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Full text of "The three kings of Cologne. An early English translation of the "Historia trium regum""

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Original Strut, 














MS. BRANDENBURG. I. 1. 176 206 


The English legend of the 3 Kings must have been very 
popular : many MSS. are still extant, many more are lost, as those 
interlinking the several versions. The existing MSS. can be divided 
into 3 groups: 1. MS. Royal, 18 A X, foL 87, and Cott. Vespa«., 
E. XVI, a literal copy of the former, though written by a north- 
midland scribe. 2. MS. Cambr. Univ. Libr., Ee IV, 2 ; Cott. Titus 
A XXV, and Douce 301 ; MS. at Bedford (written in 1442) ; Patrik 
Papers 43; Cambr. Kk 1, 3; Ashm. 59. 3. MS. Harl. 1704. Of 
these, MS. Vesp. is incomplete at the end (it ends, fol. 69, with 
" mete to," = Royal, p. 153, 24) ; Douce wants the first and the 
last, and several other leaves; Harl. 3 leaves, in Chapters 26, 32, 
and at the end; in MS. Cambr. Ee the first page is unreadable 
from blackness. Nearly all these MSS. belong to the 15th century. 
Besides, there exist several old prints, by W. do Worde : London, 
1499 ? (date om.), 1511 (title : The thre Kynges of Coleyne, Imprynted 
MCCCCCXI), 1526 (Imprynted at London in Fletestrete at the 
sygne of the sonno by Wynkyn de Worde, The yore of our lorde 
god MCCCCCI and XXVI), 1530 (Colophon: This was brought 
unto me in cnglysshe of an olde translacyon rugh and rude, and 
requyred to amend it, I thought lesse labour to wryto newe the 
whole. I beseche you tako all unto the best and praye for the oldo 
wretched brother of Syon Rycharde Whytforde), and an edition 
without date (Emprynted at Wcstmester by Wynkyn de Worde). 1 

None of the existing MSS. contains the original text : they 
are all transcripts, and more or less corrupted. The 2nd group 

1 The Brit. Mus. has only the ed. of 1499, an imperfect copy of which is in 
the Bodl. It is bnged on the text of MS. Cambr., allowing the same omissions, 
but it alters freely. A copy of the 2nd ed. is extant in Cambr., Public libr. 


comprehends the generally-received text, and that which, in contents 
and arrangement, is most in accordance with the Latin source ; but 
the existing MSS. are frequently bad, and differ much. On the 
other side, MS. Royal (1st group), carefully written and executed, 
with Latin marginal notes, is of older date (beginning of the 15th 
century); its readings are generally the best, its language and 
dialect very nearly original* But its arrangement in some parts 
(p. 69-78; 145, 24-152), contrary to the Latin source, and without 
apparent reason, is such as can hardly be deemed original. The 
initials of most chapters differ from those in the other MSS., and 
ou closer examination it appears that they have been altered on 
purpose, and that forced turns and circumscriptions are employed for 
the sake of obtaining certain initials. There must be some reason 
for that : indeed, if the initials of the 32 first chapters are put 
STRANLEA, (then follow AA; the rest are the same as in the 
other MSS.). In the same way Osbern Bokenham has deposited his 
name in his " Mappula Angliae " (which I have lately edited from MS. 
llarl. 4011, in " EngL Studien," 1886). But in the case of MS. Royal 
I cannot be brought to believe those 2 female names, Margaret 
Moningtown and Mawde Stranlea, to be those of the first authors, as 
their names are obviously forced upon an earlier text ; they must be 
either the compilers of this single version, or the dedicatees. The 
text of MS. Royal has many additions, partly from the Latin source 
(p. 41 ; 59 ; 77 ; 79 ; 113 ; 117), partly from a note 1 added at the 
end of the Latin text in MSS. Corp. Chr. Coll. Cbr. 275, and Cleop. 
D VII (p. 37; 47), partly from other sources (p. 27; 29; 31); 
whereas in other cases it leaves out or abridges (f. i. p. 23-5 ; 39-41, 
and often), as sometimes, also, when the sense was doubtful (as p. 3). 
For these reasons I cannot believe MS. Royal to contain the 
primitive text ; it is rather to be regarded as a separate version, made 
after a first text. 

Of the MSS. of the 2nd group, MS. Cambr. Ee 2 is the best and 

1 The snme note is already extant in MS. Berol. Fol. 47 (a copy of the 
Brandenburg MS., wr. 1413). 

* The same MS. contains a Chronicle of England, from the earliest times, 
written by the same hand, after the 3 Kings. 


nearest in language to MS. Royal ; yet it is not without mistakes, 
and skips some lines. MS. Bedford descends, though not immedi- 
ately, from MS. Cbr., as it shows the same omissions and mistakes, 
which, however, with many more of an intermediate MS., it supplies 
and corrects on its own account, and rather foolishly, so making the 
text worse. These, and many other voluntary "corrections," render 
this text almost useless. MS. Tit. and MS. Douce form a subdivision 
of this group : they have not the omissions of MS. Cbr., and are, 
therefore, derived from an older MS. ; but they are later and more 
corrupt. Both have a large gap within the text, p. 140, 34-148, 
owing, no doubt, to the loss of several leaves in an earlier MS., 
where the gap seems to have extended still farther, from p. 140, 31- 
150, 2, as the passage on p. 148, and p. 140, 31-34, are supplied in 
both MSS. by a new and verbal translation of the Latin text made, 
it seems, to nil up this part of the gap. Both MSS., closely related, 
are, however, independent of each other, and are copied from a 
third MS. of the same kind; sometimes MS. Tit., sometimes MS. 
Douce has the preference. MS. Patrik Papers is late, but derived 
from a good MS. of the 2nd group. MS. Kk is late, and very bad ; 
it alters and adds freely, and is, therefore, of little use ; so is MS. 
i\shm. MS. Harl. (3rd group), late, and frequently corrupt, joins 
the 2nd group, but shows traces of an older text, and has, besides, 
not a few additions from the Latin source, some of which are found 
in MS. Royal, some in no other MS., so that it stands apart from 
the rest When these additions were made, it will be difficult to 
decide, but most likely they are taken from the oldest text. I have 
given these additions beside the Cbr. text. 

Perhaps some more MSS. will yet turn up, which will throw 
greater light on the history of the text. As it is, the text is far 
from being correct and char, even in the best MSS. The first text, 
which seems to have been more complete, has been lost This first 
text, difficult, and frequently obscure, on account of the difficulties 
of the Latin text, and the bad state of the MS. (Corp. Chr. Coll. 
Cbr., 275) from which it was translated, was, it seems, unsatisfactory, 
and became soon corrupted ; and the more so, as the legend became 
popular, and was frequently copied. The existing MSS. are so many 


stages in this growing corruption. MS. Royal is quite another 
version, made soon after, and from, the first text, with additions (in 
the homiletic part), and omissions (in the descriptive part), 1 so that 
it could be given out as a new version ; hut the bulk of the text, 
where it coincides with the other MSS., is still in a better state, 
though sometimes difficulties are disposed of by simply skipping 
them (as on p. 3). MS. Harl., it seems, has saved some of the 
additions of the first text. The other MSS. contain the substance 
of the first text in a state of decomposition, with many omissions of 
lines and passages, or even (as in Tit. and Douce) with wholesale 
gaps, and with difficulties which have become inextricable (as in 
Chapt 1). Sometimes recurrence was made to the Latin source, to 
iill up gaps (as in Tit. and Douce), but rarely or never, to amend the 
text. The same source had been consulted in MS. Royal, to add 
new matter; but that the plus of the 2nd group (and of Harl.) 
should be due to a later revision with the Latin original, instead of 
emanating from the first text, is quite improbable. 

As the oldest MSS. go down to the beginning of the 15th 
century, the fiist translation can be dated about (rather before than 
after) 1400. With this date harmonizes the style, which is still 
heavy and embarrassed. 2 The dialect of MS. Royal, and, though 
less pure, of MS. Cbr. Ee, is South-midland ; 3 and this, most likely, 

1 This is explained by the fact that this version was made by, or made for, 
holy Sisters ; for such are, of course, the females expressed in the initials. 

2 So in the repetition of the noun with the relative, of the pers. pron. after 
the subject, of Jmn after whan, &c, in the repetition of the same subst. after 
an intermission, as p. 31, 14, and J>at tyme }>at we clepe crtetemasse, \>ei clepe . . 
|?at same tyme £e tyme of herbea, 33, 31, f>an \>\a sterre f>at was prophecyed . . . 
}>e same nyjt and £e same howre £at god was bore \>e same sterre bygan arise, 
86, 2 ; 127, 2 ; especially in relative sentences when the rel. in the genit. 
depends on a substantive in an oblique case : 47, 27, a sercle J>e which in £e 
hbest partie of \>\s sercle (in cuius summitate), 63, 22, }>ei dispised Crist whan 
he was bore, whom long tyme tofore \>ei wyst & prophecyed of hys birj^e, or 
after a praeposition : 39, 20, }>at sterre J>at was so long tyme prophecyed afore 
and £at aft f>e pepil had so longe abyde and loke after f>is sterre, 127, 15 ; 
51, 32, jrat kyndely resoun schewe^ hit to a man (cui humana ratio praebet 
experimentum), 65, 3, jje scheperdes to \>e which \>e angel npperyd and schewed 

. to hem £e berj?e of Crist ; in the frequent repetition of the same words (56, 22, 
of J>is towne . . in }>at town . . in )?at same litil town) ; in the repetition of 
the same thesis, as 21, 11 ; 97, 23 ; 115, 84. 

3 The dialect shows rare endings in en in the plur. pre*, and pret., whereas 
the past part, is without ending (as do, knowe) ; 3 sgl. ends in ej?. It prefers 


was also the dialect of the first text. In the later MSS. the 
scribes have mixed the forms of their respective dialects : MS. Vesp. 
shows North-midland forms; Tit. and Douce are written by mid- 
land scribes, MS. Bedford in an East-midland district. The author 
of the English version is unknown. MS. Ashm. gives out (in the 
title) that it was " translated oute of latyne in to Englisshe by Jo 
grettest doctours of our nacioun, licenced by fe chirche." This is 
merely a supposition of the scribe, taken, it seems, from the English 
translation of Leg. aurea, where the same title is used. As to the 
version of MS. Royal, it may have been arranged by Marg. Moning- 
town and Maude Stranlea; at least there are more instances of 
female authors in that time, as f. i. the well-known Juliana Barnes 
(or Berners), who, being abbess at Sopcwell, near St. Albans, wrote 
* the bokys of Hawkyng and Hunlyng and also of Cootarmures " 
(ed. St. Albans, 1486). 

The English legend is an abridged translation of the Latin 
"Historia SS. trium Regum," 1 by John of Ilildesheim. This book, 
extremely popular in its day, so that it was translated into several 
languages, has been forgotten since. 2 Herm. Crombach, in his 

i in the ending is in the plur. of substantives, ir (aftir, wondir), id, ij> (but 
rarely in). Hous, plaas. trespas, are plurals. The pronouns are she — her, |>ei — 
hem, poss. her. The indef. art is a, even before vowels. The pret. of to sec is 
saij, pi. si^e ; the plur. of shal is shul, of have sometimes han. £at, demon st, 
is used as plur. Adverbs end in lich (gretlich). It writes any, man, whan, 
hande, vndirstonde, first, liche, ferj>er, moche (Cbr. mochel), najt or nat, &o. 
It uses clepe (not calle), aede, betwix. The language is that of the close of 
the 14th century. The dialectic differences of the other MSS. are given in 
the Various readings. 

1 It has different titles in the MSS. and prints : Historia trium Regum, 
Liber trium Regum, Liber de gestis et translacionibus t. R., De gestis et 
transl. t. R., De ortu et gestis et transl. t. R., Legend a SS. t. R., Legend a de 
tribus Magis sive Regibus gloriosis, Tractatus de gestis et transl. t. R., Gesta 
t. R. v Tractatus oollectus ex gestis et transl. t. R„ Laudes et gesta t. R. et 
ritus et sectae multorum regnorum, Liber de origine vita gestis et transl. SS. 
t R. ; sometimes the name of the author is added, as in Monac. 14186 
Johannis Hildesiensia carmelitae historia t. R. ; in the prints the title is : 
Liber de gestis ao trina beatissimorum trium Regum translacione qui gencium 
primicie et exemplar salutis omnium fuerunt Christianorum (Ed. Mainz, 1477, 
1478: Colon. 1481), or Historia de translacione beatissimorum trium Regum 
(Ed. Mainz, 1486), or Legenda SS. trium Regum (Mutinae, 1490), or Historia 
gloriosissimorum t. R. integra triplicemque eorundem transl acionem. veluti 
in choro maioris eccl. Colon, est habita, complectens (Ed. Quentell, 1514). 

8 No doubt, because its fabulous ingredients, not based on sufficient 


famous work "Primitae gentium sive historia et encomium SS. 
trium Magorum evangelicorum," Colon. 1654, fol., scorns to men- 
tion it. The first who discovered a MS. of it, and the name of the 
author, in 1818, was Gothe, 1 who speaks of it in high praise. His 
MS. was translated into German by Gust. Schwab (" Die Legende 
von den h. drei Konigen, von Johann v. Hildesheim, aus einer von 
Gothe mitgoteiltcn lat. Hs. und einer deutschen der Heidelb. BibL 
bearbeitet, und mit 12 Romanzen begleitet," Stutg. & Tubing. 1822), 
whose book is nearly forgotten now, though the " Romances " are 
not without merit. K. Simrock found a German translation of 
1389, dedicated to "Frau Elsbeth von Katzenellenbogen, Herrin von 
Erlbach," in a MS. at Basle (Univ. Libr. 58). A free German 
translation, extant in 2 old prints, without date and place (but most 
likely printed in Strassburg by Preyss, about H80), 2 was much in 
favour as a "Volksbuch" ; it was renewed in a modernized shape 
by K. Simrock (" Die Legende von den Konigen, Volksbuch, Frank f. 
a M." Bromer, 1847). 3 H. I. Floss ("Dreikonigenbuch," Koln, 

authority, gave offence in a more discriminating time (cf. Papebroek, Acta SS. 
Boll. May I., p. vii), and still more to the Protestants. 

1 He wrote on it to Sulpiz Boisseree, from Jena, 22 Oct., 1818 (cf. Sulpiz 
Boiss. II., p. 254), and in " Kunst und Alterthum," see his Works, Stutg. & 
Tub., 1833, Vol. 45, p. 190-203, and 204-206. He says of it: " In's Deutsche 
ubersetzt schlosse sich das biichlein unmittelbar an die Volksbilcher : denn es 
ist fur die menge erfunden und geschriehen, die sich, ohne den kritischen zalm 
zu wetzen, an all em erfreut was der einbildungskraft anmutig geboten wird. 
und so sind die einzelheiten durchaus allerliebst und mit heiterem pinsel 

* Cf. Floss, "Dreikonigenbuch," p. 77. 

8 Since then a great many more German versions have been found in the 
libraries. Fr. Xaver Wober published a prose version from a MS. in the libr. 
of the Greek-Cath. Chapter at Przemysl (" Hystoria von de heilig drein 
Kuning," Wien, Mechitharisten Buchdruckerei, 1857). A MS. at Heidelberg 
(Cod. Palat. 118; 14th cent.) is mentioned by Wilken ("Geschichte der 
bildung &c. der Heidelb. Buchersammlung, w Hdbg., 1817). There are MSS. 
of a German translation at Munich: Cod. Germ., 5134, fol. 90-100 ("von lat. 
zu tutsche bracht, 1405"); 535, fol. 420-462 ("Historia von den h. drei 
konigen," loth cent) ; 4886 (15th cent.) ; at Vienna Pal. 3026 ; 2856. A 
short extract, with some additions, is the text ed. by I. V. Zingerle, 4 * Von deu 
h. drey kunigen," Innspr. 1855 (15th cent.). A poem, extant in a print, 
14 Gedruckt tzo Coellen vp dem Eygelsteyn by myr Henrich van Nuyss, In dem 
jaere vns heren MCCCCCIX" (a copy of which is in Gotha), was published 
by P. Norrenberg, " Kolnisches Literaturleben im 1. Viertel des XVI. Jhdts " 
(Viersen, 1873) ; it is a late poem, one of the class that were called in Cologne 
" Passie^' drawn from John of Hildesheim. — A Dutch translation, *' Van di ie 


1864, p. 76) mentions several MSS. of the Latin text in Treves, 
Munich, Brusscllcs, " and in several other MS. -libraries," and six old 
editions: 3 printed in Mainz by Johan Guldenschaff, 1477, 1478, 
and 1486 ; one in Cologne by Bartholomaeus de Unckel, 1481 ; one in 
Modena by Dominicus Richizola, 1490 ; and one by Quentell, Cologne 
1514. 1 The first modern edition was given by E. Kdpke (" Johannes 
von Hildesheim," Progr. der Ritter-Academie zu Brandenburg a. II., 
Brandenb., 1878 2 ), from a MS. at Brandenburg, written in 1409, now 
in the libr. of the Bitter- Acad., formerly in the Chapter libr.). Since 
then a great many more MSS. have turned up : 2 in England : MSS. 
Cott Cleop. D VII, and Corp. Chr. Coll. Cambr. 275 (15th cent.), the 
latter of which, or rather another copy, was used by the English trans- 
lator ; 4 in Berlin : Royal libr. Theol. FoL 47 (a copy of MS. Brand., 
written in 1413), FoL 241 (written in 1402), Fol. 510, Quart 116. 
Munich has about two dozen MSS. : Cod. lat. 101, 2941 (c. 1409- 
12), 3254 (written in Munster by Fr. Burkchstaler), 4755, 5884, 
5932, 11582 (written 1432), 12005, 12723 (wr. 1417), 14186, 
14547. 17227 (14th cent.), 18427 (wr. 1466), 18621, 19544, 21627 
(wr. 1450), 23788 (wr. 1419), 23839 (wr. 1434), 24571, 26636, 
26688 (wr. 1490), 26700, 26921 (cf. Halm " Catalogue "). The MS. 
at Treves (Munic. libr.), which I have seen, hardly deserves mention, 
as its text is the same as in the editions, but with many mistakes. • 
Other MSS. are extant in Vienna : Pal. 385 (14th cent), 3341, 4926.' 
The great number of MSS. proves the great popularity of the 
book. I have only seen part of the MSS. ; but so far as I can see, 
they differ very much. There are at least 2 versions : one with a 
far shorter and simpler text, in MS. Brandenburg (written in 1409 8 ), 
and MS. Berol. FoL 47 (written in 1413, by one Joh. Cassel, rector 

coningen," was printed at Delf, in hollant, 1479 (71 leaves, 4°) ; a Flemish at 
Antwerp, by W. Wostermann, ab. 1530; a French translation, "Vie der trois 
roys," at Paris, by Jeh. Treperel, 1498, at Metz, par J. Palier, 1548. A Danish 
"Kronike om de hellige tre Konger," abridged from John of Hild., was ed. 
Eopenhague (1872). 

1 It was reprinted by Quentell in 1517 (a copy of which ed. is in the Brit 
Mus.), with an address to the reader by Ortuinus Gratius. 

2 This edition is however full of gross mistakes and even omissions ; most 
of the faults are due to the misunderstanding of the many abbreviations. 

8 Colophon : Anno domini MCCCCIX hec complete sunt Sabbatho die 
post octauas Corporis Christi in scribendo. 



at Brandenburg; 1 it is a copy of MS. Brand., though with many 
alterations) ; here the biblical part is only intimated, not executed, 
the digressions are mostly abridged or sketched, or wholly omitted, 
the style is simple and clear, so that it looks like a first draught, 
though some of the omissions are mentioned in the index. The vast 
majority of the MSS. contain a widely-enlarged text, in "which all 
the details are broadly executed, and many digressions added, in a 
style made pompous by accumulations, doublings and treblings of 
words, circumlocutions and repetitions, so that the clear sense is 
stifled under verbosity, and frequently obscured. The latter became 
the generally-received text, and was printed in the old editions. It 
seems that the former version contains the first text, from which the 
wider was formed ; but it is to be noted that some of the very oldest 
MSS. already contain the wider text. I must leave this question 
open till I have collated the MSS. extant at Munich ; nor can I 
attempt, as yet, to give a critical edition of the Latin text ; I must 
content myself here with reprinting the Brandenb. text (which I have 
collated with the MS., and with MS. Berol. Fol. 47), and with adding 
the readings of the common text, especially of the MSS. extant in 
England (MS. Cleop. 1) VII and Corp. Chr. Coll. Cbr. 275), as 
being of importance for the English version. Both MSS. have the 
enlarged text, but with a great many variations and omissions, of 
which those in MS. Corp. Chr. Coll. explain the discrepancies of the 
English version, founded on that very MS. 

What is known of the author, John of Hildesheim, is found in 
Trithemii "Liber de scriptor. ecclesiasticis," torn. CXVII; in 
Oudinus "Conimentar. de script, eccl. antiquis," III, p. 1275; in 
Fabricii " Biblioth. med. et infim. latin." IV, 8 ; and especially in 
"Bibliotheca Carmelitana, Aurelianis, 1752," II, p. 4. 2 He is called 
a Saxon, or a Westfalian; that he was born at Hildesheim, is 
probable, but attested only by the Carmelite Martin of St. Joseph, 

1 Col. : Explicit liber trium Regum in istis partibus, per venerabilem 
Johannem arckiepitcopum viagdebutg. (!) nouiter portatus. Scriptus per Io- 
hannem Cossel recto rem nouicioruin et aliorum scolarium in vrbe Brand, 
a. d. M°cccc°xiij° decimo octauo Kalendas septembris, sole existente in libra 
in primo gmdu, luna in cancro ; pro quo ihesus cristas marie filiua ait 
benedictuR, in secula seculorum, amen. 

* Cf. Kopke, "Job. v. Hildesbeim," p. 6, 7. 


the commentator of Trithemius. He was a Carmelite friar, studied 
at Avignon, where he went with Petrus Thomas, general of his 
order, under Clemens IV. (1342-52), and became doctor of divinity 
and professor. In 1358 he was appointed "biblicus" at Paris, by 
the chapter held at Bordeaux. Afterwards he returned to Germany, 
and became Prior at Cassel ; as such, he was sent on a mission to 
Rome in 1366. On his return, he was made prior of the convent 
of Marienau, mediated the peace between the bishop of Hildesheiin 
and the duke of Brunswick, and died in his convent in 1375, where 
he lies buried in the choir, beside the founder of this convent, Count 
Gleichen. 1 His epitaph was discovered by Seb. Miinstor, who 
published it in his " Saxonia " (repr. in " Bibl. Carm."). He wrote 
several works 1 : Chronica historiarum, De monstris in ecclesia, Do 
Antichristo, In turpia pingentem, Defcnsorium sui ordinis, De fonte 
vitae, Contra Iudaeos, Sermones, Epistolae, " et quaedam alia." His 
"Historia trium Regum" was a great success. It is dedicated 2 to 
Florence de Weuelkouen, bishop of Munster, in Westfalia, who held 
the see of that place 1364-79, and died in 1393 as bishop of 
Utrecht. 1 As the author died in 1375, his book must have been 
written between 13G4 and 1375. To the same period point some 
dates which he gives in his " historia " ; he mentions events of the 
years 1340, 1341, 1361. 

When Rainald of Dassel brought the bodies of the 3 Kings to 
Cologne, in 1164, he gave 3 fingers of the relics to the cathedral of 
Hildesheim, in which place he had studied and had held several 
ecclesiastical offices, 8 before he was made Chancellor, in 1156, and 
designated Archbishop of Cologne, in 1159. This fact not only 
proves the close connection between Hildesheim and Cologne, but 
seems to contain the very reason why John of Hildesheim felt 

l ~ l Ct Kopke, " Joh. v. Hildesheim," p. G, 7. 

2 This dedication is omitted in most MSS., but extant in the editions. It 
runs : " Reuerendissimo in Christo patri ac domino, domino Florencio de 
Weuelkouen, diuina prouidencia Monasteriensis ecclesie episcopo dignissimo." 
In Ch. 1 he addresses him, and says that he has written his book "vestro 

8 Cf. Floss, p. 7. He had at the same time held four eccl. offices : that of 
"Probst" at the Cathedral of Hildesheim ; at St. Maurice's, Hildesheim; at 
the Cathedral of Munster ; and at St. Peter's, Goslnr; besides being canon at 
St. Mary's, Hildesheim. In 1154 he had refused the see of Hildesheim. 



himself called upon to write his legend, as some rays of the glory 
which the 3 Kings spread over Cologne, fell on his own native place. 

John maintains, in Ch. 1, that he compiled his work from 
divers books, known only in the East, and from hearing, and sight, 
and relations of others; in Ch. 4 he mentions, as his authorities, 
" books written in Hebrew and Chaldee of the life and deeds, and 
all matters of the 3 Kings, which had been brought from India to 
Akres by the princes of Vaus, and had been translated there into 
French, and were kept there in this translation by certain nobles " ; 
to these, he says he has added new matter from divers sermons and 
homilies, and from hearing, and sight, and relations of others. 
These Hebrew and Chaldaic books are, no doubt, a mere fiction, or 
perhaps mention was made of them in his real sources. 

The legendary part is taken from the Bible, which is literally 
reproduced (in the enlarged text), and from tho Fathers, from 
common traditions and well-known facts. The cathedral of Cologne 
possessed a written account of the several translations, 1 whose sub- 
stance, and indeed the outlines of the whole legend, are, it seems, 
preserved in a MS. at the Hague, N. 269, written about 1200 by a 
native of Cologne (ed. by Floss, " Beilage II," p. 116-122), 2 and in 
the Breviarium Colonienso (ed. 1495 and 1522); this account, and 
the traditions current at Cologne, were, no doubt, among his principal 
sources. The forming of the legend had been for some time in pro- 
gress, especially since the translation of the 3 Kings to Cologne ; 8 their 

1 Chron. Anonymi of Afflighem (wr. 1189), a. 1163 : "Si quis vult scire 
quomodo de partibus suis translate Bint (corpora trium Regum) Constanti- 
nopolim et de Constantinopoli Mediolanum, id in ecclesia h. Petri Coloniensis 
inveniet." The Magnum Chron. Belgicura (Pistorius Scr., Ill, 205), 16th cent, 
brings this passage in the same words. Cf. Floss, p. 50 ; M. Hartmann, " Ueber 
das span. Dreikonigsspiel " ( Inaug. diss., Bautzen, 1879), p. 74. 

2 Title : " Incipit de tribus regibus relacio qui dominum adorauerunt viij 
idus Januarij." On this relation is based the report in Giles d' Orval, "Gesta 
Pontif. Leodiensium," Cap. 45 (in Chapeaville, "Gesta Ponf. Leod." II, 114). 
Far older, but only short, are the notices in Annales Isengrimmi maiores, 
a. 1168 (Pertz Scr., XVII, 315), and in Roberti de Monte Cronica, a. 1158 and 
1164 (Pertz, VI, 508, 513), both contemporaries of the last translation; cf. 
Floss. A vast material is given by Crombach. 

8 Most likely it was only from that time that the traditions of their former 
translations were found ; cf. M. Hartmann, 1. o. The subject of the Kings 
became now of general interest, and gave rise to the many legendary tales 
floating at the time of John of Hildesheira. 


number, name?, 1 character and attributes (as "primicie gencium") 
had been fixed, traditions had been formed of their life and death, 
the same prophecies had long been applied to them, the mean- 
ing of their gifts had frequently been discussed; a great deal of 
information was dispersed in the homilies then in use. 2 The subject 
of the 3 Kings was one of the favourite topics of the day; they 
were at that time the most popular saints of Christendom, their 
festival was solemnized with uncommon mirth and splendour, with 
personations within church, 3 with mummeries and plays without; 
their shrine at Cologne was one of the centres of the Christian 
world, the very fame and wealth of Cologne dated from their 
translation. To fix the traditions then current, to have the " legend n 
of the great national Saints, to have it complete, with all the 

1 Cf. M. Hartmann, 1. c. li Excurs III," p. 51, who rejects nearly all 
testimonies for the existence of the names previous to the translation to 
Cologne, except that in the Excerpta Latina Barbari (7th cent.), where the 
names are : Bithisarea, Melichior, Gathaspa (ed. in Schoene, " Eusebii Chron." 
Vol. T, Berl. 1875, p. 174) ; but in this he goes too far. 

2 Leg. Aurea (c. 1280) in the Sermon on Epiph. contains a former stage 
of the legend, with much homiletic matter; but it only briefly mentions the 
transl. by St Helena and Eustorgius. John of Hild. seems not to have made 
immediate use of it Similar is the account in the German "Marieiipas- 
sionale" (ed. Augsburg 1476, Appendix). — The Old-Spanish "Libre de los 
tres Reys" (in Sanchez Colleccion, Madr. 1841, p. 125-132), contains only the 
adoration of the 3 Kings and the flight to Egypt (with the adventure of "the 
robbers from the Infancia Salv. ). * 

8 These personations, which dramatize the liturgy of the day, first given in 
Latin in the short words of the Bible by the clergy alone, as a part of the 
service, but gradually dilating and passing over to the laity, form one of the 
first elements in the history of the mediaeval drama. The oldest specimens in 
Latin are those of Limoges, Rouen (" Officium Stellae "), Nevers (two), Com- 
piegne, Freisingen, Orleans (cf. Du MeVil, " Origines Lat du Theatre moderne," 
Paris, 1849; Delisle, "Romania," 1875; M. Hartmann, 1. c, p. 7 ff. ; Th. 
Wright, " Early Mysteries and other Lat. poems of the 12th and 13th cent" 
Lond., 1838) ; they are extant in MSS. of the 11th and 12th cent ; the oldest 
specimen in a national idiom is an Old-Spanish play (last ed. by M. Hartmann, 
1. c,, p. 46). These playB soon became very popular. German plays have been 
collected by Weinhold, " Weihnachtsspielo und Lieder," Graz, 1853 ; Schroer, 
" Deutsche Weihnachtsspiele aus Ungarn," Vienna, 18G1 ; in"Carmina burana," 
Stuttg., 1847 ; cf. Wilken, "Gesch. der geistl. Spiele in Deutschland," Gott, 1872. 
" Dreikonigsspiele " were frequent at Cologne (cf. Crombach, 732), Hildesheim 
(cf. Floss, 99), Milan (Floss, 63), and indeed in all places where the 3 Kings 
were specially worshipped, as also in Burgundy, where the 3 Kings passed on 
their translation to Cologne (cf. Floss, p. 100). — On the influence of the 
legend on art see Mrs. Jameson, " Legends of the Madonna," London, 1857, 
p. 210—223. • 



apparatus then required in a legend, in a form befitting the subject, 
bud become a task of national interest. John of Hildesheim under- 
took this task, for which he was eminently qualified. He had 
travelled in France and Italy, had been near the papal court at 
Avignon and Borne, and had, no doubt, acquired much information, 
unknown as yet to the general public ; he had been " biblicus " at 
Paris, he had wide connections. His was not a critical age; he 
took his materials where and how he found them, without scrupu- 
lously examining their authenticity ; the marvellous was then indis- 
pensable to a legend, and received with a credulous mind, especially 
when Eastern subjects were concerned. Nevertheless, it remains 
astonishing how he got all his information together : and the ques- 
tion arises whether he has not sometimes added of his own 
inventions. On the whole, I am not inclined to assert this point, 
and to think him capable of real falsifications ; though perhaps he 
has sometimes been led away by his imagination and too freely made 
use of his power of combination, as in the history of the 30 gilt 
pennies, of the apple of gold, &c, which seem to be of very recent 
date, and almost to have been expressly made for the occasion ; but 
perhaps a tradition was already afloat, analogous to that of the crown 
of thorns at Paris. In all cases, his credulity is rather stupendous ; 
he takes everything in good earnest, without a trace of irony. 

The most interesting part of his book is the many digressions 
which he has dispersed among the narrative : descriptions of coun- 
tries, places, products, events, customs, churches and sects in the 
East ; these " allotria " take up more than half of the book. Here he 
has laid down all the information then known of the East. Some 
of the details he may have learned at Cologne, which, since the 
crusades, had been the centre of commerce to the Orient, others at 
Avignon and Borne ; but his chief sources were the books of travels, 
frequent at that age of pilgrimages to the Holy Land. Missionaries 1 

1 Kopke, 1. o. y p. 5 : " Die kenntniss von den Thomas-Christen brachte 
Montecorvino nacb Europa, der sie in Maliapur bei Madras besucht hatte und 
im Jahre 1320 als Bischof zu Chan-balyk (Peking) gestorben war; urn 1335 
stattete der leichtglaubige Franciskaner Odorico von Pordenone nach seiner 
riickkehr von den Sunda-Inseln und aus China semen reiseberioht ab, aus dem 
der Riiter Mandeville seine wunderbare reise sich zureohtrichtete ; 1346 gab 
Jacob von Marignola, der auch in China, aber als pabstlicher legat, gereist 


had even penetrated to the far East, and disclosed its mysteries. 
The same MS. Corp. Chr. Coll. Cambr. 275 (15th cent.), which con- 
tains the "Historia trium Regum," has also some accounts of 
Oriental affairs, as "De presbitero Johanne," f. 146-149; "Itine- 
rarium fratris Odorici ord. fratr. minorum de mirabilibus Orientalium 
Tartaro^um, ,, £ 149-163; "De Saracenis et eorum obscrvationibus," 
f. 234-9, which may have been known to John of Hildesheim ; 
besides " Mandeville's Travels," which our author seems not yet to 
know. But it is impossible to lay open his sources, and to decide on 
his trustworthiness, as long as nearly all the material is hidden in 
libraries. 1 — 

In June 1164, two years after the destruction of Milan, Rainald 
von Dassel, then Chancellor, and designated 2 Archbishop of Cologne 
(since 1159), obtained from the Emperor Frederick I. the bodies of 
the 3 Kings, together with those of the SS. Nabor and Felix, and 
one Martinus Conf., all which had been discovered 3 in 1158, in St. 

war, seinen bench t. erst in der mitte des 14. Jhdts. wurde den konigen des 
christlichen Abessinien der titel des erzpriesters Johannes beigelegt (?). 
unter dem frischen eindruck dieser ereignisse ist unzweifelhaft vieles in dem 
buche geschrieben, and e res konnte er nur in der nachsten nahe der Curie, sei 
es zu Avignon oder zu Rom, vernommen haben, wie die aiissere erscheinung des 
Tar tare n- und Mongolenchans 1340, die Christenverfolgung zu Damascus u. iu 
Egipten 1341, oder die absichten der Sarazenen aus der kirche zu Bethleem die 
prachtigsten saulen i. J. 1361 zu entnehmen." 

1 There is a curious account in the Annales Egmondini (Pertz. Scr. 
XVII, 174, a. 1222), which seems to have Borne connection with what John of 
Hild. relates about Prester John and the Nestorines : " De terra Persarum 
exercitus magnus valde et fortis, egressus de finibus suis, per adiacentes sibi 
provincias t ran si turn fecit, qui dicebantur fuisse homines magne proceritatis 
et stature horribilis ; quod tamen non credimus. Sed qua do causa egressi 
fuerint vel quid egerint, ignoramus. In brevi vero reversi sunt ad propria. 
Dicebant tamen quidara quod versus Coloniam vel lent ire et tres Magos de 
gente eorum natos ibidem accipere. Ynum tamen scimus quod Iudeorum 
gens super eodem ruraore ingenti leticia exultabant et vehementer sibi ap- 
plaudebant, nescio quid de futura libertate sua ex hoc provenire sibi sperantes, 
vnde et regem illius mu)t\tudims fUlttm David appellabant" (cf. Floss). 

* He was not consecrated till 2 Oct., 1165. Shortly afterwards, 29 Dec., 
he elevated the relics of Charlemagne at Aix-la-chapelle, whom, with the 
assent of Pope Paschal is III, he canonized (cf. Floss, p. 9). In 1166 he 
elevated the relics of SS. Cass i us, Florencius and Mallusius, at Bonn (cf. I 
Floss, p. 91). He died Aug. 14. 1167, at Home; cf. Jul. Ficker "Ileiuhokl ' 
von Dassel," Eoln, Heberle, 1850. 

8 MonteCron.,a. 1158 : "Eodem anno iuventa sunt corpora trium 
magorum qui Salvatorem nostrum in fan tern adorauerunt in Bethleem, in 
quadam veteri capella iuxta urbem Mediolanum, et pro timore Friderici 


Eustorgio's (then outside Milan), and had then been hidden within 
the town (in St. Georgio's 1 ) — as a reward for the eminent services 
which he, and the people of Cologne, had rendered to the Emperor 
in his conflict with Pope Alexander III. On June 1 1 he set out on 
his journey with the holy bodies, and, taking his way by Burgundy, 
to escape from his enemies, who were lying in wait for him, arrived 
at Cologne on July 23 (anniversary of the Translation). 2 We still 
have a letter, dated Vercolli, 1164, 12 June, in which Rainald 
announces his imminent arrival with the holy bodies (ed. by Floss, 
p. 113-5). The bodies were then still incorrupt, "integra, utpote 
balsam o condita, ut ipse, dum venissem Coloniam, aspexi" (Ann. 
Isengr. a. 1168), "integra exterius quantum ad cutein et capillos" 
(Kob. de Monte Cron. a. 1164) ; 'one of them appeared to be of 15 
years, the other of 30, the third of 40 (Bob. de Monte 1. a). The 
same Rainald instituted a festival in their honour at Cologne, on 
Epiphany, which he endowed with 10 Mark yearly. 8 His successor, 
Philipp von Heinsberg (1167-91), founded the magnificent shrine, in 
which the holy bodies are still deposited (cf. Floss, p. 94). From 
that time the growth and wealth of Cologne rapidly increased, so that 
it soon became the most powerful place of the Empire. As a place 
of worship it was inferior only to Jerusalem, Rome, and St. Jago. 4 
These are historical facts; all the rest is legendary. 5 That 

imperatoris Alemannorum qui eandem urbem obsidere veniebat, levata et in 
civitate posita." There was, however, some doubt about the id en tit)' of the 
bodies; cf. Libellus trist. et dol. a. 1164 : "Undecimo die eiusdem mensis 
(Junii) Rainaldus Canzellnrius Colon, archiep. tulit corpora SS. martyrum 
Naboria atque Felicia et S. confessoris Martini, prout dicebatur, et tria alia 
corpora que erant condita in urcha que est in eccl. b. Eustorgii, et que 
dicebantur ease magorum trium, et exportauit Coloniam." 

1 Rainald took them from the campanile of St. Giorgio: cf. la 
Flamma (Muratori Scr. XI, 044), Cron. manoscritta di S. Eugtorgio (Serv. 
Latuada, III, 13G) ; cf. Floss, p. 2. 

2 Cf. Floss, p. 14. 

3 MS. at the Hague, 209. 

« Cf. Abel, " Die polit. Bedeutung Kolns am Ende des 12. Jhdts." (Allgem. 
Monatsschrift fur Wisa. u. Litt., Halle, 1852, p. 443). The MS. at the Hague 
(269) says : " Ab illo tempore cepit Colonia magis proficere et fama et gloria, 
ita ut vsque hodie SS. regum odore attract! et illecti ex insults maris et diuersis 
regiopibus fi deles coufluere non desinant : Scoti, Brit tones, Anglici, Hispani, 
de Italia etiam, Sicilia et vtraquc Gallia, reddentes ibi vota sua que distinxeruut 
labiis suis." 

b On the legend of the 3 Kings see also : Incliover, " Tres mngi evang." 


Rainald got the bodies clandestinely from a noble Milanese, before 

asking them of the Emperor, is a mere tradition, first recorded in the 

Annates Egmondani (13th cent.), a. 1167 (Pertz Scr., XVI, 465), 

which, however, still omit the name of the nobleman; this name, 

Azzo de Turri (or della Torre, which was one of the most powerful 

families in Milan in the 13th cent.), does not appear befoie John 

of Hildesheim (cf. Floss, p. 71 ff.). 1 What is told of their prior 

translations, rests on traditions no older, it seems, than the last 

translation ; the chief source is the Vita b. Eustorgii Conf. (cf. " Act 

SS. Boll Sept." V, 776 ; ed. in Mombritius, " Vitae et Acta SS." 

I, 266), which Crombach (p. 172) considers very old, and Floss (p. 

47) dates about 1100, but which was, most likely, written after, not 

before, the discovery of the bodies at Milan (in 1158), 2 and was an 

attempt to explain that very discovery. It relates how St. Eustorgius, 

a native of Constantinople, and familiar with the Emperor, was sent to 

Milan on a mission, was made bishop by the Milanese, and obtained 

for them from the Emperor the bodies of the 3 Kings, which had 

once been brought from different countries to Constantinople by St. 

Helena; 8 as bishop, he was the second (third) predecessor of St. 

Itomae, 1639; Jaques d'Auzole Lapeyre, " L'Epiphanie ou pensees nouvelles 
& la gloire de dieu tou chant les trois Mages," Paris, 1638 ; Crombach 1. c. ; 
Hebenstreit, u De magorum ice. nomine patria ct statu dissertatio," Jenae, 1709 ; 
Kreuser, " Dreikonigenbuch. Zur 700 jiirr. Feier der Einbringung der h. 3 
Konige," Bonn, 1864 ; Alfr. Maury, " Essai sur les legendes pieuses du moyen 
age," Paris, 1843 ; Schobe), " Hi&toire des trois Mages " (Revue de Linguistique 
et Phil. comp. 1878). 

1 A later account is that given in Crombach : that the sister of a Milanese 
nobleman (Oualfegus, Gualvagno Viscoute, Count of Angleria) betrayed the 
bodies to Rainald, to save her brother ; this account was enhanced by many 
fabulous details ; cf. Floss, p. 81. The same account is told in the 2nd part 
of the German poem, "Zeno oder die Leg. von den h. 3 Konigen." 

* Cf. M. Hartmann, p. 74 ff. : "Vielleicht wurde sie in Koln selbst 
verfasst, urn dem natiirlich Bich gel tend machenden bedurfnisse nach altcn 
documenten uber die 3 Konige entgegenzukommen . . . Auch ist es sehr 
wahrscheinlich dass die gauze sage erst spate r von Koln nach Mailand gekom- 
men ist." p. 72 : " Erst der glaube, erst die fiction, dass die 1158 in der 8. 
Eustorgiuskirche gefuudenen leichen die der 3 Konige seien, gab zu der sage 
veranlassung dass S. Eustorgius sie hinbrachte." 

3 The same tradition, though in more general terms, is given in Ann. 
Isengrimmi, who says that St. Helena brought the bodies to Constantinople, and 
that a bishop of Milan, who was at her court, acquired them, and brought 
them to Milan ; he refers for it to "historiae" extant at Cologne, which Floss 
Wlieves to be the Vita 8. Eustorgii. Rob. de Monte Cron. first names this 
bishop Eustorgius, to whom the bodies were given by an emperor of Byzance. 


Ambrose, and lies buried " in the venerable church of the 3 Kings, 
which since bears his name also." The account in the MS. at the 
Hague, 269, which embodies the traditions current at Cologne, 
repeats the same story, but adds the name of the Emperor, Manuel. 
John of Hildesheim combines a double relation: "it is said" 
(fertur), he says, "that at the instance (concilio) of the Emperor 
Mauricius (who is called * primus imperator Romanorum ex Graecis '), 
the bodies were translated to Milan, for it had assisted him in 
recovering Greece and Armeny, then laid waste by the Saracens and 
Persians ; " " and it is read (legitur) that this translation was made 
under Manuel by St. Eustorgius." Here we see how the tradition, 
which sprang from the discovery of the bodies, was gradually 
enlarged. The name of Manuel was added, because the name of 
this Emperor (who reigned 1143-1180) was then best known for a 
Greek Emperor. St. Ambrose, though he mentions Si Eustorgius, 
knows nothing of the translation of the 3 Kings, nor does Paul in us, 
the biographer of St. Ambrose. As the whole story of the translation 
by St Eustorgius is, most likely, a late invention, owing to the dis- 
covery of the bodies in his church, it is needless to attempt explaining 
how they came to Milan. Papebroek (Acta SS. Boll.) removes the 
translation to the time of the Emperor Phokas (603-610); others, like 
P. Allegranza, 1 to that of the Emperor Zeno 2 (474-491), of whom a 
ducat, said to have been found in the ark in which the 3 Kings were 

Whether or no these two accounts of contemporaries to the last translation are 
older than the Vita Eust, is a matter of dispute. That the tradition was not 
then generally received, is proved by William of Newburgh (1136-1208), who 
says : " Nee notum est a quibus person is sacrae illorum reliquiae illuc (Medio- 
lanum) delatae ibique repositae fuerint " (a second MS., however, differs in the 
readings) ; and by Albericus Chron. (ab. 1250), a. 1163 : " De Pereide autem 
qualiter corpora Constantinopolim fuissent translata, hucusque non reperi " ; 
cf. M. Hartmann, 1. c. p. 73. 

* "Delle antichita longob. milanesi," Milano, 1793 ; cf. Floss, p. 56 ft. 

* The name of Zeno is the only thing in common in the old German poem 
"Zeno," extant in 4 MSS. (2 Low-German, and 2 High-German texts), ed. by 
Aug. Ltibben, " Zeno, oder die Legende von den h. drei Konigen," Bremen, 
1869. This is a most fabulous account, relating how one Zeno, son of a rich 
citizen of Verona of the same name, but who, at his birth, is brought to a 
bishop of Milan by the devil, who lays himself in the cradle in his stead, after 
many strange adventures got the bodies of the 3 Kings with the help of the 
devil. This strange story is of the same kind as that of the " heilige Rock " 
at Treves. Perhnps it rests on the tradition of the ducat of Zeno in St 


translated to Milan, and which the people supposed had belonged to 
the coin offered by the 3 Kings in Bethleem, was shown in St. 
Eustorgio's (cf. Floss, p. 56). But the traditions extant in St. 
Eustorgio's respecting the 3 Kings, seem only to have arisen conse- 
quently to the discovery of the bodies, nor can it be proved that it 
bore the name of Church of the 3 Kings before that date (cf. Floss, 
p. 61 ff.). 1 Still more fabulous is the account of the translation to 
Constantinople by St. Helena : no Byzantine author mentions that 
the 3 Kings were ever specially worshipped at Constantinople. — 

May I be allowed to add that the editing of this Legend has 
given me unusual trouble, and occupied me for years. When 
searching for the MSS. I found the worst first Of tlrs it was almost 
impossible to make sense, and only by chance did I at last discover 
the best texts, so that I had to do the work over again more than 
once ; and thus it was also with the Latin text. 

1 Since 1220 St. Eustorgio's belonged to the Dominicans; cf. Floss, p. 60. 

©ty 3Jfa[tt $imj|8 xrf oMirfltty 



p The first page 

**£%£&!£' I 11 * Cambridge MS Univ. Libr. Ee 4. 32, /. 1 : save 

readable from 
blackness, the text 

p. I, from MS. Cott. Tit. A zzv. 1 ] 

ms U tu!a£T He re ^ owet ^ tne manere and fournie of sekyng and 

The fame of Uie offeryng* and also of J>e beryng* and translaciouns of 4 

*preaa from u»e [}>e] )>ree holy and worshipful! kyngis of Coleyn: 

were' the flnt Iaspar, Melchyor, and Balthaser. 

Gentilea that ^^ 

worshipped ^1 

we^ for their K^Ithe of )>ese J>ree worschipfuH kynges alle J>e worlde 8 
relics: from J>e risyng of Jkj sonne to his downe-goynge ys 

[» Left out in ms. fuH of preisyng* [and mcrites] 2 , and, Jerfore, as the 
in is.cbr.] rysyng 1 of be soft clerith in hys beemes, so J)is worlde (!) 8 

[* read hit] . ..* - --, --. 

[♦ms. as] shynetn in mentis or j>ese J>ree kyngis; ffor in 4 J>e 12 

springyng* and rysyng* of J>e so?iue, J>at is to saye 

[» ms. So these] in J>e Este of J>e worlde, these 5 J>ree kynges in body 
and flessh lyuynge, Crist, verray god and man, wij) her 
jiftw, J>at were bodily & in menynge gostely, sought 16 
and worschiped, and so pese J>ree kynges, J>at of uiys- 
creauntcs were J>e first byleuyng men and of mys- 

C« ms. birtu >at creauntes J>e firste maydenes, [J>e] birth [of] Crist, 6 J>e 

verray sonne, fyrste schewed and honoured amonge 20 
mysbeleued men. and so goynge-doune of J>is sonne in 
J>e bileue of* J>ese J>ree kyngw, as a shynyng morowe- 
tyde bitokeneth a cleer wheder folowing 1 (!) : flFor j>is 
goynge-doun of J>e sonne pese J>ree kynges whanne J>ei 24 
were ded, with her reliquys & myraclys in manye 
maners . . . schewed and expressed. 7 But for as moche 

and therefore as bese pre kynges what J>ei wrou$te in )>e birth of the 

this story has # 

been compiled. sonne Cnst, in dyuers bokes and placis is often wreten 28 

and openly schewed, but what they diden aftir, parcas 

to many men it is vnknowe: wherfore aftir hirynge, 

sight and speche of opere men to [fe] worschip of 1 god 

7 See the Lat text : Id quern tamen ortum solis ejus occasus 
quasi aurora valde rutilans claram auram sequentem presignana 
jam refulget : nam ipsura solia occasum prefati tree Reges eorum 
reliquiis venerandis et signis carne soluti multipliciter ornaue- 
runt et in ipso sol is occasu primicias suas et (idem gencium 
virtu tibus et signis approbauerunt 

loyal MS] the three kings of cologne. 


MS. Boy. 18 A x, f 87. 

IjtfuR god, pat euermore is wondirful in hys 
4 seyntis & glorious in his werkis, many wondirful 
fingis \vr0u3t and schewed to all his holy seyntis, & 
specialiche to pe .iij. worschippeful kynges, pe -which 
with aH worschippe and deuocioun soi^te oure lord lhesu 
8 Cryst in Bethelem in his childhode. — And for as moche 
as of fes .iij. worschipful <fe glorious kyoges arl pe 
worlde from J>e arisyng of pe su?me to his downe-goyng 
is f ul in praisyng and merltys, Jerfore, as pe arisyng of 

12 pe 8U/ine cleref in his hemys,/ so pe worlds schinef in 
merites of pes .iij. kyngw; ffor in pe springyng and 
arisyng of pe swine, fat is to seijo, in ]>e eest of Jo 
world e, pea .iij. kynges in body and flessche leuynge, 

16 Crist, verrey god and man, vfiUi her ^iftis, pat were 
bodily and in menyng gostly, soi^te and worschipped, 
and so pes .iij. kynges, fat of myscreauntys were pe first 
bileuyng men and of miscreauntis pe first may den ys, 

20 J>o birfe of Crist, pe verrey smme, first schewed & 
halwed to mysbyleue men./ 

But for as moche as, what 
fes .iij. kynges wroujte in pe birfe of pe su?mo Crist, 
28 in diners bokes and plasis is [ofte] l write and openlich, 
but, what J>ei dide aftir, [rwauenture to many] men is 
vnknowe : Jwfore aftir [sight, heryng, and spekyng of] 
ojer men is & also of diuers [writyng of di tiers clerk?*, 

1 There is a Hug* hole in the MS., extending over the words 
In square brackets [ ], taken from MS. Vespasian E. xvi. 

u 3 


The matter of the 
S Kings began first 
from BaUam'e 
Orietor Stella 

C 1 r. rp of] 

Controversy be- 
tween Christians 
and Jews In the 
Rest about 
Balaam and Job. 

[» MS. and alle] 
P MS. and noo] 

(♦ leaf 16] 

and oure lady seynt Mary and f ese free kynges somme 
thynges hire ben writefl and of 1 dyuerse bokes sette and 
putte in oon. 

Cap. 1 . lhys mature of J>e free blesside kyngis toke 4 
bygynnyng 1 of* J>e prophecie of* Balaam, the prest* of 
Madian, prophete : the which Balaam ainonge aft oJ>ere 
Jungis prophecied and sayde Orietur Stella ex Iacob ft 
exurget homo de Israel ft ipse dominabitur omnium 8 
gencium, this is to saye : a sterre shall springe of* Iacob 
and a man shall rise vpon 1 Israel and shaR be lorde of* 
alle folk 1 — as it is contcynede fully in the olde testae- 
men t. Of this Balaam is aitercacyoun) in f e £ste bitwene 1 2 
J>e lewis and cristen men : ffor f e lewis sayne in her 
bokes that Balaam was no prophete but an Enchauntcwre 
[&] thoruj wieche-crafte and f e deuellis craft* he pro- 
phecied; wherfore in writing 4 he schulde be cleped an 16 
enchauutour and no prophete. ajens fe lewis cristen 1 
men sayn and 9 allegen fat Balaam was a paynem and 
was fe first prophete fat was noo 3 Iewc, & prophecied to 
hem J>at were noo Iewes, & gloriously prophcciede of 4 20 
Je Inearnacioun of* oure lorde I horn cristf and of 1 the 
coniyng* of these free kingw. for if 1 lr's prophecie had 
come thoru3 the deuellis 4 craft, )>e deuyl wolde najt hauo 
forbode hym to curse Israel, but god of grete loue 24 
schewed to balaam by [a] aungett f orwe tokenys, or fat he 
greuyd god by his euyl comzseitt. but, as it is aforseyde 
fat balaam was f o first prophete fat was no Iewe, and 
prophecied to hem fat were no Iewes : therfore f e 28 
Iewes in her bokys clepe hym a enchauntour and no 
prophete. Also in her bokys is a questiou?i of lob, whom 
god wtt/t his owne mowthe commendef : of whom fe 
Iewes ri;t no^t or litel take kepe of, sif e fat he was a 32 
paynym and na$t of f e hebrewes. ferthermore fey seye 
fat lob was tofore Moyses lawe and in fat tyme he 
dwell id in Mesopotamye, na3tw/t&stondyng* fat J>e 
4 Here the Cambridge MS. begins to be readable. 


Boyal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 5 

to] pe wbrschipe of god and of [oure lady saint Marye] 
and pes .iij. blessid kynges, s[o??nne pingw ben here] write 
& of diuerd bokes sette to-gcd[ir and put in on]e. — 
4 1T First $e scliul vndirstonde pat )>e story [of pea] pre 
blessyd kynges was first byguwne of pe prophecie of 
Balaam, pe preest of Madian, prophete : pe which 
Balaam among aH opir prophecied an seydo 1T Orietur 
8 stella ex Iacob &&, 

J>at is to seye : a sterre schal 

springe of Iacob, and a man schal ryse vp of Israel and 

schal be lord of aH folk — as it is conteyned fullich in 

12 pe olde testament./ Of pes Balaam is altercaciouw in pe Aitereado inter 

w 4 eest bytwix cristen men & Iewes: nor Iowes 80136 in iudeoedeBaianm. 

her bokis pat Baham was no prophete but a enchau/it- 

vfuf and porw wicchecraft and pe deuelys craft he pro- 

16 phecied ; wberfore in writyng he schulde be clepid a 

I enchaunto?/r and no prophete. A$ens pe Iewes pe cristen 

men scie pat Balaam was a paynym and was pe first 

pjrophete 1 pat was no Iewe, and prophecied to hem pat 

20 were no Iewes, and ri3t gloriouslych prophecy ed of pe 

♦ Ihcarnacioun of oure lord Ihewu and of pe comynge of 

pes .iij. kynges. For jif hys prophecie had come porwe 

pe deuelys crafte, pe deuyl wolde not hauc forbode hym 

24 to curse Israel* But god of grete loue schewed to 

1 .Balaam by a aungerl porowe tokenes, or pat he grevid 

god by his euyH counseitt. But, as hit is aforeseyde, 

[for] Balaam was pe first prophete pat was no Iewe, and 

28 prophecied to hem pat were no Iewes : perfore pei cleped* P w*i <a«pt] 

. him a enchauntowr and no prophete. 

Also in her bokys 

is a questioun of lob, whom god w/t/i hys owne mowthe Nou d« i<*. 

32 comendep : of whom pe Iewes litil kepe take of, sipen 

. pat he was a paynym and not of pe Ebrews. Thei seye 

also pat lob was to-for Moyses lawe & in pat tyme he 

cUfellid in Mesopotanye, not-wipstondyng pat pe scr/p- 

1 MS. and was fe fi«t prophete and was pe first prophete. 


scripture seif fat he was in f e londe of Vs, in syre, 
and dwellid in a tou» fat is nowo clepyd there Sabob, 
C 1 r. a] jjat is fro damask .ix. 1 dayes iourney ; where his 

sepulcro is scye to f is daye. and biside fat same toun 4 
seynt Poule was cast downe in fe felde and fere con- 
r«r.andto] uertyd to crist. also 2 fe Iewes kepe rijt noujt of fe 
l»r.neofiob] prophecies of balaam ne of his woordes, 8 but in her 
bokys sette hym at noi^t — of wich hit were longe 8 
to telle and to declare. 

Capitulum secundum, 
necanseofthu ? T han fe childryn of israel were go oute of Egipt 


keepenonthe a nd had wo n ne and made soget to hem Jerusalem and 12 
ly Ihe Eai^whi 11 !.^ alle f e londe lyggyng aboute, and noman was hardy in 

tlTtiioMor indiii, a ^ \ a ^ couwtrey to sette a3ens hem, for drede fat 
^7^S^T J> e 7 hadlle of hem : f an was there a hilIe P afc was cleped 
^ig™y «»• Vaws > \> Q wich hille also was cle P ed J> e hitt of Victory : 16 

eltem"*"^™ atld 0n V 18 tt ^ f 6 Warde & f e kepyng °* ncm °' y^de 

oniered to'iook was orde y ned and keped by diuers aspyes by nyj;t and 
o««^for the new by daye, ffor fe child ryn of isroii and after warde for 

f e Romayns ; so pat, 31 f any pepil in any tyme purposed 20 
with stronge hande to cut re in to p e cou/itreye of the 
kyngdom of ynde, anoon aspyes of othir hillys aboute 
thorwe tokenys schewed and warnyd pe kepers pat were 
in pe hiH of Vaws, as by ny3t fey made a grete fyre 24 
and by daye fey made a grete smoke, ffor fat hitt 
[« ms. hW] Vaws passeth of heithe aft othir hillw 4 in fat cowtreye 
of ynde and in aH fe eest. and so, whan any 6 wich 
tokene was sey by day or by ny$t, than anoon att maner 28 
of men of fe couwtrey aboute made hem fredy to ajen- 
stonde] 5 , }if any enemyes had come, wherfore in fat tyme 
fat balaam so gloriouselich prophecied of f e incarnacioun 
of oure lorde iheau and of f e sterre and seydo Orietur 32 
Stella &c., as hit is aforseydc : than all f e grete lordys 
and aH f e of ir pepil of ynde and in f e eest desired gret- 
6 These words are cut away in the MS. 


tare seifo fat he was in f e lond of Vs, in Sirye, and 
dwelled in a toxxn pat is now clepid fere Sabob, fat is 
fro Damask almost a dayes iorneye ; where his sepulcre 

i is seije to f is day. And bisyde fat same touw seynt sunotoi Pauiu* 
Poule was cast dou» in fe felde and conuertyd to Crysfc. ^o^DtmBmn. 
And so fes Xewes take no kepe of fe prophecie of 
Balaam neper of lob, but in aH her bokys haue hem 

8 bofe in despite. 


.ftir fe tyine fe children of Israel were go out of 
1 2 Egipt and hadde wonne 1 & made soget to hem Jerusalem V ms. wowm] 
and aU fe lond aboute, 

than was per a hiH fat was De n©nt« Vtwi. 

16 cleped Vaws, the which hille was clepid also fe hille 
of Victoria : and on f is hille fe warde and f e kepyng 
of hem of Ynde was ordeyned by diucrs keperes by nyjt 
& by day, for f e childryn of Israel and aftirward for 

20 fe Romayns ; so fat, jif any men in fe londis aboute in 
any tyme purposed wif strong hande to entro in to f e 
contrey or fe kyngdome of Ynde, anoon keperes of of ir 
hilles aboute forwe tokenes schewed and warned fe 

24 kepers fat were in fe hille of Yaws, as by ny^t f ei d« •nitudint 
made a grete fyre and by day f ei made a grete smoke. 
For fat hille of Yaws passef of heithe aH ofer hilles in 
fat contrey of Ynde. And so whan any swich token 

28 was seije by day or by ny;t,/ than anoon aH maner of 
men of fe Cuntrey aboute made hem redy to ajen- 
stonde, $if any enemyes hadde come. Wherfore in fat 
tyme fat Balaam so gloriouslich prophecyed of fe 

32 incarnacioun of oure lord Ihe*u Grist and of fe sterre 
and seyde 11 Orietur stella ex Iaoob &c., as it is 
aforseyde : than aH f e grete lordis & aH f e ofer peple 



P leaf 2a] 

P r. M 
Of this hill It 

licti to see fat sterre, and byhotten $iftes to J>e kepera 
of f is hiH of Vaws and more-ouer hyred hem with grate 
mede, fat, jif hit so were [fat Jfei si$e by] 1 daye or by 
ny3t fer or nere any ly$t or any sterre in J>e eyre [or in 4 
pe finnamente] 1 othir than was seije tofore-tyme, anoon 
f ei scholde 2 schewe and senile hem woorde. and so longe 
tyme fat 8 comune fame and loos of this sterre was spoke 
and bore f orwe aH f o londys of f e eest. and of pe name 8 
progeny of v»us, of J>is hiH of Vaws arose vp a worschippeful and a grete 
kynrede in ynde & in fe eest, fe wich is cleped pe 
progenye of Vaws in to pis daye ; and per is najt' a 
more worschepefuH ne a more myjty kynrede in all J>e 12 
londys and fe kyngdoms of J>e eest, as hit schal be 
schcwed afterward, aud pis worschippeful 4 kynrede. 
kam first of fe worschippefuH kynges blode )>at was 
cJeped Melchior, J>at offrid golde to oure lorde ihe*u 16 
cr/st, as ;e schulle here aftyr. 

P MS. worst-hip- 

who, In 1200, 
came from India 
to Akres, 


P omit of] 

Capitulum tercium. 

N J>e 3eere of oure lorde a .M! and .CC, whan Je 
citee of Aeon, fat in Jus con trey e is cleped Akers, 20 
florisshed and stode in his virtue, Ioye and pwspmte 
and was enhabited richelich with worschippeful prynces 
and lordys and wtt/i diuers ordres of men of religion 
and of aH mane;* of men of diuirs naciouns and tungys, 24 
in so moche fat Je name and pe loos of fat cite Acoft 
was bore Jorwe f e worlde, and moroouer aH naciouns 
and tungys com thidir and broi^te thidir boJ>e by londe 
and by pe see of 5 aH manere of marchaundi^es of pe 28 
worlde, soo pat fere was no citee liche perto of nobleye 
and of my;t : than, for pis grete name and grete loos 
and meruayles pat were fere, f e grettest of berthe fat 
were of pis progeny e of Vaws com oute of ynde in to 32 
Aeon ; and whan f ei si^e [fere] aH thyng 1 more wonder- 
fuH fan in ynde and in the con trey e of fe eest, than, 

1 These words are cut away. 

Boyal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 

in Tnde and in f e eest desired gretlich to see fat sterrc, 
and bihetten jiftes to fe kepers of J>/s LiH Yaws and 
more-ouer hired hem vritfi grete wages, fat, 3if it so were 

4 fat fei sije by day or by ny3t fer or nero any lijt or any 
sterre in fe eyr or in |>e firmament of ir fan was sei^e 
tofore-tyme, anoon fei schulde schewe and sende hem 
worde. And so long tyme fe comune fame and loos of 

8 f is sterre was spoke and bore forwe aH fe londes of f e 
eest And for 1 fe name of f /s hille of Vaws arose vp a [ l r. fro?] 
worschippef ul and a grete kynrod in Inde and in f e eest, 
fe which is cleped f e progenye of Vaws. 

And bts d« ortu istiwi 

progenie d« Vawt. 

worschipful kynrede cam first of fe worschippeful 
16 kyngis blood fat was d[e]pid Melchior, fat offrid golde 
to oare lord Iheiu, as 30 schnlle here after. 


l3t in fe jere of oura lord .M! and .CC, whan fe 
20 Citee of Aeon, bat now is clepid Akers, florissched and Not* de nohmute 

1 r l # CluiUtU Acufi. 

was in his Ioye and prosperity and was inhabited richely 

wif worschippeful princes and Barouns and of dinerse 

. ordres of men of Religious and of aH maner of men of 

24 diuerse naciouns, in so moche fat f e name and f e loos of 

fat Cite Aeon was bore f orow f e worlde, 

and aH maner 
28 of marchaundes wif her marchaundyses come f ider 
bofe by londe & by fe see, so fat fer was no Citee liche 
f erto of nobleye & of rychesse : Than, for f is grete 
name and grete loos and meruayles fat were fere, f e 
32 grettest of birf e fat were of f is progenye of Vaws 
come out of Ynde in to Acofi ; and whan f ei 81*30 aH 
finges more wondirful fan in Inde & in fe cod trey of 


by cause of desport, fei abiden there and made a feire 

and a stronge casteH in aeon for any kyng 1 or lor Je. and 

fey brou3te with hem oute of ynde and of fe eest 

many ryche and wondirful ornaments and Iewels. and 4 

and brought with among all of ir Iwels fey brou3te a dyademe of golde, 

diadem or arayed wt't/i precious stonys and peerlys, fat 1 in f e hiest 

withchaidaio place aboue stode letfres of chalde and a sterre made 

nTTiidi* 1 * " Ur " ^ cne a ^ ter }* sterre J> at aperyd to J>e .iij. kynges whan 8 
fei 80U3te god, vritk a signe of f e cros byside. and fat 
diademe was Melchior, fe kynge of Xuby and of 
p ms. iiyjtn] arabye, fat offrid golde to god, as fey seyjan. 2 ffor 
and possessing thorwe fat diademe and fe merite[s] of fe .iij. blessed 12 
healing the tuung kynges god aHray3ty heled and savid bofe man and 
beest of diuers enfirmites ; and what man fat was take 
vrith fe fowle euyl : whan fe croune was leyde vppon 
which afterward! hym, anoon he was hoole. wherfore afterwarde fe 16 
knight-tetnpian maister and fe ordi-e of teniplerys gat fe same diademe 
' of gold, wtt/t many of ir preciouse Iwels ; of f e wich 
croune f ei hadde late grete profite of offrynges. but, aftir 
tyme fat f e ordre of templers was distruyed there, where 20 
fat diademe and of ir preciouse ornamentis bycome aftir, 
hit was neuer knowe jit in to f is daye — wherfore fer was 
grete sorwe made in all f e contreye longe tyme after. 
andaiHobooRi // Also fe same pnnceys of Vawes brouate vrith hem 24 

written In Hebrew " T r J ? 

and chaidaic, oute of vnde bokys, wryte in hebrewe and Chaldee, of be 

of the life of the J J J , ' T 

s King*, which life & of f e dedys of f es .iij. blessed kyngys : f e wych 
pieaitt] bokys were afterwarde translate 8 in to frensshe. and 
were afterwarde so of f es bokys, and of heryng and of syit, and also of 28 

translated into 

French, and eo sermouws and omelyes fat be drawe oute of diuers bokys, 

principal eoarce be thus write togedir and pute in to one boke.// Also 

* je schul vndirstonde fat fe olde kynred of fts progeny 

and they still of Vawes beref aHwey in her baner in to f is daye a 32 

bear In their . 

banner attar with eterre wtt/t a signe of f e cros, made after fe same maner> 
cross. and f e same foorme as hit aperid to f c .iij. blessid kyngt* 

in f e tyme of f e berf e of oure lord ihesu crtst — And so 
hit was fat aHwey after fat balaam hadde prophecied 36 

Ecyal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 11 

pe eest, than, by-cause of desport, pei abiden and 
dwell id stille pere & made a fair & a strong CasteH in 
Aeon) for any kyng or lord. And pei broujt wit/* hem 
4 oute of Inde & of ]>e eest many wondirful & riche 
ornamentis and Iewels. And among alle opir Iewels 
pei brouite a diademe of golde, arayed wip preciouse Noud«di*demau 

B. gis Malohiw* 

perles and stones, and in pe l^est place aboue were wryte 
8 lettrea of Calde [&] a sterre made liche after pe sterre 
pat aperyd to )>e .iij. kynges whan pei soujte god, wip 
a signe of )>e holy cros bisyde. And pat diademe was 
Melchiores, pe kyng of Nubye, pat offrid gold to god, 

1 2 as J>ei seyen. For porwe fat diademe & pe mbytes of 
pes pre blessyd kyngw god heled & saaed hope man 
and beest of many diuerse intirmitees ; and what man 
fat was take wip )>e fowle euyl : whan pe Croune was 

16 put vppon hym, anoon he was hole. Wherfore aftirward 
pe mayster of pe ordre of Tern piers gatt pe same crowne 
[of] gold, wip many o)>ir preciouse ornamentis, and kept 
it for a worschipf ul IeweL But, aftir )>e tyme pat pe 

20 ordre of templers was destroyed pere, whider pat pis 
diademe and opcr preciouse ornaments bicom aftir, it 
was neuer knowe 3U in to pis day./ 

Also 30 schul 

yndirstonde pat pe olde kynred of pfs progenye of 

32 Yaws bere aH-wey in her baner a sterre wit/* a signe of 

Pe holy cros, made aftir po same maner & pe same 

taurine as hit aperid to pe .iij. kyngis in pe tyme of pe veiiitum huioa 

progenia! de 

birpe of oure lord Ihe*u Crt'st ; and pis banere was bore v»w«. 
36 in eneij bataitt pat was do bitwix cristen men & sarsyns. 


of fis sterre and certeyn men were ordeyned to loke 

fcrafter vppon ]>zs hiH of Vawes, as hit is aforseyde : 

From that time be more bat bts sterre was loked after, be more be fame 

the star was r T J f T v 

oniverniiy ex- and fe loos of bis sterre encresid and was spoke of 4 

pected in India 

andchaidea. forwe fe londe of ynde and of Chaldee, and an fe 
peple desired to see hit. 

• * 

Capitulum iiij* 1101 - 


so that, when for • . T ' Y han E^echias reigned and was kyng* of f e londe* 8 

Ezeeliiae' Mke, in * . T • i x r • i* *- t. • a 

whoie time ieainh of f e Iewes, ysaye )>e prophete glonouslicn prophecied 

prophesied of the . -■ . , -,-.«-• i * * <•'•■ 

virgin's son, of oure lady seynt Marye and of her soon and seyde 

the sun withdrew, j^ ^^ ^3^ & pariet filim . 1(H)> qMod j,fe 

prophet, a mayde schal conceyne and bere a childe. in 12 
J» tyme of \>ia ysaye kyng Ejechias was syke to fe 
dethe; and ysaye in ]>e name of god tolde and seyde ^ 
to kyng E^echias fat he scholde dey3e. wherfore 
E3echias turned hym to a vaH, as holy wrytte seif, and 16 
wept, and najt for drede of dethe onlich, but for he 
had noon eyere and fe byhest of abraham and of 
kyng 1 danid and also fe prophecie of balaam and of 
ysaie scholde fayle and peryasrl in hym. wherfore 20 
oure lorde ihesxx crist had. mercy of hym and encresid 
his life lenger by .xv. jeere. and than Ejechias asked 
a tokene of god hereof : f c wich tokene was this that 
f e suwne scholde goo bakward or wit/t'lrawe hym ajens 24 

p ms. and and] his kynde ; and 1 god suffryd hit 2 fat hit scholde so be. 
and fees chaldees Jan, seyng f Zs wonderful token in fe 

p MS.wrondrid] siircne and in heuene, fei wondrid 8 gretlich ferof ; and 

whan J>ei herde fat f is tokene in f e sunne was do for 28 

the chaideen, mis- kyng* E3echias, than fei sent to hym many 3if tes, and 

the man prophe- were in pwrpos and wiH to come and worschippo hym. 

sied by Balaam, 

sent presents to but, ffor f e kyng E3echias of verry Innocency of hert 


made a dissimilacion and wolde na^t knowliche fat f /*8 32 
tokyn was for hym, and also he wolde na3t thank 1 god 
ferof, but had a lytil pryde in his hert : wherfore god 
was sumdele wrof c a3eus hym ; and f erfore god sent to 

Boyal MS.] the three kings of cologxe. 13 


8 VJ1 Raciouslych whan E^ecliias reigned and was lorde 
& kyng of pe lond of Iewes, Ysaye pe prophete 
gloriousiich prophecied of oure lady seynt Marie fo- 
ot her sone and seyde \>us : Eooe Virgo concipiet & 

12 pariet filium: / Loo, seip Isaye pe prophete, A may do imJm prophet*, 
suhal conceyue & 1 here a sone. In p e tyme of pis Ysaie- [» ms. »] 
kyng E^echias was syk to J>e depe; and Ysaye in pe De Ei«cbu Regt. 
name of god seyde to E3echias pat he schulde dye. 

16 Wherfore E^echias turned hym to a waH, as holy writ 
seipe, and not for drede of dethe onlich. hut for he 
hadde no eyre and pe hyheste of Abraham and of kyng 
Dauid and also pe prophecie of Balaam and of Ysaio 

20 schulde fayle in hym. 

Wherfore oure lord Ihivru Crist 
had mercy of hym and encrosyd his lyfe lenger hy .xv. 
3eer. And )>an E^ecliias asked a tokene of god heri-of : 

24 l>e which tokene was bis bat be suane schulde wib-drawe Notad« soi# et 

* daCaltleia. 

hym ajens his kynde ; and god suffrid fat it scholJe so 
be. And pan pes Caldecs seinge p/s wondirfuH tokene 
in pe sunne and in heuene, pei wondrid gretlich \erot ; 

28 and whan pei herdc pat pi's tokene of pe smme was do 
for kyng Ejechias, pan pei sent to hym many 3iftis, and 
were in wille to come & to worachipe hym. But, for 
kyng Ejechias of verrey Innocency of hert made a dis- 

32 simulactouw and wolde nat knowleche pat p/s signe was 
for hym, and also he wolde nat thank god pcrof, hut 
had a litil pryde in his hert perof : wherfore? god was 
sumdel wrope a3ens hym ; and Jerfure he sent Ejechias 



which for hit 
pride God told 
hiin would be 
carried away to 

t l r. of] 

[•leaf So] 
P MS. ierim] 

aa it happened 
afterwards, when 
destroyed Jerusa* 
lem and led the 
Jews awaj to 
where they were 
in captivity 70 

[* r. pere |»el] 

Daring this cap- 
tivity Daniel 
prophesied of 

[» r. Cyras ; 
lat. sub typo] 


Ejechias fe kyng bi Lis prophet ysaye fat aH J>e jif tea 
)>at were sent to hym by 1 f e cbaldees by her messangeres, 
scholde be bore in [to] babyloyne— as his write in fe 
bible, ffor, f ow Ejechias was kyng* of f e Iowes bore and 4 
fat wondirful tok)n in f e sunne was schewed for bym, jit 
he was najt fat man )>at scholde aryse vp of s israel 8 and 
be lorde of aH folk, as balaam prophecied. And $e schul 
yndirstonde fat fe chaldeis and J>e greekys in fat tyme 8 
jaf hem mochel to astronomye and had grete delyte 
Jwrin, in so mochel fat euery mayde in a mannys hous 
knewe \>q course of f e sterres and of f e planet ys ; and 
jit aHwey fei ji£ hem ferto biselich, and specialich 12 
kyngt* & pn'nceys : for )>ey haue maistris of fat science, 
and jiue hem grete wages, to teche hem fat cunnyng* of 


ACapitulum Y tum - 
f ter £3echias reigned Manasses, and f is Manasses 
kilde ysaye fe prophete. and after Manasses reigned 
Amon ; and after hym reigned Iosias : and in his tyme 
Ieremie prophecied. and in )>e tyme of Ieremye reigned 20 
Ioachytn : and in his tyme Kabugodonosor and f e 
chaldees biseged Jerusalem, and destroyed hit, and bare 
awey aH f e wessels & fe ornamentys fat were in J>e 
temple of god & in f e kyngis hows, in to babiloyne, as 24 
ysayas had prophecied tofore : and also he broi^t many 
Iewes prtsones in to babiloyne — fe wich babiloyne is 
fro ierusalem .1. dayes Iorney ; and f ei fere 4 were in 
captiuite and in prisoun .lxx. jecre. to whom Ieremye J>e 23 
prophete sent and }af bokys of f e lawe of god and of 
prophecies, pat fei scholde nojt be forjete, as f e bibil 
witnesseth. and in f is captiuite of Iewes danyeH pro* 
phecied, vnder Tirus, 5 fat was kyng of Peers, of J>e 32 
Incaruaciotm of ourc lord ihc*u crist, whan he spak de 
lapide absciso de.monte sine manibus conscidencium, 
as 3e echul here aftir; and among* aH ofir danyeH 

Boyal MS.] tiie three kings of cologne. 15 

J>e kyng by his prophete Ysaie )>at aH )>e jiftis fat were 
sent to hym of Jie CaJdees by her messangers, scholde be 
bore in to Babiloyne — as it is write in J>e bible. For, 

4 Jk>uj Ejechias were kyng of Je Iewes bore and J>at 
wondirful tokene in J>e sunne was schewed for hym, 
jit he was nat pat man pat schulde arise vp of Israel 
and be lord of aH folk, as Balaam prophecied. And 30 

8 schul vndirstonde ]>at pe Caldees and J>e Grekes in fat 
tyme $af hem moche to Astronomye, In so moche fat 
euery mayde in a mannes hows knewe pe course of pe 
sterres and of pe planetes ; and 3ft alwey )>ei 3yue hem 
12 biselich perto, & specialich kynges and princes : for Jei 
haue maistres of pat crafte, & \>e\ $ew hem gret wages, 
to teche hem fat science of astronomye. 


.ftir Ejcchias reigned Manasses, and Jus Manasses 
kylde Ysaie )>e prophete. And after Manasses reigned 
Amon ; and aftir hym reigned Iosias : and in hys tyme 

20 Ieremye prophecied. And in pe tyme of Ieremye reigned 

l : and in his tyme Nabugodonosor and pe 

Caldees byseged Jerusalem, and destroyed hit, and bare 
awey aH pe vessels and )>e ornamentis pat were in J>e 

24 temple of god and in pe kyngis hows, in to Babiloyne, 
as Ysaias had prophecied afore ; and also broujt manye 
prisoners of Iewes in to Babiloyne — pe which Babiloyne 
is fro Ierusalero .L dayes iorney ; and per fei were in 

28 captiuite and in prisoun .lxx. $eve. to whom Ieremye pe 
prophete sent & jaf bokes of pa la we of god and of hys 
prophecyes, fat J>ei schulde nat be for^ete, as pe Bible 
witnessip. And in pis captiuite of pea Iewes Danyel 

32 prophecied, vndir Tyro, J>at was kyng of Peers, of pe 
incarnacioun of oure lord Ihemi Cryst, whan he spak De 
lapide absciso de monte &c, as 30 schul here aftir; 
and among aH oper Danyel propheciede to pe Iewes and Prophecia dmim. 
1 Name (Joakim) omitted in the Ma 


prophecied to fe Iewes and seyde Cum venerit sanotnf 
sanctorum, cessabit vnctio vestra, That is to seye: 
whan he fat is moost holiest of seyntes come)), than 
At that tiro* schal joure vnccioiw seese. after f *s Tyrus, kyng* of 4 
chlidaM caused Peers, and f e chaldees commaunded and dide write and 
proph«d««*of um translate oute of hebrewe in to Caldee alle fe bokys of 
treated into f e Iewys, and f e prophecies of ysaie, Chore (!), Ieremie, 
ciwidaie, daniel, Michee, and balaam, and aH of ir prophecies : 8 

and among 1 all f es bokys and prophecies f ei foonden 

p r. thingi*] fat many thing 11 scholde be fulfilled by ]>e Chaldees and 

hem of peers after fe prophecies, and specialich after 

fe prophecie of balaam fat seyde Orietur Stella ex 12 

and m the pro- Iacob, as hit is aforseyde. and for fes prophecies and 

phecy of Balaam 

wm revwad and f e bokys of be Iewes and for of er causys be Chaldees 

the atar the mora . 

farrentiyexpacud and fei of peers were fe more feruent and studieng* 

after fis sterre. wherby we schul vndirstonde fat aH 16 
this was do of goddys ordinance and of his mercy and 
also to strengthyng* of oure feip, fat balaam, fe first 
prophete fat was no Iewe, by a sterre prophecied fe 
first clepyng* of hem fat were no Iewes, whan he seyde 20 
p leaf »] Orietur stella &c. ; and this clepyng* of fat pepil 2 god 
almy3ty first bygan and pcrfourraed by his berthe and 
by thes glorious and worschippeful kynges. and tbow 

r* ms. paynynis] f ei of Peers and of Chaldee were pay nyms, 3 ;it by thes 24 
prophecies and by thes bokys of fe Iewys fey founde 
weH and wyst fat, whateuer god had byhote by his 
prophetys, he was my3ty to fulfill and to perfourme 

wherefore they hit. // So fey ordeyned .xij. of fe wysest men and of 28 

appointed It wise . . - __ 

astronomers to fe grettest clerkys of astronomye fat were in an fe 

atar on the hiu of contrey aboute, and 3af hem grete hire, to kepe f is hiH 

*"*' of Vaws aforseyde for fis steiTe fat was prophecied 

by balaam. and f e cause fat fere were ordeyned 32 
.xij. men as hit is aforseyde, was f /s : that, $if hit so 
were fat oon man deyde, anoon per scholde be putte an 
of ir man iw his stede ; and also an of ir cause was fat 
[♦Ms.euty] summe 4 of hem scholde kepe fat hirl and loke after 36 

Boyal MS.] the three kings of cologne, 17 

eeyde Cum venerit sanctus sanctorum, cessabit vnccio 
veatra, fat is to seye ; 

whan lie fat is most holyest of 
4 seyntes comeb, ban schal 30UM vncciouu scese. Af tir \>ia Tr»n«iadon« 

librorum diuer- 

Tyrus, kyng of Peers, and f e Caldees did write and trans- ■orum prophe- 
late oute of Ebrewe in to Caldee aH f e bokes of ]>e Iewes, in Hnguam 
and fe prophecyes of Ysaie, Chore, Ieremye, DanyeH, 
8 Michee, and Balaam, and aH of er prophecies : and among 
aH pes bokes & prophecies f ei founden fat many f inges 
schulde be fulfilled by f e Caldees and by hem of Peers 
aftir fe prophecyes, and specialiche aftir f e prophecie 
12 of Balaam, 

16 Wherfore we schul vndirstonde pat aH fis 

was do of goddis.ordinaunce & of hys mercy and to 
strengthing of oure feif, fat Balaam, fe first prophcte 
fat was no Iewe, by a sterre prophecied f e first clepyng 

20 of hem fat were no Iewes, whan he seyde Crietur Stella 
fto; and fis clepyng of fat peple god almy3ti first 
bigan and perfourmed by his berthe and by f es glorious 
kynges. And f ow fat f ei of Peers and of Caldee were 

24 pay ny mines, 3ft by fes prophecyes and by fese bokes of 
fe Iewes f ei founde weH and also wist weH, fat, what- 
euere god had byhote by hys prophetes, he was my3ti 
to fulfills & to perfowme it. So fei ordeyned .xij. of ordinantarxn 

viri In roonttw 

28 f e wy8e8t men and of f e grettest clerkes of Astronomye Yaws, 
fat were in al f e contrey aboute, and 3af hem grete hyre, 
to kepe f is hiH of Yaws aforeseyde for fis sterre fat was 
prophecyed by Balaam. And fe cause fat \er were 

32 .xij. men ordeyned, is fis : 

That suromc of hem schuldo 
36 kepe fat hiH and lok after fis s'.erre at tynae, and 




PMg. lblkfr] 


Note on tht hill 
of Vans. 

[» r. ttraonge] 

[•lit. or] 

f« sterre at o tyme, and su?nme at an ofir tyme. 
neuerj>ele8 f e pepil lokid najt onlich after f e sterre, but 
after fat man fat was betokened by f is sterre, f o wich 
man scholde be lorJe of aH folk 1 . 1 // Also fei of ynde 4 
and of Chaldee fat come of-tyme in to Ienwalem by- 
cause of l^larchaundi^e and also for desport — f e wich 
for fe moost partye be lernyd in astronomye — sey3e 
fat in ynde and in ofir placys aboute be many sterres 8 
in fe firmament fat mowe na3t be sey3e be nyjt ; a but 
specialich on f is hitt of Yawes in a clere wedir be sey3o 
many diuers and stronge 3 sterres fat benefe vnder fe 
hitt be ri3t nou3t sey$e.// Also, as hit is aforseyde, fts 12 
hitt of Yaws passef of heif att fe hilles of f e eest ; and 
aboue hit is nomoro of brede fan a litel chapel is made 
f er-vppon : f e wich chapett f cs .iij. worscheppefui kyngw 
dyd make of stone and of tymber. and \>er be aboute 16 
f is hitt many grees for men to go vppe to f e chapett 
a-hi3e, and also fere growe many goode trees and herbys 
and diuers spices alle aboute fe hitt — for 4 ellis men my3t 
no3t well go vp-on f is hitt, bycause it is so I1130 and so 20 
narwe. // There is also a pilere of stone made aboue 
f is chapel, of a wonder heithe, and in fe heede of fis 
pilere stondef a gret stereo, well made and gilt, and fat 
sterre turnef wit/e fe wynde as a fane : and throwe fe 24 
li*3t of fe suune by daye and also forwe fe li3t of fe 
moone in fe ny3t f e same sterre ^if li^t a gret weye 
aboute in fe contreye. and many ofir merucyles be 
tolde of f is hitt of Yaws, f e wich were longe to telle. 28 

Tt» birth of 
Christ, after 8. 

WCapitulum sextum. 
han f e tyme of grace and of mercy was come fat 
god wolde haue mercy of att mankynde, in wich tyme 32 
f e fadir of heuene sent downe his soone to take fleasli 
and blode of oure lady seynt Marie and to be bore man 
of her for sauacioun of alle fe worlcle: in fat tyme 
octouianu*, fat was emperour of Rome and helde fe 36 

Boyal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 19 

summe at anofer tyme. Xeferles J>e peple loked nat 
onlich aftir )>e sterre, but aftir fat nian fat was bitok- 
ened by f o sterre, f e which man schulde be lorde of aft 
4 folk\ 

12 Also, as it is aforescyde, J?is hitt of Vaws passif 

on heife aH f e hilles of f e cest ; and aboue hit is nomoro 
of brede fan a litil Chapel is made fer-vppon : fo which Capeiiaeonstroi- 
Chapele fes .iij. worschippefnl kynges ordeyned and did vaw*. 

1C make of stone and tyml er. And fer growe many godo 
herbes an spices Sc faire trees aboutc f i's hitt ; and diners 
grees be made abonto J>is hille for men to go vp to )>/s 

And fer is also a pylere of stone made aboue fe NoudeeoWrnipna 
chapel, wondirlich wroi^t and of a grete heif e, and in dictam capaiiam. 
Jo nicest place on fe pilere stondef a grete sterre, wel 

24 made & gilt, and tornef hym wif J>e wynde as a fane : 
and forwe li}t of fo sunne by day and also forwe lijt 
of fe mone in fe nyjt fat sterre jeuef lijt a greto weyo 
abonte in fat contrey. And many ofir gret me?meyles 

28 be tolde of f is hille of Yaws, of fe which it were long 
to telle. 


'tyfullich whan fe tyme of grace and of mercy 

32 was come fat god wolde haue mercy of mannys 

sowle, In fe which tyme fo fader of heuene sent 

downe his sone to take fleisshe and blood of fe blessed 

virgino Marye and to become man for saluacioun of aft 

36 J>e world : in fat tyme Octauianw, fat was Emperour 

c J 



p leaf 4a] empyre of 1 aH fe worlde, in fe jeere of his empire 
.xlij., as seynt luk tellef, he sent oute a command o- 
raent to descrye alio fe worlde — Exiit edictum // 
And f is discrying 1 was first made vnder Cirinus, fat 4 
than was bisshop of Cyrye. and euery man $ede forf 
in to his contrey. fan ^ede Ioseph oute of galile, )>at is a 
cite in Nazareth, in to a cite of Iury fat was kyng 1 
dauid, fe wich cite was cleped Bedleem : bycause fat 8 
Ioseph was of f e howsholde and of f e meyne of kyng< 
dauid. f erfore he 3ede in to fat contreye, with oure 
lady seynt Marye, fat was his wyfe, and also gret 
wit/* Childe. soo whan fei were fere, fe tyrae was 12 
come fat oure lady seynt Marie scholde be deliuered of 
her childe : and was delyuered. and sche wrapped hym 
in clof is, and leyde hym in a manger : for \er was noon 
ofir place, and scheperdys weren fastby in fe same 16 
contreye, kepyng* her schepe in fe ny$t. and a aungett 
of heuene comme and stode by side hem with a gret li$t : 
whereof fei were gretlich adrad. and fan fe aungeH 
seyde to hem : " be no3t adrad : for y teH 30U a grete 20 
Ioye fat schal be to all fe pepil : ffor f is daye is bore 
to vs oure lorde crist in f e cite of dauid. and fts schal 
be to 3011 a tokyn: 30 schulle fynde a $cmg childe 
wrapped in clothis and put in a manger." and fan 24 
sodeynlich fer cam a gret multitule of aungelis of 
heuen preysyng* godd and seyde Gloria in excelsis 
deo Et in terra pax [hominibus] bone voluntatis, // 
That is to sey$e : Ioye be [to] god an hije and pees in 28 
erthe to men of gode wiH. — & 30 schul vndirstonde fat 
Description of Bedleem was neucr of no grete reputacioun neber no 

Iiethleeni. ox r 

p L»r. iwtnwum place of grete qwantite. and hit hathe a goode 2 funda- 

S^Thr^pi^do- ment an( * a g°°^ e grounde : for fe?- be many caves and 32 

turn)? 1 " ,, * IU " ,, " dennys vndir erf e. and fat bedleem is from ierusatem 

but .ij. litel Myle. and hit is but a castett, but hit is 

cleped a citee bycause fat kyng* dauid was bore fere. 

and in fat toun was sumtyme a hows fe wich was fc 36 

Boyal MS. J the three kings of cologne. 21 

of Rome and holde pe Empire of aH pe worlde, in pe 
3eer of his Empire .xlij, as seint Luke pe Ewangelist Evangelism Luc* 
tellip — Exiit edictum &c, he sent oute a comaunde- 
4 ment to descry and to write aH pe worlde. And pe 
discrying was first made vndir CirinM*, pat pan was 
bisshop of Sirye. And euery man 3cde forj) in to his 
contrey. Than 3ede Ioseph oute of Galile, pat is a 
8 Cite in Najaretfc, in to a Cite of Iury fat was kyng 
Dauid, J>e whiche cite was cleped Bethleem : by-cause 
pat Ioseph was of pe howseholcH and of p e meyne of 
kyng Dauid. perfore he 3ede in to pat contrey, wip oure 

12 lady seint Marye, pat was hys wyfe, and also wip 
childe. So whan pei were pere, pe tyme was come pat 
oure lady seint Marye scholde be deliuered of her 
childe: and was deliuered. And sche wrapped hyra 

16 in clop is, & leyde hy in in a manges* : for per was 
noon opir plaas. And schep^rdis were fastby in pe 
same regiouw, kepyng her schepe in pe ny3t. And a 
aungett of heucne com and stode bisyde hem wip a 

20 gret li3t : where-of pei hadde a gret drede. And pan 
pe aungel seyde to hem : " Be not agast : ffor I telle 30U 
a gret Ioye pat schal be to aH pe peple : ffor pis day is 
borne to vs oure lord Cryst in pe cite of Dauid. And 

24 pis schal be to 30U a tokene : 30 schul fynde a 3onge 
childe wrapped in clopis and put in a manger." And 
pan sodeinlich per com a gret m[u]ltitude of aungelis of 
heuene preising god and seyden Gloria in excelsis 

28 Ac., pat is to seye : Ioye be to god an hi3e and pees in 

erpe to men of gode wille./ — And ae schul vndirstonde Deacripdoftmdi 
pat Bethleem was neuer of no gret reputacioun neper no 
place of any gret quantite. & hit hape a gode fundament 

32 and a gode grounde : for per be many Caues and seelers 
vndir erpe* And pis Bethlem is fro Jerusalem but ,ij. 
litil Myle ; and hit is but a litil CasteH, but hit is cleped 
a Cite bycawse pat kyng Dauid was born pere. And in cmm quart 

IfetiiUem rocttar 

36 pat toune was sumtyme a hows pe which was pe hows cmum. 



The place where 
Christ was born, 
was some time the 
house of Isul, the 
fattier of David, 
where David was 
born and anointed, 
at the end of the 
** covered street j " 
and there had 
been an "alchan" 
or ho»try ; 

[ l r. crist, godis] 

C 1 r. thjngisl 

C* leaf 46] 

[•MS. hym his] 

hows of ysaie fat was fader to kyng* dauyd, // In f e 
wich hows, as hit is aforseyde, was kyng 1 dauid bore 
an anoyntc in to fe kyngdom of israel by sarauel fe 
prophete : and in f e same place god, cristas 1 soone of 4 
heuene, was bore of oure lady seynt Marie, fe holy 
viVgine. and pis place was sumtyme in an ende of a 
strete fat fan was cleped fe couered strefrj — and fe 
cause fat f e strete is cleped so, is f is : bicause of gret 8 
hete and brennyng 1 of fe su/me hit was heled aboue 
with Link clothis and of ir thyng* 2 to kepe f e sunne oute 
— and so hit is vsed 3it there aHwey. and in f « strete 
was wonte to be a grete chepyng*, or a feyre, onys in fe 12 
weko of olde clothis and of of ir thyng*, 2 and specialich* 
of tre ofer of tymbyr. and in fat place fat was in fe 
ende of fe strete and In fe wich stode sjmtyme a hows 
8 fat was kyng< dauid and ysaye his fadir, fer left a 16 
litil hows tofore a denne vnder erf e, made and schaped 
like a litil celere : and fere ysaye, fat was fadir to kyng* 
dauid, and ofer fat dwelled aftir him) in fat place, 
putten ccrteyn necessaries fat longed to householde 20 
fer, fore hete of f e sonne. hit is also f e maner in all: 
fat contreye, bof e in citees and in townes, fat fer be 
ccrteyn howses fe wich be cleped there alchan, fat we 
clcpe here ostryes : and in fes howses be Mulys, hors 24 
and assis and camayles aHwey redy, fat, $if hit so be 
fat any pilgryine or marchaunt or any man fat trauaylef 
bo f o weye be hit fer or nere, and him nede any beest, 
for hym-self* or for his niarchaundi$e, fan he goth to 28 
swich a hows fat is cleped alchan, and fere he may 
hyre a hors or what beest fat ho wil for a certeyn prys. 
and whan he hathe what beest fat hym liketh, fan he 
goth forf from fat cite to anofdr citee, fere as he wil 32 
abide and rest hym for a tyme : fan he discharge f 
his 4 hors, or what beest fat he hathe, of his berthen 
and so sendeth hym in to swich a hows fat is cleped 
fere also alchan, in f e wych hows be also swich beestys 36 

Boyal MB.] the three kings of cologne. 23 

of Ysaie bat was fadir to kyng* Dauid, in be which R« Dtoid natna 

ftiit ibidem A 

hows, as it is aforeseyde, was kyng Dauid bore and menu in 
also anoynte in to J>e kyngdom of Israel by Samuel fe 

i prophete : and in ]>e same plaas oure lord Ihesu Cryst 
was bore of his blessed moder, oure lady seint Marye. 
And )>e plaas was sumtyme in an ende of a strete pat 
fan was clepede pe couerid or Je helid strete — and J>e 

8 cawse win J>at pis strete is cleped so, is pis : by-cawse onMqun 

of gret heete and brennyng of pe sonne, and ferfore hit BethiMm rait 
was helid aboue wij> blak doJ>is. d^^cooptrt*. 

And in pis strete vendido diw 
12 was wonte to be a comune chepyng in pe weke onys of B«thiwm. 
olde clofis and oper thing?*, an also of Tymber, and also 
a comune plaas to diuirs hostlers and oper men pat had 
hors to byre, per to teye her hors, for pilgrimes, jif J>ei 
16 had nede to ride in fat contrey ; and pis was a comune 
custome to dim?* hostlers and to all men of pat contrey 
to bring her hors to bat plaas. And also aH maner bing Commun* repoti- 

toriom omnium 

J>at was broujt fider to Market and my $t nat be solde rerom in domo in 
20 at pat tyme, hit scholde be kept 1 and put in to pat litiH n*ta». 
hows til pe next market. 



P Tit: anjsnche 

but the house had 
been destroyed 
and nothing left 
but broken walls 
and a little shed 
before a cave, 
where bread was 
sold, and Umber 
kept for the mar- 
ket in that strjeet, 
and asses tied by 
the rustles who 
went to market. 

P r. and] 
f» leaf 5a] 

as hit is aforeseyde to hyre. and fan f e maisier of f e 
hows take)) \>i& beest and jifef hym mete, and whan he 
may, he sendef hym home to fe same place fat he 
comme fro. // And $if hit so he fat he may no3t kepe 4 
hym, fan he wil take fe same beest and lede hym oute 
of J)c citce and bryng* in f e weye ; and so fe beest wil 
go forf home wit/ioute ledyng 4 of any man, euene to 
his maister hows, wtt/toute perilo of wylde beestys or 8 
tbefys in f e weye. and so euery man fat haf any swich 1 
becstecs, euery man knowef otheris beest, be fei neuer 
so fer fro of ir. and of swich howsys f e lordys of f e 
grounde haue grete wynnynge and grete toH of hyryng 1 12 
of f es beestes. // And swich a marier hows was toforo 
f e bertho of crist in f e same place fere cnste was bore, 
but aboute f e Natiuite of oure lord ihe*u crist fat hows 
was alle destn/yed, in so mochel [fat] fer was nothyng* 16 
left bote broke wallys on euery syde, and a litel cave 
vndir erf e and a litil vnthrif ti hows tofore fe cave : 
and fere men soldo brede on f 3 same grounde. // hit is 
also vsage in aH fat contrcye fat alle f e brede fat schal 20 
be solde, schal be broi^te in to a certeyn place : and of 
fc brede fat is solde in f e daye, f e kyng* and fe lorde 
of fe grounde at ny3t schul haue ferof a certeyn of 
money e. and whan kyng* dauid was made kyng of 24 
israel, fan f e hows fat was sumtyme is fadir, left onlich 
to hym ; but by processe of tyme, whan ievtisalem was 
destroyed and alle fe contreye aboute, noman toke 
kepe of f *s hows, because 2 hit was also destroyed 8 and 28 
no thyng* left but, as hit is aforseide, a litil vnf rifty 
hows and a cave vndir erf e, and wallys on euery side, 
and tofore f is hows was brede solde ; and tymber and 
of ir thynges fat were broujt to market, fat myjt nojt 32 
be solde at o tyme, were put in to f is litil hows tyl fe 
next market ; and assis and hors and of ir beestys fat 
com to fe market, were teyde aboule fzs vnth[r]ifti 
hows. // But for to speke of f e first matere ajen : 36 

Boyal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 25 

And no man toke kepe of 
Jts plaas, bycawse, whan Jerusalem was destroyed, per 
16 was no-fing lefte pero but .ij. wallys on euery syde and 
a litil vnthrifti hows mih a litil Cave vndir, as it is 
afore-seyde. And also per was a comuno Market of 
bread to be soldo. 


lyere-more Crist Iheius is wondirfal in hys werkys. 
36 & perfore, to tarne ajene to oure first matere, ;e schul 



V r. Ni] 

To that shed 
JoMph reported • 
that night, 

and there Christ 
was born and laid 
in a manger 
before Joseph's 
ass and an ox. 


Whan Octouianu* had sent houte a commaundement 
as hit is aforseyde, fat Query man and wow man scholde 
go to his cite and to his towne fere he was bore, than 
jede Ioseph and oure laydy seynt Marye, rydynge on a 4 
asse, late in f e euetide toward J»e citee of bedleem, as 
hit is aforseyde. and bycause fey cam so late and alle 
placys were occupied wit/i pilgryraes and ofir men, 
and also fey com in poure aray, and 1 jede aboute fe 8 
cite and noman wolde resceyue hem, and specialich for 
men sayje oure lady Mary, a jonge womman, sittyng* 
vppon an asse heuy and sory and ful wery of fe wcy, 
and also grct with cliilde and ny3e at fe tyme of beryng* 12 
of her childe: fan Ioseph ledde oure lady in to pis 
forlete place fat noma?) toke kepe of, downe in to J>e 
litili derk 1 hows, and fere [oure] lorde ihi*u crist fe 
same ny3t was bore of oure lady, fe blessed vtrgine, 16 
wit&oute any dissese or sorwe of her body, for saua- 
ciowi of alle mankynde. and in fat hows tofore fe 
cave of olde tyme was left a manger, of f e lengthe of a 
fadonie, made in a watt ; and [to] fat same manger 20 
was an ox of a poure man teyde fat noman my3t euer* 
herborwe. and byside fat ox Ioseph teyde his asse: 
and in fat same mange?* oure lady seynt Marye wrapped 
her blessed sone in clothis and leyde hym f erjn in heije 24 
tofore f e asse and f e ox — for f er was noon of ir place. // 
^e schuile vndirstonde also fat in all fat contrey hit is 
fe maner fat in diuers ostrijs be mangeres, samme 
made of erf e and sum me of stoone, and euery manger 28 
is of .iij. or .iiij. feet of lengthe, in so mochett fat a hora 
or any of er beest may haue his manger by hym-self : 
and swich a manger was made of stone i/» the same 
place fere crist was bore, and in fat same manger oure 32 
lady seynt Marie leyde her soone, as hit is tolde 

Eoyal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 27 

vndirstonde : whan Octauiau had sent out a comaun le- 
nient, as hit is aforeseyde, fat euery man & wommaw 
scliolde go to hys citeo and to his towne \>ere he was 
4 bore, ban aede Iosepli and oure lady seint Marie, ciaita* Bethieem 

. peregrinla & aliU 

ridynge on an asse, late in J>e euentyde to )>e Cite of fuu oeupata in 

t» ji t. -j. r i a J \- i. • ■dotntuba. Malta 

Bedlem, as hit is afore-scyde. And biuawse fei come a iowph ibidem, 
so late and aH placys were ocupied wit/* piigrymes aud 
8 ofir men, and also fei com in poure araye, and 1 3ede [>r.j>ei] 
aboute fe Citee and no-man wolde resceyue hem, and 
specialich for men saye oure lady, a jonge woj/iman and Quomodo iowph 

cam beat* Maria 

a mayde, sittynge yppon an asse heuy and sory and intnnit in uiam 

1 2 ful wery of f e weye, and also grete wif cliilde and um. 
nyje at fe tyme of beryng of childe : fan Ioseph ledde 
oure lady in to fat forlete plaas fat no-man toke kepe 
of, as hit is afore-seyde, downe in to f e lititi derk 

16 hows. And pere oure lord Ihesw Crist pe same ny$t 

was bore of oure lady seint Marye w/t/t-oute any disese Nou de piwepio. 
or grevaunce. for redempciou/i of aH mankynde. And 
in fat hows to-fore f e Cave of olde tyme was lefte a 

20 manger of f e lengf e of a fadome in a waH ; and to 
pat same Manger was an oxe of a poure man teyede pat 
no-man my$t ne wolde herborewe. And bisyde pat 
Ox Iosepli bonde his asse; and in fat same manger 

24 oure lady seinte Marye wrapped her blessyd sone, oure 
lord lUesu. Cryst, and leyde hym ferinne In heyje to- 
fore pe Asse & pa Ox — ffor per was noon oper place ; 
and p is manger was but of .iij. or foure fete of lengf o, 

28 as pe maner is in pat con trey. / 2 And ;e echul vndir- [« Tiii» addition 
stonde pat ri3tfullyche oure lord Iheiu was bore in Lat.text.j 
Bethleem : ffor, as seint Gregory pe worf i doctow seif Gngortu* super 
in a Omelye pat he inakef vp pia gospeH Exiit ediotnm 

32 fte. : Bethlem is as moche to seye as be hows of bread ; Bctiiieem int«r. 

pretatur dumui 

ffor oure lord is fat bread, fat seif : "I am f e quyk panie. 
bread fat com downe fro heuene." And perlove pat plaas 
in fe which oure lord schulde be bore, rijfullich was 
36 clepyd fe hows of bread, ffor f e tyme was to come fat 


Tuapituium vij7 
be place where pe aungeB apered to pe scheperdes 

the angel appeared 

J u> the ihepherda p«t ny$t pat crist was bore, is but half 1 a myle from 4 

• I* half ■ mlUkfWtm 

It half a mile from .... 

Btthieem. bethleem ; 

and in pat same place dauid, whan he was a 
childe, feddc schepe and kept hem from pe bere and 1 
from pe leon. sum bokys also sey$e pat [pe] scheperdes 
of pat confcrey twyes in J>e jeere pei be wont to kepe her 
Lai. in utioque schepe in pe nyjt : & thilk' tymes be whan pe day and 
"^ pe ny$t be bope of o lengthe. 1 // And «je schul vndir- 1 

in the East, stonde pat the londe aboute bethleem and pe londo of 
are different from biheest and alle pe londe in pe eest is wondirlich ordeyned 
our "' and sette, flor hit is alle mounteyns for pe moost parfcye : 

for in summe place a man schal nojt weH knowe wynter 2 
from somer, and in summe place hit is rijt colde, and 
P hs. and in in su?nme place 3 hit is bope wynter and somer after pe 

aumme place and i a i •«• • «• l a. «. i 

in lUMme place.] tyme, als 4 as hit is in pis countrey after as pe place 
[» ms. in moan- is in valeys or in ployn countrey or in mounteyns. 5 2 

teyua in tumme rr . . 1 

p^] nor summe tyme in mounteyns in summe place 

■o that in .of pe eest men schul fynde snowe in pe monthe of 

tracuanowia august : and pat snowe is gadrid of hem pot dweH 
which i™ ^Sered nex * aboute, and putte hit 6 in cavys, and afterward 5 

p d m 1 wn ^ ** ^ ore ™" c ^ a ^ ^° ^ e mar ^ e * : an( ^ t nere P© grete 

lordys of pe countrey will bygge hit, and here hit to her 

hows and sette hit in a basyn vp-on her horde, to make 

her dry ilk 1 colde ; but whan hit is vncouered oute of pe « 

chaf, anoono hit dissoluep and wastep awey. but com- 

enlich in aH pe contrey of pe eest, but jif hit be in 

summe woodys or placys ful of schaddwe or aboute any 

Boyal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 29 

he schulde fer appere bodelich fe which schulde aftir 
fede gostlich all J>e cristen pepil with his blessid body. 


he plaas where J>e aungeH aperid to f e scheperdes 
4 fat nj$t fat Cryst was bore, is but half a myle fro p TMm Mnt6nce 
Bethleem of fat contrey. *And as f [e] worjri clerk seynt Jjj*^"? ln lhe 
Bede seif in his writyng, hit 2 was ful conuenient v«n«rab. Beds, 
fat fe scheperdefs] were wakynge fat nyjt aboute her £ iMS •J ,ath,, 
8 schepe, fFor he was bore fat ny3t f e which seif e " I am 
a gode scheperde, U a gode schepherd 3euef hys lvfe 
for his schepe." Ferfermore jee schul vndirstonde fat 
in pat same plaas kyng Dauid, whan he was a childe, 

12 fed schepe and kept hem fro fe bcre and fro fe leouu. 
Sume bokes also seye fat f e schepherdes of fat contrey 
twyes in fe $ere f ei l>e wonte to kepe her flok of 
schepe in fe ny3t: and filke tymes be whan fe day 

16 and fe ny;t be bofe of o lengfe. And 30 schul vndir- 
stonde fat fe loud aboute Bethleem and fe londe of Dmcripdo t«rr« 
biheest and att fe londe in fe eest is wondirlich 
ordeyned and sette, for hit is aft mounteynes for fe 

20 moost party e : if or in summe plaas a man schal nat 
knowe wett wynter fro sorrier, and in some plaas hit 
is ri3t colde, and in some plaas, after fe tyme is, is 
bofe wynter and somer, as hit is in f is contrey after 

24 as fe plaas is in valeys or in pleyn contrey or in 

Mounteyns. For somtyme in Mounteynes in fat plaas De nWe continue 

lac. in partibu* 

of fe eest men schulde 8 fynde snowe in fe monef of mi*. 
August : & fat snowe is gaderid of hem fat dwel next p r * ■ d,u11 ^ 

28 aboute, and putte in Cavis, and aftirwarde hit is bore 
in Chaf to fe market: and fer fe gret lordis of fat 
contrey wil bigge it, & here hit to her hows and sette 
hit in a basyn vppon her metebord, to make her drynk 

32 colde. 

And comunlich in all fe contrey of fe eest, 
but 3if it be in summe wodys or plaas ful of scliadewe 
or aboute any hiH fer any node is, fer is euermore 


hiH per any floode is, per is cucrmore thorwe-oute fo 

P hs. irowe] jere snowe (!) x aboute iu p e con trey. 2 // In Septembra and 

it wm then October, whan be sortno comeb a litil lowe in bat contrey, 

spring-time, or * r r * 

"UmeofiMriM," than seedys and aH nianer hcrbes comenlich bygynne 4 
p ut..- sad t wex i n j, e feeldis, as in fis contrey herbys growe in 
omnibus partibot Marcho and in aprile. also in eumme partyes of be 

Orientis in estate r Mr J r 

s, pre iuMtimabiu eest men repe corn in aprile and in Marcho, but moost 

^ aolia ardore peni- . 

to* nn vtridttatis in Maye, after be place and be gronnde is sette, as 8 

potest creacera (in . . . 

aatota-eraacsra in eumme place fe groundo is hi 3 ere, lit 8umme place 

om. in HS. Corp. . 

chr.). nisi in aii- lowere. but by bethleem be many mo placys of goodo 
vei nmbraouiis pasture and of hoote and falte grounde fan in oper 
inortia(c.c. placys; In so moche fat atte cristemasse barlich by- 12 
m0M " gynnef eere and to wex rype, and fan men sende 

f edir of diuers contrcys her bora and her Mulys to make 
[• M8.hym] hem 3 fatte. [and they byen barlycfc there in the felde 

by a certen mesure ; and they that haue suche barlich to 16 
eelle, they haue certeyn stablys : and in hem f ei putte her 
i* Thia sentence hors and her mulis to make hem fattel. 4 and bat tyme 

is added from , 

Tit] pat we clepe among 1 vs cristemasse, fey clepe among* 

hem in her langago fat same tyme f e tyme of herbis. // 20 
And for as mochel as, whan crist was bore of oure lady 
scynt Marye, pees was than in aH }>e worlde ; and by- 
twix bethleem and fat place per fo aungeH aperid to 
the acheperdys was but half a myle and a litil weye 24 
more, and also fer was no grete colde feraboute : fer- 
ae that the she©- fore f e scheperdys aH fat wynter nyjt and day, now in 

herds were able to 

wake that night, o place now in an oper dwelhd fere with here scliepe — 

and so fei do 31 1 in to fis day. 28 

ICnpitulum viij ra 
N tliilk 5 dayes, whan fo commaundement was sent 
Herodes was King from cesar Augustus, 03 hit is aforseyde: tlian was 
instituted by the herodes made and ordeyned kynge of fat londe of 32 
but 1 an n a!ien,and I we » by fo Emperour and by fe Romayns. and jit 
bio^d ; r ° T herodes was no I we ne kynge of Iwes bore; but, 

Boyal MS.] thb three kings of cologne. 31 

(orowe-oute (e jew snowe aboute in (e con trey. 
In Septembre and Octobrs, whan J>e sonne come]) a 
lititt lowe in (at con trey, (an seedys and att maner Qno tempore anni 

4 herbes comunlich bigynne to growe in (e feeldis, as omoere. 
in (is contrey herbis growe in Marche & in Apritt. 
Also in 8omme partyes of (e eest men repe corn in Fnicado diuer- 
Aprile and in Marche, but most in maye, after (e plaas ibidem in April. 

8 and (e grounde is sette, as in su?nme plaas (e grounde 

is hijera and in summe plaas lowere. But by Bethlem 

be many moo plaas of gode pasture and of hote and 

fatte grounde (an in o(er plasys; In so moche (at 

12 at Cristemasse barlich bigynnc( to haue ecre and to Tempo* herbamm 

quod no* Tocamut 

wexe ripe. And (at tyme (at we depe among vs cristemasse. 

cristemasse, (ei clepe among hem in her langage (at 

same tyme be tyme of herbes. And for as moche Quantum innw 

r . - , . distat » Betlileem 

1 6 as, whan Crist was born of oure lady seint Marie, rbi angeius appa- 
pees was in aH (e worlde ; and bitwix Bethleem and Etas be. virg. ' 
(at place \er (e aunget aperyd to (es scheperdes saiuntoris* 
was but half a myle and a lititi weye more, and also JSJ. ,im mpu " 

20 \er was no grete cold (er-aboute : (erfore (e scheperdes 
aH (at wynter ny$t and daye, now in one place now 


in an o(ir dwellid (ere wi( her scheep, and so (ei 

do jit in to (is day. — a And je schul vndirstonde (at pom.intheLat. 

24 oure lady scint Marie, whan sche here oure lord Ihesn 
Cnst, sche was .xiiij. $ere of age; and scho was con- 
uersaunt wi( hym in ei(e .xxxij. jere and an half, 
and sche leuyd aftir tyme (at ouro lord was styed vp 

28 in to heuene .xvj. jere ; and so sche was of age, whan 
sche dyed, .lxij. $ere. 


.nd je schuR vndirstonde (at in (ilk dayes whan 

(e comaund[em]ent was sent fro Cesar August, as it is 

32 aforeseyde : Than was Herod es made and ordeyned Nota de Herode. 

kyng of (at londe of Iewes by (e Emperoi/r and by 

(e Romaynes. And 3ft Herodes was no Iewc nc kyng 




./ [• Tit.* Hart.: 

' sogett] 

so that the pro- 
phecy or Daniel 
was fulfilled in 

though the Jews 
deny it. 

[» MS. TiUrlicli] 

[* r. hane f ] 

In the night and 
hour of CliHut's 
birth the Mar, 
prophesied by 
lfcilaani, roee and 
ascended above 
the hill of Vaus 
like an eagle, 

MS. a] 

bycause fat pe same cesar 1 augustttf and fe Romayns 
had made sogettys 2 to liera fe londe of Iury and many 
oper prouinces aboute hem in to ynde, peers and 
Chaldee f orwe strong* hande, he made hym kyng*. 4 
wherfore aft f e contrey aboute wist weft fat herodeS 
was but a alyen and neuir com of kyng/* blode ne of 
Iwes bore, but, as hit is aforeseyde, he was made 
kynge by f e emperowr and by f e Romayns, so fat fe 8 
prophecie of danieft scholde be fullefilled in fe tyme 
of fe berthe of crat, pe wich danierl seyde Cum 
venerit sanctus sanctorum &c, as hit is aforseyde. 
jit fe Iwes, contynuyng in her malice and in her 15 
falnesse, seyden pat longe tyme aftir pe Natiuite of 
cr/st her vncciouw cesyd nojt, but fey had many 
kyngfo aftir. but 31 1 pe fals Iwys forsake najt fat 
li erodes com of a I we on pe fadir side and of a woman- 16 
paynyni on J>e modir eyde, and so he was no verrey 
I we. wherfore cristen lr.en make pe Iwys vtlerlicli 8 
confuse of fat prophecio of Iacob her patn'ark, fat 
seyde f us Non auferetur sceptrum de Iuda nee dux 20 
de femore eius, donee veniat qui mittendns est: Et. 
ipse exit exspectaeio gencium, // that is to seye : the 
sceptre of Iuda schal no$t be bore awcye ne fe stok of 
f e lynagc, til he come fat schal be sent : and lie schal 24 
be fat folk 1 hauo 4 abede. and many ofer queatyons be 
bitwix fo cristene men and fe Iewys in fat contrey 
of her vnctiou/i and her kynges. 

[Cap. ix.] Whan god was bore of oure lady seynt 2$ 
Marye for sauacion of alle mankynde, as hit is aforseyde, 
f e wich lorde is euer redy to aft men fat clepe vppon 
hym in trewthe : fan f is sterre fat was prophecied by 
balaam & 5 longe tyme abide and loked aftir by fe .xij. 31 
astronomers in f e hirl of Vaws, as hit is aforseyde, fe 
same ny$t and fe same oure fat god was bore f e fame 
sterre beganne to arise i?2 maner of a sunne brijt 
schynyng, and so aftir in fe foorrao of an egle hitS< 

Boyal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 33 

of lewes bore ; but, by-cause fat J>o same Cesar 
Augusts and J>e Romayns hadde made sogettis to 
hem fe lond of Iury and many ofer londes aboute 

4 hem forwe strong hande, he made hyw kyng. Wher- 
fore aH fe contrey wist weH fat Herodes was but a 
aliene & neuer come of kyng/'* blode ne of lewes bore, 
as it is afore-seyd. But he was made kyng by fa 

8 JSmperoitr and by fe Romaynea, so fat f e prophecye 

of Danyel schuldc be fulfilled in f e tyme of f o birf e 

of Crist, f e which DanyeH seyde Cum venerit sanctus 

Itnetorum &e., as it is aforeseyde. Jit fe lewes, 

12 contynuyng in her malice and in ber falsnesse, seyden Noumaiidam 

-k-r • • ti Iudaorum contra 

fat longe tyme aftir fe jNatiuite of oure lord Ihe^u pn>pi.ecum 
Cryst her vnccioun sesed nat, but f>ei had many kynges 
after. But }it fe false lewes forsake nojt fat Herodes 

16 oom of a Iewe on fe fadir syde and of a womman- 
paynym fat was his moder, and so he was no verrey 
Iewe. Wherfore crtsten men make fo lewes vttiilich 
confuse of fe prophecie of Iacob, her patriark, fat Prophedapttri. 

20 seyde Von auferetur sceptrum de Iuda nee dux de 
ftmore ejus fte., / fat is to seye : The sceptre of Iuda 
schal nat be do awey ne f e stok of f e lynage, til he 
come fat schal be sent : and he schal be fat folk haue 

24 abide. And many ofer questions [be] bitwix f e 
cristen men and fe lewes in fat contrey of \er 
vnocioun and her kyngi*. 


28 JLTAErcyful god whan he was bore of oure lady 
seint Marie for saluacioun of aH mankynde, f e which 
lord is euere redy to afl men fat callen vpon hym in 
trewfe : fan f is sterre fat was prophecyed by Balaam 

32 and long tyme abyde and loked aftir bv fe .xij. sum apparafc 

° " hominlbua In 

Astronomers in fe hill of Vaws, as it is aforeseyrt, montav&wa. 
fe same nyjt and fe same howre fat god was bore f e 
same sterre bygan aryse in maner of a suwne bri^t 
36 schinyng, and so after in fe forme of an Egle hit 




Mid stood still 
there all day, 

bright aa another 

In a strange 
a'.iape ; 

[» leaf 66] 
P r. hem] 

aud within it ap- 
peared the figure 
of a child, and 
above it the sign 
of the cross. 
And a voice was 
heard, announc- 
ing the birth of 
the new King. 

P r. hane ?1 

asceudid aboue f e hiH. // And al fat day in fe hi;est 
place of p e eyro hit abode wetftoute any mevyng, in so 
mochel fat, whan f e sonne was moost hote and moost 
hi$e, fere was no difference in schynyng bitwix. fe 4 
sierre and f e sonne. Nef erles sum bokes seije pat in. 
f e same daye fat god was bore, were many sonnes 
seije. but whan pia day of fe Natiuite of oure lorde 
was passed, f e sterre ascendid vp in to pe firmament. 8 
and f e sterre fat thus was schewed, is no-thyng liche 
to sterres fat be peynted here in diners places: flfor 
hit had rijt many longe strakys and beemys, more 
brennyng and more lijter than a bronde of fuyre, 12 
and as an egle fleyng and betyng f e eyre with his 
wynges, ri3t so the l strakys and fe bemys of fe sterre 
stered hym- 2 self aboute. and f e sterre had in hym-eelf 
a fourme and a liknesse of a ;onge chiide, and aboue 16 
hym a eigne of fe holy cros; and a voys was herde 
in fe sterre seying* Natus est nobis hodie Sex 
Indeorum qui est exspectacio gencium ft dominator 
eorum. Ite ad inquirendum eum ft adorandum, 2Q 
that is to seye : this day is bore to vs f e kyng 4 of 
Iewys fat folk haue 3 abede and lorde is of hem : gof 

and sekef hym & do hym worschip. // Therfore we 24 
schul vndirstonde fat for f e strengthyng* of oure feif 
and to afferme f is mater aforseyde, almyjty god, whos 
prouidence in his ordinance failef no3t and, as seynt 
Poule seijeth, vocat ea que non sunt tamquam ea 28 
que sunt, fts is to seye, he clepef f ilk fat be no3t as 
weH as f ilk fat be, of his prouidence f/s he did and 
disposed that he hym-eelf fat in f o olde testament jaf 
a voys of an asse or made an asse to speke to balaam, 32 
he wolde in f e begynnyng of fe newe testament jeue 
a voys to speke oute of a sterre fat was propheciect 
by balaam. than alle f e peple, bof e man and woman, 
of alle f e con trey aboute, whan fey seije f/s wondirful 36 

Boyal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 35 

ascendid aboue pe hiH, an att pat day in pe mjest 
plaas of pe eyre liit abode wttftoute any sterynge, In so 
moclie pat, when pe suwne was most hote and most 
4 hije, per was no difference in schynyng bytwix pe 
sterre and pe su/me. Nepirles sume bokes sei3e pat in 
pe same day pat god was bore, were manye suwnes 
seije. But whan pe day of pe Natiuite of oure lord 
8 was passed, ]>e sterre ascendid vppe a-hi^e in to pe 
firmament. And pis sterre pat pus was schewed is 
no-ping liche to pe sterres pat be peynted 1 here in [» ms. poynted] 
diuers plasys : for hit hadde many long strakes and 

12 becmes, more brennyng and more lifter fan a bronde 
of fuyre, and as a Egle fleyng and betyng pe eyr wiHi 
his wynges, ri^tso pe strakes of pe beemes of pis 
sterre stered hym-self aboute. And pe sterre had in 

16 hym-self a foiirme and a liknesse of a jonge childe, 
and aboue hym a eigne of pe cros; and a vois was 
herde in Jo sterre seyinge Natus est nobis hodie 
Bex Iudeorum qui est exspectacio gentium & domi- 

20 nator eornm. Ite ad inquirendum eum & adoran- vox »u>\\t 
dam, pat is to seye : pis day is bore to vs pe kyng 
of lewes pat folk haue abyde and lord is of hem : 
Gop and *sekep hym and do to hym worschippe ! / 

24 Therfore we schul vndirstonde pat for pe strengthing 
of oure feip and oure Lileue and to afforme pis mater 
afore8eyd, almyjti god, whos prouidence in hys ordin- 
ance failep no$t and, as seynt Poule pe apostle seip, Pauius «po«t. 

28 vocat ea que non sunt tanquam ea que sunt, pat is 
to seye, he clepip pilke pat be nat as weH as pi Ike 
pat be, of his prouidence pis he dide and disposed 
pat he hym-self pat in pe olde testament $af a voys 

32 of an asse or made an asso to speke to Balaam, he 
wolde in pe bigynnynge of pe newe testament $eue 
a voys to speke oute of a sterre pat was prophecyed by 
Balaam. "Wherfore pan aH pe pepil, hope man and 

36 wofwuian, of aH pe contrey aboute, whan pei seije pis 

d 2 



Then the people 
in great wonder 
understood that 
this was the star 
prophesied by 

and merveylous sterre and also herde fe voys oute of 
f e sterre, f oy were grettlich agast and had gret wondir 
feroi ; but jit f ei wist weH fat bit was J>e same eterre 
fat was prophecied by balaam, fat was no I we, and 4 
longo tyme was desired and abede of alle fe peple iu 
fat con trey. — 

Boyal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 37 

wondirfutt and merveilous sterre and also herde fe 
voys out of fe sterre, fei were gretlich agast and hadde 
gret merveyle fer-of ; but nefirles fei wist weH fat 

4 it was fe same sterre fat was prophecyed by Balaam 
and long tyme was desired and abede of aft f e peplo 
in J>at contrey. U l Seynt Crisostow tellif fat he fonde crisostomns 
in summe bokys fat f er was a certeyn folk in f o eest / B U «iUam. rop *"* 

8 among f e which folk was moche wisdom and moche [J 2£ d p JJjJ m w 
worbinesse, and bes pepil, for as moche as bei founde »ddMon at the 

* r x r 7 * end of the Latin 

in be bokyfsl of Balaam, for per-cas bei were of hys kyn. text in Mss - 

rJLJ >r X J J > Cleop. D VII and 

fat fis Balaam prophecyed & seyde Orietur stelia Corp. chr. coil. 

Cbr. 275.] 

12 &c, vndirstondyng as to f e tixt fat fis sterre schulde 
apere in fe tyme of Cr/stis berfe, fei & many ofer 
desired to knowe & to see fe arisyng of fis sterre, bi 
fe which sterre fei my3t knowe whan Cn'st were bore, 

16 and forto haue gode knowleche of fis sterre, fei chose 
among hem .xij. of f e beste seruauntes fat were among 
hem, so fat, jif one deyede, an of ir schulde be put in 
hys stede, and so fei scholde atiweye be .xij. of hem, 

20 f e which schulde bisilich considere and awayte aftir 
fis sterre. And for fes .xij. men schulde do fis 
charge fe bettir, fei of fe same contrey ordeyned 
and dide make a faire palays on f e l^est hille fat was Ordinatur ibidem 

. . . . palacium in 

24 in fe eest, where-as f o eyre was most clere and 1131 ; monte pro dktia 
and in fat same palays fei had ordeyned for fes .xij. 
men aH maner necessaryes fat scholde longo to her 
lyuyng. And so fes .xii. men aforeseyde stodyn in 

28 fat hije hiH in silence and in preiour, wakyng and in Nou denodonem 

... , . , p - * . , vlrorum in monte 

abstinence, abidyng & preying f e arisyng of f e sterre. vaw». 

After f is, whan f e tyme of f e birf e of Cn'st was come steiia apparuit in 

, . , ,.1 . ,. ,. u . ymagine pueri A 

and fes .xij. men were fus abidyng in fis nirt in C rud« in medio 
32 her preionrs : sodeinlych in f e mydil of f e ni3t f er " 
appered vpon hem aboue in f e eire a faire and a bri$t 
schynyng sterre, and in fe r^est partie of f is sterre 
fer was a ymage of a litil childe, beryng wif hym a 
36signe of fe cros. Of fe which si^t fei were rijt 



Capitulum Jociinum. 
Then the s Kin?s JL hus whan bes .iij. worschippef ul kyngt* bat in 

at the same time, . r . " rr ; ° r 

though far from fat tyme reigned in ynde, Chaldee and Peers, were 
fuiiy prepared siker and enformed by pes astronomers and by pes 16 

themselves to seek _ . i ., • i * e ^ • ± • 

the new-born prophecies as hit is seyde afore of pts sterre : fey were 
witifpre«ent^ w< rijt glad pat pei had grace to see )>at sterre in her 
Ur^ereunue! dayes fat was so longe tyme prophocied afore and fat 

alle f e peple had so long abede and loked aftir fe 20 
[t pe fterre om. sterre. 1 wherfore fes .iij. worschippeful kyngt*, pow 

in Tit. and Harl.] 

euerych of hem were ferre from opir and noon knewe 
of of eria pttrpos, $it in on tyme and in on hour© pis 
sterre aperid to hem alle thre : and than fei ordeyned 24 
and purposed hem anoon vrith grete and riche jiftes 
and wtt/t many riche and diuers oraamentis pat were 
longyng to a kyngw araie, and also vrith mulis and 
camelis and hors charged wit/* tresoure, and with grete 28 
nombre and a gret multitude of peple in fe best aray 
fat fei my3t, to go seke and worschipp fe lord and fe 
kyng of Iewys fat was bore, as fe voys of fe sterre 
had commaundid, spoke and preched ; and f either- 32 
more fey araied hem mochel f o more honestlich and 
worschippefullich fat fei knewe wel fat he was a 
more worthier kyng fan any of hem was. fferther* 

. Royal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 39 

ioyeful fat fis sterre was schewid in her tynie and 
also fat Jjei were worfi to see fat si3t, and anoon 
)>ei come doune of f is hl$v liille and tolde to fe wyse- 

% 4 men of fat londe aH fat f ei had sei3e, as it is afore- 
seyde. Soo anoon f es wysemen of fat con trey ordeyned 
of her owne peple .iij., fe most worfi & fe wysest, fe 
which scholde go and berg wit/* hem precious $iftis 

8 and worschippe f e childe fat was borne and, as to a 
kyng or a lortl, do hym worschippe. And so fes .iij. 
lordys and kyngw toke her wey, and, after fe glose 
fat is made vp f is tixt, f ei come to god in to Bedleem 
12 fe .xiij. day of hys berfe and \er offrid to hym her 


n fe tyme whan fes fro worschippefuH and 
blessyd kyngw, fat in fat tyme regned in Ynde, 

16 Caldee and Peers, were siker and enfourmed by fes 
astronomers and by prophecyes, as it is afore-seyde : 
fei were wondir glad fat fei had grace to see fat 
stem in her dayes fat was so long tyme prophecyed 

20 afore and fat aH fe pepil had so longe abyde and 

loke after bis sterre. Wherfore fes .iij. worschipful steiiavimA 

Mdern hora ap- 

kynges, bow fei were eueryche of hem fer from of er pamit tritnu 


and noon knewe ofir ne wist of ofer purpos, ^it in 
24 o tyme and in houre f ts sterre append to hem : 
and fan fei ordeyned hem anoon wif greete and riche 
;iftis & wif manye ryche and diuers omamentis fat 
were longyng to a kynges aray, and also wif Mules 
28 and Camayjes & hors charged w/t/t greet tresour, and 



more fe3 blessed kyng/* emery kyng bi hym-self had 
vritfi bym bis cariage, fat is to seyo beestys, as oxen 
0iMf7a] 2 and scliepo and ofer beestis pat longej) to mannys 
ly vyng and sustynaunce ; thei bad also aH maner 4 
necessaries fat longed to beddyng or to cbaunbre and 
to kechyn, and aH maner tbyng/tf fat longed to 
maanys mete or beestys mete was caried on bore and 
Mulys and Cameles wiUi hem ; in so mocbel pat J>ei 8 
ordeyncd of euery thyng grete plente, fat scbulde 
euffise hem well by alle f e weye, bofe outeward and 
homwan?. and also euery kyng* bad wt'tft bym a 
grete multitude of pepil, as hit had be an oost // hit 13 
is also f e maner in pe eest and in aH pe contrey aboute, 
oute-take grete citees, fat in many placys and townee 
per be many fey re ostryes, and for pe moost partye aH 
maner of vitailes bofe for man and for beest be fere 16 
redy ; but for lordys fat go or ride wit/* grete multi- 
tude, beddyng and ofir necessaries fat loungef to 
cbaunbre or to kecbyn he no3t profitable to hem 
nef cr honest, and f erfore lordys haue att swicb maner 20 
necessaries caried with hem on mulys or cameles and 
oper beestes. but for fe moost partie men go and 
ride aH fe ny$t, for grete heete and bernyng of fe 
Tiiewaros suwnc. — fertbe?-more $e scbul vndirstonde fat per be 24 

Incites * 

PTit.«ndHari.: tnre y ndes > of fe wich fes .iij. lordys were kyngt*;* 
hmiM] Were an ^ a ^° f 6 l° I1( l es an ^ kyngdoms for fe more partie 
be yles. and per be also there grete waters and 
wildirnesscs ful of wilde and perlous beestis and 28 
horribil serpentys, and fere growe also Reedys so 
hi;e and so grete fat men make f^rof hows and 
schippys. and fes yles be dyuyded and departed 
cue?-ych by bym self fer from ofir, and in fes yles 32 
p L*t. herbe et growe also herbys and riat pcrious beestys; 3 soo tot 

hestie speckles] w 

C* ms. a] Wltn g rete trauaile a man schal passe from on yle & 4 

kyngdom in to an ofir. 

