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Full text of "Titi Lucreti Cari De rerum natura libri sex"

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H. A. J. MUNRO M.A. 








ftntrntt HT c. y ctj.v. k.a. 





Mv DBAS Db Kennedy, 

On the completioa of a work whicli bas cost both 
thought and labour I gladly dedicate it to jou, to whom indirectly 
it owes BO much. Many years have passed since the days when 
I was among your earliest pupils at Shrewsbury ; but the 
memory of the benefits then received from your instructions is 
aa fresh as ever. A auccesaion of scholfu^ year after year from 
that time to this will bear testimony to the advantages which 
they have derived from your zeal skill and varied knowledge ; 
and over and above all &om that something higher which gave 
to what was taught life and meaning and interest: deno ea musz 
von Herzen geheOi was auf HeiYen wirken will. 

The present edition claims a^ you will see to do something 
both for the criticism and for the explanation of the poem- After 
the masteriy work of Lachmann you will think perhaps that too 
much space has been allotted to the former; but that portion of 
the book is intended partly to give the reader in a condensed 
shape the resulta of his labours, partly to add to and correct them 
where circumstances or design rendered them incomplete. The 
scandalous negligence with which Havcrcamp and Wakefield 
executed what they professed to undertake haa made their editions 
worse than useless, as the reader who trusts to them is only 
betrayed and led into error What Lachmann performed is known 


to aJl who take an interest in auch studies : from my firet in- 
troduction readers will learn what opinion I entert^n of his 
merits ; they will also fiod that all which I have added to what he 

has done is wHh one insignificant exception derived from the 
original sources to which they refer. The manuscripts there cited 
were examined by myself; the editions and manuscript notes 
were open before me all the time I was at work. The largo 
amount of critical matorial thus amassed I have endeavoured to 
put into as concise and compressed a form as possible ; though 
much of this material needs perhaps to be recorded only once and 
might be greatly abridged if it has ever to appear again in a new 

The length of the explanatory notes calls I fency for less 
excuse. This very year three centuries have elapsed since Lambi- 
nus published the first edition of his Lucretius ; and from that 
day to this nothing new and systematical, nothing that displays 
pains and research has been done for the elucidation of our author, 
Transcendant as are the merits of that illustrious scholar^ what 
was suited to 1564 can hardly satisfy the waots of 186i. No 
defence then is needed for the extent of this division of my com- 
mentary : if it were done over ^ain, more would probably have to 
be added than taken away. It will not be so easy perhaps to 
excuse the translation. This however is really a part of the 
explanatory notes; and if it had been left undone, they muBt 
have been enlarged in many directions. Our author too unles-s 
I am mistaken will admit of being thus treated better than most ; 
and the fashion of literal translations seems to be gaining groimd 
in this country as well as in Germany and France. 

To the advice and friendly assistance of my brother fellow 

Mr King, our highest authority in that branch of art, is due the 

ikeness of the poet which appears on the titlcpage. With K, O. 

Juellcr, Emit Braun and other judges he is convinced that the 

original on a black agate represents our Lucretius- TIte style of 


art and the finely formed letters of the name point to the late 
republic. Ahnost unknown then in other roBpectSj in this he has 
been more fortunate even than Vijgil> whose so-called portraita 
are all I am told late conventional and unreal. 

Sincerely Yours 

TaiviTT CoujUK, OcrroBiB 1B64. 



Ip Lncretina had come down to ns with a text aa uninjured aa that 
of Virgil and a few other ancient writen, he could acarcety have been 
reckoned among the most difficult Latin poeta. Certainly he would 
have been more eaay to explain than Virgil for instance or Horace j for 
he tellH what he has to tell simply and directly, and among his poetical 
ntent8 ia not included that of leaving bis readf» to guess which of 
many poaaible meanings was the one he intended'to convey. Fortune 
however haa not dealt ao kindly with him. Not that the great masa of 
hia poem ia not in a sound and satisfactory atate : in this respect be is 
better off than many others ; biit owing to the way in which it baa 
been handed down, his text baa Br^faired in some portions irreparable 
loaa. It is now universally admitted that every existing copy of the 
poem has oonte from one original, which haa itself long disappeared. 

Of existing mamucripts a fijller account will presently be given: 
let it suffice for the moment to say that the two which Lachmanu baa 
mtinly followed and which every future editor must follow, are now in 
tlie library of Leyden. Due is a folio written in the ninth centuty^ the 
other a quarto certainly not later than the tenth. Large fragments of 
obQ^ if not of two others^ of the same age as the quarto and very closely 
resembling it are also ^till preserved, partly in Copenhagen, partly in 
Vienna, These manuscripts and at least one mora muat have loin for 
ceoturiefl in the monasteries of France or ijiennany, where it is to be 
presumed they found some readers, though few if any traces of them are 
to be met with in the voluminous literature of the middle ages. My 
&iend the librarian of our univeraity with his usual readiness to impart 
the results of his great reading sent me some time ago a reference to 
Honoriua of Autun in the bibliotheca maxima patrum xx p. 1001, who 
is there made to quote ii 888 in this way, Sx iTisennlibv^ me credos 
KtmU ffiffni; bnt the context proves thut he meant to say ne, not me. 
Did this writer who flourisbed in the first half of tbe twelfth century 
like the line £rom tbe poem itself? Prisclan iast. iv 27 cites it with 


naici iiietetid of ^^ni. It would not appeal' then to be botrowed fr^in 
lum, imleoa tLo edllor of tho biUli>theca b&s tfaoii^Lt £t tacitly to 
Bubdtitute fflyiil irum Lucretius. I Ldlvl^ gluiLCtii iLruugli the not very 
yoliimiiiou£ worka <~if tbia lalbei-^ but find iko otber allusioD to our p"ct ; 
oor ia ho unce <iLiotf^il hy Joba tff S^ttz^bury tbc gi^&teat QloAsicrJ scbolAr 
of iLat Dgr:. YearH agn gu p>uihn£ llirou^li tlie biglilj fiuULed pi>euj uf 
Joaepli of Ejteter de t>eUp' Ty^m.uo, who lived in the enmo ctutuiy, I 
ncjticed ^vcml expr^jooi'.whidi at the time atmck lue ah Lut^ri^tiaiL ; 
but ou fuKbcr coiUfliJoinLtjotL tbid appeared to be more ihaa doubtful, 

lu It-aly he VAseVtu iuore tuiuiJettly uuknowti, A i:Ata]()guo 
vbjch Mui^tort. anti^j. ui p. S20 asaigna t<> llje i«ulh centiuy, proves 
tliat tlio Wooua^ liUrary of BoLbio contuined »t tbut tima U^rum 
Zttcrrftilj^tut befuic tbe GiWntli uo Ilaliau poet or writer abefffl any 
knowlectgfl. of liim whaU'Vi?!-. In tlia yenr l-il-t tiio ciuli'bniltd PDpjfiy 
^j>f<^jj^m M'Gnt d^ apostolic B^cretftTy to the touncit of CoDAtiuice arid 
*xeiwu^ ^^ ^^^ si^^ ^^<^ Al]>d iu dilJcient countries, SwitEerUnd 
-Gfifiuojiy Fiaiitio tLud Euglandi luitil ll^D, Dut'Lug tboe ye&ra be 
procured from turitua moiHU4tfries many moat Jiii^^ioitunt Latin worfca 
Iiitlierto totally uulnio^ni in Italy: seo MtLus' prefaae to hia life of 
AJubroBiiia TraveiDariuji p. xxxiij foil. Among thcfio yrts n maou^cripl 
of LucrtitiuSr obtnLued aj>ptLi^uLly fiuiu styam Oeimiin mouaettzry eiilit-r 
by Mm or bin poTupaniun BarCbolomew of HfontJ^pulciaiio in 1417 fta bis 
lottcrif doom to indicat«> and traoBmitted tbe sitmo yoar to hU intiaukte 
fritjnd tbe Florentine Nic<^]') Niccoll, atnoet ceuloud ecbolar and patrou 
of tbe reviviHl elu^Hit^ul btudit^ TbiH iiuiiiujH:i'i|it which Fog^ii> w^roiigly 
auppoaed to he only a j>iir-t of the poeui, haa it^lf diAap^>eiu'ed, but vh^ 
the parent of every copy wiit ten duiing tho l£th oeuiury, that is to 
Bay of oery oue now estant with the ticcptifin of those speciCed 
above : it muAt have very closely resembletl tba Lvyden folio. ' Et te, 
Lucretii longo pobt tempore tandem Civibua t-t patriiw, roddit b^beru 
■ufto' say9 Landinua iu liia poem in praise of Puggio, Niccoli Laviiij^ 
ituch a tretmure iu hy hunda wa? in no buny tu prnt with it. We dud 
Poggio writmg to him many years afWr to Toinind bini that be had 
kept hia LueretiuB twelve years. Soon after it ia *you bikvo had 
Luctrtiiia nuw for foutt<*ea yturs ; I want to read him, biLt caitiiot ^i-% 
him ; do you wish to ketp him amUbcr un yeni'sr Theu be trhai 
what coaxiTig will do: *jf you will aeod Lncretiua, I shall be very mneld 
obli^d ; and promiec not to keep tbc bonk more tbaa a Jungle inentbVj 
Mach fis Njceoti loved Pug^<j, bo loved atil] mote to bavc tbe Aolu 
poiueaajon oT' a newly diAcovered Latin poet, and 1 doubt whetlieri 
Poggio eaw bia Luen^tiue at all evontd bafore hje i<oturu from Kome KM 
Florence in H3L NiccoU died in 1437 and left behind hJm a mapuJ 
HCrfpt wr-iltifn by bb own luiod ;tud now in the Laiireutiau library^ th« 
tnieat reprefteutntive of Pi>ggio's tost original, as Lt abundantly provetU 
by the oriiicid notes of tbe prenent edition. Between tbia date and thud 
of tbe eorlieet printed nUtioua a knowledge of tlie poem was diB'uded 
through Italy by many inc<>nyet eojiien. Eigbt of tliHse, including 
Nioooli's, lire preai?rve«l in the Ijinrentijui librnry^ all of vhieh I bav3 
exaujined, twi^ with rare, oe being of no amnll impori^inee for tbe text M 
0ix iu% in the Vatioin, ilU t^eeu by ma ua long ago &s the autuuiii aj| 

IS^O. Of the copieJi m Knglnnd I have hnd in my linnd^ nt leiut 
fivT^A ; oce of ihr^so Wlotiging to our C^aj:!btJJgo Iibmry biiA bwti vpon 
before Ene iLe whole tliui^ 1 waa vrmiu^ uiy LinttciU noU^ In ilia 
imperiAl libraiy <.\f Fftris I bftve coat my eje over several urfimporTJinb 
c!>D|fi«9i TtoK mk(iu?4cnpt3 vliicU hmra beeti of tuiy iioportiuioe in 
ibnuiTi^ ttiff t^xt sfftli he luuro fidl/ sjHiktu of, after the prmtcd editions 

The e^tLtio i^irinc&pR^ of irfaich nn1y thrae copies are kcown, wai 
|>ririt«i'( fllMJiit I173 by yer*Tiihia of Bryfloia, It i^ tJie only oos of thft , 
Hilly tvUviuUD wlitcU I do n^t [ioti9L-&'< ; I hiive bad t^ ti'u^t l]t<-rcfi>re to ' 
tl;<^ veiy uiiakilful ooliutioii uf Gt^niri itt the end of thi3 (fljvij^utf udition 
af \S'jife>itld, Aa it v-.ts jinTitsd Irom r mnnuBcHpt. a good deal 
c*irri3Ctixl, bat yet inferior to auoli ouicuJt'd ctkjiioa jta tha Uambridgo 
tvt^ fi»r iiiaUioce or tiuit wfcbicb 1 catl Plor. 31^ it ia of little iniportaEce 
is tliij hint<'ry of the t^'xt; of far \i:f^ tb.iii the Lwu next vilitiou't, aiuce 
Uwy by »**eidi-ut cj^ine to h« the fouiuktion of the vulg»<e. The former 
of ttuw wHfi pubbslied by Pttuluti FriJi^Ttijorj^ti- at Verona in U8G 
■4i« ¥7gcBiiun i>CUvo BOptftoWia caleu, ottobria'. It wna pduted from & 
Ru. el<iM>ty resembling th^ oue writboii by Niax))), oa uiay he fteen ty 
tliv m>fft unnwry inftpeoLion of my critioal uotea. It in thei''?f<>re veiy 
ntdv ui4 inaccumtv, but beiii^^ lead Lut<:rpolatc-d thftii the odibJv 
luiiio^B or the uiajijii'ily uf eiialLn^ mss. iL reproaeuipS the anhrtypo 
mi«n* fuKhfaily than ihcAQ do, though there ia hjLrdly a lioe without 
mtnv iii>i[uhMiu bluQcler. The ueit erUtion waB published ia Vcqico 
'yir ttl«^'cI■^<rum de ra^A^ombaa do naula dictum brc&aTtiLQi^ 4 He|>t't.'Ui1>cr 
■■M0> From wnme elegiac ver^uM nt The nnd one C Lyciniua wimid ftp- 
H^^ to be It* editor, if e*iitor he C4tii be culJed ; for it esactly reprodm^en 
^frr xhe luiwL puft ihe Verona edition oven, iit the minutest poiota of 
ito jK!*«rae putitltinliou, Thi>re flm howKver throughout the jioem nob 
> few difleren<*B in Ihe two edilioiiH some of little, others of greater 
IfliportjUiCd; for example iv l^.i — lUl (100) are wonting m the 
ViTuoi^ but not in ihe Vcuico. The rfjuioii why 1 dwell on thia fiut 
¥^1 mitjmsr pnswntly. 

Iq l>tfcsmher l*)On Ahbis publi^heil his lirst edition of oiir po^m, 
llip £rkl vyBt^tuatm ondcA^X'Ui' to midie it iiite|Ligibli> througbotit. TIlo 
okiot Wttfl Hierjnymud Avaociua of Verona, who dat^a hia detiication 
'KalTidU Martii. uad\ old style I preAuinUp am] really therefore I^OO; 
m iiit<*rvfll of twi'tity-two mouthu between the two datea would not be 
Nij to uudcrstand. Avanoina ia Icikown by otht^r workK also, e^ptfiaHy 
tW Afdine edition of Catullua, A slight ioBpectiou will nhew that ho 
took *ith*r the Verona or tho Venieo editioi], ii[Mjn which u> form hia 
lul \ & more careful i.'xaminM.tti>ri will |irovu thnt it mmit have heeii thtf 
hUer, Oar rriticnl noted w^ill funiu^h many other inetnncfa; lot me 
hnv only mention tliut in in '^^tl he and Veil, h^vo U/rpedine tor cttp' 
pdJMC, while Ver readK ivr-jfUIinf ; iDll hti takes from Vi^m it« remark- 
ihii p^fcding ey^nuA, which Lfiohniaua adcpld and wrongly a^gua tO< 
HvuHiia : Vern follows the Lcjdi^n and all other known mdS. in re&dinff^ 
t^mUu; 1015 he and Ven- Imve tbe absui-d rt^uling mivida for ludltAf , 
9hm^ Ver. bat the ef^unlly unmeajkiDg bifla. Ven. therefore ia tJi^ | 
*ttto impremiA' sfioben of by Aldus. AvanoLus' pi^faco i^hewa that fbtfJ 

1—2 A 

N0TE3 [ 

lu3 dn-y lie waa a good inil well-read Ia^ ooliulatf aad had studJvd 
Prwi:fj<ii Noniin and M^crobiuR for the ilhintration of hia antljor. Aldua 
ill Ilia prefatory lett«v to AlWrtus PiuB confinas this, and bavh tbat ha 
kuw Lucrettua bv iLcatt, ^ut dlgltoa ungueaqvii; buob', Avaucius in his 
preTftce usaerts mucli Lhu -umie; HJid tlieftw mtJ^ilrHULaJ'lubff there iuwiio, 
a]iew thnt tblfl wua true nt k'ast to a cermin cxlont. At the Buiiie time 
ho ac^mite with & soeciing cifl.ttdour thai owin^ to iha iuim^QBe diffionltj 
of tliu work te liiia left luiicb for others to do. Muct iadeed be has left 
Ultdoiie; AJii il would Iulvh ht-tii a heiX^uliNLU taJik fur otm umu fully to 
eornn-t tho de^peml-ely oomi^it Venice wiilioii, especially in those dayi 
when thurc wert but t'cw oKtviuiixiua (uda uod the art of Bybteinntic ct-LtL- 
ciBin Tffaa yet iti it* iaf^ftcy, two gcnevatioos baling yot U> elapse. befi»ro 
it n^n^IiGtl itH full gi'owih \i\ The hmd^ fif tJie ilhistiiotia school of Frcueh 
criUi.'& W hut he has done how<jver l8 very great eQtitlea liim. to 
high pniii^e, if it is indeed bift own. But thin shall be considered pi 
beutJy. Tliu ii4'\t editjou is that of the will-kiiowii sehohir lotui] 
I5ii]itiata Piiirt, fmhlished Mil *kfll. Mali' in his iiiitive Bologna. Lii 
c]-DtiuH' text ie eDLheildecl in an enontioim commeotiiry whi^rb <iiHpliii 
nmid much cumbrous It^nikiig do slight jicquaiutoEkce with the L^tii 
\KietH, sevrnd of which he edited bciffire hiuI Hpter hiJ* Liierutiiia H( 
thus deseribefl what he baa doiia : 'cotitulimuB tiou Bine fterumni^i vigiliii 
que dliitiiLia eodic^m veueti Henno]^: ct Pompom romtmi: oodzccmqi 
HDD eiuiULtci uialuui; i\\ii rtervtLtur J^Luiltiue iu iMbhotheca quudam ml 
iirlwTin: tjiii fiiit Tin non indocti gertis clurirwimae StToI-iorum- lion dt 
fuit I'bilippi Beroaldi jmioeeptorid4|UODdftmiiiei; nmie i^olleg«e: iiopressiu 
quidem ; ^ed t^mt^ii |irrxrc[iac exa-minatu-i C'odri quoque grainmAtid 
Dououieusitt: cuiiia co\\ia. loihi per Burthulomeuiii BlauL'hJnuuL vinun 
eloqiiii eiculliiisiTni fwoti est : iranjllicjiie poetJie inJu^tnn miifi cn^^tigntwm 
no& detiiit ONeiu|>Ur ^lv<'iv> Monnco I'lELccDtino graooe latiueqiie perdooto 
muoanim nthleLjL uoq gn^viLtiiu 1}]tbI'0]ltQ^ He makes tie meation at all 
of the man to whom be? w»» iiinHl iiidrhLtdt AvuJieitiu; for his text i« « 
rsprini of the firat Ahline, wirJi how^iver not a ftw ehangoa of words or 
phnitk'B, often fur the better, often for the woi-s?, eitbtj in^rted in thai 
test Of prcpiacd in thTi ni-Us, e»Dd doiiTed it luny be iirDHiimcil iu irmnji 
caaes from ^mc or other of Lba 4i>iireea ju<it m^utionefl Bi^t str^ng^ td 
fiiiy wlieii be iunk<^B n ehauge in the text, the lemma of hi^ note nearly 
aJwayn contains iii^t thto rcfuliiig, but that of Avnuciu» as if he b&d| 
meant it U* xtfiiid : thiia I 3 he rightly reads tli^uso fiiiiurie; but hgfl 
lemmn. httf> diff'tiMi nn/n-ine with Avuni-^iuii, wbieh tbr^ liitter hawever cor^ 
recta at the i^nd of hi? UntuUus: und h^ adcbi 'euat qui leguot iuinin«\ 
15 for itijitu be i^oui^ly iiieert* in the leit ytWr/'tB; but hi» lemma hjiaj 
Eiipttif ami his note rightly i^j'fam^i the construction, nod nirikes no uimJ 
lioo of ifii^tlifue^ 34 hia teit ppojicriy bu Iieii<it, bin leainui ^fffi^it 
after Avanenm; 35 bis t<3xt \^ronglj ftiretf fiufjMrans, the lemma &n$pi^; 
cifsTu; and Kfi tbioiijjliout thi; ]K>et]i, Tliia \try a[iigul>tr circum^taiicQ D 
explain iu ihih w»y: he yva^ living nt Itonie when hia etlition wjn* printedl 
and floenift 1o have sent tb© text und coinineiitiiry wpni-ately; for thJ 
liook^L'llcr |>niit8 at the end a long pJ^ge of errors with Lhib notice proJ 
Jixeil. 'lliLTi^Eiymii?^ PLatunicitH Doii'iiiitujii^ bthliu[iohi ad lectoceur. cunJ 
Udi Pit fxompkr emu editv Lucretio: labeeulnHque puueulaa noiavfl 


eet.' I^W editpion wu reprinted by Aacencius in Id 14 with, not a few 
efaaoges in text, some ol them taken from the note&. 

Tbe next edition must be ever memorable in the historj of Lucretius, 

tbftt publiahed by Philip Qiuntft 'anno aalutaa H.d-ul menae martie'. 

Whether this meuifl I5J3 new style I c&nnot tellj but I kaow that he 

dfttca a Gellina and a Romoaldi vita aa published in January 1513, 

' Leone ponL max, chriatiaDam B. P. moderante ' and ' I^eouia X anuo 

primo\ Now Leo X only became pope in March of that year; so that 

here he mnat be speaking of 1514; and in Florence at all events this 

mode of dating seema to have been in common osc: The editor wiu 

Fetroa Candidna who, great and important as the corrections are which 

he has introdnced, has yet need a copy of the firat Aldine u|>on which to 

make them, Uioagh he has never mentioned the name of Avancius. It 

atema to have been the practice of those time9 to take at Jeaet whatever 

waa printed without acknowledgment: thus Giunta regularly mode 

booty of Aldus, Aldus of Giunba in turm What ia said in the present 

cue is grounded on a close inspectiou of the two volumes. Candidas, 

wboQ he does not dengnedly leave him, follows Avandus in the mi- 

nntest points of spelling and punctuation. The latter for instance says 

in his preface that he writes ^veteres imitatus Teperlvmatt itfput, jkcc^- 

aa^ uid the like: Candidus in his preface that ' in tam culto, tam niti- 

do, tam Dndecunque caati^to poeta* he will not admit archaisms like 

vdgumy volnera; or nuliatt, haudgwaquanigi and the like. And so iu 

hii text while rejecting Avanciui^ paie/actaslt volnere etc, he keeps his 

/ritffifiimteis rapactia and a thousand such forms which have no au- 

Ihonty in their favonr, while those which he di&canls, have much. 

lacbmann always so hard upon Avancius says * hviius iueptissimam 

BcHbendi radonem Eichstadius studiose imitatus est', but has not a woi'd 

of blame for Candidus, 

But whence haa the latter got his many and brilJiant correctionaf 
A:* few or none appear to come from himself He uays in his adilives 
to Thomas Sotherinus that what he did waa to collate all the vetueta 
Ketmpiaria that were in Florence and to expunge what was condemned by 
Otc obeli of Ponlanus aud M&rullus, ^ pracstuntis&imorum aetate nostra 
Titum'. He alludes of course to John loviatius Pontaniis and his friend 
■od pupil Michael Marullus, after Politian amon^ the fir^t scholars and 
latin poets of the most SoDriahing period of Floreotiae learning, tbe 
ktter half of the fifteenth century: * Mamtio ed il Pontan' have the 
bonoor to be mentioned together by Arioato in the Orlando xxxvii 8, 
But Candidus goes on afterwards to fipeak only of jVlamllua ' cuius in hoc 
open oenauram potisaimum secuti aumua'; and in a note at the eud he 
nays that in changing the order of verses here and in moat other placea 
he bae followed tbe amuigement of Blarullus. To Marullus therefore 
ererything which is peculiar to the Juutiue has uaually been asaigoed, 
whether in the way of pnuBCi or of blame as by Victoriua and by 
Joseph Bcaliger who inherited among many other of hia father'a antL|>a- 
thies his dialike to Marullus. But lAchmoDn hita gone much &rther 
than this, and has given to him not only by oversight, aa will be heen in 
notes I, much that belongs to older authorities; but everything that 
fint appeared in Avancins' edition as well, calling the httter 'fur im-. 


firalruB* and other op]knj1tnuns rames. Tliat iia got mncU nsMiHlauce trovn 
the ]&boun of MomlluB ia cerUiiLj but by ftscribing to the latter evezyJ 
tbiiki; tbui in tu the Jnutiuc^ in oosnc reepecta mote in otbers leaocreditifl 
giTsn U> Eifru Ltian he deservea Aa I caji throw bome liglit oa Lbifl 
iDtcTMtiDg qTi9«tion, I will examine it at Home length bere &nd m taHJ 
ooa partH of iiot<o 1. I 

The scliolar poet and (loMier, ^Iic1ia«1 Tarchimota Manilliw O^n- 
)iEaTit,inop(ilLtjLnii»(, w be caUh hiiii^Ht'Jf Jn i\i<i ihIlUojis of liii^ [x>em3 
printRl during hts life, npiicars from this title end Xiu epttapb in 
Sftn Domenioo nt Adcocr, who^^5 he find ao many of his anceators 
are buried, J» woll At< from the cpitU^l Bimatius gUen tu bim b; his 
fnani) PHtmB ("riMitUR, ta bare bepn torn in Constantiuoplo. A* 
]W can hurily have. [tOHS&d middle bfe wbi^D he p^riubed in tha Hv«r 
CcHiia near Toltcrra April tbc lOlh 1500, ho must have been a mere 
child yrhvn on tlie capture cf bis native dtj be -wits brought to ItoJra 
pTOliably to Ancnno. He nsn^ have reeeipcd hin trainhig liowcveq 
i& Florence, and hi? found a Jliiw^mai in Lorenaj de' Medici. Tliongll 
he never prints an^'tbing on LuoretiuB, hvi nnnnuscripb cmcndntioiifl 
appear to linve beon well known dtiHng bi^ life, and r mpy iif tbd 
poet In have been fonnd on him at bis death: '«t roiserantla illfl 
in [nodiU Ccciuac iindia L^Lliaij,runi niunanim in^itutii cladcquc indgnl 
nniis est Lucretius receptiia^ say:* CWdJius lu ]na preface; luid hifl 
friend Petms CrinUns in hia de bttneAtn disciplirin xv 4, piibliiJiid 
in 1504, but mmiiy written it would f«iim liefi.<rfi Ma.iiiUns' deotu 
nftcr wdl rcfatjog an Alteration of hia which ti\iaM preeentir be referred 
to, njds ^qtina nb eiua ^[UCiLjue aectatoribua recT^pUi liunt pro venHeimis*] 
Thti intense love of Liiereti^ift be seems a\i\y to have concftived in ibd 
latter ycar^ of his life. Ciindidii>), wLmo profii^-o full of fuolin^ abevd 
that he greatlj loved Mamlloa nud deeply di'plorcd hiis notiiacly eudj 
Hlrivcri to make the most of what hv did: he ssjA ' Lncri^LiHtiae aded 
ven0ri« per omnem aetntem ^tndto-^n? fiiit^ nt oet' But thia mvtst be nil 
i^xOiggevauon ■ the Gr^t edition of h\s poams. published without a dut« 
containing only twtt bouks of epigrams, shews so fur as I cJin «eo ndj 
trace of any nequftii^tancp with Lu't^retinn. Cntullus in ehiefly iniitatad 
evan in the elegiocfl, and next to him Tibnllns and Horace. Six png^ 
from the begtDnin^ thera is a poor poem of eii^bt bnea ' de poew 
J^biia* [del iu wbicb he saya that Tibullus Moro Tereni;o I£urm4d| 
CAtnllna each in hia kmd are the only gond Lutin pi^ets: I/gc at ^vd 
iftiw coH^rog ponei votes, Oneret qu/irn honortt f&rivt. In decemb«J 
1437, Ksarcely therefore nioro than two years before bin death, be puM 
lisbed xt Florence a munh enlarged edition- A third nnd fourth booo 
of epdgram^ are ndded : in tbeae tt^o I lind no ti-nee nf LucreliiJ 
Then f&llow four books of hynini nnturalea- In theeOf eepecially aitoh tM 
are written in heroti:^ the utrain U 'of a bii^'ber mux)', and we meofl 
with frequent imitiition* of Lucretiiia, even in the lyrics, n? OpUtu^qtiM 
iatff pclUjta tnU which recalla Ipsa ruit poilnTia opibm. But in the«l 
heroics it is to be nnticcd that the rhythm is Vir^lian, not in an« 
reapeet Lucrutjan even where he clusely folbiwB the latter'a lungunj^e, wk 
in the hymn to earth: Atti^ riipfnSina cit^i tj'iam ffrn'"» havjityt V^ngifM 
t^ttJieriam in lueom noma sdiitia i^n«. Cum prvioetut ktimi nudum 


£4re/, intii'/ia. KratYTH AuJnlii, ittfirmfiffpif. p^ur/i injtrmuspfr pafatu 
Thrn imitAting at onae nod contradicting Lucretius' tff funanti, Cvi 
'nm in vita rvt^i cct, he £iDGa on Atgite urto turn tanAunt infA\ir^ fpmd 
damna yoii cajtit vt quajitutnjitipfrat jt^r/erre labortim. Ttii^ tlie lut 
pablkibed in Lis liTVtime is full from bvgiiiDing to end df Lucrotirm 
jjllimflculogy. In this rditioTi too ho infl^rle two new verses in tho 
|iOtm "de paetia lAtinla' apokcii of nl>oYo, JitUura mnjni I'rrreibm Ln' 
CtW** fjtpore wiMn/n iUitiir, tlin liiwt in tho |Kiem and rm'nllirg miuirvo 
iarti# ctincfa iepore. Crinitiia 1.1, XXru T quote* thia |>o^Ta and 
itjona a conTorRatiun ho lipd with Mjiniliu;^ ia which ^fActum cet 
luflidrtTJi nopei' a Eo&trrj Miu-iillo de poptis Latinis egregitr peifectuni et 
(imd^nl^r*, and Oi~iii and othir |>oiita nro hbinipd '. and thpu it U adijed 
'lUquo Icgi^ndi quidoni F^uiit omnes inquit [AlcknilJufl]; fled hi nuLximo 
}m>b«iuJi pro hw.' qniAqno g^nerc, TihuUus H^*ratillt1 CrttulluA et in 
MDoedJa Ter^iitiufl. VergiltiiEu vero eb Liicretium editct'itdos aattr^!^'*. 
L*t vhttt haa junt Iw^en said W at onrc pp|i3ipil to a Hfriting interpola- 
UnT], Afl^r 1 lo tho JuQtiDO firat iiiecrtcd tho v. lileet^hrisqua tuia 
pmnM natura aniauifUinn, which Wg ke^rt its pLuc<! >n tho commoQ edi- 
Uf>aK I-dfhiDoim of caurae attributes it to Mandlus, as do mnnt ^di- 
bNS. L^tubimiq snys of it 'neqna euni Nangerinfl n^^qiie Pontanufl 
hiim^runt. Marulhia hdiia ^ dotrttia ex auct4.>nt&to votcHa caiundaii:) 
Ci^icEB, qviejiiadcnodiiiu milti reli^nae ns^ovsravjt Donatas lanottua, 
nohift Him ri»4titTiJt. amicus qntdam meiia iDgemo et doctrina praf^tan- 
twimos putat chvb ah fpao MiLiiillo factum cet/ ^^''hat hia authoriij 
i> Sot that which hr soya of PontannH J do not know, hut Nau^eriuB 
editor nf the Ahiineof \fr\^ properly ntultstlie line, though lie in geupntl 
mioulvJ^ i''>pie5 the Joutin^, Now tbia line i^ writiPii Iky the hund of 
Aq^Io PoUtiJLn in tbe laa^gin d a toanupcnpt wbi?h bolou^od to him 
and forms ixxv 2'J uf the Laurentiaa lihrnr;. Polilian dird in Mp- 
t«faber Hil4, when Manjliiin midd hanllj yet have done mnch forLnwe- 
£jw; nnA heside* this u he had been long the dradlj eremy of Politian, 
it ii oot likely tlie li^tter would bivc tTJ.iertcd in hiA manuBcript ouc of 
Jiijt TQrwra. 1 fou^Milc thf^reibre thiit it la Politiou's own ; and a^ Cau- 
Jidoj Mys in hjft prefunn that he cnUated nil tho ' vetUHtJ* eieTnjilftria' in 
l^rcncB, ho could uot havu neglected this manuscript wliioh wa< then 
in the fumotiA r«nTf*QtTiaL hhraiy of San Marca 1 condiidt tberefora 
t^ L'AndidLia' ttUiiug it* from the margin cf PoJitifin^H iiiA. 'i» t}ie right 
FXpUtki^tToii of lauottuR' ^xsertion that Mnrullos got it from an ajiciant 
QB^vX It ifi qitito puasihls indtH.'d that ManiLlua copiod it hiiDBttf from 
lln I&& which paesp^l to ^aii Marco immediately after Politian'^ de- 
rtnd thtiA rrjibed him of hin vei^e after death, as ho had rohbiyl 
ht* hridv dniing Life. Nao^i^riiis has in his firbt page another 
ijji.j iMfi r'rMin the Jiiiitiiic. hut that a pt-nxrac ono; in I T ho rcwls 
A-U^i^'ii-j'"-. tut) and joiua it with what foUcjwh. Tbifi corruption I 
UJi^p to pro^ixl from MnnrJlns: for hift hjmn to the smu rontaiiui a 
f^tft(ftr whii?h e^ideiilly eomes from Lucretius: Cum priraum t^^i rttb 
(mmp^r^ ttrmt JatMfii Attrn VHuirt. iarU ^ftniUihrii e>C'tacifal aucUi-m : Ad- 
fiBlniiie dei ^fmnnintia jtraUi Ctilvttxt : Ai^tfcrulamff^mixo/nnf vir^rt, ^«/i»ut 
rWvrufli J*eri^ilsi ttnfiraa atini dtdadinf Tntrtitti- I can shew in other 
tbfti MAmllua coimpted LucratJus, whci-e ho has not been follow^ 


by Avandu* or Caadidna: vi 650 — 652 are quite oorrectlj giTen by 
Avonciuj, &ad ia his ]eflm«d pre&c« he aays vith refereace to 652 Nee 
ioki pan txL * totiu prima, bravi, qiii& tptoti redditiTas wt.' CriDitiui hi. 
XT 1 quot«« 650 651 rightly^ and odds 'quft in re grammaticonim nobin 
autborit«i8 patrocinatur, quanJo et arUesintut et miiiaimue probe dici- 
tar : parUm muiieaiawm iuqiiit Nomua nore poeituiD est a Lncretio 
pro mmimo, ae qui» fbrte paulo iecatitiu* atque audadua a veteribiti 
decedat. qoae a me ve) ob earn rationem sant adnotata, qaoniam H&nil- 
lus BizantiuB aetate noatra, vir alioqui diligens, paolo improbiiui ddeie 
haec et alia pro ingenio subdere teDtarit; qoae ab ejoa quuque soctatori- 
boa recepta aunt pro venasimb\ Candidus gives these two Tersea rightly 
and aaya Id Qote a< eod of Junt, ^ citatur KodIo locus* : he has got this 
clearly from Criiutos, who in the aame chapter correetJy qtiotea and 
illustratea I 640 Qaamde gravis ceL vhich the Italian msa. aod editions 
had corrupted : this too Candidua took from him ; for MatuUub appears 
to have read Quam ^ravior Graiot inter as doea Piua in biH notes, and 
Grjphina of Lyons. Again vi 332 Arancios rightly gives per rara 
tnantm, Candidua perversely after Morullaa ^^r operta: see hia note. 
But fifty instances like tbe last might be quoted. Candidas has also 
miaaed some of the best of Marullud' copjG<^ures : see for inatiuioe notea 
1 to I 1013 where I have got from tbe margin of one of tbe Florentine 
msL perhaps the most brilliant example of his critical acumen. Then 
again unteas I greatly err I bare ahewn in my notM that Gi&nins in 
preparing bia edition had before him a copy of the Venice oi of 1495, 
lent to him by the eealoua ficholar Sambucus, aa he teetifies both in his 
preface to Sambucue and in bis addi'esa to the reader. Id tbe former be 
says ' exempium Lacretii ad noe dedisti, non illnd quidem calamo exara- 
tunif sed Ita retustoio et idoneum, ut vicem optimi maauscripti fueri^ 
aiquidem in eo ridi omuium paene mendorum ongioes^ quae magnam 
partem a Michaele ManUlo, cuius immntatiouea in eo adscriptae erant 
onmeei primura parts, mox admiseruot Florentini cet.': in the addi^ai 
he speaka of tbe ^Sambuci liber quem ijieius Marulli manu adnotaturo, 
magno pretio vir ille praestaotisnimus }Hravit'. Wby then lAchmann 
p. € should write 'neque enim &cile Gi&nio credera possum MaruUi 
ipeius manu anuotatum fuiese ilhid exemplar impmuum quod so ab 
lohanne Sambuco utendum accepisse scribit' I cannot comprehend. 
Gi£uuufl was a dishonest phigiarr, but at tbe same time a most astute 
man- Wby should he tell a gratuitous ^sehood which Sambucus 
would at once detect 1 He waa writing only two generations after 
MaruUus' death ; and even if Sambucus gave hia money for what was 
not tbe handwriting of Marulltia, it was at least a genuine copy of bia 
notes. But notes I jurniab abundant proof of what I say: see for in- 
stance tboee to i 606 u 9 v 44 and especially m 944: I conld give 
fifty other examples, if it were necesaary. It appears then that Avan- 
ciua got from Marullus much which the Jiintiue does not record, and 
on the other hand that Candidua took from Avancius without acknow- 
Jedgment much that lAchmann and others a^wtgn to MaTiillua. Candi- 
dua, as I have said above, formed hia text on a copy of the first AEdine ; 
in doing this be must hare had before him another edition with tbe 
mi, Dotea of MandluSf perhapa the very one whioh he tells us wiaa 

HRr^ Mm at lua deetli. If now rJl tlmt la c^mmiMi to the ili^l 

AJtljnp luiil tbe Juiitiiii' outiii^ (nnu Mjinjlius^ as Lai-litiinun* laAJTiluuja, 
iuwij" Caudrdus must huve ht^eii Klniclt with tlij^ coiiicTdcneo, and would 
KftVe rpei-rdeij it arjriiiirf A^'iuiciua, tlir »^[iloi' of iljB grcal rivTi.1 pulv 
Yet Avaiiciujj did b^jmiw liLr^idy, vci'v IhtkcIj iruin Jlanilluft 
. I . . illy in tlie njfto of inter ijuliilnd voi-sws ii iirli' Lj tho luttw. Ht5W 
ik Uiitt t4> be L\v|>!]iiueil I Evid-^iitly ev&u iK^foie hts d^itb^ MuruHu^* 
■kboura ou Lqcri:tiuB wprc knoffn; and prolraldv tltt^rc wu^ uioro tliiuL 
inio i^.jiy of Ibcfle, tie I'ne not nlwajs ugrvcing ivitli Iht uther. On IhU 
jioiiit t^itTipiiru tiuttis 1 ta i ^551 — *y2S, wln'i'o C.imiidiiis rnnke* ftome [M?r- 
r«>rvo fmD£|^i6itiJ>iie ^if ^croen, <>ii tho aulLonty^ of^litiijlliia he aurs in 
hif tioto nt tho tilth ^ut the leiinii^d auiJot<Ltur uf oiio of t]>ti Luureiill'in 
tafia> t^aXen that si'inf* \n]i 551 — S'U Jifter 976. HDfl adda * veruiii MHtuIto 
fwrtmi n^fi^rre videtiu' qnoinodo legatnr'. Thia nnnotator and Avindus 
KiuA CWudtita? Uit^nins con linitlly all havo Ijiid tlie f^ame cop^: por- 
Iiitpa bU weti? iliilWeut. Avaiiiiiud theu mny^ have had hin noted in blio 
Tory ct>p7 of Ven. oa whi<?h ho forniHi his ivni : he m;iy hare hai"<Lfy 
kiiovrn t^ whom tL<?y belongwJ , and maj hflTe locttd ou item na jmb- 
Uc prcpcrty whloli }ie irtight maku imo of witlki}ut ackiiowJi>dj^a<<iit 
aixntUing to the pmiMlije uf the tiiLie; for ueiDhur Pitu nor CiuididuB 
■efcniwlf*IgeM in }iis tiiru what h^ got fmin Avarif^ipa; nor dws Naug<> 
<-: editor of ALiL "2 suy & {^yllabU of Condidud wboao eilition he 
1 witb few TarintioHa. 
But Lu^biimniL ti:t lit !r8 citt^ in pr'nofaf lit^ diAr^ Ibat A^'auciun 
VBi K dishoni-«t plogiuEj tLree iDtorjuiltilixl vi.'isos wbiob dnubtl^^ vur^ 
mmpMul hj MuiiTillTis and nro oomiptly ^vcti lu Aid. 1. lu hoU-a 1 ti> 
til 9d I lln*t fttU'tnpL^d to sbevr I'ruui Oifauius that MaruUiwi probably 
BToEo />u/rrriff a.n6 that Avnnniis intoiid^i to read tbe Rflme: AFantinB 
uraa prutwbJy aa ^ood Ji Latin t^holar ad ilanilhis, if W-fte varsod. m Lu- 
cretius, la the line inBOt^KMl nfter iV 102 mnlfac for rauflae m^r be nn 
VTTVT uf the printer or an overeigbt of AvanuiuB- In that JiiBerted aiWr 
IT fi3!£ thure r&n be little duiibt that his purpnsety wrote tKis^ itnagiiiiiig 

MMM VkiA iL phimJ. Tije cun^ctiu^ of toxt» waa (hen in its infaticy, 
HnilciuA bad -to gnL^vous a tn^k b<?fore him in muJcia^ acnsc out uf 
■Uiimtnni^ly C4irru^>l«d Vtriir4< tHiitiiin, thut much tnuat in fiilrnr^ 
li« ex>^ci»clr wo cannot tell whiit were the vxact rfluttoiiR Wtwi-mi him 
and AJ<liic and hi-4 }'riutcrB. At, tbo ond of hia Odtullus pubJiEhod two 
Ji*m liit4^T he bu* taken ocoiaion to give fnur j^agca of Lutr^jtian cnd- 
GvD. iu «liHi be hjiJ4 pn>]Jo^«ii many excellent alteratiniifs {if Ids fiinner 
Itit Lbi-upb 1 do not lind tlial any edit'~<r before lue ban noticed thi^e 
vJuch ftic veiy iin|tortatit for hiri »Tpii('*(ioo : eec notea 1 to n VJU and 
OAuy uthcr juvvsiL^'e^, Th^f uifriuui^e (Ik-ji I draw fioni h\\ iWib h t\ at 
botb Avjtnciui urid Mariillu.4 did innrh for Liiornl.iii^, Mnm1hi»i duiibtlf^fla 
nora UiAn AvcuidD^; Uiat inncb whioh in pei^ulinr to the Juntine is not 
Avui Mdrulluii, And mitcb of what Miirulbia did, ia not in tbe Juntiue. 
iWtwiwu tbuiu tUvy \ftfdy improved a. ^rievou^ily L'ormpt text; aiid 
Uungh they intriiduwd many perverKities, wo i>»ight in jiiniple jnatii'e to 
UL« iiiUt oouGliinf'jitiou only what a good, Jn my notoA for obx'jous 
nMij|n_ wbcu AJd. 1 and JuuL jigree in a reaibn^, I lUf^niion lioth ; 
vKm ft Ttnliiig EA pecndiar to Abb 1, I na^iigu it to AvanciLn by nnme; 


U!!'- in-' 1,1,. ,^,c: 

' .' iCT-i'. »T *-TCiTi?-*K^. ^-^ipt »jrtw* ii^ litfint 

Lin.- — tClt. J 'Hj' lIlllC W^Bf 

t-.^T -*.i- _*'VjJi"^lr- IE "^ BIBS of 

^ ■ - ■ - , ^" . 1^-* an; ih' lahs IjSP 
' „ ■>-,-- ■ ^- Ja- T .._'.■ 

' . ■ . ^ - I . jci^*- - -tT'ifeii:' ' in*;im*mi' ■». — iwMi : 

"..- -VI -*.--*,_-, .._ n T\-.^ *?• n- iJiih ^e ^xm 

- - . ',„ -1". '.-,1-; :-^ ". at* J^iLLL^ 

. -. .*■',. , ■' - -.'T,- ^ :«? j'-fcrr-ir t' ail 

I. . ~. .*, . - . : '. I ' ip'n; j Ti* 

..... ... . -^ T." , - -r ^ . .'T^T^.IS»>;^-tf *t 

.* . ' v. »■-■.. .-^ ^j.—- irit -«', 

. ■■' .-* ,: in- >i'*'T7ii»i 

■. - ' ■'■ . -.— _..^ t:?:T» .^a 

-' - ■.,^. ■-■- ■,- . .*, ■?« _- -.'. .->^ iii.:i»i T-.ta 

■ » ' ■ -ir'i -' ■ '4 - ; I ■ -^ -? "-:_ i.l-^"* "i:r <-Tali<t- 

■' » i— ..- r-, I.J. >. .1 ,.-t 11 '-.t^ 'i.x,^. ►iir'i-.u?^ Ail *.» ! :tr 

■ * .-,.». ■. i,, ' " . : j^- r'-i^ S]./j»|£ ".J.-iL Mil jr:-f iVtU Hl'ir*" lili? 



Hbpli)>hf:d fMif UntH of vli&t Lambiiiii?( fiiiccped«d id doing. lju<]imiuirk 

Jlpaiirim liim of etrAog^ Lcritir luid rashces. But it must be remembered 

thst ill » afiori life bo gc-b tlirough ah Jtm^og &inciint of work m crn- 

fi>nnif.y with the vants of liJM age- He only gnre twt+ yenT^i arnl ft hnlf 

^ - brilliant edition of the whole of Cicero; and pnbnbly did nut 

irii4iiy iai>t-f; inonthii on his L^iorctias thnn lAchiaaEiii spout vcai-b. 

'.. \ion:^h\<: ID that >^e eveu ibr n LAUibliiUB to nji^tic-hetid tbe 

:i of Ihfl mjw, of Lin^retins to one ftuot.hpr His ocpiojis 

oK£;Lfti;-i1utT ftnd itlLi4trQtii'9 cominecLtATj however cmlU for nn^^uali^ed 

^ogy. had hoa riMnaincd down to the prea^nt day tlie great origiuul 

■tnrvbonat^, fnnn v,h]iih fill ] botrowvd who huvH di>n(> unj-lhiiig nf 

vtliM fnMlit ducidi^tioo of Iheir author. Scnltgor nflya ' LuniUnus avoit 

brt |i«iii d« Uttvh' : tl' &'">, hff made ^;ood nae of iLem, &9 tie nndic^ is us 

not aA it ia accurate, and iu t^aults nre giv^n in a ^tyle of unanr^iawed 

clcnnif'* »rid beHUty, His Tint*f8 dlwfivf tbp rnpjin l»etwiHjn loo iniirh 

ttUfl too btiU: be Ijtm^f tn-Mi them brief, whtia bis tEiankleaa couutry- 

nUD, thinking however lam-e perhaps of his Horftct^ thnn his Lucretius, 

Invn njule fambin AttJ £:im^Z?ctf/^ cTadsicftl termn to express what ia dilTiiM 

&ud lOfliouiL A s^eniid flcrl miioh pniflllf?r fldirioti with only b few pitjir^a 

of tiotcui, bat witii :iiAny vnriAtioiis from the t^tvt, W4is pnbUalied in 1^G5. 

ScKTcely c^ald Ma tii-st edition have isMitd frotn the prera, wheo 

Clift wrU-kiion~n H(.'liiii»Li' a:id jiirisconsLdt ObertuH GifHuiuH of lliirf'ti 

fctgan with jiyHtemfLti'vd ftud onprinnp^M cunning to pJiUipo it nnd con- 

rrrt it to hi» own puq-ft^es. IIib Lucrcttuu woe printed by f'luntin nf 

Antwerp m 15G6 ob etAtcd at the end, though of two copipft l>efiTe mo 

Um dUe-pnge of one Ilab on it K'^^O, the other I-'jG?, wliich is the dute of 

hte vtm address to ii^iLTubuctis, and of tho two pnvii&^u at the end; for 

Ih* mflrrh l-iGI of tht* fii-at muet ho old e+tyle, a» it ia Utct than tlie 

fcliTuarr 1565 of the pecr>iid. He broiiglit notbiiig bcw to his task, 

nc«pt the Hi». tirifpj! ckf ^fnni?ln9 tn thp nbl Venicf* ed, fiiTly spoken of 

ahatQf for tbe emeitdJitiori.i; nnd lYuxdingR of Antoniufl (Toldinj^amns 

ftonio Angina, whi<^h ho flp»:flk* of in liis prefaoe, and tbe t-^tfre» lihri wid 

llu tiktt wJiic-h oc.-eor thrcii^ghoiit hiw honk are mer« blinds to cnroeal his 

lltcfta from I^nibintit The way m whic^h he eontrivos ^t odco to be- 

itoir enipty praise on thia acboW and yel to c:ctenuato his mcritfi and 

Iut htcn Its a i»nimofitati)r of Lucretius on tlie same level with other 
caniMl nitiii, Tnrnehii^ for instanre, is a innrvp.l nf astut^ncw. In the 
|ire-&iec to hii third ed. Lamhinna atatcH the tmtb witli great tersenftM : 

rhMnnia flnre qUJie in co Lucrctio rocta eitnt, mc4 annt; <|II1L0 tAiueo isbo 
itt ^lentjo praetcrmittit ant mii,ligiie laodol nut ^itn inipudpiiter arnv 
Jfit\ Y»»t ao great waj* Iho skill with whi^h nil thi*? wbh done that he 
defruVAil many and was thought to ho a worthy rii'nl of Lnmliimis. 
I r iry to whiit Tnany believe, the &grj Tovpd briof nntea; ajid hla wtT* 

hr i-he otlivr's copious. Even tlic g:reat eritie of that generation 

th Sailiget, win well knew the cb:*moteT' of Cijfanina and accufied 
of ;fro«fl dceeit towoi'da himself, soya *GiJaniiiH oatoit doot*^, »on 
loo^ e«t tr^boo'. Louibiims however knew the tmth, and hia 
vnib was 04 »igiial as thi^ provoration. In h'lTD lie lii'oiight out a third 
•fiticn grvttlly imprnv^d and enUrged; mneh of the additional ninttor 
OOBaiata in invoctivcfl against the aggi-esoor. In a long prefnoe 


nt grent power and Ikbu^jt of style he stAtes bis wrongs. There niidj 
Uirongbout his ci^TaikientAriir the wliole Latin laugnaj^e, ricL in thum 
departuji^t, id mnaaokad fur tevioa of aoom aiij ctmtHmylj. The fuvni^ 
charges are irpeuted bi n tihoiiBOud ilifftireat ehupce witli curiouii Qn\ihi\is- 
neas and vikriety of expression, Gifunius viLh [NjnAUtent ounniiig at' 
tempted no jvublio r&['\y to cl\ tWn. Jinny yeiii's oftorwai'ilfl, wlien 
IjuubiDUfl had lony beeti dead, a new edition of the other's book wa* 
brought out at Lfjdcu in 1595^ in vhtch luiiiiy xdilttioiiB artf mnd'* to 
the Iji-itf iictea, bitt nnt a word U SHJd nf tin- I'liHrgw hroiight ttg^,iiQ*t 
him by Lumbinus. He *iLa revanloil for Lia reticence, and fijr a ccutury 
iir laor'! opinion vaa dividisd as to whcthor he or Laiabiuua did oioro for 
Ldorstlnft. Tu pi-ivatt; he corresponded with tlie caukereil jin'l unhuppy 
Mui^tnb: the two Fxchiinged fiiHIe charges of diblionfe^ty Bgd.ii^t tijti 
dead critlCj «bo wua fikr too gonuine a acbolar to bo cajnibje of being a 
jdugiiiry^ l,iu:hinann so atern with Avaticiua baa nothiug to sty of tim 
much mnrc iiugitioiLS cnae: 'qui i|Uo iura' haohiwrvefl *aiit IjimbiTnifij 
ftut alioH conhpilB*BG diptiis e4y?t non (joaeaiviV Ulfaniufl h^d no boai- 
nf?«a wliaicTcr d^ edit a pout ; he w»a witboul poctiool taetc and groialy 
ignr>niut of myti'e. 

For a Otftittii-y after LamliinuH nothing wom done for LucretjuB ■ the 
common editions foUowod either Latnbmufl or Uiianiud. Ip 1653 tbc 
Binguljii' hiboura of (litasendi were giv^n to tho world- Deeply venwl 
in thfl works of llio fiilhew and tbo pJiiluaophy of all h^a down lo the 
latert dijj^XfVi'rie* of D&wartes he deviJted himself with the &?4il of a 
diaciplo Ut (h* dogmfifl of Epicorua. The t^so first of his huge folios aro 
gi\'eii to ihiH piiil"f*"pby, iiud a large pcTtion of thum to the expoaitioii 
of Lucnrtiiis, Mrich tbiit is mn'mn iriay |>e gathered fronj them, and 1 
hi\y*i iwrUHcd Ihom witU Atleiiliun ; but to BJiy thu truth 1 haro notJ 
fotind muijh to iny porpoae in them. The author wn^ utterly devoid of] 
thr urilii,'ai fuculty, uud all that in of ralue in Idui on this liead a\ 
burrowed fh:>)n LAiiibtTiim ; oa well as the most nsetid of bi?i illiutra^i 
tiona ^ hia correolions of tbo teiet are without exceptjou worthleap,! 
In the 17U] cuutury nevcral distiu^innhcd acholni^p Sidma-iiUH J. F,J 
Ghjnoriuft Njc, HniiiMiia Isajio Vusbiuh, turimd Lbmr attention liA 
Luortitiwit i btil their Uboors were only desidtory. Of thp exaa. notea hy\ 
tha two Iftht whi<'h arc in my i>wiso*tfJon I will apeak aflcrwunht. lul 
166^ Tanaqitillu^ Fnber or Tima^guy Lefol^vrc piihliAhed at ^iiamtir al 
text of L"or«liiifl fL>llowed by raieutlalhiif^ and tmULitttt. Hb was a1 
olCTCr but vain man, who ft<#med to tbiuh yueh work ruther beneath I 
him ; he bak^s caro howcFer to inform hifl reader tliat he epcnt bub I 
little time or \tA\a.A on It, and Ijad only Lanibinur^ and GiGminrt befoiv 1 
him, though \\& owed nothing to either The truth %s that without I 
IjLiutbinu^lio could not have Jid^^aiiGinl a step r dever man that he is, ho I 
allWd^ a good proof how grievowfly Lii^ii Qi:hohirahip had dt;tenoruttKl I 
ii] Kmni'f duirrig the n-ntuiy between him and Lambiniia, Of Pareua 1 
NuHiu^ Fjiyufi nothing netid be SAid, I 

Jj'id Beutley iq ItifjO or Iti'JO ^uec^feilcd in hJi4 effurta to otbtin for | 
the DuidL-iau laaac Vussiiig' famous lilaurv. he uilj^ht have antiiiipated J 
what Lnchuiatin did by a iienuit'y iturl a Li:df. Aa he was at th>Ll very I 
tiiu<i workiug liard at Luci'utiuo, if he had euce got mto hia handa thu I 


tvo m^ now at Leyden, he would at a gUnce hsTo Men their im- 
portance and wonld acaroel j have tailed to complete the edition which he 
was then meditating. The grcftt knowledge of Epicnrue' ajBlem which 
he diBplayed two jean later in hia Bojie lecturea and hia zeal for the 
recently published principia of Newton would have aided him in 
expounding the teneta of the poel This however waa not to be; but 
hie marginal notes published in the Glaj^gow edition of Wakefield prove 
what he conid have done, if he had gone on with his design. I cannot 
doubt that Lucretius would have suited him better than Horace, aod 
^ve offered a fairer field for the exercise of his critical divination. 

In 1695 there came from the Oxford pnAs a Lucretius edited not 
hj Bentlej^ but by Thomas Creecb fellow of AH Souls, a man of sound 
aeoae and good taste, but to judge from hrs book of somewhat arrogant 
■nd HUperciliouH temper. The text is nearly always a reproduction of 
one or other of the editions of lAmbinus : such criticism indeed he 
■eenv in hh pre&ce to look upon as beneath him- Hia notes aro in 
moot caaee mere abridgements of those of LAmbinus or co|:^ed from 
FabeTt mud his illnatrationH are usually borrowed from the former. All 
this he doee sa if it were a matter of course, not thinking it □eceeeary 
either to avow or conceeJ his obligationa. HJa interprfi<Uio is his own : 
how tax it a of awbtance to a student muat depend upon what he seeks 
for in it His Lucretius however owing to the clearness and brevity of 
tho notes has coatdnned to be the popular one from that time to the 

The worthy London bookseller Jacob Tonson published in ITIS a 
finely printed text with various readings at the end collected from many 
4^uarters with a good deal of trouble, some of value, most quite worthl^tia 
This I chietly mention on account of what follows. In 1T25 Sigebert 
Havercamp professor at Leydeo gave to the world his variorum edition 
in two huge volumes. Though his reputation has never been great, my 
readers will hardly perhaps be prepared for what I am goidg to say. As 
Professor in Leydcn he had the full use of the two Voaaian mss^ there, 
the main foundation of a genuine text: how did he use this advantage, 
which in profession he makes so much of 1 The chief feature of bis 
edition is a vast and cumbrous apparatus of various readings^ derived 
from about thirtj-one sources professedly distinct. Of these thrrty-one 
twenty-two are simply the various readings of the London edition just 
mentioned which Havercamp has taken and tumbled into his own with- 
out changing the notation. Most of these are of the most futile nature, 
t&ken from worthless editions which reprint or iguorantly de]>art (roni 
those of Giunta Aldus Lambinus or Gifsnius, such as that of Pareus 
Giyphins Fayns Nardius and the French translator the Boron de Cou- 
tures; the more worthless the authority, the more fully it seems to be 
given- There are also some collations of the mss. of Yossius nod that in 
the Bodleian which it did the London bookseller credit to get together. 
The oiite remaining authorities are these: a certain Basil edition of lo31, 
its marginal readings, a collation of the Veron^i edition of 1487, also 
jottings in its margin from three unknown mns., a second collation of 
the Bodleian, and lastly the two all-important Leyden mss. The tw<» 
last are the only authorities he iiaa collated himaelf. How has he p» 

xcrrni I 

ilia tukt hit hm Dot nintvd t»e rAding in «uj tlw oumI tmport- 
vori&tiofa he tmmHy oaita; uwi U« wdinpi ba gtva An ■• odWa 
iiug u ng^t- Tb«t vbich be W bmm w wl Inja odun uhd ittmbled 
ft lurn^} iaW> bia aliUcni is fbr U>e tXKBt part «4 vartblati m Um serib* 
ingu of n »ch»olboj. So icffvdiUj «u<ela« it h^, tb^t ibo VcMui <cl- 
>iii vbic^ be borrows ^n Tonaou *f« or dbooLd b« Uboae «f Ida 
Iffiku IIU&: we note 1 to v 471 tow m ^haiag tn^imcts of » &1m reading 
Thlcb be ktavi^blj copua from Tmumi and ftMvibfs U> bu Lejdcn qiiartm. 
Nay more the Bin of tbe London ediUoD and his ovd X «krt on« and thd 
Bwlleitu ID&: m tb^t wt^ bave tliiA ludh^roua rtaolt, tb&t tbo samo 
dteil iiida by edde aa icideimidrbt lUlboritatA H'f* vzmi>UJl 
arc tLeivfijre oot only cuuibrim^ly iiian^^ but at? a «nnf« nnd de- 
aad bare led aatray xUom vbo like Wske^Ed bare trusted i'^ them. 
Tbus in bin butids Uie ivo miririlled Lt^dcn nua hare bevn wi>i^ko titan 
luelen. ^hat be dow bimM^ir is ntv^iya vunv dione than vhut he bor- 

tiVH from otb^ra, poi>r a& tUnt gtn^nLllr i^ : b« hm eoUxited nude of lbs 
1 edition* C3ce(it Iho VeroDa, and that Wis doao f-.T bim, iLad better 
dune ibau he would lia^Q doji« ji fur bini»:t£ N<ir are liu expbmatoiy 
iiiil«8 mirch better : he has h^ap^^ ir^cih^r m a ci-tid^ mni£ tbuse of tbft 
chief edttors; batexo«pt in tbv ca«« ol Vir^ and Hi^ruDeiiiid one or tw^ 
otbera of Ibe brtt knonn poet*, indeses to which are in ercrjbody'a 
bands, he bciA not i^eu au|fplied tL^ ivfertnct» to I«iat>ini]^ leiLroiHl 
who from the rirtuniatjinpfrs of hi^ a^ could nr>t iiiiinwlf furaiiifa 
hbiTQi; nay in ouo cuo Lo Ljlh f*Lveii LfooUnii^ own worda lu Uioin of 
Jiucro, In LJa two bulky roluniM iiiere U not i>ne week's i^niuua work 
syjDtl what sciflsur* luid piAte coulil do : iicldinn has [wrfiiuiaB*^^^ falltsn 
fur »hi>rt af profeftiion ninl fhppctrLiinity- 

TliDio ifi ncithiu*; to detain ua bctwoon Bavercamp and Wabdield 
rbo iu 17^0 and iTifT );iiVL" hid thnce vi/lumes to tbi- world, rividling 
Ha other's in ningnituile- Yet tUe work, snob a« it is, is Wia own, and la 
.a ttii/re ibtthful cornpdation Irom iithwi^ fiilhort Waketlcld po»- 
oue qtiafity whicli & critic can ill dLS|jtnflo with, that of despiaijig 
ovty uujuLiEi^ Lpf iLUthorlty which did not rest on Amne re^l foundiitioij, 
a»ud n-fusing ti> hdmit that, liccause a rpndiiig hrtd appeared in oditioa 
lafter editiou fur coniutie*, it might by that bIodo ekiiQ n^cogaitioo. Ha 
tihereft,!'!) set ntout u Tie* rerisii:.ii wliicb wiia to be based oji [uantiKcriiJt 

tnthoiity alifJiff* but ntither hi# knowledj^c iiur hia indiutry oor his 
^bility unr his laHtu Hurticml for' Biifh a w<>rk. Ha profassod to colbito 
<ivn Gitj^rlish nii*n-, nTnr>ng iheai c«r L-Ambridge odo» and m<iat of the old 
^ilitioiiB, Tbift Uisk he exi'cut*^ ^i-ith inci'inliUe corelessuefia. As ho 
Jjtui tlio lull use cjf the Cajuhridge ms., one xnight hara eipectod Ibut big 
ooiUtiou of it wcjiild be done with Bom« cui-a- but it is quito untrnat- 
^^"iLliy. Frv»m thb* iw widl ia the tivideoco of bis own notee and tha 
jJtt-iTi* uf iLe 4<hfie 1 iuler that bis other cdkticufl are not iiirti-e to ba 
TfwndtKi iipi-u. lliwi thU khrmr Ubuij i^iUifully petlormcd, it would 
■ " Wen uf little um^ u hn hiid no noekoo of tho Uuo relaliou of 
:ii«L to oTi« luiother. He looked oa o«cU as au indomndent 
..; >iu.l th-mght h«! oooM not do wruuc, if the w^irfls he put in bia 
f.»inil in onfl yr vO^vt of thftii". Then be had to take from 
fcmp ibe reftJing* uf tlio Uyd.>n ni^., aud therefore could gain rio 

ill 1„ 

isTRODUcnox 15 

> tlieb character. Aa he had no kitotpled^ of the lui- 

ophy of bU author, ho undertook to explain whatever 

ito his toxt in long turgid notes of unmeaning verbiage. 

;ot throitgh with a strange precipitancy : when engaged 

,, he had never read the other parts of the jioem; when 

m, be had forgotten what w«nt before- Morbidly vain 

lUEcioua of the immeaftur^ble distance between I^mbi- 

he assails the i&OHt brillijuit and certain emendations of 

:holar in a hideouB jargon tuid in t^rma of abuse that 

■ng even for hia own errora. Thus by some fatality or 

g into the hftudfl of a Gifanius Havercamp Wakefield 

-f a Salmaijius GrouOTiuB Heinsiua Bentley, the criti- 

remained for centuriei* where it had been left by 

n retrograded. And yet Wakefield did display occa- 

Ltive geniuaf and our notea will shew that not a few 

ire due to him ; but from the first to the last of bi^ 

pages there is not a single explaiwtion of the 

of his author for which a schoolboy would thank 

accurate and illogical was his mind. Yet owing to he asserted hia pretensions he was thought even 

lone Bomething great for his author: he received 

from Hejne and Jacobs^ *honiinibviB modeatis et 

I itate abhorrentibua' ; and more thun thirty years 

I u preparing hia com|iilHtion for the use of the 

n 'm for his supreme authority. Even later than 

an Ph. Wagntr often a]>pea]:j to him in his notea 

I ^ : lung in coming the aveoger was to be. 

,Hi| tdvig in a short academical progmin. afterwards 

iju puflcnla, exposed the futility of Wakefield's cri- 

^^ timations of the right course to pursue. Stimu- 

,f^^, re than one scholar followed up the attack. The 

^ oil of rbis kind was made by Jacob Bemays in 

^ Khenlah museum of 1847. This able paper 

^ I utcr effect than it did, if it had not been so 

lauu'f^ more complete and systematical work, 

in Eo many departments of philology, sacred 

tc have looked upon Latin poetry as hia 

IS 1ii» greatest work was the main occupation 

liiei from the autumn of 1845 to November 

the full use for many months of the two 

sagndty, guided and sharpened by long and 

a gUuce their relations to each other and to 

u*y wore derived^ and made clear the arbitrary 

h texU bad been constructed. His xeal warm- 

Llh aitor another revealed itself to him, so that 

fiiiccc»dive steps a clear insight into the condi- 

ft the hands of its author in the most esaentiul 

tr great sch'^i'^'* be seems to have kept few oi' 

Eeso' iter his subject he perused the 

uid rhole of the older writers in 



cir[lt>r to tllustrute Lacrctiua blirongh thum utid thi-m by Liicretiue, &iij| 
iLe liiLtiu Jujiguuge by alT^ He bod an almcati iiiiF^UAlJed ijowei- off* 
gruipiiig a nubjiH't in it3 widest e^tt^ni Aud fjiling up the inimitest de— 
tails. Dug mack of a gr<Mit oriJ^iiiEiL critici, which emiuoutly bt^ongs t^H 
Laot^maiLn, eb ttii^: even when wimi^, be pub iiitio your boud^ the bes^| 
wea[>aEid far rtfutiug Ijim-u^li'^ and by guing u^ti'&y m^ked the rjght. pitlj 
^msierforotbt'ra to tiad. Auollivr t^^t i-; tluA, when LU iitfltionce oicteail^| 
fur boyond bis iniiaodutu uvithor. Now hru'dLy any work tif morit ]mi^| 
jLpjx.-ai-ed in Oertnany aince Lacbnumn's Lucretius in my braocb t^M 
Xiitiii liLf-ruture witbuit Tmiriii^ un tvery |mge the iTuiiri^AH of Ida ex^| 
auiplt^ Wbeu be ig better kno^vu in Kngltmd, thtf ^me r^sntt wtl^| 
follow bcrct Tbou^h his L&tin style is cmiucT^tly uJear ilv^fy And np^| 
ptvpriitte, yot fram bis aiEU never to tlirow away wtntini, as well ua frciJ^H 
A montal pccnliarity of bi^ tbitt be only cnrnd to Iig tindorstjriod by tliai^| 
whom ho tUoLigbt wortliy to understund Jiim, be ia oilon obscure Ui^H 
oraculor on n first rcjiding, Hwl liia eoinmtintaTy been twice tlic lengtl^| 
it iCf it would have Ix^ii ea&ier (o master. But wlieii ojice litlly i^ppra^f 
heikded htfl wohIh are tnit, hociq forgoltpn^ Hk li^ve fir merit of aI|| 
kinds incitcA in him a i^oal to do justieo to jlII tho old Bcbolai^ii who bavi^H 
doQp anytljing foi^ Lia aatbor; wbi]« hii^ honoat Kom and hatT^d 0^| 
ImAAtfij] ignorance luiil igitiJiIe hIciUi cinniiel him to dei^iiEjiin^ thi»« whon^f 
ha COQTitta of these offeoeeB. In one ioBtancej ihal of Fofbiger, tbl^H 
ntemesB paaaea into ferocity: mobt of Ida en'orj^ that sabolftr «odEU bardlj^| 
Avuid in the i:Ln;iUDstdiucea in wliich Jje was pbii-tKL ^M 

Old HLTmann warnf* ns, wbeii we disagn-e with LflchmaniiT to tbln^H 
twice l^t woi not ho, be in fault. His defocte however tnnst rot b^H 
puaed over. While the moat CAwntial pni-t of bin wtirk, the oolh^tion 4^1 
thu two Ijeyden aiaa.^ hiiA buen iieifuiuifd with udaiiiikbLu akill au^H 
iixlnfttry, he hiw not been no happy in the ii^e of tenondnry evidenra^H 
that of tho Italiati m&i. and the older editioti^ Min'h tie hus taketk o^H 
tnidt on inaulKoitut evidi^ncGT and mnob that he hud before hha bo ho^H 
not Alwa^H accuiAtely uxed. Some pnx^fs of thin Lave been giveu» laonH 
wilJ be seen b«1ow. But a atill more n^rions defvei tnu^t be told: b^H 
menut hi:^ book to be a criticitl ri^vit^ion of the toxt* nnd lofl ta oth«i^H 
the Uuk of D2Lj>laiuiug luid i]K|!itnLti[Jg tht3 tue&nliig- ^o fikr good ; btl^H 
u tha text of an author in tUn ci^nditiou of th^t cf Lunretiun cannul^l 
b« always nghtly coantmetG*] wiihout a ^iiffieiont knowledge of bji^| 
s^stoni and 'tis literature, ha boa net unfi'C4|Uenily Htrangely blundcre^H 
and groii.sly corrupted the poet'a wordj^ ; fur efniuplcis uf this a^ti 1 <>i)9-^^| 
(\M IT .'i22^ri29 1010 foil. V ,'ii:U-.'?16. Bin con^iiTninate knowledofl 
uf tlio Lditin laiigurigo as woll ua of tho mnnner of Lucretius in pOfD^H 
cular rnable^ hiiu often to emend bis autULir ^th great aucceea, ^^H 
ha witihts tou to pi-mlnce, when' iL in possible, an iutt'ltlgibla t«t^H 
many of hiH eorrectioMR he mn^t bimqelf bare looked upon as onlj^H 
prnv-isional. Yob bi^ greatest niEoitrers must ooncodo thnt he has tid^H 
Mftdvig'a 'curioaa fciiciLid^ in einopJittiiin. He ha? boWf'Ter achi(<rGJ^| 
ft work whiidi will Lu a liinduiark for m'boliu^ as long aa Lhe Lulxi^l 
hingiiage eontinuaa to be atndied, a woi'k, perfidiae qttoU pott nuU^K 

Jai'oh Bcmaye In 1852 «litad a t^xb of Lucretius for the TeubuC^H 


■eries. There can be little doubt that carried ftwij bj tbd strength of 
his admirfttion for I^chmann he baa followed him too Ikithfdlly ; yet he 
not unfrequentlj differs from him. Where he recdk the old reading 
be ia generally right; where he deaerta him for tk oonjectare of his 
own, he ia often very sacceaafuL Hod he prepared a more elaborate 
edition, aa he appeaiv to have once had thoughts of doings there is no 
doubt that Lncretiua would have owed him much. The impulse given 
bj l4u;btiiaDn to the Btiidj of our poet has called forth numerous papers 
either inserted in the German philological reviews or published by 
themselves. Some are of more, some of less importance; my notes will 
shew where I have been indebted to them. One English publication of 
eminent merit, as it ci iticiaea not the text of the poem, but its matter 
and poeticaJ beauties, ahsjl be mentioned elsewhere- 

To return now to the manuscripts whoue history was sketched above. 
Thongh I examined the two at Leyden for some days so long ago aa the 
autumn of 1849, what will now be said of them is borrowed frout 
I^chmann who liad them in his hands for six months and during that 
time applied the whole force of his practised and penetrating intellect 
to nnrnvelling all their dt^culties and obscurities. Both, as already 
mentioned, belonged to the magniScent collectbn of Isaac Vossius, 
The older and better of the two is of the ninth century written in a 
clear and beautiful linnd : I call it A. It has been corrected by two 
scribes at the time that the ms. wsh writteu, as Laicbmann tells us- 
Oiie of these ia of gi^eat importance: in moat es^ntiol p>ints he agrves 
minutely with the ms. of Niccoli, the oldest of the Italian ai^s.; and 
doubtless therefore gives the reading of tbe archetype. It will bo 
seen in notes 1 bow often I make the uijitod testimony of A and Niccoli 
to outweigh all the rest. Tbe other Leyden ms, which I call B is of 
nearly oqnal importance; it ia of quarto size closely written in double 
oolunms, apparently in the tenth century. It is probable that it aud 
the m& next to be mentiom-d were cojiied from some copy of the 
archetype, not lite A from the archety^iu ituelf Four portions of the 
poem are omitted in their place^ but come together at the end in this 
order, n 7D7— SOC v 928—079 i 734—785 ii 353—304. Lachmann 
baa demonstrated that tbese sections formed each an entire leaf of the 
lost archetype; 16 29 39 115 arc tlie numbers of these leaves. It ia 
manifeat then that after A was copied, these leaves of the archetype 
had fellen out of their places and been put together without order at 
the end, before B, or the original of B, was cojtied from it. More will 
be said on this point presently, B has bad several coiTectors, but all of 
the 15th century; one a very brilliant critic for his age, to whom are 
due many of the finest emendatious in the poem, as will be seen in 
notes t. This ms. was once in the great monastery of St. Bcrtin near 
St, Omer. Tumebus collated it in Paris and his collation as we saw 
was naed with much effect by Lambinus: it afterwards came into the 
poeaesaion of Gerard John VossiuSf Isaac's father. A large fragment of 
another ms. eloflely resembling B in everything double columns and all, 
except that it lA said to be a small folio, not quarto in shape, is now at 
Copenhagen : it contains book i and ii down to 45G. omitting however 
the same sections as B, viz. i 731 — 785 and ti 233 — 304, and doubtless 



for the Btm& renaon.^ becaime ropi^ from ihe bhiuc tha from vhich ■ 
woA tdken- It u^uoUt goes L^ the iiaju^cif the Gottorpiui fnigmait trota 
llie plare where H once waa. J bnve tttcc cullfttigna of it, odi? piib- 
Iblu'd by H(!nric'3i&?n in \^i<t, miutljcr m tlie biiud writing uf Nk 
Haiisius, BiiGther in that of Iuac Voiaius, Forii «rlj it Led h v^y 
high reputation: in tmtli it much rcdo]abl^> but ifi more quvIokJ/ 
vritteo than B, &ud b seldom of much uac, except ouce or twice tj 
confirm A against R Stnmgely enough tliere are in tUo Vicuna 
libmiy fragmi^snts of & ]>rcoiao^y iimiliir idb, ccntoimng liirg^ potiiouii i.\( 
Lhe later bookfi, tia u G42 to in S2l ioclusiTc, omittiDi; ho m ever ic tlio 
proper pWe ii T57^-30ti exurtlj as U does; then Vi 743 to the euJ; 
tihen fijllow, precisely as in B, tlae four omitted porticna given ulwive, 
provirtg tiiifl to be cojtiod &om the ma, from which B was tukeii. Nittu- 
lullj tuoLigh tleae Vienna fragineota vct-& aaaumud to belong t*» oiio 
juid Iht Houie lEis- tiH tlit^ rk>iu>rjf iJLU ; but Dr. Ed. Go4-lwl^ fixjiu whom 
have bonuwed this d^aoriptiou of tln-m, s«emit tn pi'ovo in tbo Rh«jvi 
MuB. Ik. a. UL p, 44S^ full- tliat the two portioDB now bi^und to^^edior 
of dlflei-eut b[;a^ and beloQgud to di^vivnt uass, Howi^Ti^r th^t laaj 
the fi.»mi&r pHvt sei^ius (o be the Buiue dia. »l£ i\ie (kitti>r[iian, and 
other if U'St tho eame, is prw:i*elj tlie sauie in intomid chjiruct^ir; 
in either caaw ia of the saiuo, that i» of Tcrj Jittlti veUuc. Frobal 
Ihcrtifure a mure accuraui collution would haiiily repifcy the liibouiv 

A II othor miu. known to 6xiat were, n» hoH be^n nJreudy K^d, oopii 
iticdiittely or immediately from Poggio^a loRt m& wlxiob mni^t Lave Te*ct 
bK'd A almost a£ cioeely aA the Oottorpian Tefiembl«» B. The muofr 
important are amnng the eiglit prua&rved at Florence in the LnuivalLaii^ 
numheml 35 SG 117 38 2!> :(0 31 32 of desk xxxv. 30 waa wntten hf 
Uioolt^ Nioooli himsi^lf, who h^ul Puggio'a ms. no long in his poosojs^ioxt^ 
lliiH we BTG Utld in the IflLmtd Mehiia^ prufiLce to liifi lile of Traven^| 
riiiB p. L. Ar ha vaA the first to ]>iiblit<h w many of Nicooli's manH 
boi-ipt ]iitt«rH, ho must huve known his writiug bettor tbnn anjlx^jfl 
cUc There atv tarmv convctiuiid in k much Ijiter hand, batNiecoU lii(^| 
nlf fu^EUFt on Lrlii! whul^^ Ut ]invc cupied Puggiu's uia. faithfully, aud not tfl 
htiv« mikdi£- ujHtiy ohflag»3. Hifl uis. therefore, a^ will be seen in uotca fl 
IA of greet imporUuicc iu doeidiug botv^ecn A atid It. It ia uufbrtunofl 
that Lochmaun coidd miUce no uae of it: I collated it with eomo t^ftfl 
in the mmmier of JS51 : the ohl VtEonJt *uid Vfince edititniS hnvial 
text cio^'ly resvmbliug Nioc^uLfb. 31 ia uext in. iuiportaiieif to 30, bifl 
of a widely dirtWi'ent chiiinftor, having & text unich more corroctod tJufl 
Kiccvli'fl uir even Vvi: and Vcn. It b dearly wtitlcn bud in tixocUeifl 
preservnlion. and much r^semhlas in gatieral chfli'acter ihe Tn»nu<wn|fl 
in our pubjic Library which 1 had open before me all the time 1 w9 
wrltiDg Dotoa 1, and whieh i» tas well prcsei-vcd and as dietioctly wrilti^l 
OB the otlier. It excelii the Cambridge on the whole, tLi.iugh the latt^| 
has many goad correctioTia not in t!»e oilier. Theie two therefore I haifl 
used OB good eiamploa of coiTeobed inaa. From whom coma the maofl 
rxcellcnt emendBtiona contuined Ju theae msa. ia quite uuknowii^ Lwslfl 
mann uaerl a nnt very coni|>tel« ciilULtkuu of Flor. 31, atid to it he attrfl 
butofl the correotionQ which it hita for the moat pArt in common witfl 
the Uambridge aud doubtlu&a some other msiu Having been UAd too bfl 

iNTRODUcnoy 19 

S. Keil from wliom he got the collation th&t it was written by Antonius 
MaHi GlEiu, he filla Im commentArj from one end to the other vith th« 
ittiiie of this worthy Florentine notary. I can only aay that I compared 
it with t^n or more Tolominous m£a. written in magiiificeDt style and 
vgned by thig man hetweeu 14^0 and 1451 all clovely resembling each 
other; and neither in genend appearance nor in the form of particular let- 
ten DOT in their abbreviations have they any resemblance to the ma of 
Lncretiiia Thia scribe's name therefore I have expelled from my notes. 
Of the other I^iirentian msB. 29 is to be noticed for the marginal anno- 
UUona of Angelo Folitian spoken of above and often referred to in 
Dotes I : it twice over has this note ' liber conventns Sancti Marci de 
Tlorentia ordinis Fraedicatorom habitos a publicis sectoribua pro libris 
qaos mbi ab eodrm coDventa commodatoe Angelus Politianus amiHit aeu 
i[vi in mwie Angeli Puiitiani amissi 8UDt\ 32 haa some learned mar- 
ginal remarks on the fint book from which I hare derived aome facta 
iboat HaniiloB. The six mss. of the Vatican I collated aa long ago as 
tbe atitamn of 1849, but not with much care or skill; yet it will bo 
Men from notes 1 that they have been of considerable service to me : 
thnr marka are as followx, 3270 and 3276 Vatic 640 Urbin. 1136 
ud 1954 Othobon. and 1706 Begin., at the bottom of the tiiat page 
of iriiich are the words ^ Nicolai Heinaii'' 

Aa farther heipe I have had Gi&mua' ed. of 1593 with ma. notee by 
Nia Heinaius which I bought from H. Q. Bohn naany years ago 1 it will 
be seen that I have derived from it aome valuable emendatiooa not in 
HeiaBiaA' adversaria nor elsewhere so far aa 1 know. It haa aUo a 
complete collation of A all through, of B in the first four books, and 
of the Qottoipian Jragment It contains too a complete collation of the 
ftdei Hodiit which Heinsiua denotes by » : he says of it ' variantes iec- 
ticwicB eic^rptae aunt ex libello edito Paris- an. 1565 qnem Fr, Modius 
nun ma auo contnlit.TLt ipse teatatur fine lib- i inquiens: CoUatue cum 
■V. m00 26 Junii 1579 Cokmiae' : it was lent to Heinsiua by Lir^eus; 
Uraexis bad it from Grater^ Gruter from Nansius, Nansius from Modius 
lLimsel£ Heinaius says 'codex Modii non est idem cum B VosaianOi 
DUn psg, 8 [1 227] ubi ex Modiano notatum ad lumin<tf Vossianua in'. 
Heinsiua speaks I presume of the small 2nd ed, of LambiDus, as the 
dDe which Modius nsed: it has like others in lumina: if then Modios' 
codex is B, either he or Heinaius has made a gross mistake. I have 
Ooticed aereral other tnatances, where s is made to difier from B; but 
in these cases lAmbinna' 2nd ed. has the reading which Heinaius gives 
to <r ao that Heinsiua may have here been misled by Modius' negH- 
gencc It would aeem then that a and B are the same : if they are two, 
then their agreement ta very extraordinary, much closer than between 
B and the Gottorpian fragment- 

I also poifieffi a copy of Faber's Lacretiiia with a poor collation of A 
■ltd B and the Gotlorp. as well aa many other notes and illustrations in 
the writing of Isaac Vossiua, Havercamp had a copy of the same 
note^ but has employed them with Ids usual carelesaneaa. Notes 1 will 
ihew what important uw I have made of them : they have enabled me 
to strip him of several of the most showy feathers with which he had 
decked himself either fix>m negligence or worse. Speugel Chribl Goebel 




and some other* huva in vimoua journab and publications made much 
ado iibuut a ofKlLfs VictoriitHii* Ba thej cull it, once lielciogiug to P. Tjc- 
toriTift, now in the Munifh Uljrnry, a^i if H were a. rival^ or oeurl/ so, i>r 
A anU H. From the rt?nUings oitod I afl© clenrly tLaC it is u evnitiii 
ItflliatL fifteenth ccntutj mn. li^itlicr Wter nor mornc than twenty" 
otJu'rs, TDuch rtsointiliEjg the VeroQA, nnd Venice ecUtioiw »ud of no 
imiK3rt*uC9 whatever. It will be ee^n that by the mjiteriala which I 
hftPQ coJlccted and jnst d«Horib(;d 1 LiLve iu muay important canea goi 
nearer tbnit baa bf^en dune befi^rc to thij ri^Jinga of Po^gio^s ma. wkJch 
was a. worthy rival riftbe Leyden twa 

Itut Ladimaiiii^A long uxj> riutioo and diacipliuL-d acutone;^ hAVA 
cbiLbleil hid to g^ bejcjod exiting maa. /tad ti' U'll ua much of the lo^ 
origiuul or ui-ohbty^M-, a^ T call it ni^r bjm, of idl ox.iHting ai&s. NuL^s ] 
will «bew thftt Minny dlifiuuItieB are cl^r^ up hy tLi4 knowl^)^e, 
Thifl firchetyjia tbou, though it is not certnin thut eron A vns itiiin* 
diaUily taken from it> w^ wiitt><:a iu tbiu cupiljda. hke the ni'Mlu'^-ui 
of Virj^l; tlio wunJw were not aepaniled, but in the n*r*ldli! of vei^se* 
poinU vera ]*ufc !Jt the end of clauees. Ancient mB^. ua a rule kse^ 
nith fiin^lar cnrc to the same numbct of lineft in a page: ours bad 2M 
lines in a pttgc, excepting only iho*it! whii?h concluded u buok. Bui 
romembfr Lliere wa^ a h^diikg or tit]e a.t the beginoing of «iich seotioru 
and ua«h of thoEc beadinj^ ocoopiod r lioo. Luchmimn brlnj^ manfl 
proofs of this being the riuaiber. When thi^ ms. ytoa copied, it wfl 
oloarly mut^h loin and nkntilatcd^ It wus Atat4.-d ubove that fod 
portinnn, nmitteil in their place by B, come together at th*^ end, Mtl 
that those each forraod a li^af of the archetype whicli hnA falloiL out (■ 
Ite place and been put at the cjid- EjlcIi cif tliLi^e alone or with 111 
heAdingfl consiata nf 53 lirira Hht^n turn to note I to iv 299 — -34T 
^323 — 347 2y*J — Z'22) wht^ro this iuv^r&iou is esplainfHl in th^ «iknit 
way, by tho accident tl^t la of a loose leaf being lurncd the wronfl 
way; m^c ttlso note 1 U> i 10G8— lOTfi and lOD-1— 1101, where tlJ 
mutilation LB nccoiiiit^d for in the mme maiinf!r Thim we ohtaiu km 
cortain liuidmarks iu ditfLi'ont ]iJirt^ i^f the ]x>orj]. The iLit^hotypo th?n 
foro coQJibtod of 300 pngea, or adiiiitLing, a» seems to he an nndoubtel 
fjict, thiit » H-hnl,! lejLf ifl hist i«tween VI fl3lJ and 810, <if 303; J 
which the lii^t and l[U4t were not written npon, as well its one for soml 
rcoflon <ir otber between I Tt^S, whieh eada one of the loose leaves at tbfl 
end of 13s oud 10{j8 whicb^ as ehewn in note !» begioa a tr&ih lool 
Page 190 which followed the end of iv voa left blank. I may al»o notf 
that p. 137 and 191 ci>ntflJned an index of the bendinga of iv and T 
reapeetivclyt atthon^b thn dilferent titles come in their place^^ in thM 
books toG^ as wull as in the others which hare no such index prefiiefl 
Having made for mygelf a list of these pages afti-r the rule's Riatod m 
various places by Lanhniano, 1 have found it of gr<Hit use; ns the goM 
of liDSA tbit?i;ghvub tbe buuk tonardii the bottom of the several righl 
land [lo^ts bod been specially ex^jo^iil to tiiiitLlatiou fn the daniAgJ 
nrchetype, Vei'ses also omiUod in their proper plui-ea were apt io thl 
as ia 4:kther nus. to ho put afterwarda at the bottom of pagti8< Boaidfl 
the Injuries which it bad received from accident or ill usag^ <tm 
~~"betype muAt in many retipeeta have been very eareleanly writtcfl 



UioQgli A siii B |iruv« lliat it i-etaiiicU m^ay vciluuble Tutign of great 
■ntifiuttj, c^fH-rrmDy in tlie 9|it.'1liti^ of wonlM, Jiuil though bhero n\i.j 
]jjtve t>eou ftfw sFu^t'i^ bulnocn it otid tbo a^^ of itio nutlior, Tbctv is 
ooH fxjmb^ tliL' iiiitun- ol* the hiatiiJj after IV I2(f. ha to vrlikli if ia not 
ra.\y to a^'uept LiichHMtm't* tliwJiy. Tliai tlierr is d liiatiia thrre, is 
iniLispiiEnblG utid ihi' Hppciol qut>Hiicbfl cod Qected with U am f»Uy dis- 
ftU5t^-<J in notf 1 lo tliut piviBAgc. As tbo twoifltntAl i*jsa oi' u vhoir Iciif 
wriil<l hot suit hia tjatroi of piigps. he Liuldlj Ui'clare* tijflt t^onty-ilve 
vrrBH* And riiu* li'.'h«lin^ bnv^e perifllied, thot 19 one aingla piij^e of our 
ar<'iu»ty]H.». Now it is eavy ouougli, as we liave asoHf to ^KplaiQ the 
■«itiiiiul h>M of B. knf, by wbicb eveiy HuliBtfiiieut copy muat neces- 
»rily vuTti iiiti uoiit«uLa of tbut, Itiif : it ia ciuy onmi^'h tit cirncniri; niiy 
MCie ms , A or B or Pogjipn\ ptusitig ovijr by miaLilce une vliol<> page. 
?*"' it 11 iu tbc highest d^gi*oa uulikvly Ibiit difo'cot coyioa, A U und 
' \ neither of whicb as LacUiuiLiiii adiaita was octpied fr^m tho 
iFULLf, ^hindJ nil ]Uit& ovQr a ain^b' pKKP o^ tlieir rjriginol; or Umt this 
ritigle ju^ge i^hf'uld lio wLiklly lU^gibl^ while thnt wluL^k ftreo&led and 
Uiv nsrcrte ]^& <'f tbt; eAtac Iraf akoiiLd bo enUroly uciiijttrcd. It 
fVciuD fu iite bhciefure tuiirh luoie imtiEral U.> aaaumc Lbat our JLrcLet;|ie 
ttr onn of ita pivdoepsaort actideutiilly oruitU'i an uTieei'lnin nutntier of 
r«rM« ; or r*Ldier that a wbulo Jeof of the iirdiotypo bini betn loat, an 
aIUc VI S3^. Lnchmaoa'a dy:&t«m of |iugiiuiti47iL ^outd tb«u bo sot 
wiehl iii this way : ozily Lookn iv nw\ v luvu xi\ iiidej: ctipii'tin |iii;Iixei] 
liflini; onr pflge : bi'furo this iTidlel iu V I^uchmfluu baH flb^wii thflt tha 
*rcb'!iv]K) h»d OTit bitmk |ia™o, Aesumo now that '^ne pago wixa aiiiii- 
Lull left bJhuk l"?fori? Uie iiidtrx of iv utjJ a.11 «i|i be n;;ht. 

But wtf are Lti»U to iuhanco even beyond the arehtlj"pe: in inury 
piri4 ft tbo poom th«r»j are mauiftst undoubti^d iuterpolattaus, vhrch 
laavt ba^o ticen inserted by muiQ tender vho winhod at one tiiue to eon- 
firru wti>it lb »id, at oiiotbcr to convict it of iueonsisteucy and the like. 
..^.ir,. Tiot nlwiiya. UiKW passngca are ro[Tutilionft of genuiiio [inflHAgea; 
' liF^y ^QkLiF^t of Bpvoml, floiuetime& t>f a tiu^lo verae: t 14 — 19 
j(i ^^■"^ — 'filtf good and incontroverUblc cxani|ile3. But enough 
«if tlii^Af) tliroughoiit our mitf^ Tfiuihrimttn liowtver still uuriqitis^ 
^ua not pnfij^d *vtD horr, but bos gone tip to tbo vi?ry tJUiM of (he 
mt No curvfiil rcAdor vill refuse to tulmit ihat ho huB pi-uved not & 
frw paMiiges, 5<:imc of thiin nmi»ny tbL- fiuost in tlio poeni^ U* lirvve beon 
mWijiiunt ftdibtion.'H niailn by ilio iLuib*»r, wbicih hn did not live ti> t'm- 
Iffdjr properly with tlw rc»^t of bis work, Ljicliumun ho^ goub t-cii far; 
(uJrss 1 eiT, 1 bnvo nliewn ibnt not a few iFOctiooa, thus ranrkod by 
are pmpeily cooni-'cted with what precedes aud fulIowH. Vet it in 
that his tbeory flpplif*. to it IHS— 1S3, nnd more tbiiu one long 
h of rv V ami VI, It lioa been ahuwo Buffioiiinlly iu tho notea 
paoMgcA tbat the most ijuportant of them have a clo»c comivxicin 
And uiaiitLT^r Aith eucb othtr. Likt^ Laclimiinn, I hiive marked 
Ijy [ J, All thj'ougb tbe pciem mnny niiigla Teraea find pas^iLgeB 
le teti|E^ B'^ desi^fidly ro^icnted by tho poet, aoziio uf tbem il^lq 
V^IEL It iM pr(ilMibl(< tbflt he wi^uld hiivtr removed mativ of tiicm« 
Jua) 1iv«d tJi rov!^ hia work: the exordium of iv for iustiince could 
Ltwded to runuLJQ. 



Some rcftderE raay be purpi-ised at the uiiDiber of venea wtich liave 
t(wn tratiaT>cftod io tlio poem; but thej shouid remember Itat crery 
kncieiit writing wbidi dpfjemU firiftllj mi niie ms, is m n sifnilflr [ili^liL 
When a ecribe funitted by accident a versB| in order not to spoil ilia 
look of biD bi>ok» ho wrote it n.t once ift<?r tlie next vorse, if he iiiihietli- 
&te]y dincovered litH errurj if not, he oimtUrJ it ultOiL^^tther, ur jiddo<l it 
in fioniu otlier jflFwe, oftfln Bt the bottom of a page; he would tben fiffix 
■n /t, ^ l^ mnik the right ordfr; the next oonbe ironld not uotioc or 
would purjkoaely omit tlicao nnd aoon ; soe BentJ. to Hon ara 16. E>try 
one of tljeso eirora hiia been cf>mniitted ogniii arid okh'o bj tbe cnfiyi-.i^ 
of our poemH. IMo&t of tbe^ tmnspositiotia are c€it<Aiii ftti<I v. 
loDf^ Q|^ bv LnmbioiiQ Maiiiliiia Avauciufl and othem ] luiui^' ^^ 
iiiftiie b/ L!M:hniMm- Home of these 1 kuva not ffllowedj uot a fo*| 
i liftvo ilrat vi'iitTTred on mj^^eir. Tiut connwrted witL Ibis qiit^on £J 
mu&t drav attention to ooe point which. Bcems of impartiince. ToAj 
would expect u a rvde airiglo venaea to be tbua transposed; ojid thii ill 
the coHo iu LucratiiLb' mas. hA in those of other wriicra: sometluiea btfl 
ini0 or more vereea are ropeatefi iiftor The misplaeod v. which ought W 
follow it io itfi proj^er pUoe aa if to kJidw tfiu rcAdcr ^ hitbor it cuglit tol 
b« tranftferred: comp^ iv 9DI i.e. 9i)0 of t|i« tnsa, followed in them bjl 
1000— ^lOir*^, wUich are only tlie thh. wUieli fellow it Jti ltd n^^ht pUuvl 
r«p«at«d after it in its ^Tocg place: a^o llIso V 570 (^73) and what conMH 
aftur. But bQfiidi:^ Euch. usual inetnnoea of tmnfipoaition tbera IV*I 
througHout the poem many email groujie of veraoi, forming geQerslM 
H?nt4?iie^ complfrtp in thi*itiHt-lv»4, wbieh bti-Ve got qitit^' nut of thoirl 
naht place: comp, i ^81— ^HT (99iii— lOlil), ri G52— G57 (C55— G5B 6SJ)I 
ftnd ly 12271*38(11^25 1220), thre<? paswi^Ji first tranrtpospd by mc; aM 
11 1130—1143, IIGS— 117ft. Ill G8G— 090, iv 00— j2, v 1T«> !71, UlXi 
\ I^S. Nov that A tteribe Bhould ?C oflen transjiofle iteveral f^>ti-ief<utivH 
vei<»a alwnys forming nn entire aad ind'^'pendent sentence by mere cfljuoll 
carelesaacHa, ia to me tn the highest degree improbable. Again moat dtk 
th^w pAfwagcA r^JiA to me like [M>s&ib]e additions nut neeestajy to ihfll 
aDutezt> though they improve it. I bf-liore them then to bo margimiil 
iidditioas by the poet, itiBinted on the aame principle aa the longer sectioun 
dincuawd al>uve: thefto too the firat editor, fiilhfnlly preaerviug erwy-l 
thin^ in hia eofiy, but not eanng always to l^nd the right place for whatl 
the [iiitliOT left anibiguonK, haa inserted out of their oi-d«r. Add to them 
V 437 — 442 which the context could disponpe with: these vaa, arc fouudl 
out of place in Mox^robiua as in our inaa. Thia iucreaacs the probabilit/l 
Uiat thev were out of their jiroper order fr:>m Ihe l:rs4t, two ii]d*^j>eadeuM 
autliofitifS MiiCi*ol»ius and our Qrehetyp* quutiii;; them in the flame way.! 
FcHiajM these fuu^Io vb& might be oddeJ to the WaU i 1086 or 1086, tt§ 
lfi9, 205, VJ ^57, l^'irt, 1237, as they mi^ht nil he diM^wnft^d withJ 
Look too at IV 129—142, so stran^ply diBortlered in the m«a.: i33- — ISJl 
mAy ho ilU marginnl adilitiona by the author afteri?nrda wrongly placed 
by the editor The nji^ nrrangemeut of iv 2QD — 313 lia» bct;n aliriadn 
aeraiuiited for. If all these ]icRRngea nre aubCraeted, there will then faa 
left a not vafj untifual number of Bingto vareea transposed bj Ibfl 
ordinary negligence of copyists. Tl^e trnmhem occajiomilly given ool 
the left hand of the |uige deuote of courne the order of the liner* in nvM 


l^TBoDCCT^o:* 2$ 

vttich TjAT-htntni) TnTldwa in his editlni; : where ffpnnoini tb& nf the msa. 
■tv omiLivtl frvui the t4?sc^ be sU\} allove tUeui l^j <tituul. For obvLovw 
fM^ODfl 1 liave followi^ Jiim in thi«, a^ lie will be the fvitDi-e ptaiiitni'd 
of CKnj imriitijti, uid iLei-e J& groiit Ailv^&ti^ hi u miiriirm nuiiibtiing of 

ill* TCCM. 

Since maoT special qnofiioiiv of orth^gnipby nro notiocd aa Ibor 
Bomr in Ae note*, 1 ^hWH have thought it uuorctssurf t** 6*j raoi-o )m 
ihm lilnce Uiati lh»t In p««*T»tial [ttnutH T fnllnw Ivichninnii, if it w*^rn 
not ff-r Cli« appAFent iinmllLQgueHA ot~ iioholais in ilii^ country to Jii^i^ejit 
erea llie amflil*?st chnTiefl in wimt they look ui"'>n aa tho iiaunl oc coii- 
*i!aUoaal nil« of sppi]iiig. The notion of any uiiifoim onuveulSuurtl 
■pcUing is qnitA a rhimern: 1 never find i^-n Kngli.^h wliiorH falbwiTiK 
vty Tinifoma (^vterD ; niLj th« wme editor will often difllrr in difleronc 
p4rU cf the nrae bouk. But whence comes thii^ 'ccuiYimtiurja]^ ajstcm, 
n far HA i I doea exintt fi'om the EumtoriituA and ci>ti»!<ivnug tLeh' 
pieiii'»n moat suwe^fhl pmieavonra of thft I|jd:jin Boboliira in tho 
(fUi-iilL ceutat^' to gQi rid of thu frigbtful tnae» of barbuH&uiB ^hicli 
ih"- finir nr ttvc [it^Cf^illo^ ceiiturii's ha<i ni^i:iiiitiLlnt'~^i). TliPV p^nij^lii 
laJi^l to intrrnlucf rigorous nriforniity in cusea ttbirfl vanoty vas iho 
the aacivufe; and though tln^su ^ilrva i^rnlinii'td only a fow 
headsfe thty yet coTvipnHcd n pi-cat ami(ii»licity of jtaHJculor 
'^. because iuTulvicj^ tho t^iiiiiiutroita f>f ra^*:^ the lusiiuilation 
j>rT|wwJtmiifE iiY rompniind verht and th<^ Uk«. Knt vhcn? thttre wor 
one right coun^i?, (hey gaoernily i-h(we it; yet from ihi? nttii" 
inhm into which the use ijf [ho n^|ritJit« had fallen, thrtr own 
iRUAg? hftting rntrrely Ui^ it in khuikI, ImU ht thii* time retained it in 
ling; from the almost comj)!©*© iJputity both in aoiirtd ikad uniting 
and /] and the like, tbuy neyer ooiild tdl whether humor or umor, 
lu nr um^rits, npativnt or spof^iurjt. gpf^ia cr gpctim vtnn cori'ect; 
ud rooHiyjiicntly na n rule ohnse the wrong. Their goij*rral |iriTiHpli>H 
'«Ter viiro iiot ncccpC^d by tho moU thuughtfiil achnJurt^ in nuy age, 
Akt at lEitat aa conGL^mcd tlio tflstt of aiimnt uuthors, nnltaa ib bo 
iHi^g a (mrt of tlio pr(*st'ut oentury ; iioiLher by iku AvaticiuH in the 
l-'ith n»:ff Ijy a Lambinns or ^ealiger in the 1 6th ror by ti Grf>iioviiiB in 
the iTth nor by n Bontlcy in the l8tL Yot thin systL-m pratlufiily 
csUibtbhed itself, becaiiae it i:nme to be ii^ncd by Bchnlara in their frwn 
wriLETtgiL, sntnei of hirliuiibrrir^ IjcJcig ^rniluidly cliriiitinltil - nrw oriea 
lluWffVer being intri>dnoe'l, «iii:h m coflv^ri i^^^in rMMr^ro t^^^vi copferu ftjr 
miimm eena maerw &UtKt cetera in order to derive thorn preposCerom^fy 
from Onrk wordi. 

M^nr ai1^rii]it« w^r« miul^ in vurirjiiH dirptrtioTLA to eh^m^Q Ihii iii1«ite 
tkin^B 1 tho best and mont fjsteni^tic wab tbnt of Ph. Wagner in hia 
iii^Tttphia VefgvliLUiJi publUiied in 184L With odmirabli: induetry 
all the evidence affui'ded by the mediceHO and, so far ua it 
ihl© to bim^ of tlio other Ancient hikb. of VirgJL As thcae, 
old mt^B. tkto za a rule very tcnndoua of the true Bfiolling iu 
tha»c \n\tvm where tLhere iaonly one right method, he performed this {alH 
•f hk wurk with emiuont aiit^ce^iiT ^^^ ^^^^^ remains nut: of thp b«?t 
•nlh^nties on the aahject. In thoq^i other cuaea however alluded to 
•b^T*, in which Tuicby m tho rnic of the anoientfl and which indii^Io vt, 


xoTEs r 

gretil multitude of pnrtioulur ici^taiicts, he has clio^n to abaodon tlk^ 
safe pTmnd of orideu^^e find cipprieDce aoU has made Yii'gil write wh^fl 
he dendtnl ao a pHtrri priiidjileH lie iiiLLi^t lin^'^e wniit^n. TliU Meeins ul 
too th<? reason why liia system vns not ini>re gQUeraUy foliowed- Slid 
)tHa aati^octvTy wus Aloiviga epolliu^ iu lira dc iiii^bus publL'^lied id 
1839 : it was utterEj uiiliku tliat uf LUe la&a- aad yet in mnuy ]ioiutj id 
WW4 nnt wh^t Cicero used ; in alWl more you could not be ^ure wJieihea 
jt W£3 \vhn.i he used or not. Hete too Lachmana ijrLDg[ng into pl&y liid 
cxtraoitJiniiry 'power <:>f fL^kia^ iht H^lit qucf^tiun', and joming vitJfl 
it A niiiiuto kuowlcilgf of tlio w!i«la eviJerice ujioii tliu sulycct, saw sfl 
once what ci>itld be iittiuued arid whftb cotdd not, and etiaped bis i^oariH 
tujuordingly, Thu Lt'^jdeik niis. cf LiicivtiOH, rjuporfoet in auiny r^p«ctw 
SFC ou tbc whole ndraii'ablo in ihelr ot'bli{>^a[>by, &i lea^b equal to aujM 
iif the "laa. of Vir^l, condrraing thern in wlmt is true auU CiUtimioB 
by thern in tam r in Eome nke pointu, aucU aa the frequent reltntiou <fl 
thu eaolitic ai, iht^y fur aurpa^ tlieni. With their aid be was able td 
coaliriit tlioae impi^jvetut^titH in E]>eUiug which Wji^er Liid eo well 
eatHbliahod id nppraiitiocL to the ojatem in cominon use. But in rfg»T« 
to the other tilns* of words iu which the village of the aaolentfl v^iriod inl 
different agefl or even iu tte pntn? a-ss, hv ii^ not do^aticuUy doterJ 
uiiiie wbat ilia iiiiLliur wr'oti^ und thui close tlte d[>ur to all futurn 
changif ; but knowing tlint ctTLiiinty wna not here jittainflWe, he eai"^ 
fiilty PiUod tho ovidf-noc olfer^'d liy his nisa, and lundo thts bo^t apj^t-oiti- 
metion ho could to what bia autbnr migbt Imre written, idwnja ti^kiDf 
the iiKWt Hiioieitt f)]i-[ij far wbii-'h In^ umbi ntieA bUjtjiliejl any te&t\tn€ttij^ 
dii'ect or indirect- Tbu^ the quetition wac not foi'tvl4.ised ; nur were v^ 
luft to vttgH<: gencrftlitioti, but a lirm historical groundwork wna ^ine^ 
upon whii:E» futi^re iuiprorements mi^ht be buiJb, if Wlrt<jr <;^Tid(;naH 
hereafter o^ered itself Tjn^bmn-iiti then in tbifl} aF4 in A(t mniiy olha 
departnicnts of phi[olo^y, aeems pit once to have pnxlueed conviotion inJ 
the minds of the majority of the mo.^t thH>ugbtfitl flcholei's;, in Getmau|fl 
X mciiu; for iu i>ur own oountiy moat ul-cul to £cuut the quealiou itM 
unworthy of sorjoua attention : a great uiintake; fur Latia oi'thogro^div 
m a rao»t intet-eHting and vikluable Atudy to tlioee who eore to exomiiM 
it, and touches in h theii:iaQd E^uits the liUtory gratnmar and pHjuuoJ 
ciatioii of the langiinge. Let nio give two exankples nf the effect *li 
once produced by Lncbniann. Otto Jalin in 1?<43 published his eUJ 
boriLte oditiuu of Per^ina in widoh \\q odcjptod throu,L-hout tbo spelliiH 
then in eommi>n use, though he bad bo uuuLy esicjeUvut ui:^, t/t guidS 
him tu a ticttuT course: in IS5\, the year after Lachxtiaiins work rnrnJ 
out, he ptibbtihcd the text of hia Juvenal and fi.iUowcd in it mosfl 
minutely the priuripln^ of Lncbiuanu ; iLiid foriuuattly bo hod a mosfl 
exeelkmt autlioniy in ihe cndex FitboeniiUH; ko thai the s^ieTlIng iM 
probably not vei-y far removed from the anthor^s own. In the Tefti^ 
jiiet prt.^edin[^ J^ichinuuu Holm puhli^ed EeTenU onttione of Cir^rH 
with d^borutG cHtiad Lutiti notcn; unJ yet, though his apidling wa^ 
Boniewhat ht^tler thnji that of Jahn^ Per^liis it is htilt f^uentinlly ^eoofl 
ventionai^ and ari>itrary: in the y<eavG folloising Lachmann ha publialLed 
A Klin of Hohuot cnlitionH of Cicero's orations with brief Ijormftn noted 
Atid ynt iu Ihe^ the ^pL-lliug vias wholly modelled ou the ^yitenfl 

isTRoDUcnos 25 

pursaed by I*chmann- The some BTBtem too he haa carried out in 
tiiooe Tolumee of the eliiborate edition of Cicero edited by him and 
Buter, which c«une out oFWr Lachmum's Lacretiua. Stimulated bj 
the examplea of Modrig Hitachi and Lachmana the rinug generation of 
Gerrean »cholara has pursued the critical study of Latin with eminent 
•Dcceee; and uearly all of them follow in orthography the guidance of 
lAchmann. This system then may fairly I think bo now regarded aa 
the trae ^ conventional' system ; for surely the school of Lachmann and 
Bitachl in the nineteenth century has a better right to dictate to us in 
tho present day what shaJl be accepted aa ' conrentional ' than the 
PoggioB and V^as of the fiiteenth, Bibbeck in his Virgil ahewe him- 
self a moat devoted pupil of LachmanUi and generally he takee the right 
direction; though some defect of taste and judgment makes him not 
nn&equently miffuse hia glorious opportunities and push the matter to 
the verge of caricature. 

In following I^chmann then I am sure that I have authority on my 
side i I believe that I have reason aa well. In those cases indeed to 
vhich I have already alluded, where the nniversal testimony of inacrip^ 
tiona and of nus. beyond a certain age prove that there ia only one 
light way and about which the beat scbolara are all now agreed, there 
cannot be any doubt what course should be taken '. we must write 
gtter^la loquella lueUa aoU^t tolUmnia aoUiato IwppiUr littera quaUuor 
ttuppa tarandna hracchium; on the other hand milia coneeto conex^^9 
eonili etmixiit conivM comthinm belua baca tacu$ iitut and the like; 
ctmdicio toktcium, gciius artu^ (MJ') aviumnuM «uM«; in many of tbcm 
ftn important principle is involved : obeying the almost unanimoua tes- 
timony of our own and other gix>d mas. we cannot but give «m*ru* 
vmor and the tike ; also hiempa, I have heard it asked what then is 
the genitive of hiempa: to which the best reply perhaps would bo what 
ia the perfect of mrtto or supine of ejno. The Latins wrote hiempt^ as 
they wrote ^mptum aumpsi aumptutn and a hundred such forms^ because 
they disliked m and « or £ to come together without the interventioii of 
a p sound ; and our msa. all atteut this : Umpto likewise b the only true 
form, which the Italians in the 15th century replaced by lento. Then 
mss. and inscriptions prove that d took an n before it, tarnUm qvendam 
eundem and the like, with the sole exception of circumdo in which the mss. 
both of Lucr. and Vii^ alwaya retain the m : and generally, though not 
invariably, ta on the other hund remained before q: quera^uarn lam- 
^uam and so on. Then always qmcque quicquam quicqmd (Jndef), but 
generally Tutff^uiiJ (relative); always p«r«^t^ interemo etc eta Above all 
we must scout such barbarisms as coelum inoealut syltia caeUranequxcquam. 
Id these points Wagner is aa good a guide aa Lachmann ; but in regard 
to the cases in which ancient usage varied shall we follow the former 
who deserts the msa for preconceived general rules, or Lachmann who 
here also is content to obey the beat evidence he can getl I have unhesi- 
tatingly come over to the views of the latter^ 'hypotheses non fingo' 
should be the rule in this as in other matters. Ab eaid above* all these 
uncertain apelliaga fall under a ver^ few general heads. One of these 
ia the aaumilation or non-aflsimiliLtion of prepoaitions: iupero rei>re- 
■euta ^ etymology, iaipero the pronunciation of the word. From the 





Dii»t aocietit period of which we have any record, centnriefl befora, 
Cicero or Lucroliua, a coiapixmaiBc ^oa mode bctn^ccn these oppoaing in- 
tenato: wonln \n coninion o^o schjp began to cbniigfi the o»rj*iMant, 
thrsae io leas eomiDon iiae petiined iC longer. Id the new cor|nLB inscrifw 
tionum I^tinATum, the moiit reoenl of which ara (i» old 4t Ulc ftge ^ 
Locretiiu, most of ihcui mach older, imjKmtor occvin ^!r times, aufl h 
bIwrjs ^leh with ffiy JlToy\l^g tlj*t in a word, which mu^ rlmly have 
been in ev^bodj'a mouth, etymology in remote times yielded its wai 
DAtunJ to Bound: imperium aguia occura Ihreo, injrcritim aix timca, 
being doul}tl»3 in BoiuewhaL leaa ccimiuou ii»e. Nov in Lncretius ipipc- 
rmm ifli^tfro or imperiio occnrs six times, ftnd tbe ms«. alwava ■pell it 
with PI, &nd fio LQcrotius Bf>e]t it I havo nu doubt: indeed many of 
Uiese ccmmon wgrds the silver age I believe more fti^qucDtly wrote wiih 
fi, than diil thut of CicPiV), Thi^r Virgil uses iiitppnum 4<.f times; urid 
RibtH^cb'a c«pitAl mas. have m in every iuHtancCf exeejit H vhich twice 
hofl itp.p though one even of thwe two vastm ia doubtful ; f(>r Aeo, vui 
361 FoggioiuB prints intpcrtUi. Yet iri defiance of all LliU evideDOQ 
Wagner givea ua inpenum, Burely without reason on Any view of tliM 
cue^ for the foimdjition on which wq mufit build iit Ums withdrnwit 
from under ctir feet. To take another common matanco, ntntmuto 
<7ccurs 9 times in the corpus iuw.T. and alvaya witli fi; 12 Limra in 
f.ueretiiu and bIwrja wit,h m. IJJther wordt ore more uncertain r v« 
find iu tiie mas. impiuj! and i^^i'^fff, i/^injor^o^i^ and inm^rtaii^ ecitiijfrt 
uad coUigtr^ cfrntjilfi> and conftleo; and ao with other prep<MilJon» a^, 
ohj itiA, ad: nil tiMirliTig to jirtive that uj^age •»b& \q mcist word^ naei«r- 
Uin- Again we have r-iWc and f;r^, exgolvo. rxultit e^-piro Krpffio eet,^ # 
being gcotnkUy omitted ; and thia ajfreefl with Qui ntiliau I 71 who impliea 
that it wik4 n leani<<iJ EinVctfLtiun of sijmt! to write e:rJ7«rfo in order to 
diatinguiMh erund gpecto from er anil jttvto; \t agroea t/vk with all other 
good evidence: the msa of Virgil fnniiah predfidy the fame tc&timony 
aji thooe of Ltjcrotinat yet Wa^er in all auch cases mitea ^£4: aordy, 
we should keep ex vhei-e the mas. keep it, ea:* where they liaif ext: wxA* 
jK> with supter or jwfctfr, t^iptUu or ruhltiit, aS- or ap-, o6- or <>p-, nj^ or^ 
rup-f MUD- or #t(«^ and the like : we find kaud and Atu^, and Bometiraw 
tali%U oHquit quicguii and the like^ suund and etymology carrying on an. 
undecided battle in the mss. of LueretiuH. aa in inaeriptioTiiii and »lsft- 
where : adque is ftometimett but rarely found, aottnd bating her« aa ouglttE 
bo eitpedci piuied tho victory: Wagner cannot be riglit in alwAjvj 
forcing at^ue on Virgil. Lucrotiua aeems to have re<4)gni:9ed only wan 
}t9 ODce haft tlahM^ and once prn*aerihia: ec« notes 2 tti rt 9S. in sitdi| 
f^iroia wnnd inuat have at an ct^rly period prev^M ; and h d g gar«' 
way to p t e before 4 and { : ^peu* for l*tivujf is the tumr? t'riu^p3*> a^ 
rr^ {recj) rcn (rKw) wriften pometimes rrcri, rfctiim from ri*;c; to^ 
Judge from thi- beat mas. lahw^ and tbe like became again much moroj 
COminrjQ in the nlvcr ags« 

Another c^uestLou involving a mnltitnde vt details U Lb« u^e of -is 
or -41 in the accus. ptnr of [inrtieiplea and adjectives and JtubKtatiiite< 
whoN gen. plur, endn in iuo^ aa well as of tome other tlonca, dolorU orj 
d<fior«s. tJUKOria or nviior<4: hero too Wa^er iavolvts* himself in inex-] 
••i-^e per|il('Miiiefl byhia ecWtte ^yntPtn^when hi» niw. were admirabt^* 


gnidoi, bad he ohoMU to fuUov them. The ma. of Lucretius are n<j less 
ulmii^e and probablj r^praKmt TtfTj fair\j the aulhor^i own usage.* 
tbej offer -tt five Ijmtt out of tax ; and -M ia eomewh^t more commoD in 
sabsta&^veft in veij general nn^ ■« ignet trireg aure^. JnscriptioTia qnito 
bear out onr mas.; and the solo telic of I«tia yet disinterred from Her- 
cnlaaeoin contains this v< Utraque w££en»nis iJ«rum ren>an)«ral orbea, 
Pertx recentlj printed in the Berliii transactions the few remaining learea 
of a m& of Vi^il, which he asalgiis to the age of Aagnstua and which 
nwj reallj be of the second or third centurj : we there find the acc- plur. 
of adjectivee and participles ending 18 times in -u, 3 times in -eg^ partt 
JHice$ mmante$; of subetautirea we find aimmi^ but 4 times vires, and 
arte* Busssfl crat«$ doMaes arve, quite bearing out the testimony of our 
A and B. Varro do ling- I^t vui 67 saya quidp<iteM simiiius esse gttam 
gjOiM mena dens T quom korum casus patriots et aecusaiivus in fntdtiliidine 
MvU ditparilis; nam a primo JU gentium et gentia, tUrobiqtia u£ nf i; 
ab Mcffundo mentinm et ment«i^ ut in priorc soio sit i; c^ tsrito dentom 
0t dtt^toi, ul in netdro sU i : well our maa six times have the ace fferUit, 
iKver ffmtes; denie$ four timea, uerer dtnli^; mcjUes fire times, once only, 
11 620, mieniis. As for tho ctomin. plur- of such words, Varro L I 66 
aaja am raprekeTuionc vuigo atii dicuvU in tirtguiari hoe otI si avi, alii 
hoc ore d aT& in mvUUudinis ha^ puppis restia H kae pupp«B reetee : the 
fragmeat of Viigil jost cited has tho nomio, plur. puiris and tnenUj 
though we iaw it had mesM* in the MiCcus. : in accordance then with these 
high aaUuMritias the mss. of Lucr. not unfri-quently retun thia nomim ia 
-w^ which it would be monatrouB to extirpate : I hare always therefore 
kept it. Wo see from the corpus iuscr- that -ds -is -e$ were all in use : it 
n probable that XjUct. occasioiLally employed the temunation -sis, inter- 
mediate in sound between -a and -is; but, if so^ hia mannscnpte have left 
few or no triLcea, and it would be most perrerae to follow Av&nciua Wake- 
field and othen in thrusting it into his vereea in Beaaon and out of season. 
Uia msB. have however left not a few trace* expressed or implied of 
the ending -ei: see n. to lu 97 oeuUi: theeo traces have of course been 
caz«ldlly preserrod. 

On another question, comprehending a mut^tude of particular in- 
atances^ I have foUowed LachniBjui and our msa. which here too are on 
the whole excellent guides : I speak of the vowel or consonant u followed 
bj another u. The old I^tina appear to have been nnable to pronounce 
uu; and therefore the ancient o long kept its place aftior u; or for qu c 
or q was used: quom qtan or cwn, never qut^n; linquotU linqvni or 
UncufUf weqiumtw, seqmUur or secuntw, cquos (nom.) equs or ecus; volgus 
<tiiiD«^itvMii«n>j» and so on. Theyappear to have begun soonest to tolerate 
Ku in tenninations, when both were vowels, suits tuuA and the like. Now 
the msB. of Locrelius iiave retained in very many instances divom voinus 
voi^vivojUcet-i equos (nom ,) and ^ciu scutTi, aecwn; relinquontreiin^iU 
or rtitnctaU oftener than reUnquunt, bo sequmttur $ecuniur sectUus tocunttir 
loc¥tus; but with I^chmann 1 retain tho uu, when the msa offer it, in 
oidct-not to get lost on a aea of conjectural uncertainly like Wagoer and 
srane others. The msa. of Lucretius are aUo very pertinacious in retaining 
the genuine old fi^nts rdeit eieil or si^xHt cet. and never offering rtiicit 
eiieit and the like : Grai OraiSj not Graii QrtUis. But further details oa 


K0TE3 r 

the moat iulereatuLg [loiDta of tJiQ n-Dcieut ortLograpliy will he founiJ in 
VAriona psirtfl of our notesL Agnic in thow mnny casea where the flniinfl 
was iatGrmedifttv between u aud % and the spollic^ tliotefore uncertain, 
■ach OS Uie ttiriiiuiiitioii of iiarticiplra hthI wurda like httct or /lArf, tla- 
fipat or dis^/prU, qtuidrupei fir qiUfiApft and many ofbera I have of 
oauTM Hubmittod to the guidnnae cf our luau. ^ w^ll as to the lulopUoii 
of c or t> in verlffrc or vdfUre and the like; e ia LinturaJlj the more oom- 
muu, yet vorCi ivrtfUfn divorsi rvi-tUnr co^ivorli^fa vorfr^ flrt all foiiud. 
The maa too I have alwajH fjllownfl in rL^mlmg t^fbttKla QujnundU 
dicundu'in cernitmii Jacifi-ndimt ajiifif/ig cet^ or tlie more U3ii^l nijtndum 
^naerendv/it c^i. Do I then claim iu ftli tlieao doabtfUl cnacs to ^epl■odu^^ 
the Bpelliiij^ tA Tiici'ytiiiB or his tirst odit^ir? Cert-aiiily rot; hut in iikoat' 
of tlieue canei Lnoretius imd his ooatemporaneH uiidoTibLetll}' n11ov«L 
themeclvea loucb latitiido; aod 1 luive nut intentioniiliy [(ormitteJ any-' 
lUiag to remain vhlch might not Lave bet-u found in oue or otljer lof^ 
liefore tJie death of Virjjil Fy adhering tpiiiicinHjily tij tho mx*. where 
not deiPOQ&trftbly wrong one goina a firm i'OfltiDg-plai?e Jrom which lo 
make farther ftdvimoea, if hotter eridence offer itadf. However that 
ma.y be, I cdonet bring myself tu iLccept the aibitiary tiud ocleetiu sjstmu I 
of ft Wagner, much li^ss the hidef^us barba-risma of a Witkefield ; nor on | 
tlio othor bandf after foa^ting on tbo gcneteub ceroalfl of a Lachmann ani| | 
n Ritschl caji I stomach the 'conventional' husks and aconus of tM\ 
ItJiliaiiH of the l^tli century. At the srune time it will be aeen that m/' 
spelling di£Fi>r3 [qsh from thii^ ayatpm, ifaiin does that of Wegnor ia bii] 
^ndari to;tt of IS41, or even hie Riihfiequent modiliaition of that text' 
for inmrnon use which Prof. Coniugton has wiJopted in hia Vii-gil. | 

T^Toat of the abbreviations ami Tnnvkn nsed in thf> uot«A arQ au^cif^ilji 
explained abovw : A and U denote of course tJio two l^eydtn ujm., Ootuj 
tlio Gvjttoqijao fra^Toent, Nic Nice, the Florentine las. wnlten by^ 
Nicoli) NiccuLi, Flor 29, 31, 32 the mM. of the Laurentmii Jibmry 
firming Ni>fl, 25, 31, 33 of deafc KK3V; CnmK our Cambridge ma.;] 
Vnt, or Vatic, the Vatican msa,; and Urbin. Othob, or Reg. with th«1 
number nttnchod rdoubify ihriu more nearly, Brix. Ver. Yen, Aid. X\ 
Junt. A(d 2 are tin' editions fiillv deacrilwd above, where it hiw been ex-J 
jiljiinod when and why the nnmea A voueiue Candid ii3 Mandlua Naugeriad 
tnti or arc not m&cd inntcad of that of one or other of these cditionaJ 
The nia, notee of Heiuaius and Vossioa, which arc often cited, iudicatQ om 
coiirae the not^a by tho^ti aohitlara "whit^h nre in my private poflseaaiOiM 
and have boen d^etn^ibpd above. Lamb. Wak> Lneh- Bern, Bt^ntl- needj 
no eK|danatLcin after what has b^hen eoifi The dote ^,.. imply that onol 
veraOr ■ th^it inorp than one or an iiiicertHin rmmljer are lust: aneh JnterJ 
pLiIatioufl a« it has befn deemed Bd^'it4ubli> to r^tn-in in the teJLt, uw 
| in armll cepitala; the lottirB Byliablea and woixla wliith nrw 
omitted iu the m*^ but c»iu be n^tored wilh more or leaa certainty, ar# 
given in Italicfu In qnoting Knnins the }nst edition, that of Vahlen, haa^ 
been used; for tlie friigmtmtB of tho Roman Bcenio writera, exceptl 
Kunius, that of Ribbeuk : io citinj; Cieero tho smuller sections ar« rttA 
ferred to aa fai' the mor<t convi-nient: for Terence Flecteiaen ; foH 
riflutup Rit*L-hi and P^ockei.aen in the plays they have publwhedj in tliaj 
lAh£g^^fi old Tariornin ed. has been employed : in Pliny ^illig'a eoeUonal 



nv ;ilwiija citadf Os the oltler divlaijina nre iutoloriLbiy avtw-ard- NnteB 

1 Hiivc b(.<m mude au ahoH oa w coaaistunt witb perspicuity ^ unle^d tho 

a^irsfj^ ifl exprrsslji etntrd or iJuplit^J, tlio vrord or vnnlA whii'li ii|>rK.>Hr 

fint ill iJie nolo siv tlinse of our text; thus '^nUafrilia. ffenilnlh ttc' 

dgnifiM that g^nylfahiUs tH tLe rrgbt rondiag imd va t<ivni.l in A niiil B 

ukI ibc<jtlit]r chirf till til oritiiefi, but f/etiilnliit ]s moDtiotiod fi^r iLi; itofn'^nq 

gWsiL Ai^in '281 ynam LiLob. fi.r ryiwm^ yunri Jiint' meaiiM tbrtt 

1j<-fiiiuiiin tirst guve tht* (*orr<*L't n?a/liug ^«nm instead of /^iKm vj\iii^h 

k tLe nrodin^ of A ruid B tLad ot;]ic?r lusa, na wcU n« oditioTis bcfDra tlio 

Jaatine of 151:3 wLicb printi* '/"otf, tbo reftclJuu gtiDtmlW ftillowcJ by 

Uie oid editor-*. Of cours*i if ftiiy <kTi© bi^foro Lni.hmiinn lisd voad ^»nw, 

ha, not LacboiATLTi, wi>uld havu bv^^ii cit«d itir it. 'Ed,' uieand the 

frn?aMit editfir. Let it ftlwnya be reniembered lliat tbt corntpt rpadiiif;, 

ciiM ill 4 DLTite, la that wLiuli ^ipcara in A and B, uol^aH the oouirary ia 


II fm^bibt^V gpnitatiA Iirs no untLority. but it doeFi not ajipenr to be 
't^pogmphi VenjTieoaiB p^', as I fojuid it iu Vsit 1 13iJ Uthoboo, 
U 15: Nifoli NiccoU followed by oil the Floe, mae. (Jnmb, etc. b.iH 
(iiMe va-acs in tL*? right crdoiL 14 Wak- jfrfi]>osc3_ftrc wliiih U iudtij 
mLliifr Ihe nis, rr^iirlitig, Afler 16 the v- lUei^ffl'Tisqite tnin onmis ntifura 
cntuianturrt ifl iavert^d in th« JiiatJue uiul in lui^t Hub^c<:ju«iU (MJiUoii% 
Hut however bjr Nan^tiu^ la Alditii- i. oa LEu:iixiut£iii inoorrcctlj atiited. 
Jt Liui Ix-Kn gt?Dtiully &«s)giitid tu ^IfLndlii^i but as 1 fouud tt in tbi) 
majgin -.T Fli^ii'. XJiXV ^^f, fur roasf-na yivrn (ibi>ve p. 7 T ntl.Hhiite it 
tj Aii;jjhU» P^iittJiTi, Nic, Nice, utid tbe Jtiiliftiis Jiflviiig chnrtgod ia 10 
^'•ib»/ve mUr cunqite had i-endcrcd the seLitoQce unmtcilbglhle without 
Bine flddilioD. 34 /ieidl B Goltoqi. R^rM A Niu. Nira. Cnmb. etc 
i^^tf^. ^inVj^/tj* Lfkiuh. fiad eohobaat of Statiui^ 35 ^ic> Ntoc. 
rghllj git-iCT W»^!^» for the corrupt Uriii^ 

44 — 49 = u G^fi^GSI. la. V^^sins in hJa ma. ocitus in my pcBse»- 
EtiQ v^JI ohwrvE-4 rduLt Hom? '^■ne ha^ insfirtM them h^re * ut oatendcrct 
UivreL fibi adversitri rpii, cum D^oa luortaJia non curare hfliriDat [^i<^]i 
^'tBcrem tamen iuYOt*?t\ Juiit. omits tbi'm. Avunciua Id the teatt of 
Aid. 1 (dftfCfl theFU aftfi' 61 mid has Veen folLiweil by ujitst eiiiUiiy 
he-ftire Lttch,; but in his profiles be wtdl oba«rvea * Unum [iflLTDiiLTe 
BiuiUk Oinnle ciim cuui iiuiiir^uo s^qucntibud ex prologo, cum abuiidoat, 
daueuJoai tn&e: hos nptitid It^gB^ CUm de QLagoa mutre figit'. 50 (Jtujd 
njmral, varufa auris aniiiiiiitxque sfj/jacem -■ so IfernHjn in Rheiii. Mum, 
B-f V p. 0^'J from the inioi-pr. Vera, in Maii plflfis. suet- t- vii p, '2^2. 
i^ttod autf-rat ui vneuas ^Kria A B^ NLc- Nice, Ibllowiid hy alt tlio tlor. 
Cunli. Acd moat niBS. and all tbe olfl editiuus ouiltted vi uud jtddid 
ttUi, Jftmniiut, el t*. Lnoib. ^f^^rtlifl^alia, At the end of Jont. lk jiro- 
pACii vari£fU mi^i ^iM?^ Mffmriiitti nur''8 ^f^/iUfhtt cui^ Loch, hus 
lighUy wen that our reading iinplicA ths iut4.s of oue or more veratis in 


30 , MDT£S 1 

whioh the poet pnssed from Yenns to Memmiua : he saggeflts anknum^ 
q\Uj age, Memtnij which would complete the Acntence in & waj. 

GQ toUtre. UntUrt Lamb- ed. 3 Loch, from Nomna *teste nostrig 
antiquioro'. But where our m&t, gtve, a« here, a &a]tleas reading, it 
Meeiua uncntic&l to prefer that of such ft careless writer as Nouins; 
older and better authorities than he ja oontimi&Uy misquote : Seneoft in 
57 has qtioque tbr quove^ Oellius in 304 mU for et, 306 Noniua has 
caitdeiiti for dicpantaa tn, ii 1001 lActantius ^fidgmiia for r«UtUttm> 
Gd /aina. Jkna BeutL and LacIl who sajs 'Jama non omnis neceesario 
Ttia^ita est^^na may be right: see T 75; but^mu deum seems to mo 
more emphatic aiid the deuM to be equiv&lent to an epithet. 70 ^^ruv- 
gare Fri^^ia aud alau I find Flor. 29 and Yat ll3fj Othok for etn^ 
Jritigere, rightly no doubt. virittierA animi conjringert Nic. Nioo. 
85 IphiatiaeMi A corr. Avanc for IphianaAsa^ Iphiana$$eo Kia Nioe. 
all Fior. Camb. all Yai etc 

104 jxMtuiU Junt. for posmn^. As A and the Italians haTe iam, 
B and GotL me, I once thought the right reading might be a me j&»- 
ffere pouum : si^ Cambridge Journal of phiJology i pv^4S and Lncr. m 
27L 111 timeHduni^ Orelli edof^. in notes, Lach, for Hmcndum^ 
131 edartt. tiden LacL without cause. 1^2 permanwtnU permaneiU 
Ang, PoUtian in marg. of Flor, ^9, Yer, Yen. Aid. 1 Juat ettx followed 
by all before LacL 130 turn Flor. i5 and 31 OamK p. m. for Ivn^ 
111 qtt^ntria mffam Flor. 3i in margin, Nio. Hcimdus in ma. note^ 
and Faber for quativit effcrrt^ Dion. CaL diatich. ui 6 has Tuemntf 
atifferre JoiorCTn, perfaape taken from this. 155 — 158 Juul and margin 
of Camb. hare these vs. in right order, and H for ut in 157, Avuiciut 
etf aud at end of his edition of CatulL 1502 has right order, 

161 — 161 are rightly thus pouctuated by liwh- I find however 
from his proof sheets that until the final revision be had with WakeC 
put a stop after roiucrcs and armenta, and none aft«r caeh. Lamk 
putd a colon after pccwUa and alters f^nfrmJ to tefierH. 185 «t mfo. 
« iiihUQ ti J\inL I^mU etc: ao 291 cum^uinen, JlHmen cwn JMmh,\ 
U 36 n IP* pltbeia. ti ptebtia ia Juut and Lamb^ : in all cases agaiiul 
Ofis^ aud the usage of Lucretius. A t. has been lost between 189 aikd 
190 which in Camk PhiL Joum. i p, 371 I have thus Euppliad As 
quvitiaia cTt$catU omntt H tempore oertou Lrfuh. awkwardly «l par 
t4t MMins cerio Crwc^re, negtu genut. eretoendo Juu^ lAmb. etc. 
207 po$tiiU Aid. 1 Junt for po*itRt ■ a change which wilt often have to 
be made : mas. like schoolboys ate more apt to pat po$$eta for po$tkU 
than lice venL 315 quieipte Ijimb. for quiequid. 

230 iarge Bern, for tonqe. exleitiaque Itrnge I^ch, But «£i«nu^ 
oppoa«d to ii^qen^iei most be right: fiee note« 2, 210 »en« Junt. fi)r 
liAEuj; I^mb. ed. 1 and 3 fierae {jverus ed. I Li a misprint) and indi/h 
p&iUe ; ed- 3 ncxHt-.^rndopcdita. 257 ytng^i Jan. Philar^yriua ta 
Yirg^ G, 111 1-1 iv\t pingnit, as Heyne there notices. 

271 poti¥4 all Yat Flor. 29 and 31 Camb. for coriue. pofU^um 
Aug, I'olidan in marg, of Flor, 29, and Junt, and apparently Nic Nice. 
collie IacL which is very weak. 271 'taevxt, Mand.' says UiGinius: 
but JunL has rightly tttrnit* 276 renJa* Lach. for pontue. 281 ^smmH 
Lacfa< for gtum. qiiod Junt 289 r^itq. aqua qmdquid Ed. for rmA 


BOOK I 31 

qua quidquid: see Oamb, Joum. of phiL i p. 375. ruttq, iia Loch. 
qua quicqititm Kic. Nioc. ruiuif qtiM Fuber. I^mb. BeutL and Ph. 
WagDcr in Philologna Bnpp. I p. 3C6 in v&in defend qua qutdquid. 
294 rapida I^ch. for rapidx which Wak. Absurdly retftiiuL rt^nd^rque 
rotatUia I^mb. ed. 1 and 2, rapidoq-ue rotanti ed, 3. 313: Isidor. 
Orig. XX. 14 I ' Vomer. quo I^cretiu* Uw^ut aratri Fantua occuUo 
dea^^etdl wnner tn arris Bumitqae per detrtmenta fiilgorem' {not ^ntlo- 
fvm'X ^^ i* odd if the last vorda am Lwdore's own : is a liua of thia 
kind loa^ jSumirfu« ipse mvm per detrimenta jdtorf^n t 321 flpolmm 
Lttch- for tpttiem^.-mdendL J fonner)/ proposed jr/wrn omnem. Mege 
vvjbwfe' BentL 

334 BeotJ- ujb 'dele Ten/; aud lAch. Bbevs that eeuM and gram- 
mar prove him to be right Spengel iu the Miluchu. GeL Auk, aiad 
other* do not mend the matter by placing it after 34G. 349 fiani. 
j^nf AB: d6^Jiai.J!atAB: 372 o^uttf AB : thia confiuion of ^ aud 
i ia perpetoaL In the small Roman capital, of the Medicean of Virgil 
for inatance, in which some ancestor of our mea. mo^t have been 
Tritteu, these letters are often undutingaitthable. 356 possint Ed- for 
ponenii by changing the punctuation of 357 I have made the sentence 
quite pLun. Madvig emend. Liviauae p. 302 u. ^poMem possifOy poastt 
potaU perpetuo errure permutantur'^ and p. 5tS0 ^poitenL scribeudum 
po&nnL non aberratnr fere, ut saepe dixi^ nisi ubi una littera fomxae 
diatant; tnet pro nl scriptnm non reperias\ Soe 207; and below 593, 
5fi7 aud 645, in all which places 1 have written potnnl for posaetU. 
Wbether with Junt Ijunb- l^ch- etc you punctuate Qtuid tk t. airUt q. 
potwcnt e. q. Travm,Ta h. u./. r. «-, or with Oif. Creech V^ak. etc Quod^ 
tL L s.q, p. c q. TranMre, h, u.Jl r. v., in either case jou get hardly 
gnmmar or sen^e: v 276 ia different in 357 B and Gott for jfm 
havevoferenJ whLch appears to come from ulla twice written ajid fiebei: 
yet Bemays in 356 reada qua corpora qaaaque txdcrent for qua poaaenl 
c. q. 366 At Flor. 30 ercoir. {cod Nic Nice) and Flor. 31 for aui. 
367 vacui minut Junt. I^mb, etc for vacuim minus B and Qott, 
vacuum Wak. I^cb, etc retain with A| the Ital. and Camb- msa. 

3dl ctmcuTfu Gott p- m- Flor. 30 corr. 31 for etmfTurso. 389 fu^m- 
que, quenqu^ Aid 1 Junt for quiaqtie. 404 ^«rai Nic Nice Flor. 31 
Camb. etc for /crare, /eranan A corr. 411 de piano Flor. 31 for 
d^Mano. 412 maffnis A corr. Nic Nice all the ItaL Camb. etc. for 
magnes of A p. m. tonnes B and Gott and abo &ame A corr, ; whence 
BentL and B^n. read largis ftavstos e. /, amws, making 3 changes. 
moffneia N. Heina. in ma. notea. 

435 434 rightly tFanspoeed by I^ck: centnriee before him Flor, 
32 in margin had this uote, 'videtur proponere tautum de corpore, 
dioendo AuqTrUna vef etc ; non entm couTeolunt ilia nisi corpori cum 
tamcn de inaui quoque iutellexisae appareat, ex illo Sin inladils m< 
etc advertendmn diligentimi'. Then at bottom 'si legatur ^'am quod- 
cuntque.-.Cui ti tadus ,.Avqmins tw^,..Cc>rporu..^patebit aermo'. 442 
poaaint Flor. 31 Camb. etc forjfojmnl 

451 Auaquan^. nunquam \er. Yen. and eds. before Lach. wrongly: 
comp. Aem v 8452 clavMttqvs...,^uaquaai amUUbatj and Couington 
tLem pennkiali Ed. for permiltalL Thus Bitschl in Flaut Moatell. 



Z ^erjiueiea (tUovgh in foi-ojci- pkya ho bad left ihfi n) r«fei-rin^ to Kct^j 
exci'o, trnt. iu {n'lm- poeL Rou. p, who piWuces dbuarlitut iiutK4>nn 
for tliiH form, jf^frittcwH vulg. hiiid Lu^b. 453 HtwwC TjicIl Sfuw M 
Wik. fortf^icis. 454 Loi'h- iuth provt^d to bo spijnr)ue, aa a numln. in(//i.rf«J 
cnnuot exiat, ^inl the datives are not cuiiaiatenb with tho geoitiru* ofl 
4.53, Lnukb. rokJi a/u;^. culcr vjnihi^, liqiivr tujiiai: but Lucr. JXtfTor 
uses a dat. in ai. 465 Troiiiitfetnu, 476 Trorioiii*, 477 Gram^nortxm 
Luch. with A (477 Graiiug. A)i soe Quintil. i 4 11 'sciat eU&tu 
Ciceroni jJacuiBw, alio Afa>iUiiiK{Ue gemiuaU t icribere*; Mid Piiscuin 
itiaL Ml i'J, who rigbtly Hay» thjii in thi^ i>]df>Mt. wriLitLgb you hud eium 
I'omps'yinsi Vn/tfiin^ Gaiiits iiml the liktj: mid often eo in (-itani- icscrip- 
ti^rti* ^^7 /it^noii Gott. riglitlj- fur /'ici-ii of AB. Jtr^re Nic, Nkv. 
Flur, 31 Cumb. etc 460 Ti-"i;rin BLforfe^w, per ffcad Ij^oIl eiKdU 
Bei'n. rrfjim Liinib. terria ninl k'f/ionifiits Wat 

4B9 Liu'li, Btnmgely reads caaliit/i, p. B. doTiioruTH CL i7. na if tlio air, 
like a atone wall, woic a. gooj insloocc of & very aoUd ttiiig. All insL 
hiLv^o uiitf^t iiud uL Qc Avimc. Iiiht for ad. iSl /ervanlii^ Jimt^ aoifl 
Ijunh. eil. 1 far /i'Tvenli. 492 rum Bni, Vpr, Vfii. fcn' f «/;». I 

604 rer^n hngrr, Meg. ^o^(f^e rerurn* Bent!, 517 inttne ^fuofl 
rcnjiit scema ijAiite rigUt> ij«hk lit n'irt ^ficcti Lach, fcr^iJn AlilU 
Jnnt Ijunb. ed. 1 and 2, vermn Bfinr for remm. 520 um-nrci is tbfl 
old form of vacarei: fioe F, Buacheler Rhein, Miis- □. t xui p, .^S3 (<ta 
vhere Lc lifter Bergk nod Fleckeifleu ahcws tliat ro^^uu^ twcjVuj poca^ 
vocftlio were in uat: for vucu-us vU. 525 Z^i^fmcfr^/Ad/, qutfittam T^ftmhl 
moat right!/ fur Dlahtetniii qn&tjfani. whicli Lach. retiun» Wgiunrng Uul 
apodciaia vith ^iv^ vri/o in 526. Aid. I ami Juut. soom Iu dum 
titictuin for i^ffffiVH;£urf£ ^^f ani) to iinderaband the ^hlo^o ri^fhlly. 52fl 
^/n^ AlJ. 1 aud Juiit. for jtietia, hik\ httinf^ for \nniiL 533 jfni^f Flon 
31 Ver. Vtn- for/w/it/i, 542 que reruUa Lnnili. for jy^i/wrrt^i/ii. I 

B61— 638: Junt. puts 577—663 aft^T 628, And 551— 564 afler SSa 
At the end of Lis editii-ii Camlklu:* Aiya ' Mandli "<« hc>c loco orJui«(iJa 
i(tque iliim alihi iu pkrinqnf, ubi imnnnttlnm qukl offeudma, bi^cuuJ 
MW*^ Tho WmEid Eumotator of Flor. 32 BAp in the niargio 1o 5511 
tbnt sotoo put 551' — 561 after 57G, and ndds ' vprum Murullo pamifl 
refi-rro vidGLur quomodo le^itur\ abewlug ogtuu that tlK'n^ warn 
ditW-rcut tmdilioiLB flho;jl Mt>ru1liis. Lninb. pl»ioeA onFy 577 — 583 aflpm 
629, AU these tiTUiflpoBitioni* aro utterly wrong, though Uiipdidn* mjfl 
ttt MaruUud ' quein proft^c-to, id sA. aniuAaim rem quanque cxAniinabiM 
ueutlquam (dc D[iiiior) repudiavcris^. 556 ad auciutn Ed. Tlienti wcnifl 
cnnie at the tnd cif psige 23 of the archetype from which idl I^I^^^. arm 
derived, &nd tberctbra were at the outtuilo iiiurgiu and, &s hoa iiappcn« 
iu Ao many c&scs^ wui-c torn away by w>jiiti zuicid«ut. Some one thdfl 
6lff?d lip the vei^e with jfnu which occurs three times nt th^ end of ■ 
line iti the next thirty versds. Lach. kp^peyini^ and for vUTJimurn reatf 
ffUmni'C whidi hi< thiiA awkwardly eKplaiua, ^aunimn., boo eut univenfl 
Tiveiidi octii, ueiaits pcrvcuicre Jitta, ]>or ijinne vitat spaliiun vudeild 
inimmum..Jloretn.j Junt Lainfx od. 1 nnd 2^ Crt^ceh otc. which I^H 
proYoa coidd only nieati ^putM through* not * arrive u.t tho flower'. ^^H 
vium. . .^Htn Fi*^- 30 ex corr. Ver, Vcd. Limib, cd^ 3 Wak, ett\ H^^f 
doubly wrong, aajitiit iu Lucrelius h nlwuya feiuiuiue, 566 jtouii^^M 

iMch. jiiila 5GB Ai'ttr 683, vliera it U wholly oat of pUce; 
TJ«cU il. Junt. rcfl'ia/u/*f iiid j/rrujiiur, Lfl-iiili, Cjt:«iL etc cur/t- 
fU£ iftrawiiir: nil cornijifing ih^* u-xt itml mnkiup LiitTeLiiis niwBrt the 
ibcnnl truNiu tbat riti things whioh cLa li^come :40ft i^nn beooj^^ aot^ 

678 qufjf'itu. f^v^piiam Liiiiib,niid Lanh.wilhout cavise. 7t«7«^# fNSrT^Ora 
= rtyrpnra Ttruat t^itfi c'liffu;: comp- 6*J0. 685 ^rM<:fW* Vnr. Ven, 
mjrJij, 538 cf/ini!fii£ Lurli. for FMuMnm, 591 innvtiinhili" Lnch, 
Fit for inii\\tti\b'fUs. iniituraffile Flop. 31 Flor. 30 cott. Aid, 1 Jimt vii]go 
fckiBUrdly. 5133 flQcl 6B7 pasrint EJ. tor postent ; which coTwifi in 594 

Sva Ui br necei-r'iH.rv ; eee 359 ami uute tlierc^ Here too ponsiat laiaily 
Kpes prMrffnf, ihnrigh ^on^r/ff do4?a not paA4 fiito ruruffrrff »i/) rfuidily. 
BB9 —634 : ttiia pni^k^o whloli ih diibeiOt^ but not corrupt, hdfi been 
ly mntilftted by nil editors from Ijimbinus to Lftchmflun Aud BornAys, 
»rbo aJl in diStreut i*d>s force on Ijiiorebiua a succession of absurd nad 
l^faoti iradiflorj' offlerdons. itlinim for iliorum in 611 is tho aol« 
^Hgv I hiivp mndt>. ttvo 01- thn?^ sligliE and oLvioiu? orrotvof AB having 
ImS centctwl in lJ»e Inter maa or older CfiiliuUB. 5B9 for ynojiiam 
[iMih. Tuf'^num. Bern, ijruid inm. 000 for ilUta Loch, aud Bi-ni- uUiiia. 
LtniK y»^7rV/Tm art. (jj^rtrire^uf f. Cor. e9l afi/pto'i 611 L*ch. ultarum 
ifWr Junt, LamK et<^. 628 &ad 631 Lamb. foUtvwGd by all HubB^qnetit 
MUon pervtraclv rcodH ni for ui, tnttllia for nvXiU; tLougli BeotL »Ayii 
^j» «x a nuL nuilis vx 0. ui^ 63i '/uru r«ff Junt. i-iglitly f<jr t/uan retf. 

cmnp. &U>vt 356 593 Jxfiii 507. B4& tJt^^ B corr. Tumcbus Lamb, cd 3 
LmIu for «TV. te™ A Lort. Nic. Nice Flor. 3L CauiK VatL Liuib. ed< 
3 Cr««jh. 657 nam^i Ed. fnr 7«?**e A, ryiu B GcntL 1*iiin word 
« lft*t in p, 27 of the arcbetype and tberofbra on the ontaTd* 
11,0114] Ad io many other caaea hjitl become partly illegible- v^-U84a,nt 
Si C^iuU Lutub. t^- '2 Ml 3, etc. witliuut strn.^e, w^^fi Junb. I^tiiU 
rt*". iiirtwf Flrir 30 forr. Vet- Ten. Aid, 1 CmifJidus nt end of 
^jlttvg Ijich- an'^sint Beiii. Alejujni Hc-iu& in niE.tioteB- 'fniuv^ 
iiffoi' la. V<*^A in man ni^U^a. 660 iiraith Junt, for lon^ie^ 663 
Avaiic, for rcjili^. '(luidom ntjiliin ug^ioBcunt. Mftrallus nai'/wt' 
iii> **i (-[id of nlijtit. and srt Flor. 3if ctirr. 065 (tUn LiujJl rightly 
u/ia Aid. 1 Juut. viC- una Nic, Nice etc. 6S6 riWw sfin^tii 
U I^hjb.cU. S «nd 3, clc, forfti<r/tu*ff/iiiflu^ mi^tor-? Jant.fori;»ii*arA 
etj. All. I TAiJib. tjd. 1 hftve jihi^iii'dly in coHfis ttritigi mtiseare- 
mid Flor, 31 Camb. mujinftiY. 674 ^rii/earsji N. lleinB. in 
mad Loch, for f^rVf«ffif.' conip. 7^7. i^Vcffrraf Ntt^. Nice, rulg, 680 
I^rtodt, Lich. Bl4!. for t/f&^iulerr. di^^Jcre A corr. Junt. ett 
l^tiih m(>Atr rii^hiJf fur ftllo wbkli IacIl VL-tAinrt. Cuiididim ilI 
t" nfiti pm fl^*» piwiitnm. suiii <]ni rz^m ]egi;nt.' 1 Mjirull, B83 
uiU fijT-t for frv't'-f-i. 703 tfiidi-^in Lu«li. svy./rtT/i^H* Nic Nice 
ttcfd'O Lhb. AD Uirtbn omit ihe ^'ittil 

mi^tritiU Kie. Ni<'i\ D chit, for jtu(\itiliir B^ A oorr.. jnttttnt A 

711 ix»f;fl fi^rrfiMaf Vat. 33T5j nmi iinleas I err HSJi Otbob., ffwr 

of B Uott. A t'oiT. /ynjyt i^rntmie A p, ra. lortgrqttc ertasM 

ioc. vie 720 urjofu. mulaits Lki'Il fdnuMi Ikiu., witliout cuusv, 

<t t ^'\ pontirmii njuffg. 731 Itnlxae Nio. Nico. P>r Hadtue, 

KOTE3 t 

Naeoliae A cfirr- A'-uliae N. Ilelos. in ms. notw an'l Is. VmbCu* d^H 
eaya in ms. noi^ *inu, hfibont Hafoli/te v&\ AraHnf. Piilo vMm wM 
diataui eaiu p&rtoia ItiJifto quum iiihubitavit Jocottea A^i filiiu qni ■* 
frctum SiciJum habitftbnt: vi<l : Piodorum lib, 5. [ch. &1 G. V.' Tliui 
Prciger nml LflrbturLmj'H <Ionbt is sr>lve*1- Haverc. ami Wiik. ulna adopt 
this reacUng of Gerard futherof la, VoasiUB, 724 pj'j u/ f^puir l^junb, ml 
3 far via lit omniat- lit via efroTTtot c<i 1 and S after AltL 1 Jiiiit. «(£ 
725 N. Heius, lq ma?, notes 'leg. ourrttr/t,' to avoid the repetitioo z4 

744 j'rugif AB Flor, 31 etc. not NJc- Nice.: ho tv 577 ruid 5$2 i*om 
AB, /ifgej Liiclt- And 1, L vocfs; ho urtya ' [membnintte] quainvia CTWl- 
Bpnlientcfe ioiiiAri ansua non anm hnc lijco. ubi babciit yhtyM, nwjiie la 
IV 577 Bfil 1000, ubi votiie; qiinm<^nfim Hpud Noniutik p. HO Ifi e Vflr^ 
rnne ficrijitum est pOf^, et MuTiilii exernplam )□ :il 446 babenl ivfitt* 
Bat Vnno dc ling' J-*^ '^ ^6 ohsfiTca 'Jrngi rectus est nAtur*yrfiir, %\ 
aeciiaduiu coDsuetadiDcio diciinuA iit hn^r: orv, Aoa: oi'u<f &ic htitr. Jrnyif. 
I hAv« no doubt then tbnt tbp aeona. filiir, /rvffia itnd i^wi> ^oin« iram 
L«or. ttB wbU as relfifionia And the libt*; artd lliat ftn abl,_/7-uji wao p^iMri 
mble, 748 TUE'c^rLEt/iFi Atd I and Junt. for ^ai. quire Flur. S Gvinfl 
Vitt lh'^6 OtboL wbii-H miLV 1i« nglit. 752 in iUii T buve add^: khA 
theEg tanat X tbink be the actutil words of the po:t ■ »ee Catnb. JoilrH 
irf phil. I JK 29. pnfFfum I->cb. ^ho <i'iito miaiinderstajida tho flrgnmralB 
r^uA Ni& Niocnudfel >id'jr^ LacL 755 uf^ueEd. forufgiti,- son KKH 
Di^. have uCjHi for uc^w?. Larh. rejif|?t 753 u^ri for i£em, and bere^kfll 
«fifuv tu^uf. 758 Aa&flii* A C<*rr, Nic. Kic<?. etc f^ir Aatw. AaM^ia LainH 
vulgo wronplj-, 769 wnoio Wat L&rh. fc<rren^, rtnena Flur. 31 Carutl 
Tiilgo: ibih 1, ended p, 'H of tb<? K^st flrcLelype; aud then^fore lliBae fixd 
murikt/'d etiding* of verse* wore ^-in tbe outer rnnrgjii. m 

769=^763, repented t-ilbout ai™ning. 774 animam Junt fin<t ffl 
animitg. 775 9<*ic7f« m ftwiu Junt- fi^r ijni'jtTiw; in fortmr^ 777 ofj 
art£?r cum tw Ijimb. ncutcly fore( iiioiia/n atrn nnr- 77S rctitj oportM 
TwAu' niteitMirst Lnt-h. B^m. wiibout &ny oecaBfdty I think: ir EudJm 
AtUnfl S«no04 Catulltifl Virgi! in Via ecli^es, Propcvliiw Ovij aoM 
iHhars c%n uise the word, it Ia not too prosaic fur Lutrr, 760 i^'nitt^ncM 
NaugeriuH flrat, flir rfeniT jti-«?. 7S4 785 Aiflci'niftrm*, rar Vmfiri, a e«-*Y* AH 
I and Jun(, probnblv from -Mju-hIUh for AiW iyntn^ ex i^\ in lerranM 
And the emend Liion tbongh bold u peremptorilj r«>quiTvd' 7S9 ;iHNfl 
Aid, I and Junt. fnr_>tirto. U 

606 uf FHr<cv for cf r^f mss. r Lhi^ rhnn™'* nf a leMer, aji BenriMH 
■Mli» giir« I'mArifrpf* ti> tho proocdin* ^ent^'nco dnd compltjtulr v^l^^l 
(he tine pjij«&ijrc, wbicb LiM-k dcjdornblv Ji?tfi^res hr tmiiHjKwng 8flH 
and 807 aod dian^dn^ arbtu^a mtri atiJntxtti, ha if r.dri fnr^outb ci^ull 
like 'frost pM-fomi the Hfi?cr.fif fin>.' LaniK and Gif ed. 1 ft...roeilMM 
the nilgnTe- (Jif ed, 3 refldn rf . .rnrilfimf, without FPrise, ni-d eava ^M^M 
l^lnrult. ct vnl^, Jo'-iUont, ^. r. racilifnil, lanlo.' Now AM- i Ij^^H 
taft^.j/o^iUont. Ver, Ytu. rtad fi(tiIe..jBctlUiit, wht?ui!^coLHs*_/uc^^^H 
Put JnnL giveq, a* Gif doe^ ft ialt.. iMfrillent. B14 mu^in trutdit ^^^| 
for ptti/ri/wniin. 824 r^rlnji Flor, 31 Cnmb- Vat. etc, fur iieUis: see ^^^| 

830 ''£, uf I^cli. : in fireotbei' plartrA He i-Oiang^ «■/, and lu l«ogj«^H 
^--^-fet-^hpd intprpr-'tniSnn, beojinM h? »ys Lncr, coidd rmt uae aJ forjiftefl 

BOOK 1 35 

634 quom Lftch. for quam, Lftmb. re&da Principium remm quam and 
joIds it with what precodes : he b followed by all before Lacb. and m&y 
be n^k 'quid quod ita ae dixit quidem uaquam Lucretius, Bed renaii 
prindpia i 740 1047 u 789' b^jb Loch, Yea, because hia primordia are 
plural J but l 707 ho writea Si qui yrincipiuni yv/nandU aera reOtis Can- 
wiUuent of those i>r1io huve one Gt-^t-beginuing uf tLjioga. 635 a Aid. I 
and JuDt fur dA. d39 840 auriqfi^..,aurun^ As he imm«diiitrlj enU" 
meratea the three other elementa, Btjutl. propuaea auraftp£6...aurani. 
*quid hie aummf oculoscredu iuterpretum pLsestriuiit,..Siiijplio- Uimeu 
fill Ariat. phja. foL 6 b] de Anoxag. vayra ra ofioiofitp^ otot to v&iap -^ 
vvp $ Jtpwnv etc-^ Thia and other paaaagea aeem to df^feud the text: 
jet compL 853. 843 idla parU idem ^ic. Nice vulgo tor aiia idem 
parte. nUn idem ea; parU lAch. becauae Lucr. ho nays on]j omita the 
prepoaiticoi when a geuitive in added. But in rebut aeeioa equivaleot to 
OPe : comp. Juven. vi 437 Adqus a£ia parte in trulina iutpendil J/omemttL 
846 iUi wupra ^uo« Aid. 1 Jont. marg. Flor. 32 foriliig uira quod A, ^uoB 
Gott iiiidjuxta quod Camh.Ya.t. ]3d4 0thobL virieiuxta guot^lor.Zl. 
aUif iuxla An^. Pulitiao in marg. Flor. 29. B52fjugiat Boon-. Flor. 31 
tar efieiaL 853 Man^uen an oeea marg, Flor- 32 and I^mb. for eanguia 
ffn o& aanffuie was unknown to Lucr.: iv 1050 ecmguie unde; Ti 1203 
mngtOt expteiis: aee I^ch. and add Sen- Med. 776 and VaL Flacc ui 
334 aanfftds. Flor. 31 doea not ns I^kch. tajn read sattguia an^ an ol 
asn^vea oe aunun I^ch. an awkward and improbable oorrection. 860: 
the vewEc lost here Laiub. thua supplies, JSi ncrvot alienigeria ex partUnu 
etae; which must be very like what Lucr. wrote^ 866 tanieque. veniequa 
Avano. l^mb. Lack without necefisitj 1 tbiuk. Avaooiiis formed hifl 
text by correc^g Veu- and it aa well as V^er. bOiVo saaxaque; hence 
perhapa oenie. mido Lach- a^r AliL 1 Juut- Lsmb. which have mitio. 
muxtiM Ang. Folitiau !□ marg, Flor. 2^, which maj be right. 873 : here 
them is 1 believe a hiatus of two or more versea, which I formerly sup- 
plied thus, ^x alicnigenv quae teUure eieoriuniur. Sic ittde/n quae li^mt 
eatiUuml ctrrporot aluntur Ex cvt i oomp. eajiecially 359 — 866 aud not«s 
3. In 874 I have added Au after Itj/nia. I hardly undeistand I^ok 
who readfl quae alienigenie oriitnlur. i^ee also Luc Mijtler de re metrica 
p. 284, who seeiDS to prove that a mooosyll. diphthong ia never elided 
before a short vowels Juut followed by Gif Creech omits both 873 
and 874. Lamb- followed by Wek, only 873; which seems absurd; ho 
reads in 874 lignie exoriuntur with Flor. Camb. cto. 

882 euro muci Aid, 1 Junt. etc for cum m taxi, 884 lapidi lapidem 
JanL etc for lapidi in lapidem, ^recte, ut puto^ etsi cor sddita sit 
[praep. in] non iutellego* Lach. ierimue Nic. Kicc for Untmua. 885 
Wfritf. herbaa Aid. 1 Juut. L^ch. vulgo. 886 ^tcts Flor. 31 Camb. 
for latieea. 887 quali B, qt/alis A, qualea A corr. Nic. Nice- Flor. 31 
Camb- uiere. ubera I^mh. : the exxct reading is uncertain. 890 inter 
terrttM Lach. fii-et for in terram: otber editors havo blundered strangely, 
re* added by Ntc. Nice- B corr- etc 900 ^mmai Juni. for Jlamrnaa: 
a nmple correction, yet overlooked by many of the lat^r editors. Even 
ITsuger has here deserted Juut. and re^dn JufaerurU JJammae Julgore, 
S09 eo)Uinea}ttur Nauger. for cOTUiugajUur. 912 U B corr. Wak. for e. 
932 animum, animo* Lamb. Creech afler Lactantius inst. i 1 6. Piui 


N0TE3 1 

' nioiliilntiiis miirmv lege*'. But iv 7 avttmum IjimK animot 
Th. 942 /iri^fo N, H(!inft in ms. nr.^tw and lAch, riclitly for /a/^to. 
864 Xecn« sii Lftiol^. fwr rtsc sit 957 T"o*(f7Mfl Nk. Ni«r. corruijlwi 
inUi tsdusfpia ; Lis fullowers (t(/w^//'ip iiitci t-^? a</rwf/T*«; or, as AliL JiiiiL 
innrg. FW, 32, jiatftifit itd \in<jufi. 971 Id^iatidi^ Liimb- timl fir /nr'ij- 
/iWiy. Klor. 32 in nmrgiu eK[fcl&itis ijtviili/ti« bs vnlilf vntitiU. 977 'i^rViJii 
lAmb, riglitly atiil Wfwre lilm Grr|»Ui"i3 Lvoiis K^34 [uni 1540 f^n- rj/tcioi, 
lifter the rnnsUint uwig<' of I.iirr. 984-^0S7 (S98 — 1001) [ have eJw- 
wli«i-a pmvfld feliuiild cotd^ in tbiq p1ai?& 

991 (9S7) coHfluxpf Flor. :*1 tirvt for ^nf\ixit. B97 l993) »H'/W 
PolitJiin ia m»r^, Flor 2& V(fr, Ven, H^iiis, io ms. uirf^^a iVt n-'tlUw. 
1000(996)^ Mip|»iitd by L«eh. U b*tl*r than tu of nider *^iiors. vp/em/i 
)i qnile nght : se^ Cumb, Jourti, of pliil I pr 33. L^ioh, wronpiy fi:-lloi" 
Aid* 1 Juut. Lnmb. ttc. in i-FJuling <b^eruiTqitf &a<X juIJa 'te\ coDVOnitfO- 
t«<r, qufLQivis scL-ua tidi-atur WuJciilit^Mit ct F(irbi^it>« i^uj qtiotit'iia jihi]» 
Sii^ihniitiir ddirntil': an insult qmtp out i^f place hnre. 

