan 

haben ita ttudioma est Imiiu praeelarae exialimalioras, ut putebir in 

hitcerebiuiutellegensesse. Ov. m. xiu 295 arma. FHn. ep. 1 10 H 3 4 
nunn ilUu (the virtues of Eupbratea) nutinii miror, qaia magit intellego. 
quamqvam ne nunc q-uidem latie intellego. ut enim depicture sculptors 
fictore niil artifex iudieare, ita nisi lapieni non potttt peripieera 
tapienlem. lu 6 § 1. Plin. jiiv g§ 88. 137. Veil, cited u 100. 

38 VEBTBU ooUective Apul. met. xi 28 veste ipsa mta 
guamwil paroula dialracia sujicienteta corra4i sumnaitam. 

Mart. I 73 2 — 1 be had reoeived aa a present 
e dona saperba togae, \ qua mm t'abricitii, aed vellet Apiciji* 
uli, j vellet Maecenas Caeiarianui equei. Sen. ep. S3 §36 dieerte Mr ~ 
c en a B ait : nee tamvivvt euro : lepelit natura reticUa. atte cinetian pa 
diziiie, habuit enim ingeniwn et graaide et viHle, niii iltad eestmda dito 
einiiBsent. comment, on Hoi. s. i 3 2S. Pedo Albin. in ob. Hoeq^;.] 
3L 26 2a (Wemsd. p. 1. min. ii 21S Lem.) quod d' ' 
amnto quoque, carpiiVLr unum: | invide, qvid tandem 1 
BOlutaeF { aut tihi ventoii quid jiocnere tinani 
41 PIE0D9 'other attire, dyed on the sheep's back b; the natoie of 
herbage.' Jjuuni vettiian ptcva the very sheep that yield the oloth*. 
'£be paetniea are the banks of the Baetis (Guadalquivir). Plin. vm 
% 191 quai nativuB [aves] appellaiiX, aliqw>t mudia Hiipania, nigrt 
vellerii praeeipuai habet PoUerttia...iaia Aaia ru(iJt...itcnt Baetiea. 
Mart. 1 96 8 baeticatus...natiya laudet. xiv 133 ■iaoemae Baetioae* 
nonestlauamihimendax, necmutor aeno; j tie placeaiU Tyriati 
ma mea tiuxit ovia. id. v 37 7 quae crine vteit Baetioi gmgf 
vellue. VIII 28 S 6 un Tarlfsiiaeiu ttnbuli nutrilur Hiberi j Baeti * 
Hesperia te quoi^ae liivit ove? ix ei 3 — £• qua dines platidiun 


XII 41-47 

liuit HeapBrium brattaa viva pecus. i 
guM aiipcraa oiiei GaUiegi, | nnllo ninrioa ni 

Saumaiae nee de ovibat dica,...quis TareMUm vel 
colorantB. Non. p. 549 fin.puUu* colar «l gi 
nativumiiidiniu. cf. Verg. ecL 4 42— 45. Hi 

BED BT Tin 102 C 

43 MITIBBB Hot, 0. m 24 47—60 vel nos in m 
ft lapidta, auram el in-atile | ...mittamna. 

44 FAHTHEKio schol. 'ciielatoris nomeo.' He i 
smith, as laiieet imd cratera ace in apposition 1 
dat. Zmapt § 419. Mudvig £ 260 a. 

s 24 textani, nearly 3 gallona. 

a 63 8—6 o£ Cotduba albi 

. 98 1 •!. Tert. pall'. 3 
Baetica claet natnra 
™nunc Spannm val 
rqnttcdt T (a) 86. 

ice proximuin \ gemmai 

45 c 

■i LapUlmi erexit inanem { mogitaitimt 

rompe'cuU auro. Theokr. Ti 149 160 Mhol. apd ft wf mdrSt i^Xa jcari 
hUrar SrTpor J ffniriip 'SpaK\if yiiiw ioTdffaro Xiipuy; Alh. 499"' SrTjffi- 
X'poi [£f> 7 Bergk] t4 iropi *d\^ t^ K«iTai>pv iroTi)(iio> (rni^iw Siiol 

HKfmiifKar St \api 
t4 pa iJ rapiB^ft ♦oXot Ktf 
scorning email onpa, Ari 

ground w^Jai tJu dvtuj™ i 

Pliolos opeued lur his gnest |Li 


TptKiyvror | Trttr irrnxbltm 
luoittn ooaviv. 14 the oynio Alkidanm» 
I beckoned to the waiter to briug 
and tlirew himaelf half-naked On the 
uv Siia rir aniifioy b rf Sii4, dlot i 
aaipiuv itiitntai- On the oaelt wbioh 
i 391) Hercnlea cf. Apollod. II & 4. 

il Ttkbicim- 

centaur himself Verg. g. n 46S Fhilargj'F. 
coNiuoE react Bohol. 'ebnosa fuit.' vi 42S 426 ilia vi 
Aula, (stum I oenophoTam liiieja, pUtia quod tenditvr nrna. cf. tba 
drunken Saufeia vi 320. iz 116 117 itibrepti potare Falerni | pro populo 
faciem quantam Saafeia bUebat, A FusouB iv 113 -, aaoUier xvi 46. 
46 GiBciuDAB BohoL ' Tasa, uH caliceB lavabantnr vel cueabuB.' fiathei 
our basket. Mart, uv 99 barbara de pictia vtni bascaada Briiaimit .- | 
ted me iam navult dieere Roma suam. £scm<u dig. 

xxur 2igg 12 eieuiescarlum argent am Ugatumtit, id aotv-m debt- 
Mtvr, qaod ad epulandim in miniiterio hahait, id eil, ad tstim ft potum. 
tae. vasa in Paul, aentent. ni g§ 61. 67. 86 eta. Dirkaen mannale. 
47 ciiu-Ti 1 76 n. dig. xikiv 3 19 g 11. Marqnardt 
» (2) 276, BiBBHAT guo n 95 vitreo bihat ilU Priapo. 

I 25. Verg. g. n 606 «t gemma bibat. Plin. vii g 12 Anthropophagot 
...oasibuB humanonira eapitam bibere. omuncs to Piiilip eome 

ascribed the Biding (AeL v. h. vii 13 Parizonina) ' boya must be tricked 
by dice, men by oaths.' Lnoiau dial. mort. 14 % S. lustin. tx 8 g 7 eeq. 
Harmann Staats-Alt. § 172 14. eupioe olvisthi Philip 

of Maoedon took OlynthuB b.O. 348, by the aid of LaBthenea and Euthy- 
krates, two oitizens of high station, whom be had corrupted A. Sciiafer 
Deroosthecea a. s. Zeit ind. ■ Olyotb.' DS. m S3 54. Dem. de Chera. 
p. 99. Phil. iQ pp. 126. 128. de oor. p. 941. de f. 1. pp. 426 aeq. 451. 
See generally Sen, ep, 94 § 63 tot eivitatium itrage, guaa aul vicerat 
PhilippUB aiit emerat. Cic. Att, i 16 § 12 Philippaa omnia cattfUa 
e^rpagnari poBge dicebat, in quae modo aaellUB onuatus auro poeaet 
aBCendere. Pint, ii 177*. Boti". id.Paid.Aem. 12 § 6. Hor. o. m 16 
13 — 16 diftidit urbinm | portaa vir Macedo tt tabruit aetmikii \ 


XII 47-55 

Tegea mnneiibus. oracle giTen to Philip ipyvfilois Xjyx""" P-^X""' *^ 
Vina tpaTiiieif (pnroem. Lentseh i 209 n. ii a9 n.)- On the yenality 
of pubEu mec at the time see Demoath. pa!i9im ; esp. da oor. p. 21S re ' 
fdp Toh'EWjiaii', oi ruih, dW airaffio ifiolus, ^Bfiin rpoSoruir Kot SapoSii 
Koi Seeit IxBpUr ivBptirwv mni^T) ')iyiBeat...oit airrayairtoTat sal aurtpitil 

Ti<cu! f-n X''po' iU9r,Ke. lb. pp. 240 fin. S21 {where a liat of tiaitors 
given; cf. Hermanii Btaats-Alt. g 72 B). The mineB cf Tbzaoe (Thiilwkll 
T p. 2B9 Bec[. Inatin. vni 3 ij 12 aararia in Theualin, argeitti vutaila in 
Tkracia accupat. D8. in 8 gg & 7. Sen. a. q. v IS %% 1, B, of. Hot. ep. 
IT 1 23J regale nomitma, Philippoa) snpphed funds for Oieaa bribes, 
which eren the Pjthia did not refuse (Demoaih. in Assch. o. Ktas. p. 72 
fi 130 ^ ITuWa ^iXiirTrJfti)- The cup would nut only have ftn antiquarian 
Tnlue^Ji 76 n. »irl IW n. Berenice's ring vi 156. Hor. epeaka jeatingly 
of plate which had belonged to Esander and SiejpliaB a. i 3 91, ii 3 21 
cf. 6i. Flin. xxxTii g 1 the ring of Polyciates, it eredimiu, a sardonyx 
in the temple of Concord, of. g S. DCase. Liz 21 g 6 when Caligida 
Bold by auction the imperial jewals, he forced np the biddings by oom- 
ments; 'thia my father bought, this my mother, this my grandfather, 
this my great-grandf athei ; this belonged to Autoniua, this to Augustus'; 
ib. LixTii 7 § 1 Caracalla need armour and drinking-cupa which had be- 
longed to Alexander the great ; Stat. s. iv 6 59— BB felix dominoTm» 
iltmniaie eigmim, a Bercnlea of Ljaippus had belonged to Aleiander, 
Hannibal, Sulla; Iiucian Philopa. 19 a work of Daedalna; e£. Frieil- 
landec in' 214 216. an mythical relics Been by Paua. Thirlwall Tin' 468 
and my first Gr. reader' iri. 221: odd Tannqml'B diataft and spindle and 
a robe spun by her for Secvius Tulliua Varro in Plin. tiii g 194. her 
miraculona girdle Festna b. v. praedia pp. 23S. 241 M. Felopa' iTOiy 
fihonlder Plin. urni § 34. Becker— Hermann ChariMea i 99. Hartzberg 
Griecbenl. m 22. 35),— but be prized as a memorial of a famous boon 
companion (Kuryst, in Ath. 435'' STt...iieB6iiy rpagpciTo HXirrtoi, 
l\iyf xph rlrew, 'AerltraTpos ydp Unvis ^itti r/jifiag. ct. ib. 2B0. luatin. 
n 8 § 15. Plin. xxuu % 50 rumma apwl exteTOS licentiae faerat Pbj. 
lippum regempooulo anieo pulvinia aubdito doimire aolitr~~' ' 

48 49 pesaimism of. 1 147—150 n. 48 on do 

interrogations see Matthia g 488 12 and oba. 3, 
48—51 -TOi 83 84. XI 11 n. hy 273—388. 
GO SI Bentley on Hor. a. p. 8S7 'video hie in mediam narrationem een- 
tentiolaa has intrudi, pntide proreus et perquam inBcite...qnor3um enim 
hio quidamf eum iam diietat, ne unnm qnidem ulls mundi parte vitam 
patrimonio praofene. qaale antem illud, facimit patrimoniat quae 
BCabiea locutiouisl qnam alienom et pannosum illud vilio caeeH quod, 
eo tantnm aasoitur, ut versiculi oento aaj'ciatur,' Marklaud 'stultiaAimi 
dno versua : in qua eententia cum gaudio video aummum quoque Bent- 
leium.' cf. Lnpua 81. faciuni PATiiiuoNii xiv SSd. 

Hor. ep. 1 1 65 rent, so dit/ilias, pecuniam Miihlmann 53. patrinuinia 
not neoesaarily inherited vn 113. G2 hebuu uiiLtcM 

ejuilia proTieiona and fnndture Tao. ann. i 70 Gton. 
to not even theee soorificea' give any relief. 54 BKccmiT Or, 

et. X 180 recoldit in solidam lango poat tempore terratfi, Goraaen Aos- 
Tache u' 468. 'At last, as difficulties thickened upon him, he (thi 
clar 33) was driven to cut down the mast, anil so makes room ' 
1 dig. SIT 3 681 

tin. ^^ 

i ventaiiun vavit 
le /lines prtucidiiitnl, i 

DiECHiumis CLTiHi Holjdaj ' distiesB ia 
desperate, when the help matee the ship Ibbb.' lay, w 95 iielloramgue 
altima. Lac, tjei 6B5 666 nihil uUimu mortis | ix liabiCa vuUwjue 

6B FAcmBA lav. haa a predilection for this partio. Liapns 39. Eiaer 185. 
I .»» fiO. y 83. Ti 426 — 8 oenopkoTum... \ goo aextariui alter \ d\u:Uur 
\tinU cibuia, Tobidam factarns orexim. 60G, x K. 49. 144. 
1 - 57 1 smo ET 1 166 n. Mart, ji 6 1. Prop. ry = iit 

r.fliedidit am 
[.Jigno, I inta 

Ben. Med. 304— S a 

: sfcam aeqiiara eurea I do 

3 I dubioiii 

■'---"- ' ' L graciU limite 

TO A smooth plonlc, 

L-.« piece o[ joiaer'fl work, 58 coNFiena nomin. as 

[.na3 24tu I BQCcinctua. Toa. in vi 27S 277 lu libitaiu:, Braea, places 

.. I ...giuu acrijila el guot leotnre lahellois. 

^IQiTiBatc.iiv^Sa. DL. 1 103 AnaoharaiB fui0il;>' r^TTSf^a; SavriiXaut 

I .4r'x'"- ^^ contr. 16 g 10 teilis, riMI «ss£ jjfnuuloiiua, guam efiam 
ItMtrucffi naviaia; parva materia aeiungit lata. Arat. pbaen. 29S 

as Longin. 10 g 6 remarlu, from Horn. Q, it 628. cf. AlMplir. i 3. 
DChrja. or. 64 u 331 b (Talokcn. diatr. p. 239 a«q.} ouSJ 7ip ttIttji 

Taluk,) oi r\ar!ipis 

Liban, progymn. (i 124° i 

t4 iiXa. Sen.ep. 49 g 11 tn-ue, si in navigati 

miaimnm eaae, quo a moite vita didnoitur: ia nmni loco aeque 

taaie intervallum ciL Ot, am. n 11 2tl et prope cam letum, guam prope 

eemit aquam. cf. Aesoh. Th. 763. Aeu. ix 143. [Plat,] Ajdook. a&6^ 

Bias raokouedmen at sea neither amongst the living nor amongat the 

daad. 5S iasox the fir-plank. 

00 uoi nhen on board. cdu beiiccus zi fane Hot. 

s. 1 1 47 retionlum panis, horns by a slave in a journey. 

T aa n. vni 162, 61 abpice viu 96 n. eircumspice. 

62 — 82 When the voyager's fata mightier tlmn wind and sea proved 
prosperous, and the Farcae spun a white thread, the vessel ran under 
makeshift sails of clothes, and under the foresprlt which alone remained. 
The ann brings hack hope of life. Freseiitly the white summit of Alba 
Longa Domes in view, and the master brings his ship to anchor In the 
lee. behind the vast mole of Ostia's new harbour. The sailors offer their 
hair in giatitude for deUvecance, and spin a merry yam of the dangera 
of the deep. 62—68 repeat the same thought, of. vjt 41 42. 

135—7. ivi 25—34. 62-64 FOaTQCAM thrice in 36 27 dum. 

vn 5i) 64 eui,,,qui.,,qiii, 63 fhobpkba common predioate 

to tempara, v, e. et p. ; vcctori^ also belongs to both. Tlie oonj. 
o( Yalea. itectori ia pi'ohable. 

64 p 

a 261 ei Lydin 

[I 27. 


muUetnae tut it 


XII 65-74 

nvptiola of PalenB CatnII. 63 MS aeg. S18 S19 atUe pedts a 

deatiit mallia lanae \ sellera. Sen. apocol. 4 3 — 6 at Lacheiii redimila ] 

conua, omala eapillos, | Piiria erinem lauro frantemyue earonani, \ c 

dida d4 niTeo tubtemina vdlere iwmit, { felici moderanda viana. Mart* J 

Ti58 7 BsJmiAtlacificae ducuntnon pnlU lororet I stami 

IV 73 3 4. Ov. Ibie 214 itanana pvlla. id. tr. iv 1 S4. r 13 24. 

66 MDLiDM jfOETJOB 1 197 n. Hand Twsell. m 669. Haaaa a_ 
Beisig 399. Iran, n 30 M ^ ^ ^a^- ? ^^ Benslj. Qoiutil. 1 1 S 94 n, 
68 TEBTiBng BiTEHTia Tfto. H 24 tundeiii relabente aettv. 
et ftffUTidante vento daudae nocfs raro reinigio out ititentiB TestibiiB.,. 
rev/rtere, id. h. t 23. anpERivERii had la- 

mained. So Plant. Caas. Cio. lAv. Verg. (e.g. Aen. v fil3 amiaa lolat 
palma auperabat Actatei). Hor. Tib. Htayeren on Nep. Tbem. 7 3 2. 
Sail. h. 1 41 g 11 Dictscli quid uUrat qitaeve kama ' ' ' 

divina inpoUvta nunc ? 69 ^Ei 

' artemnne soli) Telifioayemut.' Isld. xn 3 3 dolon n: 

ci HSt. UTBTBlSil 



70 II 

71 ATQtiE joins ffr. I. witli n. >. p. L.; mihl. apex ia Bobjeolul 

\vmio Liy. 1 1 § 11 tgipidum cinidurU. Aena^^m 

n apptUal. ib. 3 § 3 Asaaniua,..a6ttnil<»d*'9 

Alba appelUta. Aait. I 267—271. xa 193 194 moeitia Teaeri \ c< 
ttitM^t urbiqut dabit Layinia oomen. Vacr. L 1, y g 144. Hart, x; 
109 of Albon viDS vindfinia \ miiit, Ittleo quae tibi monte plattt, 
Tibnll. □ 5 50 Albaqne ab ABoauia oondita Longa duce. Sokweglat^ 
bk. 6 asp. p. 3BT and ind. Klaneea Aeneas lOSO n. I 

L^yiNia on the rhythm at yi 62 comitata eet Eppia ludinm. L. MiiUaK'] 
de re meti. 257 reads Lanino, and in Aen. I 2 Layina<fu« U 
Forbiger). & aUo Aeo. i 268. 370. Tib, ti 5 49. Oy. 1 m 6i 
of. KlnQBen Aeneas 8i)2 a lAahmaaa Lucr. it 719. Foi the biitoigM 
rf. SohweglBc ind. 72 *!■=« iv 143 n. J 

72 73 cui ciMDiBi NOUEN acaoFA henoe aucotiJa, scuryy. Vi 17X1 
aorofa Niobe feoundior alba. Varro I. e. Prop. iv=r 1 B6 el tUtU^ 
Alba polena, albae sais omiae Data. Aen. viu 43 — iH pcopiuxjtt ■* 
TlberinuB litoreii inijena inventa lub ilicibva sua | trigiuta OApitnm 
f etuB enlia tocelitt, I albaiolo Tecabani,albicireumiibtTanati: \ it loot* 
urfru erit, requiei ea certa labomm, \ ex guo ur denii urbem redmintiliu 
annil \ Aaoaniua olari candet oagnominia Albam. ib. su 104 
13S. S^ibweglei I 285 286. 321—3. 340. Elauaen 974 sc^. Ljkophr. 1353 
Bsq. Tatian apol. 34 of a atatito of Eutychia (Plin. vn g 34) b; FetiUy- 
meiios ri 6i fioi did, tAb HffnuXviierrir Tiiiiairw, Srep ixihtue TptiKom vtuSaf, 
liii Bavimariy ^trifloi xat laTBrmlr irolij^; iroXX^s fip i-Kpavlat iwtrry 
KO/UrTj Ti ifipaBiria pSiMrrniSai iia\it ^y, T^Kari, 'Vu)iatavi irtit«op«. 
frafn^viJ, ^rii lat ailr)) iia to Sfioioy liiicTitiiiT^pa.!, iSt ^ava, 4(1h- I 
TBI Sfpairtlat. Ho refera to (lion. p. 114) Grundulei larei„.Roinae ant- M 
stiliiti abhonorem poroae quae tiiginta pepeieiat. Ain. i 28. Oou; J 
Hemina tr. 11 p. 99 Peter (from Diom. 1 884 k) manttmm Jit. bhi parikl 
potcas triginta, euiui rei Jaimm fcctruiit laribia Grundililna. Com- 
pare the cow nhii'h gnided Cadmua to the site of Tliabes Ov. m. n 

10-95. 73 FBBTBIBUB Til 236. 

74 KUOLLia the aov was kept in piekle as a lelio Yaxia i, r. □ 4 ) Ijfl 

XII 74, 76 


tot oportet poTcos, quot mavmuu haheat;.,M plura pariat, eais 

' IS in quo illud antiquiuiimam fuiaae itribitur, quod bus 

nil XIX nor CO 8 oeTjererit alboB. iiaqut giiod poHtnde- 

sa aandiderint oppidnm Albam. 

valigia appartnt Lavinii : quod et 

nunc in publiao poiita, et corpue matrii ab 

factum ixx aiinis, <it Li 
' ',> <u('a ac poreonim et 
ilacra eomm ahenea eti 
•.erdolibaa, quod in salt 

aire Troiani^ quia 

a fuerit, demotatTatar. id. m Seiv. Aen. 

: AEQUoiu HOLES cf. SO Q. Bchol. 'portam Angnsti dicit 
iorlQin Angusti reatflnravit in melius et iu- 
ferjt.' Trajan "added an inner baaiu or 
dock, ot a heiagoaal tosra, sun-ouaded with qnajs aud eitensiTe ranges 
of buildings for mogazints' (Bunburyj. The original iFork does great 
to the emperor Claudius DGaas. li 11 § S 'he conceived and 
out an achioTemeut worthy of the enterprise (^povf^aroi) and 
.tQess nf Bome.' Ostia 1^ on tba left bank of the left (i.e. tha 
lader sontherul arm of the Tiber. Claudius dug a safer basin about 
ttiFo miles M. of Vatia oommnnioating witb the river by a new cut (after- 
wards enlarged b; Tiajan, foiia Traiana, now Fiumicino, tha right 
Bim). The port protected by two vast moles, right and left, with a break- 
water Burmounted by a ligblbouse between them, was Imown as jwrtut 
Romanus oz pnrtaa Auganti (Apul. met. xi 'i6. ooins of Nero in Eckhel vi 
376. DCaas, lisv 16 S 5. of. i.x 11). The harbour and river's mouth 
being ohoked with aand, there waa in Lalium no Bats port for the coru- 
flaetB; the magazines were at Puteoli(aet8 as 13. Sen. ep.77 g 1), Caesar 

Siat. Claud. 20. Plut. 58 g 3) projeoted B new chancel for the Tiber to 
inr, and docks at Ostia. Strabo 231 1132 oalla Ostia ■ a city without a 
?jrt, on account of the alluvial deposits continually brought down by the 
iber, which compelled the larger vesaelB to ride at anchor in the open 
roadstead at great risk, while their cargoes were onioaded into barges, by 
which they were carried up the river to Borne. Other vessels were them- 
BelveB towed up the Tiber, after they bod been lightened by disoh&rging 
'^ part ol tbeir cargoes.' ct. SH. iii 41. Suet. Claud. 20|wrtum Oitiae 
*" ttruxic oiroumducto deitra siui stratus bracohio etad introittaa 
ofundo iam sale mole abiti^ta; gaam quo stabiliui fundartt, navem ante 
raersit, qua magims obcliecai ex Aegypto futrat adoeetas, eongeiliiqve 
pilU tuperpoiail altisBimam tnrrim in exemplum Aleiandrini 
pbari, ut ad nocturnoa ignes cursum navigia dirigtreni. DCasa. li 11 a 
new harbonr waa neteseary because ot the dependence of Rome on 
foreign com for sapport, and the danger of entering Oatia in winter ; 
Oiaudins undeterred by hia engineers' estimatea of the coat, dng out a 
basin, faced it with moaonry and let in the aea; again in tha sea 

tpiiPa\F Kui r^eBr ir' airr-f iripyor t( iir itfivjj ^pvurupfo" txptra 
vrtari-raTo. ib, 31 g 4 CL goes to Oatia »p4[ iTtlamfai airov. Suet. 35 
~ BHtablished corps of firemen at Oatia and Futeoil cf. Flin. ix g 14. 
g a02 the veaael in which Caligula bronght the oheUak from Egypt 
Itched nearly the whole length of the harbour of Ostia on the left ; 
there it was sunk in the reign of Claudius cum Irihai molibus tiir- 
altitudine hi ea exaediJicalU ob id ex Pateolano pulvere adcectiique. 
% 70 the towers were built on it at Futeoli, it was then towed to 
and sunk. ib. g 126. Henzen inscr. 50D8. Prudent, periat. 11 
Coins of Nero btar Aug. Port. Ost. with a figure of the barbonr with 
ip( (Cohen 1 Hiion 91—93. 3LS— 218. auppl. N£ron n. 14). Here 


234 XH 75—81 

were lioae laBflaiioea of oote, by Beizing whioli Alario (ij 
palled Some lo anrrendsr (QOiban, o. 31 n. 86 seq. Tillamont Scaore art. 1 
36). PMlostorg. xu 3 ' lie Beizee Fortus, the cliief naTol Btatiun of -^ 
Borne, encircled bj three harbourB aod estending to the compass of a i 
great city; here all the public corn was stored.' OiCFord *Mf coriositf 
led ms oJso to Ostla (17S9) and I walked between tlis piers, now covered 
witli grass. The land has gained considerably on the west as veil aa 
the east const of Italy ; the hoitom of the old harboar, on whioh ve 
now walk, is therefore much raised ; yet the arms are still so high aboTS 
it, as to intercept the view of the adjoining country. The eztrsmitieB of 
the old arms towards the sea must have fallen in ; [or, in their present 
state, tbey are but short, and a sandy coast stretobes out far beyond 
them.' Merlvale ch. 49. E. H, Bunbar; in diet, geogr. who gives a 
plan. Tieconti escaTasioni di Ostia (annali d. iust. 1857 2>U — 310), and i 
monnmeuti del metroon ostienee (ib. 1868 362^13). Lanoiani ricerohs 
topogi. Bulla oitta di Porto (ib. 1808 144—195 with tar. 49 of the moau- 
menti), 0. Hirsohteld riiin. Verwaltongsgeach. i 139 — 142. Mar- 
quardt rom. Staataverw. n 130 131. Lehmann Claadiuf Gotha 1858 199 
(another great noik of CI., the emisEary of the lacns Filcinus, waa oii^* J 
mUy designed to feed tha new canal), 350 2ol. Bcbiller Nero 138 n. 4. 1 
483. 641. Marquardt V (2) 16— IS. uoLss 'moles cattied'l 

oat Mnidst enclosed seas.' 7Q TYKaiiESiu v 98. / 

PBARON Ti S3, the liglithouse. Suet. DCass. Phn. cited 76. 1 
Plin. sixvt g 83. VFl. vii 83-^5 twb ita Tyrrhmiis atupet loniusjM 1 
magistar, | qui torn te, Tyberine, tueni clarumqu 
pharon. hdbshu breakwaters streti 

sea, and. then bending again towards the land. 
78 MOM sio Hor. c. it 14 25, 79 madisteb dig-, j 

xiy 1 1 g 1 magistrnm navia accipere debcmas, oui totiuB navift. | 

as those which ply about in the harbour of Baiae ii _ ^ 

Plin. XIV g 6I/a»ia Serovii quain a Baiano lanu Ostiam uique navlga^ J 
biUta incoluiverat. Prop, i 11 9 10 atque utinam mage U Tfnit confiim-M 
niinulis | parvala Lucrina oymba luoretur aqua. Mart, m 20 19 30 iM 
aeiluantta iam profeetua ad Baias \pigeT Liicrinu nanculatar in 
BtagQO. Eertzberg from this line in/era that the harbour and moIoE n 
epoken of are those of Baiae, joined with the Lucrlne lagoon and Arer- 
nian lake by Augustus, to form the portiu lulias (Strab. 245. Buet Aug, 
16. DCaes. xlviii 60. Flin. iixvi % 125 mare Tyrrhenvm a Ltieriiu 
malibns teclusum. Verg. g. n 160 — i Bervlus an meimiretn portn* 
LucrinoqueadditaclaiatTa | atgtieindignatuinmagiiisstTidi>ributaeqin>r, \ 
I-alia quaponla longe ignaivndarefiiio | Tyrrhenaai;ue/r«tii fnniiCfitiM* 
atitui Averais! Aen. is 707-9. Hor, a. p. 63—66. Prop, iv = ni 18 i 
1. of. VeU. II 79 S 3). Sot the diHlano« of Baiae from Alba (the ntbW' I 
mil apex of 72), the i^hthauae, and the short-lived fame of the portui I 
luliut (see Banbury diet, geagr. Lwrinut) couanu the traditional intef- J 
pietation. The inieriora slagna are Trajan'a inner boein. J 

rEBviA. in which ploaaure-lioatB lide sale, to wbieh even Uiey find. 4 
tbeir w^. 81 aiucKNT Seii. ep. 79 ^ 14 qaod acerbam J 

/ait, rettulUse iucunttum tit.- tiatarale eitmali rniijine gaudere. Macrub. f 
Tii 9 g 9 seq. citing Eur. Andromeda fr. 15 Dind. uij ijSv '■ ' 

lif/ty^eai rbfuy. Aiistot. rhet. i 11 g S. Sen. Hf. 660 661. 

