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Full text of "Thomas Spencer family of Hartford, Connecticut; in the line of Samuel Spencer, of Cromwell, Connecticut, 1744-1818"

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3 1833 01432 6422 

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•t- -JivZ,,,.,, "-/..^--J. t'\ll^ /o"/ — 'L hr-1^ "t. ^'-:>i/T-t,-u<r 

. J. < - ^, /f, 

. /AA l-i-^iX,^ >„ 

l)nA>^y-L Spencer = ' -^l^.f^'^ti^^M-t-L [■ 

Unriiel Spem 
Junuiiry. lijJS. 

Jarraril Spencer = i^*4iaE- U>iy«'tv-'-t<«l 
Uelore .May, lajli. , ■<a,<-t '-'l- jj, 

living ,Mareli, 1045. 

living Mareli, 1040. 

living .Mareli, liHj. 

Tliomas SpeiRi 

r.l Spcr 

resiJeot of Canil>rid;|e. .Ma=s., 

mani t.nU "VLareh ,>. lt>:>:-T. iiv=.ui-..^ ■-. ...-■■■• 
from IKa to V»'l.] Cl.OiU, ICn.i?!. of mo '1 rain ■ 
BanJ in Jnnc, lO-W. i!.-n,oveu to Ila. dani.Lo ,n,. 
about 10130. and dil*! between Decemlier 1 1. luS-a. 
and September 3, 1' [:-5. Lett several children. 

Obadiali Spencvi 

jjjya ; took Irevmai. 

Sitb.M.ay.!0. lt>:S; 

Ttionias .Spenct 

!mnvf.l in Snllidil. 
ml dietl .Inly s:. \a 

hnrn . 

livintr Septeni- 

i.l.lin-: 111 ilic ri-qiiot War. 

Ml l-t. : -M. Sept. n, 

Jjii.d ScpK-iiibet U,.1IJS7. 

William .Speno ;r, 
a resident of Cambridge, Mass.. in I'iaa. 'i'mlc freeman's oatli 
4, 1032-3. \ nepiily ;o .Mass. I,..„,,ral „„|- in l..:;l. li,:!.-,-i; 

Elizabetli Spencer = Tomlyns 

living Marcli, 1045. died before .Alarcli, 1045. 

and died before No 
bcr, 1063. Left tiv 
more children. 


Garrard Syii; 

1080, Haniiali'p,. 
lived in lliirlt..:!, 

m.arried Tlir, 
and lived 

Elizabeth Spencer, 
baptizeil Marcli 211, 1048: 
married Sainnei Andrews, 
of Hartford, Conn. 

Hannah Spencer, 
born April 15 or 25, 
1053: livim^ Sep- 
tember, lOSij. 

bo 'n' ^Xv 18, 1055, 
liv 11^ September, 

Oha.linii Spencer, 

born ,10110; Hurried, Rm 

(Kel--ev!I: lived in 
and died Aiiii. M. 174 1 . aged T 

Thomas Spencer, '/ 
born : I 

born in Hartford. , 10— ■ ni 

removed to llidilk-loivn abont 
between April 20 ami .Jiilv .-.. IT 

rri...| ; 

7:;'i: died 

daiiL'liter of .Iplin, of Wetli- 
ersfield. plates of her birth 
and .leatli are nnknoivn. 


-: married, Febru- 
0^0, Marv Booth ; 
in Hartford. 

livinit June, 

Desborougli Snencer, 

born ; married. .March 

27. 1701, Abigail KImer : 
and lived in Hartford. 

.Tohn Spencer = Tllizahetli Tavlor, 

bora in Hanford. C" n.. (let. li). liV.ill; r..- I hum . 1717 : iii.-.l .Ian. 

move-] to Mi.ldletiiwnibouc 1730; married. | :;0-31. l.^iiT. in Mil llelown 

Nov. 4, 1741. and live, in East Middielown : ! North Society. 

died March VI, 1757. :_ ,: 

?.Ielietahlo Spencer, 


riha Eell... 

11 ir .Mi.ldleloivn, 

■ I--'. 1713; died 

Hannah Spencer 
born March 27, 
1703-4 ; died 

Hannah 5 
horn Fell, f: 
died Oct. 

bnptiaed .^ 
.March. 171. 

of Giiiltord, Conn. 

Mary Spencer, 

born : married (Thomas?) 

King; and died between .Tune 
22, 1700, nnd May 2, 1712. 

her father's will. 

born Jlav 7, 1717 
not monlioueil ii 
bis father's will. 

.folin Spencer, 
horn Aug. 7, 

born Feb, 12, 1751-2: lived 
in Xcw Hartford and Bark- 
hamsted, Conn. 

Maf-lia Spencer = .fehiel Willi: is. .Tr. 

li.iptijed March 31. 1732; 

: Giles Kirliv, 
born 1777: married N'ov. 12, 
1801; died Hay 15 or 10, 1S07. 

.an. .\I. , 

...1 Sprin.jllvid, Mass.. Dec. 

.jedJulyo, ltill7; dieilNov. 

Iiaplized Jlay C, 17»7: die.l in 1 b.. 
Hartford, Co"nn., Aug. 0, 16.5!l. iiu 

Lucy -Morgan = James Goodwin. 

Junius Spencer .Alorgan - Jiiiici I'ij?-pont. 

11 -Ma-rs.. .Tan. 4. 17: 
.: 1 lianionl! (-on 


Thomas Spencer Family 











Copi/ri,)f,l. 1S:>G. 


CIniVirrsitD ^Jrrss: 
John \Vilsi>.\ and Sux. fAMiiiiiDGK, T. S. A. 



P R E F A C E. 

nnilE following paper on the Spencer Family is 
the result of a careful examination of the 
Colonial riecords of Massachusetts and Connecticut. 
The records of Middlesex and Essex Counties, and 
of Cambridge, Lynn, and Salem, Massachusetts, 
Hartford. Iladdam, Middletown, and Cromwell. Con- 
necticut. The early pages of this sketch could not 
have been written bat for the researches in Eng- 
land of the eminent antiquary, Henry F. Waters, of 
Salem. We are also indebted for favors and valu- 
able assistance to Charles J. Hoadly. LL.D.. State 
Librarian of Connecticut. Hon. Richard P. Spencer. 
of Deep River, Connecticut, and others. 

MinnLETowv. Conn. 



AMONG the vrills proved before the Prerogative Court 
of Caiiterijiiry, at Loiulon, were those of Francis 
Spencer and wife Margaret, of tlie parish of St. Giles, 
without Cripplegatc. Luudon, and Richard Spencer, of 
London. For an aiistracf of theso wills, as primed in the 
New England ni.-.t'irieal and Genealogical Register, Vol. 
40, p. -lo5. and Vol. 4;"). p. 'lol, we are indchted to the 
famous antiquary, Mr. Henry F. Waters: — 

" Fi-aueis Spencer of .St. Giles without C'ripplegato, London, 
eilizon and lircuer of London, 7 April 10. IC, provt-d l' I Getol'er 
ICioCi. My son Tlii>ains Spcneer shall, imnu'diately after my 
deeeaso, have, hold and enjoy, to him and his heirs forever 
all my houses, lamls, tenements ami hereditaments >N.c. in 
Hiti-hin, Herts, whi^-li for the mo^t part I have already estated 
him iu. To my three daughters, Susan, LlizaliL'th and Agnes, 
each, thretv-eore -ix pounds, tiartecu shiliiniis and fourpenee, 
at one ,ind twenty or day of marriage. Other provision for son 
and diuijhters. The residue lo wife ^largana whom I make 
and onlaiu full and sole e.xeeiitrix. And I appoint my uucle 
llichard Spencer, citizen and haberdasher of J>e)iid(jn antl 
brother Daniel Spencer, citizen ami groeer of London, to i>e 

One of the witnesses was liiehard ;\rillun. scrivener. 

Book, I'lle 100. 


Margaret Spencer, late wife ami executrix of Francis Spencer 
of Gouldiug Lane in the parisli of St. Giles C'ripplegate. Lon- 
doD, ale brewer, n .seijteniber li'.Oi'., proved .Ml October l<'.:iG. 
M}- body to be laid in the parish church of .St. Giles, close liv 
my said last husband. All my goods to Thomas Roberts raid 
Mary Koljerts, my sou aud daughter at I'l or il:ivs of mal■ria^■e. 
My brother Thomas Marlcr of Lydeard, Wilts, clerk, to be sole 
executor. Book, Pile 101. 

Richard Spencer of London, gent. 17 .March. KM.'i, with a 
codicil bearing date 2ii ."\[ay, IGli;. proved .'s .Inue. lUii'.. To 
Thomas Spiuccr. son of my brother Thouias Spencer, all mv 
copyhold lands and tenements liy me pnrcha^ell of the creditoi's 
of "Walter ."\Iarslon, situate in Kini2si..ury Sn'od near St. Al- 
bans, in the co. of Hertford, in the parish oi St. :\Iichael. To 
Daniel Spencer of Loudon, grocer, son of my brother -John 
Spencer deceased, all those eight messuages or leneuients, Oic. 
lately by me I'Urchased of John ticarins:. grocer, from and after 
the decea>e of .ALagaret Greene of London, widow, situate in 
the parish of St.' IMargarct, Luthbury, in London. To Sarah 
island aud Ilauiuih liland. daiigiiiers of mv sister Katheiine 
Bland deceased, aud to Klizabeth Tomlyus, widow, daughter 
of my brother, .Tarrard Si)encer deceased, my messuage or ten- 
ement situate in Grace Church Street, near the ureat Inn. called 
the Crosse Keys, late in the tenure of >Vil!ia!n Tooue or lii.s 
assigns, to !»• erpndly divided l-etv,-een tiiLin. by the rents, 
issues, and profits tliereof diring their natural lives. Ai;il 
after the dicease of the said I'.li/abeth Tondyus and Ilanna 
then I give and devise the said me^.-^uago and tenement unto 
tlie said Sarah Pdand and her heirs forever. To the said Daniel 
Si)encer all my lands and tenements in t!ic eounties of J\ent 
and Essex, he to pay unto Anthony Si)encer and .larrard 
Spencer, sons of my lirothcr Tliomas Spencer deceased, and 
unto the two children of Mai-iaret spencer lieeeased, now in 
or near London and at the disposing of Eliza.belh farter their 


aunt, the sum of thirty pounds yenrly ilurino; their iintural 
lives, i. e. ten poumls ]ier auiunn in the said two children or 
their guardians in tlieir minorities, or the survivor of them, and 
ten poumls apiece to the said Anthony Spencer and .Tarrard 
Spencer, to be paid unto tliem ami their guardians by half 
yearly payments as tlie rent of tlie said lands and tenements 
shall grow to after my decease. 

