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Herewith I fulfil, so far as this volume is concerned, 
my promise of fourteen years ago. In the long vacation 
of 1885 I had leisure to examine my collections of 32 
years, and thence 'to enlarge the commentary on' these 
five 'satires on one uniform scale'. 

I have also added a supplementary index of phrases. 
The commoner particles and pronouns; omnis; the verbs 
dico, kabeo, possum, sum ; are only represented by selec- 
tions : for all other words I hope that the present index, 
together with that in volume ii, will be found exhaustive. 
When I began, I intended merely to index my additional 
notes, and certainly it was not a morbid craving for the 
familiar drudgery that led to my change of purpose, but 
rather an imperative sense of duty. 

When, in 1850 or 1851, my friend the publisher said 
to me 'You ought to bring out a book', it was no special 
acquaintance with Juvenal that suggested the choice, 
but dissatisfaction with Ruperti's' edition, then holding 

1 Bnperti was a diligait gleaner in the commenturieB of Heyne, 
Jacobs, Eemsterbius, and other scholars, chiefl; belonging to the ITth 
and 18th centuries, but is Badly deSoient in taste and schokrly in- 
stinat. Hmnrioh worked ont some speoial points, in lexicography and 
atfihaaology, eioellentlj, but his work was Mt incomplete uid by no 
jneans sapei«edes Baperti's, as Madvig and Bemays have seen. In moral 
sympathy with Javenal he latika with the best critics. 

dt, Google 


the field : ' I have a good many notes on Juvenal, and 
Ruperti's book is not worthy of his author'. 

But if I have had a share in silencing Ruperti, I am 
responsible for depriving students of a most valuable help 
to the study of Juvenal. 

The index rerum et verborum in Priestley's reprint 
(Lond. 1824) occupies 147 closely printed p^es, large 
8vo; extended by Lemaire (whose enlarged Ruperti is 
little known in this country) to 234 pages. The burden 
imposed on me by this recollection, was aggravated by 
another consideration. Jahn's index, of words not of 
phrases, which aims at, and in great measure attains to, 
absolute completeness', is from carelessness of execution 
utterly untrustworthy. As the preface was reserved for 
(the still lacking) volume n, destined for the commentary, 
we have to construct conjecturally a history of this index, 
which can never have passed under Jahn's eye. It was 
compiled, presumably by a student, in the most mechanical 
fashion. Thus caligaa n. s. (xvi 24} cdligantes (vi 31) and 
cdlKgatus (iii 322) are classed (the last two also by Ruperti 
and Lemairo) as parts of one verb. Under constil we have 
not only viii 23 praecedant ipsas ilU te consule xtrgas, 
but also xi 33 te consule, die tihi qui sis*, a not very rare 
equivalent to ypwOi aeavrov. 

> For example tbe word et fills two oolnmnB and 21 lines ; a Bheer 
waste of type, u it woold take lees tiine to read tlis satires bom be- 
ginning to end than to veiify several hnndreds of oitationB. 

1 This imperative wiUt aco. ii, I am told, often oonstrned \>j nndei- 
gradnatea, under stress of examination, as abl. aba. Let them take heart 
o[ grace. 'We live b; great examples in thie world'. Two of the best 
known authorities in Latin B;fntax have been oaught in the same trap. 

Haaaeon Beisig's TorleEongen (Leipz. 1839) p. 760 gives a bate refei- 
•nee to lav. xi 83, bnt dtes ziii 3 m iudiee nemo noceiu abaoleitur at 
length. From him probably, not from Jahn's index, Drigar hist. B^t. a* 
810 has boiTowed Ihs former example, which lie mutilates and pnnotsatee 

dt, Google 


Under deset iv 44 desidia tardos. 

XV SS nil umquam hoc came l^entiua edit, does duty 
ns a present; the comparative adverb (xi 12) egregius 
cenat as nom. masc. adj. 

Different persons bemng the same name*, or different 
substantives spelt alike, are huddled together (e.g. under 
GaUu3 vii 144. ix 30. xvi 1 ; under gallue viii 176. ix 107. 
xiii 233; lacerti 'a fish' in xiv 131, with lacertis 'thews' x 
11; nay, the fungi andpites of v 146 stand in line with 
Xhefanctus of li S8). 

The genuimim of v 69 must be sought undei geminum; 
olfecisse of vii 225 under officio/ patriam n. s. x 142 under 
patrius; ignota, -urn, -as 'unknown', under ignosco; vii 
192 mibtexit under avbtego; viii (not ix) 145 tempora 
'temples' under tempua 'time ' (so Buperti and Lemaire); 
wva of xiii C8 under uma ; xiv 8 et eodem iure nataniea, 
follows the numerous examples of iu8 'right', an error 
avoided by Euperti and Lemaire, but not by the Delphin 
editor ; ao planiaa Ui 227 of the vegetable kingdom is 
confused with the human planta; puUo palUolo (so Jahn 
in both editions reads with Buchner in iii 94) with the u: s., 
1^/erre with rS/erre throughout (so also Maittaire, Ruperti, 
Lemaire, but not the Delphin editor). 

These and many other errors called aloud for a remedy; 

thmceu — affectai t«e<m»tiU et(. I seize this o^ortnnitrol lemoAing 
thftt, useful OS Driigei'B books die, no one who values aconrac; should 
accept an; Btatemenl in them without careful TeriEcation.. Tliej oontahi 
verj little origiual reaearch. 

I have noted a third oflander, B. Bit«chofHlty, in a learned netiew 
[Pkilologiielu Bundtehau 1 1206). 

Add to the examples (bom Sen, and Plin. ep.) qnoled in toL n p. 322, 
Ben. ep. 69 g 14 nunc ipie te oonsnle. ben. ti S8 § 6 deiaque Be guiigw 
CDUBulat el in lecretum pectorii rat redtat. 

I Id Jahn's index of proper tiamee to his second edition (BeroL 1366) 
Ibis bleoiish is temoTed. 


dt, Google 


and as my collections bave for more than 30 years lieen 
used by grammarians and Icxicograpbers, I felt bound 
to act. To ensure completeness and accuracy I collated 
my first proof with Maittaire (Tonson 1716) and Jabn 
(Berlin 1851); the revise with Lemiure (Paris 1825) aod a 
London reprint of the Delphin (trade edition, 'octava prio- 
ribus multo correctior', 1750). Whoever cares to follow 
me through a single page will see that the labour was 
severe; but it is so difficult, at least for me, hoc agsre 
throughout a multitude of details, that I do not grudge 
the time, especially as Latin lexicograpbeis, with the 
veteran Georges at their head, are now waking from their 
slumbers and taking a higher view of their responsibilities. 
In England at any rate, for many years, the commercial 
interest of such work has drowned every other. We ought 
not to be satisfied till we have a Latin theaaunis as exten- 
sive as Didot's Greek Stephanus, and far more complete 
and exact, 

Jahn's index confutes the heresy that any hireling can 
be trusted with such a task. If genius is 'an infinite 
cafiadty of taking pains', no genius need decline an em- 
ployment demanding, like sentinel's duty in the field, in- 
cessant vigilance. Of late indexes of the Delphin type' 
have come again iuto fashion*. We are grateful for them ; 
they are certainly better than nothing; but no mere voca- 
bulary can represent an author's mind as a concordance 
does, whose bulk may be kept within bounds, without 
sacrifice of efficiency, by a wisely compressed notation'. 
1 ContiiniDg ban woida, not phrases. 

* To Csesor, Holder; (o Catollas, Ellis and Schwabs; to Titroiiag, 
JTohl; and seveial in Teobnei's librarj. 

* Among other excellent I'emarkB on iodsi-making a great mastar, 
Pierre Bayle [aveTtittement ittr la »eamde edition of his D jctionftry, voL 
yvip. 22, Par. 1830) teatiiies; "Je eaiepar ma propre experience, et par 
cello de plnsieurs autrea, qno lea artioles d'oue table ohargSe d'ime demEpage 

dt, Google 


To a writer like Juvenal, rich ia sentential, a concordance 
renders peculiar service; for classifying, as it does, his 
witty and wise sayings, it is anything but dry reading. 

I often think that much of the labour spent on editing 
the classics is wasted ; at least the same amount of time 
might be invested to far greater profit. For example, if 
one of the recent editors of Persius had devoted but three 
weeks to the preparation of a Leadcon Persianum, he would 
have produced a icrtj/ia « dei, a permanent addition to 
classical learning. We sorely need lexicons e.g. to Cicero 
(except the speeches), Varro, Livy, the two Senecas, Quin- 
tilian's declamations, Valerius Flaccus, Silius, the Latin 
anthology, Macrobius, Tertullian, Augustine, Jerome; to 
technical authors in general, e.g. agricultural, gramma- 
tical, mathematical, medical, military, musical, rhetorical: in 
Greek to the early Christian literature, Diogenes Laertius, 
Josepbus, Philo, Qalen, Stobaeus, Clement of Alexandria, 
Origen, Chrysostom, CyriL If every editor would choose, 
in addition to his author and to the books commonly read 
in college, one ancient author' and one modern critic*, as 
his specialty, commentaries would be far more original 
de ohiSrea no eervent preaqae h peraonne ; coi oA Bout leu gena qui, poor 
ohercber on passage, veoilleDt sa donner la peine il'en consDlter ringt?" 
Aniiliar; verbs and the oommoneBt particles, if eihaaetiTel; recorded, 
only confiiBe the reader. When Wolfflin hj statistics traces the dis- 
appearance of words like morbtit, aeger, laepe, from literature, he puts 
them to their proper ttae; btttnhun a Qerman revievei tells jon, t.g, 
that tt occtm (say) 1341 times in sacli an author, yoa neither envy nor 
commend, though in charily yon may pity, such a travail de gaUrien, 
as Bayla jnstly calls it. 

* e.g. Flin. k n., Athen., KCacrob., Pans., DCus., Galen, Libanius, 
Chrysostom, AngnstinQ. 

> U this role had been followed, so much of the learning of Gasanbon, 
Bentiej', Person, Debtee, wonld not still remain nnprinted; Gataker's 
sermons vronld have been rifled for the collections in their margins. It 
would be a pious work to winnow out the wheat from the chaff of Joshua 
Bamea and Gilbert Wakefield. 




than they are. The UQiversities might issue variorum 
editions, not on the Dutch plan, not like Halm's I^tia 
editions of Cicero, or Dindorf's of Greek' authors, but 
more concise and more compreheusive at the same time. 
Two or three might combine, say, to edit the commentaries 
on an author, as Livy, Petronius, Suetonius, or Apuleins. 
A coramenfary which takes rank ns 'classical', e.g. 
Casauhon's on Suetonius, Persius, Athenaeus, Strabo, 
should be given almost entire', and form the nucleus, 
other notes being cOTefully sifted, and repetitions cleared 
away. One colleague might be responsible for all editions 
of the author; while two others ransacked periodical and 
occasional literature, variae lectiones, adversaria cet. Mad- 
vig says, one is ashamed to be called a philologer, when - 
one looks at the obsolete medley bronght together by 
Moser on the Tdsculans; in far narrower compass all that 
is valuable there, and much that is omitted, might be 
stored for all time. By such a process books like Bader's 
Martial, now no doubt, as Prof. Friedlander says, for most 
of us,'v8llig veraltet,' would once more yield their treasures 
to the ordinary student; Mamie* too and H^rault would 
no longer be mere names. 

' To Dr Holden we are indebted for reviving the study 
of Plutarch among us*; the lives of Galba and Otho still 

1 Ui B1a;dea sliews exemplary diligence in collecting materials, but 
tlie extraordinary haste with which he throwB them imrevised on the 
world, cnfoitnmilelj creates a prejudice against him. Prof. Btlcbeler 
ODce spoke to me in the highest terms of his labonis on the dramatiats. 

' Loose statements about manuscript readings, and Latin tranalationa 
appended to Greek extracts, may generally be omitted with advantage. 

> No doabt sectarian predilection led Dempster, proverbially a fast 
friend and good hater, to declare MarcUe ' the moat learned man of the 
age'; but a capable judge like Dempster would take care not to make 
his Mend ridiculons by an eneominm maniCeitly absurd. Marcile haa 
iuflered— impor eongreittu Ackilli— bom his rivalry with Casaubon. 

* George IiOng and Arthur Clongh have oaoe more Beenred for Plalardh 

ciq mod t, Google 


virait for an editor, who shonld examine their relation 
to the correspondiDg pages of Tacitus. Having now a 
Historical Tripos in Cambridge, may we not liope likewise 
to see Pbilo's two historical tracts (c. Flacc, leg. ad Gaium) 
and the Life and Jewish War of Josephus, published with 
adequate commentary ? The prejudice against theology in 
classical circles may help to account for the undeserved 
neglect under which these contemporary authorities have so 
long languished'. Now that Teubner has added Eusebius 
and other fathers to his library, and the Vienna Bibliotheca 
Scriptorum Ecclesiasticnrum with its instructive voca- 
bularies, Faucker and Ronsch with their lexicographical 
collections, have shewn some of the bearings of biblical 
and patristic studies on secular learning, we may look for 
a Protestant school of catholic scholarship, worthy of the 
traditions of Scaliger, Casaubon, Oataker, Hemsterhuis. 
Certainly the men of the 16th and 17tb centuries under- 
stood litterae humaniores in a more liberal sense than 
many editors of the 19th century. Casaubon cotdd not 
have published Xeu. mem., as Kiihner did, simply in the 
interests of grammar. The elaborate editions of Cicero's 
philosophical and rhetorical works which have of late 

a widec stage in England. Qen. Gordon need to give Epictetns and 
Antoninas (donbtleas in Long's version) to hig Mends, and reoonunended 
Plutarch's lives as the soldier's vadt mecma. tSi Bell's enterprise in 
odmittijig these aDthOFB and Fausanias, Seneca, Plutansh's morals, into 
(Bohn's) classical library, ougbt to tempt nndergroduate CDiioBitj to 
explore what has hitherto been terra incognita. 

"^ One of the foi'emost scholais of the daj confessed, on the one 
occasion when I had the happiness to meet him, that Uia onl; divinity that 
he had read vaa Josephua, and that for information on tiie art of war. 
Dr Field, and living commentators of the X. T. and fathers, combine 
with the happiest results dasBiciil vrith sacred philology. Dr Thompson 
used Winec-Moulton as the best Qreek grammar. Palaeography, without 
biblical texts, would, be shorn of half, and (he better half, of its 

dt, Google 


appeared, principally at Cambridge, are doing for the 
students of our day oil, and more than all, that Cavies 
and Fearce did for the Bentleian era. 

What is our poet's aim ? He replies, ' the whole moral 
life of man, from the flood, is the medley of my book ' {i 
81 — 86), I have, I hope, proved the boast true to the 
letter. Not in Seneca, not in Martial, not in Plutarch, 
Luciao, the younger Pliny, the anthology, do we find such a 
panorama of the world under the empire, its beliefs, tra- 
ditions, education, fashions, follies, virtues, hopes and fears. 
If we ask, what made him, in decliniug years, draw the 
sword of Lucilius, he tells us, ' indignation ' (i 70). Why 
should we doubt it, having verified in detail the former 
pretension ? We know nothing against him except occa- 
sional violations of modesty' (in accordance with precedent 
in his genre) and of a sober taste. Even Aristophanes and 
Martial, those who know them intus et in cvte, judge 
most leniently. Seneca, though called, and truly called, 
by Zeller, ' one of the best men of the age', condescends 
nullo cogenle Nerotie, in philosophical treatises, to revel 
in voluptuous details, and stands condemned, out of his 
own mouth, of creeping adulation {cons, Polyb., apocol). 

Juvenal speaks throughout as a man of simple likings, 
loathing fanaticism, flattery, ostentation, avarice, cruelty, 
gluttony, lecheiy ; compassionating the minions and bond- 
slaves of the pampered rich ; evoking from their ashes the 
Washingtons and Franklins of Rome, — the Deeii, Fabricii, 
Curii, — to shame their degenerate sons. From the first 
page to the last breathes one spirit of homely manhood, 
free and content in high estate or low; est aliquid, quo- 

> Which did not shook Hi readers (see my vol. r p. BSS). Nisard and 
Boissier hold hitn tesponeible for Martiarg epigmmH addressed to him 
or mentioning him long before he began to write. Mo tepntation could 
mi^oit BOdh an oideal. 

dt, Google 


^mque toco, quocumque receasu, unius sme dominion 
fecUse lacertae. Is Thoreau speaking or Frank Bucklaud ? 

KDowing, as we now do from scicntiBc study of alcohol, 
that vice is literally v6tTo<;, morbus, a physical, no less than 
a moral malady, we must hold that the safe rule with 
regard to obscene habits, is the Dantean twn ragioniam 
di lor, ma guarda et pasaa'. But even we have leamt 
of late that reticence also has its perils, ofbeQ sending the 
unwary fur lessons on the most delicate relations of life 
to the worst school, i.e. the dealers in corruption. In the 
days of Antinous a Koman moralist could in good faith 
imagine that naked, anatomical pictures of all that lewd- 
ness can promise, might shake its dominion, even as 
the drunken Helot commended temperance to Spartans. 
Bemembering the standard of the age, may we not bear 
in satires II vi ix* a heathen echo of the apostolic (Rom. 
6 21) Quern ergo fructum habuistis tunc in illis, in quibus 
nunc erubescitis ? The darkest ' mysteries' in Juvenal were 
stale news to his audience'. 

A missionary, a sturdy Protestant, withheld the Old 

' Ibdot. hi Demonio. § 16 d ^-ouir idaypii', nvra riiu{i fnfil \iyBr 
(bu KtXir. More in Wetstein on Eph. 5 13. 

' I hare begtm to write ont my notes on tlieia BBtires, and liopa fo 
imblJBlk them b; instalmeats in jonnuila, and finallj collected into a third 

» See Julias Hare's Vindication of Luther (18S5) 166—163, t.g. 160 
' the increase of fastidiousDesa in regard to langnage by no meani 
betolKnB an increase of moral parity, but ofi«ii the Tery contrary. 
Words which might have been nsed with ousnspicioQs freedom in Cato's 
age b; grave lenaton, and even by virtnons matrons, were discarded as 
nnseemlj in that of AnguBtoa : for senBitiveneBs may arise from soreneas.' 
Unnro CritiaismB and elnddatioDs of CatuUuB 75 — 93 on ancient scnr- 
rility. It is late with most of ub before we recognise and keep always 
in mind, that the loandalODB anecdotes in Suet., DCau., hiaC. Aug. cei 
are not depositians on oath of eye-witnesaeB. Bemajs has put in a 
macb-needed caveat lector on behalf of the cynica.. 

dt, Google 


Testament from Ualf^sy converts, who sougbt therein 
fuel for lust; a precaution not unknown in home peni- 
tentiaries. Many read Petronius and Martial without 
hurt, who yet give no quarter to a fantastic aestheticism, 
claiming dispensation from vulgar moral law on the score 
of devotion to beauty,— a faded beauty, little akin to the 
TO KaXov, konestum, of a healthier, involuntary paganism. 
Nay, there are who cannot stomach modern novels, which, 
in lip-service decorous to prudery, but rotten at heart, 
fret against the inexorable law (Mark 9 41) qaisquis scan- 
dalizaeerit unum ex his pusillia (in Platonic garb, maxima 
d^etur puero reeerentia). Militant virtue often has to 
iace the alternative presented to St Paul', and maybe 
forgiven if sometimes falling short of the apostle's tact 
The early church fought and overcame the grossest pollu- 
tions of the stage and the home, but the language of 
Clement*, Tertullian, Jerome, is often as broad as that of 
satire. £vcry candid critic will eye with a generous 

1 Cblys. horn, t (vnlgo iv) in ep. ad £om. p. 15a* fifior Si Bauiiijrai, inl 
trTnOea TDU Ua6\ou rijr aiyiinr. ttSs tli Sio rpiy/iara iiirtiiir iravrla, d/i- 
^ifTfpx ijytj^i /ifrd vd^f dKpi^ilai. i^vXrrtf yAp Ktd atfitQt fJrciF, nxd 
tatfir t4f d/cpoon}*' Ta&ra St iji^irepa oit trTJr, dWi Bdrtpor i/twaZtiu 
Baripif, or fiiw Yif) atiaait cTr^is, oD Sun^n naSudaiat tvD dx«i(aT«s' /lU 
Si fiouXtt&ft xadAj^aaBat u^odpw^, iriymji* ^'^^ dToyu^ifwirai Tn^tiTtpop rd 
Xtyifumr. dXX' i) vurrH) xol d7la ^u^^ ftri, iipifieiat dii<p6Tfpa Saxift, rif 
Tijt ^iatws 6v6fiaTi khI rijv Kar^jy^pUu' a^fi^at, ml wvwtp raparrri^fxaTi 
riPi xjniai)ieyoi tit rd acpjir nji Btiiy^ircut, It noguis well for tJie White 
CioBB Aimj that amoDg its leaders ara women — avrtral nil Ayioi ^l^of — 
who, knowing debanchery b; life-long miniatr; to its dopes, instinotively 
eeason pUinness with ptuity o( speech. 

3 Serenl page* of this excellent writer aie veiled in Latin in Clark's 
Ante-moene Fatben. Yet that miiaole of learning, Jolutnnes v. UillleT, 
one of tha best of men, writes to his brother (Werke, ti 39, Vienna ST 
Deo. 1794) 'Oeleaen habe ich oeit meinem letiten...deai FMagogen des 
Clemens AleiAndrinos. Lies ihn aoch du; die Bitt«i seiner Zeit aind 
Tortreffiich dEirauB in entnehmen, und aeina Art ist seelenvoll; ich habe 
ibm das Gebet am Ends laat naohgeBprochen.' 

dt, Google 


charity weapons wielded by Christianity in its life and 
death struggle with decaying lieathenism. 

Adam Sedgwick was the survivor of a Cambridge 
which ' laughed and shook in Rabelais' easy chair,' but his 
conversation was bracing to the moral fibre, fresh and 
keen as the breezes on Ingleborough or Whernside. 

A critic, admired beyond his own country', passes, in 
two widely read books, a judgement on Juvenal, which, 
if just, woiild leave to us barely a pathological interest in 
the man or his work. ' 

M. Boissier assumes that Juvenal's estimate of his age 
differs from that of ' all (!) his contemporaries'.' 

Qai done trompe la poBt£iit£, qni none a meitti, de rbiatoire, qni dit 
tent de bien de cette fpoqne, on da pocta, qai en k laise^ dSB Cableanz si 
repoQfisants ? Ge probUme eat le plus importiuit de ceai qne aonlbve U 
leotoie da eatiriqae latic. Certea I'^ciivain at le poete sent int^resaanta 
i, 4tndier ehez lui, mais il importe bien plas de oonuattre ce qne valeut 
I'hojDme et le moraliate 

U est nu« qne la pereonniillt^ d'an satiriqne, qnand elle se fait trop 
voir, n'enlivG puBqaelquepoidsises leQonB... Juvenal, en Bccachant', ftsn 
^cbftj^r i tons cea reprochea: Comme on conuatt b^B-nml Ba Tie, lien 
u'empicbe BeB admirateais de Ini en imaginer one qui soit tout i, fait en 
rapport aveo lee aentiments qn'il eiprime, de Be le %aTer, non pea tel 
qn'il £tait, maie oomme il devoit Stre. C'eat ainei que I'obacuTiU I'a 
grandL Cette main qui sort dea t6ii6bres poui frapper nrie Boci£t£ 

> One of liiH books at least has been translated into Oerman. 

■ Oaaton Boisaier S'opposition sous les C^sars. Paris 1875 p. S21. 
La religion Romaine d'Augaate aui Antonina ii 170. Every page of mj 
book diaprovea this asaumption. Tacitus aud Pliny both weie engaged 
in the prosecution of Maiius Priscns, and Juveoal, wbeie he records the 
oppression of the proTinces, is careful to note the damaatio, thefulmea 
t-uttum, ithich avenged it. Nowhere doea he roil at the government of 
Trajan or Hadrian. The opening of s. vii accords perfectly with lao. 
AgT. 3 beatUiijiii laecuU OTtv, 

* Oar ignorance of Juvenal's life ia not dne to oonoeahnent on his 
part ; had he been a oontempoiaiy of Fersius, Saetoniaa would hare 
recorded his. history. He has less autobiography than Horace, simply 
because his aim is difCcicnt. Hia mind ia revealed mtlt perfect frankneBs. 

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conpable ft prid qn^qoe dioae d'^tronge et d'eflra^anf. Ce n'est pins un 
eatiiique ordinaire, an homme dont I'aatorii^ est limitfe par les faibleSBes 
de sa Tie, c'est la Butire elle-mSme qui venge la morale et la vertu outra- 

U fant ponrtant le faire sortir de c«b ombreB et jeter, a'il est possible, 
nn rajon de lumiSre snr cette figure qni nona fait Qnelqoe soin qu'il 
ait eo de parlei le moins possible de lui, ses ouvrages lusseot fohapper 
de temps en tempa dea confidences discretes qu'il imports de recneillir '. 

The question, stated with an emphase and cri de V4cole 
appropriate to the subject, is thus answered. Juvenal 
had a moderate income'. 

Dans nn paas^e onrieui oil il s'£I£ve oontre ceoi qui sont inaatiablcs, 
il essaie de fixer la limite ad. Ton doit raisoonablement s'airCiter dons la 
recherche de b fortune. Cette limite eat ponr lui le reFenu de troin 
obevaliera r^nnis, c'est-^dire 12,000 livreB de rente'. C'^tait mettre assez - 
haut son id^L...n est dona permis de peneer que si Juvenal n'^tait pas 
anasi riche qu'il aniait Toulu, s'il ne poss^dait pas tout h tait les 18,000 
francs de rente qui lui semblaient nSceseaires ponr bien Tivie... 

By the same canons of interpretation I could demon- 
strate that MoUfere sets forth Harpagon a^ a model of 
virtuous prudence. 

Hear Juvenal himself in the immediate context : 
mensura tamen quae 
Buffieiat census, si quia me consulat, edam. 
in quantum sitis atque fames et frigora poscunt, 
quantum. Epicure, tibi parvis suSecit in hortis, 
quantum Socratici ceperunt ante penates. 
The standard is that of the gospels and of St Paul. 
M. Boisaier continues' his revelations : 
loraqn'il Tint d'Aquinnm & Kome il ne se mit pas en peine de choisir 
nn metier qni pAt le nonrrir. D suiTit nniqnement ses preferences et se 
d^cida pour cette Eloquence d'apparat et d'fcole qu'on appelait la dicla- 

1 L'oppoaition pp. 321, 823. 

* ibid. 321—6, citing sat. li 64, lED. lu 11. 

» nv 322. • liT 316—820. 

* L'oppoaitioti pp. 326—8, 

ciq mod t, Google 


msMtm. Yoilk mt gpbt bien itraiigB cbez iin'eaprit qui doub ■em'ble de 

loin bI sirieai* II yonlnt ^videmmeDt ae &ire connaltio; il eHp4iait 

ftrtiTer i, la rfpntalion et faire parlec de loi dans Borne. Y eBt-il par- 
venu? a-t-il acquis, danB oes eiercices d'feole, nn noin q^ni ripondit A acn 

talent? Cela paralt douteui' On aremarqn^ ansBi qu'eng^a^al ilest 

mal disposd pour ceux qui suiTaieut la mSmo cani^ que lul et qui ; 
avaieut mieui t^usbL U ne manque pas aae oeoasion de as moqner de 
Quintilien; il plaiBante en paseant leie, ce d£clamal«iir grec qui fit 
oonzir Borne enti^, et aaqnel Fline a aouBacr^ ime de ses lettrea. 

M. Eoissier should avoid detail, for the reader may 
verify his quotations. Quintilian is mentioped four times 
(vi 75. 280. vii 186. 189), always with great respect, as 
the recognised bead of his profession. 

Nor is Isaeus named with scorn, but simply as pro- 
verbial for Buency (iii 73 74 sermo promptua et Isaeo 
torrentior), a character confirmed by Pliny. 

But Juvenal was a parasite'! Martial (xii 18), escaped 
from the client's bondage to his native Spain, commiserates 
Juvenal, sweating under the cumbrous toga, as he climbs 
Mt. Caelius to pay court to his patrons. 

JuT^ual ue connut pas cea Ixmnes fortunes ; rien n'indique qu'il ait 
p6D£tr£ dans l'ictimit6 den grands spigneure ; probablement (I) il ne 
dipaasa jamais lenta antechionbreB, II fant Toir auasicommeilsririei!) 

le sort do ce Virgile an petit proprifitaire de Mantoue Ge n'eet pa« que 

Juvfinal eflt besoin de tendre la main comme lea autres ; sa fortune Ini 
permettait de se passer de I'BumQne de 10 sestercea, maia il soulait gans 
donte(!) se faire dea protectenrs puisaante, il tcnait peat-£tre(I} de se 
mWer de qufeljine manifire i ce monde qni n'ayait pao d'autre acois pour 

Itii, et ce d^ir lui faiaait braver I'ennui de cee lisitea matinales. Sa 

buitiSme satire aemble n'Etra d'abord que le d^veloppement d'une tbtee 
morale i la fa^on de SenSqne ; mais on sent bientOt que d'anciennes 
blessorea se riveiUeut, et un accent persoouel et paEsionnS remplaee ees 

gin£ralit^ pMlosophiques Que de rancunes aocumnlSes laissent en- 

ttevoir ces paroles, et comme on ; sent la colore que le poete ft dtl 

1 'What does M. Boiaaier aaj to Quintilian? 

' So F Wbat then ia the meaning of Mart, vn 91 1 facunde... 

* L'oppoaition pp. SS8 — 333. 

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ir den mSpriB de ce grand monde, oi boq talent semUut derail Ini 
donner one plate, et qoi ne Tonlnt pas s'onTrii poor luil 

Hitherto we have heard in the 8th satire the most 
spirit-stirriDg noblesse oblige in all literature. It seems it 
breathes merely the spite of an upstart, blackballed by 
exclusive circles, for whose society he would cheerfully 
suiTender freedom and a good conscience. 

BepoDSBf' par la boime(l) compBgDie, Jav^al se retira dana la 
mauvuae. II a pria Boic de nous faire connaltre lui-m£me quelqnes-mtes 
des personneB qu'il fr^qnectait; Eoci4t£ en T^ritfi fort dtrauge ponr on 
homma qui faisait profesaioD de faire prScher la veitu. Je ne dis rien de 
Martial, qnoiqu'il fOl loin d'etre eiamplaire; Bon amitU, a'il itait sent, 
ne timoigDerait pas trop contte Juvfaial ; (who ij made responaible for the 
character of Naevolna and all the others addressed in his eatiies.) 

From an ordinary writer in the Revue des deux mondes 
no one would expect an acquaintance with the gospels; 
but the author of a history of Roman religion during the 
first two centuries, might remember Who was blamed as 
'the friend of publicans and sinners' and how the early 
Christians offended Celsus by seeking the lost. It is the 
crowning glory of Juvenal, as of Lord Shaftesbury and 
Gen. Gordon, that he had compassion on the oppressed, 
the provincial and the slave, nor disdained the makings 
of human dignity even in a parasite or a Naevolus; sym- 
pathising, as we are only now beginning to do, with the 
victims of purse-proud i^pn, insolence or lust', ' 

' L'oppoBitioQ 333 — 337. 

' The one count which BeemB to me jnat in M. Boisaer'a long iodiot- 
ment, is when he saja (p. 335) of li 1B6— 189: "Voil4 des railleriBs 
aingnli^reB, et il faut avoaer qna oe n'dtait paa nn monde d^cat et 
distinguS qne celui oH Ton poavait ae peimettre de plaisanter ainsi eon 
ami Hans oraindre de le fftcher." There are paasagea far grosser in ez- 
preaaion, which canse me no pain at all ; I can imagine a virtuona motive 
for them; bnt I cannot aee haw to aoqult these verses of fiippanc;. The 
wondei ia that a friend of Martial'B, so little tied b; 0( 
ofteuei committed himself; 

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It was not of Frenchmen that the wit 'complained : 
' It requires a surgical operation to bring home to them 
a jest'; but M. Boiasior, as the following extracts prove, is 
proof against irony. If a fifth form boy rose from the study 
of satires v and iii with no truer conception of their drift, 
Ms master would mark him ont for the Modern Side, 

Dana' cette premie satire, oil il £tale nveo tant de comp]aiMUiee(l) 
tons lea vices de boq temps, il en vent aui liobea moiua pent-Stre de 
d^orer leur fortmie qae de 1b divorer tout aeuls. D4baucbis, avoreB et 
•oUbuies, lis D'appeUent ploa de compugnoDa pour les aider k ee miner 
pins vite. "Ehquoil s'^rie JnvJnal, il n'; aara dono ploa de pstasitea, 
mdlua jam paraiitat erit*! " N'euteiidez-Toas paa oe eri qui soirt dn coenr 
des Naerolns*, des Umbricins, des TrebiusT Cen'est certea pas la mo- 
rale qui pent Mre (ficli^ qu'on sapprime oe metier hoDteni; mais qne 
deviendront ceux qni faisaient profassion d'en vivre f Juvenal s'eat mia 
i lenr place, et il a pari ^ en lenr nom, 

Un* dea pasaages les plas cnriaai en oe genra et ob le poSte a le pins 
mbi I'influence de son eotonrage, c'est celoi oA il attaque si vigoareaae- 
ment lea Greca. On est teDtfi d'abord d'y Toir reipreBsion da pins ardent 
patriotieme. "Citoyens, dit-il d'nn ton solannel, je oe piois BOpporler 
que Borne aoit devenne nne ville grecqne'." Ne semble-t-il pas qu'on 
'entend la voiz de Caton le cenaenrT Ansu qne de critiqces a'; sont 
tromp^al Ha onl pris oes emportements au ajiienx et se reprioeatent 
Jnv^nal cotnme nn dea demiera difensenra de la nationality romaine. 
G'est nne eneni profonde: le motif qui Is fait gronder cat moina 4iev4 
qn'on ne peose, et il n'j a au fond de oette coUrs qu'nne rivalitd da para- 

Bitea. En rfiaUtfi, ce ne sont pas les mc^ens employes par les Greca 

qni Ini r^pngnent ; il essay etait volontiers de a'en aervir, s'il pensait le 
taire aveo sacc^ 

In justice to M, Boissier I insert before parting a 
concession, grudging indeed and ungracious, but still a 
concession, to the admirers of our poet; a concession 
the more important, as concerning the satires of late 
mercilessly assailed, which yet are more often cited, and 

1 iifd.p. 337. 'il39. 

■ Strange bedfellovs for tlie boithommt Umliriciua I 
* L'oppositiou 337—3. ° iii 60. 

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have exerted a greater power in the world — aieimt studia 

in mores — thaa those which no one has questioneJ, 

Ceui' m6mes qoi sent le plUB dispoBfis it ccoire aox m6disancBB de 
Jnvinal aeront biea toraie de lecoanaltre qn'aQoace eocii^t^, dana sea 
theories morales, oe s'^tuib eucoie aatant appiochfe de la perfection. 
Aacune oonteBtatiou n'eat ici possible, et, hI Ton vonlait ^lerei quelqueB 
doatee, Juvenal lui-mSrae ae chargerait de lea njfntec Sana le Bavoir, il 
nons a doiui6 des armeB pour le combattre, et qnaad il pease Doire i, boh 
teilipB, il uouB permet de lai lendre justice'. Ce Batiriqae efFroiit4 as 
troDve £tie par moments le philoBopbc le plus rigooreaz, le moraliBte le 
pluB dfficat. Far cxemple, 11 condamne B^vdremeiit ceuz qui soQl oruels 
pour leuFB eBclavee, qui leur lehiBent uce tnnique qnand il fait froid, qui 
leg rout eafermer ou battre poor la moiudre faute, "et poor qoi le broit 
dea coups de fouet est nne musique pine donee que le cbant des Bir^nes'." 

Pour Javfinal, c'est un devoir d'hnmanit^ ; il veut que dans reHolaTS 

on reapeote rhomme, "oar lenr &me et la nfltre, dit-il, sont formfea dea 
mSmes principee*." PerBonne auBsi ne s'eBt fait daua I'antiqnit^ nne id^ 
plus ^v^ de la bmiUe que JuT^nal ; personne ne s'est occop^ aveo plus 
de tendieBBo de I'enfance, dn respect qn'on Ini doit, des bons eiemplea 
qu'il fant mettre sous aea jeus et dea speotadea qn'il convient de loi 
ipargner. "^loigne, dit-il, du senil oil ton enfaut grandit tout ce qui 
peut blesser son Oreille ou ses regards. Loin d'ici les femmes galantesi 
Iioia d'ici les chansons nocturnes dea paraaiteaj On ne aaurait trop 
reepeoter I'enfanoe. Prfit k commettre qnelque hontense actioD, souge & 
I'innocence de ton file et qn'an moment de faillir, la pene^ de ton enfant 
vienne te preserver'," Ugme enrers les gens qui nous sont strangers ef 

1 La religion ii 198—200, 

* In other vords Juvenal is not a mere pesaimist, as Sembardy main- 
tains; he hai an ideal, even the moral law. and is strong in faith that at 
the last all will confosa, 'no Ood is either deaf or a TIreaiae.' 

' liv 44—49. See Gifford'a argument to this satire. Those who know 
what aighta and aoanda contaminated £aman homes, hearing theae 
ecboes of Flato and Seneca, will welcome Bnob commonplaces, eipressed 
with a Simonidean simplidtj. . The yruiuu, lententiae, in which olasaical 
literature ia so rich, are among the moat precious tceasnreB of our in- 
hentanoe, but have no magical virtues ; the; are •/•wrarttt DweroTiri, as 
ma7 be seen in Seneca epp. 36. 94 ; but good aeed ma; light on ungrateful 
soil. Maoaulaj, it will be remembered, with ' Innate vulgarity of mind' 
(George Brimley) pronoonced the ' De Ira ' a less serviceable benefaction 
to mankind than a well-made pair of shoes. 

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coineimB, Javfnal tronve qne noiu avonB iet deyoirs i remplir; il ne veut 
paa qa'on r^pond par le mal an mal ^u'ila iioas font, et il ooudomne la 
vengeaucfl aasai rigoureuEement que le ter&it an Chr^tiea. Lea sots la 
leganlent eomme le bUn le pluB doai de la vie; JuT^nal I'appella "le 
plaisir d'uns ime faible et m^dioore'." En laisaant le conpable 4 sea 
. remords, en rabandooDBot "a ce bouneaa qu'il porle unit et jour dana 
eon &ii]e^," on u'eat que tiop veng^. Terence et Yirgile araieut d£j4 
o£16br4 cette STiapathie DDiTsrselle qui, eana intuit persouue], en dehors 
dea lieua du aaug et de I'amiti^, porte lea hommea, paice qa'ile Bont 
homines, 4 sooffrir des niaux de leora aemblables et 4 se oioire atteints 
dana lemis maUieiiTS: mais ce u'dtait obez euz qn'uue inflexion tou- 
chaate. JuT^nal y insiate et la d^Teloppe dans dea vera admirablea. 
"Lliomine eat ni potur la piti^, la DBture elle-mSmu le proclame. Bile lui 
B donn6 lea lannea, o'est le plus bean titre de rhomaniti*" cet. 

MM. Boissier and Nisard happily do not alone re- 
preBent the reigning taste of the countrymen of Is. de 
la Grange, Rigault, and the two de Valois. C. Martha* 
asks (p. 272) 

n'a-t-il paa oonaervS le aentiment de la vertu romaine, tm goAt tr^- 
vif pour I'antique aimplicit^ gardienne dea moenrg, nn tn^pria sincere et 
bien romain encore poor la molleaae et la servility et par-deaans tout une 
jOBte boireuj de la degradation publique? 

Juvenal's declamation, often uncfaastened, nowhere 
borders more nearly on fustian than in viii 148 — 150; 
ipse rotam astringit sufflamine mulio consul, 
nocte quidem, sed luna videt, sed sidera testes 
intendunt oculos. 
The Boman dignity in state ceremonial, known in 
Vatican circles as 'the liturgical charisma,' was no doubt 
outraged by a consul courting fame as a 'whip'; still, 
every allowance made for just resentment at the degrada- 

I liii 130. > xiii 108. 

* XT 131 — 160. Shortly after Boiaeier admits that Pliny here con- 
fiima tlie ecidenoe of Javenal, shewing noble thoughts bearing frnit in 
noble deeds. 

* Lea moralistea boub I'empire romaiu. 2* ^. Paiie 18C6, pp. 23S — 
332. 'Iiasoci£t£ romaine, JuT^caL' 

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tion of a majestic order, Martha'a censure (p. 284) cannot 
be controverted ; 

He diToit-OQ pas qa'il s'aglt da crime d'Atr^ et qne 1e soIeC est tent£ 
de lecaler d'horrear? N'est-ca point taire un trop grand tapage pojtiqne 
qne d'fvoquer les anc^trea imlign^s dana tenra tombes, d'appeler en 
tfimoignaEB la lune et lea Stoiles, et d'eiasp^r le ciel cootre la fcivolitfi 
tont an plus ind^cente d'nn petit-maJtre 7 JnvAnal n'a qu'une arme poor 
combattre le crime et le ridicule, jl ponrenit de Ifigfaes erreurs comme 
dea inotlEtres, et dans cette diasse haletaute, il lui arrive BOavent de 
Tonloir taer nn oiseau avec nn ^plen *. 

Auguste Widal, 'Juvenal et sea satires. Paris, 1869,' 
also follows the sound tradition of Rigault*. The later 
satires he compares to the epistles of Horace, Massillon's 
sermons, Seneca's consolations ; 

n rigue dans toutea cee pieces un aocent de peranaBioii, de TerCa, de 
sagesse bien marqu6'. To the indignation which animates sat. i — ii, 
'ont Bacc&14,,.iin caltne, une B^ftiit^, nne eWvation qui tappelle Socrat^ 
et meme les iiviree lemons de la doctrine stoioienne*.' 

> IdemnrtoMartha'iaatitheaia (p. 293)"S6nSqna,phiIoflopbe,di»ait: 
homo laera rn hommi, Juvenal, politiqne, gardiea de la gloiie romaine, 
dirait Tolontiers: tacra res patrieiai." The loftj peroration of b. v 
crieB (uroum corda, not to patrician, but to human chiialrf. If the 
highborn LentnluB deserves a real, no mere stage, cmcifiiion, the oheers 
of his plebeian baekera are not innocent (liii 188 — 192) tuc tameit ipti ] 
ignoicai populo : popwli from darioT huiui, { yui ledet et tpeetat Iriieurria 
patricioTiija eel. 

' Widal hails from Beaan^on. If BoiBsiei is of Paris, ne have the 
tey to their discordant estimate. Dr Thompson said of Benan, ' His Vit 
de Jitta smacks of the Boulevards.' Snrelj it is a cit's nttciance, as 
from the soul of Samuel Johnson (L'opposition 331) : ' Dans cette satire 
c^bre aftil diorit avec tant de verve les inconv^nients dea grondes villea, 
il a oubli^ de nons dire le plus grand de tons : celoi qui les a une foie 
connues ne peut jamais plus ae paaaer d'ellea ; m^me qaand ellea ne le 
contentenC pas, elles le d^goQtent de lout le reste.' cet. Compare th^ 
inimitable good intentions — video meHora froboqyt — of the stockbroker 
AmuH (Hor. epod. 2). 

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Exa^eration : 

CsB ezag^ratioDs de paiolea et de couleiir ne Bont pas tovjonrB I'eSet 
des Tieilles hsbitades de I'^sole; elles appnitiennent, on ne I'a pas assez 
remoiguS, orojoiia-nous, k la aatiie jngme. Aossi bien qne le (h^£tre, la 
satire, ai je pais ainid paclsr, a Bee lois de perspective, partant sen piivl- 
ISges, ses D^ccBsit^s'. 

AffaiblisBes par la penB^ qnelqnes ^ats de sa voii, adonciisez dang 
certitios de aes tableaux qnelqnes oouleiira trap cbaigfes, et poor le food 
des choseB voua seiez constamment dang le Trai. JnT^nal n'est paB na 
aatiriqae de fantaiBie, ni nn £crivaiii atrabiliaire qui Toit la ooimptioa 
Tomoine k travers les nnageB trompeais d'au eaprit m^content et peed- 
miate; uon, il n'myente rien, il ne metit pas, il ne calomnie pas; il parle' 
de la depravation de son tempB abBolament comms I'hlstoire en a parli'. 

style : 

JuT^nal, en an qnalitS d'anoien disciple des rh£t«urB, vise & I'efFet, 
oonrt aprto les ornemenUi B'efforce de faiie impreeaion snr le lecteor, 
s'attache an mot qni fait image, oaiesBe las antitMeeB, se livre bq jea deB 
ombies et des lomiSres, abuse du trait, tombe parfois dans le tDaavais 
goQt, toDtee choses qni sentent la decadence de I'art et les eSorts qu'an 
fait poor le reuonveler. En oati«, et il faut bien en conrenir, Javfcal 
danB sa diction eat eonveiit violent, empcrt^, exceasif; il ne recnie pas 
asaez non plus devant le danger dn mot propre, la erudite de rcipreaaion, 
la vivacity du ooloris, appelant trop Bonvent lea cboaes par lenr nom, 
rcnob^rissant ainsi snr la hardiesse de la pensfe par l'abBc£mt& des 

En revanche il possSde des qnalit^B ^datantes, le gfnie do 

I'expresBion, le don du coup de pinceau, la riohesBe et les inagniScenoeB 
iubSrentes i la poisie orataire ; il a de plus une Anergic, one verve, sans 
pareillea; son indignation, allumCe au spectacle des vices et des tnrpi- 
tades qui rentourent de tous c&t^H, B'eibale en un langage d'une pnig- 
sance, d'une force extraordinaire, et dont, avant Ini, il n'y avait pas 
d'eiemple dans la literature latine* 

Do plus, il est inoomparable comme cotoiiste; il fait passer sons nos 
yeni dei tableaux qu'on n'onblie pins. Bs nous frappeot et nons re. 

1 P. aliv. 

* Pp. xliy iIt, where he adds that Tae., Flin. ep., Petron., Uart., 
Lacian, DCass., Sen., Snet., and manj others bear out the statements 
of Jureoal, who ia 'avant toat an poete historique,' in vfhich Ught he is 
regarded alao by Martha. 

' P. ilvii. * Pp. slvii xlviii. 

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iiiDeDt;iIs8ebitrineDt daiuiiiotieiuiBgmatioii. Totit lemondase rappelle 
ce3 peintnreE prodigieases qui nous retracent les dSportementa de Measa- 
line et de Bes paieillee, les lavages dn luxe romain, la decadence de la 
nobleBse, la baaseBse da-B^nat, la chuCe de Sfjaa, lea esc^B da faoBtiBme 
Teligieni, les toarments d'one mauvaiae oouscience, que saia-je eiuwrs? 
peinturGS oi tout eat grave, imposant '. 


Mais il eat na autre parallels qni s'eat pr^aeati pins d'one foiB, et do 
Joi-meme, i. uolM esprit, dftns le conrs de uos StcdeB ; c'est la cesBemblanee 
Bonveut trappaote qu'offie, avec on grand Dombre de peintnieB de moeara 
tktes de JavSnol, 1» sooiitfi modeme et oontomporainB'. 

Fried lander, in his treatise on luxury', has proved 
that the ancient standard, apart from a few abnormal 
examples, fell far short of the modem. Contemporaries of 
Lucullus or of Vitellius, — they who had known Ivscuriem 
imperii veterem noctesque Neronis, — Varro, Cicero, "Virgil, 
Horace, Livy, Valerius Maximus (inheriting earlier tra- 
dition), Seneca, Musonius*, Epictetus, Antoninus, the two 
Plinys, Tacitus, Plutarch, Juvenal, all appeal from Philip 
drunk to Philip sober, from the extravagance of city life — 
kic vivimus ambitiosa paupertate omnes— to the country, or 
the provinces, or the barbarians, or the farmer-captains 
of antiquity. But spirits and the powerful drugs' which 
even the poor among iis crave more than daily bread, 
were strange of old even to Rome or Corinth or Antioch. 

' F. tIjt , Widal goea on to notice the comie force of Jnvenal, and 
the idyllic beauty of aome pioturea of oonntiy life or of andent aimplicit; 
(iiiB28— 232. vil— 21. ixpaiaim). 

' P. liii. * Sittengescbichte in. 

* Peerlkamp'a edition of tbia admiiable wiiter'e lemaina is acldom 
met wiHi and falla far below even moderate requirements. There has just 
appeared (Berlin 1886) Quaestiones MaBouianae de Muaonio atoico de- 
mentia Alexandrini alionunqne auotore. scr. P. Wei^land. 

' Nicotine and other narootica, opinm, chloi^ and the coantleaB tribe 
of pills aod pAteat medicines. 

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Oar men of leisure, and that when seeking health in the 
mouatains, take three dinners — called breakfast, lunch, 
dinner, — in the day', an excess unknown fifty years ago. 

Bishop Wordsworth' used heathen classics, as well as 
the Christian scriptures and fathers, to train the students 
of his chancellor's school to a life of soberness ; a man of 
kindred spirit, C. H. ColJyns, was collecting laws of 
health and of temperance from ancient letters, when too 
early taken from us. Juvenal would have furnished him 
with an abundant harvest. 

For our poet*, like Horace and the homilies* of our 
church, fi^ankly rebukes a vice whose very existence 
'society' seems to have foi^tten. 

An eminent surgeon, noted for his exposure of the 
mischievous effects of alcohol even in moderate doses, 
has of late detected a deadlier and unsuspected enemy in 
our gates (Sir Henry Thompson, 'Diet in relation to age 
and activity', London, Kegan Paul, 188C,' p. 2). 

' Ladj John Manners in the Natioaal Beviete lB83-i. Oeraitina, 
wlio in their native load ate flesh-meat twice a ireek, on landing in the 
U.S. take it three times a-dsy, and suflei gieatly until acclimatised. 
Faikes 'Personal <m» of health' (S.F.C.E.) S9 'The rich classes in 
England are certainly too large meat-eaters ; for example, follow a dinner 
at a rich mau'a table, and see what the guests will take : a soup, into 
which meat largely enters ; fish ; two or three made dishes, probably all 
meat of some tJnd, perhaps a joint and game ; the farinaceons food is 
scarcely touched, and when it ia remembered that at breakfast and 
at lancheon meat has been also taken, the very camivoroas natm^ of 
this diet will be evident.' 

' Ethica Lincolmcniia. * index (vol. n) 'epicm^', 'gnlft'. 

* No. 6 'against glMtony and dronkennesB'. 

' In a pamphlet issued by the Vegetarian Society (TS, Princess Street, 
Manchester, 62 Lndgate Hill, London, E.C.) 'What is Tegetarianism?- 
I have corrected Sir Henry's error, shared by Prof. Skeat and other leii- 
cographers, as to the origin and meaning of the term Vegetarian. It also 
occors in Ed. y. Hartmann'a attack on Vegetarianiam {'was aollen wir 
etsen ?' in hia ' Modems Probleme' Leipz. 1SS6, p. IS). 


dt, Google 


■ I have for some years past been compelled bf facte nhich are con- 
etantl7 coming before me, to accept Qie conolosiou that more miachief in 
the form of aotoal disease, of impaired vigour, and of shorteaed life, 
accrues to civilized man, bo for as I have ofaaeryed in our own country 
and IhrongboM Western aod central Europe, from errooeons babits of 
eating, than from the habitual use of alcoholic drink, considerable as I 
know the evil of that to be. I am not sura that a similar comparison 
might not be made between the respective influence ol those ogendes in 
regard of moral evil also. 

(Ibid. p. 6): 

I have come to the conclnsiou that a proportion amounting to at least 
more than one half of the disease which embitters the middle and latter 
part of life among the middle and upper classes of the population is due 
to avoidable errors in diet, Fnrther, while such disease renders so much 
of life, for many, disappointing, ouhappj, and profiUesa — a, term of 
painful endurance, for not a few it shortens life consideiahly. 

Hear our author, 

V 6 ventre nihil covi fnigalius. 

Since I have known Cambridge, Le. in the last forty-two 
years, the cost of college dinners has been nearly doubled', 
and the luxury also. A thrifty student, non- collegiate, can 
easily save* Ss. a day, or a guinea a week, out of the average 
expenditure even of frugal men. And he would carry away 
an endowment, which no parliament could confiscate, the 
wealth of Socrates and St Paul and Charles Gordon, i.e. 
few wants. In our boarding-schools and colleges we bring 
together the sons of the rich in an atmosphere hermeti- 

1 Now 2.. then lid. 

' See 'How to live on a shillii^ a week by one who bos triedit. Lond. 
J. B. Uaiwell.' Two shillings purchased 26 lb. of solid food and two 
CLuarts of milk, on which the writer and his son lived for a week. The 
fare was such as J for one, prefer, for a single meal or a lifetime, to ^le 
richest dainties, which are rarely even wholesome; often {e.g. putrid 
game) to a simple taste, loathsome. Cf. the work of an ardent philan- 
thropist, E. Tanneguj de Wogan, 'La vie i> bon nmrchi. Paris, Plon, 

dt, Google 


cally sealed from contact with penury. What follows ? 
Professional men acquire tastes far more expensive than 
do their contineutal rivals', and when (after fifty years of 
age) curates, schoolmasters, tutors (governesses) find it 
hard to obtain employment, they may come to the work- 

TIII 117 118 parce et messorihus istis, 

qui saturant urhem circo scenaeque vacantem*. 

In the last forty years England has gone back in the 
cycle' of civilisation from corn to cattle". Not only have 

< Bishop J. M. Sailer (that Old Catliolia before the Vatiaan council) 
and the veueiBble father of church hietoiy, the aneritiu Fiofeseor Earl 
Hase (see his charming antobicgrBiphy, I^aU und iTTthUmer 1872) made 
their way through school and college with scarcely anj funds but what 
they earned by teaching &a they learnt. Snoh liyea were possible here 
SSO years ago, aod givea the men, are so eren now. 

' A Cambridge grocer told me that cnratea, former customers, say 
to him : ' You spoilt as mth those breakfasts'. 

' On the dependence of Borne on foreign com, and the consequent 
desolation of Italy, eee a paper by me in the Dietetio Beformer 18S3, pp. 
73 — 9. Who does not remember Horace's lament platatmiqtu caeUbi 
evincet ulmot I Cf. my notes on Iwr. iii 2. iv 27. li 78—80. 89. xi» 169. 
163. 172. Flut. Tib. Oracch. 8 9. Turkey, if that is any consolation, 
keeps us in countenance, with empty country, over^crowded towns. 

* The hunting, pastoral, agricultural, horticultural stages. F. W. 
Kewman 'Basaya on Diet' (Eegan Paul 1883, p, 30) > the diet of fieah-meat 
belongs to the time of barbarism'. The Oermane have invented a tech- 
nical teim for the law that as men multiply, cattle decrease. See Frof. 
Iiamhl, Depekoration in Europa. Leipzig 187B. 

' See Mr Aion'e paper 'Corn or Cattle,' read before the British AbbO' 
dation in 1881, printed in the Dietetic Beformer 1881 pp. 22B— 231, and 
Bold aa a pamphlet by the Vegetarian Society. It is there shewn that, 
without importation, we might produce food enough for a far target 
population. So mistaken is Ed. v. Hartmann, 1. a. IS, when he aaya we 
at thia day are-ebensowenig im Stande,..,olme Getreideeiofubr zu leben 
als ohne Yieheinfuhr.' 

dt, Google 


great landlords^ io Scotland and Iroland*, emulating the 
tyranny of William the Norman, supplanted men by 
sheep or deer, — but everywhere tillage is giving place to 
pasture. Oxford and Cambridge, whose welfare is inti- 
mately bound up with the land, cannot stand idly by, 
while tenants are ruined. Let those who are more con- 
versant with economy strike me, but hear me, when I 
make a few suggestions. 

1. Edinburgh has a Professor of Agriculture and 
Kural Economy, a degree of B.Sc. in the department of 
agriculture, and is crying out for chairs of Forestry and 
Agricultural Chemistry'. Surely scientific agriculture' 
should find a home where landlords and country clergy 
and doctors receive their education. 

2. Our founders, since we cannot be resident land- 
lords, gave us livings on our estates, that we might reside 
by deputy*. Some country parsons have done much to 
encourage bee-keeping and other minor industries in their 
parishes. Why should not all country gentlemen, lay or 
clerical, have some training in rural economy ? To the 
missionary, at home or abroad, such an equipment would 
be of great service. Remember Oberlin and the Moravians. 

3. France, Austria (since 1 869), Sweden, and probably 
other countries have thousands of horticultural schools, 
or gardens attached to country schools. Why have we 

1 Bae Ooldgmith's Deserted Village witli iU indignant dediaation to Sir 
JoBhiia Reyuolda. 

' One of the organs of the Irish parly lately aaeribed the depopulation 
of Ireland to the graeiera. Cam employs and feeds a vastly greater popa- 
lation than graBS. 

> 'Timea' 23 Oct. ISSfl p. 4 eol. 6. This MichaehnaB term leotnies 
on Bgrioultnre are announced at Oxford. 

* Yonug England little dreamB how mnoh learning owes to college 
inciuiibents. See a late instance in point, CliaicMll Babington's Cata- 
logue of the Birds of Suffolk. London 1S81— S. 

dt, Google 


none ? This year plums have been left to rot on the 
trees. Why are not farmers taught the art of diying or 
otherwise preserving them ? English plutns are exported 
to France, dried and brought back as a luxury : why 
should they leave our shores at all ? What need to import 
apples or hardy vegetables, honey, milk or cheese ? Can 
trained intellects be more patriotically employed than in 
simplifying and cheaftening distribution'? 

4, Of old college rents were in part paid in kind. 
College landlords have one peculiar advantage,— they are 
large consumers. One bursar, to my knowledge, furnishes 
his college hall from a neighbouring tenant. AH bursars 
and stewards ought to draw their supplies, as far as possible, 
from their own estates, 

■ 5, In my childhood Cheshire fanners lived on their 
own produce : 

xi 77 — 81 haec olim nostri iam luxuriosa senatus 
cena fuit. Ourius parvo quae iegerat horto 
ipse focis brevibus ponebat holuacula, quae uunc- 
squoUdus in magna fastidit compede fossor, 
qui meminit, calidae sapiat quid vulva popinae. 

Let 'the landed interest' criticise its own consumption 
and become its own customer. If next year the money 
now spent on alcohol, tobacco and other narcotics, by 
country folk, were spent in grain, fruit and garden stuff, 
there would be fewer bankruptcies. 

6. xi 56 — 59, Each individual critic of consumption 
does something to people the country and relieve the 
congestion of towns. Since I seriously considered this 
question of diet, I have become a customer of fruit farmers 

1 8m Eynaston'B ' Ontdoor frnit for tha miUiou.' Teg. Boo. Fmit- 
gioweTB tet&fy that, feeding and pmning UiBii trees by this ejBteca, they 
never have s, bad Beuson, 

dt, Google 


ia Wilts and Cambs, of a miller at Burj St EdmutidB, of 
a Maxk-Lase com-l^ctcr, and of a Kentish Town oil- 
refiner. If every food reformer each year makes one 
convert', and he another, and bo on, the despair which 
broods over the country will in time be dispelled. 

7. The late William Hoyle, in his exhaustive survey of 
intemperance and its results, proved that the drink traffic 
poisons agriculture', as it does every xither trade. The re- 
cords of the Salvation Army, after all deductions for 
exaggeration, demonstrate that dealers in food profit imme- 
diately by the conversion of drunkards, 

8. If landlords learnt here how to improve their land 
to the utmost, taking a patriotic and ideal interest in 
country life, they would reside on their estates for a great 
part of the year. As bull-baiting and bear-baiting have 
disappeared from England, so a day will surely come 
when the right artificially to maintain beasts of prey 
will be relinquished'. Vast sums now wasted on hunting 

1 A London clergyman wrote to the Veget&risn Society ; ' I have 
alreadj snoceeded in Teforming Uie diet of some half dosen frienda, 
inolading several olergymen, and more oc le«8 influencing otbere. During 
my fliet three months 4i. a week ia the very outside that my food has 
ever oost, and Binoe that it has cost ve^ much lese. I am now saving 
just 16<. weekly out of my pound ei pen yea.'and have just retained from 
a very benefieial and much needed Muday which I could not otherwise 
have possibly afloided, and also posse^tud. myself of some valuable books, 
which I had been under the imprea^^ I must, from want of means, long 

> See a traot, issued by the C.E.T.S., which has been eicculated by 
the hnndrad thousand through the country. 'Intemperance ; its bearing 
upon agricultme. By John Abbey,' p. 8 : 'A farmer lately failed in one 
of the Midland cooutiea, whose liajtrilitieB for diink and tobacco amonnted 
to £1000.' 

' Ed. V. Eartmann 1. c. 18 ' Dass die Jagd ein inhnmanea Eandwerk 
iat, kann gar nicht bestritten werden.... Die Jsgd iat aber in den Kultnr- 
Uudem ohnehin anf den Aussterbeetat geeetzt, nnd anoh bei una, wo der 
Orundadel sie noch kimstlich als Uebeibleibsel aus loheieu Zeiten kol- 

dt, Google 


and shooting, — those caricatures of the labours of Her- 
cules and of Theseus, — will then form aD endowment of 

9. The patients of Longford Fever Hospital were 
treated for fifteen years by Dr S. Nicolts, without alcohol, 
fish, flesh, fowl, with singular success'. Mr Fegan, of the 
Boys' Home', has now for nearly two years imposed the 
same abstinence on his hungry street Arabs, who gain ia 
weight and health. Many of us as guardians of the poor, 
managers of hospitals, orphanages, asylums, schools, have 
to administer public funds'. Can we afford to ignore a diet 
which boasts testimonials from anatomy, physiology, che- 
mistry, history, public and private economy* ? Landowners, 
of all men, should be sensitive to the rise or fall of rates. 

tiTiit, ut doch der Proceatsatz des gejagtea Wildes dn Behr kleiuer tinter 
allem get&dteten Vieh.' 

' 'Dietetio BefoimeT' 1865 pp. S8— 44, wheie ia an accouiit of tlie 
opposition vhicli the reformer overcame. 

' 95 Soothwark Street, London S.B. The 'Dietetic Betormer,' Ms; 
1686, p. 134 gives Mr Fegan'e experience after two monthe. The boja' 
dinner oosta l^d. a head : ' man; of them big fellows of 15 or 16, wolGahly 
himgry after recent hardshipa on the Btreets.' 'For dinner t^ey have 
haricot beans, baked potatoes, and jam tnmover ; pease-padding, baked 
Spanish onions, and a Imnp of datea ; lentil soup and tapioca pndding; 
or Bavouiy pie, and bread pudding, with figs, apples, &c. occasionall;.... 
A kind of after-dinnBr ennui observoble formerly on certain days U now 
replaced by a healthy epcntaneity ecery afternoon both in work and 
Btndy.' ibid. 1B86, pp. 197 — he gives the experience of 13 months. 'In 
those days I always looked upon Vegetarians as either visionaries, 
dyspeptics, or Bkinflints.' ' The general health of the bajs has decidedly 
improved,..! have been personally benefited.' 

* ' Advantages of dietetio reiorm in orphanages and public institutions.' 
Teg. Boo. 

* All these evidences and many more are recorded in the publications 
of the Vegetarian Society. The fnllest statement of the case will be 
found in Sylvester Graham's 'Science of human life' and John Smith's 
*FrnitB and Fatinacea.' See also Mrs Eingsford's Paris thesis 'The 
perfect way in diet.' 

dt, Google 


10. For students' the promise of 'morning all day 
long', of protracted labour without fatigue, ought to have 
special attractions. In missions to India, a Btahmin's 
fiire can, as Schwarz proved, clear the way by removing 
the main stumbling-block*. 

11. In the great expansion of our medical faculty one 
chair, worth to 'laymen' more than all others together, 
has been foi^otten, that of hygiene'. Happily the church 
is less indifferent to the ministry of the body. The man 
of education, who obeys such rules as those laid down by 
Dr Parkes, 'Personal care of health*', observing at the 
same time the effect of the various meats, drinks, exer- 
cises, on his own body, has Galen's word for it*, that he 
will have small occasion for the physician. Pliny xxiv 
§ 5, approved by Friedrich Hoffmann', laments the im- 
portation of foreign drugs, cum remedia vera pauperrimus 
quisque cenet. A cheering doctrine for hard times, 

12. How do ' cooperative stores' affect the country ? 
Look on two pictures, not imaginary. A and his family 
resort to London for shopping. Fortujuitoa nimium, sua 
si bona norint, agricolaa. Price lists dispel that ignorance 

1 ' Food for Btndents. B; Dt Jackgon.' Veg. So«. Diogenes in DL. 
Ti 49 ifiOTiiBel! Sd. n o( dfiXirrol iralaff^iA ilmr, tiptj, in Kpiaaif ittMt ical 
j3o*lwt AytfuoSinTpirai. Paikea (cited below) p. 67 'Afl a rale all literary 
and sedenEary tneQ ahonld be spare eaters.' Hot. a. n 2 60 81 alter, ubi 
dicK citiiu eurala u^ori [numbra dtdit, FEGETVS prae$eripla ad munia 

' ' Addreaa on Cbrigtiaii miadona.' > Teitunoniea of nuaaionariM.' 
'VegetBriaaigm and Cbriatiauityin India.' Veg. Soo. 

* ' See ' Prevention better than cure ; oi the trne aim of the ph^uciaii. 
By Dr Ackworth.' Veg. Soo. 

* Oneof the' Manuala of health 'iasned by the 8.F.C.E. The older 
hooka of Cheyne and Hnfeland, also addressing lay leaders, well deaerre 
peraaal ; indeed they are standard classics. 

■ De aaniUte toenda vi 14 f . (ti 449 460 e). Cf. ib. 8 fp. 416). 

* In his tract ' de medicina aimplidssima et optima, mota, inedia, 
■quae potn ' (opeia omnia v 334 — S40}. 

ciq mod t, Google 


which was their bliss. Seeing many inventions, they 
become emaces: soon magis ilia iuvant, quae pluria 
emuntur. Their board, once offering inemptaa dapes, 
groana with exotic delicacies ; horum semper ego optartm 
pauperrimus esse bonorum. Expenses wax, income wanes ; 
the end is bankruptcy and exile. B, a Vegetarian vicar, 
deaJa with none but his village grocer, who, thus work- 
ing with larger capital, buying in cheaper markets, can 
afford to sell better goods at a lower rate. With like 
thoughtful ne S3 each of us might help some strugghng 
neighbour to tide over bad seasons. 

ii 95 vitreo bibit ille priapo. 

See a book which should be in every parent's hands: 
' The moral education of the young in relation to sex, 
under medical and social aspects. By Dr Elizabeth 
Blackwell. Second edition, revised. London, Hatchards, 
1879," p. 126: 

ObG<!ene liooliB, Bocga, pamphlets, handbills, pictnrea, and photo- 
grapba are issned, not b; the hundred, bat by the tnilliou, CurdB, BnnC- 
boxes, pipei, pen-eticka, lingB, knives, &c. are made the instiamentB of 
vice, b; piotore, ebape, or the introduction of some microEcopic obecenit;, 

often overlooked b; the pnrchaser 

Mors than fifteen firms in Germany... make a specialty of licentious 
literature and obeoene articles : every vreek they pubiiab detailed descrip- 
tions of their wares in hnndreds of newspapers. Their trade is bo 
enormoos, that in one year the police of Baitiroore, U.S,, seized twenty 
hundredweight of scondaJoas books and objects which they had exported 
to that city. AmoDgel them were qnantitiea of obscene New Tear's 
cards, which are mannfactnred in Berlin, and colonred by young girla 
&om fonrteeQ to sixteen years of age. Bnt the moBt fiacceisful meant of 
distribnting these vile articles is by colporteurage. 

ii 44 — 46 respice primum 

ct scrutare virog. faciunt hi plura, sed illos 
defend it numerus iunctaeque umbone phalanges. 

We have only just begun to make vice difBcult for rich 
men ; while poor women, their prey, have till lately re- 

.,,!., Google 


ceived neither mercy nor redress. If women wore electors, 
IaiT3 would deal more equal justice. 

iv 70 71 nihil est quod credere de se 
non possit cuin laudatur dis aequa poteatas. 
Head the story of the Vatican council ; or watch the 
career of successful demagogues. 

it 63 dat veaiam corvis, vexat censura columbas. 
viii 179—182 

quid facias talera sortitus, Pontice, servum? 
nempe in Lucanos aut Tusca ergastula mittas, 
at vos, Troiugenae, vohia ignoscitis, et quae 
turpi a Cerdoni, Volesos Brutumque decebunt. 
„ 140 141 

omae animi vitium tanto conapectius io se 
crimen habet, quanto maior qui peccat habetur. 
Vice in high place not condoDed by Juvenal ; nor does 
he spare the electors or patrons of libertine placemen (ibid. 
211 212). 

V 114 anseris ante ipsum magni iecur. 
Weberp. 368 Ganselebern viB.xen eice bd den BSmem so gnt wie 
bei una beliebte Leckerei ; natiirlioli 1 aie aprictt fvir Rich aelbst. Aaoh 
tvusBte man die OiiDBe so za stopfen, dass sie goto Leberu gabea. 

So little have we advanced in 1800 years, that this 
learned commentator has no inkling of the covert reproof, 
nor can examine this unsavoury tit-bit from the point of 
view of health or mercy or even of a well-trained palate. 
What would Juvenal have said to Scknepfmdreck ? 
vii 135 136 purpura vendit 

causidicum, vendunt amethysttna, convenit illis 
et strepitu et facie maioris vivere census. 
Nothing succeeds like success. The vast run of Hollo- 
way's pills (now immortalised in two noble foundations) 
due to world-wide puffing during many years. 

ciq mod t, Google 

xiv 142—151 

et proferra libet fines maiorque videtur 
et melior vicina scges, mercaris et banc et 
arbusta et denaa moatem qui canet oUvel 
quonim si pretio dominus non vincitur uUo, 
Docte bovea macri lassoque famelica coUo 
iumenta ad virides buius mittentur aristas, 
Dec priu3 indo domum, quam tota novalla saevoa 
in ventres abeaat, ut credas falcibus actuDi. 
dicere vis possis, quam multi talia ploreut, 
et quot venalea iuiuria fecerit agros. 
Boycotting not a triumph of modem civilisation. 

iii 41 42 

quid Komae faciam! meutiri nescio; libnim, 
fii malus est, nequeo laudare et poscere. 
Mutual Battery in reviews. Eeading tbe last book 
from Mudie's, because 'every one is talking of it'; in 
sbort, neglecting the living -works of dead authors, because 
fashion sets its seal on dead works of living authors. 

„ 143 144 

quantum quisque sua nummorum aervat in area, 
tantnm habet et fidei. 
The credit system with its monopoly, ruining small 
„ 140 141 

protinus ad censum, de moribus ultima fiet 
si 1—3 

Atticus eximie si cenat, lautus babetur; 

si Rutilus, demena. quid enim maiore cachinno 

ezcipitur vulgi, quam pauper Apicius ? 

L:mi,z.d=, Google 


xi 21—23 

refert ergo, quis Laec eadem paret : id Kutilo nam 
luxuria est, in Ventidio laudabile nomeu 
mmit, ti a t^uau famam trahit. 

„ 176—178 

uamque ibi fortunae veniam damns, sfes ttnrpi^ 
turpe et adulterium mediocribus ; baec eadem illi 
oiunia cum faciuut, hilarcs nitidique Tocaatur. 

James Martineau, Endeavours after the Christian life, 
London 1843, 119 120 : 

The despotic temper vhich ia apt to be eugeudeied by wealth in 
one direction, is natnraJly connected with serviJitj in tbe opposile. It 
noold be inconsistent not to render that respect to the porse in others, 
which men are fond of clainung for it in themBelves ; and accordingly it ia 
to be feared that in few ciTiliBed coantiiee iB there bo mnch ajcophiuic; as 
in this; BO many oreatores ready to crawl ronnd a heap of gold.. .It in a 
grieTODB evil arising hence, Ihat the jodgements and moral feelinge of 
Booiety lose their clear-Bightednesa and power ; that the same nJes are not 
applied to the eBtimat« of rich and poor; that Iheie is a rank which 
almost enjoys immonit; from the verdict of a jtut public sentiment, 
where the most ordinary qualities receive a miachievonB adulation, and 
even grave eins ore judged lightly or not at all. 

X 34G— 362 

nil ergo optabunt homines 1 si consilium vis, 
permittea ipsis expendere numiDibus, quid 
coDveniat nobis rebusque sit utile nostris. 
nam pro iucundis aptissima quaeque dabunt di; 
carior est illis homo quara sibi. noa animorum 
inpuhu et caeca magnaque cupidine ducti 
coniugium petimus partumquc uxoris, at illis 
notum, qui pueri qualisque futura sit uxor, 
ut taaieu et poscas aliquid voveasque socellia 
exta et caudiduli divina tomacula porci, 
oraudum est ut sit mcus sana in corpore sano. 
fortem posce aDimum mortis terrore careatom. 

dt, Google 


qui spatium vitao eztremuni inter mtiDera ponat 
naturae, qui ferre queat quoscumque labores, 
nesciat irasci, cupiat nihil, et potiores 
Herculis aerumnaa credat saevosque labores 
et venere et cems et pluma Sardanapalli. 
Some years ago criticism of prayer (in default of table- 
turning, mesmerism, spelling-beea, or other epidemic rage) 
exercised our drawing-rooms, journals and magazines for 
some weeks of a season. la these games research is a 
breach of rule. . The world's sacred boots, the Paternoster 
and other actual specimens, hymns and liturgies, Angus- - 
tine, a Kempis, Eothe, Ewald, Nagelsbach, Lasaulx, — all 
these were out of bounds. Else Johnson's imitation might 
have led to the discovery of this pi^an directory, defying 
every anathema then freely and gaily hurled at the whole 

xiv 13 14 cupiet lauto cenore patatu 

semper et a magna non degenerare culina. 
If we were establishing new colleges, the costly and 
cumbrous entertainments known as 'feasts" would form no 
part of our design. Nor would a reformed government for 
London dare to saddle the Lord Mayor with such onerous 
and dangerous 'duties" as ' the traditional hospitality of the 
Mansion House' imposes on him now. Surely the vast ma- 
jority of us, being of simple tastes, should seize the excuse 
of falling rents to exchange these obsolete rites for quieter 

■ ParkcB 1. 0. 67 ' The lieoIthieEt bodies are thaee in which the food is 
nearly the some, and the piocesaes in the body go ou tolerahlj onifoiml; 
from day to day. If on one day additional food be given, as when a man 
goes out to a great dinner, the effect is traceable for three or four iajs, 
or eran for a week. After such an nnuanal meal there Bhonld be some 
abatineuce the next day, so as not to overtask the organs.' p. 62 ' Aa a 
rule the wealthy claseea eat too mach.,.aiid it eventuallj telle upon them.' 

' Compare ind. «.t. officium. 

dt, Google 


gatheriDgs, which ladies and undet^aduates might en- 
liven. The great anniversaries of our foundations could 
still be commemorated by dinners, but of a wholesomer' 
type. A guest of mine after describing the Spartan fare 
of Ascham's Cambridge, exclaims : ' What a contrast be- 
tween this picture, and the rich, comfortable {'behabigen') 
luxury which nowadays everywhere meets the visitor in 
Cambridge !' ' 

ii 159 — 166 arma, quidem ultra 

litora luvemae promovimus. . . . 
s«d quae nunc populi fiunt victoria in urbe, 

non faciunt illi, quos vicimus 

aspice, quid faciant commercia. 

Sir Charles Warren tells us that we have taken the 
Bible and brandy to S. Africa, but brandy first, which 
native laws prohibited. On India and on China we 
have forced opium, to raise a revenue; and break down 
the barriers which oriental religions oppose to drunken- 

XV 9 porrum et caepe nefas violare et frangere morsu. 
Ed. y. Hartmann, rejecting the distinction, plain to the 
unlettered hind as to Aristotle, between vegetation and 

' Anstot. piobl. 1 15 ^ routXtj rpotp^ voa^iij%, rapax^^V^ y^p "^^ ^ f^ 
T^i^ii. Sen. ep. 96 % 18 limplex erat ex cataa li/nplici vaUtudo: mul(i» 
moTbot malta fercvla fteerunt. § 23 immmerahitei ease moThoi non mira- 
berii: cogaoi nunxm. Flin. xi % 3B3 homini cibui utilittimiu limplac, 
Qcervatio taporma petUftra et condimtnto peTnicioiior. diffkulter autent 
perJUiaTitUT onmia in cibii acria atpera ineanmteta varia nimia et avide 
haTiata, tt atitatt quam hieme digUiliut, et in lenecta quam in iuvtnta. 
See more in m; ' Modicua dbi medicos sibi' (IBBO) 71 — 78. 

* Bogec AHcham. Seia Leben and seina Werke van Dr A. Eatterfeld. 
Strassbnrg, Triibner. 1879. p. 26. Faikeal.o. 52" moEt medical men 
will agree that Abemetlij'B advioa is the only cure for the manifold 
BilmentB of many of their rich patients, viz., ' to live on siipenoe a day 
»nd earn it.' " 

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animatioD, corftmands V^tariana to spore the 'plants 
their brethrea' (Moderne Probleme 16 17) : 

Das EuiDBDiClitB-argumeDt Btellt aamlich das Yeizehren von getod- 
lelen Thieren dem Verzebrea von getodteten Manncben, d. h. dem 
Eannibaliamns', gldch, inBofent anch die Hiiera itU uiBere Brflder Im 
Beiche des Labeas za betraohten eeiea. BieeeB ArgameDt beweiit Bchon 
danun nichts, well es eu viel beweiat. Eb ist eine obdrflichliclie uud 
nmfigaeutobaftliohB VolkBineinuDg, daas eio Eidotter. . .ciaht elienaognt eiit 
lebendeH nod empfindendeB Individiium wis etwa ein Spacfcrkiil Bsi; 
ee ist ein Yonutheil, dasa nnr die lUere iWBere BHlder im Beiche dea 
Lebens nnd d«r Empfindang eeien, die FSaczen aber niclit. Es ist 
Teina WiUkOr, die Orenzlicie, jenaeita deren wir dOiB Lebendige znm 
Yerzehren tijdteu dOrfen, zwiacheD Thier uad Pflanzreich zu ziehen. 

Confounding things that differ, to keep the balance 
true he distinguishes things that agree, claiming for the 
male eex in towns*, especially for representatives of culture, 
i.e. for his own class, a flesh diet which women and countiy 
folk, he allows, do not need (p. 14): 

Filr dis yegetativen nod reprodaktiven Aal^ben des Lebeni, vie 
Bie bei Landleuten nnd beim \reiblicben Qeechleeht tibemiegen, mag 
PflBczenkaat ausraichen, nicbt aber fiir die geateigerten Anioiderangen 
an gesteigerte Prodnktivitat, wis daa modeme Eultnrleben der Sttidto, 
inabesondere der Oroasat&dte, aia an die arbeitenden Mioner Btellt. Hit 
dem Fleiscbgennaa aeinei kalturtragenden Mindeiheit hOrt ein Yolk anf, 
eine aktife Bolle in der Geachichte za spielen and veiziohtet aaf die 
Ihitige Hitaibeit am Eultniprozesa, irelche eine doroh blOBse Pflanzenkoat 

' Do not accept thU as a fact. No Yegetaiian anthority ever held 
the doctrine ascribed by luv. ziv dS to zealona proseljtes to JudaiBm: 
ntc diitare putant ka/rtajia earne millam. Nor ironld wa endorse the 
statement in XT 173 171 Pythagona, cutteti* animaiibta abitinait tui\ 
tamqiiam komiiu et vaitri indubit runt omne Ugumen. 

* Pp. 3, 4 ' Dbb mannliche Qescblecht hat im Dorcbachritt starkeren 
" FleiBchhtmger " als das weibliche, anoh abgasehen davon, ob es dnroh 
ein grfisserea Mbbb von Arbeit ein Btiiikerea ErBatzbediir&iias hat i es 
■oheiut vETmittelBt einseitiger Yorerbong im mannliohen Oescbleoht (!) 
die dnreh stiirkere Arbeitaleistnng geweofate Neigmig znr Fleischkost sioh 
doiiih lange OeDerationen hindurch snmmiit nnd befcatigt zu haben.' 


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luoht EQ erzielenden TeberschaBB an geistiget Eoergia fiber die BedUrf- 
nisse iea vegetativen Lebene hiiiKiB erfordatt ', 

ztv 321 numquam aliud natura, aliud sapientia dicit. 
XV 131 — 133 mollissima corda 

humano generi dare se natura fatetur, 
quae lacrimas dedit; haec nostri pars optima sensus. 
Tried by thia test, v. Hartmaim'8 is no -true wisdom. 
For, in conscious opposition to Schopenhauer, he sacri- 
fices humanity to curiosity* and to a perverted instinct 
(p. 20); 

1 Dt T. Hartmann r&nla man with bwIdb (' friendB, whose societj not 
ever oIojb'), beare, apta, as omniToiooB. From Gret ta last Ua pb^aical 
Bcienoe b&B the merit of oiiginalitj, ravealing mysteries hidden from Bay, 
Linnaena, Gavier, Daubeuton, Bell, cet. Thas medical experience decrees 
(Parkes 'Fersomtl care of health' p. 90) 'Some old mea seem better 
withaat meat.. ..Bice, egga, milk, biead, and froits fresh and di7...are 
appropriate foods for the very old.. ..If there is any tendency to gravel, 
meat shonld be given ap altogether.' (Sir H. Thompson ' Diet in relation 
to age and activity' 49) 'the disappearance of the masticating powers is 
roostly Doincident with the period of life when that species of food vhich 
most requiree their action — viz. sohd animal fibre — is httle, if at all, 
regnired by the individnah It is dnring the latter third of his career that 
the softer and lighter foods, such as well-cooked oereals, some light mixed 
snimal and vegetable soups, and also fieh, for which teeth are barely 
necessary, are peculiarly valuable and appropriate.' (cf. ibid. 89 90). If 
Hartmaonian instinct rebels (Moderne Prnbleme 3) ' Die geachwaclitB Ver- 
daumigskraft des Alters verlangt naeh einem starkeren Grade vonPleisch- 
Ensats in der Nahrimg, wahrend der kindliche nnd jagendliohe Appetit 
auf Obat undGcmiise im Alter mehrund mehr schwindet,' the philosopher 
himself avows that instincts may be vitiated (p, 1 ' krankhaft perverse 

' art. 2 of ' Moderne Frobleme,' where vivisection (he dislikes the 
name, as esciling prejndice; wonid 'vivicoction' suit liim betterf) is 
recommended on the human subject. Pp. 31 35 

'Anstatt den alten Grundeatz fiat experimentwa -in arrpore vili der 
Thierwelt gegenilber acsscr Kraft sctzcn zn woUen, soUte man vielmehr 
emstlich in ErwSgung ziehen, oh es nioht rathsam nnd geboten sei, 
Terbrecher als corpora vilia zu benutzen; d. h. den zur Todesstrafo 
Yeruitheiltcn freizustellen, ob ele statt der Hinrichtung ein lebens- 



Das Frifidp dea Mitleida hat dunut jedeB aach nor geheinbara Bwht 
Eom Mitspieohen ia dec EmiilirDiiga&age eingeboBat. 

Der Yeraocb, dia Inhamsiutat des FleiBchgenasBea mit objektiven 
Orondeti ntkohzaweiaen, iat hiemacb als gceobeitert zn betraohleu and 
es bleibt detu TegetMUniamns nnr die letate ZuSuoht oSen, eich anf das 
Oefiihl zD berafen. 

When not bribed by personal habits of indulgence, t. 
Hartmann can search fashion with unclouded vision. He 
sees' that smokers mostly become so from imitation, as 
thinking it manly; that they are slaves of an artificial 
ivanti that the milliards puflfed away into air might sup- 
port asylums for the aged, widows and orphans. 

A ray of mercy, gladdening the dungeon of Giant 
Despair (Strauss, der alte und der neue Glaube § 75, 
Gesammelte Schriften, Bonn 1877, VI 163 164): 

Der Mensch soil dia Natnr am sioh beherracben, aber moht als 
Wiitharioh, sla Tjrann, Bondern ala Menaoh. Ein Theil der Nfttor, 

gelaliilichea Sxp«riiiieut an sich vomehmen laasen woUen, nod den zn 
geringeien Strafen Venutiieilten anheimzugeben, ob sie ihie Strafe 
dnrch Preisgebong zq mehr odei weniger schiacrzbaftea aad quiilfnden 

Veranchen abbnaseii wollen Bin solchea Qesetz vrorde mit einein 

Schlage alle Bentimeutalen Elaigen iiber ungereclite Beljandlung der 
Thieie doiob die NataiforEcher gegeustaudslos mocbeD, indem eie dem 
Thiervereucli dcu MeDscbeuversucb aureihte.' 8eemy 'Modicuscibimedi- 
CUB sibi' (18S0) 11 — 16; 'Some ycaia ago I met at Baael an entbnBiaatio 
joung German phjeiologist. Ha complained tbat vivis^tion of the 
human subject nas as yet forbidden, but looked forn'ard to a millennium 
of science, when these shackles would be removed. He bad probably 
never read Celsns (praef. pp. 4, 7, 12 ed. Daremberg), or he woold have 
known tbat there was once a golden age of free science, but Cclsua 
bogged his chains.* The leAder will remember how Muiet Btartlcd those 
vbo applied t. Eartmann's proverb fiat experimsntura to bim as the 

1 ' Ueber das Baachen ' in the Yegetarische Bnndscbau (Mai Bteit- 
krenz, Berlin, 1886) 211—213, Ha also advocates the disuse of alcohol, 
la both counsels he is abetted b; Dr Parkea 'Personal care of health' 
(p. 24 'I alionglj advise every young man and woman to be a total 
abstainer.' p. 27 ' I have no difficulty in strongly recommending yonng 
men not to amoke.') 


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daren ErfitM «r Blch dieiiBtbiir macht, besteht aoa empQudecden Waun. 
Dm Tbier ist graaaant gegen das Ihier, w«il es vobl seinen eigenen 
Haogei Oder Zom sehi stark empfinilet, von dam Schmeni aber, den es 
dmoh Bedue Bebandlting dem Badern miusht, keice eben bo deutliohe 
ToratellnDg htt. Dieee deatliche Toislellnng hat dcr Uenach oder kann 
sis doch haben. Er weies, dasa das THer so gat ain empfindendea 
Weeen iat wie er. Dabei ist er voU (iberzeagt — and onsrea Erachteiis 
nioht mit Unr«cht — dasa er, am seine Steilnitg in der Welt eQ be- 

banpten, nicht umhln kann, manoben Tbioren Sobmerz za bereifen 

Abei als ein Wescn, daa den Bcbmerz, den daa Tbier dabei leidet, kennt 
nnd all MitgeTubl in dch nacbbilden kaim, soil er jenw allee Uber das 
Tbiet in einer Art xu verbtiagen ancben, die mit dam wen^ten 
Scbmeiz verbnnden sei. Alao bei den einen die TDdtang so knrz nie 
mSglich, hei den andem den Diecst bo eitraglioh wie mOgliob macben. 
YerletKiing dieeer PBiohten racht aioh am Mensohen acbwer, indem aie 
sein Oefiibl abstumpft. Die Criminalgeacbiobta zeigt nne, wie Men- 
aobenqualer nnd Morder vorber ThierquSler gewesen aind. Wie eine 
Nation dorcb^cbnittliob die Tbiere bebandelt, ist ein HaupUuasSBtab ibres 
Humamtatswertbs. Die romoniBcben VBlker beatdien dieee Probe be- 
kanntlicb sebr scblecbt;. wii Deutscbe nocb lange nicbt genug. Der 
Bnddhigmaa bat bierin mehr gethan, ala das Cliristentbnm, nnd Scbo- 
penhaner mebr als Bsmmtlicbe alte nnd neuei4 Fhiloaophen, 

If Europe remains 'the Hell of animftls,' it is not for 
want of warning from Ludwigsburg. 

I had printed in 1885 the test and notes to p. 320, 
when I received 'Spicilegium luvenalianum scripsit 
Rudolf us Beer. Accedit libri Pithoeani simulacrum. 
Lipsiae, T^ubner, 1885. Svo. pp. 82/ with a large 4to 
folding page of facsimile. 

With regard to Jahn's materials and the present 
position of the criticism of the text, Beer says (p. 6): 

nnaqiiaeqae (ere opnaenli nostri pagella dooebit ez tot ooUatioQiboa 
lahnio ad naum auppeditatia ne nnam qaidem ita perfectam esae nt oer- 
tom de aingulig locia imdicitun ferre posaimus, deinde neque meliiJTtaa 
neqne deterionun codicnm notitia noa adhnc satis inBtmctos esse, turn 
qnse de sobaidiis critiaia ouper detectia eonecrlpta snnt aparsa iaoere par 
annalea epbemerideaqne nequo adbno anb nno conapectu redaota commode 
in namn Tocari poaae, denique de taxtaa hiatoria, qna oognita nihil ad 
lationeo emendationiB oonstitnendas erit ntilioa, nullam fere diiyiiai- 

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&iieiii notsm esse: Ita nt boo die etfam de omsibni qoae ad teitnm 
qaemlibet teBtitaendnm oeceaBorio requiruntor aut nutU edocti Bimaa aut 
onmino inoertl haereamus. 

Beer's own labours (pp. 6 7): 

Qaam miseriain neqne una impeta toll! neqne medetia modo bao modo 
ilia ex parte adveotia peraanari posae onm milij peTanaaiBaem, totom 
materiam altioa Qt repeteiem et fondbna ipaia aditis fnnditnBqne eibaoa- 
tie idonea noras racenmonis Bataramm fnndaineDta denuo aubstraerem 
animiim indoxl. quo in negotio postqoam trimn annomm tempora 
anbBeciva conaumpai iam quidqnid ad testom Invenalis recenaendnm 
alicnina momenti «SBe potest mihi praeato esse affirmare aQBim. bjblio- 
tbecaaenimadii Helvetia a quidempaeneomnea, plurimaaOermaniae, 
in Oallia Paiisinam; denique Vindobonae in urbe fere patria me 
congesHiftae qnae onmino ad proyiaciam noatram facece vidahantar reti- 
cere nolo, quo factmn est ut non Bolnni appaiatum ciiticDia feie totum' 
qnali labn naofi est denno cocquirere ct exaninare aed etiani nt gova aniilia 
nnper detecta strenue eieatere potuerim ; neqne panun valere in ban re 
otnniruu codicnm airotflar non nno loco infca oagnitom iri pato. impri- 
mis antem id egi ut de Ubro Pitboeano, crisiB luvenalianae dace, quam 
plenisaime tcstarer et lectionibuB aingnlis diligenter eicuBais et totins 
eodicis accurata desciiptione commonicata; in qua re multis me gratmn 
faotarom aperavi addita tabula arte pbotolithograpbioa eipressa delineante 
lolinm libri 13 leranm, quo adminienlo et ipse de eina babitu eitemo 
manuumque aetsto oondicione erroribna EaciBos disputarem et aliis de 

The body of tbe tract falls into three parts : L a 
description of the principal raaa. and other evidence for 
the text. II. history of the text. Ill- specimens of new 

I. cod, P (n. 125 of the library of the ^co?edfim/deci)W, 
Montpellier, supposed to be lost, but discovered by 0. B. 
Hase, who made known his discovery to Jahn in January 
1845) described pp. 9 — 24. The vitae only found in 
interpolated mss, (p. 12). The Aarau fn^ments (pp. 24> — 
32; Wirz in Hermes xv 437 seq.) recovered from the 

> Tbe eieeptiona are cod. Tatio. Urb. 661, ood. Laurent, pint. uZit 

dt, Google 


bindings of books, containing parts of eat. n. m. ti. 
VIL 'De scholiorum lemmatis' (pp. 33 — 34). *De cod. 
Vindob. no. 107 (pp- 34 — 35). 'Do exemplari Danielino' 
(pp. 35—36'). 'De libria interpolatis ' (pp. 36—38). 

II. History of the text*. One important remark (p. 
48) The last verse of the last satire is the last line of the 
last page of quire ten, and has no subscription, though 
there is room for an 'explicit liber quintua.' It fallows 
that a part of the satire has been lost 

III. Selection of new readings (pp. 53^76). 

' ConspectuB eodicnm et notamm ' (p. 77) 
* Index loconun memorabilium ' (pp. 78—82). 

In the Wiener Studien Tin (1886) p. 344 Beer states 
(April 1886) that he must postpone the publication of his 
edition, which was promised for this year, having under- 
taken a journey to Spain on behalf of the Vienna corpus 
scriptorum ecdesiasticorum. 

> On p. SS n. 8 Beer cites Stephan'B article ' Dtis proBodlscha Flori- 
leginm der S. Gftllener Hondsohrift no. 870, nud sein Werth fdr die 
lurenal-EiitLk' (BlieiD. Mns. 1885, p. 263 seq.), to wliich he attoohes little 
importance. Yet this is one of the sources of the true reading in viii 118 

* When Dt Beer says (p. 40) ' testes gTaviasimi Mayoro qnoqne ignoti 
Ansonins anotoiqne Qneroli fabnlae', I rem^k I. when I was a 
Bchool-boj I knew Anaoniua well, and not a little b; heaji : H. in my ind. 
B. T. Ansoniaa I bave cited two lines imitated by him. In I8SS I adver- 
tised an tb)2ogia ZafiTiaielfcfa, which was to include epigrams of Ausonius. 
I spoke of him in the Journal of cluiieal and lairred philology n (1854) 
285 and on Cio. Phil, ii § 25 1. 13 (1361). I fear that any one who 
eiaminea my hooka maj justlj charge me with citing Ansonins too often, 
ILL I have known the Querolus for more tban 30 jears and have noted 
iti vocabulary. Dr Seer compares 46 i with luv. ziu 130 aeq. On the 
very next line of Iut. I cite (after Orangseus) 2 passages of the Querolus. 
It is tlierefore nothing new to illustrate oar poet from this soaroe. But I 
may aay once for all that I have seen in later writerB many citations or 
imitations of luv. which I have not thought it worth while to roister. 

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A portion of this ' advertisement ' was in type, when I 
received by Pro£ Biicheler's kindness an early copy of A. 
Persii Flacd D. lunii luvenalis Sulpidae saturae. Recog- 
novit Otto Jahn. Editio altera curata a Francisco Buech- 
eler. Berolini apud Weidmannoa anno MDCCCLXXSVI. 
Many years ago Dr Munro regarded Biicheler as the 
most promising among the younger Latiin scholars of 
Germany, and the prophecy has been amply fulfilled. 
Not to speak of many occasional works on Latin gram- 
mar and the dialects, hia edition of Petronius, with its 
appendix, is indispensable to all serious students of Latin. 
We are atill waiting impatiently for his Seneca and antho- 
logia Latina ex monumentis. Prof. Biicheler had the use 
of Beer's collation of cod. P'. 

' I ma,y be pardoned for citing (though m; name occnra in it) an 
impoitaDt protest against the modem laga for obelising noiks, or portions 
of works, bearing every eitemal and intemal mark of autlienticitr. 
Semembei' that the ipeechea of Cicero condemned so confidently by 
Tnnetall and Markland and F. A. Wolf and proscribed for a eentary, 
are nov nnivereally accepted ; tiie balance of present opinion is also 
decidedly in fayour of the letters to and from Bratoa. 

"de HDppoaitiB luvenali versibua quaestionem lahnioa difficiUimam 
diiit iuaeque aetatis moribua et RibbeeHi acnmini hoc indolsit, nt non 
multoB qoidem, nimio tamen plores quam fas erat versus unco dam- 
naret..'.dnbites licet de duobus qnos P omislt, nullum noatri eiemplaris 
versnm idoneia argnmentis demon strattim est non esse factmn ab luve- 
uale hoc qui satoras divulgare coepit senior poit annum 100, desiit post 
127. venun cum olim arbitiio elegantiiieque eorom obsisti oportuerit, 
qoi iQTenalem quod perperam interpretabantni aut gibbeioenm sio at 
est et erat aapioere non sustinebant, ideo amputare et cicidere oogita- 
tant, none cam maxime tempos eit adhortari illoa, qoi verbosaa com- 
mQnesqne defensiODCS componendo qnaai cum ventis litigant neo quid- 
qnam adferuut quod lector saturanim ignoiarit, nednm instructua ab 
Heinrichiis Madvicis Mayoribns eiiatimator, ut repntent qnanto graviora 
et frnctnosiora non solum in ceteris litteris sed etiam in ipso Invoiale 
nostri saecnli ourae Btadiisque demandata eint, et ad honim aliqnid 
peragendom ne minors accingantiu industria." 

My text was printed last year; if I have occasion to print it again, I 

dt, Google 


The most important gaina are 

iii 322 auditor ^or adiutor, 

vii 99 pent ybr petit. 

viii 105 istinc /or hinc (adque stinc cantonius P: atqae 
hinc antoniua w). 
Above all viii 148 ipse rotam astriogit Bufflamine mulio 
consul (for ' multo sufflamine ' p «, suggested by schol. viii 
157 'quia mulio est qui codsuI fertur'. Stephan in Bhein. 
Mus. XI, 1885, has printed collations from a florilegium, 
S. GalL ma. 870, which reads here, p. 274 Rb. M. = p. 290 
of the ma., 'astringit sofdanijne mulio consul'. In Keil's 
gramm. Lat. vi 231, the corrector of 'cod. Bob. nunc 
Vindob. 16 ' on the quantity of terminationa, ' de finalibua 
metrorum', in a note on the text 'o finituB in latinis brovis 
est, ut Cato', says: "latina masculina vel communia cor- 
ripiuntur, ut Maro muHo latro mono fullo: luvenalis 
correpte ' mulio consul ' ". 

The juxtaposition mvlio consul ia Juvenal all over, see 
vi 118 meretrix Avgusta. I have altvays felt that multo 
■was out of place. 

viii 159-161 a change of punctuation, with tmotua (for 
the udiis oip a>) removea all offence : 

obvius adsiduo SjTOphoeniz unctus amomo 
currit, Idumaeae Syrophoenix incola portao 
hospitis adfectu dominum regemquo salutat. 