Eoyal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 41 

with aH maner necessaries pat scholde longe to hem 
& to here beestis, bope for mete and drynk and bedd- 
yng, and aH maner of vitailes bope for man & 

and of eucry ping pei ordeyned greet plente, 

pat schulde suffyse to hem ynow by aH pe weye, 

bope outward & homward. And aH ping was sent 

1 2 f orpe- to-fore, as pe maner of kynges & of lord ye of fat 

contrey is wont to do. — 

24 And $e schul vndirstonde fat 

per be .iij. Indes, of pe whyche pes .iij. lordes were Deinindiu. 
kynges ; and aH pes londes & kyngdoms for pe more 
partye be yles. And per be gret wateres & desertes 

28 f ul of wylde beestes & horrible serpentes. And per 
growe also Keedys so hije & so grete pat men make 
pe)t>f hows & scliippea. And pes yles be departed 
eaeryche by hem-self fcr from opir, and in pes yles 

32 growe eerbes and also many perlous beestes ; in so 
moche pat wip greet trauaile a man schal fro o 
kyngdom passe in to an opir. Hit is also wryte pat 
Aesucrus regned and was kyng aboue .Cxxv. pronynces, 

36 pat was fro Ynde in to Ethinpc. 



Of the first, i.e. 
Nubia with 
Melchior was 

p Supply : ft pe 

rede tee] 

Of the Red Sea 

r> MS. in, Tit. of, 
Hart, oute or; 
Lat. flttens ex 

an.1 the Nile. 

[* added from 

C« leaf 76] 

Arabia ia full 

or gold, 

[* Lat. in monte 
vena amaragdinaj 

ICapitulum vndecimum. prima India. 
N fe first ynde was -fe lontle of Nubie: and in 
fat londe reigned kyng Melchior in pe tyme pat crist 
was bore. j>ere is also f e londo of arabie, in )w 4 
which is fe hiH of Synay i 1 an J a man may li^tltch 
seyle in fe rede see oute of Egipt 1 and Syrie in to 
ynde. // furthermore Pilgremes and Marchauntys pat 
from ynde passe by fe rede see, seyen pat aH fe$ 
grounde of pe rede see it is so rede pat pe water aboue 
semeth as thou hit were rede wyne, no^twithstondyng 
fat pe water is of colour as opit water is. hit is also 
salt, and hit is so clere pal in pe deppest place of W 
pe rede see men mowe see fleshes and descrye a!le 
mauer of thing 1 fat be in pe bothome of pe rede see. // 
Also pe rede see is threcornerd, or ellys hit haj>. iij. 
corners ; and hit ebbeth and floweth in to pe londe of * 16 
pe occeane; and hit is a .iiij. or a .v. mile brode: 
per hit is breddest where pe childryn of israel jede 
thorwe-oute wtt/t drye feet whan pharao and his 
oost p?*rsued hem and were dreynt aH in Jre same 20 
rede see. // Oute of pe rede see flowof a water and 
a grete flode [in to a flood] 3 of paradys, pe wich 
flode is cleped Nylus : and pat Nilus passe}) bi 
Egipt, and per come many riche and grete Mar- 24 
char.ndyses oute of pe eest and of ynde by pis 
water Nilus and so passef 4 forf in to Egipt, Syrie, 
b[ab]ilonye, and Alexaiindre, fat so forf be bore 
f orw-oute pe worlde. // fferthermore $e schul vndir- 28 
stonde fat aH pe erf e in pe londe of arabie in pe wich 
pe hiH of Synay is as hit is afurseyde, is mochel 
rede; and also stonys and trees and aH ofir thyngfir 
fat growen in fat londe, for f e moost paiiic be alle 32 
rede, in fat londe is also founde golde wondirlich rede 
in maner of thynne and smal rooty s, and fat gold is 
fe best gold fat is in fe world. // There is also an 
hiH fat is cleped Bena 5 , and in pis hiH is founde a 36 

Boyal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 43 


Ow 36 schulle vndirstonde fat in fe first Ynde Prima India: 

.,,«__, ,. . » i . ». Melchior. 

was fe lond of luibye: and in fat loud reigned! 
4 Melchior in f e tyme fat Crist was bore, fir is also 

fe lond of Arabye, in fe which lond is )>o hille of 

Synay: and a man may li^tlich seyle in fe rede see 

oute of Egipt and Syrie in to Ynde. Ferfermore 
8 pilgrymes and Marcbauntes bat from Ynde passe by Notademari 

• rubra et qnare 

fe rede see, seyjen fat aH fe ground of fe rede see rocatnr rubrum, 

. _ et de clarilale 

it is so rede fat fe water aboue semef as fow hit were aqua. 

rede wyn, nat-wifstondyng fat fe watir is of colour 
12 as ofer water is. hit is also salt, and hit is so clere 

fat in fe deppest plaas of f e rede see men mowe se 

ffyssches and descrye aH ofer finges fab lije in fe 

bothome of fe see. Also fe reed see is fre-cornercd, or 
16 it haf fre Corners; and it ebbef & flowef in to fe 

lond in fe occean ; and hit is but f oure or fyue raylo 

broode : f er hit is braddest where f e Children of 

Israel jede forwe-oute with drye foot whan Pharao and 
20 his oost pursewed hem and were dreynt aH in f o 

same rede see. Oute of fe rede see flowef a watir 

and a greet flode in to a node of Paradys, fe which 

flode is clepyd Nylus: and fat Nylus passif by deNyioflamine. 
24 Egipt, and fer come many ryche & grete Marchaun- 

dyses out of fe eest and of Ynde by f ts water Kylus 

and so passe forf in to Egipt, Cirie, Babiloyne and 

Alisanndre, fat so be bore forfe forwe fe world. 
28 1T Ferfermore je schul vndirstonde fat aH fe erf e in 

fe lond of Arabye in fe which f e hille of Synay is as De terra in 

hit is af oreseyde, is moche rede ; and also stones and De auro ibidem 

trees and aH ofir fingw fat growen in fat londe " 1 

32 for fe most party hit is aH rede. 1 In fat lond is c 1 ms. rede in] < 

founde also gold wondirlyche rede in mane/* of smale 

& finne rotys, and fat gold is fe beste gold fat is 

in fe worlde. There is also a hille fat is cleped 
36 Bena, and in f is hille is founde a preciouse stone De monte Ben*. 

and smaragd. 

Of the second 
India, Godolia 
with 8aba, 
Daltliaaar waa 

[l MS. Jxit] 
Saba produce* 

and especially 

which drops from 
certain trees. 


precious stone fat is cleped s mar add w* : and fat stone 
witn grete trauayle and grct craft is kit onte of fe 
hitt ; and fat hiH is kept bysilich and stronglich of 
soruauntys fat longef to sowdan. , 4 

ICapitulum duodecimum. 
N fe secounde ynde was fe kyngdom of godolye: 
of fat kyngdom balthajar was kyng* whan crist was 
bore ; and f /s baltajar offred cense to god. and \er 8 
was also in fat londe of olde tyme fe kyngdom of 
Saba, and 30 schul vndirstonde fat in fts londe many 
mo gode specys growen fan 1 in aH fe contrey of fa 
ecst, and specialich fer growef encense, mote fan in 12 
aH fe placys of fe worldo. and hit droppef downe 
oute of certeyn trees in maner of gamine, and in ofer 
placys fer is but Htil or noone. 

Or the third India, 
the kingdom of 
Jaspar was king. 

To this country 
belongs the isle 
of Egrisoalla, 
which yields 

[* Harl. : in the 
which yle s. Tho- 
mas the apontell 
lieth ft in this 

P MS. coordris] 

The 8 Kings are 
called kings of 
their minor 
countries rather 
than of their 
larger, on account 
of their gifts, 

ICapitulum .xiij™ 16 

N fe thriddc ynde was f e kyngdom fat was cleped 
thaars : of that kyngdom was Iaspar kyng* in f e tyme 
of f e berthe of cr/st ; f e wich Iaspar offrid Mine to 
god. and in f is londe is fat yle fat is cleped fere 20 
Egnswille : 2 

in f e wich yle growef Mirre more plente 
fan in any place of f e worlde. & hit wexef liche eerys 
of corn fat were brent witn f e wedir, and hit wexef 24 
ri*3t thik. and whan hit is ripe, hit is so softo fat hit 
cleuef on me7inys clothis as fei go by fe weye: and 
than men take smal coord is 2 and gerdelys and drawe 
hem aH aboute fe eerys, and fan f n myrre cleuef 28 
vppon fes coord ys and gerdelys, and than afterward 
f e myrre is wronge oute of hem. // 

Wherefore we schulle 
vndirstonde fat aH f is was doo of grete ordinaunce and 32 
of fe gret mercy of god fat fes . iij. kyngw, Melchior, 
baltajar, and Iaspar, of filk londys and kyngdoms in 

Royal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 40 

fat is cleped fere smaragdus : and Jus stoon w/t/* 
grete trauayle and gret craft is kitte out of fis hille. 


N fe secounde Ynde was fe kyngdoni of Godolye: SMmuuindUt 
of fat kyngdom Balthasar was kyng whan Crist was B*ith*«*r. 
8 bore ; and this Balthasar offride ensense to god. And 
per was in fat londe also f e olde kyngdom fat was 
clepyd Saba : and in f /s londe growe many moo gode inwnram crwdt 
spices fan in aH f e contrey of f e eest, and spocialich 
12 fere growe)> ensense, more fan in aH fe plaas of fe 
worlde. And hit droppef downe oute of certeyn trees 
in maner of Gurame, and in of ir plaas \er is bnt litil or 


Ext in fe fridde Ynde was )>e kyngdom fat was TerciaindU: 
clepyd Thaars : of fat kyngdom was Iaspar kyng whan P * r * 
Crist was bore; and fis Iaspar offrid Mirro to god. 
20 And in f Is londe is fat yle fat is cleped Egriswilla, in « ^ ^ 
be which yle 1 seynt Thomas f e apostil life : and in s. tiiorim apo*. 

. Uc«t ibidem. 

fis yle growef Mira more plente fan in many 8 plaas of Mirracmcu 


fe worlde. 8 And when it wexif , 4 hit wexif on a herbe p r . M y] 
24 liche eeres of corn fat were brent wif fe wedir, and **£££,& 
hit wexif rijt thyk. And whan it wexif ripe, hit is ri ,j 2i. W b« tt 
so softe fat it cleuef on mennys clof es as f ei go by WW, W 
fe weye : and fen men takef smal cordys and gerdelys 
28 and drawe hem aft aboute fe herbys, and f e Mirre 
cleuef vppon fes cordis and gerdeles, and so aftir- 
ward fe Mine is wronge oute of hem. And in fe 
same manere wexif Thimeama. — Wherfore we schul 
32 vndirstonde fat aH f is was do of gret ordinaunce of 
god fat fes .iij. kynges Melchior, Balthasar, and Iaspar, 
of filk londes and kyngdoms in fe which fes jiftes 



P r. tlwr] 

ai In David's 

[' tof 8a] 

pe wich Jes jeftes wexed and growed and also J>e wich 
scholde be offrid to god, in pe olde prophecie mper of 
)>es smale londys J>ei scholde be cleped kyngi* than of 
oper 1 gretter londys — wherof seij) dauid J>e prophete 4 
Reges Thaarsis & insule mnnera offerent, Beges 
Arabnm & Saba dona adducent &c, That is to seye : 
kyngos of thaars and of pe yle schul offre jiftes, kyngt* 
of arable and of Saba schul brynge jiftys. sumtyme 8 
pes kyngt* had opii namys : for Melchior was cleped 
kyug of Nuby and of arabie, baltajar was cleped kyng 
of godolye and of Saba, & Iaspar was cleped kyng* 2 of 
thaars and of Je yle of EgrtswiH. and hit was 8 cleped 12 
pe kyngdom of thaars because hit was annexed to J>e 
same yle. and so J>e namys of her kyngdoms be speci- 
fied in special for difference of ojir citees and yles )>at 
be fere aboute in J>e contrey. 16 

Boyal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 47 

wexed and growed and also J>e which scholde bo oifrid 
to god, in pe olde prophecye rafer of Jes londys 1 fei [» lis. u>rdy»] 
scholde be cleped kyngis J>an of oper grete londys — 
4 where-of sei}> Dauid J>e prophete lieges Tharsis et dmiw Prophecia. 
insole munera offerent, Eeges Arabnm & Saba dona 
adducent, / That is to seye : Kyngis of Taars and of ]>e 
yle schulle offre jiftes, kyngw of Arabum and of Saba 
8 schul brynge 3if tes. And sumtynie pea kyng/a had Note nomina 
oper names : ffor Melchior was cleped kyng of Nubye anuquo. 
and of Arabye, Baltisar was cleped kyng of Godoly & 
of Saba, and Iaspar was cleped kyng of Thaars and of 

12 p* yle pe whych is clepyd EgrisweH. And hit was 
clepyd pe kyndam of Thaars bycawse hit was annexide 
to pe same yle — and so pe names of her kyndomes 2 be pMs.kymdom«] 
8pecifyed in special for difference of ofer Cytees and 

16 yles pat be J>ere in pe cuntre. H 3 3e schulle vndirstonde Germamuhisto- 
)>at Germans, pe whych was a Croniclere of Cristis mirabuibut factu 
tyme, and Thephile, pat was also a writers of O/stis pore Maiou.*"* 
werkys, seye pat iij Miracles were do to J>es .iij. kynges l T ^ ldaiUoi| 

20 borow be which bei were sterid to seko oure lord Ihe*u u taken from the 

* * r tame note at the 

Cnst bat was bore. For Iaspar had in hys courte a tre, end of the same 

* . Lat « Mss - ■* u,at 

and a brid pe which is clepyd strucio had a nest in pe onp.s7] 

tre, and .ij. eyren : of pe which eyren come out a lyoun 

24 and a lambe in pe same houre pat Crist was bore. 

Balthasar had a gardyn of diuers spicerye, in pe 

which gardyn was bawme sette, and out of pe stok* per 

wex vppe a sercle. 4 be which in be hfcest partie of bis o Lat. eurcuiiw 

m , ^ i-iii (MS Corp. Chr. 

28 sercle was spronge a faire rede Rose and a rounde closed reads drcuiu*)j 
to-gedir : fe which aboute mydnyjt spred abrode and 
out of pis rose jede oute a faire white dove fleyng vppo 
and doun in pe eyre and in mannys vois spak and 

32 seyde : " Now is bore of a mayde god pe which U 
fourmer and saueour of pe world." Melchior had a 
wyfe pat in pat same tyme of pe berj>e of Crist had a 
childe: pe which anoon stood vpperijt on hys fee to 

36 and cryede : " Now is bore of a mayde a childe pe which 



Capitulum xiiij? 

Afterward, -whan j>es .iii. worschippeful kyriges had 
araied hem wtt/* riche tresoure and riche ornamentis 
and wtt/i grete multitude of pepil, as hit is aforsaide, 
and [were] passed for]) oute of her kyngdoms ; thow hit 16 
so were fat noon of hem wist of of ir ne knewe of 
othirs pwrpos nef er intencioun — hycause of fe longe 
On th^r w«y tbt weye and f er weye fat was bitwix every kyngdom — $ifc 
teforeMchof fe sterre euenlich 3ede tofore euery kyng 1 and aH her 20 
trwa'iShC* pepil; and whan Jje[i] stode stille or rested, fe sterre 
stode stille, and whan )>ei 3ede or riden, the sterre aH* 
wey 3ede forf tofore hem in his vertue and in his 
strenghe and jaf li^t to aH her weye. and, as hit is 24 
write afore, in )>e tyme fat crist was bore, it was pees 
in alle f e worlde, wherfore in aH fe citees and townee 
fat f ei 3cde by, f er was no gate schet, nef ir by nyjt no 
by daye : but hit semed to hem fat f e ny3t was to het/i 20 
•o that ail men in daye. wherfore alio men of fe citees and townes fat 
pasMd by in the f es worf i kyngw jede by in f e ny^t, were wonderlich 
grMUj; agast and passynglich merveyled perof: ffor fei 80730 

kyngw with grete multitude of peple and beestys passe 32 
by hem with grete haast in f ny3t, but fei wist na$t 
what fei were ne fro what place fei come ne whider fei 
scliolde go. ffor on f e morwe fei si3en fe weye gretlich 


Royal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 49 

is saueoi/r of aH men, and he schal reigne .xxxiij. 
jorc, and in token here-of I schal lyue .xxxiij. dayes 
and fan I schal dei3e" — and so hit was do. — Seynt 
4 Reinyge seif fat per is diuerse oppinioun of f es kyngw : s. Remains d« 
summe 86136 fat fei were of Chalde, for )>ei of pat bus 111 regum. 
contre of Chaldee worschippe a sterre for her god ; 
summe sei^e fat fei were of Peers ; sum me sey^e pat )>ei 
8 were cosynes to Balaam — pe which is most to byleue. 
Seynt Austyn seif fat fis word Magi in pe tung of s. Augu*ti»u». 
Chaldee is as moche to seye as a Philosophy hrfe 
tunge of grewe, and in pe tunge of latyn hit is as moche 
12 to seye as a wyseinan. 


Raciouslich whan pes .iij. worfi kyng& had arayed 
hem wif riche tresoure and riche ornanientys and with 
grete multitude of men, as hit is aforeseyde, and were 

16 passed out of her kyngdoms ; )>ow hit bo were pat noon 
of hem wist of oper ne knew of of ir pzirpos ne inten- 
cioun — by-cawse of fe long wey pat was bitwix euer- 
yche of fes kyngdoms — 3ft pe sterre eueulich jede 

20 tofore euery kyng and aH her oost ; and whan J?ei 
stode stille or restyd hem, pe sterre stode stille, and 
whan fei ^ede or rede, pe sterre alwey ^ede forf e to-fore 
hem euermore in hys bi^tenesse and schynyng and ^af 

24 li}t to aH her wey. And, as it is write afore, In pe 
tyme fat Crist was bore, hyt was pees in al pe worlde, 
wherfore in all pe Cytees and townes pat fese worfi 
kynges ^edo by, per was no gate schette, neper by ny3t 

28 ne by day : but hit semed to hem fat f e ny3t was to 
hem day, "Wherfore aH men of f e Cytees and Townes 
fat fes worfi kinges 3ede by in fe ny3t, were wondir- 
lych agast and passynglich mmieyled f e?*of : ffor f ei 

32 8136 kyngis wif grete multitude of men, hors and beestis 

passed 1 by hem in fe ny3t, and also in f e day, 2 but f ei C 1 r. p*»m] 
wist not what fei wolde do ne whider fei wolde go no 
where ne of what contrey fei come of; 



p lis. dtfoiwed] defowled 1 vriih hors fete and ojrir beestys. wherof Jei 
were in grete dowto what hit scholde be, and grete 
altercacioun was among hem in att j>e contrey longe 
tyme. // fFertherniore, whan }>es kyngur riden ]>orwe 4 
diuers londys, kyngdoms, citees and townes, pei riden 
for)) ouer billys, waters, waleys, pleynes and ojw diners 
and perlous placys wtt/ioute any dissese or lettyng*: 

and au their way for all be weye bat bei riden, was semyng to hem playn 8 

waa plain and 

even, and euene ; and (>ei toke neuer no herborwe by Je 

and they never weye, ny*t ne daye, ne neuer rested hem, ne bei hem- 
took reit nor 

food. self ne her hors ne ofer beestys pat were in her cum- 

pany neuer etyn ne drank*, after J>e tyme pat Jei hadde 12 
take her weye til Jei come w to bedleem ; and aH pia 
p hs. hym] tyme semed to hem 8 but a day. and Jms, ]>orwe pe 

And ao on the grete mercy of god and ledyng of be sterre, bei come 

13th day tliey 

came near jeruaa- oute of her londys and kyngdoms in to Jerusalem pe 16 

lain at day-break. 

xiij. day pat cnst was bore, in pe vpperisyng* of pe 
Bunne — wherof is no doute : fFor fei foundyn oure lady 
seint Marie and her soone in pe same place and in pe 
cave fere crist was bore and loyde in J>e manger. // 20 
Also many bokys telle )>at )?ei cam in to Jerusalem and 
p Lat. in drome- in to bedleem iu be mydde of be daye, 3 and obir bokys 

dariis (C. C. in die . 

meridiano)] seyen J>at J>ei com J>us hastilich in J>is wyse and Jms in 

to IerHaaleni and in to bedleem. wherof 30 schulle 24 
[« leaf 80] rndirstonde, as seynt Gregory Bei j> in an omely, J>us : . . 
we must not try 4 Si diuina operacio humana racione comprehend! pos~ 

to explain (lie . 

working of aod, set, non esset admirabilis, neo fides haberet meritum, 

a* 8. Gregory . _ . 

teachee; cm numana racio prebet experimen'cum et cetera, 28 

that is to seye : ^if pe wcrkis of god niy$t pe compre- 
[»nt.wherj, hendit in mannys wit or reson, hit were n© wondir, 

but qod, who a * so byleue ^ iatn uo niede fat 5 kyndely resouw scheweth 
broughtAbacuk hi t to a man. ffor bat lord code b«t in be olde testa- 32 

in a moment (run * ° * » 

Jttdea to Daniel ment ledde abacuk be prophete by a here of his hede 

in the den of lio ig, * * x * 

throuffh ciowd oute of Iury in to babiloyne and Chaldee, be wich is 

doors, as he him- m # ¥ 

]/ eeir leaned from a .C. daies iowney bitwix goyng and comyng, to dauieH 

Hid virgin's 

w »mb, Jwt was \n Je pitte amonge pe leouws, and anoon restored 36 

BoyalMS.] the three kings of cologne. 51 

and grcte 
speche was in aH pe contrey among aH pe pepil long 

4 tyme after of hem. Also whan pes .iij. kynges ryden 
porwe diuers kyngdoms, Citees and townes, pei riden 
oner many perlous plaas, as hilles, wateres, valeys, 
pleynes, and opir diners & perlous plaas, witA-oute 

8 disese or lettyng : ffor aH pe weye pat pei ryden by, 
was to her sijt pleyn & euene ; and pei toke neucr no Nou quod uti m 

- _ RatfM nunquam 

herborewe ne no oetrye ny3t ne day by pe wey, ne eomeuebuntneque 
neuer rested hem, neper pei ete ne drank ne slept, ne dormiebantinyia. 

12 noon of per beeetys, after pe tyme pei had take her wey 
tiH pei come in to Betheleem ; and all )>is tyme semyd to 
hem but o day. And pus, )>orwe pe gret mercy of god 
and ledyng of pis sterre, pei com oute of her londis & 

16 kyngdoms in to Jerusalem pe xiij. day pat Crist was xm di« n*tir. 

... . . . * „ . dom. veneruut In 

bore, in pe vppe-nsyng of p.\ sunne — where -of is no ienuaiem. 

20 Also many bokes telle of pe comyng of pes 

.iij. worpi kynges: / ffor summe bokes telle pat pei 
come in to Jerusalem and into Bethleem in pe myd of - 
pe day, and oj>ir bokes seyo pat pei come pus hastilyche. 

24 in j>**8 wyse and pus in to Jerusalem and Bethleem. 
Wherof 50 schul yndirstonde, as seynt Gregory seip 
in an Omelye : Si dinina operaoio humana raoione GregoHus in 
comprehend! posset, non asset admirabilis, nee fides diclt. Mm ( 

28 haberet meritnm eni humana raeio prebet experim- 
mentnm, / This is to seye : Jif po werkis of god myjt 
be eomprehendide in mannys resoun or wyt, hit were 
no wondir, also byleue hap no mede pat kyndely 

32 resouw schewep hit to a man. For pe lordf god pat in 

pe olde testament ledde Abacuk po prophete by a heere Ex- <\« AWuk 

of hys heede oute of Iury in to Babiloyne and Chalde, 

pe which is a .C. dayes iorney bitwix in-comynge and 

36 goynge, to Danyel pat was in pe pilte among pe leouws, 

e 2 



which remained 
unhurt like the 
three men in 
the fiery oven, 
wm well able to 
lead the S King* 
in to thort a lime 
to Jerusalem 
without any 

P Harl. brent ft 

He might have 
brought them 
there in a mo- 
ment, as he did 

[* MS. folkb] 

[» MS. maked] 

[* MS. marvels- 

but he wanted 
to show liia 
miraculous birth 
to all the world. 

pe same abacuk in to his place a3ene : pat same lonle 
god in pe newe testament was my3ty to lede and to 
bWnge J>es .iij. worschippeful kyngw oute of pe eest and 
oute of her kyngdoms in to )>e londe of Iury in xiij. 4 
daies wtt/i[oute] any dissese or lettyng*. // Also, as oure 
lorde ihe*u enst aftir his resurreccioun ^ede to his dis- 
ci ply s in to a hows wtt/ioute openyng of any gate ox 
lok, and as pe fyre brent no^t 1 ne dede no harm to pe 8 
.iij. child ryn whan fey were putte in pe f ourneys of 
f uyre, ne no sauour of smoke was founde in hem : ri3t so 
in pe tyme of [f>es] .iij. glorious kyngw oure lady Beynt 
Marie bare oure lorde ihesu enst, pat was verrey god 12 
and man, and 3 it sche was to fore and euer after a cleno 
Mayde. and 30 schutt vndirstonde pat god almy^ty 
my3t haue broi^t J>es .iij. worthi kynges and all her 
folk 43 cute of pe eeste in to Iury in a moment, as he 1C 
brou$t abacuk pe prophete aforseyde. But, thow god 
almy3ty meked 3 and lowed hym-self 1 and was bore in 
gret pouirt and toke vppon hym mankynde and mannys 
freclte, 3et he wolde merveilouslich 4 schewe his berthe 20 
to aH pe worlde, in heuene and in erfe, wit/* pe my3t 
of his god lied e and of [his] mageste. 

l» MS. Than] 

When they had 
come within 2 
miles of Jerusa- 
lem, they lost 
the star in a 
dense fog, as 
Isaiah had pro- 

WCapitulum xv™ 
ban 5 j>es .iij. blessed kyngfa eue?ych in his weye 24 
wt't/i his oost and his company were almoost come to 
Jerusalem save .ij. myle, pan a grete and a derk clowde 
heled all pa evpe, and in |>at derk 1 clowde J>ei lost her . 
sterre. of pis prophecied ysaias and seyde : 1T Surge 28 
illuminare Ierusalem, quia venit lumen tunm & 
gloria domini super te orta est; quia ecce tenebre 
operient terram & calico populos &c, that is to seye : 
Ier/y^il^m, aryse and take li3t, for ju li^t; is come 32 
and pe Ioye of god is sprunge vppon pe : for loo 
derkenes schullc lieele )>c erj>e and a clowde pe pepil. 
whan fes .iij. kyng?« were ny^e Ierusalem, fan Melchior, •'* 

BoyalKS.] the three kings of cologne. 53 

and anoon restored )>e same Abacuk* in to his plaas 
a3ene: pat same lord god in )>e newe testament was 
my 3d to lede & to brynge pes .iij. worpi kynges out of 

i j>e Eest and out of her kyndoms in to pe loud of Iury 
in .xuj. dayes wtt/*-oute any disese or lettyng. And 
as pe same prophete Abacuk in pe mydde of .ij. bceatis 
merueyled pe birpe of Crist : ri^t so, in tokene and in 

8 figure of pe beryng of pis mayde seynt Marye of hir 
childe, pe same prophete bare mete in to Danycl pat 
was in pe pitte a-mong pe leouns wip-oute any open- 
ynge of any gate or any lok*. 

Also 30 schul vndir- 
etonde pat god almy3ty niJ3t haue brou;t pes .iij. 
kynges and aH her oost out of pe eest in to Iury in a 

16 moment, as he broi^t Abacuk pe prophete to Danyel. 
But, pouj god almy3ty meked and lowed hym-self and 
was bore in greet pouert and took vppon hym man- 
kynde, and aH for oure redempciou?* and for oure tres- 

20 pas and noping for hys, 3U ho wolde merueylouslich 
schewe his birpe to aH pe world! and in lieuene and in 
erpe, wip po my3t of hys godhede and of hys inageste. 


24 JL hus whan pes .iij. blessyd kynges euerych in his 

wey Wt't/t his oost and his company were almost come 

to lerusdlem safe .ij. myle, pan a greet and a derk 

- clowde hilid aH pe erpe, and in pat derke clowde pei 

28 lost her stcrre. Of pis prophecied Ysaias and seyde : 

Surge illum[i]nare Ierusalem, quia venit lumen tuum iniu pn> P n. 
& gloria domini super te orta est: quia eoce tene- 
bre operient terrain & caligo populos, That is to 

32 sei3e : leiusalem, aryse and take li3t, for pi 1 h^t is come p ms. jx»tj 
and pe ioye of god is sprung vppon po : ffor lo derkencs 
schul hele pe erpe and a clowde pe pepil. And whan 
pes .iij. kynges, as hit is aforseyde, were ny3e Iert^a- 



Melchior halted 
in the Tog betide 
the mount of 

p r. lint] kyng of Nuhye and of arabie, wit/t his pepil was coma 
fast 1 byside Jerusalem and by fe hiH of caluarie fere 
cnst was do on fe cros, forwe fe witt of god fere 
he abode in a clowde and in derkenysse. and fat 4 
tyme f e hiH of Caluarie was a roche of .xij. green of 
heithe, and on f is hiH thefys and ofer men for diuem 
trcspacys wore putte to her dethe. there was also bisyde 
where three wiye pis hiH a hi3e-weye and to f ts hije-weye were .i\j. 8 

p leaf 9a] lu^e-weyes metyng to 2 -gedir. and so, for fe derkenesse 
of f is clowde, and also bycause fei knewe nojt J)e 
weye, J>ei abiden fere and ;ede no ferfer at fat tyme. 


Next came Bal- 
thazar, who 
stopped beside 
the mount of 
Olives at Galilee, 

[> MS. folkw] 

which town Is 
frequently men- 
tioned in the> 

[♦ added from 
MS. Tit.] 

[> MS. he] 

and is to be 
from the province 
of Galilee. 

ACapitulum xvj™ 16 

fter fat Melchior was thus come, as hit is afor- 
seide, fan next hym a litil vndir f/s clowde cam fe 
kyng* Balthazar, fe woche was kyng* of Godolye and of 
saba, with his folk 13 : and he abode bysyde f e mounte 20 
of olyuete in a litel towne fat is cleped fere Galile. // 
And 30 schulle vndirstonde fat holy writ spekef mochel 
of f is towne : for f e disciplys of god allmyjty tofore 
his resurrecciouTi and after were wont aHwey to come 24 
togedir in fat towne [pryuely for drede of fe Iewes ; 
and in fat same litil toufi] 4 god aHmyjty aperid to his 
disciplis after his resurrecct'oun, as hit is write : Precedet 
vos ia Galileam; ibi eum videbitis, That is to seye : 28 
he schal go tofore 3011 in to Galile and fere 30* schul 
see hym. but per is an ofer londe f e wich is cleped 
galile, and fat is a grete lordschip, and fat is from 
Ierwsalcm f re dayes iottrney. 33 


Capitulum xvij? 
han afterward, whan fese .ij. kynges Melchior and 

Boyal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 55 

lem, pan Melchior, kyng of Nubye and of Arabye, with Meichior primui 

venit prope moo* 

hys oost first come fast bisyde Jerusalem and next pe tem lahuu-ie. 
hille of Caluarie \er Crist was do on pe cros, porowe 
4 goddis willo per he abode in a clonde and in a derke- 
nesse. And pat tyme pe hiH of Caluarie was a roche 
of .xii. grees of heipe, and on pis hille thefys and opir De quodam trtuio 

prope moutem 

men for diuers trespas were putte to her depe. There caluarie. 
8 was also bisyde pis hille a hi^e-weye and to pis hi^e- 
weye were .iij. weyes metyng to-gydir. And so, for 
derkenesse of pis clowde, and also bycawse pat pei 
knewe not thys 1 weye, pei abiden stille per and 3cden no l 1 r. the] 
12 forper at pat tyme. And perfore aftirwarrt seynt Elene s. Elena. 
comprehendide pis hille of Caluarie and pe sepulcre of 
Crist and oper holy plaas in one faire chirche, which 
sche did make of hir owne cost. 


n pat same tyme pat Melchior was pus come, as 
it is aforeseyde, pan next hym a litil vndir pis clowde 
come Balthasar, kyncj of Godolie and of Saba, with his secundo venii 

* ° Balthaaar. 

20 oost : and he abode bisyde pe hille of Olyuete in a litil 
towne pat is cleped per Galile. And 30 schul vndir- 
stonde pat holy writte spekip moche of pis towne : ffor 
pe disciples of god almy^ty to-fore his Resurrexiouu 

24 and aftir were wonte alwey to come to-gydir in pat 
town prynely for drede of pe Iewes ; and in pat same 
litil town god almy3ty append to hys disciples aftir his 
Resurreccioun, as hit is write : Precedet vos in Gali- »<*» * <*&»> 

28 leam : ibi eum videbitis &o., / pat is to seye : he schal 
go to-fore 30W in to Galilee and per 30 schulle see 
hym. But per is an opir londe pat is clepid Galilee, pe 
which is a greet lordschippe, and pat is fro Iemealem 

32 .iij. daye8 iorney. 


ban pes .ij. kynges Melchior and Balthasar were 



Then the fog 
began to vanish, 
but the star was 
■till hid. 

80 they continued 
their way to 
where the three 
way* met. 

P MS. folkw] 

Here Jaspar 
arrived, and all 
three met, 

kissing each other 
in great joy, 

and in one lan- 
guage relating the 
reason of their 

They then rode 
forth together, 
and at sunrise 
came to Jerusa- 

P leaf 06] 

P r. grete a] 

with such num- 
bers of men and 
beasts, that they 
could not all be 
lodged within the 
city, as Isaiah 
had prophesied. 

Balthazar were come and abyden in pes placys afor- 
seyde in f e clow do and in derkenesse, than fe clowde 
bygan to ascende and wex clere ; but f e sterre aperid 
noi^t;. so whan fese .ij. kyngw syjen fat fey were 4 
nere f e Cite of Icn/salem : fey noon of hem jit knewe 
ofir, fey toke her weye toward fe cite, wtta afi her 
folk 11 , and whan fey come to fis hijo-weye byside )>e 
mouute of Caluarie, fere as fes .iij. weyes metten to- 8 
gedir : fan kam Iaspar, kyng* of thaars and of fe yle 
of Egriswille, wit/i aH his cost, and so pes .iij. glorious 
kyngw euerych with his oost, and with her cariage and 
beestis metten togedir in fis hije-weye byside fe hiH 12 
of caluary. and nojtwtt/jstondyng* pat noon of hem 
neuer to fore had seye of er ne noon of hem knewe of in 
pcrsone ne knewe of of ire comyng 1 , jit at her metyng 
euerych of hem anoou-rijt wit/t grete Ioye and grete 16 
reuwence kyssed ofir. 

and fow fey were of diners 
Ian gage, jit euerych of hem, as to her semyng*, spak afi 
o maner of speche. so afterward, whan foy had spoke 20 
togedir and euerych of hem had tolde his pttrpos and 
f e cause of his weye, and aH her causes were acordyng* 
in to one : fan f ei were mochel more gladdere and 
more feruent in her weye. and so fey ryden forf, and 24 
sodeynlich at f e vpperysyng 1 of f e siwne fey come in 
to fe cite of Jerusalem, and whan fey knewe fat 
Jerusalem was fe kyngw citee fe wich her predeces- 
sours and f e Chal 2 deys of olde tyme had byseged and 28 
destruyed, fey were rijt glad, supposyng 1 to haue founde 
fe kyng 4 bore in fat citee. fTorthermore je schul vndir- 
stonde fat herodes kyng* and att f e citee was gretlich 
desturblcd of her sodeynlich comyng 1 . ffor her cam* 32 
pany and her bestis fey were of so grete a noumbre 
and so a grete 3 multitude fat fe cite myjt nojt resoeyne 
hem, but for fe moost partye fey lay witooute fe 
Cite aH aboutc — wherof ysayas praphecied and eeyde 36 

Boyal MS.] the three kings of cologne* 57 

come and abiden in pes plaas aforeseyde in ]>e clowde 
and in derkcnesse, pan pis clowde bigan to ascende and 
to wax clere ; but pe sterre apperid not So whan pes 
4 .ij. kyngw sijen pat pei were ny^e po Citee : 

pou} noon 
of hem jit knew opir, pei toke her wey toward pe Citee, 
witA att her oost and men. And whan pei com to pis 
8 hi3e-weye bisyde pe Mounte of Caluarye, per as pes .iij. 
weyes mette to-gidir : pan com Iaspar, kyng of Thaars iwpar venit & 
and of pe yle of EgrisweH, w/tA aH hys oost. And so com ii Begibu* 
pes .iij. glorious kynges eueryche wip his oost, and wip 

12 her cariage and beestis metten to-gidir in pis hije-weye 
bisyde pe hille of Caluarye. And not-wipstondynge 
J>at noon of hem neuer to-fore had seye opir ne noon of 
hem neuer knewe oper persone ne of oper comynge, 3ft 

16 at her metyng euerych of hem anoonri^t wip greet ioye 
and greet reuerence kissed opir and made moche ioye 
euerych to opir. And pouj pei were of diuers lan- 
gage, 3ft enerych of hem as to her vndirstondynge spak 

20 aH o maner of speche. And whan pei pus had mette 
to-gedir and euerych of hem had tolde to opir his wille 
and hys e[n]tent, and aH her wille and her cause was 
acordyng in one : than pei were moche more glad J ere 

24 and more feruent in her weye. And so pei riden forpe, 
and sodeynlich pei com in to pe Cite of Jerusalem atte 
pe vprisyng of pe sunne. And whan pei knew pat Ieru- 
sa\em was pe kyngis cyte pe which her pralecessoures 

28 and pe Caldees of olde tyme Lad biseged and destroyed, 
pei were ri}t gladde, supposyng to haue founde pe kyng 
of Icwes bore in pat Cyte. Ferpermore 30 schul vndir- 
stonde pat Herodes kyng & l aH pe Cite of Iera*alem was t 1 ms. oQ 

32 gretlych desturbled of her sodeyn comynge. For her 
oostys and her cuwpany and her beestes were of so 
greet a noumbre, so greet a multitude, pat pe Cyte my}t 
not resceyne hem, but for pe most partye pei laye wip- 

36 oute pe Cy tee aH-aboute — wherof Ysaias pe prophete ymUo proph. 


p r. veniet] ffortitndo genoinm venerit 1 tibi, inundaoio camelo- 
rnm operiet te, dromedarij Hadian & Effa, omnes de 
Saba venient, anrum [et] thus deferentes et laudem 
domino annnnciantes et cetera, 4 

That is to say : The strenghe 
p ms. folk/*] of folk 12 comef to f e — fat is to seye to f e cite of 
Ieru*alem — grete plente of Camelys schul hele fe, and 8 
dromedaries of Mad yah and Effa schul come to fe, aH 
men schul come fro Saba, bryngyng gold and encense 
and schewyng* preysyng* to god. 

ACapitulum .xviij"? 
fterwartf, whan fes .iij. kyngt'e were come in to fe 
cite of Jerusalem, fan was herodes fat same tyme pre- 
sent in ))o cite of Jerusalem ; and, as hit is seyde to- 24 
fore, he was ordeyned kyng* by fe Emperour and by fe 
Romayns ; and he was but 3onge of age. so fes .iij. 
worechipful kyngi* whan fey were come in to f e citee, 
fey asked of fe pepul of fts childe fat was bore — 28 
The report or the wherof spekef f e euangelist in f e godspeU Cam natus 

gospel Cum nalos . . .^^ 

tMetihetm asset Ihesus &c, fe wicn is fts: Whan cr/st mew* 

(Mutt, li* 

was bore in bethleem, a cite of Iury, in fe dayes of 
p Ms.kyng»#] herodes, fat was kyng* 3 of fe same londe, fe .iij. kyngw 32 
com oute of fe eest and seyde : " wher is he fat is bore 
fe kyng 1 of Iwes 1 we sije his sterre in fe eest and we 
come to do hym worschip." whan herodes herde fts, 
he was destourbled, and aH lemsalem witft hym ; and 36 

Royal VS.] the three kings of cologne. 69 

prophecyed and seyde Fortitude) geneinm venerit 
tibi, Inundacio Camelonun operiet te, dromedarij 
Madian ft Epha, Omnes de Saba venient, anrum ft 
4 thus deferentes ft laudem domino annunciantea, 
Omne pecus Cedar congregabitnr et arietes Nabioth* 
ministrabunt tibi, H That is to seye: The strengfe 
of folk comef to fee — ]>at is to seye to fe Citee of 
8 Jerusalem — Grete plente of Camels schul heele fe, and 
dromedaries of Madian and Effa schul come to f e, AB 
men schul come fro Saba bringyng gold & ensense and 
schewyng preisyng to god, AH maner of beestes of fo 

12 Contrei of Cedar schul be gaderid to-gedir and fe 

wetheres of Nabaiot schul serue fe. And )e schul Nou de «ri«tibu» 
vndirstonde fat 1 fes wetheres of Nabaiot fei haue greet [i xs. )*t >>at] 
strengfe in fe tayl and litil strengfe or noujt in fe 

16 body, and ber tayle wexef more fan fe body; and fei 
haue gret homes and gret heere and long as a gote, & 
summe of fes beestes be wylde ; and not-wif stondyng 
fat f ei be so strong in her tayle, jit, whan f ei be take 

20 with howndes, f ei mowe not store hem. 


Ow $e schul vndirstonde fat after fe tyme fat fes 
.iij. kynges were come in to Jerusalem, fan was Herodes 

24 fat same tyme present in Ieruialem. 

And whan fei 
come in to fe Citee of Ierasalem, fei asked of fe pepil 
of f is childe fat was bore — where-of spekif f e Ewan- 

28 gelyst Mathew in his gospeR fat he writef : Cum 
natui esset Ihesui in Bethleem Iude fto. The which 
gospel is f is : Whan Crist was born in Betheleem, a 
Cite of Iury, in fe dayes of Herodes, fat fan was kyng 

32 of fat same londe, .iij. kynges com oute of fe eest and 
seyde : " where is he fat is bore kyng of Iewes f we 
see hys sterre in fe eest and we come to worschipe 
hyra." Whan Herodes kyng herde fis, he was dis- 

36 turbled, and afi Jerusalem wif bym ; and he gaderid 


he gadrid togcdir aH f e pryncys of f e preestis and asked 
of hem where crist scholde be bore, and fey seyden : 
"in bethleem of Iury; thus hit is wryte by fe pro- 
phete : and \ou bethleem in f e londo of Iury, \ou art 4 
no3t litil among* f e pryncys of Iury : of f e schal go 
oute a duke fat schal rewle my pepil of israel." fan 
herodes pnuelich clepcd t3 hym fes .iij. kyng& and 
lerned of hem f e tyme of ))e sterre fat aperid to hem ; 8 
and so sent hem for]) in to Bethleem and seyde : " goof 

[> ms. he] and enquere)) biselich of f /s childo, and whan ^e 1 haue 

founde hym, come telle me, Jwt I mowe come and do 
hym worschip." whan fey had herde f o kyng*, fey jede 12 
her weye. and fe sterre fat fey sije in fe eest, jede 
forf tofore hem, tyl fey come fere f e childo whas. and 
whan f ei si3e f e sterre, fey were ri$t glad : and fey $edo 
in to fe hows [and there fonde the child! with Marye 1G 

£^m/) from his moder]. 8 and fan fey openyd 3 her tresours and 

C * ?MeSTo J a] J offritl to h y m 8 old > ensens, 4 and myrre. // Of f /s, why 
Rmaoti* why they fes .iij. kyngw com first in to Jerusalem rafir fan i» t6 

came first to 

Jerusalem. bethleem, many bokys in diuers maners declare and 20 

p r.were] expowne, and many cawses be wry to, w!ch where 5 long 

to telle. But among* aH of ir causes one fer was fat 
kyng* herodes and fe cite were so destourbled for her 
sodeynlich comyng*, f e wich is f is : ffor fey syjen fat 24 
fey were kyngt* and her oost com oute of f e eest and 
of Chalde f e wich of olde tyme for we f e suffraunce of 
god had of-tyme pursued her kyngw and bysiged and 
[• r. w destroyed fat cite and f e londe aboute. also fey were 28 

destourblid bycause fey were com from so ferre contrey 
to worschip f e kyng* of Iewes fat was newe bore ; and 
bycause fat herodes was but an alyen and was made 
kyng 1 by fe empcrour and by f e Romayns, he was 32 
agast last he scholde haue lost his kyngdom bycause 
fat crist was bore. // Also an of ir cause was fat fee 
.iij. kyngw of goddis ordynaunce com in to fe cite 

Royal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 61 

and clepid to-gedir aH fe prynces of fe preestes & 
aakyde of hem where Crist schulde be bore. And f ei 
seyde : " In Bethleem of Iury. Thus hit is write by J>e 
4 prophete : And \>ou Bethleem in f e lond of Iury, \ou art 
not litil among ))e prynces of Iury : Of f e forsof e schal 
go oute a duke fat schal rewle my pepil of Israel." 
Than Herodes priuelich clepid to hym fes kynges and 
8 lerned of hem J?e tyme of J>e sterre fat append to hem ; 
and so sent hem forf in to Betheleem and seyde : 
"Go]> and enqueref bisilich of fis childe, and whan $e 
haue founde hym, come]) a$en and telle me, fat I may 

12 come and worschippe hym ! " And whan fei had herde 
fe kyng, fei jede her weye. And fe sterre fat fei 
8130 in fe eest, jede for]) to fore hem, til fei come fere 
fat fe child was. And whan fei si^e ))e sterre, J>ei 

16 were ri3t gladde : and fei jede in to fe hows, and fere 
fei founde fe childe wt't/i Marye hys modir. And fan 
fei openyd her tresours and offride to hym 3iftes, gold, 
ensense, and niirre. IT Of Jus, why fes .iij. kynges com Cmw»e qn«« utt 

20 first in to Jerusalem rafer fan in to Bethleem, and why Tenet-am in iem- 

■alein qajun In 

Ieruialem was disturbled in her coinywg, diuers causes Bethleem: 
be write and expouned in diuers bokys ; but .iij. 
causes I schal telle jou here in speciaL The first is : 

24 for as moche as fei of Jerusalem si^e fat fes were prima can*, 
kynges and her oost com out of f e eest and of Chaldee 
fe wm'ch of olde tyme forow fe suffraunce of god had 
ofte-tyme pursued her kyng[is] and destroyed fat cyte 

28 and \ e lond aboute. Also f ei were disturblid by-cawse Mcnnda 
fat fei were come from so fer contrey to worschippe f e 
kyng of Iewes fat was newebore ; 

and bycause fat Herodes 

32 was but a Alien and was made kyng by fe Emperour 
and by f e Romayns, he was agast lest he scholde haue 
lost his kyngdom by-cause fat Crist was bore. Also an 
ofir cause was fat fes .iij. kyngis of goddis ordenaunce urutctnw. 


wtt/joute auysemcnt whan J>ey had lost her sterre : for 
lenisalem was J>e kyngw cite and aHwey kyngt* of pe 
londe were moost abydyng 4 in J»t cite, and doctowrs of 
J>e lawe and J?e scribys wit/* her scripturis and pro- 4 
phecies were euermore present in J>e cite ; soo fat pees 
Iewes and Jes scrybys pat knewe longe tyme tofore pe 
berfe of crist and pe place where he scholde be bore, 
mowe neuer schewo no fikiile to excuse her falsnesse 8 
and her trecherie. of pis seyut Gregory in a Oinely 

[i om. hereof) spekep wel hereof 1 and seij> : Iudeos profecto bene 
Yiaac, cum Iacob fllinm suum benediceret, prerig- 
nanit, qui caligans oculis ft prophetijans in presenti 12 
fllinm non vidit, oui tamen impoaterum multum pre- 
nidit ft cetera. That is to sey : by Jus [ysaac] we mowe 
vnderatonde pe Iewys ; for ysaac whan he was blynde, 
he blessed Iacob, his sone, and profecied of hym, and 16 
jit, whan he had hym tofore hym, he si;e hym nojt* 
and jit he si$e many thynges pat scholde falle to hym 
afterward, rijt so pe Iewes were f ul of pe spirit of pro- 
phecie, but hym pat fey prophecied of, whan )>ey had 20 
hym among* hem J>ey knewe hym 1103 1 ; ffor pej dys- 
pysed hym whan lie was bore, whom longe tyme tofore 
pey prophecied of his ber]>e ; and nojt onlich )x*t he 
scholde be bore, but pe place where he scholde be bore 24 

p MS.ka»myng] fey tolde to herodes ; so J?at her ku/myng 12 and her pro- 
phecie schal be witnesse to her dawpnacioun, and to vs 
help of oure byleue and cause of oure sauacioun. 


WCapitulum xix™ 
han pes .iij. kyngig were enformed by herodes 

birth-place of 

chri.t, the 3 and by pe doctours of pe lawe of pe berpe of crist and of 

Kinf^a left Jerusa- 
lem, pe place where he was bore, and so were passed oute of 32 

Then the star he cite of Jerusalem : tan be sterre apcrid to liem aaene 

reappeared, * * * i , 

and went before as hit dyd arst, and so hit 3ede iovp tofore hem tyl pej 

them till they . 111 • 1 • 1 .. «. .* •**■ 1 i» 

cametoBethieem. come in to bethleem, pe wich is but .ij. htil Myle fro 

lenisalem. and fast by Jwt place, as hit is aforseyde, 36 

Royal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 63 

come in to f e cyte whan fei bad lost her sterre : ffor 
Ieru*aleni was fe kyngi* cyte and aH-wey kyngis of 
fat lond were most abidyng in fat citee, and doctours 
4 of f e lawe and )>e scribes w/t/i her scriptures & prophe- 
cyes were euermore present in fat cite ; so fat f e Iewes 
and fes [scribes] fat knewe long tyme to-fore Cmtis birfe 
and fe plaas where he schulde be bore, mowe neuer 
8 excuse her falsenesse. 

Of fis seynt Gregory spekef oregorimd* 
well in a Omely e and seif e : Iudeos profeoto bene Ysaac, ^. 
cum Iacob filinm mum benediceret, presignauit, qui 

12 oaligans oenlis ft prophetijans in present! filinm non 
vidit, cni tamen inpesterum multa preuidit, / That is 
to seye : By fis Ysaak we mowe vndirstonde f e Iewes ; 
ffor Tsaac whan he was blynde, he blessyd Iacob his 

16 sone and prophecy d of hym, and ^it whan he hadde 
hym to-fore hym, he sije hym nat, and neferlas he si$e 
manye finges fat schulde falle to hym aftirward. Ri)t 
so f e Iewes were f ul of f e spiryt of prophecye, bnt hym 

20 fat fei prophecied of, whan f ei had hym among hem 
f ei knewe hym nat ; for fei dispised Crist whan he was 
bore, whom long tyme to-fore fei wyst & prophecyed of 
hys birfe; and not onlych fat he schulde be bore, 

24 but also f e plaas where he schuld be bore fei tolde to 
Herodes ; so fat her cunnyng and her prophecye 
schal be witnesse to her dampnacioun for her mya- 
byleue, and to vs helpc of oure byleue and cause of oure 

28 saluaciouu. 


Ore-ouer, whan fes .iij. kynges were enfowrmed 
by Herodes and by f e doctours of fe lawe of Cristis 

32 birfe and of f e plaas where he was bore, and so were 
passed out of f e cytee of Ieruealem : fan f e sterre 
append to hem ajene as hit dide afore, and so hit 3ede 
forfe to fore hem til fei come in to Bethlccm, fe which Bethi««m di»ut 

36 is but .ij. litiH Myle fro Jerusalem. And fastby fat miiurum. 


p leaf 106] were *fe schepherdys to fe wich fe aungeH aperid 
on their way thej with grete li$t and schewed to hem J>e berf e of crt'st : 

met with the . , ., . f 

■hepherds, and fes ,nj. worfi kyng/a nden by fe same place fere 

f e schepe;xly8 were, and spak wttA hem. and whan |>e 4 
who told them scheperdys 8i3e f e sterre, fey runne togedir and seyden 

that in such a . A . ., i- * j • • v 1 i 

light the angei fat m swicli a li$t and in ewicn a cleernes a aungel 
the birth of chriat, apeiid to hem and tolde hem of )>e berfe of crist. // 

fferthermore ail fat J?e aungeli had spoke to hem, and 8 
and routed oil that aH fat fey had seije and herde, and att thyng* fat was 
* w * n * do, fey tolde eucry thyng 1 to fe .iij. kyngw. whereof 
ao that they wen fey were wonder glad, and wtt/i goode chere herde and 

made sure of what _ _ . , . * «_ i j i - n 

the voice from the toke goode consideraciou/i of fe scheperdys woordys : : I 
M and so of witnesse and of fe woordys of f e scheperdys 

and of fe voys of fe aungeH fat was herde oute of fe 
Some booiw in the sterre, fei had no doute of no thyng*. // Sum me bokys 

East aay that the. i».*«i/» 

aaine angei epoke in fe eest seyen that fe woys fat was herde oute of fe 16 

out of the star . .. . i , . 

and appeared to sterre, was f e voys of f e same aungeli fat schewed fe 

the shepherds; 

berf e of crist bofe to fe schepherdys and to fe aij. 

others »ay timt the They seije also in fe eest fat fe Iewes byleve 

went before the fat fe aungeH fat $ode tofore fe childryn of israel 

Israelites with a . . - £ t , t • j l c • i. 

pillar of fire in vnvi a pylere of fuyre whan fei jede oute of egipt, 

ua. ^ wag ^ same aungeH whos voys was herde in fe 24 
sterre and fat ^ede so forf w/t/* fe sterre tofore fe 
.iij. kyngw. fifor whan fe .iij. kyngt* spak wiUi fe 
schepherdys, fe sterre more and more bygan to schyne 

FntgenUna says bry 3tere and bri^tero. fFulgencillS seif in a sermoun fat 28 

that the 3 Kings . , . . . .. . .. .. 

andthesitepherds, he makef : as an hows is made of .ij. sydes, ij. waliys, 
Gmuieaandtii* f^t he ioigned togedir by corner-stonys, Ri3t so holy 

Jews, were the i • i • i ^ •• i •• i •• it « 

two waiu con- chirche is made of .ij. peplys as .ij. sydes, y. vallys, fe 

corner-stone* wich be ioigned togidir in o fey and o byleve of a corner- 32 

Jesus Christ. stone, crist ihora. this .ij. sydys, fj's .ij. vallys were 

kyngiV and schepherdys, fat come from diuirs contreys 

& crist a corner-stone in o fey and o byleve knewe and 

worschipped. f is .ij. sydys, f is .ij. vallys, of kyng?* and 36 

Boyal MB.] tab three kings of cologne. 65 

plaas, as hit is afore-seyde, were f e scheperdes to f e 
whych fe aungeH apperyd with gret li$t and schewed 
to hem fe berfe of Crist. And fes .iij. kynges ryden 
4 by fe same plaas fer f e scheperdes were, and spak with 
hem. And whan fe scheperdys sije f e sterre, J>ei ruwne 
to-gedir & seyde fat in swych a lijt & in swych cleer- 
ne8se a aungeH apperyde to hem and tolde hem of f e „ ^ m . 
8 same 1 berfe of Cn'st. Ferfermore aH fat fe aungeH Pwtorw loque- 
had spoke to hem, and ait f at f ei had herde and sei^e, Regibus&n«ira- 
and aH f ing fat was do, fei tolde euery thyng to pe .iij. que videbant." * 
kyngt*. Wherof fei were rijt glad, and wif gode chore 

12 herde and toke gret consideracioun of pes scheperdes 
wordys. And so of witnesse and of pe wordys of fes 
scheperdys and of pe voys pat was herde oute of pe 
stem, pei were gretlych counforted. Summe bokys 

16 in fe eest seye fat pe voys fat was herde out of fo 
sterre, was f e voys of f e same aungeH fat schewed f o 
berfe of Cryst bofe to fe scheperdyfs] and to fe .iij. 
kyngzs; ffor, whan fe .iij. kyngw spak with fes 

20 scheperdys, fe sterre more and more bigan to schyne 

bmter & brfcter. Thei sohe also in be eest fat fo Diuerw opinion*. 

„ . / - .- , 1" orient* de voce 

Iewes bileue fat fe aungeH fat jede tofore f e children bum eteiie. 
of Israel wif a pylere of fyer whan fei 3cde out of 
24 Egypt, fat was fe same aungeH whoos voys was herde 
in fe sterre and fat 3edo so forf e wif f o sterre to-fore 
fes .iij kyng/*. 

28 11 Fulgencius seif in a sermoun fat he Fuigenda* doctor 

de III Regibiu Jk 

makef : as a hows is made of .ij. sydes, .ij ; wallys, fat de putoribus. 
be ioyned to-gedir with cornerstonys, ri3t so holy Chirche 
is made of .ij. peplis as .ij. sydes, .ij. wallys, fe which 

32 be ioyned to-gedire in one fey and one byleue of a 
cornerstone Cryst Ihe*u./ Thes .ij. sydes, fes .ij. wallis 
were kyngi* and scheperdys, fe which come fro diners 
Contrees and Cryst a cornerstone in one fey and one 

36 byleue knewe and worschipped. fes .ij. wallys, pvs 




Iewys, were ferre departed a-twynne, whan fey were in 
diuers and contrary byleue. // But whan fe corner-stone 
crtst was mene bitwene hem, he drewe hem bofe to hym 
& made hem, bothe kyngw and Iewys, one pepil, fat is 4 
to seye cristen pepil, in name as f ei were one in grace of 
pryny bileve ; by owe crist, fe wich, as fe apostil seijth, 
is oure pees, makyng* .ij. thyngw one, soo fat bo|>e 
Iewys and kyngw ware made one //. 8 

Therfore to )>Lb 
cornerstone crist bofe f is sydes, bo)>e fts wallys com 
and made o corner of trewe byleve. the 1 o syde, J>at o 
walle of kynges cam to crist whan a newe sterre aperid 12 
to hem ; that o)>er syde, fat o))ir walle of Iewys cam 
to crist whan aungelys* aperid to hem. J>es .iij. kyng/* 
were fe first of myscreauntes fat leved on crist; J>ea 
scheperdys ware fe first of Iwys fat leved on crist 16 
this syde, f is valle of kyngw cam from ferre ; this syde, 
J/s valle of Iewys cam fro nyje. Needis mooste J>es 
[kyngis] come 8 fro ferre to crist, whan afore fey wor- 
shipped fals mawmetys and after byleued in hym. tliis 20 
syde, fts valle of Iwys cam to c?tst but fro ny$e : and f *s 
bytokenef fat fey were founde ny$c fe place fere crist 
was bore in. fes kyngw from fe ferre countreys of fe 
eest ware broujt to crist, and f ow f ei hem-self 1 were no 24 
Iwys, jit, as fey seyde, fey com to worschip and honours 

[* MS. kyngfr] cr*8t, f Q kyilg* 4 of Iwis. 

P r.that; Tit. 
tlie loo] 

P r. ft aungel] 

[» loaf 11a] 

WCapitulum .xx. m 
haw fes .iij. kyngw wttA aH her oost and her 28 
cumpany had spake 6 vrith fes scheperdys and jaf* hem 
3iftis, and so ryden forf to bethleem : fan anoon, as 
fey knewe fat fey were come to fat place Bethleem, 
fan fey lijt doune of her hors and chaunged aH her 32 
arraye and clof ed hem in f e beest and richest aray fat 
F ms. kinrf ] fey hadde, and as kyngw 7 scholde be, arayed hem. and 
arlweye f e sterre $ede forf tofore hem. // 

[• r. tpoke] 
[• r. jeiw] 

Near Bethletm, 
tha S Kingt put 
on regal attire, 

Royal VS.] the three kings of cologne. 67 

.y. sydes, of kynges & of Iewes, were fer departyde 
a-twynne whan pei were i/i diuers and contrary bileue. 
But whan pe cornerstone Cryst was raene bitwix hem, 
4 he drewe hem bo)»e to hym and made hem, bope kyngw 
and Iewes, one pepil, pat is to seye cWsten pepil, in 
name as J>ei were one in grace of prcue byleue; by 
oure lord Cryst, pe which, as )>e apostel seip, is oure 
8 pees, makyng twey }>inges one, so pat bope Iewes and 
kynges were made one. Therfore to )>is cornerstone 
Cryst bope pes .ij. sydes, bope pes .ij. walles com and 
made one cornerstone 1 of trewe byleue. That one syde, p r.oarncri 

12 pat one walle of kyngw cam to Cryst whan a newe sterre 
apperyd to hem ; pat opir syde, pat opir walle of Iewes 
cam to Cryst whan a aungeH appered to hem. Thes .iij. 
kyngs* were pe first of mescreauntes pat leuyd on Cryst ; 

16 Thes 8cheperdes were pe first of Iewes fat leuyd on Cryst. 
Thys syde, pis waH, of kyngw, cam fro for ; Thys syde, 
pis waH of Iewes cam fro nyje. Nedys must pea kyng/e 
come fro fer to Cryst, whan afore pei worschipped fals 

20 Mawmettys and aftir byleuyd in hym. Thys syde, pia 
watt of Iewes cam to Cryst but fro ny$e : and pis bitoke- 
nep put pei ware founde in pe plaas pat Cryst was bore 
In. Thes .iij. kyng/e from pe ferre contreyes of pe eest 

24 were broujt to Cryst, and pow pei wore hem-self no 
Iewes, jit, as pei seyde, pei come to worschippe and 
hononre Cryst, pe kyng of Iewes. 

28 A 

nd whan ]>es .iij. gloryous kyngi* wttA aH here 
oost and her 2 cumpany had spoke wip pes scheperdys & p ms. hei] 
jeue hem grete 3if tys, pei riden forp in her weye. And 
whan pei knewe pat pel were come to pat plaas of 
32 Bethleem, pan pei li$t doune of her hors and chaunged in Regn tndner- 
aH her eloping and eloped hem in newe and worscliip- u <*ubu«. 
fuH doping, as kynges schulde be arayed. And whan 
pei were so arayed, pan pei riden forp, and aH-weye pe 

F 2 


Aud pe more 
and the star grew ny$e pat pe kyng& come to pe place J>ere criat was, J* 
bright^." 1 more J> e sterre schyned brijtere and brijtere. and so pe 

At the iizth hoar same daye fat pes .iij. kyngi* jede oute of Jerusalem 4 
they" rrwed uf in pe first houre of pe daye, pe same daye pei come in 
^dwwS'tothe to bethleem in pe sixt houre of pe daye. and pan pes 
ch^tm! Where 'HJ- kyngw r ^ en Jorwe pe coue;*ed strete as hit is tolde 
[ims. and tone, afore, til pei were afore pat litil hows [and cane] 1 pere 8 
Then the star crist was : and pan pe sterre stode stiti on pe grounde 
then dmcended, tofore pe litil hows, and sone after pe sterre departed 
iKihV'^T hym-self in so gret li$t pat pe litil hows and pe cave 
■totutin "but wtt/*-yn were ful of lijt ; and pan anoon ajene pe sterre 12 
l^hoaT.* 1 ^ Mt «»cendid vp in to pe eyre, and pe?- stode stille ark 
wey aboue pe same place ; but [pe lijt abode in pe place 
padded from i^jq Crist was and oure lady, and!, 2 as hit is seyde in 

the other MSS.] r . 

And entering pe gospeH afore : Et intrantes domum &a, That is to 16 
child and wort seye : & pey $ede in to pe hows and fonde oure lady 
andolferJ^oid, and her childe : and pei fillo adowne & worschipped 
cewe^MatuLii). hem 3 and off rid to hym jiftes, golde, mirre and encense. 

pr.him] Of p/ s come afterward an vse pat inaH pe contrey of 20 
nobody in the po eest per 4 schal no man come to presence of pe sowdan 
SthJsuiun^ or of a kyng* to speko vrith hym, but he haue gold or 
Sd^ttoJuS 6 y luer or sttniwhat ell** in his handys ; and also, or- he 
ing the ground; spe k e t be sowdan or to bo kyng 1 , 5 he schal kisse be 24 

[* r. as MS. Roy.] r r r J ° r 

p lis. kyngk] grounde — and p*s manero is vsed in aH pe contrey of 
bnt Franciecane pe eest in to p/s daye. // fferthermore frere Menoz/ra, 

offer pears and . 

apples. whan pei come to presence of pe sowdan or of a kyng 1 , 

pey ofFre to hym peres or apply s : for pey seyje pat ^ey 28 
mowe towche no gold ne siluer; and pes perys and 
applis be resceyued of pe sowdan or of pe kyng 1 wit/* 
aH reuerence and mckenes. — 

Eoyal M8.] the three kings op cologne. 09 

8terrc $ede foijje tofore hem ; and f e more ny$ fat f e 
kyngw com to f e plaas per Cryst was, f e more )>e sterre 
schyned bri3ter and briber. And so f o same day fat 
4 fes .iij. kyngz* $cde oute of Jerusalem in f e first oure of 
fe daye, f e same daye fei come in to Bethleem in f e 
eixte oure of fe daye. And fan fes .iij. kynges riden 
forowe fe coue?*ed streto as hit is tolde afore, til fei 
8 were come afore fat Cave or litil hows per Cryst was : 
and fan fc sterre stood stille on fe grounde to-fore f is steUa desoendit 
lityl hows. And sone after f e sterre departyd hym-self hoatium speiunce 
in so gr$t lijt fat aH f e litiH hows and f e Caue were v uu 

12 fill of lijt; and fan anoon fe sterre ascendid vp in to 
fe eyre and fere stood stille aH-weye aboue fe same 
plaas ; but f e li;t abode stille in f e plaas per Cryst was 
& oure lady. And as hit is seyd in f e gospel afore : Et 

16 intrantes domum &o., so f ei 3ede and ofifrid to god. 

20 And of fis com aftirward a vse in att fe contrey of fe Vinapatriea.<iuoa 

nulla* alloqaltar 

eest : fat no man schal come to presence of f c sowdan aoidano *ei Regi 

vacant maniboa. 

or of a kyng to speke wif hym, but he haue gold or 
syluer or sumwhat ellys in hys handes ; and also, or 
24 he speke to f e sowdan or to f e kyng, he schal kisse f e 
grounde — and fis maner is vsyd in aH f e contrey of f e 
eest in to bis day. Also frere Menours, whan f ei come Fratraa minora 

oflbrunt aoldano 

to presence of fe sowdan or of fe kyng, fei offre to pom* a pin. 
28 hym peres and apples, ffor fei mowe touche no gold ne 

1 m w 7 " P Sat MS. Cbr. 

Wf v-m 

32 ▼ f Orschippefullich f es .iij. kyngitr euerich of hem Nota da pradoaia 
brouit oute of her Iondes many riche aiftis and riche Begea aacom 


ornamenty8, fat is to seye aH fe ornamentw fat Ali- 

8aundre Thilippi Macedo 2 lefte in Ynde and in Caldee P Ms.mareado] 



[Cambr. M& 

The penon of 
Christ, of Mary, 

[i Tit. and he 
lay wrappid in 
pore Clothis and 
in heye in the 
Mannger vp to 
the armea] 

[* added from 

P Lat. blaveo 
(C. C. bianco.'] 

[« leaf 116] 

t 4 r. peij 

[• r. and what] 

that same daye pat pes 
.iij. kyngfr soujten god and worscheppid hym vrith 
jiftes in bethleeni, oure lord ihe*u crist was fat tyme 
in his manhede a litil childe of .xiij. dayes age, and he 12 
was sumdele fatte; and he laye wrapped in pouro 
clothis and in his modir lappe. 1 [Also oure lady, seynt 
Marye, hys moder], 2 as hit is write in 

diuers bokys, sche was in persone flesshy and sumdele 16 
broune; and in J>e presence of [these] .iij. kyngt* sche 
was couered with a white 8 & 4 a poure Mantett, and pat 
Mantett sche helde cloos tofore her wttft her lift 
hande ; & her heede was helied arr-togedir, sane )>e 20 
face, vritfi. a lynnyn clothe; and sche sat vppon J>e 
manger and w/t/t her rijt hande sche helde vp god 
almy3ty hedc. so afterward pat pea .iij. kynge* had 
worschipped god and kyssed his hande deuoutlich, and 5 24 
leyde her 3iftes byside J>e childes hede : what* was do 
wit/* pas jiftes, je schul here afterward. 


Capitulum xxj? 

and of the s Kings. JLTJL Elchior, pat was kyng* of Nubye and of arabie, 32 
J>at offrid gold to god, he was leest of stature and of 

Balthajar, Jrat was kyng* of Godolye and of 36 

Boyal MS.] the thrkb kings of coloonb. "71 

and Perse, and many o]>ir Iewels, hope gold and siluer, 
and aH pe ornament** pat Quene Saba fond in Salamons 
temple, as di tiers vessell& pat was of pe kyngw bows 

4 and of J>o temple of god in Ieruealem, pe wbicb in J>e 
tyme of J)e destruccioun of lerusahm were bore in to 
ber contrcys & londys by hem of Perse and of Caldee, 
wip many oper preciou3e Iewels and stonys: and aft 

8 J>es pinges weren broi^t wip bem to oSve to god. And 
wbban J>ei were come to pe entre of pis litil bows, as bit 
is afore-seyde, pes .iij. kyngw ly$t doun of ber bora* 
And je scbul vndirstonde pat oure lord Ihe*us was pat 
12 tymo as in bys manbede a litil childe of .xiij. dayes olde, 
and be was sumdel fatte ; and be lay wrapped in poure 
clones and in bey^e in a manger vppe to J>e armes. And 
oure lady seynt Marye hys modir, as bit is write in Nou<Up«riona 

bm to M &rl6 ft dt 

16 dyuerse bokys, scbe was in persone fflesschy and sumdel ve>tur» eiawiem 
broune ; and in pe presence of pes .nj. kynge* sche was amregum. 
couered wip a wbyte mantel, and pat mantel scbe helde 
cloos to-fore hir wip bir lifte bandc ; 

20 and ber beede was 

bceied also aH, safe )>e visage, witJi [a] lynnen cloop; and 
scbe sat vppon pe mange?* and wip ber rijt band scbe 
lift vp god almyathy bede. And wban pes .iij. kynges NoUdeUmor«u. 

tormn HI regoiQ* 

24 were come in to pis litiH bows and fonden oure lady 
and oure lord Ibeeu in pis poure aray, as bit is afore- 
seyde, and pe sterre bad jeue so gret lijt in aH pe plaas 
per Gryst was, pat bit semyd to hem as pou3 pei bad 

28 stonde in a fourneys of fyre : pan pei were so agast pat 
of aH pe Sycbe Iewels and ornaments pat pei broujte 
wit/* hem, whan her tresores were openyd, pei toko no 
ping but pat ping pat pei bappyde first to take wip ber 

32 handes. // As Melcbior, kyng of Nubye & of Arabum, MeUjiiior primut 

'' obtu'ltwirum 

pe which was leest of stature of body, toke out of bys domino, 
tresory a rounde appil of gold, pe wbicb was as mocbe 
[as] a man myjt eselich close in his hande, and .xxx. gilt 
36 penyes : and pes be ofFryd to god. // Balthasar, kyng 



Saba, pat off rid encense to god, he was of a mene staiwre 
in his pwsone. 

Jaspar iras the 


and an Ethiop, 

after the prophecy 

of David. 

All men in the 
East are smaller 
than in our 

P Tit. hotter and 
better; Hart, 
better and hotter 
and att maner of 
spices be better] 

but beasts are 
larger, and ser- 
pents more 

[* r. schulle] 

Though the S 
Kings had with 
them many valu- 
ables*, as tiio orna- 
menti loft by 
the offerings of 
the Queen of Suba, 
and divers vessels 
from the temple 
and the palace in 

and Iaspar, pat was kyng* of tliaars 4 
,and of pe yle of EgriswiH, ]>at offrid Mirre, he was 
moost of persone ; and he was a blak* Ethiope — where- 
of is no doute : ffor among 4 art oper pe prophet seip 
Coram illo procident Ethiopes & initnici eius terrain 8 
lingent, Venient ad te qui detrahebant tibi, & adora- 
.bunt vestigia &c, IT That is to seye: tofore hym 
v schulle fal doune Ethiops, and his Enimyes schul likke 
pe erpe ; pei schul come to pe pat detrayed pe, and pei 12 
•schul worschippe pe stappys of J>i feet. H furthermore 
Jes .iij. kyngw and her oost, hauyng 1 rewarde to J>e stature 
pat men were of pat tyme, fey were rijt litil of persone, 
In so mochel pat att man/?;* of pepil merveiled mochel of 16 
hem. and pat schewed welle pat fey were come fro 
ferre con trey oute of pe eest: ffor J>e nerrer toward pe 
ecst and pa nerrer pe vpperisyng 1 of J>e sunne pat men 
be bore, pe lasse )>ei be of statztre and pe feblere and pe 20 
more tend re. II But herbes be hottor, 1 and serpentts 
and swich opir perlous beestis be gretter and more 
ve nonius, and alle maner of beestis and fowlys pe 
nerre pe swine )>ei be, J>o more and J>e gretter J>ei 24 
-be. — Also 30 schuldo 2 vndirstonde pat pea .iij. kyngfr 
euerych of hem broujt oute of her londys many riche 
jiftes and riche ornamentis pat A^andre left in ynde 
and in Chaldee and in perse, and aH pe ornaments 28 
fat Queue Saba fonde in Salemons tempil, and diuers 
.vessels fat were of pe kyngi* hows and of J>e tempil of 
god in Ionwalem, p e wich in pe tyme of p e destrucciottn 
of lenisahm were bore in to her contreys and londis by 32 
hem of perse and of Chalde ; and matiy oper Iwelis, 
hope golde and siluer and opir preciouse stonys pes 
kyngw broi^t with hem to offre to godd. // But whan 
pei foundyn oure lord ihe«u crist leyde in heije in >e 36 

Royal MS.] tiie three kings of cologne. ?'3 

of Godolie and of Saba, he was of a mene stature in hys BaUnMrfMfthaai 

, , , . , ... obtulit thus 

pwsone : and he toke out of hys tresory ensense, as hit domiuo. 
com first to hys hande, and fat he oftrid to god. // 
i la spar, kyng of Thaars and of J>o yle of Egryswett, he u«i»r t«nias 

obtulit niimun 

was moost in persone ; and he was blak Ethiop, wherof domino, 
is no doute — 

wherof J>e prophete setye : IT Coram illo 
8 procident Ethiopes & inimici eins terrain lingent, 
Venient ad te qui detrahebant tibi, & adorabunt 
vestigia pedum tuorum, / This is to seye : tofore hym 
schul falle down Ethiops, and hys enemyes schol lik 
J 2 fe erj>o; They schul come to )>e fat detrayed Jkj, and 
pei schul worschipe Jc steppis of pi fcef. 


yet Uwy were to manger and in poure clothis, as hit is aforseyde, and 

chrut in 90 poor f e sterre had jove so gret H3I; in att fe place fere crist 

nghf/thatofaii was, fat hit semyd as thou )>ei had stonde in a fourneys 

bn^i.t with of fuyre : fan fes .iij. kyngi's were so sore aferde fat of 4 

offt^^it ^ ati J> e riche Iwels and ornamentys fat f ei broujt vrMi 

fl«tto their heniy whan her tresori was openyd, fei toke no thyng 1 

[i ms. heraj but fat com first to her 1 handys. as Melchior, f e kyng 4 

at Melchior 

• round apple of of .Nubie and of arable, toke oute of his tresorie [a 8 
peniee, roimde] 2 3 appil of gold, as mochel as a man myjt holde 

p leaf Ma] in his hande, and .xxx. gilt penyes : and fat he offrid 
Baitiiaear incense, to god. Balthazar, fe kyng 1 of Godolie and of Saba, 

he toke oute of his tresorie e license, as hit come first to 12 
and Jaspar his honde : and bat he offrid to god. Than Iaspar toke 

myrrhj * m 

oute of his tresory Mirre : and fat he offrid to god, 

vriih wepyng 1 terys. and so fes .iij. worschippeful 

kyngu were so agast, and also so deuoute and so 16 

and of an the foment in her oblacioun, fat of all fe woordis fat oure 

eaid to them tiiej lady sey de fat tyme [fey] toke but litil consideracioun, 

gradae. save onlich fat to euery kyng 1 as fey offrid to god 

sche bowed downe with her hede mekelich and seyde 20 
[« Hari. adds: or deo gracias, bat is to seye : y thank god. 4 — 

thanked be god] ° * rf ° 

•Hie apple of gold fe appil of 24 

had belonged to ' " 

King Alexander, gold fat Melchior kyng* offrid with f e .xxx. gilt penyes, 

and was composed 

or smaii particles was su7n tyme kyng* Ahjaundres f e grete : and fat appil 
of aii nations; he dide make of smale parties of gold? fe wich he had 
whe"hecaroe n * gadrid of J:e tribute cf aH fe worlde; and fat [nppil] 28 
dise. ° m ***** ne kare ft Hwey in his hande. and fis ax>pil was left 

in ynde whan he was come fro pa;*adis terrestre, with 

many ofer riche ornamentys. 

Boyal XS.1 the three kings of cologne. 75 

And Jris 
Iaspar toke oute of hys Trosory Mine, and fat he 
offride wtt& wepyng terra to god. And so fes .iij. Nouthnoram 

16 worechipful kyngw were so agast, and so deuoute and fegnmin 
so feruent in her oblacyouit, fat of att fe woordys J)at muneram. 
ourelady seyde fat tyme j>ei toke but litil kepe, safe v«rt»iuri« 
onlych fat to euery kyng as J>ci offrid sche bowed dou» obudone utomm 

20 mekelich with her heede and seyde Deo graoias, fat ****** 
is to seye : I thank god, or thankyng be to god. And 
whan J>es kynges had worschipped god, [what was 
done] wtt/i her 3iftes > aftirward je schul here. / But 

24 30 schul vndirstonde fat J>e appil of gold fat Melchior r» pomo anno 

rotondo quod 

kyng offrid with .xxx. gilt penyes, was sumtyme kyng Rex Mtiohior 
Alysaundres fe grete : and fat appil he did make of 
smale parties of golde fe which he had gadrid of 

28 tribute of att fe worlde ; and fat appil of golde he 
bare alweye in hys hande. And J>is appil was lefte in 
Ynde whan he was come fro paradys terrestre, wij) 
many o]>ir ryche oraamenfcis. // VAJso je schul vndir- pgMMs.cbr. 

32 stonde fat Jes .iii. kyngt* and att her men, hauyng 

reward to fe stature fat men were of J>at tyme, )>ei were Nou d« »utur» 
rijt litil of persone, in so moche fat att maner of pepil P * um * 
nierueyled mochel of hem. And fat schewed wett fat 

36 Jei were couie of fer contrey out of fe eest : ffor fe 



-, ~ ' » 

In token of obe- 
dience, people iu 
the East, when 
the Saltan enters 
a city, barn in- 
cense and myrrh 
before their 

and martyrs were 
forced to offer in- 
cense to the idols, 

P MS. to do] 

as the Saracens 
still require from 
the Christians in 
their power. 

more-ouer hit is J>e maner in 20 
aH )>e contrey of j?e eest ]>at, whan pe sowdan or a 
kyng 1 passe]), forwe a cite, )>an euery man, after pat hid 
power is, tofore his owne dore he schal cast encense 
and Mirre in a fuyre ; and what man pat do]) hit no;t, 24 
he schal he holde as for a rebett a3ens pe sowdan or 
a^eyns ]>e kyng 4 — for perto is take grete kepe. and pia 
vsage hitokeneth in aH pe eest trewe subieccioun & dewe 
obedience, bothe to god or to a Mawmet or to a kyng 4 28 
wether hit is do to. 1 // furthermore in olde tyme Martires 
Were no^t onlich constreyned to worschippe Mawmetys, 
but also to worschippe hem vrith encense and fuyre. 
and pia maner J>o sar^yns aHwey aske of cristen men 32 
pat be in her prtsoun : for to come in to her tempil and 
of pe sary3n8 cost wiljefullicfi to do sacrifice wttA fuyre 
and encense. 

Boyal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 77 

nerrcr toward pe eest and pe nerre pe vprisyng of J>e 
sunne pat men bo bore, pe lasse pei be of stature of 
body and pe febler and pe more tend re. But herbes 

4 be pe hotter and bette?*, and aH mane?* spyces pe better, 
and serpentes and opir wylde beestys be more venemous, 
and more stronger and gretter. And men pat come out 
of pe eest in to Jerusalem and in to oper contreys 

8 aboute bycause of desport and for marchaundyse, pei 
8ey$Q pat in J>e londes of pes .iij. kynges pe sonne Nou d« ortu toUa 


arysep in pe spryng of pe day wip so gret noyse and so 
horrible sowne pat per may no man suffre hit but pel 

12 pat be woned per-to./ And men pat be bore blende 
pat londis, be wondir litil, and for pe gret sown of po 
firmament pei be defe, and so pei bye & selle and 
wirken aH by tokenes and by sygnes. And pes men 

16 be riche Marchaundes, & ofte-tyme come in to pe 
londes of Ynde, Sirye and Egypt./ Of pes jiftes pat 
pus were oflfred to god, diuers bokys and scriptures Dtaemoprnfonet 

,_ ,. . -_ , . -ii-i de muneribas 

speken dyuersehch. For summe bokys seye pat gold was utorum hi 
20 offrid to helpe oure lady and her sone. And hit is pe re * um ' 
maner in arr pe contrey of pe eest pat, whan pe sowdan 
or a kyng passep porow a cyte, pan euery man, after 
pat hys power is, tofore hys owne dore he schal caste 
24 enscnse and Mirre in pe fyre ; and what man pat dope 
it nat, he schal be holde as for a rebelle a;ens pe sowdan 
or pe kyng. And pis vsage bitokenep in aH pe cost 
trewe subieccioun and dewe obedience, hope to god or 
28 to a Mawmet or to pe kyng wheper pat it is do to. 


r p Capitulum xxij- 

Christ, though A how aHmy^ty god lowed and meked hym-sel£ and 

poor, had no need . . 

oftheMgiru: by cam man for oure sauacioun and was bore of his 

blessed moder Marie, as hit is aforseyde, ;it he had no 36 MS.] THE THREK KINGS OP COLOGNE. 79 

V 1 Ry J>eso .iij. glorious *iftes, bat is to seye Gold, En- Expoeidodebtis 

tribut mnueribue 

sense, and Mirri, is schewed [in] one lord Crist diuine in regum 
Mageste, kyngw powste, and mannys mortalite. Ensense p See the ut. 
4 perteynep to sacrifice, Gold perteynep to Tribute, and 
Mirre perteynep to sepulture of dede men. AH pes ^iftes 
oure feij> and oure bileue offrcp to god while we byleue 
liym verrey god, verrey kyng, and verrey man. 2 In pseetheLat. 

.--.,, xo . >, text Cap. 41] 

8 offryng of ensense is pe Maniche (!) 3 confuse or reproued, p a mutate, 
J>e which wil nat bileue pat Cryst dyed for mannys the Lat. text of 
helpe. In offryng of gold be boJ>e reproued pe Maniche 
and J>e Arrian : ffor pe Maniche wil nat bileue god verrey 
12 kyng born and incarnat of pe kyn of kyng Dauid ; pe 

Arrian he forsakep (nat) 4 in goddis [sonc] Crist Iheeu pLat.:Arriana« 

.... deo Tnlgenlto 

kyndelich subieccioun. And herfore neiper of pes .ij., nataraiem niutur 

(dare) Mnritntem] 

Maniche and Arrian, schal fele pe kyng by wham he 
16 schal be rewled in trewe feip & byleue, but bope pes .ij. 
schal fele and knowe hym for a kyng of whom pei schul be 
punysshed and dampnyde for her fals feip and byleue ; 
ffor pe one, as pe Arrian, forsakep pe godhede, and pe 
20 opir, as pe Maniche, denyep p[e] manhede. In pes 
same jiftis pe prid heretyk, Nestoryn, is confoundid, 
bat is aboute to diuide Cryst in to twey persones, for 5 p cecum Ttdeat 

* magoe non alia 

as moche as he kan nait see ne nait vndirstondep pes deoetaiiahomini, 

m .. . ' eed Tnl deo 

24 .iij. kyngw in one wyse off re pes .iij. jiftys, Gold, homini eadem 
ensense, and Mirre, to Cryst as to god and to Cryst 
as to man, and in an opir wyse pes .iij. ^iftys to Cryst 
as to man (!) ; wherfore Cryst schal not be departyd in 

28 .ij. persones, as he was nat departyd in 3iftis. And 
perforo pis lord Cryst is worschippyd as god in pes .iij. 
3iftis, pat by pe same jiftis he be knowe and knowleched 
god and man. 

32 r> 

J^Euoutelyche $e schul here yndirstonde pat, pou3 

god almy3ty lowed and meked hym-self & bicom man 

for oure saluacioun and was bore of hys blessyd modir 

3 > Marye, as hit is seyde afore, 3ft he had no nede of pes 



this wu proved 
by the apple of 
gold, when offered 
to Christ, dissolv- 
ing into powder, 

.[* oro. and] 

like tlie utatne 
seen by Nabu- 

P leaf 12*] 

After that the 
8 King*, who had 
eaten nothing for 
IS days, took rest 
and food, 

and told openly 
how wonderfully 
the star had led 

nede of pes jif tes of pes .iij. worschippef ul kyngiTt : for 
he made aH pe worlde of nou3t, and aH pat is in 
heuene and in erpe is in Lis power and at his wille. 
Neperles 30 schulde vndirstonde pat be rounde appil of 4 
gold pat pe kyng* Alesaundre dide make as hit is afor- 
seyde, pe wich appil Melchior pe kyng* offrid to oure 
lord : and 1 whan he had offrid pat appil, hit was in a 
moment aH to-broke in to dust, and so by pis we 8 
8chulle vnderstonde in figure : // As pe stone pat was in 
pe hiH was kit oute of pe hiH wtt/toute mannys honde 
or any toole and brak an horrible Mawmet in to 
dust and powdre, pe wich kyng* 2 Nabugodonosor sye 12 
in his slepe : r^t so pat stone pat is. to seyje oure lord - 
ihe#u cnst pat w?'t/*oute any corrupcioun of synne was 
bore in to pis worlde, pe appil pat bytokeneth pe 
worlde, porwe his mekenes and his vertue and pe 16 
strengthe of his godhede in a moment he aH to-brak 
in to nou3t. — and what was do wit/* pes jiftis, ;e schulle 

here afterwanl. 

W[Cap. xxiii.] 20 

han pes .iij. kynges had pus perfourmed her wey 
and her wiH and had offrid and do aH ping 1 pat pei 
come fore, pan, as mankynde askep and wolde, pe .iij. 
kyngw and aH her men and hors and opir bcestys 24 
gunne ete and dnnke and slepe, and toke hem to her 
rest and desport att pat day after in bethleem ; U ffor, 
as hit is tolde tofore, pei had neper ete ne drunke 
tofore in pat .xiij. daies. and than pc[i] tolde mekelich 28 
to alle men in pat cite of bethleem and of pe contrey 
aboute, how wondirfullich pe sterre had broujt hem 
pider from pe ferpest pwtye of pe worlde. 

then they went 
back by another 
way (lfatth. il. 

more, as pe Euangelist seith : IF Et responso accepto 
in sompnis ne rec irent ad Herodem, per aliam yiam 
reuersi sunt in regionem suam, IF That is to seye : a 36 

Soyal KB.] the three kixgs of cologne. 81 

jiftes of pes .iij. worschipful kyngw : ffor he made ail 
pe world of nou$t, and aH fat is in heuene & in er)>e is 
in his power and at hys wille. d« pomo anreo in 

puluerem redacto. 

4 JSeperlcs je schul vndir- 

stonde pat pe rounde appil of gold )>at kyng Alisaundre 
did make as hit is aforeseyde, pe which appil Melchior 
kyng offrid to god : whan he had offrid pat appil, hit 
8 was in a moment aH to-broke in to dust. Wherby 36 
schul yndirstonde pat, as pe stone ]>ut was in pe hille 
de lapide absciso &c, was kitte out of J>e hille w/tft- 
onte mannys honde or any ojrir toole and brak a horrible 

12 Mawmet in to dust and powder, pe which Nabugodono- 
aor 8136 in a visioun : Rjjtso pe stone pat is to seye oure 
lord Them Cryst, wiJ>-oute any corrupcioun of synne was 
bore in to )>is world porw hys mekenesse and J)orwe J>e 

16 rertae of hys mageste and his godhede in a moment he 
aH to-brak in to noujt & ouercom hit (!). 


20 JLivermore god is wondirful in hys werkys, and J>at 

he schewyd weH to pes iij. worbi kyngt*. For whan Not« hi h*** 

quando perfeoe- 

J>ei had performed her weye and her wille and had runt ouadonat 
offrid and do aH ping pat )>ei com fore, than first, as «perunt come- 

24 mankynde aske]>, ]>es kyngi* and aH her men and her donnire, 
beestis bygunne to ete and drynk & alepe, and tokc runt per xn idles. 
her rest and desport aH pat day after in Bethleem ; 
ffor, as hit is seyde tofore, pel had neper ete no drunke 

28 to-fore in pat .xiij. dayes. And pan pei tolde meke- 
lyche to aH maner of men in that Cite of Bethleem 
and of pe contrey aboute, how merueylouslyche pe sterw 
had broujt hem )»ider from J>e fewest partye of pe 

32 worlde ; so pat [hit] is a greet confusioun to pe Iewes 
and a gret streng]>e to oure byleue and oure saluacioun. 
Ferjermore, as pe Ewangelist seij) : Et accepto somp- 
nii responso ne redirent ad Herodem, per aliam viam 

36 reueni sunt in regionem snam, / That is to sey : A 




answere was take to pes .iij. kyng& in her slepe pat 
pei scholde na$t turne ajen to herodes : and so by an 
opir wey pey jede home in to her kyngdoms. than }>e 
without the star, steire pat tofore-tyme [jede] a-fore hem, hit aperid no 4 
more aftir. and so pes .iij. kyngi*, pat sodeinlich 
mettyn togedir at pe Mounte of caluarie, pei riden ati 
.iij. home togedir to her kyngdoms, wttA grete ioye and 
honour, and toke her herboure by pe weye, as men 8 
scholde do. 

the tame way 
that Holofernes 
had taken, 

[> om. aleo] 

ao that men snp- 
poaed Holofeniea 
waa oome back ; 

and were respect- 
folly received 
and told all men 
what they had 

IT Also pes .iij. kyng?'# wttA alle her pepil 
and her cariage riden porw alle pe londys and pro- 12 
uynces pat Olof ernes of olde tyme had also 1 ride and 
passed by with ati his cost; in so mochel [pat] pe 
pepil supposid pat Olofernes had be come pider a^ene. 
fferthermore, as pei [come] in to any towne or cite, pei 16 
were mekelich and worscheppefullich resceyued of alle 
pe pepil ; and euermoro pei preched and tolde to ati pe 
pepil, as pei riden, alle pat pei had seyje, do and herde : 
so pat in ati pe contrey, as pei riden, pei were so nieke 20 
and so gracious among 1 alle pe pepil, pat her name and 
her loos neuer aftir was f orjete. 


and got home in 
two years. 

Herodes, Inform* 
ed of their return, 

but pe wey pat fei 
had riden tofore oute of her londys and of her kyng- 28 
doms in .xiij. daies porwe ledyng* of pe sterre, pei myjt 
1103 1 ynnepe go aftir ne ride home a;ene in .ij. jere; 
and pat was do pat pei and ati opir men scholde knowe 
what difference is bitwix goddis werkyng* and mannys 32 

(Cap. xxiiii.) \\ han herodes and ati pe scribis 
and opir pepil herd telle pat pes .iij. kyng/* were go home 
ajene and were nc>3t come to hym as he had bad hem, pan 36 

Boyal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 83 

answere was to pes .iij. kyngi* in her slepe pat pei 
scholde not turne ajen to Herodes: and so by anoper steiiaritranon 
weye pei jede homo to her londes and her kyngdoms. * P 
4 Than pe sterre pat to-fore pat tyme $ede afore hem, hit 
append nomore after. And so pes kyngw aede home to Trwikgwpariter 

. r«lierunt ml 

her kyngdoms and toke her herborwe and her rest in regna sua, 
pe weye boJ>e by day and by ny$t; and as pei were 
8 come fro fer contrey and sodeynlich mette to-gyder as 
hit is tolde afore, Rijtso pei riden aH .iij. to-gyder 
home to her kyngdoms, witA gret ioye and solempnytc. 
Ferpermore pes .iij. kyngt* vtith aH her men and her 

12 cariage riden )>orwe aH J>e londys, kyngdoms and pro- 
uynces pat Olophernes of olde tyme had ride & passyd 
by with aH his ooet ; in so moche pat aH pe pepil sup- 
posid pat Olophernes had be come ajen. And euer- 

16 more as pea .iij. kyngee com in to townes or Citees, pei istiniRegwprt- 
prechid and tolde to aH J>e peple aH pat pei had sey$e, per ciuiutw & 
herd and do in aH her wey ; and in aH plaas pat )>ei tmnUilroiu! ** 
come, aH pe pepil worschipfullych resceyued hem with 

20 gret chew and humanite. And pei were so meke & so 
gracious to aH pe pepil, pat her name and her loos 
nener was after for^ete. Also of aH pe neceasaryes 
and of aH maner things pat pei caried with hem in 

24 her wey, per lakkid ne peryssched no ping, but pei 
hem-self and aH her meyne and hors and oper beestis 
aH pei come horn saf and hole in to her owne londy[s]. 
But pot weye pat pei had ride oute of her londys in Not* quod uu in 

28 .xiij. dayes porow ledyng of pe sterre, pei myjt not nemnt *d re*™ 

a, . . ... . sua in II annis 

ynnepe go after ne ryde home a^ene in .ij. $ere ; qm >d ante* per- 

j t. j. feoerunt in XIII 

and pat a^ut. 
was do pat pei and aH oper men schulde knowe & fele 
32 what difference is bitwix goddis werkyng and mannys 

IF Whanne Herodes kyng and aH pe scribys it»x Herod* 


and opir pepil heme telle pat pes .iij. kynges were go iiiRagea. 

36 home a$ene and were not come to hym as kyng Herodes 

g 2 

84 the three kinos of COLOGNE. [Cambr. MS. 

was rery angry, of grote enuye and malice he pursued aftir hem a grete 
he heard them weye. and alle-wey as he rode aftir pes kyngfc, he fonde 
P [i leaf isa] alle pe pepil blesse hem and preyse hem & 1 teti of her 
He pursued them, grete nobley. 4 

and destroyed the . - . - - - - . 

ships of Thanis whmore pis herodes of grete anger brent 

the s Kinglhad and dcstruyed alle pe londe pat was vndir his power 
pat sea. ^ ^ ..j j^g^ nat [ jjjg DV> & gpccialich hem of 

Thaars and of cecile, for he putte vppon hem pat poy 8 

had suffrid hem priuelich to passe oner pe see in her 

scheppys : and perfore he brent alle her schippis and 

He pursued them, alle her gode. IT Also kyng 1 herodes and pes scribys 

everywhere how pursued pes .iij. kyngis of grete envie, nor ]>ei had 12 

easily they had herde how merveylouslich pei were come oute of her 

come, and how i i © i i • ...•». _ «« ..#• 

laboriously they londys & kyngdoms in xnj. daies porw ledyng* of pe 
w * nt ' sterre and ho we aftirwarde pei jedo home a;ene wtt/*- 

oute any sterre porwe guydes and interpretoure — flfor 16 
alle maner of men pat pes .iij. kyngz* passed by, suf- 
fised no3t to telle ho we wonderlich pei passed ny$t and 
daye by hem. and perof Iewes pat dwellyd aboute in 
diuers londys and placys, bare wittnesse herof to herodes 20 
Por their wonder- and to alle pe scribys and to obir Iewes. and so for bis 

fill doings the 

Gentiles e«ued wondirful dovng 1 po paynyms, pat had no knowleche of 

which name was holy writ ne of pe berpe of crist, cleped pes .iij. kyngw 

Sue Jews, y ,e Magos, pat is to seye wicchis ; and pe Iwys, pat knewen 24 

*pWpiaoes7' ^ e scri P^ ur y s an d P° berpe of crist and pe place, 2 of 

envie and of falsnesse excited pe paynyms alle aboute 

to calle hem wicchis — and so hit was brou3te in to a 

vsage pat pei be cleped so 3ft in to pis daye. of pis 28 

name diuerse bokes and exposiciouws telle, pe wich is 

though they were no^t nede to telle here. // But wit/ioute dowte, bei 

real kings. 

were glorious kyngw, and of pat londys and kyngdoms 
in po eest moost worschippeful and myjty, as ciisten 32 
men pat dwel pere bere wittenesse. and perfore, to do 
aweye alle maner of dowte of alle pat is aforseyde, 
and in repreuyng* of pe falsnesse of pe Iwes, attmy^ti 
god, pat is euer wondirful in his werkys and glorious 36 

Boyal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 85 

had charged hem, fan of gret enuye and malice he 
pursued after hem a gret weye. And aH-weye as he RexHerodn 
pursued after fes .iij. kyngw, he fonde ati fe pepil ut«« & viiiM per 
4 blesse hem and priyse hem, and tolde of her gret nobley tmuierunt in 
and araye. Wherfore f /s Herodes of gret 1 anger brent 
and destroyed ati f e lond fat was vndir hys power fat 
)>es .iij. kynges hadde ride by, and specialyche hem of 
8 Civile, ffor he putt vppon hem fat fei had suffride 
hem prtuelich to passe ouer f e see in her schippes : and 
f erfore he did brenne ati her schippes and ati her gode. 
Also kyng Hero<! and fes scribys petrsued fes .iij. 

12 kynges of gret envye, for fei had herd how meruey- 
louslyche fei were come oute of her londys and kyng- 
doms in .ariij. dayes f orow ledyng of f e sterre and how 
aftirward J>ei $ede home ajene wit/i-oute any sterre f orw 

16 helpe of guydes and interpretoures — ffor ati maner of 
men fat J>es .iij. kynges ridyn by, suffysed not to telle 
how wondirlich fei passyd ny3t and day forJ> by hem. 
Jterof Iewes fat dwellid aboute in dyuers contreys and 

20 diuers plaas, bare witnesse her-of to Herodes and to f e „ ^ pg Jinyini ] 
scribes. And for bis wondirful doynge be paynyms 1 fat Quomodo iad«i 

ex mallei* voca* 

haddyn no knowleche of holy writte ne of bo birbe of b««t uto. m 
Crist, cleped fes .iij. kynges Magos ; 

24 and fe Iewes fat 

knewe fe scriptures and fe berfo of Crist and fe 
plaas, of enuye and of falsenesse excited f e paynyms 
ati abouto to calle hem Magos — and so hit was broi^t 

28 in to vse, and atiwey contynuef in to f is day 

wttA-oute doute fei were glorious and worschipful 
32 kyngw, and of ati fat londys and kyngdoms most 
my3ty, as cristen men fat dwellen fere bcre witnesse. 


in his seyntjd, wolde haue f e prtuete of his berfe to be 
knowe to aH f e pepil, so fat his glorious name, fat first 
was onlich hid in ]>e londe of Iury in to his ber)>e, fat 
same name alle maner of pepil and alle mamr naciouns 4 
fro f e first partie of fe worlde in to fe last scholde 
worschippe and preyse. 
when the s Kings (Cap. xxv.) After fat f es .iij. kyngt* were come wit 

came to the hill « . • * » i *» 

of vaa., they grete trauaile to fe hiH of Yaws pat is 1 aforeeyde, fan 8 
there in honour fei inadc fere a feire chapeH in worschippe 01 fe childe 

of the child Jeaus, ,...,,, . ./ 

[i om.J>ati.] M f el hadde S0U 3 te - // 

and agreed to Also fei made fere couenaunt 

meet there once 

a year, to mete togedir att .iij. at fat same place onys in fe 12 

and ordained ^ere ; and at bat same place bei ordeyned her sepulture. 

their burial there. 7 T r * * r 

Than a litil wile after arr fe prtncys and lordys and 
worschippeful kny3tes of her londys and kyngdoms, 
And there they heryng 1 of be coniyng* of fes .iij. kyngfr, anoon bei 16 

were met by the 

lonia of their riden to hem, with grete solempnite and grete wor- 

kingdoma, ■»,»-,% 

schipp, and met wtt/i hem at fe place aforseyde, and 
vM grete mekenes and humilite resceyued hem. and 
I* leaf is*] whan fey herdc 2 how wondirlich god had wroujt by 20 
fes .iij. kyng&, fan fei had hem in more reuerence, 
love and drede euermore aftir. so whan .fes .iij. kyngt* 
p ms love] ^ad or d e y nec l ner testamentys and do what fei wolde, 
an«t took leave of fan fei toke her leve 3 euerych of ofir, and euery kyng< 24 
and got home. wit/* his pepil rode home in to his owne londe and 
kyngdome fat he come fro, w/t/i gret Ioye and solemp- 
nite ; and f us euery kyng* departed from of er in her 
bodilich personys, but neuer in her hertys, as for fat 28 
tynie. 1f And whan fei were come home in to her 
There they owne londys, fan fei tolde and prechid to alle fe pepil 

tiiey had wen, alle fat f ei had seijo, herde and do in alle her wey ; 
tem,.ie« a star also fei did make in aH her templis a sterre aftir fe 32 

with the figure ~ - ... - . ., , « 

of a child and a same forme and fe same hknesse as hit apend to hem, 

crosii : and many , r . .. . . • 

Gentiles wor- wherfore many paynyms left her errours and her maw- 

■hipped the child. _ .*• i 1 • i . i. M , . . ••• i_ 

*^ mi»tti?, and worschipped fe childe fat fes .nj. kynges 

had sou 3 k 36 

Royal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 87 


'0 whan fes .iij. kyngi* witA aH her men were come iotiiiiRegw 
8 wif gret trauayle to f e hille of Vaws aforseyde, fan ad montem vawa 
fei made fere a fayre Chapel in worschip of f e childe ttimerartca- 
fat fei hadde soi^t. And in fat Cyte fat was vndir ** 
f e hille, f er fei restid ; and fere f ei chose her sepulture ttm Begn eiege- 

12 of one assent And fer fei made couenaunt to-gyder apod monum 
fat fei schulde aH .iij. euery jere mete at fat plaas 
to-gyder, wif ofir lordys and princys. Than a litil 
whyle aftir aH fe pr/ncys and lordis and kny3tis of 

16 her londys and kyngdoms, heryng of fe comyng of fes 
.iij. kyngw, anoon fei ryden to hem, wit gret solempnite 
and gret worschippe, and mette wM hem at fe plaas 
aforeseyde. And whan fei herde how wondirfullich 

20 god had wroi^t by fes f re kynges, fan fei had hem in 
more reuerence, loue and drede aH-weye aftir. So 
whan fes kyngw had ordeyned her testaments and do 
what fei wolde at fat tyme, fan fei toke her leue 

24 eueryche of ofir, and euery kyng with his pepil rode 
home a3ene in to hys owne londe and kyndom fat he 
com fro, -with gret ioye and worschippe ; and f us fei 
departed euerych from of er in her bodily persones, but 

28 neuer in her hertys. 

And whan fei were come horn in NoUqnomodoin 
to her owne londys, fan fei preched and tolde to aH d«tt«iu,ftd« 
f e pepil aH fat fei had sey$e, herde and do in aH her in torum eaptuis 

32 weye ; and fei did make in aH her templis a sterre ^rJ^ ng^ 
after fe same fowrme and f e same liknesse as hit ap- 
pend to hem. Wher-f orw many paynyms leften her 
errours and her mawmettfc, and worschippid fe childe 

36 fat fes .iij. kynges had soi^t and worschipped. Also 



After the return 
of the S King*, 

Mary, for fear, 
repaired to 
another cave, 
where the re- 
mained to the 
time of Iter 
purification ; 

and man j people 
loved her, and 
supplied her with 

p r. nedeful] 

Afterwards a 
ohapel was made 
there, in which is 
still seen the 
stone on which 
she used to sit 
and nurse her 

and even some 
drops of her milk, 
which cannot be 

P r. pis] 

Leaving the little 
house, she had 
forgotten her 
smock and the 
clothes of her 
child, which 
remained there to 
the time of St. 

[* added from 
MS. Tit.] 

and f us fes .iij. worschepeful kyngt* fei 
dwelled in her londys and kyngdoms in worschepeful 4 
and honest conuersacioim til f e ascencioon of crist and 
]>e comyng 1 of seynt Thomas f e apposteL 

A (Cap. xxvj.) 

fter fe tyme fat fes .iij. kyngw were go fro beth- 8 
leem for]; in to her contrey, than per bygan to wez a 
grete fame of oure lady and of her childe and of fes 
.iij. kyngt* alle aboute. wherfore oure lady for drede 
of fe Iwes fledde oute of fat litil hows pat crist was 12 
bore in, and went in to an of ir derke Cave vndir erf e : 
and fere sche abode witA her childe til fe tyme of her 
Purificacioun. and, as goddis wiH was, diuers men and 
wommen lovid oure lady seynt Marie and her soone, 16 
and myn[i]8trid to hem all maner of necessaries fat 
were nede 1 to hem. and afterward, whan fe feif bigan 
to wexe & encrese, fan fere was made a chapel in f e 
same cave in f e worschippe of f e .iij. kyngw and of 20 
seynt Nicholas, and in f ts Chapel is a stone vppe f e 
wich oure lady seynt Marie was wonte to sitto whan 
sche 3af her childe sowke. 1F And on a tyme as sche 
sat on f is stone and ;af her sone sowke, per fiH adowne 24 
from her tete a litil melk 4 on f e same stone : f e wich 
melk is sei3e fere ;it in to f is day, and fe more hit is 
scraped with knyfes fe more hit wexef ; and pis melk 
is bore in to diuerss places of pilgnnies. also whan 28 
oure lady was go oute of f e litil hows and come in to 
fe s cave, sche hed for^ete byhynde her her smok [and 
the clothis fat crist was wrappyd Inne, I-folde all-to- 
gidre and leide] 9 in fe hei$e in fe manger : and so fere 32 
f ei were hoole and fresshe in f e same place in to fe tyme 
fat seint Elene, fe worschepeful Quene, fat was modir 
to f o kyng 1 Constantyn, com f edir in to f e same place. // 

Royal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 89 

fe chapel fat was made on fe hiH of Vaws aforseyde, 
was visited of diuers pepil of fer contreys and of diuers 
nacioiws for gret deuocioun. And f us pes .iij. wor- 
4 schippful kyngispei dwell id in her londys and kyngdoms 
in worf i and honest conuersaciouw til f e asccncioun of 
Cryst and fe comyng of seynt Thomas f e apoatil, as 36 
schul here after. 


8 JL han whan al ]>is was do and f e .iij. kyngw were go 
home a^ene in to her londys, as hit is aforeseyde, fere 
bygan to wex a gret loos of oure lady seynt Marye and 
of her childe and of pes .iij. kyngw. Wherfore oure bmu Maria ra«u 

12 lady for drede of fe Iewes fledde out of fat litil hows fuitchristu* 
fat Crist was bore in, and went in to a nofer derke cave locamproptlJnn* 
vndir erfe: and fere sche abode wif hir childe til fe tamIudeoraia - 
tyme of her purificacioun. And, as goddis wille was, 

16 diuers men and wyramen louyde oure lady seynt Marye 
and her child, and mynystred to hem aH maner of 
necessaryes fat were nedeful to hem. And long tyme 
aftir, whan cmten feif wexe, fan fer was mad a Chapel 

20 in f e same caue in f e worschipe of f e .iij. kyngw and of 

seynt Nicholas. And in fis chapel is a stone on fe Noudapetra 
whiche oure lady seynt Marye was wont to sitte on virgoMdebat 

. . « . 1 >i 1 1 At l quando lactabat 

whan sche joue hir childe soke. And on a tyme as Suam; *d«iacu 
24 sche sat on fis stone and ^af her sone souke, fer fil em< 
downe out of her teete a litil mylk on f e same stone : 
fe whiche mylk is sei;e per 3ft in to fis day, and fe 
more fat hit is scraped wit/i knyfes, f e more hit wexef ; 
28 and fts mylk is bore aboute in to diuers plaas of pil- 

grymes. IT Whan oure lady was go oute of fe litil Camiaia beau 

. Marie com alii* 

how[s] and was come in to fis Caue, sche had fo^ete reatimentia 
bihynde hir her smok 1 and fe clofis fat Cryst was fuerant in domo 
32 wounde in, folde al to-gedir and leyde in fe hei3e in fe i^batarra^ua 
manger: j;nd so fei were hole and dene in fe same {j ^ SS* 
plaas in to f e tyme fat seint Elene, f e worschipful 
quene, fat was modir to kyng Constantyne, come f ider 



for nobody dnred 
to enter there, 
[i MS. bat] 

P leaf 14a] 

The feme of Mary 
and her child still 
increasing by the 
prophecy of 
Simeon after her 

they fled into 
Egypt (Matt. ii. 

P Tit. and Hart 

In the way they 
took, still grow 
the roses of 

ffor fe Iwes of envie heelde pat place per 1 crist was bore 
a fowle and a cursed place. 

In so mochel [fat] j>ei 
wolde 2 no3t suffre man ne womman, childe ne beest to 4 
go in to J>e place. 

fferthermore whan oure lady was 
come in to f e tempil and offrid her childe with turtlis 
or dowes after Moyses la we, as holy writ telle J, and 8 
Symeon toko hym in his armes and seyde, Nunc dimit- 
tis seruum tuum, &c, 1F That is to seye : Now lorde, 
lat pi seruant be in pees af tir J>i worde : The same tyme 
Symeon and anne, J>e olde wo?wman, in presence of pe 12 
scribys and pe pharisees prophecied many thyngt* of 
oure lord ihesu crist, as holy writ tellef. 

and so grete 
a name was aryse of oure lady and of her soone among* 16 
pe Iwes pat sche my3t nc>3t ne also durst no3t abide no 
lenger in fat place for drede of kyng* herodes and of pe 
Iwes. and, as pe gospel sei]>: Attgelnj domini ap- 
paruit in sompnis Ioseph dicens surge aocipe puerum, 20 
&c, 1f That is to seye: a aungeti of godd aperid to 
Ioseph in his slepe and seyde : " aryse and take pe childe 
and his modir and fle in to Egipte and be fere til y 
telle pe ; ffor hit is to come pat herodes schal seke pe 24 
childe to lese 8 hym." than Ioseph arose and toko J>e 
childe and his modir and 3ede in to Egipt in pe ny3t ; 
and fere he was til herodes was dede. 

and 30 schul 28 
vndirstonde pat oure lady seynt Marie and her soone 
dwellid in Egipt .vij. 3ere. and Egipt is fro Bethleem 
.xij. dayes iowrney. 1f And in pis wey pat oure lady 
seynt Marie 3ede in to Egipt, and in pe weye pat sche 32 
come a^ene, growe drye roses pe wich be cleped fe 
roses of Ierico, and J?es roses growe in no place of aH 
pe contrey but onlich in pe same weye. and J?es rosys 

Royal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 91 

in to J>e same plaas. For be Iewes of envie bei heelde io«fci repatane- 

rant locum Nat. 

pat plaas per Cryst was bore a fowle and a cursed plaas, chruu maiodic- 

_ turn el contain!* 

In so moche pat j>ei wolde nat suffre man ne womman, natam. 
4 childe neper beest, to go in to pat plaas ; ffor pe fals 
Iewes helde euery man pat ;ede in to pat plaas a cursed 
man. Forfermore whan oure lady was come in to pe 
temple and offride ber childe wttA turtlis or douves 
8 after Moyses la we, as seint scripture 1 tellip, and seint 
Symeon toke bym in armys and seyde Nunc dimittis 
domine senium taim in pace, J?at is to seye : Now 
suffre, lord, ]>i seruant after J>i worde in pees : That 

12 same tyme Symeon and Anne, pe olde wo?nman, in 
presence of pe scribys and of pe pbarisees propbecyed 
many finges of oure lord Ihesu Crist, as boly writte 
witnessi)>. And so aftirward Jorwe relacioun of pe 

16 Iewes fat were pat tyme in pe Temple, so gret a fame 
and a loos was come vp among pe Iewes of oure lady and 
of ber childe pat scbe durst no lenger abyde in pat plaas 
for drede of Herodes and of pe Iewes. And as seynt 

20 Math. 2 seij> in pe gospett, Angelas domini apparnit in 
sompnii Ioseph dicens &c., pat is to seye : A aungett 
append to Ioseph in bys slepe & sei]>e : " arise and take 
pe childe and bys modir and fle in to Egypt and be fere 

24 til I telle pe ; ffor bit is to come pat Herodes scbal seke 

pe childe and bys modir to lese 3 bym." Than Ioseph P r.tiot] 
aroos and toke pe childe and bis modir and 3ede in to 
Egypt in pe ny$t ; and per be was in to J>e tyme pat 

28 Herodes was dede. And ?e scbul vndirstonde bat oure smcta Marl* mo- 
lady seint Mary and bir childe dwellyd m Egipt .vij. wo in Egiptovii 

annta. Bom do 

jere. And Egipt is fro Betbleem .xij. dayes iorney. ierioho. 
And in pe weye bitwix pes .jj. plaas growe Kosys pe 
32 wbicb be cleped Rosys of Iericbo, and J>es Rosys growe 
in no plaas but oneliche in pat same weye pere oure 
lady seint Marye jede, bitwix Betbleem and Egipt. 

1 Scripture is added later ; space was left for it 
* Math, is afterwards added. 


which are scheperdis of be con trey bat eo aboute w/t/i her schepe, 

gathered and told . ,. , . 'TO r t 

by shepherds. pel gadir nem \n tyrae of 301*0 and selle hem for brede 

miirilTg to^Si] fco P^g n " me8 an ^ *° °fi T men of f e contrey aboute; 1 and 
The place where so pei be bore in to diuers londis aboute. IT fferther- 4 

Mary dwelled in ' 

Efopt is now a more in pe same place pere oure lady dwellid with her 

garden of balm, 

80one, is now a gardyn in pe wich growep bawme; 
P ms. an] and pi's gardyn is 2 no;t fullich as longe and as brode as 

P ms. we»] a man ma y CBa ^ a sfcone ' ' And per be also in pts 8 
and in it are seven gardeyn .vij. wellw 8 of water, in be wich oure lady seynt 

Pountain»,in ° J J ' J J 

which Mary n«ed Mary wasshed her soone and bathed hym, and vysshe 

to wash her son 

and their clothes, her clothis and her sonys clothis. and 30 schulle vndir- 

stonde pat in p/s gardyn be many busshis of bawme, 12 
This balm dropa and bei be mochel liche to busshes of rosys: and bes 

from bushes, ... 

busshes be litil hi^er pan a fathome of lengpe, and pe 
each or which ts leuys be liche treyfoyles. and to euery busshe a cristyn 

kept by a Chris- 

tian from among man, of be sowdans prisoners, is assigned, to kepe hit 16 

the Saltan's , . 

prisoners. and to make hit clene. and fere is a grete merveyle 

and a grete miracle of pes busshes of bawme : ffor per 

may no man kepe hem and di;t hem but he be a cristen 

man — and pat hap of-time be previd : ffor whan a Iwe 20 

[♦leaf H&] or a paynym kepe J? hem, anoon pe * busshes wexen 

p ms. Marthe] drye and growe nomore. and in pe monthe of Marche* 

in March, in be sowdan is allewey abydyng* .in p/s gardyn: and 

presence of the 

sultan, the rods than pe roddys be ky t-te as a wyne, and whan bei be 24 

are cut, and it i 'i.j. . • -t i. j 

drops into dishes kitte, pei be bounde aboute wit/t cotoutt, and vndir pe 

are poured out kittyng* of pe roddys and pe cotoun be sette disshes of 

g*po. S yi uert am j so t}^ bawme rennep downe in to pea 

pmkuttynges] vessels oute of [pe] kittyng* 6 and porwe [pe] cotoun, as 28 

water rennep oute atte pe vyne. and oute of pes disshes 

pe bawme is put in to a grete potte of syluer, and pat 

This first balm potto is more pan ,vj. galouns. // And ban be sowdan 

belongs to the ' ' * r 

suitan, who takep alle pis bawme in to his owne kepyng 1 specialich : 32 

sometimes gives wor > 

smsiiviaUofit but whan any messanger is sent from any kyng* for 
ambasMdort. bawme, pan pe sowdan 3if hym a litil viol ful of bawme. 
and whan pe bawme is att gadrid and dropped oute 
of pe roddys, pan po sowdan gop home : and pan 36 

Royal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 93 

And schepmlys of J e same confrey gadir pes Rosys in 
tynie of jere & sellcp hem to pilgrymes. // 

4 Ferpermore 

in ]>e same plaas per oure lady dwellyd with her sone, 
is now a gardyn in pe which growep bawme ; and pis 
gardyn is ri3t l large. P r . nojt] 

8 And in bis same gardyn be .vij. De gardino & vu 


wellis of water, in pe which oure lady wassched her udnamo in wniem 

gardlno crescents. 

sone and baped hym, and wyssche her clones and her 
sones clones also. And in pis gardyn be many bussches 

12 of Bawme, and pei be moche lyke to Rosecrs; 

and pes 
bussches be litil hi3er pan a fathome of lenge, and pe 
lefys be lyche to Trefoyles. And to euery bussche a outiini onto- 

16 Cristen man is assigned, to kepe it and to make it »mi in dicto 

. gardlno k nulloa 

clene. And per is a gret merveyle and a greet myracle pagan™, iudeua 
of pe kepyng of pis bawme and of pes bussches : nor potest ciwtodirt 
per may no man kepe pes bussches but he be a cristen baiaami. 

20 man — and pat hap ofte-tyme be preuyde : flfor whan a 
lew or a paynym kepep hem, anoon pei wex drye and 
growe nomore. And in pe monep of Marchc pe sowdan 
is afiweye for pe most partye abidyng in pis gardyn : 

24 and pan pe roddys be kytte* after pe maner as a vyne p MS.knytu] 
is kitte, and whan pei be kitte, pei be bounde aboute 
wip a litil cotoun. 

And so pis bawme rennep out of 

28 pe roddys and porwe pe cotoun downe in to dissches of 

syluer pe whych be sett vndir pes roddys : and oute Nou qoomodo 

' balsamum colligl- 

of pes dissches pe bawme is put in [a] gret siluer pot, pe tor. 
which pot is of .vj. or .vij. galouns. And pis pot with 

32 pe bawme pe sowdan hap in hys owne kepyng specialich; 
but whan any Messanger is sent from any kyng for 
bawme, pan pe sowdan 3euep hym a litil viole fuH of 
1)awme. And so whan pis bawme is alt gadrid and 

3C dropped out of pes roddys, pan gope pe sowdan home : 


Then the keeper* euery cnstenman bat hab a busshe to kepe. he takeb 

by boiling the * , ' . . * 

rods in water, pe rodde8 pat be kitte, and seej> hem m water in a clene 

get a second 

quality, which ia potte : and pe bawme swymmej> aboue pe water as hit 
and is good for" were f atnesse of flesshe : 4 

braises, bat not 
so strong as the 

first "raw 'balm, an( j ^ bawme is goode for alle maner of brusours, 
and 3if a man be woundid, hit wil make hym hoole a- 
noone. and Jns bawrae is solde to pylgrymes of diuers 8 
con treys, and so hit is bore potwe diuers londys aboute. 
IT But pis bawme is no-thyng so vertuous ne so goode 
as J>e bawme pat dropped oute of pe roddys whan pey 

p^Tttonhui ^ kitte. ^ or i an a man kke a drope of Jis 1 bawme and 12 
a drop of wfaidi ley hit on a mannys s honde, anoon hit renneb borwe-oute 

pierces through 

the hand. on pat oper eyde, and fat place schal neuer be corrupt 

ne rote af tir. and pis bawme is [as £0113 it were thynne 
grene wyne, a litil troublid. and this bawme is] 8 cleped 16 

Padded from ^^q bawme [and the toJ?er is callid soden bawme. 

ThUTiitoeoftbe Manye moo vertues befl of this bawme], 8 be wich were 

place people Ib> 

the Bast dale longe to telle here, but ati pe men in pe eest byleve 
when Mary lired trewlich pat pis place ha]> swich a vertue of growyng of 20 

there for seven v * i i j u i • « i 

yean, and washed bawme by cause oure lady dwelled in pe same place .vij. 

ibmuains! "* 3 ere an ^> ** h*t ** aforseyde, sche wisshe and bathed her 
sone in pe same wellys and also visshe his clothis and 
her owne in J>e same water. // ffertWniore 30 schul 24 
vndirstonde, as hit is aforseyde, pat Melchior, kyng* of 
Nubye and of arabie, offrid to godd a rounde appil of 

History of the gold and .xxx. gilt penyes. of pea .xxx. gilt penyes 30 

Tiiara made them schul here pe first bygynnyng* and be last ende. // 28 

in the name of _. 

Ninas, Abraham Tiiara, pat was fadir to abraham, did make pes .xxx. gilt 

took them with . *. « * ««• . «.« 

him to Ebron, pen y es m pe name of pe kyng* of Mesopotamye pe wich 

burui.piace with was cleped Nynus. and Jms 4 abraham, whan he jede a 

*"[* r. pis] pilgrimage oute of pe londe of Chaldee in to Ebron, pat in 32 

pat tyme was cleped arabie, he bare p es .xxx. gilt penyes 

wttA hym and bou3to m\Ji hem a place for his sepulture 

Tit.j [and for his wyf] 5 and for his childryn, ysaac and Iacob. 

Boyal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 95 

and pe cristen men pe which be keperes of Jhjs bussches 
of bawme, fei take aH pe roddys pat be kitte, and sefe 
hem in faire water in a clene vessel : and pe bawme of 
4 Jes roddys swymmej? aboue pe water as it were fatnesse 
of ffleische : and pia bawme is Jrikke and coloured liche 
Brasyle, 1 and fis bawme is good for aH brusours & 
woundes ; 
8 and Jris bawme is sold to dyuers pilgrymes, 

and so it is bore for]) in to J>e world. But J>is bawme 
is no-Jing so vertuous ne so gode as )>e bawme fat 
droppef oute of pe roddys whan J>ei be kitte : for, and 

12 a man take a drope of fis bawme and leye it on hys 
hande, anoon it rennej) J>orwe-out on pat oper syde, 
and fat plaas schal neuer rote no be corrupt. And )>is 
bawme is as 2 it were thynne wyne and grene and also p hs. at] 

16 sum what trouble : and fis is cleped rawe bawme, and Baisamum em 

dum & baisamum 

fat of it is clepyd sode bawme. coctum. 

And aH men in )>e 
20 eest byleue trewelich fat fis plaas haf swich a vertue of 
growyng of bawme bycause oure lady dwellyd in f e 
same plaas .vij. jere, as it is aforeseyde. 


'Edilich 8chul ;e now heere how fes .xxx. gylt Noucuxxx 

danariis oblatfs 

penyes f e which Melchior f e kyng offrid to god as it is chruto in B«*h- 
afore-seyde, were first made, and how longe ]>ei endurid 

28 and [how] f ei were dispendyd. // Thara, pat was fadir 
of Abraham, dide make pea .xxx. gilt penyes in fe 
name of fe kyng of Mesopotanye pe which was clepid 
Nynus. And pis Abraham, whan he jede a pilgrimache 

32 out of pe londe of Calde in to Ebron, fat in pat tyme 
was clepyd Arabye, he bare fes same .xxx. gilt penyes 
with hym and bou$t with hem a plaas for his sepul- 
ture and for hys wyfe and also for his Children, Isaak 
1 Brasyle has been written later. 



Jacob wu told 
for them by his 
brother* (who 
paid tliem back to 
him for com). 
At his death they 
were sent to 8aba 
to bay spiees for 
bis burial. 

Padded from 

P leaf 15a] 

The Qaeen of 
Saba brought 
them to Jerusa- 
lem, from where 
they were carried 
to Arabia in 
Roboam's time, 
when Jerusalem 
was taken (by the 


Melohlor offered 
them to Christ. 

Mary lost them 
on her way to 
Egypt, with the 
myrrh and 

but a shepherd 
found them, 

aftirward Ioseph was solde of his breferin in to Egipt 
to Marchauntys fat were of hismahely for fes same 
.xxx. gilt penyes. [Aftirward whanne Iacob was dede, 
thanne were thes xxx gilt penyes] 1 sent to fe londe of 4 
Saba for diuirs spycys and oynementys for f e sepulture 
of Iaoob : and so fei wore putte in to J>e kyngi* * tresory. 
fan by processe of tyme in kyng* Salomons tyme fe 
quene of Saba offrid fes .xxx. 3 gilt penyes, vrith many 8 
of ir riche Iewels, in fe tempil of godd in Jerusalem, so 
aftirward, in f e tyme of Roboam, fat was kyng* Salomons 
soone, whan Jerusalem was destroyed and f e tempil of 
godd despoiled, fan fes .xxx. gilt penyes were brou3t 12 
to f e kyng* of arabie : and so f ei were put in to his 
tresory, wit/i many of er riche ornamentys fat were brou3t 
cute of f e tempil of god. 

Than aftirward, whan crist 
was bore in bethleem, fan Melchior, fat was kyng 1 of 
Xubye and of arabie, toke fes .xxx. gilt penyes, and 
many of ir riche ornamentys and Iewels, wtt/i hym, by- 20 
cause hit was f e fynest gold and fe best fat he had in 
his tresory; ferfore he toke fes same with hym and 
offrid hem to godd in bethleem \er as he was bore. 
^F Than aftirward, whan oure lady seynt Marye jede 24 
oute of bethleem in to Egipte for drede of kyng* 

fan sche lost aH fes $iftes fat were offrid in fe 
weye, and f ei were aft bounde in a clothe togedir. [so] 28 


aftirward hit happed, f er was a schepherde in fat con- 
trey fat kept schepe; fe wich had so grete infirmite 
and so grete dissese fat \er my^t no leche hele hym, 32 
and all: f e goode fat he hackle he ;af to diuers lechys to 
be hole, and hit my3t no3t be. 1T Than on a tyme as he 
3ede \n f e felde wtt/t his schepe now in o place now in 
an ofir, he fonde fes .xxx. gilt penyes, with encense 36 

Royal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 97 

and Iacob. Than aftirwaril Ioseph was solde of hys Nota iwph ven- 
breferen in to Egipt to Marchaundes fat were of tumprniatiAxx 
Ismaoly for fes same .xxx. gilt penyes. And whan 
4 Iacob deyde, fan were fes .xxx. gilt penyes sent in to 
fe lond of Saba, to bigge diue re spyces and oynementys 
for fe sepulcre of Iacob : and so f ei were put in to pe 
kyngi* tresory. Than aftirward bi processe of tyme in 
8 f e tyme of kyng Salamon pe quene of pe lond of Saba 
offrid Jes .xxx. gilt penyes, and oper many riche 
Iewels, in to pe temple of god in Ierwsalem. And in 
pe tyme of Eoboam, pat was kyng Salomones sone, 

12 whan Jerusalem was destroyed and pe Temple of god 
aR despoyled and robbed, fan fes .xxx. gilt penyes 
with oper ryche orn&mentis and Iewels fat were founde 
in pe Temple were broujt in to p e lond of Arabye — of pe 

16 which lond Melchior pat tyme was kyng whan Crist 

was bore 1 — and fere f ei were put in to be kyngw tresory. c 1 <mi. of p« 

which — bore] 

And aftirward, whan Cryst was bore in Bethleem, fan 
Melchior, fat fan was kywg of Arabye, as it is afor- 

20 seyde, and also of Nubye, toke fes .xxx. gilt penyes, 
and many oper riche ornamentys and Iewels, with hym, 
by-cawse it was f e fynest gold and f o besto fat he had 
in hys tresory; ferfore he toke fes same .xxx. gilt 

24 penyes with hym and offrid hem to god almy^ty in 

Bethleem, as it is aforeseyd. And whan oure lady ^ede B«au Maria per- 
oute of Bethleem in to Egipt for drede of Herodes f e denario. cam 
kyng, sche toke all fes 3iftis fat were offrid to god, 

28 and bond hem in a cloute, and bare hem with her ; and 
in f is weye bitwix Bethleem and Egipt oure lady lost 
hem. So af tirwartl per was a scheperde in fat contrey 
fat kept schepe; fe whiche schepherd had so greet 

32 infirmite and so gret disese in hys body fat per cowde 
no leche hele hym. 

And on a tyme [as] he walked in QuMmb p«*tor 

oniura inuenit 

fe felde with his schepe now in one plaas now in an dictot xxx <i*- 

. ., . i rourto* cum mirra 

36 ofir, he fond fes .xxx. gilt penyes, with ensense and *tim». 



and Mirre, bounde alle in a clowte togedir. and whan 
he had founde fes ^iftes, he kept hem pnuelich to 
C> on. a;ens] hym-self , til a litil afore a^ens 1 f e tyme fat god 3ede to 
his passyoun. and whan \>ia scheperde herde speke of 4 
swich a holy prophete fat helid aH men of her infirmites 
with a worde, fan he com to god and preide hym of 
who afterwards, grace and of help : and ban god aHmyaty anoon helid 

being cured by f , - 

Christ, offered hym, and enfourmed hym of f e feif . o 

them to Christ; . _ 

fan f e scheperde 

offerid to god with goode deuocioun fes .xxx. penyes, 

with encense and Mirre, as )>ei were aH bounde togedir 

in a clowte. and whan god say^e )>es .xxx. gilt penyes, 12 

but he ordered with encense and Mirre, he knewe hem wel, and bad ]>e 

in the temple, scheperde pat he scholde go in to f e tempil and offre 

aH fes thynges vppon f e autere. and so f e scheperde 

did, aftir fe commandenient of god, and offryd vppon 16 

fe autere in fe tempil fes .xxx. gilt penyes, with 

encense and m/rre, with grete deuocioun. // And whan 

f e preest fat in fat tyme kept f e tempil say3e swich 

p r. obiacioun] oblacions* offrid on fe autere, in fe worschep of pis 20 

oblaciouns 2 he was reuested and ensensed ]>e autere; 

and bycause fat oblaciouns were seelde seye in fe 

where they were tempil, f e preest of f e tempil tok aH f es .iij. f ingi* and 

d?pof>ited, and 

the incense burnt, put hem in to her comune tresory. and a litil while 24 
aftir, fat is to seye fe thrid daye tofore crtstes pas- 
syoun, Iudas Skariot com in to f e temple to f e princys 
of fe lawe and to fe Iwys, and made couenaunt with 
p leaf iw] hem to betraye hi; maister god aHmy3ty: & 3 for his 28 

They were paid trauayle f e pWncys of f e Iwys toke oute of her tresory 

to Judas for be- 1 # 1 .-ram* 

trajii.g Christ, fes .xxx. gut penyes and 3a! hem to Iudas Skariot, 
and so f *'s Iudas sold godd almy^ty his maister for fes 
.xxx. gilt penyes. than whan aH f is was do and crist, 32 
goddis sone of heucn, was betrayed f orwe his discipil 
and scholde be dede for aH mankynde, as his witt was : 
fan f is Iudas repent hym and was sory for his mysdede, 
and 3ede in to fe tempil a3ene to f e princys of f e Iwys 36 

Boyal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 90 

Mine, bounde aH to-gedir in a cloute ; and he kept aH Diet™ pMtor 
fes f ingfe pryuelich to hym-self, til a litil afore fe tyme adomi^&p^tor 
fat god jede to his passioun. S^Ew* 

4 And whan f e schepherd 

herd speke of suche a holy prophete fat helyd aH men 
w/tA a worde, fan he come to god and preyde hym of 
grace and of helpe : and so f orow f e grete feif fat he 
8 had in god he was hole. And whan he was hole, and 
god almy3ty had enfourmed hym of fe fei)>, fan fe 
schepherde offricJ to god aHmy^ty fes .xxx. gilt penyes, 
with en8e[nse] and mine, as fei were bounde to-gedir 

12 in fe cloute. And whan god saye fes .xxx. gilt penyes, 
wif ensense and Mirre, he knewe hem weH, and bad f e 
scheperde fat he schulde go in to fe temple and offre 
aU fes finges on fe auter*. And so fe schepherde Precepto domini 

16 did, after fe comaundement of god, & offrid vp fes christi dicta* 
.xxx. gilt penyes, with ensense and Mirre, on fe autere, SctMXxxdeiia- 
wiih gret deuocioun. And whan f e preest fat in fat & ThSTin "* 
tyme kept f e temple saye swyche oblacioun offrid vp templ0, 

20 on f e autere, in worschipe of f is oblacioua he was 
reuested and ensensed fe auter; and by-cawse fat 
oblaciouns were selden sei$e in f e temple, f e preest of 
fe temple toke aH fes fingfr and put hem in to her 

24 comune tresory. And a litiH whyle after, fat is to seye 

fe fridde day to-fore Crystes passioun, Iudas Scariot iadMtndidit 
cam in to f e temple to fe princes of preestis and to f e xxx deenarii*. 
Iewes, and made couenaunt with hew to bitraye god 

28 almyjty, hys mayster. ' And for his traueyle f e princes 
of fe Iewes toke out of her comune tresory fes .xxx. 
gilt penyes and $af hem to Iudas Scariot, and so 
Crist was aolde to f e Iewes of f is fals Iudas for fes 

32 .xxx. gilt penyes. Than whan f is was do and ours 

lord Cryst was f us bitrayede forow hys disciple and 

schulde Buffo fe deef for redempcioun of aH mankynde, 

as hys wiH was: ban bis fals Iudas was sory of hys iadasiterum 

36 mysdede, and jede in to fe temple ajene to fe princes of d«i*ri<» ludds. 

h 2 



bat he returned 
them and banged 

[} Tit. and Hart, 
and, instead of 
Than — done] 

Then the Jews 
bought a burial- 
place for 15 of 
thera, and the 
other 15 they gare 
to the knights 
who kept watch 
before Christ's 

[* MS. and with 


[> Tit and Hart. 