', Item I give and bequeath unto Jarranl Spencer. Thomas 
.Spencer. Michaell .Spencer, sous of my brotlier .larrard Siiencer 
deceased, the sum of fifty pounds apiece, and unto tlie cinklrcu 
of William Spencer, son of my said biotiier -Jarrard spencer 
deceased, to lie divideii lietween Ihem equally, tiie sum of fifty 
pounds, to be paid unto tiieir guardians, and within two years 
next after my decease. 

To Thomas Alartyn and Mary iiis wife, now dwelling with 
me, the remaining term t(j come in my dwelling house aiKt ilie 
hangings and pictures in the two rooms tuereof. with all parti- 
tions in the u}iper rooms of it or elsewlicre. To Edward Ter- 
rey vintner, my Idiisman. one hundred auil thirty pounds which 
he oweih me by b^uid. And I beipieath unto liim ami FJiza- 
betli his wife, my sifter's daughter, thirty pounds, witliiii lliree 
years ii,:c. The rest to Daniel Sjjencer w horn I make and ordaiu 
sole executor. 

Wit : .John Xorburie. 

^Villialn Xorfiurie Cook, Twisse 79. 

Iminei'..ately following these abstract.s in the Reii-ister is 
tJiis noK;: "In the June Term ot E^sox County Court 
(.'''aloni), 1071. in a trial of the case of John Ruck, Admin- 
istrator versus Jose]jh Annitagc, the fuliowing document 
was [)iit in : 

Boston : in New Enjilaihl yi> !'.• Jnn'y, IfllS. 
Att thirty dayes sieht of thi~ my seaeoud bill of exehanire 
(ray tirsi i!^- third uf the same tenour >.V; ihite not being payed) 


pay iinto 'Sh- Thomas Ruck, haberdasher, att the "■eaui 
Starres on Loudon Bridge, or to his assignes, the some 
thirty pounds storly & is part of the Legacy gyuen mee by ii 
Uukle Kicliard Spencer & the payement hereof shalljee yo 
discharge for soe much at day, pray you mai<e good paycme 
ifc place it to acco. : I say pay £30 : 00 : 00. 

(Signed) Michaell Speuser 

The dyrectiou is — To my Louiuge Couseu ^Ir. Dauyell Si'en; 
Grocer iu L'riday Streete iu Londuu 

This bill was protested by Joshua Maiuett, Notary and 'J 
belliou publick of London, who reported that " the said l.)aii_\ 
Spencer answered that iiee will [>ay noe uiouneyes nor haue 
doe witii the say'' bill of exrhaiige." 

The above case was referred to the arbitration of Capt. lio: 
Spenser and C hristophei' Lawton." 

From tlie fijregoing bill of exclian2e, it will be seen t 
Michael Spencer, a legatee of Richard Sponcer of L 
don, and brother of Jarrard. Thrmias and William, \ 
living in Xew England in 1C4S. 

Paige's History of Caml.iridge. Massachusetts, iiage G 
states that Micliael ."Spencer owned land on the south .^ 
of tlie river, in tliat town, in 10".3. His name a[)iic 
among the list of "the inhabitants of tlio towne nf Lyn 
to whom lands were <iranted in IGSS. flis name was W 
fiftli in the list, and he was given -SO acres.' 

We find tliis i.'ntry concerning Miciiael Spencer on 
Land Records of Hartford, Connecticut: — 

' Essex County f'oiirt Pajiers. vol. 1(J, p. 77. 


" Land in Ilai '^ord upon Coneukticott River lieloiiLiing to 
Mikill .Speneor and to his heirs forever. 

One psill on wliich bis dwelling house now standoth with 
other outthouses vcrdes and gardins tharein being wich he 
bought of John LSidwell contain, by estinia three roodes be it 
more or les. abutting on the hyway leading to the mill on the 
South and (.m the Widow 15ettes her land towerd the \Vest and 
on the Inuiing [ilaee on the East, and on Seath Grantes land 
on the North. 

One psill wich he boughtt of John liidwell Contain, bv 
P>stinia. two roodes lie it more or less lieius a Hand Abutting 
on the River on the .~iuuth oi on a creek coming out of the River 
betwen that Hand and the hyway on the North." ' 

Whether he actually resided in tliis lioiise or not it is 
impossible to determine ; but if he did. it was not tor anv 
great lenu-tli ot time, as abinit FebruniT. li'4o, or somi alter, 
he sold the liouse and lot to Peter JJusicer.- Ho died some 
time pTior to Xo\'emi)er, Vj-jo, at which date is tiiis entry 
on the Court Records of Essex County, Massachusetts: — 

" 9th month lO.'i:'!. No 32. The Adiniuistrat'" of the Cbtate 
of ^Hkill Sjicncer is grainled to Carrod .'Spencer of Linn c\; he 
is to biing in an inventory of his Estate the next Couit." " 

•■ 'Uh of 1st rao. liJ.'i.'!-4. No. 07. Garrard Spencer brought 
into this Court an Inventory of 22-i !s. Hkl. of /"'.s Brother 
MkliiieJ .S'y '(cc;- & liush onions at sea veuaired iV debts 10' 
this Court 'l.)th Joyno Capt. Will' Tra«k of Salem w '' ye the 
saide Garranl Sp^-ucer for the disposing of ye Fistate for the 
bringing up of the childrL-n of ye said Michat-ll .Spencer." ^ 

" oOth of 9th mo H'l.'if. No. 38. Whereas there is in the 

' Hartford. Conn.. Luid lt.'CorJ>. Book of DistnluUion;. p. 4J7. 

2 Ibid., p. 3.39. 

" Esses County. -Mass.. Coiu't Kecurds. vc.l. lG4s-D5. 



haud of Thomas Kobius of Salem of ye estate of Micliaell 
Speuccr deseas'^'l a bill of yis. (nl & 2 cowes w"' ye rent of v" 
for oue yeere it a Eiigg of is-. The Court doth order and agree 
w"" the Consent of Garrard S[ieiicer adiiiinistrat' to ye estate of 
ye s"* Michall ***** lu consideration of a child of the s'' 
Michall put unto him to bring upp. until he l.'e I'l veers ou!d 
w'' child by name is Miehaell Spencer of about (J yeers oulii." ' 


Gaekard, Gerard, Garret, Gerret, Jarret. or darrard 
Spencer, as the name was variously siicUed, was admitted 
one of the freemen of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay 
" the g"" of tlie first if. 1G3G or 1637." - He was a resident 
of Cambridge in 1034, and owned land on tlie suutli side 
^i. the ri'vcr.^ lie soon removed to Lynn, and at " A (iene- 
rall Courte. lioulden at Boston, the 13"' of the First ."^lontli 
@ ItJSS," '• Garret Spencer is granted the fl'erry at Linn 
for 2 yoares, taking 2' for a single pson to the fui'tiiest 
place, A' but a 1'^ a pson for more to tiie furthest jilace. i!k: 
but a l** for a single person to the nearest place.'" ^ lie 
was one of the Jurymen from Lynn at a County Court held 
the 25 ef the 10 month, 1G3S. In 1G53 he was appointed 
administrator on the estate of his [•rofhcr .Mich''''! Spi'tn-tr 
of Lynn (see page 0). In Juno, lG.">n, he was chosen 
Ensign of the train band of Lynn,'' and in IG.JO <irand 
Juror for Lynn.'^ He soon after removed to Iladdnm. Con- 

' Essex County, Mass., Conrt Record.s, vol. 10 IS-.:.'.. 

^ Ma.^s. Colonial Records, vol. 1. p. 37i. 

= Paige's History of Cambridge, p. fl-jO. 

■• Mass. Colonial Records, vol. 1. p. ^j'-'t. 

' Essex County, Mass , Court Papers, vol. '■). \>. 5U. 

« Ibid., vol. 5, "p. 71. 


necticut, and in March, 1(36'' '1, .Simon Lobdell sued him 
and bis daiightei- Hannah for damages, because she refused 
to marry Lobdell as she had promised.^ 

May 15, 1G79, " Ensigne Jerard Spencer of Haddam in 
Connetticut " bold to Captain George Corwin, of Salem. 
" two ji'cells of laml in Salem afores'd containinir twenty 
five acres, be it more or less, twenty acres whereof lyeth 
within fence I't' in a greater p'cel containing the whole 
forty acres A: is bounded on the great pond on ye east the 
rocks on ye northwest. Limi bounds on ye southwest, a 
swami) northeast A: five aci'cs on ye west side of \e poutl." - 

His will, which was made Deccmlicr 17, 1'3S3, was ]u-e- 
sented for prMbate Soiitember 3, lOSo.'^ The precise date of 
his death and aue arc unknown. 

WiLiiiAM Spencer is one of the eight men who arc 
recorded as inhabitants, in 1632. of tiic }oung settlement 
of New Town, afterwards Cambridge.^ March 4, 1032-3, 
he took the freeman's oath, and was a Deputy to the Gen- 
eral Court in March. 1034 and 35. September, 1030, A[)i-i!, 
May, ami Svptemlcr, iri37, and .March. 1037--S. In .March. 
1030-7. lie was n|ipointed "'Iciftenant of the military com- 
[lany of Xewctowne," and was one of tlie five iiersons 
named in the charter of the " Military Company of Massa- 

1 Records of Conn. Particular Court, vol. '2. p. ll'i. 

^ E.s=ex County, ^^a5s., Land Piecords. vol. .5. p. 1 J. 