X 69 70 (punctuation) quisnam 

delator quibus indicibus, quo teste probavit i 

Other readinge I take in order, ranking first (A) those 
which I think certainly right, (B) those witli regard to 

Bhall follow BtiDhelBr'a example «nd rei 
proTed pnnctnition he has given a n 
condemned paawgee. 

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which cTTcx'*'. ^'^'^ (C) those which, ho far as I can at the 
moment pronounce an opinion, I cannot accept. 

i 67 eignatoT, falso as I read. 

„ 74 piobitas landatnr el algel, (comma /or foil stop). 

„ 114 habitat /or hsbitoa. 

„ 144, 145 (punctuation, vliiah removM all difflcnlt;) 
hlQC anbitae mortes atque intestata eenectal 
et nova nea triatiB per cunotas fabula oenas : 

„ 169 baecanimo ante tubae, (u Zreaii. 

ifi 17 — 20 not {tcitk Jahn) tranepoied. 

„ 23 the corgecture ftdeo abandoned (lo the rendering of v 133, a 
infer from the punctuation vie, frater, ab ipais ilibnB ?) 

„ 48 (puncfuatioft) manaas et eiatint:ta«, corpaa con atile, dextrae 

„ 94 retaim nullo 

„ 259 e 

„ 981 donnire, quibusdam 

„ 290 iubet, parere necesee est; 

iv 9 retaim vittata. 

„ 67 Bagina (BuecbeUr.- saginam P eaginia Epu, sagittis S sagii 

„ 148 ei 

V 10 11 tarn ieinoa famen, eam...caniDif 

„ 38 39 inaeqiialeaben]llos...phiala 1 

„ 70 fiotns (P: faotuB ui). 

Tii 40 Maculonis 

„ JS6 illi 

„ 151 eniJafin; cumPu. 

„ 157 Tolnnt (veiunt P velint Pithoeiit) 

„ 159 Tetaim laeva (laeve P i. Isevae) 

„ 185 „ „ „ GOinpoDal...condit 

viii 126 non eM MntenEla : Temm est, 

„ 166 more Numae caedit, lovis ante altatia iitrat 

„ 207 credamoB, tanicae de fouoibua aurea com «e 

X 21 nmbram 

„ 36 praetexlae (praetexta et rabeae P praeteita trabeae^r(t«ijfuni 
Oalli praeteita et trabeae p) 

,,.160 alioBque aPriicianut GLK. up. 217: altosqueP 

„ 211 aire Seleoco (dtTe SelencaB u ef. A. Pal. vi 10). 

dt, Google 


xi 91 F&biicimn 

„ 134 donatibi; quaado licebat 

per totum cefisare diem ? 

lii 32 arborig incertue, {Inom accept Ltxput' eoaiinietion 'cummediuB 
alvena ioiet plerntB fluolia et iom aiboiis incertae', gen. qual. BuecheUr, 
I mppoie, takei the paiiage in the lame way) , 

ziii IB an nihil in melius tot reram proficit asa? (f have almays 
taken 16 17 to relate to the age of Calvinui, FriedlSnder'a tiific, lee my 
irol. n p. zviii, ii refuted at length by L. Schwahe in Rhein. Mia. xl, 1885, 

„ 163 Bolitoa [to which reading I return: hevjho had heen vtonl to melt 
damn an entire Thunderer, may have come doicn in the world, and becorae a 
minor saorilegns, when no chance offers of larger spoils). 

liv 33 Babeiutt 

„ 86 eretomnaFcetromiufw. Teetitnendura Ctitoaiaa aut Caetioniua 

„ 121 i]la 

„ 122 ria 

„ 193 maioroiQ legee. aut vitem posce libello, 

„ 253 compogtiit; 

„ 264 rosae. 

IT 75 praeBtantibus omnibna inslans (p S" p. o. instant u : praestan 
cum ipatio gnindecim aut dtiodevigintt Htterarum P praesCant instantibns 
Ombia Merceriut). 

„ 104 urbiboB P r.- viribaapii) ventribna if. Valesiui 

„ 107 nea emm omnia qoidam 

S feoerit (5u) for fececat (P) 
19 aqois, 

„ 116 no comma after delator 

„ 218 haec Asian oruin 

T 129 130 quia Testrum tfrnerarinB, nsqne adeo qnis 

penlittifl, at dicat regi 'bibe'? 
The anaphora seema to teqnire the same word (jtiis) at the beginning 
of Hie coDsecutiTa claaBea. 

vii 15 qnamquam et Cappadooee faciant equiteaqne Bithyni (iniA P). 
„ 22 apeotanda 

„ 23 24 croceae membrana tabulae ' 

implentnr (Idling membrana of neut. pL with P). 

i., Google 


TO 109 110 vel Bi tetigit latus. acrior illo 

qui venit 

„ J65 qnid do P Priscianns OLE. n p. 387 tt m p. 276 ; qood do pw 

„ 204 Thnisymitohi 

Tiii 33 pravatn P uC videtvr {adraiii ra) S": parvon w 

„ 67 nepotes 

„ 88 Bccipial 

„ 90 renim 

„ 241 non pu : in P 

„ 270 Tuloamque P : Tnlcaniaqne j)u 

X 54 quae pemioioBB {quae addidit BuccluUr) 

„ 03 ftognsts 

„ 295 saam 

„ 311 SI2 poenaB metuit qaaBCnrnqne maiiti 

irati debet (poena* irati giuucumgtie meluit debtt). 
The subjective genitive with ponuu is haieh ; otherwise poenas quateum- 
qve metuit, debet is in Jarenal's maanei; of. v 170 171 omnia ferre ri 
patei, et debea. 

„ 822 323 siveCatnllar 

deleiior totoE (the old parictnation) 

„ 326 erubuit neinpe hae« ceti fastidita Tepulso {'lanqvam fatU'diote 
rtjmisa cant ipia reppuliuet Hippolyti propetitiini'). To meTepuUoBeana 
veiy harsh. 

li 26 ignoret 

„ 38 cnimina c»»*ina Pcramenapu; culina T 

„ 55 et big^eatfim S" FriscianutGl.K.n p. 380 ft m p. 861: eSugien- 

„ 114 loiiftoui a point before his. But Madviife anaphora his monnit 
nos, hanc cuiam, hat muck force, and the line drags icithiMt any itop, 

„ 130 Gompaiet 

„ 1#8 in magno cum poscea, peace latine 

zii 73 miEerabile 

prima docet rectum sapientia. 
„ 213 sed Tina 

I, 224 otun tonat, exanimia, primo qaoqae mnrmme caeli, 
xiv 9 ficedulaa 

„ 16 ntque et 17 pntet coniecil Buecheler 

„ 21 inscripta, eigastulo, career? diitinxit Bueeheltr pott inwripto 
eum Herverdeno 

,, 26 roBticns expectaa, 

dt, Google 


liv 48 neo (ae r tit gnomtfieret 47) 

„ 215 216 porcendnm est teueris, uoadnm implereie mednllaa: 
naturae mala nequitia est. com 
(matnrae S" neqnitiae coni jju neqaitiae ast com f . tmUa trot pott 
meduUaE dUtUietio: the comma after -Kaenn leemi ctrtaift; pfobabl^ 
after a time the iiatnrse..,eBt may approve it*elf to the taete). 

„ 217 longae (longe P .- longi pa) 

ZTi 20 tota tameu oliors (tamen cohon P qvod tervatidum eetuvi: 
cohoTS tamen u) 

7 dedacie 
19 deepiciet 

I record elsewhere (vol. ii p. viii) the predecessors who 
have been of service to me. I have read no English 
commentary on the original text On- the other hand, 
my notes shew that Holyday', Gifford, Badham, not 

' Bamual JohnsoQ once intended to tnm into Latin Holyday's notes, 
xihoee preface indeed Bbev/e tliat he lived in an atmosphere or profound 
learning and refined taste : > In Hope and Zeal I lentui'd on tbia wotk, 
not doubting bnt that a man may, not Tithoat Bnccees, thoagh witboat 
euBtome, Preaeh in Vene. 'Whiclt purpose being understood by some 
iTortb; friends, vas not condemn'd but incoorag'd by a free and happy 
supply of diverse excellent Manuscripts of our Author. My honour'd 
&iend Mr. John Selden (of Bnch eminencj in the Studies of Antiquities 
and Languages) and Mr. Famaby (whose learned Industi; speaks much 
for him in a litUe) procur'd me a fair MauuacFipt Copy from tlie famans 
Library at St. James's, and a ManuBCript Commentary from our Herald 
of Learning, Mr. Cambden. My dear friend, the Patriarch of our Foets, 
Ben JohTuon sent-in also an ancient Manuscript partly -written in the 
Saxon Character. My learned friend Dr. Merick Casatibon afforded like- 
wise an excellent Manuscript from the Study of his exact Father. The 
ready and singular cotu-tesie of Dr. Augan sometime President, and the 
Fellows, of Corpm-ChWsK-Colledge, lent me from their pnblick Librai; 
a large and excellent Manuscript. My ancient friend Mr. Thomai Allen, 
the perpetual Monument of OIoeeitcT-Sali, yielded me also a parcel of a 
Manuscript, the first three Satyres. Nor may I omit my ingenuous and 
learned friend Dr. John Price, who imparted to me divers foreign Criticks, 

dt, Google 


content with a mere translation, have in the throes of 
imitation learnt to appreciate their model more justly 
than many professed critics. I have now added, a running 
table of contents as a heading of the pages, which will 
fiicilitate reference. 

Henceforth I hope to devote myself to clearing off 
my many literary arrears; reserving for my old age a 
commentary on Seneca, for which I have made lai^e 

J. E. B. M. 

whose LatwtuB, thongb pabliBfa'd, are Lut rorelybroaght into these parts, 
but ooUect«d bj his diUgent choice, in hia Travels into France, Italy, and 
Grteee; to which I added mine awn stoie, and what choice ones mj 
jocth had obserred in onr Oi/ord-Library.' This John Price, though 
'the greateat critic of his time' (Wood], is now neorlj forgotten. Tet his 
oommentories on Apnleius and the N. T. {Critici Sacri toI. v) are b; no 
meAOB obsolete. It wonld be well worth while to dieaover and print the 
aommentaries which he left read; for the press. 

Hierauf lat ich Martial: viel Witt, inUrtnante Sittemnahrei 

Gam attderi, lO reekl tnj Herx htrein, wurde iehvonmeiner vierten LeetSr 
beidTiiiert, vim Juvtnalii. Ehmalt veritand ich ihn nicht, aber die 
grotien StSdte vnd die Lebenierfahnmg habtn ikn mir conanentiTl, Wet- 
cher JUann, tcenn er licJi erhebtl Wer icallte nieht gern, viit Cicero, 
iterben uni *o einen EScher I Ziitemd von dem Feuer, lo er in mir eat- 
fiaaante, tehrieh ich nur die AnfangtvioTte gemiser groitin Stetlen, die 
Ubmil/lnglich zu Uien «i'nil, ic^fl lie in dea inneriten SchaU der Menach- 
htit, die Beau der Jahrhunderie, gehoren, Jobisnes v. Mdbller 24 April 
1807 (Werke va 272). 

dt, Google 

Flutnt and mitty a> Eoraee, grant and tvhlimt ai Ftriius, of a mare 
dieidtd character than CfK former, better acquainted icith mankiad than 
the latter, he did not confine himielf to the mode 0/ regulating an intercoane 
Kith the great, or to abitriKl disquintumi on the nature of $eholagtick 
liberty: hut, diiregarding Ifte claimi of a vain urbanity, and fixing all hi» 
nml on the eternal diitinctknu of moral good and evil, he laboured u>ith a 
magnificence of language pecaliar to hhatelf, to let forth tht ImeUneu 
of virtue, and the deformity and horrour of vice, in full and perfect display . 
Wnxuu aiFFOBD Jnvema (2"^ ed. Loud. 1S06 p. lix). 

I corns now to a more lerioue charge agatnit Juvenal, that of indecejicy. 
To hear the clamour raited againit him, it might be eupposed, by one unae- 
quainted tDtlh the timet, that he tpai the only indelicate toriter of hii age 
and country. Yet Horace and Fereitii wrote with equal grosineit ; yet the 
rigid Stoiciim of Seneca did not deter him from the ute of exprettiom, which 
Juvenal perhapi would have rejected; yet the courtly Pliny poured out 
graluiltnu indecenciet in hit frigid hendecaeyllablet, mhich he attempti to 
juttify by the example of a leriter to whoee freedom, the licentionmeti of 
Juvenal u parity! It teemi ai if there teat tomething of pique in the 
lingular eeverity viith which he it centured^. Hit pure and itibUme 
morality operate! a> a tacit reproach on the generality of mankind, who 
teek to indemnify thejmelvei by queationing the lanctity they cannot but 
retpect; and fijvl a leertt pleasure in pertuading one anothrr that "thii 
dreaded latiriit " aas at heart no inveterate «MTn)( (0 the liceniiouenest 
which he to vehemently reprehendt. 

When we consider the unTtatural vicei at vhich Juvenal directt hit in- 
dignation, and reflect, at the tame time, on the peculiar qvalitict of hit 
m.ind,ii;e ahaU not find much cause perhapi for wonder at the ttrength of his 
expreitiOTt). I tko-uld retign him in liUnce to the hatred of mankind, if hit 
aim, like that of too manj othert, whote worki are read aith delight, had 
been to render vice amiable, tafiing hit leducing colourt over impurity, and 
in/tame thepataiom by meretricioua hintt at what it only innoxioui when 
expaied in native deformity : but when I find that hia views are to render 
depravity loathiame; that every thing which can alarm and disguat, ia 
directed at her in hia terrible page, I forget tlie groaaneis of the execution 
in the excellence of the design. ibid. pp. Lsrii liviiL 

Thua much may aufikefor Juvenal: but ahame and sorrow on the liead 
of him, who preaumea to iranafer hit groaaTuaa into the vernacular tonguea I • 
Though I have given him entire, I have endeavoured to make him ipeak aa 
he uould have spoken if he had lived among ua; wlien, refined with the age. 
he would have fulminated agaiiut impurity in terma, to which, tlutugk 
delicacy might disavow them, maldy decency might liiten viithout offence, 
ibid. p. liiiii. 

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PiiTANDS 93, 98 

MBUL* ■ . . . . 94, 334, 160 

. 95, 311, 334 

■ 103,106 

B PE1SCC8 107, 103 

ACCIPIiT MOKCBI BOHA . . . ' , , . Ill, 113 






126. 127 

. 128—130 

129, 180 





149—151, 341 

153—155, 342 


. . . . 158—161 

. . 167 



!, 282—284, 289, 290, 346, 347 



cosTEarrs of toe lokgeb notes. 




225, 226, 400 



t bbpebob} 233 



OLD wisB 249, 420, 421 


BlBTHDATy . ' . • 251, 422 

MCOOTA 253,423 

BBKiD ■ 255,'266, 417, 425 

PABNnLi ■ . ■ . . 257 

IB0CBASBBBI3 262,430 

272, 436, 437 
2S1, 282, 442 

306, 307, 452 

814, 454, 456 

TLOMa AHD nsa 360, 361 

iOLITKB 361,362 




dt, Google 

1 Pronto p. 19 Haber guidf ri lacaiiiui fitero, non «ian «iniili jfeto 
remnnecabo? IitM. ver. hiat. il. ausixob iud. Thepauage (1 — IS) 
isimltntedby Jos. 1 p. 168 Singer): 'Thoagh what ail'd mt, 
I might not at vjtU at thty Bake np some forwom tales thai smotliec'd lay 
In chiimie; oomers smok'd with viuter fiiea, To lead and rook asleep our 
drowsy siies? No man hit threthold better kiunoa, than I Brute's flist 
arrival and first victory; St George's sorrel, or his oross of blood, Aithoi's 
round board or Caledonian wo(>d,..Eigli stories they, mkith mith their 
nceUing strain Rave riven Fronto'i broad rehearwl piitne [Singer wrongly 
yiain]. But to to fill vp books, both bacb aiid ride. What netdt itT an 
there not enoiD bende t ' Britanmoiu oompares the alu^pt opening of Hot. 
^quifit.ilatcenatl and Peis. o curiu Ivyminuml Byion begins 'English 
baids and Sootoh loviawers' with an imitation of Inv, 

„ 3 Biutn Mart, ti 41 qai reeitat lanaJauMt tt colia reeinetut, { hie tt 
■fottt loqai, poiue tacere negat. Bisth. 

„ 3iKFiTHB3]er.Andr. 910 tune inpnne Juue faciatJ Hor. s. i8 44 
non tettit inultiu. Ov. am. i eplgr. 4 th« work oonBUts of three, no 
longer of fire books, et leviar demptii poena dvobai erit. 

„ i ELiooa Hot. ep. n 2 91. anUiol. FaL xi 185 kment no more, 
Uarens, your boy, bat me rir roXi rtS mpii irol riKpireiMB rtKvlov. | cli ifii 

ffararif^ J toD <rou yap rdtrxu rexpov jcapo', old Tr6Batef \ oZ jcarnSfifaprfl 
fiifiXla Kol jcoX&fuiri. Tac. d. 10 ego vera omnem etoquentiam omnetqae eiiu 
partei tacrat et veturabiia pi^, nee tobiMt eotkanoim veatrum nut berBiei 
Dorminit lontnn, «d...elegornm lateiviiu. 

„ 6 mnaa plzha uk Hinaitni ubbi Ov. am. i II SI S3 eomprimat 
ordinitnu vertui ocuioiqae moutwr | margineinextremolittera rasa 

„ 6 BOBiPTHi BT IK TBBOO Birt das antike Baohweeen (18S2) ind. 
opitthographa. Biitannions cites Porph. in Hoi. ep. I 20 9 ntmo tt 
honoraJdt atque deteribet, ted axit carie eanmmeru out Jieat ex tt 
opistliographae epiatulae. KKonnii ti ISO. 

^ „ T HOTA MAOis Nmjj nouns bbt sua fitanlcrf oitea Hdt. vm 85 g B 
TOJTB 8' ijiriiTTaTO ri hi rif Ipv &ra Xiyoa ^r dfin H^pfi(t, lis iyii xiirffiro- 
luu, i^tipor i Til if Totvi oJiJatirt f\iwf. Add Mart, iv 87 7 {to Afei, 
vbo is always tolling of his investments beie and everywhere) teneo meliit* 
itla, qtiam meum rumen, 

„ „ Fiiedliindei (m' 402) dtes Martial's tannts at the epios of his 
rival StatinsT 63. tui 3. n 60. z 4. xiv I. 

„ 8 ABouu snpiBcs Strabo ST ■ 123 • 129 • 256 • S67 ■ eqi. 276—6. 



I 8 iNiitDM VDLOun FhiloEtr. ApolL t 16 S 2 koI ^i;S' 4xf7rot i Myti 

T^ Afrrn Kal irurfiraf Tit irraOS' ir' airrmi Sx/iur. There aie man; other 
volcanoB In the woild, irhich no one thinks of peophng with giants and 

„ 9 QUID AOANT TXNTi TsTg. g. t 463 gtUd eogitet timidvM muttr. 
of. Feie. n IS. [n the OdyaeeT and the Kostoi tempests (the wrath of 
Poseidon, or in Ote Aeneid of Iimo} are main (aotora in Uie action of, 
Abu. 1 10-1£6. 

„ „ 10 grifl iOB4t[E*i TniBBis ieaodb Or. Ibia 187-8 naxla milU raodi$ 
laeerabituT nmbra tiuugiMj Aeaons in jmenai ingemonu trit. Sen. 
apoool. 14 IE. Plato apol. 41>. Oorg. E24>. E26<*. 

„ 10 11 FURTIVE AiTBnu FELLicuiAE Stat. Th. n 281 dirum Fl^xei 
velleris anrnm. Aper binntljaaka a tragedian (Tao. d. 9) cut 5oiio ett, 
ti mud le Agamenmon out lason diterte UiquiturJ Strabo 4d9 gives the 
radoualiBtJo vergion ot ri xpuri/iaWoi' S^poi: the gold in the streains is 
caught /laWm-iut Sopai!. Lna. somn. 1 ri j(pvaol!i' iietio KiiStor, 

„ 12 jBosTOBii BorgbeBi oenvFeii ni S82. Mommeen ind. Plin. b. t. 
Catiai. fuiisi ind. Eebn Eoltorpflanzen* 248— 25S. 

„ 14 of. vn 36—62. 

fucdodi. mlSlgonlte oalti. Inv. ii83nQllam...nQllum. 

„ FEBTTLAi ind. s. T, feruU, Sandys on Eur. Baoch. 113. Used 
on gladiators Ben. apoo. S g 3; an Clandins by Caligula ib. 16 g 2 (both 
quoted on verse 44). Martian. Gap. % 224. Bee 0. Jahn in Abh. d. 
K. S. GeseUach. xn 1868, 288—296, a description of a sohool with a flog^g 
Boene (pi. i 3). cf. sat. vn 222 n. Iiiban. i 646. Sertorins said in jest 
(Flat. Pomp. 18 § 1) if he were not a&aid of that old woman (Uetellns), 
ripBiiKiit ay auTifi SiTJaai Kai acurouc trl top raiSa TtuTvr (P.). Hier. D. 
Bofln. m G (□ 636* Van. 1767) n<c tibi, vt dicit, ternlaB adhibeo, wqut 
alhenogercmia meam icatica et plagit littenu docere conterido. Ang. de 
disclpl. chr. § 12 (ti 985° Oanme) qnare irtitti in tcholam, qimre vap^laiti 
(( a parentibu) duetta et fugitiau tt itmentai ajtnutut et et adduetaa 
extetitiu (hoisted) a1 qaan vapalattit qvart timta mala in pueritia 
pertuliitH ut dUceret. quid ditceretl litUrat. qvaref ul haberetiir ft- 
cuni'd oat vt comparnreiur honor tt leaeretar ttiblimitaa dignitaUi. =a 
hOTBe-whip Or. a. a. i 546. 

„ 16 on twuoriat and controvtniat see Friedlander m" 844 — 6. 
Schiller's Nero 663. On Snlla Bee Sa. im 838—860 imperivm toe primu* 
rapiel : ltd gloria calpae, \ good rtddet lolua nee tanto tn nomine qatM- 
quam \ exiittet, SuUae quite velit etie Kcnnd-am. 

„ „ IT ALTuu iwiuiiHEi Stat. R. V 3 36 molle qaUicii. Lno. d. marin. 
2 g S ^aB6v iKoin'^Sj)!. Apol. met. T 1 pr. dulce conquievit. 

„ 18 FiBirrrBU fabqehb ohabuji Ov. tr. ni 3 81 quantum trat, o 
nagni, moritnro paroere, divi. cf. ind. pereo. Symm. ep. n 6i num- 
dari enim periturae chartae epitlal/a qatreria. Sen. n. q.. ti 62 g 10 
home iimt, quai perdimut. puta diet ette. puta meniet, pvia animt: per- 
dimat iUo), nempe peritacoa. liiv, t 89 g 12 Jacilan iaetaran tatt 
teniorum relictae in urbe u%iM peritnrae turbae. See on eharta Birt 
(dted on 6) ind. 


uiotiDs BQUOS iTmonciB TLsai ALTnnms Prop, in 1 ( — u 10) 1 — 3 ted 
tempiu laitrare aliii Helicona ekoreii, \ et oampnm Haemonio iam dart 
tenant eq,no. | iam libet oet. Btat. s. t8 149 160 qvantra tguot pt^tiat- 

dt, Google 


^ii«ifiTW»A%eiittet6Tem\aiaeonida. Ct O7. a. n.i89 40<3S4. Tae. 
d. 89 quo modo nobila equoi ettmu tt rpatia proftant, )ie ttt oltguii oro- 
torura oftmpQBjwr qyummri Jiberi tt tobtti ferantur, debilUaUir ae fnm- 
gitur tloqaejitia. Ov. rem. un. 898. 

I 23 HodrisEt UUed b boar with one itab DCtus. i:,xn 10 g S. cf. 
PrisoiUiui ib. Lxivm 21 f. 

„ „ noAi AFitm IT 100. Or. m. xrrSlOfniliffrntiufixnraB aproa. 
Pnqi. II (m) 19 24. Catull. Verg. Or. beU. Hiap. beU. AL Sen. tr. 
Curt. Too. Nein«fL Claud, in MflMmann ooL 293. apbdm Ind. otwr. 
Suet. Tib, 73. 

„ 27 caiHFDnro iaa. tysub Mart, n 43 7. ni 82 7. n 11 7— B. x Id 
7. aee E£ron de Tillefoase dei eoqaiUages ft pouipre et dea anoiennea 
□sines h teintnre en AMqoe, ii piopos d'une insciiption dfcourerte k... 
JF^onaia par V. E. de T. Note de M. A. Papiei (Bulletin de I'acad. 
d'Hippone, Bone 1879, n. 14 pp. 8 — II). M. J. Oirardia but la pouipre 
de Tyr (oir. 1679). Barthfil^nj, note pour serrir i, I'hiBtoiie des pur- 
puraa. Paris (1863 r). Hertzberg Oeaoh. Oriecbenl. u. d. BQiuem 11 4S5 
19. m 73—3. Movers die Phdnizier m 268—262. 

„ 23 1ZBTITT711 ATTBim Bsn. n. q. th SI g 3 in omnl artieulo gemmoM 
dUponimtu. Tert. hab. mul. 9 tinittra ptr $ingidoi digitot dt taecii rtn- 
gidit ludit. Clem, reoogn. th G juit tervare amiiot et indwianta quae 
atsidat niu(ar« dii>eam ptatpa/raiiit I *.ubum a ring aa tii 89. O7. am. in 

„ 29 luioius OBmu TR 140 irnuluf ingau. 

„ 30 nirnoiiiB isr tuTDuM non aoBisBiut it 17. Vtag. g. n 357. Hot. 
a. p. 138. Or. m. n 447 Aeu guam difficile est crimen non proder* 
vulta! of. a. a. n 20. t. m 884. ti. 1 1 91. Pont in 5 £1. it 7 46. Sidon. 
ep. 1 11 (11 alsoBaret) saribere im aatiram qui euipat, nuLcivu prtit- 
cept, I ham: rogo decentai teat pmbit out timeat, 

„ SI naxEua ind. libuU. i 3 67. 10 3. n 3 3. m 2 2. Blomfield 
glora. Aesoh. FT. 360. Liv. mffT 40 g 11 of Cato in pariinumia, in 
patientia IaborM...ferrei prope corporii animiqae. Merguet lex, Cio. 
esp. Terr. T g 131 quia tarn.. .ferreus? of. LaeL g87f. quia tam «w«t 
ferrena? Sejllait-Miiller ib. 1 46 p. SS3. 

„ SS sauTOB on L. Silanus see Boigbeai oenrrea t 197—308 ; on in- 
formerB generally Sen. ben. m 36 (under Tibeiiaa). 27 (imdeT Angiistna). 
Tacon. I 74. u 37—82. 60. m 36. 49. ti 7. Suet Tib. 61. Dom. 10. 
Flin. pan. 46. 

„ „ ivici so Libo Smsns was denounced by his friend (Tao. an. n 
27—33) ; Q. Vibina Berenna by his son (ib. it 36—30). 

„ 84 KOBiLrrATi Tao. h. i 3 nobilitas opee omiitl geitiqtie honora 
pro erimint. friedlander oitea ApnI. fl. 1 8 «« tenntoribui pauci noMltt 

„ „ coHEBA Obbar on Hor. ep. i 16 27 and 40. Jacob on line. 
ToxBT. 16 L Buim. anth. Lat i 611. Leasing epigr. 34. Bibbeok 
&agm. com. ind. comeit. 

„ S7 BimoTBANT 'oust', 'anpplant',ate6hnioaltermof law. Quintal, 
deoL 374 Ux...^uae abdieatU paterna honanegat, per onmia iUo» amouet, 
tu/pervaemtia namqae erat, ahdieatam submovere, qui aUoqai ptrrdiderai 
patcmam domum. Oai. n gg 133. 176. 177 quodti neqae eemat neqae 
pro heredagerat, aanc JnunttKnum summOTetni, ct «uA«(ituttu fn Cototn 
hfnditatem luecedit. m 3g 66. 71. Bo 1. a legatii, a UgiUontm commodo 
(BriBEon and Dirkseu). 

n 88 Mart m 67. mdctibvb Ot. am. 1 8 73. 10 30. 

dt, Google 


t 39 Mart. 1 10. 68 6—6. a 2a. nS 6. Atli. 613>. vftocssacs ind. 
Plin. ep. Till 6 g S ambitio ergo et proaBdeodi libido, ted quit adeo 

dtnteni, ut per tman, per pnblieum tUdeeut piooedera velit >» ea eivitaU, 
in qua hie ettet tutu fiyrentusimae di^ailatit, at primut in wnotu Umdare 
PoiianMin potMt r [Qnintil.] deal. 8 gSiuiftMini ett tribuno tnilitem parere : 
in dum speraTe etiam prooegBns potett, pro hoe tatrito aeeipitt fortatte 
vitem, ordinei diioet et mb ilia alii militaiuTa. BnrmaD on Or. tr. li 40. 
dig. zuT 1 11. cf. 42. 

„ „ BEiiAi Cic. p. TaU. 9 19. Varro L 1, v 8 92. Hot, 0. it 9 45. ep. 
nllSQfbrteipaTvoquehoBkti. Sen. ep. 46 § 9. Fliu. ep. m T S 3 L 9d. 
Pint, n 26*. Sen. rh. oontr. 6 g 7 inpoteru m&lum at beatn vxor. eutu 
itaa^ruwm pondut auri orba attul&rit, cum peautia areat noatnu tmeraeerit, 
quid aUud quam beati lerciemutt Mart, z 87 8 certent muneribui bea- 
tioies. Eensiriger on Veohner Hellenolai. u 6 p. 498. StaTeran on 
Nep. Ages. 6^2. 

„ 41 Lampr. HeUog. 8 9. 12. 31. Ben. n. q. i 16 S 3- Mart. 1 66. 

„ „ QDisquB ind. 

„ „ IS imNSDBAU Sen. u. q. m 28 g 6. 

„ 43 FU,i,xu; Sen. de iia m 26 S 4. Jahii's Fen. p. 168. 

„ 44 LuaninraHBEic aux 0. F. Waloh de Biae Aognati LngdnneiiBis 
Bitn in acts soo, lat. len. m 394 seq. Grutei iuaoi. pp. 18, 236. B. C. H. 
Daassign; notice bdt la d^oonTerte dea reetee de I'aatel d'Aogaete 1 
Ljon. Lyon 1663. 4to. BeTue da philologie 1873 p. 61. Deejaidine 
Gaulee in 186 — 196. Lebftgna ineoHption de I'aia NaibocenBiB (rer. 
arch^ol. N.8. nju, 1882). Clandios, lilce hia nephew, ordered an orator 
vbo offendedhim to be thrown into tJieriTer(DCaHa. i<z 33 §8 the Tiber). 
K. Beer (spicilegiiim Inveiitiliflnimi, Lips. 1886) 66 — 68 attesta that P haid 
originallT Lngudvmmem, and prints Holder's oolleotion of many exz. 
ot this form from coins, inscriptions and mss. The god Logns was tha 
Celtic Meroiuy; his name appears also in Lugnvallum (Carlisle). The 
first u is short also (i.e. it has not the accent) in tiis inscr. of Vich; {aaeo. 
3 f. i.D.) in reyne ^pigr. du midi de la France i n. 109 coA[ortis] im 

„ 46 QDis XEFEBAH Or. am. i 6 23. n 6 43. m 6 33. II 21. Pont. 
I 3 SI. tr. a 897. Prop, m (ly) 19 17. Ben. ad Polyb. 15 8 1. ad 
Mara, 15 g 1. ep. 96 § IS. Stat. b. v 3 246. 

„ „ BicccM iKoCB Hor, epod. 6 37 aridina iecur. ind. iecur. On 
Tityns and Prometheus gee Welcker Aisobj!. Trilogie 80 n. 

„ 46 OBEOiBDB cohudu Cic. Att. 1 18 g 1 cum bene completa domu* eit 
tempore matatino, cum ad forum itipati gregibas omicorum descendimaa. 
so finn. I 9 66. 

„ 46 47 Bic.Hia Ovid Ibia 410 (408) aeqvoru aepicietu hnins et 
hnins o^uiu. 

„ 47 FDFiuj n 639. z 22Sn. Pers. n 13—14. Cio. Yerr. i g 163. 

„ 47 48 DAMHATVS TNANT lUDido Svet. Otho 2 tantam potentia vaJait, 
M damnatnm repetnndia conrularem viru?n, ingeiu praemium p^du^ 
prituiqttam plane ratitutiimem ei impttTOtiet nan dabitaret in $etuUiaa ad 
agendas gratiai introdttcere. 

„ 48 QUID KNiu SALTis iKTivu NTrHuis? Pompon. com. 162B (In Nott. 
1815] ego rumormiparvi/acio.dum lit ramenqaiimpleam. OBura. Hor. 
B. 1 1 66 67. 

„ 49 lUBTUB Plin. ep. TT 39 g 9. Houunsen ind. nom. in Eeil's Flin. 
p. 418. 

„ „ DIBIT see the gtndied indifferanM of Umboaina Silio vhen dis- 

dt, Google 


gnoed A.S. 44 pCoag. lz 21 J 6). So Saiiiau ij>. S8 T«a. xin 13 lulnnpta 
ionorum lMii'(e...t« innilM BaUarti petlilur, non in ipso ducrimine, non 
pctt damnationem/TimtuM amnut; fertbatnrqv^ copiosa et molli vita Be- 
otetnm illnd tolerftTiaaB. ib. in 17 fin. Lips, PUn. ep. rv 11 g S 
Domitian alloned Liciniiuius, liqva poiiet, ex rebui «uti rapertt, anit gtmm 
Iwna publicarentur, exiliumqut molU vflut praemiunt dedit, 

I 4Q 60 SIS iBAXia Sen. u. q. u 59 9 ^ iiatii die propitiugue taoritn- 

„ 61 TBNnsinl LDOBiiNi EoT. (u n 1 7 negveo dormire. 

„ 52 Eeq. of. snthol. fal. ii 141 pleaders, whose brief concema B lort 
or, pig, goat, drag in Xenes and Thermopylae. Mart, rv 29 7 8 (Batire 
more attractive than tedioue epics) taepivt in iibi-o nunKrafur Ptntta 
Mui, I quam UvU in toUi Jfaritu Amaionide. 

„ 64 maa PBBcoBBnM pdebo SiL ra 323 pis pedt, cirgu* viro Uritur. 

„ 65 LEND iiid. Ov. am. I 4. ml. a. a. □ 5Slt— 658 esp. 545—6. 
anthol. Lat. 127 B 1—4 Graecule, conmela leuandi caliitjua arte, | ooe- 
pisti addaotor ooDiagis esae tase, | et qneia forte procax penitit$ 
eomuerat uxor, \ coruuerat propria praeeipitare domo. Mar^oardt Piivat* 
leben 77 3. Apnl. meL n 27. Luo. Timon 16. 

"" L 16 71 ailtid at 

capere, oiiud aooipere. oapere cum «frMtu accipitur. aociper , 
quit turn lie accepit, ui habeat. Here the hnsband talMB the legacy to 
aatiB^ the law, but paseea it on to his viife. 

„ 66 8PKCTABE uctrN*B Sen. ih. ooiitr. 9 S 11 mtmam tt lacnnarla 
nui...iiitneri. cC. Seu. ep. SO % 42. Mown, in Btob. fl. i B4 (i 88 18 
Uein.) tI S' cd xpivipo^ oriyu ; ESt. tf^nw^ (add loB. belL v 6 g 2, 
Ens. p. e. u 34 g 6 p. 450° 451''. Phot. p. 128 15. CIG 3847 m). 

„ 67 iB oiucEii Ov. har. 16 76—88. Tibnll. i 2 21 32. S 19—27, 

„ „ viQiLAHTi sTKBTBBB >uso antli. Fal. V 43 6 6 to an aditltresB 
Ijeating her lace and weeping, becaoae lier husband has cast her oat i 
' wipe yoBt ejee, my child, weep no more ; we shall find another, tit ^ 
nal ri P><irtir ilSira naX ri lipfir.' Fetion. 2J[. Btertere tamquam oItn» 
dormientei coeperunt. 

„ 58 cuHAu coHOBns PhilologDE lU 486. Marquardt Staatsverw. 
ii' 366 8. BFEBABE tpei pioBpeot of promotion. Mommsen in Benier 
m6L d'^pigr. p. 239. CIL v'(l) 643 (Friedlander). 

„ Gtf Hor. B.i3 B6 patriunnttimat iomtfundvm^iu Laremque, 

„ „ FBUBEPIBDB Sost. NeTO 22. Edo. VI 7 g 10 qru^iloit lal rpv^cA 
rpoir^orrgt. ciRZT of the loBs of a good m 66 lomao. vm 6 muo. 

„ 61 AnroHEnoH Varro Bat. Men. 257 B (Non. p. 73) Antomedo 
Ktui, qvod apud Plctitim rhelorem bubulcilarat, erili dolori vou tl^uil. 
FriedlaudeT i' 516. Lnc. mero. cond. 35 'AJuvif<t'Tiiiii'0<ii. 

„ 62 Liv. iixtz. 42 § 9 ut obiequiuia atnatori iactaiet. 

„ 63 ciBAB Le Blant lea aotes dee maitjiB p. 9. Gombefis Aaterii orat. 
7>. 209. Hena. Hugo de prima Bciibendi origiae c 10 p. til with Trota 
(Utr. 1788). 

„ 64 QDADBino ind. gumfricfiim. Orelli inscr. 3844. 

„ 66 HiNc injuB iHDE Till lOG inde atque hinc, iiv 12 IS inde-Mne. 
Ufihlmann (b. t. Atnc 1193 ftn.) has hine inde (Tac Suet. Plin. ep.), Uw 
et inde (Snet. Uart.), kini!...inde (Tac. Mart). Plin. pan. 32 g 4 alacrem 
hine atqne inde pepulum. of. id. inde 634 f. 635. Prl&o. perieg. S3 
hino atqne inde. Hand Torsell. m 365— 6. 

„ 66 scpiHO Ov. a. a. I 487 tive ilia toro reBQpiaa/m-«tur. 

„ 67 on foigeiy see Scbillei'j ^wo 161—2. DCass. uu 7 g 6, 

dt, Google 



I 67 FriedlSnder (Bursisn Jahreiber. zrr 170) reade tignator falto, 
qtd, talcing /aba as oAt. I still thiuk that lignator, falto is riffht. True, 
tignatoT tiiaa oannot mean 'forger', bat it is defined by Uie reUIJTa 

„ 68 iacl. anaha. tecsiut 'aio Pitho«annm aecnti Beripaenmt 
editoies omnes praeter Kibbeckium, qui sano ductns iudicio fectrit prae< 
tolit formam aliis iiaqne band conUmnendia tefitibns probaCam. ftatn 
fecirit a librario codioia X e teita sua depromptnm lemmaque praefizom 
ease codicnm F et S conBeasaa oBtendit, accent anctoritas librorum f T, 
testimonift codicom Servii, Vallae, Danielia qni fecerit knenmt omnea. 
elegantius did coninnctirnm perfecti post nonne libet impUre et feratur 
Demo non videt, melina etiam reBpoudere aermoni Invenaliano docuit 
Kiaer L c. p. 209 not.' (Beer) ; bnt K ia reality sapporta feeerat, d. n 90 
qni vtodo lerTetma commiaerat, lurdet H odit. z 272 quaa pott hams 
Tiierat- I retain /f^rrat. 

„ 69 tdiTBOnk roiBHB ao Hor, a. p, 116. 

„ 70 (p. 118) the mtdicKi iirvm and faia polsona Plin. znx % 20. Sae 
]nd. a.T. foitonert. Beckmaim GescOi. d. Grtiod. i> (1786) 257—288 on 
'poudrede BocceasioQ,' a eapbamism for 'slow poison.' Lno. d. mort. < g 2. 
PhUoatr. Boph. i 21 9 4. 

„ „ RUBKTAH Notes and QnerieB 6 S. vi S98. Marqaardt Fiivat- 
leben 67 1. 'PSV lemmaiiue glossae Keilianae praebent bubeti q<u 
pnailla mutatione facta verom demum colorem indncit imago' (Bebh). 

„ 72 NioitoB ETFEKRE ind. s.v. nigtT. AV. ill. 64 § 10 otoodito cafitt 
elatQB. ne liior tn ore appareret. Manil. nil ex iptit quidnoa elati 
fediere tepulchrii. tUHiroa Apol. met. ii 27, 


G37 pra«f tpuui tamen ett hanmt, qui laepiut exul. 

„ „ BBEVitfiia oiABis cf I 16 n. on Longinna. Lipara DCasa. lzivi 
eg 3. cf. SgS. Capreae Luii 4 g 6. SicilyHdn. in 13 g 3. PhiloBtr. 
Apoll. TTi 8 g 1 Oifitua and Bafns. acapecled of plotting against Domitian, 
it wfffon taSdpuBtiiraii, VIII 6 g 4 ibi ji Tout oAir^au! Tourow awo\ii\aat 
nir al x6Xe(i, irX^/tdi !' al r^troi 0(i7ii«i', ti i' ifrtipot oifiwy^t, to W 
oTpnTnJ/ioTB da\lai, ti Si firyJtXir-ot ihro«^ni. Philo leg. ad Gai. 43 (n 595 
fin. M) some looked on banishment as a godsend {ffinator) having eipected 
death froui Caligola. Tet after a abort time, for no cause, be woold send 
Boldiera to despatch them roui dptnTovz nil •vyenirriToa% j'wrrat ui iw 
raTpiiri Talt VTi^oiij Kal ttjw arvx^f^^ rirrux^^rrara ^povrar aSpoovj iratpft* 
On the desolation of the Greek islands see Hertzb^g Gesch. Giieohenl. 
Ill 36. With the general thought of. Bolin. 40 §3 AeroatratiM.QtDoineil 
memori& aceleris eitenderet, tn«niiiuin nobtlu fabrieae manu tua 
ttnixit. tieM ipte faiiut ett, voto adtpiteendae famae latiorit. 

„ 74 AugniD m 110. fBOBTCAB ii^VDAToit £T iLOET paDsg. iQ Plson. 
121 probitas onm panpertate iacebit. Translated bj Uaasiiiger 
fatal dowry ii 1 (GiSord) Pontalier log. <in this partial aToriciona age, 
"What price bears honour? Tirtue? long ago It teat but praiiid an4 
/reeled ; but now-a-days, Tie colder far, and has nor lore nor praise.' 

„ 75 CEiuiNians debent hohtos cet. Plin. pan. 45 pr. et priora 
galdiem pn'nctpea excepto patre too, praeterea vno et altera et nimit dixi, 
vitiii potiui eivitim gvam virtatilnte laefabaniur, primum quod in alio lua 
quenigue natura delectat. dtinde qttod patientiorei lemitutii arbiirabantur 
qaoi non decent «t(f niii lemos, hornm in ainum omnia congere- 
bant. BOBios the parks engrossed the soil oE Italy (E. Wokseb, der 
cOm. Lastgarten. lieimeritx 1881, Flogr, pp. I— 22). Plin. «p. ui 19 

L:mi,z.d=, Google 


3 3 n. pp. 24ii— 4. ObbaronHoc.ep. il4«p.a23a. Plin. m e.g. H M 
—69. Mart, m 5S 3—4, 46—61. xti 31. 

I 75 FBAEioBiA iud. UEMSAB, iBaENTOu Mart, dted m 61 n. 

„ 76 iROKNiuK VETDB Sil. ji 379 Dr. PUd. ep. hi 1 S 9 d. 6 g 8 n. 
Sen. ad Heiv. 11 g S antiquis nominibui artifieum aTgentum nobUe. Plin. 
Ty»Tn 3g i. 167 hdbuit et Tmcer a-vttarila famam. zixtii g 12 eaelatvtu 
argeatum c&me in after the viotories of L. Scipio (B.C. 190) aod On. 
Manliufl (b.o. 189). 

„ 77 NOBrra cobbuptor atabax Foitunat. cited Tin 145 n. Sen. rh. 
eio. contr. tm 3 'infamis in nntum.' Gossip against Perikles Ath. 569^. 

„ 7a sroNBiB inBPEs Serv. Aen. i 79 OReaiiB iEDCcBBS tkCTiB id at 
iponiiu: nam ante luum la{>ula?-uin matrimonii catUiatia libi invicem 
tmiitebani, in qtxibut ipondtbani it coTuentire in tura matrimonii, et Jidei- 
iuieores dabant. 

„ „ PRiETBiiATUH iDDLTEB I SOS. Cic Catil. 11 g 4 Ttmgilium ntiM 
eduxit, quern amart in praetfxta eoeptrat. § 23. SueL Aug. 5 Cas. 56. 
Scipio saved hia father's life in battle, while yet praettxtatut (Sen. ben. lu 
33 g 1. Flor. n 6 S 10)- Mart, ii 47. 49. Marqaardt Frivatleben 123, 
136 — 131 [age of aBSuming the toga virilii). Flor. Verg, orot. an poeta 
XIJ111I2 JahQ of a schoolmaster praeteitatis inperare. Aason. Moeella 
403pTaeteztati«;lebri«/acunriia twli. 

„ 79 HiTUBAHBOAi Tac. iv4S jtuie eatora denegaviBset. Coiipp. 
loh. praef. 33 qnot doctrina negat, confert victoria versDS. Maiimiani 
el. 6 (BShrens p. 1. m. t 342J 64 quod natnra negat. reddxre ntmo 

„ 79 80 Bi Niinni vs6i.T, rt-cii iKPiasiTio yEHscn onALBMCdfani 
POTEST Biicheler in Bhein. Mm. xxiT 391 — 3 habet ipse versoB uotam 
mediocritatis, oonsolto nameros poeta fecit artis mininuie qnalee doctns 
et 'ionctnra callidus ocri' vates nnllaa admisisBet. finalem antiqnoB 
non corripuisse prseterq^uam in iambicis nemo nescit, horuin licentiam 
Angaatea aetata iroitari coepcrnnt cretioa ut quae pedes in veiaii Bingnlos 
eiplerent, itaqne polio pe/aio quaeitio ultio in heiametris iom legebantuF 
■ine ofFenBiona. molestiora quadrisjllaba erani talia cenatio ciiiiclalio 
damnatio occa»io, correpta a luveoals obi ad fineio veraas properat in 
peda quinlo, unum occaiio etiam in qaarto (zin 183). molestissima vel 
propter ambitanL contrariiuu aarminia artioulis verba qaioque sjUa- 
Mrmn, quae binos pedes complectoittar nee locam in versn habeut nisi 
n antecedant pedem altimom. indignatio aemet repetitmn est a luTenala 
in eitrema primi libri satura idemqoe emollitum sic nequa indignatio 
diiit T 130; in altera libro ailinirafio deiperatio perBuitatio (vi 646 867 

663), in reliqoiB nulla eiempla inveniunti ■ '■■ ■ -'--* " 

nomina luveaaliB litavit onuiino, quai; 
pidanlii Tocabula. 

„ „ ricn TEHSUH, gOALES BOO TEL clutuhcb Plin. ep. 1 16 g 5 faoii 
versus, qaales Catuilwi aut Calvut. 

„ 83 BDBTBS Sil. I 416. Apul. met. ix 8. Macrob. Sat. i 7 3 36 &oni 
Varro. Hor. a. p. 403. cf. 219. Marqnardt rflm. Alterth. iv 103. 

„ 84 like scoffa vii 212. 1 356. im 38—52. iti 5. 

„ 85 Aug. oiT. Dei iLii 8 (11' 40O 29 D). Hor. ep. i 6 13 Obhar and 
Beid in Wilkins. the verse ii cited b; Sracont. satisf. IG quioquid 
■ B. bona triitia proipera prava (Bttcholer). 
- "--ubrev. vjt. 7gg6 7. 
T QDAMDo ti S42 et quit tone hamhaait wntemptar nunintff 
Yi 606 (EiKr). Hand n 491—3. 

I CooqIc 


I 87 ee both end with quando ot. in 166—7 n. ti 116—7. vn 148-4. 
xm BS M (Eioer). 

„ 68 AVABiTUs PAiciT BtNUB EiBr. ep. 133 g 15 awv aiDiim eipan- 

„ 89 90 'Nor do oaz gamegters lay thair purges domi, But set theit 
trn^B at play.' couiuitibqs vii 107 a. Mart, i 2 S ct>nil<« (Ubelloa). 
ziT 188 1. 

„ 90 Tucui Mart. uv 17 'tabnlalusoria.' 

„ 92 ruBOB Sen. ep. 99 § 6. ben. iv 19 § 1. n. q. m 18 g 8 fin. 

„ 96 96 FRiHO imms Aen. n 485 in limine primo. 

„ S7 TBBPiDAt, HEUT64 trepidae, ne. For the rhythm Eiaar Donf 
pares v 30 lollicitia ne, ti 36. 279 280 aui tquitit. die, J die. xm 160. 

„ 99 1 pxiECONK TOCABt Sen. ep. 19 3 H oliogutn haixbi'i tonntliiu, 
qwu tx turba lalutantivm nomenciator digetterit. errat aittem, qui oiRteum 
in atrio quaerit, in eonvivio probat. Eiei. ep. 22 S 33 <n 117^) cum ad 
agaptn TocaTerint, praeoo condueitur. Lac. Nigrin. 24 'imagiiie m^ 
feelings, when I see a professed philosopher, especially when advanced in 
yews, mixing with a crowd of fiatterere, acting as a body-goanl to some 
man in oBice, and roti irl ri liTwra rafiayyfKXotiai naiiioXo-foiiiiror', 
Aristid. or. 45(n400B = m51BC=n808Jebb) tir toTi rpvOipois iia\iw 
iooin-iu, ir\ti(i! Toil Bupapdit evrbvrtt 'n iirft itsrliTiut outuw. Patrons 
demanded of their freedmen the doles they received (Wallon n 416). 

„ 100 TBotcoEiuB e.g. Olabrio (Hdn. n 8 g 4). Fieller.JordaiL rom. 
Myth. i> 100. 

„ 103 LiBBBTnnta Friedlander i> 348 — 9. Sen. n. q. it pi. S 7. bqo 
ODBUH elision in same place also m 110. i 87. xm 161. ilr 276. 

„ 104 M0IJ.R8 IN iCBB rBMEBTEiB in 182 in Ugione tnbuni. ti 238 
vtTida in limiru ramoi. Tn 107. 146. vm 61. i 136. xi 60. xv 50 
{Eiaei). Syrian Blaves PetrOD. 33 n. (i 103 b Bono.], mtSBiBAB ind. 
earringi. N. and Q. o S. vni 361—4. 

„ 106 FTiBFUBi MAioB Plat. qQ. Bom. 81. Bavaro on Bidon. ep. I 9 
p. TO. lampoon in Suet. Goes. 60 GoIIoi Caeear in trmwphum ducit, iden 
ineuriam. \ OaUi bracat depotaerant, latnm claTnm tampttrunt. Pe- 
tron. 76 pr. aeetpi pacrimoniuja latiol avium, 

„ 108 coBviNcs Borgheei oenTres t 681. 

„ 109 ganerie plural Plin. ep. in 21 g 6 n. Hier. ep. 68 6. 60 S 

„ „ on the gardens of Fallas aec^FriedlSnder i* 86 1. 

„ „ uciHiB Friedliinder 1° 76. Desjardins Oanles m 163. 377 8. 
Sidon. ep. t T ( — v 11 Baret) MemB to have this passage in viewt hi nm(, 
(Quorum comparationi [read -t] dictum tollertrtt [cf. cedat here] Harciitvt 
Ariatieia Maiia Mareetbu Carut Licinns et Pallas. Mart, m 81 6. 

„ 110 BicHD Pint. qa. Bom. 81 fin. The tribune Eaterius Agrippft 
preTented by his intercession ttie scourging of actors (Tac. an. I 77) ; ft 
li^e interposition of the tribune Antistias rebuked by the senate (mi 
36 pr.); A.D. 16 intercession of a tribone on behalf of mtiEeDB gnitty ot 
Boreeiy (DCass. .i,vii 16 g 9). Thrasea forbad the tribone ArulennB 
Bnstious to intercede on his behalf (Tac. xti 26). Mommaen StB. n* 
298, 816—7. 

„ ,, KEC cEDiT BOBOHi Aen. ni 4S4 nee cedit honori. aosonl 
Beni? Aeneidea m 186. 

„ 111 Marqoardt Privatlehen 169. 

„ 118 PEonHuProp. it 7 ( = ivB=m8) 1. 

,, „. worship of wealth 8S. Ill 131— 165. TI 393— 800. ziv 107— S8I. 
Prop. Ill (iv) 13 esp. 48 — (0 aurum omtia vieta ion pitlaU colunt. | mm 



paUafida, aura venalia iura, \ minim lex leguitur, mac tiru legi puilor, 
Ov, t. 1 195—8. Petcon. 14. 44. 88. 

I lie abstract diTinitiea Con^beuTe and HowBon Bt Paul i> 3S2 d, 4. 
Ear. Baccib. STO Sandys. 

„ „ 116 Cland. in Bnfin. i 53—3 Concordia Tirlns | eunigu« 
Fide Pittoi. 

„ 116 BiLDiwo Vitr. rv E § 2 (i ciVnim vim pu6Hca» erunt aedijUia 
deoraia, iia eojutitwtntur tUi praettTtuntee ponint rtipicert ei in cojupecta 
galntationea faetre. Friedliiiidei (Borsiui Jahreeber. iiv 1880 ISO) 
oonjectnres that there may haie been a stork's nest in the temple of 
Concord in the Forum as well known as the raven's nest in the temple of 
Castor (Plin. b. n. I g 120). Bo sohol., Holiday, Dryden. I never thought 
(as Ft. aapposes) of Itny other Concordia. C. L. Iloth (Jahrbb, I. FMlol. 
ijizi, 186U, 137 — Q) : the relative olaiiae describes the attribute- of a 
temple of Concord, and the attribnte, by a oommon figure of speech — 
Mitptum desertae Cereris — is transferred to the dei^ of the temple. 
fUiK cTtpitat ConeonHa = C. cuitu tenqilum crtpitat = templtim in juo cTt- 
pitatuT. On tiie temple of Concord see Bom Bome and the Campagna 
90—92. With the position of Coneordia in the relative clause Kiaer com- 
pares a 41. vn 46 46. 170. vra 264—6. ht 85. 

„ 117 BnMMOSHOMOBljno. 7 363 — liBmm^rficfalOT-honorl I conff- 
ffit et latU>§ fecit le ooasale /aito$. Stat. s. iv 1 26 27 iHftmqtie a 
cotiniU ducit \ omnit honoB. Ov. Pont it 4 35. Consuls crowding the 
levees of Baianus luv. 1 90 n. 

„ 119 HiNO TooA, cALcsns HiNO cbiaBrntu as in Hot. a. 1 1 17 IS hino 
nw, 1 vot hinc. On vdXriat see Cobet oollectan. fil3— 4. 

„ 120 JT1MU8 ind. eensiswiua tEcnci mi 215 dansissima rv/ja. 
Bil. I 600, Disaen on Tjboll. i 3 27. 9 68. Obbar on Hor. ep. 1 17 60. 

„ 126 vzxuiE (earn) vi 347 pone irram, prohibe. 220 audi. 

„ 127 DisTiKODiTcii PUn. ep. jii 1 g 1 n. 

„ 128 Hor. ep. I 7 63 maiie domitm. B. I 1 101 Heind. ind. lalu- 

„ „ iDMsaoB MtHirna apollo Kirchner (on Hot. a. i 9 7B) rightly, 
with Bupertl (and Orangaeos), sees here (Flin. h. n. vn % 1S3 cited) the 
Apollo in the forom of Augnstus, and not (as Bnm Borne and the Cam- 
pt^a 175 n. 9) the Palatine ApoUo. 

„ 129 T1UT1MFHU.E8 Plut. Bom. 16 g 16 oU tho trinmpbal stataes of 
Bomulns in Boma were on foot ; those of otheia on quadrigae. 

„ ISO NESdo gniB statue to an Iberian DCaes. Llix 16 g 3. TrrrLos 
Ov. her. 2 67 — 74. AaABiBCHEs ind. Bchttrer nenteat. Zeitgesch. (1874) 

„ 131 HOir TAHTuv ind. non. Ov. am. i 4 63 oteuta iam tJimtt: iam 
non tantnm otcula lamet. u 6 69. Another formula for cetera quit 
itaeit/ Plin. ep. tit 14 S 1 n. heiebb Wihnanns inset. 2730. anthol. 
1313 Meyer (Bnrm. anth. it p. 145). 

„ 132 vxsiiBOLiB Sen. cons, ad Polyb. 4 § 2 aliutn [toix[iMt] semper 
Testibnlnm obaideus turba. 

„ 184 schol. m 250 pulmcntaria portant tecum eomparata ex iporttila. 

„ 137 OBBIBOE Plin. ivi §§ 66. 68. Petion. 110 27—31 Biicheler 
wc< Afrit ertita terria \ ponilvr ae maculii imitatw viliua aurum \ oitrea 
mensa greget lervorvjn ottrumque remdeia, \ qvae «en«inn trahat. hoe 
tleriU ae nude nohile ligmtm \ turba tepulta mera eireum venit. Fers. i 
62—3. Plut. lofooig. 10 % 1. Marquardt Frivatleben 291—801, 702. 
Bcmember the Hamilton sale. 

dt, Google 


I 188 coMEinniT Ath. 166'. Pint, ii liS" n. 21. Cio. Um. n SO t 
bona ttm. Sen. ep. 1^*2 g 11. 

„ „ FATsmoim HI lis. X 13. m 50 61 n. ziv IIG. 239. Sen. 
ben. Tu 9 g 1 mm latit vmliibrii inmnio virot tabrgerat, fliii bina an lerna 
patiimonia aaribui nngulit ptptndUicnt. Won in trade Sen. n. q. n 

„ 139 FAKAmirrs 0. Beaofils de paj^sit 

QQIB FBRiT TH 147. Of. Y 164. H 2i 3«U (Ul 

am. 1 13 26. Yopiso. cited on m 61. 

„ 140 LoiDKua BOBDEH iiv 124. oiyTOOTon JIT 120 — 1 btati pat^erii. 
Plin. ep. iii9 9 2n. San.Tit. boat 20 S 4 non aordide tuc moliyix. brer. 
Tit. 16 % 3. Eiaer compares with luxiiriiu aordei = luxuriam lordidam 1 10. 
u 4. 143. m 118. 304. it 6. 39. 7^ T 9. 11 aordes farru canini. 163, 

,. „ am^ n 34 ritia ultima. 

„ 140 141 TOToa APBoa Ath. 129'' at the wedding-teaat of the Maoe- 
donian Estbiiob there was gerred to each gaest (to be taken awa;) a 
ailTer-gilt diah oootaiiiiag a hoai, xtiified with all maimer of delicacies. 

„ 141 tvHit iiid. iTBoa, UjucAi. ind. (pp. 412, 416) under appoti- 
lion. Liv. T 47 g 8 nc eanee quidem, toUicilam animal ad noeiumot 
tlTepitat. ApnI. de deo Socr. 8 I. aves terrestre animal. Eua. mart. 
Fal. 12 pi. lau^Xur (tXdvair (at rg toS nufinrot ipiKrn irjioXliiiTiiraU 
j-^ou. Hier. ep. 62 9 noterit nat homines eite, rationale animal. 
On boors as a dish see Petron. 40 with the comm. Sen. brev. vit. 12 g 1. 
Haorob.Sat. iii 13 g 13poreum Troiaaam,.,aliii ificlusii animalibai gravi- 
dmn, nt ille Troimmi tquui gravidiu armatiifuit. Lips, poliorc, it 1 (opp> 
iaS32). Plato lep. 373°. 

„ 142 DEPONia AKicrOBin theoxoSfCH, BiroiinJpioi'orjpoiiariutmdreaB- 
ing-room) Marqiiardt Priyatleben 272; where the clothes ware guarded 
b; capiarii (ibid. 143) from the namerous/urru balnearii (ibid. 273). 

„ 143 Lucr. Yi 799—801. 

„ „ CRUDUH FATONEH many admirable protests against dietetto 
excess in Seneca (fiaase's ind. erudui, tpulat, Ivxuria) e.g. ep. 95 gj 
16—28. 119 gg 13 14. On the dittetic use of emeties see Daremberg's 
note (Oribase ii 829—832). The peacock iiidiR«stible (vol. t 169 16, l 
224 4). So the >ii^pa (vulva, iumen i 223 9). Orib. declares that emetics 
are needless to those who live by rule {toTs euTctKrwi fiSiri) and take 
eierciee (iii 182 8). Sen. ad Eelv. 10 g 3 voraunt u( edaitc, tduM M 
vomant, et epultw, qwu tola orbe conqvirant, nee conooqueie dignanttir, 
ind. to Plin. h. n. crvdiUu. Aietaeus 1 16 names omission of cuatomary 
Totniting aa one cause of cachexia. Dr Adams iu bis excellent comineii- 
tar; on Paulas Aegineta i 73 (vol. i pp. 107—110; enumerates the ancient 
auUiors on dietetics, Qonunending Oalen as not yet superseded. Aug. c. 
D. XII 4 sent away &om table at Carthage a slice fjom the breast of a 
peacock, and found after the lapse of a month, and then of a jear, that 
it was shmnh and dry, but not putrid. Heliogabalus had dishes of pea- 
cocks' tongnes Lampr. 20 g 6 (imitated in a wedding breakfast at a 
Bothschild's tome years ago) and heada (ib. g 6). 

„ 144 nrao BtTBiitG uoBTGB Verb omitted with iniUi (i 168. m 236. 
ITT 173), wnde (i 160. n 127. ix B. xiv 66). 

„ 144—5 seejoaroal of philol. xm (1885) 231—2. 

„ 145 IT Psa CDNCTAE CENA8 Ot. f. 1 16 per iaiidei ire tuontm. Tae. 
d. 32. Qnintil. per total — oaina — ^nr7ulai (Bunnell lex. p. 2S5 fin.). 
FiDUiii Plin. ep, 1 13 g 2 pltrique in iCationibm itdent trayiMgiM audiendi 


— rS7 tJLTEBnrs. sttlcdm deducit habena. 343 

fabaliB eonterunt. Saet. Ang. 70 pi. cena qvoque eivt uerttior in 

I 147 CLTEBiua mi. ix S8 qtiod lamen nlteiins mimitnim, quam 
mollii avarust Ov. her. 17 2S. Our author's peBninuBiii (xm 26 n.) ia 
overdrawn. Hear a contemporaiy, aBsuredl; no flatterer: Tac Agr. 3 
' iiLijn redit animug; ted quamqiuini prima statiin beatis~~ ' 
' Nerva Catiar Tfi oiim ditioci, ^ ' ' ' -' 

ugeatqTie quotidie felicitate 
a 55 f. h. 1 8 pr. (BoreaiBB). 

„ 149 IN FiuEciriii ind. in. vblib ind. 

„ IBO BiNns ind. nicia P' dicta which Beer receiTes, ol. Yi 473, 
iniea. zn 12S. But none of these iB 2 pera. slug. 1 retain diciu. 

„ ,, the figure ofcupatio as VIII 163~~5. 

K p*B MATEBiAB Ov, tr. II 335—6 divitit infienii est 
icta I coTtderet tnateria rtf aitperetur &pu». ORANa, 

„ „ PBIOBDM ±>liii. ep. Ill 4 8 6iu Mart, j 72 Veritas Mtntna to 
earth otter tbe fall of Bomitian. 

„ 152 Dorr die MajestatsprocesEe untei dam Eaiser TiberiuB. Eeil- 
broDQ 1860. 4to. 

„ 153 BiuFLiciTis Plin. ep. m 4 g 9 n. Sen. ih. oontr. SO g 8 patieDoe 
of MetelluB, Cato, Pompeiue, Brulna, under lampoons and accusations. 

„ ,, cnma cet. L. Mailer (Lacil. dub. 12 p. IGO) reads ---- euivt 
(tnonoayllable) iion audebo dicere nomen t 

„ 154 BEFEST Tac. a> it S3 antiquii icriptoribtit ranu obtrectatoT, ntgiie 
refert cvitugtiam, Puntciu Romanatve acies laetiua txtaleris : at mutto- 
rum, qui Tiberio regnante potnam vel infamias avbiert, potUri maitent. 

„ „ BnciDB Boby introd, to the stndj of Jnatinian's digest icTiii — e, 
Lncil. viSOai MjuifetoTJu' Iuppiter,inquit,\CTcu8o Mucin' cam cenabat. 

„ 16S PONE Hor. 0. iv 1 20. 8 8. noELLiKCtt even Mart, in 20 16 can 
trample on the dead favorite impudici balruo Tigelliui, 

„ „ TiBDA Hertzberg Gesch. (Jrieohonl. ii 380 15. Ens. h. e, tt 41 
SS 6—8. 15. 17. 21, Commodua (Vulcat. Avid. Caas. IS g 6) ordered the 
desoendants of Avidius CaBsios omnea viuoi inctiuii. 

„ 167 relative a^pplied in another case Munro on Lucr. Vi 53. 

„ „ Eueeb. cilai on i 361 ad fin. I now with Grangaeua, Geaner, 
Heinrich, interpret this yeree of the UTicm (x 66 n,), Stanley ms. 'int. 
eos qui cremandi trahebautur per harennm.' BorgheBi oenvrea T 532 
dtes Fhilo in Flacc. 9 (ii S27 M): the Alexandrian mob fell upon the 
JewH wiUi fre and Bword; without mercy thej burnt men. womeu and 
children. When fire-wood ran abort, the; used bmshnood, rather 
stifling their victima with amoke, than burning them ; man; bodiea la; 
about half-burnt. Then follows: xoXXoui 3^ lai ^arrai Toiii Tioiaai ror 

inrd rijt rat iiiijiat opu^oMat taX rpax'iT'F'" iriiiiiiivijiBiit, Kal tot Tiria- 
lUvtlT litpar T^f Bvp^i/ias tiairTirTwy ««J iiaarapdtTwr aXXaxoae aXXdW, 
iSairariej!. The same stot; in fewer words leg. ad Qp-um 19 fin. (a 564 
M). Qrang. oites L;koplir. 263 (of Achilles drawing Kektor through the 
plain) Xeupnt ^ouni! yaroiiiSr U alXaKot. To the conjectuies iu Jahn 
odd that of Ptolomaeua Flavins, who (reading deducat) carries the line 
below 169 (vehatar et deducat). As a make^ift we might read (if the 
rhythm may be pardoned) : et latum tn«dia bvia:vu vkcvs duett haretui. 



«t, 'm ^ i9 tenviqw in pidvere suloos daoimat. In Plin. pan. 83 g 3 

.(cited) the unaa goee with ignf», as is Sen. de ira iii S | 6 ctrcuin- 
dati defoiiit cai-poribai ignes et cadJivera qanqae tralieju nnouB. Fried- 
liiader in bia reviev of m; book (Buruoii J^irenber. xiv 175) reads with 
JahQ* dtducit: 'Inr. here can have reprodnoed Veig. g, I 114 deducit 
harena only hj changiDg the Sid pereon into the 2nd, for what draws a 
furrow in the eand, cannot euiel; be the torch (the body burning upright 
at the Etake) but only dit gttchleifte Lticht.' I agree entirely with the 
last remark; but nben Fr. eipiains the change of fut. to pres. ifucebia... 
deducii) from the influence of the presents ardent, fumant, I appeal to 
Madvig's inrincible coDtutatioD of the Beqaence iiic«6ii et deducii (Meinerti 
also Zeitscbr. f. Oymo. 18T1 23S thinks the change of tense possible). 
Dean Merivale (trans, of Cambi. pbiloiog. soc. 1 1881 12) piefera the oon- 
jectare (Dobree adv. ii 387) dant Iwcii. Bigaalt would haTe erery one 
with him if lam tece were eipreseed in luv. He says : ' ardebis in tonica 
molesta. et iam ecce raptaris per mediani harenam, ut pice oblitua et im- 
pactuB unco flammeris.' schol. 'addictuB enim cum per harenam trahe- 
retur, snlcnm corpore auo fecit.' 

I 168 DiDiT Hor. ep, II 1 HE, icoKiTA VarTo Bat, iOG Bu. (in Non. 
pp. 406, 422) nunc quit pairent decern annirrum natui non modo aafert sed 
toUit — nisi leneno? Luo. somn. 26 pr. vehiich verbnm huio rei 
Qsitatam Osjiiia. citing Suet. CI. 28. Mart, n El 2. So vector. 

„ 153 FLTTuiB Fiiedlonder in' 31. Prop, it 7 (=it B = iii 8) 60. 

„ 161 AcousATOB EBii QTTi DiziBiT the interpretation given in jaj 
first edition (a. e. [ei] q. d. =ii quit dixerit) is still held, e. g, by Nagels- 
bach-Muller lat. Stilistilc^. § 90 3 a p. 259, who cites Oaratoni (in Halm 
p. 59) on Cio. in Tatin. % 12 and adds Cio. dom, g Gl poena eit (ei) qui 
receperit, legg. n § 21 quiqve non paruerit, (ei) eapilal eiio, Heinnoh 
dies Bos-Schiifer ellips. 364, 899. Add Phaedr. t 3 12. Staveren and 
Bremi on Nep. i 8 g 4. Bat I adhere to the natural view (the snbjeat 
of erit antecedent to gui). So the contrast is far more forcible: 'the 
innocent exclamation "here he isl" to this conscience- stricken sinner, 
sounds like an accusation, arousing his deadly hatred.' The names of 
Holyday, Adrien de Valoia and Dryden might save this rendering fhmi 
contempt For a commentaiy see Tac. an. i 74 quia vera eraiU, etiam 
dicta credebarUur. DCass. ltu 33. esp. Sen. contr. 30. 

„ ,, TBRBim B. Beer spioil. luv. 60 'verbun uieni oonieotura est; 
P enim piaebet twrmim cum quo fere condnit quod fragmenta Vindobo- 
nenaia habent tier$u,' which Goehel approves, 'who had said in his Terses 
only, without naming him.' an interpretation justly rejected by Beer, 
who contmnes, ' qnam eiplicationem nt probarem a me impetrare nequiri ; 
KTidet vero Hartelii qutun meonm oommunioavit coniectnra vertat (a&- 

Candt)^ tecum.' This seemg to me impossible; Dtrbtim, if a oonjeotnt^ 
all the marks of certainty. 

„ „ BIO ESI ind. fite. Oy. anua. m 1 19 ^ >aepe aliquii diffito vattn 
deiignat e\nitem \ alqiie ait >hio hie est qaem fenu urtt Amor', Plant. 
oapt. 783 Br. 

,. 162 — 4 epics less dangerous than satire Hor. a. n 1 10 — 16. of. 
I 4 23 — 38. Bo Pliny {ep. ii S g 6) contrasts the harmless goodnature of 
the tcholaiticui Isaena, with the cunning of pleadeis in the courts: g 6 
Khola et auditorium etfictacautaTetinoimitiamy^ia <8t. Tac. d. 2 
Cnriatiiis Matemns was said offendiste polentinm animoi by his tragedy 
Cato, and there vnB per urbemfrequejuiermo about it; Sni/iilnett, ilaterne, 
■fabulae malignorum terrmt, quo miniu offentai Catouit tui amei } Can jou 



not stride out what hM given offence, and pobllBb Catonem mm quidtm 
tneliiyreni, ttd tavien ieeurioremt 10 cum .praeteriim nt ad illud qaidem 
cmtfUgert poitii, quod pleriigut patrocinatuT, lamqMnm mtmii obnaxium tit 
ojTennu potlanim guotn oratomm itudiam. ^ervttcit tnimvit jiulclierTimae 
tuatiTae tuat, nee pro amieo aiigvo, wd, quod perioilotiiii est, pro CatojK 
Ifffendie. I knon uiat Gato'a words will be applauded bj the andienoe and 
Kpeated eveiTwbere. tolle igitur quittii et ifsuritatii txcuiationem, cum 
tibi lumai advcriaTium niperioTem. Let ne content onreelyeB with the 
prJTate oontroTeraies of tha day, in guifeus ti quando neceise sit pro peri- 
cliiante amico potentionan avrei qffendere, et pfobata lit Jidet et libtrtas 

I 1G4 irnj,Tux guAEBnns bti.«s eee ind. cf. Serr. Aen. i 619. 
Mliller Dorians ic 12 g T. Hermee xviii (18S0) iiO 31. Strabo E64 
alter telling the legend: «ai yui- S' fri iopry tk aytrat irapi roil 
Upoviriiiaui itol ipa^aela, BuvTeuivTiai' naX jniXoiicrui« "than, Cn or tari 
ftnfffu' T^f ^iteii'oi' r^ iirl rdi CXitt lioSof. The hackneyed 
th«nie attracted Dracontiog c. 2 ' Hylas ' (BShrene p. !, m, t 129). With 
the whole paeeags cf. Mart, i i dted on ver. 62. On the liek of writing 
hietoi; aee Plin. ep. iii 6 g 5 n. p. 85. Two leading Oreeka weie driven 
to commit acicide, becsuee their anoeetor Theophanee (ae a friend of 
Fompeias and deified by the Qieeks) aroasad the jealonBj of Tibeiina 
(Im. an. VI 16). 

„ „ sEcorra ind. tequor. 

„ 166 BUBET ind. rRiomA mNa Lncr. tt 1060 frigida cum. Sil. 
n 8S8— 9 licet formidine turpi | frigida corda tremant. 

„ 167 TAciTi BDBiNT PKiECoKim cuLTi beloiiga to the relative olanM 
of.mSlS— CIKiaerl. 

„ 169 Madvig also (advera. i 79) reada anim; but Adrien da Vnlois 
and FiiedliiDder (in his review o[ my book) aniino. Bigaolt cites Laevius 
erotopaegnion iv (fr. in Weichert poet. Lat. cell. p. W, Prisdan ir 19) 
vuiaintm Vareo corde volalat, and Gratiau (in Aus. grat. act. g 13) cwa 
dt ttnuJdibut in annun> ereandit ioIu» mecnm volutarem. 

„ 171 TfioiTDBEepQlcTaleverbnmdehumatiBOBAiia. citing Acq. x904. 
Ov. tt. ni 3 46. Sen. Oed. 66, and eontego from Plant, and Cic. 

„ „ Varro cited on V 66. cod. Theod. tiI76. Voet. addig. desepulcro 
Tiol. rn.viil2]2(nl006— 6). Bingham antiq. iini 1, Bioeption in tavonr 
of St Meletina *.d. 881 (Sozom. h. e. vn 10). Oreg. Naz. or. in Melet. n p. 26 
ver. 1581. Le Blant let actes dea martyce 213—4. lei col. lol. Genetivae 
e. 73 (ephem. epigr. m 94) ne q'uii intra jinei oppidi eahmiaeve, qua 
aratro rircunufuetum erit, hominem tnortua?n inferto neve ibi hwmato neve 
urilo neve hominii moriui moniaientmn aedifieato under a penalty of 6000 
■esterces (Mommsen ib. 110). Herald, advera. i 6. Cio. Tusc. v S 6G. 
Intramural interment at Sparta Pint. Lycurg. 27 % 1. 

m Samuel Johnson, in no lea to hia 'London', gives the verses of ont 
aatire which he imitates. 

„ 1 coNFnsns tronbled Plin. ep. iir 10 § 2 n. Ov. am. ni 9 16 fw 
miniu eit confnsa Venui ?R07-»nle Tibullo. Font, i 3 3. 

„ 2 VACuiB desolation of Samoium Btrabo 263. cf. Hertzberg Oeach. 
Oriechenl. ii 193—4. Liv. iiiii B Sg 4^-6. xli 8 g 2. seuish noGRB 
priap. 63 1 parum eiC miki, quod hie fiii sedemf OaAHO. cmna ind. 

„ S DEBTiNBT FIId. ep. HI 6 g 20 n. 

,, „ TTNUU civES iKtHABE BIBI1.I.AE Plotarch's reBBOD (vit. Demoath. 3 
g 2) for dwelling at Chaeroneia, 'that it might not become Bmaller than it 
waa.' Orat. cyneg. SSAeoUatUvalU Sibyllae. [Aristot.jmirab.Bnaa.Su. 


m i BUiBDM zii 80 D. ind. Oio. xi 199 Bftiter. Bor. ep. i IS 3 4 
Obbar. ib. 11— 13.^B, Ov. a. a. i 256— 6. EUis on CatoUos 
p. 841. Panly l' 2289—10. Dissolute life there Prop. 1 11 3 Bunu. (pp. 
113— a), ibid. 27—30 (of. on the Ben-side generally Hor. ep. 1 16 18—21). 
ni(=iv}le2. The atri;niis£ouMMi«ffattM(Fetran. S3) was not banished 
far (from Cumae), nor to a solitude. Stat. s. i 6 60. la 2 17. it S 26. 
SU. TDi 539. Ill 113—5. anth. Lat. ind. p. 366 Klese. Flin. h. n. 11 
§ 227. nil SS ^ 6. Among tlia Imnries which ruined Hannibal's troopa at 
Capaa Uvy (iiiii 18 S 13) names baliata. Flor. 11 6 goes farther (g 21) 
Capua was Hannibal's Cannae. § 23 invictum Alpibat, iTidoiaitam armit, 
Vampaaiae {quit credereit) lolei ct ieprntti fontibua Saiae tabegenitit. 80 
Prnd. c. Sjmin. n 740. I-reqiiented by AogustuB (Suet. 16. 64), Tiherins 
(id. 6), CaiignU (id. 19. Job, ant. iviii 7=9 g 2. cf . Philo leg. ad Gai. 29), 
Nero (Suet. 27. 31. 34), Hadrian, who died there (Spartian. 2S g§ 6 6, 
Capitol. Ant Pins 6 g 1. id. Ant. phil. 6%1. AV. Caes. 14 § 12], Alei- 
andei Severas (Lampiid. 26 g^ 9 10), Tacitus (Topiso. 7 % 6. of. 19 g 6). 
Fronton. 17 Naber. Athalario's description in Casaiod. var. Tin 6. On 
the bathing see Celsas u IT pr. (iii 21 p. 107 2 Dar. the name is now 
etaaed). VitruT. it 6 § 2. Not mentioned in Galen. Man; of the ancient 
authorities are given at length by Clnver. Italia pp. 1119 — 21. Zell'e 
'Baiae, a Itoman watering-place' (Ferienaclitiften i 139—154) is very 
slight. The Saracena, the malaria, and Louis XU of France, depopulated 
B^a; the so-called temples of Diana, Mercury, and Venoa, are remains 
of thermae and frigidaria. 

„ „ AHOENi Tac. XT 55 liberaUi lemper epuUu etruzisee amoenam 
tiitam et darU iadicibvt pantm jyrobatam. 

„ 6 SECESsns Sen, ben. it 12 g 3. Flin. ep. m 5 g 14 n. 

„ 9 lecitationa Schiller's Nero 566 eeg. Bohdo d. gricch. lioman 
(1876) 304 seii. Aa hero the poets are more terrible than falling houses 
and conflagrHtiona, ao anth. Pal. 11 131 out' iwl flsu.nXiujvoi, Nup *rt xctrr' 
iytridri. \ aCe' fararp^m roAi ^t y^i ^aiOwr, | dyeparous Urftytr nrovt 
Ilora,uu>' i rniiT^i { Koi xfipovjiyiiiiat i\eaev ''B/^ayivrp. | imtt' t^ nliSvot xani 
riiiaapa rai^' iyirii9-n, \ AeuiaXiw, iiii6'iiii,'Spiu>-tivTtt, TtoTinutv. Add to 
Tecitera (pp. 174 — 5) Teienoe (Suet. t. Ter. p. 28 8 B) tcriptit comoedias 
tix. ex quibua priiiuaa Andriam cum aedilibtxii daret, iiutai ante Caeciliit 
Tec it are ad cenantem cum venittet, dieilur initium quidem fabulae, quDd 
erat contemptiore iiestitti, in txibtellio iuxla leclulam reeident Ugiiie, pat 
paucoa vera versui invitataa u( accumJieret cetuugt una, d^n cetera percn- 
curriiie nan line magna Ciucilii adiairatione. Ammianus (Liban. ep. 983, 
written to Ammianus at Rome, ' where it would have been a great thing 
to live eTen in silence, and liaten to the words spoken by othere. For 
Borne maintains many orators who follow in the track of the ancients. 
But as we learn from those who come from you, oiSris v/m- it iniSii^tin 
TOLS fiiy T^oi-QT, rats Si fffti, rrlt mr/ypa'p^ ib iroWi, liT ^yijjAi/<q\ noX toO 
^tw^PTOi iratneifirTQS fiipoi irtpov fiaKa^ovym, Ako6w Si rijv 'Fuffiijf avripi 
CTt^iaroDr <rai tov xdror, nai tilaSai il-Sifoc avrS, ri2» pir ae Kttpaniiii/ai, 
Tuv a oux i}TT^iTffat. TaDra di ou t6v aityypa^a Kotrtiet fi&ifov, aXX4 not 
fl/i£t, at iirrir i ouvypa^eiii. /i^ 8)j va6irs tmoCth aiimSilt tai KO/Jfldi> 
iKtiBt' lit o-vXXii'Oi't, pT/Si Kdiij)S 0aiiiuit6/itros, oW aMt re ylynii \afi/- 
rp6ripcs tal tjiii' roDra SiSau. For a citizen so distinguished is an 
ornament to his country'). P. 176 (I. 20 up) critioism invited Itlart. 
V SO. P. 176 (1. 14 np) Ben. ep. 52 g 9 cited on tq 44. P. 177 
the audience at recitations, see esp. Epikt. m 23. P. 178 applause 
QuintiL 1 1 g 17 1. 36 n. Sjnes. Dion p. 62'' ' once in a company I had 


a claasic in mj faandi and was entreated to read it for all to hear. I did 
■o, adding here and there, and throwing in exptaoations, not, fiA rbr 
yiyior, after deliberate study, but as they came to m; thoughts and 
tongua: lal J^ra lipvPat ^pSi) iroX^ ml jcpiroi ippAy^, as the; praised the 
author, and not least for my additions.' £as. h. e. vn 30 g 9 Firmilian's 
^nity in church, 'pinti nir nil Bfldrov i))|^XAr iavr^ xarairKtvaijiiitrat, 
smiting his tliigh, stamping on his tribune, rebaking and reviling those 
who do not applaud nor wave their handkerchiefs as in theatres, nor 
shout aloud, starting to their feet, like the men and women of his party, 
but as in God's house listen with decency and order.' F. 17B recitations 
bordensoioe to the hearers Cic. ad Att. n 2 S 2 eoniuratte moU^nt, qaam 
Ttatititse eoniuralioni, li ilium mifii audiendam putanem. Ov. s. a. II 
607 — 8 led nequt declcaaent ■nudio lermoae diierti, | neo sua non eanns 
Eoripta poeta legat. Phaedr. ir ad fin. 'poeta ad Farticulonem ' 7 — 9 
oonunend, it not my wit, my brevity, which deserves the more credit, 
quanlo poeUui sunt moUiti validiui. Mart, iii 4S. 50. iz 83. xi S2 16. anth. 
Pal. XI 110. 113 Flnto elintH the door ogoin&t the rhetor Marcus; one 
Cerborua is enough in hell. If he must needa declaim, let bim take 
Iiion and Tityua aud the lyric poet Mellto as bis audience. No worse 
company can peater me, nntil the gismmacion BufuB descends with bis 
solecisms. P, 179 recitations at feasts Plut. qu. conv. r 4 3 § 2 p. 621. 
g 9 p. 622-. P. 180 1. 6 biographies ceoiled Phn. ap. m XO. 

^ m 10 TOTj DDiins HKDi ooMPONiTOH DNA Sen. ep. 87 g 2 onm pau- 
oissimis servis, quos uuum capere vehiculuni potuit. line idlis 
Ttbui, niii quae carport noiiro continebantur, ego el Maximal meia bidiaan 
iont beatieiimum agimae. The carriage took the family up at the gate 
because of the police restrictions on street trafEc (i 3(t n. ad fin.). Bassos 
started from the same gale in a r;da fall of vegetables of all kinds, 
thrushes, a hare, a sucking pig, which he was eiporting to the country. 
nrbem petebat Bairuif immo nu ibat (Mart, ni 47). A rich man drove 
from hia house in the suburbs to the place JGalen xl 299 K) fr9a rwv 
iX^ftirw ixofiainir ilair tiiiaittm. Sen. ben. vil E g 3 let for hire. 
Among Maiimin's feats of strength (Capitol. Max. 6 g 9J lani iUa pn^e 
in miigi ore tuTU poiita, qvod redam onniiam loliii movtrct. Fried- 
lander i" 60—63. On the reda Marquardt Privatleben 711—2. 

„ 11 KADiDAX ci^Kviiil B. Buru in joum. of philol. z 2. Jordan 
Topogr. d. Bt. Rom i (1878) 227—831. n (1871) S80. 615. 

„ 12 Hic nsi NocrnB.vii: nuui oombtitubbat auioae vi GSl tn animam 
(t mtjitem, cum qua di noote loqnanturl arg. Ov. met. iv fab. 4 of 
FyramuB and Thiabe constituerunt itaque ut niatuiino ad moiaim^ntam 
Nijii Ttgii tab arborem nionim comieniTeitt ad aiaorem. ct Ov. am. (i 17 18 
(ereditur) Egtriam iiisio coTieviuitu Namae. Aug. o. D. vn 35 Numa, 
having no authentic revelation of prophet or angel, was fain kydromaiitian 
facere, ...vtin aqaa videret imaginti deoram vel potiua ludijicationei doe- 
monum, a ^utbiu audiret, quid in lacrii coniiitaere atque obiervare deberet. 
see Varro ibid. 

„ 13 sAoai FDNTis Ciofan. ad Ov. met n 461. Or. f. m 261. Eepsa. 
lides Beise dnrch Italien 1 117 eeq. 

„ 14 SohUter die Oemeindeverfasstmg der Jaden In Bom in der 
Eaiserzeit 1879- Friedliinder in* 570 n. 3 a Jewish cemetery haa been 
found, where luv. stood, by the Appian road, outside the porta Capena. 
On TAENnu see Sen. (iv 116 n.) ; on cophincs Wetstein on MM. U 20. 
Tbeophr. char. 4 fin. Plut. Cat. min. 32 g 1. 

„ 16 AnsoB VI 514 cited on 14< 

dt, Google 

in 17 EOEniAB ind. Schw«gler i MS. 568. 


tnveiial. 61 ' P non praeientitu sed taataui praet jjj jjj /// /// praebet lit- 
teria altimis erasis. recte tamen pratientiut lestitni com loci ratio tam 
ood. Tindob. ostendit, qui hoo loco uoas omnium librorum correotoia 
Hon infectns est. atqui verbis Tulgo traditis alia aabest interpolatio ; 
eihibet eniin P aquii a prima rnana oonscriptmn aptnm illud fonti qui 
antro includitnr ; orta eat mntatio ex Tooe prafitantiiu qna iutmsa 
dativas nou babait qao referretor.' 

„ 19 «nuEN iQDu PreLei-Joidan Him. Myth, i* 57—59. 86. Teraes 
18---20 remind one ol the protests of Wordavorth and BusMn agoinet 
the desecration of the lake country (cf. tbe fate of loch Katrine aad 
Tbirlmere). The Beatini in a like apirit reaisted the proposed works on 
the lacu» F^Iinu* and the Nar Tac. an. i 79 optime rebia taortatium eon- 
tuluiiie nataram, quae >ua ora fiaminibul, mot cunui, ittq-ae originem, ita 
fiiui dederit; ipeciand/u ttiam religiones lociorvm, qui aacra et 
Idoos et aras patriis amnibnB dicaverint: guin iptum J^berim 
nolU proTtnt aceolitfiuviit orbatum minoTt gloria jliure. Evtirj one will 
temember Pliny's letter (vm 8) on the Olitnmnus. 

„ 20 TiouBZNT Oataker on Antonin. ti 30 pr. Verg. g. n 466 nee 
eaiia liqaidi corrnmpitnr umu olivi. Pers. n 64 Jahn. mabkou 
TOFUK Milford citea Siaon. 0. xiu 236 mc txeram rupplebunt marmoia 

„ 21 Bic TDBo TJMBBicics Cio. Vcrr. 1 g 66. n 8 94 hio tnm r/pente 
Paciliia. Clnenl. g 66 hio turn Fabriciua. ib. ^ 73. 76. of. g 61. Sest. g 
2S hio tum lenatui loUintia. Fhaedr. t 10 6 hio tiino vetiator. 1 14 6 
'Bumuui. fiiemi on Nep. 18 J g S. Serv. Aen. i 915 ma ccmiBva hoo 
«( 'time'. 


20 g 12 dXXilTf Siartlroiuu in ta civiiate,in qua iampridem non minora 

et Tirtua habentf Mart, it G mr bonut »t pauper lijiffoagiK et 
jwctoreverna [ver, 41], |quid tibi via, nrbem qui, Fabiane, petis?! 
gui nee lono [ver. 166]iw(« nee eomUiator haberi | ticc pavidoi triiH voet 
dtare Teot;\jKC potet Tiiioiem [ver. 110] oari oorrumpere amioi,|... 
vmdere nee vanot circum Palatia fiimoi, | plaadeFe [ver. 43. 66—108] 
nee Cano, plandere rue Glaphyroi \ uude miaer vives? 'homo 
oertDB, fidna amicus' [ver. Iit7 — 146] — [ hoe nihil est: iiamquam >ie 
Phitonuhu erie. On artibut see Tao. an. vi 7 taitctiuimii AmnttH ar* 

On the whole context Grangaeus: 'mera est imitatio Platil. mere. 
836 — 641 ego mihi aliot deoi penatis periequar, aliJan Larem, ( atiam 
nrbejn, aliam civiiaiem: ab Attieii abjurrreo, j nam ubi morea deterioret 
increbreicuTa in diet, \ vbi qui ami^i, qui ii^fidelet tint nequeat pemoicere, | 
ixbigue id eripiatur, animo tao quod plaeeat maxtatu, { ibi quid^ li regmim 
detur, non eupitiut civiiai.' 

„ 23 BUcheler (in Bbein. Mns. xiiz 636—7) 'Lepida Vmbridi sen- 
tentia res hodie miiwr eat litre quamfuit, atque eadem cTaa detent exigwil 
aliqtiid non potest non dcformata ease mendo. Nam eadem res deterere 
eibi aliqtiid absnrde dicitur, urbs autcm sicui poase videatni intell^ 
commemorata in verau auperiore nee pronomini illi via Boa maneat et 
aententiae retnndatnr acumen, ignorarunt opinor librarii crai pro 
nomine poaitmn ut rifv aBpiat tam audactcr aul paulo etiam andacius 
quam a Feraio ecee aliud crai egerit hai annoi (Priaciuuus ztui g 238) et 



ewn nomen alind reqniierent, atq. eadtm fe«eniiit ex atq. adto. qnaa 
paiticnla et apte argmnento praeponitur giaviori et saepe lidhibita est ab 
Inveniile.' when Vrat. Btichelei laJBed Uiie objection ;eara ago at Bonn, 
I thought he was Beeldng noifuin in icirpa. and I think so more and more, 
the more I consider the verse. Vlhy may not an estate, less todaj than 
yesterday, rob oS, vear anay, waste, something tomorrow from its little 
remnant? Eadem ia gUickfaXU, zugUlck, as in Cio. Brnt, g 273 oited by 
Elotz oratio ipUndida et grandU et eadem in primit faeeta. The em- 
}ihatio atgae adeo is quite out of plaee. Friedlander (Biirsian's Johiesber, 
in 214) rejeots it. Uaikland, I mnat oonfesa, is also pnzzled: 'quia 
potest constmere? mihi videtur ezoidisae versos post cria. Priacianas 
p. 1011 citat qncmadmodum hio legitui.' Mart, it 7 1 S 6 has h«r< and 
hodie twice. 

in 24 25 TBDFONiKUB IU.UO iBi HoT. B. II 6 69 ambo piopositum 
peragv-v-t iter. Gbanq. 

„ 35 Badhom ' lav. ia fond of describing places by a peiiphraEis, in 
whidi be makes some allusion to their myliological reputation 117 — 8. 
llO. in 70 — 74.' riTiaAi;AB CBi slEDUUB eiDiT ALAS to dedicate them 
to Apollo Ot. m. Yin 260—1 itanque fatigatam tellm Aetnaea taubat I 
Daedalon. id. her. IT (IS) 49 nunc daret audacei utinam taiki 
Daedalus alas. Aen. i 689 690 alas emit of Cupid. The_ wings 
IroBi^tiiTn alarum) of D. became to rationalists {vetorum alae) sails, the 
lUTentioQ ot D., vho by their means escaped the oaiamen of Miuoa 
(Pans, n 11 S 1 cited by Biittiger). et. Phanodions in Herv. Aen. vi 14. 
Flin. b. n. Tii § 209 rela [invenit] learut, malum et antennam Daedaiui. 
Sil. xii eO— 103 ending audacei emit alas^ Sail. h. ii 4 D (in Serv. 
Aen. VI 14) Daedatut rero primam Sardinianl, vt dicil SalUutUu, ptMt 
delaliu tit Oumas. 

„ 26 Duu HOTl CAKlTiEB HoT. c. I 9 IT dotuc virenti canities dbea. 

„ „ FBoiA SBHEOTUB from 4S to 60 (age of leniortt) Censoiin, 14 g 2 
(after 60, letiea). cf. Tubero in Oeil. i 28 g 1. 

„ 27 DTjK BT^TSBisT lACHSsi QDOD TOBQUBAT technical terms HTpi^mr 
{rtpiOTpi^utt) Ti rflfia, rljv npiiuir, fila (((amino) poUiBe {mamt, digitit) ver- 
tare or Uirqvere (Bliimner Tedmologie . . der Qewerbe . . . Leipzig IBTC, 
1 114 who cites eit from Or. Tibull. Sen. Petron. Sil. Apol. Hier.). 

„ 38 HDiJA DBiiBUd BUBECNTH BA0ILIX1 Apol. met. V 1 fumma iaqutaria 
etiro tt ebore cm-ioie cavatji snbeant avreae colutimtu, 

„ 29 cebamus f atiiu ii 181 — 2 oede teveri \ ivgaribia eamfi. of. Eor, 
epod. 16. Tac. im 47 fia. oedere patria iiibetiar. ib. ii 34 inter gaae 
L. Piio ambitvm/ori, comipta iudicia, taevitiam aeaitatomta aaMtatiimet 
minitantium inerepam, abire it et oedere nrbe, vieturum in aliquo abdito 
et longinquo rare leitabalur, Tiberius, personally and by his biends, 
brought >iiin from his pnipose. it 21 Piso's rashness was not fo^otten 
01 forgiven. 

„ 30—57 Inv. mliea together breaches of moral law and of conven- 
tional decorum aa Tan. an. iv 62. xiv 13—16. 

„ SOqciMiaaCHiMcuroiBATiBTONTTer. Ph. TTl«i<mm«;priK;mt«?n»t, 
gui recta prava faciant. Pern, i 110 per me eqtiidem lint omnia protimu 
alba. Many proverbs {see Wander Spricbwdrter-Lei. lehwari) e.g. 
'schwarz bleibtschwaiz.' 'Blackstones willnevergrowwhite.' 'Ae^ops 
Don albescit.' *Einem schwaiz fUr weiss vormachen.' 'Sohwarz vreiss 
nennen.' *Schwarz fiii weiss.' 

„ SI — 38 qms facilb ■BT...coNi>DCBitE cet. ipyoXd^. Hor. ep. 1 1 77 
jNin hotaiitum geilit condnoere pvbUca, others hope. to rise by fortuna- 

, Google 


bunting or uanry. tlchira pobtdb FriedlSader i* 377 trnderstaiidB tbii 
o( the farmers of tolls. 

m 32 HicciBDiu BttmBM Hiet. in Eph. c. v 12 (vn 674°, Ten, 1769) 
in urbibtu eai gui aliquid commiiere fiagitii videmui vel beitita aUre 
vil lecare marmm-a vel mniidBre spnroitiaa oloaoaram velpraeeiie 
gladiataribiu et fitadtnda reorum mnguini destijiari. Plin. xxxvi S 6 
tedemptor eloacaram. EpaminoiidM, when made telearcb (aedile) 
from en^y, raised to great honour (Pint, praec. ger. reip. 16 9 2 p. 811) r^ 
TtXfopxW, ofii*" oEiriup irpiTepar, dX\' fl irtpi rait trtyiawobt it^o).'^ ntnreJur 
KOt ^fvnitaiy arvrpoT^ lriit0.eidi riva. Willi like patriotism Agrippa 
B.o. S3 pCasa. xui 43 g 1) Totimtarily nodertook the aedilesbip, and at 
hia own ooEt restored the poblie buildinga and streetB, and cleared out 
the sewers, paseing throagb them in a boat to the Tiber, a.d. 39 Caligula 
(ib. LIZ 12 I 3) seeing mire in the streets, ordered it to he cast on Che 
clothes of Vespasian, then aedile; afterwards interpreted as an omen oE 
his future elevation; he was destined to reform the state, which he found 
in confusion. Lips, de magnit. Bom. n 6 refers to the chrfsargjruni, a 
tax (among other things) on excrements, imposed on every msn, woman 
and child, abolished bj Anastasins [Cedren. i 626 — 7 Bonn. Constantln. 
Manasaes 3067—90). 

„ 83 EEAEBRBE OAPDT V 172. Hegssipp. hell, lud. i 33 § 1 Pompeio 
inlerftcto, gvi dam anaa Catiarit fugit ipadoni Aegyplio oapnt laata 
empntandwit praebuit, eonvmae ret. praebnit tamen ta paUmtia 
caput, dig. 16651 itrvi auttm in domirtium notiram redigiaaar out 
iwe civili out gentiam: iirre eiviU, li quit le maior viginti ataiii ad 
pntium varticipajidiim venire paiiui e»t. Plant. Cure. 483 in Tuko vieo 
ibi (unt homiTKt qui ipsi seee veuditant. 