VEBTica RA60 LuuiftD. mere. cond. 1 many who 1 
bad esoaped the parasite's life of slavery (sat. v) told me the tale a' 

XII 81- 



their ad'eutnrefl ; 1 listened diligently aa to tlie BurviTora of a flhipwri?ck, 
Hayed by miracle, olgl flaw ol xpoi Toti 1 1 pais if upijii^i-ei rii KCtfiaXas. 
ainid/ia -roWoi Tdl Tpmonlai gui faXn; Hoi ixpitT-^pia tal iK^aXat Kot 
Id-tou iXdati! K<d irnSaMui' droxBuXIireic Siefdli^ti x.r.X. id. Hermotim. 
86. Fetion. 103 notavit libi ad linuim toQsorein tntempeilivo inhaeren- 

tnm nltimum vatani. Aitemidor. i 22 to seafanug men to dream 

that tha head is shaven ia a plain ptognoatio of ahipwrecit; yaaayiaay- 

rti ph -yi-p ^ ix /iffd\7)Sirie9ims r6(raa (vp<^''''in vi i'Spiiiirat. Somna 

•. V. 62S qui liberifiebaiit, ta eauaa calvi erant. quod tempestatem ser- 

I vitiitis iridebantnr etfngere, ut naufragio liberati Bolent. 

I tsth. PaL VI 164 T\iiSx<f no! Utip^i nal 'Iriiv Mairipru | Koi ^uBiv 

KpcMn xsl SofiiSpifii ffioi! [auSfli in re\dyaut AamlWio! £>df ninitif 

Hai \ ri.tTpix'^' f" ""t'o^^'V ^^B f^ niii" {X"- Dempster on iloaiu 

786 787 on the dedication of Iba hair. 

83—92 Go then, bojB; in all relisionnstillneas dreaa the Hbrinca with 
garlandB, sprinkle the sacrificial knives with meal, deck ont the soft 
hearth of turf, I will presently follow, and after duly performing tha 
main Bflorifice will return home, where the little imuBea was-pohshed 
'welsume their tribute of slighter cbapleta, Here I nUl propitiate my 
guardian Inppiter, give frankineense to the Lares of my fathers and fling 
abroad all hues of violet. All ja ^y, the gate has raised long boughs on 
high, and keeps holiday with morning lamps. 83 LiNocisqoa 

BNTES ti!$ij«oCyTfi Ov. £. J 71 73 pTospera lux oritur: 
aiaqua auimiaque favete, | nunc iicenda bono aunt bona verba 
id. m, IV 877 deae tit.' deuji est! Unguis animiBqae favete. 
5 6 6. Prop. v = iv 6 1. Tibnll. li 3 1 2 Bronkh. Hot. o. »i 1 3. 
T 71 Berviua, Plin. sxfiii g 11. Sen.vit. beat. 2G § 7 quotio 
-Utaitie lacra litteraritm interveTieril, tavete Unguis I Aoc verbum nun, 
W plerigue exUtiToant, a favore [i.e. appLinae] trahitur : ltd impera- 
,itti ailentium, ut rite peragi possit saorum nulla voce mala 
Abatrepente. Btat. b. ii 7 19. BrisBOn. de fonn. 1 11 aeq. Marqnardtlv 
466, 84 BEBTA gi. 'featDons,' Aen. n 24S 219 nos dslabra 

4suiR...{eBtaTelamus lioaAe per lirbeni. ib. iv457— 9. Stat. a. iii3. 
1. ood. Theod. xn 10 13 pr. niUlai Dmnina...LazGm tjinc, 
«, Penatea adore, veneratm, ateendat lumina, imponat tura, 
igBTtatuipmdat, Bioh. i'uial inponub ouui&tB 

* 609 SIO Oorte iam fundtre Bacclnim\ coeperat obliquoqne 

induoere cultro. Serv. Aen. u 133 ual et fax quod dicilur 
kmla salta, qaa et Jrona vicHiaae et foci aepergebuntar ct cultri. Sen. 
Shyest. 688 tangemve fma victinmm oulter mula. cf. Hot. s. ii 3 200. 
'"'' 5 g 5. 85 uouiB rooos olbbauquh vi- 

BESTEB the three tarf-altarB 2. 94. Verg. eel. 8 64. Prop. v=iv 6 6. 
Ov. m. m 7S1 of Peraeus dis trilnu ilk locos tatidem de easspitej^oniC 
Here luv. to Inppiter, luno, Minerva, cod. Thead. xvi 10 12 g 2 erecta 
^osiii am caeBpitibua. 88 UDO» tKiKaiii the 

nobler offerings 3 — 9. 87 coBoH.ta IX 137 138 o 

parvi noitriq-ue Larea, quos ture minuto | out farre et tenni 
loUo txorare oorona. Cato c. r, 113 kalendii, idibm, nonU, featna 
dies onm erit, aoronam in foonm .indat. per eoidem dies Lari 
/dmiliari pro eopia ttipplicet. Plant, anl. 3. 393 — 5 on the marriage of 
,A daught^. trin. 30 Larem corona nostrum decorari volo, at a 
I'lNnse-warming. mere. 834 seq. on a departure, Btich. HSi on a re- 
*-- " ni 23 15 16. IV 11 7, TibllU. l 10 15—30, whore thfl 


236 XII 87—91 

LarM ue the pmraiana at homely virtues, n 1 69 60, Or. tr. v B 10 
f( vtUt ttpidoi nei.11 oorona faeos. ib. in l-l 15. Fliu. xm g 11. 
Minuo. Pel. 3 § 1. PreUer riim, Mjth.' 439—92. HenKeo inEcr. 6770* 
C. SaMui Entychut Lar(ibiiB) Cas{anv:iii) ob redit(um| Retinae Nep. 
V. s. el. Orelli 1600 votive inaor. to SHvonos pro lalute et redila L, 
Turiellii Ma^imi. Tett. do cor. 7. 

88 rKioiu aiMuumu mitsniu ceba. Pmd. 0. Sjmm. I 203 201 saxB 
ialita oeris ] oi<J«-at □□gnsnto^ue Lares uiaeecere nigros. Hot. 
epod. 2 66 lenideutes Lares. Plin. xxxui g 132 inlito \ininio} lolii 
atqiie lunae eonlaetui immicM. remedium, vl pariete iiccaCo c"-" ' 

enanqae admotii galea carbonibut inuratur ad sudarem aaqae, poitea I 
candxlU lubigalw ac deinde linteit purii, licntet macmoca nitesount, ] 
Vitniv. vn 9 § 3. The was then, tbas prepared, waa naed aa a TBrnish. I 
Bcliol. 'incerata aigna deornm.' Silyeatei, baoaiise 0! fragili, -aadt 
stands by cera a wax fignre of the Lar; hut the hearth ia no safe place t 
SQch a figure. ['Cannot /rojiiZi refer to the wax which first ornmblaa 1 
away and theo melta with the fire, hefore it is &l to be applied in the J 
way mentionedf H. A. J. M.] See Welcker in MItller Arohtglogio I 
g HIO 4, who cites 7tt>'uirit (Pint. qn. Bom. 98) as the technioai term iat I 
lurbishiiig. 89 NOBrHuu the luppiter o/mjf * 

hovse (aa Cicero had a honaehoM god, Minerva). 

lATEHNiB familiaribua. BO Tniu 87 n. Plant. 

anl. 23 — 25 the Lar familiaria snya of the tiaui^hter of the hoaae ea mihi 
cotidie \ aat tnra out vino out aligui temper lupplieat, | dat njhi 
ooronaa. When Verres 'conveyed' Diana from Segesta, all the 
matrona and maidens of the town came together Cic. Verr. iv g 77 
unxiiie ungumtii, eompUme ooronis et florihus, tare, odoribat 
inenuis tuque ad agrifinet pToeecuUa eae. Am. vii 3S led lit ut vuUit | 
honor in. vino, lit in ture, imrmilatione et caedibua ho'tlanlm inu nunu- J 
num qffenrionetaae plaeentur. etiamne di sertiif, coconia a^ficivntur 
et floiibaa ? Movera Fbonizler m 100 on the traffia. Marqnacdt v (2) 
364. vioi-ia Plin. «i g 27 violia hanoi proximut 

[toliliefl] earamqat plura genera, pacpureae luteae albae. viola is a 
diminutive of lar, and includes the atook maitkiola incana and wallflower 
chciranthan cheiri Hehn Kultnrpfl.= 222. 91 ebeiit :Aj(iri 

BiHDBi65n. Ov.m.ry760. Luc. 11 334 Corte. Stat. s. 1 2 231 f roade 
virent pasteB, effnlgent oompita flammis. Namatian. 1 423 — S 1 
fella diet pridevtqne meos digjtala penatti | poste coronato ooia tecvnda 
colat. I exoment Ticides communia gavdia rami Apul. met. it 26 
Hildabiand domna tola lauris obsita, taedia Incida eonttreptbat 
hymettaeunt. Tert, apol. 36 tur die laeto nan laureis poatea obum- 
bramns nee lucernis diem infriugimasr id. idol. 12 'btceant' 
inguti (Matt. 6 16) 'vptra veglra.' al nunc lucent tabemae et iaunas 

et laureis quam Ohrietianornm 'ergo' inquia ' lumor Dei est, 

igitur quotidie lacerna«, quibua lax nulla eil, affigaot poatibua 
iaui OS poitmodam ariaroji, rjuibiu ignel imminent. templii r«nun^- 
anti, nefeceria templam iamiam (uam. miniM diii: ai lupanaribut Temm- 
tiaiti, M indiierii danti time faciem nrmi l-upanarii. id. de oor. 13 Hn, ' 
Claud, onpt, Hon. et Mar. 208. rapt. Proa, u 320. Pmdent 0. SymiD. 
II 724—7. oorp, iur. can. deer, u 26 7 13 (from cone. 11 BSB Labba) noil 
licel iniquai obscreationei agere kaUndanan eC oliia vacare gentilibut, u^ j 

XII 91- 


haee obierDaiie pi^anUmi eit. 92 upesitur 

sehoL ' Bsorifioat.' Veig. g. i S39 laetia opeiataB in liirbis. Aea. he 
li6 eortubiie orvisqMe novis opeiata iaveiitiui, viiieie Servlua oiting lar. 
perfecit eacrijieia propter eomibia el novai aedet. 

i.ncEBina Teit. supia. id. apol. 36 qwtia receittUiimU et ramotUHmU 
Iftaista poBtes piaestmsbant, guani ctefis<imiir el clariuimii luoer- 
hIb vtatibula nthitloiant. ib. 46 juin eniw philotaphwit tacrifiaare ant 
itierarc ant lacernss meiidie yanaa proatituere compelUtl Epikt 
fliBB. II 17 SS 37 38 rio-x; Sk auB^!. i^u, Xilxi'oui- tmV i<rTl ri. rm 

Hum. ib. I ly S 21 ' has he been made tribune? nU vha meet tiim cuu 

Eatulate him ; one Msses hia ejes, unotber hJB neek, the Blavea bis 
nds; wbea he comes home, he finds an iliominatioa Xux'dui diTDfi^- 
»ow.' Tbo. ui B LipaioB. Plut. Cic. '22 § 3. Mart, s 6 4. Stat. b. ii: 
e ea and 70. Apol. met. XI 9. DCaaa. lxiii 4 g 1, ao g 4. luit 1 g 4. 
Pacat. 87 fin. Greg. Nai. or. 6 = 4 (9 in lul.) g 36 pr. Sozom. vi 2 § 13. 
Beckez-Bein GaUus i 129 IBQ. Marquardt t (1) 246. (3} 23S 239. 
FriedlBnder ii' SSa— 6 on public illumiualioiia. Forbiger i" 165. 

93 — 130 Do not Bet down my zeal as counterfeit, Corvinus. Ca- 
tailns, for whose safety I rear three altare, has three heicB. On bo 
bairea a fiiend a sickly ben, eTen a quail, would he a bait wasted. 
Witb your GaiUtta and your Paoiua, joor childlesa rich, it is an- 
other matter. Let tbem but begin to ieal the heat, their whole 
porch ia lined with votive tableta ; men come forward t 
tomb, — aye, of elephanta, if they were not Caesor'B drove, from the 
dajB of Hannibal and of Pyrrhna reserved to nses of state or war; 
BO it is no fault of Hiater'a, if the 'ivory' is not led to the altars 
for Gallitta'B health. — Another will offer Ids goodliest, Ms bondmen 
and bondwomen, even hia own daughter in her prime, though no 
Diana will, aa in the play, ransom his Iphigenia by a hind. My 
.ryman for ever. Bay I : what ia the Greek fleet of a thousand 
,piil to a will? For if Paciua recover, entangled in the angler's wael, he 
'"]a; in a biio malie FacuviuB Qnivereal heir; no badinveatmeD 

daughter slain. Long hve Pacuviua, even to Nestor's years ; let hint 
" ip plunder like Nero's, gold on gold, mountoina high ; and loving 
let bim by none be loved. 

iBVEaiA 9H n. 99 n. m 129 n. v 98 n. x 202 n. xvi 66. Even 
ly Donld urge, as a teason (or relusmg a request ep. v 1 g S non 
- tis honeatum dare et locnpleti et orbo. ib. ix 30 H 
fSonhim taum, qmd tit liberalia in quoidam: et ipie laudo, li 
>( in hoi lotos, volo enim eura, qui ait vtrt liheralis, tHbutrt... 
•d amidi dice pauperibai. non uE iiti, qai iis potiasimnm 
donaat, qui donare maxime poseunt. %2 hoa ego viBoatis hama- 
tisqne iQUDeribas non cuu promere pato, aed aliena corripere. Tao. 
xni 52 Ttaa ilico defendi pastulabal. cafuilrjue pecanioaa or bit ate et 
Benecta, guant uhra vitam eoraia prod\ixit, gaorum ambitu evaterat. 


i lin 

Horquardt v (1) 73 74. Fdedliiuder i* 3&4— 109. 
gS TBEfl BABET HEBEDEB T 137—145 D, II 82—90 esp. 87—90 inn 
leientis habea, propter me ecriberia herei, \ Ugaiuia ovme capii, Wi 
didce eaducum. \ comiitoda praeterea iuitgeatar vialta cadttein, \ a 

^^^^nn el dulc 

con. £r. 41 ri 
foif I 6ai 

XII B6~99 ' 

tf iiSpot Kill ylar iraiiinn \ eSrioTot irSfilei; JoTii Ax/fo 




IS wlien the shipper Mnesitbeos sacrificed ti 

ttona at EapLaj'ous, ^naljeica dtoiii ^oriuv aAcxr/ii'iiva ^wyBv carifMrr, 
7^fiiifra (aKEipop ifjif kqI ro/nj^ufrn. Tert. apol. 14 pr. non dico 
gvaUi lilit in lacrijicaTtdo, cum enscta at tubidosa et saahiosa 
qufteque mactatiB, cum de opimii et integrii aupervacaa qvaeqve (run- 
eo(i», capitula et angulas, quae domi guoqua pnerii vel canibm datinat- 
tetit. ib. 30 I offer to God apimam et maiorem kostiaia quam ipse man- 
davit, oratioTtem de ctrnu pudiea, de anima innocenti, de ipiritu eaiioto pro- j 
fectam, non graoa tnria nnius assis, Arabieae arboria lacrinKU, t 

Aroob. Yn 16. The pious Xen. ordered an old horse to be fattened np ^ 
before it was sacrificed anab. it 6 § 35. ' 

r Tert. idol. 6 immo tu colii, qui fads, ut coli possint. coUm j 
■ngpintuTilisaimi nidoriaalicaiuis,aedtuupraprio,n 

mittit, I 

, led ai 
303 d. Mart. ; 
lec epondtt, nee 
1 juoe caret a 

^oeat ad eenam Maritti, mc miifwro 
DUll credere, led nee habet. \ turba (omen non deit, 
micuta. I ehea, quam fatuae sunt tibi, Rama, 
TEBUK a hen, did I eay? No, oto. 
. [cbnh Varro r. r. ni S § 7 colvmices immani nu- 
mero. Plin. i § 6fl quails are fond of poisonous seeds, quam ob cautam 
eas damnavere mensae, also becanse the; alone, vpitii man, are sab- 
ject to epilepsy morbitm deapai luel-ain (abova vu 112 n.). On the qnan* 
tity (d) see Laohm. and Munro on Lucr. i» 641. Laohm. ib. I 360. 

08 riiTBK Plin. ep. VIII 18 g 1 cum Somitva Ttiibu longt 
melior appanurit morte quam vita. % 2 nam cum >e eaptandnni pnM- 
buiasel, reliquit filiam beredem. g3 er^o varii tola civitati ler- 
nuines.- alii Jiclum iagratmit immemoreia taqiiuntur leque ipeoi, dun inaee- 
taatur ilium, tuTpiiltmia caafettioiiibua prodant, vt qui de patre avo 
proavo, quan de oibo qverantar, Stat. s. it T 33—40 orbitas omnf 
fugieada nuu, { qaam pcemit Totis inimious beres, | optimo 
poscens (padet hen) piopinqnnm | tunus amico. | orbitas nnllo 

nensleti spoliia, etipsum | computat ignem. Luolan dial. mart. 
6^3. ,cii)ETll3, Mart, oited 100. Hor. o. in 18 E 

si teitfr plena oadit kaedaa anno. cambeu Nonioa p. 46 

febrii proprietalem... Varro Andabatii aperiendam putat; irfgue aJierun 
appeVamta a caUndo calorem, alterum a fervore febrim. cf. Inpa. epist. 
qnaest. il 8, Tibnll. it 11 2. 90 ooKwr siug. 

Terb and ploral arbi; so Caes. b. o. i 3 § 7 intercedit M. Antonitu, Q, 
Cattivi, tribuni plebU. [Plat.] Theag. 129", of. Cm, Verr. iv g 92 
Zumpt. Iiir. £xii 47 § 3 in directum Mrinqve nitenteB,,.i;ir vJVuA 
Hmplezna detrabebat equo. ixv 19 3 3. uau.itti. n 08 

I'otiittas. anth. Pal. tii 331 16 nwXtrjTji. CIO 3098 nuMIrriji. 0. Jtthu 
Bpeoim. epigraph. 90. It is a pel name. 0. Jabn Hermes iii 190 191 
giies evidence tor Bonitta, Inhtta, Livitta, PolUtta (and FoIlittiaDUi}, 
and Salvitto ; observing that tbeae names seem not to bave been nsed 
before the imperial I^Ines. For Gallitta he cites Plin. ep. vi 31 g 4, 
guida al mus. di Bologna p. 59 (Fabretti p. 172. 832) the daughter of 
Aur. UalluB. Qrater 75 S Flavia Galiita. IltN 340 Fandauia Cillitiuio, 

XII 99—101 

lUgS ilU aeeepit,...ied 
i[ libera ocbilaa magna promittebat, tnihi plus 
4«dil> quamvit idem dederit, quia sine ipe recipiendi dedit. Tac iii 32 
fypida, cut taper Atmiliorum deeus L. Sulla et Cn. Pompeiut proavi 
wnwiC, defertu/r linmiaviiie parttim ex P. Qvirinia diTita atqiu orbo. 
A. 23 Bhe eatered the theatre of Pompelns her ancestar nitti other uoble 
udies, and so moved the andienoe, that buiBtiug into teare $aeva et 
detntanda Qairinio cUimitarent, cuius eeneotas atc[na orbitati et 
obicuritiimae dotrmi deetinata qwmdam uxor L. Caesari ac divo Augutlo 
nana dederetur. ib. 25 proposal to mitigate the Beverit; of the laws by 
which AoguatoB had Bought to reHtrain celibacy, nee idea (beoatiBe of 
the lawfi) cmiiugia et edaeationei libertim frequentahanlur, praavalidn 
orbitate. Epikt. diaa. iv 1 §§ 145—8. Lnoian dial. mort. 9, 
100 J^raiB tha (all of votive ofierings an evil omen Lac. t 567. Stat. Th. 
IV aaa 333. ubellib 27, x 66. Suet. Col. 14 

Casaubon ii( vera in advenam valetudlnem incidit, pemoctantibiu cunctia 
circa Palati-am, non d^fuerunt, qui pngnatuTOB Be armiB pio salate 

on bia mcoveiy enforced the fulfilment of these vowa 27. DCaaa. ux 8 
g 3 names P. Afranins Potitua aa swearing that he nould die, if but 
Gains might recover, and Atanius Sennndus a knight aa engaging to 
fight as gladiator, in hope of a reward from Geius, in tal drrl^ux"' ■■' 
iroSanh' MiXijo-Euni. Saet. Cal. 16 CaaanboD the common close of all 
oaths neqite me liberoaque meoi cariorei habeo qnam Gaiuia habeo et aororei 
tiue. Mart, xii 90 pro gene, sed elare, votum Mora fecit amico, | oui 
gravis et farveua hemittitaens erat, | Bi Stygias aoger non 

eoepeTant medtci certam. apondrTe sahitem, \ ne votam itolvai, nunc Maro vota 
faeit. Lncian dial. mort. 5 1 Plato : ' You know Ibe old man, the very 
very old mac I maan, the ticb Eukrates, who kai tm children, but 50,000 
mho hunt /or hii fortune f Hermes: 'YeSihim. of Sikjonyouuieac. What 
of him?' PI. 'Hermea, it it can be managed, let him Uva, over and above 
the 9U years he has lived already, as many more, or even more than tbat: 
bat bia flatterers, young Charinos and Damon and the rest, draw down 
to the grave one after another.' H. ' That would seem atraoga.' i'\, 
' Nay, you eonld not do a juster thing : for what has come to tbem that 
tbey pray for bis death, or claim liis money though no way related to 
him? mid the most detestable thing of all ia that though tbey pray 
tboa S/tui OfpantiicuiTii' f" ye tiJ ^atepif- tal maaSrTDt a litu jSoiiXosriU, 
jraffi vpliS-qKa, Bistiy Si fl/niii inrrxfoCtTai ijv jiatn's.' 