' Hartford. Conn., ProV>ate Records, vol. 4, pp. Ill and i2.'5. 

* Paige's History of Cambridge, p. S. 


chusetts"' wliicli was granted hy the General Court in 
March, 1638.' 

He soon removed to Hartford. Connecticut, where "At 
a Generall Meetin;j: of the whole Towne the '2o^ Deeonily 
1639. Tlieir was tluMi clmssiMi to order tlic aifavrs of the 
Towne for one yeare. William Westhood William ipenecr 
Nathaniel Warde John Moody." - 

He is believed to have been the " ^[r. S|icncer'" wlid was 
one of the Committee or Deputies to the (ieneral (?:'iirt of 
Connecticut in Ai)i'il, August, September, and January. 
1639, and April, 1C40.^ 

In his will, which is dated May 4. 1640. and was jiro- 
batcd Mai'cli 4. lo4u-l. he mentioned his wife, son ."-'amuel, 
daughters ^arah and Elizafieth. and app/iuntrd •■ niy Cosen 
Mathew Allen, my broth'^r Jolm Pratt and J.jhn Tayleoate 
* * * shall bane the Ouorsight of my Instate."* In the 
inventory of iiis estate there is mentioned •• land yet 
reraayneing at Concord in the Bay."" '^ 

June L'l, ll'i'jO. '-This Courts iakiiig iuto C'cjnsideracon the 
estate of William .Spencer dreeas..>d witLi the lufonnaiion of 
the ov'seers lu the presence of Tlin/mi.-i Sjifucer Eroiliir to the 
sai'l M'/I'inm, witli the Consent of the wife of William E.i- 
wards : they doe Judge tliat oO' is as mncli as the E-.tate here 
will bare to bee .Sequestered fi)r tiie use of the Chililreu w"' is 
to bee paid to them according ,( the will of the said Vi'illiam 

' M.i?s. Hecorfls. vol. 1. pn. l",.-. ICl, 17.^. 100, 101. 104, 
204. ^io, 2,31. 

- Ilnrtford, C'oiui., Town A'ote=:. viil. 1. p 13. 

^ Conn. Colonial KoeorJs. vol. 1, pp. 27. 20. .31. 11. 4'^ 

* Ibid., pp. 440, 450, 4.51. 

' Thi.^ was probably part of the errant of ■•300 acres of frround 
beyond Concord by the '• .Me wife Pivver"" made to him by tlie Gen- 
eral Covu't of Maisacliu?etts in May, 1G3S. Mass. Records, 
vol. 1, p. 228. 


>i.. iRvr, pi-ovidoa that sutlicioiit security bee given in to the 
.-..ii-r:ictiDa of the oirscers for tlie pavuient of the debts of the 
:.:ii.l William ^^>euccl^ aiul the afol•e^ai^l sum of ;10' to the said 
C ;.i;iuii as aforesaid: Auil pruvidtd aliso that whatsoevei- 
~li.ii! I've paid here or iu EuL^laud of any Estate due to the wife 
of till- >aid Wiiliani S[)euccr while .Shee was the wife of "William 
SpiiR-i-r, i>v that Shall come from Concord : two tliirds thereof 
-Ik.II bee and remaiue to the propper use of the Childreu 


Ill N'oliime l.of the Propfietoi's Records of Cambridtre, 
Ma>sarliu.-etts, under date of IGoJ, it is recorded : — 

We wliose names are under subscribed, being chosen by the 
froi ini-u of Xewtowue do accordinir to tiic Order of Court enter 
tlie h.jii~i s au'l lands of the inhabitants thereof iu this book 
appAunifd for that purpose. 

ir,;;.'i Tikima^ SiT.Ncr.i: in tlie town one house with a 

garden jilot and backside, about one rood John Hayucs Esq oo 
the S'Mithrast, Long Street Southwest. Creek Lane Northwest, 
Spring Mreei Xortheast. 

.Alore. in siuail lot hill about two acres. Kicbard Lord south- 
west. Sum Dudl. y on the Southeast. Nathaniel Richards North- 
east, the highway to the common pale northwest, 

^[..■ic iu the lu ck aI)out one acre, the highway to the oyster 
bank on the northeast, .loini 'Wliife northwest. Will Spencer 
southwest. .lames Omstead southeast. 

!More, iu the same neck about one acre John 'White north- 
west, John .-outhwest, James Olrasteed northeast, Wil- 
liam Siiuncor ijOrllnvcst, 

1 Conn. Particular Court Piccords, vol. 2, p. 10. 


He is supposed to be the Tlionias Spencer \vho took tlie 
freeman's oath May 14, 1&-H} Paige's "Ili^tury of Cam- 
bridge," page Go'J, states that lie was a resident of (.'am- 
bridge as early as 1633, and his name ajipears among ilie 
list of persons who were to build a ••i>alc"' or fence around 
the common lands.- 

In 1639 he had become a resident of Hartford, Connec- 
ticut, as is shown by the following : — 

Feb' Anno Dom IGO'J 

Severall paicells of bind in Hertford upon the river of Cou- 
nocticott belouginge to Thoui : .'^punspr Serj : at ariuts & to liis 
beires forever. 

Viz : One pareell on wliieii was his dwellingc house now 
staudeth w"^ yard & gardens therein fieinge we"^ was seques- 
tered for Tboiu : llisher iV is nnwo settled uu Thuia : Spencer p' 
whereof he hath sold to V\'ill]n Si)euser iS^ now remaiucth by 
Estimaeon one acre (more or letse) ;djuttiiige uijon the Ceuti- 
nell hill on the Suuth i^ u[iou liub"' I.)ayes on the East oi AVillm 
Kclsyes laud on the Nortli »^c liieii : Churches land on tlie 

One pareell in the westfoild containing by Estimatir.u one 
acre two roods (more or lessc) abutliuge uix^u the highway 
leading from the Cow pasture to Mr Aliens hiud C'U the East 
& Natb : Elyes land on the ^Vl^st it Thoui : Wui^dfords laud ou 
the South & the highvray tu the biiei^ell on the Nnnh. 

One pareell lyinge in the Souldiers ffeild eoiitaininge liy P^sti- 
macon three roods (moi'c or U'ssei almttiuge upon the riveret 
on the P^ast & ou the swampe ou l!ie West A; on .lohn Ilrunsuns 
land on the Soath it ori Thomas Ibiles land on ihe Xortb. 

One pareell lyinge in the Xoiah Meatlou- conlaiuinirc by ICsri- 
niacon foure acres fmore or lesse) abuttiirjc upon tlie little 

' Mass. Colnnial Iteconis, vol ]. p. r,GO. 
^ Paige's History of CtiubnJjc, p. 11. 


river on tlie west & Rich: WfMis lainl on the East & Tiioin : 
L()rils laud it Willin Lewis bis land on tiie Sonth it ou Thoin : 
Birclioods laud on tlic North. 

One parcell lyiuLie on the Ivist side of the great river eontain- 
inge bv Kstiuiacon one acre two roods (more or Ivsst') abiit- 
tinge on the great river on tiie west & ou Arthur Smiths land 
ou the South tt on the Brooke falliuge into Ilockanum Riverett 
on the East & ou "VVillni Hides laud ou the North. 

Anotlier parcell ou the East siilo of the great river contain- 
inge by Estimacon one acre (more or lesse) whiuli is a jiarcell 
of that which was sequestrcd for !\rr AVooloott aliuttiuge upon 
Thorn : Scotts land on the v,L:?t C^ ou .lohu : Baysees laud ou 
the East 0^ on ]\Iatii : I\larvens laml <jn the South iSc on Thoni : 
Scotts land ou the Xoi-th. 

Auother parcell lyiuLre ou the East side of the great River 
contaiuingc by Esiimacon foure acres (more or lesse) wiiich he 
bought of Williii ~^!»?nser for a parcell of land well lay iu the 
middle ox pasture >v contained seavcn acres two roods & was 
parcell of the saiTi 'J'hum : Sjieusors laud w ch foure acres abut- 
teth ou the Gi\-,n ri\er on tiie AVest and on AViUm Spensers 
land on the .South ^; East v.t the swamp now conuuou ou the 

One parcell in the cow pasture coutaininge by Estimacon 
three acres, two ro'id-;. (more or lesse) which cow pasiiu'e aijut- 
teth on the west u ild oc on Thom : STandlyes land iV ou Rich- 
ard : Goodmans land it ou the [lino f^-ild ou the South & ou the 
laud uov.- comni'.in ou the North : iV; ou the little ox pasture ou 
the West it the ne.'kc of laml on the East. 

One jisill lyinir in the cow pasture ci>ntaiu by estima five 
acres & twenty parclies : be it more or less abutting ou liyviayes 
ou the l".a~t iV ou the West & on Tliomas burchardes Laud ou 
the South Cc ou h.vj] on tl;e North. 

One psill lyimi in the lilt'll ox iiastnre wch he lioiight of 
N'atli ychx fur Land lielouning to the savd Thomas spencer 
Ivim: iu tlie west tilki contain bv e^tiuu'i live acres be it more 


or les Abutting ou the cow pasture ou the F.ast oc ou a hvway 
lying North o^ South in that oxe pastuer on the W est i\: uii 
Nickolas Laribes Land ou the South »fc on Thomas siiualleas 
laud on the North. 

One p sill lying in the littell ox pasture wieh ho Recaived of 
Richard goodinan tor hiud Ijelougiug to the sayd I'liuinuri 
.Spencer : coutan l)y estiui tower acres Oc two Uoodes be it more 
or less Abutting ou the cow pasture on the Ka^t ot on a iiy way 
Lying North & Soutli in tliatt oxe pastuer on the ^\'e^t l>c ou 
Edward Elmers laud on the North. 