„ „ DouiNA TBNij.B BUB QA8IA Sen. cons. ad Maro. 30 S 6 if Cioercr 
liad died B.C. 63 or after his daughter's death, turn vidiiett liHeloi in 
tivilia capita niufranfi nee divita percmtaribiit occiiorum bona, at etiam 
de (uo perirent, non bastam caasulai-iit tpolia vendentem. 

„ ,, DOUINA BASTA Mart, and Ot. Font, iv 6 6 and am. n 14 16 

a college of comicinea inscr. Bheni T31. Friedliinder (ii* 345) compaiea 
Cia 3676 

ttiiKfri x<^'^*^*^T'tiu ^anryp' irAX'TnYfoi dKo&tar 

of. Stat. s. T 3 138 — 9 of bis father intie frequena pugnae jmlloqiit inghrSa 
laero | vox tua. 

„ , , HUNiciFUJB HABBMAB at Fidenae an amphitheatre hastily reared 

by one Atilius (Tac. an. it 62) liberlini geaerit, rum abundantia pecuniae 

iiMmnnicipali waMtione, udintordidamiiiercedem,1A\. a.d. 37, crashing 
30,000 (Suet. Tib. 40) or 60,000 (Tac. 83) spectators in its rain. 

„ as BCOCAB II 34 n. cf. iiT 10 n. 

„ 36 MCNEBA HCNO BDCKT n 148. Tac. an. IV 63 Fa"(uin?ue in poafcfTOm 
»CTia(ulcon<ul(o, ntf gui'ssfJadiaiuriummunasederet mi minor quadrin- 
gentarum milium rei. The best commentary on the text ib. it 34 (cited 

„ 37 occrouKT 80 of Cerdo (who exhibited glodialots Mart, nr 16. 69) 
ib. &9 B i cur bida-e nobi$ \ nem Uceat, lieait si ingnlare tibil cruelty of 
the spectators Ben, de ira i 3 g 6. Aag. conf. ti 13. Prod, hamart. 368^ 
873. Luc. Denion. 67 (the Athenians ought not to institute gladiatorial. 



.•howg, go lone as tlia tdtat of Pity staada]. Flat. Flamin. 18 §§ 4—7. 
Hertzberg Quecb. Grieohenl. li 252 73. 35it BO. ikdb bevebsi mined 
by the cost, or rather still coDtinuiiig tbeii filthy trade. 

m 88 ooHDDODNi roBicia ind. e. y. foriea. dig. mi. 1 17 S fi foHcarit, 
Maiqaardt SIV. a 270 9 and 10 (following another interpretation of the 
Bohol. alii tabemtu dicunt /oro vieinat) undeietandB a rent paid to the 
fiicti* by the boothkeepere, and farmed to jitiblieaai. Fnmftletto (in Foro. ) 
understands a warehouse at Oetia, and the payment a dogana di tranaiio. 
of, lexi. foriea, forieitla, foriealarium, Iii>dbartiiB (cited bj' Friedliinder i* 
377 2) right^ understands lav. 'vom Fachtea von Abtrittastenem.' The 
other renderings give no climai. Bee Friedlander W? 151 — 2 'Das Ltttri- 
uenweBen in Bam.' Arcad. p. 98 24 ^lapad. i pippopot. 

„ 3U Bi Houtu Caes. Ov. ex latmili loco. BaU. Quintil. h. I. sabst. Cio. 
Taee. B § 5 oratoram quidem laui ita dueta ab bnmili omit ad lumniuni. 
Spartian. Sever. 18 g 11 ftuiui dictam eit, cum earn ex hamilijwr titU- 
ranim tt miiitiat o_^ia ad imperivm plurimii gradibut Fortana diaiitet: 
.'omnia' inquit 'fat et nihil txpedit,' iuoka id VASiiau BEmm Aen. i 
842 gumma leguar fastigis rerum. Veil, i II S S. n 128 g 2. Sen. 
ben. Ti 30 9 3 monslrabo tibi, cuiut rei inopia lalxyrent magna fastigio. 
.brev. vit. 4 31. tronq. 10 % 6. cons. Uaro. 4 g 4- Too. an. m 66. xir 
SI (. h. 1 15. Manil. i iOproxima langeatei rerum fastigia catio. 
, „ 89 40 iiv 2C2— 4 n. Schmidt Denk- n. Qlanbensfreiheit 257 baa 
tnan; references (from Hor. Frop. Fetron. Mart, cet.) to shew the pre- 
Talent belief in the power of Fortane under the empire e.g. luv. vn 100 — S. 
197. X.52. xiii86»eq. iirSUsaq. A faiorite of Fortune Sen. rh.oontr. 
84 g 22 TinuiKenes ex captivo cocia, ex coco Ucticariai, ex Ucticario utqua 
in intimam amicitiam Caeiarii felix. Toloat. Avid. Cass. 14 § 8 anditli 
■praejeetam fraetorii noitri philoeophi antt Enduuni qmimJieTet mejidicum 
tt paiitperem, ledtuMUi divitem factam. 

„ 40 TOUTiT FOBinnA looui vn 197—8 n. iir 282 n. Sen. traaq. 11 
I 6 Fortana ilia, jtuu Indoa $ibi facit. Stanley cites antb. Pal. x 80 
(where see Boiasonade) iialinbr inn t^xv itpiri^ ^1<h. olnTpdt, dXiiTijt, | 
«Aoi>rou lat ririi)) )ueiibS\ /mn^iiiyiis. [ loJ rtit /lir Kardyovaa iilX» ir*cu- 
.jiijMp ielpti, ] ToiJf a' dxj rwr K^tXai- ili it&v' KOrdyti. Ovid oomplainB 
of apstarts am. Tu 8 9 10 eece receru divei patio per vulnera cemu [ prae- 
fertUT nobit languiiit patcua equeil tr. tv 10 6 nan rum Fortnnae mature 
factut equt». Hor. c. in 29 49—63. Gland, in Eutr. i 23—25 ate omnia 
vohiil [hoc TeffTii, Fortuna, unt$l quaatam iita iocandi { taevitiat 
Boat. cons, u 1. 

„ 41 QUID RO»AE LACTAM Uart. in 30 1 gnid Bomae, Oargiliane, 
fB.aiat 1 10 3 hie ego qaidtaciam? Fers. 1 12. OifFord cites Cowley's 
version of Mart, it 6 (cited on 21 22) and imitatio&a of this satire from 
. Wyatt's epistle to Pojnes. 

„ 41 42 unacM LiunABB 9 n. pp. 177—8. of. xca 32 n, Hor. a. p. 
426— i33. ep. I 19 35 — 40. Mart, i 49 37—40. tdi 76. Lacian adv. 
indoct. 20 jou are perHoaded by flatterers not Only that yon are handsome 
ftnd loveable, bnt a sage and orator and bistoiiaa without a peer ; an4 
yoa Iraj books to confirm the truth of their comiDendationa. They say 
that you also recite speeches to them at dinner, Kixttvout xtp""^"" P^Tpi- 
vu' tiiniv Ji^ujirai iiKpayinu, ictii iii) riyiiv, ^r >i^ Siappayiiili ^oaiyrct. 
'. Epikt. ra 23 8 13 rbr Selra di tpifir lit irirru wapi t4 <roi <l>iur6^criir ; 
„ ,, LiBBUM lAUDABE BT liosciEBG Amtzen (bofoce his Arator, 1769 
^n. * ■ > •) prints a note from the mss. Arator read a specimen of 
his work April 6 ild. 541 to pope Yigilius; who, at (he re^nast ol '^11 

dt, Google 


E(Aalara * ordered that It ahonld be read publicly in St Peter's ad vineula, 
A great orovd of ' roligiotiB ' and lay folic came together : atqiie <ode» 
Aralore recitante dUtincti$ diebui ambo libri qaattuor vicibut lunl audili, 
cum unius mtdittat libri ttmtummodo legeretuTt propter Tepetitionea at* 
lidwu, qwa cum favare muJfipiioi poatnlabant. The i days (in ApcO 
and Miij) are Bpecified. Plin. ep. t 10 (11) 1 8 (to Suetonius) paUre vu 
vidert tttuium luum, patere oiidire dacribi Ugi venire volumina J'ranqjiitli 
mei. TQ 4 g 9 (of B Tolume of Ms own hendecasjUablea) Ugitur dticribitur 
etiam tt a Oraecis quoqu^, quot iatiiie Autui tibelU amor iocuit, nunc 
eithara Tiitnc lyra •perionatar. a 1 g 3 q-aamvit enita Ugerit multii legendat- 
qae dedtrii. 25 g 2 buu> et ineptiat nottrat itgit anua flagitas. 

HI 13 Tac. XI 13 of ClaodiuB: Itge lata taevitiara ereditorura eoereuit, 
ne in mortem parentnm Jiliit /omiHorum fatnori darent. cf. Snet. 
VeBp. 11. dig. ii»61pr. 7 %7 laepe ontratia^re aliermcreditaram 
pecumaTum, qaai in bixuriam coBmmebonf, vitae pareittum iruidiabanttlf. 
Sen. n. q. HI IB g 6 nemo videre mortempatrii mi tiatinet, qtuim optanit. 

Julian (Amm. zm 1 3 1) consnlted enlraUs and birds viUi donhtfol 
response. § 2 tiqae tandem hanupiKinae feritiu Ajimncxdvt Qalba 
orator, .mattiavit eventai inspeotn iecurii, ut ipte aitbat, praedoetiUi 
Mil hit" ft"" inipieio col. 1131 n. 2 pr. 

„ IS MOBUNT Stanley and Markland ma. nortnt, with the inferior msa. 
et Cic. Tuac. n g 42 sitrM igitur malum dolere ruciie, Slaici riderint. 

„ 4H uANCirs of the hand dig. in leii. EisiiHCTAe dbitbie on the 
gen. sea Flin. ep. m S 3 8 n. Plant. Men. 100 Brix ipiui escae maxn- 
mae. Flic. h. n. Tin g 71 rhinoceroi unias innar; comas. 

„ id GUI a pynich as in the saj^hio line Sen. Tio. 855 mittat tt donet 
cnicnmqne terrae, Markland 'eui notatnr nt diajllabon. et quara 
non, eei et eui, nt mihi et mil vetaa et vecna nominatiyos erat cite, ot 
opiaor. quae itoto, ut inde qnaeratur de loco desperate Hor. 0. i 32 U 
ad lyran : laboram \ dulce fenim^ miki eamque latve | rit< vocaiUi :~- 
nt, inquam, quaeratur an legi possit, cmeumque lalve | rite vocantL ' 

„ SO II 61 tu nube atque tace, domud areami eylindroi. Aen. m 
666^7 aeatuat ingau { uno in corde pador mixtoqae intania iaeta, 
Pers. m 43. 

„ Gl NIL TiBi tm Tts-BtsE PUTAT cet. 1 75 76 n. Mart, ti 50 1—1 cum 
coUret puro* nuper TeUiina* amicot, \ errabat gelida lordidiu in togala. | 
obicenoi ex qw> coeptt cware einaedoi, \ argentnm memai pra^dia lolas 
emit, a S3 3 1 multum oouli, (ti^plns aure* debeie fatentur [ se tibi, 
qaod ipectant qui Teciiare toUnt, QbjlNO. 

„ 54 BUcheler (Rheiii. Mua. lui 1874 637) 'miroi inprudeatiam 
poetae si sonimas divitiaa ante ooulos positarus ab aureis flaminiboa Tagi 
arertit nos in ambrae ao silvas, nee opaci omnit harena Tagi ipsum sorip- 
gisse arbitroi sed opimi, qnemadmodnm aurta a Martiale vacatur diviK* 
ttnda Tagi (i 16 1). saepe autem librarii in versuum clauanlis vocabnla 
Bimiliter incipientia an diverse desinentia permutarunt (cf. iv 67. TU 
80 b1.).' Friedlonder would accept this oonjectore (BntHlan Jahreeber. 
in 211), if opacu» cannot mean 'opaque', thick niih the gold. Mal^y 
years ago I convinced myself that it must mean 'diadj'. But barena 
needs no furthCF deSnilion than the aartim following. What Fr. 
desiderates is eipressed by Sil. iyx 560 qua Tagve aurxferii pallet tur- 
batns harenis. ItisanoldcontroTeny: 'aucradamLnbino, qulopacum 
turbolentom dicit, propter aniiferoe bareuas f apage Oeimaiii baud genna> 
nam interpretationem. i^paci enim est umbris orboram obuHui,' Gba^s. 

i., Google 



ponenda nan BQiaeret. Hor. a. 

„ 67 T1MB4R.8 113. 

„ 6S QDiB OBNa Mart, epect. S 1 3 qnfte (am lepaiita ul, quae gens 
tam barbara, Caaar, \ ex qua ipeelator Tion til in urbe (tiaf aociptib- 
jmii moat nslconte: snperL also Fiaat. Liv. lusl. Curt, vn 2 § 11 limge 
aeceptisBimns Parmaiioni erat, proximiu lateri in acie ilare lolitui. 
Tart. Bpect. 2a quania amfeait ««t mahman Teruta, quorum aXKlora, cum 
ACceptiiBimi lint, tint Twta Tion tunll 

„ 66—126 Hertzbete Geaoh. Orieohenl. u 492. 

„ 69 rtjaiiit n 1 ultra Sauromatat fufjere /use tibet. 

„ „ PRDPEBiBO WTEBI=Stat. Th. IlM2. 

„ Gl QiuBciK DKBxu Ti 1S7. 191. 193 oinnfa OToeee.zM llOn. Plant. 
Guro. 28S— 39a. Priadlauder i° 71 n. 5. Hertzberg Oescb. Oriechedl. i 
S34. Liv. mil 8^6 (b.c. 187} iam tun rauUittiditu tUitnigenarum vrbtm 
oaerante. Xac. iit 16. .20. 

„ ,, qiroTi poRTio Sec. eons. Uare. 26 $ 6. Friedlnoder i" 75. and 
Wallon hist, de I'eBclavage n 448 on Sjrmoa and EgyptinnB in Borne. 
Inv. 1 1(M n. TIT 14 aeq. n, Movera Phaniziec u (3) 76. rtxaa Varro 
SsTTanns fr. 462 Ba. (in Nod. 634) fiunc vocauet e Uqxiida vita in cviae 
veitrae faeceoi. Locr. and esp. Cio. in leu, Vopiso. Aurel. 43 § 6 
til «njnt omittamiu ViUiUot, Caligulai el Nenmei, quit ftnU Jlfasi'mfno* 
ft Philippoi atq^ae illam incotiditae multitudinii l^eisaTal 

„ „ &OHAEI espi Corinth vrn 113 n. 

% T histriona adduxit e Syria, juorum praecipaui fuit Maximimii, qutm 
JParidie nomiiu nunmipavit. g 10 habtit et Agrippam histrionem. cai cog- 
ilonuntuiR erat Memfi. qveta et iptam e Syria veluii tropaeun Parthicum 
ttddaxerat, gu«7n Apolatutum nominarit. ,9 11 addtixerat leeum etJUUcinas 
et tibiaineB et hiitriotiei icurraeque minuincw et jrraeitigiatorei el omnia 
naneipiorum ijenera, quorum Syria tt Alexandria patcitar voiaptatt. See 
C. O. MiiUer de antiqoitatibuB AntiocheniB in the oomm. soo. reg. sdent. 
OSttiageu Tin 20S~278 and Iub kleine dentsohe Sohriften t 90—129. 
A lively piotura in Benan les apfltrea o. 12. 

„ W Plant. Bticli. 880—1 Jidicinat, libicinas, | Hambnoaa, in k 
Phoenician catgo. Pere. t 96 Bambnoam citiui ealoni apUa>eri» aXu>. 
Rp&Tt.'HeAl.i%%^in convivio tragoeiiiu contoedita AlteUanai BambnoaB 
Uctora poetoM pro re temiptr exhibvil. Bich companion tambuca, lomAu. 
eina. Bdttiger refers to Bumey'B MBtoij of miuio and Tothel Qesch. d. 
Hoaik I 300, TaCel n p. 23. Casanbon on Suet. Nero 27. 

„ 66 Pioii Hnu Ov. met. xir 654 ille etiam picta redimitut tempora 
Aitra. Artemid. □ 3 (. (with Biganlt and Beifl) roijclXq icot JrOvpi.itB^ 
proper to the oourtasan Sii Ttj/ ipyatiar, Secker-Uermaoa Cbarikles 
H 6S. HTTSi ind. Aiiatoph. thesm. 267 Blaj'dea. Of BacchnB Sen. Blpp. 
766. Oed.41B. TFl. n2T2; of women Caloa 64 6aaud68. Hennann- 
Bliimner Or. Frivat-Alterth. S 22 p. 194. See in do. Bab. Post, g 26 Beq. 
ku apology for Qieek ooBtnme. Blob companion. 

„ 67 auBTiCDB Ot. a. a. ni 128. Pbaedr. it 6 6. Greek wordi 
Ifimro on Loer. n 112. Buoheler (Bbein. Mas. xui 1874 637) citsB 
from the hermenenmata MontepesBnlana fol. 207* (ed. Boncherie in 
Dotioea et extrtuts dea manascrits t. zini p. 277 aeq. Far. 1872 p. 
191) TpcxiiifiiBt copidicnau. Beaders of Inv. will learn ' naitatiuB fuisae 
iqaam anlea vimim eet graeemn illud Terbnm et ion bdo veterem 
tnterpletem appellawe paiaiiticA lioet inxta nobiican: ignotknt^n, qoHB 



partem habitni m nomine Bomani tam denotiiriiit. eami qnidem 
i-estunent& et calciamenta recte atraiine dicantuT, ipsum tamen nomen 
me invitat oollique is proiimo veisn omameDta at malim interpretari 
pedolia. edicti Diooletiani de reram pretiis titulus eitat sio inscriptiig dt 
taltii tt gallkii. wtpl aarSaMijr tal Tpexa.Sl<jr.' Prof. BUcheler seeing to 
liBTB overlooked the gloBs cited by Fithon and Bi(;ault and later edd. 
TptxtitiT'Ot, a famished parasite, ia the writer of Alhiphr. iii i, cf. Ath. 
4*. S12° fin. Ath. Md" Stratoaikos in Abdera nenl on tiptoe, looking 
intently on the ground, Aaked what was tlie matter with Mb feet, he 
replied: roTt 8\ait lUy tppaiiiu, f^re, | xat rwr KaMgur ro\i BaTTvi- irl 
Sttwray rpix'^ of. below 2ly phaectuiatorum, u 41 — 121 Bomanc 
apinc; women's dceaa, 

m 67 TBBcnEaipHi is not found, nsed as here, in Orsek, but YitiuTinB 
TT 10 (7) g S obaervea that in hie art also borrowed technical terms were 
used in Latin otherwise than in Qreek (Diintzer). For riKTjr^a lexx. 
cite Soph. Ear. Plato : add DCass. i.iiii 1 | 1. Eos. h. e. it IS g 3. 

„ „ QmBDn n 133. 

„ 63 Hier. ap. S7 IS (317^) a proTerb oUitm perdit et impenKu, qui 
Imvem mittit ad oeroma. SiL uv 188 — 8 pigro liutandi $tudio cerlaiMn 
in umbra | meUe pati docia tt gandem tplendticere olivo \ tint, tntdiocrt 
deeui vinciTitam, ignava iuD«nlui. Sea. ep. B8 § 18 lactatorei et totam 
oleo a Into comtantem icinuiam expetlofx hii ttudiie liberaiibia. Plat. 
Cat. mai. 20 gS 9 10. Tao. an. zir 20. d. 10 si in Oraeeia natut eiatt, itbi 
ladicrae quoque artit exercere konettum eit, turn paterer irimaiui illo$ 
et ad pu.iiRani naioi lacerloi levitate iaeuli aiit iactii diiei vanetcert. 
Caesat (Suet. 89), on occasion of his triumphs, exhibited ciroensian 
games and athletic contests, Furiua Leptinua, of a pretorian family, 
and Q. Calpenus, formerly a senator and pleader in tlie coorta, coa- 
tended (or the mastery in thp foniiii. Laberiun, a Boman knight, 
acted his own farce; ciTceiaHnu . . .qiiadrifiai bigaiqiie etequo) deiultorioi 
agitavtrutit nohiliiiimi iiiveTiei; athletes contended, in a temporary 
atadium, for three daya. Au;taBtns (Suet. 13) exhibited athletes, 
cbarioteera, ixmnen, coafectoreeque ferartim, et nonatimqtian ex nobiUieima 
iuvtJitale ; forbad women to Tiew the athletes (ii f); encouraged 
boxing and increased the privileges of athletes (45). Nero (Suet. 12 f.) 
invited the Vestals to view athletes, as the priestesses of Ceres were 
BpectatoTB at Olympia. The revolt in Oaul could not divert his 
attention from his gymnasium (40). Homans of the old school, like 
Idt., regretted the practical exercises of the campns Martiae and the 
chase, the national training for the wiry soldier's body, often contrBeted 
with the athlete's abnormal, nnhealtby tori (Qnintil. x 1 § 93 1. 10 n. 
Plut de eduo. 11 p. 8". apophth. Epam. 9 p. 193^. vita Fhiiopoem. 3 4. 
Hot. b. II a 10 11 Heind. li Romana fatigat [ jiiiiitia luiuetvm graecari. 
ep. u 1 33 IwOamuT Achivii docliut unctw). Galen (v 874—898) aupports 
ms own condemnation of the athletes of hia day (whom he callfl swine, 
wallowing in their mire) by the authority of Plato and Hippokratefl. 
Battiger ms. ' eistat signmn marmoreura athletaa coUiim innngnentie iB 
mnseo Dresdensi praeHtantiasimnm.' Mart, iv i 10 cited on 85. 19 6 eeu 
ienlum oeroma terw. v 65 3 (of Aniaeua). va3a9. xi476. 11T6OI. 

„ „ CBRouTicO ciraf Xf-yi/uuiir both in Or. and Lat. Krifiwiia Only 
found in later Greek antiiors. Hanpt opnac. n 618 4 yviaaii6^nt 8f\ii 
ir tif «i)piiwiTi, exf-TteH volo in ceromate. Pint, n 688° (cited on 76), 790* 
wliere it is used figoratiTely, in contempt: the trne statesman, traiaetL 
in real bnainess, at>E tr raXcUarpvs ind M^pii/tactw inuiSiriiii tipiO/tim' 

i., Google 


aupiffTwi', iM lit i\-iSat h "OXu^irtairoIi tal nuPwoii iyiiair.' tchol. 
Anatoph, eq. 492 tij^jumoral (U« joined with dXelxroi (yer. 76) aB=«-(u- 

mee cotw Aristopli. eq. 490 — 3choniB/xf'™'T*^«^ TiFTpdxijXoF 
reinv'i | Iv' iioXurSiriir tirji rtt iw/SoXdi. Kana&geseller dXX' c J U^ii ical 

„ e9 aicTONB Hertaberg Geach. Oritsheul. it 293. Sikyon ('sonrd- 
land'}, so named &om iti kitchen gardens: famoas Tor its artists in 
marble and bianze, its painters, its shoes, its oil. wine, flowers, horses 
and fish Bareian Oeogr. v. Oriechenl. ii 23—30, Westermaon in Fanlj. 
CartiuB Petoponn. n 483^4%. In the arte of denign it ranXed next to 
Corinth Btrabo 382. The description of FansaniaB (u fi— IS) is worUi 
reading. The epithet alta is well ohosen, fur 'one cannot conceive a 
more beantifnl site for a city' (Cnrtins). A broad and fertile table land, 
enclosed by the valleys of two moantain streams ; behind, wooded hills, 
below, a fruitful plain ; Pamaaos, Kithaeron, Akrokorinthoa in the 
distaiice. A plan and coins in diet. geoi^. All thcae foreign names, like 
the tireek words above, have the effect of Milton's ' is it harder, bits, than 
Cktrdon, | Colkitto or Uaodonald oi Qalasp?' 

„ 70 TiuLLiBus well deserves its place here, if only foT the miracle in 
honour of Caeaai (Caes. b. c. m 105 § 6 Trallibns in templo Vietoriae, 
uti Catiirii «tattiant coruecravtranl, paljna per eoi diti . . . inter coagmenia 
lapidum ex pavime-ato extitiiie oatemiebatiiT. VM. i G § 12 improTeB the 
story: palmaa viridtm, . .mb Caeiaria statua. . , ivttae magTiitudinii ena- 
tam. quibui apparet caeUate mimen et Catiarii gloriat /aviue et Pompeii 
rrrorem inkibere voluiae. Plut. Caes. 47 8 ')■ n-"^ for their difipnting 
with ten other cities of Asia, the honour of possessing the temple of 
Tiberiios (Tac. an. iv 65). Boman residents occor CIO 2027 ; with a 
Rpecial curator 2930. 

„ „ AJ.ABAHDIB placed by Leake and Fellows at Arab Hiasa. being two 
hills, on the Tshina, a branch of the Maeander. Among the natives 
were two brothera, rhetoricians, Meneklea and Hieioklea, and two who 
emigrated to Bhodca, Apollonios i ^oXaiAi and Apollonioa Molo (Strabo 
665, 601) . The l&tter taught both in Bhodes and at Bome, and numbered 
among his papila Cicero and Caesar. 

„ 71 DicToa A viMiNK COLLEM Plin. h. n. ivi g 87 oolle in queta 
rimina ptleban'.vr. Preller.JordaU rSm. Myth. i'113 a S. 

„ 72 viareiu 'bosom friends ', 'Sohosskinder'. Curt. ivI4 S23 n^pfb 
viscera mea ex vinculii: riitituite miki pignora, pro gitibiia ipiimoriiwn 
reejisatit, parenttm, liberoi, ¥i 9 § 19. lUppodtomoB (PiiiloBtr. soph, n 
27 9 3) called Philostraloa hia 'bowelB' (rofj ^/lavrni ^^^^d7X""t)■ Ar- 
temid. v57TiBi(rir\iSTx'"'[^'"l*«'i"lTifTa:aa. ouTW-ylptnl Tinratitt 
i(oA(* Wot iiTTir. WelBtein (u 881), Wolf {curat), Lightfoot, esp. Price 
on ep. Philem. 12. Ov. met. v 18. tr. i 7 17—20, where be bums his 
books, viicera tioitra, as Thestiai bnmt her ton. Luo. vii 579 580 in 
plebem vetat ire manut numitratqve leTtaium, \ Kit cruor imperii gui lit, 
jaa«Titoera7m(iB(vitalaofthe8tate). Quintil. vi praef. 9 3 Sp. Apul. 
met. Tin 11 Price (p. 452 38] and Hildebrand. Laot. vi 20 g 21 Biinemann. 
So io Ital. viicert mie! Corneille, M4dAe ni 4 madamt, ipargnei-Ua, 
(pargnet vom entTaillet. Shakespeare being the bosom lover of my ieti. 
Itit, / am in Ihfir bosoms, m;/ flesh, my blood, m^ daughter, tAttw 
own bowels, uAicA do call tkre lire. 

mu 212. cf. I 83 magni amid. 
u Ov. met. viii 254 vigor ingenii gvotuUim 
23—2 , 


veloaii. Mut. vi 23 on Olaadas, % freedmui, twelve ;eart of kge, 
wqtt bj all 'Roma eari dtliciae brevet patroni \ . . . veloi ingetiio. 

in 73 AUDiou FBBDiTi in ft word ^Tirwa Casanbon, Dnport and Jebb 
on Theophr. char. 6 (IS Jebb), where the reoklesa (i iTorcra^iiiHH) la 
leadj to tarn his hand to anvthing (rurgroiAi). 

„ 74 PBOMFTCB Sil. ht si promptae gtnt lingaat. 

„ „ BBBMO isiEO TOBMHTIOB Torst on Inat. I 7 g 14. Hol^D on 
Cio. off. I g 76 (Heusinger ib. i«. c 22 g 71. Mejer on Matt. 5 20. cf. lo. 
E86. Frit^Bohe on Mark 4 36. Fabri QDLir.xii 11 gS. Winer-Moulton 
778. Mart. II 52 18. Sillif! on PUa nin § 149. Hor.iit4 2 3. toB- 
BgutlOB Plin, iin 5 12 of Ibe Greek (ex rhelore mediciu) Asclepiiidee ; 
torrent! ac meditata cotidie oratioTU blandxtiu. Cic. fin. n g 3 cum emm 
/ertur quaii torrena oratio. Toe. d. 24 pr. quo torcente, guo impetu 
MUCUluin tuntnim defendit. 

„ „ BOB Hor. B. n 4 10 ede hommit nomen, ii'mul et, BoTnamu flu 
htupa. 6 61. Ot. m. in 63S. 

„ 73 QUEKTiH HomNEU BECuic ATTCT,iT AS NOB Flut. Compares tbe 
flatterer to a sbadon' II 53"; ainiiTOr63°; a chamaeleon 53^ j a poljpns 
9G', with Wjtt. on each place, on the CFowd of poets, orators, philo- 
sophers, scholars, athletes, mnsiciana, siogera, who Bought a living at 
Borne see Friedlonder i> 18=i> 17. 43—4. 

„ 70 QSjimuTicce khetob qeoxetreb fictob iuftes dig. i. 13 1 pr. 
liberalia aatem ttiidia accipimui, qiuu Graeci ^XeaSi/xa /laSi/iaTa apptlianl ; 
rhetorea contintbwntTcr gramma tici geometcae. Sen.ep. 88 §§ 8 — 8, 
87—41 th» grammariai). H 30—13 tbe geometridan. g 18 non enim 
adduair, ul fn nunerum tiberaiiaBi artium pictoree rteijriam, non magit 
qiiam itatuariet tt marmorarioi mii ceterot luxuriae mitailroi. atqae 
luotatorea et toCum oleo ac Into corutantem icitntiam expello ex hit 
ttudiie liberalibiu. ib. g 19 (athletics). Quintil. i 4 — 9 grammar. 10 
IS S4— 49 geometry. g§ 16—19 the wreBtling-school (e.g. g IS ne if lot 
quidem reprehendendo$ puto, qui paulum etiam palaeilricit vaeaveruiU. 
noa de hii loquor, quibiu pan vitae in oleo, pan in vino coraumitUT, qiii 
corporujH euro nuntem obmemnl). One Tbessalas (Galen x 4 6 E) pro- 
fessed to teach the art of medicine in sii manths. CobblecB. djete, 
carpenters, smiths, leave their trades and turn doctors, enticed b; eman- 
cipation from geometry, astronomj, logic, music, and other liberal arts. 
Thessalna (pp. 11 13) challenged all tbe Qreeks, ^^ropat 7(UU^T|>a> 
ypaufiantoit i^l<ei"l;u,ut ^iXaaiipiivt. Vergil (Aen. vi 847— 850) leaves 
to Qreece art, oratory, sdeace. Hadrian wetoomed all and suodiy of 
these adventArecB Spartian. 16 g 8 quamvia eaet in reprekendendit tnaticit 
tragicii comicii gtammaticiB rhetoribnB oratorifiiw facilii, tamea 
omiutprofeaorei tt hcnoronit et divitet fecit, licet eoi quaeitionibu4 temper 
agitaverit. g 9 et cum ipu auctor etiet, ut multi ab to irittet recedtrent, 
dicebat »e graviter ferre, ti quern trittem videret. g 10 in tumma familiar i- 
tate Epictetum et lieliodoruia pltilotophoi et, ne nominatint ^ omnibut 
dican, grammatiooB rhetorea muticot geometras piotoies tufm- 
logot h^uil. Pftolos Aemilius (Pint. 6 g 7) taoght his sons not onl; in 
the Soman fashion, bat also in the Oceek: oi yi/i iiirar ypaiinnTiKtl 
«al tf'o^tfrol Kol pifTopeij dXXd jrcd S'Xcumu Kal fc^pa^ot teal ruikuw Kol 
VKv\ix<iir iTurrdrai col SiSiirKa\iii'E>A.-i!Pts ^irar vept rai>T HorlirKovt. qbak- 
lullcuB vu 215—243 n. Even infancy was oorropted by Oreek governesses 
Tao. d. 29 at nunc natut infant deUgatur Qiaeonlae olicui ancillae. shb- 
Toa vn 150—214 n. 

Bjnlzesia a trlsyllahle, as pedi. in Aason. ep. IB 17 

dt, Google 


fp. 170 8) vdguot funeturoi gearaeiTica, forma favonim. Sidon. twice in 
taMklecas;Uablea BhoTlenn the o ep. it 11 (=^31 Baret) tractator, 
geometra maiieatque. c. 23 (=^30 Baret) 119 non )amc, cum geometri- 
cas ad artee. Plut Pomp. 56 § 1. CIO 6315. Plntarch, in the 
charming episode on ArahimEdes (Marcell. 14 — 19) and his contempt 
(shared by a great mathematician of our day) for the practical 
applicatiOBB of hia Bcience, seema to have Boman lesdeiB and their 
Miellare tuperboi ia view. Gicero's reverence for Archimedes is macb 
to his honoQF: he namea li'*" twelve timea, Flin; once (and again in 
his list of aathorities) : when ;our faith in the noviu Arpiniu is abaken 
by the unrelenting acorn of Mommaen and bis eateilites. read Tuso. T a. 
S3 (his pious care for the tomb of A.), introdnced by the ironical dia- 
patagement hianilem hmnimcuhan a palvert et radio exeitabo. 

On the ancient geometry see H. Cantor VorleHimgen iiber Oesch. der 
Mathematib. i (to 1200 ^.d.) Leipzig 1S80. James Oow hist. of gr.mathe- 
maiica. Cambr. 1884. ArohimedeB, Enctid, Pappns, have lately been 
veil edited. In education Erause d. Erziehung (1B51] ST 88, 103. Graa- 
berger n 321—342. Aet, Bonitz, Wjtt. indd. to Plat, Aristol. Pint, and 
the indd. to the three in Didot. £iihn ind. Oalen. Plato's feeling is truly 
repreBenled by the apocryphal BayiUKS i Sds ytaiierptl (Plat, n 716) and 
IKtitcU iyru/idTpvrot tlatroi (Zeller n' 1 357 3). 

picTOB the pTofession of a gentleman Plin. Iixv g 77 (of pietara) temper 
quidem hoaoa ei fuit, ut ingami tarn exerctrent, mox ut koatiti, perpetwt 
inUrdieUi ne tervitia docerentitr. idto neque in hae neqat in toreutice 
niliiu qai eervierit opera celebrantur. BlUmner piomiBeB to treat of 
painting in vol. rv oi his Technologie u. Terminiuogie der Qewerbe n. 
Ennsle (Tenbner). For the literature of ancient art see C. B. Stark 
Bystematik u. Geach. der Archaologie der Eunst. Leipzig Engelmonn 
1880. Painting a branch of hberat education Aristot. pol. T (vm) S pr. 
p. 133Tb 26 (■yptlw«™>iownJi7v;iraffTu:7imivBrflally recognised i -vpa^n^ 
by 'some'). Plin. 1. c. haivi [i.e. of Pamphilua, master of Apelles] 
aufWitate ejffectitia eit Sicyone prirmm, deinde et in tola Graecia, ut 
putri ingerati omma ante graplacen, hoc «1 picturam in buxo, docerentar 
rteiperetarqae art ea in primmn gradum Hberaliian. Scenes in a drawing- 
school and a studio in O. Jahn DarstellUDgen des Handwerks nnd 
HandelBverkehis (Abh. d, K. B. Oesellsoh. iit, 1868) 396—305. Ftecdmen 
as painters^ architects, sculptors Wallon hist, de readavage n 414 — 5, 

UJFTEB when the athlete atript for his eierciae, he robbed himself first 
with oil, whereby the -futxramK-fi became an oXeiTiiic^, dXrl^irSai^yvny^ 
f'iffAii. Hence al Xtroput raXaiOTpai, nitida, uncta palaestra; large sums 
were bequeathed to supply oil for the gymnaaiom. Wcestleta also mbbed 
tiiemselvcB with dnst (KovltaBcu, tavlSTpa) or a mixture of wai and oil 
{Kfipuiia). The skin was aflerwiods cleaned by the ttrigilie, an operation 
represented in the a.iroiv6)ieriu of Folykletos and Lysippoa (Hermann- 
Blilmner gr. Privatalterth.* 850). Plut. n 63S° (qnaest. oonv. n 4 an 
important chapter on wrestling) wrestling /idvot Twr r^i d^ovf at eSimr xiiKou 
Kti toiilaTpat Kol Kiipiiii.a.Tiit Tvyxirit itoiunr. The BXelirnji also kept ao. 
•ye on the diet and morale of his charge Plut. ii 69' Wytt. iipiinot ft roiirixi 
■aJ S,To\lun, &rTffiiB\i,rtp> dXetrr^t ii2r /leSitii- tat axoXaimilveiv. Wjtt. ib. 
139*. Hence Plato often classes the yuiu-aaT^ (iicJi) or raiSorplSit with 
fhe phyaician, a union first introduced by Herodikos (rep. 406*''. Phaedr. 
237*. Grasberger Erziehung im klasa. Alterth. i 266—8. 341—5. S73 
—6). of. Galen n 77 K. Krause Gymnastik i 230-240. Aristot, eth. 
Nikom. n 8 7 p. 1106 a 36 oi yip tt rif Sita iiia! ^ayeir woU iio St HUyiir, 


i Atlmp *J urat xpoimifti. Philo 3e BOmn. I 43 (i 658 pr. M) Tr/r i£e\ipi,r 
laTpiicijs Tix'li aXeiiTiKii^. Epikt, in 10 § 8 4 Beit 001 A^«, 'Sit >um 
moJufw, (i vBiiiiiwt fiSXtfiat, ti l^yei San 8(7. il ^u(uiiiffli;i, el tdD a\el- 
rTou^touaas.' 20 1 10. S6 j 23. All theirorda of thu< family are largely 
nsed of moral discipline, see HSl., liXclimit, sAcl^u (esp. Thdt.) and 
generally col. 1416 — 23. laTpaXclmit has Dot been foand id any Qreek 
author. Pliny ep. i 6 (22) % 1 thanks Trajau for conferring civilalein 
RoniaTtam on bii iatraliptes the freedmac Harpocratee i and again for con- 
ferring on tiie same (ib, 10 (5) % 1) civitatem AUxandrinam, M. Auielioa 
in Pronto ep. ad M. Gaea. u 12 pi. (p. 35 Naber) meat me alipta/nucflruf 
itrguebat. The letter aacribeii to Badiian (Vopisc. Satumin. 8^3 nemo 
ChriatiaTiOTvm preibyler lum vtathematiait, non haru^ex, mm aliptes) is 
ioknowledged to be a forgery. See Cic. Gen. in leu. aliptes, eap. the wise 
worda with which CeUoa (i 1) ijegina hia fitat chapter »antu homo, qui et 
bent vaUl et toot ipontii eel, nullii obligare le legibvi debet: a£ neqv.e 
medico ntqxte alipta egere. It ifl the very doctrine of Galea de aanit, 
tnenda vi 14 t. (yi 449 4S0 %). 

m 77 iconn Bee Becker-Marqaardt n (3) 68—88, iv 345— 3C1. Bein 
in Panly i' 2135—8 -aagureB'. Mezgei ib. u 1113—85. eep. fiom 1169 
'dirinatio'. Freller-Jordan rOm. Mythol. and Marqnaidt lOm. StV. iud. 
•augures', 'auguliiim'. Mommeen rem. StB.* ind. 'augur', 'auguria', 
'anapicia'. eap. A. Bonch£ Lc-Clercq hiatoiie de la divination dana I'an- 
tiqnitfi iv (Paris 1882) 175—372. Bead Cic. de divin. 

„ „ BCQoexoBATEB Muson. in Stob. fl. iiii 75 (it 10 39 Meineke) el 
aV»i naXuv /LiTtwpoi ^alPorrn. Epiit. Ill 12 g 2 iuKoXoi. yip ivn 

folrmv Ivtaa Sa «al i^am ^li crxoi'ou weptTHTA ; Bekkei anecd. 662 /lariuo- 
«)£cla Si ^ ffJtoicojSoTH^, ^ovr ^ it axt^'f »<pi»aTot. The word axoft- 

£7iri only occurs in a gloss {<rx- funambalue. of. fimamimli koXo^Itoi). 
Cael. ap. Cic. fam. Tm 1 f. edd. no longei lead tclioenobaticam faeere. 
A Bynonym catadromariut in CIL ti 10157. See Friedlandei n" 274 — 5. 
Qeorgea /utuunbulus. 

„ „ HBDiccB Friedliinder i* 114, 299 'en. Hetizberg Gesch. Qcie- 
uhenl. II 174, 295. 111 313, 538. Beside the historiea of medicine (eep. 
Sprei^el I* by Boseobamn) consult the translations of Hippokiates, 
Aretaeos, PaiHus Aegineta, with the learned commentary by Adams, 
little's Hippokrates, Daremberg's Ocibaaios, Daremberg-Kuelie's Eofua 
of PphesQB. 

„ „ KAQira Bee Fabricins-Schaffshausen bibliogr. ant. (1760) 618— 
620i an eicellenl article by the lamented Scadomoie in Cheetbam's diet. 
ofchiiet. a&tiq. 'magic' refeis to the older Latin literature and to Maui; 
la magie et I'astrologie dans I'antiqnit^. Paiia 1869. Add Winei BW. 
'Salomo', *Wabr3ager', 'Zanberei'. Oeorgii's exhaustive article in Fauly 
' magia ' iv 1377 — 1418 and on the relation of magic to the Roman state 
Bein ib. 1418— SO, who cites Oodefroy on cod. Theod. n 16 (tn 122—146). 
Add Becker-Marqnaidt it 99—137. Freller-Jordan r6m. Mylh. ind. 
'Zauber'. Dollinger Eeidenthum a. Judenthum 6S6 — 663. Miiller- 
Zeckleiin Eeixog's SE. f. prot. Theol. 'Magier, Magie'. Christian hiat. 
de la magie. Paris 1870. Boissier la religion Bom. 11 187 — 9. For an, 
inm^t into the Bnbject consult (with the commentaries) Theokr. 2, Verg. 
ed. 8, Hor. epod. 5, Luc. ti 427 — 824, ApnI. met. and apol. Clem. locogn. 
Oar time, ^th its table-turning, spirit-rapping, mesmerism, and many 
more pretentious sorceries, has no light to cast a stone {as Schindler and 
his English compeers do) at antiquity. Perhapa votka on the black att 
«ere never more prized than now. 

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nl 77 78 Uarklaiid mi. ' diBUngoo, medicta, magai: omnia notit 
Qraiail-a> tstiTitni; in catlum, iviitrit, ihit.' 

„ 76 oitjiBCOLcrs BoldeD od Cio. Sest. %% 110, 136. Flin. ep. 1 40 (49) 
1 9 cited on 68. BurmaQ on PeCroa. 43 p. 807. 5e;frert-MiilleT on Cic. 
Lael. 3 16 pp. 93—4. 3ee the vaunts of such a Jack of all trades, Hippiaa 
(Plato Hipp. min. 366—8. Hipp. mai. 282^. Cic. de or. m g 127. Cope 
in ioom. of class, and Eacr. philol. m 62 — 3) a master in arithmetic, 
gaoraetry, astcoitomj, music, poetry, literatare, natural, moral aod po- 
Utical pbiloBophy, rnnemonios, money-making, and aUc in the manoal 
arts, having made his own clothes, shoes, ring, strigil. Technical terms 
veie borrowed from Oreeca by Borne (Saatfeld index graecomm Toca- 
btdomm in lingnam lat. transtatorum. Betl. 1874. Tnchhiindler de 
vocabnlis graecis in lat. translatiB, ib. 1876). Bee generally on Greek 
deguieiaoy Hertzberg Oeacb. Oriechenl. i 345 ; on the private tutors, 
grammariaoB, secretaries, domestic philosophers, in the hooses of leading 
Bomans, Tanffel' 261-6. Snet. Tib. II. 66 67. For there was a better 
side of the Qreek influenoe, lepFeseiited by Plutarch, Epiktetos, Dio 
Chrysostom, which led captive the best men of Home, and made Greek 
anthora e.f;. of Musonins and Autoninns (see Capitolin. M.Ant. phil. 2—4 
for his Btndies, music, geomttry, grammar, rketorie, philosophy, painting, 
alhUtici, cet.) and of Uie doctors of the early Boman chnroh, Hadrian, 
under whom lav. wrote, was devoted to Ore^ and lived mnch at Athens, 
on the decoration of which lie spent vast sums (Bpart. Hadr. 1 J 6], 
inbutui ijipetitiui Qraecii itudiii, ingenio eiua tic ad ea declinante ut a 
mrnmllii Qraeonlus dieeretur. in ciSLnM iv 122 n. UChrys. or. 21 
(i 604 B) DO one contradicted Kero on any point, or said that any 
command of his was impossible of eiectition: acne xal tl rirerBv^i 
tt\l6oi Titi, (at TovTo inr^/rxtro a^if lai avx^ir xfi^'^' IrpiiptTO Miiy rap' 
(ifr# ir ToTt paai\ilai!, ui irrijui^ieroi. Lueian asinus 4 I was eager to 
find a witch and see some miracle, ^ riT6/itvor Srffpurror ij XiCoii/icror. 
Tillemont hist. eocl. (3. Pierre art. 34, Paris 169S, i 186—7] on the 
attempt of Simon Magus to fly. Ebiniuch. idssehis Ov. am. i 4 20 
quod tibi miKneril, sapias. bibat ipm, ivbeio. On the constr. Heindorf 
Mor. 8. I 1 43. B. Beer (i^cil. luv. 66) 'litterae primae manns post 
caelum in Pithoeanoerasae sunt,conapicitnr tantnm ////// ///>f ni ; veram 
bonae recensionis Hcriptuiam solae sohedae Arovienees servsxunt in caelum 
miier!i, ibit eihibentea.' icsflEsia, ebit ti 626 — 7 «i Candida iusserit 
lo, I ibit ad Aegypii Jinem. 

„ 79 m BtwHi Plin. ep. in 4 g 8 n. miracg *i 337, u 125, iiv 
196. Ht£iui;i n 1, iv 125,- travellers' tales (iv 14—26. see Ludan 
T. h. Bohde Gesoh. d. gr. Bomans 194 — 242) peopled the orbia ineognitus, 
Bonth and North, with Gorgons and Hydras aud ChimEieras dire. 

„ 80 MBDiiB KATCB ^IHRNIB AcQ. Til 371 — 2 >i prima domiu repetatvr 
origo, I /nocAui Acritivigue palrti mediaegu« ityneaat. In uie Tery 
centre of oivilisation. the 'eye of Greece.' 

„ 81 hobum eqo ko» ruauM coscavui as Seneca did ep. 62 S 3 De- 
wKlrium vfrorum oplinaim mecum eireumfero tt relictis couchyliatia 
cum illo leminwio loqaor, ilium admlror. 

„ 81 82 HE PHioa iLLE BiQNisiT PHedlauder i* 368 n. 6 citea bom an In- 
•eription i.n. 118 (GIG 1732') tI)v r/iiirijip i(r4ipiyiiia.,,-rtTipmy...v/iamir. 

„ 83 FULTca TOKO Prop, m (iv) 7 60 et fuitum pluma venicolore 
tnpat. ApuL met. z 20 pMlvillii . . . maxilla* et eervicet delicatae vmlierit 
■uflaloire. Qeuio. 

„ „ TOBO lOLiOBa Sen. de ir& m 37 g 4 mlnne honorato loco 

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positus irftsoi eoepUti cinaiivatori, tocatori, ipri qui tibi jvaefirebatar: 
dfmeni, quid intereit, giiom tecfi preiaa» partemt hfmeilior&m U out tur- 
piorem pol«( facrre pulvirmi t Ukujq. Lnka li 9 10 wliere Price cites 
Jamea 2 8. ecolns. 29 34. Plant- Stich. 193—3 rrpo aralora fopidi ran- 
inatfi viri | nanmi accubent, ego injumatii infuvnu. Haapt opaac. n 5J9 

6 fir edXifrt, draiiifuinfr, li vtUtit dimumbimvi. tov iiXc^i;; vbi iubeit 
iv rpiSrif ririf iyiwiaor.m pcimo loeo diacumbe. Plat. Aemil. FauL 2d 
j§ 5 6. qooeBl. conv. i 2 luid 3. 

m 82 BECmiBBT Eoi. 0. m 8 II. ep. 1 5 1. Mart, u 23 11. Oituia. 
Plin. ep. □ 6 S G. _ 

„ S3 — 85 'The jaininf; these fellova with a cargo of grocer; ia ex- 
cellent. Idt. well knew the art of inflicting degradation. He makea 
it hia boast to hare been nourished on the Sabine olive, ae well as t« hars 
breathed the air of Aientine : attachment to national food is one of the 
oonunon objects of patriotic prejudice. The olive still flonrishes as (he 
proper fruit ot Italy.' Badham, who might have cited Selden (table talk 
'preaohing' §16) 'that rhetoric is beat which is most ieasonable and most 
oatcbing. An instance we have in (hat old blimt commander at Cadiz, 
nho shewed hinm-lf a good orator; being to sa; Eomething to his soldien 
(which he was not nsed to do), he made them a speech (o this purpose : 
What a $hame tcill it bt, you Engliihmtn, that fetd upon jiood betf and 
hracett, to Ut thote ratcallj/ Spaniards beat you, that eat nothing btU 
orangei and lemons. And so put more courage into his men than he oonld 
have done with a more learned oration.' 

„ 83 FBDNi Slat. s. I 6 11 (among Domitisn's gifts scrambled for at 
the Satomalia) quod rami$ pia germijiat Damascoi. Uioscor. 1 174 Syrian 
plums, e^>eciaUy those grown at Damaecun, aie di^eatible ami astiiugent. 
The best grow at Damascns (Oribas. i 58 with Dnremberg p. £80 and ind. 
pnmet. so Atb. 49"— 50*. Galeu \i 613 K. Plin. iv § 51 already grown 
in Italy, of. geopon. 1 39 ; where they were dried in the sun Fallad. Nov, 

7 £§ IS 16). &itiiaiiK'q'iy became the geuersl term, for the earlier lottO- 
/ii)\w (geopon. z 73. Ath. 1. c), whence oar damaon. Iilight large dried 
damsons are rated at 4 denarii in ed. Diool. vi 86 Waddington. The 
plwsicians have much to say of their oses in diet Psnl. Aegin. i 81 (with 
Aciama i 136). Simeon Seth p. 23 seq. Oa!en vi 353 also joins them 
with figa as laxatives for Iho aged, both besh in summei, and dry in 
winter, either boiled or eteeped in fu\liipaTar (p. HSl as laxatives Spanish 
prunes preferable, ct. ut 32). ii 367 (joined with flgs). Hehn Kultur- 
pflanzen u. Hanathiere" 339-832. A. F. MaEerstedt die Obstbaumzncht 
der Rdtnei (SondershaUHelt 1861) 221—4. DamaBcos now exports dried 
apiioots in large quantities. 

„ „ cOTTONAHehnl.o. 83 — B6 'The Dative home of the figtree is tha 
Semitic W. Asia, Syria and Palestine ; there it grows most luxuriantly 
and yields the sweetest froit in aboudanoe. The O. T. often names Um 
tree, eap. with the vine, and is full of pictures and similes drawn from it; 
to dwell under, or eat of, one's vine and figtree, is to enjoy ft quiet, 
peaceinl existence.' Figs served as bread and meat Plin, ir % 83 ponu- 
que timui et opionii cicmn $iceatae implent, utpote evm Colo ciberia rurit 
operariit ituta cea lege iatieieia mintu iubeat per fici vtatuTitalrm. evm 
recentijico lalii vice cateo vetci naper excogitatum [of. EerakUd. pol. o. 24 
in MiiUer fragm. hist. gr. n 219]. iSi ex koe genere tmtt, ut diximut, 
cottana et caricae quaeqae conKendenti navem advernu Parthot oinm 
fecere M. Craeio venaUi praedicantii voce, cauruae. omnia haee in AU>eiue 
rut t Syria itUuiit L. VitelHui, qui pmtta centor fait, eiim Icjki'o in (a 

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— 8 s PIOS. SABINE 0LIVE3. OIL. '3^1 

pmvincia met, noviitimii Tiberii principia lemporilnii. 'Then, M now, 
ligB, fresh and dried, were the staple and wholeaome food of the peopla 
in Italy, esp. in 3. Italy' (Hehn). The best figs still oome from Bmyrna, 
pressed as of old, in boiea ; they are grown in the M. of Carlo, ed. Uiocl. 
e 84 iSiteB Carian ti(^ at 2S for 4 dtnarii. This kind iras also grown in 
Syria (Plin. im § SI). Majferstedt L c. 171— 19U. Athen. m o. 6—19. 
Hermanit-BluniDer gr. Privatalt, p. 2S. iiidd. to Plin. and the writers on 
medicine and agricniture. Winer ItW. ' feigenbaam.' 

m84 UHQUBiDEOHiHiLGaTFers. 126 27 usque adeone I idre tiaiM 
nihil est, Ttiit te ecire hoc tciat altcrl Aen. ill 646 Forb. Stat. S. HI 2 
G7 QHqne adeone param Untai tranaire paladeil Sen. n. q. m 1 9 1. 
Verg. g. IT 84. 

„ 8a SACJ. BABiNA V BQ n. Flin. xv § 8 and lUTn § 202 (Italian oil). 
Oolen XII 513 E (Sabine oil the best of all within my knowledge). It is 
hard for us to understand the place which the olive (oil-tree), itB wood 
and Fruit and esp. its oil filled and to a great extent still fill to the people 
of aouthem climes, Colum. v 8 g 1 (from the farmer's point of view) 
oka . .prjntii omnium arborum eii. S 6 >ed neque dfpreita loca neque ardua 
magiequf atodicoi clivoi amal, qaalei in Italia ya&inornm vel totapro- 
vineia Baetica vidtmaa. cf. Pallad. Mar, 9 S 8 olto Sabino. In the O.T. 
from Noah's dove onwards, joined with com and wine, or (as in Jotham's 
parable) with the figtree and the vine, it a the symbol of settled order 
and plenty ; and now at this day, introduced into America and Australia, 
it has an influence on the tide of emigration, luv. going into the market, 
might have bought pmnes and tigs of Italian growth; and if he asked for 
the best eating oliveg, he would have been served with foreign samples 
Plin. XV g 16 Italicii trantmarinae praeferuntur in cibii cum oleo viiKoaivr. 
Oil was exported from Palestine into Egypt (Bos. 13 1) and Tyre (Ez. 27 
17). The Jews osed the fruit and its oil as food and for cooking, as a 
cosmetic, in burials, as a medicine, for illomination (see the articles 
'anoint,' 'oil,' 'ointment,' 'olive,' 'unction' in concordances and ths 
bible-dictionaries of Calmet, Smith, Eitto. Sohenkel, Winer and Heizog'a 
Beal-Encykl. 'oel,' 'oelbsnm,' 'salbe,' Celsii hierbotan. a Sill seq.; for 
the later church use W. E. Soudamore in Cbeetham diet. ohr. ant. ' oil,' 
■ unction'). Hebn Kultorpfianzen' 87— luS, 140—1 handles the congenial 
theme eicellenlly. The olive ttee in Bomer (Buchholz die homerisehen 
Bealien i 2 'iah—d). The Athenians shewed on the akropohs the tree 
created by Athene, and miraculously restored when burnt by the Persians 
(Maora. Cecrop. 19 20 and fort. Att. 2 f. Valck. and Biihr on Hdt. vm 55. 
Welcker gr. Gotterlehre t 818—9. n 308. Soph. OC. 694—70(1. Pans, i 
24 § 3. 27 S 2. Stork in Bitznngsber. d. K. S. Gea. 1B5IJ 82—101. 
Bfitticher IJaomcnlt dar Hellenen 423 — 436. Hermann -Bliimner gr. 
Privatalt.* 21. Terg. g. i 18 oUiuqiu Minerva | inveitlTix). When the 
nnt^ste Testol was buried alive, bread, water, milk, oil, aa the prime 
neoesearies of Ufe, were interred with her (Pint. Num. 10 g 8). Cato r. r. 
10 stock for an oliveyard of 140 iagera. Mart, im 36 2 of a box of olives 
from Piceaum: inckoai atque eademjinit oliva dapti. Hor. o, u 15 6—8 
complains that oliveyards were converted into flowerbeda. epod. 2 43 — 5tt 
he prefers the olive lo costly fish and fovL Large colleotiona respecting 
the olive and Ha oil in hterature, agricultuti', trade and daily life, in 
MagerBtedt die Obstbanmzucht der BCmer (Sondershansen 1861)232 — 270. 
Hofmann lex. and ind. to Pliny and the medical and agricultural writers 
under oUa, •», -nm, -i«o. Daremberg in his Oribase i 609 — 611. Hehn 
dividing N. EoTope u beer-and-batter land from S. Europe as wine-and- 

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oil land, shewB (pp. 13S — 110) that the latter is gaining groond on tha 
former. 'Still (o thie day' be eaye (90) 'a Oennau boor oonanmes with 
enjojicent great lomps of baoon, but is loath to poar oil on hia vaaetaWeB 
or bj his meat with oil, juat ae the OauU, according to Posidonini 
(Ath. 151*), from want of habit and because of its scarcity eschewed the 
QBeotoil.' But Winer ('oel') and Kitto ('oil'} attest that Wealetns also 
soon come to prefer vegetable to animal fata, and indeed cotton-Bead-, 
maize- and other oils are now largely Bnperaeding butter and dripping 
(eee Encycl. Brit, new ed. ' oils '). 

ni B6 see consummate specimens of flattery in Luo, imagg. and pro 
imagg. uiuuKci gens FsmiBNTiaaiHi Onatho (Ter. eun. 260—4) was 
entreated bj a poor starveling who envied hia success, ut libi ticeret dit' 
cere id d^me: aectari luasi. [ ai potit ett, lamquam philoiophonan kabent 
diicipuli ex ipiia [ vocabula, paTOiili ila ut Gnatkonici vocenttir. See 
O. Bibbeck'B monograph 'Eolai.' The chief texts are Th«ophr. char. 3 
(1 Jebbj, who wrote a separate book on the subject. Plut. n 18—74. 
Mai, Tyr. 6 (36) § 7. 20 (i). Ath. 348'-^260i. Stob. fl. iiv. Suet. 
Kero 22 (teatimonial to Greek auprenmc; in adulation by a jndge beyond 
exception) cited on vm 226. cf. 227 n. DCass. Lxi 20 Beimar (6000 
Aogastiaci enrolled as profasslonal clagueurs. to lead the applause when 
Nero acted : crying e. g. i 13X61 Kiuirap, 6 "AxdXXui', i ASyavnTin, rli in 
THeiot. )ii Of, Kiuirap, oiitlt at ntf). Lim 8 § 9. Soet. 2D. 25. Tac. 
UT 16 t. 

„ B7 BGBUONEa iNDOcii, rAciE> DEFOBHiB Philostr. soph. I 25 g 20 
(cited p. 173) Varus was persuaded by hia flatterers ii.i}i' By tAi Mouirai 
6fa^a}iXta&iu airrov ijSiofj 6r6Tt rpoj to 4^eiv rpdwoiTO. irapaTrX^ia H 
toCt^j Kal vepl ruv itd^uttuu- tfitra' rapirwivatu y&p jccU rdt ixiivoiy y\t^' 
rat, iTOTt /uXtTifr). Lno. somn. 13 [. gold makes its owners fair, wise, 
strong, ib. 14. 

„ ,, sBBuaNiiu ranocn Spaniards, a heio of Inv. and a friend, were 
not behind in the art of adalation. Sen. cons. Folyb. 3 § 6 assures thia 
'master of requests' that hia paraphrases of Homer and Tiigil will bs 
as immortal as the originals; quamdiu /uerit uUu« Uttcrii honor, quamdia 
tttUrit aui Latinat linguae polntlia out Graecae gratia, vigebit cunt 
itiaxiinis viris, gtionim le ingeniii vel coJttutit vfl, ei hoc vrrfcumUa eiut 
reCTisat. adpUcuit. cf. 8 g 2. 11 § 6. Martial (xi 1 6. in 11) makes tha 
oourt chamberlain Farthenins a great poet. Lucian paints the Oreeka 
Timon 51 f. ' for Tiinon is the best of orators, and what be will.' adv. 
iiidoct. 20 your flatterers lead jou by the nose and make joa believe that 

Kl are not only handsome and loieable, bat wise and an orator and 
toriao without a peer. It ia said that you reoite to them at dinner, 
and they, like land fiogs, croak with thirst, and will not drink, till thej 
have bnrst with screaming. They even persuade you that yoa resemble 
soma king, like those pretenders, the Fseudaleiandras, Fseudophilippos, 

„ „ FACIEI! DGroBuis AHioi Luc. Timon 23 surrendering to his fiat> 
terers, who swear that ha is fairtr than Hirau. more highly bom than 
Eekrops or Eodms, wiser than Odysetui, richer than sixteen Eioeai 

„ 8S CEBvioiBDs Philostr. Apoll. ti SO g 1 Ap. taking Titns by the met 
Uaiy&p S>i (fipoTO a/rrii lira roTi inKoOiriTi irHita), asked: ' Who will break 
to the yoke a bull with so sturdy a neck?' g 3 ' He ' replied Titns 'who 
reared me as a calf,' i.e. his father, cf. Jacobs on anthol. gr. vm 45. 

a. 68, Nero (DCau. um 20 g 5) on his cetam from 

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hia gymiiBBtie triiimpha in Oraeoe, was graated with iltnminBtionB and 

shouta, especiallj bom the senators, ol o6i 'OXu/w-umub, oia ni/diwiio, 
oiS AByoiKTTt AOyoiKTTi. Sipmt t(^ 'Hpat\tl, Sipii/rt T(|i 'Air6XXu». 80 
Commodus was called Qie iloman HeroolsB (Lamprid. Comm. 8 gj 6, 9. 
9g2. lDg9. ITgS. id.Antoa.Diad!]in.7g§2 3)aiidnained S . ' 
after hiioaelf Heicales (Lamprid. Comm. 11 S§ 6, 13 11). So Maiij 
(Capitol. Max. 1 § 9. 6 £ 9 some oaUed him Milo, some HercuUt, some 
Anlatw). ANTABnir Ot. met. ra 184 Bach. A favorite subject, in 

poetry from Pindar and Pisander, and in art, Hercules appearing aa 
the ideal wrestler Pftpe-Beoaeler Eigennamen, Daremberg diet, dea ant 
and PftUiy a. v. Preller ([riech. Myth, n' 217—9. Creuzer Symbolik Ii" 
77. Luc. IV 589-^56. Stat. Tb. yi 886—9. Philoatr. imag. 11 21 with 
Jacobs. Apollod. n G g 11 Heyoe. 

m 90 HUUTcrK TOCEU AMQUHTAU Luc. adv. ludoct. B 9 Eiiangelua per- 
mad^ by flattarera (fr^i-oirTwr lal pouinair. orltTt jcai rh enupirarof 
ifthat AratpeiaaiTo) to compete for the Pytliian prize for lyre and long, 
broke the chorda and was flogged out of the tiieatre by order ot the 
judges, in spite of hia gold and jewels, 

„ 91 Buffon List, naturelle par G. Sonnini {Poriii an 11) lU 131 on 
salt que le ooq a'approcSie de la poule par une espfice de pas oblique, . . . 
acoompagnaut son action d'un certain miirTBiire eipreasif ; ... on aait que 
le mAle laigit avec ton bee la erite tni U> plumei du eommet de la teCe de la 
femelle, soit par maniSre de carease, soit pour garder I'^uilibre. Btienne 
de ClasiSre Iuf. periphraaes (Bourgea 1607) saya that any one who bas 
kept fowls knows tbat it ia the hen'a note that ia thin, or querulons, or 
hoarse; the oock'a is shrill and olear. ANonsTiii=tenaem is rare; nn^. 
■ptn tiu Cic. in leu. on the training of the Toioe see Grasberger Eriiehang 
im Uass. Alterth. 11 273—6. 

„ „ ILLS, QUO uuiiTO Lust, i 16 Monro. Nipperdey on Tae. an. it 
66. Staveien on Nep. Ages. 4 § 4. Friedliinder |in Bursian'a Jahreaber. 
in 1877, 214) rightly rejeota Biicheler's revelation (Rhein. Mua. uii 6S7| 
'in eiplioandia aaturia quoa quidem novi interpretea multa praetenmaere, 
velnt ne hoo quidem adnotatnm inveni ad m 91, eireuitu illo poetam ideo 
nsran esae at gallua gallinaceua quantum Gallo praestaret aemiviro, ver- 
borum ludihrio compreheuderet.' With the flatteiy cf. Sil. ta 618—9 to 
Domitian quin et JtomuUot luperabit vooe ntpotei, { quii erit eloquio 
partam decas. mabito bo (of the lower animala) Verg. Eor. Colom. 
Plln. (1^76 of partridges, S IBS iraKiiuM). Mart, ix 711. ziv HOI. Btat. 
Th. T S30 aiabjiii. So vir, •L-^fi, rwrii, uxor, yvr^. 

„ 93 TH&iDA Bayle s.v. 

„ 94 95 DOMD* BULLo cDLTiB PA1.H01.O vi 63—77. FriedJiinder 
(Bnrsian Jahreaber. iiv 174) prefera Priscian's reading pullo el. Mart, ii 
32 1 banc volo quae faeilU quae paUiolata vagatw, aa Doris ia here 
evidently (?) the meretrix in comedy. W. E. Weber, reading nuilo, takes 
D. to be the slave-girl in simple tunic. So Madvig and DUntKer, as it 
seems rightly. [Cypr.] de spoct. 5 f. (p. 9 9 H) a just reproof of the 
miiaeaUtud pubUcummonstTUmomnibaavidentibiu geritur et proititutaruin 
tranaituT obsca^nitas: quaesitum est qiiomodo adulterivm ex oculit admit' 
teretur. haic dedtcori condxgimm dedecut lUperducitaT, homo fractns 

tns, evi art tit verba manibui expedire: et propter imum neacio quem nee 
Tirnm neo feminam commoiieticr cinitaa tola ut deaaltentur fabuUuae 
antiquitaium libidinst. On the theatre Friedlonder n° 391 — 433 and in 
Uarqnardt StV.m 603— 692 (626 except in the mimes all parts were taken 



by men); on miuia Sittengeat^ m> 391— 838. Claud, in Enb. □ 40!!— 5 
^ piatinu tt ingau \ coBnilH elnmor, qualu raoiuintibut olim | txoritur 
eaveie, quotieru crimtiu (phcbtu | out rigidam Niobm out Jleatem Troada 

ni 9G Tert. ipeot IT. 38. Hier. ep. 13 3 fin. in thtatraUltaf leaaUt 
timu al^ac ideni kittrio nuni: Hercutem robuttv* oittndit, tame moUU in 
VeiKTem frangitur, nune trtmulia in CgbeUn. 79 9 pr. hiitrio frattat in 
finHinam. Cypr. ad Donat. 8. ep. 3. Chrjs. bom. ic Mutt. 37 (33) 6 
(tii 47fi'l G&mne). DeinokrateH, a Hessenian envoy, dancing in woman'i 
attira Fol;b. iut S § 11. Pint. FlAmin. IT § 6. Qulntil. i 10 g 81 aper- 
(nu tataen yrofiundum puto, non hane [mneicen] a me praecipi, tptae nune 
in leaenit effeminata U irapudleU modii fracta turn ex parte minima, tifpiid 
in Rofrfi virilia roborii manebat. excidit. 

„ 96 FbusoNi 8aet. Ner. 21 tragoediai quoque eantavit peiBonatns, 
Anvum deorum^e item heroidum ac dtarvm peTBonis tStctit oil (imiZilu- 
dinem om tm etfemiiuM, proM ^uom^iM AHigertt. 

„ „ lUNA aDtb. Pal. II 223 XUIAllN lai AEIXflN Titd ypamiaTa. 
tlSiTiTo!iTOi\ JimXEIyipSEIADS.tirtira.rSi'anila. RtOiOht. Ot. 
am. I 6 31 quam eailigato planus tubpectore venter. 

„ 99 Bee Cioft on Elvot'B Oovemoor (1883) i 206. molli ti 4T, 1S6. 
vni 15 □. uf. tener I 33 D. 

„ 100 101 mioRH oicmmio ooMoimTDB u a S quid enim maioce oa- 
ohinno | excipitur. Am. epigr. 64 8 (oliui aaiore o&cbinno conons- 
aat. BIDES, coNcmiTUB VIII 24. ivi IT— aan. Halden on Gic. p. 
Plana. £ 16. p. Seat. !i 92 a catesarical fnr a conditional sentence. Pablic 
Mihool Jjat. <3i. p. 473. Ter. kaat. 79. 486— T. Verg. g. 11 619 Forb. 
Or. a. a. II 643. heroid. 4 139. Until. Lup. i IS. Mart, in 46 5 and 9. 
Mnnio on Lncr. in 9 46. 

„ 100 „ Sen. n. <|. i pr. S 6 in alitnam eoluntatcm tenao con^aiitiu. 
Obbu on Hot. ep. 1 18 10 11. Uart. iii 40. 

„ 103 NEC Plin. ep. in 1 g 9 n. 

„ 103 ■NDBouDEu PolL vit 33. Callim. Del SSe. Aiaiuo smuT 
Sen. n. q. I pr. § 4 ut Bi 

„ 1D4 MON SOMtTB a 

ergo parse. 

„ 104 105 OHHi HocTi MEovc Mart. tx63 13omni | 
die. ]t43 3Doctodieqne. so Ov. met. n 3*3. in 40. Pont, jn 1 40. 
SU. xn 483. im 390. uv 61. VFl. ii 231. vni 41Q. SUt. s. rr G 94. 
V 1 72. Prod, oatli. 8 66. Aoson. v (eglog.) 16 13 (p. 16 S) (Stat. Th. t 

„ 106 106 ALisNA auvEBii VDI.TUH k FACIE commendcd in a /omufiu by 
Stat. a. II 6 62 63 tecum triitiequt hilariiqat nee amqvam | ilU (IMU 
vnUnrnqne tuosamebatabore. Ov. tr. v 8 17. 

„ 106 lACTAOB UAKDB QulntU. I S | 31 ilia, quae aUiorem antnu matum 
tequuMur qvaeque ipta animum qwidam modo coi\citant, qjiortim eit iao- 
tare manum. u 3 § 179. Ov. f. m 536. l>CasB. lii 20 S 3 vben Naro 
acted, Buirhua and Seneca prompted bim, tal airoi rii tc x^'^"* "^ '^ 
l/id™, irirt <pBiyia.iTi n, itiaci-or. laddabb fARATOS vi 16. 307. 246. 
n 7. 49. ini 108. iv 102. Pera. 1 133, vi 86. 

„ lOT BucTAViT Snet. Tit. 7 arts of V. to win favonr; be kissed all, 
even tbe private soldiers on his road, perque itabulaae dtBenoriamuUoni- 
bia ac viatorilnu praeter modwrn eotnu, ut mane tinguUn, 'iamne ientaE- 
Hent' leiicitaretxtr eeqiie fecittt inotn quoqtu otttndereL Uart. in 82 8. 
x4910raetatrii tneulAa in the phaimacopoeia. 1 87 4 betrajs the tippler. 

dt, Google 


As a medical eymptoni iod. to Plin. h. n. and Qaleii. wi^xn Loo. 
oonv. 35. Aldphr, m 55 % 9. Petroa. 37 n. (pp. 131—183 Bonn.), Hier, 
ep. 53 ( — 2) § e audio praeterea inienei et laau abiq'ot liberit gjionatdam 
tuT^ servilium. ipii apponnnt mhtalam.obiident Uctam, pumUnliaat 
ttomaeki tt phttgmata putmonit manu propria nacipimit. The ancients 
carried out lUe maiim naturatia non twit turpia wilb rigid oonBiBteilfl; ; 
.it is ueedfal to remember this, or ire sliaU cbarge this psBBOge with 
ezaggeratiaa and take oflenoe where none i8 meant often in the alaados, 
as in the fathers, Dante, Chauoer, Lather, Shakeapeore. AeBch;luB in 
Ath. 17° arpirA rau rapaytt luBoatTas Tsi)f 'EXKr]ral, lin mil rii ifiliai 
[his word, and that of Hoph. ib.* is avpint] EtXXqXwt Trpiiara-yviiKu. 
O. Jahn iiber Daratellnngen griech. Diohter ant Vaseabildem (Abh. d. 
K. 8. Oes. d. Wiaa. tiii 746) after speaking of vaees mpreienting 
dmnkardB Tomitjng ; ' Nicht minder nubefangeo werdeu die Tirse dw 
Bapolis (Ath. 17') 

clir- Wf tJrcr „iWii> rot" r/ivrot ;i<ra{d rlrui; 
HaKafi^ix6r ye tovto ToC^tvp^s"^ ttd 90^6r ^ou 
dnroh sin Vosenbild illustrirt (mas. Oreg. ii 86 2), Welches beatStigt, wie nhr 
die B^ffa von Anstand weohseln (Welcker Kaohtr. zni TriL p. 1G3 ft.).' 
Welcker cites Xen. Kyrop. viii S § It) (with Oataker advera. mise. S=op«Ta 
I 293). Bnid. 'Potior xpvr/^- Diogenian. vni i [i 805 Leutsch]. Do- 
moath. Bg. Ranon p. lSe7 § 4. Pierson on Hoeria p. 318 [cf. sat. z 64n.]. 
Bottiger Babina 84 — 39 oitea Fetron. 37 eomm. BamireE de Prado an 
Mart. lu 82, Opton on Epiktet. I 3 g 8. 14 9 17, Wyttenb. on Hnt. 
u 2340, Add Rader on .Mart, ti 89, Ath. 263', 292°. Clem, Al, paad. n 
3 35 f. p, 67 10 Sjlb. PoUuz 1 122. Other eii, offenaive to oui atandard 
of deoomm cited by comm. Bust Cland. 33. Mart, iii 82. 1 14 10. Cynic 
ahamelesaness Zeller Fhilos. d. Or. 11 (1)^ 274. 380. Cope in joum, of cL 
and sacr. phiL 11 154, and on Ariatot. ihet. m 3 g 13 p. 1406' 10 (oonfato- 
tiop of the aophiam aiSiwa ataxpayiyeir, ftitp r6 aM eifnalrn toU onj 
Tou roit tlTii,). HSt, tuBupprjuoniu and kindred worda, Plut. 11 106d°. 
Alkiphr. m 7 g 5. John of Baliabory poller, lit 4 eipreseea oar modem 
feeling in hia paraphrase (i bene mctavit, aut li quid fecit amicu>, | qvoi 
proftrre jicfam non potsit lingua laodtite. Bottiger ms. impates to the 
Enf^liah three.bottle men of hia Aa.j a cj'nio freedom 'hodie apod Anglo- 
britannoB de mann in mannm ambnlat matula.' 

m 109 seq. so Cacciliua Epirota Snet. gr. 16, amonra of fashionahlo 
phjaicians Friedlandei 1' 116. Stor? of Syllaaaa (loa. ant, iti 7 | 6), 
Uort, IT e S 6 (cited on 21 22). Tbb. an, iv 3 and 13 (Seianna and Livia). 

„ 111 bfonbub una adhhc early marriage Friedlander I' 605—6 (Mero 
married a.d. 53 aet. 16 Tae. xn 58; hnsbanda of eUvan ye&rs of again 

„ 112 113 BxaupiHiT . . voLiTHT ohangs of nmnber ef. 390—9 Uat.. 
iabet . . ezclamat . . . ftriunt . . . faciunt. n HE — 135 where the acoonut 
of Maaaalina closes with/ocfuM, ■ .peccant, S62— 5 nonitatit. . .fevtina; 
. . . Tcputant. 460 aeq. /enuna divei . - . oeniunt. So individoBl eiamplea 
are Bommed np in the debtnl of i 73. im 309 — 938 eiploina the naage : 
eogitat . , haitt . , videt ...hi lunl gui trepidant. KilEB. 

„ lis BECBBTA Tac.ail.ir7f- e( aecretaguogMeiua [otDmBna]oar- 
rnpta more prodebaiaur. iihehi 67. Cic. p, Gael, g 67 at qMibui 
tervitf . . .eiine, quot iTtiellegebat non comnmni condicione lervitutit tui, 
ted licentiut liberiag famiUaria* cum domina viveret quit enin hoe nou 
videt, , . . in eiui modi domo, in qua mater /amiliai meretrieio more vivat, 
in qua nihil genUitr quod Jbna pro/crendum lit, Jiic lervoi non. eat 


ifnctl...quibu» oetulla credarOvr. DH. it 21 (n 85 2 Kieaaling) of 
slsvee oi SI BoriaTopit sa! mrtpyoi ToTt Starirait ytriiurai ifiapfnitriiZi- nU 
irSpo^oriur ical tuv tli fftoit q ri nurar dStKiindTur, recciie tlieii freedom 
KB a revaid of complicity, Luc. mere. cond. 11. Iob. b. Ind. i 26 
thrOQghoat (career of Earjklea). Famabj cites the proverb lemo d' oitmi 
tifa, eki dice il mo teereto a chi no' I m. 

m III IT qcoMiAM coKFiT Cio. omt. |61 Gt qaoniam coepI,..<iiijr«>v. 
Loci, t 1116 lie odium caepit glandit. 

„ 116 DCaea. unn I § 5 the philosopher Seraa condemned to death 
under Nerra as a false accuser, DCass. lii 36 1 1 a.d. 10 Caligula dia- 
oharged Fomponius, who itbb said to have plotted against him, i*ttS^ 
ii6 ^Xou rpotSitBi), and rewarded hie mistress, becaose when tortured aha 
divnlged nothing. 

„ „ ILUO&IB <ieou.UI Marqnardt Privatleben G53. E. Saglio in 
Daremberg diet, des ant. 1 9 ' lea Batiriques raillent (A. Mai Virgil, pict. 
SDt. ei cod. Vatic. 183S. Hot. ep. i 17 25) la gravity et la pauvret6 
afTect^ de certains philosophes tonjours enveloppfrs dans le vaste mantean 
^oi lenr servaient d'unique vfiiement pendant le jonr, et de caarertttie 
pendant la nuit. comme on lea reconnaiasait d'abord li cet eitdrieor, on 
iem donnait le nom de grandt manteaux {vuiior aboUa).' He gives a 
figure from a silier rase (n. 2812) of t^e cabinet des mfdaiilet at Paris. 

„ 116 OD Birea's aon-in-law Anniua Pollio see Borghesi it 1B8. 
BTOicos DBLiiOB II 10 Socraticoi cinatdot. vi 118 merilrix Avguita, 
The Stoics were the core sf the opposition ander the empire v 31! 37 n. 
Boiasier I'opposition boos les Cdsare, Paris 1876. Schiller's Nero 666 — 

„ „ occiDiT per alinm as 37. uncDU DCaea. Lm 9 § 3 i.D. 6S 
ad; charges were believed, % i and this wsa the principal oanse of the 
■Booess of wicked friends and slaves of some of the victims; strangers 
and enemies the? might snspect and be on their guard against, Tpit A! ill 
Toit ffurAyTai not duorrtt iyvfo/oSiTa' 

C1BAU.I Bohiimann (opusc, iii 271—3) no evidence connects Egnatius with 
Tamus; the echol. saya Taraus was named from Peraeus, quia ibi una 
ex talaribia pinnit et decidit. S. finds in oar teit Berytus (BeirOt) the 
native place of E[^natiii3 (116 n.). That Inv. is thinking of Peraeus and 
Andromeda, will appear, if we consider: 'primnm, pinnam caballi dictam 
esse pro ipao cahallo, Pegaao, qaippe pinnato, pet notiBsimam ajnecdocheS 
Ugoiam, velati etiam pro avibus locia innumeria pinnae dicuntur (of. 
Burin, ad Propert. in 8 11) et Nonnna aliqnoties rrtpiy irrov liixit pro 
somno, quem alatum poetae atqne artiflcea finserunt (cf. Ruhuken ep. 
crit. II p. 169) ; deinde delabi non eum solum dici. qni decidat, aed etiam 

Soi devolet aut qui aequabili motn descendat ; deniqae ripam non aolum 
mninnm esae, sed etiam maris, h. e. ripas etiam pro litoiibua dici non 
minus quam litora pro cipis.' Now Persens descended at lope (Jaffa), 
further south on the coaat line on which Beinlt stands (Strabo 43 pr, 759. 
Plin. Bgll. Solin. 34 §J 2 3. Mela i 61 Parthey [add Tzaohucke on Mela 
ibid. = i 11 § 3 vol. n 394. Konon 40. Priscian perieg. 858—3 joina 
Jaffa to BeiiCtt hi tnunw lopea, gaiam quoqat Elaida eompUnt | anti- 
quamque I'yrum Beryti »t moenia gratae ; so Avion, descr. orb. 1069 — 71]. 
The chains of Andromeda were shenn in the time of losophns (b. lud. 
Qi 3 § S), The blood-red tint of a spring was traced to the blood of the 
monster (Paua. iv 3S § H), Peraeus having washed his hands there after 
liis daj's work. The creature's bones, 40 ft. long, vere exhibited b7 

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M. Bcuunia in bis oedilediip (Flin. Solin.). FQii? t g 69 calla Jaffa lopt 
Fhoenieam. It bod of old belonged to (he Jews, was seized bj Antioohos 
(loB. ant. xm 9 1 3), attaobed b; Fompeius to tbe prarinoe of STiia (ib. 
ziv 4 9 4 f.), restored b; Caeaar to BycotiuaB (ib. 10 g 6) ; and after tbe 
deposition of ArcbeUuB (6 a.d,) permanentlj aaited to ^jria (ib. ivii 11 
§ 4. 13 g S. b. lud. II 6 § S. 8 g 1). This whole coait line from Egj^t 
to Cilicia and Mt Amanus ia oomprehended under one name, S;tia or 
Phoenicia, b; Qreek and Roman geographers (Strabo, Mebi, 11. co. Flin. 
V §9 66 67. lielond FalaeBtina 1 a. 21). Stark Gaza a. d. philistiiiBChe 
K&Hte (Jena 1862) 693—4, 

Add : Flin. v g 69 also mentions tbe chains of Andiomeda : lope Phoe- 
nieum, atttiquior t^rrarum imindaiioru, ui fmint, ituidet coUem praiiO' 
eente laxo in quo vincnlorum Andromedae tettigia oitendwtt. eolitur iUie 
fabulota Ctto. In Jerome's time (in lonam 1 3 ti 394" Ven. 1708) tbe rooks 
were still shewn on which Andromeda vas bound. See for Beirfit Bobiu- 
gon'g Palestine (1841) in 436— 447, who notices that the stoi; of 8t Oeorge 
and tbe dragon (? whether a reminiscence of Perseus and his oeto) has 
its home there; for Jaffa (J&Ta) see Tobler Zwei Sucher Topographie tou 
JeruBalem nnd seinen tlmgehnngen (BerL 1863 — 4) ir 578 seq. 
' m lie 26 n. 

„ „ QOBOoKBi CABiLU 'haob,' istirical. O1. Font, it 6 80 Oor- 
gonei equi. mntt cibuju of. ini 233 critlam gatii. 

„ 119 KOK BBT HouiNo cOKtliAU LocOB BIO 31 32 'quondo artibiu' in- 
quit • fiontitii I nnllna in nrbe loeus.' 

„ 120 the fieedman of Caligula may well have supplied Iqt. with th« 
name and type Protogenes (DCass. ui 26 g§ I 3) ; he carried about with 
him alwsjB tbe 'sword' and 'dagger' (known also to Suet, Cal. 49 f. 
ffladivM and pugio: anba mnaina tt notia continchant morti deitinatoruni\. 
Onoe, entering the senate, looking Bternl; at Soribonius ProcluR, be 
cried ' you too greet me, Uiough yon hate the emperor so ' ; on which those 
present tore Pioclns to pieces. CUiudins i.n. 41 put Pr. to death and 
burnt the bool<e (DCoss. lx 4 gg 4 6). An aiiriga of the name, a court 
favorite at a later date (Lamprid. Heliog. 6 9 3). 

„ 121 OENTis Tiiio-cnlpa )( beneficio Plant. Nep. Ages. 6 g 2 guod 
lam mufti a te victi vitio adversariorum coTieidiaKnl. Petron. Ill 
vitio gentis humanae concupitt icirt, quit aut quid faeerct. Curt. 
TUt 6 g 8 «z Sieilia CUo, hie qaidtm mm ingmii lolum, iffiefinninationis 
Titio adulator. Tac. d. 18 vitio autem malignitatis hnmanae 
Vetera lemptr in loudt, praetenlia in fiutidio tut, 

„ „ PABTnUH Luc. oited 122. 'Oreeoewithnoiiewill balTca&iend, 
but keeps him all her own' (Badham), 

„ 122 BOLUS siBBT Luc. I 290 2yi partiri non potei erbem, | solni 
habere poUi. riciuiK itmaa t 107a. in aubeu Ot. her. 8 33 
HsiuH. Bunn. Bnhnk. Mart, i 89 1 n. Plin. h. u. vii g 183. 

„ 123 TEHBNo Cic. CataU. Liv. Stat, in leii. Barth. on Stat. Th. i 
171. Mamertin. grat. act. lul. (paneg. xi) 21 qnippt li afacatit adulan- 
tiam [Btihrens reads adalaluum, a worJ nowhere found] venenis quod 
pericuiii'in ett, qyi auret ttiam vitU laudiina gravatat imperiiatf UauU. 
II 676 — 6 garrulitat odioia italur lingaae^iu venennm | verba maligna 
Ttovas Muiganlii eemper ad aares. so linDUiu v. PriHO, laud. Anastas. 
135—6 (Bahrens p. 1. m. t 269). Faulin. Petroo. vit. Mirt. in 158 Barth. 
Hier. ep. 88 (i 297>) diaboH Tenena tiluert. .97 3 f. (582^) venena pee- 
lorit. 133 1 (1036*) oniniutn Aa^reliconnn Tenena. of. Fboebad. o. 
Allan. 8 Barth pp. 90—7. Clem, recogn. ni 68. v 13. Ambr. de Noe et 

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tnA349. ef. Hor. ep. il4 38 Obbar rum odio obtmro nwrriflue vene. 
nat. 80 'poison,' 'Tenom,' and their kindred, ore more med in a inonl 
than phjeieal sense. 

HI 121 LiviHB Sen. brev. Tit. 14 g 3 cited on 1 86. pebibbcht tkm- 
roBi Ov. rem. am. 107 auxilii periernat tempoTajtrimi, 

„ lai 126 msQi BERTiTn Hor. 1. 11 B 96^101 (inle» of the srt of 
getting oa, oracnlarly laid down bj Tireaias) importunua omit Umdari: 
dtmtc ' ohe iam I' \ ad aulum manibui lublatii dixtrit, urgue it \ creicentent 
tmaidit injia tirraimilna utrem.. \ cum tt Bervitio longo curagiit Uvarit,l 
t( etrtum vigitam 'quartae e»to pariii VUxa' \ audierit 'kerea.' 

„ 125 BEBvirii T 181 n. 

„ 126 PORBO Gron. on Sen. contr. 1 1 1. Hand it 482. mc hobw 
■UHDiAB Plin. ep. V 1 g U factum mtum, nisi forte blandioi mihi, 
antiqaum. vm 3 g 2. Mart, xl 83 7. Tett. nd mart. * pi. Hier. ep. 64 
g S voeabtduM ChrUti, in gtu> mihi blandior. Hier. ep. 22 g 8 (11 94*). 
Beventl ftt. in Diiksen mannale. cL atiaUari ribi (Heid oa Cic. ao. n 

.„ 127 128 cuBBT (mBBBBi Orsng. 'Bomanoram cum integra emren 
ad docioa beatornm.' 127 hocte while Uie man of wealth (Hot. «p. i 
13 34 Obbar) darmiet in luecm. Friedlaoder i> 318—9—1* 369 860. Lnc 
navig. 22 (a day-dream) sweet sleep, visits and entreaties of friends, all 
crouching and adoring; some walking np and down at early muming 
before my dooi, and among theio Eleaenetos and Demokritos o( xdni ; 
and when they claim admittance before the rest, let seven stalwart porten, 
barbarians, clap the doOr in their face, as they do to others. Then, when 
I think good, I will rise as the aim, and not even look at some of them; 
but if there be a poor man, snch as I was before my tieaaaie trove, I will 
be friendly to him and invite him after his bath to snpper, Toa^nni 
Mu^nardt Privatleben 2S1— 3. 536. 

U.BIHIU coLLBOA BALUTBT Hor. s. u 6 21 He prior officio qmiquawt 
reipondfat, tirgue. 
■ „ 128 FriedlSnder l" 3o8 3. Sen. ep. 84 % 12 (cited 1 100 n. ad fin.). 

„ „ iMPBLLiT Pers. n 12 IS pupilUimve vtinam, qutm proximia here* ] 
impello, e3:puagam. Lac. i 149 160 impellenB quiaguid libi nimma 
peunii I obitaret. DCass. ltii 11 g 1 Tiberiua was sSable and easy of 
aooeas to an eitreme; tbr example he bade the Henators salute him in a 
body, that there might be no tansthng (ba n^ litrli'^rTat). Mart, z 10 
1_U cum tu, laurigeris annam qni faaoibus intraB, | mane sa- 
latator limina mille teias, | hie ego quidfaciamt quid nobis, Patile, 
reliitqui$, | qui de plebe Kumae deniaqae turba tumns! | qui mt reipieiet, 
dominum Tfgmtqiu vocabol \ hoc ta, ted qttmito bUwdintl ipte facii. I 
lecticam $eUainM ttqvart neo forreroousaB, | per medium pngna* 
sed piiorisae lutnm. \ laepituaituTgamreeitanticarminal iuttju\tt 
pariter gemtiiai (eniii* in era mamu, | quid faeiet pauper, eui jum Ueet 
ttte clienti 1 \ dimitit ntutrat puTpvra, eeilra togoi, 

„ 129 OBBTB comm. on Tao. O. 20. Oataker on Anionin. vi 69. Or. 
a. a. n 271—2. Sen. rh, contr, 9 g 3B mm <iio ero paler ocbo divite. 
Sen. ben. vi 88 g 4 an (u Arruntium et Haterinm tt ceterei, qui captau- 
dornm testamentomm arlem profttii junC, non puttu eadem hahtrt 
quae detigrvitortt et lihitinarioi votal Luoiao d. mort. 4 8 2. 5—9. rhet. 
praeo. 24. Philostr. soph, i 21 g 4. Tao. lui 42 acousation (tj>. 68) of 
P. SnilliuB against Seneca himaelf, Bomat ttttamenta et orbos veUt 
iadagim titu cojii. xv 19 i.i>. 62 orbi adapted sons merely to obtain 

dt, Google 


ptetOTBhipe and piijTincea, and then cast them oQ ; complaints witia prttit 
ene orbis, quod vmUa lecvrilate, miUU onetafriM jrortom hoivfrei eiBtcM 
pronipta et obvia habtrent. 

m 130 of. 184. PWOB t 102. Ben. ben. ti 84 § 1 lut propHum 
taperbiat magna aeilimaTi tntTvilwn ae taettaa tui liiniiiia et pnt hanort 
dare, nt oitio tuD propiui aiUidtat, tit gradnm prior intra domura ponat, 
in gua deincept multa lunt otiia, quae Tffiptot qaoqtu txcludant. 

_ „ „ AIBINAIC ET MODIAM COtLEm BALUTET I 39. MbtI. II 100 dtttarit 

trilnu invitof tt mant togatiaa \ ob»erviirt iubts atria, Batet, tua : { deinde 
haerert too lateri, praectdere eiilam, \ ad vetalas tecum pi as minue 
ire decern. | Irita quidem nobii togula eit vilitque vttuique: | denarit 
tamtn hanc mm ento. Boise, (riiiu. Sen. brev. Tit. 7 3 7 xtle rem guot diet 
abttKlit!...quot illa&nai erfetendis heredibns lasaa? guot 
irritandam avaritiam caplaatium limulatut aeger > guat iUe poteniior 
amicat, qui cm non in amicitiam, sed in appaTatuta habet I 

„ „ BU.CTET the meanini; is beat »eea from Capitol. Ant. Pins 3 g 8 
nam cum laeerdoa femina TraUibta ei more procmuulei temper hoc nomifK 
Balutaret, non dixit 'ave, pro ccnuuU,' led 'ave, iiiqieTatar.' To the 
orbae the praetor would flay 'ave, AlbiTia,' 'ave, Modia' Mart, t 21. 

„ 181 DiTiTis BIB BEKTI P. Tlndob. iCTHO, 'the Bon of the (reebom 
)^Tes the wall (the right hand place) to the rich man's slave,' a fsjr more 
forcible oontrast, genitive opposed to genitive, and cervo to filiui without 
any epithet, (ejfr-j-a /alus Cio. Phil. 13 g 1 VM.tv7E2. Ambr. enarr. in 
pa. 1 46. hexaem. m g 30 vlruTngiu latae tectui. Sidon. ep. i 11 iurmlii 
niki latenbue incedere. Sparlian. Hadr. 31 § 3 cun quodam tempore 
serTum tuum inter dnos consnlarefl c coTupectu avilmlare vidiitet, 
mUit qui el colapbiaa daret dictreiqiie : ' noli inter eoi amiulare, quornm 
eue adhuepotei lerBui,' See Holydayand Lips, elect. U 2. Ov. f. ii 67 68 
in the good old days the greybeard m e d i a b iuvenum, non indignanlilna 
ipeit j ibat, et interior (on the right), si eoniei unni erat, sohol. rightly 
'aut m medium servmn mittit, aut in Hinistca ambulat.' Entr. vii IS of 
Claudius Cani civilii autem circa quosdam amieoi exttitit, uE etiam Piautium 
..., gui in expeditiane Britanniea miilla egrtgie fecerat, triumphantem ipK 
pnuegtieretur et eonicendeitti Capitolitiiu laevas iDoederet. Flut. 
Flamm. 21 g 3. 

„ 132 133 OCANTCM IN LEOIOHB TRIBnNI HV 197 n. iOCIflUHT 26,000 

sesterces in the third century a.d. Uarqaardt StT. n* 97. Spartian. 
Hadr. 10 § 7 (Salmas. p. OS) b£c pateretur quicquam tiibnnum a miUte 

sou Cic. Brut, g 308 («. alque i. Cic Caes. Colum. in 
Hand in 627. leu. also cite Liv. Suet. Aug. 32. 27 f. Claad. 4Gf. pot 
BO common as lemel itcruraque]. Yulg. and Greg, (in Erebs) in same sense 
lemel et bit. 

„ 136 Ai^A BELLA Ti 361 juiu JonsoTum vehitur eervice Syrorum. 
353 eondueit comitei sellam. Orang. givea a choice of three meanings 
for DEnucEiiE 1 the abl. shews that the simplest, 'to baud her donn,' is to 
be preferred. 

„ 187 DA TEa7Bii=iv) 29 D. 3 exx. from Cic. orr. in Mergaet do 
(a UTb). Plin. ep. m 20 % 5. In the teit-books knmilitai discredits a 
witness QuintiL v 7 § 23 ri hujailei prodveet, vilitatem . . . oportebit incei- 
tere. S 30. In conflicting evidence % 34 the question might arise iitri 
meliorei viri t PauUuB aent. v 15 § 1 laip^clos graliae teilea, et toe vel 
maxiiM, qwu . . . vilae humilitae injamavtrit, interrogari noii plaeuit, 



oL Cio. p. SBoBo. % 43 fin. j!rnif(tiin£i et BaQotisBimia leitimoniiM 
fironuR optimonoa caiua . . . eominunita. g 44 witneeeeB worthy of tnut, 
ordiTte , . tenatoret, aetate grandea natu, nnfura aanotas tt religUaot, 
oopiU rei familiarii iDOnpleteaetpeciuiiioHoB. 

m 137 ISe BOBTsa KUMiHiB isiEi Plui. h. n. vn § 130 mV opHm^a lemel a 
eondito aero ivdicatia tit Scipio Kiuica a iurata letuUu. Panlf a 666 n. 11. 

„ 138 HimiNiB iDi£i PrelJer- Jordan rSm. Hjth. ii> 64 — 60. fbocbdat 
de. p. Gael, g 66 fin. testes .. . exspseto. % 67 ipti at nwaquamprofeeto, 
»i in Utam locum prooenBerint, explicabunt. p. Flsoco % 11 Oraeoas 
testis cunt ta valatttale processit uf laedat, mm itirit im-andi, ttd 
Uitdtttdi verba mtditatur, antli. lat. 787 3 B, nuui who introdaced 
the voiehip of Fides i 115 n. Liv. i 21 g 4. DH. u 75. Flut. Num. 16 
g 1. CUm. Al. Btr. v g 8. eBp. Amm. XTi 7 g 4. 

„ 139 sEBVAvir TBEPiB JM PtiQBABm EI jEDE MiNEBTm OH the PaUftdlnm 
Bse PreUer-Jocdan rSin. Myth, i" 299. ii^ 169, Mariiuardt 8tV. m' 242. 
Ov, tr. in 1 29. Lno. i 692—3. 11 991—2. Argos alao (Pans, n 23 § G 
rebukes the Argive claim: tA /iir Sij IIiXXdAoi', taXtiToi yip nirw, l^Kor 
inTtr ii 'IraUiu' Ko^taBh inh Mrtlaa), Lavinium, Luceria, lUnm, Bins, all 
shewed the genuine PaUadium of Troy (Schw^ler i 332—4). Fiofana 
eyes first beheld it after the Gre oF a.d. 191 (Hdn. 1 14 gg 4 S. cf. vSgS;. 
Constantine, si rTtdimua, imbedded it in the baeia of the still eiiating 
porphyry monolith, set np in the forum of Constantinople. The Byzantine 
Chmtiana, Tegarding it as the fatal pledge of the city's safety, kindled 
tapers and incense there (Lasaulx Untergangdes HelleniGmuB49 50). On 
the fire of B.C. 211 see 11 g 9 (ignis) cumomnioin circuita fori popu- 
laretur, aedem Vtttae corripuit, et ne aibi qnidam dia anbTenienti- 
buB ignem ilitim, qui aettmug putabatur, temporarias ignii oppresiit; 
tmde etiam MeteUua, dum aranros deos eripit, vix bracchio lemiiatu- 
latvt aufugit. Sidon. 0. 9 ( = 1 Baret) 195—7. cf. Firm. Matem. IB g 3 
Troy was burnt by the Greeks, Bome by the Gauls, <t ex txtroqut iiKendio 
PaUadinm reserTBtam «I, ltd resarvatum turn propriii virtutibvM, 
ltd hnmano praeaidio: ab titroque taim loco lunninea liberarunt tt 
tTonilatum eit nt kamano f lagraret ineendio set. cf. 16 g 2 seg. whrae 
the emperors are adjured to bum it. Aug. c. D. i 3; A very high character 
of Metellus, by his son Q. Metellus Ma^edonicua, with Fliny's critieism 
h. n. Tii g§ 139—141. Panly it 32 n. 2. Sen. eio. contr. it 3. Heyne 
eio. n on Aen. 11, Hauaen Aeneas 276 n. 1. 