They are called 
ailrer in the 
gospel, for all coin 
is called so in tiie 

Their stamp 

[* r. on] 

P MS. corr. now 


and value. 

At the bidding of 
the angel Mary 
returned to 
Nazareth (Matt. 
ii. 23). 

and cast downe to hem fese .xxx. gilt penys. IT Thau 
whan att fes was done, 1 as f e gospeH seif , he $ede & 
henge hym-self. bo fan fe Iwys boujte with .xv. of 
fes gilt penyes a feelde for sepulture of pilgrymes, as 4 
fe gospett telle)), and fe 2 of ir .xv. penyes fe Iwys jaf 
to f e kny^tys fat kept f o sepulcre of crist. 

1F Also $e 8 
schulle vndirstonde fat fe liknesse of fes .xxx. gilt 
penyes were 8 vsed in ati fat contrey bofe in name and 
in money from abrahams tyme in to [f e] destruccioun of 
Jerusalem, fe wich was do by Tytus and Vaspasianus. 12 
But from f e tyme of abraham in to cristys passyon 
f es .xxx. gilt penyes were neuer desseueryd ne departed, 
but euermore f ei were bore hoole togedir ; and whan 
crist was solde for hem, fan anoon fei were disseueryd 16 
and departed abouto in diuers placys. furthermore Je 
cause why fes .xxx. gilt penyes were cleped syluer in 
fe godspeH, nojtwtt/tstondyng 1 fei were fyne gold, is 
f is : ffor hit is f e comune name and fe comune vsage 20 
in aH fat contrey so for to clepe hem, as men clepe in 
f ia contrey gold of bijende f e see Scutys, Motouns or 
floryns. IT And jit in f e eest f e same preent is made, 
bofe in gold and in siluer and in copir, and kept among 1 24 
grete lordys of f e contrey. and f e preent of one of fes 
.xxx. gilt penyes is f /s : on fat o side is a kyngw hed 
corouned, and in 4 fat ofer side be write lettrea of 
Chaldee, f e wich men kunne nojt rede now. 5 and one 28 
of hem is a[s] mochel worf in weight and in valwe as. iij. 
floreyns. and many merueiles be tolde of fes .xxx. 
gilt penyes, f e wich were longe to telle. — IT Also whan 
oure lady and Ioseph were warned to come oute of egipt 32 
by a aungeti, as f e gospeH tellef , fan fei were bode go 
in to galilee : and fere fei dwelled in a cite fat is 
cleped Nazareth — and so fe prophecie was fulfilled 
quoniam Najareus vocabitur, fat is to seye : he schal 36 

Royal MS.] the three kings op cologne. 101 

Je Iewes and cast doune ajene to hem J>es .xxx. gilt 1 V MS.giity] 

And pe Iowes of comune assent boujt with cnmxvdeiatia 

A /»«. i» i i * 1 * -i * X * denarila 

4 .xv. of pes penyes a feelde for sepulture of pilgrymes, emeruntagmm 

as J» gospeH self : Et consilio mutuo emenmt agrum EEE£T 

figxdi in sepulturam peregrinorum ; and vritJi pe ofir Et reiiqnoe xv 

..xv. penyes J>e Iewes soudid J>e knyjtis fat kept pe MniubaT^ltodi- 

8 sepulcre of Cryst. // Ferfermore je schul vndirstonde J^^chrirti) 
fat pe liknesse of pe same money was alweye vsed in 
all fat con trey boJ>e in name and in money fro ]>e tyme 
of Abraham in to pe destruccioura of Ieru&zlem, J>e 

12 which was do by Titus and Vaspasianw*. But fro J>e a tempore Abra- 

tyme of Abraham in to ]>e passioura of Cryst Jes .xxx. pauionem chrinti 

... ,. i i i i i . toll XXX denarii 

gilt penyes were neuer disseuered ne departed, out nunqunm fuenmt 

euermore were bore to-gedir ; and whan Crist was solde ,ep * ra * 
16 for hem, fan anoon fei were desseuered and departed 

aboute in diuers plasys. The cause why bes .xxx. Cawia qnare itti 

. XXX den. voca- 

penyes gilt were clepid syluer in pe godspeH, not-wiJ>- bantur argentei. 
stondyng fat J>oi were fyne gold, is pis: ffor hit is 

20 ]>e comune name and Je comune vsage in att fat con- 
trey so to clepe hem, as men clepe in J>is contrey gold 
of byjende pe see scutys, motouns or ffloryns. And jit 
in )>e eest pe same preent is made, hope in gold and in 

24 copyr, and kept among pe grete lordys of pe contrey. 

And be preent of oon of bes .xxx. gilt penyes is pis : Nou fonnam et 

ymaginem ieto- 

On pat one syde is a kynge* heede crouned, and on pat rum denariomm. 
oper syde be write letteres of Chaldee, pe which men 
28 cunne not rede nowe. And one of hem is as moche Nota valorem 

... vnluB denarii de 

worp in weijt and in valewe as .nj. noreyns. — nnmero istorum 

XXX denariorum. 


32 whan oure lady and Ioseph were warned to come out 

of Egipt by a aungeH, as seynt Math, tellep, pan pei 

were bode go in to Galilee : and fere pei dwellyd in a 

Cytee pat is clepyd Najareth, wherof spekep pe pro- 

36 phete and seip / Quoniam najareus vocabitur, / pat is 


be cleped a man of Najareth. and what criat wroujt 
and did in erpe fro pis tyme to his passiouw, pe euan- 
gelistys declaryn openlich in pe gospeH. 

WCapitulum xxvij m 4 

han cure lord ihesu crist was styed vp in to 

After his ascen- heuen, 
sion Jesus Christ 
sent Thomas to 

u'e^M*** f an he sent 8eynt Tnoma8 » *"* a P° gtil > in to 8 

ynde, to preche pere goddys worde ; In pe wich Inde, 

as hit is aforseyde, pes .uj. kyngt* pat tyme regnyd 

and were lordys. 1F And pow hit so were pat seynt 

[» leaf i6a] Thomas 1 a3ens his wille jede in to pat londye, 2 jet je 12 

C t.|>oo schulle vndirstonde pat pis was do of pe grete praui- 

dence of god pat pts same appostil pat put his hande 
in to goddys syde to knowe pat he was werry god 
pat was aryse vp fro dethe to lyfe for saluacioun of aH 16 

he scholde go and preche pe passion* of 
crist, his resurreccioun and his ascencioun to pes .uj. 
worschippeful kyngis pat soujten oure lord ihe*u crest 20 
in bethleem in his Natiuite and pere with jiftys 

p and om. in Tit. worschipped hym ; and, 3 as seynt Gregory seip : Id 
nobis omnibus profuit quod hij Reges & hee gentes 
eiusdem domini nostri Ihesu Christi infanoiam que- 24 
sierunt & oculis viderunt et deuotissime muneribus 
adorauerunt & probauerunt, IT This is to seye : this 
was to vs aH a profite pat pes worschepeful kyngt* 
and her pepil soften pe childehode of crist and with 28 
her yjen B\$e hit and with jiftys worscheppefullich 
and deuoutelich honoured hit and for sope proued hit. 

in other puts of furthermore ae schul vndiretonde bat seynt barthole- 

wliieh St. Hartho- ' * " 

inmew, simon and niewe, Symon and Iudas, pat were cristys disciplis, 32 

Judas were also 

preaching. were also sent in to ynde to preche pe feyj among 

aH po pepil : 

for per be many parties of ynde, and 
o party of ynde is more pan aH pe party of pe worlde 36 

Eoyal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 103 

to seye : he schal be cleped a man of Najareth. And 
what oure lord Cryat wrou3t in erpe fro pis tyme to hys 
passyouj?, pe Ewangelistw declare openly ch and well 


.llmyjty god whan ho was ascendid in to heuen, 
aftir pe victorye and pe bataiH pat he had take a3ens 
pe deuyl for redempcioun and saluacioun of aH man- 
8 kynde, pan he sent seynt Thomas, hys apostle, in to s«u Thomas 
Ynde, pere to preche pe worde of god; in pe which nlullwftiuin 
Ynde, as it is aforeseyd, pes .iij. worschipfutt kyngw I,,dUm - 
pat tyme reigned and were lordys. And £0113 it so 

1 2 were pat seint Thomas ajeins hys wille 3ede in to pat 
londe, jit we schul vndiratonde pat pis was do of pe 
greet prouydence and pe greet goodnesse of god pat 
pis same apostle pat put his hand in to pe syde and 

16 pe wounde of god to knowe pat he was verrey god and 
Man pat was ryse fro dep to lyfe for saluacioun of att 
mankynde, scholde go and preche pe passyoun of Cryst 
and hys resurreccioun and hys ascensiouw to pes .iij. 

20 worschippeful kyngw pat soujt god allmy3ty in Beth- 
leem in hys Natiuyte, as it is afore-seyde — wherof 

scip seynt Gregory : Id nobis omnibus profuit quod hij g«*«-. 
Reges & hee gentes eiusdem domini nostri Ihesu 

21 Christi infanciam quesierunt & oculis yiderunt & 
deuotissixne mnneribus adoranerunt & probauerunt, 

This is to seye : Thya was to ys att a gret profyt bat Notadeiontftudi- 
pes worschippef ul kyngw and her pepil soujt pe lord Yndit. 

28 Cryst in hys berpe and in hys childhode and with 
jiftis worschipped it and deuoutelych honoured it and 
forsope prouyd it. / 

And here 30 schul yndirstonde 

32 pat seynt Bartholomew, Symon and Iudas, pe whiche 
were Cnstis disciplis, were also sent in to Ynde to 
preche pere pe feip and pe worde of god among pe 
pepil . . . And, as diuers men wryten and han 

36 preuyd, pat oon partye of Ynde is lenger and bredder 



on pis half of pe see — nor pis party of pe world on 
pis half of )>e see, per cristendom is, is noniore descried 
ne acounted in att pe eest but a .C. dayes iottrney. 

[* Harl. adds : at 
in heling of sike 
men of att mnner 
inftnnitees ft de- 
li uering men that 
were traneyled or 
turmented with 
wilde sprites : 

While preaching 
there, he found in 
the temples a 
painted star with 
the Agore of a 

ACapitulum .xxviij. 
ftir pat soynt Thomas pe appostil in pe kyngdoms 
of ynde had preched goddys worde and had go aboute 
aH pe yles and prouyncys & do many myraclys Jorwe 8 
pe signe of J>e cros and of goddys worde : 1 

and being in- 
formed of the 
history of the 
star and of the 
S Kings, 

[» MS. kyngfe] 

P om.of] 

be preached the 
after-life of Jesus 
Christ, and the 
true meaning of 
the star, 

as he $ede 
aboute in Je teniplys, he fonde a sterre in euerych 
tempil, peynted aftir pe sterre pat aperid to pe .iij. 16 
kyngis whan crist was bore ; In pe wich sterre was a 
signe of pe cros and a childe aboue. and whan seynt 
Thomas say$e pis sterre, he asked of pe bisshoppys of 
pe tempil[s] what hit was. and J>e bisshoppys tolde 20 
to seynt Thomas how fat swich a sterre of olde tyme 
append on pe hiH of Vaws in tokyn of a childe pat 
was bore and scholde be kyng* 2 of Iwys, as hit was 
herde oute of pe same sterre, II And for pis cause J>e 24 
.iij. kyngw 3ede oute of her londys in to bethleem 
wondirfullich J>or\vo ledyng* of J>e sterre and come in 
to bethleem in xiij. dayes and per oifrid to pis childe 
pat was bore, but wiUt grete trauayle aftir wan) J>ei 28 
comen home in to her londys and kyngdoms in 4j* 
3ere; and of 3 aH pat J>es .iij. kyng/s had do, herde 
and sey$e, pe bisshopes of pe tempil[s] tolde to seynt 
Thomas pe appostil. IT Than whaw seynt Thomas 32 
herde aH pis, he thanked god, and vrith grete ioye 
preched to pe bysshopys and to pe pepil pe childehode of 
god, his passiouu, his resurreccioura and his ascencioun, 
ami aH pe werkys of crist while he was in erj>e ; 36 

Boyal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 105 

pan aH pe party e of pe world e on pis half )>e see — 
ffor pis partye of pe world on pis half of pe see, fere 
cristendom is, is nomore descr/ed ne acounted in att 
4 pe eest but a C dayes iorneye. 


Ow ^e schul take hede : whan seint Thomas pe 
apostle had prechid pe worde of god in )>e kyngdoms 
8 of Ynde and had do many myracles porowe pe eigne 
of ]>e Cros and of pe worde of god, as in helyng of 
syko men of aH nianer infirmitees, bope men pat had 
lost her heeryng and her si^t and also men pat were 
1 2 trauayled wip wickyd spirites, and also in reisyng of 
men pat were dede to lyfe — and aH pes infirmitees he 
heelid with pe worde of god : pan, as he 3ede aboute sou Thomu 

- r , . apis Informabatur 

in pe templis, he fonde a sterre in every temple, perapiaoopoa 
1 6 peyntyd and fourmed af tir pe sterre pat append to pe p 
.iij. kyngi? whan Cryst was bore ; In pe which sterre 
was a signe of pe Cros and a childe aboue. And whan 
seynt Thomas sai3e pis sterre, he askyd of pe Biss- 
20 choppes of pe Temple[s] what it was. And pan pes 
Bisschoppes tolde to seynt Thomas how pat suche a 
sterre of olde tyme append on pe hille of Yaws in 
token of a childe pat was bore and schulde be kyng 
24 of Iewes, as it was herde oute of pe same sterre, and sen* Thomas 

aploa predicabat 

for pis cause pe .iij. kyngis jede oute of her londys in * connerubat 

plurimoa ad 

to Bethleem wondirfullich porowe ledyng of pat sterre chrutum. 
and come in to Bethleem in .xiij. dayes and per offrid 

28 to pis Childe pat was bore, but wip greet trauayle 
aftirward pei com home a3ene in to her londes & 
kyngdoms in .ij. }eie; and aH pat pes .iij. kynges 
had do, herd and 80136, pes bysschoppes of pe templis 

32 tolde to seint Thomas pe apostil. And whan seint 
Thomas had herd aH pis, he pankyd god, and with 
grot ioye prechyd to pe Bisschopes and to aH pe 
pepil pe childhode of god, hys passyoun, hys Resur- 

36 recciou/i, and hys Ascenciou/t, and aH pe werkys of 


pterin] wher-forwe 1 fe bisshoppes of pe templys and many 
andMMomrted ober folk* 2 were conuerted to crist and were cristened. 


pMS.foua] ^ furthermore seynt Thomas mekelich declarid and 
expowned to alle J>e pepil J>e vndirstondyng 1 of pis 4 
sterre and of pe cros and of pe childe, and he caste 
owte of her templys ail Mawmetys and halwed hem in 
pe worschip & pe name of pe childe pat was bore, as 
hit is af orseyde. and so swich a fame bygan to 8 
pr.j»] aryse in all f is 3 contrey aboute of seynt Thomas for 
J>e grete myraclys pat he wroa^t, pat all maner of folk 
pat had any infirmitees or turmentyng 1 of wykked 
spirites, J>ei com to seynt Thomas, and he in pe name 12 
of god and porwe pe signe of pe cros helid hem, and 
conuerted hem to pe cr&ten fei3th and cristened hem. 
and J>ei pat were so conuerted to crtst, did many 
myraclys J>orwe signe of pe cros aftirward aboute in 16 
diners placys per-as seynt Thomas had nojt be. 


Capitulum xxix? 

han seynt Thomas had pus prechid and taujte 20 
Atiutst.ThomM be pepil as hit is af orseyde : fan he jede to }e 

came to tha 

kingdomtofUw kyngdoms of J>es .iij. kyngw: 

' and he fonde hem hole 

of body and of a gret age. and as Symeon had an- 24 
swere of pe holy goost pat he scholde no^t dey3e til 
he had sey3e crist, goddis sone, and so abode hym 
tyl he was brot^t in to J>e tempil, and per toke hym 

who wen urn Ur- in his army 8 : rht so bes .iij. worschippeful kyngt* 28 

ing in exportation 

ofbaptiam. preyden to god pat pei scholde no3t dey3e til Jei were 

renewed with pe holy goost and wi'tA pe sacrament 
of baptisme. IT So whan pej herde pat a man pat 
was a disciple of crist was come in to her londys J>e 32 
wich was cleped Thomas, fat prechid to pe pepil of pe 
childehode of godd & of his passioun and his resur- 
reccioun and also his ascencioun, and pe werkys pat 
crist wrou3t in pis worlde, and special ich pe sacrament 36 

Royal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 107 

Cryst while he was in erfe. Wherfore pe Bisschopes 
of J>e templis and aH ofer pepil were conuertyd to 
Cryst and were cristenyd of seynt Thomas. 

He cast 
oute also of her Templis all Mawmettt* and halewed 
)»e Templis in J>e name of J>e Childe pat was bore, as it 
8 is aforeseyd. And a greet name bygan to aryse in aH M«gn»ftun* 

onuotwit In IikUa 

pe contrey aboute of seynt Thomas Je apostle for J>e fei. Thorn*, 
grete myraclis pat he wroujt J>orow pe worde of god 
and signe of pe cros. 

For pe same men pat Jras were 
16 conuertyde to Cryst, dide many myraclys forow signe 
of pe cros in diners plasys aboute in pe contrey Jere as 
seynt Thomas had not be. 

20 JLiOnge tyme whan seynt Thomas had pus prechyd sauThomM 
and taujt pe pepil as it is aforeseyd, and broujt hem wtntworom 
to pe cristen ieip : fan he jede to pe kyngdoms of Jes 
.iij. worschipful kynges : And he fonde hem hole and 

24 of a gret age. And as Symeon had a answers of pe 
holy goste pat he scholde not dije til he hadde sei3e 
Crist, goddis sone, and so abode aftir Cryst til he 
was broujt in to pe Temple, and per toke hym in hys 

28 armes : rhtso bes .iij. worschipful kyngi* preyde to god Notad«M«rhim 
fat pel schulde not deye til pel were renewed vrith J>e Bwomfefaap- 
holy goost and with pe sacrament of baptisme. And 
whan Jei herde fat a man pat was a disciple of Cryst i*i m Rtgm 

32 was come in to her londys, J>e which was clepid ThomamAip* 
Thomas, and prechid to pe pepil m« catholic*. 

pe werkys of Cryst, 
36 and specialich pe sacrament of baptisme : 


of baptisme: anoon, nojtwit/istondyug pat pei were 
They w«nt to of gret age and feble, $it pey araied hem and comyn 
baptized, alle .iij. to seynt Thomas, with oper 1 lordys and gret 

P r. j*r] multitude of pepil. 4 

and seynt Thomas wit/t greet 
Ioye and reuerence resceyued pes worschippef ul kyngt?, 
and declared to hem aH fat crist taujt here in erpe 
to his disciplis, and his passioim pat he suffrid for alle 8 
mankynde, and how he arose fro dethe to lyfe pe 
thrid daye, and how he stijed in to heuene, and also 
how he sent downe pe holy goost to his apostolis, and 
many oper articlis of pe feip seynt Thomas declared 12 
and expouned to ]>es .iij. kyngi$; and specialich he 
tolde hem of )>e sacrament of baptisme, wttAoute 
wich per may noman come in to pe kyngdom of 
heuene. and whan pei were pus enfourmed of pe 16 
cristen feip, 

than seynt Thomas cmtenyd pes .iij. 20 
and pitched the kyngw and aH pe pepil pat com vriih hem. and 

word of Christ, 

whom they had anoon pes .iij. kyng& were fulfilled of pe holy goost 

•ought in Beth- , 

lehem. and bygunne anoon to preche wttft seynt Thomas 

p leaf 17a] goddis worde, and also pei tolde 2 to pe pepil how pey 24 

had soi^te crist, goddis sone, in bethleem in his 

Natiuite, as hit is tolde afore. 1T So whan alle pis 

Then they went was do, pan pes .iij. kyngis wi't/t aH her pepil jede 

to the hiu of with seynt Thomas pe apostil to pe hiH of Yaws, and 28 

Vawa, where St. _ 

Thomas conse- per seynt Thomas nalwed pe chapel pat was made on 

made in honour pat hiH by pes .iij. kyngi* ; and per seynt Thomas and 

and preached the M 8 ] .iij. kyngw preched ajene to pe peple of pe cristen 

5 byleve and of pe sterre pat apperid to pe .iij. kyngw. 32 

and swich a Ioye and gladnesse was amonge pe pepil, 

and also swich a loos and a name was aryse in alle 

pe londys aboute of seynt Thomas and of pes .iij. 

kyngfe, pat aUe maner of pepil, bope men and wymmen, 36 

Royal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 109 

anoon, not- 
wifstondyng fat J?ei were of greet age and febil, $it 
fei arayed hem and com att .iij. to seynt Thomas, wif 
4 of er lordys and princes and of ir multitude of pepil. 
And seint Thomas vrith gret ioye and worschippe 
resceyued fes worf i kyng&, and declarid to hem aH 
fat Cryst ta^t here in erf e to hys disciplis ; / also he 
8 tolde to hem f e passyoun of Cryst, hys resurreccioun 
and hys ascencioun, 

and also how he sent downe to 
hys blcssyd modir Marye and to hys disciplis J>e holy . 

12goost; he declarid to hem also fe prophecyes, and 
many of er articlis of f e feif ; and specialiche he 
prechyde and enfourmed hem of )>e sacrament of 
baptisme, w?t/t-oute which baptisme no man may come 

16 to fe kyngdom of heuene. And whan fei were fus 
enfowrmed as it is aforeseyde, and fe .iij. kyngw had 
also tolde to seynt Thomas how fei soujt god almyjty 
in his childhod in Bethleem, as it is seyd afore : fan 

20 seynt Thomas cristened ]>es .iij. kynges and aH f e sou Thomw 
pepil fat come wtt/i hem. And anon pes .iij. kyngi* iu*Regw. 
were fulfilled with fe holy goost and anoon J>ei bigan 
to preche to fe pepil ]>e worde of god "with seynt 

24 Thomas. 

And whan J> is was do, fan f es .iij. kyngtt ttm fegw 
wtt/i aH her pepil jede witli seynt Thomas f e apostle Thom* ad mon- 

28 to fe hille of Vaws. fere seynt Thomas halwed fe 
Chapel fat was made fere on fat same hille by fee 
.iij. kyngt*; and fere seynt Thomas and fes .iij. 
kynges preclude to f e peple of f e cristen feife and of 

32 f e sterre fat apperyd to f e .iij. kyng?'*. And fere was 
so greet ioye among f e pepil, and swich a loos and a 
name was ryse among f e pepil in aH f e londys aboute 
of seynt Thomas and of fes .iij. kyngw, fat aH maner 

36 of men and wommen com fro diners contreys for greet 



and there, for the 
great eooeoaree 
of people, they 
founded a rloh 
city, 8eawa, 

p MS. conooroa] 
[» MS. made] 

[> Lat. 8eawa 
(C.G. Suwella)] 

which is now the 
residence of 
Preeter John and 
of the Patriarch 
of India. 


com fro diuers and fer contreys for grete deuocioun 
to visite pis chapeH fat was on pis hiH of Taws, and 
for pe grete deuocioun of pe pepil and for J>e grete 
concours 1 pat was made to )?is chapeH, pe .iij. kyngt* 4 
did make 2 vndir Jris hiH a grete and a riche cite, and 
pat cite is cleped pe cite of Sewiti, 8 and pis cite is 
pe beste and pe richeste cite in alle pe contrey of ynde 
and in alle J>e eest jit in to pis daye. and in pis cite 8 
is pe habitacioun of prester Iohn, pat is cleped lord of 
ynde and, pete dwellij) also pe patriark* 4 of ynde pat 
is cleped Thomas, and why pe patriark* of ynde is 
cleped Thomas and whi J>e lorde of ynde is cleped 12 
prester Iohfi, 30 schul here aftirward. 

After that St. 
Thomas ordained 
them, and 
made them 

[» MS. sacrid 

and taught them 
to say mass, 

[* MS. he made 
he made] 

and the form of 
consecration, and 
the Paternoster, 

han seynt Thomas J>e apostel has Jraa preched 
and conuarted pe pepil to pe lawe of crist, fan he 16 
sacrid 6 and ordeyned J>es .iy. kyngt* in to preestys, 
and aftirward in to Erchebisahoppes. IT And whan J>ei 
were put in pis degre, fan J>ei ordeyned vndir hem 
oJ>ir bisshoppes, preestys & clerkys, to serue god, and 20 
fan pea .iij. worschippeful kyngw halwed alle pe 
templys in pe contrey aboute in pe worschip of oure 
lady and cast oute alle pe Mawmettys pat were in J>e 
tempil[s] in J>e contrey aboute. and to Jis bisshoppes 24 
and preestys and clerkys pes .iij. kyngw and Erche- 
bisshoppes jaf many grete possessiouns, to mayntene 
and encresse goddis seruise. IT Also seynt Thomas 
taujte pea .iij. kyngw and Erchebisshoppes, and oper 28 
bisshopes and preestys, the manere and pe fowrme to 
sey a masse and enformed hem also of pe wordys 
pat crist seyde to his disciplys whan he made his 
soper pat ny$t pat be was betraied, forwe wich 32 
wordys he made 6 & ordeyned pe sacrament of J>e 
autere; IT Also he tau3te hem pe pater Jioster and 
many oper pingts; he tolde hem also pe fourme of 

Boyal MS.] the three kings of cologne. HI 

deuociouw, to visyte f is Chapel fat was on ]>is hille of 

And for J>e greet deuocioun and f e greet con- 

4 cours of fe pepil fat com to Jus Chapel, fes .iij. kyngfr 
dide ordeyne fere a faire Cytee and a ryche : f e which 
is clepyd fe Cytee of Sewiti; and fts Cytee is fe 
best Cytee in aB f e Contrey of Inde jit in to fis 

8 day. And in fis Cytee dwellif Prester Iohfi, fe 
whych is clepyd lord of Inde. And fere dwellif also 
fe Patriark of Ynde, fe which is clepyd Thomas. 
And why fe lord of Ynde is clepyd Prester Iohfi 
12 and why )»e Patriark 1 is clepyd Thomas, $e schul here 


vermore god is wondirful in hys werkys: ffor, 

16 whan seynt Thomas had Jms preched and conuerted s. Thomas apim 

ordiiuusit & 

fe pepil to fe cristen byleue, fan he ordeyned and Memiit utot in 
sacrid fes .iij. kyngi* in to Erchebysschoppes. And 
whan )>ei were put in fis degre, fan fei ordeyned 

20 vndir hem of ir Bysschopis, preestis and Clerkye, to 
seme god. / And J>es .iij. kyngw and Erchebysschopes 
did halewe aB f e Templis in f e contrey aboute in p e 
worschip of oure lady, and cast oute aH p e mawmettis 

24 fat were in fe templis. And to fes Bischoppes, 
preestes and clerkys fe .iij. kyngys jaf many posses- 
syouns, to mayntene goddis seruyse. 

Also seynt 

28 Thomas taujt fes .iij. kyngt* and Erchebisschopes, 
and of er byschopes & preestis, f e maner and fe fourme 
to seiie masse, and he enfottrmed hem of fe wordys •.«*»«• doetbt* 

7 ' , HI Reg* p*Ur 

fat Crist seyde to hys disciples whan he made hys n<*urAformam 
32 soper fat nyjt fat he was bitrayed, forowe which 
woordis he made fe sacrament of fe auter; also he 
taujt hem fe pater noster and many ofer fingis; he 
tolde hem also fe fourme of baptijyng, and specialyche 


bap^yng 1 , and specialich he charged hem pat pei 
scholdo neuer forjete pat. and whan seynt Thomas 
and then went to had enformed hem thus of the cristen feip, 

Upper India, 

and was martyred. than 4 

aftirward he toke martirdom for pe lawe of crist, as 

hit is conteyned more fullich in pe boke pat is write 

p ail Mss.he; of his passioun, wher he (I) 1 telle)) wher 2 he was slayne 

p] and in what place. But 8 30 schul vnderstonde pat in 8 

p *' alle pe con trey aboute per seynt Thomas was slayn, 

hope men and wowimen haue visages schaped after 

L* leaf 176] howndes, but pei 4 be no3t hery — and pat is 3ft in to 

pis daye. 12 

ACapitulum xxxj m 
ffter pe dethe of seynt Thomas, fan pes .iij. 
haring bunt kyngw and Erchebisshoppes 3ede aboute citees, townes 
ordained biahope and opir diuers placys and ordeyned many chirches 16 

and prieata in all * i» i_ i« i_ »• j i v * 

parte of their and put in hem bisshoppes, preestis and clerk ys and 

theS- midenos in opir mynpjstris of holy chirche, to do diuine seruice; 

8euwa# and pei 3af to hem many grete possessions and grete 

Richesses. and pan pes .iij. kyng/s and Erche- 20 
bisshoppes forsokyn po vanite of pe worlde and or- 
deyned hem to abyde in pe cite pat is cleped SewiU, 
pe wich pei had do make. IT And pei assigned certeyn 
lordys to gou^roe and to rewle her kyngdoms and her 24 
londys, botho in spirituel degre and temporel; and 
alle pe pepil of grete love and charite were obeysaunt 

The second year to hem as pe sone to pe fader. Than pe secounde 

before their death 

thejconroked 3ere tofore her dethe, pes .iij. kynges and Erche- 28 
bisshoppes made a conuocacioun of alle pe pepiH, bope 
of temporel men and spirituel, and had hem alle in 
to certeyn place, and pan pei warned and counselled 
pe pepil pat pei scholde be perseuerauntt in pe cristen 32 
feip pat seynt Thomas had tai^te hem. 

their people, 

Royal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 113 

he chargyde hem fat fei scholde neuer for^ete fat. 

And whan seynt Thomas had enformed Jms fes .iij. 

kyng& and aH fe oper peplo of fe feif , fan he jede 
4 forf in to ofer Cytees and Townes & prechyd, and 

toke Martirdom for fe loue of Crist, as it is declared 

openlich in fe book fat is made of hys passyou?*, 

where he tell if how he was slay no and in what plaas. 
8 And je schul vndirstonde pat in pat contrey per seynt 

Thomas was slayne, 

bofe men and wommen haue 

visages liche howndes, but J>ei be not hery. 


.fter p e def o of seynt Thomas, fan f es .iij. kyngi* isti in Beget 
and Erchebisshopes preched aboute to f e pepil goddis commiaerunt cue- 
1G word and dide mak in diuers Cytees and Townes .uorum &"£m- 
many Chirches and ordeyned bisshopes and preestis & Suum quam* " 

^IdKlS diueraU domlnls 

and jaue hem many possessions and grete ^"k 01 * 1110 ™ 10 * 

20 richesses. And fan fes .iij. kyng/s and Erche- 
bysschopes forsoke fe vanite of fe world and ordeyned 
hem to abyde in fe Cite fat is clepide Sewitt, fe 
which fei dide make as it is aforeseyde. And fei 

24 assigned certeyn lordes to gouerne and to rewle her 
kyngdoms and her londys, bofe in spirituel degre & 
in temporel degre; and aH fe pepil aboute hem 
worschipped and louyd. / The secounde $ere tofore 

28 fe defe of fes .iij. kyngw, fe same .iij. kyngi*, now 
Erchebysschopes ordeyned as it is aforeseyde, dide 
clepe to-gider in to one plaas aH fe kynges and 
prynces and bysschopes and ofir ministres of holy 

32 chirche fat were in fe londys aboute. And fei were 
now in f o last age of her lyfe, and fei had no children 
ne eyres, nefer fei had neuer no queenys or concu- 
bynes as f e coroune vsage is of aH fe contrey. But 

36 it is founde in aH fe writyng and f e bokys in fe eest 




and counselled 
them to choose 
in the place of 
St. Thomas a lord 
In spirituality, 

who should be 
called Patriarch 

and so they did, 
and chose Jacob 
of Antiochia, who 
hnd come to India 
with St. Thomas, 

and called him 

and were obedient 
to hiin as to their 

IT fferther 12 
more pei counselled )>e pepil pat pei scholde alle of on 
acorde and of o wiH chese a man among* hem pat 
were abil and discret and pat had love and hertlich 
desire to mayntene pe cristen feij), pe wich man 16 
scholde be chefe tofor alle oper men as in spiritualite 
in seynt Thomas stede, and to hym alle maner of men 
scholde obeyee as to her goostly fader ; pe wiche man 
also in pe worschip of seynt Thomas pe apostil seholde 20 
be cleped pe patnark 1 Thomas for a euerlestyng* 
memorial; U And whan pe patriark 1 were dede, pan 
pei scholde come togedir alle in o place and in his 
stede pei scholde chese an opir, to whom, as hit is 24 
aforseyde, pey scholde obei3e as to her goostly fader. 
Than whan p/s matiere was pus spoke amonge pe 
pepil, pei assentyd per-to, and of one acorde and of 
on wiH alle pe bisshoppes, preestis and clerki* and 28 
opir pepil anoon pei chesen a man pat was cleped 
Iacob, pe wich was com owte of antioche and had 
allewey folwed seynt Thomas pe appostil in to ynde. 
and pis Iacob pe pepil chese and toke for her patriark*, 32 
and chaunged his name and cleped hym Thomas — and 
p/s man was pe first patwark 1 pat was hi pat contrey. 
and so alle-wey pei of Ynde be obeysaunt to pe 
patriark 1 Thomas, as we be to pe pope, in to pts d.iye. 36 

Boyal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 113 

and fully ch bileuyd of aH pe popil in pat con trey 
of pe eest pat pei were maydenes aH her lyfe and itttHiRtftes .. 
so in virginyto doyeden — aH-pou3 pat German, )>o at probttar per ' 
4 croniculere of Cristis tyme, and Thopliil, also a writere munenwn torum- 
of Crystes dedys, seye pe contrary of Melchior pe fSrip*»Si r in mne " 
ky n g> pe which after her writyng had a wyfe, & by orie,,t0 - 
her a childe, as it is tolde afore. 1 And it is founde in p cf. p. 47] 
8 writyngw )>at pei were pe first of hem pat were no 
Iewes pe which offrid vp maydenys dignite, as in 
diuerse bookys diuers exposiciouns of her 3ifty[s] be 
write, as : Mekhyor offride gold in token of may denes 

12 dignite, may denes deuocyoun 2 and maydenys chastite, / pou.auvd.jdtr.] 
Balti^ar offryde ensense in token of maydens deuocioun 
and maydenys prcyere, and Iaspar offrid Mirre in 
token of dedyng 8 of fleische, pe which is ajens kynde, p vtap. dtjing] 

16 as pe wyseman sei)> : / In came viuere preter oarnem 
vita est angelica, non humana, / pat is to seye : To 
lyue in body and not bodilich ne aftir p e fleissche, is 
an aungeles lijf , and not mannys lyfe. 1T And whan Trat Beget 

20 aH pe peple were gaderid aH to-gidir, pes .iij. kynges trefatm & impo- 
and Ercncbisschopys vrit/i assent of pe pepil pei chose Tuomt. 
a man among hem pe which schnlde be cheef tofore 
aH oper men in spritualte in seynt Thomas steyde, 

24 and to hym aH manure of mew schulde obeye as to her 
goostly fader; / pe which man also pei ordeyned pert 
he schulde be cleped pe Patriark Thomas — and pat 
was do in worsen ipe of seint Thomas pe apostle. / 

28 And pe first Patriark pat was pus chose by pe .iij. ctutt quart 

rocttui patri- 

kyngw and Erchebisschopes & oper bisschopes and by aroaaThomt*. 
aH pe pepil, was a man pe which hi;t Iacob, and pis 
Iacob com with seint Thomas pe apostle out of Anti- 

32 oche in to Ynde : / And by-cause pat he was a good 
man & prcchid pe word of god wip seint Thomas and 
conuerted moche pepil to pe cristen feip, / perfore pei 
chose hym, & chonged hys name and clepid hym 

36 Patnark 1 Thomas, as it is toldo afore. And to pis 

1 2 



PMS.h«mj IT And to his patriaik 1 be .iij. kyngi* jaf to hym 1 for 

Hart, yaff and . 

assigned to hym] euermore with assent of pe pepil }>e tithes of alle 

her londys and kyngdoms. than whan alle Jus was 

do and )>e patriark 1 Thomas was chose as hit is 4 

aforseyde, to be lorde aboue pe pepil in spirituality : 

Then the $ King* J)an J>es .iij. woTSchippeful kyng& and Erchebisshopes 

•oodaMorin of comune assent of alle J>e pepil chosen and ordeyned 

PHuLadda: a wo[r]schippeful man 2 )>at scholde be lorde and chefe 8 

Aamjghty] goueraour among 1 )>e pepil in temporalte — and for Jus 

cause: jif any man wolde aryse or attempt ajens J>e 

P h. or wsshop- patriatrjk 1 Thomas or 3 4 ajens J>e lawe of god and hit 

pea or preetes] 

[♦laafisa] so were )>at J>e patriark 1 Thomas myjt nojt rewle hem 12 

by )>e spiritual lawe, fan scholde J>/s lorde chastyse 

[»r.h«m] hym 5 by temporal lawe; and Jws lorde scholde no^t 

be cleped a kyng 1 or a Emperour, but )>ey ordeyned 

called Mm )>at he scholde be cleped Prester Iolin. and ]>e cause 16 

is bis: ffor her is no degre in be worlde aboue be 

[•Hart. Also * * or r 

anopw oaoaa la degre of preesthode — ffor alle be worlde oweb to obeye 

this pat the lord* 

ofyndais] to holy chirche and to preesthode in spiritualite. 

or^homaann^er ' ^ 80 ne * sfl c^P^ Preester Iohii in fe worschippe 20 

ioh? da bIpUsT °' ^Y^ I° n J> e Euangelist, fat was a preest and 

en tih^n* it m008 ^ sp®©^ chose and loved of god allemy^ty. 7 

among att tha 
Children) pat were 
of women born) 
waa per none 
gretter pan a. I. 
da Baptist.] 

wh^'att pepia° whan alle pis was do, J>es .iij. kyngw assigned J>e 
with dewe e Reaer- patriark 1 Thomas and Preestcr Iohn, fat oon to be 28 
giadn'wwto peire chefe gouemowr in spirifaalite, and )>at of ir to be chefe 
submitted pima !) * or( * e "* temporalte, for euermore : 8 and so J>es lordw and 
aun«off U p«^e goueraours of ynde be cleped )>e same namys 9 jit in 

lordesaforesaide. to Ms daye. 32 

pan euery man T * 

yede home ayen) 

In to his owne 


r*Harl.: that la 
to saye patriarch 
Thomas and . . . j 
the next fol. ia 
missing in H ] 

Boyal MS.] the three kings of cologne, 117 

Patnark & to hys successowres pes .iij. kynges and TwaRegea 


Erchebisschopcd w/t/t assent of att pe pepil jaf pe patriarch* Thom« 
tipes of aH her londys and kyngdoms. / Than whan termrum d« 
4 Jo Patr/ark Thomas was )>us chose as it is aforeseyd, w * n ^ rum * 

pan pes .iij. kynges and Ercliebyschopes of comune Tret Rtgea eiaga- 
assent of aH pe pepel chosen & ordeyned a worschip- Yndorumqui 
8 ful and a myjty lore? pe which schulde be lord & Johannes, 
gouernoar & checf among pe pepil in Temporalte — 
and for pis cause : $if any man wolde aryse or attempte 
a$ens J)e pa^riark* or pe Bysschopes or a^ens pe lawe 

12 of god and it so were pat pe patnark 1 myjt not rowle 
hem by spirituel lawe, pan schulde pis lord chastyse 
hym by tempora[l] lawa And pis lord schulde not 
be cleped a kyng or an Empcrowr, but he schulde be 

16 cleped preester Iuhn — and for diuerse causes. One Canta quart 

dominua Indonmi 

cause is: for per is no degre in pis world aboue pe rocatnr pnabUar 
degre of preesthode — fTor aH )>e world owep to obeye 
to holy chirche and to preesthode in spiritualte; an 

20 of ir cause is pat pe lord of Ynde is cleped Preestre 
Iohfi : ffor worechippe of seynt Iohfi Ewangelist, pat 
was a preest & most specialyche chose and louyd of 
god almyjty; and also in worschippe of seynt Iohfi 

24 Baptiste pat bap^ed god almyjty, of whom god 
almy3ty seip pat among aH pe children pat were bore 
of wommen was per not a gretter or a more man pan 
seint Iohfi pe baptiste. And whan pes lordes were 

28 pus chose, pan aH pe pepil did grete Reuerence & 
obedience to pe Patriark* Thomas as for cheef lord in 
spiritualte, and dewe Beuerence and fewte to Preestre 
Iohfi as for cheef lord in Temporalte: and so pes 

32 names of pes lordes contynue forp 3ft into pis day. 
And whan pis was do, pan aH pe pepil ^eden home 
ajen eueryche man in to hys owne contrey with gret 
ioye, and pes .iij. kynges abody?i stille in pe Cite of 

36 SewiH. And pere pes .iij. worpi kynges and Erche- 



Their death. 
A «Ur which ap- 
peared in. Seawm 
shortly before 
warned them that 
their death was , 

P MS. mdir- 

So they caused a 
fnir tomb to be 
made in their 
church at Seawa, 
and said mass 
there at ChrUt- 

The 8th day alter, 
having said mass, 
Melchior died in 
sight of mil the 
people without 
any disease, 
116 years old, 

and was laid in 
the tomb by the 
two other kings. 

[' om. to his 

The 5th day after, 
which is Epiph- 

Balthasar died, 
112 years old, 

and was buried 
by Jaspar beside 

[» MS. jit] 
[♦ Tit. he] 

WCapitulum xxx[ij.] m 4 

han alle Jung* was f us disposed and ordeyned by 
j>cs worf i kyngw, )>an J>ei jede to J>e cite of sewili afor- 
seyde, and fere fei leuyd .ij. jere. and a litil tofore 
f e feest of fe Natiuite of oure lorde ihe*u cr/st per 8 
apperid a wondirful sterre aboue pis cite : by J>e wich 
sterrc fei vndirstodo 1 fat her tyme was ny$e fat pA 
scholde passe oute of fts worlde vnto fe euerlestyng 1 
Ioye of heuene. U Than of one assent fey ordeyned a 12 
feire and a large toumbe for her sepulture in fe same 
chirche fat f ei had made in fe cite ; & in f e feest of 
cristmasse fes .iij. kyngw and Erchebisshoppes dyden 
solemplich goddis seruyce. 16 

so in f e feest of fe circum- 
cision a Melchior, fat was kyng 1 of arabie and of Nubye, 
scydo a masse solemplich in fe chirche ; and [whan] he 
had seyde his masse, tofore alle J>e pepil he leyde hym 20 
downe and wtt/toute any dissese he 3elde vp his spirit 
to )>e fadir of heuene, and so deyde, in fe jere-ol his 
age an .C. an .xvj. 

1T And fan com fat ofer .ij. kyngw 24 
and toke his body and araied hit wtt// bis-oppes cloth ys 
and with kyngz* ornamentys and bare hym to his 
toumbe and wit/t grete deuociotiw leyde hym per yn to 
his toumbe. 2 than in fe feest of fe Epiphanie Balta^ar, 28 
fat was kyng* of godolye & of saba, seyde deuoutelich 
his masse : and whan he had seyde his masse, with- 
oute any greuaunce, as fe wiH of god was, he deyde 
and passed to euerlasting 1 Ioye, in fe ^ere of his age 32 
an. C. an .xij. U And fan Iaspar, fe f ridde kyng, toke 
vp his body and whan hit 3 was araied as hit scholde be, 
fei 4 leyde hym by fat ofir kyng in fe same toumbe. 

Royal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 119 

bischopes lyued to-gydir .ij. ^ere after fat aH fing was 
fns ordeyned by hem as it is afore-seyd. And fei 
3af to fe next 4 of her kyn diuerse londes and yles, 
4 )>e which be cleped f e prynces of Vaws for a euer- 1 p ms. «wry] 
lastyng 4 memorial. 


8 J-±. litil afore be feest of be Natiuite of oure lord Ihe*u Anu» obitum 

lttormn HI Rt- 

Cryst fere apperyd a wondirful stem aboue f e Cite : by gum •teiu mim- 
f e which sterre fei yndirstoode fat her tyme was nyje 
fat fei scholde passe out of f is world — & so Jrei tolde 

12 to aH fe pepil. Wherfore fei ordeyned and dide make a m n«g«ordin- 
faire grete toumbe for her sepulture in f e same Chirche wpuicmm. 
fat fei hadde fere ordeyned, and \>er in fe tyme & in 
fe feest of Cristemasse pes III kynges an Erchebys- 

16 schoppes diden solemplich diuine siruyse. And in fe 
viij. day of f e berfe of Crist, fat is f e Circumscicioun, 
Melchior, fat was kyng of Arabye and of Nubye, seyde Meichioroeieiwtu 


a Masse solemplich in f e Chirche, and fat tyme he was 

20 a .C. & .xvj. ^eere olde ; and whan he hadde seyde hys 
masse, to-fore aH fe pepil he leyde hym-silf douw and 
wif-oute any disese he jald vp to oure lord god hys 
spirit, & so deyed. 

24 And fan come fat ofir .ij. kyngt* 

and toke fis s body and arayed it with bisschopes orna- p r. w»] 

mentis & bare hym in to hys toumbe, & fere f ei leyde 


28 Than in f e ffeste of f e Epiphanye next folwyng 

Baltha3ar. fat was kyng of Godolye and of Saba, seyde B«ni««r rriebrou 
deuoutelych hys masse : and whan Masse was do, 
wM-oute any greuaunce, as fe wille of god was, he 

32 passid out of f is world to fe bliase fat is euer-lastynge, 
in fe $ere of hys age a C. $ere and .xij. Than Iaspar, 
fe f ridde kyng, and ofer men toke vp fis kyng and 
whan fei had arayed hym as he schulde be, fei leyde 

3<> hym by Melchior, hys fclowe, in fe same toumbe. And 


The eth day foi- than j>e syxt daye aftir, \>ia Iaspar, \>at was kyng of 
Thaars and of )>e yle of Egriswifl', whan he had also 

Jaipur dM, wit/i aH deuocioun seyde his masse, fan crist toke to 
hym his spirit in to euerlestyng Ioye. 4 

and wa« buried in and fan j>e pepil 

the people;™ 7 com & toko his body and araied hit worschippefullich 8 

and bare hit to )>e same toumbe ]>er ]>at oJ>ir .ij. kyngfr 

layen. U And J>ts wonder crist schewed J>ere to fore 

[Maafi86] alle J>e pepil : whan ] the body of J>e pridde kyng was 

broujt and scholde be leyde in pe toumbe by J)e .ij. 12 
and tha two othar op ir kyngw, anoon euerych of be .ij. kyngur departed 

bodie* made room ■> « a # i i i • i « i 

for him in their a-sonder' and $af place to her thrid felowe, and so 
p Tit. from othir] resceyued hym to lye in )>e mydde bitwix hem boJ>e. 

and so hit may be seyde by J>es .iij. worschippcful 16 

kyngts as hit is red in holy writ : 

ao that they kept GlonOfli prilicip38 

together in death, . . ... 

m they had done terre quomodo in vita sua dilexerunt se, ita et in 

morte non sunt separati & cetera, This is to seye : as 20 
pes glorious kynges and Erchebisshoppes louyd togodere 
in her lyfe, rijt so J?ei were nojt departed in her dethe. 

Andtbeaur and so 3 be sterre bat aperid ouer bo cite tofore her 

remained there to 

the time of their dethe, abode allcwoy stille tyl her bod yes were tran[sj- 24 


p om. to] lat in to Coleyne, as j>ei of y ndo seye. 

Royal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 121 

fan fe sixt day aftir, Iaspar, fat was kyng of Thaars 

and of fe yle of EgriswyH, whan he had offrid vp to iatpar pott mit- 

f c fadir of hcuene fe blessed sacrament on fe autere owit. 

4 and with all douocioun hadde seydo hys masse, )>an 
Cn'st toke to hym hys spiryt, to dwelle vritli hym in 
euerlastynge ioye, and so to-fore all f e peple he deyed. 
And fan f e pepil come and toke hys body and arayed 

8 it worschipfullich & bare it to f o same toumbe f er fes 
[of ir] .ij. kynges laye. 

1 2 And whan f e pepil wolde haue leyde 

hym by J>e .ij. of cr kynges, anoon f e .ij. kyngw departid n Beget dinite- 
euerych from oj>ir and 3af plaas to her fridde felowe, rotroetcepenint 
and so fei resceyued hym to li3e in fe mydil bitwix Sedlo!^**' 

1(5 hem bofe. And so fes wordes fat be write in holy 
writt* may be seydo by )>es worf i kyngi9 and Erche- 
bysschopes : Gloriosi principes terre quomodo in vita 
sua dilexenint se, ita & in morte non sunt separata,/ 

20 fat is to soye : as fes glorious kyngw and Erchebys- 
schopes louyd to-gidir in her lyfe : Ei3tso fei were not 
departyde in her de)>e. And whan f es glorious kyng?* 
& Erchebisschopes were biryed & leyde to-gidir in her 

24 toumbe, fei semyde to fe pepil not as deedo bodyes ni Beget luebtnt 
but as men fat were aslepe, and J>ei were better & incorrupt!! 1 
fairere coloured fan whan f ei were alyue. And so f ei 
lay hole & incorupt many 3cris & dayes aftir. And 

28 oure lord Ihe*u Cryst f orowe f e merytes and f e preyeres 
of fes .iij. worschipful kyngw and Erchebysschoppes 
\vr0u3t & schewed manye wondirf ul myracles : for all 
manere of pepil, in what tribulacioun or disese or infir- 

32 myte. fat fei were inne, whefer it were by londe or 
by f e see : whan fei cryed to god and to fes .iij. kyngt* 
for help, oure lord Ihe*u f orwe f e merytes of fes iij. 
kynges anoon sent hem grace & socour. And so fe 

36 feif fat fei p? # echyde with seint Thomas fe apostil in 




Capitulum ,xxxiij m /. 4 

Onge tymc after pe dethe of J>es .iij. kyngwr, whan 
pe cristen fei)> stode and was in prosperite in pe *ror- 
scliippef ul Citee of SewiH and in alle pe kyngdoms of fe 
eest : than J?e deuyH, pat of alle goodnesso and virtues is 8 

porwe his wikked 1 aungelys excited and broujte 
lx£\Z£ wuh r1 ' V P among J>e pepil diuers opynyouws of heresy; and Jus 
tortiuMs'RJyai P^rsecucioiw of heresie so gretlich encresed in diuerse 12 
londys aboute, and also in pe Cyte of SewiH, per pea 
.iij. kyngw rested. 

Afterwards here- 
sies broke out in 
the East, 

in this Chapter] 

and the S Kings 
were almost for- 
gotten : 
and then their 
bodies were dis- 
solved into 

in so mocliol pat Preester Iohfi and 
Patriark Thomas my$t no3t revoke pe pepil from her 20 
heresy es by no spirituel corroctioun ne temporel cor- 
rection. // And so pe pepil tourned a3ene to her olde 
lawe and worschipped fals Mawmetys and fals goddys 
and forsoke )>e lawe of god; in so mochel pal pea .iij. 24 
kyngw were had at no reuerence but almoost fo^et of 
pe pepil. 

and so in pis tyme pe pepil pat were dwellyng 

Then the S sec- 
tions of the people 

ofseuwa, who in pe Cyte of SewiH', pe wich were come oute of be 

had rome from # 

the kingdoms of londys and kyngdoms of pes .iij. kyng/V, euery party 36 

Boyal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 123 

lier lyue in erj>e, J>ei confermed it after her depe porowe 
worchynge of dyuerse tokenys & myraclys among pe 


long tyme aftir pe depe of pes .iij. worschipful EmUnpitper 
kyngi*, whan pe cr/sten feip stood & was in prospente post mortem 
in pe worschippeful Citee of SewyH and in all pe B ** um - 
8 partyes & kyngdoms of pe eest : pan pe Deuyl, fat of 
ail goodnes is enmye and of aH vertues destroyer, porow 
hys wickyd aungels excited & brou;t vp among pe 
pepil diuers erroures and opinyouns of heresye. And 

12 j?is persecucioun of eresye fro day to day so 1 encresyd p H.gwUyfro 
in diuers londys and plaas aboute, In so moche )>at pe 
kyngdoms and pe londys pere 2 pes .iij. kyngi* were pH.jntt] 
lordys & kyngw of, and aH 3 pe pepil of pe Citee of p h. alto] 

16 Sewiti where pes .iij. kyngys restyde Inne, for pe most omnetpopaii 
partye were dyuyded among 4 hem-self* and heelden iTydofc. 
diuers opiniouas of eresye ajens pe feipe of holy chirche. £* H ' wtthll| J 
So 5 pat Prester Iohfl and pe Patriark Thomas my3t not P H. in to mocKj 

20 rcuoke pe pepil from her eresyes by no spirituel cor- 
reccioun ne temporel correccioun. And in pis persecu- 
cioun of pis eresye pe peple lefte her rijt bileue and 
worschipped 6 fals goddys and fals Mawmettw and for- p H.andtoVe 

# - - „ , . . hem ayen) to her 

24 soke pe lawe of god & pe worse hipe of his seyntys, in oide i«we, pat i« 
so moche pat pes .iij. worpi kyngw & Erchebisschopes 
were almost 7 fo^ete among pe pepil — ffor pe pepil had«=cbr.] 
hem at no reueronce neper at no reputacioun. And as 

28 pes .iij. worpi kyngw and Erchebisschopes lay in her „ H ^ , 
tounibe incorrupt in to be tyme 8 of J>is eresye : Ri;tso, corpora in 

Begum que prliu 

whan pis eresye and diuisiou/i was so gretlich encresed iaoeoant incor- 
in her kyngdoms per as pei were kyngt*, fan, as nature pa iuerem «ant 

32 of man 9 askep, pe bodyes of pes .iij. kyngw wexed £ u ~~' nkynd0] 
corupt and 10 were dissolued & turned in to powdre 11 p» wexed 
and in to erpe. And so in pis tyme pe pepil pat [UH.erth Adust] 
were dwellyng in pe Citee of SewyH, pe which were 

36 come oute of pes londys & kyngdoms of pes .iij. kyngi*, 


tiie 3 King* toke his kynge ouute of \>e toumbe, and closed hem in 
in iwth, each took diu^rs chestys honestlich, euerych by hym-self, and 
king and brought bare hem home in to her owne londys and kyngddms ; 
country. 10 ***** an d w ^ tn g rete worscheppe euery londe resceyued ]>e 4 
body of his kyng 4 ; and fere J>ei were longe tyme af tir. 


Capitulum xxxiiij™ 

han }>e glorious Emperour Constantyn J>orwe J>e 8 

grace of god and diuers miraclys was conucrtcd to crist 

p h. =cbr.] by seynt Siluestre and was made clene of his lepre and 1 

was chaunged bofe in his lyfe and in his manors in to 

p ifs.enfeit] a newe man, pat is to seye in to lawe of crist : in J>e 12 

Fint translation, same tyme seynt Elene Je quone, fat was modir to 

oTcon»uJiUti , thar Constantyn J>e Emperour aforseyde, was dwellynge 

had^raTbMn 110 amon S t e Tewes, and sche was alle enfect* and defowled 

jT^iIk^iSrfldT wtt ^ J* 6 ^ w 7 8 * awe an( * w * fc k h er byleve; but wonder- 1& 
wa« conrertod to j;^ ^lie was conuerted to be lawe of crtst, as hit is 

Christ, T 7 

write in J>e storye of \ e fyndyng of \ e holy cros. // And 
as J?ts holy quene tofore her conuersioun to crist was a 
p leaf 19a] grete and a stronge enemy to 8 )>e lawe of crist and to 20- 
she yisitedthe J>e feip, in$t so aftir her conuersioun sche was }>e grettest 
built ohurchea precheour of goddis lawe in aH fat contrey her as 
a* in Jerusalem, sche was dwellyng 1 . // ffor alle )>e holy placys J>at oure 
prised in one " lord ihe*u crist in his manhede had lialwed vrith his 24 
wherechrist died blessed body )>orwe his walkyng here in erj>e, )>e wich 
was uidki*ui« nd placys J>ts holy quene suwtyme \ orwe enf ormacioun of J>e 
J^Ippeared to ^ s I w y 8 helde for cursed and odyous placys : 4 as J?e 
Mary Magdalen, h iH of Caluarie per crist was do on |>e cros, and J>e 28 
[« Hari.adds: att place ber crist was leyde in be sepulcre, 6 

J»m places j>is r r J r f > 

worshipful! quene 

to pe worship of 

god and his and J>6 place 

marie with gret \er crist committed his moder in to )>e kepyng of seynt 32 
a worshipped; Iohfi Euangelist whan he henge on J>e cros, and J?e 
piacw, patT« to J place \ er cv ^ 8 ^ aperid to Marie Magdaleyne in liknesse 

f^iTh bl th AC add °* a S^* 1101,6 : a ^ e J* 63 places, and many o)>ir holy 
of Ms. Boy.] placys, Jus worschippcful quene comprchendid wtt/tin 36 

Eoyal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 125 

eu^y p<rrtye toke his kyng oute of p e toumbe, & closed Qndib«t pa™ 
hern in diuers chestis honestlych, euerych by hym-self, roam & poruuit 
and bare hem home ajene in to her owne londys and 
4 kyngdoms ; and with grete solera pnite and worschipe 
euery londe resceyued pe body of her kyng ; and fere 
pel were longo tyme aftir. 

8 T T ban pe glorious Emperour Constantyn p orwe pe 
grace of god was conuertyd to Cryst and to hys lawe 
by seynt Siluestre and w[a]s mad clene of hys lepre : 

12 in 

pe same tyme seint Elene pe queen, pat was modir to 8. Eiem muiu 

_ _. bone fecit In 

Constantyn pe Eraperoz/r aforeseydo, was dwellynge ierosaiem&oon- 
among pe Iewes, and echo was gretlich defouled with nerbum dei inter 
16 pe lewes lawe ; but wondirlich sche was conucrtyd to pe 
lawe of Cryst 

And as p is holy queen to-fore hir con- 
uirsioun to Cryst was a strong enmy to p e lawe of Cryst, 

Ki$tso aftir her conuersyoun sche was pe grettest prechour 
of goddis lawe in aH pat contrcy. 

For aH pe holy plaas 

24 pat oure lord Ihesu Cryst in hys manhode hadde hale wed 

wit/i hys blessyd body porow hys walkyng here in erpe : 

28 as pe hille of Caluary peve Cryst was do on J>e crosse, 
and pa plaas per Cryst was leyd in hys sepulcre, and pe 
plaas pere pe .iij. Maries stodyn and si3e pe stone 
remowed fro J>e toumbe, and pe plaas fere Cryst com- 

32 niittyd hys modir in to pe kepyng of seint Iohfi pe 

Ewangelyst whan he heng on pe Crosse, and pe plaas Ab uio di« qno b. 

Maria rtOMtit d© 

per Cryst apperid &iter hys Resurecciouw to Marie Maw- Bpeiu«« in qua 

Christus natiu 

deleyne in liknesse of a gardyner : aboue att pes places fuit, nuiiu. homo 
36 pis worschipeful queene made a faire Cbirche. aiiquod a» m*i 


P Hart. Addis o chirche and made a riatt and a worschippeful chirche 
diuene placet she aboue alle f es placys. 1 // fferthermore 2 pia quene jede to 
ci.irchM°!i 7 or. f e place per pe aungeH aperid to pa scheperdys pat nyjt 
oppee bluhopea P<& criste was bore, & in pat same place did make a 4 
cterkesmid oper worschippeful and a rialle chirche, to f e wich sche jaf 
SSKS? a name Gloria *» excelsia~and* so hit is clepid $it in 
Solly ^* h »»»»i- *° f* 8 daye. an( * in pia chirche was suratyme a grete 
ti^e&en^eM college of chanoutts, pe wich of special pnuelege by- 8 
goddu atruioej guyjne alle her houTes of pe day vrith Gloria in excelsis, 
and in tiie place ** we do Qere * n J* 18 contrey with Dens in adiutorium — 
rp b p^ared'to n the l an( * so men vse J* 6 8ame *** f a * chirche jit in to f is daye. 
wnmldM (bonded wnan seynt Elene had made pia chirche, fan sche $ede 12 
^Gioria^n exeeu *° D^hfe 6111 * n *° f e s* 11116 place per crist was bore of 
•i*," in which the ^jg mo der seynt Marie, and, as hit *s aforseide, be Iwvs 

canons afterward* J ' ' ' ' * 

began their houra f envye wolde no*t suflre man, childe ne beest to go in 

with -Gloria in J 7 ' ° 

exoeUis ; " to bat place, for bey helde hit a cursed place : and rsol fro 1 6 

and in Bethleem, r r T J r ' L J 

where in the cave, pe tyme pat oure lady seynt Marye was go oute of pis 

which had been . _ ._ 

ahanned by the place per her sone was bore, til seynt Elene was come 
ahe stiii found in to pat place, per com neuer man, childe ne becst in 
christwaa7aid C in fit place. // And whan seynt Elene was come in to Jus 20 

his birth, and his i * * i_ * j i_ t_ • • a • a 

clothes, and our " erk place, sche foundo pe same he^e pat crist was 

!iuorVMeh k ' ky^ e * n vn f e manger, and pe elopes pat oure lord 

conaumti^ieto * ne * u cr "^ wa8 woun de yn, and oure lady smok — and 

st. sophia'a, a n e y^ thyngys oure lady had forjete byhynde her whan 24 

sche jede oute of pat place in to Egipt : 8 fe wich seynt 
Elene fonde alle feyre and hole, wounde togeder in pe 
manger, and fes holy relikes seynt Elene toke awey 
with her, save J>e manger, and bare hem in to con- 28 
6tantynopil, and fere vrith alle reuerence and solempnite 
put hem in a worschepeful chirche pat is cleped J>e 
chirche of seynt Sophie. // And fere fes relikes were 
kept vnto pe tyme J>c/t a kyng of ffraunce, fe wich 32 
r« h. adds: and was cleped Karolup, cam in to Ierwaalem 4 and per did 
citees about* with many gret batailes a3eyns pe Sarajeyns and delyuered 
oute of prisourc alle cristen men fat longe tyme had 
leye fere : and whan he had f us do, he jede home 36 

Eoyal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 127 

be plaas lu Mam spelan- 
cam Intrauit 

also pere J>e aungel apery d to pe scheperdys whan Crist preter utaKegina. 
4 was bore, in pat same plaas scbe dide make a faire 
chirchc, to J>e which sche 3af a name Gloria in excelsis. / 

1 2 Whan J>is was do, fan sche 3ede to Bethleem in to pe 
same plaas per Cryst was bore, and, as it is afore- 
seyde, pe Iewes of envye wolde not stiff re man, childe 
neper beest to go in to pat plaas, for J>ei helde it acursed ; 

16 and so from pe tyme pat oure lady seint Marye was go 

oute of pis plaas pere Cryst was bore, til seint Elene s. Retain inaeuit 
was come in to pat plaas, per come neuer man, childe, Marie cum aiu« 
neper beste in fat plaas. And whan seint Elene was n q 

20 come in to pis derke plaas, sche fonde pe same hey 30 
pat Cryst was leyd inne in p e manger, and p e elopes pat 
oxire lord was wounde Inne, and oure lady smok 1 : and 
aH pea pinges oure lady forgat bihynde liir whan sche 

24 3ede oute of fat plaas in to Egypte. 

And aH pea holy 

28 Relykes seynt Elene took wit/i hir, safe pe manger, and 

bare hem in to Constantynenopil, pe which is pe cheef 

Cytee of Grece : and pere j>ei were kept long tyme. 

And aftirward pei were brou^t in to pe Cytee of Aeon, 
pe whyche is in Frauwce, porow3 preyer of a kyng of 
Fraunce pe which hijt Karolus, which had do many 
36 batayles ajens pe Sarasenes and Iewes. 


by constantynopil : and [fere] he si^e aH f es Reliques 
from where they afor>eyde : and forwe grete preiowr he had alle bea 

were removed to —» ,., , .»i 

Aix-u-chepeiie Kehkea & bare hem home wtt/t hym vnto f e kyngdom 
of ffraunce and put hem in a worecheppeful chirche pat 4 
p ie«f 196] jg j n worschippe of oure lady, fe wich is cleped 1 akon : 
LrtfUdylraock an< i f^ oure * a dy smok and oJ)ir Relikes be wor- 
SjmJTmi schepped of fe ens ten pepil jit in to f/s daye. // 
here the »dd. of fferthermore, 2 whan 3 sey nt Elene had made f ese chirches, 8 

MS. Roy. j m 

t> H.=cbr.] f an sche 3ede to )>e cite of Najareth, fe wich is a feire 
»nd in Nazareth c it e . an( j w scne made also a feire chirche and ordeyned 

in Galilee, ' J 

[« h. adder and fer-in bisshoppes, preestys & clerkys, 4 to mayntene 

minifUrtorhoiy diuine sendee, and in fts cite of Kajareth oure lady 12 

yaffiiem mony was gret of f e aungeH. // Also Jus cite of Najareth 5 is in 

n^Ms^'lin J* 6 ^ 0B ^ e an< * P e lordschippe of galile, and by-syde fts 

in the oonflnee of galile is f e hill f o wich is cleped Thabor : and on fis 

which ie the hill , . u i i *i * * i /» i « ^ •••«•/» 

or Thabor, where hill oura lord e lhesu crist was transfigured tofore .uj. 16 
SuwdT* 1 UmM " °* n ^ disciplys, Petir, Iohfi and Iamys, as f e godspeft 
make]) mynde. and fis hitt is but litel of brede, but is 
wondirlich hi^e ; and hit is from Jerusalem .iij. dayes • 
Iourney and a half*, and bitwix Jerusalem and J)is hiH 20 
Thabor was alle fe weye fat crist jede wit/* his dis- 
ciplys here in crfe and preched and taujte and dide 
myraclis— and ferf er $ede he no$t, as in his manned e, 
fan bitwix fes .ij. places and ofir placys fat were 24 
bitwix hem. 

WCapitulum xxxv 1 ? 
han f is worschippe ful Quene seynt Elene had 
f us visited alle fese holy places and had ordeyned 28 
chirches and goddys mynystres to serue god and to [do] 
diuine sendee, as hit is aforseyde, and alle f ing* was 
performed aftir hir wiH to f e worschip of god : fan 
Then she longed sche gan to thynk gretlich of fe bodyes of fes .iij. 32 
of the 3 King*, kyngwr fat had soujt 6 god and worscheppe hym in his 
i«M3 aou teni childehode. and fan f is lady araied her with a certcyn 
17 tu. ft h. of] [of] 7 pepil and jede in to [f e] londys of ynde. and whan 

Royal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 129 

Also 80jnt 8. Helena fecit 
pulchram eerie- 

4 Elenc dido make a faire and a strong Chircho aboue pe .iam supra locum 
same plaas pcre Cryst was bore in Bethleem ; and in pat chrutu*. 
same plaas by-sydo J>e manger be boricd 1 seynt Ierom, P Haruuh] 
Paula & Eustochiu/w, pe which were Romayns and com 
8 pider of greet deuociou?i witfi seynt Ieroni. — Aftir p is 
sche 3ede to pe fayre Cyteo of Najareth, and pere scho 
made a faire Chirche, and in )>e same chirche sche made 
a litil Chapel in pe same plaas pere oure lady was gret 

1 2 of pe aungeft. And in p is Cliapel is a piler pat pe 
aungcl lenyd to ; and pere is hys figure in pe same 
pilere preen tid as a seel. 2 And pis Cytee of Nazareth" p Tiii« sentence 
is in pe lond of Galilee, and bisyde pis Galileo is pe 

16 hille of Thabor: and on pis hille oure lord Ihe^u Cryst Demonte Thabor. 
was transfigured tofore .iij. of hys disciples : Peter, 
Iohn, & lames, as pe godspel make)? mencioun. And 
pis hift is ri3t hije and narwe ; and it is fro lerusahm 

20 .iij. dayes iorney & a half. And bitwix Jerusalem & ista fait via inter 
pis hille Thabor was al pe weyo pat Cryst 3ede wip his Thabor in qua 
disciplis here in erpe and prechid and tau$t and did humanitatedocuu 
myracles — and ferpere 3ede he not, as in hys manhode, P r " UcauU - 

24 pan bitwix pese twey plascs pat were bitwix hem. 


han pis worschipful queen seint Elene had \us 
28 visitid aH pes holy plases and ordeyned Chirches & 
g'nldis Minystres to seme god in aH pes plases afore- 
seyde : 

pan sche gan to penke gretlyche of pes bodyes of Qnomodof. 

__ ...« , i -r* ■% ■% » i iiii Helena transllt In 

32 pea .iij. kyngw and Erchebisshopes pat naddyn wor- Indian * predica- 
schiped god in Bethlem in hys berpe : wherfore sche 
arayed hir with certeyn pepil and jede in to pes londys 
of Ynde. And whan sche was come, anoon sche preched 




where the renewed 
the Christian 
faith, which had 
been destroyed by 

l» Til. aftir, H. 

L» leaf 20a] 

and obtained 
the bodies of 
Melchior and 
Balthasar from 
the Putriarch 
Thomas and 
Prester John, 
and the body of 
Jaspar from the 
Nestorines, who 
had removed it to 
the isle of Egris- 

in exchange 
for the body of 
St. Thomas the 

ache was como in to f es londys, sche destruyed aft f e 
eynagoges and fals Mawmetys and did make chirclies 
and Monasteries & ordeyned in hem preestis and clerkys 
of f e cristen feif . // And also sche preched f e crtsten 4 
feif among f e pepil in so mochel fat f e feif fat was 
preched by seynt Thomas f e appostel and f e .iij. kyngw, 
fe wich forwe heresies was destruyed, was renewed 
s^ene f orwe her prechyng. ffor alle f e pepil, whan f ei 8 
herde what myraclys oure lord ihesu crest wroi^t by f i[s] 
worscheppeful Quene, of f e fyndyng of f e cros and of 
f e nayles and of oure lady smok and f e hci^e and fe 
clothis fat crist was woundyn yn in his childehode : 12 
f ei com to her and worachepped her, and forsoke her 
fals lawe and toke hem to fe lawe of god, as seynt 
Elene taujte hem. fan whan Jus was do, sche bygan 
gretlich to enquere of 1 fe Relikes of fes. iij. kyngw, and 16 
vriih grete trauayle 3ede aboute to gete hem. so oure 
lord ihesu crist, fat euermore is redy to alle men fat 
cry to hym in trewf e and in i^twisnesse : as he sche wed 
to f is holy Quene f e cros and f e nayles pat were hid 20 
depe in )>e erf e, ri^t so he scliewed f e bodyes of pes .iij. 
kyngw to her. so f /s lady had swich a loos among alio 
f e pepil fat f e patmrk Thomas and preester Iohn, wi't/* 
counseyl of 2 o)>ir lordys and pryncys, 24 

3af to Jus lady 
seynt Elene fe .ij. bodyes of fe .ij. kynges Melchior 
and balt^ar, to f e worschep of god and of [fe] holy 
kyngts. // The body of Jjo f ridde kyng, Iaspar, f e 28 
Nestoryncs had bore hit in to f e yle of EgriswiH. and 
bycause fat seynt Elene wolde no3t fat fes .iij. kynges 
scholde be departed, sche made grete menys and grete 
preiowrs, and also ^af grete jiftes to f e chefe lordys of 32 
fat yle of Egriswitt : and so sche gate f e thrid body, 
fat is to seyo Iaspar, and for fis body seynt Elene 
3af to hem fe body of seynt Thomas fe apo&til, fe 
wich sche had fat tyme in her kepyng*. and f *s body 36 

Boyal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 131 

goddis woord & pe msten feip to pe pepil and destroyed 
att Mawmetti* an eresyes & brou^t ]>c pepil ajen to Jo 
cristen feipe thorow hir prechynge, 

And 83 J?is lioly 
queen thorow hir prechyng sclie gat a gret loos among 
pe pepil, & gret loue. And Jan pe Patriark* Thomas & s. Helen* optinuit 
Prester Tohfi, for pe worpinessc of pis lady and also for ,. ueichior * 

24 pe gret desire pat sche had to worschipe pes .iij. kynges, l 
and for pe gret trauayle fat sche had do in prcchyng 
and eonuertyng pe peple a;ene to pe cristen feip, pei 
$af to pis lady pe .ij. bodyes of pese .ij. kyng& : Melchior 

23 & Balthasar, to pe worschipe of god and of pes .iij. 
kynges. The pridde body of pes .iij. kyngw, as Iaspar, 
pe Nestorynes had bore it in to pe yle of EgriswyH. 
And by cause fat seint Eleno woldo not pat pes .iij. s. Helen* optinnit 

32 kyng/i schulde be departyd, sche made grete menes to quo <i«m corpus 

pe chefe lordys of pis yle, and porwe gret ^iftis sche "' omeap ' 

hadde pe pridde body of Iaspar, and for pis body seint 

Elene jaf to hem pe body of seynt Thomas pe apostle, 

3G pe which sche had pat tyme in hir kepyng. 

k 2 



which hat 
twice been taken 
from them and 

[» Tit. sithe, H. 
•lth bat tyme] 

and is believed 
will be taken from 
them the third 
time and brought 
to the 3 Kings in 

P MS. contrait] 

Then St. Helena 
brought the 3 
bodies in one 
chest to Constanti- 
nople to 8t. 

which had been 
founded by Con- 
stant! n. 

[* H. with help of 
god and of] 

The crown of 
thorns, which was 
also there, 

P Tit. som] 
[« MS. seynt] 

(7 MS. parties] 

of seynt Thomas hath twyes be bore awey from fat yle 
and allewey restored ajeyne, for certeyn causes. // And 
je schul vnderstonde fat in alle f e eest f er is no cristen 
man seije 1 fat haf be in fat yle of EgriswiH per as seynt 4 
Thomas )>e appostil lie]?, )>at ha]? seije his body, ffor 
hit is a commune p'ophecie in att fat contrey fat pe 
body of seynt Thomas f e appostel schal be translate in 
to f e cite of Coleyne and put to f e .iij. kyngw. and in 8 
what manure pis schal be do, f ei tell & seye pat in tyme 
comyng, whan god will, per schal be a Erchebisshoppe 
of Coleyne, and he schal be so wise and so myjty pat 
he schal make a contract, 2 a Matrimonye bitwix pe 12 
Emperourw sono of Eome and f e Emperourw doughter 
of Tartaryn, and witJi pis contract and fifrenschip pe 
holy londe schal be 3olde in to cr/sten ma?mys hondys : 
and in pis tyme schal fe body of seynt Thomas be 16 
translated and bore in to Coleyne and leyde by pe .iij. 
kyngi?. and p erfore pe heretikes of pis yle, fe wich be 
cleped Eestorynes, take but litil kepe of his body ne 
f ei do but litil reuercnce perto, bycause of pis pro- 20 
phecie. // 3 And fan seynt Elene put fes .iij. kyngis 
togedir in one chest, and araied hit with grete richesse, 
and brou$t hem in to constantynopil vrith alle Ioye 
and reuerence, and leyde hem in a chirche pat is cleped 24 
seynt sophie. and pis chirche kyng Constantyn did 
make, and he alone w/t/i 4 a litil childe set vp alle pe 
pylers of MarbiH in pe same chirche. // And in f is 
chirche was that 5 tyme pe coroune of thorne fat crist 28 
was corouned with, and whan f e turkes and f e sar^eyns 
com doune in to Constawtynnopil and destruyed a grete 
party e ferof, fan fo Emperoure sent 6 to seynt lowys 
fat fan was kyng of ffraunce, for soco?/r and help, and 32 
fan f is kyng lowys com w*t/< a strong honde to f e Em- 
iperour and recouered ajene f e moost partio 7 of f e londes 

8 Harl. adds : J?an whan s. E. had brought fe iij d# body, 
\>&t is to saie Iaspers, to his ij fclaus, )>an) was such a swete 

Boyal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 133 

And whan 
seint Elene had pis body of Iaspar, pan sche putte pes s. Helena ponebat 
.iij. kyngw to-gider in ono cheste, & arayed it with gret Kegam in ma 
riches, and broujt hem in to Constantynopil with aH fe ^ t in con«un- 

24 ioye and reuerence, and putte hem in a faire chirche pe SUSacio in ™ 
which is clepyd Seint Sophie. And whan pei wera Eigum * 
broujt in to Constantynopil & leyde in pis chirche 
aforeseyd, ati pe pepil of pe contrey aboute come & 

28 yisitid hem and offrid to hem wi}> gret deuociourt. And 
fere pei were kept long tyme, and god almy3ty wrou3t 
perc many myracles to pe pepil porow pe meritys of pes 
.iij. kyngfc. In pis chirche of Seint Sophie was sum- 

32 tyme pe Croune of porn pat Cryst werid on hys hede. Noude corona 


And pe Emperour of Costantynopil 3<af pis croune to seint 
Lowys, pat pan was kyng of Fraunce, by cause pat pis 

sauoun? of f>es iij kynges pat aft the peple of the Contrey 
aboute were replete )>erwip. & pan &c. 



was afterwards 
given to St. Lewis 
by the Emperor 
of Greece, and is 
in Paris. 

P H. adds : for- 
yede it] 

[* on the margin : 
Crown of thornes 
in ffrance] 

[> H. Citee and 

[♦ leaf 206] 
[t H. adds : and 
our* lord Intra 
Crist of his gret 
mercy wrought 
per mony mira- 
cles bronglT be 
merit©* of beae iij 

[• MS. ben Til] 
[7 MS. kyngis] 

Second tranala- 
tion. After Con- 
stantin idolatry 
(under Julian), 
and the Christians 
were long per- 
secuted ; 

this persecution of 
the sword was 
followed by that 
of heretic*, and 
by the schism ot 
the Greeks, who 
neulccted the 
bodies of the 
3 Kings: 
wherefore God 
delivered these 
countries into the 
hands of the 

[« MS. bes] 

till the Emperor 
recovered them 
with the help of 

Th ere fore after- 
wards Eintoi-giui, 
who had been sent 
to Milan by the 
Emperor Manuel 
(and was made 
archbishop there), 

fat pe EmperoMr had lost : // And for his trauaile pe 
Emperowr jaf hym J>e coroune of thorne — whcitfore pe 
grekes madyn mochel sorwe. and so pe grekys with 
grete lamentaciouw, 1 and J>o ffrenshe men with gret Ioye 4 
baro jus coroune of thorne oute of Constantynnopil 
in to parys. 2 — and 30 schulde vnderstonde J>at Con- 
stantynnopil is }>e chefe cite of pe londe of grece. aud 
whan pes .iij. kyngw were brou3t in to pe cite 3 4 afor- 8 
seyde, pan alio po pepil of alle pe contrey aboute com 
and visited hem & with gret deuocioun worschepped 
hem ; and per pei were kept a longe tyme. 5 

ACapitulum xxxvj m . 1 2 

ftcr pe dethe of pis 6 worecheppeful kyng 7 Con- 
stantyn and his holy Moder, seynt Elene aforseyde, per 
began a3ene a newe persecucioun of heresye a3ens pe 
ensten feip, and also a porsecucioun of dethe a3ens hem 16 
pat wolde mayntene pe cristen feij) and ]>e lawe of 
crist. and in pis persecucioun pe grekys, powe hit 
so were fat pei had many worschippeful doctours and 
bisshoppes of pe same contrey of greke borne, 3 it pei 20 
forsoke pe lawe of holy chirche and p e feif and chose 
hem a patriark by hem-self, to whom pei obeye 3it in to 
pis day, as we do to )>e Pope, and in pis persecucioun pe 
bodyes and pe Reliqes of [pe] .iij. holy kyngw were put 24 
at no reuerence but vttirlich set at nou$t. and so pe 8 
sa^yns and turkys in pes tyme wonne "with strong 
bataiH po londys of grece and of armenye and 
destruyed a gret partio of pes loiulis. // And fan come 28 
a Empirow of Rome pe wich was cleped Mauriciu*, 
and pis Mauriciu* porwe helpe of hem of Melane 
recoucred alle pes londys a3ene : and as hit is seyde 
among men fere in pat contrey, porwe counseiH of pe 32 
same Emperowr pes iij. kynges bodyes were translat in to 
Melane. // fferthennore hit is redde in diuers bokys in 
pat contrey pat )>erc was a Emperottr of grece wich 

Boyal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 135 

kyng com to )>o Ernperour witA a gret oost and werred 
a$ens J>e Turkes and Je Sai^ynos Je which had destroyed 
a gTct party e of J e Eraperour londe, but porow help of 
4 seint Lowys it was restoryd a3cne to )>e Emperour. 


ftir be deep of kyng Costantyne and hys moder, Secnndatrtniiad© 

III Begum* 

seint Elene aforeseyde, per bygan ajen a newe per- 

secucioutt of eresye a3ens pe cristen feip, and also a 
1G persecucioun of dee]) ajens hem pat wolde mayntene pe 

cristen feip & pe cristen lawe. 

And in pis persecucioua 

and tribulations p e Grekys, pou3 it so were pat pei hadde 
20 many worpi doctowrs & bysschoppes of pe same contrey 

of Grees borne, jit pei forsoke pe lawe of holy chirche 

and chose hem a Fatrark by hem-self, to whom J>ei 

obeye 3it in to Jus day, as we do to pe pope. 

And in 
p is tyme of eresye p e Turkys & pe Saracens wo?me with 
strong power pe londys of Greece and of Armonye and 

28 destroyed a gret partye of pese londys. And after pis 
come a Emperour of Kome pe which was clepyd 
Mauritius, and pis Emperour porow helpe of hem of 
Melane recouerede aH hys londys ajene : and as it is 

32 seyd in fat contrey, )>orow counseifl of pis Emperour 
pes p re bodyes and pe relikes of pes .iij. kyngw were 
translate in to Melane. Also it is founde in diuers 
bokys in pat contrey pat per was an Emperour of Greece 


obtained from was cleped Emanuel, and pis EmperoMr sent a Religious 
the 3 Kings for man be wick was cleped Eustorgius in to Melane on a 


and brought them certeyn message: 

over to a church -.. . . . . . i j * j 

oftheDominicani and fan Jus religious man asked of 4 

est. Euatorgio). j g Emperow to haue pes .iij. bodyes of J>es .iij. kyngur. 

and bicanse pat pe Emperowr louyd weli pis man, and 
also he was a religious and a wyse man, )>e Emptrottr 
graunted to hym ]>es bodys of pes .iij. kyngw. and so 8 
pis Eustorgiw* sent pes .iij. bodyes in to Melane, and 
p r. jwre] leyde hem perin 1 yn a fey re chirche pe wich is cleped pe 
frere prechcowrs, wit/i alle solempnite and worschippe. 
and fere oure lord ihes\i crist porwe pe merytes of pes 12 
.iij. kyngw wroujt many myraclcs. 

p MS. Whan] |TJ^ CapituluiU. XXXVlj 1 ; 

P om. be] 



Third translation J- ban 2 aftirward by pracesse of tyme hit happed 16 
when' Milan was p'*t pe cite of Melane bygan to be 8 rebeH a3ens pe 
Frtifricifthe Empej-owr pe wich was cleped ffredericus: & pis 
hiddtn wuhin Einperow sent to pe Erchebisshoppe of coloyne J>e 
it wa°s token with wich was eloped Keynahr*, for help. [Thanno this Erche- 20 
iuinaid,Arch- bisshop of Coleigne foru3 helpe] 4 of diuers lordys of 
buhop of cologne, u ] on( ] e f Melane toke bts cite of Melane and de- 

who took posses- / * 

i»ion of the palace 8 truyed a gret partye perof. // And in pis tyme pe 
[♦added from Tit. gret men of pe Cite toke po bodyes of pes .iij. kyngw 24 
and hidde hem pnuelich in pe erpe. and among alle 
oper per was in pis cite a lord fat was cleped asso, 
and po Emperowr hated pis asso more than alle pe 
pepil of pe cite, and so hit happed pat in pis destruc- 28 
ciou;i of pe cite pe Erchebisshoppe wan pis lordys paleys 
porwe stronge honde and lay peryn a gret while, and 
pis asso was take and put in prcsoun. Than pis asso 
sent pnuelich by his kyperes to pe Erchebisshoppe of 32 
[»ieaf 2ia] Coleyne and preyde hyra pat he my3t come and 5 speke 
with hym; and pis Erchebisshoppe graunted pat he 
scholdo come to hym. so whan he was come to p e 
inH!y tan ° m Erchebisshoppe, he byhette hyra fat, $if [he] my3t* 36 

Boyal MS.] the three rings of cologne. 137 

pe which was cleped EmanueH, and pis Emperour sent 
a Keligyous man pe which was clepod Eustorgius in to 
Melane for a certeyn Message. And whan he had do hys 

4 message and had gete hym gret lone of pe Emperour, 
fan he asked of pe Euiperour pes .iij. bodyes of pese 
.iij. kyngw. And for as moche as pe Empcrowr louyd 
weH J?is man and also he was a Religion man and a 

8 wyse, he graunted to hym pes .iij. bodyes. And anoon 
p is Eustorgiitf sent pes .iij. bodyes in to Melane, and 
leyde hem fere in a faire Chirche pe which is cleped pe 
ffrere prechours, wip greet solompnite & worschippe. 
1 2 And fere pci wcr/? kept long tyrae, and eucrmore god 
idmy3ty wrou3te manye miracles porow pe merytes of 
pes .iij. kyng/*. 


16 JL han by processe of tyme it happed pat pe Citee of Tercu tnnsudo 
Melane bigan to rebello a3cns pe Emperour pe which 
was pan cleped Fredericus : and pis Emperowr sent to 
pe Erchcbisschope of Coleyne pe which was cleped 

20 Keynoli! for helpe : and pis Erchebisschope of Coleyne 
porow helpe of diuerse lordys of Melane toko pe Citee 
of Melane and destroyed a greet partye per-of. 


24 in pis tyme pe grete men of pe Citee toke pes bodyes of 
pes .iij. kyng/* and hidde hem priuelich in pe erpo. 
And in pis Citee was a gret lord pe which was cleped 
Asso, and pe Emperour hated pis Asso more pan aH pe 

28 pepil in pe Citee. And in pis destrucciouw of pis Citee 
pe Erchebisshope wan pis lordys paleys porow strong 
hande and lay per-inne a greet whylo, & Asso, pe lord, 
was put in prisoutt. / pan pis Asso sent by hys kepers to 

32 pe Erchebisschope of Coleyne and prcyde hym pat he 
myjt come to hys presence pryuelich & speke wtt/t 
hym ; and pe Erchebisschoppe graunted pat he scholde 
come to hym. And whan he was come to pe Erche- 

3G bisschope, ho preyde hym pat he wolde gete hym grace 



Then Atso went 
to Rninald, 
mid promised to 
•how him the 
bodies of the 
S Kings if he 
would get him 
the Emperor's 
So it happened, 
and Aeso secretly 
brought the 
bodies to Eainald, 

[i H. good lord- 

who sent them 
out of town, 

and then asked 
the Emperor to 
grant him the 
bodies, and got 

[» Tit. and H. 

[» MS. kyng; H. 
•elates bodies] 

Then they were 
solemnly trans- 
lated to Cologne 
to St. Peters, 
where they are 
still worshipped 
by all nations. 
[* H. and mony 
myracles oure 
lord I. C. prougll 
pe prayer* & 
merites of thes 
iij worshipfutt 
kyngis euery day 
shew ith per to alt 
Cristen peple.] 
[* MS. a lorde] 

How the 3 Kings 
are still wor- 
shipped in the 

Prester John and 
the kings under 
him on Twelfth 
day, in regal 
attire, with 
crowns on their 
heads, offer three 
times nt mass, 
in the Introit, 
Offertory, and 
Communion, gold, 
incense, and 
myrrh, in honour 
of the 3 Kings; 

and wolde gete hym grace of pe Eraperowr and his 
love and his lordschippe, he wolde ^eue hym pe .iij. 
bodyes of Jus .iij. kyng/s. // And whan pis Erchebis- 
shoppe herde p/s, anoon he jede to pe Emperow and 4 
preyde for hym, and gat hym grace and love 1 of pe 
Emperour. and whan pi's was do, pan pis lorde Asso 
broujtt pn'aelich pes .iij. bodyes of pes .iij. kyngw to 
pe Erchebisshopp* of Coleyne. and pan pe Erchebis- 8 
shoppy sent pes bodyes for[p] prtuelich by his pryue 
meyne a gret weye oute of pe cite of Melane ; and pan 
he jede to pe Emperour and preyde hym pat he wolde 
graunte hym pes .iij. bodyes of pes .iij. kyngi* ; and pe 1 2 
Emp^roKr graunted hym with goode wiH. ffor pe 
Erchebisshoppe wolde nojt speke to pe Emperour tofore, 
for he was in douute where 2 pat pe Emperowr wolde 
graunte hym his askyng* or noone. and pan the Erche- 16 
bisshop* openlich vrith grete solempnite and grete pro- 
cessyon brou^te pes holy seyntes pe .iij. kyngw 8 in to 
Coleyne; and pere he put hem in a faire chirche of 
seynt Petir worschippefullich. and alle pe pepil of pe 20 
contrey w?'t/i alle pe reuerence pat pci myjt resceyued 
pes holy relikes. and per pei be kept and worschipped 
of alle maner of naciouHS in to pis daye. 4 and pus endep 
pe translacioura of pes .iij. worschippeful kyngw, Mel- 24 
chior, baltha3ar and Iaspar. 


Eester Iohn, pat is lorde 5 of ynde, and alle pe 
kyngis pat be vnder hym, on pe .xij. day, pat we clepe pe 
feest of pe Epiphanye, pey araye hem as kyngte scholde 28 
be araied, wit/i her corounes on her hedys and w*t/i 
oper riche oraamentys, and so pei go to her tempil and 
here masse : and thries pei offre in pe tymo of pis 
masse : the first offrynge is at pe first bygynnnyng* of 32 
pe masse, pe secunde offryng' is after pe godspeH, and 
pe thryddo is at pe post cowimune of pe masse; and 
pei oflre gold, encense, and mirre, and pi's oblacioun pei 

Boyal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 139 

of J?e Emperowr and lordschippe and gode lone of hym 
& he wolde 3eue hym pe .iij. bodyes of pes .iij. kyngt*. 
And pis Erchebisshope Was ri3t glad of hys wordis, and 
4 anoon 3ede to pe Emperour & preyde for hym, and gate 
hym grace & lordschippe of pe Emperour; & was 
delyuered out of prisou;/. And fan pis lord Asso brou^t 
priuelich pes .iij. bodyes of pes .iij. kyngt* to pe Erche- 
8 bisshope of Coleyne. And pe Erchebisschope anoon 
sent forp pes .iij. kynges by hys priue meyne a greet 
weye out of pe Cytee of Melane ; and fan he jede to 
pe Emperour preiyng hym of hys lordschip pat he 

12 wolde graunte hym pe .iij. bodyes of pes .iij. kyngw; 
and pe Empenwr graunted hym anoon. Neperles )>e 
Erchebisschope wolde not speke to pe Emperour afore, 
for he was in doute wheper pat pe Emperour wolde 

16 graunte hym or not 1 . And pan pis Erchebisshope of 
Coleyne openlich vn'th gret processioun brou3t pes bodyes 
of pes .iij. worschipful kyngw in to Coleyne ; and per* 
pei word putte in a faire Chirche of seynt Petir, and 

20 worsen ippefullich pei were, and be, arayed, and also 
worechippefullich pei were resceyued of al pe contrey. 
And pere oure lord Ihesu Cryst euermore werkep 
myracles to aH pe pepil, porow pe merytes of pe preieres 

24 of pes .iij. worpi kyngte. And pus pes worschippeful 
kyugt* were pries translated, as it is tolde afore. 


he lord of Inde, pat is cleped preest Iohfi, and r*p?»«bu«r© 

. Johiuine & d* 

aH pe kyngw vndir hym, on pe .xij. day, pat we clepe houore at> co facto 
28 pe feest of pe Epiphanye, pei araye hem as kyng/* " *** 
scholde be arayed, wet/i Crownes on her heedes, 

and so 
pei go to her temples & here her masse : and .iij. 
32 tymes pei offre at masse : / pe first offrynge is at pe 
first bigynnyng of pe masse, pe secounde offrynge is 
after pe godspett, and pe pridde is at pe post-comune 
of pe masse; and at pe first offrynge pei offre gold, 


and the minor do with groto deuociou/i and grete mckenesse. and aH 1 

p om. aH] °V }T lordys of lasse degre ofTre also fries in J>e masse, 

AiK>aiia«cu after bat her poer is. // fferthennore aH maner of 

In the East 

honour the s cristen men, pat be dyuyded in diuers parties & 4 

King* and the . . 

fea«t of Epi- sectys and holden diuers opimou/is of heresy es, as 
P p ms! sjmani] Hubiani, Soldini, Nestorini, Indi, Greci, Syriani, 2 Ma- 
P Tit and H.add ronici, Ysinini, Hicholaite, 3 Mandopoli &c ; jit euery 


part[y] hath a certeyn denocioun to J> es iij. kyng/s and 8 
[« r.eve?] to J>e feest of J>e Epiphanye, as 30 schul here aftirwarde. 
M8s*?° m lnthe ^ or a ^ 6 $ G9 cristen heretykes and scismatikes, hope 
onChristma*- seculere and religious, alle J>es fastyn on cr/stemasse- 

eve, after fasting •■ . , • i r«_ -i * 

aii day till du^k, daye * tyl a^ens J>e ny3t, and [pan J 5 euery man settof for)> 1 2 
with meat and a borde, and on ]>at bordo he will sette as mochel mete 
to last till e ° and drynk* as may suffise for her lyuyng from crtisto- 
TndXht'icftndie, niasse-day vnto J>e .xij. daye. // And so of }*s mete 
ttoe'wuhlheir** anc * °f f* 8 drynke fat is set vppon fts borde fey etyn 1 6 
fommes m great ftnd drynken, with her wyfes and her childryn, wtU 
alle mer)>e and Ioye in \ris tyme. also fei li^t a 
candel or a lampe, and pat schal brenne ny3t and daye 
[• leaf M6] fro m'stemasse 6 ny3t in to p e xij. nyjt byside pe 20 
and the day be- same borde. fferthermore in p e vigilie of be Epiphanye 

fore Epiphany, 

after sunset at ny3t, than euery frende gop to opirs hows wtt/i a 

to ins friend's, candel lijt in his hande, and whan he come)), at pe 

says, 'Good iiy dore lie seip bona dies, pat is to saye gode day — ffor 24 

My Good evening 3if he seyde bona nox, 7 \>at is to seye goode ny3t, anoon 

hTco^iderfda he woldo accuse hym tofore pe Iustice of Jo la we 

V*h vei'bo^m ** )> ow ^o ua dde d° hy™ a g*et trespas. 
XST" and80j,ei28 

and aii that night wa fce alle bis nyat and so from hows to hows, and ete 

they wake and go ' ^ ' ° ' 

from house to an d drynk and dawnce, and bere candelys li?t in her 

house, eating and " " ' 

dancing, with handys, in tokene 8 bat be sterre bat aperid whan 

burning candles ' * * 

in their hands, crist was bore, leddo pes .iij. kyngw and alle her oost 32 

in memory of the 

star which led the in bes dayes in to bethleem and bere was no nyat in 

8 Kings to Beth- ' 

lecm. p*s tyme but hit was alle on daye to hem. // Also 9 on 

[» Tit. differs here 

somewhat, follow- o The following passage, till furthermore whanne Tartarios 
Lift. C t/T y XC grewen and waxen Btronge (p. 148), is wanting in MS. Tit* 

Eoyal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 141 

at pe 8ecounde offrynge Ensense, and at pe pridde 
Mirre. And oper lordys of lesse degree offre also .iij. 
tyme8 at pe masse, after her power is. / per be also 
4 diuerse sectys and partyes of crysten men, and eue?ych 
holt hys oppinioun and hys bileue by hym self, and 
do certcyn deuociou?i & reucrence to pes .iij. kyng/* 
and to pe feest of pe Epiphanye ; ff or aH pes Cristen 
8 men, al-Jjouj fat pei be heretykes and of mysbileue, 
3it pei do greet reuerence to pes .iij. worpi kyngfo, as 
je schul here aftirward. For aH pes Cristenmen and 
heretikes, of what degre pat pei be of, pei faste on 

12 Cristemasse-day til a3ens ny3t; and euery man in 
worschippe of )>e feest wiH sette forp a bord, and on 
pat bord he wil sette as moche meto & drynk as may 
suffyse for her lyuynge fro Cristemasse-day in to pe 

16 .xij. day; 

and also pei hauo diuerse laumpys & 
candelys brennynge ni3t and day in aH pis tyme. 

And in pe vigile of pe Epiphanye at ny$t euery freend 
goip to oper hows with a candel lyjt in hys hande, 
and whan he comep to pe dore, he seip // Bona dies sit 

24 vobis, pat is to seye : good day be to 30W ! — for jif 
he seyde Bona noz vel bonum vesper sit vobis, pat 
is to seye : good nyjt or good eve bo to 30W, anoon he 
wolde accuse hym to-fore pe Iustyse of pe lawe as 

28 P0113 he hadde do to hym a gret wrong. / And so pei 
wake aH: pe ny3t with gret* Ioye and myrpe, 

in token 
pat pe sterre pat apperyd whan Cryst was bore, ledde 

32 pes .iij. kyngw and aH her oost in pes .xij. dayes 
in to Bethleem and per was no ny3t in pis tyme but it 
was euermore daye to hem. / 


on Epiphany ail fe xij. daye aH maner of cristen men, of what secte fat 

^i ftratotaT fei be, fei come fro ferre contreys, with her bisshopes, 

withth^bishop. [abbotes] and preestys and of ir Religious, wit/* crossys 

^t^^l^ 1 of siluer and sensers, and bo go to be water of lordafi, be 4 

and candiee, ^^ fa f ro len^algm .y. niyle. and whan aH be pepil is 

and there, eaon * / «■ * 

■ectinaepeciai ^me to be water, ban euery party, bat is to seye euery 

place, lay down T ' T y * " ' 

their croeeea, secte, stondeth togeder in a certeyn place by hem-self, 1 

and read In Latin ^ ° ... 

the goepei Cam and fan euery secte takef his crosse & lei]? hit downe 8 

[i Hari.adda: a on f e grounde, and rede f*s godspeU, euery secte in his 

a , 3e? ali,peke owne tonge(!), fat is to scy a Cum uatus esaet Ihesus 

PH 'of ^tim e *° > an ^ wuan P e godspett is redde, fan euery 

that he be, shaR partye xvitii grete deuocioun and reuerence worschippef 12 

Rede pe gocpeit 

in uteyn)] h j 8 cr0 s and offref f erto as eue?*y man is of powere — 

and then worship i . . . i • j i • j. i *«_••• 1 

their croM and and fts is do in mynde and in tokene of fe .nj. kyngt* 

afteVtiSr'ptwer, fat offrid jiftes to god alniy$ty. aftir fts fei go alio in 

uieTmnif a processyouw to fe place fer crist was baptised of 16 

towh^chriT 1 se y nt Iohfl f e baptist: and fer fei rede in latyn 

wldulerertidthe f* s g°dspeH ^ ^° tempore venit Ihesus a Oalilea 

gospel in me. a( j johanem vt baptharetur ab illo in hoc Iordane 

tempore venit hno * ' 

i. a Gaiuaea ad ^ j 8 to i oco This is to seye : on a tyme oure lord 20 

Johanneiti, ut hie ' J J 

baptiiaretnr ab eo ih^u com fro calilee to seynt Ioliii to be baptised of 

in hoc Iordane fe J r ? 

ini»toioco, hym in bts Iordan in bis place, and whan bis codspeH 

and then blew J r Y l , 

the water and is redde, fei blesse fe water and wassne fe crossys 

wash the croeeea 

in it; in fe same water. 3 fan sike men and blynde go naked 24 

going naked iuto in to fts water and wasshe hem, and bujt alle hole. // 

cured.* r *** -^ n d whan f is is do, f a?i euery man and party gof home 

[» ms. add$ : and a?ene i n to his owne contrey bat bei com fro. and bitwix 

waishe hem and ' J r r 

be aiie hoiej j^* g Jordan and Ien/ialem is a litil wildernesse f e wich is 28 

In the desert ii-»r -i • • • i i ▼ 

between Jerusa- cleped Montost : and in f is wildernesse seynt Iohn bap- 

Jordan, called tist dwellid and prechid and fere ouro lorde ihesus come 

Baptist preached, to seynt Iohfi to be baptised of hym; and i?i fat same 

eTmeto7iimto desert god allen])'3ty fasted .xl. dayes and .xl ny^tes. 4 32 

be baptized, „ 

and fasted 40 4 Harl. adds : Also all \>ea Cristen here tikes & diueree sectes 

<***•• pat dwelt so fer J?at f>ey mow not come to this water of Iordan), 
J?ey goo on the xii th day to J?e next water, bisshoppes, prestea 
and Clerkys k o\>e?' peple ; and whan J>ey be come to J>e water, 
J?an pey stond alt in a certeyn) place & offer iij yftes to the 
Crosse in token of the iij kyngis, & J>an fey Reded f7is gospel! 

Boyal MS.] the thueb kings of cologne. 143 

Also oB mane?* of men, 
of what secte fat ho be, fei come on fe .xij. day in a 
processiouM, wiUi preestys & Clerkys, and wit/i Crossys 
4 of sylucr to f e water of Iordan), fe which is fro 
IerMsalcm v myle. And whan f ei be come to f is water, 
fan euery partye, euery secte stondif to-gyder in a 
certeyn plaas by hym-self, and leye her Crossys downe 
8 on Jo grounde, 

and fere J>ei redo fis godspett in 
latyn: Cum natus esset Ihesus in Bethleem Iude 
&c. / And whan fis gospett is redde, fan euery 

12 partye wif gret deuocioiw worschippef hys Cros and 
offrif ferto — and fis is do in mynde of fe .iij. kyngi* 
fat offrid 3iftys to god. 

And whan fis is do, fan fei 

1G go aH in a processioun to fe plaas fere Cryst was 
Lapsed of seint Iohn f e baptist : and fere fei rede 
fis godspel in latyn Venit Ihesus a Galilea ad 
Iohanem vt bapti^aretnr ab illo in hoc Iordane 

20 in isto loco &c, / fis is to seye : oure lord Ihesus 
come fro Galile to seint Iohn to be bap^ed of hym in 
fis Iordan in fis plaas. And whan fis godspett is 
red, fan fei take her Crossys & wassche hem in fe 

24 water, f e which fei blesse first And of er men fat be 
fer fro fis Iordafi and mowe not come f ider, fei go on 
f e .xij. day to f e next water fat is neije hem, in a 
pr0cessiou?i, wi'tA preestis and Clerkys and wif her 

28 Crossis, and do in f e same maner as it is afore-seyde, 
and rede fis godspett afore-seyde Cum natns esset 
Ihesus &c. And whan fis is do, fan euery man goif 
horn a$ene, pleiynge with applis in fe weye fe which 

32 be cleped aran;a : and f es applis in fat tyme be rype. 

Cum natus esset Ihesus, & whan \>\s gosspeft is redde, fan f is 
bisshoppia & prestis blesse the water & wassh £e Crosse in fe 
same water, & |ran' mony seke men, as it is aforesaid, be hole 
by the grace of god. fan euery man) witA gret Ioye goth home 
in to his Con trey, and fey pley wit/* apples in the way which 
be cleped arnnja — & fes apples in this tyme of the yere be Ripe. 


Also all buhopt Also bisshopes, [abbotes] and alle oper prcestys, 
S»t er«y di?y ** of what tonge or of what secte pei be, euery day 
^r^icSm after her masse J>ei seye pts godspeH Cum natns esset 
thei^oTn 1 *" Ihesus, as we in pis contrey scip af tir masse In prin- 4 

Jj'i^ndpio^ C *P*° ' ^nt eue, 7 sec t e *6ty n * fc in bis owne tonge, and 
[» h. m it is afor- no3t in latyn, safe on be .xij. day onlich. 1 but hit 


and it is read is redde diucralich, rijt as hit was do : ffor in Ieru&z- 

jeraTsJem, n lem hit is redde pus : Cum natns esset Ihesus in 8 
Bethleem Inde in diebns Herodis Mo Bogis, Ecce 
f magi venernnt ab oriente hue dicentes. also yn 

in Bethleem, 2 Beth lee in and in alle pe diocese aboute hit is redde 

pus : Cum natns esset Ihesus in diebns Herodis hie 12 
& Indee Begis, ecce & cetera, also oper cristen men 

and where the by whos [londis] and placys pi's .iij. kyngts in her goyng- 

3 Kings passed. . ■» • i i \. £ * • i 

p h. in Rener- 0Vi ™ an( * in ner cowimyng-ajene passed by, for 8 a special 
Aforf in W °™ hip deuocioun }&t P°i l muo to pe .iij. kyngw, pci redo 16 
pts godspeH in pis wyse : Cum natns esset Ihesus in 
Bethleem Inde in diebns Herodis Begis, ecoe magi 
Beges gloriosi cum magna ambicione ab oriente vene- 
rnnt & per nos transiernnt. and pus alle pes diuers 20 
r* ms pes] sec tys rede pis godspeH as hit was do fere among- 
aim) u»e Ma- hem. also pe 4 sarins pat be of Makometys lawe, and 

hometans honour • . i 

the s Kings, oper turkys haue pes .iij. kyngis m a special reuer- 
destroy the ence : ffor in alle pe templys in her con trey pat were 24 

3 Kings, as they su?tttyme cristen pe wich J>ei haue destruyd, alle pe 
the^ristun " ymages pat were in pe tempil[s] fsi defowled and wtt/i 
temples. knyfes ket of her nosys and put outo her yen for 

despite, but pe ymages of pes .iij. kyng/s pey suffre 28 
allewey stonde stiH wit/*oute any defowlyng*. 


sifts in the East : JL Erthermore, as towchyng pes sectys of heretikes 
kimpiomor aforseyde: )>o first secte is cleped Hubiani: and pes 32 
good chrisuans. ke °f P° kyngdom of Arabic and of Nubye per as 

Melchior was kyng\ and pes be trewe cristen men; 

and J>ei htue a special prerogatife tofor alle oper 
Their priests, cristen men for worschippe of her kyng. & pe preestis 36 

Royal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 145 

Also aH po Bisschoppes & preestis euery day pei seye 
after her masse Gum natus esset Ihesus, / as we in 
pis contrey soye In principio after masse ; but euery 
4 secte seip it in hys owne tunge, & not in latyn, safe on 
pe .xij. day, as it is aforeseyde. And also pei rede 
pis gospeH in diuers maner : 

as in Icruialem it is redde 
8 pus : / Cum natus esset Ihesus in Bethleem in diebus 
Herodis hie Regis, Ecce magi venerunt ab oriente 
hue dicentes &c. / 

Also in Bethleem and in J>e 
12 diosys aboute it is redde ]>us : Cum natus esset Ihesus 
in diebus Herodis hie & Iudee Regis &c. . Also [in] 
pe plases fere pes .iij. kyngw rode by, 

16 aH pes 1 preestis p r. w 

rede it pus: Cum natus esset Ihesus in Bethleem 
Iude in diebus Herodis Regis, Eece magi Reget 
gloriosi cum magna ambicione ab oriente venerunt 

20 & per nos transierunt &c. . And pus euery secte 
redep pis gospeH in diuers manere. 

Also Sarsyns 
and Turkys haue pes pre kyngis in gret worscbippe 

24 & in gret* deuocioun. — There 2 is also a praphecie in Pctp.iMjth# 

whoU paange is 

pe eest among pes Nestorynes of seynt Thomas pe outofpu<»h«*] 
apostle, pe which is pis : H pei seye pat in tyme 
comyng, whan god wil, per schal be a Erchebisschop 

28 of Coleyne and he schal make a controcte and a 
matrimonye bitwix pe Emperours sone of Home and 
pe Emperours doi^ter of Tartary, and witft pis matn- 
monyo pe holy lond schal be jolde in to cristenmannys 

32 honde : and in pis tyme schal seint Thomas pe apostil 
be translatyd and brou3t in to Coleyne & leyd by pes 
.iij. kyng/tf. And perfore pes Nestorynes do no reuer- 
ence to seynt Thomas by -cause of pis prophecye; 

36 neiper pei do no worscbippe to pes .iij. kyngt* ; and 




when going to 
the altar, have 
crown* on their 
heads, in memory 
of the 3 King*. 

Boldlni, in the 
kingdom of 
who have their 
name from a 
heretic Soldlnua, 
are partly corrupt 
in the faith. 

In going to the 
altar their 
prieeta have gold, 
deacons incense, 
and sub-deacons 
myrrh in their 

Nestorinl, in the 
kingdom of 
Iaspar, are black 
Ethiops, and bad 

At mass they 
curse those who 
helped to take 
away the body of 
J a* par. 

They forsook 
Pi enter John and 
the faith : 
wherefore Ooil 
took vengeance 
oil them. 

of her contrey, whan p ei go to pe autere, fan pei haue 
crounes of gold or ellw ouer-gilt on her hedys : and 
pat pep] do in tokene pat pe .iij. worschippeful kyngw 
"with crounes on her hede[s] offrid 3iftes to god allemy3ti 4 
in Bethleem. 

lhere is also an oper secte pe wiche is cleped 
Soldini: and pes be of )>e kyngdom of godolye and 
of saba per as Balta3ar was kyng 4 . but fei were in 8 
party corrupt in pe feip, and pei toke her name of a 
heretike pat was cleped Soldinw*. but pes men be 
nojt holde in so grete reuerence as pe Nubyans, for 
pei kepe no3t pe feip so trewlich as pei do. and her 1 2 
preestys, whan pei schul syng her masse, pei bere 
golde in her hande to pe autere, and pe decone berep 
encense, and pe southdecone berep mirre : and pzs 
pei do in tokene pat pe .iij. kyngw off rid to god 16 
allemy3ty golde, encense, and Mirre. 

Also per is an oper secte pe wich be of pe kyngdom 
of Thaars and of pe yle of Egriswifl per as Iaspar was 
kyng, and pei be cleped Nestorini. 1 and pei be pe 20 
worst heretikes in pe worlde ; and for pe moost party 
pei be blak Ethiops ; and alle men of oper sectys hate 
hem gretelich. & her preestis, whan pei go to masse, 
pei curse alle men pat were of counseytt or helpyng* to 24 
do awey pe body of her kyng 1 Iaspar. // furthermore 
30 schul vnderstonde pat pes Nestorynes forsoke 
preester Iohn and Thomas her patriark 1 and were 
rebel a3ens hem and a3ens pe lawes of holy chirche. 28 

1 Harl. adds : for \>ey toke |?is Dame of an heritike \>at was 
cleped Nestorinus. (Then follows:) And |?ese heretikis be oute 
of alt Reason) apostatas fro the faith of holy Chircfl, for \>ey 
forsoke aft |?e faith and the lawo of holy Chircti, as ye shaft 
here afterward. & pes [Nest, do no] Reuerence ne worship to 
the iij kyngi* ; & wha» her [bishopes ordeyne] p?'£stes, \>&n 
they make hem swere bat bey shaft in her [masse curse h]em 
that were of Consett or of assent or helping [to do awey |>e 
b]oody of her kyng Iaspar. But £es nestorinus be odious 
[& in g]ret dispite to aft other sectes. & for the most party 
\>ey be blacke Ethiopes ; and J?ey peynt god and our* lady & 

Eoyal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 14? 

whan J?ei make preestis among hem, J>ei make hem 
s were Jwt in her masse pei schul acurse aH hem pat 
were at )>e counseil & helpyng to do awey \ e body of 
20 her kyng Iaspar. And pes Nestorynes be J>e worsto 
heretykes in \ e world, and for her cursydnesse J>ei were 
wondirliche destroyed. 

\q iij kyngis & seint Thomas in her Chirches aft in blacke, 
and J?e deveft al white — and f>is \>ey do in dispite of alt o\>er 
Cristen men). Ferthermore ye shaft vnderstonde \>at J>es 
nestorinus aforesaide were ^e worst heretikis of the world, for 
trough her heroic per were xl kyngdomes in the Est enfeote 8c 
corrupt & pes nestorinus forsoke prater Iohn & Thomas her 
patriarch & were Bebeft ayenst hem 8c her lawes 8c ayenst J>e 
lawes of holy chyrch a long* tyme, In so moch \>at fey wold 
not be Reuoked fro her wickednesse for no prechyng nor teching 
of doctours of holy chirch. So afterward, &c. (The words 
in brackets are cat away in the MS.) 

L 2 


so aftirwardo, as pe wiR of god was, on a tyme 

in lias there per Tysen in pe sam9 londe of pes Nestorynes a gret 

rJbeiuon among multitude of pepil, as of schcp/?rdys and oper laborers 

hwdsl cLied*" and bonde men, a3ens her owne nacion, 1 pe wich 4 

oonuraded°by a pepil cleped hem-self Tartaryns, [and pes Tartaryns] 2 

Swholr^^. niade 8 a smyth her capteyn and her chefe lorde, and 

p ms. nadona] go porwe stronge power J?oi destruyed alle pe kyngdoms 

pom.InUi.MS.; ^ ^ ^^ rf ^ Nestoryne8 ftnd destruyed ^ ), e 8 

p leaf »*] pepil* wttAoute any mercye, as bo will of god was, and 6 

[♦H.killedall , , „ , - , 

the p«pia both old toke her castelles and citees and many grete townes. 

& yongj 

and 9 whan pes Tartarynes had pus conquered pe londys 

Then the Nee- and pe kyngdoms of pes Nestorynes, pan pe Nestorynes 1 2 

to Preaur John jede to Preester Iohfl and bihette hym pat pay woldo 

promukig to turno a£ene to her ferst lawe and be tributary to hym, 

ntSi'and t!l be 8° J^ ne wolde helpe hem. and Preester Iohfl anoon- 

S^aa^ming 1 *" ^ was m goode wiH to helpe hem. pan on a ny$t, as 16 

whwUie^Kingt Prees^ ^ohfi laye in his bedde and slept, pe .iij. 

r P n a dee t ° hlm ^ynges append to hym 7 and charched hym pat he 

charing him iu* scholde in no manere do no helpe ne socour to be 

to help the Nea- * * 

torinw, who Nestorynes : " fifor hit is goddys will pat pei schul 20 
destruction. vttirlich be destruyed for her malice and for her 

wikkednesse." II And whan pes Nestorynes herde telle 
pat Preester Iohfl had swych a visyoura of pes .iij. 
Yet Preater John, kyngw, pei 3ede aboute to pe grettest lordys pat were 24 

following the 

advice of hie aboute preester Iohfl, and jaf hem grete jiftes to speke 

couneellors, who .■•,•.... i 

had been bribed to her lorde pat pei my3t haue su?wme helpe of hem. 
7 e ea nea, ^ ^^ ^^ diuers lordys jeden and counseiled preester 

Iohfl pat he scholde take no kepe of dremys neper 28 
of swich visions, but he scholde holde his first pwrpos 
and helpe pes Nestorynes. and pan Preester Iohfl 
aent hie eideat assentid to her counseiH and sent his oldest sone, pat 

eon, David, to 

their assume*, was cleped dauid, with a strong* oost and a gret 32 

6 Harl. : and J>en J?es Tartarines toke alt her Castellis k gret 
Citees and dwellid in hem, and yet done in to J?is daye. and 
so j?ev toke among her gret Citees iij Citees J?e which be cheff 
in all the Contrey : one Citee is clepid Cambalech, \>at o\>tr 
is clepid Thau res, and \>e iij rt * is clepid Baldach, \>e which 
Baldach is the Citee |?e which of old tyme was clepid Babiloyne. 

Royal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 149 

For on a tyme pere risen in 
pe same lend of pes Nestorynes sodeywlich a gret 
multitude of pe same peple a 3 ens her owne nacioun, 
4 pe which pepil clepyd hem-self Tartarynes; 

and pes 
Tartaiynes made a Smyth" her capteyn and her cheef 
lord, and wip strong power pei destroyed aH pe 
8 londys and contreyes aboute and kilde aH pe pepil 
pat pei my3t take, bope man, womman & childe, 
w/t/i-oute any mercy. 

And whan pes Tartarynes had 
12 conquered pes Nestorynes and aH her londys, fan pes 
Nestorynes 3ede to preest Iohfl and preyde hym of 
helpe and 3 af hym gret 3 if tes ; 

and anoon pis Preestra 
16 Iohfl was in good willo to helpe hem. And on a in b*m appar- 
ny 3 t as Preestre Iohfl lay in hys bed & slepte, )>e .iij. loiuumi. 
kyngys apperid to hym and chargyd hym pat he 
schulde in no manere helpe ne counfort pes Nestorynes, 
20 for it was goddis wille pat pei schulde vtterlich be 
destroyed for her malice and her wikkydnesse. And 
whan preest Iohfl was awaked out of hys slepe, pan he 
tolde pis visioun to hys lordys pat were next aboute 
24 hym and of hys counsciH. And by cause pat pes 
Nestorynes had jeue to pes lordes pat were aboute 
Prestre Iohn gret and ryche 3 iftys to be helpyng to 
hem, pei counseyled Preester Iohfl pat he schulde take 
28 no kepe of swych visiouras but pat he schulde holJe PrwMtar 

ex •ii i i • /• « ^t_i* Iohmum niistt 

hys first wille and his first pwrpos and help pes anxuinm nm- 
Nestorynes. And pan Preestre Iohn assentyd to her prwpuunui 
counseyH and sent hys eldest sone, pe which was 
32 clepyd Dauid, vit/i gret multitude of pepil ajens pe 

From here to p. 150, 2 (: and whan f>ea ij peplis mettyn) 
MS. Tit (and Douce) differ in the text, and verbally follow the 
Lat. text. 

7 Here ends MS. HarL (: appered to hym ferefully . . .). 



P Here Tit. again 

But David and hii 
army were slain 
in battle by the 

Prester John now 
repented, and 
asked forgiveness 
of God and the 
3 Kings. 

[» om. on a tytne] 

Then the S Kings 
appeared to the 
Emperor of the 
Tartars, and com- 
manded him not 
to do any more 

[> MS. a] 

harm to Prester 
John, and to 
make a final 
peace with him, 
bnt to retain his 

Peace was made, 
and it was stipu- 
lated that hence- 
forth the eldest 
son of the one 
should marry the 
daughter of the 
other — and so it 
continues still. 

[* leaf 23a J 

Informed of the 
life and deeds of 
the 3 Kings, the 
Emperor ap- 
pointed that his 
eldest son and 
his successors' 
sons for evermore 
shouTd be named 
after the 3 Kings. 
So the Nestorines 
were destroyed, 
and from that 
time live dis- 
persed in divers 
countries under 
tribute, like the 

[* om. dwell— 

multitude of pepil in helpynge of fes Nestorynes. 
1 and whan fes .ij. peplis mettyn togedir, fe Tartarynes 
had fe victorie and kylde pis dauid and alle his 
oost, in so mochel [fat] per skaped neuer one, and 4 
also fey destroyed many londys, citees and castels fat 
were longyng* to preester IohfL and whan preester Iohfl 
hcrde tel hereof, fan he was sory pat he had do ajens 
pe commandement of |>e .iij. kyngw fat apperid to hym : 8 
and fan in grete sorwe of hert he asked god mercy and 
fe .iij. kyngw and [prayed] hem of helpe and grace, 
fan fe .iij. kyngt* aperid on a tyme to fe Emperowr 
of Tartaryn, as he laye on a tyme 2 in his bedde, and 12 
charged hym fat he scholde do nomore harme to 
Preester Iohn, but he scholde sende to hym & 8 make a 
final pecs with hym for euermore ; // But f e londys 
and J>e castels fat fe Eraperowr had wonne of Preester 16 
Iohn, he scholde kepe hem stille to hyni-self 1 , "flfor 
he was inobedient to oure commandement." )>an fe 
Eraperour anoon, f ow he were a Paynym, $it he was 
soro agast of pis visioun : and anoon he sent to 20 
preester Iohn Messangcrs and made a fynal pees bitwix 
hem for euermore, In so mochel pat fo Eldest sone 
of fat o lorde scholde wedde fe dough ter of fat ofer 
lorde euermore aftir in to fo worldys ende — and so hit 24 
is contynued 3it in to pis day. so afterwarde )>is 
4 EmperoMr enquered of fes .iij. kyngis, of her lyfe and 
of her dedys : and whan he was enformed of hem and 
of her lyfe, fan in mynde and in worschep of fes .iij. 28 
kyngw fe Emperowr ordeyned fat his first sone and 
alle f e childryn of his succcssours scholde bcre f e name 
of fes .iij. kyngw for euerrnore after. 1T And f us [fes] 
Nestorynes were destruyed and put oute of her londys 32 
and kyngdoms, and were dwellyng* aboute in diuers 
contreys vnder tribute, as Iwes in ofir contreys dwell 
vnder tribute ; 5 but 3it summe of hem dweH in pis yle 
of EgnswiH & paye f erfore a gret tribute cuery $ere, 36 

Boyal MS.] tuk three kings of cologne. 151 

Tartaryncs an in lielpynge of fes Ncstorynes. And niius presMteri 

. . Iohanuis oecldlt 

vhan fes .ij. peples mctto to-gyder, fe Tartarynes cum omnibus 
hadde f o victorye and killed Precster Iolifl sonc and 
4 aH hys men, in so nioche fat fer scaped not one, 
and also fei destroyed many Castels & Tounes fat 
were longynge to preester Iohn. And whan Preestre Pre»wt«r 

Johannes pm* 

Iohn herd telle here-of, he was sory fat he had do ductus inuooabat 
8 a3ens f e coniauwdement of f o .iij. kyngw : and fan he Regum. 
cryed to god of mercy & of hclpe, and also to fe 
.iij. kyngw. 

And anoon fes .iij. kyngi* apperid to f e in Rages appar- 
12 Emperot/r of Tartaryn as he lay in hys bedde, and TartaroumA 
charged hym to seese and do nomore harm to Preester u t desistent per- 

t i - j i j> t *i7i # secucione presb. 

Iohn and make a final pees vnt/i hym for euerniore; i i»nnu. 
but f e londys & f e Castelles fat ho hadde wonne, he 
16 schulde kepe hem stille, bi-cause of hys inobedicnce. 

And anoon whan fe Emperour awoke, he was agast 

of f is visiouw, and anoon sent* Messangers to Preester 

20 Iolifl and made a fynal pees wit/i hym for euermore, 

In so moche fat f e eldest sone of fat o lord schulde 
wedde fe doujter of fat ofer lord euermore after. 

And whan fe Emperowr of Tartaryn was enfowrmed 
28 of f es .iij. kyngw, fan he louyd and worschipped euer 
aftir f es .iij. worf i kyngi* and ordeyned fat hys sones 
schulde here fe names of fes .iij. kyngur euermore 
after. And fus fes wikkyd heretykes, fes Nesto- 
32 rynes, were destroyed and put out* of her londes, 
and dwelle aboute in dyuers contreys aboute vndir 
Tribute. — 



Indl, in Prester 
John's country, 
are good Chris- 
tians. Their 
priests, when 
going to mass, 
hang a crown of 
gold orer the 
altar, and the 
priest, deacon, 
and sub-deacon 
meet from 8 
different sides. 
In memory of the 
meeting of the 
S Kings. 

P MS. of] 

The Greek church 
differs In some 
points from the 
Latin church. 
Their priests at 
mass put the 
square host, cat 
oat of a slice of 
bread, in a dish of 
gold or sliver, 
andcorer it with 
a star and a white 

Also per is an opir secte pe wich be cleped Indy : 
and pes be of preester Iohfi londe. and J>ei bu3t gode 
cristen men. and pe preestw of pts londe, whan 20 
pei seye masse, pei hango a croune of gold oner pe 
autere ; & pe preest and pe dekene and pe southdekene 
pei mete togeder on thre partyes, and so pei go to 
pe autere : and pts pei do in tokene pat 1 pe .iij. kyngw 24 
mettyn sodeinlich togedir in a hije-wey^e pe wich was 
departed in to .iij. weyes and so porwe ledyng of pe 
sterre pei jede in to Bethleem and offrid ^iftea to god 
allemy3tL 28 

There is also a nopir secte pe wich be cleped CrrecL 
and her preestys haue wyfes ; and pei bileve in pe 
fadir and in pe sone, but no^t in pe holigost; also 
pei seye per is no pwrgatorie. and whan pei synge 32 
masse, pan pei kit a scheuere of brede, and pat is made 
fowre-sware, and pts brede pei put in a disshe of gold 
or of syluer, and aboue pat pei leye a sterre, and pat 

Eeyal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 153 

1 rii [« «. p. I**] 

JL her be also many oJ>ir sectis pe which do special 
reuerence to pes .iij. kynges : Of pe which I schal telle 
30U sownie. per be Nubiani: and pes be of pe 
4 kyngdom of Arabye and of Nubye pore as Melchior 
was kyng; and pei be trewe cristen men. And her 
preestis, whan J?ei go to pe autere, pei haue Crounes 
of gold or of syluer & gilt on her hedys : and pat pei 
8 do in tokene fat pe pre kyngw wit/i crownes on her 
hedys offryd 3iftes to god almy$ty in Bethleem. 

bOldini : pes be of pe kyngdom of Godolye and of 
Saba, pcre as Baltijar was kyng ; and pes be sumdel 

1 2 corrupt* in her "f eip. And her preestes, whan pei schul 
synge her masse, pei bere gold in her handys to pe 
autere, and pe dekene berep ensense, and pe south- 
deken berip mirre : and pis pei do in tokene pat pe 

16 .iij. kyngw offrid to god almyjty gold, ensense, & 

iNdi : pes be of Preester Iohfi londe ; and pei be 
godo c?7*sten men. And her preestes be markid in pe 

20 forhede and so doune along on pe nose vritJi a hote 
yren : and pat is pe mark wherby preestes of Ynde be 
knowo. And whan pei seye her masse, pei hange a 
Croune of gold ouer pe-autere; an pe preest and pe 

24 dekene and pe southdekeno metyn to-gydir on pre 
partyes & so go forpe to pe autere : and pat pei do in 
tokeno pat pes .iij. kyngw sodeinlich mette to-gedir in 
a .iij.-weye schedyl and so jede into Bethleem and 

28 offryd to god. 

(jReci : pe preestis of pe Gregis haue wyfes ; and 
pei bileue in pe fadir and in pe sone, but not in pe 
holy goste; and pei seye pat per is no purgatory. 

32 And whan pei wil seye masse, pan pei kitte a schevere 
of breed 0, and pat is made fowre-sware, and pis breed e 
pei put in a dysshe of gold or siluer, and aboue pat pei 
leye a sterre, & pat [is] hilyd with a faire white elope. 

154 the three KiNas of co log x a [Cambr. MS. 

doth, and after is holed wtt/t a feyre white clothe ; and aftir pe 

this dish over offertorie of pe masse, pan pei take p« disshc with J)o 

ca'rry u ai»ut the oost and vrit/i pe sterre and set hit an-hi3C vppon her 

wnsers and hede, and so wtt/i sensera and wtt/t candels pei go 4 

^d*** aboute pe chirche, wtt/i gret reucrence, and ajene to pe 

autere ; pan all pe pepil fallip downe in to pe grounde 

and do)? worschip to pe sacrifice, and pts pei do in 

tokene pat pes .iij. kyngw w*t/t greto 3iftis soften god 8 

allemy3ty in Bethleem and porwe ledyng of pe sterro 

com to pe manger per he laye and per fei fil downe 

P piwfJSto] 13 and wor schipped hym. 

syriani, in Syria, Also per is an opir secte pe wich be cleped Syriani 1 : 1 2 
who specially* and pes be men of yude 2 bore — for fat londe aboute 
Bvban, swear Ierusalem pe wich of olde tyme was cleped yude 2 , 
and by uTe^ 18 now cleped Suryc. 3 but pes men haue but litil of 
* r»Ms s heresye among hem. and pei do grete solempnite to 16 

seynt barbare and waken all her ny3t, as men in 

C* Lai. Martini] pis contrey do on seynt Iohfi 4 nyjt, and fan euery 

frende go)> to opir and berep diuers seedys aboute, pe 

wich schul be sowe in gardyns. and pes men whan 20 

J>ei schul swore tofore pe Iustiso for any cause, pan 

r^Ms^ton* 3 ] ^ e * swere by pe godsperl and by pe .iij. kyugts : and 

l 7 ^ nt Jj aLa ^° pat pei do in tokene pat pts .iij. kyngts soujten god 

Annenii. Oeorgi- aHmyati 5 in be londe 6 of Iwes. 7 1T There is also an obir 24 

ani, Iacobitae] . . 

MaroniUare secte pe wich be cleped Maronici: and pes dwell in 
duIJersedT ° v# diuers londys aboute. and her preestys and dekenys 
n^aTchrutmaa and southdekenys haue wyfes. and pei seye no masse 
Thon^atandtf 81 " ' m «H pe 3ere but at po feest of Cristemasse and Ester, 28 
aiirnateiy! au( * J** 11 f e * se y e masse °* seynt Thomas pe apostil and 

p in the Latin of pe .iij. kyngys. 8 

text follows Copti] 

IT Also per is an oper secte pe wich 
isini, in Egypt: be cleped Ysimini and her preestys. whan bei haue 32 

their priests after r r j > r 

mass bless the seyde her masse, pan pei blesse pe pepil, pat god rewle 
lead them as he hem and lede hem as he led pe .iij. kyngw by a stone 

did the S Kings. .... 

in to bethleem. 

Royal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 153 

And after f e offertorye of fe masse, fan fei take f is 
dysshe w/tA f e breed & fe sterre and sett it on hi3e 
vppon her heede, and so wif sense & kandelys fei 

4 go aH-aboute f e chirche, witft grete reuerence, and a- 
3en to f e autere. 

And fan aH f e pepil fallef doune 
anoon in to fe gronnde and doiJ> worschippe to f e . 

8 sacrifice. And pis fei do in token fat fes .iij. kyngig 
wif grete 3iftes sou^t god almytby in Betbleem and 
J>orow3 ledyng of f e sterre com to fe manger fere he 
lay, and fere J>ei fille adowne and worscbiped bym. 

20 Suriani: 1 fes men whan fei scbul swere to-fore a c 1 ns.sunani] 
Iustice for any cause, fan fei swere by fe godspett 
and by fe .iij. kyngtff: and fat fei do in tokene 
fat fe .iij. kyngt* sou3t god almy3ty in fe lond of 

24 Iewes. 

U Haronioi : her preestys and dekenys and south- 

dekenys baue wyfes ; and fei sei3e no masse in att fe 

28 3ere but in Estyr and in Cristemasse, and fan fei 

30130 masse of seint Thomas fe apoetil and of fe .iij. 