1003: a new parri^niph ebonld fritLTntrnce vith tliia Tcrw. 1009 
frtuni Aid, 1 Junt. fm- irHt^te. 1013 Mu^tvii; o|>uac. pr p. 313 nglitlj 
Hiip|wiseH sixiie i-erws lost bpTv; and long WtVire bini Miinillua did ihe 
enmo, qq 1 liud frum the ukftTxio *^f Flor. 32: 'oc^it M^iruLliis d cmg a 
hio nliquiL cnrn:iiaa, quAo continercut tr&ur^tuni ah infinitAto iuani" aH 
ilifiniUtfni curjfurtiia^ In Li« roim ^^^ mnre ntc (cHiif-. piixnl dubio 
ajo^t' di? infiniuilf* oor^hinini, rTim Mipni r953] dr< urroquit tnliviiCi:! <f dii 
tiirum piviiui^oi'it". LacL plnces tli** m4fk of bintu* aftor 1012^ givii 
A nio«i luvuK-eil cxj^iIanAtrion of the poasiigc. Ilia Arran^etnetit iiiiirt?ovi 
11 scarcely graritiuiLticAl^ u paittU ia tltus nnswerei] i;i the ajiodus» 
imptfrfecta And phiperf^4-t^ ]iidi>^d the lnOTina doea not nppeor to 
ao gre&t aii it did either to MAtlrjg or Lnebn The poet bne not onTi 
ehewn ah^jidy i)iai the owm 7^01/ fr*i» hut «!*> 986 (984)— 1007, ib*t llV 
omnff i/ttofl rvC fC/^iVfiern is itifiukp. Hv uuw, 1008 el.i-., hh»!n'H ilun inritEtfr 
is iuliuito. I formerly ]]rojioao4l rcjii|;hly to eiippjy ^hitt is wiLiitiug 
IhUBS 'S^r/ ifpaJiutn wupra doctti gine fijto ptt^rv. -Iji ^niia i^itur rumtn 
ateet TriaierUti. SfC inarf cel^ 10&3 Tlie luat four woiils uri^ ri<;bt)v mii 
pliwi by dnut. Ir"m v 421 ; the mhyt here repeat the lfl.« ihree i»f 101 
AviinciMiK hinnik'ra aadly, daul>ll<>^ from not nnd^r^jititJttJg ^hnt h^ U 
tmkUij: Cn-ta othcis. 10Q8 rtrut*i Falser and Bl'IiIL ftxnii V 191 mi 
rightly fiif TrtritB. 1033 sutmnisifO'/fir' Jimt. for ^<vpie. 1034 Ftoi 
Flat. 31 Ckuib, **f.r'- ror_/^rjfl'™Tit 1041 rtW B coir, iind vidg^fc h.r W* 
vi"*^ff Ln«b. But rtt^itnf ^-in^ie nxjveiy nuMna ' Uy metht>iJ uiid BVf 
t^m^; f^e C\t. de fin. I 2fl uf ralri77(« «< I'ta pf^cdtU irro^io. 104' 
jrriitrijfiif Jjmt. fur prinrtj/iWK 

1061 Ai invt'fi. L(*i^b. reiida .-loWmt/i" a^d join* wilh if. Ihe pr<jceding 
vor^e, putting a fu.]] »tup hi postfi. 1 (hink him i{uit« wrc^n^i tlie r^jtiiito 
IB exjLctIv the amim oh iy 418. ^here albu tdch- iiitdtc^ ni'neoe^Sfl] 
chftngea. 1068 — 107S : these rt rantilaleti vpn#s ejitn© nt flip h^i 
ning cf p. 4-S of th(> iircli«type; nnd the viuU were tht^i^-lrjr'e nl Kim oiili 
miLTgm, B jLnd Cott i>iiiit Ibeui Jiltii^-ethcr, but a|rp«Dd n cro^ nuf 
Till, Nic Niim:. ^vi^ them im^ierte^'l u^ ia A, Tim lutc-r iu3- A1<L I 
Junt Lnmb. pomplete tbem in viiriou* wn^x I fiimiMy siiKgfstt^ itij 
1098 arror /nha profxnit or frrcf tomnif* Jin^t: 1069 ^i^v^ltm 

Ket0fl#,' 1070 qttando otmiin fotistJttit^ ar witli I^i'k ^hl rtfntjutt jrro- 

Wfitl^^s 1072 sitiit itvitjU of, rem: LQ73 ropelii. ID73 Luok, r«A<ia ct/fc/ 

HT 't^i'r>, HitJ |in'jKiar!9 r/t'^ire bt ftii), iLud mo-lte //iitai-t isi 1072: Lit 

PbpIitii'j Ui piN^kpljpuy ill 1068 and 1069, 1071 JunL nitfet tntly jipj^iw 

tritii'nj> ti %am ^lidiarM tU t'oi* fJe-Niji^e o»jni>ho ti vim- 1074: eud ia 

int|»|i|]<id iu AW, 1 nod Juot, 1075 dehft Vt'nk. opoH'^ rldnr conv 

i07fl ii^7«f JiiuL for ofrjais whjfh Wflk- aJsMirdly dpfcdda. 1078 m 

*(ldcd Lv Aid- i Jant LOSS rottcilio Junt. for nmciliura^ tlip m wntiiig 

fraup m^i/iX connVcuffl.^.tuwfaff LacU. wlibU teEma l«w jjoeliral. fwio^atf 

Bent J. 

1065 1086 me trnri?p«iBed j» JuuL follpvrdl>v bU before Lacli.; tUerir 
is (NTTtaJDly fLH flwbn'nrdnesi nt pi'eAf>nt^ perhii|i? t\ue i« a nuli^^ucTit 
rtdriiijoii by the poet; sfe ubove \\ 22. ID^I ss tbi Wak. Lach, fnr atbL 
1004^1101: A hftH failhfullT J^'tt a Lbink 5|mco (or tlieao pjglit loat 
^rr*"**. Tlii?y ciime ftt Uil' tHrgiiiniug of jl 4C ifJ' tUe lo*t aiTlietjpi."; tba 
d^bt mutiUtc^l lini-Jt iiln^vt liuviitg hpxdnl tlic* jxige on the nth<>r Hide nf 
Uko looX Ltt^li. lliPtvfurfl mubt juet[jr roiicludv;? that thie |>art i-t th^ Wt 
intlit ongiiifj uf vnir tnas. v;as by E^>uie iM?dde<iit lorn jiiv-a.y. Both Uif old 
ObL ODllaiti^tiH uf A and B wliii^li 1 jto«^rw nit-utloLi l)tU Iht-uiul: N.Hcm- 
B|a« iBiys 'irj A ofto vi?isii"m hiatnt trat reliotrfs', Tiio It^ss cnrefiil Is, 
V<«n», lliuugli tlio maiJiiHcript wfls hu own, mertly swya *vido ma. iu 
mut biHtii? poat Imec verlja'. TLiiik now of Hiivcrcam|\ & Professor 
in die Cnivertiily wlreie A &ud B tlit-ii were, uevei- uoiiog tliia factt 
but tiiSBfUng Ibp miBeraMe mnkerihift \"flrse nf the Junt Term ^H^ at 
9mpm fwyyT'tm t^^ra omtiJff' ctiflvtn; steulinR titi crit]nil note of tho 
Itfpdou bookie! ler'a edctioii, rtud r^'tin^ tLal tlib tparioiiH ver»e wa» not 
hi Ik fmra wliji'b ev^ry r«ider unisl. infer it was in A. 1 form**rly luhde 
lk«i liillowiiijE v^erutfi t'v tlew the ^i^tn-rai sense i>f those wbick ure loat^ 
fv^ttat rcT^m niUitra ctvU^-uc^ SciJicct inarfa dlvcrsi flrrt"^ 
i<e» Hr!^Jn*r»4^i *i6t ;*rur*u^n pii^imiia Jtn'jHjil. (Jrtua tttmsn om- 
*^mt JtiImi rtiiwn^ rfy^pUi- Nttiu QUvniani tloa/l tq^iv-Tn xine J^na 
iif Inrtternfinni"!^ piftere in. rtitielujt fiiidi^ifi purl-Uf Sie paTi/i 
r^itvn^ tv^f^^^f f'*}'lifiiUftur Iiiji/t'fil cfiftm vU t/udlijtte mafn^ai, jVa 
eA 1105 ytTtr^iriUm Niu. Nirc foi- tttuti rtdifi : rightly Ibllow^-d by nil 
ibt old |iriQT«d erln. {cot by (he mqA.) Iiefore Ijinih. ^ho ivdils itinUra- 
Urns JMitber tortcl'raiia nor to'titra^ia is LilUd. 1109 oifCfi-t Ed. nft'>r 
Jmit. f<ir affVinf wrongly nd^pted to the luljatM^nt pinml : mra. \i 286: 
tmttim it^r?«s with f^n-tr: couip^ VI Ij05»iq, Luch- in 1100 reacts omrct^fJ^ 
■1 kbik II 71U WEthiriJt mit.hnncy. 

lill fl^' Ed. atler Nic. Nice Flop. 31 Comb. «i«. for n'^.- ft vcrae in 
kov liHt whicli I feel ^are -waa of this kind, Ceterit iam poteris pee fd 
ivil ifiM ri'fe/^ witli vhiih tb*^ prwi.y'<liiig wnrda pnrca perdjictur optU'i 
towi \^ jijiQed. Luoi", sa^^-^ it is biinl to mnntcr hia principles, but when 
tto ia Ui<^rou|;hW done, thcit led on wil'h littlo trouble you may Wrn 
tJw m»t Troiir^»'l£ Comp. eej-tvially r 400— il7, nnd net: Oamb. Jouni. 
at hkiL I p> 371. LscIl for mc reuihi ndv tmA ji^rdactv^ fur jjcrc^turfuj, 
■M then gvta do ^ti«f&ctory aease: Jtmt readif fjo^ for u«s^l^ lllSt 
I^cdK, ^^^Mui|^^|ug|d^u^^^n ^>, and piTdodiis bl^^^wf^^^ 


KOTE3 1 

BOOK 11 

5 and G ri^lilly tninsposed b^ Avaaciki& 9 no^in? VLtfrrs A B GM^ 

whiob Gtf,, Mlowt'd taciUy by Id-tub. ^ 3, liaa most properly retHine^l. 
ruJdra est vrna tho O'lUiiiton ivotUn)^, wLiicU Ladi. aJtewa Lucr oould not 
liiLVo >«'mIUiu, ' rLt/cfij jVLituU.' ^y« Oif. But. Juut. has vrtifnj ^d, 
AlcL 1 ridtiia^ and this is nipntJoDrtd im il var. ][?!?, at euil i>f Jnnl- ; no 
tUo LcjikU eJ. 1, bat rurfe« eal etL 2. L7 5"t»i Git ciii Ai-aoc. foi" ^tfi. 
13 m^ntc. riieitti* Liich. -without cause. 19 »FFWCn' LatiiK in noMs 
Gif. Beiill. fijr d^v^ujCit. 21 cvn^^uc- ^'imtifM^ Junt Liimk tile, pf^rlu^ 
rif^htly : or ? ciitym ^ bui, aee noiea 2, 27 /tJijei niirv/ju^. /fifi^rt.U 
LocIjp But cooip, V 1049 acWvt onimi/q^t^.^ wLt-r« Loi'haLiioa'a Aciivn/ 
jjcrTerts tlie jueaaing^ /ftltfrn^t reniiieiiM Sia^rtiii. SiLlurOi Vi 2 Avarc 
JunL etc^ /ulyerta renitleC. P. CnritLus clt; bou. disi^. ivu 6. %B ci- 
(Auro^. eitJKtrtij'i Mnprob. nmrn. vi 2, cxtfiara, id, vt 4, 28 nuj'of^iMi 
ornaioifue LucK. ar7U'Afa9be BLru. ffcfrt ijich, foi' tEmpCttf Atid ao Macho 
istuiii VI 4, but n 2 tetajfc, -hLjcL coiuea jHfibii[is fruiu tfae precvdi 
pa^ige of YiigiL ^et the Kfupla of the icm. of Lii«r- may hare 
a tt^cliui»d iii4Mi]img. 36 laderia. Jaetarit l^mb. ed. 2 and 3 : but »e« 
Botea £. 40 — 46; tlna pttissjij^e 1 think I Kare arrflngLtl mncU bett*r 
tLinn I-acIl or Btra : 42 r/ emni vi^ (tf^^Tun') Ed^ fur ^jrictiri: ct^iiip- tariter 
of msB, for pariUr in 43, 43 Ort*i(fi*j, armi* jf (oiiUM ^loriterjfW EUJ, tot 
O/ytatia armis itagiaai [ilnsivaA H l>i>U. ) tartterque. FtrrvBre cum t-i(/M4 
cl<iB9e»i Calf'jtu tiUerl, whii:Li is u^rt T^uulL in our jush. but ia [juoted bj 
Nonius ^1, !ti)A from J-ucrcLius lib- ii, is clearlyio its right pUcft alter 46, 
not 43, vdcre iMeh. niid oCboT% LuTe put it. I h^vv eUo put a atop 
after p^n-tde ia ii. For attiiufM corrupted into iiatiitia4 cota\f. LAch^ to 
IV 233, iLud tCfaCtj<^;'i for it^o/uum Id OreiJia iust^npL 112U. Because 
Liicr V 1227 hna /jufuperaJurerri r/uHJiW rii/Jfr of^irorn r*r//£ t'iiwi wiliJU 
pariter Itfjioiiibu* cUqU4 tUpkarUij^. Liicb. suya 'uppLirut bfl«c itA U^ad& 
ef0B« Hu-i^iiiU rjcOH/JU^TiM cfi^Aa^fu CLf^^^t^i^ifrid, OritiUts araiU^ tu/iV/iu, 
jwnitfryiiB animofajr.' The apparr-t is aciytbiiig Init cIpjif to me. Bpm- 
teads /imttUis for epityuri, pariitr for itojiiufla. See Laeb- on the wny 
thtee two versiM nrc wdttcu in A B. Nie> Ni?a omita tb«m : lat«r la&a. 
Flur. 31. Canib. etc Ircfit tUem as b IkeaJiTig; the old ed& to Ah] 1 
AtLft Fiua mdurtivti have Uti'm VAnou^ly tun-uptcd Jimt. Rrst omits 
thorn in text with thia note at end, ' ^ubfitltU nioffnit Kpietiri ooiiai 
lilitta4. Mnrulius c*rtucu hoc tipui>gik Nftiu ill«d, ornatas <trri% 
aiatwis. tilaiiteiiquc anirimta^^ pE-ocit) dubiu ^ubditjdum ^t.' All itibiie- 
(jueut «d& befure I^^h, ouiitti-d them, «3Lcepi tAif. who mixos up a 
p<trtii:>n of thvm with n pJirt of the iiuo from NohiuB in this foahio 
^amre cum uidatB; cicwatm latcque mjjari, OrntUainqtta arittia belli tijn 
lacra curttU«i^ Lumb. hL 3 liret givtfi the h fjoiu NtJitins in full. 
4Q jM^^i^j Lamb, tefifiv^ : n ri<ri?i^egary cbaogc. 53 AM. I Junu 
Lamb, etc T>/fr9&e #vC A^c raiiirnia egrvfa^, without catite, 5{j aic, a^ 
111 6^ \l 3G- (£« S<;i]ec- apiist 110, bbtwiiiif what Utile tellauuo can 
placed oa Buch citntioni. Comp. i 66. 




63 nam dun (tmohi) ciia Wmk. for nam cUa^ cida ntpenw Nio, 
Nice eoncita $a^ Flor. 31 Gamb. 86 cm^^imro I«iDb. in notes for con- 
fiexer^ confiuaxr^ Nic Nice, eta cum Jlvjxre Ltuab. %U Avanc for 
■cfL iiA uti Flor. 31 CamU etc 86 (er^o ihuM I& YoaduM in ms. notea 
(not Preiger) most rightly for tcrgibtUr B5 nuffa Nic. Ni<Mx for ftKidia. 
iuviia Is. VoHbiua in ma. notes. 96 cor^fidta mas- and bo Avanc. Piua 
Naugerins ri^^htly. contulta Ver. Veo, Gif- ctmjUcta 2 Vat. Junt. 
IjimbL ed. 1 and 2 Wat Creech. corUu^tt I^unb. ed- 3. ctmpulia 
N. Heina in nuu not«k 105 most be 8parious: aomo reader^ with 
r^erence to the cetera of 104, vrote in the Diargin cetera: Paucnia 
quae pmro magnum per inat%e vagatUvr, on the model of 109 MuUaque 
. , • < This eatera then ouirped the place of the word* at the banning 
of 106, <tae of which mnst have been a relative to the antecedent haee of 
107, Um other an adversative partkle, I tbet«fbre kwg a^ replaced 
Mtara hy wed quae. I«ohmanD'a teit ia utterly without logical sequence: 
be ha« no stop at horam, aod a period at <md of 1 05 : nor have the older 
editions done better- 112 memoro rei Vat 1706 Reg. (^olim Nicolai 
Henni') Avanc vulg- for mem&n>t reL. IIH proelia pugj^as: so it. 
1009. pmdia pugnaeque CamK Jxint. wrongly. 125 inoffie kaec ' Ala- 
nU. contra t, I. acHpeerat, hue* Gif- ; but both Aid- 1 and Junt- have 
mage ad hoc: «ce above p. 6. 137 Ipeaque proporro Tui-ueb. adrera. 
V 27 I^dk, for Ipeaque porro, Jpeaque quae C&mb. vulg- Iclaquc quae 
Hot. 31. 

153 guaei dum diverhereL fttaei for quoai PontAnns, nys LamK 
quod eol divcrbenU Nic^ Nice Flor. 31 GAmb. vu^^ I^mb. ed. 1. qtiaei 
Ittm diperberH Lamb, ed 2, gwui dum diverherat ed- 3, * pesaime^ saya 
I^ich- : 'nam dun^ inteltegendum eat doyiec.' But in my opinion, though 
the anhj. is quite right, l^mb. well defends the iadic which is also 
tenable. 158 rerrwratur Aid. 1 Jtint. iot remoravii. 150 ipea, ettie e 
partii/ua una, fZnufa Fd. for ipea suit e partibtte unum Unum. The 
oontrut with \5Z^\56 shews this to be necessary : comp. also i 599 
eta The repetition of unum itnuni has here no force wbitever- 180 
etntixa, e&nexa msa. eonnixa Ver. Yen. followed by Nsiiger. and vulgo, 
not by Avanc. or Junt. It uhould be ctmixa. 

165 — 183 I^ch. has most justly marked off from the context, as 
interrupting the argument, though indi^putsbly written by Lucretius. 
Stmie verses too have elearly been lost before 165. Bern, puts 167 before 
165, and in 166 reads per$K£atif snd sujqjoses no lacuna. 168 tiumine 
^redurU £d. for numiae reddi : the e of nutt^ine hss absorbed the c, and 
red^aU in msa much resembles reddL rcntur Junt. and vulgo *prorsus 
^regie* says lAch. Wak. absurdly defends reddL 169 bas been much 
tampered with in the vnlg. eds. without any reason. 181 tatUa etai 
praediia I^ch., as in the repetition v 199, for qua-atquajn prediia, quae 
Uvtia at praediia Junt. and vulgo, which may be right. Wat adopta 
the iiiteqK>Iation of Kic Nice quamquam haec eatt praediiOt and gives a 
ladicroua explanation of it 

193 eubigenie I^mb. Creech- Lack, for »ubvcta. Bt^fujUe Bern, 
which is hardly so near the ras. reading. 191 Qncd genue e noetro^. 
Quod genve eei Lach. justly blamed by Madi-ig Lat- gram. ed. 3 p- ix 
ftjt the way in which he d«de with quod ^enus here and in other pkcea. 



^iiOm Nic. T^ioi c/nn A Lhclj. eitm B. 197 urntniu. lirtftnuu A cc^ir 
Nic Nice 0.»mk /t/^ Flor 31 for *f/fii. 19fl f/W^fi-fl IacU. tor f/fiwfa. 
199 raeamit Nmi^^or- for j'tfmopflf. 203 drhent Jfantotf^ -^h^hb AJd. 
iTnDl, fur ^/, r/, ^^ 205 in *tf «i ilf:ii>r8fiiit d^itnem AJJ- 1 J^i^t. fi 
iWi/ fUorfum dutvTf, m t* ejtt Ftnr- 1^1 ('^iniK alsi. qnantnm wi in 
d'ormm thi''/*rt Lacbt tlilfi 1 touiKl flW> xn f^ne Vnt. me. 210 
Bet'D. b^itter than tfttmrno oi- ti'thcriu of oiilfr pditore; mo/* I bud fDjEcIf 
reaUjn.ll fiuin O'ic. Amt. 397 mimmo carli de verfite trt^naitn. 

214 atfntpfi afinijtfiii Mftor «it, vi 1 27, 218 /^rwi* Fl..i 
Comb, |ur_^/-mfl. 319 Iitcei'liiiq\i« fori ip/atiU i/fcef!fre I-*oli. r*p /. 
eUguo i(Kui Ajfoito lieprllerc: u IjriHJuAt c:riK>udAtioh> Possibly Lilcr, 
wrote /i£i:^r^i/jfo ^^cf upatio: ihn 4'orni|il /octj c-aitBing lIlo L^luingc Ut 
infrrtir. tpotw m jtfUf^f, f^wz/rpe, *vr'£ft»rfi of Aviiuc, Jnnt Ivwmh. <lc. 
have uo aituuiD^H 220 muvton. rTHLnijrtvm 2 Vut, and old ed& bi*G>r« 

227 pitTi/a* B corr. and LumiIl for ^'i^r pttujU Ni*?. Nice. ft>llour 
b^ ilII Iroforo Lnrnb, vitbtml stiise. 247 w bcfor-e firf mlded hj* Flor. 3 
Uamb. etc 349 renta rpj/iowtf. fvc/fl a<ld?d by iiio. Niiic. whom a.' 
bpfum Louli. ri^hllr folluwed: It wa^ ftbrtorWd by tbo Fdiiiilnr Ivitfrtu m 
iivUa resume Ljicb. 549 fJtctittnrf. qititi ext fpii jH^nttii 
this rtHkdiiig of uJl hies, nud editione 1 udv keejK t\\& onrist 
^ot bara}jer tlitirk otber» in Lucr-: »-/c uott» 2- t/d tfff Ed. in amall cJ' 
for 5*ji0t ^e'tJ"'^ l^ern. jtra&ilet I^lcL for /^'c^'^ 

252 jfrn/**- flJded al^r fjroWmr by Nic Nioo. Flor 31 nil e<Ut.>n) 
bi.*forti LftcL, (.'ajiib, eror/u aitdt-tl by Lrtcli. loforc encoriivr.- »>bvitiu»[y 
Ljvi right, ikfl till* now uiotioa doi.« not dtsb be^iu ^vbl?Il the atlmr cm 101 
TLe reason of the oun^iiiiti ^m (lin semper of 251. 367 jfolest<u Ijtc^L. 
for tw/uploj.' a certain corrv*^tii.>n : o<->mp. SS6. Lamb, in vmn tr 
poBoa v*/t*/i^a^ ond •eoliiiUaa cf 2S8. Flor. 31 Cnmb. have volupt^ts 
both phices, but it cbb be riglit in neitbtT. 264 i:qfiorum Brix. fbr 
^uon/m, not Nie. Nice, Flor. 31 Crtmb. or Ter Yen. 2B7 r^n^uiri 
A earr. Gott. Nic NLco. vu]^ for conciri of A p. m. B ^^hic^h Loch* 
keeps. Both must hftve been in the nrchetyppH 368 curiUxt Gi£ IaoK 
for i^Hexjiy oA in 160- am&ra is iLb^nird, iJiouj^li \n nearly all eds. beforo 
La-ch. Lnrab. mya aome nua. hfive fvwnf.M/ but tbnt I doubt 375 
pcrtjyicttKtn nobissl AB foi' pwttpieuumjtl notur aec Lufh. for tUe atrangc 
froc|u{U<:y with which et 13 tliua truuapoaed in AB. 277 fz/friL e^ 
tifliJt vidgo wr<»nglyi pnib. fiom the pjsfrpnwi of Nic. Nice 278 279 
Ftttai ..rapt Av^iC rightly for Pallttt.. ropit. PAfit-..cogitr-.rap 
Juntt and vutg. before W«»k. Fiiliti A ctuT- Nic- Nice. Flor- 31 Cam 
nil VftL.: LacII wrongly j^iveii Faltit lo MarulEus; fiT Junt. has I'tU 
391 7«flfli Nic- Nioe. for /pina. h'/e add. by Ed. id l^ch. 

304 yUj' umff-ffJint Juut, fiir /tiit\ati tpiajn, 301 t-iyiig valrhn 
iHifiic vtMrunt Aid. I Jnut- vulg. *vix Utino" wy* Loch. 305 cj* 
ftddut] by Bd. uftiir quicipiam fsf^ in which it wuh [ilk^^ irbtiril : the Kentcnoe 
T«quiivfi tbN: mint|i, v 361 and 1 9€3, and C'limb. Jonm. of jihiL t r 
37^. Loch, flddii aeo/ati/Ti at end of vemo, Tuque mrnu tA tym 
Flor, 31 Cwiib. TLwjuf mr^us in. omrie Aid. 1 JunL mlg- 

313 fjua Gif for iprum. 314 jri/T^ier' Jcinti for a^trpere. 322 
t£t m Lack rightly for vtMi in of all msa. nud «ds. : mas, fleam to ha 

>riBtr. i^M 




7B0 uti in for ui in; nbove in BB JU uU 

^X^I^^^^^^^Di* vclnti ingentem Mac. vdat Pyb rigbtly ; 

f lit. P etc ap. Kibbeck. %Ui is never limud 

536 anil I^Lch. tliero. 325 ibi Aid. 1 Junt 

^, trauaautttint fi. 331 nntlc udUod by Nio, 

■-la, 337 eotutaid Nic Nice. Flor. 31 Catnlj. 

694 constant B Nic. Nice. (?) Camb. vulg- : 

1^^^^ ^^^™" *• nil 3 places coneterU I^ch. j but I bclievt tbo 

ihj, to have coiue from tbo adjacent vei-bts. 

And oilibU uLu«t be rif^ht. 

WT 7/Tnt1jre. Fraeterta has hero 110 aonae. 

iFii iiiiiicratand, ^riicirrsa and 347 Uorutu 

M'! tjiiidvi^ Lach. for quudrin, hs iv 126, 

.-(/ A Flpr. 31 Camk ctir. -Vu/i gwi^ Nic. 

iiL Lhtquii B corr. Aid. 1 Junt. vulgo, 

VA. Tit atUitien$. adtidtieis Ijicli. whii:h 

IS"i(!, Nice, vulg. 361 vigtntes. virejtics 

. I' Ualt. uUa MiLCJ'ob. l.L 'K corr.' enya 

Ui^iuL jiave ncitf^j Camb, vulgo. 363 

iiuh Vak. uaaucctrst^fnUy duftriidj^, Yut 

J.. s--\i. Vf 2 BO readu: Macrob. has aluo 

I 34^S - yet noiiG of theHO I'eadinga can 

ijut rhe cAve here is quibo intotita, 365 

Mc. Nice, Flor. 31 Camb. Vat, 369 Ba^ 

. eti:, BtlaiumB Flor. 31 Curnb. etc. 372 

376 pad nisa. rightly, iaril Noniua Aid. 1 

'• RuieA hf prufem pavit 381 <8t laii Lach. 

I>eni. Eicit fio Tell : tliH f of tali waa absorbed 

kb. ; but tmittiA ia out; of place. 

itl. forT^ita/. 3B7 orfujt. or^uLach. : eomp. 

101 'Oratio leniua decurret, si scribemud 

Eerri pertorpi^tU' Lach. 113 Mohilibua Ang. 

Lujd N&u^. for ruAilibua. 121 </trt eur;.#«0- 

ii'jkL catU iurpetquo Nic. Nice and oldest eds. 

t^chc^dewin Phil, iii p. 53d for vt'^ffftJur which 

id auppluntcd the feminine aubstantive. quae 

i\i\it. ifa/tf iimtcet eunqus iuvaique Avanc vith- 

of hiA ed- of (^atullua he bida na read quae rrndcet 

^rvor« AvBDC for lanore. 127 unca. uncaque 

\e'i l>v Flor, 3J Cunb. vulgo, quasqu^ Lach. vntio 

unife^li, is right the qtu at cud of 437 belonging 

nifU A Sic- Nice Flor. 31 Camb., and (as I leant 

■V>!mL Kangall^ita. MshoL iu luvcnalem; nghtly, bh the 

yo^auiti B Gott. rulg. Lach> 130 iiiulatque Lamb. 

vijiique Nic. Nice, etc 137 tgrtdieuM Flor. 31 

Sim. ^S& au£ Lach. acems to me wrong in cbaug' 

439 jtM added by Junt. vulgo. 

for «sc, AA our ms& eJaewhere havd « before U 153 

eta: It u quite out of place* Do<» it refer to poppy 

43 ^^^™^ Ki^TES J 

mmIo, OT poppr juioel ia tKe f^naor case U ia untnic; Li tba latter ui 
lu^niLJrg. Liiu-^ ruLainfl it, ncd fijr qatd v^aA^ ^uoa ttfl«r M. HatipL 
45S procar-raj Jiiiit- fur fteFtnUrtia. 456 — 4G3 : u pii^angifl Vbriutul^ 
cmccdcd; tlie cIiud;^{.-a I liuvc uiaJc h-tc aligLt and I tliiuk nM itnyif^ 
WbJe. 458 tfiit-'i-ffiit' Lrtinb, Hfter Miirctua fur ittimin.' fump, IV 
where I re*d M{i*mihti! J ir Mo*niit o<niiiitn fuitt tevihuji Jnnl p»i 
wiving om^ft^ to bn? wi'Ong- 460 la^ett Ed. fur atijca vhji^h ciinnot 
Hgbt nciief La,zh. 4&2 nc hUuiH CiL fur oeiiattuit, L<Lch> iVA^ls 46] 
viTfMAumAf for i7iii^;^tru(, uiiJ 4Q2 idJ raru'rt fur «ef/afutJi., makiug t«| 
chJLtigea, FAJfr' »je dat'int Bern, sir it^lv for ^"Am'^ujr 
Sotittba^ esst dittitrn FiAmr L^onJtctuTCH , Lut he tliinkB witit LaiuK 
461^ — 463 arc spurious 46t quod ^itque Jimt. vulgo for fjit-rUcaiitfi 
wiofigl^ joiuirig tliin cLnii^r wilJ] the precHtiiig. 4G5 habrtu Ed. for <:^J 
Aa6B^i# Lacti, : but ho I Wiukit flflvf triTiy bo rj^'iit and a veiso b*^ krsti ftUI 
this Bern, nsiiiuu^, fffi mijtime mirahUe hah^ndrtm 3 V'rwt, Aldi 1 Juni 
■ Marullua' taya Gif^ cwri/fffirH Gif. MU v, V i. & Ver, Veil. Ue hnvii 
the latter bef^-re him with MnnjLlua' id^ emendmii.i[». BriTC. oinits 
word, 466 liut^diis eui. Jiundunt est Ver. Veti. fnilowed hy iJl 
bcf^^rc Lacb- tUoujrL llio niotro la thereby groH»ly \ii.'iiLtcd, 467 £ti ^ 
levibi/s fUf^ite rriAmidi admljs'u (ioli/rijf C<rrp<fnt a\^. : ftouie jf Uioee w<»rii« 
It h plain tuvc conm fmii} 43fi and ivjiIh4:m[ th*^ \r4>rds uf Lii£r. /IhV, nC 
fdi'i^it' ffi^n/ tJiund^ ctC- Ijioh. iJut he odda ' qn^m^^uaui sic quoqni 
iniiuLion^ut £Lciuut iUa doU/rit Corpora, tivn/c sui\t pung^iitJu seuaua 
]ar<<)cijti[t': quite Lruo. Baro. reads £H, e£ aquatiiUt euiU iliui etc, 
inptalida iTiJtred wems nece*iBry, I have thcrefon* written Hs^ 
^aalida rnuUa creftitt rtdmt^ta dtAorig Corpora: doloria beJtig of com 
tbo itccus. plur. 468 ^ttecantmsi LuiL. for u^ram. 471 Et ^uo Jmi^ 
for A'lK 7J«)i/. 471' — 477 ; bv a U'tter pui^ctantifm and bv duablmg on^ 
letter I tiavo rcctilie<! tbia juiSHnge ; 473 I hiVe plflcej ft atop nflo^ 
MO^rntndi, and iein'>v^d thdt ffllriiL nil fiimif'r cOiti>j-3 h^ve put aTlfQC* 
ivletuli, uud 477 have written ^wr^ 7'«a^i0 for ^J4i niai/i^. I^eh, paL9 
476 li^ltire 474 nnii then lei^ves a mosl inwjlv&i nenteuce, 474 duJci^, 
duicit GiL iii>t Likmb, LAmb, ktr^f-^ dulcit ed. 1 Aud 2: Lo ci>iijt<ctureA 
o«rtua aui reaiU diial td- 3, 477 jxrasijil. jrvsyml L*tiidi, Tulgo, 

483 jV^m *^jjrtHiVif/i &ulem uui c^iiuxriJi in hrffritntf. BL f.^r *Vrinjrt»i4 < 
■n eadtin etP, Xamqnif ^ad^m itiiius etc IjlcH- -Vaw^i^* in *itihm *tni^M 
^ufiutqutrius Lamb, iiva (.'Hiub, Joiirn. of pliib i p, 32, 490 /^roAur^l 
Aid, 1 JuiiL fur pi-offore. 501: I believe ft VeTM ia liet« lint nf thw 
nature /Lt iptoa oati^ndttiti in goUa Itice foior^t. facta Ldt^h. aftL^r OuJcl]-. 
dorp Lmsau X V^\ f*rr hcta. ttncla Junt- Vulgn 502 nt/^n/i Fr. Mcilii 
for r'tdfitt »ud 503 tunio for liuri*. ^i/jvo, /*, ridf^nXl imiia£<t etc. Luch,:' 
Lnmb, aud viilg, add e£ nt end of SOL 503 Scteda. Vrpla P. Burfnuai 
Wttk. 501 Et cfmtempTtit <nfor Flor 31 Ciimb, Brlx. \oa. vulg, 
JF* oonlomptui Wc>r> A*< coriiffmjs/ii* av^odor Nio. Nice Vcr. i lieace 
itiftr tlie m*, of Priggio lind tudor. 612 **rf added bv Lech, ^uifi 
W*ik, 514 ^rtT(w Pi^Iitian (?), Aid, 1 Junt, for infnUia. 515 iter 
fi«'/cc« Lridi. fill' hifmisquc 517 E;r(irt\n <ni'n« Ed. fur C^mnu m^v^^ 
-^w*ifE fjirh. ^intV Junt /Vn»/ tjiTub- vulgo. &IB li\teTUira/j\t6 (.Ach,| 
fi»r /jj/^r rttrigqnt of nma. here and in *ix olLer pirn?**, v 472 476 839 
VI 362 lOe^j aud HI 306 vhero I icoJ Intsr utrueqwi. Ui: compLuoa ltd 


vith EDch ftdverb* >« atUea potiaa vUerta pnxUraa etc unitelj and 
pkonblf : and yet it ia panmg etmuge that mat. should agree six or 
HTen times io pnciaely the Aame comiptioD, the more bo that tnJ«r 
lUnmqfu vould Gcem a more natural chfl.nge for them to make : thej 
tvic« give the adrerb ttlra^ve right, and we never find inter etu for 
vttehm or the Jike: ia it not poBaiUe that Lucr. really wrote in- 
knUroMqwfj whether aa one or two word?, on the anaJi^y either of the 
■drerbs alwt aUertu or of /otoa 7 621 in/etia I^ch. for infisga, aud bo 
I^mlx in ti<it«H, tVtMBM in text after Jont. ivfin^a Flor 31 (not Camb.) 
TitI9S4 0tholx old eda. 

612—568: thi» paiuugQ I have folly discnssed in Cambr. Joiim, of 
I^ IT, fk 143 etc where I have shewn that I^ch. is quite wrong in 
todiMing 522 — J28 in brsckete, and beginning a new paragrsph at 529, 
tnA there reading Frotinus for Venibua: he gives us the alternative, 
vhich Bern, has adopted^ of aSRuming one or more veraes to have been 
1m before Vtrtihut; and indeed aU editors before him from Aid. 1 and 
Jaai downwards have inserted this line, Quod qtumiam docui, nunc sua- 
n^Huoj/fpount. Ko«top is to be pat at the end of 528, and 529 ^w^eit' 
^m ia to be read for oH^ndnm; «iid then all difficulty vanifihea- 533 
•wn* Lamb, moat rightly fur moffU which Wak. abmrdly tries to ex- 
finn. 535 ffeture Junt for genvra. 536 Skui Bentl. for Siettii: ui 816 
ttat have the same error, IdchtDHnD^a note ahevs the strange tendency 
*)f maa- to read aiculi for gi^yttf as above ^tUi for veltU. In the paeaage 
Iw qaatee from Plautua mil 727, it now aj:^>eare from BitwhL that the 
Anbranan palimpaeat has rightly tietd. CIc- Arat. 131 on the other 
bud the lateet editora after alt their mot read Sieuti cujn cc^tanl. Cic- 
dfl Acnect^ 14^ though the same editors read the verse of Eimius Sic iff 
MUt equHtj 5 of their 6 nuB. have SicutL 541 Itibet B corr. Flor. 31 
OuiK for iabeL 543 nulla added by Lach. mm ni tn &rbi B corr,, Tton 
«« in orbt Nia Nice, Flor. 3 L Gamb. vulgo : perhapa rightly. 547 mu- 
wn hoc quoqua uti Ed. for the me&niuglera rumani ocuH: comp. 541. 
A marUicuUr Loch, strangely. Wak tells us that BejitL obelised the 
vi^j and it is strange that all editor* before Wak. even Junt. and 
l^mb. left them unnoticed. Wak. conj. swnani ollei. 553 yubema 
ILamb. for cavema. eariftat Nic Ntcc 555 aplustra Folitiau Junl for 
ffaw/n* A, piauHra B Nic. Nice Camb. 660 « Jinita B corr. Ver. 
Vol fbr n inftnilt^ 

586 quod cumqtu Lach. for qaaecumqu^ Previous editors have 
ff>ee much astray. 5B3 (and 607) fxtWu AvaDC for Sx imis. *Sio 
'l o...MarulL ex. Virg. lib. 6» tximis, contra v. I.': the Weterefl libri 
<^iiuiet' are only the Yen. in which were Marulhis' ma. notes. Yen. 
bu Emmis which Gif probably r^ad Eximitg. Marullns perhaps re^ 
femd to Aeu. ill 577 /undi>qfie axoftttuil tmOj and divided the word. 

001 : Lacb. with reason suppoaes a vetse to be lost herdi which be 
thoB supplies, Moffnifice divant ax ipns ptnetralilnt* v^am Sedibut, 
lAmb. retids Sublinum for MdibuK. 605 modiri Ntc. Kice. Flor. 31 
Camb. etc for moliri, 013 orbem Junt. fir^ for orbea. 615 mnl I^mb- 
fint for naU. Lach. says nothing; but £d. as well aa N. Heina. in ma 
notes and Qoebel in Rh. Mua n. £ xv p. 414 found inventi runt in ABL 
sird invaUi I^ch. I prefer the rhjthm of the nia. order. 623 meiu. . .nu- 



mint dieaa Locli. ai tLe Bu^f^estian of &n ^aniiena qaiUam'of K^verc- ^4 

KD(] 3, vulg. for ito omnia virum; a cetlniiL correction. iU omnia taintMM 
fiic Nin^ fiOTDB Vatic- and old ed^ i'i«r, omTiin ctrr^sj Flor. 31 Otfibifl 
euiue ViitJc. Junt- Lamb, ed. 1. 630 'jtuni armU a certuiu ciirrectivn v1 
Lbcb, ; tlie aeiitence reqiiiting tlic conjuDCtioQ ^Ti^J ot <^«i«, tlieMUrtI 
annM. coCerroj of i»s& m a mere blunder of iLc scriLiQ who has Uki^a it I 
&onj G28 ; n tbrm of errcir ci>miaon in our ms^ cv^mp. 423 \ £55 vi lA I 
^jli^jtftfiiffj of K li! oguiu n mei^ mthwi-itiijg of rof^rf^'Mt lliovigli it hall 
'^IMN'^ matiT. 631 stt/tguitioi^'itU BcntL fnr e'lngumc jUtu ^ru^HWcl 
,/nf^ Nic. Nice, nnd nid cds. sti'tf/vine tiitii Jiiiil. I^iuti. ltU:. 632 'lu^ 
muiA ffl^j>»mtf LacIl wliom I followed in my ara».ll *d. t but atre Fh, 
Waf£D<^ in Pbilnlogus supjdGiucut I p, 40^ UouiugUhn to A'iu. it IHJ 
and LncLmann's oi^nj aot<:; ct'mp. a\.^o IV 17!)- C30 AnntU st irt jiurrt'^nfM 
jfirniidi rfiorfi'i: lir^Ti ijruitti;id fry Diiab, &s mnuifi^tilly maJf; u]) uliI « 
fl3fi mid 637. 653 (656) Co'tntHuit LnfL, for Cot^'itvfi, ns muiw/f filJ 
Iowa, 657 {&80j : tLi» ti^i-^o, ^'IhuIi wag the Wl of p, 73 of the urcbetj^iitl 
kaa been tnmafiirrcU Ljtiicr by Ldcli, Tbu dcribc! omitted it in ita pUcB 
and then wrote it at the bottf.tju iif the pigo^ pnrcat I^acU. for /nraOfl 
^rco Flor- 31 Limb, etc- 658—660 (652—054) 1 Uave tniiisfcn^ 
hilhcr, Tbi: (fo^fj*? of 601 mrniifeetlj reltira Ui tbt'iu; bo tliat if they at« 
ti) h^p ibtiii' phicL-, lbi:a (^vbut coufat to madi tbc saine tbiu^^ 652-J 
657 mnat be encJosed in braitketa nt^ n nulMcqueiil iTJiu^inal iidilition <m 
the pw^fa: see above, p, 22. J 

665 rdiucnfqiat parcttum Flt*r. 31 (not Camb,) Vat, 1136 Otbofl 
1954 OtboU A.m. Aid, 1 Junt. Jor refijLT'j'e ;'riim<fi>. 1669 ^luJmi-Lff.J 
Uttom LfLtub. for ^uurn^i^.^uiue. qtitrArig.. uutl Nic Nk'c, ^j^mf-u..! 
Unutti Juiit- 674 eb/iflitut Kd. for f7Vti:^U"/iir. celariC Lach. cfudvnC Bent, 
631 7>ripj Lach, for pri/nis: I have not cUiuiged iinoth<.*f letter Uer<3; 
but liavc Qidy rimi'ndtid the piinclL]dt.]t)iif bj puttiny a full ^tup aftrd 
trdare^ and iioti^ at^r f^r>n/£. For }>odilioik of itjilnr contp. 6TS Lnd 56fl 
iia^ue, ami Ji'ttea 3 to i 41^. LocIl reaide in prii'is phirn/pie fiotyif a^am 
thvrc endn ibe seoteiiGQ- In conspqiience of G57 (680) biivj[>|( bvcJ 
lufnpl^oil the Uiter ediUim buvu made ettTau^e outifuaioii bera 603 BM 
^(M«.../Wtt* Lacb. moat properly fnr tttciiJt.,. Swifts: ^nani /WtflM OoLofl 
«»(.' 681 fornum AB only ou<io. 'j0£>r«f«n« ei rentra (Fubei'a t^-'Xt}^ M 
nrttoi om. mas. vv. repcttudmu uc puto to nor^nt 0- V/ m& iii^tes J 
Ll VuBbiurt Havero. and tbruugL liim Litcb, miflrepnaeut bim. O- VJ 
is of oQurse his father GemrJ^ vbose mtding therefore is the namv wM 
Laobiuanii'tf. 685 pri'pU for primis 'idem Voeaiaa* sajB Lacb, oftn 
Fruiifer or LLiven:. wbu ba8 ' ep'c^ie ct Loo loco privU babet MarginaliJ 
no&ler/ My ijia. notes of Vo«aiuH nra wiJtnuL it 683 i^df-m Lamb. Jofl 
idttri: *quo<J ^t ^ane slmplicsti&imum, sed videtiir abhorrero ab Udd 
Lu^rotii' saya Lacb. who road^ awkwardly nuUi 1<:Fr nuth, and tdoisiiJ 
Bui here and v 349 Lui'r. uii<[U<rAtiiinaUy u^ indent oa did bi^i coiM 
t«nf|>oi-rmea 694 i^ontiixia Eii, wjUi H Nir. Ntc^. (0 Canib. I^mU vnld 
co>H(/(f/( tat'b- with A ^loi-j-. : aoe 337. 696 for >«n^ni * f. veruio G. Vjl 
ill lukac's me. nnttia: aad ao Laoh- yet httge oi Flor. 31 Camb. etc mpijl 
be ri^l^L. oa ibe Ftcrjhe might wdl write prinntrdia renim mc^hojiicaUd 
ifviM tbv m&rv IJict of tbiM- woi^ cnntinrndly coming toigetli^r. 71fl 


Mfur I^dL for inie. intar Beoir. Cfttnb- intra Nio. Nice, eta: <J07uerUin 
i» here tnikdtiTe. in M Bern, which I dent underataud. 719 Leffibu* 
kU q%uedaM raiio dutm^ntU omnit wUL omrtia Lach^ nfter Juut. u m 
I 1106 withont aothority r omnialdoubt not comeft from Mftnillae, as he 
naes it in the same way in bia hyma to «4rtb at tho end of a pawage 
putlj quoted IX 6 in which Lucr, is clo«ely imitate : «ee alao reading of 
Jnnt. in 749, kuB9 eadem r. d. omru Bern. But im^ne is hardly thua 
naed ; therefore I read hivce farvir.d. omnig. quaedam has no meaoing. 
721 iia quanque Junt. for ita eumqu^ 724 eonttatU Ed. conttmU AB 
nig. I^Lch. : see 337 and 694. 

734 A'iv6 tdiutn quemmt quae nuii «n6ula eolorfim^ Eol&rem Nia 
Nica Tidgo for colore, I^mb. and l^ch. deny that wn^tita eohretn is 
lAtiuj hut ia mj small edition I obMrred that iricocta niboribu$ is the 
dommon I^tin coDBtructioo ; yet Virgil has said Tyruu iitcoda ruborea. 
I^ch. reada J^im aliuin quemvUf quo mnt inhuta colore, cei. But the no- 
■unfttive quae is absolutely required here. indvAa Lamb, for inhuta. 741 
JwHma Flor. 31 Camb. etc for numina. 742 Ditpcsoere Flon 30 corr. 
Avauc, for De ap^x er^ Atpeaoert Junt. Lamb. etc. 748 (743) transferred 
hithtt by BentL and I^oh. 749 tn omnia Flor 31 Oamb. Nanger. for 
H omjnit. ift omnia Junt i & donbtleea Harullus: «ee note to 719. 

769 omme genua I^di- for omnigenva. omn\ge¥i08 A corr. Nic. Nice. 
Flf^. 31 Camb. vulg, 790 Proptm^a Flor 30 corr. Flor. 31 CamK 
Jant- I^mb. ed. 1 ior PraKerea wbicb Wak. and, stnnge to Hajf l^mU 
ed. 2 and 3 retain, 763 txtomplo Box. Lamb, for exemplo. 765 poetitU 
L«iDb. for jwwuiU. 779 unaque figura Nio- Nice Ver, Yen. for una- 
que figurtu- unaque figura eai Flor- 31 Camb- Juot. unaegiu figurae 
I^mb. after Muretus 'contra coaBoetudioem Lucretii' pays Lach. 768 
Hi in Lach. for tdi in: see 322. 781 in aeqiutre Ver. Yen. Folitian (i) 
Jnnt. for in aequora. 785 extra seems quite appropriate; yet I^ck 
nadaex Aw. 

788 dacit H inlieii vi trihuamua Lamb, and Tumeb. for ducit ei tn- 
H^itu tribuamu9. [el om. A Nic Nice.) dncil in licitum vi trtbuamua 
Camb. 790 ereaniur Nic Nice Flor, 31 Crtmb. for ereainr. 791 Nee 
quae Flor. 31 OdmU for ^'eque. variis ex Wak. for rariis ^a. 800 re/ul' 
get. re/iUg^l Lscb. 803 nibra Flor. 31 Oamb. Ver. Yen. for mhro. 
605 curalium Wuk. for coertdeum. To- beryUum'' Bentt. 806 larga 
ewn luce B corr. Nic. Nice nilgo for l^Tgo eum luce which may bo right. 
809 Scire licet Sciticel id Lamb- eet om. Nic Nice Brix. Ver- Yen. 
814 eini Aid. 1 Junt for sun/. 815 opue esee eoloree I^mb- afier 
NoninB for colore of mss. ; see Lach. 

821 OmTte genu9 I^ch. for Omnigenue, ss 759. Omnig^nis Nic 
Nice Tulg, 829 auetrum. tatram Wak- conj. for aurutn: but the right 
punctuation I owe to Goebel quaest Lucr. crit p- 14, though Aid. I 
■nd Junt have a fidl stop after aurum. aurea Purpura aud 831 rft*- 
tracta for dixiraetum I^ch. without judgment aurum which previoua 
editors retain has no sense, uau Bern, for aurvm. 831 digpcrgitur 
X«cb. for dieperditur, 841 notary Lach. for notaq^te. 

845 i«una FJor, 31 Camb. etc. for el una. 846 proprinm. propria 
lAch. with Junt but compare 855. 850 posais. potie ee Lnmb. Lach. : 
ice notes 2. 853 eonlractana lAch., and some ms& of Priacian vi 91 for 



contraciat. c^t't^ctot vulg, tfrfare ^superar^ Fothig.) st p^rdtre Sorrnii I 
p. ISQ, 854 Propter caiiiiem rent Lach. moat tnilr for Pnrf/tcr r<J'<J^ I 
FrajtUrra t'lrulrm Flor. 31 CuiiiL Proj/l'ira ^fi'itint Ijiiib. alniirEJlj- I 
$60 Mold LurEib. afi*r Turnel>iw for Moltia, 875 /ifni /fontfft Ltfnb* I 
iot Jliii'ik in ffGitilfo. 882 in lynia yior, 31 Cumb. clc. for iVfni* I 

8Bd *j<</'ii. nUMi-i Pnscmu tv 27 . Mn: ulrfrv« p. 1- 891 rr^fijr Ai^ait& | 
for /eiiug. /flficlaj Wfik. ttc, KUnrUlv, 893 Seiutiie Nia Niw*- f>ir A* j 
m7ki. ei ej^i^mpio Xitugtr. for ifUmfr/tt. 902 ^ri Lnch for «;rL Hf oIva 1 
iwid itfrniitHtu4 for asnsiJib'ts, ftaJ 903 auetiji with Luttk for tfU^Jr. 1 k«p I 
MfMii£»&««, Dud S03 it'Ml fTiur-ZiL 904 vi/rt LacIi, fjr»fx?il/ S^'V r»m. Jkm I 
Limb. 005 aii/inr FA. for cumqite. fuiicta Larh. 909 Amdt Lnt-h. fin 
m-mtiit. 910 Ji JulU f^r -I'tf* 811 a/m Luch, for ah<i9^ ratpicU Utt 
rrtftuit. Nant ntXio^Btim. i--r Natn'jtif alioB^rd^vivxxi^ ri»puil^ 015 (923)i 
1 ffilluw Bi^rci, ill itln^ing tlii.i vcrrf hcrv, rather tliixn Lnch. »lio cukes 
it AjIEow 916 (315). 919 animjif\a sint Li/^li. fur aiiinn/ibnj : comp. 4AS , 
iknd IV £41, 920 af A/e^u Ijiah t'oi^ ait eorrtu. ab reetit Junt, wnAVltt 
PoJiUaa i& ninrg. f lor 29. 921 Nf^frur^/j/. »^t.?U'i/ Gi£ Bvnt, lAch.: 
Ldt thi: optrLtive la in jiluce. SS6 ^uo /tiffiiiins Wak.. far rpuxi j'fiffiii^y$ 
irliiolL Lnch- iu v^llh dofuiide. The po^t ref^ru ui 870 ^qcft not to B8& 
^U^ trtn'mv^ Ell, in t^mall ed 028 oJferveretffrrttM, Intemjjii^tivua ^ttam 
pahr Wpk A, cvfpU B. a^VrrcTfl It*!. Cfllub, ct<j, /j4tert*;w*f*tiitf cimi. 
Lilt ea^pit JuuL Lamb. firsL fitojjptd Ihfl puasiigo rigbc, aud rwid Cfptl; 
but ^?/yror wrfingly for j^itor, 

932 i''>^je a non itene\t WaIl for /'dma ai non iktmUi ratlier Wtt«r 
p^rhapa tban Pobik tx of I^iiib- I^ch. etc sensum tivntabilitalf Liunix 
eil 3 in ni>te, Heiii, fur settmis Trmr. L^cb, keppn srnsju. 933 ^a^ 
prvdUuM PJJ*( &L f<>r j«*j/ pttKfifun^ exfra. quad protinti^ ^txUat LikcIl 
^Kflt/ j/ri)dii'!r e^ra liiTU, ; but tbe onitio oliliqufL roquirM tbc AtibjuRc- 
UvOh 933 ipsan Flor. 31 OuiuU AM, 1 Junt. ^tcn Utc ivsam. 940 Cirr* 
ro^T^M creaf.ui. W:»k, hniJi properly rt^tained thi« tbe reading of aU iuul 
Jlaifi'maqtte cruafia AM. I Junt. valg, before Wck- oif/Arn^i* <v*atw 
Lach, But 1 do not know wUai a^t/tra crenta are, uiil-'-"^ U^cy be tlfeft 
aaibe n^ f^rru trr^Ar^ lL(? vAviiud pnxlucU of the earth. 941 d'uvenUnti 
1-Jin\h. fvT citiife^iitfjilex which Lach. rtlHJns: the ti'^rminHtina of 942 bu 
OftUHed tha miaUkp. 943 anitnafif^ in tj-nofta cientur Hugn 1'unnji.nn ilk 
Julin'it Jikhrh. L Plii!i>lh R 6? p. 573 for anima'ife/n *jtiiiin*pu Ivj-n'ut. 
aniianjUuf/i cviictttt'iriitar Lnoh. 941 Bern. i^eaUs omrticifulif *(iid 943 
kwjfi the m**. n^ariin^ : tutrilHi' U qtiit^ furf^ign to th^ ^mai^ of the fiiht. 
sitgc*, eli^c Liti^r. vouhl Dot avoid Uding ottnitit^nlee ntid /uffriJ^Tfr togtilbcn 

9&1 antfi-cfa Lamb, lirat fur coitv^da which Wuk- obtiUidly rctftiofc J 
jxis$U l^iirh. for pim/tiiit: iis lliit vi'ib miif[i>t ref<^r to Batifius or nityihing 
but fjunmvU ttninutnfent iu JI44. 963 I'fftfffii-fn. pwpUrfa LucJi. jmT- 
Veraflly i t.Pti n<itKd 2. A now puriLp^ra^'b b.'gins li*ira 

975 dc guif/n' /'ttcfn/iist Lumh. (ur t/« qmima aui^tmijii^ nnd 980 j)Vt 
ej; rih/UifiH' /tv^ius fi)r ntut ex i-iitpnttt/ia ancEus. NkhIwh [y. !i]l Ijav 
da Quibint rirlitn. Lamb. Hd, 3 rulds iiioNt (.nily 'Pninnni LAtii]« <liol| 
lion ykfitfint attflits lie n a^it f^f re aiiqniij tud nui^uD n- fi/iqi/n [ii\"*nk\ng 
at cHurH: of the atoma of which a thiug is laiule. v 322 i/ti.\j'/'7'inu£ut 
aliiu fx At rea augct afiitjue, and tlie like hjive nuthiiLg t^i dn with tha 
qiwslion], DoEU Cknettt$ oaium eejitimnrn aine pi-Rcpo^tion^ poatiUftW 

MBeitf GitAAtur <« lio^ifem «•» in Litgwi IaUqu' : this Ue dbubt- 
id«tt fur GifhnLuiv Wok, utotv If^rleu Ibui tho afti^Ble krefia of 

Ibns omiiibtu rvLigioa^rii invoCjintibti^ contra pruluuos eiiiendiw-i 
Hionem J^acrftio lubcritia^Dtis rrt¥[iiciiCAtuin oout.'.ttii cmover^ 
irofrtiofl jM TiHidjiciamiKlioaiteiniMn atqiie pcrditiavimftm inftrciie. 
£of Ttf/afp.^ ccrrLi, <u ZfC nai l9fO^' Truly i/rlira fvvc j'nriotnijini 
tt99 £t ritltr-g ftotfgt iion tx riilfntitti' JiiJ^tuf. 99S Jelira FliT. 
k». Pto. for (^^ ira. JOOl r^Ilatuta. faJgentiit LncUnt. insL 
1002 iiurf r«. ul Aid. 1 Jnut, for iJitrrs «/ na. 1004 ovu- 
( #jff f ?/* Ed. frr ff>niufjjTJ ft ffictt. eoninriffitur Pt Jit I.Aj?h- 
i full »tip At f^/i>. ALd. I JuDt. vulg, tiAve vf Tor iia in LD03 : 
itor ticfri-c Wf&k. would totcrato tbc oinissioii uf uf ; ytt it la 
iJiing ttmt oiir rase, bo fften on*it if* after ffftcerc ami fi«ru if 
is tiot thi^ pnet'ii own. LOlO — 1012 I^ch. onil B^ni. wiili 
■F'^iton have quite miBiirid^rptood thiu prnwage in nJiich doI 
|o be clianged . they &U t&kc i^ft'Tii to be the i^otijuadiou ; it 
lliQ relative-. Lnch. t' r sammU uu^ilfully rejida cunf^/i^, atid 
1013 t4> commetjce m new ijarngmph wiiollir uncofiTieoi^ ^rjih 
•due: ho cnoloeea iti [ ] 1013—1101 the truth is 1013— 
cloerly united with what pr«xdea if fightlv uoduratood. Juat. 
I viil^. fiEive pfirum fur prTtet in 1010^ Xjiiali. vd. 3 hiia a 
t^iiig tliut his coiicejitiou of the passagQ is fki Jes< coiH. 
rihiuanu^a. The tmtill vvrd qvod has f^ven ri» to Ui«e 
pl<rehi--rirtU(Ti5. 1015 1016 = i 820 331 \*itl the ricepli^n 
for fVyflrfi'/ntJflf ■ 1020 = 726 ant] v 438 (441). JaeU. hcLA 
wl tlieyfiie here quite out of place ; id tlie fir^t to Jt ihpy 
Id of tho Bt<imqi but here thi^v tuteiTiipt ttie Ecn&o. 1020 
latar boa ti^u^ened hither vithout taking the truiable <*f 
vinM And plnga* ir> n(;« and jiiajnr^ ivhii^h is tfir^t done in 
d J[iiiC> 1017 mni Lsch. for wnf; he eofuparos 458. 
^dkih< vcram B cotr. Ver. Ven, f<fr »^Ai&f^(Tran*- 1024 twnttfn- 
a Mid Likch. rlyhlly for vtkent^tter: bo rewif^w which occurs 
mec: Ja fiwt thoa^ were tlic citiTy fornjjt krifjuii to Lncr. iind all 
tho tifst o^m: BDft L&ijh, L02& Aoci'irre iilL uis<i. Hiid old cda : 
fi>nii T have retained here and v 609 whcrt A Lua ^r^fo^j'd, 
JfW*ni/CTV ; aep Viihlen'* V«iTori. suL Meiii|ip. p. Do, and his 
Lrag. reL 114 &nd 2iSl, wherp the bissl msui. of Eniiius mid 
ain tho unic form *ict>kh : it nppears from Rib?n?ck tlmt tlie 
LTgiJ preserre iu many ftluiilar wo)^» *:fi'f i* hut Lift jndi:iinTit 
i>g theio tweniB often at. fauiC. pere/im infceaio ririftfi//j iutrtlrtjfi 
(ml/ lonna ndnutted in Lhe bt^t n^e^ fls tho c^rKiJrrent X'-^i\- 
■il j^ood itiB& proves. 1029 ifthiJinnl rnirari'jr. miitari mira- 
wliich I adiipted in the fna^] ed. 1030 ^'wsprcilo 'Bt-rn. for 
PfTcip^iii r^u'li, which rjin hnnlfy he ri^lit: iiid«i?<| Prirtcrpia 
(ropHnta that 1 ibclino lo think a verse Is lost, such aa this 
t rrrr/n^ro, ji^rf/iultn cjwrn;'/t* videmtU i Prinripia ' cliicf of nil*' 
1020 \\iiA Priiv/tpio *fuod "non in. rit. o. Pmdttf-int, ctv^U cut. 
thorjty, thfrngh he sppenlstj^ 'vetfirea libri-' 1031 cnhihtr Lach. 



for cchibent .- !ic juatly wtidJera no i>ne bofoi^ him saw Ihia ^#^7^, J 
cuhib/nU previous editors, 1033 esstni. at^eerU Orelti LacL adaini Junt] 
Idmb. Hta - I^B iTii[ierrect Htvtns necp!«&Hrj ; I iherelorfl in 1034 rend 
iht nunc for n aitii : the h~ was wTitten tuice ; hcn(.-E) th? terror, fjfifnl . J 
i'jr ifipi-ovitv viiu s^ihUcla Bern. 1047 ia-:tii4 I. F. Gronov. IkntU 
for Oit^wt. u\lixiv^H JuljL whidi gives Llie nglit seuae. IUkto ^^t^ip^rm 
vofet ifMS B^ co/f'i A. ItIipt i^jio perrolet ira LathL. m 

IQ49 suptti nitftsrqMS Latih. rigbtif for nj^i?n^u& supfrgite ii^rwvM 
Foliti^ii iu morg. FJor- •^. tn/ra «b//ra-/ic(r Aid, 1 Juut^ l^mb. tqI^^ 
lOGl cotuejirU. coolitttint Lamb, for ctjferitrU- LjuIu iusedd ma tU bcfu»' 
wrnni^ in 1059, and rcauU ^o/ufn^nJ here, rro^^irfne Nic. Ntrc^ 3 TaUj^^l 
f9C«rur'i H L'orr. iTLor, 31 Cumb. L VhI. 1061 ^v^tfi^a of all ajes. ^^H 
to me units right: comp, 1106- toniecfia Latlu whiih ttpjurais lo Ifl 
the iH^ht rfiiiiliiig in tbt- uwarly iiliiQLiejil [^u-aa^o v 429 where the miJ 
bav« «>7n<«ttffi, La,ek objiK^te to eoniecta ^ quiisi Liir^i^tms bic alit^ 
(^uum in qninto dicere potiierit'; but tbere he hofi alau ^nE^ntiafU, hod 
(;o/uer{ni» tbero sofpe, here Mmpcr; for Lach- vainly alters ^w^ tl 
semper: he hI&o snjn tif conrecta * snatHMiinia noti explet nhd arlrliU lotfl 
Bi^ii]<^tionf, nt prnilo prrbt Cr>'iief7'« i/i ^orn ^ifr/^ufl' det: but r flBfl 
fra'^iiiintj- conicimx Bxlvaruia arbuAlefftte toia^ vc iiiicJ it used abauluWlJ 
1062 r-fori^to Alil. I JunL fijr ac ordinr.. aa iii the 5th biM»k, I 

1070 «^ 63: Lotrh. bub ^f ia cl^irlv rjghtt »: ma.kea ilie coTiittruGtMfl 
moat uvkwanl: thun 1072 Yx^ftt^ eadejii i*t natttra AML \ Jiint. tor Vm 
ert/d€rt\ iut^ttr9>. Qnis fOtlcm natura Lach. 1070 ^liqtMjitC evtt Gron<n». 
fur fUitptoiiLis sift B, alioqitvuiis A : blie o]if?r editors h&ve jfuiie wihh'ljr 
nftrav. 1030 xiicbii^ Memmi Oronov. fi:ir inilice i>tanf«. 1081 ^nrfiiiJ 
Ald^ 1 Juntv for InveuisK. 1082 T^j^tlnnt ALd. 1 Jnat f^r ^rz/tiriaiM 
1069 *]\iad hi* ffcricrtiCint T^.btts €ihv.7tdana mus. tjtt Lack, for /irW. AiC- J 
olnml'it Bltil /^ic ffeneratiiivit rchnv abaml't^iU ElI 1094 tiihh. tn^i&fl 
vltam for tifani have cjnise<] Junt, Wiik. ftc. to err stMifjg*'ly : aimjile m 
it la, Avonc Ri-st aaw tbo tnilh. 1102 in addud by Lat-ton. icet. lit ifl 
Fior. 31 Ver. Veu, o<c. 1 

1110 Apptireret Nic Niw. Camb. for appariref.. Potitian in mflTfl 
Flop. 39 eayB *in vetuaio Appnrtretf w3r lliia the m^. of Pt^ggiol in 7fl 
to i»/ra bo boa in luarg, ' 1* i^/«r,' vith dotf> dJilecIr ia P Poggial Afl 
tljtrti IkJkvt; TM'tf- 1115 tiefktr added by Ftur- 31 Cuiiib. etc. acraifUa flH 
Idiab. but set^ noteii 2, 1116 fit:^reniarn.-Jineia. hnch, rightly ftr edifl 
rnupt..,/hi^n, as this is the only plnce whoip iho m^ts. nj^keytnif mtafl 
per^r™ AU N<>niui*- perfics A coit. NU\ S'lco. FW. 31 Camb. etc llSfl 
hie Ell for A/tf. aa in 1089, Af'ff rf^i^j here baa no mure ftuii^e ibitu tlioM 
1122 ftUar...aifatic:7i AB. hUarl Avonc- ftifara more rightly Ijuafl 
1126 iltMpessa. iCd, for tfntftena - ooinp. HI 688 dis^tesiia ri\fiithri3. di^per^ 
has bet's mr acuAc:: a full^ovrn injin l^ mure dt/tpeaaus^ hut net niore </»■ 
;fRrHi'j< titiu a cbJtd. dtspesjM is the »iine a» tbe roi aiHplUn" nC fnlitrr m 
1133, 1135 fl'* fp Ijich. for n «, X,\\ct- na n rule ii»ing ah liefore jf," bd 
1 have my donlit*^ hei'e; eec I^acb- U* vi Q25 ^ Luor. may Ihlvo varied hi 
linage. 1136 d'ditur Aid, Junt^ f<>r ilcdiivr. 1138 '^i^rnf JnnU itfl 
9fj«iyi(. 1139—1142 01*6— ll^SJ" art'hMl tjunest, l.iicr, ont, p, a 
bjw lirst seun thJit flicse x't^isev mo to t-onio d.l^r 1138 ; the thin^ itdmlfl 
of uo qiiestion : though it hu efoe|>ed nil tEie rdUors and Ijicb. llifl 



147) cifjua aJded bj !U Vossiua in m«. Dotoa. F^W oaiita tlo vckq. 
m, msnU 'oL fulcire L'itiits, ci^iu utnum KUflteatare;' bujd Ailda in marg- 

1153 ttfAftof mink r/tarUilU Juiit. for opinore imri^wWia, 1165 
Hi<tB*i)T» I* Vosv tij (cs. nnttw fuc maffuu/ii. 1166 Juiit. re^ilfl SC c«yft 
|fl^vn'^K# pn«a(**i;i(i fempnrn, and &o Piiliti]Lii in marg. Flor. 29; sto 
iW>f P' 7 and alt^ note on the inteqxjlatod v. after i 13: tt U to Im 
iotifwi thftt hero ton Xuu^ritifl in Aid- 3, aa there, docs not titWovr 
hut. dud PtiJiliftfi, ^>Nt ii-fvus to tln.i bra« [□». order of Uifl worda. 
Itte— 1170 (1170^1172; nsad. Rer-jk in JtJin\ JalivL voL 67 [x 
SlV hiu rigbliy tran'^lvn^^ to this place 1171 Ul^S^ ^^^ }\Av,t 
1X iho end /atiffaiy tnkeu fi-om 1172 by a conjmon Llmidtr, for wMcli 
p. HruiK. Ill uis. noU!^ cirellnnclv iviuIh riftof-' Ue f^a^a 'l*');^'- ffV^o^ 
EbPil' [E[«i<1 hi 7| *v-e] rfiml'tf vf/rj jnYoi" nii^i/a fl'ipfi* p, Sfi* fi-t 

SJ "vi^uic-iitqinj soucctflL^ p. 97' [i.o. Ml T7:J]h 1172 (1109) 
Pio^ iii &oUw f<>r jiflw^r/t. t^tic/ijm Wak, (m- si^-dum. Plus, 
„ «f tu)n\ni* /<aii/'it iu 1171, Rn^^eints inyeuitmsl/ JtarrfuTn^rue /a- 
li«mf. Nit\ Ni^c. all Floi', Vat. Cunib. old eda. amit tlii? F©rfler I 
ImI Iruiw wLcncc Avaijc. got it -. Piiu of course Lad it frcnt him. 1174 
'ill fcopvltvit. Sic obluh^iLti : quiuli-Jitus Ad coptUum, «t(i j littera ab 
||Bi> liliraHo futdilii. de Ijia Hjivei^^nipiiH Gilsft ri'lert ite-liilem v^nHsimti 

BUtermorecu sanm in;;;*?Tiioflo ectiUit ire Ad capvlum^ Lach, : Wak.nlso 
ftT it, ' quftc etfb HaTerc^mpi iogenjoaiuiaia oc digniKitmjt pfotU 
ivjd eniHadaLio* : but alaa It ia aoti Hav^ercamp's, as maf lie smrn 
hiM own criL note: it U due t<i la Vossiin, who anya in m**. nolm 
hie, jlI- ma. 'A>pu/um' and n^iu '^^a^u^unb v- logo oapulunt \- & 
inuD.' Tfae two mu- are AH theu in bis ovn Ubi'or;: Nic Nioo. 
r. VaL aail Cuiob. etc rend aeajrrilum nith A. 


_ JSBrit Ver^Ven^forOof ATien. fhig, om.BNic, Nice J Flor. 
i OmdU rtc 11 /'Wii Avano. Nuuger, (not .hiiiL) Gir. Lnrh, for 
mttmt lb coorla Orelli Linih. for t^wr/n^yf, 21 semjierque FJor. 30 
wr. Fl*>r- 31 Camb- Vat- 1136 and 1954 Uthob. Juut. LumK Lack. 
. ^, **m;«' *inc ij^ihihvn AJd. 1. 1h-catiau Ver„ ajid Veu- on 
^ foiuidcti, hftvc m u'ii'ihut with 3 Vat. 22 ri^e^.i Lock for 
„n i'^; Uranov. Wak- for kU, (ii* Junt, 2B *«7 Mian* Arano. 

^« d«/fnii> B*fntL for fth^'io, 44 (46) first [ilaced hRra b/ Bcnti, 

«ifiuJL^Ui- LiiuL, od 2 and 3, Gif. Luch, juatly for diciunUir: the 

wordd being iH^iiK'tually confiuuded, though eticiu/ttur ia perbnjw 

■iUv here. Luch. is irrony Iiowctlt in saying ihftl Ijjnib, • titn- 

vcHtati concj^deua' a-lopteJ eidti'atUJ' from Gif, wiUinut aokuow' 

inni; in bb llrtt cd. he kutpa ii^toi^ftfur in the Uxt, bat hu ttc 

Ekotff ai in (^. S: 'ft\*aUinaat qaidjim kgeiidnm ru*riuiJur...f-i ita 

'.oODudHm in oratiiKie iinj M. Caetio, mtniie tiMam 

mxw piiWt k^Dudi 



i:oTEi> 1 

tfcjrttim metiTfiU rifijttam t'OMTF* f^iiciaC^ ubi Tulgo leptur eficial? cm 
jwramluiK nunc naat^Htior. qiiaiuvis oliiii <(iaftenas;-xui' cet. LamK ku^ 
Ihough he *'.'>i, wn* lo*> injo n sclioUr fn Irejt Gif. >a C»if! trent«l hii 
JJf<r J.W3 wluit he here tur* of hit^ iriond Miirc-tvi^ call for the* jn-i 
mnlignitj with which tLc Inlter sppika of hitu after iiis Jeath in hia 
ItTt, n 17. »«in^i rrt Flor. 31 Ciunb. etc ftir ni«7i«rc. 65^ 
yJiT^toc Aid. 1 Juiit. frvui formae of Bruc. Ter, Ten. /nn\a tt Latnl 
6$ Oh/fittfur Liimb. for vi'iieTfur'H aa ^fpiota \a neuL pltir. nc^ord^iig to 
usage of Lucr. : but it id with much doubt atiJ bnilntiou tiud 
defpi'enee ft\y\y to t'Ero nuoh S{'hii]iLrF' a^ Einink aud Lnch. thiit 1 mfum 
aIIov to LncT* tlic libcrtr Nfhich tho purest writers bccm to hm 
<;liimed» of making tbc partic, nnd rorb rrfer only t.> tbe laat of two 
ninre nnniinuli^'-s. 73 yWi^;i> MucmlK mL vi 3 IS, JuuL for fiatrta. 
78 «^«iTwm Fli>r_ 31 Ciimb. coer, V«t 1*154 Olbub. JuBt. for rfftfuflL 
81 00n4Ci4CaiU Nic >'ioc^ «t<. for cufiici^c^nt. B^ /itivfo Ij^mh. ci- 
ttilleiitJv fuv vitddel. JrauJa J-ncli. c/We BlTIl 13ut /iimiv U iteftifC 
the diicttis litti'i'Anim tlijipi thither of tltcsf I'eiuliiigs, ^nil mukea tar 
batter senae: oomp. Viig, in tutttsj 3. 4nadet is hardly limaUi?- 

94 9^a.?t Cbiin&iiia |>- Ii^7 (-t**) for qrtsm- &o JiinK Lninb. IjloL 
fi5 tooatum Aid. I Junt. for rtieatitriL 98: l«fijm lliirt verw oiw or 
tDoiv hAVi- Iwen lost. Ahl. 1 thus RU]>p1if7-4 it, Quam\-h rntiltn ^wdM 
eapiftntupi iiirbit ptUamt: Juiit, ivnil o<la, in i^ii<inJ bcfjco Lfich. li/ivo 
tbe snrae, but fur jttUoret uic?n? ccurottly pfeioru^tt Gif, baa puturii, ra-uJ 
thia noti^ ' Itii V, 1^. I [vetiift i^iiitbrn libtrj m n\. pMitrei. a). pmarSt* 
It ifl ufit improbflhle the v. q. I. U iha Ven. with MikmUuh' ma. not**; 
it u very posiible too tbut puiafvi iu Abl. I is n mifiT'Hut f*''" ptMiani: 
«ee whjfct 1 my^ltoiro |>, [) on tb<! hiatvy i^hnrgp brou^'ht agnirt^t ATnuriiW 
by LiL^h. hor«. 10& rt^jfrr.'^ Li^oli. from ' gramniiitJcus ViutlobonftnaiM 
HicUL^nfiildii' who fjiJolQE] ihu vor^c on tLCt^ouiit of the vord iic^reL 
a/j^fffiui Mp^ iwjrU l-niub, 3. 108 ^ itfi Lftmb. {*jrjit «i*. * lUiIi 
^/li ufi" «iiys Lach. WhiiL hull ( not Niu Nice, ncrr Flur 31 
^. Ver, Vcm Atti 1 F'iiiii Jnur. Aid. 2: oil of wluch I hnro 
bf^foro nic L'3(ccpt Nio. Nice, aud Flar. 31, nnd of thraa two I hn^ 
polhitioii vf my owii> 113 ct/rpug nnkire Li^ch- from a wuj. of W*k» 
for corpus inlei-ire, )ur-rnioniaiit carjfus ratincrt Aid. 1 Jniit- 132 
liiiit riLjbdy ^vi*n by la, Vusa. iu mti. Dot4», by Biniply ivu^bng aito 
u^rt uf A l}^ A ooi'F. Nic, Nicv iLiid all tuti; ni^, riad fih organit 
Mititu or tfU^tc ur ijuc-ro; bciic*^ t-udle»i coi;fuHii»i, ait iirj/aiiieo 
jfclirintit ill the nli vtd^t*. 

145 fli/'r't iV^ aibi Wtik.^ for ffj^zi ffi'A^ sopit ^ gthi KJa Kl^ 
Flnr. 31 Cdiiib. vulg. 154 ita p'tfhrenujuv Nici, NicCn ctj)- for 
jKtlhrem. il'iqtte €i puthtvin Lamb. rtc. 1B9 auuui u* Ven. fiirt 
rJFJTmr- Lach, i« wnwgr FJor, 31 rcuda aniuuH. Vor, ozn< vi vith 
Ni^. NicCh 0mffj> vis Nonluft Bnx. 

170 ie'i Junt. inr^sb tiuly pjr fn^t. 172 tcrrarijue pntiiUH Srynta 
fnr t. p. Sujivrx. bflcouse 1 can think of notbiug liotwrr iimi'Tj mm 
ff^tly hna no ociiae. A^ttppus Lac\t. Bnt nlxy suppMj mthcr lb An 
prOHf^ 7 a mrui ia |k;fiifia]ly 'Wtninded in front uml thtn, ^ Lucr. a&yi 
IV 1019, he fulln rnrwurda not liarkworila. Sa^pnt at Bj>rn. nfU»r fl frirud 
iif Wak. Mr Jubn Jonai: but the copula el iM never fuLiud in Lucr. out 


BOOK tit 51 

of its pUoc^ And A vnglo example must not be inirodncod bj oonjeoture^ 
Ferhap* Su^vil Le- insequi: comp. v 36 advl...audet i.e. adire. 

183 tSd Wak, rightlj for aL 198 ^picarujn^ue mn. E«rTL has seen 
UiAt m the }etter8 uqvK the verb houbbs lurka : in 286 mu. mutlatti^ 
queri for mu/to movfri. He reads caaru' movert .' but vhence comca 
the «p»: I have therefore written ipte turt^ movers, 9pintu4 aetr IacK 
Bat tke «entenoe requires a verb. The tpidorvm and the like of the 
older editon are abeurd. eonieetutn Muretiu for conieciwn which Lamb. 
a{^nt>vci» of in his notes and Ijuh. rightly adopts. 203 «e< added after 
qtumiaM by Aid, 1 Junt It ia added at the end of the veree by Flor, 
31 CnmbL 210 n far m Nic Nice Ver. Yen. not Flor. 31 or Camb. 
224 Jfil omilis. 'leg. nUo' Heina. in ma. notea. 227 rerum. rei 
I^ch. I now think without reason. 

234 ad turn «£e mij^u* et a«r, eui mtxtus non ltd aer Loch, who, 
as baa been already taid, will not tolerate el for etiam. 236 muUa 
tnomrt A corr- Nic- Nice- and all before Lamb, for fntiUamqueri .- comp^ 
183. mtdta cieri lAmb. wrongly after Tuniebns. 239 240 a most 
doubdh] passage : 239 ret Eil. after Bern, for menti 240 it aeema to me 
certain tfaftt qwtfdam- has come here from the ^vaedam of 211, and aa 
what the poet wrote must be uncertain, I hare written ei hojno quae for 
gtiaedam tfue. I^ch. 239 reads quan for mffngf 240 quatdam vis ment^j 
JQSt retaining the word he onght not and miikiug a meet awkward 
emstniolion, Bern, airangelj reads in 240 quidam quod iiMi,'rdic\U<jitiiT. 
I& Vosa, in ma. notes 'legendnra videtur qui datU qiUB mente volui^.* 
330 I retain rw^ with AB: corap. n. to u 1129 Aceedere: Yirgil's 
and other old man. retain many traces of this t, intermediate between 
the a of the mmple verb and the later t. 244 e partHs ei levibua e$i 
^antrUia Wak. in notes ^r e p. et I. etc eltm. and juatiy : comp. Ti 330: 
in hia text he follows Camb. est p. ei L etc el. which may be right, et 
p. eiL Kc L ImA e p<iTvu tnU l. ex eL Junt Ltiinb, etc. 249 is 5r?t 
rightly given by Avanc, in the notes at the end of hia Catulhia 1502 : 
AB have ConeuHtur turn sanguis viMcera peraerUigiuatz Flor. 31 Camb. 
3 Tat give peracfUiscurU: this unrhythmical order of the first words ap- 
pears ID the Junt, and in the text even of Lamb, ed, 1 ; in ed. 2 and 3 
Ktd notes of 1 he reads Turn quatitur aangttis, turn: Nic. Nice; misled 
^ pertenlinuTU strangely gave CtmcutituT tuvi sanguis per sejites viscera 
umi; and hence Ver. and Ven. vird for xunt; out of which Avanc. in 
Ali 1 ingeniously devised Concuiitur sanguis per iwjmw, viscera. rnvtitU 
fWito, but he afterwards leamt better. 251 ut added b; l^mb. 257 
ftfiMeTV vaiemvs A corr. Nic Nice all before Lach. most properly for 
f^memuM vaiemus : he reads absurdly re^f^7i«mti' vaUJiies, as if we could not 
be in life without being in health. 

266 viKere B. viaere A and clearly Ms. of Poggio, as Nic. Nice and 

sll late mss. and early editors so read, even Junt but not Avanc: yet 

b> Wak. triscsre is ^sordidum ct ineptum'! 288 etenim Faber in emend. 

snd Lach. for etiam: a necessarj change. Lach. rightly follows BentL 

ia j<HDiag in ira with (Turn fervescit. 289 aeribus I^mb. ed. 2 and 3 for 

0eriuf. 290 el sa l^ch. intolerant of H for eiioju. 293 qui JU Aid- 1 

Jnot. fnrj^^vC 298 is placed by I^ch. before 296 without cause. 303 

Mi'm^ FloT' 31 Camb. Vat. 1954 Othob. for minua. 304 umhra B. ufn- 





hran A Nic Nice T^lliU wLli?b may l>s figbt l comp. Plaat nid 
Qiitai vinu ffrti*MHj» Xn^^N/Jiiw hu^i* tts^'i'lii mnfc. SDS pavorit A 
JunL for ri;it*ri#. 306 /w^^r u/rt»#7*M atfd*; Avjm^ (ffJW «* Jnat,) ibf 
/ifrr u/m«7r<« tUoM. ailiia uf m^* Juu&t 1v *i('iti: tii« Bcnbc hii» 

Bvm, 300 yaivro^ JuuL for jVnfurn. 317 TtMrf. jMorf AB» wlii 

Lui;r. may have written: ace LocIl 31B j^uUvr FabcT for i*«i*>H 

Vtr. V«D^ fltc fur ytmnd/e, 321 twti^ IacIi. fur nocfw. dicti^ Aid. T 

333 >~«ftj «mAirfi„,iH/a Jiinl. fii-st for «n»rfi' JtuTit.^.vitoe. 333 
lIl<jii;xIi suund, is much o^nuptrd by Jiint- l^unb. vu.1^ 335 ciu I^riaU. 
for fi*; AS mi ii contmry to tlie iiKap^ of Lticf. 346 rrp'ufa Xmluc Ut 
reptntih ivposli JtiDt. without seiite, not rc/K-isfi* 347 vf a>I'<i' i lij 
Joitt 360 r</tdfU. t'T^titiiX U\tah. 358 is jmrtly ejected by CiY*«*h m 
notes ftud Biii'a Lot^b. kt^pd il, \mi fur .tfu/fa?utf readf^ Sui/fuju^ wkiiii 
Mema ftC4ro«]^ to be LAtin. Idunb. coEidemikH 357 which Creech w«ti 

361 D'ifficU<^. I>rtipfrai Latub. eJ. 2 ^nd 3 Gif; Jjicb.: but 
notes '1 diML Limb, for t/itrcU. 363 l^imb. most jusUy rnj.*cts: it i» 
mbnircst gl»i3 t^ e£[.«LiuD tlie corntpt ducal, lac^b^ [>aU it nftar 393, 
and gives Ik [ni>9t unaAtankl oxphmatioo, 365 7»td XAch- tor 7TUI. 

872 pririn, 376 nrJ 380 jriro Bentl, for primv aod prima: 3$9 
^'pa Id in the m*«. 374 aHirnitt fittt/Uftita tnhnrra AB NJa Ni«t Brix. 
Ver^ Ven. ; this 1 hrtvo ivtdiiiiod. antntai */. mt'i. Fior, 31 CJinib- Aid, i 
Jiiut. migo; but tlic cilisii^a ia not tolerable eifmfttlei frt*Wrci njiti 
[Ach- 375 t AB ld.mbs eil '-S Trepeh Ijirh. rigUtly. rf A corr- B iwi 
Nic, Nk'o. Fiar- 31 Cmiih. ull Vat. all &U b^f Lamb. 3, Gif. Wnk- 31 
(tfU'icA Aid, 1 Jcnt, f<>rMr'*jf".' 3i?ii Liurb, 331 rirruiimt Ar&nc, for 
392 mid 393 lirst plat-eil lu ibi'lr n^-lit onlur hr Junt^ 394 /V yrt^jwi ti 
/til i'ttff-i'riUif LjicIi. Bt-nti'ly f"r A'e ipntiUix hit^ Et tjuam iitt^TvallU 
tiiUin Aid. I Junt, Tnl";o, JCt ta/i/in int^rtniU^ Wut- 

40D ^f Jrftrt/*; Viit. 3i?7G AIJ. I Juut. f^r tJi^tniit. 403 en- 
Flor, 31 Ciuiib. POiTs for cr^iinii. 404 rrmo^n B coir. Lanh, for niM*o< 
renti>lv4 A, rpHioff* vufg. 405 netlKriai. a&ruw Lach,: iffithcmt 
just cnuse he alUra tLia iLud mtmy oUier paaaatr\?a of Virgil and olhcts oa 
the ftftnuiuftiijri Ui[»t artA*Ti(ic taan*>t l»j jinued y/lth iiW'i^- 411 //(^i 
5«/, Juikt Lamb, etc. wmiffW. 412 and 415 are iiee<>*sflry tJi FDroplfll^| 
the c^mpariBrru bet'H'con tho Ml and pupil oi tboeye aud the anima nii^^ 
animus. LuoL. is therefore quiLa wrung in pj-^oriiiK theOL But in 415 
aliotfiti is coimpt I hivp there tninsjufstsJ a aiugle letter and wiitlcn 
aliauoi, adding tit vrhxck could easily fkJl ciiit before wpffnduiu^ 412 
Lauib, niiafl the aense by iradir*^ ft*'*/[>£ for non firt. 

420 liifjiui liia...cuTaljn^\i.ii}v DU/titi (tvt-.-rita. Pffrpti-aa.^.vll^^i 
with refvr«noo I presume to YZ pfrprtua strnjiTT'diijiiUsii^Mi rila: butflri 
diiftM or dit/ttUrinia would be required, Piiiivi tno . vaie Crti&ch: butc^i 
Cu LuiT, had uulj a bad m^finiiit:- 431 ^ifruirtfu/' itni O'tf'iitiy/rLs rwni 
earuiti Jjich foru. itnoi. norm a, -the (nut n nf tills v. brLviu;^ diu^L theAui 
ptooB A< the i>iF-t c *>f li.e prat.*eilLiig ; but perbii|'s Lult. vmte nfruv 
Uno nuff ittn^wii nomiiui tantrit, nvliioh ia neJiror tho tus. r^sidinj* 
ttgroea bctiur with wh&t ttext fuUifW& 428 I rvtruu tJie uul reidij 

BOOK 111 


IjK<h. wriu-6 titm for nnn: but he Uici'cbj invcji^s tlic at^imcnt: C0Lip> 
^m3 eqq, Lucr, eavB * ibe soul ia H^tJi t(i be .iiorrdioij^j uiiuble ; there- 
fnre il is fonn*^ of vi'ry miniile ^«c<Ijl' LiichnisTin'* error ifl most Hiftni- 
lost. 430 ftad 433 arc ejected by LaoL-: wrongly in my opiiiion. 430 
mioveiur Juat. fur nj^^vcn^fr. 43L Quod *femia in fiomnit, Jierc a^u 
Ia^Ij. witJrout CAUse readd fjrf for in: <.'uii>)l ii lfl4. afte Ex. vaportmi 
Ij*cii, HgJitly f/>T atta Kx, Vftporr, 433 Kxhalnrr' Exolarr^^ v 463 ^r'l- 
Jnnt/jiie, VI 4V8 aliiut AB, followed by Lfloh, xi Ii-J docb not hnwovar emit 
ihi? mi^hfttc, wL^rc only A or B omit jt^ ua u 117 v 253 vi BlI &iid w 
BS4 11 221. 'r^t^fi; diia fui'ui u bttu.'r alteaLt^d liy iiiidi:iirj tlmn 
t(i« irommou exha^nre' Haliri Cic- phiL U 'd*i tid. Mnytir. ThiH oEenin 
■toobtful even in Cicero- hia coll cog a c;^, BjiituT Tunc i 43 n 23 ttcd 
Jontut Verr. HI ^B iviahi h: tif the tjjipJtaJ inss. of Viryil «ijly M Ht^ms 
rTi»T to omit it. 433 hfiir Brntl for hifc. iffiiUTttrir Lamb, f'^r ff^run^ 
ttir. 43S 11 nddcffi by B cuir, 441 ^i/a/rt Jiiiit. for cvrn. 444 t'« oo/fi- 
hmaU I^cb. for iticohihreeit, a}n C'Jtiffrssit Laiub. (J]£ ineoftUKfuit Wakh 
Hj^ue iiqurKtl Ben;, t'n r^Pio finh'tiil n'u Rd. in smjill e^K: V'i r^u** might be 
looked! on mA oiiu word and tLe i?Ij«i<iij thus be d«fi)ad^l ; but &t*e Luc, 
Mueller do re TD<Jtr. p, 28^ uiid notes 2 to I lOSl. 463 /i?,(fua iatai 
HKiu Lath, fur huguAt. uiftnf, UttyitO' madtt iticno B ctrr, from 479- ^it*- 
^vuifiM wirtHT^^ Nic. Ni™. vtifg. 458yfifj*ri" Nif. Nic^c. Flor. ill Cunib. 
V»V Benll for^ri^fj'*, JafUcit B c<>rr. Jiint. Luiub. not bo well 

474 476 i'* ffiioniti/n fnentAfii ^atmri e&rf}itjt ttf trc^rum EA p€irUcr 

mnU^/n tanttri cor/'tiji iti'iihi: ali ftbflinl iatcrftiUtioii : 474-filOi 475 

AM 1 Jant rfjilnce by 511, l^inb. tinst exjiellefl both. 476 gior. cifT 

AB, whtcb is the eiimp thing: Eo ii 104, iv 575 coni ^ qtKtPt or atm ; iv 116 

«aniin AU, d/mr't Lads, i- e. P^u^fi/ni. cilr AcJ/niHwrit Nic, Nice. Flor. 31 

Cvub. <5 VaL old eds. bt^fori: Jmit wblch Wiik. Absurdly kee[i9. 482 

Cu^ ^a «inC Nif- Nice for ^T/xftn fu/it. 492 51/iVi Nie. Niri?, Flor- M (not 

Cfti&ix) old <^dA. fi>r ^iff, 493 vpH/^i^f, r/uoA' fl?i Jjicb. for fi7>rrfflja?ia inj 

kiut ncnL^W ; former cctTccbora uud editors, r:veu Lamb,, IjaJ quite mia- 

Hfcpo the mertniu^ HiiJ Jcjiur^ »{;erut fEjfL/'jrmt witb mIs 9iti/rbi: ih&\r 

^*noTtB i-eodingR are not worth raontioniTig : Wak, in uniihually porverao. 

-1^7 jjriitntur Lfimb- moat projiprly for /i7ic<K7ifitr? aeo 68 uiJ iv 946. 

^i23 ni^cona Aid. L JujlL fi'r rttJitt"h, 526 rr/ulaifi Jutit. for r^/uki^ur, 

531 .Vri'rtrfiTH/- i^^(fi? *jKimri/* Aji^ Bl tor i^iHinlilur atqMe aninia hate: 

aiifiifi Atfi'mc /et^ Ji^ut. p^^:, aCtfUG animate Lamb, viilg. G36 thduccr*: 
(^mk Ver. Voo. for Jj^r-<c^, 538 t^tUe addwl bj Nic Nice Plor. 31 

H M8 'Wo T'fo' Lvch- fir*l for litcvffofl. 551 n^Tit^t. a«< La«h.: bat 
^^fL T 965 'ji'fjfiicB lUfUc niifii\i- vd pirn ItHa. £53 Std kmwr\ in parvo 
Nfi^wnivr irmjHiTf t'ifi mPB. '<nnd!irn (kictua' nays Lamb, who condemna 
^hf ▼vfse 'iiipnintuT* ^fijiffiinfur mKa. piito If^g^nd : jVfc^fo ffeniVf parvo 
^■cirtilvr ifmpurr^ iii/n. iiiyi mabd ^f7Jjfin^cr,.,^/iAi pro frti«, ut^irti con- 
^Ba jirv pr<r£e ron/^-ii/t:^ vet, piissiiu' Id. Vvk^ in ut^ tiotea. 6W Ittmcn in 
^BPnna f|tiit*? Hghl ; T biiTe writtm therttfore with Oreecb in notes S^ 
^BMwi p^rvo tifVTt*tfr trvi^wre tat^^ (Aen, IIT li8 P bos fin^tUi'r for /«- 
^■■r Aud Liicr. IV 1S43 Vcr Yen, have lignitur ^i}t liqtiknr) . tinquttn* 
Hr Flor. Zi vulg. rn parvo thicnnlttT tempore Utbi Lack, 'lia Vcr^ ' 




Jim^ tv^^n^nfirit, «lt OwlL too ppwwdgw ffrfirfM*'; b<it tLe »o«i«it 
ths bod/ Ia ilnwi fm7«»(Mr Ia6<\ whetlMv tfaeloAat conMa at ODoe or 
aAer; «0 Uk^t fanuft in ^arr» l <ny » w virald luvc no bmuiu^ ^5 
MM Nio- Nioc for vwMt 567 £58 IaoL haa no stop alicr tMaarti, 
a <»iiuiia after Dtttiqv^: ^5d bcgiiu & imtv panip«|ifa ; uul I Jiud fmm 
his proor-sht^bi tliAt te aIIcthI Uie nsiMi punctnalktri oalv iii ku 
An&l TcvisB. &Q4 ijHe oc%d*i* flor. 31 (not Nic. Nicc^ QunK Bcik. V«r. 
or Veo. ) ft>r <KbJit< v/w& £66 ptr added ti^ Nic Ki«a eic mu^^'ui Nic 
Nica(no4 FJor, 3t» Csjiik Briit Ter- V*n- foroiutt. 471 ffwrrri IjiiEib 
for m«>Hr«, * iitsckUaAima' nfsWtLk: see nota 3to vi 395. 573 cmtfwnta 
•rtf I^mb, fur cH»Hiun* «mL £74 «o F^Uir f^ ro*; a certain correc ti oB 
ngbtlj tid]iutt«i bj BecU. and CtkcIl Ijhch. Btnugo to saj \mm& qi 
Winl it Bod reodveti insteoJ Wa^AfielcTa TioUnt Rlterutiott In tt urti 
matn £>r St4€ animn. 

£83 afUNvw cu Jilor. 31 Ganibh Yor^ Yoo. etc. for anif»a tfuu; 
ybnu onmacuuna^i^ Wak. far>Wo« flvMOtil ttmJWMTWL ,/Tmu 
emfiM ni^wc EAdt. 594 tU '•orpett ^otB< LMh> siotitdjr ftird^ eMT^orv onm« 
tn«Bi£ra wbicb fau come fr-Mn 596 : Nic Nice Brix, Vcr. Voq. «aA 
5S£ anU £96. £06 tmnro addtd hy Xa^- avicrc ontnut i^^rytm a uwiVia 
Flor. 31 Camb. vitlg. 587 perh'tbHttr B corr. JtmL for jtrihet tt P"^ 
£«f«i A. ^ic Hiac. After 614 Aid. 1 JunL vulg, insert Uio folio^ruig 

617 «vfit hominis r^^ionitwi /M/rrU Kd. fbr<vrtt« r^oni£««Mnn££ui 
haerfi : th« tTi> words liing »o ofuii <joi;founcled. c r^^itmi^m^ p^ctori* 
&. Lu:b. r. r. omnia tfJuifrU Laja.\>. 620 /xj rCiVid Bern. Utr ^ro totis, pt^ 
facia Lncli. 633 iotita aeipie itisi-jni AR in iyni Nin NiiX, Mi/«bl Ml 
Flcr, 31 t^mb. cjtc flS4 ai immortalU Nic, Nice for ti mffftttlU^ 628 
vu^rt Ijioh, fi^r VficartL &32 antinvifl HiU conj, for <i'itwirL tu^r« B 
coiT- Lnmb. vqI^- ircrlinpi lightly. 633 nuiiitu Sd. far awMuTTiv JJaud 
igituT l4u.'h. wLu bi-re bc^iiw a hom^ etiTil^uce. 

647 i«mcf Lach- for niimit. 657 653 w»f:^nrf and ciw/rt ri EcL A'ltli 
IacL. for minart't and caiuU : but Lufib aUo r«Lda irrpcniem for $trpirntii', 
tOritm/iis uAcL' JudU ii>r ibirf^t^u^ ,- aod afUr all, bia M>uatruclii:iu h 
Tery fiirw^^L /. r. Trnn£i»i/if ■'^MpAnlu cawArm / wtipgff u carporSf virinf»t 
Lftmb. SSa Ae^utf T^tro Nic Nice, for ««7U«r« ntro. 663 i/W&rtfm Laub. 

676 a /a&7 Liich,» longdrr I^oiK Lai.1l friim Cltfiriaiii^ uod NimluB, fur 
oA i. longi^t .' ycl tbe best iq*«, '*f Cic. sometimta hare «i before f / m 
0^ f»tora And iLi) lilto, 685 LtuuU L&h mQHt properly rejected da TriAtii- 
fp?tly Hpiiriouii : it h* clearly a sartastio gloss. LiicL rttainfl it and fur 
afiiivi rrada arr^at : tux unUfcolr coujeotur& 686—690 (690 — 694): 
Lach. vroA the firitt to tniiiapoM tLcae tni»i- -j and Bti'Hiig« it U li« Bhotitd 
have b«tu ilie 5rBl. 689 r663) itmnfia Ijlc]i. for nwr^tf, 690 (694) 
op^MtfUf^ #tf&ii£ rr ^ fni^ihuA Bern, fur ojrpre^fni^ gnhitiB e ^rv^/wa 
«apr«inu, M^^fv a^. Lb^ 702 Ditpcftiti's enim Le^li. for diap^riiimr 
wrgtt. Ifttptriiffir rn<m htix. Aid. 1 Lamb. 705 <p*amri4 int^^tt rwwM 
in Aid, 1 Junt for qnamvit d inleijra r^erm. 710 Ci^r/i Bii«, Vcf: 
Vm. HffUtly 1^ Jcm;. f ^nil. ptrital Nic^ Kice. and later niaa. and edi. 
bfiforo Jnai. 

716 UtVar.YvD.eic tor £l T32o^/u^im Lamb, aad *m aleo Notiiua 



for aiyryf^i^^ 733 ik/'iw A p. m. (1) a(/ifl(r B. ei ^juj A cott. Kic 
Kioi^ lii£ Grat iresUjrwl ndjliui In teit : the note in ed 3 ctf Lnmb. is 
■Miuiug. WiUl retumfi to «£ Ji/^ 734 c^'^i/tr^, ct^r^e^r/i&ua Lach. 
^M CuAi #tE^r'^ is i^uitc right. §'«/</ ;. n Jnoud of F&bci^s, botk 
FulHir iiad Bt!utL UiJjfrrjviag, Cv^i s. IJcra. yr«t Aid, I Juut, fur r/UA 
738 tjnufiim Rtd. acutely for wi iiuifntm: tlia riHghi of the coniiptitm u 
plain, Lflch. Aiii^ptB frota Lituib. ui iara, vhich b« allows 'a litterifi ni- 
i&ium Ttoedere.' 740 <wjwdPi*5 Liich. fur CEirrBrnsu. 

743 rigbtly rejected by Laub, iiuii bffwe biin by a *iloctuB quiilam' 
WX I^iabi A« ji. Diriiiir&^ sni'C&^tic ^Ioj:i^ wLich intorruptjj %^nse and joji- 
^kketiuti ; Vta. AJiL 1, Oivt Juntn, rt-ai c*^ri-is for fffrt'o*. I^imb, Ju/u' 
^mpi^i** alaCJ. 717 £<-/'j B, 'fVotp*« A ivnd ull otbLr msa, nud frld vda. 'futo 
pnwttilU r^Tfia non puwum ulium nrteiu agrioKceiv m NiuiiJl hoc trium 
VWculorum exJtu, i-ngtHifijue^ iterHifticqiiff eorpore qiioqiig. non irol^idt 
WttsmdahiUriqniii »tmqm-- ai;riptur'jL fuerit in otcbetypo^ Liiok Lumb, 
>bo htm toio; autbontj i« ctcaHy Jur 7Uor^&«. 760 alu. Aid- 1 Juiib- IW 
«H^ 763-746: uf course a glnsa, with no connt-jtioii with the lexL 
Bern. iaelqJea 76* in the glots, iu ray oj»iniOTi not rightly. 

784 irt <iU<t. *rt^i* Looh. htciwisc *"f^*> w found in the repetition of 
tkb pBHGige V 123. Dut a.9 Litn', liku VirgiJ, no ofti^u vjirtea in aach 
poin^ I omrjot bring tayaAi tu df|Hirt fi'riia the eubs. 789 loiigi/ffr 
LmiU LAi;!k fo»y>WBU msa. here nnd y 133: eoTnp, 670, 700—793 
uv rv|K«ted r 134 — 137 without thi^ loss. dillerukg iit a ntuglo It^ttiir. 
I flatter myself I have luude the jiuatiuge dear by a euirect (iimctiuitioii 
■Fitliout the rhjinge of a. V'-nrd : 790 jy</e«nl ftfim jrtiifto pyius I enclose in 
bMOikelat chud bt^m thoapi"io^at «r)/<rrc^ Liu'L here and in V rt^ada I'^^tr^ i 
m poMtf enr/k / tnulto. Aid. 1 Juut.vuJg. givu i/uc ei piysn'^t enitii^ mvltot i 
800 i/ti'ftalr Jvant. for mwTn^^j^. 805 Hfifv<ie JimiL ftir mihyin. 800 — 81ft1 
= T 351 — 363 word for wciiil They here mteimpt the aT-gumeot, and 
vt of couT» one of the mauv gloe^eu with which aomo reader has wished 
ktficr to vJEpiuin or refute the poet by quoting hih oaii reiacA for or 
igiiiiJit hiTn, aa the ca«e may be. But na that which fuLlovs io the H^ 
hnk, ap^iea only to the beavtio, not to thu mind of whjch Lucr. u here 
■pemking, he did not contiuae hia c|Uotatii>TL ; but Aid. 1 and Junt^ fol- 
tivvecl by oil L-ditom before Loch, add v 384 — 373. mdely ulte[^d tu suit 
|4c j<Te$ent wiibjecr^ Thi* wa* piolttiMy done by MH-riiliiis, 'at Mij^hahel 
^farulliu' nays Loch- justly inrli^nant 'iLIc [Lv^otore] audacJonuhil ventoa 
^P<M«rin tranfitereTidia immmia-i iueptiaa iitferre ; quoa versus ctiiu omne«^ 
^Brii T0l«ribaA ihie exi:e|'(imje oiimJbua abeaaa ^lut siin-eut aut ceHo 
dAtfvnt Mire, pluriqiie aiite uihi^otiitLone uu^eepernntr WulcttielduH^ i^ui 
VWUgQT oiiKiufiiB tat ^' piji^tuti" (id ttit Mru-iilli} uiratur ^'crrnKxi^ratant' 
ilatcui diU^it<]ue. per turn iLilucidmii I'jiLLuciiiatiuui^rii Blnj|j[Ivitef 
kl«m fliiam oijiuneiitii^." inlhi MELi'tdli Tn.iEe nedida siTuplicitaa noa 
#:KBgilaiida eane vidctnr : ftnl>i4-ium tanif^n eiiia vorhieuloa, ut nr^ 
qQ«e LambJnifl ct \Vaki.-fielciid (ceterca nunc omiito) Liiorctio 
^tua viaa fueriut. At nr/jnc. itti tlijcui, sof^^Jo cttm corparc ui«titi» 
mt tftt, gvaniaaii ndtuijttujit fttru flmi tnanf^ Xec tfinicn fM vt imtnttt 
t MUicm torp^radoaf^nl £^ji injinito, f^rfae ponmnt ftfri6 cooriaCvrrv^et^ 
m<fiiti« *^i?cJtt> (£tr6*ftc moluiu, Attt aftuiji^uuy^utff clad^m iiiiportav'S 
Uf iV«T portQ wffiuro to^ spaditTiupLe prq/'naidi D^mit, expargi quo 



pciSHit v\^ QTiimu Alii tdin i^iiavin pntwJt vi jniJua ptrirf. Hand irpiurUH 
praecltisa f&t ianuft menti.' 820 tHfttihun Lamb, f^ir vUtxUbftt. Aftd 
B23 a Ycu-ae \t lost, wliicb Locb. thiu Qupplion, Malta tttmen tantfvm 
ftnimam uwla, muUa jmirlfi. Aid- 1 anil Jnnt. insHrt after 820 UJ 
following, Sci/ictt a vera longc ratione rtyifioCfiJtut ; wbicli Lamb, retainfd 
but plocoi after 833- 834 viorbiK£ cuvi corporis tiegrit A R rruft^ 
Avanc first: uo 'Italita' before liira. argrct Gif, in coles rightly £3) 
argrii, Nic Nicr-, dpreired by njfjr''M£fl.nd tliiritjng rum u i^niij unction 
wrote cunt corpus afgrotut, vrhiolx led to eotLles^ oottftiMoo in later ni4 
andede. t ev^n Lnroh. wna muilodi aud Creech and nthers bcfuro Xjkq 
reglected (jifuuiiia' lunt. 629 nf'jrrnj. *f- pigran* iri-ina. in mR. noUw 
Markland proposed tlia sjimfl, but ^rilhoiTt cflxrac. S26 TJincwni Flor 3! 
Aid, I Juiit- tor maMfft^ jet Wot- rclniiiH the aoleoiftm, j 

835 tu-thcri^ oris Git foi- acflicrU aurit; and ao Lucr. alwaya vHu 
cJsewbere. S44 Dlflractast Nic Niljc. Tmt DlstToda*, 847 nia^rri^Pi q 
tJicUeriam A Nic. Ntoc. 851 repetfutia B rightly. reptiUia A Nic*, Nicd 
Flor. 3 ] Uamb. etc r^tincni^i Avanc Lach, 'nostri Pjua in noto^ Oil 
Lach, for nofli-it. »rr^i# Arauc. nostr<i Junt. vulg, 653 nr^ij^ addM 
by I^Dh, nrc Aid, I Jimt. Tutg. 953 ri.//j,7iV {nff.) FInr. 31 ARJ 
Junt. 856 tauflirnodU Laoh. with Wafcefield'H i for Mi*/rimorfi, S9I 
(865) iranjjferred hors by Liv;h. who is natumlly eurpri^ed thut it wm 
left for biin to du. 833 (861) i/iuere W Tumebus and Is. Voos. in mi 
iiotes» before Laeh. for ijjwf^r^*!, 864(863) tho^-s B cnrr. Flor, 31 fit 
moJ^ j>rti6,?f Lflch, ^oAtAff Turiietus fof proltbe. 368 />i^?»ts Ofifi* W( 
Ed, for Pifferre annfUh autdlo A, rtftw/^o mwHo B. a mt/fn Nio. Nlcfl 
tTM Tti'o Ed. Id aioall ed. Diff^rrt ajife fiUn Lach. 1 but differra ,/U0fi 
SMRis not to be Ijitiix- fJ'jffrre an nuUn of Aid- I Junl. Lftinb. sM 
htifl no seuflp„ i 

871 p'Ue*ca£ Arane. Wak, La^li. for7?i£te:9. putrt^caS Flor. 31 JoiH 
LaniU Tulg. Cic. de €11. v 3d ne piUiscera Nnnlua, ji^/fTvoci^rf^ cni^a. A 
Eat. dpor. ir JfiO ne pnte»frrft msa. apeftking of the bjujio tbjrg. 87] 
JTa» ffr/jrtinjm FInr, IIJ (Jamb, for Jia «i»c?nt"* A Nic, Nice iw9 md 
D, 890 f<trfrrii/ Nic* Nicii. for MceT-cn^. 881 diridU itfim A- vufl 
if/uw B dh'iilif ifhim Nic, Nice, tiirifiil hilnm. Flor. 31 Camb. oM 
rinrfwaf kiliLTn Lamb- 886 f'^i Flor. 31 (not Nic. Nice.) Aid. 1 JanJ 
for b'ur'. 887 a*: mldedby Flor. 31 Cutnk A vane, di/lcro LamU for da 
lore. 893 ohtriiam Aid. 1 JunL Tttr GlirtUtutt- J 

894 /rrnt irt7jf Fl<>r. 31 4Vflt.I*ach. *d«Fiff/ji A Nia Nice. Vimiam^ 
At inm Aid, I Juat. vulg. At iam i^pcrlmpa i-ight. 897 698 Lamb, hfl 
d*'partcd widely from the m^a without any cnuac^ readinij ^r'fti y<>rttjj 
f^ir j!o re ntihiis, Tniaer miser fiir minero iiiij-cre.. 902 77/0^^ Nic. Nice fd 
i}t£o. 904' — 90S: to theao verses Bei'u. has projioi'ly attached th* man 
of apostropho. j 

917 torrfM Ijich. for torret A, iorral B A cort. Nic. Nice terty*,Fki| 
31 CamL etc. Laink 919 mquirU Fkir- £9 o;tt, (Pnlitian ?) C&mH 
corr. Nniiger. f-ir refiirtt. 021 ^i*e #rtjwr«rt A Nic. Nice. vuL^. mi 
prc^mO B: a meco blunder, the mt helnj^ jihaorbcd in faw; yet Bera 
r«ldB per arrtim. 922 aifjlr.ic Lsnib- ed 1 aod 2, Heiu^. in ms. ootfl 
for ndrgiC. a'.tt\frt Flor ,T1 Ciinib, A vane. Lamb. ed. 3. J 

^^935 J\''"Pi ^r^MtJ onfM^ ytirt tibi vita pru^q^e Ed. for A'^ ^, ^M 

jtouK ni 


Mi Vila nnUndA priorqvf. -V. yr- /wf'i fiaeo t. i\ n, pr. Lucb. X wi 
fraia/". 1 r< Ov /). Nwigcr, J^'am gratia ftt^H i-^ct. Jniit. A^tij^* jfrtr^wat 
^ £ V. cet Nic Nicr. A'i*m •frirtUtv^ /nit Htm. 941 o^ifft^Mi I<Ainb, 
far ii^iravt. 942 wi'rf* <rt B Fbiv 31 etc?, rlylitly, i/a/i' ft A Nic. Nice. 
Gft&lx Wiik. 843 jiiiertt Jtieis Avanc, fLtr_f[/trtT( ('*(ir(fl. 946 phtn-ai Nic. 
Kkcc itit j^iifrt. 949 j'cr-jibs LflJuU, e<l. ik lltr j/rr'jta. 950 jivVi Juot. frfr 
*i 952 (955) jiWvd hei'p tirst by Luch. 9i5 (954) btilfUro cerU-in 
thtif in Turneb, advi^ra. Nie. Heirs- in ms. nutei loc ftira/rf. bfirfft 
AU, 1 Jiint 8Se i'lp^r/c^ta Fl^>r. 31 (.'flmb. etc for iuper/cle. 063 
d^nv^"! ^fif ui f't^'H'^' Bernn fnr a'/f 'rr/if f/i iiiftffnijt r.oucntt. ii.j'iiit nltU c. 
Alcl 1 Jiint^ i^ili^- tUffiiis f^K'li. /itiriifiniji Kd- tu^mLiU i^d- 966 d^.dU'nf 
A jH'ie. Sic«. Flor. 31. L'limb. 3 Vat. c/cfiti K decidii U corr. Lainb, 

978 .^A/iiC en nimlnmi A B f lor, fJl Outub- 2 Vat, Pi-iaciiin p. 554 
iimvi rij^litly. Nic. Ni^c. Lii!^ J^t^c a^£Liruj7'fjr;j etiam : ^ etrraa^e errur 
vbtc-b is re[WKitc'Uo2 Vat, Bi-ix, Ver. Veu, Aid, 1 hthI 2, Junt : tlio liwl 
Lhre^ ruad ^fgfrf. Avmic Uov'oror nt tb« end of bin Cutullua ngblly 
ItVaUs AUfu^ fit niyHiruii^\ au lio I^inili. tuI;^. but not Wnk. 983 ctiiqfit^ 
ttnru/ite n l-iimb. eU\ wruii^ly. 065 r/wrii/ CAiiib. JijnL pU:, for i/uic/. 
09S tittjtf^tiM Tnmeb, for difpfnis: eo Ed, in ii H2G: Comp, Orid- 
tscL IV 15^^, kkI Pbvut- mil*>a 1407. d'Hpcnsis Latak (hI, 3, Meg, dia- 
teu^iv ilL^'iiuaiA^ Helua. in iiis. itole& 994 cuj/priifiif- Lamb, rigblly, ba 
T -45 n 25, f^nrpfdhif. A B. tur^viitrtfi A corr. Nic Nice. Flor. 3 I CJiinb. 
Juttt irt*. lorf)i-<iiire Veil. AJd. I Ulf- wlio says * Ita v. noatri et aliorum 
fwTL in <(. V. cupf/rdifff <^nwl mro|wiflae puto ex eMih [ocia inf. lib. 5 ct G.., 
VKiailra MiirulL ex hue tnco UtlElural. iaf. ItU 5 fit G Uufiediti^ pro cujtp, 
i\tir\to^iUx' Now the Junl. reada here, r.5 I Lnve aaid, fnrpefU'ie- V 45 
Attd VI 23 C9i/iefitnia. A^um VenJ cot Brix. or Vur. iorpediae here. 
TUa therefore i^ one of mnuy proofej some of wliitb I Bave giveu elso- 
vhcre^ (ijftt Olfaiiinti lijid the obi Veuict; edition with MaiuMii^' ms. 
ttD4es Li«forp liriEi, uuti (but fbia \9 tlie book bclnngtcic (c Sitmbucua of 
wfciah ha *p™kfl both in bia prefiicc to fclambucna hinificlf and in bia 
bldroa io tiic reader: kx almvo p. 3. It i» oJao & pi\)of that we are 
feDt to gipe tci INI inillna' nil tbo new^ reaiTliiga of tbu Juntiue, wti^bor 
pMil <>r btid. lOOL ^immc I'lvt rertite AvitDC lor ^Kmnju iam verticv. 
lumiiT ioTi e vfrticfj Flor. 3 L CVmb, a gu. i. i\ iTuut. vul^. 1005 crTctim 
i^mt ndetinL vw(»m, Cnat r^Uimt IjvAi. without cause, 1009 <X'H' 
f/rtrf B POTT- et4X for cfijffrf^ 1010 nnlfa Nir. Nice. Citr idlit. After 
101 L 1 believe BonaB verses am lunt. Jtnth the wonlfl of ServJuH to Aen. 
ti r»Sfi Mid bis contoit proTo to rurt ihct he is r:|>eakiDpr of Lucretius, not 
nf Vii^iE as Brroajs flJlinnn in [HiL'in. ^^nfl. n, £ v p. 5B4, wliHii Le Ktyi 
'p^r ri-'tam autem osbendit uogolintorea qiu semper tenipeBl.atibLi!>i tiir- 
l»LmLuv.|Uo Trtlvuntur/ It ia qutlc poflaiblo hia account U vu^uc oud in- 
b:i.urnt« ; niid that Ixion vouLd bnvc t<^ be locnbioned r-Ltbcr bef^i^et that) 
ifTf-r lOlh T liave appeoilw] tlie murk of n hiatna and xnjule no change 
in thr i*?tt- For fg^tai of all and of Brix. and V^r., Ven. boa 
the rfimarkftblc rea,ditig egiiui*, adoptcH by Aid. 1 Junt. I^mh, TuJg, 
l^cb,; but it U "f crjarm a pure cgfijt^clure v^dijuli Lacb, wrongly gl\ea 
» BtjunKuB. 1013 Qui fW//iitf. Quid f neqiif Tju*h. Ilai'f Tifi/pie Jiint, 
r«)^ 1014 pirerKiT'ini Nii.^ Nico^ for ;>a«»'(rMPt of A B: m ancient 
there tecma to biiro been a stnigglo betveeo prientt and the moro 




oairecb jtoeita vliicli fin^illy prev&tUd. jtaenUct, or later p&Jixtelt 
alciixe known. 1016 iarttL dforsiiai L^mh, fnr iothsa tctra/m~ ituiv 
FAM-um Hi^Eia. m mfl. notes. 1017 tam Tixina A B- n^mi?ia Ni^ Ki 
Flor, 31 Briz. Ver, ^urntw* Ven, Tulg, laatjiiiii'i LacL 1019 LcirH^ 
Luch, for fenro/^it*. tor/pttt^pte Jfthia, in nu*, rduh iid<I julvura, wbie 
Virg. Ahq, VI GTOHcnfu,.jZnr/tff/t).,.^iifj/j'^ might perhaps au|>]iorU 1023 
J/ic. JJinc Jiiut X-amb. vul;^. not ri^litl/. 

1031 BNficrdra Nic. Nice, (not Flor. 31 or C&mb.) fbr super irt. 
fiAPh. encloM's t-lio V- in [ ], fts wrongly n^tiiinwl Ly the Jirfit editor, 103S 
Ptfuit, fi/j\(is Lamb, ett?, wrongJif, 1033 _A(fii Aid. 1 Jnct- fi:ir f*'^\t 
1034 fici}ti'i<iiis A B Jjflch. Scijyi'f^ Nic Nice volg. 1038 j^i^r^uA Figr 
31 G&itilr. Drix. foT poti it*. 1040 T/iCfrzc^ru. j'^fT/^urf/ri Liiiui, 1042 
Flor 31 Tor o/tiit. ik l.Ac.-k i/' caii sr?Arc£ly bo iiat>d iii tJils un'^uali 
way for n^or/uii* flt(y nor is tha evidencD adduced by l^oli^ in hu 
and moat Ifjimed note flufGcient to ahi^n that Lucr could not have 
the farm i^Azf bufuru it cuiis^uiiant : but aee iiot«a 2. 1044 f^Mmiu 
Jinctruitina Junt, tieriiu mw. 1050 J^of^s Cit* tpiui nt Ijtch. for /uMl 
Uti 'fiio<£ siL potcfi gitoti sit ibi Nic Nice : Loaee j)oieii tj^^d mi tibi FJor. 
31 OiLinb. Brlx. Vur, Yen. Avunc vidg^ pot^ ^hcd ffU libiJnaty Aid. 
3 wrongly. 1052 aniini fiu^ffr£o Laimk for rt/i/wio incffrto. 

lOCl rfivtrtU ttiltlod by FoUtinu in tnarg, Flor, 29 Aid. 1 Jnnl tuJ 
™pnn^«* Fior. aa fJor. 31 Camb. 1063 pfo^cip\ianter Nia Nioc 
^mtvcj^nfer. ^£ }FftieGipiltrqiie...iiiaifU^ HeluL in ma. notea, 1066 100 
By A bfitber ptmetuutioa I have I think ni^ide thin dijipiit«<] 
qiiit«cleftr: 1009 ingratia Lamb, rightly for iitgratim: nothio^ else u 
to be chikiigtid ; btit at qusin.,,hf:6et'<^ are to bu enclosed in biackctd. 
1068 fur qiiti^ Lruik (juotn: hiA uote \a moj^t unuitislactory nrul ti> me 
ukiucist iimTitfllUgiblo; cs^'ecifllly the woi'da ' mini ftew homo aut SMDper 
cUligoro potu»t nut unm^^iukiit, quoQin-m lioc totum figurato Jiciiur 
flaaoM (le trunqaill. ii 11 dt^arly rcjid 71^/;!- he explains Lucr- <(ui 
oofnotlj' lOGQ haeret vt atujit Junt. Lamb, rulg, For uiifrntiti* Vi 
alono hoA inxtiiji; thrrefLiivs Avftnc who founded his reviiion on it b 
itivitu$ od^aerGl. 1068 J^i^U tiL fn^'Uol ALhlvtg px^t, Lnt. carm. 
1843: but S«Dec«, da wtlj ^ our niHS,, clunrly read yrrj/^'j u^ 107 
Tem.pnriM aetfimi Aid. 1 JuoL first for Aetcrjii tempoT^. 1075 t. 
Ijuub. for ftjvi ii."?nio, 

1078 Crrtfb qttutrrn Avnnc. before Lamb, for C^ie tfiiuUnL 1 
/brintnutt. Ahl. 1 Juiit. tint fur Jbrtitim. 10d9 lirlibitra Junt. fur 
titt*Tiir«, Mihrorr Avanc. Ljunh. ' f- doTilnre' Heina, m ma, nt 
1089 pos»iifivj /or£€ Nic Nice. Flor. 31 Comb. Brix, Ver. Vco, 
po»«iipn/*jorte, tortc Aid, 1 Piua Jiiut. Nau^riu^ mortc L^vmb. tint 
no ' ItAlua ' before Lioi. 



7 fratrnTtm. ftnr'ino^ Lftctaot. inst. 1 IC ^ see 1 fl31 8 prm/o Flor 31 
C»mb^ 3 Vai_ ndj^, forpinifo; so 1 933. 11 /^am. Ac Quintil- 111 1 
Nociua Hiuronym- 13 CoiiififfwU. laapiraHt or A^ftrguiU QniiLllt 
17 piLCio LujL for aiaotv: so l S42. a taciu Nia Nice 1 Vat- V«r. Vi 



1 jQQt. W^ 


a/ticCBFlo^DI 3ViiL fK&^Kfu CarnU. iarUldinih. 
A 3. _/rteto lAmK ed. 1 ftDtl 2 Oif, 32 thrrpUiC E l^mK dirfptnr A 
Nmt. Kim. &1I iM^fo™ Lumtu 41 qua^fu^ f^itoiq-ue Liuih. * //i-*i?r«Kj ' he 
pfrjv ' itija oliler Uu^ puU^'sl quiuu ijuouiwlii jttsfitm liuri Veri^iua diidtt 
Ld tat oonct'dV But Ytrgil oIao says ri[ 307 jiufam dt^ni nnf/ilit, that is 
P^^Hini: BC0 too UijteA 1 Ibr luiuiy more iilualralt^ue. diseessum tMerii 

fj^'jiius IdtmlL rightly fiir t-Jfugia/t of A B, vffiffiai Nic. Nice, an J 
, and 4^ IkHw&'H him and I-HUib, 43 «i/i;ktna (^ eutporervrufrt 
€ar sutfwu} dtcvrlife evntm^ eummo tie torpijTe tfririifn IJimb, yulg.; 
m\t. 31 ildJ til, atid Ljuhniuuu'H v\u\m. 44—47 (45 — 46) - iii 31 — 
iJt 44 Sf^l iff/oniftifi for lit '/uoniatu^ 47 (JHoque, postit ffr i^lnn»^ 
ptmitU^ are tighily ejected by TacU. jvi a f^los& In ibis plouo tL«y an? 
Df oourso qiiito modraiiviililt^ Junt. vulg, put them before SC; aui 
tiiillivr, if nrtaiucd, bliey must b« tnusffliTtHL To ttiia I410U. tiUfem tbc 
ifbJeoUuii tbjti wliile the fiixt 21 iLueB are t^peatetl w<n\l for wonl from 
Uw first book, m 25 we bave nc ptr§eti£U niilitttttitt for f/ua aiTatft etnnp- 
fi^fyvra: iLls cliou^ bo eaya woo pnibably mode? bvoiium' la 27 nrc tho 
•vrds «ij;*p*<i r^rrcf; Liit bad the pout rtully msirttd 44 — 47 iwftjrf 26, 
liii* AJt&TAtioii wjMilil ni^t liavj* Jk^ou i?alle'i for: niw however what U »^iii 
la BOttM X 48 49 (49 50) - 29 3Q L»id atsim to \jo ropoatod btiie without 
laaining becaoae of tbti lesciubUooo Wtvriwu what pi-ecuUca latd folbwa 
lliBDi ihvtv mid vhnL |iiHLi^rHarkd Jollowb hare. J nut. Qrsi uiuiittxl them. 
{51) ^Hiie Ntiniin Flor. 31 Ciinib. etp, for ^ci, 52 (53) r!uH Brix 
5lin& Aid. 2 Usv ciutt e^ii tt Nic Nic?. f^^i r£ Fior, 31 CVuib. eliujt 
Ttir. ^fifiTj Jimtv 53 (44) firet LnLuiircrreLl hitlifiriu Jujit. 54 711U- 
*ir- Niuo. l-jr HiiVJuvi/ifr. Gfi podrm Juni. trtr eoniiu.. rrnvm Voti, 
69 rijWmai Is. Vohb. in ch. uotea fur et/<trffm. at ctint /o/viia 
prfr?rfi«*^y«n/*/Fflfdi[uK ff/fn:/?!- if /'urmati Viit. 1 13G liud ly54 
ijijub, ^Itiiiii tlj'oniK\t Aviun', Naii^er. jinjnat^ue sitatri Jimi. 
or Ainjinn/rm iiiMiy JjUjiib. etmjurniftii Htiiisi in ma. nottit. 
mnJ pTJfna A.H. *4^undrati]a bnbet m iinta j^ir\/i>ti nUdltLim anti- 
«i aon prUoa mnau' : *■> Aid. 1 Jimt. and rightly- 1^ fjiwir fluai 
liicfa. ei ffun/ jrritim nftb Flur, 31 CjiinU 72 ifity^c 'lU tar*/irt 
most ttcutelv^ fot* t^Kp™ (icier^ifi. iftciTt' uc wculm^i Klt»i\ 31 Cuuib. 
Aid. 1 Juiit. otc 77 Jitttaiit Tunipbus Lamb, ui J for JftiHita 
, A Nic Nice. 2 VaL Brij:. Vei. : htnco riramit pendent^ durtia 
lis nai- UTiil &U- 79 .NVneTWH" Ijirnb. fi™t f^H- Scaemd A, *VraCT«iii 
a/«»A A corr. Nio. Nipc. all mts. and eda. betwuon bim and 
Ijuah, ftUmwt cMtu/ii/i'Jfj d'Xoritut Ed. ^r patrvm mutrtimfiioi dcttrvm. 
1 auitrutH^ua deommijue Nic. Ni<:c. alJ befure I^ch. puleritfii 
^aa d/fonn SMCh. elar^ni ftirininqtte dettrfnijH Ikirn, But romp, 
V ^40, 'Ijio. &nu. ilii r>4 and Carob. J otitic of pliil. I ju 373. Luor. 
Las ^-f« in the thtrd place: ci>j]ii>. 104, and sev uut^ 3 to u 
pairuDt Mid df^tymm &etm to tat: jiretLy certiuu : f^rr a>fiiaaqwt 
rather rmutivni^if or ihp like, 81 inrlnfii fMafri ATomihu 
r itv:Ifi^a (li, tiidaustrti A Nio, Nice.) tfavitri J/oi?n*i; n neovfi- 
siajplc ct>tn>cltijji ; Mi'etivi boa niif^'u fi-om ihe aeighVn^Hnug 
'iM^ ikve. p«rfittai so ie 456 irmniA fc*r I'lnnihti, 11 919 oni- 
J6r ivumd/uL rrurfuM f/itfufri JforauOi tb« vulg. reading, baa 


LviL l»* nfUy addrd «; ft&a U 
fcr ■Mft p Ma m: tn wi 1099 ■V 

A B Mat ^CQped J. tub aoirfqirfiinl 

94 iiigBrti lAcb. whoae czpAiaACiofl id miflfl 
El far Jk MMy^iAv: tbo vhb< 

Umk^ Cor «ontm, &« la 43. «m« JobL 103 103 = G5 68. 104 jhrftvu 
r wp i Ju JflVTiK Ed fur /j r m ar^w rf aiw ' ^ J M fg ; OMBfK. Csmb. J^ium. 
of pbH [ p- 45. ] h«^ ataco ka»itt tfaal Hugo rtomiBiui bit oj-jq Uro 
^tAe QOrreetaoo befan ■«. iJoMwlMfw vis ■litim oicffclj to fiU up tlw 

116 yonim H- PunDuin Ldct. quiSiL. pL 2T,oanrai IacIl for eerw^ 
««riun ttt Oimk VmL 1136 Othobt JunL M i«iTu Tsl 3^76 Nungir. 
<grwi.,,<Wfd id jMiMf Atuic After 120 not a fev «^ maiti Iu¥oWd 
la«t K- Hir4B«. iu nUi no(M aara ' Blbquid dont:' HArezc siMpoDtod vlv 

I^rk. by ui «>J>lN«ate and amta ctlculAlMie efam «r oMlaaTaara 
lo id«wUMt ozkB pftgvof tfc« uirfttfCyps eonteiiung S5 Ibus ud odd lm4- 
JAf, ifa*f item AowniK bubes&lovb ThftlApags of tL« ardtMinke cbded 
wiUk 126 ia oTrEaia - Lh&t ftuoUitt page oommenced with 127. m>J that 
iKu p>ge was %. lefUhacJ -rrr «T«D'nDml>Mvd p*g« u no U^a euiAia, 
Lich. boa dt^moiifitratvd. It u ftlfl» perliftp4 noore prob&bl« ihiLt :f^ \i 
wereb«re lort.tKan doiiWe that nomb^ or more, becaustr the prjot ju 11 
fAT*, Bfl Lv^h- points out, p^rcipt jMndt^ But I^chmoDD's calctiUli'>n^ 
UJc«ii in eoDjuQction with hit g«aeml tbeorv of the iiio«le ia which A ti 
&&(! Ui« <iXher mas. dcsoeaded fruia tbc on-hetjpe, involved & great lUffi- 
mtly whirli in difiCuflsed above jl 21, tdcb. thus contjuiics the ae<iit«ui'« 
of 136 duotmt [Aiting<i» tftytf**]: HavercL [CWJrrof^« trujUia\ For 
dit^b^u Aid. I JuqL have m<ytvbtt. Lamb, ciebt^t Is. Voea. ib >ub, ai>t«0 
nDo/rrM, Amooi: iUc loBt vuaea I^kcb. places thia fntgioeuti tpti /uimin* 
Otnnia ptr iio7t4iud arrrij l^mtr^ more crWun; vhkh I bclii^vi? 
to Eonitu, not to Lacr. at all, at it haa Dothin^ iif his frtjle bIm 
, juid H^rvius Acn, I 30 aa?!^^ it di^DCtly tu iJie fbrmer^ %hit« tbc 
wurdi of Probua to Eel. ti 31 are ambijiinnii 

129^143, fltrnngely tr:LD»<po«ed in the mas. aa ma^ be seen by om 
ItrfVband DitBibcriii^, w«rD 6r?t brought into order by tii« acntcuem of 
LamU: n/cc alwve p. 22 for a priSiAiblc fxplttoation of tbifl di9:>n)c!T. L36 
(13^) mMu. nam. trtotiim in Sic Nice- the cause L>f great coiifojuon 
)4t<]f taitx and eJi, b^foro Junt, and Lainb- 

143 ij^HiAfUiir LamU fnr ^fmii/'tj': a nccTAMty 4^hang« bcre, thou;^!! 
oft«Ti intri>JucfKth« wcrd wit tif>iiL cause. A/U:] 144 a vt^nw baa iuHiLifcj«il^ 
bMb loat : it i* cfunoiii that Junt. and Litmh »iliould hitx^ nvprli>oked tlu^ 
'daaat i'trctpc vtl Al^T^ftiia/?*, turn pnitcuJa a qiubna Ulud fnimi^uml subi- 
Httir |>«iid<wt' Luch 147 and 152 viirvvi Op|wiiiied«Ibr iwfftffi: a Dccea- 
aary iioriv-fiiHii vbirb Jt is Btnin^ neither EAniti. nor LucL should hard 
m*d^ lAub. LDdwd BOCA the diflicidty involvml in tvif^ntj Lacb- 


.1 ..^ 





6(J3. 152 potis fat Ijvflk for potmtnt. atfftmi. anU Vcn. 
tAvAnc. Jiict AHfl riU edi, before Laoh. 159 lyt^nuiktnr L&mli. 

1 B Ciiinb, Veo. wkich Lixch, iJiitiU.'* ' utijci? voiuni,' 

17B Idrofur Juoi most properly far /sratur. I7B Cnnduni LaJu1>H 
ir ieMJit. Im^. pEiUi this vfrse nftor 175, rending tendal nnii »u>mifi« 
^ fWMM* vith Jtint, a change wliicb 1 n-m not dow tnoliniHl io kc- 
^«eee in: hco ie 632. 190 fvi'jcr^ AU Nio, Nice F]f>r. ^1 Camb. 3 
'«L yuZ/nrr 2 Vul, Di ix, Y^n. i}<Ja. bel'ure I^cL. 198 201 : iu uvy BuuiU 
L I «lioiroil hj ai'cidpDt LjioljinHnn'* yumetunlion *o Ftand Of courae 
htfr« sbuuJd be a comma ufter ii nnd aUct fd^i?, the apodo^ia b<rgiri»ing 
h Quid ^U(U. 203 in ^^mAll &d, I placed with Bej-n. afbi^r 183. ctxdtitn. 
\rttttn LmcL. 205 {195) Lach. firit trAii^'ftrreil t^^ iU rigliEr [iljtcf^ SOB 
Lionf. -VpBn* B porr, viilg, 311 rfm ABNio. Nice* the gfnmTio fonn. 
Im Tvlf?- bofnre Lach. 213 anuf^^/L vrthnt/o Luch. but Lvro, oa i IDGO 
»d rv 418. he eeciiui rot to feel tbnt Lucr. calk tbe roflectetl image a 
Hh/ic-' a qidte uatuml nnt.irm. 213 tnirti. jititli Luch.; bill Lui.-r. in 
fBfe Spooking uot vlmply of llie eiai&Aloii of iznng^ but of th«ir enormciua 
Itlociij' 1 iUei'^-forc keep miTTi, and &iipp{>di> with Purmaaii t^Ahr^'a 
EftLrth voT> Gr p. G7C and Goebel oba, Liicret- p> S£ tlr^t a versii] ia Icut. 
[IS jfiirtfN< t^mh rightlT, as vt 924, fiir/Hi.^e. Thin oiici the ten fol- 
Torecfl, wliidi are repoftte-J in Ih^ sistb Ixnjk, wero undoubteiUy 
tH>^ fourtb by Oellma and Nonina. Thsro ia do quo^ftion thcre- 
I*ucr, t>r liJB vdlttor plrtCf^d tlicm liL^re; tliore ia ju^t ua little 
It thpy !ire murh uinre iippri ijniate in VI thuii hen?. 229 ia 
Lich, licrc and in tho Aixth bofik. It must 1 thlrik \yj re- 
in botfci plui;pa ; for to sny that we ulwnys perceive all tkiti^ is & 
nljhunlity: wc alnayi^ have ^eujiatioij, and muy at any time, i/ ufe 
o<«rl chir fienso of Bight «m«*)l hriiring; ^nin Ptrpetno.-.ti omnia 
w<ya1d bo an intolcmblo tnutolii^y. 

iiiilitii Aid. 1 Junt. for fUtUlu, 246 CNrrEJ. cdfjiC Larh. bf?i;AUSe, 
irri/, inUrnoneere would stand he Ejiya for Jin nccnflativOj and in 
oase Ltier would make it goveri) another acousalivo, though be 
UkAt Enuitt^ doM Doi oboorrc such a liiw, aa in rrtfc/fiY repi-egaU: 
liftt fjtr-fi.^tebed ii^itinobion ^ Ht^ notes S. 246 /iroCrufiiA Liifub- 
tm4iU ' wi 280. prf)etidit Flor, 31 Comb. etc. Flor. 29 resdR witJi 
lice frfQhdii: PolitiiiD iii mA-rg- \iQ£ pt^udii ; in 187 be wrot« W 
cvf ctuiuiitur. 250 [ind 251, 260 and 201: Aid. 1 Jcnt. tint 
•0 venwfl ia their ri^bt order. 260 (261) privajo, iViL [or jrrijaamj 
o." be ttiys. 
<#irb^d Aid. 1 Junt for remoiar so 2SB. rwnm^^fa B^ which 
ty be ri^iit, 271 and 276 fjitae vere Iransjnciuniar. htich. poaflcsaed 
!if hi^ theory of ifund ymut (<4^g ii L9i) \^i(,hout any atitboi-ity rHuda 
«rikf, &«Tj# for ivr«. and ruins f be Argument in my opjninn r fjee notes 3, 
l3T5 fum f^mitur, cum Nic. N ice, tlor, 3 1 Camb. etc. wbit^h hiis cauacd 
iMcb CDufusioti in the ed^, before Lach. 277 pertfr'jft I^rub» Gri^t for 

kjil: (»o pertfijri AB in 249 ; but th^re jurtrrt/ft Nic. Nice) pfrtxngel 
fi«a and no ad belV^i-u Laiikbn 2S3 i'^^ ttj/^riilHin Juiit, for uf>i tn 
ffflf. 2B4 in uit^wi Ed, ri>r in eum : id wjta ahautbtid by Vn, and e^ 



w*3 then changed to ewm : in waa lost after iJ in (Y^IOS?- iterrun 
SdO Ilfic qti'jT rai'fffrU R^I. for HUji '/uik rtddutiL IacIl j>iils this \ 
eiW 270, wkera it ia t^uit^ out of f^ace : froui 107 it is m&ttifeat tb&t 
imagrt, uot tho re-ol tLiiig:^, *r<?-iJm>t 3|>ccnl^rHm ex ft&qiiorc viaii 
Lamb, &Dil CrcecU tliink 289 — 291 sj-uriou* ; "Wak. sh uaual xn» no 
oulty m the mft. nulling and boldly calU intbe Fj'thn^i'eans Fotbe 
299—347 (323—347 299 — 322)Tverefirst pkced in tJioirproperordor 
ijttmb. ftflcr B corr. Thisia nnsof tlie imin pAss.'igca vrhlcL enabled LMk 
so acutely to det«riuini^ tbe iiumber of Lues in it pnga oT Uik lo«t vrdifr 
type of aU ixir toss. Th«&@ 40 vctscjI -j- tJtr^e headmcr^ tmoiint tr> fii^- 
twa or tvricc twcntv-aix ; that ia to saj ILo ^'tj'lfinal ai& hiid twciitT~2LS 
litiOA in & page, oud bj some chance cue Wfi tlie OSth, hail it?i |i«gea tc- 
Torted; hence the trunspositton : s^e iiitrviductinn p. 20. The rmtrj^ of 
f lot. 29 ^T«e in the writing of Pulitian app^ircnth' th^ saam ordfit u 
the Junt™ >-ii. 21)8 323—325 299—322 348—352 33&— 341 353— WJ 
342—347 r^fi4 of the mt orJer, or lIihL on the h-ft of my I'dition: did 
JouL get UiM amuigt' men t from Prtlitmn i 300 (324) /V«/ vin, tiaU Tifich. 
for^'Kf t*£an(t /V-^ iil...hic td^n Aid. IJnnL 303 (327J it^j-ivr Jmrt 
fur^Ac i/j^/fjLadi. 304 f323) ^fff^/ybni Aid. 1 J ^lut f>>r /<itrhU. 310 
(334) Iri/ifiTftro ntrat/m rfdkei eonv^riit Mil^m A. eflntvriifur Ijtth fi 
ftffirc^iii.' eo 295 nnd 317 (341). rftTfjruitm i^ A corr, fur retro 
hpA caufli?<l much confusion in old cAs. 318 (343) porro parity A Ni 
Nietv Ftor. 31 Ciuuh. eto. pariiarp&rwK 321 (345)n^^rv^^iii. n 
A r^io. NiM- vrongly- 

342 (317) i/Ar'tf Flor. 31 OomK Ver. Voil for i>J7ieM. 34& 343 (320 
321] acrAi^r 3era. tor/j/rr. ri^cr, vlfraLat^h. aier VofttinuoT.ii. a^ltiftrri^ 
». Flor 31 C^Ti^b. TMljf. withnuh rawmiTig. 351 yvfl f»wi# B corr. Flor- 31 
Cainh. for quia. 352 f^vnuf^io Aid. 1 Jant. f or tfon^M^ mopnv lt«u(]. 
rightly fur mov^r-i. 357 afu^d B corr. Nic Nice for aJ«, ptrintiUur 
l^ninh. t^^, 3 iirnt for *i''riGf'ilur: fri>m whom GiC ed, 3 l^icjfc it without 
ncktiowi^lgment, lifrivahitur NiCv Nice €tc- iMihitnr Ax-oJie, 
6t0ur- JiiiiL affktfiitar LnmU td. 1 nnil 2. nrialitur Gif- cd- 1. 3 
tomuni Flor. 31 2 Vat. Brix. for tvrnam. fartum Ciuiih, tfiyxntsir 
far taantur, tunmiir Jtneh. but nd Uirwini has no ftvn^o or r^rn^tructi 
vitU (mttttttr or Itttmfff, Ct3 Lnmk b:av, uho rvmlfi tomafd f^ for dJ 
(47rreufn. a violent clmuge- 378 tthfrnt Miix. {}) Vcr, Vea. for a<l^uiL 

395 vi'^N/itr Ludi. fur rideiur. as plur. au fullow^h In -fruall ed^ I 
thought thur, jifter 397 n v*rw wns i.>'<t of tlda Uiitore, yufh-rv at 
Gnir\ntr/i mjni/i rufifftii vid^mu^ ; Imt Eieo notea '2. Lncb. rcAda Hx^a 
u^ijitti for ErataiUUtjtte, 40G C<ii /'iwi Nanger. first for iv/™ f«j/i_ 
eortleettiji f^^mli. for <wnrWT/ff: see m 198. 418 A hiw propeHy nt \^i'f\f9 
videanz 419 Ct/rfwni AB bifi no a«u«u; 1 hava Iherefiai-e wntton CW.?rA 
viinttvh for t'cf/Jori» n*f>n»Jff,- ft tct; alight oltcmtioa Fli>r. 31 hitf 
vnramto; Nio. Nice Cikuik eLe. miraiwttu Jjivh. HH-m^ to hFLVii tni-.'f*' 
j3rr<h(>pd«d iha Tiintt^^r^ li^ in 213 nud i 1061? he r«uk Ct pm^w mir^'^^ 
(br Vi>rpQr*t mir^xmiAy eitdj for c^etoy and tmmpoace tlio (wo T(rr&e& ifut 
1 have obeyed hiiii ui nvuliuf dhtjticere fcir fAMTHn^nr, bb ma. ■iitliority iv 
of littJu weight on ^ich a [•oint: comp. 421 dinpr-riravM AB Nic Nice. 
for <U^. Virgl] d \i\E& iKitli in Aon. i 221 and ^i»rg. it lt<7 ar^ no^rir 
toll ia ^Toor of tkiffncen. Ph. Wognor pLiloh>gua xv p. 352 c^uotM on 




U10 side o/td^fptefrs QointtL init^ vi pmoem. 4 'rnUjiin ierras deipic^n 
providentiam i' but on referring to Zumpt oiX- Kjuild. ni^pl. winot, I find 
UuAtbo b«i( m^ Am^tros, ) AudTuriOh p. lo. hftTi> ttulfa in lerrat dapk^nf 
another terroJi diHphm: this pssm^ tlierefore will not refute IjftclmJ 
fDluui'fl paction tint iliufnceTt ^uhila or thapiesn in mtbiln is * to look 
npoD the clouds,' tUtpicere nubUn ^to dapi&c the oloiidu:' comp. for the 
dinner iieDfiti rii 28 ^utn {>mTt^tt» dUpii:iaiUur ^ IV 421 in rripifirM oMTWf. 
d/ttjHirimnA tindiji; for tlie lntUT ir 9 /Jf^njyicrc unde gT^^a* aitM. ABl 
'^n Uiw wbole eiipport ihia distinrtioo. Bnt soe Frof. Conington to 
Vij^l ]. \.-. he fcotpa litufiic^G. Ijinib, n^ftda vhirr^ ei Corfiortt n^irmuh 
$. L tM^ c. bub in cd. 3 Ije obt'lists ct aitil the f<.>]ltjwi[ig versa 421 dat- 
ptriiaiLi Flor, ^il Ciuiih. VeT, Vg!], vulg. rightly for dtjtpfjdmus. 437 
fiaetii Flor, 31 lor _/ac!/fiff. «»«//ifl IacIl for utida^. tcn^iit vulg. 440 
li/pnttttn Lath, for liqtiore. 446 m: tff^ra ritittrti* la. Vosa. in ma, notes for 
OfttA rrUiot^i the AiTibfi wrote ra only i>Dct;: 'qiifdAEn oodjces' tuxyii Creech: 
BmI i* ho had h«ird [ndiit^'Lly of Voiflns* cini-etion, 448 Jtt ^ui Jtuit, 
t"r JU iiL 456 t*i[J'?m4(r Aid. 1 Jtuit, for vidfniiT. 460 tioctit B coir. 
Flur. 31 CiLUxU £]r dm^^^V 4€2 tuimiulo Ftor. 31 Vat, 1136 Othob, 
fbr rutrrvidfl. mirfTj^/i Lacii. here as 419. 467 ftfu/riwi etit: later m^s. 
uid i>ld mU. also Aid. I Jutit. I^mU ete, ej^yiitu, aUmrdl^. 468 o^^ij 
A Uic, KicG Climb, 3 VaL Jaxil Ci^ch rightly, o&i^ B Flor. 31 3 
YmX* Aid. I Lumli. Wok. without nieaiiJiigt 

471 mituitti Aid, I Junt, for mUaam- 47Z sva in stAttnil Tvich. for 
Mio t» fffvfui^ 479 5'*?t*iw Jimi foi' s&nnu. 486 j>o^*rfin( Fli>r- 31 Camh, 
tot pfiUrxk potiT^rU Viir. Vl^q. 491 aforattjii BuiitL for titficri- u nccofr 
wr^ cihikcge. Luiah. Lere Jnterpuljites a verxe. 493 ifidfre Laeli. fur 
«m*M«C which has c^rnie from a neighbouring vpfw. 495 AWv^iJUtuj* 
V«r. Vou. frjT n^tj*ixi?i/ui-. 496^<?*«W Flor. 31 A.hL 1 Jiiot fi>r /!&*"/« f. 
^■Tnf Ciimh. 19S a«97w Plor. 3L Aid. 1 Junt f(jr occ/tut. 500 piftcrU 
Sit S^iw. for^/^m. 617 Prava Aid. 1 JimL fiir ^jiirca. 

526 rflcrtfl om, AB Nic, Nice, rightly inwrted by TacL beforo q^otptg 
fnim ; flor. 31 C^mlx viiEg. plaeo it afttr. 528 J^raet&rca ntdti A and 
GcUiu3x20 1 VaL Avaoc nghtlyn I'rvpicrca rtvUl B. iV-i*fcr nu/iV Nic 
Xjrc 1 Vatu Ver. Ven. -whtoiea J'rteffrnuiU CTi?mFlor, 31 Cnnih. 3 Vat 
Bris. Xaager. viilg. Prad^ ttiijit radit Junt, 532 €^Ueli Lach, for 
^KpUiift thufl ftimply healing a di^pcr&te pas^Mgc rw/r^ur B Politmn i& 
iHjy. Phir S9 I {f:Tiktitur in text), t^t^ar A Nic. NiiX. ; henre rtddilinr 
Flor. 31 Camb. vuJg. and to give a meAniiig to the pnA^ngi^, Junt. ndila 
% irerve KtAUttx mis^ et iter lattUf, tfUft vcj^ it in euros; Avanc. tuking uris 
•>• plur. thiiA Rauca artia, ot tier r^dilil tjwi vos U iti iitras. 542 £43 
(S&l 553) ngLlly ptiLced hure ly Lantb.LIrsL 543 (552) fcmUtiore AB. 
t/viit Uvttrt AkL 1 Junt- faeifor Itier^ore Lnmh. 545 (543) murmi/r^ 
BrtK, AJJ- 1 Jimt. for nturinn^a. 54G (544) i'f rthoat Taacam regta 
oto harbara LbcK for £t TCt-crai raucum. re^ cUa barfftra: the oldor 
■■■i1iii|^n nro moatJy too hIk^uhI to he tuaDiinncid. jBereci/ntJtM fi{tr~ 
lam !«. Vosa. in mo. notes and in C^tullua: Berect/^ithia na^nua BvntL ' 
H? (545) £i ^vditdiit cyeni iorrentHnis aa: JfoHaniis 1b. Vobh- in TcKSi 
ttotoi tar J^i vaiidU imdi Arrfiff i-Ji liei^coum of A : tli? DddilJiT wonla of 
ikk liMV BB of iJto prcoeding^ wers niiiLilat^ by some ncciilent. El 
toitit 0oniKi^i&u0 Lach, neltf C^ui B A ooir. ntta torttn Nic 



Nio& etc Hmice a Ttft rtricty uf Btmi^ naSofft, aucL u J?f 
(■yen* wiottg i>ri» of BeriL 

551 t649) rrrioruJA I^unU for iMmrrua*. £53 '^?0 hua, Ufiiuiiiftfl 
(^Uff Tvi i^eTvemat B* D^^tl fur Hiti. $dO tZfrun. f/Zn Aid 1 JluiL 
^wn Lamb, vithcint f^use-. 563 twr&rfnL pediit/at Nia Nice miil aU 
later msa. and «iLrJy ed«. i (wnoe rdidAtin Aid. 2 Junt. t^lg^ '. peJitun 
came from the ptJita of 562 CA;chiit^ tiio copri^'a cfs- bQ7 vcrbi hatsk. 
torver^U: a neoeisury ctuuigYL 503 aurumcuiU. * aureU aocuiiL vie 
rvpniiti, B. FlADto et c«t«nj fAlini BBrmonifl stuirtinnbus admomius ' 
Lftinb, ; and Iju^h. thinbe he a ^rohMy ri^ht, a» Lact. himsplf t 6 
uoea tlie uuic cuikitnLL-tii:iiL 570 /txr'd B corT> for ^li. iupu Nic. Ni 
LMrb^ as I ttow thiclc vithout vuMcient rvttMn sepftntA Jiofufu 
frftno /^* 577 voeiM: see o. to 1 744yWi9W. r<«M Ijkeli- vulg. 5 
•p«C ipffiff I Vdt Ver, Ven. : hcEioe Aid- I Jimt ttiI^. brforo W 
wnia^j. 579 ^jcta re/frri Lncb- for dia^ rr/ern. tOcta tt/erre J 
vqlg. iWrt rr/frr* It^nl!. 557 ra?rtminn NJe. Nim. Flor. 31 Caiab. 
for tiiiamifia. ivi/ioinina Ueios. in ma. not^ Is- Vose. in ms. n 
Wfck. 690 Cff'^rii FUr 31 Canib. tar FeUrt. 594 Mim(> auf/iWoru;* 
fjinir THirnrlnnttn Ijti-h- aAf-i' BirHtl. : thU IK now ttiif tliini liuie he liu 
intrwlticod into hia teit the form mifodtim, U'hioh in not ouoo found id 
the niaa. of Lucr,: whenoo got the acribea bupK a Jifltrod oftho wonl! 

698 vidKtaua- lUri licriw* Lacb. ; bat CifU^nfttitifn dat/sit jvrii/vj irJ- 
iUm^is^ C. pL f- Jifri v. nnii U noit the fumo thing at all at; Cofi/^j^'idm 

601 uAi 'ina B rorr. liAiub. mrut truly for **i^ina. t/ht nam Nic« Nice 
etc vhi tarn AM. 1 JuiiL 605 DUatUuU B: we PluiLt. milea STi* <mU. 
Ritai?h1 ftnd Fleekeigcn, HKein. mLi4. d. f. vni p. 4^)^ Conucii i p. 31 
DuaUaii A vul^, X,floh. eoa/ffrt^tfn^ Ed. for /(w^iii, trunppofiuiiSj « 
letter, /rritiiU Lucti, i.e. voces, /ottri'ti AtiL I JutiL viJg. fu/«u 
Bern. UO Stifprm ultra Beni, for .S'<n^ svjtra. Snrprm intra Ij». 
i^a ^'Hprn Aid. 1 JuQt, vulg. 812 di/mi>min added by tich- tw^m 
iHor. 31 Camb. vulg- 

615 ^ce JlidL BeiitL Lacb. rightly for IIvc^ rpj^i qiiut uf JudL AI 
I^t-h. snjA K ncit np^esKary. Iftiec quU Avrdc I^mh, t'l-HM^b elf- witii- 
ont B«tt9e. 616 plu^ opp^ra^vt Laeh. for jilu* opere : bctUr ihau j^tit operOf- 
fiM or j>^iiJ o/jrmt or >y/ui*yi*Ti o/wrai of olbcra. 619 oc/icrari* toeph. b* 
aiecarr'pte. cti^pU Avbhp, in AU. 1 I-iLfnb etc. : but at eiul ni' his Odtnlllll 
Avntif. recalts tiiLUBadsftya 'af ni^forf ccepit per diflGTeain/ 621 ^jyJcM. 
* in Fa«m- nequc perpUxa ficqHO /fcr p^ftTfl, 9ed pcr^ara ' l^aJcb.. rigbtlj 
pBrhapo; for Lucr- elficvfUerc aiijdira perpUxa only lo the pnUiugiwi 
atonu, neror to th^ (nimtageA of tliitit^ : ye-t Virjril hu pfrjtlej^ittt itrr 
omK Teeofvnis. 6SS mti>nfiiti9 Jutit, tir^t for vtanavtiM. 634 stuifiniiik 
aitkutia Ljwb. an elpgiint, but not I lliiok iiccc^jiry, chonfiff, 627 .rfnt 
in Jiit^ fjaiiib. el^. wrongly. 031 pttiunj Flor. .^1 (."iLUib. (not Nip_ NiotI 
Vvr. Vpti, for ^mimm, 632 umUlulbm LjLch. for iotnJ"m. /lunueivm 
Aid 1 JtiTit, i^il);- 

633 f^iiriC nuai'iM et atmru Ed. for tr'dfiis Bi r«icrCT7'ii« -" eec GniaU 
Jounk- of [>b;l. I p. 41 : for tilniUM pertinpR n^/uii wilh Ijiob. rr'AfU uni'mr 
rtf/f^ Liu:b. : but «n*«/j is iiot at all ajjprtijuiate, 635 m added b 
Kotiiiu p. 'J5, und uf at cud of r«ra« rightly om- by tbt^ aaiLic. 637 


Imch. for tdii*. 638 S$$e iia qnii gerperu Ed. for £ti itaque id serpent. 
Eh aliquae v' eerpene IaoL EU tUique \U 9, Juat. L&mb. ed. 3, ^iaepe 
Henim f . ecL 1 ftud 2. 642 Ut qwbus id Lunb- cd. 2 and 3 for Id qvi- 
hua ut 648 oL ex JtmL Ltunb. ed 1 uid '2 Lacb. fon«toni variajtie 
Jigura I^ch. for «»w<arU varioTUque figura. distant vcirxantquc Jigura 
L&mb. ed. 3. 668 uf added b^ FJor 31 Gamb. qiAj. Ui lAch. for ^iJ. 
671 672 lAch. places after 662. BenuTs supponee some Tenea to have 
been loirt before them- I followed him in my small ed. but now beliere 
there is no htatua : see notes 2. 

680 VoUuriiqae Aid 1 for VoUvrique. VtMuriique Jant. 681 
permuMi I. F. Gronovjoa for proTnisia. ^pmissa v. [not A or B] 1 e, 
permiBaa ie. immiflaa, coDcitata' Is. Voas. in ms. notes. 632 I/ucU, 
DieU I^ch. withoat cauae. 6Q8 cr^aiuit^ Junt fiivt for crtatam. 69Q 
quam wjx. voei I^mb. etc perverwly. 712 rtxbidi Wak, for rapidi. 

727 brtEUtaAB, not bradea: 00 mas, of Vii^. Aen. vi 209. 730 
jisr rara Aid. 1 Junt for pffrara, 735 Omne ^enva Junt. for Omni' 
jreniu. Qmnt^^nurA Nic Nice, and aU before Junt. 736_^uti^ Aid, 1 
Junt. for flunt A^JIuutU B A com 740 anima XB, animtU Nic. Nice 
md all before Oil animalie I^mb. ed. 3 vulg. Lacb. animarUU Oi£ 
moat properly, aa Lncr. doeft not use the substantive cmimal in the 
nngnlar, except T 623, where <frrme animal is equivalent to omnia 
antmaiia : aee notes 2 ther& 741 u^' ^^i aiq^le hominis can*, vbi agui 
ami atque hominit Lach. ^^bo deniee that tbe last sylL of an iambaa ia 
tvtr elided in Lucr. 752 docui ^uonian^ qu^niam docui Lamb, ed 2 
sod 3 etc- and Lach. konemJjs^h. fnTleonutA. /con^f Aid- 1 Junt. vulg, 
755 Uitnem et cetera I^Lch. for Uontijt^ cetera: ei woa aJrcadj added by 
Aid. 1 and Juut. 1 Lamb- Creech Wak. all blunder sadly here. 761 
Btilvda vUa Bern, for Reddiia vita, and before him Is. Voss. in ma. 
tiotes ^Rdtcta viia, mallm tamen Reddita media producta ut SalmasiuB.' 

783 91 terraet cordt £d for si terram cordist. The frequency with 

vbich our nus. thoa transpose this st ia very remarkable: see lAch, to 

u 275 who cites ten inatancea: so 799, the repetition of 774, has Tantu 

rnobiliiaMt. ei terra esti ei cordi JunL 791 rtpeiunt. rejerunt Hfich. 

7B5 Cum sentimus id, et cum Ed. for Coneenttmue id eat cum: a slight 

and necessary alteration. Lamb, and Lach. in vtun declare tbe verse to be 

^t of place : the latter puts it, thus altered Quod eentimue, id eat J cet. 

before 783, where it nadly involves the construction. 798 aint Flor. 31 

Camb. forvi'n B, in A Nic. Nice, loeia Flor. 31 and Oandidua at end of 

Jnat. jbr locoa. 799 800 801 ^ 774 771 772 ; an evident glosa hera. 

lATdb. retains the ^rst and rejecta the two last; while he wrongly 

obelises the whole three in their former place, where they cannot be 

dispensed witL 802 nisi quae coniendit nisi ae contendii I^job. 

prompted he aays by 809, and Lach. i but see notes 2. 804 nm n quae 

adae ipae LacL for nisi qvA ex ae ipse, nisi sic aese ipae I^mb. 805 

Jitturum Junt. foryU/uravn. 808 ^ 804. 815 Praderquam Avanc^ for 

Pratterea quam. 818 ntm Brix. for noa. 820 vir vti B corr. Flor. 31 

Camb. for viriutL vir tunc Nic- Nice vir ium Lamb, etc 823 (826) 

broDght here by B corr. Aid I Junt. 

823 (822) avsMtia Ed for ineaae: p. 171 of the archetjpe, the termi- 
nations of the lines therefbre being towards the outer margin, ended with 



3KI« t 



^fT. ^ MBic^BMt IftfsitW lniktm«f ikls Wae, and iL^ tbP 
bott sMH^ of 82t vcffV kvt ; mwum vv thai diuig«d ui TX/Mf, yiMi 
risk rifrvA vrmniw nkm*mtAvmnt J^^^ i « ricl^^t nttcmtiviv fi 
Aid- IJubt- Gtvnoir. mfrmtv Tt^m ^tK BjHl dStiDrmrcM nV'TrryMrB 

SI Ouat. t Vmt cvfTVpAlj for «L *- |>raf M ftiaHlw <;»r«MM€ur"'-'r A ' 
tkk kw M to brtfc**- «arra|«iofP in Juul* l^mU Btc 82d .: 
poutmaa t-^A. far pMSMiK^ a* tIi^ b«^ of Larr, rFqnlnvi g*«rfBiur 
IjuIl lor m f CM ftboT^ to 823 : tli« Tiilg, r^i bu iki ftBbM»- 890 
MldodfarUclL 0AM,lJ«ntnJs. 836Mf«. MAm IaqIuuid 
bvl «i BUM giruB » good VBamtf I 1»tv ictuiud it : il nemA U> me 
cA«guit thui i1m» tKh^. 

9(3 fWM mfl LAok to fina. «f fVM Tat 5?76 BHx Am« 
Wftk. W,fiii« AU.1 Jut„iM,fMf LAttUvnoslj. 863 ML : 
betler lEtofipui^ 1 have HwJ« Uv jimb^ qui* ck>r: di« a|iodoBk of i 
mitenoe btigiiM iritJi Bu if%tmr, Lmc^^ i>iT«rt» 663 and W4. Ci>( 
ISO 3. 