„ 140 of. 183 1B4. TU138. Sail. Calil. 10 g 4. lug. 8 g 1 (=20 § 1) 
Bomae omnia venalia. of. 28 g 1. 35 g 6 loguitha, leaving Bome, 
fertitr laepe eo tacitiu Tetpicieni poitremo dixiise: o urbem venalem et 
matttTt ptTttaram, H emptorem inBtnerlt. Freinsheim on Flor, in 1 
g 18. 6 g 18. 9 g B. Ov. 1. 1 209—218, App. Mithr. 66f. Fetron. 14 
quid faeicmt leget.-ahi sola pecunia regnat, | aat nbi panpertas 
Tincere nulla potest? net. 119 ver. 39 — 44. See the terrible indict- 
ment against the mystic Babylon apooal. 18 with the war wav n-op of ver. 
12, and the climax 'aoula of men' in ver. 13. Countless proverbs and 
proteats in every Btryle of composition attest that Rome has nsTer washed 
away this hereditary taint. Wander deutsohes Sprichwortet-Lei. v 
168S n. 114 (in Bome the 10 commandments consist in the 10 letters da 
peeunima). EBoriNns ad censuu, ok hobibub ultiiu fiet quABsno 
Phokylides (of. Plat. rep. 407') in Diogenian. it 39 Hitir0iu PioHir, dpirhr 
S' Srar p Otm. Contra^ to the rule of etliica Cic. off. n g 69 cum in Aa- 
minibui tuvandii mores tpectari aul fortnna loUt, diclu guidetn eit 
^rocU'oe itaque volga lojuunlur, le in bcnejiciii collocandii mores homi- 


man, non fortnuam lequi. % 71 litqut omnt ituKrium non, qii»m 
looaplea, ltd qualis quitqua sit. 

m 141 QUOT FABorr SKRVOB Sen. tranq. 8 gg 6 8. Apnleius (apoL 17—33) 
had gone, bo his ecemiea affirmed, to Oea c, 17 uno lervo coraites and 
bad manumitted tlu-ee Blavea : ' aappoaing I had, ear potiiu trei lemot 
tTwpiae sigjoivt pvtares, quam tr^ llbertot opulentiaef Snow tha( QOt 
philosopherB only, vemm etiairt imperateret papali Rovtani patieitatt 
itTVOTUia gloriatoi; tlist M. Antoniua, a oonnular, eolot oeto itrvot domi 
habuuie; Cacbo had only seven; that Manias Cnriua had only two 
ealoius in camp, coantiuR more triumphs than alavea. M. Cato. when 
he went as coneol to Spain, tra aervoi lolot ex urji« diucUie; when he 
tonnd that more were required, he bonght two more from the market; 
(01 quijiq-ue in Hitpaniam diixiiae.' e. 21 will you aoouse me, not of any 
nee, led quod vij>o graeili tare, quod pauciorei ego habeo, patcixu paico, 
leviui vetliof He ends with a ttt quoque c. 23 'never again taiint an; 
one with poverty, for you youreelf alone, with a single asa, ploi^hed 
the one little field, your solo iuheritance.' Sctpio Afrioauos took five 
alaves on hia campaign, Inlius Caesar three to Britain (Ath. 273"'). Sil. 
XI 37*— 7. un 357—360. Petron. 37 t. 47 Bnrm. (100 cools). 63 
seventy slave children born in a day on the Cumanum praedium of 
Trimalchio. 117 familiam quidem taia Toagimin per agroi Namidiae eise 
ipariam, utpossitvel Carthagitum capere. Thefreedman C. CaecHius Clan- 
fins Isidorus had 4116 slaves (Plin. ixxm g 135). Luc. nnvig. ^ i. TroTSat 
ijpalovs ao-of SiirxMoiit, WaUon n 71—159. Becker- Marquardt m 2 100. 
Marquardt PriviitlGben 189. See CatuU. (cited 2^1 n.) L. and S. aJouXoi 
(with Bulmken and Madvig there cited), iSoMa. Add for oSauXoi DH. 
VIII41. Geoig. Pis. bexaem. 1812: also the verb £Sov\^<.> Sttabo 712 fin. 

„ 141 142 AOBI xoo£ni Mart, x 58 9 dura luburbani dum ingeca pai- 
cimui Bgri. 

„ 142 QtTAu HuuA tuoNAQDi: Eiug. as I 120 u. Pacat. 47 f. qnam 
mnllo cireunulalw auditorel Mergaet lei. Cio. rv 24b 26b 27b shews 
that quam multi is as nsual as guot. In such a passage as Cio. Lael. % 86 
honora vn'o...quam multi ita eimienanaUt the bare juot (withont 
Aontinei) would scarcely be allowed. 

„ ,, PABOPBiDK Suet. Galba 13. Becker Gallua ni' 279. Mart.nSllS. 
Pmd. hamart. 632DreBseI. epilog. ie(p. 487 Dr.). Welstein on Matt. 33 25. 
HSt. Sidon. ep. ir 9 (with Savaro p. 106). Isid. nig 10. Charis. i 82, 
Migne patrol, cvi 1150*. 1471°. 

„ 143 144 Hor. e. n 3 94—99. ep. ii 3 31—40 esp. 36 (idem. Apul. 
apol. 23 lu vera, Aemiliane, et id gemii hoiainei, uti (« et, incvlti tt 
agreitei, tantirwera estis, quantum habet is. Aug. enarr. in ps. 51 
9 § 14 quantum habebis, tantus eris. proverbima avaronim ra- 
paciixm, innocentea opprimeTititim, res alitnaa invadentiwm, oimiRendata 
negantivm. qitaU hoc proverbium quantum habebis, tantus eris? 
id at, quantum halnierii pecuniae, qaantam aeqtiieierit. ianto plv> poterU. 
The proverb is cited also Aug. de diacipl. Christiana §§ 9 pi. 12 (vi 983", 
986* Ganme). Id the former passage there is a r imin g proverb unnoticed 
by Erasmus: quid iUi in aurea inmsarrabii, homo auare, nut 'Fili, oat 
frater ant pater, bonum ett nabU ut cum hia vivimia bene lit nobitf 
qnantnm habebia, tantus eiis. franga lunam, et fao for- 

„ 143AECAii26n. 


(Iirle ol U7H jciriif. id. tt. inc. 277 Mem. r^riri X^wi' rdXiiMt 06 r^tiirai. 
id. in Stob. fl. 96 6 tiriiTa^-pii^r i<rrt, Vopyla, t^viii, | th- vdKV UtV 

HI 144 BAttotBB4CCK Hertzberg Qeech. GrieohenL ti 486 65. Flat, 
Fomp. 24 g 3. Boman devoteea CIL i £7B— 5B1. Flat. ImcnU. IS g 3. 
Tac. an. 11 M of Genuanions ilbim in regreeta tacra Samothraonm 
vitert nitentem obvii aquiioHet depultre, Tlis island & sanctuary in 
wbioh PeraeaB took refuge (Liy. ii.iv 45 g 16. 40 g 10. eap, ilt 5 § 1—6 
9 10. VeU. I 9 g 4. rior. u 12 gg 9 10) ; Atticae (Nep. Att. 11 g 2) sent 
thither fogitives from Philippi. The Bamothrokian jnjBteriea (of tha 
Cabiri, Attiaa tr. 526 It) are in later timea often ooapled with the Eleu- 
sinian lOy. a, a. 11 6U1— 2. Tert. apol. 7. Aristid. panathen. i 308 
Bind. = 189 Jabb, 329 tin. Canter, Galen m 576. it 361 K), Weloker 
griech. Gtittertebre i 776 'In DS. the SomothiakiaDB legard their flood 
(that of DaidanaB), enbseqnent in Nonnas (iii 215) to those of Ogyges 
and Oeukalion, as the earliest, and acconnt for it hj the Euiine boceting 
its banlcB, whioh accords with the view of the oalnral philosopher Straton 
(Strabo 49). Altera on the heights, whereon they Btill aacriliced, were 
pointed to ae evidence that their fathers were before the flood, haTing 
found refoge theie (DS. t 47 g 5). These altars, as the most sacred and 
peooliar lo them, most be meant by luv. Thej remind na of the com- 
memoration of the flood at Athens and Hierapolis. The thank-oSering 
presented to the Most High by Noob in the best known story of the 
delnge, gave oocaaion to the altars of the Samothrokians.' Cassias 
Hemina (fr. 6 in Peter hist. Bom. fragm. Leipz. 1883 p. 69 from Serr. 
Aen. 1 378 and Ma«r. Sat. ni 4 g 9) SamotkTocaa deoi toademque Bomano- 
nan ptnatei proprie did Btoin iityi.\ous (cf. Aen. m 12. Varro L 1. vi g 88). 
AttiouB fr. 1 (ib. p. ai6 from sohol. Yeron. oo Aen, it 717) the penates 
were brought from Samothrace to Eome. Yarro (in Macr. Sat m 4 § 7, 
Serr. Aen. i 376. m 146) the penat«s were conveyed by Dardanns from 
Samothrace to Ttoy, by Aeneas from Troy to Ita^. EUewheie (Ang. o. 
D. Tii 28. cf. DE. n 66 fin. Pint. Cam. 26 % 7. Tert. speot. 8. Am. ni 
40. Serv. Aen. u 296. Maorob. Sat in 4 g 8) Yano identifies the penatea 
with the Gapitoline triad (Iut. zii 3— 6n.). See Elauaeu Aeneas n. d. . 
Penatenl59. 026—340. FreUer-Jordantiim. Myth.ii'lTS. Pielleigiieoh. 
Myth. 1' 660—671. 

„ 144 145 :iiBKB ARAB viji 165 — 6 iurat Eponam. On the aco. m« 
Drakenb. on Sil. via 105. 

_ „ 146 COHTBUHEKB pcLUitiA Ynlcst. Avid. CasB. 3 g 4 laipe Tiligiottu, 
alia* contemptor saororum. So cotitemptor divom, tvptnaa, daaa 
(Aen. vui 6). irnuuis* mi 78 n. 91 n. 223—6 nn. Aristoph. nnb. 
896—402 (of. Demetr. de eloc. 150). Lucr. vi 879—422 Munio. Aen. lU 
200 audiai kaec genitor, qui fulmine/otrfero loneiC. Eor. o. I S4 6 seq. 
lu G 1. Fers. ii 17—30. Sen. n. q. u 42 (the thunderbolt not an in- 
Etnuneut of vengeance). Minuc. Fel. 6 g 9. Zellar Fhilos. d. Or. iii> 
(1) 837. 

„ 146 DtB laNOECEHiiBnB ifsia a like immnnity for peijuied lovers 
Ov. a. a. 1631— esSesp. 632— & pollicito testti qwalibet adtle deot. \ lup- 
pitcT ex alto peHvHa ridet amantum \ et iubet Aeolioi inita ferrt Notot. \ 
per Styga lunoni/aUum iurare loUbat I Ivppiter: exemplo nuncjavet iptt 
iiHJ. Id. amor, n B 19 20. in 3 (esp. 1 2, 11 12, 20). PubUL Syr. S3 
ajnantit iiitiUTandum poenam non hahet. paroem. gr. tt 53, 379 Leutsch. 

„ 147—161 imitated from Hor. ep. 1 1 91—97 (where see Torrentius) 
H evratut matquali toniore eapiUoi \ occurri, rides; li forte ntiucwij 

i., Google 


perna* | trita nilitie tunicae ^cel >i toga diuidtt imfor, \ ride». iutk- 
BiAit fBiBB&T tocoBDJC X 47 D. Sen. coDst. Bap. IB g 1 ifta materia 
risQB btnigniiiima. id. vit, beat. 27 g 3 (Sokratea is speakuig) praebni 
ego aliqvando Arittoplutni msterlBUL iooorum. Quinlil. t 10 g 31. 

HI 148 LACEBNA Suet. Aug. 40 f. etiam habiliaa vtstitiaaque jrriitiman 
rtdticere itadtiit, ac vita quoadam pro coTttiont jiuUalmwn turba indigna- 
bundut It clamitani: 'en Eomanoi rerum dominoi gentemqiit togaliatt!' 
tugotium aedilibwi dedit, ne qaem voetea pat^eiUur in foro riiai potitit 
lacernis togatum coniiitere. Bee £ich compaiuoa. Maiiiuaidt Pricat' 
laben SSI. 

„ 149 ToaA..,ciLCEU3 when a prisoner declared that hs WBS B Bouuui, 
the piialea Btruek their thigha in feigned alarm, orbing him mercy; after- 
mids, tliat he might be recognifled another time, they put on him toga 
and cafceta (Pint. Pomp. 24 g 5 ol iiiy initour roit jtoXrloii oi>rii', ol Si 
T-iffervov rtpii^iiXof). When tired ol the game, they drowned him. 
Tbe Greeks wore the I/idrior (pallium) and i!pii*i5ft [loleae) SCaea. lx 6 

I 3. ib. Lix T g 7 ^.D. 37 i^^r mil ibi;i-i>Si77-aii BtiaaaBiu, tOTOB iudicu in 
■ommer Bitting barefoot irh taS rdru dp^^oiou. 

„ „ ftOBDinuLi only one other ex cited. 

„ 149 150 BciTA oiLCKCB JJ.TBR PKU:! PATKi Mart, in 26 6 rnpta cum 
pet vagut fxit aluta. 

„ 152 153 Hor. ep. I 18 24 Obbar. Sen. cons. Helv. 13 j I faupertiu 
tftUrabilia eat, «i iguominia absit, guat vtl lola opprimert animc$ toUt. 

„ 163 advct Cio. acad. ii § 60, 133. of. Beid ib. § 79. aen. ben. lu 

II §1. ep. 94 gg 22, 34, 37, 48. Gros. on Liv. ixiiv 3 g 9. Dniger hist. 
8ynt. i< 100—1. Aog. oit. D. x 5 (i 409 12 Dombart). iiv 7 (ii 40 6). 
XV 8 (II 97 16]. Tict. Yit. □ § 92. So ait Inv. n 63. Hor. ep. 1 19 43. 
Pera. i 40 Jahn. EUendl on Cio. de or. r g 30. 

„ 164 Bi FonoB E9I Prop. 1 9 33. Ov. amor. lit 2 34. Mart. :i 37 10 
mUus ii pndor eat. ni 74 £. 87 4. i 90 9. Yerg. ed. 7 44 »i qnis 
pador. YM. Il 9 g 1 ai quia eat pndor. 

„ „ FDI.TINO Ov. a. a. 1 160. DCaaa. ui 7 g 6 A.i>. 39 tlie aenatora 
for ih« flrat time allowed cnshions {rpcamijiiKaia) tua /i^ irl yv/ir^ rUr 
rarliicv KaStturrat. auKOAT Mart, cited on 153. 

„ lES ii>oixiv823n. Saet. lol. 33. 39. Flin. ep. 1 19 g 2. DCaas. 
nxvi 42 (25) g 1. Maorob. Sal. n 3 g 10. to 3 g 8. HeiUand on Cio. 
Mnr. g 40. Sen. ben. vii 12 §g 3—6. Arnob. cited on 1 113, Sen. oontr. 
9 g 17 tiennw equitem Homanun a pUbe diicemit. Augnataa (Snet. 44| 
Indignant that a senator could find no Beat at crowded games ai Puteoh, 
proanred a decree of the senate ut, guotinu quid sptctaeuli titquata publics 
tderetur, primui aubiMiorum ordo vacaret imatoribua, Bi/mae Ugatoi libtra- 
nun socia'm'nique gentitaa vgtuit in orchestra ledcre, ctiJrt quogd^m etiani 
liber tini geji4rii laitti deprehivditiet, where Ang. has the saraediaEketO 
upstart freedmen as luv. eipreesea here. A.D. 58 Frisian ambassadors in 
Borne were taken, among other sights, to the theatre of Pompeins (Tao. 
iin 64), quo magniPudinem populi vittrent, illic per oiimn {neque enim 
btdicrit ij^nari oblectabanturj dum eoiueimm caveae, discrimina ar- 
diuum, quia eiiuee, nbi senatna perctmUmtur, advertere qaotdatn 
caltu externa in aedibns senatoram. On learning that the distinction 
belonged to envoys ol nations eminent in valoor and friendship to Borne, 
eielaiining that no nation excelled the Germana in aims and loyalty they 
took up their seats among the senatora, who bore the intrusion in good 
part. So Bnet. Nero 35 where observe the eipresnonH in orcheitra 
icd«r« , , .in popularia (lediieti . . . ttdenUt in tmatu, A.D. 107 Trajan 

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alloiifed enT07B of kinga (DCaM. Lxmi 16 % 2) to ciit fr ri ^uXiimn^ 
i-o. 6 (DCasB. iiT 23 g 4 Keimar) separata places were fox the first time 
assigned to BenslorB and knights also Id the oircoa. Suet. Claud. 21. 
DCass. LX T S 4. Plin. h. a. Tin g 21, Qaintil. ui 6 g§ IS IS qai artem 
liidioram exereuerit in quatCuordecIm primia ordiuibus ne Bedeat 
oet. Panly it 996—7. Becker Haadb. ii 1 280—4. Friedlander in 
Marqnaidt StV. ni' 613—4. Prom the first (b. o. 194 Lit. iiiiv 64 
Sg 4—6. VM. u 4 g 3) the priTilege had beeu iuTidions; Hor. Iut. oet. in- 
veigh gainst it as a sjntbol of the snpremacjof wealth. Inniunti^ipiathe 
AugustaleB had leseived seats (Orelli 4016) ; at Nimes the naulat (Bois- 
sien inscT. de Ljon p. 396), 


gma divitiae bonum: itaque habeat illai et Aetiiia leno, u( hominet peeo- 
Itiam, cum in lemplU cameeTaveTint, videant et in tornice. DH. 17 34 
speaks as strongl; as Iqt, of the arte b; which bIatcs foso in his day: 0I 

rifiav ■xpT)fiaTiadiumi, toutujp livoCn-m tSu jfpijHdTiiii- r^ iXeuBtplay tai riBAi 
(ill 'Pfti^aEoi ■ flt St irimiaTOpK «aJ irvftoyot Toit turiirais yira/uvoi ipap/M- 
ttiiM- Kid irSpoipiH'tiir nal ruv (Ii dcoui ^ ri tniriy iSnnmirvr, Tairat 
AlpoiiTiu ■wap' avrCir rii xttfliToi, 

„ „ lORNicE 0. Jabn Abh. d. E. S. OeseUsch. d. Wisseusah, zn (1S68) 
271, commenting on a diaper's shop under an archway. ' True, fomieet 
seem only to occur as the residence of meretricea {Sen. conti. i 2 g 21. 
Petion, 7. InT, z 239 n.) ; bat no donbt this is purely accidental and 
iraults were employed also as shops.' 

„ 157 Hiiini PHiEComai'iLicBMarWandms.nodonbt rightly 'maUem 
nitidiii p. /,, ut cuUoi iuvenei pimiirapi.' So GiSord 'the crier's 
apmce son,' 

„ 15s PiNNnuFi cijLTos icTTENEs iFTTENEBQDE i,AHisTAE On the repetition 
Cf. Ti 66 athndit Thyinele; Thjmele tunc ruitica dincit. hen. TOt 
649 illmn indignanti aimilem similemiiUB mittanti. Ov, her. i 41. 
am. n 4 39. 19 6. a. a, i 63. 645. P. 11 3 87 inter conftesum dubie 
dobieque tugantem. Fritzsche has Or. aud Lat, eii. on Hor. s. 1 7 3S 
laudat Bruium laudatqne cohorlftn. 

„ ,, LiNisTiESen. ep. 87§15ciCedoniia Martzi 
66 1 et delator ei . . 3 4et lanista. miror, \ qaare non habeas, Vacerra, 
fiummoi. Pciedlander ji' 231— 3=ii' 334. 

,, 160 WIS OENEB Hic FucDiT OENSC MWOB? PUu. ep. ) 14 g 9 nucio 
on adiciam etie patri eina arapla* facvltatet. nam cum imaginor vot, 
qitibxa quaerimui generam, silendam de fac-ultatibai puto : eum publi- 
G09 mores atque etiam leges civitatis intueor, quae vel in 
priiois cenaufl hominum spectandos arbitrantur, ns id quidan 
praetereundum videtur. ThenuBtoldes in Cio, oft, n % 71. Hor, ep. i 6 86 
37 tcilicet uioiem cum dote fidemq.ue etamicoi \ et germs et Jormam 
regitui Peeunia donat. 

„ 180— 16B Or. am. Iii 8 56—60. 

„ 161 siRcmuTJB add to lezz. Pefr. 99 (ib. larcinit), guis faupkb 
scRiBiTna HEBBS? Clc Verr. n § 36. Mil. g 48. Hor. e, n 6 48 19 uf et 
soribare lecundm | heres. Tac. zit 31 pr. Mart, ti 63 3 4. s 97 *. 
GaL n 149. TJlp. £r. 28 6 and 13. Diibaeu mannale 'heres' g 3. 

„ 162 IH ooNsiLio EST AEDiuBUB Clc. oratt. many exx. (Mergnet i 648 
a), r. p. in % 28 cum vo> mihi essetis in conailio. Lael, § 37. N«>. 
Bum. 136. Sen. clem, i IS g 7 numar non de qiut cenieret, iid oni in 
cousitio easet. Suet, Tib. 33 fin. Toir. Flin. ap. 1 20 g 1^ (at- g 23 «n 

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eojuilio fto6e<Masiii3partiaaHadr. I8fl). cf.in9illn. paneg.91fin. 
Apn], mag. 1 pr. Spartiao. PeBoeon. 7 §4. Epikt.nimi.36 § 1 Trpotnu-ffli) 
aoi ra ir itmiati. i5 iv wpt>tayopf6ati ij ir rf vapaliij^^ai tli triiiipovHa* ; 
of. Cio. r. p. II g 16 qvi itbi etstnt in auipiciii. Sen. rh, contr. 9 f 17 
wnnu iadicei inforo legit. Mammsen StB. I* 3963 'd!e Zoziehong zum 
Consilium doreh den PrStor (Cio. p. Flaoo. g 77) und dnrch den Aedilen 
(tav.) Bind in iliren b«stimmten BeziehuDgea nioht klar.' 

m 162 iOMiNB Fioro ind. a. t. agmtn. Liv. v 80 § 4. 

„ 163 DEsnEBiNT uaBASSE tTibuU.} m e 64 debneram tertit im- 
plicniBss eomaa, tehtibh uti 7. HiaBASBs Moit. I 86 11. Sen. 
contr. 30 8 15 ktIbuiuh Olif, iS rh-pis, woXw. 


iHSDBTi i>OMi atanlej eitea DH. rv [9 f,] m yi^ S* yiivtro ^p6in)tM tvyrtt 
ft arSpdaiv airo/»u^oit tu« taO' 7iii4par iraytaluir, 

„ 165 BBB Asonan doki vi 357—9 maltii res nnguatft domi $td 
nulla pudorem | paupertatit habei nee le mttiiur ad iUum | quern dedil 
hiuc posuitque modum. 

• „ 166 167 observe the anapluira in magna 1 and 2, the ehiatnaiM and 
epanadipto^t {ineluiio Halm rhet. lat. 50 19 cf. i 15 n. xir 139 n.) in 
mag-no 1 and 3, and 2 and 3.' With both Mmpare Hor. ep. r 1 65 66 rem 
facial, rem, | H po»»it,Tecte, li non, q-aocamquemodo rem; with the latter 
of. Tibuil. EC 4 51 vera qiddera monea, ted ptomnt qaid mihi vera? 
MjeTB Bt Faol Christ the btgiiming.for (A« end it Christ. 

„ 167 rsnai cehhu Sen. ep. 20 S 3 numquid oenes fragaliter? 
Plin. m 1 g 9 adponitur cena nun mimia nitida aiuim frngi. Lexx. (b. 
'V.frux) have^. atrium, ientacula, vicOia, vita. Ramsay on Plant, most. 
p. 230. Mart, nil 81 si iii\e came voles ientaeula nimere frugi. 

„ ,, WONo Lac. IE 403 lastiva eit, quoiieTvi magna »ibi corutat 
hmettum. Gron. on Sen. a. q. n 49 § 1, Dragee hiat. Synt. i' 567. 

„ 163 ricnuDUB cenabs fudet Plin. xxiiil g 142 fabuUmm iam 
vidttia;..Catu,m Aelium, cum Ugati Aetolontm in coiaulala pranitniem in 
fiotilibna aditteni, mi»a ab ii> va>a argentea nmaecepiae, neqtie aliad 
baltuUit argenii ad $upremam vitas diem quam duopocula quae L. PaiUut 
toner ei 06 virtutem d^ieto Pereeo rege obtulinet. Hor. 1 18 g 21 qui porro 
ipii ducei.'...% 22 vet in paee, cum Curiiw fictilia sua Samnitico prat- 
Serrel auTo. AV. ill. S3 p 7 ol CnriUH Dentatua (cf. Inv. tx 78 n.) legatit 
SamnitumauTV.'m offeTentibia,cum tpae infoco rapai torrertt, 'malo' inquit 
'kaee in fictilibas meii esse et aurum habentibut imperare,' laba in 
Ath. 229^"^ till the Macedonian times gnests were Berved on Crocker; : when 
the Jtomans adopted a more eipenaive style, Eleopatia. not being able to 
change the name, called gold and silver plate crockery (x^pa^oi-). necia- 
BIB BO (or negabit] A. de Vabia. 

„ 169 »UR80S Bentley on Hor. 0. t 2 39. Pieller-Jordan rflin. Myth. 
l" 412 1. On the Bimplioity of country life see Ben. ep. 94 g 69 magna 
pars sanitatie eet hortatorei inianiae reliquisse in ielo coitu invicem noxio 
<et:> Jirocul abisse. hoe ut esse venim scias, adspiee, quanta aliterunui' 
quiique populo vivat, aUter *ibi. mm est per se magietra imtoeentiaetolitado 
nee fragalitatem dvcent rura, >ed ubi testis ae speclaiar abieessit, pitia 
lubsidunt, quorum motatrari et eonipiei fructus e»t. % 70 quit earn, qnam 
nulli oitenderet, induit piaj^uram't quia posuit lecretam in auro dapemt 
jail sitb alicuiut arboris rtisiicae proiectui umbra luxunae laae pompam 
lolui explicuit! oet Cio. Rim. g 77. Plin. ep. v 6 g 6 hinc (owing to 
the dilute near his Tuacan estate) seaee multi. videai avot proavoique 
iam iuvenuta, audias fabulai vtterti lermoneique maiorum, eumque feaerii 

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iUo, pitUt alio tt iaeculo natum. Hart, i 96 tatpe loquar ninima gentt* 
qvod, Avile, Tcmotat, \ mxToru, Latia factwt tn urbe etTux, \ auri/erumque 
Tagum HUan patriwnqut Salorum \ et refetara taturae tordida mm 
casae. I ilia plaett UUia, in qua rti pana beaitim \ me faeit et tenuo 
litxUTiaMue ope*. | jMUcitur hie, ibi patcit ager; tepet igne vtaXigno \ hie 
fixtu, ingenti jumtne hieet tfri. j kic preliota famei eonturbatorque ma- 
ctliiu; \ menia ibi diviiiit rurit operta itti. | quattuor hie aeitate togae 
pUiretve tervntar; \ (metitvaat ibi me qaattvor unn tegit. \ i, cole nunc 
regei, quidquid (ton praettat amieui | cum praetlare tibi potait, Avitt, 

m ITO coanLXjO Hor. 8. u 5 93 94 mom, il inercbuit aura, \ cautai 
Mi veiet canim caput. A. de Yaloia oululto ol. Hor. a. p. 434. Bat lay. 
proceeds at once to epeak 0! clothing. 

„ 171 Beq. Tao. zvi 5 (after Baying that the plebs iirbana feigned at 
least, and perhaps felt, delight at Nero's eihibitions on the stage) >ed qui 
r«nietit e municipiia BSTOtaque adhuo et antiqni laoria letinente 
Itftlia, quique per toiigi/iqua* provinciae lascivia ijiexperii officio legatio- 
Ritn autprivala utilitate advenerant, neque atpectum illam tolerare neqye 
laboH inhoneilo tvfficere, cum manibui neiciii fatitcerent, Agric 4 
iIatiiiiam...U>ema Graeea comiiatt et provinoiali parcimoniamfxtuiit 
ac bene cempoiitum, Fiin. ep. t 14 g 4 patria fit ei Brixia ex iUa noilTa 
Italia, quae muUnm adbuo vereoundiae, frngalitatit atqne 

municipio FataviTio. noiti loci moret: Strrana tamen Patavinii qwiqut 
teveritatii exemplum at. 11 13 § 4 mater e primit citeri<rri» Hitpaniae : 
acta quod iudicium provi'nciae iUiui, quanta lit gravitas. The Seuecas 
and Lucan, Qointilian and Trajan sprang from it. 

„ „ siTaBnuADiirrTiM0Bi2;ai...ra(iOTi«n8dmittitifl. Cio.TuM,i 
S 83 verum (i qaaeriTimi, 

„ 173 Schiller (Nero 472) has forgotten verse 179 (tanieae), when he 
sees here an allasion to the prevalence of Greek faahions. 

„ „ sKuo TOOAM scMii WBi BOBTDDs Mart. 1 96 (cited oa 169). iii 13 
lo luT. 4—9 dmn per Umiita te potentiorum | ludatrix toga ventilat 
vagumque \ maiOT Caeliut el minor fatigant: \ me laiUloa repttita poet 
Decembret \ aceepitmearuiticumquefeeit \ auro BilbiUtet luperba ferro. | 

17 IB ignota c«t toga, ted datur ptieati J rupta proximo veatii a 

cathedra. Bparl. Hadr. 23 g 2 unatorea et equitei Eumanos temper in 
publico togatoa eiie iunit, niti ti a eeaa reverterentur. % 3 ipte, onm in 
Italia asset, semper togatns prooeasit. Capitolin.M. Ant. phil. 27 
5 3 per Brunditium venietu in Italiam togam et ipse lumpsit et militet 
CogatOB ease iuiiH. Lamprid. Alei. Sev. 40 g 7 (cf. 4 § 2) in ur6e temper 
togatuB/ml et in Italiae urbibut. Friedlander 1= 14B. On the toga of 
the dead Morqnardt Priratleben 336. 

„ 175 176 Plut. □ 10401' (atoic. repugn. 15 § 1) ChryeippuB claeaed the 
doctrine of divine retribution with the Btoriea of AkW n and Alphito, 
wherewith narees frighten children, ii' wv t& iratdipia roiJ KaKoiix'''>^i''' ai 
yvudntdcfifiyoiHrw. ib. 600*' de eiilio 6 when we fall into real calamities, 
wemuat mitigate them b;tbe thought of the blessings that remain to as; 
inmginary troubles need only to be nmnaBked, as familiarity breeds in 
children contempt of masks : raSra SeT, naedrcp rots StSoiKiat Ti 
Tpvtvrfia raiSlmt iyyis Koi inri x'lparoioih-rfs KOi ivacrfit^orrts idt^o- 
Htf KUTO^ipei'fir, olrus iyr^ atrrofiiyou! xal irurtpeiSorTas toip Xayiirndr, tA 
iraSpOP tat tJ nenr Kal Ttrpay-fBruiiror drojcoJiiJmii'. Luc. Toiaris 9 fin. 
Jacob rot: ntviHi rstirtii nol mtixiis rpavurelett iouiiras i/ias iuolUToOrai, 

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i Sigf^iea to aThna, nal -raniiiyeBtt rtxvo'''^ oiJS* ri a/utpirarot 
•pBtficTu. ct. Anacli. 23 pT. hiat. oonsci. i pr. Philo9tr. Apoll. T 9 a 
proof ot ihe old bshioned aimplioity of the men of Seville (HiBpalis): a 
tratpo aotor ooroing tbara terrified thero even before ha apoka by his long 
BtrideB and gaping mask (xtx-iiv&Ta tiwdCtov) imd Btmnge attire, but when 
roiaing his voice ytyinroy iipilti^aTo, ^uyS ol rXtTs-Tat ifx""''''' ^"p i'o 
Sai/iaros iii^oTiBifTct. Claudun in hie plctnra of Eutropioa (i 131—4) la 
drawing from these maaka mm pallida ntuju | oitibai horroretn dominit 
pratberel imago, [ ifeisoZor at rabiei oeairiu laederet omnei, \ aut.paerie 
latura metca aut i/udta meruii. Adrien de Taloia cites gesta f'ranco- 
rimi HI 15 a woman waking oni^ yawning oi pauUo diductiut guam 
debtbat aperait, disiunctisqae i-uxta aurei maxillarum coagmentit, hiana 
rl«tu» coiutitit iimaabUU, ntc iam as claudere valeiu peraonae guam 
Aomint limilior tj'tcta gravimimia incautae ocitatiotm votnat luebal, 
aem. Al, Str. vi § 80 £ moat fear Greek philosophy, aa children lear ri. 
fuwuXunui. Witzaohel in f aaly and Biidi periojut. Biittiger ms. cites 
Uillin deaor. d'one moauqne ant. da mua. Pio-Clem. tab. u — it p. (Far. 
1819 fol.). 

in 176 iH QBiuio uiiBiB luL TalsT. de reb. Alex, i 13 in gremi'O 
matrig ciiianlem doceri viriU ogieiuia. inaTiooa ii4TANa = ix fiO. 

children pteaent Plaut Poan. prol. 38 39 mUrisa putroi infsntea 
minutuloi I domiprocurent neve Bpeotatumadferant. Qbano. 

„ 178 OttcoBSihiM (like cavta, tktatrum, ' the pit,' 'the gallery.' 'the 
boiea') the local senators or deoorions, who had the same rpofSpla in 
looal theatres as the senators at Borne. Suet. Caes. 76 (among nimii 
bonorei) tusgeitum in oroheatia. of. Claud. 21 pi. Aug. 35 ipectandi 
in oroheatra . . . luj. 44. Claud. 2$. Kero 13 in oicheetram seiia- 

tarn que deicendit. 

„ 179 AEMLiBua gpart Hadr. 10 % 1 per Latina oppida dictator el 
ftedilis el duumvir fait. 

„ 180 Di-rBi viBEa Aen. VI 111 vires ultra lortemque ioucUu, 

„ „ BiTOB Stat. s. T2 73 74nitor;u« [ iiM:uriiueaii/R«fim<n8. 

„ 181 tsa*. Sen. ep. 92 g 31 icit, inqtiam, aliubi poiitat toe divUiat 
quam quo conge^runtur : aiiimum impUri dtbere, non aroam. 

„ ,, AUBiTioBA Fetron. 1 lieut omnia, tpei qitoque mat ambitioni 
doiuiRt. Sen. brev. Tit. 15 g 1 nalliai lumptiioia obieniatio. Cypriani vita 
6 (p. xovi 16 Eartel) mm itlun luperMa eaecularii injlaverat, nee tanien 
prorrua adfectata p«nuria lordidarat: quia el hoc vettittu ginut a iaetantia 
mintu non e>t, quod oitendit tatiter ambitioaafntgalitas. Fetron. 17 pi. 
atloniti exapectavtmui lacrimaa ad ottentatiomta dolorii paratat. ut ergo 
lam ambitiosQB detuvmit imber. Amm. xm 4 g 6 ambitiosa ortuUa- 
rum domoruia exquiiita tunt ipatia. izx 1 g 23 ambitioaa lintta. xxxi 
6 g 11 noTubim lolMiorii vitae mollitie tol/ria vetustai ir^ecta luo ambi- 
tioais meJUii nee flagitioiit quaeitibui iTtAiabnt. Salvian. gub. u S 19 of 
David totum regem cum onuUibtu luii oiidfC, . . . paeniteiaem etim pairo- 
cinio ambitiosi iqualorii riijmmit. Corte on Plin. ep. 1 14 g 5. 

in arbe luiuriaa creatur, ex iuxurie extiitat avaritia necene eat. 

„ 1B3 QOiD TB HOBOB? HoT. B. I 1 14 fu te morai, ovtli. Fiop. iv 
(v)2 57 68«x superant vera^ : te qui ad vadimonia eurrii, \ nonmoror. 
oods formula dimittaniU senatua [Capitolin. Ant. phiL 10 S 9J nihil vOB 
moTftmur,;'. c. Gbaho. Liv. viu 36 g 8 Sigoo. 

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378 -CtniPEETIOi SALUTO. BAEBA, ni "183 — 

m ISS 181 OHHU BOMAi oav PBBTto 'tit U deu at Rome.' Sail. Ii^. 
B6 8 8 (where e. jj. is part ot the subject, 'all that bringa its price,' not, as 
here, predicate) homini poieiitiam quaemiti tgrntiiiimia qwiqve oyort«- 
nittitmu, cui ntqat ma cara, qaippe quar nulla lunt, et omnia cnm 
pretio hoTUita videntar. rum pretio (also Ana. grammaticomaBlii, iivn 
13 2) is mooh larer than its opposite line p. ('gratia ') and tliBD in p. 
{CBteemed, highly prized). Bee ind. to Flin. hi n. prelivm, to feel the 
tmth of the text. Plant, rnd. 710 jnf^un hate potior cum pretio too 
{'at TOUT cost,' '70a shall pay for it,' 'I'll pay 700 out'). Catoll. 77 2 
CQm pretio atqut malo, 

B 1B4 guiD DIB, DT coBSUii ALiQUJiNDO BALUTEsT IV 64 n. Petroii. 
44 et guam benigtiui Teiabitare, nomina omnium rtddere, iamquam unus de 
nobit. Sen. ep. 84 1 12 intuerii ilUu poteniium demoa, ilia tumnltaoBa 
rixa salntantiam liminaf multnm habent con turn eliarnm, nt 
intra B, pliu, euia intraverii, ben. vi 34 g 1. const, sap. 11 § 1 quidam... 
contiimeliam vacant Dttiarii diJUullatem, nonunclatorii tiiperbiatn, cvbicn- 
Uirii ivpi^cilium, ib. 5 2 quid ergo t lapiem non accedet ad font, juns 
ditna ianilor ohiiditi itU vera, li ret ntcettaria vocabit, experittur tt 
ilium quitqait erit tamqaam can em aoremobiectociboleniet neo 

S7 §8 2 3. Galea de alim. sucie 2 pr. (vi 75B IL) ; injury to health of clients 
from dancing attendance before davn at the doors of the great, att«ndinf; 
them at the bath. escortinR them home, and then hurrying from a haity 
bath to dinner. Epikt. i 30 3 7 touto rd rpiPippo; ol imTutiiai ; Orientins 

iOsllandi 1 191) in Friedlander i> SI9. Tac. uu 2 f. on the insalenco of 
'alias, rriedlander i> 112 of imperial slaves {vendue /umum). Luc. 
Migrin. 24. piBO. S4. Sen. ep. 47 g 16 vive cum nrvo cletrunler, eomiter 
quoqMt, et in (ermoncm ilium admitte et in amailivm et in com>ictaia. hoe 
loeo adclamabit miki tota manui d«itcaf orum .■ 'nihil hoe re humiliat, 
nihil turpini,' ko> ego eosdem deprehendam alienorum sorTornm 
OBenlantes mannm. CapitoUn. Maiimin. 8 g 10 m^minerae praetereit 
It Bomae tliara a lemii tuibilium cont;mptum «iif. ita utTie a procnratori- 
bat qtiidem eorum videretar, Afarquardt Privatleben 262—5. Friedlander 
l» 111, 341, 360. 

„ 185 BESricUT Mart, iv 83 8 leatna nullum rcBalntas, detpicii 
omnei. Luc. Nigrin. 21 (of the rich) t4 ii KaiJirnro?, roit irrvyx'ii''>i''''ai 
iWoTptf i/iurj rpoirip\i^ar; soma eren demand adoration, more creeping 
than the Peraian. 

ambition' (;inpo«iXi7-i(ioi) took his son to Delphi to have his hair ent on 
entering his 17th year (TheophrastaB char. 21 = 7 cf. p. 199 Jebt), Vaixo, 
'Cato vel de liberis eduoandis' (NoniuB p. 94 M) itaqju Ambraciae 

ponere lolent. Plat. Thes. 6. Petron. 7S fin. turn Trimalchio 'amtei' 
inguil 'hodie Bervas mens bacbatoriam feoit, homo pra/JUcini 
fntgi et mieartu*. itagu* tengnmtnai faciamiu et naque in lucem cene- 
muB.' 107 fln. comm. cm deo orinera voviBti? Snet. Nero 34 fin. 
Mart, th 29 S. Capitolin. Ver. 7 g 10. Eur. Baachae 494 Ehnaley and 
Sandja (493). Hom. * 141—2 BarneB, Spitznar (in mourning, of. Plat, 
rep. agi" and Philostr. Apoll. th 86 g 2. heroic. 8 § 21. imagg, "783, 
Strabo p. 488 fin.). Pans, i 87 g 3. n 82 § 1. vii 17 g a tm 41 g 3. 
Ael. 1. h. Tii 8 (in monming). DChrys. 35 (ii 67 pr. R) roXXol yip tjiij 
B.i Stir Tim no/t-Mi* Srepurm. Schflraann Aesch. PV, p. 160. Pauly vi 
ess, 664, Hertzberg Oesoh. Grieoh. u 482 37. 483 47 6a. 484 60. 


— I $9 B4RBA PRIMA, tiBA- PEGtlLU* 379 

NSgelsbach homer, TheoT. BO. Pitiaona a. V. coma, HeBjeli, einirripia. 
Greg. Naz, or. 2 49 (i 86») rplr droWirflat irxtSir rif TpurijF Tpixa. DCasa, 
iLvin 34 g 3 Reimar. Bflttlcher Banmkult 02—97. ScMUer'fl Nero 133, 
Plat. II 62*. On Aquila'B tow Bee Conjbeare and HowBon St Panl i> 
45S— 4. n 248 >eq. In the middle ages the bishop, or other 'apiritnal 
father,' eat the hiiir ot boje. In the ordo Bomanuii are several prajers 
'ad capitlatiuam incidendam,' 'ad paemm tonBuiandiim.' Mabillon Baec. 
in Bened. pt. 2 piaeE. n. IT (also in Pagi on Bsion. 684 a. 13) traces 
this custom (not tonnd before the 8th oaotrnT') to the heathen demcation 
of the first cropt hair. Bee Dacange mallonei, and the letter of tlte emperor 
Michael Balbiu to Louis the Pious in acta sjn. Paris, a. d. 825 (Mansi 
xrr 417). 

Ill 187 iiTBia calieB at milk, meal {Irplui') and honey Atb. 136'. 
Grangaeus eltea Ov. tr. iii 13 17 Uhaque dan pro me genitaU notantia 
teirtpiut of. ib. IV 10 12. Many (Grangaeus, Britannions, Silveatri, 
Bodham oet.) understand the liba to be presented by the clients, as 
sacrificial cakes. This wonld agree well witJi the tone in which Stat. s. 
m 4 flatters Earinns, and with Inv. in 183—9. 215—220. ii 60—53 
birthday gifts; venaliin) i.e. the house looked like a well-stocked shop. 
Bat aeeipt has no force in this interpretation, and liba were often given 
na a bait Ot. amor, i 8 93 94 cum tt deficient paictudi vmnera catisae, ] 
nataUm libo teitifieare (uum, a. a. i 429 quid, quan natali cum posoit 
man era libo. Both auppoBEa that the lifco were first offered in sacrifice, 
and then given to the household, who dispose ot them to the clients. 

„ ,, AcciFB Ot. a. a. u 163 leoum liabet ingenium, qui, citm libtt, 
'acoipe' dieit. 


adttum emercatns. Sen. const, aap. 15 S 6 domia hate lapitntU an- 
gwtaj sine eullii, line tirepitu, aine adparatu^ nuUis adseruatur lanitori- 

et ab ottiaTiii liberam fortima von traniit. Petron. 30 f. we interceded on 
behalf of a slave who had stolen the diapensator's clothes, quae vix 
/uiinatt decern tatertionim. Our req.aest was granlfld : guperlnis ille 
nutulje miltum et 'non tarn iactura me movet' inquit 'quam neglegentia 
neqaitrimi lervi. veiiimeTtta inea cubitoria perdidit, quae mihi natali 
meo cliena quidam donaveiat, Tyria line dubio, led iam temel lota.' 
Lno. mere. cond. 10. Nigrin. 22. Lovers bribing porters, ladies' nuuds 
cet. Ot. a. a. □ 251 — 260. Suet. Caes. 27 uiierrtmo congiario proiegite- 
batuT libertoi . . . semosqtxe cuititque, prmit domino patronove gratat gut 
etset. Luc. mere. cond. S7 when after a long time, as the Saturnalia or 
Quim^uatruB have arrived, you receive as a present some sorry coat or 
rotting tunic (iipiirrMiiv n iS\itiy ^ x"''^"* MsaSpoy), there must be a 
world of parade. The first, who, while his master ia yet deliberating, 
gets wind of it, runs on before to break the news, and receives no small 
fee for his pains. In the morning thirteen come bearing the gift itself, 
each telling how be was the one to remind his master, haw much he eaid 
for yon, what paina he took to choose the finest. Each goes away with a 
fee, grumbling that it is no greater. In the reformed Saturnalia (Erono- 
Bolon 15) not more tiian three or four of the trustiest slaves, and those 
adTanced in age, were to convey the gifts, with an exact inventory of kind 
and quantity. After drinking a single cup of wine each, they were to 
hurry back, withoat demanding more. 

„ 189 ADoEBE rEcnuA SEBTis Sen. ben. vil 4 g 4 namquid dtAivm eit, 
{ruinservaBOainpeauliodOTiiint fit.' dot Unnen dtmumt luo nmntu. 



m 190 ocis TiHST Am 1 
enh utu out (intuie, quale eat 
80: cf. vni 70 cited in n. 

„ 191 voLSttiiis now Onieto ESite aunali d. iuBt. I87T 175—6. 
OunorriDi ib. 18S1 28—59. 

„ 193 NOB DKBEu ooLiuuH MaiUAiid ms. 'wbnn ineolimiii, nt perierit 
prima Bjllaba in praecedents ?r.' tibicine Am. 11 69 f. A ilantem, ul 
quidara /erunt. gfiiatorim, baiultim, tibicinem ilium ac destiTtam caeli. 
Btittiger (oiting Bnnsen, Beschreibimg d. St. Bom i So5 — 416) thiniii 
that the mBaciuit; ■wa* wholly due to imdanniiiiiig b; harenariae and 
lapicidiiuie. But the oatacambs are in the eniiiona, aod tbe ancients 
BBcrjbe tbe riBk to tlie height of the bouses (Strnbo 3bS) and scamped 
work (m 7 n.). 

„ 194 LABEHTiBus 117 306 n. [Catull. Sen.) Sen. n. q. vi S2 S 6 tnsu- 
lamm cadeittiam fragor. u 59 3 3 f. vi 1 g 6 cojutemaiio esc omnium, ubi 
ttela.crtpueruM et ruiaa aignum dtdit. tuiM praecepi quitqui ee praripit 
etpmatei avoi dttcrit ac it publico credit, Btrabo 23E houaes constantly 
changing hands come down by a kind of volontarj ruin [oi luraxfidatii 
inoieioi Tvei tvumitntit <lal). The bnilding trade depended on BlOimB 
and fires Sen, ben. vi itS § 3 nulla tempettaie, nulla igne laedaniur tecla: 
iacebit opera fabrilii. Jordan lopogr. i 4S2— 492 fires. 

„ 196 TiLicus Sen. ep. 13 9 1 ventram in (uburbonutn nuum et qturt- 
bar de impeniii aedifiaii dilabentia. ait vilicua mihi: nan eiie neg- 
Itgentiae taae viliian. omnia tt Jaeere, tedvUlamvtteremetse. Friedlander 
oiteB Henzsn-Oielli ind. p. 190 d. OMphitkeatri, coloniae cet. nntui 
Friedlander i' TO cites Plin. uiti g 171 reticulata itructuro, qua frequen- 
tinime Rvmae <triiun(, rimis ojwrnuia tat. Vitmv. u 8 g 1 ttmcturarum 
genera aunt hate, TeticaUoum quo nunc omnts ulunlur, <t antiquuia quod 
incertiaa dicilur. ex kit vemutita est reticuUtt-am, led ad lim&s facxmdaa 
idea paratum guod in omnei partei diiioUita habet cubilia et coagmenta. 

„ 197 iNCBNDU ziii 146 n. xir 305 u. Sen. rh. contr. 9 g 11 1 quid 
tandem est qitod tton divitiae eorruperinti primum n inde excipere velit 
Mde< iptat, quat in tantum exttruxere, nt domui ad ucuin ae munimenttim 
paratae lint nutu periento, non praetidio : tanta allitudo aedijieionim ett 
tanl^ieque oiamm angmtiae, nt neque advertua ignem praeiidittm, neqne 
ex ruinia nllata in partem ejugium lit. g 12.,.uf aiucii et interdin et noete 
tninam igncmque metimnt, qni live tectii inieetm ett <aive> fortvitaa, 
laqutaria it tablina ilia itrbiunt excidia iun(. Plin. ixvui g 20 eliam 
pariitea incecdioinm deprecalionibua comcribuntaT. § 26 tncendia 
inter epulai nominata aquii tub meiaam profuiii abominamur. Sen. n. q. 
II 39 g 3 fin. evitationem impejidentii perieuli..., tit eum iimemiu ignem. 
Ti 9 3 3 qnotieni incendio lalorat pan eimtatti. 32 § 7 illic (after death) 
...Ron Incendia regionei urbeiqne vaitant. Suet. Nero 11 a very lealiatie 
eiMbition: inducta A/rani togata, quae ' incendium' imcribitur, concet- 
aianqne nt acaenici ardentii domui lupetiectiUm cHriperent ac libi haberent. 

„ 198 POBCIT Agniu Cio. Phil, i § 21 eoneurriiur andique ad commune 
iiKendiura restinguendum. Sen. de ira m 43 g 3 aaepe rixam eonclamatum 
in vicino iitcendium solvit. Flut. Bom. 20 1 12 if ever the oomel tree near 
the temple of Moneta appeari.d to any one to pine, he immediately made 
oukry to all he met, and they, liie people hearing of a house on fire, 
with one accord wonld Cry for tcater {iSartp iftrfniiiiiip ^oijfloBe Td i^ur 
vSup) and run from all parts with buckets full to the place. 

„ „ raivoni Sen. tianq. 1 g 9 eiraanfudit me ex longo frngalitatia 
' n inuICo aplatdore luxwia, et undigue cireumtonait. pouiuffl 

i., Google 


Utvbat aeitt, faeUiva advemu iUam; anivmm gunm oeulw adtolio. Ttetd» 
■tojue non prior, ted triMtior, nee infer ilia frivola mta tarn atitu ineeio 

Uicitiuqvt moTTUt mbit et dubitaHo, numgut'd ilia mtliora (int. 

m 19S ccAi-EGOK I S18 D. cf. II 100 Aotoiis AuTWtci tpolium. 

„ „ TiBULATA add to laix. sa. ur BOl and 419 (floors of a nege 
turrU). Tart. adv. Val. 7 (cited on 201). 81 mprimii ipia Achamoth, dt 
regions mtdietatU, de tabnlato tecando in tummum trantfertur reitituta 
FUnmual. palL 6 (p. 947 Oehler) folds of the toga. [Sulp. Sev.] ep. 2 
S 11 (p. 240 19^alm) per omnia caelarvm tabulata diteanant. VFl. 
viti 305 and Fier. Tit. Ualchi 1 pr. a ship's deck. 8ee Georges and 
Diiksen mannale. Friedlander i' 7 cites Philostr. imag. piooem. % 4 who 
HajB that a pictare gallery in Kaples was in the fourth or fifth storey (^»i t(t- 
rdpur tl/tai ij ml rtrrc dpofiujv). A honse of five storeTS in Antiooh, where 
however, according to Libanius, the larger houses aa a mle had only three 
(O. MiUlerantt. Antioch. 112 10). In Phoenician citiat houBea of aii storeys 
Fteem to have been oomman : in Carthage App. vm 128, in Motya in Sicily 

i'/'Oi. Of "^le Btrabo says 767 pr. irraSSa M *iwi Tt>\u»T^ovt rit obiof 
•Sort mi r£» /r 'PiiMTI /lo^Xoi'. 

„ 200 HAMai = 3G7, 

„ ,, TREPiDiTnn »o in a fire Sil. HT 423—6 irUrat diftwcw ptttU 
Vvleafiia patiim [ atqtu impUi diipena foroi : trepidatar 0mi»o | turn- 
mil remigio, xni £04 — B B simile drawn from a £z» in the city, ending 
lateqiie vt capiapaeiim trepidatur in urbe. 

„ 201 AHDEBiT his garret will catch fire Hor. s. i 6 73. 

„ 202 uoLUEB ooLuuBAB Mart, n 104 9 baiia me capiunt molles imi- 
tate columb as, 

„ 203 HTNOB Theophr. ohar. 4 ( = 14 Jebb) pr. /«lf« toC roSbt t4 
droJiluarii /pipur. Hor. ep. 1 10 43 43 ul etdccru oUm, \ ti pede maioi 
erit, mbnertet, ri minor, wet. 17 39 40 hie otau korret, \ ut parTia 
animis et parvo oorpore mains. 20 21 maioces pennas nido. 
c IT 11 11 13 ^id aettnat minorem | eonniiii oninunn fatigiut Ot. 
met. Tit 276 propoiituM inttrumt mortali barbara mains ijiii{ar ij irar' 
atdpyror). Cio. oft. I g 42 maior benignllai qvam facultatei. % 89 ne 
maior poena gvam culpa tit. Kfihner gr. Gr. n* 850 651. 

,. DHCEOLi Sen. fcagm. 60 in Hier. adv. loTin. i 47 (ii B14') nrceolus 
^tilit. Isid. ep, 1^7. Dacange. Add to leix. vrceolvm neni (Bouth 
rel. sacr. it> 323.) 

„ 204 NEC NON XT Aen. ti 695. Suet. Veap. 8. Dom. 14. (of. gr. 2S 
nee non etiam.) Ot. met. tii 432. Tm 740. Sil,nG6. Qnintil, ix 4 g 25. 
Plin. mi % lia Drager hist. Sjnt. ii> 69. Borsian Jahiesber. ii. 386. 

„ 204 206 ABACI,.. CEiBOH on these sideboards see Morquardt Privatle- 
bsn 309 310, abaeia is a quadrangolar slab resting on a pedestal (trapeio- 
pJumm) of marble, bronie or silver, whioh formed a special object of 
scnlpture; (Winckelmann mon.ined. n, S7c=inQfleo 
Botbon. I 48) with a Centaur rparr^o^poi (as here) and Scjlla. Pollai 
I 69 'yon may call the table, on which the plate is set oat, a foor-legged 
table and one-legged, nal etrit ^otXoiTo ^uXoTi/Ui^eai rpit njp mabnrra r^ 
Xp^tUi, TpaTiio^por.' Bidon. c. 17 9 10 neo per mMliipiicea abaoo 
rpUndente eavemat | argenti nigri pondera defodiam, where the cavtmae 
are oupboatds beneath the ab(KW. Edm. Hauler in a specimen of a Latin 
thesaurus (Archiv f. lat. Leiikogr. Leipzig 1884 i 430 — 5) misled by 
Samio, whioh he interprets Pythagorean, oluseB Ana. epigr. 6 3 (<Hted 
in my note) tmder the beading ' tabula geometrica et arithmetica. ' For 


thia ktter nss see BtJokh M. 8cbr. it 193—501. A pardtu TpaTfla^ipn 
31 136. A plain sideboard Hot. b. i 6 116 — 8 lapit aUnu \ pocula cum 
cyatho duo adttat eehimu \ viUt, eatn patera gutut, eamjunv 

ni 206 csNTHiBcs »dd to iBxi. Sil. TO 197. Arnob. vi 25 (. pniaent. 
m^om. 867. oath, ix 38. perist. i 399. B«e Dorembetg diot. dea ant. 
Beaker's QalloB m' 264. Bich companion. 

„ 206 UBKLiios hiB whole astate dig. tttt t 62 g 1 luc chartae puToe 
debvnlvr librU Ugatii nee ehartit Ugatii libri debebuntar,' niii forte el kie 
noa umril voluntas ; ut puia ti quii forte ehartat tie reliquerit 'ehartat 
mfoi tmiveniu,' qui nihil aliud qnam iibroa habebat, itudiontt 

„ 207 OFioi Hot. ep. i SO 12 tineai paieet tacitumut inertea. 
noDBBANT cABinHA MDiiEB CJD. divla. IT § 50 L nam SI tjla lequimur, 
guod Plktonia politian nuptr apud me muraa oocroBeinnt, dt 
re pablUa debvi pertimeicere, aut, li Epioari de voluptate liber 
roans e»aet, putarem annonont in macello eariorem fore. Tart. ady. 
Maio. 1 1 p.m. guii tan comeaor mna Poatictu, quam qui tvangeUn 


of Ov. a. a. 1 151 et it nullus eritpuivit, tamen ezeutt nalUm. cf. Plin. 
ep. 1 11 'nihil eff inqitit 'quod tcribam.' at hoc iptam icribe, nihil ate 
quod tcribat. Fera. i 122 — 3 hoc ridere meuia, tarn nil, naUa tibi vendo J 
made. Shakespeare Bonnet 136 ' For nothing hold me, bo it please thee 
hold This notAtn^ me, a something aweet to thae.' 

„ 210 ASBUUNU EST CTTUTTLUs aio aoripserunt edd. omnea ood. P ane- 
toriiJatem aecnti qui solus serraTit «tf voanlam in ceteris libria omiaaam, 
Temm ni species me fefeUit iam prima manus in libro pretioaisaimo tit 
■ eiponiit ; qnod at credtun eo facilins adduoar, cum canaa erroris plana 
sit. oompendio enim e ( = eat) etiam in libri^ vetustis naitato in libto 
anjhetypo hio illio loomn ooncesanm tiiiBfia supra oommemorari, librarius 
verbo aerumnae iam oonsoripto Utterolam novlaaimam male repetiit inde- 
qna enatua est error, molto vero effloacios dioi ultinua autem aenimnae 
cumubtt verbo sabstantiTO neglecto non eat quod monaam. Bebb. 

„ ,, ntnau aoauiiEM Mart. ii 2TS vel duo frnsta rogat eybii, 
Phaedr. m 7 22 frnsta iactant familia (to a dog). 

„ 212 HOBBiDi luXEB ellipBig of Verb as 1 128. 

Drsixint. laud. deiiiiS7S pallati pro ceres, vadimonia nulla fuittent. 

ire^a" Pint, u 201°. Polyaec. viii 16 % 2. Philostr. Boph. a 1 § 8. 
27 9 6. her. 20 S§ 36. 27. Paos. u 3 g 6 (7) f- BChol. Eur. Med. 1387. 
Bidon. ep. t 7 inc(dunf...piillati ad nuptias. Hier. ep. GG 6 pr. quii enim 
hoc cTederel, ut comuiam pronepot... inter purpwai leaatorum (nrva tu- 
nica (infr. 25i) pnllataa incederett 79 7 f. widow's weeds. Cjpr. de 
mortalitate 20 it has been revealed to me tbat I aliould preach that onr 
brethren called from this world Bbonld be regretted, rum plangi nee occi- 
piendat eite hie atras veates for those who are now robed in white. 
Eermann-atark Or. Privatalterth. g S9 28. Becker Oallaa iii> 366. 

„ „ DiFTBRT TADiHOHu 2B8 n. Cio. p. Qiunct. SS 22, 4S. fam. n 8 
§ 1. Att. n 7 S a. Plin. h. n. yu S 183, lay. ep. 86. Ben, ep. 64 g 3. 
Bein Privatr. 893. 

„ 316 MiBKOBi e-g. ooltmme xir 60: 307 n. 

„ 216 coMTBiui ucFEHSU ftttei a fire (i.i>. SB) which Md waate the 


ATentine and part of mt. Oaslius Tib«nn8 oontribnted 100 njillion sesterces 
to make good the low (Tao. an. ti 16. DCaea. lthi SG § S) ; after uiother 
(A.D. 27) which laid waste the whole region of mt. Caelius, he oontributed 
in proportion to the injiuieB done (Tell, n 130 S 3. Toe. an. rr 61. Buet. 
Tib. 18). 

ra 216 BTOi aiosi n 106 n. On the Greek works of art in Rome see 
Marqnsrdt Privatleben 590— 4. Add Plut. Laonll. ao S 1 Lncullns fotmd 
the province of Asia devastated bj nBurers, parents driven to sell their 
handsome sons knd daoghters, cities their iraff^/iara, ypaf-ds, Uptit 

„ 217 KCPnBiNoiOB EI roLTdjn AV. epit. 14 § 2 of Hadrian geoirutra 
pietor fictorque ex atre vel marmort proiime Polyolitoa vel Euphra- 
noras. autmusoaa SiUig catal. artif. 205 — B. Ovorbeck Qesoh. d. 
gr. Ptastik n> 82 — 4. id. SchriftqneLIen znr Oeeoh. d. bildenden Eiinsta 
pp. 338—347 and ind. tOLlcuTi Sillig 361—370. Overbeck Gesch. I 
SiO— 361. Scbriftquelleu pp. 166—175. For both see also Bronn, £. 0. 
Mttller and any other writer on ancient ait. 

„ 218 FuscAsuTaHDH Lobeck Aglaoph. 245. 

„ 220 MODIDU ABOBHTI Pint. II 173' dpyi'pfav Si kbI ^airlm aiK 
ipiBfiir dXXi aratiiAr taeaSat. Lac. gallus 12 rd iibi XP"'"-'"' ■"' ^i 
Apyupior iiarrXeiv aad^ait nrl BtydXaii iinUv T« jral BoXi> irippiar, 
Grangaens compares ' on beisseaa d'ions.' Oell. iv 12 § i. 

„ 222 TOM/otx z 326 n. Ifadvig adveis. ii 656. 

„ 223 1VBI.LI ciBCBMSiDUB Suct. Aog. 46 Angustns was absent many 
hours, sometimes whole days, from the shows, bat not withont eicusiDg 
himself and appointing a depot;; when present, he devoted himself en- 
tirely to the performacaes, either remembering that Caesar had given 
nmbrage by reading and answering letters and petitions there, or &om a 
teal interest in eport. Usny would sit out the whole time Qnintil. vi 8 
% 63 eqiiei Romamxs, ad ifunn in iptctaculit bibentem cum miaiuet Aagasfu, 
qui ti diceret 'ego li prandere itolo, donatm eo' : 'tu enim' inguit 'non 
Uma ne loeaia perdat.' 

„ 224 FiBATUB I 106. V 66. xiv 140. 

„ 926 Mart, iv 66 1 2 egiiti vitam temper. Lint, manicipalem, 
qna nihil omnino villus esse potest oet. 

„ 226 HOBTDLCB Hio lUTEUsgcs JIBEVIB Ben. ep. 44 g 3 CUaiithfi 
aguam traxit et rigando horto locavit manvi. luatin it 10 § 9 operant 
oblocare ad pnteos eihauriendos hortosijue iriigandos lolitm, 
Hier. vit. Hdar. 31 (of Antony) haTic pitcinam ad iriigandum hor- 
ialum miilta Fudorefabruatui eit. Hence Aus. idyl iii (-0.12 2 SchenM) 
36 /oiM prop Wrputeusquebievis. 

„ 228 vnjcns hobh of. ii 69. priap- 24 1 feetijidi vilions horti. 
43 1 iaetua Arittagorat natit bene Tilicns ucft. Mart, ni 68 9 evttodem 

„ 229 KPHLDii DABS Cic. Miir.§75 camepnlum C-Morimtu ^A^ani 
patmi sui nomin* popalo Romano daret. Hor. s. n 3 85 86 gladiatonan 
dareemium | damaati populo paria atque epulum. OKu<oj>EDa. 

„ 230 gnocmwDK toco Mart. iivl2 1 quo ou cumins loco. 

„ 231 TiNiDS DounnjH lacektu Teit. adv. Maro. it 24 uCrumrM 
OBWiuJB onifsaiium dominns an nee nnins laoertae deiw/ Of ten kept 
■8 a pet in the house. We say ' keeps a cat, a dog, a donkey ' act. TIuh« 
is a jest rap' inrivsior, as in the verse (Aristot. rhet. m 11 p. 1412a 30, 
(rited by Rofti) (utux* *' ^X*" *** loo-iri x'i«tW">i where yon eipcot wtBiJvi. 
of. Catnll. 23 1 3 ^i^, oii negus ssmu* sit negu« ana \ nee oimei ntqat 

dt, Google 


BTftnena neqm igmi. Bnrman anthol. it 19 S turn halmtl cfciM, cofeeM 

CtiiUre poutt. Theobr. vn 22 irlia S^ h1 aaipot ir Bl^uHrtaTiii mfuMlct. 
g. eol. n 9. 
m 2B2 FLUxuiTB Tm 68. Mart, t 16 T. 

„ „ AEOEB on the insalnbrity of Bome FriedJiinder (i* 35~37 = l» 
S9— 84) cites e, g. Sen. ep. 104 g 6 ut jirimum gravitalrm urbu «x<;«(ri et 
illiMi diiorem etilinamni /umantium, quae tnotat quidquid pettiferi vaporia 
obmeraat, mint pulvere effandunt, ^otimu mutatarn valetvdineni ktui. 
Uart. 1 13 to Domitimi, starting for Veioellae : 1 can endnre tout abaenoe, 
if for bnt one atttmnn ;od rest the neck ohafed bj the joke of Bome i 
7 — 12 i precor et totog avida cute conJitbe toUi. | ^uam fomuma, dam 
feregrima, erii! \ tt veaiei albii Ron agjuisceruiae amicU | livebitque Uai 
paUida turbo genii, | led via gtifin dederit, rapiet cito RoMa cotorem, | 
Niliaeo redem tu lictt are niger. 

„ „ YianAHDO Priscian (riii 71 i 137 Keil) oompaies the iambio 
dimetM of 'Alcimng Aritua in 11 eicellentinm' ; spatiandS patrftitim 
trahil. Terentian. 1296 (cited by Borv. Aen. iv 413, who attftugely bbtb 
in hoe modo 'do' nntuToUter brevii of) eada a heiameter renovandS 
doloTO. Strnve (latein. Declination, Eonigsberg 1823, 72) cites Seren. 
Bammon. (BiibxenB p. L m. m) 846 manandi. S68 revomendB dab. leak 
896 cetiaiA6. 

„ 333il43ll. 144q. 

„ 334 innENTi biomaobo Sen. n. q. it 18 { S quamJiiit lanua et talubrii 
cibicapax BtomaohnBesHmptelurvtw, noRpreinitur, natumlibiu/oinentM 
contoitui eit: ubi cotidiaaU orudiCatibns non itmporit aoBtuf^ led 
ruoi untit cet. % 7 atomaohns ilU toItUm «t aestn >uo languidu* 
juoml aliqaid, <fuo erigatur. 

„ 235 uiaNiB opiBUB noRKiTiTB TV DBBE Hor. ep. 1 10 18 Obbar. 11 2 79. 
c. m 29 12. Friedliinder i» 37. 54 = i' 22 28. 62. Mart, in 67 24—28 to 
the rich et in piofuada gomnu e et quiei mtllii \ offerua Jinyuii ,- rwo die* 
niri admium, | no» (the poor) traneeuntiB risas eioitat tnrbae | «t 
ad cubiU eit Soma, taedio feaii | dormiie quotiens libnit, imne 
ad TilUm. 68 6 6 otia me aomnneqae iavant, quae magna ne- 
gavit I Bomatnihi: redeo, ei vigilatar ethic. 

„236x36n. abto ISTn. vi7SangnBtoB...vtc(w. Bome has never 
had aoy atieetB comparable to the bonleTarda of Aleiandria and Antioch. 
In Bome, as in Pompeii, the honses had booths 01 shops built ont into the 
streets and projecting balconiea [Maeniana Becker Gallus □* 240. add to 
leu. Hier. ep. lOS 63. in Ezech. c. 41 t SOI*, ind. panegyr.). These 
booths vere removed hy order of Domitiac Mart. T 61 ; in the street fights 
of A,D. 238 the balconies were set on fire Hdn. vu 12 gg 5 6: the hoogea 
and -workahopa being shot, they set fire to the doota mi rf tiki fyrar (i\ur 
^fo^al (iroXXol li ouTUt «ard t^ riXif). the fire Spread over a very great 
part of the city becanse of the closeneBS of the iruulae and the quantity of 
timber, i.d. 368 the praef. urb. Rraetetlatas removed all the Maeniana, 
which had been illegal in earlier times (Amm. nvn 9 § 10). Fiubd- 
LiKraa J? 7 — 9. Cic. leg. agr. u 5 96 lionuxm...angattiinmU lemitii. 

„ 237 Plin. ep. XII £ g 13 n. haec inter medios laborei tnhisqut fremi- 
tarn. HAKDBiE lans Pisonis (BahreDB p. 1. m. i 233) 208 ul citut 
rffratta, prorampat in agntiiuimandra. 

,, 238 DBDBO Philoetr. Ap. T 27 S ^ though Clandins was 60 yeara old 
at his accession, and seemea derated to all kinds of learning, still rnXXi 
IMpaKiihii} tra9i Kol a"jW^oto» ymaloa r^r ipx^' itfjutr, i^' iS* jru ^S6. 
P-M dxWofOP, tit ita(T« rprft-friliirKaw A /Uyivit mietffiu, infi" i rprgSti 

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^uXdiaaSau B2 S 3 rsr xpVror EXa£&a*, wl i-ri yuralwr ^iiBtU JreXi- 
tftTo ToD ipxt", 4^4 Kol rDi; fij'' (iriPore ■yd/) ill' avriir, ui *o<r()- 

in 238 TirnLis uiBiNia Sil. v 132—3 aere atqiu aeqnorei UrgofiavenU 
iavenoi | caaii eraC manila viro. Calpurn. vn 65 66 ftequoreos ego 
euiB ctrlantibut unii I spectavi vjtnloB. Ambr. beiaem. \%%5 (vitnlos 
marinos) 6f. (Titnlos aqaanim, where also poreoi mariit aa we have 
man; mariiie animals named from similaritj to the better kuowu land 
animalE). edict. DiocL yiii 37 pel Its bitnli marini ■e:ittftcio> lipiui 
iiifX'" "(tXcwirlDu (Waddington 'je ne ccuia pas que I'eipresBioD n. 9. 
ait jamaia ^t^ en iiBiige chez lea OreCB') ^« ^tqc atpy. coating 1260 
denaTxi. Yoa maj see them eleniiDg any Btinn; daj on the sandbaukB 
Bt the moath of the Elbe or the Weser (W. E. Weber). 

„ 239 TociTowioiiju=Pera. vi 27, 

„ 239 240 Sen. ben. in 28 g 5 tenmm voeat qvemquam tut goo tandem 
ab iitis gtndit raperii ciiMU utad tuum circum/erentibuit quo te pofmi- 
lati itti in militam <«E> i^utiJem mm mdgareiti cuftum subomati, quo, 
inguam, U isti ejenattf ad ottium alicaiut ottiarii, ad harlot alii^iut ne 
ordinariiint quidem habentii q/Bcium; et deindt negai tihi a itrvo Cuo bene- 
Jieium dari pone, cui oicubim alteni tervi berujKiwm e»tt 

„ 211 OBITEB LBOET ACT 8CB1EBT I 63 H. Y« 179 D, Plin. ep. TH 4 § 8 

inde plura metro, liquid otii, maximt in i tin ere temptavi, 

„ 242 NAUttHE ruaiT bohncu cxadsx lkciici fbnestba Flin. xxvi g 14 
of Aeclepiades alia quoque blandimenta exeogitabat, iam tiupeTuiendo 
leotalos, quorum iaetalu aut morboa exlenuaret ant EomDoe elieeiet. 
Eix. ol facert lomnum l-oe) intr. 282. Ov. f. i 421. m IB. met. vii 153. 
Cell, m 18 (p. 101 6 D). v 25 4 (p. 163 36). 11 eii. in inJ. Plin. h. n. 
Stat. Ach. II 446. leix. iTrrowoiit (add Porpbjr. abal. i 2& Diosix>r. 1 
14). -i<j. KmnijieaB Plio. h. n. and Mart. Cap. 

„ 247 PiNQciA OKCR« LHTO in 76 seq. d. Hor. ep, n 2 72—75 Sohmid 
(intermptiona in the streets, bmldere' wagons, fanerals, mad doga, and 
Uat Aatlataleata Tuiteui). Mart. 1 82 cl^nt facing the blasts of ajuila, 
isina and ujows. 

„ 249 250 probablj lightly explained by echoL ' pnlraentaria secum 
portant compacata e Bportula,'i.e. ttie clients send their slaves home with 
food bot^bt with the tporOda; the food ia bought ready cashed and kept 
warm in chafing- dishes. FRiecilNDKa i> 395. 

„ 250 cmjNi Wytt. on Plut. ii 180' ivx^pa. ioTc^pls. bread carried 
abont piping hot in clibatw argenteo (Petron. 35) ; snails (n craticula 
argeiUea (ib. 70). Sen. n. q. i» 13 g 10 $ed quid eentire poiiant emortaat 
faacei et occaliatae cibia ardentibne? quemadarodum nihil illii $ati» 
ftigidum, tie nihil satit cslidum «si, led ardeutes hoUtoi cet. (cited on 
iiT 6). Ath. S'' 6<'. BoKTTiaBB. How often have I been reminded of 
the tponula by the firepans and suppers of the Ke^olitanst As soon as 
it grows dark, the streets are filled with twinkling &es glancing about in 
every direotioa on the heads of those modern Corbulos. and suddenljr 
disappearing as they enter their hoasea with their frugal meaJ, Grppoito, 

„ 951 coEBULO progr. of C. Wolfgramm (Prenzlau 1874). Egli in BQ- 
dinger Unterauohungen Kur riim. Kaisergosch. i 2al— 292, 302—340. Wad- 
dington fasti 126 — 8. Stat. a. v 3 34 35. Wolfgramm (Philologua iliv 
371—6) holds that Cu. Domitina Corbub, cons. eofi. a.d. 39 (Kleins 
Faati 31) and brother of Caeaonia (Plin. h, n. vn § 39) is the D. C. who 
ooours praetura fitnetui a.d. 21 (Tac. an. m 31), and also the famous 
general driven to death by Nero a-d. 66 or early in 67. J. J. Miiller (oL 
Tao. H IS cui principinm ilia militia fiiit) and Mommsen (StB. ii'^ 1099) 



diBpate the iden^tj, whicb Wftddiugtoa muntadiu. Bat eui in Tao. L e. 
refers to gloria: Tac. tii 81 agrees euotl; vilh DCaaa. uti 16 g 8 who 
ezpnjBsl; idenUSea the consul of 89 with the ex- praetor of 31. I see no 
reason (with Fiiedlandei to* 470) to suppose that any other Corbnlo is 
meant here: 'andere stadtbekannle PersoQCD, die Iut. ebeufallB nnbe- 
d2nklieh mit iliren wahren Namen nennen honnte, Bind:...dBi' Etarke 
Alann Corbnlo.' 

in 352 vKBiicE to this da]> the Italian women carry goods to market on 
their heads [see Boardei. on Petron. 81 p. 183 b Burman). Orangoans 
eites Prop, iv 9 6, v 4 16, Ov. Pont, iii 8 12. Panlna Feati p. 18 M 
areuluni appellabani ciTculnm, guem capili impoTitboTtt ad tutlineada ewa- 
modiui vaia, quae ad lacra pablica capitt portntantur. of. E. Saglio in 
diot. des ant, can^koroe. 

„ 254 TDKTCts Hier. ep. 6B G pr. quit fnija hoe crederet, ut eoniuhim 
prontpot et FuTiani germinii decua inter purpayat itnalorum tary t tunica 
pullatuB iiicederct, et turn eTubeii:eTtt oculoa lodaHamjUt derideatet tt ipte 
dtridertt f 

„ 354—258 Luer. vt C48— 9 plaiutri concuaa tTtmetcant [ ttcta viam 
pmpitT mm magno pondert iota. Sen. n. q. vl 32 g 1 >t quando magiia 
onera per vlcei vehiculorum pluriiim tracta rani ti Totae maiort ni>u in 
saUbrai inciderant, terram coneuli leniiei. 

„ 266 SEKBACO Qniatil. vm 3 g 21 nee augenda temper oratio, led turn- 
mitUnda nonnwmqvam eit. vim rtlnti aliqvando verboram ipta kamilitai 
tiffert. an cum dicil tn Piionem [fr. 9 Baiter] Cicero 'cum tibi tota cog- 
vatio aetraco advthatur,' incidiae videtur tn tordidnm nonMn, nan eo 
eontemptTim honiimi, quern detlructum voltbat, aaxittel oiled also in 
Fortnnat. rhet. m 4. Sidon. ep. it IB pr. 
„ 265 256 Hor. s. i 6 43. 11 6 23. 

„ 357 BiiA LinusTici Jordan Topogr. d. St. Eom r 17. 19. Mnrquardt 
FriTatleben 602—3. Stat. b. iv 2 2J Lnnagw porlandii tantum mffecta 
eobimnii, 4 23 anne metalliferae repetit iam moeaia Lnnae? Nama- 
tian. II 63 — B advehiinuT ceUri candentia moenia laptu: \ qominis ett 
auctor lace coruKa loror. | indigenia sDperal ridentia lilia saiis, | 
et levi radiat picta nitore ailei. | dives marmoribas tellas, 
quae Ince coloria | provooat intactaa Iniuriosa nlTes. See 
A- T. Reomont (Itaaius Lemaiaous) des ClandioB Bntilias Mamatianns 
Heimkehr (Berlin 1872) 18S— 199. Plin. ixiti § 14 the white marble 
formerly in use was Paiiaa, mtdtii poetea eandidioribai repeitit, roiper 
vera etiam in LnneDBiam iapicidinis. £48 Mamurra wsb the &rst 
to have no column but of marble iu hia whole house, and all aolid from 
CaiyatuB or Lima, Varro in Plin. iiivi § li<6 Lniiienaem iilicaa 
serra lecari. Known to the Etrnscana, and in Borne befoie Aagnstus, 
but not aa building material. Serr. Aen. viii 720 the temple' of Palatine 
Apollo built de tolido Toamiore, quod adtatvm ftierat de porta Lnnae. 
■Wihnanua inaer, 315 10 11. Suet. Aag. 28 urbtm. ..marnioream u 
relinquere qiiam tatericiam accepiBiei, The best authori^ on the marbles 
uaed Id, bnildmg at Bome la Bruzza iecrizioni del marmi grezzi (annali 
1870 106—204); a list of the remaming columns in Coral delle pletre 
antiche 1828-33— iS. BlUraner Teohnologie m {Teabner 1884) deaU 
with work in atone: the marble qoanies of Luna 80 — 41. 

„ 257—260 Flut. Qalba 8 g 4 after Nero's fall the mob knocked down 
an informer AponiuB and drew overhimil^'ai Xt^D^poui. dig. 11 2 62 g3 
in a colUaioQ between two loaded wagons on the cUvum CapHolintu one 
retro redierat <( puernm ruiiudun obttlverat. 

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Bmt oompores Caes. b. O. i 26 g S (cited id leu.}, and Or. dm. m 9 39 
tOiacetecee TibulUu; vix manet e loto, pama fuod vma eapit. S9 60 
ri tomen a nobis aiiquid.. | reatat. Add Cio. p. Bulla g 16 nihil tibi 
ax frittina digaitite auperesaa. Curt, i 3 g 37. 

„ 361 BBCDBA FiTEUJS FecB. HI 26 cultrfx^ /oci secnra pstslla. 
TATBIJ.1S Eor. ep. I 5 2 Obbftc. In tha ArchiT t. lat. Leiik<^. i 194 
Havet, oitiog Vorro Eomen. fi. 160 BUoheler (in Non. p. H3) patslla 
etarienti poiita provocal IftapolitaTiai piiciniu, saya ' je ne oomprends pa« 
oomme paltlla pomrait signifier ioi on plat □□ one ABsiette. Cert dri- 
demment ici iin uom de coquilloge, tont comme le patella dee natoraliBtea 
d'anjonrdtini. . . En ce sens, pateUa poralt Stre on araj elptj/iiror.' Sorelj 
the anthorit; frcm whom. NonioB took the example, and vho had tha 
context before him, was better able to Judge of the eenae than ne ; bift 
wea as the text stands, Uiera ia no need to invent a Dew meaning for so 
conuaon a word ; ' setting a dish before Us hnngiy friend, he challenges 
theflahponds of NaplflB.' Di»h tor ' meat on tha dish. ' So plat, Scliiiael. 

„ 263 «TBiouBcB Morqnardt Frivatleben 281. Sottiger oit^ Rhodina 
on Seribon. 39 p. 81 and Eicbenhaeh de unotionibuB Teterum o. B. Theo- 
kiitas being in a hath, where two fellowB desired to borrow hia Btrigil or 
eleansei of him, the one of which was a stranger, the other a noted thief, 
BSBwered the first thna, ' I will not lend it von, beoauBe I do not know 
Ton'; and the second thnB, 'I will not lend it yon, becaose I do know 
70a' (Pint. II GS4, de vitioso pndore U. HoLlDit). Apnl. 11. Sg 36 86. 

„ „ onro Yarro 1. 1. t 124. Hot. cited on 201. see the story of 
the AtUJc page who brought gntamSaniiutni>r« leTou .. .inanem, tamqiuoH 
ti itutiet ai«unt, and tamed it upside down, and at last declared that the 
(ril moat have frozen (Qell. xvu 8 g§ S—ifj. BSttiger cites Gasaubon on 
Theopht. oh. S p. 75. Eecheilbach 1. c. p. *BS aeq. Diogenes takes 
his S\-ri} (=ampiilla) with his scrip, cloak and ataS, into Ch^on'a boat 
(koth. Pal. VII 67 6. 68 6). Apul. fi. gg 85 86. 

„ 366 POBiHUEi. Ear. Alk. 2o3— 1. Theokr. IT 49 nrvyrir (here 
taetniin) «1 iropBii^a im^uWur. anth. PaL vil 63 1 Tbw ni^s ^ayfn), 
rttvxtraXt, Uioiic. ropSntd. 66 3 {DiogeneB log.) rdyra ipipw rapS/ifii. 
67 1 a 'itSta Xmr^ Si-it6iit, tout- 'Axtparrot | iSup Si tXi^cii ropdlxH' 
Kuatiy. 68 1 S'AiSoi id reniniy/, tcxapiiJrr Sdjipviri rdrrur, \ Si ^tiSi XDpS- 
lititii tout' 'Axiporroi iliSup. append. 286 (ed. Jacobs, Lips. 1814, 11 881 
= Kaibel 646a) 8 bCk tft' t* 'Aiiou irXoTor, 01/ ropSndt Zipur. in a 
painting of PoljgDotua (Paus. i 28 g 1) i T<ip9n<i! i-rl roTt iniiraii. 
lb. g 2 ftom the cyclic poem MJnyas trB' (rot yia i^ir riKui/ipaTar, ijr 6 
ytpaUi I TOpBiitit^'riXipur, 06* IWafiiiy trioBtr Sp/jov. auth. Lat. tv 
fifl fi (Harm, q. ». n 40 41) vexit aqva porthmeus. Valckenaer diatr. 
c. 2fi p. 280. DS. 1 96 SS 7 8 the lationalistic Teraion : the fashionable 
bnr^g gtoond of Memphis was near the Acherusian lake; bodies were 
ferned over, and the ferryman (xop^^h in Egyptian Xdpur) received an 
obol aa hie tare. ouBonis 11 150 Stygio ranat in gnrgite nigria. 

„ 267 MEC B>BET qTiEU fOBBioAT OBE TBiEtrrEH Flaul. Foen. proL 20 
ipte abiit ad Ackenmtem sine viatico. Apul. met. vi 18 nee vwra cum 
ad fiamm mortuum veidet, mi praefecttu Charoa protinui ezpeteni por- 
torium, tie ad ripam uUiriorem lUtiU rumba deditcit corameantti. ergo 
■et iMemoT&uu avaritia vivit. nee Chanm ille . .., tantiu deae, quidquan 
grtOttito faeit et moriens panper viaticum debet quaereie, et aes 
■ i forte prae mana non fnerit. nemo enm ezspiraie patietnr. 
imie iqtialido leni dabU nauli naniHe de ttipibui, qvaijera, attera»: ne 




toDKn, nt ipte aia numu di too mmat oie. Eiamplei of coins found 

Marquordt fiivatleben 338—9. Kallim. fr. 110 Schneider roCmca lol 
rint! ropSnHor «I n ^porrai \ iioirT) fri TToXioB', Tt Tifl^uoip oiff^fHi' 
iXXovs [ tv rraiiaTtaei rciis 'Ax'P'""^^"^ iri^affpiii' \ dreputroui 
iatljtiir. Lug. caUpI. 18 f. oiSi rbr d^oXor tx<-> ri Top6ii.t'iii. Kura- 

Ill 269 370 CEBEBRDM TBBTi raBir CIL III 1 2083 tagula nam Boma« 
Frooulum prolapsa peiemit. Ot. Ibia 2ug 300 (301 303 nut ut 
Achillidtn, cogimio nomitu ctarum, \ opprimat liagiili teRola iacta matm, 
where Ellis cites PaDB. i 13 g T) ; the dealh of Abimeiech (judges 9 53. 
S Sam. 11 21) ; Udn. tu 12 g fi. 

„ 270 rcNEEiBiB the ground-flooF had no nindows to th« street, but 
the upper eCoieje had, as we see at Heiculauum (Hacq.uardt Privatlebea 


„ 270 271 Aristoph. Ach. 61G — 7 iSrrtp axintrptr ixxt'Ta icwipat, | 

oia»7« i^iirrui wappow dI ^X«. 

„ 212 BiLidu VI aeo. lava. b.o. 298 (Liv. 1 17 9 4) via a MaHU ad 
Sovillai Bilioe pentrata tit; completed B.C. 189 (ib. xxivni 26 % 3). 
B.C. 174 {iLi 27 g 5} eenioret viai itemeadat silioe in urbt, glana extra 
^B-bem mbitrueiidaa marginandaiqtie primi oniiiitim ioeaverunl. (ibid. 1 7) et 
etivuta Capitolinum silioe itemcmluni cUTavemnt. See on paving the 
HtreeCs Seokmann hiat. of inventiona. H. Nisseu Fompeianisehe Studien 
(Leipz. 1877) 616 — 624 the word ttrett, ' Straase, ' ttrata viarum, shews to 
whom the west owes the pavement ahich distinguishea its cities &om the 
East. laid. orig. iv 16 attributoB the invention to the Phoenicians. 
Solomon is said (loa. ant. tlii 7 § 4) to have paved the roods to the holj 
citj, and in the days of Claudius ihe Jews proposed to pave Jerusalem 
itself (ibid. IX 9 ; 7). Many inecFiptieiis record the paving (often by noh 
dtizeaa) of Italian and provincial towns. See too Mommsen in Uermea 
fii 486—491. Burn Rome and the Campagna lii— liv. Mommean StB. 
II' 494. 622. Hireohteld Verwaltungsgesoh. i 162. Under and after the 
Antoninea we find fWilmanns I'iG'i) a procurator ad uilices, and (ib. 
lliSl) tt procurator silionm viartim ti'crae urhii. Jordan Topogiaphie d. 
St. liom I i who cites Promis Alba Fuceuse 96 seq. tilex in the best time 
denotes bard stone generally (e.g. hmestone of the Apennines CIL i 1 
llGl. Cato in Festua 2H1) ; travertine ; the black basaltic lava, the usual 
paving stone; and even marble. A paviour is liliearivt (Bliimnei Teoh- 
nologie iii 8). See Pauly 'viae'. Many monographs have appealed on 
the Bamao roads of England, Germany and other countries : but a 
Bergier for the 19th oentui; has not yet arisen to combine all their 

„ 979 EBaius AC pbtulaxb vt 297 petalans madidumgtM To- 

„ ,, aaq. IV 137 n. Gracchna in GeU. I 3 § 6. SohiUer'a Nero 119 
i«q. Ael. v. h. ii 29. Capilolin. Ver. 4 g 6 fertnr . . in ianhim vitiorum 
Oaiatwrum et Neronianomm ac ViieUiaTumint fuiiie ofmuium, u( vagaretur 
tioete per tabema* ac b^anaria ebiecio capile cucalliime vulgari viatorio 
et ei/miiiaretur cunt tTiconibua, comtuitteret rixai, ditiiraalant gut* eueL, 
tarpeque efftictum livida facie redine el in tabemU agnitum, cum le alt- 
iconderet. Terl. apol. 36 pr. of public hoiidaja : granie videlicet ojicium 

. . . vicatim epulari catarvatim aeriitare ad iniun'oe, ad inpudeMiat, 

ad libidinii inlecebra*. 39 £n. of Christian feasts; itide dieceditur futn in 
ealervat caeiimmm nee in clatiei diicurtationum nee in tmptiona taecivia- 

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mm. Sen. eontr. 30 (cl. n. on 392) g 9 'aeeiua' ingttit. pauper divilem, 
lu^mi eandidatam ego aecittemt omhilart mihi meo arbitrio mm titet, . . . 
' eur me ' iaquit • lequerii t ' qntai alixid iter paapera, aliud divitei ha- 
beant. % 3 intxdere magna comitaUi, ipUndido cultu, nan tit fortuniu mtat; 

itta liiviUl poamnt ; latii tit it vivimia ' quart ' inquit ' me leguerit per 

publicum } ' faeima imdignvm commiuum eet : divei et paaper eadem via 
ineeiiiwut. g i fin. 'ear me tequeritt' magiitratui poit ierga laa mm 
tumniavent. % 6 quid iite accusanti feeiiitt, qui periequitur tacmieni 
% 7 venit iiU cum turba clientium ac paraiitorum et adveriue poMptrtaietn 
totam regiam luom ffundit. 'cur me mm accueai, tu>n pottalait' vix 
temperabat quin diceret ' quid ego in te aecutitierem non audeam, qui ocei- 
dendam euravi eum qui tantunimecumlitigaverati' §13 ' quart me lequerii 
per publicumT' facinui indigaum, iudicei, factum eit: pauper et divti 
tandem terram ealeammut. Suet. Mero 16 fin. vetiti quadrigarii/rum lutui, 
quibut inceterata licentia panim vi^anlibua falUre ae furari per ioeum iui 
erat. On the lesaer quinqualrut (13 June) the tibicinei were entitled to 
■ta^er dnmk, masked and in woman's attire, through the streets (Ov. f. 
■n 651—92. TM. 11 6 S 4, Becker- Marquardt IT 462). Inlia, dau«liter 
of Angnatos, was banished by her father, who pabUsliod her shame (Sen. 
ben. Ti 33 % 1) admitioi gregatim aduUtroi, pererratam nootarniH 
oomisBationibas Givitalem, forum ipium ac roitra, ex quibm pater 
Ugem de aduUeriii talerat, filiae in etupra placaiiie. See Schwsiz de 
comissationibus vetecum. Altona 1744. Erasmus cites 'nigbUaps' 
somewhat parallel : prov. 4 IG (of erU men) ' th^ sleep not, except they 
have done mischief; and tlieir sleep is taken away, except they canse 
some to fall'; and Aristoph. veap. 89 — SI ip^ re tol^i;, tou Suable, lol 
irrirci, \ -^t iitj 'rl toS xpiirou Jtaflli^rai ffiXou. | Crroii i' ipf t^i c unTot aiSi 

m 280 uox DEiNDE ind. a. v. max. cL Beid on Cio. acod. n § 44. 

„ 382 HOMNUH Fioii 242 a. 

„ 283 axcisL cf. Tii 136 □. Marquardt Privatleben 312, 652—3 gay 
Eolonrs in the veitii cenatoria, 

„ 285 HU1.1UM rLiMuABUS Borghed t 632—3 sees here the light boiDe 
before the emperor and members of his household (Lips. eio. on Tso. an. 
I 7. Beimar on DCass. liii 35 n. 15s). aenea uu 115. of. vm SO. 
IT 61. In the tabulae honeiiae minionii Aown to a.d. 131 the bronze plate 
is always called tabula aenea — never a'i«nea— from a.d. 138 tabula aerea. 
The Domilii Ahenobarbi and the formula hoe aire aewaque libra, as well 
as the Reneral use of the republican time, shew that aeneui is the proper 
designation of that which is made of bronze \ aereui is not found before 
Teigil and in the earlier time it generally =afralus, bronzed (MammBen 
in Hermes i 467). 

„ 296—287 Becfanann hist of inventions (ii 172— 18G Bohn) proves 
&om LibaniuB and Jerome, that the streets oF Antioch were lit up by 
night; he donbts whether the same can be proved of Borne by Suet. 
Caee. 31 exconaaetudint canvivio lefrequenti dedit. dein poit$olig occatum, 
mulit t proximo pitlrino ad veMeuhan iunctii, occultiaiimum iter modiea 
eomitatu ingresius eit; et eum luminibns eistinotis deceiiiiiet via, 
diu trrahundui, tandem ad lucem dute rtperto, per anguitiisimos trnmitei 
pedibue etfiuit. Amm. uv 1 g 9 haec ctmfidenter agebat in urbe ubi per- 

rein. cod. lust. Tin 12 IB ad praebtTida iuminaria. In Petron. 79 pr. 
CODiae (?) was CTidently in the dark negite fax utla in praeiidio erat, quae 
iter aptriret errantibut, nee tilentimn noctit iam mediae prwaittibat accumn- 

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399 LIGHTINO. COHSiaiO. P^ES. IND. IH 28^ — 

Mum lamen. ninmmatioiis at teBthsI mwohb itre often mentiooed Fried- 
Ifinder ri» 276—6. a.d. 32 the praetor L. SeiannsBeot 6000 Blaves to light 
home the spectators at the Flomlia (DCubb. ltiii m g 3 the slaiei were 
•born in mocker; of the hald TiberiuB). 

in 2»7 Becker Qallns u> S38— 9. H. Bliimner Teehnologie (m cited 
Tii X'do) II 160. Laaterns were aoveied with bloddai, or oiled liaen, or 
born ib. S69. The Bomtm streets were not %htod. On lamps, candles, 
oet. Bee Saylio m diet, des ant. 1 8C9 — BT5 ' candela ' ' candelabnun '. Uar- 
qeardt PiiTatlabeu GSy— G»l. dibfembo Plin. ep. iii 10 S 3 n. tiljiu 
Kaeceoaa in. Ben. ep. 114 § 6 t«nu{( terei fils. Plin. iii % 17 (of Iinun) 
quod proxiToam cortici fait, ituppa appeUatar, deterioria lint, lucemanan 
jerme laminibui aptior; of papyms anthol. Lat. 94 95 B. Panlin. o. 14 
(—18, Fel. nat. ai) 100 lumina ceraiit adoUntur odora papyrii (see the 
notes Far. 1685 ii p. 01). Bliimner p. 161. 

„ 288 COONOBCX VI 474. CIo. Att. vi 2 S 10. Ot. am. i 4 11. SUt. 
•• T 6 65. PBOOEUU. Sen. oouti. 30 g 13. 

„ 283 Sil. ITI 70 71 nee pugnae tpeciet, ted poenae triatii imago \ 
iila trai, hino tantum oaedentnm atqne inde ruentum. of. (aa 
txijnifa^ passive ol puUo) ui liiO aiaet, atattur; so perdo and perto (Plin. 

„ 290 STAT COHIBA VIII 138. Pcrs. T 96. BTARiQUB OTBET Asn. IX 
376 state, viri. farzbb necebsb EBT = CatnU. lue 62. 

„ 291 QUID AOU, ai7M = IV 14. 

„ 292 CNDE VEHis7^Hor.B.i962. ii4 1 nndeft ;uo Cad'ut' Hdnd. 
on Plato Lysia pr. xoi Jlq ropiini taX widir ; aoeto Spartian. Poscenn. 10 
" " --■■ " "im in expcditUute neminem bibere, ltd aceto univertoi on 

„ 293 coNOEE Apio. T i. 

„ „ sECTiLK poHBUB Verg. moret. 64 Forb, Magerstedt der Feld-, 
Oorten- nnd Wieaenbau der Bomer (Sondershausen 1862) 375 — 7. 

„ 295 ACCIFB CJU.CEU Tert. spect. 18 calces et colaphi. cf. Xof and 
rii (Sjnea. ep. 101 pr.). The complaint of Plutus (Luc. Timon 17 f.) 
ayavaxru rpbi iwlwr jity atlfvat XoLXTt^futioi. 

„ 29G coNBisiAS Oielh inscr. 4<JU5 quinquemuUi cotltgii . . fabraai 
loliariiim baxiarium . . . qui oonsistant in icola tub thfotro Jug{u4li>) 
P<mtpeian(oj. Henzen 0303 coUegium cocorum Jug{^uti) n{ottri), quad 
oocslBtit in Palalio, Tecbnicallj coiuiitere denotes permanent re- 
sideace io a place or a district, apart from the privileges of natives. In 
speaking of culltgia, it ia used of their ordinary places of meeting, of 
persona away from their homea it ia applied to the province or town in 
which they reside, dig. v 1 19 g 3 li quo consiatit, nan dico iuTt domi- 
eilii, ltd tabemulam pergulam korreum armarium njiciiiam conduxit. 
MoHHBKN in Hermes vn 310 — 3. Varro 1. 1. v § 15 locarium, quad datur, 
tn itabul/i el taberna nbi oonsiatant. See Ueoiges. Dirksea manuale. 
Very Ireijnent in Cyprian. 