32 11 Ysmyni: he[r] preestis, whan fei haue seyde 
masse, fan fei blesse f e pepil, fat god rewle hem and 
lede hem as he ledde f e .iij. kyngw by a sterre in to 


Mnronini : // Also per is an oper secte be wich be 

they aay at the % * m* » • «t i 

banning or any cleped MarominL U and pes men, whan pei bygynne 

thing, •• In the 

name of God and any tnyng* or seye any thyng, pei sey : in ]>e name of 

god and of pe .iij. kyngw. 11 Also per is a secte pe 4 
Niehoiaiu: wich be cleped Nicholaite. U and bes men vso to 

they nee to give 

three aim* every jeue euery daye thre maner of almesse in be worscbipp 

day in honour of 

the* King*. of god and of pe .iij. kyngw to poure pepil aboute. 

U Also per is an oper secte J>e wich be cleped Han- 8 
Mandapoioe: dopolos* H and pes holde no special feib neper 

they hear mate In 

honour of the s heresye, ne pei haue no preest/* among 1 hem. and 


onys in pe jere fei wiH go aH togedcr a-processioun to 
chirche fastyng, and pat schal be on a Sunday, and 12 
fere pei wiH here masse in pe worschippe of god and 
RoaUeeotaand of be .iij. kynew. U And bts alle bes diuers sectys and 

ChrieUana honour / * , . * , 

the s Kinge. cnsten men haue many opir special deuociouns to pes 

.iij. worachippeful kyngw, pe wich were longe to telle ; 16 

p ms. oootreie but 30 schul vnderstonde pat in alle pe contreis 1 of 
ynde and in pe eest and in all pe londys and kyng- 
doms pere pes .iij. kyngts were lordys, alle maner of 
pepil haue pes .iij. kyngw in grete reuerence and 20 
deuocioua, mochel more pan men in pis contrey. 

IT And oure lorde iheiu crist schewep many grete 
myracly8 aboute in diuers contrey 8 of pe eest porwe pe 24 
meritys and pe preiours of pes holy and worachippeful 
kyngi*. The wich .iij. holy kyngw no we reigne in pe 
hi$e blisse of heuene : to pe wich blisse he bryngo vs 
pat in heuene aboue aH kyngw and seyntys sit top and 28 
reignep, crist ihesus. amen. 

1T Explicit historia & vita iij. Regum Indie 
viz. Melchior, Baltha3ar, & Iaspar. 

Royal MS.] the three kings of cologne. 157 

U Maromini : pes men whan pei bigynne any ping, 
pei seye : in pe name of god and of pe .iij. kyngw. 

U Nicholaite : peso men vse to 3eue euery day pre 
man*r of almes in po worschipo of god and of pe .iij. 
kyng/s to poure men aboute. 

H Mandopolos: pci haue no preestis among hem, 
but pei go onys in po jere all to-gedir a-processioun, 

12 bope men and wymnien and children, to chirche fast- 
ynge, and pat schal be on a sonneday, and pere in her 
manere pei wil worschippe god deuoutelich, and pei 
wil haue a masse in worschippe of pe .iij. kyngfa, pat 

16 god porow her prey ere kepo hem and saue hem in 
aH her weye from aH peryles of wormy 8 and of opir 
wylde beestys. — And so pes diuers sectys of pat 
contreyes of pe eest, and many oper, po which were 

20 long to telle, aH-pou$ pat pei holdo diuers opiniouns 
of eresyes ajens pe lawe of holichirche and pe byleue, jit 
euery partye doip a special reuer[en]ce and a deuocioun 
to pes .iij. worachippefuH kyngw. And oure lord 

24 Ih#?u Cryst schewep many myracles aboute i;* diuers 
contreys of pe eest 1 porouj pe merytis and pe p/vyeres 
of pes .iij. worpi kyngw. pe which kyng/a now be in 
pe hije biysse of heuene : To pe which blysse he 

28 brynge vs pat in heuene aboue aH kyngw sittip & 
rcgnep w/t/*-oute eende, Cnst Ihiius. AMEN. 


Readings differing from the Cambridge-Text, in MSS. Tit A xxv (T), Douce 301 
(D;, Uarl. 1704 (H), Bedford (B) ; and, for the Introduction, in MSS. Patnk 
Papers 43 (P), Cambridge Kk 1, 3 (Kk) ; and, for the 2 first Chapter*, in the 
1st Edition of W. de Worde (W) .• 

p. 2, Title om. in most MS3. ; B Thus begynnyth the lyffe off thre kyngys of Co- 
leyne. The text is very bad in all MSS. ; D wants the 1 leaf. P = T. 8 Sithe om. 
in B; H Hereth of; Kk With hit is so that of. B Of the. H worshipful* and 
glorious ; Kk kynges worahipfull & glorious. H in ait. 9 H P Kk arysyng, B 
vp Risynge. B vnto. H to the. 10 H futt praysyug of theyre merites. P Kk 
full in. and merites om. in T P. and 2 om. in B Kk. H and as be the arysyng of the 
sonne-beames the world cleretb. 11 P Kk arysyng. H so the. 12 Kk shyned. 
B P in the, H by the. H theis. B thre gloryous. H om. ffor. )>e om. in H P Kk. 
13 H B P arysyng. 14 H on. H Kk est parte. T So these ; H Knowlage ye 
thanne that they in body and dessft leuyng sought and worshipped crist &c. B 
Ryght so these thre worschipfutt kyngges levyng bodely They beleuyd in Crvst 
veryly, he being god & maft, with her yiff tes worldely they bodyly mevyng and going 
wit/i goostly hert sought and worschippyd. 15 Kk fressh. P verry. 16 H bodylicti. 
H B mevyng. 17 Kk visited. H and thus these iij k. were made of misscreauntis 
gentiles the fyrst of byleve, in the byrth of Crist verrey soft frist shewed and 
halowed by theime to myss-bylevyng men. Kk For this thre k. that myscreante? 
were in the first beleving were in party causeme3 that be byrth of Criste J>at was 
l>e verrey sonne fyrst shewed to mysbeleued men and knowne amonge the peple. 
B and so these thre k. that of myscreaturys (!) were the ffyrst belevyng mefi and 
the fyrst that made knowe the byrthe of Crist, The verrey eonne schewyng ffyrst, 
and halwyd to mysbelevyng men. P myscredentts. 19 P byrth (the om.) of 

crist. 20 P halowed vn mysbeleuyng. 21 Kk om. and so expressed. 21 H 

And in goyng dowfl of the soft of Crist Ihesu by sufferyng deth in the byleuyng of 
these iij kyngtt as a shynyng...folowing, and in like wyse by the going dowfi of 
the sonne These iij kyngis when.. .expressed oure byleue. B and so at the. B P 
the sonne. 23 B Ryght so the goynge of the sonne whan these thre kyngges 
were dede wttA her Relekys schevryd many myracles in dyuers maners. 26 Kk 
reads instead : wherfore we shall tell of pe lyffe of this thre kynges and of the 
myracles that they did and was done for hem in pe birth of oure lorde. But what 
they did aftirwarde &e. 27 H P B as what these iij k. wrought. 28 H of 
Crist, B \hesu cryst. H places & bokes. B plasys of the Est ys wretyfl. P is 
wretyft openly and of te. 29 H & opened, schewed om. in H P. B openly declaryd. 
29 H Kk afterward, B openly afftyr. percas om. in H. 30 it om. in H Kk. 
H therefore. Kk sight hcrynge. 31 H of clerkes and oure forne-faders. Kk 
we shall make a collacion in the wyrshyppe. p 4, 1 H B of oure. H and of. 
H B iij blessid, P thre blesful. somme thvnges om. in H. Kk of some J>yngis 
that hero. 2 H be here in thus Tretis wnten diuerse bokes and compiled in one. 
B there bene wretyn oute of d. bokys and be compiled and sett in oon- Kk oute 
of. — In W. de "Worde the whole Introduction is : here begynneth the lyf of the 
thre kynges of Coleyn fro that tyme they sought our lorde god almyghty and 
came to Badleem and worshipped hym and offred to hym, vnto the tyme of their 
deth, as it is drawen out of dyuers bokes and put in one, and how they were 
translate fro place to place. The matere &c. 

* W. do Worde follows the Cbr. MS. or a copy of it, but with many variations: Us 
readings, where deviating from the CIt. Text, are of no consequence except from an anti- 
quarian point of view. The leadings for the 3d and following chapters will follow afterwards. 


I. 4 All MSS. The (H Te) matere of these. B toke the, W fro the. 5 of B.— 
the which (6) om. in B. W Madiuus & 6 H profete. the which— pingis (7) om, 
in W. 7 B for he prophesydo. W that prophecied. 9 H aster. 10 H om. 
shall. H vp of , B of. 11 H W folke, B pepille. H cowseyued. H fullich, om. 
in W. 12 B there ys an. H alternacoS. W eest partyes betwyx. 13HBW 
and the. )>e om. in H W. H W say B sey. B be tlieyre. 14 B bokys. 15 all 
MSS. and. )>e om. in H. H deueles B deuyls \V deuyllcs. craft om. in H ; >V 
helpe. 16 B wherfore they sey be her w. W wherforo in iewes writynge they 
calle hym. 17 Band a Jen; Hayenst Wageyn. 18 H alegge and saye, B leggen 
and seyne, W alledged & saye. B no paynym ; H a prophet paynymc. 19 was 
om. in W. H frist pr. or than was ony Icwe. B man prophet e. W and noo. 
20 B them W therm, noo om. in B. II Right gloriously, B and so he gl., W and 
he prophecied ryght gl. 21 Ihesu crist om. in W. 22 H yef B W yf . 23 B 
comyfi, W ben by. H through deuels craft, they wold. B than the. all MSS. 
not. 24 B forbodyft "Wforboden. B AV om. hym. T |>e cursyog of. W by, 
H of bis. 25 H B W an, om. in T ; T aungelis. B thurgh dyuers, W by grete. 
H tokenesse to cese or. 20 H shuld greue ; B om. his. but— 30 prophete om. in 
W. B be-fforne seyde. 28 no om. in B. 29 T bookes, B wrytyng. T clepin, 
H clepid. H no prophete but an enchauutour. 30 B And in. AV in the Iewes bokes 
in a grete q. TB Ioob H lobe, owne om. in B. 31 T W com mend ith B co- 
rn a wndyth. 32 W toke but ly till hede or none. T taken B takyn, U taketh. 
of om. in T. B sithefl, W for. >at om. in T H B W. 33 W & none Ebrewe. T of 
Ebrewe. H ebrewcs B Ebrywes. T say. 34 H om. pat. H W before, B afforne. lawe 
om. in B. and— sei> (p. 6, 1) in T on the margin, in om. in B W. 35 T B Me- 
sopotany(e) H mesopotayne W Mesopotauia. ]>at om. in W. p 6,1 bat om. in 
W. he om. in T. in om. in T ; W of. B vsee W hus. T Surry H Serio B 
Surrey. 2 T D * towne clepid (D called) Sabob. W nowo is. B om. nowe. H 
clepid now. there om. in H W. B Sabobbe. 3TB from H forme. T H B ix, 
W a. 4HW sepulture. T seyne H W sene, om in B. T B into, H W vnto. 
T besides. Hthe. TDtombe. 5 Bwasconuertyd. Wrecouered ageyn by crist Ihora. 
6 all MSS. also. rijt om. in H B. 7 H B prophecie. ne— woordes om in B. 
THW wordis. 8 H set, B they sett, of om. in B. H the which. 9 and to 
dec), om. in W. H or. to om. in H B. 

II. 11 H Thenne. T B gone W goon. 12 T wonnen. and— hem om. in W. 
13 B landys lougyng. W lyenge. TBW there aboute. B that uo man. T B 
so hardy. 14THBW the. T enntre H B contrey \V cou^tre. T ajenest 
H B ayenst W agayst. T from, D for the, B for the gret. 15 W That tyme in 
Inde was an hylle. T H B an. >V callyd. 1G B Vawce. ]>e om. in II. W and 
also they callyd the hyll of V. T is also ; H also is newipnede. B was clepid 
also. 18 all MSS. kept(e). T H espies. 19 by om. iu W. B and also for. 
20 T Foryf the Romayu peplo. H W ony. B any of the pepytt. in any tyrae 
om. in "W. H eny. D purposed in any tyme. B tyines. 21 T D W honde 
H bond. B in Jxit contre and kyngdom. \Y londe of. II or the. 22 anoon 
om. in B. 23 W by tokens, and ora. in D. B k< pers of the other hyllys 
and the kepers of thys other hylle of Vawce were warayd as tlms. ])at were om. 
in W. 24 H on. a om. in B W. 25 )>ey made om. in W. a om. in B "W. 
T thilk Vaws. B W hylle ( W hil ) of. 2tJ T passid W passed, of Ik ithe om. iu 
H. Bof. in pat countreyc om. in W. 27 B and of. T Est cuntre. so om. in H. H W 
ony. all MSS. such(e). 28 W tokens. B W were sevne (\V sene). W by uyght or 
daye. 29 of om. in D H B. B W that, aboute om. in H W. W for to. B W 
withestonde. 30 B any of her. AV aune. T B comeft. AV in pe tyme of Balaam 
that gloriously. 31 T D B W gloriously, of pe inc. om. in B. 32 ihesu om. 
in W; B Ihesu Cryst. and a (before seyde) om. in H D. 33 as— aforseyde om. in 
W. B that alt. 34 jworn. iu T H. opir om. in W. peplo. W people. H in Inde. 
and om. iu B. T of. T desiredc n\ p. 8, 1 gretly. B W and they. T bihightcn 
H behete, B be-hestid ; "W promysed for to gyue grete giftes. H yftis. 2 W 
the. B and also more-ouer they, niore-ouer om. iu W. T hirede. 3 Vf rewardes 
and gyftes. AV that at suche tyme as they sholde se be ni^ht or by daye. hit om. 
in T. hit — nere (4) om. in H. B sawc. 4 B fyre or ony other lyght. H ony st^rre 
or light. W or sU-rre. T eny. in — or om. in \V. or om. iu B. 5 W otherwyso 
fourmed than hath be accustumed to be seen. T D seen II sen B seyne. H toforne 

• D begins here ; it mostly agrees with T. 


tyme or appered. B aforne tymes. "W that In?ontynent. 6 schewo and om. 

in B. W shewe lyght and. 7 T H B the. B lose, W pronystifyeng. T was spoke 
of j)is sterro. W of the. B spokyu of. W was gretly desyred. 8 B that y t 
was borne. "W Eeste and also the name of the hyll of Yaws/ Moreouer of the 
same by lie rose vp. B Best and of the name of thy* hylle of Yaws and so there 
arose vp. 9 a— and om. in W. 10 B and in that coste. T whiche (om. J>e) ; W 
that is callyd. 11 B W vnto. 12 W worshipful kynrede ne more noble and 
myghty. B nor. a om. in T. 13 J>e om. in T H B ; W all the. W in the 
Eest. 14 aftirward om. in H. "W more plainly afterward. "W And \>e kynredde. 

15 T B come H W came. "W of the kynrede of the worshypfull kyngts blode. 
10 W callyd. W to criste Ihesu. B ihe*u Oryst in Bedelem. 17 as ff. om. in 
W. T shullefi H B shatt. B here here. T H B aftirward. 

III. 19 and om. in H. whan— cleped om. in D. 20 T H akrcs B acris. 

21 B in prosperite and in Ioye and vertywe, yt wan. 22 H an-herited. T H B 
richely. 23 with om . in T. H orders. B ordyrs. 24 T tunges H B tonges. 25 T D 
name of the Citee and the loos of acoft. B of acofl. 26 B thurgti-out. B ait maner 
of. 27 B and of diners t. T come B comen H came. H theder B thedvr 
T thider. D by the. 28 H by water, B be see. of om. in all MSS. of om. in H. 
T H marchaundise. 29 like. 30 B and loose. H lose. 31 H merueles. 
B of the. T H B birth*. 33 H B and for. T H seye B sawe. T >ere all. 
34 H than was. B or in aft the contreys. p 10, 1 T of J>e. j>ei om. in H. H 
abidd. 2 B lorde or kyng. T D kyng or lorde to abide Inne. 3 >ey om. 
in H. B they of ynde brought withe he 61 oute of the Eest. 4 H monv Rich. 
T D riche ornaments and wonderfutt Iewellys. 5 T D amonges. B an )>e I. 
6 H perellis. all MSS. and in. H on. 7 H letters of Galdee. T D as a. made 
om. in B. 8 T liche to ; H like, om. after. H which sought. 9 T sough ten. B ]>e signe 
of a Crosse and beside. 10 T D Melchiore*. B Melchior made that was kynge. be 
om in T D. H kyngis. H Nube B Nywby. 11 B arroby. H offerd gold. 
T H sayne B seyne D sayen. 12 B and thurgh. T roeriti? D merit B merytys. 
B these, blessed om. in T D H. 13 heled and om. in D ; H sauedde and heled. 
T men. 14 B wommafi and beste. T D B infirmites, H turnamentis and infir- 
mitees. |>at oro. in H B. T taken B takyn. 15 J>e om. in H. H euett. H laid. 

16 T hooel. 17 T D raaystris. T D B of the. T ordres. H B of the. Tem piers. 
T gootefl. 18 H preciousse Iewellis and ornament*'*. )>e om. in T. B that 
thurgh the which. 19 B hadde gote grete Riches as be offrynges. T D and. 
B affter the. 20 B of these. T D B were, there om. in H B. H Jrnfi the 
dyademe. 21 D J>at the. H & the, B and many. H Iewellu and o. B be-cam. 

22 B can no man telle vnto thysday. D knowen never. H yet. 23 an om. in D. 
24 princes. Yaws. 25 D bokes out of. T om. of. T B wreten H writefi. 26 T lijf. 
bes om. in H. T D holy. 27 T translated ; B translatyd affterwarde. 28 H so 
in, B so be. T hyryng. of om. in H B. and om. in H, and also of om. in T D. 
29 T D manye faire sirmones. D omelies & sermones. Jmt om. in B. T H ben, 
B were 9. H draw B drawefl. 30 T ben Jms, H is this boko, B and >us. T D 
wreten and putte togider, H wreten and gadered and put. D om. to. TBoo 
D oone, Ha. 31 H B shatt. H of the p. 32 T Wen. nitwey om. in H. 
B banirs. B a sterre in to thys day. 33 T B the signe. T of a. B made in. 
)>e same maner and om. in T D. 34 B and in. T H fourme B forme, blcssid 
< m. in T D H. 35 so — attwey om. in H. B attwey that a sterre \>at. )»t om. in 
H. p 12 1 B of the seyde sterre. and om. in H. T certen. 2 after om. in H B. 
T D H J>e. 3 H the sterre. H )>e more fame and loos encresid. 4 T spoken B 
spokyn. 5 T D B ait the. B lande. H B and Caldee. alt om. in B. 6 B grete ly 
desyryd at ait times to. 

IV. 8 H Than, and was om. in H. B of thys. >e londe of om. in D. 9 J>e 
om. in T H. B than ysaye. 11 D B saide. 13 H this tyme. )>is om. in B. 
B ny to ; T vnto detft. 15 T H B to (B vnto) the. T D dye. B wherfore as 
seythe the scripture Esechias. 16 D to be. walle. 17 B and he wept not 
only for. T D but he had herde )>at the highest (D hiest) of abr. 18 H B 
none eyre. H and for the behest .made to abr., B and allso the be-hestys of abr.. 
and of kyng dauid om. in H. ofj om. in B. 19 B and ysaye. 20 B And oure 
lorde. 21 H B on, T vppon. 23 B a tokyn of god, that he myght haue in 
knowlege whethvr yt were trewe or not, and oure lorde sent hym thys tokyn that 
the sonne. pe om. in T D. 24 sonne. 25 B suffyrd T H suffrede. hitom. inT D 1} 



TDHBkso. SB T I> H H And tbannc. T ]>ese, II Ihe, om. in H. Dsttn.TDol 

. , .: 111! in I, .11 fin. in IV B Unit **a done for; Jui— auone 

(26) om. 2S T J> lierJeS. j;j [1 Than tWv ..f yude and of the. Best «nt. ID 
maure riche, .Si D wertne. D and in wille. 31 ffoi om. in B. T bat kyng. 
B ifenhln tlie kj-iig. T Ternrj Iuuiifeitce. 32 mode Dm. iu II ; H nod dia- 
(imidsriini wold not. II urmiiliiri.ii',. T kuonlkh 1! knowtigo I'. kuowhge. 

33 H andalao (or 31 B of hya gmte mvracle. H b«.«f god. 34 aunulrle 
om. in B. U wi'U bym. bentom god om. in 11 B. n 14, 1 If the i ■!■ 

kyng yaaye {'.). 2 T vnto. II of the Oddest. bj bar uaaa. om. in T II . D 
Ohaldtea mawaogera. S T DBboni. T 1) H 1! in to. il i-. 11 iiud thus wit-riea- 
ayth tuebibir! writeo. 4 bou}. 11 KJechyas the kyng was bo of the I n 

&om. IriTHD. Timor. B and bat that. bat man om. iu T I). T tdoB. 
Tp.ooi.of. BIen»i>l<iu. 7 B aft the worldr. 8 Cbal.Ie.-a <or I 
H gBikii T grekea. B H jell. T H mtsobe, T vnto. H astronomy*. B » 
gretc. 10 11 curry mtifi in In* b™«- liny kmiwya. 11 T D course*. 

13 attwey— special icn om iu D. T yeve II yef 11 yeffe. T busily H bUIMI 
Bbrsuly. B in EaprcinH. 13 bit om. in T D. B add*: - nueHjnj »d/r-in befi. 

14 T Jiuen D yeven H yef, B they yeve. T techen. T B konnyug. 

v. 17 d An.i iiirtvr, n> n tint, .h-i.^.i ,.\ :.u.i |.i< )in».. is Tqnoiiid 

Dlf killed Itfeillvl. K T B 1- r...,iv. , }| tfcaennita (f). in otn. m T. H of 
beermitc. 21 T Nabeged honour. UN. and in hyi tamm Tho Obaldaa. 22 TB 
basegid. BdfatHn. Tboo. fts t ...- I!i-il v.-l, D musk, B IewaUm 
T of the. bo om in D U. Twrnn. 24 T .t into. B and bare yt vul.. ih.- 
kynge* bouse to brffl \;\! nor-' bore in hil.ilonye. Tof babiluyne ; iu to babiloyue 
— priaonea om. in D. H &. yaiie. 23 T H li fad*. ![ before H baton*, tad 
om. in H. B iitw they. T H prisoner* B pmaonerya, II in to Brink 
leriuairm, and BabtJony. £7 T B from. B dayya. T I) II than they. B were, 
there. 2o be pruphotr om. in D. 29 Byave hem. D lanes. 3 i II 
B dyaera prophesy ea. T boo B bona, Xfogatea Bforgrto, T H bib] 
Of ton 33 T Titus. B the Kyng. T If perce B pciia. 33 B spark i. aeyde>. 

34 B lapide prcriuro. II toiishletidiim. 33 D 11 here luridler. B hut, T 
amongei. T D he. p IS, 1 prophceied om. in H. and om. in II. 3 T Ilholy. 
4 H our«. T cease II kew B law T and at't.r. T Tltm; B om. Tyrua. 
Bthokyng. 5 D write out. 7 H and of. 11 pMphette. Hysai | 
brriroie daaleB and lulun. B (Hot. 8 D Dnuydes. T Mikbie B Meehe. 
8 bokya and om. in R. If fouode in thr>" imVv« "I [.ih[Ji. ■-!■ ■-. II i-i-i-inlly inttrad 
of bei founden. 10 T D tbinges H B thin-in. B be tlii-ae. II II of hem, B 
be tbeyme. 14 B be the bokya. H of Iewr*. and— ennsya om. in U. IS \* 
em. in II. T IJ It ferueotein. T atudyng H 11 atodying. 16 H 

H 8 art om. in D 17 B done. 19 B for the. H bo itrennf. H 
faith of B. B thys prophete. IB B he be fl. 20 U none; B om. no. 

Jl T D the rlepiuge. of om. in B. If of the. 22 B prHormyd yt. 23 B the- 

iij and worai'ti. om. in II. .11 T |.nvni-nu-' II pnvuy a B paynena. T I) Ihia. 

2.; T D propheiie. It the bokya. B fomidefl T fomte. 2(1 T'TI H B wi-te weW. 

1 1 <rnrte*a( bat, B whai ti,.,t ■.■ T what god hud ens«, 27 T D 

HfnlliHit. to om in T IHI. 98 Band n. ..f be wys. atom, iu B and oin. in B. 
2> T gretUat, B grata, B a»troiiomyerv 10 B ya«B t.> lien. H B gret -ranea 
(Bimgya). 33 T of. B of be B. B tw eatwc II H bey ordwned I 

Witiffur the cause that. T if *o. 31 Tllm 1! one. TDrnanof bam, H died. 
B happy d to dye. anoon om. iu T 11 If II H B ao< ' 

35 H per waa. D but bat. 3d T » nomtyinc «o 

THHBtlia. II but line tyme. 2 T uotlielea I> usitlii'ljM. najtonlid i la 

TD, STDaaterr.. bat mas wu mtokenetk by »n< toll *terre. II bytokened 
after the. 4 T (olke, B of aH the world*. 5 T oft.- tyme li .,' 

K after Ivme. 8 B and and for. T H II dtaport. 7 T ben, II were. T aeyo 
II aey; 1) (for i iiist. of an* but). B T D manye plaria, It m:my other 
ptaan; BtbaMasonta, !i 'I' 1„„. T i«-» H «ey B aeyS. Bbut yt be aiieeially 
on thya hyllo ol \"awa and yit tin- mdjl BuMl l«- I7fhl elettj nml ban a man may 
ae r.miy. 10 H au hyrtl en tliia hid. T irathlr, 11 T itratnum. 1' II atronge ; 
ami atrong* om. in B. t biueih. D by uyght. 12 Alter • hille be" a lent ii wanting 
in P H n.;iy iimI i,. - ,, ]| I-.,.,e Alao om. in T. T (ofore. T Tlmt lillte. 
13Uhiih. Hatto[k,-bilhBin. 14 T II al.-.nt... 


there-on. 15 T the three. 1G H ded B dede. B do make yt of. of j om. in H B. 
T ben B befi. 17 many om. in H. H greces B gresys. T B gone. T vp on 
to. 18 T H B on hye. T growen H B growith. B treys ; erbys. 19 B thy*. 
T or. for— bit* om. in H. 20 T B gone. T vp this. 21 T B narow H nargh. 

22 T \>e. T wonderfutt. T bight B highthe. H of the. 23 B piiler. B and 
wele made and yt ys gylte. T and the. 24 B as dothe. 25 also Jwrwe J>e 
om. in H ; also om. in B. 26 T H B by nyjt. T B 3euyth H yeneth. T B 
grete lyght. 27 aboute om. in T. B in the contrey aboute. 28 j>e om. in B. 
H to long. T forto telle here. B tett of. 

VI. 31 B comyn. J?at--mercy om. in T. 32 T H B on. H B in ]>e which. 34 
and to— worlde om. in T. B borne. H a mafl. H hyr. 35 B for the.H B salua- 
cion. T tyme thatt. H In J>at tyme pat. 36 T H Octauianus B Betonianus. 
)»t om. in H. H and hold eroperour of. B att the. p 20, 2 T as seitti seynt Luk. 
oute om. in B. 3 T forto. B distroye att pe worlde as holy wrytt seyth. B 
exiit ed. a Ces. Aug. vt describeretur vniuersus orbis ; T ex. ed. &c. 4 T D the. 
B distrucciofl. H was made frist Cyrinus. T Sinn us B Cerynus. 5 T was 
Bisshoppe p&nne. T Sirie B Cerye. T wente. 6 B to. H his owne. B yode 
Ios. to Galely. 7 T Citee of. in to — Iury om. in B. B ]>at somtyme was. 
T ]>e kyngt* Dauid*, H kyng dauidys, B kyng Daujthys. 8 T call id. T Be diem 
B Bedelem. B and be cause. H bycause of. Jmt om. in T H. 9 B housolde. 
and — meyne om. in B. 10 H the, T a. 11 B and attso sche was. 12 B and 
as sone as J>ey werefl comeft thedyr, anoft bat oure lady seynt Mary J>at was hys 
wyffe sche was grete wt'tA chylde and lokyd her tyme, and as sone as )>ey weren 
come )>edyr sche schuld be delyumd of her Chylde oure blessyd lorde ihe«us ; and 
whan sche was delyuerd sche wrappyd. 13Hcomen. 14scheom.inH. 15HCribbe 
or in a maungere. T maungir. 16 in om. in T. 17 B and in the nygbt an aungett. 
T aungels. 18 T bisides. 19 B wherof the schepardys was. H B agast. 
20 T H beth. H adred. B for I am come to tett yow off }*. 21 B >at ys come 
to art the worlde. ]>e om. in T. H people. T bornn B borne. 22 T H B lhesu crist. 

23 B for ye. H B shaft. 24 B leyde. H cribbe. J>an om. in H. T H B come, 
a om. in H. 28 B This. H in high, B on high. B on. 29 B schal. 
T B vnder6tande. 30 B neuer no Cite of. T H nother B neythir. 31 H no gret. 
33 T vndcr the. H israe). 34 bnt om. in H. T a litil. H and is. T but is. 35 pat 
om. inH. S6Bpis. T Citee. T H B an. T was a, p 22, 1 T fader of . >eom. in 
T. B and in thys. 3 and anoyuted. to om. in B. 4 T |>at same. B Cryst 
goddys (T H = Cbr.). 6 in om. in B. 7 H cornerd or the helede. 8 T 
t>at>i8, B pat >at. T callide. 9 T hillede. 10 T H B thingis. to kepe— 
thyngH. 13) om. in H. 11 there om. in T. B there yit. 12 B and a. 
H B faire. 13 T B woke. B and other, T & of euery. T thinges B thyoffts. 
14 B ther was solde Tymber. T H trees and. of om. in T. T H ]>is. B and pat 
place was. 15 and om. in T H B. 16 H faders. B and there. 17 Ba litett 
and a denne vndyrnetbe. T H B the erth. T shapeii. 18 T selir H seler 
B seller. 19 B come, in J>at place om. in H. 20 H B put. H longeth. 
B to the. 21 >er om. in H B. T the heete. H maner of. 22 H B the c. 
H ben. 23 H ben, there om. in T. B alcon. 24 T clepyn. H ostrees B 
ostryis. T horses B horsys. 25 and om. in H. T H asses. T Chamayles H camelx 
B Camellys. H yf so. T beo. 26 T or any. B any other man. T B trauelith. 
27 H be pe Contrey. T neer. 28 H be it for hym self. H doth to seth an hous. 
29 T may he. 30 H hure. an. J»t om. in T H. J»t— beest (31) om. in B. T wott. 
31 p&t om. in H. B and >an. 32 H goth wttA-ine J>at. 33 T for a while. 
B and there. 34 B hym off his. B or of. T birthen H burdeyfi B burdoft. 
35 T sende, B he sendith. T vnto, B to. B as is. H per also clepid. 36 pere also 
om. in B. ben. p 24, 1 hit om. in T. B to hire as yt is seyde to-ffore. H forto. 
>an om. in H B. H her m. 2 T B the. B beestys. T Jiuetti, B yeveth hem. 3 B hem. 
same om. in H. p&t om. in H. B pej. 4 come. H £ef so. B may not knowe 
whens pe bestys bene, pan. 5 B beestys, hero. 6 B cite or towne. TUB 
bryDge hym (B hem). H in to. B bestys. 7 withoute — cuene om. in B. 
H withoute ony ledyng of mafl. T eny. 8 T H maistirs B maystrys. B ony 
p*rettofauy. TBorof. 9 T thefes H theves B thevys. Bbejw. euery— man (10) 
om. in H. T any suche hous with sucho. 10 H ech. TB other*. B bestys. 
11 T H B from and om. in B. H lord. 12 B londe aud of pe grounde. H hath. 
B hirynggis. 13 H maner of. was om. in H. B was J>ere. H afore, B befforue. 

M 2 


14 H wis Hie place there. T that kM U R »d II "lrante the (vme of tl 
I7THB but. T broken H B brokyn. IB T Inl eitlie. B and there ni - 

Hbefan, B afan. I Quoe. W ii nllad " »ppon. ao T B B the ™ge. 
Harlbo. BlalEwaama, nElulliit. UToU H shulbe sold. Baolde 
bore. TB on. B a dnye, 11 it. So Bol I'.' 0OHtn v but owyth bo grounde. 

H bat nyght. THBuharl. B bere a. of om. in B. 2-1 H monyo B uiouy. 
■2: ba b.] 11 B bvs ffivlyrs.T Istni by* fml.r, H bafej his fsdera. 
20 11 and be. H Urorl. 29 B hedo. Butt. 23 but om. in T. 80 B Um 
eaue. T bo erthe H syde att to-broken. 31 T afore, B to-fonie. T la this. 
B thyi lititt. and am. in B. 33 T to |*. H mnrkiit. pat myjt-morkct (31) 
ominT. Bandniyght. 33 H one, B bat. B ban were >BJ t-.kvn and pott an in 
thyi. H to the. 34 B sent market B It **■*■ bona (H dorse*). 35 B 

waa. T H tyed. B bat. 3o B to my ffyrat. H tliys. T niatir. p, 2il. 3 H 
into his ow if Con trey sn<l Cite ami to bis towii t hut. ..bore in. B or toWM ffbcM 
as. 4BBweut. lady, au. 5 eventide. TBtotmrdea, ].■■■ o. of OU. in H 
B T to-fore, B a-forne. T B come B roniyu. B all tlie. 8 B but iu a. T pooro 
B foair B pore. H boy yeile. B tliys. D seta in again with ' 

10 T W] U K II sawe, Mary om. in IDB, U maide, B and 
oure lady au fioo botbu sory ami furl a.Ty and alas gate, 13 T D B uybo be, 
B ny nu on the. 13 H D in to J>ut. 14 B forhten, H fonaidB. of om. in H. 

B an J lie tcdda bar .1 n- into a. 15 B bat aamc. 18 T B lady - 

B bat. 17 any om, in D, B ami to there oure bard* waa lHini>; f^r 1 
in the. D bei-ide. 20 B anil yt waa made in. T D H B nnd to. 21 T U 
mannes D mint B maun. T )> tjeda H tyed. T D |iat eiiery mnu mjjta hyin 
ln-mwr, II Ii bat Duuiaii "..'Id ti.-rbrough CB '. -2 t l.i.i.lii, Bhebat 

seydeoio. D the ox. S3 H B hi ba. M H hyi bleaaid Child I ■ -l ■ J T 

Crist. B there. 26 H by [ore, B to-fonte. oie....a*90. 26 B and ye. Bit 
ahatt. Tinderstaud. 26 B D art the. 27 D are. iqmmc om. iu B. £S 

H be made. B and xom made. SIHiti lij, B ya but iij. T foot, H B fat*. 
Bsk-ugtho. H f or so modi. 30 H an ober. of atone om. in H. 32 T bat, B 
where. TBthoaame. H pUee. 8S D air iweto. 84 I to-fore, B toffofM 

VII. p. 28,1 B there. D vuto. 2 la om.iuT: B won. half om. in H, JI It fro. 
II B the same. 12 H pastured. T D H fro, I! from I'.-rys »n lyous. 111 (nun 
om. in TDB B. T 11 lyotui. also om. iu Bi H seyli also. B aeyth. be om, iu T D. 
14 B ij tymei. bei om. in T H. D .re, H by. IS B tho. 1! & in bilks t*M 
specially whan |ie uygbt& b" day. B) botbe om. iu T. Too B"— " " 

- '■ ■{ -i:..ri_ 17 lithjs'. 1* II |vb.,ti,-a. b ' 

■ 20 D knuwe wel. weH 

hnah. "T II B abaft." 17' B tfan kwde. IB II pa behaft B bwdj) of. 

19 bit li 

i Bfro.Tplaei'j. 21 T my. !.!■■. I'.'lli : ■■ . n ■■ |v tyme both. 

a. B tymys bcH. als om. iu all M.SS. B m bey beH in thei coot _ 

labeplaeya befi some in. 21 T nloj li mleyn. B mil plam 


ia. B tymys beH. ais om in all Mss. 1! aa baj beH in thei contreyia 
■" —ley D * : 

■> T plaria. 2« II ii 

, .1 I! th. in. n dwellith Bdadln, 

„ B alwule the n.ouul-:yns. T Ii puMeB, II ["it, B they |ml. hit, MB, in H. 
D mto. B to markttt to wlla. IhtM am. in H. 30 B wole. T 
I'.ib.liir. 31 ID1I liotuvs. T baaofi. If .,».„ >.. B mlivH.H 

bordea. 33 T it ii dsMoioed. Bcontl Mv. S4 B con troy ea. 35 T H abadowa 

Bwliruliwe. p30. ID bill.!.. TDnrmv. I) Uoibs. i. om. in TD. T is ther. 
TDK |a.ruj)».. SBabiratc Mr. iu B. It in (.1 ; Wban, 3 T It in Oetobt*. 

eomith. B audin. 4 B aclitb. tDdV-nabM om. in H, ami om. in B, a Horn, in D. 
maner om. in T I), eomenlirh om. in T D. B comynly a> liogynnyth here to wax iu 
ftYlilys in marehe or in apprii-H. T bjgjonen. 5 I» forto. T D growe. T 
herhes growefl, H herbis win, 6 iu om. in B. T eueretl. B and also, of |>e eeat 
oin. in U. 7 T reuen. Bin SW.lie or in app«rh\ B after— lowere (B)l <»u. bj 
TD, B plana. Jx- om. in U It. B is hole. Band. 9 B hieerB higlm. Band 
iu. BIT ben. D goode plaeea of paatnrea. II of om. iu B. 12 II Crist ea- 
maw. B barlle B Early. 13 H B to ere. TD to hatie Ere. B and wax. 

HBoutcof. ber,om. in D,D horses, 15 and they— fattea.M.-d inT II H. B by. 
D ther barliehe. 18 D forto. 17 D ban. li* bit tyme but om. in M. lit H 

■ ■ ■ mI. !■[■■■ It. 20 If l.tngage, T I— ■. |-.i 1. - „>■- tvm.- um. in II li. 

21 whan om. in TDK. TD bore panne. 23 II ban. II burgh all M n it 

bctwene. Dlhrraa. D rnto. 24T it i.«, D is. neye om. in D B. 25 no 01 


B |>an |>ere aboute. B Furthermore the schepardys in all J>e wynter myght not 
abide a nyght and a day in oo place but now in oo place and now in another, and 
so they duellyd w* her schepe fere. 26 D H att the. T mowen in. 27 H one. 
T and now. T dwellc. H with per. 28 B pere jit vnto. 

VIII. 30 B tho. H day when. B sent outo. 31 D saide to fore. 32 T heroude 
H heraude B herro wde. T D ordeyned and made. H B of the. 34 B nor. p. 32. 
1 T by cam. 2 T D sogett H subiet. to hem— ynde in T on the margin. B of >e 
londe. B Iewry. 3 H londes and prouinces. B provyus. hem om. m H. 4 T 
honde, H hond. T D )>ei. 5 aboute om. in H. H wirl wele. heroude. 6 an. H a lioft. 
T kome. 7 B I-bore. H saide tofore. 10 B for danyett. daniett om. in H. 12 
pe om. in H. T contenuyng. 13 H said B seyde. 14 D cristes. her om. in T D. 
T cessed H cesed B 6easyd. no3t om. in H. T but that. T hadden. 15 B and 
yit. T D H forsoke, B forsakyth. D but that. 16 H came, of om. in H. H of the. 
T faders. ^ and — syde (17) om. in D. a om. in H. 17 T modres. 18 B where, 
men om. in T. 19 T coofuise (on the margin confused), H confused, B fals. B 
and they groundid them on the prophesy. 20 jus om. in T D ; H this. 22 B 
thys. 23 H B Iude. B bought nor bore, H do, T born. T fro >e, H in pe. H B 
sto. ke. B ne. 24 |>e om. in H. H he J>at come shalbe. 25 B pat J>at. T 
hag B hathe. T abiden H abidde, B long abedyn. T D ben B bene. 26 D H 
betwene. D in the 24 H of the v. of her. D B and of. T D kynge. 

IX. 28 H Than god oure lord. 29 B the saluacion. D saide tofore. 30 pe 
om. in T D. T clepen, H calf. T D H on, B to. 31 >an om. in H. B of be B. 
32 T D longe tyme bifore. T H abyden ; abyde and om. in B. B was lokyd. D 
i-loked. 33 H B astronomyers. B on. 34 T houre. T born. 35 T D fyrst 
to. B ryse. H in ]>e maner of the sonne. 36 B and some, in om. in T. T H 
fourme D B forme, p. 34, 1 H assendit, B dissendid. T D alle daye aftir ; B all 
pe day. T hyhest H hiest B highest. 2 H erth. H mouyng. 3 B wan. 4 Bin 
the sh. H by-twene the sterre and the sonne in shynyng. D bytwene. 5 T D 
sonne and the sterre. T Nejwles, H B neuerthelese. T seyen H saye B seyne. 
7 T seye H sey B seyne. B the day. of oure lorde om. in T. 8 H B past. B )>an 
the. T vppe ; B vp ayefl. 9 H which sterre T D Iris. T D was jms ; H Jris, 
om. was H was nothing. H B like. 10 D B to the. H to sterres in diutrse places 
of be fyrraament, for. T B ben. B I-payntyd. here om. in B. 11 many om. in H. 
H beames. 12 B more of lyght. TDH fyre ; of fuyre om. in B. 13 B in the. 
T aier. B her. 14 T D of this. 15 T sturid B steryd, stered — sterre om. in 
H. TDBhymsilf. had om. in B. 16 B in a forme. Hofalikenes. 16TDB 
the signe (B syngne), H aasigne. B of a crosse. 18 B oute of. T seyng, B J>at 
seyde thus. 19 T erat. H qui estgencium dom. T dom est. 21 B This. TB 
born. 22 H folkes. B hathe. T abide H abidde B abiden. B and he is. T D goo 
3e and seke. 24 B seke H sekyth. T U doth. T D shulle we, H B we shall. 25 B 
for J>e more strengthe. J>eom.inH. 26 Taffirme. H was (= whose). 27 B 
pry wdence and ordynaunce. H faile it, T B failith. B as seyth, om. and. 29 T D H 
that. H kepeth. T D hem, B >o. 30 T D hem, B )hx>. T B be8. T of this ; 
H of prouidence in his ordinaunce ; B province. B Thus. H ded. 31 he om. 
in H. )>at — balaam (32) om. in H. bat om. in DB. 32 B the voyce, or— asse om. 
in B. D made an oxe. 33 B ana he. newe om. in H. T $ue. 35 H of, B be 
this. T puple H people B pep iff. B men & wymmen. 36 B and all. H contreys. 
H se. p. 36, 1 D thai were gretly agaste for thai herde a voice comynge oute perot 
and therfore had thai grete wonder. T a vois. oute om. in B. 2 B Tho they were. 
3 H was pro ph., pe — was om. 4 no om. in T ; B ne, Da. 5 H of long t. B 
the seyde sterre was. |>e om. in H. 6 D the contre abowte. H contreys. 

X. p. 38. 14 H This whan >eis. 15 B this, D thilke. 16 and om. in T D H ; 
H sikyrlye ; B were afftyr this inf ormacion of thes. D by the. H B astronomyers. 
B and be other. pes om. in H. 17 B be-fforne, H tofore. 18 J>at om. in H. 
T D B J>at grace, in her dayes om. in T. 19 H of so. tyme om. in B. D B proph. 
of. D before, B to-fforne. 20 alle om. in T. pe om. in H. pe sterre om. in 
T D H B. 21 H where-vppon. 22 H euery, D B eche. T was. 23 of om. in 
H. TDH o>eres Bothers. Toa.oon, H one B oofl. H B oure. 24 B and 
anooft pei. 25 anoon om. in B. 26 T D B manye and riche. T ornamenti?. T 
weren H werre. 27 B vnto. a om. in D H B. B and also they chargvd Mewlys. 
and om. in H B. 28 T B Camellis H Camelx. B horses. H B with gret tr.. 
grete om. in H ; B houge. 29 a gret om. in T D H B. 30 my3t to om. in D; 


B cowde and myght. to om. in H. H to seke, B & to seke. B and to. B Jut lord© 
J>at ys kyng. T H and kyng. 31 B at. 32 T D spak, H spoken B spokyn. 
33 hem om. in H. T moche. B honest Iyer & worthelyer and because they. 35 
H a worshipfuller kyng & a worthyer. H B ony of theim. B And so. p. 40, 

I H they iij, B these iij. H euerich. D of himself, had om. in H ; H k with hem 
her cariage. 2 B gret caryage. B dyut rs bestys. as om. in T ; D and, H of oxofi. 
3 and t om. in T. T longyn B lon-ith. 4 H leuyng. B and also they hadde 
wttA hem. 5 B of necessirvs. H lc ngith B longyd. B to halle and ke.hyn & 
to chambre as beddyng. T chamber or. 6 T D of )>ing ; H J>ing. T longide 
H longeth B lon^ith. 7 D and, T B or to. mete om. in B. H prouided and was 
caried. B was witA hem on hors. and om. in D H B. 8 B And they ordeynyd. 
9 B schul. 10 T H B suffice. H hem ynougfc. alle om. in B. D day. 11 and om. 
in B. 12 ben. B hoost. B Also yt ys. 13 in— and om. in B. 15 T ben. 
H ostreis. H in J>e mcst. B they haue all manure. 16 of om. in T D H. T 
▼etailles B vetayle. H B and beest. be— redy om. in B. ben. 17 for om. in B. T 
goon and. H B multitude of pcple. 18 B theyre beddyng. T longitft B longeth. 
19 chambre. B or to halle or kechyu. H to the. H bej>. to hem om. in B. 20 
T D neither, H B ne. T han H have. B aft manire suche. 21 B witA hem caryed. 
B on horse Mulys and Cansllys. T D H B and. 22 T on o\)ere. T B goon. 23 
H aft in pe ; D B alnyght, T on ny?t. B for the. heete and om. in H. and bernyng 
om. in B. T brennyng. 24 H B shaft. 25 H ynedes B yndys. TH B kyngi* 
were (B ben) lordes ( B lordys of). 26 H and also aft these. B & all her kyngdoms 
and londys. 27 T H B ben. B ylys. T and also ther ben. there om. in T D H B. 
T B wattrs. 28 H wildhnesse. B and full, perilous. 29 B fnft orible. T 
there also. T growen B growyth. H B redis. 30 B m< ft of bat contre. T D H B 
housis. 31 T ben B beeft. T H deuided B devydid. T H B departyd. 32 B 
eche of hem ffrome other ; H ech by hem-self. 33 B growyft. T D growe also and 
waxe. rijt om. in T D. 34 B may. yle & om. in H. B ffrome oon lie to a nother 
and ffrome oon kynjdom to a nother. 35 T vnto. 

XI. p. 42, 2 In om. in B. B ys. B Nywby. 3 B in bat tyme. 4 B lande 
of arraby. 5 T D H whiche londe. T D B & ther. 6 H B in to. H in to Syrie 
and. B Surre. 7 B Also. 8 B passe fro ynde in to. T seyfi H saye, B They 
aeyne. 9 H of it. it om. iuTDHB. 10 thou om. in H. rede om. in H B. 

II )>at om. in H. B ys as other. 12 H also so. ]>e om. in H. *B dippest. H 
J>ere-of ()>e rede see om.) 13 T may H B mow. B seeft. B distroy. 14 H 
other (nianer of om). of om. in T H B. TDH >ingis B thynge. T D ben. T 
botome H bottom B bottum. H )>er-of ; B of thys seyde Rede see. 15 B And also, 
ellys om. in H. hit om. in T D ; B he. 16 H oute of, T D B of. 17 J>e om. in 
TDB. T Occiaft H B oxian. a om. in H B. TDH or v. 18 D ther as. B where. 
T H B broddest D braddest. T D ther. II went. 19 oute om in H B. 20 B 
and they were, aft om. in T D. B seyde inst. of same. 21 B and oute. D pis. 
H folowith. 22 T D H into a flood of. B oute of. 22 B callid. 23 bi— passe> 
(26) om. in B. H and by itcometh mony a gret mcrchatinde. 25 TD mervelous H Est of Inde. 26 T watir of. H forth passeth. T B to. 
27 B vnto Surrey and. B and to. T B Alisaunder. T D H B and so. B passibe 
fforthe. be bore om. in H. 28 oute om. in II B; B all J>e. B Also. D shulde, 
B schatt. 32 T growith H B growe. T B ben. 33 B and in. also om. in H B. 
T foundeft. D wonderful. H redy. 34 H smart & )>ynne. 35 J»at is om. in 
U. 36 H called. B Bona. B was, D there is. p. 44,1 T smaragdys, al. smaragdus. 
T D H this. 2 B crafft and travayle was. TDB kutte. TDB this. 
3 T D Jris. T D of the, B with pe. 4 T longen vnto ; H long. H B to J>e. 

XII. 6 B In the s. y. regnyd kyng B. and in J>at londe ys the londe of Goodely, 
and thys kynjr B. regnyd whanne... and he offyrd to god almyghty ensence. 
T Godeby. 7 D of whiche. B whan —was om. in H. 8 T ensence H scense. 
9 H in the. 10 D H growen (H groweth) many. B be many goode spicis 
growyng more, growen om. in T. T spice} H spices B spicis. in om. in T. j^ 
om. in T. 14 oute om. in H. B dyucrs. B of a. T goome. 15 or noone 
om. in T D. B or ellys. 

XIII. 17 B There ys also the thryd ynde the which ys the k. of Tars. D J>at 
was \>e. 18 T Tharce. B and in this. B kynge whanne Cryst was bore and in 
the same time of the birthe of Cryst j>e seyde Iasp«roffred to god allmyghty mirre. 
19 H which ()>e om.). 20 and om. in B. in om. in D. B lande. B ]>e. fere om. 


in H B. 21 T Egreswile B H Egri j>wi!e B Egrys wett. H adds : in the which yle seint 
Thomas the apostett lieth & in this loude. 22 yle om. in B. H plente more. 
23 hit om. in H. T waxith. like. T Eers. 24 pe om. in H. 25 H waxeth Kiie. 
so om. in B. 26 T mennes, B a maunys. T B goon. H hygh-way 27 cordes 
B cordys. and gerd. om. in B. T girdillis. T throwc, B bynde. 28 hem om. in 
T D. H att ahonte on the herbes. H & per mirre. 29 H apon ; B on the. and 
gcrd. om. in B. H and so a. B and than they gadyrytof and do witA all what J>ey 
wole. 31 wherfore om. in B ; B Ye may wett considre and vndirstande. 32 T 
doon B done, and om. in B. 33 be om. in T, of J>e om. in H ; B burgh the. B 
kyngys a-tforneseyde J>at ys to sey Melchior, B. & I., bat in pes seyae londys & k. 
these yifftes dide bo the waxen and growyn and also pat J>ey schulde been* offyrd 
to god oute of these landys. p. 46, 1 D the. T U waxede. 2 B be the. pe om. in 
T D. B rather than of the sniale londys and J>an )>ey schulde be clepid kynges of 
gret londes. 3 T D raber banne. 4 T D other, om. in H. TDHB greet. D 
wherefore. 6TDarabie. BThis. 7Tsulle. H B shatt. T#fti3. B and kynges. 
6 D B and Saba. B Some Tymes. 9 T D B callid. 10 B & Baltajar. D B called. 
11 D B called. H the kyng of taars of Eg. pe He. 12 of >e vie om. in B. T 
this yle Eg. B callid. 14 B these n. of these. 15 in special om. in B; H in 
especial}. B frome difercnce. 16 D thilke, B pot. in pe c. om. in H. 

XIV. p. 48, 13 B And afftyrwarde. worschippef ul om. in T D ; H rich. 14 
T D armed. 15 hit om. in T. 16 B pey passyd, T D H & were passid. 17 B 
nor. T oJ>ris H B others. 18 H commyng. T H ne, D B nor. fe om. in T D. 
19 T D and for the waye pat (!). weve om. in B. D H bytwene. H pnt pe ; B and 
yitt. 20 H yeuenly. B went af . T D his. 21 T D restid or stoden. B and. 
22 3ede or om. in B ; B redyn forthe. T D Jede alwey ; B yede fforthe allwey. 23 
B vertuwe. in his om. in B. 24 B light to hem be all ]>e wey J»t bey went, as 
ora. hi T. 25 T D H writen, B schewyd. H after, in pe om. in B. T of crist. 
B borue. 26 B burgh all. T D touns and citces. 27 B as pej redyn by. ^ H 
none. T shette H shutt B schitt. ncj>ir om. in B. by om. in H. T D by dale ne 
by ny$fc. B nor. 28 B and. to hem om. in B. 29 pe om. in T D H. T and of. 
30 B these iij kynges rodyn by. 31 B and hadde grete mtrvayle in her wittis 
berof . H sight B sawe. 32 T D a grete. T D and of. 33 T D forth by. 
T D H in greet. B & myght. 34 T D from. H whither B whedyr. 35 B 
wolde. H in. T sye H sigh B sawe. p. 50, 1 T B defoulide H defouleth. T 
besti}. T D H wherfore. 3 T amonges. B contrey aboute. 4 B tyme affter. 
B And also as these iij. H thise. T D Jeden, B redyn. 5 B landys. 6 torp 
ora. in H. B watris. TDHB valeis. T playnes B pleynis. 7 and om. in B. 
T D H perilous. 8 D euene and playn. 9 fei om. in H. T token, no om. in T D ; 
B noon. T herborongh H herbrough B herburgh. by pe weye om. here in H. 
10 B be n. ne be. H nor. H ne by the way neuer. B nor. hem ne }>ei om. in H. 
T D B neij>er. pei om. in T, bei— oper om. in B. 11 H nor. B her bestys pat went 
wt t/» hem. 12 D ne, H ne neuer ete ; T D eten neuere ; B nor they dide 

m yther ete ne drynk. T dronken H drouke. ]>eom.inTD. pat om. in H. 13 
T D vnto. til pa\ come om. in B ; B to Bedelem-warde. H ne ait. B for it semyd 
to hem pat it was alt oon day. 14 to hem om. in D. TDooH on. H Jris. pe 
om. in D. 15 grete om. in T D. H grace of god and gret mercy of god. B pey 
were ledde be thys sterre till pey were comyn. 16 B oute of herrowdt* (!) londis 
vnto lervsaUm in xiij dayes. 17 T B borfl. B at. 18 TD where ; B of the 
which thyng. H it is. B and pan. T founden H B founde. 19 H Childe. place 
— pe om. in B. 20 B pat oure lorde ihmi Oryst w. b. in, & he was leyde. T D B 
in a. 21 B And also. H telleth B tellyth. TDHB come. B to. 22 T D H 
myddeB B myddis. B some. 23 T saye H sayne B seyne. H pis. T hastely H 
hastelich B hastly. and pus om. in B, H & J>is. in om. in H B. 24 B and so to. 
B wherfore. 25 B omely pat he made & seythe thus. 28 et c. om. in T D H B. 
29 B This. B yf these. H workys T werkes. of god om. in H. 30 comprehen- 
did(e). B man ys. H witt by Beason. 31 T D where, H yf, B bat. 32 hit 
om. in B. a om. in T D B. B oure lorde. pat om. in B. T ladde. an. T heer. T heed. 
34 T D H B the Iurie. H bab. in Caldee. T D H om. pe. B was. 35 an. 
bytwene. H in-gcing. 36 T D H B amonge lyouns. p. 52, 1 pe same om. in 
T D. D his same. T his owne cuntre. 8 iij om. in H. worschippef ul om. in B. 
and om. in B. 4 B frome. H ^eirc. B lande. T D pe Iurie. 5 B days. B 
And also, as om. in B. 6TB resurrcxioft. H come. 7 an. H w. ony 


openyng of gate. 8 H brent & did. D B nor. T B nocfi, D cny. 9 B children 1 
Sidrack, Mis Lack, and Abdenago. T D H B into. D firy furnays. 10 T D founden. 
H Right so fase iij kynges in wbos tyme. 12 T H bere. B Cryst her sonne. 
fat was om. in H. B ys. 13 and £it sche om. in H. 3it om. in B. H was as. B 
sehe as sche was. T D both afore, euer om. in T D. aom. in H. 14 Tmavden. 
H Also, B Ryght so. H B shaft. B god of his myght. 15 myjt om. inHB. 
worthi om. in T H B ; D worshipful. 16 B pepytt. B fferthest ende of the 
Best. T B fa Iurie. 17 B almyghty god, H the secounde persone god aim. 
18 B makyd. T si if. H and in gret pouerte was. T B born H brofi. 20 H he 
wold neuerfalesse. 21 B bothe in. T D and erfa. H by the. 22 B high 
god-hede. and om. in H. of his om. in B. 

XV. 24 H Than, B Right so. B gloryous. B eueryche wyth her hoost in her 
wey wttA all her c. 25 H and with. 26 T sauf. 28 T and of B as the 
prophesy of ysaye seyde. 30 T et ecce. 31 B Thys. 32 T D for pe lijt, Is come 
om. in T D ; B for it is come to the. 33 H glorie. T spronge H B sprong. D on, 
B of. 34 T D H B sharh 35 t>an om. in B. p. 54, 2 D first. T bisides, B by. 
T B Caluerye. 3 done. B on Crosse. H and by, B and so burgh. 4 T D and 
derkoesse. 5 T Rooch. H grece B gresys. of om. in T. o T height B hyght. 
H for her trespasse. 7 B trespas. her om. in T. T bisidis. 8 D pe. au. B and 
to bat wey longyd iij weyis. 10 H for they. 11 B abode. T D wen ten B went. 

XVI. 17 T D And af tir. thus om. in B ; H this was. 18 a litil om. in D H ; 
B vnder a litett cloude. T pe cloude. come, pe om. in T D H B. 19 T D bat, 
H which, B the which. 20 B pepitt. fa om. in T. 21 T Olyue. T D there 
call id, B j>ere ys callyd. 22 moche. 23 T D of pat. B towne fat ys 
callyd Gahle. B cry.-t god a., H oure lord Ihora crist. B to-fforue. 24 B pej 
were, attwey om. tn B ; D algate. 25 H B into. B this. pryuely — toun 
om. in B. 26 H towH pat is clepid Galilee. H our* lord Ihesu crist, B ffor oure 
lorde god (atimy^y om.). B there to. 27 T D and as. B wretefl in the gospett. 
23 B This. 29 B ye sshull go in to Galile and pere ye schull hym se. 30 H 
fynd. T B a uothir. T D H bat, B which. 31 T lordeschepe. 

XVII. p. 56, 1 come om. in T ; D bus come ; B comyn. H abode B abedyn. D 
in these tofore-siide places. 2 T B in fa d. 3TDH waxe B wax. 4 T D 
ffor whaune. T D sien H se, om. in B. pay om. in B. 5 T D nye. T D Jit, 
H faugfc, B they ne noon. $it om. in T D B. 6 H of ofar. B but they. H they to 
her w. B the wev. 7 B p^pyH. H to pe. T D besides B be-sydys. 8 pen 
om. in T. B H mett. 9 H frist came. TDB come. T D B Iasper. 10 H 
E^rijjwilt and fa ofar ij kyugis ech with his host. D and so thus these. 11 
euerych om. in H. H with her oostes. D and his. T his c. 12 D his b., B wttA her bestys. 
B togedrys. T D bisides B be-sydys. 14 had— hem in D on the margin. 
TDH seen B seyne. T oj>eres H B others. 15 of om. in B. T othres. 16 rijt 
om. in T D ; H witA Right gret ; B honouryd other wttA gret Ioye and gret 
reuirence and eche of hem kyssyd other. 18 T fau^t H B faugft. 19 B 
langagis. B as to others. B spacke. 20 H alt mantr one spech ; B oo manure 
langwage and oo speche. B And aff tyrwarde. T spoken H B spokyn. 21 T togidre 
B togedyrs. H euery, D iche, B eche. H her, B other his. 22 B cause why they 
rode fat wey. and om. in B. T D weren ; om. in B ; B accordyd. 23 moche. T 
the gladder. 24 T B J>e more. B vervent. D to-geder furthe. 25 T D atte 
vprysyng. T B comen. B vnto. 26 T D knewen. 27 B a kynges. H )>ere pre- 
descessours. of olde tyme om. in II. T biseegede B be-segyd. 29 B fan fay. ri$t 
om. iu B. T founden. 30 H the kyng of Iewes there in pat c, B oure lorde 
ih«u Cryst kyng of all kynges borne there in ]>at c. T borfi. B And also. 31 H 
herode fan 1 kyng with alt ; B kyng herrowde fat was kyng of fat Citee at fat tyme 
was. T D were. 32 T dystroublede B distroblyd. T with. T soden H D 
soduyne B sodeiily. B theyre. 33 fay om. in T D H B. a om. in T H B. 34 a 
om. m H. B mowght. 35 T layen. D abode. 36 ait aboutc om. in B. p. 58, 1 B 
vcnerunt. 2 T apperiot, B aperiente. 3 et om. in B. B differentes. 4 B 
domini. et cet om. in T. 6 B This. 7 D of the. B folke. fat — fa om. in 
H. 8 and om. in T D. 9 B and all. schul — men (10) om. in H. 10 men 
om. in B. H B shaft. B ffrome. TDB and brynge. B golde En cense & Mir re 
11 s^hewyng om. iuT D; B shew, preysyng om. in H ; B preysynggis. H to pe 
lord, B to fa god almyghty. 

XVIII. 2 J B And affterwarde. B the. B come were. 23 B kyng herrowde. 


H J>e. f>at same tyme om. in B. 24 }>e cite of om. in B. and om. in T D H B. 
26 iij om. in T. worshipful om. in II. 27 T D were in |>e. inom. in B. 28 T 
a.^kedetf. D B aftir. T burft. 29 B Kuangelyst and seyth thus. injwg. HB. 
30 B in Bedleem Iudc. T D H t he whiche Gospel le ; B Thys. H B is to saye. ihesus 
om. in T D ; B ihe.<u Cryst. 31 T B born. T D B in the Cite. H Iewes. 32 T D 
heroudc B herrowdis ; H herode the kyng ; of po same londe om. in H. B |>an Jnrse 
33 B \>at come; and om. in B. T seyden. B borne. 34 |>e om. in B. T D seien 
H sigh B sawe. B and therfore. 35 T D cotnen. T doon ; B to worechip hym. 
B kyiig herrodys. 36 B gretly distroublyd. B and all his Citee of Ierlm also, 
p. GO, 1 he om. in H. togedir om. in T D B; B gadryd hym. T cf preestM,B and 
prestys of his lawe. 2 of om. in B. T borh\ B seyde. 3 of Iury— Bethleem 
(4) om. in T. H Jns. H writen B wrete. 4 B Than pon ; H & ]>en herode sent 
oute a duke to rule his peple of Israel (!). 5 T D noo. After " pryncys of " a leaf is 
wanting in D. B goori. 6 H k pen. 7 H cleped to hym priuelych. B sent for. 
8 B whan yt apery d ffyrst to J>em & |>ei tolde hym, and j>an they went forthe 
toward Bedelem ; and yitt herrowde preyde hem pat pey wolde goo & enquere 
besily... 9 T he sente, H sent he. 10 The, Bye- 11 T founden. Hretorne 
to me ; B J>an corny pe ayen to me and telle me. T B may. come and om. in B. 
12 H and whan, had om. in T ; B ]win had. B j)e wille of the kyng. T 3eden. B 
toke her levc and went forthe theyre wey. 13 T sien B sawe. B yode. 14 T 
there as, B there \>at. B thys blebsid Chylde was borne, and ban they sawe the sterre 
stonde stille ouere pe place pere ]>at cryst was bore, and J>an )>ey were gladde. 
15 T sien. H moch gladder, and — moder (17) om. in B. 16 and — moderom. in 
Cbr. K and |>er \>ey founde a child. 17 )>an om. in H. H tresoure. 18 H cense. 
H k t>:8 mater why ; B Of these iij kynges why they. 19 B to... to. 20 H in 
niouy diuerse. B declared. H expounde ; B expownyn dyuers causis the which. 
T bin wreten, H haf} be grot. 22 B tell and declare. H one cause. T why that. 
23 so om. in B. 24 T H soden B sodenly. B and pat is. H was. T seyden ; 
11 the sigh, B for sithen. J»t om. in H B. 25 T kynges of Inde. B and j)at they 
and her. T oostw B hoost. B po ferre oute of. 26 of om. in H ; B oute of. H 
j?o which peple. 27 had om. in H. T often tymes B off ten tyme. T kynge B 
kyng ; H the kyngw of Iewes. B besegid ]>at Citee and distroyed yt and alj>e londis 
all abouto. II J>e Cite. 28 B and also. 29 T bycause }wt, B also because |>at. 
II for bycause. B comen. so om. in T. 30 T lurye. B J»t tho was borne of 
oure lady s. Marye. T nowe. and om. in H. B and also a nother cause was for 
loue pat herrowdis. 31 T for cause. H alien t. 32 he was agast om. in B. 
33 B that he schuld a lost. 34 Also om. in T. T B ther was. bat om. in T. 
35 B thus come of goddis ord. to ]>at. p. 62, 1 B any avysement. H the fit. 2 
aud om. in H. B of pat. 4 T and scribes. H and her scripture and her. B 
srriptours. 5 T euere. B bat. B and so these. T the. 6 J>es om. in H. B 
of long. 7 H B byrth, T chirche. B bome Inne. 8 B and so they. 9 T 
trechorye, H malice. B Of thys spekyth s g. T H an. 10 wel om. in H B. 
hereof om. in T H B. B seyth thus. 13 T filia certamen imposuit THB 
multa, T H prouidit. 14 B This. B and be. ysaac om. in T B. 15 H say and 
vnderstonde. B Jwit Iewys. 15 B made blynde. 17 T sye B seye. 18 Jit 
om. in T, H neuerthelese. T sye H sigh B sawe. B many other. 19 B afftyr- 
wardis. 19 B full of prophesyes in speryte. 20 T hym whom. H j>aye. 21 
T B amonges.' 22 T where, H Bof whom. T bifore Bbe-fforne. 23 T pro- 
phecieden. 24 B but also of. T B born ynne. 25 H tolde pey ; B and so they t. 
T B konnyng. 26 B her wytnes. B and to oure help and to oure beleve and. 

XIX. SI T of lawe ; B of his lawe and of. 32 B borne yn. T B they passedcn 
(B passid). 33 B pat Citee. to hem om. in H B. 34 T erst, H byfore, B a-forn 
tyme. B yode. 35 in om. in T B. litil om. in H. B myles. H oute. 36 H by 
the. p. 64, 1 T where ; H where the sh. were ; B pat the aungell aperyd to the 
schepardys with gr. lyght schewyng. T to whom. 2 B to pern be the b. 3 H 
furthermore as ; B Than, worthy om. in B. H by the waye and by the same 
place. 4 H thesaide sh. were )*ey ride and. B spokyn. 5 T syen H sigh B 
sawe. T ronnen, B Rownyd. H said to the kynges. 6 in H. T and such, 
an. 7 B peryd to vs k tolde vs. 8 T fforthirmore, B And, H wit». }»t om. in 
B. B pe aungellis seyde hadde and spoken to \>e schepardis. 9 T herde and seyne. B 
seen 1 herde. att thyng om. in H. att— l>at om. in B. 10 B doon. 10 B om. 
eucry thyng ; T ad. T B vnto. H B these. 11 B wondyrly, H right, goode om. 


in H. 8 they horde. 12 B of these seyde schep. wordes ; H of the sen. saying. 
13 and — scheperdys om. in B. so om. in T. 14 oute om. in B. 15 B for they 
hadde. 16 T B seyu. vois. oute om. in B. 18 boj>e om. in B. Bpes iij. 21 
sei?e om. in H ; T seyn. H J>nt Iewes. T bileeuen. 22 B be-fforne. 23 T afir. 
H B went. 24 >at om. in H. B pat it was. 25 jut om. in T B. H >ese. 26 H spake 
T spoken B spokyn. H )>e sterre was more & more k begaft. 28 B Fulgencyus 
the gret Clerk. B sarmon. 29 B made. T B that as. H nous J>at. B with ij. T 
or, U and, B and with. 30 T B ben. T cornered. T so is. 31 B as >e two 
wallys and ]>e ij sydys. T or ij. T H B the whiche ben (H be) ioynede. 32 H togedera. 
B togedyr, so holy chyrche hatthe Ioyned thes ij peplis in oon feij>o and in oon 
beleue Jrargh oon c. 33 ihesu om. in T ; B Ih&ms. B and these. T and ij, H peiae 
ij, B and ]*» ij wallys. H B where. 34 B thes k. and these sen. 35 a om. in T. 
H j)at in one. T B and in oo (B oon). knewe and om. in B. 36 H B worshippid 
these .. k >eise. T and ij. B >e k. p. 66 f 1 T of I., B the I. H whiche were,B for 
they were. H fure. B of dyuers contreys and of a contrary b. 2 B but thanne. 
3 T hem bothe & drowe. 4 hem om. in B. B ]>3 kyngys, H kyng. B ba I. 

5 B Crist?*, cristen pepil om. in B. H iu inonir B grace & in verry beleve. 

6 B be oure lorde ilie^u cryst which the ap. 7 B he was. H kiugis. B in oofl 
soo — one om. in B. 8 T kyngis and lewes ; 8-11 H the kyagis and Iewes were made 
both one, per was made and knytt in one corner and trewe bylcve. 9 to om. in. 
B. 10 B Cryst ib*ra. Jris om. in B. B cam. 11 T a made. T a, B oofi. corner 
om. in B. T the too, H for the one. T the too, B k pe oon, H of the one. 12 
T B come. H of crist. 13 T the to |>er H )>e oJ>er. H of the o.w. came of. T come, B bat 
cam to Cryst was whan. 14 H B pe angel. 15 were om. in H. B were fyrst pot 
were myscreauntis. of om. in T. T bileeued B beleviddefl. J>es schep. — crist om. 
in TH. Band pea. 16 B were. B beleuyd in. 17 H pis side of pis walle J>atcame 
fro fer was the watt of kyngis. B This oon syde and tnys oon walle cam ; of kyngis 
om. in B T come. B and the tother syde and the other. 17 cam om. in T. B 
cam but nygh. T from nyigh. T H B must. 19 kyngis om. in T B. T from fer 
vnto. 20 TH on. B in Cryst ihesu worse hipped mote he be H and this side and wall. 
B and this walle. 21 T come, H J>at came, but om. in H B. T B from. H neigh, 
and pis om. in H ; B pat (and om.). 22 T founden. T there as. 23 in om. in B. T In 
pees ; B and the kynges cam. be om. in B. ferre om. in T. T H cunt re. 24 were, B k 
were. T hem-silfen, om. in B. 25 as pty seyde om. inB. 26 B Cryst ihetu kyng. 

XX. 28 B k o>er. 29 T H spoke B hpokeH. TUjje. T Jeuyu H yaff B yave. B 
hym. 30 B pan pej. H had Riden. B and anooft. 31 Tkuewen. j>atom. in H. B 
comyn. H B to the place of. 32 T ali?tede. 33 B array J>at pey hadde on 
hem ; and cIoJhhI— hadde ora. in B. 34 and om. in T H. T H B be(n) arrayede. 
arrayed hem om. in H ; B theye arrayed hem, T and so they ar. hem. B and 
also althe wey. B yode. hem om. in H. p. 68, 2 |>at om. in H. B pese iij. 
H came. T ]*er J>at. B was bore. 3 T shone, H shewed. 4 T ?eden, B comen. 
5 H came ; T B come to. 6 T next. 7 H a cornerd. 8 T to-fore B to-forne. B wern. 
TBthe, Ha. and caue— hows (10) TH. and com. in B. 9 B was bore. 10 
With "be litil " D sets in again. 1 1 B vrilh so. 12 B was. pan om. in B. ayene om. 
in B. H the sterre ay eft. 13hitom.inTDHB. D vnto. H and att-wey abode 
in. 14 but— and om. iu B. T D H but as it is aforeseid the light abode TD 
)>ere (D ther as) Criste and oure lady were, H in the place J>at Crist was and oure lady. 

15 and om. in H; B right, T D ff or. D in the f ore-saide gospel saide ; B seyde before in. 

16 B this, k om. in H B. 17 T D goyeng, B eutryd ; and om. in T D. H founde, 
B founde there. 18 ]>ei om. in B. T fillen. T D H B doufi. 10 T D B hym, 
H hem. T offreden. H to hem B encense and mime. 20 B and of. B vsage. 
J>at om. in TD B. 21 B pat >ere. B into. TDHBJie presence. T Sowdone. 
22 H to a B D the kyng. D H but yif. H gold and. B gold in hys hand or siluyr 
other. 23 or— ellis om. in H. his om. in T D. T hondes D houde H handes. 
and om. in H. 24 T B speke with. B or with. D to a. B kys. 26 T Jit into. 
27 B he come in. T to the Sowdons presence or to. .H B the kyng. 28 H 
to hem. perys. pat om. in B. 29 T D H may. H B not touch. H nor. 
T D or, B or these a. 30 T ben. 31 T alle the. p. 70 9, H B and J»k 
B the. 10 B sought. 11 crist om. in H. 12 T D B manhode H manned. 
T D of age, H B olde. he om. in T D B. 13 he om. in B. wrapped om. in 
H. 14 B (and W) = Cbr. T D H and in heye iu the Mannger vp to the armes. 
Also— moder om. in B. 15 TD writen B wretyn. 16 B and sche. B in her 


T D II B fbtfiily. 17 Jx> om. in H. 18 & a ora. in H B. 19 T hilde. B close. 
B leff t. 20 T D honde. T D H B helyd. 21 T lynen B lynnen. D clouthe. 
22 T hilde. T D god attmy3ties (D alinyghtes), H oure lord Crist Ih«*u is, B oure 
lorde god her sone his, T heed, H hed. so om. in H ; B an \ uflfb. T a. whan ue put, 
D whanne ; B J>ese iij kynges whan pey. 24 T kisside B ky.'»t. T D honde 
B hnndts. 25 B chylde ys. B and what were. T B dooti. 2d afterward om. 
iu H ; B afTUr. 

XXI. 32 B and arroby. 33 to god ora. in B. 36 B and B dtajar. T Godebye B Godley. 
p 72, 1 B of stature in hys persone of the myddell a^syse. 5 of J>o yle om. in T D H. 
T D H B mirre to god. 6 T of moost stature and of p? rsone ; H most in ; moost 
— was om. in B. he om. in H. B witA-outen doute. 7 B seyde. 10 H vestigia 
pedum tuorum. BThis. D forto. 11 H Ethiopcs shaft. Badowne. TEnmyes 
B Enemys. T lyk D lyke B lycke. 12 B k pey. H B shaft. D betrayed, B pat 
schalbe-tray pe. 13 B thy. T D steppes. 14 B with her. H oostes B hoostys. 
15ofom.inB. TDBatJ>at. j^eyom.inB. B wereliteftpersones. 16 of ora. in T. 
T merveilleden. T of hem mochel. 17 B and pay. welle om. in H. were om. in 
T D B. B from. 18 oute om. in T. ffor — om. in D B ; H and the nere the 
springing of the sonne and the nere toward the Est. T ner. 19 T nerer. 
20 B men )>ere be the leste of persone pat be borne there. H the febeler in 
wittis. 21 B tendyr of complect- ion. B erbys. T B ben. B hotter ptre. 
T hotter and better; H better and hotter and aft maner of spices be better. 
22 perilous, ben. T grettir. 23 venemous B venymus. of om. in T H B. 
24 B nerrer. )>ei be om. in T D (after sunne). 25 T D H B schulle. 
26 H ecti. B pem. H per 1. Bland**, many om. in B. 27 H kyng alisaunder ; 
B kyng alysaunder pe gret conqueroure pirtconaueryd allpe worlde & all J>elewys 
pat he lefft. T D lost. 28 and} om. in U. pe om. in T D. B Iewellys and 
ornaments. 29 H kyng Saba. H B founde. T Salamons. B Salamon is. H as 
diuerse. 30 T B vessel is H vefselx. 30 B in be kynges housold. 31 B god 
ys. T D in tyme of d. 32 D of the cite of I. T boren. B & be themme. 
33 T D and maoye other precious stonys and manye other Iewellys of golde and 
of (om. in D) syluer. H Iewelz. 34 B bothe of. B j>es iij. 35 D vnto. 
36 founde. crist om. in T D. H laid, om. in T D. T haye H B hey. D lienge 
in. B iu a. p. 74, 1 hit om. in T D. 2 T D ?ouen H yew ; B yave hem (had 
om.). B to all. aft om. in H. T pere as. 3 T D B was bore, thou om. in B. 
B fureneys. 4 D iij wort hi. so sore om. in B. pat om. in H. of om. in T. 
6 B therB. B theyre. T D H B tresour. 7 T D hondes H hondis. T D as fyrst ; 
B and. pe om. in T D H B. 8 tresour. 9 moche. 10 T honde H hand. H pens, 
B penys ther-in. T offrede mekely. 11 H to the godhed. pe om. in TDH. 
B Saba and of Godley. 12 he om. in T D B. H B tresoure. 13 B hande. 
and om. in H. pat om. in B. T D offrede he lowelye (om. in D) vnto god. 
H to godis manhede with weping teres. 14 H B tresoure. H offred also to 
goddis manhede. 15 witA wep. terys om. in H. T teerij. T worschipfuft 
J>ree ; worsen, om. in B. 16 H sore, also om. in T D H. T D & feruente. 
17 T D oblaciouas; B theyre ofTrynggys. D bat were saydc. 18 H B at that. 
T D H B pei toke. but om. in D. 19 T D sauf. pat to om. in B. T D as he. 
T D vnto. 20 B hede & s. mekely. 21 B This. H I thanke god or thanked be god. 
B panke be youyn to god. 25 H the which. TDH kynge Melchior ; B M. pe kyng. 
T penyes gilt, H gilt penes, B golden penys. 26 B pat somtyme was. pe grete om. 
in B. and — gold om. in B. -7 he om. in B. 28 B of Trybutys in. appil om. 
in T D H B. T bere. T honde. 29 B and pat. 30 B frome. terrestreom. 
iu H B. 31 oper om. in B. riche om. in H. p 76, 20 be om. in H. 21 H 
con treys, a om. in H ; T D B be. 22 T D pe Citee. B pat euery. pat om. in 
D H B. 23 T poer. B as. H and per he casteth. 24 H B the fVre. B and 
whan a man. hit om. in D. 25 as om. in B, for om. in T D. B ayenst hys lorde pe 
Sowdan. 26 a3eyns om. in H. D is ther. 27 B ys in all pe Est and yt betokenvth 
a new s. B dy we. H trewe. 28 B her god. a om. inT D, to a om. inH ; B & to her 
M. a om. in H ; B and also to her Sowdon or kyng. 29 T whejjer that it ; H where 
it ; B J?at ys. B done ; T be doon. to om. in H ; D vnto. T Martris. 81 B he schulde 
worsst hip hyra. 32 B and in thys. be om. in H. T Saraseynes H Sare^ins 
B Sar^ynes. T H asken (H aske) aftwey. T D of the. of om. in B ; B men Crysten. 
33 T D B ben. B prisons, in om. in B. B templys of pe seyde Sarejyns & 
wilfully. 34 H Coost. B to do sacryfyce to theyre mawmetys bothe &c. 


XXII. p. 78, 35 T bycome. T B borfi. 36 B m. oure lady 8. M. p 80, IT D the #f tea. 
worschippeful om. in T B ; D noble. 4 T Notheles, H B neuerthelese. ecbulle 
H B schaU. 5 be om. in T D H B. B dede ; make om. in B. T to fore. 6 D king 
Melchior. 7 T D lorde Ih«u, H ). Ihe*u Crist, B 1. god. 8 H broke att to 
dust. T broken. B to. so om. in T D. 9 )>at om. in H. 10 was om. in H. 
T kutte H kut B kytt. B man ys. T D hondes B H hand(e). 11 T toel 
H B tole. H breke B braeke. B orryble. T Mawment. 12 kyng om. in 
H B; T the kynge. T Nabegodbonosor H Naybegoddonosor. H in his slere 
sight. B sclcpe. 14 B ]>at is. any om. in B. B synncs. 15 B This appill 
betokenyth. 16 B Jrat ]>urgh mekenes of hym and of. H and trough. 17 B 
trouthe. H of his maieste and of his godhed. be om. in H ; B yt. 18 H B to. 
D alle these othere. H afterward ye shaft here. 19 T hire. B here here-afftyrward. 

XXIII. 21 H had this. 22 had om. in H. B done. 23 T H asked, and wolde 
om. in B. B these. 24 and om. in H B ; T and her hors. 25 T gag, H begun oe ; 
B didebothe. T D H to ete. T and to. and slepe om. in B. T D take B tokefi. 
hem to om. in T D B. 26 H and to. B disported |>em. D the, B a. 27TDH 
byfore. neither. T cten. B no. T dronken H B dronke. 28 >at om. in H ; T B 
thoo (B bo), D alle tho. 29 B of ]>e. B and to them of >e c. 30 D al aboute. 

31 T D ferrest. 33 furthermore om. in B. 34 as om. in D. B goppell. 35 T per 
Herodem. 36 T regressi. B This. T D H an ; B and an. p 82 1 wasom. in H. 
T H taken, B sent. B sclepeng. 2 H turne ayefi not to herode, by ano^er way 
returne home into. B kyng herowde, but take them another waye, and so they yode. 
T they yede anojrir waie ; by an oJ>ir wey om. in D. 3 home om. in T D. B to. 
B And pe. 4 J>at tofore-tyme 3ede om. in B. T D apperede. B affore hem in 
her comyng to Cryst. hit om. in H. 5 D afterward. B so sodenly. 6 T D metten 
B mett. be om. in T D. H rid. 7 T to-gidre home. T D into. B londys & kyng* 
doms. Tagrete. and honour om. in H. 8 her om. in H. T herberowph B 
herburgh. 11 B And so. 12 her om. in T D B. B and all pe. 13 B bat 
were >e dukys Olyfernus of olde tyme, and also ]>ei rcdyn & passid by with her 
bestys. also om. in T D H. 14 pkt om. in OH. 15 T supposeden. T bycome, 
H bed come, B be comen. 16 B Also wban. B any other Cite or towne. 16 H 
worthly and mekely. mekelich and om. in B ; B Keceyvyd worschipfuily. 18 T 
puple ; B pepitt of be Ci tee or towne. B and also ]>ey. to om. in B. 19 T seen 
B sevn. do om. in B ; T doone. T D or. 20 T D cuntrees. H yede. 21 B & 
gracilis pat all ]>e pepyll J>at herde Jjeyre namys were of so gret loose ]>at yt was 
neucre afftyr forgete vuto thys day. 22 T for3eten. 29 B beffore. B dvucrs 
landys. of her om. iu T B, of om. in D. 3) uojt om. in T. B go no ryde home 
afftyrwarde ; a}ene om. in B. 31 T B done. T alle her meyne, D H alle her men. 

32 B man ys. 33 werkyng om. in D ; B worke. 

X XIII I. 34 ait om. in H. H scribe. 35 B and all be. H J)e iij. B goon. 
36 B and wolde. T D hem. T D )*>y beden. H bedde B bedvn. B them, 
ban— preyse hem (p. 84, 3) om. here in H. p. 84, 1 B with, aftir om. in B. 2 B all 
pe wey. B )>ey rode. B these iij. he fonde om. in B. 3 B blessyd them & 
praysyd them. T tolden H B tolde D tellen. B hem of. 4 grete om. in 
T. 5 B with. T B angir H angur. 6 B landys. bat was om. in B 7 T riden 
B redyn H ridde. H here : and of gret malice ana enmyte he pursued after hem 
a gret way, and alwnye as they Rode after these iij kyngis he founde pe peple blesse 
and prayse hem and tolde of her nobley, and specially. B in Especiall. 8 H circile 
9 ouer om. iu B. B and pat J)ey kept hem secrete in her schippis. 10 T D H 
6hippes. T ait the. H sheppes. 11 B goodys. B be kyng. T D H B the 
scr. 12 T pursueden, B prevyd. B for gretenvye fals for pej so mcrveillously 

come. 14 T D )x>ru$ pe. B of a. 15 T $eden B yode. home om. in T. 
16 B pe sterre. H wyth. D gides ; B goddys in-terpretecion. 17 of om. in 

B. iij om. in T D H. H sufficeth. 18 T D H B wondirfully. B be nyght. 
19 D B therfore. B pe Iewys. Tdwellen. 20 B in dyuers londys aboute & in other 
dyu*rs plaiys. T bere. B to kyng. 21 pe om. in T D. to om. in H. D alle. 
B the. 23 B crist ne of pe place wh-.'re he was bore anooR Jmrgh Envy J»ey 
clepyd. 24 D H B knewe. 25 D scripture ; T be birth of Crist and the 
scripture. B s\ of pe b. B and of pe place where he was bore anoof] burgh. 
26 T e. and of malice and falsuesse. of om. iu H. B falsnes & Envy. B )>ey 
excitM. 27 T to, B in ; II B an, om. iu T D. 28 T B ben. }it om. in T D H B. 

B so there vuto. T D And of. 29 B in d. T D treten, H telleth B tellith. 


30 T D H B noo. T telle of. B here to telle. B For. 31 and om. in H. J»t 
om. in H ; B thilke, T D the. 32 in— moost om. in D. B most of myght & most of 
worschip. D most myghty. H mightf ull. B and so yt ys wytnessyd of be Crysten 
men pat duel lyn j>ere aboute. 32Hdwelleth. H and o\>er for to. 34Bdoutys. 
B all pis afornseyde. 35 in om. in B. H and with gret mekenesse and humihte 
and Repreuyng of. 36 T D worschipfutt. H in his seintes. p. 80, 1 in his 
seyntys om. here in H. to om. in B, to be om. in T. 2 B knowen. D in. B pepill 
of ]>e worlde and so J>at. first om. in T D. H B was fvrst. 3 H hidd onely. 
B in hys b. 4 H the same, name om. in D. B of all. T puple. B p. of. 
mamr om. in T. 5 B fer]>est. B last ende ; H Est. B schull. 6 H prayse 
his name. 

XXV. 7 )»tom. inB. D iij worthy. H come home; B goon home ayen and 
were come. T D to (D vnto) the hitt of Vaus aforeseid wttA greet travaitt. 8 Jmt 
is om. in T D H ; B as yt ys beforne seyde. 9 T mad en. B fayre and a Kyche. 
D H B in the. 11 J*re om. in T B ; D H here (H her). 12 H all per. T D in 
the, B at pe. 13 TD in. H sepulture. 14 while. B Than witA-in a litell 
tyme affter all pes iij kynges eche of hem went home into hys owne kyngdom, 
and J»n all J>e. andj om. in H. 15 B all )>e w. k. B theyre. 16 B herd tett 
of her comyng home. D iij worshipful. 17 B ayenst hem. 18 T D att the 
(om. in T) forseyde place ; B be be wey. T D and they. 19 B reu* rence and 
mekenes Jwy r. 20 H had herd, wonderfully, B m*rveillously. 21 B pe more. 
22 B with loue; H worship loue. T aftirward. 23 D of grete worship had. B for 
her. do om. in B ; T done. 24 B pat )>ey. T D eche. 25 H rode home with his 
peple. B to. B lande. 27 B as yt ys seyde beforne and. Jnia om. in B ; D 
in this wise. T eche D iche. D from oj>ir as for )»t tyme. her om. in T D. 
28 her om. in B. as— tyme om. here in D ; B as frol>e tyme a fifty r ward. 29 B 
comen. 30 B Jwt pey. 31 had om. in T D H. TD sye herde and dide, H sight 
hard and done. B seyne ; doon. T D and of. B in all )>e tyme of her 
beyug oute. 32 B to make, a sterre in H at the end after " to }iem." 33 D vnto. 
34 B where-]>urgh. 35 pe childe om. in B. H the iij. D iij noble, p. 88, 

3 H J>is. worschepeful om. in T ; D saide. pei om. in T D H. 4 B theyre. D in 
worshipful conuersacyon and right honest; H worshipfully with honeste gouer- 
naunce and conuersacion. 5 B tyll be tyme of pe a. of oure lorde ihexu cryst. 

6 T D to the, B tyll pe. B Thomas or ynde pe ap. T om. pe. 

XXVI. 8 pe tyme om. in H. D that tyme. D iij worshipfutt. B goon. 
9 B and so fforthe home into. D in her owne ; H of the c. J>er om. in D B. 
T D B waxe, H spring and waxe. 10 D and her. and 2 om. in H. B )>e. 11 iij 
om. in D. T H grete drede, D for fere. 12 H B be. B J>ere god. 13 in om. in B. 
D v. the erthe with hir childe. 14 with her childe om. here in D. TDto; )» om. 
in D ; B tyit agayne the t. 15 B god ys. H god wold J>er was. 17 of om. in D. 
B necessarys. 18 T D H was nedcf ul. T B to her. B afftyr. H be faith of god. 
19 D & to. 20 B thes. of om. in H. 21 D H ther is. T D H vppon, Bon. 
be om. in H. 22 T D H B sitte vpon. 23 B sone. D vpon. 24 T D H vpon. 
H the, B pat. D childe. T felle. D a drope down. 25 D of mylke. T H B mylke. 
D B vpon. H and J»t is ]>er this day. 26 D is yet. B seyne there- vpon. D B vnto. 
H B pe more J»t. B men scrape there-ofi with her k. T knyfys. waxith. 
28 B borne. B and also. 29 D B this. B and from pe cave. 30 T D H Jris. had. 
B forgetyfi. byhynde her om. in D. and — leide (33) om. in B. 81 the om. in H. 

31 H foulde. all om. in D. 32 T D leide hit. H an high. B and other 
necetsaryis which sche lefft in pe Maunger amonges the heye. fere om. in H B. 
33 T D H laye. hoole and fresshe om. in B ; B stylle in. B vnto. 34 seint om. 
in D. Elyne. 35 pe om. in T D H B. B Costantyne de noble whan sche 
come )>edyr sche ffounde pea Relykes in the seyde place, p. 90, 1 B and yit at pat 
tyme pe Iewys )>urgh gret malyce and gret envy pat pej hadde to thatt place for 
loue pat Cryst was borne there, That pey wolde &c. T holde. D ther as, H where. 
2 a fowle— mochel om. in B. and a om. in H. 3 T D H moche. p&t om. in H. 

4 T nolde. no?t om. in T D H. D B no man, H neijwr man. ne om. in H ; ne 
woman om. in B. B nor chylde. D ne wife, B nor no manure of beste. to om. in 
B. 5 B come in J»t. T D H J>at. 6 B And J>an afftyrwarde whan. B went. 

7 T D off rede vp. 8 B and. T dowfes B dowvys. and— se^de (9) om. in 
B. 10 T B tuura domine B secundum verbum taum in pace. B This. Now 
lorde om. in H ; lord om. in D. T letc, D leeue. 11 aftir pi worde om. in H. 


12 B Annyre. 13 pe om. in D H ; B of pe. T pharoses B pharyseyis. B of 
many. 15 B so a. 1(5 a om. in H. T arysen B aResyn, om. in H. D and 
her. 17 B no myght ne durst no lengerabyde. 20 B surge et a. p. et matrem 
eiun et ffuge in E^iptum &c. 21 B This. T D H B an. D vnto. 23 H Egypt 
in the nyght. H bere be. B be there vnto )>o tyme Jut I come and tell pe. 

24 B schali do to seke. 25 B for to. T D H B slee. B And fun. H Roos. 
26 his om. in H. B fledde. in be nyjt om. in H. B nyght-tyrae. 27 D aboode ; 
B they were vij $2re ; til — 3 er ® (30) om. in B. D til Jut. 29 s. Mirie om. in D. 
30 B and thys £. T from. 31 B in all J>3. 32 s. Marie om. in D. D went, B yode. 
B vnto E.-warde. T D waye as. B JxitCryst szhall come ageyh\ 33 Tgroweden 
D growen H grew ; B sche sawe growyng. H & pese Booses. T B ben. J» om. in 
T D. 34 H Rodsc T Ierich H Ieryce. T groweden D growen. B nooff other. 
T D B in. of —con trey om. in H. 35 D that. T D sauf . D al only. T D H J>at. H contrey, 
B place, p. 92, 1 D that ; B the same. T D gone B goon H gotb. 2 pel om. in B. 
B these Rosys. B in pe. H of the. 3 T D vnto. B pylgrymes J>at passe by hem. 
Here a leaf is missing in H after *' aboute." and — aboute om. in B. 4 T. born* ; 
D bore and caried. T D d. Cuntrees and 1 . aboute om. in D. B And now. 5 T where, 
D ther as. 6TB gardeyn. pe om. in D. B in j>e which gardeyne there. 7 and 
as brode om. in T D. 8 And om. in B (where a new Initial). T ben. 9 s. Mary 
om. in D B. 10 B wyssch. and bathed hym om. in T D. B hem and there sche. 
T wasshed D I-wassched B wyss.h. 12 T ben. 13 TB ben. T D B moche. 
B lyke. to om. in T D B. 14 T B ben. T hoyer. T fathem B fadom. B heyght. 
15 B levys off pes busschys. T ben. B lyke vnto. B trefoyles. D euerich. busshe 
om. in T ; B of pes busschys. 16 B beefl. 17 to om. in B. T is also, grete om. in 
D. B And of pe Baam pat growyth on pes busschys be wrought gret mirveylles 
and myracles. 18 D of the. 19 T ne. and di^t hem om. here in B. B y t be. 

20 B man nor dyjt hem neyther. T D B of ten-tyme (D B tymes) haj>e. B provyd. 

21 D kepe. T D they waxen, B pe bussch waxith. 22 T D growen B growyth. 
23 B byndyng. D the, B that, gardyn om. in B. D gardyn abydyng. 24 pe om. 
in T. B Ruddys. be— bei om. in D. T B ben. T kutte. B as vs. T B vyne. ben; 

25 T B kutte. D Co ten B cot cm. 26 B pes Ruddys so bounde with coton aboute there 
been. 27 T D B into the. 28 B disschys of syluere. T D B kuttynges. 29 T D oute 
of, B Jmrgh. D And than pe Bime is putt oute of be dy.-schys. T the. 30 grete om. 
in B ; B pott of viij galons whych potte ys of syluere. 33 B any lorde or kyng 
be hys messangcr st;udyth for any of thys Bame, ban gladly he yeueth hem some. 
34 T D Jeuitn. T of J>at Bawrae. 35 and whan -norae (3 J) om. in B. 36 )>an om. 
in T D ; B and also. p. 94, 1 B thes Crysteu men pat kepe J>es busschys in thys seyde 
gardeyn takyth pe kuttynges of pe seyde busschys whan pey are newe kytte. 
2 T and they. B and j>an |)cy. T sethen, D setteth B sett. 3 B and J>an Bame. 
T swemmeth. 4 B oyle or pe fatnes of flessch ; B adds : and J) in thys Baame 
ys gadyrd of and kept. 6 alle maner of om. in B. T brosures B brosours. 
7 B or. B wole. 9 B borne. 10 B For. 11 T B as ys. B yerdys endys. 
TB ben. 12 B for yt huthe such vertu and strengthe pat whan a man. T and, 
D yif. B takyth. B pat 13 T D B on ( B vpon) hys honde (D hondes B hande). 
J>orwe-oute om. in D. 14 on om. in T. T the toj>or. B and pnrgh pe vertywe 
of pat Bame pat place of hys hande. D bo neuer. be om. in B. 15 D that, 
as— is om. in C B. 16 T D B callyd. 17 and— bawme om. in C B. D that 
other, is call id om. in D. 18 B and for to tett alt pe vertue perof yt were to 
long (to telle here om.). be om in D. 19 T D reher.'e. B of pe Eest for the 
most party. T bileeuen B oe-levyth. 20 D verraily ; B verrayly and trewly. 
a om. in D. B for growyng of thys b. 21 D that same. 22 and om. in B. 
B and for sche. D wasshed. 23 B wellys pat be in pe same gardeyne and so 
sche dido wassch. also om. in T D. T D hyr ; B her sonys. 24 T D sones 
Clothis, B owne c]opis bothe. B same vij wellys of watyr. Here new Initial in B. 
B schall vndirstande. 27 B golden ponys J>mn. B and of. B here ye schall. 28 D al 
the b. T D B endvng. 29 B Thaas. T fader of. 30 B golden. of 2 om. in T B. 
D J»at was. 31 t D callide. B Nylus. TDB bis. 32 T D B wente. D B on. 
33 D the whi -h, B whych. in om. in D B. T thilk. T D callyde. B and these 
xxx goldyn penyes he b ;re. 34 gilt om. in T. 35 T D and for his wyf and for his 
chyldren; B = C. B Jacobbe. p,96, 1 B and afftyrwarde. T bre)>eren B brethyrne. 
2 j>«t were om. in T D. T Istiaely D Ismael B ysmayle. 3 B goldyn. B And 
afftyr J>ey were sent into. 5 T D sepulcre. 6 B and sd thes xxx golden penyes. 


Bin. D tresoure. 7 B And afftyrward be processe. T D as in. B in ]>e 
tyme off k. Sallamoft. 8 D kynge. 9 riche om. in B. D B in to. B And so. 
10 aftirward om. in B ; D after this. 10 B Sallomon ys. 11 With "was" 
H sets in again. 12 H B destroied. B golde. H pens. 13 and— tresory (14) 
om. in H. put om. in B. B in. 14 D tresoure. oper om. in T D ; B other 
many. B Jewels & o. 18 ]>an om. in H. 19 B gylte. 20 ojrir om. in T. 
ornamentys and om. in T D H ; B Iewellys & ornamentys. wit/t hym om. in H. 
22 D H tresoure. H those same, B thys same gold, T D hem. B y t. D vnto. T 
Crist was. T B borne. 24 D after p&t. whan om. in D H. 8. Marye om. in D. 
D went, B yode. 27 T D H lefte, D thinges. H in pe way ]>at were offred. 
B offryd to god. B be. 28 and om. in T D ; B alle as ]>ey were. T boundcn H 
bonde. D B togeder in a. D cloutb. 29 D Thanne alter this. B and so a. 
30 D B J>at ther. T shepard B scheppard. 31 B )>e whych scheparde. B a 
gret. 32 so grete om. in H ; B a gret. B coude. B hym of hys sykcneu. 33 
pat om. in H. T D vnto. 34 D B be made. no?t om. in B. 35 B went. H 
one. T B and now. 36 T D H B f ounde. B witAbe. p. 98, 1 T D ait y-bounde. 
B boundcn. alle om. in H. in a clowte om. in B. T togidres B togedyrs. 8 til 
om. in D. B I^lle y t be-ffylle on a tyme before Crystys passyon Jbat pe seyde 
scheparde herde. a3ens om. in T D H B. T Crist. D went. 4 T D )>e sch. 
5 au. T infirmite. 6 TDooH one. J>an om. in H. to god — help om. in H. 
7 B of mercy to hele hym. J>an om. iu H B almyghty god. anoou om. in T D B ; 
H heled hym auoR. 8 B hym of hys sycknes. T in. 10 wttA goode deuocioun 
om. in H. T D grete. T D H B the. T D H B gilt. 11 T D B with the. 
T D I- bo unden. H bounde alt, B f ounde art. T D in a cloute to-gidre. 12 B 
clothe, and om. in H. T Crist, B allmyghty god. T D sye H see B sawe. T D 
penyes gilt ; gilt om. in H ; B pes yiff tes pat ys to sey pe goldyn penyes. 13 B 
with. pe. B pe which yifftys he knewe wele. 14 B to. 15 H yftes ; B hem. 
D autere in the temple, and so— tempil (17) om. in B. 16 H after his c. (of 

fod om.). H offred hem. 17 in pe tempil om. in D. }>es— penyes om. in H. 
\ golden. H B with be. 18 B witA gode hert and deuocioun. 19 B which. 
H kept bat tyme. T I) in Jrilk. T D sye H se B sawe. 20 H oblacion. T D H 
vpon. B Thanne in. pe om. in T D B. pe — pie om. in H. B pes, D suche. 
21 T D H oblacioun. was — and om. in B. T D reuersede H Reues»hid. B auter and 
Receyvyd pes offrynges. 22 and om in H. H that such, B pee. D B seldom, H 
but seldom. T seen D I-seen H sene B seyne. 23 H & the prest. B yiff tes. 
24 to om. in B. D his, H the. T D H comon B comyn. H tresore. D & than 
after this ; B and pan wttA in a. 26 B om. in. B vnto. to pe p. — Iwys om. in H. 
27 B coraenant. 21 B almyghty god ; H Crist Ihmi. B and thanne. 29 of 
her tresorv om. in H. D tresourys. 30 B goldyn ; om. in H. B an. 81 so om. 
in B ; D in this wise. D bis cursed I. D betrayed and solde. B allmyghty god 
h. m ; T D hys maister god arhnyjty ; H Ihmi Crist his maister. peB om. iu T D. 
32 B golden. T B and |>an, D and af terwarde. alt om. in B. D was thus. B done, 
aud om. in T. B Crystys. 33 of heuen om. in T. H disciples. 34 B solde 
to be dede. as — was om. in B. D his owne. 35 T D H B repentyd. and was 
sory om. in B. B of. D grete trespas and mysdede. 36 B and Jxinne he yode. 
D $ede a3en into. D vnto prynces. T of Iewes. p. 100, 1 D kosted. T aooun. 
to hem om. in H. H the. B golden. T D H and as pe gospelt (Than— done om.) ; 
B = O. 2 B yode. 8 T D hongid B hangyd H heng. H so ]»t Jmn, B aud 
Jwnne. B these Iewys afftyrwarde. 4 B golden. D B for the, H for a. 
5 C B and with >e. T B the to>er. T D xv gilt, B xv golden. 6 T kcpten. 
H sepulture. 8 B furthermore. 9 H of the same, gilt om. in T D H ; B 
golden. 10 T D was. att om. in D. H the. B contrey aboute. bo)>e — money 
om. in B. 11 T D H monye. T abraham, B abraham ys. B vnto. pe. 12 B 
done. T D vaspasian. 13 B fro. pe om. in D. H vnto, B tyll. 14 B golden. 
T D not. H disceyuered. 15 B nor partyd. 15 but— departed (17^ om. in 
T D. B borne. 17 B And why (fferth. — cause om.). 18 why om. mT; H 
)>at. B golde. B callyd. 19 D notw. that, is pin om. in B. 20 B was. name 
— comune om. in B. 21 H B the. so — contrey (22) om. in T. B for to cl. hem 
soo as we. D clei>en. in pis contrey om. in B. B pe golde. of om. in B. T D 
byjonde H B beyonde. H Motus, B ffloreyns ametowns (!). T of. 23 B in al\pe. 
T D B prynte H prent. 24 and in siluer om. in H. T copur. T I-kepte D 
I-kepe. 25 T D J>o grete. and om. in H. T D vpon. of one om. in H B. 

176 various readings; 

26 zxx om. in B ; xxx gilt om. in H. B golden, pis om. in B. T B >e to, H the 
one. D oon. is om. in B. 27 T D H B on. T B the tojwr (B todyr). T ben. 
T wreten H writt B wrete. 28 H B can. T D H nowe rede. 29 T D H B 
as moche. H wight. T value B vale we D valoure H valure. D foure. 80 B 
floreyns of golde. B many more. D merueilous. T D B ben. 31 B golden. T 
here to. D forto reberse here. B tett of. D B And also. 32 H ware. D by an 
aangel to come. 33 D boden B bodyn H bidd. D H to go. 34 B Galalye. 
B in pat Oite & in Nazareth. 36 B Et cm. T na^arennus DHB na?irenus. B 
Thys. p. 102, 1 H did and wrought. 2 T D from J>e tyme of his p., H fro the 
tyrae of his byrth vnto his p.. B fro pat. 3 H euangelist. T declaren H 

declareth B declare, D tellen and declaren. H openly Inough. in ]>e gospel} om. 
in H. B gospeft ys. 

XXVII. 5 B was dede and Risefi & j>m afftyrwarde steye vp to hevyn, 8 T 
}»i. B the a. 9 D forto. B be word of god. 10 TD to fore. )mt tyme om. 
in H. B regnyd in J**t tyme. T regneden. 11 T D were there. D grete and 
worthi lordes. B lordys perot. pow— 3et (12) om. in H. T. were so. 12 Byode. 
T boo, D Jwse, B thylke. 13 H B shaft. B doone. pe om. in T D H B. 
T B prudence. 14 H and J>e gret mercy of god. T D )>e. same om. in H B. 
T honde. 15 to om. in B. T D his side, verray. 11 B god and ma ft. 16 
T D H arisen, B resyn. vp om. in D B. fro — he (18) om. in B. B bade hym to 
goo. B of hys passyofi. T B & hys. B and of hys asc. B vnto. 510 H B 
sought. B oure seyde. 21 and pere om. in B; T and the. with om. in T. 
22 B and w. TDB om. and. H B Quod. 23 B prof uit infanciam Christi quod. 
k om. in T. 24 T D in faciem, B iufancia. 26 et probauerunt om. in H. 
D H That. 27 a om. in T H B. H prophet. TDB pene j>ree. 28 D tbia, B 
aft her. H sought. H the ChildereS. D of our lorde criste. T D and hvs 
face syen wttA her eyen. 29 eyen. H sigh B sey. B hym. worsen, and om. in 
T D. 30 B and eke. T D moost deuoutcly. TDB hym. and— hit om. in B. 
81 T D H B Bartilmewe. 32 H Symeon. TDB lude. 33 T D weren. B 
tent to Inde also to preche forthe am. H \>e faith of god. 34 H aft peple. 
85 T ben. B in ynde. 36 H one part. T D H parties, p 104, 1 T on this side 
or this half, D B on this (B that) side, of om. in T D H B. ffor— see (2) om. in 
H. B of thys. 2 B syde. of om. in T D B. D B theras. is om. in T. 11 for 
per is nomore destroyed, descried ne om. in B. 3 H &. H acorn pted, B to ac- 
coompt. in — eest om. in T. D into the. B vnto pat partye of pe Eest. B lourney 
and no more. 

XXVIII. 6 pe om. in T D. D londes and k. B hadde prechyd in pe kyngdom. 
7 B the worde of all-myghty god. B goon. B all abowto j«*s ymles an I the 
p. of them. 8 T done ; D B dide. H and by hym god had shewed mony. 9 be x 
om. in H. B and thorugh. B worde and pouer. 11 adds : as in heliug of sike 
men of aft maner infirrnitecs and deliuering men that were traueyled or turmented 
with wilde sprites. 14 TDandas, II ]>an as ; nsom.inB. Byode. 15 TDB aft 
aboute. B into her. T temple. B and he. H B founde ; T D sye peyntid a stems, 
in— tern pi 1 om. in T D. HB euery. 10 H paynted and fourmed. T aftir the 
fourme of pe st. D vnto. B these. 18 B abouefi yt. 19 T D sye H sigh 
B sawe. TDB^ of om. in D H. B bysschop. 20 B bysschop. T D tolden. 
B in. D appered of olde tyme. 22 D vpon. of om. in D. 23 T B born. T D 
Iurye. T D as a vois. 24 cause om. in T. T B )x?s. 25 D wente, B yode. B vnto. 
26 wondirfullich— Bethleem (27) om. in H. B worschipfully. TDB J*>ruJ >e. 
D pe same, and — Bethleem om. in B. 27 T D there pei. D vnto. B bat. 
28 B borne there. B aff tyrwardys. 29 T H come. B home ayett. 30 B And 
ban what, of om. in T D. T hadden. B doone. B seyne and herde. 31 H or. 
T D seen. B bysschop. T II B temple. T tolden. 32 D H B And, T that 
whanne. 33 B hadde herde. )>/b om. in B. B god w/t/< aft hys hert and made 
gret Ioye there-of and prechyd. 34 B bysschop. B all po peple of pe Templys 
and to all other pepyft of the. H Cristis childhode. 35 B of hys..of hys. .and of. 
36 B and of. H workes. B whyles. p. 100, 1 B these. B of these. T Temple. 
2 T puple, H folkes. D vnto. B made kyrsten peple. 4 H expounded. B vnd. 
and what thys sterre menyd. T D pe. 5 aud 2 om. in B. he om. in T D. D kasted 
H kest. 6 D the, B theyre. B all her. 7 pe^ om. in H. B & in. B of pat. 
B borne in Bedelem. as — aforseyde om. in B. 8 H k so mooh a. D name aud 
fame. H begon. 9 H B rise. T D II B aft the. of om. in T. 10 B for all. 


11 TD InBrmite. Bother. 12 H sprites B sperytes. T D B com en. heom. 
in B. 13 B he helyd. hem ora. in B. T D B to Cristw (D goddes) feith, om. 
in H. and — hem ora. in H. D baptised. T J>em. 15 D so were. T were 
coimirted so. many om. in T D. T D B the signe. B in dyuirs placys aboute. 
B Th. the ap. 17 T ben, D be come, B be in beforne Tyme. H &c. 

XXIX. 20 B Thanne whanne. B the seyde Th. H teched. 21 T D puple of 
Inde. D sayde to-fore. D went, B yode. B into. 22 B iij blessyd. 23 he om. 
in H. H B founde. B hem ait. 24 a om. in T D B. H agree. TBau ans. 
25 B ne schulde dye. 26 T D B seen. T D B & so he. 27 H and per 
to here hym. 28 ]>es om. in T. worsen, om. in H B. H prayed. 29 T D 
neuere. 30 B of. T D or. 31 T D H Baptyme B Bapteme. B And affter 
ban be processe of tyme pey. H herde of such a ma 9. 32 B comen. J>e om. 
in H. 33 H which that, om. in B. T D callide. B the which, of om. in 
T D. 34 H Children". T D B Crist. & of om. in T D ; & om. in H. and om. in 
T D H B. B of hys. 35 and— asc. om. in H. also om. in T D B. B and of. 
S6 B of. p. 1(8, 1 B and anoon, H anon bat. )>at om. in H. B notw. peae iij 
kynges pat they were. 2 H of a. T D H B come. 3 alle iij om. in B. 
B a gret. 5 B And whan s. Th. sawe hem come, with. 6 B he resseyvyd. 
B pes iij. D worthy. 7 B and he. 3 pern. B hadde wrougLt. 8 B and of. 
D s. meklye. B here in Erthe for. 9 T D B from. 10 B steye up, H assended. 
11 how om. in T. T H adoufi. B disciplys. 13 B iij worsehipfuit. he om. in B. 
14 D enformed. T to hem. 15 H B the wh. in om. in H B. 16 D in this 
maner. T D of Cristis. be om. in H. 17 cristen om. in B. than om. in H. 
B iij worschipf uti. 18 B ait her. 22 B anoofi as. D fore-saide thre hooly. 
D B with. 23 and om. in B. B anootf pey. T D begoft H begun B began. 
24 B god is. T vnto, om. in B. 25 crist om. in T D. 26 D pleynely tolde ; H 
aforesaide. H So pan wbaft ; B and so. whan — with (27) om. in B. alle om. in H. 
27 J»n om. in H. B a gret multitude went witA s. Th. pe ap. of dyuirs pepitt 
vnto. 29 After " Thomas " a leaf is wanting in D. B upon 1 . 30 B thys. B 
and >an s. Tb. 31 T B peso. H of cr. 32 T B J*se. 33 B and ban begati. 
II and a, B and such a. was om. in B. B amonges. 34 B and such a. T H 
arisen, B Resyn. 35 T londe. 36 H both of. women, p. 110, 1 T B from, 
and fer om. in H ; B dyuers contreyes and from fer landys. 2 to visite— pepill 
(3) om. in H. B vesite. T tot. B ch. aforneseyde. Ton]». 3 T puple. Ye 
om. in H. 4 B These iij, H ]>at bese. 5 T dide do make, and a om. in H. 

7 B pe Rychest Cite and J>e best Cite of. B contreyes. H of the Est in ynde. 

8 B and of pe Best and is yitt. Jit om. in H. B vnto. 9 T H preter. 10 T 
also dwellith. also om. in B. Bap. B which. 11 and why — Thomas om. 
in B. 12 T H pretere. B here here-aftyr. 

XXX. 15 B And whan, had om. in H. 16 to om. in T. B of god. 17 B 
ordeynyd and sacryd. T vnto. 18 B afftyr. 19 B he ord. to be vndyr pern. 
20 ojrir om. in H. B othir Hynystres as Bisschoppvs. 21 worschippeful om. 
in H. 23 B in be seyde. 24 T D H templis. H aboute in the Contrey. to om. 
in T. T thes H B the. 25 andi om. in T H B. and 3 om. in H. 26 T ?ouen. 
£rete om. in T. 27 B god is. H And, B and also. 28 H teched. and om. 
in H. 30 H sing mease. H and he. hem. om. in B. of om. in T II B. 
32 H j)e, B at. ]>at om. in H. B betrayed on pe morow. 33 made k om. in H. 
35 T thiugis he tolde hem also, he tolde hem also. B to them and also. p. 112, 
1 B Bapteme. hem. om. in H. 2TB not. B forgete pe fournie of Bapteme. 
3 T had thus. H this, the ora. in T. 4 B Thatt. 5 T loue ; H for Cristes 
loue. 6 T fully and tolde. B bokys. T H writen B wretyn. 7 B 
where as yt. T why, H howe, B here. B sclayne. 8TB And. H B shaft, in 
om. in T. 9 B and there. Ttnerea*. 9 B pat there beefl bo]>e. Bwymmen 
bat hathe. T B visagis shapefi. B lyke. 11 B nat. T endureth ; B & so pej 
be. B vnto. 

XXXI. 14 B And afftyr. pan om. in B. 15 T thilke dayes ?eden, B in pecs 

5 ode. B k townca. 16 diuers om. in T. B and pan aff tyrwarde pej. 1 8 T 
lynstris. B and to. 19 B yeve. and grete Richesses om. in H. 20 T 
rycheese B Rycchesse. 21 T aft the. T H B vanytees. B and >ei. 22 H ord. 
mony clcrkis to abide. B to enhabite hem in the forseyde. 23 B The which 
Cite. T B done to. B make a litett tyme before. ]>ei om. in H. 24 B and ait 
her. 25 in om. in B. B sptrttuall and Temporait degre. T k in. H ten. p. 



degre. 26 alle om. in H B. B k of . 27 T vuto. B ]>em. secounde om. 
in E 28 bes om. in T. 29 T maden. pe om. in B. 30 of om. in H. 
men om. in T H B. T and of. B spiritual and temporal!. Here D sets in again. 
B and they Oomawndyd. 31 T D B a, H one. certeyn om. in H. )»n om. in H. 
T counceilden H conseled. 82 T D H alle >e. B schall. T D in this. 33 T 
to hem. p. 114, B And also they. 13 T B shuld ben (B be), alle om. in B. 
T B oon H one. 14 H one B oon. T B to chese. T amonges. H among hem 
a man. 15 and om. in TD. T D discrete and wise. B desyre hertely. 16 B 
m. and kepe. 17 T D H B chosen (chose). B aboue. as om. in B. 18 B and 
in the stede of s. Th. D vnto. of om. in D H B. 20 pe x om. in T D. )>e ap. 
om. in H. 21 H B a p. B and Namyd Th. T D H an, om. in B. T D eoer- 
more lastyng memorie. B adds : as long as he levyd. 22 B and so whan tyme 
com 1 pat that p. T D H this. 23 B the. togedir -scholde (24) om. in B. alle 
om. in D. DH into. H one. 24 D chese hem. B another in a certeyn place 
an«ygnyd. 25 B aforue Rehersyd. * D obey him. 20 D Thus. D in this wvse, 
H Sis. H spoken B spokyn. 27 B pat They. D and accordet there(to) and of. 
TDB oon. of om. in D. 28 TDoo B oone. alle om. in B. H these. T 
to alle, H D B and ait o. p. 29 T D chosen H chase ; B chosyn hem. B callyd. 
30 H om. J*. T D H come B comeft. T has. 31 B folowyd allwey J>e techyng 
and levyng of s. Th. B in y. 32 T chces B chose. B toke hem. T for the. 
33 B and paxme they. D B called. 34 B thys same name. T D euer was. 
H in ait t*\ B : was made affter seynt Thomas, and so yt was pr«?sentyd vnto the 
pope of Koome (the rest om.). 36 T ben. pope erased in D and corr. king. p. 
116, 1 H Jjeis B these. T D graunted, to hem om. ; H yaff and assigned to hym. 
B them. 2 H by ; B with pe. T D of alle the, B pe comofi. H titles, alle om. 
in B. 3 H B And whan, T D Thanne after this whanne. alle — and (4) om. in 
T D. 4 B doone. TDH chosen B chosyn. 5 afor om. in T ; D before. H 
fader and lorde of. 6 iij om. in D. worsen, om. in H ; D worthy. 7 B 

chosyn hem k ord. hem. 8 H raafl k a myghtv. B lorde aboue pe pepyit and 
chosyn hym goutrnowre of all )>e pepyit tempo rati. 9 B these causys. 10 T 
DB that if. D men. B Ryse. 11 H Th. or bisshoppes or prestos ayefi pe 1. TD 
H and if it ; and— were om. in B. 12 Thomas om. in H. T D hem ne gouerne 
13 >e om. in H B. 14 T D H hem. 15 T H nor, B ne. an, om. in B. 16 pat 
om. in B. T Hpret<»r. 17 ffor— alle (18) om. in T. 18 For— preesthode (19) 
om. in B. H ought. H obbey. 20 H Also anoJ>er cavse is this )>at the lorde 
of ynde is. B And also, pretcr. pe om. in H. 21 pc om. in H. 22 T D in 
moost. H speciallicft. T D bylouyde. B moost belouyd and specyally chosyn. 
H of Crist Ibeju. H adds : of whome anojjrr cause is for seint Iohn de Baptist J>at 
baptised Crist Ih«u as it is Redde ]>at among ait the Childroft p&t were of women 
borff was Per noue gretter pan s. I. de Baptist. 27 D After )»at, B And whan. 
T thus done, D in this wise uoon. D iij foresaid worthi. B kynges and Erchebys- 
s?hopis. assigned om. in H. 28 preter. H pe one T B the toon. 29 B chosyn. 
H lorde in temporallite. B of sp. H the o., T B the tothir ( B toder). B chosyn. 
30 H B gouernoure, T D goufrnoure and lorde. T in the, B of. H spirituallite 
for euermore ; to whome alt peple did obbedience with dewe Reu^rence and gret 
gladnesse to beire power and had (!) submitted lame to the gouirnaunce off pe»e 
lordis aforesaiae. fan euery mafl yede home ayeh in to his owne Contrey. B bes 
ij. 31 T ben. H names that is to saye patriarch Thomas and — here a leal is 
missing in H. B there yitt vnto. 

XXXII. p. 118, 5TD alle these thin pis were. D in this manerwise. B disp. 
k ord. thus. 6 B Jws iij, worjri om. D worthy and hooly. B yode. TDB into. 
D Sewel. 7 and— ^cre om. in T D. B ij yere afftyr. 8 pe feest of om. in B. 
9 T aboute >e. 11 pe om. in T D B. 12 D alle thre of. 14 D did make. 
D the foresaide. B Cite of Sewytt. 15 D B >e. T deden B dide. 16 D in 
g. s. B seruyce to almyghty god. 17 T and so, B and in. pe 2 om. in T. B circ. 
of oure lorde. 18 H Nywby and of arraby. 19 B he seyde fyrst messe. 
mense erased in D. 21 T D B wij>outen. T $olde. T D the. 22 B to 
allmyghty god. D k so he died. B yere and age of an C an xu vere. 24 T D B 
the tothir (B todyr). 25 B toke up. 25 T anewed (cut away iu D). 26 witA 
om. in T D. B and so. 27 and— toumbe (28) om. in B. to his toumbe om 
in T D. 28 B on. 30 D ended, B do. 31 B as was goddys wylle. 33 B 
xij yere. 34 whan hit was om. in B. D al ar. 35 T B the tothir (B todyr). 


B kyng hys brothyr. p. 120, 1 B And pe ; D pe s d. than. B pan Iasper. 

2 a' so ora. in B. 8 att om. in T D. B seyde hys m. wttA alt hys deuocioft. 
B oure lorde god. to om. in T ; B from. 4 B soule. D reste and ioye. 7 pe 
om. iuT. 8 B came. 9 There. Bhym. Tinto, Bvnto. sameom. in B. TD 
there as J>e ; B >ere pat hys brethryfl the todyr kynges. 10 T D lien B lave. 
B And >anne oure lorde god schewyd there a. T D B wonderfuti myracle. ll^j 
om. in T. B of thya Iasper. 12 B buryed and leyde. B j>es. ij om. in T D. 
13 B euery. B Jws, T the to>ere. 14 T D from othir. T Jauen hym. D B to the. 
B felawe of hem Iasper. 15 T D }>ey ress. : B he was receyvyd to be leyde. 
T D B myddys bitwene. 16 B of. B worthy. 17 T D seide. 20 T D That. 

21 glorious om. in B ; B iij. and Erch. om. in B. T loueden. 22 B be ber lyfe 
here in erthe. B ]>ey louyd and not dep. 23 From " sterre — Cite " the words are 
cut away in D. B \>at Cite. 24 D dethe j)at shewed and appered. D aboue. 
stille om. in T. 25 B aa men 1 of ynde and of ]>at parte of the Est 6eyne. 
T seyen. 

XXXIII. p. 122, 5 B And long. 6 jw, om. in T. 7 alle om. in B. 8 B whan. 
B vertuousnes. B ys pe. 10 B Jnirgh pe. Here H sets in again. B angeft. 
H excityng brought ; B J>anne he excited. 11 H diuerse erroures and opp. T D 
heresyea. and — heresie (12) om. in B. H his. 12 of heresie cm. in H. H om. so ; 
gretly fro day to day encresid into. B so gretly pat yt. 13 H places and londes 
aboute in so moch ]>at the kyngdome* and londes )>at ]>es iij kyngis were lordis and 
kyngis of, and also the peple of the Cite of Sewift where ]>es iij kyngis Restid In, for 
the most partyo were deuided within hem-self and helde diuerse oppinions of 
heresie ayenst the faith of holy Chirch, in so morti &c. 13 B pat pes. 19 T 
H preter. T D H B and ]>e. 20 H not Rewle the peple ne Reuoke hem. her 
om. in T. 21 T D heresye. correction^ om. in T D H. ne — corr. om. in B. 

22 H : & in, this persecucton )>at was })is brought vp among the peple aye ft the 
Cristefi faith pe peple left her Right byleue and toke hem ayeft to her olde lawe 
pmt is to say to worship fals goddis and mawmettis k forsoke pe lawe of god and 
of his se iritis. D and thus. 24 T forsoken. B of oure lorde ihe*u Cryst. 
B mekytt. 25 forjete B forgetefl. 26 T D B ait the. H adds : & as Jese iij 
kyngis laie (MS laid) in her tombe incorrupt tofore these heresies, Right so whan 
}>is heresie k pis diuisiofi was so gretly encresid in her kyngdomes ther pey were 
kyngis, )mt (!) as nature of mankynde asketh the bodies of these iij kyngis were 
di»olued and turned into erth & dust. 34 and— pepil om. in B. D meane-tyme.% 

35 B in pat. B comyn. 36 and kyngdoms om. in T. T ofbe. B iij holy. B 
and euery. p. 124, 1 B hys owne. H of his. B hym. 2 H euery. H hem-s. 

3 T D caryed. owne om. in T D. 4 and om. in H. H solempnite & worship. 
5 T D of her, B of hys owne. T D abyden. 

XXXI11I. 8 B Thanne. T D this. B Constantyne de Noble. 9 B and be. 
B were. 10 B S.the pope. T D his owne. B lepur, H keper. 11 his om. in 
B (twice). D maner. 12 B to. pe. TDlyf. B and pe, H & in pe. 14 J>eemp. 
om. in H. H conuersaunt and d welly ng. 15 H defect, T D infecte B inffectyd 
16 H lawes. and — lawe (17) om. in T D. B fals beleve,and thys quene tofore her 
conuercion to Cryst was a grete Enemy to pe lawe of Cryst and fey)>e, but 
wonderfully anoon. 17 T D and crist. 18 T D writen H writt B wretyn. 
Andom.inD. 19 D noble. H before. 22 D Bait the. asom.inT. 23Hcon- 
nuersnuntln. D paces whiche. Bthereas. oure lorde ihmiom. in TD. 24 TDB 
manhode. had om. in B. 25 T D wallynge. B whafl he was walkyng. B on. 
26 B place. D noble ; B om. holy. B Jmrgh the. 27 fals om. in B. T hilde. 
B for a cursyd place and for an odyous place. H adds : att pese places J U worshipfutt 
quene to pe worship of god and his blessid moder marie witA gret deuocton visited 
k worshipped ; after att pese holy places pat is to say the hi ft. B and also pe hitt 
of C. in pe same wyse pere. 28 T D there as. H B done. H Crosse and died 
for mankynde. B and also. 29 B in hys. H B sepulture. H adds: and pe 
place ber pe iij maries stode & sigben the stone remeued fro the tombe. 32 B he. 
33 T H B the Ev. T B hynge H hengh. 34 H per Crist after his vprisyng fro 
deth to lyf in pe iij d * day appered. T vnto. 35 alle pea places om. in B. 

36 B placys pe which aforne her conuerciofi sche hatyd J>urgh pe counsett of pe 
Iewys and after her conuerciofl pe worsen. T this holy, D this gode holy. T D 
H wttA, B in. p. 126. 1 H one ; B oof), chirche om. in B. made om. in H. T D 
it a ; B there a. 2 B all oper. H places aforsaide. H adds : also in oper diuerse 

v 4 > 


places she made mony Chirches k ordeined archbisshoppes b'sihoppes prestis and 

Clerkes and o)>er ministers of holy Chirch to smie god, and she van* mony gret 

poscessions to meynteyne k encrese goddis smiice. D this worth i, H this holy. 

D wente, B yode. H into. 3 B all)>e placys. D ther as, B ]>ero pat |w. 

D thilke n. 4 B god. H B the. T D H B she did. B dide do make. 5 

B Hyatt k a w. to om. in B. 6 B yt a. D this name. T D B exc deo. H pat 

is so. B vnto. 7 in om. in B. 8 H B Col age. of ch.— priuilcge om. in D. 

H spiritual ; B especiatt prevylage )>ey. H B beginne. 9 alle om. in B. of pe 

day om. in B. T D B exc. deo. 10 here om. in B. 11 B vsyn. $it— daye 

om. in H. 12 B And whan, had— sche om. in B. B yode. 13 D H into. D 

vnto. D ther as. T borfi. 14 T D B h.ra. oure lady s. Marye. and om. in B. 

B Tho pe I. 15 B no maft. B nor. T gon. 10 T hylde. T D it as for 

curside, B J»t place acursyd ; place om. in T D B. H and so fro. D and thilke 

tyme >at. 17 B >at t. s. Marye om. in H. T D H gone. T D the. 18 T 

born. B bore, com neuire man woman Chylde nor best tyit tyme j)at s. E. come 

in to pat place. H J>er neuer came. T D neiber. 20 B And }>an s. E. at her 

being there founde. H into that. 21 T D fondo. T hay H B hey. B pat 

lay in be m. 23 T D B wonnden. T D H B ladyes. 24 B many other thyngee 

pat. T the. B forgetefl. 26 H founde togeder fayre. B wounden. wounde 

tog. om. in H. 2? and om. in B. TDHB alle these. T reliquis H reliques. 

28 H saff B sauyng, T D sauf oonly. T D the hay in the Maungir. T H to, B 

vnto. 29 T D Constantyn, H Constantyne be noble, B C. de no(b)le. Jwre 

om. in D ; T Jwwno. T ren. and worschipe and sol., D hononre and sol. 30 J>afc— 

chirche om. in T. 31 H phophie. 32 B into. H which, T D ]>at. 33 T D Caroloa 

H barolus B Karollns. TDB come. H B to. H Ier. and into obtr Oristen Citees 

aboute with grct oost. B for there he. 34 B upon be s. T 6 and he. 35 B 

pete oute. H her pr. 30 T leyn, B been 1 . T D I-do B dooft. p. 128, 2 B 

and so. TDHB prayer. 3 T H bere. TDHB into. H B his. 4 B and 

there he put befi. pat— worschippe om. in B. 5 T D H is made. T D the 

w. T Akoun H acofl B alcon. 6 and om. in H. H B >er is. TDB ladyes 

H ladis. B with. H the oper, D diuerse other, T othir worschipfutt. be om. in 

H. B and pere pey be. 6 H worshipped and visitede. be om. in T D H ; 

B alt. H peple of diuerse londes aboute ; B men 5 pat come}) tnedyr. Jit om. in B. 

B vnto. H adds : Ferjtermore s. Elino did make a Chirch Right a faire aboue the 

same place per Crist was bore k in the same place pat he was bore beside the 

mangere litn s. Ierome, Paula, Eustochyum, Komayns pe which of gret deuocton 

came theder wttAs. Ierome. 8 fferthermore om. in H ; B Also furthermore. B 

hadde had doon to make. 9 D B wente. T D iuto. H which. 10 B k 

sche made there ; also om. 11 per- in om. here in H ; B there-to. B abysschop. 

H Clerkys and mony other ministers of holy chirch periu k yaff hem mony gret 

possessions to m. 12 H B deuino. H in the. 13 D H of an. H &, B and 

also. 14 londe and om. in T D. Jh» 2 om. in H B. 15 pe wh.— cleped om. 

in B. H which. D vpon. 16 ihmi crist om. in H. H transfigrede. 

17 TB pat is to saye Petre. B Petyr lames k andrewe. 18 D B mencyoun ; 

H telleth. is om. in T. B of a litett brede. T D n B it is. 19 B wondyr. 

H fro. 20 T D B an. TDB bytwene, H bctwexst. 21 H a way. B yode. 

22 H oftefi here. B on. B taught hem. 23 T greet, B many m. B yode. 

H as it is saide but in his m. T B manhode. 24 II }>an }>ese ij places aforesaid 

bat were. TDB bytwene. 25 H betweste TDB bytwene. D hem two, B 

nem in pat contrey. 

XXXV. 27 T the. 28 H Jris. alle om. in T. had om. in H. 29 H 
clerki'j k oper ministers, goddys om. in B. 32 H began 1 . TDB gretly to 
thynk. T H B on D ?pon. bes om. in B. D fore-saide thre. 33 T haddt»n. 
TDHB worschiped. 34 H childehede. and om. in B. T lady s. Eleytt. TDH 
of p. B yode to. H lond. p. 130, 1 B entryd and comyn. T D B pe, H this. 
H B lond, D londes of ynde. H aft her. 2 H her fals goddis k mawmettis. 
B arl pe mawmettys. B dide do make. 3 B mynystrys. in om. in B. 4 be 
om. iuH B. T prechide of pe. 5 among— feij> om. in T D. B pat tne 

techyng k prechyng of J>e ffeyth Pat s. Th. prechyd be pepyit and tho iij kyngrs 
had prechyd bem and taught fem, att pat tyme jHirgli. T D and by. D Jjo. 
7 H heresie B Eresy ; D here heresies. T were ; D was than. H stroyed. B and 
|>annc was. T newe renewede, D newe releued ; n ennewed and encresid. 8 D 


by. T H hir ; B J?e pr. of s. Elyne. B pat herde and sawe. 9 crist om. in D. 
10 D worthi. T Qweue seynt EleyS. D that is of. H & of . B be fyndyng. T D H B 
holy Cros. 11 T H B Udyes. H B & of. 12 H wounde B wounded. 13 B the 
pepyft come. T H hir. 14 T D H Crist. 15 B hadde taught. D than after. 
16 T D aftir, H for. B and of. 17 T And so. 18 exist om. in D. T is 
euerraore, H is euer. 19 T cryen vpon. troutti. H Rightful nesse. B Byght as. 
20 H holy crosse. D depe hidde. 21 B fuft depe. iij om. in D. 22 T D B 
vnto. B s. Eleyne. T H and so ; B and sche. T lady s. Elcyne. B loose and a 
name, alio om. in B. 23 T H prefer. 24 H princes and lordes. 26 B of 
pes. 27 B in. and— kyngis om. in B. 28 B and be. 29 H Nestories 
15 Nostrynes. B hym. 30 )>at om. in B. H the iij de xyng. 31 T meenes 
D H meant 8. 32 T D prayers, B prayer. B sche yave. B wagys. H lord. 
33 B pe seyde yle, H pis. of Egr. om. in D. D pat so. T gete. 34 B his. H B 
sche. 35 to hem om. in B. B Th. of ynde J)e ap. D which. 36 her om. in B. 
p. 132, 1 H B be (B been) twyes. B borne. H fro the. T B He of Egriswil. 