101 FOSTiccB of Gallilta or Paoius. hbca- 

ToiraEH Ath. 3'' after his viotory at Kuidoa and fortification of the 
Piraens, Eonon offered r^ Ji>ri tal c6 ^euSuiKtVui a hecatomb and feasted 
all the Athenians. Marina vowed a hecatomb to the gods, if they would 
graot bim victoiy over the Cimbri Plut. 26 g 8. B.C. 317 300 oifen were 
vowed to luppiter Liv. iiir 10 § 7. Philo legat n 698 M when Isidore 
ilhargad the Jews with not sacriHcmg for Gaimi, they replied that they 
oSured hecatombs fur Mm, and did not, as most, merely pour the blood 
of the victim on the altar and eat tbe meat, but bacnt the entire flesh. 
3tat. s. II 7 16—18 on Lnoau's birthday centum Tketpiacis odora lucii \ 
ftetit altaria victimaeqae centum | qwit Dirce laval aut alii Cilkae- 
[im Philostr. soph, n 1 g 6 the father of Herndes Atticua often offered 
becatomb of oxen to Athene. Capitolin. Mai. et Bulb. 11 Balbinus 

^^^^«ni alti 
^^Him Phi 
^^^^U becaton 


XII 101—104 

was BO overjoyed, that he ofFered a, liecutomb, as Boon as the Iiead of 
Haximinus ve-s biooglit to him, heoatombe autem tale tacrifieitati ect. 
centum arae uno in iofo caetpiticiae extTimntaT et ad eaa oentnm Bues 
OBntunt OVSB viactantar. nam ei impeTaioTivm (ucr^ciuin (it, oeutaia 
leoaes centum aqailae tt cetera kaiaiiaodi animalia eente?ia ftri- 
ttnlur. quod quidem eiiam Graeci quottdavi fecUie diawtaT, cma peetU 
lentia iaborareRt, ei a multia impeTatoribua id eeUbratum contiat. 
cL id Maximini 24. Treb. Poll. Oallieu. 9 confecto itinere celebratitque 
hooatombis. Vopiso. Tao. 12 the senators were bd overjoyed oa 
reooveriug tbe right d£ election to the throne ut et lUppUcatioaea deeeme- 
renlur et hBCBtombe promittaretur. Porphyr. ep. ad Marcell. 14 
(and in almoat the some Tords Demophil. Beat. Fythag. 41 in Orelli 
opnBC. sent. 1 4^) ' the lover of pleusuie, thaagh he slay kecatombt, and 
adorn the temples with conntlesB offerings, is impious and godless and 
in intention sacrilegiouB.' Jewish exi. 1 k. 8 5 and 63 Beq. 3 chr. 29 
S2 seq. 30 24. Sfi 7 seq. Oreoian Hdt. vit 43. Xea. h. g. vi 4 S 29. 
cf. Soph. Tr. 763. Btrabo 362. 102 qnATENua 

they voir aheaatomb (not indeed of elephants), lince. Flin. ep. lii 7 § 14 
qnatenaa nobii d/nrgatur diu vivere, reliJiqaannu aliquid, quo net vix- 
iiie teitemur. So Hot. b. (1 64 Heind, Ov. m. vui 786. iiv 40. QuinSiL 
Buet. CL 26 Oud. Tao. Phn. ep. i 7 g 5. Plor. b1«. in Heimaa sim. 
T 5=irtiSTi. Arnah. vii 16 quoihi aniinantium cniore hanorari tt adjict 
ruperorum animas exiitimatis, cur nun eii et mulai et elophantos Tnoclo- 
tiil Ptolemy Philopator having offered four elephants for his viatory 
over Antioobus, alarming dreams threatened him with divine vengeance 
for BO Btrange a saorifice ; he mode amends by setting up four elephants 
in bronje (Inba in Plni n 97^" who has many wonderful Btories ol 
elephants. See ind. ed. Didot). Fhilo de animal. 37 elephants sent to 
Germanicus, trained to aet a feant, dumkennesa eto. 28 one taught to 
vrite ' I myself wrote this.' B9 that Aiss, an elephant at Autiooh, fdl{ 
mad when deprived of the supreme rank, is pasl belief : he may havV'^ 
been more dmntily fed and eo jealous; may have sprung up, 

NBC. ..NEC partitivoly used, after the general non Hand 
Tura. IT ISl. Zumpt g 764. Cia. p. Mur. £ 61. Liv. praef. g 11. i 2S 
1 12. 36 S 3. n 49 § 3. Aen. n 426 437 nihil isle nee ouiui { neo 
potuit. id. ecL 5 25 Forbiger. Sen. eonst. sap. 9 S 3 ot the sagenesail 
neo in ipem neo in metura vivere. oons. tlelv. S g 4 mundus Mc qwi 
nihil negne maim neque omatiia renim tiatiira genait. We shonld 
cipeot nee venalea, nee cimcepti, but the aanstraellan is varied cf. Hdl. n 
8 dfut /liv ir dyrui/naurtss, d/a Si mpaoiin Sii r-Ziimr iS6Kei (tor SbibSvti), 
id. 1 14 g 1. 19 KrOger. 85 g 1 i\\a re hn^pa{l>iu»<i mi S7 i:aL..i»t- 
riiu/ut. vm E4 Kriiger. 119 oXoyiiBoiTM ■^...iTirtTa. re 5 .(r. N 
Sttty,Ajfo,,..ihe..JdtSa,e. 104. MalthiS g631 4. Krnser |59. Kiihner 
Gr. (jr. 11' 657. Svhiifer Dem. app. or. 11 75. elkpoakxi 

on the form L. Miiller de re metrioa 390. 103 ainesB 

Flin. pan. 13 eo ipio tempore,,., eiim ferae gentee n/m lelis magii qaam nto 
ca^lo, sua sideie armanlur. 15 divertam aquarum eaelique tetnpiuiem' 
ut palTiOi forties patritmque sidnB ferre eojuaetli. 29. 

104 CONOII'ITUB otherwise Colnm. m 8 J 8 JiiiJia perhibel 
molibui ferarum mirabilii ; pari taiaen in luii: terra vaitilate betuoM 



-.6 do n< 

breed in captivity, E 
egoruil, will bear fo 
moie. Flin. viu % 27 cuwal 

XII 104— IC 


e tffcranlw it itahala Indorvm dintibui tterwmt. qvaprop- 
ccitu finiinarumque p/Hfuaria trparunt. 
a. 121 125 eloubtuit's teetli, duos mittitpoTta Syenei | et 
Maori CBleras et Mauro obsourior Indus. Plin. vi g 10. fU. 
II 34=iv 12 § 62 oi embassies to Aagaetua Serei etiamhubitantesque sub 
ipso sole Indi, cum gemmii tt margaritU elephautos guoque inter 
munera [rahe-nt/i, nihil jboji'i quan ionginquitatcm viae inputabant — 
guodriennium inpUferant ; et iam ipse liomiaam oolor ab alio ve- 
nire ca^lo faldbatur. Fiiedlaudec I* 48. Foe the aU. et. Hoc.epod.ll 
10 lateie petitua iiao spiritm. Bee leu. under promo (VetK. Hor. 

TaC). 105 iBEOBDltrB RCTCLIB EI lUHS. r.fl- 

cirnB iono 1 163. ti 637. Tumua hob king of Ardea among the Butuli. 
Mere tbea irerfl etablea for tLe eliiplianta nhich the emperors kept ior 
eiMbitioii in tlie theatre and amphitheatre. Aa the poets (Prop, T=tT 
7 82, Mart, iv 62. vii 13. -nu 28 13. BO. iii 223 230 quale laieat 
temperque novum tit, quod Tibnria aura | paacit ebur) state that faded 
ivoi; regained its whlteuees by exposure to the air at Tibur, Viilea. 
inters, perhaps hastily, that elephauta were kept there also. 
lOS CAESiBia IT 135 Caeaar. I03. aut. vui 6 g 2, who compares Fharaoli 
as a dynastic title with Ptolemy and Caesar. 

oiBGlms utuENiuu IT 60 — 52 non dubitaturi ftigitivum dUtre piaceirt J 
depasiamque dill vivaria Caesaria, inde { etapeam, vttereia ad domi- 
num debere referri. Orelli insur. 2961 procuratoT ad helephantua. 
Hirsebfeld rom. VerwaltongEgeseh. 1 178. anth. Fal. ii 285 aitiTi wvp- 
fuBeit [infra 109 110] i ^aXavyo^dx" ^i*' ajpiv \ dtrxtrot apualttt 
livpiiSaui i\iiia!, | aXXib ^y orilXni PaHiy aixi'i rpis luyoSdr/uiiit, ] 
SjiTvya SiifipovXiiti Kalffapas oOpai'loii, \ iywiii 5' elpiiiiiis nal Bijp X^P^' 
Spyara jil^ai \ 'Apem, cOvopltis avTovsV" iraT^pa, where the former and 
present employments of tlie animal are aeriously, as here aatitiepjlj-, 
Oontrasted. L. ConiifioiaB, whaneyer he dined abroad, returned iiome 
on an elephant (DCasa. mix 7 § C where it is mentioned aa esoeptioual). 
Suet. Claud. HamueLiKioeiiiuiiioaADiiorMcfcitoenBipompacurriim 
elephautornm Augnatino aimilem decemenda curaviC CHpitul. 
Maiimiut 26 piincjpibua noatris Maxinm Balbino et Oordiano ttatuoi 
cum elejibantis decemimM. Gord, 27. Elephants are frequently seen 
on Imperial aoios. nulli SEHTiitE fibatou 

PBivAxo among omenH of Anreliiin'a future greatness Vopisc. G fin. be 
rooeiied from the kiny of the Femiana a state elephant, which he offered 
to the emperor, eoluaque umiiiaui priratus Aurelianaa ele- 
phauti dominua tnit. AeL n. a. z 1 took out a licence (luvojtv) from 
the emperor to linnt them. 107 pkihto ti 114, iiii 41 n. 

TTKio Carthage being a oolonj of Tjre, the 
vary names Foenja, Punicus more comiptions of Phoenician. In Silius 
Hannibul and the Cardiagimons are Turiiu (-i), Sidonius (-i), AgmaTeai 
i-idae) etc. 108 Ki»NlB*ti s 158 n. thns he 

employed forty b.o. 218 against the Carpetani (Iut. ixi 5 §§ 10. 15), 
and at the Trebia (lb. flu gg 2. 7. 9—11), at Hania b.o. 202 ho Liui 
SO in his van, the largest number that he ever led to battle (^x:: 
as % i). cf. ind. Lit. and Poljb. 

NOeiBiB ouciBDB BEDiQuE soLoaso Plin. Till % 16 the Bomans fiiet met 
with elephants in the war with Pynhns in Lncania B.C. 281, wheni^ 
(from Pkutua and Naeviua to Claiidianiia Mumertua cent. 5 after Ciir.) 
they were called Lw:ae bouei Lnmniuii oxen (cf. Varro 1. L tij § ilU, 
Locr. t 1302 Muuio), M.' Curius Dentatua exhibited some at his 

lUF. II. 



XII 108—112 

triumpb B.C1. 375 (Sen. brsr. Tit 13 % 3. Eutr. ii IJ=B). More thftn a 
liTmdred were led in ttiumpk by L. CmjcOiua Metellus B.C. 250 (Flin. tti 
% 139. Tin g 16. iviii g 17. Sen. ib. % B. Oros. iv 9). The Bomms 
first employed them in battle ia the wai against Philip b.o. 200 (Liv. 
ixxi 36 g 4). B.C. 191} la the battle of Magnesia L. ComeliuB Scipio could 
oppose IS AErican elephante to 51 Iniiiaa elephants of Antiochus (Liv. 
ixxTii 39 § l!i). The elephants is the campaign ol Q. Marcins FhilippuB 
agaimt kmg Verses n.c 190, took fri^t on a march (ib. zliv 6 g 2). 
They did 6°°^ Herrice at Vindalium B.C. 121, when On. Domiti^M 
AhenobEnboB defeated the AHobroges (Ores, t laj. A team was first 
joked In Borne to the car of Pompeius in Ma Aincon tiinmph B.C. 81 
(Plin. \sa % i). In Caeaar'a Gallio triumph B.C. 46 elephonta beoiiiig 
torches vere led (Suet. 37). In his Afriooa campaign n.c. 46 the 
BoldierB of the fifth legioii demanded to lie led against the elephantsf ii 
L. Scipio'a arm;, nhich had at first oansed great ol'arm : from their 
cess in the battle that Icgiou alteiwaida bore tlie figure of on elephoi 
their standards {App. b. o. n 9(i. cf. Hirt. bell. Atrio. 81—84). In 
imperial times they were emplojed chiefly to draw the emperor's chariot: 
triomphs and processions Friedlander ii^ 372—5. 524 525. Nietmhr B. 
h. HI 506. 530. 573. 590. 537 seq. ind. to Siilig's Pliny. lipsins ep. 
miso. I L ucoi uouiseo iit 161 162 Fnnioa 

pattia \protliavel Pyrrum inmanem gladiosqut Molossos. The most 
iamouB oily of the Moloaai Dodona Plin, iv § 2. Lit. perioch. 13. Plor. 
I 13 =3 18 S B. Veget. m 24 who shews hatr they may be OTercome. 
Aei.n. a. t3a Eutr, nll = 6. How Pyrrhua endeavonred to frigliten 
Fabricins by suddenly exposing to his Tiew an elephant, has often been 
told (Plut. Pyrrh. 20). In the wais also with Antlochua and lugurtfaa ttia 
BomauB had to oneonntec many elephants. 

109 DOBso FBKRB coHOBTEB 1 Maofl, 1 6 Bud 35 whoTB eoeh elsphotit 
cikiTioB thirty-tWQ soldiers in a tower, beside the Indian drirerl tea 
buohart hieroz. ii c 37. Philostr. ApoU. n 12 g 1 puts the number at 
12 or 15. Plin. Tin % 22 'twenty toner-bearing (turriti) elephants euut 
sexiigeiiif propvanaliMibus were pitted against 500 horse and 600 foo^*" 
mast mean tiiat etch elephaot bore three fighting men, as Aeh ■* 
says. For Pliny uses dlBtribatiTea for cardiunls as freely as the 
of, loni ars poet. 275. 110 PAKrua aliquam 
I 74 n. allfimd. in 230 n. Aen. i 438 437 Laimu«, I pars irtgcni bolli 
ib. 737 pars belli liaut Umnenda, oM, iacel ailag Orodei. Pliny- 
cited below. BELLI ET hifltUB " 

place xiu 65 hoc monstrum pnero et miranli sub orulro. ai 
274. 468, Tin 10a? iG4f 231. uv 49. XT 136. 

EUSIEa IS PBOELIA TCKniM Vegot. Ill 24 p. HI. 

Lucr. T 1303. liiv. iiitii 40 % 4. Plin. viii % 27 domiti mililanl et 
■nhosti ■ ■ ■ ■ 

is bells 
[ 33B— a. 


ib. j< 

Sil. m 601 V 


>cula doi 

ito cmuAta dot 

!en mobilia aggsri i "'"taJ et erectoi attoUit ad 
acthera miiroi. cf. ForceUini iuniger. tanitut. Bochart o. 25 ' ol the naa 
of elephants in war' and a. 27. He quotes from Basil ' living towara 
and hills of fieah.' Ill voh& nvu-i, mm aianant 

nam Ti 333. dig. xmi SO % 5 tin autem per muliercm mora non Bat, J 

XII 112—119 243 

I sometimea Pacviiia L. MiUIor de re metr. 251 252. L^hmans 
Jjiicr. p. 'iOli, SBUit i.e. the elephujit; cf. 1 rellut. 

13 eanauii. rcciTDR in aeas x 6fi. Heina. on 

Ot, m. 3v il4. 113 HiLLiTiiB to be taken with 

Laret. 114 "eis Laribna. 

BOBDH Iiarinm, as representing tlie living family, 
115 iLTER Paenvina 125. US Seq. Vi 888— 333 

erga | filiolnm? lielit ante aram, nee tarpe patavit | pro cithara vtlare 
DOftvI, dictalagiu verba \ pertiiiil, ut m» eat, et aparla pallait agna. 
A. veek after tbe death oi Morcna Anreliua Qie arohigalLas issued arden 
to his aeot to bleed tliemselres toj bis XBeovery <Tert. apqL 26 who oaaaot 
Mfriiin from suroasm : o nuntios tardoe I o tonmUvittia diplomata I of. 
P JCbuc. 24 § 6). Ciies of the people to the emperor Tert. apol. 35 de 
'' ' nis tibi Inppiter aageat annos. id. ad nat. u S. 


aatellae. ili. 551 662 pectora puHornin TimabitiiT, exta caii'lli, | inter- 
■ pneri. H8 vriTia wti 83 n, Verg. 

487 ilann victima ad arm, I lanea dum vivra circumdatur infula 
'ittt.. Aen. II 13K. 158. Or. Ibia 103. Pout, ni 2 76. 

118 119 SI OCTi EST NUBItia 11J.I IFHIOENU HOW [ ISl h. 

127 MyceniB. vi 56S Tanaquil tua. Aeneas for boh t 

139 nultia tihi pnrvoliu aula | lllserii Aeneas iiec filia duleior illo. 

■kland adds y 141 (ua mmc Mjoale. Ti 236(d. Xin98. xiv 352) 

---' '--'---Bnen, 660 Atridea (for huaband, but tr 66 (or 

scBiLis Iphigeoin was led to the 

[tar Luor. i 98 nnbendi tempare in ipso. Eur. lA, 100. 123. 

119 120 iPHinENiA...OEBTia ProH. epit. ot the oyalio 
Kypla p. 476 Oniaford (Mnr© bk, Ji c. 19 § 9) 'the fleet again 
assembles at Aoli^ AgnmemnoD on a hnnting part;, elated by an 
eipert shot at a doer, boasta that he aurpftaaea Artemia herself in her 
own art. Aa a punishment for hia impiety, the goddeas detains the fleet 
trindbonnd. Ealchaa declares that sbe oan only be appeased by the 
Baeriftee of Iph., who ia accordingly brought from hoiDB, under pretest 
of biitrotbal to Aciiillee. Artemia snatches her from the altar, leaving a 
fawn in her stead, msltes her immortal, and coiiveya her to Tanri.' 
Hegeaias (or Btaainoa) ia toUowed by Eurip, IA. 1587. IT. 38 dXX' ;{^- 
Kt.tif'fv iXa^OK atriSaHird [1.00 I "AprE/ut 'AxoioTi. 783. Prop. il = ili 
9i 34. Ov, m. Ill 34 Etina. tr, it 4 G7. Mart. In 91 11. Nonn. ini 
■J04— 110. Hygiu. 98 Muncltcr. 3fll. Sorv. Aen. n 116. See other 
in Tzetaea on Ljk. 183. A haclmeyed topio in the sohoola Sen. 
title 'deliberat Agamemnon an Iphigoniam immolet negante Oal- 
Kolante aliter navl^ui fas ease.' Aug. civ. Dei xviii 18 g 3 where he dis- 
IB the poBEiibility of lycnnthropy and Ciroean metomorphosea, with 
>aving clauHe ' si tamen factum est ' esplains the story of the Dio- 
betltoe valiicri'-i, by thia : men n'ere not changed into birds, hut by legeT- 
femaiu birds were substitntcd for men; »cuf corva pro Iphigenia. 
By diTine peiinissian aueh prariiiglae wonld not bo difficult; because 
'Uiat virgin waa afterwards fuond alive, it waa readily onderslood snppo- 
poeitam pro ilia cervam esse. Alike spiriting away of a viotim at 
Caeaarea said by Ens. h. e. vil 17 to ha^e been revealed ia anawer to a 

le perjnier. 

B. n 3 199—201 tu cvm pro vitula 
Julidt naCam | ante araa Kpargitqus mo!a vaput, iiiprabc, 
aniiai lervai 1 Milhlmami col. 498 has Qmuy exx. of dart focia tara, libet 

ato. 120 sv 118—9. nil 84 85 of the - -' 

swearing by all tlie armonry of heaieu si vera et pa 

inguit 'flebilcBati | sinoipat elixi Phariogue madentiB aoato.' 

121 LADDD KEDU civEU IV IS 19 conniiitm lando 

abstulit oibL Holydaj 'my dUzeii has biain I what ie a fleet, | to 

a ricli will?' Tart. apol. 14 'I do not apeak of yoar cheating Herunles 

of more than tvo-thlrds of Ma tithe: landabo magU sapientiam, qtiodde 

perdita aliquid eripitii.' ib. 16 laudo diligentiam. 

122 uuJ^ Vano r. r. n 1 g 36 nnmeiuB uou est, nt sit ad amna- 

aim, nt nou est cam dicimus, mille naves isse ad Tioiam. 

The number of ships in the Homeric Catalogae (II. ii) is 11S6, bat tbs 

poeta (Aesch. Ag. 46 Blomf. Eur. Andr. 106 Bames. Or. 352 ElotE. 

Plant. Bacch. 928. Aen. ii 198 Heyne. ix 148. Prop. 

Sil. Ill 229 Drok. cf. Sen. oontr. 35 § 3. [Sen.] Agam. S 

I 36. Daker on Thac i 10 S 4. East. II. ii 760 p. 338) generally^ 

apeak of a thonsond only. Cic. Yerr. i £ 48 gives 1000 also as tbe nu 

ol XetiBs' fleet. tiHiriNiu m 82 n. Hor. 

SO 61 jtati otnnii mortar, mallagv^ pars met | vitabit Libitinam. 

n e 19 Heiud. Pint, Nam. 12 § 1 some ideotified with Proaerpina, thn 

more learned with Venus, Lib. ^xiffKoio* Tur jrs^i mil B-^nxotrai 6alwv 

Btbr oBaar. id. qn. rom. 23. Servius Tulliaa appointed that for every 

death a soni of money sbonld be paid into the treaflnry of Vetma Libitinft 

in tbo grove (Piao in IIH, iv 16. Varro in Non. p. Gi lucut Yi 

Labentinae), from whinli biera and fuel lor fnnerals 

Mart. I 97 1. id. yiil 43 ^ert uxorei FaUui, CkreMilla maritoa, | Jww- ^ 

Teawjui torU qjuusat uterqae facem. \ victora commiUe, Vemu .- qvat itttt,' 

vianebit \ ariliM, wia, duos ut Libltina /era(. H^noe the 

Libitina in pestilencea (Liv. ci 21 g 6. Suet. Nero. 3G), the terms LiHt}^ 

naMfacere, exercere, the LiliUinenidt porta at the amphitheati .. _ ."" 

inser. 3349 Ittoat Libitinae. Preller rSra. Myth.' 387. Marqnardt 

(1) 380 381. 123 DEi.EBiT I'iBULia if the pationi 

reeovetB he will ascribe all to the vow of Pacnvius, and etc ■ • ■- 

(avonr all other namea from the waxen tablets of bia will i 66 

IV m. itv 65 tabulsB mutare parabis. 

NiBaiK a weel Featua p. 169 a 19 M. Sil. v 47—52 vitren$ toiler* pluet 

ligat vitdiamqiie per alvaia | lemim fattigam compreiaa c'acumiiM ntetU, 
acfraade aracali renieare foratainit arcet | introitit facilem, gwm 
all acqwjTt, piiceni. met. also in Plaut. mil. 679. Ciu. Att. xr! 
BD iiifiroc m Lucian Eermot. 59. ef. Hor. a. ii 5 25, 14. ap. 
Obbar. Mart, it 56. vi 63. Plin. ep. ik SO cited 93 n. Bun. 
sap. Q ^S est et ilia iniaria frequms, si luerum aliciiiits exfimivm m^ 
aatpraemium dia oaptatnm, si magno labors ailftiutata herediti 
aveisa est et qnaestuosae domns gratia erepta. ben. it 
S 3 ingratum voeo, qui aegro adiedit, quia tealamentirm faetarui ett, cuj . _ 
htTeiiita,te attt legato vaeal eogitare. Jaeiat licet omnia, quasfaeere hoiati 
amicus et numor oJTicii debet, n animo tiui ohiiersatar sjiri. li lucri oap- 
tator eat et hamum iaoit. Lucian dial, murt, 8 a eiiptatar doad 
before bis victim oomplaiiis i 'Ab the proverb is, the tann has caught tba 

38. ^^ 

LOh. ^H 

XII 123—128 245 

lion. I coTntecI tlia rioli ami eliiWIe'iB Hermolaos and Ihonght it b stroke 
of policy to deposit in a pnhlio place my will, in which I have be^ 
queathod to him my all, that he might do the like by me... and now by a 
fall of tba roof I am dead on the sudden and Herraolaoa haa my entate, 
haying like soma sea-wulf swallowed bait and hook.' ' Not only ao, bnt 
yon the fisherman too, bo that yonr plan haa recoiled npon yoorseit. ' ' So 
it Beams ; more's the pitj.' ib. B g 4 Terpsiou a man o£ 30 had eent 
many costly proeents to Thukritoa, an old man past 0(1, with three teeth 
in his head, who seemed to hare one fool already in his coBin. Terpslon 
complains to Plato ; 'after swallowing ao large a bait of mine the day 
before yesterday he attended my fnneial a.nd crowed over me.' Flnto : 
'Bcayo, Thnkritoal Long life and prosperity to you; may yon live to 
bury fill yonr flatterers.' id. Tim. SU cited 136. 

124 SOLI n 58 69 cur solo tabalas impleverit Eister | Ub/ria. vj fiOl. 
Hot. a, n 5 S4 solna, rauUiiae coheres. 125 
I 68 n. txiguit tabidii. 

125 129 BCPEBBDs iNOEDET Hor. epod. 15 17 IS et fti, quid 
jeliciar aigne meo nunc ( superbus incedia taatn. 
136 INCEDBT 'atalk,' 'slfut,' connotes a stately consequential n 
Aen. I IIG divam incedo rtgina, where Servins 'incedere proprie e«t 
noHliiun personamm ; hoc est, cun aliqua dlgnitate ambulare.' Sail, 
lug. 31 g 10 ineadunt per ora nestra magnifici, sacerdatia el cansalatw, 
para tri-amphm moa oatenlantei. hiv. ii 6 § 7. Sen, tranq. 1 § 9. ep. 76 
§31. 80 g 7. 116 g 9 onatium Utoram, quos inoedere altos vidfs, 
braitrata ftlicitaa at. Amm. Mti 14 g 3 grandiagii* incedens tam- 
gutoa OtijTater el Ephialtia. cf. Miihlmann. 

viCTia nivALiuvs Luoian Tim. 22 the successful fortune-hunter, when the 
irill is open, ' carrlea me [Plutosj oS, will and all, styles himself iastend 
of Pyrrhiaa, Dromo or Tlbioa (his came to that moment) Megakles or 
Megabyzoa or Protartdioa, toln /utriir Kexi!r6ra.s imliom h 6.\\i\aiis iTra^},4- 
jrorrai inTnXoruw d\T}6h dyerra! ri 7rA>0Dt, atas auroEJi o flilnuot iK fivxaS rijt 
(TUTtIi^ W0U76V, ain dyiyor ri S/Xeap xarajrl'iir. 

127 yon see then how well he is repaid for the sacrifice of his Iphigenia. 
tCGiTLiTA UYOEKiB the Same use in principle as 
ab urbe eoiidita ' from the foundation of Home.' When Bibbecli auks (z 
108 auwmus vempe locua nulla non arte petitns) 'wis iann der 
liJiohste Stand Oder der Glpfel der Macbt Jemanden zn Boden atilrzen t 
Daa Straben danach wohl,' he haa yet to learn that Htmmiu locui petitui 
=petUio Bionmi ioci. Nitgelabaoh | 30 2 oitea e. g. Oic fam. it 13 g 2 
qtioTMm benevoltntiam mtbii aoneiliaral per me quondam te socio defensa 
res pahlioa. uicehib Agamemnon woa Mng of Mycenae. 

Aen. XI S6G ip>e Mycenaena viagnoTina diicior Ackivom. Sit. i 27 
ante Agaroemnoniam ditiiaima tecta Myoenen. Or. m. xn 34 svp- 
jiosita feriur matame Myoenida mrva. Facnvina'a Mycenis is hia 
daughter, whom he is ready to oSer as Agamomnou did Iphigenia (IIB). 
128—130 may Paouriua be curst (i 7 aeq.) by 
fnlSlment of his desires : attain Ndator'K age and mountaina ol gold, 
know nothing of that friendship which ha couuterfoita. 