„ „ quiEBO IV 23 n. XV 17 n. Varro 1. 1. vi § 12 agone? question 
before a sacrifice. Sen. contr. 11 % 20. Jordan (in Praller riim. Myth. 
I> ITU) correctly denies that Agonaiia csu be derived from the qneslion 
agonet but wrongly requiros the fut. or oouj. pies. 'Natuitich ist Varroa 
^ymologie (alsch ; die Frage hatle ja auoh nur agamne lauten kiinnen'. 
AoL ni 367 quae prima periciUa vito? iv 631 Fotbiger. Cell, xvii B 
§ B 'verhero', intuit ri&TU Tubtro, 'nonne is i^rricuto alque oltum 
petter' Btallbaum on Plat. aymp. 176*. Winer-Moalton 361. Driiger 
Mst- Synt i' 286— 7. BobyUCl. 

dt, Google 


m 296 TBOSECCKA ind. Fhilo leg. ad Gal. SO qiiater. S3 pr. (it S6T f. M). 
23 ter. 25. 43 f. 4D. anecdoCa Delphica 25. Jew beggaiB eobol. i' 117. 

„ 297—3011719—25. Cie.Pbi\.2%&l.l n.gvodeitaliud...beiuJiei>tn 
lOtronUTR, niii ut commejruirare panirU eii te dediiie cf Jam, quibia noa 
euUmerint t g fiO. Ban. ep. 63§ 10, n, q. it pr. % 8. Biiet. Vit. 1 Vitellins 
shook off terrore cahmmiac hig moat importnitate oreditora, mm Ubtrtina 
coidam actThiui debUvm Ttpmeenlt iniuriacam fotmulam, quasi 
ealce ab eo percnaans, intendiBBet, nee aliter qaam extortit quinqaa- 
ginta lottrtiii remitUiet. Liban. 11 168 It ii ir ti} /it) ;itlfui xerorSiwai 
KtKtpiaKliTai. ib. IT 868 of a plagotia OrbiUat: if the boj haTO dona ill, 
there are indignations, lerilings, blows, threats for the fatmre : if he baa 
done his task perfectly, leaving no room for blame, Ktpdat ra iiri TsOeiv 
Kuui. Cf. the proverb (from Horn, t 3611) Kitkaiot SapU. to be eaten 
laat paroem. 11 491 Leutach. Sjgaalt on Phaedr. I S (wolf and crane). 
£nnap. vit. soph. Inlian. p. 433 2S faotiona among Etudenta at Athens 
'the boldest of the pupiU of Apeines had laid hands in this civil war on 
flwse of jnlian. X'P'i ** fiaptlt^s xal AanunnaUt Xf^adiitroi, tuh xtrot- 
eiTamplTodatliiiaTa!Kiy3ureu6rTwr, iSinte(i do.iijSii'Tet, norij- 
•yipoay.' Menaudec 7(u^v in Stob. fl. icvi 5 tviaraippatTiTa' itrri, ropyia, 
«/n?t. I Kar rdru \iys ii-oiB" thutqu yip \iy<ir | trfta itortu M^ilfetf' ovtos 
ToD Xii^eTv. I col ffucofivTijc fiSif o to TpiPiirtay \ tx^r KaXttrai, K&r 
iSitovittiiot rixv- 

„ 298 299 TADinoHu rAcroNr cf. 313 n. Flaut. L«or. Cic. p. 
tjninct. gS 46. 67 (the word vad. occurs Teiy often in this speech, aereiol 
times in Verr., once each in Q. Boec. lulL Catil.; not in dig. inst. oodd. 
HOT.). Lit. xim 32 S 4. VM. m 7 g 1. Oai. in g 224. it §§ 1S4, 185, 
186 ter. fiein Privatr. 892—3. V. F. I. = vadimoniam fieri iotera 
fValeriua Probns in Hnschke iurispr. anteiust.' 76). Huachke infers 
(p. 83 n.) that the 4th book of Gains was written early in the reign of 
M. Aarelius, before the abolition of the vadimonia (AV. Caea. 16 g 11 vadi- 
Moniorwn...ioilemni remoto). Yet vadimoaium oontinaed in use meta- 
phorically e.g. Bymm. ep. 11 16. 

„ 299 LiBSBTiB FiuFEBiB here freedom is a privilege of the rich; in 
the dens of vice (vni 172 — 8) is liberty, equality {aequa tibtrtas) and fra- 
ternity among high and low. cf. 11 113. 

„ 300 FiiGtiiBca)(cisnBHor.B.ii666pngiiiBcaeEns/;rrogucpe(ilu>. 

„ 301 FAUCIS CDK DBNTiBUB Mart. xiT 68 1 ptccantit /aiimli pngno ne 
jwvute denies. 

„ 305 oBAaaiTOB im 145 n. iiv 174 n. Sen. cantr. 30 % G. cod. 
Theod. n; 80 1—3. Friedlinder n' 29—33 = 0° 39—48. Plin. iti g 69 
window-gardens in the town houses of the poor, anteqiiam praefigi jtro- 
tpectui omnet coegil mvXtitiidinu iiaaanerae eaeva latrocinatio. DCaas. 
uv 4 g 4 the guards of the iamlae carried bells, luvi 10 Bulla, a 
captain of BOO bandits, plundered Italy for two years, before Baverns 
euuld seize him (a.d, aOl). 

„ 306 iBMiio cDBioDB Godefroy on cod. Theod. in 14. Tert. apol. 
S lalToidbat vtttigandii per Mnivtrtaa provineiaa mililarU ttaiia lortimr. 
Apnl. met. vn 7 Hild. denigve jwluit tue Caaar Haemi latnmii eolUgium. 

(t eonffstita iaterivit tota demqae factione miUtariiaa vexillalionun 

indagatu conjeeta atqae conciia. 

„ 807 FOMPTiHA piLUB Loo. HI 85 et fua Pomptinas via iliviittuila 
paludes. Bil. Tin S79— 383. E. H. Bunbury in diet, geogr. oalu- 
NABiA FiNUB GuBtsT Loowe (Bhein. Mus. ixiiv 49I=gloBaae comiaum, 
Leipz. 1881 p. S44) traces to Suet, a glocs (Mai class, auct. ti 614 a) 

L:mi,z.d=, Google 


in 308 Bia JVDE auo ohnsb iamqcak Boolieler in Bbein. Mdb. xxn 

(1874) 637-8 tie inde Iok tatnquam aliud alii obduauntur cumulsntDtqne 
teaniter an tnoleste et com adsit qaod non leqairaa. deest illnd quo 
cectiOB deSuiator omna, toleranda haeo qnispiiun diierit in luvenale, aec 
ego ei restilerim pecricacinB. vemin una littera adiecta et recuiTere 
inoommoda ilia et eententiae aogere gravitatem roilii videbar ai lict legereia 
vel tiaae id est sicaril omnei. nam ftequenter tea hio poeta pro bominibus 
nsnrpat, buccaa gnlam foasam abollam pro baccoDibua goloBo oinaedo 
philoBopho al. Fiiedlander jngtly eujs tbat the reference of omna cannot 
be doabtfnl oL 305 qraxiator. 

„ „ TiTUtu YaiTO r. i. ui 12 tbe lepirranam. Maiqtiaidt Prirat- 
lebeo 139. Paaty v 1643—4. vi 2G01, 2609, 2695. Badbam fiab-tatUe 
(1854) 33—48. Bead the life of Frank Bnckland. 

„ 314 ENo coNTENTAB ciBCKBB BOHAU Sen. dfi iKi II 9 § 4 eirewm- 
teriptiones furta fravdet ijifitiationei, qaibna ttina Bon saffioiunt 

„ 316 SOL IMOLIHAI BO HoT. and Curt, in leu. Mutzell on Cnrt. vi 
11 i 9. Tac. Ill 39 inclinabai dU: pass, in Cio. and Sen. n. q. j » 
3 6 iacipiente atil inclinato die. 

„ 317 HDuo TiROi iSNciT Sen. de re eq. 8 § 4 /.iSSot. Mart, ii 23 14 
tt Maisyla nintm virga gubemet eq-aum. Nemea. cja. 267. aeea on the 
denarii of L. Comeliua Kso (Cohen p. 70 n. 13). 

„ 31S 319 guoTiEsa IE Boul luo BBSDET louiHO Mart, vm 46 1 2 
Priicut ab Aetnaeit mihi, Flaece, Terentiui oris | redditnr. ib. 7 cum 
(e, Flacce, mihi reddet Cylha-tia Cjrprog. lexx. Hor. in Slatz. 

„ 322 ADiuTOB Bcripeit Inv. qnod non aolum t v Tind. aed etiam 
P . . . praebet auditor qnidqae indicaferit poeta licet non pronnntiaverit 
apparet. caligatoB enim auditor qni in gelidoa agroa amici caoBa piofi- 
ciaoitur eet homo aimplex rusticns nativo sensn □ondom. deetitatos, op- 
ponitur auditorum coionae qaali Bomae ntebantnr 'vatea' delicatac ei 
atqae fucatae orationis blanditiaa captanti: hie ntq'oe mart probo videos 
nee voce aerena | ingenlei trepidare Titoi cum carmina bimbuta { intrant et 
trenailo icalpaataT ati intima verm, tali ei conseasn poetam ' 
peraturam' facile aibi perauodet Umbricius ille, aed eatiiris nobilitun 
oorona qnaBL aempec atipaCia num oaligatns auditor auQiccre poaeit am- 
bigit. Bkeb. 

„ „ CALiaiTca Dr Ireland in GiCtord: ' nmbrioias . . is made to 
persevere in bia preference of the coantry, by telling his friend, that he 
Till Tiait him in a liresa which shall mark h[s determination never to live 
in Bcmie again. In this sense, the last line of the satire agrees vitb the 
general purpose of it.' 

IT Nagelabach (Pbilologns m 470 seq.) comments on the vant of con. 
neiion between 1—33 and 37-164. So Badham long before 'This satire 
ia perhaps as entertaining as an; poem of the kind in existence. It has 
however some abruptnees in tbe beginning, and would undoubtedly read 
better if it began with the thirty-Eevenlh line cum {am temianimum cot. 
lie early mention of Criapinus, wbo ia not particularly conspiouona in 
the ridicnlouB consultation abont tbe tnrbot, does not seem a huppy tn- 
trodaction to the main object of the piece: nor is there anything wliicb 
might not be spared in the flisl thirty linea.' 

i., Google 

— irg POKTICDS. RDS IN mtBE, VrrTATA. 393 

171 nBaou CBtiFtNas Flja. ep. * 20 § 1 itaTnm BUhyiti. self indi 

„ 2 u> tixna Ov. am. i 8 67 tervut et ltd parteB toUeri ancilla pa- 
»atur. aax 67 68 at cum mattiriu ,ri<fa nora coriict rimai \ nux aific, ad 
partes perlica laeva vtait. Sh-tebibi. 

„ 2 S mrLLA. viBTVTE BEDEMFTTTu A TuiiB Ben. Th. 1. c. (eio. CODtr. 
irpraef. gll) redimebat tamen vitia virtutibua et pliu habtbat 
quod laud-tret quam cu£ ignaeeret, 

„ 4 BFEBNAioit also in Pronto p. 141 Naber and gl Fhiloi. 


S 2 miliaremem . . .porticum tn hortia Salliatii omavit, in gita eotidii- 
et eqnoB el »e fatigabat, quamma eittl nan ionoe valetndinii. Suet. 
Kero SI (in Nero'a golden house) tanta laxiiai, at portions triplieti 
miliariat kaberel. Plin. iv 2 g 6 (of Eegnlus) tenet le traru Tiberim in 
hortii, in quibun latiiiimiiia loiu-ai portiolbuB immensis, ripam itaOtii 
luu occupavii. v 11 (12) g 1. Murt. 1 12. 62. Siltbbtsi. Add Plin. ep. 
n 17 §§ 4 6. y 6 S3 15, 21, 39—31. 

„ G SEUomis Cio. "Vbti. I % 51 quae liffna mmc, Verrei, nbi twitt ilia 
gtiatro, quae apud le naper ad onnif* columnat, ... .in silva deniqiie dis- 
poiita itib divo vidimutt Nep. Att. 1!) 9 2 domum hahuil in nolle Quirl- 

rutli cuitM amoenitat mm aedificio, ltd silva eoiutobat. Sen. rb. 

exc. contr. v 6 p. 377 12 K intra aedijicia veitra undat ac nemora con- 
prehenditit. ib. L 39 tn mintmij eutminilMi mentita nemora et Ttavisa- 
biliantpUcinanaafreta. Plin.xT§47et in teotaiamailvae Beandont. 
Sil. ztv 646 (of STTacnse) drmo* aequare ruperbat | ruro. Becker Oallas 
111 323-4. 239. Priedlander i> 14 3. 

„ 7 inoKHA Qcoi VIOWA FOBO Tfto. h. m 70 cur enim e roitri* fratrit 
domuTn, immineiitemfoioettrrftaniJtf'KnninuinocuIic, quam Aventinura 
etpenatet uxoris petisfet, 

„ 8 iiii3n. 3n. 174ii. 193— 239. n-Li^l\kebeatu>,tMal^ur,<iflen 
— proaperons, wealthy. Here (ver. 5 — T) bovevei rioli in hoaseB, lands, . 
horaea, the vicioos may be, happj be cannot be. ooBunPTOB a sadncei 
bv profession (MagelBbaoh Stilistik % 64 S). Cf. ilr 86 n. aedifioator. 

„ 9 onu QDO iiTi 155 n. PUn. ivm g 38. Sen. ep. 48 g 8. Tac. xn 
34. Tii*rArA ind. Ov. a. a. i dl yittae tenuet. iniigru pudorii. Aen. n 
165 — 8. Luc. I 592 Veatalemque Chorum dueit vittata Baoardoe. Tao. 
an. I 57. Sen. contr. 3 lemma saeerdai caita e ciutit pura e purii tit. 
viTTATA Herm. Jaha'. 'non solnm lemmata S, cum quibna l«Uo £ 
aperte concinit, eel etiam P vitiata pisebent, rea igitur digna quae 
iternm in discrimen Tooetur. litiatam esBs pueUnin ei toto loco prodire 
Hermanno concedo, efferatnr autem Decease est ex more Invenaliano 
notio in qua criminis cards vertitur monatrnmqne fuisse Criepiiiam 
levera eTinoitnr, nt qni sactor faerit stupri ^imosi. nam ei verbis 
' vitiata iaetbat ' sacerdotem iam antea vitiatam fuisse elici qui pataut 
obscoeoam Tim vocis iacere vel node positae intendnnt, quam idem fere 
valere atqiie verbnm sabstantiTom mnlti loci argaiont velat iv B legitm' 
Thebe CEntum porti$ obruta iaeet pro Thebe . . . obruta est ; ueqas aliter ei 
verbis Inv. eum quo vitiata iacebat nos andiie puto gensom a quo vitiata 
erat. qaod vero notione vitiata dlriorem faoti apeciem ocoBa pioponi 
dicnnt vereor na ea lections accepta species ineptior quam dirior propo- 

uatnr, quippe cum eidem enuntiato poena criminiR paiticipio luiitum 
adinnota ait; cf. Qoebelii verba (Ueber eise biaher ganz nabeachteC ge- 
laaseno Wiener JuTcnal.Handschrift. Vienna aoad. 1859) p. 40: Nur 
bedaclite der Aenderer nicht, dait eine VeitaUn sanguine adhao Tiro terruu 


aabittm ieine vittaa viehr traegt.^ Bkkb, in aniwel to wonU of Eertnatm 
(vind. luv. 8) which eeem to me still to need no defence: 'vitiatani 
pnellam lam totuB loci tenor eatii prodit nisi qood Doa iam vitiata eiat 
qaando cuca cormptoie cubabat, Bed boo demnni ooDcabitu vitiabator; 
eiuadem autem stupri longo dlrior speciefl ooulo pioponitnr si Tirginem 
ipsis Boctrdotii ineignibnB indntam cum oorraptore iacentem informamua.' 
Gratitude alone indnces me to add in repl; to Dr Beer: 1) iactt ia not 
anjwhere^esE; in nat, xt obruta iaett means ' it is left in its mins,' nn- 
oared for. 2) iactbat ia not here uaed 'nude' bat with eum, as in the 
pasaattes cited b; me from Ot. met. When Fotiphar'a irife said to Joseph 
'lie with me, ' her proposal waa as infamous in aubstance as if she had bluntly 
taidnrtia nu. Jxi fact mm qua vitiaia iaeebat = a quo vitiata vitiabalur. 
8) to Goebel'B criticiHm I repl; that Euii'iurn does not implj that Cornelia 
iraa in the banda of justice at the time; for years she escaped. For 
parallels to (Tim qua vitfata iacebat lacerdoa see n 3—13, 19—21, 29—83. 
67—78, 102-114, esp. 117—136, 143—148. « 78—91. 114—133, 326 
fammea eunteril. esp. 886—397. esp. z S29— 341 e.g. dadam tdtt iOa 
parato \ flammtoio Tyriutque poiam gtnialii in bortii | itermtuT, et rit» 

decia eentena dabiattur \ antiguo, veniel cum tigmtoribut autptx \ no* 

«i«t legitimt vtiU nuberi. Tke sacrilege gave zest to the incest (tt 60 
patieae adeo Ctretisvittaicontingert dignae), as to the adulter; of ClodiuH 
(n S35 — 345). The monks of Medmenham, the modern rage for the de- 
filement of infano;, join with St Paul and Seneca (ep. 122 g 6 omnia vitia 
toatra naturam pagnant. omnia debitam ordinem deserunt; hoe est luxuriot 
pretKHiilum gaudert perveniii) in supporting vitlatae here. Trample te- 
ligion under foot in its holiest Bjmbolsi add cruelty to lust, and you spwr 
k jaded appetite, nam quo rum proetat femina templo t After Opimia WS8 
convicted (DH.vm89f.), sbewasBtript of ber vittju and led to her living 
(omb: epaiks of grace would have remained in GrispinuB if the Vestal 
had doffed the emblem of innooence before her sin ; as it waa, the vittae 
(and their goddess) ware etyntciae tetlerit. Take a parallel case. The 
fitaaea dialit might not appear without his apex in the open air; only by 
a late indulgence did the pontiffs dispense with his wearing it in doors 
(Oell. 1 15 §g 17 IB); whenit was too hot to wear the cap (piUmm). they 
began to bind the head only with a thread (Serv.Aen. vni 664), nam nudU 
ptnitus eon capitibua inced^e nefag fuerat. 

IT 10 Pint. Tib. Graoch. 16 S 4. Liv.Trn IE eg 7 8. DH. n 40. Or. 
f. TX 467-460. Hdn. v 6 g 2. Mflrqnardt StV. lu 823 13. Domitian 
pnniBhed foar Veatals for unchantity. The firat three, VuroniUa and the 
two sisters Ocellata. were allowed the choice of death (\ n. 83 Suet; Dam. 
DCass. 11. oc. Eoaeb. chron. Clinton fasti Bom. FhiloBtr. ApoU. vn 6). 
A.D. 91 Domitian buried the fourth alive (Clinton, Plin. 1. c. Euseb. 
ehron.); it waa with her therefore, Corneiia, that CrtEpinus committed 
incest The lut. tubiUira ia strictly accurate, as the Dscian war, in whicih 
Fdbcus died (luT. ver. 111^2) began 86 a.d. (Borghesi oeavrea v 616-7). 
The Vestal Minucia bnried alive Hier. adv. lovin. i 41 (n 307*1- Inscrip- 
tions on statues ot Teetals have lately been discovered. Case al tb« 
Vestal Ilia [Pint. Bom. 3 SS 4—6)- 

„ 12 caherbt scb 'Suet. Otho 6 in faro sub creditaribut oaderet. 
innics HonuH Stat. s. v 1 41 42 hie tit eattittimuA ardor, \ hie amor a 
domino merituM ceruore prebtai. DCass. litii 2 g 8. On the coins of 
Domitian CEHs(ar) pEB(petnns) is a common title- of. DCass. un 18 | 6. 
1.1TT1 4 S 3 no emperor before or after assumed the title. The cenaora 
jnplioity of fomitare, dreu and diet lav, ix 141—3 argaat 

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t^eucula pun', trd-fane Fabriciui cetuor notet. Sen. ep. 95 § 41 qaX et 
etna eriBtptuoat Jlagilioiiv* it tqxuttTtm ceiitvm contumewie t quid tam 

-Bibi hoc et genio sno praeatet? et totitM tameii laterlio atiitudti 
catae Jragnlittimia virii coiatilerunt. eadeia rta, ti galas datar, turpi* 
at, li honari, reprehttuionem ejugit. 

IV 14 QOiD iOis, 00117=111 '291. 

„ 16 uULi.mi molleta brought alive inlo the dining-ioom, Bwimmiilg 
m the iauce Sea. n. q. ui IT 18. 

„ „ BBi Mn4BD8 Pint, qniiest. coDT. IT 4 2 3 9 fish the most cortl; 
0i^>: Cato did not exaggerate, but spake simpie tmth, when, inveighing 
Eigairst the luxoi; and extravagance of the <4tv, be deolared that at Rome 
B, fiah fetches more tbau an ox. For they sell a dieh of fish far a greater 
prioa than the meat from a Jjccitd/i^i) Poiwpifpot (a hundred aheep headed 
b? an ox). Ath. vii vjii on fish. p. S48f one Telestagoraa we.dthy and 
of good repute, received many presents: so that dealers, vhea ofEeied a 
low price, would say, ' we would rather give it to T. tlian let it go for eo 
little. ' Once some youths, cheapening a large fish, received this answer. 
Macrub. Sat. ni 15 16. 

„ 16 AGQUAHTEV PABiBDB SGBTEBTU LiBBiH Stanley cites Assoh. Ag. 
969 900 (tf(iXaff<rttJ Tp^emwa loXX^i wapoiiia.t ladpyupor | rijXrSo. He 
there adds Tiieopocap. in Ath. 526° [s-arrrdaia! yip i/y ^ traeipiiia, rpit 
tpyupar iitra^/i^pTi. Blomfield dddti Achneoa ib. 6S9'' laapyipov... 
KVKpiou XISlu, eap. Archestratoa ib. 305' of a aea-fish (taTpm) ror Korpoi 
fl» iffiijs ilwou jtnl ^^ waToKfiri, I tar laixp""" *I7. PI "'o' p^w" Kara- 
irriitu I Sfir^ d-r' oSarirur. ri-yi^ itrrtr riiTapos Srdot. | toIttov S' ai Stpit 
iarl ^7Eri> Srjp-mati' araira', \ a'lS' itidtir 6o<roiirir. where obserTe the mock- 
lierojc ihithin and tone. of. auro contra {Hand ii 120. lexi, contra. 
Brij on Plaut. mil. 668). ' worth ita weight in gold, " or rather '£ for lb.' 

Ephippus in his Geryuues (Ath. 346' aeq.) when a Qah is caught bigger 
tluD Crete, Oeryon has a dish that oau contain a hundred of the size : 
all the subjeots fell their woods when the kiug boils his Hah ; they raise 
a, pyre wide as the oity and light it ; they bring a lake for the brine ; 100 
wagons are engaged for eight montha in bringing salt; five qiiinq^ueremea 
sow round the kettle. 

„ 19 sxMiE OBBi Oio. parad. % 89 hrreditatU epti g«id iniquitatia in 
MOrviendo turn tuMipitt ^uem nurum looapletis orbi senis Ron 
obiervat J Sen. ep. 68 g 10 difierere in litUram senes orbos. Stat. s. 
n 7 83—40. Friedlinder i» 326—332. 

„ 30 EST AiTio Mart. IT SO 4. ulieuob vn 30 ipe> nulla ulterior. 

„ 21 SFEcni.iBiBus sometimes mica, sontetimes glasa Marl, vni 63 S G 
ft greenhouse condita perspicua vivit vindtraia aBiaiaa \ et tegilur j'tUx, 
na tamtn uva latet. question whether they belong to the iiujruincntunt 
domiu or the omamtmum (dig. nuii 7 12 g 16. of. 9 25). Blflmner 
lecbttolcgie m 66. MarquSirdt Privatleben Til5— 6 collects the evidence 
(also for panes at glasa. Nissen Fompeisjiisohe Studien ind. 'FenBter,' 

„ „ iNTBO Plin. ixivii g 17 viatoria cubilia. 

' „ 23 uisBB ET rBDoi because he allowed V. OctaviuB, who had been 
m«fect of Egypt, to buy a mullet over his head (Sen. cited on IS. 
BoBOBSSi). Plin. Till % 209 he discovered a mode of enlarging the liver 
of BOWS (cf, eat. t 114n.) Jico arida lagiitatit, a tatit necatii rtpente multi 
potu daio, a. § 06 mulium exipiTanUm viriUolari quadam a muncFMa 

i-, Google 


Varietate tptetari proctres ffalal Tiammt, rubentium equamttmm nailijjyliei 
mutatione palUictntem, atiqve n vitro ipectetur inebuut. M. Apicius 
ad omnea luxua iDgenium mains in lociorum garo — ^rumi ea qvoque 
Ttt cognomen iimenlt — ntcari coi pratcelUni putavit, atque e iecort eorum 
aUcem eogitart provocavit. ni % I3T {of the cijma, a choice part of the 
cabbage) hie est quidam iptonoacaxLliam, delicatioT leneriorque caulicubH, 
Apicji lumtiae tt per earn Druto Caeiari faitiditu^.tuin line ciuligation* 
Xiberli patris. % 1*3, Tert. apol. 8 f. defends the name Christiftii by the 
analogy of PlatoniBla, Epicureane, Pythagoreans, aeque medini ah Enui- 
»trato et grammatici ab Ariitanho, cod ctiam ai Apicio. BiichalM in 
Ehein. Mas. uiv 395: 'eoholiasta Qneroli etiam ad Apici fercula n 1 

p. 23 Jnvenalis mentionem inioit Apiciui proprium mmien gbitonii 

cuius et luv. in primo iibro meminit. Bed looutionem illam non aocepit 
aoriptor ab Aqninat«, nomen Apicii gulosae luinriae docimentoiQ fiiit 
Senecae Martiah aliia.' Heliogaholue (Lampr. 18 S ^ made A., Otho 
and Titelliua Ms models; in imitation of A. he ate camels' heels, orests 
plucked fi'om live fowl, the tongues of peacocks and nightingales (ib. 20 
S 6) ; be sorpassed the dinnera of Apiciiis and Vitellius (21 g 3). Sen. vit. 
beat. 11 S ^ adipice Nomeatanvnt et Apicium, terraram ac tnarii, nt iiti 
vacant, bona emuiuirtnlei tt super mensam recognoieeniea omnium gfnlaaa 
anitnalia. vide hoi eoidem « ivggeita raiae [so Madvig adv. u 341. 367] 
tpeetantei po}>inaTn suam, aliret voeiim sono, ipectaculia oculog, saporibus 
palatum «uuni delectanles. tnoUibui lenibueque fomentii toium laeefiitar 
eorum corpus et, ne nam interim ceaent, odoribia variii ivficilar locus 
ipse, in quo luxuHae parentatur: hoe [Madvisf] esie in voluptatibus dice*. 
nee tamen illis bene eril, quia non bono gavdeni, 

TV 24 PAFTno 'de hoc usn papyri docte iam egit I'acitd. 
dea iQscr. xivi 280. cf. Bartel's Bsisen 111 67' (BOttigec). 

milibas. v 66 n. For the same price a nightingale, which draws the 
same lament from Plin. h. n. x § 84 ergo serTornm illja pretia snnt, 
et quidem ampliora qnam quibns olim armigeri parabantnr, 
acio ES. VI candidam alioqain, quod estprope invititatum, venisse qua« 
Agrippinae Cltmdii principii conitigi dotio daretur. The elder Cato (Pint. 
4 g 5) never exceeded the same price (1500 dro/^Amae^ denarii) for form 
labourers. Wollon it 160 — 173. O. Boeger de mancipiomm commermo 
apnd Bomanos (Berlin 1841) 20-^24. Marquardt Privatleben 170—1. 
Mart. I 31 addixti aervcm nummis here miUe dnoentia | ut bene 
cenarei, Calliodore, eeniel. | nee iene eenaiti: rnullus tibi quattoor 
emptna | lihrarum cenae poirtpa caputqae fuit. | txclamare libel: 'turn 
eit Mc, improbe, non est I piacis: homo est; hominem, Calliodore, 
comes'. G. Badham ancient and modem fish-tattle (1864) c. 4 'anoient 
estimation of fish.' 

„ 26 riscATOR oniM piecis vafnjyiiiror as vi 347—8 led guis euB- 
todiet ipsoi I cuBtodes? 

„ 26 27 pBovitJa* tanti vendit aoeos t E6 n. a similar valnation 
Flin. itfti % 62 interiit nuper incendio [mensa] a Cecliegii deicendem HS. 
I mi I permutata, latifundii taiatione, si guts profdia tanti mercari 
molil. SiLvesiHi. Ath. 297' 298> Eylabras, a shepherd, sold the site 
of Phaaelis to Lakios, taking atock-flsh (raixxottt] in payment. 

„ 27 BED UAioRna AFCLU VENDrT Hock Gesch. Boms i (3) 90 'in OOD- 
Beqnence of the lainly of the great, tillage bad greatly deoieascd in (be 
peninsula and especially in (he neighbourhood of the capital. To check 
the miaduet Tiberiua canaed the senate to renew an old ordiiuuuw, 



requiring capitaliBta to inreat J of their property in Itftlien land ; he 
hoped thus to rescue much aoil from parka and gardens aiid win it foi 
com (Tao. an. vi 16 17. Suet. Tib. 48).' ib. (2) I'Zi 'the civil wars 
and their consequences completed that ruin of agricaltuie firom irhioh 
Bonthem Italy hue nerer recovered.' Friadlander i' 201—6 = 1* 218 — 9, 
On Apulian pasturee see luv. vi 119 150 calet et rtgnat potcitqux tnaTilum | 
pattoret et ovem Canusinam. PUb. b. D. vui %% 190—1. Strabo 
281—4. tillage Hor. C. HI 16 26—28. Mart. -i. li 1 H non ego meonim 
pTuemiuvt Ubelloriim \ — quid enim vierentur? — Appalos vetim campos. 
On its producta (cattle, wool, honey, com, wine, olives and other fruit) 
Boe Paaly i' 136*2. 'foraierly' says Strabo 285 'this whole region waa 
Teiy piospeions, but Hanmbal and tha subsequent wars laid it waste 
(jp^^uHTcr).' Facat. 14 nonne eogrwvimta cui-asdam retro frrincipU turn 
prcmdia, led fercnia saepe aestartium milies aestimata patri- 
moniornm equestria traiissa? 

IV 28 PDTiMcs Bemhardy wiss. Synt. p. 296. 

"" EEATOEEU like 145 dux magniii a satire on Domitian's ill 

111 n. 147 a. Tet see Schiller Oesch. d. rdm. Koiaerzeit 

r Varro, Plin. h. n. Mart. Sil. in leii. ManU, * 163 
(of Thyeates) ruotantamguf patrem vatoi. Flin. pan. 49 § 6 fuc itbadt 
tt i'nanibiu plenui ip*^ et rnctana iwn tam apponii qaavi obicit cibot, 
Tart. apoL a p. m. (p. 119 Oehler) ructatur yroiniie ab Aotiu'iw caro 
THOta de homine. 39 5*- ^^64) tot triWImi et cariit et decuriit rnctanti- 
btxa aceacit aer. Cypr. p. 2j9 7 H craputam. p. 724 7 ca7v;CTii, Prud. 
ps. 316 (of Luiuria, competing with Sobrietaa) ■pervigiUm rnctabat 
iKarcida ctitem. ham. 466 {ol Israel in Egypt) carnU et irmtodicat tpurco 
Tuctamine cnidos. Pa nlin , yit. Atnbr. 1 tin. (cited on 1 1)4 fin.). Uiei. 
ep.l30 14 (i 9W Yen. 1766) hmdent U emHentium viicera, noit rnotan- 
tium opulenta convivia. Petr, ChiyBol. serm. 121. Boccaccio (in Tom- 

the lii^nce of Egyptian tongues was proverbial. Facat. 33 vioUU Canopiu 
l^viumqve populorum altor Nilut. Friedlonder i' 76 = i'69 70. ii'60 = ii' 
138. Uelikon, chamberlain of Caligula (omitted in Paaly and Smith 
diet, biogr.) may illustrate tha career of Crispinua (Fbilo leg. ad Oai. 
26 — 30, n 570 — 6 M). His master had him educated and presented him 
to Tiberius; as T. hated linpatiiLlii xapf^i^^nTO, he remained obscure 
till the acceasion ot Caligula, when he said to himself; 'Now'h your time, 
HeUkon ; bestic yourself. You could not wish for a better spectator oi 
hearer. tHeura! el t^m 4>6i!iy. HKiLrreir Koi xf/HFrrlfcfr^ai Svyasat 
fiaXKor iTlpiin. aStlp/iOTO xai xaiJiii Xij/5«!(ii jcai vapaatavpulmt 
olJai. Tuiv iyoiKXiar olix ^sirot TtxalScveai -ri. d;i;4peimi. tpiivtaTi ooi not 
t4 ffTdiniiXo* oOk ariprit, id.' off ii idrrpur ^naTn^fjjt lofj ruOofffioij 
imttKCTi$es, lit M -yiXiiiTa twciy iibrar, aWi noi TiKplar it lou Kaxinrifou, 
T6r Sfirrin-tii' S\ot Jpiamit ttl^oiii Siamliiipiir rpis d«poWiP r&r /leid X^"^' 
i-ytXTIItdrur. For his ears are open and pricked up xpos TOus iirtTtTiiStv- 
toras awutpairfw ra j3Xair^i7^cii> t^ rutof^rTeiy. And yoU need not 
seek &ir for materials ; you have the charges against the Jews and Jewish 
customs, in which you have been bred from your cradle.' 27 night and 
day he plied Gaius with charges againat our nation, -litoris tirwi- rii Sii 

ball with Gaiua, exercised with him, bathed with him, holding the post 
of eiibioilariua (r^ toS «araioifmrToi; xoi kut oUlai apx"''"';«"'ij0iiXajnw 
fCTB?/!^'!)! rii£») SO as to have the command of the emperor's ei^^ 



cmspraCs. egtptias silubl iv 31- 

30 p. G76 pr. nith bitter uom 'EXIcwn rip iSwaTpiin, JnvXy a-itp/itt- 
\iyif, TtpiTplnfiaTi , . . Helikon irivpriSiia iir6p<iroSor rir Al-yinrTiaKiv 
liw tit 'loiijoioui ■^•pitr. Phiio ends bj congmtnlating himself that 
HRlikon received ri irlxtifa rifl ajefltlai being executed by order of 
Claudius. Bead the bravo and bi^-toned DChrya. or. 82 ad Aleian- 
drinoa, where he begs their serious attention for awhile, ^i-oS^ xal^orrei 
(td StUTfKtiTi Kol 06 Tpaaix""'^' '"^ irmJiav iiiw mtl ^w^i kbJ 7^X11^01, 
in tlTeir, aiSiroTt arapiiTt. Yet 'we must not forget what the world owes 
to the heathen and Christian echoola of Alexandria. 

IT S2 PBiNCEtB EQuiTFTV ind. Criipinui, Friedlander >■ B3 n. 3 dia- 
puted Eeinricb'e assumption that CrispinuB was colleagne of Fuscos as 
praef. praet. but i* 206 and i" 189 he seems to follow BorgheaL Bo 
Hirechfeld Verwaltung^esch. t 223; 'to malie of his porple drese an 
official uniform, aa Borghesi does, is certainly a mistake, as Jut. I U7 
and Mart, vin 13 shew that the coxcomb simplj dressed in the fashion. 
Yet the eipresBion princepi equiium and still more the summouB to the 
imperial coimcil, points to this rank. I cannot however regard Bo^hesl's 
bypothesis aa certain ; possibly Crispinus may have been the emperor's 
Hocretaiy. When Martial vrote bk. vii (Dec. a.d. 92 Friedlander m* 
432 — 3) Crispinna was certainly no longer praef. praet., if he ever had 
been ; the way in which Mart, recommends to him his book for the 
emperor, betokens rather the poailion of a favorite than official rank. ' 

„ 33 Biioheler Eheiu. Mas. iixv 392 'CrispinUB praaco Bolebat vstt- 
DBRE HUNiciPEB FiuoTi HE UERCE siLUBOs. cx Nilo Komam advecti silnii 
qnonun magna copla auctione venit, evidenter non recentes sunt sed said. 
faoTom in medicina usum Plinius libro xiiii identidem commemorat, 
prandentea homines esitasBC aarpiv irlXtnipor Diodorus comicus docet [Ath. 
239*], in alteram cenam dilatum putrem liliinua luvenaliB xvr 132 non 
sine amhiguitate dixit, salsum tamen hnno Don minus quam lacertnm. 
intellegi volnit. ad salsamenta autem Oraeci Bomanique fictUibus Taaia, 
amphocls aa testis ulebaiitQr. quae ai &acta erant, mala men facta est et 
minimi pretii qoam ad emendam vilis praeco tunicatum popellnm 
cogeret.' Like an East end cDstennonger, aa described by Mayhew, 
Atn. 224° the Eoman flshiuongers are for all the , " '■' 

Athenian m comedy (ibs. 221°-227*'). Criapicus was a tu^ioedicT^ raft- 
Xtl"">pi», iahamentariut (Bottiger citing comm. on Suet. Vesp. 19). 'He 
bought the refuBe of other men's ware, the fish of a broken parcel, tum- 
bled and refnsed by other chapmen' JHolydaj). 

„ „ siLDHoa on salt fish Becker Oallas iii' 239. Fish in Egypt exod. 
7 16. numb. 11 5. Job 40 30 with Movers m 326. Is. 19 8 and 10. 
KK'k. 29 4 5. Hdt. n 92 g 2 sun-dried (TT sun-dried and salted). 93 ^hoala ; 
Tarich«ie named from tipixo^ e.g. Pelnsiacae (15 where Biiiir cites the 
monumental evidence). Canopioae 113. Mendesiae and Seenicae in 
Stepb. Byz- s. v. Fish still abound in the T^ils and Lake Menzeleh and 
are cured for export to Syria. See DS. 1 36 § 1. 63 g§ 6 6. Ath. 119>. 
12P. 301'. Tame ttluri at Bnbastna Ael. n. a. xn 29. Dioscor. n 29. 
Plin. ixxii 3 126 ailuri flvxiatilU, qai et aiiU quam in Nilo na»cltur, 
comet inpotUae recentU livt tahae. ix % 68. H8t. Kopanaiia. siXavpot. 
ripiX"^ '"U' 't* derivatives. Marqnardt Privatleben 416—423. Pint, 
Ant. 29 § 2 when Cleopatra's diver, outstripping Antony's, fiied on h& 
hook a salted fish from Pontus, the qoeen said 'Leave the fishing-rod, 
general, to us poor sovereigns of Pharos and Canopus.' Strabo 83S 
names the tilanu in his catalogue of Nile £sh. Ath. vii. vm. aod 
11^— 121*. Daiemberg'B Oribase i 111—159, {189—602 (esp. 127 i 

dt, Google 

— 40 TXmLLAa CALVUS.NEBO. 399 

NfiXpuH [Dpaicivai. 138 rtXuplStt and j^/ioi of Alexandria and PharoB. 
no 152 and 154. 159 salt KapaKivei oame into season towaida ninter). 
cf. Ath. S09>. On fish generally Adams on PanloB Aegln. I 9U (l 157— X66). 
The titana LnoU. it 7 U (in Vano 1. 1. yii 47) occidmit, Jup;, u laptrdae 


L c. 'niminim Hnmnnt de toio Bellave oantores prius quam incipinnC can- 
tare. ds hao ipsa dea Ovidius metam. v3S6 surgit O&iliope, praettiaptal 
poUiee chordai.mbijtngitearjainatieniii. Invenali conCrariaiDsententiain 
Propertins expresBit 11 10 11 evrgt anima tx kmaili iam carmine, tmaite 
eirti, I Pitridei, ma^i nunc trit orii oput. in otio igitoi oonBidere et 
aimpIiciWr narrare luvenalis volt puellaa Pierides.' 

„ 36 FBOsn HtHi voB riiiiME FOELUS for ths tone cf. Sen. ben. ii%4 
Chijaipjiaa B»!i verendum eite «e, quia ChariUt loviafiliae ianl,pananit 
grate gerere tacrilegium lit et tarn bellia pnellis^af iniuila. TibolL 
II 6 121—2 annut. tie tilii lint intorui, Phoebe, capiUi, { lic tna per- 
petno Bit tibi casta hofot. Biicbeler I. c, adopting {unawares) the 
interpretation given by Lubiu in 1603 : proiit mihi vot dixiiie pvellai, id 
ostreferetis grdtiam blandae huio vooi qna diasimnlaTi anilitatem veetram 
ue aeTeritatemrigidani.,,immaneqQant[imfallanturqui Musaa inteUeguut 
virgines pudicas, nisi forte de intemptatis sonptnm boo eat in lupanaci 
Pompeiana Candida me dociiit nigrm odiite pmlUu aat ab Ovidio in fine 
artis mra turba pueUat inieribant tpoliii ' Na>o magiittr erat.' Had 
GrangoeuB then never read iaborantei vtero puelUxit I nov follow Lnbin, 
but when I followed Orang. it was on the strength of hia ciutioc (Apnl. 
apol. 76 £n.) virgo ntrtutn poit recen* repuditxm nomen potxaa afferemi 
paellae quam integritatem. Tor puella of a married woman aeo Ot. 
her. 1 115 (Penelope). The aook (sometime Euphorboa before Troj) 
asBuras his master that Helen waa an old woman then, abont of Hecuba'B 
age (Lucian gallns 17). Menippua wonders ruit it Toaaikif xp^''V '> 'Ar£X- 
Jiw Du ^iia Tuiyara (id. Icarom. 28). 

„ S3 ciLTO HEROHi Utho also (DCaas. lxit 8 g 2) asBomed the name 
of Xero. Snet. Vltell. 11 VitellinB chose Nero as Ms model {exemiiUtr 
regendae rei p.), held a funeral service in bia honour in the camptu 
Martiju, and called for end clapt J/nvniana cantica at a state feast. 
FriedlSnder ii" 196 = n' 299 and in" 136 understands ' Nero' in Mart. 11 83 
of Domitian. The emperors were, or were thought to be, sensitive about 
personal appearance Tac. an. iv 67 (motives of the seclusion of Tiberias) 
erant qui crederent in genecliite coTporii juogue habitum paduri faine: 
quippe tfli...nndus capillo vertei. Na;, even the great Coesai 
(Suet. 45) circa corporii c«ram moroiior, ul . . . calvitii . . defomiitaleia 
ixiquittime ferret, taepe obtTectatomm iocii obnoxiam txpertm. ideoque 
et deJUientem capillum rtvocare a veriiee adtueverat, et ex omntbuf deeretii 
libi a lenatu popaloqtie honoribiu nan aliud aut ncepit out iiturpavit 
libentitii quam iut l/mreae coronae perpttHO gestundae. 

„ 39 INCIDIT ApuL mag. 33 quicunique laimit cogniii geturie piicie 
inciderit. Nagelsbach (Stilistik % 00 3b) was therefore mistalieQ in 
snppljing eot (he calls this 'das starl^te mir bekannte Beiapiel,' and 
gives the constraotioa 'rhombas iaoidit in mnus retis eoaque imple- 

„ „ BFATtVH Flin. h. n. vn g 77 quod tit homini sjiatium a ves- 
tigia ad veriieem. Ot. met. lu S6 dam spatinm victor vieti eomndtrtt 
holtit. Ben. Phaedra 806 et valH spatio vineere eorporit. 

„ 40 juiook Ue-Tit onom. Pape-Benseler Eigennameo, 

i., Google 


J7 41 lUPLETiTQirB BiNDB Aen, X 619 implevitqne Binvm, binub 
FUut. Grat. Mart. Ambr. heia£m. t § 21. 

„ 42—44 Tir 120 n. Theophr. in Plio. nt § 177 t. eadem in PonH 
regione adprikendi glade pxKivra Tnaxivit gobionet, Hor. 8. n 5 44 Eeiad. 
Heaiod (?) in Ath. 116H eiwu* S' lipalwr Bufdrrioi' Ir^tra ;iiJTi)p. ib. 118" 

r^l Maii^TiiDi \lwjp. Antiphacea ib.' pv^atrlat Sk evytliot | (u- 
^palyer' iatioSt, KikoatmtoB or Fhilctairos ib,' ptii^a.i'Tiai' rt T^/ia;(<» 
iwipayxtvaira. Kratinoa ib. llSb Ta^ilxovt TDpriiout. Cuto (Pol;b. 
zzii 24 g 1) cried out agaiiut those vho introdnctd foreign luinries into 
BomQ, S 2 buyiQK rtpifuor rafiLx"' TOtTmuv for 300 draclimae, 
Marquardt PriTatleben 120—2. Daremberg's Oribose i l&C, 696-9. 

„ 45 Hart, mi 91 ad Palalinai aciptntem millitt meiuai. | amhrotias 
omenl niuncra rara dapa, Plia. zixtii % i (BpeukiDg of the ring of 
PolykrateB, which was kept in the temple of Concord at Boma, ti credi' 
tmu) at ilium piicii eiimia magnilvdine regi <do>na(UJ escat vice 
mprtim, u( faceret atltnlum, in cuiina domino Turnii Fottunae intidiantit 
vmnu reddidit. Antipater of TarBna in Ath, 346" Gatis, qaeea of the 
Sjiiane, was ao fond ol fieb (d^o^vot) aa to proclaim tbat none should 
eat a fiah S,T(p TiTtios (I) ; moat b; mLstake call hei Atergatis, and abstain 
ttom fiab. Mnaaeas ib. says that she ordered all fish to bo brought to 
her ; henco thej still offer fish of gold and ailver to the goddess. Plat. 
Alex. 23 g 6 the finest fish sent to Alexander, who generally diatribnted 
them among his friends. 

„ 46 FONTinci SDUHO PUn. ep. cited on 10. after the death of tb« 
ponlifex maxiniia LepiduB in 18 b.c. Augnatue took the office (6 March 12) 
whit^ woa held by tus auc««8B0tB, and evec by tbe CbriBUau emperors to 
Valens and Valentinian (monmu. Ancyr. c. 10. Bein in Fauly. Madvig 
die Verfaannng u. yerwaltnng des rSm. Stastea i 540. Monunsen ri>m. 
StB. □* 69 TO. 756. 7a8. 1062—8). It occura aB the first among the 
emperor's titles in inscriptions. 

., 48 aee on Priscilliaii, a delator nndcr Coracalla, DCbbs. Lixvin 21 f. 
QenerBlly aee Geib Ge&cb. d. tom. Criminalprocessea (1842) 524 (lewarde 
to accnseiE, either fiied by law, or granted for each pajliculiLr case; 
persons forced, by tbe Eenata or emperorH, ta undertake BCCuaatioca), 
531—3 (professional informers). He oites Brencmann fata calumniatorom 
sub imperat. in Otto thes. iuris ronl. (Utr. 1733—5) iir 16j3 aeq. Tbe 
delator is strictly one who comes forward as informer in tbe interest of 
tbe^cua, le. who reports to the pruefretui aerarii or another treasury 
official (cainam ptcuniariam ad fitcum ntiniiare, dtjerre, whence the 
name) goods which legally accrue to the jitcut (bona vacantia, caduca, 
and those of criminals deceased or sentenced to confiscation), dig. xxxiv 
y S g 13 advocatum fiaci, qui inttntimioa delatoris txKeqtatur, in 
omnf^ ogkii nrcfstitai satii excuiat. ib. XLix 14 (the whole title de iure 
Jiiei). Kein Criminaliecht 814. A popular sketch in G. Loissier I'oppo- 
aition sous lea C&ars (Paria 1875) 170-231. Schiller's Nero 376 - 380, 
and his Gesch. d, roio. Kaiserzeit ind. Delatoren. Gothofr. on cod. Theod. 
X la Brisaon ant, eel. ex iure civ. m 17. Compare DCaas. Liti 19 S 8 
i,D. 79 TituH drove informers (roi>t infnrrit) from the city. Livir 1 g 3 
Domition put to death those who dr0/iuxaui roXAii^ ■rvKo^ornjirEiBr, and 
esp. slaves who informed against their masteis. g 4 onoe he declared in 
.a proclamation that when on emperor does not punish roit evKufiairrai, 
he himself makea them Bach. 13 g 3 luventins Celsas who conspired 
■gainst Dom, and was accused, hod a miracoloos escape kjt. 94. g 4 he 

i., Google 


entreated a Beoret aadienoe, adored his 'lord and god,' and deolaied ' I 
have done nothing of the kind : if I am respited, I will apare no paint, 
ml Birxroii <r« tal fopiiaia xaX (itXiy^u.' Capitolin. Actocin. phil. 11 g 1 
eabitaniit gusdrufilatorum iaterccitit, appaiita faleit delatoTibuB nota. 
i 2 delstioneH, quibca tisoas aageretar, cmttmptit. Lamprid. 
Comm. 19 g 7 criel of tbe senate after Uie death of CouunodUB : itCiiett 
de Menatu. delatores de letiatu. tervorttm tuborrutioret dt itnatn. 
CapitoUo. Fertinax 7 g 1. id. Uaiimin. 18 g S. IS g 1. Facat. 3S— 39. 

IV IB ii/iix Stat, cited on 143. 

,, 49 MDDO John 21 T. 

„ SI TiVABu Mart, it 30. x SO. Marqnardt Privatleben 417. see the 
learned and livel; C. Badham ancient and modem flah- tattle (1864) 

,, „ TTTAHuOAEBiBiBinl06n.CBeaarlsarmeDtnm.ontheimperial 
menageiies see Friedlander ii^ 257 = n> 957. Plin. x § 193 fishea eertainl; 
hear, vtpoU cwnjrfaum congrtgari feroi ad cibum <id»ii«(«dine in quibut- 
dam vivariiB apecUtHT, et in pieeinia CaesaTie genera pUcinm ad 
nomen venire, qvotdanigtie linguloi. 

„ 63 at QDiD ytutoBio cbesihcs x 66 n. tiLnnac ind. 

„ 54 Plinj (paij. 27) praises Trajan for giving of hit oum; nihil lar- 
giatvr princep', dum nihil auferat. Fish are ferae naturae, the propa^ 
of tbe captor (Ur. met. vi 348—350 tutu eomtaitnit aqiiantm). inst. n I g 1 
naiurali ivre communia ttint omnium kuM : atr, aqna prvfiaem et mare, 
g 2 fiumina autem omnia et porCaa yublica siml: ideoqtte ius piscandi 

4 13 pr, venditor fundi Qeroniani fuado Jiotriano, qaem retinebai, legem 
dederat, ne contra enm fiieniio Viyimaria exereeatur. quamvi* mari, 
quod natara omniboB patet, BarvitDB imponi privata lege noa 
potest. iLi 1 14 pr. nee dittimilia condido eortitn [Jtfoniin] tet atqvt 
piaoium atqat feraruta, qnae limtil atqne adprehemae tnnt, tine dufrio 
eins, in cuius potcstatem pervenerunt, dominii fiant. iLvii 
10 13 % 7. The gode, eajs Mart, (iv SO), pmiiehed Bacrilegions intrasioii 
on imperial privile);e ver. 1 — T Baiano procitl a lacu recede, \ piicator: 
fuge, ne noeent recedm, { sacrii piicibui hae natantar undae, | qni tiorunt 
dommam mamitngtu Jam6im{ | iUam, qtia nihil »( in orbe maiiu, | qnid, 
qnod nomfn hab^nt et ad ntoffistHj vocem quiirque sui venit citatusi The 
rest on ver. 116. Gifiord 'we find in Blackatone, that stargeon and 
vhale were andestlj' culled royal fish with qb, on account of their excel- 
lenoe, and, aa Buuh appropriated to tbe sovereign : 

Hath not strong reason mov'd the legist'a minde. 
To saj, tbe fayrest of all nature's kinde. 
The prince, by his prerogative, may ola^me? 
Vei7 good, Master Macston.' 


Bee Pacalus 26. 

„ B7 iiu qluBTAMAii sFKBAHTiBDS ASSBIB Jordan Topogr. d. St. Bom 
I (Berlin 1878) 118 'in apite of the ambigoit^ ire must necessarily talM 
fttartantm aegrit togeth^.' To prove the possibility of ench a constmo- 
tioD aome better pmllel than OeU. zlx 10 g 1 pedes mm graviter 
aegrum, and Tao. b. iv81 manum aeger (both in QeoTges) sbonld be 
cited, (irammai and metre connect quartanam with eperantibut. Me> 

26 , 


aettz (Zlflohr. t Gynin. 1874 226) cites Plin.h, n. ™ § 170 qnadfini 

sibns inoipere, whioh certainlj oasta doubt oa the reeeivBd interprata- 
tion. Yet on the other side see Cels. iii 16 i. qanrtaiia neminem 
ingnlst ; ted n ex ea facta qaoUdiana e»t, in malU aegtr ett. As guar* 
tana und trrliana are used ubsolulel; without ftbrii, so TpiTntai and 
Ttrapriuot mthout irvptTOS (Boa-Sohftfer 425). 

if S8 CEFoEHtp BiEus SeQ, lud. 2 g 1 e( deformis hiems gratot 
eorpebat lumorei \ divitit autwani. Hof. c. n 10 15 iDformes hiemee. 

„ 59 IBOFEIUT Sen. n. q. ii 17 SS ^ ^ e.g. in cubili nalant pitcet H lui 
ipni Ktenta eapitar qui ttatim transferataT in meruam. paruin videiur 
rteeat mulliu, nisi gta in convivat nianu tnorJtur, Fetrou. 119 S3 Si 
Siculo tcarut /uqiwrt mersia { ad menaam vimu petdtxcitar. Flat. qa. 
couv. IV 4 2 § 8 p. 608 What do men mean, when tiiey mvite one another 
to dine on the beach? is it not that a dinner there is most agreeable, be 
in trath it is ? not because of the waves and pebbles . . . but beoduse the 
table on the sboie is supplied with an abundance oi/rtah fish {IxBiai 

„ 60 lutcue Bum Borne and the Campania BBS, 

„ 60 i)l LAcns . , dihttta u,ba Cic. p. Mil. g 8d vot enim iam, Albatd 
tumult aiqvt luci, vot.inquam, imploro atque obteatOT, votguf, Albanorum 
obiDtae arae, aacrorum popali Homaid lociae et aeqiialea . . . tuque en 
tuo edito monU, Latiarii lancte Ivppiler, cuiut Hit lacus (plur. aa here), 
nenuira fineiqixe laepe omni nefario ittipro et ice'ere maeulaTat, Senatore 
summoned to the Atban villa, instead of to the regia, also in Flin. cited 
on 10, Tao. A«t. cited on 113 (Catullu). 

„ 61 Stat. a. IV 8 160 161 donee Troioas ignis et renalae | Tarpeim 
pater intonabit auUu. v 3 168 — 170 « gu« ab exceltit Troianao colli- 
bus Albae, | tindt tuae iuxta pro»pictat maenia Romae \ proxivaa Hie 
dens. 8 37—39. iv E 2 gwa priica Teudroa Alba oolit Lares, 
Qron. diatr. i 426— B. Liv. i ill g 3. 

„ 63 FACiLi ciRDiHE Hot. c, I 25 3 — 6 amatqat \ ianua limen, { qaat 
jJriutmuIfuntfaciUi moi-eiat | oacdines. 

„ 64 EXCLOai Hrnmxvt ADuiaai OBaoxu patrsb z 216 n. Sen, aoQst. 
sap. U g 1. 15 g 5. cons. Marc 10 g 1 ampla alria et exclnsornm 
ctimtium turba re/erta veilibtila. de ira iii 37 g 2 irattan vidiati amiam 
luutn oitiario eatitidici alieuita out divitii, g-uod tnlrantem lubmirverat.., 
g 3.. .nunc itte aliquem it putat, qitod cattodH litigatoniint titrba Umen 
obaemaa, nunc iUe qui intra iacet, /dix fortamlufque eat et beati 
homiuis ivdieat ac potent is indicium difficilem iannam. 
trauq. 13 g 6 the oUent, who is driven out at dawn to sn-ell the 
crowd, cum maltonia fnittra liminibtu ilfinu nomenciiUitorei per- 
lalutavit, a multia eiclneus neminem ex ommbui dijiciliiu domi 
qiuan se ronvettit. ep. 47 g 9 atare anle linten Calli'tti dominmH 
acum vidi et eum qui illi inpriierat tiluium, qui inter ridicula manci- 
pia pToduxej-at, aliis inttantibua eioludl. Mart, i 25 5 anle fores 
itanlem dubitat admi tt ere Famam? )i T9. Tac, an. iv 7 pr. Freinsbeim 
niri per Ilaliam Catearia agri, modeata servitia. 74 anl vi 8 (oited x 
90 n.). Suet. Vesp. 12 f. coneuetudinem sccutandi aalutantes ma- 
iiente ad}aie bello ci-cili omiterat. 14 trepidum eum interdicta aula wb 
Henme quaerentemqae, quidnam ageret oat qvo abiret, qaidam ez officio 
admiaslonia aivail eipellena, 'ahire Morboviam' iiuttrat. in hane 
poitea depreearMm htcud ultra verba exeandmt, etquidttntotidanfereaiqtit 
eadem. Bee Maroilius there. PmiIj' admiiaio. FiicdllLnderiillO. 140.iU9. 



Epiktet. tr ? S 1 ■what malies > tyrant terrible?' <Hi9 gtwide,' yon 
Bay, ' and theii BTordu, and the cbambeilainB and those who refnaa 
admittanoe ' {ol airaiXrf<HTet rah tlgiorrai). ib. %% 19—21, 23, it is ^hewn 
that these terrora are imitginat^'. Plin. pan. 79 t. nulla in audiendo 
di^titia», nulla in Ttipondtndo mora ; aileunt ttatim, dimittlmtar »latim, 
tandenujut priTicipii foret eiclusa Itgationtim turba mm obiidtt. Luc. d. 
mort. 9 S col iriKXeior atrat tuhi ivltrrc. Capitolin. Maiimin. 6 § 10. 
Plin. izim % 41 fuit et alia Clandi\ prineipatit differentia inicient eii 
quibui admissionia liberae ins d^i»$etU imaginem prineipie ex auro 
in anulo gtrendi, manna criminum oecatimu, quae omnia taiuUrit exortut 
Vtspaiiani imptTatorii abolevit aeqnaliter pablicando princifem. 
Gell. n 1 g 1 in vatibulo aedium Palatinamm omnium fert DTdiniatt 
nvltilvdo oppeiientes salntationem CaesariH comtilerant; when. 
a pedant rum anlui* tnpeTcUiii vociique et vtiltui gravitate (ompaiita, 
iamquam interpret et arbiter Sihyllae oraculorum, seized the chance of 
lecturing on genders and casee, and was Bocratically eitlneuiahed by 
Favorinus. itl IS g 1. ai 1 g 2. DCaaa. mva 17 i.n. 215 (under 
Caracalla; he speaks from personal eipeiience) %§ 3i tlie emperor after 
giving ae notice that he would tir cases or transact some other buBiness 
at daybreak, irould detain ua till noon, and often till evening, not even 
admitting na to his veatibole (/irtSi tli li itpiSvpa iKiex'f-"'^^' ^^^ letting 
ns stand somewhere outside; and when it was late, he would decline 
even to aalnle ns. Meanwbile be was engrossed wilh driving chariots, 
hunting wild beasts and drinking Uol lirire nit iKfionroKa). Meanwhile, 
we being present and looking on, be would mix in the bowls (irpar^poi) 
and send round in cups wine to his soldiers on guard; and sometimes, 
when all this was done, he wonld eit in jadgement. Friadlauder i* 
142—6 = 15 135—141. 

IV 65 ATniDEN Friedmnder i» 516. 

„ G6 FHTViTiB uiioiu Focis ScHveT cites schol. Pers. yi 23 \ntc 
rhombos idea liberlii ponere lautue) 'Thonibui . . genus est pisois, qui 
Ron -privatia, sed divitam menais inaervlt.' 

,, 67 theotherreadingsasiiwewonMmeaQ'tomake room (by emetics) 
for the treat.' cf. 13H. 

„ G8 lut BGRVAinu IN SAECUI.A MarMond con], fercula, which is veiy 
flat, 'for your reign.' Symm. in drat. 12 (p. 332 Seeok) inciMonC alii 
lenfctiitem Bervatamque in tempora captiva canitiem. of. tervare 
vinuminTmulaKm. Plin. pan. IS pr. 30 §6. 36. 40 §4. 463 7. 93 S 3. 
ep. IV 11 g 6 cited on 10. x 1 g 2 proipera omnia, ideit digna saeoulo 
tuo. 3A(20]g2frEiti3iiiff(t(i(i eaecnlitui. 12 (7)/<!2)cibu tempornm. 
2S (34) % 2 quod alioqui it dignitat eivilatis et saaculi tni nitor poituUU, 
37 (46) S 3 ego illud u«um a^lrmo, et utilitatem operii et pulckritudinem 
saecnlo tuo e»te digniisimam. IVajan ib. 55 (63) inctfoi ad aecipieTidmn 
cOTupellere . . . nan eit exiueiitia nostrornm temporum. 07 (98) §2 
Trajan forbids anonymons denunciation of Chriatiana: nam et peisimi 
exempli nee nostri saeouli eit. M. Anreliug in Vnlo. G-allican. Avid.- 
Cass. 2 glfwnQOetri temporis. 8 g 7. 12 § 9. Trajan in dig. uvm 
23 g 1 avaritia snperioraiu tempornm. paneg. 3 18 de pro»ptritate 
saccnli vestri. 4 18 pr. 13 20. Symm. ep. i 1 (=15=22) Iwminia 
ciilpam . . , non aaeculi. 

„ 69 rpsB cm vouiit Cland. fescenn, in nnpl. Hon. 1 13—16 telle 
iacebant aponte iuis /erae \ gaudensjiie aacri-t vulneribug lea \ ad- 
mittet haitam, morte supeibior. Beu Jonson The Forest n to Peua> 



Fat aged carps, that mn into thj net, 
And pikes, now weary their own kind to eat, 
Ah loth the seooiid draught ot cast to Btay, 
Cl^dtnwfy at first themHelves bebay. 
Bright eels that emulate tbem. and leap on land, 
Before the fisher, oi into his hand. 

IV 69 iPEBTnjB more barefaced Cio. LaeL g 99 aperte eitim adiilailleiH 

memo turn videt, niii qui admodum eit exeon. Plin. ep. ni 9 g 2 homo 

apette maiat, Tac. xm I. 

„ 70 scROEBANT cwsTAH im 2S3. lul. Val. de gestia Alex, i 37 (after 
Didot'g Airian p. 41) lum il eanibui imbecillioribui hum tit quantopiut 
dtfverit viHiivi, tanto crietaa aouere mblimiua tt latratibut irrita- 
tioribat indulgeri, where nothing BDBwers to c. a. In the Or. Plin. ii 
g 122 (of the crest) tptetattaiyimm intignt gaUinaeeu. z § 156 aallinaTun 
geneTOtilat rptctatia crista reota. Boooacoio noT. G3 i (in Tommaseo) 
'oome galli trionfi. eolla crttta leviUa.' see eii. of 'rizzare,' 'alzar,' 
'abbasaar' la croata. So Calvin tin LittrS) of Osiander, 'he thinks be 
has won the da?; il levt lei erata.' cf. ' crest -blien,' 'to bristle the 
orest,' 'coiDomb'; 'after that repentaunce hath cast doion out combe' 
(Udal ia Siohardson); the prOTerbs 'den Kamra anfaetzen — anfbiaBen'; 
'der Eanun iat ihm gestiegen — eobwillt ihm'; 'comes awelling like a, 
tnrkej cook ' (Shakespeare), cbesebe db sb Hoc. ep. i 16 19 ted vereor 
nt eui de tepltu guant iibi oredas. translated by Ben Jonson Seianae 
I 2 (Arruntins loq.) ' irhat is it prond slime will not boliere Oi his own 
worth, to hear it eq.[ial praised Thus wit^ the gods I ' 

„ 71 ind. H, V. devt. 96 n. Mommseii rem. Qesch. v' c. 11 (Judaea and 
the Jews) shews how the Jewish monotbeiam oontiuuallj revolted from 
worshipping 'the beaet'a image' (the emperor's likenesa), Low hatred ot 
this idfjatiy is the soul of the apocalypse, and how the proscription of 
Christians was a standing institution in the empire, like (hat of robbers, 
though orders tram head quarters might intensify or relax its severity. 
See his StR. n> 732 — 7, where he commends Caesar's self-deification, 
revne de pbilologie ni 33—63. Obbar on Hor. ep. i 19 43 pp. 523—4. 
Marquardt StV. tii 89, 199, 443—455. Boissiar la religion Bomaine i 
117—208. Fiiedliinder iii» 511—516. Eckhel rat 482. 508. Hertzberg 
Oeaoh. Qriechenlands anter d. Komem collects the monaments of this 
worship which the Greeks, adalaiuti gent prudentissima. have left behind 
them I 619 690 (Caesar, Octavia, Angustus). ir 9—19 (Augustas, Ootavia. 
Livia, lulia, Tiberius, Drasoa, Germanious), 35 (CaUgula), 41—43 (Antonia, 
Olaudins, Messalina, Agrippioa), 146 (the Flavian family), 147 (Neiva), 
151 (Trajan), 838 833—4 337 (of. ni 6u9) (Hadrian], 3G6 (Antoninus), 369 
(M. AureliuB and L. Verae), 413 (Commodus). CIG 4483 (Alexander 
Severus). Ben. cons. Marc. 15 g 3 Augustus bore the deaths of hie 
children and grandchildren without complaint : tarn fortiter (so Madvig 
advers. ii 353) quam caiiu iam ret agebamr euiuigtx maxime intererat de 
dis neminem qaeri. ben. iii 26 (cf. sat. i64n.) intended charge of sacril^e 
nnder TiberioH,. Servilia, daughter of Soranoa, eajs (Tac. ivi 31 f.) nuila 
miki principie laentio niii inter namina fuit. Hor. o. ni 6 2. Iv 5 32, 
Mart. I 6 6. rv 1. 8 12. vi 83 5. vn 66 4. n 20. 28 10. 91. 33. spect. 17 4. 
oet. Suet. Tit. 3 L. Vitelliua, the emperor's father, miri in adulando ingenii 

dt, Google 


primut C. Caaarem adorare ul denm initituit. DoaitUn (Pliti. pan. 33) 

colieoted charges of treaBou in the amphitheatre ac u deipiet ae eon- 
tantii, mti ftiam gl'diatorei eiut veTieTareJirur, libi male did in iilii, luom 
divinitateiD, iimm nnmen violari iitterpretabatuT, cumque se idem 
quod deoB, idem gtadiatona quod le putabat. Pliny himself does not 
esoape the taint of blaBphemona flattery 40 in praeterttum nifioenire ne dt 
quidempotiujit: tv t(iv\en eubvtniiti. Stat. a. in 4 18 luppiter Jtuoniui 
pariterBomanaquelaao. ly 1 17— 43. 2 46—60. 3 124— UO. 4 67 68. 
T pr. laliu omite divinae domiM lemper demertri pre oua itudiocrilate 
eonitor. nam qui bona fide deos colit. amat el lactrdotei. 1 14, 37^3. 
2170. ITS 128— 9 (the Sibylsajaof Domitian) m.' hie tit deu», himc 
iabet bttitit | pro le luppiUr imperare terrii. of, Wilroanns inaor. 143 4G 
iiam quom te. Cottar, lenxpua iums- expotcet dtum, \ caeloque repttn 
»ed<em qua> mtindum reset. Philostr. Ap. vm 4 the acuuser bid Ap. 
look at tha god of all mankind (di Ti* ararrav arSpmrui' Btbr), i.e. Do- 
roitian. Soribon. praef. (Patav. 1655} p. S f, thanks C. laliaa CalliBtns 
for presentiDg his Latin medical writings deo noBtro CaeBari, i.e. 
ClandinB. p. 6pr. divinia manilna lavdandji coniecrtuti. PaTisanias vtn 
3 J 4 belieTes that men ol old, pions and JDst, meaBmateB of the gods, 
Hemklee, Ariateeos, Amphiaraoa, Ka«toT and Polydeukea, vera deified 
foi tbeir virtue. He ean accept also |§ 5) the judgements on Lykoon and 
Miobe with certain modest reserves (gg 6 7). ' Bat in my day {^ 6), when 
wickedness has invaded the whole earth, offre 6iit iylrcro ouJtIi tri ii 
dr9fnirou, ir\^ Sirar \iy(f lot niAattiif t/6i ri intipix"!'^ "'^ diiini ri 
lajriiia ri ix rQr 8t<2r it^ rt (ni dT(X0oi}oi>> irffirSe iritcirat.' Quintll. in 
7 8 9 there are gods, bo bom; others have earned immortality by virtae; 
mod pittat prineipia nuitri praeaentitim qaoqiie temporum decua fecit. See 
P^airet on John 10 34; los. ant. xix 5 S 2 fin, (Claudius deconnces the 
'madnees' of Caligula, who hnmbled tha Jews for lofuning to transgress 
their religion and to call him god) ; 8 § 2 Agrippa punished by heaven for 
Bntfering himself to be called god (cf. Acts 12 22 23); Eeim Bom n. d. 
Cbristeutham (BecUn 1881) 73 — 81, 226— 8, Preller- Jordan rcim. Mith. n* 
435— 453, esp. Westoott the epistles of St John (1883) easay i 'the two 
empirea : the cburoh and the woild ' 237 — 265 and the Kreat Selden titles 
of honour i 4 3. leii. onder aetemiUtt, aetfntai, caeleetie, coneecratia, 
deut, divaiit, divivitat, divimit, impletat (Beimar on DCass. ltii 9, Lrmi 
13 f. 14 pr. Lliiv 4 pr. and ind. dtut), -tut, pittat, -iiit, tacer, eet. ind. 
inscr. devotut. HSt. and Sophocles oJi^pidi, -Atiit, 9elii, Biioj, -irqt. aixpiK 
cat. Tillemont empetcure ii in ind. idolatrie. HSck riim. Gesch. i ;1) 
189, <3j 213, 234—251. Friedlander i> 95. Christian poets, aa Corippua 
keep up the trsdition, and ' Bjzantintam ' is proverbial. The courtiers of 
onr Tudora and Slnarta, Bossaet and other preachers nnder Lonia XIY, 
come little abort of heathen precedents. We have some relics in oai 
modem langaage: 'her most aacred majesty'; my college, by a raiaiManee 
aSectation, is stylid ' coll. divi lohannis.' Evid^ce relating to the adora- 
tion of later lords of Itome is collected in Jo. Oerhard confessio catholtca 
granlif. 1679) 699 seq.: Parker Soc. ind. 'pope,' and the writingB of Old 
tbolicB. The sycophancy, mother of these blasphemieB, etill livea under 
other anconsoious forms, in many philoaophica! and political factions. 
I have not had access to Jo. Filesac de idololatria politics et cultu prin- 
cipiB l^itimo rar. 1615, To gain a firat-hand view of the subject in brief 
read Ov. trist. and Pont. (e,g. i 1 77. 2 71—4, 97, 105, 118. 4 44, 66—8, 
6 70. 6 26, 44—8. ii 1 47—8. 2 41—2. 48 aetemi, 69 pulvinaria, 84 
rfinu luliuf, 108—9, 133^. 3 63. 6 63-4. 8 1—16, 26—88, 61—2, 

i:, Google 


66—76. m 1 97—100, US, 185, 145-60, 101—6. 3 68 Cnpid awews by 
VanUB Catiareiimqui caput. 6 10. ly 4 33-4. 25—6. 6 10, 17—20. 
8 8 4, 21— aa, 63— 4, eW90. 9 52,103-16. 113. 12 39. 18 23—6,47. 
16 23. cf. a. a. i 303—4). Curt. Tin 6 eap. the apeech of CalliBtheneB. 
Plot. Tit. Rom. 27 28 esp. 28 g 18 -we must not therefore, ooutrai? to 
QatDce, Bend t^e bodies too of good men to bearen ; bnt we must raallj 
believe tbat, according to tbeir divine natare and law, their virtue and 
their souIb aie translated out of men into heroes, ont oF heroes into demi- 
gods, out of demi-gods, after passing, as in tba lite of initiation, throngh 
s final cleansing and sanctiflcatjon, and so freeing themselvea from all 
that pertains to mortality and aense, are thus, not l/y public lam of a tiatt 
(oti rdiiif roXfui). but reaUj and aooording to right reason, elevated into 
godn, admitted thus to the greatest and must blessed perfeetlon. ' For the 
JewiBbfeelingBeePhiloleg-adGai. (portly cited) B.B. a. 16. 20.22. 23.25. 
30. 34 86. 39. 42—46. ETan Quiatilian says iv pr. g 2 Domitiitn Aoguatus 
.haTing intmt<t«d to me the charge of his sister's grandsons, non lalii ho- 
norem itidiciorum oaelestium inieltegam, ni'ii ex hoe onerii quoque Jtiag- 
nitudinem mttiar. § S quii enim miM , . aut moree exeoUtuii tit modMS, iif 
«w non inmerito probaverit tanetittimtu otmor (ver. 12 n.)? g 6 mihi 
qttoque projento polerit iffnoici, li. . .nunc onaiet in aaxilima deo> ipsnm- 
que ioprimia, i^uo neque praeaentins aliud neo atudiia magia 
propitiom nnmen est. invocem. Lamprid. Heliog. 8 § 7 nee Somanat 
tantnm exitingaere vohiit religiofie.; led per orbem terrae, unum etudent, 
uC Heliogabatui dens uhiqiie coUretur. Bnbnken on Veil. 11 62 g 4. 
DCbiya. or. 45 pr. (11 201 B) boasts of his constancy in Eiile ix^pin 
iftxonero!.. . riy hxvpoTaTor ml papiraTor ralStariTT]v iiOMafuM*™" 'al 
tffDP Tap& iraiTii''EXKfiffi Jcai ^ttfi^pntj to S' akrjGis Sfra Saifiofa rof^pbr, 
xal ToDra oi) fiii'iui-ir airir mSi riir i^Spo» rapoiTiiiiutiio!. 

IV 71 DIB iEiJD* HiiEBria laiaio!. m 74 n. v 132—3 li qais deia aut 
similia dia | «C melior fatit donaret homuncio. Sen. oonBt. aap. 698 
exetUa intxpugnahiiia dis aeqna. brev. vit. 17 g 6 dia aequoa hnnoret. 
Piin, ziiii I U6 Atciepiadet titilitattm vini nequari vii deomm po- 
tentia posie pronwaliatit. Isocr. ad Nicocl. 9 6 p. 15'' looking to their 
honours and riches and powers, iBoBiout awarret voitiioust roh it tius 
jarapxift 'vtiii. Wetstein on evang. lo. 6 18. 2 Maco. 9 12 fij; Brrrriv 
itra lii6eta ipporttr, where Fritzsche unaccountably prefers the t. 1. 
i-repyiii arm. Ov. Font. 11 2 92 duels art deoa aequiperante (rut. 
PhJlo leg, ad Oai. 22 (11 667 f.) rnaa ii ottov^iti} t4i laoXv^riiut airifi [to 
Augustus] riftdi i^^^ffOTo. Luo. vn 458 — 60 btlla pares snpecii 
/(KiCTiteiriHadivos: | fulminibvinuineiradiiiqae onu^ic etaitru | inqat 
deinn templii iurabit Iloma per vmbrai. 

„ „ poTBaiiB 1 100 n, 

„ 72 iiTiVLK Marquardt Fii7atleben 636 — 6. Krause Angeiolugie 
(1844). TOCinICH Pliny (cited on 10) the pontiffs summoned to tha arx 

„ 73 coNsnjDu Mommsen StB. n> 866 n. S {where he assumea that 
Crispinus was praef. pratt.) oompares Capitolin, Antonin. phil. 23 g 3. 
Lamprid. Alei. Sev. 16 % 3. ocbbit 154 n. 

„ 74 luoHAi ind. magnvt. 

„ 75 PAU/iB Too. Agr. 46 pratcipua tub Domitiano migeriarum par* 
erat videre tt atpici, cum nupiria nostra aubecribereTituT, cum dfnotandu 
lot ftominum palloribns nffieeret laevui iile vulliu etmbor, quote contra 
jmdorem tmmiebat. 

_ „ „ AKiciTiu BB. on tha amici Caetarii aee Friedlaodei i* IIT — 

— 81 ■ viLicDa viBiDs cRisptia. - 407 

ISO. who gives a, list from AngaitriB to EIsKabaliia 179 — 194. Mommwn 
Btfi. 11' TBT, e06. The dangers of the position Epikt. it 1 Sg iS—SO. Tae. 
h. IT 8 luc miniu >ibi anxiam taltm [i.e. Neronie] amiaitiam qvam aItU 
Eciliam. a.a. in 30 f. Ti 9. 29. Suet. Tib. 65. Gsl. 2&. DCaaa. litu 2 
Domitian'e treatment of tbe friends of Veapasisn and TitiiB. 1.1V111 lA 
(§4 6, 1,1111 4 g 1 cL Lampr. Comm. 8 S 1. The faU of Seianus. Fried- 
lander i" 186—7. 

IT 77 FEniBus ind. Boby intiod. to JnBtinian'H digest (Cambridge 
1881) oli. Borghesi oeoTres v 617—520. a 269-272. 

„ „ ATTONiTiA 146 i«fers to tbe Terror nndec Domitian, not (at C. de 
'Taloia thinks) to tbe alarm oanaed bj Antonins (14Tn.). 

„ „ TiLicns Lampr. Al. Sev. 15 g 3 sajiog of AL malum popnli 
Vilicnm tite imptratorem, qui ex vitceribut provineialitoa homint» noii 
tuceaariot ntc ret p. utilei pateeret. Orangaens cilee priap. 82 1 Tilieas 
aerari qaondam. Borghesi oeavres m 830, t S17 — 520 cites L;das de mag. 
H 19 (ol. 1 49) Domitian mado twelve prefects for one, one for each divi- 
sion of the oitj. This evidence stacdx alone, bnt Borghesi appeals to the 
plni. here praofeoti, quorum optimtu ){ tbe sing, viliaa. He denies 
that the abolla is a philosopher's mantle; if P. had been a Stoic, the fact 
vould have been recorded ; besides the Stoics and their costume were 
prOHOribed {Fhilostr, Apoll. tii 4 % 2). Abolla — chlaiayB. which the pre- 
torian preteeC Grispinns might wear (Mart, viir 48 1) ; why not then the 
prnef. urb.? Comparing Lamprid. Alei. Sev. 33 § 1 (appointment of 14 
oonsolars as curatorei urbis, one for eacb region, to sit as aseessora to Ihe 
|iraef. nib.), Borghesi oonjeoturea that Domitian may have lessened the 
power of the prefects in some similar waj; the city cohortfl remained 
under the next piaef. nrb. Butilius Oallions [Stat. a. i 4 9). Mommsen 
takes no notice of the statement of Lydus. 

„ 78 *NNE VII 199. 

„ 79 iNTBBFBEB LEQim VI 544 interpres legam Solymarum. Cic. 
fflaent. % 146 legnm interpretee iudUei. 

„ „ ooAiKitTiMi iod. 

„ 80 81 iNBBin insmu on coins Themis appears with helmet and 
shield, like Athene. Heiniicb cites ood. ix 9 31 iubtTimi . . . armarl iuru 
gkidio Jiltore. Chiysippus made Institia so pitiless that AelicatioH$ qui- 
dam diaeiplituinimpkiloaophi saw in her the image of Saevitia (Oeli. ziv 41. 
&tintt liiiui occurs earlier and more frequently than Afin)i iux«*P<' (Tbeod. 
Prodr. and Nonnos in Pape-Benseler). On the chest of Eypselos she 
appears throttling 'Kiuila. with the ooe hand, and smiting her with a staff 
in the other (Faus. v 18 g 2). 

„ 81 OBisn Schmidt Denkfrelheit S48— 9. Biioheler still reads Albins 
Crispns in Fcontin. aq. n § 102. ' cuisri iucunda seneci'cs a jest re- 
corded DGass. Lxv 2 g 2 Vitcllins bf bis gluttony ruined the health of the 
gneata who felt bound to keep bim iu countenance, at yt evyintvovrrt^ 
Btn-if Timi iii/ut ar^^Xa(r<^<1>'. he himself relieving himself by emetics, 
g 3 Vibins Griapus, having been forced hy illness to absent himself from 
Uie imperial table, said, 'if I had not been ill, I must assuredly haTe 
died.' The jest about Domitian and the flies (Suet, cited 82) also in 
DCasB. Lxvi 9 § 5. Qnintil. v 13 g 46 some pleaders anticipate their ad- 
vetaary's argnmnnts; qitoi /octant vennste nottrit lemporibia tliuit 
Vibins Crispns, vir ingenii inoundi « tlegantu: 'tgo vera' inqmt 
'iita non dico; quid enim attiiut ilia bii dicif z 1 % IIS trout etara tt 
n»par ingenia. § 110 Vibins Crispus corop«ilu» et in- 
anndns <C dtkctatioai natus, privatii tawta catuts qaam publieit mtlior. 

i., Google 


m 10 1 11 inonmlitatBiii CHspi. The achoL oonfotmds Vlbios (aoine- 
time procone. Afiieae Plin. in ptset. g 4) with Passieniu Criapus, m 

Lipt^ioB sheved. 

IV 61 cBiBPi esitBCTDS Aunn. ux 6 9 6 ut laocr&tis mtmorat 

„ 83 FOFViAi BBaxHii Aeo. thi Z2B plaeida popaloB in pace lege- 
bat. Qbi>o. 

„ 84 FESTB Ter. ad. 189. Lampr. Al. Sev. 41 g8 pestiB ilia. id. 
Heliog. 10 3 1 ifd miiiui pestem iUam imperatori* velari nomitu pott 
■ugiHcmnt. c(. id. Comm. 20 g & eumjmmuM iliiui malum in republica 
inaibait. Facat. 21 tx omnibut territ, quat iUa pestU imtderat. Hotta* 
sjnt. piise. ur. Ut. i 6. 

„ 67 1IIIIBO0O VIBE the weather a safe topic Son. ep, 23 g 1 putof DM 
tibi tcriplorvm, gunni humane nobiicvM hiemi egerit, quae et remiiia fait 
et brtvie, quam malignum ver tit, qaam pratfotttnoa frigiu, it aliat 
inepliat verba qvaereatium f 67 g 1 ut a eammitnibut initium faciam, ver 
aperire ee eoepit ceL Compare with these lines Iob. ant, xti 8 gg 2 5, 
uu Herod's dietmet of hia frieuda. Hot, h. ii 6 43 — 46 Maeoenaa choaa 
me aa a friend whom he might take in hia coacb on a jomrne; et cui 
[yellel] amcredere iragai \ hoe fleniM ' hora juoia eil } Thratx ett Galliva 

quae Timoia bene depomintur in attre. 

„ 88 FiTCK PEKDKBiT Plin. nn g 21 Tapae«>...naiulinai pendenti- 
bua fatis. auict 76 cI 

„ 89 90 coNTEi TOHBEtjrFEu BO (Hand n 117) e.aquai, ardua, ecalai, 
rcnlum. ct. Lqct. vi 725 adveriii ftuetibvi. Aen. vni 68 adverwm r<iRU 
tvperei tubvectui uf amntm ]( lecurulo tfrrrente. Many like proverbs ill 
Wander deuttcbea Sprichwotler-LeiikoD iv 923 n. 16. 

„ 90 91 civia Qin libeiu fobbet vkbba anihi phofibbk i 1G2 n. 153 n. 
v. 127 n, AeBch. Pare. fi91— 8 oM' In TXiiooa ftmrolri* | ir ^wXakah- 
XAvTdi yip I \aii iXtlSfpa pifttr. Eur. Ph. 390 lokasta rl tpvydriw ri 
SvtX'pi' ' S91 Poljneikea Ir ixir /i^jhtto^, ait fx" Tappt,aiai: 392 lok, 
JoiSXou tM' <i«ot, ;i7( «>«>■ i iii «,,o»er. Ion 671—3 ix tJ* 'Aftji-™ ft'_ 4 
TtKtCr' <[jj 71*1) I i3t »iO( 7;n7Tai. tajTpiSrr xappriirla. In Greece, eap. in 
AlhenB, lariyopla and x-afptiffiiL were imeparable from free citizeaahip (DS. 
i 78 g 2 iri^ )( lappiKTla, Dem. 0. Steph. x § 79). See HSt. and ind. 
Hermann-Biibr Or. SlaAta-Altcrtb .<> wappinrla. AriBU)t. Eth. N. iv 3 
p. 1134 b 39 character of the magnanimous li^Xea rni dXtiBtlat ^aWw 
^ T^i Sifijt, tat \iyiir tat Tpirriif ipanpwr rappi)ffia<TTi)s yip Sii ri 
uttta^poMiy. S16 tal oXijPttiTnii. Under tjranta flatterj aasumtd the 
maak of bluntneaa (Tao, an. m 70). Tao. Agr. 42 to the aaniB effect aa 
Inv. Domitiani vera natara praecepi in iroia et, qtto obicurior, eo inrev»- 
eabilior, moderatione tanun prudentiaqne Agricolae leniebatuT, quia turn 
rondimaefa neque iaani iaetatione libn^alii famata Jatumqtie pri/voeabal. 
tciant, quibui nuirit eat illicita mirari, poiee etiom tub taalii principibut 
magnoi viroi eise, obsequiumque ac modeitiam, >i indiulria ac vigor adiint, 
eo lavdie excedere, quo plerique per abrupta <eniBi=- in nullum rei 
publicae juvm ambitioaa morte i'nclaru«run{. On the freedom of 
speech under Nerva, Trajan, M. AnreliuB aee Oataker on Antonin. i 14. 
Tac Agr. 3 >ed qTiamquam primo (tatim beatiiiimi laeculi orCu Nerna 
Cottar res oiitn ditiociahilet mitaierit, principatam ae libertatem. 
Nerva's acceBsion (18 Sept. 96) waa celebrated by the dedication of » 
temple on the Capitol libertati retlitutae (CIL vi 1 472). 

„, - t to be a maitjr to the tmth Tac. xa 65 

dt, Google 


{Narcisani loq.) iia de le m^ritum Caetartm, ut Titara luui Ha> inpen- 
daret. Sen. ep. 9 % lOu. Hero. Oet. 1172— S iupendo, ei mihi, \ m 
mUa vitam facta. Med. 663 (of AloestiB) uxor inpeadeuB unimam 

IV 93 TUTUS IN ADU Lao. X 61 56 obtide quo pacU Feltata i\x\\ie in 
aala | Caetar crat. 

„ ys guEM Hoits aAlfEREi Prop. II (m) S8 58 longiut aut propivt 
mors ma qneiuqne manet. 

„ 96 i>ouiHi sec ind. ChriBtopk Schooner vhei die Titulaturen dei rijm. 
Kdsei (actaeemin. philolog. Erlang. n, ISBl). Mommsen gtB. n' 731— 
710. SeptimiuB aeverua {aod his wife lulin Dmnua) fir«t has tlie title 
in iaBdiplioos end coins Cohen iii 33S sq. Boissiaa inscr. de Ljion 
60 60. 

„ „ rBBTdiTi many eix. of paBsive eap. from Tao. in MubimaDD, 
e.g. Luo. T 669 660 licet insentei abruperit aetiti j festiuata dies fatis. 
li^i). vn40 7 led teatinat'iB raptum tibi credidit aams. 

„ „ OLIM Sen. ep. 68 3 12. B. q. in 30 3 1. it pr. % 17. Fboen^ 146. 

sut. Tb. I sea. 


Pito pontifex, rarum in tanta claritndine, tato obiit. zm 30 a.i>. 
56 two of these ' prodigiea ' in one year : Caninias Rebilns, an aged and 
wealth; lawyer commitUd Boicide and L. TolasiuE died cvi tret et ncma- 
giitta anpi ipatium vivendi pratcipvaequc opei bonii ariibut initffensa lot 
imptralomm vialUia ftxerunt. ivi 7 a.c. 65 C, Caasiua and Silanua 
tilled, nulla crimine, rUii quod Caeiitu opibtit velustiii et gravitale morum, 
Silantii claritudine generis el modeata iuvtjtia pratcellebant. In a 
pestilence in the aante year ib. 13 e^uitum eenatortimqat interitwi, quam- 
vu promiscai, ntinui JUhilei erant,tamquam communi mortalilatt aiuvitiam 
principii pratvenirent. ib. 16. 17 pr. S3 f. Barea Boranus condemned when 
Tiridates was expected in Kome : Nero chose this time perhaps ul magai- 
tudiitem imperatoriam catdt iraigniiaa virorum quasi regie facinore otten- 
tartt. Snct. Nero 37 Nero threatened to exterminate the eenate. Plin. 
pan. 69 f. tandem ergo nobilitai von nbicuratu-r, ted inbatriOitr a prineipe: 
tandem ilUii ingentiwm virorum lupoies, illoi pniteroi libirtati) nee lerrtt 
Caetar rue pavet. TarqDin's canon (Lit. i 6i %% 6— B) 'smilfi the tallest 
poppies,' ctoBBicBl in the schools of tyranny: Aristot. poLv 11 (lS13a 89) 
tvTt ii TO. T€ TaXcic "KixOivTa Tp« aiiiTirfpiai*f lis otor r«, t^i TvparytSoj, to toAt 
irtpix.'"^'" ■B^diiEu' (ai Toft ^iporrtiiariai anK/«v. Hdn. I 8 § 9 tadvice of 
Perennia to Commodus) ^ki&ttco -yap nol coXoiicir air^ aim^aiXfve nit 
vitepix"""- DCasa. Lxni 15 S 1 of Nero: 'he hated the senate so exceed- 
ingly as to be delighted beyond measure with a saying of Vatiniua (T46n.), 
luvS a; KoJVap, Crt evytiiiTttii el, for I niU use hia very words.' 

„ ,. ESTiHNOBiuiATE cumlahnpropoBuit Pithoeano poAt Ul rasnram 
OBlendente, in qna oorreetoc anpplerit in. seonti aunt editores omnes, 
attamen ntpiecBe adnotavi Toci cutn spatiun rasarae viz diiabua litternUs 
snfficieQB non conveoit. fortaase Bonptom erat inobilitate et propterea 
eorrectura facta. Teruin de mendi ratione qnomodocmnqoe statois tn 
nobilitate serves oportet. Beer. I have always read tn. 

„ 99 hkdob see ind. Ben. de ira m 43 g 2. ep. 7 g 4. Solin. 26 3 aeq. 
DCasB. MZ 7 § 3. 13 g 8. LI 7 S 3- 23 J 6. Lizyni 21 g 4. Hor. a. p. 472. 
Calpum. Yii 65. Apal. met. it 13—21. lol. ep. B5 p. 409*. 

„ 103 BlBDATa Seeker's GaUns ni> 172. 

„ „ IHPONXBS SEOi Muhlmann col. 379. Sen. rh. oontr. 19 S 10 
(p. 333 15.E) muUU ixmpotitio belU tonantit lenttntiae inpoauit. San. 



ep. 95$ S aliit baee intermiiaio eiui inposnit ; mihi verba noQ dftt. 
116 g 'J miramuT paHelei («iui taarmore induetag, cum aciaTnue, quaU tit ■ 
quoit abiconditTir, oculia noatris inponimUB, et cam auro tecta perfii- 
dimm, quid aliud qunm mendacio gaitdematt Plin. ep. in IS g S Q. 

IV 105 BiTDiucs md. 

,. 106 iKPitoBTOR Si^n. pp. 12 §6 nemo tarn lenex eat, tit inpTobe UTtum 
diemiptret. i)4 ga6«i< inprobum ^laf. qui ab uxori pudicitiam exigit, 
ipse alienaruni corru-ptOT uxoritm. improbut in the old version of Hcrmas 
vis. inS 8 21. (p. 17 2Hilg. 1873) = i™,«t. ib. 7 8 5 (p. 22 17) = d»ai!«v- 
aa/itrot (both omitUd in the version given in Qebbardt-Hamack). 

„ „ bathiuu bcribente cin&rdo of. Neio'a lampoons Tac iv 49 t. 
Qaintianua mallilia corporis iitjamii et a Nerone probroao carmine 
diff Bmntns coatumeliai uiium ibat. Suet. Dom. 1. Mocedo the philo- 
Bopber (Oelt. xm 8 S 5) nsed to aa;, nothing was more intolerable, quoM 
quod homines ignaoi ac deaidei, operti tarda tt paUio, morti et emalumeiUa 
fhil isophiae in linguae verborvMqut artet convtrtereM et vitia facno- 
digaime accnsarent, inteicutibos ipsi vitiis made n tea. Minoc. 
Fel. 38 § 6 philoiopfumim lupercilia conlemnimat, qxtot comiptorei et adul- 
leroi novinai semper adTsrsus sna vitia faonndos. Tert. apol. 
89 Unonei pliilmophut «i eemar. lay. is conscions of the tme fnnction of 
It NamittiaD. i 60i) — 6 haiut valaificii satura ludeau Camfni* \ 

TTUU poll 

imloi curpit, praecipit eate bonoe, 

„ 107 uoNTua see ind. 

„ 108 HATi^iNO cf. T 49. GiSord ■ ii 204— B indeed luv. tells Mb 
friend Fersicus that he may go into the bath before noon.-^vithunt being 
ashamed. But Fernicua was an old man, and tbe conceaaiou waa profesB- 
edlj meant as an eitraordinai; indulgence to bim.' 

„ 109 FUNERA on this uae of perfumes see ind. s. v. funiu. Enn. an. 
158 V y..T<!uint corpin bona frmina lavit et nniU. Prop, rv (s) 7 32. 
Plin. vn § 166. xm S 3. Pint. Snll. 38 3 3. At PriscilU'a funei*! 
(Stat. B. V 1 210—4) omne ilHc itipatvm examine tango \ ver ATobiaa 
GUicvmqtie JIuit Jloreique Sabaei { Indorumqae anura teget praerepiaqtie 
tftnplit I fura, Palaeitinii limui Mebraeiqae liqitaret \ Coryciaeqiie comae 
CinyreiLque germina. ii 1 l>iO— 5. 6 Sti — 89. Minuc. 12 9 6 leservatis 
nngnenta foneribus. Apul. mag. 32 ut (t tiu ei caiiam el myn-han 
eeteToiqae id gtntit odorai funeri tantum emptoi arbitrtTii. Tibull. ill 3 
23 24. antb. Pal. xi 8 10. Lne. Charon 22, Flin. ep. v 16 g 7. Mart, 
n fi4. Wetst. on Matt. 26 8. Silvestii here. 

„ 110 FOUFEius ind. ittoinjOB iperibe susubbo iz dSfuite aperire 
caput. A mm . xvi 8 9 12 proximorum /aiiees apeiuit primua omniutn 
Coiulantimu. Bo in Cels. and Scrib. op. cutem, piutulai, ttrunuu, vo- 

„ ' „ eoBCtBo from the 
(see ESt.) have a bad 
Orelli op. gr. sent, i lt>u ^urupor ampa etoa/te atit oinai. 

„ 111 112 Daci identified vith Octae by Strabo vn 3 9S 10 13. On 
Hie Dacian var Dieraucr in Bildinger Untersuchangen zut Tiim. £aiser- 
geech, (1868) i 63—112. Schiller rem. Kaiserzeiti 629 630. MommBen 
rSro. Gesch, v' c. e. DCasa. ljvii R. 7. 9 g G. Statins brooding over 
his panegyric on DomitisD'B wars Th. I 17 — 22 guando liaia notuiuM | 
ligjia nee Arctooi auaim tpirare triumphoa | biaque iugo Shenum (belov 
147 n.). bia adactum legibua Histrum [ et coninrato deieotos veitice 
Dacos I aut defenta priut vix pubeacentibut annit | bellaloeii. 


IV 113 nmruTVe fboelu Acq. x iSS meditanteni in proeli» 
' tourum (ao Sil. xvn 438; bat as Iut. v 316, m 711 vud. pugtua, which 
ojcnra aieo Tao. ur 20). 

„ 113 VEiEHTo ind, Mommeen in Eeil Plin. ep. p. 410. Borghesi 
oenvtps T 530—1. 

„ 114 Qin HDuquillI TISAB ri.AOBABAT AKOBE FUELLAE BUth. Lst. 357 R 

= 611 (p. 1. ID. IV 417) Ba«hreQ9 'in caeoam, qui pulchraa mnlieres taeta 
noBcebat.' Ath. 674* r^ 'ApuSijifqs /^ ami}! fpaaeels. cf. S7&*~' paBaion 
foi one sfen in a dream. Cic, Hor. Quratil. have JJagrare amore. 

„ 116 CAF.CCH ADCLtTOB CtBtlSQIlE t PONTE Biimii.nit Mart. IT 30 OHO 

who dared impiouBlj to fish in Domitian'a preserves, 10 — 14 raptii 
tuminilnie repente caecus I captuni non potiiit videre }/iscem, | et nunc 
tacrilfjioi perotm kamot \ Baianot ledet ad lacut rogator. Hier. ep. 