2 B allwey yt ys. 3 per om. in B ; H is per. 4 T D sithe, H sith pat tyme, 
B as they seyue. T ben. T D H B the. of Egr. om. in D. as om. in T. 5 T 
Thomas lith the apostil ; j>e apostil om. in D, B pe aposteit s. Thomas lythe in. 
B haue Bcetf. H this body, B hym bodyly. 6 a om. in H. alt om. in B. 7 pe 
om. in D. TDHB translatyd. 8 T Coleigne B Culleyne. and put — seye pat 
(9) om. in T D. H in to. pe om. in B. 9 B done. B seyne. 10 T wott. T ben. 
an. 11 B w. and so wytty k also so myghty. 12 he om. in T. amatrimonyo 
om. in H. T D and a, B of m. TDHB bit wine. 13 T Emperourt sone. 
14 T D Tartaryofi H Tartaric B tartaryne. Hat. contract om. in B. D feloushipe. 
B pat pe. 15 B Crosse. TDHB 30 1 den. H vnto. T D H mennes, B meft ys. 
H B handis. 16 D s. Thomais body. 17 B borne into Culleyne k ]>ere trans- 
latyd. H and be. T borfi. pe om. in T. 18 D whiche. TDH is, B befi. 
19 T Nestor in us D H Nestorini B Nostrynes. H toko. B thys. B nor. 20 pei 
om. iu D. H do hym no reuerence. H his. 21 B adds : k for loue of seynt 
Elyne. II pan whan s. E. had brought pe iij d « body )>at is to saie lasers to his ij 
felaus, p&R was such a swete sauoure of bes iij kyngw bat ait the peple of the 
Contrey aboute were Replete Jterwith. B k per. 22 T D B 00. B dide to a-raye 
hem. gret om. in T D. H riches B ryeches. 23 D caried. B pern. B to. H the 
Citee of Costantyne pe noble. B Constantyn noble. B all pe. 24 B reu. pat 
sche coude. H and per pey were put into. H pe which. D called is. 25 H phofie. 
H B Costantyne noble. B dide do make. 2(3 H with help of god and of a litett 
Child. 27 Hpelers Bpillers. 28 T D B somtyme. B a. D of the. 29 T 
Saraseyniw. 30 H destr. itban. 31 D H parte, pan om. in H ; B and panfi. 
T vnto. B kyng, B ff ont. T H Lowes B Lewes. 32 B was po. D the kinge. 
T and for. 33 H Lowes pan. pis om. in B. H came, a om. in D B. B hande, 
H peple. 34 B recoueryd hym. p. 134, 1 T and so. T D labour and traveille. 

3 H B made, so om. in D. pe grekys— and (4) om. in B. H lamentacton for- 
yede it. 5TB pe. of thorneom. in H. B from. 6 T vnto. B parys in 
fraufice. 6 H B shaft, T D shaft also. 7TB chief, of pe londe om in H ; 
B in all >e. of om. in T. T D Grek B Grees. 8 T D kyngis bodyes ; H >ese 
iij bodies of these iij kyngis. B thys. H Citee and Chirch. aforseyde om. in B. 
9 alle 1 om. in B . D of the. B contreys. 10 k om. in B. B k worschypid pes 
iij kynges. 11 B pej abode, a om. in H B. B tyme affter. H adds: and our« 
lord lhesu Crist of his gret mercy wrought per mony miracles prougft pe meritef 
of pese iij kyngis. 

XXXVI. 13 T pes pre kyngis, D this noble kynge. B And affter thys in 
processo of tyme Constantyne noble k hys inodyr deyde s. Elyne, and afftyr pat. 
pere. 14 aforseyde om. in D B. )>er om. in TD. 15 T bigonne. a3ene om. 
in B ; B erresy. pe om. in T D. 16 and— feip (17) om. in B. 17 cristen om. in H. 
B and agayne. 18 H pers. k tribulacton. B pioughtefl yif yt. 19 pat om. in 
B. B so m. worthy. 20 T pat same. H grece B grees D grete. T D I-borfl. 
B prtt they. 21 B forsokyn. H the Right way k the lawe of h. ch. and pe 
articles of the faith. T B chosyn. 22 hem om. in T D. a om. in T. by hem-self 
om. in B. B obeyed to and yitt do vnto. 23 pope erased in D. persecucioun 
om. in D. B thes. 24 pe om. in T B. TDHB of pes. so om. in B. H B pese. 
26 T D and the, B and pes. in pis tyme om. in H ; B iu pe Fame tyme. witA 
strong bataift om in H ; B vfith strong hande wanne in gret k strong batayllo. 


27 T D B londe. D H B Ermonye T hermonye. 28 H parte. B pes seyde. 
and ora. in B. T D thanne per. 29 an,B pe. T D >at was. B callyd boo. 
30 J>is Mauricius om. in H. B pe help. T D of men. H Melofl be. 31TDB 
be. and om. in B. 32 B of men of othyr contreys }>er-aboute. )>ere om. in T D ; 
H in that c. per. D by, B and thurgh. 33TDB|)e(B pes) bodyea of theae 
pree kyngis. bodyes om. in H. translatyd. 34 B ffurth. as it. T radde. 
35 H pe which, T D B |>at. p. 136, 1 B I-clepyd. B sent vnto. 2 T D fat. 
D hight, B w. callyd. T Eustogius D Eustognus H Eustrogeua B Eustrogius. 
B and sent hym to M. on hys message ; and thys seyde Emperouw of Grees praydo 
thys Rclygeous Ma8 to haske of. of om. in H. 5 to haue om. in D. D 
B the bodies. T D of the ; of — kynju om. in H. B adds : and so thys Religeous 
Mafi dide so and besought pe Empe rour« to haue pes seyde iij kyngea bodyes. 
6 and om. in H. B And }>aa pe Empiroure because. ]>at om. in D B. B he louyd 
hym wett. T this Religious man. and — man (7) om. in H ; T and also for his 
grete wisdome ; B and also be-cause he was a wyse mafi & a Belygeous mafi also. 
H he. 8 to om. in H B. T D the ; H these iij. D kinges bodies ; of— kyngis 
om. in H. B of pes seyde iij. T D and thus. 9 iij om. in H. B kynges bodyes. 
B to pe Emperoure of Grees (inst. of into Mel.). 10 B he levde. T D H B there. 
B which was an house of. JK.jom. in D B. 11 B frerys. B wttA all pe...pat pe seyde 
ffrerys cnude doo. 12 H om. pare. B {rnrgh meryte. 13 B worshipf utt k. B gret. 

XXXVII. 16 D after this. H it fortuned. 17 T H om. be. 18 T D bat, 
H which. T D B callede. T Frederous H frodiricus. T D pe. 19 B to thys. 
H Colofl. T D B bat was. 20 D B called. T Rcgnolde D Beynoldy H Reinold 
B Bogiualdus. B for help of uyuers lordys (MS. londys) for pes Re be lies off Millan. 
Thanne— helpe om. in C ; B and so this Emptrourt and pe Erohebysschopof Coleyn 
went and werryd on pes Rebellys and toke. 21 D helpes. 22 toke — and om. 
in H. D B pe cite. 23 D H part. 24 D these thre kinges bodies. 25 T 
hidden. B vnder erthe. 26 H in this Cite per was. B in J>at. D hight. 28 B 
in. D B jmt cite, pat om. in H B. bis om. in D. B in thys turment & in pis 
distruccion. 29Bofb«. B bat pe. D this. T whanne. 30 D by. B jmrgh 
strengthe of hande. B laye in thys paleys. 31 B lorde A. T D taken B takyn. 
TDH into. B And. B keper. T kepers vnto. 33 D praiynge. come and om. 
in D B. T come to hym. and om. in H. 34 T D )>e. D grauuted it; pst — hym 
om. 35 B come & speke T vnto, B wt'tA. T B & so. B comen. 36 T thys 
asso. T D H B byhy3t. pat om. in H B. niy$t and om. in H. p. 138, 1 and 
woldcom. in B. 2 and his lordschippe om. in D. B hys gode. iij om. in TD H. 
3TDHBof)>e. TDHB the. 4 H hard. B yode. 5 T for Jris asso. 
H grace and good lordship. B grace & love and goode lordschip. 6 B doofl. Jnu 
om. in B. 7 priuelich om. in T D ; H pr/ualy. T H B pe. iij om. in T. 
D B kinges bodyes. H of the kyugis. 8 of Col. om. in H ban om. in B. T 
B this. 9 H send, forj) om. in B. B wt't/i. H B a. T prt'uey H B preuy. 11 B 
yode. 12 iij om. in D. of— kyugis om. in D H. 13 hym om. in H. 14 to 
Jw Emn. om. in H. 15 T D H B wlie)>cr. pat om. H B. D he. 16 hym 
om. in D, his om. iu T. T D noo. 17 T B and with ; grete om. in T. 18 broujte 
om. in T. B iij holy. H seintes bodies, pe iij kyug?'* om. in D H. B pe iij k. 
bodyea. T D om. in. 20 and om. in D. T D also pe. B of bat c. aboute pej come 
witA. B worschip and Reuercnce. B coude & myght. B to Receyve J>es iij 
kynges and Relykes. 22 H J>is. pe\ om. in D. T D B ben. 23 D B manere nac 
T 3>tt into, day om. in H. H adds : and mony myracles oure lord l.C. J^rough |>e 
prayers k mcrites of thes iij worshipf utt kyugis exxery day shewit/t per to all Cristefi 
peple. D H & this. 24 D tranalacions. D kinges and seyntes. Melch. — Iasp. 
om. in T D H. B \at ys to sey Melchior &. c. T Deo gracias. 

27 T H Pretyr. 28 B kyugdoms pat holde}>e of hym and be vndyr hym. 
T ben. D B calle. pe feest of om. in B. 29 T D with her crownt's as kyngis. 
scholde bo araied om. in H. 30 her om. in H B. H heddis. witA ora. in H. 
B into. 31 H temples B templys. 32 II here her, B here theyre. pe om. in 
TDH. T D of her, H B of the. 33 B pe f . tyme. T atte (pe om.). first om. 
in T D H B. 34 H and pe. offryng om. in T D ; B tyme. is om. in B. T after 
the offryng of the gospelle. 35 H |>yrde. is om. in B. D B afftyr. of pe masse 
om. in 1) II. 36 D be of fire golde. B these. T D B oblacyouns. p. 140, 1 
aH om. iu H. 2 II lesse. D offren. Bin )>i: same. H messe tyme. 3 |»at om. in 
TB. T pouer II D B power. D Moreouer. B And furj)ermore. 4 B men amonges 


J>em. pat om. in B. T B ben. 5 H Citees. H and heresies, as om. in T. 
B Nywbyany. T Nenstoryny B Nostorynv. T Grecij B Grrecti. T Sumany 
D B Symani ; H Simani &. Marouici ora. in B. B Ismanyny. T D Marorainy 
Mandorij Nicbolaite, H Nich. Ma ro mini Madopoli. B Nichoo. &.a om. io T D H. 
TDBut, H bat, Bof ]>es. 8 T D H B party, certeyn om. in B. OTDHof 
Epiph. H B shaft, here om. in T. D after. 10 TD these heretiku bat befl 
cristen &. 11 D seculere H seclers ; B of s. and of. alle om. in T D. TD they. 
H fast B faste. II in. 12 B tyll yt be. T D H a^enst B ageyns. pe om. in 
T H. J>an om. in C T D H B. 13 B tabyrt. TDH]»,B hys. B tabyrt. H 
bey set, D he setteth. T wolle B wole. 14 T D H B suffice. T D his. 
B lebyng all an housolde. 16 of p\* om. in T D B. B bat Jms. D the ; B )>es 
tablys. 17 H drinke. H wiffes B wyffes. her om. inT D. B chyldryn and 
her seruauntys. 18 B allj>e. T D B myrtn. B ]>at }>ey can in. B And bey 
lyght her lygbt be yt lampe lyght or candeit. D day and nyght. 20 T DB 
from. H B vnto. T D besides. B thys same tabyit. 21 T D vigile H vigiit B 
v ygytt. J» om. in H. 22 than om. in T D. I) frynde. T otheris H B opers. 
23 T D honde. whan he come]) om. in T D. 24 B thys. H good day be to 
you. 25 B seye. II bona nox vel bonum vesperuwi sit vobis. H good nyght or 
good cuytf be to you. B Tbanne. 26 D to, H before. 27 thou}, om. in B. 
T done vnto, B doon to. D hem. 29 B walke. D the, H B pat. and go om. 
in B. T gone. H B fro. B a Candeit. 31 T D hondes. T D in token and mynde. 
B of po sterre. T D j)at ]>e brewnyng sterre that (D which) apperide fro pe 
Natiuite of onre lorde lhesu crist (I. c. om. in D) vnto be xijth daye and by (D 
in) ait )>at tyme ladde and (ladde and om. in D) wente byfore ]>e ]>ree kyngis and 
alle (om. in 1)) her companye vnto Betheleem, to whom was no nyjt but allwey 
daye, was seen to bem with (with a D) grete bri?tnea. 32 H B )>at ledd«. H the. 
B boost. 33 H )k>, B xiij. in om. in B. B and to bem was. ^ 34 B pat, B 
allwey daye and semyng to ]>em butt oo daye. The following passage till 
Furthermore whanne Tartarins p. 148 is om. in T D. p. 142, 2 B be, Jxmgh 
bey come neuere so from fer Contreyis, pej come. 3 H abbotes, om. in B. 
H rel. mefl. B with Crosse and ensensers of sylufre. 4 B pey goo. to om. in B. 
B Iurdau. 5 B from. H xxxti. B be. 6 H pia. B watyr of Iordan. 7H 
serteyfl. B togedyr be. H adds : & nomaft shaft speke a worde. 8 H party. 
9 II & ]>an euery sect of what tong that he be shaft Rede J>e gospeit in lateyfl 
Cum &c. B and p&n they doo to Rede p*i gospeit Euery secte in hys owne tunge 
bat ys to vnderstonde Cum &c. 11 &c. om. in H ; B in Bedelem in diebus 
herrodis Regis ecce magi (MS. magis) venerunt ab oriente &c. H B pis. 12 H 
worship. 13 B and J>an. H offer. )>erto as om. in B. as euery man om. in H ; 
H after per powers, B to hys power, om. is. 14 B doone. B of bes. 15 B 
on pe xij daye yifftes. almy3ty om. in H ; B almyghty god. H Att in one 
procession 5 j)an pey goo, B And pan affter thys j>ey goone in p. 17 pe om. 
in H. H & per euery party by hym-self Redeth in lateyfl, B and pan )»y 
Reden in la ten. 18 pia godspert om. in H. B be gospeit and seythe. B 

Galaleoo. 20 H in that. 21 B from Galale. B Iohn Baptyst. 22 H 
his place. 23 B waissch peyre. H Crosse. 24 H B and J>an. H B blynde 
meH. H go into.. .naked. 25 B and ban they. H B be. hole om. in B. 
26 man and om. in H. B eutry man or entry parry. H euery p. wttA her 
bisshoppis and ober ministers of holy Chirctt goo. 27 in om. in B. H B her 
owne. U per. H betwene. 28 B wyldyrnes pot s. Iohn pe Baptyst duellyd in, 
which ys clepyd with hem Mantost. 29 H de Baptise. 30 pere om. in H. 
H Ibe^u, B lhesu Cryst. H came. 31 H to hym. B Iohfi Baptyst and was. 
of hym om in H. and om. in H. H B J>e same. 32 B discerte. H fastes. 
U adds as quoted p. 142, 4. 

p. 144, 1 B And. H abbotes, om. in C B. alle ober ora. in H. 2 H order, B 
tunge. 3 B j)eyre. 4 H in bethlem Iude, B in bedelem. B we sey in. 
aft. m. om. in H. H B in p. erat verbum kc. 5 hit om. in B. 6 H onely 
as it is aforsaide. 8 H ptn. 9 B Reges. 10 B magi Reges. B horiente. 
12 H pia. hie om. in B. 13 H B Iude. B Reges. H ecce magi, B ecce magi 
venerunt. kc. om. in B. men om. in H ; B Eretykes. 14 londis and om. in B. 
H B j>es. 15 in om. in H. B peyre comyng home ageyne pere pey. H passed 
forth by. H In Reurrence & in worship k for a. 16 B to pea. 17 B thus 
pcre pe g. II om. in ; B om. in pia wise. 19 B ambulacione. 20 B vos. 


bes om. in B. 21 B pere doon?. 22 B And. B bene. H makenutie B 
Makamytes. 23 B tungcs. a om. in B ; B Especiatt. 24 B of J>eyre. 26 B 
and all. 26 B Emages. H tempis B temple. 27 B knyves. H B kut. H 
nose. B theyre B H eyen. H for a. 28 B Emages. B suffryd. 29 H B to 
stonde. H ouy. B defoulyng of any manero dispyte. 

SI B Also as. H the secte of the. 32 secte om. in B. B Ny wbyany. 83 B 
beefi. H nube B Nywby 34 B kyng of. B beefi trywe. 35 B before, oper 
om. in H. 36 B for J*. B Jnsyre kyng Melchior. p. 146, H of the, B of pat. 
2 or— gilt om. in B. H els. H heddes. 3 B of pea iij worthy kynges be 
which. 4 with— hede om. in B. H heddis. allemy?ti in Bethleem om. in B. 
5 in Bethleem om. in H. 6 H ano]>er secte also, also om. in B. H cleped pst. 
7 II Soldoni. B as. f>es om. in H. B beefi. B Godley. 8 B kynge of. 
H J>ese. B been. 9 B carrept. B take. H B an. 11 H not B nat. H hold, 
B hadde. H as J>ese. B Nywbyanus hope. 12 B kept. B trywly. B as do>e 
be Nywbyanus. B theyre. H B shaft, her om. in H. 14 H hand B bandys. 
II dekyn B dekynne. 15 H subdeken B subdekynne. berej) om. in H. BJms. 
16 B doone. H tokyns. H B of be (B >es) iij kyngis bat (B which). H to Crist 
Ihtvm god and mafl. 18 H beft, om. in B. 19 H taars. 20 B kyng of. 
B beeft. B Nostrynys. 20-8 H adds and reads as quoted p. 146, 1. B = C 
B beefi. 22 B beef), black Ethyopes. hatyn. 23 theyre. to seruyco. 24 oil 
txx> mefi. 26 schait. Nostrynys. 28 Kebellys ayenst. lawo. p. 148, 1 B 
And a. 2 B n-Resyn. of j>es N. om. in B. H sodeynely a. 3 as om. in B. 
H labores. 4 H founde. men om. in B. B }oyre. 5 pepil om. in B. B 
clcpyth. H and made, B and pey made. 6 II Cappitaine. U cheff B chief. 

7 H her strong. B streugthe and. H londes and kyngdomes ; B kyngdams of pe 
landys. 8 H of pea. H killed. 9 H peple both old and yong. H ony. B 
goddys wyft. H reads as quoted p. 148. 10 B Castellys and her. B Tours. 

Here T D set in again and read as follows : Furthermore (D Moroouer), whanne 
Tartarins grewen (D growe) and waxen (D waxed) stron^e and aft kyngdomes, 
londes & prouinces of vntrewe puple and specially of Nestonenes (D Nestorynes),as 
it was ordeynede of god, toke and distroyed ana hem with-oute mtrcy killede and 
vtterly put away, from ]>at tyme these Nestorienes bisou?ten of (om. in D) prettr 
(D prester) Iohn helpe (D of helpe) and bihi?ten (D be-sought) to be turnede to 
her rather (om. in D) feith and ys r:3t (D his rite) and custom vnder a certen trybute. 
whom pretyr Iohfi wolde haue holpe. % But pe pree blessyd (D holy) kyngis 
warnyde liyra in hys slepe and forbad do hym )>at he shulde (D ne schulde) doo nor 
(d. n. om. in D) 3yue belpe nc counceille to the Nestorienes, ffor by the ordynaunce of 
god ]n>y shulde ben doo awaye, per»he (om. in D) and vtterly be quenched, for god 
wolde (D wil) no lengcr susteync nc (sust. ne om. in D) suffre her obstinat malice 
ner (D and) her« (om. in D) wickydnesse. Notheles thes Nestorienes ou^rcomme so 
wit ft 3iftis the counccillers of pretir Iohn (D Prcster Iohiis cousnille), pat they seide 
vnto hym pat he shulde rek (om. iu D) ne (D not) charge any dremes ; and so thei 
sotted hym and (s jttcd hym and om. in D) stirede hym, p&t he sente hys sone Danid 
vnto pe Nestorienes with a greet oost of puple vnto her helpe and sooour. (From 
here T D = C). 

11 H pun whan. H had pla. B londe. 12 pe om. in H. B kyngdome. B Nos- 
tryncs. H Nestorinus as it is aforesaide. H B J>es. 13 H went, B yode. 
II preter lh5n. B anoon-ryght and. H behete B behyght. H wold. 14 H 
into. BJK-yre. Hlawcs. H tributaries. 15 and— hem (16) om. in H. 16 B|>\n 
alTtyrwarde as; on a n. om. 17 H bed. H slepped B sclepe. B peae. 18 H 
to hym ferefully ; here ends H, the last fol. being lost. 19 B manere-wyse. no 
so: oure nor helpe to pese. 20 sihulde. 21 vttirlich om. 22 And pan )>es. 
^4 pan pey yode. 25 yave. for to. 26 to her lorde for hem. sumnie om. 
27 yedyn. councellyd. 28 nor. 29 avysyons. But bat he. holdc — and (30) 
om. 30 Jhui om. 31 theyre connseft. & he sent, eldest. 32 hoo-t. 

p. 150, 2 B tweyne. T puple D peple B pepytt. B mett to-^edyrs. 3TDB 
kyllyd. 4 T D B in so moehe fat. T escape<l. neuer om. in T. T noon, B a 
man on lyve. 5 B Citees and Townys. T D B Castellis. |»t— to om. in D. 
6 T vnto, D of. D he. 7 tel om. in D. T D he dide. B doone. B ayenst 

8 D byddynge. T B of J*s. pat— hym om. in D. 9TB vritk. B a gret. 
T D sorowe B sory we. T D B hertc. D of mercy, B mercy of god. B and of. 
10 B pes iij holy. T D prayed, B asked. 11 D After that. B pete iij holy. 


T D on a tyme apperede. 12 on a tyme om. in T D B. T bed. 14 T pretir. 
T D B but that. 15 B fyneatt pese. B landys. 16 pe om. in T D. T D 
Castelles B Castellys. T D of hym. 17 stille om. in T D. T D vnto. T silf. 
18 D vnobedyent, B dysobedient. 19 T att-jxm3. T D B payneme. 20 B 
sory and a-gaste. B a vision. T D vnto. 21 B a Messangere. B and so. T D B 
bitwene. 22 D euer ; more om. T D B moche. 23 T of j>e too, D of oo ; B of J>e 
Emp^rour*. T the tothir B pe other. 24 B lordys. B for euei-e-more, D alway. 
Bvnto. so om. inB. 25 Bcontynewyd. ?itom. inDB. Bxnto. D After this 
(so om.). TD the. 26 B offte enqueryd. T D kyngis lyves. B and of. 27 of 
her om. in B. whan om. in B. 28 T D lyues, B pe lyves of pern, in mynde and 
oin. in T D. B & worse hip. T D of hem. 29 T D he, B thys Emp. B dide 
ordeyne. pat om. in T. 30 B names. 31 for om. in D. D euer. 32 D B 
these N. B theyre. 34 B vnder k bere trybute to pe Iewys, and in other 
cootreyis also )>ey be vndyr trybute. dwett vnder tribute om. in TD. D in pe. 
36 B trybute & so ]>ey s:hatt doo euere here-affter. 

p. 152, 18 D Ther is also. B whyche, D that. T D B ys. 19 ben. D Iohns, 
B Iohn ys. T D ben B be. 20 B of that. 21 T D a masse, B goo to masse. 
22 D prestes. and pe om. in T D ; B and he pat ys pe dekyn. T D & sudeken. B 
subdekyn. 23 T D meeten. B in. T gone ; B goo to-gedyrs. 24 B hygh-auter. 
B thus. D doo thai. B in t. of thes iij kynges pat. 25 T D metten B mette. 
B an. T which, D B pat. 26 so om. in B. B be ledyng. 27 T D 3eden ; B 
yode to-gedvr. Jiftes om. in B. D B almyghty god. 29 D Also ther is. B which, 
T B is ; D that bight. B Erresy. 30 T han. pei om. in T D. T D byleuen, B 
levyn. 31 in j>e om. in T D ; B om. in. B and not. B And. 32 T seyen 
bat. D say m. 33 B her masse, pan om: in T D B. cutte. T B ehyuer 
B shyue. T D it is. 34 T D four-squaw, B in square. B ys pntt. 35 of 
om. in B. B aboute. p. 154, 1 D hilled. B helyd ys. B & att. 2 B offratory. 
>an om. in D. T D B >e. 3 B brede. T D on hie. D B on. Tj>e,B peyre. 
4 T D with grete. D sensoures B sencers. wttA om. in T D. T D B Candellis. 
T gone. 5TB and Ibanne. B pey goo ayen. 6 B & pan. T D B falle. in 
om. in T D B. 7 T D do. B to that sacraffyce. D B thus. done. 8 B of 
]>es iij kynges be whych with iij yifftes sought. 9 and— laye (10) om. in T. and 
om. in B. D Dy ledynge ; B purgh a sterre (led. of om.). 10 B pey come. B 
}>ere oure lorde. T fellen. 12 D Another secte is ther. B which, T D bat. T 
D B is callid. T D Symauy B Symyany. 13 ben. men om. in T D. TDB Inde. 
B y-bore. londe om. in B. 14 T whiche, D that, om. in B. TDB callid. 15 B 
and now. now om. in D. B yt ys. T Svms D Sums B Synuns. B haue liteit 
Ej resy. 16 T amonges. 19 B pey wake, ait om. in T D B ; T D vpon her. 
B men doo. 18 T done. T D Iohnis; B mydsoniere. bin om. in B. 19 T 
bere. pe wich schul be om. in B. pe om. in D. 20 D shulde. B to sowe. 
TDB gardeyns. 21 B schatt. B afore a luge, pan om. in B. 22 B suere. 
B pes. and — kyngts (23) om. in B. 23 doon. T D pe. B pat sought. 

24 attmyjti om. in B. 25 T D that. T B ys, T collide ; D hight. B More- 
syny. B pese men. 26 and 3 om. in D ; B and her. 27 T D sodekenes B 
subdekenys. pe\ om. in T. B messe. 28 and Ester om. in B ; T D and aftir, 
29 T D that they. B seyne her messys. pe om. in D. 31 D Also a nother 
secte ther is ; B Hoo-so wyit knowe pure ys a nopei-e sect. B which, T D that. 
32 T B is. D hi^ht. T D Isnriny B Ismynyny. T han ; B >ey sey. 33 her 
om. in D. B masses, pan om. in D. TD her puple. B and praye to god to 
Bewle. 34 hem om. in B. B Rede. T D ladde, B Bedde. 

p. 156, 1 D Another secte ther is called M. pe om. in T B. T ben, B ys. 
2 T callid. B Morynyny. 3 B ban }>ey doo or sey in worschip of iij kyngis. 
4 Also om. in D ; T Ther ys also ; B More-over J«re ys also. TDB another, pe 
wich be om. in D. 5TB is. D called, to ?eue om. in B. 6 T almes. 

7 of god and om. in B. B pes. to— aboute om. in B ; to poure pepil om. in T D. 

8 T And also. >er is om. in D. B which, T )>at, D ther. T D B is. B Mando- 
polose. 9 T thes men. T D holden B holdyn. no— haue (10) om. in B. T nor, 
D no. 10 T nor. D eny. B prest. 11 B wolle goo to Chyrche togedyrs a-pr. 
T D in. 12 T ben. 13 T wolle. 14 B these iij gloryous. T D J>us. B Sothely 
bere be many dyuers sectys boJ>e of Crysten mefi and of pern pat be nott in pe ryght 
Dfleve whych hath many. 15 T D they han. B deuocious in Especiarl. B pe 
16 iij om. in D. worschippeful om. in B; D holy. peom. in D B. B teit of 


17 B achat*. 18 B ynde of be Best. T D in alle. 19 T ther that, B wliero 
I at. T weren. B kyngys or. alle— pepil om. in B. 20 T D haue hem. 
D greter, B Byght gret. T D and worschipe and grete d. ; B and doo d. to. 
21 mochel more om. in D ; mochel om. in B. T moche. B ban we haue, T of. 
23 B And also, ihesw crist om. in D. B habe schewyd. 24 aboute om. in B. of >e 
eest om. in T. >e om. in D. 25 and be pr. om. in D. T and prayers. B )>ese 
iij. and worsch. om. in D B. 26 T )>ree kyngis. D blissed, B holy worschipfutt 
and Gloryous. B Beignyth on hygh in heuen blysse. 27 hije om. in T D. 
T blisse and Ioye. he om. in D. D vs alle. 28 bat— reigneb om. in D. and 
reigneb om. in B. 29 D oure lorde Ihestts; B ihesu Cryst kyng euer-laatyng. 
T D B amen deo gracias. Explicit kc. om. in T D B. B concludes : Thus endythe 
]>e lyffe of be iij kyngys of Coleyne primo die Ianuare a. d. mcccc xlij. 


Continued /ram CJiapter III.* 

III. 19 and om. 20 in bis contreye om. called. 21 florisshed and om. 
stode in Ioye and p. and was enhaunsed richely wy th prynces. 23 and also wyth. 

24 and om. men of om. 25 praysynge iust. of loos, of the c of Akon or 
Alters. 27 and br. thidir om. 28 k see. marchaundyse. 29 J>at om. 
nobles ne of worthynes and. 30 for the. k many fold praysynges. 31 f*t 
were,om. 32 the pr. k kynredde. 33 sawe all thynges there habuwde in 
more worshyppe than. 34 all the coyntres. p. 10. 1 by cause of so many 

{>Iasures they taryed there and buyldcd a fayr tour k a stro;ige castell. 2 ony 
orde or kynge. 4 and wond. om. 5 a costlewe Dyudcme. 6 perles k pr. at. 
and. hyghest of the Dyademe stode. 7 1. of golde. made om. 8 after 

om. 9 sawe Criste. of a C. besyde hym. 10 Melchiors kyng. 11 to Criste. 
as bey sey$en om. 14 syknesses. b«t om. 15 fallyng euyll. diademe. layed 
on. 16 therfore after. 17 thordcr of b«- same om. 18 of gold om. 
obir om. be om. 19 late om. grete oflfrynge (pr. of oiu.). 20 tyme om. of 
tne. were, there om. 21 many other ryght pr. aftir om. 22 Jit om. vnto. 
wherfore grete sorowe and lamentation was thenne made. 23 c. aboute. longe 
t. after om. 24 Moreouer the forsuyde. br. also. 25 whiche were wreten. 
Galdee langege, beryuge wytnesse of the. 26 those thre renomed k. 27 afttr 
translated. 28 those, also om. 29 and of. bin drawen. 30 this present e 
treatyse is thus wr. tog. and compresed in one libel or ly till boke. 31 Je — bat 
om. 32 beren. theyr baners vnto. 33 of a. made om. on. 34 and in 
lyke. blessid om. 35 in tyme. sauyoure Cryste Ihesu. 36 hit was bat om. 
the prophete B. p. 12, 1 of that, and certeyn— after (3) om. 4 k desyryng 
of the. encreased and the more gretli it was had in remeinbraynce thuryghout alle 
the. 5 and also the more }>• people d. to see it in theyr lyue dayes. 

IIII. 8 kynge &souereyneof thelondeof Iewes. Thenne. 9 prophecyed gloriously. 
11 sayd the. 13 bis om. was greued wt an Infirmite vnto. 14 Ys. the prophete. 
and seyde om. 15 hym (inst. of to K.E.). 10 hym om to the walle k wept 
k sorowed. telleth. 18 noo. and for. 19 kyng om. 21 ih«u crist om. on. 
encr. and prolonged. 22 XV yeres lenger. than om. 23 therof. 24 ayenst. 

25 and so g. suffred it to bee. 26 And whan the Caldocs sawe this merueylloua 
and wonderful. 27 sonne k in the ayre. merueyled right gretly. 28 vnder- 

• Only for the sake of completenrss I here odd the readings of W. de Wordc, though they 
are of no critical value. But considering the scarcity of this ed. it niny be worth while to givs 


stode. in the sunne om.was shewed. 29 E£. the kynge. to om. 81 bat om. 

32 a om. na}t om. 33 was shewed. 35 wrothe wyth. p. 14, 1 pe kyng om. 
all those gyftis whirhe. 2 by her mess. om. 3 into. 4 were. 5 in pe 
snnne om. 6 Iberusalem (— C). 7 ^e— Vat om. ; And in that tyme the caldecs 
and the grekes. 9 gaue. 10 mayde and chylde in mennes houses. 11 knewen. 
12 gyue. biselich om. 14 gyue they. pat c. of astr. om. 

V. 17 is Man. om. 18 slewe. 19 regncd om. 20 prophccied Iheremy, 
and thenne Ioachym. 21 The same tyme. Nab. and om. 23 vessell. 24 
And bare tlieym in to B. 25 before. And they ledde m. I. prysoners. 26 bab., 
om. 27 J>ere om. 28 1 ye re. pe proph. om. 29 and Jaf om. many bokes. 
of god om. 30 as the boke tellith. 32 pat was cm. 33 oure lord om. and 
soyd. 35 maye. andom. p. 16, 1 sayd to the I. (proph. om). 8 most holy. 
4 ?es?e. Tyrus om. pe kynge. 5 Perse k of Caldees. 7 Iewes lawes. 8 
Michie. an om. 9 andj om. fode. 11 after pe prophecies om. 13 as — 
aforseydeom.thise. HJe^m. 15 & the men of. 16 the. shall. 17 is by. 
habundaunt mercy. 18 to pe st. pat om. % B. that was the. 19 and was. 
prophecied by a sterre. 20 callynge k clepynge. 21 callynge of the. 22 
nlmyjty om. 23 thyse. and worsen, om. And how be it that. 25 by thes om. 
26 well om. wyst well, whatsoeuer. promysed 27to s om. 28 of— andom. 
30 aboute om. rewardes. the. 31 for by-cause of the st. 32 twelue men 
ordeyned. 33 as — aforseyde om. hitom. 34 dyed, another shold (anoon her 
om.). 35 also om. 36 the. and- at (p. 18,.l) om. p. 18, 1 one. at om. anotner 
tyme to loke after the sterre that Bal. prophecied. 3 the. pat it betokenyd (by 
pis st. om.), pe om. 4 man om. And. 5 an. of om. pat om. came oftentymes 
to. 6 playsure, and they. 7 sayjeom. 8 Forinet. of pat. 9 whichemaye. 
6een and perceyued by nyghte playnly. 10 specialich om. the. bryght weder 
andclere. ben seen and perceyued. llstraung. pat— aforseyde om. 14 that is 
made. 15 chapett om. the. worsch. om. 16 of 2 om. ben. 17 6teppes. 
men om. 18 al.ije om. also om. many gode om. gode herbes. 19 speces. alle 
cm. this. 20 wett om. vp to the. bycauseom. §02 om. 21 made om. 22 
\\ and om. On the bed. 23 a sterre gylt and wel made k fayre. pat sterro om. 

25 alfo— lijt om. 26 by nyght. geuyth. 27 into the conn tree aboute. ben. 
28 1 e wicli kc. om. 

VI. 31 mercy k grace. 82 on. att om. whan the. 84 man om. 85 for our 
Faluacion. 36 p« £mp. of rome Octauian helde. p. 20, 1 the empyre. 3 discryue. 
4 the discriuynge. made om. 5 than om. went home to his owne e. 6 oute 
of galilee into Nazareth in the Iewrye k that. 8 Dauids londe. pat om. 
9 houso. 10 his. wyth his wif our 1. s. Mary grete wyth childe. 13 s. Marye 
om. of her childe om. 14 and so she was d. by goddys owne myght k mynie- 
tracion of angelles. and om. 15 maynger. 16 and — witt (29) om. 80 no 
om. nor place. 31 but. 32 and — grounde om. and dennys om. 34 the 
erthe. pat om. fro. 34 litel om. Myles. and om. 35 called. pat om. 
36 the. an. hous— ]>e om. p. 22, 2 as — afors. om. k. D. was. 3 enoynted to 
be kynge. 4 crist was borne goddis sone of h. 5 of — virgin e om. 6 \>\ the 
ende. 7 pan om. call id. and this was the cause why it was so called, for the 
grete. 9 so coueryd wyth. 10 clothes inst. of thyng. to kepe awaye the 
hete of the sonne. 11 vsed om. yet to this day (there allway om.) that. 
12 to be a market ones. 13 of 2 om. 14 tre o}>er of om. and om. place — of 

J>e (15) om. 15 and— wich om. 16 pat — Dauid om. k Isaye kynge Dauids fader 
efte. 17 before, k it was shapen (made om.). 18 sellar. and pere om. pat 
was om. the f. of. kyng om. 19 pat — place om. 20 putt in that caue. 
21 per om. 22 the. in* om. to be. 23 that ben called, whiche we 24 
calle. h 03 trees, those, horses. 25 and 2 om. cameles. pat om. hit om. 

26 0^ om. other inst of any. men. traueyle. 27 be hit — nere om. yf . 28 
self om. 29 as is callid. 30ahorsorom. wollhaue. for — prysom. 31 whan 
— liketh om. 32 from — cite om. anoper om. ; to cite or towne where he woll 

33 abeyde. and— tyme om. and there he d. hym of his horse (cf. Cbr.) and beest 
k senditb. 35 called. 36 pere also om. And ther ben bestes on that manere to 
byre. p. 24, las — afors. om. pan om. 2 the. it. 3 home ageyne ; to— pi. om. 
there. 4 came, hit om. that no man goo in to V cytee or towne in longe tyme, he 
takytb the s. b. and ledeth. 6 towne. settyth hym in the waye homwarde. goth. 
7 ony lcdyng (of any man om.). 8 maisters. wylde om. or of. 9 theues. 


in pe wc-ye om. and om. 10 other beestes. ben. 11 asonder. pe om. 12 
greteo om. of suche beestes hyryoge. 13 And snclio a ni. h. was that bouse 
a lytill before or cryste was borne in. 15 byrth. oure lord crist om. 16 so 
that. 17 broken. 19 and om. in. 20thevsage. the 23)>erofom. ofonx. 
24 kyngj om. 25 >an— but (26) om. 26 whan om. 27 Noman. 28 bede. 
all d. 29 as— af. om. that broken house and the caue. 30 vndir — side om. 
31 And breede aud tymbre that myght not be solde on the day sholdo 
be put in that hous to the next market day. 34 and x om. and s om. horses. 
35 tyed. broken. 36 New Initial. But om ; For to sp. ageyn of the matere, 
p. 26, 1 Octauiau Em p. of Rome, his c. 2 as — af . om. eche. and woman om. 3 to 
the same towne (cite om) that., in. 4 went. s. Marye om. rode vpon. 

5 / they came so late wythin nyght to B. 6 and— and om. therfore all p* Innes 

6 hostries were stuffed with. 8 And by cause they, they wente. 10 thej 
sawe that our lady was a yonge woman syttynge. 11 and, om. sorowful. of — 
also (12) om. 12 at om. of her delyuerauce of her. 13 ladde her. 14 forsayd. 
toke hede. 15 denne. that same. 16 borne. >e b. virg. om. 17 or sorwe om. 
for— and (18) om. 18 tofore pe cave om. 19 uyghe of a f . 20 in the. by 
the s. maynger. 21 mannes. J>at— herb. om. 22 the. 23 the. s. Marye 
om. 24 in suche clothes as she had. J>eryn om. vpon ]>e heye. 25 thoxe and 
thasse. pi. in that couutree. 26 Je— J>at (27) om. 27 In ostryes al the mayugers 
ben of thre or foure fete of 1. in so m. om. 30 or elles another, his mete. 
31 And suche a maynger was t>* that our lady laye in (the rest wanting), p. 28, 11 
dauid kepte shepe in his childhode and defended them from beers ana lyons and 
other wylde beestes. 13 also om. 14 kepe theyr shepe twyes in one yere. 15 k 
those t. are. j>e dayes & nightes ben. 16 of a. ^e— bat (17) om. 17 And 
that londe aboute B. is called the londe of bvhest And )> fc place in the eest is 
mooste parte mountayns. 21 fro. there it is. 22 hit otn. after the tyme 
om. 23 after that the places ben playne or full of bylles. For aboute tome of 
the hylles a man may fynde mow 3 in August, k that suowe men of t*t contra 
gadre thenne & laye it in their caues vnder the grounde. 29 in chaf om. 
markettes. and that wyll the lordes of b« countree bye to set it in basons 
on their borde to make their drinke colde / k the poore men ]>* gadre it carye 
it in chaffe that the bete shold not melte it. k the lordes that bye it vncoueren 
it out of the chaff thenne anone it is resolued and inolte to water. For comynly in 
that countree of the eest is alwaye snowc in Septenibre k Octobre / Whan, p. 30,4 
than om. all setles k herbes. comenlich om. 5 to springe and wexe. in \te f. 
om. as they done in this countree in Marche k Aprill. 6 And in. 7 Marche 
& A prill. 8 p. or ground lyethhye or lowe (rest om.). 10 ben. placys of om. 
gode fatte pastures and bote than. 12 barlcye. 13 ecre and om. men of 
diuers coun trees sende thyther their horses k mules. 15 — 18 om. 19 calle 
here c, it is called there tyme of herbes. 21 of— Marye om. 22 than om. 
therfore the angel 1 said Pax hominibus bone voluntatis (And for L* heete of 
the coutttre abowte Bedleem. that is the cause ]> % shepherdes kept their beestes 
there that tyme of the yere as they done yet vnto this daye / 

VIII. 30 those, wente out from. 32 ord. k made, of the. 34 was herode. 
p. 32, 1 ]>at om. J* same emperonr (C. A. om.). 2 subgette. Iewery. 3 of the 
in -it. of o)>er. vnto. 4 so by stronge honde they made. 5 And all. aboute 
om. knewe. 6 a lyon (!) 7 Iewry. as — was om. 8 by Jva om. 10 whan 
he sayde. 12 in her 2 om. 14 sesset. but that. 15 forsoke not. 16 
woman om. 17 moders. 19 confused of the. 23 stocke of lynage. 25 
fihalle abyde. be om. 26 of ]>• Iewes to the Cryaten men of the v. of theyr 

IX. 28 seynt — mankynde om. 30 J>e wich— trewthe om. 33 of the saide 
hyll. as— af. om. 35 ryse. the fionne sbynning bryghte. 36 so om. in om. 
hit om. p. 34, 1 ascending, the. 2 it aboue (!). So whan (in — pat om.). 5 sayen. 
6 whan, were sene many sonnes. 7 the dayc of cristmas was. 8 past. 9 was. 
lyke the sterre. 10 ben. 11 longe om. more bryght breunynge than. 
14 of that (sterre om.). 15 mouyd thcmsclf abowte. 16 )>*.. the. 17 the. of a 
crosse. 21 Jhj om. of the. 22 abyden and he is. go forth k soke. 24 we — J?«t (25) 
om. 25 for str. 26 forsayd. 27 fnllyth. as om. 29 That. God callyth 
those. 30 those that ben of his pr. / Thus. 31 disposed as he dyde in the 
olde T. whan he gaaf a langagc to on asse and made. 34 )at \>e same B. 


prophecied of. 35 Whan a!l. bo)>e— woman om. 36 alle om. whan J>ey om. 
sawe. p 36, 1 oute om. 2 aff rayed. 3 Jit om. knewe. 4 pr. of by. j>at — 
Iwe om. of that countree theraboute. 

X. p. 38, 14 worsen, om. in om. 15 the. Persidie. weren enfourmed and well 
assured. 16 by the. the. 17 as — af. om. 19 so om. ]>at om. 20 abede 
and om. }>e sterre om. 21 Wherfore though eche of thyse thre k. weren. 
22 none of them. 23 others, in — and om. the st. 26 with om. riche and 
ora. 27 belongynge vnto the degree and araye of kynges. 28 horses, wyth 
pre*youse tresours. 29 a gret om. in — my3t om. here. 30 to go seke in 
their beste arraye and to w. our lord Ihesu Criste that was borne to be sauiour of 
all t>° wo ride and the kyng of Iewes that was born that tyme. 32 had com. om. 
spake. 34 worthyly, for. knewe well k vnderstode. 35 than ony of all the 
worlde (was om.). p. 40, 1 eche of thyse thre b. k. had wyth them greate caryage 
of Oxen and shepe. 3 longe. 4 thei had also om. ; and other maner thynges 
necessary belongiage to the office of a chambre, kechen and to alle other offyces 
belongynge to a kynges astate ; and also bothe fode for man and beste they caryed 
wyth than; In so moche that they ordeyned soo grete plente that sholde suffyse 
them well both outwardeand homwarde. 11 also om. with— of (12) om. 12 ben 
an hoste. 13 also om. in — and om. aft om. in that c of the Eeste. 14 grete 
om. many — and om. ; in other townes. 15 \>er om. 16 of om. for om. 
is ynough for the com in people, but not for suche kynges k suche grete lordes that 
ryde wyth so grete multytude. Beddyng k suche other necessaries of ch a mores, 
neyther of chapel (!), ne of kechin is not suificyent ne honest. 20 art om. suche 
cariage with hem. 21 on — beestes (22) om. 22 And in the countre for the m. p. 
men ryde or go by night for brennyug of p* sonne k in hete of Jj* day they rest. 
24 Ferthermore om. ben. 25 of whom. 26 all those, and kyngdoms om. 
moost. 27 ben. and om. ben also thre (!) grete waters and thre grete desertes or 
wyldernesses. 28 perillous. 29 And in that countre done growe also thyse 
longe grete redes b* ben brought into Englonge and some ben so grete. h. k sh. of 
them. 31 And eche He is d. and d. eche from othe, and eche londe is full 
of wylde beestes (the rest om.). 

XI. p. 42, 2. is. lande. and therof M. was kynge whan crist was born. 4 And 
there, and in that londe is the mount Sinny. 5 and om. A man out of the 
redde see maye lyghtly sayle. 7 And pylgrymes. 8 passen the. sayen. 9 
it om. 10 thou om. 11 ]>e om. is as other water is of colour, and it is 
merueyllously salte. 12 hit om. place om. of all the water. 13 may. discerne. 
14 maner of om. thynges. |>at be om. by the bo torn, rede om. 15 & that water is. 
or — corners om. 16 e. k f. in the greate see Occian. 17 bit om. a om. mylea 
of brede where it is brodeste / And there the children. 19 oute om. 20 & al 
were drowned man and best (in— see om.). 21 Out of that see sourdeth a grete 
flode y- renny th in to a ryuer of paradyse terrestre, k that riuer is callyd Nil us. 23 
this. 24 and by it cometh moche riche marchaundyse out of Inde and so passeth 
in to. 27 and so through al ]>• worlde. 28 Ferthermore— )>at (29) om. ; And all. 
29 of the 1. of A. there the mount S. is. 30 as— af. om. is merueyllously redde. 
81 and also ora. trees, herbes. 32 growe there, ben redde for the most partye. 
33 k there is founde. wonderfully. 34 rotes, gold om. 35 golde of the 
worlde. 36 called Bona, in that, the stone, p. 44, 1 callyd. stone om. 2 it (!) 
cutte out wyth grete crafte and grete traueyle of. 3 wyth the Sowdans meyne 
(4 ))at k c. ora.). 

XII. 6 lond. 7 and therof was B. 8 and he. ensence to Ihesu. 9 of olde 
tyme in that londe. 10 ?e — J>at om. ; And in that 1. growyth more plente of good 
spyces. 11 londes. 12 Eest after; And in especial ensence more. 13 J>e — 
}>e om. downe om. 14 and — noone (15) om. 

XIII. 17. t»t — cleped om. 18 of Taars; and in the tyme of Oristis birthe 
Iasper was kynge therof / And he off red to god Myrre / k that londe is called 
thyle of EgriswylL 22 In that yle groweth more myrre than in alle the worlde 
after. / 23 waxyth. 24 wedder. growyth. 26 goon. 27 gyrdles. 28 and 
so. 29 on \>*. and on the. than om. 30 out of thecordes k gyrdles. 31 maye. 
32 att ora. don. of a grete pronidence of p* grete mercy. 34 thyse. and kvngdoms 
om. 46 1 in whom thyse good and riche gyftes. and also om. that. 2 by the o. 
prophecies Rather they maye bee callyd kynges than kynges of other greate londes. 
6 dona domino deo. 8 gyftes to oure lorde god. 9 for om. called. 11 Golia 


k Saba. 12 tbyle. 13 nexed. 14 theyr names of their, ben. 15 in especiall. 
Jiat— abonte om. 16 of the countree. 

XIIII. p. 48, 13 To shewe ayen of thyse thre worshypful kinges / of the araye 
and ordenaunce wyth ryche t. and orn. 16 And whan they roie forth oute of 
their kyngdoms none of theym wyst ne knewe of others purpos. # 18 ne]>er int. 
oro. 19 and fer weye om. eche. 20 went euenly t. tbise thre kinges. 

21 meyne. thene J>« sterre. 22 rode. 23 yede. k strength. 24 wayea. 
as— af. om. 25 in om. J>* tyme. pat— it om. 26 all cytes. 27 per om. 
ahyt. nejir by om. nor day. 28 to those thre kynges & to all theyr people 
Y it was euer day k neuer nyght in all those xiij dayes. 29 fe om. 

30 thite thre k. came by. in pe nyjt om. 31 aferde. pafsynglich om. sawe. 
32 with moche peple & bestes & caryage that passyd. 33 in g. h. knewe 
not. 34 from. came, whyther. 35 But. sawe. p. 50, 1 defoyled and traced, 
wherfore. 2 doubte. 3 in that c. longe t. after. 4 Soo fertbermore. 
thyse thre k. had ridden 5 rode. 6 for]) om. many other diuers peryllous. 
8 rode, were it hyghe or lowe, al semyd to them euyn and playne k faire waye. 
9andom. noom. herberough. 10 nor d. r. them selfe but to make water neyther 
their bestrs. 12 ne neyther ete nor dranke. 14 xiij dayes Iourneyes semyd them, 
one. 15 myghte. and the. 16 oute— kyngdoms om. 17 thyrtenth daye 
after that. 18 wherof this is. founde. 19 s. Marie om. 20 that., borne in 
k he was layed in an olde maynger. 22 to. myddes. and — bedleem (24) om. 
24 wherof saint Gr. sayth thus in an Omelye. 27 haberet fides. 28 &c. om. 

31 for fayth hath, where kynde r. 32 to man. For our. S3 one heere. 
34 that was. 35 bytwene. daniel the prophete. 36 in a p. a. wylde lyons. p. 52, 
1 hisowne. the. 2 to s om. 3 out of theyr kyngdomes in the eest. 4 twelue. 
5 as om. 7 an. any om. 8 locke. none. 12 was and is very. 14 and 
— ]>at om. 15 worthi om. 17 forsaide. though. 13 meked and om. 
made hym self lowe. 19 pouerte. manhode. 22 hyghe mageste. 

XV. 24 blessed om. eche. 25 his 3 om. 26 durke and a grete. 27 
couered theym k all the erth. 28 as the prophecie of Ysaye sayd. 32 come 
to the. 33 sprougen. 34 shal couere. p. 54, 1 come om. 2 byside— and om. 

3 don. by the wyl. 4 in the. 8 an. to that. 9 )>e om. 10 of the c and 
for. 11 abode. 

XVI. 17 as— af. om. 18 the c. J>e om. 19 that was. 20 wyth alle his 
hoste. he om. 21 Caluarye. whiche. called. ]>ere om. 22 £— ]>at om. 

23 of jrt. before. 24 after also. 25 thyther togyder. pryuely — toun om. 
27 wreten in the gospell. 28 to seye om. 30 a londe (ano}>er om.) that is 
called. 31 and is thre dayes Iourneye from Ih. 

XVII. 35 And whan. p. 56, 1 taryed. forsaid. 2 in 2 ora. 3 bygan — and 
om. wexed. 4 sawe. 5 uye lhrlm, though neyther. Jit om. 6 with — 
folk om. 7 And they mette togyder besyde Y> mount of Caluarye there as thre 
w. were meting togyder. 9 the kynge I. 10 of om. 11 euerychom. wyth 
all theyr meyne caryage k bestes mette. 12 byside — caluary om. 14 before, 
seen. 15 persones. 16 eche. grete 2 om. 19 langages. eche. as om. 
attom. 20 one. afterward om. spoken. 21 eche. hts Iourney and the. 

22 and om. 23 were they moche the gladder k the. 24 rode. 29 ful glad. 
30 p* kvng Ihesu there borne in the same cytee / And that tyme was Herode in 
Iherusalem & he & al the cytee were. 32 sodenly. 33 J>ey om. a om. 

34 a om. 35 ]>ey om. p. 58, 4 &c. om. 7 Jwt — cite of om. 8 couere. 
and om. 9 k of. many folke shall. 11 yenynge laude. 

XVIII. 23 Aft. — tofore (25) om. ; This herode was ordeyned kynge. 26 aege, 
and was that tyme in his pal ayes in Iher. And thenne thyse thre k. asked in that 
cyte of ]>• people where that childe was borne. 29 in gospell theuangeltst. 
30 that is to saye. god. 31 B. in the citee. 32 )»t was om. J*, om 

35 be come to worshyppe hym. And H. herde this and he. p. 60, 1 prynces and. 

4 and om. in pe om. 7 called, the. 9 goo and enquyre. 11 may go k 
worshyp hym. 14 for)) om. before. 16 and— moder (17) om. 17 )>an )>ey om. 
18 added : Al this is the gospell. And in their slepe an aungell came fro god k badde 
them that they sholde not goo ayen to Herode / And soo they torned home to 
theyr conntree by another waye. Of thyse thre kinges why they. 20 manere. 
aud expowne om. 21 ben wreten. to longe. 22 one is. 23 Citey^yns. 

24 corny ng, and also they seenge that thyse lordes were kyrges. 25 Caldee and 


out of the Eeste. 26 thrugh suff . 27 Kynge. 28 the cite of Ihrlm & that 
La. Another for they came. 20 countrees. 30 latly borne. 31 an straunger. 
32 by 2 om. 33 aferde leest. 34 was thise (pat om.). 35 came so to Iherusalem. 
p. 62, 2 the kyuges. 3 there (inst. of in feat cite). 5 in that. So ],«. 6 the. 
pat om. well louge t. before, Criste sholde be borne in that place. Wherfore Iewes 
maye neuer shewe cause to excuse theym of theyr false byleue. 9 and her t. om. 
sayth saint G. in his O. 10 speke}>— sei J) om. 14 ysaac om. may. 15 blynde and 
myght not see. 17 moreouer inst. of Jit. in his presence before hym. 18 Fawe 
in spyryte. whiche. 19 In lyke mauere so. gretly ful. 22 and longe. 24 but 
in what place he. 25 pat om. knowynge. 26 here wytnesse. and vs. 

XIX. 32 so om. 34 before, before. 35 whiche (pe om.) litilom. myles. p. 64, 
1 to whom. 3 worth i om. rode. 4 shepeherdes. 5 raune. sayd. 6 in a om. an. 
8 and inst. of ferthermore. had om. sayd. 9 herde and seen, and — do om. euery- 
thing om. to om. iij. om. 11 the kynges. right gladde. herde and om. 12 
grete. 13 and of pe wordys om. 14 that apperyd in the fiterre and was herde 
p* kynges had doubte of no thynge. 16 saye. pet om. 18 iij om. 24 in that 
the. before. 23 pyllar. 24 that same an gel 1 it was. 28 Fulgendus — p. 66, 14 
to hem om. p. 66. 15 byleued. and the. 17 — exist 24 om. 24 And all 
though the kynges were no lewes yet they sayde that they came to wor&hippe the 
kynge of Iewes. 

XX. 28 the. iij om. with— cum pan y om. 29 spoken w. the ph., theme they gaaf 
them grete. 30 rode. 31 )>cy knewe pat om. yd to B. (pat pi. om.). 32 pan 
om. lighted, horses, ait om. 33 clothes. 34 ahold be arayed they arayed 
the m so If e. p. 68, 1 And the nerer 2 that they, pcre c. was om. 3 and so — 
daye 6 om. 6 And thenne they rode. 8 came to the. and caue om. 
wherin Cryst was borne. 9 pan om. vpon. 10 by fore the dore. and anone 
after. 12 was. and soo anone. a^cne om. 13 hit om. 14 in the. but 
— and (15) om. (= C). 16 That— seye om. 17 And entrynge in to the hous they 
founde. 18 j>ei om. fell downe. 19 hym. 20 bat om. in that. 21 in the. 
23 some other ryches. hondes. 24 wyth. or — kyng om. 25 manure om. 
in that, of pe eest om. 26 vnto. 27 shall come to J« Soudan or to. 23 they 
most off re. pey sey3e pat om. 29 may. nor. and the Soudan receyueth the 
pee re 8 or apples wyth reu. k mek. p. 70, 9 And that tyme that thyse thre 
kynges off red thus to Cryste.he was in his manhede. 12 of aege. and — fatte 6m. 
13 in clothes of lytyll valewe in his moders lappe. 14 Also — moder om. ( = C). 
15 wreten. 16 flesshely. Romwhat. 17 pe om. 18 wyth a poore whyte 
man tell. 19 man tell om. close. 20 honde. couered. saue her. 23 al- 
myghtys. after, pat om. 24 houdes ryght d. 25 besyde Crystes hede. done. 

XXI. 32 pat was om. 36 And B. p. 72, 1 to god om. meane. 2 in hit 
p. om. 6 stature. Ethiopie wythoute doubte. 7 among aii oper om. sayde. 
10 to vnderstond Byfor. 11 fall and bow downe Ethiopies. 12 dethrahyd. 
13 steppes. But hauynge regarde to. the persones j>* were that tyme they were 
but ly till persones thoos thre kynges. * 16 had moche merueylle therof. 17 semyd. 
from. 18 conntrees. oute— eest om. nerer the Eeste and the vpr. 20 ben. 
& the more feble k tender. 21 and h. ben the hoter. 22 and suche wormes 
and peryllous bestes ben the g. and the m. v. and all other bestes & fowles ben 
there more grete than here. 25 3e— p&t om. iij om. 26 euerych of hem om. 
broughte wyth them many (oute — londys om.). 27 riche om. kynge Alisander 
whiche conqueryd all the worlde lefte. 29 the quene of S. founde. 39 vessell. 
31 of destr. 32 into the. 34 bothe of golde. opir om. 85 k offred to God. 
Here a new Initial. 36 founde. Cryste Ihesu. layde in that Crybbe k in pore 
clothes, p. 74, 1 as— af. om. 2 yeue. 3 thou om. 4 pan om. they were, 
so om. 5 al those ryches Iewelis. 6 whan— openyd om. noo thynge out of their 
coffer but that came ucite theyr hondes, as it was the wyll of oure lorde. 7 And 
Melchyor. J>e — arabieom. 10 in honde. pence. llpeom. 12heom. tresour. 
cam next. 13 k he offred that. Than om. Iasper as it came to his honde offryd 
myrre to god. 15 and om. worsen, om. 16 aferde. «1fo om. and so feruent 
om. 17 offrynge. ofom. 19patom. 20 hede and sayde mekely. 21 thank- 
yngc be to god. 24 Thappyll. 25 kyng om. gilt om. 26 the grete con- 
qucrour, and he dyd make p* same apple of. 27 peces. that he. 28 appil 
om. 29 honde. 30 com en. terrestre om. 31 Ieweles. 76, 20 of that c. 
21 pat om. a Soudan. 22 pat om. 23 he om. 24 pat om. 25 is 


holde a retail ayenst. 26 a^eyns pe ora. is toke gocle bode. 27 in all the 
Kest betokenyth new s. k dayly ob. 28 k to tlier mawmettes. 29 wbeder. 
Also. Mertyrs. 32 pe om. aske alwaye. 33 ben tbeyr pryson. theyr 
Temple of theyr goddes k worshyp fully to doo 3. to tbeyr mawmettes with. 

XXII. p. 78, 34 Whan. 35 saluacion. of the. 36 as— af. om. p. 80, 1 pea om. 
of the. worsen om. for— wille (3) om. 4 Je— )>at om. 5 pe— kyng (6) om.: 
that was offred to hym, anone as kynge M. hnd off red it, it was in a moment ai 
broken to duste. 8 and om. by Jria om. 9 in pe hirt om. 11 instrument. 11 
vnto. 12 the kynge. 14 pit om. 17 he brake all to nought. 18 and 
om. What befell of. ^ may. 

XXIII. 21 As. their waye k theyr offryngc & done. 23 axeth. they k theyr 
meyne k theyr horses k beestes 25 began to. and all p l day they toke theyr 
reste k pleyser in ]>* towne of B. 27 byfore. they ne ete ne dranke in si those. 
29 to men of B. of theyre couu trees k how merueyllously they came theder by 
leilinge of p* sterre fro p<> ferdest parte of the w. 34 gospel. 36 The angel 
p. 82, 1 of god warned the thre k. in their slope. 3 to. But \fi 4 ster% 
tofore-tyrae om. hit om. 5 thyse. pat— Pel (6) om. 6 yede all homwardes 
7 togyder into their owne coun trees. 8 and toke — kyngis (11) om. ; k they rode 
forth w* all their cariage k peple throgb. 13 had of olde tyme. also— oost (14) 
om. 14 And for p l company of people men of J>* count re demed b* Oly femes 
to be come theder ayen. 16 k whan they came. 17 mekelich and om. 
receyued worshippfufly. 13 And morcouer. att om. 19 rode. seen, do 
om. 20 And soo well payed for tbeyr vytaylles an 1 spake so mekele and goodly 
that theyr names and theyr prasynge was neuer after forgoten. 28 rydden to 
Bedleemwarde in. 29 ledynge k conluytyng. 30 nojt om. ryde and go 
ayen ; home om. yeres. 31 done for men sholde. 32 was betwene. myght. 

33 power k werkynge. 

XXIIII. 35 gon. 36 he badde them. p. 84, 1 wyth. 2 the k. he herde. 
3 k speke. 4 grete om. noblesse. 5 of grete anger om. 6 J»t— power om. 
7 the. rode. 8 k Silicie. 9 there ouer. in her sch. om. 11 toke all. Also he 
k his sc. 12 iij om. w*. had ora. 13 herde p* peple tell how wonderly they came. 
14 k kyngdoms om. 15 af tirwarde om. hame. 16 any om. sterre or guydes or 
Int. 18 wonderfully, by them nyght and dayc. 19 aboute om. 21 alle the 
Iewcs. the. 22 knowyuge. 23 called. 24 knewe. 25 scripture, places. 

26 of om. 27 a om. 28 that they cal thiso thre k. so yet vnto. and therof 
beryth many dyners bokes witnesse. 29 )>o wich — wittenesse (33) om. 33 
but to put. 34 doubtes. of — af. om. 35 repreyinge of all p* false Iewes. 
36 werkyng. p. 86, 2 this glorious, first om. 3 vnto. 4 pepil— maner om. 
5 thrugh all the worlde. 6 w. knowe & p. 

XXV. 7 pat om. 8 pat is om. 11 And they. ]>ere om. 12 chapell. 
13 yere at a certayn daye assigned, k there they, sepultures. 14 the lordes 
and the. 16 comynge home. 17 rode, and — worsch. om. 18 sayde chapell. 
19 k reucrence they. 20 the princes and lordes herde. merueylously. 22 k 
loue. euer. 24 her om. eche. And eche of them. 25 his owne. vnto. and 
— fro (26) om. 27 eche. 28 bodiheh om. as— tyme om. 29 were rested in 
their. 31 seen and done, alle om. 32 And. aft om.thir. 33 and liknesse. 

34 the paynems. 35 whiche the k. p. 88, 3 worsjh. om. J>ei om. 5 tyi after, 
of our lorde Ihesu Crist And wythin shorte tyme after thenne came saynt Th. 
thappostle in to thir countrees. 

XXVI. 8 w. come from. 9 forlorn, their owne countrees ageyn. ]>erom. ryso 
and spry(n)ge. 10 the thre. 1 1 aboute all the countree of Iherusaiem. 12 god. 
13 borne, yede. the erth. 14 to the. 16 wymmen. 17 founde them, of 
om. 18 theym neded. after. 19 waxe. thenne was edefied there. 20 p^ 
om. 21 the. there is. stone whero our. 22titteon. 23 childe our lorde Ihesn 
Criste sucke. 24 vppon that stone in gyuynge to her swete childe sucke, there 
hapned to f alle downe. 25 a ly till droppe of that mooste purest and mooste clene 
virginall my Ike on the forsayde stone, the whiche moost precious and pureste 
my Ike that fell from that blessyd virgin is remaynyng and seen there vnto this daye. 

27 shraped. knyues. waxyth the mylke, and it. 28 borne, many diners, by. 
29 and come om. 30 forgote her sinocke behiude her. and — leide (32) om. 32 
in the haye of p* mayn^er there our lady laye in, and so bothe haye& smocke were. 
33 vnto. 34 holy q. 35 t>e om. )>edir om. to. same om. p. 90, 1 of malice k of 


rnuye. that. .borne in. 2 and a oro. 4 wold suffre no man nor w. ne ch. 
to om. 5 that. 6 was— and (7) om. 7 bad offred vp her ch. in to the temple 
wyth the turtles and douues. 10 tuum domine. 11 lete. 12 holy w. 

13 pe om. 16 spronge. amange. 17 also om. not no lenger abyde. 18 tyng 
om. 19asom. 20 k accipe. 21 an. 22ryse. 23flointe. 24 hit — Jxat om. 
25 destroye. rose. 26 by nyght. 27 and dwelled there. 28 and — pa.t (29) om. 

29 s. Marie om. SO were in E. dwellynge vii yeres, and it is from. 31 way as. 
32 s. Marie om. went, and — a3ene (33) om. 33 she saw growe. ben called. 
34 and they. p. 92, 1 the shepherdes of the same countree. ]>at — J>ei om. 2 done 
gader in. to p. for brede. 3 countrees. 4 ben borne, aboute om. And in. 
6 sone in Egipte. therin groweth. 7 and it is as long & brode. 8 And in 
that gardine ben vi ; 9 of water om. in whome. s. Mary om. 10 wysshe, 
wasshed. 11 Je— -£at om. 12 that. ben. 13 ben. mochel om. lyke. 
to om. \xa busshes om. 14 ben but. fadom. ofleng))eom. 15 ben lyke to 
Trayfoylles. 16 one of. 17 a grete wonder & a merueylous of. 18 of bawme 
om. 19 ne dresse theim. 20 ben proued. 21 a om. thei wez. 23 in pat. 

24 roddis of the busshes ben kytte lyke a vyne and thenne. whan — kitte om. 

25 they ben bound. 26 ben. 27 the. 28 oute — and om. 29 out of a. 

30 this b. 31 ]>an om. 33 messager. a k. 34 pan ora. yeuyth. vyall. of 
bawme om. 35 this. 36 )>an— and om. p. 94, 1 he om. 2 ben lefte. 
sette. 3 )>e water om. 6 is gadred & is gode. bnisynge. 9 borne. 
11 redes, whan— kitte om. added : For that can not be bought of the Soudan 
by no maner of wyse. 12 and of that. 13 renneth & thyrleth. oute om. 

14 be om. 15 that; bawme om. as — is (16) om. {= O). 16 called. 17 
and — bawme (18) om (= C). 18 of whyche bawme it were oner longe a mater© 
to tell the vertue therof. 19 people. 20 trewlich om. that ]>* is suche. 21 
d. there vii yeres. 22 as — she om. here, wasshed there her clothes and her sonea 
and also bathed hym in those welles as it is aforsayde. 24 New Initial. 3© — 
vndirstonde om. 26 offredde. an. roonde om. 27 thyrty pence gylte. gilt 
om. 28 may. first om. 29 of A. 30 Mesopotania whiche kynge. 31 
called Nylus. And so by processe of tyme this A., whan he sholde take his Iourney 
to go on pilgremage. 32 1. and countree. in to the countree whicho was called 
Ebron whyche atte that tyme hyghte Arbye. 33 he toke thyse forsayd xxx pence 
that his fader Thara had doo make wyth him And for those xxx pence gylte he 
purchaced & bought thenne. 35 and— wyf om. (= C). two sones. p. 96, 1 
Afterwarde by prosesse of tyme. 2 by marchauntes of Ismaly. those. 3 gilt om. 
Aftirward— penyes om. (= C). 4 into. 8giltom. lO^atwasom. 12 
spoyled. pence gilte. 13 so |>ei om. 18 in betbleem om. j>at was om. 19 of 
om. gilt om. w* hym and. 20 ornam. and om. 21 they were of the beste 
and fynest golde. 22 those wyth hym. 23 whan he. 24 after. 27 ]>an 
om. left, ait om. those yeftes. off red to her sone as she went by the waye 
knytte all togeder in a clothe. 29 so om. 30 It hapnyd after that a sh. that 
kepte shepe in the same countre. 32 so grete om. that noo leche myghte. 83 
gaue. to make hym hole. 34 but it wolde not be. And as he 35 w* his 
shepe in that felde. now— ojrir om. 36 founde those, gilt om. p. 98, 1 bounde 
alle om. And those gyf tes he kepte hymse (1) fe Dreuely, tyll. 3 a^ens om. Cryste 
went. 4 p». 5 an. 6 cam. prayed. 7 our lorde Ihesu Cryste heeled hym anone 
at a worde. 8 in. 10 the. 11 were botbe all togider 12 in the clothe, 
whan — mirre om. ; And god knewe those gyf tes well ynough, 13 and god 
badde. 14 pat he scholde om. 15 on. 15 & soo he dyde goodis byddynge 
& offred them vp to the awter wyth grete denocton. 19 preste of the temple 
that kept the off ring sawe suche an oblation offred on the awter, in ]fi worshyppe 
therof he reuest hym &. 22 and om. pat om. suche oblations, bat selaen 
seen in that temple he toke with grete reaerence the ryche offringes & put. 
24 the comin. 26 came. 29 labour, pryncis of the lawe and the Iewes. 
of the. 30 those, gilt om. and Jaf— penyes (32) om. 32 ait om. done. 
33 goddis— heuen om. 34 swete wyll. 35 pis om. repented, and— mysdede 
om. p. 100, 1 downe ayen to. gilt om. And thenne. 2 whan — doneom. went. 
3 hinge. So om. 4 those pence, for the sepultures. 5 gaaf. 8 Also om. 
9giltom. 10 was. the. 11 vnto the. 12 was by Titos and V. daves 
distroyed. 13 vnto the tyme of. 14 gilt ora. 15 t>ei om. 16 fan om. departed & 
spt rckd aboute. 17 And the. 18 gilt om. called. 19 is j,is om. 20 pe 



— and om. 21 the. calle. calle of. 22 beyonde. as Scutes Motenes or 
florence. 23 prynte. 24 in^j om. copre. is kept. 25 of that, one of om. 
26 xzx gilt om. J>is om. the one. is om. 27 on. is is wreten wyth. 23 the 
wk. wrytynge. can not redde. 29 is worth e x shelynges or better than thre 
floreyns. 30 mani moo. ben. 31 gilt om. of whom it were a longe processe 
to telle. 33 an. J>t. bydden to. 34 whiche was called. 36 na^arenus. 
p. 102, 1 called, dyde werke in. < 2 from that tyme tyll the thyrde yere afore his 
passion (!). 3 openly declare not in theyr gospelles. 

XXVII. 8 after that he. thapostle. 9 ]>e om. 11 lordes of those londes. 
12 ayenst. the londes of Inde. Je— |>at om. 13 it was done. J>e om. 14 the. 
honde. 15 veri 16 risen fro. art om. 17 man. 18 he om. 
19 those, iij. om. _ 20 sought, ihesu crist om. 21* birth. 22 Quod. 

23 omnibus nobis, hij tres. &— gentes om. 26 It was prouffyte to vs all. 
28 sought, chyldhede. 29 eyen dyde se hym & with thier gyftes worshipfull & 
deuoutly. 30 him and sothely preuyd it. 31 Also. }e— |>at om. Barthylmcw. 
32 Iude. appostles. 33 also om. 35 ben. 36 one parte, p. 104, 1 partye 
of Chrystendom on. 2 of om. )>er— is om. descried ne om. 3 in al 
theest. an. 

XXVIII. 6 had prechid in J* kyngdom of Inde. 7 gone. 8 Yndes & the. 
done. 9 e. & token of. 15 founde a st. paynted in euery temple. 17 borne. 
}e om. the. 18 po om. 19 sawe the. \>e om. 20 temple. J>e om. 21 to 
om. ]»t om. appered of olde t. vpon. 22 tokenyng. 24 that c. thyse. 26 
worshipf ully. came. 27 the. 29 came, theyr owne. and kyngdoms om. 30 
And as those, done & seen 31 temple. 32 Than om. 34 ho p. all the p. 36 warke*. 
p. 100,4 dyde expoune. 5 ancL,— childeom. casted. 6 of the. aud he halowed. 
7 name & in the worshyppe of that chylde Cryste Ihesu ; J>at— af. om. 8 And 
thenne suche. 9 rise. that. 10 maner of om. llanyom. or ony other t. 
12 came. 13 by. holy Cros. hem. 14 theym to Crystis f. crystned theim. 
16 the vertne k sygne. aboute om. 17 vysyted ne ben. 

XXIX. 20 So whan. 21 as — af. om. 22 those. 23 he om. 24eage. 
25 dye. 26 seen, he abode. 27 he toke. 28 ri3t om. So in lyke wyse. 
worsen, om. 29 prayed. 31 Baptym. 32 a om. that was called Th. k 
preched. 34 Oryst. and his om. 35 also his om. and of those warkes. 36 dyde 
here in erthe. of the. p. 108, 2, aege. came. 3 al thre kynges 6 theym. 8 
and also. J)at— mankyndc om. 9 roos. 10 and also how. styed vp to. also 
om. 11 the apostles. 12 seynt— kyngis (13) om. 15 whiche sacrament, to. 
16 enfourmed and Instructs in. 17 cristen om. crystned theim and more ouer al. 
22 replete and fulfylled. 23 began, nnoon om. 24 to om. 26 before. 27 
done. |>an om. wente with s. Th. k all theyr people to. 29 dyde halowe. that 
those thre k. had done made aud edified vpon. 31 those, al the. \xs om. 
34 also om. loos and a om. rysen. 35 of 2 om. 36 kynges cristned. wemmen. 
p. 110, 1 came from. wyth. 2 that, was made. the. 3 that grete concors 
and deuocion. 4 to the. those thre. 5 that. 6 \>at cite om. called. Seuyll 
that; cite om. 7 ryehest and the beste c. of all ynde ()>e c. of om.) 8 and — 
eest om. And yet vnto this dnye in that cyte. 9 Piethir Iohan. cleped om. 
11 called Patryarke Thomas. 12 called. 13 prester om shall. 

XXX. 15 Jms om. 10 hiwcsof oure Sauyour Cryste Ihesu. 17 k made, vnto 
tliordre of prcesthode. 18 vnto. 20 opir om. 21 thyse forsayd thre k.and 
bysshops halowed. 22 that, aboute om. in worshippe & honour. 23 casted. 

24 \>t. j)is om. 25 clarkes. 26 gafe. 28 iij. om. 30 of om. 32 supper. 
34 And alno. p. 112,1 crystnynge. he om. 2 not forgete. 6 story, wreten. 
7 There it telleth how. 8 But sothely ; $e— )>at om. 9 tliat c. 10 wymen. 
shapen. 11 ben not heery, k so they ben yet vnto. 

XXXI. 14 J>au om. 15 and om. k towue.«. 17 clarkes. 19 J>ei — many 
om. moche rychesse k grete possessions. 20 the. and om. 21 forsoke. 
22 in the cyte of Seuyll. 23 doobuylde. 24 to 2 om. her 2 om. 25 in spyrit- 
ualite k temporalite. 26 \>v om. obedient. 30 of om. men om. hi om. 
31 a. |>an om. counsented. 33 as. p. 114, 12 And counseyled. 13 be all. 
14 one. to chose. 15 and 2 om. hcrtlieh om. 16 the fayth of Cristendom, 
aud that man. 17 chyef. 19 shall. J*» om. 20 also om. Jwj om. 21 
called, a om. 22 memory. 23 one. 24 \>v'i scholde om. '26 thys. 27 
k wyll. 28 alle-auoou (29) cm. 19 they chose, that the y called. 30 out of the 


count re of Anthioche. And he had. 32 chcse. toke hym. S3 called. 84 
man Iacob. 35 obedient. 36 ben. yet vnto. p. 116, 1 patr. and to al his 
successours tbyse. to hem om. 2 wyth the a. of a). 3 than om. 4 thenne 
chosen, as — af . om. 5 1 of all. 6 worscb. om. and om. Archb. & other 
bysshops. 7 chose another man pt was discrete to be 1. k g. (chefe om.). 9 of 
al. 10 >t yf. rise, tempte. 11 yf so were. 12 hym. 13 lorde of temporall 
lawe ch. him by his power. 14 So this. 15 called. a 2 om. ]>ey— J>at om. 
16 called Prether. 17 is this For the thre kynges were prestes and of their 
possessions they made hym lorde For there is noo degree so hyghe as presthode 
is in al the worldo nor so worthy. 20 called Prethyr. pe om. 21 a om, pe 
inst. of and 22 chosen. 27 done. 28 thone. 29 chyf. J>e other, to be 
om. cheyf. 30 thise same. 31 ben called, be— Jit om. vnto. dayes. 

XXXII. p. 118, 5 thyse iij. went into. 7 lyued. yercs. 9 the c. 11 dye 
k passe, pe om. 12 in. 13 large k a fayr. 14 do make in that. 15 i»j 
om. dyd. 18 )>at was om. 19 his masse. 20 his om. 21 dyseso or 
hcuynesse. 23 aege. an x om. 24 New Initial* And om. Thenne came those 
two other. 25 toke vp. in b. clothes. 27 tombe. and — toumbe om. 28 And 
thcnne. 29 t>at was om. 30 done ; his masse om. 31 any om. greuaonce 
or dysese or syknesse. 32 passed to god (to e. I. om.) 33 anj om. And om. 
34 k arayed it as the fyrste Kynges body was and wyth grete solempnyte layd 
k buried it in the tombe by Melcbiors body. p. 120, 1 than om. ]>at was om. 2 had 
om. 3 wyth solempnyte k grete deuocion. 4 his spirite to hym & to his blysse 
(into— Ioye om.). 7 And thenne came other Bysshops k precstes wyth moche 
people k toke. 8 worthyly as the other kynges bodyes were. 9 same om. 
thother. ij. om. 10 laye. And Cryst shewed there this w. 12 thenne brought. 
12 buryed k layde in the same t. bytwene. ij. om. 13 eche. other two. 14 yaue. 
so om. 15 myddell. 16 of. worsen, om. 22 ben. 23 so om. JA st. 
25 translated vnto. men. 

XXXIII. p. 122. 6 ]>e om. and was om. 10 wyckednesse ; aungelys om. 11 pe, 
12 so om. 13 Ceuyl. that .. rested in. 19 Prethyr. 20 rebuke. 21 nor. 
correctiou7»2 om. 23 wretched (inst. of worsen.) 24 lawes. 25 kynges bodies, 
forgoten. 34 in pis tyme om. that enhabyted in. 35 that were. p. 124, 1. 
kynges bodi. 2 eche. 5 of theyr. abode. 

XXXI I II. 8 this. 10 and he. leprehed. 11 his om. twice. 12 the lawe. 
And the same. 13 pe quene om. wbiche. of. Two lines are transposed. 1 5 def oylled. 
10 lawes. wonderfully. 17 lawes. 18 store of her lyffe k of the f. of the holy 
Crosse it is more playnly shewed. And fro thensforth p* blessyd s. Eline of as mighty 
6treyngth as she was fyrst iu the iewes lawe occupieng k drawyng to it, so moche 
more besily she brenned afterwarde in the newe lawe and gospel of Cryst Ihesu. 
23 And al. 24 ihesu Crist — had om. halowed there k in other parties in his 
manhede, as she had de foil led by counseyle of the Iewes, she afterward to the laud 
of our lord Ihesu deuoutly visyted, honoured and enlarged rychely wyth grete 
yeftes, to the couf ucion of the Iewes. Wherfore afterwarde by myracle whan saynt 
Eleyne had founde tho crosse k nailles by the wyll of our lorde Ihesu, thenne 
vpon t>t same place k vpon the mount of Caluarie k vpon the sepulture of Cryst, 
and the place p* Cryste arptryd to Mary Mawdeleyne in lyknesse of a gardyner, 
alle these. 35 other p* were holy. 36 placys om. the quene s. £. buylded 
chyrches on, And made ryal k worshypfull chyrehes aboue alle those places, p. 126, 
2 And also she yede in p l place 3 where t hang ell apperyd to our lady k there 
thangell apperyd to the sh. 4 god. p* same, place om. she dyde buylde. 5 worsch. 
—a om. k namyd it Gl. in exc. 6 callyd. £t om. vnto. 7 in om. 8 Colage. pe 
om. began. 9 al the Hours. 10 here om. 11 some men. p* same yet this 
day in the same cbirche. 12 the. went into. 13 where, of— Marie om. 14 tolde 
before. 15 wolde suffer noo. 16 and for (inst. of fro). 17 p\ of J>*. 18 that 
>he bare in her childe. came (was om.) 19 p* . )>er om. came, in pat place om. 
20 came (was om.). that. 21 fonde. 22 layed in k the m. 23 crist om. 
wrapped, ladien. and om. 24 lefte. 25 J>e om. 26 founde bothe fayr. 27 New 
Initial. All thyse thynges that be relykes. 29 wyth errct. 30 she put. into, 
called. 31 therm the. 32 that bight Caro!us. 33 vnto. 35 all the. 
36 lyued there. )>us om. home ayen. p. 128, 1 ]>cre om. sa we. 2 aforseyde 
o:n. wyth. prayer. 3 into Fraunre. 5 in — wich om. ; p l is called our lady chyrche 
of Akon. 6 is our ladyes. p i ben. 7 pe om. men there vnto. 8 fferther- 

O 2 


more oni. went in to. pe wich — oite om. 10 also om. 11 to theym 
last, of perin. to m. therin. 12 the cyte. thangell greted our lady. 13 & 
it is in. 14 and pe lordschippe om. ph om. 15 an hyli ]>* is called, and om. 
vponthat. 16 transfigured hyui. IStelleth. but it is. 19 wonder. 20 an. 
21 yede here in ertbe with his d. 23 as om. 24 bytweno. 25 bytwene 

tlieym but ryght lytyll of brede and largonesse. 

XXXV. 27 worsen, om. 28 Jms om. 29 for to. god— aforseyde (30) om. 
80 was om. 31 hyr owne. 32 began she. on thyse thre k. (bodyes om.) 
33 sou3t— and om. worsh. god. 34 childhede. And she arayed. 35 of om. 
and s om. p. 130, 1 was there (come — londys om.). 4 also om. 5 in so m. — 
feij> om. the whiche. 6 taught 7 whyche fayth. & she renewed it. 
8 a3ene om. 9 had wroughte. JA 10 quene saynt Elyne. 11 ladyes. & of . 
&of. 12 wrapped. 13 Thenne they came. 15 And thenne she began.. 10 
gretlich om. the. 17 to haue. 10 truthe. in s om. 21 J* . 22 name, 
alle om. 23 preter. by. 24 of the. and pryncys om. 25 yane. \na lady 
om. 26 of thyse. 29 borne. 31 deperted. meanes. 32 prayers, also 
om. eheyf. 33 the. of Eg. om. 34 of Jasper. ]>*. she. 35 whiche, f> 
the bodi. p. 132, 1 ben twyes boren. the. 2 euer. 3 }e —no om. ; And 
crysten men J> 1 haue ben in f* yle say ]>* they myght neuer sc the body of a. Th. 
7 translated to. 9 done. J»t om. 10 an Archcb. 11 J>t shal. so wise & 
prudent & so. 12 contract of m. bytwene. 15 yelden. raennes. 16 ]>H. 

17 born to. 18 )>* ben called. 19 taken, hede of s. Thomas bodi. 20 l»ei 
om. pin om. 21 p» bodies of thyse thre k. 22 in a. 23 & thenne brought 
it to. wyth grete. 24 layd theim reuerently. was callyd. 25 k that same ch. 
27 of the same. And therin was somtime. 29 pea om. 30 came d. to, 
31 Lowes. 32 was thenne. ofsocour. 33])isom. wyth strenth to. 34 of 
that londes. p. 134, 1 labour. 2 gaaf. 3 made moche sorowe, And came 
so the holy crowne of thorne in to Fraunce out of Constantinople. And p i cyte. 
7 chtif. of all. 8 vnto Oonstantynople. af. om. 9 ]>an om. alle, om. 
11 kept a om. 

XXXVI. 13 After [>* thiso thre worsch. kynges bodis were brought vnto Oon- 
stantynople, kynge Oonstantyn & his holi moder s. E. deyed And ayenst p* fayth of 
crysten men began to ryse a newe heresy and also p. of deth ayenst all those. 

18 But. 19 so om. 20 Grecc. 22 vnto. 24 and the Reliqes om. here, 
thise. holy om. were had in. 25 reu. nor none of p* other relikes but vterly. 
so om. 2(3 wanne. 27 honde & batayl. and Armouye. 23 parte, those, 
came. 29 thempcrour. pe wkh— cleped om. 30 k thrugh him k the help 
of theym of Melayne. 32 among theym there. 34 redde ora. many b. 35 
an. p. 130, 1 called, k he sent vnto. 2 \> l was called, vpon. 4 the. 5 
thyse thre kynges bodies. 6 pat om. 7 a — and om. 8 to om. the b. 
iij. om. 9 this man E. the bodies to. 10 thero. chirehe of frere Prechours 
(pe wich is cl. om.). 11 with greete. and worsch. om. 12 ihesu — kyngis om. 
13 shewed many /air myracles. Then follows : And so at yet we shal leue to speke of 
b 6 trans lac j on of thyse holy kynges bodies & speke of anothermaterciu vsngeof the 
londes of ynde. Then follows Preter John p. 138 till afterwarde p. 140, 9; where- 
upon follows : But fyrsle o: we procede ony ferther we shal speke of the thro kynges 
bodies lofte as (!) Melayne. (I give the readings in the order of the Cbr. MS.) 

XXXVII. 16 after, hit— pat om. 17 be om. 18 Emp. theyr soueravne 
lordo whyche Emp. was called Fredericus. 19 bysshop. that was called 
Kaynold for help or dyuers lordes of j* londo For dyuers lordes p t were his 
enmyes toke the cyte (!). 23 parte, p*. 25 And2 om. 26 a lorde in J)* cyte 
that hyghte Asse. 23 of )*. haped. the d. 29 Archb. of coleyn. place. 32 
by the k. of the prison. 33 wolde. 34 and — hym. (35) om. 35 And soo. 
come before. 3(3 promysed. pat om. p. 138, 2 his om. gyue. iij ora. 3 the. 
the bysshop. 5 good loue. 6 and ora. pan om. the lorde. 7 the bodies 
of the. 9 sente preuely thise thre bodyes. 10 )>e cite of om. 12 the 
bo lyes of the. 13 theym to hym. with goode wili— noone (16) om. 17 grete 
processiyon k solcmnyte. 18 )>e iij k. om. 19 Coline. he om. layed. 21 
|>e om. 22 and om. thre they ben. kept and om. 23 vnto. 

27 Preter. 28 ben. is called. 29 feest of )e om. 30 be araied om. 31 
operom. and om. 32 thre tymes J>t day they offro at masse. 33isom. in. 
first om. 31 offryng is om. 35 is om. 30 and that : obi.— do ora. p. 1 10, 1 


1 gretoo om. and also o. 2 lesse. in pe masse om. 3 after theyre power ; is om. 
Ferdtwinore all other men of crystim faythe. 4 bjn. 5 holde. 6 Soldani. 
Simmy. Maronici om. 7 Ifymimi. & Mandopoly. &c om. of thise eche. 
8 ccrteyn om. the. 9 maye. 1() New Init. Now to speke of thusages ia 
Ind p l we haue bogon before as well of Crysten as Heretykes and Sysmatykes, 
eche of theym bothe relygyous k seculars fasten. 12 vnto it be nyght. jnn om. 
eche man spredith his table k settith on it as raoche. 14 for his. fro. 15 tyl. 
of ]>at ; mete— dry uke om. 16 on. ete. 17 drynke. wyues chyldren k meine. 
18 loye & mirtue p l they can in p % tyme. 19 bothe nyghte. 20 vnto. 
21 And in. vigill. 22 than om. with— haude. om. 23 to. 25 thenne (inst. 
of anoon) wolde he. 27 j>ow om. done to. 29 pat. fro. 30 andi om. 31 
hondes. tokenynge. stcrre apperyd. 32 k lad. and — oost om. 33 to. 34 
Also the. p. 142, 1 of om. men om. cr. of J>* countre. euer inst. of bat. 2 ben. 
J>ei om. 3 abbotes om. wy th other. 4 so om. gone. Horn Iordan whione. 5 myle3. 
6 j>*. party — euery om. 9 redeth a g. 10 ]>at is to sey om. 11 in Bethleem 
&c. this, radde. pan om. 12 secte. andreu. om. 14 in tokenynge k mynde. 
15 almyghty god. goon. 16 a om. where, crystned. 17 Jkj om. 18 the. 19 hoc 
om. 21 ihesu om. crystcned of saynt Iohfi. 22 the. 23 theyr crosse. 
24 same om. And seke men & blyndo men goon into the water nakyd 25 k 
after warde ben hullyd. 26 |>an om. euery sect gone (man and om.). 27 their. 
]>at — fro om. bytwene. 28 that is called. 29 and therin dwelled s. I. b. and 
tlu're he preched. 30 Ihesu Oryst. 31 crystned. p. 144, 1 abbotes om. alio 
om. 2 or sccte that. ben. 4 saye In princ. after our masse. 5 eche. bit om, 
radde. 9 Iude om. 10 hie And in. 11 dioceeye. 14 londis and om. 
13 in her om. coinyng home agayn. 17 after this maner of fourme. 19 maxima. 

20 )>cs om. 21 ]>ere om. 22 ]> k byleue on Machomites lawe. 23 o]>or om. 
a om. 24 For om. J>e om. of the. They were somtyme crystned & forsoke it 
it k destroyed al the images in their temples and kytte of theyr nos:s k dysfugured 
thfim for despite. 28 the. 29 ony dispyte. 

31 as om. the. 32 called, those. 33 be a. and Nubie wherof 34 trewe om. 
p. 146, 1 of the. thawter. ^an))eiom. 2 el lis om. 3tokynynge. worsch. om. 
4 hedes. 5 in B. k wyth crownes k my tres syng theyr masses. 6 b* is called. 7 they 
ben. 8 as om. butom. a party. 9 names, an. 10 called Sol odinis. UNubiani. 
12 truly, done. 13 they goo to masse. 14 hondes. deaken. 15 subdeaken. berej) 
om. 16 beere in tokenynge of the thre k. J;* o. to oure lord I. O. god almighty 
in his bryth golde myrre k ensence. 18 pt is. 20 ben called, ben. 

21 worste k the cursedest h. of. 22 ben. 23 And whan p i precstis goo to 
synge masse. 25 of I. p* was theyr kynge. 26 Je— J>«t om. p. 143, 2 dyde 
arise, of pes N. om. 3 oj>er om. 4 nacions. 5 pepil om. called, k they 
made. 6 k cheyfe. 7 kyngdom k londes. 8 pe om. slewe. 10 her 
om. and om. cytees & grete townes k all theyr goodes. 11 the. 12 pe om. 
of the. 13 promysed. 14 lawe k faith of god. tributori. 15 and then. 
tm oonrijt om. 16 The next nyght. 18 & spake to hym k charged. 
19 not in no manere. do no om. to om. 20 shold. 21 for theyr wyckednes 
aud malyce. 22 the. 23 of the. 24 grete. 26 summe om. 27 ?eden 
aud om. 28 to take no hede. nor. 29 but to holde. first om. purpos & 
promyse. 30 k to h. 31 eldest. j>at was cleped om. 32 and— pepil om. 
p. 150, 1 of the. 2 hostes mette. 3 slewe. )>is om. 4 soo pK escaped 
none alyue. 7 tel om. sory therforc. dide. 9 wyth. mercy k foryeuenes. 
10 kynges he prayed of grace k helpe. 11 Theiie on a t. the thre k. ap- 
pered. 12 on a tyme om. 14 And badde he shold. 16 pe om. 17 to 
kepe. for by cause Preter John was. 20 adradde of his. and om. sente mes- 
sngers to. 21 betwene. 23 of thyse two lordes sh. w. the tothers 
dough ter. 24 to. 25 is yet. vnto. 26 & of. lyues k dedes. 27 and— 
lyfe (28) om. 28 of theim. 30 names. 31 the. the. 33 and afterwardo 
were f ugytyf and d. 34 as Iewes k other nacions p i ben alway dwellynge vnder 
trybute. 35 thyle. 36 enery yere gret t. p. 152, 18 that is called. 19 
they ben. Inhfis. ben. 20 pK 21 goo to masse, on. 22 preste deaken 
k s. 23 J>ei om. in. 24 tokenynge of the thre k. p i mette. 25 an. 
l>e om. 26 to om. 27 vnto. 28 added : the twelfthe day after his byrthe. 
U9 which is called Grerij. 30 on. 31 on. on. k also. 32 byleue k say. 
33 pMi om. pyece. 35 of om. p. 151, 1 couered. and at. 2 pan om. the. 


thost. 3 aboue on 4 hedes. with a om. 5 gr. worshyppe & reueren~e 

and soo ay en. 6 And thenne. fallen, to. 7 done. 8 tokenynge of I* 
thre k. that sought g. a. in B. and offryd to him ryche yeftes. 9 a ster. 10 
came. Oryst laye. fell. 12 maner of sect whiche is called Simiani. 13 & 
they ben men of yndore (!) 14 \>e om. called Pude. 15 called Simis. 10 
worahyp. 17 Barbara, watche. men doo in this c. on Mydsomer nyght. & soo 
thenne. 19 aboate dyners. pe om. 20 shal be sowen. 21 afore. 23 to- 
kenynge of the thre k. that sought. 24 arhnyjti om. 25 wbiche is called 
marouyce & they. 26 & their Deakens. 27 & their 3. 29 \>zn om. 30 
added : And this they vse yet vnto this day. 31 whiche is called. 32 And 
whan the preestes goo to 33 )>an om. and prayen god rule theym. 
35 into B. to do hym worshyppe. p. 156, 1 that is called MaroniL 3 or — 
thyng om. thene they. 4 of om. pat is called. 5 those. 6 gyue. 7 
men there aboute. 8 Another there is and they ben called Mandopoles. 9 
they.' fayth they are in heresye ne. 11 they gone, alt om. in. to the. 13 
woll. 14 of om. ]>/s om. those. 15 other crysten. 16 J>e om. 17 And. 
$e — J>at om. 19 of thyse. 20 grete om. and deuocioun om. 21 mocho, 
men haue. 23 grete om. 24 places in J*. 25 & prayers, holr and om. 
26 The om. holy om. in eternall blysse. 27 To whiche blysse by the merytes 
& Intersessyons of those thre blessed kynges he J* sytteth aboue all sayntes 
brynge vs. AMEN. Ool.: And thus we make an ende of this most excellent 
treatyse of those thre gloryous kynges whoos corps reste in ]>• cyte of Cokyne. 
Enprynted at Westmester by Wynkyn de Worde. 




F. 3, 4 seintes. glorius. 5 Jnnges. 6 specially. 7 wors-hippe and om. 

8 childehed. forasmuche. 10 risyng. sonne. 11 merytes. 12 cleris. shynes. 
1(3 inanne. ]>eire giftes. 18 myscreauntes. 19 maidens. 21 holowed. 28 
places, wretefi. openly. 29 jui did. men om. 30 vnknowefi. after. 31 mcfl 
is. p. 5,2 )>is. blessed. 7 and said. 9 say. 10 spryng. arise. 11 
fullich om. 13 bytwene. lues. say ft. 14 J?eiro bokes. an. 15 trough, 
and by ])e. 16 called, an. 17 agaius. 18 saifi. 19 jam*. 20 gloriusly. 
21 of 2 om. 22 Jus. yf. hys om. commefl of. 23 deueles. pey wolde. for bed. 
25 an. toknys. greued. 20 evel couasett. for om. 28 ]>ay calle. 29 an. 
30 \>ere. 32 commendid. litett. taken & ofte se)>en. 33 ebrewes. Jay say. 
34 before. 35 dwelled. p. 7, 1 sais. lande. Sine. 2 towne. called. 
3 almost om. iurnay. 4 seen, same om. 5 saint Paule. casten downe. 
bis. 7 nor. beire. pay Si. ll]>at))ecbildre. gone. 12 badde om. subiecte. 
ptm. 13 lande. 15 an. 16 called. 18 jxun. kepws. 19 childrS. 
20 Komayne^. landes. 21 eny. entren. 22 contre. among inst. of anoon. 
25 a 2 om. 2Q of he it he om. 27 whanne. any om. soche tokyfl. 28 seen. 
j';muu anone. 29 jtam. agaynst. 30 eny. come. 34 lordcs. jmj om. p. 9, 
1 ynde. gretely. 2 byhete. yiftes. of pat. 3 J>am. if hit. 4 see. ferr*. 

5 ayre. seen. 6 bef . p&y. )am. 7 be om. came fame. 8 )>at. spoken, 
horen. 9 for. of pe, rose. 11 called. 14 pat 15 came. 16 blode. 
called, offird. 17 afterwarde. 

19 and om. whenne. 20 acoft. called. 22 of diuerso om. 23 many 
mnner. 25 borne. 28 marchauntt*. Jeire. marchaundiso. J>edir. 29 
lande and by water, like. 30 nobley. pe. 31 and pe loos. 32 of pe. 
33 came, sawe ah p. 11, 1 disportc. abode. 3 J>am. 4 and oute of . 5 
Iuulles. 7 hiest. wreten. 8 of golde. & a. 9 appered. sogbt. 10 
crosse. 11 offrede. 12 p&y say. pe d. 13 pe. belid. both beest & maft. 
15 taken*. 16 apoft. jxrfore. aftirward om. here. 17 maisters. afterwarde 
gate. 18 with golde & w* op\r om. 19 Iuett. 21 become. 22 knowefl. 
30 shait. 31 vndirstande. of pe. 32 beres alway. pere. pe signe. 34 
forme. 35 borne. 36 done bvtwene. sarasins. 

p. 13, 8 regned. kyng & lorde. 9 lande. Isay. 11 hir sonne. 12 lo 
saies. maiden. 13 conseyve. 14 seek, deetft. 16 to he walle. 17 saies. 
(kde. onely. 18 had none eire and for. 23 here (of om.). 25 agayns. 
shulde. 26 pis. 27 hevyfi. wondred. 28 whenne. tokynne. done. 29 
gyftes. 30 for om. 31 Innocentry. 32 not. knowlege. pe. 33 not. p. 
15, 2 peire messingers. 3 borne, wreten. 4 ]x>ugh. borne. 5 to hym. 

6 yet. not. rise. 9 gave p&m. 10 may deft, mafl is. cource. 11 gyf p&m. 
12 biselich om. 17 pes. 18 killed. 21 name (Ioakim) om., and in his tyme 
om. 23 weren. 25 prophecied had before. 27 and >us pay. 28 pe om. 
29 gaue. 30 forgetefi. witnesseth. 31 pe Ines. 33 whenne. spake. 34 
presciso. afterwarde. p. 17, 4 commes. cease. 5 )>anne pe. 8 Michee om. 

9 pis. 10 fullnliid. pom. 17 done, god is. 18 for B. was be. 19 
callyng. 20 w heft, saied. 21 callvng of pe. 22 birth. ptB. 23 and so 
) (.u^h. 24 paynyms. yet. pia. pe bokes. 25 fonde. wiste wele. 26 had 

* Mr. V. closely follows MS. B. ; Uie differences are mostly only dialectical or graphical. 


om. by his prophecies byhested. 29gaf)Mim. 32 was. 35 som\ 36 one. 

19, 1 neutrjwles. not. 2 moche inst. of onlich. bitoknyd. 13 on hetye om. al. 

14 apofi. 15 pis. 16 tymbre. growes. good. 17 erbes. ^ 17 many fair*. 

aboute pis hitt om. 21 made of stone. 22 wondirly. height, on. 24 

turnes. 27 in >e. 31 Rightfully. 32 comefi. 33 fadire. 34 sonne. 

to be flesshe. p. 21, 3 saith. Ex. ed. a Oesare augusto & c. 4 diacrye. 6 Oirre. 

yode furth. 7 yode. 9 J>e om. wicbe. called. 10 maynye. llyode. 

contre. 12 whiche. 13 c5niefi. 14 s. Marye om. hir. 16 clobea. layil. 

17 shipperdes. 18 pehe. an. 19 come. >afi. 20 had. 21 pom. 24 

shatt. 25 c\o)>ea. and om. 26 sodenly. c5me. angels. 27 said. exc. 

dec. 28 in hegbt. peas. 30 gret om. 31 has. 32 Celers. 33 pe ertho. 

34 called. 36 somtyme an house. p. 23, 2 borne. 3 anoynted. 4 place. 

5 borne, niodir. sainte. 7 called, or nelid. 8 bit was called so, was by-cause. 

10 heled. blacke. 12 comofi callynge. 13 also (and om.) hit was. 14 of d. 

hostiUers. 15 tye |>eire. 18 into, of ]>inge. 19 pedir. marked, not. p. 

25, 15 whenne. wonne k destroyed. 16 walles. 19 brede. 35 werken. 

36 agayne. p. 27* 4 borne, yode. 6 t>ay c5me. 7 places. 8 pore. yooV*. 

10 sawe. 11 apofi. 13 nere. 15 in pe derke. 17 borne, disease. 
19 bifore. 20 fa]>om\ 21 mans (or mane ?). teide. 22 htrberowe. 23 

bande pat asse pat oure lady rode 08. in om. same om. 24 wrappyd hir blessed 
sonne. 25 laid. hey before. 27 and — contrey (28) om. 29 borne. 

30 saith. 31 an. apofi bo. 32 as, om. brede. 33 pat is quik brede (sety 
om.). 34 came. 35 bat oure lorde was borne in. 36 called. p. 29, 1 
bodely. 2 gostely. added : periore shulde be borne in Bethleem rathir penne 
in any oper place. 4 borne. 5 contray. sainte. 7 shipperdes. pare. 
8 borne. 9 gyftth. 10 ffurj^rmore. 12 fedde. )>am. beere. liofi. 13 
saith. 14 ij tyraes. were. ]>eire flocke. 15 Jk>. whenne. 16 one. 
17 lande. 18 byheste. wondrly. 19 montaignes. 20 not. 21 wele 
knowe. for. 24 as in valeis. playne. 26 shuti. 27 gedred. psm. dwelt. 
28 put. caues. borne. 29 chaff, markedde. lordes. 30 wcl bye hit. 
J>eire houses. 31 apofi )>eire mete-borde in a basyfi. puire. 33 eomualy. 
34 wodes. place, shadowe. 35 floode. p. 31, 2 commys. 3 seedys and om. 
4 of herbes. feldes. 6 p. in. 7 place. 9 heyer*. place. 10 place. 11 
places. 12 Cristesmas. barly begynnes. eeres. to om. 13 waxe. calle 
aroanges. 14 calle amanges )>am. paire. pat same tyme om. 16 wh< fi. 
17 bytwene b* place]>gre...and Bethleem. pe. 21 and daye om. waked and bay 
now in. 22 dwclle. l>eire. 23 yctte. 24 bar*. 28 of age lxij yere wlu.u 
she deyed. 30 No new Chapt. poo. 32 herode. 34 yette. p. 33, 1 borni\ 
2 august. Rom ay ncs. subgetes. 3 pern, landes. 4 pern, honde. 5 an. 
6 borne. 11 yette. 12 in her 2 om. s-iid. 14 cesed not. 15 forsoke not. 

17 verray. 18 vtterly. 21 sceptir. 22 done, stocke. 24 abidefi fore, be bytweue. 
25 J*ire. 26 paire. 28 borne. 20 ait om. 30 calle apofi. 32 abidifi 
fore k lokyd after. 33 astronomyers. 34 oure. borne. 35 begonne to rise. 
36 in om. p. 35, 1 an 1 alday. hkste. 2 ayre. eny. 3 whanne. 4 hye. 
bytwene. 5 neiifrj>eles. sum. say. 6 borne, souncs. 7 scne. whenne. 
vp on high. 9 pe st. pat pis. was. 10 like, ben pointed. 11 places. 
12 light, jwnne. brand. 13 fire. ayer. 14 bemys. 17ofacro*se. voi.v. 

18 sevnge. 21 borne. 22 hano abydefi. pxm. 23 goos & sokes, to om. 
27 failes noght. saint, saies. 29 callcs poo. not. poj. 31 gave. 33 gyve. 
36 whenne j>ey see. p. 37, 1 marvelous. 3 neuerbeles. 5 was om. abodefi. 
6 Seynt om. Grisostom telles. founde. 7 certefi. 9 pis. fonde. 10 io 
bokes. per cause, kynne. 11 ]>at he pr. 12 texte. 14 risynge. 15 
wheune. was borne. 16 knowlege. 17 J>am. 18 \>&m. any died. 20 
wayte. 21 pis. 23 place. 24 ayere. 25 place. \>is. 26 of nee. 
27 levynge. pis. stoden. 28 hie. praieres. 29 prayn^o. risynge. 3 » 
comefi. pis. pis. 32 f>eire praieri*. sodaynly. 33 apofi paQ. ay««re. 34 
eest party. 35 per om. an. p. 39, 4 seefi. 5 pis. 7 b em « gyftes. 9 
reurronce and worship, J>'s. 10 loides and kynges 11 apofi. texte. 12 
xij. birtho. ofFerde. 14 No new Chapt. bis. 15 bkssjtl kynges. 16 
sekirre. bis. 17 astronomyers. beforsaia. 18 gladde. 19 longe ; 
tynie ora. 20 abydefi. 21 lok<*d. Jris sterre om. pis 22 yf pa.j were 
eucrlyke of ]>am ferro fro. 23 ojxre purpose, yette. 24 cne. one oure. 


|»am. 25 hem ora. 26 gyftes. diuers riche. p. 41, 6 J>cire bestes. & for d. 

7 vitailles. 8 for beste. 9 plentye. 10 suffice to pirn. 12 afore. 27 
bt n lies, waters. 28 orrible. 29 growes. reedes. 30 houses. beh\ 

31 ])ara self ferre fro. pia. 32 growe — also om. be 8 miny perilouse. 83 
passe fro a k. to a. 34 wretefl. 36 in E. p 43, 1 No new Chapt. 4 borne. 
6 lightly saile. reed. 7 Firthermore. 8 fro. paxsefi. 9 say. 10 it om. 
semes. Jh>w om. 11 water. 12 salte. 13 place perof fat mefl may. 
14 lies. 15 )>erof.j 16 hase. ebbes. flowe3. 17 OctiaS. and his but. 
18 brode. broddtst. 19 yode. fote. 20 pursuyd ])am. drowned. 21 rede 
om. tlowis. 22 into )>e. 23 called, passeth. 24 coniyth. marchauntw. 
26 passen furth. 27 &so. be bore om. 28 ffurthermore. 29 as— aforesayd 
om. 30 also is. also om. and om. 31 growetft. 32 hit om. 83 also is founde. 
wondirly. 35 an. called. p. 45, 1 called, stone. 2 kutte. 6 No new 
Chapt. 7 & of . 8 borne, off erde. ensence. 9 was also in. 10 called, 
con trey, grewe. 12 growe}. places. 13 hit om. droppes. certaine. 14 
places. per om. 15 none. 17 No new Ch. 18 called. 19 offerde. 20 
hmd a called Egris willa. 21 lies. 22 growes. eny place. 23 worlde, & 
waxes right )>ycke (== B). waxes, an. 24 lyke. fire inst. of wedir. and — 
thyk om. here. 25 waxe}. 26 cleues. 27 j>anne. takefi. cord as & gyrdlys. 
28 and )>anne pe. 29 cleues apon pe. 30 wrongefl. 31 waxes Timiama. ye. 

32 doue. 33 Jus. 34 and ])ilke 1. J>is giftes. p. 47, 1, wexes & growes. 
also pej pe whiche. offerd. 2beom. rathir of pis lordes whiche shulde. 3 called, 
londes. J>e proph. Dauid. 6 kynge. thaar?. 7 offere gyftes. 8 J>ese. 9 called. 
10 called. 11 called. 12 called. & Thaars is annexid to )>e same yle (the rest 
om.). 14 J>eire. 17 ]>e om. Criste is. 18 Theophile. also a om. 19 werkt s. 
saieH. done. >ese. 20 stered. 21 borne. 22 birde. J>e om. called, whiche 
had. 24 borne. 25 spices. 27 cercle. & in pe hiest party of J>e cercle. 
28 sprongefl. 30 of J>e. yode. 31 ayere. many voices spake. 32 borne. 

33 aft pe. 34 wyffe. birth, vp right, feet. 36 cried, borne. ]>e om. p. 
49, 2 leve. 3 shaft I die. done. 4 Remigye seyes. opynyons. Ins. 5 
*5me sey. 6 of Chaldee om. worshipt. 9 saith. tonge. 10 pe pnilsofres. 

13 No new Chapt. |>t8. 14 ornamentes. 16 yf so be pat. 17 pe&. ne 
intencion om. 18 longe way. bitwene euery. 19 yette. yode eve 8-1 ike. 
20 before. ]>eire. 21 rested pkm. 22 yode furth or rode, yode forthe before. 
23 Jnfl. euermore om. gave. 24 to art ]>at pere ware. wretefl. 25 borne. 

26 t>es. 27 yode. 30 Jris. yode. 31 gretely m. 32 sye. 83 passe. 
35 where ne om. were come of. p. 51, 2 a grete. 3 \>at. 4 of om. pie. redyn. 
5 londes & k.. rode. 6 peri louse places &. waters. 7 playncs. & om. places. 

8 eny d. 9 none. 10 herberowe. noue hostrye. 11 ne (inst. of ne)>er) ete 
nor. 12 J>eire. pat j>ay. )>eire way. 13 seined 14 one. \>ia. 15 londes. 

17 borne. 20 many— ffor (21) om. 21 som. telles. 22 & to. middes. 23 
telle*. ]>is hastely. 24 j>ese. and to. 25 says. 27 admirabile. 29 of 
god almyghty moght. 30 ma 8 is. witte. 31 hase. 32 shewes. S3 an. 

34 hede. pe Iurye. 35 be om. a om. Itirnay. bytwene. 36 lions, p. 53, 2 
agayft. 3 out— and (4) om. 6 middes of pe ij bestes. 7 marveled. 
10 lyons. eny. 11 yate. or of. 14 pese. 15 pe lurye. 18 borne, pouerte. 

20 yette. mervelously. 22 maieste. 24 No new Ohapt. kynges blessed euer 
in peire way. 25 |>eire ooste k pcire c. were om. 26 saue. 27 heled. 
32 come 8. 33 spronge8. p. 55, 2 by. 3 done. 4 god is. 6 heght. 
pevea. 7 trespasses, put. 8 an. ll]>eway. abode, yode. 12 ferthur*. 

14 places, a. kirke. 17 No new Chapt. pi a comeft. 18 pe cloude. 

21 called. 23 afore. 24 into. 27 wretefl. 29 afore. 30 lande which, 
called. 35 No new Chapt. peae. p. 57, 1 come 8. J?is places. 2 in pe. 
3wexe. pe. 4sawe. ner«. 5 yf inst. of )k>u3. 63itom. 7 and men om. oome. 
10 oste. 11 pia. euery, 12 mette. 13 pis. 14 before, see 9. 

15 neu«r om. 16 euerych one. 18 if. 19 yitte. as to o)xr v. 20 one. 
And— and (21) om. 21 to om. 22 k pat ait \>ere cause; will e— her om. 
23 aft ac. 24 reddyn furth. 27 kynge is. 30 bore om. And inst. of 
Fer)>ermore. 32 distroubled. sodaine. 33oostcs. 34 and so. p. 59, 12gedred. 
14 pis. Nabroth. hei om. 15 or none. 16 wexes. bouie. 17 goote. 

18 Vis. ben. 19 takefi. 20 may. |>am\ 23 comen. 26 of om. 

27 borne. speke)>. 80 whenne. 33 borne. 84 sye. 85 distioubled. 


86 gedred. p. 61, 1 called. 2 borne. 8 Ins is wretefi. 4 pe om. 5 of J>e. 

7 culled. pis. 10 gos & enquercs bisilye. 12 comes. 13 yode. 14 sawe. 

yode furth afore hem. 15 where pat pe. syo. 16 yode to. 17 found e pej. 

18 tresoures. offerd. 19 Of pis om. 22 wretefi. cxpounde. 24 sawe. 

it pea pat were kynges come w l peire oost out. 27 Jwr. 23 troubled. 29 

it om. comeft fro. SO borne. 32 but om. an. 33 Romayne?. that he. 

borne. 85 pis. god is. p. 63, 6 & pes scribes, of longe t. before. Criste is. 

7 place, borne, may. 9 Of pese. spekes. 10 an. saies. 14 may. 

17 oefore. sawe. not. neuerpeles. 20 among hem om. 21 not. 22 borne, 
before. 23 not only by lore ; pat — bore om. 24 borne. to om. 31 Criste 
is. 32 place, borne. 33 )>an om. 34 vnto pefii agcyn*. yode. 35 afore, 
p. 65, 1 shipperdes. 3 rode. 5 sawe. ronne. 6 suche. in om. suche a. 
7 an* tolde to pern. 8 ffurp^rmore. 9 spoken, and— sei3e om. 10 done, 
euerv thyng om. 11 wherfore. 12 pis. 13 wordes. of J»w. pe inst of pea. 

18 birthe. 19 spake, pe. 21 bryjter & bry^ter om. sawe ('). and pot. 

22 yode afore. Childre. 23 fire. yode. 25 yode furthe. afore. 26 bis. 
28 saies. 29 makes, pat as nn. and ij walles. 30 kirke. 31 peples. of ij 
wallea. 32 is. feith. S3 whiche is C. 1. pis. 35 a cornerstone om. feitft. 
p. 67, 3 meaft. 4 both he drewe pern. 5 peple. 7 saies. 8 makyng as two 
p. in one. 10 pis. and — cornerstone (11) om. 12 come. 16 pe sh.. bylened. 
17—26 om. 28 No new Chapt. 29 spoken, pe. 80 gave. rode. 31 come ft. 
32 horses. 35 rode. p. 69, 1 yode afore pern; forbe om. pej inst. of pe kyngt*. 
2 was borne. 3 pat om. 4 yode. houre. 5 pe whiche day. 6 rode furth. 
before. 8]>e. or pe. 9 afore. 11 art pat. 13 aboue in. 14 pe same 
place, was borne of oure lady. 16 rode & offerd. 20 an. 22 but yf . goolde. 

23 elles. 24 w*« w*- 26 ffreres menouru. 27 offer. 28 may. nor goolde. 
35 Philippi macedo om. p. 71, 1 Peres, iewett. 2 fonde. Salamoft is. Stempert. 
vessels, were. 5 borne. 8 ))is. were, offire. 9 corner]. 10 horses. 

12 manhode. 13 pure. 15 wretefi. 17 pis. 18 keueral. 19 clos afore. 
21 hilled. 22 satte. 23 almyghty is. be. 24 comeff. founde. 25 pore. 
26 yeuen. place. 28 k purine. 30 witA nem om. 31 bapnyd. 34 tresoure. 
apputf. 35 esily. 36 pis. offerde. p. 73, 1 meaft. of. 2 tresoure. 5 of. 
bat inst. of wherof. 7 saiea 10 afore. 11 ethiops. like. 12 bokbited. 

13 steppes. p. 75, 14 tresoure. 15 J)is. 17 wordes. 20 hir. 22 pis iij. 
what — done om. 23 as afterwarde. But om. 25 of kynge Alisauuder. 
26 pe &. 27 gedred. 32 pis. 34 persons. 35 moche. pat om. 36 comeft. 
77, 1 nerre. 2 borne. 4 of spices. 6 comes. 8 mirchauudise3. 9 landes. 
10 rises. 11 suffir. 12 woute. borne beyonde. 13 londe. 14 deef. by. 
15 wirke. attorn, pis. 16 ono tyme come pey. 10 londe. pis. 18 offerde. 

19 spekyfi diuerslye. bookos. 20 hir<\ 21 ait con treys. 22 passes. 23 to 
his o. dorre. 25 not. holdeft. 26 betoknys. 28 to pe maument. done. 
79, 2 in om. oure lorde. Criste is. 3 poeeste. mannc is. 4 p? rteines. 5 pis. 
6 Jiftes om. offers. 8 offering*, confused. 9 not. 10 been. 11 pat god 
is. 12 and of pe incarnacion of pe kyndc. 13 forsakes in. god is sonne. 

14 perfore. pis. 15 of wbome. 18 byleue and feithc. 19 pat one. forsakes. 

20 denies, manhode. pis. 21 pridde. )>e Nestoryen. confounded. 22 deuide. 
in ij. 23 canne not. ne vnderstoude. pis. 24 ofTrcd. 2(3 to criste pis iij gyftes 
as to mafi. 28 departed in pes gyftes. 29 in be iij gyftes and knoweft god and mafi. 
32 No new Chapt. And 3^ shutt vnderstonue. 34 bowed. 35 borne. 36 
saied before. yette. pis. p. 81, 2 is be. 3 and in. 4 6 
made. 7 offrede. pat appil om. 8 to-broke 8. 9 a stone. 10 Kiitte. 11 
mafi is hande. brake an. 12 pondre. pat. 13 sawe. 15 borne, pe om. 
17 into nou3t om. 23 offred. done. 24 asked. 25 begune. 27 afore, 
dronkefi. 28 afore, moche inst. of mekelyche. 29 that cite of om. 30 pat 
pe. 32 hit. 35 responso in sompnis. 36 in an. p. 83. 3 yode. 4 afore, 
yode afore pat tyme. 5 yode. 6 herberowo. by. 8 come ft. 9 togedre. 
12 rode. 13 rider?. 14 supposed. 15 befi comeft. 16 eny towne or 
Citee. 17 preched. seeft. 18 done, place as. 20 wondirlye. 22 for- 
getefi. 23 m. of pinges. 24 lacked. 25 meynye and art peire bestes come. 
26 sanff. londe. 27 rydefi. 29 vnnepe?. nor. 31 done. fecle. 
32 bytwene godde is wyrkynge. 31 alt om. 35 gone. 36 as he. p. 85, 1 w* 
grete. 5 angre. 7 rydefi. 8 apoft. sufTrcd. 10 made, goodes. 12 


w*. 15 yode. 16 gydes. 17 rode, coade not tett. 18 wondirfully. 19 
bu lues. 20 places. jwof. 22 had. 23 oure lorde criste called \\b. 

27 so om. 27 to vse and so. contynues, 82 jris. 33 dwelks. p. 87, 7 
No new Chapt. )>is. comefl. 11 rested. 14 tardea & princes. 15 andi 
om. 17 roae. 22 testament, done. 24 fro. 26 Jns. 27 etwryebone 
fro. 28 hertes. 29 coraefl. 30 londes and kyngdoms. 31 seed. done. 

32 her om. 34 left. p. 89, 3 |>is. kynges worsbipfully dwelled. 8 done, 
gone. 9 )?eire owfi. 10 wax*. 11 hir. 12 po. 13 borne. 14 pe 
erthe. 15 hir«. god is. 16 womefi. loved. 20 of ]>. : s. 23 gave, souke. 
one tyme. 24 on pe. fett. 26 sec 8. yette. 27 knyves. 28 borne. 
places w*- 29 gone. 30 comefl. forgetefi. 32 woundefl. foldefl. 34 
place. 36 bedir. p. 91, 1 helde. 2 borne, place & a cursed. 3 not suffire. 

5 luys. yode. 6 comefl. 7 hire, turtles, doves. 8 pe sc. telle j>. 9 in 
his armes. 11 suffire. 12 oolde. 13 sciibe. propbecieed. 15 witnesseth 
hit. 17 comefl. 19 And om. 20 seis. 21 pe angett of oure lorde. 25 
lese bem\ 26 yode. 81 ]>is ij places, growes roses. 32 called, jna. growes. 

33 place. 34 yode. p. 93, 1 gedrcs jris. 2 of pe. selles. 6 growes. 8 
beR. 9 welles. 10 wasshed. 11 befl. 12 roses. 13 bis. I4befi. 
hiere. lengtbe. 15 leves. 17 clere. 18 Jris. 20 hase befl oft-tymes 
prrued. 21 kepes. 22 growes. may. 23 Pere for. 24 roddes kyttes. 
25 kutte. 25 er< boundefl. 26cottofl. 27rennes. 29 vndir-nethe Jris. 30aom. 
pottij. 31 pottw be. galons apecc. pottt*. 32 base. 33 eny messenger. 

34 gyfes to hym. fyait ^ 35 so om. gedred. 36 droppes oute of Jris roddes 
no more. gose. p. 95, 1 whiche befl. 2 sethefl. 4 swymmes abouefl. 5 flesshe. 
Jnckertf. like. 6 brisoures. 9 borne furth att aboute in pe w. 11 droppes. 
12 toke. laid. 13 honde. rennes. 14 rotefl. 16 called. 17 soddefi. 
20 truly, hase souche. 25 Nowe shutt ye redely here. 26 whiche (om. pe). 

28 and — disp. om. abraham is fadir«. pis. 30 called Nylus. 81 yode of. 32 
into be londe of Ebroft. 33 called. )>esame. 35 childre. p. 97, 2 brethren, 
merchauntes. 3 gilt om. 4 died. )>is. gilt om. 5 bye. 5 ornament**. 

6 in. 7 kvnge is. 9 gilt om. 10 Iuelles. 11 Salamon is sonne. 16 \xii 
tyme Melcluor. 17 borne. 17 in. 18 borne. 19 Ar. and also of Nubye 
as hit is af. 23 toke ]>em\ 25 yode. 27 J>e gyftes. 28 bonde. hire. 
33 no mafl ne leche. 34 as om. 36 snopere place, and panne he founde p.B. 
p. 99, 1 boundefl. aM om. 2 \na. before. 3 godde yode. 6 soche an. 

6 praied. 7 so om. 11 boundefl to-gedre. 12 sawe. 13 bade. 14 off ere. 
16 k offred— autere (17) om. 19 sawe soche. vpoft. 20 of pat. 21 bycause 
Roche oblactonej. 22 seefl. of pe temple om. 24 tresoure. 25 afore Griste 
is. 26 come. 30 gafe. 32 done. 33 pis. 34 suffir*. manne kynde. 
36 yode. p. 101, 3 panne pe. 4 J>is. felde. sepultre. 5 saies. llj^om. 

12 done. 15 borne. 17 places. 18 called 19 pe cause is ]>is. 21 catt. calles. 
22 beyonde. scutes, floryn?. yette. 24 coppinj. 25 gilt om. 26 pe oofl. 
kynge is. on pe. 27 wretefl. 28 canne. reede. 29 worthe. weght. value, 
floryens. 33 an. seith. 84 bedefl. to. pere om. 85 called, spekes. 36 saies. 
p. 103, 1 called. 2 eertft. 3 telles. 5 No new Ohapt. 6 takefl agains. 

7 deuett. 10 vnde om. 11 and yf. 12 yode. 12 done, pe om. 14 pe 
om. 15 bis syde. 16 in J>e. 17 pe which rose. 18 bat he shulde. 22 profuit 
om. 26 prophete. 29 it om. twice. 30 it om. 31 nere om. 32 Bartilmewe. 

35 wretefl. hnue. 86 pat pe oofl. brodder. p. 105, 1 of pe. 2 half pe. 
3 nor. 4 a om. 6 shutt ye her*. 8 done, fnrogh. 9 helpynge. 10 seek. 

13 pis, 14 yode. 15 temple. 16 painted. 17 borne. 18 abouefl. 

19 sawe. Bisshop}. 23 toknynge. borne. 25 yode. lande}. 26 wondirly. 

28 borne. 29 home om. landes. 81 done. sene. temples. 34 ait om. 
35 childhede. p. 107, 1 on. 6 halowed. 7 borne, as it is om. 8 rise. 
9 pe ap. om. 10 miracles. 16 pe siirae. 17 places. 19 bene. 21 taght. 
22 |*j om. yode. 24 had an. 25 titt pat. seefi. 27 and he toke. 28 praied. 

29 dye. 80 bapteme. 31 herde saye. 32 comefl. called, p. 109, 
2 feble. yeette. 6 pis iij w. 8 to om. 15 t>e whiche. 19 aforesaid. 

20 Jms. 21 came. 26 done. 27 yode. 28 halowed. 32 to pern. 
33 soche. 34 risefl. 86 wymeft. p 111, 1 visette pe. on pe. 4 come. 
J>is, 6 called. Sevytt. 7 yette. 8 dwellys prrter. 9 called, dwelles. 
called. 12 called. 18 sacred pis. 19 into. 20 Bisshoppes prestes k 


Olerkes. 21 archeb. 22 halowe. 24 temple. 25 clerkes. gafe. 26 god 
is. 29 prestes. 30 messe. 81 seied. p. 113, 1 charged, forgete. 3 jode. 
7 he telles. 10 wymeS. 11 noght herye. 15 god is. 16 wordea. 17 kirke*. 
and om. 22 called. 24 certeS. 26 degre otn. 27 afore. 29 ordeyned 
om. 30 caUe. and om. 32 kirke. 33 childre nor. 84 noper. Quenes 
nor. 36 and ait. p. 115, 1 alt om. of be 0. 2 in be. 3 died ait / yff. 
4 Chroniclers. Criste is. Theophile. 5 Criste is. 6 after J>e. and had. 
8writynge. 11 writer]. 12 dignite may denes om. 14and i om. 15 deynge. 
agayft. 18 leue. 19 angett is. mag is. 20 ait togidir om. 21 ]>ei om. 

22 amonge pern, ait a mafi. chefe. 23 men om. stede. 25 )>at fie om. 
26 culled. pe om. 27 done. 28 chosen*, p's. 35 chaunged. called. 36 to 
be. p. 117, 3-8 And whanne bus was done banne bey chose and orceined amonge 
pern a myghty lorde. 10 rise or tempte. 11 agayfi. 15 called kynge nor B. 

16 called preter. 17 in be. 18 owes. 19 and auobm 20 called preter. 
21 be Eu. 22 chose ft. lofed. 24 Criste god a. of whome oure lorde saith. 
25 pat om. childre. be borne. 26 wymefi. nor. 28 chosefi. 30 preesW. 
31 chiefl. bis. 32 Jit om. 33 doue. yode. 35 abode, p. 119, 3 gafe. 
4 called, a om. 9 appired. # 10 nere. 13 tumbe. kirke. 14 ordeyned 
bere. 15 Cristesmas. 18 seied. 19 messe solempnylye. 20 a om. & om. 
21afor. laid. 22 yelde. 23 & so he died. 26 tonibe. 2dofEp. 32 be 
om. 33 Oiij yere. p. 121, 6 afore. 12 leied 14 euerychone fro .gaf. 
15 myddes bytweue. 16 pis. in holy writt om. 20 and Erch. om. 21 loafed. 

23 buryed. 25 on slepe. 26 on lyve. 27 vncorupte. 28 and praieres. 
33 by see. 35 souccoure. p. 123, 2 workvnge. 6 No new Chapt. 6 whan 
bat be. 9 vertuoes destrier*. 10 angett. 13 places. 17 heldefi. 19 so 
pat om. preter. 21 correccioun om. 26 forgetrfl. 27 ne at. 28 bus iij. 
29 vncorupte. 32 askes. 36 coimfi. p. 125,2 inacheste. honestlych om. 
Slandes. 6tymeom. 18 And— Cryst (19) om. 23 place (!). 24 halo wed. 
28 done. 30 stode. sawe. 31remewed. 32 to. 34 appired. p. 127, 4 borne, 
let make. 6 gave. exc. deo. 12 done, yode in to B. 13 and om. 15 ne. 
helde bat place. 16 fro. gone. 17 bat. Jwe — bore om. 18 came bvdir*. 
came. 19 ne. in bat plaas om. came. 20 bat. founde bat same haye. 
22wonde. lady is. 26cliieff. 85 done. p. 129, 4 let. bat. 5 be. 6 was 
s. Icrome buried. 7 Eust. also. be om. Romayne}. 11 lileit faire. 
14 And— of -Gal. (15) om. 13 Also beside G dilee. 17 afore. 19uarowe. 20 
an. 24 bat— hem om. 21 No new Chapt. had bis. 32 beganne. binke. 
33 had. 36 corneft. p. 131, 21 his holy p. 27 of bis kyngu. 29 of— 
kyngis om. whiche was I. 34 briddo om. body om. be said lady s. E. 36 be 
om. p. 133, 22 bodies. 23 ioy and riches. 26 bo kyrke. 31 be. 32 
bornes. 34 bic. bat be. p. 135, 1 came. 3 Emperours lande. 4 Lowys 
pe kynge. 15 and also— lawe (17) om. 19 yf. 21 Grece. 26 be tyme 
of pin. bea om. wanne. 23 landes. 20 came, called. 31 ait bis londis. 
33 and bis. 3-1 translated, founder?, p. 135, 1 called. 3 doue. 4 getcft. 
7 & and also bat. 8 vnto. 9 ]>is om. scute hem. 10 called. 11 Frercs. 

17 >at was. 18 called. 20 of Col. om. 21 came to be Cite. 22 of Mel. 
om. 24 be b. 24 be om. called. 29 lorde is. witn. 30 honde 32 
praynge bat he. 35 so do. cometf to hym. 36 banue he praid be Erchc- 
bisshop. p. 139, 1 and lordschippe om. 2 and banue. gyve to the archebisshop. 
3 bes 5 &— Emp. om. and so was. 8 and he sent furtn. 9 meyny 12 

;is iij b. 13 Neuerbeles. 18 iij om. 20 and bo om. 22 wirkes. 23 brough 
ria. 25 iij. tymes. 26 called preester. 27 calle. 31 pere. bere. 34 
>ridde offrynge. 35 of be masso om. p. 141, 1 offryuge om. be offer e. 2 bey 
offer m. 4 eucryche ot bem. 5 holdes. 6certeyuom. 8 yf bey be. 10 
afterward here. 11 wat. 13 of bis. 18 candilles. 21 vigirt. 22 gose. 
23 comes, dorre. seyes. 25 vespere. 26 eve ft. 27 afore. 28 yf. done, 
p. 143,2 bey be. a om. 3 grete crosses. 5 comyft. 6 and euery s. stondes. 
7 bem-self. 11 red. 12 worshippes. 13 offres. done. lOaom. 17 and 
seint. 22 wes*fi. 25 may. 20 nere. 27 and Clerkys om. 28 done. 29 as 
— af. om. 30 gose. 32 called p. 145, 2 be messe. 4 Beys. 5 And om. 
11 And also. 19 diocise. 13 Iude. And also in. 14 bus iij. 16 be. 17 rede 
bes. 20 bis. 21 redes. 22 Sara3eus. 23 base. 24 in om. 25 be Nestoricu*. 
2G pus. 27 an. 29 Einptrourt; soue om. 30 Emperour is. Tyrtaryfl. 


31 lande. yoldeft. mcnnes. 82 handes. S3 Colayne. 34 ]h». ?6 nor, 
p. 147, 20 ben. p. 149, 1 rose. 2 jrcs ora. 4calles. 6capitaytf. 8 k llixi. 
13 yode. preester. 10 on om. 17 J>es. 19 ne souccour. 20 god is. 

22 wakynge. 23 his. 24 att bis. 25 gyvefl. ]>e8 lonles— aboute om. 
31 oounsele. 32 called, wit A a. p. 151, 2 peple. were mette. 3 John is. 
5 Castett. 7 ]>crof. 9 to om. of om. to pis. 18 wakened. 22 one. 
29 worjri om. 31 |» w. S3 dwelled, p. 153, 1 bene. 5 bene. 5 bene. 
8 of )>ts iij k. whiche. 13 her om. 11 beres. soubdelceft. 15 bere*. 
Jnt Jh's. 18 bene. Iohn is. 19 befl. 20 an. 21 yrne. 22 knoweff. 