Febr: 24 1C53 One ["'ell Lying in the little oxe {lasture w ch 
bee bought of Ric : Goodmau cout by estiuiacon twoe acres 
(more or less) abiittin'j- upon the Cow pasture ou the Ea?t oL 
ou the highway lying North it South in that Oxe jjasture on 
the West & ou John Jlayuards land on tiie Nortli 0^; upou laud 
of his owne ou the South. 
Febr: i-i, 1G.J3. 

ilore one p cell lyinir ou the East side of the g' : Riv" weh 
bee bought of Joseph Eston cont by estimaeou four acres 
(more or kss) almttiug ou the liv: Ryver on the ^\ est & im 
M' Oleotts hind on tlie East, it on Ric : ( liiucii his land ou 
the Norih it upon M' Moodies land ou tlie South." ' 

At a Particular Court licM .Ararcli 7, ld4rt-.")fl. the ap- 
pointment of Tlionias -Sp,.,i,;.,.i. ;^,; |j,iq qj iIj^, ser-i-eauts of 
Hartford was confirmed.- lie was chosen one of the 
chimney viewers of Hartford in lt].50, Custalilc in Io.jV. 
and .Surveyor of HiLdiways in loT2. Fr^.m the fact tliat 
he owned a. piece of laud in the .^oldicrs■ Field, it is lie- 
iieved that he served in tlie Feouot War of 1G37, as none 
but the soldiers of that war had irrants made to thrui of 

' Hartford, ronii.. Latul Rec-crd?. Book of Di.-tiibution-:. p 1.' 
' Records of Particular Court, rui. 2. p. 2. 


that hill J.' Also \vc Ihul that the General Court of Cou- 
iirctieiit in .Ma_\'. ItJTl, granted him sixty acres ot land "for 
hi-. ^.."aI service in tiie country." - 

lie was twice nuirried. Of the lirst wife nothing is 
known. lie mari'ied, second, September 11, 1045, Sarah 
Beahdeng, dau'j:htcr of Nathaniel Bearding, of Hartford.-^ 

."^ergrant Thomas Spencer died Septemher 11, lOST, 
huvin'j' evidently outlived his wife, as no mention is made 
of her in his will, which is to be found in \'olunie 4, pages 
2bL' and 2(,!3, of Hartford Probate Records. 

A C'uimty Court held at Hartford Octobt-r l'G, 1CS7 
•■ The last will ct Testament oi' .Sarg' l"Lo Spoucer toirether 
w"' an Inventory of his estate was exhibited In court proved it 
ortkrcd to be recorded Ot approved by the court. 

I I'honuis Spencer Senio' of Hartford being at p'tieut in 
Good iv su\vud nriderstandiug not kuoweiug how sooiie I may 
be lenicjved hence by death Ov' tinding the shadowes ot tiie 
evening are stretching over me eanot but .Indu' that council of 
the proj'het very sea-^onable i^et thv house in order, ote. I doe 
therefoi-e inalce ordayn & ap|ioynt this followeing to be my 
last Will ^*i: Testament Jierehy makeimz- Null vN: voyd all former 
wills Oi Testaments l.y me made wiiitlier l>y word or writing. 

first I eonunit my sonic lo God In .Tesns Christ mv dear 
savior Oc redeemer froin whom alone I e-cpect saluation & an 
Inheritance amouL^ the Saincts in Light my body to the earth to 
be decently buried in the eomon burying j'laee. 

" Soaeva's Ilartfunl in the Olden Time, pp. IIG, 117. 

- Colonial Keconh of Connecticut, toI. 2. p. l.'O. 

' Nathaniel BcirdiiiL', in his v,'i'.l, dated January 7. Ii37:'. mentions 
"son iu law Thonia.s Spencer tli-:; el.ler." "Sarah Snencer Hannah 
Spencer Mary Spencer ^ Martha Spencer the tour Daughters of 
Thomas Spencer tiie Elder.'' '• Jarrett Spencer mv Gian.l Child wlioe 
is the son of Thomas Spencer tiie Elder." Hartford. Conn.. Probate 
Uecord^. vol. :i. li. 137. 

18 THE TIIO^^AS srEXCER family. 

for that estate God hath blessed nie with, I bequeath & dis- 
pose of it as folloueth, — when my Jn>t debts & Fmier:\ll 
expeuces are fully satisfyed li payd To uiy eldest sou Oliadiah 
I give my housinij & land Tii Ilartfonl all my lauds both 
meadow & uplaud on the we^t side iV east side of concclicut 
River within the IJowuds of the Township of Hartford to lie to 
him his heires i.V assignes Inicdiatly after niv deeensse & from 
thence forever he paying out such legacies as I shall appovntt 
by this my will. 

I give unto my sayd son allso one cupboard And Irons 
warming pan old fann Two forckes peaslluok Two axes lV an 
old Iloe. 

I give unto my son Thomas the same of fifteen pownds 
whereof he hath allready rcct-ived five pownds, & (_»badiah shall 
pay Ten pownds more to him or his heires in currant pay corn 
or cattell, to be imyd within Two or Three yeares after my 
decease as he shall be atile. 

I give unto my son Samuel (he havoing reced a Good por- 
tion of his Unehell) all my v.earing ap[)arell of all sorts it 

I give unto my son .Tarrad my shnji ^t- tooles & Twelve 
pownds, all which are in his hands & I have possest him with 
them allready. 

The rest of my moveable estate I give unto my five daugh- 
ters, Sarah Fdizabeth Ilaunah ]Mary et- ?ilarllia to be equally 
divided to them by theire Brother my son Jarrad. I doe make 
my sou obai.liah Speucer executor of this my last will i^- Tes- 
tam' & that he ni.ay have a refuge to repayre unto for advice If 
any diliculty should Itefall him in the execution of my will I 
desire Capt" JiV AUyn Ln't Caleb Standly i\: my cousin Samuel 
Spencer to be overseers -sv horn I ih'sire to a^si-t my s'' executor 
w"' their best advice as occasion may call fur it. finally I leave 
all my children with the Lord Ci desire his blessing may be 
ttu'ir iiorticiii, tliat tliev may love it serve him oc live in love it 
peace one with another wlien I shall be gathered to my fathers 

TflOMA.s >1>£XCI:K. 19 

& for the coiiIiniKUiou of Ibis my will ^: Testanieut I have 
hereunto set my hand this 'J'' of September 168G. 

Thomas T. S. Speucer 

^ his marke 

S'' Tho Spencer signed & declared 
the above written to be his last 
will & Testament In p'enee of us 

John Allyu 

hannah AUyn 

An Inventory off the Estate of Sejegt Thomas Spencer who 
deceased the 11'^ of Septemb' 16><7 taken by us whose names 
are under written 

Imprimas. By Linnin and wollea Apparell hat '^ f ^ ^ 

shooes & stockings Oo (U 00 

By one Cuberd I'r a warming pan 12' Andians l-f 02 01 00 
r.y two Axsts T'^ a ffaa ffoike tine iv pese hookc li 

how ■ 00 \i 00 

The other movable Estate was distributed liy him 
selfe and delivered to iiis daughters off itt in 
his life time and tlie Uemainder before the Inven- 
tory was taken as his Executor gave the ace' of 
s* estate 
By Six Acres off Laud on tlie East side Coueticult 

River att lO'" p achor 60 00 00 

By ft'ower Acres off land in iIil- Long meadow . . 20 00 OO 

By ffouer Acres off woodland 02 00 00 

By his home Lot ai]d Ilowsiug 50 00 00 

Totall £139 19 00 

Taken by us Caleb Stanly 
Aaron Cooke. 

Hartford, Conn.. Trobate Records, Vol. 1. pp. 13 L 2C2, 263. 


Children of Thomas and Spkncek. 

5. 1. Obadiaii, b. m. Jlary Desborou:;h. 

II. Thomas, " m. Esther Andrews, and 

lived iu .Suliield, 
m. Saml'el, " living Sept'., ltJ8'J. 

CniLDKEN OF Thomas and Sarah (BEARinNci) SrENri.i?.' 

I. Garkakd, b. m. Dec. 22, liJSO, Ilaimah Pratt, 

and lived in Hal tforil. 

II. Sarau, " m. Thomas Huxley 

of Hartford and ."^iilHeld. 

III. Elizabeth, " bap. Mar. 20, IGJs; perliaps m. 

Samuel Audrev.s of Hartford. 

IV. Hannah. " Apr. 15. 1653, Colony Record. 

Apr. 25, 1653, Town Record. 

V. Marv, " ,M.iy IS, 1655. 

VI. Martha, " Maj. 19, 1657; perhaps ui. Benton. 


Obadiah Spencer, son of Sergeant Thomas Spencer (4), 
was admitted a freeman by the General Court of Connec- 
ticut Jlay 20, 1G.58.- In October, 16G9. he resided on the 
north. side of the Little River in Hartford." FTe was elected 
one of tlio fence viewers in 1GS7. 1003, and 1G04. He mar- 
ried (date unknown) IMary DESBORouon. dauclitor of 
Nicholas Desborou!.di,^ of Hartford. The dates of her 

' See page 17 for footnote relating to •nill of Xathanicl P.cardin'^. 

' Colonial Records of Connecticut, vol. 1. p .315. 

' Ibid., vol. 2. p 51S. 