Paalinae,coheni Painiaackii eat. achol. 'de nmnero mendicorom,' Adrien 
de ValoiB ' qoaai niendicuB inter proceres et amicoB imperatoriB Domitiani 
ease posset, ut lav. diiit, ant qusai mendiooB, ant turn act antea in ponte 
Btip«m petene, recte dici posset dignaa qoi mecdicaret ad clivam Aricinam 
vel in clivo Aricino. Catallus hio eiat senator Uomanus.' After oitinf; 
Plin. ep. IV 22 and AV. epit. 12 g 5 (who both aonple Vei^nto and CatdUns 
as base informera, aa luv. does), he adda: 'et lav. quidem CatuUum 
mortifeTam, catcum adulatorem ac diram DQDCnpavit, addidit etiam, niBi 
nobilitas et opes homioia obalitiBBent, propter cmdelitatem et malitiam 
snam digmim fuisse qai caeciu inter caecoa egenteBque in ponte aut in 

clivo Aricino mendicai«t ego igitnr Invenali duas litteinlas e et < 

quae iam ante aliquot saecula atque ante aetatem veteris iutaipretis ab- 
Utae ei aont, resEituendas, ac poetam nostrum aio emendandnm arbitror 
dinisque AC SPONTE tatellea'; ct. Plin. ep. m 7 g 3 laeieTat famam 
taam mb Xerone, crtdfbatur spoote acctuasie. For iatellei absolute he 
cites Claad. in Bnf. H 387—8, where the lojal aoloierj refuse lo rebel with 
KuGuhb, fatiame avdire sateUes, { qui Uget aliii Uberlatemque rtduxit 
Markland ms. 'diruigueaponte iafe£2«( non intallego.' Meinertz (Zeitschr. 
f. Gymn. 1874 226) O. Jahn in his lectures, suspeotiog a conaiderable cor- 
ruption here, despaired of a solution. If ver. 116 atood alone, though 
Catullna was not in fact raised from the beggar's stand at the bridge, ;e( 
Inv. night (bf the common nee of metaphor for simile) call him 'an ill- 
omened catchpoll (or purauivant) from the bridge,' i.e. one whose blind- 
DOBB and whole air recalled the unsightl; throag gathered there. But 
having used a poiite thus, the poet could hardl; add vei. 117, only fit 
.'to dt^the traveller's heels, and whine for alms to the descending wheels'; 
'a beggar, only fit to beg,' is all too Sat. Both's interpretation deserves 
<^onBi deration. He supposes that Catullus had beeu a oompanlon of 
Nero's drunken freal:a (iii 378 n. esp. Tac xm 47 pons Mulviai in eo 
tempore eeUbrii iwctumii inUctbrit erat; venlitabatque ilbm Nero, q«o 
mlaiiui urbem txtta laicivirtt cet,). 'Catullus fuit ex illis Neronis eatel- 
litibns, vel tribunie, vel militibus, per quos vulnera obviis inferebantur et 
alia nefanda patrabantur, eoque dignua fuit. qui dims adpellaretnr: a 
ponU anient, quod oommeana in pontam Mulvium Nero eo oomite utebatnr: 
dignut cet, ne hoo quidem de priori Catulli mendicitate dictum puto, 
sed de impudentia hominia atqne oris habitu.' 

„ 117 iBlciNos Cato origg. It '21 Jordan lacum Dianium in ntmort 
Aticino EgeriitM Laevivt Tvicutanui dfditavil dictator Latinm. la ISM 



P. Boss ditcovered the fonndationa of the great temple ot Diaoa below 
the modem Nemi in the so-called Giudino by the lake (bqh. d. u<^. ioBt. 
185S u G aq. inscriptioQA bom Nemi ia Eeimes n 6—12). Hil. it 


&ir ira£ rfj irotcpi^tL r< 

„ 120 121 IH LiBYTic ootirKsacB: kt ilu UBimi ucehi,t BEi;:nA dig. 
lit 1 1 § S dam OMCuni utrUque luntiniho oriiafuBi jimtttir repcUit; ridt- 
iieet quod imignia magUtratia vidert tt revereri noa point, rtfert etiam 
Labeo Pnblilinm onecum AtprenatU Noni patrrm aversa sella a 
Bruto destitutunt, cum vtUft poitulare. qaamvia atueia emcut pro 
alio poitulare non poait, tamtTi et teitatonum ordinem retimt it iadicmuU 
officio fiaigitur. Bioault. 

„ 122 paoju Geimer b. v. Ciand. Mallii Theod. oons. 32ft-B. 

„ „ TEI.ABIA Hirschfeld (riim. Verwaltungsgesch. i 198) wrongly 
rcte^ to this noid the masc. (see De-Vit velariitt) Uenzen 6370 praepo- 
iiCu)Telai'iHeajrtrcn(ifciu(in&. 13Gn.). GTnterS99 7prafjH>«i[ui velario- 
rnm. Geocgeg eorraotlj cites Amm. IIT 6 S 25 bodib ot the populace 
spend the night in wiDe-shops, no-nntiHi velariia umbra cu forum the- 
atralitaa latmt, quae Campanam imitatiu latciviant Catalut tn atdililiUe 
ma tuapendit omnium prtniiM. BcboL Fers. v 126 uses the word tor a towel 
(mistaJung the meaniug of itrigilit) itrigiltt dicunlur itla velaria, wide 
athlitae poit laborem lerguniar, Heinrif^ cites onom. Vale. iSiria velaria 
and (from Salmas. ep. p. 200) the late Gr. ri ^iiXdpia ; also Scaliger'a 
(ep. 211) explanation 'loea Telia oppanaa,' certainly the primaiy sense, aa 
reqaiied b; the termiuatioD, bat supported by no example, scbol. ' ad alta 
theatri velamiDa.' Ot. a. a. 1 103 itutc (in ths days of Bomnlus) negu« 
marmoreo peadebanl Tela tktatro, PUn. xn g 23 21 traces the history of 
these awmogs from Q, Lutatius Catnlns Gapitfdinos |cf. VM. 11 4 § B) at 
tlie dedication of the Capitoline temple (b.c. 60), thiongh Lentulna 
Spiuther, Caesar (ot. DCaas. util 21 J 2 ba 7^^ »n)j^>a rur etuu^rtM' i 

Toae, B.C. 16), Marcellua, to Nero (DCass. a.'i>. 06 liiii 6 § 2 of the 
theatre ra y€ /irif rapareriirnaTa ri 8ii rou afpoi SitLToSfpTa^ Snui tow 
flXiD* drfpvKiH, iXoupyi ^t, nal ir pUuif avTiin apiia iXauraiii 6 N^pow iri- 
•rritra, ir^/nf ti darffits -xp""^ iwiXaixrot). Lampr. Comm. 15 j 6 time 
mm ei laepe pugrninti uf deo popului faviitet, inrisuM w credtia popubem 
Roma/tttm a militibiu clamariit, qui Tela ducebaat, tn amphUhealro 
interimi pratceperat. Friedlander of 376. 600—1. 

„ 123 NONCBDIT = XTl3. 

„ „ FANiiicua ct. ind. CIL ti 490. 2232—6 (pp. S2, 615). PreUer- 
Jordan rom. Myth. ii> 386 2. Bdckh M. Schr. vu 580—1, who compares 
the lepiiovKot. Tert. spol. 9 hodie isiic Bellonat lacraliu languia defemort 
proKitto in palmuUim fxteptiu et auidatua lignat, Lamprid. HeUog. 7 
g 2 JactaciC auieia caput inter praeciio fanatloos. The texts at luige 
in Dempster on Boaiui aot. IT ID. 

„ „ OESTBO Nemea. cyu. 3 4 Aonio iam mine mihi peettii ob oestro j 
afsttiat. Stat. lb. i, addressing Domilian, 22 — 21 tuqae, Latiae deau 
addilt famae, | qvem noea maturt tubennttm txona parentis | aetemum 
tibi Roma cupit, 30 — 33 tsantai ftomintim contentvi habenii, | midaran 
terrofqve poiaa, ei lidera doati. \ tempua erit cum Pierio tua fortior 
oestro \ facta canam. Hier. ep. 79 g 11 pr. quan oestro Hbidimt jiari- 
banda dixiiiet ' uti lunt di tui, Iirael, gut te eduxerant de terra AeffyptC 



Paolne Festi p. 195 M oetttnm furor Graeeo vceabulo. See BSt. tor 

t'trrpm and its deriTttiveii ftre coDatantly aeed of wild pasBioii (e.g. Bur. 
Bacoh. IIU. 1229). Fof th« primary sense Bee oomm. eap. \om on Terg. 
g. Ill 147. Plin. ixi 9 182 haticacabi radieem bibant qui vaticinari 

>e volant, remtdio eil — id.enim libealiia rttlulerim—aqaa copiOM 
nulla ealida folu. From Fliny's eameslceiB we cait; infer that this 
abuae of the drag wu DomiDon. 

IV 125 OMKU TMUMPBJ Tuc. QD. II 17 jtuteftemmtmi aujurfum, octo 
aquiUu petert lilvai et mtrart viiae imperatoreia adverlere. exciiunat 
irtnt, leq'uerenlm- Romanat avet, propria Ugionum ■mimina. 

„ ISG TEiio>-E BBiTiNNO Cic. fam. Til e g 3 (to Trebatius B.C. 64) (u ^i 
leterit cavere didicitti, in Britannia ne ab CBBedariis decipiarU caceto. 
ib. 7 S 1- tJaes. b. Q. it 24 8 1 (of Britain) at barbari eoneilio Homanorum 
cosnilo fraemiuo tqaitata et eBsedar jis, qno plerunqne Kenere in 
proetiis uti conanerant. ib. 3^ the loc\a ciairicm, ending tanCum 
Wu cotidAano et extreitatione egiciiint, vti in declivi ae praecipiti toco inci- 
tatoi eqw>i fiuftner< et brevi moderari ae fiectert tt per tamonem per<- 
cnrreie et in iugo intiitere et le inde in camit citiiiime recipere «m»u- 
eriia. Da. t 21 g 6 natorallj compares the war-ohariot» of Eomer'a 
heroes. Mela m g 53 ( = in 6 S 6 of. Tzsohucke tii 208— 2JL) of tha 
British eovinni. Prop. IV (t) 8 9 pictoque Britannia cutth. nee Bieh 
eompanion and lexx. covimit {-arixu), atedura (-ariae) and Meigaet les^ 
CaeB. [ettedani •arivt). 


trininpho prodacere aumtoae gloriae erat Hor. o. □ 12 11 sq. Prop, n 1 3S 
(Jahs on Fbtb. vi46 47 cklamydei rtgum.. .fasedaque). As the text ia cited 
by OeoSrey of Monmoath it 16, Iqt. ia Shakuspeare'fl nltimBle authMity 
for the name A. Bee Uolyday. 


■T ANNOS ind. detum. Aen. in 643 id rfbus defait aaam. btat. Th. 

I 437—8. Plin. ep. Tm 6 S 9. 

„ 129 BHOHBI UXMORIKET AHNOS HoF. B. II 4 45 46 piBclbuB . . . gUU 

.. ./oTft aetSB, I ante mevmniilli patuit quatiila palatum. 

„ 130 coKcmrrDB ind. indicative. 

,, 131 Brogniart calcnlales that a dish to hold the largest recorded 
rhombtti mnat haTe been 2 initres in diameter. For the great dish af 
Vitellins (Plin. iut § 1B3) a special fvimace was built, in reference to 
which (ib. j 164) Hueiaoua exprobravit patinarnm paladea ViteUi 
memoriae. Suet. Vit. 13 he called the ditih clipeJU iliiitmae irc\ia^aa; 
ib. IT llle mob dragging him to death nicknamed him patinari\u. As a 
rule (geopou. ti S) the largest jars were not turned on the wheel, yet EOme 
ver; large extant epecimena were so timed (Bliimner Technologie, aa cited 
tu 133, II 41 42). See Iht. xtv 308 a. .tub of Diogenes. Lue. dial. mort. 

II 3. hist, conscr. 62 f. Tert. paU. 4 (of earthenware Varro r. r, m, 15 
i 2. Colmn. in 34 g 3); on the size of dotia cf. Apnl. met, n 6—7. . 

„ 132 TGHci Kozo Plin. ixxT % 161 Erytkrii in trmplo kodieque otltn- 
dutntar amphorae ditae propter tennitatem contervatae diici-puli magit- 
trique certavdneiVitT tenaiorem humum duoeret. Lue. lexiph. 7 Tirr^pia 
, , . rdrra . . . &wtiJ.o^ptfra Ka\ vfitif6trTpiitia. 

„ 133 MiBNCs Lamprid. Alei. 27 g 6 banitpicinae quoque peritiuimm 
fitit, omeoicopoa mngnus. Plant. Men. 260 potatoret niaiimi. 269 
amator magnns. Cic p. Quiuct. g 93 omaei (wu artet, quibut, lu 
BiagnnsM, ptbttub m 303. .... 

dt, Google 


IT 183 ntoiciTBEUB SjmpoB, aen. 61 1 *lagnii&' (Bahrens p. 1. iii.iv 
381) maler erat TtUia, genitor <gvt> est ipie Prometlieus. 

„ 134 HoiAu Sen. ep. 90 % SI Mnacfcarm' inquit 'invenil rolam 
figuli, euim eitvufta vaea /ornuaitaT,' deinde quia apvd HomeTam t?rtK- 
nitur fignli rota, nuifunl videri vermis faltot eae qaamfahulam: tgo nee 
Anaehanim auctorem kuiui rei fiiiiie contendo et, ti fail, lapiem quidtm 
hoe irweait. ltd non tamgaam lapitni. Plin, tii § 198 orbtm [figlinam 
iavenit] Aiuiclianii Scytlui. pbofeutb ni 264. 

„ 135 ctSTiu 122 n. procuratortt cailreniii oconr in manj inscriptions 
from Claiidian or Nero to Commodua, all found in Italj, all relating to 
imperisil slayea or freedmen. Cattra denotes the * Hoflager ', Bervaats and 
refadnera of tha coart. In the notitis dignitatnm (Bocking i 26S Beq. 11 
401 Beq.) occuTB the autreittit lacri palatii, having nnder him 1) parda- 
gogia 2) minuttrialti donimci 3} eume palaUorura. Spart. Hadr. 13 § 7 a 
Cappadoeibu> lernitia casttis profatura $iueepit. Several clasBes of ooart 
wrrants in Lampr. Al. Sot. 41 § 3 anHtum vaniilerium in id contraxit, ut 
euenl tot liominet in linguUi ojieiii, quot itecetsilai poitularet, ila tU 
annoiuu, nan dignitatem acciptrent fviUnut et vestitorei el piitoret et pin- 
emuit <et> omnti oastrenees ministri (^aulici ja., PahitiiU m. Salm. 
ad L p. 9B1 — 3). InBCriptions naming familia, vestU, evpelUx, itatio, 
maaena, fiariu eaitreniii, colUaiam caatreme in HirBohfeld rSm. Ver- 
waltunssgeach, i 197—209. Godefroy on cod. Theod. n 32 1 (11 226—8) 
has collected most ol the evidence e.g. Tert. cor. miL 12 f. (vhere see La 

appeliantvT. mumfii:at et ipaae loUemnium CaedarianoTUTn. Coripp. land, 
laet. HI 214—219 ufuifoijsegnio oaBtrornm lurma viToruia. \ illiimmnta 
fidei It plena liceulia aaerit \ deaervire loci) atque aurea fulcra parart, | 
regalei mm»at ep>dU onerare ruptrbi*, \ comervart domum tamtwaqvt 
iiOrart nubile, \ internal munire Jaret veateigiie parare. Casaobon {on 
Spart. and Lampr, 11. cc. and on Capitol. Ant. Pius 7 nhere he oitea 
aTparirtSot from Sjnes. epp. 71, 110) vas the first to establish this fiensa 
of eaitra. It is known to Ducange [cattra ad (.) and Oeorges, unknown 
to Elotx (and his copjist Corradini), De-Vit, Lewie and Short. 8«e HSt. 
arpardittittv ad f, Didot. 

,, 13C vicn BENTENTi* CIc. MuF. g 65. 8 Phil, g 1. frequent in Livy 
n4g3, iTi6g8. iiin0§6. iinn 26 g .'t. iiiiao§l. j!ntvnl9S6. 
Uil 1 £ 2. Plin. pan. 76 % 2. Lno. tiu 453 Corte. So tententia potior eit 
or vita ett (Verg. Hor.), ^duX)| vitf , tpaTiT, moNi. ttko sbhigntu ironi- 
oallj )( Cic. off. I g 38 f. regalit tone et digna Aeaoidarum genere 
aententia. Obano. 

., 137 NOCTES NBBoNis HI 278 D. PHn. xiii § 126 Nero Caesar elarita- 
(rai ei [tbapsiae] ili>ilit tnfcia imperii, nootarnia grassationibas 
converberata/aeie inlineTU id cum tare tecuto die contra famam 
eutem tineeram circumferem. Tao. ztil 47 cited on 116. 

„ 138 ru.ERNO Oalen vi 275 E. 

„ 139 Gifford 'there waa another senator at this famous conncil, 
whose proficiency in *' the science of good eating" waa at least equal to 
that of Montanns; I mean the tacetioua Vibius Crispua, the favorite id 
Vitellins and the oonslaot associate of hia acandaloas excesses. When a 
friend once condoled with him on a fit of sickness, which had dotained 
him from the palace. Bather congratulate me, he replied (DCass. lit 2 
§ 9), in tl fill inmr^Keir, iriyTas in ir<j\di\eu>.' 

„ „ miij:! UAioR ruiT nsns gdendi compare the boost mth which 
MagnoB introduces the discussion on figs Ath. 74* ^ riw^ , , . (wiioi 



IV 140— I42fromLu(iil. ixg9M(mKon. 216 1£) guin ergo, n oatie» 
efTiOt I coffiutrim fiavium, limum ae caenum saperi ipsMmt 

„ 141 LncsiHtiX AD SAitTH VsTro Bei&geEis oOl Bil. (in Nnn. 216) tune 
nuptiae TidebaiU ostraam Luerinam. Orihaa. oolL lued. n 68 (»«j)i 
onTpatiiur 1 138 D| 7ircTu H xal ■yirii reXupiSur n nal x-^iuir- itdifiopm Si 
aivoticLXai vol arpoyyi'KsUf tit ai iy Attmiapx^f ^^ ^V AovKptrifi \aicKifi, 

!p. 147) oysters, best in Egypt, nt the mouth of Mile, oyster-beds at 
iphesns; other lecalities Btundisiimi, Tarraco, Narbo, ^ttaiapx'^'"' '* 
homplfif \iKtif, the isle of Lencas, Actium, the Libyan gulfs. Plin. iz 
g 169 oyetecB nere brought from Biindisi ami fattened in the Lucrine 
lake vitum tanti in extreiitam Italian peiere Smndiiium oatreai, ae ru lU 
met hiter duoa laporea, nujxr excogitatwa famem loiigae advrctitmii a 
Bnindieio coTipaiaeTe in Luciino. bctupino Rataiiiiaii occurs in Locan 
(and thrice in Aus. whose uncle Contentos was buried at Kntupiae), but 
not in CIL Til. 

„ li'i osTHBt Seneca ep. 108 (iv 173 n. p. 397), when (from feac ol 
being denounced as a follower of atienigena lacra % 22) be abandoned 
vegetal iauism. continued to abstain from oysters {% 15 hide mihi gaaedtan 
pennaiuere, Lueili, magna erdia in omnia inceptu veneram, deinde qd 
eivitalit vitam reductui ex bene coeptU pa,vca terouvi: inde ostreis 
boUtiiqtie in oianem vitam rmuntialum est. Wc enim cihi, >ed oliUetO' 
menta eunt ad edfiuhna jaluroa cogiJttia; this last remark is from Sokrates 
in Xen, mem, i H g G. of. Wjtlenb. on Plut. 11 121", Plut. il). S13. 521 f. 
Ael. n. a. vtii Qf.). Cicero also had leoint to avoid oystera fam. tii 26. 
g 3 oar epicures season the plainest food, — terra nata . , . fwigm hel- 
veUai herboM omnes ita condiwat, ut nihil poaait ette luavius : in eiu cum 
incidiiient in etna aaguraU apud Lentuliim, ianla mt biapfioia ajripuit, Ut 
hodie primum videatur coepiaae coraiaiere. ila ego, qui me ostreia et 
muraenit facile abitinebam, a beta et a malva deceptui mm. 

,. „ CAU-BBii FBiHO DBFBlENOBBB HOBSu PcTa. Tl 34 itec t«nu«f loUerl 
tvrdaram jwiie lalivaa, schol. ib. 'solent enim quidam gulae dediti 
tantae snbtilitatis habere palatum, ut cognoscant turdos, an cancellarias, 
an terrariuB sit, et ei masculus sit an femiaa ; quos yelut pericia procaciH 
gulae facit in hko re attentoa.' 

„ 14a BOHiNi Varro Sat. Men. 173 BUeheler (in Non. 316) nonpoiie 
ogtiei le Itoinae praebere eleohinos. Uor. epod. 5 28. n, ii 8 52. ep. i 
S 23. Ambr. hexa^m. t g 2 ostreae adhaerebant profundin. adoleiceboM 
eobini. gg 24 25 the echinus presaging stoima. Ariatot. h. a. iv £ and 
ind. ix''<»- F'i'^' h. n. ix g 100 and ind. Galen de alim. fae. in 38 (it 
786 K). Ath. 90' 91"'. On oysters and the like ib. Sa-— 94', 

„ 145 ALBAHau uicEU Nibby dintoini Et 523 seq. Burn Borne and the 
Gampagna 410 411, Stat. s. v 2 168—70. Voloac. Avid. Cass. 9 g 8. 
DGaas. cited on 93. dig. izi S9 g t) it vent Salhutianoi hortot, qui runl 
Atigiutit veliao dam Albanum, qui prinoipalibus usibns deset- 
vit, legaverit guitffurioii eit talia ieatamento adacribere. 

„ „ MI MAONDs Mart, vra 60 8, Stat. s. in 1 01—3 att ego Dar- 
daniae guomvu tub coIlU/iu Albae | nw proprium magnigue duoii 
miAt munfTf currem \ tinda. 

„ 146 AitoNiTos Plin. pan. 76, after speaking of the freedom of de- 
bate under Trajan, at quii antea logui, quit hiicere audebat praeter 
tRuerua iUae qui primi interrogaiiantw t ceteri quidem dejixi tt attoniti 


4^6- cxTn: stcambel impeeial post, iv 146 — 

ipimt illara vmlam ae MdCTiton'am adKntiendi neeeuitatem qiai cum dolon ■ 
OKimi, qua cum totiva eorporii horrore perpetiebantuT / 

IV 147 TAKonm db ciTTis est. Stat. Theb. cited on 111 112. luv. vi 
490 — SOI conncil of ladj'a maids on the coiffoie ; a Teteraii emerita qaat 
ettiat am Ib first heaiii ; lenUntia prima I huiut erit, pott hanc aetab 
otguc arU mtm/rti | eeaiebaiit, tftmgnam lamaa discrimen agatui | 
sut auimae : tanta rtt quaerendi ciaa decorit! Plin. pan. 64. 

„ „ BTCMBBiH U. de ValoiB refers this to the revolt of L. Antoninm 
Satnmintia in upper Genminy (i,D. 88 according to Mommsen Hermes 
rn ISO, rom. GeBch, y' 137, Herm. BohiUer GeBch. d. rijm. KaLaerzeit l 
534, TiUemont Dom. n. 8; a.d. 91 Beimar on DCass. uvn 12, Clinton, 
Tenftel in Panlj i> 1191): but Uommaec holds that the Oennan aUies at 
Satuminus must have befn the Catti and their former allies. We have 
no details of the campaign t.n. 84 against the Q«rmans (Schiller 627- — B), 
in vhich the able engineer Frontinns van enga([ed. As the Sjoambri 
ierved in the Boman arm; (Mommsen rOm. Qesch. t' 113), it is no 
wonder that the)i found their vay to the amphitheatre at Bome (Mart. 
Bpeot. 3 9). 


MisaBT EPTBTuiA FmHA oD the imperial post seePlin. ep. ni 17 § 2ii. 
Becker GsUoi iis-a95. The Beeretaij'a oiBoe Stat. s. t 1 e.g. 37 38. 79— 
84vWii. qui cuncta »uonim | norit el ijuppee(i« ambit iaim onaie miniitrii. | 
nee miruni; mdet ilU ortut obitutqut, quid oiwler | qaid boreai hiberjtut- 
agat. 86 87 magnvm late dimittere in orbem \ Somalei mandata ducit. 
oet. to 107. Hirsohfeld rom. VG. i 200—14. Friedlander i« 96—100. 
160—170 (list of secretaries; the post vaa refuxed by Horace, held hy 

„ „ BT siviBgiB eC fen-i non posse recentiores edd. omnes perBpeiemnt, 
proposaere e, a, ec, annm Weidneri ex rationibna palaeographioia optime- 
rsspondere Bgnoscere licet ex tabulae adieotae I. 2 et B. Beub. 

„ 150 HTjois Plin. ep. vin 14 g 8 iidtm proipexittau euriam, ted curfam. 
trepidam et elingaem, nam dicere quod vellei periculoitim, qnod nolle* 
miieram fuel, quid tutm diici potiiit, quid didicitte iuvii, eum tfnatm' 
out ad otium sammnm aut ad tummani nefat vocaretur et mado lndi~ 
brio vuido dolori retentut namqnam seria, trittia la^e cententt a.d. 
91 (OCasB. Livii 9) a supper given by Domitian to ttaa chief of tha 
senators and knights. He made ready a room pilch.blacfc in root, wbUb, 
Bnd floor, laid naked couches to match on the floor, and invited tham 
alone without attendants. By the side of each vas set a tomb-Ike pillar, 
containing his name, and a lampstand, such as hangs in tombs : then 
handsome boys naked, stained black, nho danced round them /ut' ipx'i- 
veiln Tooi itoPfpat. and tben posted themselves at their feet : finally a funeral 
feast (v 86 n,), all black, served on black dishes. All looked for instant 
death : there was a dead silence, broken by Domitian, vphose words all 
breathed death and slaughter. At last he discharged them, having before 
sent anay their attendants, who had waited in the veatihule. Some wer« 
handed into carriages, some into litters, by strange slaves, which in- 
ereased their terror. Scarcely had they reached home and begun to 
breathe freely, when a message came 'some one from Angnstus.' Making 
sure that the last hour was come, they were snrpriHed, one by the pillar 
which was of silver, others by something else that had been set before 
tliem, all of tha costliest ; finally the boy, to iai/titiw iiiarif, washed and 
handsomely attired. So having passed the night in fear, they received 

i-, Google 


Ibeir preeenta, mriTT^fiia, u Dom. callsd tlieu, tnDeral-feBsfs {lraytifnii6t), 
»a the pao[de ii»id, foi those vho had died in Dacia and in Bome. 

IV IS3 154 FEsoi POST4V1H cebhomibds bwh miBNDca coetexu m 
Fartmu (GapitoLin. 12 g B. 11 g 6. DCub. Lxxm 8—16). 

„ 1S4 CEBDOMIBUB Knphron in Ath. 377^ Irar /lir tXeigt tli tkoStM 
tvp^trir, { Afii/tara kqI K^^iurn cal Swn^Sijr. Hbihbigh. 
„ 151 ST n- DCass. lxth 2. B § 6. 

V on paraaitefl see Hettzberg Geach. Qneoh. n 493. Giflord 'Serenil 
pertinent allnsions to tliiH aatire occnr in the old comedy o( The Suppoees, 
bj Q. Oaacoigne.' Bead C. D. Badham luioieiit and modem fish tattle 
(1864). [Pbok;lid.] 91—9i/iiiSiT)iaTfCat6pavtK6)KaKatraKtifaiiTaip<>vt 

„ 1 KADSiiiaT KENS Hor. ep. 1 1 4 nan eadeia est aetai, nan mens. 

„ 2 BOFA siTUMA in pTose mmrnunt bonum (Uiiaae iud. Hen. Nizot. tnd. 
Cm. 'boaom'), jini« {aUimum, txtremum} bonorum. The aacending oidei 
of ^79011 (iKr6t. wtfil tufiA, vtfi ^x^') '^ exftctty rereceed by the parasite. 

„ „ <lUADitA72n. HoT.ep.il7 49. O. Jahn (Abh. d.K.S, OeB.xn278) 
' geneially the flat round loaves or cokea were scored oroBBwiee, bo that 
the; conljd. easily be broken into tour parts. The Christiana also, because 
of the ccoBB, retained these lonee (Bottari Bonlt. e pitt. r 145 Seq, Bol- 
detti oBserr. 207 »eq. B. RochetCe ant. chr^C. i 66. Oarracci vetri 52. 
Cavedoui ballet. 1SS2 124). The q.aeet baker Ear;siKies, who on hia 
monnmeiit employed araliitecturally all the badges of baking, haa applied 
instead of rosettes (ann. z tav. M 5) panel quadrati (Ath. 114*. Has. opp> 
443 iftrai ttirr/^at Trrpirpvpaii itT&p\iuiu». g\. gimdra 0\ufi6!). They 
were also made in mora elegant shapes, parted into Bit or more sectione, 
indented at the edge, furnished at the centre nith an d^iipaXot (Polybins 
comparea the shields ti 2£ § 7 iroiraf«i dn^Xuroii toit iwl rdi Bealas 
irmet/iimt. Lobeek Aglaoph. 1079). In a relief (Berichte d. E. S.Oes. 
IBGl Taf. 12 1) a workman is Been poshing a loaf of this shape on a peel 
into the oren. The loaf (Qori symb. litt. n 3 p. 13B seq. admir. ant. 
Here, a p. 138 seq.) found at Herculanum is o( thie form, and others 
fonnd at Pompeii : they appear also in the Hereulaneui lenin (ant. di 
Ere. m 62. 84. mns. Both, yx 88 1. Oyerbeck Pompeii' 193) and on a 
Pompeiau waU-painting in the Naples museum (Qelbig in bullet. 1864 119, 
218).' Of this Jahn (Taf. m 2) givea a cut. A shop with a counter, on 
-which and on Bheivos behind are loaves piled on one another with some 
Bmaller cakes; on the counter stands also a basket with toond bona. 
See Bieb companion, panu for a out. 

,, 3 Bi roiiB iLLit. FAIT Luc. mcra. cond. 13 (to a parasile) it wonld 
have been no great hnil, if the yoke, to which yoa bow your neck were 
light and easy, above all, gilded. Bat the case is far outer : /ivpia (cet. 
cited on IGl). 16 yon have ever on your lipa Homer'e oi liiitirii Tprdii 
KoI litrTi/uSiu 'Axiuo^ roXX^ worea tal Inri^itHai irip TTJs TUtninit (ihIiu- 

„ S ouAHvis nmro mbtuam ttbi cbgperb testi Cio. Att. zni 28 g 2 pr. 
inrato raihi credt. Plant. Amph. 437 nam intumfa teitt phu eiedet 
nifti ^uani iarato tibi. Many eiz. of this paitidple in Muhlmaan col. 
1696. Nene n' 335 — S (also eoniuratus). On metvo=:dubito Mnnro Lscr. 
VT&66. On the prevalence of perjury see irv 218 n. and E. v. Laaanlz 
Stodien del elaB8.AlterthnmB(EegeDsbnrg 1854} 'der BidheidenEdtaem' 
'JOS— 283. 

„ 6 TBNTBB NiHin NOV! m»AUuB Leo. TV 8T7 — 381 diicite gvavtpalvo 
iieeat prodiitrre ititam \ et guantum natura p*tat..r \ ...gurgite puro \ viM 

F I 

41 8 


redit.' 'otii ett populU ftittiiiuqat Cereique. Ben. ep. 17 an admirable call 
to temperauoe. ib. 8U § 23 mfelUea tcqaid ijittUfgitU maiortm voa /amtm 
haitre funnt vent rem? 

T 6 cBEfoo Bee Bich. VBQEnB Tert. adv. Marc, i 11 pr. nuHju, 
tipotei, iUat ipiat leetuli et tegetia tuae btitiat. 

„ S INTUBIA GEHAB iob. 14 u. ind. iniurio. Lamprid. Heliog. 25 g V 
paratitii in lecunda maaa laepe eeream canon, taepe ligiieam, ta&pt ebur- 
tuam^ aliqjum^ Jietil^m, nonnumg^m vel marinoream vel tapideam ex- 
hibuit, ita vt t^ninia iUis exhibefeittur vid^nda de diverga materia^ tjutu 
ipie cenabat, earn lanlum Wtemtt per lingJila fen^la et tnatnti, quasi eomt- 
AiMetit, lavarent. 

„ 11 aoRDBB 67 n. Plant, osin. 112 Bordido vitam obUctabiu pane 
in pajmii inopia. Sen. ep. 18 g 7 (tO the rich makiDg experiment of the 
poor man's lite) grabatue ilU venu lit et $aguia et panie dunuae Bordi- 
das. Non. p, 03 10 (! pane Eordido...<licilur. 
^fiinrapol SfToi Foljb. xixvn & § 13. Oaleu ti 462 K. Artemid. i 6S 
Bigault. Seth p. 19 23. Ath. 114°. 246*. Hes. hMkvu a/nvt. Also Ter. 
enn. 639 panem atrum. Hes. tpamit' dproat fiarapois. AleiiB ill Ath. 114' 
)( Xeuioitt (from Bliimner). PauL Aegin. i 78. Idalai phya. et med. gr. 
min. n 267 2. 

,, „ FiKBiB cAwrai Non, 88 16 davioas veterei farfia-e$ etie roluerunt. 
LdciL lib. iiTii [28 M] qiumti veUet qiumtam canicai ad puliem ec macomi 
monu. Faulua Festi p. 46 M oimcAS JarfiiTi) de taire a oibo oanam 

„ 12 FioB iz 94. Aen. m 250 aeeipite ergo animit atqae haee nua 
f igite dicla. Son. ep. 113 g 32 ilbid adhtic tibi adfige. hibouubsbs 
IDBSD8 eee the acenes Plant. Per*. 765—9. 792, SaU. li. m 4 D igitur 
diaoubaere. Fetron. 21 f. inssi ergo diacnhnimuB. 67. 


qvi onm amicorum oftioiia paria mensa faciuni, qui fereula pro 
cofigiarii* nameranl. Sen. brev. yit. 7 § 2 omnia Ulorum [qni nnlli rei 
nisi Tine ac libidini vacant] tempera exeute. adtpice . . . quantum . . . oceu- 
pent . . . coTwivia, quae iam ipsa officio, stmt. % 7 qaot [diea abatnlit] Hie 
poterdAor omieTU, gut voi Tum in avdcitiam, led in adparatum habet t 

„ 14iNFuiiLTSen.ep.lg3.93g8.bea.inl8glf.ii.q.tvpraBf.g4. Seiti 
enchir. 327 (Mnllaoh fragm. phil. 1 629) qai dat aliqnid et inpatat, 
oontnmeliam magia qnam benefioiam dedit. Ben. in Hier. adv. 
Jovin. I 47 (il 315*) quae nobis impntat Itunima* suas. Lac. vn 326. 
Sen. th. HnaH. 3 g 6 solebat aiuem Futcm ex Vergilia mvlla trahere, ttt 
Maeeendti impntaret: toties enim pro beneficio narrabat in aliqua 
te Vergiliana deicriptitme pUicuisie. oontr. x praeF. g S. eio. oonti. n 7 
.(p. it90 4 E) qvam demeTts est cui advlterivm pro benfficio imputatum 
e$tl Sen. ben. m 18 1 1 qtiaedam benejieia esse, guofdam ojicia, quaedaiu 
miniiterfa. . .nttntitmutn esse servi, quern eondieio sua eo iaco potuii, ut 
tiihUeorum quae praeitat, imputet miperiori. 

„ IS 16 nnoB roai mensbb Mart, ni 20 2 3 rteiam vocatu$ eum eu- 
eitrrit ad cenam \ quant tot diebne noctibnsqne captavit. 

„ 16 ADBiBBBi Suet. Cland. 82 adliibebnt onaii cenae et Ubtm 

„ IT TEHTu. KB YAciro oBsautET ccix^iTA LECTo oc the ordei of plaoee 
in ihB triclinium eee Marqnaidt Privatleben 294 — 7, A vacant place filled 
Hart, z 48 5 6 Stetla Nepot Cani Cerealis Flacce, venitii > | septem tigma 

loopit; »ex sitittut, adde Lupum. ('B t'admet i faute d'antres' Gnmg.). 

if fat. Bmt. 34 S 4 .'.PMSim made a Bnppei: th%t niglit, and Brntwi iavihd 

i-, Google 

—24 .. COLCITA. NON EADEM VINA. ■ 4 1 9 

the goeEtE; and vhen thej were set dovn, FavonioB, haying bathed, 
oame in among them. BrnttiB called out aloud aod told ^fm be was not 
invited, and bade him go to the ■apper coucb; but he liolentlr throat 
himself in, and la; down on the middle one.' 

T IT CQUniA add to leu. Fetron. 33 vides tot cnlcitas: mdia mm 
ant conchyliatum out coccineum tomentam habet. lanta est animi beatitudo. 
Plin. in §13 in calciiia praecipuam gloriam Cadurci abtinent. Oalliarum 
hoc et tomaOa pariter inventum. dig. ixiiv S 26 g 7. Lunprid. Heliog. 19 
S 6 nee cnbuit in accabitia facile nisi eii, quae pilum leparimim haberent out 
^UMO* perdicttm tubatarei, taepe cnlcitaB veatam. Sanifaoe p.2TS JiMb. 
Duoange and Diefenbach. Now Ital. ealtrict (for colcitTe from the lata 
form eulcitra), our 'counterpane' and 'qnilt' ; from a dimin. oulcitinum 
(not jBt found) Ital, eutcino, Fc. amiiin, Engl. cuBhion. Luo. mere. 
OOnd. 26 iiciSir ii datrir re noi firoror ij vi^ coTaXd^n, \ouaafl,rro< TBmjpas 
dwpl rtpl avra tdv ax'Sir ri utaaruKTtan -^Kta iri td Seirvow mtiS' i/uiltiis 
frripot oiSi rcpl^cTTn toU rapouiriv, dW ijt tit JXXst ireurfkBy rtaXi- 
ffTtpoi, israirlru ffif, HcJ ojriut itT'^rdTi/ioTiTT]!- yariair iJiaofleU 

,. 18 VVK uuos DIi. u S 76 when the Bophist PoI;xeniiB, visiting 
AlistippUE, blamed his roXin-iX^ itf'i-Trlap, Ar. pTesentt; 'S6rairai' fijni 'ical 
iri) a^fyiepor iu8' iyiCv yaiaSat'; Arietoph. av. 131 BlajdeB. Stanle; cites 
Enpolia A^/t. 23 (Ath. 123*) tra irrXdyxroiiFt ffvyycni/uBa^ of. Meineke 
□ 488. TOTOBUU BTTMiu Plin. pan. U and 74 a. v. 

„ IBigoorouLTRiocAERis? viD 199. 1147—9. Not unlike d<M( at 
(ct IV 138) ; titpertit W; rettat u(. 

„ 19 BOMFBaB aoMWCM Aen. vu 458. 0». P. m 6 6S to tamen Uu 
dmIui BomnoB tibi rampeie potiet. Luo. iii 26 and Stat, Th. tv TIS 
in the same place rumperesomnos. 811. iv 648 ( == Sen. bxev. vit. 20 g 6) 
qaietem. 660 soparem. If you would sleep primitm in horam (Hor. ep. i IT 
6) or in lucem (ib. IS SI) ;ou must not live in Some, Veig. Ov. Bil. Stat, 
have abrvmp^e tmrnioi. 

„ 21 BALUTATSis TUKBi Hiar. ep. 668 ^ fore$ quae prill* salutantium 
tnrbas vomehant. Stat. B. it 9 48 — 50 quid H, cum bene mane imticrudiM { 
ii^atam tibi ditcero lahitem, \ et tu me vicibia domi salutes? Already 
B.O. 46 Cic. fam. u 20 § 3 haec igilur eat nime vita mitra: man© sftlu- 
tamas domi et bonoi viroi multoi, ted triitei, et Aai laetta victorei, qui me 
quidem perqfficioie et peramanter obiervant : ttbi salutatio dejiuxit, lilterii 
vte involvo. ib. vn 28 g 3. Att. vi 2 g 5. mt 9 g 1. ep. Brut, n 4 g 1. 
p. Flacc g 43. Q. Cio. pet. g 36. For the eipressioii of. it 62 miratrix 
tarba. iv 81 victrix titrba. 

„ 32 siDEiuBus ncBns Plin. ep. vi 30 § 6 iam kora diet prima, et adkue 
ijihim et quiui lartguidui die$. 

„ 33 raionu PiQBI esBKiOA bootab Horn, e 373 6>f/i Bitrra Boiir^. 
Anaoreont. 31 (3) 1—3 /naaiiiKTiou vo9' tipas, ) atpitjitQ' ijinK' 'ApKrvt ^ | 

„ 34 eeq. 60 n. 67 n. 76 n. VM, rv 3 g 11 age, »i gui» hoe laeeulo eir 
^nAMt«r...eodem oibo eodemiiDe vino quo nautae uti contentvt lit, 
noime mieerabilii exittiTaeturl atqni iita patientiiHme tiqierior Cato 
Uilwiant. of. Plut. Cat. mai. 4 g 4. Flat, apophth. Lao. Agesil. 1 p. 20S» 
when he drew the lot to be master of a feast (nu/Hroirfivctoi) and the cup- 
bakrex asked how much wine he was to Berve to each : 'If theie is a large 
etodc,asmachas each calls for, if little, serve all alike (^{bovJUDUTOffL).' 
Ldo. «p. Saturn. 32 a suggested reform (cf.Loke 14 13—14) hosts ahoald 
Jnvite lonr or five poor, treating them notasnow, bat moiedemocxBttMUy 



(the rest on ver. 60). Loo. mere. oond. 3B f. (cited M}. Mart x 49 am 
poUi aMttbyitinoi trieniet { et nigre madeat Opimiano, | propimu modo 
eonditum Babinnm { el dicii mibi Cotta 'vit in aura/ | guugiuua 
plnmbea Tina iiulc in aura f Bee Plut. qa. coimT. n 10. In tha 
AnaereimUa 14 BeigK (^9) 28 29 the dove sbaiei h«r mostei's cap, 
•itiOl a ddelong o n «ic oinn«« .' TuiV iU /»■ i)i3uiiTii> | ror slror, or T/Hn-irnr 
where Barues cites Esther 1 7. 

V 24 25 TiKuu, QUOD Bucmi hout 1^1 TiTi Mart, zi 37 7B a mistraaa 
of moderate demands out cum ptrfricuit fntntem poiuitque jnidorem, \ 
Bucida palliolo velltra q-ainqve pttit. Cslpnm. eol. 5 67. dig. um TO 
3 4 meida latia )( lata. CI. Faol. lent, m 6 § 82. glo^B. fptw cteuTif^v, 
firXi^rv, lana lueida. The sweat and filth clingii^ to wool (obirunf, 
odrinriK, tiainni, oerypum) Deeded to be scoured out ( putare ia the techoical 
term). Wine ased for the parpoBe also in Varro r. z. □ 11 § 7 toiuiu 
Tfetnte» [tanas] eodem d!e perungant Tino (( oieo, noit ntmo admixta cera 
alia tt adipe tuillo. More in Bliinmec Tecbtwlogie (as dted on vn 135) 
1 100 — 2. 'vocatnr B Gallis io?7i« mirj«; latn*, ^ui a fa sum' GB4Na. Ose 
of nnsconred wool ia medicine ind. Piin. and Qalen 'lana.' Paol. Aegin. 
m 113 Adams. Orib. v 612. n 469 D. In Hoc. also (s. n 8 40 41) imi \ 
coimivat lecti nihilam noeuert lagoait. 

„ 25 coniBiNTi see HSt. under the nhole gronp of words btginning 
n^v/9-, asp. Btrabo 46& — 474, where he Bt«tea his opinion about mythology 
{tccirtp ijiuTTi •tuXoiaieauPTts p. 474) 476 rilr M Kofiv,8dK-«» ipx-^TitCiw loj 
irBmraiairTitSir irran, «(i ratit namCrs to-ouiiirovs Kipi^arrtSi' 0K^r. Luoian 
deor. d. 13 § 1 where they gash themseiveB Hke the dervishes. 

„ 20 TUBou rBOLCDUNT Stanley cites Lac. amor. 10 i|l^;(axf oi- Aeech. 

„ 27 niPPi Marqnardt Privatleben 804, 469. Rich eompanion. Hence 
ont 'map.' 'naparj,' 'napkin.' 

„ S8 2S Bee the fight with jais and candleetickB and spite and forks 
and dogs in Fetron. 95. Plin. xiv % 147 Tergilfa Cietranem M. F. binot 
congiot aimtU haurire lolitHM ipti obicil, Marcoqne Agrippas a temn- 
lento soyphnm inpaetam. etenim haeo annt ebrietatia opera. 
HeUod. I 1 a feast tnrned into a battlefield, tables, ODpa, axes, torches, 
shells trom ths shore, torches, serving as weapons : TpiTrtfai...rpot rg 75 
Till' KItlUvar it X'P'^' "*' ovXwf irloa xopd t^ f^XV 7e-ye»ij^ai (4 yip 

riXiiuts irx'Stam-o) jcpar^pcj itaTtrpamidnt ini x^'P"^ f"" '''^ ^"Xil- 

jcoTiM' irappiiiwta, tut /tir riomiir, tuv f drrl Xi^ut texpill*^"-"'- 
ri yip oI^WJiw raD khhoO ris xi"'" ^HfOnW *Bt ^i\^a^ ntxpv'^'^i 
tqU (KriiuaiTi* mtaaxtr. Pint. qn. conv. IE 10 'J 9 3 fightiog and 
hnstliBg for the larger share, railing at the Waiters and at tbe ^sL 
fPhilo] vit. eontemirt. E (n 477—8 M). Hier. in ep. Tit. i 7 (vn 700" ed. 
Yen.) videat aiioi pocala in tela verteptes soyphum in faoiem 
O. Jahn in Beiichte d. K. S. Oesellaoh. (1BS7) 197 seq. 
IMIBSA Ov. m. zn 68 Burm. commiBaagiie proelia. 
id. Ibis 46. Nep. Hannib. llg 3 proelinm etatim committere. 

„ „ LjiooKA on the orthography see Gudius on Phaedr. 1 26 8 (Vol. n 
pp. 39, 40 Bncman), Sohnohaidt u 278—280, Corasen Ansaprache n* 74, 

„ 30 ErpPDSPiicoNstr[.K Mart, vni 45 in honourot the return otTsreD- 
tim Prisena ver. 3 4 6 dejlvnl et Unto MpUndacat tuHiida Una \ amphoH 
centeno consule facta minor | ...tam iuila dahitur qwmdo eatere 
intra. Marquardt Frivatleben 445. -44 7 ctnum doliare is new wine, 
drunk oat of the earthen dBlivm / if to be kept, it va* drawn o5- (bottled, 
^fmidtbatitT) ■ into amfifeora«. Ihe«e had a brand (ndn) either on a 

i-, Google 

— 37'" ■ OLD WIKE. THRiSEA- ' 421 

ttoket {pittaiiuBt) or on Qie amphora itaeU. Hujy dMpAom^ I»tb' been 
focmd, tu «t Pompeii (CIL tr p. 172 leq- ephem. epigr. i 160 fteq.), »t the 
qtaarten ot the cattra prattoria dieoOTeied in 187S (Dressel in boUetiQO 
eomtBtlnale 1879). The insoiiption is either acrateiiGd on the jar, or 
written iriUi ink or charcoal, or laid on with a brush in black, red, or 
white. Marqnudt connti 43 dated araphonu, raneiDg from 107 B.C. ICUt 
TOi 10477 1) to 265 *.d., e.g. (Lftnciani bnllatt. manic. 1874 p. 10), 

TI • OLIVDJO • r • QVINCnUO • COB (I.C.C. 7il=B.C. 13} 

•s (786=18) 

Tbe Urt line is profaablj th« idne-merctumt Aatoorateo. Oalen (irr 2S 
E) went throngh the imperial ceUarBof Falemian at Borne, readmg the 
age written on the jare {-npi i^Xiifor intytyn^tar iriyFYiiaiiiUrv' '">'• 
KtpofUaii), '"^"g all that irere more than 30 yeexa old, till he aame to 
bh^ MB uad no Utter tang. Plant. Poeo. 835— S bibitw, atur, qvaii in 
popiaa, mm Itcui. \ ibi (u videai litCerataa fie tiles epiBtalaB, | pUx 
tfgnattu: nomina tmunt evbitnm longii littaii. | ita vinariorum haiemui 
noitnu djbctum dovti. Btat. s. iv 6 7 vinaqtie perpttuii aa>o eertarttia 
ftutii. Cio. Bmt. 3 287 vt ti quU FaUrno vino deteeutar, ted to nee ita 
nevo ut proximia eomtilibui natuia vtlit, nee rurtiu its vet^t ut Opivman 
{L. OpimioB COT. B.C. 121] out AnUiun (L. Anidiu GaUoB ooa. B.O. 180] 
«onntImi quatrat — alqiii hae noUU lunt optumu, ureds, ted nimia vetmtat 
•Me Itabtt taut quam qTioerimvt tuavitattm nee ett iam lane toterabilii— 
% 288 nvm igilvr qui hoe lentiat, li t> potare velit, de dolio jibi hauri- 
tndumpautl minnme; led guandam lequitar aetatem. 

T 33 AI.BAHU Galen yi 27S E. Stat. a. it 8 39 Albanojut eadtm 
torderOem promere fnmo. 
. „ SI rAiHiAM IT 199 TttomhL xt 161 vini. 

„ „ ^NSCTUS Luo. mora. Cond. 26 f. rSir oXXur ijiurrir -rt koI 
'waXatoTaror ohor nrorTiim fiowos ail ranjpor rira icaZ rax^ rfrftf, . 
Stpartiiiar atl tn ifrfiipv fl XP^'V 'i"". "i M^ iXryjC^ilV ""* "C x/"^tm 
oCriBf (Eri/iet <£r fu^xsrijt. lai tM« -ye tar imaiov U Kopor ijr ruir, yvf Si 
waXXdnit alrriavrat d -rail tiS' dtopri toittr. 

„ SS nnjQiNE Marqaftrdt PriTatleben 442 cites for the practice of 
tneUoning tlie wine in Bmoke-chtunbers Colom. i 6 g 20. .Pallad. xi 14 
S8. Flin.xirSes. ixin g 40 vinum fnmo inveteratnm iiuafttAorf- 
munt. mangonel iita in apotheeii excogitavere. Oalen u 663 K. iir 17, 19. 
Wine-akinB smoked psalm 119 83. Aristot. meteor, tv 10 p. 888 b 6. 

„ 86 coRONiTi Ot. am. ( 6 38. 67. Hor. b. n 8 251—7 mutatiM Polemo, 
kmong other intignia morbi, is said ex collo furtin carptiiee eoronas. 
Pint. qn. oonT. [2395. 

„ „ THBABEA ind. Plin. ep. in 16 S 2 n. p. 217. g 10 a. p. 260. Pint, 
praec. ger. reip. 14 § 10 p. 810'' Xero, a little before he slew TlmiBeB, — 
though he hated and feared him excaedingly, still, when someone com- 
plained of being wrongly and nnjnatlj sentenced bj him— ^replied, 'I 
vonld I were as certain that Thrasea lores me, aa I am that be ii the 
beat of jndgei.' Jahn's Persins uititi- lui. ZeUer ui* (1) 689. 
rrenllel GeBch. d. r5m. Lit.* $ 299 7. Priedljiiider i* S18— 9. Boissier 
I'oppomtitm eons lea C^sara {1875) 105-108. 
' BBi,Tn>ii;iTeiiffBlg2»911. Flin.cp.inllS8n.p.l81.1«g3n.p.917. 


■ukiie, BnUtu. Hin.ep. i leg 2 mI omfunii Capittmi in utuelom ctra* wbr*. 



ISmtrum tit gtia reUgtone, gvo tludio imaginei Brntorilm, CaRBiornillf 
Catoiaau donii, ubi poMl, habeat. Baet. Otlio 10 pr. toy father used to 
uy tlut Otho wlien ft private citizen bo kbhorred civil war, «t memorant* 
quodaa inter epulat de Bruti Caasiqne exilu cohamKrit. b.o. 41 tlM 
AtbeniattB deareed Btataes of B. and C. netu those of Harmodioe and 
Arigtogeiton DCasB. ZLvn 30 | 4. Zonal, z 18 (1 608»). of. Bnraiut Geogr. 
Oiiechenl. i 385—6. 

V 37 c4su.Tbi:.itt.7 Nero objeoted to Guns CasmiiH, quod iaier iina- 
ginet naiarum etiam C. Caeiiii t^iem eohiiiirX 

„ „ UATAUBOS ind. natalU. u M n. in 1 n. Cio. Phil. 2 J 16 1. 9 n. 
Ptntaroh and his fiienda kept the hirthda:ra of Sokrates and Plato (qoseBt. 
conv. Till 1 1 S§ 1 S. 2 SS 1— S). Birthdays of Bomei aod Demosthenea 
(Loo. Demoath. eno. I S). Wilmanns ind. pp. 694— 6. torpliyr.T. PlotiD: 
8 f. Plotinna concealed the month and da; of his birth, irtl oiSk Sitir ^ 
-JmSr Tifa rwi avroi) ytrtS^iaii ri&iiv, though he himself uorificed and 

entertuDed hu frieuda oo the birthdays of Plato and Bokratee, when the 
ablergneBtsverereqiiiredtoroadBnaddreeB before the company. Forphyiy 
hiinsdf (a. 16 pr.) on one IIXBTUH4a re&d a poem 'aaored marriage'; one 
of the andianoe exclaiming, beoanae of ita mystical enthnsiasm, that 
'Pmpl^rj baa gone mad,' Plotinna end<n«d the criticiBm as the higheat 
praise, denoting at onoe the poet and philosopher and hierophant. Herti- 
berg Oesoh. Oriechenl. m 91—3. Wetstein on Matt. 14 G. Hermann 
ftottesd. Alterth. g 4S 6. Hermanii-Blilmiter PriTatslterth. pp. 2S5 — 6. 601. 
Marqoardt PriTaUeben 244—6. PatUy KealeDcyd. » 4S3— sJ, The ohoroh 
kept the nataUi imperatorum (our 'aooeseion' Oodefroy on cod. Theod. i 
S .3. Bingham xx 1 i); natalei maTtyrum (oar 'saints' days,' Bingham 
H T). on the days of th^ passion : we have several earmina natalieia tot 
Bt Felix in the works of Panlinue, and addresses on these days ia t^e 
works of moat of the principal fathers. 

„ 38 BBLiuicM Ov. m.x 269 260 2G2 2GB grata pwllu | munera... 
ab arbore lapias | Heliadam lacrimal. On amber Bee H. Bl&mnei 
, lechnologie (as died vn 1S6) n 881— S. Thodichum's Sophoklea (1637) 
I S53. BEBTTLLO n 01 fyliitdnu. C. W. King the nstoral histoty of 
gems (1S67) 60—66. In low Latin 'a magni^ing glaes,' whence the 
Oerm. 'Briiie,' a pair of spectacles. 

„ S9 AUBITK X 27 a. Sen. ep. 94 % 70 quit potait tecretam in anro 
dapem t jlh. 16 the senate decieed (Tac. an. ii S3) ne Dua auro toUda ' 
miniitrandii eibii fierenl. Tiajan had a freedman in charge of his gold 
plate (Orelli insor. 3897 ab anro esoario yraep<ait6). Friedlander i' 160. 

,. 41 OBUIUB Sen. prov. (cited 60 n.). Cio. Verr. tv § 62 AntiochlU 
eihibits ftoM rinarium, ex una gemma pergranditraUaexcaBata mamibrio 
aurio. Marqnardt Privatleben 686, 742—6. Mart, xl 11 6 t« potare 
decet gemma. SO. xin 365. xir G63. Apnl. met n 19 gemmas for- 
ma tas in pocnla. Qrat. cyneg. 318 dum atrvata cava polanl Marcotica 
gemmis. paneg. 12 c. 14 ntii atitivam in gemmis capaciinu glaciem 
FaUnta frtgitieiU. Bier. ep. 30 13 habeant libi eeleri, it velijil, mu 
apet, gemma bibanC, xrico niteant. vita Panli 17 iioi gemma bibitU, ilU 
naturae coneavu manibiu latiiftcit. Plin. iixvii % 14 vasa ex auro et 
gemmis abaeorum novem. Or. m. vm 672 — S dtyiibutqut TemotU \ in 
gemma pomere nwnun. Lne. x 169160 gammaegue oapaoes | txe^iert 
menim. Sen. ben. (cited on vn 133). Plat. Lacall.40 gl thedaUy dinnem 
.of LocnllnB were rcorXDirra among other things SiaU^wt itxinBai. Plnt.n 
201° Soipio the yonnger rebuked a tribune who earned about ^n-%ai 
■em\ieavt. Capitolin. Ver. 6 j 3 gifts to go^tB aurca.poci({a «t s^inmata. 

i-, Google 


. V 42 Di TXNUii Stat, (.ml 163. rauci^i iluo 
for oansu. Bee iud. Uwdn. Holden and Allen on Cic. off. i % 26. USMB 
anth. Pal. n 750 {tli piat ir iatruUy) rij ^oCt tal ibr lairrir iSiv rtpi 
Xti0l *oinjff-nt I t4i /lir iraritieu, rdi Si x^'"!"'!^*'-'- Theophr. lap. g 36 
Uie emerald and jaaper ore fonodalBo in Cj-praa, o& jj c/i t4 XttfonoX- 

„ 43 Plin. iixvii 3 IT ^uia inurw eliont iiM tiiimttr funJidiMC corri- 
jiimJi gemmata potoria, 

,, 44 1 sionia Plm.ii g 158 gemmaB etiam et qtMidan parvuloi ^ttae- 
timat lapida aerobifm* in jirofiiniiim actit. vimera eitu [teriae] extrahi- 
mtu. nt digito gaUluT, gemma petitur. guot nuaau atteruntur, ut 
matt lUteat ortiBVlui I gi idli aiertt inferi, iim. prttfeclo iUoj avaritiae 
at^ue buwriae cunicult rtfodUient ! ad Herenn. it g 63 of the pretender 
to wealth mm (iniitfa m^itunt sublevat, txiitimat >e gemmae nitfOre et 
ami iplauiere atpecUu omntum praeitringere. 

„ „ TAQiNAx Curt. HI S g 18 aoiaacem,...Dai e£ gemma ragina 
erat. Sen. ep. 763 14 ffladitim bonunt die^s turn eui auratia at baltttu 
nte cuitw vagina gemmia diBtingaitur. Tart. res. earn. 7 med. per- 
fectae femiginii gladii' vaginarum adaegtict dignitatem, 

„ 60 BKcooTi 63 n. ind. decoela. Xen. mem. n 1 § 30 Yirtne Bays to Vice 
fru It i/Sfui rly^, otroat re iraXcreXcu wapanxivi^a tal rou 6ipoos xtova 
wipidioaira f>Tcu. pan. 13 (oited on 41). pan. 11 o. 11 aeativae nivea. 
Pint, de oohib. ira 13 p. 461'> x'''"' ^ fV rapoiiriij o6t Sr itiiy. qoaest. 
eonT. Ti 3 (wh; bdow is kept in vorm things, chafi and cloth), eap. Ath. 
121'— lae* (the word 8wo«Ta 121', 122- is attacked as a barbarism). 
Sidon. ep. ii 3 (n 1 p. 314 Baret, ef, Savoro'a notes p. 117) iara n tibi tx 
Uio eonelamatiitiiiui frmiium decoota refeTatxtr, videbii in caiieibia reptnit 
perfiaii niBaliam ntatmlaM et fruita nebalarvm cet. The phjeicians had 
the discretion to forbid iced drinks to thsir patients Plut. ii 123° 124'. 
Mart. 11 86. Ben. ep. (cited). Galea ti 813—4 ol. ux 639—690 E. x S 
free livers reeort not (o the best pbfaiaiana, bnt to those who flatter them, 
«I rol ^uxpar iuaovatr, iju ainjSQm, cai 'Koitavair, ^r mXcuaffaiiiir, col 

vSpdvoei. Plin. iiT 3 fiS. A full oocotmt in Daremberg'a OriboB. l 623— 
7, with the literature. Beckmann hist, inventions n 149—60 Bohn (process 
of refrigeratkm). In certain cases Oalen (x 467} ordered not only fresh 
spring water, bnt also Tolti Xd^voi iil'V-fHimr, wt ir'PiiiiTj ttcvi^ir t6ot 
tX**^^^ rpoOepfxalropret r^^ naraaKtuip' ijy airol xpcff^-y^ptCov^l i'^KoKTar, 
Hermann-Bliimner Oriech. Privatalterthlliner^ (1BB2) 233—4. Psoat. 14 
pr. > The Kalians to this da; take aeqtui gelata with their coSee aOer 
dJnnet' (W. E. Weber). The Bale of half-peiuiy iceeinK.and S. London 
ii in the hands of Italians. 

„ 61 34 n, 37 a. 67 n. Mart, xn 38 polo ego iextanu$, tit poliu, 
Ciima deunea. \ et querent quod turn, Cittna, bibamtai idem t Alkiphr. ep. i 
SO g 1 'we have been shamefully used: to the otheis oiSap Kal fi^foi 
tai fliTttp Iphaifi rpoffiiHKit nap^tcm, lifu* Si frvm ^ ri fipii/ia • tai ol /tir 
ZaXupuner hrimr, ifTptrUtt' Si ■^/ttii Kal Ulyv-' 

„ 62 ooBBOB Ben. de ira ni 29 g 1 ti «« aCio piger eqMum vehi- 
eulumque domim cunu non exaequal. Toe. h. u 40 f. aderat tone citia 
tqao Numida cum atroeioribui mandatit. Mart, i 13 2. Friedlander 
rates Oalen xn 4 K JotAor S' ^r oItdi rwr TopaTpexirrur ir rait Moli tv 

„ 63 VMTtr UuniB OSHii uAVBi it is the mark of 'the man of petty 
amMtion' (/uxpc^iSonida) Theophr. char. 21 [7 Jebb} to be,ca»tal 



fait attendknt Aiil be »n Aedriofnaii. C4Mn)>0ii (iv- IB! — 3 Headbun, 

eitiiig also ACh. 148*. Lne. mem.oond. 10. Alkq>hT. ep. 11 2 g S) oompares 
ad H*reao. iv § 68 »i vilii non divitem, led oitenialoroA ptcxmitu glorio- 
tum dttcrih&rt, yon shoiUd malte 3iiiii wJiispBr into Ms slave's ear, «t...a& 
nvuncuJo rogtlttr Aethiops, gvt ad balvta* vtniat. A blackamoor lackey 
on a Greek lase 'qnod edldi in Aotis Soc. Beg. Saient. San. lu 1 (1866), 
aliiaqne monnmentis, quae ibi afEsruntnr p. 204 ' lUasiag). Hor. b. u 8 li 
fiueut Hydaipei. Ath. 148* Eleopatra gaie to all her gnests at an enter- 
tainment \aiiTTiiiitnfi6pnit rcuJat AMirrai, 


ketbiofia /»it4un fattr; max dtcoUir htrtt \ ivpitret tiAalat DnniqQank 
tibi mane videndas. Ben. eons. Maro. S g & (cl. Uadvig adv. u 345— 
6} trittt mairibtii omen oconnes. Spartian. Ser. 22 g 4 volvent anium, 
guU mninu lilii oecnrreret, Aethiops qmiaat...tKm corona t cupreiiu 
facta eiden ocanirit. § 6 queyaaimiUe trutiit rematim ah oeidit pratcti 
piint, et taloni tini luctiu oniiw el eoronat. Obieq. 70 f. 

„ 66 XI 147 seq. n, Tbeie is a long and gtaphic description of these 
f*ges and of the luinr; of the Boraaa table geaeiall; in [Fijilo] lil. con- 
tempi. 6 (□ 479 M). ^no.] amor. 10 pr. the Athenian tiu6p^t nurir 
i^rfffm/TO, Koi irav alKiriti .oiTt^ «x'^ a-y^rttot ^r /Uyn roi' rpuTor vrfr- 

oUor^li^t koi TiSf 'A0^n>Tt ^w^^r rifSffioHi aTf^rAXonM. l^uloBtr. Ap. 
mi 7 1 43 the barbarianB of Foutos, Lydia, Phrjgia, do not think Blaverj 
a disigtace : the nirygians sell theii own cliildreB : the Qie^i atU] \ma 
ireedom, vhenoe no ludnappere or dealer* hate access to them {oid' 
urdpartStffTtut o^' iniparodur lar^Xuf ^i avroit rttptTTjTiaX Chrysostoia 
ham. 1 in CoL p, 32T* seq. contrasts a feast to the poor, acooidiag t^ 
Christian etiquette (Lnle 14 12 13) ^tb a teast to the rich: plain glMS 
for the one, gold and siltei for the other ; for the one many serranta, a» 
risbly clod as the Ruests, irliSviUtiH Xa/triaii xal iin{irtiltai f^orm, uXal 
liir Stir airri r^i if]ki(i« to anBat, e^piyurTit Hat niautiartOrra: for tb« 
other two servants only, who have trampled on all thia pride. Heiuiii^ 
cites Waleh 'pocillator Phrygins' in acta sec. lat. len. u 1S3 seq. 

,, „ PBXTio uiioKE TARATua IT 25 26 n. Plot. Cat. mai. 4 g 5 Cato 
never gave more than 1600 drachmat {dfaarii\ for a slave, ut St oi 
Tpv^epuv «ii j' iifaiait, oXX' ifyansiir col ertiQr, oVir trs-DKD/uiir tai 
fionKtTur, Miant. Poljb. lui 24 g 2 Cato complaiudng of those who 
.brought fare^;a luiury into Bome. buying handsome striplings vi-fp^oX' 
>«iiffi)iii^fKijv Ti^qi. Watlon hist, de I'escIaT. ii 165. In bis censorship, 
■BJO, 164 (Liv. uTTn 44 g 3^, Cato ordered that all slaveB nnder 20 years o^ 
age. who had been sold smce the last census for more Uion 10,000 oa»ei, 
Bhojlld be valued for purposes of taiation at t«n times their cost. 

„ 68 »a TBTEHKAM Clo.Veir. ig 34ne i2ittjiuf teneam. aop.SBoM. 
g ao. Ben, ep. 124 g 20 *ed ne te diu teneam. 

„ 60 Lucian oited on 34. 

„ 63 DiaNAsnFEHciiJoH(n'.ep.ilB94 0bbardnwsupereilionubnn, 
priap. 1 2 comieniem LatiopoM anperciliDm. 

„ 63 ciLiDAB Ath. 123'-'. ciUDABOEi,iauqcBBeokeiGallusni^313. 
lae. im 16 illic (at Nero's taUe) epulantt BriUutnico, quia cibot j>o(iu?uf 
eiui delietiiM ex tumiitrit gvtiu txplorabat, ne omitteretur iiutitutum aitt 
utriiuqiie atoru proderttw leeba, UUu doliu repertm e>l. ijntoxia ojjAim 
et praecalida et Hbata gtutupotio tradituT Mritmmico; dein, po4tq^iai» 
/ervore aipemabatvr, frigida tn ajua otf/umlilwr v " ■< 

.allif sis oS aqua see Piin. «p,.iii.£ g 11 n. 

dt, Google 


T 67 BtxwK 7a a. 75 n. Hiuoniiu (Stiib. fl. zmi 88 1 293 13 Meinek^ 
ranks tunongst tboee who siii in eating, together with the glutton and the 
epooce, thosa who prater daint; to wholesome fare and i /iif ti/iur ri Cro 
T«i (TweoWowri.. Ath, 12^'. 

„ 68 Tn MUOTDtt Hor. B. J E 91 iapidonu. mucida nvnK=:ay 128. 

„ 69 OKHOiNDH Ve^. natal. S SO/amtgitegeniiiiii crepaiiCI 

„ 70 TINES Sen. ep. 123 g 3 cited. 

„ „ NivEUB VatiniuB (Quiotil. tt S S €0), taoated bj his BocoBer 
Calvns for wiping hia brow with a while handkerchief (candido ludaric), 
rejoined imammt rttia tiun, et paneia oandidam edo. So p. candidM 
Fstnin. 66. Flin. zxn % 139. Paalns Aegin. i 78 with Adama i 120—6. 
Artemid. I 69 osriwi Sottir ^ir«I«i' Toii ii ISovi iyaeiT- KuriXkiiKot pie yb.^ 
winfTi al fivTOfiol, rXourV H ol rovriXitfi laSofoL Mart, im 47 'panes pi- 
centini ' pic^nj^jna Cerei niveoiicTiectare crescit, \ tit Uvim accepta apongia 
target aqua. There ware piitores liiiginarii (Orelli IBlOj, liTiiilagiJiarii 

Salletino 1840 p. 19), candid<aii {OrelU 4363). 0. JtOui Abb. d. ^. S. 
M. zu, 1868, 277—8. It is a^nificant tl;st this fine bread was gften 
baked in obscene shapes (Hes. dXu^KiXXtf of. Meineke ti. com. iv 615 m 
1S3. Mart, n 2 3. zir 69. Fetron. 60. Blumneb). 

„ BUjaiNE Plin. ep. i 20 ( 16 in iprit campii non faratit Eiligineni 
tclata, »ed hordeum, faham ctteraqtte Ugrtmina tero. Marquaidt Frivatlebea 
403 citofl Galen {vi 483 K) "among Uie BoraanB and among almrart all 
UieiT BObjects the finest («ii*it(MiTOTOf) bread is ealled ai\iyriTtp." Cf, 
ziil 12 and BaBt. Od. p. 17S3 6. IBN 6310 stamp on a loaf [Cielerit Q. 
Grant Veri eeriina]. On bread and baking Bee H, Bliinmer Tedmologie,.. 
der aeweTbe...bei Griediea a. KOmeni 1 (Iieipzig 1875) 1—88; on the 
different kinds of tritieara, wheatmeal and bread amoiig the Bomana, 
Voigt in Bhein. Mus. iizi (1376) 105—128 (on liliga 109 n. 11, 111—117, 
121-2, 124, 127). Daremberg (Oribase 1 615), after Bradley and Tozzetti, 
ideotiiLss Miligo viih tritiettm Aifiemuni Linn. bl£ blane. See lexi. uUgi- 
noruw, -innit. Hermann-Bliimner grieoh. Frivatalterth. 219. 

« 72 nsajt Ow. m. vm 114. 

„ 74 via Tu Sen. Onnq. 1 § 13. cons. Mam. 9 g S. ira m 37 S 5, oonst. 
■ap: IS i i. heel. yit. 19 i 2. Madvig ndv. n 198. Both dtes SerriDs in 
Cic. fam. it 5 g 4 (b, c. 45, the faiqaos letter from Athens on (he decaj of 
tatiei) coepi egomet mecwn )ie eogilare : 'hemi noi homananUindignanmr, 
ti qua vottntm interiit out oecini* ett, qvomm vita hretnor esis debet, earn 
uno loco tot op'pidum cadavera proiecta iaeeidt visn« to te, Servi, tohi- 
iere et metainiue bamiTiem te ene natam t ' 

„ „ ciuisTBis Bich. leix. Varro 1. 1. t § 130 who oorrecUj compares 
tanHr. Hier. ep. 125 lleanistrnm iM((«p(<el«rtniini6ut. Aeit-i701— 2 
liaKtvimabiii famuli lytn^hii Cereremqae caniatria | expediunt. TF.i254 
CereremqUe dedere oaniHtrig. H3t. and Dnncan ki. Hom. nili'tw. 

„ 74 75 on the insolenoe of slaves, ai^d the helpleasness of poor re^ 
taineis see Loo. meio. oood. 15 'jon, a» though yon had entered the 
honse of Zens, are amazed at everytiiing, cai iip' itiLmp rwr rpamfUrwr 
furiupat tl' iinaiip ?« aai dyvutra ^arra' loi ^ Te tltrrtla lit ai iwo- 
^Uwti itti Tiir jrapirTvr Itatrrat i ri Vfa(en iTi'n)poiiiriy, oH' airf it ifitXh 
rif wXat/alf toCto, iXXi koI rppnW niri riiw ofuruv ixirK<yrtii- < Sirut > it 
riii roiSm i '■ T^ yvrauta drofiM'piif ol liif 7i<> rap rvrSilmuv 
aK6ktu0oi ipuurt] iKtewXr^yiiinif it r4)i' aa-tipisv rwr Spaiti- 
mr drotmiirTOhiri ritiL'^piitr rtitifitrai roS (iii tap' iXXif 
vf&Ttpor ft iiit.tTr-ftifat f»l rj isirdr etml i-si ri X'^P^- 
ItaKTpoi' rMfitrW uvwtp oSr tUit, Cilur.rt iriyt^ a*i aroplat nal lA'^n 




napanffifTW roitlXuv #ai irpii ni-a lifii' iirKiPoir^nijf flSirv i^' S r( 

(cafceiiT]? f^Xoiii' «ii /iarHarcir loC Seiirroip t^» ineikavBlar,' 

T 76 PiNiB TDi coi^HEM 11 n. LaiDpr, Al. 8ev. 87 g 4 panit nwi- 
dtu ){panu leqveiu ad donandmn. Ath. 246* (jeeto of Greek parasiieB) ol 
Eorjdos c/uMt-oi i' a^oi ^urapoi): dprovi ^rt r& 8e?Tra il>ip€adat, 
ireyittmiwov titAt l^t ^cXarr^povtf o^fc dprovt iiptj avrdr irip'oxii'oi, d\k' 
ifTtir ffiudi. ib.** of Fliiloielios ir teirrif Si too KaMaarTm avrir /U^aral 
apTovt npnTiBivToi, fn} mWodt, elrt, wapartffttf paj aKitrot x«)^|^. ApnL 
met. VI II pi, Hild. Fronto ep. ad Anton, imp. i S p. 101 Naber (of 
Commodna and Ms brother) ^nem alter teneiat ietM oandidnm, uC 
mar regi^^s, alter autem cihiiinia, ptanevt apatre jihilo$opho •prosnatia. 
Sbein. MuB. iiii 122. 

„ 76 le^. Fiiedlander i< SS8— 340. Eor. 8. n € 26 26. 

„ 78 BKxsi. QKiKDiNE masc. only in Tana (Mon. 208 9). 

„ 76 79 1EBSDB inppiiBB luppiter is put for air, tbe aits of «ach 
meteors, and His epithet of vemiti h&8 a great deal of philoeopli; in it, 
foi in liie spring and antiunn the greatest hail nsiukll; tails, as maj tM 
learned from Aristot. meteor, [i IS § 1 ol t ^ xii\ai'iL( ylyrorrai (apot 
liir cat nrTirr<ipo\i paXiOTa, iIto nat t^ irtipat, xcifiurot S' dXtycLnt. % IS 
^TTOP 3i ToO Sfpovt yiyrerai ^ iapQt *al f^troirupotij tiaK\or fUrrM ^x'^'^^h 
0Tt ^upoTtpot Hip tdu Bipmu' iv Si t0 tapt (ri vypof, ir Si Tip /itTorotptp frl 
iypalnTai\. HoLIDlT. 

„ 79 lUPFiTEB Enn. Epiobarm. fr. 7 Tahlen (in Tarro 1. 1. t 65) iitie 
i$ eit Inppiter qutm dico, quem Oratei vacant \ aerem ; qui v«r(ii« at 
<( nvhet; imberpoilea | atque tx imbrt Jrigiu : venlm poit Jit, aer detiuo, | 
Iiaece propter luppiter ninf Uta qaae dico tibi, | juontam morfalo atifite 
vrbet btlwuque omn«( jurat. The acroHtich in Commod. instr. i 6 ia a 
mtneas for the doable p. Am. i S3 loiem pro plnvia. . . nomtnaf . . . . 
pro imbria nomvnt pordl lovem. Lobeok Agtaoph. 609. Prellei-Joidan 
rtim. U;th. i> 190. FAENin.A Antonin. I 16 (p. B 24 Slioh) reading 
ipf\iirTI (= ^awA^) ivith Salm. Gataker, Eora; for TtXiirTj, 

„ 82 iBPABAGTB II 68 69 n. Lnoil. m 26 M asparagi nullt. id. ine. 
166 (in Noil. 19S 4) asparagi molUt. Magcratedt der Feld-, Garteil- 
tind Wieseobau der BOmer (Sondershausen 1862) 382—6. iml. Pliit. and 
Galen, leu. H8t. dirtipayoi. Paulna Aeginet. in 68 Adams. Becker* 
GfiU GaUas m 356. 

„ „ coNvivii=oonyiya8. a 120 cena. to theatra, cavea cet. For 
the plni. of. zi 150 convivia. viii 24G poiet mtrctdet ){ Tii 149 tmree- 
dtmpw^re. iii 120pt(icula. 

„ 84 CAHHABUB Lamprid.Heliog. 19 S ^P"'''*'*/'^'<''P<'i^>'<''f'f^^ 
jin'inu«d«...cammariB «f Bcillis (ver. 81). 

„ 85 FBRiLia CBHA DCasB. cited on it 150. Marqnaidt Privatleben 
867. Kirchmann de (on. iv 7. Ov. t n 533—570 eit honor et tttmuUt, 
aniuuw pUcare paleruai | pareaqtu in exitraetat tnunera ferre pyrat. \ ■ 
parvapttunt Manet, pUt<u pro divite grata at | mtmere: non avidM Stgx 
habet ima deoi, { tegula parreelU tatit est velata coronit, [ et Bparaas 
fiDges psrTaqne mica salia | inqti* mero moUita Cent viQfaeqtu 
toiulae: I iutee habeat media teita relicta via cet. Plin. h. n. x g 2^nota- 
tumin kit [milvis] rapaeiuimametfaneticamiemperalitemnikU tteiUenti 
Topere umgvom ex funeiam farcnlis. 

„ 66 iPBB TEHiTRAHo FiscEU tsjavBiia HoT. t. U i 60 quaU par- 
{Dndat piicei t(«urui olivo. 

dt, Google 

■ — 92 ' CAULia SNAKE- CHABHEItS. lIxn.LV8. 43 7 

V 86 TBHiiBuio Patlin. c. 14 (=18, Fdio. natoL in) 77 hue et oliti- 
fero ctmcurrie titria Teuafro. A. F. Hageistedt die Obatbatunzooht 
dec Bemer (SondeFghaugen ISSl) 241. 

„ 87 PiLUDDS CAttiiiB henoe our oola, colewort, kail, Germ. Kohl, eon< 
nected with 'hoUov.' Mart, xm 17 'faeceB coliooli.' ne tibi pallentea 
vumeant faitidia oaolee, { nitrala viridit braiiica, fiat aqua, ni 17 7. 
Hagerstedt der Feld-, Garten- nnd Wieaenbsu der Bbmer (SoadersbanBen 
1862} 391—4, Plin. in g 53 /ertadum latie fverit exqaliita naiei poma, 
alia aapore, alia magnitudine, aiia momtro panperibta inlerdicta , , . 
% 54 ttiamne in htrbu diecrimcn iniKntum at, opeiqut di^ereMiam fteere 
itiam in cibo vno aiie venaiil in kit qvoque aliqtia libi noKi triba* 
tugant oanle in tanttim laginato ut pauptrit laema lun capiat! g 66 
hoTtorum Cato pratdicat oaales. hine primum, agricoiae atttunuibant 
prisei, et tie ttatim faciebanl i'udieium neguom eaae in domo matrem 
fandliat—ettnim hate euro /«mino« dieeiatuT—vbi iTidUigem ettet extrn 
hoTttu, quippe t carttario aut macelio vivendma ate. nee oaales uC nunc 
vtaxime pnAyabant, damnanta palmentaria qaae egerent alio putmaUario. 
id erat oleo pareere, nam gari dtiideria etiam in exprobatione erant, 
ind. Oalen bratiiea. 

„ 87 88 OLKBIT I.AJITEBNAU Ltio. DemoBth. enc. 15 Ui>8if II 4 Kpirn 
rur &i}iuirS(riKur \ayur dwoftir roS ^urrepii'ou ^ix'""- Pl"^- priWO. g*'- 
r. p. 6 g 1 i>L\ux'lur S^y. lit. DemoBtb. B g 2. TaiTo &. 673 B (in 
N{miaa5S0,6T!i) oleum in luoabrationeniMrtiabinitu spoiiut > quant 
in asparagoe totam leoythum evertamns. 

„ 90 looFTEB guoD^Or. Ibis 378 (380). 

„ „ cim BoccARE HEiio uTiTUB Theophr, oh. SO (^26 Jehb, part of 
11 in old edd.) (he alffxpo'ifpi'iit when anointing bimBeUat the bath, will saj 
to the Blave-bof, ' Why, this oil that jon have boogbt is ranoid,' and will 
use Bomeone else'a; Bee CaBaubon p. 102 Needbam. 

„ 91 qt70D iDTOB rAciT A BEBFEHTmna Flin. II i 31 hdbeniei earn [paBtina- 
cam erraticam] feriri a serpentibus negantnr, aut qui a/nU gtuUive- 
tint non laedi. percttiaii inponimr aim axungia. at iti§Ij4. BiLmSOO — 2 
MaTjnaridae, medieamval^vi,.,. | ad qnoram cantos Berpens oblita 
Teneni, | ad qnoram tactum mites iaocefe cerastae. Scribonina 
fl. 42 g 163 has maaj ohacma (tor they ace no better) against the bite of 
serpents. See the natea of Bhodius (Fatav. 1665) and the ind. to 
Billig'B Fliny b. tt. anguit, terpent, venenata, vfTKnutn. Panlua A.egine(a 
V (Adams n ISG gives a hst of the ancient writers on toxicology). W. E. 
Weber oites H. O. Lenz gchlangenkimde (Qotha 1832) 130 seq. on the 
Morai and Psylli. 

„ „ BBUpRHTiBus AtBis Bsntley on Hor. s. n 8 96 Canidia adfauet, 
peior serpfintibaB atria, aB be reaila. 

„ 92 MOLLDs BetAer-GflU GaUua in 832-^. Galen vr 715 SJxtpl 
TptyXiji] TiTlnrjTat S' vrb rOv dvdpi^ur tiVT rue AXXur vrtpix^vtia ttj kbt^ 
iSuivi' ^ari- The liyarwaapTOferred by epionreB, or rather the ■vo^iusi', 
made by steeping tbe liver in wine, as a sance for the fish, Oalen tbon^t 
that the liver was neither so pleasant, nor bo Bsrviceable to the body as 
to deserve its reputation, nor the head either, though that held the 
•eoond rank with epioniea. He oonld not understand why very many 
bought tbe largest mnllets, they being neither so sweet nor ao wboleaome 
sa the smaller, aart Bi4 roin-i tu-o tiSv (i(>TUpiou raiiwiWau ri) 
/ttylvras rptjXas lonfuinur iipinifr, tIs Turf irrir ij airta rift o^' 
iattTur vrovSTi, H« replied they wera boi^t first for the liver, then for 
tholieod* -■. . ^ 

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428 IfOHTBtnl lUBB. MACELLUU. .OBB&Tb V 94— 

y 91 SETEcrT HOSTBim UABE QidiitiL T 10 1 31 ptuivm qaotue getiera 
...rtgiomibui eliam litoriburqti^ dUcrtta helopeni naBtromaTl 
nut icarum ducai. Luo. -mi 293. Cass. b. O. T 1 g 2. 3»1L log. 17 S < 
ea[AbiaB.']finet habet ab oeoident* /refawi nostri maris <{ Oceanj. ib. 
18 39 4, 12. hist. 1 8 D. Meln 1 g 6 ot the Mediterranean (or, as he tsjt^ 
northeiD Bea) id omne quavertitquaqat^tptTgitartuiovoeabaUt aoBtram 
maiedieitur. ib. |g 15, 25,49. 11 gg 1, 8, 74, SB, 67 bia. m g 1. oLigSl 
niulrumjiela^ua. 111 g 107 noilruat Return. IiiT.zin42g4. Plin. ti gg 14S 
143. n g 116. ApnL de mundo 4 1. Oros. i 3 g 8 (Asia) sab Aeggpte et 
Syria mare nostrum qaod Magtoim generaiittr dieimat habet. in ths 
same 0. ten other eix. (Zsjigemeister ind. 716 a), of. ijie ^ ^cXiVfra, 1) few, 
4 ^triit, if toff via, ii tap' yfiiTi; 6. (cf. Morkland on Max. Tjr. 709. Weas. 
on D8. 1 861 both died by Heinridl. HSt tfiXaffira). Solin. 23 g 13, 

„ M— M Sen. ih. oontr. 9 g 11 an n< guid unitri n.rjittur JiiidtBigBe, 
oriii lervitium arpettndum at I Plin. ix g 210 loiu ciuea Hamae, nbi 
omnium gentinm bona oomminiis indicanlnr, e provinciu ife- 
maataui pratcipua. Sen. cited on it 23. Maor. Sat. ui IT § 15 cum 
Antoniiit quioqnid mari ant terra aut etiam oaslo gigueretiti 

dentjbna snia aubderet eaque re coptiM da Romano imperio faeere 
vtlUt Aegyptium regnmn, CUapatra-mear, quae vinci a Eomanii nee luzurta 
dignaTeiur, tpojitione provoeavit iiumHtre n pout in unam cetuM aestertiitm 
tfutia. Follows the story of the disaolTOd pearl. Claud, in Eutr. 11 

„ 65 UACELLo XI 64 n. PUnt.aul.371— 3 vfnio odmaoellaia, m^ito 
piaaea : indicant'] tana. Sea. ben. vn 10 S 3 ereditori tlatin in ma- 
cellnm lat-aro, quod aceeperit, reddam. ep. 77 3 17 (to an epicnr«) eoti- 
fiteri mm curiae te, non fori, non iptivt renun vatvrat dttiderio tardionm 
ad moriendam ;^ri : invitat reZin^uifmacellnm, in quo nihil relignttti. 
85 g 42 (cited on it 15). 96 g 5 ipte te inttm>ga, ti quit potettaten tibi 
■deut faeial, utrum velii vivert in maoello an in cattrin. atqui eitxrat 
Lueill, militare at. The viaceUum built B.C. 179 took tha pLioe of the 
ipeoial provision marketa (on this waeellian Marquardt cites Tairo L L T 
147. Jord»Q in Hermee it 69 aeq. XV 116 Beq. Bitschl opuac n 385^ 
Uriiohs in Bbein. Mus. niii 81 seq.) ; to this was afterwards added swt 
eilban Litiiaa (Preller Begionen 131) and tn. Tnagrtum (ib. lli)). DCasB. 
LXi 18 g 3 A.D. 59 ript ay&pap tut o^juv, td /uurXXiw imi/aatiiytr Kaffifpvatt 
Inst. XXI 5 g 3 Dionjsiua in exile at Corinth ktaaillima qmuque tutitrima 
txiititaam in MOrdid'uiimiim vital gatia detcendit.. g 6 in macello 
pentare: q-aod emere nartpoterat, ocitlii devarart. lexx. TeuOel in Panlj. 

„ 98 CAPTitOB FrieiUiioder 1= 336— 832. 

„ „ AciiELu YBNDAT BQ AuTelia pestCTed ly the eaptator Begnlna 
Tlin. ep. ti 2!> § 10 Anrelia, omata ftmina, tignatvra lettonmCiaa lump- 
KraC ^uicheTTtmai tunicas. Regabu cum vemtiet ad agnanditm, ' rego' 
intuit ' )>a» vtihi leget.' g 11 Aarelia I'odere hominevi putoiat, UU terie 
intiabat : ru nailta, coBgit mulitrtm aptrire tdbulai ae tibi tnnitat quai 
trat indtita Ugare: obternavit tcriieMetn, intpexit an leriptittet. el 
Anrelia quidem vivii, iiU lamen iitud tamquaoi tuorituram coigit et hie 
herediiaict, Mc Ugata, quati txertatttr, aecipit. Ben. ep. 47 g 17 doie 

Tuetuaa ia hk guide for paraaitca Hor. ■. 11 6 10 — 11 aecipe qaa ratiotu 
quicat diUicere. turdut { titie aliud privum daiitiir tUn, dajolet Ulue, { rtf 
ibi laag-na nittt, donuno une: d\^eia poma ] et quoamimque fent aiittu 
(ibi/uruJiM honorct, \ ante larem giutet venerdtilior lore divet. . . 



T 00 uniAx Bddham flab-ttttle 89&~U7. T«ditu PoUio'a riave 
Jol breaking a crystal tsm mnraenia obiei ivbehatar, g«at ingatUt i» 
piteina eontiiubat. ADgUBtas ordered kU his ciTital rases to be smashed 
and the stev-pond filled up (Sen. iia m 40 §§ 2—1. olem. 1 18 g 2). Ael. 
n. a. Tin 4 the nmrania oC Crassos with eanings and jewelled necklace^ 
vHcfa came at his call and ate ol hia hand ; at its death CraaanB wept and 
bmied it. To DomitiaB' taunt ' fool, j<m wept for the death of a moraena.' 
be retortad, 'I wept for a dead beast, bat ;oa bmied three wives and Aed 
BO tear.' ct. Porph. abet, iii S. ind. Aristal. Ael. Plia. Ath. S12<^. 

„ 108 AMOuiu.! Badham fiah-tettle 868—890. Ath. 2S7°— SW. 

„ 104—106 Biicheler in Bhoin. Mas. hit 803—3 'Virroni murftena 
'ponitnr maxima de freto Sicnlo, oltenti conTiTae anguilla aat glacie ai- 
pernu maculii Tiberinui et ipie veraala riparum pinguit torrente cioaca 
-oeC. XibeFtnam propiium piscium generi uomen indidiese Bomae qoi 
macelli res carabant confirmat Galenua {An alim. be. m 30, ti 722 S.) 
Tlbi narrat peasimog fieri piscea in ostiia eomm fittvionun qui <Joacas 
purgent sordesqae orbinm omoes recipiant, mnraenam qnoqae poasimam 
eaae in ostiis Tiberis qaamTis non ingiediatar UaTiam. ideoqne paene 
onmiioa uaam marinorum pisdam Tilissimam Bomae, warip tvl el larit 
rir rofaiiiv oArbr ixMn ytptuifitnn, raXoOri f aimin Iriw Tip^pltovi wi ISiar 
tj^irrat ISiar tuitirl tut BaXiirrliBr ificUtr, caaaam antem oorruptelae in- 
lOTiem ease ex nrbe adflneutem bine intellt^, quod meliorea aint pisces 
qiios prina qinun ad srbem perreaiat amnia idem giRnat.' Adiien da 
Valoia long ago >de Tibeiino pisce aliqoa uotavi apui Galenum.' aee 
alio Oalen ib. 0. 25 p. 712. 

„ 106 viBiruu Batil. Namat. I 112 Ternala...aiiii, Bid. ep. ix 16 
eaUs his Sapphics Milyltnati oppldi Tetnulas, S;mm. ep. 83 (78) 
Ternnla tuojbtmine. eii, of the proper sense InT. 1 117. iiT 161). add to 
leii. Sen. traoq. 1 9 7. fr. 6S (fiom Hiar. adT. lavin. 1 47 it 3I5>). Hier. 
ep. 54 IE. Stioui. ep. Ti 73 (7C). Pacat. SI pr, cf. Ennod. ep. Q 9 f. caFm. 
nS6 3. 

„ „ lORBENTK (3LOACX Panlnfl Festi p. 69 eloaedU Jlamen dixit Cato 
pro eloacamm omnium CDUUcfi!. Caasiod. tar. iii SO videas ttnatia nambtu 
Mr aquat rapidat non minima lalticitudine naeigari. Rich oompanion, 
ft«ller is Panly ti 5B6. Beoket Bandbooh i 383. Jordan Topo|{r. d. St. 
Bom. I 441—463. Schwegler 1 471, 673 n. fi, 770 a. 6, 7e&-801. Bom 
Bome and the Campagna 279-^283 and ind. 

„ 107rAoiuuairBAEBlUT iiiBEHHor.s.il22t<im faoilem dicatcotit 
mt praebeat anrem. Bnet. Cal. 32 f. modo iamturrant ae praebens in 
eieen anrem, Cnrt. Tin 6 g 24 lermomtnis piluperanlium erimiiumliniii- 
qite regem faoilsa anres praebere. Or, and Liv. have en. of pr. 
awCT (aurem). luv. ni 132 faoileoi, . anrem. cf. lexi. nurM. Prop. 
i9 23facileai(iipraebnit atiu. n (m) 31 16nimiunfaoileg anrem 
praebere. Priac. land. Aoastas. 1S3 (BalLreiis p. 1. m. v 370) et faoiles 
precilAii vopulorum piaebnit anres. 

„ 100 sEHKCA e.g. ben. 11 I § 1 tie damu, gtmmoio vtliamu aecipere, 
anXt omnia libentir eito tint ulEa diAitatione. g 2 praxiimu eat a negoMt 
qai dabilaBit. g 8 optimum tit anttetdert dtiidtrium cuiutgat, proxintum 
tequi, % 4 non tulit graii* qui, «um roganet, oMtpit, qwmiam qvidtat, ut 
maioribuM noiErit . . . vinai et$, mttlla ret cariiu conital juom quae prtcibnt 
tmpta tit. 

„ 110 111 Tin 69 n. w ntULn n ruoiKrs oix)t ui<» habeutub 
Mnrumi qlobia Plin. ep. ili8| ^ pUtati* titnlif, qni annt omnibaa 
^onoribuB palohriorei. 

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T 110 Tiinua Uarqnardt pTintlebeD 237. SU. jyUtB dim eineri 
titnlam memorandaqae nominO' bu*tu \ praettndit. Fljn. pan. 21 pr. 
notme hii tot tantiiqat meritii novot aliqwit honores, novo' tttnlos mere- 
barii t XV. ill. is probably drawn from the ti tu(t of ptiblio BtntiieB (euppl. 
IT to philologns 1B83 p. 498). PHn. xiii g IS Aemiliattum quoqu^ Scipio- 
n«ni Varro auctor ett donatum obtidiotudi . . ., quod et statu&e eina in 
foro ano divua AngaBtna anhscripBit. Lomprid. Alex, 28 § 6 
ttatuas colonat vel p^deitrti nadan vel tqaeitrei divii imperaioribiu in foro 
divi^NemaSj qv^ tranaitorivTn dicitur, locavit onoiibus cum titnliB £t 
cobinaiia aertit, quae geitorum Orditiem conltfierenf, exentpUi Aitfftuti^ qui 
(UniHiorum virorum itatuat in foro too e vtannoTe coUocavit additia gtatit. 

„ ,, JiBotsnl X 79 n. Prop, n (iii) 16 11 Cynthia mm tequitur 
faecBB, nee curat henarei. Sen. de ira iQ SI § 3 dedit mtAt praeturam: 
led coiwuiatunt tperaveram. dedit duodeeini faaoas; ted mm fecit ordt- 
tiarium comtilem. paneg. 1 1 21 f. 

„ 112 ciTnjTEB 8pMt. Hftdr. 20 J 1 (n cotiloquiU etiam hamillimiimm 
fliTiliaaimns Juii, deteitaia eo*, qui libi Aom voluptatem humamtatii 
(fua*i lervanlii faitigium pHitcipii incid^ent. CapitoL Anton. Pins 6 g S 
iv^eralorium fattigium oii nanmam oivilitateni dednxit, 11 g 6 inter 
alia etiam hoc olTilitatiB eiut praecipuvm argumentma eit eel. id. 
Anton, pliil. S g I adepti imperiMm ita oiriliter le aiiibo egeraat. Plut. 
Alex. V6%'ihe lay down to snpper late and after dark, fau^aani Si jjr ^ 
irifi^eta nat irtpi^t'f'ii irl r^t Tpari^^Sj Aran ntjSir Aplffan fiyjSi AXiyupajj 
SiBi'^^TD. Tac. an. in 76 a.d. 22 death of Innia, Cato's niei:«, vifa o! 
CaBaias: teeiamentiim eivt midto apud mlgumrvmoTe fuit, quia in magnii 
opifcu*, cum ftme cuti£to» procerei eum honore nominaviiiet, Caeiarem 
(•mint. juodoiTlliter ocMylum. 

„ 112 113Eeio,BSTOTiii 147 n. ipse, ipae.n 135 136 fient, tient. 
n 279 280 die, die. Or. am. it 6 2 8. a. a. i 858—9, 636—7. The 
'flgnre epizeaxis, geminatio (Hahn rhet lat. 66 76. 609 23 wh^re 
Beda cites 'comfort ye, comfort ya my people' cet.). elsewhere palil- 
logia, regresBio or iteratio (31 12. 50 1. 481 10. 609 28), whicl) are 
aabtly distinguiahed from ^TOfiiXii^ii (geminatio) and waiirXuan (reda- 
plioatio). Verg. eel. ti 20 21 Forbiger Aegle, Aegle. Sea ten. and 
Bmeatl iei. rhet. under all these words and also iraraSlxXuirit, coTidapli- 
eatio, dtiplieatio. Fritzscha on Theokr. i 3U and on Hor. a. ii 2 ISl. 
Lnor, n 9fi5 Munro (cf. Faber on vi 791). Sitznogsber. d. bayer. Atad. 
1682 431 — 436. Matranga has pnbliBbed (aneod. gr. Bomae 1850, n 
619—622) an iambic poem in 91 Teraes tanfiBi kXi/mkutoI (see HSt. 
KXifiajcunii, iXIiiaf) in which the last word of each Terae is a 'step' to the 
next, which begins with the same .or a kindred word. The moat familiar 
and noblest example of climax is 2 Pet. 1 5 — 7. 

„ 113 DT mmc MULii 43 at malti. 

„ „ siTEB nBi, xvmEn imcia )( Sedul. Fasoh. o. IT 23 atqiie otjtt 
largut, sibi tantum cojuiat egejou. 

„ 114 AiJSBBis iscDB the Bomance languages have lost all trow of 
iecvr, and supply its place by words which cbaracterise the liTer iw an 
organ orammd with figs. See Duaange and Georges ficatixm, Diez and 
leii. Ital. figaio. Ft. foxe. Mod. Gr, eiK&ri (ffi/iuriw). A. Thaer, dia 
altagyptisohe Landwirthschart BerL 18S1 Taf. ti Fig. 31 (a representation 
of the cramming of geeae). Barsian Jahresber. iivm (1882) 65 oombata 
Thaer'a view that it ia a 'medieiniaeber Voigang,' In the NiTutfenth 
■Century for May 1885 Bir Henry ThQinpaon in the name of men^, 
health, economy and a refined taste, forbid (eEpeoiallf to auti-TiTiaeq. 