877 /iff Oamb. Brijr. fi^jAA 8T8 nR-WfW Ver. T^n. for rai 
834 (^u^uioi ^VfiM Bru. for gv&t ^tMm. 86A /t/ ^woi. Jc^ 
Lamb Qil Orce«h rtc. trrm^r, «oiutor Flor 31 foT«owjfrjr0, 690, 
Aid, 1 Jaot for jirrit. 897 J«fb* if/ i«l oe BertL fcr CorpcrU of 
tliia though sDDirttliAt naoriutK I luw lukiiftad* brc*uw il Mrrfaa 
fMi that tW;vrL<l>a;intnid«<] itseir from 896, Oerporig ut CNiub-Vi 
3ST6 : also L«cb. af^r Muroius. C'«fpHt tr^t, «i LaaiK Cn«<h. 

r«a wu caDnaio iiQpelimIca uaTim. una ijw luii in-TuLemv^ alia 
dictHiuwctu ; cnoi hi l?gu n/i'j, uni solum Eit^ evuixi»ca vid^Mi^j 
clfludicct iN>mpar«tio\ W>5 ptynJtrr mft^m^, <tmiBO fioudcnt 

915 Tntiiii^i Ed. wi(b AB Nk". Nice, riUrm^f ruT^. Ijwb_ 
^ruH/ rju>h. f. T />.>«rt 929 n>n/foi Laoh. tiprt for ^on^at. e^njUh^ 
31 Lamb vmI-^- 934 /jua cA I'fwu L*K*b. 'wilij*>iit j ual niiiac : 
3, QUjU tUiAH Nic Nice, nnc, ^1 CSntohL wcirfi Brit, «>«! V( 
V«a, »jV. 1^ ^n»l-. wro^igly. 945 Eicinttir Ijiath. fbr Etu-i*\tur. 
953- [himi*li jierft^ilv <<ouiiit iir« nm^h «<>m:pt«d Lv tAmb. CtvccIi vull 
Jb, Vossiuj" &]«- note » v-.^rtL quuting, as Ilavcrt kiiU Prtigrr mUm 
flcfit, aiiil o-mpfnupntly Wufc Hiid I<fit1i. iiiUiip|>TTUfna it ; Vmumn 

-^ I^,^ ^^°''*^ ^'^ 'I';? *T«*«7ii,a *.r^. Idooj en^r ^^,^^ N.tniiim id 
^er™ Ln^djl m v^.ce ^,y.rrr*. abi pro tnjnn legitar f«i.»*«/ 959 r«rfi>t 
X>rt<;},. forparie: cou^r. 91B. iK^m> Aid, r J.iNt rnlc. Oftl m l«l KJ. 
r tfUui.- Bomp, 916 i«4 946, ^ml „p;o» i^ 957, ^„ j^^ 

3^2 ^.Avtn^^iM. ^«>-. .^>r.rft« Aid. IJuiiL fvot rfr. ; . - ■ 



ftfre ofMumJjttch. offcr«: vetlc rolarf nitwit dso do. 901 (099} wafl 

brou^Lt tUore by Aid, 1 Jiiut 092 <991) r'(/r(>,' ml* u- to 1 744 frtnjig. 

w*»* L«iL THig. 900 {005)^(^f'T AU, 1 Jurit firat roi'/</pn. 097^096] 

iurfjLii*! vrrvrAtts Lnnib. aflor Turricbub for r^il'^ttnf frrrorihtig. 1000 — 

1003 Ai-e Mi^iT^lv 992 — OSS reiraiUnl boi;ifcU£e uf 001 f999) : see iutroduc- 

liuu JkU2, 1005 7"a i}unni [jiiuh.-viiiMg]y. sfjiiiiti/ijiijii. APWJ^no prfl-itm 

Lamb ' Manill. el X"Ulg, eemina enrum' ftoy^ Uif. -Titiit. hoa rightly 

iirnvjiiiorMJTi, 1000 fie wTOTiglj ndJoil by Aid. 1 Jimt, \iilg, f*t erid : 

^b Jl J IR 1011 mvf«£rr<f Aid. 1 Jaiit^ vulg- fitr -intfntibfis. MatfiisJi I 

|Hl TritL whfll |iirfi?defl. Mtfffita eOrnim Jiint. LaTiih. wrongly, metitfis, 

^KmgttU ^i mmtitmit e M. Jjicb. atran^r-Jy, 1021 Ui tjtil A p. m. 

i^ghUy, n 5*^a*i B A cnrr. Njc. Nice Flor. 31 Cumb. nil Vnt. etc.: 

■■Hm amdi cuiLfujiJuu btfoi'e W^iik, 1022 E.H'^naTf.ttir Ijtdi. for ^'x- 

PvnmiKf. AV^f j'TT^iij/i' nilg, 1026 *(^ L«ch. far w. Juut. ^ulg. omit 

m ui 1027» niid 1023 iriaert ut ftftor (Avauc. tn-furc) Macctdntity atid rtod 

JptAtnl witb BrisL (Y) Vpr. Vtn. 1033 iptoque. qttodatit LacIl. trithcnut 

K>oo I liiiuk. 1034 Qai l^jiib. fur (.huie^ 1035 ^'£ Naiij^iT, for LX 

^BM mtfnMn/ Flor 31 Cauib. tor cr^jsn/ffl. 

1037 id it* nvtiit PI0L-. 31 Camb. Avaci& 6.t end of CfitiiUus for 
id mo/rim. bV« Lack iV^?^ Kri^ Vit. Veil. Avunc, in AW> 1, 1038 
mi^Ua fl mm Abi 1 Jimt. for ^^M^rt. 1047^1034. 1057 itiftln A 
^' Vi-w. FJor, :U fJftiub. oldeda. Junt, nwffcj B Avano. S auger. Lamb. 

i053 '"rm^t vi^mcH T-ttcli. moat *in poetically ; Cnwcb more elegantly, 
fctit wiibmii iieii'ssity, numen; «ee Ojvmb. Joutil of phi!- J p. 3.^, L«cIl 
a|^> in Ibo inxl viii'ee wronply put-n n st^p at ilhtf^. illFiet A oorr for 
tf^ A, rVi'. B, tWflt^ Nic Nice. 1 Viit. iU'i H Flor. 31 Camb. 3 Vat. 
lOM yVi^tf/it /rmrf'i Jmit (m>l Nauger) Crcecb. 1061 <ivfs Lacb. for 
ABict: iii»*t j^iatly, uule™ yon read ^m^w. 1065 fon/ff/iim. cofte^rttm 
'3<Bt for cani^fttii.. cfymtesluni Avuqc. rtt end of Ufttullus. 
L 1061 a^jf^ifurU A Nic Nice. Fbr, yi Camb, all Vat rigbtJy. tufjl- 
^kf B JudL I-Amb, etc, 1063 if/nec ffertntna Lot'li. after a friend of 
^bnb. tor Utiw CfTmittff (1) A ji. m. t/M ffcrmiaa B. itla h/wc ^rmiun A 
^k. Kiv. Nioc etc.: s^ 1059. 1085 js/nnat Nio. Nice for Jj-f^jtat. 
^BH cvim fjH-'fsn. Tuiii VA. lur t'^ri^^^ ytcrf^rr. Tcjt;!, mi'mi quo inag^ 
^hh- r«i*/J' ^«/j />'iiWit Ald-1 Jnnr. ^f^vTi^+mi Ijimli, etc wbich iu 
!■ - ' .Lio. 109S mpt^4t iiiL fur^'ap^'vf, ro/F/n ej^ Vat. Iiif76^ Cutididua 
>>f Juut. Wnk- TWff/^j'i d7>M j'apt'it Ladi' ntfa-tfJii j/m ftd-ant or 
^hi£aiU BpulL 109S mt^mhi-i/i ttirt^iiero AvAtic. fur rwjyF^'n' nthnju^tE or 
^H^^iTif ffVt^utf-rd. 1115 o^jj/ff/u Lanxb- fof c^izi'fda, 1118 f/m'tf Lucli. 

^■1121 vifis. rir«tf Juitt- first fbr ^ttie. 1123 Baiyhnica Pius in 
^Hoi for Mabpionui. rtitfiinojiitj Junt. vtilg, before I.ju^h. 1134 Tfifit- 
^H JmL firet for \n/jillonj^. vai^lai\t Avanc 1125 i/iiir? /erito Ed. for 
^Hpicnla: soe CAir>b. Jourrt. of phil, tv p, 2%1 \ tbe redding iji of courve 
^Hl" anocrf^n : indeed tiii'ju^dn may have come from L^tig^i^nt of 1124 
Bpihfcyp cjcpwllf^ d totally different worJ- Arffentum Lnch. 1120/ttnf 
Aid. 1 Junl. irOT Jlunt. 1130 aff^us olidentiet fAiaque tiiCa 
ii# OMifi^ LacL Terr inger^jijuely ; but yet alxtle'ntiii ia aot er«Q a 
Oreelc wTird- ac Afefitfmia Cfo/jue Iamb, sftor ^ Adri>nuftT^< 



biia, Ben potiae Gul. Pelliaaerlajs Epiac. Monteperaul'. da: to Cb 
iiftt, deor. I 118 I'Tcdictia Cir« Tjctiiriiis : chi^tU orckivt maa 1131 i 
A corr. Nic. Nice for lu-i-dL /t/cAiii Ijieh, : but eoo ootoa 1 ; anil v 
from wLicli it aj>piJiT'* tLut Lucfh wmto l^t:Mfil or luchiiU or fu:Aini. 

1141 mn/<i /j-ici? Flor 31 Carnb. 2 Vat. for nvilr luvit^. 1145 ij 
(Tfu Aid 1, j/^: Ju&t. for iniifpiiftri^i : no lil 553 /irujnnttir moL 
Jiff*/i£«j'. 11&2 -lr*f Lach- for Ut, Tunt Naiij^cr, vulg. *ri qv^in | 
Lacli. fi>r qtuvrn pTi\fpelin A Nk"^ Kicc FIoi; 51 Camb. ^iiir;! jnvri 
g^UitfH prrcti-pU Ijkmh, 1156 \h-f.icii6 CuniU fiir ilnlvrttji. 116& At tun 
Etil-u. for -Jf mflii'ia; thia I Ljttl iiir^ll' aeeo many yours ogu on c 
piu'iug Ovid ars ii 661, wJacre Ue ia iiQitating Lliu*. ^£ Jm 
Aviuic Lach. ,-1/ ^ej^ifl'i fjiitib. vulg. 1174 (ttrpi Naiiger righlljf 
UifpiiL 1176 /trfif;<T Flor, 31 Oiimb, for font/L 1180 iii/n arwn 
itin\ admisaupt LamU. W ta^i iuia^Uiti. vim rtrnmvr^i Luc^h. utryt 
Beru. iii7i( «f^if/LiMUn( Aid, 1 Jiiiit. irr'iWt^ Aid. 1 Jutit Lamlx 
' Uentl- 11S2 cwltit UrnxU. li.i- twfcC. 1183 Srnfiitt/M AlA 1 Junt 
StuUitia^ 1183 po^s^ig Juiit- fur /fO*«e*. 1189 T/j^iiiVcr? rwi/*, tn 
JuTtt ^uffritf Cau'lilue at eud of Junt ajiqitirere niimt l4WrQb. Qti 
ttc 1191 ef nJiJiid by LilcL PTneiennitfet ie JunL I^Dib elc 

11G8 jw*K/j^ T^ch- read* poM^int, mnl retVvs y/joi'i iUorutn »ubt 
U)o mole. 1200 ^iUi^jUum Aid, 1 Juat. f'lr aiUUntunt. ratraciai Ja 
cJ- 2 uiid 3 iirat fur rc/ructonj. 1201 etlctnv oiH- Nia Nifc Flor 
Camb. 2 ViLt. Bris. Ver. Vi;ii. iiie/id J Viit. lUos 2 Vut, 1202 f^il 
Aid. 1 Jrnit fimt for tiinci'ii. 1203 quarn Ijich, for CHJrt. ji/m J 
Ijuub, cd- 1 and 3. n4>rt ^(^71^ J^mU od. 3 Cret^ok 1204 (1210) 
brou^Lb \\^i-'i by Laiub. 1207 (1206) iacort IdituK aqU uU>vo 1146 

1210 ^IZOQ) i^ltn victt Selttiojiiue for vi m^lcil .- \ certiua c«rrec 
wLicli Wiik, mid Luch, justly *wlupt: tbo older readings are not 
nieuliuEkiiig; li^biub. in vuiu Irifi^ Ut vxbrlcut^ himself: it a]r|reArs : 
5i}(i in^fUitiCes tXixX. in our andi^tjpe, a^ in other tnwt. written in sn 
d^pitidtt, ^ nnd t wci'o ollt-n i]Dd]^trngiii5ha.blo. 1220 ftiulfa ffiaiit 
ed- 2 4'vud 3 fur ninhlmodii ; nud. Although the Jujiti hita m^Uitriwih 
the t«3[% it vi>uld a[j[itiMr fi-o:u hU iif>te at Uio end, tbo-t Cnnd 
itttptidcd to print tiiutta modli. 1222 ab Lacb- for a. 1225 
<1227 1228) J liaTG trunfifL^rrod hiUier, thfj ueii^o rcqiiirini: tLe ch 
1227 t^^ iiJdcd by Flor 31 JiiJ;L u, Aviuic ViOtjU. Tntnus l4jnb. 
biwiyl by all before IjioIi- 1230 guofhnatfiie Flor- 31 Cjimb. Ver, 
fur ^iw(-u^'j<^if«. 1234 ^joffT a ffmUU Biix^f AlcL 1 JimL for pn 

1243 i?rf/iC A]d 1 Jimt. for [Xi?<f4^. 1244 hia Liu^b, for /ju^ ] 
pojit runl Ljimb, first for poswiint: thrtiigb Liior, |irobati!y n-rota 
tunf: OoDip. 1186 /<0jr:f<&nii(. 1259 tyttsfajti ^. for t'rasBit^fuc; oi 
'■Jhr& ContenifttU dota not sei^oi Latiu auy oiurc tliaD ITI 868 ii(j}'f.jTcJit 
ttiid 7J«v is (|Uti« sin-iirfluous. ct'in^'sniniU AUl 1 Jiint. for fwfltrr* 
1261 a/i^ Vtr, Ven. for afVf, 1263 A'ce Aid. I Junt. for Xc 
Comb. 1270 r^f-udcii IJ. rdritchi A i^i^d idJ oth^r mt^s. and 
befbro LucL. 1281 modU JunL tii'sl for worU. 1282 £c ircfii/u fi 
for At'cuni. rtecHin noa Ijich. vtr *eeuv> Flor. 31 GsmU mlg, 'iij 



2 tnawtaii huquo ropertis lAmU for Tnaiottati^ atqfit ffpertia.-^ he 

irv LiiiiiU, 12 hfiivU Nil?. Nilx. ftir pucftm't 29 folL Aid. I Jutifu 
ind all sDc^iMieilLUg pds. invert 30 und 31; I ti-iLiiA|>o5<^ 29 ami 30 : Agjtiii 
Aid. \ Jaiit. «»l aJI Ueforc Liioh. inaeil Letwe^in rtoirj and Si^mphitfft 
|Ik» wifrJa u/iOMf/(irf itV/rf/[i/<iff UnyuUiiut Arcndiv-e vi^iicra^ iM^h. 
Vfolilv i'4'nih ff NfAir for nof>iB. T Iihvq rto doribt n vi?i^4> hnfl fallen out 
b«foro 29 (30), beginning with (ffuidr ^nph for iiiPt(iT>oj> 08 thii ^HJii 
Wr^rca pcHft't ft^f-ttt'to ini-ift ttfjyna. 31 T/tmcit Ed, i'ur 77*Tnatt 
TlLnvarn Ijkdi. ?*Arm'^» AlJ. 1 Juiit.: see Cimib. Jourc uf pblL i. 
p- 44. 34 sfirp^m NimgeJ', {st'tp^m Junt) for Kiirjvs, 35 ^^^firj/dwrn 
QtC (,lf/onfaf(i7n L&mL and Tameb. first] for -J f f ^fTieu ?^. Oa^i^ium 
fnptrr Nie, Nice, straugely, tlioiigli be haa Icen fjlUweJ hr msn/, 
fdn^rfpi* l^Ufk for pfJat^O/nn. ^evt^ra. Aoiioni Nic, Niuc. (iirjt Fli^r, 
31 or Cftmli,) Krii. Ver- VtiJi- Aid. 1 Junt. Naiiger Lafk : but to mo 
it iH-mB mucii weaker tEiiiii scvra. 38 .^'t:^ Lficij. liti Ntc;. Nice, for S/rtt 
44 frrr/i^ Loch. f(.T san(. (imij I/imb. Qif. ed- I- LcunU ed^ reumrks 
thnri,. Itvnni ZmiIua . .si^t^rinus i?at IncttiiA &l di^Jmitluita, t^imqiiAm in- 
im in aliia Ulirla re|)ertuiiL et uod & me tiiueULhitum^ : Ui£ tbea oii 
fj^rirH^t ^Jil, and B*ra *3ic in;ri(iai, ino-Vn *'«nj'» MftrulL ct tuI^- 
6iRc^- now yfhen Liiiub. li&d ao [Hjintt'dlT^ drawn atteDtlon to it* Gif. 
Owt Jii*vo bwtn a mont impudent bar, if be ditl not find litnc in 
Uarulluii' miL aot^: Juut, rctulH jiuti^. 51 nunvftv dixom, <Iivvm 
hoAiiMtiiua. 53 Intntitfttillhtis Flor. 31, /7j;'»<»'Wif'Ex# B OamU 
vu>rUtIihtig A Nic Nice. etc. : cnniiv Lit 775, dn Lamb, for t 
61 ii\tvltirni4 Jniit. for Vwco/^n**-^* A, vineultifii est B, fncofwrn^ 
CuaU 71 <^0'?c. Quoipt*t NLHiiaSi isontmry to tbc use of Lucr, 114 
yic NioL*. Vcr, VeiL licUigi'jitG AB in tkis place ouly, Fli>r, 
Caiub. 116 li^nflr* Jniit for mmr«- 117 p'jr Jm»L for par^: 
681. 122 tf numluff dietint F\i>r, 31 Cuoib. Bris. f"r iiiimi>r- 
llfpit aiuniih.iteiU Nifl, Nice. Vtr. Yen. 133 ItrnyUcr. lortgins 
Lt HfP in 7n:i. 134 L1L-- aci: iii 790 AdL 

152 yu^i JuTit. lir^t fur yi^otf jf. 154 pro eorp<tr« Lflmb. for A 
ffftudtff ffi corfiti Jearitm Lncb. ii violtiit cbange, aa foui' woriT* 
iaJU'icd. Icititrs rtit rorfiiira ciritnt Ed> in sniall ed. 163 lUia vl ej* 
4iK Ij*inlj, drewb *?t<.\ tiujHt jjratHiUin.sly. 363 sunij/ia. nu/aTfiam 
iK etc. 170 171 (175 176) eighth' brought bifre ly I^ioli, Lamb, 
fvi t}it-iti before 176 (174). 170 At Lnch. for An: a noci^eaary changn, 
IS2 JtcU homtnuiit. unde cti Ed. for htift'iiutit divift UJu/e rai. ftorninititk 
Jtf itnd^ tii Wii^- I^iu'b- eat mil. Aid L Jiint. Lunib, ot<i. JtuuruM 
dWr NrtL >'i^. Vor. Vftli- 185 am; Bnx. for w, 186 ^puifimftt Tims 
h &f4«3 for fl;v^><M. 187 rimhn moftU Lunib. ed, 1 ftiid 2 riebtly for 
■tfriJMfl'fM ; bitt eJ. ^ fl^^D iHfdliriLttdisi BL^ 422, 191 ;?044;rrH£ for ;»tf- 
Ntf I^idi. riglktlj-. na 426, 103 ?ij^'t^*m FW. 31 for mnew^itv, 

195 €i added by Aid, I Jnnt 201 ^i/i/^ j^artJim EU. for avi^fi?^ 
pMrm. 0ru/« Bern, aliifunn^ LikJi. ' Miuull, i^j-<jr» p«aaime ' Ojf. : but 


xom I 

Jitiit* ts Aid- 1 liu atidofTi. 237 rfffW tmntirt I^etAnL bad Nii?. Nii?ir. 
fi^r n r4 jraW'^'fi th^t curtoii^;r freqa^mt bJnadcr of AB : ate it. 7Si 
239 tiodem oatjiis Qit rij^hd; ttr Aufrr^i omiru, iLbil bi-fcitv liiiu the Pi 
C(L of PioA, foCfi 0«^» Dinili, 341 ntitivo fti' vwrtit/il'tu LiicL. 

tt iH^rioi^ynj' Avbuc m b»t«fl Ktujtl of W Cabnlliw, Mid tiilg, 346 >« 
IWbtL for idfm. 

34S Jl/e miJki B mnsL HgLUv- Ifrmini X- Jfrinmi vulg. r hen* 
IaidIx (HI 'irrr/'dMMr for CFyfTipuiHc iQ 347, WmIl tiot famng the w| 
eiBUi, tiodfl fftuh ^illi previmifl miiunii* luui reads r^/rripaum WhI .1/^wni 
351 ii<>^ j^/^i Nkv Nkv, Cnuib Yer. Vi<li. for tton utla. 2^7 <Jk 
I^niU od. t aud IJ for filii righilv ; td. 3 k« r^UiccB aii^ 258 Ji^tUUtLr, 
^oiiilur JmuL l^iuL, Tulgo bcfuiv Wok, 

282 r^r'ii^' B corr. Hor. 31 Cauib. fur rrycnfi 291 fff Aid. 1 Junt 
for fV, 395 iyrfiini E*i- fcr fyfiini. fyr/kni A fwrr, Nic Niof. Mncn^b. 
LqCT. sccTn.'i to b&rd kni^hn ouj^ the trisyllabic tbrm. wbothor he wroU 
/yc4ini or Inchitti or /irAini; or even one of tie eliil olJpr forms /e*cm 
or firi'ni, RiLtclil in Rhem. Miuk tl £ i. |i. 44T' — 451 shi^vra tliAt %m 
mtm. 328 wrote ludjioritm lumina Itu aex; Lu.ilius tttfiiwttpi^ or ^ 
TMWftK: so dracu,ji¥^ WiM (^ta)* f<n/bi (rt;^), ctlcrnu or ChmIII 
(fiJicvtK), aiiil oUier like rormn ull uriiuiig frvm tlie didike of the di' 
LatiCa to certuin eotiihiniitioii!^ of oonioD:iJit& : eoin]), Aesc^ittiftivia A\ 
ffWTH* HtyWfUs &Dd loaDj such Iik^. Lucr. or his ^diti>[- mnv lui^-e «tiI 
tea y, >s it vu iatroduoed for Greek wonb just befuit; htn dt^Mih 
atpirftted M «»S in comtnon uiw some 10 rears curlier, as mt»chl pro' 
366 califfine, /ul^gine BeniL jivd Wuk. from a chr^ r uiUmiJargtAndii 
of Lucr, 297 prvperanf AM, I Juiil. for ;>nj/C(-rir*^ 301 it^pri 
Mailrig mid t«cli- for ceftri cfUmiftr. toUmiur 'Sic Nice Ver. Vi 
vulg. 303 pukinj/umjJ Lacb. for fitUandum : s«« i 111. 

313 *l^i»7?<4 propom> aoiiditiitqtie stiu'^^ra /errvm EA. for C^iuvnr* 
pro/OTTO ^t^iVum^iM jCTiflg-Ta crtdaa: si-v Camh. Juuirt. Lif |»1ijL i p. 373 
and IV p, 1+3. jfflft^itfftnd sf^liduritfjup are ♦iriipk^ cnoiigli (VsrrectioiiA 
endat lu thia* the 12th liue from the tnJ of ^x 2ff4 of the arehctY]>1^, hai 
como from cr&JU, in the ISth line &oiu the end oF p iSO^'j, iitid Jla^ »n^ 
pUntml Lin.*retiHs* wordyrrrurrt. All oldi:r <M>rreciinns rf ihi^ verso are 
«trangelj improbable: ^uo* /bir proporr'^ t^dtuntpi* jcHWiwr* ctsuUj 
Lacb. i'ederc proporro fubiio^te astt^^f^tre cttau Junt. IvAmk ^- 1 »ud 3 
Crcvclt. Jjuikb, cd. 3 obcli«ea ibid nad udda the ui& vejfo. I& Yora. (not 
Abr. P™iger) in ra?- not« biu C*"^fl ru^rr jm^porm itt ettn/pte Mq^ff^n 
credtu. Wujir^ proporro tiifi cunifitff 4ene^&^^ creriag^ Boi-n. Gif, And 
Wok. 6iia no dif^cultj in the mn. reAding. 318 om/tcm Juat. for f^f/jfir; 
319 ei om. Nic. Nice- mid nil later naa^ : heuce uucb coafi^Hion tii trdv 
b^i>ro Lflch. Havercftinp Uot deigouit; to reo.*rd that AB b-Jtii hud ti. 
Or/ine . , f^rr'Bi A\-M)C~ tcrntttt^ 'fiiod JuaU vulg- 331 S'tfurfifit rnwuJi 
Aid. 1. SiAfitra ett Jmit f^T A^EJu^t muHtii-et: [biti L^-iriiuion Miindt^r ff 
tnir niiuis Wuk. here kevp^, 339 periit^e Fhir, 31 for;*<jTJSA 342 itJ^xin 
oppidu Flor, 3L Carub. for al Dj^ftuin. ac Nic Nice- 2 VaL Hiix. Vur. 
TOO. Wuk. 319 iedttt* Pinji in n^te?, L&oih. fur iJert\ which Lac^. 
1ioo|b: oea II 093. lAch. v^a thi> £nt to jola inXtfr um w: 



3Sa fit lAch, first for tU, 367 tiOarU^ Aid. 1 Jnat. fur coper'A^ 3GS 
iernivt. ^/vru«r4 Liuub- ^c. 3S2 4?fr//i»A(ut« <j/fij FJoi'> 3L CiLmli, fuf 
■Tfitmint fJu, 3$0 u^iratjuA vJlrtf^ne Flor. 31 Cuinb, vn\g* 303 iti^ 
»insi^nrd by I^koh, Ijefore, liy Kit"- Nice. Fl*ir. 31 Cuirib *nlg. after tie 
Nk* 31#8 fUfMritl (furf.) *f /«j^fiort« I^msh. fi-r #uj*#«ii'i/ el umbtnM. 
UnUnt B curr : iiivr hti^i »/jf^j4# any exi^Uai^;, wliL-Llier jts ]inrLii^ of 
umbi^lif ft atitb'vK 39G (r<'H Kiiir. nil U;tiuL. fur cum, 405 (intimn Flur. 
31 t';4nil>. fiir tfttUum, jf/itUiM (^ut^im) Ver Vpn. 40G 410 Jjirh, Uy 

A ji^nniiK i\2 ur^ia (utbci^) JwnU f<»r Ufi'/iV- Fl^^r- 3J Oiimli. Ver. 
Veil, rtii k«ii|) unUU, ttuii fji' himiruuM miittiui vend h'luiifttim midUn^ 

418 0"<"< ij'fitt4 LhcIi- f<»i" Ortnii'jffnm. Omi'ifjemi^ A oi^rr viilg, 
13fi c'jHvaf*t Lu^L for ^(/'if«'i,Ja. ?', fT, i/U'j': u^j ctmveHere Luiiili. od, l- 

kc '/tfftJ' ^U ofiti-viKm rtL S jvud 3, foilaivi^d hy Crunch, etc. 430 
PIdi-. 3 1 CuuiL iiU'jluuHL sa*^. xtiip^, ta ii 1032, LhuL. \vU(ioub 

I 432 ^jrjM, fJflry MaqfoK 433 Altico/arifi Aynai\ and MacT^>b, sat, VI 
m&^r Al4t wliOiB. M£<i cvIiiiUtJuhL 437-'442 (440— 445) are tbxia 

^Hkty of thi« eluuije U mnnifest, tliuugh Macrvib, I- L ^vkftutiy nrod. 
lliMn tu tlio oidrr iu vsh^di thi^y JA{']~ifar in mir iusb. Seg whjit I tay <'Q 
ilua and -liuiilar p<>iul^ \i. 22. 437 (440) Oiuite geiiu^ tie IjicIl. ob 
Wfirr, f'*r O/tini'jfnuj e B, (hM'tujeniii c A Sic. NiiJC. vulg. 446 «^*«nt 
WyaujfH M^ior, 447 tija'ir'f {hnpior^) Mftcrob- B cotr. Vat 327ti JimL 
Atfttwrjuc Nic, Nice F]t*r, 31 Caiub. 4 Vivt. Biix. Vor. Voa, 

9 T^niftr. Si^ni/&r Ter Ten. AUl. 1 J'lot. LamK etc. oti no ma. 
y, th'.tiigh L^uib, fuI^L'ly eays nil m[i& tiava it. 460 463 vidcmns 
a/U'/it^. vkUidtAF ., Etuditrt La^h.: n dmu^ whkh ouly iia- 
Ihe Ijtsiuty nf Ib^ fhisi^u^o. 463 ^f^riA Lach. for tofpnU: ga^pniC 
t from 470. 471 ^MJiifc 'fi*Ln*^rt el Y ' (i.e. our Aj »ay» Hav4?r- 
Tbia is qiLitc tubot tlioiigJi tu bud A and I) litfui-ti him, \ik haa 
^ki-1] Ilk t^py out tbu> iirt weh hji Hivfrn fuurtl^ iif bi:i ffurllileiid vuiiuja 
I'l^iQ tlie boi:jk8oL1(-r Toikuou'ri Likutlon ed. of 1712. whioh givc4 
.^^^L /LiuA iHum uiH. cudioum Vi>iwii jl B^* Viro R" CanDoii S> T. F, 
fceAM*: llu4 ooiliitor aay* 'a&;iiU, »V. V. 1.' lUverc> i3>piea even tha 
■DiQU and th« A iutu UU od. Thi^ ih Lut itne uf a lb<iu»utid Jn^iUiioed 
•f bu unpriudplod alotli. 472 476 I ntenitraqae Lach, lU b«fcra ti>r 
/Mcr nJr'M^Tift 174/MuT"ii»4i- f'tcrint Avaijc, uiiJ Btrflngi? to Hiy Lniub- 
rti> ajtdc it tbe vul^. before Lacli, 432 ttih't ^'iffiultt A cnn". Liirab. 
iv Aofjid ^Wfi. jff^t^o gtify}d'i Nie. Nii.c Flor 31 Camb. vie Wiik. 
■ft AatrcduA dc/ (itHiiAii in artiiin EA. fur extrerna rxd limina parfa/n; tliu 
^■^ nrcl'^^"^ ^ vt'itt uEn twice, and to llll ii|i t-bi: vcr7H> wrole partem 
^^Bi^ e^riUFta u ^m^iiEt' ^ar£« Liu^h. who c>)Qutk:t8 tbi-'i vcne wlili 
^^^^^& t^rrni/i ad ti.Mina itpif}-tnm Ijitiih. r. a. I. taptim Iti^iitL 
^^^^B raf/ii Nic- Nice. Cikml>, iujninn Nic Nico, FJot, '3\ UunU 
^ 4^1 i>tf»ii<i^n^<i Liitjb, LckIi. fi>j- Dzae<tbint. iiuA r^bllyt an our moa. 
H^ i>Ui4?r |*1jl<1(ii ulkIci' it of the 2nd citnjngutEoa : I4?e Wjli^i. tn Yirg. 
^^fe I 74& S03 Co'iiniifCdf N^ngor £i^t for CQ^miscL ftae^- ftU 
^BL And l^c1i> wbicb i do not iJiink at o^ accoasory. fi07 J'onto«t 



JAura lich. for/wftto r/wjr*, /*^t/[ /'wre Lamb. &! 3. fii'tfum vwirv el, 
I Aad S- 513---51G Ijiek quile [jiL^p[>r@IioDd-^ anti eadly nLutiital«* Ihia 
pnAM^e : 513 lie reA^la Jcorvtint for ^o'Um, 5L5 Z^in« for Aai; anO pUeet 
514 afbtr 516 : uot one uf tbeae dionges but miLni ibe seD»c, 51$ ^•4 
-J*^ Nangcp- nil^- wrongly. i^«t Nnuger. riglitly for yr/w. 518 fw-riiin 
Flor 31 Vor, VcD. for /ficia- 521 immoTxia Creech in uotoi fur t^i^ 
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of Catullus, LjiEiib, 524 f/nfw. rttCTi^u Lw-li, 530 i/ni/w B corr, AI<i 1 
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Fabei- in biH emi^nd. for $«jm. ajiitui l^aolL fora/jtmcui.^ aii 5G3- 563 Cn 
iiifiotrcn Flor. 31 Cumb. for C'oniuTi^ar 

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bi^ ao uiftiiy fjuittiplea. 568 jV'iJ iJ/o ftis iiilervidliit Bern, for TtAif «« 
inUrrfUfit. KU pit (n ft« "i(. Ijncb. /Wn f/WJ »n/sn*/tf/ji niV-i/ IjiiJilx 
NHq^te niei ex int. Flor, 31 Cwub. 3 Vat. liiitrTit JunL for /lArcJfit 
finwjji Iamb, td. laud 2, ^Vcnipd. 3. S70 (573) bruugbtbei-eby Aid, 1 
Jnnt. 571 {57Q)foe'i innJeciit Ijicb, for fot^ijtrjijcut. locit tingunt tAmL 
572 (571) /VtfTnyim Lutob. ed, 2 iu not*^ and ed 3 after Tnnn?buB fr>r 
Hnm^ae. 674 = 671 {670). 681 mimdJilaTn B^nti. ^^^i ta-i /tfttni. mw^' 
rnujn. Jilam Niu. Nicu, 'viiig. 584 QKaiUagua ffnttit(\iil huiG EiebMiil 
for Quanta ^^loqite ipumtaM ftinc, flod in Uie repetition 596 Quan 
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Quanta Jutee fiimqiu ft'nf, tar\ta hinc Lunb. 536 if/ne^ ndded by A1 
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Jl<Amntav Lrwb- who eays tbnt r^^jf^ in an unsaoama^ I'epvtition i but um 
Jilt rvp^tiUoaa nrti very uoiniuott in Lui:r. 587 at iidded by Flor. 
Oamb. etc 588 vi'te/iir A N'ic, Nb'c Flor, 31 Comb, etc- and Livmb, 
1, ft^oTi/vr B Lftiiib. od. S oud 3^ pcrhafiB rigUtly, 589 tiWisf Lac 
foralwt'. A neceuAry cLiinge. crcn Ivngiui nbsiiti Lunb. 690 591 (5 
^'^^) tint biDugbt bere by Aid. I Jiint 596 = 584. 

598 Jtim«». ^fiiitnen Avan<?, lAmb, etc- witbout any authority, & 
Tuta AB. qua Nic Nice. Flor. 31 (Lach. lain error) Camb-ull VLtt. 
Vbt, Tod. AIlL 1 Juut. 7»o Lamb. qIc- vajjorie Lamb- fin»t for vop^ 




tnJff« A coiT. Ni^!. Nice. 2 Viit. Ver. Ten, AccmnH Flor. 31 Cumb. S 
Tal BriiL AvLLCic. Nuugor, At^pare Jvmt Lauib.: eto u 1035- 610 tt. 
e LocL frbo ^-ill never tolemtc ft fur etiarft. 613 JcfA^j^r uf fi:cri^rr'f£ 
Jlor 31 3 VflL Jtint. rightly fur Aati/cri urmUmfL B, ut'tiUur A Nit. 
Kina ;iM(//(!rufH ui Utntum Avati*;, Lamh, elf- ^iofEj/prum fa;i/uni 
Jf HI f-cr. 

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timpUj: ntd recta Flor. 31 Oamb. 3 VbL d^ rr^etit. rf rfrf« cUktrn, *i>;i- 
pUx rtHiit'i Luch. redufa Bcrm 617 CitT\cri s^ ut Ljich. for (.'antf^TTs 
u£. 633 ffenirn Lur:h. for ftfarn. G48 */^n t'lor. 31 Cumb- ftir iV/a, 661 
wJ lUtimti CflUib. Vat, llSC aii4 ll*?-! Otliob, iW m/itd iww ^v^L aol 
atim-a VloT. 31 Alil I Jitnt^ etc pDllti&n in marg. Flor S9 fau both 
vUima and extima^ 

656 Mafiita AIcL I Jutil. fc^r maturity CE37 /jod^unf Lacfi. for/jf^mi'e. 
pOKTini Tulg, coDlrary l« tbe uuvarying uaage of Lucr. G7S F^Ur/titia 
AlrL 1 JunL first Cot Fftimitia. 679 Cf»f ^it^ iTUOT^rfutm r0c/rrT^IJ< Liir^b. 
for Co/ff^uifie quOf^Ut> iitm rei-unt: a brJIIoiit omi^ndittioD. Cojisofjiian 2 
T4U Ver, V«n. CVfist^it^ Rci^ura csi iaw rcrui^ PJar, 31 Ciimb, 3 YpL 

089—^93 : Liioh, bus quite rauscloasly nlt^^red tbia in man^ 
fantfl : 690 for mrlaa bo rondd mrrfrt^^^, G02 rmJ 693 be iDV^rts, 693 for 
|6figuo bo rciiilft iihfUjui, jiatiiiig it with or!*u ; lie will not HvrpcttSy 
^^vnrv in ii|iji(ifiitii>ii .any mori' tlmu 524 rNrn^Of, jiaHetiUin ; or vt 1141 
^Bbntf, ortut, and 1260 /tfrif^r^z^r eoneein'tMS; tbough &ucblik« t^on- 
iCniftioas arc coiautoa in Liior, and iu Cicero iu bi& Arati;a ivbi^h Luc;-. 
oftcD iuiitutes. 693 cc/it/ut/ii IjicL fur con.^u</j'(. coiitmuiil Biix^ vuli^. 
fMr It aef>ii)>4 to irit* mAmf^t that the jKjfst allud^e to G6D — 665, m^d 
ttftt fi T«ne Ih Lost &uch as this, ^/t _/<'f^une iolir noita seTnper ftifrmitt 
§ifni; probfcbly its reaemblanco to 703 wtuflcd iu omiaaion. Lcicb. 
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Mfbnfjr ooiJiJ f'v^r d^ny that tlio mm rose in n ocrLAin quarttr^ 704 
•y^ by itself bno DO mouiiiig wiu pliicod aft«!r 714 by I^Ltugorn fgllowoj 
hf all before- Laob. 

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id i*tt>i^i fjich. fot Jf'ogis tunwn. irtfigin hoe Flor. 31. tjiauia A]i}. 1 
JflQL viilg. ww"7i*; fi ^imf» Nfln^cr. 708 733 Donifjue. J^onknn^ 
Lvath wrongly In both plices. 711 iam Aid. 1 Junt. first for /urn. 
no »*l, nJhrU. nt di jtirU l-Jtdi. nftcr J. DoLisa Ql, '^lini^ ulln winsa et 
nm ormtiotiia Benli-ntLii(H|iie dotrimcLto' &iyB RIadvig *?nieiid. Liv. jj, 
1X3, 727 fiahifloiiicti Flor. 31 for B'AtflouUti. {'halJaciini Avaitc. 
^LitutiA AD. ^ C'hu^tlctijtt A corr. Nic Nice. Fl'»r. 31 Caiiik L'tc, 733 
^Kwri, abotiitf^f U r/irr. obfffAci Jurt. a/toriri Brii. Avant oAo- 
^^btf I^mb. 736 pijftfj'tf added by Luck: gbe 750: viden^ by i^lar^ 31 
^Hh rnlg. 737 khj Eeutl Wnk. Liich. for [e^iafw. 738 ttphi/rxtt 
Ik I JtiuL f(jr if^Aj/rr": tbu -vj wn^ it^isorbpd in vcniiyitu 742 /Wtrjif- 
Imfd Or*# rf «&Vta Aid, I Junt. Tor FHhietU7it& Certa nteaia. 747 f^nxiit 
A|^ f<ir K<rli&. liedtlil Flor, 31 CelhiU Tulg. crspitana Flor, 31 Vnt;. 
^^fc ^.ir cT'xiila'HJS. /taiic B rightly, ac A. ao0«af<6i^ aff/f Ifio. Niijc. 
^K 31 Camlx Yat Junt alyor LavK for afi;i. tdt^iig I«mub. 7^0 

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_n:'n" AiL 1 JuTit, f.r,^*ri. fjnf-f -Vifti-iJ 1 Vat. 753 JO^it lAUltx fimt 
VorjH-A-iy. i-^'j- a:! I J-'LT, 7ci/-'-i>i All I Junl, forpcr^ 7B8 
/"ri";-'. /"f .^ ' 1-.,:l\ 1-^/— i*l=Tci 

T76 /-*!;' : *L.> ■ I i : ' I::i. - " i .' xi'i tvitfrt^Jp Flor. 31 Ctunb. 
All I .l.:-At. N.i:^r L;...' Vi" »>— ^.li \\':it 732 TiJ^^n ti All I 
lor r-"' 't. ■' -, : .- T ■* '.■7r,-; tcI jH'Tt. Lilt. M^]vif> ia Hen* 

lidxM'u. >!<.• f,:w '.' :t. " ^ '. I- .'- i.l "' rt :ii i-r-eiultDtlT fi>r crttiuid 
f\' iiuiirtir'^. ..r-: .T; ' '■ l-i^:_,. SJJ ■ ?. -ni A^anc Id Dnt«a nt 

vt\i\ ot' Ot;i'.'.;s v;::.:, rlr-: : r : -. 505 pri.-iiftni. prtMtm Lacli, 
williour arv ::a .>*:tv. SJ^ ■- ••■ ■ AB >":.- >":lv. ri-htJy. (trrae vulg, 
MiTi' Li*h. Si>9 vjf - L-i-'i. :" r v^Me- "icMy All 1 Junt vujg. 
823 iiiiiVHjir AM I -T::.:. :\ r i.::.t. TM'ii? A corr. Sic. Nice, nil 
luior Ills*, ij ./ ,T * W.»l:,: ■ v.: I .■■, : » is :vSjiiv:ii-'iD Lucr. fl3l ma^AU 
KUir Til L\mib. t" r ■ v ;, 5«5 .1- -. --; - \\X 1 J:iul fur J«n<U9U«. 833 
i^nr'ih-if Kioh- f 'I- i-''i^ rV' he s^-'^* r-.-^z^^ii< ^' <vrr *.-*'/, vhioti may berigbt: 
oTtitiiti-r'i'cif. ,' .'''^>'.^- AM 1 Jv-v r-'j^ - idJdbT All iJuuL 83G 
i^uo-l ^u^-S "Ji -*'Y ,- :' l.soh li.c I/. ^:";-. " ■<' ^^'ju^a^ V'ftnJ iu^it W BentL 

mi»s( iiL'utily lor .i'i^:^\:^^i .i i.-:-.- r.'n^ v*ft- ufni/tifue titnimque r^ 

iYmi(/"Ni tn ijivoii I'v C*a:i.iT*hi* iit ^ui u^i Junt ami virinqu^ is in ErizL 
841 .l/(^f f N.uu'^T. vr J/'. .' S\\/ -<■':! h*m LiituK for ro/rf fc«u4, wiT 

ittii'i'} yifi^if af^i-f- Uu'li, : a i\w*t s»"k^4rJ (►lint;**, as the wish of ths 
feiitalt' h Ul>( iiiL]xir!;iiir. $51 .1/' ' ri 'I'ii iii!'u:Hf Beru- for J/u/ua fw 
iiiftiii-nf. M'ifua -;- iV uiv^i n' All 1 Juiil. r.t'.'tiut Stiuger. Lftmb, ificlU' 

659 fuMM li]i\. All L .luiii. for t-ft. SG3 t//'i^ B Avi^QC. tU 
/ti'jii A Nio. Niiv, ihuit. 865 *>^Wh.» Noniu-i Avaoc, Junt rrfm iw» 
iLiHi'. 6GS titctit'i ljiiu\\ 111 tTRiM Eo ihI. o lir^i for ^r^iffrtf- 871 nit 
All I Jtiiit. Inr /ir A. i/i R SSO /x .''.*f,M Wi/*i' i"//(»4o rUq. uf non »at 
jfir fgg^ fu'l'ss^if Kl l\n' fxtif^its lime t'fitw f:ir rif nt non tat (B, 9U A) 
jwiry ***■ jiK'titn'if: y^ir I a^Kvume wrt* wriiEc'u iu iht* niaqjiu to Uke th« 
jiIju'O iif tlio utiiiu\iiiiii&; />iir#, nn-X iliii?; l-lii imo dio toxt: so abore 117 
ji'int eHje ms*. toi- j*itr f.tiv. jk H. i. f»irtU nt yr ^uir e. p, Luch. which I 
lianlly umU'isimul. Lamk rviul^i */■**-!/ for q'l-fHiit after All I ftud 
Junt. j"iiiix«^ iHttt-nhii with whiii |»rivtili.'j', anJ t^L 3 haa llinc illinc par 
Hi til nou yjV fis^ fhifi^vit. p. il. L yirVii* q"i,t noti tupereve potinii 
Jltiiii. SS^ hfiiit'/'titfjititM Xk'. Nilv. for A iH'.quftMffnauu ttam oin- bj 
A Nil?. Nice. txxA later m<^: heuci? 'ptM At^iulv y'^i't JuQt- L^kQib. eta 
f.'iitt itt qiomiquairt Flor, ^l Cuuib. 685 f-trU\nti't Flor. 31 Ver. V«l ibr 
i'le/tntfffi. iff'tiTt.K *it(t\''i-U Alil. I Junt. l^iiih, 888;»u^ro itH Ed. forpu- 
tW/r /d/mrfAvaiic. J-aiiiU Liioli. : ^MTlia^wLiKT. nriUe/'^/^ro Ji. %Q%Occip\i 
AM. 1 Jmit- for Ofii^tL 892 nihiiiU lleiiis. iu u.4, ciotes, uad BeutL 
for rapidU: m^o iv 71^. 896 pttficiiinf Ltml.v in ii<iic:4 to el ^ and 
ciL 3, after Turnebiirt, fur prt'/icitiul. 901 r^rtj addled hy Aid- 1 JanL 
vulg. De/iiqne J'. '/^ liac]i. AitltWf Ig>i'ft others. 904 ut nna Brix* 
Avunc. for ut vtxam- iuticti Jiint> 906 fora» Nauger. for feratt. JeroM 
Junt^ Bl^pftntre Bcorr. Jant. hrpond^r^. pundere Aruac. 923 jSirf 
rta ^uoAjud Kd. for Sed ai qnofqua, Jtet tic Lamb. Sed ru Lach. 



025 At Loch. U'V Et; Acd tho ch^rige e&Gm^ neceaanry^ 934 i»jo/i>i'tfr 

Brix, Juul. fnr Muf/crt*tt-. 914 iiiii-tt Vui. 327fi Nflnpfr. for dlrm « 

ccrtiiin ciirrecLiuii, </*rt Avmii'. 047 Cftint fUtit lat/- Pur^fii/er fi^r C7r*- 

^icr^<f1 CI f*. C/*"/i«f trei'-/'jf Fli>r. 31 3 V»t, AlJ. I Jutit- IjimU ed, 1 

(Uirt ^< t'^iTc^'iif f'*'^ Lfliii^i. rd. 3 uUcr t^JiTJ, B"ttiu.i. r/"riyf im'Ucti 

rulilJAli ill iiiJiiri;, Flur, ;^1I- Vlit''t'jit'H '«/« i_-tn^li- who ^idt^cns fit Finlri;^rr; 

litil i»i llm liral )»lju.-t> rlfitirjilo ni cf'triijo iMtilft ru^t luivt^ the* »^(?iiiu^ liQ 

kmpns Ui jt. uiiU ^4-c«jiid^y ^Inri'jito W not and ojiiuoF. b^ a Ijiliu woiil, 

U \» ^^le»^^ lij Ritsdil in liir- |'i»Cni. Uonu, ft*r wiulcr uf .>4-5.>, ^f. x ; 

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priinitivJ!!, unD utic^imui novii i]eiivji[it>ire veibcjLei'att^'a liutit, . . . Miilto 

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itML XIII S, iLDd [jrr>[>oa4>4 Jkiuiself targu' oitaii but c^rtrfj' Bec^ma to ma 

pti? teualif. 648 nota ttifji eUieiUrio LacL, for n. vagU »^ u^^^liv^gl 

tr- (but Jnul.) und v^ulg. iirx'frr ro^i Beiill. 949 q^'dms ^ti\Kini 

VbL ITll*) Ktg. (■ Nic H*;iibii '). quihn* t tf^hant Ijii?h- fiTftt after 

I. o^^iAfijii NJtt Nice, t^xe'yhnni Civrab. m-i^a;*/ Kh»r- 31 vu'g. 

IknU» Liiclv I'nr kmor?. 063 (075) fiist brought to tLin i-Iuce by 

■ i>nt AraiiC *lio like Jiiiit. pWes it aftiiT RGl- 970 (Bflfl) 

'jvt/no Ed- ior suiic-s w'lvjJiriVi ■ sic rixdd ejisily fn]i out in 

. I. suihus CiLtulj, Vl-f, Vcn, vulg,; but Lult. Ubua sHiuff ib M 

977; Luc. MucUoi- Jb re mctr. ^j. 350 dtfeiiJs iteS&u*, fioiii Vuitcj 

32 An FfJuhrde an- vah'it^ dc Albut^i mjf'UM AfJicnvi. Lai'h. Jenla 

mk thU pA^sxgQ in n inobt nrbitrjty vny . he t4|iii[H 970 (969) into two 

tW>W, HDpi-ortft* the end of iOff and the bcL^iuning of tbt other to be loat 

Vtd inacrl* 9flS (975) Ixrtwei.n tliem ; ihim -S". j^ *, [tndoritpte Ifofifiui] 

U. a. «- m^ p. f- [liitfe covin tejafn abieeti\ «. in. '. & uiori^ u Leon vine big 

^.'.' thiia hia I oovor rani, or more aojjhislipal objectiona tc ihi' pre&tnt 

wit. 971 (970) Xtida tlubii,U I*nib. ed, 3 tirat for yitdaf^ant ^liicb 

\V it jniigniintlf i*«(jirr5i,niiilcing iht-av. siinpln wina of c^urth nnelothft their 

cbJc'-I Inn*ci ftud rlvnl tha fiiTned exploit of Pri nee Tort item's grmiilfiii^. 

t^ Ki'^ti'ina Flor. 3L Civmb. ate. for EUctiqus B. A'( Ucttf"^ A NiOp 

Nice. 976 ruj'ri FEor. 31 Brix, for roieit. 965 validiQu^ vaiuiitv Loolk. 

bat (Vioip. S8T hvff'ir!/'Hii sftevia in plur^ 

^S LifmUit Mut'etus I.atob. lich. fot iajmn^ik. 993 *(fO Flor. 31 
OttiV. rt'-. f"r i*i'Hy, 995 tiUtra Flor. 3 1 Ciimb. for vicerot. ttJceiw A corr, 
'I'tT Vea. 997 Donlqas In Vojns. in ma. uotca, Latb. Ibr Deni'pie. 
. JioinB. in mv notet iVfjfir^c Junt. />om>u7Ji I^simb. 10DL/^;/t^ 

Iwtf l^fit. f'-r liiiAbitnL Ittif^nt A oorr. Civmb, Ver. Vun. laatlahfint v\\\^, 
IMS //iV Lm^H, fur -\V. .?f<i Lnmb. The i-eat of tliin Turpe ia qinte caiiflc- 
1^; aitrn^bjr Juuti. UFLiJ Liiiiib. 1003 ;H>rif-&iff Aid. 1 Junt. fi>r /tdf^/jM^. 
^M«i6ul Fl^jr- 31 Camb, 1006 rightly perhaps ej@ol«il by Lucb. as apu- 
ba^; tbv g«lk. narU/ii waa unkaown to Lucr. : yet somttmiCB I tbiuk 
Lmt. may bava written Impfoba nauclcri rtUia cuth caeca I'acg&qf: tka 


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n of nauderi wftfl ftb«orb«d in nuio ; tnd then the cormpdoD vrna tiam 
1008 <^<r^al Flor. 31 Camb. for tiae^mt B, lUatU A, i^«iiml Nio. Niofl 

nu^fu nuiif efufU aoU^irCiu* spoftn Ed. in BinAll p<tjtioD fur nuf/rm' foZtiM 
fiuj i;>^, where & ktol 'a wiantlng: stiy emendation roftJft Lw f^ait* us 
Ct^rluiu hsre; but \rith aoli'Tiitupdn for xotUrtiia ipei, Vt 710 /rt*? Afl 
fijr t^'w migKt l»« coinpareil, and j't^rluiira in 19S. nu/t^^r nu^ioi »>0<M 
|Wi< ipai IatIl : tills can hardly h^ right rtufur rfrtii^ nltiji fiol^rtiwi ifM 
Junt. and Tolg, : this I now rtttidn, hj; more thxa one friond in whoM 
judgiuGEit and knowleiJgC I place much oonGdcnoc, eWWh it to vM 
T}}^hL ' ipiti iuHiL-l svntruiiaa' aayi Jjic\i. and mi I Htill think ; hat la 
now iacltQt^ to b'^Lieve it mn^ be an inAcooracr of the pih<t bimftcir^ tw 
of hla cop^uLta, TLii> um of tpM for or together with aparUt aud tbv likfl 
to denote wLat one does of hi* owd free clioicc, not forc<4l hy aiiotbefl 
wfafcU Frof Coniiiglon Jiprab« otut Vir^. ecK it 21 Hud Waj^ter i^iiA^afl 
Yi^rg, iv'iii m. kJTuatrat««, la fjiiiilliar «notigh and ia found in LucrelJufl 
as II lO'JO nafurv fti/ffur £t6«rvi oon'tnuo doviifiU pntxita ruperh^ 
Ipsa jrua per k 9p^>i\U onirua dU agere txp^s ; 1157 nilultu /rua^s rmiW 
taqne loMtft Sponia rwt pntnuni ntorOtlUrat ip9(t crearil, Ipsa dttlit JtJr'it 
fitut ii pab*dc^ U^a; iv 131 S%tni ^iciin qua« gpor,U tun giynunlttr 
ip9a, CoiM^Akur^ur in hoc ea^\ but rxnj scmw the "voH cotdd b«M- i| 
uur proflout passagu sppe&rs to me essentially dilTereut: these soon 
cjirtli, t1ioi]g}L thfiV tttoi the |ioi9i>Q inpemiettteg^ unnittingly, tonic it ~ 
as much */?tm(*, /i6#n, non coacli, as men now-a-dajs give it to olhi 
Agnia the ubsance of any word la the Ei^coad clause to ruiswer to JUi 
tbe first w very hftT^li. to wiy the least ; ami it is perha|H only h<»cnT 
^tfiti Itas so I'^iig hiul a plikce in the comiuoTi eda. that it ^ecms iDol 
iiatund than auotbc?r rewiing- But tho poet m&y have «iAjif-uriif7W 
finiiidnl tlifi notion of doiug a thing without kuovring the coUM^qui 
with that of doing it hprHiisp comiteiled hy anotJu^r to do JL 

1011 comts Fier-31 Csimb. Brix- for caasas. pdlix (pefia) Brix- V| 
Ven. for pdins. pduia Flor, 31 Uamb. 1013 CoH'4bittin Ijtt^ 
Coijnitti »tiiti. Oomfiijtitm Bom. Aid 1 Juut, vie%, iiitei'polat^ a 
Ctutaque pri\"iifu Vrn^ia i^arirmhia ffUtn Coffnitn ruint ; Bnd in truth 
vorao may Lave been lost 1016 /cfiv Flor. 31 CuniU for firri. 10] 
anticUieta A Nic. Nice. Flor ^1 Oamb. Oif amiciiiijrn B AruJ 
at end of CatulluA, JunL Lamb. avrfiiC''* Finitiini infer m. /tabti 
A coiT. Nic NicR, Fl-jr, 3 f Carab. etc, /*initini A Nia Nice- Tar, Vwvl 
hence thoa;^h Junt, riglitly reads aivnfAf, yet Nuiiger. Lemb. 4Jrcoi^ 
Wok- vuig. I>er»r4 Lacb. k«cp the ubsurd kabeTiUs. Finkiitut Bfix- AM 
1 Nang"3r. Tjunib- vnlg, hnl Finitinti B Camb. rightly, vfo^rt lAoEg 
moAt jiroporly f<>rri'>ftir«. 1023 ^r/i ni^ [nmtufiu) Junt, for omni ; acortell 
oorroctiou, yet struajj;^ t> say Nivngur, Laiub. etc. have adopted tlfl 
ifmniain of I Vat, and Aid, Ih 1025 casCc Flor. 31 for ca^t. <vrra6«4 
citati Jnnt. I^flnib. Tiilg. contrary to nsnge of Lucr. I 

1032 jivniafreitt Junt. for niowifret Flor 30 has th« mnrk of n ova 
the 4, but whether froiii the hand of Nic. Nioc. I cunld not tclL 103fl 
vri/i Oi'ix. (0 Ver. Ven- Avauc. for vis. vi . , sua Flor. 31 Juut. tit . I 
tii'tt Luu. MuL»lli?r dp re metr, p. 3^2^ perhaj*e rightly : coinp. Ji ftSG iiJ 
^^^MO(L quant Araac. Lcimh. in all 3 cds, Creech etc. : Lamb. Myfl 



liu Ui* ootea tlmt be Ijiwl oucc tJioug!it of qinml^ but m«cl] praferrod qurtit^u 
'^iioii= qufffuf. 1035 iii/e^hiK FW. 31 Jurit Naugflr. Wiik. l^\Ai. fir in- 
|/vii#iu, i7,"/>j*#iM Avanc, Lamb, ; but ifl/ra/iitf isaLucrelian word ; infill,- 
tpiH mii^ 1036 Vi^ i^uT^i nim tFuiit for Vlx tlam cttnt h, \'ix iam i^im A 
iNic- Nice rto-v Tm? ^vi]"^uc vfT/£ ciLOk Fli>r^ 31. t'u^ turn etlam cupi Atojid* 
iTir wifn mm ifmsNmi^r. Lflmb. *(L I ami 2, I'ta? rfr*/?! tfirtm mi'i pd. 3. 
Il039 porr^ Aid, 1 Jutit, fur jtroporro. 1040 piunia B, j'/^tmiB A Nfjuius 
i& >ku (V] 831 f/iiiitaruiib A, jjrri^tam/'c B}. 1048 UtilUatu at 
tL JviuL for b'i'ditof rL Aid 1 bii^ Lh44 mia print ViHifftiia fffirim^ but 
(*, (Nirreota it iit end of hia Cutulltia, Ljicli, tjtbi?-* nn natice of this 
■imilur ci:>ri'ection'S though tif ijH'n Cnttilln^ abcwa tbat he knew 
ihv calit^ou of Aiuui:- 1049 (^au£ vditt JiiCert uC tcijvi aJiUmfpJf^ riilercC, 
AtnttCL f>}lriwt'd by Ijwiib. Liich. ^tc. but rol hj Junt. c.i|- Nfliig^-r has 
<om»plt^l tL* seoae by r<?adiiig QuUi veUet, /ar^ti-t ut acii-ent auimorftui 
xidcr^ttt ; Oft Ci-inifiariii^ wluit precedes Uud fullown, it U matiifi-'dt tlmt 
vbe cuu^tnictirjo anist be tbo fJiiuo aa 183 ypji't/ i?eWefrf ^u'Brs «£ *£:i>wi(; 
jjfrt hi?, likL*! thv g(Mts thsfr*, hml &■> fcnovf wiint ha wuntfid himself; then 
fLan LCJ50 tu uijkke other? to know, acitvi in likf^y'if/jti' in II -T. I0&3 
^i<^ Hit opvH /tLck', /ac'dcit Lach, for_/tKftftf at. ftjicilea Mrque enini Y\oi\ 
il Cvob. Aid. 1 JuuL Lamb. t\l 1 jliuI 2; but ed. 3 <^f<^ /iicto ts9tl 
(pujr; Tiif^ftf fnimy^W^iu; a viulont chjingo; bill hift knank-dgc of Latin 
bagiit kitn thiit in thv old i^oiMlin^ «i and tho position of ^iflyua flnm 
ynro quite indtfeiiHibK 1058 mrtft m Dt^tl. for ParuM rta,- tLo 
8itt»cuou of re/i hu* nina*?d tho error: 1090 aliit re mns, fur alia ret. 
1062 ftfrti id riifftt Lflcb. jifi«r Gi£ iu note for licet in rrbiif. id liett « 
nbM^ Lamb, 1063 ma^na- iitmaae Lnch, without caiuir, 1004 /rs- 
Wmn4 AlJ. 1 Junt for jri-vinuttl. trfiuutti Nouiua. 106S aHo Fhir. 31 
Ouuh. vtc for 'i/io- rrdfie reHlrictn La>:h. for rabh ulTida. ratiieg diMtric- 
to Flor^ 31 C'lJJnb. '1 Vfll, rahie diittncta Ltimb, rithie dittiradn 2 Vnt, 
l^AiigCr. aii'tatdur Nnijgci% first for rftinatur. 1067 Ai LocIl for At 
vkkli tfvcu lAud). n!t(Liii£^ 1Q6S fucUiiU Nuuger- for /t^fu/if. ^i^fe^fCrf 
FI&T- 31 Ver, Ven. etc ibr potfTitea. pntimte Is. Va^s. m tnB, notea 1089 
iwn/tro9 %m,itaiiiitr. t^fj-og imit'tiitur FiLb^r in notca, tenet'oi mini4aftltir 
Iflcb. -. bill tht?y refine tocj much I think, nor do I ec9 any rcftl diffVronfie 
in vm»e li'Lvm^n imiEaniMr nud 'HiiitifiiiUiir. 1071 H^ncrfi Itriubmitur 
KouiiLS Kia, Nice, for dsierdbtta nidfudut. i.^. doserti h, ftuhanti^r, 
AB; flo VI 1241 Forrfubia at B, J'oeHibua ft A Nit-, Nice otc. for 
focnttaf. 1076 y'liffiZt* itti narihiia hanoii. for p<dulia aub rtard/ita; tM* 
ilighc chscigt' I ud[nit, but with bi'sittiUon fur ttihar ffcasonH luid ftJan cm 
aGC<raQt of thi* iipparent imitiition of Virgil georg. iii 83 Coflectumi^t^ 
JrfB^nt vohit #ui naribnj itfnein i ^ turpc tt obrtccnum loqnendi gouan * 
rally coiacis tij ui^lhiiig; Aeu, ii 730 At nan in Veuerfm tK-jnes rioc- 
tttrmii/pt^ heliti , guor. iii DrS ni'^'fnii'Iu ad proelui iVTifi^m uf, tind the 
Uko ftre quii« im ^oarufi- 1060 aafso. salnia Lamb, tacitly. 1082 pfit- 
dmf\\U Avonc. rightly for pfaeil(tfai}ti^. pracdo^tcA A corr. Nio. Nice. 
nig, lC84ueNduger. fur W. AM. 1 Juiit. omit the vord, lOBSiff/fn 
Flar 31 Aid. 1 Junt. for AJidta. 1090 r^ Nie. Nioc for «,- comp. o. 
10 1058. 

1094 inUui LacL. f^r latitat, inci'tn Junt. ^nlg. 1035 vapora 
J^A^toT tirt^«rM, ivijwrwT vul^ rore Koiij'uk. 1096 Kt JmiL for £f ' - 



1099 f J mictU Aid, I Junt for £mifxU ^hlch Lamb* in emia to ed fl 
wrouglj restores. 1102 f^'ftfrf. 'jfiof/-, fi«rt A, cot/, uere B, ^D^rii^rf 
Nic Nice end w LrcIi. 1105 Ai vk'tttm Nuiiger fur rnmrfunt, rf 
rjf^]^i» Aid, 1 Jiiiit, 1106 ri^hn' bi'mtfui Lnrh- for ftbtfs of lynt- LllO 
Kl pcc't9 ftlijua nt/jflif Lncb- fnr A'f p'Xit<U4 n'^Hf flyiiw; compL^ 1201 
wLeie for /yfLtt* ii hik* pf-fffa. Et pfctn/e^ ct t\ip'i'» Flor. 3) Camb 
i-ulg- ^^^J^J<tv^^ iifipir ileitfre AJd. 1 Juni. fnr lih^wmttfu^dtbtrrt, d*rimn 
ut tptifiquia htthvrt^t CfiQib- 1112 prW«^n« i^iamit^t Fubur iu Tiot<s for 
W/ivfUtf vi'f/e^ijtf. v''/fitf^<0 iir^cr^rtr Lnclk. ; i>if/rr^rE/ he urs liJU COIDS 
from 1107 ; clf»u'ly vtrcjt vlgtffant couIJ ouly meAu ' (.heir stn-ij^li wu 
then in ilB vigour': a ra©aiung hero quite out of jilfloe. 1116 rrcn" Fl<w, 
3] Cuibb. Bi-ix. VcT. Yen- for t^ertu USD is much tomijited bv I-ftmb, 
1121 (."er/iiii/cfl /ffif Alii. I Jmit. fui' Cf''/«/'^PS'/"f ^W*/*; r"ff r Fltir 31 \in%. 
before ill cm. 1127 1128 (1131 1132) I \\a\& hrouglit to this \*\ax^i 
LudL put^ thi'in otW 1135. 1128 (1132) a^Vj LumU most right!; JJlftj 
o/^>. 1131 (1129f #fV Mur. 31 Ctimb. '6 Vflt for fltWtf, 1 

1141 Tfdilxtl Fli>r, 31 Aid. 1 Juut, for renV&ji. 1145 it" eotrrc VitM 
31 Cainb. for ^>irpre A, piyr-rs B, riiirtre Nit* Nk'i?. ^ oimp. 1150, 11^4 
/rff/f, C^n^ JufiL LfimK etc- without c&uilo. Gif. rkttfibijtea fMcia fl 
Uorvillkia. 11&2 {-i> Gihiub, Brix. fur itr^. 1160 nmJa ftdilirJ Ij IJM)fl 
*^m AU\. 1 Jiiiit. vulg. 1 

1177 £^1 tiiflif'i <iiiiuiri'*. E( nmiirl oiHntJio I^ittiU TDcist pel'itrwllll 
1178 Uta vi Urix. Aid- 1 Junt. fi>r *//« «. ilfa {lUU) Ver. Ven, llM 
m>x. lux IjOcIi. : but th« i-e{>eLition nawUe olTccds me. nd LataU 
llflOwnwa. jfrrrjwT Ljidi. which lAHib. nlw prefera: the chsTrge of otunj 
is veiy stiglit ; but 1 confer geivr^ 14 to >ny taste the Qitrra poetioH| 
1192 j<4>f- ros Lflmb. 1163 uU^ti tcfthnH. itfJtt vrUttititat ftU idsil lU 
cdti, before Aid 1> 1203 ptKfifa Juiji. for ///nrof'ii & ({iiiti? nraeu^l 
CorrfHTTiiin wliicL NftugiT rtjet^L^, but T^mb. cmI. 2 ami 3 pruperlv ft'lopH 
1207 irt peelaro. Ia jKt^tore Aid, 1 Junt followed hy Njniger, l^ frB 
Croccli etc. moat &l>Biir<Uj» 1214 SnUiriti Beiitl. for Kt fticrU-- Le reifafl 
to t 343 ajid VI 1038, AV A7^<^" 1 V&t. Aid. 1 fjiiiib, 1220 /V/mi' J 
Aid, 1 Juut. lirtt for Fulmini. f^ulntiif Nic Nice, ^ulinin^ f^fib^ 
Flor. 31. 1234 ^e^ttid Loch- for ^''-ff^t^U: a iioccas*rj climiE^, if I 
Ik joinisl with fni/'irff^nm. 1225 ittlnftum Luch, for rufmirCaitt. tutivttiM 
AM 1 Jinit. Luiub, MLt\ 122Q Sitmmn Fbr. 31 Aid. 1 JuriT. fnr >«innM 
1229 '^rc^tf tte jfrecB Flor. 31 Cmnb, elo. r>r orf'W /irefVi, 1230 nnrjfij 
by Lacb. iu [ ]. 1237 dabimfrue. dii^a^ee BcotL without cbuac: tm 
DOt«H 2. ■ 

1241 KvpfTf^ af6 nffjyi^ nurum Ali- 1 Jiint. for t^ip^rfsl tiffprt aut^uh 

jjm tf i""^'\'''^" ' '— <* * eorr. Nic Nioo. nU lator tusi^. kud ^^d 

HHH^ p. m. flJoae: ca^» is quite right: 9ee \ 480. atclo Lnoh. wB 
■ifv^noque dixit alibi LucietiUH /vltnen cngli^ »ed plajam ra^i vupfl 
lOSS^ but why his oncw u^ng pfttjn eftpfi, nhonJd prtfVfnt him tnm 
twic« namgyfx^m«fi ds/tf my mitid cimnot coiupruhoTid. 1292 Quidw^t 
^tiequid A.Bi aud bo ihe lei llubna 2fi : Lucr, may Uit-refore Iwv 
written qukqitid here, though elaewhery Iils iusa. huvs 'ptifiqvul fiir IH 
relative; firiof/i^iV/ in lh« eeCAe of ^ilr^ud, rigljtlr acconJiUj^ to the mfl 
isaplojtjed in not«a 1 In i 2if ^t>i^ci/n, 1253 n/Vf^ A Nia NJoc. FI« 
31 CiLuib. DrU- Vef. Vra. Juut, n/faj B A coir. Arunc, L&mb. Ifld 

Ah Jnut. fii-Bt for J, rightly. 12G3 in Utra i^WWHacIu Gmt for in 
krmt. in torWj Lmub, 1269 ftipfi Flor, 31 Ver. Vein fur citpiti 1263 
tiofiatf Afr^ifi' "f (•itfiffti' portent I-hcIl. for ;»'*rFti^ sih'ttKfVf H ftrfiere 
pffMJt^l. 1267 tiot'tre *t levit }ViiMr& Junt. (Alii. 1 huH rtt' lor ef) (Wr firj/a- 
r^f /ciTArv oc I'ode/c; whicli becma (hi; »JiJt[j|i^t thuLige, ^/oll^o, ievaro no 
roiirr* Lu:h, ^laiv^rd c^t^r^ nt ftn/rre Liiiul^^ LucL. iil»c SLig^!»tA Mtun 
meat^ ivy oT tivlfire aff^iinra tn}. 1273 ;>t»^^rn£ I^mb. and Liidi, forjw^f- 
fWHf; this I ha^'v r^wivifd wiLti i^mu busiUtiuo. 1273 Turn LncU. lur 
A'am^ Art* o^Mri by Vhr. 31 Cimib. ote> 1278 e nddcJ Lj Biix, 

1383 ^jfiMd att/iif^ B t!orr Fkn'. 3Z Cjiiub. 4 VaL fur y^amrrui/TUi 

2»M. JitiKtraae ftt^ve Nnuger. Li^mb, «tff, 1294 obprtrhriuTa. fl^fxnum 
I the m^H of Muircik ant. vj 1 If 3, coUatt;d by iiLiiurs; n cMrimia va- 
Hfttiou. Liwh, vJiM dc|<eij»lml on na old etlition of Mncinbiu^ ia mit- 
Imkeu m tiipii^^Jug that o^tf^vufn^f is rot tlip in<J. rivalling. 1297 ar- 
MdJum- rrfpfrrlum Liiinli, otc^ [iiid 1301 i^rTrifTE^n Jiint, Lamb- eto. 
lor nmwiltiiit: U>tb niorit iite<lk"iM chongeA 1300 fiifUj/o* Ful>er fjr 
AitM^.~ biinffo mnki'^ (lit) fvi^HLiuctiLm t-JiLri^mely li^u>b, ami, aa Falter 
Mj*, bna <?(*rue fi\ini 139fl. 1302 rn^froj ^^rfrciji) Lin?}i for teti'os: rightly, 
Me 1339. 

1310 parttm* PaiiUi Ciunh. 2 Tat: a reading ailoptoJ by Lamb, 
Crf«i.-li Wftk. viiTg, bvfiNv Tjiu.'b. 1311 dttcJorihitK liurUrnhuK Ver. Ven. 
AltL I Juut. JJaiiger LauiU cto- 1316" U fi32. exci-'pt liniltque (<tr 
totttti't^, stJemfl cltinJy &panoufl tttA utinn)tnjuig> 1319 petcbanC Viit. 640 
Vrbin. JunL foi ptiicluiU. 1320 ilt-rij/irUtttt A LilcL. diiipicbani B 
1?Ci<v Ni<v, Fliir 31 (J*Hih. nil lieforn I-hpU, 1333 j^fj/j*. wr^fff Vcr. Ven. 
ArftDc- Lfimb, etc, 1325 /rotU'^ Lixch. fur !i«*j^s whioh hua no unfailing. 
«/ UrTrtm^r*'' mitfJtiti mctk/e IjBinb. l*citly, Oif. CliTcb clt. and tbio 
Uumltun or Cuudidlu di^ubtJe^ meanL Lu roaJ. 1327 132G : Juuti 
IjicTi. i^ud Ed- in arnall vd- urnit ilie »(Hi^ind ; i,nn]b. cd. I cibclii4e4 the 
fii»t> L^'i y and 3 botli ; but aca iictta 2. 1330 derifit adu'Uug Juiit, for 
(£tn/u lu/'inctris B, tlcfttibtts adttudm A Nic- Nice. tViiib. ileii/ibujt 
Kiit4 Ftililinit ill utJirg, Plur. 30, IZ^Qjalu B corr- Liit;b. fui\/t4'£f£ lumt 
tk^Utly. 1341 — 134S Lach. jiintlj ejwU the iH&t lhye6 of lh*'s^ vui-ftoa as 
the work of an iuterjxilatoi' ; but it is n-"* U'-*a uerlain tlmt llie Gi-:.t tlirci? 
«» liktwi^e »j>iiiiunoi Sij^it ii/ /ni-nri-nf h cbiiuuflly u cummei^t on i^^d 
jftcMfv k/ Tirm /"M tf^t liUL'li. in iniike m-iiw nnd gr;kmnmr Ja ci>rn[>i>l1t'J 
Is r^l >'«■ /""' -wiik Aid. I Jimt, Liinib, ft»r ^i /nit, and to traiij-iHiee 
13*3 BiiJ 1343: ftL-^? L^ninU JiJiirn, of j.JiU. i\ p. 298; 1346 - 528. 

1351 tftf* /irirtiFur. ULi j'ai'ttntitr LriDib. peti'erflelj'H 13GS ttrraiti 
U^k for tfrt-'i. 1388 1389^1454 1455, nnd ure here quil^ ont of 
pkca 1301 fuM Arr^^ s'^?i/ i^>mjjr'i 'ut ijunfjxm Jcgimt ' fujn Lnmb, for 
Mb rHrU omjiia: comp. HOI. /n/i otini cirmiita LaoL oJfi Fabern 
I3t7 iota Flor. 1^1 Aid 1 JuiiL fur /urct. 1400 i/tuncbfU Ftor, 31 JunD. 
fer mat^f^t. 1405 aatfteia tomin Idinib, Ln-ch, for so^aciii aomno: th« 
-rtina HLVtiSflnr)', 'nficutue aiim *^odiwm Vaticftuxmi' &aya Lamb. 
.uaot at |ji«tf[it in tho Vjiticap ha\e, 1 btlievi', aomtur : but again 
utl agAiii lATnb. Fij-Lvks in lJig h-ime v^ij^ue way of VwUcan and other 
Mi. HOB servar* recfna Ed. for *en'r;;v' y«rtuw/ w**ri!rfi firtt absorbed 
l||i> rt; then ccn* L^trcnme jrntf^H coni.^ IjicH. Ccrtuinlj lycnjij ia quila 
Eiing- fiumerid Nji^ Nk-c oa well m Flor. 31. Ver, Veo. Avmaa 



ID Alil 1 ; but at enil of hie CAti^llita li^ hifU uit t&u} wm^mn. 14 
Maiorcm Flor. 31 Cumb. for Sfa\i>ri^. duteeduti' Lamb, riglitly for i/uf- 
ccditte. 1418 jiritae Juiit. For Jcri>t(i. iratin conlffiU<i /tfi'ta^ Ijwnk 
tj. 2 and 3. U19 tiiim Brii. AM 1 JuuL fitr t^/hit. 1431 i« ruldod 
hj Hr.r. 31 Qimb. Aid ! Junt, 

1436 miiffmfm Vf^rsati/a, moffiiujn ac rcrffttUa Ei in enttll od.; 
and a« loaj^ hiLTe t'allou out after r7£.- H la added br AIJ, 1 Jiint. LiUDb. 
vul<f. ivfiiiififi' Jjn'h. '1442 /««* Lavh. for Tutu. prftj}trr ot^'jrfii all 
wliio^ Watr. nlihurdly delr-udd, puppUtta {piippih.) el rm Iduclu /w 
fiijjr in uncjiitatioiinWjr riglit; but r« npli&ire fttran^ vithout *ny 
tbet j 1 hiivi' writttfii thei~efure -piijipibuji: urhen. Ttmi inarr. wlivoin 
JUttiSbfil fWHJii'/ pt7vJU Junt. Lamb. etc. prdbiibly flfter Serriua, 1451 
polite Fior. 3J Vat. G40 Urbia. and ID54 UtboV Aid. 1 JntiU LaoiK 
Loch, for pi>/iVa 1456 erigit, rrait Junt, Lnrab, etc. wrongljf. 1456 
eiaratKra et vT*Iiii€ dfiict Ed. fttr c^rir«nr;-f corJrr -puIfLant: one « wv 
Dbsorbcd hy th<.* ofh«r; thmi ft^nfin^ tteb^t ]:<ftBEed iat<> (*«^ ttfijdfrofil- 
dttr^Kifre ixrttvonisl/at LokCh. vbo joiuia drlHtm with tcrurA 



I /rw^ipafot AB. 
eJs, bcftiro Walt 4 

frti<fi/aro» A oorr> Nio. Nkc- and Inter mw. and 
/tulacia Nic. Nk-o. far Wdc*. 7 cutf^ic/i Aid. I 
JunL for iTJ^ini^fd. IQ inortaiihits Ni& Ni^rc, for acortj^iihfts. 11 pro. 
^uam posget Ladi, for pTV>7nfim ^jmj^hJ ,' a simple nnd cei-tain correction 
of n mucb-Yexed pinsageH p^ quofi posAt^jxt A^TiDC. Madrjg. decelTwl 
\tj tbiii, coojactLired iii Heuviuliseij de irii^ GotL. jkt ^uoa potucrU vtta 
duta. Laukb. ruid Creech obelraa tbe vi?rs& p?r ^I'/u.-.^onfirux^fV 1 
YpX. Junt. 13 exceliere Aid. I Junbv fijr ^xraf^rtf A Nic< Niccv rjvo^ 
fcTfl B, ejUtitUrs Flor. 31 OiLiub- 14 ctrrtlt Aid. I JuuU fur coriH 15 
tpjenUU of m>u. liJi^ of covii^e coni« from 16 and hua Btipplant^d th» 
wordfl of Lucr. who vrotu aina ut/a I'auita afjiw. Lech, retidos qua^iii 
liOTO and in 10 rodda /'oJflirnT-iu , . ./jrrri^f m. <»)7^l L^icb. cofri LaiuU^ 
rightly fur c^h/c^.' u cLimuiiiEi cun^uptiou iu our lusa. Butb Avniii^ ami 
Jmit- corrupt tbf> paaaiigo gvcfltly. Lftinb. followed by Gif. Creech, etc, 
CoqtmctA th^ two ver&x into cuo, thoa Aiqtf« animnvi in/ealieco^4ervirt 
^uetxlU: i^rtire also Y^r. Ven. Aid. 1 Junt, CVeua^jt^ ^uof: Avtinc; 
Nnuger. for Fatisa fOqwi. 17 itaj Aid, I Jimt. for fas, 27 (raraffB /iflrw. 
/rdmjfe prono Lautb, /im^'ld proim Juat, apparently nJt^r T^ctuatiiiA inst 
VI] 27- Litrb, rightly joins ^rnntite parvo with vbnt fullows. 28 rftch 
A oo^^ Nic Njcc. Fhir. 31 C^mb, etc. Luctdiit. for recta. 30 Jtf<T«t Jnc. 
SuBtua in Tonanc, Ijich, for/wmt jfiier-ft. Aid. I Jinit vnlg- TUfurcj/aL 
nofurvu ri Lnmb. nahirafi virc ai^ut Aid. I Jont 31 ctvtt^ cau^a 
Loch. 32 £c f«i'4w Flor. 31 Caoilj. for SquihM. 34 Pw^wrtf Ver. Vtu. 

44 €^ ^Idi.^ by Flor. 31 Cuiub. Bhjl. 4fl resdofui Goebel obs. Lu^. 
p. 13 for dwduit comp, V 773 y«a ^ori qyti<*jH\d p^tgaet rntioac r>wofin^ 
It fi-icEid iii|;gi-jit3 thnt iv £00 distclvcrt caLUont may suppDrb cJu 



ifenVh JUftit, Jai«ftr« Mfifgjrjii PlifpntfMM di^ttolai La^^Il inosti unsuitably, fts 
if iMily fiUf-fpte^ nut 'Jninirt, wore to bo diesolved. fiviii pomttr-nifpif^ ii^ 
P* Jttfolul Baru, to vbich tbc siLOie oLjection &pp1iea. IahiU toeing thia 
lUficulty, in ed. 3 and 3 g\v^s jiunt JfinU^iiK, 7itce«»e Etse ea disHohii. 
47- — 49 *n eiM*diiigly corrupt poflflnge ; yet I fancy tbut I have amended 
k witiiout much vioJi^oc : in 47 J liuvo cban^efl notLing ; aflitr h there is 
'' -Mj SI hiatus of eevera] verges, tlie gectral sense tff wbkh I ha^u 
■ <\ tn give in my l.rflfij<lfvtum, Thr* mn. rpndirg of 4fl i^nrt 49 ia 

^ftt4^ mnPeria yitiwi-fl: */[th r:9nffa/it for rx ira lii, comp, IV 830 virtuti 
nv mr h^l r/mriift fur uminii lA iin aluiori<> uufuillng Munder of rni«. 
fiifrtrf ia front Lnmh, eH. 2 nni 3^ end Aurixtfis for^yniviTr, TLe nldef 
mvnilAtioDa ill AitL 1 JaiiL Lumbn otc. aro bo devoid of all probnbiUty 
that I will ni>t cite tln^m ; I^mb. indT-ed beliirVi s the li'ni^ nf»t to bo 
l-iirr*iU«fl', nor irs Liiel>iiJftrN'» tnUiL inni'h hft|(i"ior: initlitid t^'mr^n/lf^'ti 
evrriim VVAA>-*</m W c^Utftt pltnttfi^Htia Jl'twmn nirnvm^ Quae J'iterint, 
tin^f jtliT-itlv ortt^rnt J^iftfre: th^n Rt 50 ho Ix't^na n tjow p&i'a^aph, ond 
6fl IW A"f ^a':i«ii/ ^Tos i/a«c yVtii/i/. thaitgh Luctanttua twtct over hiw 
ibe ni^ reodiiig. Bern. Bup^iofloa h, Inciina buth befori3 and AfE^^r 48 which 
kp thus leaves, Pimfc>rum eJ^t^^nf, pl'n--&iU^n' (ttnnia ^v.i-fuiri.: 53 Junt, 
UaL ctfi. for £i_/rt^»wn; have E^:!H>t(. 56 67-90 fll- i 153 lo*: 
here lii ihd Gtb bcK^k T/at^lt. rejixb^ thejn in Lhi^ lirbt« rr^tiiina tliem in the 
■nnnd jitft^w: to me it ia manifevit that in both pTac(« th^y t^mac from 
lb* «.Tin*Ttator vho tbntsght they were in jioiat and ennBovjqpntlv jotted 
llisni down in tlit margin iu hia iisuiU fikshicn, 68 hm^fq'tf. Nio. Nice. 
Irff ton*p*(Uf. T'^iin.Uif Fh*r. ^il C'nmb. BHx. for rfl7n»7/i', 71 oftjTunC 
Vale, fi'f ^k^Tf^nt adfrtiitl Aid. 1 JunL Lamb, etc. 72 f:r jVa Aid- 1 
Juiil. firrt for «?*>* 73 ^i^fo* Jiint,, Hrat for tpthU'/^. 74 f'ft^lvi Flor. 
Jt A M- 1 J\iiit. for Jlfiiis. IB/fTrmfi'r Bn's- Aid- 1 Junl. for /ucnmL 
^Ki/ Vct-. V<*n. 82 H'liit i\ritu'ff/i. nun/ f"i^i\/imi(t Flor. 31 Politinn in 

^Bn& l^nib. od- 1 nnd 2 for i^y/ MJf<? oaeiisfu^ lmfvtf//t; tlie Eoribc 
^■ft«i) jijiirrir became cf the following v'/ucfr- cnt rniw _/'"^ijetidi visfjur 
^^krfa' J^c\i. ivbif^l s^ic^ to tne most improhahle. fjtt rutin nipfiiv^L 
^fc>u Flor, 31 Cftmb, S Vat, Lamb. ed. 3. 85 - 89 Looh. c^naloFn in 
^B 90 91 = 56 57^ I \'i3 154. bw Hbove- L«ch. admits th^m b^re- 
^^b aandkla adcis Lumb. aud TumebuH for ii^ txvndtda caUia: n L-ertaiii 

^H02 n'i6^ 1>^or. 31 Aid- I Jiuit for nwc mire Nic. Nio^ Brix- V^r. 
^H 103 tnpvUi Flor. 31 Ver- V«n, for pfpid^s. liffTiit Fl^. 31 CAmU 
^^L fcr ifff/M iiJjnn Nic Tnr<v /rf/nt Ver- Ven. Av»n<v 105 iTwrn 
^K«4«if fcru/o Fi^»r, 31 r.Hmli. -tW Vat- Bnx, Ver Ven, Juut. for J^ttrn 
^^VT on' B, JVnrn ranrtci-f tiff A c<^rr. (naja Lac-h. but 1 p. m, al^o) Nia. 
^Ht ■■»' is iiiiqiicfttii^nAbly li^lit; coni]k I L!)^ la^ msa, for a'(/. lAch. 
^Hiw !*» confine Lncr iti too stmit jv wtuntroat, A'/Jm. (^tvfrre ahrupfo 
^^k& J^nm "w' cftfffrf nlfniptft Lamb, ab brtjto Uich, 110 Jnalot 
^H^ 3[ J«nt. for lanto^. mfiroB BriXn Avnne- m^tfa {mtirfta) VoT- Von. 
^Bmu^im lidded by Flnr 31 Camb. i>t<:H 114 l'^ Jiint- for 'jfe. 115 
^Hhm/^i'< Junt. tirmi fnr pftr'ipi'nitfjtif. 116 *// a.dd(?d Uy Flor. 3i Vat, 
^Ejr^L and 1136 Othob- Phik 118 rvr/^ra frfvoffffi Lf. Oromi^ 


Faber for corpore tnutiin. ' £ corpora UKtu* Heiiu. in nu. nutc^ Mf^ 
pore tracfitm Nic- Nice Flor. 31 Gamb. all Vat. eto. o&rpori' traetum 
Jnnt 120 -BCTcruJi* Vat 1706 Reg. for CTterum; duo Krins. in dm. 
notes baa ' essiernni §* i. e- tho ma. of Modiiia wbo muat therefore bft?B 
re*ul in it «a?iffrunt, as the ed. Paris. 15G5 Las esdcrit, aa well as I^mlk 
o<l. 1 aitd 3- Jft^ Voan. too auc] Creocli prefer txicrnnL menl Fkr. 31 
Cainb. 3 Vat AltL 1 Junt I*amb, eximitt Brii. Vcr. Ven, 

124 c&iicoUecia AB. conlccta Nic Nice. Brix, aUteeta A 0«t. 
Camb. 12B cOTHmiiHi't <ft>ji*n*odi Flor, 31 Camb. Brit Ver, V«l tdI^ 
before Lach. 129 sdega Bcrc. for ntitga, ^fiaaa I^ck: it is deariy 1^ 
nubesy not tlie proceUa, -which !b here spoken of; tbongb all editors befbi* 
Lach- retain migita, wliich Isidore too orig. xiii 8 mnat have read: tin 
corraption therefore most bo oi*l 130 pan-n Satqic Ua d<U maffman ao- 
nilum la. Vora. in ma. notes Wak. for parea Saepe iia d<U parctim *>»■ 
tutu: Wak. appositely quotes from £hii!ore cuwi tcwcwfa quamvis porta 
tiin^fnum tamen Si/nUuvi dhphsa cmiittU: thiu aeenia to me the dmplMt 
correction ; as paitntm could easily come fi-om tlio preceding pai-po. It 
is certain too that Liicr, csin use the indicative aftor cum, when it Kgni- 
fiea an here ' whvn at tlte same time :' com|>, Vii^. ecL iii 16 Qnid dttmim 
/ricinjdt audeiU eitm Udia, furcs ; and see notes 3 to i 5QC. portter Jant 
Ijkmb, etc ioY 2K^rvuitt. Stt^jfc del hunt parvion lAch. Xoenu iia <U 
p. Bern. 

132 and 136 jterfant A corr. Nic. Nice for jterjifint of AR 133 UU 
Cur Laiiih. wrongly. 138 Arbiinfa evolvent A coit. Flor. 31 for Arhutki 
volvetu. Arbuate wlvens Hie Nice. Cjiiub. 114 oetius Flor, 31 Camlk 
etc for aettl. aetlu A con'. Nic. Nice Vcr. Ven. vulg. 147 ui added hj 
Jjamb. trucitiet Jnnt for ti'iicidnt. Lach. on the contrary in 145 for FU 
roads Id. 149 propore Aid. I Junt. fur projtter. 151 repenU Flor. 31 
Brix. for recenta. 154 rea tiUa Mocrob. sat vi 4 5 for ra> uilot. m 
u//a nifa Vcr. Ven. fvWna Flor. 31 Camb. IbSinartum, tnorto I^ch.: 
but somuwhat involved constructions are by no means avoided by Lacr. 
cump. 17G and ill 843. 

165 Fulgere B corr. Nic Nice for Fugere. leS Andpiti Flor. 31 
Brix. for Ungt^titL viiieas Junt for t-ideaL 172 F nmiU A Nift 
Nice Flor. 31 (LhcIl wrongly asfLigna to it Kt) 2 Vat Brix. Junt 
Lamb. EtifimiiiB Camb. 3 Vat Ver, Ven. Avanc 179 litpioseU A]A, 
1 Jutit for quiescU; a certain correctiim. caletdi Lnch. utterly destroy^ 
ing thu force of tho jjrtsHnge. ISO perscidU Flor. 31 Camb. Brtx. fi>r 
perscimiit. 163 adjUit Beiitl^ fur ndlicit. adtiifU lAmb. conj. adeitHi 
Ileina in ms. nubiv. 1B4 luTniirn B. l!m!i/a A Nio. Nice Flor. 31 3 
Vat 185 idte Aid. I Junt, fgr tM. 187 188 wrongly placed by I^ch. 
after ]!>3 on account of Uic neutt^i'x ; but hgv 7^0 i 3i}2 iv 034. 187 A'e. 
Jt'ec Lach. 188 nint Junt. first for jrit eif^nicta Aid. 1 Junt for er- 
iricltt. 191 cumidnta B corr. Bi-ix. Ver. Ven. for cidata. procul aifa 
Flor. 31 Caiub. 192 unjytere A Nie. Nice, B. supenu Bcmtl. 
for ififjiTiia. 201 e added by Nic Nice but he has cm/roivitntur with 
Flor. 31 Camb. Vcr. Yvu. 205 col"f Spit, ad eel. vi 33, Avanc. 
Nauger odor AB Nie Nice Flor. 31 Camb. etc m^s. of Uaciiib. ant 
VJ 5 4 : yot eolor taxi^t \tc r'i^ht. Tlie msa. of Macrobios somttimeft 
agi'co strmigrJy willi th^iw of Iiiicr. in ooiTuptions. 208 FfiwtmcMi fH 


^or. 31 CamU for Flamnietuq. splendiduM oUia Flor. 31 Camb. oorr. 
Imt p. m. for tpUtididutolw. 300 Qmn ettam I^ch. for Quippe «nun. 
Qu^>pe eiemm vuig. 210 rvheatU Flor. 31 Cunb. BrUL for wheanL 
21s Jvigen. fidgor^ Avanex Imoh. in defiAiice of Epicunu and LiioreUi;i« 
m— igning colour to atoms. 216 ingralia Pius in Dotee for xngmtittM. 
218 Amiiu YaL 1954 OUiob. Aid. 1 Junt for Mmit. aonUU Flor. 31 

210 quali added b^ lAmb. qiiod »%e Flor. 31 GBinb. ete. 220 
ichit €t Flor. 31 A]<L 1 Junt Tutg. for ietu et. iciu loea Lacb. aa 
if ictug coold not mean tbe effect of the stroke. 221 tnir^w Jonl- for 
tmri*. 223 ta^>6 la Vow. in ma, Dot«a for m. per ## Flor. 31 Tulg. 
^thout Benac:. 226 molnlibu^qus AJd. 1 Junt. for montibtuque^ 223 
220 XAch, wishing to support his unjustifiable alteration of i 489, a pre- 
daalj pandlel pasmge, without any just reason makes one verse ont of 
these two bj omitting p^r t. d. C. nt ae v. 231 Cv/rai iXem. Cwxit 
■In Lach. Vttrat it^M ui l^mb. : but surely there is sufficient authority 
for conittiDg ui after cutTtt 234 et MMmuatwi l^ch. for vi ineinwUut. 
id itmnuatur Kic- Nice Flor. 31 Camb. mlg. : but tU for ubi ia not 
LocretiaD. 237 pdUns Ed. for tdlen*. toUeng A corr. Nic Nice e(o< 
polien$ Lamb. rnlg. lAch. eeUens Wak. 241 itgna Lamb, firet (not 
Flor. 31) for igna. li^na Kic. Nice, later msa and eds. before Loinb. 
242 dtmoiiri Aid. I Junt. for eommoiiri: prepoaitiona seem often to be 
oonfouuded in oar msa ercjttart Ed. for ci^re which has no meaning : 
the lB«t letters, which were on the outside margin of this the 25ltth 
page of the archetype, were lost, lamenta Lach. for moniineida : a violent 
change which destroys the whole force of the passage. 245 £9 added by 
Flor, 31 Camb. 

246 ffignier Aid. 1 Junt* for gigni. nunc fn'r/ru Flor, 31 Camb. 
crrvns Nie. Nice for efo4$i$. 250 tiatt Lach. for tunc 257 detnUaum 
fiumen Junt. fur riimiMum fidmen^ demUtu/m fulmen Avanc. which is 
repeated as a correction at the end of his Gatnliua and must be a mia- 
print forflumeti. 256 ^ertits lAch. for ttfirtut. ei/ertur vol^ 2Gd 
fUna Flor. 31 Camb, etc for pfano- 272 hahert Aid. 1 Junt. for haec- 
der^ hoc de r« Nin. Nice, etc, 277 t^^rto Lach. for alto. 281 vetUi vU 
0I ffravU ignig BentL fur gratjU n^n/i tfia ignu graMa, aut vig igw et 
aeer LAch. vi« vtjUi ed gravU ignis Junt. Lamb, etc 3B6 videatur Ed. 
ibr videaniur: the scribe haa adapted the rerb to ternpla: see i 1108. 
lAch. reads Ss^rrimere for Opprimere^ Bern. Occidere. 200 ctmcuavu B 
corr. Aid. 1 Junt. for corvytaau^. 201 tUi Aid. 1 Junt. for tU. ita vi 
flat. 31 Camk 292 raxKari I^ch. for rfft^oatre. 206 adidam Bern. 
rigfatJy for vfdida. gravidatn Beutl. lAch. Jvlming A]<L 1 JuTit. for 
admine. 208 pairio Flor. 31 Camb, 3 Vat etc for gpatto. quam gpalia 
{qtutn ptUrio) Yen Ven- Laiio B corr. perhaps rightly, quern, quod 
Camb. 2 YkL Jnnt, I^oab- 302 Jhijn veniif antittena, ^ Immo ^'ubi 
v et ui amUtaig: alioqain oratio non constat ' lAch. 306 concepil Flor. 31 
CkmK Ver. Yen. etc- for eoneipi4. 309 4paiug Aid. 1 Junt. for ipsii. 
315 iUi lAch. for iiU, dia Elor. 31 valg. 320 ea quae Lack fint for 
er Tuos, ac quo tuI^ without aenae. tarUa vi mitaa Flor. 31 Camb- 2 
Vat- fin- tantaumigga. tttnUt iimni98a Nic Nice. Ver. ianitt vi tvwin9$(t 
ALL 1 Jont etc 

834 Et Nanger. first for AL Ac Juni Wak. percurrunt Loch, foe 



percent perifinU A i^srr. Nic. Nice, iam furr^wit FJor, 31 CWnb^ 
Vat, pcrguiti sh Junt J*injib. 335 Dei/uic^ ipiud. Atlic q-uod ^^n^t 
wbicL t^otiiJib to mv muvk wc^iker tljaii ih^ m^ ri»<liu^- 336 pjoj/^j 
Jjac]\. tor ^'^^if/fi si. fffnyo sit Flor. 31 Cumb. ftti before Idcb. 34T jH 
ci!7i(/'j''f H righUv- anef^^fi/ri A Nlc, Nice, tv'f<<ir'/";n£ Aid. ] Juifl 
Lamb^ etc 349 tranAiofitt, Nj\uger, tijIj^- for truum^i'it. trttiufal 4lfl 
350 ppr/rfjiffi/ Aid t JiLiit. viii^ for ^>rr/Wy*'/ B, f/r-rfi'jit A. yfr/rfi[yiJ J 
oorr, all later mta. Ver. Ven. t Gomy. 138 pfr/njt^eng A Porr. vifl 
jfcrfir4(fe7i€ A, jirr/ritj&fu B. LihoK- keeps perfyfif, which cnn hardly H 
riglit. 357 uyrf'^ Tuiuebus BcutL Wok. I.riu:h. fi^r affn. 369 ff. mA 
Plor- 31 Qnnb. etc. ft)r nirnM- utiriit {ivrin) Vef. Ven. 3fl0 ciihiTt! A^M 
1 JiiAt. for adorer. 362 Jtif^nUrjj//>ie Lnch. for /»jfcf wfT-ajfpw, 364H 
ndiltd Qrot hy Juat. frifii'ln^ iiexirm Nic. Nictx to Avi\tic. WQwfifl 
Nouius. 3QS Tffifii Lath, fur /fu^ia wlkicU hits uo tMrn^. 3C3 nt luldH 
ty Aid- I JuiiL tic Flor. 31 Ciiinb- 368 pf, nymj Jiint_ vulg. for ^| 
lifftfris. Loch, kaeja ifrf^ imtl far u/ TOinJe ij(, 370 rrjt inter nf T\trt. fl 
Catub. 3 Vftt for tnff r jjA i/iier ac rat Ver- Ven. vulg, Lnoh* wrongly? 
na /vi/er tfe la mi-tiHcatly one wurd. 371 yVrfri u([di:d by LatcU. mi«t 
acutely, Fior. SI Camb, vulg. ndd i>d(a aftei- Ar/*"- 375 «> »» B oort. 
LumU fcr eo^t. ft in no eio Cumbn frt in m litni Avanc. a iti ki iatm] 

383 mfljUU F]flr. 31 Cninb. 2 Tat for m#m/p', 384 ?*/iu7 Uirb. for 
M iu 88, 389 f^tio qiioitjVf^L que t^iupie tsl FJor. 31 CjJiib. tto, fur 
i}itfu&L S80 v<jh'f<t<i8 JnnL firat (not Flor. 31} for Vfifuuf<ig, 4,01 /< 
jrtV^r irt t'in'mt Nic, Nii^c, B curr. for Ifi/'/'tt'rrTiM^' but Iwhtlj R iLltd Ni 
Nice. «|iell Itffiiifr. 402 i/h**- j"rt «*m ^jj»* Ij«nb, first fi^r i;^*** ij» '**'»fi 
iptum TH if^lmit Floi\ 31 L'limb. 3 Yat etc Wak 406 ui vfuil AvHn& 
Uamliilus at end of Jiint, Naiig«x. for ri vivit B^ a/ iitnt A, jrmtji/ N'lc^ 
Nic^i. Mtrj'i itE Flur. 31 Caiub. mievi M JunL Pruj^lnvit. rm/trrrmt A 
Nio, Nice, etc, 421 ioea B corr. Flor, 31 CumK Vor. Veu. f**r i**ra 
gtt* fritu Ijich- fur ^Uf j/ius. que Amtj'j Lnnib. 

434 Ora'i Flor, 31 Oiimb, Uiis. for Ortili. O'roi' B crrr, Omia 
TatIi.: Lnci'BliuH wi^fte eillifr ff/ViVW or 'r/'c^ uol. Orm'i 42fi t'im'piua^ 
Flor. 31 Climb- Yer. Von, for ftu** in/t/i. 428 iiicifa Flor, 31 Cmiib. o^ri 
for /^rriJrv 430 r-^it'~«n£ LtidL for vtmittd: FKt, «{I Junt. Litmb, vtJl 
k^tp iTr'rr'rj'» uiid 4^^) rend jrujrJ^- 440 ilHrujiit Lamb, firat for iJWn^| 
lirh^itUii A ciTiT. Nie Nice ^nilg- l^^'fore Lamb. 447 procrlln^ Flor. fl 
Vat, li40 Uibiu, VhL 1 1 3G OlIiuU for propfUat wLicii WnJt, iiUiirS 
ret^iius. 440 Ojirej-c Flor, 31 Uuaib. for Offtrr^ffX fl 

453 stif^i-'j Lei<:1i, fur gup*^: gujfr.fOf LauijIi, (>uitj. toi^rt Flur. ^| 
Camb. Bi'ix. for fitim 453 nji)vm Fj*cb. ftn' ritoifiit: & coi'tAin iJorrecti^B 
454 cit/tipreiuia Lamb, for coTr'/t-ree&i. 456 futfc IdLrh. foL< #»-' «a ini^| 
puuibly bu (lefeodcd by 166, uad 215 van: bug note* 2 thcro^: but y| 
hHibbiJtaa Ltrt; would be very greuC. 460 quiaipLf^ rpiattpj^ GmnbiH 
Vat, Aid- 1 Jnnt. Tjimb. etc. wrongly, 461 /»/j-»^fr BentL I^wli. ^| 
/uU^op. iiuifia Aid. 1 Juiit. for rm^f^, 465 tttri/n. trtnutre AM. L Ju^| 
fijr ttfrfiofnjmfr, turfm imifft-f Flor, 31 CiLcubi 466 £^i1 ri'W^rMO 9fu^| 
H^rpar^^s Lkclt. nrnst m iiMy for A'i fOfuf/^uK/iUfne nrtn piirtiTK. Ei r^| 
//*/(#! fl/j;j^ nrfa Flor, 31, 3 Vat. AViuic. Rt end of (Vlulliii^ 467 fl 
ri^fy^^ir- L-1ur 3 \ (^^itib^ Vnt. Gil) Uib[n. 1 1 3S Otb»U. l^jnb. fnr ^-idM 
Ihir. 168 /i>'ii F]<?i'.3l Cnmb, JiinLfor/a vr* NiCh Nit^o. xcBriJi-Vfl 

Veu. AliL 1, 469 ^/ KtujntA Avftnt f*ii" <' *n««iH, Jantn hdtI Nauger. 
tuve Ijotli dfi itrajturH- 473 ^fo r/fryis Ald^ 1 JauL ^r V^vf mayig, 
^74 <<«rLr»ir^-r'< ^Ai>Aftfi£ Flor. 31 Cuiut. VitU U3€ iLUd 1934 Otliub. iur 
p?«*Ufy^j^yjt Atf^ru'w. 476 cnttittti'j^invat Ja. Vtiss. in nuc notes for 
Mjmuf/uiiun me. ru;/i Auu^boir t>/j #uniori£u« Nio. Nice, ^nm ffnnf/u>n« 
pilko< Flor, 31 Oamb, 4 Tut. Lnmb, o/fu L&oL for atjvju. Avnuc at and 
|i( O&tullud J41V9 * non ^i^rcipin ilium muDcum Ycraiim ^nm r^Uw cttm 
witte 'i^ ftttmofU/uji tuNttix:' whirli be f^iirid iu Vea. 483 ftuc Vat 
AvAno, for A«iw, A-V/*' Flop, /il Caoih. 2 V*U Arinc coelritn Junt. 
Tulg- iV/-i Fk-r. 3] Cumt>. VnUGil) Url.iii.lui- r^. A, i^/c \i. 438 

f^aut Fitf'^mu: itiolis IEe'Di. wliJcb uiuy ba rlj^hL Tain nim/nna 
A^d. \ JutiL. viil^ 491 Coperiunt IjlcIi. rightly for Cu/im^mf, 
AJO- 1 Jutit. fit-ttt for ^itfVu. 
496 tUvtijiefie FW, ^1 LiiuiiL for ilhmaitHs. 498 t'ti*(T<»n» Plot. 31 
lb. Vc^r- Veil, f(»r ptiwntH. 503 i'tnirlftin/ii Rnx foi" C'Hi^ifiHttL 
iTH-/fvw* Kd. im" rr-*f^" wbioli as <_'rei.i?b hfia »peu comes from the 
•/di t-t ^10; }|u |ira}>nses imhre^f Ittin: tvliitt Lucr wrcte must bs 
|iiii43 tiiicortAiii. jitii^iifiii L;ii;b> fcl't*-r a oooj. of Walt, fill furfri* »m^ 
M Aid 1 Jiint di^t fi>r rur^nypji maiv- the wime ^ri^r m in 4tS5. 
ptn^iTe FLi^r, 3L UauiU 3 VuL 512 L'r-^ef d*' m^i-ro Luch. fur Cr^tto 
Vrij^-t H ^ iinjfro A onvr. Nic. Nice- viilg. 515 ^tiUittiifpie 
eotr, Lmub, r<>L Htiiliuiir, 516 C't:m Fbr. 31 AJcL 1 Juat fur 7*1^. 
n ixirr^ Sift ri. ^'/'"'■' l-d^^li iliuruby ruining tbe E^nfia 51^ At- 
Ij^b- f'T ^E rvltJi^reL At rentaitere Kern. 52Q crautrir Ijich. 
Otinj, <?f Wnk, fur fiffitttr. jfaenicr Flt*r. 31 Camb. Wnk. ^/(/crj*»r/ 
jJJiL 1 Juiit^ 533 rttUmhit Ij4. Vom». in nw, Jivtra for reilrnlat : he alisit 
Wn|ii«e» r^ftttrfU *i. c. i-e|>oscit' reh^dut A corr, vulg. 524 tnUr Ni*^ 
iN^ioc f<'r *>*/'T U, (/n^r A 

I 627 avrruin...s\fririPi*]vr Kocb Lu RWu. mua. n. f- VIll p. 4>40 tiK>^ 
Matj for KHrjf/tm . 4vrnnnitpi''. cum^i. .cuTHnqiifi I^rb. 531 aiMin IS 
^^ftAv'^li<-\ (Wr in n rifl^ fif^j/ij A c'^rr. oqiio-ntin Wsv- 31 Juut- 533 
^^jVliL 1 JulL fii-st forjfvaiit 53e irrntm Flor. 31 Omob. etc, for 
■SnimL 637 tiijirrn Avtinc. for nn/Kr- sup^tu'et Lairib. et*j. mUtrfU Wuk, 
^^^rn'M, 'c^ivgiii' fta^K f jifh. Jualljr, S41 tifimnpr-afjtpif stixn Plur. 31 
^^^Bb 3 Vat, ^'^ilff ^'■^1' HHttmhtVBOSt'it. * fuinnter-go ttipt^ i.&. capita, aic 
^^K capitibtut mt-t^tj^ft yinn/' Ik Vimb- lu iua< notCA- 542 aintiifm 
^^K finl for *imi/(^ «vrwr fi^v Aid. 1 Junt. fur mne vi. 548 j/!uvglfi 
^^^t f*\r pifiiiJitrU- 550 fj^iiltanlj utrtipttji qti^utiitiqne i^iai Y'd. for «t£ui- 
^^B dttptiv etinvpi^ vitii, Lacb^ rightly r^w ^lat vim meuTit nW; >o 
^^■nd j] L the lasa. have n£»wf for ntaiorr:; but tlie j-«at of liia I'ead- 
^^H| «(M ti/if mtiiqiir ap^iius ti Tne to pi?r^~ort tlie icenriLit^^ lu LikU'h li 
^^Br tvo distinct JTit^tjiiiC^B of great I'esiilCs from Kinnll cnusufl ; nuU it 
^Hl bo ft re*Jl>' luou&ti'cjiiii rxag^i^ratinn t^ eay thnt bnusca tihiike in 
^^■nj a CArriAgi? liuc^. vi]ii;d tb? wlieeJs are stnuk ii|i by !V »iou« uU 
^^Bttd- Thti rr^fiitig of oouir^" musit be Tin4?^i1«m: I tbciu^^ht of crtm 
^^MHt, btit tLniig;b Luor. II 1 1-1 h^^e <^iv^ sotu lujujua mmqttej I nei^er 
^^Hirit^ th« two woi'iii id ^iivta-^vcition ; and q^ii mi^Iit easily he 
^^pbnl HI tptomtjnr^ iiJ,i '^ntT'ta t^iini]ue c/uu/ti vi FUr. 31 Ciiuib. and 
^^H. ; but Camb, in tiixt Liiid Vat. 1136 Ollioh. lU loar^- alao tlut 


IDS. reading. uM currus cunque equitmn vi JunL I^mb. «d- 1 u6« cvrrmt 
foriia tquu^i\ v\b e<L S and 3, tbe foriix 0^»Tn itu beinj; &nm Atuo. 
aedes, ubt cujiiqne ejiittitm vis Wak. sola J^iaaeitfuqve Jl^m/rrt Is. 'V<m 
in ma, notes i be adds cutn afl«r /Wratov. 552 in nutffnaa txg€a^ ma^ 
lias in aquae Lamb. vutg. before Lach. 554 v<iciUan$ B coir. Aranc. In 
vaciUas. b^^ inter dum Lach. for irifer, in terra AliL 1 Juat.Tulg. per 
liapa rightlj. 

563 Indinata tument Kd. with Vat 3376 for iTidinaia minetU: tb 
lu vaa absorbcfl by the praceding ta, and then mejU pused into ffiuwal 
comp. 1195 ee»^ nt«6^f of mas. for f«nia fufn«&a£j and T 1109 wrcwt 
ffenus for serrard reiT^M. Indinala fnearU Lach. a£«un^ Bern. tWMM 
Flor 31 Camb, Aid. 1 Junt, : see Friac inst. viii 29, I wrODglj Te*d 
T»tnan^ur in small ed. nticanC Piua in text. I^mb. Tutaina mtnenl A1 
the end of this verse A and Ntc- Nice have a. a. q. q. B haA aqmj. 
which BeiTL pTs.cC p. iii thinks a mere repetition of the end of t^GS ; A 
introduciug a further corruption : but Nic- N:cc proven that the archfr 
tyj>e agi'fiod with A, not B, 568 'veniij vis nulla Wak. fitat for tvnlu 
n^illa. 574 in jxtiidere A Nic. Nice. volg. rightly, in pondera B 
Tiirueb. I^ach. The paasAges I quote in notea 2 from Fetromiu and 
Manitlus will prove thvb Tumcb. nud Zdcb- are quito mietttken in sup- 
I>ouing tbat tlie Hing. caunot be used iu the same sense as the plur. 681 
que Hdded by Fior. 31 Cnmb, etc 585 S^ria^ Tyria I^mb- etc. witt 
out caiiee, 586 guas Avano. for qua. 588 eedderutU Ver. Van. fbi 
cedderet ceci'iere et Flor. 31 Canib. 589 pctettm Nic Nice B com 
for poamiTTi. GOO Atfque Lach. for I<tque. iTtupie lAToh. in the additiooi 
to ed. 3. G04 S^fhilit el hurtc A Flor. 31 Cumb. etc Svbdtta «e Awm 
B A con\ Nic Nice. SuhdU ruhuc Inch. i:iiti>ditat hunc JunL Ijfttnk 
etc 605 eubtrftcta Nic Nice for tubstruciom 

608 — 638 are provt'd by Lach. to be quite unconnected with what 
precedes or follows. Juut and vulg. prefix tbis vetve JVunc ratio red- 
tfeiuia aVffmen ctir tifsciat aeqitor. 609 Nalnmm Aid. 1 Junt. first ftt 
J^alura. G14 fnlatf{/7neji. ad avtpnen Nic Nice followed by all mm, 
nnd eds. before Lich. 01& magnaitt sol Junt. fii'st for sot ma^am. 6M 
neqiioraf veittis Lach. for aerptora venli. aeqnora ponti Nie Nice vnlc 
perhnpe rightly, as the words are often confused i comp- i 376: «u 
T^ttis is somewhat avkward, 629 orbi Junt. for orbls^ orbe Flor. 31 
t'amb, Aviinc 632 maris B corr. Junt (not 3?lor 31) for magis. 69E 
^lede deddit A corr. for jj^de ttdit. 

641 me<Hvcri cUuh coortn Ifl. Voss. in ma. notes for media grecia dt 
cixiTta: a fine and certjiin corroctioiL media dc ijlade Vat 1954 Odioh 
viedia de clade 2 Vat. Pius Ju note's, Nauger. IjimU media quae dadi 
Avatic dia de eUtde Fab. K-acdadi de cla<U Bontl. before he knev 
Vossius' emendation. 642 Ffammea Heins. in ma notes for FlammaA 
648 dispiciendnm Nic. Nice for despicianbtm. 652 corrupted by Jnnt 
I^amb. etc G53 propositvm B corr. Ver. Veo. for proposittti- proposi 
turn est Flor. 31 Catiib. pfa»e B corr. Flor. 31 Catnb. for plani 601 
iiohia Junt. Lamb, etc for jnorhi which has come from 664. or6i Loch 
674 quifiti enl BcntL for qui risjts. qiiivis tU Hoins. in nas. notcR, and 
Ih, YiiBB. in ms. notwi, qui nort eat LnmlL eat ia eddol nfter ei by Flor. 
31 CamU 1 Vat. Lamb. 687 conlitiffil Flor» 31 Brix. for eoniigit 


690 Fert itfique HeinH. in ma. iiotes^ and L;icli. for Arf if^vc Fceitgiit 
Nic, Nice VertiUpj4 L*. Voae. in ms. ikjUw. 695 ivinn-b^t Flor. 31 Guub. 
3 Viit. f-jT rflttiii'rf.' a fiue correction, 697 ; aoo Cambr Juura. of pliiL 
1 |i. 40, vhero I aukl thnt at loiibt one vur^ tu boro lout : in tlie siuaJler 
ed. I jjropoacd a verse such an tbia, Fluctib"$ mhtij^ittH rim veiUi; in- 
irnrfque aft isto: wliich will sen'e to sliew tlie genefiU moiuiiiig. Loch, 
violi'utly i^cadfl jienilv^ jirrcocla in tiftertitm for jfHttt's rre coi/it afterlo. 
701 ^strike eniia Tnrneb. advera. xxu 10 Is. Vouk. in nw. iiotca BcntL 
fi*r ve^icfuL Tarnt'b, alim prnpoHcs and swina to |>re!er v^rlifffm wbich 
Ijinib. ed. Z adopts from Lim. rerfice item AUL 1 Jimt 702 quod, 
qUfOA Jiiiil I^inb. titC- wrongt^r see IacIl. Hi 01. 

706 iaeert Flor, 31 Carub. iJnx. fur inrerd. 708 iwni m^a FIrtr. 
31 Conib. for nainqite. 710 Ftri/fli- Aid, 1 Junt. for UCrrinw contigit 
ti {eii) 1a. Voss. in ma, not4» for coudtfite/- A, confioitc B, c<nif'oi/ce Nic. 
If ice. 3 Vat; a cortaiii conTction, conrio dictt Fior. 31 "1 Vat Aid. 1 
Uiitili. ed. 1 and 3. cottcio crfhU Caiub. 1 Viit. Jniit. Lamb. cd. ^. 
1\% f'tiffxi Flor. 31 Qunb, Vcr. V^n. ior flabro, 721 amm Junt. fi«i' 
oTdKM, 729 ei A 3 Nic Nice all Vat Bns. Ver, Ven. c/"* Flor. 31 
i**mb. Aid. 1 Junt Milg. lirfore L»cli. 730 jiiy// Jnut. lightly for quo, 
aa tujK follown; but as Jitnt vritcv it coni^ieudioiulyr uj otio bclbro 
Idcb. oilopted it 736 tl&cnithre LaniU for det^tkr^. 

740 qvofi. qiTO Lach. : I now thiTik liijn wrong, quod. . , nmiiCK id 
Flor 31 Aid- 1 Junt vnlg. before Wak. itomen itomis Gcrvjia. Tillc- 
berienai^: atie Ijaclu 713 iiemirjii Jniit, It^m-iiji oblikre Liich. for Jiejm- 
ffio obiitne. 746 suhalr<t(us Biix, Avanc. Naug*ir,^ 8"binitt'i{stfb»tr^mi) 
Vcr. Ven. for rubiratas. Arcrnijtt Ed., Averno^el J-ajiib.^ fur AceniL 
Lacb. iiiecrta at before n/orte; but the [fasi^nge he qnot<,'S iu support U 
n'»t more in imint than tlie one be cites iu fiirour of aril s^x in iv 303 
(327), the metre there ruling the order of the words. 747 h B. Utg A 
Xi(L Nice, acri stdpiire Salmnn. Heius. in lUH. not^^ la. Vosa. in ni8- 
uoten, Bentl. for 0m rutper: the roiulhiga of older editors are too absurd 
to misntiou. montea "B, vumtiit A Nic. Nice, which is probably wb^t 
Luer. Tvrote. For t/ii>tite9.,.attcti Heius. suggests ofettle9...n;/}-i. 749 
£$i et. Est ut Lach. iutolerant of H for etiam. 755 ojre si^JfivU Fa\. for 
iijfu4 f'fficil: a transposition of only two letU-rs: comp. ill 374, vi ibtiB 
o^icii I^ch. : a hai'tih and inadmias^blc olijdou : see L. Mueller de lU 
metr, |>. 264. loci hoc opMs Avftnc Lamb. 8f'n ri l*rinib. for vnnptt-. 
759 ai tint divia mai^u/n. siJU divia mtirf^iu" Liich. : an awkwnnl atid 
UDcallt^-for change: see iv U34. Jit seumd hardly I*aCiu, tbc struetiiro 
of the sentence culLitig for a snbjunctiv<\ 761 fj/iniit caneta l^ai^i. for 
^tati txiii^ii: perha|>8 erfit/jiL e ctrvniv Jiaui Fhir. 31 Caiub. 3 Vat. vnlg. 
lightly |>erbap& 762 hc forte hia Kd- for ne poffui. ue pods A coit. 
Kie. Nice. : perfaapa is ahould be I'etained. pvtfia Turueb. Pntt-ia Lanh. 
v^. PuUolania: a quite uucxampted form, and not I think suited to 
tbe context nt potius Flor. ?1 Camb. 2 Vat etc.: bencc LnuiU ne hia 
Orvi poiita. ns poaifa hiis Wak. 763 poai hiuc. ponta^ hiuc Jnut 
Lambb etc. 764 mferne lAmb. for itiferttn^ 768 nfiJM dti rt nyinc ijaa 
B, (/« r« om. A: hence omitted or li^ns^^toscd iu later mss. titi/itquc 
ipta de ra vnlg. 

771 ciho ^tae ««t/ Wak. liiiit for dbo e/pt/i smd. hoaiini qv/tc sunt 


fid. bt mftm 99iht;iamf%^d^e$mmmafttUtjmiA^mmt^mn 
IT #79; «Da^ flk> u ]«>4i. IT^Jl jdeaih BtOm, poHt^^ HgUh. 

Onk V«T. Ten. far IrMtm, 

Tag UW lirni AR 1 JuL fa «U<i fr^i. 789 b n^U^ 
bf Cknk iMh. GiC W>k. «Hk TW. Gkmk IacL rte. coeaoet U 
76& m #en LA«fc,«iL5fBrt fa*arM. TW il y wt )U4r% 
HcaridMCB lU fn^a. CoUcrp. |k 37 fa ^ ^ibmv; «piMHM« i^aitt 
in BHg. «f eod. Mj^tom- LacIl pvta this T^ns >Acr 801 and 
«(MH>M>t ttf Hffvcnetj: otd«r nvreMioQs uvoBwurthj of »o4 
M4/«(tfMf rUm. 31 C«mb, V«r. T«i. fa M^^0€mmL 79S 
IacL facwKltfr. 800«I^WBi«,«ii^Lbck.faf^bMrv#«/MK 
rv ioJu UmIi . L L ; ibe pange b my ^mbtful. 903 jjwi Fkn:. J 
C^mK JiuL ^ 1*7^. aH MM«m d»mmt Vat. 3t;6 Briz. Fins 
tvtA/i^ L K GroDoir, Ia^ fa atai^ rf oawini Jmn* Nic. Ni 
domitum Vcr. Ten. KviSfV. dvH* fW. 31 OmbU i V»t. 
dbwan* Jnnt. I& Vvn. hi a», nrjtca^ Jfadv. LL : ri^^j pm^tm. 
£ra AoiBflflnu X^mU /tmdior m ijiek fa^i witfiM «env A Kic 
/vrmtia /efvis B: tike roJiu^ b mant nn oertnai- fimda fibrU lAmU 
Ia ViMk iu ruA imb^ UiJt. perliapa ri^tlj. m^ dWniif ^ jWnu^ 
n«m« ZuiH W^, : [wrtiApa m. ifiMniu p. ^Arrtdii', ficrvv Tmm b rigbt. 
BOS tr«n Phu to nous, Luih, ibr vu\L 30G i/^-t Flor. 3L Oua\>. fa ^pMx 
fi06 sryvvtfi Flor. 31 CmvU ^r afyciito, ^13 auJuve FloT. 31 CbmK 
fa owA'rfL 81ii n/f^EMu [«c1l for oMUMtf. 817 npvtim R npfrta A 
Nic Nice. viUg, before Ijtck, aperiaytu Flor. 31, 

818 et eit LocK. eirer intolerant of H fa Vlwnw «ldl&W Pfa^ 31 
Cocrtb. fa 9ialii6vj, 629 /£. n< JurjL lAmb, vnlg. : ii mfaUns. 631 
Aie I^wlk fuf ii?^, riMfuofwr FJor. 31 CamK Ter. Vcir for iin^mivr. 
810 ^ clcArly B4>iiK>tLia^ u wt^lii^g to oouql-cI this verso vitii vhikt p 
ood«a> Lath, lubt proTred tbot A utw l«if< it* H2ud, of the urckcljr 
birgan hens: Jn ftii probnbtLitf theu one Wf Jkaxl dra[>ped out in thl 
liUoe, Lach- iuoerU four fngnieoU, Son viihi a fui^t^u ceninm nnl 
tfniflM o^nfum Jerva vox. AlcnaUm" _fiy;ti», Cmneracq-ua taminU^ 
fifiMwt TiiD tiiTtt (^rLiiiJy &ppi?&nt LucreLuui : wlifin* it aaa& in 
pfWfo. oAiLTiot W inid; tbe rcat &re vcrjr fbtuhtfisL 340 Qm0 U i^reCx 
to Fri^utiirF ill A, WM (i-«> ^wm) in B, C>/r by Ni«. Nioo. 811 Jiart. 
IauiU for Jrfdtt^ siTaut.a Flor- 3L CatuL for M/iu^ tfi ficwr AvancL 
end of CiiltillLiA for eirjva wliicli he ke[it iu Atd. I na did aIS edi 
b«fai] Xdneh. ^2 M^, propert Kk. Nitxr. Oamix Ter. Tun. vul 
fur Aoic* propria B Flor, 3L/vroj*na£ A- proprii Bern, rtboni I ft»llow 
in uroall od. furgvtting that Nic Nice., Le. P^ggio's uut iu all librJih 
bad prtf/fir*. S46 uf coeujutu Liimb. Cor tri n^euhJo, tk ^fjo 

951 r^ViiTt LajuU f\>r jmrtim. 657 ^</i<^ (si^fiar) AM. 1 Junt. 
«*/»*r, 658 Miitin VftV lyii* Otbob. riua in notM, TanieU advara. 
XXVI 13 for irtffAir*> tciwre C'ltmb. Avanc *o/ fiar* Nic, Nkc, wm^ 
Flor. 31 JiHit 'hi¥iit lUnw 662 A'ftni Lnmb. Tunicb. adv. xivi 13 
fa Pura. (Kjiet LkL Tor ^^nf/. 864 wttlrig Aviiui:. at cud of C&tulU 



JiuiL JW unf^H* 9Gfi ptnitus l^cU- for ^oniitis. evlCus AM, 1 Jimt» 
volj^ 8QS (I0jia« TjioIl iifl^r Bi^e for tfxtids: LnmK Uto QoticcQ it in 
n^C«i. «(t/)Or0n Lanttj. for vaporrtn: a nt^oosjuirj change, tlioiigU Bixlv 
mUp hwd ra/y^f-f-/^ 870 j^Wn&i WaU. for M«Cfffi(«, * elegonUT ct Ttire' 
■■J* Lftch. 677 IHiiiiUat Caiul>, for UemUfaL 878 tujiL^ue Vat, 32TG 
tnot Flcir_ -Tl) AlJ. 1 CftiicltdiiJi at eml of Jnnt for «o6a5j«tf, morowpje 
A porr. twnoflr/i/e FlwFr 31 Cumb, 3 VuL Junt. 

879 Frit/vhu Fl&r. 31 CamU Ver. Yen. for Ft-igtit, 867 ^'oa Ua 
9tuliii la. yL>tt. In ma, ii(jtt?t Jirr iVtm t'^ff inMLiAa: Hkirxi^h Havero. kutrw ^tf 
Miin^ n**ilbt'T he nor hnj.- pclitcir Ijtfrtre Lfloli, iiilo|jte>l it, Xon Innt tn^ 
Nic, Nice, tVurt tow Wflti vul^, 888 i'ritptrrea Lach. for /'rrtpfcrffa. 
690 mari^ Arttilifin^ Bfltn. Luch. ibr intf^rvt parol fifiit. a ceitiiiii ootv 
rertiiin. o^ A nml B have p-lcIe thie heading ' d^ fimt^ iim'li in mrtr*,* 
Mori Arndia /orts la Vote, ru ms- iioU* wia^T t/pirtif JimJi F]<»r. 31 
Uanlx cUs. 8B3 ;'TV;rirr( Kl<>r. 31 Caiiil*. Juut. f/r pttieter. 894 iJuhie 
ilw- 31 Caitib. V«r. Vl-il for (f^fA-if, 686 f/ity Lamlj, for *;Hff. 8fi7 uit( 
m fsi^~ o'TK/rff 1^ Vons. iu ina nrtteh for irwf iiui/'da rorjwrn- in /^/a 
MMB cfrporrt Aid, t JuiiL 398 f^ituL Flon 31 Cunjb, etc. for qi^i. 399 
faflmfiV Bern, for Un^^ntfs. tcpcidia l^icb. 907 ^r;jM IS corr. Ftor, 31 
f^nb. for tap^L 908 <;'u^;;i B ctjri'. Fltir. 31 Cuiub. fur <^uam. 909 /f. 
«tr Xit Nice Flur. ;U viil^, ■ pariim Ijitioo* says Lecli. : hut it is I 
Uiiiik d^fcti^ibk^ tv. giving their laoiivv^ uot tliu poot'a iufcrooco: ciimp, 
III lUO JJamtuiiiam Grai quam dtt^tiiU, ^toU /uciai not, trrtus. Oi-tu 
l^nh. U 11 3Sr. 912 Quirique B mn: FJi>r. 31 for Q'ui fjr^ii«. 913 
d«Mi*a« LflOib. Grrt, far ^/muau. 916 yj^rm/ijin-fl/^r Flor. 31 Cttinti. fi»r 
pm^mngier, jwrvUol Tuiiieb. adv. xxvi 13 i^ciiLL fL>r pcrv(det. Q35 

9S7 tf£*Tr( Fkir 51 Camh. ffir c-Z/ir*. 941 Tinetum ct\r}ivs Bri.T. (not 
Fk>r. 31 1 for ct^Atu inU/um. 942 uifjiei-^pe Lnoli. for atijjerntx- 954 f^rt//t 
IjKilk fut &ifl/i\ cw/i Kii\ Nico. cuJ/t Brix. Vcr. Vt'tin Avunc. Naiijfcr, 
Wak. orjTjjrtj JuMl. UwiiU ed. 1 aud £. corii Flor. 31 Canjl". 3 Tflt 
lAmb^^eil 3. S55 [953) reiriprfttafrM . . eottrtn^. Avanir. full owed hj Nunger. 
Lunb. etc rightly fnr icmpps/oicm , , cuoi'ta. tampataii in . . cji'>i'Ui Likcii. 
IM (957) ^i^re B Vimiiin fnig. A corr, Flor, 31 CamU iJl Vut, in rfl 
Xif. Tfifv^ ttUicli ia tlie •luiuf tMiii;. Liiriie. A p. ui. caiiaeJ Ly ramotoCf 
ftM aa I^ch. iayi beCArjs>.' tlii^ iirchei)']xt hud both iure und iiirrr which ho 
nBttdn Afid J roikd Id my eiajiit ed. 957 (953) 1 bavG jilficcd ht-To; rightly 
M sll trill »Ilovr wbo f^ompare 1006 sqq : ii?i) Camb. Joum. of ]jhil, 1 p. 
41. iMh. tnott a>vkwjii\Uy puU it after i)4T- Bern, rebiias It iu iba 
phee aMd reads E tfPipestate in. ^coi>rtitit,..retm}Uu: but retiiotai clpArly 
Mungs «i l«7npcj£a^- 956 rara n^rpvri tkj»4 Lach, fur mi't^ oor^joro 

d6^ *J Flor, 31 Camb. etc. for ipio. 964 7*/^ addai hy Fl^r. 31 
ALL 1 Just Rdrufhut niu<fticU A\'auc'. a.t uiiil of i.'atulL a^lc ^j'/nrt^ru 
lUairv^' Natigcr, 965 iiqut^fit. liqaest-ii YixL GlO Uibin. Vcr. VcU- 
AU- 1 JunL LmaU 'liqucM^l. a^ Hi^tna. iu iiih, notnt ; but ou t)dd 
ad. Modii nee in trod net ion p. 19. 971 972 aiabrnnia^ r/rumi r<-re irf nw;- 
itri' HrKfHM' Qn^.—^tiMTiu jTimdeat eifti LooIl for ambrottias /jHoai iv^ 
tf nfii^nt ii/ii:Ui^ QtLH. .nmnua /rvmie ac rxsrfU A, exCH B Vioiiu, fragliL 
Sir Nice : urrunvu' Flor. 31 Cd-Uib. 2 V^t. : t];ts brillijuit ornvJidaUon 

90 SOTEfl I 

Buporaedca oM former and later attempto. 973 amaracinum JunL fint 
for TiutrfvnnunK 077 hieurula Cambh Aid. 1 Juut. GiC for eiuat^ A, 
tiiutula B. ioctmda Fli>r. 31 2 Vat. muw/a 14'ic. Nica ret muitda 

986 987 <dh, alioque, aVo. alia, alifujue, alia LamK 068 960^S& 
996 (996 997). QQl (992) ^i^»t> Wak. Lacb, for ir^v. %hu Plor. 51 
Comb, Aid. 1 Juut perliffua I^mb. 997 (990) fir«t placed here I7 
Lamb, not Wnk. 

1001 peUicial vim Flor. 31 Camb, etc. for pdiciatun^ B, peWueohni 
A. 1006 /crri F!oi-. 31 Camb. for /nre, 1007^ ^itqm Nanger. forjft 
v£ 171/i. 1009 ex addtxl by B corr. Flor. 31. ^tffc CauiK 1011 nolBra 
e« Wak. for luUurae, 1012 Tyfoc/ f/icv, t&jf« ex di^n^nlit Ed, for fwnf 
dicihfr tx ehtnentU. quo ilucitvr Lach. which I do nut uuderatandr 
tjnoil paido dixtTtirta tinle Lamb, vildly. qvod ducUur, [ce lUemertlii] 
livvn. 1013 e/erro B Ciimb. Avanc te ferro A. ie ferrt Nia Nice 
whfMCe refsrre Brix, Ver VeiL tfe/erro Flor. 31 Juot, valg; before 
l^ck 1018 e Flor. 31 Camb. for eL ex Ver. Von. 1020 piagi* Flor. 
31 Cumb. ioT pl'tij'd. 1022 1023 not a letter u to bo changed: out j tlie 
Htop[iing is to bo mended, item. vUx Lach. iuvatur. ix^v^ur LecL 
Wak. has been milled by a bhtnder of Havorc. 1025 tnagit Camb. Vtf. 
Ve[i. for vt'tijnis. nifi'jis tocus Flor. 31. 1026 (1033) firet placed hen 
in Aid. 1 and Junt 1027 (1026) Aer a tcrgo AhL 1 Junt for ErrU 
erffo. 1032 (1031) Pi^rvm. Frivas Gif. PrittMB Lamb. ed. 3. 1033 
(1032) v^nim Tma for rcniU. 1040 ilte I^L-h. fur t/^o B Vieuti. fnf.: 
om. A Nic Ificc Cumb. etc. CE/^r£« Flor. 31 Jiint. Tulg. u^ue Wak. 

1047 ah «i7,ra Lncb. for a saxo. 1059 Et I^eh. for j1/ B A 00m jf(2 
A p.m. Ac Nic Nico, Flor. 31 Camb. vulg. 10G2 Intendnupie IacIi. 
for Iiiler ulragqrie. 1084 eiim Aid. 1 Jnnt. for eiim. flitmiite Nia Nif^c 
Flor. 31 all Viit.Brix. Ver. Ven, fur/wmtna. J!nmina sftxi Wak. 1067 
niiifflftritcr Flor. 31 Avanc Naugcr. vulp. for aUtguJariUr: com|>. 1088 
copfnta p.m. c&ptdnfa corr. iH^tr sinffilfarker L/ich.i a moat unrhytlim- 
lod vei-se. ajtla Flor. 31 Oamb. ate for nptarrt. 1068 diV/m Aid. 1 
Junt. tiir vide, cofescere Latli. for eooleecerc. cotdtsrere Nic. Nice. Flor. 
31 3 Vat 1069 uito l^ck for nrm, as in 1074: bnt Junt I^mK etc^ 
(hei^ road ftnti: uno is not I tliink certain. 1072 aqiiai. in aquin 
Aid- I Jnnt. vulg^ "UTongly; conip. i}^"! and 8Gd. 1077 efuere B cinr. 
Vionn. frag, fur eiitere 15, f?/Hrcrc A Nic. Nica 1078 ^loti auro re$ Faber 
cm- for no/i rea auru B, ren ftnr^ A Nic Nice 1079 Aeri<fxt& nta LnntK 
txci'lk'ntly for Aennj\ie. 1083 pmeAtal B Avniic. IJcutL rcilfU A Nic. 
Nici'. viilg. 1080,/^Vr; Flor. 31 Ciimb. etc, ioxfiiri 

1001 tfiidim 1* ooir. Aid. 1 Jimt. for crnd^tu. 1099 *a^rtns^riM B 
AM. 1 Jiiiit. iiifri/ieictts A Nic Nice c(c. 1100 cottrtnc l^jch. fur 
oioria. 1101 pj'torent. jnUroft-in Njinger. L.itiib. etc. 1108 Itritlanni 
VA. for BritUmiiU. JiriUiniunii I^inib. 1109 cdore Flor. 31 Vat 040 
Urbin. Aid. 1 Jnnt, for Cfl/ort: so 733. jMm>c/a5»« ««c/fl cn^t^rv Vat 
3370 BHx, Nnuger. I^LUib. 1115 Af'ji/pfa Flor. 31 Jiiot for Argypta, 
Artfftpti Nic. Nice. Vor Vcn, bonce A frfyptl in mcdro Avanc 1121 Ut 
Aid. t Junt for Ve. 1122 ijnuiilut a.ulurb'd Flor. 31 C^nmK Btix. for 
fjnf<VU}it cifiiturbfU. Q^tadnujitaa gradifits conturlaa Nic Nice. Ver. Ven, 



1124 rrtlif4tiqit^ Flor. 31 CamK faf rtiittt^t^t. 1133 bfr2niii!7»t» Flor. 
91 for ciriftfnK6iu, tatarit^tg Nic. Nice, old yds. 113S W/^w Avan^, fi>r 
riCnK iftin> Ni<^. Niocn riiiuFior. ^1 (JiLinb. cUtrnicm BcntL forcfrf'fim.p- 
4ttm: iH) llllJ nud 1121 : a>mi/>tuin Leliig a mere glosSf thoi^^^li reud b^ 
Ikirliintfl lie uat rur 3^^ roortum Ijwli. inipiiruuL to. t:*>U)nihluii« ft;i. 
Ijunhi, CT-NpMl/iffi joint ciuond. of LajuL Tumub. aud Auiutuo. <Mri«|7- 
Iffri LfunK edn 1 uud Wjik^ 

1136 morii/vr itatCua ]VlHcnil)> Kat. TI 3 7> Aid. 1 Junt. Lafiih. for nwrr- 
i^tr n*." tlii^ likst lp'Hk*r»4 liiiviny ilrtipjwd onL rrivrtifffr tn^r Jjiiinb. m 
BOtaik fruirti/ir'ti Vati\K viortC /I'mi Lnch, who ik tlion iJriwu to 
nvd in 1141 vtoj^rfnt fur 47F-frw. *'fcr«( A^imc. 1139 i'r* Vci-roj/m Mjicralj. 
L L f1<*r- 31 OamU iTiiiit for wi Cecojn't. in CfTfjitiA A 4^orr. N[c. 
Nioc- rtA Kiiiihu^ tWn'/>iifi Liiiiili, 1113 oinntii LilcIi. o/'frii Avanf, 
for <pwiivm A Nio. Nico. Q^nm B^ amrt<.'fl Undc Junt., (tin/tt^ Intfa 
!icii- Nrtiiger. lamU <?U:. 1147 afriiff, «£/-w Vat. ^UO Urbiii, Aid, I 
JoEil. Uiiiili. rtrM/ ni!H. of Miifroh. vi 2 llSfl turn luTdivl by Wale. 
fcfl4*r prvrtMiri- Flr>r ^1 Vtr, Vetj. rulg- nttd «f btli>ro of^Lna.' i»orlia|ift 
rifibtty. 1165 foiiun AIrL 1 JnaU for ei?/rW, 1167 'imtt. cum A coiT, 
Nic. Nice, viilg. bfifrm Lacli. 1171 VfHrrf- in rUilU/Uf^n IjLinb. for lYf^ 
t^tl niilUatffut: but Lt^ rmiJ^ al.40 ^iwmjC aud siiggvsl^ 'fuifupuirn m 1170 
viLhuut oaiisOi at tvitfum Lucb. for cu/ ivniitin wbiuh tbt oldur Lditctni 
k«i» BJid c-mitct Willi vliat follo^rn yj-H/or« Flur. yi Cwub. for /rifjore. 
1174 (1178^ bniught liL-Hi fillet Uy NnugiV,: plaiwl aft^H' 1171 hy -hmt 
ttfmpiiia Flor. 31 C'nmb, for nym/ihis. 1176 (117fl) mcrsaits A Nic Nice. 
clc^ inerruTu B, w/cjifla/^ Vioim, frog. aoPn to Elicu, Miia. n. f. xv ^. 
iCJ, iriur^im Bcni. : but dwirly Dfl rejwiiag b a lunm cToricH.1 viittv- 
1176 1 1 177) "I'lA. ni?ia. of Mflcrob, vi 2 13, Unt. f^^vJnnr^. USD iinlentiiL 
mottif. ac rmiUia irMftU Lo-tik. : a fine, but not 1 ihiak beceuuiy eLuoad- 

1166 wpirittjx Mticrt>b. Flor. 31 Cojtib. fpr tfjtfrUuFji, 1187 fi<flior. 

hiiiior nopi of Mn^mb. vr S 11 for *imnm. llBfl rnu^iui ni^i of Mfter, 

I. L Arnnc, for m-nta. fuffwi Jiint. for t'wtff^ titaititt mfia, of Mai^r, 1195 

«■ OT" tfiie^i Ed> fur inorclim^fl B Vioun, frag* inh&reluirtf. A. inJtoitr^ 

iani Xic Niofi.: tho »i?f in tht^ comnion ciirniptir>Q of tb(? old lenuinjitioii 

■*!/ vump. lii M^ for cof^ff* aod lllfU; ao : 84 risi. Tritnat, u G3ti j(f^ 

«Mi ff#, nWttwi IaiqU for' rw^ifrn. Du^fuStt^fne kt^rroi ritftus Vat. 3376h 

.'..l,.-r-^p^T« rt'^^iuHt Lacli. Bi'kr llulgetsiua. *n/iorrtbut riituin Lfioib. in 

'Tj* r^riu Nonius. ft^n/« tt/.inrft/U HeinH- in ms. jiotes itnd Ijaeb- 

j.PF f'jJfl ff**&flf. f^p//i wiA-iAnl Nio. Nic<\ hufn vuvihat FIcir. 31 Camb, 

i V»L *<v^( VHinA'nl Nonius B corr. Vat, 3ii76 : noo Camb- Joum, of 

tibiL I ji. il74. 11(16 ii'rjiffl Lncli- for ri-jida. pugt tiHm. jjorti iitrttti 

lAxaXx pfiifitTttti Junt- 1199 iAr^" Ed. for 'it fM: 'hfi Iwcimft firat i""?/, 

.' Mf- *<^e n. to 11D5. Wji Lach, without foroe. 1200 t^/cmi«tf 

a^JWr Thui^didea for Vtc^rribim: i a.od I confuauil aa in 500 otJiur 

ftir 1271 rVt'miiM', y i/f;r-nfiiis A poit. Nic Nice, vulg, herci as 

WftlL in both pIn<?i?H arguufi for ?»isrmftT«; bni A aod B IICC hftd 

£1 ^iniAT pu'^ifff*,- 1141* S'lN/rwn* et i^c^r^nti; V 0B5 fiiptr viiartU 

frtra, <TVvriu A corth; IV 1006 rit7W cjiiw*, Ulcim A corr.: tbus Iji every 

fAuw whrre the word oiMura in L«]er.j mir si^hi onglriftl uulliurity Biibsti- 

UUd i fi>r /' tliis may Si>]:rij to bbcw on what a.iuiJy foiiiidntiond Wft^ 


scms I 

LotUHk wheti he mointAiiu uKere Mnv^UHi umomn ngiunet eGrUcctitint o| 
laccn irt/mib^irrn A^ni&n itcen^ and n handrail suchlike caw:*. 1205 v''' 
lAUib. £br cu^. 1212 At« Bru. Junt, Tur irV, t« Fli^r, .11 Cauih, i'»fe« 
«rpvif Lhmb. for incutfwnvl. 1217 «a;;VDT^ Ltich-. exirtt Bnx. f<jr egccino^ 
1319 ^iih'A ssJibfu MwTob. VI 3 U, Bri:t. JuoL 1230 ««; Crwii 
MacrJ, 1.. Bnx.AvuLC.fbtnfT^ iiecyt/rtto Flor. ill Gobi b. 2 Vat. Juul 
9ttc nortibit Lnmb. Jifc ivoxia Tl Vr«A. in ma. Doterd^ H&itia. in ma 
uotea who ^ko pivpos«e n^r? iJi^rfia. 1S31 ExfU/nnt l^ch. firr ^.rio^jd 
A, Eitibaiit B, Kj;u!^4i Nia Nice 1335 in my siiitlII cd, I placed M 
fui'tt 1 235 ; 1 still Uiiuk tlub Uie port's wai'ds wuuld tiieruE><r be iT^dorcd 
more cooaeonLlve ; but I now g«e ttuit 1-35 should uot Im> severed frui^ 
1234, Lucr liaTUig iniefippraLeiijHjd a eentence of TUucyJides: I hiivi 
t1t«r('foE'o noYf left 122^ in its place^ us ui imjierlVci li'dj^eiit, nil tliii 
liiat, j»art iif tht putni IrtfiTig jnTLuiTeatJj in a very iiniiuished cnnJitioD, I 
1234 ifiintti-b'ti B rightlv. imict^it A- vtiUeUtt Nit Nicc- wh«iicJ 
much cn[>r. 1235 ^tpi^ FLor 31 Cwnb, Brix, tor npUcit. 1337 (134SJ 
ptacod here by DculL diler TLucyd. ; Juul. L&mlj. etc. put It aSU;i 124S 
(1241). 1239 (1338) rwer* Flor, 31 Cnmb. for vtA*^e. 1Z41 (1240) 
j;W>iiAf£i Tamob, ap. i-iuib, for /"o^NTftw* oi (i. e. f'venib. aO K, /"^^^niiiuf 
H A Nio. Nice ftc^-. comp. v 1071. 1242 (1241) ijicurla Floe, 31, I'q 
cteria Bria:. Vei; Vcu. for tncura. 1Z47 ouu or mora veraes are e 
denfl^' lost Lcre, nr the paaangi? was lofl in »n aiifiniblied KULtft 1249 
lectuTti Jaotn fur ini^t^ftitu, 1260 *«<>?■&«* Fltir. 31 Cftmb^ for vtf)r6c>> 
1259 At ^/ r« is »Kr^/'or Ed. for ui tt^ria ntacn/rU. ia wu nb^o 
by ti'jrljs: then •r/uifrvfU wiis writtexi fc*i 1111 up tbe vvn& 1300 C' 
jlvadt, Z<myus'uE. C^n/fwj.'^^ 'a^, Lacb,: a Tiolent alt^t^^D. 1262 oin- 
j»^ia6drkJ. oom^ebiif JuuL fornfjiehaid Lamb, for oowH^haiU. ^ondetatti 
A ticnr. Nic. Nji^c tic ojtlu LiLcb- fur af-vftur- ttf^gfrm Uo#trvi;r J^f^«m 
ijo entirely with the woitIs of Thucydidea, tliHt T e-m incli^ied lo think • 
vcne hit6 fullen out such a& guo motpt atHitu Cvr'Jfciriifit «'>m qvI, aett\ 
Jiint Bei'ii. 1294 /)rofra<?to Lacb. for prostrala: Wak, ivuds ftl/ii^id f>j 
«fra£i£ ill l-OS^. 126& HK:p6f tC Ver- Vmi, fov bicffbanf. lacchtint Hie. 
Nice, with 1 writt^uoTtT f. hence, iFhi]^ Flor. 31 Caiub e'e. ke^p tow^rtr, 
Vor^ Vgu. wliich ueuully adiioru to the oldvi' ttixt of Nic Nico., ba 
the corrected reuiiing- 1371 Ui''<^i-ih^s Iamb, firat for Vlc&iHtu*. Vi 
ifTTL^jur A furr^ Nic. Nleo. Fkw. ^1 (J^iuik all Vjit.: LacIu BeparateH 1209 
from tb*- coutext by [ ], 1274 iinufbaul Cmnb. Bris. ^"ulg, ktrmantbnt A, 
vtajteHl B, te/if^tnat Ltnh, 1270 (^tio piuJt li. Vottd. in ms. notea, ^X'ilIc. 
haah. U\tc puts A Nic. Nko. Camb. 2 Vat, Brix Vci-, Ven. t>uo 
^^i£j B Vierm. frikg. Ijimb. Vt pnuj Flor, 31 2 VuL Aviiiic. jit end o 
CittuU. CrL^och. Ur /»"s i Vnt. Aid. 1 Juat> 'Lucrcttt ing^uhim pa-' 
rum cugtiovcrunt qni profopbiul priim' saye I^ch. : yet tho cTs r^r 
^XPvrTo uf Tbuc. II 52 dpciJtd Htntogly in Htvour of B oud Lamb.; cooijk 
Virg. AoTL IV i*H piorttm Mt-d jtrioivm Vat, Pid etc, 12S0 frfjii 
Jighf^ rcpfiMtxt A Nic. Nii^c. Flor. 31 Camb. 3 Vat. i^U-. 12dl 
apMHMi added by Ed. cimpantHm Lach. <y>fiAffY«/fj Flor. 31 Camk 
Mdbre^ Juiit. liamb. etc ai^ei-^JMi rr, (>Ji]r7trrfuFf» Avnno, 1282 roi nJh 
iia ti Cauib, Vat. 1 13G nri<l 1 \}5i titJioh, for wiihiUx ft A, fuh'fA fit H 
r«t nt^tta* «f Iiftcb. (t« n<Aj/4 ^l Flor- 31 \nL <U0 Urhiii. Aid, 1 Jubk. 
lAtnU mart tu^iin d hvtn, l^Bbjiucs Vior, 31 CaiaU fur^uw. 




Jebomk in his additions to the Eusebian chronicle liaa these wordM 
TilHg Lttcratius poeta ncucilur qui poaiea amatorio pocuto in farorem 
twma, cum aliquot lihrot per irUcrvatla inmniae conacribaiswe, quoa 
poatOA Cicero emcndavU, propria m manu intcr/ecU aimo aeioHt luv- 
DcHutns in his life of Virgil writea thua according to Bcifferscheid 
8u«toiui reliq- y. 55, initia aelatis Crtmonaa egii \yergiliu$\ uaqn^ ad 
*»n£flm togav^ qucar^ XT a^no Tuitali mio accepit istUm illis conrulihus 
iierum dt*obtt* quihus orai ntUta, etwiitque ui eo ipso die Lucretiuji poeta 
dauderA If this ho tra«, Lucretius died about the idea of October 
V. C. 699 in the second consulship of Pompej and CrsBsus. His birth 
then Toukl &I1 to the year 655, But the passage of Jerome is aa&igned 
to oL 171 2 h^ Scaliger and moat of the older authorities as well as bj 
Hcanmsen Abh. d- saecha. Ges. ii p. G77 and Reiflerscheid I L p^ 36. 
Haa alone in his edition of the chronicle^ script, ret, colL viTi p. 3G>% 
given it to the year 655 : on what authorityf loei-e conjectiire, I icar^ in 
order to adapt it to the account of Donatns^ though in hia preft^^ he says 
that this part of the chronicle has been entirely changed by the help of 
many Vatican mas- Kowevcr that may bo, whether Jerome or liis 
copyiita are in &nlt, 655 must I thiuk be right; for no one who baa 
r«ad vbat so many scholars have written on the question, Joseph 
Scaliger, Ritachl parorgon p. 609—638, Mommsen I. I p. 669—693. 
Roffencbeid L L p, 363 — 425, and others, will doubt that Jerome's 
additioDA are serrilelj copied from the lost portion of Suetonius de riiia 
iilnatribns, nor feel much less confidence that Donatus^ accotint comes 
abo ftom tho same source. These are the sole circnmstaacea recorded of 
his life ; nor is anything whatever known about hts family : indeed the 
only other instance I have been able to find of the cognomen C 


KOTDi n 

Htiocled to tLo nojne of Lacrrtiua U A vi?iy doiillfiil one 
Mnininsea's inacr. r^. N«ftpol. LuT^ IC-lS ' Dortevpnti in aUMliban 
rputooiii-* Ati SuetouiuH uwk grent piiiiB iu EeHrcluug crat Uio 

original autbci-itie? for &1I Jus stAtemcntA, tli^ TadA menLjoneJ 
ereu if Boraewhjit coloured, xnast be Ai.NN?ijjt*il an tjoe IU tb© w^*'"^ 
LacLeuiidd obacrrcs p- 63; the more so tkat in Febmarj of ih« ^tiw 
TOO Cicen) writoe to hia brother Cjuiatos u 11 tlie weU-knovn aaaHr&M 
£«/f«fi« pomaala vt KribU iot funC cet. lliis is tlie otil/ oro^on on 
wliict te evtr nientiona tht poot'a hAtDG, and it |>mvfla that fnnr montJu 
(tfter the (leuth of Lucrttina li* und his brotior QtiinlUfi had rcivd tho 
poem whiobf its ire buw in tLc JntraLluctLoa lo jjot«« I. couM itut L&vtr 
be^a i>ublifilicil in the autLor'a lifeiunc- Now this wcjq^ too abort a 
iJiuo for the Cic:L?E-<a to h^ve reoA and to be vriting ftboiit Ibe vork. If 
ji^tlier or tlieiiJ bad Iini nuvtbiiiL; to do irlth [>Tp|iariag it fur puLiIicutiQU. 
But to wbicb of tho tvo l^v^them do^ Jercmo otlitilol in Latin or 
English wbeD Cic«w or CffiAftr ia mentlonHl, if iIictg ih tiotl*ii^ rUo 
to det^riiutiL' vliu U u|i(iktiti of, tlm orator or iLe dit'tstor Ih [latuntlli 
imjttipil; ami Jiniioo in a dL^zco cf hia aJditioiia t«i the I]a»u)iu 
dirrinielp thus flf'tiolfe Aliir^tbt Btit K^IIl I^icbtDAlin Rud Benu^ 
dccidir that Qiiiulrus muat be iu?aiiL^ 'iu re noti^ hu;~s the it»ni 
'nihil opue fuit at Ciccrooia pntcuouicn porcrvt, cviu Dcmo jj 
Qitintimi intoll«gfiL<tuni e^e.' But vhy it should he a m oohi 
Jcroiae uudhia coiit«mponLrti^ or even to Suetootus 1 coiu^'jt «r«. 
Jerotuo fpiiod Quintas in his origioal, he must hure od\\ed it, nor wovil 
Suetonius bimftfdf have r>iuittetl to pxpr^H \L Nor can I percrive t1 
lM«t iutcmol probability ia fivoitr of l^uintus; who iu th'Hw tc 
months louEt hare bwn thinking m^iro of ttt urt wf var than Iho *rt 
pootiy; for in ibo Bommeir of 700 Ire was %btiug at Cftsar's IcgBto 
(Jaul ond Britain- And wLj ehoulit not Marcaa bo the cditorl he does 
not fl|ippflr to liflve been veij acti\-t'ly employc^l during thfiro months; 
and mcirooter he waa one of ihoycj busy men vrho always Gml tim<> f^i 
any froeh work tbcy aro caltt-d np>a t^i do. It tarty bci-n a drij 
roqiTPst of iJje poet*<; fiir it is more tbn.T» likely from what lie s-iy 
MemmioA tltat he would look ou Cicero with odinirsljon oiid 
him u the tflWour of Lis country. Cicero's Tirtues and ahilitiftt 
jufit of the sort tn exi'ito the loye and wonder of a retired «tiidcot| 
is mtiK A].ii lb pixicticc to OT^rmtc than undervaluo thow who iiro 
gngnl Ui tn^ive lifo, *hat«Vor his epeeulatit'o a^otiiaenta may he. 
h(UX' we OTB not left *jlely to cnnjertni-ft : tht* many imitations we find to 
Lu<^it^Frii4 of thf few hundred estant Sine* of Cifjci'o'a Aratca pn>rgi, Hu 
at it njight h^vc hvr*n (.-ij^ooU'd, tliat hp fcrftted upon thi^ trniulnlioa 
out; of his pt>eLica] luulila. Cicero, though heseL smAll >IirrV(>n Epia-nj 
and his ^yrEtirtD, was on terms of intimate h-icu^lshlp uith iho h 


^Mcnreuu U.>ili Grvtk mad RomAn : to one of diom, l^iUviomn^ a» it 
10W a;pftai% frtna tbe Htf^nlmtfuri frugmetiU ivoeuily pultlUhol. vo 
be vsfl gnatlj iovkUc^ in hi* <le nfttxw ikonnu^ And if Luoro- 
qnite onkiKnm to him, a vt>Td from Atticua or ^reu tro:» 
vonlc'JkaTe made him UDdertdke vhat voulJ seem ao ^ight a 
ta^ to a man of his laboiioos and enei^gciic hibiio^ The jvom mu>c 
bra beat gmat to the vorld exacili' as it t»3 l^ br the author, vith 
aadung «H]d«d or taken from it to all apiv^r^nce. If Cicerv then T^iti 
t£lcr, be probahlj pot it into the handf of ^ome of his own Amanuenses 
tr tnlnutod it to the lai^ copying establishment of Atticn^; and he 
■Aj faaro Bptfit only a few hoon in kioking orer it or hearing it re^d <<> 
Um: hia name rather than his time waa pn^bdUy wanted by the frieiida 
9t Locvethu, All thU would of course W the idlo»c guei^g-work. if tc 
were not for the express ftuitemetit of Jen-me, that U of SuetLiniu*, tlu\t 
be waa editor; a eUtemeni which ia in some meosurv oonttnnetl hy the 
jomgET Plinj episL ill 13 whi> thus writes to his irieiid rrtvuliis, 
Ptiif tU libtUot tu4H in $ceef^ ir^nt examis^riifjiit an oUfhn*' fSnt tiit/ni^ 
adkibet prnxe, tulfe^as fxemplum; rv^aj rtujm Ht niiqtiitf ^ttbttfriri tfin- 
fona Khuliia mfit ttthirakam, impfrtia/H tuU: atlici^ M. Tu!^inj» mint 
Iffiiyiiffiilg poefartim tNi/enia jhri^te. The fjcfM^iimu in qiier^tiou nmr 
vtQ haTc been the poem of Lucretius Proftvsor Setlar Roman ]x>eta of 
(he npoblic p^ 203 though not incliued to admit tho editoc^iip of 
Ckero^ jct argutt that Jerome must be «|teiLkii]g of Maroii& 

However this may be, it is certain i^ikough tlkat the })oem wns given 
to the woild curly iu the jrear 7t)0, and iu the unfinished state in wliioh it 
vaa left by the author: indeed I bftntly like to ^aj how ptr^^n^ my 
R>|ncdoaa, eren my conrictions arc, that many of the mc^st mauiiCAt 
Unoden in tbe poem as we now have it, appeared in the voiy drst 
edilioa of it whether from deugn or inadvertency. It is not eusy iu 
any other way to explain tbe agreement of MacrobiiH and NoniuH with 
the ATohetype of all exiating manuscripts in nu\ny iudUptitjtblo a^niijv- 
tioDi- Tbe itory of his modncsa has been e^iiiuincd by Prot^ Sellnr 
L L pb 300. Whether there is any truth in it or not, it uAiniot bo 
doubted that it was already current in Suetoniits' time; yt^t few uill 
denjr 'that it would be strange if bo remarkable a poem h.-ul been 
written in the lucid intcrvnU of insanity/ This ]x>em wss desigtit^t tii 
be a oomplete exposition of the phj'^ical fiyatein of li^plcururt, not for llio 
nke of the system ituelf, hut in oi'der to fi^ee the mindu of men fi-rnn 
tbe two greateat of all ills, fear of deeth snd fis^r of the goils, Ity ex- 
Tdmining to them the true nature of things. So fur bo followed in tho 
sttpa of hia master who with the sumc end iu view oompusi'd auimi^ 
many other worka one cntitJed wtpl ^utriuv in 37 IxKikd, of whiefi 
lODe wretchedly scanty and incomplete fragments have becu inib]l^ic:l 

in tLe HercuJAtiean rolmiies. How mndk LucretiiiB rub indebted 
Uib litrger wurk niay bo gaLlier^d from tl)<* letU^ra trf E]]i(Miru>< presei 
in the ^Gnih W>k of Di<»gvnca Jjcrtiua which ^ve h brief eptbooic of bi* 
system itud have be«ii so Inr^'ly it^d in thu Ctinmi^ntaTy, The poet'i 
veoemtlDa for hia l«H:licr w-mild coofltrniu iiim ti> borrow fnjm biiQ hi" 
mattpf; Lia manner and atjie u<e aJtf^^cther ditT^^t-ent Xc Lucretia» 
tlitf tnith of his |>hi1naopliy yns a]l-im|v>rtAnt^ ta this the gnc«B of hu 
poetiy ^«re maile JLlto^ther aiiU^rdimtte^ To ua 'm the ott^r hand ths 
truth jT fidbohood of his eyatefn ia uf exceedingly little concerQ except in 
^i far aA it \s thereby tvndered a better or warr«i< Tehide fur tronvejiug 
tlie beaittie* ti{ hk laagoage and the ^rucea of faU poeticcd cormeptiotui. 