■vivAT NEaioni 4 n. 1 346—355, 'May he liva a Nestor,' i.e. 
'Sottor'g age, compared by Wytt. en Hut. n 150' with Cyclopa nioi-eri, 
eta. Marl, x 24 — 11 vitae tribus areia peractia | lucoi Elysiae petam 
^aellae. \ po«t hunc Nestorfl Tiec diem rogabo. (Bihbeok, 'correuting' 
Snperti, strangely renders ' after thia day I will not ask Nestor for 
The oomparison of the attzibate of one person (or 


XII 128—130 

thing) to aaotlieT person or thing (m 74 n. add Bchiifer < 
ep. 1 16 § a. on HcLol. Ap. Rh. 11 477. Heinioliea d. or. on I 
Ti 3 § 10) 18 in principle the same. cf. Mentor (tiii 10* n.) 
oE Mentor's, xir 326 sume duoa eqnitea. Mart. 11 39 3 i^uQegus 
Tyron (Tjrian dye) totieni tpotavere {acemae. Sen. apoeoL i 14 
vincunt Tilhoni, vincunt et Neatoris annoe. It waa a common prayer 
for a friend that he might attain Kestor's joiirB. Stat. e. i H 110 
finem Kestoieaa precOT tgrediare aenectae. 11 2 107 103 tii fell 
telias, dominii ambotmi in annai | Mygdonii Pyliiqua aaniti. lu 1 ' 
104 eat, oro, per annua { Itiacoi Fyliosgue limiil. it 3 149 IBD to 
' god' Domilian annos perpelua gerei iuvcjita, \ quot fertuT plaeldos ot 
Neator. T 3 255 — 7 to liia father Pylitts aeiii traaicei^re metat ] 
Tdueroi aequare lenes, digne videre \ me limUeml 
129 ODiHiDS Birrir mero viir 100—123 n. On Nero's wholesale 
beriea iu Greece and elaewhere cf. Tae. it 43 inlerea conferendii peeimii 
pcmattata Ilalia, provinnlae eversae aociiqve popaii et gaae civit ' 
Uberae vacaniur. in que eB.m praedam etiam di eesaere, spoil 
in urbe templis egeatoqne anro, quod tzinmphia, qnod Totis 
omnia popnli Bomani aetaa prospere ant in metu saaiaTBxat. 
enimTero per Asiam atqne Achaiani non dona tantum aed 
simulacta naminnin abripiehautnr, missis iu eai provincial Aerato 
ac Sfcundo Carrijialn. ib. iti 33. id. Agrie, 0. I'lin. ihit ^ 84 works 
of act realored fay Vesp. to the temple of Pax (Nero had BollftoteJ tiem 
for hia golden honse). DOass. lith 11. 13 % 3. Suet. 26 (hie ahoplift- 
ing iu Bome). S2 (temples in Bozue, e.g. of the Fenatea; Suet, ia silent 
as to his robberiea m Greece). DChrya. or. 31 1 644 R. to the Bhodians 
'the Itomana who often plnndered temples andpalacea, hare neier stirred 
>uiy of yonrs; Nero himself, who did not spare even the ttatnes ol 
Olympia and Delphi, and removed most of those of the Athenian Boro- 
polis and many from Fergamnm, left yonrs alona nndisturbed.' Pansan, 
V 25 S 8. 26 g 3, IS 27 gS 3 4 (Nero's inuasts and adnlteries were instigated 
hy an Eros, enraged at being removed from Thespiae t). 7 g 1 (five hnn- 
dred statues vure removed from Delphi alone). Hiick riim, Ge9ch. i (3) 
399. I'hua he injured the breeks by hia taste tor the line aits more than 
Xerxea bad done by hia conilagratiDns Fliiloatr. Apoll. v T § 3 aq. Hertz- 
herg Gesoh. Griechenl. 11 97—99. 110 111. Sohiller (Nero 347— aSEj 
gives reasons for reducing the amount of theae depredations. ' ' 

129 130 uoHTiDUH AcaDM ESiEooBT Tsr. Ph. 
modo flon montBB auti polliccTU. Peta. iii 66 Jahn et quid 
Cratero magnoi promittere montesT Hier. in Eufin. m 89 mo 
aureos polliciius. VM. u 9 pr. paTtarum reram caelo ciHnuIiM aeqnii^ 
tns, ledem tiabilnn nan habfbit. 

ISO Ov. Ibia 117 — 123 e.g. aiique miier semper, neo sis miaeTabilis 
uUi. Hor. a. 1 1 80—91. e.g. B6 87 mirarw, cum la nrpento pott omnia 
poiws,\ ri ttejiio praestet, guem mm merearii, amoremt 'Saa Lasaulx dor 
J'luuh bei Grioohon u. Erimem (Studien Begensb. 1854 155-177). 


A 'consolatio* {irapa/xvOrjriKdi cf. Sen. cons, ad Polyb. ad Helv. ad 
Marc. Plat. cons, ad ApoUon. ad uxor, a beautiful tribute to his daughter's 
memory) addressed to Oalvinus, who had been cheated of ten sestertia. 

Guilt meets its due punishment, if not from corrupt judges, yet from 
the conscience of the sinner and the reprobation of honest men (1 — 6). 
But there are other considerations, Calvinus, which should mollify your 
wrath. True, the friend whom you trusted has defrauded you ; but your 
fortune can well support so trifling a loss, ^jook about you, and see how 
rife-such crimes are. In the golden days of Saturn's rule falsehood was 
unknown, but now it is honesty that is the prodigy (7 — 85). Never was 
perjury so universal: for, while many believe in no God, others hope for 
a long reprieve, if not a final pardon (86—119). To raise an outcry 
then, as though your case were hard and strange, is as unreasonable as 
to wonder at blue eyes in a German, the goitre among the Alps, dwarfs in 
the land of pygmies (120 — 173). Are you then to look for no redress ? 
Philosophy will teach you that none but little minds delight in revenge : 
but, in any case, you may be well content to leave the delinquent to his 
own remorse and to that law by which crime breeds crime. If such be 
your desire, you may yet see him condemned to exile or to death 

cf. Quintil. decl. 314. 

This satire was written in the year 127 a.d. 17 n. Its lofty 
Stoicism has made it a favorite with moralists ; many of the lines are 
as vigorous as any in luv. , but the effect is marred by verbosity. The 
aged poet forgets the caution : manum de tabula. Becitations had spoilt 
taste; the sense of proportion was lost; the whole was sacrificed to the 
parts. It is true, not only of Seneca, but of all silver age writers, that 
they * look best in quotations.* The epigrams of Martial are the most 
peiiect works of silver age art, because in them point is in place, and 
there is no temptation to digress. In 1575 Muretus spent at Bome 
three lectures on this satire vol. ii or. 12 * et iucunda autem et utilis 
illias evolutio futura est. continet enim multas graves et utiles senten- 


XIII 1-3 

tias, optimis verbis et genera qnodam dicendi bbIeo festivo bilari et, at 
JU dicam, vivido, quod huio poetac proprium so petpetnnin est. expli- 
catos.' This ie ttll : ' die holien LobapriicbG.' ut which Diiatzer talks, do 
Bot eiist. Veisea 39—52, 64^-70, 78—95, eitraeta from a common -place 
lioak on mytholog? and portents, remind one of Lucun'e misplnced eiicy- 
nlopaedia learmng e.g. on Thessaliao witchcraft (ti S30 — 829), on Antaeus 
(iv 690—665), portents (t 540—566), the liattlo of the winds (v 693—612). 
cf. Stat. Th, Ti 88—117 with his prototype Aen. ti 180—183. 

1—22 ain stands condemnBil by tha sinner : he may bribe the 
praetor's conrt, but he cannot silence the judge within. What says the 
world, Calrinus, to this breai^h of trnst? Your estate can bear it; it nill 
not sink you; 'lis a hackneyed, cTeiy da; mishap, a 'stale trick of 
chance.' Play the man then, and Stifle your sobs. Si^nrn to wince at a _ 
trifling wound. What, bom under Foateius, with aiity years behia^ 
your bsok, and yet startled and faioing at perjnry and frand ? ■ WisdoiK 
by ber heayenly raasimB, enablea men to jnaater lortuue. Even oxpo^ 
rience, tllat mistress of fools, might have enared your Bhooldars tn 

~ ' "~ cU ad ilunom radeiants 

col. 96*. 
Ben. ep. 49 | 
maior poena negtiitiae eat, qvam q-aod libi ac suis displici 
g 11. Macrob, comm. i 10 § 12. ultio Ans. tii 

' Tbales ' turpt quid ataania te sine U»U time. 
2 3 BE lUDioE Nsno NOCGNS 1.D50LT1TUI1 not Hkc the tollowing p 
from Flaiil, Cio. Nep. Plant, mil. 653 li ego me soiente paterer 
inra inferri apud me iniuriam; for here the construction ia it 
vtcjno taeo ine eciente irduria, Cic. in Pis. £ 23 quae c 
menta etiam in Sex. Clodio te consuls taae volnisti. p. Scaur. §|N 
He BOasniejieque Tepetlifi-atrem Tolehat. Nep. Pans. 2 § 1 G«Meio>» «r 
tuam pateitateia se adiuyante te redaciuitan pollieetur. CompA* 
rather Or. amor, u 12 13 me duoe ad ftttnu votijineni, m e i 
Qnintil. Tin 2 g 3 i!If, gui in uciione ' ftiiiarieiM herbaf,' ae solo neqni- 
qnam intellegente, dicebat. Bnet. Tib 31 Burm. Oud. negante 
eo...impetraTit. iterum aensflnte..,0pttiure Twn potuil. CaL SB 
cdeiito se 7nunru...BnimadTertit. Censorin. 17 g 11 itxtai aaUm 
[ludot^fedtTi. Olaurliitt Caeiar se IIII et Yitillio III oa\ 
Dmaitiamit so SIIII it L. Minueio Ritfo cose. Aus. id. S 
fiumjuam iudice me placni. Symm. land, in YaL sen. Ang. t 
vutfjunm se ipso iudice impune laedatnr. id. in Gratian. 8 nt^ 
ipso principe militaTi. Soribon. 07 ne Mc guidem nlli i 
corspoiiitiBaem dedit. Many eix. in Sanctii MinerTa n 7. 
. on I'loms IV 12 g 28, Haase on Beisig 760. Kiihner gr. Gr. l^ 
le iudiee==' it the bar oE his own oouaoienoe.' and the nbl. is neossE 
3 IT a 192—239. PnbliL Syr. B56 Sp 
jwwffu le dairmai quo ptccat die. Philo h 635. 6i2. 649. Sen. de ' 
$ 2 ' quid ergo ' ijigiiii • impunt illi erit >' pata te vdk, (amen ' 
maxima est onim faotae iulnrlae poena fecisae, fue guiigi 
graviia adficitur quam qui ad luppiicitim faenit^-ntiae Iraditw. 
% 2 iam sibi dedit [poeuas], qui peccuvit. id. Hippoh (or . 
164 — ^9 Peiper e.g. accliia aliqua fulum, nulf/i lecuntm tiilit. Ambr. 
ps. I S 20 etiamii hominem fefelUt, ieilfia refagit, accuiatoren (DOlII ; 
la-men ani acousatorem Titare Lon poterit, qtirm 
tiviere; quia et accatatorem Itabibit el coi^ttntem r«uni. 

XIII 4-16 



Tlie iudicei 

geneially appointed bj sortitio: that is, tlie president of the quaeilio 
drew out of an urn oontaining the namea of ail his iudicm {lelrcti) ihe 
jyaiaber necesxary for the tiial : tha parties were allowed to oballeage a 
certain proportion, in nhoEe plaofl other names were drawn (miiortitio). 
Id this liallot the pioetor had opportimitiea far fool pla; (Geib Criminal- 
proeeas 181—6). dig. XLTiu B 1 pr. lege Cornelia de eicariis et vmcfieii 

tfinlv-T, qui, cum magitlTatiis esiet jntblicoiie indicia praeeiaet, operam 

dcdviitt, quo quiifalrum indicium profiUritUT, ttl qnii iTmoeem eoni'«ni- 
Titur cimderniwretaT. The praalor'a tima here may be that used lor this 
pnipose or mtlier that in which the tablets A {abtolvo), {aandemno), or 
M L (nnn liquet) were thrown. Geib 365 368. If the firat, tha praetor 
Las piicied the jnry. cf. Aen. ti 431 — S (where Serrius qnoteB luv.) me 
ii«rt> hae nine lorte datae, iiii£ itidice sedei : \ quaesitor Mitioi urnam 
nuivct, ille liUnlmit [ conciliaiaque vocal vittuqtu et criiniaa dlieil. If 
the latter, he haa m the cohtbb of the proceedingi won their Totes. 
cf. Cio. Att. 1 16. Apol. met. x 6 cum iam atntentiae para, auncforuin 
Itilit ad unum lermonem congruentibiu, ex wore iierjftCuo in uinam 
afatam dthtrent ctmici, qiio leniel condiiiM calculii lam cam rei /orinna 
trantacto nihil poitea commviari licebat, Cic. ad Qa. fr. ii 4 g 6 Baiter 
{=11 6 fin.}. Prop. T=iT 11 10. 4B. Or. met. xv 44. Hor. c. n 3 26. 
ni 1 16. B. n 1 47. 5U. n 26 27 qai te { legibws atque uri 

Cio, ii 

II 163 n. 

UAi z 57 n. Pera. m S4. A mm. zxxi 9 § S. Veil, 
n Bl § 3 Hoins. nkc baba tjdemcb 16. 126—173. 

Meniincl. fc. inc. 2 (in Pint, n 103^} if, TrophimoB, jon alone of all man- 
Idnd had been born to nnbrolten prosperity, ipSiZt dyaraKraf (art -yifi i/ 
ifi«ir)Urot I iriirir tc reroltit, but if yoa drew the common air by 
the Bame lawa with us, you must bear this loss better, a!) S' oBS" liircp- 
piWayra, Tpd^/i', affii\f irat | o^aflcl, ra vwl S' lim fiirpiii aoi *a«il | 
liar dti fUaor rou Kal to XoittAi- Sii ipipt. Cataker on Actouiu. vii § 58. 
ttmilet I a 72 — 106 ' thou know'at 'tis common.' 

9 cooBiTua XII 26. 10 71 seq. bedio 

is. drawn at random. Plin. ep. n 13 g 13 omnfs Certain nonduin a me 
rnimiTialMin nt lumiaalum defcitdunt crimenque quasi in medio reliatum 
drjemiant easeipiwit. H PONiKua ii 191 192. 

12 TiBiHor. epod. 10 17«ianon yirilia einlatio. 

13 (jaAana boieever lifjht. 

Iiact. V 691= 

a et paenc n 

9 190. Cic. 


irigua e 

arcB orerique. 
Sea. Oad. 362 Feiper felle m 


15 DEPOBITDM 60. cf. 71 seq. dig. ivi 3 
(' depaaiti vel contra*) 1 pr. dapositnm ext, quod cuetodienduia alicai 
datum est, cod. it 34. Hor. a. i 3 94 95 quifaciam, it [amicus] /urlum 
Jccerit ant si [ prodiderit commiBSa. Ben. ben. iv 26 § 3 the 
good msji will net trust him with a depoait, depoGitnm commiitet ci, 
qui iant pbirihiit atocffuiiil. ti 5 § 6. 6 g 1. The Chrisliana in 
IJLthynia, a few years before the dale o£ this Eatire (Plin, cp. 1 96 = 97 
§ 7) took a mutual oath nefurta, jie latrocinia, ne adulieria emamittertnl, 


XIII 18- 

ne fiiem fallereat, ne depoi 

a Rppellati abnegarent. 
V 119 n. Flin. pan. 31 fin. BtttpebBnll 
quae non ipsi ref^riiiient. 
1/ 70NTEIO cuHxuui HATns 28 D. IfiT h. Clinton (f. B. an 
Lipsios (quaeat. epiat. it 20) imderetand C. Fonteiua Gapito i 
Tiu:. XIT 1. Flin. ii g 180. IBN 3067. Bnt this Capito stands second it 
Lis colleagne C. Yipatanns Apronianna, and tlieTsfore Bargkesi (oe 
T 74 — 76) nnderstands the Fonteiua Capito of A.o. 67, vbo ia n 
before his colleagne lonias Bufas.' This ia the le||;atus of lover Qeimany^ 
who waa pnt to death B.C. 68 with the connivanco ol Golha (Tac. ' - " "■ 
87. 62. 68. m 62. iv IB). When a aingle conanl ia named i 
Q jeox, the 6rst is regularl; named, except when that fitat it 
empBTOt. Thus the dute of this satira, like that of tha 15th (it 27 n.) U 
127 i.». 

18—25126—173. ST 106— 9. 18 ra mbl 

Lno. Ti 60 Cocte. PUn. ep. it 16 § 1 Corte in deteHm. ib. 28 § 3 ia 
diffieillima est imitationii imiintin. a qua rogo at artificeiii.,.ne 
melius quidem ei-naa aberrare. u 89 g 1 rejkiejida etl milii aedea Cm 
inpraediii in melias et in maius. x 70 = 76 g 1 quae n 
tiiblapaa relaxetituT in melius. Tao. it 20 in melius fiexiU FJoi. t 
759Dnier. Hand Tars, in 331. 
['sxperienoe helpa on to something better.' H. A. J. M.] 

19 [' KAONl QiTiDau (snnt) praecepta agrees more eloaely it. 
vita didicere magiitra of 22 than magna (est) sapitMia' H. A.. J. M.] 

EACBiB Sen. ep. 14 § II niirnqTmrn in tantun convaletett^ 
neqttitia,Ka!mquam tic contra virtxittt eoniura6i(ur, ut n«(pbilosophiB'^| 
nomenTeneiabileet Baornm manrot. 66 g 4 Oia. Tuee. i g§ 64 W* 

20 TICTBH rOETUNAE BATHNTIi I 52. 863— S n. 

Eor. B. II T 83 — B8. Sen. ep. 71 g 30 sapiens qiiidan Tinail virtate 
furtnnam. 82 § S philosopbia ciTdaadanda, fsC: inazpugnabilia 
eit vtaraa, quern fortnna multis machinia laoosaitnm non transit. 
conB. HelT. 13 g 2. const, sap. passim e.%. 6 § 4. 6 g S tha vaarinenta ol 
the HBge et a famma et ab incunti tuta lunt, nullum intmitum pratbmi, 
exce2«a, iHaxpagnabilia, dii aeqvji. 8 § 3 fortune, quotica riim virtuU 
oongressa est, mmiquam par ncessit. 22 liciiMi 

rootm to fret nnder )( ti 207 208 of the patient husband awnmiite caput 
eervice parata \ ferre iugnm. '^Tt] 

uiaiaTRt. in the sohool of life ['with referenoe to the apenial x "" 
magister as a trainer.' J. C] cf. eTperientia itallorum magiitra. 
TuBo, T g 6 of philoaophy magistra morum et di'ciplinaf. 

23—37 No day too sabred to discover thieves, treachery, embeii 
ment, gain gotten by tho dagger or the bowl. Good men are w 
naaice as gates of Thebes or montha of Nile. 'Tis Rome's ninth 
tuiy, sunk belovj tho iron age; Nalnre'a self, bafBed, has no metal 
express the baseness of the times. We cry to men and gods lor 
with a din deafening aa the applanse aold to Faesidins toi a 
Dotard, know you not the charma of a nei[;hbonr'B gddf know you not, 
hoVf theworldflouts your innocence, who bid any man eschew pBTJiiry for 
fe:ii of some avenger watching in temples and blood-stuned altara ? 

23 BBQ' ' 112 seq. QUAE tah tcbtl 

niES, Dt aESBET FnoDEHE Fonsu Siiet. Tib. 61 nullui a poena AominuA' 
cesaavit dies; ne leligiosua quidem ac eacer. MarMond 
velfausta. non enim tain feati habendi sunt dies in quibus haeo sceli 
non oocummt, qaam/atufi.' 


XIII 24-28 


24 2Si> 

iUisE i.ircHnii guiEBiTcu Xagelsbach g 30 2 (Weill- 

,. 25 PiitiDK I 70 n. ISB n, iiilpyxiiU 

medieine bos. tiii 17 n. Cio. p. Cael. g OS veneni pjsidem. Corvna 
WBB ridiculed for a. sentenye (in a cantro-ucrsia Sen. sufts. 2 S 21 'da ea 
qaaaapadinalronflaaiHSBrobatliberoanonBaBBtolIendos') inter pyiidea 
et redulcTitii aniniae medicamina conatilU mitraia contio. Sen. ep. 9B % 18. 
ben. T 13 3 3 quaedam, etiamti vera n<m sunt, propter eitialitudinem eodtm 
voeabvlo comprensa sunt, sic pyiidem [properly o£ box] et argeitteam it 
aaream dicimv^. id. ap. Lact. iii 16 § 13 of name philosophers, who need 
to apply their own relmlies of vice to Uiemselveii giui nun aliur intitert 
decet qiiam mtdicot, qxmram tltuli Tcmedia habeiit, pyxides Teaeno. 
Plin. im 3 20 of the medical profession qaii enim venenorum ferti- 
liiis out unije pltirts Uitamtntantm imidiat t Hermas vie. 3 | 9 nalite 
tiiaites fieri malefieii tt malefici qaideia venena sua in piildes [sie] 
baiiilant. vol auiem venenum veeiram et meditaTaeatumirtcordecoittirutis. 
26 rhythm as 36. 225. babi bohi Forpl^, 

■nt. Fythag. 42 inaiim of PytbagomB, ' avoid ibe beaten path,' rat \tta- 
^fiovt Iii) ^atl^tv {at. Bitterah. p. 22S KiesHllng. Matt. 7 13 H the 
broad VB.j). Tlieogn. ISO. Bias in DL. i g 87 Mme^e ^i\e?ii tin /uiri}- 
aovTaf ToityllLp-r\ilirT,iuictguiKaKeOt. Xen. KjTop. n 2 g 24, DL, 
yl §1 27. 32. 40 41 Meniga Uie lantern of Diogened, and Ilia treqaent 
complaintB that he could not find 'men.' Sen. lit. beaL 2 § 1 aim de 
beata vita agetuT, nan est guoi laiki iliad diaceiiionum more reapondeai : 
' haec pan maioi eiie mdetur.' idio eniiapeloi at. mm tarn beileeum 
Tcbue hamanii agitiir, ut melfora pluribut placeant: nignmentiiin 
pesBimi turba est ii. Iieii. 1 10 ^ 3 idem ttmper de nobia pronuntiare 
debebimai, malos ease nos, malos fnisBe, invitus adiciaia et fnturoB 
esao. id. n. q^. ivpiael. % 19 with citations from Terg. Ov. Monauder. 
id. ep. 42 g 1 the vir boma is a phoenix. Lorn once in 500 yoais. Flut. u 
413''. Bin. ep. viii 22 g 3 maxim of Thraseti qui vilia odit, homines odit. 
Hor. a. I 3 Ca 69. Luoian Tim. 25 Plutos complains that Zous has sent 
him, blind as he ia, to find an honest man, Suo-Eii/>ETiw outu xpvm^ "" rpi 
irD\\i]Ei ^nXiXoiirii if Tou plov, which even Lynkens could not easily find, 
dfumpbc ovTiii Kal luKpbs &y. As then the good are few, and crowds of bad 
fill all the streets in Uie cities, I more readily light upon these latter in mj " 
Toamiogs. Phllo i Bi 355. 316 M. Chrjg. bom. 10=9 in Bom. (iK 
S17") tdXXoii Ti2i' AuBpiiirar, naTiriir irafomfop, ipietti t4 X''*"'. 
lol raCra alpoSrTai, ri, dfiilim TrapaTptxpmi. N%elBbaoh nachboiaer. 
TLeol. 322—4. Ana. id. 1<! 1 2 vir bnnns ac napietia, qaalem vii 
tepparit unum | milibns e mnltia liomiuum eonsultui Apollo. 

27 tbedahdji fobiae Thebes in Boeotia, called 
iin-dirvXo! by Horn. D. it 408. Od. xi 263. Hes. op. 1G2. scut. 49. The 
seven heroes each assailed a separate gale (Aescb. Th. Eur. Ph. 287. 
Ov. tr, nSaOBeptemportaasiiidiiM quamqiiB sun). Book 3 pp. 251— 
345 of Dager's learned paradoita Thebana is ' de Thebamm portis.' 

DiviTiS XT 123. of, its epithets Tcvpetpipf!, TriiraTot, 

2JM/UM, pinguis, frc^indm etc. obtu. nili reokoiiiun 

■om W. to E. Plin. v g 64 the Caaopio, Bolbitine, Sobennytic, Pliat- 
iiitio, Mendesio. Tonitio, Pelusiao. of. Hdt. ii 17. Strabo 8UI. Mel. i ' 

K(see TzBchucke v 316). Hence the epithets ^rrttiropot (Moach. 2 Gl). 
iplfx (Ov. m. V 187). leptemfiuta (ib. it 753). lepterayemijua 
1.117. Verg. Stat). «j)i«no ffurgife (01. in Enf. 1 195. Lnc). 
28 defeneraoy of the ««a 1 147—150 n. m 48 49. 
BONA lETAB (so p a) tho ninth centnjy of the city (BoTghesi 

XIII 28—32 

T T2). nuiu; (P. Jalm) ia vapid, x 

210n. Vftcro 1. 1. VI 5 11' 1 
jii. Serv, eol. i S. Oen- | 
BOrIn, 17 g 15 was writing in the tenth saeciilum. On the EtniBoaa doo- 
trine of ttB world's sees Suid. ZeJXXoi ( = DCass. fr. 102 BekkerJ. Plat. 
Snlla 7. Sen. Bcl. 9 47 on 'Dionaei Caesaris aatrnm' Valcalius ham- 
ipix in contione dixit eometen esse, qui tignificaret exitvm nonl BaeouU 
ct injireiivm deciiai. Varro'a work de tacculit (Serv. Aen. viu 526) is 
nnhappUj lost. Pnjler r3m. Myth.' 472 — 8. [' Greawell origines Italieae 

tl 63ij.' J. C] AEUB aiECULA TEU- 

PoBiBUB X 9 n. 29 scELEBi abstcoot; 

Halm on Cio. p. Seat, g 80. Nigelsl'acli 8 17 1 (Weidner). 

3D XET11J.O vr 2B 21 omne aliud crimen max teriea. 
protulit aetaa :J uidcrunt jfrimos argentea aaecnla moechaa. s:y 70 n. 
Aocording to Hesiod there were fiva agea ; the golden (op. 109 — 126)» _ 
the Biiyer (127—142), tbe brazen (llB—lSaj, heroes or demi-godB.l 
(156—173), the iron (174-201). Aratiia mentions tliree : the goldan.l 
(phaan. 100—114), the ailver (116—128), the brazen (129—134) : Ovii, 1 
four : tte golden (m. i 89—112), the silver (113—124), the brazen (125— ' 
127), the iron (127— ISO). Claud, land. StiL Ji 446—60 Ate habitant 
vario taoiem distinct a met alio { aaecnla certa loeit i iilic glomt- 
raatur aena, { hiu ferrata rigent, illia aigentea candeat; \ eximia 
Tegione donais, contingere terria \ dijicilei, slabaia ruliti, grem aurens, 
aimi. Serv. fcl. 4 4 -ultima Camaei venii iam carminis actat; 'Sibyllini, 
qnae Cmnana fuit, et aaecala per met alia diviait : dixit etiam quia 
quo aaeculo imperaret et aolla ullimnm, id est decimnm, voluit.' SibjlL 
I22-8S first race; 87—103 BBCond; 104— 108 third ; 109— 119 ionrth [ 
ISO — 282 fifth, the giants, who reluse to repent at Noah's preaching =^ 
383-305 Bisth, golden or heavenly ; 306—319 Titans, u 16 16 Jfj t6ti «(f" 
7c»C7( SfK&TTi lisrd Tutra ^ayfiriu | iiiBpuirt^r, when the Thunderer, whj 
shakes the earth, ahali break idolatty, 17 — 19 Xbdj' 
^irruAd^io, *i^[ di ts jrJiouTot dXtirai \ iai6nivO! -wvpi roW^ irh ifihcr, 
'H^JiTToio. (Uere however the tenth generation, a.e. is meant). T"" " 
shall he wars, plaguea and dearths 161 162 u /liya inXoJ I irra. . 
ytyt^s ^UTCT, KBjtoepyict, oimL Macroh. Comm. ii ID g 6 who o 
believe that the world has existed for ever, remembering the lata dls( 
Tei7 of many arts, even of agrioultnre, citmqut ita exordiiott rerun » 
ipgius huvianae nationie opinemar, at aurea primum Iniaaa aaecnla 
oredamue, et inde natnra per met all a viliora degensrans ferro 
saecnla poatrema foedavarit? Hakewill apology iv 3 § 1. 