* Immediately following the record r.f the invent-rv of 
De>borough"3 estate is this enrry: " his children are Osad: Sncncer's 
wife Sam: Ed'^ston's wife. John KePy's wife. Robt flood's wife.'' 
Hartford Probate Records, vol. 4. p. 155. 



birth ami death arc not recorded. Oljadiah Spencer died 
between the 2d and iGth of May, 1712, as is shown by the 
following' : — 

A Coiut of Probate holden at Hartford for the County of Hart- 
fovd Jiiue 2' Anno Dom 171l' 

John Spencer of Hartford Kxhibilcd now in this Court the 
last Will and Ti'Stament of his late Father Obadiah Spencer 
late of Ilartfonl dec'' and Mrs Abigail Sianly of Hartford 
Widow one of the Witnesses to the said Will was nuw Sworn 
thereunto in manner accnstouied and also that she saw her late 
Husband Mr Caleb Stanly .Inn' Siirn the said Will as a Witness 
thereof at the time the Testatour did Sign the same. And also 
Mr Josejih Gilbert and John Church of Ilaitford. the Witnesses 
to the Codicill annexed to the said ^\'ill were now Sworn to the 
said Codicill in ni;nmer Accustomed (the said .John C'hurch 
omitting in his ]-;\ideuce that he Heard the Testator declare li 
publi-h the said CudiciU to lie jiarl of said 'WiU) and the said 
Will \\M\ the C"dicill, or Addition annext was proved, and by 
this Court is apiiroved ;ind allowed and ordered to be Recorded 
and kept on tile. And the said .lohn Spencer being aiipointed 
Executor of tlie said \\\\\ lie now dechued before this Court 
that he did accept that C)ilice and Trust And the said .John 
Spencer also Exhibited now in this Court an Inventory of the 
Estate of the s.iid Obadiah >pencer dcc' upon Ids Oath in man- 
ner Acustomed wliieli Inventory is Alioweil anil (Jrdered to bo 
recorded and ke|)t on tile — And Disli.irough Spencer one of 
the Sous of the Snid tJbadiali Spencer decil i in behalf of him- 
self and all the other of his Brethren except the said .lohn 
Spencer) appealed from this (Jnh-r of tliis Court respecting the 
jirobate of the T'odicill annext to the said Will, nnto liic next 
Superior- Court to be holden at Hartford on the Third Tuesday 
of SeptemVx-r next Ensuing; and liefore this Court the said 
Disborrow Spencer acknowledged himself to stand l)Ouud in a 


Recognizance of Ton pounds Lawful! money unto the Treasury 
of this County Conditioned that he will prosecute his said ap- 
peal to effect and answer all Damages if he make not his plea 

lu the name of God Amen the two & twentieth day of June 
in tlie year of our Lord One Thourfaud Seven hundred and Nine 
I Obadiah Spencer Senior of the Town of Harlford, in the 
County of Hartford, in the Colony of Couneoti<?ut. in New 
England, Husbandman, being of goijd. perfect and Sound 
memory and Understanding, praised be Almighty God there- 
fore. Do make and ordain this my i)re.sent Will and Testament, 
containing therein my Last ^\'ill, in manner and form following. 
That is to Say, First I Commeml my Self and all my whole 
Estate to the mercy and protection of .Vlaiigiity (iod, l)eing 
fully perswaded by his holy Spirit through the death and pas- 
sion of. Jesus Christ, to obtain full pardon and reniissidu of all 
my Sinns and to Inlieiit Everlasting Life, to which the holy 
Trinity, one Eternall Diity be all Ilounour and Ghjry forever 
Amen. And I will and Ordain that all such debts as J shall 
hap[>eu to (Jwe at my decease, shall bo well and truly paid by 
my Executor hereinafter named and that the Funeralls of m}' 
body be only such as shall beseem a Christian, after the discre- 
tion of my said Exei'utor, and my Said debts which I then 
shall owe being defalked and my fuuorall charges deducted. I 
Will that the residue of all and Singular my goods. Chattels, 
Lauds and whole Estate be distrilnited and disposed as fol- 
loweth. That is to ifay. I Give, grant, devi-e and beojieath to 
Obadiah Spencer my Eldest Sonn, all that IIom>;lott. with the 
Messuage or Teunemeut, Outhouses and Appurtenances, where 
he now dwells Scittuate, and being in Harlford aforesaid (for 
which I have formerly given him a Deed of Cunveyance) And 
also the Southermost half part of my Lott of Land Comouly 
called the brick kill Lott Lyinir ami beinir in ILirtford afores^ : 
To Have and To Hold the said Homclott, ^Jlessuage d' Appur- 


tenances, and the Said half part of the said Brick kill Lot to 
the Said Oliadiali my Souu, and his heires, forever. 

Item. I give, giant, devise, and bequeath to Thomas Spencer 
my Sonn. all that my Lott of Laud iu the Meadow, on the l--ast 
side of the great Uiver iu Hartford aforesaid, with the ajipur- 
teiiauces, Exce].itiug two Acres thereof, herein after given to 
Sonn John Spencer. To Have and to hold the Said Lott of 
Meadow Land (excepting the said two acres) to the said 
Thomas my Sonn and his heirs forever, he or they paying the 
Sum of Six pounds Lawfuil money to my sonn Dislirow >pencer 
or his heirs, within one year after my decease. 

Item. I give, grant, devise and bequeath to Samuel Spencer, 
my Sonn, all that ^ilessuage wherein he now (.hvells, Standing 
& being on the North or Northward Nide of the Horaelolt 
whereon I mnv lUvcll. la tiie Division of Laud I'sually called 
the Neck, in llartfrnil aforesaid. And also the North, or 
Northermost half i^art uf lay Said Iluuie luU of Land adjoyn- 
ing to the Long-Meadow on the Last. ( i'ruvided always never- 
theless, and my \\'ill is that my Sonn John Spencer Shall have 
and Enjoy all thai part of my .^aii.1 llciuielott at the West end 
thereof from the Street or Highway, Ka^tw.ard Six rods in 
bredth ; and from the Sonlii side then-of Northwards Ninefoot 
beyond, or to the Northward of my r.arn, to him ^^ his heirs 
forever) To have auil To l:old the said Messuage and Norther- 
most part of the Said llomelott. to the Said Samuel my Sonn, 
and his heirs forever, he or thev |)aying 'lie Summ of Six 
pounds Lav.-fuU money, to m_v Son Liisbrow .Spcneer. or his 
hi'irs, within one year after mv decease. 

Item. I give, grant, devise and bequeiuli to Kbcnezer 
Spencer my Sonn, all that my Lott of'l Lying and I'cing 
in the aforemeiiiioned Long ^leadoiv in Hartt'or'l aforesaid, at 
a place called Hobs hole i for wlii( ii 1 have formerly given him 
a deed of CuuvL-yaiicei To Have and to huh.l tiie >aid Lott of 
Land with the .Vpinirtenanecs, to the Sai.l Kbcnr-zer my S.^nn 
and his heirs forever. .M:-o 1 give and l>e([iii-atli to my -aid 


Sonii Ebenezer nnd his heirs the Sum of three potiuds Lawful! 
money, to be paid to him or his heirs withiu two yenrs next 
aftei' my decease by ray two Souus Samuel auil Jolm SpeiK'er, 
or their heirs iu equal luilves. 

Item. I give, grant, devise and bequeath to .John Spencer 
my Sou, all that my ^lessuage or Tenncment wlieri:-i:i I now 
dwell, and iny Barn and Outhouses with the A[ipiu'tenanees, 
And also all the residue, or Southermost half part of my home- 
lott and Barnyards & Fruit Trees not herein fiefore iriven to 
my Soun Samuel, And also two acres of mv Moailow Lott of 
Land on the East side the great Hiver in Hartford aforesaid, 
to be Measured off of the Said Lott (taking tlie wliole lavdth 
thereof) from tiie Highway or path near the Saiil Liver, Last- 
ward so farr as it sliall extend. To Have and To hold the Said 
Messuage, Outhouses, S.nithermost part of the said Homelott. 
and two .\cres of Meadow Laud, with their appurtenances to 
the .Said .Joliu Spencer my Sonn, and liis heirs furever — .Vl-o 
I give and bequeatii to mv .Said Sonn Jolm Spriictr and Ijis 
heirs. One pair of Andirous, one Wanning pan, and One ( np- 
board, which are alrea'ly in his possession. .\ii(l I doe al--ci 
give, grant, devise and licquealh to llie Said .lohii Spencer my 
Sonn, All mv Stock of Cat tell and C'reatuns. C'i>rn. ( loatiiing 
Moveable Estate, Lands, cnods. Chattels, and all my Estate 
whatsoever not otherwise disposed of iu this my last \Vill and 
Testament, To be to him and his heirs forever. 

Item. I give anil li.'queath to Disbniw Spencer my Sonn, 
and his heirs, the Summ of twelve jjounds Lawfull moni-y, to 
bo paid to him or t!u_-ni by my sons Thoin;is ami Sanniel 
Spencer, oi- their heirs (withiu one year nrxt after my dei/ease.) 
in equal halves. 

Item. 1 give and bequeath, to my Daui:!iter ^L^ry Kin<.' and 
her Iieirs ( besides wliat She hath already had and received of 
mej cue good Cow and also all my bedinu' and hoiiseiiold staff. 
or Implements of Household within doors .eveepting one reiir 
of Andirons, one Warniing pan. and one Cupboai'd gi\ en to 


Jolm as aforesaid) to be paid and delivered to her, or lier lieirs, 
liy my Executor hereiual'ter Named, wiiliiu Six mouths afler 
my decease. Aud I do hereiiy revoke, and uiaPce void aud Null 
all other Wills aud 'rcstameuts by me formerly made, Aud do 
Constitute, make. Ordain aud Ajipoiut my Aforenamed Love- 
ing Son John Spencer to be Whole aud Sole ICxeciitor of this 
my Last AVill aud Te^tanjent. 

And I do make aud Ordain my Loveing Friends Mr .Joseph 
Talcott aud Caleb Stanly Juu' of Hartford aforesaid. Overseers 
of this my present Testament aud La.^t Will. 

In Witness ^vhereof I, the Said (Jbadiah Speucer Senior have 
Subscribed this my last Will and Testameut, v^ith my own 
hand, and thereunto imt my Seal, the aforesaid 22'^ da}' of June 
Anno Dom. 170'j. 