23 and. preestis. \>e om. mete to —so far Ms. Ve*p. ; the last fol. is torn out. 





In 1° capitulo huius libri qui est collectus de gestis et trans- 
lation i bus sanctorum trium Regum, quod est prefacio operis 
sequent is, narratur quod, sicud oriens illustratus est per fidem 

* MS. veniente* trium magorum qui Christum viuentes* in carne adorauerunt, 

sic occidens ornatus est 2 eorum 3 reliquijs venerandis. 

In II capitulo ., quomodo 4 a Balaam sancti magi habuerunt 
ortura, et quomodo Judei et Christinni de isto Balaam dis- 
cord en t, et de beato Job et eius sepulcro. 

In III ,, de raonte Vaus, et de custodijs 5 que fiebant in eo, 

• MS. Ac. et speculatoribus* [ 6 huius montis et natis 7 ex eo 8 ]. 

In 1111° „ de ciuitate ACon et quomodo nobiles Indi apjwr- 
tauerunt illuc coronam aureani, que postmodum fuit sub cura 
templariorum, et de libris Indorum apportatis 9 . 

The text of the Brandenb. MS. (ed. by E. Kopke, Joh. von Hildesheim, 
Progr. der Ritter-Akademie von Brandenb., Brand. 1{>7S), is simpler, shorter, and 
on the whole better than the common text of the other MSS. and early prints, which 
has been enlarged not only by many additions, but also by repetitions, circumlo- 
cutions, doublings and treblings of words and phrases, which render the text more 
pompous, and at the same time nior^ intricate aud obscure. A copy of it is MS. 
Berol. Fol. 47 (wr. in 1413 at llraudeub.), tl.e readings of which differ for the 
worse (B). All the other MSS. I have > c een are alike bad ami full of mistakes. I 
here give the readiugs of the common text, especially of the MSS. found in England, 
Cott. Cleop. D VII (C) aud Corp. Chr. Coll. Cambr. 27.") (CC), the latter of which 
(or a copy), with all its mistake", was used by the English translator; of the 
edition of 1481, Colon. Barthol. de Un kel (P), which text is nearly identical with 
that of the other early editions ; and occasionally of other MSS. (as of MS. Berol. 
241 (F)> and prints. 

1 MS. C is headed: Auno domiui Millesimo Clxiij in Crastino beate Marie 
Magdalene Corpora sanctorum trium Regum translata sunt Colonic per clare 
memorie Reginald um archiep. Colouie de Mediolano. Hie incipit tabula de Capitulis 
libri sequeutis i. e. de tribus Regibus Colon. Title iu P (Ed. 1481) at the end of the 
book: Liber de gestis actrina Iwatissimorum trium regum translaeione.qui gentium 
primicie et exemplar salutis omnium fueniut x[,ianorum: per me Bartholomeum 
de vnckel. anno a natiuitate xpi M.cccc.lxxxi. fideli exaracione impressus. finit 
feliciter. / In lihrum do gestis ae tri.ia beatissimorum trium regum translacione, 
qui gentium primicie exemplar? salutis cterue cunctorum extitcre xpianorum, 
registrum feliciter incipit (follows the index). Iu other Edd. : Historia (or Legenda) 
gloriosis-imorum trium regum. ' 2 CC oruatnr. 3 enrundem magorum. 4 quomodo 
4 excuhijs 6 added in most other MSS. 7 om. in C 3 CC P ex eis. y in Aeon arp. 



otn. in the MS. 

• MS. citmarlnif 

In V° „ de prophecya Ysaye et Daniel is ; de 1 egrotacione 
EJechie, de retrocessione solis, de morte Ysaye, de destruccione 
Jberusalem, [de translacione librorura prophet-arum in Calday- 
cum, et de constitucione 2 ] xij virorum in monte Vaus, et 3 
de cappella ibidem. 

In VIo „ [ponitur] Ewangelium 4 'Exiit edictum.' et de- 
scribuntur Bethleem et domus quedam ex qua 6 conducuntur 
animal ia pro viatoribus, presepe domini et locus vbi canta[ba]nt 
angel i Gloria in excelsis, et alia loca et ritus gentilium 6 . 

In VII „ de Herode alienigena et duplici prophecya 
Daniel is et quomodo de 7 bijs disputatur in partibus trans- 

In VIII° ,, de apparicione stelle apparentis in monte Vaus 
et de ejus forma &c. 

In IX „ quomodo visa stella 8 tres Beges ad iter 9 se 
preparauerunt ; et de triplici India 10 et quodam ritu genciura. 

In X° „ describitur regnum Malchiar ; de 11 presbitero 
Johanne et Soldano ; de mari rubro 12 , de Arabia et de auro 

In XI „ de regnis 13 Balthazar et Jaspar, et vbi corpu 
beati Thome quiescit, et quomodo colligitur mirra et vbi 
crescat 14 thus. 

In XII „ quomodo quilibet Begum 16 exiuit de terra sua et 
stella duce Jherusalein pervenerunt 

In XI 11° ., et XII 11° „ quomodo deus potuisset eos M vna 
bora Jberusalem perduxisse 17 . et quomodo 18 prope Jherusalem 
in quadam nebula resederunt* ; et de 19 cappella constructa iu 
monte 20 Caluarie. 

In XV° „ quomodo post 21 recessum nebule Beges se cog- 
nouerunt 22 et Jberusalem intrauerunt. et de arietibus Nabagoth. 

In XVIo „ quomodo tres Beges loquebantur cum Herode, 
secundum ewangelium 'Cum natus esset.' 

In XVII° ,, narrantur cause 23 quare tres Beges primo 24 
intrauerunt Jberusalem. 

In XVII 1° „ quomodo recedentibus Begibus a Jberusalem 
pastores loquebantur cum eis 25 de stella ista 26 ; et de duobus 
parietibus et* lapide angulari nostre 27 legis &c. 

In XIX° „ quomodo Btella duce intrauerunt Bethleem 28 . et 
quomodo 29 in partibus illis nemo 30 vacuis manibus al loquitur 
regem 31 . 

In XX „ introducitur 32 allegoria trium munerum trium 88 

C CC et da 2 C instruccione * descripcio et (P etiam) capelle site in monte 
predicto. 4 Ev. Luce 6 CO quomodo 8 gentilium ritus. 7 super 9 stella visa 
9 ad iter arripiendum 10 et de ritu quodam paganorum et de 1. 1. n ff. et quo- 
modo presbiter Iohtmnes et Sol dan us Babiiouie teneut (CC tueutur) terras suas 
12 ff. et maris rubri (P mari rubro) descripcio in eodem continetur cap. , Arabieque, et 
quomodo aurum ibidem reperitur 13 describuutur loca regnorum u C CC cres- 
cit 13 trium regum 16 tres reges 17 perduxisse Iherusalem, sicut Abacuk (G 
adds iu Babiloniam ad Danielem) 18 quom. tres reges 19 de quadam ^Cm 
latere moiitis al tres reges post 22 agnouerunt 23 narr. cause om. iu P u in- 
trauerunt primo 25 regibus 28 de stella ilia que ipsos precedebat ** CC noue 
legitur a< qu. magi intrauerunt Bethleem stella duce aM P qu. inoleuit, C con- 
siietudiuis e&t, CC mcris est 3 ° quod uullus 31 reges 32 om. iu P M sanct* rum 

• recederunt 




* MS. vocantur? 

• MS. orta 

In XXT° „ quomodo magi 1 in 2 Bethleem venerunt et 
Christo munera 3 obtulerunt. et 4 de disposicione loci vbi 
Christus fuit natus 5 , et de tegu mentis Christi* et matria 
eius 7 (!) [et de disposicione horainum 8 orientalium]. 

In XXII „ [narratur] diuersitas munerum per magos 
Christo datorum. et de porno aureo et eiusdem 10 exposicioue 
et tropologia. 

In XXIII ,, quomodo illud pomum 11 fuit in manibus Christi 
con tri turn, et typus statue et lapidis Danielis 1 *. 

In XXIIII „ quomodo magi per 13 byennium fuerunt re- 
versi do mum, sequente eos Herode, et qualiter fregit 14 naues 
Tharsis; et quare vocentur* 16 magi. 

In XXV° „ quomodo 16 absque cibo et potu et pabulo 
iumentorum in xiij diebus 17 venerunt Bethleem, quod iter 
infra duos annos reuertendo sumptuose perfecerunt. 

In XXVI „ quomodo magi reuersi ad montem Vaus Capel- 
lam ibidem 18 fecerunt construi sumptu regio et formam pueri 19 
quem visitauerunt. 

In XXVII „ quomodo beata Maria cum puero suo latitauit 
in quadam spelunca, vbi post mod um facta fuit capel la. et de 
lacte beate virginis ; et [de camisia b. Virginia et] pannu* 
siue cunabulis domini Jhesu. de purificacione beate Marie 21 , 
et de fuga domini in Egiptum, et de rosis que crescunt in 
itinere eiusdem 22 fugientis, et de or to* balsami et de eiua cul- 
ture et 13 virtute. 

In XXVIII „ [narrantur multa notabilia] de xxx denary* 
quos Malchiar domino 24 obtulit 25 , quomodo 28 per vices tempo- 
rum ad diuersa loca uenerunt 27 . 

In XXIX „ quomodo beata Maria 28 istos w xxx denarios per- 
didit in deserto et quomodo 30 perueneruut in tcmplum, et 31 ad 
manus Jude, et 32 [de] agro cum eis empto ; et quare vocentur 
argentei, [et de forma et valore xxx denariorum]. et 33 de 
bonis militum trausmarinorum, et quomodo ordinantur mili- 
tes 34 , et de militibus qui fuerunt custodes scpulcri 35 domini 36 &c. 

*In XXX ., quomodo beata virgo reuersa 37 fuit de Egipto 
in Judeam cum filio. ct quomodo beatus Thomas mittebatur 
ad Indos- 8 . 

In XXXI° „ habentur 39 multa que beatus Thomas fecit in 
India, et quomodo peruenit ad tres Reges. 

In XXXII „ quomodo beatus Thomas tres Iteges ordinauit 
episcopos, et quomodo se transtulerit 40 ad 41 superiorem Indiam 

1 magi sancti 2 ad Christum in 3 munera ei * et — matris eius om. in CO 
6 natus om. in P ; C natus fuit c Ihesu Christi 7 sue matris 8 P ipsoruin hominum 
• add. quod fuit quondam Alexandri 10 et de eiusdem pomi et munerum ll pomum 
aureum predictum la de quibus Daniel scribit l3 domum per u CC et conterente, 
C P et conterens 15 vocentur 1G contiuetur quomodo 17 magi infra XIII dies 
l * C P in dicto monte 19 CP ymaginis pueri 20 et pan n is — Marie om. in CO 
21 virginis 22 eiusdem (om. in C) domini 23 et eius 2l domino Ihesu M offerebat 
26 videlicet quomodo 2 * perueneruut loca 2 * b. virgo in fuga ad Egiptum 29 C CC 
eosdem, P huiusmodi 30 it (om. in P) quomodo (om. in CP) per manus cuiusdam 
bodewiui 3l et postmodum 32 added: et dc mirra domino oblata, et quid (C 

quod) vltra cum dictis (CC predictis) denarijs fuerit (C P fuit) factum, et de 33 et - 
trausmar. om. in C 34 C P in milites. CC et quomodo inde milites fiant S1 CP 
custodientes sepulcrum 3C domini Ihesu 37 de Kgipto cam filio suo retier-ta 

»' CC in I idiam ** narrantur *" transtujt 41 CC P iu 

• The index to 
C. SO— 11 (till 
follows in the MS. 
on fol. 181 in C. 



et ibidem mortuus fuit 1 . et de forma hominum illius patrie. 
et de multis 2 que trea 3 Reges fecerunt post recessum beati 
Thome &c. 

Iq XXXIII „ quomodo loco 4 beati Thome tree Reges 
ordinauerunt patriaroham Jacobum anthiochenum, quern 6 mu- 
tato nomine Thomam vocabant ; et de virginitate trium 
Regum 6 &o. 

In XXXIIIT * „ quomodo presbiter Johannes primo fuit • Chapten ss A 
ordinatus, et de eius dignitate, poteatate, vita et Uteris, et M * re tr»n«po§ed. 
quare Johannes vocetur. 7 et de nobilitate quorundam 8 dicto- 
rum de Vaus. 

In XXXV „ quomodo trea [Reges] successiue migrauerunt 
ad Christum, et de cuiusdam 9 stelle apparicione 10 &c. 

In XXXVI „ quomodo isti tres u Reges post mortem 
multa 12 signa fecerunt, et quomodo 13 fuerunt 14 corpora 16 eorum 
translata 16 ad loca diuersa. et quomodo beata Helena in 
loco 17 Caluarie ecclesiam fecit edificari. 

In XXXVII° 18 „ habentur 19 multa gesta 20 sancte Helene, 
et quomodo per earn 21 camisia beate Marie 22 et cunabula 
Christi Constantinopolim 23 et postmodum 24 per Karolum 26 
Aquisgrani 28 fuenmt 27 translata. et de camisijs [mulierum 28 

In XXXVIII „ habetur 29 de loco in quo Christus natus 
fuit in Bethleem, et de ecclesia ibidem 30 et de sepulchro Paule 
et Eusthochium* 31 , etquid fiat ibi 3 * in natiuitate et epyphania * MS. Emtl.achij 

In XXXIX „ quomodo in Nazareth* [b.] Helena eccle- • Bethleem 
Bi'am construxit, et de situ eiusdem loci, et de cappella in qua 
angelus Mariam salutauit, et de fonte ibidem 33 et* columpna •etde 
prope ipsam, et de monte Tliabor et 34 monaster io 35 si to in 
eodem 30 , et de festo transfiguracionis domini, et de nobilibus 
dictis Blansegarde 37 &c. 

In XL „ quomodo [b.] Helena Indiam intrauit et que 
ibidem gessit in augmcntum fidei christiane, et quomodo trium 
Regum corpora acquisiuit, [corpus b. Thome dans pro corpore 
Jaspar, et quid sit venturum de corpore b. Thome]. 

In XLI° „ quomodo beata Helena corpora trium Regum 
Constantinopolim transportata 38 in ecclesia sancte Sophie loca- 
uit L9 , et de ecclesia 40 [s.] Sophie et reliquijs, et quomodo corona 
spinea fuit Parysios 41 delata, et de ymagine fusili ImperatorU. 

1 C P fuerit 9 et multa alia s died * CO P in locum, C in loco 8 om. 
* beatorum regum predictorum 7 add. et de potentate patriarche et (potestate CO) 
presbiteri Johannis 8 quorundam de semine trium regum • app. cuiusdam steij'u. 
10 CC In xxxv narrator quomodo tres reges moriebantur et post mortem siiam multa 
fecerunt signa &c. n dicti ia multa fecerunt l9 om. in P. C CC quomedo 
postmodum 14 om. in P l5 C CC eorum corpora, P corpora ipsorum le O 
translata sunt n ad locum u C In xxxvi & xxxvij 19 C CC narrantur, om. 
in P ao C facta et gesta, CC multa mirabilia facta et gesta, P Beate Heleue gesta 
21 C CC per eandem Helenam after Christi aa Virginia M CC Const, perueneruut 
24 P postea M CC Car. magnum, C Car. et a « C et A., CC Aquagrani " sunt 
to om. in P " narratur 80 quam b. Helena ibidem construxit 81 C Pauli teu- 
stochium. CC Eustochij 8a m nocte Natiuitatis domini in dicta ecclesia et quid 
in Ep. dom. P adds et quod Helena dicebatur stabularia 33 in eadem u et de 
83 P monumeuto sa eod. monte 37 blanseu garde s 1 portauit (om. in CC) et (om. 
in P) »• collocauit 40 de disposicione ecclesie s. S. (om. ij C) 41 C CC Parihi;* 




* MS. monU 

• qaomodo 


et quoraodo [per operam Manuelis] corpora 1 trium Regum 
de Constantinopoli venerunt 8 Mediolanum, et dehioo 3 Colo- 
niam, et quoraodo in eorum aduentu 4 multe hereses in occi- 
dente sunt destructe. 6 et quali honore eofc adhuo Orien tales* 
prosequuntur. et ponuntur ibidem 7 diuersorum 8 christianorum 
transmarinorum 9 nomina et 10 scismaticorum, et distincciones 
religionis cuiusque Becte et errores ao ritus. de terra Armeuie, 
et u de libris Origenis. 

In XLII „ quomodo vna [secta] habet aliam in odio; 
et 18 de ieiunio oorundem 13 et de veneracione epyphanie domini, 
et quomodo visitent 14 Jordanem. de monasterio* 15 sancti 
Macharij ; de w fluxu et disposicione Jordanis, ortu et fine, 
[et] de mari mortuo [sine maledicto; vnde tyriaca fiat, et de 
quibu8dam alijs notabilibus]. 

In XLIII „ quomodo ewangelium 'Cum natus esaet' in 
diuersis locis diuersimode legitur. et quomodo Sarraceni vene- 
rantur ymagines trium Regum. de quodam ritu Judeorum, 
de 1T libro thalmod et messia venturo. 18 de ritu Peraarum et 
heresi Nestorinorum. et de disposicionibus 19 terre et occeani. 

In XLIIII „ narrantur* [quidara] ritus Nestorinorum. 
de 80 ortu Thartarorum, quomodo 21 Cha[m]balech et Baldach 
oppugnauerunt et calipham,* successorem Machotneti, inter- 
fecerunt ; de 82 arbore arida [que est Thauricij 23 ] et 84 de rege 
Thartarorum, de fratribus mendicantibus et quomodo pueroa 
instruunt ad confundendum hereticos et Judeos. 

In XLV° „ quomodo Dauid, filius regis Indorum 8 *, fuit 
[oocisus], et de 88 tr[e]ugis factis inter presbiterum 87 Johannem 
et regem Thartarorum ex ammonicione trium Regum. et 88 
vbi corpus beati Thome sit repositum, et quomodo 29 Coloniam 80 
debeat transferri. [recitantur] et 31 miracula quedam 38 beati 
Thome 33 , et do multis 34 que scribuntur in libris Indorum 
et dicuntur in partibus transmarinis de [loco] ornatu et 
miraculis trium Regum, do sepulcro vacuo 3 * 1 trium Regum sito 
in Seuwa et de sepulcro Ba[r]laam et Josaphat et aliorum ; 
et 38 de denarijs cum quibus tanguntur 37 trium 28 Regum cor- 
pora, et quomodo raucescant rane de 39 puluere portato de 
Colonia. et quomodo qunmplures gentes 40 transmarine visitent 
tres Reges in Colonia, ceteri prohibente frigore non audeut 
transfretare. et quomodo in vinea domini [Sabaoth tres Reges 
vndecim horis] per diuersa teinporum curricula virtutibus et 
signis claruerunt. 

1 reliquie a peruenerunt s et quomodo postmodum destructa Mediolano ad 
procuracionem Reynaldi (C Reginald]) archiep. Colon, deuencrnnt Coloniam 4 in 
adu. trium regum * in Occidoute multe hereses fuerunt exstirpate per misteria 

(CO misterium) munerum (om. in C) ipsorum trium regum e adhnc Orien tales 

prosequuntur tres reges 7 in eodem capitulo M nomiua div. 9 om. in C 10 om. 
11 et de terra tenebrarum et la om. iu CO P 13 C eorum u visitant 15 CC 
monte ,8 et de I7 et de quodam l * om. in CO 19 C CC disputacionibus 
20 CC et de ai CO et q. aa C et do a3 CC Thanris M ff. et— et quomodo om. 
in CC ; CC et de iustructione ad confundendoR hereticos et Iudeos 25 Tartarorum 
qui venerat (C veuit) in auxilium Nestorinis 20 de pace et 27 iuter regem Tartaro- 
rum et presbiterum Ioh. ai om. in CC P 29 quomodo et qualiter 30 Colonie 
81 eciam iu eodem capitulo 3a om. in P 33 que scribuutur d« l>. Thoma 34 Iu 
eodem et (om. in CC, P etiam) capitulo narrantur multa 35 trium regum vacuo 

88 om. in CC P * 7 CC tangimus 3 * CC P sanctorum trium 39 ex i0 g. Indorum et 


In XLVIo „ et XLVn* 1 „ describuntur laudes et 1 ritmi* • MS.rira 
conscripti in diuersis parti bus transmarinis 3 . 

[Reuerendissimo in Christo patri ac domino, domino «»• to *t ms. 
Florencio de "Weuelkouen, diuina prouidencia Monaste- 
riensis ecclesie episcopo dignissimo.] 

Cap. I. Cvm venerandissimorum trium magorum, 
ymmo 4 trium Regum gloriosissimorum, vniuersus mun- 
dus ab ortu solis vsque ad occasum laudibus et meritis 
iam 5 sit plenus, sed Oriens sicud solis 6 radijs sic [et] 
ipsorum trium Regum meritis prefulget, nam* in ipso • 
solis ortu, videlicet in Oriente, verum deum et hominem 
eorum muneribus veris et misticis in 7 came viuentes 
quesierunt et adorauerunt [et] primicie gencium et ex 
gentibus primicie virginum ipsum solis ortum per fidem 
gencium primitus dedicauerunt : in quem tamen ortum 
solis eius occasus quasi aurora valde rutilans claram 
auram 8 sequentem designans 9 iam 5 refulget 10 , nam 
ipsum occasum solis prefati tres Reges reliquijs 11 suis 
vencrandis et signis came soluti multipliciter ornauer- 
unt [et] in ipso solis occasu primicias suas et fidem 
gencium signis et virtutibus 12 approbauerunt. sed 13 
quia in solis ortu, vbi 14 in humanis deguerunt, adhuc 
quamplurima in diuersis libris et locis de ipsorum 
meritis, gestis 15 et actibus sunt scripta que [in] oc- 
casu solis adhuc forte 16 fuerunt vel 17 sunt incognita, 
secundum visum, relatum 18 et auditum in honorem dei 
et 19 beate Marie, matris eius et virginis 20 gloriose, ac 
ipsorum trium Regum beatorum aliqua uestro iussu 
sunt conscripta et ex diuersis libris in vnum redacta &c. 

Cap. II. Materia vero istorum trium Regum 
beatorum ex prophecia Balaam, sacerdotis Madian, 
8iimpsit 21 originem, qui inter alia plurima sic prophe- 
tando 22 ayt : ' Orietur stella ex Jacob et exsurget homo 

1 om. 3 ft. CO laudes 8. trium regum reperte et conscripte in diuersis tempori- 
bus et locis transmarinis. 3 P concludes: Uistorie huius re gist rum, 

Explicit tabula libri sequentis. 4 immo ▼erius om. in CO 6 sed ortns solis 
prout 7 ijdem tres reges beati in 8 CO auroram 9 presignans l0 CO infulget 
11 eorum r. la virtutibus et signis. 13 et u quo 15 actibus et gestis 
1<J forsan,om. in 17 et l * auditum et relatum l9 ac ao virginis eius matris. 
21 prophete gentilis originem traxit aa plurima alia (al. om. in CO) pruphetando tic 

P 2 


de Israel et dominabitur omnium gencium,' prout in 

• ms. et de veteri testamento plenius continetur 1 . De* isto Balaam 

est altercacio inter 2 Christianos et Judeos in Oriente : 
nam Judei dicunt 3 hunc 4 non prophetam sed ariolum 
fuisse et arte magyca et dyabolica prophetasse, qua- 
propter in scripturis ariolus et non propheta merito 
debeat appellari. Christ iani 5 vero dicunt quod fuit 
Balaam 6 gentilis et fuit primus propheta gencium ex 
gentibus et valde gloriose de incarnacione domini 7 
et de aduentu istorum trium Regum 8 prophetauit: 
nam si eius prophecia ex arte magica et 9 dyabolica 
fuisset, ipsum dyabolus 10 ad maledicendum Israel non 

• prohibuiued prohibuisset* sed magis ad hoc fouisset et promouisset 11 ; 

• propter magnam sed deus magnam* 12 suam 13 dilectionem et premuni- 
fipM cionem 14 per angelum suum ipsit Balaam signis de- 
X ad monstrauit, antequam per J malum suum consilium ad 

iracundiam prouocauit. sed quia, ut iam dictum est 15 , 

• gmtuitma Balaam fuit gentilis et propheta 16 gencium ex gentibus* 

• ms. ideoque? et non ex Judeis, itaque* Judei Balaam 17 ariolum 18 
other mss.) 6 appellant et detestantur. eciam apud ipsos 19 est que- 

dain 20 questio de beato Job, quern dominus ore suo 
proprio 21 commendauit, de quo Judei parum vel nil ob- 
seruant ex quo fuit gontilis et non ex Hebreis ; sed ad 
excusacionem et palliacionem 22 dicunt quod Job fuit 23 
om. in the ms. ante legem temporibus 24 Moysi et habitauit [in Meso- 
potamia, cum tain en script ura dicat quod fuit in terra 
Hus, in Syria, et habitauit] in quadam villa que nunc 
ibidem Sabab vocatur, que distat a Damasco fere per 
vnam dietam ; in qua sepulcrum eius 25 vsque in hodier- 
num diem demonstratur — et iuxta eandem villam in 
campo beatus Paulu3 fuit prostratus et conuersus. itaque 
Judei omnia que per Balaam et per 26 Job sunt dicta 27 , 
penitus nil obseruant 28 . sed ut ad propositum redeatur. 

1 C apparet a in Oriente inter 3 in libris suis d. * Ba'aam. * vnde libri 
Christianorum in (om. in C) oppositum dicunt et allegant • B. fuit (0 fuerit) 

7 om., 0. Christi. 8 P et istorum t. r. aduentu, CC F ante . . . aduentum 9 vel 
10 00 dominus n sed magis fouisset et ad hoc ipsum promouisset; om. in O 

la P propter magnam. CC ex magna 13 om. u om. in CO. 15 sed vt , . . quia 
16 primus propheta n ipsum B. ls in libris eorum a. 19 in eisdem libris 20 om. 
ai om. 2a p. eorum a3 C f uerat, P fuerit. ai om. in F ; CC Moysi temp., C Moysi 
et t. illis nab. a3 eius sep. ae et beat urn 27 f uerunt et sunt dicta et prophetata 
34 add. sed in libris eorum deteetaiitur, de quibus per singula longum esset enarrare. 


Cap, III. Cvra post egressionem filiorum Israel de 
Egipto [ipsi] 1 omnem 2 ibidem et circa terrain sibi 8 
subiugassent et tremor eorum 4 super omnes terras 8 
et regna 6 Orientis 7 cecidisset 8 , extunc quidam mons 
nomine* Vaus, qui 9 ibidem victorialis dicitur 10 t, in • ms. qui dicitui 
Oriente fuit 11 , et super hunc montem primo pre 12 filijs tin oriente didtur 
Israel et postea 13 pre Romanis die ac nocte per specula- 
tores Indorum custodie obseruabantur, ita quod* qui- *vt 
cunque 14 partes et regna Indorum manu armata intrare 
proponebant, tunc 15 de nocte per ignem et de die per 
fumum per 16 speculatores aliorum* moncium specula- • uiorum 
toribus in ipso monte Vans existentibus declarabatur 17 
— nam idem mons Vaus omnes alios montes Orientis 18 et 
Indorum [al t itudine] excellit w — et sic * cognitis insidij * • *• = et »io 
per speculatores 20 vniuerse regiones 21 so precauebant 
vel ad resistendum se preparabant vnde cum 22 per 
Balaam esset 23 prophetatum ' Orietur stella ex Jacob* 
&c, extunc* huius prophecie implecionem 24 omnes •ettunc 
maiores natu et omnes populi 25 in India et in Oriente 
mult urn. desiderabant : et speculatoribus huius montis 
Vaus datis 26 muneribus commiserunt ut* si die vel *«t 
nocte aliquod sidus vel lumen 27 insolitum in aere vel in 
celo 28 prope vel longe 29 discernerent, quod ipsis pro- 
tinus annunciarent 80 . et sic* de premissis 81 omnibus •ms. *«. 
in vniuersis terris 82 Orientis per longa tempora 88 com- 
munis fama permansit. Et ex huius montis nomine, 
prout subsequitur, postmodum 84 in India et in Oriente 

1 CC ipsi. a CO Iherusalem et circumiacentem terram, Iher. et omnem 

ibidem terram per circuitum s om. in 0/. 4 eorum timor et tremor 8 gen tea 
in Oriente ° CO F cecidisset et regna 7 om. * in omnibus partibus (et) 
terris ac regnis (Orientis) contra eos (F pre illis) nullus intrare (0 CO manns 
mittere) fuit ansus (F fuit inire aus '^s) 8 quod. 10 00 dicebatur n in 
Oriente fuit situs et ad hue mons Vaus in prcsentem ciem est vocatus. 13 CO 
pro l3 postmodum 14 00 F P quecunque 18 extunc ie om. in P. 

" declarabant et significabant. w illarum parcium et terrarum Orientis 

19 excellebat et excellit a0 et extunc speculatores huius montis Vaus specula- 

toribus aliorum moncium eisdem signis die ac nocte significabant, et tunc visis talibns 
siguis 21 terre et regiones aa dum temporibus illis M tam gloriose esset 
34 add. quod hoipo exsurgeret qui dominaretur omnium gencium. extunc— gencium 
om. in CO. a5 vniuersus populus 26 P commiserunt ipsisque munera promiserunt, 
F munera promiserunt et mercede conduxerunt, muneribus commiserunt et mer- 
cede conduxerunt, CC muneribus et mercede conduxerunt ** CO P lumen vel 

tidus, C sidus in sol. vel lumen M in aere celo vel firraamento 29 remote longe 
vel prope 30 aununciarent et demandarent 81 CO promissis 9a partibus 
et terris (et re go is F) sa CO FP repeat de premissis omnibus u p. et adbuo 


progenies 1 surrexit que ibidem adhuc uobilis progenies 
de Vaus vocatur in prescntem diem, nee est ea maior 
vel nobilior 2 in omnibus terris 8 Orientis : et ipsa 4 ex 
[stirpe regali] Melchiar, qui domino aurum obtulit, 
processit et surrexit 5 . 

Cap. IV. Cvm autem circa annos domini MCC m 
gloriosa ciuitas Aeon 6 in sua gloria [et] virtute floreret 
et per quamplurimos nobiles 7 et barones et per diuer- 
sprum ordinum religiones 8 et per 9 diuersarum nacion- 
urn et condicionum homines inhabitaretur 10 et eius 
nomen ad extreina mundi pervenisset — et ad earn 
diuerse sub celo naciones, tribus et lingwe confluebant 
et omnia mercimonia mundi 11 mira et rara 12 illuc 
adducebant 13 et ad vltimum terre ipsius ciuitatis 14 
gloria et fama 15 fuit nominata: propter quod eciam 10 
maiores natu ex hac progenie Yaus de India in Aeon 
pervenerunt, et videntes omnia ibidem 17 esse maiora et 
mirabiliora quam in India 18 audierunt 19 , extunc causa 
delectacionis ibidem permanserunt et pulcberrimum ao 
fortissimum 20 castrum in Aeon modo et forma regali 
construxerunt : et quamplurima rara et nobilissima* 1 
ornamenta et clenodia 22 modo 23 regio de India 24 secum 
detulerunt 25 , inter que precipue dyadenia aureum pre- 
ciosis 26 lapidibus 27 ornatum 28 , in cuius summitate ste- 

• Ms. »t«u«; terunt 29 cum signo crucis littere caldayce et stella* 30 in 

forma 31 sicud 32 in natiuitate domini tribus Regibus 83 

apparuit 84 . et illud dyadema dixerunt 35 fuisse Mel- 

chior, regis Nubie, qui domino aurum optulit; et 

per illud dyadema dominus 36 ibidem meritis trium 

Hegum ab hominibus v arias infirmitates depulit et 

1 maxima p. a n. vel. potencior progenies 3 terris et regnis * ipsa 

progenies prout inferius audietur. e que in parlibus istis Akers vocatur 

* nobilissimos principts nobiles et barones 8 religiosorum ordines • et alios 
diuersos et varios 10 ditissime et gloriose esset inbabitata n mundi mere. 
la ac monstra 13 ibidem per terram et mare deferebantur et portabantur li c. 
Akers u nobilitas et gloria ac potencia (CC pom pa) le et propter huiusmodi 
famam et mirabilia 17 ib'dem omnia 18 et p.-rtibus Orientis 19 audierant 
20 fortissimum et (ac) pulcherrinum 21 et mirabilia ac (et) nobilissima aa cl. 
ditissima 23 more ** I. et Oriente 25 ibidem portare fecerunt et detulerunt 
ae gemmis et alijs preciosissimis 27 1. et margaritis M o. babuerunt M fuerunt 
et steterunt 80 CP stelle, CO ymago stelle 81 in forma et similitudine (C 
formam et s . . m) 32 prout * 3 t. r. beat is in natiuitate domini . in forma — 
domiui om. in CC. 94 CC que apparuit 35 asseruerunt a6 flf. deus per merita 
ipsorum trium r. beatorum CC bonorum) ibidem quamplurimas vexaciones et rarias 
infirmitates ab hominibus (C omnibus) depulit et iumentis 


eciam a iumentis, et cuicunque* epilentico 1 irapone- • ms. quicuuqut 
batur in capite 2 , statim surrexit sanus. et illud dya- 
dema cum alijs pluribus ornamentis nobilissimis 8 
magister et ordo tempi ariorum per magnum 4 the- 
^aurum [sibi] attraxerunt : ex quibus* dudum magnum 4 * B « uo 
fructum habuerunt; sed post destruxionem ordinis 
ipsorum vbi 5 permanserit, vsque-nunc 6 ignoratur; de 
quibus magnus planctus fuit in terris 7 per tempora 
multa 8 . ceterum 9 ijdem* principes de Yaus detuler- •ftw*n 
unt 10 secum 11 de India libros caldayce et hebrayce 12 
scriptos de vita et gestis et omnibus materijs trium 
Regum 18 : qui in Aeon in gallicum fuerunt translati 14 
et in ipsis partibus apud quosdam nobiles 15 translati 16 
permanseruut. et ex istis libris 17 , [et] ex auditu et 
visu et aliorum relatu, hec sunt conscripta, et quedam 
ex diuersis alijs semionibus et omelijs et libris 18 sunt 
extracta et hijs addita et presentibus sunt inserta, et in 
vnum hunc libellum 19 redacta. et omnes primogeniti 
buius stirpis* Vaus stellam cum signo crucis in forma ••tirptis 
prout ipsis tribus Regibus in natiuitate domini apparuit, 
habent in eorum vexillis et armis 20 in presentem diem, 
et fuit 21 in Oriente et in omnibus partibus vltramarinis 
conswetudinis quod in 22 omnibus bellis 23 Cliristianorum 
contra Sarracenos semper signum crucis primum 24 pre- 
cessit 25 , et secundum vexillum in lionore trium [Regum] 
cum stella sequebatur 26 . sed vt ad propositum redeatur. 
Cap. V. Cvm, sicud supradictum est, stella 27 pro- 
pbetata per Balaam in monte 28 Vaus per longa tempora 
exspectaretur 29 , [quanto plus tunc exspectabatur] tanto 
magis apud* Indos et Caldeos ipsius stelle fama cottidie •■* 

1 epilentico raorbum caducum habenti in caau i. a in cap. om. * cam fquam) 
pluribus alijs nob. orn. * maximum 8 quo illud diacfema cum alijs pluribus 

(C CC plurimis) et multimodis ornamentis permansernnt (GO permanserit) * in 
presentem diem 7 in partibus illis 8 longiora • GO Iterum 10 portauerunt 
(secum P) et detuleruut ll om. in CC. la hebraice et caldaice 18 r. beatorum 
(C bonor in) u t. et transcripti 15 principes et nobiles le ijdem libri 

translati in alijs partibus adhuc 1T ipsis 1. transcriptis 1( * ex alijs diuersis libris 
et sermonibus et omelijs 19 et in hoc libello (F CO hunc libellum) in vnum con- 
scripta et r. 20 armis et vexillis ai fuit et est aa om in F C P 
23 exercitibus et bellis u primum exercitum a5 CO nrccedit ae et in nomine 
et honore trium R. beatorum secundum exercitum vexillum cum stella (F signum 
cum stella in vexillo) antecessit (CC antecedit) a7 itaque hec st. per B. prophetata 
34 supra dictum montem 39 per speculators exsp. 


occreuit 1 , et ab omnibus desiderabatur. Tempore 9 E$o- 
chie, regis Jude, prophetauit Ysayas de Virginia partu, 
dicendo 8 ( Ecce virgo concipiet' <&c. et huius Ysaye 
tempo ribus idem E^echias, rex Jude, egrotauit vsque 
ad mortem, cui cum idem Ysayas nomine domini 
diceret mortem sibi imminere 4 , tunc 5 idem E^echias, 
versus ad 6 parietem, fleuit, non metu mortis sed 
quia filio caruit ac 7 promissio Abrahe et Dauid 8 in 
ipso deberet deficere 9 . vnde dominus eius misertos 
xv annos eius vite 10 addidit; super quibus ipse 11 sig- 
num pecijt quod sol retrocederet versus suum ortum. 
quod cum factum fuisset 12 , Caldei, qui tunc temporis in 
astrologia multum delectabantur, viso tarn insolito 18 
signo in sole 14 vltra modum niirabantur, et audita 
fama quod propter E3echiam, regem Jude, hoc aignum 
•B foist* factum 15 [fuerat]* 16 , extunc sibi preciosa 17 munera 

miserunt et ipsum adorare voluerunt 18 . sed quia ex 
cordis 8ymplicitate E3echias 19 hoc dissimulauit non 
dans gloria m deo, sed inde 20 in ali quale m sui 21 cordis 
arroganciam fuit 22 lapsus : quare 23 dominus, contra 
eum aliqualiber 24 commotus, omnia que Caldeis et 
nuncijs demonstrauit, in Babiloniam propter hoc deferri 
debere eidem E^echie 25 per Ysayarn 20 denunciauit 27 . 
nam licet E3echias rex Jude esset natus et in sole 28 
propter ipsum tan turn 29 signum dominus 30 fecisset, 
tamen ipso non erat ille homo qui exurgens ex Israel 31 
dominaretur omnium gencium, secundum propheciam 
Balaam 32 . Et est sciendum quod Caldei et Greci tunc 
temporis multum astrologie vacabant 33 , ita quod eciara 84 
ancille domus scirent cursum 35 astrorum et planetarum ; 

1 a. et augebatur 2 Temporibus. new Chapt. in CO 3 dicendo gloriole 

4 CO Tunc idem Ys. propheta nomine domini dixit mortem regis i. 6 extunc 

6 F C P versus par. 7 et 8 ac prophecie Balaam et Ysaie • debereut 

deficere et perire 10 vite sue ll ipse Ezcchias ia Quod cum diminus admis- 
isset (F audiuisset) et sol vers is suum ortum per impossible retrocessisset, extunc 
13 raro et insolito u 8. et in celo 15 C P actum, hoc factum om. in F. 

18 F fieret 17 quamplurima ra. 1H proposueruut 19 Ezechias ex men »ui 

cordis simplicitate 20 exinde 21 (CO P simplicom) arroganciam sui cor. lis. 

F mentis arog. "CP f uerit, om. in F CO. 23 C Ideo est, om. in F 2 * ali- 
quantum contra eum 25 Ez. regi (CO r. Iude) 26 eundem Ys. 27 demaudauit, 
prout in bib!ia plenius oontinetur. 2 * s. ct in celo 29 tarn rarum et insolitum 

30 esset factum 3I exsurgeret de I. et 32 prout B. prophetauit 33 in astrologia 
multum vacabant et delectabautur "CP audlle domus eciam. om in F GO 

33 cursus 


et adhuc 1 in partibus Oriontis 2 astrologie multum 8 

insistunt, et precipue reges et principes, qui 4 magistros 

et astrologos et alios 5 in hac arte doctos 6 de longin- 

quis partibus sub suis 7 expensis vocari 8 faciunt 9 . 

Ceterum 10 post E3echiam regnauit Manasses, qui 

Ysayatn interfecit ; post quern regnauit Amon, et post 

hunc Yosias 11 , cuius teniporibus prophetauit Jeremias; 

et in ipsis partibus* 12 regnauit Joachim 13 !, in cuius • r. lpdai t«m- 

temporibus Nabuchodonosor et Caldei Jherusalem obse- J ^™!^^ 

derunt et destruxerunt et omnia 14 , prout dixerat Ysayas 16 , 

de Jherusalem 16 in Babiloniam, que ab ea 16 distat per 

quinquaginta dyetas 17 , et 18 Judeos captiuos adduxer- 

unt* 19 ; et in hac captiuitate Daniel 20 de virginis partu • BaMuxtrunt 

sub tipo 'lapidis abscisi de monte sine manibus con- 

8cidencium 21, inter 22 cetera prophetauit Judeis, dicens 

inter cetera 23 : 'Cum venerit sanctus sanctorum, ces- 

abit vnccio vestra.' tunc 24 Cyrus*, rex Persarum, et •Ms.tjnu 

Caldei omnes libros Judeorum* et prophecias Ysaye 25 , • indoium 

Jeremie, Danielis et 26 Mychee ac Balaam et aliorum 

prophetarum de hebraico in caldaycum transferre 27 

preceperunt 28 ; inter quas plura 29 invenerunt que per 

Caldeos et Persas secundum ipsas prophecias deberent 

adimpleri, et specialiter de prophecia Balaam prophete 

gentilis, qui inter cetera ayt ' Orietur etella ex Jacob' M 

<&c : et ex illo tempore Caldei et Perse et Indi 81 

in exspectacione huius stelle 32 ardenciores et studio- 

siores sunt effecti quod ex magna prouidentia diuina 

ad consolacionem et fidem nostram factum est 88 : 

1 adhuc quotidie et assidue 3 in Oriente et (in) partibus vltramarinia * F OC 
P communiter, multum et communiter 4 om. m CO • astrologos et alius 

magistros (om. in F) 8 FP tritos, scitos, CO certos 7 eorum, 00 ipsorum. 
• vocare 8 f. in presentem diem 10 00 Iterum u regnauit I. la ipnus tem- 

Soribus 1S P Mathim u omnia vasa et ornamenta de templo domini et de 

omo regis 13 Ys. predixit la de Iher. om. 16 a Iherusalem 17 circa q. dietas 
distat 18 transtulerunt et 1B duxeruut, et ibidem in captiuitate septuaginta 
(F lxxix) annis permanserunt. quibus Iheremias propheta mint et dedit librum legia 
domiui et prophecias, ne obliuiscerentur, prout biblia testatur *° prophetauit D. 
sub typo (OC Giro) de virginis partu multum gloriose de lapide absciso al C P 

considencium «a et inter M i. c. om. ** et extunc aff CO Ysaie Chore 
36 om. in F ** transcribere et transferre, CO transcribere, P transscribi et 

transferri M fecerunt et preceperunt a9 quam plurima *° et exurget homo 
ex (de) Israel et dominabitur omnium gencinm. et has prophecias et libros per 
(om. in F OC) Iudeorum legis doctores scribas et magistros et interpretes Caldei et 
Perse eis expo d ere interpretari et declarare fecerunt 81 Indi Caldei et Perse 

sa st. per Balaam itaque (P ita) prophetate 83 soiamns esse factum 


Balaam 1 , primus propheta ex gentibus 2 , eciam per 
8tellam vocacionem 8 gencium propbetauit 4 , et hanc 
vocacionem gencium deus per suam natiuitatem per bos 
tres Reges, primicias gencium 5 , primitus incboauit 6 . et 
licet Caldei et Perse 7 gentiles essent, taraen in hijs 
libris et propbecijs prout in libris Judeorum invener- 
unt 8 , nil hesitabant, scientes plenissime quod quecun- 
que dominus per seruos suos 9 promiserat, potens est 10 
et facere. et tunc 11 xij studiosiores in astrologia et 
magis doctos ex omnibus terris 12 elegerunt, quos sub 
niagnis eorum stipendijs habuerunt, ex quibus dum 

• ms. contingent aliquem decedere contingeret*, alter doctus 18 loco de- 

functi substitueretur 14 , et bij xij in monte Vaus 15 
predictam 16 stellam debebant obseruare alternatim 17 — 
verumtamen non tantum stellam, sed eciam 18 hominem 
qui omnium bominum 19 dominaretur 20 , anxie exspecta- 
bant. Asserunt Indi et Caldei in astrologia experti 
qui diuersas terras perambulauerunt 21 , quod in India 28 
et alijs [circa] region ibus multe stelle de nocte appa- 

• iMnit refajut 28 que in 24 Caldea et Perside* 26 non vide[a]ntur t 

et a conuerso 26 ; et special iter super istum monte m Vaus 
in aura 27 clara quamplurime stelle rare 28 de nocte dis- 
cernantur, quod 29 inons 30 non potest 31 videri 32 . et di- 
cunt 33 quod 34 desuper non sit maioris capacitatis quam 
quod 35 ibi stet 36 vna pulchra 37 cappella, quam ibi 38 tres 
Reges beati fieri fecerunt ex lignis et lapidibus desuper 
*8ic«ccLest sumptis. nam ipse mons sit* 39 [tarn] accliuus quod 

quod B. 2 C gencium 3 primicias vocacionem (CC vocacione) * cum 
dixit (CO dicens) Orictur stella ex Iacob et exurget homo de Israel et dominabitur 
omnium gencium 5 ipsarum gencium ° primitus incepit et perfecit 7 Perse 
et Caldei 8 reperierunt e s. s. prophetas 10 esset facere et implere 

11 extunc la eorum terris et regnis u d. vel studiosus l * constitucretur 
18 add. de quo supradictum est 18 alternatim hanc 17 obseruare dil genter et 
expectare 1{ * om.; F CO et 19 gencium 20 add. quern stella significaret 

31 Asserunt I. et C. qui Iherusalem et ad alias circa partes causa peregrinaciouis 
mercimoniorum vel delectacionis frequenter perueniunt,qui pro maiori parte omnea 
in astrologia sunt poriti et docti 22 Iudea & in 23 C F P a. et discernantar 

24 in India et 23 CC que in alijs certis locis. 2C et econverso quamplurime stella 
rare in India Caldea et Perside de nocte appareant que eciam in Iudea et (in) alijs 
circa locis non videantur. om. in CC 27 CO aurora 2d CC raro 29 que, CC 
ita quod 80 F a latere moutis, C per latus mnnt: m, P subter montem, CC faciliter 
montem 31 non possunt 32 consiib-rari, CC con. side rare 33 et eciam dicunt 
quod ipse mons omnes alios montes Orientis altitudine excedat (C CO excedit) et 
excellat (C F excellit, ('0 excessit) 31 et quod (om. in F CC) 33 om. 8e ibi 
stet om. iu C CO ; ibi in P. 87 F CC pulcra bit 3 ' ipsi 3!) CF est 



per plurimos 1 gradus et circuitus desuper ascendatur 2 , 
et 3 in gyro 4 rubis et herbis ac diuersis alijs 5 arboribus 
nobilibus multum sit spinosus 6 * et amen us, alioquin pre • ms. spiumu 
altitudine tarn arta 7 nullus ascendere ipsum montem 8 
posset ; et ab illo monte omnes regiones Orientis per mon- 
tana et signa et Stellas lucide 9 considerentur 10 *. et di- • con»idarantur 
cunt eciam quod super ipsani 11 capellam stet columpna 12 
lap idea mire altitudinis et pulchritudiuis 13 et 14 desuper 
artificialiter facta, in cuius summitate stet* 15 stella mul- • ms. »tat, b »i«t 
turn magna optime deaurata, que se vertere solet contra 
ventum, que de die ex solis, de nocte ex lune splendore 16 
in longinquis 17 locis videatur. et quamplura mira de 
hoc monte dicuntur 18 . sed ut ad propositum redeatur. 
Cap. VI. Cvm auteni venit 19 plenitudo temporis 
in quo deus filium suum 20 niisit 21 in hunc 22 mundum de 
virgine 23 natum 24 , in illo tempore Octauianus Augustus 
monarchiam 25 tenuit 26 . et anno imperij eius xlij°, ut 27 
Lucas ayt 28 , ' Exijt edictum a 29 Cesare Augusto 30 ' <&c. 
vsque ' bone voluntatis.' Et est sciendum, quod Beth- 
lehem non videbatur esse 81 magne reputacionis vel nomi- 
nacionis 32 , et habet [petrosum] fundum 33 , ita 34 quod 
ibi sunt 35 multe cauerne et spelunce subterranee 36 . et 
distat a Jherusalem ad duo parua miliaria illius patrie, 

1 CC pulcherrimos 3 F CO asc. desuper 3 et ipse mons * g. et circuitu 
8 specialibus fl F P formosus, CO fructuosus 7 arte 8 ipsum montem 

nullus asc. • vndique lucide. CO luci 10 COditentur » illam la CO 
col. stat " om. in F u ora. "FP stet, C CC stat l « ex solis (re)splen- 
dore et lune de nocte n F longinquissimis lH dicunt (CO dicuntur) mira 

de quibus dicere esset longum 10 Cum autem vt (om. in F CC) deus (0 deus vt) 
pcccatoribus misereri voluit et venisset ao s. vnigenitum ai mittere voluit 

22 om. a3 Maria virgine 2i nasciturum 2i frena romani imperij et 

monarchiam 36 per vniuersum rexit mundum 37 prout M narrat a9 ab 
eodem 30 add. vt describeretur vniuersus orbis. et hec descripcio primo facta est 
sub preside Syrie Cyrino. et ibant omnes vt pronterentur singuh in suam ciuitatem. 
ascendit autem et Ioseph a Gal ilea de ciuitate Nazareth in Iudeam ciuitatem Dauid 
que vocatur Bethleem, eo quod esset de domo et familia Dauid, vt profiteretur cum 
Maria sibi vxore desponsata pregnante. Factum est autem cum essent ibi : impleti 
sunt dies Marie vt pareret : et peperit filium suum primogenibum, ot pannis inuoluit 
eum et reclinauit eum in presepio : quia non erat ei locus in diuersorio. et pastores 
eraut in eadem region e custodientes vigilias noctis super gregem suum: et ecce 
angel us domini stetit iuxta illos et claritas dei circumfulsit illos, et timuerunt 
timore magno. et dixit iilis angelus Nolite timere, ecce enim euangeliso vobis 
gaudium magnum, quod erit omni populo : quia natus est nobis hodie saluator, qui 
ex Christus dominus, in ciuitate Dauid ; et hoc erit vobis si gnu m : inuenietis infantem 
pannis inuolutum et positum in presepio. et subito facta est cum angelo multitudo 
celestis milicie laudancium deum et dicencium Gloria in excelsis deo et in terra 
pax hominibus boue voluntatis. 31 non (CC F nunquam) videtur vnquam fuisse 

32 quantitatis 3a petrosum f., CO preciosum fundamentum 34 om. in CO * 5 sint 
ibi 36 om. in C. 



* MS. AcecUm 

* mercatorura 

• dimittat 

et est nunc opidum [non] magnum ; et 1 dicitur ciuitas 
Dauid ex 2 eo quod [Dauid] in 8 ea fuit natus. et in 4 
loco in 6 quo quondam fuit 6 domus Ysay 7 , patois Dauid, 
et in quo Dauid 8 fuit natus et per Samuelem in regem 9 
vnctus, in eodem loco eciam* 10 Christus 11 fuit natus : et 
iste locus fuit in fine vnius platee* que tunc 13 platea 
cooperta dicebatur 13 , quia pre ardore solis 14 cum pon- 
nis nigris et huiusmodi rebus, prout ibi est conswe- 
tudo 15 , fuit 16 cooperta ; et in hac platea diuerse 17 res et 
specialiter antiqua vestimenta et alia muliemra orna- 
menta Vetera 18 cottidie vendebantur, et semel in septi- 
mana diuersarum rerum in hac platea fuit 19 commune 
forum, et specialiter lignorum. itaque fuit in fine platee 
huius domus Ysay 20 , et adhuc remansit tugurium ante 
vnam speluncam in rupe factam, in modum parui cellarij 
formatam, ad 21 reponendum aliqua necessaria pre feruore 
solis. Et est sciendum quod in omnibus partibus 
vltramarinis, ciuitatibus et villis in quibus aliqua vis 
consistit, ab antiquo fuit, et est adhuc, conswetudo quod 
in ipsis sunt 22 domus speciales, que ab ipsis 28 alchan vo- 
cantur, in quibus 24 sunt equi muli 26 et asini ac cameli ; 
vt cum 26 aliquis peregrinus vel mercator 27 * indiget 
aliquo horum iumentorum 28 , precio ibi 29 conducat 
animal quod 30 sibi placet, et cum venit 31 ad aliam 3 * ciui- 
tatem quo 83 tendebat 34 , dimittit 35 * ibi animal in domo 
que ibi 36 alchan vocatur 37 cuslodi domus ill i us 38 , qui 39 
ipsum 40 pabulat et 41 domino suo cum lucro remittit* 

1 sed * pro a CO P ex 4 in ipso • om. • stetit et fuit 7 O domus 
Dauid et fuit domus 8 eciam natus fuit Dauid * in regem Israel per Samuelem 
10 eciam loco n deus de Maria virgine homo la tunc (F nunc) ibidem 

13 vocaba'ur 14 pre inestimabili solis feruore 15 consuetudinis le desuper 
fait 1T quotidie diuerse lB Vetera orn. 10 fuit in hac platea *° et in ipso 
loco qui itaque fuit in fine huius platee quo quondam stetit et fuit domus Dauid et 
Ysai sui patris fuit 31 et in ipsa spelunca Ysai pater Dauid et alij homines huius 
loci et domus postmodum habitatores pre feruore solis aliqua necessaria reponebant 
33 quod sunt (0 sint) in ipsis a3 que ibidem 2i et in hijs domibus ** muli 
equi 2( dum 27 p. mercator vel viator tendit ad aliquem locum longe vel 

prope et si 3 * aliquo equo vel animali aut (seu) iumento pro so vel (pro) suis rebus 
vel (aut) mercimomjs ad portandum vel equitaudum (om. in P), ille vadit ad talem 
domum et aa om. 30 conducit quodcunque animal S1 peruenerit 

33 F illam 33 qua, F quam 31 tendit 35 exttinc dispositi -suis rebus 

dimittit illud animal quod couduxit in tali *° ibidem eciam 3T add. in qua 

itaque etiara talia auimalia conducuntur 34 et extunc custos illius domus recipit 
illud animal 30 et 40 om. 41 add. et dum (C cum) poterit 


vel, si non statim remittere 1 potest 2 , tunc 8 ipsum 

animal 4 extra ciuitatem ducit ad viam, et 5 tunc per se 

ad do mum domini sui animal reuertitur. talia pacta 6 

habent inter se custodes 7 talium [domorum] 8 , et quili- 

bet eorum nomen al terms 9 , quamuis 10 remote distantis, 

nominatim agnoscit, et animalia 11 omnia ilia noscunt 

itinera 12 , et tales domus 13 sunt illarum parcium regum 

vel 14 dominorum, ex quibus ipsi 16 magnum recipiunt 16 

theolonium, et custodes eorum 17 magna lucra consequ- 

untur. et huiusmodi domus fait quondam 18 in loco in 

quo dominus 19 natus est 20 , sed tempore 21 natiuitatis 

Christi ipsa domus totaliter fuit destructa et solum 22 

paruum 28 tugurium remanserat ante ipsam speluncam, 

sed parietes fictiles et muri 24 diruti ad hue ibi steterunt, 

et super area* 25 ante ipsum tugurium panes vendeban- •lis. arena 

tur. nam conswetudo est in omnibus ciuitatibus 26 

Orientis quod tantum 27 in vno loco panes venduntur 28 , 

et de omnibus venditis domini terrarum 29 de vespere 

recipiunt partes suas. et postquam Dauid fuit rex 30 

effectus, extunc 31 domus patris eius 32 mansit ad vsus 

regios 33 , et 34 postmodum, propter destructionem terre, 

de M ipsa domo nemo M curauit, et sic * 87 fuit destructa 38 ; • ms. *• 

sed in tugurio et spelunca* 89 ligna et huiusmodi communia, 

que ad forum venerant 40 et vendi non poterant 41 , quous- 

que vendi poterant 42 , obseruabantur 43 , et ajini et animalia 

1 sibi (com lucro C) rem. a poterit * eztano 4 equum vel animal • et 
tunc solum revertitur ad ciuitatem et ad domum domini sui de qua (0 quam) exitiit 
6 et tale pactum et consuetudinem 7 omnes cast. 8 talium domorum pre- 

dictarum • nam quiuis custos talium domorum (00 et vnus) agnoscit equos et 

animalia alterius nominatim 10 licet . . distant ll et talia animalia que ita(qne) 
conducuntur la noscunt omnia itinera et sepissime per longam viam sola reuer- 
tuntur (0 remittuntur) absque aliquo periculo animalium furum vel latronum. 
13 et t. d. in quibus itaque talia animalia queruntur et precio conducuntur 14 et 
terrarum d. 15 qui ez hijs '• rec. magnum 17 talium domorum eciam 

ex hijs w quondam ante natiuitatem domini fuit 19 deus homo 20 fuit, 

O 00 fuit natus al temporibus aa ita quod in ipso loco nenitus nil remanserat 
nisi a3 paruum vel vile a4 muri lapidei aa aream ipsius loci *• partibus 
37 quod in omnibus ciuitatibus est villis nisi ** comportantur et venduntur 

39 reges et terrarum domini. ,0 rex Israel fuit 31 extunc postmodum 3a d. Isai 
patris sui 33 ad vsus regios (00 regno) permansit M ff. sed procedente 

tempore cum Iherusalem et tota circum terra tociens (om. in 00) fuit destructa 
33 00 ita quod de 36 nullus 37 sed permansit et *" fuit totaliter destructa, 
ita quod ml nisi muri lapidei et fictiles diruti ibidem adhuc permanserunt ; et in 
eius area vt dictum est panes vendebantur in signum quod locus ad vsus regios 
(00 regni) permaneret 39 spelunca et tugurio 40 peruenerant 41 C P p. et 
supermanserant 4a qu. — pot. om. in 00. 43 reponebantur 



villanorum que ad fonim pervenerant, intus 1 et circum 
tugurium ligabantur. Et 2 cum propter edictum Cesaris 
omnia populus vtriusque sexus quiuis ad ciuitatem et 
villam de qua natus erat, conuenisset 3 , tunc 4 Joseph et 6 

• ms. urd* t*rde Maria tarde* venerunt in crepusculo 6 , cum iam 7 omnia 

hospicia 8 essent occupata et hospitibus 9 plena, et quia 
pauperes erant, totam ciuitatem circuibant et nullus eoe 
hospitare volebat ; et specialiter cum homines 10 vidis- 
sent Mariam iuuenculam super asinam 11 sedentem, 
i tin ere lassam, gem en [tern et] suspirantem 12 , grauidam 
et partui 13 vicinam, nemo earn 14 in tota ciuitate ad 15 hos- 
••iiod picium recipere voluit 10 : vnde Joseph earn 17 in illud* 

• a» tugurium et speluncam duxit 18 . et sic* in ilia spelonca 

in ilia 19 nocte [deus] 20 in tanta paupertate natus 21 est, 

• docuit ' sine dolore, sicut decuit*. et in illo 22 tugurio ante spel- 

• adimc est uncaiu adhuc* parwum presepe lapideum vnius vine 21 in 
t ab anuqao ima- muro imuratum ab antiquo M t [remansit], ad quod bos 

pauperis, quern eciam nullus 25 hospitare potuit, fuit 
alligatus, iuxta quern eciam Joseph ajinum suum 
ligauit 26 : in quo presepio 27 Maria 28 parwulum suum 2 * 
pannis 30 involutum in feno reclinauit 31 . Ceterum locus, 
vbi tunc angelus pastoribus apparuit 32 , distat a Beth- 
lehem ad dimidium miliare illius patrie ; et in eodeni 
loco eciam Dauid ones pasccbat et a faucibus 1 eon is 
et vrsi 33 eos eripuit 34 . vnde quidam dicunt 35 quod 
pastores illius regionis 36 in vtroque solsticio 37 super 

1 ibidem in a ff et cum vt predict mn est oranis populus vtriusque sexus prop- 
ter edictum Cesaris ad profitendum quiuis 3 redisset et c. 4 extunc * cum 
* in crepusculo venerunt 7 et quia tarde erat et 8 loca et h. 9 hominibus 
extraneis et hospiiibus fessent) 10 C omnes n asinum ia g. et 8. om. in 00 
13 ac gr. partuique u m tota ciuitate nullus earn 15 in tectum vel h. vel domum 
18 CO volebat 17 Mar'am 1 '* add. de quibus tunc nullus homo curauit. 19 eadem 
20 deus pro nobis al de Maria virgine absque dolore partus prout decuit fuit homo 
natus aa ipso 23 circa vnius vine long tudinem lougum al in muro muratum 
adhuc ibidem ab antiquo a5 uusquam 26 alligauit 27 et in illud presepe 

a * beata virgo Maria ao p. *. vagientem 30 pannis vilibus 31 iu fenum posuitet 
reclinauit. Vnde est sciendum qu( d in omnibus partibus Orientis est consuetudini* 
quod in omnibus stabulis sunt quamplurima prcsepia lutea vel lapidea, et \numquod- 
que presepe est cir;-a trium pedum longitudinem (CC F longitudinis. C longitudine), 
ita quod semper quiuis eqnus vel animal haVet per se suum presepe speciale: et 
tale vnum lapideum presepe in tugurio ab antiquo (adhuc) permansit, in quod b. 
virgo Maria nlium suum reclinauit ; sod in stabulis regum et principum et nobilium 
sunt longa (C F b;>na) presepia in quibus sunt intersticia pro quouis eqno vel 
animali. sa \bi angelus domini pastoribus tunc cum luce et magna claritate deum 
hominem natum nunciauit 33 et leonis 3i eos ibidem eripiebat 35 quidam 
libri continent 36 regionis illius 37 Lis in anno, sc. iu solsticio vernali et hyemali 


gTegem suura vigil ias 1 custodire solebant 2 . vndo 8 
sciendum quod 4 in partibus Orientis yems 5 ab estate 
in aliquibus locis vix discernitur ; in 6 aliquibus vero 7 
est yems et estas sicud hie 8 , secundum diuersam situa- 
cionem terre 9 . iuxta 10 Bethlehem vero plus quam in 
alijs locis sunt multa loca vberrima et pascuosa, et circa 
natiuitatem 11 domini ordeuni ibi 12 incipit habere spicas 
in agris, ita quod ex alijs locis homines illuc 13 mittunt 
equos suos et mulos ad imping wandum, et habent 14 
presepia 15 adhuc in agris. et quia temporibus natiui- 
tatis domini erat summa pax in toto mundo et quia 16 
inter Bethlehem et locum vbi 17 tunc angelus 18 pastoribus 
apparuit, erat dimidium [milliare] 19 nee erat frigus 20 
in* quo vis esset, die 21 ac nocte per totam yemem •MS.da 
cum suis gregibus in pascuis permanserunt &c. 

Cap. VII. In diebus illis 22 erat rex 23 Jude Herodes, 
a Cesare et Romanis consti tutus-, et non erat Judeus 24 , 

1 vigilias super (C P supra) greges suos (P suae) * consueuerunt • de quibus est 
4 quod terra circa Bethleem et terra promissionis (et — pr. om. in CC) et tota terra 
Orientis mirabiliter est disposita et pro maiori parte in montanis sita et • in ali- 
quibus locis hyems vix ab estate discernitur et distinguitur 6 et in aliquibus locis 
est multum frigidum et in al. 7 locis * secundum suum tempus est hyems et 
estas sicut in partibus istis 9 secundum situacionem locorum in vallibus planicie 
vel montanis. nam frequenter in aliquibus locis in montanis in mense augusti nix re- 
peritur, que a villanis in speluncis comj rimitur et in paleis (0 palijs, P pallis) ad forum 
deportatur; que a nobilibus emitur et in pelui (CO planis vasis) super mensas ad 
infrigidandum potum eorum ponitur ; sed dum discooperitur (0 CC P discoperhm- 
tur). statim more suo pent et dissoluitur (pereunt et dissolunntur). sed communiter 
in omnibus partibus Orientis in estate pre inestimabili solis ardore penitus nil viridi- 
tatis (F viridis) potest crescere vel nasci (in estate — nasci om. in CC) nisi in aliqui- 
bus nemohbus vel vmbraculis vel iuxta fluenta in ortis (CC montis), in quibus 
tamen qunter in septimana per omnia funditus irrigatur. sed septembre et octobre 
aduenientibus, sole ibidem paululum declinante, extunc gramina et huiusmodi viridia 
ibidem in campis communiter cresccre incipiunt, sicut in partibus istis in marcio et 
aprili : et in hijs mensibus marcio et aprili in aliquibus locis segetes scinduntur et 
resecantur, sed communiter in maio, secundum locorum situacionem. 10 sed iuxta 
11 festum natiuitatis ia ibidem ordeum 13 ibidem w et emunt ibidem ordeum 
in agris per mensuram ; et vendi tores ordeorum habent lfl ad hoc stabula special ia 
in campis in quibus equi et muli et animalia mittuntur quousque inpinguautur. et 
vocatur ibidem ab incolis tempus circa natiuitatem domini " tempus ad herbas " in 
eorum lingua. ie om. 1T quo l8 angelus domini tuuo l0 m. et via aliquantulum 
longa ao eciam a] i quod frigus ai extunc ibidem pastores per totam hyemem 
die nocteque de loco ad locum cum suis gregibus simul in pascuis permanserunt, 
prout adhuc ibidem faciunt in presentem diem, sed vt ad propositum redeatur. 
23 dum itaque exiit edictum a Cesare Augusto M Herodes rex Iudee ai add. vel 
rex Iiideorum natus, sed idem Cesar Augu tus et Romani regnum Iudee et quam- 
plurimas alias terras et prouincias vsque ad fines Indie, Persidis et Caldee sue 
potestati subiugauerant et potenter possederunt. vnde omnes homines in (omnibus) 
partibus Indie et Orientis, Caldee et Persidis optime sciuerunt quod Herodes 
alienigena a Cesare et Romanis rex Iudee fuit constitutus et non de semine regali 
vel Iudeorum natus. 


ut 1 impleretur prophecia Danielis dicentis* 'Cum ven- 
erit sanctus sanctorum, cessabit vnccio vestra 8 ' ; et* 
illud patriarche Jacob ' Non auferetur sceptrnm de Juda 
et dux &c, et ipse erit exspectacio gencium ' &c 5 

Cap. VIII. Cvm itaque 6 Christus natus esset in 
Bethleem, 7 super 8 montem Vaus oriri visa est stella 
noua in mod um sol is radiantis et vniuersum mundum 
ilium inantis, et paulatim in modum aquile super dic- 

• turn 9 montem ascendit et per totum* 10 diem in vno 

loco super ilium 11 montem 12 immobilis permansit, ita 
quod cum ipsam 13 sol in meridie pertransiuit, quasi 

•fc nulla erat distancia 14 inter* 15 solem et ipsam stellam, 

sed ipsa 16 non 17 fuit formata prout in partibus istis 
solet depingi, sed babuit plurimos 18 longissimos radios 19 
faculis ardenciores, et quasi aquila volitans et alia aerem 
verberans, sic 20 radij stelle circummouebantur ; et ipsa 
stella babuit in se formam infantuli et desuper signam 
crucis ; et audita est vox in stella dicens ( Hodie natus 11 
est rex Judeorum, qui est exspectacio gencium et 
dominator eorum ; ite ad inquirendum M et adoran- 
dum eum ' &c. 

Cap. IX. 2S Vnde tunc homines 24 vtriusque sexus 

1 vt in ipsis teraporibus quando deas homo fuit natus a qui inter alia sic ait 

* Verumtamen in partibus Orientis et vltramariuis adhuc Iudei in sua malicia 
perfidia et duricia perseuerant diceutes quod per lougum tempus post natioitatem 
Christi eorum vnccio nou cessasset, sed quamplurimos reges habuissent ; sed non 
negant Herodem fuisse proselitum ex patre Iudeo et matre gentili Chananea 
procreatum. * vnde Christian! eorum perfidiam ex eorum patriarche Iacob 

prophecia confundunt qui ait 5 et quamplurime alie questiones sunt inter 

Christianos et Iudeos iu Oriente, de quibus per singula longum esset enarrare. 
sed vt ad pr.jpositum redeatur 6 add. vt supradictum est 7 in Bethleem in 

spelunca deus homo esset natus * extunc idem omnipotens deus qui semper prope 
est omnibus inuocantibus eum in veritate, ipsam stellam per Balaam prophetatam 
et per longissima retroacta tempora per duod^cim astrologos ab India Per^is et 
Galdeis super montem Vaus vt dictum est constitutos remote et anxie expectatam 
et obsenatam: hanc stellam eadem nocte et hora qua ipse deus homo fuit natus 
tunc super eundem montem Vaus in modum solis radiantis oriri fecit : et illuminauit 
vniuersum celi firmamentum 9 ipsum 10 totam illam n eundem la in primo 
intersticio aeris 13 om. u claritate 15 inter ipsam stellam et solem. vnde 
quidam libri continent quod ipso die natiuitatis domini plures soles sunt visi, et ipso 
die nat dom. (plures — dom. om. in C P) elapso hec stella ascendit sursum ad celi fir- 
mamentum. ie ipsa st'lla 17 prout in partibus istis in eccle*ijs depingitur non fuit 
formata l * quamplurimos ,9 om. in C 20 C sicut 2l Natus est hodie w eum et 
adorandum. 23 Ad rob. randam ergo fidem gencium et ad confirmandam materiam et 
rem gestara, omnipotens deus cuius prouidencia iu sui (CC sua) disposicione non falli- 
tur, qui (pro)ut ait Paulus vocat ea que non sunt tanqtiam ea que sunt, ex sua proui- 
dencia hoc egit et disposuit vt qui in vctt-ri testamento vocem dederat ex asina Balaam 
hanc stellam prophetantis, quod etiam in inchoncione i oui testameuti daret vocem 
ex stell i per eundem prophctam Balaam gentibus prophetatam. vnde a * vniuerM h. 


sexus ill i us regionis 1 , visa tarn mirabili 2 stella et* tali •ms.« 
voce ex ipsa audita, vltra niodum sunt 3 perterriti et 
ammirati, et ipsam esse stellam-per Balaam prophe- 
tatam 4 non dubitauerunt. et tunc 5 tres reges, qui in 
partibus 6 Indie, Caldee et Persidis regnabant, de ipsa 
stella informati* et 7 per astrologos et 8 prophetas 9 •informari 
instructi, multum sunt gauisi, quod eorum 10 tempori 
bus hanc stellam 11 videre meruerunt 12 . vnde hij tres 
Reges 13 , per maximam 14 regnorum suorum distanciam 
separati et quiuis de alio penitus ignarus 15 , cum ditissimis 
muneribus veris et misticis ac nobilissimis ornament is 16 , 
ornatu regio cum 17 maximo 18 comitatu ad inquirendum 1 * 
e t adorandum regem natu m se preparauerunt 20 , et omnem 
eorum expedicionem in bubus gregibus et iumentis 21 , 
lectisternijs 22 et vtensilibus et 23 omnibus necessarijs 24 
copiose preire fecerunt 25 . nam conswetudo est in illis 
regionibus 26 , quod cum principes atque domini cum 27 
multitudine incedunt, lectisternia 28 et omnia 29 vtensilia 
ad cameram et [ad] coquinam pertinencia 80 portantur 
cum eis in mulis et camelis 81 . Ceterum 82 de regnis et 
terris istorum trium Regum 33 est sciendum quod tres 
sunt Indie, quarum omnes regiones 34 pro maiori parte 

1 omnium illarum terrarum orientis parcium et regionum a mir. rara et insolita 
8 fuerunt * B. prophet am gentilem prophetatam et a loDgis retroactis tempori- 

bus desideratam et expectatam 6 extuno e p. et terris 7 et de ipsa • a. et 
doctores et 9 prophecias 10 ipsorum ll ipsam stellam tarn longis ante tern- 
poribus prophetatam la add. quam tarn longissimis (P benignissimis, benissimis) 
temporibus omnes populi tarn anxie expectauerunt et videre desiderauerunt. 
13 r. gloriosi u nimiam et maximam eorum ttrrarum et r. d. u ignarus, sed vno 
tempore de ipsa stella informati 16 o. et varijs et diuersis vestimentis ac 17 cum 
equis mulis et camelis et (ac) thesauris in fin it is et ls maximo et ingenti comitatu 
exercitibus (F exercitu) et apparatu p out ornacius et ncbilius potuerunt 19 ad i. 
dominum et regem Iude rum natum et ipsum a. 20 add. prout vox de stella dixit 
precepit et predicauit, et tan to nobilius et honestius se preparauerunt quantum super 
se regem alciorem natum cognouerunt quem inquirere et adorare proposuerunt. 
21 armentis aa cum alijs eorum 1. " ditissimis et nobilissimis preparamentis et 
24 n. que ipsis et eorum exercitibus ac comitatui sufficere possent ** add. in multi- 
tudine quampluriraorum camelorum et iumentorum. ae in Oriente et in omnibus 
partibus vltramariui8,exceptis magnis ciuitatibus, quod in omnibus locis et villis sunt 
quamplurima (om. in F) delectabilia hospicia et amena, in quibus pro maiori parte 
omnia comestibilia et pabula et huiusmodi (om. in F) in optimo foro reperiuntur (F 
sunt) a7 sed priucipibus et dominis qui cum aliqua 2 * in ipsis non sunt commoda, 
sed (om in CO, F nee) 1. a9 huiusmodi 80 ^et) necessaria * l (CO set F que ideo) 
cum principibus et domin's (C P omnibus nobilibus) portantur in mulis iumentis et 
camelis. nam communiter ibidem homines propter inestimabilem et intollerabilissi* 
mum sol is ardorem semper de nocte equitant ambulant et vagantur. ,a CG Iterum 
83 C CO P r. gloriosorum qui se itaque tarn nobiliter ad inquirendum et (ad) ador- 
audum dominum preparauerunt 84 terre et regiones 




* M^. glorioM 


* Judeam 
f PeraMain 

sunt insule, plene 1 horribilissimis paludibus, in qui- 
bus 2 crescunt arundines tam grosse* 3 quod ex hijs 4 
domus et naucs construuntur ; [et] 5 in istis tends et insu- 
lis nascuntur 6 herbe et bestie 7 speciales ; ita quod valde 8 
periculose et laborio^e de vna insula vel terra 9 ad aliam 
perucnitur. vndo legitur quod Asswerus regnauit per 
centum xx[v] l0 prouincias ab India vsque ad Ethiopian). 
Cap. X. In prima ergo India fuit regnum Nubie, 
in quo 11 regnauit Malchior 12 ; cuius eciam 13 fuit regnum 
Arabie, in quo est mons Synay 14 , et mare rubrum per 
quod 15 de Ciria et Egipto 16 faciliter nauigatur. sed 1T 
Soldanus non permittit ne quis presbitero Johanni, 
domino Indcrum 18 , litteras de rcgibus Christianorum de- 
ferat, vt* conspiraciones eorum vitare possit 19 ; simili 20 
racione pres biter Johannes cauet ne aliquis de suis n 
transeat ad Soldanum 22 ; vnde 23 volentes ire ad Indiam* 
circueunt 24 per Persidcmt 25 viam 26 longam 27 et laboric- 
sam. et 28 dicunt qui per transient nt mare rubrum, quod 
fundus eius 29 sit rubeus 30 ; vnde 31 aqua dean per tam- 
quam 32 vinum rubeum apparet ^ licet ipsa aqua sit colons 
ut alia aqua 34 ; et est salsa, et tam clara quod in fundo 
eius profundissimo 35 lapides vel pisces 36 discernuntur 37 ; 

1 et omnes hee terre et regiones et insule (all this om. in F) sunt aquis (F plene 
aqnis) et desertis ac serpeutibus maximis et alijs auimalibus periculosissimis et 
vencnosissimis et paludibus horribilissimis (CO replete, et pal. hor. om. in F.) 
3 F et crescunt ibidem 3 grosso et alte * ex eis in part' bus illis 8 et sunt diuise 
et ab inuicem separate) et in vnaquaque istarum terrarum et regionum terns et insulis 
(t. et i. ora. in F) 6 nascuntur et crescunt 7 h. et animalia ac bestie pre alijs sp. 
8 vltramodum 9 terra regione vel insula 10 super OXXV ll in quo temporibus 
natiuitatis domini la M. qui domino aurum obtilit ia eciam inter alias terras 
14 mons Sinai est situs 14 et per illud mare (rubrum) ; om. in CO l * add. ad 
Indiam (C CC Iudeam) 17 sed mercatores et alij homines nati de partibus cismarinis 
transiro non permittuntur. quia Soldanus ab ista parte ii:aris rubri in insulin for- 
tissima habet caatra in quibus captiui nobiles detinentur, et ab illis castris canetur 
ne aliquis homo de partibus cismarinis natis od partes et terras Indie (00 ad Medos) 
transeat ne quis ls vel alijs regibus in India et Oriente aliquas 1. 19 vtl con- 
spiraciones (faciat, om. in CC F) ; sed homines iucole de partibus vltramariuis nati 
transiro permittuntur, sed tamen de negocijs eorum quare transeant multum dili- 
genter examinantur. ao et econue so presbiter Iohaunes dominus Indorum ab alia 
parte maris rubri eciam habet castra fortissima de quibus eciam codem modo catietur 
ne 2l de partibus illis 22 ad dominum Soldanum in suum detrimenttim a3 vnde 
fratres miuores,augustinenscs,carmelite et predicatores, et mercatores et alij homines 
de partibus cismarinis nati et ad partes Iudie volentes ire 24 transeunt et cir- 

cumount a3 regnum Persarum a8 per viam 27 multum longam et tediosam 
2i Sed pcregrini et mercatores qui de India per mare rubrum transeunt dicunt 
29 totus fundus maris rubri 30 tam rubeus 3l q-iod pre rubedine fundi desnper 
exi-itens 3a aqua vt 33 apparoat rubea (r. om. in F) 34 licet sit et (P vt) altenas 
a:|'u* colons, F licet rubea non sit sed vt aqua alterius coloris 35 in profundissimo 
eius lacu (CC F loco) et fundo 3fl v. p. vel alique alie res 37 bene discernantur 


et 1 est circa quatuor vel quinque miliaria latum, et eat 

forme triangularis, fluens ex occeano, et a latere eius 

laciori (!) vbi filij Israel sicco pede pertransierunt 2 . et 

ex ipso 8 alius fluuius effluit 4 , per quern de India naui- 

gatur in Egiptum. tota eciam 5 terra Arabia 6 multum 

est rubea 7 , et pro maiori parte lapides 8 et plurima ligna 

regionis illius 9 et quidquid de illis 10 ibidem nascitur 11 

rubeum est 12 ; vnde in modum 13 tenuissimarum radi- 

cum ibidem aurum optimum invenitur 14 ; et eciam 

ibidem invenitur in monte vena* 15 smaragdina 16 , que »ms. v»u» 

nimis laboriose et artificialiter descinditur 17 . ista 18 terra 

Arabia quondam totaliter presbitero Jobanni 19 pertine- 

bat, nunc vero 20 pro maiori parte pertinet Soldano ; sed 

tamen ut 21 mercimonia de India pacifice pertransire* • pertraniiew 

permittantur 22 , eciam 23 propter alias cansas, Soldanus 

de ista terra 24 dat tributum presbitero Jobanni vsque- 

hodie 25 in presentem diem &C 26 . 

Cap. XL 27 In secunda India fuit regnum Godolie, 
in quo 28 regnauit Baltbajar, qui tbus 29 optulit domino ; 
cuius eciam 30 fuit regnum 81 Saba, in quo specialiter w 
crescunt plurima 83 nobilissima aromata, et thus 34 , quod 35 
stillat 86 ibidem 87 ex quibusdam 88 arboribus in modum 
gummi 89 . 

* 40 In tercia India fuit regnum Tharsis, in quo 41 ms! P 

1 ff et ipsum mare rabrtun est triangulariter formatum, et incidit et fluit in terrain 
ex occeano (CO et occeanum), et est circa quinque vel quatuor miliaria (0 P miliarium) 
latum in eius lacu (0 GO loco) laciori (F et est locus lacior) vbi * transierunt 

quando Pharao cam exercitu suo eos fuit insecutus et ibidem submenus * ipso 
mari rubro 4 e. qui incidit in Nylum fluuium Paradisi, qui fluuius (all this om. in 
P) transit per Egiptum, et per ilium fluuium quamplurima ditiasima et nobilissima 
mercimonia de Oriente et India transeunt in Egiptum Oyriam et Babiloniam et 
Alexandriam, que deinde (P de India, F de die in diem) per vniuersum mnndum de- 
portantur et deferuntur (om. in F). s Oeterum tota t. • Arabira, 00 in Arabia, 
F Arabic add. in qua mons Sinai est situs 7 multum rubea * lapides pro maiori 
parte 9 quamplurima special ia (om. in 00) ligna que ibidem crescunt 10 tali- 
bus, F animalibus n nascitur vel crescit vel repentur la est multum rubeum 
13 in modum et formam u optimum et multum nimis aurum rubeum (00 

optimum aurum multum nimis rubeum) reperitur la 00 in monte bono smarag- 
dns . . qui 16 reperitur 1T exciditur et multum diligenter a ministris Soldani 
custoditur. la et ista *• pr. Ioh. totaliter ao sed nunc al C P quod M transire 
permittantur pacifice M et ** ex ilia t. Arabie a5 rm. a8 sed vt ad pro- 
positum redeatur ** Item in M temporibus natiuitatis domini " domino 
thus 30 e. inter alias terras S1 illud antiquum r. sa plus qnam in alijs 

parti bus et terns Orientis spec. ,s quamplurima s4 et specia'iter plus qnam 

in Alijs mundi partibus crescit ibidem thus 33 om. in 0. F et 8 *0P exstillat 
97 om. ,8 ex sperialibus a8 add. et in alijs terris parum vel nil reperitur 

40 Item in 41 temporibus natiuitatis domiui 

Q 2 


regnauit Jaspar mirram offerens 1 ; cuius eciam* fuit 
insula Egriseula 3 , in qua 4 corpus beati Thome 5 qui- 
escit, in qua plus quam alibi 6 crescit mirra, 8uper r 
herbas in modum spicarum advstarum formatas, in 
maxima quantitate 8 . Istorum 9 igitur regnorum tiea 
[Reges] ista munera ex fructibus terrarum suarum 
domino optulerunt, vnde Dauid : ' Reges Tharsis et 

• ms. fubcitentur Insule' &c, et eorum maiora regna 10 subticentur*, 

nam 11 quilibet eorum duo regna possedit, Malchiar 
rex Xubie et Arabum, Balthajar rex Godolie et Saba, 
Jaspar rex Tharsis et Insule Egriseule — et regnum 

• ipM Tharsis nominatur 12 , quia ipsi* Insule fuit annexum, 

ad drfferenciam 13 aliarum ciuitatum et insularuni 
quarum 14 nomina inferius 15 exprimuntur. sed ut ad 
propositum redeatur. 
•r.ut Cap. XII. Cvm 16 igitur hij tres Reges, vnde* dic- 

tum est, preparati, quiuis de alio ignarus regnum suum 
exiuisset, vnumquemque illorum cum comitatu suo 
stella eque precedebat et 17 cum euntibus ibat et cum 
stantibus stabat et de nocte non ut luna 18 sed ut sol 
radians 19 in virtu te sua omnium 20 ipsorum itinera illu- 
minabat. et in omnibus ciuitatibus et villis, que tunc 21 
propter pacem non 22 claudebantur nocte, per quas 

1 qui domino mirram obtulit a e. intor alias diuersas terras 8 ilia famosissima 
insula Egrisoulla (CC Uri«culla) vocata (CC adds : alibi scribitur Egrisculla vel Egrosilla 
vol Egriseula) 4 in q. nunc 5 Th. apostoli c eciaui plus quam in alia mnndi parte 
7 et crescit 8. 8 add. et dum iu hcrbis maturcscit, est tarn mollis quod vestimentis 
transeuncium se connectit. et extuuc quamplurime zone ct corde per ipsas herbas 
trahuntur, et illis 8U"ut cera mollis abstrahitur (et — abstr. om. in CC) et comprimitur 
(CC comprimuntur) ; et eodem modo et forma crescit (F iu forma sicud) thimiana 
(C cynamonium et thimiama). ° quaproptcr ex magna prouidencia et predesti- 

nacione diuina nouimus fore factum quod bij tres reges gloriosi Melchior Balthasar 
et Iaspar ex tribus terris illis in quibus munera (ilia) crescebant que domino offerre 
debebant in (P ex) antiquo presagio prophetata (p. om.iu CC) plus quam de eorum 
maioribus regnis debebant reges appelhui. vnde ait Dauid Reges Tharsis et insule 
munera offerrent, reges Arabum et Saba dona adducent 10 maiorum regnorum 

nomina ll nam tunc temporis ip-i reges gloriosi ex parte eorum regnorum et ter- 
rarum fuerunt biuomij, nam Melchior (et terr. — Melchior om. in CC) rex Nubie et 
Arabum vocabatur (CC Melchior vocabatur), Balth. rex God. 1 1 Saba dicebatur 
(die. om. in CC F) ac I. rex Th. et insule Eg. appellabatur (CC appellator, F dicebatur) 
12 C vocabatur 13 C CC deferenciam 14 eorum, F earum Xi specialitcr le Post- 
quarn vt dictum est hij tres reges gloriosi itaquc cum thesauris pom pa (p. om. in CC) 
et ornameutis ac comitatu ct diuersa expedicione sc nobi liter in omnibus et per omuia 
preparassent (et) exeuutes fines regnorum suorum, quiuis de propo>>ito et intencione 
alterius penitus ignarus propter multam et iiimiam et lougam inter cos et terras 
eorum distaneiam, tamen vnumquemquc regi*m et suum exercitum et comitatum et 
expedicionem stella 17 et stella. H 1. vel stella. l: ' et de— radians om. in CC 
80 omuia al tunc temporis 2a die noctcque in vuiuerso muudo (porte C) non c. 


transierunt, [homines] 1 nimis fuerunt perterriti et am- 
mirati, videutes 2 eis presentibus illis regibus de. nocte 
esse diem, et niagnitudinem exercituum expauebant; 
vnde 3 facti sunt homines isti pre ammiracione velud in 
exsthasi, et 4 de hijs diu postea colloquebantur. omnes 6 
autem vie ignote, aque*, deserta, paludes et montes istis • ms. ©que 
tribus Regibus facte sunt in vias planas ; et 6 nunquam 
nocte vel die quiescebant, sed ipsi 7 et exercitus eorum 
et iumenta absque cibo potu et pabulo vsque in Beth- 
leem pervenerunt*, et 8 tamquam vna dies eis esse vide- • perman»orunt 
batur. et sic deo et stella duce terciodecimo die 
natiuitatis domini orto* iam sole Jherusalem 9 perve- •ortho 
nerunt 10 . De tam celeri 11 eoram transitu multi miran- 
tur 12 ; sed, prout dicit Gregorius in omelia : ' Si diuina 
opcracio humana racione comprehendi posset, non esset 
ammirabilis, nee fides habet meritum, cui humana racio 
prebet experimentum.' nam deus qui 13 Abacuk 14 de 
Judea in Babilonem duxit 16 et confestim in 16 locum 
suum restituit 17 , hos 18 tres Reges ab Oriente in Beth- 
leem 19 perducere erat potens absque 20 aliquo impedi- 
ment ; et 21 sicud Abacuk, seris clausis, Danieli pran- 

1 de nocte (0 de nocte, et) videbatur eis esse dies, vnde homines inhabit- 
atores omnium illarum ciuitatum et locorum per quas et que itaque de nocte 
tran»ierant, vltra modum fuerunt p. et a. a nam viderunt reges et maximos 

exercitus et comitatus cum maxima milicia (F milicione C militacione CO ambicione) 
et expedicione per eos (p. e. cm. in CC) transire quibus per omnem eorum viam de nocte 
erat dies, nescientes vnde venerunt aut quo tenderunt (0 CO tenderent), et de mane 
videbant terrain in locis eorum vestigijs equorum et iumentorum conculeatam, 

3 vnde omnes homines per quos itaque transierunt facti sunt si cut in extasi, 

4 et ex (CO de) hijs maxima questio fuit in populis vniuersis temporibos longis. 

5 Et postquam hij tres reges gloriosi de finibus (F P fines) regnorum suorum sunt 
egressi et (de — et om. in C) ad alias terras et regiones (ignotas) peruenerunt, extuno 
per omnes aquas deserta montes planicies valles et palludes borribilissimas absque 
aliquo impedimenta transierunt, sed erant eis omuia praua indirecta et aspera in 
vias planas ; e et nusquam de die vel nocte quiescebant vel hospicia capiebant, 
7 sed tam ipsi quam eorum exercitus et exnedicio et eorum equi et omnia eorum ani- 
malia et iumenta 8 et ipsis omnibus in via nisi vna dies vniuersum (tempos F) 
videbatur. 9 de terris et regnis suis in Ih. 10 add. de quo nulli dubium (sit) nam 
adhuc Mariam et infantulum Ihesum in loco et spelunca qua natus fuerat in pre- 
septo inuenerunt. n et de tam breui et celeri la multi libri mirantur (00 
narrant) : nam aliqui libri dicunt eos in dromedarijs (00 in die meridiano), et alij 
libri dicunt per hunc et ilium modum in Iherusalem et Bethleem eos tam breuiter et 
celeri ter peruenisse ; de quibus est sciendum, prout dicit in omelia Greg. 1S ipse deus 
qui in veteri testamento u Ab. prophetam 15 et Oaldeam ad Danielem in la- 
cum leonum vltra centum dietas in exitu et reditu cum capillo duxit (0 F P et reduxit) 
16 ipsum in 1T restituit et reduxit 18 ipse (namque) idem deus in st ante nouo 
testamento ipsos t. r. 10 de Oriente et Caldea in tredecim diebus in Iudeam 20 in 
simili (CO & similiter) absque 2l et ipse deus cuius virginis partum idem Abacuc 
in medio duum auimalium expauit, sicut ipse eciam in signo et typo huius partus 



* r. deum 

• MS. et 

dium in lacum [leonum] intulit, ita Ckristus de rirgine 
uasceudo clauso matris vtero processit ad humanos 
oculos, et sicud tres pueros in camino ignis non tetigit, 
sic beata virgo dominum* genuit et intacta permanait ; 
et vniuersa 1 que deus in veteri test amen to in 8 prophetis 
predixit et in signis presignauit, in nouo per partum 
virginis adimpleuit &c. 

Cap. XIII. Potuisset quidem 8 deus hoe tres Be- 
ges 4 ab 5 Oriente in Judeain in momento sicud Abacuk 
porduxisse. Bed*, licet 6 , semetipsum exinan[i]endo, in 7 
tanta pro nobis paupertate homo deus natus est, tamen 
suam 8 natiuitatem voluit omnibus demonstrare mira- 
culose et 9 gloriose &c. 

Cap. XIV. Cum itaque hij tres Reges 10 quiuis 
ex suo itinere 11 ciuitati Jherusalem ad duo miliaria 
propinquarent, tunc 12 nebula densa et caligo tenebroea 
vniuersam terram cooperuit 13 , et in ipsa caligine 14 stellam 
amiserunt ; vnde Ysayas 15 ' Surge illuminare Jherusalem 9 
&c. 16 vsque ' caligo populos ' *. tunc 17 Malchiar 18 pri- 
mus t cum suis 19 iuxta Jherusalem venit in 20 montem 
Caluarie, in quo 21 crucifixus est domiuus ; et 22 in nebula 
et caligiue rescdit nutu domini 23 . et erat tunc 24 mons 
Caluarie locus 25 in quo scelerati puniebantur 2 *, et iuxta 

Virginia sens et claustris non apertis Danieli in lacum leonum prandium attulit et 
portauit, itaque ipse id m deus instante nouo testameuto per natiuitatem suam ad 
humanos oculos clauso virginis vtero iufracto (F intacto, in facto, om. in CO) 
exiuit, et post suam resurrectionem ad suos disci pulos ianuis claufds intrauit ; et 
sicut Daniolem et suos socios (0 F P Danieli et suis s.) in camino (ignis) poaitos 
(C F P positis) ignis non lesit (P nocuit) nee odor fumi vel ignis erat in eis, sic 
istorum trium rjgum gloriosorum temporibus b. virgo Maria deum et hominem 
genuit et intacta permansit. 1 et si diligeuter scriptura perscrutatur, omnia 

3 per Dauielem Abacuc Ysaiam (et) Micheam et alios seruos suos prophetas in 
typo promisit et ostendit, bee idem deus instante nouo testamento in bijs et cum hijs 
tribus regibus gloriosis, primicijs gencium in (MSS. et) eorum vocacione et primicijs 
ex gentibus virginum misericorditer et totaliter (CO corporaliter) factis adimpleuit et 
coufirmauit. 3 euim * r. et eorum exercitus 6 sicut Abacuc in momento de 
6 licet ipse omnipotens deus ut exinaniret semetipsum 7 pro nobis in volun- 

taria paupertate humanitate et fragilitate fuerat natus 8 ipsam suam 9 et cum 
sua deitatis et maiestatis potencia omnibus in celis et in terris gloriose reuelare. 
6ed vt ad propositum redeatur. 10 r. gloriosi n ex it. suo cum suo exercitu 

expedicione et comitatu la extunc 13 c. terram u nebula et c. 15 ait Ysaias 
10 quia venit lumen tuum et gloria domini super te orta est : quia ecce tenebre 
cooi>erieut terram et caligo populos &c. 17 et cum ipsi tres reges, vt supra dictum 
est, quiuis cum suo comitatu expedicione et exercitu ex speciali itinere prope 
Iherusalem venissent, extunc '■* M. r^'X Nubie et Arabum lfl cum suo exercitu 
primus ao et iuxta al super quem postmodum aa om. as dei a4 tunc 
temporis as rupis per so circa duodeciin gradus (F P graduum) altus, super quem 
a * plei'tebantur ct iuternciebantur 

• MS. orlotor 
t primum 


hunc montem erat triuium : vnde ibidem propter 

nebulam 1 et vie ignoranciam Malchiar 2 remansit 8 ; 

vnde postmodum 4 presbiter Johannes et alij principes 

de Nubia 5 ex hac rupe 6 montis Caluarie paruam 

cappellam exsculpere* 7 fecerunt, quam in honorem •Ms.ex»chuipere 

Chiisti 8 et matris eius 9 et trium Eegum dedicaue- 

runt 10 , et 11 que dicitur Capella Nubianorum. et cum 

ibidem, nt dictum est, Malchiar 12 parum in nebula et 

caligine 13 resedisset, Balthazar 14 , rex Godolie et Saba, 

venit cum exercitu suo 15 ex itinere speciali et iuxta 

montem Oliucti in villa parwa [que ibidem Galilea 

vocabatur] resedit in tenebris <fcc. 16 

Cap. XV. Cum itaque hij duo Reges 17 in locis su- 
pradictis in caligine 18 subsistebant, extunc paulatim 
nebule 19 ascendebant 20 . sed stella non apparuit ; vnde 
dum se prope ciuitatem esse vidissent, tunc 21 quiuis rex, 
de alio adhuc ignarus, versus ciuitatem pergebat* 22 , • iis.pergeret 
et cum 23 venissent ad triuium iuxta montem Caluarie, B * pergeUat 
tunc 24 Jasper [rex] Tharais et insule Egriseule cum exer- 
citu suo supervenit : et sic* in hoc triuio hij tres Reges 25 • ms. &• 
conuenerunt. et licet se nunquam mutuo 26 vidissent, 
tamen pre gaudio in oscula mutuo ruerunt 27 , et quamuis 
easent diuersorum 28 ydeomatnm 29 , tamen cuilibet* 80 •qumbet 

1 n. et caliginem a M. cum suis 8 r. nee vlterius plus (F pro tunc) processit. 
4 et propterea postmodum, cum (om. in CO F) venerabilis Helena ipsum montem Cal- 
uarie et sepulcrum Christi et alia loca sancta in vna comprehendit ecclesia, extunc 
(CC et tunc) postmodum 8 de regno Nubie quo Melchior erat rex 6 rupe durissima 
* laboriose exso. * dei 9 sue m. 10 d. et consecrauerunt in memoriale sempiternum 

11 et ilia capella pertinet soluromodo Cbristianis de regno Nubie qui ibidem Nubiani 
vocantur, et illis est solummodo (et) specialiter vocatur ibidem capella 
trium regum Nubianorum in presentem diem; sed nunc Sarraceni ianuas ipsius 
capelle lapidibus obstruxerunt ; et ilia capella est subtus montem Caluarie excisa. 

12 Ceterum postquam Melchior rex Nubie et Arabum itaque cum suo exercitu iuxta 
montem Caluarie ls c. parum u extunc in eadem nebula et caligine B. lft cum 
s. e. venit le et remansit. Et de eadem parua villa multum loquitur (CO F locuntur) 
euangelista (CO F euangeliste) et (CC iu) sacra scriptura, nam in ea apostoli et dis- 
cipuli ante resurrectionem domini et post propter mttum Iudeorum extra ciuitatem 
Iherusalem semper secrete conuenirecoi)8ueuerunt,et in ipsa parua villa dominus post 
resurrectionem suam discipulis suis sepius apparuit — vnde dicit scriptura Precedet 
vos in G alii earn, ibi eum videbitis kc. — et plurima alia de hac parua villa sacra narrat 
scriptura, sed est alia terra, que est principatus, que eciam vocatur Galilea, et distat 
a Iherusalem ad tres dietas vel circa, sed vt ad proposition redeatur. 17 r. Melchior 
et Balthasar H in nebula et caligine et tenebris 19 nebula et caligo sursum 
ao ascendebat 31 extunc " cum exercitu suo viam versus ciuitatem arripuerunt 
33 F P dum %i extunc 25 et itaque hij tres reges gloriosi cum omnibus 
eorum exercitibus et expedicionibus quiuis de terris et regnis su : s ex via speciali in 
hoc triuio c. 26 vnus nunquam alterius personam vidisset 3T tamen in oscula et 
amplexus insimul pre gaudio ruebant 2i d. essent M j. et linguarum. 30 vnicuique 


videbatur quod alter suam ling warn 1 loqueretur, et 
cum exposita 2 sibi mutuo causa sui iiineris in pro- 
posito concordassent, multum 8 leciores et ardenciores 
effecti 4 sunt, et extunc nebula 5 iam 6 totaliter ab- 

• Ms.ortho scesserat 7 et 8 orto* iam sole ciuitatem Jherusalem 

intrauerunt, et cognito 9 quod ilia esset Jherusalem 10 
quam patres eorum quondam 11 destruxerunt, gauiai 
sunt 12 , 8perantes 13 se 14 in ea regem 16 in venire, sed 
de 10 improuiso eorum 17 introitu Herodes et tota w 
ciuitas est turbata 19 ; nam tantus erat eorum exercitus 80 
quod eos in ciuitate 21 capere non poterant, sed pro 
magna 22 parte extra ciuitatem manserunt et quasi obsi- 
[i*. co, 6] dione earn 23 circumdederunt 24 — vnde 25 Ysayas : ' Forti- 

tudo gencium venerit [tibi], invndacio camelorum* ' &c, 
vsque ' annunciantcs omne pecus Cedar.' ipsi enim* 7 
multitudinem 28 pecorum 29 secundum conswetudinem 
sue patrie 80 preire fecerunt. Et de arietibus 81 Nabaioth 
in partibus illis adhuc vndique 32 permanserunt ; et sunt 

• quod magni arietes, qui * omnem pingwedinem quam alij 

ariete8 38 in posterioribus corporis habere solent 84 , ipsi 86 
habent in cauda et parum 36 habent in corpora ; et 
latitudo caude 37 extendit se iuxta latitudinem coxa rum 
et longitudo vltra medietatem crurium 88 posteriorum 39 ; 
et 40 reperitur quandoque 41 aries 42 qui cum est excori- 
atus, cauda 43 plus ponderat quam reliqua pars corporis 
vel medietas 44 , et ex istorum arietum genere vene- 
runt 45 arietes siluestres, qui sunt multum fortes et 

1 F lingua sua, CO loquelam suam a et cum vnusquisque alteri causam sui itineris 
exposuisset et in hijs per omnia c. 3 extunc m. * in eorum negocijs sunt e. 

5 n. et caligo 6 om. 7 abscessit 8 et itaque exinopinato et improuiso • et cum 
ip«i tres reges cognouissent 10 ciuitas Ih. regalis ll quam antea olim predecesaores 
eorum et Caldei sepius obsederunt et destruxerunt 12 multum sunt gauisi *» OC 
suspicantes u om. l5 r. Iudeorum nattim 16 de tarn forti et valido et 

inopinato et i. n ipsorum w vniuersa 19 1. et commota (F cum eo) *° e. 
expedicio et comitatus 31 intns ciuitas . . poterat a2 maiori M earn quasi o 
84 circumuallauerunt et totaliter c. 2$ vnde inter alia ait ae operiet te, 

dromedarij Madian et Effa, omncs de Saba venicnt aurum et thus deferentes et 
laudem domino annunriantes, omne pecus Cedar congregabitur tibi, arietes Nabaioth 
ministrabunt tibi. 27 vnde est sciendum prout est supradictum, quod ipsi tres reges 
as omnem expedicionem suam in multitudine 29 pecorum diuersorum ,0 prout 
in partibus illis est consuetudinis 3I generibus arietum 32 vndique communiter 
33 qui — ar. om. in CC 3l intns habent (CO corpus nimis habent) M hanc pin- 
guedinem ipsi arietes Nabaioth hal>ent Call this om. in CC) 3e et quasi parti m 

vel nichil 37 ipsius caude 3S CC annum 39 C posterioris 40 et aliquando 
41 om. 4a tahs aries 43 quod cauda 44 m. eius 4 * deuenerunt 


pingwes, 1 habentes magna cornua 2 et pilos ut ca- 
priolus 3 , et dum a canibus tenentur, penitus se nil 
mouent 4 &c. 

Cap. XYI*. Cvm 5 itaque hij tres Reges Jhoru- • From hw» tiis 

Chapters are not 

Salem mtrauertmt tempore Herodis regis, tunc 6 hij tres numbered. 
[Reges] de rege Judeorum nuper nato ab omnibus in 
ciuitate querebant 7 , vnde ewangelium 8 ' Cum natus esset* 
&c. 9 per totum. &c. 

Cap. XVII. Qvare autem 10 isti tres Reges prius 
Jherusalem 11 quam Bethleem 12 intrauerunt 13 , diuerse 
sunt cause 14 , vna est autem causa 15 quare Herodes et 
ciues 16 turbati sunt audita interrogacione magorum 17 , 
quia 18 Herodes erat proselitus et alienigena et hij de 
remotissimis partibus Orientis venerunt adorare : et sic* • MS « &• 
Herodes timuit per nouum et verum regem de regno 
expelli; plus 19 vero timuit per concertacionem regis 
veri et regis alienigene terram devastari. sed maior 

1 magni et pingues et fortes 2 magna c. grossa 8 et in mazimis turmift 

insimul incedunt et venantur et capiuntur cum canibus et leopardis, et dum venantur 
et currant per ventum per maximum spacium audiuntur, sed 4 m. vel defendunt, 
licet mul turn sint fortes, sed vt ad propositum redeatur 5 In diebus illis cum 

itaque bij tres reges, vt dictum est, cum eorum exercitu Iherusalem intrauerunt, 
tunc Herodes erat ibidem presens Ierosolimis, et erat ibidem a Oesare et ftomanis rex 
Iudee constitutus, et etate annosus 6 extunc 7 q. et interrogabant 8 ait euange- 
lista 9 Ihesus in Bethleem in diebus Herodis regis Iude, ecce magi venerunt ab 
oriente Iherusalem dicentes : Vbi est qui natus est rex Iudeorum ? vidimus enim 
stellam eius in oriente et venimus adorare eum. audiens autem Herodes turbatus 
est, et omnis Ierosolima cum illo, et congregans omnes principes sacerdotum et 
scribas populi sciscitabatur ab eis vbi Christus nasceretur. at illi dixerunt : In Beth- 
leem Iude ; sic enim scriptum est per prophetam : Et tu Bethleem terra Iuda 
nequaquam minima es in principibus Iuda : ex te enim exiet dux qui regat populum 
meum Israel, tunc Herodes clam vocatis magis diligenter didicit ab eis tempus stelle 
que apparuit eis : et mittens eos in Bethleem dixit : Ite et interrogate diligenter de 
puero, et cum inueneritis renunciate michi, vt et ego veniens adorem eum. qui cum 
audissent regem, abierunt. et ecce stella quam viderant in oriente antecedebat eos, 
vsque dum veniens staret supra (domum) vbi erat puer. videntes autem stellam 
gauisi sunt gaudio magno valde. et intrantes domum inuenerunt puerum cum 
Maria matre eius, et procidentes adorauerunt eum et apertis thesauris suis obtule* 
runt ei munera aurum thus et mirram. 10 De hoc quare n in Ih. ia in B. 
13 venerunt u multi libri diuersimode declarant et exponunt ; de quibus (om. 

in CO) quamplurime cause sunt scripte, de quibus per singula longum esset enar- 
rare. l5 sed inter ceteras causas erat vna u ciuitas 17 propter introitum 
ipsorum trium regum f uit turbata, quia videbant ipsos reges esse et eorum exercitum 
de Oriente et Caldea, qui (CO quia) ex permissione diuina ipsam ciuitatem ab antiquo 
sepitis et terram Iudee obsederant et destruxerant et eius reges f uerant persecuti ; 
(item) quod hij regem Iudeorum nuper nouiter et breuiter natum ex remotissimis 
terris et longinquissimis partibus Orientis et Oaldee ad adorandum peruenerunt ; 
18 et quia Herodes erat proselitus et alienigena, a Oesare et Romanis rex Iudee 
constitutus, de eius expulsu Herodes et Iudei timuerunt, et de eorum vero rege 
nouiter nuper nato quern alij reges adorare venerunt, non curauerunt. 19 plus— 
devastari om. 


causa fait 1 , vt scribe Judeorum 2 , natiuitatis dominice 
locum ex scripturis prescient es 3 et indicantes 4 , nullam 
deindo 6 possent excusacionein pre tend ere 6 ad eorum 
perfidiam ab omnibus detestaudam et fidem gencinm 
roborandam; vnde 7 Gregorius in omelia 8 : 'Judeos 
bene 9 Ysaac cum Jacob nUium suum benediceret pre- 
figurabat' 10 . 

Cap. XVI I L Cvm itaque bij tres fieges de loco 
natiuitatis regis Judeorum nuper 11 nati per Herodem, 
scribas et doctores legis 13 plenius essent informati et 
recedentc8 13 essent egressi Jherusalem, iterum 14 stella 
eis apparuit [et] 16 vsque in Bethleem antecessit 16 . et in 
eodem 17 itinere iuxta locum vbi pastoribus 18 angelus 19 
Christum natum nuneiauit, eosdem 30 pastores hij Reges 
viderunt, qui ipsis 21 dixerunt quod in tali fulgore a 
angelus domini 83 ipsis apparuit qui eis natiuitatera 
domini nuneiauit, et omnia que 24 ab angelis audiuerunt 
et que in Bethleem viderunt 25 , narrauerunt 86 ; que ipsi 
Reges 27 auide et libentissime audiuerunt 28 , et ex hijs 2 * 
verbis et pastorum testimonio 30 multum sunt gauisi et 
de allocucione 31 s telle et voce ex ca audita iam nil 
penitus 32 hesitauerunt 33 . volunt 34 enim quidam libri in 

1 sed maior causa fait quod ipsi tres reges amissa stella ex prouidencia diuina 
Iherusalem ex improuiso coacti iutrauertitit (CC coacte moram fecerunt) : quia 
I he ru sal em fuit ciuitas regalis et reges Iude actu semper in ea habitauerunt et 
doctores in lege et scribe cum propheticis scripturis (P F in prophetis et scripturis) 
semper speci.tliter in ea presentes fuerunt, a vt ipsi Iudei et scribe a natiuitatem 
domini et eius natiuitatis locum prescientcs * om. 5 deinceps e possent 

pretendere vel habere excusaciouem 7 nam 8 sic ait 9 I. profecto bene 

10 presignauit, qui caligans oculis et prophetizans in preeenti filium uon vidit, eui 
tamen in poster urn multa preuidit. quia nimirum Iudei prophecie spiritu erant pleni, 
sed ceci, quia eum de quo in f uturo multa predixerunt, tunc in presenti (0 presepi) 
positum non cognouerunt ; nam (CO iam) Christum natum despexerunt quern ante 
nasciturum longe presciuerunt, et non solum quod nasccretur presciuerunt sed eciam 
locum vbi nasceretur Herodi demonstrauerunt, vt ipsa eorum sciencia (MSS. senten- 
cia) fieret ipsis in testimonium damnacionis et nobis in adiutorium credalilatas. sed 
vt ad propasitum redcatur. ll nuper nouiter ia Iudeorum, P Iudeos 18 et com 
eorum exercitu et expedicionibus ab Herode et Iherusalem recessissent et ciuitatem 
e. e. u extunc more soli to et priori iterum eis 15 et eos sicut prius lfl a. que 
distat a Iherusalem ad duo parua miliaria illius patrie 1T ipso l!i iuxta eundem 
locum (et) (eosdem) pastores (erant C P) quibus " angelus domini (apparuit et C) 
cum multitudine celestis milicie in magna claritate natiuitatem domini anntmciauit, 
30 iuxta hos pastores ijdem tres reges (all this om. in CC) cum eorum exercitu 
transierunt : ai et ipsi pastores cum vidissent stellam, statim accurrerunt (O F 
occurerunt) et dixerunt 2a f. et claritate ipsis aug. a3 om. u que ipsis ab 
angelo dicta fuerunt et que a5 secundum dictum (angeli) in Bethleem viderunt 

et audierunt et facta fuerunt, ae per omnia narrauerunt. aT r. et eorum exercitus 
** a. et verba diliger.ter considcrauerunt 29 om. in CC ¥ P 30 testimonio pastorum 
81 CC illuminacioue, ¥ apparicione 3a penitus nil 33 hesitabant 34 C dicunt 


Oriente quod vox ex stella audita fuit 1 eciam vox 
angeli qui ipsis 2 pastoribus natiuitatem domini nun- 
ciauit 3 ; et dicunt quidam 4 quod angelus qui filios* • Ms.niiji 
Israel de Egipto egressos 5 in columpna ignis 6 et nubis 7 
precessit, eciam 8 idem angelus exstitit qui ties Reges 
in stella antecessit 9 . hee 10 due partes, sc. reges et 
pastores, fucrunt duo parietes qui ex diuerso vene- 
runt 11 ; positus 12 autem in medio lapis angularis 
vtrumque 13 connexit isti, scilicet pastores, fuerunt 
primicie Judeorum, et isti, sc. reges, erant primicie 
gencium &c. 

Cap. XIX. Cvm itaque hij tres Reges 14 datis pas- 
toribus 16 niuneribus ab eis 16 recessissent et iuxta Beth- 
lee m se esse cognouissent, tunc 17 se regalibus vestibus 18 
et 19 ornamentis, prout hones tius 20 poterant, diligenter 
preparabant et iterum stella 21 precedebat, et quanto 
magis Bethleem appropinquabant, tanto magis stella in 
sua virtute w f ulgebat. et sic * 23 eadem die 24 in Bethleem • ms. &• 
hora quasi sexta pervenerunt 26 : et statim supra * aream * • ms. are* 

1 F P f uerit 2 eciam pastoribus et ipsis (F per ipsos) regibus * annunciauit 
4 eciam Iudei (GO modo) in Oriente conuersi quod credatur inter Iudeos 8 post 
egressiouem de E. 6 cum columna ignea 7 et d. om. 8 ff. quod idem (erat 0) 
angelus cuius vox ex stella audiebatur (fuit 00, et 00) eciam cum stella ipsos tres 
reges antecesfcit ; * nam cum ipsi reges itaque cnm pastoribus loquerentur, stella 
magis ac magis in sua claritate fulgebat. 10 ff. Et prout ait Fulgencius in suo 

sermone, hee n v. et lapidem qui f actus est in caput anguli, in vnitate fidei 
agnouerunt. vnus paries venit ex Iudeis et alter ex gentibus : (qui) longe a se (et) 
diuersa (00 diuisi) erant quoniam diuersa credebant la 00 positus est w qui 
ad se vtrumque parietem adduceret et vtrumque vno nomine nuncuparet vt esseut 
(00 essentque) vnum nomine vocabuli qui erant in vna gracia sacramenti; per 
Christum enim qui est pax nostra faciens vtrumque vnum, Iudei et gentiles facti 
suut vnum. ad lapidem ergo augularem vterque paries venit, et verum angulum 
Veritas (00 verus angulus) fidei fecit, horum parietum (CO fecit h. parietem.) 
vnus adductus est quando pastoribus Iudeis Christum natum angelus nunciauit, et 
alter paries adductus est quando (pastoribus — quando om. in CO) gentilibus magis 
nouum sidus apparuit. ilk so. pastores fuerunt (et sunt) primicie Iudeorum, et isti 
sc. tres Reges fuerunt (et sunt) primicie gencium ; et ilh sc. pastores de prox'mo 
sunt adducti, et isti sc. reges de longe sunt adducti ; prope enim erant Iudei qui 
Christum colebant, et longe erant gentes qui jdolis seruiebant. hoc itaque (CO F 
vtique) significabant pastores qui nascente Christo prope sunt inuenti, et magi aui 
de longinquissimis partibus Orientis sunt adducti, qui tamen venientes, licet Iuaei 
non essent, tamen regem Iudeorum professi sunt et ipsum ad adorandum (se) 
venisse dixerunt, prout dicit euangelista. sed vt ad propoeitum redeatur. u r. cum 
comitatu et exercitu eorum a pastoribus I5 eis lfl om. 1T extunc 18 vestimentis 
19 et alijs ao nobilius et honestius ai eos stella aa C CO claritate M 00 om. sic 
24 quando hij tres reges a lherusalem hora prima recedebant, extunc (O et sic 
eadem die hora prima erat quando hij tres reges a Ih. recedebant et) M perue- 

niebant et per pfateam de qua supradictum est, que ibidem platea cooperta voca- 
ba ur, transierunt, in cuius fine erat tugurium (in quo panes vendebantur O 00) et 
spelunca in qua (0 00 in qua spelunca) Ohristus fuit natus afl F super 



* MS. tic quod 

* pouint 

* tamen 

que erat ante tugurium, in qua 1 panes vendebantur, 
stella stetit immobilis; et infra niuros lapideos et 
fictiles 2 per modicum inter vallum stella cum tanta et 
tali 8 claritate et fulgore se dimersit quod* omnia in 
tugurio et spelunca fuerunt illuminata, et iterum raoi 
in aerem sursum ascendit et supra locum immobilis 
atetit; sed splendor eius immensus in spelunca re- 
mansit. et prout ayt Ewangelista ' Et intrantes domum 
invenerunt pucrum 4 &c.' vsque ' mirram.' Et exinde 
venit 5 in conswetudinem in partibus illis quod nullus 
vacuis manibus et absquo terre osculacione ante pedes 9 
Soldani vel alicuius regis in Oriente ipsis loqui pos- 
sit* 7 ; vnde fratres mendicantes 8 ibidem t 9 offerunt 
eis poma vel 10 pira, allegantes quod eis aurum vel 
argentum non licet 11 possidere; que 12 ab eis cum* 
magna reuerencia suscipiuntur &c. 

Cap. XX. Fvlgentius narrat in suo sermone 18 quod 
per istorum trium Kegum niunera in vno eodemque 
Christo diuina magestas et regalis potestas et bumana 
mortalitas designator 14 , thus pertinet ad aacrificium, 
aurum ad tributum, mirra autem ad sepulturam mor- 
tuorum ; et bee omnia 15 fides offerro non desiuit, dum 
vnum eundemque verum deum*, verum regem, verum- 
que hominein credit 16 . [Cum] itaque 17 hij Eeges 

• ms. ipse ihesut Christum adorauemnt* 


• cum Cap. XXI. Tuuc* 18 ipse Jhesus erat 19 infantulus 

quasi 20 tredecim dieram, et 21 erat aliquantulum ping wis, 
et in pauperculis pannis vsque ad brachia in presepe 
et feno iacuit involutus. et Mavia, mater eius 22 erat 
in persona carnosa, et aliquantulum fusca, et in as- 

1 C CO quo 3 f . qui adhuc ibidem ab antiquo permanserunt * tali et tanta 
4 cum Maria matre eius, et procidentia adorauerunt eum et apertis thesauris suis 
obtulerunt ei munera aurum thus et mirram. 5 perueuit 6 osculacione terre 
aut mauus 7 potent in presentem diem 8 ordinum mendicancium 8 ipsis in 
terns et regnis eorum 10 et n possuut (om. eis) 12 que cum magna 

reuerencia et humilitate a Sol dan o et alijs regibus christianis et gentilibus reueren- 
ter recipiunter et sumuntur. sed vt ad propositum redeatur. 13 inter alia in suo 
narrat sermone u d. et intiinatur 15 omnia hec sancta f. lfl add. et ipse 

deus qui sibi in vetcri tcstamento primicias offtrri precepit, idem deus homo natus 
primicias gencium suo cultui dedicnuit. sed vt ad propositum redeatur. l7 ff om. 
** Ipso die quo itaque hij tres rcges in Bethleem dominum que&icrunt et adoraue- 
runt et sibi munera obtulerunt, 1? erat Ihesus in humanitate inf. 20 in etate 
91 et in humaua persona secundum suam etutem erat 21 add. prout (eciam) in 
alijs pluribus exemplis et libris reperitur 

* deum verum 



pectu 1 illorum 2 trium Regum cum 8 pallio blaueo 4 pau- 
perculo fuit cooperta, quod pallium 6 ante se tenebat 
manu sinistra; et eius capud excepta* facie panno ^ms. except© 
lineo erat 6 totaliter circumvolutum*, et supra presepe •drcomroiuu 
sedebat et capud infantuli Jhesu manu dextera 7 tene 
bat. 8 et postquam hij 9 tres Reges terram ante pre- 
sepe et manus infantuli humiliter 10 fuerunt 11 osculati, 
tunc 12 munera ei 13 deuote 14 optulerunt 15 et 16 ipsa 
munera iuxta capud infantuli et genua sue matris in 
presepe deuote posuerunt 17 . et erat Malchiar 18 minor 
in persona, Baltha3ar 19 mediocris, Jaspar 20 maior in 
persona, et ethiops niger, de quo nulli* [dubium] ; vnde • ms. nuiu 4c.. 
Dauid 21 : ' Coram illo procident Ethiopes ' 22 . et erant 23 qu ° 
liij tres Reges et eorum exercitus homines 24 multum 
pusilli, de quo 25 mirabantur homines; nam quanto 
magis versus 26 ortum solis 27 , tanto minores 28 et tene- 
riores nascuntur homines 29 , sed* herbe sunt meliores 80 ••t 
et aromata nobiliora* 31 , et serpentes 82 magis venenosi • ms. nowuorw, 
et aly vermes, et omnia animalia et 83 volatilia siluestna < 
et domestica sunt maiora et rariora. 34 et dicunt terra- 
rum experti 35 quod in partibus 86 istorum trium Regum 
sol 37 cum tarn horribili sonitu 38 solet oriri 39 quod nisi 
quis 40 conswetus esset, nulloraodo possit pati 41 . et 

1 con spec tu a CO ipsorum, C P eorum a tunc * bianco, CO bianco vel 
albo, et fl clausum 6 fuit 7 manu dextera caput infantuli Ihesu 8 P leuabat 
CO lauabat, tenebat et leuabat • ipi 10 P deuote cum ea qua decuit 

reuerencia et humilitate in terram prostrati hilar! vultu fuissent ll C CO fuerant 
12 extunc, CC et 13 m. sua infantulo lhesu u d. et reuerenter l5 CO obtulerant 
10 om. in CC 1T add. et quid de ipsis muneribus postmodum factum fuerit, 

inferius audietur. 1H Erat autem M. rex Arabum et Nubie qui domino aurum 

obtulit, tunc 19 et B. rex Godolie et Saba qui domino thus obtulit, erat in persona 
30 similiter (0 ac, CC et) I. rex Tharsis et insule Egrisoulle qui domino niirram 
obtulit, erat in persona m. ai nam inter alia ait propheta M add. et inimici 

eius terram lingent, venient ad te qui detrahebant tibi, et adorabunt vestigia pedum 
tuorum. 23 Erant autem a * secundum staturam hominum tunc temporis 

respectu reliquorum in personis et statura m. p. aa ita <|uod omnis populus 

mirabatur, et hoc testimonium ipsis perhibuit de remotissimis et longinquissimis 
partibus Orientis et fiuibus terre dluc eos peruenisse. a6 est versus ** CC adds 
propinquum M m. ac debiliores M C CC add et multum parui, P propter lianc 
causam quia calor ipsius solis consumit humidum radicale quod influxu fundatur, 
igitur sunt minores alijs *° calidiores et m. 31 nobiliora et meliora (CO adds 
et rariora, P existunt) ,a 8. et huiusmodi vermes periculosi sunt venenosiores et 

grossiores et longiores (et 1. om. in CC ; P et long, et gross.) M om. in CC 9i et 
r. om. in CO s5 Nam dicunt Indi (CO Iudei) et alij homines qui de partibus 

Orientis in Iherusalem et alias circa partes causa peregrinacionis vel mercimonionim 
seu (CC vel) delectacionis cotidie et frequenter perueniunt 3e p. et reguis a J iu 
ortu diei et aurora sol 88 cum tali et tanto strepitu et fragore ac horribilissinm 

sonitu 39 oriri audiatur 40 CC nisi sonitus eeset c. 41 uullus posset tolltrare 


vltra illas partes 1 nascuntur homines multum parui, 

qui pre sonitu firmamenti nascuntur 2 surdi et per signa 

emunt, vendunt et operantur, et sunt in 8 temporalibui 

multum astuti et ditissimi mercatores. et tales homines 

•us. indi« et quamplures alij rari homines 4 ad partes 5 Judee+» 

Syrie et Egipti cottidie 6 perveniunt &c 7 . 

Cap. XXII. Est auteru 8 sciendum 9 quod hij tree 

Eeges 10 plurima 11 nobilissima munera et ornamenta 

more regio 13 ad ofierendum domino secum sumpserunt; 

que 13 Allexander Philip pi, rex 14 Macedo, in Caldea, 

India et Persyde reliquit, et 15 que regina Saba in templo 

Salomonis optulit, et 16 vasa concupiscihilia de domo 

regis et de templo 17 in Jherusalem, que per Caldeos 18 in 

destruxione Jherusalem fuerunt asportata 19 , et quam- 

• argents plura alia 20 de 21 auro et argento* et 22 lapide preciosa 

•Et,BEtqoo- scd* quando 23 infantulum Jhesum in tanta paupertate 

repperierunt 24 , et stella 26 , vt dictum est, inter parietes 

sic 26 se demersit quod tugurium et spelunca pre tan to 27 

splendors 28 steterunt quasi in camino ignis, de 29 drome- 

darijs 80 suis descondentes tan to timore 31 fuerunt con- 

cussi 82 quod vnusquisque de hijs que secum detulit 33 

nisi semel et quod primurn 34 ad manus eius peruenit 85 

recepit: videlicet Malchiar 36 xxx denarios aureos et 

pomum 37 aureum paruum sicud 38 manu concludi potuit, 

optulit 39 Jhesu, Baitha3ar 40 thus optulit sicud ad manus 

eius deuenit, deinde Jaspar 41 optulit mirram lacrimose ; 

tan toque timore 42 erant perterriti 43 et in oblacione tarn 

1 p. et terras a efficiuntur, om. iu CO s homines ia 4 homines rari 
4 partes regni Indie 8 frequenter 7 de quibus singulariter longum esset enarrare. 
sea vt ad propositum redeatur. 8 om. 8 add. prout eciam est (CC omnia sunt) 
supradictum 10 r. de regnis eorum n quamplurima ditissima et ia regali 
13 videlicet omnia ornamenta que u om. 13 et omnia ornamenta que *• obt. 
et om. in CO 17 templo domini 18 C. et Persas 19 in terram eorum fuerunt por- 
tata et translata 30 quamplurima alia (a P) ornamenta 21 in 3a acgemmis 
et margaritis preciosis, que hij tres reges de terris (et regnis) eorum ad offerendum 
domiuo secum sumpserunt et magi.ince detulerunt. 23 sed cum 3A in presepe 
et feno positum pauperrime inuenerunt, prout ipsis eciam pastores in via retulerunt 
25 et vt dictum est quod stella itaque 26 inter parietes ante speluncam in qua 

Christtis fuit natus 27 fulgore et sp. 2S adds resplenduit quod hij tres reges 
99 ex tunc hij tres reges 30 d. et equis eorum multimode ornatis 9l t. et tremor© 
32 perterriti et con cussi 33 quod de omnibus dinssimis et nobilissimis oroamentts 
que secum ad offerendum domino detulerunt, ex thesauris suis tunc apertis nichil 
34 nisi quod vnicuique semel et primum 33 CC deveuit 3fl M. rex Nubie et 

Arabum sumpsit 37 paruum jtomum a. 3d CC quod ,9 et infantulo Ihesu 
deuote obtulit. 40 quern sequens B. rex Godolie et Saba 41 et deinde I. rex 

Tharsis et iusule Egrisoulle 4i et tan to terrore 43 erant hij tres reges perterriti 


arJentes et deuoti 1 quod de omnibus verbis que tunc 
beata virgo protulit 2 , quasi nil considerabant nisi 
quod ad vnumquemque regem offerentem dixit 3 'Deo 
gracias ' &c. 

4 Pomum autem aurenm quod Malchiar 5 cum xxx 
denarijs optulit, quondam fuit Allexandri magni et 6 
totaliter potuit 7 manu concludi, mundum eignificans 8 , 
quod ex minimis particulis tributorum 9 omnium pro- 
uinciarum conflari 10 fecit, et ipsum semper manu 11 
portauit et 12 velud * sua potencia totum mundum manu 13 • b velut qui 
conc'usit; quod pomum 14 in India remansit 16 quando 
de Persyde* 16 reuersus fuit 17 . ipsias autem pomi 18 • 
rotunditas 19 , que neque principium habet neque finem, 
significat ilium qui vniuersura mundum, celum videlicet 
et terram*, sue potencie virtu te circumdat. Sciendum 20 • ms. t«rra 
quod in 21 Orientis partibus conswetudo est 22 quod 
cum 23 Soldanus vel aliquis rex 24 aliquam suam ciuitatem 
vel villam intrat vel 25 pertransit 26 , ante 27 omnium 
domorum ianuas homines 28 thus vel inirram accendunt 29 , 
et qui 80 non f ecerit 31 punitur ut rebellis w ; vnde ibidem * • idem 

1 et tarn deuoti et ardentes in oblacione effecti * CO protulerat * inclinato 
capite dixit hurai liter d. gr. ; P inch cap. humiliter omnipotenti deo gracias egit ao 
dixit. * In CO begins here Cap. 23 * M. rex (P Nubie et Arabum) • et 

non fait maioris quantitatis quam tot. 7 manu concludi potuit * significant 
9 auri omnium tributorum mundi et omnium prouiuciarum 10 oonflare, CO com- 

f»leri n in manu la om. in CO 13 in manu sua I4 et ipsum pomum 

5 cum alijs ditissimis orn amentia perm an sit 1S de paradiso terrestri 1T Horum 
trium regum munerum interpretacio et signincacio et exporicio in mnltis libris est 
diuersimode exposita per diuersjs doctores et declarata. sed (CO et) quare Melchior 
rex pomum aureum obtulit, diuisim (0 dictum, CO discussum) non reperitur ab 
aliquibus (CC ab aliquibus sic reperitur). la nam ipsius pomi aurei (om. in C, 

CO rotundi) 19 ff rotunditas immensa mgnificacio (00 significat) est ipsi soli nota 
(est — nota om. iu CO), quia (CO quod) sicut aliquod rotundum est absque principio et 
sine fine speram mundi concludit vniuersalem (CO sic vn.) et (om. in CC) altitudinem 
celi et nouissima inferni sue potencie volubilitate (CO nobilitate) et velocitate 
circuit et fines terre ; et quia velut (so P ; CO et quidam volant, et qui voluit) 
quoddam (O quod, 00 quod iam) rotuodum est mobile (0 CC mobilis), penitenciam 
peccatorum signat (0 CO sit (om. in CC) penitencia peccatorum). Et ex illo tem- 
pore, crescente fide Christiana et religione, primo in Oriente deinde per imperatores 
et post hec per reges perueuit iu consuetudinem quod huiusmodi significacionibus 
imperatore« et reges (terre) certis et specialibus temporibus iu manibus vtuntur 
pomis aureis in presentem diem. a0 Ceterum (CO Iterum) de auro thure et mirra 
que ipsi tres reges domino obtulerunt, plures libri diuersimode loquuntur : nam 
aliqui libri continent quod aurum fuisset oblatum (om. in CC) ad Marie et infantuli 
inopiam su bleu and am, et thus propter fetorem stabuli, et mirra ad vermes infantuli 
depellendos (et thus — dep. om. in 00). vnde est sciendum ai in omnibus 

93 est consuetudinis 39 vt dum 24 r. christianus vel sarracenus (vel s. om. in CC) 
w a'iquam — vel om. in CO ae CO transeat w extuno ante M Ph. illius 

ciuitatis vel ville 29 quiuis secundum suam facultatem 80 CC P quicunque 

11 facit 33 ad que magna diligencia (0 CC indulgencia) adhibetur. 


thuris incensio 1 significat subieccionem perfectam et 
debitam obedienciam 2 ad 8 deum vel 4 ydolum vel 4 
regem presentem 8 . vnde« martires non cogebantux 

• m b [tan turn]* ad colcndum 7 ydola, quantum ad ponendum 

et accendendum thura, et 8 similiter hoc hodie Sarraceni 
a Christianis in suis templis maxime requirunt &c 

Cap. XXIII. Christus 9 autera licet propter noe 
esset pauper effectus, tamen hijs 10 muneribus non in- 
diguit ad aliquam inopiam subleuandam, quia ' ipse dixit 
et 11 facta sunt.' nam pomum aureum predictum 13 , 

• Dparuuio mox 13 ut puerulo* Jhesu oblatum est, in puluerem 14 

contritum et ad nichilum redact um eat nam sicud 15 
lapis de monte sine m ambus 16 abscisus statuam Nabu- 
cb[odonosori] 17 comminuit et 18 contriuit 19 , ita 20 ipse 
lapis i. e. 21 Christus 22 tunc de virgine natua 2 *, qui 
deponit 24 potentes de sede et exaltat 25 humiles 96 , 
pomum 27 , quod vniuersum 28 mundum significant 29 , 
•ms. potend* sua huniilitate in 30 potencio* 31 magnitudine in mo- 
men to 32 contriuit et ad nichilum redogit &c M . 