31 HOMiNUMnrTumjnBFiiiEM diimiHortala, nhieero 
votravt Jidem. di veatram fidem. tuam fidem, Veiait. pro deum alyiiii 
heiminumfidim (BrisBon de formnlis 1 132. vur 20 21). Plant. Men. v 8 
4. anL 397 — 9 juin divom atqne hominnm elamat oontinno 
iidam, j Bnam rem perieae aeqne ecadicarier, | de luo tigUla 
famat n qua exit foras. ib. 684 Wagner. Joined wilii aaxiliam, alien- 
tela; in fidem accipen etc. MUhlmann 376 277- 

(iiEiiDB Liv. mi 14 § 7 modo Sagimtara oppngnari indignando non'Iio* 
mines tantum, aed feeder a et deos ciebaman. 

32 (iviXTo i.e. tanto, iiunnto iii 23S. x 14 a. 
FJEsminii LiL'jiaT epobtch hi 87— BI. vii 106—186, 
schoL 'at ostendat Faesidliim conductoa haboisse, qui cum iigeDteiaS 
caoeaa magna vuCB landaient.' see Plin. cited on vii 44. Hor. e| 
37 38 Obbar. ii 3 87—89. Mart, vi 48 iiuod tam 
clamat tibi tnrba togata, | non tu, Fumponi, o 

IBt, tmtb. Fal. XI 394 x-niir^i variptarm oKiiBSij larai iiit'tvos, \ SiTt» 

riiiTS, I <i 


cuijili'. Gell. uiled o 

. aao. 

Tuu 1 128 n. I 46 n. Aa it is only for the sako of tlie dole that ths 
clients applaud, tlio dala itaalt Ib called vociSeroui. ci. ui 20 titva. 
XIV 14 ciilina. x45 n. o^ia. smtiian ITq. sea 

luxi. and Btat. b. iii 3 43 aertioi placidiMime. 208. Pera. i aa vetuU. 

BuiiA y 164 n. uv 6. The bulla was dedicated to 
the LarES on tlie asstuaption of the toga viHlia. Prop. i = it 1 ISl 133 

libera luntpta toga. Pera, v 31 fauUflguj mcciactie Laribiii donafa pepeii- 
dil. TM. Ill 1 g 1 to Aemiliua Lepidas a stataa bnlUta et i«cincla 
praelfxla was set up in the eapitol, because when a boy he had slain an 
enemy, saved a eountrjinan. Bchol. Gzuq. on Eor. b. i 5 65. Beuker 
GoUua II SS. EEKioB Euu^ moNisaiuE Bchol. ' ex 

proverbio Orae<io Sli raiBei ol y/pomi,' 3i venebes 

charms Sen. ben. ii SS § 1 ille tion eit mihi par virtutibus nee ojiciia, itd 
habuit auam venerem. The plur. also in QuintU. (of style). 
36 Xsn. anab. □ 6 g S2 the Thessalian Meuon thangbt perjury, lying, 
fraud, the shortest nay to his ends; siniphcity and truth he held to be 
all one with folly. § 25 perjurera ha feared aa men well armed. 

pni'KT 91. 37 75—89. ii 149—163. TibuU. 

I 3 51 52 timidum non me perluria terrent, | non dicta in sanc- 
toa inpia verba deos. akah boresti Pollus i 27 

alfiiirafw -rain paiixois. The blood wtta poured on the altar from a vessel 
[tipi-iiof) EuBt. Od. Ill 445. 

38—59 In such houBst sort lived the o£ earth befora 
Inppiter had driven Saturn, resignioB hie crown for a sickle, to fly ior 
his life, while limo was a girl and luppiter still lived in the nursery of 
Ida's cavea, when as yet were no leasts in heaven, no Ganymedes or Hebe 
to fill the oaps, no Vulcan when the nectar is racked oS BOQuring his 
anna dingy riom the smithy of Lipara. Each god dined apart, and the 
crowd of goda was less. The stars satisfied with few divinities weighed 
bat alightly on poor Atlaa. Not as yel had the gloomy realm of the deep 
been by partition-treaty made over to one broUier; grim I'lnto aa yet had 
no Sioiiian wife ; Ixiou'a wheel was not, noi Curies, nor stone of Sisy- 
phus, uor vulture preying on Tityus ; the ghosts made meriy, lor they 
owned no king or qaeen of hell. Dishonesty was a portent in that age, 
when it waa aountod a deadly ain not to rise before your eldera, tbungh 
you might haoat more strawberries or larger hoarda of acorns. Such 
reverence was accorded t6 four yeara' precedence. 'And children, iu the 
springing down, revered | the sacred promise of a hoaiy beard.' With the 
scoffing tone at. 1 10 n. 84 n. 38 indioenajs 

ai^dx^ue! Aen, Tin 314. On the golden age when Saturn ruled in 
Leaven, c(. sat. vi 1—24, Verg. eel. 4 «. g. 1 125—8. ii 536—540. Aeo. 
Till 319—335. Tibull. i 3 36—60 Broukh. Prop. ni = ii 32 62 Ms mm 
Baturnoregna teitente/i(iC. Ov. her. i 131-^5 Uta vetm pietas, aevo 
waritara fitturo, j ruatioa Saturno regna tenante fuit. ( hippilcr 
ttie i«um ttalait, quodcumqiie iuporel. Aetna B — 15. PrellBr rom. Myth. ' 
40B-— tie, who accepts Varro'a derivation from satio {Saetarid pocolom is 
foOnd in an inscription; thence Satumus). Mari^uardt iv 10. 15. Praisea 
ofearliertiinB3Bat.iii67n. 137Boq.3ia. tv 103. t 57. 110. ti 1— 20. 
45. 164. 287— 9L. 342— 6 et quia tuna homiuum Doutemptor numi- . 

Ot, t I 333—6 where /alci/er. v tl27. 
Ibis 314. MarL xi fl 1. Maurab. Sat. i 7 S 24 Jan 'Jbudb ocdsreil tbat 
Satnni. ehoTild be -worGhipt aa the fouuiler of a better life, of irbiob Uie 
sickle, bonis by bis etntiie, la an emblem.' cf, B g 9. Tba eiakla fell to 
eaith in Sicily ; bence its fertUity (ib. g 13). ot. Ap. Bh. ly 981. Pauaan, 
VII 33 § 4. Am. m 29 EUldabraud priiereatorem deortim iriluaWrtm fal- 
cif arum. Aug. oiv. Dei yii 19. de cona, evang. i g 3i ot Sutum bobtm 
ipiis oiUndil agriciiltaram, qmd falce dejaoiuitrat t Scliwegler i 233 — 5. 
oomm. ou Tulgent. myth, i 3 p. 628 StaTeren. The/alx ia also an attri- 
bute of Friapna Veig. Tib. Or. iQ Bimtmua 
moaasJiea. vm 319 820 primut db aelheriovenit BatmnuB Olympo, | 
arnui lovis f agiens et rtgnin txul adeinptU. 

41 FHiTATDS 1 16 D. )( iiupsiiiLl. add to lesx. Tac. xi 31 wbere )( imperii 
potem. id. h. 1 49 fin. ol traiba vuiior piivato viaiis, duia privaluB 
fuit. Buet. Aug. 28. Plin. cp. n 1 g 2. Eutr. i 9. 11. vn IB. 17. Iti. 
viti 1 Baying of Trajan taleia te imperatorem ttae privatia, quale$ ens 
eiliiimpeTatorea piivatua oplasset. 9. u: 13 fin. 37. 28. x3. 6. 

iimviina adhuc inppiTBB xu 107. ti 14—16 viulta pudici- 
iias veterii vestijiia foraan | aiit aUqua exatiterint vel tub love, std Iota 
nocdam [ barbato. miEis iniiFriBB ks-sms Ap. Bh. 

m 133 — 1 tbe beautiful toy ot Zeus, wbisb his dear mirBa AJraateU mode 
for bim ii/Tpifir 'ISaitf In rfyitui. icou/ii{iiii7a. Marklimd 'expressom 
viiletur as Ap. Eh. i 508 509 6^0. 'lein tn ^ptirl Bijitia flSin \ Auraron 
valeirtft fiiA ffWoi,' Claud. 4 oona. Hon. 197 ab Idaeis primaeviu 
luppiter auttifl, ibaeib tbe Cretan Ida (siv 371. Aeu. in 

104103. Ov. met, yiii 99 lovia incunobuU Creten. id- amor, irr 10 
20), not the Tbrygian Prop. iv = ii[ 1 27 Idaeam Sin 
JeJut'a Florua p. xul 1. 15 Creten, patriam tonanti 
Bh. m 13i. Slepb. Byz, SMa. 

46 c. 1141 n. 43PI7EBII 

II 47. X 171 n. Troni Ov. fr. ii 405 40e kac HarcuUi 
accedat Hylaa Iliacua^ne puer. Cio, Tubc, i § <>□ iioii e 
deoaaat neetara ouf luvenla tapocula lainiatrunteliulari arbiiror, 
nea Motairvm, aiujio, gut Oanymedan ab dis raptnm ait propter 
formam, nt lovi bibera minlstraret ; nan itmla cauaa citr Laenu- 
dtmti taiila fierd iniuria. fingehat haee Bomtrua et humaiui ad dtoi 
tranaferebat ; divina malUia ad tiva. oL n. d. i § 112. Mart, n 43 13 11 
grex tuus Iliaoo pat^rat eirlare einafda ; \ at tiiiki succurrit pro Gany- 
inede iiwnus. Horn. IL u 232—5 dniecas Toi-u/iif iS.jt, | ts Bfj jtdXXiff- 
TOi yiieTO Biiyirds dvBp'ji'raf \ liv nai a.rttpcl^a.rro fleoi Ait oliitix"^"-* I 
kiUiXedi eheta uTu, In' dBavarouxi /urc'i). Serv. Aea. 1 28. Luuiau dial. 
deor. 4 and 6, bsbcous cxob Horn. Od. n 60: 

of Harakles oiirAt ii /ict' aSavaToiei Oiamv \ Hpitirai iv 0tt\(jji lal 
KaXXJo^upo.'H/Ji,!'. H. iv2a;«Ti Si rj^nroma "H S i) I *^iiTa 
vtixiei. Ov. Punt. 1 10 II 13. 44 ad cij 

Prop. v=iv 8 37 /.yfltlamu* ad cyathoB. AnB<i 
19 atat lovia ad cyathuui, geiitriil 
(Turg. 1 130 8aq.) compares Aen. is 618 
6 gla aiTcoa ad remum. 
lie more legnlar, but it ia not neoeBEarj'. 

XIII 44-^46 


necfagv,) el irrmiba loiirui. ib. in 493 Bnrmftn. Otbor in Philologna 
VI 152. Aen. if 236 Forbiger. Hand Turaell. u i99. 536. 

lAn BicCAin tiECTABi: [" aampuing iu ForceU. oi Freand tbe modicul 
use of ticco I and ejniccatui in Cicero bb eiplained b; Forcell. and Gum> 
paiad by biia vith vLat preaedes ; from ^Mclt it eanns that Uie word means 
'to do away with the bad bnmoura in the blood and bod;,' and hence is 
metaphorioally applied to other similar eSeota, J cannot help tMnking 
tiie Boholiast explains theES words rightly 'eiBiccato faeculento, ant 
liqnefauto (nsctare):' 'aiter he ban firut racked off,' 'cleared away the 
dregs of the nectar,' and prepared it for drinking, the SpaniEh ' eeco' 
and our 'dry' applied to sherry ia not ifisa carinas, though the force is 
different." H. A. J. M.]. 44 45 iebokks BBACcnii 

in Homer when Tiaited by Thetia D. ivni Hi mrdyyijiS' liu^l TpiswTta 
KnJ diiipu x^'p' dimfiipyrii. It was only by way of eioeption that be 
acted as cnp-bearer (□. i 696 — 6U0) and provoked iuextinguiahablQ 
laughter iu Olympus. 45 BBACcnU. lifabiqa 

BioBA liEERKi I leo — 2. Stat. H. 1 S 6 7 regernqjie ciiruici \ igntM adiiiie 
feinim Siaalaqae incude rubeutem. Vi^'l. 11 96. Laeian deor. dial. 
5 g 4 Hera having cast Ganymedes in the teeUi of ZeoB, be retorts: 
' I eapposa your soa Hephaeetoa ought to pour out our nine, limpiog, 
Etill alt ovtT iparkifrom tlie forge, jnet after be has laid aside the tougs j 
and from those hie fingers we ought to take the cup, and draw him to ns 
now and then (or a Mes, whom even you bis mother would not care to 
kiss with his faee ail begrimed viiih tlie soot.' Hera replies % 5 ' note 
Zens, HephaeBtos is lame, and bis fingers unworthy of your cup, and ho 
is covered with foot, and yon sioken at the sight of him,sinae Ida bred up 
for QG ri' Ka\bp toiiiinj* tdDtw. but you used not to see all this, nor did 
the ashen or tiie forge prerent yon from drinking at his hand.' ib. 1S§1, 
where Hermeti asks Apollo bow tbia limping emitli has married the 
fairest of the fair, Aphrodite and Charis. ' It is Inck, Hermes.' Claud, 
tapt. ProB. II 174 173. i.iPAn*Ki i 8 n. 1 132. VFi u 96. Kallim. 

Dian. 46 seq. Theokr. ji 133 lai Aiirafii!u..;H;iai(rToio. Btrabo 273 ol. 
246. 46 rBANUBBiT BiBi QDiSi)nB )( 42 cunvivia. 

QointiL vi 3 g 16 eibl hidentivm. iueba dbobck 

Cio. n. d, u § 81 iiunim(s,.,d™rum...innamera bills, riiu. : ~ "" 


1 quai 


I3i iemtlip$iitolidem deos faeiant.Ianojtet genioi- 
aa. 17 nostra regia tam praesentibui plena .-at 
nnminiDus, ut taoiiius possis deum quam bominem invenire. 
Sttn. ep. 110 g de superatitioiis fr. 33 Haase (in Aug. oiv. Dei vi 10) quid 
ergo tandem t veriora libi ridentiir T. Talii aut Homiili aut TulU HostiUi 
lamnia? Cloacinam Tatitig dedicavit deam, Ficum Tibmnuviqve Romil' 
Eui, Eoitilitia Pavorem atqtie Fallorem, laeterrisnoi ItmrUnvm adfectai, 
gjinmm alter mcnfiii Urritae mottti etl, alter corporit ne morbus quidcvt ged 
Colnr: haec numina potiia credea et caelo recipieit fr. 3U Omnem iatam 
ignobilem. deornm turbam, qnam longo aevo longa superatitio 
coD^essit. sie adoTabimia, ut meniineriiims milium ejiu magis ad mofcia 
ijumii ad rem pertiiteTe. Ang. ib. ui 17 § 3 fin. iautae numinnm tnr- 
bac diu fruUra fueral iiippUcatum. TV 8 qv-aeramaa, li placet, ex (anta 
dcoium turba, quam liomani colftant, quern paliaaimum vei quoa deos 
eredant illiid iinjieriam dilatasie atque lemasse. In this one oh. be names 
(iloacina, Volupi'i, Lnbentina, Vaticaous, Cunina, linsuia, lugatinua, 
Collatina, Vallouia, Segetia, Tntilina, Proserpina, Nodutua, Volutina, 
P»telaDa, Eoatihua, Flora, Lactomua, AlaLatn, Bunoiua (here Aug. re- 

XIII 46-52 


muka tue omnia eimmemoTo, quia nu pigtl guod iUo rum pvdel). 
place ace porter at tbe gate, et quia hoiao eit, omnino itijficit ; irci 
iati poeufmnt, ForiMliim foribiu, Cardeam cardini, Limeatmum H 
ita nimpoterat Foreultu itmul et cardinem limenque lervare. Tert. ape 
10 niHic erga per tiiigulai decurram, tot ac lantoB, vovot, veteree, I 
bamt, Qraecas, Romano's, peregrinoi, caplivoi, adopttvi , , ^ 
munf s, mosculas, /emi'iuu, rutticoi, vrbanoi, nauticoi, militarett 
Axa. Ill 3B. IT eep. 3 guod nobit catecTHB igiiatoiilia alias 
deornm, acistiTaarf mm potimnui, utraitme iitu^ terio alqTie ei 
periae Jaciatit jide an fictionxbus ludentfe c(aii» ingenioram laieiviatit per 
(uzum. Fnid. c. Symm. n 313 — 67 e.g. sed guia RoTiumit loquimmr da 
cidtibae, ipsum I aarigmnis Hectorei populum probo, tempore limgo \ non 
ntnltoB ooluiaae deos rarieqiie eaasUU { oontentam panoas 
poBnisBeinoollibasaraB. Maiqnardt it IB. 36. 41. S2— 92. Boiesier 
la leligion lomaine d'Aagnste am J^toniiia (Pnria 1S74 2 toIs) bouk ii 
a. 2 'lei religtona etumgerea' (i 374 — 160). Friedlandei iii' 411— ^8. 
There iqajbe a earcaetic allosion to Xha coiaecratio pnncipum, but oliicflj 
to (Lncian Icaromcn. 27) roiJi ^ErofcaU! tdutdui kdI aiiJt>tpa\nvt fioi't, the 
Soij'baiitea, Attia, Sabazios, Isia, Oairia, AnabiH, Serapia etc, id. lupp. 
tiag. 1. 13 (wbete Hermes proposes to make proelamatioa b; aigna to the 
gods, aa be is not lingiiiBt enough to make himself nnderatood by 
'Skythiana and Fersiaus and ThroMans and Kelts'), id. deornm oon- 
cilinm e.g. 9 seq. 14 15 speech of Memos agoinat the new comera : Mithrss 
who knows no Greek ; the dog-hesded Anubia; the steer Apia; there is 
already a acarcit]i of nectar and ambrosia ; he proposes a oommission. ol 
Beveu established gods to examine the credentials of all tbe gods. cf. 
Ben. apocol. 9. 48 atlani'* vitr 32. Aen. j» 317 

Atlantis dari caelum qni rertice iulcit. Zea. th. £17. H^gio. 
Jab. 150. 49 FBornHDi tbe sea achol. (whose view 

ia ooiillimed b; aJiqvii el, x 171 n. and aut) ; otbera (leas probably, nnleES 
indeed with Hertzberg we omit aut, el. Hot. & ui 1 i$ regnaque tristia) 
'the abjBa' = hell. 60 apt tbe negatio 

JB carried on cf. Verg. R. iv B— II neq}lt ...neq-ue ...aut. E. JohnsO 
(Bontley's enamj) additiona to tbo grammatioal comm. (Nottingha 
n. d.) praet. has many esi, bora Caes. Hor. Instin. Hand i 544 s 
So in verae 01. bicula com conidoe Pcoaerp 

(i 119), who buTing been oarried off by Pinto from the fields of Henn 
(Claud, rapt. Fcos. Ov. f. it 421 seq.) ia named Hiimaea (Sil. xr S4I 
otAetiuiea |id. xiiilsl. Firm. Matem. 7). 51 LnciM 

delnctnSof the wicked in hell inriiurHv iaBidiatoi iral T; " 

Sen. ep. 21 g IS non aum tarn ineptai, M Epicnream eantiUnam hoc loo 
pericquar el dicam vatiai etie inferc 

1 et r 

Cerbemm ti 

yi fi7ft-B. (i06-7. 

eOB 803 Heyne. 


Irndl i 


(am pufT eit, U 
HI 10 11 Maura, iag 
yayphna or TimtalnB jl 
: of Titryna ib. 596— M 
9 meontinentiii nee Tityi ircar Iretiqml alei Twqviltt 
additui I cmtot. Sen. Thyest. 9 10 aut poena Tityi, qui ipeeu t> ' 
patma | viterribui atraa^iurit fjfosiia avri. 

£2 scaiBua Lnoian de Incdi fi. king aud qneen Ti 105 n. DraJunb. o 
Lit. 1 39 S 2 and ii S fln. Liv, ixxvii 3 §g 10. Sen. cons. U 
cogita nuUit d^/anetum rnatit adjiei, iUa quae nebie inferm /aciunl t 

XIII 62-60 257 

aUi. faiulam eiie, imtlai inminsTB mortuii tenebrtu ncc carcerim nfc 
Jlumina igne ftagrantia nee oblivioni) avinen nee lrib«nalia ei rem etia 
ilia libertate tam laxa nllos ileram. tfranuoB. bufrunt iata 
poetae et vanii nos ai/itavere terroribia. 

53 mPB,OBvrta ii)isiRtEnjB ){ S2 pradigiosa fides. 
S5 isBUBBGXERAT LeTit. 19 32. Hdt. II 80. AiiBtoph. nuk. 99^ Xen. 
mem. n S S 16. Cio. Cat. moL % 6!) (and from him VM. iv 5 E g 2). 
Oic. invent i § 48 commuTie e>t, qtiad Iwrninet vaign pTobarant el secvti 
lunt, huitw modi: u< maioiibus nata aBBiirgatar. Ban. de ira n 21 
S e longe iiaqut ab aduenUttinjie paeritia retiwvetuia est. audiai verum ei 
iinieat interim, vereatuT lemper. maioribns adBargat. Sulla fPlut. 
n B06') ased to rise befuie the joimg PompeioB and uncover. Tse, m 
SI L.i>. 31 Domitiux Corbvio praetura fiaictja de L. Salla nobili iurene 
guestai ett apud tenatum, ipiod aibi inter ipedjteala gladiatoram loco uon 
deeeEBiBBet. pro Corbulotit Betas, patiiaB uiob, itudili stniurum 
erant....meviorabaniar eiEmpla maiornin, qni iaventatiB irrevor- 
sntiam gravibui decretU Twtaviaient. CapltoUo. Moximioi 9S ( = Maii- 
Tnin iim. 2) adidiKeTU autcTii ipae Maxiinmui superbiae fait inaolentii- 
tiiaae ita at elidm, cum pater amis homo cnideliiinvius pleriiqjie lumoratii 
adsurgeret, ilk reaideret. Aai.n. a. vi 61. 'Winer Boalwdrtarb. Alter. 
Scliwaits on Ftm. pan. g4 g 2 p. 240. Lips, electa i lU. n 3. Ifxx. 
■aiiurgo. It was nanal to rise at the approacli of a oagiBtrate (Becker 
riim. Alt. n (3) 74. 76. liv. H 46. Snet. Caes. 78). Ou Uie reverenoa 
foroldageinearljtiiaeB, BeeTO209 (teaohecB). SelLnlS. VM.iil§9. 
Ov. f. T 65 — 70. Plia. ep. tnl 23 g S nam quota* quitqae vel aetati 
alteriui vel auctoritati at minor oeditf bx ei supply iton ansur- 

rexerat. 56 CDiOD»QDE=iraiiibetsBS9n. 57 money 

didnottliemnaketheman.asnawni 140.207— 212. Id the Golden A«e 
Ov. m. 1 103— 6 per le dabat oiajiia telhit ; | eantentique oibis millo cogente 
ereatii { arbiiteoi fetaa matitaTuiqne fraga legebanl | quae deciderant 
patula lovit arbore glamles. Plin. m g SGfraga among the few herbae 
iponte ruisceiitei nBed for food in Italy thongh neriu* obUctantffnta quam 
eibos. at Sen. Eippgl. 516. omtDia vi 10. 

UT 184 n. Lacx. vl415. Verg. g. i 148. ['ib. ivBl eing.aa a nnm 
of multitude.' J. C] colei 134-6. Or. f. rv 399— 402. Phn. tii§1H1 
Ceret frumenta iinveidC], cum ante glande veaaerentiu: id. ivi § 15 
glande opeB nunc iiuoq.ue nmltaruin gentinm...eonHtant. cf. 
iliUUiEODn. 59 ">Ea BO entirely equal 183. 

60—70 As the world is now, if a friend does not forswear a truBt, if 
he reslorea the old money-bag with all ita nist, 'Mb a portent of hone^y, 
worthy of record in the Etmscan caleudtir, needing a lamb'a blood to 
expiate it. Shew me a man pore and upright, ami I stare aa at some 
ireak of nature, at a child half man, liulf-bnite, at Sell found beneath 
the wondering plongb, at a mule with foal; Btartled as at a shower of 
Btones, a swarm of bees clustered on a temple's roof, or at a river 
Tunning with milk. Marquardt iv 361 — 9. Aa here "virtue is a portent, 
BO vice I] 121 — 3 pracfei, ceiisort opiii est an harnspice nobit! \ 
icilicet horreres maioraque monstra pntarea, | si mulisr vitu- 
lam vel si bos aderet agnum? 
60 SI DEToaiTU!! HON INFITIETUB AMICUS Tet. Ph. EG S6 Davus repnjs 

. Geta what he owes ; tieta thnnka him. Davus: yraesertim at nunc sviit 
morea: adro Tea r^iiil; | siquis quid reddit, magna habendast 
gratia. GIc. daoi. ig lesinfitiator. Mart. 1 103 11 in tus, o /nl/ox 

.atgue infitiator, eantui. Siliyll. ii278 ijJ'Bi-oiJoi xip-Teii re oiij^b^- 


XIII 60-64 


averral c 

Sen. de lia cited 135 n 
a Toal Bnd nil. sabol. 'aatis vitiam aemgo dicitur, terrt 
EraBmus eomparea Pliint. TraB. pr. 19 quo citiiu rem ab eQ 
*,o. id. rod. 815. toujim kit 2B1 o, 

62 raomoloBi a prodigy, foreboding Bome miafoctune 
and needing to be espiated (procurari). liivy apologisaa for the inBertioa 
of prodigies in Mb histor; sum 13 § 1 non evm neecUia, ab eadetn neg- 
legenlia, gun niSil deoi portendere vulgo nunc crediml, wjite nunliari 
arfmodum nulla prodigia in publicum neque in aniiatea Teferri. and Iny. 
(here and ii 131—168) epeaka BOoCangly on the subject. Thaj were -very 
frequently obseiTed in Vae seooud Pnnie war (Liy. tm 1 gS 8—20. sint 
10 g§ G— 13. nyi 23 ggi 5 which may be compared with luvenara list). 
TDBOiB from the TUKcaua the Botnans borroweii 
aimoet all ceremonials of religion oi Etate (v 1S4 n. x 35 n. 38 n. 
XI 155 n. Schwegler i 277 279) esp. expiations Liv. i 31 g of Tana- 
qnil (aat. Ti Stili) perita nt vulgo Etrneci, oaelestinm prodigi- 
orum mulifr. iit. b& % 5 ciait ad publica prodigia EtrUBOi tantmit valet 
adhiberenluT. id. t 16 § 1 ftoati&iu Elruecia, per quoa ea [prod^ial pro- 
earartnt, haraepicta non etant. zxrii 37 g G. VM. l 1 the Bnaients wers 
Eo leligians ut fiorentiaiiaa turn et opvieHtittiTna civitatt decern prineipum 
^lii tenatal eoiaalto eingulit Etruriae populie perdpiendat iaat)~ 
Turn dUcipVniae gratia traderenlar. Cic. de divin. i gS 3. 85. S2. u § 7fi>. 
n, d. It § 10 Dariea. Catil. 3 g 19. de legg. ii § 21 prodigia, por- 
tenta ad EtrusooB haruepiceB, ei tetiaim iutiii, deferanto; 
Gtrnriaeque prinoipes dieoiplinam doceto. guibai divia creve- 
n'nt, proaiTanta idemque fulgura atnae obetita pianto. haruap. resp. 
g§ 18. 30. 2d. 37. Lucan i 581— 63S*a full acooout of a Inelmtio. OeU. 
IV 1. Cland.inEutr. 112—23. jiioha this 

general tenji may inaluda : worthy to be recorded among the portents in 
annals (Schwegler i 7 — 12); worthy of a special troHtmeut. with apecial 
remedies, in technical treatises ; requiring the study ot Buch treatises, 
for its interpretation and expiation. lihelus 

the Elnttcomm ecripta (Cic. hornsp. resp. g 25), Etraseonan libri karus- 
picmiet fiilguralea (defivin. i g7'2), chartae Etnucae {ih. g20): ECriacae 
dMsipiinoe BoJumijui (Plin. II g 199. et g 138. x g 37 illustrated worka). 
Lacr. TI 86. 381 Muuro. Sen. n. q. ii 32 g 2 Twtcoe, qaibaa aumma eat 
falguTwa peneqitendarum icientia. All these works professed to coutaia 
the dootrines of Tagta Cic. de divin. ii g 60 p. 378 seq. Creuzer. Ov. nu 
XT 553—9. Am. ii 62. Ammian. xvu 10 g 2. Macr. in T S2 Ian liber 
Tatqiiitii tranavriptua ex ostantario Tusco. v 19 g 13. Featue 
rituales p. 285 a 25 M. Serv. Aen. i 2. 42. in 537. viu 393. MUUei 
Etrnsker u 22 seq. 280 Beq. Muiquardt iv 363. Forbiger ii 128. Oud. 
on Cio. ep. p. Ha. 63 cdeonati io.-ji iii 118 n, 

Enr. lA. 1477. 1512 both the sacrificers and viDtJms were crowned ; 
Plin. xngg. Acts H 13 Wetstein. Ov. m. xv 131. Tertull. cor. 10 Ua. 

is L.B. IBSl p. 200 seq. 

fstnuiii Cie. de divin. n g 61 si, qvod n 
fenlum pulandum est, BHpientem esse portentum est. 
mulam pepeiiaae arbilror, qiiam lapientem/uiaae. 
iiiMEUBHi Liv. xxvii Ilg 5 uum elephanti capita pui 
su 21 g 12 biceps puer. Cic. de divin. i g 121, llimei 

64,65 B 

aaepiua enin 

XIII 64—08 259 

toCenUors, Tao. itt 64biformes hmainum partm. 
65 KIBAN1I lUttTRo Yerg. g. II 62 of the grafted tree miintnrjiu tiohos 
Jrondea et non taapoma. Aen. the 91 ^2 mirantnr etvadae, | miratnr 
nemui. Ov. amor, ii 11 1 of the Ajgo miiantibns aequoris iinilis. 