Signed, Declartd & Deliv- 
ered up by tlie Said Oliadiah 

Spencer Sen' iu tiie pres- -Oliadiah O Speucer Seu^ -\- 
euce of us ^Vitucbses ' 

Calub Stanly .Inn' 

Abigail Stanly. 

Farther my will is That whereas iu my will, I Gave To my 
Daught' !Maiy King Sum things whicii are there f.xpressed as 
a Cow aud I'cding and other Things, my will is now, (That 
.Siuce God in his Sovei'aiue jjleasure iiatli Taken her out of tins 
wourld by death) that my Sone John Spencer shall have all that 
I gave to her as is there expressed. To him and his heirs for 
i-Lver : 

witness my luuul hereunto «et This second of May one Thou- 
sand Seven hundred aud Twulve. 
Signed and delivered 
' in iirescnts of us - .• 

.Joseph (rilliurt Obadiah [ ] Speucer Sen' 

.John (Jhureh 


An Iiiveutoiiery of the Estate of Obeiliah Spencer Sen'' Late 
of Hartford tlesesd, is as foUowetb. 

in his wareing clothes 08 03 Oil 

in two })illo bers and two na[ikins 00 O'J 00 

in a fether pillo and bolster 00 1. '5 00 

in five bed blankets 02 Ou DO 

in one bedstead and cord 00 13 00 

in a bed 01 03 00 

in one puter plater and one small puter pot . . . UO 1"2 OG 

in wooden and earthen ware 00 0-1 09 

in one glas botell and one ehoping Icnife .... ()0 02 00 
in one payer of small stijlyards a knife and one 

payer of tobackco tongs 07 00 

in one bras cetell and one small iorn pot . . . . 0112 00 

in one Kec-le and two small ehayrs all 00 0.3 OiJ 

in one hetchel and old Lauthorn and part of a [jay' 

of bellos all 00 1 1 OG 

in one gun and one s|)it 00 17 00 

iu one friing pan and one traniell and i)ayer (Jot 

hoks all 00 14 W) 

in five old dry cask and rine old churn, one salt mor- 
tar one dytiih, all IG Oi.) 

in one kneediiig trough and one old chesl one <ive all OO 07 00 
in one bible and severall other small liooks and two 

pay" of spectels 01 02 Oo 

in one good cow 03 00 00 

in ten .^cors of Land Lying on tlse North s'. '- n{ his 

homlot 035 Oil dO 

in six or seven Acors of Land Lying in a place com- 
monly caled The In'icke! lot 12 Oo oo 

in three acors and half of Land Lyincr on the Ivi-^t 
Eand of liis lot on the East >ide of the great 

River 23 OO oo 

93 12 Ot» 


This iuventory was taken by Thouuis ^Meakens 
and Joseph JJarnaid May I'li, 1712. 

Thomas Meekius 
Joseph Barnard 

Hartford, Conn., Probate Records, vol. 8, pp. so, 131, 1.32, 

Childken of Obadi.vh and ;\Iauy (Desboroui.h) Spf.xcer. 

I. Ob.\diah, b. bJfJG; m. Ruth Kel-oy, lived 

in Hartford, .and difd Aug. 
22, 1741, aged 7.'i.i 
n Thomas, " li\ing June, 17(H(. 

6. III. ."^A.Mi'EL, " lu. Deborah Beckley. 

IV. EBF.xtzKi;, '• 111. Feb. 2S. 1G90, Mary Booth, 

and lived in Hartford. 

V. JoH.v, " perliaps m. Oet. 4, 1093, Sarah 


VI. DEsijonoiGii, " ni. Mar. 27. 1701. Abitrail El- 

mer, and lived in Hartford. 

VII. Makv, " ni. (Thomas'.'; King. 

Samuel Sfeivcer ( Ol'aJuih 5, Tli<jiii<it 4) was horn in 
Hartford, Connecticut : hut there is no reeoru of the date of 
liis birth or bapiism. au'l L't his early liisri.i-y ahnosr llotllin^ 
is known. He was electci one i-f the liay-wards for the 
Xorth M-aduw in ITdD. 1711. and 1712. J'.y the will of 
his father tJhadiah, he inii':Tited one 'half of tin- home- 
stead -'in the Neck."' This he sold. July ■',. 172S, to 

' Obadiali Spencer, in his wdl, Jaicd February 27, 17:3:1. n;entions 
•'wife's father, Mark Kelcy, deceased." Hartford, Conn., Erobate 
Records, vol. 14, p. 2. 


Natlianiel Silencer^ ( proliably his son, eviileiitly in prepa- 
ration for liis removal to Middli.-town, where he liml pur- 
chased, May 2, 17:27, for X120. a tract of S3', acres ou the 
east side of the Connecticut River, near the villaue of 
Middle Iladdani-). April '2;!, 1730, whili' still a resident 
of Hartford, he added to his lauds in MidJierouu I'Jl 
acres, — this tract heing '26'; vxU wide and two miles 
long.-'' He soon removed to Miildlcti.iwn, and at a town 
meeting, hidd Decembor 20. 1731, was elected a ^rand 

November IS. 1733. .■-^aniiiel Spencer was admitted to 
full communion in the Congregational Church ni tlie I'ast 
Society in Miildletown (now Portland), and the foUowiuL:' 
month Corporal Saunud Spencer was elected one of the soci- 
ety's committci;', which election was renewed the next veai-. 
H(.' was om.' of the iViurti.'en persons who organized tlie 
Haddam Xecic Cougroi^atioual Church, Septemli'_'r 21, 1740, 
his name ajjpearing third ou tlic list. 

His wite is beli''ved to have been Deborah Becklev. 
daughter of John ISecklcy. of Wethcrslield -J but the dates 
of her birth, marriage, and ilentii are all unknown. 

A Deborah Spencer was ailmitted to ftdl conunuuion in 

' Hartford L;uid Records, vol. 4, p, 4:''iO. 

- Miadk-towij. Cuiiii.. Lan.i Keconl.-, vol. 2. p, 13.3. 

3 Ibid., vol. -2. p, .J.-;,!). 

^ In the file.s of the Hnrtfoid. rv.nii., Prnb.ite Court, is tli.- di^t!■i- 
bution of the estate of John lieckley. dei-en«od. of Wether^tieM, .hded 
January 11, 10r>ri. and the property distributed to the widow 
. (uarae not given). Robert Weh.ster. .Samuel .Spencer. Jbitthew Cad- 
well, and the youii.u'e-t dau.duoi-, Catharine. The Ih.rtford Town 
Records show the marriage of }.Laithew Cadv.ell and Aoi^ail Ueekl'^v. 
daughter of John. March 2-3. 1C0.3. It i.s r.-.xsnnable to,n-.> iliat 
Robert Webster and Samuel Spei/cer also married daughter.? of John 


tlie Unddam Neck Congiegational Church, December 14, 
1740, and thi-s may liave the wife of Samuel. 

Samuel Spencer died between April liO ' and July ">, 
1756, leaving the fuUowiug will; — 

lu the Name of (Jod. Auien, this :;'* Day of Aprill 17.")0, I 
Samuel Spetiecr of ^liddklown in tlio County of Hartford it 
Colony of Couueeticut in New Kn<jlantl, Gentleman l.)eing 
Aged & very Week in IJody but of I'erfeet Jliud & Jlemory 
Thanks be given to (iod therefor. Calling to ^lind the Mor- 
tallity of my liudy it knowing its .Appointed for I\Iau Once to 
Dye. Do make and Oiiluin this my Last Will <.v I'estament 
that is to ^ay iirinci|ially Cc tir.^l of all I Keeounnend my Soul 
into tlie Hands of (^od tiuit gavL- it. Hoiking through the ^lei'its 
Death it Passion of my Saxour Je>iis C iirist t(j liave full it free 
Pardon of all my Sins & to Inherit l'',\ erhistiiig Life it my body 
I Commit to the Ground to be Decently Ihn-ied at tlie Discretion 
of my Executoi- hereafter Named Nothing Doubting but at the 
General Pesurrection I sliall Peeeive the same again by the 
Mighty Power of God and as touching such worliUy Estate 
Wlierewith it luith Plea'^ed (t<"\ to Mess me with in this Life, I 
Gix'e Demise & Disjiose of the same in the following Planer & 
form that is to say. 

First I Will that all those Delfts that I Do owe in Right or 
Conscience to anv Pi'r.-on shall be well Ov- Tiucly paid in Con- 
venient Time after my Decease liy my Executor hereafter 

Item. I (tIvo to my A\"ell-IUloved ."^on .John .Spencer, two 
thirds of my Land beiu'j the North .Side w'' mv House it Parn 
Sc all my Moxeal'le Estate nf.t lureafter Disposed in these 
presents He paying such Lega( ies as are hereafter mentioned 
to be paid, to him it his heirs forever it also the other third 

' See Midilletown L.ind Records, vol. 14. j.. •_'■':'.. tor a deed, dated 
April '20. 17"jO. wli-reb^- S.iraiiel conveys to hU sou John ■■ one half of 
mv land where I now dwell." 


of my Land when my Daughter Abigail shall INIanie or at her 
Decease to him & his heirs forever. 

Item. I have formerly Given to my Beloved .Son Xnthauiel 
Spencer his Portion of my Estate as by a Deed on Record may 
more fully appear. 

Item. I give to my Daughter Abigail Spencer the I'se and 
Improvement of One third of my Land, being the South side so 
Long as she Remains unmarried. I also give to her One Cow 
& five sheep & all my Pewter & Brass, one small Iron Pot & 
an Iron Kittle & her Bed iS: furniture to her dispose for ever. 

Item. I give to my Daughter Mehita)ile Bishop forty 
Pounds old Ten'. 

Item. I give to my daughter Aliigail Sixty pound> old Ten' 
to be p* to her when she shall ilarrie. 

Item. I give to my daughter Lucia Cretondon forty pounds 
Old Ten'. 