Is then tlie epipurcui system w^ll or ill adftpt^xl to thsM puqvwnl 
Aa n poet cnn scarcely be the inventor of a new sj^stnra of pbii(iMiph;Fp 
Lucrciina could hurdlj help adopting aomo oae of tbono which wcr« ihon 
in vogn« ; if not the opicureaDt then the ncndciuioal or pcripatt^dGal or 
stoioaL To conatruct a poem out of i!Jth«- r>f tbn) fii^b twn with fl« 
barreu ti>goiuai:Kiffi, wire-drawu didtint^tiotis without n diSVreiic«« WotlH 
have Inily been to twiat ■ rope out of sand • oV <Joiirse I am Bpeaktn^ t£ 
UiEMe two Bjstems as ihej were in the daja of CJcero uLd LQcretiu^ 
Well then the atoicalt I ushfljiitittiiiglj assei't that fbr all pnrpoo^n of 
portly both iU physical and ethicfll doctrines are iTicomparably inft-Hnr 
to thooo of EpicuEua. H«id the tlv natuia Jpoitiiu; i:uia]iare their one 
vrot«hod world, their taonotonoua fire, thoir rotuuil and rotatory god, 
theiF ra^hod cf deatroying and creating anew (h^r vorM, with Iht 
nyst«:n of unturo unfolded by Lucretin?, ^rnnd and ninji^fitLiaJ at Wpj^ 
in itfr general outlino. Then Icn:^^ ut their etprile wt^dom nml still nrnrt 
Larran virtue with their repudiatian of aU that confititutea the aoul 
of jioetry. Lucrctlaa on the other hand can preach np virtm.' and 
pfinnce and wisdom and sober reaRon with ai^ loud a roic« na nny 
your Hlouv; ami then what inc^ihnu^tible resources does be lenre him 
ID bis alfti^t Venti^ and dii-r: vil^t* tli<i volitpta^ ! Are oiaraplofl wajatcJl 
th«n coint™«t the varied grace and esulwraut beauty of VirgiJ, when 
10 plenaed to aABUine the garb of an epicui^^an, with the leader doti 
and tedious obeourity of the st«io Matiiliue ; nr fompar? the rich buia 
and winning way?? mid ense of a Horaop with thi? hiirdneas and t^Linni 
and fnrced wit of a Prtwiia. AH thia it may be said ia in thu men, ^< 
their systems. Tev, but the proper choice of a achjcct la half the battl 
And yet lh« pictiirAsciue Englwh bistorian speats of the ^picurDan 
tbe moaoeat aud sillieat fif all systems; and one Getmau criljc a: 
fknolLer wes tit to denotioce it on betienth contempt In tliia as ia maul 
otbt-r (loiDtH l\iis poet haa received mora Jn^itre at thf> hondn of hia lai 
English critic LeMinf^ in hia e^say to prore that Pope fiecauae a 
cutild not be a metapbyBician sfiys *if I am aaked whether I kpi 



MKetiiia, wbcth^ 1 k»ov tLnt hh poetry contuitui tlm fiyntoni of 

P^iicurui, I wuulJ (xiDJUlpntly aninrer, r.acreUnA and the like tu\^ vonu- 

Mitticcr* not [Mjota/ nod agaio 'tlie poK f*peaka with EiJiCLims, when he 

,▼0111*1 txt«l |deft*ur©j &n(l witL the p&rch^ when he ijroiild pmiae Tirtu&' 

iBttblhUiswIuit LucreticLJ^ QUI auJ dotiado:r!rtiiBat liltevt'iibdlitrcan pr&Iue 

B& the UrjEfcd groaadfl novcpted hj the gencnti ffttling of the woiJd, if he 

U uuiiLile Ui fljlupt the rkorronr nrd iotxilenknl vi^wa of hisi fldversiiii^A, 

Luorfjiiiis poaaeascd iud««ij in lu high a di^gi^e uianj Ijitin jwrit two 

ijuwhtica nhjoti a poet cao i[l di*[«i»Ett with, the jmwer of vividly oon- 

mving nnd of expn^ning his conceptions in wonln, TliJH hna enBhloit 

Bm to taaH«T t4je great outliDOA of the epicurean universe of things rq J 

by a mrcMsInn of titnkirkg imager acifl i^ompflnioaa drawn froEu the 

Vurtil of things which was giing nn hefore t)ii3 i;t«a of hiiu and liia 

nftifijn to impreii thie eaint euUitie od thoir mioda The two tirst books 

^yo»r to be qmL« fiuj^ihi^ aud to hure rvceivefl almost the hijit tijodiea 

ttthe Mitlior with the SKreptivn jieihapa of a few liiiea in ihc fuut nnil 

ivj j)irrlktiii of the flecoud. |>ointed out in their scTfriLl phii?ea^ Th<^ 

|;r(Mt«i jwrt of tli(TW buukfl is devulvd to a very complete and syHtem- 

ituvl ttooount *f tho itfitunto ond propertien which hidung to (h« two 

^mi conitilnenta of the uuiverHc, utoma and void. Given tr> him thia 

nlvorao iu virtk\i\g order thero is xnuch that Ie atrikinjC^* much e\ei\ that 

My W truv. miicli at nJL evontb that Nowton accepV^d^ in this i:|fH<;rjp< 

im. Wtf of wiurae care, not for its stientific value or tiiith, hut fur )ta 

■•UcaI gmndour nud efficacy upon our tmagi nation p ; and in bhou tiy- 

w^ are nmst amply satiiified. The l?ftat interesting portioua of theaa 

4rt3 peihapii the episodes in which the livul iijnteL»4 of lli^mulitEia 

e and Anairagoraa arq examined and refuted. Thej aie chuecly 

with th(? geniTal tmbj^et and the poet is much in tBmei^ Init, 

rma Indeed to he exprcti^ and hg is {>oiiitt^d ont i;i the proper pUoi-, 

orold only criticiso Ihom from hie own point of view ojid Kliirting 

mm liii fwn principles. The third l>nok i» likiiwisti iii^jhly fiiiialipd; 

ttd in no pprlioji of hid work doea he more fully di^i^lay his ^wer of 

Mi4aJti«d and syatemflticnl rea^oTiing. Here too, if hia premififltH aro 

pvitrd, hilt orgumentji are btrikiii^ and effertive. and carried llinmgh 

hth the energy of u funntical conviction. The jtoetry and pathos and 

■BCal aatira of Iho last 2iiO vcnvn nre of a Tory high ci'der. The foni'th 

■■^ ia io a much less complete coudiLlon tbnn those which precede. 

^^Bd the first part of it, in which the epientcnn thoory of iiua^jes 13 

^^■IDilnl^ he wi-citlen with its gi^nutii? dilTicii1tEt>4 and nfton ovprenmcfi 

PBk with ungolnr power energy nad 1^1.1 ntrovei Paul addre^ And in 

iraUi lliif meat obvioiiB oVjeetiopa to thii^ doctrine of iniag» &ppi J idmoet 

Htt^ongly to tho NewtoTii/hn theory of the eniiKnloTT of light whidi in 

■ito^^tbun 3o long mnintainm] il^ gronniL The kvter S'Ctiori.'' of the 


book^ which explain tlie oporationg of the othor MDWSf the wsj in 
which the znind und tho will excited, the theories of food waking 
ft1ee|> and tho like, are more aketchy aiid unfiDiahed, tJkough ihey <Aima 
fihew acute ohecrvatton. The concTuding two hundred verBM are veij 
peculiar and dihplaj a Batiricnl vein as powerful nnd much tnore snbtlfl 
than that of Juvenal, The 5fth book is also nneqaal: aome fowlineSt 
pinntcd out in thuir place, are almoEt nnworthj of the poet and aeem to 
have been written down to fiH np a gap until he found time to change 
tlieni for better. The portions too in which he describe* the movement* 
of the Bun and moon and Btara will not afford any great gr&tifieatiotL 
But more than half the boekj namely 416—508 and 771 to the end, a« 
in hia nnhlcat manner. Nothing in Latin poetry wirpaews, if it oren 
cqualfl those vernea, in grandeur sublimity and varied beauty: occaaion- 
ally too some fine touches of eametit eatiro arc met with : in these pa»- 
wige«, 03 well aa in thoee mentioned above, he nobly znaint^na the 
reputntion claimed for his oouutrymen in that style of writing. Tho 
nixth l>ook is unequal like the fifth : the heginning aa far aa 95 u ywj 
nnsatia^tory and confitacd, na has been pointed out in tlie notes. Then 
fdluw some hundred verses in which the nature and working of thunder 
And lightnings tlic formation of chmds rain and the like are described. 
Thid portion is moirt^ carefully elaborated. There \n not much room fat 
tlie hi^liost virtues of jKietiy j but Htill great qualitiea are here brought 
into play, quickness of oljservation and |iowor of doscribing what is ob- 
Hervtxl, vivacity of narrative, Jiuo pe.ception of analogy and mudi ing^ 
Tkuity of Hpoculation: the laTiguage is Himple terse direct tolling. Host 
of these mcnta are di^iplayed in greater or less measure even in the fiat- 
test and most prosaic irortiima of the poem; but the verses here spolcen 
of are not of tlib number. Quite recently I was glad to tiud the opinion 
1 hnd hing entortaincd of (hia section of the poem confirmed by tlw 
^rt'utest of German critics in Hiomer's Mittherlnngen ucbcr Goethe ii |k 
Ci5 ; and this is not tho only place in which Goetlic cxpreHsca the most 
unbounded mbniraticin for our poet. What follows is not so satis&ctniy: 
Lucrotins has to incluile a great variety of quonticms in a very limitoil 
H]\'u^. These seem to lie selcete<] sometimes at liap-hazard : neiiHy 200 
lijies arc given to tho innpnot» good aud lively vei'ses enough and veiy 
in;^]iious, but out of alt projKirUon to the subject- nmtter. The do* 
Hcri[tCion of tho plague of Athens concludes the book : it is manifestly 
nuEinishcd ; and though it cont-iins much noble pnetry^ it suffers from 
tlio unavoiilable coin[»arison with the auwtei'e beauty and aimp!o grnndeur 
of its original, which the |x>ct hjis not always unilerstuod and from which 
he has HOinctJmes depaiti'd without good cause. He has shewn himaelf 
hei-e Inth Uh) much and too little of a jihy^ciau : he is too techniooJ for 
t!ip juvit, too inacoutiito fur the |»liiloHej>her. 



la 9tjrl« And IiiDgUAgi? Lucretiua lian maniTestly adoptoil n tomoivtiat' 
areh&ic tono, diflTrrfng moro or !ci« fi-atn tliat of bia cxtnut oontemporarien. 
THU lind fie^D r>ccR»ioit(Hl muinly by hia ttthitiTAtiim for Enniiin rm<l 
NaoifiuB nnd the old tragic jioela Pacurmfl and Attiua : tLeir vxtant iiitg- 
metitn jirove how carofully ho had atudied tbem. In Greek litemtnra 
!*■; \ijA txjiU^ seem to })Arp r^rrii'd him to tlio nhW nnd more Illu»tnoiLtt 
•'nt^rH- In this fifl tn so ranoy otlior reeprolfl Ijo M0nj3 to hnvc alcixl 
ijiirU" ftltviffram ihe [irfvajling fftsliion* nf bis ifiyj for thegrf*n.t masH of 
cuLtcmpomry jioEtifs ornutig tLetu ereti Catidlus at ull cvoritti iu hia 
fccfoic And ele^tiMJ poMne, cho&a ti^ form their rtylo afkr Enphorinu of 
Ouku ftiul t1j« ulfiwtetT Alexniidrinn iic)ic<rl of pnt?tii, rrilHiuaeliuFi tiiid 
Ibe real, whose infl-QfrDcc extfindc'd far iato th« Aiig:i»st«ri age, thoo^h 
ihpy wfiot© in wbnt «na to Itftmaelvo* ro^illy a dead lftnp;iiuge. It U 
win^ prohnbly in gi'eiit meiu^iTt: to bin adrri!rfitinii for Liici«tJua iliAb 
Vir^l Atid Ihcroby L-ttin y>nctvy wore flOf*d from foJHng ovoq inoro thun 
llxiry ilid under t)iis bdiwfiil luflirernxv E[tifl«rTiH of enurse Lucretiurt 
Vi7&)d jitTjJj for oihtt JJ^^lloscJ^ tluiii tLusti of atylu, in which he woidd 
^99 $Mxnil him b^t a Bor»ry uinatOT; but tho Givek vritera «till -wholly 
4Mr pi>nly *?iMint, vhotn, V^ jiwi^-e hy his imitfitiona of them, lie mi^nt 
brad And admin^L, wort? Homir Eunpidoa Empcd'>cli^ Tliiioydidcfl and 
HifTj-jirmfj'M, DmiljUt'Sfl too lie tiad carcfuHy studie^l llifl old |>bilL>:*o- 
jLau^ iJuiui>cntUb Aitajiu^raa :tDd KGrniilitua, Ijut indaly fur iheir phi- 
^^Bitf4|'« Plato hv would £(."£[11 to ba^'p hft^^wm aotnethlng af from raoro 
^ftui nfjrt iiaA&Hge of hk |K>em- 111* UJiistriona con temporary Cicero had 
like hirn flii riiUnw n^ti^viii for Eiiiiiup, A profcjiiHd conlieiU|>t for the * civQ- 
lira EoidioriontB' wbrf [>rcRiiQn!d to dcspitto Enniufl. Muiiy yoare hefore 
Llictrtiiu vroto hi* j-otiii Cic.i'ii> in Iryhood had Iranslntefl thn worts 
of Amtue. TLis tniDnlfltion of whicli large fraguicHta viro. prc^tn'cd 
■fcrw^ iDiK^h ^>i^it nnd vivncity of htrgua^o, tliough iti* poolical morita 
cvj^itiii W nicntiouifd bcfikk tbueeof LiiuittJiL^. Ynt th<^ bliiT Hli-ujigi-ly 
Ocngb, moTrd it mny he by hie goftonU admimtion for tho man, bud 
mhIo thifl youthful prtrtlnctjon tmo of hiA niodplfl nf style^ hb mrty bo do- 
ttnabmtcd^ not by ouo oi' t*(^ but liy twenty luanlfBst Jiidtjitiooa ufLbo 
C«w liuaiiml line:^ ^^lill exUtiug- In pooticnl dictlcn ocd metrical ekill 
Lam-Liua liOA j^ur]in>u'til not only thia boyi^^li c^i-uiy, hut iloubtl^iH their 
ffmoion CdMtct Ennina as wellj fur the Srat iuventor in natutfdly left 
Ivfcilxl l>y Ki-i follorveii. Yet Lucitrtiue imdcT-ibttidly ^iahmi it to ho 
kKrwn thil the hLll^T wuh bis raitBLer and model in TjHtin poetiy. Freo 
frvm «ll jmliiUflj Mid i>DHity pretention, ftud. in tbifl ha in bo many other 
napivtji niiliki' his tcndier Epicnrua, he took (-vpi-y opportttaijy of qc- 
kkavlcdvjug hia obligations to tliose tc whom ho ft-It indi^hti^d; tii-Hlr nnd 
to Epiciu'tm who shewed tho pnth which Icmls to tnitli and 
vilEiuul whit:h a.11 other gifts wera vuin, and After hini tfi Jicitio^ 

7— !! 


K0TE3 U 

criUu oud tlie otiter aa^j Greek phi !<>&(; jrliera, Bukireduclcd rec«<lTe« h 
hnmiigo |niriJf ua ono of tJie<e<\ but maioly tocau&e ho gave biin ( 
befit niolel of u plLtlciiophif^At poein, EnuJits in i?xtol]ed at tbe be^D 
of Ida work as his inuAUit ia LjitLu renc LiicroUim tUua to ilLI ^rpeai^ 
aaco £tood aloof from the ^wanu of coDtcmporaiy [ir^eU adH left ib«ia to 
qiurrel ami fight uiiuug tljetiLh^Jvi]?, as etvn Uie W»t nf tlitrm atom to 
liavo betQ reutlj to dn. The Au^idi<in pootc^ of the Grvt mrOc hdUrd & 
r&r« anij ia<ut pleaeing ex&mple cf bratherly bkrmorij and goofL fo^litig ; 
bub if OaLullua ju^d C^iJviia bad nul died in eartjr m&£diDod| tbun: kiv 
IU1IJ17 hidicAlions tliat tbcy and tlicir si;bt>ol would have ix*mo luto pun- 
fut collision with Virgil aud Horace and th^ir jiAr^.^nfl, Lncretlos W9 
canuot picture to oujvulvaa aa joiuiag in tbe lihiupoom OD Caesar, mv,th 
00 to all uppeaiuncQ ho disapproved of Iua jKilii-y. 

Notwith.^toiidiiig the ni]iii|iiQ tinge wJiifb for po«dcal puds K« h^t 
gireu (o Lin |Kieai, the bctt judgtia bava Mwajfi looked upoD it aa attr of 
the pur(«t Diodeld of the Latm id[i>io ia tba a^fv cf its gr«ntest perfuctioii. 
Fifty Tutioherm migbt be rit^d for tbia; but Lbe fidlowiiig vill »:iiffii?« 
the prince of oi'itic» decW*^ empbatically In tlio ficaligemoA bb&t tho 
is no betL^r vnter than Lucretius of tlie LAtin htugiingi^ Laiubiiii]« 
and LurLmann ha.vs cortoirly not been Puriiusm^il in uiixlem times as 
Ltttiik iclioUrs aad ItiitiQ writers, and botb moreover studied LucrciiuH 
with UDvearJed diligence: tbo fonuor wlio edited PIauiu?! Cii^ro and 
Horace as well as Lucretiua prouounccs bim to be ' i^muium jioelAruTA 
Latinoniin *\ai Lodio OJtstunt et qai ad noetram (leUtcm pcrven 
olpgnntis^imna 9t purissimos idemctne gravi^aitonft st^ne oninti^sJmaii'i 
And in another jflucc Le telU Cba^Ies ix thnt th« style of Oiocro or 
Caoetv la not purer than this poat'e; the lottor ia dgvlt woaiy of e 
tolling his ^ serinoDia co^titiu^ hie ' lactca ubfrto^' and the like, Aiut i 
truth wLoevcr has boeit once iiabi^ed v-jtb the Latia ofPIaatUJi TercD 
Ciceiv Ciie^r nr.d Lui^roti^ie, cnnnot but fevl vhat p&iiifid lurotuls G 
and otleji dtluiAi^d ALextudriut^ Oivek had rnada iuUi ihe lADgua^ tr 
of tl^c Aiiguatoii wiitet?, and vbut irrcjMirablo mischief it had ooc^ob 
iu the tbi-ca of Quiutilion aud Ttu?rLus to tliQiigbt as vdl as to idi 
It ia in the style and structure of his language that thia purity is 6 
aorvable: in ei»glo words bo has by uo mcAnfl obcyt<d tho otaphft 
adjarvtion of his grent contempomry to shun Uk& n rook a nvw a 
unnHUfl] tenn; but has lake^i a jHtetft pimlrge^ mriRt viiliiftblo tn hia 
GOMi to coin hiindreda of new wordd which have been pointed out whc 
they iK^'ur and to intrniuci^ not a fov from the Greek. And here 
he the plaot; to luake sofnc rcmflrks cti the poet's owu CflUipInitit oT 
pororty of bi^ niutivo tohgiie. We may first nsiiert ta on indij^pa 
ftfct that in Ills day ihe liriug I^tiu fur all Lha higher rorm:! uf coqi|n»i- 
tion both m-npr and vti'^ trnfi a fnr nobler Inngun^ than 








Oreek. Lei not wlml iS 6*1-1 bo raiamiderttcnxL During tlwj luug pe. i«d 
of nntciiiii piwiUiintftiM and li'.w-a.j'y g^ory, from FToTuer U> DenKwtli^ncs, 
^tli0 taAtiifcjM farmn of poetry j*.n,^J>'n8o whldi wor« inv<?nted one nflei- 
the ciheTi were brougtit to aucli S.n ^xquiaito [.^ifoctioa, tbat ih^r 
W«ty of fom HDiI grace nf Umgiuge wttt^'Mover aftervvurda ri vailed by 
^Atiiu or any oLlii^r jiOi>)>l(^ But liordlj DcEi:ui4t.beiii^ aiiJ Aria- 
totl* oeauefi to live, wheii th&t Attio which bud I'ocn prjulunllj foraiMl 
into iiich a noble itkHtnimeia of Uioiighb In the IuuvIh nf \nAtoi»li«]ii» 
Kmi\AdcA PljLio :Lnd blic orj^bora and had coiuc to ftujiertKJc 'foe gCDCiixl 
1|1« nil tie oUiar diultJcU, Uhcamo at ihft mmo time tlie l^^gi:ag« of the 
CtvLued wurlJ iLiul waA BLnokca witL a uici^Ul decay. Il &e<:DiB to )ia\e 
ittmt U>o Rubllrf o-iid delicate (vr any Ijvit ita woudorful creators, Kuy 
lli« atyti^ flitd rhythm even nf MrhiuicIpj' who vb^ born in Athens y^ai-a 
bc-fute the date just given ulicw a ud fklliiig ofT, if ba bo compared vitb 
AmtopUoues. The Alescandiinu poets wbo imitated eai'lier stylis, and 
ct«n Ui« graceful Thevjcritua repent jiarrot.-liko fonnn which they do not 
sndoTTtrfi&d, becauaq their meaning liLid been lost for wuturlca. If what 
Mtaid of a ileimnder and Theocritus be thonglit preaumptaoiisi, there U 
uqQCBLiuEi that it h tnm of prvw nritora. E|ricuru3 who was bf>rn in 
tba Gvne ye&r aa tho fbrmdr writes a liarab jiLtgf}n tbibt d\}ca uut dobvi'vo 
10 b« called a style; and others, of whow wntingq anything in left 
■nttr^ or in fmgmcutft, bistoi'iaua and pliiloaopbera alike, Pulybiiu Cbry- 
n[rpi;s Philodcmufit are little if at all better. WheiL Cicoi^^ deigni to 
irmalatc any rif their BPnicnces. nee wlmt grace and life lie instils into 
dMJJT clumsily c^tprcsHcd tlioughtfi [ how aaii^ying to the ctur and Uutu 
in tbe penoda of LSvy ^hen he ia putiiog into Latin tlia heavy and 
BbeouLli vliMiKs of Pul>hius ! Thi» may eKplnin wlmt Cicuro meaiia, 
vben at ono time ho givoa to Greek the prQfnrenco over I^tin, at onotLcr 
ft" l^lia over Greek : in rending Si>pbjM:IeM or Tlnti he woiiM acknnw- 
IftJ^^: their uurivAllod cxcellcuoe. in Iraiislaljng Pnnactius t>r Pbilodc- 
nUM be would feei bia own tmmeasmuhls superioiity. 

In throe plat:es Lucretioa coni]ilH.iuH of the poverty of bun nativti 
faofftio. t I3€ bo UT9 ia ^ncral tonu4 that ho is awnro h^w di^cult it 
hto «xpreis in T^iin ver»fiA the al^trnae diannvpi-ies of the Greekt. But 
apold a Graek jtuel exprtra tl^'in in Greek vereea '1 could a Horn or or 
«nsi on BuripidoA expound the thoories of AHatotlo or Cbrysippoji or 
I^ntma more clearly tlmn Lircretins ? Surely not -. in the gccond Hook 
hfl haa lianalafed some aniLpaesta of Euiiptfloa tbat consummato tuajLer 
if iKfttarcd Attic, ani there ie no thought in them wlitch he cannot 
nuiMM literally. Cert^unly In difficult queatiooa Empedocles h more 
Ufilcsi than Looretiufi, thongb he had an e|iio diutioD to imitate which 
W «aiatcd for (wntnriei. The st^i7ond j>£LSsage ia I 630 foil, where ba 
iivrvca ibab Uie povctty of hla uatlvo e[>oi:cb dves nvi I'^smil him to 




expiiui[(l eii^ily eiiougli, AqU eusil/ai^ Jutiilly fiioiigli he does CT\|jl»i 
it; tLc JcB4 liu oT- auy othci* po^L I^frin or C-tt-iok ov Kni^lish hoA to 
with tbe wfinl il*oU' thi* bctoir : it m not more j>o*Licnl Lliaa enU^ 
cilia or lioiQUt^ualji ur Lla^ td-tl t/r elitit it^tf. Tim lliiTil |Abui^ U 
III 316 foil. wiicTQ Lc £ija- thiLt he would fiuD OTCjil&iu at greator U-a 
the Wkj- in vbi<4i tlie difltfT-ciil subetaiiGvs which cinD|Vjat> ike soul 
niijcej Hiul M ot'k'- togttJK^r, Wt tl»e puveny of Lla naUve speech 
pel* him U- bebrk-t Wlii^tlier lit i^ L-rief (*r not, he vspluina au iut 
crate. quc^LiiD lu eluarly ns miy Gretlc wi-it«i' !n ]in>sr^ or vei-he woiiM Iht 
likely to do. Quo miglit luute justly f^bjcct to Lad'etiuii tlutt Lc hoa too 
miich ioBtenil of tuo littJo tochiiicftl loii^^itago fur a poot- AV'hatoTvr 
Greek winc^^r Ciaero ^iiilte^ to i-tplAin, he i^i^ii liiii] lula^Uiito Liifiu tcrtru 
to txpresH tlif Greek, erea if tlity art tbusy i.>f Pbk» i»r Aristolle ; i* h 
n DOn^ seruo given to a word in oamm.m lua J Le con cdwaya raoot X^yot 
ur <T8ac with ni£to or s/met : la it a rt*wly c<une<l wurtl ) Lih qtioiiuut U 
qoit^ as giW iia rijito'd irowrif?, Nuy fioja llio foro; of cai^urufitanon 
Specie^ quatitire *inaijlitfta havf bad a much louger lifir aiiiI a for tuoiro 
OXtouil^J applioutioa tlina tl&in rai^rri^ a:ii R-ixnin/s. llaA Cici'n» cIiibc^ 
to apply tlio prolitic odvi^ uf hin intt-'Uvet to tti(i Lisk, Ud tnight harv 
invoTitoii aud wedded tf beantifiil lungUftgo aa wpioHs n tcrmiii'*To;^^ aa 
WjU jdlerwardu dovi^^ei] liy tliQ iii^iteJ cfioile of Ti^rttillioa and tho i»Ui«r 
father^ Aquinnn aod tha utli^r Hclioolmeo; from whieli tho moat eii] 
vftted modrni Lmguagw derii'e the ohief jMJrtiini of thiit wMiUh in sd 
lific leima which eriHhIealicm Ur claim lu (h^it rc&]HM;tn aupcriority o 
Latin. But tho lAtij^imgo uf Xjitin p<^ictt^y wnttlJ asGui-odty ad ha 
Wen improTed tliei'^'hy, U]phil;js no doubt fuuml his G<itlu<7j Al 
bii EcgUfiht when tbofie iilionia were iu iht^'ic prime, quite na poor 
their Bcit'UtiHc t4}i-iniQ0h:>gy oomp^rt^d with the d^goticrat^ Litin of th 
tiiaei4, lis LuutrLiu*; foiiiid Liii Lniiu m>Tiipnrod \^ltL Gi'crk. Thiit Itowov 
hot like Cicero, fiotnetinkoa cDtcrtaiuoLl -i uinro Cirourablo opinion of hi 
luDgvMgQ and hia nrt would ajipear Irijiin ?ucli eipre^otu >u tho tvJM 
recurriug fjuod obtcttra de re tarn lu^U^ jtan^ CanniflOj TuuBtt/n com* 
iirujeiiS cttndu irpttre. 

Tbk^ LucrotiiLii hoxamet^r occupies on imporlant pliu^o In the biatot^ 
of Ltttin ihwliy^ cimituy a^ it di^i^s bctwci^in that nf Eilhttis vho invented 
and tbiit of Virgil who brmi^ht tbia mi-'tro to porfocti'^n. What Enmua 
did in tbia nintt*>r U q curititia niudy : be not only vas (lio first to intiofl 
duou tbiB tit?w and filnugo fonu of wvue into tli^ lutjg^iago on wluch ■ 
wftfl to eoiitinuc to ciirobii sn giNjat nn inlluimco m'^r iilVr; but hv Ul 
ilnwn fur it Inwft rif |iiti»uidy dlriering in many eseiitiid points frnni th<i<M 
obscrred by binis^lf in his tiiig^ioA ns vcH aa by all Uio otbvr trvgjJ 
ctnd comic poets of hk. own onj tli^ following ago. Tbcw hw^ tnuj 



Kutt«tl frvni oaa gcooratiiui (o oiujUict, tftugltt as a uocc»Miiy jArt uf A 

libk-nU eiliicatii^n ai:d onforc*td oa Uju writers of clegijic luiU Jjricni 

aa wt'IJ ns i»f honno \trsu, Imil no donljt n largo bIujiv in Gxiug fov iiMiiiy 

Cvotiirics tbouiilwirJ funnaiid imitr haLujnj *.»f tliu lan^iiiigi', Ujo WiiduuL-y 

i.r »>'}n('li, na uf \U ci^giiiUe UJJiK-otji O.-wrvJi Umbnim aiij IJkj like, vna 

lnwiifxla nvjiiJ cliiiiigu ; Uiou^li jmrlia^is i[i the uiiii thoy iriiuded it to como 

Jown with fi heavier cnuL, wLeu nl loat tito gulj*U LutwuiMi it and tlio 

tblw«eil auil ili^gt^luil H(>e.ii.'li uf tlie ]ioo[ili> bLyama too immonflo. Tiia 

luattojy of Attic ond Tul^r Grtuk is wry siiiiiLir, Cuiiiplttc liifwuvar 

u EmiiiLs ayiitA*ni 'J' <nirirititj vaa, quitu iii c<.fni|i!cte its tl^at of Virgil, 

liU rliythin froii) ihi* imture of tlie ca^^ waa ^arkicwtint ntdo and itiiconfJi: 

W Att4riti|iki1 t<J imitkito tho Greek abnicUiru of vtirai? iu juruitd wlitri-o 

llti^re uji|>eaix-d tu ba it uaturnJ IncoiujKLtiLility bdtwc&ti it uud tttci Lutin. 

Tlu'ft lA TLirl t:videiti:e to bliew by \tIiiLt htiip^ LbU Hiylltiu \va.n giTuluatly 

iiiipr>vi.xj, until nt lei]|;tli in tliQ liatids of Vir;^] it atituiucil tliat clubu*' 

iMc nad oomjiliont^id yot fXqiiialtO perfepfiaH^ wbiuli ia utterly diflufoiit 

ftvui the lloiovrii; imjv>.'iiiL'iii, auil yel Appeal's ,^3 well adapted to t-lia 

LftCin f<jraiH of a|icoo[i aa tlio otliiir ia to tlie Jouic^ We bnvc howuvop 

ntfli-^wut proof tliat Lucretius gave to the fomi uf Ins vcrau as well aa to 

his tait^ftgc All Ht)tLij\ii; ci^lirunug^) aa if Lu vi^Lod in UiU iXB]ii;ut too to 

ImJc witU bi^ i^4>uU]inpOL'aric.^ aLid ripproiiub to tliu tuaimcr uf Eittiiuu, 

He U however a fur ninre Miiisln*!! llla-'^T^■r *if vcisiiicntliHi tlum Eiiniiia, 

■fti hu ia>Mb striking violations of tlic laws uf coustructicrii liabituully 

■IprfuJ by ha cotiLornjiurarlu^ or iiamediato ptdk'cotiAora ofton jirodQce 

^v flue and LunnoiiiiJUM dfects, TIjnt Iw is mvi-o orolmic iii tbsao 

^BccU tljiio hia figo may bc' provixi not only by it comiHiriaoD between 

^k 4Ad CfltiUlu,s, liiiC by tnkiii|^ iioUi of iLu Iuwh of nittra obsorvcJ 

^Bkvni in Uis youbliful lioxftmcters wKioU ho mnst Lhei-ofcre taro 

BBnt from his tcaclii^rs. Let va carnmiuc: briefly f^ome of tho leading 

difrru-iiri-ji Uelwoen tlio verso of Lucrotius and lUnt of Virgil iioJ cor- 

' I nutliOTS. Iu t\i<i Luiiii aud Greek bexauicter alike the rhythm 

iiv|kvnJH oD tJiEj CLieitiUi^ TLo dcio obsi^rv-iuico of thin cnesura 

h^bcr witb a nianifold variety in the How of tbe vuraa fonus Ibo grwA] 

t^tm both of tho Uri^ok nud tljo Latin heroic; and exampka of its 

^buiMi Fin> BxcKidiugly rikpo lU Homor Liicrcithi^ and Virgin bUlc1^ 

Bil otker mlia obhcrTe'l with ecjujil e.i-ix; by Virgli ami Cutulks art re- 

|Mtcd[y (Uid intvutioQjxlly ui^tiHitU'l by Lu^r^tiuBt Tbua we Cind in Idm 

kukdmla of instit-uces in whielt tbe ^I'st I wo foot are in:irker| oil fnuii live 

ml of ihe verso In ibo fidlowini; unu?ujil ui-'Ies titkun at niudoui from 

ht tix Ijoofcs; with two dactyU fit the bc^tiuijig JM'juni'f'it' uitptS 

Omaiu liciiiipis saudrt, Stfncipit^iuUiqtte currtr/i, Qnipyr. jxttfiiiiUi 

Vsiiicg PnlfatUi mi icntphim: with il a|><iiulo<; aaJ diictyl ^'/yo 

rt#, At pfifit'^fdiit tji^iiunditj PvaetcrmyU''rct hvitittJitJij Ai/t fX' 


K0TE9 U 

triitBAoue ut: more rarely a dactyl and spondoe or Wo dpoodeee, bot tLefl 
k [ni>]ic>dy liable must fullour, Sive v<ilupiii* cHf Noti temtrt %tUa m; /li 
titj^vtnJi aunt. /^'Uii, cum mulio swnt. Vis ettC, qitartitjt not: onrai Uid« 
Y'itli great boMnesa, but with alngulwly Lftj>]>7 effect, m fi27 I£t n*«i^ 
IfTfUim vitalfTii deperJere sc}i^inu Inataiicea of t^uoL rhyttiliu i^lflH 
may bo couuteJ on the liugera : lie lia^ -SciJiVrf Off*f*iAi'H «rf irtA<>r ^H 

prubftbly all in imirAUim of Lucretina; p,nd /W cunubia nontra. aftcfl 
Cfttulluif^ '^«J cnrtuAiri ^nf^t, vlth him too il tJiore exoe^itionoJ rliytbui fa 
a porulLftr efi^^ct. Id Cicijiuh enrly woik ih^ ArAtoa Biioihu' inHlanca 
nru luuEJil Verum Uinpora iiu/it, IudiiHilr.ur atque; but tb^y vd net 
than iu LuorotJuB : ia tbo 80 or UO T«raca still reoUiiiUDj^ of kiii poem 4 
l^^^ri^u siio written About tive jeiin Itofnre tlie d^ath >»f nur pii^ 
mH^ Dot a. «uig]o cxftiQ]rlo. Id the mijdlo of lUe vcrae t>o Lut;rc<Ua 
Iios mauy rnvourite movorncntft, aauat of which &re not uitf?xAni|4M fi 
Virgil CatiilluH or Cii^ro but are muuK Ichs coinmnu, «uch ha (/ui 
}i(>/fL0ij£ fitiiia potc^iTSf DeCulit eic Ilelicotte ptfreniU, Amniint* i^rrruiinlK 
aperto, Finita variar^ ^J^jurarum rc/WJ*, Otnyie ^hua parJkiMn f<Joriim 
I*oeitia ctxirni H7tijiienla, uuJ a liuiiiired eucL Cicero hus wmc \*tvi^ 
vvniM in hiu proguoaticu which suggest tho matmor of LiuirotiuH V^ 
quoqtie ^i/na vuiniin, tvpiai diilci*i nlitmiiJts, dim dnitmre jtantiia ituit^ 
^tiuUrc Wf^i A^'ii^diiqi*^ 9afW Jbntia At U<iQna cioti6..,vocifm4 inMtt 
Vvf^tnuf injiiut fit «f/j*i>/i*r3fl iiidt OTG quergUits: tho latter jwusb^o Lnt^rL^Ua 
V '2^fS hae ruKiilfuaLlj imitated, lu the fifbh and hixtb feet of rliv* v**i^ 
too 10 importiLiit fijr Ibe rhythm tha maDner of LucretJus ia much tooi 
lilcM that of FubiuB und, m namo pointi^ of th« Giveka^ than that i 
Virgd or Oiitullua or cvea Ciccixt: he delights tc close tho vurae witj 
BUoll vordjt aa prindpiorum raateriai njnpticitatef or vit ttnimai, ttuA 
ayiiraan&itm, jti^fUe auiauiqiie, and does not evun avoid Huch Lardli cljflai 
tua tjwinthguidcnt tasttU, pcrpetuo atvo, praeUrea u^uam. Now in Vird 
Aucb etLdicgH as /juadrtip&i/inUiJit anrijJtlfjriypie, and In Cntulltis such i 
one an i^i-edteiitcut tuc e^coodlii^ly ujicuiuiuou. But tli^ao |k.ivU maJc 
oit« Btriking oaLo«]»tioQ to frtvour of Greek vords and dolight to doeei 
rerso with AyTtu^ineuB Deutpeti T^Lffrsiiochwrtiqup, nn<] the like: a conOM 
•ion to Greek rhytbm aad a prcttincsa which Lucratiua would not c<tf 
for. Affl fur tlju othi^r rhythms judt QmntiouoJ, Yirgil crjs roaynAm c^J 
m/jtJ«T'i anintiiiiifue and ain^td fioc anUiw ho,iiri ju ockaowhylgciQd 
doubtleee of his obligutiocfl to Luoretius^ tliej proJu«u a striking gQu^ 
in tha ^aaid from thetr estromo rarity. Lucretius again dotui nd 
decUufi spotidiuc ondings lu rMfurar, ffcjSer^iunTua^ «f rtioHiUis^ An| « 
fnoiwy once even invtinti auU; but tbese are mueb raret tlian sucb oud 
ingii jiH prinapioT^irii, and it 14 worthy of note that he abetuiM fi^m iJid] 
allogethor in tbo sixth book. On the coiitiuty Catullus and Virgil tta 


th«m moch more frequeDtly than quadntpedantum egrtdi^nUn and the 
liko: CTfttuIliu liixuri&tea in moTenoeDtA tike tbeaa A«r(nd«* adnUrrmtet, 
AC mtoerna ZanaaeOf Jivettts 9tdU adtuiM>antj and Tirgil and Ovid both 
aMoai mcb t«niiiii«tioiifl to ft line ae IopU incr«ntenlu$n, Fhryffia offTrUna 
drrttnupmi; bnt more in Oraek than in lAtdn wordfl, ThU however 
ia no concceaiou to ancient practioe, bat a mere modem prettineaa intro- 
^noed bj tiio icbool of AJcJtandrine imitaton mentktnad above : aee 
Oumo ad Att. tu 3 1 tia belU nM* Flavit ab £lpiro lenudmoa oncbea- 
miteft hunc trrorfi€ui{nTa n aU voUt ruv wwaripur pro tuo vendit<i. Wa« 
it acorn of mch aflectation that made Lncretina altogether avoid anch 
oTovJuAComf in bia but book 1 Other forma of t^ndaic endingo, bor^ 
ravfid from the Qreek and montiy ^pUed to Qreek words, are common 
in CatoUos Tii^ and Ovid. Tikej need not be mentioned here, a8 the/ 
geaemlly canj with them an air of affectation, quite aJion to the nature 
oi Locretiiii, He nerer pnt* more, than two ipondeea together at the 
end of the line, while the other three do not nject auch ibythnu aa 
Ji^ertidtaa mairi €t N^itt/no Asgaso after the manner of the Qreeks. 
Lnvotina doea not avoid Bometimee verj harsh and prooaio endlnga anch 
aa amMare: id ita one. When Virgjl has such terminatioua of a vene aa 
firocwiUiU hvmi bot, it is done for effect; I^oretioa employs them aome- 
timea for a purpoae, oAener without any. He is especially fond of 
dinon8 after the fourth foot like tbeee, perdelirum ove videtttTf permtt' 
iaio onUne aoZo, minia oblaU> acrU^ ic&ti, nut concilio tsnU eoado: in 
eliikxia gmendly he is aometimea less, sometimes more violent than 
VizpL One other point is worth noticiDg: Lucretius loves to have the 
fourth foot wholly contained in one word and ending with that word : in 
the firat 43 veneB of his poem, a highly elaborated pasaag«v more than 
half the number have movements like theaOf ^ua« tttrra* fragifvcntU, 
not tomu ^tMUf/ dxorfum fum«na so/tt, tibi mavis daedtda idluif 
not auaviM tibi; tibi riderU aequora porUif difiuo lumint caelum^ geni~ 
iabiiis aura fawmi and so on. This prodnoes a grand aad stately, but 
vomewhat monotonous effeot Catulhia howei^r cajriea it as ^ or 
vTsn &rther than Lucretius. Virgil, though he often uses this flow and 
With much effect, avoids it as a rule : he aaya TrxnoA qui pritmtSf uo£ 
qui Troiae; iabentam caelo quae dudtia annum, not quaa eaelo, aa I^^ 
cretina would have done. It must not be qoeetioned that in the con- 
struction of single veises and b^ more in the rhythmical movementi 
which be improses on a whole pasaa^ Lucretius is a &r Leae careful 
snd skilled artist than VirgiL The effect which hia grandest paaaagee 
l«iodace is owing more to the vigour and originality of the thought 
and the force and freahness of the eacpresaion than to studied polish 
and elaboration. Yet for ail that he ia perhaj>s aa a writer of Latin 
heroic verse to be placed next to Virgil: Catullus in his hfixametfiTF 



ikiCH not flLew ou t1i€ whole moro skill uiil fmiaht^il workuiAii^Li 
hta rhytttm hiU3 a tiir 1>S4 maj^stjcn] raorcL Uvid ii^ Lia Lc 
|iOQtii witb ftll his caste and flitvacy iltx?^ not malci; any udmuMf u| 
but rut>lii;r frJU beliiud Vtri;j]: h\» Iil^i^iu weuiLhIhjiI/ mul ll^tvkiijr, V 
ricty «Tcii. lluw Lulieni>r is bo to LucrcUud m tlio&u pa^sogas, hi w 
be floeTDS to Iw c^mjjiBting with liini 1 As f»r the sluTisli jifick. of i 
liit'jiv who rolli>^vcd iu tliL' track of Viryil or OviJ, il wtu'e a 
evon t<i diBoua^ U'cir cLiiuu to superiority, 

OiiQ of till- m<itt marked jfoi^uUi^iities of the olil L&tlii writers i* 
tlicir c^lrcruo foiiJtirSd for aLitt^i-ntioti, AAeHrtiauiT4.', ropctrti^ii ut' t^m aiiui? 
ur Bimilar words ayllubl&4 ami sounds, often brought together and ooia- 
IniiadiD bLouusbuumiilcxfiubioiL Iu Lnliii, as lu aijuivutljcrlAngua^iJt^ 
thid \taago woi clearly timiumitted from m<.>^b auciojjb times, uoJ U uot 
the inTPution of any otu- uritcr. KiiniHfi niid tlie ^wrinus wriri^ra n-** it 
to |>rtHlm:ti a irot'tical elTect; PlaiLttia nud the coiuic I'otfls vm^ihijr it ft-t 
oAinic piu^HJaea: the following from the captivt, ^ujiniA fjornir jmOu 
HfiwVr, qtMtiia labtn l4tru£&, Qnajtta gumijii ajuitjueflo, <fuaitUi tuillo c> 
witui, Qmtnlt IfJtuiU iaitaUttiiot quattla porciaariis, will fMniiali a 
exaini>le- Cicoro does not dcnpi^ «uch artLli<?«ti eveit in jir-o&v; Lnt ut>ii 
ftmttom them about more piyHEignlly than Liicivtius botli ijiigly nitil iv 
inAnifuM fWEnhiDiLttcin ; tW'f are to be coLtuted in hib [xx^iu hj' hiindivild. 
n*y theLisAQila^ and many aru notod in ditfVroui ^jiirts gf our comiumtiiry- 
His liUkt^rattrjna com|>riso nhii'KC <c\fvs letter of iJn: aljilijiln^t: thi' ia<';v 
ciTi-ctive toCti-ra £uch as m p r prononticeil nr Arc oft^n u^-^od with atrlkJi 
effect. The Inst fioinetimea ex[ira«ca jtitT !M its sound woll liti it tA d 
ViVfi ^iticns iii'Q nrf/Eliri vtMrrra tiitnta: «inij*, Virgil's Xpji patrirtr tviH 
in vUcera Vfrttte vir'j ^ And CiLVi-o's virr(#, ul tti'i'i£, n' ft viiffiut ^■rinf 
rjWu /itf t^tdn »iif> pi/blicatnv: vi foroo or violojicG, boniua** tbu words uif? 
dicnting ivi-h. rlfrcls be^^ many <tf them with the letier '. vu^lt\ nit ptr* 
vicit, vcrtti vis vcrbcrat, vent<tritm iw/iWi> virihtiH, Vr^ cfW^^rfti vtri vif^ 
tjiiid pofnefii ivUenl; conip, VirgiT* fit vi/i ri, Uw'n pi vitim /iidurttj 
Euniua' t^tii Priamo rf WAt'w rx-Uari; for ffftcta uf living sliiiutiiwg aiul 
the lilto are expressed by it in Lucrrllu^ also. Ofti^n vurimw IcUor* 
nre twed in combinution ; the foUoving i^ a good inslnnco of m p and V 
jKtrare ^on /«^«f/, pt^libfis yiii pvufniih per vndt fmencni Tr'titnire 
piOffnos 7iw-niif*i4 fiir"^Her& inontin AJit/tuf/'i/f v'vn/io vifaiia ri'rjfvjv fifj^, 
Ooin|v EnniiiB* Mtiraa rrMiimt, Pnrlitjtin cofior*, Vrtttinn vintjn tU. 
comiHTintSoua are couiiiion in Tir^U ; hut ot^cur by huudrvtU iu Lucreti 
TTiCTi he d^lij^liU in bnngiug tr>i^ether words i^nmjviufidod of the m 
l>re[io«itiion by thi?niMdvc» ur In umeoq with nthor H>irt^ of ^Llitcraticin 

turbans tliMiHtiiteiiMq^ifi., ftiro^ie r^tulm ftt-vrti, Aiwrf*wAj cotifilinta, £hv 
rt fjnnyiii-t, f^rfu^utn cfiju/»wVf qtitigi in ruA ComiifOrfu pafitt^crr nl^Ht 



wnyraUt irUcrienc: comp. Virgirfl Itiwittem. iti/imdo indieh and the lifco, 
Thfii he luvra to Ijring tfignrtfuT tlie siuue or lifct'-wminJiiig wunlH or ex- 
tiDjiU^ Cif ciXviuoToii ill ujEiJiuictioii n^lUl otbi^t nllibci-ihLiuiiH lUid aflw.111- 
tnras wr by tbriiiaeir^ : omuen vitvuia, i/mnib*t^ onMi'mi'; agnin Bud flgniii 
J/u^i morlia aivJiU muUtimiii rerum; purn ciretLm jmeniiii; IiTil xirU aii 

joni'K nmuiiiti, jifmlitji pf.iifffrnrn^ J'uiuliUtn ^itntliiiji^iifi; citAta iitcttdfi^ 

ML «t V'ii'gira fordiieae for Himilnr artjIietB iu j»rolhit>ly iu gr^nl iinfaain'o 
dcrivi^ frnii* Luereiiua. After Vii-gil'« Liiuo they ipix-ar l<j be \vsn fvo- 
^B«it in latin litomliii'e : poi^plo jirobnUy s^t tired of thoin, tia hoia 
l!l*|ijwiL«-il in otbor liti-mtiireG. TLia love of ajuitiuiiee in nil iU ^Jiapes 
wi iK\ti iiidul^i;L's lo Hudi un extent, tljnt his oir nn*l lnhto a|i|iuir not 
Dnfrvriuoiitly tij hAVo bc^come bluotod by batiety : 4>rt(:n vitliin tho i^um- 
pUB oif twi> or Lhree lino^ he wijt iiae aoiEC of his favourite vorfli, autrh 
« re* rtt^to <?r Cfrr/Hym, tliree or four or five tjotiA, without l!ii;re icing 
my i-k-int i>r ftsi-co whaWvvr in their ropatitiun. Tlnj nioist glaring cx- 
UD|»U« ntv jKiintwl tiirl in thdr ]jIucw< Mftiiy atht*r rinnk^s of jim(hidiig 
vffvci iiii^Lb bu Dotrd in Lucritiu^, mch oa Lijf liabit of putbiitf; to- 
gplhor enbstftntives wit!iout any ry^piLi: J*i-aTa iactis r(poa Bfjett^s; Otsa 
trmrr rtn-tr riii'tr umajt vuk^til H4rai; Lut let tlit eAftm|ile!t given sufllt^ 
la bis nllit^riiti'jriH nTid dssinnuncca as well 4Lb in tLo rliytlimicnl mu^rc- 
itwnU of bis VF^iHO And tlia iitylo and ciiloiir gi^ncmlly vwhicli he tntjiftrfa 
bo bia [Htciu Lui;rvtLiJ9 seeks ratbi't fur tlio ni<.i»t direct aud cl'YiuUA 
mttiha of produdag cflwt^ tliuu for thu Taun; subtle aod itvondito iti'tu 
0? VjrgiL II10 nnuiiin'Ut UiHrcforo is apt BuinftiiniM t<> Ik.' in i?sci'ks, 
WDf liinca to be dcliQicQt ; y^i even the pliiinnat aud oicpsL prconic jMirts 
of bia jroeni ak^w a ftiucicrity of tbouglit} a force of rrataouing uud a mcy 
iiKjiiiuitii? Ojivimr of tt)h^ wliic^b r^^uder Ilii:i[] Imiu chill jiliJ niihiLereaUng 
Uuuj ttiT flutter porllana of many more carefully eliLWir^lcd wrnka. 

Staudliig OH l-QLTL'tina did entirely olwif from what woiiH iimst ejirite 
Ihff j^'Utpatliie* of \iV6 contcnt|KjnLiiGH« tliiTi:; 19 utjt much CTidence to 
dtttv vbat rece[ktioD Id^ |toem met with fron: thu gi-c-ab cinEs of hia 
roontrj'nifEi. iLHutHiii^nily pji]>eftrfl however that lie mtliI CatiiHiTH were 

ly esteemed ll:e twL» gitiitedt [HJcts of their age. Yet thtTu am 

dcnbt thiit his work ejime into the woriti nt a lime very unfiivour- 

foT the fame of itH Hiithor^ Ho ivoiild takfj iiu part in the grent 

emeot then iu uctire progress wlili^b rndcd in pTodui:ing tli*? worka 

jl Hoioey and Ovid and iiied oiiee nrd Tfx ever the Kfunan 

of pucticoJ t&^tp. The nplendour of tlieJr I'eputatitjn threw iiUo 

riuwlcs tUat ef tlieir cnv^teiit predec^aor^^ ETmius Luereti^ta Cutnlhifl : 
■jM;i]it>xl the aTi^iiiinoua aiifri?igt»< of the lioiJt enties of the empiiv, 
D head uf ^vhom aDimhI Qiunliliuu. Tlie I'eacliau lit fbvonr of l]ji.« 


M0TE3 n 

cldar Itt^mUire menu to lurs been headed by auskiirul abd too asLnu 
leaden &dJ tioA to b&re ezpc^ed itMJf to tlie ibafti of nttre. Tk< 
oC&ct which Hrji^deu and Pops prodnoed for aome gea«ntious on Kn^lieb 
iMMtrj gira but a faint notit>ii of die sorererirt] ty i?Xf?rT-isnI b)' the An- 
gnatao poct& And jcC Luoretius hul tto digUt iittlac?Ttce on the ]>:«jti7 
of sacce«ding ages, Alth^^ugfa Elie firsi nteatJon of hia veraea aco^trdin^ ta 
the in;«rpn:taLioa usually girpu a uijtliiug but cutzt{>Iiiuecitiuy. I aUude 
of c<>orso to a aonteoOT of Cicero wrtUea a few montba after the poct'v 
dmtfa und [irobahly at the very Lime wlu'O bis fxitiii vu fir^ piihlfahfd. 
At lh« end of a slion lett«r to bin brother Qui&tiis, ii i 1^ writt^u otAf 
in 740, <K«im tbia «cDl«Dr« ma it is grTen in Hi m^ Xuervtfu p^tpi^a 
td tcHhia tfa «vh< mu^ ^fn»ii&u« trt^^emi wu^e tofnra <trfia Ncvljr 
uU editors ore now &grr«d in vriiin^ i£a fun!, npf> Wf^U ci;L ; bat a«bM i 
alone n^UPt de^rmtne ibt >^ght reading: to put n^nt before otuZliv tomiaft j 
tAti'e is quite v «u^t an ^mcndadoa. What tliea b Cicem*ts mcnjdngi \ 
vre hhve not the crittciom of QuinCtu which called ftirth Uie rcniArk t> 
enlighten us. At this period when tbi^ tvurcpor, aa Cic«m calha Uif^m, 
wen striding to brin^ tlio Alexai^drm^ «tjlv iato foahioo, thopc aeviiu X/^ 
hiftvo befin almost a fortnal antilhexia between tbo mde geniita nf Knniim 
ftad tbemodiTD arL It \a oot Lbcm impowible that Quiutua ruay k* 
hare azpresaed hiuinelf on tkia bead, that Cicero Mt^y mean tu aaawef 
'JH von afv quil« right in wviag tliat T^uor«tta'4 has not oaijr mu«b dtM 
the native goaikia of EuuiiiAt but alao tuuoli of that art which to jud^L* ^J^ 
moat of the pocta of tb^ day might ncetn icBomp^tiblc with it.' l^hiie the 
tnst, wonid be right and Cipro's jadgment would latiafy ni. AgiuTi to 
write either imtiliae tam^n etian artU or muliae eiioM itriiM is hardly, if 
at all » greater change than to insert nwi., lAOhmatin however has na 
doubt that n&n niuat eome before nudtix: he saya Ciwro eoiild not detty 
to Lucretiua art : ' qnod in Marco sane miiandum «aset, quip|>fl qai mtu 
arlid qua Locretius poU^t ne tnioinjam quidem partom in oanainib 
rail aihocutiu cutset, coiktra. idem cur pnini inffei'U iumin^L in Luf^rv 
carmino Amni»dv-erterit> non potest obBcunini ^-sac: CAm ci Eoniua 
Attlus ea re i"a^*ni\wi viipTiantur, quod obJeetando doccrent et anim 
fnorendiA corrigerent mores.' But eveiy one feeb that in^#nit (umi 
mmaa bore prcoiaelj what we mean bj ^muA; what Ovid me^uia when 
he »yfl of Enniiu Enniii* tn^nm marimuji. arU rftdit. of Callimaciitu 
^uontvif itvjenio lum valfi, arte vaUf, of himaolf bruken by calami 
ITee tamgn in^cniun Tu^bia rofpintdet, ul anta ... JuifKlut UU ttacer 7 
uMrjm pt^xjra nulritt Qui print in nobit mm soUbatt abut; what Hi 
noe OLcaDA bj ingcni bcjii*fna v<ni»; what Javenal means when he 
of Demovtbviiefl and Ck'BiV> titntt'itjua Lanpm et exnn/JoJts letv 
iug^iil ftjut*. A)4 It would not be w«ll then in Cicero to deny l.iioreti 
in^^n»Ufnt if tro must bAtr a 7ti>«i I should prcftir to ace It before m 



17 Cicero sLoulit denj li\m ai-t, may be expliitneil in more wnja Uinn 
1: be ha4 a genuine Wd of Etmittfl and is indignant tbat tl« 'ca&- 
EupbononU ^ abDiild jiresume to de^Ue bim; he &nd LiicreUus 
IgrveJ on Ukiu^ him for tlidr gii^-iLi poelioil model. At tLe Kt\at^ Unm 
\t» own Anttou mutit hnvo boon wribton thirty j-oars cr more hcfijTo thia 
W«er, «iid he in:ij well linve lieen so fur converti^d by the fllmtetp unani- 
juiiiB ieadGiicj of tho [locta of tbc day tovorda Ih&b sl^le of dictiGQ 
nd ^vrw whi(.-b was gro^tmilly Itoiliog ap bo tlie worlca of Vir^l and 
I Uncare. oa Ui dcuy Euuiua and Lucivlius xuucb urb. WLab rcmnins 
I -if Ibvir po«tTj, proves ihut both Augiiatus and Mi^eccnn^ hoj foniR-d 
I ilu-^r itvto rather in tha stjhivil of Ciitollua and Cnlvus Umn of Virgil 
I md Hoiacc; jct donbU&u U^ey would bare j'Bled Ihe art of tbu lubter 
^■m bi>;hJy lliAU that of Iho tomiCL-. Or Quiiitud maj Lave dwciLt 
^B Lnrrotitifi' jthi1ns(t|)hical j]ualitieB; and Cicoro wlin is continuully 
^^Kn}( ftt EpiciiruA for hu want of art and soiontiSo discipline, maj 
Pphihiir iiitludc liUcretiuB in tbe &flme condooiDJition, However tbiib 
I nifty Vie, if Cii:"^ro did deny him irvjejiiujii^ then did the ^-gjit Uninan 
I jrav>r ilispUiy IcdB to^to than the orator unil pIiilo&>phcr of Aries Fuvo- 
UBpH two centiinee IfLter when, tis Oellius i 21 i^e<N>rda, he spoku of Lu- 

^^ Cfltnllufti tliongh the poem wna publjithfld eo short a time before hia 
I dHtb, inu^ have kanwii it, iiH hn lius iiiiitiited it in rnoi? tiian rmo placid 
I Wbea it was given to the world, Vir^Hl wjia fifteen jearfl af aga At 
^^rii Ml Age tbei'^jfure the «tyJc and ntanner of Liiec^tiua were aUe ta 
^^L«a th^iuBelvi^ fully ou tlic younger |H>(-Vd AUhoeptihli* mind: and 
FfrHia|>" Lbf IJg]i<^6t eulogy which has ov«r been punscd on thi; former id 
tW ci>nstant iTnitation rf hi^ language and tiiought which perviLdua 
I Tir^lfi Torkc fi'um L>no end to the other. Homce too wid 0\id had 
I Gmfolly studied liim: this CommunCary ^ilE in some dcji^n^ ^ew wluit 
I Uvr Bfl well as Maiiiliufi owe to him. though tbia ln»4t diacijile is not 
I ttCTlh iTiuclu Lucreiiu9 thus esdrciscd indirectly no alight inftucnoo tq 
■glB whole liitnre career of DitLu poetry. To pius to modern tinte^ thd 
^Bbui acluflara of the £ftefuth century, full of enthusi^tam for every- 
^^^^^jiancol, yet (idmircd no Latin post more than Luoi'otiu^ Virgil 
^^^Hbcov^pted, Tbe iI1nRl.rii>ii»! French »;cboUrs of the sixteentli eep- 
^^B IjMnbiuue Turuubud ^i.iiliger,prouoauci.-!d him one of the f^rcfitiftt, 
^^M th« gi^Atoiit of KonibQ poetij. la tnoro recent times ho han been 
^K|>nlHE«l and read. Tbtr criiks of Ciunuauy have in general Hhown 
Hrt^J^r ■sympathy for him: full of tlif^ir hcriiclitoun fire they will not 
i'^-,j^u> nnything epicurean. GoeLho aSotie is a biillimit evoeption : bia 
nriwUty and uduiitiLtlou for Lucretius never fnilcd- In this country 
lir loort recent account of tJia philosophy and |>ootry of LucrotiuB ia Ht 
I Ife «une time ihe fuTIafit and most favoiinible mul by far the tjeab;^ 




, — 43: tilt' jiDct cnllp opnn Vrnas, op fn'^tWr if l!io Bomans 
nul]i<kr of their Wng to j»U livifip crratur«e omi fr>lo niwtPCM of ilie 
nalnre nf lImd^ to help Uim in wi-ilhig on thnt iheme ; liiii finil to 
CtMi»<tmiii lipr lov«?r M>m Ito Innl tif war to praat poace to ihc Romiuw 
ill orJer timt lie himEelf migbt h»vo cftse of mind lo ^vritc, qqiI tua tneoA 
UemiriinH k-ipuro ti." read ^httt lio wmtn, 

1 ^f7i. geneirix: licr pcculijir rcliitJoTi tn^ the children of Aencfu in 
jilocerl mriTid«mlTn<twilhth»t which »h<*b*jirMto the whole of Htimato 
Mid iustiitiiatc nat^ire. Lurr. may Lave hflj^l io hui tuhul Euiiius aiif). 
53 ^I'Hits et ffpr\ftrjx jutfrin nnniri. Ovid without df>ul*t Kindts to Lufr. 
Lotli iTi trinL 11 2G1 Sutujis'Tit, ArurmlitjH fffjiflrij: uhi jn-^mn: rapiirvt, 
Af-n€'id\tm ijciif^rix uix'h nf itJriui IVatm, and fa*ti IV 90 foU. wb^rt 
the whole of our piRBii^ a broti^ht nnder oontnhutJon, ffen^nr A D 
ti^htlv: &t nXl thv best mm. uf Virgil mid othtTH, ami LvrlqiriTt 
urM itiBeripUoQa of tJifl beet B^ : Homo of tho6<? whict have pr/i^i^ij: 
pre nov di»flHnd Bpurioua ; (onie T dnriht not hivo hoen wrongly cr>f^<<^ 
Lairtb, qiimpnroH mrrrfnj; nicWftf* *'iih ^(iw^rCc 'jfutftut: IacL. nddi 
5r«Ai£iVb« and o^'-frax itttliior, ftiid attributeH the to tbo f4>llouriQ^ loojf 
u 1c mny ho wirl UiAt T'lere^f-f^; tf^ fn^iu u verb of tliu 2iid copj. nnd Ihxt 
jrw^to i* reputedly Ibund in old inacriptiona ; tbat mArfibi thvit^foir, 
not iit&rKtri^, him chniitTcd >tA vowpI ; iLtit o&ifrfiv'-e t/i« U i&terme*liHt> 
IwtwCT" itfU^^r and T/i^i+^or : conip. re*<pU tuxitUra and Ibe likf\. Tlii* 
ia tnio; btit unthoritj calls imporiontlj for ger4itrij^ and ^cmdm 
fftnetor may once liEin: he^ii in use : WG the indcT of the iir>w c<irTiu> 
inflCTH IaI* vol. I for TiumcToui* cas^ uf for b in the old liiuguagT'. 
2 J^md, an epithet he Bpp1i«y ckcvhero to water, tho cdrth. > 
unriu^> pIcjLtiiirc, Palloa ; but hero iL \it\^ mnutfivt'y a pccnliiir force wktb 
ri'frrt^Tioo to all that follows iu thiti iiuo addrodB in vhich no word ifl 
thrown nwcL^. ti/wa Mentis was not 011I7 fzuntlinr to points, but aa&oM 
to bikvo iMiudd into Uic languii^ of Uie pfopla I SJid on Uio hadt 
C>ti[rrtt>Unii reg. xu an nlmne Veneris tieua; and thtf cosmograjibui 
At^tbiui I". 7 1 G t*i3. A. Gronuviiia bujk of Uio i^laud hfitvern P^ntia uid 
Oii^tia iV(* autetn rcrtinii tf.mjK*r*i rn»n vd ceteris fioriime luiimji^rttir Ut 
pntc tiiuiUtitfr fui /jtivris ttjif/t'i§ iiigulit •\p$n fibfffiiis almae Vftieria n^ 
en/tctur. Maoruh. sat* ui 8 LaeHnus vdam eic ttU Veuerem Igii 

liOOK 1 


almtim Adnrim^ tiw fomina aivo maa cat, ita ulJ nliiui N<>cUhiaa <»i. 
PUiiLii.4 niclfrn-i ti'JI \]BH \'eniu a/jiia ; AppuL ntctnm- JV 30 ilin f^l- 
Uesa in ^riiLh sjtyn (if Lrntelf £^7t renin* witwrtK prints jmrerie, en 
riejitfi/tiyrit/H nn*fii rtiifi'tfis, en orf/i* toUus a/nin VcffmiM Kiiitwloi'lia 
loinirJ hvt It^po^ : mw riuten'li iimaL p. 7.'ifl E. 

S 3 aiiJ 6 — 9: tltaa carlj^ Uti: jiott c^IIr nttcntinn bo tlie thrco 
grmL (^ivivif^nH fif the worlil, to wbicli he as well up oiln'v vtnUsn Wfora 
■iiJ afUr liim so ctjii&tiLttly revert tliat tliw tLiiig piiaticd intu a commoa 
phA'Cib ! fHfire terra cachtTn di v^fatnm JitlfTji^ sfiys I'laiit. trin. 1 JiUj lU 
iml£a jmrt cat^ Jimri terra, tit jioeticB itig^mTf praefermisga «f, aiys Gic, 
At lin, r 0. Ovid fiiiti iv !)3 tbua innUhU^ Lacr, lurc^q^a dt\t f^Q 
Irrraa mtUflUnig uurlu Pti^vf int<*» initiis eonfinei ajnni' fffimig. But 
Bcnll^ pOLUis ouL Lh:it Lui:r. Iuls liJEiiF^tr iiulUtcd Eiirip. Hipp. 441) 

r^ b^Lf, rtuci 1201 florciTtu S" *t3 y^^tav (unj^rp-ov tf' 'AA/jt/iov Ifft iroiroi'- 

OjjHfrBaui- <TKifAuic«>k' JLrAiyibri' ^ ofra t( yu t^£^c<, Ta^ oAtrj; af^/ACfiiv 
li^tfTfli, *A*&pav Tf m^^irnn-uv £c RnciAtj^'B^ nfuiv, Ktrvpt, TuJi'^r fiova 
flfurt-pftf: tUe Wt 4']<iUHT in prutLllt;! vritli i^l (^itar t]iU}jiUi nm\x. Hut 
1-^1 Kiirip. iukI Lnor, aeem uidel)tpd to the H^^ploT^c hymn it I 'A^ypo' 
ivTfi^ Kt'TpiO'rt ytt Ot^'i^LV etrl y\ufi*v Jjxtpov tSprrt Kut r i^fi^imaorro tfivka 
nn&VfjTii'V iiri/fnitiran' Olu/tuvs rt SioTtrtat /I'll Oifpi^ TraiTtt *H^<f to"' 
fffti^vi ToXAq Tp«^ci T/S* otfQ flroWo*; tho orphic hymn tv 4 foUowa in 
1^ ixoic i-rvick, Tlai-ru yap tK oiOiV vrtir uiT(£[fi'*(iJ 5f T( Kotr;iov* ^ol 
^^i€tf rpiTtruc ^oifimt'y ya-ivt ^t to, wuvrn Oirrru r iV oi'fHivu iiril nal fv 
•fliTj Tiik^'K'tpir^ El/ irtiiT<m rt fivOiu. 2 ff'f/j /r/i. fi'jixii: \vu. ifr JUS 

^•rtrn,,.Ccici(<;^ i-'tt^ifm cado. Uihcntitt wW (It^ciitffi tLe HiiMVtth ensy 
Dntioti 'clui'* Kaat clocti ohnc Itiut' : so iv 444 a^^iu ^rl(/f>/|^1^r Lfihi^ 
ra nbnhoA. Cic. Ami fingm, 3 sni<l bc^ftive I.tirr- CrUri fahitntiir 
forffi^it jiiofti, JiUCT. linti uttentivcly atii^HcJ tliU tranaljition, oa 
Lave H»i<l (iltovff ftQti Ahall n^vn liavo ocrsiBion lo n^poat. 3 terma ; 

T. wWj ^J|<1:l1lillf; uf Uio I'urtL j\a hii oxUudml turfara ou A siiliil uiubb 
thi? pliir. of ihi> t[CQ\ifi. and a^il. r>rtcuer tbun tbo bing-, Iho ^cn. net 
iM-Tiily> fhc iinmin. and ikt. urtly imce cnrh 1 tljiuk, u 1I0!> anil 
jru'fiffrctUiii ii^\n^ts to Iwi a umf Ary'^tvo^, 4 Co7*c^ei/rttii 

lOj ttv\4ainf»\ hy Wak. 'uno lerapnre fivr^iitnln*, iiermpoa' ; itn 
raencing HcoiuH to bu tlhiLt of II multitude tilUttgf crowiliii;^ a pl&co, 
311 raruita fX'lutrmt fui'fd/ifi't qrrae i'lca a'fwirmii dmc^'-bftfni ... Ki 

agil clearly clmnj^c pliici.'3: t'^i.mip- nl*o Cic» do imp. Cu- Tonip. 

f «am fuofpt/' rrm jfijtnfiin Jii>manH» non morlo r*i/i\ *erl ^mwm 

tfvi/u' riKtiiiitiu tt rtnuxhhrtiiufftm j>utm^U: tint gnddt^sn ih^^iiTni't! 

«i Oiuco Willi Lcr iircsoni^Ci p^'fi-i'f'jtd. earth ni^l sen, ikud (Itiiu ]h.t- 

aho iBptiB thai {£ pn^in^ 5 tmmmm »&: \a Um nam. vA 

ace. the plon b lawli qAcbct wbJ Ussd |1i« mag. hj Locr. tn cipr^ 

tii»bi«; db IbnQ </expT^na« b MgnAutr cUAdf- 7 A fl J i Bh wj 

axpluked in Paolui en^ ei FeiKV |k ^ (5S): afaaifar^i m vmrittak 

Xar aiym/ieti varian^ Loer. Afiptiv it ftl^o to Dfttore asd to tba tcaguiv 
Iblkivvil fcj a S^fi-: a&d in « jiaa. Mine Ut ponoa aad to staVuL 
8 jMMBiiVrif a fcroTJte »ofj of Locr- in tlua dgRificfttknt rtdbi' ben; ai 
n 559 Kdb« flmiiM fdt*n4t fmti and v 10O5 r«l«iM«« m*^ lui 
kimplj tbe wasr of mM 'fSf<aa» f^mirm in 9, and Fhimf in m 39 : t^fff 
aemii to b? n^ aUouoa Io UmK pU«liiiis ringing n;>ple so often vcd <« 
GrMk lod IttlUn aeas iq ^fios vlu«fc AcadirloG eipcficses 1^ yAatrptt, 
mod Arbuit. [itmU. uht 1 and 24 hjr iwtytXan that b rather ibo or- 
oUatni aaJ mr^iittuMl of Catollm aod Altiiis. ft Z^Uoif va^^Kf : vi 4S 
F«ttlor«n» AT iVn tf/ ^i/JHymlur ; au Virg. fvotwifi n^^wtnt ^■LvHf and /^<i- 
cnffTTv/f iv/i<i Z>4f»j tmaria^ the oppoaite of ilonwe'n innfiHt Man-, 

to f'^lov on the idvoit of Vetitiv, beoiime vh&n th^ do onne. all 
living thin^ tntn to thuugLta of Ioto; h rer ti VtMH* H Ptrit pmt- 
MitftffUJ ante P^nn/ifftt ffradiiur M^ynrA 9f:«ci€M re^na tiiti i. t%. apMwa 
FCTu: outnp. 119 /W yoi/u /WfTjt h'tmitmtik^ and n, tlierr; mid it T33 
Grberav^W «ai»um fitdetx it ocatis that aspect of Uht ^hich boloafia 
la «pring. 11 rtMTf^a : th« t^m becng remoTed fWifn the iloor of ila 

ptiAon, Orid &ati ii 1S3 el #u; rairrata di^ut CitroerU AttAli utnaa 
Ca«vi jmUi. fftnilabiiig lucd thia onoe hy Laor. and with Ute artivo 
aeiuw ill vhlch 'jmiiaiui in 90 nfl*n emplnyed hj" him. Varro dp ling. 
ImL V 17 ^c^Acru ef terrtie geaiJa^^ fptocrrrf itmjrttSt ^luch ia rightl/ 
^fen t« LadlJua though th« maL a'v^ it to LlKn'^: tho vord i« abn 
uwJ actiri^j' bf Aviuiiia and Amnliina ti ^^j vinrUihllij in ^li 
mofl^i Ba Viff^ p^netnUfiie Ulum and fiiffus', Ovid p^n^i^Mi Upturn 
and ^//n)Ai = <)Tiad ]^r«irat, in vhioh r^tiso Lo^r, more thnn one^ haa 
ycitetttJU ', in Uora^e '/iW>rj'j^i7iV=qni dixwciat, !a PhiiiL imprtrtjhUia 
=qaj Jmpctrat, in PlauU and TiicrtiiA ^tltihii\4=tsdt\idlt ; id TerBttOe 
ptttGihilrjtt etif twice - ii[ilinii lit] plnt^D'iitiD, lu FemuB rr7JdrdAiZii= qnj 
r-qiai-iitr in Ovid r^9uairifir-cim ri'^toimt: romp, in HuT^ce (//nfn'ii9«a£t2'M 
PitUf/na vith Ul^i/TimahUtt »ry;«nlbr. frrrr6t/» = qui tCiITeb, horrihUiA 
^(jin jHrtTf^lur. With j/^. nurn./rtf, oomp. Catwl LSIT 582 rwM f^pWa 
Jkcunda Jiironi. sDr] Pliny irat Libt. iri 93 //tV r^l iffrtrUUvi JtjririittM 

flnlRBQRuid Uv. &ALi IV D9 and Cfafliicrr at b^^ of Cmitcrbuiy talM 



iBiftke tlie birda first fbel the comuig of spring : 'Su prihcUi hem natin'o 
in hir car$t^\ IS pprciiinw k literally * Icnooked Anvo^ Htnipk to tJie 
^roiiud'; «ve Forcdtiuufl atid BciiiL io Hur. r]K>d, xi 2: beuce often 
'iluimeti, flmittcn liiroogh all tin.' framo' by ft etrun^; pMoi-m^ ae Iicib 
by k»ve, 2lil by ft atmug nfltuml craviog! a^np, Pl^iTit, Ijin, 242 iVnui 
iftd amniy quod unvitf *fuom cx/emplo eins tiivii^ pf^i:niimta eat, whore p^r- 
adwu* m rator«d from the AmliroBLan, the other iqwl having jiffr- 
camu4t ^itli which it ia w oft^n confuoud, 

11 /wrac jKCmdss i^it /eras afsoms vei*y dniibtfol : peeusUt to be soi'o ia 

*fl*fi used by the pooU for luiiniBlfl geiiantUy, by Lucr, nnd others ihr 

ihnJji of luh ; ;t:l I 6itd iu. no clnui^ioiil ^m itei Jhroe pecwUs for /rj-ae - 

bat ogaiu and a^n m Luqt. and others pt^^^des and ^mu iu formal 

(UDtTVAt. Wak, uiiei^untett \fiirtiiil, Bnrl tii>dit£4 him only qnot«M or 

BnqDoUa mere barbiLi-ijms in lan^ia^e riilary Emd TertulliAik to support 

I jbm« p^. Forbiger refers to Vm-ro de tq tuaI 11 1 5 &ad Colum, ix I, 

^tfagCA which lu^fl ALn>iig1y a^inHl him: by pertttlevtjcma Varro mrauis 

^kc fuumalfl or pet^nfet found in a wild Htato, viz. ehetrp ^wlU ;»wiud 

noils asst^ bur#i; ColuioblU goat» deer booi'B. v-hich though wild may 

|Ml be kept iu hurda uu mi oiUii«- Again /enie in awkwiiTiJ, im tuiiio 

^hpl4 &r» AS muoh movt^ oa wild. Ovid lAfiti tv, wh«re he ta iroitatinK 

HGinr- Bp«Ak> of tmte brut4» only; Virg^ S^^^- ''' ^'^^ ^^^'- '^^ ^^^ tnma 

•oi) wiidt and it la of tuons lio oaya Jfitmnui trantrnL Caii /cra-e p*^, 

bnitea mode bcedstrong by pussionl couip. Uat, LW 5t) Tti /enr 

U^^ prob. 'gen«nJly', ' williotat exooptioii': no il 370 ^1^ vua quiaqit9 
f$9 deet^mi^ tihera tac.rit; und 2I& i>v«riii foWJ^oiv ^fflnia 'at qiiit^ nil 
iftOBTtftUi timc\ and Hi Ga Tvrpijf cjiitib fimic <ifni^mpt*is 'witlKnit ex- 

Ann. ITT \Z3 iaiwpte /mv nero aduhtcfAU liutre pupitetf where 1 do not 

■ddmtand tho<Lout>tsof editar*. ptr pab, taeta: here again, a^ thi-ongh- 

«m thiB nddresB, tbf epithet is At onco poetionl snd idJoraatLC •- p^rb. faei^ . 

_|OP »m 6 (^ 7 timcB with urtnenra, arOuitta^ virifla: thus Vlrj^. /(jW-ev 

^■IH Rud the like* But it was al^o a voH of the people : &00 Onto 

01 VaiTo in Forcelt- and comp. Cic. de orat. in \f)^i iiKlf-it anr^jFS efifirn 

■* diicnni ; ^nd orator Bl where he aaya the same, MnnIL iti Gfit 

Lurr 3'ti7ic petrtidufn valuam^tttj^is ff^nvn per pabtda laeta In 

partumque mnnt. 

^Jr4 9. ^ua: Billyh i^oobfi^cuotLfl are tiot unonniinoTi in lAicr. 170 fruU 
Jfttdtvr aJupit irrtu in Itt^ninU kciV MfU^ncv ul/i inr^t CFJir/jryu0 = (p]icqiio 
^fc&,,.iDdiO ii1>i oius mat, luent : Ov. nra am^ ni 135 f/noti qnrttuifUie 
^baf £ti(/nii& r^dH.r '. sea Major Cio. phil. ii 119. Not unlikf* \rt 11 ]t> 
Hucrv tUfjtiJ dtdtirc Pro focie cHiv*que = cuiqao pro &cie eiuK: Itko in 


S0TE3 n 

prinoi|ile aro 1 152 Q>iod nutitn iit letrUjtffri 

operum causos tiulia f^itui7\6 videi-e I'vtfiuni; 695 t'lulr hiv ettynittiM 
ipiri q^iem ntyjjiirinl ii/nem ; i ii 1 33 s/ m illfim Trajufr'^itirtm/^ projrrio 
turn nt nfftrtine e^fii', vi 313 ex ^Irt q^Me tivi/i ret taxipit ictuvn 
thoao conif. Hor. jut. i 4 S .il^tie itlU ^uontit covu^edia prvtca Tfirot 
nsf] 10 16 ICti, Bcrrpttt ipiibvt f^omoedia prisrA rJW> rtl\ &^\ti ^s ^^\ 
7t^ue illam IjUt^ritoArt'i^ f^rbiirum p'-ittrnfiti yrwH" ^f; tl 1 H3 /"i- ' 
jw*tfji(, lyum rart>J(ictii JluujiUu iiuni rf eJtm fj^^^nttA jrtirrwmiwiii 
plagh - omom perenut ffiim elr. IJI 83fi /n tlubtoqwi J^tfff virortVTm 
tua ciuit'mlniit Omnlhv4 hnni<tn'f* twt^ In d. fneiT" htiuiani Uli 
[c. V 853 Artirt-f cet- = liabet^e ntruiiiquo Miitan qui eet. vi 3Sfi 
/Jfl^iCo ;i9«ien£ venl^itaa opprimr-vt Unbri,..^ tion pxfriictin _fi>ffl 
naifiituM aetho". i. o^ veiiii^t<^ (nubes.] cet: Gi)3 Condpiuut [i. & nubil 
^..Gil'm avpeva vmrpium fnare veTiti ivthtiti jxtrttmt. ni G2t) iftt 
Tnodis pirlittjt ar/ubti^ ft^Jfc* .l/rmimrKwi (*( nvni'j'iit-ift cr-tft'ii priep 
ordv also I thiTik- eitM inemlirft] ut etc, ji ^1 tapt"^ JiJih'-re vbi rar^ 
jirim/t Conswcant = hiibere cntponi ubi: quiie nimihu- la Ov. ir\sL m 5 
cause]ei«tlj tomperod with by tulitors, Spes iipinr g^pertal /ocfurVM 
nutlfit'l ipiff,..pi>^inim -^ faotiinim I'liflam ut moliijit, IV 3[*T (^t rthit 
iniri frrlirr in more uaiial auil lika Liv. i 1 3 rt In tpttm pi^itinm cfl 
rur^ lo/^\ifiij Troia vocitturx a constr. mti uncomiaon iu the Wt ibUtliai 
comp. aJ»o IV 397 Extitatitieifu^ prand c^t.. and rL there. 

17 Dcniqne not in tliu acnrw it ui^uall; beara in hacv. nftft 
of pr^tf/erfw*, fiorrn 'again' 'once nipre", introdueiug a new tn 
here it pUkci's tbe rienteuce in aji|Niai[Jnti wiili wIull |ir<H.'<Hl^fi, Minimiu}; 
and Bf'rviiig as a cUmax to wliat has hccu HaiJ : jcf^ in ahctrti to aiim 
ftll, j«n inBpira love thruughont the woHdaml every jmrtioti of tlie wi 
Comp. Ov, bctuifL 1 1 21 i^e^i'/uc 'jtr^i^'juis rnU ciiffrin injnht/iu ArJtU 
4 84 Dviiiqict TiOftrn iuvoU fumitta tfiiid'piid rtf/ii. Ter-euco ts food 
ibifi use: comp. cnn. 4fr iltnu/iri' NuUiim Fit hurt, liktitjrt qtutt w/n 
diHum prtria'j hoaut. CD ticAT^?/* Nidlnnt rtjmifl'ut Um^jni* nfifpri^ fa 
pi^ifi, where Cicero de fin, I 3 ioad^'ortenily j*»na deTiiqne MBilh vl 
precedia. But ic Luci\ liimift'lr i 4G4 Drrni/n^ Tyn/inriirin cct- Htid il 
VeHifpie rnafoneg ai tenint cct. the word ha^ Tnucli tho Bame fctivOi 
trfflliiciiig merely a confinnstion of what precedai. Cicero ntid the 
wrikra ofleii vrc it with thia f^Jtce in tlio Mtuie &<?Dt^iiQe wit)i wLaI 
sanih up, iL^ in iha tliiufie four UmeB i^epentod by Liicr- Jh*ifa poli 
ti/trdque cfLiipir Qivtii/iiit fit tiifu/wM Ikth d^iupif lines not, aa it wi oJ 
docS) niorcly add nn iU^m iii the tutnneratioii, but d4:Iinos more ft; 
whttt precf^M. The word mcntns here much what adtti doefl In Vi 
iiuitnlion, geur, he 212> nifM^U ia weil cxplhined by Oriil itiet. 
550 ji^ ^y; eviitintlfc tnpttmh^iit iiudi^', l''f-rrf trabft Jiolidae oVi^i 
W^iwTS nyvjna Mttrvntrfi fuvi solfnt. ridi tttmtnrminn rtjHV Cuta 



'a alia Prahi: Vh^! aTiU) apph'^s it to river^ 8*nMft to o tor- 
EnDius (?) 303 Ui a aea'currcut, 13 Viig. grorg. ii 200 AtUi' 

dcmo4 itvittm, 19 iiic^(Hens iDore iisuiUl^ uppJied to f&ax or 

otbDr Imd ^KUi^on; but 924 to love aa hecu: com p. tort Jlnr, ep[«t 
1 1 33 JmrHlxHiU nrfiU tlfrlderium ; tliwugh itioiv prrJiftptt it la ofttii'ical. 
to tftr^rtslhii *kmii hy kind'; of UflverLis iii -tim op -buh gCDtirallj witll 
tikU fiirw lliore wu froiu tveui^ to tliirtj iu Lucr. Bop|i vergl. grAm. 
n 313 poiiiU otit thfil they arc advoi'biol jLcouwitirf^ of lost abati^act 
nlBtiuitiveH ^ tractiiit pmp. ' wit^ clrawiTig', rr/r«'n£ 'with niiiDing', 
■«iriin 'wjthQUttiiig\ ctia/erftm * with lUBAnicg together*: Bee too Corraaeii 
EaI, Fui-ruenL p. SSL foil, who enumcrutcB mora th&a 200 of thorn, 
1 fiitiiLi] in Lucr, only in the oontmt^ted form^ and iieed by liim ^ome 
y Uiace itk thiv at^nso of races, |^cneratiort4 of living creatiirea, uaen, 
bewAo, even inoniruabe tilings, nu ii 1113 : a seu&e too peculEar to 
with Tnhf ei.ctptji>u i>f a few iiiiilut^Jia ; bo bat^ it ^ilmjuA uiil/ once, 
10^0, or ftt ntoat 3 timee^ boo j 202 aod in !}48j in iia orcJiunrj mean- 
igt vxi\ thate 3 ce«m tum^ bo looked upon &s almost the samo pbnue. 
/ ft rory cxprcuivo metaphor recurnug nol uafrequcubly. 
Tvr, tiaf.f flee u. tr> 25. 22 23 yuiL^uu/zt uo A B ulwaya with 
J aJJ th« litvt tawt. Jinfl iiirnptJonH : also q-aictpi^ and tpLh'ptitl in 
i>f ^uiojf'f ; liut ipiidqttid AH a roUtire; see Loch, to v 3d. 
n Lwcr. by this word menxi either 'bright* or * open' according 
itn jimdagje« iej Lntin Greek nnd as we are told SnciHcritf he u^^a 
Tti only twioi! JvJter tbif, ii 171^ difi vattiflfis nud V 13^7 inmlorinn 
*^jti4t f/ut; in the forEiii^r pliLC»> the meaning ' bright' wouhl be sni table; 
lAtl^r thiit of ' ill the opun air' ; conip. Vmto du Jiiij^. Lat v 06| 
nutrfit lui^vUl anti'fititu Livii twmm; tUiJt o/hn Uioi*'>A ^t- 
JittnM, id f^t difs paler, a tjuo dtfi dUti yut ituie. eC di*ui et 
utHle tftft diri> di*ni FitJitis, and ho oh; nlno VII 3-i ho qiL^ites 
Pariivitin (I) Ctt*lifum onmitln^ O'prctala advitnh, aaJre hoHjiita, and 
explaining comTV/Ti^ and Camilla continues ^Uinc t.-astmluB itootin- 
'(■MJfAr''M myBi^t^ thus qu^^f^\m odininUfrv dis •fiUf/rii^: then too 
the name fif the myattinoLis dcti dvi. who }iad her Littetidaat 
whether ahe were Tflfm, C'c/'c*. OpSf FhrOy /Vu^ia or iMniaa^ or 
«r noDC, hud same cminesiiOTi with tba bright open air; so hIso tlut 
DimtA Virgil usra the word mily onc-«, :t] (i5T dia Oiimdki, who 
is also Caemiifa aud couacvratcd to Diunrk While cnrrootitig ihtna 
I ^iid a pasfAgo m ^Inx Mueller's scieriL'e of Ittxignnge, 2nd Berieif, 
, vrbicli ahews thut ^anacrit scholai^ Snd s, Aimitnr uncoiiainty : 
tb« Sntii'ikrit r/n^ origitially bright, aftervrordB god. It is 
a tlmt thi-s thf ttyiuologitTiJ mwitiing ol" difva, b jHrifled over in 
W ilu<t. cf Bochtlitkgk and Roth. It l^ clearly fMLsaed over intention iJly 
Ukdia onler to &Unvi th^t in ilII the par^ig^wb^r^'/fi^noc^nraiii the Yeda 
t aaay Lc Iraoaluled by god or diTine. Tb^it it may be kj trftn'Ut''il 

S— S 

kfi a^mA alvsT* MS arw n ito pnps ■ml, Ib^ <f ao edgt or 
orfiait^bn. TWfkiMi ■ &■»! tvioe m %h» «a«ift of 
«ad tvM* ip TtfpL M ■■■"■■^fi im j i aam oT eocTB dal 

mma^geat^ t 3 iaAndtfnvv wd Ae aole ^ it itt toiiuinti* p^ 
•mw^mMadTi^ fi— J, lir. »■ p f wfcaig lt« impnlr raul« «^M 
PB^ if I iMsd** apmtmtmi Jtrmmmm. 'Dolin ^vmifiri In cmvifio 
ouio mifodMi liWn litym Mitv. «% t £1 m« ffvrMd;^ 6iA» 

U rf i ei iiigi^ A l i i gB W mamm&mA ^hbmhh&w. «t id ^mca lilu': coop, 
too IT 43 10 <ii rf«<i j gi l i^a ^tt^ftw'Mg. 

tmkn of ^ic«tn»* gt^Bt vrok n^ ^mwtm s in 37 faooka, of vhidi wnw 
■iBN«b4« ■ft4 iO-deopbered fr^^eato m ppMahod in liio Ttama. 
UemilUMe&. The Mn« title wvs given hf EfB|iedi>clfl« to bis rljirf 
poem LA 3 booki^ ii4iicli tnust in adum degree tuTc an-ved Lucr fvr a 
iBodsL Wliftt be tbewu W rymm ife«|tirii vill sn&rw&tJj ft{i[Wfir in ihv 
conr^ of thp (Hwrikt tkoy ftra tvo of bur vor^ etrrpttt uid mfio beoag 
the DtKcr two, ^hicli occur «i(h fikIi nLfioua fm^cccji F«Hw|is 
frFe^y (iDe <^r tilt maDv in«4aiTig« which iwilwro hu Jn Cicetio or nofuri 
in £nglijib u foui^d ia Lucr. PirmctiTncn it is aa active force or agt-nry. 
■ometiausBJi inert niAa ; sometime^ an Abali«et term ; MXnclunea, aa I 41t>, 
it ^u^fiTiH *ijno[ivinou«i with the omne^ ifm bas vritb hiok inanj ailmti 
oicAJLingH ; but m a j^hji^ioLl term it alwajii si^iLfin cotapoute thin^ 
beiiij; iti contradiBtinction to tJte prim /frdi-a or fwpTra pnma oot of 
wbich tilings are mule: i 420^ 449^ M)4 ira ajiparent rather tluiii real 
exception*: rio/vra T<r7^m 19 t}icn£>re ooextendiTo witb Um ftwuiM 
rirnjm, C4>]npreb«ii4ling the iufinilj of worlds in being tUTOUj^h^.iit tb« 
trtnnr, aiirl ili^nutiiig sufoeiitiits ibis nimma iu^lt, Aometimi^s that univier- 
■Ulf f>«rradiDg agency by which the aumtna gix^ an. If wtiura 
mmti^^ HeemH lrlc« th^ mtmrna twum to l>e Ihe Rame tl thu omttf, 
|||P|P)wr]jAp» fr^^ni Lucrrtiua. like all i>i\\^x [>hilo«opbfTv, until 
thr* n|^t of N^oAljiti, thirjking all icfinitdy grent ttiioge mid all inBnil 
aiiiaIE Ihirtgh to tic ri9|H7ctively equals the occftslon us we sljall as^ 
Hi7 fjiariy iNLmliipMiijM. iv 385 JiaJftramnMivrBm-tint — onueaa cogtKnDCfv 
j*nim. lutTurit "fU-n tneouiiig tlT^ inner DflturQ and eai*etife of thin^^ 
* fHntijiff fi^-Tt', Mmlf jiUiitfti^ jyii^M/j" dicuutur, rum In tcnum domitiniitiirfl 
indii fltmm vui^rw |>f>'*//t voiyi^/i' iu cera dicuntnr* 3'i\i)L ex F*Mt p. S12; 
cmiijK CnhiirL X 2ti\ fifit Hitrra^.ran^tur m e^ra ilifi'ti t/mcTi^vt tna- 
ifUitri* 36 Mrmmuuian n hjrLHd woitl forme-l un the analogy of^ 

Ihwigh mow rpg-irJiify Uuin AVt/nWtM wbioh Lvicr. Viml And Hom^l 


ZB nujenerm tliU fttitiique form Liter, iiaoe throe tiiues> an vrell lu 
^^^Hl iwico^ &ud p<}fnUet^ and pflenibat: sco oJ^ n, to U 830 poe- 
^^^VfT' //>/''' '^ : \.ncr f m|ilnjs tins old firm ff tlii> gr-n. vvr^ ot^Hpn in 
d dUk^ iif nu^'atuQtivei?, morG i^rely iu Uint of &rijeutivea: n ilnt. iii -al 
■|iul« ii&kijovn tu him. 31 J^fioil or rsiA-^2, tiovei' reiicit \ nnd ko 

tf tha other compoii ndn of ifl^'o : thenenfe the only Jipdliugi^ known in the 
tk^e*^ aet^ dffv. rtiin. unL : Vir|^, Aviu viii 394 vnrii^ ihe |iUra9Q: 
fittur doutncIiLt ainore. x^ntn^tt nt]4 cogniit^ meljijthura ai-o fro- 
|ueatJy Hji|ilitHL Ui lovt- in bk. ly, 36 £ct-. cvt, Trp- Cic Arat frng, 

nil before him hfts ftm-Zi crrui<^r rfftxv^m <^ Dr*coS head : Aen, viu 633 
fvif^i (^^rWrt rfrfftC^ni nf the ahe-woll". Uv. tn^'t. 1 558 of Venus I^tqitntinu 
jtU jKuitti vercicr rvdiniii. Irrfg u df^liui^ iiy Fnslua 'in loiigitiiilEim 
viiiiHiBtnm ', aii'l ^c^mn^ moro tlinn oqoo gives a dmilar cx|>lEinntion. 
0^1, if a fyLinder or jxtlo be in qu«siirm ^ m /frv'eit rrvnfn and uru 

Rill Viti^l, lb h connocteJ wii.h icro wid siiuilftr Oroclc words, and 
I to dunote tJiiLt tlie tiiii;g with which it is ji^ined i* of tht* prifptr 
, Tidthwr U'iO lliirk por tim r.liii. Thus n. tfrfu rp.n7}:r n k npck that 
tlic tmi? oitlJinc of beautyf noithtr lam nor fic^hy^ auitLer too long 
ti>i diort. So brttcUi/ifvm teres in CatulIuH, tarf/^s tttiritf ftjid Mr^ puer 
iaUimoo. AppuL fli^rid. ii 15 p. 5! saya of a b^Hutiful statue ctrrcij: ru^~ 
f4iMt iwJiMtiWfl^ jffftA* tercUv, where the cpitbtla arc pr^itty noftrly 
(ffiun jtiiouit r e*itm]t. too iv 5H ttio feref^'j fi^inV/iK Riid v 803 /'W/tru/of 
lamfif uf tbv cicada, Lo. coata of e^^uii] and regtiUr lUiDQeBa anil fioenoa^ 
tM 0*vr, H«DC« ni@taphciri«Lllyavr»r£er«fMiii Liicr and Cic vrotto tfirt 
at CJi& ort denMia Feraias^ lera aitjur ruluntlas in Horace, 36 Pascfl, 
nid^, ui/tiatu: tho wmplo dii-octnesa of thcac terms has a. j^insuW 
Iffve: c»LDp- Tasso Ger. lib. ivi 19 A" i famtUH gguardi ar>idiifn*tiUa In 
Is fwjiacrni/iii ^pcu^er ia full of iiultabion^ fiUch an ihiri Lqiuj ftd AiV 
aytt *pj£4 ti*a J'airf avjht j^asc^re ondog is n mminnn phraaci 
^ tbe TviJi VUcUii ill Tdc hidb iii 3S und Su^tuniiH, inliinng ia\ 
iW Trrb gonei-ully tukca a Jat nr jioc. Eadraa i 1 31 7''^? fdng 'jtipfU 
yivoAcf M^ior^ A>rr vri^ open motiih. 37 more einphatic than the 

Kat <m of Virgil h-uiI Ovid: PutroEL sut 137 cj: cuiru iMn^ZD 
tfffjiffn tunrf^ H*c?ma clearly to refer both to reculaittera and nV- 
o. 39 i^iVirunt/^ oouip- Or, meL IV 3ffU ^f tmnc hao tuiwu, 

le ^'Wrfft/urtJriwr iliof, and xiv 6Sa tstlht^ite puretUU CircumfiiM suit 
botb «hi(:h pirujes it ^vuriia a diit. Gump. 87 tliH Amiih. rirffineoa 
VMavlaCa oom^r;^ with VL 1C3G tUti dat. rrAvfj uiWti'iu^^fri^ fi^^/^oaL^rur^iMt 
b iJiti proM cou^r. »a Vic. in Catil. ill 2 Teelig ttc tnoeriibus ttub- 
propt iam ij/Tt*? circiintd/iiiiSfpit. Vii-g, Awl viu iOG haa Co* " 1 


yOTES n 

ijis (itjitjrtin ffreritia of tlie liufiWud Id tlic ormB uf Venus, loffuelluj, aSVi 
^i^clla^ pToU. iiiett<i: soe LiLch, to III lOli^, vbo^ajd Lhe J ia duublod 
alter the long vowel, whou n shoit oue pr^cLMle^ it: so also n\fd<U<ii rto.j 
Litti'ruu^r/'fi'/e^cL uiiJ Lbu like, wlicu ii lotig vowel pret^edes tlmluug vo^ 
u cnticik Full^ lM>ri]c out \tj iuacripCiona buJ tbe beet moa. ^ 
/iflc,: VI 73 pi'tcid/t cum ^tue: phmrlii jifij^ w lwici> fouiiU lu Ibe AetM 
iunhttiii PluutiiS Pera, 551 liaa lovi iudttio* 41 ajrre /h>c: bctu 

IV 9fiy J\'fM ay^re hoc anttm et nahtrajn ^iiaerere rerutn Imct, sUiidi 
ihe (uiiiimB [«i[:iitii:tiil fuitaiila ^r rjj;«:, so often arlopteiJ iy TjaIiu writ 
it seems to lukve atnick Plutiirch as a foreigner: he more tb&n 
oxjhUiiua the CK ArK» ft£ in CorioK p, 225, ir^^rxrtj^^tv toe; («^£i(£ 
/i-vStt t^iyov tfifiaXity ^trafv /i-ijBi ;yj*MiK aaxp^^-^- Lutr. could not* ft' 
&s it viu to a<w &om ahoro one'n QeighUmr stni^liiig with the 
iiTJitnte thff more tban ppicureun indifTen^noe of Sulla: stt Hen. de rl 
J 12 S £j:t^.rriio ^niLtit ^ hoc atftLinus' iitqaft *P. t\ ect/iti^ parx^rvii 
iittiHii oetriiiuittiir'. 43 tUssa * tc» fjiil it from cowardice"; coinp Cif, 
CiLtil I 'i A'on ilast Jiiiptihf.ii:ae cojuUiiim ncptc auct\^ilas hui*AK pni 
nos, noff, dico aperiOy tonaulga de^uittvn- pru Seei lOl i'l 
iiiiffTrt Feij»tUica^ qui sunn niitnefV'it, Hi l^oreg miM, iI^Aciiinittt; ti til 
dluic^y defiiiNt ; ejiUt. at] Att. iiv 13 4 CWnnij t^t n/ii^runu viUijK/iit 
•antij tpLDit rnipn,bli&w d'JiteHi'i tonx fjrap'i iempo*^. Je/tM, uud 7J 1 rJ^iTfl 
wjLh nrii! « : mm Vel, Longiia &|> Lach. - bat in S€l f/frT7Tu*unl i 

41^43 : it K0T[it4 Ui mc tbni Liirn wns wHtmg tlieao liote nbout I 
orfourycQT^ before YiIm Jiintb, when Ca'.w-ir vrua ooti^ul hikI htui formed' 
^^oulitiuji with Poii;]iey. Memuiius v/oa then pineLoi' itti^ii^n^tUH. iu fid 
oppo^tioa to Cuesor and at thot time on. tlie vide of tho aciuvtc w. 
Cicero and (Joiibt1i?5s Luoretiua. There wad lilmost a reign of V^^r^ 
s« Livy epit. 103 Lega a</ranai a C<te9rti-e cvnrtiU curu wwi;/™* rani 
thrt^, invito tn'italu tt afitiro et^iavta Af. Hibt'lo^ iatae a\*iit. Hear «H 
Cic- HH/a. wriLj|;g to hiri brother in that yar^ i 3 15 ^fffi;j»MWu»ro^ 
<iit\M amisifitoA-.^n qvi arUea <jtnt ftli<nhrei JuaraJtS atU ittiijfuiJiiM 
Ttuvic htirrim rerjuia ufiio se ciim boTidt t^onitin^nf... prnttoret /*/iAfffl 
atniciefimoa rri ftctmflios tri-ccs, Dvviltiui/i J^t'ttfiMutn Mrrmnivm LcntidM 
tioTirfi etifiTii aftoff JujA »inij\dare8^ It cotdd floirccJv bftve Injen tji.t«r t| 
O0G>[iBin lbospriugof697 Meiumiua went ua pivipraetor to Eithjaia,'* 
Cfttullufl in Ilia train : see SoHwbb. CaliiU. r p. 156 foil. He oertftn 
did col return to Rome before 6^9, and the yeixr folloinng Ltior. di«i| 

Gains Mcmiijiiis* «jn uf Lqciuj*. of the Oaleriun tribe had, Ukdl 
reet o[' bialanxily, no oo^Tiomtti ; although ho baa very generally receii 
one from tbo editors nf Cii?ero Ititvirg ebosen to sJter the corret^t rcttdj 
of mna. in Cic. ep. ad faiiL iin 19 3 CMiUfibisGem^Jut to C. J/mori 
Ocn. -. soe MonimdCn Roem, Mxjouiw. p. fi97. H<* would nppror to hi 
bean u bard aelfiah unprincipl&J man to judge from history und 1 


BBfrpffsn Fjim hy CrLtiil1ii>i hi hU lOtli Jinil 2dth |>nemA, ^tch form 
BH>*B^ WtettH'rj t ou tlie ' wortt ntid aweet li'it:uii'^lii[/ vbicli Luor. 
nJ In Jiini, i1bj:*"Jvii./, n-a luetj of his te"ij>emmtmt ao otttfu aro, b^ tha 
^vTCiuiifi i|ij[UitEi^ of A wnrlilly tnan. Btit lifi wtui &lrejidy dead wLan 
Ucuiiuitirt ?■> fliVfp^Titl^^ di»gmc«d Llmaclf id the miLtter of tUe coDfluUiliip, 
ui<l wtTil intti exilp, abuudoued by Caesur to whose party Le had inipu- 
icwdj gijfur wycT, His cijimtiy foiiud Uint ' tlie gt'uoETil weftl * onuUi 
i#ilv «n»iigli iJwptfOBO witli hia aomoiA Hb ooutcmpt fi>r iAtJn It^ttcrs 
bkrh Cicero men limiB would also socm to rit Mni hut lUtle for patroQ to 
(^outline a Latm pof<L Did huci, juldrca Mmuiniud ad a Lvlicvei' iu 
Iftkcuntal <kr did Ua mthi^r ,'!«<^L: to convert him to thdt creed V If bo, 
tcAcliiag waa saijly (Jjru^un iiwuy: he c^alU-d uu Mmmnius to look oii 
icnrtm 114 a god: it n-ppcnrs fvom iv ouriouB lettei'i wi turn, xni 1, 
Itcti from Ailnins by Cicero Ui Memmius who hud jua( gone to Myii- 
cbc, Uiat the Urur hurl obtriln^ fiom tlio Arcujiftgna » E>Lecc of ground 
lb whirh stood f^omr ruina f.<( Epicurua' Louflc, and timt hu wifibed to pull 
lii^Vii in order to huilj for liiiiiMel^ Though he hoA now nbjui- 
loatvl Uto duaiga of buiJding, he churlitslily rdluud to ^ve n]i the pro- 
fvtt^^ t4> Ffttrfs lit Ibat time hmd of the school. Patm and hiu sect 
#llw d (ju ihesG rums ru^ uhuly pLuii;^ ai\d CVoioout of Ijvc fur hiiu BJjd 
^■roilrccssor Pbnt'diUA uud abovi: all Atti<jud, tioga Moiiimii\a, aa iha 
^BkJ i* Kow tif no ii»u> ti> }iiui, to hi theui liavu it All through tfai} 
^w bo «xpnafl<.-9 hhuBt^lff aud n^uiut's Ll^al Alomujius ft^K tlu^ gi'entcrjt 
^■Mnf^t for epictir^Ti tom>ts; bub ho eays hv lovea AtticiMAs a brcther, 
^B (|tio fit [Attiou^l eic ifiiis [ffnoureis]; oat eniie oumi libemli doc- 
^K pulj ti»mius ; eed valdfl diljgit PFLtionBin, vaXlc rhae^lrum amnvit'. 
^B^Mly Liicr. toa Imd e:ccp(Hliitgly f^ttH^mcd Patt^, ext'i-edliigty loved 
^^^^b; fti chtrrr/it ifd t'ltwiii vr&fin t^iinirr^ Mt^/nlton^ . 
^Hfoit renders ot'thb opening ndJi^^ like tba oEie who of old pliccil 
^H» naiTgin of the ni& tJke n\x Ijneu fnim tho ^ud book, tnitMt havo 
^B atmck by its curious coutniab with thiei pcfet^o plulitiwphiud pnu- 
^■t B»ji« in hid nxtjpio on Lucr ii> I euws it i:^ uioGt reaeonuhle tL> 
^Ht» 'Jell dWprirV Luor. rifving chat nil piM^L'H irtvokf^l the miiiu'B at 
Hkfguutiu^ of a grefi.t wort, dtd uot wiah bo bo withoiib n like orna- 
jjpl ftud choflo Vonua •& thu divinity moirt auitabl^ to a natural pbiloso- 
)lv: in tlie same wny ha invokes Oallinpo Tl y-L Thsi-e ia sonie |jUnsi- 
tti^ in Utia : Ciiiltopo vo at once ft^cl to ho an onliiiai-y pvrsotiilictitiuii 
^Jk «!plc mvw; Aud hnd LiicretitJ^ arldi'e^ t*i VetiiiA ha<l no Tuoi'e 
H^ of Apcliiig lu it thjiu that to Calliope, or otber poet«' inTocattona 
^■v utuca, %re fihould hflTc accepted b<?r as a aimplv inipiiruoiiatioQ of 
^Kr<ir« («Uf?i-gy of naitiir'a. I^iii tim itilense earBentiiess of \,\\6 langiiiige, 
^^Voria |ilaia nnd niiaple in tLcin:ie]v?9» jo( tuaiinct with hfo aud 
HioD* baIui tUa feel that thero ie more lUau thJHv If thu poot b|tffl 



wilh such aa inteiitiim, his L**datrong musfe Las got the bettK" of M 
(^kiiloiHjpliy, ai^d conAtituaed him to follow hei^ guidances TbU ya\u\ 
la hia boat ilcftfot*, if Uefijiice W nocdotl: voi^rrftTot jack uiro t-W raXAi 
ut itapoKtvaiv iv6ovfjid^iiiv £< XcAif^c rov? toAAhiV Moiitougne, riMWl 
5f hua \k'eW jwrcuived the clLanLcLerxHliEa ituCurea of LliiA poua^ E 
quoUa t-ho holier port of it and iben pomparea it witt a tino pasiage' 
the Aeneid, rrii 387 fiiil ; find thus ci^iiclinTrfl "Qaand jo mmine ■ 
r*;ici6, paicit, iahittiut, jiiAtlli, Jovti, infdftll*i-g, ULbf/acUt, pfndtl^ perrurr 
ot eotte noble cireiun/tLaa ni&'a ilu gentil iitfufitf, j' ay defwlaiu de 4 
meaui^ jitiint^n et allusioufl verbolea qvii irafiqitiraDt i}epniH\ How Gb| 
cv^TL S|wiifici» elegant pamplknae atid Di-^dca's ti-tLO-^tBtioa oi« bjr f 
Btcli^ of the ori^flL l>iiiib, c^ica with appTolaLiuii P. Victoriiu W 
ari^uea fi^iu Ptitt ai^ly. CoL unci GJc. tie Jiai ii«or. t !<>, tliAt Ej^ic. dtd 
iV^rbid fiacrifico and prayer to tba godai ■ liabet eniiD" BayH VelUiiu '1 
nenitinaeiD liistnin qoLilqitid lutoelllt*^ but he ailds tbat Lucr. pif 
Jtere not at a pbiloaopbi^r, but aa a po«t. 

Many jiiotivee doiibLl«tf» veve noting at ouc« un the [po«t'a roil 
VeuuH ^4a t^mlxJ of till] Bl]-pervaiUag living force of uature; ahii M 
legendary m^jther ci' tbc RoincnQ: Mlcs ruled the ^rot, she the ieM 
rriorith of ^[iring uk'J the y^r. MarH iudt^d rn Ui^oEd Italbin mythcilq 
w(uj ttit youthf;d and beneficent god of plenty, father of tho litin tuCN 
*cuni liMLitM^ua^ eayb Maorob, eat. 1 12 & ' jn sncfis Mutom patra 
\'tfneiijm genetricem voceniua'. Wliy tlien dous Lacr, dmit-i-t the U 
cJd e^inciptioD of thU god, one HconuLkgly wctl-nnitcd to hU purpiMe, a 
lulnpt tho Giv^k legend! From the time of Euuiu>i at least the Koiq 
jroctd gwrd and bad nliku borru>ved Ihu avLtiug of their p(;t:try from Onw 
thu t^uiia aud caaraoDoo bod yieide^l fur evci' before thu muaoA of £ 
llooEi. Mara ha^L now beii^ujije an Are*, tlie detitrDying lord of nj 
AgMii thongh Empoducles' poem on nuttire wna Uiueh ahoiter tbati thai 
l,ui!r. aud doiibtlssa i:i many respet^ts iafirriar, y^t to noinu extent it « 
to the latter what thtf Iliad aud Od^ifitiy wen^ to Tirifjl, IiUti^^hnii:^ nir>d 
Aoiong the icccntly diacovcrcd fraginenta of Eiupe<lodea there ia tmi 
dreaa to CAltio|H^ which iMcr. prob. bad In his mind uhen h& peoDed: 
fl *.' two grait priociplte uf lovo and Hl*-ife by whose «]| 
[into victory uod dcfi-ut he ['ei^ottifiod tbo ceaseleoB round of uature t 
tvideiJtly a gr&tt JnUuenoe on iAiGT. Comji. now the paasugeB quoted 
Htune Euiped, 240 Mjq, Euntjithliu tbert toliri ua that Emjiedodu ml 
the union of Area and Aphrodite the synibol of Lie love, their release ' 
Hi^]ilmii:HtUH Uao a^nibcil of hta hiit^^: HerHclidcw id bin allegonis deolfi] 
ibut Hotn^r, in ottuiin;^ atritb An-e and lo^c Aphrodite^ confiimcd I 
Tfi 2<jrcl<ira AnypiTo Of diictHne nf EEnp^diwIea. J 

Long aa this dldcustnou Is^ I will call attention to auuthw point; i 
bsrve 26 Memtfiiadae noutro quCTn Cu, dcat ocL and comijaii; tho cold* 

BOOE T 131 

tli« Memmii in Cohen^a mfidullM oonml. and eep. Homm8eb*» Roem. 
Mocniw. Pl 597 : it will be seeti thftt Yeuiu crowned by Cupid appears 
on die ooios of thb Hemmina and apparently bb elder brother Luciua. 
Toa come to the flattereiB of the Julii before jou find to large a proper^ 
tioD (^ the cKona of any family with Teniu on them. We know from 
Tirgil, who is said to bare takcm it ^m the Punio war of Naerins, that 
the Memmii claimed deftoent from the Trojan Mnestbeua. In Aen. xn 
Mnestheus ia called Amaraci ffern^. The Memmii may have claimed 
Tcmna ibr aocfstreaa, though Virgil raerred that honour for the JuJiL 
At all eiTODta Veniu mnat hare been held in peculiar bouour by them ; 
ukd Lucr. may have wished to gratify hia patron, by making ber hia 
own patron lady. Coben aayn p^ 11 2 ' Hercnlea and Yenua were the ob- 
ject* of the peculiar veneration of Bulla ; therefore we see the head of 
Yainaon noa 49 and 50, and that of Venua on 51% Now Cohen men- 
tknu two other ooina of the Memmii which have a bead of Hercales; 
aod Mommaeii p^ 642 deecribea two atruck by the aon of our Hemmioa, 
ooe with a bead of Com, in honour of hia ^ther; the other in honour of 
a remoter ancestor, with a Oerea and the legend Memutus- aed- gkreaua- 
PttKixus- FBCxr. At the <^>ening of book t Ceree ia spoken of and along 
enumeration made of the deeda of Hercolea, which are ahewn to be for 
inlerioT to those of f^icoroa. In the b^. of Ti the diacoverr of com ia 
reoorded^ bat declared &r inferior to that of philosophy by Epicuni^ 
l>id Lucr, mean to say ' You pride yourself Memmius, on your family 
connexion with Hercnlea and Ceree; hot let me tell you yon bad better 
leara to be proud of the philosopher' t Many of theae motives may hare 
wein^ed with Lucr. and hia poetical instinct carried him beyond bis fin»t 
intentiiHi. Let me here refer to Pro£ Sellar'a Roman poets of tbe re- 
pQblic Pl S76 foil. 

50 — 61 he calls on Memmius to attend, while be explains the nature 
of the first elements of things. 50 Lach. has rightly seen, as I have stud 
in notes 1, that tbe interpolated veraea have tbruat out tbe protasis of 
this sentence^ in which Memmius must hare been addrossed ; unless the 
Yeron* interpr, Yerg, misquotes and refers to iv 912 tenuis aara 
ammtMtqus aagacem-f which is not probable: the omiasion of part of 
tbe r. in A B snggeats a still greater disturbance. Qtiod supcrest a fa- 
vourite expression of Lncr^ for *to proceed to what remains' ' moreover'; 
and often put in the middle of a sentence at the beg, of the apodoais, 
aa here : compare n 39, 491, ri 1000 etc : see also ix 546 and iv 205, 
where it is in another part of the sentence: perhaps Aeru ix 157 is 
Ukawise a case in point, rocwu auHs ia well illustrated by Quintil. 
inst. X 1 32 Negue ^ila S(Ultatwna brevitat qua nihil apud anrea racnas 
aique m^u^^RioM poUtt e$$e perfictiua, apud occuptUum variis cogitationibut 
iiidieem ei M^nus inerudiium captaikda noidi t$L soffocem a &Toar 

123 N«>rEs n 

ejHiLet in Liior. of aitiMii4 aud m^nti tlw metaplL i» frtm the aoeat gf 
doga, And 19 Well iIJuftrftT«d in Fotvcll. where boTerer de nat deor. 
thonld be de divin. 51 S^in. a cvru: wifidjm and hapfMiieM bcang 
unattdinAbie without atupaiCa. or perfect exemption from CMPe And 
tTvuUe. e^rnm ad rath'nft/t = fiiilci3ii philciaophiuD : oonp. Y 9 vitae 
rationed iur^nit ^nn qu^M Xuiif itppfflatvr rapitrUia^ rattp ii as 
ci>miDO]i in LuiT. n& it is in Cicero, and has pedmps ta nunj meuiin|a; 
Dotice the w<^ird here and 54 and ^'j. the sense in eaeh cam diflermt: 
and iximp. 1?^ — 130 rEfrft>.,,fMa_nf"r' rfi^i^iu...ratioiie9aya<i'wji}dn^Tte 
Une?^ II 1'.'23 -V»*yMr inim»m nobis n/Bribt rfram ad rationeni, 53 

eomp. Cirw 1^ J<vr/>- '/'.-rta n*^<> fuff/Zfjii ri^ni<it^ tt^re, in wfaidi thetv 
ij4 a!«o a n-fcrence to 14^ no^'.j ri'jVoff ttfena*. ditpoUa^ u m 420 
pt-r^tm dUptfit^rf mnniiia : it haA the same ^ense a^^ di^rvrt^ M f/a 

(Tirm. rtj*. raf. aa U-li^v 1^7 vii^>^rU dt r^jva kab^tid*i XohU eti rttHo. 
55 iivriplant rather atitmpt than simple h^a; 8o n' 39 Xvnc ftffert in- 
ripuim: se^ Prof. C^-nington to Aen. n 13, who refers to Henrr: the 
iTO iu«anin^ bow^vrr eoAiIy fia&a into one another: TI 43i Rumpert 
ij'Mm Cffpit Ruieni : and so inc^p^nrn. ^•^pfnj^ 

55 fulL rfrum pnmorttii or prinior:ti'i alone ia here declared by Lncr. 
to be Lb prc<per and distinctive t^rra f<-r the atoms or fint elementa of 
tijiiigs. Cure, ir 28, he oddlr refiolfer^ it into onlia prima; aometunea 
he hm in^^ad of it canctanrm f^rtrrdit rrnim. In the gen- dat. and abL 
ubere thG>e vorda do not suit hi^ rer^, he uses priH^piomm tnd /jfin- 
crpiif, in the plur. onlj: 707 pnNcipiam applies to those philoAOphen 
who had oiIt one first-beginoing' prinripiti he nerer enkploja* thus 
sbi^wLDg that priin'jrditr U his proper and distinctive term, and the other 
u mere £ubs(itute, whioh he need not therefore here mention: H 313 
prir/wrarn is uded for prineipiQrum. * First-b^nningB' oeema to me to 
give the peculiar force of the term better than any other word I can hit 
upon t ap)^aL, rwf oiTuf apxat and the like are the eqaivalenta in Epi- 
curu!« and 'ithern. He goes on to enumerate several srnonjrmcB: mai^ 
i-Uji L fj, vktfy mrpnra genilalia or prima ^ corjMm alone or or>r}JOW remtn 
hi m'rrc cojijiood and iLM.-d at le&st as often as pritturrdia; corpu0C%iia too 
i4 not uncommon: eemini renim whioh he mentions here or aemiua 
uhmo h freipUTjt enough. mJ^ra, dro^a o-u^txi and the like in Epi' 
cuni'f, Lucr. ba« no eqiiivafeut for oj aro/ioc or aro/ia ffc^iaro, OicerO 
iixeH crrpf/t^idiif iftomif id eitt iwlividtra eorpnacnlOf and indieiduum as ft 
Auhst. to expreSH the atoms of Ej lieurua or Democritus. Lucr. does not hero 
luention elenmnUi which hi not rarely found in his poem and anawets to 
one of the oomiai III est Greek words orotj^cuL. oyifiH, balks or magmtudea^ 
ijfien ocdiFB in ^>icurua ti^ejttus and others None of the above terms 
ix employed by Lncr in the sing, to denote one atom except corput once 
or twice: in fact he rarely needa the ainguUr : fipsrac or shjipee is not 



fftfnqneTit wilb him for Lis flt">Qie, ci^iTpsporniing in tliis flense U) the 
iTSoc M-iiiL j^f'n of Di^niricrltu^ wbo iJ^ lt;u» ^L'tri? niid tbe atr^ii^e; En'. 

56 57 Vrui< = cx qoibuB, ^NM»T« = ct in quae. fWe, ('(«"('''i $""« 
ftll ref.-r to primordia, Qti^pet m 34 ^wtv; hut id tli^ Bparinus rwpeti- 
^a i\ 47 i^ofu^ V 71 lt!4 ami 775 f^u&t*; 1C8 aii4 170«ieniitiu 
pcqnt^ aa iv hrw thorc ita pro|ier force, vi 20 (^uAilfe: ii 61 yiuirt^^f : 
» )fO <^4ijfriiie. Iq the iJmve wi*« tht? ^d W''mn = 7iW ouirLp. Wngit. 
qiUBvl. Vit^H ixavi o, where it apponrs that Virgil's uaa^ ia r^iuch lUc 
vjrt«. Oii« might fiUppo9« Umt this uae b^j^nn froni fl wi^^h nab to cou- 
fimxitl iJie n^lntire vtkh tfutujite : thus til 3-1 fe'iMiyUfT ifu^f^u jKiasint re* fic 
ibir 7Utf«fUB cr^irt woiil J have bcea A.ajbigU(kii«, As '/rti'jt/>t^^ aot^ftrV/'jNd, 
>l tlie tieiiL i>f tjvigffiif^ there would bu no olyeciion to qiri/iqu^ whioL is 
ibuid in V 1S5 i yet iu n C^ A B (Jott etc iiave also Qmf'/UB; aiuJ I? 
694 ah^ yi ^33 //urfref^^i^aare<]iio, whiob vould not be nmbigi^oiLd. 
m omJim is of courei? r*iiii. p^mmjit'i hiding ajnoni- with rr« juirnttp'ftJi. 
Liicr hflfl no obJMtidQ to dimige to the neut; Ifi? rrt tfurtrfn/i, [5Q 
fvaf9*/^ ii«vt.; this of murae had no bearing on WakvBvkr^ ubtiur^ argu- 
mvnt th»E ISO fy'TfjrfVntef- r-Tjt rrafcntffjf. Lncr. liku the olJar wiiLcra 

RnlJr. lioop not H'om to hnvc felt tho ambiguity '.»f f?efeiiip(^ in the 
wiuing next to /lafvrai coinp. v 1-114 141G uitd HIT. fiS ^t'vi. 

relnnitvetii9 = cf/r. r/tutt mint ij\ii^ re^Ew: see I'roE CWingtou bcr Aen, 
6^ who th*r* quotod Aoii- s liSo ^ud ct?/i<* t^wT*j ai-i cip'tr. and 3^3 
fjp>a tfM^f pupirriH\ ond Mudvi^ Tjit. Gr 241, 3, where Ti»o. lii**t, 1 81) 
biypi» &e^ ifiofrWu ifl nut utilJke thia pus^iagi; of Lucr. who thiicti hii^ 
(■pwf iritb ]\ datp fi>r a i-iTcr-hcAd; sue Li;cIl. to n 7^9. 60 Bucnttus 
ud iitb«r pBTtn of the rerb ore dlsayll. or trii;jll ludifTcrentlj^ id Lncr. 
imuytMrf : Bee FirrceL, fur inatancea from CHcero of thi^ Lise. Ql 
fnwm* »Mi>ifi in npjiw. ftitb iWia : illis, ut pHmia : c<kmp> Virg. ocl vi 33 
«rAi« turyrilia fnimiH Omititf. 

Thia pii.nignLph« 50 — Si, is in raaiiy respects the leiiat ^tisfiicbory iii 
itv IM I^Hik. It hfL4 DO conn«2Jon with what prec^ts: lutt tJiat^ na we 
Wve ar^iE] may be owing ti> Uic aoddnntal loart i>f Kume verni:-^ : il has no 
iroper cOQEeiion vith wliat fjUowa; far the pocb pwMs on tu Kpicurua, 
timmi M iLbrtiptlj afl h& left Venua far M^mmiufl. Next let va ti>Bt the 
tiHigie itnelf: ha tidia Memtniiia whut hv. in gniEig tci sjng of: first of 
tarnu and tke godrk. Thut oociipios ou!y a f^irtion of books 6 and G. 
TKi>D il) tb» rest of tho imi^^grnph ht^ aays he will explain th« nature of 
Ui fint-besioniDgs. Thai expkujLtioD lUls a part i>f books 1 nnd 2. 
iWt he putK wiiat is U> ooma in the Iftet two boolu bh:ifore what najDCH 
ft Afl fir?^ t*'o : nnJ he Bays not a worti of the mnttera rtisciiRSpd in tho 
BTt uf tber^ four Vxioks n-nd in the wholf of tlie 3id und -tth. Then tbu 
ltt^iuc;i< of 60 — *H saeiDE L-liim«y rliry^mted uud LU-nrrjinged. If 
« uirn to 137^135, wu nw tW In* iirst repaitft in ot^er 

124 yons a 

wImI be bftd B*i4 ill 04 move WkBj; Uivq 130 uUa fva vi 
^•nwiCur /a Km>, wWh nuy be uU ta fonn ike m^rct uf the rcM 
bookfSttulfi; uidUi«it 130 Jul). Ut* prooMds Ism cwk jmsiu nart «v 
diaouM tfae outarc of the suul and nuaii,Biid tb« theory of imoj^ ; 
tofiici occujiv |irf]CQd/ the Srd hDii 4lh liookji: wkicli in tti« 
muaoMtj vcTD wbvU/ oiuilted. But here on Ibe (filter hftud hu m 
ti«llimg of hifl fint-bcgiunin^ tihich ia Ui« fonzic-r ]ia«AgM vnv d 
npnd mlouHt estQtuivelj' j And yt:l tht ouurae uf Iiib poton ftboort 
hl^r tuma t<> Uik very question which u then fully aod ev^tctDfttJcsUf 
Uuciiuvd. On th? wbaU <m« ia tempted to ffiiniUEe thut tiothi&g t 
Iwni ]i»i bcibre SO; tiut, wbat coidca bo the vloiv ttiing. lh«it the 
wna lijfl imperTeiH by the poet JU)d not pn'p«rly counoct«l witJi wb 
irrpcal^ uul fi>Uow& WhAt coniteKion tht-re ia is both very &bru 
fiud very Ojnatmuej &iid arlifigiaL 

62 — 79 I hiuaha iifv Uy proitrute beoeoLtli religion, aoLU a nyu 
Gnsvp rinc nj), tigjUinf-il tb? trui? system of Ute naiverse^ uid tiwii. 
i>m reLi^oD In tura. 63 ante ocuio* pl&iii fbr ij] to see 
ijiffi*! bj Lucr, in i>>giiAt^ meiiniiig:*, aa 3A2 uad ^£^1 (UUJ^/ for wbftt 
vimbte to seiifie. 03 rdi(/iana, with otie f : tta tbe liest mm. of 

Dulbo» i\ev , rc/7i^- uiily o»cc iii AH 35 atipcr oiAvu iu Lu^t. 

till? icuw! of itaitpcr or praefere*t, ntiver I Ihiuk tLat of if^Uf*^: tbd 
f tmicr luAy bn ita meajkiit^ }iur^ ; though Umt votxld he vvoik ; I take il 
t'jvrefare ita in 31^ cireum/uaa ivptr 'htiug above him', and A en. ix 1G6 
y/fMO n/Mr « tW/<i ^rrofpecfa/if Ttvrty 'the Tmjaiu b«ing »buve hnfk Ti 
ttO>' «0 here 'Mutidiug over uiTLals beuig herself uL<jvv'. 1 iiouk 
wLivUjcr in Virgil it ever bciira the seoee uf ^cvi'jurr: ia Arn, v Ctf' 1 
t<ike it to mejin infu^^r : yet there ib no question that M'jwmf, n fit 
vourite word wiUj Lucr., noiueUmeff haa the tbrw of Jr^u/wr; and Uic 
t«o meoningfi tira t^ften not cuay to diAchminiitf- 66 f^/*a4Tv Aomo, u 
J^m. ann. 133; nnd Virg. Aon. X 730 who iijiifat«s |*i'*>bablv hulb 
Kniiiui Aud Lucr. : Eaniiu twice uac-s in the nuiie way Jiinnaufm hunvk 
«oftlra kt thw end of t1u< and the next ver« nzv of courm in inteiitJoi 
appirailion. jui ara f/riirius and prf rjiury^ 68 /amm f^rurn : aoe notua 
*o Livy J, 21 17 ad /ama/a jrojudi liovtani pcrtincre. Heyno *ujd 
(.VniiEi^nn snaiti tt> me rightty tu txplatn iu the Bbme vny AeiL iv 2JS 
^iTirifyiTtMi ybt!ff}'iutf tiu«rurri; thui^ EpiciJrUa proTL'J iheJupM deunt U> 
ifubnUt full of aound uignifying nolliing. Indtcd un epithet to Ja\ 
woidrl to my toind irupair, not inereaae the force of the exprcAsio 
10 /^iW^if pcrf- ; B4> VI Sf"? Duluritif iw6«, luid v 390 su/jcn*^ ei whi 
■ttOn» a flftrtfciu ccmj. of Laoh. : iu eftob mjjo Lho -o^ ia fidli^wod by 
Vdwcl; hilt on ihm \Hihtl iwp n. to [ii 1042 oiii. 70 arU* ftlwhya; 

(ffi^UfnniUt hut ttuctm ond t[je like: Doup. qtnidiUj QuiVt'iM, but Qut/u^ 
<im; iu tho livt of irpofo^ot iu Weaoh^^r ukkI Fuucaft'a insoript, nio. 

BOOK I 125 

l|iiDL 18 «e find the praenoman KotKTDv more than once, but 1. 112 
riot of FkminiDiur yet in the new coq>, tn«cr- Lat lOOS 
ii once found; and Pl&ot trin. S2^ A haaguin^: butUtia 
to have been qnite obsolete in the time of Lucr. : comp. 
Mwfuf, aettuMf in Fl&utua still sactiwi. 71 ct^ret: Edq- 
parinaoUt; 384n vtvimu' aive raorimur; Ot, jdsL zrr215 

is of conrse the Bobject of Froceait snd peragraviL fiamm. 

El a nobla ezpresmon vhich ti^uently recurs, to denote the 

ether that forms the outer circuit of the world : its nature ia 

in the fine paaaago t 457—^70, ending Wth Omnia gie 

Cfftora taepsit, imitated in paradise lost lU 721 ThiTcti 

tuatU CAw urUvorx: the use of ^uoiTerae* is of course quite 

It may be a question vhether mundi in this phrase 

wliole worid, or ia a synonyuie, aa it so often ia, of eculum or 

eartunly appears to hare the latter meaniog in vi 123, vhere 

cxpressea the omdtM compleicug of ether : the former seems 

and is confirmed by the imitation in Maniliua i 151 Flam- 

^%B0(» ntUurae mocnia fecxt, where fiofuroe clearly denotes the 

thia constant imitator of and carper at Lucr, ha^ also 486 

llMMdi in a passage where he ih trying with his usual heavinees 

tb SpicQrui and b^^T 74 an emphatic oTymoron \ he pAs&ed 

tin worid and traTeraed in diought the immeasurable univeiae : 

fiiL n 108 muat surely hare been thinking of this pawage when 

tfAoM non eroni dtut qui innuinenibilis fntmdos infinitaaqif^ r^- 

^tanttm nuAa e$9et ora, nvila eyUrvTniitu, menU p^ragravisset: Bee 

' ; and Hot. od. i 38 S animoq'na rolimdttm Perctirrisae polttm 

9m. vunie atnimoqu^ a mere poetical tautology: ill 84 animum 

wamkm qwan Htepe vocaToti* ; and all through that book they are 

^Mi; he more than once too uses mens animi, as does Catullus 

^a: Tit^l wie proliahly thinking of thtjse words and this rhythm 

Till moffnam cui jntntem animumque ; though the expression 

in prose, ta Cia de leg. i 59 animo ac merUe cortceptrit^ and 

Jt9 and Oaf^ de bell. Gall. 1 30. 76 Lamb. Beems right 

ig r^tri victor with Aen. iv 93 laudem el 9poUa ampla 

vbore re/eriie however ia simply *carry home', ae Plaut Poen, 

dbntum hfWi ab aede Veneris rtfero vtuo. At the same time it 

-"^tt the common and cognate meaning of a messenger or the like 

" hack a report: see Madv. Cic de fin, p. 311, who says Livy 

^B it for noxroTt : but Vii-gil did bo surely before him : the two 

^Snve tried to combine. The end of this and the whole of tlio 

^ nreea are repeated again in this book and in the 5th and Ctli. 

h<$«T. the metaphor is of course from a stone pillar fixed in 



the groniid 03 a bour<ki7 between iwo propeitiflaT it 1087 niCfltff 
t*tfnii$njniit€^ AiMi- IT 614 Af'f tenainttthaeret: not imlilce Ktfi AUtiu 481 

Vslcr JifJijrum fi^rmintur ^tc iW«ni^, and Hor, canu. uec S(f jiahHirpat 
rertuH Tarminvui, 78 jHdiliu imt^itditi Virg, ir^"^' 1* ^^-'^^ ftUr 

quA j>/iiuUTent,m eojftiojiccrp. oafaiuAtyu^mttttttunmtat i^ttaorohiia Jh^tmt 
iiithwi pf*l\bit9 4tty!//Uuttigne AcherottlU ^fcwi evidcDtly »Uuik9 ba IliU 
and flOme other [laSbHj^ lir 37 A'f fJUfuK i//tf ^r^u p?#v»«cfu JaUr^ulb 
o^^Af/fLr. 1072 Satitratri pritnuM §tudt<U Gognoactrc rtmrrt^ lUid t \l^ 
tfuilna id Jif^rti cofptoBucre cattti», Mvxjr cvon rappoae tLc /Wij] jtti 
Laor- hunaelT: porbtpft Virgil oUude* to tome ideal phitotioplior, auchti^ 
EuHp, fragm, mc 10] Dkiti piUDtH '0AJ?((K oaii^ n/t Icrrcpiac Ixrif 
IAa&rj<rtv jct-X- LucTotiUA &£id tLtf ir>fM(fni ihcia fiida ^yrVHti ^v;>ulJ bjno 
proiapteil Vir^H to tliiuk rathfr nf Kjiicunw ib,in of Liicr. hini*eir; ami 
YLrgil^a wci^ point moit: ti> a ijliUoaopUJcal teacUer thui v pock 

80 — LOl ; t)unk it not Binful thus tu e|iunk ivlifpoti : naj Tutb«r lE 
religion who is the mutlier of mtlmly deed^ j Much ax Uifr nh-rifire 
IpbigenU bj^ ber owtj Ifttlier. 80 7f'/wrf i'« kit rcbm, a promic, but tv7* 
tAVt)\inte phra«e of Lxicr. to denote lome apecioJ j^iut in tbo gcportl 
qntftiun. 82 iiviiujrtidi', al3r> iwinpeiiire iLud intitijtrrrator Hr« oAcu 

llflod hy bim ; inrkptu^ and rttfere" ?»k/u for inicefe oqco «ich ; t^ WflU 
Mfiu Tnd'fri and «;'</[/ lutiri- iit imitiifii^n I pre^imij of Euiiiiis : iu thi 
ramaina of the IntUr iWu guvtmw the nbK e^^/o tht: »cii Hhv fun' 
appoar to be dpic* itot nceuriing in the ii'ogiaeDta of Edoiua' or otbi 
tregeHiea : indav/Hre in tliK wnle vuMi^ of it ia PLAiitiiR : Biw JCilscbl uir 
p. CXLUI. qut/d turUra . fli«*i/ ja iis<?d absolutely, 02 623 Quod quoitiAt 
ratio riv^lattiat, where aoe note : comp. Cic, de Eb. V 7U Qtiftd il-rn /rati 
jiuloi whtirp Madvig compares du flimcctuti? Q5 QtMul cotdm cZewTztV oA J 
MWiTf^ and two other |taf«Migea already quoted by lAmb. and Faber. 
empttatic in a bad st'uao. as tv ISI and 010 itle 'jnaifn dajrior: n 34 
Fhmiiaa^jite iUtk in a ^ixxl fwnse. 81 ^j^ct jmc/o, aa 013. 8& pri»n 

i*i>. a hur^i o^proaaion, like Or. ura. I 1/ 37 Sarnma ditc^tat Alri^ 
iiioluHtfLl in brsj^kets by Liic, Utitiler : SUtriua pi^rhap^ jinitateH I.ikt- e| 
Pllv, t£J 3 LD7 tihi euncin, fiiorun* Pftrf^ivnf, anil v ] 71^ ^I'cK/urfa f^/r 
A'ovit, and ia even Lfirslier. ri ?t/h«t« followed by B inneo, gen, ie 
mwn eunu^b iu Gtisyk. 97 m/ida aflj^ick of wool knotted n^ularl 

along « inlJd or ribaad, toatcncd by thL» riband i-ound the head 
haQging rluwn ^W jmrts over eicb iiide uf the hetid : iffom li)- pri»it» ai 
vlciima, aa often *ct*n ou wurta of urt: rouip, Riob's cotupHtiion h,Vj 
•J*og«>rg. ni 4^7, *nd Ov. vx Ponto iii 2 74 ^l^ti^iiif ut fiJvftfi in/ti 
ianffa fonietJ, Duni^iO ptiyat rtacriim, dirm ve/ot t^mpora I'iil/i, of I|>h) 
gcriia about to «acrilioo Oi-eatua rtfid fylivdca ^ sliu weara iu Lucr. 
ififiUa of a victim lti^aiI ol the n/^nf or jl bridt?, nhich would bai 
better Wf'mB tho drtjiaeoa couijituji. Tlic coustr of circ. comf. ia 



mwHing to F^tua, 86 the i^onstr. ia A'j? wfT, nuiL, pari partem jtari 

^^Tf< Leing d;jki«t on a^v. in llie Acntre vf ^ri^err^ v 674 Et jxtriier 

^Mtiiff/i ttui/ij dcmitC-jrr' Uirbfitn-. Lucr. i^«vur lau'ua to jtVfiLd Bui^li anibi- 

'pttilift*. 92 tfftiifniM ttiimin.. lit, ' iK <Iowti hy hci- kne^s*: coinp- Ov. 

Ojnt- IT 340 ^jjijyiY^^'' ^rf*« fttJtmisU'. oud vii |?1 m> t^tirf* etuittnunii 

f^iU Urrtj^x Valer, Mux VI B * wi #? Irrvnlmni/.a I'iji4ari(fetubi^ tam- 

mt M t r^ tlia conitr. 1*? nuite dilPereiLt; though it in just ptiMiJile tJmt 

pmf&ua in Luor. may Ito tho Unne:^ nf otli«ra. 02 peffbat moix- ^mjiLic 

than Uie ^tf. 9S 1^ frr^i T-fni, ■ Lncr. ia ToiiiL ot~ tbie i:w 0I' fa: ^G 

ANTtpore Kt tKfknt, 06 Umjtoit in ijjtto. 23-1 r;* rro sjMxtio-. aiid su tliroiigli' 

0Q£; it u not iinooiniuoii iuoMerand XaX^v writorS} even Cicorcx 04 LmiiLi. 

^o(H]i«r<v4 Evirip, Ipli, A. 1332 irpsim^ rr' *icaX((ra Trart^a *flJ rru irnF^' *^(, 

kLicJi Liicr. iiLiit4klt.-Ji ami iiot^ i^ DEomGcld thiuk^, Ai^ch, Agatu. iMj 

(!J20), 95 IreiiiibitTtdn A B : eee l^cli.: and bo msa. of Vii^. Aen. 

1 .'>S2, and A »f Keiiipr Vnler, Mux. vl 8 4. 

95 — 100 fh bighlf eU)>or«t«<l puao^; in th« first part a etudlcd 

vubignit^ in tlie t^riiiq wliii?h iln coththod to ninmnge and nierihcc; iu 

IIhf lost a studied fJiutnwl bcLwetn tlit youth and iuiiottui;* Lff ibc viatim 

and bor i^riiiil fato. anblaUi Jiko \a/3(ti' ac/>S7v iii Au^h. Agum. 2^0; 

ultnilEng fti thi^ Mme time tf» tbe cprfmoiij f>f infciiigthe bride hy viiilrtnce 

h"Xn liio arm» of her mtjther, cf'rum tbo general ternt to indicate at OQce 

tb« miitltiri anij the riVi wlio ejCf^cutnd tliis formal nipu. trtJnib. ex- 

jwMit^ at Eiiico ilie trtiubliiig of the Tictiu. aud iIlu flutt^riij^ nnxiely 

cf the bnde. titdw^^ said of tic Ti(;tiiii, is alno tho pr4>per tcru] for 

Mnflng t}i9 brido f.n lif^r hmbmid, mrVa dediu^tas /(w. Mnan [nfietidit. In 

^^prjr ulJ elv^'inc uj'iUtpL foinKl nt Beucvcnturu, t'onning \22Q of llie titrV 

ppfjiH n iiiscr, I^t, nnd 1623 uf Moiiiidk^hb intor. N9ji.]k>1., a dccoasod 

vi^ ttijs .Vurir r^ifa sum l)Ul UiTtgum jnanBiirn frer lAcviwi, I)eil\tfta tt 

/oCtt^f ij/iM U o^Ma ^t'fyin. 06 «o^f. nviTtf fo^T. the sacrlficd of the 

^^■p etc^ in the tnoht °olc)iii] form ol' miLrrin^ 07 dart h^u. of 

^Bfl* *^C Imre tiu brilliuxit a EjwcjinE^ii In Catujl, UiL iriimifi'H piL^fi, 

al» In Ot, und Pliuy ; aco FoiVr 98 99 tho jxirjition uf the worda is 

j^BT nrtilWEAl : int^titt^ di^ndttog the pidliition of blood, \Si Beparateil fiY^m 

^^b/rr^ bi order to coutroAt better with c<vttn eiid nu^ p'«»t. ^kfu all 

^^pooD of polluUoQ filioutd l>o I'ur uvAVt fflif^/ri diHJoinctd from hofth^ 

^B pat brtwf<'Ti rii'KfttJfi^ rtiiiJ jKirentiit gaiii^ giiiut HddJtioiud fijt'L-tft tln^n 

^■p^ ffioc^ fi'if*^ thn Dfttbrr w}jo should give aunj the brido, ia he who 

^|yhn hvr; then too thr^ place in 1.1)0 vci^ff uf Itostia mid miv^^ff jj(«ui« 

HhSid to b(^ pniullr^l ythh that of Ej:UnK and yt/cj,^ J'a^atiifijti*'- in tliL' 

HQ,; 0tf#A> /riOMto ace n- to U in.^4 tnrjTyrrt^rff nun»?rc>, 90 Piopfafti 

^■VBB A^m^ Xfyo/tri'ftk- 100 /Coitus i\n- HetLing Auil from AulU: enTnjx 

IV 390. 101 TVvL^um-^HfWr^runc i^ fjiuid in the Cina 455. dtod b 



Wak. u w«11 IS ia T 227 Cui iantum cot. Wtut did Lnor. tkiuk 
r)it« i.»f bia iiviu L.^i>ui]tryTE]eii Ul« Da^i V Tn Ihe Htrove pHsnge 1 £aJ uo 
trtice of imitditioQ of the AgnuiPEnDim, uiJew tbe reij doubtful one uT 
XojS^ii' lUp&rfv in 95; but cli!&r mdiciitioTifi bere u els^vbere Uint hacr. 
Itud L'ui'i?[\i IJy dtuditiiJ Earipitle^: 94 we aav bi aJruD^il a irnixHlHlioii of « 
line of Ipb. Aul. Again with i*S 09 comp. 1 ITS foil, of tliab pla;, artd- 
A«7CF ff, w TCJcrov, o fpiTtiva^ "■QT'jp A(.T« cTarrui', mrX oAAuc oi^ «^g 
jif«p£, nod 131(J b oc/irrciAiuy fy(u--,^kevD/i(U oio' Sf^oytucnr otu- 
avnctv aitxrtov irarpos: imd with 101 comp. 1^31 /tcyoAa rttdca ii,T'X 
wh^^re Heleo t^kea the [lUceof r«1i^on. Aguiu mku of the sacmt strikiug 
tlu]ig»« in tUU dt^wnpticD iv 6h^ alJuaioa bo Uit? rittjs of manio^; now 
ju^t oflor tbc passage last quutud Acbillos, (o vbom Iphigcni* wp» W 
LrulttHd, (?EilflrB on the acpne anil olTani to tvacue bu bride from rl*wth- 

103 — 13S "you will joviiBelf at tjinert iall aw»j from lae^ fright^nrd 
by vain ttJen of t!b<>ruHl |iiinit«Lintott wbicb men adopt from tgaoranofi 
of tba auul; ubvul tbo aatui'c of vbicb bhtro mikuj ful^ ibmna: 
oDG ia tli&t of trflQ&nu^^tioti ftdopiinl by poet Euuiua i bU bclL 
being peopled only bj pEiuitoma of t}ie lining. I munt tb«rofore 
aJdiUoii to what I hiive jtlnindj prumiW tapWu tbo true imturc of tliu 
seal, tu V'di as of those idoh which Jngbten ma in ajckncaa or e]«cpV 
102 a"«l*fnrf or Cufiintfl a t^re word^ found alao it 915 Ajid in T 
heauL : bhc double sitffiji is cuiioii,9; but Lucr. oiaes also lute ipse, vat 
the olU^t Homo for pouts, ob wo nte told by V&rro und Eno. mid. Sd 
aftei'wanlR, rs ia well Hhfwa by Lhc, Moellor de r© m^tr. p. 65 IblL, fi 
iiibo <x>iup[tt4; cuuteiaptr and was discarded for pueta-. this Uttci' u&ine i 
gjven to themMlvos by NiieviuB Eddxub Paouvius; to Homer bj Eonii 
■nd ia used in n good aenw by Cicero Lupr. and C*itol]us. By Virgil hH 
Buccredlng writers lo^er waa dguin bj-ougbt into h^'uvur Aud was 
for An icHpirdd bnrd, EomethiLig higher ihan portix, as Viig, «<iL ix 34 : 
Lbe Hame fi^aiu brought into fimbtou the Jiotiquated and def^iiA^d 0%- 
mcnrM or cd-rwierinc, cvett ouufonadlng them with Uieir rji'ula and couqiw- 
rofH tbe mnaca. With Lucr. hero and Hid it iu a t^rm of contempt to 
dcaube apparently ^ingen of old pm|j]tecicft and di;uuiiiii^ra of cooLiti, 
iilo, Uko the Miirciua af the Sad Punic vrai- citod by Litj and Mac 
biuii : comp. HorarreV annoga volumma vaium. r tlie epicurean Yellcaua 
CtCi do nut^ dtior. I 55 contemptuoiuly joins haru^cei atisrunx Aari 
^at$$ fionifofor^^L 103 trrriioqni^ : Iozlcotis give 110 other iuBtaoo^ 
tbd 13H of ibis wnnl: ViTg. Aeii. v 524 lias Imifici a'f;inrrt!iU e/trtni 
raloVi Tho poefft fuisbraat of MeDimiua hure and in 332 is ourvo 
and would 4e<^m to coiitirni vhikt bus been said of tho imall 
which tlit> labuir ahoveil to Epicunu and epicureaEia. 104 fi 

tforurwit ^^'t- ^^- ^^'1 ^^^ V^' ^* 9<rntnia Jiifjurit. 105 tvrftftf 

^turrttrtin Virg, Ago. i20 nG5£T 88; also in Honiw Ovid and peibaf« 

BOOK T 129 

Cicero, a* «bewn b; Fore. lOG turbara: Wak, oompexca Aen. xi 400 
omnia aiagno ^e o«$$ct turbare meiu, 107 cerlam ^tum. fini* is 

•iwftjB fern, in Lucr.: tbe mss. n 1116 liave tairtmu'm JitiBv\ wbioh 
Luh. rightly alten. 109 Retig. oiten lued hj Lacr. in the pliir. for 

religious fears or Bornplefl: ha twice hoa rtUgtonua^ ncdis es^toiverOf 
shewing that he felt rdigio to be connected with rdigar^^ as does Cic da 
domo 105 nisi ttiam midid^ihut rdiffionibut te impliciiie^et, tboQgh else- 
where he wrongly derivea it from reUgtre, 110 reaUtndi common 
enough in the poets for rofUUttdi: see Fore 111 loLch. here and v 
309 «J^ at omitted in mss. bccauae, he sajSj it caotiot be omitted after 
the gerund, unless an infin. etss or a compound of esse follow. I have fal- 
lowed bim in both places, but with heeitation, as Serr, to Aen, 11 230 
quote* our verae without est Lamb^ cites 5 other instances from Lucr. 
of this gemudial constr-: add V 41 pencida lunitt ingratU irmnuandum, 
and oomp. Serr. 1 1. where paeem pet^itdum is read on his authority aiid 
that of other grammarians against the best mss. 

113 two theories of the origin of the eonl; the true one that it is 

hotn with tiie body, the iklse that it enters the body at the body's birth: 

114t — 118 three tbeories of the soul after death, £rat the true one that 

when severed from the body, it dies with it; eecondly the &Jso oao that 

it enters Orcns; thirdly the equally fkbe one that it migrates into some 

other living feature : Ennius believed iA the Pythagorean transmigration 

of eools, and therefore in the Snd and fiJse theory of the aoui's origin 

and the 3rd and false one of its migration after death: ann, 10 Ova 

parin sU^ gemC pinnix eondeccfrtUum^ N<m antmom; et poal itide venii 

dmmfu' pvUu Ip*(u anima. 115 lacunar may mean pools of water^ 

at T 794, VI 052; or merely hollows, chasms, as apparently vi 533, and 

CiC. Arat 427 Tnnda discesnt di^iedaqtte Moxa retxlUtt^ FercidU et 

eaeetu lustrmrU luce lacuTuu. 110 pectvUa aluu seems clearly a 

Gre<nsmf like Herod, i 216 Bvowri fuv nai oAAa rpofiara a/ta txi^cf!, and 

Empedodee 141 Kai^ten Mptitwol n koL oAAw l&vta &rip6y, Aen. vi 

411 allot anuna$...D^urhat...timul accipU Airi^an. insintiei a very 

favourite word of Lucr. with many constructions; either active as here 

with two accua one transit the other governed by the tn (comp. fuuc 

immwn tM^iwrierff]; or with one accua; or neut. with an aocus. gov. of the 

M, or neut with pari oft too paaaive; once, iv 1030, foilowed by an 

■ocua; elsewhere by a dat, as 113, or a prep, per or w. 117 qui 

primvt etc t^t ia, who first brought to Latiuoi tbe muses of Helicon 

Hid introduced Greek metres and Greek principles of art: comp. anu. 

131 tcHpter^ eUii rent Vorsibti quot otim Faunei vaUaque caT^^bant; 

Cwa ruqwi musarunt aeopulot quuquam auperarat Kec dicii 8iudio8u$ 

•«: the mu*. scop, being the rocks of Helicon. To this Porciua Licin. 

tefetsap, Gell. xvu 21 45 Poenxeo hello tecando muaa pmnoito gradu 




lalidit H htllicoaam fn Jlovudt f^enSem /tram^ 119 gentU It. htit^t 

GtM^TiiB EiiDplj^ to laeaa tboae iiices of men wbicli are Italian, not nnliH^I 
IV 733 Cerlereaf^ut amitm /tici«* ; Imt nee n. to 474 ; an<l comp, lOipfn^f 
vwtia did. clricret a fnvouriUr ftrcliAi^ta of Lucr. = BOtnctiiiiFa riu<ii^| 
Biimelimes simplj gjim. Enn!Ti& aim. 4, if the rending of Valik-u w Hgb^| 
Spcaikfl even mote prondlj, Latos per jiopftto« tcrm^ti^ yocmoi^t moW^H 
Clara clvelutil: bat this ruAdmg is more than tloublfuL. 120 ML: 

but though be h<t\di* Hih opltiiuii, he y&t iiLoreovei' bclSavcs tu Achrnu, 
tuJLcbmg hovevor that only Woodluaa idola of tlif dead dwell there; oto 
of whicb fl.ppt>arcd to Tdm in the Ehnjie of Uumer, 120 AViri jinirf. 

font. 11* BOiuuwbab prusaic. Acher. temjria occurs ahio ui 35, Hud is ftjuml 
in Kuti. trog. 107 J^^^rvf^td fem/?Ea trJta Orci^ Lucr. is very fond of t^ 
expreaiiion oirfi templa with vuriouR epitlieta ; bo has aUso ca^lMria anJ 
TRhm^' f<7n/'^ : it is TLi>t uucommoii in Eiiitius and nthcn : the phmsv 
Beeinft ^viJi-iitly^ adopts from the ftagurnl division of the heAVf^ itile 
tcpipltt: hence it comcytid il stutel^ Aolemn tiotian; and Id oppKiH io 
Acheron; PJautus miles 413 baa in lod^ y^plumid tcmpliitquo lur^/a- 
l&iirin: V 103 htimanum in pectita templa^i^ mnitis', iv 624 Ihupt/d 
(cmj^iit where see Dote, 

122 bod}^ and fiaul do not hold togelher imd reach thia Acheron, 
bat only pulo idoK jxrmnnettriZ Heeuu^ Ei^peoiidly sud of the soil or 
body ccmtimtiog after doath, like Iva^ti-ca". ootnp. Scat. Erap. adv. nuith. 

IX 72 wat Katf' avras Sk &iafifvoV^iy foJ V'^'^'']. ""^ '>''X ""^ iA*y*V *tir^ 
Koupov ft.T,X. aud 74 it titf ^laftivovtriv al i^n/xaA Cic Tusc. dispn I 104 
e^m nrciimlitoa oondu7i4 id qtmrn ftwu^'njr prmiaii^atit dtuturna ^rporat 
of the Bord more thn-n once, as iVi, 36 prrpuiriKm ariiwttti urhittaai%ir om^ 
Bfftiffti nniioitufit oniniiiiii\ ftta in offlc iintne<fii cot.: below he tjuolfa t 
piiRiingo from ftU old trflg*>ilian, prohnVily Enninn^ to whioh poxaibly Locr. 
amy here refer, Undo anirnac excttGrUur cbticura uirilra, upcrto wi oHwt 
Altaa Atifberunlijff f<dttQ stvnquinSy JiU}rttiornm imtiyinea, as it is ruul in 
Baiter and HaIto*^ ^d. It may Le said that with KnniuB the aoul did 
not dissolve: thut is &y; but it went into auothor body and eiitirclj 
changed its condition; and Knniui^ do doubt tliotight ct the di^solutioa 
of the old body and soul as com[ilcte. With (^iw jtennan. u e. "i&<{ue ad 
A^hor. toicipj;^ Loob, compni^s ftcvariLl paaBages: Ovid are ii 12U .^Wvit 
ati CJ^remoi permnytet ifle rogoa \^ perhaps the most in poiKt, 123 

Virg. hoj at kaat four iiidtjtlioiiH of this v.: geoig. I 477 iv]xstfi the 
very words. 124 Enniua ann. 6 Viftis Jlomtrue ad^t^a jj^eitt iv % 

Fragm. of fhi*i vifti.m: CJoero m<]re thiin once infere from thps« wotrb 
that it wan ft dream, no^ & re&l visioa. 125 tbe tc*rs were doubtloe 

in regret for life: Aen. II £71 Heetnr seenw to woep fur bii oi^n wounds 
aud the fal! of Troy. 120 CT/jfT^w/eTe = V 54 ren/w nnfumm mwiAwM 

it fa IL rare word. 127 alludi^s of courae to £4, whore 1 have «pokfl 

^ BOOK t 131 

^HfaMHMk 130 £um fifm primU cet. that vb tld,j know the reiJ 
^^^^^^^^^^■DuI ; Uiult, out uf wlijit t^lemcnta^ vis. bodily; auJ bo not 
P fc TnWei! lite Eaikiii^ ami others, or fli'wid eterusl pniiLslinient. inm 
tftn: imte cvtri A }A-, nloo lii 710, vi 2^0 butL Iiavo tunt^ Leiura u con' 
^WErtl, but nowhen^ else. Loch, thoroforo, lua Flor, 31 Camb, Wfort* 
iJar, prt>|ierly iviuLi ^trn after tlieiiJ^a^ of older writers : Bt^'? aUo Waguer 
qiUMcL Virg. Xiv 5 : it speaks wcil li-r owr niga, that thoy err Si» rarely: 
fiMC before a c^olla'>□a1lt mtmt Imvo heoom^ cninmou iti iTie silver Age. 
|3S ^1 g«a4 ns «tc. a-s evfrl-i-ined in the 4tb h-xik : r^v jb tlie ima'jln^s or 
tMulrMrn^ < iiUAgea or idoia', ^u.Xii| whkh uro shwi from ftU tbings, not 
Uu> bIiHi>1Ip» phuitome, wliich Ecmiui foi^na to L^u« out nf AdiLinm ; 
b&rJ wlkicL Uirify us wIcq aitik or flalecjx TLe couati-. of tlda vcrae tnia- 
tUkfJerstnod by Cr^t^li ia cbevQ by rv 33, which ia Uie best comment on 
L^^^uc cmlcin (suuuJuunt) rwifd vigUaiUtbuis obain metdes TerriJiaiJii 
^^p t« (fjffinw, curit 9iiepe j£/ujtw t'o«(«imi£r niUYis efmuhicra'jnfi lufia 
Evhtam : it tlias iipj^ara tint rufilttntilm and niorl. a'//^ ai-e bcru in 
jpfaoaaUotu Tbo eaipLatic rc^rcliUua of tliesti Lofiiil vUiuua i^eea in 
^ c kt u oM might aeom to ooufirm wLaI is relaU4 of the poot hemg fiubject 
jo fits of deli rhim, or lUiiimleringaiekiiees ofsorae sort, 133 mun. »tp.\ 
t 975 Mtttittt^ftw sfjrriftr; aud uatd by Enoius befure ajid Vii'^l aftui" 
bloL 135 iv|'uut4?d IV 734, but thet^ ^iwru^n bogiits theroHe^ V^ii'g- 
fccn. JL fi-*! ]nvi riwTte Mfa uiid v 31 tdluit...tfrviiiio currijilecf-Uur taam 
tSoero ^\sfi \xsc& morU of>itet, Aa he treAta of ilio oonl and thcsQ imogoa 
H^^^bo]-^1« IcTigfh in ni and iv, it might ^oem tha.t tbo motive h& 
^H^HbH ure tcio uanuw , but the Wt id Uiut likt- n true di»;iple of 
BIpiainifl bn niabca to porsiia^lo kie ruAder or bimfiolf tb^it ho di^ciuat'S 
be>B (inrsCJona imt tor t)ieir aciontitic iiitei'SHt, but to fi'ee ninii fVoiii 
tttin foir^ of the goda and death, and to produce tbfxt tron^iuUlity of 
bind, vithoiit which Ujipfn'TieflK 10 cot poml>L«! h^ reiter^t^ th« sania 
Jbflow, UG— 158. 
16 — 145 ; 'the ioBk ia dliBcult; hut love of you and your worth en- 
tootnlabour to maki* these questions cloar'. 136 X&fmea.nirni 
19 found nl^-t 92'2 mil v OT: Ter. ouq. £74: lU /^d^us aji.imi tjA- 
of aaini ia coEntuon o-fter miLny vert>3 ^td odJcctivGa; pcntiet^ 
is ill Cit'ero; Plnuttu trlu. 454 hiLS Saliix tii es sanrts ineniis au£ 
/tiS fthcniug the idiom ia uot con£^nod to animL Madvl^ emeod. 
i. 135 *Bya * nej^ue Cicero Di?quo Liviua nequa fjuiatiuam j>c»st oomicoa 
it Locrcli uiu [tipud -^vioui vnt animi /'tUU) j^t^mLivuiu ilkim udiuuxll uiai 
■ TerbiBi qua« dubitaliuaom ct fiirllicitudlnoui aiguificimt'. 138 

W^A...<i^KiditTii the ariTne coitstr ns 11 1 jio^mia tit/t, 139 on tJiiJt 

^^BtDiltr pnffiQgea ice wliat lias been aaid above p. 100. ' 141 omi- 
Wmf, with roiurfliico pr'ijbably to the groat ioiportflnc© EpJcuruE attiichrf 
Mnjbe ^ultivfitioti of suitable fnanilahip^ Obn-rv^s that Ijuci- mi^nltsQttli 

■ ^1— %^^ 



Qflbeliopcof Hemmius'friendfiMp^ not of itd possessJOD, t^fftrrt ^n&oiaiH 
QCcurfl in Eiiu. aniu 105» 142 Jioctes Bcvnas'. «oiiip. Yii^. ecL a It's 
jJTira 4olvm sub n&cU cftttertt^^i : *crtfTi&? Bconia merely d |M>»tlca] epi^iilH 
143 ff^mum: comp. 486 Koit^^ vincutiE fft (^iirj/m'e d^rmtm} Actl I filH 
Ana difmufn vtfltiU conei^iera Icrrn. 144 /^ri^^anf^. ^bfiFL I^iub. v^M 

plains ^ Z^^Ztt^f^^a', praefHJTe fnceia: pmefei^pudo facets lumen ajierif*^ 
uoo voi'bo Latino prtwltu^er^^ : ucd coiiif;. v C5T tiW7t)rOT^ dtffirt ei /umii» 
paindit\ Cic Arut, 40 Atiffrwi frafpandcnr l^mp'tris oWuj, 

146—158 ^ thm terror and dartDeas of mifid ihimT. l* dispelled bj" tti 
knovI«d^c of nature ; wliosei first priudpk is ^ notbiiiE; can be produ^ 
froiu nottiing by divinv power': frotti ttiia tntth nil Uie nst u'lll folto'r, 
146 147 148: tlitne vfj»aa ari^ nijiratnl in ibi? 2uii 3n1 iintFOtL t-.iok^ 
tuv\ form ill fflct tho k<?ystoiio of cj^icurt'^iii pliyaii»: tbe knoTli>Jge of 
niituii* is (leiinible not for itself, but iu ordflr to orenlirtiw ignonuiw 
nnd BiLperbtition : Ejitc anya hiicself io liis 10th KVpU Svfa ~»p. Diup 

Cic. lie 6n> I C4 the epicurean Tim^ualufl aays 6ic K-phyrhU rf ^/^ritCwiffl 
Sitnnlnr contra ntorti* timer^m ^ rufnitt'intia C\nitra ritetu/n rff/iytj/ni/ J( 
Bef^Ura animi ormtium rrrurn oa?u/faTiU/n ir;7ifrmfwne ^vUat4K 14T 

thoiigli cocnoctcd by tbe dityunctive 9tf<p/f>y ItK. td<M are tho radir aiJi$, 
148 j*;>ecv>fl tbe outward fomi ftud napetl - fl->0 Kar^travi r^ntm tpnt 
cottuki cornjifa Jhjujfi, Tolto is tbi! inner law luid piixiciple after which 
nature develops ]ti^I£ 110 cni*is L e. noturao: it ia mi>nosyLl. aJuu Lb 
Luciliiu, aa irt «w*^ iTj Cic, A rat. frnj^nn- liv: -j^jriff eiW ipjc nian«r ^ 
ordia tvrtv:./: V 3^1 nrrf^e pritlein e-i^rdia CffpU. Cicero bfta cxonJoiit 
t/rffai: tbi^ nieiiipb*»r is donl^tleM fitiui l>cginnii»g w web: see For*.", n 
ert/tor ujJ (MOTTi^uT. 1^ HO Diogn Laert, ix 44 of DcmocntuR. /ii 
K Tov p.-^ Drrof yLTctr^At AHatotle itgaln nnd o^in doclurea tlud t) 
common to all pliyafologists. Lncr. addd to tho rl^linkion dh-initMt 
JLiat btilow dimii'f nujiiimiy hecaunt: this ia tlie fruitful aonrco of rt^H^it 
feai^ iiilo: »u7 is alwaya a raomwyJl, in Lucr. nilutn ami niio 
alwaj'a di»ylL aa ii^ proved by tliiH) tbat in moat easea ibey muub br, 
nil coE^OB ihi^j tiiay bo of tlu£ quoiLtity; and in no caso tuuit be diaAj 
and tri^\U, resjipctiioly, Aftor the tisilpI fjishion of mas, A aiid B wl 
bardly aq eTct^e-ptiou write itlftU, nihUutii, ni/ii£*f'. ncv lan^humuu'a pi 
noljs, who flbeWB that Virgil in ivuJily uaes hiAjT only twice as a 
ISl contiiift perhaps tho metctph. in from a mu^er keqiiitg in Lii pii 
153 C'*''^" a/*r««*; nee n. to lii. 156 (157) 9i*tw^ ^fjui'mMr Bend. 
pLiiaj by to ^yfTOi> fAtvov. to dirDpou^ei-or, Jis vr 80S tiii firi/«nfi 
rJvriTTH Jict'/'ifur: it baa inucb ibi; same fiVL« v 5S0 pluriaqti^ 
disponcrc etiti^cui. 157 153(1^^ 15iJ)ci— fl( — cx\ilain quod ac^U 
"'aae two wrse* therefore merety elate iji other words ^uilam 



^hn diviiiit^ts. 158 i\5^qna«qwisTiiiMt: comp»57. operaslna 
^ui B^ii] pi>r]ubps nith r^fci'eii-v to Atttoa 1^9 y^ajn twi JhfiU nine 
In^pfrn hiiirtaJia yrojjna siuxt h'/rus. 