Cap. XXIV. Postquam ergo 84 hij tres Beges domi- 
num qucsitum 35 invenissent 36 et 37 adoracionis *ac obla- 
cionis officium peregissent, tunc 38 more 39 mortalium 40 
csurire ct sitire et 41 dormire ceperunt et per totam diem 

1 posicio ct arcensio io Oricnte 2 o. ct assensus et consensus perfectionem 
3 in 4 vel iu 8 iu preser.tem diem. * vnde insimile ab antiquo 

7 adorare " ff . et adhue Sarraceni non requirunt tantnm a Christianis renegati* 

(CG religatis) in (CO vt iu) templis eorum cum ipsis adorare quantum quod thus in 
templis eorum (cum— eorum om. in CO) sub ipsorum expensis spontanee thura 
ponant et (C sed) acccndant. sed vt ad propositum redeatur. ° (no new Chap, 

iu CC) Licet omnipotcns dens iu nostra fragilitate et humanitate vt exinaniret 
s?metipsum, p.iuperrimus propter nos fuerit etlectus 10 hijs omnibus trium 

regum m. n et omnia 13 oblatum, per Alezandrum tarn potenter con- 

gregatum et arrogantcr conflatum 13 dum ipsum Melchior in*antulo obtulit, 

extunc in momento statim fuit u p. et fauillam 15 sicut in typo lfl sine 

manibus conscidentium de monte 1T statuam horribilem quara Nabugodonosor 

vidit in sompnis ls et in fauillam I9 ad nichilum rcdegit ao sic ad instar 
in facto 2l est, CC et " deus 23 n. siue manibus complectentium (CC 

contrectancium mai.ibus) 2l ponit, C posuit a5 exaltauit 26 qui — humiles 
om. in CC. 27 C ipsum P ips unique p. 2 * om. in CO 29 significauit mundum 
30 C CC et 31 C potencia et 32 in m. oculi 83 Ceterum quid de alijs 

trium ri'gum muneribus factum fucrit, iuferius audietur. sed vt ad propositum 
redeatur 3l vero ipsi 35 om. 3C adorassent 37 et sibi munera obtulissent 
et omnia ad que de Oriente domiuum quesiuissent gloriose pcrfecissent 3 * extuix 
statim (CC satis) ipsi tres rcges et eorum exercitus equi et animalia et alia eorum 
iumenta que ibidem ex remotissimis et (P nee uon) longinquissimis finibus terre 
et Orientis per omuem viam absque cibo potu et pabulo peruenerant (CC manserant), 
extunc 39 more suo et 40 CC m. hominum, P et humano 41 esurire — et 

om. iu CC. 


illam in Bethleem et vicinis 1 locis quieti et solacio se 
dederunt, et omnibus causam et modum 2 sui 3 aduentus 
deuote exposuerunt, ut Judeis maior inde confusio et 
gentibus credulitas 4 oriretur. ' Et 5 responso in sompno 6 
accepto ne* redirent ad Herodem, per aliam viam re- ♦Ms.non 
uersi sunt in regionem suam.' et tunc 7 stella ipsis 8 
vltra non apparuit, sed 9 hum an o more hospicia in 
nocte 10 capiebant; et 11 ad terras 12 in vnum et insimul 
redierunt. et per omnes terras 13 et prouincias per quas 
olim Olofernes 14 pertransijt 16 , ipsi 16 cum suo 17 comitatu 
pertransierunt 18 , ita ut 19 perterriti homines 20 parcium 
illarum putarent [Olofernem] iterato 21 pertransire. et* *ut 
ab omnibus 22 benignissime sunt recepti. quibus 23 ipsi 24 
omnia que 25 eis 26 acciderant 27 , humiliter predicabant, 
et 28 omnibus hominibus 29 tarn benigni fuerunt 80 quod 
virtutum ipsorum 81 ,humilitatis et meritorum fama in 82 
omnibus illis prouincijs 83 nunquam potest 84 aboleri. 
et do hijs que 85 secum sumpserant in cibo et pabulo 36 , 
quousque 87 ad propria 88 redirent* 89 , nil 40 defecitt 41 . # b redierunt 
et 42 in via 43 quam w in xiij diebus stella duce perfecerunt, t ms. deficit 
per biennium 45 per ductores 48 et per interpretes laboriose 

1 alijs circa a et m. om. * quare de finibus terre et de extremis mundi 

partibus stella eos miraculose duxcrat humiliter dixerunt et exposuerunt 4 mains 
(P maioris) crudelitatis exinde solacium * Oeterum (00 Iterum) prout ait euan- 
gelista (00 euangelium) • somnis 7 ct extunc a que eos prius precedebat 
* sed reuertentes ad terras et ad regna sua 10 die ac nocte in via n et ipsi 

tree reges qui ex tribus vijs de (P et) longinquissimis suis terris et regnis remo- 
tissime distantibus miraculose exinopinato conuenerunt, tunc ia in vnum ad 

terras et regna sua insimul r. 19 t. et regiones et u O. cum suo exercitu et ex- 
pedicione ab Oriente et Oaldea 15 transijtet in Iudeam peruenit, lfl per has 
vias et terras ipsi tres reges 1T cum eorum comitatu et exercitu (00 diuersa 

expedicione) la P de Iudea in Orientem et Oaldeam sunt reuersi, et cum 

tali et tanto exercitu et comitatu et diuersa expedicione per has terras et regiones 
(all this om. in 00) ex improuiso transierunt 19 quod ao omnes homines illarum 
parcium et regionum secundum auditum antiquum (visum 0) et relatum putabant 
* l Olofernem iterato aa et ab omnibus villis et ciuitatibus et vniuersis populis 

23 in quibus ai om. a5 que viderant egerant et audierant et que ae ip«ia 

97 a. post egressionem terrarum suarum, omnibus M et ad quecunque loca perue- 
nerunt 39 populis ,0 more regio benigni (00 benigni ter) et benefici fuerunt 
(0 00 recepti fuerunt) 31 vndj eorum virtu turn* (00 virtus . . humilitas) 

,a a Iudeis in as terris et prouincijs 34 potuit 35 et de omnibus cibarijs et 
necessarijs que de terris et regnis suis * 9 in — pab. om. 97 tarn ipsis quam eorum 
exercitui quam (00 et) eorum equis animal ibus et iumentis, quousque * s ad 

predictum montem Vaus et ad terras et ad regna sua 30 peruenerunt 40 penitus 
nil d. 41 sed sani et incolumes cum omnibus ad propria suut reuersi. 4a sed 
43 C P viam 44 quam de tribus regnis eorum 4S in ipsa via per b. (in — b. om. 
iu CC) in reditu 4fl doctores 



pennanserunt 1 , ut 2 in hoc discerni possit operacio 
diuina ab humana &c. 

Ceterum Herodes 3 ipsos per longam 4 viam est 
secutus 5 , et quia 6 Tharsenses Cilicio ipsorum virtutes 
et merita predicabant, ex eo quod eos per fluuium Syler 
pertransire permisenint naues eorum combussit et terrain 
potestatis eorum 7 multum destruxit persequebatur 8 
autem eos Herodes et scribe, quia audierunt 9 quam 
faciliter et miraculose stella duce yencrunt 10 et quam 
laboriose amissa stella 11 per ductores et interpretes re- 

• ms. quorum cesserunt. nam omnes gentcs 12 per quarum* terminos 18 

transierunt, per ammiracionem 14 narrare non suffeoe- 
runt 15 quam miraculose eorum terminos 16 transiuissent. 
et de hijs 17 eciam Judei 18 qui 19 inter gentiles dispersim 

• «t in t. habitabant 20 , in 21 libris suis et 22 oretenus testimonium* 

perhibebant. et propter tarn mirabilem 28 rem gestam 

gentiles natiuitatem 24 domini ignorantes ipsos tres 

Reges 25 magos appellant 26 , ad quod 27 eciam 28 Judei 29 

♦ms. &. eos 30 ex invidia confirmabant 31 ; et sic* 32 vsque ad 

tempora descripcionis ewangelij in 33 conswetudinem 

venit et in vsu vsque bodie in vniuerso mund #84 per- 

mansit, quod ipsi tres Reges 35 vocati sunt magi &c. M 

1 CO reuersi fuerunt 2 ff. vt ipsi et alij homines scirent distanciam inter opera- 
cionem diuinam et humanam 3 H. et seniores ac scribe 4 multam a fuerunt 
Becuti et (CO per) vniucrsam terram per quara transierant 6 ff et (CO et quia) 

specialiter Tharsenses Cilicio qui ceperunt (CO Thars. repent) post ipsos declinare et 
eorum virtutes et merita predicare: quare (et e. virt.— quare om. in CC) Herodes 
ipsis Tharsensibus ex inuidia culpam imposuit (CC imponit) quod ipsos fluuium 
oiler (0 silenter) transire permisenint ; eorum naues 7 et totam terram que sub 
eius fuit potestate, per quam transierant 8 Ceterum (CC Iterum) Herodes, 

sen i ores et scribe et Iudei ipsos reges fuerunt secuti ° quia ab omnibus audie- 

rant 10 quam (CC quod ipsi tarn) miraculose per omnes terras die ac nocte cum 
magna claritate et luce et specialiter stella duce miraculose in tredecim diebus 
absque aliquo impedimento transierunt ll stella amissa 12 gentiles et gentes 
13 terras et ciuitates et loca ipsi reges et eorum exercitus et comitatus (om. in CC) 
in eiitu (CC exercitu) transierunt u cum maxima admiracione plene narrare 

15 sufficiebant 18 die ac nocte per eos et eorum terras et loca et regiones 17 de 
hijs omnibus 13 etiam alij Iudei 19 qui in ipsis terris et locis *° habitabant 
dispcrsi 2l etiam Herodi, senioribus et scribis et alijs vndique Iudeis in ** epis- 
tolis et litteris et proprijs personis oretenus 23 et propter talem et tantem 

incomprehensibilcm (0 CO irrepreheusibilem) admiraeionem et rem gestam 
31 scripturas et n. 25 reges glonosos 2<? nppellabant ** ad quo ** om. 

23 Iudei in terris gentilium habit antes et alibi vbique terrarum Iudei, scripturas et 
natiuitatem domini et eius natiuitatis locum scientes 30 ad hoc gentiles vbique 

31 ex inuidia incital ant et vndique ex p rfidia confirmabant. 32 et quia euangelium 
et natiuitas (C natiuitatis) do-i.ini per longa tempora postmodum vsque post (CC 
ad) ascenMoncm domini goutilibus non fuit predirata (C prrdicatum) sed vsque ad 
ilia tempora alibi in vniuerso mnndo (m. om. in CC) pormansit ignota (C ignotum), 
33 sic pnmum 34 vsque — muudo om. 35 r. gloriosi iu toto mundo *• in 

hodiernum diem. 


De hijs quare vocentur magi, diuerse sunt opiniones 1 : 
nam dicunt 2 quod vocentur magusei; et alij dicunt 8 
quod vocentur magi quasi magis sapientes, et alij 4 
dicunt quod fuerunt magi i e. 5 malefici, sed post- 
modum inde e conuersi 7 . sed sine dubio 8 fuerunt reges 
gloriosi et potentes 9 &c. 

Cap. XXV. Volens deus 10 ostendere 11 quanta 12 
sit 13 distancia inter diuinam 14 operacionem et 15 hu- 
manam et omnem niagicam operacionem, ipsos 16 in 
xiij diebus absque cibo et potu et pabulo in Beth- 
leem 17 ab Oriente perduxit 18 , quam viam per bien- 
nium 19 laboriose per 20 interpretes et ductores redeundo 
vix perficere potuerunt. nam si aliqua are in 21 vijs 
eorum 22 prosperis affuisset, eciam in 23 laboriosis et 
aduersis postmodum non def uisset &C 24 

Cap. XXVI. Postquam vero redeundo 25 post bi- 
ennium 26 ad montem Vaus peruenerunt, cappellam 27 
in bonore regis Judeorum nati 28 fieri 29 fecerunt et 80 
more regio ornauerunt, et in opido quod subtus mon- 
tem fuerat 31 , a labore 82 itineris quieuerunt et 33 solacio 

1 De hijs tribua regions gloriosis multi libri diuersas continent opiniones quare 
magi sunt vocati: a nam aliaui libri (diuersas — libri om. in CO) continent 

3 et alij libri continent * alij libri 5 magi fuerunt ; i. e. om. 6 ad dominum 

7 et alij plurimi libri diuersimode exponunt et declarant quare hij tres reges magi 
sunt vocati. et de hijs declaracionibus et omnibus exposicionibus non est necesse, 

8 nam absque aliquo dubio 8 reges maximi et gloriosi et de regnis et terns 
potentissimi, prout ipsorum regna et homines christiani in hijs habitantes et nati 
adhuc testantur: qui exinde in Oriente et omoibus partibus vltramarinis volunt 
habere prerogatiuam, et habent, inter ceteros et pre ceteris Ghristianis, prout inf erius 
audietur et continetur, in hodiernum diem. 10 Ad tollendum ergo omne dubium 
in premissis et (ad) extirpandam radicitus Iudeorum inexcusabilem inuidiam et per- 
fidiam et ad erudiendam gencium ignoranciam et eorum infirmitatem adiunanoam 
et nostram fidem roborandam, omnipotens deus, qui semper est mirabilis in suis 
Sanctis et in sua maiestate gloriosus, n omnibus scire voluit la que, qualis 
et quanta 13 esset w op. diu. I5 et omnem (om. in CO) op. magicam vel 
(m. vel om. in OC ; et) humanam. . lfl nam ipsos tres reges cum omni ipso- 
rum exercitu expedicione et comitatu 17 absque cibo potu et pabulo in Bethleem 
in tredecim diebus 18 de Oriente et regnis eorum miraculose cum stella potes- 
tate et operacione diuina perduxit 19 in biennio ao vix poterant perficere 
per interpretes et ductores operacione humana, et ad propria redire et peruenire. 
al prius in " om. M in vijs eorum M sed omnipotens deus hoc natiuitatis 
sue misteriom semper notum voluit esse populis vniuersis, (ita) auod nomen saum 
gloriosum quod prius vsque ad natiuitatem suam tantummodo in Iudea latitabat, 
ipsum omnes gentes tribus et populi ab ortu solis vsque ad occasum vnanimiter 
coUaudarent. sed vt ad propositum redeatur. as om. M ipsi tres reges cum 
exercitibus et expedicionibus eorum vt dictum est cum maximis laboribus per duc- 
tores et interpretes ad montem Vaus Victorialem post biennium p. ^ extunc c. 
9i add. quern itaque quesierunt et (ei) munera obtulerunt " lahoriosissime et 
ditissime fieri f. 30 et mnltimode S1 situm f. ,a laboribus ■* et — 
dederunt om. in 00. P et ibidem more regio per aliquod tempus s. s. d. 

R 2 


se dederunt ; et ibidem locura sepulture 1 concorditer 
elegerunt, et ibidem 2 singulis annis cum suis 8 prin- 
cipibus conuenire condixerunt 4 . vnde poet modicum 
tempus vniuersi 5 principes et nobilcs et 6 populus vni- 
uersus terrarum suarum 7 ibidem ipsis 8 obuiauerunt et ad 
ipsos 9 confluxerunt et eos 10 solempnissime receperunt, 
de 11 adventu eorum multum gratulantes, audientes 12 
quanta eis fecisset 18 doniinus 14 , et ex hoc 18 in maiori 

• ms./k eos reuerencia habere ceperunt. et sic* 18 testamentis 17 

eorum dispositis 18 , quiuis eorum 19 cum hominibus* 
suis ad terras 21 suas cum gaudio sunt reuersi et sic 83 
ad tempus corporibus, sed non cordibus 23 sunt separata ; 
et omnibus populis predicabant 24 que yiderant et audie- 
rant, et in omnibus 25 terris et templis eorum stellam* 8 
cum infantulo et desuper signum crucis prout* 7 ipeis 
apparuit, sculpere 28 fccerunt. ex quibus quamplurimi 
gentiles relictis ydolis 29 Infantem 30 ipsum 81 adorauerunt 
et cappellam factam 82 in monte Yaus ex longinqnis 88 
partibus visitauerunt 34 . et 35 postquam ipsi tres Reges 
ad propria sunt reuersi, omnibus hominibus humiliorea 
et deuociores sunt effecti, et vniuersarum terrftrum 36 
naciones in Oriente de eorum virtutibus et 37 humilitate 

•ms. &•. et deuocione non eufliciebant plene 38 narrare; et sic* 

in laudabili vita 39 vsque post 40 asccnsionem domini 

ad 41 aducntum bcati Thome apostoli permanserunt 42 . 

Cap. XXVII. Post recessum trium Regum 43 beata 

virgo 44 cum infantulo 45 Jhesu in tugurio 46 aliquantu- 

1 eornm sep. a ct dcindo 3 cum alijs eorum regibus et p. 4 ibidem o. c. et 
firmiter promiserunt 6 omnium terrarum et rcgnorum eorum p. e et honorati 
ac vniuersi populi 7 om. here. 8 ipsis ibidem 9 ad eos vnauimiter 10 ipso* 
prout decuit ll et de 12 et audieutcs 13 que et qualia ac quanta per 

eos et cum eis deus esset operatus mirabilia, H timore ct amore obstupuerunt 

15 et in maiori reuerencia et honore et (0 ac) timore ex hijs ipsos lt et sic tunc 
ipsi tres reges 17 C P de t. u d. et ordiuatis 19 deo gracias agentes 

quiuis cum *° omnibus 2l t. ct ad regna sua sani aa om. *• et 

corporibus non cordibus abinuicem ad tempus 2i ea que viderant et audierant 

et ipsis acciderant humiliter predicabant 25 et in omnibus (C P omnium) eorum 
terris et templis 26 om. iu CC. ^ i>er omm-m (o. om. in CO) modum et formam 
prout 2i honor ifiee fieri et sculpere f. 2!1 suis erroribus et ydolis so i. cui 
ipsi tres reges dcuote munera obtulerunt 3l ipsi 3a super (ipsum) montem 

V. factam 33 longinquissimis 3l diuersorum bominum naciones (CC homines 
diuersarum nacionum) deuotissime visitauerunt. 35 nam 30 t. et regionum 

37 om. ** plene non sufficiehaut ^ et honesta conuersacione 40 CC ad 

41 et 4a laudnbiliter p. s<*d vt ad propositum redeatnr. 43 ipsorum t. r. de 

B^thleem qunndo domino munera obtuleraut 41 extunc b. virgo Maria 45 i. sno 
40 t. et s| olunca in qua natus f uit homo 



luin 1 pcrinansit. sed crescente de ipsa et de 2 tribus 
Regibus tarn mirabili fama, tunc 3 de ipso tugurio 4 in 
aliam speluncam subterraneain 5 cum infantulo Jhesu 
metu Judeorum intrauit et vsque ad diem sue purifica- 
tion is permansit in ea 6 . et quia omnes earn dilige- 
bant 7 , prout poterant ipsam 8 colebant* 9 et necessaria »r. ceuu»utp 
ei 10 ministrabant. in qua spelunca 11 postmodum 12 
facta est cappella in 13 honore trium Eegum et sancti 
Nycholai consecrata*. et videtur per ipsam cappellam • here follows the 
communis transitus fuisse et 14 duas ianuas habuisse, sed *l 
vna 16 iam 16 lapidibus est obstructa. et in ilia cappella 
videtur 17 adhuc lapis super quern beata virgo sedendo 18 
filium lactare consweuit. et quadam vice 19 modicum 
lactis 20 de sua mamilla super lapidem 21 cecidit : cuius 
lactia species vsque 22 in presentem diem super ipsum 
lapidem permansit, et quanto plus abraditur tanto plus 
crescit 23 . et tale lac beate virginis 24 in quampluribus 
ecclesijs demonstratur et a peregrinis vndique depor- 
tatur. Cum autem 25 beata virgo 26 de tugurio predicto 27 
in 28 banc speluncam metu Judeorum celeriter transiuit, 
camisiam suam et pannos quibus involutus fuit Jhesus 29 
in feno et presepio 30 , fuit oblita; que vsque ad tempus 
Helene 81 ibidem recentes et integri (!) 32 permanserunt : 
nam 33 ex quo ibi natus est Christus, nullus illuc est 
ausus intrare &c. 

1 per modicum tempos a om. * extunc 4 t. et spelunca • 0. ex (P in, 
C et) rape factam 6 in ea permansit et latitauit 7 Et quia, prout decuit, 

vtriusque sexus homines, senes et iuuenes, b. Mariam diligebant * ipsam (0 et 

ipsam) et (ip. et om. in CO) suum infantulum Ihesum in quantum poterant diligenter 

9 celabant 10 et ipsis necessaria quibus indiguerunt (C indiguerant) pie m. 

11 Et ex eadem spelunca in qua b. virgo Maria itaque cum infantulo Ihesu latitaoit, 

12 postmodum crescente fide Christiana la P et in H et quondam 1S vna ianua 

10 nunc, CO cum 1T CO adh. vid. 18 semper sedere consueuit quando suum 
infantulum Ihesum lactauit 19 add. ex casu (CC causa) 20 OC lac ai ipsum 
lapidem. cec. — lap. om. in 22 super ipsum lapidem in presentem diem 2a ac- 
crescit M b. Marie 25 Et postquam 2e b. virgo cum infantulo Ihesu 
27 de spelunca in qua Ihesus fuit natus itaque metu Iudeorum tarn (CC P earn) 
celeriter et festinanter exiuit M ft. et in hanc speluncam subterraneam de qua 
dictum est intrauit 29 Ih. fuit inuolutus 30 in f. et p..pariter inuolutos 
31 venerabilis Helene matris Constantini 32 prout deo placuit, recentes et integri 
in eodem loco in presepio p. 33 ff. nam Iudei ipsum locum quo natus erat Ihesus 
ab illo tempore postmodum per longa tempore ex inuidia habuerunt pro loco pro- 
phanato, sort i lego et maledicto, ita quod (P itaque) nee pueros (nee) pecora vel 
gentiles ipsum locum intrare permisc runt, et tantum terrorem senibus et iuuenibus 
et omnibus incuciebant quod ilium locum nullus intrare fuit ausus, nam omnem 
intrantem habuerunt pro contaminate 


• ms. virgini* Ceterum post purificacionem beate virginis* gloriose, 

11 per uerba et gesta Simeonis et Anne prophetisse de 

Christo prophetancium 1 ex 2 relacionibus Judeorum qui 8 

tunc aderant 4 , fama Marie et Jhesu 6 tantum de nouo 6 

accreuit quod ipsa 7 non potuit diucius 8 latitaie [et 

♦»oB tunc]* 9 'angelus domini apparuit in sompnis Joseph, 

dicens Surge 10 ' &c. — Et 11 in multis 12 locis et vya per 
quas in exitu et reditu beata Maria cum inlantulo Jhesu 
transmit 13 , adhuc crescunt rose aride, que vbique 14 rose 
[de] Jericho vocantur, quibus 16 mulieres Sarracene mul- 
tum libenter vtuntur in partu. porro w locus in quo 
in Egipto 17 beata Maria virgo cum filio habitabat 1 *, 
distat a Bethleem per xj 19 dietas : et 20 in ria qua 
ipsa iuit 21 , crescunt dicte rose et non alibi 22 : et ipsas** 
colligunt homines qui ibidem Badwini 24 vocantur, qui 
do loco ad locum in 25 deserto cum pecoribus suis 
vagantur et pro pane ipsas vendunt in maxima multitu- 
dine et quantitate hominibus incolis et 26 peregrinis qui 
per deseitum transeunt. Ceterum 27 locus in quo beata 
virgo cum infantulo suo 28 habitauit 29 per septennium, 
fuit circa 30 ciuitates Babiloniam nouam et Alkayr 81 , 
que 32 nunc est habitacio Soldani : et ille ciuitates modi- 
cum distant ab invicem 83 , et sunt maximo ciuitates, sed 

1 Ceterum (CC Iterum) dum in pnrificacioDC sua b. virgo infantulum suom 
Ihesum secundum legem Moysi iu templo cum turturibus obtulit et ipsum Synieon 
in vlnas suas recepit dicens Nunc dimittis senium tuum domino secundum verbum 
tuum in pace &c, prout dicit (sacra) scriptura, et eodem tempore tarn ipse Symeon 
quam Anna anicula (0 annosa) de ipso infantulo Ihesu pluribus Iudeis et eorum 
sacerdotibus presentibus et astantibus plurima prophetabant prout dicunt euangelia: 
extunc a de 3 qui itaque 4 a. in templo 8 iufantuli Ihesu 6 de nouo 
tantum 7 quod pre Iudeis et Herode in ipsa spelunca vel in aliquo alio loco beata 
virgo cum suo infantulo 8 diucius non potuit latitare 9 Et extunc, prout ait 
euangelista 10 Surge (et) accipe puerum et mat rem eius et fuge in Egiptum, et esto 
ibi vsquedum dicam tibi : f uturum est quod Herodes querat puerum ad perdendum 
eum. Qui consurgens accepit puerum et matrem eius nocte et secessit in Egip- 
tum, et erat ibi vsque ad obitum Herodis. Et quomodo et qualiter b. virgo com 
infantulo Ihesu in Egiptum peruenerat et indc redierat, in libro de Infancia Ihesu 
plenius reperitur. sed per plurima loca multum periculosa hominum siluestriom et 
animalium periculosissimorum per deserta transierunt. n Et pro interaigno 

12 omnibus 13 transijt u vndique la et hijs le Ceterum, CO Iterum 
17 b. virgo Maria cum infantulo suo Ihesu itaque in Egipto w habitauit la per 
(P ad, CC om.) duodecim d. 20 om. 2l per viam (itaque CC) per quam b. 

virgo itaque transmit et non alibi nisi per illam viam 2a crescunt ille rose in 

memoriale sempiternum. 23 ipsas rosas 2l P baduini, CC Bodewyni M in 
ipso d. 20 qui per desertum transeunt (all this om. in CC) et peregrinis, per quo* 
vlterius venduntur et per miindum deportautur. 27 CC P Iterum ** suo 

Ihesu in Egipto 2s) per septennium vsquo ad obitum Herodis habitauit *° iuxta 
31 Alcayre, P alcharye 3i CC qua 33 ab iuuicem om., CC inter se 


Alkayr est maior 1 et reputatur maior quam vij ville 

Parisienses. et locus habitacionis beate virginis 2 nunc 

est [hjortus balsami, qui non est ad iactum lapidis 

magnus* ; et in ipso ortot sunt septem fontes aquarum, • magnum 

in quibus beata Maria 3 infantulum Jhesum lauare et 

balne[a]re et sua vestiinenta et infantuli lauare 4 con- 

sweuit 5 . et 6 effluit balsam us ex virgis que sunt 7 

quasi rubus 8 modicum alcior vlna 9 , et est 10 in modum 

rubi 11 rosarum forniatus 12 , et folia eius quasi trifolia 

sunt formata; et vnusquisque rubus habet custodem 

specialem 13 , aliquem de christianis 14 captiuis Soldani, 

qui ipsum 15 custodit, irrigat et mundat. in marcio 

semper Soldanus est ibi presens 16 , quando 17 virge balsami 

in modum vitis scinduntur et wlnerantur et ipse scis- 

sure bombice circumligantur, et subtus 18 bombicem et 

scissuras parua vascula argentea penduntur 19 , in quibus 

balsamus per scissuras 20 stillat 21 et effluit; et ex illis 

vasculis funditur in amphoram argenteam quo ibidem 

serra 22 vocatur, que est modico 23 maior quam 24 sex- 

tarium vini 25 , que tamen ex omni 26 balsamo vix adim- 

pletur. tunc 27 Soldanus recipit omnem balsamum solus ; 

sed cum aliquis legatus 28 regis ad eum mittitur 29 , ipse 80 

dat ei 31 paruum vitriolum in modum digiti [magnum] 32 

balsamo plenum, et ita 33 omni balsamo exstillato, 

Soldanus recedit; et tunc vnpjuscuiusque 34 rubi custos 

sumit virgas de suo rubo scissas et ipsas in mundissima* • ms. mundini- 

olla bulit : et balsamus qui tunc de 35 virgis bulit 36 , mM 

velud 37 pingwedo supernatat, et 38 est spissus et ut 

braxiua coloratus; et cum quis 89 enormiter 40 cadit et 

intus rumpiter et conquassatur 41 et cum illo balsamo 

1 maior Babilonia a Et in ipso loco quo itaque b. virgo (Maria) per septennium 
cum infantulo lhesu habit auit * virgo * et mundare 8 add. et propter ipso* 
fontes ortus est disperse situs, et non est muratus nee munitus. 6 Et crescit et e. 
7 om. 8 quarum rubus est, OC et rubus est, P quasi rubus et est * vine 
CC vna vlna 10 est om. in CO n O rubiarum la CO formatilis ,s specialem 
cbristianum w om. ls ipsum rubum quasi corpus snum " Et in mense 

marcij tunc Soldanus continue personaliter est presens in hoc orto 17 et tunc 

l! * P subditus 19 tunc p. ao sc. et bombicem sicut aqua ex vite al OC per 
stillas effluit 2a zerra CO zerta a3 modicum est M om. in P a8 8. v. possit 
intrare 2B CO extunc m Et tunc M legatus alicuius regis a9 P mittere- 
tur 80 CC ipsi 31 om. 8a CO magni 83 itaque ** CO vnusquisque 
as ex 38 ebullit 87 sicut 3 * et talis balsamus 89 et dum aliquis homo 
ab equo vel aliqua altitudine 40 om. in CC 41 quassatur 


locus pervngitur, statim consolidatur 1 , et cum cicatrices 
wine rum de 2 illo balsam o pcrvnguntur modicum, de 
cctero 8 non apparent 4 , talem 5 balsamum custodes 
ruborum vendunt 6 ; sed in nulla comparacione est 
tante virtu tis 7 sicud balsamus 8 qui naturaliter stillat ex 
vite. nam dum° talis balsami gutta in manum ponitur, 
ipsam pcnetrat et ex 10 altera parte resudat, et ille locos 
incorruptibilis permanebit 11 . et est quasi vinum tenne 
•Dviridis viridi* coloris aliquantulum turbidum 12 , et vocatur 

ibidem balsamus crudus ; et alter balsamus bulitus dici- 
ter 13 coctus 14 . et creditur 15 hanc 18 dignitatem locus ille 
habere ex eo quod ibidem 17 Maria cum paruulo Jhesu 
vij annis habitauit 18 et in istis 19 fontibus suum 20 in- 
fantulum cum vestibus lauabat, in cuius euidens n 
signura ipsum 22 null us omnino nisi 23 christianus homo 24 
colere potest 25 — alias 26 rubi balsami arescerent, sicud 
sepius est expertum &c. 

Cap. XXVIII. ^Denarios 28 illos xxx quos Mal- 
chiar optulit domino, prout in libris Indorum legitur, 
Abraham egrediens de Ur 29 Caldeorum 80 in peregri- 
nacione sua secum sumpsit et in Ebron 81 portauit, et 
cum ipsis agrum in sepulturam suam et vxoris 82 et 
iiliorum 33 comparauit. et horum denariorum mone- 
tam dicitur 34 fecisse Tharo, pater Abrahe 85 , ex parte 
regis Mesopotamie 36 . et postea 37 pro eisdem 38 denarijs 

CO efficitur sanus 2 et cicatrices vulnerum, cum sunt ("CC non sunt) coap- 

tate (P cooptate, CC cooperte), dum (CC t»i) cum tali s om. in CC * C P sed 
sunt (C tunc) vt alterius carnis et pel lis specui. 5 et talem (C CC tale) • tunc 
vendunt hominibus et peregrinis, et vndiqtie per munduni deportatur. T v. et 

nobilitatis 8 C balsami u CC cum l0 C CC ab, om. in P 11 p. in eternum 
12 vinum viride teuue aliquantulum turbidum coloratus 13 vocatur ibidem u add. 
et de alijs balsami nobilitatibus et virtutibus lougum esset enarrare la c. firmiter 
in Oriente et in omnibus partibus istis 16 quod ille locus adhno ex eo habeat 

talem virtutem quod in eo balsamus crescit 17 quod b. (virgo) Maria cum suo infan- 
tulo Ihesu per septennium iu ipso loco w habitabat 19 ipsis M 8eet suum 
inf. Ihesum frequenter eonimque (P et eorum) vestimenta 1. 21 sed ad mains 

22 ipsum ortum * i3 n. o. homiuum nisi sit u om. 2S c. p. vel custodire 

2e ff. quod sepius est expertum : si alij homines gentiles ipsum colereut, extunc rubi 
balsami et eius virge statim arescereut et perirent. seJ vt ail propositum redeatnr. 
27 Ceterum (C CC Iteruin) de muncribus que tres reges domino obtulerunt, 
est sciendum, prout (expedite P) in alijs libris continetur, quod Melchior rex Nubie 
et Arabum obtulit domino paruum pomum aureum, quod, vt dictum est, in oblacione 
in fauillam et ad uichilum fuit redactum. Item rex Melchior (P Idem M. rex 
Nubye et Arabum) obtulit 2 * triginta deuarios aureos, quos Abraham *• P Hur, 
om. in C CC 3u C CC Cald. terra 3l E. que tunc Arbea vocabatur » 2 Sare 
33 f. suorum Ysaac et Iacob 3i legitur 3i Abraham 36 add. nomine Nynus 
(P Nyus) 3T et deiude temporibus Iacob 3:i eisdem triginta 


Joseph 1 a 2 fratribus Hysmalielitis est venditus 8 , et 4 
eidem 5 Joseph in Egiptum a fratribus idem denarij pro 
frumento sunt portati, et 6 deinde 7 post 8 obitum Jacob 
ad regnum Saba pro aromatibus ad sepulturam Jacob 
et 9 Joseph fuerunt missi et in thejauros regios repositi. 
et postea 10 tempore 11 Salomonis a regina Saba 12 in 
templo in Jherusalem inter cetera predicti denarij sunt 
oblati. et deinde tempore Roboam 13 in capcione Jheru- 
salem et templi domini depredacione ad manum 14 regis 
Arabum, qui tunc temporis fuit in adiutorio Egipciorum, 
pervenerunt et cum alijs 15 ornamentis 16 aureis spoliatis 
in the3auros regios reponebantur, vnde postmodum 17 
per 18 Malchiar regem sumpti et domino sunt oblati 
et fuerunt ex auro Arabie purissimo, quia antiqui no- 
bilius aurum in the3auris suis ponere consweuerunt. 

Cap. XXIX. Cvm autem beata Maria metu Hero- 
dis fugit in Egiptum, tunc 19 hos xxx denarios cum 
alijs muneribus 20 oblatis 21 * in panno lineo ligatat 22 in ♦ms.omul 
deaerto amisit que * pastor 28 , vnus ex hijs M qui badwini t b ugato. 
vocantur 25 , invenit 28 et vsque in 27 modicum tempus * B * m 
ante passionera domini apud se retinuit. qui tunc 28 
in 29 incurabilem cecidit infirmitatem : et audita 80 fama 
Jhesu Jherusalem venit et 81 a Jhesu mox curatus est et 

1 CO Ismaelitis hismaelitus Ioseph, P Ysmahelitis filijs eius a quo Abraham 
agrum in sepulturam emit, hijs Ioseph 2 a suis f . * fuit venditus in Egiptum 
4 CO post hec, P et post heo 8 ff . P ijdem triginta denarij a predictis fra- 

tribus filijs Iacob in Egiptum pro frumento ipsi Ioseph fuerunt reportati, CO 
f ratres Ioseph (I. om. in 0) filij Iacob pro frumento reportauerunt eosdem in Egiptum 
6 om. in P 7 C CO et post beo 8 ijdem denarij post • CO Pa l0 et post heo 
11 temporibus la ijdem triginta denarij cum quampluribus alijs ornamentis in 

templo domini in Iherusalem a regina Saba fuerunt oblati " B. filij Salomonis 

u manus 18 pluribus (CO quampluribus) alijs le o. templi lT et post 

hec nouo testamento inchoante, nato domino in Bethleem, 18 ff. extunc Melcnior 
rex Nubie et Arabum cum quampluribus alijs ornamentis aureis et vasis templi 
et alijs varijs et ditissimis muneribus que secum sumpserat, hos triginta denarios, 
ex auro Arabie purissimo, quia antiqui us (CO antiqui ttis) et (om. in CO) nobilius 
aurum in thesauris non repperit (0 CO reperitur}, hos domino cum alijs predictis 
ornamentis offerre proposuit, et solummodo hos aenarios (om. in P) obtulit, et alia 
oruamenta timore pretermisit, vt est supradictum. " extunc " m. thure et mirra 
21 sicut sibi fuerunt oblata (0 oblati) 22 C CC ligatos M quidam p. ** ho- 
minibus a5 qui ibidem badwini (C Bedewini CC Bodewini) vocantur, degens in 
ipso deserto, qui cum gregibus suis de loco ad locum in pascuis vagabatur afl re- 
pent ** ad M et extunc idem pastor a9 ceciait in *° et cum fama de 
lhesu, quod diuersas infirmitates et varios languores solo verbo curaret, per omnes 
terras volaret, extunc idi m pastor Iherusalem se transtulit sl ff. et per fidem 

suam a domino sanitatem mox est consecutus (C CC san. recepit ;) et (C CO mox est 
instructus et) conuersus. 


conuersus, et 1 sic donarios cum ceteris Christo a magia 
oblatis in sua infancia, que ipse in deserto repent, 
• Ms.duodno itcrum domino* optulit: que 2 iussit dominns tit 8 in 
templo super altare poneret; vnde sacerdos 4 qui tune 
sorte exijt, thus 5 super altare in incensum 6 accendit 
et 7 hos xxx denarios cum mirra in gajophilacium 
niisit. et post 8 modicum tempus, tercia 9 die ante 
passioncm domini, principes sacerdotum 10 hos zxx 
denarios ex communi bursa do 11 ga^ophilacio templi u 
sumpserunt et 13 cum ipsis Judam ad tradendum domi* 
num ad[djuxerunt et partem mirre vino quod ori 
domini 14 optulerunt, miscuerunt, et reliquam partem 15 
Nichodemus 16 addidit cum alijs aromatibus 17 ad domini 
sepulturam. horum 18 denariorum xv dati sunt mill- 
tibus ad custodiendum sepulchrum domini, et 10 reli- 
quis xv emptus est ager in sepulturam peregrinorum, 
qui 30 est prope Jherusalem, vix ad semijactum lapidis 
longus 21 . de is to 22 agro profundissima facta est 
fouea 24 , terra effossa 25 , et M a fundo circummurata et 
desuper testudinata, et desuper testudifnjes 27 sunt fora- 
mina per que corpora mortuorum in profundnm mit- 
tuntur 28 . 2sec moueat aliquem quod hij 29 denarij in 
ewangelio vocantur argentci 30 : quia 31 oninis moneta 
communi nomine argentei vocabantur. et similitudo 

1 ff. Extunc idem pastor hos triginta denarios aureos cum alijs muneribus, thare 
et mirra, prout prius domino in sua infancia in litthleem per tres reges fueront 
oblata (P oblati), pront in deserto reperit, denuo in Iherusalem tunc domino obtulit 
cum deuocione a ff. que dominus agnoscens iussit pastorem (CO pastori) * vt 
ipsa munera poneret super altare in templo 4 s. domini 6 in signnm tarn 

(om. in C) honorabilis oblacionis thus ° incensorum ; in om. 7 et quia munera 
erant rara et gloriosa, hos tt et post hoc per 9 tercia sc. (CO videlicet, om. in P) 
10 p. s. et omnes Iudei vt (P vt omnes Iudei) iudifferenter participes essent in paaaone 
domini et eius morte ll C CC et la ex templo domini la ff. et ipeos lade 
Scarioti (C CO Scarioth) discipulo domini vt eum tradcret tradiderunt 14 in 

cruce 13 p. mirre ie N. princeps Iudeorum 1T cum aloe et alijs aromatibnf 
addidit (0 CO condidit) u ff. et postquam Iudas hos triginta denarios retolit et 
ad pedes Iudeorum in templo proiecit, extunc Iudei dederunt quindecim denarios 
militibus qui sepulcrum domini custodierunt, 18 ff. et cum reliquis quindecim 

denarijs emerunt agrum figuli in sepulturam peregrinorum. 00 P add : vnde ait 
cuangeliuin Et consilio inito emerunt ex hijs agrum figuli in sepulturam peregrino- 
rum. a0 Et est sciendum quod idem ager figuli est prope Ih. situs et rix 
al longus et magnus aa et temporibus quando Iherusalem fuit Christ ianorum, 
extunc de ipso a3 facta et effosata al sj>elunoa a3 ter. cff. om. here '• et 
ab omni parte sursum a7 in testudine a * m. et proiciuntur * ijdem 
30 argentci vocentur quia fuerunt ex auro Arabie purissimo, 3l ff. sed communi 
nomine argentei vocabantur sicut denarij aurei nunc vocantur scuti (0 00 scutati), 
ui u tones vel floreni 


horum denariorum in nomine ot moneta a 1 temporibus 
Abrahe in partibus illis vsque ad destnixionem Jhe- 
rusalem per Tytum et Vespasianum permanserunt 2 , 
quia 3 in 4 partibus Orientis monete non mutantur 6 
in 6 pondere vel valore. 7 siniilitudo horum denari- 
orum, et 8 tunica domini inconsutilis 9 , apud quampluri- 
mos nobiles 10 vsque in presentem diem hereditaria 
permanserunt 11 . et vnus illorum denariorum circa 
tres florenos habet 12 in pondere et valore, et in vna 
parte talis* denarij 13 statt capud regis 14 et in alia 15 •Ms.corr.uiiom 
sunt littere caldaice, que ab hominibus modernis non t gUd 
possunt legi vel discerni. De 16 bonis militum trans- 

1 in illis partibus a a permansit 9 et * in omnibus * nunquam 

mutantur monete * om. 7 Et similitudo horum triginta denariorum ex auro 
vel cupro in similitudine, GO adds vel latitudine, P pondere et quantitate et forma et 
similitudo in longitudine et latitudine tunice 8 GO cum t. 9 i. multum arti- 
ficialiter facta in Oriente 10 principes et n. 11 adhuo hereditarie permanserunt in 
presentem diem la habuit 13 talis denarij in nummismate u c. r. laureatum 
impressum 15 alia parte 16 ff. Geterum (CO Iterum) de militibus qui sepulcbrum 
Christi custodiebant, est sciendum quod est consuetudinis in omnibus partibns 
Orientis et vltramarinis, quod omnia bona militum sunt bona feudalia, que aliquo 
modo non diuiduntur nee separantur, sed (0 GO et) totaliter cedant primogenito ; 
et talis bona pendent (P pendant) a Soldano vel (ab) alijs regibus iure feudali. 
et aliquo patre (G GO milite) mortuo, extunc filius suus primogenitus quamprimum 
peruenerit ad annos discreciouis, ex bijs bonis efficitur miles ; et ipsa bona feudalia 
non potest aliquo modo dismembrare aut senium vel ancillam ex eis vendere vel 
alienare, sed aliqua necessitate compulsus potest de licencia superioris domini aliqua 
bona meliora pro deterioribus assumendo pecuniam dare vel permutare. et sunt 
aliqua bona feudalia aliquando tarn bona quod oportet quod miles eorum dominus 
habeat sub se et suis stipendijs duos vel tres vel quatuor milites vel plurea. et dum 
m illis partibus aliquis miles efficitur, extunc cum maximo ornatu,pompa et comitatu 
(de vespere P, om. in GO) cum suis consanguineis et amicis in dextrarijs multum 
ornatis incedit per vicos et plateas, si (GO et si, P vt si) aliquis inueniatur qui ipsum 
ex aliqua infamia vel alijs causis quibuscunque dicat miheia fore indignum ; et si 
aliquis non inuenitur (reperitur) qui eius milicie contradicat (0 GO contradicit), 
extunc in medio sui (0 GO domus sue) vel domini sui palacii super terrain maximua 
sternitur lectus optimis pannis aureis (0 GO amenis) et alijs diuersis ornamentis 
diuersimode ornatus, super quern ille qui miles debet effici et fieri, clara die omnibus 
presentibus nudus ascendit. ad quern, sicut in partibus istis ad mulieres in puer- 
perio, sic omnes amici eius ad eum accedunt, sibi congratulantes quod milicia dignus 
sit inuentus. et tunc a nobilioribus principibus ac (et) alijs nobili(ori)bus dominis 
vesti mentis aureis et sericis et alijs diuersis ornamentis vestitus (P ornatus vestitur), 
cingitur et calceatur et de lecto leuatur, quod fit in signum quod sicut nudus solus 
super lectum ascendit (et ex eo a principibus et nobilibus ornatus leuatur quod P), 
sic ab omni inquinamento viciorum et macularum (nudus et purus P) in meliores 
mores et virtutes se conuertat. et extunc idem tiro alios de familia sua meliores tot 
efficit sicut de bonis suis feudalibus habere tenetur, et tunc cuilibet tali militi dat 
tantum de stipendiarijs (P de stipendijs de suis) bonis quod cum duobus equis vel 
(P et) tribus (famulis P) se possit sustentare, et illi milites tunc cum domino eorum 
in plateis et curijs comitantur et dominis eorum superioribus seruiunt in armis et 
eos sequuntur temporibus opportunis. et tales fuerunt milites stipendiarij qui 
dominum crucifixerunt et eius sepulcrum custodierunt, quibus Iudei XV denanos 
dabant. nam ijdem denarij a temporibus Abrahe vsque ad passionem domini semper 
innmul indiuisi(m) (permanserunt et) per quam plurima loca insimul pertransierunt 
(G GO permanserunt). sed statim dum de hijs perfectum fuerat quod cum ipsis 


marmorum, et quomodo ordinantur in milites, longum 
esset per singula narrare. sed ut ad propositum redeatur. 

Cap. XXX. 1 £lapso tempore quando beata virgo* 
cum filio 3 suo ab 4 Egipto reuocabatur 5 [prout ait 
Ev. : 'Defuncto Herode* &c], que* dominua fecit vel 
passus fuit, in ewangelijs plenius reperitur. Post 7 
ascensionem autem suam dominus beatum Thomam ad 
partes Indie ad predicandum misit, in quibus isti tree 
Reges supradicti regnabant 8 . Nee 9 moueat aliquem 
quod eciam 10 sanctus Bartholomews Simon et Judas 
apostoli 11 in eisdem partibus leguntur predicasse 1 *: 
quia plures sunt partes 13 [Indie], valde magne et mag* 
nis regnis buius regionis maiores. nam 14 in partibus 
Orientis pars mundi cismarina describitur solum centum 
dietas continere, in quibus 15 viget 16 fides Christiana. 

Cap. XXXI. Ceterum 17 cum beatus Thomas apos- 

perfici debebat, extune ab inuicem separati f uerunt et diuisi et postmodum vndique 
dispersi. et quamplurima alia de hijs triginta denarijs et ipsorum trium regtun 
muneribus leguntur et scripta reperiuntur, que propter breuitatem (0 CO obliuioaem 
scriptorum) in hoc loco sunt pretermissa. sed vt ad propositum redeatur 

* Cum elapso a v. Maria * infantulo suo Ihesu * ex • add. prout ait euan* 
gelium H? euangelista) : Defuncto Herode ecce aogelus domini apparuit Ioseph in 
somnis nicens Surge (et) accipe puerum et matrem eius et vade m terram Israel: 
defuncti sunt enim qui querebant aniraam pueri. qui consurgens accepit puerum et 
matrem eius et venit in terram Israel, audieus quod Arcbelaus regnaret in Iudea 

Sro Herode patre eius, timuit illuc ire, et ammonitus in somnis secessit in partes 
ralilee et habitauit in ciuitate Nazareth, vt adimpleretur quod dictum est per 
prophetam Quouiam Nazareus vecabitur. 6 ff . Et que et qualia et quanta in hijs et 
ab illis temporibu8 dominus Ibesus in sua deitate et humanitate egerit, fecerit vel 
passus f uent vsque ad eius passionem resurreccionem et ascensionem, in ev. plenius 
reperitur. 7 ff. Cum autem dominus post suam gloriosam asc. specialiter ad 

partes Indorum Thomam suum apostolum in sorte predicacionis miserat, in quibus 
ipsi tres reges gloriosi qui domino in sua infancia muuera obtulerunt habit abant et 
regnabant ; 8 licet Thomas inuitus officium predicacionis in ipsis partibus 

regnisque (Indie) susceperat, tamen ex migna prouidencia ipsi us summi (om. in C) 
lapidis angularis qui fecit vtraque vnum,estimatur fore factum quod Thomas (C OC 
qui Th.) passionem (0 post p., P qui p.) domini et (eius) resurreccionem quern 
(CC quam) digitis palpauit, (0 CC add. missus agnouit), vt (om. in CC) hanc ipeis 
regibus et genti preaicaret et annunciaret que (C CC qui) eciam eiusdem domini infan- 
ciam de remotissimis et longinquissimis Orientis partibus et mundi quesiuit, vidit et 
muneribus veris et misticis deuotissime adorauit et honorauit. et prout ait Ore* 
gorius : Sicut nobis omnibus profuit quod post resurreccionem domini Thomas eius 
vulnera digitis palpando explorauit et de nobis omnis dubietatis vulnus amputauit, 
sic ad instar (Sicut — instar om. in C CC) nobis omnibus profuit quod hij reges et 
hoc gens (C CC hee gentes) eiusdem domini nostri infanciam quesiuit (C CC quesie- 
runt) et oculis vidit et deuotissime muneribus adorauit et probauit. 9 C CC non 
10 ora. here ll ap. domini eciam (e. om. in CC) ia in partibus illis predicabant 
13 ff. partes Indie, quarum vna pars est longior lacior et maior quam tota pars mundi 
cismarina. u ff. nam ista pars mundi cismarina describitur in illis partibus 

Orientis non plus quam C contiucre dietas 15 qua 10 v. et floret 17 C CO 



tolus in India 1 ewangelium 2 predicasset et 3 quamplu- 

rima operando miracula plurimos conucrtisset : et 4 

reperiens in omnibus templis 5 ydolorum stellam cum 

infantulo et signo crucis, 6 audiuisset* 7 a templorum •MS.«taud. 

pontificibus causam istius signi, sicud prius superius 

dictum est — et do omnibus que tribus Kegibus accide- 

runt, pontifices templorum beatum Thomam informaue- 

runt* : quibus auditis 8 ingenti gaudio et 9 spiritu sancto • Binfonnaswnt 

repletus apostolus 10 ipsius 11 domini Jhesu 12 natiuitatem 

et 13 infanciam, deitatem et humanitatein, passionem et 

resurrexionem, quern 14 digitis palpauit 15 , fideliter an- 

nunciauit 16 et per dei graciam 17 signis 18 et doctrinis 

ipsos 19 pontifices et quamplurimas gen tea ad fidem 

cornier tit et baptisauit, et significacionem 20 huius stelle 

et crucis et infantis 21 bumiliter et diligenter 22 e's 23 

declarauit 24 , et omnibus 25 ydolis ejectis ipsa 2 * templa in 

honore Christi 27 consecrauit vnde omnium terrarum 

et prouinciarum gentes per quas Thomas transierat, 

audita tali eius fama cum diuersis 28 languidis et in- 

firmis 29 et obsessis* ad eum 30 veniebant 31 , quos omnes •obcewu 

in nomine Christi 32 signo 33 crucis sanauit, conuertit 34 et 

bap^auit; qui eciam curati 35 in terris ad quas Thomas 

1 in partibus et regnis Indorum s ev. domini fideliter s ff. et vniuersas illas 
insulas et prouincias circnisset et demones signo crucis effugasset et diuersos 
languores et infirmitates cnrasset et dominus (P deus) ibidem per earn quamplu- 
rima mirabilia (ora. in CO) fecisset et quamplurimas gentes ad euangelium (P 
dominum) conuertisset, * jP et ; om. in 00 ' ydolorum templis fl prout 
ipsi tres reges in omnibus eorum terris et regnis in eorum templis fieri et sctupere 
fecerunt et preceperunt quando de Bethleem fuerunt reuersi, T ff. vnde cum 

Thomas a pontificibus templorum et ydolorum audisset et didicisset quod talis 
stella cum talibus signis eciam (00 et ex) longis retroactis tern pori bus in monte 
"Vaus in signum nati regis Iudeorum, prout ex ilia fuit (P fuerit) auditum appa- 
ruisset et propter hoc ipsi (tres) reges ipsum puerum natum ad (om. in 00) 
adorandum cum muneribus quesierunt et miracufose in tredecim diebus in Bethleem 
leuissime peruenerunt sed multum laboriosissime ad terras et ad regna sua redie- 
runt, et de omnibus que ipsis tribus regibus acciderant et que (que om. in 00, P 
que ipsi reges) viderant (et audierant P), ijdem pontifices templorum et ydolorum 
Thomam per omnia informauerunt. * que cum Thomas per omnia audiuisset, 

extunc 9 00 de 10 om. u ipsis pontificibus et omnibus populis et gentibus 
ardenti animo n domini nostri Ihesu Christi ls nat. et om. u CO et qui 
G et quia 15 p. incredulus et (et om. in 0) explorauit ie fideliter (om. in 

O CO) et (om. in CO) ardenter annunciauit et predicauit 1T gracia spirit us sancti 
18 s. et prodigijs 19 omnes templorum et ydolorum p. M s. et interpretacionem 

31 huins signi crucis et stelle ac infantis quern ipsi tres reges quesierunt et muneribus 
adorauerunt 3a deuote et humiliter M om. M Thomas exposuit et declarauit 
as et ex omnibus templis simulacris et S6 CO etiam ipsa ^ ipsius infantis 
deuote 2i varijs et d. 29 infirmis, languidis ,0 ipsum 81 v. et con flue bant 

32 ipsius infantis 9S et (CO in) signo M et ad fidem conuertit * 9 et eciam 
ijdem sanati et curati et (P ac) baptizati 


non pcruenit 1 , per signum crucis varios langwores* 

Cum 8 itaquo beatus Thomas plurimos conuertdsset, 
baptisasset, ecclesias consecrasset et 4 episcopos presto- 
teros ac dei ministros ordinasset 6 , tandem ad istorom 6 
trium Regum regna 7 peruenit 8 : quos adhuc in came 
viuentes, sanos et senes 9 invenit 10 , exspectacionem 
iusti Symeonis exspectantes prout dudum fuerant de- 
precati et 11 responso recepto in spiritu non ae videre u 

•ms.* mortem nisi prius aqua et* spiritu essent renati et de 

ipso infante quern 13 adorauerunt plenius essent in- 

• iniuai in b. stmcti 14 . *cum 15 igitur hij Reges famam actuum, pie- 
dicacionum ct miraculorum beati Thome audiuisaent, 
ipsi 16 cum omnibus suis principibus, nobilibua et 
vniuerso populo suo se preparantes ad ipsum venerant 
quos beatus Thomas cum ingenti gaudio suscepit 17 et 
de omnibus que Jhesus 18 fecit 19 et docuit, eis 20 expli- 
cauit 21 et 22 de passione et resurrexione ipsius et 83 de 
baptismo 24 sine quo nemo 25 saluatur, eos plenius infor- 
inauit, ipsosque 26 cum omnibus suis 27 populie bap- 
tisauit 28 ; et ipsi 29 mox 80 spiritu sancto repleti 81 apos- 
tolo 32 ad predicandum verbum dei sunt adjuncti 83 . 

1 peruenerat a quamplurimas infirmitates et varios languores ' new 

chapter in 00. Cum itaque Thomas fidem : infanciam passionem resurreccionem 
ct ascension em et (0 ac) euangelium dei (P domini) in ipsis partibus vndique predi- 
casset et quamplurimas gentes ad dominum (et ad fidem P) conuertisaet et ydoforum 
templa destruxisset et in honore ipsius infantis (ipsa) consecrasset 4 et in ipsis 

9 o. ct instituisset fl vera ipsorum 7 add. qui domino in sua infancia munerm 
obtulerunt 8 nutu dei se transtulit et p. 8 ac prouecta etate et decrepita sanos 

10 repcrit u et ex hoc la eos non videre nee gustare 13 quern itaque quesie- 
runt et cum muneribus a. H iuformati 16 ff. Vnde cum itaque hij tree reges 
ab omnibus audirent quod quidam homo nomine Thomas ad ipsorum terras et regna 
peruenisset qui ipsum infantem quern in sua infancia quondam quesierunt et adoraue- 
runt publico predicaret et do ipso quamplurima mira omnibus aperte predicaret et 
diuersas infirmitates et varios languores in nomine ipsius infantis et signo crucis 
curaretet demones effugaret, 10 vnde (C vnanimi consensu et assensu) ipsi tres 
reges (i. t. r. om. in 0) licent essent decrepiti (P in decrepita), ex improuiso iteram 
se preparabant et cum omnibus eorum regibus (et) principibus et nomlibos et ipso- 
rum regnorum (e. i. r. om. in C) populis ad b. Thomam pernenerunt. 1T recepit 
ls Ih. in sua infancia deitate et humanitate 19 fecit gessit 20 om. al singu- 
laritcr explicanit 22 ff. et eius passionem et resurreccionem quern digitis suis 
incrcdulus palpauit, in scripturis et prophecijs (P prophetis) docuit plenius et 
moustrauit, CO et quomodo Iohannes Baptist a dominum Ihesum in Iordane bap- 
tizauit et quod in specie columbe spiritus patris super eum mansit (et quomodo— 
man sit om. in P) 23 et special iter 2l baptismate Ihesu (P Iohannis) 
23 nullus regnum celomm ingredi poterit 26 et ipsos tres reges ** eorum 
2<i gracia spirit us sancti b. 2) ipsi tres reges 30 om. 31 igne spiritus tancti 
sunt repleti et iam 32 Thome 3i in officio sunt iuueti 


nam omnibus tribubus et lingwis et populis 1 qui ibi 2 
conuenerant 3 , omnia 4 que eis acciderant, que viderant 
et audierant Jhesum duce stella querendo inueniendo 
adorando et redeundo, fideliter et humiliter exposuerunt ; 
et omnem ipsorum sermonem Thomas, interpretando 
significacionem eorum que ipsi dixenint, declarauit, et 
econuerso omnia que Thomas de passione [et] resur- 
rexione 5 domini predicabat* 6 , ipsi Reges de infancia • Ms.predicabant 
sua 7 , prout viderant et audierant, confirmabant. vnde 
ipsi 8 cum omni exercitu 9 et populo quamplurimo cum 
beato Tboma montem Vans ascender unt 10 , et ibidem 11 
capellam* cum stella et signo crucis factam in honore •Ms.Capeiu 
huius Infantis 12 Thomas apostolus 18 consecrauit et 
ibidem 14 , qualiter 16 idem Infans in tali signo 16 pro om- 
nium 17 salute fuit 18 suspensus, coram omnibus populis 19 
exposuit 20 . et facta est leticia magna in populo. itaque 21 
de longinquis partibus ad hunc montem 22 et cappellam 
populus vtriusque sexus 23 deuotissime peruenerunt : 
propter quam 24 deuocionem dicti 25 tres Eeges nobilissi- 
mam 26 et maximam ciuitatem in pede ipsius montis 27 
construxerunt 28 , quam 29 Seuwa 80 vocauerunt — que 31 est 
nobilior 32 et dicior ciuitas in omnibus partibus Indie 
et (Mentis vsque in presentem diem, in qua 83 est 
habitacio domini Indorum, qui presbiter Johannes 
vocatur, et 34 Thome* Indorum patriarchet &c. •Thomat 

Cap. XXXII 85 . Postquam autem 8 * Thomas in + » atriorcht 

1 populis tribubus et linguis a ibidem tunc * aderant et c. * ff . a prin- 
cipio vsque ad finem omnia que viderant et audierant et (ipeis) acciderant (et— ace. 
om. in 0) quando Ihesum in sua infancia in Betbleem cum muneribus quesierunt et 
adorauerunt, per singula fideliter et humiliter exposuerunt (exp. et om. in CO) 
et aperte predicauerunt, et omnem ipsorum trium regum sermonem Thomas per 
exposicionem et interpretacionem significauit exposuit et declarauit. s r. et ascen- 
rione 6 populis predicauit 7 ipsius 8 ipsi tres reges (glorioei) ° ff. cum 
omni exercitu eorum et comitatu et alijs quampluribus populis 10 ad montem 

Yaus cum b. Tboma se transtulerunt u super hunc montem la ipsius infantis 
cuius stella super (eundem) montem (Vans) apparuit 13 om. u omnibus populis 
16 CC quare ie signo crucis auale (P prout) supra stellam apparuit 1T humana 
18 voluntarie et spontanea fuent (C CC fuerat) 19 om. a0 de nouo totaliter 

exposuit Thomas et predicauit ai ita quod vtriusque sexus homines, paruuli et 

adulti qui tunc presenter in comitatu non fuerunt, aa m. Yaus M p. u. s. 

here om. %i et propter talem et (ac) tantam 25 ipsi ae maximam et nob. 
37 huius montis Yaus M c, feoerunt et ditissime consummauerunt " et ipsam 
ciuitatem ao P Seuwa, C Sculla, CC Suwella 31 que adhuc nunc 8a maior 
33 et in hac ciuitate 31 ac aa no new Chapt. in 00 " Ceterum (0 CO 
Iterum) postquam 



• MS. adorau** 


* fai'ient 

istis 1 regnis 2 omnes 8 ad fidem 4 conuertisset 5 , tunc* 
ipso3 tres Reges archiepiscopos 7 consecrauit. et ipei 8 
episcopos et presbiteros sine macula ex orani populo 9 
elegerunt et ordinauerunt* et omnia ydolorum templa 
in honoiem dei et sue mairis 10 consecrauerunt, quibus 
omnibus et alijs dei ministris predia 11 et possessiones 
large donauerunt. sanctus autem 12 Thomas ipais 13 et 
omnibus 14 episcopis et presbiteris ordinem Tnisgam 
colebrandi et verba que dominus in cena in 15 sal cor- 
poris et sangwinis consecracione expressit, et dominicam 
oracionem tradidit et de hijs omnibus eos fideliter in- 
8truxit 16 , et similiter 17 ordinem baptismi ipsis tradidit 18 . 
omnibus itaque ibi 19 rite peractis et ad cultum dei et 
ministerium laudabiliter ordinatis, ad 20 superiores partes 
Indie ad predicandum verbum dei se tranatulit et n ibi 
post plura facta miracula pluribus populis ad fidem con- 
uersis*, martirio vitam, eicud in sua passione* 2 legitur, 
laudabiliter consummauit. et omnes homines 29 qui 24 
in ilia terra nascuntur, facies 25 * habent ad modum canum 
formatas, sed non 26 hirsutas 27 ; et 28 alia plura specialia 
in herbis, bestijs et hominibus sunt in vtraque India 
vsque in presentem diem. 

29 Post recessum et decessum beati Thome ipsi 80 tres 
Reges, iam archiepiscopi facti 31 , omnes ciuitates et villas 32 
circuibant, in quibus quamplures ecclesias fecerunt 83 , 
in quibus 34 presbiteros 35 et dei ministros ordinaue- 
runt 30 ; et relicta mundana 37 vanitato in ciuitate Seuwa 38 

1 omnibus istis a partibus et regnis 9 omnes populos * dominum * c. et 
laptisasset e extunc eciam 7 in a. * et ipsi tres reges archiepiscopi effecti 
*lios ° ex (G 00 in) omnibus populis 10 s. genitricis Mario n dona et p. 
12 vnde beat as ia ipsis regions et archiepiscopis li alijs ls om. in O CO. 
16 i. et informauit 17 special iter w dedit et ipsum baptisms nullomodo 

vnquam debere obliuisci monuit et hortabatur et precepit. 10 ff. et itaque b» 

Thomas ibilem omnibus populis ad dominum conucrsis, P adds ct baptisatis et ad 
cultum dei omnibus dei ministris rite et laudabiliter peractis et ordinatis (all this 
om. in C CO) a0 ad — conuersis om. in C CO 2l ff. P et ibidem quampluribus 
populis a 1 dominum conuersis, C CO P varia mirabilia operatus (P et varijs mira- 
bilibus operatis), vitam ibi lem martirio 22 passione eius M o. h. vtriusque sexus 
31 ff. qui nascuntur in ipsis tcrris quibus b. Thomas fait martirizatus 3S natu- 

raliter facies 2e s.«d hirsutas valde ^ in presentem diem M ff. nam in 
vnnquaqui' terra et insula in India semper nascuntur et crcscunt et sunt homines 
hcrbe ct bestie et alia (P pre alijs, et animalia) specialia (speciales), de quibus 
per singula longum esset enarrare. ^ new Chapter in 0. *° extunc ipsi 

*' in arcliiepiscopos ordiuati 32 pentes ciuitates villas et terras 8S fundauerunt 
34 et in ipsis 35 episcopos prosbiteros 3a add. quibus predia et possession?* large per 
omnia contuluruut 3T huius mundi 3 * add. quain in pedc moutis Vaus fundauerunt 


perpetuam mansionem elegerunt et cum adiutorio dei 
et aliorum episcoporum et presbiterorum terras et regna 
sua in spiritualibus et temporalibus adhuc gubernaue- 
runt 1 ; quibus omnes gentes non timore sed amore, non 
ut dominis sed ut patribus, obediuerant 2 et eos caritate 
non ficta dilexerunt. 8 

Cap. XXXIII 4 . Anno vero 5 secundo ante eorum 
felicem 6 resolucionem ipsi 7 omnes 8 principes et 9 
nobiles 10 de regnis 11 suis omnesque 12 episcopos et 13 
presbiteros 14 in vnum 15 conuenire 16 fecerunt, iam senio 
confecti 17 ; nee habebant aliquos liberos vel heredes; 
nee 18 vnquam habuerunt reginas vel concubinas ; et 19 
firmiter creditur ab omnibus, iuxta 20 libros Indonim, 
vsque 21 ad mortem eos virgines 22 permansisse, vt 23 sicud 
fuerunt primicie gencium in fide, ita 24 fuerunt et 
primicie 25 gencium in virginali dignitate 26 , primi 27 ex. 
gentibus virginitatem domino offerentes 28 . conuocatis 29 
itaque in vnum omnibus episcopis presbiteris, nobilibua 
et vniuerso populo, ipsi eos omnes hortabantur tit in. 
fide quam ipsis beatus Tbomas predicabat 80 , stabiles 81 
pcrmanerent, et ut omnes 3? ibidem 33 congregati vnum 
virum ydoneum eligerent 34 habentem voluntatem in 
fide dei, qui in 35 loco beati Thome in spiritualibus 
omnibus 36 preesset et cui omnes populi vnanimiter 37 
ut patri obedirent 38 , qui eciam in memoriam 89 beati 

1 g. et rezernnt 9 in omnibus et per omnia o. ' eos d. « no new Chapter 
in C P. * namqne * felicem ecrum 7 extunc ipsi tres reges archiepiscopi 
ordinati 8 omnes alios reges et 9 om. 10 nobiles (0 CC nubiliores) et 

xnaiores natu (n. om. in 0) n terris et r. eorum la et omnes alios ls om. 
14 p. et dei ministros u in vnum locum le c. et oonuocare 17 et erant iam 
longo senio (0 OC longeui) et decrepitu (C OC decrepit^ fessi w nee, vt communis 
est omnium illarum parcium consuetudinis ld et estimatur et *° ab omnibus 
libris in Oriente al eos virgines fuisse et vsque aa e. v. om. ; CO s : c M et 
as8erunt quidam libri quod M ita eciam (C et) aa CC primi ae in t. d. om. 
in C CO ** qui eciam domino primi ex gentibus (eciam — gentibus om. in 00) 
virginalem dignitatem obtulerunt, prout eciam quidam libri in eorum muneribu» 
que domino obtulerunt, inter cetera ex superfluo exponunt, scil. aurum cbtule- 
runt in signum virginalis dignitatis (0 CO deuocionis dignitatis) et castitatis, thus 
in signum virgiualis deuocionis et oracionis, et mirram in signum mortificaciouis 
carnis quam natura negauit, iuxta dictum sapientis sic dicentis In carne viuere sine 
carne est vita angelica, non humana. ^ In P new Chapter. ^ ff. Cum itaque 
(hij) tres reges, vt dictum est, omnes reges episcopos et nobiles et omnes populps in 
vnum fecerant conuenire, extunc omnes hortabantur 30 predicauit . 31 st. et 

fideles i% et quod ipsi reges episcopi presbiteri et nobiles et vniuersi populi 
83 ib. in vnum 34 ff. voluntattm in fide habentem ex omnibus populis ibidem 

congregatis communi voce (0 CC loco) et vnanimi a&«ensu eligerent is om. 

** o. populis 3T om. in C CC ** vt p. in omnibus humiliter ob. " honore • 



Thome patriarcha 1 Thomas ab omnibus deberet* ap- 
pellari et 8 venerari; et post decessum talis 4 patriarch e, 
sic electi, omnes 5 archiepiscopi episcopi et piesbiteri 
in vnum locum conuenientes 6 deberent in locum de- 
functi secundum suam 7 conscienciam alium in locum 
eius 8 concorditer eligere 9 ; et ipsi tres Regea tali 10 
patriarchs decimas omnium terrarum suarum 11 in per- 
petuuin 12 assignabant 13 . vnde 14 ipsi tres Reges et 
omnes alij episcopi et presbiteri et vniuersi populi 
tunc concorditer elegerunt 15 Jacobum Anthiochenum 
aduenam, qui ad ipsas partes beatum Thomam fuit 
secutus 16 , cui nomen 17 Thomas imposuerunt. et post 1 * 
Indi illi 19 patriarche, qui Thomas vocabatur, vt nos 
pape, obediunt vsque in presentem diem &c. 

Cap. XXXIV. Ceterum quia ipsi tree Reges 30 
heredes non habuerunt, vnanimi 21 consensu omnium 
populorum 22 ex omni populo ibidem congregate ^ elege- 
runt vnum 84 strenuum et illustrem virum qui omnibus 
regnis et terris 26 suis in perpetuum 26 preesse deberet, 
ut si aliqui maliuoli 27 patriarcham archiepiscopos 28 epi- 
8copos et 29 presbitcros non curarent vel ipsis rebellarent 

• b quod per vel 30 a fide apostatarent, per* 31 brachium seculare pos- 

• b perp«tuo sent 32 compelli 33 ; et illud dominium perpetuum* 34 debe- 

ret succedere 35 per heredes 36 ; et talis gubernator 37 in 
temporalibus non rex vel imperator deberet vocari sed 
presbiter Johannes deberet 38 appellari, quia 39 presbi- 
tero nullus sit dignior in mundo, cuius potestate omni- 
bus 40 iustis et iniustis celum clauditur et aperitur et 
in cuius extensione et manuum 41 eleuacione omnium 
imperatorum et regum 42 et omnium 43 populorum genua 

1 in memoriale sempiternum pat. 3 perpetue d. s et ab omnibus * talis 
vnius * extunc omnes e ff. deberent (C CC debent) in vnum locum conuenire 
et alium loco defuncti 7 eorum a alium — eius om. here ° add. cui vniuem 
populi vt priori per omnia deberent (0 CC debent) obedire 10 tunc tali u et 
regnorum la perpetue ia dabaut et a. u C tunc, CC cum l5 om. here 
10 in primum eorum patriarcham concorditer (in P here om., CC pariter) elegerunt 
17 mutato nomine nomen l * post hoc (CC hec) 19 tali a0 Iterum predicti trea 
reges gloriosi quia (C CC qui) liberos et h. 2l extunc eciam de communi oonsilio 
(O auxilio) et 33 p. ibidem congregatorum 23 ex omnibus populis ib. congregatis 
34 tunc virum strenuum uobilem et illustrem 35 terris et regnis 2t in temporali- 
bus perpetue 37 m. et malenci a * om. 39 sen 30 seu 31 quod per ,a ad 
viam rectam p. M cogi et c. 34 perpetue 35 C CC exercere 3fl p. h. et durare 
37 rector et g. 3 * in perpetuum d. 3J nam presbiter Iohannes ex eo vocari debe- 
ret quia 40 hominibus 41 mauuum et (C CC siue) 42 r. et principum 43 om. 


et colla curuantur — et 1 quamplurimas alias 2 dignitates 
habet 3 idem presbiter Johannes qui est dominus 
Indorum, 4 et habet dextram dei benediccntem in giro 
cum stellis ornatam in suis sigillia et vexillis. item 
idem dominus Indorum Johannes deberet appellari a 
duobus, videlicet a Johanne ewangelista, qui fuit pres- 
biter et a domino pre ceteris magis dilectus 5 ; item 6 
[in] honore Johannis baptiste qui dominum bap^auit, 
quo 7 eciam inter 8 natos mulierum maior nemo surrexit. 
Igitur 9 hij tres Reges 10 omnibus regibus et principibus 11 , 
episcopis et presbiteris et populis vniuereis 12 Thomam 
patriarcham et presbiterum Johannem dominos eorum 18 
et rectores in spiritualibus et temporalibus in 14 per- 
petuum assignabant, quibus 15 illi 16 omagium 17 humili- 
ter fecerunt et 18 obediencie 19 eorum se subdideruut 20 . 
et sic 21 leti et gaudentes 22 ad propria sunt reuersi ; et sic 
hij duo 23 presbiter Johannes et patriarcba Thomas 24 
vsque in hodiernum diem vocantur. 

Hijs 25 ita dispositis et ordinatis, hij tres Reges qui- 
busdam principibus de sangwine eorum regali quasdam 20 
terras et insulas dederunt et in perpetuum 27 assignaue- 
runt, qui principes de Vaus in perpetuum debere[n]t 
vocari in memoriale sempiternum — et hec progenies 28 
est nobilior, maior et potencior 29 in India et in Oriente 

1 CO propter hoc et, P prout hec et a virtu tes et alias 3 om. 4 in suis 
litteris et epistolb specialiter scribit et exprimit in presentera diem, et littere et 
epistole sue quas regibus et principibus mittit, sunt rotuli inuoluti, in quibus in 
principio scribit et mandat pro salutacionibus benedicciones omnium puerorum, 
seruorum (CO suorunri et anoillarum, armentorum (P auium), animalium, agrorum 
et vinearum, et specialiter vxorum et concubinarum, et omnium que ille rex vel 
princeps sen homo possidet in domibus Tel in campis (P adds cui litteras suas 
mittit), et secundum quod ille est oondicionis cui litteras suas mittit, secundum hoc 
sibi scribit et demandat pro salutacionibus benedicciones ; et habet " dilectus et 
electus e item idem dominus Indorum Iohannes deberet vocari (0 00 nominari) 
nomine et honore 7 P cui 8 non surrexit maior (P maior non surr.) inter natos 
mulierum, prout Thomas ap. per omnia ipsos informauit 9 00 Iterum, P 

Oeterum 10 r. gloriosi n p. et nobiiibus 12 ac omnibus populis 13 in 
eorum dominos u tunc in ls q. tunc 16 00 vniuersi populi, P vniuersi 
reges et principes et nobiles ac vniuersi populi 17 obedienciam et homagium 

(0 CO reuerenciam) 18 et se eorum 1B 00 ducatui P dominacioni, et 

potestati 20 subiciebant 21 om. aa 1. et g. ac alacri corde super omnia aue 
viderant et audierant (et acciderant) et acta et ordiuata fuerant M ijdem domiui et 
guberoatores Indorum in spiritualibus et temporalibus u patr. Thomas et presb. 
Iohannes in vniuerso mundo sunt vocati i. h. d. ** ff. Oeterum (0 CO Iterum) 

hij tres reges de premissis itaque dispositis et ordinatis, extunc alijs p. *• quam- 

Elurimas alias 21 P perpetue hereditarie, CO rare hereditatio M et adhuo 
ec pr. que de Vaus vocatur " est m ior et potencior ac nobilior progenies 

S J 


vsque 1 in presentem diem, hec 2 progenies, ut supc- 
rius 8 dictum est, in Aeon 4 castrum fecerunt, et ex 
illis quamplures 5 alij principes propter eonim nobili- 
tatem in diuersis terris vxores duxerunt, de quorum 
semine anno domini Mccclj adhuc strenui principea 
fuerunt superetites in curia romana ambasiatores. sed 
ut ad propositum redeatur 6 . 

Cap. XXXV. Cvm itaquo omnia predicta 7 per 
tres 8 Reges essent laudabiliter ordinata 9 , ad 10 ciuitatem 
Seuwa redierunt 11 et 12 duobus annis supervixerunt : et 
tunc 13 modicum ante festum natiuitatis domini quedam 
stella 14 super ipsam ciuitatem apparuit 16 , per quam 
resolucionem suam 16 instare intellexerunt, et quod a 
domino vocarentur 17 omnibus intimabant vnde ibidem 
in ecclesia per se 18 regal iter facta tumulum sibi more 
regio preparari 19 fecerunt et per illud ins tans festum 
natiuitatis dominice 20 diuinum officium solempniter 
peregerunt et octauo natiuitatis domini die Malchiar 21 
diuino officio solempniter celebrato etatis sue anno 22 
centesimo decimo sexto coram omni populo inclinato 
capite absque omni 23 doloro in domino dulcitcr 23 obdor- 
miuit ; cuius corpus alij duo [Reges] cum 24 vniuersis 
nobilibus et populis cum 25 vesti mentis regalibus et 
pontificalibus 20 , cum aromatibus more regali, prout 
decuit, in tumulum posuerunt. et post hec quiuto die, 

•ms. que qui* 27 est festum Epiphanie 28 , Balthazar 29 etatis sue 

anno 30 centesimo duodecimo celebrata solempniter mi<sa 
coram omni populo absque 31 dolore in 32 domino quieuit ; 
quern 33 iuxta corpus prioris [Regis] 34 simili solempni- 

•sexu tate 35 posuerunt. et 36 sexto* 37 die sequenti Jaspar 38 

1 om. a et hec 3 supra 4 in A. propter diucrsa mirabilia que ibidem 

quotidie et assidue videbantur et audiebautur 5 quamplurimi ° sed & in 
CO T om. 8 ipsos B disposita et o. 10 extunc ad ll ad perpetue manendum 
tunc se transtulerunt la C CC et post receptam (C pcrceptam) fldei plenam noti- 
ciam 13 extunc 14 q. st. noua et rara et iusolita 15 om. in CO le eorum feli- 
cem resolucionem 17 vocabantur 1H ipsos lc * P pnparare ™ nat. domini 
festum 2l extunc M. rex Arabum et Nubie 22 auuo et. sue 23 om. in C CO 
21 et alij priiicipes et uobiles ac vuiuersi populi 25 om. 20 pout, et reg. 3T CO 
que '■** Ep. domiui 2i extunc 15. rex Godolie et Saba 30 anno et. sue 

31 absque aliquo 3a ibidem in 33 quem tercius (C CC cicius alter) rex et omnes 
alij pnncipes et nobiles et populi 34 prioris regis defuncti 2i eodtm modo et 
cult'i regio in tumulum (C CC tumulo) h. n orifice p. 36 et non post multum 

t^mpus videl. 37 sexto 3 * extunc J. tercius rex Thar, is et hisule EgrisouUo 


etatis sue anno 1 centesimo nono diuino officio deuote 
peracto coram omnibus astantibus sine dolore alios duos 
lieges ad dominum sequebatur. qui dum more regio, 
prout decuit, iuxta corpora priorum duorum 2 Regum ad 
sepeliendum deferretur, tunc 3 coram omnibus 4 astantibus 
corpora- duorum priorum Regum in sepulchro coniunc- 
tim 5 posita tamquam 6 viuentia erecta corpus tercij Regis 
in medium 7 eorum receperunt : et ita ut 8 in vita sua 
dilexerunt se, ita 9 et 10 in morto non sunt separati. et 
stella 11 que ante eorum obitum apparuit, donee 12 cor- 
pora eorum inde 13 transferrentur, ut dicunt 14 , immo- 
bilis 15 permansit. 

Cap. XXXVI 16 . Post obitum 17 autem 18 ipsorum 1 * 
deus, qui eos in vita dilexit, post 20 mortem eciam quam- 
plurimum honorauit. nam diuersos 21 homines quicun- 
que* 22 infirmitate 23 vel 24 angustia vel captiuitate 26 •Bquacunque 
tenerentur 26 , longe vel prope in terra vel in mari positos, 
ipsorum 27 auxilium implorantes, per 28 eorum merita 29 
euidenter 30 liberauit; ita quod per longinquas partes 81 
per terram et per mare populi in maxima multitudino 
ad eorum reliquias confluebant, et fidem, quam in vita 
cum beato Thoma 32 predicabant, eciam maioribus vir- 
tutibus et signis in morte et post mortem confirmabant ; 
et eorum 33 corpora in 34 sepulchro posita non quasi mor- 
tua, sed quasi 86 dormiencia et melius quam in vita 
colorata omnibus populis apparebant 36 , in quibus deum 
benedicebant 37 et laudabant 38 &c. 

Post multum vero temporis, seminante 89 inimico, 

1 anno et. sue a duorum priorum * extuno * o. populis B om. ; om. 
ad Repel.— posita * ff. quod li bet in parte (all this om. in 0) cessit (0 cesserunt) 
et corpus 7 C CC medio • et itaque hij tres reges gloriosi (0 00 g. principes) 
quomodo 9 C P itaaue 10 om. u st. rara et insolita la quousque 

la Colonic 14 prout aicunt Indi 15 imm. supra ciuitatem (Seuwa) le no 

new Chapter in C CO. 17 decessum et o. 1H om. 19 trium regum gloriosorum 
extunc "° ipsos et (P etiam) post 21 div. vtri usque sexus M quaoumque 

23 infirmitate dolore u P et M 00 tribulacione, P captiuitate vel tribu- 
lacione ae detinebantnr ^ qui auxilium ipsorum trium regum implorabant et 
deuote inuocabant 2; * deus per " C 00 meritum *° ev. eos aI ex 

longinquis partibus 82 cum b. Thoma in vita •* ipsorum ** vestimentis 

regalibus et poutificalibus in 35 vt 8B apparuerunt n benedixerunt 

34 laudauerunt 39 ff . cum (itaque 00) fides Christiana in ipsa nobili ciuitate 

Seuwa et vniuersis partibus et regnis Orientis (itaque P) floreret (0 floniit), extunc 
inimicus omnium bonorum seminauit (P seuit) inter triticum zizania, sc. inter fidem 
catholicam diuersarum specierom heresim opiniones et errores, 


herescs et errores ccperuut crescere, et sic 1 sanctorum 
reliquie 2 ceperunt remissius 3 et negligcncius 4 in re- 

• MS.earum uerencia haberi 8 — nam terre et regna eorum* in fide 

• M8.*«;tiie diuidebantur odiose. et sic* tunc statini eorum 6 cor- 

}>ora, que" vsque ad ulud tcmpus quasi dormiencia in- 
•ettone corrupta 8 permanserunt, extunc* carnis 9 materia de 

ossibus rupta 10 soluebatur et more suo in puluerem 
rouertebatur 11 ; et tunc 12 eciam 13 homines dc regnis 
eorum supradictia 14 fide 15 sunt diuisi. 

Cum itaque vniuersa 16 plaga Orient is ita 17 esset 18 
corrupta et heresibus 19 odiose diuisa et propter nimiam 
distanciam 20 et disco rdanciuni multitudinem et poten- 
ciam a patriarcha Thoma et presbitero Johanne ab 
erroribus non posset 21 reuocari, tunc 22 in terriset regnw 
illis cepit 23 gentilitas reuerti et ydolatria repullulare, 
vnde 24 in tali miseria homines de regnis istorum trium 
Regum beatorum nati qui in ipsa ciuitate Seuwa poten- 
ter habitabant, sunt in 25 fide odiose 26 diuisi. tunc 27 que- 
uis para tarn ex reuercncia quam ex invidia corpus sui 
Regis de sepulchro sumpsit, quia cum parte aduersa 
illud 28 esse et quiescere 29 noluit, et ad Ioca maiora sue 
partis reduxit; que ab omni populo, prout olim 30 quando 
de Bctldecm reuertebantur 31 viuentes, cum ympnis ct 
laudibus et reuerencijs maximis sunt rccepta et in loculis 
diuersiinode ornatis reuerenter sunt inclusa ; et in hijs 
per tempora longiora permanseruut &c. 

Post hec 32 autem 33 circa annos 34 domini ccxxxiiij, 
dum Constantinus Imperator 35 per sanctum Siluestrum 

1 propter quod tunc 2 corpora et reliquie ipsorum trium regum * ab omnibus 
indulgences (0 CC indigenis) 4 C CC minus (om. et) 5 b. et minus venerari 
6 ipsorum trium regum 7 que vt dictum est " C CC et inc. eorum carnis 
10 eorum (rupta om.) n CC vertebantur 12 vnde 13 om. 14 de regnis 

(C regno) Arabie et Nubie, Saba et Godolie, Tharsis et Iusule nati, in quibus ipsi 
reges regnabant 15 etiam (C CC in) fide le (horum) trium regum regna et 

vniuersa n om. in C CC 1(1 essent, P essent itaque lj in fide et heresi essent 
20 ff. multitudinem distanciam et discordiam et discordancium (et d. om. in C CC) 
poteuciam (C CC per potenciam) 21 possent 22 extunc ( P) M in hac di*- 
sencione cepit 2l C CC et ; in— regum om. iu C CC 2 ' et (C rciam) in 2a C CC 
odiose fuerunt ,jn P extunc, C CC et tunc 23 om. 2J quiescere id M om. 
31 viuentes (C CC venieutes) de Bethleem venerunt M Cum autem placuit deo 

quod triticum et semen fidei itaque longo tempore laboratum, quod eciam per 
zizauia semiuatum (P in quod zizania itaque fuit semiuatum et quod ab hijs) et 
alijs persccucionibus et impedimeutis dudum latitabat iu terra, vt (0 CC et, 1' \t 
etiam) talibus varijs frigoribus et tcmpcstatibus transactis eciam appareret in ger- 
mine, vnde 33 om. 3 * C CC auuum 3J gloriosus C. iinperator in Occido^to 


esset 1 conuersus ad fid em et 2 a lepra carnis munda- 
tus 3 , eodem tempore Helena 4 , mater eius 5 , inter per- 
fidos Judeos in Oriente conuersabatur et 6 Judaica 
perfidia quasi iam esset* infecta 7 , sed mirabiliter inde 8 • om.inB 
ad Christum 9 conuersa 10 . quo tunc 11 omnia loca 12 que 
sue humanitatis potencia dominus consecrauit 18 , ad 
laudem dei et confusionem Judeorum humiliter visi- 
tabat 14 et denote 16 honorauit 16 , ditauit et amplificauit 17 . 
vnde postquam ipsa* 18 crucem domini et clauost 19 mira- • m& ipum 
culose invenit, extunc super eundeni locum et montem t ms. clew* 
Caluarie et sepulchrum domini 20 , et locum quo tres 
Marie steterunt et lapidem de sepulchro reuolutum 
viderunt, et locum 21 quo Jhesus Marie Magdalene 
apparuit in specie ortulani, super hec omnia loca et 
alia sancta loca Helena pulcherrimam construxit 22 eccle- 
siam, in qua hec omnia loca sancta 23 insimul compre- 
hendit et iuclusit. et postmodum presbiter Johannes 
et homines de Nubia nati 84 subtus montem Caluarie ex 
rupibus 25 et 26 petra durissima* cappellam exsculpere • JuriMimam 
fecerunt, quam in honore trium Eegum consecrari 27 fece- 
runt, in memoriam 28 quod ibidem Malchiar, rex eorum 29 , 
in caligine 80 resedit quando dominum in 81 infancia 
adorare 32 quesiuit ; et vocatur ' cappella 83 Nubianorum 
ad reges ,84 , sed Sarraceni nunc 85 illius cappelle ianuam 86 
lapidibus obstruxerunt 87 . 

Cap. XXXVII. In omnibus igitur 88 locis que 
dominus humanitatis sue presencia 39 signis vel 40 pro- 

1 gracia dei signis et prodigi js ad fidem esset 9 om. • a 1. carnis gentilitatis et 
ydolatrie m. et in nouum hominem vita et morions in melius esset mutatus ^ 4 P 
venerabilis Helena • sua mater • in 7 i. et corrupta 8 om. • dominum 
10 add. prout hec omnia in libris de In aen clone s. Cracis pfenius reperiantnr. u et 
extunc venerab. Helena quanta magis prius in veteri testamento (et) iudaica perfidia 
insistebat, tanto magis postmodum in nouo testamento et euangelijs studiosius 
estuabat et la loca sancta 13 que in illis et alijs partibus Ihesus sua deitate 

et humanitate ac potencia (P presencia) consecrauit, que prius ex suggestions 
Indeorum ipsa Helena propbanata et odiosa habuit et contaminata, hec omnia loci 
Helena postmodum u visitauit lfl deuotissime lfl honorifioauit 1T ampliauit 
ls venerab Helena w cr. et clauos domini nutu dei *° Ohristi ai add. quo 
Ihesus in crnce matrem discipulo commendauit, et locum M ecclesiam construxit 
23 s. predicta M de regno Nubie nati qui in illis partibus Nubiani rocantur 

85 rupe 2a CC do "OP consecrare M memoriale * Arabum et Nubie 
90 ibidem in caligine ct nebula 31 in sua a3 CO adorandum, P ad adorandum 
83 ilia capella in partibus il is capella (in — cap. om. in GO) 84 add. in presentem 
diem 35 nnnc prout patet 8e ianuam ipsius capelle ** ob inuidiam o. •" Cete- 
rum (GG Iterum, G Gum) in omnibus locis * 8 in humanitate sua presencialiter 

(CO presencia) 40 et 


digijs illustrauit 1 , Elena 2 ecclesias 8 et monasteria 
fundauit, et in hijs dei 4 ministros iustituit 5 , quibua 
prcdia et 6 possessions 7 habundanter crogauit In loco 
cciam 8 in quo pastoribus angel us Christum natuni* 
annunciauit, ipsa 10 duplicem 11 ecclesiam pulcherrimam 
construxit, quam 'Gloria in excelsis' vocauit; que u 
ecclcsia fuit quondam ditissimum collegium canoni- 
corum, qui ex special i priuilegio omnes horaa canonicas 
cum 'Gloria in excelsis deo &c* inceperunt 18 sicud 

•*»b [nos per]* 14 'Deus in adiutorium, 1 et ad hue incipiunt 

ibidem horas cum ' Gloria in excelsis ,15 &c. 

Postquam autem 16 venit 17 Helena in Bethleem ad 
speluncam et tugurium in quo 18 Christus 19 natus est, 
in quern locum 20 post Christum 21 nullus 22 homo vel 
animal intrauit : et in 23 ipso loco tunc Helena inuenit** 
presepium 25 in quo 26 Jhesus infantulus poaitus 27 fuit, 
et pannos 28 quibus ibidem involutus 20 fuit, et fen u in, et 
caoiisiam beate Marie quam in presepe oblita diini- 
serat 30 cum fugeret a spelunca 31 : hec 82 omnia Helena 

•M3.r*»ndaP tu in recenter* 33 inuenit sicud 34 ea 35 beata Maria 36 
ibidem reliquit 37 . que, excepto presepio, omnia secum 
in Constantinopolim transtulit et ibidem in ecclcsia 
sancte Sophie reuerenter collocauit ; que 38 ibidem vsque 
ad tempus Karoli permanserunt. qui dum Jherusalem et 
alias ciuitates Chris tianorum et Zachariam patriarcham 39 
de manibus SaiTacenorum eripuisset et per Constanti- 
nopolim in reditu pertransisset 40 , tunc 41 camisiam beate 

1 conserrauit et i. 2 in ipsis venerab. H. 3 monasteria et ecclesias honorific© 
4 patriarchal archiepiscopos et episcopos abbates et presbiteros ac dei * i. et ordi- 
nauit 6 om. 7 p. et decimas " Extunc (C ct extunc) et Helena supra locum 
n ang. cum multitudine milicie celestis cum claritate natiuitatem domiui 10 om. 

11 pulcherrimam duplicem la que (CO et) adhuc in omnibus partibus Orientis 

Gloria in excelsis vocatur in presentem diem, et in ipsa ecclesia 13 CO ceperunt 

11 in partibus istis cum 13 in presentem diem le Postquam hec ecclesia fuit 

facta et perfecta, extunc Helena 17 veniens Bethleem h OP qua 19 deus 
homo fuit natus ao et, vt est supradictum, iu ipsum locum (sc.) speluncam et 

tugurium 21 post natiuitatem Christi vsque ad illud tempus, sicut eciam deo 

placuit, 2a ex iuuidia Iudei (C Iudeorum) nullum hominem vel animal intrare 

lirmiserunt, nam ipsum Joe im pro loco maledicto et prophanato habuerunt et 
omuem intrantem habuerunt (omn. — hab. om. in CC) pro contaminato M et in 

21 om. here a ' presepe M CC P quod a7 in feno ante asiuum et bouem 

f lit p. 2i et ipsos paunos *> Ihesus ib. fuit in v. 30 dimiscrat oblita :i quando 
c im infautulo Ihesu de spelunca fugit metu Iudeorum et recessit 3i hec — reliquit 
om. in CC 33 tarn recenter 31 prout 3J om. 3e virgo 37 oblita dimiait et r. 
31 et 3J p. et albs Christian os i0 cum suis exercitihus transisset 41 extunc 


Marie et pannos 1 quibus involutus fuit 2 paruulus 
Jhesus, et fenum 3 pecijt efc optinuit; que cum alijs 
reliquiJ8 quibus ibidem et alibi fuerat 4 honoratus, 
sec u in sumpsit et Aquisgraui 5 in ecclesia beate Marie 
quam ibidem fundauit, honorifice collocauit— que ibi- 
dem a Christi 6 fidelibus a 7 longinquis partibua visi- 
tantur et honorantur vsque 8 in presentem diem, de 9 
longitudine 10 autem et latitudine huius camisie multi 11 
mirantur, vnde 12 sciendum quod 13 in partibus [vltra- 
marinis] tarn longas et latas camisias mulieres solent 
habere &c. 

Cap. XXXVIII. Svper tugurium et speluncam 
natiuitatis domini 14 Helena pulcherrimam 15 fandauit 
ecclesiam opere mosayco, marmoribus 16 auro 17 et vitro 18 
regalitcr 19 et ditissime ornatam, in 20 modum castri 
cum 21 propugnaculis factam ; sed non est testudinata, 
sed super ligna et tigna cedrina est 22 plumbo cooperta. 
et in liac ecclesia ante chorum descenditur ad 23 spelun- 

1 et fenum et p. 9 Ihesus infantulus fuit inv. * here om. * fuit 8 CO 
A. i. e. Akne 6 om. 7 C P de d om. • sed de l0 C P latitudine et longi- 
tudine n multi homines la de quo (CO P qua) est 13 ff. quod in p-trtibus 
vltramarinis et Orientis nimis multum linum crescit bis in anno, vnde efficitur 
) annus lineus multum bonus et subtilis et in optimo foro. et in omnibus partibus 
illis omnia vestimenta virorum et mulierum pro maiori parte sunt linea, et sunt 
(1. et s. om. hi CC) multum longa, lata et larga, et vltra modum alba et munda 
(et C) propter Lto'erabilissimum solis ardorem sunt facta, et specialiter camisie 
mulierum in quibus aliqua vis consistit, sunt tarn longe quod fimbrias omnium 
aliorum vestimentorum circa tres vel quatuor vel quinque vlnas excedunt ; ct 
ilia pars camisie que sic excedit, auro margaritis et ahjs preciosis secundum facul- 
tatem mulieris portantis ditissime est ornate, et dum alicui nobili et diuiti mulieri 
nascitur filia, extunc mater immediate incipit facere filie tales camisias et linteamina 
et alia ornamenta ad dotem et ad nupcias necessaria et apta, que vix potest pcr- 
ficere vsque ad tempus filie sue maritacionis et desponsacionis. et dum aliqua 
sponsa vel nobilis sen diues domina in plateis eqnitat, extunc aliquis nobilis vel 
miles seu famulus pedester portat illam partem camisie ornatam suis bracMjs ex- 
tensis ; et dum tales domine et mulieres vadunt, extunc recipiunt partem camisie 
sue anteriorem subtus brachia et posterior pars camisie per aliquem militem seu 
faraulum vel pedissequam leuatur et portatur vtrisque brachijs et manibus extends, 
et alie mulieres que non habent camisias tarn preciosas et omatas, bee tamen 
habent camisias multum lor gas mundas et albas omnia alia vestimenta multum 
excedentes, di nereis aroma ti bus et herbis odoriferis fumatas et aqua rosacea lotas, 
ita quod vbicunque equitant vel incedunt, earum odor et fragrancia per totam 
plateam sen tit ir. vnde camisia beate Marie que est Aquisgraui, secundum com- 
munem consuetudinem parcium illarum et secundum statu ram tunc temporis homi- 
num videtur fuisse et esse multum breuis et humilis ; et in omnibus libris et in 
partibus illis eciam legitur, quod beata virgo Maria fuerit puella a iquantulum 
grossa, camosa et fusca. sed vt ad ] ropositum redeatur. 14 Super hanc spelun- 
cam tugurium et locum in Bethleem quo deus homo fuit natus, in quo eciam tres 
reges domino munera obtulerunt, super huuc locum b. Helena 15 nobilissimam et 

ftulcherrimam ecclesiam fnndauit 16 et m. 1T et a. 18 sub vitris (om. m CC) 
9 diuersimode optime tt ditissime et regaliter * et in 91 om. aa CC et est "in 



• MS. Eustha- 

* recipere 

* r. deo cant* 

cam 1 in qua 2 Cbristus natus est 3 , et 4 non longe 
ab 6 altari quod ibidem est 6 , est presopium 7 trium vel 
quatuor pedum 8 , in quo 9 Cbristus infantulus fuit 
reclinatus; et in ipsa spelunca sanctus Ieronj'mus 
Paula et Eustochium* 10 sunt sepulti 11 . et in ista u 
ecclesia sunt lxx 13 columpne marmoree 14 ; et anno 
domini M°ccc xlj° Sarraceni pulcbriores 15 columpnas 
excipere* voluerunt et in templo 16 suo 17 ponere 18 ; sed 
horribili visione perterriti ipsas stare penniserunt 
et 19 est ecclesia vltra modum regaliter ornata. in 89 
ista ecclesia erat episcopus, et 21 canonici omnes horas 
canonicas a ' Gloria in excelsis ' inceperunt, et in omni- 
bus missis, eciam si essent pro def unctis, ' Gloria in ex- 
celsis ' decantabant*, et plures alias 82 prerogatiuas hec** 
ecclesia babebat. sed nunc 24 quicunque Christianas 
hanc 26 ecclesiam vult 26 intrare, dat officiate 17 Sol- 
dani 28 duos denarios venecianos. et nunc Greci sub 
certa pen si one babent 29 chorum et maius altare ad 
diuinum officium 80 peragendum. In nocte 81 natiut- 
tatis Cbristi 82 omnium nacionum 83 homines peregrini 
cbristiani 34 in ipsa ecclesia conueniunt, et 85 omnia 
hospicia ciuitatis 36 intus et extra sunt hospitibus 37 
plena propter 38 lucrum. et 39 queuis secta 40 Cbristianorum 

1 sp. et locum 2 in quo 3 dcus ent lorna natus 4 ff. et directe subtus 
maius altare quod est supra chorum, in ipsa spelunca (CC apud speluncam) est altare 
in loco in quo deus homo fuit natus, et 5 ab hoc 6 quod — est om. 7 presepe 
lapideum, vt ibidem est moris (CC in quodam muro), circa trium (CG tres) 8 pedum 
(CO pedes) loagum 9 ff. in quo (CC P quod^) b. (virgo) Maria infantulum Ihesum 
ante bouem et asinum in fen urn posuit panms inuolutum, et in eodem loco iuxta 
presepe tres reges domiuum adoraueruut et eidem ibidem munera obtulerunt 
10 ada. nobiles Romane que ex deuocione ibidem cum b. Ieronimo degerunt n OC P 
sepulte l2 ipsa nobilissima et pulcherrima 13 CC P circa LXX, om. in C 

14 add. tecta et ligna et alia sustentantes et portantes 15 CO meliores le C P 
templum 1T e rum ls p. ] roposueruut 19 flf. et vltra modum hec ecclesia 

intus et foris est ditissime et regaliter facta consummata et perfecta. *° fif. et 

venerab. Helena in ipsa ecclesia archiepiscopum et canonicos et presbiteros ac ali <s 
dei ministros instituit 21 qui ex priuilegio speciali in omnibus missis et eciam in 
missis animarum Gloria in excelsis deo decantabant et in festiuitatibus omnes boras 
canonicas cum Gloria in excelsis deo incipiebant, ai et quamplurimas alias reue- 
rencias et p. M habuit hec ecclesia pre alijs et habet prout decet, de quibus per 

singula Ion gum esset enarrare. '* Sed postquam terra sancta ad manus et potes- 
tatem peruenit So Man i a5 ipsam *° intrare vo'.uerit 21 CC officiario 

2S Sold, ibidem ' 20 pro se hal>ent 30 o. eorum 31 C In nocte autem 

33 domini 33 extunc omnium ydiomatum et linguarum sl et Cbristiani qui 

sunt sub re'o a3 vt tunc 3,j in Bethleem 37 peregrinis intus et extra sunt 
3 * et propter (hoc CC) lucrum Soldanus exceptis suis officiates non permittit ibidem 
nisi Christianos habitare. 3 * Ceterum (CC Iterum) omues Cbristiani qui ibidem 
in cceV.Hia iu nocte uatiuitatis d mini couueniuut, licet in fide et Unguis sint odiose 
diuisi, tamen *° queuis pars et sect* hominum chr. 


in ipsa ecclesia habet 1 per se locum pro so 2 deputatum, 

in quo secundum suum ritum 3 diuinum cfficium pera- 

git solempnitcr 4 sicud 6 decet. vnde Latini, qui spec- 

tant 6 ad fidem romane ecclesie 7 , officium suum 8 pera- 

gunt in spelunca in altari et in loco in quo [deus] natus* 

fuit. tunc 10 in ipsa nocte ibi 11 diuersa ydeomati, 

litterae,cantus 12 et melodie in varijs 13 lingwis audiuntur ; 

tamen nullus homo impedit alium in suo cantu nee 

dcridet 14 . et tunc finita missa 15 'Dominus dixit' 16 , 

omnes vadunt 17 ad ecclesiam duplicem que ' Gloria in 

excelsis* vocatur 18 , et ibidem 19 celebratur missa 20 que 

incipit 'Lux fulgcbit' 21 . qua 22 finita omnia 23 populus 

cum 24 gaudio et cantu redit 25 in Bethleem ad summam 

missam 20 . Et est sciendum quod Judei inter se ex invidia 

Helenam stabulariam vocabant 27 , quia tarn 28 nobilem 29 

ecclesiam super 30 stabulum tarn* 31 vilem locum eis ex- «us.ettam 

osum fundauit 32 , vnde omni nocte natiuitatis domini 

tabula de laudibus 83 et meritis venerabilis Helene, 

digitis 34 beati Ieronymi scripta, iuxta presepe in 

spelunca pendebatur, que sic incipit: 'Venerabilis 

Helena fuit bona stabularia, que hie presepe domini 

sui fideliter quesiuit >35 . item in festo Epiphanie domini 

est eciam in ilia 36 ecclesia maximus omnium lingwarum 

et populorum concursus et iuxta 37 presepe in loco in 

quo tres Reges dominum adorauerunt 38 , magnam stellam 

oplime deauratam pendere consweuerunt, que per totum 

ilium diem artiiicialiter de loco ad locum cum cordis 39 

trahebatur et regebatur 40 &c. 

1 per se suum habent locum % specialem 9 r. eorum * faciunt et agunt tunc 
solemnissime prout e se habent T ecclesie romane 8 agunt diuinum off. 
suum • quo deus homo fuit n. 10 et tunc ll om. la et cantus 13 v. et 
diuersis 14 in suo cantu vel aliquo risu vel cachinatu. 1S celebrata missa que incipit 
16 ad me 1T extunc vadunt oranes ls add. vbi angel us domini pastoribus natum 
dominum annunciauit 19 CPib. tunc M CO celebrant missam 21 add. etiste due 
ecclesie distant per medium (CO P modicum dimidium) miliare M et ibidem (tunc) 
ilia missa celebrata, M extunc omnes populi 24 cum magno a5 redeunt 

36 add. Tunc in rjsdem ecclesijs omnia euangelia ibidem presencialtter (CO special iter) 
leguntur de qui bus tunc vniuersa ecclesia catholica de longinquo loquitur et tes- 
tatum et tunc vtriusque sexus homines quarumcunque linguarum vel sectarum 
(CC scolarum) existunt, paruuli et adulti, in ipsa ecclesia per totum ilium diem 
can taut illam antiphonam in latino Hec est cues quam fecit dominus &c., quam 
in omnibus illis partibus in latino cordetenus sciunt ex vsu. 27 vocauerunt 

2 "' hniusmodi M nobilLssimam 30 supra 3l et tam 3a f. et edificatiit 

83 laude ** de d. 35 C CC et alia quamplurima de meritis et virtutibus ven. 

Helene in hac tabula sunt scripta 3e ipsa 37 in loco iuxta p. M et eidem muni ra 
obtuleruat " in ecclcfcia cordis 40 Et de alijs huius ecclesie in Bethleem 


Cap. XXXIX. Hijs ecclesijs completes 1 Helena 
transtulit in 2 Ni^arcth, que est ciuitas multum lauda- 
bilis 3 et amena in valle florida sita, et non est murata, 
et 4 domus eius hinc inde sunt 5 disperse : et in ipsa 
ciuitate eciam magnam et pulcherrimam 6 fundauit ec- 
clesiam 7 , in qua episcopum 8 et canonicos* posuit 10 , 
quos 11 predijs et possessionibus 12 specialiter ampliauit 18 . 
et in cadem ecclesia Helena a dextris prope chornm 
cameram beate Marie conclusit, in qua earn 14 angelus 
salutauit 15 ; et ex ipsa chimera nunc facta est capella, 
in qua est columpna contra quam angelus stetit 16 , et eius 
ymago in columpna sicud in sigillo est impressa. et ante 
ianuam illius capelle 17 versus orientem est fons de quo 

•»qii* Maria frequenter aquam* haurire 18 solebat; et ibidem 

angelus ipsam sepius salutauit et confortauit 1 *. ex 

• «i ad lioc fonte ad* 20 longinquas partes- peregrini aquam 

afferebant 21 , et quamplurimi infirmi ex ea sanitatem 
rcceperunt, vnde ob invidiam eum 22 Sarraceni sepius 23 
obturauerunt 24 ; sed 25 quanto magis 26 ipsum 87 obetrux- 
erunt 28 , tanto magis 29 erumpebat ; nee Sarraceni ad 
aliqua adhuc vtuntur ipsa aqua 80 , et in ipsa cappella 
fucrunt presbiteri 31 qui omni die totum 32 officium 
diuiimm de annunciaciono agebant. iuxta 33 banc 
cappellam 34 est columpna 35 in qua ab annunciacione 36 
vsquc in prc?entem diem signum permansit; et per 37 
totum annum quando sol tctigit illud signum ante 
eius occasum, tunc fuit 38 hora quando Gabriel Mariam 

nobilitatibus et (CC nobilibus) consuetudinibus ct special ibus priuilegijs et pre- 
rogatiuis que hec ecclesia pre alijs ecclesijs prout decet habet, singulariter Ion- 
gum essct eoarrare. et quahter f estum Epiphanie ibidem honoretur et celebretur, 
inferius audietur. 1 Ceterum postquam hee ecclesie itaque essent complete, 

ex tunc a om. 3 delectabilis 4 et babitaciones eius et * sunt hinc inde 
pulcherrimam 7 cccl. fundauit 8 archiepiscopum 9 et c. et presbiteros et 
deiministros 10 instituit et ordiuauit ll et 12 p. quamplurimis 13 ditauit 
et amplificauit u fuit et stetit quando ei Gabriel angelus (Carchang.) 15 domi- 
num concepturam (C concepturum, CC concipiendum) annunc!auit 18 stetit et 

reclinauit 17 camere et cap. ** h. et afferre (P offcrre) I9 CO salutabat et 
coufortabat 2° peregrini ad 21 C aufrebant 22 sarraceni ipsum fontem 

» om. in CC 2l CC obtruxcrunt 2 ' et 2<J P plus 27 om. 2 * P obturabant 
CC obstruebant C obturabatur 23 CC plus, P plus ct magis ^ *° add. sed a 

peregrini* ad longinquas partes affertur et portatur et ex ea varie infirmitates 
depelluntur (P et pelluutur). 31 speciales p. 32 ff. de dominica annuncia- 

ci jne cum omnibis eius officii et horis diei et (P ac) noctis cantabant et celebrabaut 
3J et iuxta 3l c. et cameram :n c. lapidca 36 a die postquam angelus Marie 
dominum anuunciauit 37 et dum per totum annum sol 3 * fuit et est 


salutauit 1 . et tempore 2 Christianorum fuerunt in 
ilia 3 cappella 4 6peciales ministri, qui 6 quando sol tetigit 
illud signum in columpna, ter 6 traliebant paruam cam- 
panulam 7 que supra columpnam pendebat, et tunc 
omnes homines cum genuflexione dicebant deuote 8 [ter] 
Aue maria — et 9 hoc iam 10 per totuin 11 mundum in 
conswetudinem venit 12 quod ante occasum solis 13 ter 
pulsata 14 campana genuflectentes 15 fideles beatam Ma- 
riam salutant. et ilia cappella vocatur 10 ' Aue Maria 17 .' 
et in ista ecclesia et cappella 18 omnes 19 hore canonice 
cum ' Aue Maria ' incipiebantur, sicud hie 20 cum ' Deus 
in adjutorium.' sed 21 nunc in ipsam ecclesiam nobilissi- 
mam proiciunt Sarraceni 22 morticinia iumentomm et 
cadauera pecorum 23 , sed cappella seruatur illesa, quia 
degunt ibi pauperes nobiles Sarraceni, qui vocantur 
nobiles 24 de* 25 special i conswetudine, et a peregrino • Bdehae 
vnum denarium venecianum w volunt habere ; sed 
tunc homo cum omnibus rebus suis in omnibus 27 par- 
tibus illis est securus. Juxta 28 fines Galilee est mons 
valde 29 altus, qui dicitur 80 mons Thabor, super quern 
dominus 31 fuit transfiguratus 82 ; super quern 33 eciam 
Helena pulcherrimum monasterium 34 fundauit et in 
modum castri turribus et muris 35 firmauit ; cuius abbas, 
ordinis Benedicti, annulo 36 et baculo pastorali et 87 bulla 
plumbea vtebatur. et occurrit festum 38 transfigur- 
acionis 39 in [die] 40 Sixti pape 41 , et tunc in Oriente 42 
\bique 43 celebratur 44 cum vino nouo 45 , et omnes ecclesie 

1 8. et deum de ipsa pro nobis hominem nascitorum anuunciauit. * temporibus 
* ipsa 4 camera et o. • om. 6 qui tunc ter 7 C campanillam CO campanam 
8 ter deuote 9 et — salutant om. in GO. P quia ipsa hora angelus Mariam 

salutauit, et 10 ezinde n vniuersum la peruenit in cons. 13 solis occ. 
14 trahitur 15 et dicitur a fidelibus ter cum genu flee ti one Aue Maria. lfl v. ibidem 
et in omnibus partibus Orientis n add. et a fidelibus de longinquissimis partibus 
visitatur in presentem diem, vnde dicunt ibidem et in omnibus partibus illis ad 
alterutrum (F vnus ad alterum) Eamus pro indulgences Nazareth ad Aue Maria 
(P mariam). w et in ilia capella et (0 est) ecclesia in qua ipsa camera Marie est 
inclusa ld 00 et omnes 3° in partibus istis al sea-— securus om. in CO. 

33 Sar. proiciunt M pecorum cadauera M P n. de Hes, de . . (left vacant) 
33 qui ex 2S volunt habere venecianum ** illis M Et ista ciuitas Nazareth 
est in terra et principatu Galilee sita, et iuxta " non magnus sed vltra modum 
90 vocatur 31 Ihesus coram discipulis suis 8a add. prout in euangelio continetur. 
83 Supra ilium montem 3t magnum et pulcherrimum et fortissimum monas- 

terium et claustrum (et c. om. in CO) M m. et propugnaculis vndique 8e OC P 

illud festum ™ t. domini ««C 
41 Sixti, Felicis8imi et Agapiti " in omnibus partibus Orientis 4S om. iA cele- 

inf ula annulo ST ac 38 semper illud festum 39 t. domini *° P ipso die 
41 Sixti, FeliciS8imi et Agapiti * a in nmnihim nnrtibn* OriAnf.ii> 43 nm 44 poIp. 

brantur misse ** om iu C 


metropolitane et kathedrales in Oriente in honore trans- 
figuracionis domini sunt consecrate, et ipao die ad 
missam cantatur 1 Dominus dixit ad me 2 , AUelaja*, 

• Ms.heo Hie* 4 dies sanctificatus illuxit 5 , Ewangclium 6 Assump- 

sit 7 , ct in ipso die omnes reges principes ct nobiles 8 
ad dedicacionem sue 9 ecclesie kathedralis conueniunt 
et omnia 10 eorum vexilla cum amis suis 11 supra eccle- 
siam 12 ponere 13 faciunt, et omnes populi noctem istam 14 
cum gaudio 15 in ecclesijs ducunt insorapnem 18 et multum 
tunc 17 ornant ecclesiam 18 varijs 19 ornamentis. et omnes 
ccclesio metropolitane et kathedrale3 in Oriente 20 vocan- 
tur ecclesie Sancte Sophie L e. verbigene 21 . Et distat 
mons 22 Thabor a Jherusalem ad tres dietas cum dimidia, 
et inter Jherusalom et ilium montem fuit via 28 per quara 
J lies us iuit cum discipulis in humanitate, in qua sana- 
uit 24 et 25 docuit, signa 26 fecit et predicauit; et vltra 

•u intra hunc 27 montem et loca inter ea* 29 sita Jhesus 80 in 

humanitate 81 non processit 82 . et mons 88 superius 84 non 
est maioris capacitatis quam illud monasterium com- 
prehend it. et ante capcionem Aeon Sarraceni hoc 
monasterium ceperunt 35 , a quo 36 castrum fecerunt, a 87 
quo Christianis 38 ascensum et descensum prohibue- 
runt 39 , cui nomen Blansegardi 40 imposuerunt 41 . sed 
nunc et 42 castrura et monasteriam 43 sunt destructa 44 &c. 
Cap. XL. Cvm igitur 45 venerabilis Helena in om- 
nibus hijs locis 46 ecclesias fundassct et 47 niinistros 48 dei 
in eis 49 instituissct 50 et omnia ad laudem 51 dei rite 52 et 

1 in omnibus ecclesijs in missa (CC P et missis) cantatur Introitus a C adds 
filius meus es tu s et Alleluia 4 CC versus Hie fl om. 6 C P et Er. 

7 Ass. Ihesus discipulos, CC P add suos et ascend it in montem excelsnm et trans- 
nguratus et ante eos. 8 n. barones et milites et omnes in ipsa diocesi prelati 

9 eccl. sue 10 C CC omnes n ipsorum armis la sup. eccl. om. in C 13 figere et p. 
14 illam noctem 15 in ecclesijs cum (CC in) gaudijs et leticijs le CC in 

solemnem 1T om. 1%i ecclesias suas 19 diuersis et v. ao in omnibus parti- 
bus orientis ai add. et est titulus omnium ecclesiarum cathedralium ibidem quod 
ad S. Sophiam vocantur. aa hie mons 23 C P add et non plus ai om. in CC 
J5 ora. 2<5 ets. " e 4 : vlterius quam inter Iherusalen et hunc M CPeos M oni. 
81 C P in humanis, CC vt homo 3 - iuit vel p. 33 ipse mons Thabor 3 * desuper 
83 c. et ocoupaucruut 3C et ex eo 37 contra quos ChristiaLi in pede montis aliud 
castrum fecerunt, a quo 3H Sarracenis 3 * defenderunt 40 P blansegarda, 

CC blansagarda 41 add. et ex illo castro et (CC castri) nomine maxima et nobilis 
progenies surrexit qui ibidem nobiles de Blansegarda vocantur in presentem diem. 
42 illud 43 m. super montem 4l d. et desorta. sed vt ad propositum redeatur 
** itaque 4C in ; ijs et in omnibus locis quibus ei expedire videbatur 47 eccl. 

fund, et om. * H archiepiscopos episcopos abbates presbiteros ac alios dei ministros 
4fl om. 80 i. et ordiuassct 91 1. et honorem 5a rite perfe te 


laudabiliter porfecisset, tunc 1 ipsa de corporibus 2 trium 

Regum cepit anxie cogitare et ad 3 prouincias que 

iuxta 4 Indiana adhuc romano imperio pernianserunt, 

cum maximo 5 comitatu se transtulit. in quibus omnia 

ydola 6 , prout ibidem ydolatria 7 repullulauerat, poten- 

ter 8 destruxit et pro hijs ecclesias 9 et monasteria 

fundauit, in quibus ministros 10 ad cultum dei ordinauit ; 

et fidem 11 in partibus illis multum exaltauit et am- 

plificauit. ad quam o nines Christiani 12 vnanimiter 

confluxerunt 13 , quia 14 audierant quanta 15 per earn 16 

dominus 17 in 18 invencione sancte crucis et clauorum 

et 19 camisie beate Virginia 20 esset 21 operatus, et multum 

do hijs 22 gratulabantur* 23 , infideles 24 vero et heretici • b «iw oongnt. 

coufundebantur. in quibus 25 partibus multis eccle- 

sijs 26 fundatis et 27 reparatis 28 et 29 cliristicolis in fide 

conftrtatis 80 , ipsa 31 Helena de corporibus 32 trium 

Regum 33 cepit diligenter inquirere 34 , et cum de ipsorum 35 

regnis, vita et gcstis 36 fuisset plenius informata 37 , studio- 

sius 38 de ipsorum corporibus cepit cogitare. cuius 

desiderium adimplens 89 omnipotens dominus* 40 ipso- •r.daua 

rum trium Regum corpora 41 sibi 42 demonstrauit. quorum 

duo 43 , sc. Malchiar et Balthajar, a patriarcha Thoma et 

domino Indorum presbitero Johanne et alijs 44 princi- 

1 extuno 9 c. et reliquijs ipscrum t. r. qui dominum ibidem adoraueruut et ei 
munera obtulerunt 3 ad terras et 4 circa fl m. et nobili e templa et aras 
ydolorum 7 y. et gentilitas 8 CC proat potuit ° in laadem et bonorem 
dei e. 10 ff. orchiepiscopos episcopos et abbates ac alios dei ministros instituit et 
ordinauit et cultum dei in omnibus illis partibus in omnibus et per omnia reparauit 
et amplificauit u ff. et fidem christianam que (CC quam) in illis partibus prius 
detestabatur, tunc multum honorauit Helena, exaltauit et glorificauit la tunc 

omnes Christiani et Catholici 1S venerunt et c. (et c. om. in CO) u nam 

13 quanta mirabilia et magnalia 10 om. 17 dens w de l9 ac M add. feni 
et pannorum quibus deus iu sua humanitate et infancia fuit inuolutus 21 jper 

ipsam venerab. Helenam fuerat (CG fuit) o. 22 in quibus Helene vnanimiter 

3* congratulabantur et in fide confortabantur. * 4 ff. et Iudei et gentiles, ydolatre 
et heretici de hijs multum dolebant et coufundebantur a3 et extunc eciam in ipsis 
superioribu8 p. 26 quamplurimis eccl. et monasterijs v vndique et M add. 
et in hijs dei ministris de nouo institutes ^ et omnibus 30 G confirmatis 

31 extunc venerab. 3a c. et reliquijs 83 r. beatorum (CC bonorum) M cepit inqui- 
rere et diligenter investigare ** ipsorum trium return r. * 6 et ipsorum vita et 
gestis et (om. in CC) per ipsos reges factis et ordinatis 37 Helena plenius fuisset 
instructa et informata, 3S ff. extunc de ipsorum corporibus et reliquijs cepit 

studiosius et ardencius cogitare et diligencius laborare. * 8 implens *° o. deus 
qui semper prope est omnibus inuocantibus eum in veritate et qui (CO quia) prius 
ipsi Helene crucem suam ac clauos sub terra profundissime absconsa (C absconsos P 
absconsam) reuelauit, ipse (P ipsi) Helene et (P etinm) 41 corpora et reliquias 

t. r. beatorum * 3 om 43 duo corpora u alijs illarum terraruin et parcium 


pibus ct prelatis miraculose 1 et studiose impetrauit ; 
et quia tunc pro parte roraano iinperio pertinebant et 
o mues audierant 2 quanta magnalia 3 dominus 4 per 
Helenam f uisset operatus, sibi ipsorum duorum Regum 
corpora benigne et reuerenter tradiderunt 5 . corpus 
vero Jaspar tercii regis Nestorini heretici 6 de regno 
ipsius Jaspar 7 nati sub sua 8 potestate habuerunt, 
qui 9 in sua heresi 10 perdurantes, vsque ad 11 sanguinem 
dare restiterunt 12 ob invidiam et negauerunt: nam 
ad 13 insulam 14 Egriscule, de qua Jaspar eciam rex 
Insule vocabatur, ad locum forciorera 15 illud 16 transtule- 
• d Md runt et secretissime absconderunt. et * 17 beata Helena 18 

per multos solempnes legatos muneribus 19 et precibus 
importunis multum 20 apud potenciores Insule 21 ordi- 
nauit et 22 obtinuit quod 23 corpus beati 24 Thome apos- 
toli, quod eciam 25 ibidem impetrauerat, pro corpora 
Jaspar 26 commutauit 27 — et idem 28 corpus beati 24 Thom3 
Nestorinis est bis ablatum et cert is 29 causis ipsia 
tociens 30 restitutum; sed vsque 81 in presentem diem 
est commune 82 vaticinium apud eos 83 quod adhuc 34 
tercia vice debeat eis idem corpus auferri et Coloniam 35 
transferri et apud tres Regcs 30 permanere 87 . 

Cap. XLI. Cvm 38 itaque corpus Jaspar tercii regis 
et Ethiopis 39 do Insula portaretur 40 , tanta 41 odoris 
fragrancia 42 ex eo 43 exiuit quod homines 44 de 45 longin- 
quo venientes 46 odoris 47 illius suauitate reficicbantur. 
Tunc 48 ipsa 49 venerabilis Helena ipsa trium Regum 

1 ad amplificandum honorem dei et diuiaum rultum mir. 2 vnanimiter audie- 
runt et sciuerunt 3 mira et m. 4 deus 5 1. et dimiserunt 6 her. ora. in CC 
7 I. regis H eorum ° et l0 nequicia et h. n CP dudum vsque ad, CO suum 
12 resisternut 13 id (CC illud) ad meliorem et forciorem et maiorem 14 insulam 
Indie nomine 15 ad— forciorem om. lfl suum corpus 17 om. H Vene- 
rabilis Helena habitis itaque (CC dum i. babuit) duorum tegum corporibus (CC 
corpora), nolens (P volens) ipsos tres pati diuisos (P habere iudiuisos) 19 prer\ 

imp. et mun. 20 multis 2l i. et ipsorum Nestorinorum 2a ord. et ora. in CC 
23 CC et 2 * om. 25 tunc eciam (C CC ct) 26 I. tercij regis ™ dedit et 

permutAuit 2S idem ipsum 29 et ex certis 30 totidem 31 om. 3a adhuc 
est commune 33 ia omnibus partibus illus 3l adhuc corpus Thome ap. 83 Colonic 
apud trium regum corpora 3fl et ibidem perpetu^ p. 37 prout adhuc infVrius 

audietur. 3d Ci-terum dum 33 Ethiopis tercij regis 40 p. et alijs duobus 

(C duorum, om. in CC) regum corporibus iungeretur 41 extunc talis et tanta 

* 2 f. et suauitas 43 ab eis 4l omnes 45 a 4 * om in CC 47 ff. P C suauitntis 
odore replebantur et reficiebantur et senciebant (C senciebantur), CC suauitatem 
senciebant et ipso odore replebantur. 4i Et extunc 49 om. 


corpora in loculo ditissimo Constantinopolim 1 cum 
maxima exultacione et reuerencia cum alijs diuersis 
reliquijs quas impetrauerat 8 transportaiiit, et ab omni- 
bus populis ibidem ad hoc specialiter congregatis 8 cum 
ympnis et laudibus honorifice 4 sunt recepta et in 5 
ecclesia sancte Sophie veneranter 6 collocata 7 . Est 
autem 8 ecclesia sancte Sophie in Constantinopoli mul- 
tum 9 pre omnibus ecclesijs in mundo lata et magna 10 , 
ito quod nauis magna omnibus velis suis cxplicatis et 
extensis posset 11 in ea commode se vertere et girare 12 . 
quam Constantinus fundauit et omnes 18 maxima s mar- 
morea8 columpnas cum adiutorio dei cum infante solus 
leuauit, et diuersis ornamentis 14 decorauit. et in ipsa ec- 
clesia est* tunica domini inconsutilis, et clauus domini, • 
et pars columpne ad quam dominus 15 fuit ligatns et 
flagellatus, et quamplurime alie 16 reliquie venerande, 
de quibus Grecis non est cura. et temporibus sancti 
Ludwici, regis Francoram 17 , adhuc corona domini 18 
spinea erat in ea 10 : et tunc temporis Thurci et Sarraceni 
Constantinopolim et regnuni 20 Grecorum multum dc- 
struxerunt et Imperator 21 auxilium sancti Ludwici 
tunc 22 implorauit, qui multa perdita et deuastata cum 
auxilio dei recuperauit ; cui 23 pro suis expensis Impera- 
tor 24 coronam * ** domini M spineam tradidit et obligauit ; • corona 
que 27 cum Grecorum maxima lainentacione et Fran- 
corum exultacione in crastino bcati Laurencij ad naui- 
gium fuit deducta 28 et ad villain Parisiensem translata 
—quam Greci adhuc recuperare sperant 29 . ceterum in 
hac ecclesia sancte Sophie magna 8 tat* columpna mar- •Biwt 
morea, supra quam stetit* 80 ymago imperatoris cquestris • r. stat 
enea 81 optime deaurata, et habet pomum aureum 82 

1 in maiorem et nobfliorem filij sui ciuitatem quam fundauerat, Constantinopolim, 
one eat caput Grecie a bine inde impetrauerat et congregauerat * c. et conuocatis 
• prout decuit multum h. ibidem in ° reuerenter T C P c. et ab omnibus 
renerata. a Etest sciendum quod • est vltra modum 10 multum magna et 
lata u in ea se posset ia add. et ipsa ecclesia vocatur ibidem ecclesia (voc— eccl. 
om. in CO) S. Sophie quod in Greco dicitur verbigene, et, vt supradictum est, omnes 
ecclesie metropofitane et catbedrales in oriente ad S. Soph i am vocantur. 13 eius 

14 diuersis alijs pluribus ornamentis 15 Ibesus l0 CC P a. et diuerse 1T CO 
Francie w om. 1B in ea remansit M imperium ai i. tm.c aa om. 

m et ** tunc i. S. Lodewico ipsam a ' ipsam c. 20 om. v C C et as ducta 
" sp. in presentem diem 30 stat 31 CC erea sa om. 




* MS. cieinat. 

• MS. Martlnus 

rotund urn more imperiali 1 in sinistra, sed 2 Sarracenis 
rebellibus 8 contra orientem quasi minans dextera : et sub- 
tus 4 hanc columpnam venerabilis Helena trium Regum 
corpora collocanit 6 ; que* extunc a longinquia terris 7 
ab omnibus populis sunt humiliter 8 visitata et longo 
tempore venerata, et ad eorum reliquias confluentibus 
deus dona sue misericordie multimode est largitus et 
per ea 9 multa miracula 10 operatus: nam omnes qui 
eorum 11 auxilium in fide et deuocione implorabant 12 , a 
quacunque tribulacione in terra vel in man detinebanlur, 
deus eorum mentis 13 libera uit. 

Post obi turn 14 gloriosi Constantini et venerabilis 
Helene, Juliano Apostata regnante, extunc ydolatria 15 
repullulauit et grauissima persecucio gladij in Chris* 
tianos 16 longo tempore exsurrexit 17 . qua 18 persecu- 
cione 19 cessante, tunc 20 in vniuerso mundo incepit 
alia 21 persecucio hereticorum et scismaticorum* 22 ; et 
ipsa persecucio et error 28 fertur durior fuisse et maior 24 
persecucione gladij anteriori, ut fides katholica 25 tarn- 
quam triticum cribraretur, ut nullus 26 puluis erroris 27 
in ea decetero remaneret. et in hac tribulacione 
Greci 28 ab ecclesia romana in quibusdam 29 articulis 30 
recesserunt et sibi proprium patriarcham elegerunt et 
prefecerunt 31 , cui 32 ipsi sicud 33 nos pape 34 obediunt 35 ; 
et in hac tempestate corpora 36 trium Regum absque 
aliqua reuorcncia et in nullius [cura] permanserunt. 
vnde dominus Greciam et Armcniam tradidit in manus 
Sarracenorum et Persarum, qui has terras multum 
destruxerunt. quas Mauricius*, primus Imperator 

1 C P temporali 2 et 3 contra orientem rebellibus Sarracenis * iuxta et 
subtus 8 in loculis diuersimode ornatis honorifice specialiter collocauit • Bt 

cum ista trium regum corpora in hac ecclesia et (CC P in) ciuitate itaque essent 
collocata 7 t. et partibus 8 humiliter et deuotissime (CC deuote) sunt 9 CC 
cos 10 CC mirabilia ll in fide et deuocione eorum a. 12 C ixnplorant ls m. deus 
1 1 o. et decessum l5 y. et gentilitas 16 Ch. et martires 1T temporibus longis 
durauit (om. in C P) prout in passionibus diuersorum martirum et alijs libris pleuius 
cmtinetur H et ipRa 19 p. gladij contra martires 20 extunc cepit 2l alia 
dc nouo 22 sc. diuersorum errorum contra catholicos et fideles M pers. hereti- 
cor rn ct errorum 2l immanior, CC amarior. P inhumanior 23 Christiana et 
cathulica 2>; C P nulla 27 errorum 2i add. licet habuissent quamplurimos 

sanctos ct cgrcgios doct'res et romanos pontifices de Grecia natos, tamen ab 
- ■' <iu. 3 " a. fidci. prout inferius audit-tux 31 pref. et eleg. 3U cui ab illo 

tempore in omnibus et per omnia 33 vt ** domino pape M vsque iu pre- 
Kcntcm diem obediueruut 3C c. et reliquie 



Komanorom ex* Grecis, cum auxilio Mediolanensium •Ms.Et 
recuperauit, vnde, profut] 1 fertur*, eiusdem Imperatoris • profertur 
conailio ip3a trium Eegum corpora cum alijs reliquijs 
postmodum fuerunt translata. et legitur quod Manuel, 
Grecorum Imperator, Eustorgium*, virum religiosum efc • Eu»trngium 
prudentem, nacione Grecum, in legacione Mediolanum 
misit, qui 8 pradens erat et apud Imperatorem potens 3 , 
quern 4 in archiepiscopum 5 Mediolanenses elegerunt: 
et 6 ipsorum precibus et incitacione ipsa trium Eegum 
corpora, de quibus tunc nullus curauit 7 , ab Impcratore 
impetrauit et secum 8 reuerenter portauit 9 et in ecclesia 
epeciali, que nunc est fratrum predicatorum, cum ympnis 
et laudibus cum omni populo honorince collocauit ; vbi 
eciam 10 , sicud in locis et temporibus prioribus, deus 
multa miracula eorum mentis est operatus &c. 

Anno vero domini M° c°xliiij° ciuitas Mediola- 
nensis Friderico primo Imperatori 11 rebellauit: quam 
Imperator destruere proponens 12 circumvaUauit ; vnde 
nobiliores 13 et maiores in ciuitate paucis scientibus 
ipsa 14 trium Eegum corpora secretissime absconderunt. 
cum autem 15 Imperator auxilio Eeynoldi 16 archiepiscopi 
coloniensis et 17 aliorum principum 18 ipsam expugn asset, 
tunc 19 Eeynoldus archiepiscopus coloniensis pallacium 
Assonis 30 de Turri 21 , quern Imperator pre omnibus 22 
exoeum habuit, cepit et intrauit et ad man us suas 
optinuit. qui dominus Asso ad 23 archiepiscopum 
secrete accedens securitate accepts promisit quod si sibi 
graciam Imperatoris impetraret, corpora trium Eegum 
cum alijs reliquijs abscondita sibi vellet demonstrare. 

1 prout a GO quia, et quia, P et ' et — potens om. in CO 4 CP ipsum 
• CO episcopum 6 ff. CO Reuerausque ad regem (!) pecijt vt quoddam locale 

secum ducere possessed (pale, non expressit; sed postquam an(n)uit, nominauit 
corpora Begnm : que apud imperatorem impetrauit 7 C? multum curauit 

8 secum (CO sic ipsa) Mediolanum 9 trausportauit 10 ff. eciam deus ob (P per) 
ipsorum merita locis temporibus (1. t. om. in CO) prout in locis prioribus multa 
miracula et virtutes est operatus. u CO imperatori primo la proposuit et 

M meliores nobiliores u CO ipsorum 15 et cum ie CC P Reynaldi, O 

Beginaldi 1T et — Coloniensis om. in 18 OC P p. et domino rum Mediolanum 
obsedit cepit et expognauit w CO P extunc 20 domiui Assonis 3l C decurri 
CC decurij aa alijs omnibus aa ff. secret um accessum ail Reynaldum (P 

Reynoldum) colon, archiepiscopum pecijt. qui dum securus et secrete ad archiepis- 
copum Tenisset, ipsum pecijt vt si sibi graciam apud imperatorem posset et vellet 
impetrare, extunc sibi trium rcgum corpora cum alijs re.iquijs vellet dare et 
abscondita demonstrare. 