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HbII'b satiiea m 8 fin, ■ Oooae-UT^ for (he Uoofoob Boman.' 

T 114— 116 iNBBBu IIOUB...APBX Stst. B. IT 6 8— 10 a mifm'r 71101 
noue tudot. .. | .. .quu wu^it an sec ] txta /erat, cur Ttiaeut apai getu- 
Toiior CnJTo. 

„ 115 UTIUH 168. Hot. ep. i 7 3S. Ben. ep. 47 cited on 121. Lnoil. 
dted zl 138. Petion. 86. 40. Ptin. zvn g 220 ol a gmb under the bark 
of trees : tam guidaa et hoc in bixuria tat eotpit, praegrandeique roborum 
dtUcatiore'iant in eibit—coiiet vacant — atque etiam farina taginatiki qtio- 
que altilee flunl, SpaitUn. Did. Inl. 3 g 8 bLcurioium . . . convitrittnt 
eilreu et altilibuB (t pltcilmt adomaOim. Plut. Luoiill. 40 g 2 Pom- 
peins, being ordered to take a thnuh b; the doctor, and learning ft'om 
hia aervanta that in Bummer-time none eodld be had except an altilii 
{m.Ttvotiit'qt) at Lucollna'H, exclaimed: 'What, aholl Pompeius owe hii 
life to the Inimy of LaoullnB? ' and called for some diah read; to hand. 
Pronto p. 224 Nabra altilJboB reterum tagiiuinan. Tert. paenit. 11 
altilium enormem taginam. Ath. 384**' x^" 'irtin-ol. ib.* ai Hi iiuTr, i3 
Oir\rtari, bUoAoi et\^ea'j...wad /tji^^t fj^iarai rap^ roll dpxaioit Tiirakit' 
Te\ij TavTa TQr XV^^ ^rara. lb.* XV^'^^" ^ ijrdrut/t wtptawoA' 
Saara di radra var<k T^f 'Piiifiifrj pji^iioitijti E^^vXof ir Drf^avaTijXiin 

HacT. Sat. m 18 § 12 ante eenam...gaainam ■ltilem...altiiia ex farina 
imolnta, emu,., alt ilia aiia. vii 4 g 4, Hier. ep, 100 g 6 (i 617^1 et 
chaitit parietibai vetcantur tamibai atqw avei altiles dieinu gvadra- 
gaimae...laeeTent. ib. 22 g 28 fin. Migne patiolog. on 1430" altiliaa 

„ HELBioRi Hor. ep. I IB 46 46 Obbar. 

„ 116 iiBi BABE ind. luiheo. Cic. LoeL § 18 f, Cato mai. § S8, Ben. 
ben, VI 23 g 8, Topiso. Caiin. 9 | 2. Yolo. vit. Arid. CaBB. 2 § 7. 

„ TBUUBK^Dil on the oomfieeta of Africa see Mommeen iSm. Qesob. 
t' 651—3. Ov, Pont, n 7 26 Cinyphiae eegetis citivt numeraMe 
arittat. irlS 9 Africa qnot BcgeteB (parit). id. medicam. 63 hordes, 
qnae Ljbici ratibns miaere ooloni. Stat, a, in 3 SO 91 qaod 
meaaibDB Afris | Territur, oettifeH quicquii tent area NiU. t 1 100. 
Bntil. Namat.^UTgufn^t fecundaa tibi conferat Afiioa jneaBes. 
Barth on Cland. beU. OUd. 52. 

„ 119 ciBioilaB BOTSS Cio. Or. Colnm. Obbar on Hor. ep. 1 14 28- 

„ „ TUBERA Mart, im 60 rumpirniu altriceni tenero qua* vtrtiee 
terram | tnbera, boUtU poma eecunda lutmu. 

„ 120 BTKCcToBBH SiL xi277 f«rti( Btruitni^nuf. 

„ 121 BPECTEB Lnc. mere cond, 26 icanfiFM-ai >iapri>i jU^tiM' Twv ropa- 
^uponirwr, Ti iffrS, tl ^^Jkkto ;i^w« aoO, lafldmrp ol mint Tepiiudiwr fl ri 
ffkk^JpAv r^l t^ak^ijt 0dXXar, ^ r^ oAXa auvfi\ouffw, tl vrtpo/fiBfiTj irb r^ 
rpBKaTaiceininor, Snnent wro XifiaO rapo^iijwi'Dt. 

„ „ caiBONOMCBii DChrjfl. or. 32 (i 406 80 D) twi Aytyyiei tw, 
iS\r{Tur, at rat ra\atirTpas ^n^fXoDiTi Kttl t4 yviirdvia x^'Pfo^opTtl. 
Petron. 69 Eomeiistae declaim in Qreek vergee and cUsh tbeic speara on 
their Bhielda, a boiled calf is broo^t in, tl qaidtm gaUatta, lecutvt eil 
diax [a eUvewho peieonates (he A(at iiaaiiuroi] ilrictoqae gladio, tarn- 
guiHB iiuaniret, eoncidit, ac modo versa modp anpina geaticnlntns 
mucroTte frnita eoUegit nirant^mtqut vitutum p (irffCui Ml. Sioh chinm- 
(mia, -omo: Oalen vi 824 £. 

— . g Kioh CTifCelhn, e«tt*r. 

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T 123 MOTAT* Friedlinaw a* 338—8. 

„ 127 mBOXBK Uy. urn 2fi g 11. U g 5. Flin. pan. Ttt g 3. Scribon, 
U. Amm. ml g Siue hiacexe nte loqui pemimM. ixiiiOgeO(of the 
Futhians) nte ninwlranlt ajHid eo* famdo laeruatqM tuiiijinti hiaeere 
vtl logui licet vel ipu^e; ita proilratU Iptvitrittii Hanptj peUilna loiinl 
omnjunt vineivnivr. 

„ „ HIBCERI, TAHQItAlI KifiKlS IMl MMBNi. 161 n, IV 90 01 n. De. 

mosthenes S Phil, g S p. Ill hopes that the AtheniaoB will bear with big 
iraop^la : for tbej allow their very ilava more freedom Of Bpeech Uum 
citizens tcajoj tUse-^bme. Menander ia Stob. fl. lui 27 a slave, kept ia 
utter bondage, will bavidona; /urntUw ro^^HrvJai, \ ^i^Titrer aMr roOro 
wti^ii Tt>\i. Sen. rep. I 12 «e have establiBhed IfTfyvplar between 
BlaTes and freemen, BojonmeTB and dtixeDB. Flut. de garrolitate 18 
p. 511 P. Piso the oratoi had forbidden hie slaTeH to speak except in 
answer to qnestiona. He had invited a compait; to meet Clodiun, who 
was tb^n in office. When the horn came, no Clodina appeared; the 
■lave vhose basiaeai it was to invite g:iieats, was sent Eereral times to 
see whether he was coming. It became late and Clodins wae given up. 
'Did jon invite himf saTsPieo. 'Sea.' 'Why has he not oomo?' 'He 
declined.' 'Why did yon not tell me at onceT ' ' Yon did not esk me 
that.' 8nch ia a Boman slave: bnt the Athenian slave while digging 
will ask his master on what terms peace has been concluded. Sen. ep. 
47 % 13 (cited on in 181) how difCerent with the less considerale master 
ib. g S at infelicibtu eervis movers labra ne inhoa quidsm, nt 
loqnantar, licet, virga mnrmnr omns compeaoitnr, et ne for- 
tuita qnidem verberibiu exetpta tmU, tunia iterTuttanenlum tijiguUut. 

tota uiuni mutio'iM perttaat. g 5 sic fit, ut itti de daraina Icguanlw, 
qnibns coram domino loqni non lioet: at illi, qutbiu non tantum 
coram dominii ted cum ip»it trot temto, guomm at non coniuebatur, fonai 
erant pro doiKino porrigere eervicem, pericuium imminem i» caput niuin 
aetrtere : in conviviit logtiebantur, ted in tonnentii tacebant. 

„ „ Tan nomvi. Qaintil. vn 3 1 27 propria liberi, quae nemo 
habet nisi liber, piaenomea notnen cognomen tribum. Boet. 
CI. 25 pereffrina^ amdieiotii kaminei vetuit luurpare Rommia nomina dum- 
ttaat genlilieia. Marquardt Frivatleben 8 n. 8. 11 □. 8. Slaves have 
one name as Sosia, Davna, Stiohns. 

„ „ tBOPiNAT Lnc. Bomn. 13 ^iXtrqvIai wporlnrra ir XPtwoI) ^Aoit 
MoTf) Tar wapimar. 

cum poolo bibo eodem, amptector, labra labellis | fiota arte con- 
pono, hoe at cum ^Xwow-iii'^cai. Sen. fr. 83 Eaase (in Hier. adv. lovin. 
I SO) potionejnqae naUam-aiti alterias taotaa labiis vir et uxor Aou- 
rieboM. ben. ii 21 g 5 ego ab eo beneficivm accipiam, a que propjnatio- 
nam. aceeptuna turn mmf Ov. her. IT 79. am. I 4 31 B2. a. a. I S75— 6 
fee primUM rapiat illiaB taota labellis | pocula: quaque bibit parte 
paella, bibei. Lnoian dear. d. 6 2 (ciirtain-leature of Uera to Zens) oiti 
St^Vf TQ^Xiiat alntt wtrtr- Ari Si ail Arcrfioai/irvos fi^yor tSvuai iKtirtfi, 
Koi riifrat irokeL^H^ T^r K^Xtua ivor uvAXwiro*' iv at/r^ rlput, S6er Knt A 
raif tmt Ksl hSt Tiiwipnaai t). xtiXtf, &a tml rlrjp SfM col ^iX^ ib. 6 3. 
Petron. 113 nee Oiton ne . . .traSatieia pioviaationt digman xadieabM. 
Bayle i^ot. Lottffue a. S. Apnl. mat. n 16 Price, x 16 f. Beoket-Her- 
jnann Charikles 1 189. n 387—6. Hemujin-Blilmner gr. Piivataltarth. 
218. Marquardt PriTatleben 836. 

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T 129 ISO gins tauBKAaniB vbqttb iseo in Diakt n 181 — B qaii 
dedituB aulem | usque adao eit, at non horreat. 7"* 59 par adeoj 
mark poBition of adm. 

„ 131 sea Bion's comment on Theognis 1. c (Hot. cle and. poSb, 4 fin. 
p. 22) rail oSriririnit lar ^uapta ToaaSra Hal taToioXtox'" n;<t^; PIS' 
taax LtBNX Fere, i 51 trita locnTui. Hot. ep. 1 19 38. 


MuMOla olluBioD to Ter. eon. 42 43 (a stook quotation) at quern denml 
gui terapla eaelitummasimitaeoncutit. { tgo homuDcio hoe turn /acereint 
of. Hot. b. n G 14 cited on 98. 

„ 132 amnje Dia Sen. ben. ■paiiim e.g. vnSl^iad ilia ilaque eogi. 
Uttiaiut Iwu JUcU : von eit mihi relata gratia, quid faciam t quod di, 
(mtniinn r«rum oplimi auetorei, gui bttuficia ignoranti dare incipiunt, 
ii^ratU peneveraia. J 4 more optimorum parentam, gui maUdietit itiorum 
tt^ontiuni adrident, rum etitant di bmejicia eongeren di bentficianun 
vtetore di^itantihut, ted aeqaali tencrre hona tua per geatei populotque 
.dUtribuunt unam palentiam lortiti, prod£iic . . |5 imitemur illM : demus, 
eKaiBfi multa in irritum data mnt. dimui nihilo minua aliis, demat iptit, 
apud qutit iacliiTa facta ed. m 16 § 4 gui dat btveficia dtoi imitatiir. 
The tradition ia far cider. Pythagoras in AeL y. h. m £9 the two nobleat 
gifts of beaveit to man, truth-tellioB and beneficence: and each resemblea 
the works of the gods. Longin. 1 g 2. Diotogenes the Pythagorean in 
Stob. fl. iLTm 62 f. (n 265 1 Meiueke). Damaskios in Suid. iyaeofpyta. 
Synes, ep. 31 rj yip cS rottit tt Toirn /iiror fjfowi KOirir fpyor irSpi^roi 
tol Sf6i. DemocrituB in Pliji. n S 14 aoknowledged only two goda Poena 
ftad Beneficium. Fbilo de iudice 5 (n 347 H) it is a true eajing of an 
ancient and hita the mark ra/iarXi^iDr oui^ StSpinroi deif hpOatr, ^ X'l*' 
[6iitri)t, rl il' al [read ti] tt'g tptXmni ir/aSit 1j luutiirSai 8i6v yfrriTToTc rir 
itSLar; Clam. Al. paad. in g 1 pr. Stay Si tliCii ^{ofiotu^ijsersi Stif, ou 
jCpiiao^puii oiSi troit^po^iofiur, ciXXi ayaSoipy^r. Btrom. n § 102 t-$ yip 
irn tixiiir toS Beau SrSpieiot fjepyeK* 4r ^ ist avris ciipyeTtirat. I» % 116 
d>iini . . . ayoSwoiwtro . . rpii rirrat oimfaiXii^t «rar' tMra BtoS. vi ^ 106 
a>m0H(ry<a . . Bilat iio/toiwirtwi. Oataker on Antonin. VQ 70. Wetitein 
and Prioe on Matt. 5 44 45. Price on Lake 6 35. 

„ 133H0UUIJC1O Oeoigesadda toleiz.Ter.eon.SgL Patron. 84 (bU). 
Apiil. meL a 7. Aug. coat iz 3. He haB not tbe derivative AomundO. 
nltae (nioknameof the Photiniaiu!) Har. Mercat. bla^hem. Neetor. 928 

„ 185 Suet. Dom. 11 the day befoM Somitian cTucified one of his 
nctima.alaToriteaotOT, in eubicubua vocavit, atiidere in toroiuxta eoegit, 
tecurmn hilaremgue dimitit, partibuB eiiam de ceua digtiatiu est. 

„ „ rBiTBB Epiktet. 1 25 g 15. Among Chriatiana Lno. Peregrin. 13. 
laokr. Aeginet. 30 p. 390° dm rSr aSt\>f)iteiv aCrror irtXfipv'ouirir. Phot, 
lex. iS IG PoTBon ait\<plliif ro iStX^r Tira wvarwi «cU BipartuTitat Koiar. 
Uaed also according to the fp^mmarianB by HekataeoB of MiletoB, and 
the comic pocta Strattis and Apollophanea. See USt. 

„ 135 130 TxitsB IB iraia iubuh Biioheler (Bhein. Mtu. xxir 393): 
neglegitnt oonriva pauper, eidem ai aubito censna equester ooatingetet, 
Virro mmiTnn"! honorem praeatoret: da Trebio, pone ad Trtbitaa, via, 
fraUr, ab ipm iliJnut sic distingauDl quasi ipaorum ilium partem Viiia 
amico conceaauras ait nescio qua ex fera aciaaam aut quibus gtilae inleoe- 
biis oognitam. alind ab vaJet, alind de. qnidquid in cenam adtettor, id 
dator adponitur offertur Trebio, hio a domino cenae nt nnice amail ta 
•eutiat grandi voce appellator frater «i^rd{e\^ot, iniarkayx'ot ■>** V^ 



434 ^I-L O^^BL NIDUS. SET. T 1$^" 

alia Teil>a tragici iactsmnt, non ijerniannH qcidem nee nterinus sef ab 
ijMii t'libuf _frac<r, plana conBangninens. We, who reject his paradoi, need 
not, with Adrien de Valois, say 'ab pro de hie poauit lav.'; it means 'on 
tlie Bide of, as we aa; 'tha under cot', a parte linutra. Biicbeler does 
Bot notice that C. L. Iloth anticipated him : 'frater ab ipiii ilibm, idem' 
qnod fiater nterine, fiater gemelle, vim vocia frater intendit, et ipiit Tim 
voonni ab tltba* Bdaoget.' The priority belongs to SilTeatri 'fi. ab i. i, 
quasi dioesee fiatre mio carnale.' In default of evidence of this use of 
ilia, no concnirauce of modem Bcbolais will make me oocept thi« inter- 

V 136 137 □ HCHW, Tos EHTis FaiTTEB Clem. AI. Btrom. vi 3 21 'laonpi- 
tmh TdXir itp^riros [or. 19 Aeginst % 81 f. p. 390*] ■'iirrp Twr XPVI^i- 
Tur,i\\'i)ii! ittbroa rvyytr-^t oSmi" Auil« /r roTi iptpariKM [fragm. 
SM^inc. 1 ed. Tnric.] Uyn "«fll tfatcpiit yiyartr o6 Twr aiaiiormi miyyt- 
F^j ur, ttXXd rur xpvi^f'-" 

■ „ 137 ooQrt paid to orbt Epiktet. xv 1 § 143. Plat, de amoie prolis 
1 On. p. 497 that money wine friends o&x (irXui i\rjffis, dXX' ^1 ruir 
arinrwi'' roirovf ol ir\o6atoi Stiml^i'auf, oi trr/Topti fitfioij To6rtni rpdiKn 
avnjyopovffi^..rroWo&r yoDp roXu^fXaui fal ToXurL^^raui Svrat, tf- 
TO-tHir yitdlitmr d^fXoui (at diuriTeut irtlv". 

„ „ nOMiHi BEi Mart, n 18 eited on 1 100. 

„ 138 139 HULLcs TiBi piBvoLna inu. ldsbbit AEiiE*a Paulin. Hoi. o. 
21 SIS ft nunc in aala panulns Indet Dti. 

„ 140 BTBBius cxoB Mort. z 16 cited on in 97. 

„ 142 nmniT Aen. tiu 138 189 Mercunui . . . gioTti Candida Maia | 
Cyllenat gelido conatplnm vtrtict fudit. often used oi the produce of the 

„ 142 143 LoguAOi Nmo Konins 4S9 30 Kinoa non tolvm domicilia 
avium, ted etfetui enrum, Vergilio aiictore dicere jioirumm g. r7l7 datcem- 
niiia immilibus eicam. Aen. lit 475 Forb. Prop, iv (v) 6 10. MontanoS' 
lulios in Sen, ep. 122 g 12 ionv trigtis hirundo \ arifutii reditura cibot 
immittere nidia \ incipiC. Solin. 33 §32. Ammum. lui 16 g 25ibi> . . . 
nidnlis luii ad. cibum tuggereni ova lerpeatum. Claud. 3 cons. Hon. 
praef. G implmnet . . . nidos. Bnnnan on Ot. med. foe. 77. Theophr. 
ehar. 6 (2 Jebb) irep! i/KSntias (the compliiisant man) " when he is asked 
to dinner will request the host to tend for the children; and will saj of 
tbeni, when the; come in, that the; are as like their father as figs ; and 
will draw them towards him, and kiss them, and eet them down beside 
Mm — plaj^gwith some of them, and himselfsaying' wineskin', 'hatchet', 
^d permitting others to go to sleep upon him, to his anguish. " lb. 3 
(Jebb 1) Tfpl jneXatfltu " he will buy applea and pears and give them to 
the children while the father looks on ; adding with kisses 'eMtki.ot a 
good father'." 

„ 114 MCCES Stob. flor. Liii 48 Polhs after dinner sent for his slavea' 
chiMreu, troops of (hem, and gave to some watnuti {tdpiia), to o^ers dry 

: „ 147 BET jnd. ged, v. met. v 381. Orelli inscr. 1200 (dted iilSO 
p. 214 med.). Sen, apocol, 12 § 2 AgatJio etpauci catitidici plorabanl, sed 
plane ex animo. Scribon. 172 paueat sed valde paucat. Apul; met- vii 
12 f. cuncti deniquf, sed proriui omiiei. i 22 p. m. totttn me proTtui, 
Bed (ofum recipit. Firmicus Matemna math, has many eiz. Capitol. 
Anton, phil. 17 | 2 speciale ipse beUian Afarconumntcuin, sed quantum 
tmlla timquam memoriafiiit,, , . traniegic, 
. .„ 148 loE. ant. ix 8 g 1 speaks doubtfully (XiTvt v' *vpd ruw) of ths 



poisoning. Plin. h. n. 3 g S2 vrnejicium quo Clavdim Cottar imprrium 
rtliq-ait Donatio Ntroni. Toadstools thenceforward suspected. Sost. 
Dom. 14 the Chaldeans had foretold the end of D. in his carl; youth; 
pater quoqtit taper cmam qtwndam fangis abtlinentem palam iTTifCral tit 
ignarum lortit raae, guod non ferrmn potiut timeret. 

T 148 TORI QUBU [boletou] nihil axfliub edit the words, bracketed 
by H&ase, omitted b;BUcheler, at the end of Sen. apoc. 4 nee pail boMum 
opipare taedicavi^niii eotidilumplia cibi lunptit, seem to have been added 
l^ a, scribe from Inv, 

„ 151 paAa*cnK AOTtrsranB priap. 60 <i quol habu enw«, tot habtrti 
poma, Priape, | tttei anCiguo ditior Aloinoo. Ot. Pont, xr 8 9 10 
gu»...pomaift!tAloinoo? Mait. viu 68 1. xn SI 10. Tert. paU. 3 f. 
orbit , . . amotnut luper Aleinoi pometum. Inliau misop. SfiS'j.'AX- 
jclrou iqirot (so ep. 24 S92>. 27 401*. Eumath. erot. I 4). Plin. xix § 49 
antlquila) nihil priut mirata ttt guam Hesperidnm hoitoa ae region 
Adoiddii tt kleinoi. 

„ 152 rationalistic interpretation of the dragon ot the Hesperides in 
Soliit. 24 4 6. see Lobeck Aglaoph. 699. 

„ lo3 AGQEBE vm 43 n. Jord&n St. Bom t 215—6 the wall reaching; 
' from the Esqniiine to the Colline gate, made by Servius Tnliius, com- 
pleted bj TarquiniQS Snperhns (DH.-ii'-68. cf. iv 54. Btrabo 234. Vsiro 
in Censorin. 17 S 8. Cio. rep. n 9 6). Plin. m g 67 eioudiHw ab oriente 
kggere Torguinit Superbi inter prima open mirabili. 

„ 164 Philo de animal. 23 (Tin 111 Lipe, 1830) an ape driving four 
goats in the amphitheatre, shaking the reins, cracking his whip, shouting 
to his team. c. 90 (140)stanstionaDdthe whip the instrnmects of train- 
ing, Claud, in Eutr, i 303—7. On apes see MoTers PhSnirier nr 98 
94. Philostr. imag. n 17 f. as charioteers. LipGius has a le«a probable 
Interpretation (miUt. Bom. t 14 f.) ' venator hie desoribitur et bestiarins, 
qni feras iaculari condiscit in capella.' See a fight between two apes, 
one mounted on a goat, one on a dog. one armed with spear, one with 
Bword in Hennin. p. 913. Bochart hieroz. pt. i 1. in o. 19 fin. cites 
Mth. Pal. Ti 312 ^ta ^ toi laTJo M, rpayc, ^omtiwra I Btmt Kai 
\aiiuf 4it)ia iipl ffri^BTt, | Iwtro ratlieiouai flEou Tfpl k^p itffka, j 4^p' 
auToi>i iitioi4 r-wrta Ttitroui'am, and Mart, IT S3, t'r. Jacobs dt«s ^ittnre 
diEroolano ii taT. 44 Cupids racing on goats. Henninins p. 966 'eimiam 
^uitem ez capra iaculandi artiflcem inter lodicra militis etiam Asiatici 
enotnerat accuratissimus Leo Africanus.' Heinrioh 'Beim Leo Afr. in 
der Descript. Africae, ed. Elzevir, eteht abet das nioht , . . Woher mag 
nun diese Notia genonunen sein? ' 

„ „ UEiuBMsfjui PUQELU PeiB. TL 31 metoens divnm mcUer- 

„ 169 SI HiEcis ind. ((. Or. am. m B 13. 

„ „ EFTUNDBBa BII.K1I Sen. ep. 53 g 3 naviaa inim toe tegnii hate et 
Htle exitu torquebat, quae bilem nuwet nee effondit. 

„ 161 UEEB HOMO 127 n. m 125 n. ii l: 
JU) TU libari gui'dem hominia numero lit. 
liber? mentirie, JUaxime, non vit : \ ted fieri li vit, hoc rationt , 
liber eris, cenare foris si, Mazime, noles, | Veientana liutm H 
itmuU wa tiUm, \ ti ridere potei miieri ehrytendeta Cinnae, \ eontentut 
nottm H pot«t eae toga, 8 — 10 li taa non Tectiu tecta tubire potrt. | haec 
tibittvU ett, H m«t(i» tanta potettoJ. | liberior Partho vivere rege 
potei. IX 10 centt, Canthart, evvtforit libenter, \ cUtmai tt maUdict* tt 
minarii, \ deponai aniMM trtctt, monemut: \ libel non potesetgnlo* 


oo^^ Ic 



■HI eiae. With the vhole v. st Iqt. iz Kt IT ltd hi tane tenerum «( 
putnm U I «t pukftrutB ei diffman esatbo eaeioqve pvtabiu. 

V 161 Bxoie BO r(0tna liUrt. 1 U 1 contipcrii Tegina mtot ti Folia 

„ 161—173 III 126 n. Plot, de andiendo 16 pr. p. 46 iraittTr, aartp 
ol mpdavTiu nit rpiiparnt, irer vn' avruv \in6o(iwrrM. 

„ IG2 CUTUU IB mDOBB iva PDIIT n-lX CDUNAB Hoc. fl. II 7 87—9 

'cbnjnt faUor mt' dixtrit iUi | 'dnci veiitce Uvcra, waum nidoie 
jupitwr.' Zenob. iv 12 (poroem. I S7 Leutsoh) ^t X'"!"^ f^' (0^ H) ^Ms' 
jrl Tur t(i rsD Icinvu ow>wTwi< (fi ^XJar. 

„ 163 NUDUB Hor. o. 111 16 32 23 nil cKpiaOivm \ nadiiB cattraftto. 
like the ojnios (iit 308 n.). 

„ 161 TEBAi 1 139 n. qaiB f«rat7 Or. rem. 8S8. 

„ „ BTBCscim imim the UBe of ohanuB (aUo in mediciiie) was veij 
prevalent Flin. ziiii B 24 lurcali irtfantiat adaXligati tuttlata habere 
CTtdwttuT. See ind. Plm. adalliqo. 

„ 166 XIV 129 n. 133 a. DCsbb. Lzun 3 g j. 

„ 166 167 ECCE DiHiT jiK BKUBBQx LEPOHBB Hor. B. n 6 85 66 (the 
eonotij mouse) BemeHaguc lardi |/rtufa dedit. 

„ 167 Ai4Qun> DB tPM Spuliut. Carscall. 3 g 6 fratrtm 
patruelem Afnm, cui pridie partes de oena miaerat, luutt occidi, 
Uuet. Tib. 34 cited on i 140. 

„ 171 172 Tert. cited 161 Q. id. patient. 16 patientiam,...q!iae ventrii 
operarioi confumeluiiu pairociniii mbitclione liberiatii gtilae addiciU 
ChiyB. de B. Babjla 6 p. 548' where paiasitea are likened to dogs, 
namming their Bhameleas bellies with Bcraps axb rwr npar6)Hiir id-wrair. 
Galen zvn (2) 160 in the time of [M. AoieUuB] AntoniniiB, father at 
Commodoa, all his intimate aoqaaintance ehaved close {ir xpi} Kiipi/urm), 
but when Lncins (L.Vems) nicknamed them actors of farces ljniia\6yov» 
aimii iwtniiKu), Uioae who associated with Mm let their hair grow again. 
HiflT. adv. Helvid. 20 (ii 22t,'i) parftsitas in contumelila glotiatur. 
lino, oonviv. 18 to while awa; a panse in the feaet the jester is called in; 
duop^t Ti> i^v/tnidnt H|i' ic^\4>', ilXI-yai 6p8i,t tx'^' ^^ Alkidamaa the 
Cynio could not take his jests in good part, but challenged him to fight; 
rare sport made philoeo^her and jester, itbIub not Ttaiiitria iv rij; lUjiu, 
aathol, PaL n 434 (Laciani 18) 2 nupir ifi^ <pa\aiip6r. Aug. de pecd*- 
lor. meritia i g 32 (z 212°' Oaame} iia txcordei txt eliam cirrali ad moveit- 
dun riium exhibearU cordaiU delictat fatuitatis, quorum aomen ex 
graeco dtrivatum morioat* vidgiu appellat. A. christian jester, cum eittt 
unmium JDinriarum luaram mira tatnitate patientiasimns, would 
pelt with stones any, even his mastera, who reviled Christ or the christian 
teligioD. § 66 (237°) ijaot quoqtie fatnoa videmta, quoi vulgo morionea 
voeant, ad coTdaiomm deliciai adhiberi, et in viancipionaa aetti-matiime 
pTeticuiorei <u« cordatii. Manetho iv 280 nifio^tous, x^'^' r' twifiiro- 
pat, i/fipi-ytXuTiit. 283 — 5 /Jivpoipporatt Tarodij dax^oi'iiTi alffxpoyt- 

ifilatxf^^ r^X'V awtudtad' d/talrp'. V (vi) 104 ivfioitimui ic^aXikt 
nlfitoi tx^tai yiXoloiit. 8idon. ep. Jii 13 infer haec tamenipae avarittinuu 
quemque non paecel tarn panii bonut qttam panii alietau, loc tolum cobx- 
iteu domi, li quid e raptie itUer alaparum proceUat praemilit ohsoniit. 

The tenth homily aambed to Yalerion', headed ' de parasitis ', ia a rniuiiiig 

dt, Google 


Munmentai? oo this sat., irell worth retiiiag. Take a tew linei: [hibL 
■UBi. pa,tr.\ai 61V\ infilicet qtiidem lUoi tudleo, qaoR ad iagem oontn- 
meliam venter invitat et ad omaem ininriain gala mmtqvata 
jioctUi* txtatiatara Bollicitat. ttd illoi multo infelicioret fuio, qui 
mxlea imtigaiioru pugtuu tnttiluunt et inter Jhiaitti tntro ealieet alitn'i 
(onjuine <ii(ian(ur...ibid> hitie denique niandiicanH harba veliitUT; illi 
bibenti ledilia mbtrahmtttr; hie ligno icUiili, ilU fragili vitro pateiUiT.,. 
p. 611* poUuere at nagii quam txomare coaririttn extpictan infdieiwm 
ptifpiai amiconan, li tanen amid diceadi lunt, qui captitonim lege ami- 
wit et gladtatormn more jNueuntw. datur ntwro Inter cibormn mmtatei, 
vini liqtMrei, guiequid vilita, quicqyid OMperitu; nt in tanta rerum obun- 
danffa inceriuni tilt utrum eturire aM Mire tit meliut. To Bacertaiii the 
dat« and anthotship of t^eee homilies it may be of aerrioa to compare 
them witii Salvianna. AUtiphr. ep. m 7 osoribed to 'Srti.'iiicartot a 

Tn Yahl^n (ilber lav. nad Paris in Sitznngsherichte d. B«rL Aknd. 
1883 1175—1192) holds that w. 88— 9E against PuiB gave rise to the 
traditions (in the scholia and vitae) of Javenal's banishment (see mj 
vol. n pp. xi — liv]. The mention of Fabias and Cotta recalled the 
etile of Ovid, Lentolae suggested the banishment ot Cicero. A le^^iend 
■rose, found in Sidon. and Malala and further enlarged hj biographers 
and scholiasts. The militiae honorem of ver. 88, thepme/ectot of ver. 93 
teappear in the per honorem militiae and priufecturam eolun-tit of 
vita 1 (Jahn); et te Philomela promovit. vrords pat into the emperor's 
mdnth by vita S, are from ver. OS. The 80 ;earg resnlt from the combi- 
nation (cf. I IS seq. 23) that Inv. declaimed to mid age and turned 
satirist after the death of Domitian (t96 ld.), and veai on writing tar 
into the reign of Hadrian (tl38 i.n.). The verses in question ars an 
integral part of sat. vii. and can never have farmed an independent 
epigram against Paris; they could not have occasioned Juvenal's banish- 
ment onder Domitian, for they were not then written; nor again under 
Trajan or Hadrian, 

„ 1 HTuDtoHDit absolute, as Ov. P. n 10 11 12 vtl stndiii, Quihw e; 
fuam noi, )apt;nfiu> unii, | Mlque dccet, nulla facttu ei Arte nocem, iv 
BlstudiisexciiiCi SuiUi. Plin. ep. m 18 g 5n. and ind. 

„ „ CAEBAHE Borgheai aleo (v 511) sees Hadrian here: 'non pnd 
riferirsi nan che a Ini, che fn 1' imico degli imperatori dopo Glaadio che 
ooltivasse la letteratnra.' 

„ i BAi::NEoi.uH oAitn3...FURijnB Hor. ep. I 11 IS furnoB et balnea 
laudat. Cold Laths at Oabii ib. 15 7 — 9 diciu gemit invidui aegrit, | qui 
caput et itomackum supponere fontibui oudent [ Chuinit GabioB}u« 
juluni et frigida rum. Strabo p. 338 of the fruitful plain near the quarries 
ofGabii; in Si T<f ttlti^ m^if rai Ti.'AI\^<iii}ia JtoXoC/iepa tf^ CSara faxiA 
it roKktir Tirywr, wpit xotElXat rimvi nut rlfoviri ml ^caflii^ib'aii ^»im. 

„ 6 PUECOHES Plant. Baooh. SIS. Cio. u. d. m g 84. off. ii g 83. 
Att. inlOgl. dom. §53. Hor.ep.t7 5Gcl.65.a.p.419. Tert.a^l.13 
nii eadem voce praeconis divinilai addicta condacllur, acta ss. Victoris 
et Coronae 6. Sc^e at an auction Apul. met. vm 33— 3S. QuinliL 1 13 
S IT dicant line hit in foro multi rt acqatrant, dma tit loeupltlior aUqult 
tordidae vtereii negotiator et pins voci suae debeat praeco. los. zix 
1 S 18 Enarestiue Armntiua an anctioneer (rwr eiiiiMii6rTar ri ruSoi/itra.), 
who by bis lond voice became one of the richeet men in Bome, and 
laQoential enough tn do nhat he would in the city. Orelli insor. 8863. 

„ „ uiASiffu Botsian Qeogt. v. QriechenL 1 338. 9B9. 

i., Google 


TU 8 Mart, uv SIS (cor bnbalam) paiiiwr eauHdieia nnlloi leh- 
rentift niimmoB | oaimiDl cum icribat, aeeipe cor, quod habei. 

„ „ onuiKuia iiBi MCLLDB Malt, z 83 6 quadrante beatior uno* 

„ „ DiiBBi Bentle; on Uor. c. 1 S2 1. 

„ II OBNOFBOBUH Lucil. HI Gl H m Kon. 173 16 v«r<ilur oenophotli 
fiMitu, imterttia nobii. Qaerolon p. 38 1 Feiper: nTctotiaa conlunon tt 
iiifraelttm, oeaopbomm eiautiuulattim eC lordidatn. oenopbobum 
eing. among placale, aa 11 169 Jtageliujn. n 160 ovein. iz 104 eantt. 
109 lifrniriiu. x 61 larUigo. 

,, „ utKiBU Becker Uallos ii< SOS— 9= bookcases in Vitr. Plia. ep. 
Topisc. in lexx. dig. ziin 52 | 7 led li bibliotlueani legavtrit, utrwn 
armaritiin M/un f^I armaria contiiubuniur an vera libri guoqtie con> 
tineanlnr, quaeritur, Nerra says that you must consider the teatator's 
meaning; aometimes we take bi6Iiorh£ca for the room; aliaa arm aria m, 
»tmli dicimtu 'tboream bibliolhecam emit', g 7* quod igitvr icribit So- 
binut lihroi biblMhtcam non arqai, non per onnia verum at: nam itUer- 
dum armaria quoque debtnljir, qiuu pUriqtte bibliotheeai appellaitt, 
plaiu ti mihi proponat adhatrtniia tut membro armaria vtl adjCca, lint 
dubiomn dtbtbunlar, eaia aedificli portio lint. 

„ 12TBBB4Hor, a. p. 187autinHuemProgn8ci(rto(ur. PerB.T89ri 
quibtu aul Frognea aul (t qaibvi olla Thyeitae | frmebit. Ov. tr. n S89 
390. met. VI 423—675 vho makes use of the Terene of Soph. (Manok trag. 
gr. tr. p. 204—8. Welcker gr. Trig. 11 374—388) ; of Livius Andrunicns 
{trag. rom.'pp. 3 1 B. Bibbeck d. rom. Trag. 35— 40| ; of Aocius (trag. rom.* 
218—9. Bibbeck 577—586). Plant md. 5U9. Claud, in Eutr. 11 364^-5 
A£«/o6uiaTereuBl .. .cantaUir. 

„ 13 Hoo BiTinB, quAu Bi Ov. am, in 9 47 led taiata hoc melioBi 

„ „ BOB Obbar on Hor. ep. 1 16 77. 

„ 14—16 Plat, de tranqa. 10 p. 470 a Chian, Galatiaa or Bithgnian, 
not content with honoar or power among hia own ooaatijmen, covets 
the patrician garb; if ho wins it, then the Boman praetorship; if be be- 
comes praetor, the conaulship. Friedlander 1° 203 — 6. los. ant. zvui 
G § 4 f . Thalloa the Bamaritan, freedman of TibenoB, lends Agiippa a 

„ 14 zgciTBS ASIAN! Ocll. Ill 9 & blrthda? dinner given \>j aduleieait 
e terra Asia de eiiiiestri loco. See the lamenta of the two court 
poets (Stat. 8. nt 3. Mart, vn 40 cl. vi 83) on the death of the freednun 
and imperial treasurer (a rationibui) ClaudiuB EtruBena of Smyrna 
/Friedlander i' 91-98). 

„ 1516cAFFu>ooEB...ALTEiULOu.LuLao. VII541— 4vtvant Qalatae- 
qat Syrique | Cappadoces Galliqut exCremt^uc orbii Hibtri | Armenii 
Cilices; nam po»t civilia belia | hie pofnilui liomantu erit, Petron. 63 
haiebamui itinc homiiuin Cappadocem, Ionium, valdt audaculun M qui 
vaUbat: pot^rat basem imtum totlere, Caucasian elavea have olwayabeen 
in request (Uoveri die Phoen. m B2 who notes ' Cappadoi ' as a |lave- 
name and cites Bochart Canaan m 12 p. 207 seq.). Friedlander ^ 192—3. 
anth. Pal. zi 236 1 2 KivvaSoicai ^au^oi tiiv iit, fiinii Si ruxdvn 1 1 
0aiiXi>Ttp«, jc^piout 3" i&cica fKiuXo Tirol, cf. ib. 436 Cited on 202. The 
Eappadokian sophist Fausanias, a native of Caesarea, died in old age a 
professor (rou SpoHiu u<rix"') ^t Boma {Philostr, soph, n 13). Skope- 
lioDDS at Smyrna had Eappadokian pupils (ib. r 21 S S). Apollonio* 
o( Tyana, the two Gregories and Basil, the commentators Andreaa 
and Arethae.the sophists Panaanias (Philostr. n IS), Julian (Eooap. 

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pp. 483— 6 Didot), Aede«ioi.(ib. 461— 473), may redeem the eredit oltbe 
nation. Suid. niiiriia cites the pror. r/ila cdrira KdniiiTa, Ksri-aJIOKfa, 

Vn IS BitaiNi one Bith^ian commendf d Too. zn S3 idtta tauten dia 
a hfmatvni txtmplvm tidit Cattii Aselepiodoti, qui magniUtdine opwa 
pnucipmu inter BUhynot, qtto oittqido yli)r«Rt«n> Soraiaim eeUbraiieral, 
btiienttm mm deteruit, exutiuqv,t omnUnit fortunit et in exiiiimn octiu, 
atqvitatt ieum erga bona maJaqut docunenta. Dio Clic;aoBtoin (a eon- 
temporarj of our author) and his grandson Dio GtiBaina upliold the fame 
of Bithjnian rquiles and eenatora. AtiBteides ranks nith the heat of Hie 
MphietB. The Bophjat Qoirinua was of Nikomedeia (Philoetr. n 29). 
Menmon of EeiBkleia, Arriim of Nikomedoia, two of the beat historians 
of their age. Eonapioa goph. (482 26 Didot) knew Hilary, a Bithjnian 
painter (a second Euphranor) who was slain b; the barbarians. HimerioB 
of Bithfiiia (ibid. p. 494 35) Bometiities rose to the level of the ' divine ' 
Ariateides; his pieces have some bistorical value, but to w he is eliiefl; 

-mteresting as the leaeher of Basil and Greg. Kaz. and seoietaiy of Julian. 

.Pliny'a despatches make Sithjnift finniiliar to ua ; Kikaaa is a name of 
note for chureh and state. 

„ 19 iJinHDn ind. iaurui. Bay leaves chewed tor digestion (geopon. 

.XI2, where also of theii prophetio and piophjlactic virtnes) and to sweeten 
the breath Ath. 14(y" (6<n ijv toIi xdXcu 0i>X\a iitrnis Tpayi\iiLaTlitsBai. 

.Mart.v4. Used for purifications (luv. n 168 n.); in medidiie (Pliu. ix 
S193. iinifj 162—8): an emblem of peace (FliD.iv§ 133); held in the 

^isnd hj eingera at feasta (Hes, alaaitot. /lupplyiij nJiiSos ij Siifirvs. Pans. 

, IX SO 9 3 of Hesiod) and by prophets (Hes. lewTftpior). 

See Spanheim on KaJlim. Del. B4, Caaanhon and Dnport on Theophr. 
char, le pr. (pp. 126— T. 4S8 — 460 Needham). Munro on Lnor. i 739 
(■lanrelandtripod of Phoebua.' cf. PUn. xii § 8. antb. PaL ti G05 11). 
Beimar on DCaes. liiiu 18. HSt. Saipnifayiiii, -la, BiStticher Bamneul- 

„ 20 BOG AoiTE Flaut. mO. III4. Ter. Ph. 435. Sen. Med. 562. SOS. 
976. Pint. Coriol. 25 g 3. qa. Bom. 25 p. 270°. )( altat rta agire {Cio. 
Brat g 233. de or. in % 61. RAm. g 60) or aliud agere (Sen. ep. 1 % 1). 

„ 21 nncia rKDCLOEKiiA Suet. Caes. 69 twc Mm iodnlgentia duoia 
quam imctontate. Vit. 5 principum indulgentia. Stat. a. i 2174 — 5 
lie indulgentiaper^af I praeBidiB..4iuOTiit. 20 en. ioPhny'sletters to 
Trajan. In an African inscription one who dedicated a trinmphol aiab 
and brazen atatue to the Virtue of Caiacalla or Elagahalns (Wilmanns 
23S1) also raised aediculam titraatylam cum itatua atrea Indulgentiae 
domini nattri. With dwii cf. Hot. c. rv 6 S. Ov. f. i 646 cct. 

„ 23 CBOCEA UKHBaiNA TiBEjjLA Jabn'^, recte antem ab Hermaimo 
tevocatum esse croceae tubelUti *quia membTamt ad tabeUam, non haee ad 
illam ptTtinet' non aoluro acholiorura soriptura nota 'tabellae' aed etiam 
eodei P qui idem eihibet, denique scholiastae verba ipsa 'nxmbmna 
tmplendw, qvae croc tarn labellam. habcbant' comprobant. errorem 
Tero crocta (ei sonn [itc] ineequentiB vocis ortiun) satis vetustum esse 
altera scbolii eiplicatio poetea adiecta oslendit, in qoa at tabeUae qnam 
foimam pluralem esse aibitratur cum erocta Ttitmbrana coniungat inter- 
pres m^ doctus laborat, cum prior explicatio rectiMime ad veram 
■oriptniam redit. quod si nobisonm conetitueris aliam qnoque lectionem 
nt aocnratius reapiciamus antiqaioris acholiastiie verba ansam nobis dant, 
dico ivtpUittwr fideiiter a F et Z servatum ab omnibus in impUtur oar- 
leBtam. Bed formam qnoque membtannm in nan foiase onmipsa 

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HbollMtfte Terb* membnata impUntw qvat . . , hahthaAt OBteodolit, torn 
gloaaae Philoieni Cyrilli il/i^v viembraman it.if>6ifa ri ^i^or mtmAnntust 
codtx mtmbrana lupBipa irw^Tia atqaa teBtimonift Isidori qui qaamqnam 
Pars, nl 10 iam liber, tt poiitU bicolor membrana tapiliii ciUt, unam 
formara 'merobrannm' norit Itate mtmbraiia dipuniur, membrana ttmt 
Candida luUa purpurea origg. iz xi identidem rapeteng. qaae t«stt- 
tnonia eoecnla posteiiora eapere Bi abicia qaod Apuleins DKilrpaiit 
mfmbranulum Aperte ad 'membruium' redit qua forma aooepta impleittur 
recte aervea loco Inv, Breb. add mambraDnm aurfi lerit. 8 13 

vn 25 Plato bomt not only big heroin poeioB, seaicg the Tast snpetiori^ 
Of Homec (Ael. v. h. 11 20), bat also the traged; with whiob he intended 
to compete for the prize, after heariog Sokniles, UTing (cf. Hom. S 392 
vritbEii8t.)'H^aiiFTE, rp6fu>\' <iSe- IDyarur ri ti atia x<"'ff'<'- of . ApnL 
dogm. Plat I 2 I. apol 10. Auson. epist. ad Bjmm. (nn 1 p. 127 B 
Bf^enU) Ute . . . mtgatar libelltu . . ., ouem (u aut ut Aftculapiiu rcdinU- 
ffrabii ad vitam avt ut Pfnlo ivvantc Vnleano liberabii infamia, wi per- 
Venirtnon debet ad famaa. Bo Metroklei (OL. ti 9fi). anth. PoL. 11 314. 
Mart. T 53. 

„ ,, SOMA £[oi>. B. Q S 166—7 quid mim digert, barathnme | donea 
auidqvid habca an numguam Man paratit. Sil. n 608 vietorit pratdatn 
ilammia donare tupreniit. 

„ „ viNBBiB BiBiTo Philo do pTOvidenUa 11 il (vni 67 ed. Lip«, 
1880) it yon explain HephaeatOB to meaa file, Hera air, HennBfl reagon, 
7011 viU praise the poett instead of aocnaiDg tbem. Haapt (opuao. li 74. 
166 — 174. Ill 606J haa many en, of daring metonymy. Prndent. a. 
Byinin. I 804— 8 Vulcan = ignis. Btat. s. tn 1 86 (to Heroulog) innratuin. 
fue vmeri) dimitte gfrenttbtu hoatem (the akin of the Xemean lion). 
40 — it qufm te Maenalia Auge | canfecUtm thyasieet mullo tratre [Baccha 
ciirinej madentem \ dttimtit. Ov. am, u S 36 86 qiiale coUxratmn Ti- 
thoni coninge [Aurora ^ dawn] caetum I ivbruhet. 

„ 36 TINEA Lucil. m 68 M (in Nor. 272 13 and 462 24) lanae optu 
omne perit, pallor, tineae omnia caedunt, Stat b. it 9 10 Iw rMuiH 
tineis litvque putrem [mi'tidi libellum]. Aristotie knows the book-lrorni 
bigt. auim. tv 7 p. 633 a 18 ts ir to?j pip\lat^ -flyoiieror BKopriiaSts. T 33 
Kcd ir TO?! jSi^XIni SlUka. vIvctoi, ri /Uv S/ait rots ir toTi l/uirliuT, 7 
iriEa/:TfiNi Aiitv T^i oipat, nupi ni)irar. Tltr. il 9 | 18 cednu et i 
eaidem habent virttites et vtilili^ei, ttd ... ex etdro olema quod MfIr«uiH 
dldtm juudtuT, qito reliqiiae ret exm ntnt vnelae, uti etiam libri, a tineia 
et carie non tafdimtur. Hot. a. p. 333, Ot, tt. i 1 7. nt 1 13, Pe«. 
1 43. Mart, m 2 7, Lao. adv. indoct. IS (to the bibliomaniaa) what 
hope in regard to your hooka makes you oontinuall? nnroL and gla« and 
otop and rub them with oil of aafFron and of cedar J (Birt daa antike 
Buchweeen, 1682, 365). Plin. ttti § 86 librot eitratoa fuisse, propterea 
arbitrarier tineas non tttigiise. Anson, epigr. 34 IS. Hiet. ep. 127 (16) 
4 pugnat contra tineaa veitiam lericaTiaa. (ib. 78 mana, 1 00I. 470* a 
metaphorical nse, nnknown to leii. e;Komedtnu it prim tinea peced- 
torvm. so Cypr. de zelo 7 pr. animae tinea.) Sednl. poaob. oonn, it 21 
(a dactyl) nan tinea taUat. loveno, hiet. e\. 1 646, 651. 

„ 27 CAUHOS P calamum. reale. Bseb. 

„ 28 soBLiHiA CABBNA Ov. am. Ill 1 39 non ego eontulerim anblimia 
carmica noitrii. Hot. a. p. 457 anblimes ventit. On a stadenfs 
aeclusioQ Quintil. z 8 § 26 Demostkenei raeliiu, qui le fn lacvm, ex quo 

nulla exaadin vox «t tx fuo nUttt protpiei pauet, rtcondebai, n* aliud 

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offfn menlem eogerent eeuU. ideoque lueabtanUt txA. (i Gl n.). Flln. vp. 

vn ae miaRiH Beeini WilmannH inscr. M6 10 oHmo lieders honor 
«Bpiti8 Helioottivi. H<r. ep. t 3 26 WUUng. Or. am. in 9 61. met. 
T!t38. Btat. B.T8 8. SSO. AeBcb;l.lli Maorob. Bat. I IS g « i mattit 
'ArroXXur. Giffoid oompalei AHatoph. eq. 634 EistinoB, who oaght for 
\u% former victories to drink in the prytanenm, staggers about unpitied, 
trl^ami ittr l](ajr aSor, 01^ i' AimXuWi. 

„ imjMIHB Cio. orat. % 110 (to Brntna) DemoBthenea qaidem, onins 
mtper inter aaaginet turn ae (uorum, quod rum, cridn, amaro, cum ad te 
in TuKulanum venittem, imaginem ax Here vidi. Piin. jiiiv S 19 
twtaitim ab aucioribia et L. A<xiuni pottam in CajTitnamm atde maxima 
forma itatuam tibi potuiae, twa brevU admodum fuiuet, 

„ 80 DivEB ATiBUB Ut. Bm. iQ 7 60 quid niri poettdi dires avaras 
opeit Sea. n. q. i 16 § 1 Huitiuifuit Qua<ira...Aime divitem aTaram, 
luteriii miliei lemum, divai AugluUii indigmim vindicia iudicavit. 

„ 81 lANTDu ADHiBiiu, TANiDH LACitiitB ApTil. met. tv 33 pT. iMftta 
Piyche earn itia libi peripiCtta pulakrituding nulluni decorit »ui frjictum 
p/TCipit. ipecttitur ai omaibut, laudatar ab omnibui, nre quilquam, no?i 
r<x, Ron Ttgiui, mc dt plebe talttm evpieni <fua naptiarutn peHurr aectdit. 
eet.Mdtad. Mart, t 16 6 — 14i( I rhoss > pleader's life, pfurimtufffiprnuM 
inilt^t mihi naula mtltetan \ ft fiet vario sordidu* atre timu. \ at nunc 
conoiva ttt eomitiatorquc libelhu \ tt tBDtam giatis pagina nostra 
placet. I ud non tt vtteret ooutenti lauda fiienna, \ cum minimum 
oati nitintu AUxii trat. \ 'beUe' tn^uu 'ilixti: iuvnt tt landabimoB 
titqut'. I dUiimulasJ faciet mt, puto, eatuiiicum. Ot. am, m 8 5 — B turn 
pulckrt dominoB noitri ptaaiere libelli, | quo litait librii, non licet ire 
mihi. { cum bene laudavit, Iftlidato ianaa olausa est'. | lurpiCrr 
hue illuc ingeniotat to, Stat. Th. ii 637—8 ntc iam opui tit Furiit; 
tantum miraatar et attant | landantee. Barton anat. of melan- 
eholj pt. I B. 2 memb. 3 BubB. 15 (p. 86 ed. 1676). 

„ 32 icNONis AVSK Ot. a. a. i 637—9 laudatas otttntat btib Inno- 
nia pennas: { (i taeitvi ipeciti, ilia refandit opfi. met. i T21. Flln. h. 
n. I § 43 itaque praecedent [aUtes] it OTdine, omnnqui rtliquat in hU 
pavonuio jenas cum/ormo (um intellecln eius et ({loria. gemmanU) 
laudatai expandit eolorei adveriomaximeioU, qyuaiicfulgentiat radiant 
est. PhUo de animal. 8B (tiu 139 Lips. IBSO). Hadrian dedicated to the 
Argive Hera a peacock of gold and jewels (Paus. ii 17 S 6). Varro ti. 1S3 
Ba. (in Non. pp. 314, 440) ufii gravti paicanlUT atqut alantuT pavoimm 

„ 83 PBUOi %n 267—802. oabbidib ib. 193—8. tiaONia ib. 126—60. 
Sen. ih. coDtr. 9 §4 navigabo, militabo. id. exc. contr. i 4 p. 146 

T E. Sen. ep. 4 g 10 ut famtm litimque dipell/u, non ttt n«c«ae 

maris temptare nee sequi castra .... luperea/iua ludatur. 
ilia rant» senescere snb tentorio cognnt. quae in 
aliena lilora inpingnnt. ad Helv. 10 | 6 cum bene cetierit nego- 
tistio, imdtiaa militia TettuUrit, cum indagati undique cibi coierint, 
non W«UEii, ubi iitot adparatui veitroi collocetit. Tao. xi 7 tnulto 
militia, quoidam exeroecdo agros tolerare vitam, 

„ 95 BCDiviea. 

„ S? QUEU coua Eor. e 


libnu; on. fhe PaUtiiH, in Xhe tmpluni diet Augmti [or lemplum nonm) 
b^^nii by Liria and dedicated by Caligul*. Thig sarvived Nero's fire 
(Plm. vu§ SIO. xii[vg43 vi/Unaa eerie Tutcanicvm ApoUinem in biblio- 
ihtett Umpli .itu^uiei) and is probably, aBths temple wiM in the immediate 
ueigbbourhood of the domia Tiberiana (Saet. Cal. 22, on the elope of the 
Palatine faoing the Capitol, Bam Borne aad the Campagna 159, Henxen 
Aota arval. p. CS), identical with the bibliotheea dmntu Tiberiartae (Gell. 
ziu 20 S 1). Beside thin the old bibliotheea Palatini in the temple of 
Apollo eeems etill to have been need 4t least aa late as the Hecond centniy. 
TEMPLYM KOWM. Soet. Tib. 74 npremo nataU luo ApolUnan Tt- 
jA£niteni...advectuiTi SyracuMU, uf in bibliotheea tentpU novi poTieretw. 
Identity of templaTa divi Avguiti and t. novum (Henzen 1. o.). Mart, m 
3 7 8 iure Cuo veJitranda novipete limina templi { reddiia Pierio lunt uM 
templa [teotn?] chore, Le. Domitian appears to have removed from the 
temple the libraiy, damaged perhaps by a fire in his time (Snet. Doin. 
20). PALATmS LIBRABY. ep. Uaroi ad I'lontonem it 5 p. 68 Naber 
1*0, inquiiipueTOtuo, vade guantumpotea, de Apollonis [aicj bibliotheea 
hai mihi oration/i [Catonia] adporta, fraitra mittii ; nam et iiti libri me 
itenii tunt. igitvr Tiberiianu bibliolhtcaritu tibi tvbigilaitdtu eat; aliquid 
in earn rem iTunmendum, qvod mihi HU, vt ad urbem venero, aeqaa 
divitiane imptrtiat. This pataaga shews that tbe Apollo library was not 
identical with the Tiberian, though they seem to have had only one 
librarian. If, as Becker assames, the Apollo Lbrary perished in the Ore 
of Maro, the temple must have been soon restored (Tao. h, i 27 a.d. 69). 
As Mart. 1. o. shews that the bibliotheea templi ■ami was dedicated to (he 
Unaea, Iut. probably alludes here to both the Palatine libraries (from 
Hirsohfeld riim. YerwaltungsgeBcli. 1 1B7— S). Preller- Jordan i^ 311 cites 
Plin. xziTi % S<t ad Oclaviae...porticraa...Mu»ae. 

TO 38 IPSE rAcrr tebsos Stat. s. IT 9 1— t ett lane tociu iite, qiiod 
libellum I mtsisti mihi, Grype, pro libello. | urbannm tamen 
hoe poteit videri, J ai potthac aliitd mihi remittet. your Itook is rottMl 
and moth-eaten, like Uie paper used by grooeis for packing; nor does it 
contain your own pleadings in the three fora and before the centumvira; 
30 — 23 ted Brati senit oieitationea I de eapta tnttm libelliorat, \ anptam 
j)[ut minae aiee Gaiano, I doaat. Spart. Hadr. 16 g 10 et qaamnie eaet 
oraUone et verau promptatisitut et in omuibat artibta peritiiiimia, tamen 
pTofetiorea omnium orlitim itmper ul doclior riiit contempiit obtrivit. 
g 11 cum ftii ipiie pTofeiniribu» et philoiopkis librit vel carminibia iavieeM 
editit taepe cerlavit. gg 12 13 the famoaa reply of Favonins, when 
blamed for accepting Hadrian's censure of a word supported by classical 
nsage: 'let me belieTe tlluta doctiorem ovmibve . ., gut habet triginta 
legione*.' o. 16 his Terses in answer to Florus. anth. Pal. xi 394 Tuirr^t 
TOvdpioTot iMSuii laTw iKtirof, \ Strtt i!«in>Jfii mlit dipoBoo/t^vout. | ^r S' 
arayuiiairB IBd w^imat ottaSi x^fixu, | els avrbr rperiru t)|p ISiar lutrlar. 
Pope imitates Iut. [epistle to Dr Arbuthnot 231—240) in his ' fuU-blown 
Bufo, puS'd by every iiuill'; 'His hbraiy (where baste of poets dead And 
a true Pindar stood without a bead) ' ; 'Till grown more frugal in his 
riper days. He paid some bards with port, and some with praise ; To some 
a di7 rehearsal was sssign'd, And others (harder still) he paid in Mud.' 

„ 89 WLLB ANNos Plin, Tn S 74 cited on i» 70 p. 375. Cornelius 
HepoB in Crell. xra 21 g 3 places Homer 160 years ante Romara eonditam 
i.e. B.C. 9lj. The 'thonsand' is a round number as in the vtillt rata ol 
Agamemnon's fleet jut 122 n.), 

„ 10 Bilcheler in Bhein, Mdb. zzxv 896 diveti patronns recitatnro 

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HaeuJonU eommcdat atdti, mhil mnto, sclioliaetae cnin'comfieitam nihil 
haberent ez macula aliquam efficxeie vocabnli iaterpretatiocem. nomen 
domaa posuit poeta, turn desdibit earn tanqnaia carceFem. certas aeAte 
poetis icBerviiase recitontibna ao lingalas suo quoqne tempore plmibai 
aonBentaneam est. pbilosophua Bmbitioeas ia Epicteti dieeertationibas m 
2323 iKBuair /xaxi iruitpar SiaXeyof^ou iy ry oUtf toC KoSpirou. eic cnmpcr 
privntaa aedes vogarentur recitantes, Athenaeum HadriannB institiiit in 
qao poetae rhetoresqne audirentur aBaidna. Quadiati Bane ninuo plnres 
ao nobiliores guam Macnlanes, Bed domns Quadtati nihilo notior q.aam 
Hacnlonia ant balneum 9aribonioliim et huiusmodi pleraque (the leat oa 
TBT. 238). 

vn iO OOHHODIT AiSDES ad HereQU. it g 64 Samtiani paero ntgotiaat 
dederat, ut vata vatintenta puerot rogartt: itrvulut tion invrbanut iati» 
itrenue et cmKirme compararat : itte koipitei domum deducit, ait i« aadia 
maximal evidam amtco adnuptiiu oommodaBse. nantiat puer argentam 
Tcpeti — pertimuerat enim qui conmodaTat — '^ap^ge* inquit ^aedia eom- 
modavi, /ami'ia^n dtdi: aTgeittum quoqvt Kollt tanutii hotpitti kabto, 
tamm utofur licet, no! Samiii deUctabimur.' EaUios kept open house for 
tlie Bophiats (Plato Prota«, 811-. eap. 337". KratyL 391'), 

„ 41 rEBXATt DOHOE Prop. u (m) 20 12 leiiatam Danaes traniiliam- 
jiMdomnm. OmLNOixuB. 

„ 44 HAQNAB couiTuu riBPONEBB Tocifl Ban. ep. 62 § g nn; idea teproJii- 
buerim hoi quoqtie aadire, qailnis admittfre poptdiaa ae duierere eonnw- 
ludo »(,... n lion ambilionit hoe eauta exerceat. quid enim turpiua pkiloio- 
phia captanU ciamare* t DChrya. or. 32 (i 637 R] of philoBOphera : si S' 
h Toit KoKovitinut dirpoariipfoH ifiwraaKDvaiv, iranirtovt Xa^ii'Tft i/cpaa-At 
KaXxapaijeea iaVToii. Them:Bt. or.2a 313^ 314 the pMlosoplierwhois not 
content with chamber dtacneBians among bis pupils, but holds forth in 
pttbUo before all olasBeB of men ; nor is tbla ali : oXXi (al Biarpa rfiq 
aydpei [bo, not r^ ma. A and Wjtt. bibl. crit. in 37] tal rpbrfira iway- 
•,iWn ill tJ Jijtmmjpioip funirai taJ or^x"''" iraii/oOiunit xal vipiroirrti 
[ma. A, edd. Iwi-] rok Kttpayirai. Appliusa in chutch (Bingham ant. 
iiT i %% 27 28). SieveTB Libaniua p. 27, 

„ 45 HCBBEULii Sen. cons. Mare. 10 3 1 eoUatietU et ad dominoi rtditu- 
TU imtrumentU icaena adomatur, 

„ 49 UTU8 sTEBiu TEBBAuuB uuiBo Ot, P. IV 2 16 16 tiec tomen 
ingenium iwbU rtipondet, ut ante, \ ted ticcura sterili Tomeia lituB 

„ 52 BCRmiNDi cicoETHEs Hor. ep. n 1 108 109. Lna. hiat conacr. 1 
«ndemio of traaio declamation at Abdera. Graog. cilea Ot. tr. i 11 H 
(he woDderB that ba ccold write at sea) >eu tCupor Imie itudio tivt i*t 
iniama noiMn. Anson. Syinmaoho (before tbe griphos xiti p, 128 15 
SchenU) hum: locum de temario numero itico noitra ilia poetica Boabiea 
eoepit exicatpere, cuiia morbi quoniamjaeile contagium «■!, utiTiatn ad te 
Jiwgue prnrigo commigret. Sjmni. ep. I 31 (25) % 3 (p. 17 12 Beeek) 
-novi ego, quae lit prurigo emattitTidi qperi». Sidon. ep. m 13 f. qifam- 
qnant prnritu laborit lermoms inhorueti. Pope 'itch of vulgar proiae,' 
•the jtoh of verse and praise,' 'one poetic itoh,' 'tbe tain itcbt' admire 
and be admired.' 

„ 53 VATEH Tac. d, 9. 13. 

„ „ TSMA Ot. p. II G 31 23 ingemoqiit meo, vena ^d piatpere 
■Bumat, I plaadit et e rivo Jbanina magna facit. Donat. Tit. Verg. % 41 
when Cicero had heard some veraes of the bucolica, et statim acri iudieio 
inXeliexiitet noo commnni vena editot, he ordered the whole edogoa 

444 HOHKTA. toons ACEBBL TU ^3 — 

to be recited, and Mid at th« end magnat tpet aUtra Boniat, word* after- 
warde inserted in Aeu. in 168. 

Vn 63 — S5 modi the aune thing uld In three wparBte clanaes cf. Aen. 
m 8«— 3. 

„ 64 KiBn. hoo qnixiDe looo non eat our a lections eod. Pith, nil 
eibibeiitis recedamos. Bbkr. 

„ fi4 6S PetToo. lis rt/twl^ndum e$t ah omni verbonim, ai ita dictm, 
viJitale et nnaenda* vccti a pltbt ntmimiUu, M Jiat 'odi profanum tmlgns 

A Foriunatian. m S ^. 122 9 Hntm) cfr perftetUnitmu 
dixit: vtrbit ulmdam at ul rtammit pablioa moneta ligjuilU. Gbam- 
oiaua. Quintil. i 6 g 3 eoiuuetiido vera certiitina toquendi magiitra, 
ntesdamgiH! pUme aermone, at nnmmo, eni publioa forma at 
(a oasaal hexameter) . 

„ 66 HON aTBAB* Stat. B,yil37natUttmoneUAreTeparentti. 

„ „ eiNiio Cie. orat. { 23 rtcorder b>nge omnitmt unum anleftrre 
Dtmoithentm trnnqat unum oAeommodaTe ad tam, qwi-m leatiani, tlo- 
Wentiam, non ad earn, quam tn aliquo ipie cognoverin. Stat, a, it 6 36 — 8 
dtia, iUe dem it taept liMndum { induljit, Lj/tippe, libi, pamaqut videri { 
eentirigu« ingetu. 

„ 67 68 omiis iOBRin mPATmiH gen. aing. of neat. adj. aa Babel. 
Drager hiat. Bjnt. I* 63 64. NSgelHbaoh-Mimer lat. Styl. J 21. TFl. v 
49^ tanetiqu* pal^ntfaiaati. The partitire gen. aurbf ad Herenn. it 
I 48. Aen. iii 676. Ot. tr. T 3 31 muimni reitdbit aoerbi. Fabri on 
Liv. Ill Se § 7. For the thought Orang. ottea Sidon. ep. Tin 9 pr. nodi 
enim probe Uieiitiam peetarum, quorum ito ijigmia maeroiilnu ut piteicvK 
retibui amieiuntur. tl li quid aiptmm aut tritte, mm itoHm leit poetiea 
tetierituda a vinculo ineurii dolorii elaqvtat 

„ 67 — 69 omns acshbi niPATiKHa, ocpiDca aniTiiim Aprragnx bi- 
BBXDis RurriBra AONlDtm qDod oinnes libri praebent apttitque bibendit 
prae Tahnii matalione aviduiqut aohoUotmn at videbatur lemmate com' 
mendata abande defenderont Hermanu (viiid. lav. 18) et Vahlen (Siti- 
nngaber. d. k. k. Akad. Berl. I8S3 p. 26). reatat at fandamectutD qnoqae 
lectiocia avidutqitt e libria petitum aabtraham, achoiion enim ad tii 68 in 
oodd. sic oonaonptmn legitnr : imfathnb cip. havidui ut Oraliiu oet. qno 
fit at anidia nnllo paeto ad lemma referri poaait. Bbeb. cf. Hor. ep^ x 
SO 2i praecanum, lalibtu aptum. ind. Ot. a. cunibut eqiiiu, furtit 
Vlixti, antennit ftrendii pima, lallatibm t'utienruf, elipto tmendo numiu, 
olivit fermdit terra, fetta refna nunw apta gertndU, For the thooglit 
el. 106 □. 

„ 69 CO CANTAHB auB INTRO FiEBto HoT. 0. n 1 89 40 to the Muse 
mleum Dionaeo aab antro | quaerg modot Uviore pUctro. Prop, m (it) 
1 6 (to Callimachna and PbilJetea] dieitt, qtioparita' carmen ttnwittU in 
antro? Ghano. 

„ 62 Sidon. ep. Tm 9 fortatte laturieum illud de nturieo non iwor- 
darif BAiDH saT cc¥ dictt horatics bdhob. 

„ „ BUBOB Eno. trag. 109 B. CatolL 64 366 EUia. Haot. Or. 
met, IV 622. at. Pars. 1 102. 

„ 63 64 cuu as oabuihb aou> tbiaht Hor. ep. n 3 90 Toxat ,fiiror 

„ 64 vit oomea with wine Obbar on Hor. ep. i 6 18. 
„ „ DOMiBiB oiBBiB HTBABQOB Stat, B. ni 1 141 Cirraa jiaMT . , opamK. 
Bidon. 0. sa (19 Baret) 238—4 Nyaa vaie Bromia, Phoebo PomaiM bi- 


rertex. | nan ilbnn Naxu*, NOtt UtuM Ciria rcjuirot. See Pape-Benselei 
Kfpf», "Siva. Be-Vit onoDUit. Cirra, Cirraeut, SurEiaa Geogr. t, 
Oiiedienl. i 180—2, citing Uliieha in Abh. d. Miinoh. Akod. in 75 eeq. 
Preller Ber. d. K. B. OewUmh. vi 119 leq. 

TH 6fl PKCTOK* TBBTSi sou KOK iDKmEVTU coKAi C. S. Ciirio oitcs 
Luka 16 13. Cio. 11 Phil, g 23 dua» ru, magnat praaertim, mm modo 
agere una umpoTe, tedtK cogiumdo quidem ixplieare qviiqaam pottit. 

„ 66 UAONiE VEHTiB OPDS AfiD. VI 11 IS of ths Sibyl magDam cut 
mentem aninaijnqve | Delija inapirtU votet, tit 45 mctu^ opus mtfveo. 

„ 70 HOBPiTinii in 106, HYcai AfiHohylna flret .represented the Furies 
with BoakeB for haii (Paua. i 28 g 6. Lobeok A^Uoplt. 403). 

„ 71 POEcmna, ut bit t 112 poaoimcB, ut een^a ciViltter. 

„ 78 ATBEHB Hoi. a. p. 1S6. Of Soph. Weloher gr. Tnig. n S5T~36S. 
Nftack Eragm. p. 127. Of Aocius Hibbeck d. idm. Trag. 147—157. id. 
trag. Bom. b. pp. 161 — 6. Of Pomponiaa ib. 231. 

„ 74 76 SON HiBKT...HABBT Plin. ep. in 16 g 11 n, Ben. n. q. □ 47 t 
prorogativiu imnt, quorum laiitae d^fferri posBQnt, averti toUiqne noa 
poasunt. Apiil. mag. 1 pi. guipjw ituiniulari quivi* iniwcem potest, 

„ 76 LiosHM Sil. xn 236—8. Mfttt. 1 14. 

„ 78 oipRFNT Tt-vB itnx»taii i^ETu Autiphoneg in Ath. 127' (btb/S*- 
ppatwi nria I foivi iXt^irruy TiTrdptir. Liban. n 164 It of inoaka ol 
Btitt>^tU!finara}yTeiouT«Kalr\tlaiittrTUf iXt-pirruv iteiorTet. Hot. 
.ep. I 15 34 35 of MaenioB patiniii emahat onuut, | vilU tt againat, tribns 

„ 78 liCBiT IH HOKiis Tan. in 27 f . cum pimju* adtpti conrolofujn «f 
lacerdatia hotiotumpotivi ftmoenitatibue irueroirent. 

„ 83 THXBUDoa also the AchiUeie Stat. e. t 3 160—3 <{ wihil led 
eoetu* (oltlo* i J font ciebo \ €t sua BvmuUi venient ad carmiiia patTe$, \ 
tu derU, Crispijie, mihi, cimemque per omnei [ te bmu« abieatem eircum- 
tpeclabit Achiiia. 

„ 84 PBOUBiTOni sun Tae. d. 9 cited on 40. Bpi^t. m 23 g| 6—8. 
27. Feirar. de acciam. m 3. 

„ „ sduhdimb oinm cnler 12S. Or. Pont, i S SS. antbol. 113 7 B 


(i.uiAJi...FBOiaBrTQUB DiEii) Biganlt notes 'de Btatio loquitur, nt d« 
lenone; et lenonum paellae piomittant noctem.' Hence Claud, in Entr. 
n 363 — 1 At tragiein ntemino'e modoi; kU fabuta Tereas (vei. 12), | hia 
uecdum commiaaa ohoro caniatur Agave. 

„ „ aBimii Mart. la S8 cited on 91. see Bolyda;. iktiot*k Bentley 
on Hor. ep. □ 2 60. puidi Eckatein in Erech a. Qnbei. TeoSel in 
Paoly T 1168. Grfsai in Bhein. Has. a (1833) 77 acq. The emperor 
Verns (Capitol. 8 £ 7) jwui regit aliquo) ad tTiumphiun addacertt, tic 
hitlTionei eduxit t Syria, fuoruts praecipuut /utt Masimijoii, qvem 
Pacidis tuniifM nunevpavit, 

„ „ TEKDn Ter. hec. pxoL 6 7 «C m gut tcriptit Aorw [fabalaml ob 
earn rtm nolait \ itcrum re/em, ut ittrmu pontt vendere. 55 — 57 datt 
(ilentium, | ut lubtat icriben oliu mihiqut ut dUcere { noca* cxpediat 
poiihae prelio emptas meo. Ov. tr. □ 507 — ElO quoqne minut pro- 
deil, leama eil lueroia pottae, \ tantaqna noa parvo crimina 
piaetoi emit. { iniptce ludonaa xuntptut, AvgutU, tuorum, \ empta 
tibi magQo talia maltA legal, ot Statins' flattety ol Claadiua 

dt, Google 



Vn Se i.utoiTCB'BOHt>iiBit DracoDt. da manribui (BShreiu p. 1. m, t 
Sll) Iftn. 1 purpura iuridicit taeroi largitnr honotsE. 

„ 69 BEUENSTHi DiQiTOB TiTCM oatauHiitaAr IDKO Valileli 'steckt nn 
den FiDger dec Dichter den Ootdreit dea BechEmonatstribunate,' talung 
lemmtri aura at I bme done, trifcunu* temenitrii oocnre CIL in 101. 
■nn 2686 61. a 4686—6 (Manjnatdt StV. u' 866), For the twe of the 
adj. (i«in<n>trt = tTibanonun eemeoEtrintn) TaUeit compAces n 170 ii'c 
praeUxtatoi ( = -orQin) referunt Artaxata morei, and more genetall; im 
63 locuplelettt podagram. 99 emritnt rtaraa. aubo of. XI 13. 

„ 90 91 ciuKuiaDs it bixum pL and aing. as tui 132 VoUtot Bnt- 

„ 91 NOBiLTirx 4TBU Ov. m. 1 171 — 2 lUxCra iaevaipie dtorum \ atria 
ao'\iilinm valvii ctUbranttir apertit. 

„ 92 wiuds np the pacagraph as z 337—8. Stalina wrote fdbalae 
talticae. Tert. soorp. 8 John Baptist eoittimielioaa caede delruncatur in 
paeltae latticae {Bl.pealiicae) tuear. losephaa (vita 8 fin.) by the favour' 
of the Jew AlitjTOB, a fu;iaXo7a( iiaKurra tiJ! N^pwDi iciraCufuof, obtained 
through Poppaes the release of some prieata, whom Felix had seat for 
trial to Borne. Sen. n. g. vii 32 § 3 at quanta cura laboratar, ne cuftu 
pantomimi nomen inttrcidatt itat per aueceuorti Pyladii et BathylU 
domiu, haram aniam multi dUcipali nmt mvltique doctorea : pHvattimurbt 
tota lonat palpitam....pAi7o«npMa« nulhi citra «(. The Ptiopea, heroine 
ot Statias, was doubtleea the daogfater of thjeatee, motbei b; him of 
AeRisthos (Aet. v. h. in 42. Hjgin. f. 88). Soet. gr. 13 L. Crattieiut . . . 
initio circa icaenam veriatiu ett, dum mimographoB aditivat. Mart, n 
7 SJof AtticQs] componii belle mimoi, Aemilins SeveriauiiB a mimograpkui 
of Tanaoo CIL n 1092 (TeufroL* g 8 n. I). Fragments of mimi in Bibbeok 
com." 392—402. cf. Friedlander ii» 399. 

„ 93 viTi QUKM puLPiTi FAscnsT Pint. reg. apopbth. Hieio 4 (n 175') 
when Xenophanes eomplained that he conld acarce keep {rp/ifitit) two 
BlavBB, Hiero replied, 'Yet Homer, whom ;oa revile, keeps {rpi^tt) more 
than 10,000 when dead and gone.' So when Zoilaa begged almH of 
Ptolemy, the king replied (Vitr. vn praef. g 9) Homerum, qui antt axnot 
vtillt decetiinet, aevo ptrpettio multa mUia hominvm paacera. 

„ 96 ooTTA ranked for generoait; with Seneca and Piea v 109. A 
freedman ot his tella us in his ovm epitaph, found near Bome oa the Appion 
war, that Cotta had several timea given him presents of 400,000 BeeterceB, 
had encoaraged him to marrj, had proteeted his bou and dowered his 
daughters Wilmanng inscr. £68 it • atbeuts • cottaz | hauui • l • zobiuvb | 
iccENSvs ■ fitbonI Hbcrtimu eram, fateor, fed jaela Ugctur | patrom 
Cotta Jiobilii umbra vua; | qui tnihi taepe libeni etnnu drmavit equettrii, | 
gui itiiiit natoi tollere, quoi aleret, \ quique euas commiiit opn mihi tanker 
et idem { dotavit naiat ut pater ipse meat, | Coitanamqu^ nuum [filium] 
prodimt hotiore tribuni \ guem fortia caitrit Caeiarit ememit.. | qnid 
non Cotta dedit, quinuru: et carmina tristit | haec dedit in tumulo con- 
Ipieienda mco t He was a Bon of M. Valerius Mesaalla Corvinns and ot 
Anrelia ot the familv ot the Cottae (Plin. b. a.x % 62. Ov. Font, it 16 
43 seq.), adopted b; hia mother's brother ihortlj after 9 A.11., and thence- 
forward called M. Aorelius Cotta Maiimus (schol. Fers. n 72. Ov. Pont. 
ni 2 103 Beq. eet.). On the death of his brother Valeriua Meaaalinna, not 
long, aa it aeems (Henzen ann. inrt. arch. 1865 p. 8 aeq.), after 21 i.o, 
(Tac. an. m 34) he exchanged the name Maxlmus for Messallnus and 
became M. AureliuB Uotta MeBBaliimB. Therefore this stone,* on which 
Cotta is called Mazimns, waa engraved cir. a.v. 10—25, probablj aftei 


^—99 ■ PAlLEBa OLEOk PEBIT. ^ 447' 

Ld. 20, in wliicli jeai ZosinniB leenia to have been accimut to'Cotta in' 
his coninkhip (Clinton F. R.). a-d. S2 Cotta is c&Ued (Titc. an. ti 7) 
RoMlif quidan, ted tgtn» ob luxum, per fiagitia infamit (cf; 5 6. im 31. 
i.D. 63 Nero uieigns to Anreliua Cotta, probably a son, a yearly pensioDi 
quamvii per Eiuum atiitai opti diiripaaet. cf. PHn. 1. c. it is doubtfol 
whether ticipio MetelloB a oonetilar or M. Being a Soman knight fiiet 
aerred np the livere of damiiied geese : led, guod couMtat, Meitalirau Cotta, 
Mettailat oratorit jUiiu, palmat jxdum ex hit torrere atqae patinii cum 
gaUitVKeonaa crittU condire repperit. Crilnietur enim a me eulinil eaiutque 
paljna cum fide). Wiliumhs. By Teuftel in Pauly t' 2169 the oonBul of 
l.n. 20 is made grandson of Messalla, and father ot Nero's penBianer. 
Or. Pont, m 8 3 4 to Gotta dignat a argeato, fuloo gvoque dignior auTO ; [' 
ted te, cum donat, Uta iunare lolent. 2 3—8, 35 86 where he anticipates 
the verdict of luv. coi eliam itri laudabunt laepe nepoiet, | claraqtu erit 
leriptii gloria veitra vieii. ' 1 have BometimeB wondered why lav. never 
mentions Pliny. He had here an oooasion of doing it ; and Pliny was 
certainly a generoDB, and in some oases a mnnifioent man,' QirroBD. 
Pollio is also omitted. 

vn 96 nnna mci-tib as to Archimeloa. whose epigram (of 18 verses) on 
his great ship Hiero rewarded with a thoaeand medimni of wheat (AQi. 
309') ; to ChoeriloB (Hor. ep. n 1 233—1 Sohinid) ; Tiberius (Suet. 43) gave 
to Asellina Sabinvs 200,000 sesterces foe a dialogue, in quo boleU et 
Jicedutae et oitreae et turdi cerlamen induxerat, C^pian received 20,000 
staters from M, Aorelius [tjoid. s. v. Sozomen h. e. praef %%66 who names 
other patrons of letters and calls Oppian's patron deveruB). OniiiaAEUs. 

„ 9S 97 UTiLS ucLTis rAU.ERE Ov. a. a. i US 160 fuit utile mnltis | 
pulviTium facili conpoviiKe martu. ii 642. Lnc. i 182 multis ntile 
bellam. Coripp. Inst, n 361. 

„ Vi tyLixRE ind. Hor. ep. i 19 18 Obbar exiangae cumtnum. On 
the Satnmalia see Maorob. Sat. Lucian Sat. MarquardC StV. □!■ E62 — 4. 
Bottiger kl. Schr. ui 196 aeq. ScheiSele in Panly. Freller-Jordan rtim. 
Myth. ii> 16—30. With yindh ioto nebcisi dscbubbi of. Stat. b. I 6 
1 — 8 et Fhoebae pater et levera Fallal | et Muiae promil iU Jeriatat: \ 
lani vol revocoMmvi iaUndii, \ SatioTuu mihi eompede exiolTita \ et 
mnlto gravidas mero December | el ridem loan et laUi pToteivi\ 
ddiint, <:Iuin refero diem heatam \ laeii Caeiarii ebriamgue noctem. Hor. 
s. n 7 4 libertate deoembri. 

„ 99 FBTiT Bic FLDs TiHFoitis ATgTTB ohEi PLUS F et A perit, rectis^me. 
iocatnr poeta da historiamm soripioribna in paasivum vertenB qnod in 
onmimn ore est, de lebas intitilibDs 'perdeie olenm et operam.' Beeb. 
Graamns adagia taw an excellent article on ' oleum et operam perdldi,' 
eiting e.g. Cic. Att. n IT g 1 hate ....non d^bivmi, ne et opera et 
oleum pbilologiae Jioitrae perierit. Maorob. Sat. n 29 § SO on his 
return &om the battle of Actium a raven greeted the eonqueror 'ave, 
Caeiar victor imperator,' miratiu CaeinT ofiexoiam avem viginti milibui 
nummum emit. The trainer's partner, wt;o had received no share of the 
pnrchaae -money, nrged that another raven should be sent for, which 
cried, ace, virtor imperator Anloni. Caesar, without taking offence, 
ordered the firat dicidere donativum enm contubemati. % 31 He bought 
a parrot and a magpie for the same greeting. A poor cobbler, fired by 
the example to train a raven ad parem lalutatioTiem, would often, drained 
dry b; the cost, cry to the indocile bird opera et impeTua periit. At last 
the bird learnt his lesson perfectly, and said it as Auj^stus passed by. 
Satii dotni lalutaionaa talitim habeo, said the prince. The bird lejoining 

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448 CAuaiDici coNSPUO. eussati. vu 99— 

TO 101 inri:U Ttmo Suet. vir. ill. 104 p. 133 Beiff. (from Isid. orig. -n 
12) quardan genera librorum etrtU modulii eonjicitbantur : breviori fo-nan 
earmiiia alque epUlalat, at vera hiatoriae maiori modnlo scribe- 
bautnT. On the mann&ctara of papai bm H. Bliimner Teclmologie {aa 
cited below 13S} 1 808—335. 

„ 102 oFEBuu I.EI Hqi. b, t S 62 63 £.uci7ftti itHnu { primiu in Imne 
operis eorapontn connina moron, a. p, 133 undt pedem profem pvdor 

„ 105 oENUB laHATUK Ov. uu.l 1512 quid mihi, livor cdax, ignavot 
ObicU annot \ ingeniique vocat carmen inertit ojnit f 

„ „ LECTO Flin. ep. m 1 g J n. 

„ „ LECTO ET UMBBi Ot. am. 1 9 41 43 ipie tga tegnit tram diicinclaqua 
inotianatiu: \ mo/JifranianinuxlectuBet umbta meoi. FauifivSU. 
Uuquardt Frivatleben 702. 

„ „ DHBiu 68 a. FriedUoder m* 616—7. 636 (aBelesBceaB of phUo. 
■Opb7). Btob. fl. 97 17 x"/"^'! r' arnrur iQ^a Bipiia. B' ^\tou \ n^difiar' 
alitir fi^ Bmarpo^oifieroi, 

„ 106 cAUBimciB 113 D. 186 n. vi 489 nee oansidiciiB, nee pratea 
loquitur. Patron. 46 oomm. deitinavi ilium artijicii docere, aul furutret- 
Runt aut praeconem a-ui eertt caDBidioum, guod illi auftrrt noa jiouit 
niri Oreiu. OIL ti 9240—2. Mart, cited 31 a. 

„ „ cmui. omcu Sen. ih. contr. u praef. | 3. eep. San. banq, 

„ 107 IH rises WTtUab. on Ennap. p. 140. 

„ „ liBELU QniQlil. I 7 § 33 n. id. cited yet. 133. 

„ 108 luoNA BONiin YFl. in 198 Tana Bocaatem, imi ecu 
probabl; we aboold read, aa eleewhere, tunc cum (i 36. xm 40). tunc 
occurs in 211 bia. vi 122. 336. 607. th 111. i69. 367. ziiS3. 


Hon refert parva nomina in codicsBf t'mnto omntt rumnuu. \ E mm 
habere se hoc nomen in codicem aeeepti et etpemi relattxm eor^Utar, 
tee tbe wbole speech, 

„ 111 xoiJUiR ptilmonet... ad ipiritumdueendvm 
ae Ttmittendum voeevique emttendam («u modificandoBi, licut tolles 
/abromm vel orgaTionim, Jlantii reipirantli loquentit clamantii caatantii 
aerviujit voltenlati. Qbuioaecb. 

„ 112 coXBFuiiDE ind. antbol. Pal m 239 Boies, zvi 2G1. Atb. 2U\ 
Fetron. 74. 0. Jshn arohaol. Beitiage 160. 

' „ „ XBBBEK Prop, n (in) 16 7 (a praetoi bas come'from lUjrioniii, 
matimapratda tibt) qiiare, it lapit, obUitat nt dttere mesBea. 

„ 113 oACBiDicoBTnf 136 n. Mart, vm 16 pittor guf Jii«r<u iiu, 
Cypere, 1 canBas nunc agis tt daeena quaerii. 

„ 114 BDBBin Theodoret h. e. ii 17 § 5 on the factions. Snet. Dom. 
7. Galea x 478 E ol Tipl ^Irircr inii rfKbrivor ttxaiiSat6Tft 6irifii>alri>rTiu 
Till lixpoui Tw Iirxuw fvcua toD •fririu riit taTipyitorToi rdi t/w^i. CHi 
It 4816. Antonin. t § 6 Oataker. Coripp. lustin. I SIS— 329 comm. 
Oielli 2693—8. 4749. WilmanuB 2699—2603. loBonptioiiB on tha 
stataea of cbarioteers in the laoeconree at CouBtantiaople anth. Pal. xv 
41 — 60. ivi 335—387 comm. Plio. ziiiii % 90 vitvmque iam ett Neroni* 
priTtcipii ipectaadii karenam circi ehryiocoUii §terni, cum ipie eoneolori 
jianno awigatunu ettet. Friedlaiid«i ii* 286 — 306. Maiqnardt BtV, ui^ 
464, 490— S02. DaremberB diet, des Bptiq. art. eireut. On Neio'i 

dt, Google 


profuBe eipen'ditnre on drivers and actara see Plat. Qelba 16. Snet. 
(ialbtk IG. of. Tac. h. I 20. in&. 343 n. 

vn 115 coNBEDERE a te^moal term. Aen. th 169. lappiter in state, 
to reoeive the emhaasy of the dogs (Pba«dr. it 18 22) eooaedit genitor 
tarn deorum maxivaa. 

„ „ Aui cf.FacaviaBarmomni indieinm Bibbed rtim. Trag. SIB — 
£33. tntg-Bom. fr.<pp.80— «2. Welokerd.ep.CroluBnlSSl. Aociusarmo- 
nun iodiciani G. Hermann opuac. th 365 eeqq. Bibbeok root. Trag. S68 
— ST6, trag. Bom. tt.'' pp. 151—167. A line and a liatf Temaio of Ml 
annornm indicium of Pomponiua (L. P. Bononiensis?) an Atellana accotd. 
ing to Bibbeok com. Bom. fr.' p, 228. Aesohjlua ir\ur Kplcn (Weloker 
d. Aaaoh. Tiil. 438. Maack trag. gr. b. pp. 43 44) one of 8 tragediea 
takenfrom the Littlelliad of Leases (AriBtot. poet. 23 p. 1459'' 6. Weloker 
ep. Cjcloe □ 237). See too Qu. Smyrn. poathomei. T. Iiibaii. or. iv 

„ 116 117 BUBULco lUDjoE Set), ep. 40 g 8 quentadmodum inim index 
tubuqvi poUrii, aliqwindo ttiam itapeTilai aa rndia? QnJntil, zi 1 g 
45 militaiem ao maticQiu indiaem. Cic. Att. vi 1 g 16 f. Graeci vera 
exrultatit,qjiod pertgrinii iudieibiu utuntur. '^ugatoribia qtiidtm' inqaiti. 
Quid Tefert t...veitri mim, credo, gravei ha^nt TurpiontBi autoiinm et 
Vettium mancipem. 

„ 117 BuuFE iBcuH ObbsT oQ Eor. ep. 1 19 15. 

„ lie BOii.iHnM QLoaii PiAiuB etjm. itiftgn._ 113 13 »ttj«ivi (i.e. 
dfrifAIotii) Tai>i T^t di^rjis JpniKai rgi>s wpi tw di/pur uto^voui. Tert. de 
an. 1 of Socratee nihii mirandam, li et in carcert inviicaia* Anyti et lUeliti 
palmas gtilieiu infringere ipsa morU coram im\norlalitatem vindicat 
animiu. Caaaubon on Suet. Dom. 23 £rat explained tUa verae correatlj. 
In the Ot. Lat. converaationa (Hanpt opuae. 11 445 1 — 5) the Lat. rant : 
taudem icripii.^-Cuitu t — Jonii Capitolini. — Lege, tnagae dixUti. tolU 

„ 119 vociB ntEiicii Mart, oited on ver. 61. Oo barristera' feea »ae 
QnintlL in 7 | 8 eeq. Friedlsndar cites Labbe gl. 11 p. 427 where the 
modeat som of 100 denarii satisflee the claims of ail the lawyers : dyiii/itr 
^f^tit wpbl Toy Tpart^TTjn, Xd^iji^icv rap' a^Tod Sjjvdpta igiLT6p' S^fitr T<jt 
iitaXiyiii (the caitridiciu).,,Kal Tuis auttr/ifmu (in the La,t. advocatis) tal TV 
roiu'V Che pragmatical, ia the Lat. iurii perito), tra trrouSaiarepoi' Ik- 

„ 120 raiiiulcuu tv 42 n. Yarro yii% navrbr (ir. 209 Bllcheler) 
in Non. 49 14 non uniiimdiieTttt cetarioi, cum oidere volunt in niarj 
thuonoa, eaaendere in malum alte, ut penitni per aguam peripiciant 
piicti r Nissen ital. Luideakunde i (Berlin 1683) 110 111. 

„ „ KiOBOBijit EFiuENU BULBi Ov. tem. 797-— 8 Daaniut an Libyoia 
bnlbul libi missas ab oris, \ an venial Megarii, noxija amnis frit. Tha 
edible ^oX^t from Africa, which we eat, known to ali (Dioacor. ii 200. Plin. 
xix| 9e.other kinds g§ 93— 97. ii §S 102—6). of. Oribaa. u22 where Dorem- 
berg renders 'vaooet,' a word nnknowit to Liltr^. Ath. eS**— 64' (64'' the 
'royal' best; next the red, the white and African vaWiiSat; the Egyptian 
worst ot all). Theophr. h. pL vn 13. Paul. Ae^. i 76, vu 3, where 
Adams (i lis, in 73) takes it to be a species of onion ; jiat, as Sibthorp 
and Spreogel, of mnak hyaointb. edict. Diocl. vi 41 bulbi Afrl tibat 
[sive] Ftuiani maximi ntimero vigtnti, denarii duodeciia; 40 amaller ones 
are rated at the same price. 'Le nom de builm» a'appUiiue aui oignon* 
d'nna fonle de plantea bnlbenaes. parmi leaqnellea il serait djfGoile 
de cboisir, I«ake [and Sibthorp flora Gr. i 238] fait observer qu'on 



toarRB en QrSca roignon de I'kj/acitttkui comonu, et qn'on le nomme 
SaX^oi on poppit' (Waddington). At ». frugal board Plin. ep. i 15 g 2. 
Verg. moret. B6. Tbeokr. xiv 17. Fart of the paj^ment in kind to a 
pleader Mart, tr 46 10. Btat. a. it 9 39 BO non replictae [ bulboram 

vn 120 EFiHBNu Gpikt. n 7 g 8 a lady, diapatching ri t\o;oi' ri2r twt- 
Hqrfur to Oiatilla in exile, was warned that Domitian wonld seize it: 
'Better,' she replied, 'that he ehould seize it, than that I ahould fail to 
Bend it.' see also RtiDsch in Ztsohr. I. oeet. Ojmn. 18S0 818. Boniface 
(p, 36 Jafl6) has the torm -a -ae. 

„ 121 TranH, QuiHgnE laoonab for the apposition Britannicua cites 
Ptaut. Ps. 120S— S m>i mi argentum redditvr. | viginti minae. Plin. 
IIT g 96 n< qmt virmm Orateum Amiiitmiviat ocUmit arrit tingala qtiad- 
rantalia veidtnt. add eic. Vales, (ad calc. Amm.)ST3 vinnm triginta 
amphotaa. The German 'ein Ulsa Bier' cet. is different, for 'Bier, 
Wein, Fleiech' eet. with wfights and measurra are niotilated genitives 
(HejBc, Leiirb, d. deutsohea Sprache, ri= 186—7, 473). 

„ 122 Bi coNTiaii imtBDs mras Daremberg diet, dea ant. axtr«u$. dig. 
i> 13 1 g 12 (i cui caiitum etl honorarivm vel >i jui'i dt lite pactiii tit, 
videamui, an pettre poitit, et faidem dt paclU ita «( reicHpiam ah 
imperatort noitro tl divo poire etiu: ' Utii cauta maU/ mart petvniam tibt 
promiiiam ip>e quoque profiterii. eed hoe ita itit «fl, n awprma Ute 
loeietatent ftxturi tmolumenli eavtio pollieetur. si vera poet cauiam actatn 
cauta eit hoaoraria aumnia, ptU poterit mque ad probabiUm quantilalem, 
etii noinint palmarii cauciun lit: tic tatntn, «t eomputetuT id qvod datum 
ell cum 10 qaod debttur ntulrumque compoHttim licitam qimntilatiTu tx- 
cedat,^ ticila autem qaantitai intellegitur pro iingtiUi eoiuu U9ju£ ad 

„ 123 FiuauATicoanv Orelli inscr. 4981. Eenz«n 7270. Qnintil. zii 
B g 5 petiimat vera coTU!«iudini«, tibeltii eiie continlum, qiioi componit 
aat liHgatOT, qui confjigit ad patro/mm, quia liti ipse jum iii_fficit, atU 
aliquii tx to genere advocatorum, qni se non posse agere conti- 
tentQr; dtindt faciunt id quod tit in agtndo dijicillimum oet. n/uxot 
FriedliUider i" 292, 297. 

„ 124 Plin. ep. T 4. 9 (31). 13 gg S— 10. 

„ 126 aeq. aee the contetuptaoua description of DChrja. or. 1 (i 153 — 
4 B). Luc. fugit. 10 Philosophy describes sophists as a spaciea of Eip- 
pokentanra, trir$tT6p ri nol /ixrdr ir niaif iXulnrelat xai ^Xinra^iat 

„ 126 qDADBRDOBs MuIIet Handb. d. AxcMol. g 199 4. Pbilo leg. ad 
Osium 20 (ii 666 M) to spite the Jews the Alexandrians set up in the 
largest and most famous proieueka an image of Gains arSpiimi xo^oOr 

„ „ TEaiiBM.18 Aen. vn 177. 181—6. Prop, i 16 1—8 quat futram 
magnii oUm pattfacta triumphii, \ ianua..., \ cuiut inawati celebraruat 
limina onrrus. Tac. xl 95 tn vestibnlo effigiaa patris Silii ctnautto 
tenatui abolitatn denumitrat. Buet. Nero 31 of l^e golden house: vaati- 
bnlnm eiutfuit, in juo eoloitui exx pedua itaret iptim effigie. Marqnardt 
Priyatlebon 920. 

„ 127 BKLUToaa 'charger' with tqjtui (Verg. Ot. YFl. in leiz.); 
heUicui tquxit (Prop.)- 

„ 129 coNTTRBiT bantmptej ra 185—8. rt 46—63, biiiiib bio 
jlST = Tao. d. 9 (cited p. 282 fin.). 

1 26 lecto tanro. Ziongns in 15 w^pa» 


iX&^ov. Ttmp <m schol. Theokr. p. 109. Bohuken Timae. a. t. rj^v 
iXurtt^. Schneider on Flat. rep. I p. 136 \iur. lezz. rapSa^it. 

VH ISl Laciiut cited i 46. lctdi^enu U&rt. m 26 8 the olient fotced 
matutinumferre patiqve latDm. 

„ 193 HCBBINA ind. H&rqusrdt Frivalt 713—5. 

„ 181 BTLXTTooA Bee esp. Heiniieh on sohol. (vol. i 896 — 9). 