L5B— 214 : 'if tbin^ could come ^m Qotliiug, uny animitl tnigtit 
>^r^ any wliere, auj fruit givivr tm any trep- Btit lliit svory 
tmva from a rlefiiiito seed i» pitiveil in m]\tiy ways: flowers com 
le at fitAteJ BOftBoQfl : flgiia animalA anil filnata require tJToe to 
<: (.he pi-odiicta of the ea.rl]i wuut lalii jit t^tuteil tiinci^ aiiinmlA 
ion uro of a dcJiTLitc size, find never grew to a gjgjintiij bvtlk: 
iG fniiU of tlie *nfth leqnire oitltiviition, nnd dn not improve 
[y'. Tvom the u&ture uf thi^ coad thb lh niirlicr a fill aitiU^- 
; of vlkAt h« raeoDa by nothing cunjiDg from nothing thau a proof: 
bfioxy of tiiecl nnchaiigenlile sti'ds of thin^ or JitomaJie siilisernicntly 
itret£« with Ekumtcrly clcarn<»B ami power : some of liL» ar>^iDcikb3 
r«wlon $i?fma not to }mv^ diSLliitiied to borrow. 159 almost & 
>f wliuti Einc. hitiiai^r says iu tiLa lptl«r bo Hri-ud. Diug. Limrb, x 
Liy l<uob, iLlid oth&rs, av&tv yCytrm in tov f*^ uiros' tov ydp 
9^ iyLccr* Av tr^tppnic^ yr tivGhf irpuii^tofttvov. IBl ttittrc: Fore, 
'oral iQ^tAncca of tlii.t abl. fmtu Ovid a.iid others : add to Ida ex- 
!es Ovid 0113 AULtiJ 94rlbia l[J6(20fJ): Ov'Ul Be@mA li^^ntious in tltia 
lio liHd caeltJttc Itfitenjflfa o.ud sillier aiicU abljitlves, primum fol- 
no di<mik or othor partiolo r ti lOGS .S"ix,ni i'i'^/m ^imuni cot. : 
u of eipre-'ision in conmiim onongli ia C.toera and (ithern ; Ter, 
'II priaivjti iiiin </-r: amure hoc crrrupK^ril ; Jfc iVf/OTHjaa Jfrr^f^ CCt. : 
in 38i priminn aspem eitve cet. 162 ta ^^TMHJiijtfT-uwi 
k^ or gu»n- [iliir. I P>r thra fonuur you have vturifdt, htm/iHnm 
id tbd nice; bitt J^Eicr. tiiio eaja homiititpi geritiSy ctu. and oIbo- 
L« u»M the wrird only a^ a auViFitf sfniitnitjeiiiirt pwuilt's occurring 
IaidU murks It clb a W^~- v I1'>G divoin gmiui h\inuinHifiq%ia 
iw todilTerontly he uses both coti£t ruction a. ill T^ the geiL corb- 
aeems a hanhi?r <:nDtriictiuii tlxah v^g/fi^'p'^frirjrf ; or IV 5S6 
laniyot .It^rfaf^rtm ; jsce oJao n. to V 737 GM<l<ii:itm. 1Q3 

of. p^, m^y 1>« lookett upon an one claiL«e m apj>oa- wltli yifn. om. 
166 Virg, gui."rg, Jl 109 -Vfo rer'u ff*T«fl yen'c vm/iett omnia pos- 
exprtHsiou ia prob. alraost prororbiui, like nort om*iia pofsitnitis 
187 Qiiippf ia h<>re joined wilh IGft <J>*ii' : isfr^ — eai/ji/e being 
kte diiurw ; so 243 i^tipjm btkjitga ty gi*OT-w/ji ; ubi — co/yero 
cephmle oUoae: hot lyii (*r«;jfKf ui* are of oonrw oonneotorf. 
a^e n. i*> .18. 169 -1( nnvw^, w^y comrmii in l-uer, Tirben bo 
from wliftt ifl not to wliat ia true; ftlao 231 qitod nrntc^ 
wb? I'^p'tMr; iin and vi 570 Ktinf, aloiip, 170 171 for eonati*, 
io lo. iw/e iibl=ex eo^ in qua 171 vmUeritu and curjiurfi 
of eourvu eynojiH; soe n. to 58 IblL 172 oominon u ^i^ra 



a m Lucr., this is the oiAy ihnta^ce dF hao re =!L«ikC ob rem : Ctn «^l 
ad &im. 3Lm IS ca r& 173 ^cri?lu ueaoB of cotme dutioct »ti<l lecM 
liar it} each. 1 

174 Cic Tiuc diflfr. r 37 eoyi n«que ui uUiitn gnod n<m «'to v^tftfJ 
vt a-at Jlitrifs ant fnti/es JumJai urU bacas: tha Jlurei nut Jrv^ta /uu^ 
aiiiiwersi jjreciiiely U^ rtiJiam—Jrumiiiifn — /uiuli ; biit iheii for Ti£-t4 yA 
would expect urofi to complct-o the parallel ; so lliat vUttfitntli &e«m»y 
he ftaiil with a change of meaning and t*> = fpEtlcrfl oe, Li?, fttua: cotni 
351 Crte<^tU <i^mia «( /ciw) in tstii^M/rt fuadunt 176 ^fnfi««M 
fi'oiD the context implicB the due Eent^nnSr tia Lamli. ngbtlv inttrTpreti 
for can harvUy mean, as "Wuk ei|ilnini* it, 'flre proiiiticma': >M 
ar^ftf ctaudj^ bj aud by tbdt tcij act ia propitious ; aad the aaioa j 
praettt-m ; bat titat docti Dot apply to tempatta*. 161 0/- a£ jHir fl 

Yirg. vas pmk iLiiikJng uf lliia expreaatou and rhytliin whoa bo eh 
georg, n J49 rUqvf^ alUai^i metu^luit ar^kts^ 183 *:o?tfifUt U trno of B 

regiiUir lecbnical woi'<lfl fnr tbe iiniting of the af^nii: to form a rr*: tl 
yerb is used m LIiq same way. For the double abl, cum|i Mudr* Ld 
gram. 278 a: bo quotes oae olauHo of Cic. Brut. 315 with 3 abL tm 
iudfcio iota Asia iilin temporS/riis dhttrthsir/iVA : the wortls there, a& hoi 
a^TmittLDg no ambiguity; lOill, rqjnited V 41D, hue alou three, om 
co^nsUio prirnordia rervvi Ordine te euo qttfuqurt sofioci 7«™W torarwi 
comp, U Sl% PuftdirrilftHt projjriijf intxrUt iv/iiporr Jrimu InCfrliMfu4^ id 
ipatiU deMlitrei v 3DG mvita c<diffini tacdan Coii^iutUi prajteroTU rtttim 
fi7*ilfjre fniawt^ii SuppttUtitre. 184 porro a Tery faronrit* void] 

LiicL. irith all the aeoj^es prtmibry ^uid geuutidui'y of ttur ^further*. U 
ad al^r or upf>a : yj 316 ad ictuin \ Cie. Verr. rr 3^ qua solitia tvet m 
ad ko*pituia mlv^itrn ; Sea. du benef^ iv 6 6 nunt: ad gartjcitUm im 
<f9t<^t^nf....pnLcrt*t4. 136 iufnntil/iC pii-rvis : eomp. Oio. oTatot ll 

i/iiuruvi €ti€i(^nt eiftni pwilretuae dtute fi£(fiae ijuae gurtt in Ui|iti]mUB, n 
t/e/iiam Idiemrit dt-'trakeiMintf ni*i vocatm uinc^uchat^ft iiit r*ou eftU \ 
^rjiKiii in "O^jtibua ^un/a nutw.Jhigivjd poetae nmn. Ua Bnim loi/vfi!taa^ 
rpii vst omuihiL* priaoops nop. omulbiui priiiccpB rC vita ilia dipiu^ lijomd 
7iaTi diguuB. Ttiia suppreEGion of » U comroou ia Lucr. and is a 
avoided by Cit^ii^ro hirndf^lf ia hia vt'i'fteB ; in alt tku oldvr jKwta PfiTiB 
Luciliub ct<^ it ia of ccuiso very fr^uent. Pivb. Ciu. iticJudcji UatuUi 
umtiug the 2}0€t/ie yunri ; thougli be baa one iaataDoe of the licence in d 
iobt V- of lijg iioeuu^p £u f/u^r 3itppiiciant . irur inaa. villi one doubtl 
exception flJwnya write Cho e : Lamb, tirat eiipprea^ed it : it is not at i 
certain that the aodeiit^ did not vrlte it ; ooc) prrhfipH Cicero moani 1 
^u^famitr to contiuat nitb ^cnh^bavtua. Luorcdu»' fnx|ueiit cmpld 
meut of thij arcbaiAmT afttr it htid lieen gf^aeraUy dit^i^I^ may ba ooQ' 
ibe rfaaona wbicli made Cicei^ deny him or>, if ho indeed did dtaxy] 

BOOK! 1 35 

Mm: see introduction p. 106. 187 probably he meant tlie rhythm to be 

an echo- of the sense, arbusta : aa arborta oannot oome into the Tenc^ 

Iiucr always naea for it arhuOa in the nooL etnd »cc : but aa arhoribut 

is suitable .enough and often itned, in the only instance of arbusti* T 1 378 

the word has apparently its ordinary meaniDg of plantations of treefl. 

188 qttartdo in the sense of quoniara or qtmndoquidem and always 

foverning an indie is commoii iix Lucr. and the older vriten ; Madr. 

4e fin. p. 649 allows it tiUo in Cicero : it occurs below in 206, 191 

grandaoere used twice again by Lncn and by Cic Arat. prognost fragm, fi, 

192 Sue accedil uti, a prosaic bnt very common phrase in Lncr. : 

ahio h. tut. itetn quod^ 197 he sever^ times repeats this comparison 

of the elements of words with the elements of things led doubtlen 

by the common name. It is a favourite and natural artifice of hia to 

l^ve colour to his arguments on abstruse matters by illustrations from 

things visible or intelligible to all : to this we shall often have occasion 

to dr«v attention. 200 per vada : the deep sea being but a ford to 

them. 202 perhaps one of the 3 cases where saeela in Lucr. has its 

ordinary sense; the other two being lu 943 and 1090: see n. to 20 

siMcfa : so that viL saeda here meaus the number of years over which a 

lif^ probably a human life, e^ttends : comp. Tirgirs imitation in geoi^g. 

o 295 Mtdia trirum votvena durando aa&c^a initcU ; and Aen^ ii 160 

tivendo vici mea fala : in all these cases the alliteration hss iufiuenced 

the phrase- 207 Aeris. . auras and acrUte aurae are very favourite 

pleonasms for acr in Lucr. teneraa : u 146 Aera per tenerum : the air 

hu the same epithet iu Ennius Virgil and Ovid: it implies whiit is 

t^ yielding elastic : comp. Ov. trist. m 8 7 tenera noatrts cedents volo' 

libua aura and Cic de or. iii 176 mhU esl enim iam ten^n^jn 7t€qae tain 

jlevibUc nequ^ qaod iam Jadh aequalur quocumque ducat, qttam oro^io, 

*here it has the same force ; oa also orator 53 : de nat. deor. u 65 he 

translates by aeCheraf Qui teitero lerram circumiedu ampledilur the 

^ipo, *fat y^v rtpt^ ^oi^ i7)'pats ir ayjtpAflt* of EaripiJes. 208 man- 

ihut is of course the abi, iuatr. by manual labour^^u 1165 manuum 

Whorm. mei. red-Jet. comp, Cic de orat n 131 quo mdiorea/ttus poasU 

^ grdjidioree edcre (o?^) - reddere is r^ularly used ia this sense, fetus 

^th one eTception slways iri Lucr- means the produce of the earth or 

«K<ees- 210 videlicet has here the construction of videre licet \ so n 

^69 Seilicet esse globosa-. Fore will give other instances fi^m other 

Mithora a w.i on the other hand Lucr ii 800 Scire licet, .pittandum est, 

Sires scire licet the constr. of ecUtceL 211 312 repeated with slight 

c^liange T 210 311. eitnus only occurs in these tvo placesj dere being 

"tluicoQL form: lU ^03 percU) vi 410 concU. 213 214 if there were 

11:0 tirst-beginnings, things might be mudi worse or much better quite 

^iid^>endently of our control. 



;«oTEa II 

215^254 : nothing oiii b<> reinffeii lo ootUing : Uiings di»cth-e only 
into Uierr tifwUlwgiuuidga : if lliii were tiot en^ a Uiiuy migbt p*fia nwnj 
m li moment witUonb any force : tiguin how o*JUtd all tilings, noinni* 
And inflninialp, he replenUhed 1 if tnjthiog *'ere ifnr^ifihable, iuGniU 
lime j>a*t (niiHt Imve i-ftluced a]] things to notJiing : a tnejc touch wooM 
di?atr<jj oil things alike; niins r-oes avaj-; but the earth which r*?ei^ir« 
theni seUfU fi^rth her produM ; nad frum it all finiiTials are DouriiJird . 
notliiog tbereforo ib uttwly destroyed. 216 Epic after what is 

qiinted to IdOj continues xol cl itj>9(iptTa Zl to otpavt^fi^imv <ic ro frq Of, 

in 3 plBL^a, I 550 ni 706 ri 44G, this vtrd muat be of * sjlJablfa from 
the nacfflsitj of the melre, Lucr. neror endiug a rerse with 3 ipoodHfl, 
I hare foUowtti IddL in always so regnrdfug it m Uiow phicrs alno 
whoro it might be a tristylL aa here for xustance ; though it ia of conree 
a donbtfu] pointp. i'iiieirfmxt and 256 percfiiit: A »tid B, ns all goad diks. 
of bII i^-ix-d authuifif inv^-iiiLly thua frpeli thc&e wordi). 217 -Vtim, 31 
enim t Lncr. doc3 Dot at ail avoid tljua natng nam^ Afmi ; Hfr//^ tttoft 
eiiim, enifii^ and rhe like in Miniwj^utii'G sonr«DCOB, b& t^e Greeks ii^ yap 
OCCnaiopallv we find tbcm in tlivce 5U*;ceafliTe tilailsCA ; li 74& min%, "5 
eutrrt, 7o3 -Vam ; ni 754 eiiii/i^ 7j'j «iim, 757 unimj V 7 ynm, 13 e^tim, 
14 TTamtTUA 221 (Juod nunc: ie« n. to 16^ aiid also to G23. oaL 
coFM^ ^n»,; ModT. CiCi dc fin, p, 5 IT says thjtt Clc never has the sim 
abh uf^r tomto bitt always r^i in Lncr th<; former is vcfT fref^aeot 
jtLoi'e so thiui the lattto' ; he uIho eut|>loy3 both L'duiftructiuiLa with 
auto, 222 i^oT^^ m o^iiE^^cxa^^tty 24C </"rr£. . Vitf ^if<; cfouw 
drmiqite (the worda are not found in Cicero) alwayB, trnless I am mti- 
takcD, in Lucr^ take a post indie, with the exception of it 9^7 DoitfC 
, , r^dsant i and thia ia tiio n^iiid couatr- at lon^t in. the older writers 
224 I'tderi liere has the fon;e of tssf, which ^a!vttT6ai to often hus in 
Greek : 2GS it Las ita usual aenae of to ^ceo^, and 270 ii is a simple pas- 
eJTo of rtiileo : Lncr- nflct^ liomonymes iu this way o^ain and again without 
ila appearing to tiilco hlui that thi-rv can be aoy anilignity: we find 
for jJifltutioe in the coitie or in coutignou^ v»?. cvr^rorA in its ofdm 
fierw? and in thai. oFatomfl; aa n 71* wiii/f -lyti* rfMffit Cofpofibvs /uffiu 
c citrjrtiTt'. ret and rotio ftre likvwiHe fouad with qilite difl^reiit uifwnin 
237 litjninn vifas oocura agnxn more tlian once J it ia atao uaed by VirgiL 
22d k'^tldaril fliwaya litLS this quiintiCy in Liicr_ and generally this spel- 
ling in A B: tlic aamc \a true of rfivrii^t ra which (icciiib thricCj tm^u^vtv 
ott:iin-i»g fonr times: the perr. reppvU repp^ rrtfii/i" aro of courec 
i]i*ccaaarily long. 230 U'tjrmm is almost mdi oomp, vi 613 A^UU 

»w>$/vnti9 of the 5oa: PLiut miles 632 unttea jfaii siffi iifjmwi iitdcUat 
it6i natira- f^arria U the opposite of thiB, * which come fivm withe 

tudv^fUicui; comp. Ciix de u&t d«or. u 20 iV« e^tm «^ ABUniu^ d 






ist kaheH/ihie eat Ujior, tetl Mc intimU iHarU pariihu oaUathne e^rct- 
tfJut. It wcruld agrea Wttur wilb vluxt precedes and foHowa^ as well its 
■ \)^ffinnft find fr/^THi, and [[ 390 ^'fi/^^' marA iiiiiieiiftxiij^. .Jhn^lcs. . 
. ^,ii; ir PHifri" cciild be rend: 'aro aiifiplied t<j tho Boa". Or«ch in- 
iW«d, niid frvc-D Bitnt]. ^nd Bcm. t&ke the nea marv tn tliia senae: btit 
nrclj Liicr. and cxcry good writer admit aa jioc ftfl*t ffT//;ip. on!j of tho 
tbhig wUich IB giveo ; never of ik<i thing to wliicJi it is givL^n. It would 
Iv % BDiallt^r :]fj]BrtiJT^ firiiik tJie 111S8. tu tend mirrei imjcuud aiid firnyi? ; 
tsul rv 741 cyu* aitpu maktis tbe oliiiion ijoasiblei the poBttion of /o»7o 
vouM tliea be cmjilatic, 'throughout its ^hnl« extent*. 231 afih. 
M.p(u.: Fomp^ v 52A, ^hrcb luuutioiid iliis aa cun of acYoral [Kt^ible 
fBws ; UiougL it Eoc^ms mtbcr at'j'tcal than epiotirenn ; conip. too Virg. 
AeiL 1 COS pottw dum aitfent ji(ig*xt. 

233 ctnifuwpti : sMiipus seems to occur in Niicvius tripliallu,™, fragm, 
•onik^ 97: Lucr, m C50 Lna nlsti-ti^e, v 1150 profrowj Tirgil fraa-*, 
Horace ffurr^^CT, CEttnllua ^fronjiwiB ^ iriany irthcaT*, flir.a iind the like, Are 
lon&fJ LQ Plmtna: cog nowc rf T7*oaw ft-fM^ia Lucr, Arc simplorcoutntctionB 
Ik )wm: I 987 f*o?y7?ti!^i ; coin|u Wjwf cjUhi^revi in Virgil, ^*/TMmiw ia 
Bomce; the abuiidance cf »ui?1i forma in Pluutifa and tbe general iiiia of 
i^B^ att^itn 41li:;w that ihbj beloiigud to the language of oommoo lifo. 
dfaci lA frtirnd evi>i] in Crccrti : nee Mmtv, de fin, p. 1/>3. difg/jiic^ n 
pottiCAl t&uU'lngy: sec Q, to 357: tli« firg^mecit too of IbiH r- is titere 
fullj enfofc^ 335 haee Mctmi «rm*na Le. the whoU mnmiut : 
Ilia wont lie hs£ jii>3t enumerated what gora on m tbe tliree por- 
eurtb sea bcaveu : mi rerunt aumma see n. to 1008. 240 iridu- 
iia ot course agrees with Tnatfri^: eonip, S44, Lamb, here urra oe 
■■ Wak. 341 Madv- Clie. da fin. p. SS^ rniyR tb.'tt jf^ij fjM«^ cavdo 
letum satb cfEtcrot, and tliitt tlie gtn. /rft mnkcs a difforence: in 
9 of Cicero h? find Baiter in his new ckL rond f^^/ia p^f Obi iji 
II for/rrcujkiEUjJk Yet in ^evenil paaaa^a iiatis nci'iia to bnv^i 
Ivrae of AQ adjective: auctor ad Korea, at beg. i-ix oatU rttivnt ^itulle 
pGMi/tiiff, where Mfldvig would rend tiiri ; ad Ati xii 50 fi 
luia gtr<iJi£tii tic re k*fhsrtm, whore Lhrnb. reads cotmiu, 
refers to Ovid met. lU 149 J^i?rtniiarfiifii^ dits /uittui satU 
Vbg. Apn. SI 3fiG gai Junera JiiSL Tiflimita. Oornp, alio Aen. vii 
S* wiiU amhoi/ug^.^veTtire. 245 c(>nA^aiiU = auat, aa eo of^n in 

249 fCTp. rmit. another term for his Srst-bcginninga. 2S0 
tlie mins perijib us ruinsj yet S6^ /mhU peniiug pfreitni; bub 
in clhor shaftfs. Comp. Virg. georg- 11 335 Tntn paitr omni- 
finuutig iml/rilfUt aether Conuiffis In ffrentinni laettte deg^emfit et 
Magnua olit rttc^/no cifritJn{j:Cu8 corjrorcjttut : see notes to pamJIel 
■ •■ *i[)i foil, nnd V 3J8 foil. From tlie VcJm to the jiervij^IiuDi 
. ,"jetN oud pbUcuftapbera Inve to celebinita tide nnion of ether A 



earthj ether &8 tho father desceadiiig ia sboivers into ihe lap of tDOth^ 

cju'Ul The QoLioD natui'olly Lud Liiih m viitm ul]iujit«s, Augh ba liidm, 
^facr« tho cxcossivo hi^at at atiitod p<srioda s^^mcd to bring Uie eth«r dunn 
iji AbuQilaifct fuina which at oDce jju-ictcueH all things: hence the Agni 
of the Rjg-Yedii i:i>uperutJi]£ with ilie miglitj paruiita hcavcu uid evlli 
to fihbd abuudiuit £hi>wcrs> This notiim too hoa mduccd Lucr. her<> Bibd 
elsew3iere» wliurv Ije si>»tftk« of act^ierw nnhcA ajid thtj Itle, to forget 
aupprcds far a nK^jccot hi& celta duudJcas nuaullied ether, luid coi^ou 
it with thia upper generator of Jient im*l raia: the sen^ptrf tnnuMuj 
aether ofiu ««ms hi Vl oirmU ijt imbrcin vertier, 

252 nitidiie /n'g«s occurs 6ve times ; it aeoma to implr cropa wuU- 
kept and so flourkliing atul good-loolcing -. Gic- Vcrr, ill 47 ^;b Qtma sga 
Cai'ipoe fXiitea loH^fjnc tiiiidlasti/ios virUHssiifKVqu/i i-ifttsioi'tt htfA i<a m^ 
ial^ nuTXC (iti dfatn-loa videUiin, it/-, Virg. g<,'org. I 153 intf^t/4 nal^nftfl 
ff^ffl, /nt^€8hi Lucr* aii^ui6L-agr»Lii[-cr<j]w alone or iin:ludia only Ic^mni- 
nulls producU in coDtra4idbltiction tij fmita of trcca etc. 263 Wak^ 
field well ohaeiTCfl that Vrrg. eel. i 6+ Jr6t>riiu*; ft-*wM»f V/^, efrmxtU 
amores, itnitates the Jimguage wiJ rhjthm of Ihb verse, while the seiuc 
38 quite Jilfcrcnt Comp, also with n 1^ goorg. I 15S j/w-zjiw^i atUrxnt 
Jhutnt sjxi^ttU'is acfrv^im; vtth II 33 aud v 1395, georg. :i IllO /'m^ 
forffVi ^ ^A^jWd^^ur; with u 408 of 4W4^ fo^^fu, g^rg- Hi 416 aul ma£a 
tarfu; with lu 233 JVn«u *»i»m ^M(W*/im»-,-a»/?Ti nad the varioTiB osm of 
peAfibitar Lu Lucr., AeiL VU G40 Ad not itmi ^eT*/ii* /hwia^ periubitur 
aura ; with IT 10li5,georg. i 114 CyyiJcffirrft ?^«j<»vt/i ; Vi l^tf w:lh ^uor. 
1TI 478 coortti €Ht I'^mpfl^tfiK- in ^ach cose the words are the same, tha 
meanuig ia altogether Jisaiaiilar. Corop. Eilao Aen, Jii D06 I'flfuiw^ per 
tnrtflSBnid of the flirj though Lucr, once, ii 116, iiBei/wi' iJi/^we himself in 
the aunie w»j, Such iniitjiuces tihcw how stronglj thi^ poem uia»t h»v» 
imprcaacd itself ou Yirgil d mitid, 2&6 Lft^i-^r^? ^ cautu i-r?uciiarc>^ For& 
&ud Ilia followers dte hut one jn^o^nc? at aU aimilor, from the Aetn« 
235; comp. howeyer Virg, georg. u 32S ravna/U ovit/us virsvita<^nvrM. 
257 piii/ui uaed as a aulHit. hj Vii^^ goor. tii 1 £4 dento pinyvf ^ as Wi^ 
fti c^t^d. \ii 4 Scfvjl'Uff}\:ttr'tim iiutM miulrtfji phiffui: it ofLcil OCCUTii in 
Tllny uat. hiat. 2£8 Cf>f77- tlcp.: BcntL tixjG ^cciJ. cum purturiuijt': 

cfln he mtfln that corpora are the ytiting of the cattle ; &a he rends in 
1t57/fiar.l of ci>uiBeLucr. ujoiina merely what Virg, Aeo. vii iQti dt-c*^ 
(7OT7-'f>r» *hA rafldg deponunt, or H'^r. i>d. II 7 iK^ewum wriiifin /a/u^ U&- 
pons. **m. fwir, Km,, iLb two epithets are quit** re;;ular, as toe. kul ±= 
flituply lac OT ^cjHrff unttjr. and eaudeus ia an epith' ornuns^ oa iq 
JUwiov : coinp- i QiS and iv £!0 Mvavifoqumtt Camnn4 I'ierio...£t 
mfiMKo duki. . .mcU't', ? 1134 yeit'tg iii/fiin /utntanum} vi 387 
(j'\ht'a ci^tcitia templa ; and bco Wftgiior to Acn. vii 2i, "wbcrc umoti. 
other iuBUinccti from Virgil he dteiUiru fftni^iftusaUi^ torpu9 




fffdcrre^mt nnfutpts er^pantia CarbitBaoii Locr. b ctM^inlynot h4rtihoT 
lliui Virgil : uimfL too 11 342 Ttiuttteqtie natiittr4i SqftnfnitjeTJLm pennies; 
ntd ee« iL to V 13 tliviTtt arUvfua rejjeria^ where the iualuaccs nn oomo- 
vhat (lilfori-TJU Luor. is f>rid of this |ioTiphra&lio uso of HjjUfr: he boA 
wmoraguat^atpuif.^ ai^uarnjn, utidorui, some of them rp|i«Lf«^iy- 260 j(r- 
liniw: ihi& foria is retaiticd by our viss. in four other |>laccB : tmcc ooly, 
t 1077, yre fiad artibiit: thia u an« out of ciEuiy instancca of their value 
ID pointA of ipcUiiig ; doubtless the a wua rutnmcd Jortger in this tLivn 
ia otlti^-r wordfl, to ditjUuguisL it from ths dat. and &bl. of ars. 261 
ft0cui*it: Si^ u, to 13. 26^ ni^^^Eftr (itarirv), 263 aOd Lucn 

IMCB wt ufifr&queutly ; a^^ the dat siog^ more thou out^c, Uit alis uo\ei\ 
363 I^«T. ia foDd of iLifl doctriue that tke donth of oue thing \b Hm tdrib 
uf NEiotLiJ^ aTid lIihL i\iv uiilfitruiiLy of luitLirc k tlierth^' luniulAlucd. We 
■tudl hiLTt? to aay more ut Ji 70 of thid thtioiy a^ apj>liud to the uuivoro^ 
iif thirtg^ : ns hire applind to thh vorJd itf oui-B it 19 hjinlly |i&rbiL]ki 
oco&inUut «ith whut la htdd 55G, th&t the jit^ceati of deatructiou » njuch 
^u;«kor tluin tlutt of ounctructii^a. Elai;-whvi-« too ho or^iee nt grout 
IcngEli uii) with mud> e^ni^tnens thAt this world is of quite r^^eent 
(HTOuEioa, omd a^iua th^t it n<>tordy can Lutuiu^t Aud will he dcatrojed 
ia • nioniL'Hl of tSuu). Wbut LecumeB thtn of tUIs unvarying eqiiolity, 
•A Umat tbun LUicoUiMtniuiiUj apiJIcdj /Jr^^ uUtAi't Hem 'jltjni i;et. 1 Lucr, 
4o(ibclo» Lu4 nuiJjiEig ID hid thoughta the old dogmii of the pbyeii;!, 
more thaui oniH^ uswrtt^l Ly Ariatotlo, lU luctaph. 11 3 p. 9S4 b 3 ij ^ 

365 — 328; 'doubt not wb«t I wiyof firHt-baginmngB, bccauM tleyopo 
notMt>i*u: EOiiiiy thingflin buiugyou ItnowLy their t'lffjctSj yet cannot a«?: 
viaib w>rk mrac-Jiief ID akVf un ojivtb Jiud tiea; yet tire not Sf^eii: they not 
by pretsori? jnf^t lilte rivan which me wen ■ ftniella hent noJd eoviDiIa aro 
adL vcvn i yet have all body muca Lhey are iu contact with ti^ana : luointiirQ 
karevoZoth^a without boingfleon: mutuJa stouce weArpHWay; thia^grow, 
■Oil d> cay. m n.iokd frtJin s<'ji'hriiie ; y«t tha proeoiis of growth iiud d^d,y 
U mtf^ocD iaidl\ 2G5 .Va7Ef^ ^fyf?. n not uafrtfquent formula in Lucr. by 
wliii?ih he lii<b liis reader to give Ut^ed^ wbon Ite is paa.'^iug lo 11 now queo- 
tkm : it Ia uatd more than unco lu ihe fiunie Wdy by Virgih nnd oltriu by 
3lAikili<ifl - Ciouro bu9 ac^tf viuw?: coinp, too Empedoclcs ^4ti KorBten NCr 
5" By* im«'?.--Tiuw5< icXu* and 182 Ej fi' aye, vvv rot cytiJ Xi'^m, and 101 
*4JlL' 07* ^tSuff JiXutfi, and 134, 207 cuc/j, i/jj?? a. jifiiphrnsiu for dtji- 
27€ vitUri ^ cand \ a senae vory oonimon in Luol\, not very un- 
in Cic*iro; as de off. ill ^& Un cuw* palani eius anitli ad pattnatn 
fMHvHcroff a Aif//o vitlcfmtur^ ipAt antenk ora-Tbin vvJ-nbai; idem rursita 
wjiMtUnr^ CUM in U<cttin aniilnirt in-feiterat : ibn T 14 bo tr]tit3l».Te< the 
irmfl]iH f- T'A. of Plato by tri ondh cttn^reiiLr', de tin. ii «^2 by n ^itl^ 
r^ur. 271 portwi : the wind Wu ugoiqr^t the ports %ud preveuta all 


3COT13 n 

i^pcH to tiofi^ fln rwii nni S89 «Ad SP3 in nn« tettw Virg. 
gBQf^ m 197 faw itridt ^^firt XbAOl 274 «kWu nfnmiM U iWnd 
nVtr^CMH^ iT4«a Zf^SM/rofJM: d05_ihK«i>iy» ; Luer. «mu 
Ui« aal7 4^Mc lAo omi tLan vw^ w^icfc ««« U4^ »<ctiT& Virgil u 
■Iraft^f niK^ mere aiggardlj thus Locr. in kis oae or >nth oompcnux 
tho tdadeocj of tbe lappwige vh awre mA mtm to Hwt tlMn, «al 
bariMUQUH wiHent like l^fftvlliui fivecd it b»ck in tl^e Mfiitiwj dii 
comp. QniiLdL iehL i 6 65 — TO who »Uiei Uk iimiu wiUua wbklj 
wvft lUovthlo to torm vmrnp^na^ in I^tin : be DfttonU/ finidB 
ryanrfiw>ii^tfi imatrrietrwvvm hank ; qA«ii pedautie in hi* prtferwvt 
of Greek, he naj j«t joitlj b^J ' cvn jnpra'xtta iBintti wviu, m- 
atP Tr fl irrrci an Tjji fc riitt Jrfbn J i iB na'. ^5 perf, Ctanjrim, MmmirRk 
« striking tuitolngj; vnkas indeeil. u I nmetiiiwt tkiokt tko pantu* 
of ■MB. can be ddcttlM, <ifiiit — poutte* kcinf & daiaw ^mr\ atmI fiainh- 
ittg the comp«hKo in ft -nj ao eA«o foUoved by TirgJ ; u geor. i 
334 iViinc lunum ■■^pmfi ivbIo, rbt Utom p/imynM^ wkvch nuij in- 
ik«d be s remiiuacence of Lnct- aim /nmi^ or j4'«nviiM| vittnRMrv or 

\mi Yt 147 irtoffno daf/nfrrtm^idii; IJS* M juwl t ehtmn itrntluni : Eim. 
BiuL 477 C'wm rna^o«ir>^H rtW^onwn vmlH^ wtffib at ; PlMxt. Anphttr- 
244 fWtrtnio Cum clammy mfofoM. S77 m»l»rt(nt = ne ntirttm ^ itan 

mintm: Dcin&i to Tisr, nin.50fi 'nltemaMrifn [a jinxjf by tlie wnj that 
be vTvto it UB oae word] et Cmi non mi f»frHm>-<iuiru lu im ^gnificat et 
Mri noN. nt pro r^ V^rgUiui, toffl* dl§frirmnt parto AV Unt*rnt [flod Lno-. 
be might hare added : see tl to ii 734]. m pro nim PUkibiUH n< r^J in- 
qnil jjfo non rtt/^'. Lucr. la peculiurlv fi.od of Uiie word: b» g«u«TUJr 
emplujBiiiQdravLagv'biit be lliiuks n wruin coni-'losJoi] from wUat pre- 
cedes. Corp. ca/xat ta 295 ; aomctimea Le aj^pbca the pbraoo to lua i 
ftible fiKt-bvgiunriigi; ts Z^% Ccr^&ribvt cofcUy^WlO pnnufnlin 
278 drniipie oHtu UiQS added to the last iUm in as cQUJiLciatiuu wit 
giving it iLny prommcnco over tlie otbcra ; u 43fi ^Tij^ntttr ir^ t/rmtd* wf 
jwTEo li^nw/u*, II 1081 ticrnjmiim^in...Sie/imninnm...tic lieaiiptsfrmio* 
Sguami^rrum ««t IT 733 Si fnure, «i femuC cv/tJt, n iJmifv^ <viWyni; 
V 434 Jfite mnr^ nfie cn^nrn n^e d^tirpie t^im ntfywfl ner. 279 Vfrruntf 
a &Toiint« mctiipbur wldrli be u*ea five timeR 260 iVcc rft/. a;ta...JEl 

Mm: II 414 A>ti ain4i/i,.,tfiim,..£* crtna; 418 ^CT^tf-ifffniiVi con^tarv... 

^ni^.-JCl ipti; n 544 JVw «niT/i-,.C«m...£i iw/ic/u . . . C>im; v 1073 fuxi 
[^/?Frr*„H«4»--.^^.-£ic«w; 1081 4Uiiu..^ijocrs...Et qumn; m \0Q^ Nee 
ramu# »fJ«, . .«t iiU : in most of these casce tba d <rt comparison U {olicvod 
by c or ^ or a vowel : hq» Hai>[it objL crtt p, 36, who shi^wi that Leer. 
Ilka VLr^ novor hu <u: bufore c (r ur gu witb uno exc«ptiaa vi 440 virrval 
ttc ympit/aTn, u «m«^ ut wfia not uoed by him ; gifritU «*? foil, by e a tbo 
sole facujvlkm to tl^i.- lulo in CBtnliufl and Orid : it is observed too b/ 





^n)|>ertiD5 oed pcrhapo oUier«, For thifl u«e cf rf m Cicero boo Ma<iv. 
4a fiiL \\ ]T7> 2£1 folLr there £ro tlwc similes iii t}.e Tliuil. ^ 4^2, 
C 57, A 432. each i>f wliicL, tapeciaUy tlie two Uat. Lucr. may Lcrc have 
Wd in his uudU: rorn/tu itA^^olti foiKvf XA/ii^yfpu dctt' Ztta piw lut- 
haoff* yM^'poi' Tor S ovr ip r« yi*titipaL itpyfio-ai Ju^onKwrti-, Oif" o/ia 

■od 3rX>f6onr inrra^tue ir*iHH'S< (tifdO'it' Xtr^oppov^ kct* o/i«r(^;' aTa^o^c- 

VIj^ A<rrL ill ^'t^ifdbfrk tiwwrrm ntftulo <i^ itiiontifnia aJtis mL Wftflthintiiig 
f^283; »ndfta was t^i^ii^er faei^p qEie^tie li 11 1^ Likf a ffrrtrt iDOlerfioorl 
iLif UmtUiny Itrvj Fn?n the high momitains etc. 281 Laiub, jolus moiiU 
Vitli cj^uoP, but I itu^liooto think the usAge of Lqgi-. i¥<^uir«s it ta Bgre» 
KKtbrr vilh nf7iurii; as u 292 fw^^ii^ aqiaic liolumque ienvU AerU; 
* lis TmrM eniiti jui£ut^ di'tta; u tilS 0«*nw enim dh^in wtfura, 
vhw aeo note, nairtra tifjtMf = aim[:i]y ofua) so natura onimi, f^m^ 
ami the likehj.'uii] and agauk. 2S4c(r»LCtf»4 is used in itdiii'iit meauing 
VI 731 yu^'iUi c&niai-ujd %n\ to ctfrnectia thti partieip, more tUau 
287 Mitfiliu we o( amrse tlie plen of tim brklget^; unci ifrantlitt 
la SS9 bxv ibo stones of theac luid the otbur pjui^ of the liridgcs 
Mvr^y bj tlj6 flood- 287 valifiU tuni i^nbtjg occurs in EntLUko, 
Virg. Aeji. V 3G8 hv>s rfuitiii cuia. viribuit; Ciu. Arat- ]40/ui\«9ltifik 
cutt^ viribiis avinem nhkh Lucr. Dioy hava had iti miad : 19ff 
writfs vtdidiM 'o^rihua aitttimin without ctiax. vi 73 pludda. i*ufA 
yaRfH4ela#, ST9 tpfd ^em cuni Mt/bUitaiA ctdacit Arc like in pn&ciplp; 
ri 1233 ma«io c^bi corde iactfh<tfiL Ciccro in hie Anvtea c|uitd 
mUi in tills u^c of cum : Jii the few liimdi'LHl IIucj^ ^hich remiuji I have 
ted 23 iastiUic«>a tnoro or liAa dmlbr to thcKo quoted 288 t^ 
; ■efl □, to IV 41. ju^ U7idiM...^Mlvit ia fuuud in A^n , r 100- 
» which k uaed Ahuve threi; tiuit^ in tbia Htcailtr, b here iu Gontnab 
tpu>fpte of next versa Loiub. Bsntl- aud Wfl^uor Icot. V^ai^, tn 
«i|ipl. [ 1^ .IGQ in Tain ilefenH tJie ms. le^ir^liikg ^lui tpiidqaidx 
oottlp4i^ OWd met. v:ji 312 aparx/Uqua euiicM '<^ ^uF^fiij^Lff run^ft 
: but thore jttwyua is each of the pnniciiUr doga mentioned ; liera 
ucit quWfjan or ite ejnonjine quic^fuitf.. voulil ho requhi-d; agiiin 
bftvs qti'ut'j'iifJ^ ut>t ^Fv/c^Uh/: &ce u. to 23 7[irVl7lrn7r^ S91 pro- 

li uaedof ihaivind In ^atne aeuKs vi 553. 293 Virg. A^u- VJi 667 
vrriice f<HTC7w, and Lncr. is purposely \isiiig temis cumuion to 
UhI wtDiU. i'erfr>4 fOT-^o And rof^Ti^i tuFbhxe seom tv bo the enmo 
; aud thu tnuUilogy is Uke thutr iu 275- 296 mt/fihttft'. Vifg. 
I 51 TfJi/o* ti rvinW*. tr^ic^t practiincere jiiore^i; wbidi Phnj nut. 
wwm 206 thnH «preHaeH ipiifi^te Verg-Uio xubtnle pttterHsci f^tUos 
w; siiUrtiJii mvreg. 297 oj«7(u th<r opj^oaite Iu efKcun. 
tuniiuri ttlao tuahtur tuirc ta-o iaaad in Lucr. {ov f 

-'■'— rit- -'mtr ■i»™t an Tfi^ PC : zr 5-75 ffluffiuf ttMipor*. 
!^^_~.i'7& ~ui- 1^= ■^-■^- fp'H'W bM0M tiBk^fT'Lt fc^ r ** oru/ii tcfurpavi : M 
J v^. 31»T ' '''"T* -/i"^n flnL ^Mim c* ii'Zi.-d ft* dwrl in Lucr. ■■ 

T-'-l ^ '-''ji -.:r tZTL t'-'-^. ^.'^riifvr: wpscnw u «Uo nacd bj 
I_:':r. •■'-*-^ :L_i T^al^i^^ > i-nrri-i :7 y^crcs 175; uid it fteenv, 

r W'L ^ i-'ii- ^.-.js 3-3- ^2rr— Ts i.'T^s cb:^. r ;.*^1] unA aujviiii 

(jm/^ w u ?-. ' ' ■''i' i^-; ip^-^j !.> r^tlT j.(n<i in A R 311—314 

a\:: -' •- ■ ' '. - .-■, I ■ If.-. :12 «<sv.'--k :i:>i o/<ii, Ao^ru/b bai 

fc' ■- '-^. :■ ^ ■. i,.- 7' 1^ i -''"f^ 1*77-^?-^ ^--s-fiAi epf^anth corpora 
r ■--"./' I ' ■? - -'.f '■' .'' -*r^*- r ft tiir-f j*oil *»if*i'A> j" and VirgiT* 
■^ --^-- T_ ;^ >v ::: -'^ ; -■ - ^--a', rs>-vvf r*J''**^'- T 1369 iWut- 
-■»!■-:■■ :- "-S-: • ■ r - ''-, .: it-t s*n^ . ri*-v jiEfn. 232 5rfi* Ai^ttfdwfb 
r. - r ■-^' :. :■. n.> ■ ■■". V; y-T". ^..*r I^ - :^-. 313 Stiiidtli'. l^cL 

11. i - -^-^-'--'v r.,:T -i-s*-* iJiiT -wl"- k ]-^TvTrl b followed bj ^^, otie I 
L- T,-_i Ij^.ti. -wIt:- l^ ■. z.-:-wt^-J zlit % \^ Cv' mertlr the luArk of i 
<:u-T, i- r- " ■ :■ ' / i:.^i .V?*«4"^ J^-*^v^ii: mi-'-V mi/ia; rilla viftcvt". 
f " - f ' ' : :. ; <f-%i iie^i »l?i": •!.* i' <^ *iiUa i* long. According 

v. ->-;* r_'"T .' iz- rz"^ ft^-i S^r\~as rt<v^i*f* both Poiio «nd Peiiioj 
ar.'i n,A-*,fl ■> ^" i' ::'4:'i" V-ri-ri fim : l-HT li'>man nmg? *eema finidlj to 
LiT-r ii-.v\ .-»\; :' r :\- . ;■/_ ',t-c z.^W coq-us in^r^ I^t. Tf»L I Poftio il 
f.ui.i '.> tiv.i^s -■*.',■ .-^-.j* . iu SI.'mn:*en'* inwr. npg. Neapol, ftlvAjs 
P'^-"^.- . .\v,^ -* -Jio :.;s!k <;f Virgil ; l^ui Pal and Med. &»! in the fonr 
I>la<w-i TiLi:v ^> v-.iVr.i-' ^vvurs ; /^.-'''m t-.v lie tvlJat*d msa. of Hormcr. 

314 i-.w."' : Krv. c:v<-:i :tviu i.»^4i an eiaeilj lUmiUr use of tbc word, 

315 *:\i!.t ri. >~:^-, »;:-.. ;as ^\^t vi^: ^r-it<i having the epithet sassea 
tlnyvs ih;i; Li:^^r, trcii:*^! ii ahuc«i a& a pnbst.j eveu more htmub is vi 
1'2$3 (ir.V.d r.;:i'-i.rjj l^';^*,■c■^^ He u*e* tlua constr. more freely than 
meet oftlir piH'tj;; s« Tivf- ConmgT<^ii to Am. I 432: we had in 8fi ft 
very bi^Id iu^tjinot^: i-'itp^t lionK'T^ftiu^jintfylit tfomoriiMt and with a gen. 
wng- j'tr'r r/'ii, ivrirj/'ri co'Iu ^tUiuta cifii arc eodlo of many other 
exAniples. 316 t<t)l, I find ito other anthoHties for this custom 
which Gei'ni-4 of coiList- nalunil enough- 318 Xhv meaning is hj the 
tnuch of the j^ Tiuiidtetri uho in |>af(sing kJAt<: t)ie woidd ivther imjily 
* ijf thuso wliQ ofiefi kisd ' ; bnt it comes id the end to the aame thing. 
321 priifxln^it : tliii^ verb ho iisea v 373 in itii literal Kcnsc of abutting 
tho floor ugaiu&t: 1 confL'Ss I.rJiohmiiiiii'H tcftatium docs nut Batisfy me ; it 
\n not timi^ ur looiii to mio thai naturtj refujjeSi but tlie phyi^loal |>owcr: 
till? :it/>mH wliich escnjH' arc far too small to be hood ; bo jiint below Xn/fa 
fitf-'nt ociifoi-"m acics conicjiia ttieri. I still think tliat spcm would ex- 



better thL*poeratnwnmg, 334 Cio. do liflt dw3r.ll 142 ftnesijt/a 
qma e^mimttn, ^lae ptipitla vofatttr. contenlrt is vefA\ pxplniiiod hy if 
K+3 «i*l Noy, 33S 15 liyhtlj- jnim^l br Lani}i. with wbat fdbwa : 
Lacb. nri'l &1. iti email ^. vn>n^ly coniieottd it ^'iili vhnt ^yivcefiet. 
836 mare q^t/ie ifiprntifttt: comp Ter, TTiorrn- 180 tanta U iitprnd^nt 
n«Ja ; LudliUb tju^an rta m^ ippfttflH, who^ Ft'atuB \\ Ifil ajith mr ia 
fcr fflJAi, IA' 568 lion nuTt't incidit ipvaa ; w1n?i-e s^e note: so V 608 fjc- 
<U0rv kut» on atrua. 826 t^r^to ct^itol^ ibti biuolL iuic ^mi-tidoi of 

iprftj; tndi a eiTiiilar atiiAe would suit overy pofieagu vhcro tko word 
occmn; na tvjrfvu ffomitfi, wwuai ;]n;jnuef in Virgil^ see Coninglmi to 
|m^ in ir^ i and Ovid 6i»ii in 440 i:^aca*juc pa.rc<i vocant^ a dfcbiTe 
iBtluirity- But Gelling XVI 5 6 ^«r|>lr-X('« th« UiatttT bj di^riiing veseia 
frciVL M aTiil «tfcjf, and luakts it aigmf^ in Lu4.'r. *eatJikg mucb*, iu Litoi- 
Sw 'catio^ litttc' ; theu t<x) it would bo active here, pOHaivo in Virgil, 
ITvitlk 1dm it m«iLt 'rdible'. PraLaldy mei« aimibinty of iound had 
b G^^DluH tiiue cfjufmed tbi:^ njiniiiug uf tLe ward ; and It b cuHoub 
tbit tbe fa^sagOA 11) Vjrfiil and Lu?r- and [jcrhaps aome oibei-s fiivour 
lids ambiguity: PldlHJ^'_tTm9 l^« to geoi'g. lit 175 says 'Lucrclina certo 
^ pdi9c« pi>fliiit'; but PJiay Dat. Ltat. vii 81 u aa decLtivc for Mibtlb* u 
Grid r "Wpf^rp vcko. wed f:riruis rifibitM : and Ovid and Pliny of Goqra« 
br ftiitwt^ij^h Cf^liius and Pliibu'gyriua. 327 jji»f0Eff-jrr(<^j.ii.<]y j/qIi^C 

«l 3^4 : it is, na often, merely potential ; bo t^S po^nrtij il 7(>3 possia, 
ftW* Quoad licet ac pomia ; whei* I now aee I-aoh. to b« wrong in rend- 
ing pt^ e»'- HO n 9^9 r/Tjer/r//, T 210 St -noit crmtit,. .Tiftjuftjiit ; 768 tn 
fidfri^.-Cvr neifiieat ', it ^32 Siyiftfet itt rtcpceant, vliei^j Lnch. after 
BraU. rejwlf* ncqu^uiit. 328 t'o/^. rflffn- see u. lo 377, i^pWf rr*: the 
BMlApbor ia taken Jrom the ^ovonkmenb of a state: tm tjf^iHin£itr, geri 
rm ajid tJie lika occur fhriiK'tLtly in IjUCt. aJwayn inf^re or lese with the 
•vne fort.V3: ixtiiip. Cic. de nat <b«r. 11 B2 where the stiiio Balbiifi si&ya 
vn# ri*J« tJU^imus rmfrira cojistare odmini^trdHq'itf; 7flT*n'/rtm. 

329^369 ' but tLfre ia ruid as well na liody in tbingf^ ; *A^ tliere 
cuuld tc By motion, 00 birth, no gi-owtli ; tbc lianicat thiiiga laui be p45n- 
ftnt^d ; lukd thereftir^ have void in th«tm ; nguin tiling oj' equal aiso 

not nli df ccpinl wcti^lit, only beoauaii one containM inuro or lesK vi)i<t 
on^iUiei'. 329 the whL>]<^ univerDc of things i» not solid deii&e 

iMy; there ut ajso void in thiDgs. cofyw/wi «fl/w™ =«oTpore, 119 animi 
aulti ni^ TtiHudi t/fitiira ctc^animiis. munJua etc. iliptila n faTmiHte 
vonl to cipTEM vhat is cloeo packed, pj-esuL-d, ranimod tcgx-tlicr ; Wnk. 
wtl enni|iarea mrjiitiXriirSai URod in the Rnme aoime by Ari^tnt pTiys. iv 
5 Rrjir l>eg- 330 in rirb'ts things in l>ting, thiiig> formifd, iu ciiutra- 

'ton to tbe atoma: «ee n, to 419: Persinfl' pfttody ll i> ipifiid'/m 
'»f in ryiftiu rnraw slit^ws Lucretius' eiprosaion w»xa in vulgar xmv : otinip. 
kW> Ptjn, 1X1 SZ ffigtu De ni/tila nihil, ijt ni^iilMm nil pt}9ie mxrCi, 

i I 


naiES n 

in^nv lucmoet^onenJ tena for T<ml,iuedu ABu))eL{ tLe ro aa^or ci tu 
Ore«1rs ^ \\e »lao \tst^ ra^tff m, vactivm iii<iJi£, inane ivt<w»u^u4 &111I Uii 
like^ apo^imn, OfWiB yuod ctl fpaliumf racuiaa rpt^iiim^ ttKrv. taciit m 
a yg tfuw and the ]>kc expresB space in it» extenmoo, whcrcio tLinga ac| 
And Umiiigh wliich fltfiioa movi>=jf<it!fvi, tovq^i it is intntlUe or fl^H 
tniiKfujn ^ Dvoi^^s 0i-tris» Aa it U tlcGa^ hj Epicorus* 331 C^vtfflH 

fbUM=a nomiiL, Gubut. as shem bj: A«e *ittett t1ii« nae of th« taSa. fl 
coEiimoii iu Lucr. as lu 67, 354, TS], iv TG5, 83G fulL 843 M. v 9791 
ins, 1250, 1297 folL 1379. U\)Q, Hl>7, vi 36(.i. Aid, US. Luor. abj 
osea tlje iiifiiL lor ui acciu. finbsLi s^a il to 418. 332 ijnofreT-r^ u d 

9 viam palatUii guaererv viiae j ujd our ' tu be tv aoek^. 333 tuiiuM 
rtfrufn, properly tbe vhoU com, timverpe of things in boiiig, while hoM 
rtrufnsufiima \a tUis our fiJngle vorlil, ns explained in n. to 2^^ ; hm 
comp. wliab 1 oay at lOEiS on rcr. sum. where I att^mpb to account fiN 
the ocotfdonal nnibiguity of this term : it ia most tmpoftAQt in Ltnn 
aJwoyH to Iht&f iu niiinl what ra m*AnA in andi coanc:uoa>4, 33d 1^ 

dum, Offie^tTt', one of hia fiwourite pUja on worda, united witb &IIit«rtt 
tinn ohstars- .oni'ni..r0n\7\iiAi8] ou wliicb comp. whut i^ «uid ubtive d 
too ; the iTonJA arc cimpltr h<>monyiuc&, ha in Cic. pro Si^x. Roac. 1 13 
cur i«i/ii /< ^w* ac tmia commirrlU officitt fijnulalo OjfitiM et fMoi 
340 xM. cadi: sec n. to SITk m^hiima: Eiin, tiug. 5 Hooms lo ban 
ti^lirriofi, njid Attins tuhUmo and WJ/[»r(l ; Pi>ra qnutea auhlimrt nf&ufi 
from Saliuat frog.: Lucr, naaa more than ootre the adv, fift^'^if. bin 
never the adj. Ktihlimui; lie liikA bImi hUiiro, but not the utpher Turin q 
that adj. 341 tnuL pioH. mttl. a Javourito formula of hia for iha rem 
ftOQB nieiition^ in n. to 33$, 343 solUcifOy an e|iitJifft he thrice giv> 

bo flwrfufl: Virgil appliea it to inatc, Ovid to lofij. Lucr. ns<:A tbe vcq 
more than once iu idmLIm' senfio& jfriv. car^ seems vety taut^^logicdl 
comp, 2T^ and 333. 345 luid he iikkuuica the iuhureub mitUiin of hi 

alooia oa the fir^t requiaibc for the proiiuction of things. 346 ji>/i</4| 

h hU tcthnU'al word for whut is perTectJy aolid and ]mppaetnili|&» thfl 
19 hh iirst-bcgiunings j in tljia aoaso no r«i can be WtiAi ; ouljr H\tyd 
rentl^ bo: all res or thiuga in b«iiLg ure rortiA, that 1^ Luva a mistm-o a 
void iti them. Z^djfenl : Viig. gtorg^ i 480 inl\icnifml UTnpfU c^rj 

fijr vhich Scncoa Tiiyaties 792 hoA Jfm£ ui UmplU tbur -. bub in Loa 
of course tli^ro is no K«condory implying of teal weeping. 332 foM 

iLgrota vitli tirfrore^ impUtd in aj-l/usta wliicb» ns ib obflcirtd to Ifi', h| 
lUwoya iigQA fov the furiuoi'; quite aJmilur is VI 13^ Quam aint lalai mojfi 
ipiavi jfurjT/ni KUriictti^ reft^rnug to tw-b^hix ; and on the other band ?LI 
000, Ihoiigli !J]1 ^luhila ciidi iA the immi^diato antecedent, nut uet^M 
7'>7 qiutdripr.d^t ..vt ti aint niactutti • fur \^htL'b La^h. DUBliiUuUy rcM 
_/Ij rj^jc^fi/n', and »ot luilike la iv 333 ttfriU aiirU-.tiv^tMih^re am 
notn. 355 rigidum ascmB to pd'aoniFy cold a> if it irere aUff lib 



J^nt 333 qua • III idb Q^^a ^urui coTmemnt ; Vjrg- geor, i 90 vutt 

■' t be aeoks by the coUr>C!iTiioT] of iho woi-Jn to inurcna*: tlie Torco 

iSoi,. rtirut i II 1 1G6 Ctf/'J^ora Umpm-lbua pnu6CiUiAi. oon/crl Pi-aetcritu, 
ud VI lU^ r'l DJifm «jnEvnia7*J pl&niif flaw i7/i»<* t7^rt //uiugqu/'. 360 
f/'&rner* ; Ijat ^/^iwi^rdri gIfrnifTiUn fflirmsrujupn ; ami Horace ^'i ui/i"flrt 
gtow » ": lAob. in a Tioto cstiauftting tJio eubjcct give* many otbcr ia- 
fluhe^a of T&tylDg qiuntity; thus Luon etc^ c^Tufiticeffy Ov\d and Juv^ 
aI mVumicai Liitr etc. <'t?Jvj, Hor hiV/m; Lucr. rdfi/fo And vaa^ilto. 
963 imtrtt* la of coniae the gen. of traai^ aa Z'j5 : comp^ 517 irian« 
ttntnt which most cditoiis oauwl^wl^ alter; natura utanw th^refoi^ is 
t^ twifirra itntmi, O'fuae etc. 3S7 Bttltftt iiac^il ^j Lni-r, tlirve lioics 
Vd aIvats in tLU ficiiEei couip, m<^)<;iirf : it ia ayntai. witU decJi/rat in 
369: Jttiuj TS W *aw AlejujtPftntMjraimti/tit^tiit ilfilicat. With thew vv, 
^MHp wlmt Tljtijplir. Tr*pi alirOr/ij, 61 wys of Demotntas, /?'ipi> filv ovv 
■d irvif^-)^ T*» fttyiOti Biatpti ArjfioKptio^ [in hia d^utra i>r ntoma]- ca' /iifv 

f» iXnTTin'. aaU t»mp. the ilu oae]o iv 2. 368 Sut cniphntic^ ' exists.' 

370—397 : ftomo tilstJj niLunUin that moli^in rnay take |il(ice tliua: 

ft Ui for #TX»miJle ulIviuiow. htniuhc the water it diwjiljicm (Jdch into the 

«|MC9 irliich it leaves. But M-ithout void how can water begin to give 

^jUoif tbftt the luh may bogln to ndvancc ? Again two bodies id c^ontact 

Mart iMUtidr^r: Llir-re must l^e void IvLweeii the two !Lt aU eveuts uittil 

tbr «ir kn3 Slltid thiu fipucc; if you aivy tho air condi'navd ^'hcu the 

Udirs »r^ tfigcther, I n^a^rt thnt air cftFinot bo ponderwe; jmd if it tould, 

^^ouU u^i thus contract wJihout void. G70 it ia not eusy to aay 

^HtilMT t^Tufi ie Doin. to possii or hccua. rvflor /^roerurr^rv : whichever Jt 

■Ht llw othpT i^ ntulerJtond, pr/ier-tirrtre i the itietaph. is nhviona : to 

nni before a thicg, and ao raeet it by atiticipCTtion, 381 priv. corp^ & 

cttCMlr, of vbich ve have had above two m/ibLDCP^ 111 and 138, imd 

rfnll hnve many iiiorFi. 383 f?rtf. iiwiffiidi: iaUum rnolue vasan tvice 

4^t>, a 3^9 III ^71- 3Si Ja k cxpiaiDcd ^after'; porhaps It ox- 

■iit i>Qi?e fr&Tii n fttate rf : Fabi>r qtiotf* PLint. rooaL 607 Aon 

iooinut </e praridia aud Aen, It GC2 lamqua atlrsrU vjiideo Ftiaim 

4i tmtfiiirt& ryrrhiJt: comp- ftlao the phro^ diem tk die dif'^rrB, rmd 

fta ftd Ail j.u 3 I iWim *t*iV[ AaJiene fitattvi d^. miction'', el {ant) tpto 

4U rrHMJu 385 c*^=i^cito: cotnp. PUut. Amph. 1115 CifrM *? cvf^^Lj 

fur other itiniAiiPps see Ffeund lex, s, v, 3. 3S6 possitlat is this 

\f^^<txv ' Lr^Jiicous give qo other geiiuine inabiuice of ita use. 

iiM.fu«m. i.«, ca«h part eucceauvely one ^er the other: oomp. 

L'ic ut; DAt d*v^r, I 77 primttrtt vjitur quicque eon^dirt^n-tis. tjii^ a*' ■ 

and Jo Initnt. t 33 u^ e^ ^rurM i/uaffrAs parfj u^ ^vtpojnJa cdC ui pa 


?, OS hu I 

l.;it NOTES II 

fit- I't^iitir li-auflg-itHt el omnibut txpticatk fert^raiura nt^..M adprtnt/m 
ifriftiii'ffo: jmrU'iii firiiiium OLxeMitti onin!bu$ ah»olulU Jirteia dicendifie^', 

iitiil nil V ->U /rrinntm iaduui /idgoria quemtpu ptAr^i &bo 2G1 priiNM 
fftiiiifiiiii iiijiiai, L*Sl priin'im qiiic*jtiid /ufgari^^ 304 pnattint guteq 
jtitriitiitMfini^ Liirivttu^ U»viiig tliu ntvhaism qtiicijuid foi' quieque, 
Ikiii -liil iihnw\ 392 ill fori^ Le. that Ujo B|iAoe It-ft between tha 

In III II' I iiiLi1itiiLi-M ti> U' 1!11ih] with flrr \vithout any void, becauw the air 
triiiili Ml litln it \vjis oumlrii>4.iI between the bodiea when tbcv we» 
tl-ni* l<>:;i'ilirr : till* xn^j, of wui'si.* sliewiiig it was tho eTToneous judg- 
hii'Mi III' ihi* (luhki'V. !W was 7''*'* /M^ua^ji in 373. 392 condcnMid 

HjiJ ISDIj i/cvja-Wu': Liii'r. apjh-ais oiilyt" know tLo 2"^ conjug. 1 BeeDOta 

I u> \ i\i\. 3S36 XI rcifri yifinytV: sec tl to DG& 397 trahere ncut. 
*w VI I l'.'i» /"Vi*r" tr.i/ia\': but if llio law tbero laid dowu by I^ch. bo 

I I '••■. >M It HkMilil a]i|"ML- to tie, iXm caf^ts arc unt like; and in te tralxcrt 
i>lIIiiii ri' ii'iiiMo.i 7^^ iiiWi" *e umtam aec n. there, pari, efmd, iti wn. 
Mij»i.iUiJ ill ,'».U ip*'iin jtw- yh^*v y/^r ffr^r* Iniro--"nH tra/iereetparii* e^ida- 
ft*' in Hitrm: t ti/>il o'n-fiii-ti.i parCili'ft. 

:ii\H -IIV; iiiiicli uiinv ini-!i: I say; but a keen intellect can now 
lif ii'ii'll |iiii.,iikt llii' i[iu>1iim faithcr: if however yoa demur, I have 
tfiii li ^loKi ff iii:;iMiuhN in tviH'i-vi.>, that oitr llfo will come to an CEkd 
qipL.K.i ill. Ill iIm'>. JQd Vir^. i-cl IX ^G Cmtsmtdo n09tro9 in hnguta 

it'f f J II mi If If, -lUD jii'-a'i:n : coio]i. Virg. geoi^. I 17G Po^Mm tnulia 

t,Ut ,- I.I uiii I'f.tii-if'l' r-j'm'. 401 conrtidtrc U twice ijeed in vi in its 
hJi J. 1 1 4!i It :ii '{{VZ n-'ifuh. M'O It- to oO : thu nietn|>h- is kept u]» in 

Kv'fi/i.p hLiJi riniiish ilii' Mvut ; and tlio ex|)i'c>^:sioni^ naturally lead la 

iU: ■: U it]>. »u'jnx i'"}iurit s>( PlaiitiH, ttarc stit/ffn of Enniit^ 

4L>i jjji'ij/ii iryiii' ji^k'ri'H wiUi /u'ifr, a^i tLiowu by ii .'^07 and 1081- 405 

ifift.t. 4 t iIulI 1111 uiluT iJi^thimv of thi.' woi^l in this t<enrie; but Citk de 
i-J^ I h>.l uiid SiiLL, I 'iiU L."! u^i- it iu tbi* ^ibir. 406 tnKtiL veatiifiai m 
\'\ti'A iitiiifi- i^iitiii, t^miHtriv tiiii'it ; and I'laut. ca\it, 794 outneit itinera 

^f.'itl 4fi.r l]u> riMi:<(i'. LM muiiaon cnough; for tlie quantity of i/HtiL 

I i'ii»]> IV 'i*i-t t/'-ifit' I'tut, \ MTi f.'oii:-{iffzruiit: he \isc.-i pUo d'sir mat j m- 
P'Miiif, ti'tti'x/iifi rffn/. i/ii/t'f'ntrtf, v.evier'odt vc-ido-nutj dt-cidcrviffj ineiiff- 

I, J futftunly \\ I iftiftrtnit, V 474 and okewhere ^/i'lVHyi^ which, 

lil:n Vii.iil'i f'lf'.iHif^ hhuw that thi- (jn:iiit!ly doi-ti not ariai; from tho 
iiir-in iii'i'i'^-iirv of Un' iiivtiv. 409 inniiiifarc: for M'ntax nvo n. to 

1 Ml V '{' Ihr**tr. is tho i^aiin'. 410 pi-ij-ann: ihis rjirc verb oe- 

r iij^i In in' ill Mil* fm;:ini'Ut« cif Attiusi- 411 tfi: j>f/iu*y, c pfauOt^x ar^juo 

lurri nn- i.jtfi-j. rd I" prx h'f'tn'fU i»r fx IfC'i ifuj'Cfioi'c : Clfcio several 

i : w •-: rx •utji'^t Amvj in thi" M'Ti'-p ; rtud f<ini|i, J^m-lon. Ill 3J tuif'- 

FrH-ftif *i"i I- pfitiitt I'lif f 'fiti-^ftufiji tt'iii'iitn^i . .irdiii"i'ih(\ti l>i"js.-;^j|iiii,* d'' 
Hill, ni'^i-il". M.v. fffifi'^ riii'M PiiiilL niTjv n(--.,t. v ICi It ci''f<-''i'i« uu.i 
.','i'ii, fifn fiili.'.-'i'' :-.J *A d-' p'..t"' 'iml-i'i p'ifstii't: Id i III] flics ihuri'liij'" 

BOOK I 147 

AD oJT'hft&d (leciHion given ui;f vhere in a Bini]>]e case, in contradlsUactinn 
to a more formal and deliberate judgment from the bench. Lucr. meane 
to saj tLat lie needs no time for consideration \ so sore is he of hia cjuta 
There appears to be no authority for de pfano in th» aense of ])fanft. 
412 e JbnL de pfct in one aentence: corap, iv C94 Ex alto qvia vie 
ttmittiiur ex re; Vi \Q\2 cc eUntcttlis . . e /erro ^ u ^47 Imjuo iam gtncre 
n pnmi*i iv 97; Ti T'2l, Aeu. vi 404 Ad. gfiiitore»i..,de3cendit ad 
tmbroK 413 mea dUi de peel, tijin use of tlie (tosa. proii. wilh nii adj. 

fcema an imitatzon of Ennios' antique raanner^ oflon imitated hj Virgtl, 
11 /■«? ettmjiumine saneto for iij»(;iDce : see n- to iv 31^1 mo corport daro. 
Comp. Hor, epiat 11 2 120 Temette et Itfuidits pitro'jue fimillt.'itug ainni 
tttwht opts LftUumque hfihit dicrte lingua; Hor. applying divee to the 
Jingnn, which is supplied by tho pectv»; the heart boing tlie seat of tbo 
intellect according to Lucr. an<i moat ancient philosnpliera : v 1 poUcnU 
ptctore carflutt Condcre. Wjtk. quotes Cio. de consul suo 74 Fndenmt 
thraa Jecutt/ii pteioria ariis. dUii on the othei' hand v HID Divitityris; 
te nowhere eloo usea either fjj-m, 414 tarda fturt-ly agrees vitli se- 

9ectH9. 415 vit. d.: thin uictaph. he twlc^ rot>eAt^ iii 31l{> tamjig eai 

•atjnujr n'toi daji^tm coerctiti$ ; vi 11D3 viud davstra lahahanix comp. 
too Cicero's word* cam ego duusfra nohtlihttis rffreijissan. The woixlrf 
nnply those bars and defences wliich liavo to l»e forccwl and biokcu ojion 
beibre body and soul can be severed itnd life destroyed. 

41B — 448: all nature then consists of body^ nnd void in which body 
nov««; deny the existence of boily, you tuke away tho finuidatiou on 
trhich rtiitd nil reaaoning ftlHiut abstruse thitij^: without void no motion 
■ pcaaible aa 1 have just shewn. Thore is no trhirtl nntiu'e distinct from 
theu two: if a tiling can touch or ho t0uchf.1l, it in of the cIobs of body; 
if it cannot, of void : neither Honse nor rca-wn can grasp any tliird c\a»^ 
418 repet. pitrlfxere: vi 936 ref>eenm commcmomre the same c»nstr. In 
boUi cfl^es the inf is for the accus. lie uwh the inf. for a Mhit in the 
nrauD. oftoD : see D. to 331 : sometimes for the accus. as iv 2+5 iHftmo- 
tetrt curat; v llSG jj^/u^um gibi hithdjnnt omnia diviii Tr^fhr^; VI C8 
wrmiltis DU indigna pulare\ Vl'll tjvod afi dcder<it viUdia aet'is aurtra 
Yclivre in ore fkere et cadi templa tueri, where a second infin. ^h^pends on 
the Gnrt nsed aa an accus> subf^t. : rejKt t-licn ha-s precir^cly the force it 
hii Ovid met Hi 151 Propoitiftini rt^jtefamite opus^ and ai-s ill 747 Sed 
fi^pefomiM opus: the metnph. in pertexere i-s ohviuus: vi 42 inceptitrn 

I ftryam perUxere didis. 419 igitrtr is more thiui oucc put by Lucr. in 
ike apodosis and has misled editors: iv lUD — S03 vi\ qrinc...Qiiid qui/n 
mttt iffiiur', S62 — 8C5 qtutc quia 8Hnt..JIi»iijititr rdtun rart^dt: in Imih 

I vfcich pafaages Loch, haa gone wrong; as the older editoi^a have in tlko 
ytaent one : comp. also iv 513 — 020 Deniqm ut...Sic igitur ratio^ v 

I T260 St^o. Bometimea too Lucr. plaeeB igitur late in the scnteiu 

L 10—2 

' .:* 


X r^^ T ^i ifly i -xjv Tarui. ± l jrnmMam^ ii » au- Tm. Cf2 tW ClL vi^ 
X' ItO taatw. nintA Tret n -aa 9011001. jr TbT (la.: ti ifTTcwviitk 
irx Vltt^ £U >r a imiiiiiiM"|_ I«iiiii9 S' w «^ ^at nxvvrfifif Till 
"riuta. Zjctl ,<<uut c if ^ !utf in im juoul. iojb «itic MMnkn vmU 4 
Ci<i'i:k[L=; Z-iunrnk mnn, ILl^ i» liui 5tH£. ^ f±^ n^ guirM fin OVMA] 
If^i.'-U: Tfiruiiie n3i7<£^l: «C JlH~fr-ut pit I^b MHnL l^astifa fWM Ml 

vjijL V niiii l<u=i A^v t<H>r t^^u 3iT m j^uLs ifiot^ ixa : kc %oo 43^ 110 
«liC. ^T J Z%w jNjf fe3ir jtf^ m HIT «K uxic ^^T kiil 17^ : &:«i ikU vhidl it 

ta_uc ITT u*ru:-&Tst _fl»rr m. Srt -mi Ecarcm*" wi wi»da in Dio^ 

<^«r. *^i "Jii.n* cr-ftf 1= t^7- T-ljia. LujI- LzuiiA arr-W.urt 

<rLlT ',i_r*ii *tsist tZ. -;■: -ajirtlr * ni "n? - -^^Jtrr^ Lorr. siwide to depvi 
U--r^. ij ^.fi_;a."7 -Ltft :c ^T T.r; -^ ^l^ri :i:t;^^5 ebact Itundivd tiuv 

i::^: "-r 'i^r: 'Vrt tL-^Z"* — \f.:^^ .^cn**^ i^:- i-r frsc-ti^ciDnizigS oat Of 
■ i-*..-. "*tl::z> -- ''>:-^ fc?* ::r^^i H-*k i->: ti ml^t be nrgcd it hi* 

Lr.'i V .i-J ; vilfrL L« 4i|iP:H-«0 t>xirfet;ii^a br vofvm. Ldct. might hvft 
#rTf*l'ioy^i \\^. c::Lp:« ev^ql of eEi^ ^j. kU Juvdvi; a&d bj long habit h% 
^^:uji Vi LiV4 [■'>.k-?<i rjEi Ati ^fui^tAj rcAiu &« vqniwleot to thmL A Giwk 
Iff^jt'l r>4rLv Lare iL(«tl u^tna or the like; dot a modern 'entitj' 
' cfjUc&ijr^T ' orxrjj ^rich term, deriTeil too in almoat ereiy iostaDce from 
v.'L'.butti'; Lftt^n, 420 vLat id the exAct t^rce of ihe per£ Corufili^ 
»)ii':h fArjib- 10)4 Creech «^ill doi tolente \ i« it thi«: ^erer hu been 
iifi'J ririfj4inj4 ^jiindeiJ', or Can !t h&re that c>}iumoii force of the Greek 
^ 'in, ut we hnvi^ ^M't Coruf- in seems to be used in the leiiM 
'^fiiirijon f;ii'ii]f(1i in Cicero, as in phili|t. ni 19 cum in eo ja/u« «t nCe 
irjrtiiiti f:niitin/itf....on^Urtl', but tbla £ believe to to themlo inatonco o( 
fiiii-|i a ijjMj ill \mc.t. corpora has here ita most extended sense : compL 
4KrI; iL ijjduilitH nil vvrjntt, whether ctrrpora prima or real 80 Epi& 
liiirm-Ef \h \*\\\t. (ulv. f'olcrt. 13 t^k Tii>v Ob-ruv ^uirti' 4ru/iara «Tmi ml 
ffij'ii»', 422 ri//jf/ii. Kfituntt si^ifles tlje universal feeling or senflation 
nmiiijrjri Ut jitl n\Wi\, ^vbic!l Nerves as the basis on which aJI jadgmenti 
KMi Imilt ii|i : ri')ii|i. Kjiic:. in Dkig, I^ioi-t- x 39 ra ou^ra ut Icrnv a»j 
Y 'firff^'pit Jiri irukruK /Au/tTtpcIi naff ^y avayKotov 70 o^^Xcn* r^ Ao^ur^ 
it>i;jiif'f>iif/'ar. 423 ''"/ itUebit must ^ cui firme hah^Uut: fundiUa 

wituJil iru|uiii> llii< Jib]. iiH F^ujib^ fult who tacitly wrote que. 436 folL 
Liirr, *\\i_i\\\\ Aim\\y fiillnwH Kpic l.L 40 tl /a^ ^k u k^v^v ntu ^;*^poM frol 

I'lwttjtii ^jii P^ii/jri£ii/itr, ni'ft ui- fT;^« Tu a-upira oirov ^i' oi^i St' off 

•^'■■>fit> ftMf'ijji(y> i/'iimnu xiiW/ifvn. 427 ft mtJinm/bni =61 non forct; 

150QK r 


^Bfl Gattxl- Vlll 14 am rogahcrU nT^^^^ond u ntdt^ cc/jt^Eind tbo like 
H^JnulU* niirJ TereH(*a. 429 comp, 37l> fall. 

■^ 43{>'— 480 ilinil'tk-jo- iie cIwelLt at sucli Ituglh auJ witli tmi-h e,m|»luisis 
*n tliiti nrgciucrLt, bccAuw thoatoic^ taijgbt tliut all !1Ut<^^ quj^licj6 vLi'tutta 
loe. were body : Likti mniingninnj piv^^gea (rhnt Chrysi[»jjiw My* in Plut 
[Do npugfi. fltotc, 13 j>, lOOiI F uir£tt uAAu tus <fus irXi^i' aipa^ diiu, t^ipiv 
I wo ToiTTUif yap avfi^f^rai t** trfii^aTa" Koi rov irocoi' JHOfn-cv <!;-&< Tviv <£<t 
I nn^^n^v uuTti* d fnive;((ui" fltjp irmv. oii (tkXt^^kittjtq /lO" iv mR-^jM^ r.v.X. 
^^ &D- CfiiSl. 117 7 f'liKi acLTidU ^tJiciu, iitrura cMru iiIctii<t^cUlU £*i, an 
^EiD «it li^idit f 9iin f.i> fst ctfi acoittif, tfim corpu* rv( quam illtul cni M- 
^Bit 9\Util mxiri nrcitliTf gine tuHa p^tt^st: tpiinj Uimjit, carjitiK rv£. H rj-tm 
^^p'j^sn'fuaiH tKcxtl^i-at, tf^f/tail. ifio'.! rfa^suif, niiftitsii' Outlet, fpwil fttotti tit 
^^gi^r^rpus^Mt. 432 rert. nuTturo : tbiJj rwiitaJ^Lut ub^ of Hnni»ro i& awf- 
^feiU; illiifltratvii by Foiv. aVn 433 drhibit \ tlia verb Ltkt, ia i*ou- 
^B/ loud uf: it iltmoU^ witU him thiU which folIoTr&aa u natural or. oa 
^p, B iitr^-'tainry Ci""*iiN|nf EH'p_ 434 (435) Avpn'mr^ a wor-i often used 
^■^icr. Duid only by hini ami hb con-itr^ct iiuiutor Arualijna; tH.i vi 014 
^H^fVMM: fA^m^t tixt »eun:B peculiar lo hiiu ujid 1il« imititorv, for mo- 

^^PMft cfifidf/icn art ntbcr worda which lit' ulonc "f du^icil wntcra 
^^Hqjv» fftm tit \- ^ 4tiiiii[kir>di> «it, 436 Ci>t'p. nttm.'. \\\<i Itx^icotis 

^Kpro Ulttent^ S7 joins 7iuvi«rrjd ami fficmrfu«, aa hcix>: trv/n \p«a jhc^u- 
^H..«Ui0Mm7 fw tfiAmmfi giia...oate'ttiat. ne^ufftir- U ibe moliplinr from 
^Hmj ors cr>«v(lt or sioiply fn^ui n Mim of H^-uimt 437 intHL-tile, 

^Bthqr ttTTuf Xty, by wliioh he tmn9lftt(?.s tl.e aiu^rfv of Epioui-Ufl. 438 
^H^m. * Ikvmirite word of TiUcr. ill its ]»n>pi'r hp.iimu of puMning to mnl tr*K 
HP ciii^ in. ft fitriking plc^iuLam of^ti rcpentnd ; juab billow lie liaa hmtta 
^ifttfnMiitf: filf^ "vc ^nd cl'l'd Kpfttuim vacnii'tt i-ttt'ne. 440^fo/^ fuiii 

^mI ^eoone in tlt^r tfrliriiivd irit'iiHi of Uui (Erinrk TroET^frcL ii: Jimtfi po- 
^Bv to Lvcff hoi\i in Uia tecbuical senile flfl licre Aud 413, and in blio 
rficiiLi-n *ciiBe ox HI 1G8, 734, v 358, of 7-aV;^(if. 441 i)wrt/.)rt rm \1s 
i-K- -.-.i cunlnt&t U» u^iis fii/entihn*. 442 ri't^ wJ poethtt =Biiii|>ly poto- 

nat : A Tt-ry cotuoioh pL-Hnhnwifl in Lucr.: su 'J20 i\'i^ m/ ul diaUl — 
VQ dblA^iitj III 71*^ hnuley^lt ritpo9^iil\ I find hI-^ n'»7* «£ 7it /msstK, cut 
wifOMi, ejrt ^if>?^tf Kfi pQHsit, tsi ut ptTtipiat, at vi r-itlfaiur', twn ertU 
r-jjsf/; V 715 S^st ftiam quare poreit '. ^t ut, Jil nfi ojg sti\\ ^aon 
.1 '. he Dfi'Ji vBnttiri'j* ki wy vi 727 fu tiil ftal and 729 JU vXi 
|kiL 443 Epic< in Diog, Loprt. s G7 to n€vay am mw^irai curt im- 

^Hp Kvk4rcU} aAAa liifyjaa* jAomv 6i" *aiiTou toT? friujia<Ti. 'sapfj(rrai^ 445 
^490 co£n]X. Kpic. to Ilerod. !u Diog. Ljiert. X 40 Trupu St TaiJTu uv^cf 

^paaG^ aAjit ^oiTEic \a^j3afo^£va icai ^^ uf ra toit'tuv irv^LnTu/uill 

IJO 3?0TESn€ptfmii kryo/ia^: tbe ra jl oA. ^ur. Ao^-iofflnu ui ai p9r m 
ruilura of 419; ^^Vfi? bdtig Applied to body and vtud alike by the scW 
of Democritiu and E[jicunu. 447 44S migbt be all cxpnwed by 

out' auf^trtof ovTt vmfTov. 448 ajntei: so vi 1233 apuci eonla^ 
and T &0S ffrmm rm/icHnu apii. 

449 — 482 r all other tbin^ are either inseparable properties or aa^ 
dentd of mattt^r or void : time tlio exists not by itself: from tho thingi 
tlkat go on fuUowa the feeling of pa^t present and future: tbe BCtiODt 
done at tha siege of Tror for instance did not exLtt by thi^mselTts, but 
were mere accideoii of the men there or the i^lacea ttiere: without bodj 
and Epace nothing whieh there happened could have happened. 449 

ifqiKuc c/«*ni = suut, after the CLimmon u^igc of Lucr., then cetera i» 
nuderstood, all except body aud void; but perlin^js it here means 'ue 
H.-i]d ti> be\ cltuut {eA^), bj wUicb he vould chiedy refer to the ■toica, 
who eo greatly ex1</niled thi? notion of boily and void, coniuncttt and 
eveufa ajij-ear to have bf^n devi^sed by Lucr. hiu^^elf to distinguish tiw 
two kind^ of frvfifitprjitoTa or a^cirlinlut, the JiaS" oirra or per m, and 
those not sa- the editors after I^mb. quoto a p.-u<sage of Poq>hyTj and 
decide that coniuiicUt = ovp-^t^^Kora^ eventa = trvftm-wfiaTa, The truth ii 
that iu the jia-s^ge quoted nbore from E|>iourus, as wt'U as in 07 end 68 
of tbe same tetter avfi^ffi. and trv^vr. are synonymes, denoting either 
kind of accident; jur^t aa Amtotle uses perpetuaHy ot^^c^^icqc both for 
Kin na^ avTo *Tvft^. and for the fi^ xaff avto'. Hee hist chnp. of metaj^h. Tj 
Hud Ciceio io the ]Kis?n^ eit«d to 419 \\s*» qvurquc his acciditnl far bo^ 
kiiidd- Plut. dc pluc. phil i 3 piitu into Epicurvis' mouth the words 
ffi.'/ij3<^jjR«'ai TOLt awfiaatf rpia ravra trxVJ'* ftiySm fiapo^^ I mighk 
cito many pofisikgea fii^in ^'xtuei of the quite indilTerent use of the CTO 
terms: com[»are adv. math, x 221 whieh beara directly on vhat foJlowi^ 
TovToiv ruf avft^f^ifKOTtjiv Ta fxiv i<mv dj^topurra ray olf tntfi^ipTjHtv, ra 
£t )(ijipi^€ir6at TOiVuiv icitftvKty, dx^urra ff-tf ovv i<TTi juv o^s trvfi^i^^ 
Ktv uoTTtp ^ ai^iTKirta fxiv tov crcujuaroft ti\i^ £r TOv Ktvtjv. [454 might 
have been forged from this clan tie.]... ovv dj^iopvrra £c iiiri twf oT? m/i^ 
fii^TjK^v Ka$djrtp yj Ktv*f(ri^ xdi tj ftovT^. 452 gegiia grcjtiri: 651 diaquM 

saffotle: so inque inirctitfs, i/tqiie p&litur, inijt/e peiiiti etc. inqjt^ tn4riy 
itupi^ gfavescunt, inqn^ grciiij cotique ijltrbattt, cvufjue ^reffan/ttrt conmu 
ptitre'^rtint, ^fen/i'e /omrfj pi\t'f»e votutfi, praeUnpte meatUum^ praeUr 
cc'lUur iff, ri/rfqiie fttd'., int'r itiim icrfnjrf, i/tter ftiim fmjit^ inter 
tji'an nij/tat iiihf enim Kaf}'if, iiihr q/fifii rin/tji^rP-; pfrque jtfiratis; 
■iii/'^rcitimcura'tl: ev(ih I'llei-qifKcaniqt/epreittntHrfaiiilJacUarcj though 
lie- dues not Hv:J Kuniuri^ t^Ere caJtmimtU brnm. 

459 f'»ll. Ii<ric t<Mi Lucr. i:^ cunibsitiiig Chiymppna and the porch 
who taught that time wjn not only damparuv, \mt also like void jtniT airro 
Ti voofCawttv vftdyfta: sije Bextus 1.1, ^18; in thLs perhaps moro con-^ 

BOOK 1 Ip, 

Butent tbAn Epicurus and Lucr. whose theoiy in aoiuowluitdiLrk; tlij^ j^ 
OQ thLd moat knotty question one umj agree rather with St AufitL^fj^^ 
nemo «sr me quoffnU quid nl temputj $cio^- «i quaerenli txplicar^ i>\ ^^g 
ftesdo. With these yv. should be comp. Epic- in Diog. lAert x 7lj^p_ 
the fuller pasaage of SextuA LL 219 'Eircxovpof £t-,,roi' xp<>^<'^ 0^^"""^^^ 
a-v^vTu^aTuk tlvtu kiyti raptirofitvov ^fiipat^ re fccu Vlrft kqI ujpcuc fcu 
raOttrt nal dra$tiati koI ictin^ccri. leaX jAotvl^ vayra yap raiirq ^vfiTrrtofuiTa 
itrT\ Turt tTVfifitfirjKOTo. Time therefore ia au accidenl of acctdeuts : 
Lucr. trc&ta the question with reference to the accidents of body and 
Toid laat mentioned bj Sextua, vi& states of iDotioQ and states of rest. 
461 porro ia the connecting particle, deinde beluags to tcqualur. 464 
mnd471 Dttdque: see n, to IT. 465 466 dic^nt ftnd cogant plainly 

refer to Chrysippus and the stoics who oh we a&w taught that accidents 
were bodily entities, time an immateriaJ entity : they doubtless therefore 
used the homonyniea este, ^tse to prove that as for instance the rvge 
of Helen waA, therefore the rape exists of itaelf, and the like- 466 haec 
tberapeof Helen aud the conquest of Troy, 460 aa usual, to make hia 
argument more vivid, he has taken a special case intelligible to all, the 
conquest of Tn>y; thi^ illustratioa he continues: Teacris therefore takea 
the place of the generic Corporia of 432, regUtnibita of tod \ notice too the 
qtAodc^^nque trU actum of a special past event, not agetur, 471 he 
seems here to paas &om time, the accident of accidents, to the mora 
geneFsJ queution of 449, that of accidents generally- 473 conflatua 
keeping up the metaphor of a. tire blown into flame- 474 Alex^ ^hry- 
gio «u6 p^c: ii 501 Thtssatico concharum lacta colore', v 34 Nerneaeus 
magnus fdatus lUe leonit- Wak, compares Aen. vin 536 Tyrrheiattque 
tubiu clangor-, see there Gossrau: pcrliape 119 gcntU Italat honiinutA 
may be compared; but see u. there. 474 glisceng etill the same meta- 
phor. 475 Clara seems a play on the two meanings of famous in 
story, and bright in reference to the flames of war : comp. 63D Clanu ob 
oivcurara lin{fua/n. 476 dataUut, the iJiTrov udcf/ios Aovpar<ov tov 

*£ircuk iirolf\aa cniv 'kB^t-Q, made moi% famous by the ^timber' horse 
of bronze in the acropolis, out of which pcc|>cd ^Icneathcua Teucer and 
the sons of Theseus, whence Virg. Aen- ii 262 probably got his Acamas. 
TToOanU is of course governed by dam : Lnmb. Creech Wak. and others 
hAve strangely blundered here, parta: Aeach. Agam. 791 *Apyaoy 
&UC05 'lincov Ytoo-iTO^, 477 eguo* our mas> this once: ecus or ectim 

three times: equus once, which Lucr. would scarcely have written, but 
well equs. 479 con^are and «w are here perfectly synon. 4B0 

clu^re = ease. 481 Bed magU \ita esse tt iia duere] uL 483 see n. 

483 — 503 ; the first-beginnings tkre perfectly solid and indestmctible; 
sense suggests no notiou of this solidity: reason can alone prorr 

ts'OT£fi II 

Hirtpji/ ^^ traDfllatcd from I^pii3» ia l>iog. I^Lort x 40 ttff trmfuimik vi. p^t 
■,^i4j(if crvywi^iircis, ra. ff i^w al irvyie^'iTfts ireiroTiTVTiiL 483 torpora m lU 1 
Hof 3^ gcnei^ Etiiht, u 420 fiam corp<>ra su-rU ei iWie«: uid oa ftlroftif J 
H|,^^Vrved La uIwcjg ueca tho tt-nu quite inditfvivatLT for either CM^vM 
W *W7rt/i or TM, 484 cancUw cini«ta.7ti : aee il to 22 1 : Lucr. bs* dUief | 

B^tli« diiaplo abl. af^ot c^D^^7'« iu this sea^o, or odda &e or cie: lli>'U|^ I 
■ Uieero appean neFor to omit Uie prepos, «£}?. 4B5 JiiK^ mtTOiu, Uum^ J 
iillitr cor/^oru imiy, Llitise luay out 486 -ft(/^yu«Tfl teems i^wiiliifcr •oj 

Lucr, who IUC41 it aoverai tiJiicK, and tia fr<>qiieQl nioJo) CicoToin hi* Aiv . 

I tea: it fiecma BYuutL vilL £:itiii'jftere and is ui^d ^iaewLei'e by Lticr Ibf i 
queui:hiiig tiie ur Uiii^aU demitiit-. b^Wbver loug the coiilttt, iLry iu Uw 
«n<l prGTail: otd^ wii dfimfikijTtXf eaya Epivuriiu biruseli' LL 4S0t 

BO VI 22fl TVfliWit entin v^ldiim Jtitjiisn per xifpta tioniorum, Clmntfr ul 
ac tccer: cadi ftdinlnc occvira v 1:^41- 192 Ijhc/. implira iLe brt^k- 

ing up of the whule inner structure of a tiling by eoiu© |;reat«r fott% 
MjL heul aa bertj: jv C^7 i^/fti c^iil*ib^actt^ ; Aen. VIU 330 //itntvti adtr 
tt labefttcia ptr 4ww» cticurrit, rigor: Virg. gi>org- i 143 Tum firvi 
rigor', ManiL n 7S0/emyfttf rw/^w. 4S3 (flades, a bold but expnmr* 
metfljrlior to vhkh 1 know no panLlk'!. 494 ptnctniU-. Vir^ geoi^ 

Ii 03 pctKtfabih /rtffut. 486 lymph. Torei 771 fvrwi^iw it^-uori*; 

T7T C9ivt Tore; iv 4^ rt?}77n b/UU. 49d tu^; Cic ]m> Sulla 32 

SOS — 550 ; where void is, body iA nut: tb(^&G Bret bodies tlLerefiira 
mre solid oud without void: LbingH iu bi^iu^r iill couliun puro void i;n- 
clooed bj puro body: those fir^t bodi^.'s theu maj cotLtinuo, wltcD ibe 
tiling* nro broken up : iinU void we Imvt shuwn miist exial 3 it alloruiil« 
thcu with body; theae iif^t bv>dfeo cannot b«i criialitd split or brokru il|) 
from witiiin i they ^0 tlierctbra etcmfll : without this ctomol matleir all 
things would have come &am DQthing, and would hAVo been reduced to 
noUiiug: firat-bcgiuninga thorofore ore gf »M\X uluglear^ss. 500 4^ 

Iftppcara t<j be added uierely to mcronee the Jbrce of per 98 and purtxei M 
in En^liah we auy 'in and for iLbelf/ ' fvir aud by it«clf'; tbi» bdng m 
ciLnlinol point In Epiciun^' philoHopLy, the nbaulutc diatiactnc^ of Uw 
ftUiiTiH and void which alternate in evi-rvthing hi Wiog, hr- put* Hm 
Alatement of thlu doctnno in it variety of ahapcs. The ncoessary rc«uh 
U thu absolute hardncsB and iinpt'iietiubility t>f his Eirst bcgintiinga ; aoJ 
it ib tlit< hb^f uce of this perft'ct fulaeas and Hulidity in the eli^mf-ntc of 
,rital phlloHopliiJiB that Ue egain and a^n most sLrongly inveigkA 
[ftgniiLHt, 509 q%ia, ca : Cae^ de bisllo civ. [ G4 3 da irantirt Jtumctk^ 

troiki^ita tMat r^i'tUutiuu 511 if*^ii-itU in rvbnt, to exjJi-Ma moro 

'^*uX in r<-l'V^ atono expressed, 515 tufliiiitin in ita techoioftl 

I iuipunctmbiLity : nee n. to H)ifi yaagnvm^ and rv 63 
€4 111 tbe 9cint« of cotiGuiing occurs not vurrerpientTy ia 



■m^ u iortn fcfWr 6r»8 antl 743, 617 as inan* ia so oft a satrat, \a 

^bx.. surely tn rrr, tur 'the vnid of things in being* U luit liui'iher 
^■b 3C3 rtofurK'nuHLd (^eD-)aiiil 305 jjlti* ^4se ^ - aianu- 521 ^Liid 536 
^k^ ffTt^: ctvfui in Luwr, Cicero auJ the h*^t writera urnnt'tiuics u\r- 
K^l^es in ineaDiiig ^uu/ri^i, fttitl oiir and the Fiviicti cfrtnin ; or rather 
^1 jlutt ifuliiami Corp. ceria berc= precisely 675 crrCtMifiKt, corpora 
^1 |#|*' tonip alun 813 -^fM^/r jio* Certlt ah r*:fiuj^ {?ertij fl/*"fffl atqfia 
^H ^»> Em<i VL 7H3 ^/-^(^ri'U^ aiti^. 5S3 Uju fiutruj or [/t'hj^i ^ptwl 

^H y ijKfl of j/Ffifii'^rB or c'firififi f/iE^ L'^ spatium uJid cirrpora in itis 
^B 'i1v^^ ^ Bhevn at ]i<ngth lut^^r in this bmk ^ WmJc njid others by 
^B Wfi couima lifler »jnitimii utterly pervert tlio argiinicut. Tlio 
^f Ittf tli^ pFLntgi-npL is nither an atlonipt to Gt.-\tG tlt>U'lv anil Ivilty 
A« mi^oiks hy hh Jts^umptkiii tbut l^i.-^ a.t<ijii!? aro iia^jentlitibly suliil 
^^^iRipiirishAljLe ; thu dtFiuonatiution of tliis vfiU coujo ia thu auccofMiliiig 
^Hbc^ 52S lidi'if f r : xo Ci& ad &m. v 12 3 eum ^ua of TUiivVieT" 

^^vfvi cvK iirafnttfe nifnt. oniJte OV tnn'M! tj^i^fl tst is of gi>uibo uoniiii, tu 
HlU £26; w 11 ^30 pimittia jienf^tra-rL reUxii &i 243 cotttej^um 

^v tfjfflr stnii'tare : ore LTtuinot tell whelher reteH is gov, of jiositunt or 
PfcniU: LjichmAnDA puiictu ration uauiu^ the latter. 530 Ic/ftflula 

hAarv: yA7 t^ntjitata iaLo»cxt\ li 9G7 d^tfore Teiitptari ; V 345 infm na 

frvririg ianligqun peridU Tt:iiijf(rLrtJitur ; IvinpUtre is a [jrtijter term 

■ iii^ (Uteftilcd by diuena?. 531 jrnpra pattio : if li^ ri?Fi:r to -1^5 

lull. ih»t nepiufl merely a part nf the present srgunn'nt: |)erhaja he »)- 

jWl #«,^/>«^***™fo rrfw ; 521 535 lu'o €56. of 530, 633 nee Jindi 

in AuttA xrc'in^itt^ tbo fTtprtJwoa wliicli tmiiies ntai'est to thu technroil 

Qrtck aam* afo/ta or uTo/iot, n literal rendering of which Lncr. with 

pB»tic«l U«t nlwuys avoida. 534 m/inobiltj a vord formed by him to 

Hf tf i ua wjiut 4*J4 lie (;Lil1eiI periftrait t TiKTitUTti u b favouiiU; vurd of liia 

AWUlaf AenM'e. 536 Lucr. alw^ya aiys t^^to ma<fiit or qtumtu tnn^is 

^kai Otice VI 4C0, jHaj7i y^Miy/rp miiifiit,^t"jn jim^iit: never i/rmfrt *ii,, 

^B ai. 543 supra: 145 folL 547 reptJi-andis : this veib la ufLeu 

^Kl bj birn in thiB ptnetx^l ^enso, to produce antv. With the iibove 

^BUfm may w»'!l ha compfirorl tho woHa of Kiaainw hirusi'lf I.L 4! tqC- 

^B S nrrit' mnfia koI optTaPkjiTa. ccTicp fn] fi-iXXti. Truvja ttt to /■>/ fl^ 

sA^jb^ r^r ^i'tlk i'vtd. j"iI iT^fc <vr>kTii o^ $ Turta^ Bia^v^TjireTtii.' Plut- dn 
|Im^ pbil 1 3 p. 877 D ^t<vl h ^od tUdnition of tlio ikti.>ins : Nevtun 
toovontd PoeTit to hav^ had LiTcr, in ndnd wLon noar the end of his 
•fitk^ tti llurtley ir 2G0, ho wiubc 'it ueema pmbable to me that Oi^l 
in lb# beguibing formed matter in aolitl raassy lioiii impenatriLblt iQOfM 
akU jATtiolcm, of Hueh sizen and figures mid with such other |irf.j>«rf 
^BJ»*wfa projiortion to »piwe, u moot couducoj to the end for vh 

154 NOTEa n 

hti fomied tphem ; bjuI that these primitiTa particles being aolidfl art in- 
comparably harder than any porona bodies compounded of them, even u 
very hard an never to wear or break in piecea.' Farther <m he Bpeaki 

of * partides of matter of aevervl sizes and figures and in several pmpt^ 
tiond to spac<^ o-iid perfi/ipg o/differcrU densities and/orca,' His partlclM 
agree in every point with those of Lucr. except in the concluding wonk. 
It appears from a moat interesting discuaaiou in Edleaton'a correspoo- 
dence of Newton and Cotes p. 75 folL that Cotes objected to one of ths 
corollariea of his principia, ujileds be altered the laat clause juat quoted 
from his optica^ Uj>on which Newton thanks him for explaining fail 
objection and adds a tburth corollary, inii omitea omHiam ayr^jomm parti- 
eidac eoUdae ainl eiusdein denai/aiU iteqiie absque porta rartfi^ri potwrd, 
•t:acuitiii daftirj tlms coming to a complete agreement with Lucr. 

551 — 576 : if these liiiit bodies did not set a limit to the diviaian of 
things, nothing could come iuto being ; for as things are dofftroycd more 
quickly than renewed, intinite time to come could not restore vrhat in- 
liiiite time partt had gone on breaking tip: again with solid Gmt bodies 
tlio exiiitencc of soft things can be explained by help of void : with soft 
£i^t bodies the existence of hai'd things cannot be understood. 553 

re^lacta used absiilutcly without in or tul or some other prepoo^ is vetj 
rare : comp. Ter. heaut, 945 eiwi animum . . retundajnt rtdigaiii^ lU quo 
ge t-nrltU ne8ci<U. 555 j}*^rv. aduitci.i comp. ii 1121 Itic nfUura #uu r&- 
freuat viribtta avctmri ajid v 840. pcrv, ad or»'i* * to arrive at^ so Cicero 
pervailcre ia JUdUtJUj in aures and the likej hnt ptrvadere animog * to 
pcrviide the minds*; and no Varro do ling. Lat vii 14, cited by Lach, 
quotes Attius (Accius) J^^n-atU poltim cct. and expliiias fjwiT6 quod ed 
pervade jroluni rtdet vtule per palur/t. 557 foil, an acute argument 

^^hich may i>erhaps help to confute another of hia theories in it Comp, 
nlso the passage quoted from Newton in the next section. 557 the 

Gonstr is nowise clear: the simplest seems to be to suppose tho clause a 
double one, qinMl loitga dki vetns^ [hoc eat] iiifinila aHa9 twit t^mp.\ 
cjfmp. 233 Infinite aetas coimurttpse atdmcta dicsqne; from which Faber 
u)nji!cturus here hni/tt dies el : comp. too Enu. anu. 401 longingua did 
fjtiod /fcrrit nelas. 560 teficifo : this wonl, apelt somelimed reliquu$, 

U nlways i ^^yll. in J-ucr, aud the ohlcr writers, who rcfusL-d to unite the 
hibt two ayll.; the fii^i is only lengthened by metrical necessity, hs it ia 
hhiirt in nicti^a which admit thiit qviautity, nud was never lengthened 
lifter It becjnne a trisyll. JljiTiy, Virgil Horace etc., avoid the word : see 
J*ach. p. 3u/j 1 if Manil. ii 734 be not admitted, Pei'siua Silius Statius 
Juvenal liint used it as a trisylL; coni[K v 070 Congequej the principle of 
which ip the same 564 comp. v B'lT Nee potnere cupilutn aetatU tan- 
tff.rejloreiii. 566 cuiii constant i yet ii 46i) iSc'dicet ease ffhboaa liuMn, 
cuitt »'jualida conslcnt; which is tho ordinary uflsge. Lamb, an excel- 

BOOK t T55 

H Imi ja'Ige wfs 'no quia aemidoctua putet repcmerLdiim cam coneteidi 
■ ^0 vnlot modo potius loqueboutur antiqui* : the potiua clearly goca too 
W iir: yet Ldct^ can oae the indie, when, as here, you can translate 'when 
or while At the same time ^ ; comp^ ii 690 Cum tainen . . necesse est ; and 
we notea 1 to vi 130, which ia easentiaUy Himilw ; comp. too vi 140 
mm tamen oUa ArhtuU^.^haurit, where Lamb, ugaiu remarks 'cum 
lunxit cum indicatiro, qnod M. Tullio et bonis acnptoribuH usitatum est, 
tunctsi aecus exiatimet Tulgua' : the iarnen would s<rcm to make a dif- 
ference possit r€dd\ = -^SA\t mtio reddi ; annwering prcL^Lely to 572 
Kon poterii ratio reddi: comp. ii 179 and v 197 aliUqjte ex relttA red- 
den muUis with iii 25% ^uo paclo . . vii/eaiU ratioHcm re<i<k-re nud iv 572 
raiionem reddere poMis,..quo pncfo. 571 siflcce denotes tl^c hard 

lilocka of volcanic basalt vith which they puved their streets nud roads: 
VI 683 of Aetna siUcum enffuUa careruis. 572 fnndUua, ./unda^ 

menii, lilcc pcniiua pcnetrari, <ipparet aper/e and the like. In illustration 
of 505 — 578 hear what Newton aaya in his optics [x 251 *!dl bodies 
Kcm to be eotopoHed of hard particles: for otherwise fluids would not 
GODgeH]...£vuQ the rays of light seem to be hard bodies. ..and therefore 
bai^uesa may be reckoned the property of nil uneompouuded m^itter,.. 
Now if compound bodies are so very hard as we liud dome of tlieio to Ix^^ 
and yet are very porous and consist of parte which nre only laid togetlier, 
the simple particles which are void of jrores and were never yet divided 
iQUdt be miteh harder. For such hard particles being heajK^l together 
cu scarce touch one anoUier in more than a few ]M>iuts^ aud therefore 
tDuat be separable by much less force than is re<|uisito to break a solid 
particle whose parts touch in all the sjAce between them without any 
pDTOB or bterstiees to weaken their cohesion/ 

577 — 598; again we do soa thinga in lH>ing : they must have bad 
fint-bcginnings : eooid then tlicse fir^t-bi^iuuiugs, if sofl, h»ve with' 
Hood the blows of infinite time? the ptit^isteucy too of specific marks in 
liTtng creatures seems to prove an unehaogczible matter at bottom. 
578 iptftequ^x see notes 1. 579 nt/ierare = supereKse^ as 67S and 790 
npeated n 751 '. in each case in the lufiu. : Vii^. ecL ix 27 $uperet 7nodo 
Jltmtva nobU-j Aen^ ill 339 sup&raliA^? 580 diieaui ugAin-sint. 

582 J}Ucr^Mii...potuiami I know no other instance of thw coustr. : the 
infill, claiue probably is the sitbjcct to Disf^. : coiop. n. to 331- 586 
J6ed. not. a favourite expression; so ii 254: /ttti /oedera -^ a\fiO Jhedere 
tloue: BO in YiTgil /oedera and /oedere; and Ttlanil. ii 30], 340, 3^9^ 
379. 587 «ona^r^ an almost unexampled form: the instances quoted 
from Cicero seem all to be changed to sandus in tlie latest etlitions. 
538 quin eon$iffrU: Lucr. with the older writcra always thus uscit qitiji 
with a Bubj. when not followed by fiiam or, as ii 700, ipso: se" T^-^i^ 
589 varia^ % ^vouiite epithet of volttcreSf meaning of coun 


X0TI3 U 


f?r«nl a]>ocioB: coiap. r 825 tK>/ucrr# varvaUtbue /ormUz so vaWntf jl«< 

Cvr^M^ 'j$iiU»f arfrifrs^ PaK» Amiluv, eoJ^jf^ O'ior^t tntinrii^ Kfjo^wi^ 
tnrta tfmpora^ etc, 593 rBrrrff* = Hmplj Firt«: v 409 rrrii:i4M = pw- 
l]a|ia I'u-ijfimi ric/ne 59i foil. lYpt-ated O-iim 75 foil Hc&r Afftia 

wtiut Nuvtou L L |i' !^G0 fiaya to illu&trutc tluA uiid tlie |»rooodiog 6«^on 
i^AT — 364, 'while tha purticles contioue entire, t\icj mriy ^ompnie 
liodiea uf oua oni] Ui? Bani<T nutorQ ODtl tcJiture iu all n|;ea; but aJiuuld 
they wcAT away or break in pioocBf the Djitaro <A thiik^^ d«|)«Uiiiug cMi 
tboTEi wonld be clumgeii. Water and (artb otimpo*u'd of old wnni jur- 
ticld) Aod frBifmt^ts of purtlcled would not b« uf the s\mi? i^aIutq aii^| 
texture uow with vaUr aiid eirth coinpt^aed of entire fMirticlM iij tbff 
tiegitiDiii^ And tJkerefuFe tb&t Bature jtmj be lastiri^, the changes of 
^Dr|>oL'^I tilings arc to bo plftE«d onJj in the Tnrioiia fleiurutjons an4 
^WV ai5«wi'iati<kiiB and ta^tiotia of th^s^ |>crTUrutcDt fAHj*^!**?, c«>miTf>uiid 
IjofliiH Ix^ing H|il t.j br(!rtk not, in tbc midst of wilid imrtii-le.'s but wb«m' 
tbrtae |tarticlca arc laid t<»>;cthcr luid ^'cly tuueh m a fu« |>oiDt&' 

599 — 634: tboso fiist-b^lnning^ hikVo parTa, but tluiir part4 are so 
sdjaII aj4 iiijit to adiuit uf ext^teuct Aepimitc from the atom : t}i« a 
thorcforo hua ni>t bctn funat-d from a nmon of these [uirtsi but tU 
hftve eiisled id it uncbimgwibly from ^li^niity : surh paria tJiea are b 
ouu more' |ir<K>f tbjit tb^ Icrst^bL-gLiLUEuga are of evorbistmg aliigtcovsi 
tigjiin ^nthnqt aui^li nltimf^to Istxai thin^ the- ^mnllo^t and l&rgval tJu 
will alike c<riiM«t of Lriliiiiu jmrtA^ and tlia^ wtll be equal r a^m if miv' 
turewent in divisiou beyoml the atom, bhcJi least thing* u these j 
of tlio atom could net have the qriaiilJcA wbieh birth-giving matter niu 
have, vtalf^ht uiutiuii ]puWE?r of striking aud rla-^hin^ aitd ci'iiubiain^.— 
A poaanijB ncci-aaarily obBCurCf hccaflBe dva.liikg ■vrith one of those qiitfr 
tiona wbi<^h utlitHy elude tlie gro^p of Ixumaa n-ati4:>n. Epicnros buitdju^ 
ti|> hU dL^j^DiaLic »yaLeiu aud hating all seeptidsm o\\ Gnt priTidpleoJ 
dett^nained that lita ntoins should have sice 3ha|>e wti^^Lt, in his owa 
words ftiyt^ii^ ^X^^'^ ^a'po?. and theraf'irG ei:I^Dsiun, But if extenami^ 
tbou parts; emd bow can thai which hiu piirta bt< radivi^iblL-iT Tlus i« 
tbo qtieatioQ which Luat, liore ntifiwot^. That the atAnis of Ei'tcunift 
though extremely amall wera 6nite and hnd pnrta, ahuridflnt proof 
fpvcQ m Canib, journal of jihil j \t. 28 folL mid t^2 foU, Comp. Sto 
eel, I 1 1 1 t'fiy^rrxi hi arw^oT, ci^\ ort ^c^Jt- (\o;^iVr7 oAA* gri tiC hCn a 
T^fij^Ku, axa^T nuira Kfii ^fttro^tK itvov. ftinjplic to Arlsl, iiliys. 
216 », a few liue? froiu end, tljuugh he vniins in his tfvtiiuouy abob 
DomO^ritiia, flnyfi of Epicurus dfiepif jiep tru^ v^yerTni, arujin £e avr^ 
T^w rnrolfftai' tlval ijtyjfri : we the joiimni L 1. for |>r*«>f thut Defrntorit 
and Loucippiw hcH tiie name. docUino which they probably drriffcd fro 
tlio p)'thji^(>L-eaiis. Duiibtleea th« e[]L<;ureArt9 h»tig vagvd bittor wa^' 
with the ]Hnpiitetira who held the itiHiiitc dividhihty i>f thingft: s«« 



AluL AplirwL to Ariflt meL p. T-tfl 4 Bon. nAXos y^ tuOui'a* BiS-'ifcv 
Y na nifjfia i^cyi^ tlaayovtta &6ia, Locr, tlioruJbre Brvkft to tiiaintjiiEk 
AI tl»« «iuDe tijnc thut cardiixil jM-rmt iiL tZio L'|iTai]iVTiui f>liysio3 tliiit 

flb«|>e kod extension, and tu Blicrt- Lowr ]iartio]ta thus eiidowod ara iiicn- 
|i«bIo «Jfurtb*r cliviinon : flU>uis liavu pLidfi, but tUose parts lU'e miuitnn, 
tke JAaj^trrra of E(»icm-aft, not utle t** exist fUolttt, abiding UitTufiuv in 
iTi. .^F.iru &OU all eternity tu aiiehauge»Me jtixta-poaitjoUk 

r99 OTir. gfuxiqitr cctP^ Cnrji ill. -exirenium (^jLisumen, stiinit CTiiiisquo, 
:Ul9 illi[4> since curiM7rM could noi bejouieil wltli Corjtmis Hiiugi 
lE Lx->Tmb]« therrfore 578 ^»irt*<7irt-..f?<w7>flra rebun; nml sotnta to njo to 
inrulire JtiAt ibi? »«iu(i jiHlu'iiiIt? oa ibi* UbL' itf ^ii^jf^ ijutpqur ilhj^tr^lt^d by 
Uwlflg de £lk. p. 009 Atul Liwll> to Jt :(71 : tlms Cic. do lin. v 40 Kiys 
mnufftag parfia natnra* . , nta pirv^a^ mi nit, r.lie Qr^t cMJf/«7*(e tuaking 
il not poHdblo for hiu U> vaj ^a atittayue vU. 600 Corporu etc i» 
ftfo^DrK tUc atom: t^rpora or curpora prinia wc ha^e alrcfldy f^und tu 

patiiiT* priinQrJta rffrumi ami ho Btolnwna 1, 1, nod T*bit, dfl jdac. phJI- i 
3 |i^ ^77 D &aj^ that Epioiimu dutltied to? app^a^ tiui' aiTuiv crur//ara Jwyw 
fc ^flTTEi ji.rA : ttnyu* is lliita uaed ia tliu siny. in CdC jiniumm roryfortit, 
md II i84 ciHKrfti* I'n l>m-it*tJ*< Corporis, auJ ^00 tofi/i^A corporis etufi ; 
tkcNi^ otir pnsoDt pa«sAg6 baa lie^n gri^voiialj miaunilvrstogd, tbe 
vBudn mblud vollIlI seem to |>reclude uny doubt, as well as tlie («iiour cf 
t^ whole paaangf^ ' iliiaJ r/it^ tl e. t^ iM'i rurrjuamt be wysj attd £o j| 
51? OuniJ mi/u ^f>fi{/tf nottrig ah eEiixlItti^ in/m Priinoruni natura iai'efr-, 
fmtfitvfter uJn i|TBa Oc^mere lam oequeas: tbu rii»i impl^ifig tbut nhi^u 
fS9 amve at tbe Hlom, it in atready £ir Wloif tlie ken of sense, Witli 
tfcia pnMAge ehuaL bi< cumj^rvd 740 fvlL vhoro to is blaioiug ibujtti who 
nJuas W ftdmit a limit to tbe division of tliiugs, Cutih vldtamua id oiUre- 
miufitft lyic^inett Ease q^iod titl 3cntn9 nr>jitro9 mifiirnujii esse vitU- 
r, Caaicm vi jtVK^it «-i; Ace, 7««o ctriitrc non fiU Ejiirnmuin tjuriii 
iKFiimuru ccnntli^a in Ulis-. tbea with ihiti panflngti A.iid tlic otbor 
BRttt h* rom|Hirml Kpiruma' fiwo wcirda iu Dicjg, Laert. x 58 to t" 
Aaimttw tu if aifrOijtiti &ti Karayotiv oTi ovTt jotavTQV itrrtt oTot tv mc 
ptT^ffmtrti^ ^ov oi-r< TruiTwv a^'u/iotor, oAA t^fov ^fi' nra nowoTrfriL Twy 

*0 ir T^ aTouuj fAnnnrrvr («^^Dflui" ^i^puTfjT* ytp Jkcii-q f^Xoy ui$ Aia^tfKt 

^ttfor r< iw^on t^f^poy infiitlXXovTt^ Ejttcuriis and Lucr> are i^acb com- 
panng Uie iXaj^irr^ay or jnt^jMUfn of ati atom witb tbv <Auj((iTTOf or 
in H TisJbli? thing- Whiit is tbe ciiA:-uvii!it vl' Lucr. la 5&!) >iid 
r| £|jcuiitf wrote ttfl rfj^ iv r^ uT(>^y ■^'ui L«fj wJicr« bo doubt 

158 NOTES 11 

treated of the present qneation ; if tben a Tidble thing has kh vignltf 
form^ the to h alMjtT€L JXaxurroF or cacumen seems to be the spez rf 
the angle, which before it vanUheft, appcttrs to sense to be without ptrii 
and the least conceivable, and not to belong to what is on odo side mors 
tlian to what is on its other side : if again the form be spherical, tiiB 
caeumen would seem to be the outermost sur^e edge at any point, snd 
so with otlii^r sJispcs. The same analogy Epicums and Lucr. hold t» 
oxiat in the ex.t]'emely small, but yet extended atom: there seemed to 
them no reaaon why a c<icujnen or fninivia pars should part off to (mt 
side more than the other, and therefore it would remain in tJie atom ia ' 
eteniiil equipoise. Epicums in his iutricftte prose might have dwelt on 
tliis more fully than Luor- could do in his verse: the poet there&n 
seems tiwitly to assume it and to pass in meditts rtt] and he was right 
in BO doing. In the visible thing however the cacuni^n matub to be t 
iniuimujnt in the atom it m a mudmum^ so small that nothing can bs 
smaller and exi^it. From 11 483 folL it would appear that three of thcs« 
Piininuie parten or cacttniitui were the foweat that could esiat in an atonL 

601 id, the cacuinen of cuui'se : it hss no parts, but b itself one of tLs 
parts of tlic atom, having no conceivable existence apart from the atom. 

602 jJiinLitta: in Lucr. this word, when it has a physical meaning; ap- 
pears always to bo, like Epicurus^ cXd;^LaTOfi a technical term for tlis 
smallest thing thut can existf or the smallest cflVct that can be pnv 
duced; and in thii iwnse occurs ten or eleven tim^ in the poem: Mt 
Cie. de fin. 1 20 tte Ulud quidem pkysici credere aligurd e^m minimvm^ 
and v 78 ea nos Jitafa dicimu*, sed e^i/fua el paeiia miniata. 604 alte- 
riiis, of the atom, ipsum is emphatic, 'in its very eascnce,* 605 ae 
ordiiie, hsviug each so existed without possible sliiiting of poritioii, 
G08 unde seems to have in eo i,e. in corpore, in the atom, for its ante- 
cedent. G09 Sunt igitur : parts of this sort are only a further proof 
that the atom is single and impencti'able. 611 not hke res, formed 
from a union of such part^ but of everlasting singleness, because its 
l>artfl cnuuot **\Ut out of tho atom. 612 Sed ma^s^ potius : so 11 97, 
■1^8, 814, 8G9, 1086, in 810, 082; Vir^. eel. i 11 ^'o^. equidem iuvideo, 
^niror ma'jtn; Fnber comjiarei* Catul. Lsviii 30 /r/, Mani, tion est Iutjj^, 
nmijU miseriftit»l. 613 inm, as GCll, when you get to tlie atom, di- 
vitji.m stops. In illustration of Ihc above ai-gumont of Lucr, 1 cannot 
refrain fiMin quoting out <if many tlic ft-llowing stfutencM <if n gr<^ot phi- 
loso])hor, Henry lliPiu : iuimortnlity of the aoul, preface 3 * 1 have taken 
the iioldiit'ss to iii-sort that matter consists of parta indiscer]uble, undei^ 
Btanding \^y indisccrpible parts paHiulen that luive indeed real extension, 
but HO little that tliey cannot have le.-is and be anything jtt all, and 
therefure criunot be actually divided :.., the pai-ta tliat constitute an in- 
disccrpible particle are rool, but divisible only intellectually, it being of 

BOOK 1 159 

the very eascora of whatpever is^ to have parts or extODoaon in some 
nteafiuro or other; for to take away all extension is to reduce a thing 
anlj* to a mathematical point, which is nothing eh^ l)ut pure negation 
or Donentity.* Ibid, i 6 5 * it is plain that one and the bame tbtDg, 
thoDgh intellectually diviaible, may yet be really iudiacerpible. And in- 
leeJ it is not only possible, but it seems neceasai? that this should he 
brae.* The mystery is as great today as it was in the age of Lucr. One 
)f the latest and best teachers Birks, on matter and ether iii 31^ defines 
itoiQ« flfl the dual particles of matter and ether combined inseparably 
vhich constitate the first or ultimate elements of all ponderuhle sub- 
itance: these by their dynamical action produce the effect* of Epicums' 
ttatical atoms. 

615 and 821 pftTviHsxma use^l apparently, because miuimttm 13 wantL-iI 

to denote an absolute least thing: the wonl recurs in 199 and is quotetl 

by ^Nonius from Varro: with this and ^liat fi^Uows comp. Epicunis 

bimaelf in r)iog. I^er^ Z 43 o^£< yup, ^Tj<Ttv f^'SorfpUf cl; avtipov 17 rn/ti; 

TVYjfmret^ iirtih^ at ToutnTTcs fitja^aXkovTtj.i, tl {Lyj itiXktv rts koX rots 

pt^Bttriv qirXws cis avttpov aura; c^/SaXAi^v. 617 pttrfi ecenis - dSmidiA 

pars, undei^tood from the contest- ^\% prdffmet : prae seems to ex- 

prroa the getting before and so stoppiug: comp. pmedtulo and tlie like. 

619 Ttrum summa'tn is almost a play on words: it means the universe of 

Ukinga in being, and at the same time the largest thing conceivable in 

opposition to mi/iimam: probably Lucretius hardly felt the ainbignity, 

u the phraae is one. acit is quoted by Gellius 3u: 1 25, Ttec encit for 

am erit and eKitjU by Cicero^ from the xii tables: Enn. ann. 48G and 

Attins 266 have tupcrescit 620 XU erit «t di»f. = nil distabit: 

wup. iL to 442. 622 each will alike have infinite pai-ts, and by the 

lU paraJogimu would be equal, because all infinites are e^jual : pi-eci»e1y 

tLnfl ^e Indian atoraist, Kanadf^ declared there would be no diifo'enee 

in nae between a mustard seed and a mountiLiii, a gnat anil an elophmit, 

each alike containing an intinity of |iartides: see Dnubcuy's at<mifo 

Ifaeory p. 8: Henry More too I 1. argriea ' tliun a pram of mu«t;ii'd 

Hcd would be as well infinitely extended as tlie whole mutter of the 

vuTene, and a thoueandth paH of tliat graEn as well as the grain itsi.-lf.' 

Bentley in his Boyle lectures brandishes this weapon in the f ices of the 

epicQreaDS tia Lncr. docs Dgaiusfc the peripatetics- Newton in hi^ 2nd 

letter to him admirably refutes the falJ-iey, giving nt the sume tEmc its 

dearest exposition. As we shall again ejict'imter this f^dlaey in I,iicr, 

I will cite a fev lines ^ 'I conceive the parali'gism lies in the jtoz-itiun 

tliat all infinites are cquaj. The generality of niautiiid ci)D3ider iufinili^'^ 

bo other ways than indefinitely : and in this sense they eny all infmitis 

T^ equal ; though they would spent more truly if tbey uliould say tbcy 

ire ndther equal nor tincqnal, iior have any certdn difforcnco or ^ro- 




portion oufr to iwolher. In this seo&e tli^refiu'e ao CponcliisiotiA on 
drawn from tlieiu nbaut tUe eqiuility propoitiooB or difiarmca f4 Lhin^v 
tmd diey tlint jLLtfi]i|it to do it usiiaLl; fnlJ loto puiJci^Eisina. So whdi 
men hj^b a^tust the laGnite diTisibilitj of magniludo hj fAyinji tl 
if aa inch joKj ha divided Lato ac iJifiuite Dumlier of partfl, iho sun 
tlxriao p^te must be a foot; aud tLercltire since all icfiatUs urv n^tmi. 
IhifBG eiiD3& uLDAt be equal, tliat lo, an Ineh cqmU to a foot ; tJi« fiUwticn 
ot the oonelu^ion q1i('W>< an error in tlie preinLEea: and the etti^r lj«« lo 
IhepoMtioQ th»tivUiuGuitei4ar9 ^itftU' 623 Qiiini </Kvai4tmz ooiii|j. 2^1 

Quod iMiU^^.^i^'r ^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^'^' ' ''^ qwtd ^tua nv/te tnodo^ . .itacuttdi- 
UUtm ritae tenure pr}iaurt%in...ui^ifto rt ho& iprtim r^itvr «»t Btti b 
all thopc caRe9 is ^no-f the ixUtire or llie conjimcttutii adJ if Ul« Airmi 
hov dovfi it diQ'er tLus usL>d fi-oui the Jil11«j^1 Dva ^ueJ n for iaaUui«^ 
thia itgniJi be not the reUtivel Td ^Hoq^te in CtiCi is quite diflTMrvut: \^- 
ngjUQ t'>D: 600 Q. to ?^ <7r/4KJ coAiru. 625 en, the miftiiit^^ pri/fat, 

tajB, in 6i31 wnd G13, when you ni^ oome !-> Uionu 636 'jtute, lU 
mnie miHi^no. GZ7 //^a ipt'f/ut:^ thijsH u1<ju;a k>o. of nbkL the rHinar 
nre jfurtA. 627 &ita.-./-itend>iii\\ on the omiaaina of cjd cornp, n- 

111. fiSS if nature hnd gone in dirition l>eyL>nd the atom, w«tii to 
these nb»j|Htelj Icii^t iiHtts of tlio atom. 0^1pur^ nH<;(«i= G35 /;irae- 

diia jM\H.x so HI GiJG *'|Ji/i/i-/Tij.H-flflniH4M* ftucttijii^ iioiUtcd by CiLtuIla* 
LXlv 16^ qMfifi jtiilfiji arit^ib'ijt aiictti4: V T-3 quaecvmqiifi /M i'pt$int» 
tvMti^ 632 /i<thc/c bcloiii^ of course to jrt>iituittt a» *«11 a& lUbeL 

fima, uli ivhioh pmperttes the nteiriB bnve: thoy posseaa tuie Buiiapc wrJglil 
which ennblfl them, Ai we shall ^e, to luore, to cta^li, tvu^l j^grj togrthi 
noiiv of tfEui-h fijuotii^ps thosv ntiiiiinar pitrte4 drsbitute (if ull qiwIitifCAk 
existing rvlone conid perform- 633 con^^aiB, eoneftOt conati^r conr 
citntdihtnt in oiir mdri. Hod h11 gmid msa. nre alw&ys ipelt nitli ono 
there i» no nuthority whatever for «». 

635 — G14 : to maintsin therefore viih Hamclitus nmE hid feUowen 
thut file 1:4 tho el^meDb of nil tiling id absurd.— Luir. bjiving nnw 
tnhliahed hxa two great principles of an unchAii^sabl^ muttiT and n voit 
before he proceeJa at 951 to explain by Lhern the n»turn of thini^ 6i 
in order to make their truth fltill uiorB ipauifwt, examine;^ the <jlein*^nl 
of lleracLttuB tlmpedoclea AnmoLgoroii and other philosophers nnd abevs 
their fitter insoflidency. Of nlT tbea^ men be 4poa.ka vrit)i admintioa^ 
or tolerance* exovpt Hcraclitua ^hom he OAsailfl with a certaiu jiokji^H 
and vielenco- Now that tlie star of tha old Ephefilan aeems Ag^in in 
tlio aaijerKlnnt, euch an ittock will not meet with mnet fiympntby ; the 
motive however in pinin cnon|*h; in him he ia combating the stoicB^ tha 
hittop enemiea of E|iicuriia, HtfraHitui stnnrling in the Mmo relation tg« 
them thut Demnt-ritirH aunds U> Epieurns. This will appear from th^t 
fact that it h only from 6£^0 to 701 that ho addroAseis himself to Herv 


BOOK r i6i 

ditus; from 645 to 689 it Ib always * they': f^kciaait, eemunt, amiUutU 
■fas. Indeed 643 644 Beem to shew, as ve might expect, that he was 
not iDseiiaible to thai style and thoM sayings which sound bo grandly 
«T«» now in tho few fragments that have aurrived. One in the position 
of XfTicr. coold only see and criticise a rival philosopher &om his own 
pcoat of view : even Aristotle is taxed with thus dealing with Heraclitiuu 
The vtrp aci£uov ^povifLov, the Totro ou<Kt[ci>r iccpauKoc, the ignia nnc^rui 
tt nit« uUiia matmas parmixtionej ui puua HeradUus, would seem to 
I^usr. A mere outrage on nature and reason; and therefore he will have 
the heraclitoan aud stoical fire to he hia own fira 63fi Qtmpropter 
baa clear reference to what just precedes : simple fire as an element 
anDOt hare the properties which birth-giviug matter moat have, ooncs^ua, 
ptmdera etc: this word aJone would refute the monstrous corraptiona, ni 
lod muifM, which Lamb, and all subsequent editors introduce in 628 and 
631. 638 dux has tbe double meaning of leader in war, and chief of 

a sect; Hor. epist. i 1 13 quo tna dace, quo lare tuter; Quintil. iust v 13 
J!9 irUer du0$ divenarum aeciarum vdtU duoeM n<m mediocri eorUenttona 
quaenttun, 639 Claru§ : a play on iia double meaning, aa 475 CUtrn 
aceeftdiMet. Clarut ob ohscuramtsoG: p. 107: for constr. comp. Hot. epist. u 
3 3S Clanu ob idjaehan. d u-Kortim appears first in the de mnndo 5 p. 
396 b 30 attached to his name. Oic. de fin. ii 15 fferaclUitt cogrtomeTita 
^lu trumtifos perhihtlurf quia da nalura nimia obscure mcmoravU-j Sen. 
episL 12 7 Heraditua cui t^ognomcr^ fecit orationu ohacwriiae. 639 «n- 
anU^ L e. Graioa 640 Quanuie ; Fe&tus S. v, quotes this passage and 

two from Emiiua : ano. 29 and 139. 641 stviidix 1068 Sed vranu* 

ttpiidia : In both cases with reference to the maintainers of stoical doo^ 
binea: he retorts upon them their own term of reproach. 642 Inv^ 

twr.: Ter. heaut. 37S has inver»a verba, where the meaning is as uncertain 
aa here: QuintiL inst viii 6 44 a^Xtjyopia, quam inversionem interpr^ 
ianlvr, aliud verbis alvad aenm oaUndiij etiain interirn coTUrarvum - and 
this sense admirably suits the extant fragments of Keraclitus. Cic da 
orut. II 261 uses immutala oratio with this meaning, inverBUj verhorutn 
with that of our irony. The e^ipression might apply equally well to 
worda in a forced and unnatural positioD, and therefore obscure. 
644 Jucaia *onorfl seems a very bold metaphor, 

Q45_g89 : how could simple fire produce such a variety of things V 
it ia of no use to condense or rarefy fire, if it always remains fire : nay 
Hkey deny void without which even this condensing and rarefying ia 
impossible. Bnt if they say the fire is extinguished in the process, they 
make things oome from nothing. The truth is there are oertain firet 
bodies which are not like fire nor any thing in beings but which produce 
fire and all other thbgs alike by their varied shapes motions arrange* 
meuta ooUidoDS. 645 folL HeracL frag^ 41 8chl. a-trpov iivni^ff)}<Ta4 


1 63 

K0TE3 ir 

sjid TbL'tai^itiiia &p. Si^Utietim' jr 9^ Hays in exact conformit/ withLuH 
HpanXttta^ TO irtp v^ciiu fLovov rmn.^tiQv xai iK tovtcpu ytyovaat ^M 
rif. Lhe latest espu^itor Lowever ErandiB Geflch. d Enlwict li ^M 
PliiL p. G7 iinys tliLit ihin Qre or variii exluLlulioa of Iltjr&clitua ia Uul ^M 
wbicb ivll tijiDgA nro cKcLongod, as ^ixrca for gold ; liut it c|iaJi||Qa >t^H 
as liLtla into tbe thingn^ o^ gold cliangcri into tlierw wares; uid dH 
later ii;l«rpreters mihfljrprcEi ended him. Havener tlmt be, Lacr, ia li^| 
eptiaking r>f his foliowej^ t5[>e«- tbe atoica, a>s rtmorkcd ftbove- (^M 
Totv^m and rart/tuvrf, iilways in Lucr, tins c: »o rn^^ jjufrr/ridH 
ai7«r9^^<oJiM, all more tL^u once: (it>f i/«rf ^/a<^ ; patffccU aod ju^q^l 
ouce, bnt oUenar paU/.i bo calejkc^f cintjactita; liqiujUj but Hfj^fttS^^ 
BO /[i6^«c/af ctCv /aie'/Wr*ff, («/n?/acJiu; ftni^/arfii*, cwn/fl^twiu*, o^B 
ItibfjiuiUi /iicU are ia uncortain: viJf ^t^ uJ vajs of cour^i though itioH 
tLi.- B^nie iia.ture ; for the rara, aiY^ fiiu, etc. = a neuL ial^j]- genenilj^^ 
the 2Dd Gonj. - tljv e wo^ tUercfuro origin&llj long, the I^Llua LaTm^ IJH 
tL strong tendency to ahorton Siial syI3flblo& 619 «u^«r = iiuu|Mr; 

ns III 673, 001, V 7r>3, vi rAi : thw tenso is Tnnnd in Virgil : A.en. i 29^ 
II lit ^u 4G3, oud I think V 607 Irnp!rniurqti4 aup^r pvjtp^t o&d in 
Ovid, iia mot xti 206 Anmitral lUdtratqu^ etiper, fM. 6fi3 avu««Ciq 

fuuud itJ«o J II 313 aoem^ to occur only iu Lticr. and (o be used for laaKi^ 
ftu for juctriDiU rcawns: tbus (vgror for at^jrUwio, tfimtiaiit'iA for nu^jii^ 
fuffo, pwfiiitcu for ^>e«£{/tfr^rfi, dispogilura. for ditptnitio, ilt^trifut fur 
diffi;rerttittt T^/vtaiV4 fur r^/ufiifict cmuviM for rnti'iM-tiJ. c^^ntj^iufa^uff for 
eomm«ia<i(}, o^iMtUf for (y>j;^aiw, JbmuUurti for Mr'y<jr/M'''iOt an^ 0<>1i' 
fiuinl to liitn, or 1o bim nnd bis coiLatjint imitator Amobrng: tatiiu for 
oufL^foiT 1:1 moivf general, and I'nipi^ for intpdui but Lucr. boa ^Iao t«- 
pfj^in atid itupefiffua, 635 Z*:^ qtto'/ue i usq □, to 623. f Icnov n'l otb«f 
iuAULUCd of id tptoquB hi ihU e>vanp, 'herti too', 'uguio': Plaut. milMj 
11£»8 hJ nod od U. .vfnimua tbo mtamng is difictetkti ^atM^ jW^| 
vhieh U oommun in Luci'. flj^jx-jirs t^ be not disKimliiU-. /oaI^| 
'naaaDLe'i so iii J57f^ /<fcU ca»e tut ^»rVA/am nt^wr JLnd iv S2S; ftlst^l 
48A ^f eniittf a common um. 653 yj;j/i/nnJ with ui iuT. so ir ^U 
(^^^) /ugitiiiU vxiaiiUjue fuTrr. aiid ^l 133^. 8SS viAi belongn H 

Arduti 4l0o. 662 rapiut^ Uko olber a^Iverba in fCn, is a fAvooHtd^l 

Lucr. oconrring at Ic^t ^ timcL 665 }H>lf4te ia found u 32^ i^| 
lOtO: bij &ldij boa jxifu t«t, potittii, and j?i»r« mure Ihou once. t^M 

Tutdar^quei this nuncxing fi,<£ t^ ^, which Virgil unJ Ovid appear vU4^| 
to Avoid, iH t^xcpixlingly oommon in Lncr, Ah Virgil and Ovid do iH 
dbjecb to t^o or av^n ihrcc con»cculI('e ^f, ba id KrM frmMtrfl and ^M 
WVo, why did tlioy wUolly uhuu ^ifeqat etseve or diiM44 1 ThQ tTh^f 
biator^- of i\ui luii^'mLge proved tb^t J «u bborUsr than d or I; perb^S 
tiicrofore tphe bcccnt bi^ng Lhroim iijiou lliU f by tbo cacUtic lundv tH 



IBI^Bctivccxi its ihortae&B and its a^rcrDtufttioii oppeor liaraTL; yet 
xiro iloee nol object to tbe ju notion. 667 rfparcciU = amtply par- 
KM^ lu 5S3 rtficia - victAt Pluutr. tt'uc. 11 4 S5 ff^oi-™ iwri'i^ = riots- 
iini |HucU. 670 Q71 ais llinu? r^piraW iti the |">i;rji, Liicc- intfadiug 
tlitrvUy ti* }iij fltrenfl Oil tJje Joctnne uivolved : »te Ike pflaeaf>o from E]»i- 
mrua cital aftiir (iJ^D, 670 qntnlcjimrpui = « lywofjf or ^ituiiW aliquid : 
dMU A<tf lioa rcfert^Ekoc to Uic vrLoZo of thb cliiuai?, Uiia pos^ag fiub uF iho 
tx«i\ llinira wliieh titlJ tjip tiling m : ir invoWoa thoryfore tho Game 
diioirine m T^f »3 often rojiei'teJ. fimio, jtt}U4U:ts deni'/ue cuiijite Qnanfi'in 
tii miiitHt iilqne <du i^minue hacren^: tbin^ havo ooi'taid boiindfl 
iUjiti wtijch ifiey iDHi/ mnge nnd continafr uhnt they ar?; wli^n UiIh 
fimit is pooAfil tPwj dio auil poAA luto anuther conilitioQ. The e^cpreaaion 
miicb »T*rtul-Jes tliat of EjKcliitmiue qimlvd Ihy Di^ifj. Laorl. in 11 & it 
pttuXXunritv jtOTa ^ixnv Jtocn-OK ck rauTip ^<I'El, Erc/>ov r'^j <[t toS Tjavj tdi! 
n^M^i/TA#bTciCi Uiou^h the tLouj^lit ia ililTcrcat. G7S a/iqvU, qukqiiii, 
tlhU uro not imfrft^TU'Titly irn?t witli in our kleh.: in A ofteuev than 
3. cnuo or tvKa iu Irutti : tbe £ liaa JiJitniiilly beou reUluL'd wLvia no 
«ftl<i^ijitj" IS i>cc?jiaioDod, snoh ub l>j otfftiof for o/l, quod. 

675 -Vuntf iffifur: ma u. to 1C3, rrrCitit. eorjt. ijtt.: mo d- to 321. 

fl77 a/p-t/u arfi <i<^'ftt : oompb 457 whoro tbo coutruiy 19 Jisoottpd of tnoro 

fpenia. 680 cJpjf, n&, = rddtu of (iTT; fi^iVj orffr, = arfift; : comp. 800 

daitfjlia jiattcis = nLi€u- pauctM trlhittts = ndUti. £83 titniiiiitudifi ufteii 

itNct by Lufrr. ud an ndv, « omnibxiti modra : niultitnoiiie Uio i;; udi^d by 

him= mullifl mudis: Cic rirator lii3 jjas/w U-evitiitin cotita cojitraMfftit 

Ml ftEa ^itctrtrd multi^ ZDodiA, voa' nrgeittds coU; k> ^at omuuiuxiia iccma 

tvRnihi Iw LtLOr. on a faJw onology l tlitid is do tulj. ftmnimodus or 7Ji«?Jt- 

ttM^i/f, nuj more tlian onun'tjrjiiiji: ontni'jf^iutti in Vii-gii is fnr omnifje- 

MTMm: Lucr. uacfl tmjjt^^.ov^^i'/^ JikcK/ ^7wt,tjwo{l iffitu^. 384 quaedafj* 

mrp, ^etrilM. eor. yv, of 07o = «>»7w™ carta of 5'2] ; tlie fttoina of conree. 

SB5com|L tl32 — 634, i>rf/v /loineura^f/^unK : tlietA- wurdu ivpeated 11 102 1 

«oai>r fntiiL Ifi!iiiocntiia : i^c<? Arit^ uioUpli. \lll 2 \i. \0\2 b t L Aij^aK^AT^ 

tW«iv Tpiic oinntnnii; foiriv mn/ifvia f i.»'ai To uCk yf fimut' fCVft fTiuiitt tt/v 

Ohqr tt rat TUbTuVf SuLfJitpfLk' Ot y pitTfiZ a itrrt ir^^a, i} rpoitjt v tirri vtvi^, 

f itaCiyi » ^<rTi ^of jv. 6S6 fiiTjfnfv^u^ cot. i.o. ^t'n^^« mvt. cfd. cc t : eee 

iLtu 718. 687 rj/Tii *tm_: iv 363 paufum ^itiulo/ti, Fcirc dtw Aeii. ni 

^Hft «iid Cl& ud Atl. JX 8 for tJie &kiLLC »enso- 386 rvf gco. and tbi-t iD 

|Bv-«itber two long flytl, or oue: 7^ lauot f>und: no eii who Jtitri not 

jHH 089 o^iA^u; IV 673 7Uim fiJF>f/r<ft ad^rit Taittf^-^ v JOG if^not 

^^mitia ff<nff\iiU Adicetc -. the ad iio^dioa th^ rencLiiig tbo object aimed 

WK Willi the whole (irgiiment of 665^659 abould be ffrmpftred li^- 

farlM lijidulf ill Dj(?g. IjicrL X 54, rat tiro/iovs I'ofiio'not' /jijor^Loy 00(01 

lb*t »«i iffa <f (Tvayprt^ crxtj/inn ct/n^'J icrri' iroionj! yf^ Tufln /JrnH 

k u— =1 1 



Mill 'V\\vmM\i* *j^ ^Si'lildoi-tn, ji, yO bbj's in i^iflct confa 
'kl|M'iiA»rtit tii fffp uTirat ^rw mmx*^ ^ ^ 
««! I 111* Utist «%|nv4tor Uus^vvur BnuiJia Gcsoh. ± 
rUil. u A7 «iy« tWt tliU tln^ or vi^ru] L^xLiJatioii of Hand 
«lhti.'U hll l^itij^t ikn c^duugni, na w^res tW gold ; bat 
M 1UII« iiil«t Uitf LhiU||n u gold clkangoi iato Uieae 
Ul«r iutvi-^kn'tvn mR«i|>t»tvltva4«cl turn. Huworar tbai 

«i|p«rv)A''*H* mU toom tkfttt uttEv: <viVTrrxfWl; 

BOOK I 165 

705 — 733 : for these reasona all err alike wlio a^irm tliat tLoy ono of 
the fbtzr Bo-called element^ fire air water e&rth, ia the firsl^begiiiiiiDg of 
things ; or Kaj tro of these ; or all four, aa Empedocles teaches, that 
fkmona poet and philosopber of the famotia jsland of SicUy- 705 
QwMpropUr cotmecta vhat follows with what just precedes precisely as 
in 635 : the things formed oat of nnch elements as fire air etc are as mach 
deme&ta as the? arai 707 principium : see notes 1 to 834, 710 re- 
r%mntUvrasoBimplyre$; asw*ft*roaniW=ontmiiff and the like, reriier: 
Lqct. has nearlj forty of these infinitives, many of them mors than once. 
716 onwM ia used for the element of air also v S36 Aurarumgvi l^ves 
mumae^ Enn. Epich 3 Aqua terra ontToa sol, and Vii^. eel. vi 33: 
Lncr. has also t 1230 verUorum ammag, vi 578 and 693 ammai turtnda 
vw, a sense not xmcommon in the poets : Attins 1 1 vda veniorum animae 
tmrniUt^e ; Aeo. vm 403 QiKtntum igna aniTtKuqite valffntj Hot. od. 
ir 13 2 tmimae Thraciae. irttbri for water recurs more than once in 
Lncr, ; 781, 785, Ti 149 : both Eitnitts and Yirgil use it for sea-water : 
Empedocles too 128, 216, 286 has ofi0p<K for water generally. Arist. 
metaph. i 3 p^ 984 at beg. enumerates several of these philosophers from 
ThalcB downwards ; much longer lists are given by Seitus pyrrh, hypot. 
m 30 fba; adv. math, ix 360 &11.; and x 310 foil., this Isst passage oc- 
cnrriag almost Terbatim in the newly discovered work of HippoL ref 
oin- ba^. X 6 fbIL Aristotle asserts that no one ever made earth his 
element of things; but Sextus begins the first two of the passages just 
cited by attributing this doctrine to Pherecydes of Syros. 716 quo- 

nan appears to be governed of cum pritrttSy Dot «< ; comp. Cic de orat 
n 244 sapiens homo ewn% primis noitrae dviiaiU. 717 trig. terr. oWs, 

because it is the shape of its coasts that renders its lands triangular: 
Fore cites Horace Qaintilian Silius for this word applied to Sicily. 
jrscn(=taUt, produced : so terra gerit Jrugeg, maloe plaUini aad the like : 
yet the notion may be 'bore in its womb,' as vi 790 temina. . Quod per^ 
mixia gerii tdiut. 718 Qtiam, 730 Angugtoque...a^7^.eius'. comp. 11 
87 durieeima ^uae eint.. negue quicquam a tergo ibua obatet ; iv 962 £t 
quo . . ttvdic Aui quihtie in r^ue..Atque in ea ratione: thU change 
from the relat. to the demonstr- pron. is not uunsnal in Idtin, though 
more common in Greek ; Cic orator 9 quam itUuera in eaque defixua, 
and Bmtoa 258 omnea turn fere qui jiee eidra urbem hattc vixeraiU nee 
tot aliqutt fmrhariit dtmieatica infuscaverai \ in many cases, perhaps in 
theae passages of Cicero, the relat, conld not be repeated : comp. Madv. 
to Cic- de fin- i 42 quod ipsum nvllam ad aliam rem, ad id aulem rtg 
re/emnittr omnea: Madvig opusc 11 p. 1T7, and Conington to Yirg. 
geor. n 208 and Aen. ti 101 give other examples of clansea appended 
to relative onee in divers ways: comp. 154 Quorum operum.^^ae Jieri 
oet.; 684 ;uorufn..,686 mtUatoque cet ; 848 folL simili qua^ praedUfi 



eojtfiani ^^iUura,..ylfi^l£ ab exitio re» \dla re/renrdi it HO in i*>li» f^^ 
iHmine cernere quA^tttit N^c tpiiLia ui Jturiftni plar^U apparrt aperU^^M 
SdS Quae n^^e JloreeCHiii...iitqvf vurU tatkrtt iv^ituffat the dm|i^| 
raa^fi snelt as thoa^ quoted hy Ccnmgton LI, wbci^ the fmcoeed|^| 
clausta are 'ic uiateriftl, Lut not in foiiujil coniteitW wijJi the irlntir^ 
cLinee, ore Fsce^Dgly Qtiraoi-i>us in Luor.t oomp. 21 folL £8 fclL; u 
iiide<'«4 ill all writera ; thu T-ntiu iiliom making thwii not easr to avftU, I 
720 Anir-Jrflti' bccidb governed by rtxpidttm, tbo nea la rendered inpid bj 
t3io uat-rott-ncBB of tbo chiiiinoL /ru/«t GelL Uil 21 lo quotes Cia 
Verr. v 169 pfiranpt^^o jrftu liit-iw of this same strait: Chariaiiia i p. 
)39 7 Kcil quoted from McssalJa ffn^^isitac /rsiv^, from Oictsro fl (rWi^ 
Mnoy>fi/ii, from Aiigiistii^ to Ajitouius Jretu e^tri : Cic- |>ro S«>tio IS ■ 
Halm itHioros freta frfui PI, Lucr. vj 3C4 bu /rfCum anin. 733 

miff^ CA^r. is fouitd m Uatullua end Virgil i vatfa implies that in vbicb 
Dnthmg iiyes, mtTtaatlur-.^w foil: PkuL D^^inar. 604 ab tuir ftnjtatvr , 
wteabire. 723 t JL ubaerre rvrrum, ilentm^ rursuiit. 724 I*ai*- 

ffUfUf: Tl 701 craferes, v( ipni J^o/uiuittml ; non qin>d /aitcu fterJii/^^fmvs 
ti ora. mrpfaa ignca: eo \ 5!)6 entmprrt liimai; ri 5&Z tnanpi^ur; 
Cic- Arat. Ill erumpiljlatibfitign^i iv 1115 te tnipU^. prorvrnpUuru 
ftlfio round in Liit^.i bnt tLeaa verba are often active j eee Fore 726 
tte Ctiiistr> IB ^lac^ vtagn^t vidttttr vifJtlt moilU mirartda^ cv/m^, 
videlttr : see n. to 5tlG. 727 rpjfi/H/n neod in thia seiwe by Cic Vcrr. 

IV 133 end 13S. 738 Wak- dtes Aen. i 371 Longfim mutta n'munvf 
J^&um; bet tbe aenie differs: mi^rii'/o! ji We metapboricsl, 730 

taru'fi Eeems to ini?au pi^cious, rE/imi' ; thongh I know no fwruUrL 
731 pecUrria the a&ki of tlic lieart and intellect, j^nd therefore of jri>«li(aJ 
genioH : oomp, V 1 polh/tH pi<t&ra carmen Condtrt^. 732 it u not 

cvy in any i«'bf ther voc^fertrnttir is neut. as ii 10^0 r^ iputjjvg /ler #v 
Voci/cmfr/r; cr acL a^ m 14 rtih'o iica cofpU vociftTori jVoJunim rennii: 
both cocptr. wro foand in Cicero too. 

733 Lucr. inn,y liave b*H!U thinking tpf what EmpedocI** (nya of 
IiinlBalf 51'3 ■^u B' t/ijitr ^oj fl/i.3po*os im«*Tt frir^s jruXcv^i ^trra Bwt 
rcTt^cii*?] tunrc^ cooec He tic doubt looked upon Kmpedocl«»' poem ^ 
vrpl <ftv<Tttiii as in some aeuHO hii^ jh^etical model, and tbertfort tboiii^ht 
ha owed LLm a dtbt of gratitude. With many diffcrcncca there wntt 
aliBO ukany polniN of rftaemblaiioe bi?tve«n ihvir two ayat^nut : thi^ om^ 1 
ciallj that th^ fii^^^-U^iiJiiiaga of each were itiiperiflbAbl^ and tliat ILAi ' 
and death vcro bnt the paeeing to aud fro of etemontfi into tbingai a^d 
things into e1(?inentfl. All ibis being ccnsiilei'ecl, we may grant that tiit 
lofty panegyric is juatificd by the large ftogToent* we pouesa of Eiuji^ 
doclfiB* chief poem, nearly 400 ont of 2000 v«nee: yet llie rod/entnlur 
i ntacd^ in Htriking contriut to ArbUiile^s a. ^iXKi^mu. \iyuip 'T-^tn- 
^i ; but thftt stern jad^c h alluding to the imperfect utier&uai of. 



(I14 firat plilo»op}i/ vet in its infAocy, as mny he s<:t)n a few imgea 
lata! ill thp luBt flhttp of melJipb. i ; and fe K'am from l^ioff- 1-aeit. 
tin 57 tliJtt AriBtoUe re^.\"glli^e^l liia 2)rieLicuI geninn, ev &i rip T*pJ 

734 — 762 \ ba and tbe othei*? have given reapaDsos truor ibou thoso 
nf PLiFet'Qft ; yut jilt aliko have gone to wrofk on llic lirst-begmDinga ct 
(bitt^ : Ihoy deny & void ia thio-ja, vet give Lkcto moticu and leave thcim 
toft ftnd raw ; and thef at^t no limit to tlie diviiion of Ihiugst if first- 
ba^iniuDgs are sn{U Ihoy were bora and niJldit' - all tliTugii tlLi:rcifoii? li:ive 
tMOC from luid ^'iU rotum to nothing; ngaio «ijoli cltmtnta ore bostilo 
UQe to the oi.her; and ciiiiq, like lightning cloatU winrEn, vill be upt to Hy 
mmder oao Irom the otlic^j- lather tbon comb Jocr. 734 imjn-fty 7U5 full.; 
fiUM diximiia, Thaics Fherecydes Auaximones Diogeni>3 of Apollonin 
Elipf^iLsiiH Xi-nophancfl Oennpidefl Hippo of }UiPgiiim Onomaciitan Iditeus 
vt Uimcru Arciii'liLUfl and thereat, 735 Cifrf^Ufromii.'i place Aecins to jjo 
vitb muitU- nr 342 muZf i« ^^av-f (&jja ftic eat Mohilior mvliisqua fnirivtwr^ 
Ouu. do \k\. viv. Ill Si HHUiei'i} muhis partibtia wjet f*/c7Twr; Cicovo 
lien Cfrfntitfya pnrillus y\\t\\ tnudi the aame force, vhk'h egivffi^ muilia 
hBK Iier* : *eo Mudv. de fi[i. p, ^'2S. 737 ariylo eortiin (if cour-jo \viUi 

Ttfcrence to the illustraliou whidi fullows; Or. met. .\v H^ ttui/i«j(rjc 
rvflrro^A ^ro^Wa ffidtfiif. 738 Liicr. vao pruh, tbinkiii^ of CailiuL in 

D*l. 94 wliPI^ Apnlln fluyp *AAA' f/ttrij^ fpiir) n ropiurtpfiy ij awo £ai^n|^ 
T59 : ArUiloi>lL Plul. 39 rt' 5";Ta ^ulfioi tXciAH- » riu^ m-c/^^uinui', t.itcti 
vith KuT. Or. 3^1 rpiTToSov aTTQ ^QTU', av ^ol^oi iAofCfi' iXiKf nod Iph. 
Taur. ftjl *EvT*C^ev auSTjir T/wV'iflns ix j^vaov kaumf, uiaclly exjiivauPJi 
the ». of Lucr. vho tranfilate^ Iho omcular iXnitti' by pnffitfr^. To con- 
tn\t tbo oracle, you parsed tbroiigh the t^mjdo inEo tht fieyapov rr room 
hcilt of five ftonta: stilt rrLrth<^r- in tt-as ibe cuv+ini, funuiug tlio a&vrm'or 
Xf^trrifli'ov - 10 it just over a deep narmv cleft was pliiocd tbe tiipod ; on 
tb« tnpod the Xip-tf^ or wtr^^Vm or pot, jq aluipe a haTf-Mphorp : its lid xvaa 
iba dA/loc cr bollow <Mver ou wbidi the Pythia ^t ; ^11 ronnd ^erc bus- 
ftatAvd garlajidsof Lho biiy-hiurel : tin? sinoU of theae was aujjposod to ju- 
qowci ttif {irophettQ iiiFhitiia^ t^xdtpd hy tho cold air v Inch camo out of the 
d«rp clpft; ihej arc tbo trrt/L/utTn of Ari^toptiaimi the £a</j>^ of Colluna- 
ch«^ the f/fwri/tfot rAicr,; tothi»m Find- ol- vii 32 allude* iafiuihtot i$ "Su- 
n« 733 739 recur v 111 112: wil^h the abl. fH/w/i Jj»cb. comparoa ii 

i\t CtViVn m 132 ffrihtnl. 740 /fif!. rfifMOA*. m*?tB]ihor ft'om a build- 
ing or othef heavy body falling ; perhii|ra from n cjirringi? brpftking riown : 
BoncQ bM the eanie expiv&'iEna ; Lticr. u«ca laorc tban othx lhi> morn cocm 
da^rwuu: eeen, loiv41 dicessTtrtifM^rirtti Cic. detiu. 1 ISflpiliin 

miot mcti^hot to £jiicunu4 tuutralf, Ulae £picMri j/roprUte ncuuie^ 

1 63 


And II la ruU in dlcendu, 741 afVr Ilomerij j«Tto iMyas yxyaXntin^ 

which Virgii luid Ovid imitate io variou* ^mys, yj^aWa 7»*aiwV<r^# aM 

iffrmm crynndit, hi^fntfrn afqite ^nyettii •ciilriere Ttetitirtj nmgnujn "UifTVfl 
conajniii^ and the like: Lucr. Iiiaiself iv P03 nwiy/nt/rt n^a^no TwAim^iim 
nav^m. ibi ia Lcre v^n^ umpliatio, and tberefore its uru^iuti positioa 
givw it jiJditiiJiiu.1 forct?, 1 

742 Tno^f^tf ccb. tho impofiaibility of wliich without void lie has proved 
nt piiph length above 335 — 307 ; EmpeiiticlM 63 thus denies void, Oi^i 
T* Tov TTorrcii nEi'for TTiXfL awoX ar*p[CMi"flr ; cotnfK too AriAt^ de gCH- ct fUt^ 
) 8 wLero ho elai>5ratclj cHticisoa Enipodiwlea' doctriae of jrJpot and of 
the motjoiu itnd unions ot' tiling? hy mejtn^ of 1lj€se without void^ nnd 
ehcwa that Hs irJpot must realty menu mucli tbo aame u the nchf^ tA 
LeiicippviB, thongh En]|iedoclefl maintains ft ffX^ptt: be coacludra Lhftt 
thid H/£tcia oI'ttcjiiu k t' i^cvSds ^ /taraccf. 745 ajmincetil lA e^vrpuci 

Pliny Hilt hiat EC^T iU4 hoa Bfttno con,"rtr. 747 pauaan^ » »■ 

oociitring six timea in Lucr.; foimd &1bo in PUutuB EnniuB Attiue^ an 
fi^iu bruuglit iuto use by Gelliu:^ Appuleiiu^ and utbtr iiMitators of tbe 
older writt:r3, J'rrt^on; Liior, alono Appeal's to nge this word io ita 
litorel WTIBO, hero flml v lfi9, 317 ; &nd [wrlujis in the two last j. 
tho me&nlag is tratiaitJouaL 746 iiec prof^wrn — ei pi^oranzn uoti 
njno iif'n: comp. 1005 j\'er prormipi Jiicffrt ; ill 45 J^'ee prtimim qui 
'Ttostrae ralUrpis fywfl ; 1 087 j\'ec prorxum . , c/flmipiiM fiHtim T'ernpim 
mortis; Clc- do fiu, Ji 17 no^i proz-ifi^, iti^v-U; do naL d«?^r. iii 1\ nntiio 
moda prorsita edjcntior. Cio. ftcsid, poat, 27 qnMiking of pej'ip«trti» And 
Academics vill iLhistrate Lucr. eaipie etimu ijifn-iri\ 9ir>it in niftilum, ^it 
in aiKt£ pftrtfji ^VfW infinite sfcttri tre dirtdi. pmaiiU, ctim Jiii fiiJiii oni'*^na 
in rK'^im iiatiinr iniiiitiium ^utu! tihiiU iteqiieitt\ here ii* ftsecTl**! f»f Ih^-Tii 
exAotly wl^fit Lttcr. objecla bo, i\iG <nm aU nihil om. in rtr, wiA fHinim 
PMtniAg a proflo tranfllntiun of TIS; jet at tho aamo time is denied 
infarencs thfLt th4*y ps*« nway itr^ fii^.thini, wliii^h Lucr. 1jfl>w T.'ifi mat 
tfliiiA mu^t follow. Hmpodoclc-s liiiiiAelf 77 ntid 81 stvennoiifllv drtii 
the HmiOi ^liff*? av&tVD^ f*rriv oTrai^cji' WiTyrcjij' ovBt tis ovAo/iiKJif ^lu'roi 
T<Aci^ fi^rA and & tc ^ij uit«^ a/iiJ;^ctvDi' Itsri ytvtaBat To t rfoi* 
X\Hr$iu ai^iTOTOk' kjiI an-^BTov: Lucr. tberofoto hero RS olnowhorp 
refuting tliom fivum liin own puint rjf view, 749 ; spr tbe fall cjcp 

Dfttion of tliia |m;5sage tn u. to 500. 760 aJ «(nfn« Jtosh-os: no far 
fionsG esn pi>rceivo; frorn vhlcli tbe mpnf/j rafio mny infer tlie tem 
relation between the Atom and ita cacitrnenj which holda helwi?en sn 
bensible tiling tmd its cat^ritfut. 751 ^fM cenure non qua lurtj 
coiirae the htome; ns ini) Cmjjorig ilL q. n, ^ffr/j^rff Mn**« /nm n»7ti0i«nf. 
754 F^Ufif noa natlt^i vid. Emte H iit&rtati r'ltn c. yea biiL I'liii|K.tloclHft 
•ftw thoin to be a* immortal as th^ e^Iqiur of Epi'^urus: oomp. 17fi AV« 
Ji t^n^' (<^vokT<* Tft wplf- ^fioF oi'oi'nT" (T«i: thoy are GytjTti. wh«b ia 

kC ita 

'Ti, riiqfl 

nooK t ^^^^™ 169 

foroe tu 0imj>U ftU.: ao 3^7 ca9t.,ra>rif cum corpora; 774 itono*- 

omiflfl rfjw r^r/(('rt; v 352 ^uaa aimt nolUo cum eorjiora; 3G4 solifio cum 

cofporc jiwiitli NtUuttutt, *i 430 UtUo citwi corpvre iiulfiijt; 031 mro 

^vn CGrpnre IfJtut Knt \ IOj^ rrtm qulti siitit forjiort : m 3Q1 qnae- 

Witpujiu: iJia^U cum ponders maffna Axpfj'a^uji ijiveniuntur, ciiin bjis Lhn 

tautfi (oeaa; and iv IISC grandee viridi cum tuca ^mitrwjdl; v 6Gi 

mmwnt fiJo cum pfletore conia ; \'i 5 i-irtiTn tali {^um cordv j^pertum; 7o 

Uacjjio atm picUtrc (idihis, 75G uch.^ n. to 748; 750 and 7^7 n.vvt 

^^^Bftrep- n( G73 074. 756 utm belong to Aa&r^f«: sec n. to Vi 

^^^^mtbefAt'- Cic Vanv v 25 Imb'^tis ftominis conyiMa dififf^nttam cut 

Uid (>0 kahftu urnttt CfrUaCrs Jirmutn atu^ittm amijoiitiit ac t^eitdituni 

prttia I fojrxoami*^ nunc cet, ; Fore has also exomplra. 759 — 782i 

MO n- to 701-^704j flnd 0S4 (098j fol!.: he hvre too concludes n di«- 

cutaaoQ witt a sliorb arf^iimtrnt fidiL^eved to the commciQ bcuso or tlie 

«y^Slit of hie rooJora. 759 iyen^no'. Wok nnd Lnch. quoto Vnrro 

H# re rual. I 3 13 qtif^lnTH fnirn pe-cji/iet cfiUiirae tiinif. im'fliii'ae at 

vtfKji^, 7S1 cytctii eeenis to lifiT<- aomevhnt the fiarjic aenae here, jw 

Tl ^74 tfi:)^, 4154 <?oyitttlj 7(S cotftnt$s, Oil Cupii fiifnborum turba ma- 

ware rVftcCa; but I know iieiMat:t jwindbl 7^2/iilni.iriii/r*verU.T^^- 

•CTitinR thi-ec of tho f.Jiir elements, 

763—781 ; tliiuga t\o might just as well be fhelr elements, aince 

Uiiii^ Itj lurtifl come fri>m them liuJ jiaas into them: but if jou h«j 

that th(«o oLemcnta romAin imcbatigGd in thiiL^i^fl, thon nothing can bo 

()miliio<?d from them, sinf:e in everything they will fihtw thuir own 

1 natures : tirat-begianing;?! muat htivo nn propartletJ that aetiQe cnu 

.: ruL 766 i.e. r^ III. prim, did reU-iii]v4 2^- 7fl7 AtL g\gji. • 

lb0 vrcr-recurriiig jutfis Tc BioAAtt^/s rt wt^tiroiK. 771 r(frc7i^ li^.i see 
D. to iOd. 774 Aon 071. ret, non r^ ac <?. Cfir. : this ia the unly ^laeo 
where brj n^e^ nrjiniftrM in the nomin. Anil ns an ndj, 775 foil nmrh 
rcacD3bl« his ciitiasm of Anaxjigoias Wov^ 880 — S9C» and u ^15 fuli 
T78 — 7B1 me folJy exjfkinod Ji 730^885, where it is shewn thai ntoma 
kjive nit sensible pit>|ierile.4. 779 eland, cata. are joined u 128 rntttus 
, . iianJ*^>lliioe caoijoegue, 781 proprie cs^ Is to exist hy itsolf ^Wth 
iu ovii pijculiar pvopertieit and fanetioQB undisturbed bj nnvthuig alien : 

782 — 802: afyiiii thej atifipode thette L-]ement3 to pa^ into cacb 
9UL«r in tbia eenseless raund, tire air water eai'tli \vater nir fire: hut 
fif»t-be^nntng^ c/muoL thii* uhaugBi tliey mu,si be eternal, a^id of aueh 
• DOtnre that whoi^ eotno go away, otbora joii:, Kind ths rest cliODgo tlieir 
rmlrr, thou which madu Are luay nnw make nir or anything f>bic.— > 
ll b i"o»*ililr enough that h\tcr. TieiriEg Ileraclitm thiuugh the gloi' 
fif tho stoics, moj bitTe been tlimlclng [imong otlior tlieoriea of bia 1 



KHd jfa'rv: l»[it Tm orio will now attnhnte to th& E|ibeiiflii tliia intcrfl 
cLtnge of ihQ Jour clcmonto; bj tlic vogue 'thej' Luct- no doubt p<Hut^| 
maiEily at tlie atoica ; whose chfi.m]>iou cays in Cic do d&I, deor, n £^^H 
trupi ^Ha^JSwor ttjit ff^ncra ror/>ornm, vi^irititilin? eor\im mttndi cttTt^M 
tmiuita nfU-nra oU. iiii/i c.x terra aqtia, fj; a^wt oritur aer^ cj: tfCre aether j^ 
dffintfe retrorsfati vidtnim er aeihwt agr, inde aquOf ex aqna ten-a ittfiistOi^M 
sic TtatuTw iig, fx rjuih^is munin fnnstnntt gnrtrtts deorsMn nhro citra ann^M 
fneanttbits mundi paHivm coniuiwiw continattir : aod coiop. ib. HI 3L ' 
Martiftn. Cap, \li 738 p. 592 Kopp ex in/offn< midme [their otiho* vXtj] 
primta ignig, ex (jpii aer, ex ture aqua^ ej^ aqvci terra ; iZ€tn fit wiftwio 
ti £r fon*ii aqua. «fff, fx aqua a^, ex a&re iffnu, ex ypn tn tcU : with 7^T 
768 too cotnp- EmpeJ. 1 32 - fnr bTin also Lncr, miwt pnrtiBlly induile : 
qW auT tsrrii' ravra Ci oAA.t/\ujk S( viana r*ynT"cu uXkoOrv oAAa ocvTvcHtT 
aicf D/wta: wbioh nre relocated with sonrn iliiteroncQ 13tj 137, 782 
ffjieturU a: thou uscil without an objeot by Oio. pra Ardiu I iiutt nt^ptr 
rejtetene, dc omt, t 91 cum Ttp^ierct uaqite a f/(?nwtf n«ci'o fjuo el Tijia ; 
Aen. I 37^ in prima rejifttTis ah origirte pergftjn. 783 <iura3 a^rit : 

801 aerls auras: i^ee n. bo 207. 784 {itibrern..ii/ilrTi: He? tl to 715, 
787 I'licr M tnif^re: conip, vi 456 Aiico comprffrbdunt irtUr «; mnd 
p^rhftpA I 397 ^yM ia «0 trah^re, whera Hce c- ^ flo Cic d« orat. ii 15 qni 
n^ffi I'rj/cr m . . amicUaimG <x*»Hic*/<fifM^c'ii ; Lac-iiuo 83 Tveqv^ aolitm ciTfcnl 
inter M a« dUi'ji^y ecd etiain i«rcr6i£'E/TJT* ; od AtL VI L 13 Cio9roJU4 
puffjri amant inter u : ao Plautua amare iMer se more than once. 788 
ahlera mffudi. a fiivimribo cipression, imitalCTi by Virgil who has sleo 
fW^ra m«Hi/i, lum^Tta Ttmndi: mviidi Lcro^ a,9 f>rUin iii Lucr- aod othfrroi 
= caeU: CuTrul. utiv 206 w>nrtw<*7'fi^« mrca^i/i* ^tf^ra rtinndMt^ 790 
791 the BMuc in mftaning ^s 6?2 673, tbongli the ciprwoiou la Tftded; _ 
vbtle 792 793 ore i?)Cflct1y repented from GTO CTl, where we nolo-l 
794 qirof- i. e, the Br»-ailled four eTemeota. 795 fn rentm. wn. teema 
tu reaoruhle tbd Tcrj coumiou j>hra3ea ventrs ^it ducrimen, jnricvlum^ 
cdiun*, cont^rniytioncm, consuceudrnem ond the like: cf^rrunuiafum, tk 
airaf JUyo/i. = comTUHtitioDOtn : bw D, to C53- 799 ea the foor eW 

raeuta : fi idtia q\iiv? etc tuch other jjrtmoniia na cannot ch*ngo- 797 
tiOi : Luc^t'. Le f^nd of Ihbi dativn.i ^thkus as they call it i this very lino 
occurs four timea: comp. niso 773 ^TuHa tibi cc iUis potsrit res um 
crffiUa; 918 iihi pertutU prtmordi<t rrrum; II 500 lam tibi cot. ; 1039 
Q)i{tm tiffi iartt n/mio coLj lit 197 vt ab stimmo iibi di^u/U offȤ OMr- 
nis} 379 .Sic liH nornims cet, ; iv 51 1 Ttla tihi eel iffiiirr^ 87^} tthi rm- 
?idtt Bxti4; V 2fi") ttrra tihi /tbntur; 204 tuKtuma tibi; 805 Turn libt\ 
term dwUti 1309 NtqitoA forte dmitn T\obia cot-j in DD2 Tif^vt «otnt- 
hic B*t 790 ^iiH poriiui. . isriutttrufift most writeni would hrro pn> 
^er the mdic. : sec a, to 5S8 : thut bin atoms do Uma work li<^ will abiin' 
fUDtly fth«w iu the second book; and indood it is reiterated m tUe ooxti 




p«t^nipl>a S17— fi3';J, 003—930, 802 sio^at sic, and couplos this 
liuE> niUi w^fLt pT^ci^dee. 