T 2 


quod cum archiepiscopus 1 perfecisset 2 , ipsas 8 reliquias 
sibi demon8trauit. quas cum habuisset, statim 4 per 
8U03 secreciores 5 et fideliorcs Coloniam direxit 6 ; quod 
postmodum 7 Imperatori intimauit 8 , et tunc primum 
ipsas reliquias ab Imperatore impetrauit 9 — et distulit 
Imperatori prius dicero 10 , quia 11 ipsas reliquias vene- 
randas dubitauit impetrare 12 . et tunc 18 archiepiscopus 
ipsa trium Hegum corpora cum alijs reliquijs [Colo- 
niam] 14 publico et honorifice trans tul it, et ab omni 
populo cum ympnis et laudibus sunt 15 recepta et 16 in 
ecclesia sancti Petri reuerenter 17 collocata 18 ; per quas 
ibidem dominus 19 vsque in presentem diem plurimas 
virtu tes operatur, et a 20 diuersis populis a 21 longinquis 
partibus devote visitantur et venerantur 22 &c. 

In quali autem 23 et quanta reuercncia hij tres 
Eeges 24 habeantur in omnibus partibus Orientis 25 , est 26 

1 Reynaldus archiep. colon. a fecisset et perfecisset 3 ff. extunc sibi ipsas 

JO omnes, om. in CC) reliquias dedit et demonstrauit. 4 extuuo * fid. et sccr. 
statim versus Coloniam direxit et destinauit T post modicum * indicauit 
8 postulauit pecijt et impetrauit 10 indicare n nam ia se posse impetrare 
» et extunc u C CO Oolonie 15 om. l « om. in P " ibidem (CO ib. sunt) 
rev. w OP oolocauit 19 ff. deus ibidem quamplurima mirabilia et virtutes in 
presentem diem operatur *° a principibus et nobihbus et (CC de) S1 ff. denote 
venerantur et a longinquissimis terris (et) partibus et prouincijs cum maximis 
reuerencijs queruntur et visitantur. 22 add. Legitur enim (CC eciam) in 

quibusdam libris quod postquam ipsorum trium regum corpora de Constantiaopoli 
in Mediolanum et de orientc iu occidentem f in'ruut translata, quod tunc omnium 
hereticorum et scismaticorura errores et opinimes quibus Lumbardia Tuscia et 
Apulia et vniuersa terra fuit infecta, per declaration em et exposicionem trium 
munerum que ipsi reges domino obtuleruut, fuerunt confusi et convicti (CC com- 
minuti) ac funditus (destructi CC) prout sequitur adnichilati (om. in CC). In 
auro thure et mirra : per ista trium muuorum genera (CO ista tria munera gloriosa) 
in vno eodemque Ohristo diuina mago.stas et i egia potestas et humana mortalitas 
intimatur. Tbus enim pertinet ad sacrificium, aurum ad mirra ad sepul- 
turam mortuorum. Omnia hec sancta fides Christo veraciter offerrc non desinit, dum 
vnum eundemque verum deum, verum regem, venimque bomiuem credit. In oblacione 
thuris confusus est Arrianus qui soli patri sacrificium offerre coutendebat ; in oblacione 
mirro confusus est (Arriauus — est om. in CC) Mauicheus qui Christum vere mor- 
tuum pro nostra salute non crcdebat; in auro simul vterque (CO vtrique) confusi 
sunt, quia (om. in CC) Manicheus de (CO qui de) semine Dauid secundum carnem 
uatum non credit regem, et Arrianus deo vuigenito naturalem nititur (dare) seruitu- 
tem (CC et Arianus vel Arrius qui negat iu diuinitate filium patri coequalem) ; proinde 
(CC ideirco) non experietur regem a quo per fidem regatur, sed a quo (non — quo om. 
iu CC) pro infidelitatis crimino puniatur (CC puuiantur) quia ab vno diuinitas et ab 
altero Veritas carnis denegatur. In eisdem et (P Item in nijsdem etiam) muneribus 
confusus est Nestorinus qui Cnristum in duas personas diuidere nititur, cum videat 
magos non alio (CC alia) deo (et) alio (CC alia) homini (sed vni deo homini CC) eadem 
munera suppliciter obtulisse ; non ergo diuidatir in persouis qui non est diuisus in 
douis ; propterea vnus idi-mque (deus CC ) istis muneribus adoratur, * t vnus idemque 
deus et homo cogno^catur. 23 Ceterum (CC Iterum) in quali 2l r. qui domino 
munera obtuleruut et honoro 25 terris et prouincijs iu oriente et ab omnibus 

regibus principibus et nobilibus et omnibus populis ibidem venerentur(v. om.iuCC) 
88 CC cognobcitur et 


8ciendum quod presbiter Johannes, dominus Indorum, 
et omnes reges sub eius imperio, et rex Gcorgie supcrioris 
et rex Georgie 1 inferioris et omnes alij reges cbristiani, 
hij omnes in die Epiphanie sicud in die coronacionis 
ipsorum vestimentis 2 et ornamcntis regalibus induti 
in honore triura Begum beatorum tribus vicibus in 
mis8a 8 offerunt 4 : videlicet in in troy tu misse, offer- 
torio, et communione offerunt aurum thus et mirrara, 
cum maxima humilitate et deuocione; et alij nobiles 5 
et principes quiuis pre alio se ornafc, prout est maioris 
nobilitatis et facultatis, et eciam ter 6 in missa offerunt. — 
Item 7 in quanta 8 reuerencia et* honore habeantur hij • 
[tres] Reges beati ab omnibus scismaticis* 9 et hercticis • ms. ciamaticis 
in omnibus partibus 10 Orientis qui adhuc ibidem per- 
manserunt 11 , est sciendum 12 quod in omnibus 13 partibus 
Orientis et vltramarinis fides Christiana inter 14 diuersa- 
rum parcium et hominum sectas est diuisa, secundum 
hos 15 homines quorum nomina sequuntur 18 : Nubiani, 
Soldiui 17 , Nestorini, Latini, Indi, Arnieni, Greci, Siriani, 
Georgiani, Nycolaite 18 , Jacobite, Copti* 19 , Ysini 20 , Mar- * Copcii 
roni[ni]et Mandopolos, et 21 hij omnes proprias ibi habont 
terras, regna et principatus. et vocantur Latini quia (!) * • so also b ; r . 
missas, horas canonicas 22 et diuinum ofncium legunt 23 quiP 
et agunt in Latino sicud in partibus 24 istis : eed multum 
solempnius diuinum 25 ofilcium peragunt in die Epipha- 
nie quam in partibus istis, et cantant* Ewangelium in 26 • ms. cantat 
missa 27 per notas 28 . 

Item Nubiani sunt homines de regnis 29 Arabie 30 
nati* 81 : hij 82 pre ceteris Christianis in fide stabiles per- • nam 

1 sup.— Goorg. om. in CC 9 ff. vestimentis regalibus et alijs ornamentis in 

honore trium regum beatorum sunt induti (C P ornati) et coronati et tribus vicibus 
* missis * offerunt (CO offeruntur) oblaciones fl principes et nobiles e offerunt 
ter in missis oblaciones 7 CO Item notandum est 8 ff . in quali et quanto 

(0 quanta) honore et reuerencia hij t. r. gloriosi habeantur ab 8 hereticis et 

scismaticis 10 prouincijs et p. ll degunt et p. la CC et sc. est 13 in 
oriente (et) in omnibus partibus vltramarinis u ff . in diuersas partes et homi- 

num sectas w om. in CO 16 subsequuntur "OP Soldani w Iacobite 
Nieolaite " O Copsi ao CO Ysmini ai ff. Et (om. in C) ex hijs omnibus 
Christianis ibidem super omnes predictos homines et hereticos, preter in ipsorum 
hereticorum proprijs terris et regnis, quidam (so P, CC Indi, om. in C, read Latini) 
semper habent principatum, et vocantur ibidem propterea Latini 22 
M cantant et 1. 24 temporibus as in die Ep. diuinum a8 in — notas om. 
in CO r 0P missis M CP per notas (C notam) spccialibus melodijs 

89 regno *° et Nubie (C Indie) in quibus regnauit Melchior qui domino aurum 
obtuht 81 nato, om. in CO • 3a C P et hij ; hij— obtulit om. in CO 


man8erant et mend Malchiar rex 1 eornm domino 
aurum optulit, ita 1 omnes* Nubiani ipsum in fide 
splendide sunt secuti nee 4 vnquam aliqua heresi potue- 
runt corrampi, et in omnibus partibus illis pre ahjs 
Christianis babent prerogatiuas. et quocunque per- 
•Bundontpw. gunt 5 , tendunt* 6 insimul in turmis 7 , et in omnibus 
11111 locis Christianorum 8 ob specialem reuerenciam babent 

per se eccleeiaa 9 et cimiteria, in quibus specialiter 
sepeliuntur, sicud Frisonea AquisgranL borum w pras- 
biteri cum coronis aureis vel doauratis, secundum eorum 
facultatem, ad altare reuercnter 11 coronati accedunt, 
quia 12 tree Reges coronati domino munera obtulerunt. 
[Item] Soldini sunt homines de regnis Godolie et 
Saba 18 [nati] : hij pro parte in fidefuerunt corrupti per 14 
quendam hereticum, Soldinum nomine, et habent se pro 
parte ad ritum Qrecorum et partem [habent] heresis, et 
ytuntur litteris caldaycis et habent 15 proprium ydeoma. 
in 16 hijs fides per heresim non est totaliter abolita, 
licet 17 aliqualiter sit corrupts, et presbiteri eorum 
cum auro, dyaconi 18 cum thure, subdyaconi 19 cum 
mirra cum 90 celebrare volunt ad altare accedunt, in n 
memoriam munerum trium Regura. 
Porro 22 homines 23 de regno 24 Thareis et insule Egri- 
seule 25 [nati] Nestorini vocantur, nam a quodam heretico, 

1 dominus rex 9 i tuque 3 Nubiani homines de eins rejrao (CO P regnis 

eorum) nati (CC nattim) ipeum * ff. nam sicut aurum in cauuno ignis positum 

uon minuitur nee aliqua erugine vel (er. vel om. in CC) rubigiue potest consumi, 
mc isti homines Nubiani aliqua heresi non poterant corrumpi; vnde specialiter 
ibidem Nubiani vocantur et in omnibus partibus ibidem Christianorum volant 
exinde pre alijs habere prerogatiuam et habent pre alijs Christianis in honore sui 
regis in presentem diem. * tendunt e insimul pergunt (0 pergnnt insimul) 

7 om. in OG 8 et ob spec. rev. in omn. locis Ohr. 9 eccl. speciales l0 Et 

horum ^ n coronati accedunt reuerenter ia ff. et hoc faciunt in signum trium 
regum qui domino coronati munera reuerenter obtulerunt. l * add. in quibus 

regnauit Balthazar qui domino thus obtulit nati u ff. et a quodam heretico nomine 
Soldinns peruersi 13 habent per (P pro) se le ff. et hij in partibus orientis 

inter ceteros et pre ceteris Christianis non habent talem et tantam reuerenciam et 
prerogatiuam (et pr. om. in CC) sicut Nubiani, nam ipsi (Mss sicut ipsi) fidem 
plene non custodierunt nee (CO seu) seruauerunt ; sed, sicut Balthazar, dominus rex 
eorum, domino thus obtulit cuius odor in igne quibuscunque alijs mixturis (misceatur 
tamen C) totaliter non tollitur nisi ipsius odor senciatur et odoretur, itaque tamen 
ab hijs Soldinis fides 17 licet in ipsis aliquantnlum ld et d. 19 et s. *° ad 
altare accedunt dum celebrare missam intendunt 31 ff. et hoc faciunt in signum 
quod tres reges domino aurum thus et mirram obtulerunt. *» Oeterum (00 

Iterum) a* P homines Nestorini u CO P regnis M add. nati iu quibus 

(reguauit om) Iaspar Ethiops qui domino mirram obtulit, in omnibus partibus ct 
terris orientis 


cui nomen 1 JSestorius 2 , fuerunt corrupti 3 , per 4 quom 
a fide irreuocabiliter et totaliter recesserunt et a nullo 
vnquam doctore potuerunt a sua peruersitate reuocari. 
et hij tres Eeges in nulla habent 6 reuerencia, sed quando 
eorum 6 episcopi ordinant sacerdotes, recipiunt ab 
eis iuraraentum quod omnes consiliarios et fautores 
debeant in omnibus missis suis 7 excommunicare 8 
quorum consilio [et] auxilio ipsis corpus Jaspar 9 fuit 
ablatum. et hij in omnibus partibus Orientis omnibus 10 
Cbristiani8 sunt exosi 11 ; de quorum 12 heresi circa xl 
regna fuerunt et sunt 13 infecta; et sunt pro maiori 
parte Ethiopes nigri ; et in ecclesijs suis 14 depingunt 
Christum et matrem eius 15 et beatum 16 Thomam nigros 
et dyabolos albos, in despectum aliorum 17 . 
[Item] Indi de regnis presbiteri Johannis [nati] 18 , sunt 
boni Christiani, et habent 19 patriarcham Thomam 20 , cui 
ipsi per 21 omnia obediunt sicud nos domino 22 pape, et 
presbitero Johanni obediunt sicud nos Imperatori vel 
regi; et horum amborum habitacio est in ciuitate 
Seuwa, vbi 23 tres Eeges decesserunt 24 . et dum istorum 
Indorum episcopi ordinant presbiteros, extunc benedi- 
cunt ignem, in quern ponunt ferrum acutissimum, et 
cum ipso ferro acuto 26 benedicto feruentissimo scindunt 
presbiteros quos ordinant per frontem et nasum deorsum 
vsque ad ossa nuda: hoc 26 faciunt in signum quod 
8piritus [sanctus] in igne descendit super 27 discipulos ; et 
hijs scissuris in partibus illis presbiteri discernuntur ab 
alijs 28 , sicud hie 29 coronis [rasis] 30 . horum 81 presbiteri 
cum missam 82 celebrant, pendent 33 super altare coronam 

1 nomine * Nestorinus s c. et peroersi * ff. Hij irreuocabiliter a fide 
catholica per heresim totaliter receaserunt et apostatauerunt : nam sicut mirra 
qnam Iaspar res eorum domino obtulit nullis alijs mixturis potest obdulcari 
(00 obdulcorari), sic hij Nestorini a nullis doctoribus vel predicatoribus ab eorum 
heresi nunquam potuerunt nee adhuc possunt (P poterunt) reuocari. 6 habent 

peuitus ff. episcopi eorum consecrant et ordinant presbiteros, recipiunt (C illi 
presbiteri recipiunt) ab eis sacramentum 7 eorum * anathemizarc et e. 

» I. regis ™ omnibus alijs ll e. et despecti ,2 et eorum 13 et sunt orn. 
14 eorum 15 suam matrem et tres reges lfl sanctum 1T add. prout iuferius 
plura de ipsis audientur. w nati "CP habent pro se 20 qui Thomas 

Tocatnr al in omnibus et ner 2a domino — nos om. in C 23 P in qua, do 
qua, 00 qua a4 d. et ue sepulcro fuerunt exc epti et ad alia loca deportati 

24 benedicto acuto 2a et hoc 27 in 2H di^c. et cognoscuutur 29 in partibus 
istis *° cor. rasis 31 et horum 32 dum missas 33 pen dun t 



•om.j Btt 

• MS. protlnM 


• India 

auream vel deauratam, et tunc 1 presbiteri, dyaconi et 1 
subdyaconi ex tribus vijs separatim ad altare reuerenter 
accedunt, in 8 signum quod tree Beges de tribus regnls 
et vijs ad [ad]orandum dominum 4 in Bethleem con* 

Item presbiteri Grecorum sunt vxor&ti, et habent 
longos crines ; et non credunt spiritum sanctum a patre 
et filio procedere sed a solo 6 patre, et 6 non credunt 
purgatorium 7 esse ; et in hijs articulis sunt ab ecclesia 
lomana 8 diuisL et dum xnissaxn celebrare volunt 9 , 
scindunt de pane fermentato hostiam quadratam conse- 
crando 10 , quam in discum aureum vel argenteum ponunt* 
[et super illam oblatam ponunt]* stellam in modum 
tripedis 11 flexam cum pannis odoriferis et mundissimis 
tectam ; et post offertorium ponunt discum earn oblata 
et cum 18 stella super capud et cum thuribulis et candelis 
cum maxima reuerencia circumeunt 18 per ecclesiam 


vsque ad altare: tunc 14 omnis populus in ecclesia 
pronus* 16 cadit ad 10 terram : et hoc faciunt in signum 
quod tres Seges cum muneribus dominum quesieruntj 
quos stella ad presepium 17 pcrduxit 
Item Siriani 18 sunt homines de Judea* 19 nati, quoniam 90 
ilia terra circa Jherusalem que olim Judea* 21 vocabatur, 
nunc Siria 22 dicitur, vnde ipsi homines Siriani nuncu- 
pantur ; et non habent multum de heresL et in partibus 
illis sunt 23 Christiani qui 24 decinctiui 25 vocantur, quia 
panno lineo sunt cincti, in prerogatiuam quod de regno 
Judee * 2d sunt nati. et hij vigiliam t beate Barbare, cuius 
corpus 27 in Babilonia Soldani 28 quiescit, cum maximo 
gaudio, sicud [in] partibus istis vigiliam sancti Martini, 
deducunt, et tunc vnus amicus mittit alteri 29 caulium 80 
et aliarum herbarum seraina, que in ipso anno in ortis 
debent seminarL et hij coram iudicijs 81 per ewan- 

1 P extunc, C CO et extunc a C P veL 8 et hoc faciunt in * ff. in 

Bethleem ad dominum adorandum ad presepe in vnum stella duce (simul) conuene- 
niDt solum a e item 7 esse purg. * ab e. r. sunt * intendunt, extunc 
10 consecrandam " om. in ia om. l * per eccl. circueunt 14 et extunc 
15 protinus, CO pronus le in 1T presepe w CC Sudani 19 regno Indie 
20 nam 2l CO India *» CO Sirus « om. a * om. «CP decinctiua, 
CCdecinctura 26 OCC Indie " cuius corpus om. in CC » CC vbi Soldani 
quiescunt M Cad alium 80 Galium CC caulum * l CC iudkibus eorum 


gclium 1 et tres 2 Reges sanctos iurant, sicud 3 in istis 
partibus 4 iuratur ad sanctos in iudicijs, et hoc faciunt 
ad honorem trium Regum beatorum 6 . 
Item Armeni sunt Christian! in armis 6 strenuissimi ; 
et multos errores antiquos postposuerunt et ritns per- 
nersos iam dimiserunt : nam in vigil ia pasche carnes 
comedere consweucrunt, dicentes quod dominus Sabbato 
resurrexit 7 , et presbiteri in consecracionibus ad oleum 
vinum 8 addiderunt. sed nunc cottidie ad fidem 
christianam 9 et ad fidem romane ecclesie accrescunt, 
et episcopi et 10 presbiteri eorum a latinis episcopis 11 
consecrantur 12 , et 13 missas et prefaciones cantant sub 14 
melodya Latinorum. et isti Arme[ni] indifferenter 15 
vtuntur habitu 16 vestimentorum et pyleis in capite in 
presentem diem in modum et formam* prout tres Reges • ms. forma 
fuerunt vsi 17 quando 18 dominum 19 quesierunt et in 
terns suis 20 dum vixerunt. 

Item Georgiani sunt homines de regno Gcorgie supe- 
riori 21 nati, et hij pro parte magna se habent ad 
ritum Grecorum, sed in heresi non [sunt] obstinati; 
et vocantur 22 Georgiani, nam quocunque tendunt, sem- 
per in turmis, ut Frisones vel Vngari, eimul incedunt, 
et semper habent sigillum 23 cum ymagine sancti 24 
Georgij depictum ; et sunt Chrisliani ia armis strenuis- 
simi. et sunt vicini ciuitati Meche 25 , vbi est 26 corpus 
Machometi, prophete 27 Sarracenorum ; et habent per se 
proprium ydeoma, et habent archiepiscopum, qui est in 
monte Syna in monasterio 28 sancte Katherine, cui 29 
per omnia obediunt ut nos pape 30 ; et eorum 31 religiosi* •wUod 
habent se ad ordinem Anthonij 82 vel Macharij. et per 
omnem terram Soldani transeunt absque 83 tributo vel 
impedimento, ut vicinis 34 suis, alijs Sarracenis, sint 
amicabiliores et miciores ; et vbicunque incedunt, reli- 

1 iurant per euangelia a sanctos tres 3 sicut iuratur * p. istis ' add. quia 
in regno Iude (C CO Indie) vnde ipsi sunt nati dominum quesierunt et adorauerunt. 
• om. in GO 7 sur. a mortuis 8 ad vinum oleum 9 christianam — fidem om. 
w eorum et n ab ep. latinis la c. et ordinantur 13 et eorum u om. 

15 i. per omnia le CO priorum habitu, om. in O 17 CC P induti 18 quando 
— suis om. in 10 in Iherusalem dominum 20 regnis eorum suut v«i 

« superioris « ▼ ibidem 23 CC vexillum al beati ™ Methe, CO 
Micee aa habetnr ^ Sar. proph. 2; * claustro 20 cui ipsi *° domino papo 
" ipsorum 8a Sancti A. M OP absque aliquo 9 * P ciuis 


giosi vel seculares, semper cantant canticum de tribns 
Regions 1 beatis et eoram mentis et signis. 
Item sunt alij Christiani qui eciam Georgiani vocan- 
tur, qui sunt homines 3 nati de regno Georgie inferi- 
oris, quod nunc regnum Abcas 8 vocatur, et dicunt 

• us. Armooia quod sit terra per omnia 4 montosa, et olim Armenia* 

maior vocabatur. et in hac terra [est mons] vbi 8 archa 
Moe 6 post diluuium quieuit, et dicunt quod pre nine 
et alijs oausis horribilibus non sit via 7 ad ipsum mon- 
tem, et 8 eius cacumen vltra et supra omnium aliorum 
moncium cacumina discernatur 10 . et supra huius men* 
tis cacumen apparet quoddam lignum nigrum, sicud si 
sit 11 magna teda combusta 12 , et dicunt et credunt incole 
terre illius lignum illud 18 ex archa Noe ibidem adhuc 
remanaisse 1 *. et in hac terra est quedam alia tern, 
que ibidem Heysen 1 * vocatur, et est in longitudine 
et latitudine circa quinque miliarium 1 *, et per ipsam 
transit fluuius, et est in tali et tanta caligine et nebula 
tenebroea 17 sita quod in augusto 18 in meridie sol, ante- 
quam terram illam pertranseat 19 , nunquam potest videri 
et dicunt incole 90 regionis illius quod nunquam 11 sit 
audi turn vel perceptum quod aliquis homo 01am terram 
tcnebrosam intraret vol exiret ; tamen ad tractum baliste 
est ipsa terra ab alijs hominibus vndique circumhabitata, 
nam circa 23 illam terram sunt loca multum pascuosa 28 
ct vberrima; et non est aliquod obstaculum 24 ipsam 25 
terram tenebrosam intrandi 26 nisi solum 27 caligo vel 
•non ©it nebula densa. et in ipsa tarn 28 tenebrosa terra est* 

humana 29 habitacio, nam in ipsa frequenter audiuntur 
hinnitus equorum et cantus gallorum, et cum fluuio qui 
per ipsam terram transit, veniunt 80 ligna et stramina 

• tnicuta [et] huiusmodi 81 manibus huinanis secta et truncata* 82 . 

1 beatis (00 bonis) r. * om. 8 P Abeas, 00 Aboas * 00 perosa 

5 est mons super quern 8 post dil. archa Noe 7 ad ipsum montem non sit via 
vel accessus 8 sed • omnia l0 d. et videatur u si sit om. in P, si in C CO 
13 arbor combusta magna ia illud lignum u permansisse 15 Henissen or 
Henyssen le miliaria 1T 00 turbida 1S in mense augusti 19 antequam— 
pert. om. in 20 homines (et CO P) incole 2l ff. quod in aliquo libro non sit 
scriptum vel unquam auditura quod ^ 22 CO ante 23 vberrima et pascuosa 

24 o. vel impedimentum a5 illam ae i. vel exeundi *r solummodo M terra 
tarn » hab. hum. M descendunt, CC descendunt 81 et h. alia 
92 facta et tractata 


et legitur in partibus illis quod temporibus Eraclij, 

romani 1 Imperatoris, dum Machometus et Sarraceni 

vehementer 2 erupissent in 3 Chrislhnos et eos inter- 

fecissent et effugassent, quod Christiani de alys 4 terris 

ad illam 5 terrain montosam 6 fugissent. quos cum 

Sarraceni in montibus 7 obsedissent *, quod neque 8 ad * ms. otxadiMet 

dexteram neque 9 ad sinistram declinare 10 potuissent, 

et 11 Christiani auxilium dei 12 peT merita trium Regum, 

qui* tunc in illis partibus multum venerabantur, inuo- *qaod 

cassent, statim 13 locum vbi Sarraceni cum 14 vxoribus et 

paruulis et pecoribus 15 fuerunt, nebula 16 tarn densa 

operuit 17 quod ab illo tempore nunquam aliquis de 

illis 18 inde 19 exiuit, nee 20 aliquis ad eos postmodum 

intranit. quare Cliristiani de regno illo, qui eciam 

Georgiani vocantur 21 inferiores, quocunque transeunt 22 , 

in turmis, sicud Frisones, incedunt cum vexillis in 

quibus depicte 23 sunt trium Regum ymagines, quia eos 24 

dcus ipsorum mentis tarn euidenter liberauit. 

Item Jacobite sunt Christiani heretici, hincinde in 

diuersis regnis 25 et 26 inter alios homines habitantes, a 27 

quodam* heretico, nomine Jacobo, peruersi 28 , non ere- *qtto 

dentes 29 sanctam trinitatem sed vnitatem, in cuius 

signum faciunt ante se signum crucis cum Vno digito 

particulari 80 . et horum presbiteri 31 stant simul in 

altari et secundum ritum illorum pariter recipiunt com- 

munionem, quia 32 tres Reges simul 33 domino in presepio 

[munera] optulerunt. 

Item Maronite* sunt Christiani 34 a quodam heretico •Marronit« 

nomine Maro corrupti, eciam hincinde in diuersis reg- 

1 Romanoram 9 potenter * ff. et Christianos vndique interf. * CO illis 
partibus et CO aliam * om. in 7 CO in omnibus circum obs. 8 om. • sine 
» non potuerunt declinare " 00 P extunc, et extunc la ff. inuocabant, vt per 
merita triam regum beatoram qui tone temporis in Oriente et in vniuerso mundo 
multum venerabantur, guod deus eorum mentis ipsis subueniret et Hberaret 
13 extunc (O et ext.) statim u simul cum 15 ac pecoribus. prout ibidem ad 

manendum perpetue venerant, fuerunt castrametati et congregati ^ 18 ipsum 

locum tone nebula 17 et calico tenebrosa operuit et circumdedit ls eorum 

19 om. 3° ff. et aliquis (CO alius) postmodum bomo nunquam ad eos intrauit in 
presentem diem. al inferiores voc. M t. vel pergunt 2 * ymagines beatoram 
trium r. sunt facte vel depicte (0 P picte) in hodiernum diem _ a4 ff. eorum 
mentis deus tarn euidenter (et CO) tarn miraculose eos liberauit. a5 terris et r. 

20 om. ** C P et a a " fuerunt peruersi ** et hij non credunt *° om. 
"OOPp. diaconi et subdiaconi 3a et hoc ideo (om. in CC) faciunt (CC f. in 
signum) M CO P simul et semel, semel et simul 31 CC cnr. heretici 



nis 1 dispersi habitantes*. horum* presbiteri dyaconi 
et subdyaconi aunt vxorati, et per totum annum nisi in 
festis natiuitatis Christi 4 et pasche non celebrant missas 
nisi de sancto Thoma et de tzibus Regibus alternatim. 
et b^j inter alios suos errores ez facili causa nabent 

• Ms.g«tu eccleaias suae prophanatas, ut si gutta* 5 pluuie intus 

• rtiikni atillaret* 8 vel radius solis aliquod foramen penetraret* 

▼el si aranea pertransiret et alijs huiusmodi leuibus 
causi8 ; et by ez consensu et voluntate vnlus aeparant 
matrimonium, parte altera ad hoc 8 non vocata, 
[Item] Copti aunt Cbristiani heretici et secta per 
an this om. in tht ^9 fa fafa alios 10 homines hindnde dispersi habi- 

MS n lnBtupplltd L 

onthtnufiii. tan tea. et horum presbiteri vtuntur in ecclesijs eorum 
quodam libro fabuloso a sede apostolica reprobate, et 
ipse liber 'secreta Sancti Petri' vooatur, et in missis 
eorum legunt erangelium Nichodemi; et episcopi 
eorum vtuntur cappis sicut predicatores, et in omnibus 
missis addunt collectam de tribus Begibus glorious. 
Item Ysini 11 sunt Cbristiani heretici et secta per se] 
et pro maiori parte viuunt 12 in Egipto sub dominfi]o Sol- 
dani 18 . et horum infantes dum baptisantur, eztunc pres* 
biteri eorum 14 scindunt 15 in frontibus eorum crucem 18 

♦iicrucii cum ferro acuto 1T candidissimo, cuius tunc* 18 signum 

omnibus diebus eorum 19 in frontibus eorum permanebit. 
et hij firmiter credunt quod adhuc in tantam multitudi- 
nem crescant quod 20 in Babiloniam, in qua Soldanus 
habitat, violenter intrent 21 et vnusquisque lapidem 
8umat et pre multitudine eorum [ibidem] lapillus non 
debeat permanere. vnde anno natiuitatis 22 domini 
M°ccc°xlj dum in Egipto 28 et in Damasco ex-ino- 
pinato 24 oriretur a vvlgo 25 persecucio et interfeccio 
Christianoruui, sicud in partibus istis Judeorum 28 in 
pestilencia, que per tres menses durauit sed 27 per Sol- 

1 terns et r. * hab. dispersi 8 et horum * psyche et nat. domini * gutta 
• C P stillat, CO cadat 7 penetrat • om. • CO sectaro . . habeot 

10 CO vt alij » CO Ysmini « degunt " domino Soldano " om. 
u in frontibus infancium scindunt le om. in CO 17 candido (CO calido) et 

acnto *■ cruris 19 in fr. eorum omnibus diebus vite eorum *> crescent quod 
violenter 31 om. in CO, P pergcnt C pergunt w om. M Damasco et Egipto 
24 orir. exinop. u a v. et communi doduIo afl iu pest. Iudeorum ** sed 



danum multum 1 postniodum fuit vindicata, et in ista 2 
persecucione isti Ysini per vniuersos [Egipcios] et Sarra- 
cenos apud Soldanum de eorum opinione fuerunt 
multum 8 accusati. quibus 4 Soldanus respondit: non 
esset* 5 aliqua dies in anno quin 6 vltra mille vecturas •ms. est 
lapidum ducerentur* 7 ad stnicturam ciuitatis et quiuis •ducuntur 
lapis in quamplurimas partes secaretur 8 , et impossibile 
esset quod tot homines in 9 Ysinis possent nasci; et 
hijs 10 verbis blandis et similibus populum 11 ab eorum 
persecucione et interfeccione compescuit 12 . horum 13 
presbiteri post missam dant populo benediccionem, 
quod eos dominus 14 regat et conducat sicud tres Eeges 
quando ipsos per stellam ad suum presepe 15 in Beth- 
leem perduxit 

Item Maronini 16 sunt Christiani heretici et secta* *suiu 
per se, inter alios Christianos et Sarracenos hincinde 
dispersi 17 . et pro maiori parte habent se ad ritum 
Nestorinorum, sed non circumsciduntur. et quando 
aliquid 18 agere incipiunt, semper dicunt 'in nomine 
dei et trium Eegum beatorum.' 

Item Nicolaite sunt antiqui heretici 19 , de quibus 20 
legitur in apocalipsi ; et inter alios quamplurimos suos 
errores habent 21 et predicant pro inemendabili peccato, 
8 i 22 v i r mulierem vel mulier virum pro 23 concubitu 
rogaret, si quis 24 alteri denegaret, et quecunque peccata 
circa hoc* vel ex alijs possent contingere 25 , deus miseri- • ito« 
cord iter 26 relaxaret; et predicant eciam, per miseri- 
cordiam dei eciam 27 demones adhuc esse saluandos. 
et 28 sciendum quod isti maledicti et omnes supradicti 
heretici et maxime 29 Nicolaite post mortem Origenis, 
magne autoritatis viri, nomen suum 80 denigrare 81 nite- 
bantur : nam 82 omnes heres[i]um suarum 33 articulos in 
libris Origenis scripserunt, quasi eorum erroribus 84 

1 per — multum om. in GO* a hao * plurimum * quibus tunc • quod non 
esset • nisi 7 ad structurara (suam CC) veherentur et portarentur 8 diui- 
deretur et s. 9 ex 10 talibus ll tunc p. 12 O. et sedauit 13 Et horum 
Isinorum u deus eos lff in Bcthleem ad suum p. 10 CO Maromini 

17 dispersi degentes u tamen quecunque agunt vel " Christiani heretici anti- 
quiores in mundo ^ de hijs 2l habent reputant M vt si »• CC prorogaret, 
cone. om. * 4 C quis defectus 25 c. et euenire 2S remitteret cum misericordijs 
et relaxaret. snr om. w vnde est 29 specialiter isti 80 suum nomen gloriosum 
81 otfuscare et d. 82 00 vudo 8S omnes errores suos et heresis 84 e. et hereai 


• ms. tt consentire videretur, ut #1 alij Christiani eimplices ietas 

hereticis magis* consentirent ; et omnes libroe Ori- 
genis quos in Oriente invenire potuerunt 8 , precibus el 
precis Bibi attraxerunt et 4 combuaserunt, et nouos 
libros scripscrunt in quibus 6 hereses 6 et errores [suos] in 
locis conuenientibus ex nomine Origenis inseruerunt 7 ; 
in quibus eciam, quod corpus deus haberet, scripserunt 
et sic queuis secta 8 ad maiorem eorum confirmacionem 9 

• mm errores suos* in libris 10 venerabilis Origenis inacrip- 

serunt 11 ; vnde u alij simplices 18 Christiani libroa Ori- 
genis comburere nitebantur et quamplurinia concilia 14 
a pluribus episcopis in Oriente super 15 dampnacione 
librorum Origenis fuerunt celebrata, aed libit aui 
incombusti in maxima autoritate in Oriente permanse- 
runt w . nam in omnibus antiquis libris Origenis nil 
omnino 17 erroris invenerunt 18 , sed w contra omnes here- 
ticorum 20 errores omelias gloriosas composuit 21 , per quae 
oontandit omnium bereticorum errores confudit* 21 , que vsque* 

in presentem diem pro omelijs autenticis in diuersis 
eccleaijs leguntur 84 . et* 6 in omnibus partibus Orientis 
de ipso legitur quod post apostolos qui tarn 90 apostoli- 
cam vitam sequeretur sicud Origenes non est 27 inventus. 
super 28 carnem semper cilicio fuit indutus et 29 carnes 

1 Et isti Nicolaite scripserunt in libris (CO libros) Origenis, ad confirmacionem 
eorum heresis et errorum, concubitus et feditatis, quod opera que deus fecisset 
non odiret, cum eciam scriptum in alijs libris sic esset De hijs aue deus (CO bona) 
fecdsti non odisti ; et quaraplurimos alios errores et hereses libris Origenis inscrip- 
serunt et eos edidisse (C P addidisse) ascripserunt ^CC inscrips.), vt 9 CO P magis 
et melius * CO poterant 4 a. et emerunt ac s in quos, CO quos • ff . P heretici 
suos errores, heretics sua et errores, CO heretici heresi sua et erroribus 7 00 

instruxerunt 8 CO q. *. omnium supradictorum siue suprascriptorum O P omnium 
script urarum B c. et auctoritatem 10 00 P in libros ll scripserunt vt ipais 
in eorum erroribus consentire videretur 12 CC dum ia Chr. simpl. 14 et a 
quampluribus episcopis quampl. concilia 15 super— Oriente om. in CC 16 p. et 
(CO sed) omnes errores et heresim quos heretici libris suis inseruerunt et inscnpse- 
runt, excipiebant et deleuerunt (0 diluerunt) 1T penitus nil l(J CC habetnr 

19 CC nam, contra— errores om. a0 C P hereticos et eorum al gloriosas omelias 
composuit, super Euang. Attendite a falsis prophetis, et super euangelia Mathei et 
alia in quibus sibi contra errores hereticorum conuenire viaebatur omelias multum 
gloriosas (C P gloriose) composuit 22 c. et euidenter reprobauit et adnichilanit 

33 om. 2 * habentur et leguntur in ecclesijs vniuersis ; et alie quedam omelie sine 
titulo super cuaneelijs leguntur quas aliqui Origeni ascribunt, asserentes: ipsum 
esse damnatum, ideo sine titulo leguntur ; sed (0 et) non attendunt quod pro tarn 
autenticis in ecclesia catholica habentur sicut que eum titulo leguntur ; et alicuius 
hominis iudicij non est Origenem, vel aliquem homiuem, esse dampnatum vel 
saluatum. 2 * nam »• om. in CC ** CC P sit M nam super «• CC P 
et nunquam, nee vnquam 


nunquani comedebat, vinum 1 vel cyceram et 2 omne 

quod inebriare potest nunquam bibit 3 ; et qualis erat 

sua doctrina, talis erat sua vita, die et nocte 4 semper 

scrip tores habuit 5 apud se qui ex ore suo 6 libros quos 

composuerat conscribebant 7 ; et quamplurime virtutes 

et merita 8 de ipsius vita leguntur 10 . nam* 11 episcopi • ms.ii* 

et sancti 12 patres 13 ab hoc nomine oriens 14 sibi nomen 15 

Origenes imposuerunt, et 16 in omnibus partibus Orientis 

pro viro eximio et mire sanctitatis et doctore egregio, 

et libri sui pro multum autenticis habentur 17 . sed ut 

ad propositum redeatur: Hij Nicolaite prefati [licet 

sint] tarn 18 peruersi, tamen non est aliquis eorum tarn 

pauper 19 quin 20 det omni die 21 pauperibus tres elemo- 

sinas 22 in honore trium Regum beatorum. 

Item in Oriente et in omnibus partibus vltramarinis 

sunt homines christiani multum speciales qui ibidem 

Mandapolos 23 vocantur. hij non se tenent 24 ad aliquem 

ritum specialem 26 vel heresim, nee habent inter [se] 

presbiteros.* cum vxoribus et paruulis et asiuis in •pmwterom 

maximis turmis incedunt, et non seminant neque 

metunt, et nee in hyeme nee in 26 estate, in pluuia 27 

vel in frigore vel iu 28 solis ardore die vel nocte in 

doinibus dormiunt vel mulieres in domibus pariunt, sed 

de loco ad locum, de villa ad villain per totum annum 

vagantur; et quamdiu 29 in vno loco morantur 80 , tunc 

cribra et huiusmodi in domibus 31 necessaria manibus 

operantur. sed in vno loco vltra triduum remanere 82 

non possunt; et sepius est expertum, si in vno loco 

per 38 triduum morarentur 34 vel 3i in domibus 85 vel sub 

tectis 38 dormirent 87 , statim morerentur. et hij 38 habent 

1 nee v. a vel 8 vnquam bibebat * et de nocte et de die ' penes se habebat 
• GO vxori sue 7 CC con6cribebat 8 et m. et sancti tates in oriente e ipso et sua 
10 de quibus longum esset enarrare u nam 1J CP alii sancti 1S p. et doctores 
14 CC ad orientem 13 cognomen 16 et omnia heretica et errores quos heretici 
in libros suos ad confirmacionem eorum post mortem suam scripserunt, et perse- 
cucio (C GC persecucionem) quam (et) ipse et libri sui post mortem suam pariebantur, 
honorific© ad bonum finem peruenerunt, et 1T h. in presentem diem 18 licent 
sint heretici 19 tarn p. om. in C 20 nisi al die det aa e. per ipsum et 
vxorem suam et liberos osculatas (G osculatos) ss GG Mandopoli 2 * t. vet habent 
85 specialem fidem ritum 26 CO vel a7 pluuijs w inestimabili a9 CC quam 
•° moram trahunt 31 in (CC de) domibus vel villis 3a manere. manere — 
triduum om. in CC M CP vltra M tenerentur 95 vel si per vnam diem 

in aliquibus domibus 3e s. t. om. in C CC. 3T morarentur vel d. M et hij 
homines inter se habent 


••oB inter bo speciale 1 ydeoma, quod [nullua]** preter 

ipso* 8 potest 4 scire vol discere*, et 6 ipsi intellegunt 7 
quamplurimorum hominum ydeomata. et nunquam 
habent inter se discordiam verbis vel factia, sed dnm 
aliquis alteri 8 prout ibidem est conswetudinis aliquid 
furatur vel aliquis alium 9 cum vxore sua vel filia in 
adolterio 10 reporit, non iraacitur, sed cum 11 potent 
reddit ei u talionem. et hij homines, quandocnnque u ad 
quecunque loca 14 Christianorum [vel] 16 hereticorum 1 * vel 
Sarracenorum vol 17 quorumcunque hominum perveniunt> 
quamdiu inter eos sunt 18 , tamdiu secundum omnem 

• us. rita ritum* 19 , morem et conswetudinom* eorum viuunt n , et 

vbicunque ieiunatur celebratur comediturbibituropera- 
tur tristatur 22 plangitur gaudetur 28 , ibidem eciam ipsi 
homines similiter faciunt* 4 ; nee habent aliquos pres- 
biteros nee 15 specialem aliquem ritum 96 vel legem, sed 
|n quorumcunque Christianorum vel hereticorum loco 
mulieres eorum pariunt, secundum ritum 97 illorum in* 
fantes eorum baptijantur, et in quorumcunque Christ^ 
anorum vel hereticorum loco infirmantur, secundum 
ritum illorum 28 faciunt confessionem, communionem" 
recipiunt, mortui 30 secundum ritum eorum trad untax 
ecclesiastice sepulture, sed in quibuscunque locis 
Christianorum vel hereticorum sunt 31 in die dominico, 
ibi de mane ad ecclesiam cum tubis 32 et music is instru- 
mentis 33 omnes cum vxoribus et paruulis a minimo 
vsque ad maximum ieiuni deuote simul 34 et semel 
perueniunt multum humiliter deum adorando, et ibidem 
tunc semper missain de tribus Kegibus faciunt celebrare, 
ut deus per ipsorum merita per totam septimanam per 
deserta, campos et montana sanos et ab omni periculo 85 

1 ydioma speciale a nullus hominum • nisi ipsi inter (GO intra) se 4 potest 
intelligere * docere CC doceri 6 sed 7 quamplurima alia omnium (CC nomina) 
hominum ibidem sciant et inteUigunt liuguas et ydiomata 9 alteri — aliquis 

om. in CC 9 COP alterum 10 a. vel concubitu ll dum la sibi M om. 
14 1. ciuitates vel villas omnium 15 vel le h. omnium predictorum 1T vel 
Turchorum (om. in CC) seu Tartarorum vel 18 s. et conuersantur *• eorum 
ritum legem (C leges) ao mores et consuetudines ai se habent et v. aa doletur 
13 gratulatur et g. a * ieiunant (celebrant) corned unt bibunt (celebrant CC P) 

operantur dolent plangunt gaudent et gratulantur 2i nee habent se ad *• legem 
fidem (vel C) ritum vel hereoim 27 C CC fidem et ritum eorem ibidem as eorum 
*• et r. c. *° et m. * l sint M CC tybijs « instr. om. in C w ad 

ecclesiam simul 8S malo et p. 


omnium 1 vermiura et animalium* perducat et con- • lis. animaiia 
seraet 2 . hij 3 homines, et* vniuersi [heretici] et 
8cismatici supradicti, habcnt quamplurimas alias 5 con- 
swetudines 6 , ritus et mores, de 7 quibus longum esset 
singulariter dicere. sed 8 ea quibus ipsos tres Reges 
beatos venerantur, exprimuntur 9 , ut et ipsi magis 10 a 
ceteris 11 katholicis honorentur. Item f uerunt in Orient© 
heretici 12 pessimi qui Arriani vocabantur : sed hij ipsos 
tres [Reges] in nulla habent 13 reuerencia speciali. ho- 
rum 14 heresi totus mundus fuit infectus, sed iam 15 per 
dei graciam 16 funditus sunt deleti 17 . 

Cap. XLIL [HJarum* 18 autem omnium predicta- *MS.Orom, 
rum sectarum quedam habet 19 magis de heresi, quedam chArom™ 1 "* 
uero 20 minus, sed queuis secta habet aliam odiose 
excommunicatam 21 et condempnatam 22 . istarum 23 sec- 
tarum presbiteri obediunt episcopis de quorum dyocesi 
ipsi vel parentes eorum sunt nati, licet remotissime 
abinvicem sint* separati. et in omnibus terris et pro- •■nnt 
uiucij8 Orientis non est aliqua ciuitas quin 24 omnes 
iste 25 secte habitent in ea; et queuis secta et pars per 
se, vbicunque degunt, habent ecclesiam specialem, et in 
quocunque [loco] degunt nisi 26 decern eorum, oportet 27 
ex obediencia quod habeant per 28 se presbiterum spe- 
cialem. et sunt pro maiori parte viri astutissimi* 29 , *nstiustimi 
discretissimi et optimi medici [et] ditissimi mercatores 
et 30 in temporalibus multum experti 81 . licet hijs 
roiserijs in fide et ritu sint tarn odiose diuisi, sed tamen 
contra Sarracenos et in veneracione trium Regum sem- 
per Concordes 32 sunt et vnanimes, et cum 83 in vna 
processione vadunt 84 ad ecclesias, tunc 35 diuerse nielo- 
die 36 et lingwe audiuntur &c. 

1 om. 9 conducat 8 Et hij * et omnes ao B q. a. habent • CC condiciones 
7 que pretermittuntur, nam de ipsis singulariter et specialiter dicere esset longum 
• CC P nisi, C et ideo nisi • C P recitantur, om. in CC 10 vt eo magis et 

diligencius n ab alijs l2 aJij pessimi h. 13 CP habebant u et ipsorum 
15 et hij nunc le p. d. g. om. 17 d. et radicitus extirpati 18 Ceterura omnes 
predicti et supradicti Christiani et heretici, sc. Armeni Georgiani Soldini Iacobite 
Maronite Siriani Copti Ysini Greci Nestorini et Mandopolos, (et) omnes secte pre- 
dicte, quedam secta ex eis 1B CC est 20 et que lam 21 CC execratam 22 add. 
nee vua secta vnlt cum alia aliqualiter commuuicare vel participare aa et istarum 
24 CC auin ibi t C P nisi 2i predicte 28 om. in CC, P eorum nisi. C oportet 
ex obediencia qnod nisi decern eorum habeant 2T CC oportet vt faciant obedi- 

enciam quia haoent M P ex 29 om. 80 om. 31 astuti et e. 32 sunt 
vnamioes et c. * 3 tunc 84 ad eccl. vadunt 3a et tunc 3e lingue et m. 



Ceterum omnes predict! 1 Christian! beretici, aecte 
et sciamatici, secularea [et] religiosi 2 , h\j omnes in 
vigilia natiuitatia 8 domini vaque ad crepusculum 
ieiunant ; et tunc quiuis ponjt mensam &aam com potu 
el cibarijs, que durare poasunt vsque 4 ad Epypbaniam* 
domini; et do 9 mensam menaalibus 7 coopertam et 
cibaq}8* superpoeitia secundum quod quiuia* est 
facultatis, stare pennittit. et in vigilia natiuitatia 
domini lampadem** vel candelam accendunt* quam 
vsque ad Epypbaniam 11 die 19 ao nocte iuxta mensam 
ardere permittunt. nam 13 omnia cibaria ibi w in optimo 
foro reperiuntur 15 . et a vigilia natiuitatia domini vsque 
ad Epipbaniam 11 cum 16 vxoribus et paruulia de ipsa 
menaa sic 17 posita comedunt et bibunt et cum maximis 
gaudy's illoa dies 18 deducunt. ceterum 19 in vigilia 
Epypbanie post solia oocaaum tunc* quiuis* 1 vadit ad 
domum amid sui vel cognati cum candela aidenti et 
semper in introitu domus dicit 'Bona dies sit vobis* 

• MB.r*&n — et si aliquis diceiet 'Bonum vesper'* vel 'Bona 

nox sit vobis' 9 pro eo ab ipsis* 8 in iudicio pro maxima 

• pwtoum iniuria conueniretur 2 * ; et ita 84 totam*** noctem Epy- 

pbanie cum maxima solempnitate 26 et leticia de domo ad 
domum 27 comedendo et bibendo et ita 28 salutando 29 
cum candelis ducunt 30 insompnem 81 : et hoc faciunt 
in memoriara ardentis 32 stelle que in natiuitate domini 
magia 33 apparuit vaque ad Epypbaniam 84 et w tree 
Kegea 86 vsque 37 in Betbleem preceasit 38 et duxit, quia 39 
non erat eia 40 aliqua nox sed cum immenaa claritate eia 
die8 41 vna videbatur. In die autem 42 Epypbanie omnes 
Chri8tiani, incole et peregrini, scismatici et beretici de 

iprefati » add. laid et ordinati » CC in natiuitate * Pet vsque * CC P 
diem Epiphanie 6 Itaque 7 cum m. 8 et positam cum cibarijs superpositis 
9 C cuiusuis. P sec. quod est facultatis ouiusuis 10 candelam vel L " diem 
Epiphanie la iuxta mensam die 1S nam oleum et u ibidem 13 CC sunt 
et r. l6 itaque cum 1T itaque la dies (om. in C CC) a natiuitate domini vaque 
ad diem Epipkanie 19 CC Item *° extunc 2l om. in C ; CC P quiuis amicus 
22 ipsum M conueniret (CC conuenireot) et accusaret al et itaque 23 per 
totam 20 leticia et s. 27 add. eundo 2 * et itaque ; C atque *• CC saltando 
80 P noctes ducuot 31 C P insompnes, C in solempnem M quod stella ardeos 
33 om. 3i C adds sic permansit •' et infra (C om., CC per) illud tempos 

96 r. et eorum comitatum ^ om. * 9 duxit et p. 39 quibus *° om 4l vna 
dies 4a Ceterum (CC Iterum) in die 



Ionginquis partibus cum suis 1 ei)iscopis et 2 abbati- 
bus, presbiteiia 3 et religiosis 4 cum crucibus argenteis, 
turibulis et candelis vadunt 5 ad Jordanem — qui* 6 distat • ms. que 
a Jherusalem quinque 7 miliaria parwa — et omnibus 8 
iuxta ordinem 9 congregatis tunc 10 queuis pars Chri3ti- 
anorum stab simul in loco speciali, et 11 magno silencio 
facto in populo, ponunt cruces reuerenter in terra 12 , et 
tunc 18 queuis pars Chris tianorum eciam, quorumcunque 
ydeomatura sit vel Jingwarum, lcgunt ibidem in Latino 
illud ewangelium ' Cum natus esset Jhesus ' w , et lecto 
ewangelio queuis 15 pars crucL-m suam cum maxima 
reuerencia et deuocione adorant et offerunt 10 rouerenter 
oblaciones, secundum quod quiuis 17 est facultatis, in 
signum trium Regum qui tunc domino munera optule- 
runt. et 18 tunc vna pars post aliam ad ripam Jordanis 
ad locum vbi bapti$atus fuit Jhesus ordinate procedunt, 
et tunc eciam 19 quelibit 20 para legit 21 ewangelium 22 in 
Latino in hunc modum secundum Johanncm : ' In illo 
tempore venit hue 23 Jhesus a Galilea ad Johannem, ut 
hie 23 bap^aretur ab eo in hoc Jordane in isto loco ' &c, 
et lecto illo 24 ewangelio benedicunt aquam et crucem bap- 
tijant; cxtunc omnes claudi ceci et infirmi, quorum max- 
ima multitudo tunc ibidem convenit et portatur 25 , nudi 
in Jordanem so mergunt, ba'ncantur* et 26 lauantur 27 : •boiniantur 
quorum quamplurimi ex fide Fanantur ; et tunc omnes 
homines habent flascula* 28 vel vasa, in que recipiunt •Bvawuu 
aquam benedictam de 29 Jordane, quam 30 de Iongin- 
quis* 81 portant et mittunt : que per totum annum • b ad longinquu 
permanet incorrupta, et 32 infirmi inde 33 bibentes 34 vel se 
lauantes quamplures sanantur 35 . peracto itaque 86 iuxta 
Jordanem ordinate diuino officio, omnes 37 partes Christi- 

1 eorum * om. * et p. * r. ct ordinatis • v. et peraeniunt • aui, 
C que 7 ad q. 8 et extunc omnibus Christianis scismaticis et hereticis 

• Iordanem l0 extunc ll et tunc la CC terram 13 et (om. in P) extunc 
14 In. in Bethleem &c. 15 extunc queuis lfi oblaciones o. "CP quiuis 

CC queuis w C P et postquam crucem itaque adorauerunt et ei munera obtu- 
kruut, extunc « C et, om. in CC P ao queuis al CC P legit eciam aa in 
latino ev. M om.inCC a * om. in C CC a5 C CC portautur *• et— 

benedictam om. in CC « C P lauant a =» flasculas 20 CC extunc ex *° CC 
aquam 81 ad longinquas partes 8a et ex ea 83 om. 3 * bibunt vel se 

lauaut (CC lauantur) quorum 35 quamplurimi in honorem dei sanitates cou- 

arquuutur 33 et itaque peracto a7 ext mc omnes 

U 2 


anorum ad propria pacific© 1 recedunt**. et* est ibt 
dem tunc teniporis magna cnstodia annatorum ex parta 
Soldani, ne fiant ibi alique rize vel discordie sea 
conspiraciones. Et inter Jordanem et Jherosalem eat 
quedam pars deserti 4 que ibidem Mentost 6 vocatur, & 
[in] ipso deserto Johannes baptista babitauit et pent 
tenciam predicauit, et ibidem venit Jhesus ad Jobannem 
ufc ipsnm in Jordane bapti^aret ; et in hoc deserto Jheeos 
xl diebus et noctibus ieiunauit, et ibi* temptatus eat, 
et iuxta Jordanem contra locum quo baptijatus fait 
Jhesus, ad tractum baliste est monasterinm ordinis sanett 
Macharij, coins monachi brachinm sancti Johannis? 
diennt se habere, quia Jordanis in vero et comnmni 
6U0 fiuxu* est circa xij passuum 9 latua et habet mid* 
turn limosum fundum et ripas altas et paludes, nee 
habet aliqua vada nisi in loco quo Jhesus est 10 bapti^atus 
— et ibidem eciam 11 filij Israel sicco pede pertransie- 
runt 12 quando Jericho destruxerunt — sed Jordanis ali- 
quando de ls aquis pluuiolibus de monte Libani et 
de 14 alijs montibus descendentibns 1 * tantum invndat 1 * 
quod fines suos vsque ad illud monasterium extendit 17 : 
propterea 18 monasterium tantum 19 est a Jordane trans- 
latum. ct oritur Jordanis ad radices 20 montis Libani 
ex duobus riuis, quorum vnus Jor et alter Dan vo- 
catur 21 , qui duobus locis in mare Galilee incidunt et 
• b *t in aperte per illud mare transeunt 22 , ad* 23 vnum fluuium 

confluunt 24 et tunc 25 Jordanis vocatur; et durat flux us 
Jordanis ad xxiiij miliaria istius patrie. et a 26 loco 
quo baptijatus fuit Jhesus, incidit in mare maledictum, 
et vltra non apparet. et est questio in parti bus illis 27 
quare aqua tarn benedicta in tret 28 in aquam tarn male- 
dictam : et dicunt aliqui 29 quod in suo introitu et in- 
fluxu 30 a terra absorbeatur 31 : nam Jordanis aliquando 32 

1 on. 9 recedunt, C redeunt * et eciam * C P deserta, CC quoddam 
paruum desert nm quod 5 Montoft P M on cost 8 ff. ididem enra diabolnt 

temptauit 7 C adds Baptlste 8 f . et meatu (CC via) * CO. passns »° C fait 
11 C CC et la transierunt 13 ex u om. 15 venientibus " crescit et L 
17 excedit et (CC quod) portare posset naues on us t as ls et ideo 19 a Iordane 
in tantum est ao CC a radice 2l CC quorum vnus est maior altera aa P tran- 
sierunt 23 et in. CC et eis in vno fluuio congregatis, extunc a * C exiunt 
« om in a8 in ** CC istis « C CC intrat 29 quidam »° CC fluxa 
>' CC absorbetur 3a al. Jord. 



tantum invndat 1 quod impossibile 2 csset, si 3 ipsura 

mare intraret 4 , quod fines suo3 non excederct et vn- 

daret 6 ; et aliqui 6 dicunt, quod aqua Jordanis tarn 

bcnedicta propterea intrat 7 aquam tarn maledictam 

quod malediccio vnius per bcnediccionera alterius tem- 

peretur — et sic vtrumque est credendum. nam mare 

mortuum 8 seu maledictum, quo 9 Sodoma et Gomorra 

et 10 Sabaim et Adama et alio ciuitates et ville et castra 

steterunt, que deus subuertit, est circa lxxx mili- 

ariuni 11 istius patrie latum 12 et longum, et nulla creatura 

viuens pre 13 malediccione eius in eo* u reperitur. et dum • ms. ea, b eo 

ventus 15 tempestatis 16 per illud transit, tunc 17 omnes 18 

homines per maximum spacium circumhabitantes habi- 

tacula sua 19 claudunt nee exeunt 20 nee aliqua pecora 

exire permittunt, alioquin ex eius pessirao 21 et into- 

lerabili fetore interficiuntur* 22 . et in tali tern pestate *Binterficereutor 

quamplures 23 pulcherrimos lapides eicit 24 et alias res 

varias, quas cum 23 aliquis ad manum 26 recipit, infra 

triduum fetor 27 non potest aboleri 28 . et circa 29 illud 

mare vsque Jericho est multum delectabilis 30 terra et 

pulchrc 31 arbores pomifere, hyeme et estate eque virides, 

*ed poma et fructus earum 32 * dum 33 franguntur sunt »ms. coram 

intus cinis et fauilla cum pessimo fetore t, licet sintj tvetore 

visu 84 multum delectabiles 35 et pulchri. et circa illud 

mare sunt parui 86 venenosissimi serpentes, qui tyri vo- 

cantur vnde tyriaca efficitur, qui 87 in alijs locis quam 38 

in ilia maledicta terra 89 nusquam reperiuntur 40 . 

41 Ceterum alij 42 Christiani heretici et scismatici 
supradicti qui in illis 43 partibus degunt et non possunt 
ad Jordanem pertingere 44 , hij a maiori vsque ad 
minorem in die Epyphanio ad ecclesias veniunt 45 , et 

1 crescit et i. 9 esset i. s CC 4 CC intrare 5 inundaret,CC intraret 
• alij 7 P intret 8 C maled. seu mortuum 9 CC de quo 10 om. " CC 
miliaria la longum et 1. l3 Cpro 14 ea 15 CC venieus ad illud « C CC in 
tempeatate, P per illud tempestate 17 extunc lt * ora. in CC ,9 eorum 

80 CC eztunc aliqua ai intolerabilissimo et p. 2a interficerentur M quam- 
plurimoa u et alias varias pulchras res eicit as CC dum ao in manum 

suam w f . a manu (C a man) aa a. et lauari ao CC circa, C P circa et 

(P seu) circum *° pulcherrima et d. 31 pulcherrime 8a C eorum, om. in CC 
M dum ex delectacione ** foris visu (v. om. in C) M pulcri (CC pulcre) et d. 
H om. in CC ; C parui ces et, P parui cet 37 C que M preter 39 illis locis 
maledictis 40 sed vt ad propositum redeatnr. 4l in CC new Chapter 42 CC 
Herum hij 43 alijs 44 p. vel venire 45 perueniunt 


cum maxima solempnitate et deuocione hora debita 
omnes conueniunt ct cum episcopis abbatibus pre* 
biteris 1 et religiosis cum crucibua tburibulia et can- 
delis ad proximam aquam fluentem ad quam poeeunt 
pertingere*, cum processione aolempniaaime radunt, et 
queuis secta et pais Cbristianorum vadit ad aliquem 8 
certum 4 locum ; extunc magno silencio facto in populo, 
vnanimiter cruci tria munera in signum trium Begum 
offerunt solempniter 6 et denote, et legunt tunc illud 
ewangelium ' Cum natus esset ' &e. ; et quarumcunque 
linguarum yel terrarum* vel naoionum 7 oxistunt 8 , semper 

• us. untam, b tamen* 9 legunt illud ewangelium 10 in Latino, et lecto 

i * a ** m ewangelio tunc 11 episcopi et u preebiteri benedicunt 

• ms. aqua aquam* in aignum Jordania et in ea crucem bapti^ant ; 

tunc 13 eciam quamplures ceci claudi et infinni 14 in ipsa 
aqua 16 se lauant, et plures eorum 1 * per fidem 17 recipiunt 
sanitatem 18 . et in tenia Cbristianorum vel Sarrace- 
norum semper ipso die Epyphanie in tali popularum 
congregacione a Soldano et 19 alijs regibus adhibentnr 
magne cuatodie armatorum, ne a vvlgo et in populo 
fiant discordie vel 10 alique male conspiraciones. tunc 91 
omnibus rite peractis, omnis 22 populus cum gaudio 
recedit, et in i tin ere iactant se cum pomis que aran- 
3a 23 vocantur, que tunc ibidem sunt matura 24 . 

Cap. XLIII 25 . Item omncs episcopi abbates et 
presbiteri bonorum 26 Christinnorum et hereticorum, 
cuiuscunque ritus, condicionis 27 vel nacionis existunt, 
in omnibus partibus Orientis omni die post missam 
legunt illud ewangelium ' Cum natus esset Jbesus ' &c, 
sicud in partibus istis legunt 28 ewangelium illud 23 ' In 
principio erat verbum'. sed 30 legitur in eorum Uteris 
et Unguis et non in Latino nisi in die Epyphanie. sed 
tamen legitur diueraimode, prout 31 ibidem est peractunu 

1 et presbiteris ordinatis a attingere et venire possunt * CC aquam ad 

* specialem 5 reuerenter 6 litterarum 7 om. in CO ; CP n. vel ritus 

8 CO rint . • s. t. om iu CO l0 illud e. om. in CC n extunc la vel »» et 
extunc u qiiamplurimi in firm i ceci et claudi 1S a. benedict* le quorum 

quamplures lT f. eorum l8 sanitates 10 CC vel ab *° vel rixe vel 

sl et tunc 23 extunc o. 33 r oma aranza 2l C P sed vt ad propositum redeatur 
M no new chapter in C CO 2fl om. in CC a7 C vel, CC P et c. aa post minsam 
legitur ** illud ev. *> CC sic 3l secundum quod ibidem illud euangelium 


nam in Jherusalein et sua* dyocesi legunt 1 ' Cum natus • ms. in «ua 
esset Jhesus in Bethleem in diebus Herodis, hie 2 regis, 
ecce magi ab Oriente venerunt hue dicentes Sec. 9 item 8 
in Bethleem et sua dyocesi legitur 4 'Cum natus esset 
hie 5 Jhesus in diebus Herodis, hie 6 et Jude regis &c.' 
item Nubiani, Indi et Soldini legunt sic ' Cum natus 
&c 7 , ecce nostri Reges venerunt de Oriente de regnis suis 
e 8 partibus nostris Ierosolima 9 &c/ item alij Chiistiani 
et 10 heretici per quorum terras et loca hij tres Reges in 
exitu vel 11 reditu transiuerunt, in specialem honorem 
quern inde 12 volunt habere, in eorum terris et alias 13 
vbicunque degunt, legunt illud ewangelium in hunc 
modum ' Cum natus esset &c 7 , ecce magi tres 14 Reges 
gloriosi cum magna ambicione ab Oriente venerunt [et] 
per nos transient nt.' et sic* omnes Christiani in •ms.&« 
missa et post missam legunt illud ewangelium prout 16 
in terris eorum 16 est peractum. 

Item Sarraceni qui sunt de lege Machometi, et alij 
Thartari et Thurci 17 eciam ipsos 18 tres Reges habent in 
aliquali 10 reuerencia special i, nam in omnibus partibus 
et terris eorum in ecclesijs Christianorum per eos de- 
structis et desertis omnium ymaginum in eis depicta- 
rum 20 vel sculptarum facies 21 cum cultellis eruunt et 
nasos* 22 absci[n]dunt et deturpant [in] quantum pos- • ba«u, b bag* 
sunt, sed ymagines trium Regum 23 semper integras et 
illesas stare permit tunt. 

Item Judei perfidi habent hos tres Reges gloriosos 
in reuerencia et memoria, sed obscure et 24 sub vela- 
mine prout omnes scripturas 25 intelligunt et expo- 
nun t. nam ex quo ipsi tres Reges coram ciuitate 
regali 26 tarn 27 rara irradiante 28 et 29 flammea stella 
duce regem Judeorum 30 natum quesierunt 31 , in 32 huius- 
modi signi et 83 Regum et 34 stelle memoriam ab illo 

1 legitur 8io 9 om. in C 8 item — item om. in C * 1. sic * om. • tunc hie 
7 esset Iheiras in Bethleem Inde in diebus Herodis regis 8 P et, CC in 8 Iero- 
solimam dicentes 10 om. in G CO ll e; 12 ezinde habere v. 13 G GG alijs 
locis, P alijs 14 om. IS in presenti (die P) sicut lfl eorum terris et partibus 
17 Thurchi 18 ipsos gloriosos 19 C aliqua 2° sculptarum vel (P atque) pictarum 
31 cum cultellis oculos (o. om. in G) 2<i nasos 23 ipsorum t. r. beatorum a4 om. 
29 sc. et prophecias 36 in Iherusalem eorum ciuitate regali (GG regia alias regali) 
v OC cum » CC radiante, C et irr. 2 * om. in C CO M I. regem 8l q. neo 
(C et, om. m P) inuenerunt 3a vnde in 83 om in CO M om. in 


tempore stellam ex argento vel ere fusam, in mo-* 
dam Lunpadis pluribus 1 luminibus accensam 1 et totam 
domum eorum illuminantem precipue 8 in eorum fes- 
tiaitatibus vespore et nocte 4 semper supra mensas* 
pendere consweuerunt* nam 9 in eorum Hbro 7 qui 
Talmot 8 vocatur continetur quod Judeorum rex, qui 
Measias vocatur, adhuc 9 non sit natus, sed dam ttle 
uenerit et nascetur, solus 10 in 11 mundo mille annia 
imperabit [et] Cliristianos subpeditabit et Judeos su- 
per ipsos et super 18 omnes gentes 18 exaltabit et ipsis 
omnes terras et vniuersa regna 1 * subingabit vnde in 
Hbris Judeorum in Oriente ad fidem Christianorum 15 

*> conuersorum continetur 18 quod angelus 17 qui filios* 

Israel de Egipto egressos 18 precesait, ipse 19 eciam 
tres 20 Eeges in stella ignea* 1 antecesait et ipsius** vox 
eciam ex ipsa 28 stella ait audita. 84 vnde ab illo tem- 
pore Judeorum seniores, scripturas scientes, in huius- 
xnodi stelle prophetate perfeccionem et complecionem** 
sub palliacione secreta 28 in eorum precipuis fcstis in 
domibus suis 27 habere stellam accensam, suis poateria 28 

* partis instituerunt. et in omnibus partibus* Orientis ab illo 

tempore vsque ad 29 presentcm diem in suis 30 synagogis 
stellam sculpere 31 vel pingerc fecerunt. prout eciam 
in partibus cismarinis adhuc in pluribus synagogis 
reperitur. 32 

1 plur. — precipue om in CO a a. et irradiantem * C P in precipuis eorum f. 

* de vesp. et de nocte ; semper om. s m. eorum in presentem diem • nam — 

rex om. in CC 7 libro secreto 8 Talmoth 9 CC quasi adhuc 10 extunc s. 
1 1 in vniuerso m. la om. in CC P 13 g. et populos u ad«l. in quibus nunc 
humiles sunt et degunt (CC hum. subdegtmt) dispersi, ad voluntatem eorum subiciet 
et subiugabit 15 cbristianam le contra hec (CC hoc) in Thai moth Iudeorum 
huiusmodi (om. in CC) exposiciones contiuentur videlicet 17 ipse a. l8 in egres- 
sione de Egipto cum columna ignea duxit et precessit et omnes eorum vias illumi- 
nauit 19 ipse idem angelus 20 hos tres ul cum stella rara et ignea duxit et 
2i ipsius eciam 23 om. 2 * add. qui ipsis regibus et omnibus tunc Iudeorum 

re gem natum annunciauit et ipsum ad inquirendum et adorandum hortabaturet 
mandauit. 25 c. et ipsorum regura memoriam 20 CC sub velamine et secrete. 
added vt supradictum est a7 eorum M p. eorum M in s0 eorum 3l pin- 
gere vel sc. 3a add. Et est scieudum quod Iudei habent quendam sec re turn librum 
qui Thalmoth (CC calmut) in hebrayco (C ebreo) vocatur, in quo omnes propbecte 
et euangclia sunt script a et omnium scripturarum veteris et (CC litteris in) noui 
testamenti (CC nouo testamento) speciales articuli, et super hijs et contra hos vario 
et diuerse ac peruerse contiuentur opiuiones et exposiciones (et e. om. in CC) et 
qtiamplurima fabulosa que nee in biblia nee in alijs scrip turis inueniuntur, cum 
quibus omnes prophecias, euangelia et scripturas equiuoce ad eorum voluntatem (que 
nee— vol. om. in CC) exponunt (CC in illis scripturis exp.) et declarant. 


Item Perse, licet sint absque aliqua fide vcl lego-, 
tamen cum Chris tianis in ecclesijs eorum orant 1 , secun- 
dum quod a parentibus eorum vel 2 alijs sunt instructi. 
tamen dicunt quod postquam corpora trium Eegum de 
Oriente de partibus eorum 3 fuerunt translate, quod 
tunc 4 stella maris 6 in partibus eorum et regnis Nes- 
torinorum non 6 sit visa, vnde Nestoriui, pessimi 
heretici, Persarum vicini, ex invulia odiose in opposi- 
tum allegant, dicentes : quod stella maris in Persyde et 
in 7 regnis eorum non videatur, [hoc] nee 8 sit nee* euen- • stent, 

, . a ' i • -r* x i • i B quod non sil nee 

isfet propter* ipsorum trium Regum translacionem, sed 
sit ex plage 10 et regionum eorum situacione 11 . et est 
eciam questio in partibus eorum 12 : ex quo mundus in 
modum pomi sit 13 * rotundus et 14 mare mediterraneum 15 • est 
desuper stet cuius altitudo quasi omnium moncium 
aliarum parcium altitudinom excedat, et magnum mare 
occeanum in infimis partibus mundi confluat 16 , et* •r.etniud 
versus septentrionem 17 iuxta Constantinopolim et* 18 *r.\n 
occeanum effluat et inter Calabriam et Apuleam ab 19 
altitudine ad inferiora cum 20 tanta velocitate descendat 
quod aliqua nauigia absque dei ductione 21 speciali ibidem 
non possunt 22 pertransire, quomodo tunc ipmrn mare 
mediterraneum, et ex qua vi, ex infimis partibus 23 mundi 
versus meridiem inter Hyspaniam et Marrachiam cum 
tali et tanta velocitate ex magno mari occeano iniluat et 
tantam mundi 24 altitudinem ascendat &c. 25 

Cap. XLIV. Nestorini, Persarum vicini 20 , sunt 
homines de regno 27 Tharsis et insule Egriseule [nati] 28 , 
heretici 29 pessimi, quorum hcrcsi 80 fuerunt circa xl 
regna infecta 81 . hij 82 inter alios suos errores circumsci- 

1 CO intrant * et 8 de p. e. de oriente in occidentem * extnno 

8 later prints magis * postmodum non 7 et eorum r. 8 non. GO non sic 

erenisse neo • ex . . . translacione 10 GO plaga ll 00 dinisioue 

12 illis ls sit u et— altitudo om. in CO 15 P medioterraneum, medioter- 
rarum le mundum circumfluat 1T CO occidentem ** OC P in 19 CO 
et ab *° CO et 2l aliquo ductore, CO bona ductione, P bono ductore 

** C P poterunt, 00 poterant 23 mundi partibus 2i alt. mundi 23 add. 

et ipsa auestio ibidem adhuo plene non est soluta. sed vt ad propositum redeatur. 
86 add. de qui bus est supradictum ' n C CO regnis ' M nati, iu quibus regnauit 
Iaspar tercius rex Ethiops qui domino mi t ram obtulit M et in mundo non s'int 

peiores heretici *° et eorum heresi in oriente 31 fuerunt infecta ct corrupta 




om. In the MS., 
but extant in B 

• MaJohamd duntar 1 ut Judei hij 2 a domino presbitero Jobanno** 
et ab obediencia 4 patriarcbe Thome se potenter aliena- 
bant 6 et a longis temporibus 8 a nullis 7 Sanctis patribos 
quibuscunque doctrinis vel signis ab heresi sua po- 
tuerunt conuerti 8 . vnde anno domini M°cc°lxviij* 
dens homines rodes et viles, qui in istorum* Nestori- 
noruni tenia pastores [erant], contra lios Nestorinos 
incitatrit, qui se Tbartaros vocauerunt et sibi fabrum in 
eapitaneum elegerunt 10 : qui tunc potenter eraperant el 
omnes terras 11 et regna Nestorinorum destruxerunt el 
ipeoe iuuenes et senes 1 * absque aliqua misericordia 
interfeceront et deleuerunt et omnes eorum ciuitates el 
villas et castra, terras et regna ceperunt* in quibns nunc 
Thartari habitant et regnant u . et ceperunt Cambalech, 
et in zxx [diebus] oppugnauerunt Baldach, in qua 
fait Sarracenorum calipha 14 , successor Machometi u in 
eorum lege, sicud papa successor aancti Petri, et ita w 
per omnia ei obediuerunt; et ipsum calipham fame 17 
occiderunt — et postmodum Sarraceni calipham non 
habuerunt, nee habent vaque 18 in presentem diem; et 
eciam oppugnauerant Thauris. et [hee] tree ciuitates 
sunt meliores et diciores quam totum regnum 19 Soldani : 
nam de fortitudine et pulchritudine 20 ciuitatis Cam- 
balech et diuicijs nullus plene potest enarrare; et 
Baldach est ciuitas que ab antiquo Babi Ionia [magna 11 
vocabatur ; in qua fuit turris Babel ; sed est a loco quo 
Babilonia quondam] stetit, propter paludes bestias 22 et 

*Ms.tran*iatum vermes periculosas ad dimidium miliare translata*. 
et ciuitas 23 Thauris ab antiquo Susis 24 vocabatur, in 
qua regnauit Asswerus rex. et in ipsa ciuitate in 
templo Thartarorum est arbor arida de qua plurima 25 
narrantur in vniuerso mundo, que vltra modum cum 
stipendiarijs 26 et armigeris custoditur et alijs 27 diuersis 

1 vt Iadei c. 2 et hij a fide catholica et 3 add. eorum domino 4 ff. fide Thome 
Indoram et ipsorum patriarche 8 alien abant apostatabant et rebeUabant e per 
longa tempora 7 ff. ab aliquibus doctoribus et Sanctis patribus et predicatorious 

virtutibufl et signis ab eorum heresi et nequicia nun quam 8 reuocari • horum 
10 e. et prefecerunt ll omnia regna et terra* la add. prout deo placuit w r. in 
presentem diem 14 CC calapha 15 CC mago mechh l « et itaqne 
in C, where room is left for a word, CC rome, P fame 





19 dominium 
80 et p. om. aI om. in CC aa et vermes et bestias 28 ilia c. a4 vocabatur Suns 
M CP quamplurima ae armig. et stip. 37 seris et alijs diuersis maris et ferrit 


seris, ferris* et muris est quammultipliciter serata et •Bfemis 

inclusa : nam ab antiquo in omnibus partibus Orientis 

fuit 1 conswetudinis, et est, quod si quis rex vel dominus 

vel populus tam potens efficitur quod scutum vel clipeum 

suum 2 pctenter in illam aiborem pendet 3 , tunc 4 illi 

regi vel domino 6 in omnibus et per omnia obediunt et 

iutcndunt 6 ; sed si aliquis rex vel dominus vel 7 

populus illam 8 ciuitatem bene caperet et oppugnaret 

et in illam arborem scutum vel clipeum [suum] pendere 

non posset 9 , tunc 10 ipsis non obedirent. et ipsam ciui 

tatem [omnes] ibidem maxime defendunt quousque 

violenter ab ipsa depellantur.* nam ad optinendum •Ms.debeiiuntur 

totam terram aliqua ciuitas, nisi Thauris, non queritur 

circumvallare 11 . et nunc dominus Tbartarorum in illis 

partibus magnus canis Imperator Gathagie 12 vocatur 13 , 

et nunc non est 14 potencior 15 maior et 16 dicior dominus 

in toto 17 mundo. nam deus sibi breuibus 18 temporibus 

terras 19 prouincias, gentes et rcgna quibus natus 20 fuit 

dominus, tradidit 21 et subiecit, propter peccata eorum. 

nam ipse idem Imperator sub se habet et regnat in 

omnibus regnis 22 prouincijs et terris 23 in quibus Nabu- 

chodonosor, Darius* 24 , Arpbaxat, Asswerus et Eoraani *Tariui 

in Oriente ab antiquo regnabant. et 25 ipse Imperator 

Thartarorum multum 2 * fauet 27 in terris et regnis suis 

Christianis 28 , et fides Christiana, que in omnibus pre- 

dictis terris 29 per infideles et bereticos et Nestorinos 

fuit aholita et oblita 30 , nunc 31 per fratres minores et 82 

augustinenses et predicatores et alios doc tores 38 de 

nouo incipit reflorere. nam mercatores de Lombardia 

et alijs partibus ditissimi qui in istis 34 partibus dcgunt 

et frequenter perueniunt, trahunt hos ordines ad illas 

1 f . etest a om.inCC * potenter pendet et viol enter 4 om. 'add. ant 
populo centum viginti auinque prouincie ab India vsque ad Ethiopiam absque omni 
contradictione aliquali illi regi vel domino aut populo (illi— pop. om. in CO) vt vero 
eoram regi vel domino e et i. om. in CC. 7 aut 8 ipaam 8 CC non pen- 
deret 10 extunc. GO non possunt extuno . . . obedire n vel circumuallatur 
18 CC Carthagie 1S v. in presentem diem 14 non est nunc 15 maior vel p. 
(vel p. om. in CC) lfl CO P vel, C nee 1T om. l8 breuibus (CC vicinis) 

temp, sibi 18 omnes terras regna et prouincias et gentes a0 iratus al tradidit 
propter peccata eorum et subiecit 22 terris et a3 regnis M Darius Balthazar 
34 CC vnde, vt a0 postmodum in omnibus multum a7 fauebat et fauet 

M CC Christianos M t. et regnis 80 et o. om. in CO ; C o. et abol. ai C sed 
nunc sa om. 33 doctores ac (d. ac om. in CC) Carmelitas " ipeis 


partes et eis cum auxilio aliorum niercatorum et fidelium 
claustra fundant et omnia necessaria largiter amminis- 
trant, secundum quod quiuis aliquem ordinem diligit ; 
et ipai mercatores enmnt in diuersis prouincijs 1 

• M8.poNto iuuenes pueros* 2 diuersis lingwis eruditos, quoe dant 

ordinibus, [qui] tuno ab eis se [non] 8 possunt alienare 
vel apostatare; et 4 tunc fratres docent illos pueroe 
Xatinum et exponunt* eis libros in quibus continentur 
omnes conf usiones Judeorum et hereticorum et omnes* 
eorum opiniones 7 et errores. tales 8 libroe et 9 expoei- 
ciones eorum discunt 10 ill! pueri 11 cordetenus, aicud in 
partibus istis 12 scolares cordetenus 18 discunt Donatum 
et 1 * regulas; et tales pueri apti et diuersis lingwis 1 * 
eraditi dantur portantur et mittuntur ibidem ordi- 
nibus de longinquis partibus amore dei ; et tales 16 ab 
ordinibu8 non possunt fugere 17 , quia ordinibus iugo 
seruitutis sunt astricti. et per talem modum fratres 
mendicantes in illis 18 partibus quamplurimos egregios 
predicatores 10 liabent, ipsi Imperatorret quampluribus 
regions et 80 hominibus dilectos. et ille Imperator 
Thartarorum qui regnauit anno domini MVafrij* 11 , 
fuit homo statura breuis, et multum humilis et deuotus, 
adorans deum immortalein. Lie fecit et dedit edictum 
in omnibus terris et regnis snis quod quiuis homo 
posset 22 vti quacunque fide 23 vel ritu, dummodo ydola 
non adoraret sed immortalem deum : vnde ipsi fratres 
de ordinibus 24 mendicaneium quamplures 25 diuersorum 
errorum et rituum [homines] ad fidein katholicam attrax- 
erunt; et eciam ijdem fratres Tmperatorem 28 adduxe- 

• divenu Ungwu runt 27 quod bibliam in diuersas Hngwas et litteras * trans- 

ferri 28 fecit et omnia que deus per ipsos Reges, in quorum 
regnis regnauit 29 , fuit operatns, semper 80 in prandijs et 
cenis legere fecit, et deo gracias egit quod ipsum ad hoc 

1 in d. p. emunt (CC trahant) s CC et pueros * non p. se 4 et illos 

pueros tanc fratres docent 5 C P e. et docent 9 omnium T C CC opinionum 
et errorum, P opinionum errores 8 et tales 9 P et eorum l0 docent 

11 ipsos pueros la in p. intis om. 1S docent in scolis cordetenus 14 regulas 
vel Donatum ls CC legibus le et ills tunc l7 f . vel (CC nee) apostatare 

1( * part, illis 19 habent pred. (CC doctores habent et pred.) *° et alijs h. 

"CPXL, CC LXXI « C CC possit M lege fide vel ritu (ipse CC) vellet 

21 ordine M quamplurimos a8 ipsum imp. 27 induxerunt ** in diuersas 
1. et litteras transferre. a * ipse r. *° CC quam semper 


predestinauit quod ipse per omnia regna illoium 1 
Rcgum regriaret, et semper ante prandium ' Bene- 
dicite ' et post 2 i Gracias ' legere [in] sua Hngwa 3 con- 
swcuit. et habet 4 * quatuor filios : primogenitus vocatnrt * M8 « Unbent, B 
Melchiar 6 , secundus Baltha3ar, tercius Jaspar, quartus x vocabatnr 
Dauid, et constituit in perpetuum ita filios suos nomi- 
nal! et ille fuit tercius imperator Thartarorum 6 . 

Cap. XLV. Cvm itaque populus Thartarorum eru- 
pispet et omnes terras 7 et prouincias infidelium et speci- 
ality istorum Nestorinorum 8 cepisset et destruxisset 9 , 
tunc 10 ipsi Nestorini a presbitero Johanne auxilium 
implorabant et se ad fidem 11 et ad suum dominium 12 sub 
tributo se conuersuros et reuersuros 13 spoponderunt. 
quod cum presbiter Johannes facere proposuisset 14 , 
tres 15 Reges beati ipsum* in sompnis ammonuerunt 16 * «p«i 
ne 17 Nestorinis auxilium vol consilium conferrct 18 ; 
nam apud dominum 19 esset diffinitum 20 quod deberent 
deleri 21 et funditus exstirpari 22 , nam deus eorum obstina- 
tam nequiciam diucius nollet* sustinere 23 . tamen Kesbo- • veiiet 
rini consiliarios presbiteri Joliannis muneribus circum- 
vcnerunt, quod presbitero Johanni dixerunt quod 24 
sompnia non deberet 25 curare, et 26 ipsum in eorum aux- 
ilium multum 27 incitauerunt, quod Dauid primogeni- 
tum 28 suum cum multo 29 exercitu in auxilium misit Nes- 
torinis. quem Thartari cum Nestorinis et omni exercitu • 
suo interfecerunt, et quamplurimas terras 80 presbitero 
Johanni abstulerunt; et plura alia 31 abstulissent, sed 
presbiter [Johannes] penitencia ductus auxilium dei 
et triu m Regum beatorura invocauit 32 . qui tunc 33 
de nocte cum validissimo exercitu Imperatori Thartar- 
orum apparuerunt 34 in sompnis, horribiliter precipientes 
quod 36 a persecucione presbiteri Johannis et suarum 

1 super . . aliorum a post prandium 3 in lingua sua legere * habuit 

• Melchior vocabatur 8 add. ex causa (CO causis) prout inferius audietur. sed vt 
ad propo&itum redeatur. 7 omnia regna terras 8 add. prout a deo fuit 

diffinitum, itaaue • cepissent et destruxissent et ipsos sine misericordia interfe- 

dssent et funditus deleuissent 10 extunc u f. pristinam, P Christiana m 

12 CC ritum 1S et r. om. in CC u CC uoluisset ls extune t. le monuerunt 
17 et ne w ferret inhibuerunt 19 deum 20 C esse diffinitum ai d. et perire 
88 C CC exterminari. C adds ostenderunt a3 sustinere obstinatam a4 om. 

as CC debere afl sed ** mulcerunt et a< * suum p. M valido 80 t. et 
regna. terras — alia om. in C 31 quamplurima a. sibi sa i. et implorauit 33 CC 
cum 34 in sompnis a. horribiliter et preceperunt (p. om. here in P) 85 vt 


terrarum statim desiateret et cam eo 1 pacem et firmas 
amioiciaa et treugas 9 iniret 8 perpetue duraturas; aed 
quod 4 terras aibi 6 ablatas propter eiua inobedienciam 
retineret 6 , in 7 memoriam, ut suia poeteris et alijs 

'Ma. in transiret 8 in exemplum. vnde ipse 9 hae visione et* 

iussu perterritus, licet absque lege eseet 10 , tamen misit 11 
statim sues legates ad presbiterum Johannem et 

• M3. intait vd perpetuam pacem et firmara amiciciam seeum fecit et * 
inyt u , ita videlicet quod in perpetuum 1 * prime- 
genitus vnius filiam alteriua 14 recipere debeat 15 in con- 
thoralem 16 -— et tali* 17 amicicia et contractus est 18 inter 
ipeos 19 vsque 90 in presentem diem* 1 , et cum Imperator 
de tribus Regibua qui aibi tarn horribiliter M apparue- 
runt, fuisset instructus et de [eorum] regnis**, condi- 
cionibus, vita 84 et gestis fuisset informatus, conatituit 25 
quod semper suua primogenitus et alij filij* suorum [suc- 

•*»b ceasorum]* 87 horum trium Begum nominibus deberent 

appellari 88 . Et sic* isti Neetorini fuerunt dekti et de 
terns suis 29 expulai. sed nunc bincinde in ipais parti- 
bus et in alijs terris 80 , sicud in istis partibus Judei, 
vndique degunt dispersi, et in eorum proprijs terris et 
vbicunque 31 degunt semper pre alijs hominibus speci- 
aliter 32 dant tributum. sed habent 33 adhuc sub 34 
speciali tributo fortissimam 35 insulam que Egriseula 
vocatur, de qua 36 supra-dictum est sepe; et in ipsa 
insula corpus beati Thome aj ostoli absque aliquo honore 
quiescit et 37 ipsis Nestorinis corpus beati Thome bis 
est ablatum et tociens 38 ex causis legitimis res ti tutu in. 
et ad hanc insulam Nestorini, in quantum in eis est 39 , 
nullum omnino hominem, nisi sit de ritu eorum 40 , vel 

1 ipso a et t. om. in C 8 i. et faceret inter eos perpetue duratoras horribiliter 
preceperunt 4 om. 8 presbitero Iohanni 8 obtdneret T C vt in m. et • CO 
transirent 8 ipse imperator Tartarorum 10 licet esset (om. in P) absque lege 
tunc gen ti lis ll statim leg. suos misit (CO misit nuncios et legates ) ia O vniuit, 
CC iuiuit 13 in p. om. in C 14 om. in C 15 deberet le om. in CO ,7 t. pax 
(et CC) 18 et c. est om. in CC 19 CC inter ipsos duraret a0 om. ai om. 
in CC. aa C P add in sompnis a3 eorum regois et (om. in CC) a * CC P et 
eorum vita 25 extunc c. 28 C filiorum a7 suorum successorum a * a. et in 
memoriam ipsorum trium regum in perpetuum nominari a> regnis et terris eorum 
30 CC partibus 81 et in quibuscunque locis 8a om. in C s3 obtinuerunt et 
habent 3i sub se sub " f . et famosissimam 38 ff. de qua Iaspar tercius rex 
Rthiops qui domino mirram obtulit rex Insule vocabatur ** et illud corpus N. bis 
** et ipsis ex legitimis caubis totidem 39 est et vertere possunt 40 ip orum 


per officiatos [imperatoris] 1 Thartarorum, pertransire 2 

vel peruenire permittunt, et omnia eorum mercimonia 3 

ex hac insula ad aliam deportant 4 et ad eandem insulam 

alia mercimonia eis 5 ad emendum deportant[ur] * 6 . et in • §o b 

omnibus partibus (Mentis non est homo christianus 

katholicus vel peregrinus vel 7 mercator visus qui dix- 

isset se in ipsa insula fuisse et corpus beati Thome 

vidisse. nam commune vaticinium est in omnibus 8 

partibus illis quod adhuc corpus beati Thome apostoli 

trium Regum corpora 9 debeat sequi Coloniam 10 et 

ibidem in perpetuum manere 11 . et quomodo 12 [hoc] fieri 

debeat 13 , publice vaticinantur et dicunt 14 : quando deo 15 

placuerit, erit 16 quidam 1 ? archiepiscopus Colonie 18 pru- 

dens et potens, ad hoc a deo electus quod ordinet 19 copu- 

lam et matrimonium inter filium et filiam Imperatoris 

Romanorum et Imperatoris Thartarorum, quos deus ad 

hoc predestinauerit ; et cum hoc 20 contractu et amicicia 

reddetur Christian is terra sancta, et omnia ibidem reu<?r- 

tentur et restituentur in 21 statum prist inum : et cum 

hijs et in hijs corpus beati Thome Coloniam 22 debeat 

transferrin et 23 talem vel 24 tantam custodiam Nestorini 

corpori 25 beati Thome 26 non adhibent [ex reuerencia 27 , 

sed 28 ] propter famam banc et 29 ex invidia 30 heretica 31 , 

cum ita sint destructi et adhuc magis 32 debeant destrui 33 

et dehonestari. Hij 34 Nestorini vtuntur quodam libro 

ex veteri et nouo testamento collects; [et] ut Judei 

circumsciduntur. et quando potentes erant, tunc 85 

maiores et peiores heresis eorum articulos 36 in 37 locis 

congruis libris Origenis post mortem ipsius inseruerunt, 

Tit ipse 88 eorum erroribus consentire 39 videretur 40 . et 41 

1 C imperatorum a transire 8 m. ad vendendum * CC deportantur 8 de 
alijs partibus ipsis e deportantur 7 aut 8 om. in C ; part. om. in CO 8 tres 
reges 10 et Colonie transferri n permanere la et q. et qualiter et per quem 
modum hoc 1S d. et perfici 14 d. videlicet cmod adhuc veniet (P veniat) tempus 
15 quando hoc deo perfici lfl quod erit et veniet adhuc 17 vnus 18 coloniensis 
(om. in C) quem deus ad hoc elegerit tam prudens et potens ,9 CC ordinabit 

copulam matrimonialem 20 ipso 2l in bonum et in aa ad corpora trium 

regum Colonie a3 CC et si " C CC ac, P et 25 om. in CC 2fl CC adds 
ponant a7 CC reuerenciam " P sicut 29 hanc et om. 80 CC india 8l om. 
82 plus 8a adnichilari 84 Ceterum hij 35 extunc 3e C P habebant eorum 
heresis articulos et 37 post mortem venerabilis Origenis in locis (in) quibus ipsis 
expedire videbattir, libris suis inseruerunt 8S ipsis in 3D c. et conforman (C 

confirmarc, CC confirmari) 40 v. in eorum errorum (CC erroribus.) reuerenciam 

et honor* m * l tamen de eorum ingratitudine quam (tamen— quam om. in CC) 

circa deum et hos tres rrges habuorunt (CC minime habuerunt. ideo), pre 


pre omnibus hereticis in Oriente omnibus Christianis et 

• omnium Sarracents sunt cxosi et omni* fauore 1 priuati &a 

Feetum 2 beati Thome apostoli pre alijs aposto- 
lornm festia celeberrimum 8 habetur in omnibus parti* 
bus Orientis. Bed de quampluriinis 4 miraculis que in 
istis 5 partibus de ipso 6 leguntur et dicuntur, de 7 bijs 
in illia 8 partibus nil omnino 9 videtur vel reperitur. 
videlicet 10 quod in ciuitate in qua requiescit 11 corpus 
ipsius, ibi u vital annum non poeeit 18 viuere hereticus 
vel Judeus 1 *, quia corpus eius absque bonore 15 inter 
. pessimo8 hereticos requiescit; item 16 quod corpus beat! 
Thome in 17 kathedra [aurea] residens 18 , eukaristiam 
digitas tenens dignis tradat* indignis retrahat. sed 
quondam, quando inter 19 katbolicos corpus eius quies- 
•r.minbnia cebat, hec omnia et quamplnra alia miracula* 20 vide- 
bantur. In omnibus eciam* 1 partibus Orientis qnom- 
plura** de tribus Kegibus dicuntur 88 que in Colonia 
non videntur 24 . videlicet dicitur 25 quod ipaa stella 

• xs. quando que* ante ipsorum Regum decessum supra ciuitatem 

Seuwa in monte 26 Vaus opparait, quousque ipsorum 
Kegum corpora inde 27 trans ferebantur, supra ciuitatem 
et montcm locum non mutauit; sed postquam eoruin 
corpora Colouiam 28 fuerunt translata, extuuc ipsa stella, 
ceteris stellis pulchrior et nobilior 29 , super 30 Coloniam 
transijt et immobilis pcrnmnsit 31 . item dicunt Indi et 
in eorum libris legitur quod in Colonia ante honestissi- 
mum ipsorum trium Regum loculum 32 sit stella magna 
aurca, prout 33 ipsis tribus Regibus in nocte natiuitatis 
domini apparuit formata, ex cuius splcndore 34 cande- 

1 et omni fauore potencia et honore spud deum et homines sunt priuati, de quibus 
dicere per singula esset longum. a Ceterum (CC Iterum) festum 3 om. in CC. 
4 quampluribuB ff parttbus istis e eo 7 de — reperitur om. in C " partibus 
(omnibus C) illis • om. 10 CC P nam legitur in partibus istis n corpus b. (ap) 
Thome quiescit la ibidem 1S CC possunt . . . heretici vel Indei : 14 add. de hijs 
ibidem modo nil scitur 1S quia eius corpus absque aliqua reuereneia 16 Item 

legitur (C adds in partibus istis) 17 CC P ibidem in H ff. resideat et (res. et om. 
iu CC) aignis eucharistiam tradat et indignis retrahat. et de hijs omnibus et alijs (et 
a. om. in CC) que dj b.Tboma (ap.) in hijs partibus (C p. istis) leguntur et dicuntur, 
penitus nunc nil videtur ; sed 19 cim corpus eius (P b. Thome ap.) in alijs locis (om. 
in C) inter (homines) catholicos ao quamplurima a. mirabilia veraciter al Item 
iu omnibus aa quamplurima mirabilia M CP leguntur et dicuutur 2l CC 
videbantur a * d. et legitur ibidem afl CC P et (P in) mou tem a7 om. in C ; CC P 
Colonie ^ »* om. iu C ; CC PColonie a " splendidijr 80 C P supra »» add. et 
vuleatur in presentem diem * a C locum " in modum prout 34 P resplendore 


larum ante positarum tota ecclesia intus refulgeat et 

illuminetur. item dicunt Indi et in eorum libris legi- 

tur quod in Colonia dextera brachia ipsorum trium 

Regum sint* 1 multuni venerabiliter et ditissime alijs •MS.tunt 

hrachijs aureis inclusa, et 2 in vnius regis manu 3 sit 

aurum, et in secundi regis manu 3 sit thus, et in tercij 

regis manu 3 sit mirra, et [cum 4 ] ipsa brachia principi- 

bus et peregrinis demonstrentur 5 , extunc 6 ipsa ossa 7 

sacra cum instrumento argenteo fricentur 8 ct sindone 

fcergantur, et quanto plus fricentur 8 , tanto plus ad 9 

modum aromatum cum terantur* 10 , per totam ecclesiam • ms. conumn- 

t-, n i . ,o • "i • • tur, B contrilo- 

mira 11 flagrancia odons ex 12 ipsis ossibus sacns sencia- ru m 
tur. item dicunt Indi et legitur in libris eorum quod 
quandocunque aliqua tribulacio, pcccatis 13 exigentibus, 
terre 14 , ecclesie vel 15 ciuitati coloniensi- instat 16 , tunc 17 
ipsa brachia predicta a tribus presbiteris coronis aureis 
coronatis cum stella aurca ad hoc facta ante sacramen- 
tum [dominicum per ciuitatem coloniensem portentur 18 , om. in the ms. 
et cum pervenerint ad aliquam ecclesiam quam ad hoc 
elegerint 19 , extunc ipsi presbiteri coronati fenmt 20 ipsa 
tria 21 brachia alternatim vnus post alium ad domini- 
cum sacramentum] in altari positum* et in modum •p©»ua 
trium Regum offerunt dominico sacramento mtinera 
que ipsis brachijs sunt annexa; et quod tunc tanti 
populi concursus et confluxus et contricio et deuocio 
ab omnibus populis eueniat, oriatur et crescat 22 , quod 
deus quamcunque* tribulacionem et angustiam 23 ab • quantamcnn- 
lpsis 24 auertat. Item dicunt Indi quod sepulchrum C unqu« 
ipsorum trium Regum beatorum in ciuitate Seuwa, in 
quo 25 primo defuncti fuerunt positi 26 , adhuc ibidem 
integrum remansit, [et] adhuc a longinquis partibus a 
diuersis nacionibus et hominibus visitetur 27 , et deus 

adhuc 28 eorum mentis 29 Tibidem multas virtutes opere- <""• *" 

. aud in 

tur; et dicunt quod super idem sepulcrum adhuc sit 

the MS. 

1 CC P sint * om. in CC s brachij manu 4 CC P et cum 8 ex reuerenoia d. 
• C et extunc 7 o. om. in C 8 CC fricantur 9 CC P in . l0 C P cum teruntur, 
CC conuertuntur n mira odoris la CC P iu 13 C pro p. u CC t. vel 

15 C P seu lfl i. vel immineat l7 extnuc H CC portantur 19 CC elegerunt 
20 om. in CC 21 CC P trium regum aa accrescat a3 a. imminentem a * ab i. 
om. in CC I5 CP quod 2e p. et postmc.dum excepti a7 deuote v. a< om. 
23 per merit a ipsorum trium regum 




on. hi tire M8i 

• MS. ramirta 



Stella aurea que ab illo tempore quando ipai tra Keges 
primo f uerunt eepulti, adhuc remanet et deos per merits 
ipsoram trium Kegum ad sepulcrum eorum] aduenien- 
tibus 1 multa mira 2 operator* item dieunt Iodi qui 
frequentur Jherusalem et ad alias 9 partes perveniunt* 
quod adhuc in ipsa oiuitate Seuwa habeant reliquiae 
Barlaam et Josaphat, et alioram pluhmorum sanctorum 
de aemine regali reliquias venerandas. Item Iodi qui 
Jherusalem sepe veniunt 6 , habent circa* se denarios 7 
et annulos aureos 8 quos a peregrinis cismarinis emenmt* 
qui reliquias sanctorum trium Begum in Colonia tetir 
gerunt: quos cum multa deuocione 9 [Tenerantur et 
frequenter osculantur, et asserunt quod per fidem et 
deuocionem] quamplurimi 10 infirmi per ipsos sanan- 
tur 11 . item sunt quamplurimi peregrini qui de par- 
ibus cismarinis ad illas partes sepe 12 perueniunt et 
aliqua mercimonia de partibus istis ibidem rara 11 recipi- 
unt et rara 14 clenodia ibidem deferunt que de Colonia 
asserunt. detulisse: et quidam ex eia deferunt ibidem 
terrain quam [de] cimiterio xj milium virgimum amor 
unt esse sumptam* ; et [tjalia clenodia de Colonia et 
talem terrain querunt Indi in hospicijs pereginorum 15 
tali urn et de tali bus inquirunt. et asserunt Indi quod 
in partibus eorum in horribilissimis paludibus et aquis 
vltra 10 omnia alia incommoda inauditas maximarum 
ranaruru paciantur* vexaciones, sed cum de tali terra 
in aquam* 17 vel paludem proiciatur, omnes rane rauce 
fiant. et quamplurima alia mirabilia de reliquijs 
trium Eegum [et] xj milium virginum in omnibus 
partibus Orientis dicuntur et leguntur plus quam in 
partibus istis 18 . vnde quamplurimi Indi qui frequenter 
Jherusalem et [ad] 19 alias circa partes propter diuersas 
causas perueniunt, multum anxie et ardenter desider- 
ant 20 ulterius Coloniam venire, si frigus et statum patrie 

1 venientibus et ipsos vene ran tibus 3 ra. et virtutes o. in presentem diem s alias 
circa partes * causa deuocionis, mercimoniorum vel delectacionis p. * in lher. 
et ad alias circa partes frequenter (om. iu CC) perueniunt 6 habent et portant 

uenes 7 an(n)ulos et denarios " om. in CC • cum deuocionibus multum 

io per ipsos q. i. n sanitates consequuntur la frequenter l3 cara l * et inter 
alia patria (C CC parua) et rara li talium p. le CC iuter ,7 paludem vel a. 

1 s add. de quibus per singula longum esset enarrare. 
(CC Colonic) transire desiderarent (CC desiderant) 

19 om. 3° vlterius Coloniam 


possent tollerare 1 — nam Indi postquam terrain suam 2 

ot partes Indorum 8 fuerunt 4 egressi 5 , nullum omnino 

frigus pati possunt, sed statim induunt pellicia vsque ad 

talos longa, facta 6 ex 7 nobilissimorum animalium pelli- 

bus naturaliter rubeis* et multum hirsutis; et licet •Ms.rubcas 

sit 8 in feruentissimo solis ardore, tamen eis videtur 

quod tantum frigus in alienis partibus non possunt 9 

tollerare — quia plus* 10 versus ortum solis, tamt plus 11 • Bquantopiu. 

sunt homines debiliores et minores 12 ; sed sunt optimi T B tont0 

sagittarij et in omnibus multum astuti sed cum Jheru- 

salem et ad alias circa partes Indi perueniunt, omnia 

que de regibus, principibue, regnis* et tcrris istarumf • Ms.r*gni«prin- 

• • • • • t • i i i • i t» • i cl pious 

parcium cismannarum, et speciahter de tribus Kegibus + lgloram p . cl4 . 

et Colonia et eius clero et populo possunt inquirere 13 , n^* 10 * 010 

sub alicuius episcopi vel principis sigillo et 14 littera 15 

petunt et recipiunt, ut presbitero Johanni et patriarche 

Thome cercius possint* 16 mittere et demonstrare. nam • posnmt 

in omnibus partibus Indie et (Mentis omnes 17 naciones 

et lingwe hos tres Reges gloriosos multum plus quam in 

alijs 18 partibus habent in reuerencia speciali et honore. 

— Et merito ab omnibus populis tribubus et lingwis 

hij tres Reges gloriosi* primicie gencium et ex gentibus • hij tm r. fior. 

..... . , . . , -, ■. . . •• . ab omnibus po- 

pnmicie yirginum speciahssime sunt honorandi et glon- pa i is Ac. 
ficandi. nam hij sunt operarij qui in inchoacione noui 
testamenti et vocacione gencium in nouissimis mundi 
partibus 19 per celestem patremfamilias in vineam 
suam missi 80 , qui mane, hora prima, tercia, sexta, nona, 
yndecima in ipsa vinea fidelissime laborauerunt et 
absque dubio 21 mercedem equalem et 22 perpetuam 
recepernnt. ^Mane videlicet in Jherusalem et Betbleem 
hij tres Reges gloriosi inter Judeos ex ipsa vinea duris- 
8imos et inexcusabiles Judaice perfidie et invidie la- 
pides longe foras miserunt et eruerunt 24 . hora piima hij 

1 add. quorum eciam quamplurimi in itinere moriuntur, et quamplurimi reuer- 
tuntur. « terrain (C terras) eorum 8 Indie 4 sunt * r ingressi • que 
sunt facta 7 ex pellibus 8 sit in Augusto in (C sic in Augusto vestiuntur in) 
• P possint C possent 10 C CC quanto plus, P multum nlus ll CC tan to, C 
tanto plus, om. in P la P adds quam hie sunt l3 i. et inuestiffare 14 C vt, 
om. in CC "PC littera scripta, CC literam scriptam Te C CC possunt 

17 o. populi w hijs 19 tcrporibus ao C sunt transmissi al murmure 

w C P M in CC new Chapter (Ch. XLV) 24 eiecerunt 

X 2 



• MS. Ipsa* 

• BmiwiN 



tres Reges 1 . in came viuentes inter gentes ipsam* 
vineam, diuersis tribulis cardis* et spinis diuersorum 
errorum et ydolatrie occupatam, vna com beato Thoma 
apostolo mundauerunt et nouos* fidei* palmites et rites 
in ea mirifice plantauerunk hora tercia hij tree Reges 
defancti per venerabilem Helenam denuo 4 eoDgregali 
et collecti huius viuee macerias* ex diuersis impedi- 
mentis heresis* et ydolatrie dirutas* eciam de nouo 
reposuerunt et 7 palmites fidei qui* 8 in ipsa vinea iam 
marcescere 9 , perire et arescere ceperant, virtutibus et 
signis irrigauerunt et diuersis miraculis refecerunt, in 
tantum 10 quod de nouo fidei katholice tuas u et fructus 
produxeruni hora sexta hij tres Beges glorioei quasi 
in medium 19 mundi in Greciam 13 et Constantinopolim 
translati ipsam 14 vineam iterum signis 1 * et virtutibus 
putauerunt 16 et purificauerant, ut plus fructus 17 fidei 
faceret, vt eius propagines* ad omnes fines terre per 
fidem et noticiam eorum se extendereut*, ut 18 omnes 
populi, tribus et liugwe ac naciones de eorum fructibus 
ac vinee vuis et botris et 19 satiate* et inebriate nomen 
domini, quod prius eolummodo in Judea latitabat, ab 
ortu solis vsque ad occasum collaudarent. hora nona 
hij tres Reges, vinee 21 domini Sabaoth operarij 22 
gloriosi 23 , causa in ipsa vinea plus operandi 24 , mare 
transeuntes* 25 de Oriente in Occidentem, videlicet de 
Constantinopoli Mediolanum 26 translati, ex ipsa vinea 
diuersarum heres[i]um et hereticorum 27 errorum vulpe- 
culas que ipsam vineam diuersis erroribus et heresibus 28 
demoliri 29 nitebautur, per declaracionem et significa- 
cionem et interpretacionem 30 et exposicionem 31 triuni 
munerum ipsorum 32 que domino optulerunt 33 , expuler- 
unt et 34 exstinxerunt. vndecima vero hora circa solis 
occasum hij 38 tres Reges, gloriosi operarij, de Mediolano 

1 r. gloriosi 2 C cardonibus, P cardinibus * nouas fidei catholice 4 C de nouo 
« C P et her. fl C duratas 7 CC ad « que, CC quia • CC iam palmites fidei 
perire 10 om. ll C P vineas 12 medio 13 CC Grecia. 14 ipsam eciam 
(C CC et) " virt. et sig. lfl P purgauerunt, C et putauerunt 17 fidei f . 

" CC et 19 om. 20 CC satiati 21 CC vineam 22 CC sunt operati *» om 
in CC 2 * om. in C 25 per mare transeuntes 28 in M. 2T errorum her. 
(CC e. et h.) 2 * heresi 29 demolire 30 exposicionem 8l ac (CC et) iuter- 

* more tran»- 


92 eorum munerum 

33 a Id. vt est supradictum 

effugarunt et radicitus 33 C eztunc hij, P extunc in mundi et solis occasu hij 



in Coloniain translati 1 , eterna mercede equali 2 ab eis 

a celesti patrefamilias * recepta, perpetuum quiescendi *ms. putrif. 

locum ibidem elegerunt, nee tamen postmodum pre- 

dictam vineam donrini Sabaoth virtutibus, mentis et 

siguis ibidem vsque 3 in prescntem diem colere desier- 

unt. nusquani eniin ia tocius noui testamenti scrip- 

turis 4 reperitur, aliquos 3 sanctos ab ortu solis vsque 

ad occasum 6 eius tarn reuerenter et gloriose, specialiter 7 

et rairabiliter sicud lios tres Reges gloriosos ad loca tam 

insignia* fore translates, et nouissime ad ecclesiam et • iniigna 

ciuitatem coloniensem 8 , absque dubio ab omnipotenti 

deo ad hoc specialiter predestinatas electas et depu- 

tatas* 9 . Nam quamuis ab ortu solis vsque ad occasum • predwtinato* 

sint quamplures ciuitates 10 et ecclesie et loca maxima 11 t<» 

que deus deitate 12 et humanitate sua per se et alios quam- 

plurimos suos sanctos in vita et in morte et post mortem 

specialiter honorauit et glorificauit et quamplurimis pre- 

rogatiuis honorauit et consecrauit et diuersis virtutibus 

et 13 signis et reliquijs venerandis illustrauit et deco- 

rauit 14 , tamen inter has et hec omnia 15 ciuitates 16 

ecclesias et loca 17 non est aliqua ecclesia tam nobili 

canonicorum collegio qui deo ad seruienduin 18 in 

proprijs personis sint astricti*, sicud ecclesia colon- • «nnt iiwtracii 

iensis, ornata, nee 19 aliqua ciuitas tamt 20 honestissimo femn 

populo et alijs dei ministris sicud 21 ciuitas 22 coloniensis 

decorata: quod ex diuina pvouidencia specialiter scia- 

mus 23 fore factum quod omnipotens deus tam 24 nobiles 

suos ministros in ipsa ecclesia institueret et 25 ordinaret, 

et in hac ciuitate tam honestissimum populum predesti- 

naret in qua tam nobilissimos tres Reges, euas* primi- •»u<»? 

cias, gencium et virginum, perpetue manendo collocaret. 

Letare, nobile collegium, quod te deus tam singulari 

priuilegio amoris et precipuia prerogatiuis honoris et 

nature donis pre cunctis collegijs preamauit et ditauit 

1 CC sunt tr. 2 CC equaliter * om. 4 C scriptura ' aliauem vel 

aliquos 6 eius occ. 7 om. in CC 8 om. 9 C predestinatos &c. *° cjuam- 
plurime eccl. et ciu. ll magna moiora et maxima 12 sua d. et h. ^ 13 virt. et 
om. in C u CC declarauit 13 et hec omnia om. in CC 18 ecclesias ciuitates 
(CC et c.) 1T CC et omuia alia loca 18 in pr. pers. ad serv. 19 CC vel ao cwn 
tam ; tam— ministris om. in CC 2l CC vt 2a om. in CC M aciamus specialiter 
31 in ipsa (C CC sua) eccl. tam 2} inst. et om. in CC 


et te in suos nobiles niinUtros preelegit et preordinauit 1 
et tibi specialissimum strain the^aurum, ires Beges, 
primicias gencium et virginum et earum f undamentum 

• Ms.igngttnt ab ortu soiis, pre alijs locia et eecleeije egregys* et insig- 

nibus specialius et* mirabilius deetinauit 8 et diligenciua 

commendauit ! vnde de bfy's deo gracias semper agere 4 

et in eius et suaram primiciarum laudibus et seruicys, 

tfbi specioliter iniunctis ex hijs et commisais, de tantis 

beneflcijs consecatis nunquam cesses Tel fatigeris nee 

ipsis seruire verecunderis, ne, nt Nestorini deo et suis 

primicij8 et hominibns deepecti et exosi*, ira et fnrore 

domini aliquando visiteris* et tarn special issimis pre- 

rogatiuia, quibus ex hijs omnibus 7 precellis, ex ingrati- 

tudine 8 eicud isti* Nestorini prineris et ab omnibus 

honoribus abiciaris 10 et in extrsmo iudicio com sinistris 

reproberis, sed cam ITubi&ois gloriosis, deo et suis 

primidjs et hominibus dilectis et electis, cum quibus 

•«n in vniuerso mundo ex* hijs pre alys colleges extol* 

leris 11 et ab omnibus populis specialiter Yeneraris 1 * in u 

die iudicij 14 cum nobiliasimis tribus Regibus> primicijs 

gencium et virginum, a dextris cum gloria eoHoceris. 

Nee eciam absque presagio ilia ciuitas 16 ,que ab antiquo 

Agrippina vocabatur, nunc consecuta w est nomen quod 

a 'colendo' deum 'Colonia' nuncupatur. [nam] in 

omnibus partibus Orientis in ecelesijs omnibus 17 , 

oratorijs et cappellis et locis quibus istorum trium 

Regum gloriosorum laus diuersis litteris et Unguis est 

8cripta 18 , prout subsequitur scriptum reperitur : 

Cap. XLVI 1 * 

Ab Helena crux inventa, 

• ms. pro Post* hijs regnis est iutenta 

• ms. oonregiuui- Congregandis * Regibus. 
dto Inde Reges peregrini 

Vrbem ornant* Constantini 

• a hib utnpor- Allatis* corporibus* 


Tandem inde sunt translati, 
Commendati 1 ciuitati, 

Cui nomen Amlrosia*. • us. Ambn»u 

Ter inventos, ter translatos, 
Nutu dei sibi datos 

Colit hos Colonia. 

Ortus dedib Occidenti 
Quod tres Reges ter inventi 

Extollunt 2 Coloniam. 
Nunquam 3 locum mutaturi 
Nee, ut olim, reuersuri 

Sunt per viam aliam. 

4 Colunt Regcs propter regem, 
Summi regis seruaut legem 
Coloni Colonic 

5 Gaude, felix Colonia, que ex speciali gracia et 

1 C CO cuidam pulcro » excolant 3 CC nusquam * These 

3 verses are om. in and added in CC. ' This concluding passage is om. in 

C CC, which instead contain the following notes: Nota quod nomina triura 
magorum (C regum Magorum) sunt hec, vt scrihit Magister in historia scolas- 
tica: Hebraice Appellius (C Appellus), Amerus, Damascus; Grece Galgalat(h), 
Magalat, Serathim; Latine laspar, Balthasar, Melchior. / Nota quod isti Magi 
dienntur non a maleficio sed rapiencie studio ; secundum enim b. Augustinum in 
caldeo idem quod M philosophi n sunt in greco et " sapientes " (CO sapiens) in latino. 
% Item secundum Kemigium varia est de Magis opinio : Quidam dicunt ipsos f uisse 
Caldeos — Caldei enim stellum pro deo coluut ; quidam dicunt ipsos f uisse Persas ; 
quidam dicunt ipsos de vltimis fin i bus f uisse; alij dicunt ipsos nepotes fuisse 
Balaam, quod magis credendum est. Balaam enim inter cetera que prophetauerat 
dixit Orietur stella ex Iacob. Vnde Cri*ostomus narrat se inuenisse in quibusdam 
libris quod erat qnedam gens in parti bus Orientis in qua fuit multa sapiencia 
et nobilitas: Isti inuenientes in libris Balaam, quia forte erant de stirpe eius, 
quod prophetauerat Orietur stella ex Iacob &c: intelligent^ ad literam Christo 
nascente apparere huiusmodi stellam, fuerunt multum curiosi inuestigare et videre 
ortum illius stelle, vt per ipsum cognoscerent Christum natum ; et ad (hoc) melius 
inuestigandum ordinauerunt quod eligerentur duodecim de melioribus aatrologis 
(CC familiJ8) inter eos, ita quod, vno decedeute, alius subrogaretur, ita quod semper 
ement duodecim, qui sollicite considerarent ortum illius stelle ; et vt hoc melius 
facerent, in quodam altissimo monte in Oriente, vbi semper erat aer purissimus, 
construi fecerunt pulcherrimum palacium cum copia omnium rerum necessariarum 
ad victum : Et ibi stabant duodecim viri cum silencio orarione vigil ia et abstiuencia 
exspectantes et deuote deprecantes ortum istius stelle. IF Adueniente autem tem- 
pore Natiuitatis Christi et ipsis in oracione (C Oriente) persistentibus, in ipsa hora 
noctis media apparuit super eos in aere stella prefulgida et pulcherrima in cuius 
summitate erat ymago parni pueri ^CC pueri paruuli) secum ferens ymaginem crucis. 
Ex cuius aspectu erant valde gauia quod suis temporibus meruerunt illud videre, et 
illud narrauerunt sapientibus regionis illius. Qui de se ipsis tres nobiliores et sapi- 
enciores e lege runt qui irent et munera preciosa deferrent et natum puerum vt regem 
et dominum adorarent ; qui statim iter arripientes venerunt terciadecima die secun- 
dum glosam stella duce ad puerum adorandum, ei preciosa munera offerent s. 
U Nota quod Germanus, historiograph us temporum Christi, et Theophilus, scriptor 
gestorum Christi, tradunt tria miracula facta tribus magis, quibns eciam moti Chris- 
tum puerum natum sollicite quesierunt. Nam laspar habuit in curia (C cura) sua 
arborem, et struciones habuerunt nidum in arbore et duo oua, de quibus circa media m 
noctem natiuitatis Christi prodierunt leo et agnus. IT Balthasar habuit ortum ar<>- 
matum in quo balsamum habuit complautatum, de cuius stipite quidam surculus (CC 



diiiina providencia 1 tim nobilisaimis tribns Regions, jj 
primicija gencium et virginum, et tarn nobili collegio. V } 

♦M8.oro«ti« ipsorum miniatris, ornaris*, de quibus plus quam or & 
nibus opibus tuis gloriaris et vbique terrarum ab - '• 
omnibus hominibus specialiter amaris ; et propter hoe 4 
vltra omne8 ciuitates mundi 8 specialiter indesinenter J 
quereris et veneraris et ia omnibus* locis a regibus el 
principibus 4 , tribubus et lingwis et populis 6 vsque ad 
fines terre nominaris. vnde quanta plus dei et suarum 
et tuarura primiciarum meritis et earum nobilibus minis- 
tris pre aliJ8* ciuitatibus et locis insignibus et egregija 
veneraris, extolleris 7 et amaris, tan to obligacius in dei 
graciarum accione et suarum et tuarum primiciarum et 
earundem nobilium ministrorum reuerencia viceuersa 

• in teneris. vnde deum et suas ac tuas primicias et* earun- 

dem nobiles mini9troe in tali ac 8 tanta habeto 9 et reuer- 
encia [et] graciarum accione, quod ex hijs in die Jadicij 
sis secura in reddeuda racione. Amen. 10 

ctroulua) creseebat ia supremo batons rosam rotundam et pulcherrimain olausam, da 
qua quidem media noete exiait quedam columba alba vocesque humauaa proferaas 
(00 eat affata) nubes asoendendo et dixit Natus est hodie (om. in 00) de rirgine 
dens creator (00 saluator) mundique saluator. IT Melchior habuit vxorem que tunc 
peperit puerum qui mox supra pedes stabat et claraabat lam natus est puer de vir- 
gioe qui omnium est saluator, qui XXXIII (III om. in C) annis viuet &c, in cuius 
signum XXXIII (III om. in C) diebus viuam ego et tunc moriar — quod et factum 
est. Item (om. in CC) istud est contra XXIII cap. vbi dicitur quod nee habuerunt 
reginas nee concubinas sed quod hij tres rcges virgices f ticrunt. Deo gracias, 
1 P prou. div. 3 et loca 3 et frequenter pre omnibus mundi ciuitatibus reguis 
et locis 4 p. et nobilibus 6 et p. om. 6 alijs mundi 7 et amaris et e. 

8 et. • rev. hab. 10 Oolopb in MS. Brand : Anno domini MCCCC 9° hec completa 
sunt sabbato die post octauas corporis Christi in scribendo. MS. Explicit tractatus 
de tribus Regibus Colonic. P Liber de gestis ac trina beatissimorum trium Kegum 
translacione, qui gentium primicie et exemplar salutis omnium fuerunt christian- 
orum / per me partholomeum de vnckel, anno a nat. Christi. Mcccc 1 xxxi. fideli 
exaracione impressus. finit feliciter (then follows the Index) 

The present Latin text has not a few difficulties, which I hope will be cleared 
from other MSS. But as to construction, the original, no doubt, already offered 
the same confusion, not unfreque .t in "Westfalian authors, owing to an unhappy- 
mixture of sentiment and wit, of original thought and want of expression, in their 
mental constitution. The enlarged text does not seem to be made by the same 
*"thoi . 


p. 50, 1. 29 read my$t fe (insteid of l»e). 
p. 90, 1. 28 om [so]. 

(frirl!) (English $.\*t ^oqietg. 








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■ TiivriiH-oo S|^,-]ir',..,i. '.,([:■, .i,(,-,. , ,, i.vcj. p[. br. Kliigjlrj- mid V. J : 
■.. :*.«,!. 

11. L)Hld.-r' .1.:. ,■..:'.!■ ..,:!. J h.uall. HA, W. 

It W tl(r l,t'. Wile • 

■ i.-iyi.e. 

i, I.,,. 

C!''i'",t"H ' 

,'i.iw. "*=.'. M,l. Kir. J. U. I,„...l,v. 
• Pooran. td. K. J. Fimili'Wl. 
■ik ! i':.i-7-i. .-.I. P. J. Purnlrall. 
iH. of Pier, in, Plowmtn, id. Bet. W. W. »»:.■: 
.. kurna. 
: ■ — " M.A. U. W. [/« prr«l 

i. J. Miis.lL. 

('■'. li.'l; 

,... ..ii'Hifli.. .. ■ Dr. 14- Morrit. ]«).«.(. 

I Clirnt: lh. P*rll»in«nt of Dmli, «... ■ >>. Ill", nil F. J. r'l.r- 

'■■. 7 c ll(iou.PtMMinProMMid Vint, (mm R. ||. ■ '■ ii. I'oftf. 1 

■ :, Lo.liii't Kunlpuiiu Voc»bulDruai, I rraunr Dietionvr. LIT*, ■■'' H I 1 - * ■■■ 

l,».:T*«ji !V,it 1. ,.■.!. H. v. U. U.Kkn!. <U. 
H, g«iv Enjli.h Homilu. tli. I3S0-MI . D. . Part I. Edited Lu B*T. Ut it. UoTTM. )«. 

■ p utaH Oait. ■■! u.v. VT. W, Bknli !.. 
II. Ky r »-. DutHief « P.n.fc Pii— '. h. 1- ... . ii.. i.ji.vr i 

:■_. E.iiv Enrli.h lull >nd Viniirn: thi Bok. of Jlortuto -f JafeB liwn U* »•<•• •! fW»|HI 

Mriuu ""' DrioMior. ttii £iWi Book, OrbmlUIii 1: . ~i 
11. TB. Kniotil .(- I. Ti.-i. I..T,,!.,, ill. |..m x.l). A ILw 

k EnElnli HomilK 

l':.rl II. 

,-,M,'if Jiv.- Rooii, BpiilmUot 
-.V.rV., i'.rt V. 



m. or Tht Hoi r Oi ■ 
iriwnl Cut. v. 
« ut Ci.* Vmmi. .4, V A" ■ l-lfill**. "»■. 

. .. :., .- . . , | | . , : 

?Enrluh Vcriion 

.,., \V.,' 
a of Troy. .1. 

Curior Muni 1 . " 

1'irt I. 3*. 

X>4ltM}un* on tho Saver of Our Lords ! 

Tli' II. m '!■'■■■ I'll pTr'!^- "■>, ■'! Thi..^'..» 
Tho '■Cminr Mun.ii." 
',:..■ HI], '.iinc Hoi-si j-.v 117 I i.T>.. • I I! 
F.-r..-,. Tl.nir,- J F-niolenjnej ami > ..-- 
Biihmii Dzpci- Bede'i 

: .■■ ■■ 


Th- Blkkllnis K.,tt 
Enclwb Worka ol VV-. 

C»tholi.:on Anjliouir .1 . I ' 

I . ■ ■ ,. , - 
K-Jf,,,, M.trit.] Li,-. 1 . . ■ 

1 ■■■ titts Eu ■ ■' v., ilUh v. . . 

Xniflifnii'(Ori>iiii,F. from 
r<rn Fsl«liK> Fotsimili of [he Email Glotinrr. I 

Tkn Ewl7-Enf;limh Lif. of Bt. XMhorino mid III 

pirtt P!i.«TT.»ni [frtea, fflmmrr.te. Pun IV. . 

MMA Mttrical 
. Tb« Oldoit Eaflah Trill. Cbu-tcn, Jl 

i Hi. by 11. Domldsoi), Ei 



■ ■ ■ ■ 

itioni/irr IfiBT-lSTS (MUfwliMti *,u-h }/«f) 

rUliamaf Pa.l«a*l or. Wi!li«n ind lif Werwolf II, -..■■ 

bV few (0 ShAkBpora ■11.1 ( lull..-. ■ 

■ 1. 10*. 

II. Culon'i Book of Curntjo. ill Three Cw.ii in. 1M. F. J. Viinm all. i<. 
V. Hanlok the Cui li,--,!n.-..l bj- 1 11. UK. 

ITU. IS.. 

VI. Ounlm AuigM l;. -edited fi he unique MS. br B ii.i. : .i,i.- I'.,,., M.A. -)i 

II. E.rl T English Praimj-tiMion. liv .1. J. KH,. . K. U.S. IMrl II. 111.. 
VIII. Oiweaa EliiDotthM K,l. P. f, pBnllnll, K-iv. an I 

.,)■ ,Fr,.« 
. .:. ■ . 
1'ilM ' 

■ , 
II. A 

Introduction of Kjiawledfi, IS 

V. J. Flir 

I, Pari 1. Rtt.rr 

■nty VITI '■ Timet 

1 11 s-i. :, 

I R«T. W. W, S 


s i.v li- 

Lr.lmal . 

IL'I ll'uri I. ■- V" I.X - 

Biippiioioron of tho Boif"'. '<"■ ^itti.-.m Fi.h. i'-j* « 1.1 ..<■■:. ) .1 ii,,-,,.,,. ■ A ;,., ,,i,- 

to our IOI» Sewnugiu Lords ; A SiiUplimrion ( the Po&ro Ccininonir unit Tim Drcnyi o] 
F.n ; l,v th( rif-ai M.ilP,-.,,. . 01 Sh«n. .-.I. ... ,r II ( ,.111 .|. i .„ (!,. 
IV £irl.Pa t i!.h Pr.,n.„„i.iicn. i., A..I. 1 ■III. Ifu. 

V. BWtrl Orowlnj-'t Tbiny-Ono EDip9.n1. Vojoa of the Lut TruEptl. W» 7 to Wcilto. *c . lv.n.l 
-.1' ■ 'lil-l in- J. II. Cowper, Km, ]-*. 

VI, Ch.uow't Tmiiu on Uie titrnllii Ed. SaVr. W W. SI,, n'. MA. I.I..I1. rti. 

Vtl. Tbo Compl»ji>t «f Bcotliwlc. l.iBii.i... „ill, linn', i.iu-ii , ,,1. in- Murnv, Par! I. 1(1*. 
, ...... ■ . 

IX. Out* ti'lTi-i Kstdiii-. i.i'. K,:|il ...I. Iter. J. II. Hi. , 

\. i,.>...,i.o;,i ii ■ 
.XT. Bwoaur'i Bruoo, 1'mi-i. []., erf. IVv. \V. \v >..-, . ',1 \. ,, 

Hinrr Briaklo»9 CoraplHTat of Eodcryck Mori lali. [51SI 1 anil Tho tiniralicion of 1 1" 
iin>r tlio Oiiio of l.-~ ■ 


Mil. E,v.v I 

■,!-t,.. li 

XV. GufOf Wirwulc. I 


I'M,! 11. I"-. 

AVI. 0«yofW9l 
_XVII- Bo.Pi.^ - 

'ts.'iy i: 

— x*tm Mniusii or ajov«t 
Btmrktr-t Saglacdin H« Q rj TLTJ » 

I, ■•(!. li- , 

.■all. M 

. vi. r>. ?v< vv 

w, \\ V..\A..V>. 



■ ■ 

feii'lii (English iffrxt jSflriftjg. 



■ ■ 

■ ■ . V., mi, I <;|-.,.. ■[-,,, 
■ 1», id. a year ■Mini foi 



. b.\ iraul ArnJotilo 


(ft E,iljEil«lt.1Vir.oLi"""'Jf S,.inli. >■ 
E*rly Eiij-L.i. Yam Livn of B ■ ■ 
BuaplaBUtUT CiiIt Enilnh Lloaj of Suatl. I*]. |lr C. Ilorgluium. 

C„r„,r K.....1L. I'.rL VI. llllvrl ■ . , \ I, 

TIh L»t Fulke' Cuighiiia. bi lrcli'i :, ntHr.e4.Cuei 

Sir D.rid Lj.t!. s , . 

B^ino mcii,> £uv]« EiitUih WiIJb fn i ■ I 

Tli'jum '< itoTi't Lift m,l IVilN ..: fc . * TH.f : » -:, ft', 

O.BUnlHth'1 Tri 

Trcitii • on tlis Virtue!, fr.-.ra a M ,», »■• . U> l;i>, . i. . 

E.1I7 E.,jli,H D**di ui. Document, ri ■, n,.,.,„r )!■- . ^ 

Beowulf, 1 ,t; , 

Piitrirairn of the Ljf of Minh.ii '■■ . . 

An</lo- Snion UTid Biriy Bnjliih Puiut.. , 

Eirir Eaiiiih H.iuiiliei. 1 : Hoi 

TBeauJtof at Biaet: sTmt.. Miitlg-sniuii, Eirlv Enuhak c.ilon, *.- , 1.1 1 ■ 

,. ,-<! r.vv Dr R 

■ ITkrt*.— 

Chm-lem-i-iio KeBfjeeej. ! 
Tomm! olPortynfile. ff 
Dp Fulior 1 EnrjMll Worki. Pt. II, With Ml 

i*. D,[':,,;.!,'.'.;v.:,v, Ihul- ?>.■ - . ■ 1 , 
The V7-, ofilrai. 

Qny (if Wurwuli. I'.i , 
Hinder.', Minor P., .1 
Eooc.ct-c ■ Couipli ... 

Pi-rjmriny • — 
Buhotir't Bmce. -rt. E»v. I'r , 
tantlfoiri Koi* Ormi..-). I i 
T„„ DciLm.liun m J.rii. L, : . 

"* fc tit*f ■ htmi' i ITn li ji g Ijhih. ■ u lam 

,fl and 1887 WW b aImm 

■.,'.,.■ . i 

I It /-rr.. 

P>rt IV. 
... I'll .LI. Part V. 

in V K.)|>ka, 

Br. Furrilrnll. 


-lairngwiH. i. s„ r, 

XXXV. ChuLnuugne Bomineci —J Tins Srre 

. i time Bunnell :— J Ly- of 

-•(■>• Iomwi -4 Lrr or 

\\X\=1I. Cli.ri™.pi.Be>n«aett:-t the i 
XXXIX. 0h<j1im»tnf. fiomuitct :- ( Rent c ( 
XI, CWIasucnr HsmuoH:— 7 Hb«-">- 

XLII. Onjof 

-10. Tl> Foot Horn ,. i Xyiurjn 
-II The roniBoniof 4jTnon, . 

LOS DON i IV. TEUBNEU & CO., 57 k 5*. \X\HMCTC. \iva. 
S£ftLI.V: ASHEE t CO., W wmTKBS«ra.kSS*. 


, » m'B 0, • » ' »* 

* * * Aft. i 

•.• • • 

V* » • L 

» • ** . «?■ 

kg r . . %«.*• • • 

• A'*";' V ■••■