ARiTBO Liv. iLn 2 S§ 6 in Qallico agro, gv,a indui^c- 
Tetur aratram, su& exiitentUmt glebit piBoea emeriiaie. TheophraatiiB 
speaks ol certain kinds ot fish, which hod been dug up in Faphliigoiila 
and elaewhera i 825 Bchueidar. Flin. ii %% 175—8. Aiiatot. mir. ausc. 
72 seg. BeclcmaDn. Sen. n, g. m 16 g 5 — 17 g 3 inde, u( TheophToitui 
ajfinaat, piacas quibusdam lociB erunntur. multa ftoc loco libi in 
TUf'nlem veiiiuntt quae urbane ttt in re incredibili dieoJi .' Jion cum retihvs 
aliquem out cunt hands, led cum dalabra ire piv:atuja, tant quifabulm 

the significunce of these diacaveries sea Laaaul: die Geologie dei Gr. n. 
Burner (Stadien Begenab. 1351) i S. Biidaioa in Straba 5GS 663. 

66 FE'tAE aoLAE Hdt. Ill Ifil §§ 3 i ' JOD will take as, whan 
mnlea bear joqub'; so flaid a Babjloniaii ai^a/ia ^Xwifigi- cEu Ti/diirov reKttr. 
ib. 153 § I, ™ 57 S 3. Liv. is:ti 23 g S. iidvii 8 g 3. riin-Tni g 173 
o6i«ruoium...iaula3 non parere. Bat in annalibtta noBtris pepar- 
IBBQ Baepe, verani prodigii looo habit nm, Ariat mir. auBO. 70 p. 
112 Beckmauu. Ael. n. a. sii 16 Jacobs. Suet. Qaiba 1 avo...euinmmit 
>ed aentm imperiam poriendi familiae respoTiium e»t. et iUe iirideTif 
' fone' tTiquit 'oum mnla pepecetit.' nihil luque pottea Galbam temp- 
ta/ntem ret novas confirmavit qaam mulae partus, ceteritgue vt obieetmnt 
oilentum abhorrentibus, lolat pro laetiuimo accepit. of. DCass. lxit 1 g 3. 
Flut. plao. phil. v II ' why are mules sterile f Aug. de dootr. Christ. 11 
S 36 fin. multi multa hunutnu luspitionibui, qKosi regKlariter eonieatata, 
liturie tnandaBBTunC, si forts inealite acciderint, tamquant ai niula 
partat, autfidniiite aliquid pereuliatur. BeTeral modern natutaliBts |in 
Backmaim and Jaeobs) allow the credibility ot these aooounts. Berg ; ' I 
remember the lata famous Link saying in his lectures, that he hod seeu 
in Portugal a mula wbiah had fooled.' 

67 I.AP1DEB Anaiaguras predicted the day on vhich a stone fell from the 
Eun ; some ancb stou^a were woishipt Flin. ii §§ 149 160. cf. xxxi % S. 
Idr. irn 23 § S. xiur 43 § B. sxsv 9 g i xssn 37 ii 3. ranu 36 § 4. 
ISIH22S3. si.ii2g4. iLiTl8S6etc. Claud, in.Eutr. i5 lapidum 
diras Jiiemea. Such a. phenomenon was eipiated by a naeendiaU 
«acn'liciii«(. See any cyclopaedia B.v. aerolite. 

68 BiAiiEs ipiDuPUn. XI § fiS of bees ostenta /aeiunt privata ae pub- 
lico, uva dependents in domibiu templiegue, aaepe ijjJiaio tnagnia 
eventibut. Bees on the lips ot the infant Plato wore an omen of his 
eloquence ; beea in the camp ot Dcuaus, before a victory ; liaudqvaquam, 
ptrpetua haruspicum coniectara, qui dinlm id oitentian exiitimant semper, 
id. Tin 8 158 a swarm on the raaae of Dionysiua' horse. Bih -nu 637 
Haina. Cic. hoiusp. reap. % 25. de divin. i § 73 a BWarm on a horse's 
mane an omen of auecesB to Diouysius. Aen. TO 64— 70. Liv. xxi46§a 
Woiasanbom. xiiv 10 % 11. xxtii 23 § 2. xEtv 9 g 4 (wasps). Tao. lu 
64 examen apinm. Luo, tii 161. VM. i 6 g 12. Flor. rf 2 g 45 
Frainsheim. Pint, Dion 24. App. b. o. ii 68 fin. DCass. LX 35 g 1. 
Capitol Antonin. 3. Amm. ktiu 3 g 1. On the gen. opium ef. Burr. 
Aen. I 430. Drak. on Liv. it 33 § 4. Ov. m. tt 383. Toss de arte gr. 
IT 4 14 p. 626 Eulist. Freund. s.v. eap. Keue i' 2S9. 

CTi BO of beea Verg. g. iv 558 UTam demittere ramis. Bervins 'in 
morem uvae, id est botrjonia, deflnere ; quod Groeci porpuSir [Horn. IL 



n 8il] diotuit.' Coltim. n 9 § 7 ammadFerlito, an tatiim ii 
vniui uvBB dfpendfal. In Greg. Tor. glor. mart, 1 104 (837* Paria 169 
una is tbe bnncli, gruva tbe (n'lLpeB : is sente, quae erat proxinta nva 
pendeDtem admiraliir, de qua graiiis in im canfessorie expretsit, paiP 
Ixdam senior refocitlatui erectus eat. 6B ' 

SELCEBi cf. lAv. nvr 10 S 8 Lanuvii in aeda intai Soipilat 
coTvoe nidum fediie. 70 i^ctib Plin- n § 147 

in iTiftHore caelo Telatum in TTwnjimmta esi lacte et sanguine pbivUn. 
Liv. ixvnll § B. isxiy 16 g 7 nunliaiiim eai Nare amni iao fluiiaBe, 
Heyne opusc. in 265 366. 

71 — 85 'Soa eomplain that your 10,000 eeaterceB hare been em- 
bezzled by fraud and perjory : what if yaur neigliboni hiTB lost twenty 
times that sum ooufided mtbout mtneas {arcaTia) ; aaotber, a yet larfrar 
amonnt, for wbioh the wide obest, packed in every comer, scarce Md 
Toom ? So easy ia it to sligbt heayen's witaess, if no mortal e;e is npon. 
"as. See, with what a set look and bold tone he denies the trust. By 
Bal's beains he swears and the bolts oi Tarpeiau Iots, by Mars' javelin, 
and the shafts of Cyna's seer, by Diana's arrows acd qaiver, by thy 
harpoon, Noptuno sire of the Aegean ; he throws iu the bow of Hercules 
and Minerva's lance, the whole artillery stared in the arsenal of heaven. 
If he be B father, he invokes on himself the doom of Thyeates : ' If I bad 
the money, be my meat my son's bead, boiled, aoused with Bgyptina 
pic^lf^.' 71 FBATn>E without this an action would not 

lie againat the dcpositariMt Gains ii 


in pra^stat, 

I, apud quem ri 
ibn< ■ 


GTery cranny. 

fooiie et pronnm eBi.,,ageTi 

domi. Lno. Vi619 6a0pronui 

x fhe cheat (i 90 n. ii 26 n.) filled 



sit pFontiia vioi 

lures lUel et Samothracvm. 
mnere fnlmina pauper! creditor atq_i 
IS ipsia. VI ills — S e.g. tea quit tunc homintiM 
393—6. Hor. ep. i IG 67—63 Ofabar. Para, 
n 3 — 40. Sen. ep. 10 § 6 cited x 289 n. id. beo. vi 38 § 5 atnnium tamm 
iitoTumlamnota lantvota quam impaaita. ilenique se guiique 
et in leeretam pectoris mi Tedeat et inspiciat, quid tocifiu oj 
quam mvlta tunt vola, quae etiam tibi faleri pudetl qnam pan 
qnae facers coram teste possimua I Luoian Timon 2 a perji 
would sooner fear an expiring wick than 7H;i> raS nwiaiiirapat Ktpn 
^i^a. Tert. apol. 28 citius denique apud vos per omnea d( 
quampernnum gcuinm Caesaria peieratur. Minna. Fel. 39 g e, 
Morqaarcit ir 80 complalnta of the decay of religion from Catnll. Pnip. 
Liv. DE. Grangaeua 'noatratea eiempfo pesaimo, cnm aliqnod erimea 
volant patrare, iadicum metu retenti : Sijs ne eraignais autre, qut Diru.' 

35 S 4 tantiim Urentiac pravii ingemin adicil ilia Jidiicia, q'' ' " 
Eoiet 7 Obbar 1, 1, p. 321. 7? ncn { 

TCJ-IOB Ov. am. v 4 70 eras mihi oonslanti noee dedisse nega. 

78 — 83 ct. the inventoriaa in Ov. amor, m S 37- 
where be complains that the gods wink at perjury in the fair; if i 
forswear themaelvea, their weapons are at once busy nobit fati/r 
Mavors aecitjgltur erne: \ nm petit invicta FalladiH hasta jaanu 
toAis JlcxiUle* earvantiar Apollinie areas: | in nos alta lovia iexi 

GUed iith^^ 


XIII 77-«S 261 

1 hahet, Luo. TR li5— 160 non aUter Fhlegra Tabidoi toltente 
Siyaiiitt I Maitina incaiitit Sicnlu iarudihoi enais | et rubait fiavtmit 
iltruni Neptunia onapis | spioultujue exteiao Paean Pythons 
Tecoiit, I Pallas Gorgoneoa dij'udii in aegida crinel, I Pailenea loyi 
miitavit fulmina Cyclops. Ve-ipaa iudioimn ooci (anthol. IDO B) 11 
tlumiiiaper Cererii iuro, per ApoUiuis arcus. 

78 on ^e most usual adjurafiona sea BciBBoa da 
form, vni II seii. iabpeia iii G. 

lOmniAia 145. Plin. iig 21 alii m Capitolio/oWuntocfnlmiiiftntein 
peierant Xovem. Ztit Spuos boie IhaQderboltB in either liond (Pau- 
aan. y 34 g 9). of. Aen, xii 200. 79 rniMEAa Tao. 

g. 6 luMtai, vfl ipaorum vocahalo fraraeaa genml. leidor. otig. mii 8 
g 3 and Aug. ep. 14(1 = 12U S 41 make it a aword. eo gen. 3 24 Tolg. 
vers. Tet. in Aug. de geo. c. Maaioli. a g 35 aeii- 

oiBBAzi vn 64 n. viiiB Lnc. vn 80 ineubuitque 

ady to vi.tB a ibifactui Apollo. 80 per oaumoh 

TEHATBiciB f(;KLi.AB Tibull. 1 4 36 26 perqite tvat inpuae tini'l Sio- 
tynna auRittaa | afCicmea cHiiei perque Minerva tuon. Ov. 1. b 
157 158 oatb of Callisto b; Diana's bow ilia deae tangem arena ' qitos 
iangimiit arcua, | estc ta/ae ttitet virginit'Uis ' ait. id. amor, in 3. Mlnuo. 
Fai.22 g 6 Diana interim est iiUe succincta venatrix. 'Apre/ut dypuripa, 
fXafyi^^ot, 0i)fMiiT6i'Di, tfiipo^AviH Frellar gr. Mjrth. i' 236. 
81 AEOAEi maria Aen. xii 3116 3S6 cam spirits alta \ inaanat Aegaeo. 
ib. lu 74 Meptnno Aegaeo. At Aegae in Euboea Neptune dwelt 
beneath tha aea (Qom. U. xiii 21, where however the Acliaeaa Abfiao 
may be meant), and between Imbros and Tenedoa lie jiail a grotto (ib, 
SS). Bnrsian Oeogr. v. Grieohenl. ii 411 412. 

TMnEKTKir vm 203 n, Fr. Wieseler oomm. de vario nau tridenlia apud 
popalas veteres, imprimis apud Graecoa et Komanoa. Gottinyeo 1S73. 
4to. 82 uicDS the fatal bow witliuat wMdi 

Troy could not be taken. Bee Suph. Philokt. 

33 QniDQUiD when a list of particulars ia doaed by omnia, cetera, etc., 
theaa words are added without a conjunction x 73 n. The same princi- 
ple applies to relative olausca (viii 27. 3S. xv 90). Qaidquid konanaia 
erat, qaod agri erat, and similar expresaions (equivalent to onrnen 
kaittinei, etc.), ore very frequent. Cic. Toao. li g 0. Hor. epod. 5 1 at o 
deoinm qnicqnid in caelo regit, id. b. i 6 1 Heindorf. Ltv. xxii 4 § 4. 
zuu 9 g.3 inrautea p er (luioqaid deoium est. Tac. u 'i8 quantum 

with injuit as Ti 64 65 gatmit \ longam et miserabile. Stat. Th. xn 
426 (lehile gaviaao, VFl. yii 215 flebile gandena. Claud, rapt. 
Fraa. u 8 flebile.. .gemnit. But qu. whether the parenthetio inqait 
ever has euch an adj.? 84 — 85 kati 

BiHCtPCT XII 120 n. lathera often swore by the head (of, vi IB. Aen. ix 
800 Goasrau. Dem. in Con. p. 126U 19 (utA tuv rttidur diJ-i-iavrvs} 
or safety of their aons. Plin. ep. ii SO g^ □ 3 clamat laorieiti hominein 
neqnam perfidum ao plua etiam quau peiiurimi, qui sibi per 
ealntem iilll perierasaet. facit hoe Segultu non miniu scelcrale 
gvam frfquevter, quod iram deoram, quos ipse eotidio fallit, in 
□apnt infeliaie paeii detestatur. QuintU. v G g 1 for one of tha 
parties to offer Mmaelf to be sworn tine ilia condUione, uC uel adeer- 
taiiv* iuret, fere ivijirobvm est. Here the father pledges himself to eat 
(like Thyeetea) hia son's head, if lie breaks his faiUi. 
SS 'BABio suhol. 'Aegyplio, forti.' vi63 ad Fharon et Nilum. Ath. 


XIII 85—89 

fiT* CliryeippciB Bsid that the 1)691 Tine^iar oame from Ef^pi and Enidoa. 
Cid. Hartena. in Nonins p. 240 alteriiti ingertium, lieut aoetam Aegjp- 
tinm, acre. Mart, xm 122 amphora Sihaai non sit tibi vilii aoeti. | 
esset cum vinum, vilior ilia fait. 

86 — 119 Some ms.ka abanoe all in nil, and believing in no Toler of 
the world, Bwoar without a shudder by anj altar ;oa please. Another 
believes that there are gods, and yet forecasts thns 'with himself. 'With 
my body let Isis deal as she will, and with ongr; rattle strike bliadneiis 
upon my eyes, it only even sightless I may clutch the foresworn coin. 
'Tis worth while to bny wealth by consumption, rotten sores and a crip- 
pled thigh. Let Lados, if not stark-mEid, (needing hellebore of Anticyra 
or preeoriptjons of Antisthenes) not hesitate in his need to pray for the 
rich man's gont : for what is he the bettor for the fame of flestness and. 
the hnnger-starved branch of Olympia's olive-wreath? Can he feast 
praise 9 The wrath of the gods may be heavy, it is assm^dly tardy : 
they are concerned to pnnish all the guilty, when will my turn cc 

lonnd ? Besides I may perchance, as some do, appease theii wrath , . 

one man's crimes bring him to a cross, another's win a crown.' ThnT' 
the perjnrer steels his heart against fear, nay drags yon to the temple to 
hear his oaths : acting a farce all the time, like the runaway buSoon in 
Catullns. Yon shout like Stentor or Mars in Homer : ' luppiter, dost thon 
hear and yet not move the lip, when thou should'st speak even though 
of stone or brass? Else why do we drop incense and offer heifer's liver 
and hog's caul on thy altni? For aught I see, choice there is none 
between the images of you gods and the statue of Tagellins.' 

B6 seq. Luc. n 4 4 5 55 sTint nobis nalla profecto \ ntimtna .' eim 
cofco rapiantiO: aaei^ula casu, { mentiiauT regnare lov^m... | ...mnrta'to- 
nuUi I ntnt curala deo. Claud, in— 3 (cf. Barth. pp. 1077— 94)" 
taepe mihi dubiam iraxit lentintia mmtem, | eurarent luperi ' 
nulluB ineitet \ reator et incerto ftuerent mortalia casu, etc 
provid. 1 %2ostmdeTe turn fin« aliquo oust ode tantum opia itan, n«jl_ . 
hune liderwn eertii/ia diseurmm tortuiti impet-as eiie, etc. Plin. u S Sf ' 
seq. (partly oited x 36G n.) Oieseler ch. hist, introi. g 13. Minuo. FeL 
fi g 7 seq. Friedlander ui' 489 400. bcht qui etc 

with oouj. nr 70. t 73. vi 73. 430. viit 36. ix 113. with ind. T IM 
(plurjma mnf, gvas). vi SS9 (hue sunt, g;uar). lui 223 Ihl itmt. 
g«i). In these latter exx. the subject is expreiaed, which 


^e (Kiaer) _ 

87 N 

! duce Madvig § 277. On t)ii9 Epicur^itn denial at Pcovidenoe, 
see Qnintil. v 6 g 3 the party who declines to receive his odversaiy'i 
oath ft iniqiiam condielonem et a mnltis onntemni inrla inrand^ 
metnmdioet, cum etiam philosophi qnidam Bint reperti, qut- 
deoB agere onram rernra bumanacnm negarent. Plin. a"'"" 
agere rniram rerum kumaniirum illmi quidquid tit siinniiaJn? atlM 
triiti atque imiltipUci miniiterio non poUui cTcdanaist 1 dublteumunt t 

I 5 6 annijus nuatus | et liioia nocliique vIobb. 
89 ouucDuaiiE=qnaelLbet x 351) n. Snine eltaiB, e.g. the ara ran 
Heranlia, were speoislly aaored DH. i 40 fin. Atniii* xiv 211 

VM. HI 9 E § 3 Hannibal's oath. of. Nep. Haim. 2^84. Liv. 
1 S 4- Mart, ix 43 9 hunc puer ad Libycai iuraverat Sanaibal una. 
Hence Prop, iv — 111 20 2S quipacta> infoedera rvpeTit aras. Argument* 
on the removal of the altar of ViDtoiyfrom the curia: Symm. ep. x64=Gl 
libi in legei vettraa et verba iumbimus? qua religlont nuni/aba I<r- 

XIII 89—93 


rebitnr, ne in ttifimoniu mentiatur U..illa ara fidcm eonvenit liitgnloruni, 
luqne aliud taagU aiKtoritatem facit letUeaiiii nottrii, qnam qiu>d omniii 
qaari iaratna ordo decemit. Ambr. ep. 17 § 9 i..D, 381 si.. .in ea curia 

gercntuT : propUrta entn interprefantur aram locatam, ut eias eaoro- 
ntento, ut ipti patant, unuiquiique canventu) eonralerel iniiudiiiat...ti 
trgo tiNperittore Chriitiani in aiaia iarare cogentar t Qreg. Tnr. hiBt. 
Frano. ai 14. it 47 q^ieia ad altaiium cUtm addactum iurare fecit ae 
dieere 'per hurte lacam lanctuni ei TeUii/uia) nwrtyrum iealorum. v S3. 
LasanlE der Eid bei lien Griechen (Stadien 1854) 1S8. 195. Heminna 
gottesd. Altertb. g 23 9. Charlemagne a.d, 786 lequirod the Tliiitiiigifta 
EonapiratorB to go to Home or to Taiioaa Bauotuatios in Nettatria aiiil 
Aqnitaine, to Btrear apou the relies ol eaoh eaiut (Siemoiidi hist, ilea 
Frano. Brni. 1849 i 414). So in prayer Maorob. Sat. ni2 gf 7—9. On 
the medisTal onstam of swearing by tlie alUi and the relica of Baints 
under it Bee Duoange b. tt. iurare in aliari. itirare poiitii maidbaa 
tuper allare. A. latnoua instance is the oath taken by Harold to William 
of Normandy, i. n, 1065. lAKomiT xrr 219 n. 

Nep. Liv. IL oc. 91 putat ebbb dkob San. ©ontr. 2 g 8 

tu, cum tan innocena qaam tUeie vixerii, isla pasaa oreclia deoB ease ? 
Ennins in Cic. de diiin. n § 104 ego deum genus eesu semper diii et 
dieam eaelitum, | ted eos noa earare opinar, quid agal hanumum genus. 
Cio. de inv. i | 46 probable opinions : impiit apiid inferoi paenru eise 
praeparatai ; eoa, qui philosopkiae dent optram, non BrbUrari decs 
esse. ET viil34n. Tert. apoL 2p.ra. 

ChristianUM haminem omnium icelemvt ream, deorum, imperatonm, legmn, 
foomm, naturaf. loliai inimicum existimas, et cagii negare. ib. 37 fteiMrai 
mratiu et veatra omnia impteBimai. Nagelsbaoh % 193 1 b. Cio. Tnso. i § S 
Kiihner, pbisbu Liv. in 30 § 5. Minuo. PeL 7 5 etiam per quietem 
deoi videmta, amJimiu, agnoicimut, qws inpit per diem negiainu,noluniu, 
peieramna, Cic. deinr. i^iHineo gmere, qyod fere f^ri lolel, proba- 
bile htiiuimodi «(.... ■...'si avarna est, neglegit ioH itirandum.' 
92 coKPOBB per saluieia meant, per capat (Liy. 
wm 48 g 13), per ocalos, were usual forms of oaths. 

93 I9IS on the Morahip of this Egyptian goddeas in Bone at. sti 
29 n. Boiasier la religion romnjno bk. n e. 3 ' les religions fitrangSrea ' 
(I 874—450). L, Georgii in Pftoly iv 276-300. Plin. u g 21 extemti 
/amulanlur eacria. C, Heiohel de Isidis apud Bomanos cultu BeroL 1B19. 
in Greaoa Hertaberg ii 2fl7— 76. 485. Lcmsii on which 

a oniae may have been invoked Prop, i IS 33—38. Ov. amor, in 3 
9—14. id. Pont 1 1 51—64 vidi ego linigerae namen niolaiie falenteia 
I Isidos Isiacos ante eederefosos. \ alter ob hnio aitnilem privatna 
lamine cnlpam | elamaiiia media >e neruisse via. antliol. Pal. xi 116 
flf Tir Ixp ixSpi", Ainnio'ir, fiij marapia-B | rTjf'Ifft* roiTi^, iiT)Si rda 
'AprotpdTTiv, i /afi' el rii TUfiXoii xoifi fftis, Hetmea in Aug. civ. Dei 
Tin 3(1 § 3 I B 1 n vera uxorcm Otirii qaam multa bona praeatare propHiam, 
qnantisobesseieimiu irataml Oeorgii 1. c 286. Apul. met. viit 23 
at te,..omnipotens et onmiparene dea Syria et Batictui Sabadias et 
Sellana...caecnm reddant. Comparo the legends o£ Xiresias, Bteai- 
ohoruE and Appiua Clacdiua Caeciia. bistro 

(■rcisTtHt o-eIu). Ot. amor.ui 9 3334 guii nunc Je^^ptiaprOfUnl | siatca;' 
Pers. V laC 187 tarn grandei galli et turn sistio iuaca lacerdoi | 
tneUMere deoe infiantii corpora. Lno. vm 831 S32 nol ill tcmpla tuntn 
Bamaaaaccepimnii.&in j ...el a is tea ivheaUa luctus. id. i63 of Uleopatni 


XIII 93- 


terrail ilia dm, lifai, Capiiotia iiatro; Cf. Prop. tv=iii1143. Sen. vlt.- 
beat. SB § 8 cum niHtrnm aliquii catKutieTui ex imperio mentitur,... 
eunt aliquia genibus per vlaya Tepens ttlulat lauTUitupie lititeatus Benez et 
Ttiedio tuncTTtani die praefirejut eoTictantat iFatnm aliquant dearrtTat conatr^ 

firmatU. VFL it 418. Bnthcl. Lat. 4fi2 4 E. Apnl. met. □ 28. Ploroa 
VergiliaB orator an poeta (in 0. Jahn'a Morns p. lui 18 19) at orn tfili 
viderera et papulaia temper in tempUa otioium peregritiae dcae Bistrapul- 
santera. Pint. la. et Oair. 63 (cf. Parthey pp. 2S6 257) tdO Si stlrrpoo 
vtpupfpviii SruUai 6vTot jj a\fiU Tcpi^x" ""^ act&iiera rinapa. Anson, 
epiat. 25 29 laiacOB agitoM Mareoliea sistrft liimaliiu. Sacv. Aen. 
Till 696 liU aMein est geniat Aegypti, qui per aistri motnm, quod 
gerit in deitra, Nili accesinis receaswiqiie ligmjicat. Bee Forbigar n 
189. Rich. ForeeUiai. HSt. HUdelirimd. ApnL 11 614—51. also tlie &gaiea 
on the walls of the temple of laia (in Donaldaou'a PompBi; 1 or Overbeafc 
or Dyer.) Several are in the Britiab roaaeiiin, at Saploa, and at Herlin 
(Wilkinson ano. Egyptiaoa ii 923—61. 
64—95 TEL CAEcnfl...DisiniDM OBDB oontraat Matt. 18 8. 
05 PirraiBiH Boribon. 186 minutalimque per tabem quasi phtlii 
mmaittur. Cael. Am. tard. n 14. ind. Plin. 