803 — 83P: bi]t» yoa will My. all tlicr^e Fmir pkmrnta nrc ooccesaiy 
t1]« prculuction of things: truej wnd wiidnut luent Aiid drink, life 
ciuL&at coLitiaue : tL^ reason ia tin; eaioe in buth ca^ea : many firat-lirgin- 
lui)^ ai9 coicnLon to man^ thingEi - aiii tlto anmo 1>j various mixturoa 
motioDB nnd tbe Yik<^ nmy procltici; tEiG moiit tUfferent thinpr ; ju&t na tibo 
same Icttora go to quite dilTercnt words. 803 full: von see tlio ejkrth 

uiil of wbdct, tJie ttir into whicli nil thiiiga gi-ow j iho raiit mid aim ty 
wbich th*>7 grow. 805 ii\iliiltjeC gi^e* full pl^y to : bo Virgil induf'j's 

^nlmi^v^, ho^piUo ; and Livj hidrdgert nrd^yt-i mtlitum. 808 t^frc 

mmbor^tm appeals to bare miicli tlir force <kf vi .*i2 1 /^rni&t Ti^ntet \ the 
tii/n^i' melt iTit^> watirr; coiiiEi, the meUph. vJ 6]4 — 510; but (lerlmfffl it 
is hotter Ut make tabs tofer to the treea : the force of the naTJi&t a<'cma to 
to&ke thi-ni dis^rlre into wnler ^ cornp, Aen^ 1 ITS mde CaAenfu nrCiu: 
III JO tj*e ni'uf'i are the octual ntin-etormH alied from the nulnla. tiifx ; 
tbU line is quoted by Prisciao inst, vii 72 for thtf e of f<r/*« : comp, ni 

KcoiiJa(/e. 603 poauixt Is potenti&l, not aubj,; see n^ tu 327- an^ 
fb#; Ihia ifl one of 14 ca?ii^B ili which -r'fi boa been rctainod bf ton in 
iJio anni, pTur. nftor T.Aeli. on ibc nuthnrity of both A hoiI B" the other 
caaca m>:ur in 11 577, O06, 1155. iv -153, 1203, 12^1, t 21G. 494, 534, 
63J, 1072, VI 221, 143G : soc Lnch, p. ^6 and ititt-odiictif>u p, ^7: among 
tJbaab 14 exnmplejt we find indifferentrly partii?iplpa adjectives nnd sub- 
atantircs ; and this quite o^i^ca with all otbci- te-itinkouy on tho fluhjccL 
8GQ : here b^ma the pootA finswoi': yea. and meat and di'iiik ft^od tha 
body; jet the bodj*a fiiBt-begiuiiiugrt ai-e uot meat aud diiiik. rtiwa 
W) as 964 : Uner V/rttor o<:«ur3 in Yirg- goor. ti 33 L. B13 ctrtis : 
tL to ^21. 813 — 816 notice rr* 5 Umett repeated in three vas. and 
d Aalitbctical oiid idlltei-atiTo form of tbe whole sdhIcilcc ; luid comp. 
8S3 — 807 where ^t* IJkewiso oiicuri 5 tiuioBi oko (iSO Gl*l r«^ rcn*, 
roruM ; iv 42 43 rrnn^j^ retu*. ttntmj anil many Huch like: luaoniLncai 
alliteriLtions of ajl kinds Bcem to ponaeaa for Lucr. An itrcsiatible n^ 
tion, rof/o IB nearly bb gi'eat b (avouritfl ai Tea\ I 138 — 130 ratio^ 
tu*i#, rj*it'oTi*f, and in different ?it:D,tea. c<n-pix^, corpi^rti too is iiwd with 
tf lavqaotJiy; aoo aW Doto to fc75i where however tbe iiaataDceu are 
to oitr testa more fniilty. 617 fall, repeatect with fili^ht thnnge 908 

foil, nnd II 7G0 foil, 810 tlcrU motttj bcro and in the four repetitions 

raoajiA, impart uLotion to othora ; 11 311 dot ftn>titM ia, movea itself; 
coni|k ttare mirmm and the like, rmil n. to iv 4 I- 614 full, give bia 

ova doctriaa so oh^n repeated, 823 full-; this illiiatratjon oCfjuia 
■cTcriil times in tbe poem, aa 197 ami 912 full.t the 24 lottj^nt of t~ 
•Iplwlivt can form an cm^rmons number uf |jeruulatiuna - how 01 
.Jt^t^ ih^ tii^c prifliQrdiOy the diflvrent abapea of which are so M 



times more numerons than tboae letterd^ vltUe tbe nnmber of atoms of 
eadi ithape is ioEiiiite, rva sLotti in tlie 3*^ book 1 Ariat lie gen. «t 
rorr. I 2 in illiiatB-nting precisely the Bfliufl iloctrine of Dernocritiia ami 
LeucippuA, adJA p, 31^ b 14 «jc riuf aiiTui' ya^ T^yipSia jcul nvfuii&w. yfO/i- 
fioTcoi'. 836 tc-fit'i ^onaattf a mere poetical aitsooioicp, like anxitrn on- 
j/or, pevii'ft** prttfiniri, faa JtirHj oppartC apcrie, dwni di/outost ctiTiriru 

Aea, If 53'Uf. caivrwje. 

830^874: the Loinoeomeria of Anajcagoraa is equally defectiTC 
ftverytliing he Bupi^aea to consist of infinitely airiall particlea of tho teme 
nature as the tilings l>ones of sm^tl] bones, and ro on ^ he denies too 
void (wd any tifoit to the divi^on of tbLngs, like thoso above mciiUoiKd : 
such firat-lieginningfl as theso oaanot reatat dentmction ; bo that thing* 
voidil return to iiotliLJig, Again, aA fixnl aicreiLf>c8 tLo body, the parta 
of the bod}' we formed of thinga different in kind: or if you Bay 
food hns particles like the pHi-ta of th^ body coiitaiiiei] in it, then mea.' 
and drink connst of porLiclea different in kind ; the Nime diJenuna vri 
npply to what grows out of the earth, to llamo latent in W(-io.i, and the 
like. — That Lucn liad uiucli syniputliy with Aua^agoraa will be aeen 
fit il d^l foil. whcrL< ho tinnslati^fl iro^a EurlpidcE and aditpte to liia 
purpoMf n pflswfcge founded upon AnaxngoiW Hyr^tem. There were 
other points of contacts AtinxiL^raa held, aa did Epicurus, that the 
of matter in tt© universe wb^ nlwnya the same^ and that nothing ootild 
pnsH into nothing. Though Lu(?r. 847 foil- trii-s t<i show tliat Anaxagiv- 
raa* priuctpleji lead to a dificrant conclunion, he ^y^ frag. 22 Schaulx 
(17 Schorc), fn worda that Epicunia might have adnpted, to yivcrOan naX 
uiioXXvtr&iki ovs ofidvJt mp^iCova-iv ol 'EkKip'ti tfvBiy yap Xp^jia y^tcTui m>5' 
ftTPoAAvTft^T «^' djr' iovTitif xpjjfAaTaiv trvftp-urytral ri Koi airoHpiKTai. Tho 
luaoy poinU of ditferoitco Lucr. himself clearly ihews: seo aUo tlra 
edjtor^e note 21 to Amber Bu(!ere lectures on andeat philoa- 1 p. 332. 
His refutaiinn of Ana^cngoraa much resembled oven m language hia a: 
ment ngainut EmiKilcjdoiS. 832 piUr. gerw. rg.: we above p. I 

folL; these Win'da arc quoted by Pliny epist it 18. 

634 Ifniioeomerifin • the word is not found in the few extant frag- 
mentri of AnnxagoroA, but Lucr. distinctly here at&tea tbnt 3lb djd uae it j 
Lucr wems to dcEiote by tho ti'nu the relation ^bich cxbtcd between 
the thinga in t*ing nnd the partieles like in kind, of which they were 
compoaod, avKipa, sa Anaicagonb^ saj9 frag- 1, iroJ irAt)0os naX tr^ixpm-^a: 
thcfcO he hiinAoIf namea frripftara or ^yffioro^ Aristotle Ta ofiautftmij 
tTTOt^t'n, doparti aji-mofitfi^, and iLe tiko: the later Gr^ks call themouAuv 
urptLCii in tlie plur, probably fiom some niia^onoeption. 835 foil, most 

\t all of the fiuniples Uei'O given are found in Ai'istotle Sirapliciua and 
Ahttra, ao Uiat they were doabtloea employed by Anaxsgoraa himaelC 







fi3S pa^txUli/t, yfiinMiU, to expreaa wlmt AnaaEngorflfl taught were infiEiiha 

iu uunlJnosft, 837 vtvctui, vwcai'tf, occur vci-j ofteu iu Lucr. nnd al- 

va^ I bsUuvo cL^noto Ihu ^ho)i> of thu flobb unci soit KubifltaiLCo bi?two(^tL 

tbo skin nod l^tties. nuftijUf^n uriit.^ i4i>fi l*neh. 839 rr^m; see tiuteii 

1 ; not oiiij Sirapliciiia tbere cited, hut hIibo rhilopoiiua and lAcrtiti^ iiso 

iKis iUu^i-ntiouj wJiicli do doubt comoft from AniiEAgoiua liimsetf. 

841 lyitibngf^: ii 731 MUi exiUUi^ T91 std varlut ex^ iii 375, 83D, 853 

Antl V 'JllJ 'piibus e ] vi TdS efirr^ff fiO ornnia enrjrint ; n' ^!J7 JJaec hii<i 

pfr ; V 770 Imvi . . ittiuiie/i per Ajuit ; 1 '264 utant pi'r • vj 747 Cvsnat ttpv4, 

940 ^r^ f/a ore luure uHual. Lucr. U foud uf tliin {Ji-dtr, adj. jirc|K>£. 

Aad then li word ktorvf-riing between it and the Hubat.: iii 10 tuisfua 

fir; irtclutf, c/airlU ; IV 820 ndUiU f;^ ttptn laFt^rtin^ with tlieee crimp. 

Virg^ctiL ri ID ip«U ea: viiicida scHiM: VI 714 mediutu jtcrtafpc ctilorern; 

^5 ruptm dt r^fUri pfirte ; 1202 rajiitis c^m fnf^f dofor« ; iv 473 *T*rt 

Ml tttUuU irrvlfTLu: vi IJfjO nocCmt per vteps ditr/irnte is of the te&uio 

iifttnfes 944 &o ho iiuitfclf in Uiruia rcjniguant to an c)jiciircnii, frag. 

•i f l^J OUT* 7DV fTjtiKpi\v yt EiTTi TO yf ■Xn^iiTToVi uAA.^ot' aiti . to yap 

tor uvK vni To/ifj qua «Ti^( n r,X. : to/a^ Zullor for to p.i}* 843 rV^r', Em- 

peJocIcfi oud the rest: see 734 foil. 848 ^i priiiu svjtif airti. eta.^ 

Anupigonu gives to bin parLlclea, frag. 3 ScUufu^ ;^ouic jrac ijfia^rr«, 

^'^iir ftiid tjiAto ^ while LuCL\ io ii taken iLucb |miaA t<> prove that Jii:« 

&t/^tu9 cfiQ kjive uo secoudary qiiolitira: ogniJi fi'agr IC Ari^s^ngorfls aoyti 

tWl ui tliere can be no mkLiiuuiD^ his partidca cuDtiot ejii^t a1t>ue, oAX* 

4(Uf w<pi opx^i^j *"■* *'*^*' TflvTa ofiovi td Lutr. no QbauiilitTi who will 

udy raosun from Li?* own pn?mi.'«efl, 850 nfj-iia [ois] Tr/reiifx£: w* n, 

Ed 71& 851 uppreaiitt amy be mhlcd to tlie words cuuLncntted in □► to 

O^. 859 — S66 a dilemiLia : fooU ^uppoi'ta thG b^xly : are tlie fmrtidts 

VfiitKOfiepij with tlie food ? thi^u the body conbiata uf what la noi oft-oio- 

vitb it: or if yon w.y that evciy kind of fiK>d ha^ in it wliutavcr 

bcMly has, botia veins blood, then will meat and thmk eoiiBigt of 

jBTtJcles uot Ofioio^tfjt} with theoi: again the poot'd owjx |>ri:-[uiA,4^a a&- 

803 timT*tfiOj to complete the list, go through all the parta 

864 c^'&Pij om. iiidudin^ all uuurbhmfiut, <li-iuk lu well bh 

nuvt, rf aru^ua cilun ci liquor: ^pa/i tucam* *iva well aa dty food' ;-ctiam, 

&S6 otienigerM in tht) opposite to o^oio^cpTC' 866 Sts7iie : for thQ dif- 

fcraoce batweeu it and i^Ei'i^ui^ aee Cdaus v 30 30, quoted by Fore, 

9ati^ni$ &fnnihu4 not\t9 a^t ; sitnifft e&t isnuiitr ftoo cot. 867 — 874 a 

vTuiUr [jilemma, which th« lost vbs, rendi^r obj^uure: trtiee and tho Utrt^ 

gn>w out of tho caitb» tLerefoi'e the oarth conaiata not of Q^uho^fprJ, hut 

i>r minute Irees and the liki*; flume hmok*) aab aro luteut in Wixnl; Ihero- 

6jn wood conslatJt of minute fla.uieH etc. not of upoiufAf/t^f : ag)L[u troea 

wLcn ibboTe ground arc foil out of the earth : if the eorib ofrusLitH o' 

ifi/MfU^, then trees a.vo fed and incrcas»ed by tilings rot opoiDfupC ; aq 



simiUrlj of the flames wbioh itre ttftcn to ha fed tiy wgod. 870 TrtatM- 
/er: Clc. de ofll i 51 quod ab Eniiio potrllutn if* vna re (raiu/trri in fMd' 

679 — SQ6 ; An&icagoraa tries to extricate liimjclfbj fusuming tb^t 

everjUjIiig 1:4 kti^i in everyLhlng^ Lut tbut tUut only in iKict^lv&lf i>f 
which tiiD like poHicloE) oxo motkt iiiimurauri oiid mofit promiiieiLt : a 
manife^ fflllAcr; for tb<<n com when groimil, etones wIigd nibbed, gniM 
vliDQ chewed, cloila wlien pulveiiHeJ, wood wlien aplit filiould bIktit^ 
little Llooddf graKitid:, n&heA ftud tiroA^ roe jiocli Pels' t the truth ia tbat tha^| 
■flMda of tUiijgs havo no J^ujilities lite to those of things in being. 875 '' 
nStfif.: coLip. Cic. <Ie tin. it 107 ni. ttmitbdicemnf iaCeifrarn Imlerei: OOtioe 
latUaTidi and 877 latitare in two differeat ftbtuea with nothing la ooin- ■ 
uion- Lucr< like the old LcLtJu wnte['j» gi^nerall^, lovea a wo Lave raid 
Q^oooncQ ^litcrutioTi luititheau cud tho lit<7 bo dearly, tliiit often the uao ^ 
of a vurd Reemn to suggest to him n rspotilioD of it, without nny pninfcfl 
wh^terer, and therefore to our Uste iiiulty: comp. 633 Uoai nSt 5ctn*™ 
licet jLon «sa« in rebu^ cet,; 97ti exempia/iM with STS/fli^tw ^Mri** and 
979 »u>n efli a ^ne prq/'cdvjn; 975 pffnQtuut praediulU with flS3 J^jfU- 
r/(U/^t. , ;jr(>^6?^, U 714 cf'eiiW (JorporibtiA fmjiuiti a cQrpofp , IDIB 'ii>- 
or^ji^tranl riv; ,^'iV ipiiain rebu8\ HI 3t'i'L LiTfniiift furriiniinit; 4Jl ert/i'r/^ 
9U<T««a£un( e«( mW^Us »«'* Vufjntt rl oiittivijt <:€ci*Urun£ tnriltis vrtu* ; vt 
718 CofftJiics MUTinu repUni coguut'/ue inn/tefc ood thu like. 87Q nltunbt 
rep<?nt(?d TT 07 In protnpiii qtioniant rjif I'rt prima J'ronte lomfa: \u licjth 
coses 'V* pront^tCu i& nut cooiiect«d witli /i*ca/a ; c"jm|i, tha other «X* 
ampler of its xma in Lut-v. Cicoro ete. 875 — 879 thiK wliioh Lnor.' 
decljiivi to bo H buiry buhtcrfugc, was iu fuct the Tcry ci^roeT^stonfl 
oF AaiLXu^ras' physics. Hb portldca wore intiDito in number nikil 
BmatTiLp.^; fmni tlie necensity of the cn^ evorylhing wu mi^ed wttli 
cverythini;, oicopt only Lis ^ovc : his tvt^, sec fr* G (7), wba mixed ap 
with nothing, bocuuse if mixed Qp with taxyihiti^, then it moat hnvo Locn 
Tai3:oiI up with evei^thing: hut iv -ravrl roirrBt jxatpa t^/trrri v^tfv root', 
ttntl O-^jun TramLiraoi hi. oi^tt- Q.TToitpi.ynat □L'Oc oiaKpii'tvai to irtpo*' uro^ 
TOu tf cpov irXTjf voav, , , iLVX' oT'iur n-Atfl^PTa ivi, ravm Ji'&jAfmiTQ li- ckootoV 

tiJTi Kai ^v\ that tH each iiidividuul thing L^ what it a by luiving in ittUfl 
gl'entcat uuiober of oiAOiofieprf irToix*ta, pa]-ti<]Zus lilce to it in kiud. 

880 a V- Docurrhig four times in elmoat the saiue words. 888 raA. 
9(m: ii 449 duH mho ra Jerri; Virg. geor. i lfi2 i/rove rofiur nrofri. 
BS3 ali'piui [eoruni] quae: Virg. cot. u 71 aliffaid , . ^uomm inJigtM 
tmta^ but there the g(in. miikoj^ it mueh Ig^u tiirsh ; as ii G83 yH «ttf, , A 
t/twntn nalura; ni 184 rta ulia...guonimna/v>ra; comp, vt 814 vifttd 
c'^na tUifit [iia] (^tio9 Oct. Aen, XI 173 Alafpia TroptiFa/erunt yuoj t/itM 
oat. where SVikgnor gives aoveml othor iH*ta(nT£ fram Virgil: lUe idionj 
id Jbuiid in preec ; Vnler. Max. u \Q \ nc de afiptn re, griue vi kim 

» 1 




qui rcnutjutnitt . . propomit, 884 /ti;7(~i/( ia aXtl -. oo U 1 1 <k parti^ 

n fijfO muf/wni, VE Ot> ratiotiii aee n, to i^T^Jitii at l^^itat the dat, would 
hanr be vtity iiuusunJ ami iianljtr tliiui tlie ubL iliuui^L it tany \»ja&ih\y 
be iW farmer j but cornj^ PUutus quoted at tha oud of tu ta S>^7. 
^S ittrina ^ . deetbal of IDE&. { eov rctiun; because decft wttli & dat. U 
OomntoD m th« old wriboi?; a«e Furc. and comp. SalL fi'- liiat> t 08 (100) 
iocuTH fdiriorem qvam rk-i^tribtis dtcebat [L e. cnpeTe] ca^if : (Jiere is 
nnjhuw a dli^Ut uijac«j],: iL aljould l>e herbis tj.s.d. Et iaL . ^tt •aiiln-i Le. 
Lcrbiai but for cIcarDcas Le adile in RSB /*er^. gtncrti cct, »o tint tte Et 
of S8G bi^cotQCfl nii»p1ac^ ; oa lie cuuld not m&v tfeneribuf, tJie cluLngu to 
tlm a4Xitu. eppeui^ qu](« iiatirruL 867 the coitalr. u by no ujiiana 

pliftiii 7 Lack cjLplajjiu ^t tlm£| dufct^ gultas iriitt^rc UJc^ ^uali ovca sunt 
vhfTf fin'liit, tikirjw therufvre Idni'jsiyis jlb Lbe ntjm p]ur.: this is surely 
liAnh with M'mi/f sapora couaiug bctweea r;u£fa« and quaii u^tfTff : I &ni 
(liHpoBed to take it thus, au/wi'ff* quali [aapora giittae] *«/ii lani^ffrae 
(dat) [in] wiiro ^/^^lt; but the qualta (injin. ubir) ctr ^uii/tfj of A and 
Si& Nice ie yirrLipa ri<;ht. Idni^cra^ -. comp, #</uaAji4^rri lUid ;jr:jtN^- 
^■«l«ACeB, liki^vbe used absolutely, ub. lac.: bo u 370 and TibuUiu uiiera 
iocitf ; I^mU qaol*fa from TaiTo •ainwaitam Wfiv. With out: ei^cifpUun 
iLe aboro c^iLmplcs aro plmn onou^li : corn should givd blood, bcconBo xro 
tr* M by It; gr&ss milk, becuiiM Hheep c-Jit it; gnus aiirth when poiiudtii 
sbuuld yield ccrii leaves, Lecauec Ihey gi'ow out of it* vootl give siuoko 
uid fire, bcoAuae they fed by it; Utt why the exiLmple m ti@4l 
LsmK alVr Turui-bitf aev-ra^ tu cxplum it rtghily, m deuuLJu^ unuiher 
«oy of giiudin^ L'orii; conip, I'UiiL nun. 31 Nutii. vie itlvc duds, ubi 
UjfiM t's/Fi'Iftn term 895 896 very liktf 814 ai5, ^Jtpi-easiog th« 

ppicutvAii ilLtctrinc of jir'mtordi^ oguiuat Auiixjiguiaa as (hera agaiuat 
t^ipodoctcfi* 895 fi^nitiiiwdie \ ecu n. to tjti3 o»m/^//(Jf^f>. 

8d7— 920^ but yon Nny treei oft^ii tjtke Hi"? by j'ubbiiig Bgainst eai^li 
t-Urtir; tn)p, but for all tbut tit? i? not in thcoi ; i-ldo iG would biu-st 

KJi At any mouect: the f^ot ia fife niid tim have mimy tir»t-b0ginni[ig.'< 
aaumoii, jmat aa the nerdft Lave lettcra in txiciimou; but the twu 
Sig«^ ma Uie two woida, dro ri>t f[iiito distincl Agoia if you think a 
tUng caD&ot hGj iiulesa ttii fii^t-b^iuLiinga are of a likG nnture, tL^n you 
a»at give tbtse UuiuiiU fci:lJikgs, iu oidi^r that iliey njuy make a mui. — - 
Thii pn—i^ri \n mwuing und in luixgLkoge greatly veBorobJoa SOJ — %^% \ 
ike niOvaD tf plain: tho particles ol' Anuxagoraa seemed to Lucr. liable 
la tbe aanfe objections as the four clcmcuta of Empcdoclea, each giving 
10 bw «kmeut£ those secondary ijualities wJjicb only belong tu things in 
bwg, Wd jltn'i,jl<}f€ : editors ocu)|i. nrrpot qj/So^ of llouiei' und Acttj 

t&ylw, and iv 4^0 /r^^rtirnarurrt ^reȣi4 lum\i\a flantmiA. 903 f^fl 
or^'nf, which yt have none wl;flt«ver of the pn^perltes nf fir^. 9^| 



ffuitfii fully madei opposed of coiirsa to the KJiihia, wlticli lujgbt id Qtli 
circuniHtopcGs ff>nn vuter or uaylbtng i^tifi- 907 paulo a7%i< i K 9t 

foil, wliere tLo bicgwage w aliooat the sanifi: sop iintcs iLero. 91 

rc/jiM 0^ liifitUiiix because \tur& Gre cuiuiug fjuiu vocjJ la tlit qiief^Uon ; 
io 820 caflfum mura terras cut, because thoi-e it is th« four vleiuonte that 
IH tliQ tiulijm^ ux!UUJni-ii 915 — 920: hvTb ugain ha closes & long 

rltscuaaloiL ifriUt a a^art fLrgumcct iippcalio^ to outamon sense EigoiDet the 
(btOT? comLdtetl : &^T01 fi^ll. 7^9 foil 984(^93) fdl. dlB itU: seen. 
to 71)7- 919 920: couip, u 1"76 Scilicet ti rie» ^rmu/o ci^jK^**a 

ftwA*r*nfl«( Et lacrimia fpargunl rorantih^ ora genf'4qve -. io each cue 
lie pimhoji tho firgiTm^tit to wlmt hs cl^nis tite List ab^iirdiU', that of 
endt^wing ^rat-tcgiuniaga Vfiih Icuatan feeling:* niiU acti^jas ; Auoxu^rW 
thct^r^j he hei'o eavb, requivos tou to hetiuv'^ thut i<T«rjlljiug hou in- 
f^ultdy Eiujill men ami wuuieu und lh<.' like uiiAe<l up iu It. 

921— 050 i 'liHtoQ no*; ioBj^ired by tlio mua^a I eoler on on Tin- 
tro(Ul*ti path to cull a uw^ath yet wi'vn by Dtme: I nm going t<i l> 
tbo boudfl ufrtligion; ami clear ap a Jaik Bubject by lucid TCiws, 
o'erluid nith tlio honsy of tlio muRUSr in onler to be-ruilG luy rr^adera 
tlieir own pr<kl3t, ev*'n as the rim li Lho cup i* sn]<«ii'«l villi 
to outice childrtiu to Oinnk the bitter but vhulcsomo drqitglit of 
woodV — Tho |>oot hoH hitbf.>rto ^ilaineJ llie fintur^ of fiJd two groAil 
pniK;i|j|«b Lifvuiil Hud utoiiLH, !LuJ blic^wji i1 1 (T i jiii ullific 11 ry t»rLli(tH(! iif HvaI 
to/fcclmrBi be noWj before pTOce^ding to apply tbcao two pnQci|*lc4 t 
C3(p1uiriijig the syslem of the universe and of thih noild of oLirs, ^1 
atteation to bis tlieme ia tlis lofby exonltuui, 922 an./al : aee n, 
]3C. 023 coiop. Aon, IX 1!)7 m^no ia^idum p^rcu^a^ta «ini«rft 

624 iitctiisti awi.i so 13 iiLcatiens fJaniluftt per ptsctiT't ttn'iirfru; Virgi 
geor, II 476 in^fenH perc'igauji ti/nore L e. inuaariim, 626 — 950 rep. i 
1 — S5, i^xc^tt the last 1 vorde. 926 ffll. tbui^e nro many woU-Icdowq 
luiitvdiona of tbtoa vaa.; by Virg. gear, lu 10 folj. joiueJ with 291 foil.; 
Hor oj^iat 1 ID 21 f<dl.; Manih l 4—5; and otlnors, 927 hU 

IlilIii^iIo arttast,^ by auy one, untb pertiajtfl Uio nation uf imsiilHed' 
NumcAianUEi cyu^g. 1 1, in lik iuiitetioDi iit£ado /irejniniuu vr^rtfia mutfe^ 
632 ift'fj'j7. noi,: nee n. to 109. 2Z3 cfim>. fu^dai pgc n, to 639 C/'Tni# 

oA tthm^Ta/fL CiLV de nat. deor. 1 58 f^Lta nays to Ujo ffpiccictm Vel- 
U'jufl iudirtt ttttiKTi tie TO ubsciLTa aiquc diff'ciUima a te ttictUTrt Mm dtJlt- 
cilia. 934 eoiitin^eti», 938 CJ>ritiit^vvit And 947 fv^jtfj'fjy^r^t«rf« 
fitid clsewhi-'ro rigl^^l;^ makra thk word a compf^Dud of £^^70: ¥i 1186 
croci ctfJttfeta. ^Itn^i eontinct«/i ia not fo^iod in Lucr.: Virg. g<for^ ill 
403 and 443 ftyjitingttnt is probably tJiG sinti.- foi-ni. 93& non oh tiuUa 
niL iDCttiiH of course with rery great Tcaaon ; tit itl is nob easy to ex- 
plain T L&mb, eomparce /opti* a _/™piffnfa copiajfn^, a tero tensv iudi^at^ 
wbif^li are not vi'ry Ute. PcHinjis it ia einiple&t to lindci^lnni! it Mke u 



£OOE [ 


51 jyfyor^M ab aUTOt the £;1iCter coming iktm gold: see ]>K»^ea qvinWiJ 
Uktiq &i>in Liry &nd vtberB: it = therefore mta u nulla rutioue yTO- 
ficUd, oon nuUiufl itLCioDia eu^ : or lias it tho lueiiiiLng of ffffirf, «Jf* <b 
rriiCii(/ri«, a ^rto rt^jVftW T ur la it Lite Cic. pro Mur. 03 nodT^ t7^' h- 
Plai^tM HAritiaitiio'l but th^t wperhu-ps n more Urecibm, 836 t^tdra 
ilriHitcs Mp, what i& luuiscoiiB to tiLite or fuiicIL Q41 ^Zfc. awn ntj), in 
furm reaciuUfs Eon- ana. 3G0 A'l^ cncjj» capfn eopi cot. imitiit«d m Acn. 
Tii 295 y^mi cn^-ti pntwre cnpi cet, Imt the lenBe difitta: it in rightly 
«:i|i|nineii pirLupn \iy T(imeU adv. vl 14 ' liactuia esse viilotnr a it^tia 
Atibxta pJAcibod; nam fovoa pccjica Qnaa* ATCa catat docipiuotuf litquo 
r^iiimttir, lU daTiini]ij]i:[([o tit incotnincwlrim i;icidu[it: doti tLimen pupn 
ce(.* Tik£e'> GcFp Ub. i 3 E daiV itfjantvo «i^ vifa rtCEith?: Fairfux ro- 
pruincoa better Iho |ioiiit cf Luci-- 77«?y drinke Jacmrd nnd aa dcceivd 
the^ live. Atii. IV 330 jVo/t t^ijiuthnt. mmthto mjiUi ftrr i/wwrfi/ iifficnr, 
m/?6i L9 much itfoiiger than deccpCa wrfold bo> 944 2Vu&ior = aMm- 

dor: IV 125 trUtta csntaureit; 634 ^tid^/ (nV^fl rf amitmrnjitj \'i JSO 
t9pore»pi£ t-njitia tptiic vtnt. Vii'gs geor. ui 44P (neir" awuri;«. 945 
rty%v. I'icrit) . . wkmi«> diif^^i .' fee U. to lIciH, 919 i^^m pcr^jriciji id tliu 

irliit&ifiUc iKUM' CifL Lil Att. JT 3 ^li ni Arcmio opperfor^ dttin Aiter- 
c&pioKO'f Tor. eun. SOS e-r^cto^, riu;?k vt/iii; Vir^- tcL jx 23 dun* 
HdM - ' /Mlitc^ cftptllru: Aoumtiuics it is doubtful wUHber Ju/ri siguilua 
'lu^tJl * or ' whilst'; but Ltrt' and id tbi^ lumKi^e? Juiit rjiEutfil and jv 24 
dit/a p^r9piiMi 0. iV. r, ac p^tciUU utUttatciit it [iliiluij mfan^ 'uuliJ', 
(ISO /v>mptai ni 25S fjuo jxicf^ inlcr ttiK viixt'i i^itOnaq^e Cvmpta rhodU 
ngfont ; 17 27 quihua t T^}is cwitk cmiioTG crwkpJa vi^emi ; aud ii; Sir^ 
^* ^mptu eon ibtf ifiqtrt Corpi^rU at'/uv a/iinias contialimf^ vnifcr apt*-. 
tlitf iiietAphoi^ luiut be Eroin drcflning and bnuding, iind I^Tiilding up a 
cwnplicntvd b'tructurc with, a bcml of hair. 

951 — S67 : ' I Uara pi-oTetl tlic GJiiQteuo^ of indcsti^ictible atotn^ and 
of void or space; an? thutic utt>ir»a iuUuito in nurnbtrt h tbu* r^iioce 
iofinito iu extiintr 95V proj'uit'hun ia Liior. incajia uufcitboniubly 
divip, nnil beuue Js almost ^oit. with inuii/r)}^/*!-. ocmp. Lis lufe of st/jif u«, 
p/^d«, tt^er, ?j^if]ju« atid tbo like in n. to iv G3. 

958 — 987 : well then tbe iinivCTse w bouaied on no Bide ; for then it 
ujiist Iiave iLn entl or outelile : in wLiVli csiati tbi>re luu^t ba bouvttlibg 
V^yond it, vpbicL luny be «ccn to Wund it, but thove can be nothiDg 
oiitsid** tlie iinivi?rsc, vhich Js thereforo bouuLllosa on lill aides. Agjiio 
«}■ for tha monkeut qacc^ ia finite: go now Ui its verge nnd Qing u 
jiiiciin ; will jt go in the direction you tluv»w it, or will it Ik? stopped by 
something * if tliere ia ftODa<?tIiiog beyon J to slop it, that something h in 
ttiv univfi^; if it goes oti^ it baa Tiot .started from tho rnd of 3i«LCe: 
tJicrHor*:* you will be alwnys in tljo univcrso, wlicravm- you fling it- 
WtJjr whaterer you 3«e, Is bouuded by &nd into aonietJuiig di^i^ien^ 



cnrtli by aeft, f^t^tk hy eartli qjiiI tLe like; but wL&l is there outnile fl 
liotmd tbo imiv^-sGf — Lucr. has ]ii4 ^eat ipjualiue done htm h?Tv 1H 
ihc mi^[i[ire]iui]!^iuri uf hU pfJibom mid othci^ wbo stmu^'tly tftke iwj 
fjunr/ oil, o^m/rr! i^iMTti eei ^Kttmm, r^rvm sftmriia to be all ^yIloDT1n«; ■ 
right ox|jlHTi»tit»n of 968 n ifivs, . congtittifttur, mid tlie tn*nspA*iti*B 
^'Ikicii I liA\e ma<]e t^f D84 (9S6)— 987 [lOUt) VkiU I Ulkve Tuakc H 
nrprnicut «{iiitQ clear: he ia going to Bfif!W tkat flpa?o ia iufirifl« xfl 
nmttiT infinite: the fcirnier ^lii [n\ivoa ORS (984) — lOOT^ the 1hII*t lOfil 
■ — 1ir5] ; 1)U& iirst fiir tLe aiike of ccrtujiletme^B he atitf^ in oxn- pieai?ol^ 
floiition tint the uuivprBO or omne or to itSk ifl iniitiitfl. Theif oau of 
course properly Kp^'ttking he Di.t pnntf yf tliis, as Lui;i'. Iuih wisely bp^ti: 
it miiat from the n&tiire of tlio casc be ahe^n bj & aeries of idoiiticftl 
pro|H>!4itioiiB, call tbem aa yrju pl'.H<^o dc^DitionB poctnl^lea or nstvii 
tbeae propositions ]iowc*'<?r i^rc most clt^iirlj put bj liJiii, wheii li<? 
rightlj int^rpreti^d. GGS '^nod tsf latiddcd to Cmn^, as in ^23 ; &<> 
0/nnfi jT/or/ w' gjntfiiitn: to nijike the oipr^snion mrre tQe»r: to 
is Ejkit^utu,^' i^Tm : Lucr. calls it al:« jTtmirftt vnuiit,fuiittaatummfd ttrfii 
<yfliui/t, sftriiniit tntmmat^i/n iind aomelimefl ornnia. 958 n**/, rrff. ri,r 

takb whichever ol' the rvrnlri tlirou^lj tl^e LEiiircjrse ymi pli'Eiiu\ ilI ijd 
puint in anj ofthon] will you roiicb ita boand : comp. ii SCO tfinJ 2D3 JVV 
tvffinnf toci fcffa. 959 ^i/ren^u™ ia the Mpo/ of Epii*iini»v 0»il M 
t£ii. j. e. itA lib viilt^tur UEiid, cpio loiigiua nontor jwii^ni^ non srtjaAiull 
ec timt au7 oiie dtunding nt tliid point otcs ^'hi;re \]ic thiiig cuds mim 
anmethmg else liegin^: Anfi? ifj?wuff naC. -aimjilj hic seriiitit: tiA naiufM 
ttqufte, jnuiifii, AniWnjid the like. 962fffrjrf^rir; Aeii.T]ii£036m/£i^fl 
ivcujitur I'vlrBrpitTii juilt-m, 664 the ^^^o follows fi'oCQ 959 rt'ifftp *^^M 
The nliov^e k idmubt jl trEinulutlou iif Epicunmiii Difig, Loi^rt. x -l I to =ifl 
<iir4i/>ok fori- TO yap irt^rpatr^ivov o^por c;(fL' TO £* ZKpov ?raf>* frc/jor fl 
ftu^crr"!- (uiTTf ovff 'Jt^fi' anpox' n-cpExe (iiJir (v'i« fr<pt? &' uh'm c\ok' uircifi^l 
^r tifj Ha\ 01? 7rfJTtpacr;ii<rot : comp. U>o Ci<;. de dir. ii 103 vUImiie UplaU 
mm . , qxii:maiira(Kluitt fpioti iti jiaftii^a tcf^tm ora'te ''fi-if d'cijin^is, ^| 
infialOiTn fSK ronchmerit f qnixl finititm ekiL in<ptii habrt e)ctiTmu^| 
rp4.U fioc Hoti dalG-ii f quod AUt«iti linbei cAtreDLUU, id cernitur ex hS 
«xtni;ifie«iia- Aor i^uotitie cat eoticedcnjlnm. nt quod omiLe cat, id ti^| 
ci.'miLLir ex nlro rxtririHcciu- lu /iiur.' qu.UUm ixt^nrt poCeat. nihil ifftt^l 
cuffl hxbcat E-K-treuiuju, infinitii;]! Ait m^ceebe teU 90G <;u<rffj i^fl 

/.^, ^qneTncumqiie lociim nliquia pofia[>dit. IV 17iJ In qufna r/niv^^^ 
locuja divtno n\tmirie leiulviti; C\tu tie ont I 130 iti, in qtio furtj^H 
artijieio ntff^tlerd, is in 0ut> geriftre Hosieius diterctur. D67 I am i>fl 

dear whether qut'ipi* or ^^w is ?iihjo<t of ^'diutpuf, J helii,'vo IH 
funnE'r is. H 

968 4t: t^fn must bo T>r>tud; xvheu thitri uaed, xiAiULlly 4S here witbl 
■jiti* »iibj,, but not Rlvffj'fl, it mearm granting for the rnonf^ot fludi fl 



^H tor Ul« nJc« or argameiit* yet tbat vliioli in affirmed v-ill still 
mIow, or tliat which is denied will still not follQW: the rcnenuiDg thepa- 
line in, gmiiting fur tli^ iiionD^ut sjJTioe Lo he ftnite, y^eb aone the lesa the 
ginieial coucluflioQ vrlli be true thjtt the cmtic la ia(irit«; it tlicri-iiri'o in* 
trodiicva juiothcr proof of this fA^t ; aod has ur^thitig to do wilb proving 
^mca to be Uiiinite: the denuiri^tratioii of ttiaL iK-giii^ at Ddd (D€4) : 

e*L ^ V ] fl5 f?//*>/^ ffi iVrf*i ren/Jit, iijimfem jiriminyiia ifjists sint. Hoc Ui/aisn 
tct : Pklsj I SflS with iijjperf. jVcc, si i'nn ^?o*sf^ sti^e I'flft^n' poivtf-; and 
tU 7^G vith iudic. ifiiad gt iamfit^ /aicnra iteO'SBscat \ ahJ 'iX'A ri vzm no»- 
JrttBtiitU opt : wee aJao it 1171 'Veti Uim^n f»to iom. For thU nae of «i 
um aj)d & bimiliu ouc of te£ Utm m OIci'io ftud utm ui in LLvj and 
Cwrettr Bte Undv. de fin, p. 589 : Tua^, disp. i 50 ^i iflw^ jiosje^iC, not re- 
feiTiid til liy Jiiiii, ia u good iiislUTice. 970 UUUmu m ftddnl t*i jjive 
fcfoo ao4 poiiU to «j?^» oi'i^ -. it fkj^ipoaia to W prolcptic : bo runfl forward 
Id tl)D outmoat edge, bo na tliQii to be btJindfog ou its f]Lrth4>5t point: 
eouip. Cii\ Uu DJtL dcor. j j4 iri Tn7/i<7L«am e£ iideririinafrtm in iirnimi 

jNrrj/n'fbtfMr t'F jiiii/iirn tmu^n nr/rm ti/l'imi I'iileiit, in iptn j)0/int iiiJu'etert', 
ilcfin. t 17 nee tiiliutiUM 7XC fi^emuirti 2d tx£rei>i.tti/t ci uftiniiirn; U C 
if/ aimjtfxrOf ij iUttmum : all appnreiilly mere pleorinsma. 971 comp. 
AfA. 11 ^ vifiitis ing^Ttlem mrifjus luigftiTn ^ . Ctf'ftortiL 976 exeiiipCii 

fimi lOOT Flnif'it4 cjxjiipii*; bo Ovid tXcrapft, (kri'jih^n^. 977 ;'ro- 

^M^ ni S54 jirolHi pmchert and ^e6fTv are c]uitc aruiiogons. j>r{7£ic(iJ 
^^k^u^: ^73 prvfiificre ohit£areqn/t^ and above ufficu-e at^tj^ o^Kforc^ 
^Hpfl 41 o'avM j &!&> II 784, 786 nnd 7(^1 qffiriHul obnta-ntquc, hij}&iiiint 
|^BiKA»/^f«j fvi)]rrr£ ^/</7ire «£ oAsM : ]\\s cvmnt'int hiiitJilor AmoK nil 
lu< pffiannt nihil nihifqua iupcditiitt qnominus. 978 _^jti i& In the 

DMrk or limit aiiuod ^t : Lncr. hon m&ny sTioh ablaljros^ /lo/^i fi£«»{ orbi 
Wii JMvff /irf/iT M well a* nin^i i^/ni imbri arn! tivea f/ifii; jnurroni i-atimU 
fvHi /i/Wi(ty: imd vith 07C>n^ f 78 /?tr", OrOj^Tw: o&mp. H' 332 ;««, 
'^^Iti^i: in Ci'etit words he lins tbeao siUutives in i, triptvli Cift'e^i 
^Hfenit* M noticed abovE!, 979 in eitlter caao it Las not fiturted 

RE the limit of th^ omfie; io tha formei- ea^e bodr ban stopped it, and 
Ihb bfiJy Tnn.1t he ic tli! tinlver^-; in tbo Ultcr s[itici! hoA aiTorded It 
tvoTU U> ilj on. Ni^itico ,/rfrr'^ ihrice within three IJnea in tLi^^e fienaea ; 
pb^yrc too n^iifpuin in d'i^ and D^4 with ditTcrent iticauingB; and see 
L |A flT3. S80 fr^u^r: ao ti 983 ('lei^^e ff^^iar: I will follow up, 
E^ftllio »r£timeiiL orttt extr. the outer «:dp^ of the oiattc. 981 : bcro 
^^ftc n*« tiijiiit. in ono seiiai? eeeuin uctually to suggeat to him Fiet titi 
o B diAVrfnt Ai^n^r : so atranga!^ <!<«» bo lovo such ikssonjiucesi and in 
JaliUou to wh^bhns b^n <uid Lcrc jind to 87i)i ob». id 083 Effn'jirtm'pi^ 
|u0^ 6S3 prolixtet h to cnlurgo fhe bonndA, and tbua ever to give 



room for further flight. Bpntl in 970 fcr Ultif/tir^ jiroposed JTunffl 
itithout uece^eitY; but h& rightly «w, jla Wak, observes, that this ilia 
trfltioQ vraa oai^^eatcd to Liior. b^ the Hainan moJc of doclAricg w«r ; ■ 
tUt' words of f.^vy I 32 l5_/?m Aiilienmntfifi/iJin htt^tam. . n^ jiarf fon^ 
Jerret-..h'islai» injinea corttm einittrhiti, iBut you cADHot gii out ot ifl 
omTitf to Sing a spoar into a neighbour's boumie, A GimilAT- dilernxnafl 
Kajd to havo W^n u»e<I bj Archjt«B to prove the KifiuJly of liudy : gnfl 
the tfXtroraity of hcAvcn nnd tiy to pot otit your bftod or oUff : you rfl 
or oflnnot- and xo on. In vtry Giriiilftr lan^tage tori T^tke et^ny u ■ 
21 a«ek» to j>Rivo spa^.'o infinite : be aoks 'vhctherir^d placed > mfl 
•t tho extromitj of coq>orf>a1 botng!>, ho couM not fttroTch hia hutrd H 
yonii bifl body: if bo ooiiTJ, then he wtjntd put his tirm wherp there trfl 
before spac« without bi5dy:..if be couhl n^t fti'ctch aut h'n hand, M 
mast be bectiOBe of some oztomftl hmdronce..,and then I a^k wbethfl 
thnt whi(?h hinders hh bnnd fmin moving onwi^rds he Bu1»t!Liic« or ^/cM 
deot, something or noHuog', 1 

S84 (998)^987 (1001): ha i^oncludea hia argnmrat on the wn^d 
uith a. flhurt Et^iUsmenl taken from what courea uiidec the sight uf an 
comj). vhat ia snid abo^o on 7Vl foU. T5f^ foil, Mft ^A\.i cutiqx td 
li 471 — 47T, m 367—309, v 506 — 508. fiSf — 563, G4fi— 540. TM 
theM vas- ahotiJd bo placed here ndmita I tbitilc of ao tuetUon: thq 
atlerly destray the Bequeni^e of the reasoning, where tliey como in nM 
Fit a prohabfe explnimtion nf why they got onC of plaM scg fthnV9 p. 3^ 
Ignorance of the dificreiit stdLgca of tho argtmirDt i^ouhl suggest tlH 
I'vufrcmo must follow Praeierna of SI<£ t at^d tbcrofiTo thi^ first ettiH 
woiiW not uTmntnTnTly give to thia ftdditjon of the pit-t''* the pJiioo ■ 
b^ in all tua^L All finite ttiiags bound and are boundL'd hy aoujethia 
disooctinuou^ and dUtiiict in kind : comp, tbo «t'iic Cle<iined«9 de inet«fl 
I f} at ond vSv to irfTTtfintjfi.h'iaf tl'i irtfttrytvi^ vfj^roC-jai jroi o ttrrfv mfM 
Ttrv J7tiTtf>aijp.<iiH!. oToi- <vtfi'S ft Toi'i a\«i o aijp ir^paTovfiKVOi lU ^*j3l 
Y<ny x«TaA>jy*fj tJc t* otBipa *rni to vSidp *:-r-A- ■ 

083 (904)' — 1007 : but spHct; or void ia iJlceiriM infinite; lJ&u iimtE«( 
diinng f<aat otomity mutt have sank in a muH to tbe bottom, and 
nothing cmild exist : but rb s[HKti i* iiifinii*: on all buntU^ ther'- - 
lowest jiomt to ^hich Srat-be^nniugH can t«Tid : they have IhMitu 
fcKwn to movQ ill for Bver.^Haviug &hewn the oiiin4 ii\ be iufiuite, 
Ttow [irocesds to ilrtida one of the two c^iicHlious uicwtcd iibovo D53 fo 
and lo prove H]^ce to be Ln6nite> 089 (984) /mrnrnai totitvi la anotlirr 

ninn*' for the oinnf. 991 [987) ra/^/j/jW ■ s(¥ n. ti 2.1:3. 992 (983) 

tifi r-w/i (ffyww! recurs ii C63 and v lOlfi, after f'ii^ Arat- 17 /'ifn 'w6 
|imim« ««vrL 996 (993) At trnne: aee tL to 169. 999 (995) M 
^b. frj<tCfj : ttj II S^T 7110 nuru? f^i motu : ^09 iTWpn nrufn printon^ «£■ 
I m'^fr.; but IV 3D3 c< ttdaUuo $iinl omnia moit. 1000 (^96) S 


irr I 


Jema : it la true tliat accordii^g to Lucr. there is no loveat poiut In 
flpace; &nd perhaps he and Epic would have Bftid that up &Q1I down 
^"ere mere reUtlve terms. Bat his coaceptiou of atoms implied^ aa ve 
■ball see in 11, their racing through spai^ at an eaormous uniform speed 
in pafatlel right lines in one direction, with the cmions exception ex- 
plained u 316 Fi'tl This inherent motion both Epicoros and Lucr. 
nndetstaud as a motion downwards ; the/ had no other conception of 
dowTkwards in space. When by the artiEce spoken of atoma were en- 
aUed to clash and combine, both Epicurus and Lucr. conceived the 
rimng up of atoma in a direction more or lesa contrary to the onlj na- 
tnral motion as that which enabled things to cotne into being and 
rem^n in being, and rendered possible the existence and maintenance of 
the «unifna rerum. It is utterlj Tain for Lach- to attempt to controvert 
thia: oomp. 1035 nim materiai Esc infinUo suhoriri copia pouei, a pas- 
sage quite parallel to this. 1001 (997) and 1036 £x irifitiUo Le. 
apatio; as t 367 £x iji/inito quae poMtni /orta coorCaj 408 Sx infinUo 
tvrU corpora plura coorta', 414 £x inJinUo /aerat quaecumque eoortax 
but 1 1025 ^x in/tntto = Ex in£ tempore; which in the similar passages 
▼ 183 and 423 is expressed, Ssi infinito itan Uoipore percUa pla^i eo 
indifftfrent is Lucr. to such ambiguibiefl. Ex irifinito appears from 1036 
£sc inf. tiihoririf and vi 666 £x ir^jtito . . &uppedUare, to depend on sup- 
pediiwUta; but perhape it refers to cita as well, cila has its full partici- 
|ual force, as also 11 B5 cum cUa saepe and iv 5i6 regio cUa: so Hor. 
epod. IX 20 Puppet nnittromim dias. 1002 profundi is here a subst. 
as oflen in Lucr : so tuUuto, habenaSf summam prqfitndi: but he only 
thus nses it in the gen. sing. 1004 repeated v 1216. 1005 reAkU 
ire: v 227 Cut tantum ^ . re^tei Iransire tnaiorutn; Hor, epist. i 6 27 
Jre tamen restaly Ifuma quo devenit. meando goes wiik/tuxra. 1006 
copia L e. spatii. Comp. with this and 996, Oic de nat deor. 1 54 m 
hoc igiiur iamenHtaie laliindinum lottgUuditutsn allitudinuTn ir^fitiita vis 
inrtumerabilium volUat aU>nu)ruTH cet where the ir^fimla vis ia Lucretian. 
1006 1007: notice here the ]K>etical redundancy of expression, which 
with him has also a philoaophical import 

1008 — 1051: and the sum of things and matter too are infinite: 
the other question proposed above: for apace being iufinite, if matter 
were finite, then nothing in being could exist one moment : this world 
for example and all its parts would dissolve into their atoms ; or rather 
could never have existed; for it is only by an infinite supply of matter 
that this earth and heaven can be maintdlned : the mutual claahings of 
atoms might keep this world, or any other world, supplied for a time ; 
but only for a time : nay without infinite matter, even th«fle clashinga 
could not go on. 1008 rerum sjtmnta : flee what I have already said 
to 235 oShaec rerum eumjna and 333 on titmina r^rttm, swtwta is wit^ 


KOT1S n 

u-iTnJto M 

LocT ■ T«i7 ini)«£aite t«itB ; tliea wt b4v« tntn rumma omnU, »»h^ 
MnMmn Mius umnu, ^lunsia «iiMi&anEm uitil ilie Uke »re «]1 Ajtumpnv' 
of Uto £»PnH« or utiirerae ' atttMoa tad ia tlic in^uito r<fid or spftoe : n 
then ret U tk j>ro|)^ term tbr things in being, rvntma rtnan dimiM 
dtinute tbc whiilc Hiim oftbiu)^ lu beio^ the whole aumber Duinbeden 
cf woridd in bejag timroghont infinite Apace, wen on A^a? r^rutn nMnma 
meoufl Lhi?! vurliL of aunt : ftiiJ tlii^ is ilA regular uu<t QHiut] laauiiui.'^ -~^-' 
fi09 fwid ommV rtrum nunc const^ tuntn^ treaia^ utd u >'^2l' 1^ 
in^nil^ mtnimtn nrvm lo^tM loun. But then u Uub jKimfn^i r*pvN« i* 
iulSntU^ aud aa tllMS fiiet-b«ginuiug^ uu( <jf wLic^ it iuiuhs «diI IaIo 
which it pi»o« bftck, HT&hlao iaSnitf^, and na worlds dgnewherv in tb|^ 
unirti^e jire aJwnvs nsiug into being and porbUiiig, und thus lL« 
fious Wtvreou tK« red aud the /inVii/riiui ate ixiujatitutl/ clLd]i>;iug - as 
with Luar. and all the anci«iita aU infinit«A oiti oqanl; the infinity of 
Utd that of printdfTrfui got mixed tn^tli^r ao ioBXCriiBiblj. chat »&i^ 
lime^ ad Ln our present poaaa^, ^nmoM rentm mccuu the whole tn^jutc 
sum of mAtt«r, buih things tn being and dtomi out of whic'b thej oom« ; 
II 3Cr3 ia »nin«whHt unbiguouA : sea nuLuft iKerv : umeLimea aa i 334 
tfunima rcnttii \a i» vuguo ajB iba Mgnato Aofvfti f«n»m ; see abo n- lo 
C19- Once, vi l)Q6, fui the context fixes the meaning he venttirvt 
nse rffTHrn «unu;ia fv»r Aoec nsmm ncfiMna or Ate mtutdna ^ while £4.^ 
has again ita mo^ extenaive senBO- 

1009 X" jM^t. Unet- Utt iiiv 1ft T Mart^t^.-.i^tkmi mt 
iriaptv tLbirrtur; Qrid met. VII 146 Sed U n« /acerta temttt 
/itm<t^ 1012 Aut [ita ut] t^ttrmirutn tonim i.e. not inone ALit CttTpi 

si tdtrmm Le. hUL cor|rus aut in^Jie, ncn ti^^i/iiiict illiid iJti^ruTn, Sitiifdi 
ruUtira, Lc. solum, /«ifoii£ tomess ^^ etiumsi dtcmm deainai, inrnt 
rtUmii. 1013 inmoJ^raiuni. Cic, de nat. deor. tl G3 CnLiidUku Ih? 

ovcj^of al&fpfL uf £uri(riUt!d by iHTitinli;fiUvm itttArrtt, On the Iaciiii& sefr 
Dotci^ I jmd trnn^L lOK tcmpitt: eee n. to 1:^0. 1015 tiiettm 

MIL existing in the interiaimdia. 1018 tiuu/uitm jifr iniittt, which 
CUTS fuur thuvm between this t. and U lOCi^ is ndtii^ted hj Virg. ««L vi 
31 : U 1 lt)3 ma^nui'i iB an epithet of oatni;- the word tbua applied ac- 
qnirea » jiuetical inttnat/of mKkMing ; asjtoiijiug priiAnAfhrt aUr lUiU tlie 
like; K« a, to IT C3 fcvEUu. Of tlu^ and the pri^ceding uutii>n8 Epi^l 
Diog. Laert x 41 givc^ a good eummnry^ *ai ^njf ml r^ irAij£ta tw otf^ 

ttard TO aT-d/KiP anij^ Swirrrn^/infl, jtuk rj^M^a Ta vrtpttQiivri KtJ.1 vriXKo^u 
■ara tq^ airbxuTEic ' ctTC to mklm- ^v upuiftcniVj ouf ^ cTv* ra awiipa. 

1021—1027 are rejKwited with soma chaogitt v 413 — JSIP 
167 — llJi. It iauieic blind ckuico, not [Uttvidencr, that has Amni 

L BBftj 




HPof Hm AtoDu blilo world uuil uthev worlds ; tlit-rcfurrt t^ti'ac atoms 

bwer tvultl Lava tliua coiubincili uiiK*^ Iheco wdb rui iiifiiiltf' ^upjOy. 

lOdl fi^r thes« thi'ee aIjEh. a^ d> to 1^3, 1D22 ^ir^ rnonoA^l. hm'e imd 

: so iiJ 10^^ jri^ v*:idiA idter Eaniua: hucL ii ayn\7. \a tatti iu bax- 

moat frc'^iieDt iu dramatic poetrf. 1025 ^'jt iiif\ he. tom- 

Ci»mp. V !8A an*| 433 and n, to 1001 ; qiuI hIso Aeii- JX 63 

yU^jjoC cf/riu/r ^41 '<?^'yti mhhi. ptTcltG a litvourlte word in tLis 

1026 Omna genua'. Lucr, ih veiy foad of Uiirj iitiuia. ciommou 

E lust wiiterft' f/iitni i/frtiut wlrto occuif* urttii: m af\j. orniiijji-niix \s 

own to tim ; sve n. to C83, ■itunifi^ and tof/fij ara of coume flcc, 

1027 dUpoeiTuriig : bo v 19!2: see &. to 653: it L^ppi?iira to be 

i&T to Liicr» 1028 partly vc^wta v IDt. 10S9 ntmjnoa unnia: 

4 ^a-w roftfl*n( frui^A^tf in jiuttjnis rn^n^ilus ajf>t09. There ia no 

Bii nllu3>io[i« [r^t'Lujid snrcjkMlti^, to tlko t1ioonc<i of tlie iH't'jnvJi nnuufi. 

robablv IimJ in hifi miuil some nt-ijcal iuterpi-el^itlou of Jiemctiliua' 

when our preavHt aysteni ^hrmlU eail and tv uew cycl^ com- 

Tha pcrift tbon mejtns bii luvr, Lliu wiriM, tlkougli i^ ttrni of 

oe u ntrtliiug crm^iurci witL iJie t^temitj of tlie univerao, yet ia 

t furm outlivt-a ninny cf yonr great years, Ire tltey li) or l'U>00 

r yean. 1D30 ^'£ «frfLt^=^;ruj/'^«E4i^f^ Ijcru aul in tite bctt 

vdtrn: Boe Fore 1D3I Jlniniriia u>iriiB js tie BLream of wjtUr be- 

looking Lo euclt nmnu: Aff Forf. h.v. and Af?n. ic 31)3 rupidus moJttOfito 

in4 Utrfttut, wliicli Le also cites: rv 1030 Ffutniitri tii^fiUU Jlltciin. 

0ununia»(iy if tli4> word of Lucr, wbii-'U i^ ijuite doubtful, laui^t bitra 

seD«n UAtul ill Ebe srrript- ruj IUhL Ltciuglit iip aud kqrt fur 

tig: aee Fore and Oc^ucr b^y.: tlio iricn-mn^ it htvi in 8 and 1^3 

Ijr iH ill plittfo litre, 1034 eittint=il\ijviit by a poi?itical IJneora: 

^ V-^38. *atoic M- ppripatotic coulJ b<;™ uan it litt'i-alJy; but to tlio 

Lticr. th»c thio^ aro rntboi- tku oxam|iJc, ua ho isLys v 1:]5, 

{a ritiili rit^tn aentitq't^ itfii^lfxtii. 1036 see u. to llXX). 

fVtKifiu ia accua. iigroelng witban*ia*a, £;( te/P»^*orB: comp, 35^ and 

boanU 3G4 la Ui^^pofs mi mm i^orti. 1038 foil, cotnp. ri 1123 

jj^ 1039 am^ rcjr.^ au 310 amisAo uiia corjutm ; iv 5Xy Xec Ce /tdiit 

^^ftfUfc/ <^rjnifiit au/^fiit. 1041 ^r^^a irmf, a grociain to wUiub I 

BJw TkA ox^tot [j^ridli^l : HLirjioo'^ tf^e/^m /j^tij^, ij/iffr7'»j folntit are flome- 

^Aat like: Boo. aun. 20U limi sc^iui to dt^pebd not ou Jtcxcre but ^ru^. 

BH 'UM. CFfiL», tpt^ice^ tbo n'bolo of bdj £um of matter gatli«r«d toge- 

^Bt iiirb aj our ^/^l^^^rl or jiiutulug here spoken of. 1044 r?M'/rrs. kii 

ctpn!M«e meUpbor witb j/l<i^a> or I't^t**, to gi^c tbe fonrc of Epin\iriis' 

Ums ounoter-fltroke vhich makes tbo atom obauge lie cmrsQ rnd 

it lo Giimliire. 1045 tfi/imtur: 111 I0l0/>oi^?j/wr ; tbeaeor othfir 

MXv ixmtiui^Ti onnngb in tbc; ojil \rntnr4 : J13 7«rf«^' I'iif'tM iicjuUar 

tunp9tfftUHfj>{HsUar. 1049 oom|i. 103^. 1050 JCi iamm l\ 



Sll ^i tamfin in rrhus; v 768 ^t iajnsn tpsa tuo ett, 1177 £t k»nm 
oamin/t 'jiuid cet; 105G Ee r*i'HOna Urviffn aim oet.; 1 1 25 fG Wn*rt* i 
$nmiiui wL ; vt fiO.1 -£* toflw/t ivti^nliim cet. : tbe fore* of tlie jifirtidlw li 
' uiit ptittiti^ tbiH or other coaHi(Itirntii>Tis out of tho Wiij, &VL-ri thon/ ofl 
'jtnil yet Hfber all^ err thir like. lOSL da opuit ^i^ a unurni^i) omutn 

m Lucr, aa ii 3f), ^15, iii 067, iv 12G6, 1377, vi 365. | 

1053 — 1082 : do not beliere mth some that all thingft tend to a etffti 
ire, aad theri^fure llio w^rlU k?c]>9 bo^etlter without CKtemal forue, aiiu 
tbingB aud aaimale biMit'atb tlie eurtb cannot tumble into tli« akyauj 
more thikD we can flji up to h : that oiii- day m their nigbt^ tbeir duy od 
ulgbt: ibis is nhi^or folly; ti]ier« ia no ctutre m infinity, um), if tbeid 
were^ things would not t"3 attnicl«d atiy mure thitn repelled by it: roaJ 
tivtrywheie alike yields Ut ull Imdy alike, — It \s the kIokm dtntbtlvM 
wbom LacTn here miLiiily attncka, though the pciipatotics aod wrw 
olIieTs held a eirnilsr dodrine: th^ taiigbt thut there was but one finite 
world Hummtitled hy na hiCniltb vuidj and that the wuiid wuh ujJield iii 
the wny which Lucr, so clearly exphiina here, hy oil thinj-B prcsaing to 
the centre: the earth resting ItroirpaTv^j in the wrda of Zeno in Stob. 
ecL 1 ID 1, at Ltbout the centre of the Koofio^ in the anme vay that the 
whole liEiito XDfT^D? remaina Eu^ ia the iu)init« void. Had Epjcum^ 
vbili' rxif-iihitug h]?< muceptiuua uf miiuitc sjutit) aitj rij^iUi^' aiifl inniim^ |< 
lahle ntirldd and ay^tema, seen Hl ic adoft thin atoicnl doctrine of ttuD^ h 
tending to a centre, and ■» to mako his atonss ru^h from nil aidei nf i 
rpace alike towanla a centi'e^ he rtif^ht hiive aDlEei|rnW llii; dcx^tnne nf I 
tmiveraul gravity : Bee what U »\i(l to II 251 foil, l0&2/ttiff with aii 

iiilin. is fhtmd in Vir;^! Komra Ovk\ and TibHllos: bm Fore, and 1 
Frcuad. 1063 q'toJ diciuU = ui ^u</U dicf'nt cr ut dicuiil-. ao ^od \ 

dieo, qfiofi <wt'>itt 1030 taa faod tuUura pciit, ii 360 qved wUnra rcfto&cUj 
»nd iJie like : Lanh, B(*f ma to me only to imtoIvg tho eonstr. fummae, 
t^f thojr Jinui whiL^h is finite. 1066 rciifnui ei:t of ntoiDfl ; ato 1041^ find 
1050. 1056 ■ the Btrjic in Cic. dv nut. deor. xi 115 HayBMnrtM /iarf« 

fttit vmJl'f-uA iiKdinuM Ivcum cnjKW^Ufa nitmtt-Hr ttt^olUer ceL and 
Zrtio hiinsetf in Stob. evL 1. 1. irtlifra ra ^cpi} ruu irdc/iuv hrl to ^co-d^ tdv 
»fj«T/*ev riji' ^fini* <X"^) /^'lAurrn Be rii ^(i^ios *;^fliTii 1057 is parenth^ 

tiual : LiVub- ii^Utly coiufmrea the fctriu of expr. lu iv 3(JC J rra n ervdie 
privatum luntirte pofw T?idiigfedi; cotap. aleo II 003 n&pWpOM* an Icrra 
FM^ere frrmf/b. 1058 10S9 Loch, imd m^ma older ctlitirr^ ji^ the«o 

vf'iih 10^7 ; this may be n;^ht, but I prefer to cionnect tbetn with 1 05€ : 
ICt [fuge cre<le™] /ptne pojuL tu-nt, not jn"ji(, licssiTise it is a mz-ro dagni-J 
tion uf the p<>et^a dwd, not dopeadhig on the (ipinion f.>f those criticiaoiLV 
1069 r^ro ptyHti : if two men are feet to fuetr the on« li Bup|ioBod to be 
rovorwd or turned upside dnwn, jni^t na ycrnr shallow in the water 
to bo- 1060 uuqacaLconably b joined with what precedm; Me 



1 : LncL, b«re tubourfl in Tain: Lucum DomoiL 22 ^vea ju!it tbe aame 
itlu^liiiliLiD, i^mucDi' Tti'd TTtpi Tuiv ayriTvtnfv oinXryufin'Ok' avdjnjiras ivU 
iwi ^piap tiya^at fiai A'l'faf a^rri^ rrjft' ff Ti^ v5aT4 OKtay f/^jCTD raMnrrOVS o^ 

1061 if Xhvre a hero aoy auucol at oil, it ia very ilight luid Dntural : 
/*t^ crvdertf on wlik'h wlmt ju'CCfdpe dtpejida, is an ditliiut, tLut liff 
pnien to go on with n-natfior rerb Co/i/^tiiun^ jtujtpa: Fnslwii [|iU}tQ4 
I^cilma fur tUifl word; and Attiua 675 ha£ the vi?i-b atf/>^(» (im- 
|*r): it = ni]j»inua. 1065 Jlli tUa pef>iiJe tttT<f, caBilj Inrorred 

from what preL^?d(.-s: y(it it ia jH>sail]le thub III!, us Larub^ aiigge.str», 
IB IliC ftdv,: a wcLJ Luqud form ; t^ut the praaciun uoutrs^te htCter 
with TUM : Virg, geor i 2»j0 I^osr/ue vhi primfis e^uU orifns ad- 
^mvU <iiJt^iU, lUic [MPR, Probus: lUia Scti«ca] §cra mixn* ticcen^lit lu- 
nJna wjtp^Tj theiv ia 1:1 Httnilar doulitv 103S the ynljeot ohnngca, tt 

[iUua CL>nteuduut] fA'vu/cre. ttfmjfora caeli &rQ of coureu tliti DoOBOna o[ 
ihe yuiT ; as vi 3C2 cEfm caell temjrora cofmtaiit ; iiDrJ an annC ^rjipum 
*jiil ^^'Nr^rvm Umperi ere ufti^ii iiatid by htm : witJi th^^m it ia miiWim- 
tavr, «'hru vith US it b^d thercft^re thvir iii^lUs ai^e jilvrays 
oqBid to ciLir sluya, 1067 c/it^ux Lo, iitJtffrLj u & hftivh bllip.^^^ ^^1- 

lure^ugtnv, il soubO coiiii]i[>n iu prose too: Cic> Vcnv U )54 t/ita/eKti 
u^at.tur. 106S uttlidU the atoioB : sea u, t<> 641. 10B9 Ampf'.-^ 

Aai^fnt **emH quiiu the sfline idioro ns ptr^i-ccfuin, huhtrr, hellutu icmjtsr 
Att^U i/iditluia uuJ the liltC}; oi>iup. tuo v 137S Jrirtistiji'jHii t<in<riU . . 
^p^ft^Bi nh amplojrt ia di>f]Oi]VDti it agrees vith Urn enhjifeif nut tho oliji>ct 
u in tli« ot1i«r casoA. 1073 thv ]imtilLLt<xl acutoDce uuJcuh it iitifca- 

Bitd« U> tcU w}icthor ItfTi^ goes with a^ia or a lost iufiii, at i^nJ of the 
rvTM. lOTfi ^f*;" tiin iwiJium : io u ^30 ex non teiigibuji ; 932 a lUtn 

MiHik 1076 Acy. pfiwL more fullj c2prea.-i»] n £39 Jfyue jitmiioribiu 

non ae^ui* : coicp- Hpic in Diog, Lacrt. I 43 irof cj^of^trov tvO tctftiv r^y 
7^iv cfinvuf (fol Tp icm^oT'trp pcai rj^ /Sft^iTaTyj ruv aZiTrj'a, whero i^ii' bhrtiilrl 
Viin>I/ bo ilfcy; comp. iik^xtua ivlv- mi^th. x ii23 fu r')i' <TfiK ^fpcrui £(* 
mmrti [17 ttjo/ioi]- 1077 <7*i/*-^it(i;» fociut: ill 234 jVre ca^or eyr yutj- 

ftutfn ; fl75 tjui^nfftifxm Mi ^irtsum in mortie /utun*!/^ VaJer. FliiCL'ua 
TOI 271 Mtfri /oe4aria ntla SprR erxt uttt irun quutquaTii 7fiQdtia\ Sjilt. Cjit> 
51 2 nfmw /ofo irrtfiie hi/trtini criitjutmt stttiii eredcr« , BS 10 iieqite lo^ts 
fiAfUC amicus t^ It ^^j I'*' lit te^f't fpt'out t^rnut Ttoit tr^tmiU ; lug. 72 ^ n^fpic 
toM n«y*« mortiii ri'i'p'asn v^il tt^'fj'i/t-i tmtU cfoltm ; Plnut- MeUFiwh, 
4-t7 NumipuaJi 'ptic/Mam Jiunwi9 Jici : with op]wJlativD8 il ia aominim 
ragli, fjnUfftiain fMir^iUf, qiiifi'jvti/rt ciria inifniuug lu B^Jluat ; jirtJiqHaFn 
^iof/tajn hfiiHo tru/rttiii*. qiii^qM/im iluri^'tilriii, ct.ict'x. tmvtfftr, aJ] m 
PlnntTu; Am. Yi tt75 A'<c fmr Uia^n fpti^'juajn Js •jonte ; TiU i I Go 
fA(^ ittvmit t^uiif^'iatn , . nan viri/o ; Prop, v (n) 7 13 nw CTijY'Mw* 
vsWior tf/hemfiritf ^ucT^uaj uid Lutr, lilnidtilf t 3G rttqut ruigter ^u- 



IS6 S0TE3 U 

tputnt ftec Ixti^arui, 1079 1080 almoat repctttod n 236 !37. 

1079 gaimtUrti FUut. epiiL I 1 77 nitfi taffuleig /trmiitr, N<m peim 


1083^1113 : agun they te&ch that while CBrth and wmter tend tp 
tliu cviitro, oiiiaud iiro fly from it, md that the earth seada up food Li 
iljti trce'tojiB: thoy thiu contiikdict themaelree: the truth u that ibt 
wholo of thirt doctrine iu alike fiihie; for, apace being tofimtep if nu^ 
tiT were Ihtitu, tbo world and all that ia ic it^ would in a momeit 
ttifuiolvu into their firat-begitminga : if on any one side matter bil^ 
tlie ihior of destruction ia opened to all alike.— Zeno 1-L thue teadHr^ 
ov vayTctfC £< o^fta jSopos ^X*^''' ^^^ dfiap^ <Tiiu dipa nu vvp' ycf^ 
iT&ai Si naX raOra vati iwl to r^v okij^ vifujupa^ rm iiwr/unr |ucror, t|r 
£( iTWTocru- irpo9 t^v Trtpi^iptuxv avrm ircHturAu K.T.A. : thu Cxaet}j 
af^reuH with what Lucr, offinua. 1085 this v. Kerns dearly to inln- 
rii]}t the nAtiinU conneidou between liquoris, and 1066 umortm eel: 
qnitf-j i.u. ccirpom, corpore conL though harshr is not aulike Lucr.: oomp, 
II 7L5 and d. to i 875: it aeema not improbable that 1085 is a mar- | 
giuiil addition of the poet^a brought into the text by his editora \ 
1089 trenure, trotmilus, tremor are all used by him to express the 
bkkeriag of the »tai-s or of fires. 1090 cae. caer. recurs vi 96: b« 

]uMeuenita mnjidi, the sflme thing; and etKntla alone: Eiiiuns befow ; 
liLrn cava cofrula and eaertda cadi templa, paaci: S31 tinde aetker 
Mv/cni jHitcU I V &'2\ Qiio cutJt^que cibua vocat...Flammea per ca^um 
jfOH'^fntiii corjfora pH»aim. 1091 se ibi : the elibion of a loitg tnono«<yL 
Ifofore a abort vowel is confined within narrow lioiitd : see Hanpt oba. 
crit. p. 17 who cites from Lucr, i 13G, ^22^ v 97 Nee me anioii; m 6 
Q'wU U imilnri', iv 1188 Ut animo; i 234 Qutxi si in eo. Loch, adds 
lir ^>1 ^ In se auitnam, wliich ia a fiilae reading, as well as i 874 qaae 
idie.iil'f.itiii^ VI 755 vi ibifS, two mere conjectures of his own wbii^h 
both violate tlio laws of eli&ion : aee Luc. Mueller de re metr. p. 281. 

1094^1101 Hire notcH ] : it Lt ck^r that In the lost vsa the clnuso 
tilii i:i:t liad to Ijo complbtcd; then an apodoaia to qnoniam cet. must 
buvo c<?ni(% rtliewiiig that tln_'se people wei-e not only wrong, but in- 
<;oiiHirii<^]it : then a now sentence must have followed, dcclanng that 
xpoce Ifiriiig Jtiliiiit^-, as evcu the stoics admitted, matter as pitivoil 
a1>ovc mii:-,t be iiitinito likewIaeT Xe cet. 1102 volucri a natuml 

nicUtplior: mi iv 205 rolucri hvitatc of the inconceii~able speed of hi:^ 
iUoliij VI 173 etjlnfri tumi/te'. Shakespeare has tAe volant speed ofjfame, 
vfio^ii. Mriiitlt; ^e n. to 73 : the etiier being outside would go first, then 
boaveii and air, then earth and all in it would follow and be com- 
mingled in the roina of heaven. 1105 peiiftr, lemjiia^ \he innermost 
cpuirterst i.e. farthest removed from ua : it means therefore that the 
' * ' h heaven would tumble in on earth and be mixed in wild min : 

BOOR n 187 

TirgU has iMfiff, ind oefyfu pen^ffWi^; Gieero penetfiiUs foeot'. ela^ 
«lim« in Lacr. p^t^ralit is ^t pen«£raf. 1107 rerum h^ra aeems 
to be eTerrtbing la uid on the earth ; so that the aboma of these rea 
and of hcftven are mixed up with thoee omnia terras. 1103 Cor- 

pora^ ie- prima, aoiwnUa: VI S3^ «ofu«7i« <j^j^ ^mon^id vinit dia- 
vilTing the onion of the atoma ; the word more commoalj eiguiSes 
breaking up the ihing itself Lucan 11 390 cum ruat arduus aedier, 
T^rra lab^^ mixto eotuntu pondere mundi. 1109 FiaaL rud. 12S7 
de boTua qvod raiat reiiquiaT^m. 1111 parti recurs ill 611, IT 615, 
YI694, 721; corp, inscr, LaL vol 1, 306 25 and 27 in partei: W8 51 
paatit the &ocuA.partim U found Vi 88, 38i and 661 : the adv. parlim 
11 roallj this acctu. ; Bee n, to 20, 1112 ianua leti recura T 3T3. 

1114 — 1117 '. mflBter fiilly what baa been said, and the whole of 
nature will soon be rereaied to jou. 1114 see notes 1 : par. op. 

=parvti op&ra or labore : Hor. epist. i7 B has opdla /orenais i no other 
example of the word ia quoted ; later wrltera have openda^ 


1 — 61 : nreet thoQ^ it be to see from a place of eafety the storm" 
toat Bailor or the battling soldier, far sweeter is it from the heights 
of philoeophy to look down on men lost in error and strugglinjf for 
power and wealth : what blindness not to see hov little is wanted to 
rid us of pain aod bring us every innocent pZeoaure ; often merely frefih 
ur and fine wsatberr not palaces nor banquets ! can purple cure a fever) 
It is not wealth or birth or power, no nor armif^ and navies that 
can &ee ua &om fear of religion and death, and alt the cares of life: 
reaaon alone can deliver us from all such empty terrours. 1 and 5 
SuavCj BO poie and n«c mirujn more than once : these neuter adjectives 
are rare eiceptiona to the usage of Lncr. as of the older writers gene- 
rally, not to omit the oubst. verb, mart is the abL : obs. mat/rto and 2 
magnum, and 27 28 auro/pti aurataqucj and 43 49 jjn^tua metanntf 
and 54—69 Unebria Uji^ria i^nebria Unebrcta. 1 comp. Archippua 

Mein. com, Gr. frag. 11 p. 727 *il^ »JSu r^ Bd^rrav d-ao t?^ 77* opdv, 
O fL^ript ttm /jii) vkiorra fLr^oftu^i and Cic. ad Att. IT T S Na^ie vtro 
cum oogar cxire de navi, fwn abiectia aed erepiia gubemacidia, cupio 
utoncm na^fragia tx terra ijUucri ; cupio, ut alt tuv:^ arrticua Sop/iocfe^, 
tar vn <rriy^ HvKv^i vio^tif ^cmifios txBoitrr} tf>ptvC : comp. the wLoto 
fng. from the tympani*itae, esp. tou y^9 ^B-tifavo-aiTo, whieh further 
iUnitntcs Lucr< : it appears therefore to be a common proverb, t^ 





luittliieca of vhich \ia ttiea to aofUn bj tbe expldiii&LitiD of 3 : Hor. cpki 
J 1 1 lO S^fntitim jiroaU e Urra t2ifctare /ttrentem. 4 qaibtr* rnafU 
caTVia = Eti mala qitifnu cartnit, the uiowl Jepeodiitg uu ilic ^^enenJ inm 
of tlie fieatonco. B f^ln'tuv oa;?- U £or<T&ed U/ Mu^ildj niurttfa 

hbfl nt DEipu ira litenO tn>?AQing, tn in rsrz mun^A, and the cuiamiiii 
meUphoricjil one, as in Cia Je div, i 45 fopiAi^ m't'itCitnt /«<rf«#; ibo 
sornewluit iavolrc^l eeuUDcc gires ui avkvoHtiesB to tbs •pttiwbi ; noo^ 
evcci in protK MiYf^ UmplfX, edittit dodrtri't s't/n^ttum umitiCa would 
tifitiiral enough, Lucr, may veil havQ been thinking of Anatnoph. cio 
1(^24 'Q KiX^^'Tvpyoy trtupiiw itXai'aTorrjv Jtcctn^l', fi.*r it ifl a E*^^7 '^^ 
vr[>Lild bare been llkeljr to eujo/, and 1 liiiil uLher puiuts &f ^e^eulLhuice:^ 
cooip. u 1100 foil anJ n 387^32 with douJa 3&5^03j and 
134 — 131 with Hou<ia 404^^07; and iv 131^142 with clouds 3 
Ibll. 7 foil, often ini)ULt<x1, as CiHa li Si mc innt ^JmriKf sttjjUiUi 

pa-RtjerH arat... Unds }iomiiiuin errorea ionge ialeque pvr orfiflm Dgtpu-rrt 
aXqric huirtUea jiatn'^in co/Uetnnere oLrtig', Owk] met. iv 147 iuvat ire 
per* rdla Agica...FalantGequA a/tta\oa pcuaim ae r<Ui/na ^cjiPit Detpft- 
ta.rt proctU oet 9 Dtntpieert liein *» '^^ Crrift, lo lo<ik down with 
»corn upon: see notea 1 to rr 418 Dupic<rc. 12 13 ^'oiit^..^^po6 
ri'[>»mied iJi G2. 13 rer. potirij and ^0 and ill 1027 rerttm pott-nttt 
ftpirtur to bd moat geaeral fixprt?««iouB for ttuiireine power of aaj nort: 
ftoe Fon;, a. p'?f.iri, vhoao Ursi Dxajii|}lo ia CV<ja»fA<w uttom dominari eA 
rarum poiiri jiutnL 

16 itM a^ffi t/it<nlc. - cmne hoc iievuui : gog Frirund s. r. 91UCIHT191M. 
nonne viiiera -. thia infin. of iDdignatioa ia quoted by Donatua to Ter. 
Fhor, 11 1 2 Xsc meiim imptrnuai tic, vikfa irjtjierium-. non fitJitdtaiani 
mft^/n JicecrcH ^alttm: tto*^ Lach. who riUmdaiitly illu^t^lteB it from 
Clooro and others: add Pkut, Bacoh. 151 Mt't/istron qfteiitqua/ii (/m^ 
jmhttik tiilaiUirtcr \ and C'23 C'Ti/uiitia Jidnni itve htibfiijac ^ Livy Ji 
11 12 haec iudihria, TeHtfwnum TtiOn puden in tin^n pr&/crra ri i*uj 
juitrij Uujitii* auUMigCB series tK eoiitutaria /afletu/aa Jitiei e^iijitrtt 
ihe tijiojn 14 very comnicti. 17 Utfrure ; Ejiu> anu. ^70 iinititus t^itin 
P^otof^ lal''nt, ntitl Pmilua PiHti latriiTr J!.'twifiia pr^ paac^sra pvrttit j UoT- 
Hat. tJ 2 17 cum tiala panix Lairiuitfiiit ^t^jjimrAuftt beiu tertuU 18 

motitff /rruUttr lujj^ aenm : comp^ Ci(v de Sn, ju 37 qtiU tM.^.qni nHJCii 
<Ptti't\o t\tifcit\inr VfdiipfaUi : boo tL to I 183, 17 — 19 : lliui Epieunu 

binmolf ;dU'i mu^h inojo Ui Iho darni; pnrpo,'>o eaya to McQL>eo{7Us, Diik^, 
I^ert X 131, thiit tho p|oii»mv wbit^h in hifl end u ra ftiir d\ytlv ^rara 
iruipi fiiftt rapoTTttt&ai nard i^i'^TC- 21 22^ it' mfia. aro rights Lite 

VoUsti'. liiu»t be tdi, 'jtiaticupiquc J^manf doU}rGrit. tftt pOaitiU 9u6«tcnt€rt 
tifiicint tj'ioqiAfj frivUiia : Ejiicurua himaolT rsuyu I. L 133 ra rv^ a^9«r 
v^f luc ^irnv ctrrfki/AvrAypiimi^ rt tfat cj-rrofjurrov : moat so-calleJ p1i^- 

• cmJ/ cauao Ivdily {'run und pruvont gtmuiuQ plouauro : ilic i^bAcnoe 




Vjttia IS the fvuDilation nfnll pleasure; and uvtiry Bma,!! po^llvc a^liK- 
Hm of pk'BBfirP wilJ !io all tliat ia rcfiitlred At Uu' same (uno 'pititf'pt^, 
the fOftding of Liinli. nnd otters^ la muniriH&tly !*irn|iti'r \ few tilings ^vTf 
tir^cdi ut et oinuem dotorem demaat et vxr]t]ptat<^a qum^uu miiltna 
dmt. 22 tudj^f^n^fff appears to liave ma^^h ^e ^me fvUNw m th« 
ilriiplc fffarjirrr;: rlii* /rr/6 perhaps has tbe mcrtmn£ it sDiuptuup* bu iu 
rfwAnnHM/rrtTf atiil g^jibmitt'rfj of a succcaeivo or coiitmuoil iupply. 

23 i/i«n fieonis l^i ninan, nature for lior pnrt, na far ns slie is ron* 
c«n»?d. lliLiugK hubib and fjialtion may need ^t^riietliiitg elaa, 21 full, 

(Iter OdyS. <; 1 •*£) j^pvcmm S" apa KovpaL cI'S^tJtwi" «ri ^u^ut 'tl4rTrHfa»- 
alAnfifi'nf J^fAiic ^rr<t ;t(E|M'iv f^ntTc?, 4Wi^iT<c itiVtiic Kara Suy'nm ^rtc- 
Ti'^ifrtnTtrtv : it ia <^uitu po^iblv tliut tL»>fh) van. uf JIuiiiL<r mriy Imro 
siif^«Mt«<l Iho fisbion to wealtliy Romans. 27 /'iIq^I • V 1049 jn-ifl-^'f 

oMiAvif^fr us tb« ojily olbvt itmbaucf! of Ihia licence Iu Lucr. wLicli is 
EDnvli more freq^ueut lu Vti'gil ; tli^r^ i* no unulogy betu-eeu tliJEi ju-rLc- 
<W ftftrt Ui* lengtbening nf snt^h syllftbl^fl in Eiiniufi: wir.L hini tbfly 
wiere ivally JoDg, and in tlieais bj veil as urais, fa^^ u^f uul'ificritor 
0.1^ tb« like; vliere eWtf' is A3 long vi «3<e«: in Lucr, and VirgiJ tba 
bt*uiiig ia jh more licence perniibled iii the iMta.b aIoqc 28 wby 

i^itflf nbould object to aurato in Lut^r bccaiteo fth?^ occura iti ST 
1 rln rol cnmprphend : see n- to 1 mfi^/rw and m^ij^numt tlie giJJing 
\hc lactinario. woa A necefsaity vitb tbe RoiuauHj the cualoxn la tijukeEi 
cf by Virgil Horace Tibullna Propertiufl Ovid Lucan SDneoa fibitius 
VrtI Flarfiiii lli'^ AriUu»lr>j^3L IJty Pliny AppuloinR P ni dentin a j \\. 14 
■^ictfially rccomltJ tbul PoUio did cot ^ibl tlic cpiling of tbs fiublic 
library wliirh lii> bmlt, \f spiir** tbo *ycs of rEEiders, Tlie rt«rfl of 37 
(nay nfor t« walU furuiture iwA plate. Tbc imitation of our pLtasagu 
in tite oulex 61 foil. Si non Aetyno o^i. Iiju 63 ^ 9ȣc>7' anri 'S'tth 
/tupifiirf /[flmiin^ r^hi-.v^lTig that the writer found omtrln, in Liipr. Tbi> 
gCoorat tojja cf tbcM vss, in oJao imilrttcd by Virg, geiir. II -iCl ,5* 
mm iHijflpj^flm ybii7/i« domus nlla pupfrbh cot, 29^33 ftlhioat r*S- 

pmled V Y3'J% — I30G. 2B V'un Omtfji cet. comji. G90 ciim iarjuii 

i/Ucr H wntt^ otf ifcrba ncefiBPast Cor\/il«ir9 cet- ; III 615 tnirri nMnt 
,.,«*>« 7«i"'; VI 140 L7ini £tirne»...havrit; Aen. ix illU rtiHJ dime-n 
/Vrrs I'^nti flr^^fcj* tiffi*t ir-bf-ndinv crmva ; j 509 Cmfv* ttLf/ten /;*■ 
gemiU litJHtorum liwjuix aeer-i?ut. The HBquoiice of tlio vho|& nontcnco 
la ibii, 7i^r*e mi/urit tjilerrla/ii r&p.iiriC i/ruiinJi.. Si tion gftiit...^e/',^. 
JFtC.-.t Cfirrt ttiii'en.M^etfi^jd : tlio cum rofrrs to mttrmt rcfvii-ii- tJio 
tafa^n ivftfrfl t*^ the .*^i ^ton : nntnrc wnritfl no nii*™^ whsn fbpy fbiia 
Atojily rnjoy tbema^'lvfx uoue tbe le^^ oiiboiigh iW'j liAve mme of theio 
^kdefl : a( l<^A4i 33 iippvai^ to me to b« a «nE^0 clflvnts, ru^u^ rvrf, tvry. 
^M^Ki but as T'&eb. tn v \fty2 Hnya ^pmla^ VJ.*tiiAU>a nnte Cntulkm 
^^^^(liu VL>CJxbLiiin no& fnbiuaxisau'i be must surely bavc lakm it 



to b^ grntiiu est, neque nat. iM^iiirit: a rorj forced coDstmctioJ 
Witli 29 — 33 comp. ciJex fi7 at pfcuirs ptiro Stifip« ntpar tcnero prm 
gUrtiU grami/^ corptis, Florida cum tdlv4 g^irvrwtnUi picPt par W6v 
Vert n&tal dulei dintineia coi{>ribiU area : the pieUt ia tiBarer die pin- 
ifoitat of V 13G6; ilu4 v 4GI unci other paasnges are likewise l^erff 
imiUtwt. 30 J'rap. ag. riv. ia iJao Touud in tbeculci 38^ and Virg^ eiJ., 
vin S7. 34 Lamh. compare Hor, cpist. i 2 43 Af^pvio dofni 

Jc^/imf cor/'Ore/t^ru, wLeru daiitxU U the active nf rfwwfun/. 3S /yj 
jfi^. : C'ic. Vurr. IV I h&tcj f'i'drft ;>i>£E*mir» n^pt4 in labtUa neqve in 
t^Xliii fuUae ^liji vet.; AeiL ill 4@3 /drf picturatOM auri Ai^farimtf IVJ 
...Texiilibu*rpie oiteriti dmm. 36 hid^k, the potential, » quite id 
crotitis' mnjiner ; 1CK)0 4'''''^ ^n imortfinofura fu^titr; it fiOS /a(iCin4, 
Mithmt, rtiliitiCfini, Ui wMigia tr teneatit ; lOGH t/liMit /uror aftfUtfV'ntn- 
na ijravescil, Sinoa.-ctnUuri/M. niul tLe like : but \wUittr u AiirpriBiiig Lcr^ 
ifl to tiud it joiaed with /fiinm ti evhandurn «f, l^mib, therefore, tat 
exquisite IaUii aehular, l^uitly rend Inclarls in eil. 2 anil 3. Er the 
potential 19 coriect, oa I bcUere it to be, Luar. xntij liArc UtoVeJ bposi 
thi* garuad^al ^rixndnm est aa «qiiivtlf^&t to a p<kteDtiAl, vljich indi 
It i^penra to h^ ; but niuip, Ter. Fluvt'm. 824 Eyu nuflo pojaum rimteiiit 
fn« «vofi-«fr «z Au fur6uf l^«in, W hoc eeUtufr in m«Ju, *»» pat^ ii(] 
^jraf'J"o Wm 1 see nho tl. tn he 948 ri pt^rgat, 

39 ^rine/ guftertsl i tea n. to 1 50. pntandit^n \ Aes lu to 1 11 

40 Si non J'htle..^fff"fiiHnt =^\^\ forte cff. ftimpi ia of courca 
eampyt^ Mardiia'. Ciia^aT nf^r hU consulKliip mumriMi nrith hia & 
for tbi-ee months before Bomo and wm bitterly Attack«l by McnuaiutV 
doea Lucr. bero sllude to CaeMirl 41, and below, /VnpfV,,,/* 
applieil hore to the [>ei'aoikn ami things cau^jiy: tlm cto-Htl iuid bu«tt« : 
Tftrro Virgil and ctbera, aeo Fore., to tlie ]'laces or tlungi fiJled u-ith 
the crowd or LuBflc,/*^yr(? tmmia pimtU, Leiiettttii^ litGTti, /itra IttiboM 
find Lucr. bimsclf iv G0& O^nin [lo«aJ ^uotf CErcunt firvHiUi vitK 

^/tfTUfft^ f^oMffn eomp' Attiua 4^2 rZfiPtu' i^ff f oooFwft'Tjr FtrrH, Fwrvirt : 
BO Virgil : the oldr?r f jrrn i coin|K Luciliua' /Vrr/'r oyiw 0< /ervM ; /ernt^ 
nun^^ Jervd a^i annujn^ which Beema Btnuige to Qninlil. t G 8; hh 

JhrctitU ■ 80 V 1095 /'iJgfr€ ; and fid'jit^ ' it lightens", tni:>re tban once ;' 
yet Lucr, nW knovs tho 2Dd coDJttgiiLion : aee u. to n IGO ami !^13. 

41 foU- ciim riJi^itJt, iffn/rifl^, f^vm i^\f<nt - i]i\n use of tbo toin|>jnil cum 
or vhi wiih u prrs. lioteiitial, to signify a rqumteiJ nrlion, 'any timt 
tha.t'r or 'every time lluit'^ is cotninoa enough an Liux aud Uio old* 
vrileiTi: ii 847 5i*?Tj( aTiitiriicini.,Ji^iorem Ei *mrfii JivrMn.,.tum^ 
instUiinf, aim j'rhi''* f/n/\*Tere ptir cut ; iii 7^5 kU tsto ^tuuinia fa 
tjj<£« tovpnt^ Ciim 9\ihtmy^t \ ^T^\ evnt respiclaf innKnn tefit/A>rrjr omM 
Praeteritnnt Mpatium '^ IV d72 Qi^f len^ er^m Wfj«a#, raitan#m rtfIJiBf4 
p(Wc0; V 03 vjniu'ocra #u^fl Ih sttanU /allere ineiUer/%t Crmen cusi 

BOOK II 191 

^dmrmtr eum cet ; 681 Bt mmnt lucetj cum suTnant avgmina nodes ; 
in 670 PraituU uhi 9e videos hominem indiffnarier... Scire licet cet,; 
T 100 Ut fitf tihi inMUtam rem adportea aurihus: but ii 829 he 
Aoo&em to oa^ Ui Jii, vH inparvat parfu disccrjntur aTuCrum; vi 000 
Iftmne vtdet eiiam, noctarrut ad lumijM ^znurt ^uper nbi ea^nctum 
adtnoreag^ aecendier. With these cotnp. PUat. paeud. 142 Al /aciem 
qiiota agptcitw conar^ haul rnaii vxdentur: Ter. eun. Go!} Virgo ipsa 
hterimal tieqite, guom rogitss, quid sit audet dicere ; 636 Vide antabo 
si nan, quimt aepiciaaj oa intpudene Videtur ; adel. 730 Ita vita 
at hominufrit quasi cum lud<is tesserie; Cftto de re mat. 90 eiim /ar 
intipiatt puriicr /acito f Catull. xiii 9 ifoflc cum legoA tu,...Snff'rnii9 
fniu« caprimtdffus aul fouor Rnrsui videtur ; Plaut Bacck C3 Eadenv 
in U9U aiquCf ubi pcriclum Jacias, aculeti£a aunt. 41 Aen. v 074 

leiJi simid<KT<i ciebal ; 5B5 pugriaeque cieJtt simtdacra ; Livj jtt C 5 
divisat bifimam dtta« acica cttncurrers ad simulacrum pugnas. 42 

the tubtidia bdng iii support in the rear ; the cavalry on each flunk, 
43 comp. Ptaut. Bacch. 941 hoc insunl in equo militcs Armati alque 
animoH probe, 44 — 46 Lamb cites Varro ap, Nonium p. 379 

Jfon Jit ihesauriSf TUm auro peclu* solntitmy Non demuiU animis euros 
ac reli^i^nca Persarum mojUes, non airia divitC Croesi. Gl fidgortm 
<d> ai/ro: not unlike ia Livy viii 29 13 itxgerKti ardtyre mUihim a vid' 
nerum irfl : see Madv. emend. Liv. p. 170, who cites liiv 30 I innto 
ardore miiitum ab ira: comp. too Ter. Andr. 156 ob iUo iniurta; 
Plant. Bacch- 528 a me nunti^is' also Titrnvs ab Arldfi, jxistor ab 
AmpIiTifM, Ttostrit ah ovilibt£S agnusj a /<tHlibv$ UTidat, ah Avdria on- 
ciUa aud the like : Val, Flaccus v 243 expands Lucr. turn fal^fus'is 
ah auTO Currcrc per summi ftdgor laquearia tectii ex is used iii the 
same way i 1086 magrtasquc e ftumfihus utuiaCf Tac- ann, i 35 ciea- 
trices ex vulneribvs] and de vr 386, de caelo Julminis ictfts. 52 

parpureai: iii C69 getidai' iv 537 nigrai: he elsewhere avoids this 
archainn in adjectives, frequent as it is in substantives. 53 haec rat. 
pot. i V 42 QuoA loca inlandi pUrumque est nostra potestas: here haee 
jtotcstm, i- e- of conquering religion and the fears of death etc est omnisy 
i.e. omnino, rationis'. Fore s. v. cites Ter. beaut 720 quasi n<m ea 
potestas sit tua; and Cic. ad Attu svi 16 15 praeeertim cttm tola potes- 
tas sins rei tua sit, ut cetn : but the use is common emitigh. 54 
hdxtret, a favourite word occumag some ten times in tLb sense. 
65—61 recur in 87—93, vi 35—41 : the three lost caino i 146^148 : 
see notes there. 55 56 quoted by Seneca epist 110 G, *ho adda qvid 
ergo t non omni puero stulthres sumus qui in Iztce timenius / sed /al- 
eum est, Lucrdi, non limeTnus in luce^ omnia nobi$ /ceimns tenebras • 
but this is precisely what Lucr. says 54 Qmnts cuvi in tenebris cet.: 
we make of the light of day thick darkness. 



62 — 79 : * and uttw I will evplnin the motjon of a.tnm^ how Uiunn 
vrvwjitiiii^ comes inbu and i^oee ont of being : luiktter is uul iuK:pu»|i| 
nidteii ; it is ever goiog ti:i i>r comiiig frr.m things : every indhiduAj | 
thiJA ohangirg, wLilo the wholo rcm^iLus the Kfime\ S2 iVuiiir o^.. 

£xpsdiam IB thus ut^ bj Virg, i;^!'- iv 14JJ ; but tht' |iLra^- r 

aIao io Lucr- vi 495 and 73S. fftyiit'ifitij fffj^naut, genifait, B5 " ' ■ ' ■ 

Uu is his usual woi-d for tiwirt.rit<sa of luoCJua; iiteiullj' gttuht Iii>wifl 

fkcility of moving; ho iisca iUfi<j nutb'dU Jiiobliilrr lUid mMUiis : M 

hika pr'nl), ]^]^t4*d tLc wnni foi' i,his techuioal jiurpoHii^ liecauve Tivitha 

n|taA^B&ca^Y/Eur HuuM biitt the rntitrc : hcfiaB he aklflu usc<a in tbi 

^I^^HIRk 3? iit'er ac tttiptUa liaa, like oo many other tonAii vc hjkn 

noted in Lucr, a pragniiDt meiiiuijg, »<> mniwed togethoi' as not to adoiB 

of ^cpai^ftti^*n I I 3i5 Uiulifjuc mn^rrc^ q^uoniarrt atiptta ffvit^gtt- atovJ 

nro not united together, oa LLo piLTti4 of ufu-h utfim jii^ UEiited in tu 

atoui ; I GlO (^ua0 miniinis Etlpittit coJ^mreut pa,riibv4 <iTt^. 6S ntfl 

Jffrt^ ifl <ff courae faoio rw clfeewhero the eoilcctvTe tenii i<it at^ms- 6| 

^iwro in thin ni>ngo of wAfiting, eliliing awaj ib e. &voiirite ex|iiN<^nn J 

Lucr, 79 onirii^ beflomca here the object to vuhd^ittr^. 71 vtunAal 

nnd 75 rfm?ri irrrfrfm'i La\i^ th^ir proper soo^ of the whole autn or unl 

reraw of ttiings in Iwiiij^^ ; but Liii:r. illusU^nbea wbit h^ iLieHii^ from vh J 

g«w en in our woHd, m hticc reium atimnutf m^ is natuml : for vrLdl 

trtkea |dai?e tlirrajglmut the imiveise is mfiro or loaa a repulitjon of wba 

hApperiB hei^: sec n. to i lOOH- 72 ctti^ie \^ tho [id) urid? alcvnt m 

73, tlic f//u of 74. 76 mufutt is ueod as an adv. thurd d or 6 times fi 

Lucr; V I loo we hflve mufua inlf^r flp, as hen*: Vir^'il usea pn- TtaiaoM 

Lopidns in Cic< oA itua. x 34 uA^flt Kairvma *itfdia qfflcU mtUtiQ inler ntm 

eerlotifii ecntlit^'UTiI fjra 7toatra inter >ios Jamil uiritaie. The oenie \3. thd 

mortaht rtsueivo llfu and ld Ih^ii^ turn give it to others, nnd ih] tbv cliaifl 

of bDiDg gooa on : oonif. m UOl fufh 77 Ov, mot. j:v 4£f' «ii<t t^npom 

Vgrti Cernimm alqiie ilitu fuiauuierf mlf/Tit ifeiUeg^ ConfUlpre fuift. M 

tLo vfiU-known metaphor of the torch- nice : Vorro de ii; mat. tu 16 I 

tvunc c^tr^u laiti/md/t tHi irat^; the Kn9il7rep An/iTaSa roi' /Stoi- vapaSJ 

Soim of Pldto- I 

SO — 141; First-b^nuings, when alone, move ceadeloaflly tUrovd 

tho liifinit'j void by tboir own iiEhvit.'nt lEiotLon or it niAy bt< Jiflir onfl 

lUion with nnotber: eonic of intncatc 9hn|>c3 form aflrr collision a cloJ 

union And thiia help u» i:Diupofls hiini UidiijHi oihors n»l»rMind to gi^ftla 

dlfitancciH, ftDd foiiu softer bi'ilius ; eome do jjoL uLubo ut nil, but oout^^l 

to wander thi'ough pjjkoo ; tlio oiutts in n euiiheuni vill give lomo pJBB 

dT thU: ningle atomn nuito into amaJl hudit'oi, LhesH auiuJ] buiUe* fbf9 

thODWelv^ iuto 0omewhnt larger ou<^] till by litt!t* anil tUtlt? tUtm 

bvoom^ risible and art} h^qh to move in tho sun^ tltough why they nion 

ot 3e<7n, 80 foK. atouifi, as we h&ve eeen, have weight u ui i^H 



lit propcrt/, bj vliiL'li they mo™ down spac« in straight I'mee mt nni- 

in speeds, until Uioy cotae into colliAJon vith otbotv! bov tltat u 

iblft, *jll he eipUia*-d 3115 foil, SO Ji: ta begin % ftontcne* thus 

tly wvtb J* is iu Uk' manner *i£ Lucr.: cuuip* 1C1T» iil KO, 405, 

*, IOjS, tv I0'2(jy V ^MO, 31i», 1334. ^u-oiJiT^t cnTc^tis a* oro/u», aaja 

i^unia him^lf in Dicig. Loer. £ 43. 84 tbb i^ the Kinjiri^ tar^ 

i9/ap' or natural motion sh^er dovnwArdd^ 85 tcltt aJlerlut^ tbe 

ruv Mara rk*jy^ taxi -rrtiXfior'. therefore he adds ybr*?, b^CflUsO 

nu>liou iaouljcftfiiiftL ciist sl-h n. to i 1001. $t\tr}>^-. Beeu,lyTl^3L 

tftMj, a form oofumoa in Plautii^: Locb. vrongly iptroducoa it by 

DJ«cturo into two other plncefl; but it recurs I believe Ti lOlS : 

fcr d^DDooatr. proa connected vilb rel. of ptwctling v. aoe n, lo i 718. 

B6iM, AS they nra passing tkrou;;h void, 90 rominfaewf, fvi proved 

I 938 £JJ. ioiitu atttitrtM^ luiotLer mmx &x the (>m't& QI fur the 

pOHtkin of ecvpora in tho aocoad dauao soo n, to I 15: ^th rwque 

l>&m »£» comp, n 10,^2 txeq^te hahet qun Crajiel nl ante. OS foil. 

beCicQ ibe po«^cftl tautology to emphasise what bo bajb, sin< Jtnc iinx!o- 

f««r inmentftm pitt'Vf^ i?i cntutaa pttHin Jhcd ui\diqtt4} osU'tdi and pro* 

hdimut, H FUrxitu^ oat. i 98S— 1007. 

S6 rttfi^i'to in this Acnse of a*aigaod oa n property or the like la vary 
iDVtnkon in Liter.: eoe 6.1 H^lilihi inobiiiiaA cet. ; alao 143, 081, T£8, 
I 303, 5-7, m CIS, it 178, vi 404. 97 citfrciiti: 130 ConciUU et 

tf^ T i rf i ' ig ^svrvtla ewfrriflj rv 8S2 ej^rciti wfiliu 88 fo^i/w/fa i» a ijmg 
ihi)^i : i/ Lbe wnrd is right, which is somt^what doiibttulT it jnust ntenn, 
iMUog and iiTcaaing one agniost tbo otbor, fP.iituo fulia \ comp. 8tat. 
DkU t\ S62 rfi'« pemienl per jtiii/mi Jtiiti Unu'cAii : the abl. maffjiii 
aud 99 Arr^. 8jKi(if» &ad ICl Exiijttis \ui. iiii:^[i IcAviii^ gi~oai or 
efMocfl beiweoti, with grt^at or Email spaces botaccn : thegi'eot and 
maai\ are of cuiirae ri^tire merely, and bavo reference tc the axtrerufly 
Biioute aEpou: tho gree^ distAscti vi:'n]d be incouceirably nnuill in 
nUiion to anything of seiuible tnH^nitud& 99 ab k'tit: Ov. met, jiv 
233 Ct primtim vallihr inei\tem cathijU ah tuvtit. 102 jterpic^ts Jiff.i 

1^9 p-ffpU^U irttjtipvd'da'y IG^ ^ petpicxU . . </f^i»i^u j 3 J 1 finmttiis inter 
t» per^U4 ptifftfin'. 111 331 litpftxtA pj-incjjttijt: iba iitiHn» are of shapes 
^^aach ftr« fitUhl to twice togethor; anch Atoms EjiiourLia bim»clf in 
IHo^ X^AT. X 43 ea.lh n\ vrXturneai \ hi-iug theretbre TrKinritfoi. they get 
ptrntMMo^ intnaiLi.ily twiLed or [nutted together. Newton opti<>i p. 251 
mjM <jf hia ntonia ^tbe parts of &11 homogijuoai hi^id l)L'rJit>a vhich fully 
Wwb one flnolher^ Rtiok tog4>th«r v<;Ty atrongly*: tiut he itdds ' ild^J tar 
ajJiuEiifig bow tbiiii lanf be, some bavo invciLtcd booked Jttoiua, whlcb la 
g tJiiO quwtioa'' 103 nnHi-eA-. th^se lay the first foLindationa 

fDoU <jf stone, /era/erri: CIooi-o aod TibuUus tbua play witb ihtt 
«fv# «f /erT<v^ 106 ^(^>E^(] longoquOj OH 9B mtiynw, b of 


---Ditoe rqutiv«; rkr i&ir ji roppcs ir :ln<nnmHlv siall abHB. Ill 
'Xiiim wBiiv<::var:r -o wxn TviKmcv ra -xmai: >y iam T i » pm apta^ iimm 
noa. -HJtiuv** ^ciain .tmHicrairit i vam. "sutt. "iiui nd fumifi ^Mata* far ft! 
^ teffHi^. iuii ±i» i^- Ji '^'j^aL LI3 "tti momufn = iSk Mi <Mi 
mtimuiT): IV r^ XiH- ^'nr^ 'U JHSMtn. dtfiHJd«r^M» •aid BBfl^i Mt 

jimfcdcT^ in diH liiu:^ ot^m. mii uxl ±it "ius aSh^E iir Epiiisaraik U 

iiii/n -?iin . :v 1^ '.inufUfjMtfor jam. . "nmi/raM: 1 Itmrw tuk 
amput jt' ntmr/iw liiliiwiDi^ -hm. LI5 '^nmiuaiy- varimi **■ in Ul fM 
« ^'nHit -Jt-r -in/trfiu -^Hit'iHt Jim j^niMrtt^ Ili ^<fr mmv ncsi 

[uinfiu7 -yuL yit 'iin ur wmuii *rTw j« j. linua dir tkisa* BVMi «» «0f* 
AouuG in, imi 'iiei^fn^n? ia -*• -h^aa. ^oj&e dm r^KL mvw v ao tb Mohb: 
juflC bttiijT 1 ;'_ in AtucmitB ^ae ur ^uiuii jt mn: -rurtM ■■■■■wmm vitt 15S 

iiwiWLT piic ^»r ^e ur- LIT 'itnutte 'n ymt m« n. » ^ T^^^ ^V¥ «■ 

TMv; Hi •rrit-t'.n tw/tuiv rwixr» ^ lOU^ . Lactl vtiQ EQ^HCntei 11 hj 
pmpHmi 'iftr^iitiUy -ui-nita lust, •nitrttim norann. finwriw jirwiM—, fiuB 

miiutiiu va\i "M^t ikif : Lf! = ?ui»int pmsuou iMi»c* fineaa : «« b. to tr -41, 
L33 Dho^ixiu ^uitt <Tiir^iiii vfirl kqius in vumhis Q^tteiaMai931: 
vhifTC Lu ' .--q^i. la kU 4Ti«au . Ciii. BimiL -?Sj. inatii by Hab^ Tbi^ n |ik 
}^ AiAT r-frrrrf 'i^/MAf;crf£ did vrjri WttDU cu Tmnin_ " wo &r h iI pms* M 
Etira: :il J77 ij qi'?:i;i0 .^Oij, m ^iiicii jjul no morv: a Borf- iH^il MniBi 
Tha n-fT^irT/. inffcr. Lie inll mttw^iJliiii it; vru » nsrr <}Iii l^nl trrA* vhicb 
pofwii i:iii-^ 'ii< <.i.^Qun>-'0 (juiittujq. US nD-4fn = oufmi : to -4}^^ 

r oO J ia<i -><.-4 4a<i ti J7>). Ii9 45« in Gfi« nmbMBA 138 « ^j*& 
frjuL cfa^ dr^-besTJUiia^ ap»anii* : comp. 13.S_ ]3Tp if f*«r ^orro ii 

vElic La<:r, wt<:i:^^ hoc pr'/por^-ri, w^ mitnL^ cumpan A«l 1 Ti and 157 
for th4 <Mni:d«<jEi ot' twU: I kmiv oo oGher uuouue ifit tk^ f^n pryporro 
uxd tx th^ jimpl<; p*imj -it «^ 138 -lAvaiil bccavM vhat u 

uiTi?iU« Eft Mi<I &> b« IkL?v oar ieoae; Ln 274 JIk jpw^ A«c ut/ria ^ic- 
fuam <j< rr LLl ^ri^n-^w^ui $r*q^*« ^Mf iiK_rrrt (Wtftrtv «pi!|#iijl 141 
drp«Q>b CQ th-; pr^c. KL^dTTf oIa^xm^. ua Ubixn^ed m a. h> i »!& o/ip. 
ap- K« n^ lo I i-'> : cHd rerb ocean tta iiatfi in Loot. anJ n alwajt 
»(.«lt bj oar m^ npp>tr^o : *> 'i/'pfiro. '^pfn^lo ib-Hh 1 ud 3 ccoj.}; but 
a^Iptfil^tr aiixd &Ivav? ^ipontj, ^Ip>r^o or iif/>>>ri(>, in vhidi wxirdd tha 
ftCjiArai^ f'>rce *>f th^ j'rt^^iuoa condaacd to be felt : in fxam coofonuitj 
»it}i thLi thp tie« cijrp. lOMT' liC rcJ, 1 ha^ iwentr timce appamii and 
Al.4'r nppfirif.'/r, pmvin:^ tbmt in the «arli«st timn the pnfx*. had been 
At-rrjiMat':'] in this ri^mtnon t«ohniraE vord: thiu too in the tTeiitT^>oe 
jriHliin'^oi rjf a/zpariv/ in Vir^l all Ribbeck a ma& alr^Tv hare A/ip. except 
M tmrtf Ain^ xi lO'f, i&i«]«d bj the mgo of ita age: comp. th« ang gca - 

■ ^^^^^^KF BOOK II ^g^^F 195 

Htb KfturiE C»f SpTTiua to AorL i filG *appticaii flfciiudum praBSfotcm 

^Rim per i/ ])viritii Hvllrilu Bcribitur: BeouiirliEEii anliqitaiu orlhogrupliiam 
1. p(?r p'-. yd in ddinnc<] of all this Wii^iier uuikcs Virgil uEwttys to 
fcrilf t»df-arw> nru! tlis lit<.\ 

H 143 — 104 : tbe mm rise*, lujd the wnHd L* it onw clothc^J in lighlj 
■M iu niys Aro c<ipi|iluic, Dut niagle, and il>> not pwra through a void ; 
BDV TDLii^li mnre swiftly tlien tixiist GrBt-b^imiiign movol Bluoe they 
varcl Uiimigb a |»erftct void tkad travel singly^ bud endi boneindivitsildc 
Vb^«, 144 J'rininm cet.: Aon, tx 4511 A'i iaiit prima .lot^ flp<trrjfh<U 

■ui^ tmrat . . ti'/rorfi : 51* ilmt Virgil bpoius, ua Lnch- r«fiiiirk<, to ImVB 
BSnrrBtood priiiium of lime, in^l of onJer: how Lucr. meiuiL it, is not 
ra*7 tft »y, 146 wf. tw/. : iwo d. to t 689, 146 tt^u^um : »^»c n, 

U» I SOT. liifjfi'lh fuc I IV 9fil rifhnriK UquUhnn ai^rmen : V 1370 /j^iti- 
dktf <mi^m tocrjt. Aj(v*: Virg- goor. iv r?|J cf mncatia I'Ur. hm 'ixtetUhua 
iattfiH^ 148 Cnftrtfitirt\i Cii'PTo in hiii Ai-acau uww 1 tiuJ rriHi'MfiV* or 

£ tiinoA of light: Lucr- haa prob. burrowDd iLis, ua tuau^ otlior 
[VCBKiA&B, frciru hiiui Aeo. TI 6^0 /umi/M vfii^ie: ji^r. lodt in 10 rM 
a miij\tlp. duht invent. 153 r^rv'/x //i*aw . , nnAax i,e. tlie iiir 

oflVre a rcil&tiiiiM like wfl%-efl of wittier. 15G there is at ouoe 

inteniid and external hiodiMTi'^e to nbei>lviti?ly swiil motioit i^iffff' w 
*, tbf.v puJl and are pulluii tiri<:k, bucAuse in oua riiy tliore u uii ttiot^ 
niooB nTimher of atoms comhinod. r jr/m i see 151. IfiC OfficimUttry 

to ociv instance in l.iier. wIuto n. vorb which g<iTenift a diit. in Ihe 
:UVf^ has * ptmunnJ pa^flivo: ho twitti uaci the part, ^actia, rv 703 
TJfl. Tha lictufle appears to bo ultogothcr very raro: Homloo htts 
and rtipJrWr ; Ovid (.rLiL Iii 1 35 Fjj; «yf/.rViiwi cre^/ar. 158 
im.-JhrU V6 in fuutrzi^t with 151 iVc>^& /jcr. .nnffu^} 150 ipaa^.Ji- 
ir with l.'^S jVV Mhif/i^f.-.tre : there enn be 110 di^ibt dn^reforc thut 
>d tjTVTj, *H»j e jivrtUum itna rrfrn* tii tba j/riinon^ta, each ^ine iif which 
& uniun «*« partilMtt t^"** ■* ono indiviBiblo whole of p^rts which aro 
i]«t<f lowtft Rtid iiiriijKLble of existing ftlone, nn we have explained ao 
illy 1 '^O'J (iiW,: with ftw/tf « pnrtihH9 nna crjmp- 111 646 cvntrttcttt suu a 
\rtthu4 [riuhiin] : he ci^iild ImKlIy w^itKout, au afttcwnrd |«*-rij>liraAiH havo 
:fiix7vtod yilmi bu iJii.iaii» v^iUimit itaiug tlio plur. u74o; uor le it tmjr 
Lrsiicr t^Laa C\c pro Hoccu 63 i^mv mr»rf6u« di Tin/mquatn ^n.iUat\^ Ugi- 
nmmf. i;»i«, lann tf = ipua, ijii'irnni .jtik'tpip est nnnm e. 160 
moftlU tlint Lhtry nice puiix:iidi<:u]urly down spitoe, so «a to aozitinue 
t« dtroctiL>n tbcy have onco tnkeit, *» wtvwa /offlim, in qu&m coejter^ 
i], 163 164 recnr iv 207 208. 163 Jf^Zi^j^r-ir, mnny tinioa 

tctucbi TRfXAair^offtos. 161 pvrxx/igaiii ^ I 4 C'jnoofc&nw. Eplcnnia 
IV* h}m4('lf in l*iofj, La^r, I 4G 7 ^in tou kpti" tpupo unra fi^fPitftifiv 





105 — 163 : 'they are gresitly mtdtjikeii wlio tlitnk tb&t the oonnei 
Tiatui'o c^Lild Dot ^0 oD^ Tior tto praduoU uf tbc eartd ruLiI the race 
m**n be <>Qiiimiifi<l withnut divine providence : nay J migJii prv-ye frn 
the ui]|>trrr«ii]oi] of Uus vorld tlial ib b not divinely crtntinL* — Tb 
tbeee vra. haro no i>roper coim<-xkj& vitli wliut pru<:^o0 or fcllowi j til 
\Bi i^jriUijue^ the argument mi it ivwt left :it 1C4 ; s.n<\ tliiit in a finiiL 
oampositiou 183 iuilI 184 could not stond aide by aiiic, Ima bec^ deciMi- 
strcted hy Liich. He «bi;ws with mt miidL ctirtajuty &^ if h^ liod 
the pDtit'ti IU& Irafore bim, fcbat 165 — 183 mnr»t liave beea a mboeqa 
addition which the author'ij death T>rev<mtcd liiia from lulnpting to 
ootiti^Kt: iu thia ?itjit£ thv fir^t Gditor mupt hnvo intioduccd (licio iu 
the Ixjdj of tbo poem. Lach. htw alao proveil that v 105 — 334 whidi 
fiiitil the pi-omiaa of lii2, are likevlec a. eubs^quetit udditioo; as weU u 
the eugjmtu argument iv 823 — 6^7, vrhere (he duuli-Jjie i>f tiii^O rauses in 
resptit't of thi> bt^Jily nr^runa Ja so eumttntlj deniod* On these and similcir 
a^ottonn oftlio poem ^gh wliiit \s Muid u^Hivt? p, 21 2^, whera f AU^mpt Ut 
carry LuLcUmaJin's urgiuu^ut tumewhiLl faj'lhcr. Some vh;^ && la Maid in 
nt^tea I^ mv clou'lj wiuiting b«forG 165; wh«thor tboy Qvev &tiat&d in 
the pi:iem ojxd vere not mtihi^r hr^t before it crime inti) the first editnr*a 
haiith^ we may well doubt with Ltidi. Iha way in which the Jfttt^r 
fiuppliea the nieaniag ofwbnt is waiitiugj s<]omA to mv however oofue- 
whjit awkward : I j^hould be disposcO tQ mnke the gmls tl^e biil^ect to 
pr^scct'/ri jind rrV/'on^, and tc tako Hie reasoniag to bo somtthiiig likd 
that m Oi(!. di? div. ii 10^ full- inhere it h naid nptfiutt id eiue nlivntiui 
lUaicstate cleorum* SGilkti cuMsae omnium irUro^jiicetv, jU viilamC *fui4£ 
mti'j'^ie cunilni'fit. [You inuat not euppoHti (hat tho godi have* nnjthiug 
to do with the motimnrt and udIodb c^ those atonu: nay it would not bo 
ovou conriatont with their luajeaty aud happiuofia to bo tonoctiting tljeni- 
selv*"R with all tli^p© minuiiap,) *imd to bo foUowijig up the courao of 
evury aiiiijlc otdm to nee how everytbing guea on.' 

165 jiri'i*eclnri recurs IV IDIO, and appi»ars to bo peculiar to Luc 
107 f^uidaia: tUe stujcfl are doubtleiijj pointed at, perhaps oJso the a 
dotcica. 169 tuim^nUraie i^i^tma also [Hfidiiir to Lucr. : GroDijv. uboerri 
III h'> noriiparM the aiffnf^itrtxtA of Ter, Andr, Hi 6 tthich hw preoisd 
til* Runo Benact IVl Et iftm ccCei-ii api)eaM to be used almost 
lately, na eeiej^, et ctterit ai-e in ho many wuya: jwri or TuU^raia /<, 
fMtii ptitae muy be iiQdersti~iod from the oontext. 172 173 : theae t 
iraB, ore conin-Mlt J with the ii^lattve daiiao, as m Hcime uf the iimtHDW* 
given Id Ti, to 1 718, 173 ihduf'a, metaphor from leadnig the brj 
to her hublu^ud: oocap. i 9G Dfdiictutt and d^ tbei-e. 173 Ifinndii 

prcjKUfciU hawLly ^aiid for f/larvlicmh horUdai- ut prtip. aa Lach- 
aervoji; he compared Vitniv. pref, to lu, 174 ^orum i,o, hv^tini 
undei-xtood from ffcnusftUJH.i aee il to ir 934. 175 fivtJti^t' r«bu$ U 




to lifted by Oio^ro, as div. iu Cua^c. C] tv^ cum mnmhiift refjv^ xitfrrii/r tla, 
iof fiAa in r^ cet. efp, trt ff/i/rrJor omuif'ns Tr&H* m^m, A^nc tf/iam tjb 
tnH§am cet.: aimiliurly iei 102C t/ni vifi'mT m^UU tptnm trtj^dt, improft^^ 
It*™*. 177—181 recur. ^\i;hi\y dttfioil, V 105—199. 17S ml- 

<fpr0- Boe n. to I 566 TVfidi 161 *?a^; Liieli- cites 1 5G4 5^i/iii, lind, ft 
donhtful instance, fi 100? /'[mffcrr r7J»«y>rtfw fnirtini ttfjint; eoiaii. ^J^ 
Aeo, lU 210 nfinC namiire 'Hcttie ; and Lucn U 843 mnTt^if, VI 1374 
l^tftfa man^haut. conMtare in much more rtsual with Lacr, in Ihia bctwo. 

1S4 — 215: ytJU are tti km^w tcni tlmt jmtliiug uatumlly niuiiuta up- 

wiLrda: fltuoefl and the g74>wth of vth\i9 and trcos aro guly oppurcut 

flxocptiors: thus hhtoA from a wotinJ Hjiirla tiji ; nml a \o^ fon-^^d <!owii 

mto tL* wuter starts up agaiD ; yet we know these tbiiiga tend dowit- 

wftrda by iifttare ; no it id vitt flame: olHerve metuore Jtad the like 

^liug Uj enrthi the la^a of tLe euu tending dowQwardi^i liglituiugfi 

9LjUi% about anil falling to the ground : this io their natuntl tcn<lcncj. — 

TliLi fcrpiraeot ia well und oli-rirly put by Lucr. : it la dircctod ngMinat 

tLo stoics : flae notefl to \ 1083 full- wbunj the same teacliBra ate refuted; 

WLXkd the lAoie take iustoDcoa of Kro crops and troo« ftro citecL 184 

*V«jm: fci«i* rst: Virg. gtor. ti ITT iVpoic ?Of?ux antrum liujt-niU'. est 

beiitg omitted, fhS go often Lj hxm comjmrcd witli Lucr. 1B7 JJarri. 

mf^j^ a mere prnj^liraain for ^ajtunan : corjiora are not here tliR pnmn 

VrjToro. tibi dcitt /i-an'iern = Cn.-Gi\i*a Jacei-e /rattiictn alicid \ sets c to 

IT 41. 188 awff. inttn^ reoarj V CSl. 191 8ubsUUt7\li Ciooro m 

■cttln^ ii>rni this 8tj)ical diTctrine Tiisc. disp, i 10 iisofl the word fnibiyo- 

itfMfi 103 f^i^EM^n/; flo he himself, Virgil nnd IJ.orflc* apply k^i*^ 

htHL ti^pui trabf'afu^ here nnd Vi 241 nrc uatMl in tbtir rt'Etticted sea^: 

^O/m tLe laflrrfi let into the ^a6&« or lOBiu bcLUiin; 11>0 thoy are uned 

^piaruily for wiy largo piy<!OB of timber. 194 Quoil g^jiug or qvod 

^nus ettf an nnti^iie phnu*ie which he and the /lurtiir Eid Herenniiira 

oficD nac: tbe latter appetira alwayA (o omit m^ : tbia mnkts Lac^humnn's 

iuftertion of it here find ©IsewheTMi still more nnjiiFtifiable: lit-re nnd in 

ibc auctor ad Heren, it niCQas no more Ihau rdaK 196 A'oitiia 

viiiai: I^mh, notiece bin fondnusg fbr thia phinso. 200 )/his /mrte^^ 

plm iuflbi parte or as be »ij& Idma^lf iv 13.11 jif^is jtorttj fw^w-r; i. a it 

»tarta fartber out ihiui it wuuld be, if left alouo; Ovid tri&t* in 3 IC Ei 

ptii4 Iff rw^fro pettore pnrte teneg; V 10 2V nmvl tioI>U kabitat riiaori- 

mine nuUo Barbania el testl p^iis qiioquA pitrle t'^iiAi : in all these plooes 

it may moui plu^ diraifliti p'lft'j; ilq i 617 piirs; and GaTimuiicuii CuoBar 

AmL. phaeiT. 5fi8 Booties In Urrrm obit et mictia pluit jmrlc rethiqrdt : he 

DkOAA4 clouly moi-e thjui half of night» though the cxprcdaina of Aratns 

$63 ia very obfioure, n-XiIot- Sr^s rtwrov Ity^v^t^X Cicoro 361 traQrflat«D 

fW«r/tC /Wi med^m ialientt dttro citm corpors vocti^m. miUtlf, mimibvs 

aar^itu Are ftleo veiy uadL^fioite in meaiung. Ortd met, ni 43 lui^ tUeu 

19^ xoTES n 

the fuQer fono, m^ia fftu jyvif ftra erteHu in aunu. 202 thorriM 
tnjj:]L : 205 di^jL : 90 viih Monvm uid Homu : he also usee iodif- 
tenaily the funn tonam : vtc u.u> ui G3L 206 : oo T 1191 Nocti* 
ragatqut /af.t ttteU j^amma^uf volrnUa : comph Virg, geor, i 366 noc* 
tUq\te ptr uatbrarH Flammantrn ternQm a iergo a&f$eere traetta; Imcui 
I ^'27 ca^i'jqw rofanies OUiqH^t p-fr inaM /aeet m^j have had thia r. 
and 213 in hh Diind. 209 ^tili'jt U tuUra aeem BjnoD. u v 1191 
^fu mdjtamrruit, 211 /uf^. cviw. arm tncfliu perhaps do more thu 
Virgil's tpar'jtbat lurnint itmit ; though AmL poet 21 mid. nys td 
Tor Kopror ^ir o^otu trniptirf to Si t^v ^tXoya. aro tw ijXuv onuru/uir 
oXA o/iom IX*' Twro xpos tw ^Axw jku ro crrfipcv ipos ror mprdr, Sio 
ttfljfr^i trrtipntr $toKTiirTA.w ^AoyCL 213 MinflV«rKW and there- 

fore not tending uprardi 214 abntpti : aee il to I 721: HacrohL 

compares Aen. lu 199 tHgtiHiiutitt alrruptis mthibtu ignt^ 215 ctm- 

curaant here = didcurruat, ita xuual Bense; lu 39o concurvorv = concoi^ 
rere, to clash. OtMerve in this passage the frequent aaaonance alliteratioa 
and redundAncf of expression by which the poet seeks to give emphsidi 
to bis argument, to which he not unnaturally attaches much importance^ 
as refuting his chief adrenaries : turtum/trri Mumtrnqwi iware ; «urrM 
vervua . . El aurgam answered just after by deta^tim ; vi reourring four 
times within five lines ; Emicat exultant; 196 tigna trabeaqve; moffna 
vi jnulli . . a<'ifre ; rarnum recomit,reNiiUiC; ^mergant eiriliarUque i mrmtm 
tuccedere nnswered Ly deorsuni (Ufiucere ; at^lat et aidera. 

216 — 224 : know too tbst atoms wUilo travelling down apace in 
parallel straight lines, nt quite uncerUin times and epotn awerre &om 
the pcr|)ondtcular to an imperceptible amount. — - This is the &moiis 
isivTj*Tii Kan TraptynXurtv of Epicurus. My general remarks on the theory 
will be rcst'rved for :i93. Cicero de fin. i 1 9 puts it very clearly, deindt 
ibidem Itomo a<miuSf cum xtUul occurreref, n omma deortum « regions 
/errenUtr et, ut dixi, ad fifiearoj numquam /ore ui alomus ait^ru tUt^ram 
ponset ftUingeret iUfjue attufU rem conm^tUicUtm ■ dedinare dixit atotnum 
jferjjtttdum quo nihil posset Jiert friinu$ ; ifa effid eompUxiofiis ei cop%dar- 
tionoB et tvlhaeaiofies atomontm int«r ae, ex qtio efficeretur murufutf om- 
jieiftj'ie jmrles nmndi guaer/iie in eo esaent ; and comp- de fitto 23. 217 
corpora = of coui'^o prima corpora^ 217 and 226 rectum per tnontf = 
Tecte or fui litteitm ;rfr inane : reclum is used as primu4, po$lrevni9 and 
tlic like are so often used for their adverbs : si'e n. to 1080 and iii 250 
poatreniia datur osaibug : Cic. 1. 1. uses recte and ad Uneam to eiipress the 
same tlii[ig : vi 68D redui Ua /aucibaa eicit afte ; iv 55Q rectoqu^ /oras 
emittimua ore: eo]n|>. Aen. VI 900 Turn ae ad Caietae recto /ert titon 
^mrttim, imd viii 57 recto Jliimine ducam : in the sentenl Minuc. coq>. 
iiwei'ip. J^i. I 199 auraum rit-o recto, irtde recto r/ro, sursunwwwtm iugo 
fecff, sutum iuijo rtclo^ surmin wgo recto (six times), iugo rtcto, d^ortwH 

Ai0O rertf\ doratan iugo reeto *ro kit fouacL 218 poml jtropr. \ I^oh. 

io Tl 674 illuBtraten thin »h of pornUra for Ibo equUibriuiu of a. iMiigi 
frooi Ovid met. i 13 ppjuUtfit in aere telitis Poixdm^hua Cibrata ffvu, uid 
Lttv&u i 57 liifj-tiU pondria ctxefi ; hut TiimcbuB suid he nye (juite urmng 
U MsortifJg tbat jjondits is not so iideU iu the ain^. : a&e laj i^ute tJjeie. 
firwtfii MMti.tai lA/tfraA\ 21B //**. fot-i ayi is repeated ^JflO rviid 21^3 
b ihiaforiu -Vh: r«£^wne /flci offria , comir 103 Midiijtkxqm loci Hfxt^n^ 
i kt rtiiv t = ioeliuare ; u tj 573 reediU = rtmUnat ; datteliara, thongU <« 
9Mn$ Krfo/ufpn, Ajiiietira a i^eittkiu cam*Gt.JLiEi. p^ulttjn, Tantiim tpttui 
■tfllMDn j/itrfaium rf.j*. la w"i:ll txi^rcaaeJ by CiCn L \. jjcrpatdu/it qm> niJiU 
jioawtfari Tiiii^ua. 220 Tunfu/n quiniy judt arid only )uat, is t?ommi>n 

la (Xovroi but ho leunin Co u.'ie it ot timt, UnUiisin 'juod . .^ cmtt. vat. vm- 
i^n, wliiflL HP wc li«v« sftid to i i3o Lacr, iisoa fr>r ntf>ff*pr*^«m, horo wg- 
ikjfifv th4^ povij ar incihiatinD of tht; baliiiiGc. jtomtia m liere the |v)tt.-Dt]fil : 
toe u. to 1 3^7. 233 jV« oet. oa expL iii wkit frjlluwo. Ilio atouis 
would Juiv« gtym* on fi>r lUJ oternitj t^j deticettd ici paj-aTlGl linos with oc[Ual 
Tdodtim. Lucr. il<>ei not tell us wIil-iIj*^ uvery ilIuhi tijuH HWt'j-veiJ 
M some tjiuo or other ; nor nbcllior uq ataiuOMitlil tbu^ Gwtirpj> ouly ouccj 
■Alt Cioro Boems aot to kuow wlmi Kpiouviia taiiglit on tlua point 

225 — 2S0: yoLi most nat iLijjk tW the lieavier cut overUikQ tHo 
V.' ' I ntoma and fo give birth to thitigs; a heavier tiling JJilJa cioro 
' ih tliAii H. lightL»r (liriuijjh wutur or mr, liPirjuse tlu^jjo ollV*:' imi;ijiJj.U 
n^tuDCo to nnequAl wuighia: not ao wltl] void wLioU yit'ldfl to light 
And bcAvy a1ilc4?; notljing tbi^r^ifore cau ai^count for the hr-it coUisjou cjf 
fttetaa citcept thin decllubtiuii ; which miut he ths leust poadlbiti, ihni wu 
BMj itot ottributo tc thorn oblique motictis. 225 juttease : flcv n. to i 

665* 228 Tffldere in Lucr, ulleu nieana a'Lm|ily iiu/'c or rrfflrs; iirid so 

I K»VQ ubdcistood \i horCf tliough it ii!5 {lOEuiblc the Bonao maj bo ^n^udor 
tha motions begfltting': btit conip, f^O riea/^v^ rtdderc eensuia, vrhich 
pocmiu qmUf patiLllel. 232 ffimU seems to be a nomtn- ua i 231 inol- 

tU, 236 237 aimnGt tho samo lu i 10T1> 1080. 338 ^lefHrnj ft 

|ci«l]ail qtithet implying tlint it cun offer no n«JtiUiiico AutJv^L or prLaaJvc. 
239 cotnpi t lO'Sand EpicuiTia there quoted. 240 foL; hoar Epicvjrua 
himself in Diog. La^r. I Cl brcra^fK ava-vKatov tci; aro^i>c iTvai, orav £ti 
TDv jTfi-oi/ <ia^tpum-iit /Ai^ct'oc amnoTTTin^o^^ ovri yup Ta liopta Ourrov 
^ta^tJWJVX rt^r fUtpuiy ital kuvi^ui', oto-i- ft &vf fATf&kv airavr^ avTOi% ' gvr< Tit 
^Ufn rvr ^fyoAtJi'j n-u'i-ra Tropot irujifierpov t^tivra, oTor jiijO^v fijfV iKtii-ot^ 
arrtwirv^. 211 fiiiuimupi: eo Cic do fato 22 lertiurt qutdarn vtotwi 

^t^ttf ^xtira jHHnliig el jilagavif fum dedinat aloiiive iutrnutt/o fltnimOj 
^^t^rptilcU i^x^*'^*"' ' ^^^ "^*^ ^^ jriinitnuin or tktLxurtoy h^rij iy qnlto 
lB*lfrg*1" to tlmt »o fully di^ur^sed i 5[}lf loll.: as there Lucr niid Epi- 
tntia ffpoke of till; fuii't uf jlii dtiun il3 nn atps<?Ui1i^ \vast. \i thing thd Ini^t 
iMBBftblo, 40 sUkiJl that it could not exiab ^une, and oould not theiefbrr 


auifli n 

b« looked QpDo u US mdividotl Uutt^ ; w here Uus motion of iIgcUuH 
tion ift » nmall, u not to admit of hiring the dntindJve term * ika^H 
ing ^ aiqJicfl to it : Lc tKos hopes to f«ca|>e the Dcucaelt^ of vwrtil^S 
that aUrom cAn af thctoselrea move obliqudy. K49 qtiod'^quaad cr 

gw^Trt^wiH : «ee lACt- to r 1CS3: ao ytwrf comwiWrt im^ Jint^ quatl poUn>, 
^uod pott*, qitod nifs itit^tura teipuhiloae ^Cfi ptoscl id Cicero Tcr^oa i 
Ijtj reepectivelj. 24B nd^ nyitrnttesaa n&queisLiuiiaLly right; ^| 

Oftimot KUidsrvUuHi liSx^hmiiTiii'a objnrttazui: comp. Lay\ xxi 31 9 hoi^i 
rocia r^f^i^tt* itef itialitvit, acd nd latv<nn..JJejnl} Cic Verr. v 176 ■ 
^ti tituruitiiri tU reeta repone dr^Uxerit ', and 181 fio^t ead^rn tH titutlme 
ratioHtji reijio rX Tia : in tUo fent. Minuc. corp. ioaci-. I^t i 190 recfii rw- 
jpon«^ ia A diroct Jiao, twice oovnrsi 25Q eem ie bnr«h tlmi Bcfnintcd 

from tlfctinnre; but 1 now- tl»ink it la *liat Lacr. vmtu ; *a he bn 
nuny audi coUoaitioiiB of wordfl, &>mctiiijp3 in oisJur to prodtuse n |«cu- 
UftT cOcct, flometii04?a fn>m j>ur» iQdifvraDCor nee the in^Unc^s in n. to 
III 843 £*£ n I'uT'i luwCro te/UU ^ and cx>fiip. m 913 Ttim^Tuzm I'n t^tflrfc 
fftaJicun* prinii* W*ii eorttfTt; 196 Aam^t^ paparcrif aura poUet ma- 
pervKi trvisii'fs Ciig^fe lit ab svjurno tifti di^^uiit ajtim niywii^, to Lnnff 
iiiiii relief Uie /w/xJi'fW* ; v C.j Ci w*tAi iiiortM cousi^tcfv mrpore fnun- 
e/ttfli J^atwom^fM twiuf ratio reddnnda sit Ba*e -. D72 Fonna tptoipifi Utn^t 
toti» ileh/i fiuTTupm rideri, Sil tidcv v.t pitssis j^.ns aiU lai-jm^ atltiert, ww^ 
U VCTJ aiiuilar to our pttflsage. 

251 — 203: again if thci'i? is no such dsolinntion of atoms to brtftk 
ilif oC^rrLiil snmi^uG&s of tLcir inolioua, tlie jirTi^ettijd sequence of cnue 
and offbcti vhctice Kilto oJ] living tLings frvovrill? whence CMi we 
ohftLgo otir m^itions nt plensiTrc \ thiia hnrees canuot Blurt in a Tsoe at 
once: molJou has to iiprcad from the heart through the limltf; thus too 
vhfn wo tti^ oarriod alnng lij an cslemfll force, tLore is somcthirLg in ua 
vhicli t««i<t'i, find enaMea us «Cimf timva to ^lop : whife the v^gbt theoi 
uf fttiitiia enablia th<m aometimca to withstand the extenml force of 
bl"»wt, it \» otily tins dcoliniition of atoms at quite uncerlfliin tiniM and 
|i|[W v-liiuh glvi'j ihti mind !t^ IrD^om of aoUon. 351 fDiL Oc 

fato S3 (^totca thiH 00 the cliicf motive witli ICjriourua for deriajiig 
tirfiut q^dttam vtotjn extra poiuitiM tt pfagtim : ftaur Ejnfxtrug 
VtuitttaU oA earn rtfiit quod ctritw* esf n^^idacinper filomut ^mrUaie^ 

Hi oinMorvni molH «0£f«rel«r. 362 <rfTfiin« cerfo, Le^ if thcj 

•tnight dowri hj itkhoront gnvitj and only change their motion 
fimya^ or ooUiuon with other Atoma 258 proyrmUmtir wo umb 

inytuiM oiaoiig otliiv Uviu)^ heiugs. £|iicuraA olwajs passiooatdy 
tkinvd the doctrine of frotwitl in oppoeition to tho ereorlagtiag noooaritj 
of DeaiiirriUu oa wrll u must of the itoics, r^c aiUm m^wHc /ng^^BH^ 



gonlur^ spread orer Ihe bculj like «> nvui; nn: cooipn tv QOT Mf^rrtjj 
ptr atftntra quiiti«tt Tnri^ft trith FuHns in ^(sfr. mt, vi 1 44 mitr^mpt^ 
tigitl p«r pecktra ifttnnmit. 2C3 Somte ride* cet. ban miggvated kia 

•unilo to "Virgil goor. in 103 ^tmnc v^dea^ cum. . .ruunOfiif *ff*^ cfflreir* 
eumu cet Umporff pitncto^ x favtmrite phtuHf of Iiia : vj 230 pMut^> in 
U m i piff ^t with liU utTTitU fbndnen for tnvith thealL of time: it=pi]iicto 
tnpfwrit, whik» ihf* siimlWt point of time la priL-tp-] Jowrn cir tiiiLrktvl 
204 Cnrctrif/ita hniI Itit^tr uimie frum Ix^iiig priat^HL-likc vmilU with ^Ua 
in front, from vliicli Ih* cIuLriots gtajicd : just aa the oppititint above 
them had ilH namo frum j-wemHing a Prt-tifi«i town. 26S tieirtdtUt} x*. 

cun ni 643 : st'e Fore 267 conquiri Le. be Bought out anti bmagbt 

iDto 0cifiiiiiufiii<atioii one pAH w^Ui the oth^r. 360 for^t the uMt of 

thv ommriA 270 tr/ sc^ms lo refur to Lhe precixliug v.: cnaatitm htitte 

vivlfim mciua ; then pcrhufa mo'uni oIohq in tlic ?iibji?ct of dari^ 271 
Imdt..forrci Walc. poniparea Aen. v 600 Ai'jifi Tu'tn'r^ijx porro Aeeep-U 
JfoHna; i 4G1 porro tieiw/v wems rUJerenb ; boo □' tht^re. ^frir^t frf>r7'rf^ 
«t oiiiu; he ha£ many such pIc^nasniA ; though this might bo cipioiiKyl 
tbrotigh thfi tinrly generally nnd each of its pjirUt^ ho per mfmiim. prr 
itrhtM and (be Uke: tv 887 guoir »>< (MT^KTri toti Per membra atqite aritu 
4mifltai disnia vis t»l- 1013 Pfr rri^nbm itttpi4 trrUt* dtetdit c^rp^f* 
loCi>t VI 797 mrrrnhrti pfr nrtv» SoU'^uiU -. 04<j jict owttia mfmhra, per 
Orlm* S72 gimxlest %iZ ciAni neems liko simila k£ dvt ^ i«t, faj/j/^tftijfi n^ 

■wbiob ocoup in CjcCTo- /c/m deponda on impiM. 2flfi foll,^ «(« Cic 

de fate quoted at 251 : the piumigie tallica exActl/ with tbla; pimdttg 
ftflil pia^ dcnrrU- tberOt oji horOf tlie natural artd tbe imprcRHeil motioa of 
atoms^ Sfifi f'^W.: Lar.r. irio, lite Cicero l.I* hhsi^h tha frwHinm of 

tbe will na the chief prcmf of tho aoccfl&dty of this t^iii'd motion : tho 
aattiral gmvity of atoma pvec them aayia Lucr> a tw-rtiiin indcpoudonoo 
and p'kwer of reftiwting «rtmn'>o'w force ; bnt tha mind itstlf can onlj 
mmjie from inp^tomUe npoeshity fuid cc^iuire freedom of action !.<j tins 
£l^d doclication af litomo. 299 ?iec«ddfjni e«£ is asod ecvcnd timoB hj 

Lorr- lui well as by Plautiis and Livy; w© Foir.i but Lacli, to vt 815 
jostly obnervca llmt Tttcssrum fiaed nrt it ia liere with an epithet ia eingnlar 
«rnougli. 291 /erri ptUifptei V 314 pfrfirrs pattpte^ which Honico 

■i^ moif tlmn rinoe, nnd MarLiid vii 39 3 ; Teieuco baa prrfinTe ac 
paii, Cicerc pafUtuT perferet and the like- SOS c^i^tani^jt : scd Hh to i 
455 and Cfl3t it=dfeHiiatio or tiiNinario. 

Hiia tbeoty b«* oatuntlly einjngt drawn dnwn on EplcurUB tbo 
teofft of hiH mftoT advprrariofl : wa fo^n ^^'^ ^"''^'^'^'''^r e^vh Ciocro : the 
wbril? Uwineas b cnntnii]!i:tLOn and nMlciiIrm«j ncinsoiifr, trhoivi Bi?:ttl«y 
In 111? Boylo l«tni-cs. Even his friemla linvc mosUy Urto desei-twl hini. 
Y«4 tli«T9 ia eotnechijig grand and political in its very simplicity. Ha 



point J 



wifllied, like otter Ujinkera, to derive his iflrslem Tfom na few first iiHndj 
plea afl pomibli^: he uw iu mind Km uUnao (JcBftudjEi^ fiyna «M PtejiLiM 
in uiiiform blind miction. How tUoa vaa cxiatonoe [MisfiibU f a sbuti^ia 
fll^t caiER^ tvriH to hllo iQConc^iVAble, ThU jniniii»tin of declination tfaeiJ 
IhiA pcrpaiduiit ijuai iitfUl p<ffist:t ejjc /Nntuff, ruae before Lia reA-wn &ika 
im&ginatiofi, ua thir iijm[>l^t tbcory vtiii^U would uolve the gr^4t prcibl«ta 
of being, iif tlif? cti-utiiiJi of tlib auil All uLher wui-TcLi wiLli jlII tb^b is la 
thf^m. What aratcm-moDifGr bat tiouiewhcrc or other roachoa n point 
wbi^re r^fuan uiuat be ailent or aelf-cnotntiJiotorjT Tn a cunoua memoir 
uf tJiD Ikilin trAUAuctiojEB for 17^S by Q. L Lo Sugc, called Lu< 
NmiUknieiif tliu aiibhui' iii^^tniuustj' ar^ioa that if Epicurus bwl had 
ft ^wrt of the geometricfll knowledge of say hia contemporary EiuJid, aaJ 
coiiix'iition^ of cosmvt^raphy the Nime aa iboee of miiDy theu tirijigi 
might hiLve discovered the Iawh of ujiivcTaul gniintj, and not only t 
ItLWH, butt what v^&s the ilesj) of Newbuu, it« inecJmuioU cause. Ufl 
Ilq eavt^i^^ the oartli to bo aphcncol and mode his atoms move in di^ 
rootioiiB |:>erf«i'LdicuUr to Lho Bur&co of 9, aj>hcre> thtt u tovarda 
cKutre* he might ocjL only bnve pruvi^l lUo law of this inverao si^nore 
tha di}»tiiiLce, but Love deuLoni^tratod the cause of that Ijiw. But 
tmth IB E|]i<!uniH loight probjilily hnve lefV hJe world? to shift for tUcm- 
oelvee and let etonial tliuc post tako the place of a first cauao, if he 
not wanted this ^eoiy mainly as wo have laid ta eiplaiii the great m 
tery i,f freewill: be wished to mark thi'i t\s one nf Ibe canlioal poitita 
dilTcienco between himaelf and Democritua wbom Ciocro [fraiAos f 
choffling to acce|'t fate and necessity rather than liave rccoiiret? to £11 
a dootri[ie oa ihia uf EpicmuH, It \& for this rraAoc that Lnor. dwel 
at auch loDgth and witU nuch ©mpliasia «u tltia part of tb« quosti^m; out 
of i^ioc'L fiir DtiucxTttiiH jiH well »ji of}po^tkiri to Ibu »toic& 

204 — 307 ; tlie matter of tlie whole uuiverae never woa eitlier 
or leu ix>udtin£Qd than it is now: the motions which fiiit-U>gin 
now have, tbey always have luid find will have: what th«y bav^e pi 
duGod, they will apiio produce ; tho aura of tilings in bciog no forov 
chango ; for no iiaw mjittor mn pseape nut, oi the universe nor cuthh intn 
it tutd change tho order of nature. 294 foil l as hia atoms oix< otcru^, 
it JB an axiom that none c^n come iDto being or go out of being: the 
■uiu iff matter therefore miiBt ever ho tbo *irae^ But purhijin tht- 
yrvpUr cot- of 2D7 is not ao self cvid«iit: as in any one part of tbc 
vorde tbo motions etc. of atoms are constantly and necovdrily ehiingi 
oue do<^ nut ace timt thi; aujn of tbtir ntutiona throughout the univ 
ifl tho Biuno ; jot this in what Epieui'us and Loot- n-ffinn : but f«e n. t9 
303. 296 (uiavffvsch -. in the mm of thi» wr»rl Cic proguu»L frag. 3 

hoA preocde<l him. 297 tn iitolu , . in eot^em ; eee n. i Q!>9. 800 

^uaa €<mgutrvU ia> «a cjuo^ mch tliingti ta: the a\i^. u q^mt4 in plu«, 



HI^B Lumb. u^ei!tB to it. 301 CondMon* : tbis spptUng ii nnw in.* 

coch'CTerUblj'fixed b/ i^eaaoD anil mitburitj^ coftd^ iarrlftleJ io ettruiicfre, 
■ r/vma to lUcere : iLc lutttr point ia prov<>d by Ciooi'o Limat'lf de Ji^. 
^pnn II ^9, vhcre hit ]»iita (ogftht'i' dtekini iiidiflf, tiwtl Tibi*u elmrlv' \in- 
plic* iluti di^^tre u to {Jif?t<i v^iut ruf/^^^tF'^^ j.'i to lui/rcr'urH ; tbie at aK 
«v«nU>«tt!id thecUsBifal apclliog. 303 J^efi r«nvi> tuinnmin cet: if 

Hut QuoprirpU-r ctiL 10 tnte, tb^-D this woitIlI bti tnm: t}iH buuj of bII 
tbtn^ m bpinjEj, or nf all worlda tbroiiglioiit tlie univerao ia ever tbo 
Milieu tbis or ibftt ^^o]'ll] raxy nr mn^t attaa h^to aitii ^n out i:tf bt'iiig; 
bat ibr? vltoEe sum wiU b^ tb« iuiuo. In ijict it wiu & wtiU-kniiwn 
dognu of Epicurus that icunmcmhlo wc^rlde were duily coming into 
being iiiid jiiTiflhing; but here nynin they^ieeQi to bu fi^itcing consHitienoea 
tbi! fiilaL> jircniiffl tbwt oil ipfinitiea arc eqnnl, the mcrtbpr of so 
y pnraloginas. AnJ ia not tliis m ooati-udfctioa Ai'itb the aputo 
wgVDKUt of 1 651 h\L} vbere iii laugiiHgt- n^lmitsb ideuticul with whjit 
*e have tb^rc <]iiutf^ii from Newton, Lc aboivfl tlint the process of dta- 
lru*tiji] ia nmcb ruore mjiiJ t3i>LQ tTutt of renovation. Well does not his 
watfOCiilig here awum© tbo coolrarj ? tlua world v( u\tm T'lv iiist*uice toofc 
lon^ ng«u to foiin; but, m he ofleti re|icat£, it will aoniJ titati or otbtT 
diavjlTi» ill a inom«iil into iLs firbtrbe^uuiugs. WfiBii ttifii tliiYiiighout 
tiic TiniYcrM! imiUTueratle worlds &ro dnily perishing and ponabiiig iti- 
■tBnlAii»oa«|y, and evciy new w^ui-ld um^t ink*! long Sf^o^ t> build mi\ 
bow cui tbe Buui of worlJa rviuiLLi voiirstiLut? tii\ nrriim swima see n. to 
I lOOS^ 305 5?^i>5iHrff» n#i ftrt/-/i : coTop, V SSI tmrrtr/mnij/i $iimiaaiai 

arferna nr^tv if^J^^n Qui loc^i-t tut q^to riu/tdtnnt nc^ijj corpora runt qitas 
tni iinriderf, AUil 1 5G3 ej:lnt guriimaat ^ptonr'am nil esf^ Jtitcridtint. 
nimc in Ding. Ijier. S 39 Hiya more gi^oej^lly tq rdK ae* Toiouror ^i* 

yap TO tSv ov^^v fffrtv o dv ^tirr^^'oi' (Js *tvTo r>jv jxtra^ok^y TTot^ir\ 

308 — 332 : thfiugh fttornn afh tti constant niotion, yet the whole mii- 
v<n» Appears to be At r&sT^ btcftuau tbey are fiir bcucflth tlie koti uf our 
•Ansts: nftj vinb]« tljings olleu when auou fi^m^ a di^iEjuif^u occm to be bb 
nrt; as a £uck of Hhrt-p fttjciing; or hm nn army of foot aDil borse, if 
]o>A9d down ii|>ij]i from n. height. 309 #Ln£ tn motu: an uJJii^iual 

rikytbm; but in im>tu ia to be tokon meitrically ns one word; so alwaya 
im^ m, itdff iwi aud tbe bke. 310 ^^uiajn/i . .ttiiritrim: the pTny^ on 
mrordfl which ho so lovca 311 r/^je 7'tf>frjff '^ nM?r(if»r j see □- tc 1 819: 
aitii^r the san or moon or the clouds or any thing moTiog on the enHh 
b tui iiwtHnce of Huch p&rtiri] motiou. 312 lit/ra ap^i^rn tu lie here 

U Adr. ancf/ in/ra hngG a ii. 3. 1 IV 113 th@ pr«poq, le used with ths 
umv tftrsx I pniiwrdia. . SmU irifru lumtrtut Mn*jtj#. 313 I^rhtonimi 
it iSC <f prij/tta yi/.''ia mtrrfi/ij: we u. to I fi5, 314 lawt: il hua prf 

ett'lj' th« same fon« 1 COl : ^/ori n^irt ctmtr^ ^naua Carriers wth nt 




^aenjii: wliere see D-: aad 613 ncque demitnui iam. ettrp'^fV. HorMQ 
and P(antu8 bIbo iwo thir* contracted fann, 316 diitucta t e. from n%, 
313 re^j^fujC w^ll rxprt^niv^ the nloff rngiilar ndvjLJice of abeeji na tliey lire 
feedtogn 319 : V 461 'jfmnutnli* n/rc jf&r hertas; culei <^9 ffcrtiTiianfU 

-.jjrtT Aer&/Ej*: but the™ of fln\perB. 320 f:«^tawi?i£ : Iiivstl jliI G iinea 

it a£ii\tiy yrfftUcmgut conificat^ Q\imtil- mat, vi\: 3 2\ tn», give wit- 
foanj. 324 6«^ am. ei. : mg n. to 4L 324 foJl. Lucr. IumI mora 
tfaon one pasKige of Humer lu Lis inirLil: Od. f 2G7 TrAi7To Gi irov fn&'or 

w(^cl»i' T< Koi 'jnnuK X*t\fi>u T€ <mpoir^s, 11. T 3GJ Aiy\rj h' ovptiyity int, 
7*XrtiTffe 3* Taua TCtpi ^tnf XoAkdu inro (TTipoir^*- vvo Bs mVof wpi'wro 

TWTfflv 'AvBpCif, ftiid B ■I-'tT iLud 465. 32G jiere r^ft. ; Virg. gror. H 
3SL Jiiictuat <tmni& A«r& remdmH UUue. tupter opp«a» to bo an odv, 
for it wduTd he h&rab t<i join jt with pedt'fnu - and si I iirefiiioio La 
uiiderntood vw6 ia H. B 1G5 and T 3C3. 330 TroniiKitn; anntp*^ 

this ooDBtr, in common in pii>sft. 332 c&tmti. ftd. t.«. videnttir con- 

333—380: know too that th*fle fii^-bpginniaga are of mftOj dif- 
fereut shapes : ihne i^o two men or othor suirjiiilA are qiiilo alike ; thtu & 
cow koowH it« calf among oil other culvca; tljuE4 kida and lambs run 
eooh to itH own uiothor; tbu9 evoiy ginJu of coim, erer^ ahpU is diitjnct, 
333 (Tj^itcf. u:> rtsr. = priiaorduL mruia, Uie cttticfarum heing^ eiiulvaleat to 
prinut. 335 tntUt-itfenia appeiti^ to be o ac-a£ Xeyo/i. i it mubt d-^tno 

from fliiifti'^rtirt. ai the oMin'gf^niitri of Viry;il ftom onui?j^nd '. see a, to I 
083. 336 337 i-ecur 7^3 724, nnd purti^)- m2 QH. 336 i>«nu4 
mvlta reours fl«r(>nd tUneB : it and pttrttin. aoppe aro limilarly^ ueod » 
OidTTD : lUfittiaJ uf belug few. ttie aLoEUS of eucli aliajio are InHnil^ in 
jUuLiibori na ho oooD afler f i-ovoa. 337 it is clear 1 thlok ththt cotittait^ 
the projier mood aftfir f/J^/'^r^ and crmstnttt bj atCra^^tioti of the pi^oc. «uH| 
aru i.'quiilly good LaLiui wtj I prefer co/Hrf«;ti in the thJTje pUcei! aJ 
critLuil groaQdii, will bs Men from notes 1 : VI 71 'non ^u« vi^lari fumnui 
dfnifii idt f'ltsnit.^.Sr.d qu{a tuie . . CufiaiitJifJi . , .Vivr. .adUrin, wluch u 
Ica^t dufondd tho indie. 341 U'^hr.nt cet. 1 wondnr Luor, iisr« t^ufl 

Rrgtiment : 522 iblL he proves Lbnt tha auims of cMch vLapu ni% iofiuL J 
in number; what dood ho vaat then morv thaa mfiuU>7 hia oUiJ 
rcfiAonfi aro however more convincing. 341 jitoiJUutn ib propcrM 
thtckneea, us iv ^S etipiill prnf/ltiii Jj/ti ; honco alit: as bore, uid r ^^B 
£31, 599: see LacL to v 571. 343 mufcr^uf uiAfr^n/tgi: sr^ u, to] 
2^8. 343 1 Plants rud. 94^ Wii^ sfiianiom pecu, 344, ax /o^ iJ 
the old writora ^oco Fore) aigottii.^ to auikG glidt it aconifl bt^ to taJcJ 
/otfti^ia to mean making glad} it may howovur bo eynoix. with fodm 
340 comp 14.1. 347 i/e'trrfUim = S72 Quiqiif. stio ffotcrt. 34fl 

taptc/t of course refers to the quUivis: comp, 371 quudvia , , iam&m 
351: tfeaiL to 141. c/u^« = eBa& 352 <klubra seoins here to lutJ 





ild prinury sense, the innor pRtt oF tbo tempJe wtere the aUtue of tbo 
god vufV AEid tilit] f7ri7e Ufeieruie Lu 1« wtlliiri tUo te]ii|>lc, 353 J'^r. 

or,: Aen. IV ii3 ^f riVrr^ j/i i* cftm rhmt imj^mrH ar-is. 354 copip. 