Item. I give to my two Orandsons William & Afirou Rob- 
erts five Powuils to Kacli of them. 

all the above Legacies 1 Order my Son .lohn S|)euccr to pay 
in Convenient Time after my Decease. I also make & ( ddain 
my two Sons Joim i!^ Nathaniel Spencer my Executors of this 
my Last Will & Testament, And I Do hcreliy Utterly Disnlow 
Revoke & DisanuU All and Every former \Vill ot Testament, 
Ratifying & Confirming this & no other to be my Last Will & 

In Witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand it seal the 
Day & Year above written. 

Samuel Spencer L. .S. 
Signed Sealed Published Pronounced 
& Declared by the Said Sam'' Spencer 
to be his Last Will & Testament 
in Presence of the Subscribers. 
■;•. John Hubbard 
Philip Goff 
Ebenc^er Darte. 


Att .1 Court of Probnte hukl iu :Mi<Idlctowii in & for the District 
of Middktowu on the i>"' day of July AD. 175(). 
Then tliis Instrument was Exhibited iu Court by ]\Iess" Jolin 
& Natlmniel Spencer Said lV Proved to be tlie Last Will & Tes- 
tament of Sam" Spencer Late of .AliddlL'town Dec** w'*" Will this 
Court Accepts & Orders to lie Kecurdud & kept on tile & the 
Above Named John & Nathaniel Speucer ^\'ho was therein 
App"" Executors to s"^ Will Ot Testament & John Spencer Ac- 
cepted the Trust Reposed iu him solely & Nathaniel Refused 

the Trust Reposed in him. 

Teste Richard Hall Clerk.' 

Ciiii-HUKX OK Samuel and Di:r.oi:Aii (1!i;c;ki.i;v) SrExCKi;. 

7. I. John, b. Oct. 10, IGDO; bap. Oct. 11, 1G9G; m. 

Nov.4, 1711,Elizabetli 

II. Mk.uetable, " bap. Mar. 5, lG97-b; m. 

Aug. 10, 17-'(3, Saiiuiel 
Bishop, of Guilford 
and Litchfield, Conn. 

III. Dkhokah, " bap. Apr. 23, 1700; m. 

Jan. 2.5, 1710-17, AVil- 
liam Roberts, of Hart- 
ford, Conu. 

IV. Hannah. " :\ 07, 1703-4. 

V. Nathaniel, " Dec. a, 17o4; bap. Lee. 10, 1704; m. 

1. .Alar. 1,1732-3, Abi- 
gail Ilurlbut. 2. Sept. 
20, 17.57, Ruth Purple, 
and lived in East MiJ- 

VI. Abigail, " bap. Nov. 2.3, 1707; was 

living iinm.arried in 
March, 1770. 

VII. LfCY, •' Sept. 7, 1710: bap. .'^ept. lO, 1710; ni. 

Joseph Crutteuden, of 
VIII.- Hannah. " ' bap. Jan. 10. 1713-14. 

IX Sami-i-l, ■• May V, 1717; bap. May 12, 1717. 

1 Middktown. Conn , Proliate Record-;, vr.l. 1. p. 213. 

V- ( i- 


John Spencer (Samuel G, OLcfdiah r.. Thomas 4) was 
born in Hartford. Cunnectieut. Uetoljer 10. IGiJG. [Je is 
supposed to have removed to Middletown at the saiu,' time 
as his father. ]J\- tlie will of his father, which was made 
April C, IT.JO, J.jIui received the gift of two-thirds nf his 
land, with the hoiis,. and barn, and the remaini),.. .,ue 
third subjeet to the use of Sanuiers dauditer. Abi-ail 
April 20, 1750, his father deeded him ■• o^,e half „f'mv 
land where 1 now ])u,,ll."i Evi.lenily John was nut a 
^' ^ T-r '"-'''*^^''''' i'l '-■ail.v niarnaLics, as he was 45 years of aat- when 

: '" ] ''C married. November 4, 1741. Elizabeth Taylor. 

P'j ^- '■"■ ■' ■ > ;. .' ■• .. '^^''"^ ''^'' I'arents were, or where and ^rh.■n she was born, 

it has been impos>il,lc to learn, Jn the absence of proof 
., ■. - , f^ f'"-' '-■"iilrary, Jojui .Spencer is believed to have been a 

''' '- farmer. in December, 1740 and 1747, he was elected 

■ ^ surveyor of highways, grand juror in 1745, and havward 

'■■■ -^ ■■ ,^-; in 174S. The Middletown Records state that he died 
' ■\- _ ' ^f^'--^'^ 1-- ">"•'';:: but as he qnnlilled as executor of his 

; /, ■ father's will, which was probated July 5. 175i:,, lhis date of 
■ /• " ' • (Icath is at least one year too carlv. 

df:'. Administration was ^ranted ,,n his estate to his widow 

; ' _^, Elizab(nh. July 4. 1757. and the inventorv, whicli is dated 

April 2. 1757. .shows property to the value nf .£227 1.5.v. 

■ _ . 11'/., of which the buns... l.arn. and 70 acres of land were 

-;•■- ^ ' ^"■''"•-'' ^'t ^I'l-- 'H,.. administration account was ac- 

^.■: eepted by the Probate Court April 2. 1770. and distrihu- 

... tion was ordered of ^ of the real otare of the deceased. — 

■ ■ the remaining ' bein- under the incumbrance of .Vlnuail 

^ Middletown. CVnn.. !.:ind R-rord-. v.M. It, n. -jr;:!. 
- - Middletown. Coiia., Probate R-cords, vol. 1, [.p. :;i. l).;o. 


Spencer, sister of the deceased. ITis widow Elizaborh is 
believed to lia\-e spent the last years of her life with her 
son Samuel in the North Society of Middlctown. now the 
town of Cromwell. 

On the records of the Cromwell Congregational Chui'ch is 
this entry : '• 1S07, January ;J1. I)ied the AVidow Spencer 
aged 89 years." On a gravestone in the Cromwell Quarry 
Burying Ground is this inscri|)tion : -In niemery of Mrs 
Elizabeth Spencer relict of ^Ir John Sjicncer who died June 
30'" AD. 1807, .Et 90." 

There is no entry on the Church records to correspond 
with the date of deaih on the a-ravc stnne. Tlie entries on 
the Church records api'car in the order of date. The entry 
following that of Widow Spencer is dated February IT. We 
know of no other Widow S]H'ncer in iliddlotown wliose 
death could have been inriMidod by tlic enti'y on the Cluii'ch 
records. We are therefore inclined to accept this entry 
as being the true date of tlie death of Elizabeth (Taylor) 

CniLViRKN OF Ji'inx .\M' Ki,iz\i'.rTn (T.wi.OR) .Si'f.ncer. 

I. Mrin TAiiLE, b. .\n.,'. '^iX ITl-l; liap. Oct. 24, 1742. 
8. II. S-^MUKi,. •' O.t. 20, 1714; Lap. Oct. 21. 17J4: in. .May 

23. 1771. Marllui Eells. 

III. H.\xx.\H. " F.-b. S, 17P;-7; bap. Feb. 1.".. 1747; d. Oct. 

2.J, 1773, unm. 

IV. Jc.HX. "All,'. 7,1740; bap. .Sept. lo. 1740. 

V. SiTH. "Feb. 12, 17.'.l-2; bap. Apr. 12, 1752: liveJin 

Xew Hartford and Bark- 
hainsted, Conn. 

VI. Eliz.mjeth, " Sejit. 4. 17."iCi: bap. -Sept. 12, 17.')C. 






SAsrcTEL Spencer (^John 7, Samud 6, Ohadiah fi, 
Tfiomas 4) was born in that part of the town of iliddle- 
town which lay east of the " Great River," October 20, 
1744, and was bajjtized the following day. 

February 19, 1771, he purchased in iliddlctown, North 
Society, now the town of Cromwell, for £88, two and one 
half acres of land, bounded north on land of Amos riavage, 
east on highway, south and west on land of Nathaniel 
Riley, with one half of the house thereon,' and si.x years 
later he ]iurchased the otlier half of the house, and the 
same quantity of land adjoininti' on the south." Tliis [irop- 
erty is believed to have been his homestead, and is situated 
on the west side of ^lain Street, and is the second house 
south of the one owned and occupied for many years l)y 
Capt. Eilward ."^avage. The .'-Spencer house had a pambrel 
roof, but within a few years has been very much altei-ed. 
and its appearance greatly chami-ed. 

Samuel Spencer married, in ^liddlctown (Upper ITousos), 
May 23, 1771, Martha Eeills, burn Docembor 12, 1743. 
daughter of Nathaniel and Alice (White) Eells of Jfiddle- 

At the annual town meetinu:. held December 13. 1784, 
he was elected to the ofiice of tythingman, surveyor of 
highways in 17SiJ, 17>7, and 17S'?, grand juror in 1700: 
and from 1792 to ISOG. both inclusive, ho was elected 
leather sealer. 

Samuel Spencer died in ^liddletown. October 12, 1^18, 
only lacking a few days of beiiiu- 74 years old. ]\[arilia 
(Eells) Spencer died February 10, 1821, aged 77. 

• MidJl'-towii. Conn., Land rLecovd.-', vol L'O. p 1.j9. 
- Ibid., vol. 2.5. p. L'37. 


CuiLnitKN OF Samlki, and Maktha (Eklls} Spen'Cer. 

L iL^KTiiA, b. bap. Eeb. Ie3, 1772; m. Xov. 10, 1791, 

Jehiel Williams, Jr. 
IL Ha.nnah, ■' " July 31, 1774; m. Nov. 27. 1794, 

Zebuluu .^tow, Jr. 
in. LfCY, '• •■ Jan. 5, 1777; d. Jan. i!^. 177S. 

IV. Betsey, •• " Sept. TJ, 1779; m. Nov. 2, 1^00, 

Elisha Kirby. 