TouiciB ForoeUini. Sen. ep. 68 § 8. 
96 TANTT X 97 n. ' et phthieiu Bl oetera ea condicione {nt li 
faoiam) eabire operas pietinm est.' isa>via comparing Uv. m. 
aitt li reacierit, ajtni aunt inrgia tanti 'Le, eubeantor iorgiu, uuu 
rociiBO in bao eansa.' Mart. 1 12 11 12 mini: et damna iui'ant, nun! ipia 
pericula tantl: { stantia iion poteraat tecia probare deoi, Plin. Tm % 8 
of clopbantB ciTcamBentique a venaittibm primoi conaiitaunt qilibw 
[[{mills} tunt minimi, ne tanti proeliaia paietar 'i.e. at venatoniB operas 
pratium ne putent tautillae praedae epe proellnni inire.' Add 8m. 
cuntr. 9 § 11 an ut eonvfaia populia initmaniur et teela aura fidgeant, 
parricidiniD tanti fnit ? Sen. ben. vi 22 fin. la it worth while that 
Ihe world abunld go to ruin, merely to ref ate yon f est i 
aril, iatacoDoideref ep.68§ll. 8ip est tanti, iitffrahimi 
esperiri et ingratos. 101 § 12 eat tanti Tolnus Buum 
patibnlo pendere diatrictum, dam differat id, quod 
optimum, aupplicii Jinemt eat tanti lialure animatn, tit 
Tin 191—3 Bint age tftnti, | Aesonidf, q^uaeoumquo : 
saeva iiiiire \ saxa ilerum. Froato ad M, Cass, n 14 p, ST Nabei 
eit miaus Inonbrare, itt te vialicriut vldeam. Sulp. Set. diaL u: 
17 g 3 non tam^n tibi tanti aint vel magnarum morarum iilla di 
qllin iUic adeai iltiutrem viram. 
i.oonn.iiTEJi poDAOKAU of. BB emriene ramus. 93 irato iiatro, Ariatoph. 
Plut. 560 Bohol. Poverty boaata that she tarns ont hotter men, mind 
ajid body, than Platoa: wapi Tif/iiryap TraSayptinTft. Mart. lu 17 you 
oomplain, Lnorinus, that lever will not qnit yon; it takea the sir vritli 
you, bathea with yon, dines on oystera, tcufflea, Bow'a paonch, boarj ia 
oft^ drunk on Setine and Falsmiaji, and drinks only Caeduban in ioad 
water: cirmtmfuta rorii et nigra reeuBibit aiaoTno, | dormit tt in plvma 
purpareoque toro. | cum reoubet pulchie, onm tarn bene riTBt 
apnd te, | ad Damam polins via tun f ebria eat? liuoion gillue 28 
after setting forth the naea ot poverty: it hardeaa you against Uie 
weather; none of these severe diseasea approaohea yon ; if ever a alight 
fevei fastens on yon, yon soon recover, and it takes to Sight ill tetrul', 
seeing ;oa drenohed with oold water khI lumpi. o^u^'ew }.iiairra tui 


S 9? 


(aT/)imt! TEpiiSois, dI ii ir inpaalat iBh-w tI rwr Kruan b6k ftfowi, iro- 
Sa-ypas Kal <p6ias (conBumptiDnB) nal rfputMunetias xai uSipoin (jiopsiee) ? 
for tboBO art) tlie iasne of thoae costly icastB. id. Satumal. 28 cuntraatB 
the efiucts on health of jAain diet (cresu, thjme and onioDS) and dainties 
(pork and cakes) ; the self'indiilgent faU into conBumption, in&ummation 
of the limga, drops; ; they are pale as a norpso ; nhen the; come to old age, 
the; must he carried on men's shoulders, for their legs will not support 
them. You poor ma; neTer taute fish, bnt then ;oq are free from gout, id. 
epigr. 35b 47 (anthol Fal.zi403) to gaut luiriwri-iX'^ Bta, /ioiirj) rJt-aiTaU Sa- 
lUTnpa,\v t4 naMSi i^nai vdrroi' tnurraiiitr), [ el Sinai (aXor^wi firii'iw^ 
iroiri xolp"!, I nXoipafieir t ridat jwd ii6pa am iiiXetai, \ rfpirci tai ari^rit 
ef Kal Ailo-Dviou iri^ Baicxou. | raDra irapa ■rTajiais -ylywrat oiiiirarf. | 
TOineK'i fuv 0fii7Ei! xfpliji Tiv dx'^^""" "CSor, | T^pjrci i' au rXairou vpbl 
irJSaJ ipxap^rn- 'il. tragoedopod, 110 111 rdiiS' [UoSdypay] etyXayirais bl 
papKi I i6a\pot i9pi>}^T0 UXniraii'. ib. 194 SXjiiS^pou llaSiypa. 
■ 9/ t.ii>iS there were two 01;mpio victors of this name: one probabl; an 
Argive, Tictorin the Sttixot (near the Enrotas Pans, iii 31 g 1 A^Sa ;ivflu(i 
iSTii' lisiinjn liitcp^aWoiiinwahSmit iifi alirau) ; the other nn Achaean of 
Aegiom, yictor in the <rriSuiv (ib.), in the 135th 01. B.C. 281 (id. \ S3 
g 14). The more famous Argire had a statue in the temple of the 
Lyfcian Apollo at Argos {id. 11 19 g 7). another by M;rD is celebrated in 
the antboL (cited on 99). In Arkadia, near Fetrosalia, was shewn (Pans. 
Viu 12 g 5) A^iSa ffriSioi', ^s S firoitiro A^Sai iLi\(Ti)r Spb/iKii. Benndorf 
and Orerbeck (Sehriftquellen KUr Oesoh. der bildenden EUnate Lfeipz. 
1868 101) suppose that Myio's statne Was in Oiympia, bnt removed to 
Borne before the time of Pann. which wonld account for his silenoe 
rcBpectlng it and for the familiarily of Eoman writers with the came. 
His fleetness became proverbial. Catull. 65 24 33 non ti Fegatm fcrar 
vaiala, | non Ladas ego pintiipeive Peneia. anthol. Pal. ivi 63 A^iiai 
TO ardSuiy tW TJ\aTi:. eln '' ■- ■ ■ ■ ... . . 

Plat. 1 

licfbit altfmm pedem Ladae, ] inf.ptK, fraxti 
Sen. ep. 85 @ i. SoUn. i 9fi (p. 20 22 M). Friedliinder li' 612 thinks that 
a Contemporsry of Martial's may have asBumed the name. Arioato 
rastu 28 (Diintzer). 

UfucTSK a poor man thongh fleet of foot as Ladas, anless he be oraz; 
(needing therefore the heflehore of Antioyra) will pray for ricbea even 
with the gout. Two towns of this name pro<lnced hellebore: one in 
Pbokis on a bay {tinai AMiajramis) of the Coiiuthian guK (Strabo 418 
Antikyia, bearing the same name with that on the Matiac gulf and 
mcmnt Oeta; here they say rAf iWipopan ififiiiiBiu t)iv iaTflo; inaSiSii Si 
neodpiaBai B^kTiov, not Si& roura iraSjtHui- StOpo waWoHs, KaSdpafOK cat 
Sipariia! xdpw. at. Fansan. x 36 § 7 : black hellebore stUl grows in pro- 
fusion an the hiU above the site Barsian Oeseb. v. Griechml, 1 182 — 3), 
the other on the Mahao gulf, near the mouth of the Spercheus (Hdt. tii 
198. fiteph. Byz. Strabo 418. 426). cf. Hor. s. i 3 83. 166. n. p. 300. 
Pers. IV 16 Jahn. eplst. Boiicat. 8 p. 16 Orelli. Ptol. Hepb. ap. Phot. 
190 (p. 14T' Herakles cured of madness by a Phokian, who first discovered 
hellebore). Hellad. ib. 279 p. 534*31. Plut. decoh. iral3 (end). Antikyra 
token neat afri) cad' aMjv, aires madneii, but when miit with anger 
■rpayvltas roie! tal pjiBim. Lnoian dial mort. 17 2. Bust. CaL i^prae- 
(ifrium vinoa ex teceaaa Antleyrae i^uant valiiudiiu! causa petierat, 
jiropagari tibi comnuatmn itupiut deiidermitem cum matidaaet inlerimi, 
adiecit ' weetMriam mm sonfuinii munonem, cui tarn dia TUn^deuat. 



XIII 97—102 

hoUeliorniQ.' On the medioal uses of hellebore of. Plin. nv g§ 47- 
Bnd Sillig's ind. auder liellebonm. vcratnun. Benaelec Eigennftiuen 
''ArriKupa. De Vit onamastieon a. v. Antiuyra. Gell. ivii 15. eap. Paul. 
Aegin. Eng. tiausl. m 107. SIM — 510. HprQngel-ItaseDbaiUm. Geach. d. 
Arzneikuude i* md. hellebonu. 88 ibcikobse uv 252 u. 

of. XII 113 n. He oured his teacher Agatliinoa of a deliriuua tey&r by 
fomentations of wann, oil {Sprengel Geaoh. d, Artza 5ter Abaclm. o. 6 
§§ 55-58 from AetioB). A work of hia vcpl t^i Jiirfuj roS i\.\t^6pov ia 
qaoted by OaLen ; to whieb OribaaioB, tbs folleat and most accurate of 
tha anoient aathoiitioa on tie mode of adminiHtering hBllehorB, was mnoli 
indebted (AdamB on Paol, Aegin. iii p. 507). On tbe form of tba abL 
of. Achaie (Aen. I 313 cited bj PriBcbin vii 2 § 8), Soph-U.te {Qaintil. 

4 3 10). Aeacide Nestoridegue (Ov. Pont, n i 22). Neae 

99 BsuaiBNs yn 7. 35. 81. 
iPiaa, whioh gave name to Fiiatii, a diatrict of Blis, lay to 
.Olympian plain; by tbe poets it is identified with. Olympio. Pind. 
nil 88 2» di^at « ol irreipiyur iynti/uny Ttdniv, rif iyci, wtUur in TLUat, 
vewrdffKif a/ia m-oSiou vucdn Sfiinoy. (bo Pindar often, ci. Bockh'a index). 
anthoL Pal. Xn 64 olbt {171 ixiy^ riy uir^«(ioK, l/tme ApSo, | BOnor, ir 

XB^iii^' I oiijuaTt Hiffalou rpaaSimlir tnitpdyov. Terg. g- >u 180. Sen. 
Tbyest. las. Agam. 99S = 938. Stat, b, i 3 8. Th. i 421. Ti 5. Ansoiu 
eologac. de loois agonnm prima lovi magna ceUiranttir Olympia Pigae. 
UoiBian Oeogr. v. Griechenl. n 1!73 274. 286—300. Tlie eaavalioiiB 
now in piogreas will tbrow mncb ligbt on the Olympic games. 

OLiTiE Tui 226 n. Find. 01. tv 13=20 iXai? m^- 
*uflfi( n.iririSi. of. BoEkh ind. B.v. Aolo. BCbol. Pind. p. 103. 
Eurip. in Plat. Alkib. 11. Aiistot. mir. ansc. 62 p. 106 Beckmanu. Tha 
niritot or wild oliva is also spoken of as the Olympic prize Artemidor. 
IT 59 Zoiloa taking bis own sons as combatants to Olpnpia CAoff iertipa,- 
nSffflai ri ir^upi sXnljural KOTUifl' '"i i<l>li^pa /lir ^v ttOvp-ot ilt lipfir 

aan. y 7 § 4. Bpanheim, Bergler etc. on Aristoph. Pint. 580. Stat. '. 

VI 7. Plin. CT § 19. XVI g 210. Stark in SiUnngaber. d. aiiciia. Ges. tl 

Wiss. 1856 1 103—112. 100 D ' ' " " 

Or. tr, I 2 73 74. maqma, 

DKOBUK Plato iBgg. 899" Baq. Soph. 00. 1E30. Enr. Ion 1615. The 

dektes fr. 8 Nauok. Liv. iii BS § 7. TibnU. l 4. 

Orelli. VK. 1 1 E § 3 fin. Sen. contr. x praet. § 6 lunt di immortal 

lenti guidem aed oerti vindicea generia fcuniain*. 

paioem. gr. i 444 Lentscb (cf. Pint. 11 549'') ii^i BiSr diidium /ui) 

(iWowri Si Xerri. ib. 87 Zfilt mTtlSe xpi"es ''t ris SupBipns. Tbt " " 

of Ibykos. Plat, de eera nmn. vind. Staveran on Xep. xvn 2 § 5, 

101 Oy. tr. II B3 34 si, qiwlieia peccant bomine», 
fidmiTia mittat ] luppiter, em^iio tempore ineniat mi. 
102 Plat. legg. 902'. CJc. n. d. 11 g 167 if a man'i cropa are injiued' 
by a Btorm, we must not suppoae evM, cut quid horiim accident, out 
itivititm d(0 oat negleetv.m a deo ; ma.^iia di curonl, parva neglegnnt. 
ib. Ill g 79 heaven's neglect of man is proved from tbe rerae : niim n 
cursne, bene bonie sit, male malie, quad nunc abeat. Plin. u g 26 dtot 
agere caram rerum kamanarum ex usu vitae eH, paeuaaqno male- 



.ndo s 


XIII 102—111 26/ 

eIoUi : 'yoa are eo soimd oeleep from &n opiate tliat ;au liave no eai 
for perjuriea, no eye for injuHtice, Wlieu jou ware joiing, jonr light- 
ninge were neTor at rest. Hov yon let things lake their own course, 
and no one, except fiom habit, mokea the smalleBt ofFering to ;oa. 
Soon JOU will go the way of Eioqos ; already men plunder your temple, 
and you don't even dara to wiike the dogs or rouse the iteighboiira. 
You have alieady outelept Epimenides. T&ke the bellows and kindle 
a thunderbolt, or borrow lire from Oeta ; eiae wo may heliere the 
Cretan story of your tomb.' Zeus o. 9 confesses that owing to pressure 
of business, the increase of perjury, robbery and sacrilege, he has not 
Lad time lately to look at Attioa ; and the bawling of the philoaophecs 
drowns all sounds of prayer ; one's only chanao, if one would not ha 
worried to death, is to stop one's ear and sit still. 

103 ^B such perjuries, cf. zi 114 his monuit nog. 


£1 18 g 18 fures privatorum furtoram in neryo atque in aom- 
pedibus aetatem agnnt, furea pnblici in auro atque in pur- 
pura. Sen. ep. BT g 23 saerilegia minuta puninntur, magna 
in triamphts fernntnr. Sen. Phaedra 606 Feiper honesta quaedant 
eeelera luccesgm facit. id. Hf. 26S 256 prosperum ao felix seelnB| 
virtus Tooatur. Oypr. ad Donat. 6 homicidiuvi cum admiitant lingnli, 
ornrun eit: cfrtiu voeattir, cum piiblice gerituT. inpunitattm laeleHbtn 
adquirii non innocenciae ratio, eed mevitiai magnitudo. Aug. civ. Dei 
IV i Tcmota, igitur iu«(tfifl, quid aunt regna, nisi magnalatrooinia^ 
guia tl ipsa latrooinia qni'd sunt, nisi parva iegna7 answer of 
u pirate to Alexander, who aslied him, guiij ei vidtretiir, M mare 
habiTct in/eatum, ilU libera eontumaeia, 'quod iibi' inquit 'ul orbem 
terrarum. aed quia id ego exiguo navigio faoio, latro vocor; 
quia ta magna clasae, imperator' whioh is from Cic. rep. m 
g Sfi when asked gtio leettre inpulsui mare liaberet infesium una myO' 
paroiie ' eodera ' inqiiit ' quo tu orbem tcrrae.' 

csucflu a slave's pnnishment vi 219 220 'pone orucem servo.' meruit 
guD mmine servus | auppliciumt Hor. a. ii 7 IT. 
vwtttait TULir Yell, ii 45 2 coniervalae patriae pretium calamitatem 
ej^Ui tnlit. Ben. Fhoen. 590 tllf praemium acelerum feret 

TOLiT Tin 119. II 39. Plant, mero. ii 8 106 quod potces, feres. 
Phaedr. iv 18 = 17 ilO erd hoc feretis pro iadicio praemiani, Boiman 
(ed. 1727) lb. i 16. Miihlmann 209-211. 

i,iij)EKA vin 259. Bioh. Flor. ii 21 = iv 11 § 3 ol Antonius, who had 
thrown off the veiy garb ol a Boman diadema deerat, ut regina rex 
et ipse, frueretvT. 

107 AO DBLCBBi vooantem: sv 135 adinra vooantem. 

108 i»"o or rather, Plin. vt la g 4 Riifus et cam eo eeptem an octo, 
nqjlmiimnio. VEXsne Inxficti; to press. 

109 NAM ho is thus eueer to appeal to the gods, beaattte effrontery is 
miatakea by many tor the seourity of innooenco. 

juQHA 1UIJ.E BirrsHEBi iODAOU. oiCBiE 287 cum seelae admittunt, super- 
est constantia. UQ Fii-ucii Tao. Agr. 1 fidueiam 

mornm. Echol. ' ttudaoia otoditar innooens, ut mimnm urbani sonrrae 
ogere hae imaionia andaoia videatnr: taUs est enim mimus, ubi EemUl 
fucitivus dominum sunm trahit. Catullus mimographus fuit.' 

M1MD51T157. A-ieoa. vm 185— 198. 
ILLB the false swearer. HI ubbaki witty. 

TaoiTXVtw the runaway slave who, eu the schol. says, daminma trahil. 

^^B lih 


268 XIII 111-118 

peiliapa to the altar, to receive his OBtli that ha was I 

ciTniii Yiii IBS n. 112 

T 785 786 ST^uropi etaan^rn neya\^opi xo^"' 

aiS'^irairx' Scor dkXin TcvT^Korro. Ariatot. pol 

de laotu 15. He ohallenged Hermes, the ciier of the gods, 

Qnd so met his death (sohoL II. of. vincere here). BChr^B. or. 32 u 

SI K ^6 need not thia slack and veak conaolatioD, hut rather Zri!*- 

Topos TU'di XP^^"' ^Styyo/ilrov j:a\(ciii' ij aiiJipeor. Benseler Eigeunamen. 

vivcGHB Hoi. e. 1 6 41. Stat a. 1 1 65 Markland. 

113 BBiBivna aoMEBicnB 11 128. L. y 869—61 6 S' t^paxt xiUeot 

'ApTpj \ Satrov t bftaxi^ot hrlaxop ^ S^KOXt-^ot | iy^ptt iv roXf^t^. On. 

the gaantity {S, in Or. m. ti 127. a Verg. Lue.j see L. Miiller de 

metr. 352. The solemn appellation is used in banter. From the 1( 

6 Haupt (on Ov. I.e.) favours the derivation from gravidic 
than that from gradior. Freller rom. M}>th.' 30S. 812. 
^ 1 of Numa Salioa item djiodecim Marti Oradivo Ugit. 
Camillns after naming the Capitol and the hearth of Vesta, 
de ancUibai vatrii Mais Qradive tuque, Qmriiie pater t 

113 111 "^"< iJniimiB, oAso cl. 11» n. and the address to Mara 

II I'iO — 2 nee galeam gaaiaas, nee terrata cwtpide pulta* | nee quenrii 
patri t vade ergo et cede levtri | iageribju campi, quem neglegu I also 
Timon's to Zeua Lueinn 1 iioS aoi ySr 4 ipuriiipayos inTpai'!] xol ^ 
^ap6ppoiiB$ fipoirr^ icoZ d aLBoXom xal dpy/jtij Ka£ afj.(pSn\4os Ktpuiiv&s ; 
iirayra ydp ravTa Xijpoi '^Srj dvan'^^^te . . . rd d^ doi&ifiov <rf>u ^aj iKTj^6\oP 
Sv\oe Koi rpoxapon ait dI3' dtiih TeWun oirfo^ij noi •puxp^n iirri lafit 
£Xiya¥ airivOijpa ipyTji icarA tlui' iitKoivrup dta^vXaTTOf- lb. 2 — 6. AbXU 

ivaoG— 18. Pera. a 23-30. 114 i.iBBi m 

Eor. ep. 1 16 60. cf . s. 1 1 20—22. FerB. v 184 lahra moves tacitiu. 

HITIEBE vocsH d^i^coi Or lifai ^r^f Censoiin. 10 
Duker on Flor, iv 10 § 7. Barman on Phaedr. iv 10 4. in Sen. 1 
IV 2 §23 Eaase has altered fabulas mittere into mueere. 

III 50 g 4 of Terginius qiiaerealibui, quid rei £«i«t, Jkni diu to 
noil miait. Hor. a. p. 390 neaeit vox miBBareverti. Prop. v=it 

7 11. Cart. IV 6 3 28, 115 uiBKOKECs vjn 56. Mart, M 
GO 7 8 ncc vocibiu ullia \ adiuvat, abaenteia matmoreamvepuUi. 

AnielBe = «rEiNiigelBbiieh§194. Hand i 538— ^40. 
119 oiaaoNK in thy oenser. 
CHABTi. Hor. ep. u 1 269 270 lest deferar in vieum veTidentem 
odams I et piper et quidqitid ahartis amicituir ineptii. Pars, i 
leinabtoi meliimtiu carmina neo tus. Mart, iii 2 6 to his bo 
vfhom shall I address ;ou ? qoiek, name an advocate, lest 
perisYQ sis cuaullus. fU ronA Mart. ' 

lanus te primum pia tnra rogent. iiu 4 that Oermanions (Somil 
may late rale the court of heaven, and long rule earth, da p! 
lovi. 117 mcDB VI 392. I 355. poitoii25£ 

118 Aldhelm ad Acirdom in Mlgue Ttnrt iTi''' lieel tj/ni 
pliarum velat quaedam conghttinatio et exploaa conglulinaliotm c ' 
•menla crebro apud poetat lyricoi et latiricoi necetritale tneirt 
ponajiliir, quae moxinu ex vocalibti* litterii vel lyltabit teaii 
termiaatii gigmiittar. hai utroifiM ZunJut luveTuilii quitttc Mtii 
libro luiiiu 'neriui tenore iemet elifit dieene : omenta . . , icandilvT 
ipondaevs, tut viCK doctylia per ly aaloepham, nul ipondaeia, 
— upondaetu, Cbiuen e\ dactglus, BCNn ebt ipondatua per »ynaloeplia:m. 
ouENii. Catull. SO 6 6 naiiu vt aecepto ventretw cartnifM 

le ta 



XIII 118—120 


1 in fiamma pingwe UquefacieM. Peis. □ 47 tot tibi 
' ' an omenta Uquescant. add to lesx. Lerit. 3 4. 
14 14 Ashb. vr raiso fur the satyrical toue ai. 

89—45. 147—158. 1 8i n, u 31. it 36. vi 15. 619. s 314 n. iiv 
Sfll S63 n. Ti 393 — S ilie mihi nun'^, juneso, die, antiquisiime dh-Tiin, | 
reipamifi hi!, lane paler) magna otia. aaelii [ nou est, quod, video, 
nan est quod agatui aped Toa. 

119 TAOELLi iTi 2S'deelamatorii midino corde Tagelli. Otheis of tlia 
name Sen. n. q. ti S g 9. Bitsclil in ReiffeiBolieid Snet.rel 630 cites 
ntN II. 16. G3. Borgliesi {QeuvreB y 534) inlerring from tMa Teraa 
that tJuB Modeneaa urBtor had tte ins iiaagiimm, identifies liim with 
L. TagellioB Has. boB. onder GlaadinB, probabi; 4? a-ji. named in. a 
a. c. in Beines, insur. tu 11. Haubold monam. legal, p. 197. PoBsiblf 
the statue of TagelUtis [at. tu 12€ — 8) was mntilatM or otherwise mal- 
tceatod (of. i 129—131). Pans. Tt 11 §§ 5—9 an enemy of Theaganes 
after hia death flogged hia ilatiie ; the statue falls and MUa its assailant ; 
hia children proseoute the status for murder; it is drowned according 
to Drako's law; the island becomes barren, and tlie Delphian oraolo 
enjoins the recal of Th. The statue is fished up and snoiificea offered 
to the new god. Pans. afBrms that Th. wrought many mLraeles of 
healing both among Greeka and barbarians. Snet. C:il. 5 Torrent, and 
Caa. Mart, vi 72 a thief finds in a yaat garden nothing but a marble 
Priapua ; not caring to return, emptj-handed, ha makes off with that, 
cf. yiii 40 where Priapua^ guardian of the wood, ex quo natua ea et 
ptites renaaci, ia oharged to keep guard on the firewood, with the fiig- 
uifit^aut hint, et ipse lignuni ei. Luoian lapp. trag. 90 Uomos : ' When 
msn hear rhapsodiats tell of our loves and wounds and chains and 
bondage and quarrels, must they not despise us f wo ought to count our- 
eelies lucky that aome still offer sacrifices to us. 21 Tell me, Zcua, do you 
BTer give youraolf any concern to reward the good and chastise the evil ? 
But for Theseua and Heraklea the greatest monsters would have lived 
Beoure. 22 Truth to tell, onr only care is for the steam of burnt- 
oEferings. No wonder that onr advocates are put to ailenue by an 
EpikoroB or a Domis.' 21 Poseidon : ' My bnsinesa lies in the sea, 

and then that Damis ought to be pat ont of the wa;, by a thunderbolt 
Bay.' 25 Zeaa ; ' Are you jealing, Poseidon, or do you forget that the 
deatha of men — by lightning, by sword, by fever or oonaumption — 
are not ordered by na, but by the Fatea? Else, if it had rested with 
me, do you think Umt I should have allowed tiii>9 ItpoeiXou! rp^ipi 

liras iKiiTepop fkuBura ; or would you yourself have spared the fisherman 
who stole your trident in Oeraestos ?' 