A«u ix JJ4 cotaefU calitkim de j^f'-fitrf Jfttiw^i. 35fl r^vuU Ad' V 63S 
wi AfJfK ^ut'a ffif/iiri rti-iit'tiiC; Vl 1:^33 tnifrr« «(/ uq/rot: tLe oi^ri^tr, la 
ccmm-Jii ia thu oJiLur writers. 360 perfira seeins a word puculiiLr to 
Imct.z voaip. in 305; vi 392. 361 foil st«in Ui have Hiig^^ted to 
Virgil geor. tJt 6S0 Avn urr^^r^ eet. 362 i^n, ctuplKitiij in a good 
ttOtto; flA I 83 iiia lifli^h. in a bad aum. ffth. ripiti Hot, epod. 2 25 
^ai/ttJttf/r nlth iiflrrim rijifs nqtifi^', od. i 2 Ifi vtujtiM et einintrn LnhiUw 
rifia ; OviJ am, 13 17 31 '^td ri-?flwfl divtrAl ripa IthutUur cml^/it. 363 

MHiapturti find av^rlere seem to miike a good aatithebis : ft leani^K] friend 
AT^n strongly for tub'itiM, whetlitv aa an aJj. ' emergent.' 'iitful' cr M 
■. puiic. in the waoe of /jtum gntriU. I cfun timl no im^mce of tho adj, 
itEtKl with a raejvniug that would \<t. aiiitable kerl^ An f<»r tliP (wrtic. 
<CAt]<l I fiud Buch u U3V atippurtf^ by tmy authoiity, 1 vould glcLdly^ 
idstit it. The iiae at piu&ive jmrticipleH from neuter verba ia Gon^ned 
wiUiin vury^ muTow limiut: in niAEiy cftaes tbe verb still admits of being 
triji£itivot oa ^rvMco and its coiopouiida : this f rebaLlj rLpjilios to scncdn^ 
klw ttxid th^ liket a^ n. to in 773 t nr old ustgo hn» jiiiiitiAL'd it; thtis 
Wt my ocaiffcij) at*/, but uccvnta homo: Lucr. TI 41/1 ban tri/icr\sn = q\ia& 
injiimdoDt; ftnd tiiia Beema eupfK>rted by Sen- Here. 0«t 15^3 7m;j?rii9*/jrt 
frmtiHf but tlici-e niiiat hnve been a close connexion between the neu- 
I tcr* ffciifieo impcndeo, and the activea pcniio augj>ent£o etc- : sunpenfi'ii 
■iDiut huv^e suggested it^li' to a Lvtin. iiHrng inpaninv. T«t in auch 
FciHa (UK I grant ifi iLe :^le nontut hqneiidt. Tbe &iend alluded to {jio- 
L <tiicioa eartfa vita from Fcbtue; but then f*nV« is often transitive, thiee or 
bhvr tiiU'^ III L\icr.j and ^j.nW ia biniDarly uai^l as a pergonal pnss. 1>y 
HOlniviuSf cited to v 1330, prtwA^Hhta mny be mot>3 in ^luiut; yeb 
^KBt0rw> 10 oflcb transitive 365 c/ertrare . . onimu/^ : it vould not 

Wm'mMf |f«r1iH]W Fio lind an i^xaet pur^Uel to UiLh expression, 3fi9 fin- 

I Itefwn /><f:'ii^''^ afkr LIuuLua aniL, 102 ; \i\\Z'2 plgtra hfdttiUibiat'. KiotaiK 
e^rpvra peanipofetUu-pi; squamiffenan perii'Ieit aiid tbe like. 37D^/^rfi: 
•ee n. to i 14ymfe ^,/rrrfr). 371 coiup. 347 : hetv also itir/i^jt aimsveis 
t> fifpr^triA 37S Qtiiquo IB ubL of courso : aee Lach. imd Madv. de 
Hn. V if>^ yet th^ use of quSmpie la often fio arbitrary that I am not eer^ 
^hfu ^ictfoe will nut utami heit;; tliuugli I linj giud to Ivaxis tbe df^oibioQ 
nf cQ nice a i]>Jeati«n to two biich illnatJioua seho^ara : it must be liorae 
Pb mind tbat tho insB. have Quiilq^ic, whjeb i^ aa fiir from ijuicipie as 
. fr<ona yut^ue ; so tbut in either tase ^fo bave recoursfl to cori-cction. 
376 fiuMibtis Kit tbe Wiiveg billiug gt-ntly on the t^hoi'e- not a gt^nenil 
f|iilheit of watar, ui i L'fli vii,flin afju/u nnirmt : Roinp- Aen, i\ fll7 ms 
nUiUnut cxiiUU undit^ 377 Cu/trc <>ot prove*, if proof 'were wAntingj 



timt Fntet»r€a la 343 cannot Ltr nglit : it draws the cooclusion ^^^^H 
the itifltjittcos givoQ abaVQ bc^nniiig with 31S ; and ib voulJ b« Iwff- 

crou^ U) inclitJ^ vrhat prof^ecle^, tJiat. i>i, to (usert 'therefore it fiilhivs 
that atom^ mkiab hare dlfTeieiit Ab^pea^ b^cAu^o I have dt^t^hu^ that the? 
must uot all hAV0 the soma shiipea.' 380 quoedmn here do^ not fiiHj 

4i:i|jit;aa Ihe authored mtuoiiug : ib jLjipuirH lo hts an iuteutiDiia.! unth-r^ 
etateruont, lo serve for the momeut : ho eoon nftorwords ^roT£A Lhat tLc 
^fijKS, tlioiigli nt>t intinitf, arc very veiy many. 

361 — 307 ; thua the lire of lightniDg can pOM wh«re enrtldy iuu 
cantiut] hecaaao it ih ftirmod of finer atums i f^r like nusoaa Uficht faoBea 
tiirciigh hum, rain iloe-a not; viae mnti easily, oil slowly ihroagh a 
Btiuiucr, bc4uu»c the elcfueute of o^ fire tiirger or more hooked, and ao 
CHimut «n«inite so readily, 3S3 _/uai recurs iv U37 nud is fouiid In 
Yii'gil' 586 mrij/vt may beloug to Suptifrnt; hut it aevoas Iwtter lo 
take it vlih parris : cuiu^i, yi 2^25 ilnuc liiti stibtiletn ctim pntnii' vfit- 
htm itiiatt^ Cojuttituit iittt^ira minttris ntobUibtiJupit C<irpor!ltv§. jhpifvi 
ai'c here tbo atoms thciuE»elv«£ - as G7& mWutf cvJtibere Ji-jtira* ; ol&o (^$3, 
C85, 81T. m ISO, 246, vi 770, 776 : sec n. to i 55 foil. : no Dcmwritua 
guve ihe name of TA/df ur ti&ij, whii^h AriHU»t.]i> tmiiHUtOA hy dj^/tara, 
Bumotiiiica to the ahajica of atom**, wmelimeH to tho at^tna thLtuavlvH^ 
3S3 fifniuritj a Ibrm found in Vnrro Ovid Gellius und othei« : Hd 
Ftcuud a. V, 394 pcnjitt^ jil. ; fs^ prr/d':-t-ii Jujitris iiUid im^l^4 proia- 

39S — 407 : hoii<iy imd mJlk ^ro plpiHflnl. to tiie Unrto^ wormwo«J ofid 
tJie like [iu.uaL-uUA -. llio foriui?r ihtfi'viort: cuuai^t of Mqiiotli, the latttr of 
jagged atouia v/hich tear a ^'ay tuto tbu Lody- 401 Ccntunn : iv 125 
mud Vii'g' geor- it 270 hiiTo tlie form cvn^uurna; the mas. of riiuy who 
Cilau tiflos thu TToril fti>|icnr tu givo t-fl/^fa^trifft or OTn^JuHiir/fc for iha 
ftOTiun, : th4> luttoi' is tlio form luod here • it r^jtears not to hu found b 
Oivok, ithtlittiii, Aryi, vun*Jti/U ma sfiuilur gi'uitiviiM of Qieek T»i>nU 
40l pvrtvi-qu<s}U ajiptara not to ho found vliscwhui^; the no&uu, tt 
fauura twii>o rtijK^lod : tbis Eh loaa hftrsb tltnn lit li^^S. Virg. g«)OT. n 
210 J ^ mtpor-.-orti. Triftia t<mptmdfAm «rj*flw Uirqxicbit 'tmttro or rtnump; 
J«r Iut<t X £^D VITf/i haU/idkit </^/y/jWi VfifheU tht ii- javtt. 403 rv 

iiiWw AB rightly hcnj iiuj fUewhurtj. 404 ^^i^fji/iura: GlZywIvi 
Oroa, IV [iUti ,V«Frt *i r^twi, V 7 -Vawi *E «/, 71 fill in orbii TI 71C 
etttiiif, 79G «t Df/ani^uf : ho vrith TJionctayllnblea eiitiing in m, 6fil 
cum odorc, Ul S&4 A*; ^itjirw i/t, lOft^ Se-i d^rrt o^-cirf, VI 27C CWM 
COiQ|i, Yirgirjj J/i ^r'j tinutnl, te cmtice. o Aiati; Homec's >Si 7A4 
Ciodrr mtvt <iiif4t , Cutullua* £i ia ovmibng. With tlda |ukfaiigH ami wil 
tv GI5 foil it wuuld ho wurth xrhilu to C(im]nLr« Thcophniatiu do 
|»1iuiL VI G ; do eenaii ^t senail ti3 ^G 67; iJl qitotod hy MulLoch 
niixir- 1^ 217 foil, where lb is explained ut length out of what kind 



atoma tho flu^OUrs yXuiro?, irrpvifn-6t, i>£v5, Bpi/^vst aA/tw/Jos, irtupcK iiTw <ev^ 

408— '443 : uho vlittt la plimbing or offcoaivc to t.ho otber s&nsoa, 
to iUti hodi-iDg uinoll ajgLit« miiet be format! uf olemdnts more or Itss 
nmoritli cr nmgh T'ifl]>Qei.!vely : ftgain 9om<^ Uttrr flihvoui-s liave elemenla, 
not h<N>keJ, but aligbtlj proiuincnt : ihovc vf fii^e uml cold ^1*0 jtkgg^, 
but in diffi^rent wajtm as nhcwn by touch, which ifl Ihe hftdy's B^nse, 
wli«thifr it ia nJfeclecI plea,santl/ or uiij>lcasrtUtlj« h'^iax whWia nr tn^vi 
ititliout 408 Omfiiti poctf. piiEksiDg frum tasto ic Ulo otker gcukos, 

teffu is lipro tbe *ln.t. of UtFttt^^ aikI ts qirito HVTxon. witli ffft^jtiTr^u, as ib 
itu|ili«a ia Lta guoerat luoai^ug wor^ wnj in which j^ou cau tttmjot^ 
l«f £iin^^: thiia lavi^n^ l S43 u said of hcAiif^, 11 103 of tAste^ IV 074 of 
UQi*lL Yicgil ti[iitA i^eor. m 41 G witb aui ttudd iaclti: liut £nL-fL£ tbcira 
a|>pcAi? to bo tiio i^iipiui^, 412 V'lMwa^a : thia niJj. iL^rptniT? f>ticiillar to 
' Lucr. at least Ijj the wnsps in which he ciii|ihi>-fl it: here it = ir«xipn ; in 
t sQcl n lb = RUiLply 7»iui£runf. 7;^/ii: £05 (;j/r.vic;ii m<;^f; V 1^31 f/Wi^ 
^fyariwfc weftww /w/wT-tft^ jtrnflT-M, Thw t'. ia n.lm<iHt tnhdo up of Grouk 
wonlft. ^\^ fajif^r^ttl : \\ f>*i2 Foriaaf.Hrfup/'^ f<i.frrffrn.jii. pro ^mriejlj'i' 

ro/^ L-Ci flhnpcfl the ftrtii^itlatc worila; here 1 presume* putting the liiucB 
ifiio tbAjte miuoB to oxcwat^^ tlidiu^ 416 JCl cum and 430 Et quii 
w« ti, U> I 3^0> CTora Vtlid: ciili-i 3D5 CVVft-f tTot/wr rJrVw wrro. /'cr- 
^/ii£«a in a iJcjuid stAte, as described by Souut^i PlitLynud Alurtiiib 4L0 
orifZru cot : Thjj, bifit. Ill 39 aaeviitsirtitt ViullH i^w ^i/fi *> {i/'«i tffifwi I'cr&a 
r^/mtr't) pnvisiw oculos s//ci/itM i^dinici morU iiv:t<Mvlt \ tomp I 36. 431 
il is not «uj to Hfic how mrro ugbtn^fifi or hideoiis^ccs? of aspect iinpUes 
rvn^buais in thu atoms: one L'unld cuiict^ivr a. vi-ry ugly thing hfiviiig ft 
MMihinj^ efTtfOtt if iLpplied to tlio cyt« ; while bright n.rul bentitjful objecta 
nay oftffti fonjntnfjtre iicirrn^ 423 p^'ln^tpial} l/^'. i.e. levon? pi-inci- 

piomuj ; coup, i^o rwtteri't^ SijutUore. 426 17*1^6 wvn itcc: tlm fonn 

•f Mffi n dear enough; urhioli, wh«n you como to thomr yon can nd 
longer pUI either Atnonth etc,: ctitnp. Cii;, de fin. v U p*iv^^rw mr^Aiw, 
CQ hi** • Itieron^xntint, iju^m iam cur Perlpatt^fkt'-iti lo/'jull^m nafcto: 
It tauinot bikvo tho niL^nirtg jt hiis jvnl aflt.>r in 430, 431, 440, vb<iro 
liferUculor tostn-ucce aro sp«i:ldeil. 429 TMUite . > m^tmtt', Ciu. dv nab. 
dpA*' 1 113 han fevwret tliciit vi>liipltttes qnilrna quatri titiitalio {Spirnri 
Kot vgrffiiJTi ttt) iifDiihetur Rev^rifj^m ; do ti.D. I 31' »l ti atrltt i^oinpt/iM 
ytMt qt*niti rilillarrt *«>ww ; mid other paseago*: Eplcurufi' owu 
«i>Td ynfryaXC^ftv tu ot\en nieiitiODGd: he applied It t<n the iligiitor UkdUy 
[4iBiaura&. 430/fM(7u/a: Hor. silL 11 f^ 'Q /aenda Gaa- t^iv/'-auhmf 

A B »uil Ijkch. oimnot bo ^m Lucr. tlioiigh before the end of tho firet 
OHLtnry it lx?cinin common to put c for ae in miiny words, jnatrrfo mfi-nrmiri 
pvniCcj cet. 433 i'ldus itierf/u£= JAclua ntriusqu? 1 Ilor od. 11 17 8 
^ 4m9 eiirafn^U4 I^ucct TuinatA. 434 Uiia poiijt ia put vith emphnj^is 



to ahew tbe vmit imporbanoo of toacb ; for not only can nothing UiHyti% 
el tfi't^i »im rorporf^ but cuttv^tR^l^ nothing c^n tine taefii fi&nitre : u 
the aeusofl are Imt dilFwrent forujs of k'nch ; Ujuch thti'erore ia the bodyl 
BQUBo, tbat id the sole and only aenisc^ whenevot tbe body boa any feeling 
vliiLtfloever ! he then emimeriLtea tlie dilTGront wa^-A in wliieb the body 
can fbcl : eilhor flnmotlimg «ntcrA from without, and girca pleafinre or 
pain; or s'>metJiii]g takes i>]ace in the body, and girea pleasure or 
pjiiii; or thirdly the atoniH la the body itself^ befoi'e quieAcent, are 
troubled by some colliniou end ao dinti,irb the body's fcelJEig, na fur 
inaunce vbun you strike fiuy pait of ihe boJy. 438 ivThant neu 
Bee D. to 12G. c</rporc in ijiao = ujtrely ifUue m corjtorei see b. to ir 73 

444-— 477 : ngwn tbings hjird And dense, stonea mptnls and the lili 
bave boaked nnd brancbjng portidea; flnide bare thetu naooth ai>d 
rcmnd; things ngain which do not cohere^ but yet ^re [iiingen^ emolcs 
miflt flaine, liave 4b]»p, but not taugledelemente '. f^cn'Wate^hu [nvrUde* 
roucd and smooth mixed with otber^ round but rougli which ^vc it ita 
Biiltntfis; nnd tb^si- latter by filtering you mey separate from the lormer. 
44fi folL hamtUU cet.; Oic. acad> pr, u 121 Hie ff» atptris fit ietjib*iji «C 
htitiiOttj/ wneinalif^pti corportbus confreta h<t^C esM dit^iil : the i^nctital^ii = 
427 Jie^cia mvcro7iilii« unm, Nowt<in optica [i. 251 HortJ. "ibe |^i1' of 
all bomogeneul hfu-d Iwdiefl which fully toncli one iutothcr,Btiik fog^lli^ 
very ati^ngly. AuJ for ^xjilniaing bow tbia may be «om« h»ve iuveutcd 
booked fttuma, wlxich ia begging tlio qnoati^m'. 447 oJaTrkraytinai 

ihiB 1 f resume ie a general epitbet of groat hardnoBS, 44B iciu^ «o»- 

temnem iiu«fa : Virg- geor ii 3G0 cotiJfiiiVGre i-fjitos Ad^ffJtcartt 44J 

tUieaa: see u. bo i 571 : these bloeka paving thoir atreeta and roada would 
ftlwfLyi l>e present to the eyea and mind^ of BomaoSv roborat aeo 
n. to I 882. 4i0 Arra, dmuttris, rfjttiiitlia iirs *]1 vogiie wnrda; eo 

that tboir joint meaning mufrt bo Homewhat doabtfial : Aent I ttte to be 
tbe bi-onze bars or bolts of a gate; ci^mttrn ihe bteples or mvlAl boi^ lute 
vhich tbe bolba went to laftton the gate : appjirEmtly the ntntt meaainf 
of tbe word: resttmtia then = retiiatQa tin, ae 1 110: rf^t. cL moAuiit^ 
fttruggliiig witlif refuRJng in pnrt from; though ctaujlrU might ha lIio 
modal abL; moat of the editors seem to take aera for the canioi but u 
the ancient caniu liad nothiug in common witb the modem binge, dnv^ 
trU miut then afi|HLreutly ruc^j-n the socket of the door-lhip wbich moFed 
about thflrt^/^ eri»ivot of Ihe^i^iis : this it con acnrcoiy do. \52jhUf ■ -. 
46^ Jhii^f/'i, 4:^&jtjHiittns. tlqtivfa: no I 311), iii 437; iv 1253 fi-^^.,..'.* 
df tirpjUia crasti^i where see Dote: I 4o3 ^^uor a/fuai; the only aiM 
where the aubnt. ia li>ag, Ibougl] that ia the ivguiar quaxjiity of tbo Vi-ib. 
454 t^hineramifia : this word, s-lnir^nt jH-ruli'ir to Luer, V 736 meanh iJie 
bdl ef tbe mooik; U 6S6 atoms of diHbrent shapes moot ^on\crat>\«n m 



BOOK ir 209 

«num: from the context glomcramirut would seem in our passage to 
meui gMosa prim^dia, the round particles of any liquid; but if ao, 
thu sense in in strHnge contradiction to the meaaing which Lucn ela^ 
where gives to it; if it means the drops into which a liquid aometimea 
ferms^ Uutt wotUd only applj to a few coaea in which a liquid bo disperses 
itself; the words TelinetUttr inter « are ambiguous, aa they may refer 
either to a composite body keeping together, or to the separate atoms 
holding themselTes in union. 455 prodivo: see Cio. do fin, y 84 
prodivi ctarii orattOf and Madvig there who shews that proc/irt and 
fur^ctitte are ^e fame in meaning and used adverbially : he compares 
/ttciie and auhlinut and refers to Gellius x 24 who eays the aucienta used 
prodiw and prodtvi indifferently: Oic. Tusc disp. iv 42 qaia »unl in 
IvbrUo ineUaiaque temd prodivl lahurUur. 460 laxa: fog and 

smoke for eiample coutd enter the mouth or nostrils or eyes or other 
open parts of the body : the action of flame is so different hoja thesc^ it 
is not easy to bring it into comparison with them, UnKa is a slight 
change and seema to suit the context. 463 tKuits : so that they can 

punyen, but not haerere. 469 Sudor mari$ is simply the salt water of 
the sea, and bos nothing in common with y 437^ where salsus sudor m 
literally the sweat of the esj^h ; or with what is there quoted from 
Empedocles. 467 dolorU is the ace. plur. : it is certain that do- 

ioris h^oru inaiorU and the like were often, if not generally written by 
liOer, and Virgil: see 509 ftidioris and v 591, and Wagner orthogr. 
Verg. p. 404: crcant dolorU = i70 Itiedere sen^us. 469 Scilic^ 6aae\ 

■DO n, to I 210 E»9e tiddicet. 472 Xtpluni: he takes himself the 
licence here, which 652 (655) he somewhat contemptuously concedes 
to others. 475 fnanfuescat by losiog the aspera semina. 476 viri; 

virut is used for tbo brme of the sea I 719, v ^69, repeated vi 63^, 
FarcoUUuT enm riru*; ManiL T 684 jjo?i/t aeeemere ci'ru*. 

477—521 ; bence it appears that the number of different shapes in 
atoms is finite: some atoms must be intioitely large, if you bare an 
infinite variety of hhapes; for say cert^n atoms consist of three parts or 
(bur parts: tbeir permutations will only give a certain number of shapes : 
go on increasing the number of parts, the shapes after every change of 
position will still be only finite in number : bence to get an infinite 
number of shapes, some atoms must be infinitely large ; which is impos- 
sible: again were the shapes infinitef what b now best in colour smell 
flavour sound would be far surpassed; as well as what is worst: but as 
it is there is a limit to all this : there is a limit too to the heat and cold 
of the year. — Tbis was another poiat in which Epicurus differed from 
Democritus and I^ncippus who according to Arista de gen, et com i 1 
p. 314 22 taught that their atoms air<ipa koI to TX^tlof ttvat koX nxf 
/iop^v : p. 315 b 9 folL he gives tbeir reasons for thiEi Philoponiu i 



SOTEfi n 

Ilia comment p, 3 b on the ^or^ of Ariatotle just quotod reconia tlat 
accoi^ljng to Alextiudarof Aplipodiiiinstlie epicur«iD9 on ibis point ovuin 
(rvntpiarjjtrav ^jjiioKftiTtp : tlilfi K[>Knn\9 liimwlf In T)i<^ IjK^r. x \'2 
[liatinctlj OOnfil-ma, na\ ttaff iKatrrrfV Si a-j^rffxarUTiV aTrX^s awtiftol (IcTtf 

Qiiiuticr of almpt^ b uob hilinit^H uuly luconcchulrlji grsit: iliid cuvful 
imitotion is uJJod no Joubt with rofuroncG to Domooritua. Luor. aiQk|j]/ 
idaU-a ntid nrgnefl tLut t>ie number is firutp, ftitlmut iIi*clJing ■w-Jiotljer il 
ifl lai^o or stiiaH. 479 E^ hoc cci.: it doHrca itn proof from wLftt has 
boon said, bceaune though tht.<]^ is 6o macli difl^erL^noe in tliingn in r&g&H 
to liardueas jB>riiK'ss> siuoobline.ts rougliiiLiss sud iIk? like, yet ttaw dilTtr- 
OTUNB ETC only ti&itc ; fic« 500 foU. 4S0 = 514 Jiu'Uis 'HJfcrrc J^yvri^ 

481 ruT-ifum i'lin refers to i G15 ^ it will once more frtllow, Ihongh it inu 
tKei-(^ f'lwcd to be impuaaiblc ; soo Letijw 4[)[) ^ujirit ipiwl ittut cuk 
494, 437 and 490 t^orpnria in of coai-se tbe ftlom : see o. to i Gnd C^rpmi 
UliM^i. Liicr. H^Moni liiis to Kpeak of u i^inglu atum : when lie diiM iUf<Ti» 
tion on*, Ke hflj li.aMl.v jiny word For it btit corjjrM, as ber& 466/*^: 

*»im Get.: he bcL»in3 witb fjuflmVrmj tliGC -wilL ^/Jic ^'Jti'fl* he cnmmonow 
n scries of djLii^Ji, Ko tliiLt tilt! c-Iirw^ uf tlie i;c>nstructioii b di'opi'ed : oaA 
IDd ^'7'> commenccB an njxidoflia to all tbAi hoa pr(>LV.-dt^, roftrring not 
*mly to qMonhini cot. but also to Jiic erfn'm find m11 tliftt ful)"WH: tha 
anacolutboti ia liowevcr VL-ry &li^lit> if it osiatnt all: compn iii i^3 —433, 
minijais ffptirHbu*. tliia Lb,9 bi^n fully c^xplni noil 1 5dd icW.x thi^c rrnrufrKM 
p^trifti, vbich could not racist alone luid hnd no dletiut^Uve rjiiAlJtiefl, Lu 
sccnui to ha,re rcgardod Ha each pcrfef^ily identicAl; ao tkit th^ 
toolc ita aliape and chai^actor hoIl-Iv frtim the mnde of jiiKtn-posiliofi 
wlucli thefit; t.'.\ifiU.-d fniui i'vuAufiiUig in tlie atom; aud ihroc be see 
to bk^e thought tbo v<^i7 Bmnllest nuuLbf.'r tliat L?ould coTnpoeo one of bli 
uliJ at-oms. 490 Forntai ^eci^m: wimp, iv G^ Jhnjifii ^urrtM. 

491 Quod tttptixifi: bc« □, t4> i f30. 492 Add^nlujtt jntrtisi s?e o. to 

I 1 H : the pcrDtut>iUona ^Hll booq com^ to an end and to iiicn^jui^ Ui« 
«Iinpca now parts minsi Iki ttddcd. 494 diftnt^ cincti Dg;iiji| aLiU, vIji 

iho comie pootfl show to huvo been uii idiomfttical nee ; Cic. Veir. oi 17i 
diCf dU tiUiiii cinrhui. 496 Sufjsf/juiivr, At r»nce followa upon. 
tnoJiimiiiUe: ace n. to i G^S. 469 fvpra i. e. i Glfi foil. With 

precedoH touip. Epicurtifl hitnieJf in lHog. Lnan. x ^G wSv hi /^ 
VTr(4>x'*i' ovTt ;u>7in/ior ^trri TpM rac TfLv TOtonJTWv Slo^c^g, 
rt /itXXd «ac k|Hjs ^^s o^tt} arop^f.-.T/w St toCtok vv 5«t 
«j Tip ■p'pKTjirpu ffiu^i-nTi fTirt/paut uvif^vf ^rkai ovf* bJfijXtfretwotT'. 

500 MdilMta-, huci-. U.-l]fi Ub tbat tljia wu lUo ThoflaliiiD 
it lay on the elioro, U-twecn O^ji and Peliou : Aen, r 251 Pttrp^rA 
Mit«andr» ditpfid Mrliboea *T«cum'/; where Pruf, Coniugton aiiya * Mt^ 
imae ia fvniiod Oom it ta au adj. by putititnl licence, oa hi 401 dttm 



nitOK n 


501 Theinaii/^o «ww. fW. : eee n. to t 474. ti\/-tai I*qct^ 
conHn^to and ctmroc^T^^ in Uie Bftnie aense. OuJenJorj? io Lucan 
amotib; aoTorfJ falso iual^uoce quutos Lnoaii il 53G talifjiS stJiiffnis 
L^)Jl (.'*i*w^n> fwj***. 502 rifknli: iv 1125 pv/^^kra in jn^ibuM 

ntia ri^lfitt, £04 laccrexU of couriv ia continued to tbU T«rae; 

L ussumea itcconiing to wont that M}|i>re tUo ffavietieB are infinite 
f iDuvl b» lufiuilfily gnod tiad Inflaitf^ly bud iu wlmt llia7 produce. 
X^mb. 3001113 to bo ritrlit in liking /'htt^hen to imply tunos pla}^ 
ha tfiopfity^y tht> ukfltnimcnC cf f'lti^eliua, daei/a/ii c!ion£is &pj)e&ni 

the Btime a« ^12 jf«r chordae vr^ftnUi quac^*jt^rard-, U>th piiraawj 

to implj the givitig expression on tha Btringa to nil the varied 
of the mCT*k' : tliis v, even raiFr*; tlian tliat ctinsulft of Gi-cek 

L 608 \t\ mdiorif Jcjicn^ls iij gminnoiLr on <y.dcre ntro, in aenw 
yijprwjj or tie liko, 513 and 516 fnwmwn i. *.k the whuJe range 
inwbicb ihvr nune, 516 rcineiieae ia more tbun uucc paieaive In 
JL 517 if'^Lma i & Went 620 mv^rv^'ii ^ tLe motaptor 

I he from Hii> murrti or poijit of the vfi'/rM »t(ting a marlc at each 
[kf niij If^tigth joii wisU to noto ; nn tJie t of the pbl we n, to I 97ft. 
121^ — 5G8: the number of aliitjiea being finite, the nomlier of atoms 
bcb fthupe ia infinite^ since it vnn prurvd In tlie Jlrat book tliat tha 
of matter vfta infinite: if yon eay Einmo acimfds arc more acftroo 

would bo tbe cane, if lliu utoms of wLteh they wctre mude vera 
ll«v r nuftwer thow flJiimala uiJiy be vtrj uunierous iu reraoLo 

b; but eren if but one thiog of its kind utisitid in the whoU 
3, tbU wouM imply nn infinite sum cf utoma; else how oooJd 
I liave met aiid united in tbo bonmllcr^ ocejui of mjitL«r: the fij'at- 
inhiga tlif-refora of i^pry abapc and kind me infinite in nnmber. 
foil. Me Epicurus cic^d to 478 fi>]l. wbo preeiualy a,gr<#& witb Liicr. 
ihgUti cct. for no finite number mnltiplted by Any S.iibe nijmbet 
j^p lurg? pfin jtroduc^c an infinito sum. And as Epicui^us and 
: tonceiveU idi inCnitttJ tij l»o cqujJ, the at^tms of each abrtpe must 
jtm ha\e bcca e<)tial to tbe aum of oJl the atontj of all alia^iti ; whiGh 
m al^urd; but tlit» opinion tht^y tibiLred with ixll tbe aneipnta, and 
^ruft t^l e:iiu]>anLtiv4-1y recent timnAi P]ii]o]>oniii U L t<] the loat 
Lia hoa A i^m^ioua argument to alie^r tb&t Demoorituei Lolding thdi 
ft of oioh shape to be irjfinite mtiat bave beld that Lbeii> ^-.ia roR 
ttrv oirtipmpov Ti, and tbat the epicureana tcaclung tbat tbe num-j 
n «UGb bbape Via intinite mufat bnvo believed th9 same : tliia to bim 
t^ 3tn aU^nnlity ; and it must bjive puzzled Epieurufi and Lurr. av 
, Newton cited to i G!JQ gJul^i-s up tbe mystery, &25 duer(-=caaw 
fmfopi 1 iOOa — ]05l: Loch- goes sadly aft tray, /Ltya^ /ityo^ta^rd 

PornAiie IB thus nakedly pub i 41G P'j<tm tibi th ifKnuU unn ro 
Km oet 530 i.> injinito^ ie. fcm^wr^, not spatio, apparently; 


yoTE3 n 

Boe a Ur r 1001 (997): but liere it lb out quite «»rbuo- fll^^^l^l 
IV Il'l Kt q'u<w prt^iv/o sliwulatur JlifgersJWg^ir: (tCftti the patattgiM oi 
LnciEiiiB aad othei^ nuQted hy Pcrcv Lhu wurd apjF^urs to Jeiiuic u untn^ 
ber of clraugtt-ojten yokcti oiio in iVont of the other ajjcI aUTanciiig bjf 
even bnocGHflive pulia : henci^ it well ox|truucB thii oflt>ct proUucod !>/ Ui« 
ooiiLinuouH fiuccts^icn of hlov/s of ntfimd. 

633 ^QTft iTuo^ cot, ftji iLp|fiLr«rit objection to some aLiL|%ea having on 
infinite number of fitonis, but only afijwreut: the yiw/ vide* is like the 
fiimilirtr qitod ncrt^U in Cii:fru, to iutroduco llja oyra EVOHWer or upiowru : 
qmxi LQ tha coDJunctloa: aoD n. to iv 885^ 535 iiwiii^rumi ao &> tu 
bring it up to an nvcrag^. 537 rtn^/fiflflm/* reciirs v 1 303 as \be uv. 
pliir. fein- : Locb, quot^ PriBCian to ehdw that cetdljrtamt^ uinntanus aii6 
thi* like Are decUut.-d like ^la^tts atid ubaHFTOB that Lucf' U tEio i>b]j 
writer tif riTitbority who iwpb nny of tlieno wL»rils e^?f|»t in tlie nom anil 
ace. Hing, : Oia. do nat. dcor. ii 123 ntanui dfian^ ffoCa elep^nto «il 
533 I know no other mention of this ihbtti. 543 arbi: eoo tk to I 

9r8, £46 qiiiKl Bt(perf!tt-. sec n. to I 50. 547 Jitt/utnt Aor fieofiic 
Hft; not only gmnt tJmt tbcro oonld be a thing ^lo of ita kinil, but 
the elem^ntK of nuch thing lintte in numlier were srattered tbrui 
the uiiLvone: euphonf h&a detenuined the posiljoa of the vorUa. v 
Qtiippi fftenim hoc ifuo^m uti would hftve had a very harsh Bouod : c<^nip. 
too IV 753 Xttw; iijitnr 'load i^rttnmtTH. 550 /nrhu tititiia, of at-^ani 

diffVont in kind, 5b5 jf. a/d.: Cici. AraL frog, xiii .Vcctiiuj ti^ 

rujnjitii ^nitfrnlia ifuaervre optuHra. aptfttttr^ ju plur, apltigtra or afiJtit- 
triit, wsiA a f*m-like i-rectinn of |iIiLnks rising almre the poop: Lnoin 
Itt 5^5 dttm pUffnai ah aJta PuppQ Ta^ita Graiunupic <//u<ta-x tiphiriit 

p9it£i SithUo^'i pcifUere ift JraiuieiH rUIetUilfui unttis t Tirgjl Ktio thif 
adj> pdli^: thi.-eo two ap|?air to bo tho only good wiitera wbo Ubtt lli« 
wcinls, S61 aerom : no lir 605 omnp.m.,.peT npf^oTii ', Pluutua htf 

vUifrlf^ni f^t^iitu 567 EsBt iyltur cot.: ho aAsnincB n'lw- that hv hat 

proved thi? qu^atioa atatod 522 fol, : the wholo parugrnph therefow 
Mtuuds in closet <?ounoxion one part with the other, 5S8 ptiktm eil 
= iipcrtiLTu eat, is fonnd alfio in Cicoro: cump, too ill 355 ip»a jxd^Jn 
^i/il rt'g ihdit ac tliicifiC no*: ao v 1 h'>r id /ora /ylam, mi, vrrt. tap. 
L t. undu Qnmi^ pnmorilia. i^uao 8U|ipi?ditiint[irt uupjiL-ditjiutar. 

569^580 : thus j^roductiou and doatrixctioa altoroatcly prevail, their 
elomouts evor Aa;^ijj^ equiiJ war: iiu day ^tfuaen withniil norno dyinA 
aomc buiug boru- 500 jiiiT^ic; for its placo in tlie acntcin'o h« 

n. to 1 419 on ?V/i'fur jrn^i/* ■ bocnUfte tho atoms of eiu'h uhnpe h^ija 
UiGaitet those nhich Lend to profii?rvo or dt^troy auytblng ju^ '^^4 
infnita. 571 rev, y^n. avcfn moL i. e- m<jtua principioruiu quae geDCETu 
et nugect re*, ttuctijici is a flira^ Xcyo/i, 574 amtrftetujn. . ^^/tiJ 

BOOK 11 

m 9^Q e^niraetum cum vetitig ittger^ beifitm, 57fi inlalia [primordifl 

vvm: comp. vi 771 MtiJrji, ribo fjmtv 9H/ist-^ Hlalui, 576 t'OiflM 

■tfttja p. B7$ qur>to3 tTtU pofBogc und otio of EDiiiua as authority HP 
Bis fartD. 678 JCitr^ jnintiU diet <i vntttij Fivr^ wti'ituCe on< « hf>m. 
Bero too Lfl liaa bern coiileat to ubtTiflce pliitouopLiciJ to poetical dia- 
b<tQos( ; vhsit aa an cfiicuroon ho moano ti» say ia tliitt in the univorao 
■ ihifigA li&tAh nnrl d^tntction tir& Bven\y biLUncpd hy life ftnij prodcc- 
■tm. WishiTLg to illustrate tliia [loctrine, tic hua dnuwa his iiaogc^ from 
Be apparent equnlity that there in in our world, eo Jong W things con- 
hue M they are. But he elspwhore toJiohoH, oa his system rpj^nirerl 
Bu to do, that our '^orld CAine into beiii^ onlj jcaterJaj, and flo-^Q 
K later must be defltro;reii in on instant with ail that ii io it W 
Boamtt tLi-D of tliiH balnnce T he no Juubt fult that itri njiat woitbl 
B NUHtntct somctbin^ cUe ; but thiit ho htm not Mhid; sr>o 75 f.ilL and 
■l«a there. This linlanpn in the w^hnlo uuivfTiie, ^ny^ the epitriireia 
k CJO. de niL deor. I fiO laoyo/Aiur appdlat J^jiicfirmif id at acqualile^^^ 
^ittii&nem...«tt <n quae iniei-emaiit innumfiratfUiA 9int, eiiam m ?u^H 

^^Bll— 509 : tbis jou must carefiill; bear m mind : tho more powers 
Bui properties nnytliing puteeases, the greater variety of oleinentH 
HitoiuH: Uius tbe earth has ekmuut^ out of which setis and fouu 
ftd fipCT, out of winch cropa and trees, rivcra nn'l pimturffl aro 
■M J it is therefore called mother of goda mon and beasla atite, 
■I cbti^jia/itm: the force of th^ inotiiphnr Is obviona: tlje signing 
Kd sealing > docntnent U i^ proof ef its importanco. ^whjuo would 
Btminly aeem to belong r^itber to lUnd than to obstffnalum ; an 216 
■lb/ tfi ^« ^i/oTtic tfi eel. where ibort ia no dLndit; aeo ri. to V 192: 
B mi^ht hera be oxplained senf^'i, as woJl as written aui depoeited. 
VftS atawfdtt/ra i.e. uieM.i, fiil]o\fa nn the o^h'j;. 586 iiw mufio*^ 

Ui 2C5 mnhii« vU: Sallurt and Mcmalla also use tliia form: aec Fore. 
590 voitvfitps /riffor/f.: t, bold and beautiful imagtj, 593 ivip. J<i.: 

Tj ^S\ grfivU igtiU Imji^itA. 595 hii^ist [fjtqHim prima] uniii^ 

6fiS ^iu»re cet.: having mora varif^ty of first bodies in her, shci Las 
fcter powers of producti^m : and therefore ia preeminently etyled the 
tlier of all living thiDgn^ as fiom her nlouo comes the food which stu- 

600 — 660 z her the o]<l Greeka hjiva personified as the great moth 
ridea in a ohnrlut dmwn by lions; wesim a mural crown, baa Ft 
idftiits, ia &cconi|>niiLad with noi^ mtiaie, rec^eires on all hs 
ber follrtwers rcpErsent the Ciirete* who saved the young Jupi 
klB father : all which thlng.i are an allegery with ai>nio mora) 
but bejiitiiful oe tbey are, they ore mere fanoii^s; the bl 
lortal gods trouble themselves not about mea : aa you osit 

>wei s 



N^TEa If 

sen Neptiino and tlia like, lju]) Uie rvLTbli motLer uf iKo goil^ If |fl 

plouQ ; but rometuliizr at the aama time tlubt it k 3f Eiackaa umttcr, dLlr 
contniomg ttt oiomeritrf of man/ things. 601 Aon, x £j2 J/*tir 

jWT-fWjr tiaivi mi Bindyma enrdi Tarr-it/erawrftie urhrs biitiffwpa 
ad JrentJi Ut^iua ; and SupJs, Pliil, 300 'lui jiAxaipa rovttoKvivuiv AtCm* 
hfit&pt. G03 foil.: Varro quoted hy St Austin de pivit, 4<^l vij 2i 

jMtf^ t'iiTss iti coj/iCc [LiLlnait Mgnificari cs»e] cpfiitla; quod §tiki 
Ji/iifiuUwr cirea cam^ cum crmiia fnaueantur, ip*a^i. nf^r* ■mai>eri.^..Uorttm 
atimnpiTU iolfttum ac Tintnsn^fum, uC ox/eudti'iii nullnifi genus rtm Mmv 
iftm, rcftjoiun* ac ve/tcjn^iikr /erinrt qitotl iton avhl'ji oi^vjxia wn ie w at 
603 com^i. I 105T. 604 GOa comp. Ortd iu&i\ tr S15 AMpi *0tir Aw 
jW**wj«'''"f l^oHUin Prneleat;insolitastuiit/tjaGu>ijfiiiihtiJi\ Dwmtim.rvpii 

part of Ovid ranch reaenible* Lucr. 8C6 Sfuntli forofui- A«b. *i I 

7fi4 Berecf/idia vtvfer Int-^ttttir Citrm Phr*(ip(m turriia ptr t'l-hca; Or. j 
l,L 213 At ciir furri/era captU eat onfTvia corona I An priuttn turrm j 
urbilnts ilia dedit I &tirl ^penger £ qu. IV 1 1 28 O^d Ci^i&le nmj/d tfnib | 
pompous jirid^, Wearing a dUi^eni cml/alttld wide Wtttt huiiclred turrvk 
likt a lfit*T^bitiil t the mural cn>wa givGn i*> the -Hfddi&r who fin* 
niDunttid tlie waih was of cuiu^u luutiLteil from the vulled aroim of 
Cj^bde. 61L Jdfina/a viM.: 7nat.: hor Ifgal nnmo : OJc do ffrg, tl 31 

Frtteter Tdimas 9tia.triit/nundajt...'ne ffi'fJ utipeta cot/Uo. J'Jirtj'jiof: Lua% 
iw Tii'g. Aen- j:e 80 I'hi'i/*/Ut^.,iji Idti, jioiuba to the Trojun or Pbiy 
giLiik idii : the whole worship wa& piird j ritiygion : Eiiri|>- HiLfldi. 5i| 
Tam)(wpt iv itoAh ^pirycui' Tu/tiravfi, 'Pcac Tt /iTT/nif c/ta fl' FUfnj/uCT*r 
though, u WQ caii aeo in thU veiy poaoago, the FhrjgLAn AatI Gratia 
laj^da gqt mixed to^i^thi^r, 614 na^/nen. . .AftUrU i.G, Cybelu^ thOii^ 
CreocL BucerH ut poor Fayiifi of thti Ddphin for eo taking it. 6lSd 
06t Qxploina nwi^ea ^tti vi. wi. tlicv outrage her diyinity by iugratitofl 
to pnrenta; as die ia gi-ea-t motli^r nf men aa veil ob ifoda: vm ^| 
618 ptd/iiia: it appe&ra from old paintings thiib the ii/mpamim ifl 
■truck with tho open hund; Catul LXiv 2Ij1 Flau^int tUii pfeciU 
ij/iiipitjiti pidtfdil T-iiiT 21 L'hi cifudjidiiTti Htjiial vwOt tthi fywi^MRMfl 

CiAii IV S13 Cymhtdii jrro 'j'^ew, pro si^iuis tympftTta yndioM, Tibia fl 
Phfy^iot, vt dtdit tfjj/f, VKyhi*. 619 niwcwowo cut.: v 10S4 A«fl 

aofiOfl <y»/i/«j; Ctttul. LJCiV 263 raucisfrtoH aJFaft^strU eoritwt 6ouihQe;M 
imitAtioa of Lucr. : s^a contoit. 624 miitated hy Virgil 1 1 to ffl 

635 iliini/i<^<U and 627 lafgiJiGa appoir to W uirof Af^/i<r[L 6S9^| 
rifjnin: v 1124 iter inf^urn /ectre twi; T14 <uF9iuiqii« ^?iam fl 
aiAe Uiierv. 627 Ttr'^rf^uieff D. £^ub image to cipread the tldrk ^dlfl 
of theHewer-s: Lnor. eccma aJimo to oso tha word iu thig waj- and »M 
this seTm«^ 629 C^irettu.^ Phr^gic^, called nAer 633 tho iJf«|J 



Cweta*- moet Greek o-utlioritiea cob&ie the CurcUa to Crete, and call 

tlie Phr^giAn atteridjiiit* CtTi/bti/Ufn : Ovid L I 210 uiiitea lie two, IIik 

CwWm AahtrU, ftoo Ci^iybunte^i op\Ls\ aurj btoT Latin po«ia confonud 

Ihe ^rtffM and ^a/^/". 830 /</rt*, 'quo poeur wl^^ TjicIi. 'aigiiiticat 

«M« Luoa seuipei' onuJa luiei'^, uml iut^cdLiEu, :u ijujibtlo libueiit'. qiuNt 

refurs of Gouiw ifi 633 re/ertud. 631 Liuiuut tfi num. ejT, and 636 

w hMjiurum puUftmU oet : Virg. bcI. vj 27 tii nuptertim FKimiosqito 

JkrampiC VKicrvt Ltidtf^i \y TG^ ^rd^oAw^u^ in nuiti^rum iaetare ct 

mi^ra vitmiinii 788 ta nurii»mm f/roceders: v 1401 'tcfr/t prO' 

fiirfiim U the cppjAit'C: au Cic parud. iii f2G. 633 iniiuiiis implies bhu 

BT^iag of llie licad Lo lliid aido or that : coiU|t. iv 171^ I" </uem ijunofue 

loettm dmrna nujutna tendanC. Wagner philckigufl suppl. i p. 4C)0 well 

dttfrnda nuatine, and a^ks wLj the dih.'^ vkicli la i or 3 j>lacGe rigbtly Icccji 

MOvitfn, ahoitld ju^t ?rr iu tbc^i? two |;laL*«s, wliuro nmnitiir, Btipposing it 

on hiiTfi Uie aeiiiie of uittim, stjcina mure ai^projirtati^ : Couiugti^u Ut Atu. 

n J '2S coiupnrea Untid. LXiv Hi)! ^It^rtiii iT*fu?(o c?Ji«^<w(un4 H'«ft*'W r&iort 

^c oet where botli menniiigs «^m to unit«. 633 folL: Or. L L ^07 

drtlua itindiaiaiii retmotl liitntti^tiifi f'h. Tutas ut ij\JtitUl va'/ltU fjrn jm^. 

I'nrt ciipcoa ttidlhUf ^/aleim /■/[*»'« iiiwiii intittr-a. 635 pu^i with relor- 

K-ac& UJ the iiaiud Koiyj^Tif : puet'i, piif/vtit follnwed by a^Tibus nrrii. 

tai^sXhci of hia many aAaoiuincea : Luci^ lufiy Imre bccii thi^iking Uor« of 

LtdLiEDnchtis hyniu. id Jov^ 52 OlXu £^ Kaii^^f^ ctc vrfpL vpiXw ^^X*?' 

w trw *ov/ii£cnTos : Aijxi. i iJ^t piicri jruer inftxia vultuit', V 50S pi^ro^iic 
4Utctii9 I uUi. 636 oonip. Qvid oitod jiist abovo and to()Lt^: 

Cret4ici CxiretJw da&h«d with rwd anus; the cymbids and tjLnihoti- 
niH« of tbiJ Phrygian Curttra recall tJio mcrayry of thitt old trton-. 
iJ7 n\/Ui9 ttinii'ktref-. Cic- d« oral, iii 217 :»nd agnTu Tuw. disp. iv 77 
^iKrta from Attiu:4 hortatvT 7ii^ JrtUer 7U jueos iiiulU mig^ Mn/uttirein 
a4iC9, u tho lAl«at editon of Cicoro rc&d after all the beet aie& of tho 
T^iv. dutp, ; Lilt th{^ l>eat miia. of the d^. o^-ai. and Ribbfir^k trag. i«h have 
»j«]HwiT™j» ; which certainly ia the more □atiuiil dpressioo : ao Vjrg. 
gnur, til 2GS fRr:^> r>^c"j&n< a&j«icnpij?«w? ; Aeii. ui Sr?? ^a/^'j a6j*umari 
moUKu: ydj Luur. aoi^Liiii to have ruad oi' thought hu had road lu Attiaa 
M•fKJclf^tf»1. 630: Acn. I 3G ae/erwn» Krtnnd aub podnrc t^jiuti 

Ldcp hhnwlf T 34 ttetefno ds^rfus tidmre otitorit, 

646 — 651: nf many passflgva whiirh might bo quote*! the moat in 
pomt ia tbo fint Mip(<x Silfii of Epic, hiiusolf in Diog. Loer. x 1^9 to 

"V opyiK oJt* \4^nJi <tiTej((Tai- if Qff6tC(T yn^ rai' to TOioijruv, tnuiB- 

I hy Cic do nflt. deor, l 45 qtntd healnm iicfer-iiftntfic »tV, iV^ rioG 

■i tp«tim nryijtU r/uiiyqf/JtPt ntt*^ sJ^Jiitere afUri^ ita^itt neque ira 

' gra&a tentH^ iptori qiuip^ talia aa^nC inhfrilin etafiat omniai at 



V 14C folL and llGl folL mot's wUJ be aald oii Uiin question : tiiat £pi*l 
oarua o.iid Luor. lirmlj believed in the existence of tUtfe gotU ia corUiii^H 
how tliU immortAlity Jind ^npreme ftA'wtty c^n be recondled with u^B 
rest of bbcir pLiloaopliy, it wei« t&iu tc &ak; fct no anaver ci>uU bv 
gircn. Did tEjo godd c£i£t Etom all oternity? or had thej a b«(^niuug 1 
Tliti words of EciiUim im^. 3o3 tue wfiU known, Bj/o tir^m i;ciiH* tatc 
Bc/nper dktt e& dicam cn^itciift, tSe'l eoa iton cftrare opinor ^nid ot/vX 
hnirvmuni ganus. C46 with Ointiig diVim vatura oira|i. 1^7 «l ntdln 

mlorU pritidplia at MtxhliUk fia£ura; i 710 m ruru/rt naiaroM twrtwr 
omnit X hu ufiuiLlIr gives tho cpitbet tt> ^vatura^ not to the Etilnta-nttvo 
depaoHing on it: Bf.*e n. to i 381 inollis tupii^f. TKUii.Ta-, uui cim|K »bo I 
963 /*[«o «/tj«tj /taiwran dliviTi nrefttra mcdjb to bo a luvfu [^feri^iUraaa 
for divi; aa I IU4 nalurn aniraatUitm for rtntV^ui''f<v> ^49 pritxitit 
^expera, la very conamon iii Lucr. m hi 005 cvrxtU privtUtt* dolttnlui 
ofgrii. 652 (355} Aeptunum, ua lie liiimalf does 472 ^epturn a>rpu$, 
653 (056) fiiiivfd HOW as lit does liiiuMt-lf iii 331 i/aci^t imm /oi 
evtxnvU: but iu thcao yerses be douUIoaa polntfl at tbe ht^ir-a wlrj airrLcJ 
allegorj of thLi kiai to au absurd length: bco wLxt the £ioio B4Ubi^_ 
wya iu Cia de uiit d^nr. ii -lO full. Every pnvt of hi^&vuii Aud cotlIi ^'^^H 
thus jmrci-'llud out among tLo goda and di^ikiigod^ utid fiktuoas d^A- 
Tfitii^Eifl Hh^ignpd L> tlteir mtmes by Z^no Cl^'MiLhea CbrraijipiLs aud other 
leaden, 658 — GOO fe52— 654) flG« notoa I ; and f-^r ui ^explanation of 
tbla tiiinspotiitiou tiea nbova p. 22^ 650 f/oiitur prtTtUfditt : the bud* 

cunjirtr, IS found ui l€33 S^fptra patititit, mid iv 70 jpi«ffi..-j>o^ci<t; tha 
Litcat cditom upf>oar to buiiiBli it wliolly fi-um Oiccro ; bub the beet nuft 
of the aiiotor niX Uervun, iv 57 \isx0 potittts p^^r/ortamr tble CO 
very commim hi the ftagmeuta of the old tragic wiiterfli 

661 — 699 : in this w&y slicep bui'st^e cuttio oating the eamo 
drinking froni tho 5amo river all keop their (li^^Unctive differences 
gTEve und each river must contain most difltreiit iilemeiita; nay tlil 
jiartn of the somo lUiimuJ oi^ quito did'crt^ut; and ai<fi formod tlnsrefora 
«f dift'tTent elements: then too fuel must coiitHin detututa of fiiv and 
flftmo and a^Ji ; then manj thingH ha\c divert pi-opcrtiee, colons Jlavoiir 
•moll; nud these hnve oil differunt ^rlonient^ a? tboy enter tldng^ iu <lif- 
ieieot ways; iJting-i thereforij luo^t Ijc of mixed aood: agiiin ua the nuoo 
lett-jTs Qjo common ti> difforent worda, so the Hftmo olomoiits may bt 
conmion to moat different things, to men com trees. 661 itoque 
matiiftatly refeia to Midfa modU multlf tfftrt-, with thuae vordd iu thf-ir 
old |klace it him no ineaniog: the Uireitd uf tbu Hrgumt'Jit dropped fli 't'J% 
IB a^lii reeumed, Le. the groat variety of elements tho CAith con 
663 dtt^tlio^- m diidlum tin^lfal^frea, p^-dtttHU which always Tf^at 
in use, Dwehnai hi au old iuscription, ditonoro (lionoruui) on thu bo 
of the 8c]|doa : Lack, quotes ti</m Plautua capt proL bclliqu< d 

beet nuft 



9p£Hmi, the u of autrli wcrda in PlAutus Leing gcnendlf^ aa hvrv in 
IdU«r., a GonaoQAJit, ; so Bumua ptrdreUibit^. 663 Bucerirui Nonius 

Ohnciuiu Sefriijs all &tteat tlia ftaiiiiiiie : Lucr, ju tlio iieut. usm thi» 
forei ^uofTK more tliaji unwv jtf6 fc^. ca^i : ww ; 003 (^88). 667 

7'atita ret, i^liifwin^ tlierefurc the nianifold Glementa in the eanb. 669 
J/anc /jpjTO, 671 pvrrv, 673 Zutf* /wrro; ta if the um tif the wnni siig- 
gT«(«l uneoDacionglj its repetition, 678 and 6S2 iffitaf. see n, to i 
419; ii/Utw in C7S lian ihc k\rve wlilcli it not unirequi^cdy lias in the 
old writers, as Pitxat. milt^ 77:^ t^iiJin<lo t^altdto. igitnr foiiatiefn fttcarutu 
Jithri^tir^irii tlaf*Oj the [Nirlkijiiit] rlniiAi? lit'tng ^iiiiirr^lcnt to a protiLsU: 
see Unad Tura. ui p. 185- 679_rii/"fM, 682 atnl 695^i/»rw; etc d. 

tq 385 : in tlies« three [ila^^e* the word dearly reTen to B.t«ms, but 
luftv Include aIho »)m]w« of ulouis; ua it mu^ so fiu have bcfJi ani- 
UipiotiB to Lacr. 081 ctau nthrct soo il to 401h ;jWi-i« = BuigiiliE» ia 
ofton naed by him. 683 Jiiid 684yv<TJ = <^i<'\i}v. so 744i!u//o fimiwjrrfd 
yui», ikiid IV 64 /acwNt MiUimt. 688—690 = 1 823— S25- 691 

tHWf«i /wrum: see n- to 335. 61M = 337 = 7SJ. 698 Ttwrito p* 

o/iij cpt- tl^ixigh tli«^ liAVti xery lunuy tleiuf^uta in coniiuoii. 

700 — 721^ : but ull eZeiLienU cannot uijit« in idl vaya; else monaters 
of all kinds ^oiihl arUe: f\cTy oi^uture hjta itj4 tired A^eds^ fixed mother; 
&ud thna ia kc]it within iU liniita ; and of the eleiu^nta it takca oa food 
■<<ia« oELly tviaaX'a., utLera are rojected as unfiUitable : and ^ it ia witlk 
]rt^uimELt(> lu veil an animate thingii : they have i?ndi <']i^mcntE cTifTtirent 
or iblTcfcolJy combined ; and the rawlcs of actiQD oftlitae t'leinents difltr, 
•0 tJjfll not only liWng J-ndiea, but aU nature, earth sea and bi^avtn^ aro 
ki']>t distinct. 700 fuU, thia quratioD is mure fully diecuust'd v 837- — 
02*. 702 Scmifcras the centuurB : comp. V 87H foil, 703 t^^ni 
KiCiTOa A aita$ Xtjafi- : With fi/. eorp. eoin|i. VE 7C1 Et rptifytiM f^l'Uit 
omukSi and u. to v T03 ; I^mb, E^oiuj^iorefi Jlor. ui u 2 10^ frjnfi' r^te- 
Ivrii 4V>tfrt)0| but such ooustmctLooA are oommon euotigh. 704 bo 
qwilca of Scjlla : comp. v SE)*?. 706 umtiij^Tnif Urra is fmind aluH 
T 2fi£f iLod in Yirgii. 710 aud 735 n^^€^3tf«r. see n, to SSO, anfl 

Litch. VI SID; vho ahews that Terence has j\^crs»u» fyiit, sit nf^ett^ul^ 
I'UutuH 7if^c*xsfitittlt Ttcc^sfBe, 7i£ceeec att, idl tlin^ forma Touud in Luttfl 
b^t fuceMii4t in Plautus must mrdy be jiffcffnetr^ ut^ and thie contiv^l 
tioii Liter, woulil not uao : are vo to rvad fteeeggtiinsi here, or Ih thervl 
a uouL »^r;f^ ? 711 iWcm i.e. when they are inaide the bi>:l3r. 

714 reicere i.e. the ditTi'i'tiut ei^.-remonla ni\iJla ca^c eor...e eor,: sao 
IL to I ^la, niid Ji 843 84C Corjtora jirim^. . A't!c iGcltttU. . (/« corfxtrei 
tore in Cict mi«Jfa would uiLtundly agreo with corpora; ao that vo 

Eild thetj \ui\'e miilut eorp/iTfi Corp. cae. ^fwj. e torporc. 717 *ro»' 
trE=*uiifl bcnlire, 719 diater/nt'tnf is used by Cicero Arat, 94 : 
Tfl the termtTu of Uuug4 ap^vrt, 72b — 729 as the itoma didbr Ul 


3fQT£S II 


BliAp^, tlicn t1i« void spa,c€s HetwocD them, whon iJier are in lunon, umt 
dider; Olid thercrore tUe piissages, tLp niacnpr io which lliey are linkpJ 
together, the wGi^Uts cotlkioaa and the like miict &U dtfl'^r ; thas not 
ouly does ench liring tiling prcHo^e its mdiTidiialiCiy, hut inuumato 
things ns vol] ; and indce<l tho ^roat divuious of the wholo worM, <:vth 
8ea and h^T^n are- ke|ii from ictt^nuingliag : henven earth sen have aH 
jnanj coiniui>n c]t:meDU4f but iia a L'ule Uis heavier &nd Ihoso wldc^ 
unite moro closoJy will seek tha hoAvier oorth, the lighter tho lighter 
etliJ^r air And tho like. 72B Tf^lenta^it s«eiru« atqoq. with t^vunL. 

730 — 7£6 ; atoms hare Dt> colour whatever : the mind hoa to con- 
oeive Uieiu ad without colour^ {^r any colour taay change into any 
other; but the drsl bodies uie uucljangcahk^ or things vould ]muvi inl 
lulhing. — Ho prooEfide to almw thiht fttomfl have uono of what 
P^ed secondflTy qnalitie;^ coEoitr nnd the like : the import of this am^lv 
is Wieflj" given hj Epicunis ia Diii^i. Laer. l 54 nis aru^us vnfiurtm ' 

Kal ^tyiOavK not o<ra l^ dvdyini^ o^jiOTt avu^vij tort', towtjjc ycJp ran 
fj.iTa^aX\ei, at 3* aro^ioi oij£«i' f^ira^dXXoveiv, ^ctfifircp Set Tt virii^cviir <> 
Tols SiaXw7«Ti riov <juy*-ptfrfwi" trrt^tfov kol aSioAvfOi', o rn* fttrofioXai v\-t 
cEs TO /Ai; cv TToct^tJcrat ouo » tou f^■'J vvro^^. nnd Diog. -ii I't-ftLTJiijj f'Jflfl 
Vni^ to this jvLssage adds to ac XP'^/^'^ Tvapo, nji' fleers ri^f aro^vr ^dV 
AaTTfirfoi A* Tfliff Btilfif*fa aTQi^tu^tTurl <l>rj(ri. ["Ew^V]^ Deniocritilf^ U 
appears from Dio^nea S«!ttiifl Stotaoua and othora, hold quito tbe muj*! 
views. 730 i^if?^ (iffc calLi for ntU'Ution u ho ia pvaivg to a new 
and iiii[port]Uit nrgument. 731 iilbls eicz sea n^ to I 841. 733 

nif/ratU, a very ruro woixl oxcffil in the preu; paiiic. 73i .Vi'iiii 

ju 2SQ iV'i; and Catnl. l£i Id'A, audi A^n. in 6SG : On-H, iijscr. 
4783 TO70 JKT tleoB s\iperus ijiJeroR'jjic ni tmliCi* (tsstt inr-a i'ii>^irc: 
new ooi-p, inaor. Lat has muji^ inQtanots oSni and nrVfi and mote Uii 
100 ofn^r' liiid Tteivff which iionnoot the ni with tlit' common tbrm 
etc also Doontufl quoted to i 277 nimirum. 740 animi iniesii 

1U47 arji'pji tarfw* iifier ^/o ji^^n-or^i y«e : cfimyy. too Gic. do nat 
I £14 there quoted, who ns^ i» <^mm ^ litidena artir/itu in the 
wayi Groaoviua obe. i 4 p- 65 ahows that both Cicero and Liter, ai 
translating Eifit^urua' UKrhnhail wuni ftrijQoAij or ij ^inrmminj rtj 
comp. Epicurus in Dtog, Laert- X 02, where to aqt rri^oX^t' 
vu/co'of r^ &avoi^ i) ojtjutsed to wlmt is jiorcoiT^ by aeoa& ; the; ore 
two great way^ by whiijh truth cnn he amved at. 741 

Dcem9 pocidiar to Locr. 749 (743) j£'ar i/tean/fl oei-o recurs in 
fivQ timea and always denotes the b<^ginning of the life or e3tist«ae« 
Aonic living or iDo-uirontc things ; liL^re however thef mrrst mean di 
tlie infinite lime piut that atoms huvu existed : tlua to nty mind 
some douiit on the traiifii>uciitian : if they are left in their originnl pliM' 



thvj imv« Ui«u- usual fl«D£e j imd ixi tbit caao & votw must b« lost here, 
Hich *M Ci/rpora tpuu eoiuf<'iU nulf-o oi/tinitct'i coii/rf.. 749 Owmi*, 
omninct, in omnu. 751 — 754 = 1 790 — 703- 765 co'iiif^o*: acts 

n. to 1 1^34. 

757— *7S7 ; ngaiii if aUima liave no colour, Ijiit begot iuiy colour by 
ibeir difftrQat ehiipca poj^ition^ inotiou^i Ani tho likcf ymi ooa ox|«lA]n 
cbin[^ oTooloiir: thus the ^eti hbr becomes whito : whyl by it^ eW 
mcutu cliaug^Qg tbeir ordeti und hj some gomgf otbera coming: but 
gre«ii ekmentA oi^uld not beoouiG nJut^ But if jou aay th^jy Lav« dif- 
iVrcot «iIom-s, thpu jou sboiild see in the one cnloar nf the sea others 
]piie different mixed up. as in a eqnaro compoacd af voriouB flhapes 

fle« lhefi« Bh8|i«3: again these Bhap«B do not prevent th« whole ex- 

ior beiug sqiiiirf ; but diflVrtnt colouifl would jjrereut u thing being 
coliHjrn 767 foil, : ^vith this and with what proccdea and follow* 

ip. whdt Plut. adff. CoIoL 7 cites from tht* 2nd boot of Epic*uru*i 
TbtioiJuTwtus ; roloora iltg not cfir^i^*'? toTs ffgi^mn*, a\Aa yty- 
ri^fU AdTci ffout! rivas t&^«s koI StVtis Tpds r^v ofpiv n.T.K. 760 — 762 

iw«r]j = [ »1T— 619, 908—910, |[ 10f»7— 1 0^[). 767 oaiui»nti mar- 
vwrc IB abJ- of quality : vitb cai'tm e<uulsn£i comp. 7T1 caitdoTta tt ttHvm, 
both m^n? plFonAan& 777 uiffW^rn^ei>Utr€ttiy sx 783 737 and 810. 
780 Con}Wtiieb(U, after 7TC *yi»t einU : tlie teuse wlwsjs uecd bj Lult. in 
tbU sertee; unotber proof, if thnt were neoded, (Jiat ui (jti5 Co^BD^m^ ifot> 
ia iqTiii'iotiM, tho right fui-m Conveniehat Jiftvicg prtccded ia tiSJ. 7S5 
lor/ni, on tlie outride, op]»&ed to what is inl'iit, aecms quite to ^uit tht: 
mciiuing: cooip. V&rro dc ro rust, tit IC 16 vUH^fiimt buhalQ ofdiituni 
intui 4t tictra] fsimp. too Lucr. rv di^ Ut «unf diftiimiigs Artrirt^tciie. 

789^7Si: "A'e Dte tctnptod to gira to Atoms ^oIi}Ui\ not knowing 
how oalour otherwise oun c^ome ; but wt> hnvi* rc«d thut white cnn conM j 
fhun what ia not wbtbv; and burely white CLin nri^e nitire enaily tVoniB 
DO colour, than for instance from bltkck: this reason then fiJId to th^B 
gvOUiuL 7dD ^jr»iMJ77r, ns seen in tho b^t poragntph. 791 cf/^^nfl 
^BUnL variw fj;: si^ 11. to 1 r^ll> H 

79& — 816: txgfliu colours cannot exist *rithout light, aUiiaa nrvefl 

le intnO t,h(^ light, tht'rffora jittiHis hdVi? no oilour: what cobiui' coil^ 
be in darknoan. when wo 9&i that the aatpo thing oontinoAll^ 

ig«9 it»< colour in difiVrent light? ? nn therefore it i« suvh nnd tareb 
:e (.tf ligliii whidi [inxliices such jLiid siidi coluuiv wilhotit ttiAt 

►ko thi?y cannot oxirt; aa too ouo stroke pTodncce white, miotheif' 

ttk, otid us a fitruke ia a touch, aud as It ir yha|w*, not cy^lour whii?li tS- 
touchy ntDms liixjd not colour-, but difltienl ahapea to give difiVTeoll- 
iKnuibvs. 70S Ml. Lucretius' Hjllogiam 19 rjuitc correct; :t u; Laofr- 

hiniu' which is in fhulti who quite mlBStates the poet's minof pif^oitaj 
797 vet<Ua; & picturesque meluphor, 79fi qu-itt iinn> = i\xdisnl'hiai % 



Iherefjpe it goi'&niij Ibe iodip,: «een,toifi88. 803 eervlrtt eoUum^ , 

que, one of Ljh many pWDa^ma ; as ceriyi'c€4' laeaua the IjocL, collurn thiH 
wbcJe cirulfl of tho niK^k; Cio- pro Si^io Ol> joitu. cr etmuccs i£ iugtiiunt^^ 
603 pi/ropo Tus some mixture of gold aiid bronzi? whidi had ita bam« 
froifl iU colvur; Ovid met \i 2 Jltuninit^qMe ivttttxttt^ pffropo. 6W 

tertfu reftii-H to the be^iolder'e percejJtion or mode of viewing it: IV 448 
qw/tlfim $fnmi fit uli vidiMnCifr Oinvia. 805 WhIc- v«1l oorDpam 

Stireii. 8aiaou, Q5'2 Curaliujo. vero 01 coUo ncciere TnaUtif JV« duhile* ilh 
Ttrid^j mwere »niarag{io8i he jtlninl^ imitati** Loot. 807 ohverto 

appears lo be vhteraa ffii, and tci=80I in ^r. 809 Scire lieeti se« 

11, to I SlU, 8L5 opus i$SV co^ofeit : egh n- to I lOAL 

8L7< — 825: uguin if a.ionia have (wilottr, it will not be khM tlint tbiii 
or that ix>lour bdoaga ouly^ to tliia or that Ahnpe of atom: ythj tlieit ■ 
fitould not things fomeJ out of ecloured atnma vary theii" colotm alao 1 f 
whj bliuuld iiut tiow.s bo Bometinies wLitOn bwhiis black or green 1 
819 yttrmantenli. c-nother of tbe many vcrds wHii^h seem pecoluv b<L 
Lucr, and his imitatrir Amobius, 821 f>fr/. eot.: Aen. v HI 

J'rrfutae veaUe. 625 briefly put for Aut eiftmot Jkrl alio ^u'/riv cohrgf^ 
vd UtiO vel variOj de terttinA «h* colorU. irno varioqiis : comp. SiO Put 
pvra poenieoiat'p/e caloT Lti, cclur etive purjiur-puH Bive pneiiiccus; v 9\ 
Spumifftri *uw fidvcrtfH t-nliiiiqite, whero I^cb,, aa I now see, wrongl 
rcadj ve for yu*; 1237 dithiaeqjie fninantur, where Bentl. reads d\tboit\ 
Wagnrr quaetit. Virg. xxiiv I givce man/ hjiuilor Im^tAUf^es from Yii 
of fic« witL the forco of vd^ tW or Hvc^ rive: comp. too n. to m dS\ 
mtriiii^ tttqvs Gcnlti» uareavt. 

626 — 833 ; again the auiollcr thofilireda loto wbicbatbmg vt di' 
th^ more He colour vauiste^ : be sure i\\eit nil ooluur u gone befort 
thiD^ cumes to ita fir^t ek^oient^. 829 vith. a nji£ru-r a nad oxtrum comp 
i,'Utiifii\i9 and C^WiTEf, I'aititLg and /'(^iv, umrci'/unt audcufart and ok^i 
auffCf fiti/ji^fiKd iL play of Plautua, and o^n, plauatntm and ptoitrti'm, tud 
tbe like, ft^t^frum Ix tbe geaiirai («rm for the purple clotb of wbutt^piT 
hue: Cijmp, AcU' i 700 etralotfu^ wfier dUcnnihitur otiro ', Stat. Achilt. 
II 8^ jyit^Co dhciimhituT oȣro-. whpthpr this clotb bn tbe jmrjmra 
darker hue, or ike poeniccvs or brigbt acarleb, Propn v (1^) 3 51 /^t 
ri&« purpura Juliff at oxtritj Cluudian Prob et 0\y\i. conniL 90 Albvm^ 
Hieeo pectus di/nnininat imtro. LiLcb. e^bews tbat paeiiie^as pu/tiixit^ 
AtM pu^ititm havo all ihi? a\mo mejuiitigi bglougifi^ tu tho J^ofiii -. Uiiui 
}ex Thorin hns hf/fa i*oetifV*fl, Oviil J Unc^ Funiffo, vlulo Horace applit 
J'unico Ui Uii^ colour. 832 e^fff. ciflr^ V 6^2 0Uo« ':Jftavii fanguidim b^ 

834—811: j^ou do not iLfiBiga sound or ameU to thinga which ^^ 
forth nn stHJTid nor !<mtll ; whj iben altrilmt^ cciloar to hII tiling I 
mirid CiUi perocive thiugft without colour as well oa bhiugs vibboat smi 

843 — 884: bub atoms are hkewiae without boat or cold, wil 

BOOK Tl 221 

Round flavour or smdL As in prepanDg & perfume you seek out a qmt« 
Bcentleaa oi], that it may not infect the perfume with its own aceot; thm 
firvt-beginniugB mu^t pOBseas neither heat nor cold, smell aoand oor fla- 
vour: these qnalitiefl are all frail and mortal, aud must therefore he 
wanting to immortal elements unleea things are to pass away to nothing. 
842 oott^rei the frequency with which this word baa been repeated in 
the last IDO lines is very striking- 842 foil, notice the variety of ex- 

preedou to denote privation : apoliaia 9tcrHa 9tenla ieiiirta Mtuncfa, and 
above privatOf aine odortf $<niitu remotOt orhf\ cotora^ efflare atingui cva- 
ne9oere colarem ; all in the compass of a few lines- Democritus before 
him in Sextns adr. math. Til 135 said r6fuf yXvxv koX yofUf vupor, 
tro/iuf ^tpfnov, yofUf if/vxprn/j voftt^ XP^^ * ^^ ^ aro/ia m Ktyov. 843 

sumer0=ee8e, 845 /erun<tir=«unt, aa elaetU bo often doee in Lucr,: it is 
cutions that two auch opposite words should come to have the J^ame 
force : /erutilur is elsewhere applied by him to his atoms in motion ; but 
Uiat can hardly be its eenae here: with maTi^ro comp. the use of start in 
n. to 181. $ecreia teporv: i 194 secrela d&o, with abl. 844 

eaiidi vaporu i ccdidut in Lucr- is a perpetual epith. omans of vapor 
ignU fervor etc: comp. ffelidae pruinaa, gdidug rigor^ candeTis latieiis 
umor, aerial ouruc, gortiiu tonanti and the like : 8.^8 ealidum teptdujoqua 
vt^torem, the epithets are diatinctirO' B45 aonitu Btcriia : the gen. is 

more common: the form attrilus is mentioned by Festus: comp. in 
Ldct. hilaro and aublima. auco iduim: Cic orator 106 has the gen. 
ieiunaa igiiur huiua . . oralionia aurea civilatU acMpimns. 846 vliurn 

proprium odortm ; B55 adhHwre suum gignundit rtbut odoran. 847 

amwoeuii: this perfume is mentioned IT 1179 and Ti 973- Daubeny 
Rom- husbandry p. 272 ^ DioRcorides and PUny both tell us that amarft- 
cfftf was the same plant as lampaana^ and the latter is considered by Sib- 
thorp to be our marjomm^ orh^num maiararut^ a native of Egypt and 
Crete.' aiackKj named from the dropping of the myrrh juice: Pliny 
T|ii 17 says murra e£ p«r $e unguentum /acU ntie oleo, Mtacte dumiaxtU ; 
and Dioacor. l 73 says the same, (TTaji:n7--.fca^ iatTrrjv fivpov KoXovfio'oVt 
5ojEr/io« 5c ItfTW ^ dfuy^ IKaii^ : but the point of Lucretius' at^unent is 
the mixture with oil. 840 nardi j7oremj unless Lucr. is speaking 

Yiguely, must be usedf as Bacchijlos and the like^ for the aroma or bou- 
quet; aa it appears from Pliny and DioscoHdea that it waa the ear and 
Icttf of the eastern jt/arduM that waa used in perfumes ; the stalk and root 
of the northetn. 849 Cum..iTt«^i^ua#: see n. to 41. %^Q pfmisbt 
potential : comp- 246 *t^iod camar^ poMts, 922 nequeant ; and see n. to i 
337 : if he can there use poUst and posgia in the same passage^ he 
JD3.J aorely here join licet and poseit. ijutlenUa another airo^ Xtyvf/t, 
851 atMram: Fore, quotes Martial at G5 2 d« Corycio quae venit antra 
craeo i ^nd Tirg, geor- it 417 BpiravU crinihua atira. 853 virOj ia 


this CASo is almost nnoscampli^d? vi 805 itd&r ^ri is Tisod for Che pungenfl 
fiimeB of rTiarcoal. 869 ff^cra without ri: bo IDSfl ; and thus T reafl 

ia IV 41D: it in found in Olcoro, aa topica 27. Ininen, as so cpft<Tj 
impliCfl eonL^tbiDg undcratood: ftU th^se, vb&tevi?r th^y nr?^ Jtowe^eH 
miLcL (Ley difTi^rT ara yet of such sort us to bo liable to de&tb, wlietber 
they arc MoUi Unta or etc.: the vtoUl (fnia ecems to refer to Ore luad 
Leal, frago^a, ptilH tn ice find ccld, cfli'n TOrp. raro to flflTonr aonnd 
tiTuaU ; as they arc all luateri&l and nould seoiii, vrhCTs he descdtco 
Ihom, to bo of bodiii« nevr^raLly liko those. 6CQ fragoSft'^fr^^liM,'. a 

Bensc irhif'h the word seems nowhere else to bear, B6S ju5tnn^«TT 

flppeara to bo the fFppomto of aeiiLV^^ia In the precediug tctw: end 
tbiu^ must he dotiu.'ihGdf imperiahubJc fouodatiaiiR attat^he^l to things 

B6£ — 835: all tilings which Julvo eeuae TN>me fi^i^m in-^eneible e1^ 
mcnta : a viniblo pn>of of this yoa mtky aco ia UviDg worms lisitig from 
the putrid eflrtli : ngam grass aod vfitpr change thIc cntUe, Ui« fl^^ah of 
caiUe into nielli mcu oftt:n go tu ft-^d beiLKt^ anil birdft: nattiru tuma 
food iuto whut ho^ lifo nnd bghbc, tonfh as dry wood poEMS ititi^ flujucj 
Ui much ia ?Sbct«d hy tmnap^aiLroit &nd luJsctnu'e ftnd rnotionii of d^ 
xu^ntflv — That the aooI, the Tital principle and seoso were bom ond di<<l 
with the body in all oreature*, wm of course a ueceaiaiy doctrine of th« 
epicuremjH and is paj^fiiocatt*!/ asaerieJ by Lucr. Ihtoughout the third 
Irfwk. 866, 870 ftiid 688 im^n^Uibnsi thia word iua wi*U qa #rTn«iy»f 

s^niq pcf^ulmr to Lucr, nniocg writers of authority^ Amebjus his Ci^iH 
ntant imitiitor has t7M»fji7cV B69 i'^ai 7wi7jt£ i^ncu/tf : Aeo, ni STjH 

/pM inanit fitttlto sn9p<;tintrn numine dndl^ litcriUly : tlio luotuphor ie ob-j 
vioiis ; ^tipayviytiv \i* commrhn hi the later GrenV writ^ra, 871 fotll 

this illiiatmtioa, imi>orUnt from bia point of view, ho often repeats ; »eij 
83S, 928, lu 710, v 797 : AriBtntle and the old phyaiokgiHta seom to A^' 
jBpt it aa an undoubted fact. 672 putttrsm: 923 putirr, vi llflfl 

*'P^oi'cm : all of the rottcn&ow of the eartik after rain ; thongb pvtor ij 
Tarm do ling. Ijit v 2ir and elsewhere is satd of a ptttiJus O'for : ^-f^^m 
And otht-rs would read in all these cnaeajw^ror. 87i itttkin i.c, inaj 
imate Ujings iiito living and seo^hle. 878 pe/irfifjottntum : thia ov 

prnwivc woitl I'ecars v 78[>. 681, ditm^i gt-utulng to lir> no more lid 

wood than a scuHiblc to an InseuaibJe thing, atltpte 13 anme six tiniM 
A Eever: 1 doubt whether in Huoh cases T have done right in rotaininfl 
it after Lach,: it ecems rathiTT to hare become commoa in the first oeSM 
ivy and later from a fahic! ufioctation of analogy: bov d- to ti 9S ^rafl 
^^r^httr, find to ir HI Ajiprtrpt, nnd iJitroduction p. 2G. Wjigiier forcM 
UdgiAC on Virgil in all oaaes, ngikinst the overwhelimfig te«tiuuj&y tit xaM 
883 — 865 n^peat«d in Hiibatanee 1007—1009. ^fl 

688— d30 : tijti mind triiis hard not to Ijetieve that sens^ wm raifl 
from what bos not acnae ; for »tonej» wood^ cloda cilq by uo mixture prdi 

IinOK T! 


t}ufis it; bat) miaJ, it 19 not every clemfnt lliat can bogdt vnhso j only 

4-t*tiAin atoms with ^rortiLkri »iliap^A and nrmn^eTnoDts : liiit ervti these 

■vrooila am] clo'le o^aj, ?ia «e liavc *jeen, give Urtli sometimea to living 

ihingB. But tbey wli'* say that Bcnae raio only come fi-om wltn-t hfla 

^"iiw?, sTipfKBo dexnffiitB to be soft, ns we never sea st'iise uniLwl but -wilL 

wJtil ];■ i^ijft: yet BUppoee auch element* ct<^rQal ; they muet have the 

^>-n.'^ nf some pEit nr of the uLole liring tiling; but nn part ejin fi-el 

nwaj fniiQ the whole thing: well theu these tOtnieuts must he lite the 

whole living thing: if thny aro living tlier, Ihi'y tiro thereby iial»le to 

fivatb; Imt even if thpy nre not, they wnnJd tnnke but a medlpy of Imng 

tlilngOf lUso the inipowible nnions of men jiiid brutes: but if they Iom 

Cbcdr own titnac, why then give it only tu laka it uwciy? nny we hfive 

jtut w<;n ibftt fleuHii ivin cnnxG fi-oin what tuia no sense. 886 (Liiiinum 

ptrvnik soE^mt almost provQrbi&l: IVt. Antb^ 1:!5 Petcussit iiito ct/fimum; 

Cic Ad Att IV K b 3 Af/^n . . Ra^iifte e»sv koiMiifm > . perewtsU aftijtat'm. 

867 vortv Mmfi'f J.t. vnnaa freJitenti&u ; it is very j^robnUe thnt h'ts ti-^ 

<|VeQiiiflO of aejt^r^ with it« primary mearting in tbi^ part of lus ]><:f&m 

hoA |irT:iinpterl him ta urp it hei-e^ r.afher thnn avnid it, in a ili^f'^rimt fiig- 

uificAtioi): aee IL to I @Tf!. S^ ijuantfrla. becniiAc the aUtma whjuh 

^ to jBTodiico Miifie And life are of the smartest and tint^st kinj], 860 

Y*iii* atrff i.f, qnalhi sint 901 ^'ync, if-n tti dcb^tU i.e. Cone, tub con- 

cilio qnali debent. 003 uriifirt ft/cta Mvlliti mm /in^'iiiti by tho very 

hot chftt Ihey giTft them sen^e they thereby make them soft fl07 

'jIi> vtJii : see n. to 1 D68. 909 J"il [seiiau] mntUl eB9« jnttarii comp, 

UI C20, Ti 3G3. SIO o/io, . rpjpu-il i.&. rsepiuit od unimam: bat Uie 

tniti re^ling^ m not eertitin. 522 |QSI) Tinpifinif. ia pntGutial: acc 8^0 

Uid ci>mp. n. to i 327. 92fi qjiid opus; for nuroly if an u4i?rDcrLt first 

•cTifie, it U tho snme ns if it hud rtev«r bnd it, 929 foil, titm pra^ 

including argumeEit iIi^smi irrim what we actuiiUy sea goln^ on 

ihe wnfhi: pce 1 1^84 {d*^S) Ml and ether examples in i iJ txi T 

'lfc«re Ht^L fl26 ifiiii/vffhnuit i.e, qno confijgimns: F^itv.. dtt« Fetrot^ 

M. 1^2 *l(i i^riii, ?^*af/M i^fMC /wteiwai iwccj^, y^^- «"^ ^-^ S'^l fol^ 

1137 QBdf«nvj=c|Uiindoqmjemt in 218 Qiuaem'S...Extimn fnerahronim 

Met soo ah^o llomce and othora iu Furc, for thie n^G. 02S i'bt*- 

^firrvre: Tii-j geor. iv ffSO «;«* - jvv/^ef* ifff'n'fire cosiin. 930 

nofi JfcTi#i'^, 932 ft noH aejun: comp^ i lO'^i per nan mediant. 

931 — 94S : * if it bo aaid aeiiBG romea from whfll has not w*ns& by » 

ecB of ebniigf^ or a sort of bijtli, I answer, birth and cbango botli 

ft prcvitm* union : before the croaCiiro is lii>:j^otten, iX^ body cjinnot 

B0D0C, as iu miittfir ia di'iperftud abruiid ami htis not eoinu toguiiher 

wny tf» awiikc* any of the 8«nwH\ — This passage h obsoiire: be muAt 

■ally he alluding to the atoica. Plut. dc etoio. repngo. 41 of CTify- 



sippufl TO 0pt*t>Oi tv tS ywTpl <^o« Tpi*f>t<fOai, vofti^ft^ Ka&o-wtp ^vnar 

^uAAci;' BUI yiWirtfat ^uioi' pc.t.X- ; now thij* ceitftinly nii^lit tf ttnni?*! & 
proceaa (?f change or tlie effect of n. sort of birlbi life biiog tlic Lmine- 
dmtc cor^oqiience of tlie birtb ; but Lucr. la lii-icf und otacuro u he u 
doubtlvfi) alludiug to writing not estaat. 931 diisnfnjioti ace il Uf 
123. fnu/oAifito^ iu tlio uikusiial aeiue of aetuol cJiiuige : the prim&rj 
mcflning fa tbnt in vtiich Cicero uses it, tendency to chftngo. ariri 
PoMO n itO't BEimu : IV 481 Tuoa tot<t tib scfmih^tg i>r[a at ; £;^1 JrtUit 
q^a^cumquB ah Ben^ibin orlaul, vr'iW aupport Wak«iit>Ld'a a nguiriEt f^. 
033 jrroilitun; usad liU^iulljr ulso in nO;3 nf£m proditfi corjms^ S34 
//uiif cfL bo may be told tbnt bu reuLJy cuTiocdcs tbo point that sron 
oaj*, ooine from whut ban not senge. 935 Xon Jicri par-turn: iv 12?9 

Semper er^irn portal dupfici th quinine Cftnatai. 935 036 St* tlijit iiL 

botb coB^i tb«re ia a niiioii of senatloBs t-lemtmta pruvimj^ to ilo recv 
Lion of st'iiao. 937 PrindjiVf ' bic o^t jirdecipfte (lioc «iitoui »^rx»lni 

Luorctiua oon utitur) vkI in primU^ *i'ifc vmiiii, apxi*'- ^^ >n f i*3* in 
119' Lacli, 942 c mnit offnfes Turmn^t] like omniji'ij^ajt and tbe 1 

943 Accctmi- iiettjnni\ Sl^J) jj'iert^; tt'nis^oi aci:Kndcrti ^^ttiiaa; ill 33(1 cic<^. 

944 — 962 ; a living crcaLture receives a How- wbinh ite natura eanni 
cndiiro ■ tbc nonsoe of ln>dy and soul arc stunned ; tUo oonncKiou of t' 
two ia bfjkou, Jiod tbo aoul t^eiLpois tbiy^ugh the njHTtui^s of tbs body 
a blow cun du no more tbjLu brtnk up and r^^attcr Iba Htiveral elcmuji 
Again tho remaining Tital motions oan ofl«n got the bettor of A 1 
iflvere lilow^ bring escb tiling Imcfc to its prtjper cbflnnal, and rekin 
bbc Bi^uaea ; in tUin ^vay only h tlio Uiing reca1l<?il to life. 950 nWi 
VI 3^(j JJwsdttojtt tiodog omnU d ^^inda rda^eatit 651 c<i'i/f4tf l^u 

linen eight times in tbiri souhp, il sense quite pi<euliar to him t &»!a F 
Aod VBrrf> in Fore,: tbe Yord must evidently be cuiTu/a« <iccU- 
n. tc I 34 Ifeicii: Lucr. and lua contemporartoa only knew Ibo T 
Oi^cii or eic/f, noL eiiciC: in 313 J/'aiecrrre laaa. : Ribbei^k has iiftcii 
atorcd the « to Virgil; and it ap])Gara net to Imvc been nnkaoiB^ 
1.1 vj L see Mndvig tmi^^DiI Liv. p. IQO; nnd indo^ tbe b«Uer nuo. 
ftlmoat any Gias^<:&l autboi' otTcr ejuimples : Cic Marinj iu d^ dlr. i 1 
Ainicit fi^antem. lit 639 rf**siffw?itr mss. : thia fonn tco Ribb&ik'w 
somMtmea rraUire ti Vii'gil; nee uUi Ketnpf VaJyr Mav. p. 282 
952 foil, the blow cftn only dtaaolvQ tbe union of Uie denif^ut^ 
deprive tbem of aeu^, if thay hatl it of themselvQa, 95Q Udii 
Ibossj wbidi thu blow hjis not fitop^ied. sincere. ^.Viruxn: tn 12 rn 
tiieUtt Atirai; tv 7^0 moffin mtrnbrf^ Tatt^^/yr^^ M'Jlia\ V SUti / 
igifibyta infant, la^tant : H^O lttv«re vmidti ea:ra, l/ntida iasea' vi 5 
omrUa, prari/UTA Omnia: the practice is as old lu Homer. 9S7 



^U = qidc/pu: fcrspdUng with tf» whea it b not the relative, aeo a. Ut 
I S3 <ruic^mtmi ^au^tfttvl m tlu mum la an ftrcLuiHtn, but Lucr. 
«in|-t(>y7t it *omo ab: lionjsj it k fou^J iii Plaitlus, and in uot unknown 
W L'it.^'rij; see Madvig fie fiiu p, (5-1-^. The ahos meittitfi uti^ oppowid 
to tW ^«li ft*i*iHm of next v, 960 fjtin i-e sotuis to L*a ciiipliiiLic Lere 
UKi to ta^an In what way, if doI in tlji^; J liavo tliftivfoto ptictiNJ it in 
two wi>nla: c<jmp. Ter, oi^u, 30y (Jitid n mtnr tj/ta j%rtii.»tiCua fiaa T 
tp^ rr, Farmuno i ...t^pin^ tn ilti^M vfstnmt Lucr, nnj-iua tliL*u it ia tLo 
mm^LrnJng viul uintiou-i whicli give l>ni;t t^n^- iiiii lifij to tliu ulc- 
EnruU which of themselves hitvo uii aeiise. IfU Umim^'. a m^tUphor 
whicK he repeats VI 1157 nni 12(18; eoiopn tuo hi CWl ritaa cum liuian 
iainvs : eultj: 221 (TBA* i<r liatital uttpenx Uti fmn liming ab ipsa. flfll 

pomt 10. UiO o«i'nia7tj of 014. conlcf/a victtle: Lamb, compirca Cic, 
'_ fitjrp, rr 78 r^vut est nvf^iii h tpinm coU'^ere ni»i dUsv/jatiw animt 
ruTffvrjt in 9unm Ucam onj/f^Ttf. 992 qiio decuraum : aame 

tf r m 1042 chit f!esurBf> iumine vUfte; iv 111)6 apatium decunvre 
flRtfr^: Himo urUiphm' nnil vmtAli-. Cic, Tnsc- 1 15 rf?'7KJ ri'I^ cafcrm, 
ad ^vom cuffi fit dffCwrBUm^ tiiftil itU pmetcrtn ejUirntsc^jvIui't. irt <£ 
a6iH, a BtUiliud Lsao&aucu : lee c. to i 62G : i6jVf & vr^U known eupLc' 
nusdt fur d&iW tf into ; Pctrou^ Ml. 42 abiit ad plitres : Lucr. more 
tkftft dtMM USPS »r? j^lmoat in this scuao: obire i& ronUy eioixlvc, 

063 — 073: there i.^ jmin when tL« elomcnt^ ure dtaordarml in their 
nti^ plcnsure wljtn i\i«y r«tuni to tUeir plucej thti-efore firet-begin- 
itia])^ ibfimaiilres can rri.'l neither plcafurc nor pain, tinco they aro not 
CmtiuiJ of other first-WgiiiningH, w! motfoiiH can be distiirbei ao as 
Ui ^i<i! tL(-nj pLtIn, or njirranged bo aa to g(vo thorn plouuro. fiG3 
i'rru-JVrcn ; Luch- bofl & mo>4t olieciiie uotu ; tho only thing it clearly 
iihcWB u that ho quite faila to a^i^ireheDd tho |>oot s uti^rimgt wLi'u ho 
nvdi hare Prvptcroa^ dolor, and thtsrefore ficmw; pain In any thiii^ 
tbat hui MUSH is only ft diaoivli^rii^^g of it? el^menti. 966 wluptaa^ 
ttA il^ercfiire sen^ji^ 967 ^Saye cet, tliereforo |>hiiAura auJ prilu boiiij 
lilt Uifl riglil or wrong orienag of el^mcnt^ the ul^meuta thouisoli 
vMch are e&dk one fttid indlvisibb, are fonueil ijf no elDiuentn whiuh 
.xtl. ito na lo gt^a ploaaurci or pain; aad tbureforo th«y have 
969 fioti, 9^i>\l fx tiUi4 <:eU i.e. i|vmL non cocii^tuit ex ullj 
Ijachmann'a punctiuilioD cf thU v. ami cs^plLciatiuu of 
^4^ L3 to uje quite incoiaprohciifiiblo : ho miiat hav<t qiutd^ 
ilmUiod both aonna Find constniction Iters. Q70 ^t^ttuti cett 
ut c](>l^reiiL i^jipiaut nuvitttto motua coiiiin; irtotus b of course th* 
972 Ilant igUur ocU bccuimo pain and pleasure are 8i>n»^o, Th# 
ent may be really a beg^ln^ of tliu i|ue9ttoii, but id podbctly iatel- 
: the«e v«9> br>D, 0S3— &72, clo^krly fbrcn a new paragraph quil 
4kliooi from tho fonner; ve might compare with them the faniam 



ing or Hippocrates t\c nat. Loin. 3 lyai S< ^ij^*, *^ '»' W avifpvjwv^ 

973 — 990: if eeuae maat hw; given to tbo eleroenU of living tliipgt 
in oviUt tliiiL lln^o lliiLigs miij bave aeiiao. then must tLeir eleiuttita 
liave tlie sAine pflaaioiia ac*! roasonin^ powera w-hich mou Iiape; thpy 
vill ibiis hAPd to ron^itt of other I'tcment^ auJ tlji^e aguiii of uthr-ra oq 
to JnliiiiLy; if all tLis U a^Bui^ and 70a cauaot couc^vo lAugliing or 
tliiiiking titfjms, wLy not allow genenilly thin;^? thai have senag to como 
from elemcuU without nenae? 975 jtrQjtriiun, atiotber amj Arjri/i. : 

ou these adverbs seen, to I 20 gcncratitn: ooalngy would lead u* tocii*ct 
Q farm jyropr^iii*. The nrguTfl(»Dt ifi, if ftftnae gunfiraJly niQ*t ucmc frvm 
Ben^ thin Ujg Bijwcial aeiuw of niAn should como from elemeata spociAlly 
endowed ivith ainiiliir sctjse, tUo power of laughing crying thiokinj. 
S7fi 977 «iinp. 1 010 030, in sulistJince the ftamo. 878 rtntm nirj- 
jt^ra, the way in which the olctcK^nta of things are mixi^d to forot thcsa 
^iiigB. S7d eren a? we are now doin^ 083 iieivar..^.tU bU- 

Wtjutir Ht^eniLFt to have the prLgiiani nansc of preaaiii^ llie udvuisuy and 
tP<liiii-iiig hiui to ndnjit, ittBOif»<£f efffat/Uabo ui : coinp. 1 DSO Uqc paf4o 
sequar itt'pvi...<puierftrii. 987 ifofth . . .i/lrtu rocura V 113- Virg. ct 
YJl S Magni petenU^ d*Ktct dicta Sr/ronis^ of Uia t^cnrouj m 
088 Xojt tx ^nt. [fftctua]. 900 «j(-/'f j« = oniiiiiio; Cic- de fiu. v 

031^1032; nay we men, iia well aa bcoats RnJ the IjTiita of ibe 
emili, iniiy 1^ naid to hnvo our biitb fi'om heaveu as £ither, nud eajtik 
who (js mother gtrea ns food and thertiforb life : death too a hui tH 
going hack of our ekmonts to hoaven and eoi-th ree(>octively i then inl 
mcmunt iill furniH end colourn vid eenHfA pt'mh, whkh depend on tiJ 
tcationa uiTnugomcnta otc. of Grat-hc^nninga ; oven aa iu \h\s our pom 
fl few [Q(,lL-r!4 |irodiio« by dilTerent arrangements nic, quito diflei^fl 
TtfTH**, — Tho first jMii-t of tliir^ paaaik^ in & Ut^mU tmnslnlioa of a f^J 
moiLt fri>m the Olii'^^fip^ui of Ajiaxa^orua' achuI^Lv PfUripidoB, Tom am 

ytiTTH Hol Auic aiOrfp, O jiiy atSpiinrtuV ira'i tffJo' yp'irtop, "H S' tv^^«Jk«H 
DToyo™^ *'OTKJi« IlapuStfu^aiJ TiitTtt Ovarou^, Tiierti &t ^opav ^vAa ■ 
$Tjfiiiy, 000* ovK oSiKUf Mtirfjp waiTt-iv ttvofitrTTO.i. XuipcL £' owiata tu ujfi 
^jf ^aiiic *tW' th yalavj Tu 8' air* aidtpitnj BXajToiTrt yoi-^t b*'^ otipcivua 
tlo^-ov Tj^f't iroX'F" ^KT/uKEi c ouS^f Tuif ^iy»D/i 41 lilt, ftafipfr<i/(cvo)' 5* 'AAjH 
rpa^ aXXav Mo^^i' iSivv dirt^cifc ; Gotnp. ; 350 ond what ia floicl in ill J 
tiation of that rdnLilor pmsage about the antiquity of tlia doctrine tU 
heaven lb tho father and 'earth the mother of all thinyH. Amt m 
planiM I 2 \x 817 27 oxpr«eflly «talca that AaaXixyontH Uught ^i if ll 
lir/Ttip i^KV imt Twv ^ltu*, o &t 7X10S vuTrjp. Euriiiidos repeats the Ban 
Bontiukont m a t'tJA^'nictit of the Molanippo worth coaiptLnug, The wluM 
of Diir posaago la quite ^iiicurenii and consistent with tJie geccml ^'n 

mxiK II 227 

meot of Liicr. tliongli hU fomlncsa for Ei:rt[]iilcs hns mado him express 
faimsclf ill the htngnngc of Aiiaxngnraji : wifli whom however na wt> have 
■hewn ill tlio first bo-jk lio iiinl Epicunis hxt] iiuiiiy jmiiitM of contnct, 
pcrintH wLicb nre wt^M ln-on^^lit out luif, Wliat riUcreliufl mtnns (0 Kiv 
in hU pofticnl lau^m^ is tliisi so f-.\v frotn mt'ii und r»tlicr atiiitmlri re- 
qniring speciul eciisiihle clfiiu'nt^ tbey like eiviv thin;r oNe 011 efirtli 
eome from tho min<;ling of the douK'ut:* of t-tlicr mul ofirth- and at 
their death the^o £t'nFit>lf'<(H eU'm^tits ri'tiini whence tli<^y came to be 
employed afresh in jirixlucin;; i^tluT things : tlic L-IomciiEd aro the snme, 
it is only their motions ai'mugumeiit--^ etc whicli niukfr the diffoi^nee: 
ha then adds hia favourite il[udtriLtioiL fium tlio letters of tlie alphabet. 

991 oriuNtli, a T017 rare cXiimplc of i aliogcthoi- snp|irt'jii!oil, without 
ft panlie] perliajui in tlia hcxaiueter poets: abiefe ariHc ithiejni jliivi- 
omm principium con»\linn\ and the likt^i wbere '' lias the jK>ver of a 
fioneoDant, are common enough; for iiiAtancea liki; ouri I^ich, iu JiEa 
learoud note lius to ^ to tho old scenic poets; aud &nmo of his exam- 
plea arc vehemently cnntroviTtcd bv Riijrtrlil ]iri=o, Lttin. epigr. .siippl. 
m p, XXI. 996 Pitbida cum piarffff: it U s:iid to ^ive birth to man 

tnd beaflt by giving tboin food, vitliout wliich pnvent first and iht-n 
child could not exist a moment. Tlie |>ot't >trivw to find Buffieiint prO' 
text for calling earth nmther. 999 — 1001 quoted by I^ctan. inst. 
VII 12, who taxes Luer, with inconsistency, *sed victuH eat vevitate.' 
999 Cedit cet. 'Oflev 5* tKatrrav tU to irtafi atft'itro^ 'EiTat^' aTr^X^nr, 
wcv/ui fifv Trpoc aiSc/jn, To truifta. 6 *c? ~p}^\ says l']ur. MippK 533 or else 
Moachion: Epich, 2l»3 MiiUacli Svi'inp/fTj Koi htnp!0jj nd-rffvOiv Z$tv j/rOiv 
nXir, yo fitv i^ yav, irt-erfi aitii. 1001 ri^ffuf't/ii, a solitnn- instn^nce 

of this lengthening: v G8G n'fut"s : iv 701 he soeuis to have wiitten 
Xeificta', which is lengthened by Lucilins also: r^Vujh n^Unoia stand of 
courae on a differRtit ground, aa the verso requin's the firat syll to bo 
loag : see n. to i 5C0. 1002 foil, hear Anaxngoras him^lf frng. 17 
Schom and MulUeh, ^1 SelLanbach^ to ?^k yivifrBan ical a^dXXvrrCiat ovk 
opBvt FDfufouo-c at 'EAAiTi^' ovSiv yap XPVP-" **^'^* ytVcrai ovBi airoAAiTmi 
oXX' an covTw j^jrqi/Artav trvfifiiuyrrai t« koI otanputrai. Kat ovrtin ay 
opBnk JroAflrrF ro rt yivtrr&ai o^'fAfiuryttrSat kqI to aroAAitr^at Ziaxp(v4{T6ai, 
■Q aphoriam wluch Epicunii^ might have wholly adopted. 1004 et 

e0U 111 onntt rtsita i c. et ita fit ut onines res cet. ejinttt orcnrs vi 7C1, 
^fieri PUmt. Peraa 7C1 : Lucr has al^o conjicri often and \nUr/Kri more 
than once: with effit iU,.ita comp. iv 0-14 jfl uti jtara imh anbnai 
Bidahir L e. iiide fit uti cot.; vi 204 Ilac ftianiJU itfS ih c^itsa; 727 
Qmo fii ult pocfo. 1007 — 1009 have already oconrre^l in substance 
three timea : oeo n. to 7G0 foil. : tbey express one of the fnost essential 
of th« epioarean doctriQea. 1010 jiettfs .. Corpora prima: comp Ul- 
poaa in For& pcn^ it ampliu» est quam apiid U; nam apud U tat quod 



KorEs n 

^uaHiar qualUer « U tenet^r; psncs U ««f qjtod qttodammodo o U pot' 
firirlMv. ffiniiar* U hiEto a.u atupbatio word, to be abiding, inherent: it« 
Cic in Furc. %. v. 1011 ^lio*/ tri gummis cet, i, e- the /ormaa colora 

f^neii£ of 10Q5 1006. in ^Ki/tnns contraj^tfi -witli /*ff/wj, JtuUare with 
S-Mif/m^ 10L3 foil tills iIlufltr!Lti(iTi wo have hud ngain und ngnin in 

worda more or ksa liko: com[i. wpfciJiUy I S33 wlicre Quuv etuun intro- 
duooB it and oonnoctd it with what preotidefl exactly u& hare. lOlS 
tlii>crfipiiaitt rcs'. Vi 11 Oil ^jrin Itritfjn di^rrfpitujti tk*. Observe the 
Tng"iencs3 of rtt« bere, tbo thin^ or results wliich come fiT*tn t4»c dif- 
fei«nt Jirmiigomeiita of Icttera i, e. the worda and vereea; wherea* iu Ihe 
ynTj npst wards Sic ipftfi in ri*.f/ufi Mid 1023 rat, f^j h&s its projier senM 
of timtcriiLl thingB brougbt into compurijioa with the former nt or 
wowla ; so coreleEs is be id flurh mntt^n* ; see n. to i 875. 

1023—1047; Oihten uowlti AqufaUonorTflstiDomeut But noUtiug^ 
ia BO eaHj tlmt it oiaj not nt fir&t «oem diflicult} ncthing eo wftojroi 
but neoiilo cvnae iu the tnd to aJmire it. L(K>k at the sky wUU M 
moon and fttars: what moj-e mftcr ell email- beautiful? yet the 
weary of the eight cai-as not now to giva it a glaopo, Fear not th' 
fore tbe novelty of the thiug* but h&n- wb&t 1 Lutq to aaj^ uiii if i| 
!» true, Burrcndor; if fulae, gird yomWf to tlio oambut: tho utii 
woiiM fain comj^nbeTid that infmenfiily iDt,o which it Ictokn and li 
whkh it freely cipatiatca-' 1034 novt res, thai which ho eaters 

ii|ioD ia the next puragraph, viz. innnTnorablo worlds iu the inuuenflil 
of sjKitfi. ivl Aun'^ ttct\ : Cic pro Seat. l07 ad pojudi Jianuttii aui 
ac^ridiaa^-, in Vatin, 4 o^ tfuroa tuat accidai. IDSQ vnmuAv^C m'v 
rier: Ter. Andr. 392 aay^ nei? tit ect eaitna nuii\ieH« Jla^ ^%Mg fim^i 
tlio infill, dot's not seeiu barHhcr thau lliis^ esp. as ^uoff nw'rorwT mtj 
be loaktd upon ti£ aa ncooQ, ; soo d. to l 33L 1034 rmnir W,.^«t »iuj 

Oump. \' 332 vliiim qftaedam uttjio at^es erp^liviiliir^ JTtine tlinm 
eiaii; Cic. ad Q. fnttr. i 5 ego tU/i irujiccrsr, till eyv j^w^ej^* inuci; On< 
met. I 111 Fluminn iitvi tiielittj iam Jfvmi/ia itef^tavU ibunf, II 

poUimi'^ this use uf tho Lui:tio. ia cumtnim etiuui^h: spt'. Miidv. fjflt.^ 
343 C 103S Qvain Ubi uem nemo. .di^jLatm-: ha-ch. to IV 1^03 

q^am 8fKpe cites fur thi^ uao of ^^mm a]aa i 104, vi QOl, W 
nemo, finiint ^ aemfit a.deo cimieA fesai sunt: nuch a a(^lEgi«i<i« n 
idioiQiLtic ooougt ; oomyx ui GOT -AVc ribt enim t^itf^rtarji m^friu fcnliV 
mdeltir,...Vfnim deficcf^. p^t.; iv GIO cemfr^ n^no Saepem uitra 
9ttt iU to<X9 aceipcrs extra : quite the anm« i& prinolple ia iv TO ^nai 
fninfft xndvpHfiri Paupa qu£nnt et smtl in pnnta. JVonte tocaia, thouj 
filtered by Ljich. aaiuM^i thfa Hii-m ri.'Curs v 3[> and 1391 ; it 

found ftlno in prose, in Livj Pliny and others. 1041 E^:puere ccU ; 

ttill bolder ia its applicutioQ in Ter. oun. 40G Quasi nM iUttjn «Kpttef«t 
mtKriam er animo. 1042 v^ra^ 1043 fidemn : this change of Dum- 




bor wiLliaut any anljatautivc acema very iimwuni 1043 Dtde manust 
da ftianut Ib tJie naiial espresaion, VTitXi wliat jtrecaiJe* comp. tbo very 
flloiilitr faogua^fl of tLe stoio ia Cii;. de uut. deor. ii 90 i^tivf vi hoc 
itUvi fx atiffTitU /e»wfrnV conliv(ferct ut s<ilito iue*^n a/fpicnvjni'^t 7"*fl" 
^kfB» tpffcia ettdi vwl^reluri nd afhiduikiU cotid&na €l eo/imielwiifie 
^^(trv-m aduui^jcttnt tUiimi nt^gttfj adinirnntur neqftc rfquirurU rations 
4artim renim qtins semper cidt^itt^ proitnk '/ua»i jiovittia noi niftf/is yp/wft 
VkOffmlitiiu rentm dcbeiit ad exqnireiulas i^aTiyaj ej:ck'tin, jet jinst aboro 
Kft Btkfa of Lmct. ttui bis whool certe il<i Icrnrrt' de niumio fjfutifiii/, ut 
iMt&i tptidem numq^tam kunc athitirabUam c/iell cn^nat'iw- -s'ltpf^itse vi- 
d m ni ur ; such tliffereut ccnduiioas iCiny bo Jrawii fjvm tlie name ijliae- 
liWftiWdfti 1017 animi iii^^iuai bgg &. to 710 a/itmi inieelim-j ittid 

oomjK Cic i]« nut, <1«ir i 54 ctiiiis [<ipi] oprtam proftrtif liuti '/rJiuAni- 
nfM| ii ttiJn^iMtTti. t£ inifrmiitftfiiiti in vi'tnU p-iv^is nMtffn.ittidinem ntffiv- 
Kvm viii*r€tit, in ^uiim ae im'cisns (iTiimut tt i>iUniIeir» t'lti. tnft tan^rpi^ 
p&nffrirMlttr iU ntUtam (ttmeiL onim vldmi V' in qii'i positU liuftHtrFt. 
The ar£mi)«xit could xlispcnfle ^rltil Xlxt^e Wt four i^- Aikt) ibctr 9t>lo 
ippeut t4> njG to harve flomeUiing couatroinod in it, I ant dispcscd to 
look upon tliem m one of Ihone ?iubsequeut additioiia of tlie puet, of 
wkich I hflvo ajjokcn above p, 2:J, and clsewbci'e. 

1048—1066 : ^ipaoc then bf^lng rnilimjtetl nti nif ^tc^ea nnd atrrniA in- 
fimte i& uumWrT it ia uut likely this world &hi.nibl be tlie oiily ouo ia 
bdng. sinco it vaa forrnQd by a msre cbanco combination of atoms: thcro 
w then in otlier parts of spnre olhi^r like cumbmAtioDri of miiltor. 
1050 TM iftKVjue: Lucr. often baa ^-^ in the Ihii'd pluce, not rm]y witli 
|Fnyji<:i4itions and rhi^ir casefi, even diRffyllabic pripoe, aa V ]2U^ ffu/jer 
titLaqita; but m <htber iustmKTois as here and 18, ni 602, SG2, iv T0» 
Id, 373p 834, 1010, v G80, vi DDT, 10U7, 10d5r Vii^ only with 
mniHwyl. prefKWt and their ciisoa iiiid whh ^'fljn^iftf mflij*^"* according t/> 
Wtgiwr geor, i U2 i ii lOOO Lucr. has ve toti in Ibe third |ilrti;o, Omnihis 
tjM« /OfW- lOSl f^ffi?0£ thus couplad by ii simpli; c^ nitb d/jr^i an^ 

VBriAmrBfr bi t»oiiipvrliat iiwkn.irvh nno vonld bavfi expected a V^| 
nKtt&iog Ui luako ol^ar, 1053 Undiquc vors^m: l^B Sureti4 <^H 

rcTMitfi tee Fore for aimOar iTi£tanc»i from Cicero Cae:;ui- and tile ^^| 
vrheraj drarmm* tw^tifli utroq^/c foi'Mivi, ipim/fim^f^sn^ aud Ihc 9^1 
OJXvam XSt l^ ^0 \iaa ftndiqua verjntnu 1^5^ innumcro ntimcro', \i 
nef tHUn^fv moffit irinuTJifrali} in 778 K.rj>tetnri immorlcHs moHolut jun 
Iw /iVtUm^t) nuffMrO ; Vl 435 Timuincrabi/cm cntin jiujnervjn ; PlaiitUd 
Lii ilwn cpitnph A'l num'*ri iutium^rl eimu! omnes coflnen'vi^riint^ wliio 
Ritichl jwrergon p. 42 refers to the. gn?:it varifty ttC PUiitus' metrca: & 
■Mt^tfT nurnbifrlat nbd nuni&crf nunt6ffr/»« aro common in our oH 
wriftfva; not ublit^ ar« injitfpfa« nu/^/ioe, me»le$ dementi. I'mWgglMj 
JMiCairf other poets ^ lunl almil&r in effect are i 98 ctuia ijtcesl^ ui Sfl| 




Mortaieia vkara ttiort cum inmortalU adcmii, v 121 Immtyrtaiia mori<^^ 
morions and tbe liko. With the abore vbs- cornp. Ci*r- de nat. d«>r. 1 <^H 
lA kac ifjiiur iniftefisltitfe ltUiXnd.iuiwt< Ittr'^fitatiinti-Bt t^ilntlintiwi iri/tnij^H 
vi^ innuai^nhiUt'ipi- viriUaf at^rriorurn cet. 1058 ttattim, itj biiUU^H 

caaoea, not by divine power gr uec(!59lt^. 1059 T^i^ies likn rliU nj^p^H 

rcntlj wanting u caesura ore aot uucammoa in L\ki\ «kQiJ ether povtJH 
coup. VI 197 Cim^«rurE/k mo^no indign^mtur Murmt/re ^aun\ in tlire« 1 
other iiiJitaD(!es, m G^2, 71J» v IGS, the word innufrt^itis iK^urv: hu tiuU 
in our xerae Liiid all tho othent it may be preeuiin'^] that tha i>r^positioa 
of the cQmpouad foriited a qitu^i caesura } fof in tict tlii; Lutitis setst 
have mude no di^ej-viicu \o houd<1 UetweeQ /;t t/iitrtiUi auii i/j/JwrWi 
Lu^iliiu Tcntitrcs to write iScipiodtuf vtagiio y-mprobaa ohici'^t^ Aa«U\i$i 
mill ia tho upw corp. inwr, Ijit, wb iind on llie one liniid «/> rurarpTBl, 
Of^ triburte 7 uui.s, r-i; iJCfT^rf, f/t (/ufftiV/c'* &ud m&uy such like ; on tbo 
other hmid iifuoj aoiatre, a/iiMirt, dosjiOj eiefbrvivla, infuinif, ofjeat UiA 
btmdnfd mith liku. Thtru i:* oni? other iitataiice, lu 253, Suii£ ra 
pdK^ infer eese Jitaia guif/u/it^ii^, where sae inftj- W pre«uiiiod l*> Uj 
divided in tbe uuiije wa^. Lftchiuamiu Lhatinotiun Lwlwi>eTi ik ^hoH vovd 
OH ill ylrfe, and a long vuvel oa in mnt^iio or uu m i^ iiL ^I'rJ «n<)» «■ 
tnifrtiUihutf BO that our present Ttrsc sLulI uut be a l^igititnuto 
apih'flre to rofit on no reason or ftnthority. 1060 t*m. ine.Jr^i 

V lO'Ji! ifj/jfre iifca^um fntstvn iiHArc aa^pe coortuvi ', ri 310 ^V 
omniiifj pfane^ ho di?Ii^hta in th<%o ftoctiLJi) tautologies, for in liii^lr u; 
pliLiitiui] liare tbejw wordn are i^ynouyniLiA : but bclute JLini Cic. AraL 
Sod/rfiMira ieirtere a rrcfyo mfcoue nnc v/^ 1061 coitttriiU^ VI JO 
fo'^A.'tfw ; 491 cojirriflnl ; but V 343 eooperuiae uuo.: oonip, prob^a an 
tbu like, anrf f*rt lachinj^nu'ii nin*-torly ni>ti^. yutw? r^m^cWi IlOd 

Semitia tiuae Jitityrivm itmUartf/o eonltifU omrte. lOGl — 10G3~T 

4211 — 131, with a fi?w vaT-iiitions, 1062 exordia I.itg auJ r 430 

preciddy thti Kome force as Yirg. ecl^ Vi 33 ttt hiit fxurjia yfimit On. 
oat. i.^ tho ro'Iinicntm^ fonnattona of c/trth ecfl bcBTcik etc, 1 

ai^fii>> eat.: v 470 Omata air: arido rtymjtfi^v, crUfti Mfpiit. Thew 
not only otlier urorld^ but mnumcrablt! olhi:r worltJe, n^ ha piuves in the 
nfxt purAgmphs: ^th iLiii aud \4hut folUwB conip. £pi& hioiBeCf iu 
Diiig- r>atr X 15 oAXd ^i^i/ mo'l Koc-fioL v.Tttpat flaiv^ c'tf' ofutiot nuetv fir' 

1067 — 1076 ^ nay when tliere h matl«t and pUee ready, and nothing 
io hinder, and countleea atoniA with the smac pnwcii a» those vbiuh 
huTO formed cur worldi you mutt adoklt that tlicto Eu-t- other worlds with 
mou bBOHts f^lc. — A mnre Yniintion of the lost pm-n^'niph. 10GB cor^ 

jTifri this forra rocvrB ACYcral timed: sec oloo u. to 1004. 1070 fC> 

JO*ii^u«: «/ followEd by gf^4 ifl i^ore^ but la found even in CiooTO: tee do 
ffllL T 64 timl Mwlvjg wluj Hititta quiitea otiier ijj^uuices. 1070 t( 




axid that tUi* is m* lua betiii prtive.!, 1072 VUrpi^ ftv&nt irf 

ftatvra marwf^ odd tlit^ra ia no ojucrnvubla rfAAou fur quehtiouiiig UiEb. 
Ooin|>, wilh thu Ulx»ve Fpic ]. 1. a* rr yrip rtTfi/>*i( nnt'pfi tivaat, «^ w/ir* 
*rw4^i(^^ ^fip'JVjiXi KtCi irop/iuruTiu - <i J yup Aarr/raAuriTai ul Toiaumi uTo^ot 
a «ir ^ y<MO*TO HOVfio^ 7 v^ ftu- ov ircjij^CLi^j ovt tit *!■» (nV" iff wnrcpaiT- 

1077 — 1089 : ojjftiu there ia notliing tbnt is boIp in ito kind, mim 
beut binl ar Ji^h ; aor] so i>i it ril^o \\it}\ honveufi ejirthti iieu! fnins moons; 
Uie^ ■j^bU withoat numW' tinea tlicj Lavo n!! birtli oiid dcutL tm Uw 
mnt conditions nn each thing hero on cai-thn 1077 f^iUn: Cfrnp. tha 

TftTTf hiiuiW nr^tm-iifc in fi32 foil Epk-unia' fi^iPiid SlofroilnriiB in 

^^mivm III oni"M^'&it»: comp. rv 478 jtrimts iib ten^iffla ninl the like; 
Ihi* vsE oti\i<f wij. /n-imus ia vpiy couimoQ in the poota, cap. Virgil: coe 
^■ff' 'I'l^'**^- Vii^, IIVHI 3b and 4 atid 6- cotnp. t^^o iii 250 po^/rftnift 
cLilicr i>aff///ru - irt«tri?aio ditiir oss.; quite the Enmc iji |inn<:iplc is 
11 317 ftn^ 32fi iy«fwm psr tiuirw, *horo ova notu. tj*c/'i£fl .tfpm*rt* 
hfmr« V S: coTiip. Empe<l 439 *XltJ Knr/j( ©(-uofs ninPa-yrr^w rt 
1087 tifp/tctv* fcn/finirfl fl^ft^: Llii? atuac ami m^UipIior me the *orac oa 
llicHi.* of tin? ^'rtcti recnrrii)g «//? ter-rniniif /airrfriv. 1089 'fuxit 0}hjv§^ 

wliolh^r m«n Ufuats linjH or fi-hufl^ A*c in thirt wnth : ^rmrmtimi't ahun- 
doA*: HI 306 «9f ftnimuj, , cofr<'rn9. Lflch* qiiotra Maiiih i BJ5H I^iibtis 
U^hf rrr/(!fl Tinium ra/ omrtiit (tfmnffnii^: comp, fdso V 38^ /frtj/ ertt et *i- 
Bii£u trilruetu ohr ttifj^us arfca-, 307 Qiiinivig erit fti^i t:tij}ifHB eu^ C™^ 
purr m^iri. 1097— 10S9 tUo ni-gumcnt aocme to be, »iue« oil thede 

Ifaln^ ftTc mnrljJ and bad a beginning, tbe^^ imiBt be fnilgi.wt to the name 
<niMliiioiui m other inortnl tliingi» : in C-tL^t oa repeated bj- Phiiarch CiccrO 
and f^rtHor=, Epiciirue tani^Lt timt imiumerablo wotlda wiiro daiJy coiiiiag 
iato briij|^ and dully [■L'ri^hiu^. 

1090—1104; the knowltdge of these tLiDgs vill rid you of fcftr of 
tJrt gml« ; for how eoulj any l^eing nilo these iniiiiboil(>ss hoavena and. 
mnh* I ho* could ho hurJ Ida Twits ut ODce iu au uinnv phicus, bolU tofl 
«faich oflen deatroj the iDnoot'tit and mine tbo ^ckedl 1090 n 

lAwu: the force of ibe pntHiitiid is like that of 3G Ftictetiit, whore 8M 
DoCa. 1092 dE<a tjivnte: though Lucr> clfi^vvhcin uud the [x>ets ^^1^4 

nl]j fop obt^oHiS r«naone soj eponle ntn: a^ta tponU ta the ccruimon ordH 
in prtiae. dis erjien: thia cnnstnu^tior aot;IllJ^ peculiar t^i tlie oldd 
writ«TS- It is vorth eoiupvinnp; these vai. and tbc co^mto pasaft^ ^"rM 
fts T 86 foil- VI 62— 7fl, ftlBo 111 14 foil v 6 deiu *//e /uit dnu>y M-ifh On 
TtUKkaisp. I 48 aiJ^o gacpgtairaH non7Lttfloruin intnlcrUttim jJii^oi^opKo/Vini 
fVl noAvnu <^nitu>"e^irt iidrtiii-iiulitf titifiqite ifivcuiori cl prin/^ipt ijrattaa 
tfkflajtlo (tj^unf mm^ne tvnercinrur vl deujn ; iiberatos tiiim es per turn 



dicuni ffrajn^-mia Jominui, t^rrore aempUemo et dturno ac noclumo Msiiu 
quo tgrrore S ^o tneta i qutu ^t anua Uim tUlira *pia^ tiriiMit ifiUtf ^i4 
V03 rirlrlicet, m pfti/stat non flklicint^h, tliMr^h / But Lucr. wia on 
au^ar ; he meant wliiit lie eaid, and Uiouj^hb iLftt ntbcra dul tho varof^ 
Ciccvris ph.ilosophit'al works vrmv tJI written wHEun a fw yoare »ftcr 
tlujj poem wns imllffibed, and thfy ofliu-d mwij i^rtiofo that Ci>:cTiJ wa* 
fiuniliaf with. it« language: it wna not bto lunge to qiii>t« the &ctiul 
words of conleniporaries, 1093 — 1104 are very dmilju' to thi? longer 

paBBogQ VI SS7 — 423. 1095 prc/uinii b rt auWt. a;^-wi<;p will) aW 

ror/tffi: fieo a. to I 1003, 1096 7W«: flee n, to j S'l. mc^rontor A 

airaf Xryfl/L.: vtottentiUcr M'crf. futhffn/is^ ai*>dcr&ii L&bcuitA. 1DG7 

cadoi ID tlic plur, bemtiac bo lias no oblier way f( i^Kpreffaiag oJl Ili« Oif- 
fetent li«ivpn3 in tho umTpraejjuKt na tp* niTist Hiy ' ^n1i&' far a lik* 
purpohe i otiiei'wiso the ;i]ur. is quite unknown to dn&ical wrtUr^ 
1098 fiigife soeniB to Luve the r^nBe of to ^^jirin only hvrc: it llTJi M 
iiii^( o^oribvB, il. Iiiu its |iroper forett, 1099 f^.ir position of w* bdc il 

to IOSOh 1100 eadl t^rena is opixjacd lu the rutbifiut: the v^nklitf 

ai"i»&a in the nuhihus and abnkes the t^aeli tererta at a distar^ce ; for VI 
Nca J\t riiUii mmitit4 cae^i Jtf parCe xerejia luii bo 400 full; with il 
oompftre vi *J*i J^rtm^pio fvjiitr^ tjuofifOt/W ooffrula f'feli troptavtiX 
eoitf^tmi-nS md^hftfi vohntO'st AfAhnrttie iiiiben; romp- too '2^^r Qiutrti 
ineeq^ititr toii'trts^ diaplo4a rrpcate Opprimcrtt ut ca^i ritl&ttar Utrij 
and 387 Quod ai litpp'd^t^ iit/pi^ alii /trf^rtttti */irn JVrrySoo ^uatitmt 
sonUii tttrlfiiitt i^'iplai tlie mnUii9 oc tbiiUiCtifzlAp is coDlouadcfd with 
the thuador ilaolf; as in Tcr. eun* 590, iraitat4id by hiwr., ^4* fw«vt 
ditutii J qui ttiiupJa C't^li tuinnia goniht f^ttji/-%ttU. 1101 et nttlia <wt: 

co]ap> VI 417 foil, and Cii^t'io eitrd there nlLtch Lactaat inat. lU 17 
(^tapaix'K with onr |iiisuige: in iif^it ffont^iUUua vui endem durit giuu 
Liicr?ti\ia^ Nnni piLtpr cet, 1102 in de-tcrtii rsCKinu: coinp. vi 3Sfl. 

1103 ifK^d v'Upc (^et, 4-iilarged u^d Vf 3[)0 — 305. llOi Seneca nat 

quft«st, II 43 ill asked hy the epionraia Laeilius tptare Titppittr avt/t- 
riendri traimt aiU iuitoj^io/erii t and pi'iidcntl/ erodes the questioD. 

1105 — 1174: luid aflci' one world woe boru, many eU'ioenta ware 
evpr added to it so aa to incn?nse all ita pnrfa, nntil jt attain^jd its full 
growtUi even, thua things wbicL you see prowmg take iu more el*- 
lueiitd aa f'W thim tlioy give ioi'tliT uutU thoy ri^uh their maturity; 
then tlicy giFidually di-cny, and i?K.hale moi'e timii tliey take \\\U^ ihefr 
veins; until From inward rarcfwrtioa ond outward blowa they pariah 
completely: even thns will oixr worid pensb ; already otir earth hai 
Lfj^a bo fai[, and cnn no longtrr produet; what on<]o it did: (illeFO ancl 
vinedreaaera qiend tboir labi^nr j.n vain and regrot the olden time, rot 
kuDwtn^ thiLt ih^ earth like eT^ryLliing else uiiifit come Ut iu end, 
1105 Midkfiqu^ cet. la a continuation of the argnmeut brokeoi off at 



IfKlO, eapednlly of that ooaLuned in 15J^8 — 1003, iha tnterrenrng v&m. 
1090 — 1104 coDtftiriiiig one of hift mftny impaasioned AppcnU. 4iemque 
PnMiyvnum — c^ifrium ia a mere poetical rt*petition ot tlia procwling 
wuhIel 1106 PrirififfemtTn Ip ti nirn wurtl, for which leiiron?! oaly 
€it« Avienufl beaidea Lucr. : perhaps he wi^betl to tranflloto tho Homeric 
wptuT^yrtfo^. 1107 corpora nod .Sbwi'jh* ftre of course ByoonjnieB; 

1110 Apparerct j I find na utbcr example of the iiM of this >eib trliidi 
u hf^ra vary expt^aniv^ ; Fa^jei" fompurea the Gr^pk ?T^ufrrr7acr^aL fif/i 
domitu : lie iDJiy liavb betfii thiukiit^ of Eiiiim*!* sLmii^u divftra ihf/iuji 
oi^ijoitum cofl: Aen. X 1 dimiitv oriirtipoUitds Olyjnpl-. but Lucretiue* 
UprcseioD impliea mar«. 1111 coi^snTtjereix one can hardlj eay whe- 
iLcr this ib Miuply for jritrf/erri, *>t, what iu more graphic, [ytTuadi^ue 
eircAtm rfttyerrlj or even fur^ertt vna cujn eaeio. Ikm formation of our 
wi.Hii U mud) mure Tully delineftt*^ v 440—508: nbove, 1058— 10S3, 
be dtaeribod the atortliti of this irorldj hero ho pictnrcfl its completion* 
1112 jriagU'. thcKc blows of iitom^ arc, ha ve have bo often leen before, 
tbt? L^iiel'ouiiae of this [ijrmatlon and CDiini-rvjLtJon of tldngj^, by tinabling 
the ntoDu to dn^li aTi<i try all hinds of imiotij uotil sonic eoitablo one ia 
found. 1114 Mwnr, term, i^riu. nethrr nre iised here Joopely And poe> 
ticftUy for tho clcroeuts fltoU bj thoir shape elc to oasiat in forming 
mit«r«arth etc. 1116 ptocudimt, as ui lOSl -.Tei: nova vivando pro- 
fuditUT tJlii }?ohfp[ttx-. V S50 jiropaijn<irIo pi-ocmiere saetla; S&G jiropO' 
</(iit<f't procwlei^& prolein< ael/icrcfjuc aetiief, fur aeraipic acj", alnce the 
pHt here ompUya EoipoJocles for LIq own purpose, just as 991 fotL 
1l0 iDiwle UH of AnuKAgonta aiid Euripides: Eniped. 270 -rvpt £* ai/£ci- 
HTOi ^f>i a^fci Sf ^aiv phf utpirtpov Sijta^ aWtpa E' aW^p : in form 
liu Ti& are rather a rfHiiuiaoi^Tife of the more fniuoiis vss. 321 Fni'^^ /tJv 

^pdqp yotfir vmun-a^O' I'^rt 5 t^ii>p \Wipi £ ai^cpa OiuV) aTap Trupi. irvp 
B^X(»>: dtevh^re too Empod, iLua uvea alB^p, ai 105 llvp jrai t£<up rrai 
yoLi «al ciil?Ep£r^ ^TTiai' iri/"^^ ^i^d 210. Lucr. La& fnx^Lably uu]y folluwtd 
Kuijif^ixlea here; but bco n, to i 250 fiefhpTf whoro it ie flbewTi that 
Le soiuotimes LiseA tbe woix] strictly, «om?timf>i for the upper regions 
^u«niUy Aud the scat of rain : thua in ono place ho Lna attJitriue niilai, 
in another ianjthilus aether, in a third aei/ttriai avnu. HIS JJoni- 
tffui tbitt fi^nu uf doiifc reeurtt v 7(JS, 723, SS7. rionwf^rrt is quite 
UkkiiovrD to hJoL j>f r^ca = perfect tiJL 1119 teiias seero hero ixnd 

cUowhero to include the ai-teriea ils well as veinE. 1121 n/i^nat 
a faTuurite word of hi». 1132 adtmclOj used by Luar, filone of good 
vritcTB. 112G drifp«A9a : see notea 1 : it must a^roo with ^HoMutiMfU^f 
«nd rafer to thiiiQ? wbieb have nttaineJ t\\& fiilneAs of their growth: 
the ati^ma arc dltpcrnat but not the rew: for form comp. GtlliuB xv 15 
i'ktiiwJ tpa mi^tte glurioso [3fiO] a lUtm^a in e miifaftj, /«r coinjiGsUi i-ora- 
£u/i nmnmi diBpeuifl t^zVit cet 1137 ire^tfur is i^Lutt} suitablo km^: 


ia tak^s '■□ a^ food* 1129 tiianua dandam esl : seen-toillL 
Tts afiipliar...el kUict, vlih referoace to 1 126 dUpMsa: far id- 

vol^&l flmui^meiiC of worda see n, to lu 843. 1139 mmlo bn 

refer&Qce, nv Loi^li. S'i-yi, tu awjmitv^ wieif/rtoi but motio UAod of projcni 
or ftiture tiiuo is rora: mq Fova. who quoted Ter tui. 2^'J moda M^r^ 
mm tn, occljnttrU primvJiLm, ami tliu leiimrk uf DouAtus tfc/vAfriCirAv 
inoJo temporut prof^eittie adcerbUan esL irKxtd, ea IT 1 LSI f^r^ m^i^: 
it IB al^ li'Tig^ ^ Lai^k sbcvH, in Plnutua Terence Ludlius tuul C5& 
AraU fjTkg. 8 ZTrtfi; jr«/t uiui moifo cajnU. dl«p\ir'j\t ; 111 -vO? an^ IV 69S 
Ui^piii^fUn/' j III Util rO/'J^n/-<7M"B ; V 371 exnparf/i^ VI 535 iwpdiyiiiA 
1137 pr*iqtuLm: til 19& pttrvf^sitna ctyrportt pr'n/uatit.-iUti vi 11 |»riH 
gnani' posnet : the \rurd seeuia not to l>e found out of Luor, ; Iju^ to Tf 
1 1 ' ai-ij^iie Lfltiim sunt pro itl, pme ui, pro yiioni, prae ^lattt, ti^n« mb 
fiin dilTctuut praeter ijtuiin, puat '/tuiit. ante qua/n, auper quain.' 1138 

idTtfurA aLJjWcrs to projuam^ as ui 200 t^. euht/r. etc rv^p. i MM d. 19 
I 9fti5 <>*/efT!a^!« ^7i;>frfj7flHfijr. 1139 (1145) dbug^ cibti^, Hb^u mxj 
be compttTwl witli tlie instnuceB giron In d. to S&5 vmctfrs ^ifpf, Vijfxrt: 
tlie ik-di^eU eiYvci eh the auincf to obtain cmj^hEiniti by iteration, 1140 
[ll^l)/ulcire dhut: Jlar. Bit- 11 3 1S3 Urfinienl inopfm wji<W f^ m 
cibtt* atgTtc Iiiffentt acc^tiC stvittavJut fuUtvrti rtictdx', Ssu- C|ijhL Dfr D 
dare cibtnu aajtpiit-t et vUiofuIeiTe vaiiaa eaflfntt^s. 1144 (114O)0mMai 

Beo »i. to I 15 fVi;ir«,,,^«nm^iJtf. 1146 (1142) tiiditantia = cTvhTO ton- 

duut!ji, unci tecuL'Pt 111 :tlH: Ell n. Ann. \'6S lutlilantea, 

1149 (1144) -S'w iV^ii*' ceL: Uie Arorld will have th© fi>te <»f ^11 
tnnrtsi thingn: it liftJi nttninod itft full growth a"d liegnii tc deoiy, und 
muat Hludlf pyJ-idU. — A now |iflnigrn|:h ought not tu commence hciu; oj 
tha preC'>diog ilU]'JtV:»[.inim hnvo been merely givpo wicli i-eferenoe t* 
tliin, and it is n Jirett contiuufltioii pf the Unrgumeiit of 1105 foil, mons 
^pcc^allr of 11I(} f^7ll. Irom which it ciuinot be scparatixL 1149 

[1 145) /*.rpnytialn c&L : keeping Yip the metHphor nf the jrioenin^ which 
ciprE'^niuiL h.iK bi?ca oxplaiEkcd ia I aud will be furtbor illiistrntcd in v. 
daf/uiit Iftbent—Tiffitat: see a to ry 41 : dfirs miitfH occups several lijntt 
Lurr. fi>r ntcre; labem nppeara to be here used in Its piimiiry seiu« of 
flinkiiig and giving way oF tho gronnd: aeo Fore. 1150 Imafpm 

adea merely strengthena tho iflm, oven now, now fclready; it in ft 
.voiirito csprosHou of Virgil: Wagner quaeaL Virg. xirj 4 cil« AeiL 
n SCT, V 2e8, mi, \m 535, xi 275, 487. 1161 flnim. panw: the 

VBrnnieuii and the like, nllndrd to more than once above; enmn, too 
V 707 ^£ult(i<pie nunc e^HiTn fjjtiiiini tLalvioIla^ terrU TmlrthuM cf ra'tiif 
»o/« tf»n<?Tyfrt vnpa-rey fjuae euncta cet- na told at length v 7S0 foil. 
1153 dcdit...paHu'. AeiL i 274 if^minain parfu dahit litit pmtmn. 
1153 mpcme^ a favourite word oF Lucr. goQcrally with him meaning 
' overhead' ; hero however and in one or two other pkoes it cert&i&lj 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ hook: h ^^^^^^^^r 235 

wtiuB to have tlic Joixo of dumper, nnd might perhajw ba citod by tlioso 
■who ueeri tJiat ^u;^^ maj tiave tJmt aeHne. 1154 J w jtwe , . yrinw : 
Cwlliua Xiri 21 ['1^) 31 j^Fi-rrtfiiu* aeqti^ a^iribu^ in^rvicas fnuciu fttnii' 
nino f/eivrf! apfirHiivit iit hlnce. rfmihujt HiWkt c^t cvm dii'-^s unitrUhi* 
vtar^nU mtm^ro posset Aui'cub e caelo cet. : aee too Quinti], inat. j fi 6, 
Luw. alladea no doubt to tlio ffcipij j(pu(rcirj of Homer, but probubly 
1J0O to Aome stolen] a]]eguruiiig uf tlii* aiiuiu; wu know fiuEu M:in!ii!i 
Aurvl, Euatuthlii^ p, GQo at 1jo^. nud (>tiU<?rs tliibt tlit; stoLi^a coituectt'd it 
TiUi Ujvir t'ifiapfimf ; and ThomistiliB oiiit. 33 p. 3G3 £? provta tint it 
vns u»ed iu tlj« vra/ hiiit«d at bj Lucr. : o ^lAorcin'cif uft^atfor iru^ 

(wo^ra cFifOTiiic mi/iit ruT? dV^/stux-ujc iii-e(S>^ XfvErai nut fimv- riJ ytip frajct 

K TDV t,i,pa\-ov KLU (ff^jTTai 4irfin^( art^i'wj t^s XP'^'^f' "'^^ a^/jt/KTon crct- 

pa% fit' ^ fuppan-roixra (L<i koX ^vya:nk^\jiuiL ry ^Blvavrt. n> ^ud/icvoi* oi7« 

(mAitrf/uVut <a ct; ro ^r) ■r^'ai. 1159 fiUtJ^ v>tc the arlnrrai /c(hS or 

ratffjrf: lit UiUti enumerates com viiiea fniita of ti^eea ukd pufltupoo, iLo 

rfuof piXKlui-U uf the earth: comp, vTbSaadTSO: tbua ton Viry. 

iniuMi^ i^Tvui^iiU frramini; hui Wi^ A rborfi.i \ea-VGS no ambiguity^: 116.1 
is mor^r ^ncriLl. 1162 vix arvis e-Uijijted, \ mppcdlUi Is cfteii tto 
te of dfjiiim 01' di^Jicio, lU Clo, Bl'utud 121 ''U'/^ eC iriCa snppcditiA- 
'xiaHi ct apfcat/or ei nrtJ* dgj'a.m«t; Plant. ».hiiiar. 423 uott tptw lahari 
m'jrp«i\tani; tat tbcn Liit^r. says indifiercntly Atriterks iit suppnlitrt rfibua 
And Jh/p/iet^i'M^ifiii- cor/'ora itialeritiiy it Keems ijuite nltowablo to aay ^jiiO 
J*rrr« mtpjK'.lit'ifi Lti the flL-iimj in w}iii:}i riiiutit^ 1. 1. lui^fi suppeditare. 
11S5 mflflUiem itiLortti: Uvid met. IV 3D TflrYc <yji/* wanfturni oonip. 
too I 301* t/i^nifrti-t mtlioris reddcre jUii^^ 1138 (1170) crepat: bob 
Foifi;, 1171 (1168) i-Kt<te, as jUao in Tcrenco: How epod. ill 7 victie, 
1172 (1169) *rtouii?n ; tba inetaplnjr Eoemn to be Irom the tintmetUum or 
tvay or tb»' biilinnii?- t^iw/tiinqufjhti'jfrtt LocIl c<jni[Biri« Pluieilmw IV 20 
{lit) St t'rt*/uin jUltifiM Bordidij ptriurio- 1173 jVec tcicCi iii 043 
JVmt frn^ amigmm Ituravi &^ ] 1070 raorM qititt cav»tim non ien^', 
ri 63 Fjrf raf^'o (Wf tprrinsqnfl tnitrndn. 1174 rVe Ji/ cripidaiH 1 ihit 
^tjtuJtw wfljj iJie bivr or funerixl-bed ; liencc tlie obrioua luetjipliori 
PUutos itfl^ ctxpitJi deffus Bud Ga,ptitfATi» in jest for one aenr Heath. 
Pvuliu FfsL ild4 SouliJii inaka tlin wi)rJ m//ufum» and th<^ bilUr expluiitH 
it Bfl 's&nwfa^um, id cit aflpuJcUi'nm' ; but coid]i, titnt. Thob. ill 3£I 
rfwm /uoffm porfrtyit, Uti/rt capul't 7ionif\im mnttfiB exrirliS. ivitiutt) fieem* 
luunh ns oil epitbtt of gpatio; yet It rvcuL-s 111 TT4 adaliv epaiio ita/aait 
w^tiMo, Mkd V S^7 ^*u^Vr apatio defassa veltuioi ao that it Mcma li men 
aa for vilMfaU^ 1 



BOOK ni 

-3{>; he ndilresses Eplcnnu &6 Lia fjitlirr Aud guide, wLo liftd di** 
Jil ttie darknoAd of Etn-or, cxpliuped tbe whole nature of thingE, ro- 
llio guda Atid LheL' bli^t n].K)Hle8f atid deatro^od tlie Ijelief ta 
Acheron, 4 Ficia b tlic olUor fonn, tho £ being softened into * 

JixuA: Dinm^d^ i p, 377 11 svyifWrnu* «*iw fictiw tt fixm; .SWiutoj 
fiffi VEin ^ KO^i^CtJ* i/i^tf ' a^'j^cJUA' ccL petitiitt potU3 cet. : Wiik- qui 
Ovid met, il 671 J'^aUa ped^^i prtmia i^estiifia ponit in uWul 6 it 

ib nut c)o^ whtfblii^r A'oft if-fi cer. evp. ia u dial^iuiit cluuda ^^on tarn tftntd 
ccrUxre citpioy guam quod cet., or di^ptnda like propter amorrni on Q^iod J 
t€ int. aPM. 7 CycirV: its pouiticn in mcaiit to be emphatic, 9 

jfofWu 1b eaij vltL refert-noe to p'xtrr: Ihixii o raUieri like i& iathei* 
10 Uiisq^ie At?; aeo d. to I B41. IL om>iut^ Omnia . ^ aiir^i, jfunM* 

oomp, u. to Ji 9ri5 Wnper?, Viixetr^ IZ depasctniur. . dicta 1 Eur, 

AleJ. 821 (iTTo^t/r^^cyDL jcXcviTraTiiK aot^uir. 14 voci/.i KO il to T 

732- 17 BUcedttnt Is here us^d in what B«omB ita primarj b6D9«: 
see Fora. t'j^o : the waIIh of the world jiart Hmiuder and ii]|i:iv did Ij> 
aco into the boundless Tuid. 18 aedeaqus quictae: tbc /icrtutocr/iHi, 

which Cicero renders i/iterrnundiai tli&ta the uTotD/fut or atqtuUis in- 
^la of Epicurus r^uired to be u matij m the mumil, that u to aaj 
innumerable ; tlint Kj>i€. nnd Lucr- bulttjved m theao ifffer7iiun<^Ki u 
c^rtniri; hut how ihey are con-sistent witb tlidr geTLenhl E^steiu^ u u 
di^cult to comprohend a» the reat of their firm belief Id gods; see what 
ifl said oa this quo^ion to ii 046 — GOE^ and T 14ti fulL and llCl full 
19 QuaaiKtpie coik^HutU oA. : like the isljind'irjillej of Avilion, When 

J^'Ula not kail or rain or any anourj /t'itr trer vrjrt'l bhiea loudly. 90 

n^qtie iiix tt>l. : Vl S45 Frtf/ort ^ . ^mti con^enrit^ ^^^'S- fi*">'- ^ ^^^ 
Friffora 7iec ttirUur/^ carta concrela jrrulna. 21 instithilaa coIdmI \fj 

him to render Homer's ivi^iXtt^ for these ns. are from Ud^a f jS oA 
tf^oiTt 6ciiii' cSot air^oXt^ aici 'E/z/i-fivi- oi/r* att/toio-L •vnfaatrtrai ovrt WT* 

kcvKq ^ ini^i&poptv aiyXif, 24 dehbdt t 1088 iitftf tklibart valtfMtt', 

eomp. too VI TO DdihiUa dmm per te COti -uKmirta. 2£ nufTuon 

Apparent, bocnuao h& has pmrcd tbeiu not to exiat. ^cA^r. Utripla : «4 
n. to 1 120. 2d jV^fr fW/r(« : it lit not tlie earth whirh ludes thtiEHf u 
hifl philosophy fthewu what ia ht^low mb ticarlj as vhatp ia ahciv^ Uiff 
oiirth. 28 voluptaK . . adque hortor i Potiv>ti^ eat. &3 Froia^ettM ruS- 
inerUa cui^x ipsius Tialarac vtrittUe certaniiti nan tine guedAm horrw^ 

BOOK 111 


InxdopC Wftk. cit4>Q Stat. Theb. 1 41^3 lt*i£u»ju^ per arttta Ilvrror iii \ 
■nil Frtfluviim 234 horror pttt^pit 30 mani/ettia is m fi|)|iatiit;it>a with 

31 — 93 : I Havo no^r to PX[>lnJn tlio real nature of the anul nnd to 
dUjiel the umtMire ofhpU which poison Ufa: mAuy boasb they Imow all 
tliu, bat *hcn trieJ by ftdvf-ratv, tlity chixwe W o^fTur aoy raiaury ralnhrr 
tbflb liice il^tb 3Lud ltd cona«queckce9 : nny cftou mun ttviru thb fEor will 
oombiit Atiy uHincv in tkvilm- Li) igti wealth and houimi; thinking that 
aiid cotiieiupi dealrij the aajurity of life ; hcnco civil v^ hcoo^ 
[r*(l of reUlioiui ; bent:^ itien fiften niab to dvatb frooi fear of deAtfa ? 
fibar ui Bhoct lii tlie eunrce of nil cvib ; aud oatk be de^troyei] utily 
1^9 true ItiiowiiHigo of uitturfT. 31 ^hhH. 6:£vr. rcr. =. rcruni pri- 
munlni ■ sre n. 10 1 5h1 and 11 ^^3. 34 Qiurw : se? n. 10 1 ftT. 36 
: IV 777 muli*yjt*4 itohU Clurondumti. Z7 Et mctna eeU; 
U. to 1 T& 40 E$9t. . rrftr^Yui'l: Lucr. k fond of tbis con^tmotiou ; 
6\S 9PtiduTr\ i^jntlOTtt rvf^i^iui*; 703 qvUh^a tanmk euRP relinquat'^ 
€5t mimri rwWfti pofin^iuv, Ttf/> ^7. ;?«a rt^n t Ejiic- in Diog- Laer, 

p T'artora icti : Virg- gtor, iv 481 iiJiaia ieti Titrttkra, 43 conni. 
£inp«d- 317 AT^a ycip ai4/>b^Dic vipiKap&tai' iirrt vdr^jAa : ArtBt^ de ftuim, 
I 3 p, 405 b 4> jittrUmCea this theory to rntuia, Jiiid rgiya tbf'to tUikt each 
9f tb« eltmuata ho^ mi advocate to cbiim for it tu bo the hijuI ujccepb 
«*jtb : 0001 p. too Cro, Taac^ disp> 1 19 for tbia and tbo nexi v. : tUerd 
was gn»t play of words on tbr oonttexion between animtia, J»cpa^ and 
m— ftu; aeo LauIauL do opif dtii ivu. 45 ^'e< /vrfMu/n aou n. tc I 746. 
jonvum, na in 514 ; so in/rfHt^ra ono*> enil f-r/jT/m three tirnefl in A nnd B: 
Oua auppmsiou ci r oftci' a loug Towd UfwTo « wua vuiy commua; 
nuwn Ihnw tJmo« Kud ttuo vor#urji oouur in the aont- Miniii% ^orp^ iutit. 
t^L t I ^J, 51 £n7;ir!n, ttio^i^b i\wy iLLiiki* Lhcw* bci[L»L4 diid thoLhrlt thf^y 

An ia a^Jcb misery, iu.'*t^^ad "jf Bhawing a Cuntt*m]>t of doathj thryhi^vc ro 
OOOTM ta tbo mctanoit aupentitionv in ordeir lo e»m[}« it. 52 niijrta 

Oft; Virg, g«Ji' IV 545 /rt^mrw (^r/Jlcf irfiA<*.»!aj*i/'o*'eni rmV/iw £C nipran* 

«A4<4a^ fffwm ; Acn^ vi 153 iJii4? nit^raa pecjuiet- Q2 yvctoi eper=ii 

U 13. 64 JV'on miTi- p'trtttut: vi l2oS ytcvthiiiftant jmrttrn, 121^ fwh 
haaoBtparUm'. tb« unie conatt- Ufcniid in Cicetxi CatwirLivy ^ Miidlu 
fvfuA if on acctu. 65^ — 67 and 90 by tlieir wealth they thiiik to p0 
dT doatli i^r at all eveur^ lhf> tliuughts of dcatli. 65 Jtnae : &cd n. | 
1 iifirAt i/^^)^ fi' iTfiitftarif^r the intioH a* a aubst.: boo n, ty 1 33) 
Oft {' t\M . . .*ffitijitBt . . liinfiffpte rv^^^&B : «a must ha nupplied to 
oil cT uiu/i? i u 3^ lii(fffit and wliat precede* have the aci^ui., to 
* aottiin. i» undtitutood : coitip^ too LOIS. 71 ciuJem i^avtU 
1 1S38 et(Tn?i/dftu*_/(tn*M /u?iu* ; Cicv do off! r 110 A^fHranuM tU^qm 
*vmAmi( isffwM^ giwiami a^ Calili 1 H iwnne diam aliv incicdi 



»fffikre hoe aceltis aan^d'txii 72 compared by MAOrolk. sAt vi t U 
villi Yirg- geor- ii 510 ^udent per/iat eanffaine ^/ratjtttn. 76 fian 
fionorCj TFitli lIio puip(o and otlicr inaijC^ia. of liigli office. 78 /tW*- 

reurd cet. r Eun, ana, 403 7ft^« ^w tv^jfltim aiifUmt^^ tfpuhfimquf 
qtuiemul, AaJiJuyint wim^n ; Epic, in Diog. Laor. I HO qkuitc<d hy hnvh. 
5pcnka oF de^aires neither nntural nor nccessitiT', ws im^m^vs «al n^pHU^ 
7tav ixt<a6intit- 80 J'erei.fitt cot. : Ter enn 072 /fp/ftrs figti tifqm 

iifhis txifUin iUff umifuunt percipii. Attmrtfnvj^ lioniiuos ; as 81^7 (/fini- 
tfH8 fiuriKi'»ii whoro see note : Fore, citca Varro in Konina p. SI jVn#<if« 
hitmanin omnut mnt paria. 8L EpicnruB ftppeara to h&ve dwelt on 
tliis topic ; cotnph Son. ejiiat. 34 33 'iem ciJio iaco dicU [Efficuiiis] '^uiJ 
tilT/i ridicnhim i^n/trtt it/fe'^e iti^irUm, ctim ritam inquifUim tihi JfrfrtM 
tastti vtorlUV his nditiuA e£ Ulitd ciunfeat noiae licfi *taritfint hosniruim 
i'itjmiiUntitftt^ imrtio (icTTWTt/tam, td tptldam UiiiotA wior^w coyaHfnr ttd 
foorlern,'' 84 eeert /iijifio ', Acn. x ^S Fhrt/gias rfs vtrten JUiith'. to 
keep airnt/fC iff mss. atiil tLu8 vioieiitly dii^nj^e the coastnictioo at fi3, 
mokiug Ifunc, hti ne^huvc hominonL, ilium hoiitincm; and 'im^^r nouui. 
to xnnd^Jf woiikl be inWiloniblj liarah ; although it ia not vt'ty I'-lejtr whnt 
exact rtlntion 83 and 8+ have to vhat pTecedoa. 87^93 ^ il 55 — Gl, 
vboro nee notes; and vi S5 — 41, 

94^135 : wtL Crat ths [uiiid, animus or m^n^, is n p^irt nf matr, 
much ttH the foot or head: Bcuno denj Ihh and uiJirni the mind'a wsnac Up 
be ft hiirmorty or certaJn Hfe-giviag «tAte of lie bod/ by wliicb «e h« 
ugaaOf tlirfagh tJie miud is oowbere : they m-c quite iirroug : f >l' often iJi' 
Hbdy h uiok, vhric tho mind in hjLj'py; the imiiil is wrotL'hed, whoa thd 
body in wdl; jiiht jw the foot may \)e sore, when llie head ii wbel 
j^piin tho body ia often aslu^ip and without aeti^, while somctbmg in 
is moved by viunous paBaiima. Noit ibo sonl too or aninm is in 
body iwt\ no mere harmony; for often miioh of the body is tnkcn airjiy' 
vrbile lifo coutiniiei?; aad of^n ^hcn a few fAi'tjclca only of bent nod 
air quit it, life i^ g'>ne; so tlint y^u aeo some olemenU aro more im{f(ir- 
tunt for liie than others : thin hiimuitiy lberi^i>re m DoLbin^. 94 F 
Jnun^ : ha firat aliewa that the nviiru^s ta a ]»art of the body, being In 
in the region of thfl liftiit • Rk-L* 14<"i full. : ll^en 117 full, he |irov« 
anifiut ftlso to be a pLirt ; U-inj; ■□ fnet fipreud over tbr vrhole b^jdy: 
I 43 foLL animfim . . menUm fpitim : 99 hahltum ^«n(iofH , , Jin 
Grai qtuim lii^fnt. ; D^irt hortfiTif, itHus qf/Eoi qvad ^-iis pjne vitffhir ; 
133 i'\ fuiL' cii^fo qui di^itur tier. 8ec Lftch, and comp. Cic. de leg. i 2 
animal h^c./jftem I'oc^mt'un lutjnJucru i de rep. n 21 (aomn. Scip, VI 
tffv liuiriy quod Allttnlictiiii, qtiod nnujnura, qu^nt orcannm appr^lnitM {\ 
hrrisj i^idiamen cot.: iLOcorditg (o Ma^lvig's rule^ Lflt pmm. 31G, Ct 
in our pnrtange woidd hnve wiitten mt/ilcm tpuem with AB; 99 ftfi 
JV 132 he voutd h&vo agretd with Luor., but not Ut 555. LacL> u to 


•HV. M 

BOOK iir 


and <iicbigi]cU3 hev(>. ftnimvTa^ monism : see a to 1 74 
tente aniinoq^u- the wjinlh nri*. aia Lhlt. lu-ro iiitinmlfj^ pHVct k/iio- 
ivmce Eill lihrou^it tills book: ISO CorMiV/um tjiro^f nod ttiitjmtai f^KVfr- 
'ffi^u' tv»w(wi«j givee ua k lliinl aynoo. 07 0'>"ici : 1 230 t'^^^u*i j 

T 602 pi£m < ilk ihfsti lAoAxs our iii:^ Imve prcrarveJ tliifl uld Bjiclliitg, 
rkieb doul>tles3 Lucr. liiiosclf cmplnj^ed mucb oftoiici' ^ qtiJ whitih ap- 
levs Alight] v ilL^^iiMHt in ih^ m^. in r 1114 xet, v 201 ttvidei, vi 16 
o^T*, ]l0^i tntceu li^l) t'&ci : tlio flume Ji|iEitUoni; is f<?uud iu the luiddlo 
f tlie wonl in VI 1217 exeirtt, 1221 A'j^ibarit. 100 tfrtii uiv the 
li^dm vho luHiJitttirL thia theory, quotl jatiai rer«ra to tlie Aa6iVT/n^ 
Utafait or life-giving auJ lifo sup|hjrliug J^n. Thu chi^f oT thcae Ctvi* 
^fAriatoieniia u. jiujiil of Anstatlo aikJ a Himou-s ^lit^r oti muHio : 
Sew Tuao. dbp, i 19 snys -^h'jjf&Jto^t/^* n*u*^t'Ui* iilr^jinffi'^ jthihtopk^ts 
p«iu« torporit inti^\^i*4iii qtmnd>im, vdut in ctntu d _fitlil,u$ ^uae har- 
ftOitia dieitar; no ex corporis lotitts nrUvra d, Jig^tra Tariog molai aim 
amqiiam in caniii' ttmoSy hic tth ttrtificio fuo itun rpeamit et iamen dixU 
tiiquid, <ituitl i/^iirii qt*<ds etsd erai mtdfo arth et dtftum ei erpfcMo^um 
I Plal/>na' he refera npparently to Plta^do 60 foil, p, §6 fiyU. vhoiu tho 
tWbRU SlmmUs oaeerU tbnt tte eoul is up^ovta tk rand is iftemarilfl so 
jittiophantlY refat«d t»y Soetatoa ; coiup, too LactanL iiiRt iii 13 ifiid 
irisioXfiHiia 'pti itt'ff'tcU oiitnini) nffitm fMe tiuitniu/i, Hiani cunt rivil in 
mywff Kci *nVit£ in JiUifme as tuttiilion^ iieri'or*im rffcl coiKorJcm 
t^num af^WT eantuta q^nern vivaid harirwnia'n vocant, itjt i/t Pti^oritM^ 
tf t^ttinpifjH vitc^rtiui o^ v'njQ^G Tii'^iiiLrai'urn rim ttrUif-udi rxlitrFr^ : this 
wouM coDiiKt Jiiiii wilii Ilia folio v-piipi Dicncurthiis, a fA^'onntc of 
Cicero* wbo says uf him Tuw, disj», i 31 thai he Jifld nihil fgsff omitino 
numun» et hoc esuc JVjmtH ttitufn ut<inc-..vijH'jtirt diuhejii, ettj/t (jvti ud 
•jffam^t^ *fttid otZ i/e/ttiamu9, in oinJiibut cofporitu^ vifU ae/jHabdiltr mw 
'MOm n*^ m/toriihif/iai a mi'fiftra w*t, i/^wppr rp/jie nnflu sU nee tit ipilf- 
^■Off* nUi ufp'if anttijt tt eimpfcx, linji^nratuifv iU tenifKrati^na tiatufoc 
rigtat ti Bential-, and fjl he joina tlie two. lOQ lOktepe ilit^u«t to 
prove what I !«y, often then. af:f/f£t recurs fi24, Tiwrhin ptim. Cffi^ 
p6rU i^ardt atid is hardly found cbowhero. 113 hanust'tm ia too 

veil iLtt«HlOL.1 for UH to rpgirct it a* a comiptioti : Sfjrvius to Aoq. i 289 
'arierfUuM aspiirt-tioaeni utm biLbet^ quia ab oaere veuit; hmivalujt varo, 
QUft otiam ob honore dt^accriciit, rotmot aapiivtioneiii.' 116 jnanie^ih 
vun &ticic^ of a dreitni. Brtb tbe abcvo rt^nanna pmve the ninnifiA t 
Iw-a di^Unct 1^1 1, not a. loerG etiite of the ^LoIc< Ixjdj'^ aa Aii^tDM^EJii 

17 aninuim: Ihia iis abevD ui Lbo mxt parngmpb la sjiread ovc 
tl^ »bolc bodr; hi; pj-oeocds to pi-ovo that It, oa "v-ell &a the rtnintuf, jfl 
no Iwnaonjr b^cauae often a lai^e ^lortion of tba hojy, aay tho arrna anl 

nught be taken o£l^ and life remain, whllo oflen the Bmall»it ptino- 




ture in ft more TitaJ part vUl cansc dottft. 126 corpora, pnma ri 

Gtivrse- 127 Semtita. 132 ad Grgiinifot, ta muqici&na like Aji^itoi- 

fluufi. dtlaHum IfeJicoiii cet. wlieilicr th!a Dame caintr from 

mosee, or ivLctLcr tkey got tt themaclrcd fjtfni somt- olhcr source 
a|>plied ide g^'nersl term a;i;/ofifi or fittingneas to mnsk"*! Imie, in r/- 
/unt. . qtifir. ret: ti^e lu to t 1^ capta^ . qMariique. 135 Aufrconl: Wak. 

compares Cio- de oiui^j, 18 qtiara rUn hnbeaut mpttniVie n^vien 4t invidi- 
□ffuia ft itbfntTvm. Therv U n OQiitcmptitous irony in ihate Ust vbl not 
unlUce whftt CJcoro Tuat clisp, i 41 uaea: ofllcr [Anatyaeona] ket JsifCK 
tofur ffrid cttnfifrtft iit eoa efiatu ad Juffr IritTwJerre coitetur. KanntmuMi 
ceutem ex xattradlh sunojtitii itonsa pQisrijntta...nir!tnbt^ruiH vero ntu4 tf 
JiguTO. corporU viAenns animo fjvant, pogrii hariu^nittm fffiavi ffdti vid^O, 
8td hie ^uiiimit qnaiacix ertftlllus nit, oievt *^ Itoec ninyufro et)»-:'--- r 
Artatotelii cantsfi ipK do'T^iU: Cii:«ro mmu» to any liia master ^-mU 
bave taught him belter od this beaJ, tbotiglk ho vqtv & bctt«r te&oher of 
nngitig Ljm^ulf : c^ljjqj}. Ari^it Je uriima i 4 Hi bi?g. ihu oXAij £< tic So^a 
74pGiMSoTai Hr*pi ^if?s,--ujo-n*p fu^i^™^ dcSu«Lri4 sat TWV iv koi¥*Z yiyi-Ofi^' 
VDJc AJyoEs, La, &3 B&ruaya ill's liiidoge dea Amt. p^ 14 foIJ. aays, in bU 
ctrleiratii^il ilialogue Euili-uiiis wluTt liiiH Clieiiiy wms (Sr^L-umed luid re- 
futed : in p. 27 ia qnott^'d from PtiilopoDua rL \(?ry iubcrestiag fr&gm«iit of 
tliiB diulitgue beniing on tbe argument nicntioD«d by hncT. 103 Ct bona 
Mcpe voJciudo ccL: it ci:iDc1kidca cE rai'iiv tj avapjioaTia [tou iTur/jnTuvl 

Tap c^X*** '°" '' '^■pfT'tr'is aurxicrrDS «r- gj* opa ^jtIt iJ ^X*) aV/^'ir^ 
The penpatetica nt Ibis time bifgn-n to taoJco a grcAt stir, Aud Lucr. 
appeanf mora hustlli^ to tliem than any eii'cjtt the j^tidcnt thi'ir pliijty 
aopbj waa ill moat (Kiints voiy adveisi: to but 

13Q — 16Q : the atiivitts ncd the onitaa mnbc itp f^QO liaturi>| but tho 
an-iimi/t b tlm ruiJiig |jatt iti the whole budy aud \& bltunUK] in the region 
ofthobi^i't^ tho a/'»m4< bojjig aprca-l thrr^tL^h the bc^idy: «OJuetim«£ tbfi 
tmuttita JWISf vlieTi th? anx'aia dous not ; but iiiiili^r uuy Tiolent emAtioa 
vo ftee the cuUnia fiympnthiEe tbmughout the fintue with the anunu: 
the anhtia therefore ia utiitvd with th« animfis, and beiDg mov9d by it, 
aljra the vbifli? lioily, 136 coniinictit, the uetit aa UHoal vheu refemd 
to two Qubbl^ of diflcrent gcndiira ; Irut 4IG IIiic anima aiqitt itnimug 
vtTiCti »\trtt /oiuiere stm/ter: 66 I have obeyed I*amb, and LhcIl in read- 
ing Scmota.. videnlttr fur xidet-uri tho chaoge u sJight; but |«rhapA it 
18 wrong Ui ri^fnao io Laor, tho HOnie liberty vhicb other writers olabo: 
{Hr^ pro Cluent. IIG can iay mens et amvwis tt ctiTisiHitm et tent^ttia 
cn'iM'd potita etl lit letjil/ti^. 140 Idqtte aU'ttH cet : Spie. iu Diug. 