„ 135 1^6 FUBFuiu TBNDiT CACiutocu m 283 n. Cic. Att. zm 12 S 2 
Ligarianam praedare vendidisti: poiihae, quidquid icripiero, tibi 
praeoaniam dtfrravi. p. Qoinot. § 19 cum aucfiontnt Tenderat. 
Prop. I 2 1 4 quid iuvat oraato procedere, vita, eapiilo \ ■■■ Uqat pert' 
grim* vendere muneributt Fetron. 119 31 35 Lucrinii \ erula lHoribtii 
vendnnt conchylia cenai. Ambr. off. □ § 7G ambiiu veitiura eapianttt 
petttUmU luffragium, Lno. adv. indoct. 29 compareH the ignorant vho 
eeeks a, reputation for teaming by amassiiig bixita to the q^oock who 
oonrtB practice by Mb inatrumenta of ivory, silver and gold. A caiuidicui 
(113 □. I 32) in a Smea inBciiption WilmaunB 2172. On the manufac- 
tore of pDTple see H. BlUmner Technologie.,.der Geverbe u. Eilnsle b«i 
GrieclleQ und Eiimem (Leipzig 1875) i 221—^40. A dandy flulc-player 
in Fhoedr. v 7 36— S ; a dandy harper defeated by a master of the oraft, 
whose crown and olothea together would be dear at 10 dradunae (Luc. 
adv. iMoot. 8— 10|. QuoJifi cations of a rhetor (Luc. rhet. praeo. 15) aal 
iaSlli a taria tiB,ii9iit lai \tvKii ffr,t>e tQi TafianTlinis ipyaalaj, ia Siaittai- 

lifuuria TiXoii ToTi X«1k«i iwirpirauTa. «ol d«4Xovew iroXXoi nal ^(S\lo</ 
afl. See leii. v^niiito, v;ndt). Tac. d. 6 of the pleader: iam vera qui 
toga to mm comitatiu e( igreintal quae in jju6(ico tpecitti 

„ 137 runs MAiows YivEHB CENBCB 866 OcBner and Muhlinann facia. 
Sen. n. q. IV 2 § 8 tn faciem lati ac tarbidi maris ttagnat. Sil. i 390 heu 
Tibia faoies inhtmora liniitrii. Quintil. vm 6 § 22 (inventinnculae) 
facie ingenii blandiuntur, Shakespeare ' the outward /ace of loyalty.' 


16 2 cauaat mine agit et ducena qimerii. 

„ 110 iNULua INSENS GalCQ de pcaenotione 1 (itv 599 K) those who 
aim at anccees, not only in medicine but in all arts, flatter the rich, 
attend their levies, escort them thtough the Btieets; aud not only so, but 
also r^ Tuip liiaTluiv Koi SatTuXluif xoKvreXelf gal rifi fXiJ^ci tub dKoXou- 

XuToi riMi 6vTe!, Stanlet, display of rings by fashionable muBlcians 
Plln. luvu §g 6 7 Henminjds. 

„ 141 SEBVi Hot. b. 1 3 II 12 AobeboC taepe dacentos, [ latpe decern 

„ 112 SEI.IJL tiart. a 22 10 et mea lit etdto Belie. clienU frequens. 

„ „ looATi Mart, n 71 cited on 131. 

„ lis ANTE FEDEa Mart. II 74 d>U!tuni togatispoal «t ante &iu/fiuni I 
^anta reduci Reguliui loUt tttrba, | ad alta lanaum lempla ciim ream 
miiit, I MaUme, eerais! invidere iwlito. | hos illi amicos ct greges 
toga torn m [ Fuficulenos praestat et Faventinus (money -lenders). 
in 87 1 — 3 bit Colta goleai perdidiiie le queetai, \ dam ■negUgentem dueit 
ad pedes veraam, \ qui salua inopi rwiat et facit turbam, Sidon. ep. i 9 
( = 9 p. 196 — 7Batet) duo ftatigatiitimi cimsala,Te> ... . uirumjue quiiim, ei 
Jon iaribui egrediebaTitaT.artabat client! urn praevia pediieqtia eircum- 
fata populoaitai. Agroecins (cited by Biganlt) de orthogr. (Keil gtamm, 
vii 125 3) eircum pedes iiint ojieia semonim, ante pedes amicoram: 
lavenali* togati ante pedes. comsocta ad Herenn. cited 10 n. 

,20— a 



vn 14S ixvLVB m mngt not, vith Borgbeii t 533, ideatiiy oar Fanliu 
with an; of the same name in Murt.; for there also Panliu plays different 
parts, Hiid wfaJere it is the name of a teal penon, we maj not aBsame thAt 
it is the P. of Inv. (Friedlander 111° 466—7 oiting Mommsen ind. FliB. 
B. Telins Panllns.) 

„ 144 aumoNicHi Ifart. cited on 189 and on 1 37 p. 100. 

„ 146 RABi IN TEHUi FiccHDU iiNNO Tao. d. 8 HaToellos EpriDB and 
Yibiiu Crispna (it BO n.] aie as well known at the ends of the earth as in 
their nfttive towns, not beoaase tbe one owns two hundred, the other 
thi«e hDndred million sesterces, thongh this ver; wealth may ba tbooght 
dne to their eloqoeaoe, but to that eloqnenoe itself. 7110 tordidiia et 
abieetita nati ntnt guoqiu notabilior panpertas et angastiae reram 
miteenUi <cm eircvimUlenmt, to elariora ct ad detaimitTandam orataHat 
eloqaattiae utilitatem ilhutriora txempUi ittnt, quod tine eommendaUent 
imlaZium. sine anbatantia faoaltatam, ntuUr moribut egregius, . . . 
per maltfa iam anno pountitMiiai ttint eivitatit. 

„ 146 Lja. ot. IS g 21. Plato legg. »49>>. Dem. tals. leg. 9 BIO 
p. 440. Sen. clem, n 6 g 3 (of the saffe) databit laarimia matemii Jilium 
et catauu lolviiabibit. Qiiiiitil. I>'2 §114. AV.m.4|9. 31 g 3. 68 g 1. 

„ 148 OAiiLU Laciaa there apol IS ^1 fijr^opm^ Sjiiuial^ iicytirrat 
/lurSit^pif irt-fKiiutor, InriTt mri eiop tou iortpiav 'titranu col Tj/y K t\- 

fdrwi. Oallio lawjera Wilmanna 2470. 

„ 119 UBioA Contntna of Iieptis (TBnffiIrDm.Litenitiirgesdi.g3998), 
Fnmto of Cirta (ib. g 36S: hia pupils g S61), the emperor Septimins 
Sererua, also of Leptia (ib. g 370 2), Marins Tictoiinns (ib. g 108), 
Martianas CapeUa (ib. g 452), Falgentiua (ib. g ISO). African inBcr. in 
Wilmanna 2177 Vocontio P. Fl. Pudenti Pomponiano e.v....imiltifa.riaM 
lo^KMre litterat amplianti Attieam facitndiam adaequanli Romano nitofit 
'JlTl Marimu eq. S. lurii pmtiiitntut. 21T6 M. Damatiiii Vrbamu mm- 
mamm arlium liberalivm liUeraram $tiidiii utrimque Ungwie perfeete 
emditut, optima faciaidia praeditxu. 24 T8 Q. Piiblieiia Aemiiiama rAetor 
nationem Afer. Hor, ep. 1 20 13 (to his hooV) a.ut fagitt Dticam. Apnl. 
fl. IT 20 f. quat aattm nuior laia aM eertior quam Carthagini beiu dieert, 
tibi tota eivitiu emdiliMimi atit, penei gtua omnem diieiplinam ptieri 
rlitcunt, i-uvenBi aiteniant, letut d^entt Carthago provinciae noitroe 
masiitra venerabiliM, Carthago Afrieae litua caeltili; Carthago Camenti 
logatorum. Kopp on Mart. Cap. g 669. 

„ 160 FKBSEA PECToai Stanley compares Hom. xd^jcfor ^rop, x'^"^ 
*!»«. Cf. Hier. ep. 11 g 3 pr. ferreum pootua. 

„ IGl CLASSIS = nififujpla Liban. ep. 139 your son is r^ iru/iiiofiat i 
KpdncTct head of his form. mtiuntosA Nemesian. cyneg. 15 16 nam 
qai> non Nioben Qumeioso future viatitam I iam cecinitt tyiuhkoh 
X 113—3 D. QointiL nt 1 g 40. Tyrants in hcU Stl. im 612. DH. 
rhet. 10 8 15 p. 890 B. Pint, n 61° Wytt. Liban. iv 788—817. 921—4 
iTNl^l Tirol irip Tuparrorrarov. 916 — 931 Kwwt Tiwal laxri Tvpirrav. 

„ lfi2 BEDSHs uoDo LSQEaAT Pers. I IT sede legens eelta. They 
sit to read, bnt stand to declaim (bvihb PEtiraBET) Plln. ep. ti 6 g 6 di- 
centi miAi loUtcitui adsiBtit, adiidet recitanti, Ennap. soph, 
436 64 Didot (of Prohaeiesios) i Si in rijt KaefSpaj tit rpoiyuri Ttrn 
biaXtx^itt eiK dxnpfoTui, tal Tor o^Misr iaot itrrir ^fopaj \iyiir, Ar4aTii 
Sappakian M rir icyw a. 

„ 1G3 eiNTABiT XT 26 n. Sen. contr. 9 g 26. txbsibus iines of prone 
{trrlxM. also In)) Plin. ep. m 5 f 12 n. 

dt, Google 


TH 166 1G6 QQon sit caubib samis injoa usi acuta qoaehtio Qninti]. 
inS § 6 ante omnia intneri oporttt, qixod sit genua causae, qaid in 
ea qnaeratuT. 10 g 6 cun apparaerit gsnaB oausae, (un intutbinw, 
negetume faetum, quod iritenditur, on defauiatuT, an alio nomine appd- 
I<tur, on a genere aclionii reptUatuT: wide tu?it (talut. II 1 1 kit tnventit 

intiuTtdum deinctf Hcrmagorae videtur, qaid lit quaes tio quaeatin 

latim inUllegituT omnti, de qua in ulTamque partem vel in plurei diei 
credibiliter potett. | 3 in iiidieiali auCem materia dupliciter accipitnda 
est: attero nodo, quo dicim-iu multat quae sti ones habere ci 
quo etiam minaret omaea compUctimUT : aUero,quo tignijuiana 
illam, in qna oaitia vertitar; de hao nana loqnor, ez qua 
nasoitnr status, an faetam sit, qaid faotum sit, an recte 
faotvm sit. $3 hai Hermagorat et Apollodonu et alii plurimi tcriptorei 
proprit qaaestioQes vacant, Theodomi, ut dixi, aapita generalia, 
itcul ilbu minoret attt ex illit pendetUet tpecialia, 

„ 158 MBBCEDEH J. C. Lenkfald diatribe de praemiig vetemm sophis- 
tamm, rhetumm atqne oratonun. Jena ITIS. ito. BiichaenBoblltK 
Besitz und Erwerb (Halle 1866) 662—8. Pelion. 63 iam iciei patrem 
tuum meroedes perdiditte, quamvit et rhetorioam tcit. 

„ „ iFPEtus Cic Calum. Qnintil. in leiz. Kep. AtL S g 3. Ben. ep. 
21 § 11 venter praecepta nan audit, poicit. appellat. non eit tameii 
moleittu creditor: parvo dimittitar, ti mado dot ilii quod debee, non quod 
potet. ben. i 2 § 3 lumo benejicia in cnlendario $cribit, nee avarua exattor 
ad ditm et horant appellat. in 7 g 1. v 31 g 3. vc 32 g 1 quad dtbe: 
quaere eui leddiu et li nemo potcet, ipie te appella. coqh. Maro. 10 g 2. 
lem. fort. 3 g 2. Loogol. on Plia. ep. i SB (97) g 7. Savaio on Sidon. 
ep. y 7 p. 384, 

„ _„ cuui EODRNTiBQaintil. nlOSSeogiitdsmresi^taonlpado- 
eentinin reccidit, ul inter praeeipvat quae corrumperent thqueniUlM 
cauiai iieentia atque ijueitia declamantium fuerit, 

„ 159 I.UEVA sixtm MAMUJAE Pcrs. aSasi tudei et peetore laevo I 
txeutiat guttae laetari praetrepidum cor, as rightly oodeistood by Conington 
and (Hldcrsleere against Casaubon and Jahn. Beer ' leve quod legitoz in 
F non emiri libraiii hoius ood. originem debere sed iam in cod. X eisti- 
tisse coniensns dooet Boheduiun Ariovienaium ex eodem fonta deducta- 
ram. trita vero lectioneaooepta 'mamiJlam' boo loco significare inbemua 
'pectus', qnod si baa voce iatellectum volt pluralem ponit poeta (vi 401, 
491, ne his quidem locis propria notione negleota) oum singnlari nnom 
liatnr deeUiel qoa notione statuta demum oomioa versus uii 163 vis 
elucet; neqoe allam siKniBcationem sabesse loco in 74 facile concedas. 
qno seimonis nsu obeervato in lectione Iradita laevae aequieaoere lioet, 
poasis Bopplere liueae a parte STnicasi [sic] non dnriori quam veisa xlv 
90, aliis statnta. bene autem nt libris praestantiBeimis ab omni. parte 
Bofficiamua se habet ablativus ei mora luvenaliano nude positas velat 
XIII 186 lectitdivena parte iabellii, denique ubi parte paene in adverbinm 
temporis abiit xi 71 seq. et tervalae parte anni . . uvae t' 

„ 160 ABCACioo ind. 

„ 161 DiHUB 8il. XVI 622—3 non diia ilia luei notit iam mcmifiw 
urbii I aitiliet t Bidon. 0. 7 129 l:iO. 

„ 162 DBLiBiaiT tH ind. ad Eerenn. ni g 8 led >i aeeideril, kC 
in eoaiultatiime aUeri ab tuta ratione, alteri ab honeita (mtmlia lit, ut 
in deliberatione eorum, qui a Foeno circum$ei$i delibeiant, quid 

,, 162 168 AM FETAi GBBEH A oudoa SiL XTH 22s— 6 tat oonpM, qtA 

i-, Google 


nan ardtntia tela \ a CaniiiB in templa tnii Tarpeia? Sidon. 0. 7 

VII 163 FOBT NIUBOB ET FDLUIHl CjtOIUS Sil. Iltt 15 16 iiabTtl. putHd, 

et mixtot cum grandine nimboa | et UinitTvi fagio. 19 20 terror adhnc 
inerat lupervm m TCdoUntia in anaia | fulmina et ante ocMlot irati pugtta 

„ 165 iCCiTB IJUOD DO Plant. Pi. IH — 7 latin' til, si hatie hadie m-ulit- 
Ttm eJUio tibi \ taa ul tit, au( li tibi do vxginti min/u ! cet. ib. 1052— GO. 
BoBt {in Beck comm. aoc. pbil. ii t 63) cites Cic. Verr. ti % 160 pi. nunc, 
qaod miki abt te datai, id acoipio. fam. I 1 § 2f. quod dat, acci- 

„ 163 TZKiH UTBB md. veTot. Qaintil. t 6 1 14 n. DH. de Isaeo 20 
p. 627 12 11. nrii fLir iv re7t i\7,eira2,, ^uxpit S{ tal ^.opTuis if Titthn- 
ik(«TK»i. vet, script, cenB. 3 § 2 (42S 1 of PhiUBtos) 601.1.1,^1801, updi rait 
i\7ieei! ayHvd! u^cXi^epoi. Brs rhet. 10 ^ 16 f. (p. 391 15) x'pii 
dX^Sfiiti- ^ijro^wtlfii' )( iy rail Tur BBipiiy SiaTpi^ais iWigixira dyairlftaeiu. 
de Ljsia 6 (p. 464 8) rtfl rois aXijfliiroii ayujvai /ncbau fi^Wor Tcrpt- 
•t>ecu. VbiAAiaalZ r»t iiKiatKoitUyiKt KoX rarrliXTieci ±yQr i. )[exfTci- 
tatio iiUi fiotattun litiam (Lact. I IglO; he never apoke in court m 
13 % 12 eU>quen> Ttuniqtiam fai, quippe qai forum ne atligerim qvide-jn). Cic. 
de 01. I § 149 Wilkins. 

„ „ RiFiDBB Sen. rfa. eic. contr. 16. n 3. m 6. 17 3. v 6. td 8. 

„ 169 FCBA TENENA Sen. rh. exc. contr. m 7. 9. vi 4. 6. th 3. n 5. 6. 
QuintiL vn 1 g 16 argumenta ft ex periona el ex re dacantur, led in vnam 
/aeli quaeitianera, § 17 lietit in ilia eontroeertia (Mcndam eil enim . . hit 
exemplii, quae sum ditcentibia magti familiaria) : ' abdicatiu mediciTeu 
atudtdl. cam pater eiiu aegrotarel, detperantU>ia de eo ceterii medicii 
adhibiiu* lanatiirum le dixit, it ii potionem a te datam bibiaet. pater 
acceptae potionit epota parte dixit venenum tibi datum, filiv* qtiod 
relicain erat exhatait : paler deeeeiil, ilU parricidii rem est.' § ISnuini- 
feilum, quit polionem dederlt; quae »i veneni fait, nulla quaeilio de 
auctore, taimn an venenum fiierit, ex argumentU a periojia duciit colli- 
getar. g 64 veram ilia tcholarum contaetiido itarit in forampotett noetre, 

qaod omnia, quae in themate non tunt, pro nobit ducimae : . . obicit . 

venenum : 'itbi tmit a quo! quandof guancif per quern ibdi}' liban. 
IV 739—770. 908—915 ■oivot T6rat .ari larpoB •papiiatim. 

„ 171 RDDEM Ot. am. n 9 22 iutaque dfposifo p(«rf(iim««rndiB. 

„ 172 TITAEITEBX368— 4n. «mi(a?ji(ae. Oy.f.m778. Sen.ep.44 
% 7 per iiuidiOBum yitae iter nen tantum ferant tareinaa, eed trahuTa. 
brer. vit. 9 S 5, ben. iii 31 g 6. fetron. 81 pr. Anaon. idjl 16 1 
(PTthagoricon p. 147 Schenkl) qaod vitae aeclabor itecT 

„ 173 pDONiM Cio. opt. gen. ocat. § 17 who calls Aeschinea and 
DemoBtheaea gladiatoram par mbiliieintiim, aajs of Isocrates, non enim in 
aoie vertatur et ferro, ted quati rudibut eiat eladit oratio. Sen. ih. 
contr. II praef. S ^ deerat ilH [t'abiauo] oratoHvm robur et ille pngnato- 
iiDE ntu«ro. IX praef. S 2. exo. contr. iil praeE, g 13 totum aliud eil png- 
nare, aliud ventilare. hoe ita aemper arbHratma etl, soholam quasi 
Indumease, fornm hare nam; et idea illeprinuim in faro verba faeta- 
TUt tiro diclvji ett. agrdum ittot declamatoret prodac ini«nattnn, in/onint.- 
eum Iceo matabuntuT, velnt adsueta olauso et dalioatae umbrae cor- 
pora sub divo stare non possunt, non imbrem ferre, non loUm 
tciunt ; adtuerunt enim tuo arbitrio dtierti eite. 1 14 non ett qtiod oratcren 
■in ha£ paerili exereiiatione rptcte*. quid ti velii gubematorem in pitcina 


loB. d. 34 in old times the TOimg aapirant to public life 
attached himself to the chief orator of tbe day and attended all his 
speeches in the coarta and in tlw asBembly, ita ut altercatiomt qiwque ex- 
eiptrettl iurpif* inurtliet vtgue lie diiKrim, pugnare in proelio dUee- 
Tet. magma ex hoe vttu, mvltum eonttantiat, plmiimoa ixtdicii htvenibut 
ttatim conlingebat, in media luce studeatibat atque inttr ipia diierimina 
. . . aemuii ferro mm rvdibui dimicantei. 35. 371 phiTU...boiiaiproeiia- 
torei bella quam pax feruM. Hmilit eloquentiae condicic. nam quo taepim 
$teterit tamquam in acie qtioque plurei et intulerit ietat et exceperit guo- 
que maiorei advenarioi aerioreBqne paguas libiipiadetuiapafrit, umto 
altivr ... in arc homijoim agit. VCiaya. or. 33 (i 663 B). Quistil. T 12 
§ 17 declatnalioTiei, quibut ad pugnam foreusem vtlut praepilatU 
exereeri toUbamvt, otin iatn ab ilia vein imagine orandi receutrunt atqitt 
ad toiam, eampoaitae voluptatem nervit earent, noa alio midita Jidita viiio 
dicmtium, quam quo maneipionim wgotiatorei farmae patToram virilitate 
exeita lenoeinantar. § 21 (, not, qui aratortm itudemui e^ngere, iwn 
arma, ted tyntpana eloqiuntiae demxul g22 igiiar et Hie, qutm iruti- 
iaimui, adaUscena, qaam mnxime potest, eon^nat le ad imitaiiontm 
veritatis, tnitariugue frequenter forensinm certaminnm pugnam 
tarn in mhoia victoriam ipectet et /erire vitaiia ae fiuri sciat. 13 £ 59 
(speaking of rules laid down by Tteodoma and Apollodorua) haec prae- 
eipi-ant, jui ipH mm dictait in faro, ut artei a tecurii otioiiique eomposilae 
ipia puguae neeesaitate tnrbentnr. Pbilostr. soph, ii 26 g 3 the 
^mous aopbisl HeiakleideB broke down, for fear of the court and guarda, 
in an eitemporaiy speech before the emperor Sevems. Such a failure 
yon voold blame in a cautidicus {iyopaiot), for botdneaa and assurance 
are the mark of his class; iro^iirriii ii (uaTauSdS'iiy napaflii! ri loXii ttjs 
^ipat rwt i,y drrlaxM iKir\i(ti ; a (^ave face and backward praise and 
the absence of accustomed applause is enough to bewilder him. see the 
letter of Pliny (i 18) to his book-wonn {tehoUuticui ib. 34 § 4) friend 
Suetonius, who was frightened from pleading hy a dream. 

VII 173 DUBOi. Fetron. 2 comm. nondum iiwenei declamationibua eonti- 
tiebantur, eum SophocUi out Enripidft ini>enen>nt verba qaibai debertnt 
loqtti. Tioadam nmbraticus doetor ingenia dele^erat, eum Pindarut 
novemque lyrici Homerieii versibua eanere timueritnl, et ne poetai . 
tettimonium citem, certe tieque Platona ruqae Detnosthenen ad hoe genua 
ixercitationii aceeiiitse video. Tac. iir 53 Seneca to Nero k.i>. 62 ego quid 
aUtid mumficentiae ivae adhihere potui quam »tudia. at tie dixerim, in 
ombrs edueatal Stat. s. v 2 103—9 tu, qnamquam iton anteforam legei- 
que teverai | paietu, led tacita studiorum oocattus in nmbia, | de- 
femare metue adveraaque tela sabiati \ pellere, iuetmis adhac el tiro, 
paventii amici. I^evec did Bomnlus see such tender years medii be Hare 
togata \ Etrage/ori. Amm. iti 1 g 6 ex academiat quietii umbrseulis 
turn e militari labemaculo in pulverem Martivm tractut. 

„ 174 175 vius TESSERA THUMBBTi Marquardt StV, ii> 110—135, 
eap. 128—130. DCass. calls them aipaipta (i. /Hipd, idXiya) or iruMjSoXa. 
Benndorf (Ztschr. f. oest. Gjmn. xivi 592—4) r«;kona 50 ertant speci- 
mens, mostly of lead. They haTe the standing attribnte of Annona, Uie 
modiu», and sometimes two or three ears of corn ; on the reverB3 is often 
a female figure with a oomucopiae in the left arm, a rudder in the right 
hand. Hirschfeld rdm. Verw^tungagesch. 1 128 — 139, also in Philologng 

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fiTor ijiit^dntmi nari fi^a mt tt rtt AXXi) npi Ttar ^odmMv 7(7- 

Vn 176 QDUITI DOCXAT FUto Bpol. 20<> rls, i^r i' ^w, nil wiAacht; Eol 

„ ITS 177 in an insoription in TeoH (Hermes 1U7S 501—3) ve find 
the following jeariy stipeads: (1) three grammBrians (for boys and girlaj 
600, SoO, 600 ^-aohrns ; (2) two drill Beijeants (Totdarpl^u) each 100 dr. ; 
(S) one teacher of ftrcherj and of thiowing the jaielin 360 dr. ; (4) oae 
faildDg uutBter (OirXj^iaxvi) 800 dr. 

„ 17s BALNEA Sftglio in Daremberg diet, des ant. balneam, 

„ ITS 1T9 PORTICUB, IK QUI Oi:8TBTDB DOtUHOS Hort. Ill G7 23 fStRigtU 

Zim«n clvrtu tnede canui. 

„ 179 OKBTETTK Galen ti 829 E tJuptir. S21 and 82i alu/njatt. xn 
536 ofwpffif (oJ wtpirirnn jiol ^uXarrloif, 

„ 180 BP*»9iT LUTO Botil, Lnp. II 12 vacillantem pver giutentat ae 
iutit pallium per Intum tTahrnttm. Sen. ep. 107 S 2 riihcvlum eat queri, 
guod apacgaiis in publico out inquinerii in Into. 

„ 181 VHOVLi Stat. 8. T 8 M 55 mm arva rigaret \ lador equun ant 
putri ionitum daret nngnlft campo. 

,. ,, liiJi.iS Mageretedt die Viehzucht dei Il5inei (Sonderahansen 
1B60) leg— 171: common in Israel since David's time (Winer BW. 
3IavUkitT, Bochort hiarDZ, ii o. 19 — 21), and since the Homerio age in 
Greece (Bnohholz die horoenachen Bealien i 2, ISTS, 183 — S). Heha 
KnltarpHanzen n. EauBthiere' 116, 503—4. Hermann-BIUmDer Or. 
PrlVBtalterlhlimer p. 114 n. 6. Still Urgely OBod in the 8. of Europe 
and in Eastem lands. Philo de spec. leg. 6 [ii SOS M) ' some prefer 
mnles to all beasts of bnrden.' Plin. h. n. vm §^ 171 — 5. used speoiaUf 
in the reda (Inr. m 10, 81T. Vano r. r. in 17 | T ceUHut voluntate 
Horte/ai tx eqaili tdacera redariaa, uc libi habem, mulas, quata t 
jx'ictnii barbalum iKidlam. Bulp. Sev. dial, n 3 g§ 3, E>^T). Mero (Snet- 
30 f.) never jonmeyed with less than 1000 carriages, toleit midanm 
argenUti, canatinatia mulionibiu. Horace, ivith his modest means, might 
ride a mule as far as Toientmn, if he chose, vithont loss of oaate [a. i 
9 105). Mart, ix 22 13 14 if I ask tor wealth, it is not tor wilgar ends 
e.g. u( Intolenta linat Tyriai mihi mala laeenuu { et Matiyla nKum 
virga gvbemet eqwim, et, il 79 4. 


dicempedii | mffata jn-tudtftopacam | jMrticuteicipiebataroton. Vi- 
tmv. Ti T (=4 § 2 p, 144 26 B) aeitiva [triclinia] ad teptentrionm 
[apectare debent], qjiod ea regio mm ut reliqiuu per loUUtium propter 
calorem ^fficitw aettuoia, to quod ut avtrta a lolii ciatu lemper Tefrigtrata 
et talubritattm et voiaplaUm in vtapraatat. DiJMTZBB. Uarqaardl Pri- 
vatleben 243. As the andents had neither Btovea nor deal floors, tta^ 
depended mnch [or warmth in winter (aa now the Bomans) on the aspect 
of the windowa. Yitr. V 10 g 1 (fol' baths) primum eligendui loctu at 
quam ealidittimju, id ett averuu ab irpttatrioiie et aquilone. ipia auiem 
caldaria tepidariaqae Ixmun habtaja o^ oecidenie hibemo. Colom. i 6 g 2. 
Plin. ep. V 6 §3 15, 28, 31. 

„ ,, CENATio Petron. 77 interim dum Mercariut vigilat, aedijieavi 
ItaiK domum. uf icitii, eamla erat; nunc templum ett. habet qaattaw 
oenationes, cubicala viginti, porticas marmaratot duot, lutum cena. 
tionem. Ben. ep. 90 g| 9, 15. n. q. iv 13 |l 7 quamvii oenationem 
vtlU ae ^ecularibiu vmniaM et igtte malto domeat hUmtm. PUu. ^. u 

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— 188 kjlmentaelL neglect of childbbn. 457 

17 S 10 deinde twZ cvbi'eulum grande vel modica eeuatio, quae plurimo 
toU... lucet. ib. Sg 12, 15. T 6 9 21. 

VH 185 FCLHENTABii Haapt opnso. 11 33 et eoeo die ut pnlmentsTia 
bene condiat (ba ri wpoaipiym intuit ipriirs). On the wogea or ooolsa see 
Forphyr. on Hor. s. i 1 102 L. . . Caiiiui Nojufntania adeo tine TOpecM 
calculorum suonaa prodigaa, tit aeiteTtivm leptvagiei gvlae ac Ulddini in- 
pendrrit. kuiut libertum JJamaia nomine ooonin Salliutmi Criejm* hU- 
toTianim icriptor fertuT centenis milibna snuaia conductum ha- 

„ IBS— 187 217 □. Stob. fl, iliu 95 the vinejard oommitted to a 
slave worth not less than two minae, the children to a worthleas lUjrian 
or TliFaciaQ. Sen, rh. contr. 2I> § 14 dixit Hateritu qwlmdam querentibut 
pQaillaa mereedes «uni acctpiite, cum dtau ret doceret: Damqaam 
raagnaa mercedes BccepisEe eoa qui hermenenmata docerant. 
Harquardt Frivatleben 93—94. 

„ 187 CT uuLTDv ind. ut. Hier. ep. 133 g 13 unum aut, ut mnltum, 
tret homutiatloi. VopiBO. Aurelian 46 % 4. 

„ 187 188 EEs KniiA MiNoma conbtabit patbi quak filies Gatftker 
on Anttmin. 1 g 4 (where the emperor profesaea gratitude to hia great 
grandfather for having taught him to attend public lectures and employ 
good t«acherB at home, and for the leaaon Sri eh ri TnaDra iainriyiLS 
iraXlattiy. His correKpondence with Fronto ehewa how he reverenced a 
teacher vho, in style at least, could Bcarc«t; hava been leas worthy of 
imitation), Soribon. Largna dedication to C. luliua Callistua (Patav. 1656 
p. i 1. 10 up) srmC qiddam qui pinrii omnia qvam le <pao» aettimant, 
Varro aat. Men. rcpt iStnuiTuv it. 404 Ba. in Oell. xv lU (g 1 thera are 
very many, to whom Yarro'a worda will apl^y) g 2 si, guantum operae 
iwnpiieti, ut tuug pisior bomim faceret partem, eiua duodecimaia phUosophiae 
dedifiei. ipte bamig iam pridem etiet factia. nvvc ilium qai norant, Vvhiiit 
emerentxlibua centum, te qai noBit nemo centuisi). Pint, deeduc. 7pr. p.l 
(Holland p. 5 12) 'now when children be groweu to that age, wherin Uiey 
are to be comuitted unto the charge of tutors, acboolemaatera and 
governors : then, parents ought to have an especial caie of their state, 
namely, under whom they set them to be trained up: least for irant of 
good providence and foresight, they betray them into the hand of some 
vile alavea, baae harbariana, vaine and light-headed persona. For most 
absurd and ridiculouB is the practise of many men in this point : who if 
they have any aervanta more veituous or better diapoaed than others, 
some of Ihem they appoint to husbandly and tillage of their groundi 
others they make maslers of their shipa. They employ them (I say) 
either in merchandise to be their factours, or as stewards of their house 
to recaive and pay ail; or elae to be banquers, and so they trust them 
nith the eiohaunging and turning of their monies. But if they meete 
with one alave among the rest that useth to be onpahotten, given to 
gluttony and belly cheere, or otherwise is nntoward for any good service, 
him they set over their children to bring them up : 'Whereas indeed a 
govemour over youth should be wel given and of a right good nature 
himaelfe, such an one aa Phoenix was, who had the breeding and educa- 
tion of Achillti ' cet. ct aat. xiv n. p. 289, Tac. d, 29 cited on 218. 
Liban. iv 199—201 B other men's strength resides in the body, the 
nophisfs in the aou) : Uierefore you may hear a father say that he would 
gladly puTchaae tbia poseession for his son at the coat of his whole fortune. 
Stoiy of a father who attended lectures with his eon, acting as his xoi&i- 
•yiirTAi, ihoQgh he Imew that his slaves were wasting hia estate at home. 


Vn 189 190 NOTOBUM riTOBUM F&cat. 37 nuUam maicrem eitt crediderim 
priveipum felicitatem quaaa feciite felicem et intereettiiee inopiae et vicUte 
fortanam et dedUie koJaini novum fa turn. (iiUNa. (after TarEieb.). 

„ 190—4 the Inekj man, like the Stoic aa«e (Lucil. inc. 135 MiiUer. 
Hor. 1. 1 3 124—6 Polroer], is fair aod brsTe and wise and highborn, the 
prince of orators and of athleteB and of aicgerH. 

„ 194 ET, Bi FEHFBtUT, c&MTAT BSSE Hor. op. 1 1 108 praecipue tanu$, 
nisi cam pitnita moleeta est. 

„ 195 ExciPUHT Stat. s. T 6 69 70 mens iile, nutu. teiiare cadenlem \ 
eiaepi. Grimo. 

„ 196 Lncil. xxvi 11 M {in Non. 78) ila uti qaisqut imtmm t bulgoMt 
matrie in lucem editiu. Orang. of foundlings 'LuteCiae PariBiorum dioti 
Ut tnjaat rovget, non tarn, quod vestibus rubris indoantur, quam quod 
adhuc a matre rubentea ipsis in vicia eiponantur et eicipianlur, ' 

„ 197 DB RHKTOHE CONBCL MantL IT 46 ex exsvle conavi. Suet. Galba 
14 tx aiiemoTe praefectui praeturii. Gapitolin. Pertiiux 1 g 4 ^^r Utttrii 
eUttuntariii et calculo imbului, daita eliam Graecu fframmatico atqve inde 
fiulpicio Apollinari, pott guem idem Pertinax gramsuiticen ptofettiu eet. 
Spartian. Sever. 1 g 6 octavo deeimo atttm pubtice declamavit. Hand 
TuTB. 1199. II 644. 

,. S02 ooBvo RiRioBALBO so white blackbirdBwereeihibitedaBoiiriosities 
Vano r. r. lu 9 g 17 (of galUnae ratticat) aipecta ac faeie incoataminatae 
in omatibiu puUUit eolent voni cum piittacii ac merulia albiB,iteinaIfi» 
id getaa Ttbia imaitatii. Prisoian perieg. 416 — 6 flic mecnloa perkibent 
alboB {miTabiU dietu.) . . . tuuei. anth. Pal. u i36 earriii fno Xfuxoiit 
KiptiKat rntlfit re x^^^^l I rOpehit "ij S6infAtn' jtijropa KarTro.b&KT\r. 

„ 203 c^iBimuE Sen. brev. vit. 10 % 1 non tx hit oathedrariis 
philoiophii. Friediander \' 288. Eunap. p. 49* 32 Didot. ib. 49 roC »(«- 
StvTiKiiO B^av. p. 46a 7 (of Sopatei) roii ^airiXcitKi iynieiTai Bfbmt. 
Aug. de diHciplina ohriat. § 9 (vi 984'' Qauni«) do not shew jour love to 
jour ne^hbour b; partaking in hia sina ; ia,y : Chrittiamit ei, Clirittiania 
lum : nun hoc accepimai in donui diiciplinae, non hoe didicimut in ilia 
tekola quam gratii intravitaaa; mm hoc didicimm tub ilio magitlro Cttiia 
cathedra in caelo est. % 16 1988") Chrittm e>t qui docet; oathedram 
in caeio hahel . . . ichola ipai\u in terra eit, et ichoia ipiitu earpue ijxiu* 
at. On the bishop's cathedra oi sedei (whenoa 'tee'), Bpurot see Bingham 
Tm 6 ^ 10 11. Haddan in CCA -cathedra.' 

„ 206 EI HDNC this may, 1 now think with Silveatri, Webei, Tenflel, 
be nndeistood of Carrinas. 'him too Athens saw in destitution, nor dared 
to bestow on bim aught but ita hemlock,' i.e. it left iiim to atajrve or end 
bis miaery by poisan. 

„ 206 oELmia ctcutib xrn 186 n. Ando^id. or. 3 g 10 p. 24. Lys. 
or. 18 § 24. Tanro Hecatombe rtpl BvaiOr in Mou. 27 (fr. 99 Buoheler) 
Socralei cum in vinailis pubticit eiset et iam bibatel Kiiirtiar,inexodiovitae. 
Tao. IT 61 Seneca . . . Statium Annaevm, dia libi amicitUix fide et arte 
tnedicinae pTobatum, oral proviium pridem venenvia, quo danmati publico 
Atheniauitua iudieio exetiTiguerentaT, promerel.adiatumquc kauiit fruttra, 
frigidui iam arttu et cloio corpore adveraun vim venem. Plin. (see Sillig's 
md.)iXT|161. iivgl38 some took hemlock to provoke thirst aJtii eicittam 
pirae$umentibu» at bibere mori eogat. Henuann-Stark griech. Staata- 
alterth.' 3 139 9 (our oommou hemlock, oonium maoulatom L. oiguS de 
Socrate). Plut. ser. num. Tind. 10 pr, p. S54» Wytt. Fhilostr. sopk I 8 
g 3 f . Oribas. □ 665 Bar. tiircKir Jn T-js drpwi j^furiKqt iari Svrd/um, 
Sararret laaatr. lau), amon, 26^, 

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Tn 207 TBHCEU BT BIN! FONDEHB II 06 n. nudo lattTt tt oeTea. PUd. ep. 
m 11 3 1 a. Ov, met. zm 290 rvdit tt tine pecUrrt milet. Ov. un. i 7 61 
atbo et tine tangnijie vultu. For the prater sit tibi terra levii see Prop. 
1 17 21—21. Wilmannsp. e03a. OreUi 7382. Brisson de form, i o. 14H. 
EircbmanD de fun. m c. 0. Ov. am. iii 9 67 68 oisa quieta, preeor. tuta 
nqtiieitiU in umo \ tt lit hutaui cintri non ontraia tuo. The correspond- 
ing cnree jb. ii 10 IS lolliciti iaccant tetraque premantnr iniqva. 
Tert. tegt. an. i Died, terram gravem imprecarU. 

„ 306 ind. vtT. Bil. iti 310 Drak. Minac. Oct. 13 § 6 comm. Mart. 
iSe. Becker GaUiiB> m 380—1. Hermann-BlHmnergT.PFivatalt.^ 380^7. 
Freedmen were sometimes bound ai certam times to crown the deceased's 
tomb or bnst (Wescfaer and Foncart, infur. recneilliea i Delphes, Par. 
1868. n, 110. 136. 142. 420. CIG 8922.' Becker 1. c). Tarro (Piin. «xv 
S 160) gave orders that he shoold be buried, Pythagoras- wise, amid leaves 
of myrtle, olive and black poplar. Phn. iii g 10 Jlorum quidem populiu 
Bomamu honorem Scipioni tanlam kabuit. It was Scipiu Serapio, who 
died in office, not leaving enfficient estate for his funeral eipenees. atiai 
ergo eontulit populut ac fanai eUtcavit, qvaqvt praeferebatur florea « 
jyrotpeetu omni ipanit. % It et iam tunc coronat deomm honoi eraat . 
■epnlorornm et manivm. Capitolin. Anton. phiL 3 § 5 tonium atitmii 
kfmoril magietrie evia deltilit, vt imagines eorum aureat in larorto liaberrt 
aesepolcra enntmaditu hoitii» floribuB«nij)fr konoraTet, DCasa. unt 
3 % 1 A.D. 83 Domitian slew the player Paris tor adulter? with his wife 
Domitia, and as many not AfSKri lal /lipoit rir T6wor ^((irw 4Ti)iar, he 
gave orders for them to be slain. Sirchmann de fnn. iv c. 3. Marqnarilt 
BtV. m' 296— 800. Schenki has not notjced that Aua. epitaph 86 ( = ivu 
80 p. 78 S) 1—8 imitates luv. aparge mero cineree hene olentit tt ujiguine 
fuinlt, J hotpei, et adde roiii baliama puniceii. { perpetnum mihi Yer 
agit iniaerimabilit urn a. Pmd. cath. 3 103 of Eden ver ubi perpetanm 
Tedolet, Elsewhere we find ver aeteraum, luttduuni. 

„ 209 Cnrt Wachsmuth die Wiener Apophthegmen-Sammlung (Fest- 
schrift znr Begrtfloong der in Karlsnihe vom 27—80 Sept. 1882 tagenden 
Philolngenveraammlnng) n. 16. 134. Theon (progymn. in Spengel rbet. 
gr. II 103 20 = 1 213 Walz) to the saying of Isokrates in rais BidaaKi- 
Xovt rpoTifirtTfof T*ip varipuiv oi fihi -yip Ti f^ ij^v, ol ii ttSaanaXoi 
rt <aXi« f^» tipfaxorTO, retorts eun fr^w .a\wt tv'< '' f4 to f5i> si nripfs 
mpirxo"!!. Capitolin. Ant. Fins 10 g 4 Antoninus had brought Apollo- 
nius from Calcbis as a teacher of the yount; Marcus; Ap. refusing a, 
summons in Tiberianam domum, because ' non magiiler ad ditciptilam dtbet 
venire, ltd diicipulvi ad magiitnait,' he laughed 'it was easier for Ap. to 
oomefromCalohistofiome than from his house to the poIoltutR.' g5 wben 
Marcus morluuin ediieatortm luum ,^n-«I vocaretiir [? av-] que ab aviieit 
ffiinittrii ab agtaitatiane pietatig, the emperor interposed pemtittitt iltl, 
u( homo eit: tieqiie enim vtl philotopkia vel imperiiim tolUt affectvl. id. 
M. Ant. phil. 3 §g 3—5. see the grateful aoknowledgemeuts of Amelius 
conun. I gg S — 13. 

„ 209 210 TOLUEKE ESSE Very freqnent of the appointments of nature 
or providence, of established traditions cet. man; exi. in Merguet lei. 
Cio. IT 1004 — 8 e.g. Verr. i g 113 quid enim natara nobis incnndiui, qaid 
coriiu esse yolnit? Snll. g 8 nu natura miierirordem, pairia leverum: 
erudelem Tucpatria nee natura ease voluit. Oai. in gg 144 14S. 


g 1 n. I 6 g 6. 10 g 5. Sen. rh. contr. to praef. g 6 soUicitus deelamatoret 
qui de dictioJie ma timeiet etiaw cum dixiuit. Flin, iv|64(HfOT« prae- 


itkntiQB et qnod dlutiW servatiir. szni ; 1S3. Sen. ep. 73 3 5. 
ben. 1 1 S 4. 13 g 2. Uart. 1 39 6. Eutr. th 13 pr. fnneBtiBBimas at 
i{ni...piirgBTerit. Observe the nssge (conj. after gut oonseo.) of Eutr. 
viu» vir intigaiB et qui merito Nwnae Pampilio eonterAtui ){ OMat 
Capitolin. Ant. F. 3 S 2 Undabiiis et qni nurito Nunuu Pompilia «c 
IxnuTum KTilentia itomparatui. OUBtdTna FiBoliec in hiaLat. Qcaaaaax 
V 670 (Mew Toik 1676) iua en. of botli imd. u)d couj. 

Vn 210 HEiTJii'B viBoiB jud. Tirpa. TopUc. Tao. g 6 viTgarnm 
magiBtraliam ictibvt terroriqne. Hor. a. p. 416 didicii pritu eiti- 
muitque magiBtrnm. Orasberger Siziehnng im klass. Altertham I 
373—6. n too— 3, 22S. Or. a. a. i 13 14 of Achillea gut tolinu lociot, 
totieia fzttmiit Iwttet, I w^iiturannomm pertimniBBe lenem. Aog. ep. 
133 (169) 2 (to the tribune MaroeUinns, reBpecting the punishment of 
Donatist murderers) imple, chriitiaTie ivdtx, pii patrii ogicium . . . noH 
perdere paiemam diiigentiam, quan in ipia inquiiiiione lervcuti, qimiidj) 
iantoniM icelerain confeiiionem, non extendtnte eqauUo, non euleatUibia 
ungtili*, non urenCibui Jla7a/nis. led virgaram TerberibQS truuti. qui 
rnodiit eoereitionU a magistris artinm liberalium et ab ipiit parm- 
tibuj et saepe etiam in iudieiie 9iiUt ab epttcopia adhiheri. Liban. ui 
266 fi what the masteF importB to the child, the tator keeps, it' ur ylKp 
Ar ij ^uXocif yivoiTOt tur raiSayuyiar iariw, iwiKti/iinvrt KtKpayoTiMV, 
fidpdor ititii6vT<iir. ifkiItdi atiirrur. In works of art where Cbiron is 

I'^docstion d'AJchille representee sue les monumens ds I'art (bullet. A 
Taoad. de Brnxelles 1843, n pt. 2 p. 46C). On the consti. Eeina on Ov. 
met. iSaSmetuentiotuUadeoium. 

„ „ ACHILLES ind. Tert. psU. 4 ille apod rapicem et lilvicolatn tt 
moTatrum erudicorem terupea tehola emditai. 

„ 213 ciTHABOiDi maisTBi icd. Chiron. Or. m. it 630—9. He its 
SuraiiraTOt in Hoin. suxppar and ^aSiiar^t in Find. ftrtpimaToi in Enr. 
HiB knowledge of medicine (Plot.] vit. Horn. 303 pr. SU. 11 449^152 
nam, qwu Peiiaca formabat rape camndo | heroum mtnlei et magni pee- 
tora Aohillis, | cents uto dilecta chel;B eompetceret inu [pereutta 
Jide. Sen. Tro. 832 — 6 iam trucu Cliiron pueri magister, | (innulai 
pUctro feritnte chordat, \ tunc quoque ingentei aaiebat irai | bella eanejido. 
Btat. B. n 1 66 89 tenero lie blandut Achilli | temifer Haenumiwa vinnebat 
Pelea Chiroa. t 3 103 — 1 guigu« tubai aerei E'Cuoaqu^ audire voUntem \ 
Aeaeiden alio frangebat carmine Chiron. Quintilian, advocating (1 10 
g§ 9 — 33) the study of mnsic for an orator g 29 haec diutiui'/orent dicenda, 
ai hoc itudium velut novum praeciperem, % 30 cunt vera antiguitui tugiw 
a Chiront alque AchilU ad noitra tempora apud onnei, qui niodo legitinani 
diieiplinam mm lint peroti, duraverit, cet. Max. Tyr. 34 (18) g 1. liiban. 
or. IT 1013. Auson. idyl 4 (nn protrept. p. 37 Sdienkl) 20 21 n'c 
neju< Peliaden terrehat Chiron Achillem | Themalico permixUiit 
equo. Sidon. c. 9 ( = 1 Barel) 130—6, ending dormit moUiiu in iuba 
magiBtri. 0. 23 ( = 20 Baret) 200—2 wc n Feliaco daUu binembri \ ad 
eentauiica plectra conttitittem, j hinnitam dupIiolB timens ma- 

„ 313 Cio. rep. 1 g 43 magiittr u 

Bpernantque discipuli magistroB. DChrjs. , _ _. 

Alexandrians) there is in your oitj na small nnmber of BO-«atled cynioB, 
who in croas-roada and lanes and lobbies of temples collect and cheat 
children and sailors and the like, doing no good, bat the grefttett mi»- 



chief postible, accoBtoming the Ignonmt to mock philoBaphen, ^artp iir 
tl nuddi Tii tetpH litoTirdXMr nara^port r. 

Tn 213 BUA QVEHQCE On BUI guugoE see Diigez hist. Bynt. i* 78 71t. 
liv. m 32 9 6 Weiea. ixiv 3 § 6. Too. zit 37 Nipp. Caes. b. c. i 63 g 2 Era- 
nter-Eoftnaim. lei ooloii. lal. Oenetiv. (a.v.o. 710 = b.o. 44, m epbemeriB 
epigraph, n 116) tab, in 7 13 (expanding abbreviations with Hubnei) 
AtuniDJr aedilii praefeetu* coloniae Genetivae luliae guieumque trit, u 
■no quoqne atiTW magiitratu imperiogiK /otiW. 

„ 214 ciciBONBji Aij^oBHooA Quiotil. II 1 S 69 quodadmitunuiexlenu 
pn-liiKt, CiesTo varie . . .Allobrogas u( hostei iiueguituT, Compare 
the taunt of Begulus (Plin, ep. i G g 11) Sairiut Rafia, cni non eet oum 
Cioerone aemnlatio, et gut ctmUntia at ejogutnlta laeeuli noitri. 
g 12 now that ;on tell me. Bays PI, I see that it waa meant apitefnlly ; 
elae it might pass as a oompliment 'eit tnim,,.mihi cum Cieirant aemula- 
lio, ntc >Tim eonteniw elaquentia laecali nottri.' We must soppoBe that 
DDz Ratan was of Pliny'B way of thinking. 

„ 216 OBSuo cL 223 n. teduti. 

„ 217 Uarqnardt Frivatleben 93—94. Frie^lander i' 288. eep. Eoha 
Verfaasnng dea rJVm, Beichea i 83 — 104. ood. Theod. uii 3 |de medida 
et pcofeasoriboB, with Godefroj'a notes; esp. o. U where therfteiorbaa 
doable the pay of the grammaticui). 

„ 216 OOBTOS Plin. ep. m 3 S 4 n. 

„ 219 4UI DiBFENBiT, nuHOBi BiBi FiiedUodeT i> 113=1^ 113 vast 
forlnnea of imperial dUpentatorti. 

issTTfOB HiBEBNU TSDEiis FnedlJinder comparee the bargainiiu; in the 
inttrpreltimenta (printed 1873 by A. .Boucberie coticeB et eitraits dea 
mannscrita nm 277 aeq.) in Hanpt opuso. n 446 ; ego duco me ad vtitia- 
Titim, QMaiUi pareclum (the pair, ij tliyvif Centum denariit. Quanli 
penvJat I>u<!#nEii denariis. Non poieit tanli. tanli coiucal de infertori- 
bui (from the importers). Quid dabof Quod iutierii. Da iUi [c}xxu 
dfnariof. cf. Aleiia in Ath. 224' iir 8' tpar^si, rbaoii mbt ttari>tat \ 
a-uXcii i6' Atrot ; Sit d^oKwr, ^rfirfr. P^ipi. \ hiettji Xipmt St : tCrtp ilwtT rir 
tnpor, I u rSi- XajSi tal )ti) xolf* ' toctouSI. rapdrpixt- For the imtitor 
cf. Sen. ap. Hier. adv. lorin. i 47 (n 314°) inatitoreB gemmaram ierica- 
ramque vtitium. Hie huckater Aiistomenes (Apol. I 6) hawked honry 
aod oheeae through Theaealy, Aetolia, Boeotia. 

„ 222 nuMUODO koh fgbbat, quod 225. [Qnintil.] decl. 11 g 1 fin. ne 
pereftt, qn od uitioni mtai cpntingit bojiu* pater. 

„ „ KKDIAB nocTia IB BOBA ind. ludi. Libaii. 11 £92 B many leave 
their own hooaea and spend tbeir time in those of mogiBtrates, iotar- 
rnpting their breakfast, or if tbey are asleep, Poait rah rur r/Korrar 
d^urrf jurrat ^aXXov q roTi rapd riiy riuSayu-ySir ol ralSis, EO of the tutor 
(TaiflayuryAf) in 256 Si ^vrAtr rt xal r^ r^o^ UTii7f£ r^ XAx^V* "^ rp^ror 
airrir i^iwpiff-ai ir' iiiifor Ipxerai, v\tov rt tow i\tin-puiriiir toiwc, ty^puw 
TJ X"P^ '■''* airTiSr ■toiruv rairrar -ifrrirai tat t4 toC iiSaSK6\QV, toB Itixi" 
fiiy liiviiiipplat ildirot rbr ytar, iitrh ToiiTa ii oix ipmrrot oHi avrorrat aiH 
wotovmt wfpt aij6ii. id. ep. lat. 7. 

„ 223 SKDiB'TT ind. tcdeo. MuBon. in Stob. fl. lvi 18 (n 338 6 Uein.) 
n^r ft* oAk ArdpiKiiiTtpcif roii xaBTjirSai if xi\ttt Cairep al tro^taralt t6 ^^y ir 
X<tpi<fi i Peeilkamp p. 383 cites e.g. Cic. finn. t g B9*l<itua ot inCeramu» 
Chrt/iippi Bedeutis porretta manu. AeL t. h. iv 28 of Pherekydea 
Kt^6-/ A^\ip /ura rfiv ua0i|rwr. FoUni TUI pT. Grasbrager 
JSrziehang im klau. Alterthnm □ 215 — 7. Jahs DarstdlungeiL aoliker 



Itelieb, velche uch nat H&iid7erk...bezieheii (A.bbaDdl. d. Sachs. Qea. xn 
1861, 291—2). P. ADiiii Flori VergUiuB orator an poeta (in Jahn's 
Floras p. lun 22) 'in reditu at mihiprofetiio titUmrum.' ' rem ittdig' 
nitiinuaitl et quam atquo fm istud animo. Bed ere in acholia at puoria 
praeoiperef of. id. cited ^33. Philoatr. soph, i 21 g 10 i,e\(-,iTo 8" 
a-wb likr ToS Spirov ^im d^jjJriTTt, irt !' 6p9bl iiaX^yoiTij, i-wiHTpo^-iir t' fix" 
6 \iyin col Ippuro. Oq the gravestone of a Bohoolma^ter, from Capua, 
he is seated on a high throne, with a boy on his right haod, a girl on his 
left mermes 1 147). 


wtifii', xiKTflr, carire, coTminare, pectere, pectitiare. The workmen are 
eariUtret, carminatfirtt, pectinarii, pectinalnree ; the comb nrfli, pecien, 
carmen (Venant. Fortun. 0. v 6 praef. § 1 cum...ut ila dictum eil, niliil 
velitretur ex vrllere giiod carminaretur in caniuae. probably a signiScation 
infeuted for the pan: in Claud, in Eutr. 11 468 carmina are surety 'songs.' 
not, aa Biumnar HajB, 'oombs'). Monn. D. vi 115—6 i/i^ Sf lapxapi- 
SiHiTa -yiyiv ririyttro tiSijpoa | flpaKifuf ialmnaa rt(i mtiil \'i]via «:oup7j. 
Anth. Pal. ti 247 a «ol uriva naaiiati^v'- More in BliimnBT Teelinologie 
(as cited 135) i 104—7, Marquardt Privatleban 486—7. 

„ 226 OUOT subibT pdebi Prud. periat. Q 71—3 (boys taking vsn- 
geance on their master) Tcddimai ecce tibi tarn milia malta notaruM, \ 
quam stando, fiendo, ie doctntt excepimui, 

„ 237 Ti.iccus..,iiAHoiii Friedliinderi° 283 (the poets' busts, apoasible 
but not necesBary interpretation). On the poets as teit-booka see Petron. 
4S solebam haec ego piier apvd Homerani legere. Sea. ep. 59 %6 after Bome 
Virgilian criticisma nan iii ago nunc hoc diligentia, ut ostendam, qaantum 
Umput ajmd grammaticumperiljiifrtin, led ui...hoc intellegat, quantum 
apudEnniam et Acciam verbonim tittu oecupacerit, eum apud hajt£ qwjque, 
qui cotidie eicutitur, aliqua tiobii subilitcfa tint. Orig. In pa. 3<Jhom. 
3 6 (HI 18y L) an importunt passage on the course of study : Rramma- 
lians (teaching poeta, the drama, history); rbetoricians ; philosophy, 
logic, geometry, astronomy, muaio ; in abort tlie triiium and (excepting 
arithmetic) the quadrivium. Marquacdt Ftivatleben i 101. Gell. ivui 2 
% 0. Add to Mullach'B fragmenta ol Xenopbanea /( ipxv' "^' 'QMpor 
irtl /lefiaeiiiaiai irdrret (Diaoo p. 33). Friedlander i> 3li9=i' 110. Pjut. 
qu. couv. VII 8 3 g 5 would not have tragedy among acroaniata (recita- 
tions at feasts), nor the old comedy, partly because of its gros^ness, 
partly because of its recondite personal allusions ; else, as a cupbearer 
in a state dinner stands at each gnat's side, so each will need a urtaa- 
mariaa to explain who is Laespodias in EupoILa, Kineaiaa in Plato cet. 

„ „ HAEBEiiliT...MABONi Aa^reo c. dat. Ill 233. x 144. CatuU. Verg. 
Hor. Ov. Phaedi. Sen. trag. Curt. Cels. Tac in Muhlmann ; with in c. abt 
111 248. II 61. 

„ 2^8 ooomiioNB VI 485. ivi 18. 

„ „ coQHiTiDMB iitiBDNi sveu to the time of Hadrian we find tribunes 
employing interceiiio against the orders of mogistiatea, the ancient 
atixiUum. This function is to be here understood. Claims for honoraria 
were settled not by verdict of a jury, but by the praetor's decree: 
redress must beson^tfrom the tribune. Under Hadrian Pumponiusseenu 
to describe the circumstances eiisting in hia own day, when before the 
consuls, praetors and aedilcs he names tribunes of the people as magia- 
trates jd^. I 2 2 § 34) who lura reddebanl ; an incorrect eipreaaion 
denoting their function of ajinuUing a decree (Mommsen roui, Stit. 11* 
293 8. Cf. i' 258 3, 267 ?■ where he cites ad Uerenn. n S 19 <a [iudicata] 

dt, Google 


laepe direria iunt,uf aliud alii iudiciaiitpTattori ant comuJi out tribauo 
plebi' placittm lil, where the cocbdIbt intercessioii is meant). 

Tn 230^240 obs. tha annpliora of «(, dicat, jitoi. exigitf u(, ne. 

„ 230 vsKBOBtru iiBovi.t see ezi. of such discaeaiona in Gell. iv 9. 

„ 231 HiBTOmiS VI 460 n«c biatorias tciat onrnti. Harqnardl 
PiiTatleben 106 cites L. Priedliindei de historiamni emurratione in ludis 
gnunniBticis (iad. leot. aoad. Begiomant. 1671. c). 

„ „ iOCroBBS BovBHiT OMNis Bee tie Taunt of juupiam Knyuae Ikjlinue 
litUralor, with wbom GelUns (iyi G) umnBed himaelf after a sea'Toyage 
g 3 Ugebat barbart imciteque Vergilii teptimuta. in qao libra hie veriitt tit : 

cejitmn lanigeriu mactabat rile bid^ntii, 
% iet inbebat rogart le. si gnis quid omnium reium vellet disoere, 
g S ttim ego iruiocii hominit conftdeniiam demiTaliu: ' daceuit' tTupiant, 
'tuw, ina{)iaier, cur bidentes dtcanturl' The jiebulo diacoTers his i){ao- 
ranee and GelliaB his le&inlDg. 

„ 233 moiTM GiSord ' aod have all authors at their finger's end.' 

„ „ TOBTB Holjday 'by ohanoe and on the by.' 

„ 233 PHOEBI h/LLSKiL Biicbelei in Rhein. Mus. hit (1880) 395 PA. b. 
lUT. commemorat in qaibus paaperculus litterator layet, qaae Dafnti 
appetlantur scholiaata adioit. gratuita piaebita bahiea AgrippOie aedilitste 
Chili, iam Komae ad infinitum aucta nnmemm Flinius ixivt 121 
Bcribit, balnea naacLir in notitia nrbia numeraotnr.' ego nou aadeo 
adaevcrare idem balneum fnisae priua dictum a Fboebo, post ccl annos a 
Daphne, vereor ne interpreti ignoronti locum et quaerenti intempsstiTe 
sabvenerint Apollo et ApoUinis amoces. The foUowiug puzzles all relat« 
to VergiL S^ius will furnish many as edifying. 

„ 234 Pint. qn. oouT. iz 8 on which hand was Aphrodite wotmded by 

„ 23G nonLis to Maikland ma. 

,. 238 OEiuon theuseofwazin theartsEeeBl[imnerTeahno]ogie(aB 
cited 135) n 2—4, 154—8. With the thought of. Hot. ap. n 2 8 argilla 
guidvll imitaberis uda. Sen. ep. 25 g 1 temraJiTigiaitur. SO § 6. 

„ 239 209 n. notes on Plin. ep. iii 3 3S 3* PP- 68—62, 264. Flor. (as cited 
233) SLIM 25 aeq. once I tboaght of the soholastio profeaaion as yon do; 
for five years I was so weary of it ul nuigwim vivere putarem liomitum 
miaeriorem. zlit but on comparison with other oalliugs tandent aliq-uarula 
jnilcritvdo tutetpti operit appanxit. icire te trgo nuTtc oporlet nitllum 
maiut pTiudium, nuUiim procuralionem, nullunt konorem decfrni quantia 
fit noatrat profft'ionit ; if the emperor had made me a oentuiion, a prefect, 
a tribune, it would have been no little distinction. H trgo non Caeiar, 
ted FoTtuna hoc genta itationii imtaixit uli pucrii ingenuii atqne hoiuttit 
praetidereint noniu f jt>t pvierumvideor atgue inagnijicuiii comecutui officivmt 
quaeto enim, proptui inltiere, uf rum praeclaritu sit lagulatii an praetexta- 
tit inprrareJ barbariB ^eralisqve peetoribat an tnitibut el innoiii*? bone 
IvppitcT, qvjim impeTatorivm guam regiiaa ett sedere a $aggeitu praeoi- 
pientem bonos mores et sacrarunt stadia liUeraram, iani oarmina 
praelegentemquibuiora m«nlesgu« /nrmanlur. Sen. cons. Marc, 24§Jj 1 — 3. 
Sievers Libanius 21 ' the young folk were not without supervision ; they 
had their paedagogui with them and he might be of great service to them. 
Libau. m 255 the paedagogi are in honour next to the teaobeis. great, 
verily great are the benetits which the young derive from them: dvdytai 

^pou/joJ Tijf li*flolwi7i ^\nial. dJtm ^liXami, outm Terx<«, dT*^a(ii'iwT<t 7o4i 
micui ipurras, aruSoSmi, ilpyorret, tin ^ii»T(t j/uXetv, dwoxpavoiiom rat 

i., Google 

464 OCUU TREltEKTES. SCHOOL-FEES. vn 239 — ' 

wp^tlKdt, iXarroOrrrj K6rtt rpii \6iioiit ■ycynitmH. ib. S35— 7. n G92. 
IT 868. ep. 139. 172. 236. Few ffttbera resembled bim vho remained 
with his son duriiig his whole oonraa ep. 958. or. m (not n, bb Sievera) 
200, as Huraoe boasta of his tatbet.' 

vn 239 LtroAnx Mart, n 26 S. comm. on Petron. 11. Hot. ep. i 11 3Q 

Obbar. so bim. mU^u. 

„ 240 TiciBVB Btat. dted on t 31. 

„ 341 lUNiiB Ti 238. Or. a. a. II 706 seq. am. m 7 74. Uart. n 42. 
Sen. rb. ooDtr. 4 ^ 11 inter puerilea oondiscipalarnm sinas las- 
ciTiam manu obseena inBsisti. Ath. 577'. 

„ „ ocoLoa TBEHEHTis h M 96. Or. a. a. n 731. Apnl. met. m 
U fin. Apol. phTBiogD. (in Tal. Bose anecd. i Berl. 1864) 123 17 (ooali 
pravi) li trementes/iuriNt, nihil turn audebunt qvod iniguum improbum. 
129 21 fut . . ineertoM paipebrat promoneta atque coniungunt tub divertii 
WOtibiu papillanan ae tapertti* ciliam molliur oeulit luperdacunt, ernatdi 
rant, qui antem alUram ex luperioribui palpebrii paulatim deprinoint tt 
noUiler revocant tt aeittn diriguiit. affcctatorea pnL^tudatii sunt ei motchot 
tt adulterot u projUentar. <ntcr4um palpebra euperior ad medium iia de- 
ducitur ut hinc atqut illine refiexit atqae reiractit angulii ttibUiceat oeuUa, 
Mimulque ineertiu palpebrat agunt: hate etiam ligna moechit tt adtilterU 
attribata tant. ib. 119 8 ocuti trementes mapni eun pererrant. . .el 
voraeitaMmetitaemptrantiataviniimwt intempetitiiiiifveneTit. Follow 
two other classes oi ooali trementea (glauci and non jfZouci). Fonrteen 
pp. 116 — 180 are taken op with rijra drawn from the eyeH, und mnoh 
ie omitted. Veiily, to jadge b; this manQal non at ieve tot puerorum 
obtervare oculot. Bee Fers. i 18 Caeanbon and Jahn patranti Jracttu 

„ „ IN Fine aBoally of time Piin. ep. m 9 g 20 a SU. n ISO in 
fine labortua. Stanle; 'inline rdi d^jioiiaidjciv vid. Arigtot.' [i.e., no 
donbt. probl. iv 32 p. 880 b 8 Sii rl, tdj i^poSundfn i drepwwat, d o^0aV<it 

„ 243 cnu SB TEBTEKiT iHHDH the nanal payments were monthly (Hot. 
a. t 6 76 where Palmer is certainly rif^t in accepting oeiomn latiet} 
aerii, (hough Harqnardt adheres to octonis), but a contract might be mode 
for a yearly stipend, payable at the end of the old Boman year, i.e. in 
March, or the yearly honoraritim might be left to the generosity of the 
parents. Luc. Hermotim. 60 a philosopher claiming hia covecanted fe^ 
16 days over dne. Mocrob. Sat. i 12 g 7 hoc merue (Marob) mercedes 
eisolTebant magistris quas oampletns annas deberi feoit Or. 
f. m 829 830 (cited x 116 n.). Marqcardt Privatleben 93. 

„ „ SB YEHTBRiT ANNns Plant. Cio. Nep. in leu. Vitr. it 4 § 6 meiue 
Tertente. Stat. b. i 2 157 versamgue domiu eibi temperal annum. 
Snet.Cftl,37t.T«iTi (0(0 vertente anno. Auson.'de nominibns dierum ' 
(eel. 1 1 p. 9 BubenM) vertectibas . ■ diebiis. id. 'ratio diemm anni 
-veitentis' (eel. 7 17 p. 13) Tertentibns annis. Qunther latinit.restit. 
pt. n c. 188 fin. Georges. 


Markland ma. •acdpe — Qnid? exepectasses mereedem lolidani laborum 
taonaa! sed ilia rapi irparSotiaf dicit axcipe — vicdrri cet. idestatipcm 
sliquam exiguam. qaalem in India petere solet pleba pro viotoiibna : bane 
JUe irrisorie et aatiiice avrma Tooat,' Suet. Col. 65 agitatori EuVgeho 
eomiegatioae quadam in apophoretit vieia teitertium conbUit, Nero 5 (of 
BomitinB) perfidiae vera tantae. ut . . . in praetttra mercede palmanaa a\ ' 
gariot fraudaverit; notatut ob luuc et mroria io(o, g 

— 243 POstuLAT AURUM. IT 94. VIII 10. 47. 103. 157. 465 

factianujnrepTveicntaadapraemiainpotttrum ianxit. Hier. ep.6939fiil. 
nunc plerofqut cemimiu vel Javorem populi in aarigaruia moTMi preiio 
redimerevtl tanto omnium hominum odio viveTe,at mm extorqueant peeunia, 
quod mimi impetrant geniibtu. Voplsc. Anrel. IS g 4 vidiraut proxime 
coRmlatum Farii Placidi tanto ambilu in circo editum ul Hon praemift 
dari anrigiflsed patrimonii viderentnr cat. (»8 cited 11 196). 

VII 243 popiTLca posTDLiT TVonto ad M. Caea, a 4 gui beitiat itretmt 
interfecerint, populo postnlanto omatii out manumtttitii, nocentet 
etiam Aominea out iceUre damTiatoi; led populo poetnlauti cotKtdiiii. 
So poitulo Suet. Gul. 30 bis. Claud. 31 (an iiaperial jest) PtUumbum 
poBtulantibue daturum le promiiit, ' ai caplut met.' Tais. h. i S2 bil. 
Lact. epit. G3 § 4 fin. 

IV 04 

O. Jahn in Rbein. Mus. 11 (1854) 627: 'Georgo Tolla remarki: 
AdliiiB GlabrioDia filiua conaiil anb Damitiiiio fuit Fapinii Statii 
carmine de bello Germanico quod Domitianua egit profaatns 
Inniioa Neetorei mitis prudeutia Criepi, 
et Fabius Veientu, putentem Bignat ntrurnqne 
purpura, ter memorea impkrunt nomine faatOB. 
et prnpe Caesareae confinia Acilina atUae. 
ThesH Teraea occur nowhero elBe: Ihat Valla inyented tbem, is incon- 
ceivable, he fonad them doubtless in his ickolia, which on man; paaaagea 
contained fuller hiatorical eitracta than thoae of P and the St Oallen 
ma.; here, aa in otlier places, he has not named Frobus, Ihat SUtiuB 
ttrng ol this theme we know from himself, a. iv 2 64—7 
talia longo post tempore Tenit 
Ini mihi. Troianae qualiB sub collibns Albae 
cum modo Oermanaa acies, modo Daca 'sonantem 
proelia Falladio tna me manna iniuit auio. 
The second verae is corrupt, for Veiento nua named not Fabiua but 
Fabricius; we muit therefore strike out «( and read Fabricina.' 

„ 47 IMA FiiESE QciRiTEH Ov. am. 1 7 39 (2c plebe Qniritem. 

„ 103 104 PoLToLin uOLTOS TTBiiJiiE tiBOK Clo, paraii. § 37 Eehimii 
labala te itupidum deliiwl aut lignum aliquod Folyoliti. miltounde lat- 
luUrii et qvomodo habeai. 

„ 157 KPONAH Jahrb. deS Vereina v. Altecthumsfr. Jm Bheinl. 1842 
169. 1843 43. 1858 91 seq. OreiU 1355 = CIL tii 1114. Henzen 5230. 
Brambaoh CIB 683. 804— 5. H. Jordan de genii et Eponae picturis 
Pompeianis nuper detectia Romae. 1872. Bull. inat. acoheol. di Roma 
Lid (3881) 239—348 (with plates) 'una rariasima etatna della dea Epona". 
A Celtic word (cf. Epoiedia, Eporedii, Eponina). d as in DivSna. 


466 Tin ICl. 177. x 311. 35a xi 172. xn 10& 130. 

Bullet 1806 tar, E n. 3. Fek in BiADOOui's Ciichi tav. xvi. CIL m 
1152. 4761. 

Tm 161 B0BPIT1B inrscTV Tioianvii BwiBiigcE bilutat Sen. ben. 1 14 
g 1 boif/kiuni qvi gvibvilibet, dat railli gratma: naito te (tabulani aut 
canponiB hoBpitem iuditat, Calenns bats of Cicero (DCbbb. ilvi G J 4| 
toi}t V ofiTi vpoiriirTai aainur (ol 7fXiir wirrfp al TavSoinrrpJiu. Ennap. fit. 
Bopli. p. 463 30 Didot ^ li rpowTuva rw tarvKflou to lipBot ipata, rpdt 
ripf imtpiffltaf raptaitcvd^eTO ttal ittrpox^i*' v-r.X. 

„ 177 lEgui iBi LiBEBTiB Ben. n. q. iv 3 g 6 inter nuUoi magii quam 
intiT phibuophoi dtbet utt aeqna libertas. 

vocal libidinii et galae lervat et adulterae, trntnoadnlterBi 

has been ugnal to join extTtnaaa as an epithet vitb ipatitim, bo e.g. Miihl- 
mann b.t. exler col. 1155 med. and Lemaire ind., but my brother (in a 
note printed in my amall edition, 1879), rightlj takes it as a predicate: 
' = firxOTo»' Twv *ilo« d-xaPuB' cf. 188 do Bpatium TJtae: far from being 
the proper object of a wise man's prayer'. In 188 dat. v. is parallel to 
muIlOT da, lupjpiter avnoi. of. Sen. ep. 49 § 10 doce ram esse potitum bonum 
vitae in epatio ti-ui, ted in urn. For iMtr with BuperlatiTeB «ee Iut. n 
10 inter... noJuttnxi. Hand Tursell. m 394. 

In the symposium of Xenophon c. 9 the young Autoljkos retires with 
his faUier before the mimic representation of the drunken Sacchua and 
Ariadne ii introduced. The effect of the action upon the spectators (S J) 
folly jiiEtifles the father's caution and Jurenal's protest. 


108 P. Armandi hlstoire des M^phants dans les guerrea et lea Klee 
des penples anciens jusqu'k 1 'introduction des armes k feu, Xiimoges, 
Ardent et C. 1881. pp. 304. 


AB TTLLO I long ogo traced these words to their eooice Cic. amic g 53 nam 
quil est, pro deortim Jldem atqtie hominumi qui veltt, UC neqne diligat 
quemqnam nee ipse ab nllo diligatai, eircumflaeie omnibus 
copiisatquein omniamrerum abundantiaviverej 

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a bilerf. pKual ■ pronil il< 4S AchillM dliclpultu Cliiiitiiri rlln, iit i ii 


Boimtn tiium prlscuni i 

. -I (c(. Dr»iar hIgL 

ISl). -Llur imgwriU Hlipsnia 1 I 

■bitnut dtTlnltle> Flat, de hn. Sam. i ^^ jU ifL^T^i'lO. , vU IM. irlDlenU 

■iicidn Citullo dmllli forluiia ill U tdmliarl Bnluni dlsinos rll iU conttiui 

Ket[>ltendromld«niUtu3. -elv«6. vUM3. .tindliliiceTtlt 1 11 

^Sdc mu Ho.-iiur,- M ilU JW. kU. odntUp iI v«iun -imiu III 17L il pliddi 

baiu tA. UGKllla te] pottul Arr<a tU udmareu mille Inde maaliUM. hlnc ta- 

Uqu« luun (flckelil) Rutllae <tue I Wi. riularl) ll«l -to dlcUt periuiid Uuru 

llT m. I\ tell«ll ilMM -lor Jllo Tl 

ATflD Impftiu 11 fl'J ftoqumr* amm rnmine ainiLU aonn 

u«rao pfninnun s(repLtD gvidet HutUiu id&. Iiudc egrejfluic populuB putixt 

Il> 18. dsmDie ruUntUl M ■Rlflcam 11& docal Inullabile vdIuid 

uemu liueni DUOITnonim stabut tUI ICO. qiue lomquc mutqne -FDdl pulu 3: 

llcM ipH ildenl daicl mmioM glgniUt -oa ndwdlw cuius puellH il 301 

lUer tduHl nqov* mini at uroIb ta 

AebMlqiKilspoitlvlMehTfiin i>l«T 


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Inim (go prlnr I ID!. 1 
TtnBir-aitlylOT. 'J'"^" 

ajnim (go prlnr I ID!. UonbiBi quinus Afer cum lenun nnptr Muiui dlidiiurlt 
' ' 'JII252, modiiSDee uruniiiallcul meratttEbor; vilill TnlUr 

nus-BtilTm, >< clade el pule lublllk 

■uooHil'tTl. 'Ctni KoDUUD quo pnii 

udvenum per mDDtom cacarrl T TTp -lifitt„ -,„ , — 

ilU IM. ^ niEuenllbui lis 6S Arrim qusm odd apit, taic eU i 

acdem conducere lU BL Fottunu atoue cnrD Brofille I'^illse et I'c — '-- ' 

Hereulta iLy 0*. ftajranU ti -o ill Btt ijcMncmptt ■ ■ ■ 

ril U. UlcB Terben 
— m prtnHwcii-"- - 

. Si^le'rSil* 
aplD etlplAti 

cenlibui -!• conceajumT ilU !M. [un ollntiu in -oa Ul 3K, nroiind* tcndU 

ipurliuuiDi BpBiwitibm Iv IT UnU, ltd mBiorei ApollB Tendll It it. 

^^orridatt. ^HDlii^ueilnT ua II" D.X"murl oon -i&'ut liv «& nsn mnu 

ocqiuJte habltiu iU 177 

nequat Jongum InTHlldl aoikl calloin orrl* 

. .I'nJwri.'puCJ 
HStiwtlafKTLlparibiift LlbriilDULIi 
BHunu geBU4 -ADda pericula ret 

nbii [ BL quIdqnM 

, ,ute» lirMT, t!iini:t« iam aiplccrei Tialtu 

(K?Ll paribnft Llbrii IDULInm auna Eu^n^a mulllDr TiU It 

Iv le. pauunu nam -aoda pericula rebiu ultchcd procerem vlU ^ 

thium Gactuiaque tantum -ora tiauluel diicta Faului -ehat lardonrcbe, atoue IdBO 

.1.279 plurii quam OaUus -ab.1 Til^43^M. il 

arquu9lavDr(eniiij,)ivlM, -a dh poteitai qualer eciul lil. Luireolum Lemulni 

It7L lb<liberui>liI17T(cr.vDLip. tU). <glt >lil UI. mellu nog eglniv* Til DEi. 

mofH modlcli errorlliui -09 iIt IE r^uld-ai, cuDiI iU ta-Yi l£ aie nt niliU 

■er Uaeltcui adlunU III 12. nptui per -a Ipia fuUine laudli 4i tUI It. quid -ut 

eurvli nngulbut lUt 168. -• lub ctano rentl I a agcm ut phaima CatuUI till 

nermniue cumulus ulllmus III JIO 
xvl 64 149. quod piv 

EiDpTum aie dU n 97. nolalta ^Mj 
eil!eil>6S. utcKdaabldbu-tumlli 
I. quod piddnj" ""^ ■""'" "" 

fpum quol bdntu admlKrUF i 1£A. Parcaax^fifi. -a] 

3 adMLraUHa (uil biproblUa lUI &&. olinu pecunla quaa 

....... .~...»...~ — --. ... bellorum e( padi rebui .endlt xlT 73 

aai dlgu linHTDlllD V flL et pelagl pntii^nl agreAciu falcem priusquam aumereb SaU^ 
■t cuaidlt afque Hgonli doflull lif ti luec nui lUI u 

frvlll .ta llT 1«L anClqul prxHiMim alu Ditjgatat 
ID Adilui *• U. 

dl^pum qi 

■"" '■'^'"■-wnna lun mDroDiua lui B&. mu^* tiw^mm* nii** wnn, ,,. .,_.,,--...-.-. 
Hum a rada 111 lOL 

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Ira <iili S4S. membn -a ttae 140. I. nmgno genipn Umeub -o III SI, 

kHqauida lil IM. TiJ60. liIS Tlllliugandpltei hmsImiiiealurlM. niuii 

illquM DiKiiuiD dubia pro lib^rlala quoi aportula redt -09 1 19. M eicuutum nou 

tibui ml de SeUnls t SI de clunibus .pri «mJcL Oeurit Iv V5 

1«I. liEnorum poxe odui 111 31 Urn- aoif ciu cumci] -se TheMdoi vll SJ 

quam EecGFig ipse, propter qund nobilU vniiu pecuida v«rEa plomtur Ucrindi xlU 

tllulia iDfidBre es, pra«cluum Ruplm- anmig LamqiuDi In man Aiuertt EnrglUbua 

Euatat XV Ti uL tunu tuendLs ^vrlae -IIiua vid ITD 

■IfUr nou poteril donnlnt lil !8L HOD a. mm llet idulur et lllini, qnam noD -bI X 

a poUlu OppU raoKbin I 2a). -sni bldmUi iItu 

1. 'lorilTin 

18L -o par glictcm pe- an non i 164. ui III SJ. iy 110. Ifl 141 It 

^ Sh^one lellcte 111 •!». Ii2 ISS. ut. 

onaniai -oDroKinim >DaphDniilI66-T 

. -M eleplmntOB I IM. nndai nstut 'Ul m -arum Iroutlbtig Id 

lu lei;kiD« cuin cllp«lfl DBScun- 

■mb^niu nJ ri quiDdo cltabere teatli tUI SO lU 90. -o llndle miinll uatust i leu. 

■mMt qum bslteui irl IB prlu^ili -i C^euum In nipe lednitii M 

uiUtlaium tenet Uqueo consuetuda mall Hnem' dabiiDt mm ilulU. non bus i ISil.' 

lUe omlos 227 eihBlusee aplmam i ML plebclu I>«d- 

lacrvv depo^tum iiU 15. b< appmlluni abiUnuit fvthBjoraa 173 

tocutiui de ptuYlb fatum pendeoaL Jt S8. 9L bona debeii mihj piima Till ^1. omne 

lani senli Dusquam trcpldablt occuraum TitEum tajito citnapn]tiui, qiianlo major 

pldantkq adhuc liDi-reu^qu^ pass! tl inco- i Ivi, mlnutk ecmpcr at Inflrml Ml eil- 

T 82. qund mltut. Dun habel Infelii Nu- mutli temrs onnlem I SSI. Inpldnm 

Dil(nr 'li 14. tam slerlll qul9 a«TBm gaJ- dliaa lOmildliie culpas ilc coDflimat iHl 

Unam Inpeudal? Ill ee. cum dBg inveld IDS. DdUm pPaedpil RntaiuTltT 1(. an 

Btultum. qui donot -o ilr 2i&. -urn ocddlt maeli obJectant lactata petaaro eorpon, 

MneiiliilS. qui Bcntii <iUo numquam quani lu! !««. Diundl prlndpio bjnliit 

pattltur 1:1. lUKtDile I'«)ldae noctem 3)». communii eondJloc Dili lantum Udniat, 

tucUDdum el auniu nerUli bdl uxor T uobla -um qiivqua it IIH ieini«U fiuKU 

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470 ' ANIMUS &V8 ' 

nunana -o fligniits libcnl I Ut. Iccu-b qaun, M pdent el pnial ant ■>■■■< 

ToluQi bMK uM luliu 1«& -0 turiDrs Dumen -u rubentl T ilU ST. sd -u Jalftt* 

luipulw ducSecinlu^m peUmui i 160. HI lU. ddHu nuimnoniin ereiiisus 1 m 

UediiliiiH]iub«int-i»>UK Uwtudnl. umbo *Uhio Iwiii MuTiu TtU aw. tb 

HUDoflua Ducem dpiecent eunia il lift tOm tevpon iJ in- propri* cvm lam rndl 

JtODUflt prior rij^ LKlenaui vlii LA3 bidOA vultur liv 80. bclui fgrra geilt« 

ilujui tibi locu|>JeL«Di vguiUuj Bdre»L lOT. arccftura pcrltunun Bummmm Undbua np- 

upectuidua ait qui Ut«s Jnchoot (otius p:>altl9 haud dillicUd ett li 17 

poimJlXTlU. KTTHUe pATla 'i uvbe li 72. arcul vetem ili 11 

«(ludivl«iTalv«ileiialuraiiiiSe. usuni anjet adbue 111 SIS. adoratiiin popuis c^ut 

CODduda in -um lii 925. flniU -o i 117. I 82. inmorUle adlum el numouuD una- 

omlBie dmmnjui udd il SI kii rhombl bile ruinui inter flailimoB UinbDi et Tcd- 

ivlHL pnplsrDulW cedil HnniFra Til 39. t.vra iv 35. In Ilia taeds. qiia ttanles .eat, 

muitoi da^ Juppiterl i 1S8. lUM lam qui fiiD pectorefumaDl il&6. .ectmeoi' 

dnbv coupuEHt W. kauIdU qui iam bra suuuioe xi (L dolia cvnid ooa -cut 

--il tnja rellqiilt ilU II. pueri no lu lir a<r ■ - "- ' ■ " ' 

aipHrlilii4& Improbui -ii iU 2^2. num Id aura i iT. 

lemlU. altaria loTla 1C& iwd«9 UomiU quod UHuam ett vlill^ quod emt, lolia 

as. omiilaiUlsiilSS. alpba et beta (uigebal^ armla il 10$. -o praefErrc »>- 

ilTSOe. dbnmtUaTltK mcumllmea put ill U. Uie nee .um dubilabat millere 

-" UO. Hdaa UfBll *U UL Dudicaa Ui lii 4S. 

. Tt^ta. e^nmnt ilT UO «t. Brgjilan 

lodflnt omlttfld befora reiatlTB [ ISL In " ** 

relaUra clauH UI U, Srljac hlat. Sjot 

.4ntlocliillS3 arldacuni'toiad'eicaidat'Bnuieatelal tiiOL 

uliqnlaetaUMetetU i>l«9. -aadelitore ariila lameiica lumeDla ad virideg hulua 

Uppa colbunio vlTli ^ ritu 1"^.° ■ arma Bupenunt epnilaila vlii 124. qnae In- 

nntnun v"lt^T8,'"2"M/rio rfise. -U 'v?^ 11001™ voj daimtai"lempl£. 

in. ' -mm TuBcum' H^w Mevl* i 2s' '" ' qu"^ " rM it 109. In" parJircurtU^-jB- 

'■Sm JuSn El^'l^^' lubttilt alutaa i-U anua™™>lodB tcnimtur lU SOB. com™ for- 

&S_ tuiuun .i ivl 34 

. paUrr .J capto eriplatur 

' ' oro'quaotuni (i«ri| aub Talio popuim B(f- 

eptui IdbewUi rontlbui Aonldum vii 69. maaiu -abu^r IM 

-ani leue^qu^ua MaeceDatibiu Tealem an dou lun olUdui -te I 123. nulla nan 

IT US. tnlmi qoMaue dabunt dl i MS dbda (rsatur ilia il 111. Ino^ miiaraliilii 

wilt tnwlooi IT tL doctollL a, qnem il 18T cuchtiU pcora ill ST. ImiigDii qulbui 

fjuaanumw tU U. th i&ai poUUa -am flntll prueordla Tltaa lir 3C liaa tiint 

I n alttr -It ad Mam mknia il O (enetoei prlndpii .«« Tiii (21. qnando 

aquUaicunodeidondtlBMWt'rtilR 3bui lioneitli nullni In artn locu m n. 

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Alts Bahbarijs 47 1 

u non hlelkaU -«• IntTklul It lOL tnihii, qid plulpedel -H Ptdlos tVI 191. 

clp« mmc tU bo. Gniu mirui hefldiv bHC quota put AcetflFum, quae euida 

ilM li 100. plurtm™ toKrerit, quibui u.llkMi urbf. -HI ilU iS. cbwii 4et 

i\H liunc tu intlltuaa JIT 7K llercQieoitTldaitoiDffurvlMftoleiniiTno. 

Inim mHgnorum pocuU rno^bat mflet at totlaoi UJuED pHler -iHt Til 100, U1« 

rtcoruiD infleiu lU tM vulil -Itur Statlui iil Sa. toi node (ere 

1 ttnues mltoiiiiUtiuit hoiUbui Lprii it mMlta iii«dlBiiiqu« -it* per urbtin it lis. 

I ciiniu»ciimli™i.-il»iifrMO 

ludilot nibet, cul IHgidB soem eil cjbniiil- 

_.5°?%'"** au/(M»li«iilltiir«inlintTai«lnmiil61. 

Hceodit biDiitHp ivnglo i S3 mmcivUiDhtpiiiecipiumcerHiiil!!. qiun- 

upenuiucullilUiatougTlM tmn nnnibil. 6cavlu» tUI Sli urvuum 

uplctmiu populot IT lis. deui, quteoDwu y^eto acut i EM 

-tii^ tidst si odit IL 111 luclam HUui ■ngcre paculiaculUi Hrrltccelniiirclleiila 

'?P".*E? ^.,,,. mira tnilta m 108. ipl™ vUl 207. effiiilea 

nikbcllSS. IIUITI ccreni^lhecl it 4 

(■MuoleaoreUI. -o MnomB udoi iHl lift. lutkuLucuenKm 0»lb«iii tHI 6 

■itrotuin notui Igram Ul « tJJu! uiSii moTM^"^ 170 ' ""* 

idiliso. liTlsl Tlctorl popiau> ouod pgMuliit tM 413. 

■ttvu prosTonim lU m quadliiiianriflTlliirlirsi. quod Togui 

■Uue 1 U. CT. Il£. Uft. IN. IM lU. UL dcHdentllnu ill eV 

U auWm 111 30*. lit 21T. TtU n». I MIL 114. 

bH^ pulem DOB ulllini tI1» iIt IH. ilM. itUSO, ise. lirSaiOO. IVW 

Tlil is% luiUIuni peteK ei pncsliire IT ISO. opt a 

■lIontUA bzU It T7. -vn urban ii ISv. -o -o iIt US. pro lotia te^ODlbul et pro 

"MtvUrtl. lei.-H™iultor[»lrlivian& *™ pone frtii»till B.^IutJi^ "olmn tn- 

audeo dtcere nomvn I IAS. quSdquld Gimecta avene nwoUa dllatEi curii il 1£3 

ilt4£ piirBaltmafronmfcmimiTH. a^ilriuiin 

dil ttL plurima non .ent homtDH per- avtia qub cen&vit fen-ula srptcm hccfp([>* I 
ton dieen laana t ISL nbut qnai torpl- 0A. noae fecit tempU Till 11\ -oa Hqua- 

■er 4Dl t1 n. bnnra d^ quod tuipltir -« lentti tndudt II 

*fll lU lit la pnlun togatiu 4al, hmna uii qui uia Uguilica portal preraibult HI 
(HI PDlHliu, dlitiiiHil^ DM -vat BicDUOl 3M. -e diato pgrvolal Klamlolaio i tO. 

niielori oitenden denM »l V ID. -eal Artdnoi qui mondloaret ad -m It UT 

III* DMClo qnli, plgDM qui lidlt, d[»ra 

*Tidl'S9^ (mbmlnprapoDraalalemaut badllo nullo d«itiam aulxuiite lit SS 

nun-«t«lt It41. 4 d(»n n miierum baldnftTTO 

III UL tiionnhalM, Inter quai -m lia- lialanttin ptcodem ipitDdere wiwlla iW 13S 

b«n Besdo qnu dtulia Acgjptlut atqua talnia In -a portal cmduo paToneni 1 lis. 
Jrabansba rut. IxwlulaB necdum .(ui tn .a dtfert IcMtadoa puptllara il IM 

*bni hiunEHl pHndars nllctl il OT. ■■ bubi aonalial mOa luToid gnvlB i IK -am 
quod Beeat tunica pnolr* moldla irHi IJI. ardnlem AiUlloetil Tidel i US. cum p«- 

tundeUMaUlBniauunuu-ereivltl len coeperlt iIt US. quiudam cum pr^mn 

audio p«tUnraa mulMM f 9L -It, InppHcr, raecmtui' ciiulna -a tUI IM 

hMc. DM labra marcit ifll 111. cum bartjarui tndupemlor x US. plcla luiia a 
credttot -It tB lOe. popuU from dnrtoc mliiatil<l& lurlwiTM 

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butaida otlcDMHina li ■hct dob tdmns' tMt fnnUan Infelli hic Ipn Bocta fnctia 

(«t,(niid«iiafMcr«aelwit]iliiM InUbiu ^t MS. -u In (emi i(i^ ilU 

beui Id Uia vspblltaoDi 1> M 1% -ul vau fcsHtrii a m. AitDrtd 

dfe-iiuli«l» " DID . q o t^er I S87. -etiDt mnaa lerinitiut lijdrl 

bellitor PTEiuHua dU US. tot -nun (Ads n TO. fUminli Adun fermiue -cntm 

TlUlO iMt. du caiDnu lui pcrluuDU rulDD 

bello matunu liU ug. 4 bonld» apBnvt ilU 

itr tu. uttlii El -onun «t puii Kbus ekciu idulktor tr US. tenam miDuiioi iB 

uudliTt. -Drum •IU>lu I m. pompk H, 4 cupldlw ducll i UL litloJiiiH 

ISL -!• lodallbiu nlcMun unm 1 11 ohIb LunLuum madenU ir IM. ^e 4 u 

bdu (b Aih) It UL UI. Uod tU IT. *1>- Tulnere x 111 Ddo -lliui uildula gludio 

pbuit lU lot tlU W 

bene dianlem tH 14T. cadCM IM. ructDTlt cudtt RufOn ktque ilioH iu» qntmqne !a- 

lU 107. i|>« b. ceaudl . 1««. («ll Uu- mttut •« 211, dum LMenmus luiitu 

liHwfluDM mdia dhd like the gait r m uu aJtuU tUI 166. mUu UitBniDi ia- 

iiti ipiibiu tlajM pnecoidU Tllu il> U uirdo Terben lUI IH ebrlui *c pctulmn, 

BeiTtiu Ul 117. lU qui BoUuni fDrt« »ddLt iH fTS- mc ^ignfo 

UHt qDl totieDI DOTDDI DIUttDDl lOO. -tt '«• psCtDl U TStO llB 127. bebtU luttc 

sni Albula tlLqiiM de monUbui t ss. limBfena -UuinliiiaGeuilllL iogeDlo 

qui! TetlruDi uiqw adeo temenrim ut ultor snt patrii -(i Diediii iDtot pucuU 

blleiii«UocrifeMiKUn.™nniUl« iv IM 

bonmu vita lunmdiiu TindicUi ifU IM. Tern Fortun*^ JM ™ " * «»oid» 

plBlmoecbl-Blenci.ilaplendlluaoullum C>»bi C^dliu ill SSO. nJtte OitiB Till 
h*niitur Bd °PhKl<£T'lir. * bi^DUUL^ calci^r pluU undlque dui^ib IH H& -aDm 

food luipB 4i dtce'U CriipiBUD. It IS 

olSdiw TulTj. pt^lsu li SI. -B* moada 

boi Tetuhu I ffi& .Tbcoijolnnuredcda- 

CopU 11 !9 

cendui ilU lU. -tb perciuia munire 

IfedWunBe V 119. nung .Ddte lu«B 


paua -um yffl lOg 

btKchIa IJparaM nign tBbem* lUI W. 

caJllduiBttelimDotailJS. taiplor OljElM 

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laevUraUe IT ISS. obtrllum-lperUoD 

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il M. quid plua 

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Quod Iioieaatem docet, SI. Anton!, recte et ordine faeere U pato, ui tn 
«c" foramlU tit. cfflf, li uUa ttrnpora, kaec laturatn deriderant : el tn 
latura nemo idoneior ad laorei corrigeridoi Iwenali, ICBtDB LipstOB M. 
Antonio Murtto {tpiitol. qtuieit, n 16). 

luvenalii morti ignoramut : in laturii guidetn mil ri •/•i\o<roipoS/icra 
tic tangit ut facile appareat, diaiurniorem iptum rhttori quam philoiopho 
operam dediise : e rhetoTWn enim tcboia et dectamationvm exercitaiionibiu 
ad lataram icribendam haud dubie i« conttilit : unde ilia acute dicta et, 
vt vocabant, lenttntiae, qua* in optre admirabili 'de poltiea' tantopert 
luliui Scaliger eit admiratui 

itaqtte eum nnivenae kuitu [itoicat] philosopfaae dime lint parUl a 
tapitnlibua proditae, deereta et praecepla, aive t) loyimruiii gal ^ jiapain- 
Tii(4, onmii Horatii et luveTtalis de virtute oratio ad praeceptivam par- 
tem ipeclat: deereta lerio attingunt nurnqtlan 

pTobavit Penii cotuiliara luvenalitt qui non ptr tatxeram, quod 
aiiint, varia argumenta aedtm carmine camptectitvr t ted Fersiano more 
cuique mtarae Ir tal drXgDv ixoKtlianir yirat Mplurimum addicit 

Periiai iam lum in ilia etia adaletcentia gravie totusque ad leveri- 
tattm facial, Xencerati quam Menippo limilior. Gratiii, meo itidieio, raro 
lilarit : longe enim hoc laude et ab Horatio niperatur et a luvenale : guo- 
nim ulerque feliciiiime etl asieealai, quod oolutt noiter, nee potttit : exeel- 
lant igitar in eo Horatiitt et luvenalii, etti rations diverta: nam iUia$ 
lalel tV ixKi'V' arayayiat et, ut ita dicam, plebeium aliquid fere 
lapiunt: ftuiiw omnei ioci, quibui abundat, lia »ub( urbani et laUi, ut 
acumen saepe atque eruditionejn prae te feraitt et ingeaium longo decla- 
tnandi uiu probe tubaetum 

eniiBvero eunt lint loci pbtrei e guibui ridicuUi dicta dueantur, Hor(X- 
tiv$ et laveiuilia eoi iacot non raro vtvrparunt, quibui aliquid iwisel 
obicaeni : qua impuritate cum fere in totum Feriitu abitinueril, non am- 
blgenl lani iudicet, quin etiam in eo dicend'ui lit vineere, in quo culpa 
ingenii vineitar: nimiunenim riiui pretium eit, li hone$tatis et probi- 
tatii imptndio conitat 

ad reUqvat vera juod attinet virtulea toO ti rpayiianKiiv itnl toD \tK- 
TiKoD -ri-rov (qnae vel in rebaB yiA in verbis poaitae BQnC. ut Quintiliamu 
interpretatuT : vel ut idem alibi, r[uae vel ad inventionem vel diapoai- 
tionem pertinent), ne longum faeiam, ita sentio, puritate lemonii, gratia 
7iarrationv.m et AipfliEli/, atque inexplicabili quadam, etiam extra toco*, 
Upore exceilit Moratiua : ubirtatc inventionii, copia exemplortim, trac- 
tandi dexteritate, rif ivpl rat yo^tis iSffXti^iXif (felioi ^nadam aenten- 
tiarum ubeitftte et amplitadine), denique rf iro/iir(«D "id oJiufinTiitp X^f« 
giBudiB et sablimiB oiationis genere, od pompam et aactoritatem condll- 
sndam comparato) praeitat luvenalii, Periitu inter hoi duoi interieetui 
neque caititate lermonii luvenali cedit, et iUa quam expotuimui pugnaci- 
tate, celerilate et ytpyiniTi Horativm tvperat : ekaraeler dicendi in 
Horatio kumilior, in Periio grandior, in Iwenale ut pbirimma tublimii : 
figuTorum, quae ntnt orationi* lumina, beata apud Horatium el lavenalem 
copia. Is. CiucBOHVB prolegam. ad Pertitm. 

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With Notes. London, Maomiltan, iSfj. Crown 8vo. Second 
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