119 120 Mart, iv 21 uullos esae deos, inane caelum | ajirmat 
Begiui prohatqtie, quad ae | factum, dum negat haeo, vldet beatum. 
120—142 Hear plain words of comfort, drawn from no wisdom 
of the eohoola. Your pulse may be tnisted even to an apprentice; only 
for dangerona caaea roust leading phyaiciana be cared in. If the wrong 
dono to you stands alone in its enormity, then beat your breast, if 
you will, and smite your forehead : it ia the way of the world : monef 
departed is bewailed with genuine tears. But if in every aEssiiie men 
forawear bonds, imder their own hand and seal, why sbould you claim 
exemption from the general lot, 'aa son to a white hen, poor we the 
dregB I and baser chiokena of unhappy eggs V 

XIII 120—124 


V 31. 

IB no philosopher 19 SO. 

XT 107 — 109. on the Tesemblance between the Stoics and Cfnios d_ 
DL. Ti 11 of Antisthenes founder oF tlie (Ijnic ecliool Soiei Si koI t^ dir^^ 
ipuS(«Triri;! oTuucgt ciTap^iu. Zeno said ib. vu 121 tod aoipm aiirav xuneit, 
clrai yip rir Kuna/iir eieTo/in' if' operijp iSar. ib. vi 104 of the Cyniofl 
ipftmi i' airrai! KaX -riKoi thai ro hut dpinjv (^r, W! 'AnTmStnis 0ijr7l» A" 
T$ 'HpnuXei, i/io/wi toTs armKois' inl sal loivwla Tis Tail Sio TaiVaii 
alp^irtalr ianr. Zsao (Atb. StiS') piedictsd tbat those 'nha miaimder- 
Btood hia doctcinea wonld be ^uiropoi (oi drt\c68ipm, on which Ath. says 
to the Cynioa, 'and snch are most at yon.' Go. off. i § 138 Beier 
Cynici, out Bi qui f uerant Stoici paene Oynioi. id fim in g 68. Snid. 
Hvntr(iis. Sen. brer. yit. 14 g 2 kominie naturam cum StoUii vineere, 
cum Cynioia excedere. Epiktetoa piaiees the Cynioa Air. in 23. 
]>ciauA.TA Sen. ep. 9fi % 10 tmUa an eonlemplativa eiiie decretia sais at, 
quae Graeci vacant dogmata, nofiii vel deoieta licet adpellart tel acita 
vel placita, quae et in geometria et in astronomia inveniet. % 60. add to 
lest. Lact. ni G § 14. aathol. 1S9 3 B lalMifcniia, i.e. of medicine. 
Ambr. de Cain i i fiu. 32 pr. ii 31 pr. Iren. u 27 § 1 fin. 30 § a. Ven. 
vit. Germ. 75. Beda h. e. t 8. 122 Tosioi not 

worn by the Cynioa Lucian oynio. 1 t( irori av, oZtoi, iriiyuva. ftiv (x«i 
Kal Kbiapr, xiTuva Si o6k Ix"'^', Antumn. it 30 6 /lir X'^P^^ xiTiSroi 
tJHXmoipel. anth. Pal. Xi 164 6 6 "EpiioSlmu TiSt Shiiia ri x-ctvoo^v cl 
Tii (x'^Xko, I >iinft-i ireii'iirB', 9eU ri j^iTuvclpiop. DChrys. or. 73 pr. 
II 382 B when men see a man in his ehut, they take no notioe of t*"", 
thinMng pecbapa that be ie a sailor, ivciS^ 6i riva BiiiirLy ix'^TUra ir 
l/iaTUf Ko/iSyra ttjv Kfi/iaX^P nol ri yivtia, they cannot leave sueh a man 
alone, bnt mook and jeer at him, and even lay hands npon him, 
ualeK be is very stroiig or has help at hand, though they know that 
this is tbe uanal and iu a manner olEcial oostiiine of those who are 
oallod pbiloBophera. Arriaa Epikt. iv 8 g 31. DL. vi 87. 106. Who 
iotrodnced the doable piitlium and laid aside the tnuic, was a moot 
point ; whether Antistheuea (DL. vi 13) or his acbolar Diogenes (ib. 22- 
76. Hoi. ep. ! 17 26 quern duplici panno patientia vclat) or Krates 
(Stob. xcTii 31 p. 524). Dioe. cp. 30 g 3 Antisthenes taaght us that 
there were two load^ to happineits, the one abort but craggy, the other 
long hut smooth. I chose the former. On which he takes from ma tA 
IjUdriov tal Tir x''^""^ Koi repi^iWei fuii Tplpuya jiTXauc. The Cynie 
women followed the same fashion DL. Ti 93. Hermann Frivat.Alterth. 
g 31 11. Zellor ii' (1) 226. son Prop. it = iii 3 

9 — 12 Jion— fwc — nee- — non. 123 bbbtioit dio- 

^iiTfi Plin. VI g 85. FUn. ep. 1 14 g I tcii enim, gvanta optre lummunt 
iliam vinim Biispexerim diiexerimqM. Tert. apol, 18 of the i.ix quo* 
Meiiedeimu qunque ^pkiloiophua, proEidentias vindex, de lententiae con^ 
faunioni anspexit. ib. 24 moat men believe in one sovereign God, with 
a moItitndB of anbalteirui : itaque oportere et procwrantei et praeffotm et 
praeaides pariter anapicl 32 fin. Ties iudieium Dei Buspicimus in 
imperatoribut, qui gentibua iUoi praefecit, ib. 33 pr. Amob. vii 13 fln, 
when a man, aueing a. f^eat mau coming, steps aside, rises, nnoovars, 
bowa, the bmuiliation of the one does honour to the other, ejflcifurguc Kt 
videaluT magnu* quem suapectio miaorit extulerit et tait antepotumi 
Tchui. BenUey on Hor. ep. 1 1 115. hobii x " 

S19 n. 124 CDBEHTCB Bpartum. Hadr. IS when 

madman made an attempt on Hadrian's liIu,medioiB ontaudai 

XIII 121—133 

1 the abl. cf. ii. 191. 
}n. Ov. I 


medicam dnbina con,f!i_ 
aegroti. ' " 'l25 tunak vi 46 o madioi, niniiam 

penuiuiite venam / Pliilippns must ha.^e btea an inferior physioian ot 
the day ; be may bare adopted the name of Ale^tander'a famous physi- 
oiau (Sen. da ira ii 23 g 2. VM. Curt. Plut. Art. lustin. cf. Fnedlandar 
ii> G14) : anotlier PK ot £peiros in tba time of Antigonoe (Gela. lu 21) : 
another, vho 'wrote an canenmptlon, medicines, eto. often cited bv 
Galen. 126 Hor. i. u 3 H i2 hoc ti ent in U [ 

Bolo, nil Terbi, pereiui guin fortiter, addam. 

127 Ecasia caedbrb PEcrna Horn. n. xu 285. Cic. Tuao. m | 82 ilfo 
varia et deteitabilia genera lug^-adi : pedores, maliebres laeeTalionen 
genarwH, pectoris, /fminum, capitis percuasiones. Sen. eons, ad 
Marc. 6 gg 1 2 li Jletiba$ fata vincunfur, eonferanau. eat omnu inter 
hmhu diet, noclem sine lamno triititla eoTuumof. ingeranlur lace- 

im taciem inpatus fiat. Patron. 

ta intlgaTi more funas pa»tia prosequi 

I. I tibi B 

te peotuB. I 
■a ferit dfxtra 

ler. Focbigar 

111 the E{ihesian mdow turn ctmtaita intlga 

eriaibat autnudatnm pact as in oonspe 

Sen. Troad. IIB— 9 saevite manna. { pnlsn 

nan sum lotiCo contenta sano. \ Heclora Jlet 

iacertoa, | vmerosqne ferii tibi sanguineott. \ iioi nont 

pnlsat. Luc ii aa. in 733. Winer HealwiirtBclj. 

I»a02n.42a. Macqnardt T (1) aei. L_, 

DUKE Cic. AU. 1 1 g 1 pufo«muisse. «I frontum Eerias. id.Bmt. 

% 278, Qointi!. u 12 g 10 pectus, frontem caedera, viire ad puUatum 

cireutum facit. ib. ii 3 g 123. 129 <3'^i'<i>''Qi'mEiit 

L MlilldF de ra metriua 406 gives a list ot poeta vibo employ, and vho 

eschew, tiquideia and qu. • cLiL'UESDt est unui. 

when a man has had losses, be closes his house, as for u fimeroi : Lir. 

n 7 g a. Tac. ii 82. [Ov.] ad Liv, Ang. 183. 

131 Grang. cites Qaerolua p. 7 IB Peipar where the Lar says paCrent 

peregre viortuitm andiml. hui quam graviter doletl at aunt humana, 

credo quid nihil ralictnm cojitperit. 13 19 seq. liar to Querolus: 

' Tell me what specially troubles yon.' Qn. ' Do you know that I have 

lately lost my father?' Lar. nonn^ hae iuttum fait, biuluin u( efferret 

Jilins f Qa. faltor, ted pater ipie nihil reliqnit. 

pi.AHQTrNTDa...FOVEBi Capital. Antonin. phiL 18 iantutque iUiui amor die 

reffii (unaris claruit, «( nemo ilium plangendum cciwu^rtt, all being 

assured of his retnm to heaven, vhioh had lent bim to earth. 

132 rinoie Sen. ep. G3 £ 2 per lacrimas argvinenta de>{derii 
quaerimvt et dobirem non lequimur, led oslendimui. nemo triatia libi est: 
o infelicem eibi atvitUiam I eat aliqua et doiorM a?nWlio. §g 9. 13 (o( 
dolor inveteratns) ant enim simnlatna aut dullus eat. Mojt. i SS 1 2 
ataiaaitm non fiet, Cam tola elt, Gellia patreta : \ ai gvia adeat, iuaaae pro- 

z 261 £62 ut priiaoi tdere planctus | Cataandra iTuiperet aoiseayiia 
Polyxena palla. Ot. m. v 398 u( summa veatem laniarat ab ora. 
Bli(^Uy to tear the upper edge of the tunio (to bare the breast 127). 
Hand on Gron. diatr. i 558. 133 veiabs ocoloh 

ruoBB ooiCTO Ti 273—5. Ter, enn. 67 68 una ilia mekerele falsa Uori- 
mnla, J qnam oculos terendo misera vix vi expresserit. Aen. ic 
196 Hems. Forb. captique dolia, taorimiaqae coactle. Prop. 1 16 IQ, 
Qy, amor. I&S3 diaeanl ooalilaDrimare coaotL met. ti62H> 

Terisjue dotoribiu uds 
dem Hoapital doa Sei 
qnsBELU from Sbk. di 

XIII 134— liO 

IS HoF. Bp. I 17 o5 56 uti mcx | nuUaJidei damnU 
it. Lnalau Timon 22 of bufQed fortuue-haiiterB 
ac, Leasiiig efigr. 131 'Avar etirbt, nndvennacht 
le, [ damit seln Elbe uicht TeiBteUte ThroDen 

135 CI 

circumecripliones, fnrta, fraudes,, 
inlilialioneB, qmbiis crina noa Baffioiunt forft. n Eontum 
inuci via aapienCrtn, quanriim gcelerum indignilai exigit, non irai£e7ufuoi 
illi, ted imamendam eit. Bum Borne and the Canipa|;na 107 — 163 
forum Bomiuiimi, L Caesoris, L Aiigaati, f. Nerraf, f, Traiani. 

136 DIVBB3A FiBIB ¥11 156. ' On the othec Bide ' 
parte eontraria adveraarii, qaemadmodum ^x diverio ap. Tao. h. I 
in 6. 73, Suet. Aug. 27. Saepe sio Qnintil. [h. g. y 11 g 48 gu 
diverao agit. . ly 1 § 42 coniistfniii ex divecBo patnmi. xi 3 £ 133 
diferaa mbsellidi. Snet. Caea. 2it coniulei e parts diTetBa dixit, hoo 
est contrariae faotioOia,' iitona. Pliii. ep. vi 11 g 1 adkibitm in eon- 
iiititra aprasfeclo vrbis ajutivi ex diyarBO agrntea aummae gpei, tummae 
indoUs iuvenei. Qoiiittl. deoL 2S9 p. 513 tela diet simile aliquid etiam 
parte diveisa. iabellie nhen tlieir own 

of hand has been read by tho creditor's advocate time after time, 
Etill den; all knonleiige of it, tbou^jh it is soaleil with the choicest 
in their casket, 137 same Terse in 41. 

315 31G n. A worthlesa bond on waste paper (as we shotitd Bay), 

TiMi CHiBOSBATHA Sea. ben. vn 10 § 2 syngrapha* 
eautionei, vacua habeadi timalaera, Qnintil. vi 8 § 100 Falviat, ' 
inlerroganti, an in tabnlis, qaas proffrebal, chirographns ei 
yerus ' imjutt 'domine.' Qell. xiT 3 § 7 i> tamen cum uiii mu 
tronU cVimitabai, probari apvd me debere pecuniam daiaia cotuuel 
modi), 'expenti laiioiie, meiuof Talioiiibui, chicograpbi exhibit:* 
tabnlaram obaignatione.' of. g§ 4. 21. Amhroa. de saor. i2S 
The case o£ a debtor repadiaiing hia bond ia considered in cod. ThBod. 
27 g 3. Dirksen mannide a. tt. ehirographariia. -phut 

xaosi Mart. dtB 1 on 'pngiUarescitrei' leeta in ee7(uw..,lign» 
tabellaa. Prop. rT=ni 23 22. Ot. amor, t 12 7. 13, dig, mm J 19 
eoRtra lignnm=o, tabnlaa. ib. 11 1 pr. Ambr. de Tobia g 24 the 


money-lender aaya 

est, taltevt renovelnr ohirographum. Phi 

times made of moUuaaum, an excrescence o 

of ivory. Forbiger i' 62. Walch in acta a 

qnardt v (2) 382. Cato in Frouto ad Anti 

lignum dele 'efiace utterly.' 

XEif, manua, handwriting, 

II !( 09, Capito in Maorob. vu 13 § 12 veteret 

oaiiaa aanlam escam circvmftrebant. Phi 

»ignit, quae can^a gemmarum est. Tli< 

Philo I 568. 698 M, Ij 

Plin. iixTii § HS soliw projM gewnarwn 

C. W. King nut. hiat. of geroa and deOr 

Mart, 1 87 14. dig. mix 4 16 g 7. xlvii 

great value.' "The choicest ot sardunj: 

wealth : even such ropadiate their debts, 

i,oonus I BU n. Mic^i monnmeuti tar, ili n, 10 — 13 a dreaaing. 

J*ory, found at Vuld. 140 oubhou. 

deliciai AoiRinw ( x291d, Eulyday: 'wouldat thuu, | ohuioe Bii, froi 


ITI % 68 pugillant Boms-.. 

the maple. Mart, xir K 

:, len. v. 107 aeq. 

m. I 2 p. 100 Naber a 

136 Lrrrani i.( 

asuMA I 68 n. Or, Pout 

111 oraatiii, ted signaiidJ 

ii tEtni g 22. I3ITU S ' 

III- aiguet a pledge of tidl 

L39 aiEDOMTOHOH Til 144 ai^', 

\lplae eeram nnn aufemnt. 
,iTe Stonea (1867) 287— 9a. 
[) G Epoken of B9 ' * gem of 
" must belong to 

XIII 140— X47 273 

cnmmoa lot Htand asempt nowT' 141 oAtuNig 

F1I.JC8 ALaiE aoliol. 'proTerbiam ynlgare: id est, nobilis.' So in Fr. la 
jUi de, la poiUe blaachf, Erasmus adagia compares a tttoi; in Suet. Qalba 
1 (of. DCuaB. iLVm 63. ixiii 2» % S. Plin. iv g§ 13« 137) ; an eagle 
liropt Into Livia's lap a vihiie hen, liolding a lanrei-bianoh in its bea^ 
The hen had a large biood, from wMoh tlie tlUu whera it fell was called 
ad GalUnas; the laurel-brancb vas planted and afterrards supplied the 
empeFDia with tritunpbal cronnH. It ia more simple to take wldte as the 
emblem of good fortune. ' You were bom with a silver spoon iu jour 

143 — 173 Touf grieyanoo is slight, when compared with the 
charges that occupy oar courts from dawn to suuaet : hired bandits, 
BiBou. sacrilege, poison, parricide ; a single house is a miniature of the 
world ; attend on our city prefect but for a. few days, and then dare to 
complain of your lot. None stare at goitre in the Alps, or hanging 
breasts, larger than the sturdy suckling, in Meroe, watchet eyes and 
Haieii hair in a Qermon. Seen in Borne, a battle of dnarfa and cranes 
would make you split with laughter ; in the land at pygmies, where ona 
foot is the standard height, no one smiles at the spectacle. 

144 "r-KOTifl VI 15 16 a. 145-147 i^tboneb 

iNOHNDU BOS 23—25 lurera | perfidlam fraudel ete. 121 net; eynicos itta 
itoica dogmala, 145 lutiBonBU nr 305 n. 

X 22 D. Quintil. XII 1 § 39 it ab komiae occidendo grassator aeeruiu 
dot (it. 'yon might have been assailed by a hired robber, or have seen 
yoni house burnt down by an incendiary.' 

iNonHDiA Id 7 n. 1^)7 n. Sen. contr. 9 | 11 acdei ipiat, qaat in 
taatHm exirtixtTe, ut daman ad iiiuir ac muniiufnCum pamtae siiit nuitc 
pniealo, mm praeiidio : tanta alliludo atdificiorum tit tantasqae viaruiit 
angiutiae, at Ttequt adveraus igu.Bia praeaidiam, nee ex minii utlan in 
partem tffitgium lit. dig. iltui 19 28 § 12 incendiariicopitepuniunCur, 
qui ab iittmicitia» vel prafdae eaiiaa ineenderint jnira oppidum: el 
plenmque viai exumnlur. lb. ilvu 9 9. of. Pauly s. v. incendium. 
rriedlauder i^ 37- 29. acijuRB Plin. mv S 177 

of brimstone ueqas Ma res faeilius aeeendilur. xxxvi % 138 uaed as 
tinder. 146 dolo dift i IS 4 qui iolo fecisie 

inaendinm convineintar. Tae. iv 38 of Nero's iira lequitar eludes, 
forte on dolojjrincipii inaertum. iabua to 

oat oK escape n. 98 catidelam adponere yalvis. 

147 m 129 n. On sacrilege see viu 106. iiv 2G0— 2 n. Dem. o, Tiraokr. 
p. 738 S 131 iri t4 dKpUTijpia rni Nljtiit vtpuiail'arTe! diriiXovro oikot il^' 
am-BF. Hermann gottead. Alterth. §g 4 3. 10 II. Ath. 405' yvn-r^v 
ircliiircr 'AB^vSr Aaxip^li oiiir ifoxKavaia: of. Overbeok Sohriftquellen 
123 124, 13S 136. tincrilege and jests and impunity of Dionysiue (Cia. 
n. i III g§ 83 84. YM. 1 1 E § 3 cf. the whole chapter, Aei. v. h. i 20. 
Philo de provid. ii g 6. Amob. vi 20 31. Clem. Al. protr. p. 46 P 
Laot uii% 16—30. Ambios. de Tirgiuibus u I g§ 36 37). Plin. wxm 
§ 83 a veteran at Bononia was asked by AuguEtus, whether it was true 
eum qui primia violmiet id iiamen [Auaetis] oeulii membrigqvt capiam ex- 
ipiraiie; reipoitdit trtim tam maxime Augiutum e erare eius eeitare teque 
ilium aie toiumqiie libi eensaia ex ea rapina. Saet. Cal. 23. 62. Luoiau 
Timon 4 to Zeus : some have laid hands upon yourself at Olympia, and 
you i -Yivraloi Kal yiyano\4Tiiip kcI TiracoKpiTup itiSJino Toils r\<nii/j.Birt 
■"(^mipifiifoi liT a^wr, StKiinixi" Kipawhv txm ^ ''fi Sff"?- <='■ InpP- 
trag. 25. lufltin. Mtr 6 §§ 4 5. mn 3 §g 5 6. AeL v. h, u 6. Beia 


XIII 117—154 

Criminalf. ial. 691—5. id, in Paulj b.t. $ai!rilegium. TibalL n 1 
21^26 to Ba,lidtj the deuMilda of my miatress, I must plondei tein))les, 
esp. ttiat of Venai, 148 BOBiaraia 61 aanigine. i 76 u. 

argenluai vetia. 149 uom YFL TJi 48. 

rosiTiB 117. StaYBten on Nop. iv 1 g 3. 
EEQE offerinea weru mnile to the Pjtliian Apollo by Midaa (Hdt. i 11) 
tij'ges (ib.), Juoeaoa (ib. 50 eeq^.], Am n.aifi cto. 

15Q 11 there be iio oSeiinga of solid gold, worthy of the notice of greater 
mimioals, Ujere will be f jutid some to sciape tliu gilt atatues ni I'i^ n. 

152 BBiTTEOLiK vtTuXoi' Hin. DLUii g 61. On the BpelldiiB 
Lacbmann Luar. iv 727. The goldbeater is braUeaTiax or bratuator Mar- 
quftrdt y (2) 278 (citing 0. Jahii m Bcr. d, saaliB. Qes. 1861 p. 307), who 
Bpeaifiea (268 269) eitant exi. of reliefs. Pera. b 65—8 Jahix Mart. 
TIC 33 56 on magit astati derasa ett usgue miniitri \ brattca defiUcro, 
quodreoT esse, (ao? Sen. ep. 115 % 9 omnium Ularum.quos iacedtre allot 
Didfi, bratteata /«Iici(as eit : iiuipice et sciea, tui idta tenuf tiKinbraTiu 
disnilo(i» qaantam Titali iaceat. Amob. ti 21 Antioohwa Cyiiceaara fenint 
decern cubilorura lovsn ex deli^o aurirum laataUese tt ex aere bratteo- 
lis tufiati'tuuie/iKafum. li in eimttlacTM praeito aunt alqae habitant di 
tuit, quibiM ntgotiii luppiter, qvibm caritfaerat wdigatm, quaminiupn- 
vatoi periegueretuT iniiiriaa et tuppoiitum te tilti viliare in materia vin- 
dkaret! Lamprid. Ales. Sev. 44 fin, in temp [is sane nwnjuam praeter 
vaaUnoT auE guingue argenti librai, auH n£ gattalam quidem aul 
bratteolam posuit, susurrons vereum Fiaeci Pertii 'in sanotia quid 
lacit auriiia 1 ' Anun. xir 6 % S quidam aeUrnitati le commeiuiari pone 
per ttatuaii exisHmaatei, ens ardeater affectant:,„eatqve auro curanl 
imbratteaii, juod Aciiio Glabrioni deUiUlm eit primo, cum contUiit 
armiique regem ruperattet AMiochum. Vopiso. Aurelian 16 habuit in 
animoiii auruin nstfue incamerui ne^ue in tunicas luque inpelles rteque in 
argentum mitteretar, dieeisi plus auri esee in reram Ttatara guani argtnti 
ud aaruM per vttrioa bratteBram filorum et liguationam ueiu perirt. 
163 ['how cm tho minor KKrilegiu 'ba 
nlitus toluia conji. tea. ! Sorely this is as bad a Booiilege as stealing old 
Gupa ; Yalesiiu' itoUdia, " Would he hesitate like a fouLT" would be a 
more natural senee. I thought of An duiitet } tolitumat totum c. t. : " or 
do you think he irould haggle at this ; seeing it is a usual thing to melt 
down B whole!" the t of eoiitwaal might readily have fallen oat befom 
totum, and then the eorraptioii ia obvious. No single rogue, however 
great b one, eould well be luiitui t. c. t.' H. A. J. M.] 
ooNFiiABE Sen. oonst. sap. 4^3 caelestia humanaa mania effugiuat et ab 
hie qui tempia diruuni et Bimnlacra conflant, nihil divimlati noeetur, 
Buet. Nero 82 Hn. templis compluiibiiB dona detraiit einiulaora- 
qae ei aaro vel argeato fabrioata oonflavit, in iii Fenatinn 
deoram, quae mux Galba realiJuit. dig. xvi 3 22 laneem. Laolan lapp. 
conf. 6 Kyniekosto Zeus ; 'You are robbed, just as we sie, and booome 
in a twinkling of roiUiouaireB beggars. Many of you, being of gold or 
eiiver, have even been vulted dov>a before now.' Zeaa: 'Yott are becom- 
ing iQBoleut, yon will repent of this.' K. 'Spare your tbreata, Zeus, for 
jou. know thai I Bhall suffer nothing but what fata decreed before you : 
for I do not see even raia ItpoeiXous Ko\a^ninvt drayrai, but most ol 
them escape you; no duuhl because it had not been fated that they 
should be caught.' 154 AiiriFioia veneni vui 

17 n. Cio. p. Cluent. Jt 40. 176—8. Son. n. q. m 36 g 1 tiutgnorun 
srtificum reuena, quite deprehendi niii morle itoit potiuitt, dig. u,vui 

XllI 154—162 275 

eajdit puniendi lunt out, li dignitatis respectum agi 
itrit, deportandi. Bein Ctiminalr. 410. JSG. 

155 HSDDCSNDDH CURIO BOYiB the punicide mi 311 n. Sen. 
16 g 5 cnm parricidjii tTuuam a u He o,... sine ira eovuila ammaque 
ero, QUO ferpeniei et aaiiaalia ventTtaia ptTculio. 

cuH QHD tv 9. 87. VI 531. % 235. !□ older timea quicwm (Cecum 
etc. ) was QBusl ; in Cio. and Sallugt usage variaa ; Catnll. bss qvicum Oiriae : 
it 0CCI1I3 ODOe in an AugusUn poet Aen. xi B23. onoB in Stat, Th. Tin 
279. otberwiae since Lacr. CatulL Nep. Iiiv. cum quo alone is in uae 
(Greef in Philologoe hit 671—81. cf. nrtn 711—24). 

156 ifNoxii cf. I 60 ill merit is/rangunlur crura caballU. 

157 BiKc QDOTi piBB BOELEBCH ui 61 u. Son. do iio « B 3 3 st qnots 
para isCa Bceleram estT QointiL docl. 12 g 10. 

«DaiuB URBiB IT 77. aulhol. lat. It 7T9 27 Maeeenae nam mimli nrbis 
«rat ouBtos et Caesaris ablest i.e. proc/eetui urbi: bo Shq. ep. 63 § 12, 
Veil □ 98 ^ 1 [fntsiitmunt tecuHtatis urbanae onBtodem. cf. ib. 8S § S. 
los. out. IV 111 6^6 ^i)\a| 7-fi Ti\«u:. Oil the criuiiiial jariBdictiou of the 
praefecins ttrbl cl. Tac, vi 10 II. Stat. infr. dig. i IS de praef. 
urb, Tom. e.g. 1 pr. omnia omniiio ciimica piaefeotura urbis Bibi 

GallicoB of Turin twice cos. Buff. was yracfeclui vrbi (Becker cSm. 
Alterth. II 2 3B3 n.) under DomiUan i.n. 85 to his death in 92 Stat, i i 
' sateria pro Bntilio Gallico' (written i.n. 87) e. g. IG qnem patet intre- 
pidat viitit cuBtodia Samae. 9 — 13 ergo alacres, quae s