V. Lucy, " " Mar. 31, 17S2; ra. Nov. 12, ISOl, 

Giles Kirby. 
VL Mary, " '• Sept. 19, 1784; m. July .5, 1N37, 

Titu= Morgan, M. D. 
9. VIL Sally, •' '• May 0, 17S7; m. Sept. 20, 1S07. 

Joseph Morgan, Jr. 


Sally (Sarau) Spencer ( S:nii)it'l S. John 7, Saynue! G, 
Obadiah 5, Thonm.i 4) wa.s bom in .Middletown, North So- 
ciety (now tlie town of Cromwell ), Connecticut, April 8, 
1787, and was baptized the tith of May following. Siie 
married, Septemlier 2i), 1807, Joseph SIoegan, Jr., of 
Ireland parish, town of West .Spriniiiield, Massachn.setts. 
He was the only sun of .Tusojili and I'xnei-ience (Smith) 
Morgan, .ud w;)s born in that t<nvn January 4, 1780. 
Josepli Morgan, Jr., resided in his native place until 
1815. whf^n, soon after the deaili of his father, he went to 
live in tin' adjoining town of Westficld. On the first dav 
of January, 1817, he rcniov^'d to llartfunl. Connecticut, 
ami became the proprietor of the " E.Kchan^e Coffee 
House."' In April, 18:20. he leased the City Ilot'd. where 
he remained until Xovember, ISCJ. when lie retired from 
business. As one of the founders, a director, and large 


'•«o I 



owner of the .Etna (Fire") Insuraneo Coui]iauy. .if Hart- 
ford, ho took an active iiitfi' in its ilevelopnient. which 
only ceased with his deatli in Hartford. Jnlv 23. 1S47. 
t^arah (Spencer) Mori;aii died in iiartford, August 6, 

Children" of Jci.-F.rii and .Sakah (Spencek) ]\Ii;>noA\. 

I. Marv, bom Nov. 10, ISO'S; m. July 10. 1S".'2, Rev. 

J.1U1CS A. .Smith. 
n. hrcY, " Ffb. 1,1811: Hi. .luly 30, 1832, James 

Goodwin, Jr. 
in. Jc.ML-s SpK.NCKr.. ■■ Apr. 11, ISl-J; 111. May 2, 1330, Juliet 




.; c- 

Allen .... 

Matthew . 

Allyn, Ilanu^li . 

•' John . . 

Andrew .s, Esther 

" Samuel 

Ainiitage, Jo.-ieph 

Baruanl, Joseph 
Havsee, John 
Beanlini,', Xathanii 

" Sarah 

Uecklcy, Abigail 

" Catharine 


" John 


nolles .... 
BiJwcll, Jolin . 
liirchood. Thomas 
Bi^liop. Mehetable 

" Sanuiel ■ 
Bland, Ilann-ih . 

" Katharine 

" Sarah. . 
Booth, Mary . . 
lirunsun. . 
Burchard. T);onia= 
Bu.sicer. Peter . 

Cadwell. Mattliew 
Carter, Elizabeth 





3, 19 






C'liurcli, John . . 

'■ Kichai.l . . 

Cooke, Aaron . . . , 

■ Corwin, George . 

Cruttendeii, Josoi'li 

1710 " Lucy (.Speiicf 

Darte, Ebenezer 
Day, Uobert . . 
DesborOHgb, JMary 

" Xichola, 

Dudley, Saimicl . 

KihvarJs, William 
Kflls, Alice (Wliitu 

•' Martba . 

" Nathaniel . 
Kgi^leston, Samu'.'l 
Elmer, Abigail . 
Edward . 
Ely, Xatlianiel . 
Piston, .biseph . 

Fisher, Thomas . 
Flood, llobcrt . 

Gearing. .Ti>hn 
Gilbert. Joseph . 
Goff. Plii[ii> . . 
Goodman, Richard 
Goodwin, James, J 
Grant. Seth . . 
Greene. Margan't 

n:il'\ Thomas . 
Hall, llicliard . 
Ilaynes. John . 
\V.'\\ William . 
Hubbard, John . 
Ilurlbut. Abigail 
Iluxlev, ThoMia.s 

INDEX. 41 

Year of Pat-e 

Kelsey, Jolm 20 

•• ' Mark i' 

- " liutU -'7 

" ■Willi:!!.! 11 

King, Ma!'y (Sp..nicer) 24. i.j 

•' Thomas -27 

Kii-by, Eli.-ha 3.3 

'' Giles 35 

Laribe, Nicholas 10 

Lawsoii, Cliristophei- 8 

Lewis, William ■ 15 

Lob.lell. Simon 11 

l.nrd, Ulcliard 13 

" Tho!nas 15 

Mainett, Joshua 8 

Mailer, Thomas 6 

Ma!-sto!i. Waltei- 

Mui-tT!i. M.iiy 7 

" Thomas 7 

.Maiven, Matthew 15 

May!ia!-d. .T.ili!! 10 

Milton, i;iel!a!d 5 

Mootlie 10 

Moody. .Toll!! 12 

Morgan, Esperi'-nee (Smith) 35 

- Josepli . . • 35 

1780 " Joseph. .Ir 3.5, 30 

ls-l:5 " Junius .Spencer,) 30 

ISU " Lucy 36 

1>08 '• ^Lary 30 

17>7 " Sarah fSpenccr) 30 

" Titns 35 

Xorburie, John 7 

^— _ '• , William 7 

Olcott 10 

Olmstead. James 13 

42 INDEX. 

. Paige, Lucius R 8,10,11,11 

Pierpoiit. Julift -jij 

Pratt, Ilauiiali -i) 

• ■' Joliii !•-; 

Prince. Jolin 1-J 

Purple, Paitli -"'1 

Richards, Natlianiel !■'' 

Riley, Natlianiel 31 

Ruberts, Aaron 3'J 

'• Mary 'J 

" Thomas G 

•■ William 30, 31 

Robins. lU 

Ruck. Joliu 7 

■■ Thomas ^ 

Savage, Amos 31 

" Edward 34 

Scott. Thoma-, 1 J 

Smith, Arthur lo 

" Experience 35 

" James A 3tj 

" Sarali --i" 

1707 Spencer. Abi-ail 30,01.32 

■' Agnes o 

. ■' Anthony 0, 7 

1773 ■' Betsey Kh-hi/ :35 

'• Daniel n. 0. 7. s 

" Deborali -S 

" " (lieokley) 31 

1700 " " /.'-/"c/s :n 

16— '• DesborouL'h -'1. 2:5. -'1. 27 

1/]— '• Ebcne/er 2.;. l'-I. 27 

" Elizabeth 5. 12 

■ " ■' Tmilijm '0 

ItMS " " IS. 20 

17oa - ■• " 3:! 

- •' (Taylor) ' o:5 

'■ Francis o. 

•■ Garrard y. ID. 20 

IXDKX. 43 

Vear of • Page 

•■ Garret 10 

" Ciarroil !• 

" Hannah 1! 

10:.:i " •' 17, is, i'O 

1701 " " 31 

1711 •■ •• oi 

1747 '• •' 3:; 

1771 " •' ^loii< 35 

" Jarrad IS 

" tJarrard 6, 7, S, 10 

'■ Jarrett 17 

•■ JerarJ 11 

" John 6 

1(J— '■ '^ 21,23, 21, -25, 27 

16'.)i; " '• 29, 30, 31, 32, 33 

1719 •' " 33 

1710 ■' Lucy Crulltiuleii 30, 31 

1777 •• " 35 

17b2 " " Kirbi/ 35 

'• Margaret ( ) 5, G 

1(157 •' Martha 17, !«, 20 

1772 '• " U7//'«ni.>- 35 

1713 " •' (Eells) 31, 35 

1655 •' Mary 17, 18, 20 

" •■ (Dosbornni'Ii) 27 

1(1— '^ " Ku,g 27 

17^1 " " M,,n;nn 35 

l(39.s " Mehftable, Di<l,np 30, 31 

1712 '• " :;3 

" Michac-l 7, S. 9. 10 

1701 " Nathaniel 28. -30. 31 

Hi— •• Obadiah 18. 2(i, 21. 22. 25, 2(;. 27 

ICUW ■• •■■-.....; 22, 23, 27 

'• Richard 5, G, 8 

•■ 1'r.rrer 8 

17.-7 ■■ Sally .l/././'ni 35 

" Samuel . . 12, 18, 20, 23, 2J, 27, 2^ 29, -30, 31, G2 

1717 ' "' '• :;l 

1711 ■■ ■' .3.3, 31. .35 

" Sarah 12, 17, IS, 20 

" " (ISeardinc:) 20 





.^aruli Mnrgaa •;- 

•■ s-^"' '"';;; 33 

Susan .- 

Thomas . 5, 6, 7, S, li, i:j, 11, 1.",, \i\, 17, is, i!), 20 

'^■''''i'li" 7, .-<, 11, 12, 1.3, 11. 1.-, 

Starik-v, Abi-ail ._,].,- 

Calu^ ]s' ly 

■' " Ji '^1 -'.j 

Thomas 25 

•"^t'"'JI'^'-^ •• Iti 

Stow, ZL-buloii. Jr 35 

Talcolt, Josfph 05 

Taylcoate, John j.i 

Taylor, ElizaLetli :J1 3'^ 

Terry. i;duara .'.'.'.'' 7 

■• ' Elizabeth '..'.' 7 

Toiiilyiis. I'.lizaln ih (.'^[■encer) q 

To.iiU'. A\'illi.iiii Q 

Tr.u^i. \;illiam '. . . . 9 

\Va)d. Xathaiiiel jo 

^^'ater.■-, Henry F. 5 

Webb, Kichard '.'.'"..'. 15 

Webster, Robert 2S 

Westhood. William \-2 

Whit-, .\liee :~\ 

'• .luhn 13 

Williams. Jehiel. Jr ?,:, 

Wolcott l.j 

Woodford, Thoma.^ 11 

Yela, Nathaniel 1.-, 


':<//:y u:^/ifi