Lact. I 6'! TO fxiv Tb oXoyo^ [i, o. the am'/4a] avr>/f [^^ ^X7^] ^ ^ Xotiru 
To^inrapdcu mi^jaTi, ru Si Aoyuroi' ^ tu 6itfpaK(, tot finXov u t* tuv A^Qotr 


■al T17S X^pai^ Ariflt. de part ui, u IQ p. 656 2B eajt th&t bbe opx? 
tw oIcrAjiriiir Jffnr o T«fH r^ mp&ay rn-os 1 bo with Epicunia thd 
fl w MWM * was not the heArt^ but in or about the heart : Cic Tnec dup. i 
19 tdiu nac cor tptum placei n^ cerebri quondam parUtn t$A$ antrum, 
atd aUi in eordef alU in eerehro diiD&mni atiimi etse Mdt/n U ioctan : tho 
licttrt had mora advocattis than tho brain* re^UmiO in pectoris; Lncr. is 
Ibnd of this podtioD of the prep.r 463 mor&u in corpom; 824 mor&tf 
etM» corporis ; tv 33^ ocuiis in «orvm ; vi 1074 uno C&rport cum lanas ; 
1265 ft^nof ad aqwumm ; iv 547 voiidit ct/cni U>rrAntihua ex Beliconit* 
141 Sie cet : comp. Epic. LL 142 LtulitiM : Cicero twice quotes from 
Otooliua omnibua laeiiiiis : Pompon, 141 iMtiliag: bo T 48 tUHt^aegue, 
He argoi the to Aoyuor of Eplcuruis the cortnliuJUj metis or animut of 
Loot. 143 par ioium di^ita corpuit a translation of i^io. L L rap 

£Ur TO o^poMTfca wKtpttnrapfAmv* 144 num^n here perhape nnitea tho 

|ilijmcal sense vhioh it has n 632 and it 179, and the metaphorical 
Mttao of will, mnch aa Oatul. lxiy 204 Adnuit invicto cadestttm numina 
nctor Quo cet momen again the po«^ or sway of the balance. 145 

/cfipM, the consilium of 139 and 140. Attina 296 Sapimus animOf 
fannmur anima : sine animo anima est debilii, 147 £t quasi cei : the 

Aje and the head may be affectod without the rcat of the body feeling 
with them, but when these aro more violentty aasailed by disease, the 
rsBt of the body sympathises, shewing thus that it is one with them : ao 
It ii» with the animus and anima. 155 inJHngi linffuam: the m^ 

ft^yXminra tayt of Sappho; for doubtlees Lncr. was hero thinking of 
her &moua od& aboriri: T 733 he has the unerampled form oboriecL 
166 sonerv leeure 673; and is common enough in the older writers. 
160 exin^ is the spelling of our mss. and of the beat authorities. 
ieii: IT 1050 unde icimur ictu: the phrase ^bo^ tcers is found in 
Cicero : see Fore 

161 — 176: the animus and anima are therefore bodily also, since 
they can more and direct the body; for this cannot be without touch 
nor touch without body : the animus too suffers with the body, when 
the latter is wounded : it must then be bodily, since it suffers &om 
bodily weapons. 161 Corpcrream'. Epia LL 63 says ort 17 ^09^^ o^/ia 

itm kttn/uph jc T. X. 163 Cor. ex som. cor, : Aen. it 572 eorripit s 

KMVMO eorpUA. 165 Quorum, 166 Ifec ta^um: comp. u 140, and see 

n. to I 718. 168 >un^: see n. to 1 44L 170 Si: see n. to n 60. 

171 inius appears to belong to disdusix, and adad/us is need, as Aen. ix 
431 sed v*ri6tu erms adat^ua TraneahiU cosias : those who would join 
ui/us with adaeta might appeal to ti 23 where ifUus woidd go most 
natorally with r«c!«p0raJ: l 323, u 711 and IT 1091 tnfu^ properly ex- 
plained, has its proper force* 173 Se^is : with this might be oon^ 
pared Aen. X 699 popliie Paimum Sueeiso volvi »egnem siniL in Mr 




IB oppoao<l to Urrete ptiUm- wlicn one ia down wu the groond. 156 
cornp, wjlb what preceJM E|kic. 1. L liT tatf iatrov &i cu* «rTt i-o^troi ft 

tuTKufiOToy irX^v i-^t Tov jtc^n?' Tn £c trpcv dvte irc^i^iraj our* xai9cZr fnurtUi 

fUiTOV tti'iil n/1' i^Tf^v ^aTatJou^rtK ' iji'&'tV yap &p iht/faro vollif ttvtt Ti' 

177 — 330: tlio /rn^'ntit) con.qist^ of T«ry small rannd fitoniB. vbirl 
CfiO UJOTC with extreme celeiilj and eaac ; for nothing le *o awift ftJ 
thought: of risible things thoFic which move iin?&t ea^ilT, oh watery •" 
oiiupoAfEd of very ttmaU roiir!r] pl^nienU: thc^ of the auiinijs tbvn moit 
be emincntlj nubble, Agniu the Htnaisss and smollQeaa of the rob ri ^ n o 
of the aniiiiua and amma are ahewi] bythiat ufter dra^lh, when th*r 
have left the h'x\y, it is net iD^ireptibly diMiiuiahed in t\za or wejgtu; 
y<m moy compare it wi(b wine wlioao flavour U gono or the UIcot tin 
elemtiitg which cocipoae this fliivour are very minute; •.nii Lheir nhwaa 
doea not Itisst'ii the weight and bulk of the vnne. 177 itaimtu: ii 

wiK bo Meu, by cumpariug 203 oiu* with 212 n^vimi fia^trtvi anima$^ 
ami tlie it^I nf tlie Eectimi^ that hers toD he JoduileK the ajtima iu i^o 
term a;rtE'fnu«j thciugh it is not tiiJ 431 ih^b ho tclU uathatwhuahf 
tsea one wcrd be futemli to coiupHse Iho otln^r aa well, where the <^uo b 
not cxpresalv di&tIll^l]^hcd froui thu olLi-r. It b Iiia gcu«ral jrractio; 
OH wo huvo oftvn eoun, to kocp diotiiict ftimiULr norib^ wlicn bi« ar^itucut 
r^fiuires it, to use tlienx iiidlflefetitly, whon precidon U not calleil fttf. 
corport IB here uaixl ui its most gc^aeral eeooe for TDAtcriil mbatusc^ 
164 rf J u^/^ , . ^vop'rtw : seo Eh to 1 8S3, 186 con^frt''* nitttfirfi* cc»tr 

Diog, Laer. i GO tlAAa /i))v koI roOf X^fL ^ ^lAAfii^, kqI ^f aTa/Loa- aLT>;t 
<TvyK^tFBm XtiOTV-Tiitv fffiX iTTpoyyv^tujajiav, voXAtu Tivi Buttl>tpov<rQv t*Z¥ ni 
jrvpoi. lep/wfa/ : iv "il jluUxnt from a probaUo oouj. of Turn^MV. 

Mucrob. fsa,t. ui 1^ 6 (ii 11) cjirott;^ fruiu V&rro*8 GuUua ile Ailminmili* 
*i™ Sifiiin qin>'itie' in^tit *mnnu eapi TuvrcTtatfijitmr, ^vod ette in Sftinma 
aqjia jfTttf j^aijtifMiiiu JhitcTitur*. 190 aittl 246 jhptru'^ *«: o. ta u 

335, 192 ftdnii : Aeii, xii C8T Fcrltir in txbrujAm^ mo^Ji* ntori^ in- 

prt>&w* (tr/n; Paidtis txc. FosL p, 17 pxplnins it as m<jrfo rn^Jif ni corporii, 
ttt khtriontan r£ /mllatimtiii. 190—202 alliT Lis vuut \i-q ^ivt.-« an 

cscampio of wh[it wc sec bcforo our cjos in ardct to illu?jtrato hw argu- 
ment t ft h™p nf pnppy-seoti* wbif!]i aro amall aud round a breatli dl^ 
pones, a toap of atouca a violent vind caunot atir. 196 pr^HUvn* j» 

It out of its \y\\\c*i at bfg. of the aentcnco to rondel' muro vivid ill 
intrast with 19ti Uipliliin^: £ee u- t4:j 813 and ii ^-^0. giwp^/f^u : x 1069 
Suspittsi*- . tietUihus. 197 tili: bcg il to I 71^7. 199 3'i>cmi r^ 

cura IV 713: it ii simply n« oenum (tla tjnum)^ th« fuller form of itci^ 
w Of nee U-'iug the old negatiTe partii-^16, u Been iu the 12 t^btoA, iind in 



npccpinw nauicr necuter nimirum neiflego negUium&ad thelikie: perliapa 
tbeu nvn might be cc-mp&red with the Fi-caoh n« patf ne point pro- 
^itm: see il to ii 1 137. 301 earn pon-hrt n*ar;Ho= prmdere migno, 

4b« nlit of quuJitr : sfc u. to I 753. 207 ctu(i6i£=erit, 03 aci ufboo. 

^Bb qtiGipi* ftutui^ ftiJiJ ^liOfiie ileni, utiarfi ^£io^U«, i/e/n q-uQjue ochmv in 
Hkr. n^du jwU ogum : i/U(ji/^.< cr/um is not unkiiowti to Ciix^ro : de ctat 
I 164 tJiinff ivro, Cro^tf^tf, mcft 7UO171U e£t«ijn fatuti roffo ; in Vcrr* in 206 
■M^n, qttae j'ftritiCait iilii ^utupie eliainJicerijU. 208 //irei? qtut^ve fee, 

^y ^fwtf ; futij li8£ bore llie Slime foive M if Uvo at^jUiucc iiaJ betii ia- 
boduccd without ftoj- cot&cctiug ftvitii^c ; oomp, Ofc. do off. 11 TO vic^- 

•Uo . . miiitif^ i/m^it ^ «tf> Aitftru ino;>r;n, . oi/^m^ ftv^i tr'ipru^t hujniiea.. 
jrr^/tgiiiiujjk rif/i partitun vitUn/: acti U- to VI 2oO- 211 ^f. fi^iej; 

li^9 m^yif tecuTtim, sttLlle, tjuiciepi. 212 Indepla; ^cg \\. to I 82. 

Hpcvniju 14 of courBiT f>otcutiAL 214 Ad effecivnit ad portdus: v 5C1^ 
Wr«// fprnflji M^ PU»y/rfii?Jii»" iV/«iJ ; Cic- in Terr- (il) i 58 flj»(/i'. -^rwwi 
ALHyftj^tunf^ifC luivrruUtJ lit fid njKCtii"^ innff/ii^eo omatti^ ad scusam ajytlit- 
iivntm^u^ onwrfto pi hijuhrL 215 rai. v^p.\ eee n, to 11 S4J- 219 

MtftMna TiBRihroi'iim circiimrtifjtiim iwmn IV £47: vtpiKOTnj Aittai'Llnieti 
^■Uic«&tuc sense. 231 i^/«xi ^^tuj «sf ; ae«n.toDl91> SaccAi 

^ni I^ibtri or rini Jtaa is fouad m Livhia A.Ddr. Pncuvius jind aiote 
ihMH Olive lu PltLLiLiu: ciircul. OG Ffjjs vrlcn^ viiti tiarlhia mtis oltiectimi 
iJieva i\\fiXjlo9 mmTi^ tliu buuc^uct nf the wiixc: conipp too n 818 i^ordi 
forrm- 327 jyrvm: tlip jrufwjj f/ ad*yttm shew tlmt be is speaking of 

llw diOareat llUiigs ftbore mcntiouedj tLe wiu« tlie imrfauiv ftod U]« o/f- 

231 — 257 : tlie af^rmTtf ih iujuIu u]! of iiiiiit heat air and & fcurtL 
uneicu AubultLuov the tiutst aud mi^t uimljlo thnt cou ho conceived 
ind fiuulv of th« AmiLlleat and finest atoio^ : froui it comes Ui« begiiiniiig 
of tnumltOQ wliioh theucu epreudii thfou^h tht! sevtiral parts of the b<xly: 
ihv l«Uit pui& or biut, it' it rcjAch to this buL^tJiDOO, will destroy life ut 
vbtA. 232 foil. Epjo. I. L 6'i w.yA of the iffv^j tlmt it. ia & thing Trpatr- 

tp/^ipiftrtiTOt BTiu^utT* OtpfAou Ttui upoffit ex**^! fed ™^ ^<^ tvi't^ tt/vd^- 
i^L^^ft wrj hi TovTu (cKCiVu) t Ldcr. expreuiea hu itvcG/iol by auf^t hiS 
l^ifiot dpJcru' (j^oF by mij^ V'tjjore: V'ljftr and 2J4 ctdor iiro of courw^ 
■jijuiijmca a& eld^tvhcrc in Lucn ; in thia slight obi^tch EpicuruB apfldl 
ag of tl« whole i^^xV ^^" "'^^ mi^iitioii the air, nnr the fourth ikAmeoH 
nUtiukice J bat 8tob, eel. 1 41 1 eud Tlut. de plav. phiL iv 3 say tlufl 
£m4, made the soul upafia lit Tcrrdpurt, cjc to&dij fn'^twSov;, 41 ■SFtun atpo- 

tfiU^ At iTOtOV WtftVlifi-T i-XOV, in 'TttafyTOU TtVO^ aKaTOVOflQfTTOil o Jjv avTi^ ai" 

^^tfttM^y. 234 Xec calor oet. : Lucn wems to hnre drAvm this com 
du*jr>n irom trhaX Lq saw of firs and its mode of operation, cohort 
tpnmpinm: we a. to t 1077 ^'ee qtiinrpxam locus ett euXi WuIl o(Wk*.| 

16— -L 



pftrea Ago. Tin 431 Fuf^foras mtna Urri/itsa Moniium^ua m^vngua Mui 
etbant operi; Irtit ciri »«ems rather to d^p^nd on tit: qui not) hhbeH 
iamuxtum n^ro- 240 iSc/i^t/^roff ; lliui Ae«ai£ anotber word pecvliu 1i^ 
Lucr. ood to tbia book. 212 east ot/mint? noininv ejcficrs and £7^ 
nominis fi^fc px/iers vis eiprets the dicarvvojiaiTTOV of Plularch snii Slo- 
baeus: llit; lattei^ coatinucc L L to 5' aAa-roi'oyuifr'DV vit^ ^ ^/ilr J/muv 
<iur0i77iv' «■ mfioi yap riw ovo/mio^oTi*' irroi;^€Ki* cIvai AitrBtjffo^ Uld 
Plut. adv. Col. 20 ^y& to yap u KpCya xal fLV7}fiovt{tt. lol i^tAti vol pAce^ 
xai oXiift ro ^ptrt-L/tof Mat A.oyHTTWDi' tK tikos i^T^cit axarat^/nnTrov iPOwinTrOt 
<inyiW(r£^aii ttiLfi foarth. niLmolera thing rawft hare been restricit^d to tbr 
centi'ft] aidmiiSj the aninia miut have ahfLred niUi it the other thrtfi] 
perhapa Epicurus got the notioa of ikiB Tcroprij oiv-va or <\} 
from the qumtess^iioe uf ArlfitotlfL 347 i^^rrift here and below t&l 
llie piitco of the ouro of £33 anj 20O ^ its effects we de*cribed beli 
but bow fiLf thiB ve^cd aura or wtZfia difTered in substance from 
tar J3 not etated, 250 pottrertiAS. . otsibus'. aee n. to ii 317 and lOf 
ttod comp. Aen. v 857 Vix prtrnot inopiiM qulea laxaver<tt ariKt-, 
XI ^^4 Qfiem td& ]yrimumy q-aem postreTniim . - Deieit. 251 o^ni&r^ 
strong cxciteiucut or feeling;! good or bad; the epithet n>ri/jvm'tu 
it here the oppoaito otvolitplas, Lamlj, compnrca Oatul- n S gravia 
qaUetcat ardor. 253 htir^ to the (t^ntnkl position of ihifl foartb 
LvBe thing, 267 Afulibrta i. e, of phyuical pain or noffering- 2S2- 
257 t it must sorelj Iuluo h&^n n iniflapprehenHion of aonie Etatemeait ' 
EptcuniA eiiuilar to thiH tint led i-j the atr&Dga asertioD in PjuL 
pbc phil< IV 33 tta.t Epicarns placed *al ta ^9rj «u ras oW^iJirtu 
rtKt vtvovGotri rortnc ro yap ^ifi-tfyixov dvaOf^^ 

258 — 333 : tlieso four aiLbstauces b&Ye tbeir elements bo mixed 1 
^hor n« to mako up a eiugb whole ; just as in the flesh of any aat. 
thero iiro dttlerent nnhRUmces, Thich yet oompoae a lingle bod j : 
fuurth Dumeless fiubfitance, the tii'ot aoarce of sensatioOt liirks in (bo ii 
moet reifecde^ of tku bod^^ loid Ja bo to speak tho aoul'a soul, boin|; to 
soul whiit the soul is to the body, and siipreme ov-pr both. Tbna too 
throe other substances must ho so mixed up a3 to fonn one whole, 
thdr fleveral powers acting luilependently slionJd deatror seiiaatitrtil 
every animal haa in it tbe heat the spirit and the atr, but one ulei 
baa more of one than oT the other, and thus gets its diBtioctive chanvct«rj 
the Hon bas more of heat, the stiig of spirit or wind, the ox of air : m 
it vlth men ; tb«ir characbcra differ aa they hare more of one or of 
other of tlipMi : yet reaion will so keep down the too great inSuenoe 
any of theoi, that a wise man may live like zl goil, 259 Cvutpla : 
u. to I !>J0. 260 s&r. tg. : see above p. 100 tblL 2Q1 

paiero cet. i, e. tarn summatim quam poiero tangam. 262 i>i*ii 

in^rrum is, u always, the gen. plur. otprimordifk; therefore prxne. 

BOOS 111 


motibua. 265 mtiJtas vU: eee u. to n 586. 

276 Qucd ffenii*t bm o. lo 11 194 : in bath oar placoa ilia iUustriLUoQ it . 

iiitroduces refers both to wLa.t prcoeds anrl foUovs: comp. 32T, 27]^H 
lt**T TV 1C8 animjct gmtt a& m protmus nddtt, thuu^K the force of o^^ 
■b Uiore slightlv different, 271 273 (tre ]JI\utriLl«d in tbo prvceiiiiig 
Pbignplt. 273 274 375 aJid 270 230 281: rtotlcG the reihtmUnc; 
of words and their repctitiooj hj which ho wiahea to point attention ai 
once to the fx«««diDg fineness nnd seoreoy and the exceeding importance 
of tEtis oamdeaa aaliatance. 274 iiifia^jy \\^ in/rainj^trax iKttsuA'^ 

OOmp. (00 11 138 a prindpiiii a^eendii motita d exit Pautatim noHro^ oA 
Knnu; and n. there. 575 and 281 Pr/^porro: this wocd wna thought 
peenliAr to Lucr- till it wjlh restored t» Lut;ilias hj a brillinnt emeuiW 
tKin of LAcb. in liLa iL to U 13€, 279 tiin: see n, to i T97. 283 

'imi/i nitione: in tho aame va.y that this fourth AQhatAuce mixes 
tlto othetB, j'efc kcopa itaolf withdr&^Ti anJ ia known oqIt hj ilo 
v> tbe ot!ii?r thre^ must keep theTn^elvBa eiioh one in due subor-^ 
or promiuouce accoi>liLji to the n*ture ha vhicb they aje, lert 
acting independeQtly tbey sbouli riiiu one another and destroy sense. 
284 I- e. nliud itMis mogis Rubait In buo re, mt^^'iH emim-Jit in ilk 
265 the most proEoin^nt ctf the three in on^'^ neture giving that ruti 
Ttnity flhd riiBimguiahing rhuracter 280 A**; qee a to ii T34 

teoTBuni Mid tfu/uc^ tacou if tlicy were separute niid thorefura 
2&B Eat eteniiJi cet for eierj miai.1 and aoLiI have in tbom 
; but 2!>4 folL in one imiDiitl one in inoi^ prominent, in another' 
#ber^ and 307 bo it ii^ with mem; one mun |mrt<Lkoa more of one, 
»er of nrnHhtT- 288 in ira Cjipi f^-n^^rit : 2^f5 /acilt effnrvescit 
289 cj; oot^a L-et. imitated hy Virg. Aen. xu lOS octUU 
a^ibw iffnig. 292 cHam qucquf^ Bee n. to 208. 2QQ ru 
f«f«ni«m: 8 /3>r^r* fQ'd i-w; iv G^l pTfflitffa rttuvm ^s: Luci 
^htn in this and like periphraiCB, animi vU anijiiiequ^ poiata4',/frrt! 
lif, ptiitnbi pUcitiiM. tripeciora fer^etnini fi* Gertfottai^ rapa<e via 
fgtiomiriy etc. 297 298 Fectttra i/iii/rent. rTimpinti cet : Hejne 
xu 63C nunc, nii/ic Fluctwd mt i/ifM^; n^n*;3«fl.((tr ti«w:f<t ei"™^ 
Boya tJi£t tbe image tharu is ttiken from water boiling up, vhich 
hurst the ve^Mol in vbioh it is confined: thua in. our jmsaage 
llienat ^unot hold the boiling billows of ra^^ but is ready to breaki 
237 eomp- alai Catiil i.tcit 62 mairitiM eiiTarum Jftectiifil ^ndu\ 
IV 533 fnagnvqv^ {raruut Jluituat ««/n. and SJi rtJl Iniruiit ta\ 
T«/n* 1^ jMct^rt /ueti^. 303 jt^rcU : 1 21^ ffiirme^ vhcro neo netd^j 
|ttjMi;;(^: t?^ 11 360. 300 htUr idrosqve cet. imitated perha^» 
^piL u 2 to /n&ir utrvjmpi^ niant^ CapricomuM ccrpore fRvdo. 811 

j^vocu seems rightly expiidned l.^y Creech and Fore- 'qui iatam nata- 
mimtiir.' 216 seems mtxlcUed oa Oic. Arat. 231 Qi 


rit I 

1£* i 

i4« ~ 


NOT£S tl 

ego nunc noru«C* toriM evol^flsrt ettrgns. 319 Jtrmar« for fj^rmare ia 
rarelv foimd in gW)d wnt^n, fcir e^nfirmar* frequeudv in tb^ Ixisi Uirl 
dicwher? in Lucn : ihe latter to&j he tt9 iticBiiitig Lfrre. 323 f' fti^ 
inpediai: Bpio. in Biog. lAcr. X 135 ravr' oZr lai ra rv^oi^ cryTfi^ 
fifXtra £ia raiTos-.rEai ovflfETfr oitf ^^vp pit owip oiarapaj^ij^, ^^iTjj T 
(M^ &<!>; & ay&pJnroLr av&ir flip wut ^i^tta {uw ^wr orP'pun'Dt ^ a^ 

323—349: the *oul U lidd t^^gether ^y ibe IxkIjt anil in tura Iti 
the hody in life : tl« on* canoot be tom from the otK«t tdthout dc^i 
tion to bothf anjr more than ita perfume can he GepRnited fcom fnakio- 
cense: by [heir iiiuIua] motions aeu§e is kiDdled. nor Is Hjg hodj em 
bom nor do^ it grow ivithotit the £<:»ul nor ocntinue vhen tito ^ul htf 
lefl it: even in the mother's womb th^T lenrn in common the motioM 
of life. 327 Quwl <fcatu, as 2GC uid ^7G, introdurra an vxumj^t iV 

lijetrating loth wlmt precedes and what fyllova 330 /fttui/at^a m 

m«ina of com'se that it ia quite impo^&hibTe ; as 361 7>j/ffci'/rt*t wn ti- 
ticre. 333 cij^wor^i vita: they are coheir* or copartcera of « 

whioh u ft fcr^, a patrimony or copitali vhifb c«oiif>t bs divided, 
mnat be ased by thi^n in common : couip. Cii'iii )4 Si m^ iara 
eapiantia pavffer^ arcij Qi;aUfior atifr/pti* tfvae Jusrretfihtu ffll d<lM 
UTJi; whf^re the an u the joint sort of the four. 333 AVe fifii 

gH« -. auuB or tut wjtJi vhich ^ugutf (foea so nalcttdly, uIIdwb of gi 
being Enid of either of two: to Cic pro Rose com. 33 tttam ^ttijw 
^rJem xuriit posttilfitl ; Livy ll T I iff riocfi* omho ejxrciiuf, V/itrru TW- 
^mienA.«^(*f ffVfiff ^r^M^iM t'lirenf. dttmoe ; yet the nt-j^tlvc ^''cr ^tuM^itf 
for nee vlra or fiw nlr^ra seenifl honih, 33fl n<wni»f(#. . tftitrui: doid|v 

II D-13 aTid 05S. TLijs doctrine cf Lucr. iliai for the production of »iiM 
and life the body la m ueceeeciry to tho soul as the soul iti to the bodr; 
tlifkl thmigh sensation mu^ liegin vith tlie aitUrttta antl proceed to Ifce 
ajihna before it can extend to the body, and the sensQ of th- aouJj| 
more iwtivf than that of the body, yet the body feel* and live* u 
as thti aoiil, is cupbalicaJly declared by Epic, in Uiug. Luert. x 43 
/iijv *cai ert tj^ti ij ^x^j rjs ourfl^tfcgis T^jf vkeioTTiw olrtat Jet iiartjf^tl 

TO Bi AoiTTot Ji'poiiT/Aa irapaffK€uiffov r^v ahiav raurrjir ftntLKiftitt tod 
rfltflvrflv ffv/iimw^aTot ir«/>" ((C(6tj*, ov fi<mn ttavntn' Zv tietivrj «0(ripw: 
thU RHme nrgument repciiled in different wrrda 5.18 — 57^ ; uid 
whcTO in thin book. 337 Pradrrea cet.: this argument is more 

developed J45— 525. 345 Mufua cet; n4th this and 558 — STO co( 

Jipic l.h G4 i And with ihht tmd much that fLiMowfi cnmp, nlso G3 aiI 
fci iioAuofio-oii Toi) oXotj aSpotV^aros "J ^'X7 ^^^^JTrf^f f^TU ™ oJiccn 
TDc atrrac inri'd^fiC ouof kii'^ifac, MjffT* oi'S' a 'iT0'7<rit KfnTrfmi. Qv ynp oTai-rf i 
ovr^ «w5a*'ofi*K»jv fit} iv Toui^ t^J ffiHrnj/iOTt ntu TtiU iiiyi]<rttn. 

BOOK HI 247 

350 — 357^ to saj that the body boa no aense, and that the soul 
qvecMl through it alone feels, is to contradict a aelf-evident truth : but 
it is Bald when the soul departe, the bod; has ao sense : yes, because 
mama it no inherent property, but aa accident only. 350 refitiat ; as 

ihia cannot be really disproved, but only denied^ lAmbinus^ rentU<U ia 
vezy specions: but r^futai may well imply tries to disprove or thinka 
lie di^rovesL 361 corpva a^ntire = corporis eensua : see n. to 1 331. 

Qif^m Le. rationem adferet: tbua we bave had more than once redden 
k^rationem reddere: comp. Cie. Tusc disp. 1 TO credo equidem in capiiVf 
9t ew credam ad/^m poMum. 355 ptdam dedit = apertum d^it or 

ficili comp. 11 568 ptdam eel, and n. there. 357 proprium = Kiitt 

Wro mtfifitPyjKOi or conianctum: see i 1^1; sense is a mere fiventum, 
which cornea to both body and soul by their reciprocal action cue upon 
tiM other; and when this ceaAea, all fiense cea^ee for both aJike, I^ch. 
I now see to be mistaken in marking off this and the next two par^ 
graphs aa not connected with what precedes and follows; the above ts& 
ftre a clear continuation and completion of the preceding argnment ; are 
ia &ct a summary of Kpic 1. L €4 Sto dvaXXayiioTj^ r^v ^X^v °^' ^'* 
i^r wT^ryrty [to trat/ia]' ov yap aura iv caury TavrTp/ iniKnjro njF Svvo/uVf 
aAX iriptf SfiLa avYytyor/jftartf avr^ irapco'iciuaf^n', o Bta r^s trvyrtXttrGtunj^ 
w^pl ovro Brndfiaat ffora n)v Ktyiyriy KrvforriiifAa ala&tjTUior tvBvi airor^Xovi' 
4avr^ an-cSt&nf jcara njt' ofiovpTftriy koI trvfivdOuav xat ixtiyi^f KoBdirtp 
«tn3v : it gets for itaelf and imparte in turn sense to the souL 357 in 
0000 = in vita ; so ex tTuuTUe aevo five or six times = ex ineunte vit^ 

350 — 360 : the assertion that the eyes cannot see, but that the mind 
eeea through them, ait through a door, is contradicted by their sense: 
x»Y bright objects often hinder the eyea from seeing them ; but this 
oonld not happen to doors ; nay if eyes act aa doors, we ought to see 
better by entirely taking away these doora . 350 foll^: Rextus adv. 
math. Til 350 says o! £< avrrjy [r^v htdvoiav] ctvtu rat our^crftf, KoOamp 
&a ratt^ ovuk tuf tutr&tjrrjpuitv TrpoKUTrTowrcWf ^^ otcutcuc ^^£( SvparvF T€ 
o ^vouof Mil Alvrjtri&rjfioi: Lassallo HerakL 1 p- 3lG well compares with 
diis what Sextua L L 1 30 says of HeracUtua, iv Si typijyopoai vaXiv &a rwv 
oZcrtfijnicctfv iropuii' ocnrcp Bid TU'uft' Bvpi&vv rpoKutj/a^ \o if ^fiiv votft] koX t^ 
vpu)(om tnififtaXwv Xoyuc^v iMrrtu Bvvofw, and suggests that a compari- 
son of this passage on the one hand with that quoted just above and on the 
other with this of Lucr. makoB it highly probable that the illustraUon 
here employed came from Heraclitus: in what relation to him Aeneai- 
damna stood ie well known; the other, the peripatetic Stiato of lAmp' 
■acoa who went by the name of o ^lntcxos, seems also to have been muoh 
indebted to him. This connexion in the pAaent case will appear 


soiEs n 


ujore proWUe, if we compare Tertull Hq aidma U aear cnU, wm Innff 
A«a Aiuni;}fum W* a SiTaione et Aen^damo at JteraciiiO} nam «t ipii 
vnitatem nmrnae (ufntur ^ae...per gentvalia variU mcd-a emirfti thr 
doctrine here jusailcd by Lucr. is lucidlj atatcd hy Cic Tubc difiii. i 46 
7103 «n'm tie nunc quid^m ocniia ceraijnus oa gtut4 vidtmuB] n«fii4 4d 
&nitn uilus aeiLmis in cnrjtuTe, icd, v.1 ?wn ph^stffi oo^iera domUy twntn 
eiiam Jthedici qui utm aperta tl patefitctft viderunt^ vkte ptoii 9^4 aoiian 
*fl/*iC ad ot^dos. ad MirU. ttd ^arig a aetft ttnimi perforataet he adds ttni- 
imim et vidt^re tt uudire, rum eat partla /ubb q^uwi frn^lrne viiU aniint , 
Alkd fo EpicJjQiinnE] voot op^ kcu v^e okdJci, roXAc* Ktitt^to, hoI ru^Ajt 
361 Difi^ileat T am now diaposed to kfflp : v ^3S 71/irf «Vi hnc mutulo nl 
ecrt^i ponfre ccrftiTii Difficile ^i: dijiicile tEiere, aiid m Z2^ &udl 330 
hutJti f/irile est rsnlly memi ^it ia not poasiblo' according to tlial cooimoo 
rlieturicat device of bringing jmir meflnii^g nut mure wTrnngly by iindp> 
stating It; and this is tha si^tLSC here: to be sura if yua prc«s tb« 
word dicere^ it is poaailile encmgli to jwy this or aoything pIbs ; but tteii 
dtntpereeC h equal] v out t>r place; fur the wisei^t laui mny aay it, a?4 v?]l ui 
tho mnst tbniish ; nnd indeed *it ia irapofisible' onl/ meana *it la abniuii' 
364 LvmiTiti ItimhiiLvji, anothni' mBtftnra oT falas uitithf-^ia : H<>^ n, to ) 
875. 367 — 36fl ; to concludw hia caao here, aa «■ oiWu elacwhcre, 

with a bri«f Jirguntent addi^ensGd to the commaD aeiisB of men, vbtcb 
her«, as 1 91^, t^kea ttie forni at a s&rcaam: see the iiutanot-^ given lu 1 
984 — 96T. 369 poatibas &p[>carB to mean the door-poata togethsr 

irilh lheu-/£>r«: so it wile ucderatood by X-actaut de opiE dei 8, vhcra 
he oBBRila this, a^ Ijo terms it, ineptiAsvuium arffiimeiUutn of Lucr;: ^Wh 
n«wn ^yr^fl'P'j cwn* povtibitejhres plus in/erutU iuminta. 

370 — 395 1 3'ou mitFtt not b^li^ve viiat Demoi^ritna teaches, Hhtl 
the fttoms of tlie soul altem^to oac by one with t^oss of the body, and 
arc thDroforo oe many in Lumbor: th^y are in fact not ooly mnch 
Hmaller, but also nmcli &wer; only enough in awaton sanae throtigh 
ibe body, vbich ol^n tkor^rore docs not feel very Bmall tbinga that 
come in contact with it; they not eccitin^ any part of the bouL 370 
jtoafia: see n. to i 327. 371 reoura v 6^3. Dem. taitela smtervtia: 
LuciliiiB h&B Valeri tcntenfia dta^ Horace stidentia dut Catonit, nn 
tbufl couplod vitb a piH>p4?]? civm^ and withr^vit an e|iitbot ia cnrioufl; itfl 
fnj~cf3 H!mnB much the Hume as that v^hich it bus in Anna Tnnimqv4 
and Aon. iv 3 Muila mn virtt^. 372 prieie, 378 380 380 priiv, 

lere and ebiewhere in Luor. are oact nynonymes of aintpda. 373 
variarc is of course neuter here, oa often in Lucr. This ia anethet 

I leading point of diffbrenca between Epicunw aod Deoiocritns, and otM 
'wa should not have known of hut fijr this pa»*age: ArisL de anima i A 
ftt beg, mDrcly aaya of Dgmocritua that hia i^i^ i> iv -icavrX t^J alir$tiyth 
/icvcf (TcJ^Ti, which would be quite as true of Epicurus', who in matij 

BOOK 111 


neorded potato agreed with him on this qnoation tm on otbera^ saoh aa 
BnSdng Iho son] ooDsiHlof th« sntHlleiit nud roundest atoima, 374 animaa 
ti^m^rUa: Ti 755 Sctl iifUterai lod opt: comp. too Yir^. ^^t. 11 l^i^tciieni 
cUae am^ffnUiqv^ laela : the only two oasea where Lu^r- longthotia h;r tb« 
(MwuniH a nhori vowel, 11 27 ami v 1049, ocoiir likpwin« in tlie middle of 
the fourtb foot* minora, na pros-eil *t length 179 — 230. 377 dum- 

teanf : flee n. to ii 133, 373 ^iiarLlit/n lin^ h^re thi? some of a dimi- 
ttoUro of ^voE, tMid=:iiiULm pauouU, qun.m pririiu uiulla: tfuanttd^int 
aa4 ^uottlwn h&vo ofWn thU foi'ca in tbo aing. : thufi yifan/v^t £jf = quot 
■ant; but I know no otJier instance of ttie plor. thus ubf^; elsewhere in 
Xiocr- tlio trord haa ita proper meaning, quam parvulu^. 360 tLa 
djatftuoea bttvoen each item of aoul wUl bo oxactly proportioned to tho 
fewoeaa of ibe whole namlter compared with those of the hudy^ exordia 
aninai hcn^ exordia prima or priraordin an.: uo AEabigijitj being 
ponibte herer so 379 and m a hundred other pl^oe* Corpora -prima 

381 Nam eot.: Lucr. dooa mot voutuTo to wj how few they aro corn- 
fared with tLoBe of the Ixidy; but those instanco^ prove lie thought tho 
diflproportton to be verj grut : the foot of n gnat or & graia of dd^t 
toochjng the body tniut touch thoii9sindA and thoua&nda of atome: if 
then these can otleu fall on the body without bein^ felL^ Umt M without 
iovchi&g any fttoma of the eoul, thcac muat bo Teatly fewer than thoso 
<4 the body. But doea tioI the body feel el9 well as the houII yes; ha 
lua elaborately pror^ed alremly that the one feels Jia well aa the cthfT, 
and that Dcithot of tho two caa possibly fed without the other ^ but he 
hia sl^o shewn that the iaifit^ mottts mui^t proceed from the ajiima, and 
not merely from the anima, but irom that i>art of it which is the 
anirmis, and not mereiy from the ajitTnuSt but Irom that fourth nameleeQ 
fubfitnnce m it: the rmima and anijruui then form one QiJinetite^l whole 
in the body; if therefore any atoms of the aniiita are moved tJicy wiil 
at oocG 4?ommiiJiiaito with the animus, aod sense will commence aud bo 
imported to the whole anima, and fi-oui the aJiipta to the body which 
vill thoQ fteh Eut mau^ atomic of the body lie arguea may be touched 
without any part of the soul being movad, and thertfor^ withotit thi^ny 
being ariv commeucenient cf eeniuitioii : see whut presently folioWH 
3^1 — 39£i, 3S1 odhaesnm: thia word occurs throe timos in Luofl 
and »omB to be found nowhere else: ho dearly loves tliese auhatantivefl 
ta -utf, 363 aranet: thia ountraction is forced on him by the nccca* 
■ity of the metre, 387 Uvilots...ffravffli»i: eee n. to 11 lOo*. 391 
timtdmn ttmina : another iostauco of this idiom so commou with him : 
BM n- lo I IIL 393 sffrdiecaTii: TV &86 »erUi$eer9: the word Eci^ma 
to ccenp Tiowhpre olse. 391 tiiditajitifii Ece tl to n 114G. 395 
be aeema here briery to luiljcate llto procdfts apokoa of to ZUl, tliat of 

I aitd tJwck «n tlu body, tKis ai Ivt 

2SO ^^^^^^ SOTES n 

MttBe^ mcta en t^e revt of thft 

306 — 416 ; Iho ommh lua more [loww orer life thui Uie amMtt: 
TithoQt Uke «a>ii»a# the mi i»M fiiiinl Mnaitt one iiuUnt in the bo^: 
bnl if like tanker a m£^ oradi of tlte laUvr aui; be cut off viUmvI 
ddbujiDg life : die tf itJjBvM u like U»« fxtpil *>f the ejc; Uie le«M fattrt to 
vbidi deMtroj* Uib >^^t; t^ mnima n like tlw rest of Uu e^ebaU, 
nradi of wiicl^ oot bUL auy be cot *wmj auI n^bi cootiniia dV6 
car.,.wtfro»A«: n 1089 fw i<ra K w O rvAtir aA m rfnwi. vAot «lawini: M* 
iL to T 41$. 39T J o m i— »rtor fwnfs n 35d: w* n. to ir 9€l 

a* ^owbctv Caere phoaMM^ 89f obtt ^ariMt^rr. 401 omap. 
it9S4 .ief«m« etM^w* p«i;A'nc>» ^V^iore M. 404 ntm6rw miut b« 
the parts jot left or die IrwiaiA 405 tfdAerKw: wc i S30ukdn 
IMS: whva LAcb, wa^ dealing bo ramonetecailr with the a«fAerid« 
<]| Lticx atmI Virgil, be ougbt not to h^vc Iv(t unecftthett the atrifci 
eipresioD of Acm. Y| 136 ^moai cv^fhl oeliWrtf in a£Co, U ft. merely in 
tbc upp«r air ot^ earth. 409 x'irala pcteibtt reenn doS ; vivotuM U 

alito mentioned hy Fe«liu. 410 foil, he preeaes tlie compariBon : mticli 
of tike firttmfi maj be ukca ftwAy, not all : d9 mueb of the cjebAQ, 
not aJL 413 tfcmm of both ftrbU nnd oeiVs: oomp. 32e> ^k Htf 

Twmin^ divelU pona i-ufon^ur i. t corptia et auima ; uiilraH it be iictc^ 
in ondentADil ^cttiorvm. 413 tantuia para tnedw iilai v 593 Tt^m- 
ttdiuilUi...9al 413 foil here too the compuiaOD k iuiiii[l«lj carried 
out vitb 395 £o\l 

417 — 444 : this soul and mind (ve mny nov use the teirras indif' 

ferentlj) have a birth adO «re mortiJ ; for th?r arr of the f^malieet and 

fined jvt^ms, being more eitaily moved than anythtu^ ^Isc, even hjr imjigEe 

of the nirest things, tmolce miat and the like : as Ihfso things thoo 

melt into air, »q uiusL the aouI, wh<'n tcveied Crom the body, duwdve 

oTon more quickly: hov iudoedt vhen the body cannot k<s!p it, amhd 

the %\t vhich u much iitrer hnlil it to^therl 417 ?ftine ago, aj& he 

now pasMfl to a nev brauch of the diKusaion. 430 Ui^rut coU : cuJex 

10 Ut lilfi diifiut Fixr? jioliaittHr cvrmina «mfu, a manilVet imitetiot] 

vh^eh b1i?w« tbui Diijria t»'t 13 not lo he tam|>ered with, di^rcvurt : 

I 52 mca thtvt iilti 9l\viv> dUp&ala fiMi. 421 Qty^t4nH4\ eee n. to 

hi 93T. ffonxuntta m in the langnnge of Luer. precisely ^eoaiunc- 

am. 42B nam \ mw Dotea I : tliAt tliis is canac, not eflcct, is proved 

ly 179 foil. mp. 1S9 At quod vju^ih tt^nity operMl, eoiufffra nOundU 

^vrqiiAm t/mxinib^iit tlfhut iret. and 203 .Vuntj igitar ^ionium «*t animi 

nattirn rrpcria MohllU e^gie, jterquon r^jul^rc tire*$if4£ CarporAuM 

fnrvu ceL 431 in lomttU a thus uted thirteen times by Luer. who 

Afv one* Mjs Kjrtrm wptf i or the like, nearer indeed etaplojs llio plur- 
^|b>pt in tike phrue tn ifMnnu : tiiia will shew hi^w raali uDd unfouiidcd 
Ivu^im&iiii*H uhtralijii auJnote arc, 433 jVtrn* cet, iw full/ nel fuilb iu 

IV. 431 ^it/tc i'jitiir ^itotuiTn'. in fi>ti3is(|iiciice of Uio 1<^|]^ parcn- 

tliesfa be Ijsgins the protasia nfrpflh, ir*Ktead of fflTTplj BftyJng Et yi/Omdm 
iritt wfci'CQCO to 4^J3 foil : with 135 Prlnciph 'jti^nilixm. 428 rmm, 434 
-Vwrtf tt^ifur ijfOni(\in coinp. Uie pi-ecUely nixnUftr paasngo IV 54 J'rin- 
ripio qu^niaiHt 01 f^ni, 03 i^urb? ffJioitiam, which Liich. tthrmtd not haro 
oir«rloo1c«<L 440 ro* Ti^rwi; fi55 UUuj ifitfvti quod Ctw «*e vuldur^ 

■nd 703| repented v 137^ in eodfm nnse of the body: ao Ci**, Tiisc diap. 
I ^S fTOiT^fu ^/K^0m gwui vtis Mt atir aliqtiotl aiumi recpptfn-*dujn. 

445 — 468: Df;&ic the miiid u bonj with the ^totXy, growa ^tli it, 
d«vajft with it : in the child it ia weak, in the man str^ing, iu the aged 
•C^n <;hktdiah : it is iirLlui-jtl t1ii?ii it bhi^uld dEe :Osci vrlth tbe body- 
445 446 arc very eiuiilar to Herod. Ill J34 m-fnt-o/itk-w yap tuI ffcu^nrt 
ffTvoiJforTQi f^ai al ^tivfi^ yjipatTKrfVTi ^i nryyiFj/ia'crffOiurt Kni e« rd itprfyfiarti 
niyrtt Svafxfik^yitrttu, whether At03B4 Icarnl it fn>tn Dcmocpdca Cr Ho- 
ri^dAlus fi-om Democritua 449 Inde ubi roLiistia aiJoU-oU viribut 

o^ttMi, 451 Pi>9i uhi iatu x'trlidis i/iiasftatitm eut vinlMa aevii Wak. WfU 
comfHLm Virg. gonr. n 3G:^, :i(l7 J c </f-iwt j»Kmft notis wioUecU frondi- 
Aiu cMi/u, !tid« tihi idtii eidulin amphj-zif tfifpth^ti tdmai; fi>r iTi ■what 
pn^cUoB ttiid hWK''V9 YirgH pihowa that liis mind w^s pfltiiratoJ rtlth tho 
▼•ra«e cf LuCP. 1 *0icp. 3C3 *« /a<^/tifl M out<u Pal/nes agit iaxis per 
wkrutA iinmiiunO' hattntijt with v 78(1 Arfiorih'tiiqufi fioli/THJtt.. .per auriM 
Or^-J^n'.li magnum lut/iits-u fertapicn habcnia : 360 conternticre vmios 
Ad^iiW^nt, 365 /)»« df^M fl^iJirfum cet wiLh ii 448 PHmo acit eonttmit 
itttts f<mie/anerc uncttt : Sol Q^ti m^co iujjffr atquc irujentiB pondcjx ieetaa 
Crffer<rU witli IIJ S93 *ain, I'lyarive an/'eme oUritttm pondtra /tfrms ; 
324 fffiiifiifin M^rnirta. 32rr — 327 TnTn ^n/^r— yfijw, 32S j4via ftim 
itfcAf citiifrrM viVf/rfffn rfzj}'>rhjr, 3G1 ^lUfi^rE crvii nnnj^ saperat (ener om- 
ni&iu Mww>r, Inqtii fi^'y^ M'ffcn findct^i H6 Qraminfi tnio Crwl^n and 47 
SptirUr tua qtuti re tollunt hi iuiruJii/i oTOJtj 33fi — 34-'! followed by the 
[fUcretiAii i^uad snpcrent, wilh y 851 ijenitaltit aeminn in it ditH'fmt 
Mtta*> 1 350 folL Fynti'Cmv j>crfUtyt imhrf^. ahi tos jfttter vfthrr eetf 261 
JVmc'i/rre^Mfi twtis ^vthua ctfrtcm undltfua aitvm^ l tll>9 ttiu^ KJV 
T 80$ umor «b/ii^£iA4i in orti$, 77 L QtM><J avpsrest, 730 ^um(3 r«d<< 
MWufi nM*i*tifem ft moUia fi-rro* Ari^^ novo Jetit fpiid primtnn Vn & 
i|{i ora« TWfrrn eC 4ncertis crcrirU commitlfrre vetUUt nud tkeu fDlloin* 
deMJriptiou of the early world c»f wliich Virgira 1^ a summai'y; ■ 
Pttu ^ rtitn in i^mptafnt.-^ftiTnerntQfie /erms iucpTidia renliia with I ^ 
toil T 1305 Prttetfrtiin cum Unti*f^tas, ir 871 glvnu^raktqitn midM 
f9nt Cofpf*ra qtifie ptomai^fio prcKheitS in^cndii noatro, tlit? w^rda tika^ 1 
Bunking quite different : 200 Sjxoquen et ma/fnof icrMbus otmevi^^ 


HftnCu, 29^ MnJ-fn. tfirttm volvena dM/n^ndo saecula viacit, S9T media 
ipwivith I 201 Transire ei rna^noa manibua divcUero m^nti* Jfulla^ve 
vivBJido viialia vincerf stMclaj v 905 media ip^ai 291 auras fvtktriat, 
1^87 inf<tcutim Lucretian c^pressi^^ins ^ 281 ae taie^ffucliutt fymnit A«n 
rcrtidmUi i'sHns witt u 325 totaq^u ^r^m Aero nrnid^tcit tetlu^i 330 
addigiif^K fe^itescit /laherufo with i 312 Amdva in digiic suhUt* tenMoitir 
Miendo: S4G ^f aaptyr unHdum faci^ man\ftd^t* ti ora TrUttatfmp- 
tiifiluni J#iww torqveiit amaro with u 401 /oedo pBrU>rqv£rU cr^ttapore, 
IV Q34 trUle r^i ajnarn-met:. 217 0t<(e Cff/me/yi c^ii&ii/ri^ nt 6u/ani ^raM^iu 
VolucT^ with V 353 i'j</rflna aj;! nfibvlain nubceqiK ro^antUz 209 
AntiqiioBqiie domos /ivinm with I ] 8 /^rondijeran^u^ drnnt/a aviumi \G5 
argrrUi rivos acrUrpte tndalia OHti\dit vot^U atque o-utg pturimaJtitieU; 
II ace ffffnus aere virum with v 1^55 Manahat ccnia Jeii'etttibus...<trffvnii 
Witt** ft auri, Aaris Uem f\( pfumbi, S63 gimujf aj-re homftn'. 149 ritipt* 
o^Knta jnenti^ti* aertaa with i Idt ntque aiiemt pitrtOiva anni: 15 
ffiWrti iMnnin Semitia witl] ui 741 irwM tP07tum SimirUurA: X40 (rt**ri 
^piTVTtffl^ 7JariAuff iffiiem with v 3D ei/ut tpirajit'^g narilms tgn^in-. 144 
/rnpfdwrv; Unent oUat arju^tfaq^ie laela with tha rhj^thm of v 20S Po*' 
i$d$r^ fcn#nf rfj/w* iv/j^flie^ifl jjiifu//Wf aod then 411 gftjeUm (^i*U oWii> 
?E<r(J 0?R/t&riJ A^r^u«> 23T tfolidii terram proe<A-/tde iuvcacU^ 2G3 id %?tnii 

Convelfimt, 47 ■^ponte run /jiur/j se tofJifnZ iii lumijii^ orat, aLio : 197 
mtdto apfciota laiom Df^en^rate kimeit, ni vU hamana. fjuotan^i*, 45 
Peprwao imnpiot iam tur/i mi/U taurus aratro with pusoges of Lacr. 
itniiied]&ti'1>' fuUuwing the one Inst quoted, v 200 id natvra maviSei^ 
tihvi obifticat, ft vio humana rcsUtat Vi£aA eausft vfiJido ^ia74slft biJ^tUi 
Ingrmere e£ terrafft pi^essis prosnintlera ttntlrij, 2\2 SpojiU f^uft nsju^mit 
liqitvl'ie txvtterc in auras, £t tairvcn iitCf^utit jmi^/Tio qtutceiitt labors 
216 Aid itibiti perertWrU irnbri^ ffciiclacqua prutna^ Jfiabraque fvniorum 
vwlento tttrbinn "i^eaanL Just after where we b^ar, 375 Fri^ora nte 
tAntViTn cana i^ncr^ta prmiut ^ith ill 20 it^qu^ nix acn fontiretapruiita 
lUS Aiqnif in se 8H<t ptr veatiffia volcihtr annua with iv 47^ Qui arpiUi 
ipttf rua in aUttuil x^atigia eeae\ 428 Vi propria niCuntur ojdf^ut hand 
indija nootrtf^ with II 650 Ipsa s^ttz poflcna cpUtLt, nil indiga ^uMrix 
461 foil Si non ctsi. with i\ 34 Si rton cet. : 4T3 AIo vet^ primufn duiett 
ante omnia mrf^(K Quarftm iocrajero in^ejui pereuMKs amoiyt. 4T8 De^ 
fictita aolia varios liinaeqti^ laborea, Ifnda trofiurr terrta, 483 Hibemit 
vtl jwne fttrdia mora notlifma abnet with i 023 PotumU tftyrno lattdia 

Hff iriogna m^am cor Ft sintid inctttalt auarem mi in pfcttia amvnam 
twartifii, T 751 Sofia item ^itoqtie de/tietus iunfiequ4 iaUbTttt, TT S9T 
de trEraor terraa^ V 69S Jicctet fiiherito icmpirra Lmgtu Ceaaant : 460 — ' 
■S Feiix qni potuit rcrunt cogitaaccre caxtaaa cet- Latv heen GOtupored ftt 

'i$ with varioua vts. of Lucr. : 500 Quot rami /nictuSj ^oi ipsa vo^ 


BOOE in 


/mria rbra Spo'iiU fit/ers ma, carpslt compared by Moctob. witli T D3T 
Qu^ 0i/i ti£que imltreB tiederaTd^ quod terra ^naTai Spt/nie tua^ talTfi id 
0*t. : 510 yauderii: p^rfitsi aattgnme fratrutn comp, wilb III 73 C^deltg 
i^amifni i« Iristi /itntiG /rdiTti^-. 53li dulceg pnadcnl circfiiti usmia jtati 
with III 80l! ncc diilcf^ occurrciU o$G^da nati Pra^ripcre. 44B ifiri6iiitf 
450 pj*, 451 viritug, 453 «W6t«: s<?c e. to i 875. 450 an^tior ia 
oaed by Li^-y more llion Putc- 456 ceu /nmua : 614 ipcrftfJ/igittf rciirt- 
^iiere [ee], ut atigtM} whore Laob. in anevar to Arailvig opuea pr. p. 
312, who objected to tbe nomiiiT qvmtea aIho 42fi Tninj*rifnt^ owri Prir^ 
^piit/actam qvtiin iiquidu^ untor v^iuu ; IV Gil8 iii^rior^ibu* flats crea£iijn 
Frivfipi't jfiarnrox; OB veil as exaojplt^ frtmi Vfl-rro /uid otLers: comp. 
G83 SinantirU ufi /itTJHiH di^tiMi tfiumae vU^ and SuLus adv. nuLlh.. |[ 

459 — £35 : iigfun, as the borly ia Ibiblt? to diMiui^, bo is tbe m^nd to 
cares ftod tear* ; therefore it sLould j'urtiito witU tlio other of defttb ; 
agftin vhgn ihe hod.^ 'm ill, tbo mincl oHe^u wmtdors and i3 EieuaelcBa 
befuro deatii; it ought bbeik to dl^, since diaeflAe ivfifhes it; for that 
ubich f^etft du«we tuust die: agnJn In drurdtonncu th« mand abiti'ea lq 
the djanrdcr of tb« parts uf tli^ body ; but if it can tbud be disoril^red, it 
ma/ b« killed by a moj-o powtiiful uinse : iigQiii in u lib of t'piUpby, die 
^«vra Atiden, tbe man fiuu^a at the mouth and the like; }iia imad in at 
th» nme time disordered by tlio uttook ; thon when th© lit ia ovef hd 
ri»B up reding aiid gmdHully comes to liis Herntes : whor the mind ibea 
ia thus tempoat-toBt in bo<Iily discaao^ how could it battle for ever with 
Etortna ld the cperi air 7 rt^Q th« mind mny be herilerl tiko the body ; it 
ts thcrelbre moitjd - for that wbieh i^ imiui^rtal idlirwa not of auy oUmig- 
iitg ta flhiftitig of part:^ : tbo ht^alLng therefore of the mind by medicirio 
vkI i\A bUiTering from diBeiu« both olike prove \t to he mortal 459 
foil. ; comp. what Cic- Tuac. diap. i 79 mkj^ i>f PAnaoliuis oitoram aufcfi^ 
ad/rrt tatio/umf nihU an q^^od (hUai iitiri id a^tjrum ease (ptoqtie posisit^ 
tfvod oH^fra in moTbum catlaf., id etiam ijitefUuT-atn ; dolcrn autt*7n ant* 
m^f ergo ciittm Ijitcrin: what precedes illuatratos Lucretius^ last arga- 
tacrQt. 400 ^Sii^eifsre would come more nnturaUy iii the eaino tflftQM 

with ridemnus: comp. 510 : tbia trben might be added to the exuuiji? 
^wm in D, to I IG. 462 Qitare cct : for death rosulta from »mo < 
earn OT pain : 47:2 JViam dolor ac inorbvi hli ftiht-icator vierqu^i. 4 
dBOien^ ia found in no oUier miter tjf auUiotily. 467 vocts \. e. ot 
duoVDliiua: the onstf^m would in thit case be very upproprntte in tird 
ba dwidu wbeLher it wei^ a letbui-;!^ or deuth; the frietidu wure Btill b 
^rfton^ rei>ocar(/«^: vxtn cot^'dajtwium tei could not jet be aaid. 49ij 
^■Dp. n 977 ff£ fammt* »parfj\mt roranl^tvs ora ffi>ria$qus. 476 104 




det^ Bcems a niroj X«yd^ 461 £t tam cetera cTtf jWsfrv A<V, or Gtffrtf 

f£9 gmere fun; or A"rum are fuvoar^lte [ilimftm of Lucr^ iialtatcd bj Hot 
sat. T I 13k 483 for^rd crt >/jaa = ii^u4 ia curport^ fiOl^ ofTiorff in 

ipto ift op]>uBed to dO^ tine orp&re: «ee &. to IV 736. 492 Siminati 

ret-t Litcb. wet] abewA Lliat li^re iH^gius Lhe axplAOAtk^ii of ibe »vmp|oin» 
mentioned above 493 agrmi aiiiakam : Cio. Tuhc- diap. i 19 oniFnua 

a^ittm niii nnijntim, ut /tre nostrL declarat Jwnen', f\an M fifftrt mi' 
vumi et tfflfii'e dkimiiSj Cutul. LXliI Z\ <iri/ic^)r4 im£M vadU tfrnntoin 
ayen*. 494ytn*scunf, mid tbeiefore foara, witli reference to <|jttirwf; 
the winds answeniig to tlie itiamani. 498 Qun: Kee cl to I lUti. 

^a cet. : i.e. qua coosucnint fcni et cat lllid niuritA via, a rcgularif 
miide rcMvd. 500 ^ucui [n 192, t02 rfjUxxt neut : H> nr 1130 

loeHant^f v 831 fcrffre cof/ff ; 14-3 if* /f-j*di*p?i comcrtny ; iv 133 (143) 
MrJcre ie flmbigiioxifl ; V L^SI aal Vl 34o volceniiti; Tl $^3 ^ua tfmj^l 
tu^UM', 1 122 imriiulitiv coactal: comp. at^o n. to Ji 121? €Urrbftre=: turban: 
n 605 mtrtvrtf; HOC traJicn; 5ld Untre; tmd X 337 /p*c ift w traKer& 
r<dit i£ tliu pruscttt. 504 V'^el:iilart9: so spirit ia Nonini p- 31 who 
dtn Cic. Pliil. JJi III, HTid tlierc (.he nldest m.Q. of Bait«r nnd HAlm 
tJrKctf^tfnte ; I fin J also from a q^jotation iu iLo Libri catal. of ci^ ^^ 
that a ms, of Cyprian ftltriiuled lo Ibe Sth century hofi vaceUlai • this 
irould coutiim its dorivalioa from tlis vuddliag goJl of tie taccd. Lunr. 
nx timefl ^vcs it tlie qunntitj it liiui in othor poets: here A «ad B 
nglitly bfiv« the te. With ihe abovo coroji. vhat CdlftUs ui 23 Myv of 
^gui epileptic lit trifer nofinsimos laorbot tU etian u qui comitiaiiM vcJ 
^■iifff nomt/io/uf. homo suLilo ct^ieidU, tfj; or« tjtuavto mavrrtitMr^ dvmd* 
^^■ngiifo ternpore nd at^ r'tlU ri }>cr jo ipjf cofuiurffit. 5Dfl lli\^, ihfi 
P^HPvi«nd ammo, 513 f m I'fr^rrrd : comp, II 1*^1 tfwr^Vf ilqJ n. tL^rc. 

514 proaum arid 534 fjifrofeurn-. see n. tu 4o. hiiuja iu an aflinaalire 
flentence oocairs u^Imj iv 5i5 lifidla, aiujua ai tJL jiarii ciatitiiciu hUum : 1 
find ao other example; but Vl 576 perhilttm Js nlao afEmiatiro: ^Trwwm 
,^hiiv7a pl<MiTaMLfciLl to express tbo most mi nn to t^ uantity ; 1i#CAnte th« 
Bmnlleat jut will ptuvu the point, 519 620 so ofWu retumng, 534 
«^- prtttd.: I G75 t^u^ium ^o^icludift where 009 noU\ 535 Attcipiii, 

alike whether the anijnitf sickena or la healed, refiitatv^ another a 
kty^ in tu, = r^JjtUUio: vx n. to I ^^3. 

Q26 — 547 ; ngnin a mnu oft^ni \tiWB eenae imd life lirnb by limb; 
Boul theu thiia levf^red and lo^t tunat Im mortal: or if yriu Kay it dm 
itacif together from all the limbti, then the upot ia vhich it ia ih 
gat1ior«l ought to havG a. Uvdler iu^nsa - but this ia not so ; it therefo 
diapei'^eaT that id dies: oay gitini that it can contract itsetC jou n 
admit it ta hn moi-taJ, fcr equally in tbia case it ^duuUy deaileoBf aad 
aenne and life quit tbe maiL fi&6 in: si^ ^31 itquf ^ vi 1243 conto- 

gitua UtarU At^ve Moui BOmewhat nmilar aro u 963 quo docur^wn 




4n et tiAiVct; aud ui fi03 it^/acCa videtur Ira anima,. 
527 is th« nio£± offeclivc iuatance of »otind anav^L-ing to o^tiqOi producod 
tbo wmpl&^t mmrif, Uutt I know nf m tl]e whrtle rungo ot' Ijilin 
529 fivnC indc - li« also boa p0«J tlcinde. \i Tti3 ;^ijif /<i/fc, T 
ta«l dgind^i pcvt inde is tbuod in Kon. ann, 1 L 537 in aofsn-, 

m-iattro odor^i the sioipli,* ubl or r.}tia Nrould m eadi cose be more 
uarud; tbon^lk i'i« »c«tEia to hare much the same force i^;^ ia in rtfc<i ii\ 
norM Vid tbc trke. 540 vi inm /^'^ra/ : «ce n. to I 968. 545 iruu tf 

f)#rtt£&ii« I take to h& llic porta of tltu soul iUitrlf: comp. \l \5^ tputt ru\j 
^ porlibtu una, 546 tibfrru/rxcoi, r^nxvG word-. AfrKaiuft 420 haa oi>- 

hntitai: A B bi^th spdl it with one 6 ; nod bo do lltfi msft cf Noninsj 
mad of Fiatus PauU fcwico over : itjrportufius occurs In Liicr. five tiiaea : 
in euish caju either b*>th A B ur aao or tho other write op(irtunv.ti 
Serviufi to Aen. i GIG huA *a^;/itcn^: secHinlmn pmei^Hntein hsumi pisr rf 
iiii& iiylliiba fitrribitur: accuodum antiquam ortliographiani <]ita« pmo- 
puvitumum ultiraiim Litteram in Woiuam mut&bat, pi^r/i: iccuDdum vero 
cupboaiiam p<;t' a tAotuiu': I.e. oulj one p was HOUDtleil: tlila was pro- 
l«bly the cftwi with olbT^t. and oj/jtorL aod it accnio likoly timt thtij 
might Tv* vritt^n also with tiuti h or ^. In This, aa in 60 mniiy olher 
pcmta, it a dear that ibo artidciiJ nitxlerti ItaUui pron^ndation U di- 
^ee^l^ contrary to tbat of the old tutioa with wLotn cmi^ and cauMd, 
ucitiif &iiJ u-^cur/uj were jileiiliual in Kouud; at^u u. to lOil ^efffincxil 

548 — -557 ; tho taind U as much juxit of ilic nijin, as the car cvo or 
ttiir «iber sroao : nouo uf thiMo can uii^^t Blone, but decay *t ouoe : ho it 
i» villi tha miiidt vrtucb is as Glos4.-ly couiiOL'tod with the body as these 
im 551 eifiiff..i>et gcg nvtua I. 553 iM tamtn i;ot=,acd iu 

tampore quai^ivis parvo tamen licTmtur: conip. C^tr. de rop. vi 21 (soma. 
Iktp. fl 3) qiKfn tfCtmibif^ ajtfrrU'cfU lii it*ivUj ifMt iaiFicii taiUo }iomin€ 
fHam wit patifttt vicica ; T^r, outt. 1 70 Tame't coiUempCna aba te June hahui 
lA vumma : tlie furco uf tanicib is very muoh thu sumt* in iv 'J53, 933, 
V92» 556 Aoni//f«,.,^i>ftf nu: see d. to ^t ; nod comp. 793 or v 137 

(A AK^A Af>v/i(>jf itrtjvt in eodem vtue wattle. 

S56 — -579; ug&iu body and soul depend for life one on the other: 
vithout iho h'-iiy ihe fioul cannot give birth Ut vital rootionj nor tan tho 
hod)- wiLlioiit ihcHCiil ujotiiiim and feiil : tatiid and hi>u] pn^Juce thdf 
imati-giving motiooA, tx^caiv^e tb<:ir atoina are kept tn bj the 
1nn»: thix they cannot do in tho air; or else tbo air wiLl bo a 
iad «□ ouimo], if tho soul can more in il ott it moved iu Uje boi 
11«nr£cfro when the hoiiy dit.«, mind and bouI dio. 558 folL I^enit 

eti. clearly begins a new argiimf^nt : in the liiAt seciLon he Khewtd th^f 
xttt ibiLtdv the meii9 Of animiu, not the ani/itn, l^ou a tLxcd Bcat^ via, 
t^ breafitg and cannot live away from the body, any mf>re tbun the 
9jm ; b»t there he aaya nothing of tho body not nxititiag wiUiout 

20 SOTffil a 

mmd. In onr pmsnt BCction he dwira tlui reeiproil ij^m^vuK tf 

jv>ul juid mind and of body one lUi the other: aee what ia mid of Idib- 

mHin*^ pnnctiuition in notA I, The aoul miu dirongh tdia vfaola ha^ 

wliirh dAp«ndi on it, AS nitieh am it dependi on. the body; TheiB K ft 

»rf>nkm|i; rew^nihlancA hetire«n the inngn^y hen and that of 323 — 34^; 

onJy bhn ivijiciuAinn proTfld la di£a«nt. SS^ imt^ pota^nm: oaft -Ut 

and n, thTS. fwrnniuM ia oentL pliir. and mnac r^r to 

if*p«at«it ; jAt he nnnally eniploja du oent ozdy when dw 

are of ditTei^nt i^ndRn : bhU case ia very exceptional, aod hajraher IImb 

flVim II +Ort £fK](}'4 nAffiflLU luUwa/a^'pt^ Caniatari jh«do fiui'fiii'i|— iif — 

*ij»rfl, whrtre T-ach. would pr^j pivtorTumtf. trU^r m aonawrw^: 339 

ffonjMr^ prfi^fHtJi viia, 960 «(ier« ; a -^3 soriiM ftAUf 

jKTi^tM; 814 oArifmfAi 'ffim AKtfo. 363 aenMSmM ^^ which. tA* 

Miahfet it tA dn hy giving birth to senae-giTing mfitnim»_ 584 

fifirp^r^ without a, appfian aa nmianai conatroction. Hft 

nv>tHM: a f{re«ii<nu Epic in Dlc^ Laen x 64 concJiufaa in the 

M '/rip nUr ft FMiW svT^v ourAtTO^OTV, /k^ ir rovr^ rf uwiiyaii aaa niv 

tv 1I9 Knr oi^n ijf<u Tourat ta« ■iviro'Ci^ 573 Cor^Hf 0ibh Cct.: ke hM 

AhAwn a^in And Aj^n that reciprocity on. the part of the body ii necv^ 
Mtry t^ «nAhJft ch« Aonl to b«^n to act and produce Koofb 5T5 m 

i/M> mrp. j-ft, iritnfl in corpr^^: comp. 51M), £>06, 4di End a. Ihtia 
579 dn^tint* m^ana of enniM the nniaitu aiid dmuwi, taken aa one^ tad 
thi fi&ryyujt: ernnp, thn t^ncloflioii of a T^ry ■in^il**' argruofikt 549 d 
ifi^J^ftJt r/'Vinui/n cfmitinria/^ eauta fdutU, CtmituKtam quaqtu aafuram 
MTvntf^rii Aorum, i.f.. corporis atqQe animai. 

5B0 — tl4; when the mtA leaves it, the Body rota mw%j: a proof 
that thA Mill ha* come fmt of ita inmost depths, to eanae snch utter 
min : the wrid then miut have been torn in pieces itseli^ ere it got out 
r>f the borly : f^ft/m affain in life tbe sonl seenu to fril and be oa the 
fttnni of (crjing ; it is io Mhattered then together with the body, that a 
inirt^ TJol^nt hbock would destroy it: how then could it exist even a 
ifiomefit, ntri to nay an ctemhy, in the open air T a dying man focla not 
the ffjii] eacaping entire from him, but filing in this spot or that: if the 
mind werq immrirtal, it would not monm its dissolution, bnt ita having 
U' f\mt the coi'or of the body, 561 in toe, txl. : Wak. quotes Aen. m 

22H tnm wvi Utitrnm dtra inUr od^rem^ taettr ia eevetfd times applied 
Ut o'i'fr by Lucr^, ntill ofti:ncr to the sense of ta«t«, K>metimea to the 
flight, in: loe n. to /i37. 583 uii/umtai see Epicuma cited to 4^6 
ceu/'imuf, GB4 vtiU'. iv 516 Jam ruere ut quaedam videatUur veiU, 

tupTvmQ tempore occurred I 546: vi 1192 ad tMpremum dentine 
tf. 097 antmo Jtude faci^im tH, fnale fit, male eH are all found 

lintu*; the last in Terence, 696 animam. tiqwm OAifntit 

BOOK m 357 

ocmu more imul in thia phnae ; u Cacs. de beL Gall. ti 38 4 tyf tn^tl 
mtmu jS^SKfiiu*; Soei, I 45 rrpmie a/<i»i<j linqai..9aithat'. Grid heroid. 
I 130 Zui^tHvr 0( annViv ecn^Vnda cw£7. 599 rvpraehendfrt : Uiis 

peliing racan 859 ; in three other instancoi A B hftve repreh. ; for 
oettuing oec n. to ti 569 npnkend^re. flOl Aaw appears to be the 

em, phm: Lncr. never tttee Aa«: tee n 450 Ad«« com/frvm^Tjf, and n. 
tiere: fant Aom nubj be neot,; comp. 559 Coniurtdo. 603 prodita: 

I 933 aft^uo tamguam paritt quod prodUtu GdtL 601 in aperfoi ti 

il7 in <vp0rt«fiL 60S omnem., per aeronti n 561 aerom. . per mn~ 

temi aee u, thoA. 610 r«runt cet ie- omnia, understood from GOT. 
V«e ^uit^uom: «ee n, to n 1038. 611 parti', see n. to i lllL 

)18 Non ttuOj followed not bj quanif bnt €14 hy Sed magit: comjx Cic. 
Le fin. I 1 quidaTii autem fum tam id rfprehtHthtnif . . xd Urntua* gtitdium 
aptqu4 muiiam operam ponendam in eo non arbiirtintur ; and «ee Had- 
n^t noti^ and also hiB emend. Liv. p. 573. 614 vt anffuia: see n. to 

615 — 623: whj too ia the mind never bom in the head or foot, but 
n one fijced spot, if not because it, like all other parts, has its place al- 
otted to it, to th&t every member niuj have its due share in the bod^t 
Ause ever fbllowa efiect, nor can fire ariae in ifater, frost in fire. 615 
lAiml raetu: IT 758 Meru animi Tigilai} T 149 animi r^c mmle videtur-j 
n 1183 Perturbaia animi ni«TM; Catiil. lxv 4 Jfena animi- Plaut. epid. 
IT 1 4 Popttr territat mtniem animi. 616 vnia: 11 159 ipsa, »uii e 

oartiint* una ; 919 una eadtmque ; t 897 nee moribus unta. 610 uhi 

pacqtad=Tihi quicqne: see n. to 11 957, 620 the subject to eest 

must be membra understood from 6S1 McjiibrQrum : see n. to i 15 : for 
619 ^iequid meauB each single pari: with [membra] e*9€ artttbue cet- 
eomp. VI 797 Mtdtaque praetcrta iaagttenlia mtmbra per artas Soivunl. 
KulL pttrtiitM aritihuM aue : comp. u 009 Aui simiii totis anim<tiibu9 esse ; 
ud Ti S68. 623 Flwmimfnt^: in understood from inigni: iv 98 

tpeadit in aqua gplendoregjie in otani t 147 tUti aspera aaxtt Aut in ma- 
teriem tigni pervenit ; v 128 in aethsre non, arbor, now eaqiiore aaleo : 
Aen. T 512 noloi atque in nubila/ugit 

624 — 638 : again if the soul ia immortal and con exist alone, it 
iniut hftve the five aenaea, as imagtued bj writers and painters; hf* 
Dtme of the aensee can exist alone away from the bodj. 626 f 

ndami 630 aeneibut aucUu'. 1 631 qiiae nullia aunt partibus am 
CktoL LZTT 165 quae nulii* sensibua anetae. 631 sorsum i.e. a 

pore: oomp. u 910 folL: Lucr. writes iodiffcrentlj aoraum and aeorw 
MVfHff and 9oraua, when they are equally disayllablea : ae^aum ia bck 
timfli too a triayllable: iv 491 folL within tliree or four vss. we hi 
Monutn, feorwus and torattm; and aeoraum both trisyl- and dissyh; t 4 
(46 tonum, SsotfUf : dwraum and dorauTn, both found in inacriptioa 



aarm n 

may bu compared: oeeelso a. to £1 203- 633p^«« Le. rinc corponi 
to afijttir^ And ^d#^, arUJiUM bt undentood from GA2. 

634 — 6S9 ' since life and f^enRe pervaile tbe wliole hndy, if It br rat 
io tvro br a suJden stroke, tJiB si^iik niQsti also be diridf^dj but vl^Jtt u 
diTided cannot be immortal : a aoldier's ana or foot or haul cut off iii 
tbe heat of buttle will ehaw for a time remajna of acme uiiJ mirlton: 
ft serpent chopped in picc«a will vritho and with tbo aerored mooth »oA 
to roAch the otb«r pioc-i^A of the body : co\r you cnnnot ny l3iat in eadi 
part tbcre la an entire eaul ; tberefore tbe soul h^ been diTi^od, and 
tLorofore ia afl mortal ah the bijdy. 639 di^ndeturt boo xi. to ii 

951, 642 /iilcifkrvJi cumts recurs v 1301 : in ^tobc J'ttlratus. 643 
permhUa cnedc atlcnt^ recurs v 1313. B47 in..Mftd{o ^uod <icdila; 
IV 815 ^uUna es£ ijt iv&ua dtdUu*\ CatiiL LXI 101 in mnla DetiUu^ rtr 
adttlUm. 645 jt^tesfU: v 810 rt«rfwyT« 7>#f«raaru*; CJc Ttiiw. dSsp- 

II 63 ^(t Aa7&;7}(^juK^ ntf^rjnijTfTi'urtf i£^t?rtfni: Fcsb^ta p- S06 Mj^it 
ia £fi^£U9 j?<7firtf ; vorbs of tiiL« form boiag goner&lly tK^oonntcd df«i- 
di>r&tive. 650 ahslroTAi ijee n. to i 2^3^ 653 miiWAirnj/fjjr < Arn. 
S 341 D&rirra. ..rHnrifjujuitu 658 u/ntrni/u^ i-& et cnnJam et cnqiuB; 

t£ thcflo have been last mentionod and are the only parta that could wdi 
be chopped np, thi-^ nppears qiiito niituFa] : the tmi^e ia ftpeciifcd 
bocait^c it aftenrai'ds Iriea to lick these piec€s. 660 anciaa "■■•• ••■"<- 

iit»t to occiir olaewhcTo. 693 Ipeam w, the mangled bodj nnd i ■ i. 
663 frrtf^it/t, burning vith tlio torture. 065 <U en cat. which U 

absurd ; tbcrcforc etc. I 

670 — 676 : if tho ?onl is immortal, wh^ cunnot v» reoollcct wtut Itn 
pelted before our blrtli? if the mind \& so changed as Lo forget evcrn 
thing, that ia vorv lika dwith; so that ov9a tboa you must admit th4 
the soul which then vna, baj penned, and that tha one vhieh nofl 
ia, is nQ^3jr mode- 672 suj/cr = ui^it/r^: see n. lo i G49, mt^fAicEiM 
Tflfera to naaefmiihva: the time before our birth- 675 rflinattiM 

appears to be a nira; \ey. 678 lonffiifT rt'cmra TS9 and v ]3fl 

077 ao that even granting tbia trausmigratioti of soula, the aool bhM 
^vfls before birth bafl rejiUy jteriahed, and on entering a new bodj Iih 
rnallj become a iicrr and difTereDt aoul ; iii the abore passage be ■ 
eTidently as-^uiiling tho pythagor^sn itLetcmpBjchoaia, ^hich Enn. aim. \m 
thus stAt^s, Ora jmrirr »viei gfjiu peimix condecorniuntj iVifm aninwH 
«| pOfff tW« ve^ diviiiUti' p'lUia Ipsa anima. \ 

679 — 712 : if the soul enters tha bodr after it is fiillj formed, ll 

should not seem lo be so mixed up wiLh it, but should hara a 1>°I| 

^ to livi> apart in j vhCraas in fiict it ao iicnrjtraten the whole fisioo tiuH 

ItJie very teeth have ft-eling; it therefore fana birth and diM ; «ln fl 

'could licit bo so nnil*"d with the body, nor being no uiiltefl. Imtb ■ 

entire ; but if U cuu bo entur and then apread it«elf over tho whole bodg 

[Jun most it peirivb ibas rlifTused; evtti ojt fuod truikflmittc-d luio the 
Cmdjr porifchcs aud thmt fumiabeH out of it^t^lf iLriQtbr*r nrituro : thus the 
■Mil UjDt etiU-Jetl mil die, (tnci another be fjrmpd out of it : tbus atill 
lIi* loul will ba mortal. 681 I'lVcw limiii: Us has /e/i /tmtf»i eeveral 
tluae*; *e(r a. to 11 OGO. 682 coavcitlehfU i.e. mtt^n; from 084. 

188 smttH parUc : FLauL milcd ^GS Ua^ tho aanie coontr.; non pctnit 
fvix teftnoiu tuo ali*fft*m jhrniluirlttiiL Ptirtieipaverif: He ctfnicn eri. 
ISO tirintfor seems ft ilirti^ \e)", 700 ZfiJito jui^pw moj/ta is re]>enteJ 

T 3*3: ftf TT 46<i Q'Ktrn si'ii qtio^it 7'ki<ji>: yU'^w too ia of POuri:fO tho 
lU-; tavi tlierc oah be ne doubt of the reading, ivliifrh a natural enotigh, 
|k|^|kw> HJmilar jastanco can te jtroflooed fi-om other writers cnn* 
^^^^ffitta -- soliiUi' et ml^cta cum ijorporo. ?10 £u;/i At tho tima 

ivfeth till?* i.lipnrv wipjHiaes it to enter tiie bodj. 

713 — 710^ ttre atoias of tho snul Ivft bcLind iti tbo di^d boilj or 

Vttf if tfaey are left, it cantKit b« iuimr.rtnl, dnce it htui led perta 

trf itirlf brbitid ; if it piits out fi]itin\ wbonce come wormft and either 

liriii^ iJiIn^ into the c^ron^ia't but if aouh Oino fi'om without into tbcsQ 

mjriadft cif creatures, do tliey eni?h ciefiffl n boily for ilstlf, or enter 

budjce iklreadj furmed \ but vthTmftkc a Uxly, when tboy are better with- 

OQtl duMAA cold bonger cciae fmni tJio b'xij ; hut wora it oyoreo UBeful, 

tlMpyiHiuld not nmko it: if wgaJH ib»'y t^ntm-i'd it ftln^sdy innde, they could 

Jtoi tibitc with it BO clnstlf flfl to have Hen»itioa in coramoa, 713 Urv- 

fmo/nturj 714 ItTintrtiuri i T43 r^fin^'-'OTi^ v 1239 relin^int ^ linc^nt 

thtM' tim^i fKcuiilur suven times ; iv 581 locaidnr; 590 ^Hjtri^n^itr ; lOlH 

t?^f»r4iMr; oJl those lorms probubly, escfpt ibfl la.-it, wero in the maa. of 

hdcT. trif.hin n gohcmtion of bis death : a. proof of the escpllence of onr 

IBM in tbeir sjfdUug; u iiontf even of Yirgila rctaiaathe old forms lo no 

Uf1*« ft ppo|>otti<m Od thi*. 715 UatU erit *tt }>08tii ^hs^X poterit: 

■ ' <}ih^iir^nihim m'lf/ifur - si-e n. to I ^^42 : on rhythm of v. s&^ n. 

*H 717 tncmhrU are here of courw the \itxrtb or Jnembci-g 

rrrrtji. 721 JCj^os is hIbo fotmd in bis imttoioi'B Amobiuft aad 

SftiuoidunA p^Jhmiuat Bt«m8 uTiutber (Timi Acy, 731 

■m5 to be uaed here aa ft Eubfl. ; comp, jv 765 mftminrat* io^vj; 

wid u. t-j I 3AI ■ TjITV iiviir 11 .1 nn/ r/JJi qtrenifvimofiiim lofjuar lua e^ru- 

rfi«m Ti« ortUlo gttj7jKi{i£al. 734 I'trw'iu^r ; piobnbly he wrote roiUtigci 

fr 4ipnta^y lU TV 336 he bRfl conf^ffff : oomp, v £J3D W'r, :iud bo& U- to 

W8: but I J^fHi wo llnd ideo ttt Itihe mnihyrum, 736 C'tm s\j,\ 

'■notEB ropptition: aeo n. to n 11 rwrn i-'ji/ena, 738 fuidtt/nt 

ittwnt =^if or tpinrst ii found s^'vpnil times in Pliutua uud Terwrnjo: 

lb* mdiUc Jttm a the samv sa in ogtiJum a-d^dum manffiun and ob] 

JK^itt^Teii, also pnrnu/nJufjt. 

741 — 77S : ngnin w!iy do fltiimdit iiJierit tbe qiifdlti^ of th«1 
iwl«a» the miad like the body comi^ L^^m. a. &xed teed : if bh 

v.— ^ 

36o yaTEA n 

vnx\ 19 immortAl ukd ji/is&i^ Into difl*<^mit bodlei, whj do not doga t&d 
sXa^ hawks aud d>>Tvs. moQ ud beuta ^xduioge diBpooitioiu 1 tlief aaj 
the imiuortd ivul chAng«« vitfa th^ change of body: &l8e; fbr wbkl 
cliaag^ U b[\>ki^n up. uhl th«<efor« dies : if it be urged, a hmnan nol 
ftlw^v? jviAai'^ int> a hxinun lM>lr. & horde's into a horse, whj then ii not 
tho child aji v\n^ m the mAn, ihe £nl ns the horeef the mind gro«i 
^>uiii; in th? v-o^mg K>1t Txm siv : th^n b it mortal, amce it thus Iomi 
its fikrmt'r pn^pwrios : ct bow- »n the soul come to maturity with tbt 
KhIj. uutp:»( itfi ^lAnner ftora the Wgmntng I or why does it seek to quit 
tbo a^>l Uvly I it ntvil D^>t foar its raia : for an immortal raru no riak. 
741 ?nWc f*\\ S^uki Viri-. ^*r, II 1<*1 frient /eo»triA iSm^to* fttMUM 
^Vmmvtfrij, 74i> ^rj<«,.-ftv?trjjf #fnH^M>/Ne, iv 1005 quo qtiaeqve magt$ ttmt 
fM/vi^i ^mi:ji\>.-u.-j>: in a\\ t^jiunitim has the same meaning the mov 
brv^Hl stivk or ^^ <v>Ueotirely to which a creature belonga; thcr«lbi« 
tfiiiitim f<tmiiiitrii is not the youug of iioos, but the breed or noe tti 
which VwD^ beU>ng: coiu|l iv 9^^ titiulomm ifanda propagoj 1331 
rj'nrni ftiK*^ea niiit n. there; and Vii^. geor. m 101 profem^titf pniM 
inm Slid the lik«. 74£ ^rnhf tn/Tni.iityquey thus joined for the nkeof 
th4> nutch Kweil ass*iu»»oe: as 7■'i3/^nT AKvfii y>raruni: see n. to i 836l 
750 ifymitti^; Cii\ Tuse. disp. t lOS ntiAjVe au/fBi genut eanum iM 
K-imu!' Cfff [io Hyivania]. 754 qu^ aiuM^ see n, to i 1053: Lw^ 
mnuu's sioppiiu; S1.V1HS to me w-n>Dg : the infinitive clause may to bi 
siirr^ be sAid to Ite rvjx^Ted with qutkf aiunt^ as 1. L with quod dicMML 
756 cotii^^ 70t Q'l^^t jM-n}M.}tit eni'm t/tMo/rifur, tntaii ergo^ 751 
^759 is but Another way of expre^i^ng his &Tourite farmnJaf JVmi 
gn4>tftumqirf tut* miitiiftim ^liitihtij' rjrit cet. 759 Deni^uc has bos 

thi' foTvo which it h:ts in s^^me of the iustanoes given by Hand TurtdL 
11 p. :]()fi 11 I. ns Ter. Phorut, Z25 Venor ne hrfoec /oriiiudo t» nenom 
entmftnt ikiii'fUf^ 762 prthi^wi CHc. de «eu, 30 temeritat est riddicd 
JJort-tUU arff^tiA. pru-h-ntya trm-^vnti*: pntJeiU ia the ^pan/iUK of Aril- 
toilc: ?w eth. Nioom. vi !t. 764 S'ee tarn ifofttu c«t i« added b^ 
cause 7G0 tininhv homiiwm in corpora temper /ps htttnana impliv 
aitiinns tquortim in* /» fi>r/»f>rii f^rv*)*!*. jhrtu eqtti riti see & 7W 

Uiieniict:rc : tbo ms& of Tliay ami CeUns appear to give the fmm tat^ 
retf-o. 766 Ct'/{fiii/i<-f4 with the iuiin, .'teems a most unusual cca- 

btnictioQ : coi{h'jU'Ht [i\tt cttm jt^Hteittiam^ Itnfra^cere cet. ti iaw^fi'. 
see n. to 1 l^O^. 769 ^ore moth* ;>t>f (TiI = quaeram praeterea qw 
nio^lo poasit. 770 almos: the same as r 847. 772 meoiAnt... 

KnfctU : T 6S6 and 506 octaU sttifcta : ^nwfto corport is found in Sit 
lu.^t^ and ^^n^tta tiftatt in him and riaulufli I^Iommsen inocr. tegH 
liea]"^]. 3833 Std - cum - tt - *t(ftiit -jJorfrt-aetate - iucnSa - Ini^ritiMi* 
H-UquUti m maeroribua-malrenK^: seueefa and lUfYnXa therefore mi^ 
be ori^^iuUJy adjoctircs: IacL p. 44 quotes from Vaxro JCwaaoenJgry 

BOOK ni 


Jfortaivrniii : Utkltig ii]b> iKvoiuit ihe&e exaniploe, and erriuM wnvr^ 

Rv*ittM BQtl its coTii]>ouiiiId it vuLiliI iniviti tlirkt fr^uentativofl in -wo 
DQce tniDutlvo; 500 o, to Jl 303. ?7i cief. j/j. vcJh: me u- to 
76 — 783 : Ag&in Low alwufd th&t imniortfil souls aliould tie |>mtinb 
tt cotLC«ptkiu nod (iglt who &La11 gut tbv mortal bod/^ uiJeaa inilccd 
Aty bftr^n^ fir*t coma lirat seived ! 776 eofl^fiUi or conuf^Jit i it ia 

Bot eau J tQ decide: thet'c ia no oth^rr ccritdn example of the wucd lu 
Lncr. flfi V ll>13 C'i>«ufc*i*»* U ictrwluced b^ cfluJAchu'o: man j and re- 
cently I^nc. Slueller de fli nietr, p, 5-jS flrgjie for tlit' two qiiaiititits of 
IL0 word; the lattar sajn 'notabilc quidcm dubuit viden tut ejieLU])]a 
4ttnwirue EViilzi^^A cur Doluennt vitAre poetrn^ |Hjitciid<> ^otiU'^/ivtik vvl 
ntmtyiaUm . Bed emrn augtibitur uJutlziitb rcpuUiuUbuA Lncjuu ut 
6cii>eGfti^ qoi numqniLm 1 vcl u EQutarunt in cuu^aam, vcrtius talv^ 
Jfc« «i^i' <ic»nfi(n' yretium aoluFasL Conuhia intiti i 'jsntvt Jnio- 
bpMncin 9dat . txirrij SUtiub syaiLfaiii ctim jiliU aoii plua sq^tic^ua ndoii- 
terit, ill aco voi^ntiulo conujAtj tu jiroductiiin habet. bcmfiur gccutidutn, 

EiH octicta?^ earn &f]]iibu]!4so vnt 4<rfldeiiJuH'; hu fjirtlier shewR Lbiit 
i gramm&rUus CcnsoDtius aud Serriua hold it to be ahoit in such 
l^ot CouiJigton to Aen. 1 73 ob^+orvc's 'the analogy of jfrojiubitB 
U9 nitgbt be [itmidt-d na proviuj^ 11 vunatluiL of t|UjiiiL]ty~ but im 
dear ltiBti(iitv of c;<>l^^&mn& cccims excv}>b iu Ii^idoji. A]xi]J/ : i'liidiiutiua 
hUo lifts il ahorc; and ClttU^Unn b, far liigher inelrical kiitboi-ity than any 
a tLv CbrifrtiAos wiitva e^rist. U IS Vtctlgtt.1 mcrltae conubUdc Itfraei lb 
t* <{wte tmti tliLkt in Iho tiiuo of all thoeo wiitcr^ tho native fooling for 

KUty woH uiltirly Tutit and did nob then exibt In the lUsiutin wLtrld ; ib 
camt oiJy from ^"adition by Clomllun and Scniue 113 mooh as by 
i^ttua or ns; b«t in re]>ly to Coniugion'fl pertiuonl I'oiinu'k iL 
pigbt bu aald tbul the word is not UHcd at all by Tibullu;^ and I'ivi(jcr- 
|MUkoriii his lyrictJ wndolc^acB by Cutulluy; that Ovid lias only the form 
l^b^ ill bis eloginca ; that the void in the hiuj^ultir ur daU und idd. 
|4iir. occiirruig so ofti^n aa il di>0B iu auuie writt^ii^ in Virgil 8, iu Statins 
^tnes ia always found with tha ij in thevU, never on^e with it iu 
utid thnt thoiigb Lucan wbf renuKest the ii of the gen. twJcu iisqh 
^i, Virgil Aeii. IV 1G7 thooBts to n&y coitiK^ifjt ru^thtf dtfrnf^ire^ nut 
^'a: it is i|iiit« positible that Virgil, ntid aEb>r litm Ovid ^tjitiu^ 
rvst, may in thcsQ duubtful oa«ca Lavo wi^liod nob to dooido tk 
potutr ""id to louve their- roaders to fix it for tbomselveB : sou what 
Ii msA at ltJ42 on jit^i-fecbs liVu En-ik: tihi: sensitiveuosa of Virgil OD 
donlHiiil ptintii of quantity seems to hnvo bot'n vGiy gri-ai ; ftnd ullvn 
htt Avoids liiicb altu^'iilLer. cjnnblu is i;a^ lilso by Ovid imonH ii T 21 
tfiDtcw/'ifu'. 773 immr. mur. Inn. nmiu-. sec o. to a lO^^l. 778 



j>naq p rqpw a «ter another ojraf Key. 782 Tohns adi'.: Wiik. oh 

pares Aon. vi 19J t^cw/o t«/wrf vohntcs^ m 

784 — 829: Again <?very thing Las lu proj>«r plnc9 fifistgried to it ; in 
thus tbc utind CAcuut bo nab of the budj jLnay from uiici#« mid Mcofl 
if it could bo in tLc Ucad op heeJa or but other part of the h<MJy (a^ 
thk wcuM be ma<>h more natiintl tliftti that it ebouM l« out of th<? tudy 
hlto^thorj there it woiJd stlU be Avithin the man : now ii£ miitd arid 
boil] not only urc ia our hodv, but Lnve a Excd plnce in that bod5, it 
btill more iucoucmTable that thtiv could ejiisl y/hiAly oul of jt; thi 
tilt BTfld dic^ ^rh the body; nay tJiua to join a ini>ital tiling *-jth 
immortal is too tiU^urd: hut if yoa iwv tht? ^onl id iiDtuorbiit beoani 
it4 aheltei-fU fiuin all thiit would dpatroy il, tliat in uut tnie; not utlf 
doud it Bulfur with tho budj, but Jt haa otht-r tulnieaU of ita uwit, 
remonie inadnewi lethargy and the like. 734— 7fl7 rtcur r 128 — 111 
wiih very alight dillerences. 764 \n octJteTe nun cet,; but in atchnv 

uubo^ Lu aoquore ('Uises, in arvis arbor, 787 u&< ^fCf^^if ^ubi ^^wv- 

qu«, njt is Khevu nbova. 790 jiomipI entM frii/^ priu^ i.e. in eajiiu 

Cct» cese, quaia sine corpora oi'iri soln eb a neivia hm^tfr com. 793 

7Wjrf«n* is uwd hero in cot a common sense : comp, Plnut. tuiJ^ 1*'*63 
J\ M'i"ts ah nf:Jniar aixijfUt. JAA*u ecmfior nimU vUvt titmltjii', OflM 
laiu, 105^ Iff Aofretim in parts <tfiqua i<.indcm apud TJnitiUoi' Phufll 
701 SjioCiam ftddart Umriem adparantUs niijitUt, Vocaiuti mmficamd 
iliihititr jMiihduifu iit eoHftit homt'te cet: 6£4 h^a quit ^iiut 
ft fftea EsHS homing, illiiis qiiaxi tfttod va4 «« leieitiHr. 7M 

ytiiHjHfl cct: not ouly ih it in our body, but hi that Uwly it Lv its 
fluce. 796 iiifiiiiAntiuvi J'&atei est om. bociiitae esM if c()Ut«iiied 

PoimP, aoccrding to I^ichiuanD's rule explained to E 111. inJitiandviA 
ill good luss. U alvayit a]x;]t "with £: c ia a gt\j6& error. 601 rjtriTvd 

_/"Hn^* rtcura IV 947 : for nju^wa see n- to U 7C,^Vri^yi o. to I 441. UlfKTT* 
th^ poetiokL tantub^ witli which in this piir^fdign ufW hin unliiiJ IksbiaB 
he enforces tux Lm|iortnii( dootrtne: errium ac <iUj/o^titin9%t crtaoat ^ 
•Tin'/, 9\ne corpore oriri Sn/a^ in eodtm fttijimte alf^f'4 in etvicni fTO*-, ctrttM 
DigpfiaUtitnqitCy «i« ei crucere^ durar^ 'jeai'jMf^ dictr^iuM. . ma^is dUiun^ 
U(tn di^crepieanaqvp^ inrnorlitli ai'^ue perctmi. 820 Ut. ab rv^ 

niirnitiit 1ik<i tiduM ah mid the lika: fijillaat Out 33 1 ah incffndio inUtit* 
gphal urb<rii vigfiiu mnuitnj'it Hot. od. Jll IC I /nc'r/4<iM iMiuun., 
rtiunierviif mfio Aocrni^nia ah aifulUria} Coluui. II 3 2 livHitm ub \n^ 
citFSiA k</iiihiiim jKctuiumtpi^ hiu^iiwem*; the DfUin? inlmiw of lo qut»tiua; 
but it uiay perlmpo bv a qucetion wlictber the t^alitnt at /«6m« of ran 
wej( not iraed by Liicr. in tho ftense of letoiibia with oontemptooiu alla> 
ULiu to tht) uae of rUtdia as a euphf^Lulfiia fcr mortwxUa ; Svn. e|iifrt. HtJ ^ 
fvoiJt vtuitit oum nwj^wtaj'un'/^ IcccUurJ quam mt*Ui^ vitulta tmiiitUif/ 
imd Fetron. aaL TT at end iidertm^ SlicftTf pT-q/er viUriia in ^Unu 

BOOK m 263 

tma effirri, uid 43 bene datu$ etl, viUili Ueto, itragtdU bonit^ 826 

maU kahM: Ter. Andr. 940 mi unuv Ki-upuius eiiam restal qui me ttuUe 
haiei ; hecyr. 606 haec rt* non minus me maU hahet guam ie^ 827 

rtmordetU: IT 1135 ctmactus ipse animus m JbrU remordet; Aeu. i 261 
gtumdo Aa«c te cur& rcmordet : but peecata remorderU praeL maU odm* 
ftppMJB T617 i&ntdogicftl ; tuJesB FraeL maU adm. depends on peecata 
L& quM male ftdmieaiB peccavit 

880 — B60 : tHos the bouI being proved to be moiiaJ, death ia nothing 
to iu; for as we f«1t no discomfort, when Borne and Carthage -were 
WATring for the empire of the world, we «h&U feel none after the diesolu- 
tion of body and soul, though heaven and earth go to niin : if our aoqI 
even do exist after death, that ia nothing to ub, whoee identity conajata 
in the union of eoul aud body : or if in€aite time to come oailects again 
and gives life to the very Aame atomu of which we consist, that ia 
pfitliing to W5f when this identity has once been broken ; even a« we 
know and remember nothing of our former selves, if as is probable infi- 
nite time pest arranged the atoms just as they now ar« in us: death 
will prevent us from existing in that future time and feeling the ills 
that may beMl that repetition of ourselves : death then will at once 
nuke us fbr evermore aa if we never had been, S30 fblL Epicurus to 

Ueooeceus in Diog. I^er. I 125 says to ^purtiiSciTTaTOV tmy ruv nuuv q 
tfiarcrroc ov6h' vpo^ ij^^a^ hnt&^wtp onw fUv ^^cl? Ji^tv, o OavartK <nj ■tapttr- 
rtr, oToy £* o ^okitoc tci^, ro^ Vl**^^ *""^ itffiiy, 831 habvtur here = 

intell^tur, not simply exUttinaiur: comp. 1 75$ quid a vera ittm dUtet 
kabebiSf and n. there. 833 comp- oulex 33 Graecia cum timuU vent- 

erUe$ undiqtis Fernu. 83G Uorrida cet.: Lucr. seems to have been 

thinking of Ennius aun. 311 Africa tcnibili irtmit fu>rrida terra ttt^ 
inuUu ; and Spenser fiierie qu. 1 1 1 T to have been thinking of Lucr, 
Thai toiih their horror heten and earth did ring. 836 In dubioque 

cet- i-C' omnea hnmani in dubio fuere utr. ad reg, ^b! csdendum cet.: 
Lucr. is very fond of such invendoDS ; see ix to i 15 1 humanie, as 80 
F^rcipit humanoa odivm^ where see note, ad itgna cad.'. Livy i 40 3 
pracctp* inde porro ad $ervilia caderet : with these vbb. comp. Livy xxix 
17 6 in discrvnine eti nunc humanum omne genut, iUTum v&t an Carthct' 
j^nieneee prirteipee terrarum videat : was Livy tliinktng of Lacr. or do 
both of them allude to Ennius perhaps or Naevius 1 839 uniUr apU 

recurs 846 ; and the phrase is found thrice in v, uniter being apparently 
used by Lucretius alone : the words are op]x«ed to diecidium, and ex- 
pr^ that organic union of body and soul which gives a man his indivi- 
duality and personal identity. 842 J\'on ai terra cet a proverbial 
oxpresdon: see n. to i 2 3 and 6 — 9 ; and comp. Juvenal u 25 Quis 
caelum tenia non mieecai et mare each ; and what Cicero de fin. m 04 
calls Ula vox inhumana et aceUrataf adopted by Tiberius and Hexo, "E/uS 


iroTES u 

VavoiTii^ yaia. fiij^difra tiipi' Oii^ev fitXn fioi, rdfid yap noXuc ^(O- SeX^ 
tiis {lyrrh. hyp. in ti'2i} ]s an Q\iielWut comiuoDt on tiic above r& ml* » 
^TTiKovpa &t ifnjfru' o diii'aTa? tyv^iv wpoz "^/"ac to yap SioAui^ir orouy^i^ra, 
TO Si oFaLo-^^rovr avohf irpot ij/us'- <^(jI 5i ko^ ut ccirtp rrtFrccmjjni^iO' b 

yjjui^ tirjity, ovk t<niv a dafaro^, av ydp ttaXvofLtBd, nri fiJ d 6ui-utdc tffnr, 
ovfc iofLtr 17/Am^ Ttif yap ^r)i^crL r^t inicrrcuTfi' tTcoi. ti^i 4'^'X^^ '^<^< tov 9uj>»a- 

Cttmiifu/it hitc i^tinlt beUam ijuam cjo iJlo vico firy^rrni litnn^m captrntk 

843 ai ifi-nti ace n. Ui 1 068: ihc uvaumpticiii is uf uourae talsG. « 
utin •iiogt'To a^Htft cet-: RiTnilsxrlv involved in noiistn»ction we 11 1133 
qu^nio ctl rei ampUor, ttiajwhi^ athmyfo, Ei gtiv taCior at, iu cvncM 
cetn; VT X5& y^enhit enini cttTii eon/ercil /rangntitwr in flf(n#» CorwrtA 
Trtant&i cct. atid ] 7C ^*A^if ut Oftite ciittitti Jocut jrpuuii^r^ere nti/mn ; aIvo 
17 JllO ^'cc rnjyirire malum ^J pottant quae TTtafrAtrio Wncc( ; 19S 
priinifBi rjfiod jitirvofi muna l^st procul n tei^o tptti* pr(»flntt afipi4 fv^ 
jt^^t: Dunip. t<w Ovid lint 1 3'JO Ttnipom ^a K'fitf optroaa mlim^ii^ 
arvtt, J'^afiitiir, H Ttantiu rMpicltnda fitftat Liter, might IiAve 'vmU^a 
liere /JiC ** mm Kutir. iwt/fi'o cet., but we feel tbo pre^ftut order to bo 
raoro impresfflro : rew similar is v 177 2^ntus tnint dtbef quUuaiq-at td 
i^lh manere In vita, wlicro Lo might h&ve wtittcn Drbet enirnj »f 
<pfirtimgue tgtf vdle ctiL; Vli'g. et'L it 12 At Tuecujn ravm tva titim 
ii-jitt ht9trt> HoU ttiii oTdtitU retanitnt arbu^Coi oi<adi», vbore* ns I hfti 
k^arDt from Dr, B, H. Keciredy, ^tecatu ^n^^r}ngs Ui the elauw iua 
cei: Virgil tijo migliL Uavi; auiil At ravcis, TUGC'tm cci; see hIbo il lo 
25il iJflC^iWrp^ — *aw, 846 comptw. hoo n. to i U^O ■yjmp/'j, 

fbll. JV>f jr£ f/ut^0r<#m cot. ulliidt^ prubnbly to botd^ theniy Liko thU 
Rtt AufrtiD tie CIV, del SXTJ 2fi ininibiliim cfi/fciit ^iW'/<trjfc Jfarctt* Vo 
pitnit in lihris ffuof conacripnit da gnriff p^tpuli f^vt'tatUf ourW jintfai 
Vfrtia i/y»a. pontnidit: ^ iff;iif^t/Ut{t':i f/uid^rm svripaennit' inq^iii 'eur 
rewmcerutis hominibus q^iniu ap/tcHant iraXtyytvt^Mv Oniedi hoe 
runt covjtei in a/nnh unn^wo qutulrititjtatiM qufulitiginiUt wi ifknt 
et etvicm aninuiy qv<is /ftennt coiiito'cra, in /topit»e af^^ttandOf 
rtiraut riidaaut in connuiciionetn.'' 651 rsp^teutia, another wt/f 
moD ojily Ui liirii ujid hin couKbml iinititur Amublus whu twice Mttm 
a 2C 01111(11/1 [animain] qtwd paido tmie udebtU ex cppojiita 
tiinitt^rv rcptf^itiom prim'Um, and 2S tptod enim TffntA iiujresnU 
repefeiUitim detrnJti£, et inO-a tc jjesta iimcitrdtUiili ilelct vbHicrrUwtv 
perdcroi it is tbon lUtnoat cortain that AliioImus fouiul raptitntM 
Luor. fmd be Heeinn to ba referring bolli Ui ibis v. nnd 070 : Ladiinuifi' 
uljootjfius are wire-d/ftwii: Teprtcntia noafrit tbc recollection of oitmli 
liniuridly (inovigb iniicatea tlmt oontltmod coatK^Iousnuaa of our 
fidontltj vbiolj id brokLii only by dt^tL : ao long as vp'o live. 

BOOK m 365 

ffHW fiof r^proAendtft mimU ; whea once we die, non ^mut: np«* 
tavCtom fiocfri <nntf<<mtu, 853 <^ iUi$ [nobis} 654 cum r«iptna«: 
tee n. to n 41 cw» vw^eta- 856 pi^rn^ U potential : see n. to 1 327. 

859 r0pra0A«Tufffre = repetere: Wftk, Gompar« Oic Yerr. m £1 ^wmJ 
«nat ian^mdaUia praeter^niuurtk^ id quaestu ac tempore advwjiUiu repre' 
htndiatL 860 vitai pausa recnra 930, rajre^utf cet- : 923 'no$W09 tunc 
ma per artta Ltmge a fenW/em pritmrrdia motihut errand: here then 
IhenxiTutU pastivn tnotug cet because deffmvrurU prim&rdut, Sender 
vnde oritur primum per viscera molia, as he says 272- 862 misere 

tiegrequs; MfnaleeH^ beneeU: Catal. xxivili 2 Maieet mehercuie et eA 
LAoriomf and comp. 863 male. . Accidere. 664 probet: see n, to i 

977 proheaL 866 Umertdum without eatt because of au« according to 

Lajiliniann^B nile : see n. to 1 111: see abo in 796 it^tiandum poMei 
but the role cannot be aaid to be qnite cerUtn. 868 Dijbrre annei 

4trme 10 c^^nparatively of so rare oocurteiice tiiat it cannot I think be 
iDaintained against the express testimonj of the mas. that this is not 
good lAtkL 869 MortaUm cet: Amphis in Athen- Tin p- 336 c 6m^ 
Tov o JJuK . . 'O 6araroc S" oBwaro^ itrriv, or am^ Tt9 artjBayj^ 

870 — 803 : wbea a man laments that after death he will rot or be 
tJie prej of beaate, be sure there is something wrong with him : he doea 
not separate his dead carcass irom his preaent self; and cannot see that 
after death there will be no other self to stand by and mourn the self 
thus mangled, or else burnt on the pjre; for if it ia an evil after death 
to be torn bj wild-bcaste, it ia earely as much one to bum in flames or 
the like. 870 tdA videaa'. see n. to u 41, »e. ^ indignarier: I know 

DO other instance of an aoc. of the person in this sense ; an acc- of the 
thing is common enough: compL Aen. 11 93 Ei ca^tiia xnaontia meciim 
iMiiffnahar amid with T 350 caeue tmeerari insorUis amid', so that 
mieerari^indiffnari^ and I^mb. would read here fniecrarier : 8S4 in- 
diffMUar te morUden^ ease ertatum} 1045 Tu vero dubikihie et indignahere 
olnre ; Snlpicios to Cicero ad fam, it 6 4 hem noa homunctdi tn^i^^nantur 
ft quie noeirum interiiL 871 cor. poeto : see n. to 892. 872 ir^Uf 
fiai} M ejio eonjh: see il to c 1004, 873 tun. nne. $onere, a 

&Tonrite metaphor with Greeks and latins irom Flato downwards: 
^OieaeL p. 179 D Suupownra ttrt vyie^ tijt <To£pov tftOtyytroi. $onere, ae 
156: Enn. trtg. 106 rtegue irati rieqtte blandt quicqttam eineere ah 
mmC mh, liim.'. it 1062 Bt stimuli stdieunl. 878 dai cet, 

1 e- dat id quod promittit se datumm, et id ez quo promittit se daturum, 
677 ddi: IT 1272 £tait etiim ndcum; Virg. ecL in 96 reiee eapeilae, 
where Conlngton cites Stat; Tbeb. it ^74 reicitque canes, 878 esse , , 

tuper i a snperess& 880 in morte, during death, or, as we say, after 

deatii ; just like in viia ; and perhaps in aentu, in odore, as nsed aboTs. 
881 iUiiA, the same as tftina dividit ilUfa i.e. ab illo se : it seems sim- 

pier not lo join \t with ttmOKet and w> mate a pntnedo eor^p&r^ an epeie- 
geais of it, u IacK doM ; though that would peduipa revembk Tir^ 
ecL 1 54 Mine . . ticino ah Umiu. 863 eoniamtnai tua here the neatnl 
BensG that tha snbst conto^ haa in Zio oorporit aiqtte tmintm JfitfM* 
fjontagioj aikd'740 coninuiu cOTtfa^io. 888 Kam ceL with reftr^no 

to iaeerari uritt, becaiue it waa TolgAtlj thoo^t that to be ■wnglwl hj 
beaaU vaa m miafortuDe, to be bamt on a funeral-pale a blcui^ : Fetiw. 
Bat. 115 Jertxs tamtn corpuM ktceraimrU . tanquam m^ivM iffnit ortifWrf; 
iatmo hanc poenam grari$9imam credimu^f vbi t^rvU tmacnnwr. fiSi 
Trt\cfaH\ antmuaiial meaDing: jnEnmagandothetaithaatheiCPMrof tft 
drag: see Fore 890 ^orreactftv a[^)ean to be a on^ ^^70^ ^^ 

892 denote one mode of burtal, that of embalming and laying in * sa^ 
cophagns : though in the time of Lncr. bnming on a pile and ^thffii^ 
the auhes in an um wu the common method, the o^ct W)» alao pne- 
tised : the nnmerous sarcophagi of all agea are aoffident proof of thia 
891 m mdh i it appeaia from many paai^^ that honey waa a principdl 
meaua of preserving a dead body: see Xeoophon Yairo Joaephtt* ia 
I^mb. and Hav. 892 vttm. gtL aeq. aim prob- denotes tbe bottom 

of the Barcophagns on which the embalmed body waa laid out: 871 <ot' 
port poato : but bodies were aometimea stretched on the bare nM^ ont cf 
which the tomb wa8 hewn, aa proved by many ancient tomba that havv 
been opened: or it may refer to a stone bed. aequoro: it 107 tpea U orum 
esc aetpi&rt. 893 common burying in the earth: Yiig, geor. n 351 

Qui »axo ruper atque ingcnttM ponders testae CrgererU, imitatea thia v, 
with quite another «ense- 

894 — 911 : they say, you will see no more wife home and childiai; 
but tbey do not add, you care not now for these; else they would not 
thua grieve for you : another adds, you sleep the sleep of death, freed tat 
ever irom all i\h; but we remain to moam evermore: yoQ mig^t aak 
this man, if the dead only sleeps, why mourn for him ev^Tnore 1 894 
la/n iam- Oie. Vezr. i 77 iant iant-, Doialellaj neque m^ lui nefiia iuonm 
tihentm,..mi8ereri potBSt; CatuI Lxm 73 lam tom dolei guod egi, vim 
ianique p^ienilet ; Aen. IV 371 iam tarn nee maxima lano Ken SAhnnwti 
Iiaec ocu/ia paier aepicit oe^is. neque uc; opt. : it ia not cMrtUA 

that these worda go with what follows : the older editors aeem to jdn 
them with what precedea, thongh tlieir stopping is ambignouA 895 
*uc dulces cet : Vii^. geor ii 52Z dtdces penderU circwn otouia natit 
C<t»ta pudicitiam servat domta; Gny elegy 21 For tkem no tture (Ari 
hlfiziiiff hearth ettall hum Or busy housewife ply her evening core, iTa 
children Tun to lUp their sire's return Or climb his kneee the envied hm 
to share'. Yirgil and Gray I £tncy joined the i£Xt>r with the demim 
896 iaciUf cet^ : Virgil was thinking of Lucr. aa well aa Homer when h« 
wj'ote Aen. I fi02 Laionae tacilum peritmptant gaudia peetut. 897 

BOOK III ^^^^P 267 

ai4jtoT.x Pkiat mil« 56 to nnwm in t&rrA neers Vii-fute et/orvta ef 
/rtcfU inaif'tUitrfiHi^. 608 i/t/^^iJ viiit^r'^, pcoxeu koheij;: Pluutu^i revels 

in this nod like cxpreasioQii; dee Nevoko KUglq* Mubi iH p^ 3J^!), iuifcro 
#ni«ri, jwtV* scitiiffj lelhi irffUf livetum docle, iiiipa int^ui, wm/a ma^ 
TWi^fn boiitig bonis briif Jvvtrrig, cii/iitta cupienit aijArnUr Giipit: coiup. tlie 
Poorly p'Htr tfi^?* fut tiveiJ, jmoHy po<ir wan ko died ol'Sjionsor: 101^ Est 
nttiffniftuji iimt/nihus. ffmniacst.: Momniaeti toacr. rt^ni NeajKil. 3133 

tjui tlita. 000 //^uc^ cQt, lihvws indireL-tJ^ vUo Ulo 4j>eA.kers aVQ, ab in 
1(03, 90] *w;?^rB: insapor : wo fi. to j C4D, denidEntini pet.: 918 

JmZ fi/wi^ c»wi tdaidrrittm iritideal mi 901 fw ifnitUnt tki '. a niro 

lonn of tjlidoa in licxamiftor venei see Luo. jUtieller de rtt metr. p. 290: 
but foand aIso vi SO Qir^Ji^ quiiiffm fit: comp. in 339 A^^ emVn uC; 
Y 580 Alteram ^trtim it* partem ; iv 61G Fltn^ulum habcrU ; 61S *f»^t- 
iQ» aquni; 1 1012 alt^nitti ^r^i/iir OrelL inscr. 1192 BOMJia ATTFIINAI- 


CI0tM- 006 Dmicufii in his 'jruve: A/tar iifes^fai Jcvsr hcttUeps 

«D«Q : fiwrie qnecEie i !1 40 fft tJu:r/i lioes nota ttijoy ^eeruuU 'rcia And 
Iv^tpy COM \oh'^ thmi dQ*t- WiM ftn4 crtfvo. 906 cinc/\Klum \ DbcU. 

MaftUs Nomiis for eipMoiag it 'in oini^rom diraolirtum' : afUr tin? um- 
tngj h« A3'ti of tuiif^icera rttbt/w.-ere and the like lb luii^t b^.* ooiinecUsd 
wiiii u GU)ipoaod neut. rt*rb cUti^e \ prope niufit be jnined with it; bo 
propt ci">J^ menus ' qui ium pr^yie ciiiei'is colorem et aiippectiiiu nanctna 
tuxJ' He tb^ia in Lie bLurt fuigmatjad way iiuplica lluit bftsfum iorc u 
not Uie pyrar but the tomb in which tho tux]/ woij Icud entire mul gro- 
dviuJlr mHComul froia timd Llid but: of jisIihs. Jtri-rr{/ii:o bunto 1 ha\c Jta 
d<.<jUt meaiu tbf tiiDCiul-pilo ; atii] if rmr/ucfur/^ catiJiot havir (lie lu^au- 
iuggivuD to it by Nonius, it must imply thst Uie frionrjs lootpd on snd 
«Hpt Thile tlie bud/ <pVjLa cuugbb by tlie iLiiuea Qiid graduitlly chiiiigod 
ita xutanl colour for thai givi^u to it by tho scoroliln^ of the tire. Thia 
lA perhaps mt-^re piieticAl UiJiEk ta give it the M«Aiiing asieigned to it hj 
KouiuA, thotigh iti in hold in auch & cue to epotk dcgmatictdly like 
LdcU, i but it spoilfl the fiae paosogo to join, iks he doed, pro/y^ n^itJi 4^111^ 
907 /iw. i^/. : U^r, epiAt. i H 7 [io£«n<itf Ijiaolabiliitr. SOS 7fu£rr(j- 
i^m M:emi rather to have the force of ddorem : Cic, ad Att xii 38 S 
■^flfrpi^iit n»innt - dulfffcm tifc pottti ftc, « possem, vellsm- 800 //^u*/ 

oA hKi Ltre, aa DOO, with fioetk-ai inUire^Uosa he tella vhu la tljo 
tpt^ktr of 901 — 908: probubly tho u>d or aonrcet roUtiun iaainglvd oot. 
mi Cttr tpiitq^uuj^ {LUenm cct. ■with reference to 307 a^teriiutiiq^tR X 
din ci?k 

9X2 — 830 : men eay gtas^ tn hand * eDji>y (fat? nioiD'?ntj it cannot 
W ; aa if at'i«r dchlh one frit tlie waut of iriiio nr hiight *!« : 
iro haro uo thuiight fui life i how much lci» then in ilcHth if 




CAU be ft loss than notldti^ ! for death h ft moro complete diBperiion of 
our matter, a altep thut knon's du wult.iii|r. 912 ieitenC^ue: I 4% 

mau'i nlineTitiB pocula rite, 913 J««^tf = atBae[x>fit : ao«n. tov 1S3L 
ora IB very vagiieljr uj*d by the ]-K>eU ; here it muat meaii the tmnn : 
Atn- Tl 772 u^nnintUa geru/U ctvi/i Urnporj* quercfi : f^r it wcmld bo tr* 
fetched ta Kuppou tbat the crowu on tbc bead fihadc^l the ftioo. 614 

Six Art. tti rfttf. : IV 1 1 95 /acit ey. animo tn^e ; Ter. euo. 1 7J tit 

anioto. bfii*it cct. : Amphii in Athen. viii $3ti C Uu'f mr^c dii^rof « 
fi'ov, dXt'-yo? Prffi y^« ;yiovoT. 215 ^'nerU has it*i woll-known Tone: 

S<ea erirumi bcu nos /atti /uiase veltnC. 917 torrfi : Lach. qaolea from 

th« glc««r, Cyrilli flironau/ta vstilndo fortes ; lUid fnr the furm coinp*r«e 
lohtB iahts ptflea eel. 918 aiiae: this gen. u found e¥i0u iu Ck. dt 

div. XI 3C tdia^ pecudifi iivur 7iitldTcyn a.tque ptennftt alf alieu horrui^m 
itujit^ ftrtfe. rti Tnoum^vll. Ji« iv 885 ilUus rei consfat imaijo : era n. ta i 
683- PJaut milea 60^ hea ihc dat. Qui /nWt adidurxo ^imlv^nA m nuJ/i 
a^ia««i iitjfrobiOj whoro Ritauhl quotw Patjita Feet* p. 37 *af*ae i^' dixit 
PlAiktuji pro oo (]iii>d ei^t tUn mL* BS3 924 ne^ d. to fiCO ra^fiftM 

cet. 625 tarre/^M cot. : 1C3 tWryifTc cj: wj/i^m* corj^it*, 928 rfi^ 
uc^ui aaem« to be a uvrof Xryc/i. 929 /cfo appvara b> bv the dbL go 

of coti ill C^rrHK^ffur : Acquitur cuni luU» j Ihcjugb Ivunb, utAy b« righ 
in cKpliumiig it by *iD loto, in morto' or pIso ^pci- Ictum': or it nmr be 
the dat. 930 Sfcuta aeemfi to hu^'a the farc« it haa iii the pbi^iKeii, ryj 

^icuiit^tr victi/rtrtt, Atrw/rnt utid tbe like; lall lu the thivrv of; oijiip. 
Coium. vri 4 2 cui ai ijniJ detrahUvr/r^fuie vU»<^, el/uUa K/piitvr ffrt^^vt, 
Cic Tuea dii^p- i 02 lutb'is simmum itunffinem tnoriis taviqtu^ ocfu/tf 
indui^f d duhitai <juin tsitou^ in mvrU iiullut arty tunt iti eiu4 timulturo 
rifims e»BG nullum aeitaumJ 

931—977 : if nature wei'o to flu/ to yoa or me 'why lamtsut jtmt 
death? if your life haa been a plcoaont one, vrhy nut goto rest aatisG 
with thfi feastl if tfac tfUDtraryT vby not end yu\ir troubles? for I hai 
Tkothiug new to giro you, if you were to live f jr evor' ; uro miist lUlo 
her wordj to be true : if an old man vere to bemuim bimst^irf would Uiol 
not witli juatico Lbna cbiduT * a truL-e with tu-ai^ ; thii fault la your u«r 
if you have not hiul enjoyment'; mako vay fur others: they too wi 
follow yoTi^ as you now foUow th'.i&e beforo you ; life ia but a litoi 
tfiiiure L wbnt toulc [Ance before our bti'th is nutbiug to usj Jud^ 
thia of vfhat the future will ho after oar dentL 933 hoc aiicui . . in^ 

nvfipt: Livy i 51 I Ivi^ Aridniig in rfi/fin liainawim iiiervpaju. 933 
Qiilii Cibl lanfo &f/C}'e6t seema to uieun -ftiul Cifii vt tam rvi'jni m4>menli. 
93S ^'ativ fn-^ttJt cot., !}3S C'lr nan, 0-10 Sin coU. 043 Noit. cet : lin 
iKung FXprva§L-d iu tbo second condition makc^ tho oniuaicn of n U^m 
knh in llie Ib^t ; Hor. are 439 inditis te povue -mijani. ., deUre ivMot 

BOOK ifr 269 

*,.Si d^/mdere . . maUett Nullum -ultra twrfium cot ; TaTen. in 100 rUet, 
vtaior^ eachiTmo Conculi^r; Jlct, n cet. 035 grtUu: its opposite 

mgraiu is aaed by Lacr. four times : Plaiitos and Terence bare the full 
fbnoji ffnt^ia and ingratUSt ^' Cicero asea gratU and in^raiU -. they 
mean with the will and againat the will respectLvely. 936 pertut^tn 

oet. : 1009 foltwm pertu*am cong^rvrt in vn$ : the ajloaion here therefore 
most be to the Daraida 1 Flaut. pseud. 369 In periuaum infferimut dicUt 
daiitim; operam tttdimu*. 937 itiffrala is opposed to 935 gratU. 

938 pknta cet.: comp. 960 Quam atUur cet. and Hor sat i I 118 
tseado ctmienMta i€mp<yr«j vita Cedat uf i &>nvira gtUur ; then 1 31 verhum 
non ainpJiuf ctddam; and Lucr. 941 cur ampiitu adders quaerig. Orel- 
Una h h quotes from Stobaens wnttp ix trvnwmov at-aXAarro^t ov^ 
^virx*pauruv, ovm koI tK roC fiiov, oray 1} wpa ^ Comp. too 969 qvam tu 
eedden ead^ntqtu with Hor. &rs 70 gutte iam eecidfrre eadentgu^: 971 
pei^pa with epiot u 2 1^9: ace n. there: 996 ^t peten a populo 
Jhttsa MHnjojfUtf teoure* ImbibU et semper vtctvs irUtvqite recedit with 
vg^jA. I 16 33 ui n Dtiulerii f<tatje» indigno detrahit idem. *Ptme, meum 
e»t' \nguU : pono trittiaque r^txdo : lOSS ttui^tti* qui gtTdibuE imperita- 
rimi with sat; i 6 4 qrti nwj/nw Ugionibus imprrttarent ; as Lucr. t 13S7 
has IndupertUorem . . Cum vtUidis Ugion^>u« : 1063 Curril agen$ manno* 
ad vUiamf 1066 Atd e^it tn »omnum ffravis atque ohlivia quaerii, 1068 
^<K te quitque modo fugU (a< qutm\ sciliceif ie£ J&, effugere haul potis est, 
ingrtUis haerei) with epist i 7 77 Impotiiue mannig, sat, 11 6 60 rw, 
guando ego ie tupteiamt . mttie aomno et inerlil>us Horia Ducere aoUicUat 
vuc^nda oblivia viUte, 7 113 Ntm horam tecum ea»e potest non otia recte 
Fonere^ teque iptum vtiaa fitgitivus et *rro , . tawi *t>mno faUert euro* ; 
Fru^^TOy n*im coma aXraprem^ 9«quiiur(pi>a fugaeem, od. n 16 19 patriae 
quit AEuf Se guoguejugitf epiat. T 14 13 /;» c%dpa eat animua qui ae non 
aj'ugii umquam. Horace most hare studied this part of Lucr- which 
would well t^ree with hifl philosophy. 

939 eapia aecurtan cet: Or. &8ti Ti 331 Veata iacet placidamque 
eapti secura guietam : comp. with what precedes Sen. de benef. ill 4 
hoe l^jco reddendum eat Epictiro teatimonium qui adaidu^ queritur quod 
advemua praeteriia stmtu ingnUi, quod quaecumqtte percepimu^ bona 
non reducamue nee ijtier voiuptaUa numeremua, cum c^rtior nu^a ait 
wdvptaa quam quae iam eripi non potest. 941 tn offenauat • offenaa 
in Cicero; aa ad Att- IX 2 a 2 negaa te dtdntare qiiin Tnagna in qffenaa 
wim apud Pompwum ; so in invidia in htmore, in amore este : IT 1 156 
£aae m ddidia aummoqua in hoTtore vigere. 943 [cur] Ifon oe(Lji7iea% 
JaeU: 1093 qui finem vitai/edt', Ter. Fhonn, 32 Be Uh iamjincm 
JSiciam dicendi tnihi Peecandi cum ipse de ae finem non focit \ but the 
phntae ia rery common. 945 eadem tu.'Rl omnia aempar, 947 eadem 

iamtr^ omnia r^ataiU: so saya the preacher t 9 M0 thing thai hath been ia 



t?Mi Tffhtch sli^l ht, and ihnt to^ii^t t£ dott^ 10 ikfd uA*4^^^^^^^^B 
enti Iktre i* Tto jievj tf^nff under tff^ r>'n, 948 si pergnt^ 949 n p*iii^ 

^ujiia sin j/tori£n7^ui : I dinubt whetlic<r T have dene n}^h.t in te4MJiag 
ptrrfita for prr^ci of idsa. iu deference to Looibh nnd Lftch. : BCe C to O 
3S iicf#m--,c*i&a»i</upi *s*: here the dcci^iTc future, followcvl by 
mirre hf^tatiug potentiid sin TttortfuniB la a case wUii^U miul 
eontinno doubtful, appears to suit tbo context Lamb, kept p«rgm, a« 
iticfent, in ed. 1 : biit tm-'itly ^^hang^ both in ^. 3 : tAcfa. makci bo 
objection to iactflria. 946 Ommrt ccL ; lOOi) f£«* *p4e>( wU mvettdt 

ifiirtMre aasciti ; t '202 JftUia^uo th/ctit.tio vitntta fim^vrv amc/ct, vbera we 
ii» 960 mttfid^re liiem is a legal phra^; the tJitejUio Itf'itig the fur- 
ma] claim With which tfic nccaaer coii<:]uded, wbezi he cnU^ on th* 
jtidg© to condBTan tbo dafuadant ia «uch and snch a penally : Gftium 
41 iiUerUh ttt ea pars JbnniiJa^ qua actor daldarium auum cvrK-fufJit. 
ti pftrct, y,N,...dftre oport^te ctL 965 abhlnc of tho futuro. ft v 

ixTB pi^nso: fjach. and before him Fore, c\xe Pkcnviua 31 wjh* 'm^ tw. 
K*m tV«iIc ofiAi/w: ftrerCTiin^. 056 ^r/vnct^is r. pmm**a; 734 

vnvlta.../ti'K^t'iAT'j 940 f^f qttti^ ftiu-f't9 r'tjuque «; H' U17S fUK^ f«^ 
vnv/tn...JrttmUur; 1005 iVi/ f^Ur'r. ../ruffWy™; ir O.'S 7^frfi'i«r j^rinionrfidj 
ni 1038 ^'M/J^m poiUtie^ rv 760 yiWF*fl.„wwrB rtf fcrra poiitoMt. 
Bentl. qnotte Democr. Irag- 31 MuUsich avmj/ioi'rt Tcirf rtreavriop ^ 
Tali Tu o*^ovrovtrti comp^ too Enr. Hipp. 183 Otfit 
optfTicti TO itap^v TO £' ctTTov t^LAfffiDV iTTf?- 960 jtOH^ Lfi the ^IrttA 

tial. 963 4n€itel, an old word found Iq AttiuB PacnrlTig Lneili 
9Q6 ^i»e ^u^iMjn cet bub bis matter ia used for the growth of i/ih 
thingB, 967 M&ierifs opus est', aee n. to 1 1061, 959 ntxU 

these very tbiup whitib now fli^iirirfb hy your decay, hn»f in other 
binntbnn fallen thomHclvcs us you now fidl, ftiid in future coiabiiiati 
will fall ftg*iio. 971 ererj one haa the ijj"/*, and cot only tho » 

bat the uoru ef frttthis', for u«u is doubtUes put vltli poetical breri 
for H0ufrt/Hu-. Htusfnu^l'ie, ftiyH the dtgESt, e9i ivM tdienis nbug uftn* 
/riifiid^, sfdfla rfriim stthstmttui: the ttsita was mueli Tiitire limited ; ti 
JructuB indndes tlie itaua, not the Tf^uv the yruff <u; Ouriua lari 
ClMro ad fam. Vij 29 t tninv enim ^pV""' f^ hnifj /tnjvtt Se JfftW ruMfn' 
er^Gj-nictitj ast luin*, tnnnripiiiTn Uiitui; aiiil Oicpm replies in 30 !■ rw 
[Attiei] q\i^iMTri prof/rrutn to *i«w afriirU ja^ni^pM ri ne^d, mwwit 
«#u et JriifiM^ ciml^nCiu <Mo turn . \d ur£ niiim n^iu^^iM /n'Oprvufii, 
^U7ff« yVuLJur o/fUfl uftfttr : hab Datnro girea to none tho nua-vnipii 
<.T jV« Q}iir:ti\in^ ibe full snd al**>lule ownonhip of life ; lifv m en 
lent; lis u.infru(^t ita the dige;^ »4ja is oidy tu^ tJr^.n%A /v&m* ifC« 
Jriitrtdi\ man ja never t^omTTtiw; nature koepi* tho dftniinittm to hcr?«lf 
fUO^c^rTif ti eredif cojitullU^ mayt^fpai ii^u*, Bsiyti HomcO, but not lif-s 
'. ti^uctijda [> in force henj ; ofrt ydp ■<jcTv^t9a 'Hfiiupaf ovrd rX^if 

^^^^^^^^^^^ BWK irr ^^^^ 271- 

JvMiTTC-di fi!nVj M7S Eun|jidee or Moschion <^f tbo bcrij. 973 qu'Jir^ 
nafctmur dntt: iv 634 'ptam mms provit/if tpiitl vfiiC anfe. 977 

Mtbota musl luive been thinking of Liicr. 630 — [)77 w^heo lie pen.ned 
tpigL £S4 4 tnr.ra «* mm a^f . id qnolQ tnt iam acio. hoe fii'U ftcmt jii9 
q»od ftni€ nv: /utC. m r/t/i'l tn hat re iorm^ili crI, /M^rts* eat et /tilttB^ 
ojiitquam pr^dirtrntu in trtcem: idqui rtiUlarn neii^irttus tunc vKxationein 
ffl32 imttadonU tentpore jKnuimttji tu'.fjt'i] . , it/i'iiit^uA vera itlf/t »"*in'tbis 
ft?t> [&77 rum omni soinao ftecuriua &c*'W]h Arist. cth. Nicom. ill 9 
with tra«r ioBtirtot, ^J^ipurcrin* h* o OaiitTOt' trtpat y<ipt lai ouSi** *ti 
iy r^9vt^L AflKit our ayntfov ox<i€ aaKov dvfiL 

078—1023: the atorios toU of hell uro rcftlJy Imc of tliU lift; Tim- 

tftliis Tilyo* Si>Tph(ia, Uii* dangliters of Dixii:nifl, are but types of j'loojjla 

tortoeatcd hero by vurioua luita aud [jivwiuuA ; TiitLlH-uj^ too Ctibti-ua 

Ihe furies hare no existence; but aro pictures of tbo vixrioija puniab- 

nwnis of crime in Uuh WiiHd ; and even if thesH are ustmiiBil, tiie Uirhina 

fjf ocmvcLcnce moke g. hell of cftrth. 980 foil this puaiahineiit a 

Ms^ed by hjiQ to many, »& Pindar Cicero and Euriji, Orefltv 5, iv paasflgo 

Lucr. nifty liJive Lud Iwfute him, TovraXo? Kopvpij'i iJiripTiXAumi Stj^at- 

»iv nvrpQv 'Aipi iroraTfti; wbero see J\>rw)nfi copiou* nnt*.*: ho citc3 

immg otIierH Pmisnn. x 31 at end, vha il^icribos a picture of Polygno- 

tU9 ropreacutiiil^ tha Hummc puuiahmentd aud irt addittrin to ik too 

«ri|p»Tjl^ci-ou Ai'Sou oilfAo: Ptilygnutua, Ffliianuifts adda, foUowi-d Archi- 

lochiiH; bnt wLcther the ktUir invented the piiniRliment ho cnnuot ti^li. 

BBl cawf>yor^. rccure lOilK QB3 cam'm: thcro is an cxiJent pUy 

dA Ibe literal *nd tigunxfiv'o monning of tUb word: comp. with the 

UiOfe Ci& itti fiu, £ OQ occfffr^ FZL<c;/f ^fif^'jt r^^tc;^, ifiutel sau^ttm Tttalfahtj 

tmper impendrf, turn aitpvrafUio gva qni est imhutm, quietits c**fl nnm- 

^Hhn jNVfvC: he may veil liAve been thinknug of Luor. bare, aa in Tuec. 

TBfi. lY 35 he ilrawa a di^creai moml from Boine tragic po<5b. 08S 

Efietrt* 969 Opeinnti -. Wnk. citea Livy XAii 2 d o/'aimu tjbtiiittuilug 
•f*Bf! for otter inafcanccs aoo Fore 993 voltt^en sooma to bo ex- 
plained by nnfjor and runw, bat as a po&t he jninH them by the aimplo 
c^ipula alqur, and doea not aay ftoc rM <tnyor^ or the like, aiixiua *tii-^ 
jtr ivoura vi 1158: oomp- Cio, Tuao. dUp. iv 27 eaiyus tditul iracun- 
ium MUf nlitid iratiimf lit differt t\nxittJi-t <ih anQore \ vwjue tnitu, 

tf »i»f«r ebriitaiim H ebrio»iff>f^n interest^ riHufitjae tA amaUtrem mn*, 

a^vd ttnMTUi*r't: »in tb:Lt Lucr. may laciw to vxprej^B nn abidio;^ 

«f it m%f hi} only one of bis raaoy |M>4>tif-al pieonsksma uqlI lu- 

«m a, to T B36 M»aiit ronft'ifi ; nnd <]oinp^ Virgil's LmitAtJon Aon, 11 4|^ 

lf*»*>r tfitrffi* iJ'iTt'; and Edtt, trag. 356 olivto in oiio^ to which CiotrO 

ralo niij^t apply. 996 faatCB col. : V 1234 pulciiroa /'UicU sa^vi^qt 

2'2 yr-TYJ^ :r 

Mtrunt; Aen. ti ^10 emi^dU i/ii/>fri'ih4 Me primiu taectuque mcurm 
Accipi^A: in Lucr, Xaia p^t'tre imptriunt (•jUows immedifttdT. 907 
InJfihU: \il2 ut fx ira pofnod ptten inbi'fU ocru: Forv^ p^vin examplci 
of thifl iu« from C[cen> ftud Litt- 1000 Hutmf^in : it 506 nivUtri 
TI 83f? nawri^ leiicoEu gt^e do other insbuice except Aen. v 379, tIum 
iode^ M F V h&ve yix^ntfm, R jr^xatUtm. 1000 — 1003 : Odp. k 
503 'Uru o fihf fTJtijpirTo/iot>f X^*^^ ^' -wwnf n Aoor cvw bfamrc xm 
katftav oXX* «v /£cXAoi 'Avpor rrrp/JaXvctr, nrr iiroirrp<^airjn i^nfuft' 
AtTK ciriira TiaoL-Sc mXi'i^cro Aaac dmi&ij^ 1001 ncttcm : Mtt IL tO 

45 />/^»u;m. 1004 ^xjjJjfT^ cet.: Koniiia p. 424 'fxpi^ri et aolian' 

banc h^bent diSrretitiam : expi^ri est tautaaimodo plenum eoe^ «al»an 
■Qfjm ruwlum et abundautiam, Lucretius lib. n Deinde onimi iRjT'^aftM 

M, Tollias de re publica lib. n graic*>A fni'm dbm<'jia« ceL ^uotf ^ufa mc 
txpleri iifc gatiari idfo modo pi99*inV c«t.: the voidd are practicillj 
BjDoiL both in Lncr. and Cicero who di> s^nect 47 has ttUiatit rero eJ 
expUtU with the order iurerted. 1005 Wrrum cum ndifunf expresM 
Hi^mera rtpurXo/uKur cruitrru*'. 1010 poie^urx see n, to I 1043 

1011 see notes 1 and Serrius there ; and comp^ Cic Toec disp. 1 10 
dUj quiKso, «um U ilfa t^rtnt^ triceps apud itifirM Ccrfeni^ €oc}/ti fe^ 
vtUus, travtctio Acfutr^ntigj Mento etimmam aquam attingena enectm 
Hiti Tantalus, tunx ilfud quod Si^rphn' Teraat Saxum sndana nitendo 
Deque proScit h^ixm, ffirtoiit ttUtm iiuxorabiUg iudieet Jffno* ti Shada- 
manlhutl in the vsa. lost mention maj well have be«n made of Cocytna 
Acheron Rhada man thus or Minos, and of Ixion'a puDiaLment, and 
thas antecedents got for Qui gunt : in geor. IV Ixion'a wheel is mentioned 
in the MUne wa^ together with Tartania C4.Tberus and the furies ; and 
hw wheel would well represent aome of the puniahmenta on earth, spoken 
of jircscntly. 1012 eruelam JattcibM ae$tut: Aen. ti 297 Aatmi 

al/jue omnem Cocj/to erttctal harenapif £40 haittua atrU Favcibut effiM- 
deiu. 1015 ittrtfa: see n. to i 30 loqudlng- this word aoemt tobea 

a7a{ Xcyo/i. 1017 Tobur ntudt be the lowest dnngcon in a priaMi, 

hcDce called carctr inferior, iuto which criniinali were thrown hdam 
execution: Tac. ann. it 20 njbur et saxitm aiU parricidantm ptxnn 
tniniiantium ; Livr xxivm 50 \Ovlin cairtre. .indvdattireiintvhon 
et tejufrri^ exupiret'. the fumoua robur Tuliianum, atili to be seen li 
Rome, is described by Sell, Cat^ 55 : some take robur to mean the ea^- 
leus ; and Yaler. Max. vi 6 1 jeans laceratus vtrheribut eadtoque iivp^ 
sUtegf candeniibti^ etium lamminia tutta; and Sen. epist TS 19 pltu ad 
Jlamma ei eetdeua et iamtnina: Cic- Verr. v 163 cum i^mes anfyrUaaqti 
lamminM ceitn^e cntdatua adnt^vebantur: the Jtamnut of Scmeca and 
iffne§ c£ Cicero = the iaedae of Lncr* jnz: Pkut capt. £96 U, H kU 

BOOK in 


^piot aeneK, Pix tdro trgitct apud earrtifi^fim tfMque capUi irdjiccat. 

OlS tJie conaL flppe*rs to l.e irdhUf^t titi utimiiioa t/jrrettptP nez corap, CS 
Undt . , Efft£gUiG, . r«nic**«, and u. tLore. coanci^ts nidi <iad cong\:i\t9 fiiclU 
LTA bol^b oaminoD, but u^t the double dat> 1020 1D21 comp- Attius 

iT7 -Ve»yH* ulltt iut^ynjiins cnoi ihttur, 10S3 nhdlomw - <jxlrcniea 

meet: Llie cpicurenus ami Htiuics liad m&tiy pointii id ocmmcitif nttd ^uuoug 
Jieae timt of cBlling lb** rest of tlie world fools: iloUdita lie Iwiee iuoh, 
knd both llnica of the Bt<ricfl, na we Lave seun. With what prcci^iles 
MEn[\ Democr, frflg. 119 MuUacJi fi'i^m Stob, flor. cxi 20 t^-ini C^i-'jr^s 

■c^cQ wffilTdj /iCTQ TiTi* TrA^vT^T ^ufi^oTrAncTT ojoFTEs ;y»ovflT : Couap. too T 
1154 full atiJ K|itcuru!4 :itid Smisi-u, cEIphI thera 

1024—1063; you may aiy too loyouraolf 'Uio host and ^jreatcst kin^B 
xttupjprorfl »mg*^H jkcwiH^ Kpicui'u** himself, have died \ why alioiild I tlieu 
k to IJTt, who difijtm away Lfc amid cnrtis and dcliuionit V 1024 

tliifl potoDtidJ liucr. dulif^hts iu, fia Lilb been evj i>ft«i; noiod above. 
1025 Uic wiiols flrr from Enn. jmn. 1-10 Postqnimi lutnin.^ nh ocv^ifi 
^nv* AttetC rcituqttU ; tba thought of tliia and the mt v. from Iliiid * 
107 K.aT0av€ Koi HarponXoK mp <rio nvXAut' q^clVuk': l^cli^ U doubtless 
riglii ia making the wlaole of thia jmssagi: a sulilcxpiy of tbe reader, *m; 
leo n. tc [ 10^2 -B^iAf^ff. 1026 iiuprclc is^vaiS^, iiiLcoiiEcJomLble, iinmo- 
de«14l« iii ^ijjoi^tnliiin ; an Ror. ^pist i 10 40 fhjriinuiti vehiC iirifrro- 
i/uti and i/nprolt iu isat. ir 2 104, 3 200 1 sa of tliiugfl ia5or I'^ij^rytfu, find 
BttO. tint* qpiadst* iv 4 3 at/^fm imber improhior est, and the lika, 1027 
r^^ polrfi~i fi^a il to Ii 13, 1020 tiiitffniini: )tti h LUiukiug of tho 

pAivcr of thd bcn gcnorally without inrticuW ivfcrcuc*- to the mvrrow 
H«11evponL 1031 hminfifi^. this ii|tt?lling U ponHrnmd by f)iir m^hL 

Iwra iLndTi £38 and £^2^ auJ by M in Viig. geoi*. iii Z(j5 : the cburge uf 
d into U) iKimpoiuida is vory Iroqaontf as iv C05 Dis^luU] eo pitttvlto 
^40%/Irn ijtwidui in Plaiitus: comp. rjJt^TO nud conrnlco ct& tptfttUt and con- 
nU«> Gt^ cfffni aud ooiz'F/^Ot ruplo and surmpftit otc. a ftrw inutaneea out 
^^^^ftDj. 1032 oomp. ciilex 33 jVo^ IlefUepojihis jtctHbtts pnUntua 

P|pvrun>' 1031 ScipUidiis: see il tu i SG Mr/itrirituiiu, nberu it ih 

obftgrrod tbnt Scif/iadan from Scipio is a more irrcj^uJnr [lybrid than tho 
olKer: the t*rminiitioii -ea ia coiiJira^eti by nur uisa, nnd those of Lnci- 
Uiu Virgil aud UorBOo, Sctp. ^L /ii/m'.n\ At'u. VI 842 tiemiitos diio 
fmitmna htllit ^f^piatUig, dad&m L^byaa; Siliua vii lUG t^ti »i"rjf7 *»/><* 
fulmnagfnlU,Scipwtlaf,j^v Z\i) CitrrhntjinU hurroT-. all ihiwe pafiffl»(je9 
ouglit liAVe Tcfci'cnco to n loc^ ouo of Exiuiufl or other old pot?t> nod it I 
oatiiml enough (hut both the elder nud ynongrr Afi-i*!atius nhoidd 1 
Imneil ihuiiderbults of war ; buL then Cic piv Balbo 34 snys fun» (A 
fitlmitux rtoairi imperii ncbito in Uitpania Cu, «i F. JUdpivtic* o^iAd 

IS 4 



cte^JUsent OniQnBand PnliJiiia were great genermls, pArliftpii not inr«- 
rior U» the more foii,uuate naphe* uud M>n -, but alill wLtn tb*^ ojt* » 
dioiatroofl an end, it ia dnc^ni' Cicero slionJd call tbcm the tv^y ihaa- 
df^hdilt of tho empire. ^^11eIL we thiitb nf the words t^ijtio and jtrapttr, 
Wjd ihc Engli^h */f'y7, aad oKiirnrv atawTav aK^Trrpatf. and tljcu irrT-Txrt 
o-inJuTw and oognate waitbi, aud IhfeJr c(Jiuie]don vith the Ihnnderlxilt, 
ve migljt be tempted to think thiit the Scipios lovt^I tu refer tbcir iuuir« 
to It mthorthrm to tlic more homctr stnBl 1 find but omr reconlcd ooio 
of the faraJIf, nnd it hna OH the raverae fi Jupirer vitU thnud^TboLt in 
tlio rig]it uiid sct'ptie in the left hmul ; whicli loiglit rtcnli both rucajiiup 
of the word, Vuleriiifl MruL m 5 1 hiis this rcmarkaLl[- exprt^vu i^ 
relating the degeneracy' of 9ci]»i"*s son, UH l&iii, *jna* Wii^^w € qva 
tnifte jiioci passi cflis/ 1035 Jamui \^f.l oi'tur Eur. kou. 317 « 

ai/wiPJO w( yoTrtui ittfimiit [rass. fljWi'm«it] <»»£ Pnulus Feat [i 
'_/af^Ki/i oiigo ab Oflcift dependet apud qutft servun /omel DomiTialiittTipl 
with y'ai'/rii/ may be compart the toaiij words ending in r nhich hni 
lost the linal ti», sjt pitt^r ^-e/iper ag^r socfr tnwr and the liktv 
i/cA cr^/n,: AcJi-iI 775 Ct^fjiea 2tuitanim c&mit^ft \ Hesiod theog; 1 
OTiwi' 'EAiKMVioA^i', l^i* ao:£u^ BioiKTiicuv Bipovi^y ; bjmn, Hom. XUlJI 
ootSa't MowmW ^f/wirofcTft 1033 StvjUm juAxtits ia jttThaia fWna 

tikiA 5^0 itcffitrum jj^/tcrttur jutlrit. tad^n^ aliiai il 919 aniaMiia 

tuTjd, 1039 iwtL v^iit9tti»\ \i\a ogi^ at hia Jt'jLlL is variiixjtilj- p'^m 

from flO to lOy ycui-a. 1040 mattorfs tiioftta vo\i\d produce tDcmorj^ 

and thereby ibe power of consUtent thought, just as tha ttnti/m mi 
^ttthliica Eciise. Lncr> bj placing DemocrlLuB here wuuld ^ciii to gil 
PSm rank next to £|ii<riiniG: he thus di^ays u more tbiuthful stisiiw 
obligatioD than his mUiStor is r-eeordod tn have done, 

1012 fiifti dccurxfn I^acb, in hie daU*rato aoia, after attempting 
proTe that the hwt sy\l. of jVZ and its compounds is alwaya long, jii 
to shew that Lucr. could nub lavu iJbcd the contiacted form ol/ii tfcTa 
a cocfionant : wbv 7 bee&uye tho pools have three diUvrent ucagw ui 
gnrd to theae rormri ; a fifw, Fhjii.'i1niH Seneca Sjlhin, admit thr-m oi 
hei'oto coQBorianta op at tJjo eud cf a verse ; the old comio poets c^ill 
belbre A rowel or consonant; moat, Vii^l Ovid Lucan Statriu 
tjal and othcis, onlj befi>re a vowel; now Liicr. twice lutes them 
a vowel, IV 330 {314) Mer init octdog, 771 peril atictfite \ lanlctts tbi 
ho cboae to dctn:end to the level of a comic pott^ he eooM not also 
^it lifeurto, »ii be hud taken hU otand on tlio other |iractiee. 
■BtiQus coneluaon ia refuted hj- Ltie. Mueller de re metr. p. 3^9 in < 
raw; Miirtifll Locan 8UIjub are placed by Laeh, in the third 
!B0lt«OtTeet dasfl ; but MartijU uot only s&ys i G'2 l> Mi Udcuf^ ti i 
fmnnJ ti Cottons aetag : but oka 


ipius ahii rrutiiAf 

BOOK ni 275 

77 3 perU fidt ; Luc&n not only has obit auf, but also iz 20d ohU Pf>n»- 
pMj 109d pmf (uruere; StaUaa not only tttbU ibi ajid the like, bat 
«1«> Thflb, TU 439 intf >cff7v«, z 205 adit wm: what Lach, saya of 
TifgU has Aozne support from mss., but taking into account that poeVs 
ubiuI rbjthm it aeemB almost incredible that he ahould five tim^ havd 
writtwi isdit exitj trdnni, trdjisii, trdn^it ; never once dirided the word 
betveoQ two feet, ea^ etc; Martial doea not hesitate to say traroU 
^t tftke audent JundutU or any other word of the aame quantity and 
■Be how the oaae stands with them. It may be Baid on the other side 
' why ifl not exiii or trannit used by Virgil in the 0^ fbotT but these 
^ronb only occur five tdmea ; and I find that he uses audiit 13 times io 
ftU, 11 limes in the first fbot: of the two exceptions one is a case of re^ 
petatjon, Audiii . . audiit ajnttis. It is however possible, aa I have 
rem&rked to 776 conubia, that Tir^ so placed these words as to give 
his readers the choice of taking them for a dactyl or spondee, aa they 
pieued. Ovid^s exceptional and repeated lengthemng of inleriU aHit 
redUt etc: as well aa petitt ia evidently done in defiance, aa if he would 
MSy ' whoever ia afraid to lengthen these words, I am not^ : hia example 
appears to me rather to go against than support Lach,^ or else why is he 
singalar among the poets of hia day in this practice T nor is the redieit v€- 
meii occasionaUy found ia old ioscriptiona any ^firmisaimum argumentum': 
n&ev ttlei Qtei nud qua^ occur in the new corpus inscr. more than 100 
times, Ju^ is also fonnd ; yet Virgil eurely might use all these short : 
in Elnnius' time all perfecCa in -it were Iod^ Neither Wagner philol. 
•appL I p, 316 Dor Conington to Aeo. 11 497 accepts his Virgiliaa 
theory; aod as to Plantua Fleckeisen in Jahn^s Jahrb. lxi p. 59 folL 
haa deserted him and retracted hvs former opinion- Lucr- three times 
uses the contracted perf. of the first conj. i 70 IrrUtit, v 39G tupertU, 
Ti 587 DigtuTtnU: in each case a vowel follows; but it may be re- 
marked that the reading in the first two iuetancea rests on a conjecture, 
though a highly probable one. 

1042 dec lum, vUae: Lach, says 'interpretea vilae lumen quomodo 

deCHfrofur . . uon recte expUcant, acilicet obliti so in libro 11 79 legiese 

Siqttan otrm>res vitai lampada tradutU*: I much doubt tliis allusion, 

and am disposed with Lamb, to look on it as a mixturo of two m6t&« 

l^ors^ decuno vita^ apalio asd ea^tinelo lumtne vttaei it may have 

fdi er ence to the course of the sun. 1044 JteetincJTU '. Cic orator 5 

nte ipM ArisioUie$ admirahUi guadam scitntia et eopia eel^romm aludim 

nttinxU : the ioaertion of c before x ia interesting as another proof that 

doabUng the coDsonant did not change tbe sound : cjs cs x were all pro- 

noUDoed alike, just ba it xg eg were: see n. to 545 obbruietcat: it is 

ioterfisting too as a proo^ if proof were needed, that as ff became c before 

f in redum auctum and the like, so did it become ciareac rm auxi cet; 


2j6 K0TE3 n ■ 

cee ictrodaction p. SG. 1046 v^fro nf^ vidfnti, ui fcTlftpnthr* ]>fifl 

Tub, 4fl LiudU Lm M*n. 3tr*n|rthfTn:^l hy the ojrmorvn Mvrttut <m ■« 
0ffl: it Docur^ in Flautns rtaJ T^rer^iH.^ nnU Cii?, fro SaUo 59 Wrw^ ^ 
ahtnif tMi a riJau mm vUtU «K VfMitu xuo jmhU/^tiiJi. ItHfi t->jr*i'<H 

C«^: PIaqI Ampb. 697 &Ad capt 848 ft/tiorui Mmtiiaf ; w> thftt tdl 
line too ia proverbial: Ter, eun, 1073 tfbfflA Hdiftfu rf c/u*: imleM I 
grentljr err^ there are very mruiv prooCl Ju Lurr, cIihI tc w«s vr-Jl Bfr 
qnuntcd vith tbis P^'^fr *^ niiglit Iiatb been eipe«t«<L LO&l ^hrvM 

nuj b«m m^fin, hATiag tlie mind diaonlererl and rtirp^Gtwl* or ^fo ttd' 
ingUkea drunkflrd nudw tlie lo*d of tmnWer tlie taetapbcvr ia norc 
Abriotrfl, wbcn Horace spoiLka of one Jorlvna dulci Ebria, or Cfttulini d 
8 lr»ver*a ^firioa ocflCot^ 

1053—1075 ; men f««J a burdoo presntig o& their noinds ; bat if 
they knew why it wcighfl upon them, ih^ wouJd not li¥« >g ihcj ^ 
UyiDg bj conflt&nb cbiw^ of placo to eaoapc from Ihouiaeiveii : ihtf 
vrtmid give txp flTeiytbing else to etqdy the oatur* of tliingB, nace ^hoj 
htiva if\ learn wbat their condition is to he; uiit for hd houn but frr >il 
elcnutj. 1058 mall iiiolea -. the nAsouancc ia eridcnilj dcaagtt«d ; m 

Cic« in CttiL in 17 n^n /aeiU havtc Uxnf^m nmUm naii a eervieihw ttt' 
Iris depulistmt ; de ttttL I S in to maitatae vioUt molntJantm c4 f«r^ 
fern£t««inuM tempt*e(Ud» taUUerujii, whcro th<j« is oaBOUiiDce ttnd nlLitmr 
tloQ. 1058 TcilL crimp. Enn, trag^ 24^6 0iio90 in otic oniimif i»cKd 

Inetrit emt animva, prrKtet prcpter rtiam vmiur, 1063 mmMM 

wen Binnll Gallic horses fninoufl for swiftue^ and evidently iti grcAt de- 
mand &t Rome for lue in liAJceaa^ Horace mentions tbeuj iii bis oda 
epodoa and epifltlM. prasapitarUer bwou not ta occur dMvbenr, 
1068 Hoc K txt. qnoW by Soil de tmoij. aiL d 14 aiital tx nlto tier 
auscipitur ei spedactJa apacUtculu tnyttarUi^r^ tti aii Lncnliu4 Hoq m 
qnisqiie raodo semper fagit. fed ^iiitl jwodett, pi na^ <J^'"iP' f te^itmr M 
ipse et urtjti grttviseiinu* c&tii^ : he rightly mu-ks the aulilhesis beti 
J^it and cffu^ii ; comp. Cic il« £il T SO n« viiationoin ^ni4*m 
iptarn jier st quU/jvam in rebus ejcpeleadtM ptOomt, viin HiaaK 
poesci ; and Sec. cpi«t. 03 &i end tjuul aitt^m at! rem periinct quam 
«ifcj ijaittl eritare nort po^isl Hor. opjst, I 14 13 In. ovlpa eff 
^1 90 Titirt fffuyit umquaiih. 1069 ingraiU -. we n, to ^^r> gttOU* 

edit [bo] ; ao« lu to VI J033 on Lucrotioa' love of poreulhcsea Uk« 
1070 morbi a^gitr i. & quin tnorbum santit, sed q\iiliuF e caiiai« 
Eoecit ; comp 1053 foil 1071 r^hua rdirtUt wtiU ilkstrau-d 

Lamb, fr&m Piautua ftaJ Tcremre, menna cdtris r^hos roJidis. II 

Feii^ gtii poliiit rern-tn cogncseere c/ivgat; nnd Ejoc in Biog, LA«rL 
143 oi?« 5*' T^ ^jflav/ieKoi' Auit» urrfj) Twi' KvpnaraTov ^ij Har«^(£iifra f« 
ij rov oTljimuTO? ^u<ns kt,^. 



107Q — 1094: agtdii wliy aach a CTBTing fur lift) mid troubles and 

diTigcrt? dcnth cannot bfl ahunuod : no nor doca loDgth of life creato 

Bdy Titu- pleufiur* ; whila tlie future maj bring evil ris voU a* good for- 

tuut; ; a^jtI live hs toii^ as we Diaj. Uie cjlcrriity of ileiuli will ever be tlio 

noie. 1076 in rifiA. pai-ic/ij, oa 55, 107Q ;>Dfi? is a neat. a^Jj. BBd 

ttt u om. HA ill ^lojoc, Tifc, qmi/l miruni : a4?e n. to ii 1 and 5 : 

r 83C l^cW poie^ /uii is om. : poU ia IbuA lucd b^ Iho beat nvribera. 

1081 prof^JUnr : seen- to u 1115, 10S3 lilte 9^7 >VfE/ t^uia fernpff^ 

, ftp w ^fU4>t^ r7.^f> ^roorerifia ^tnv. 1064 fiiarUi!* kveymg up tlkO 

^^bfopLor of titit^ IDBS hna a pvoverhlnl smtick, o^ Virg. geor. i 4t>l 

fw BB#per urns Vfihat ■- Gell inr 11 lepidmiiniix /iVwr #fl! J/. FairmiM 

1^ tcUirio Mttiifpeis qiU ijucrihitur iiewia q^uid vespor terus vebiit, 

IW7 Jffe pror^um : eee o. to I 748. 1090 canderd saeda : Hor. cd. 

ir 5 26 OoHdU i/'tUtpte t^titrt; Piin. epijit. ii 3fi 4 giiaiifqifaiit lonffi^ 

timtta dUa cUa oontUittr; Virg. ecL IX 53 f{>nj(M., c«/f.f^«tftj corvkra 

tvUr, where Cyninglo!i sajH comlere to biiry, for to aea go down, aoil he 

lud lleyne OQUi{VUv VivWim. cpigr. ii 3 'Hc\£e>p Xeo'^ff icaTcoifo-a/A.Ey i but 

nok A u£a IB bett«T antted to sol or rfi^, thnu SfK^tit ; and it aeoios likely 

A&b ItUcr. WM tbiJikiiig nttbur iif tbo tochiLicaJ coiidere Ivsmint^ tLoiigh 

wLai iha oxact force of timt cxpressioa ib or how &t it diiTcrs from 

JiMcert iiutneut, I C4tunut tt-ll: yyt Livy i 44 3 saya idipit ^ondifum tut- 

Iniai fMpfJ^icM, i/uiu is cciiBGtu.lo Jliila /ih-Imjh tgt. Had TTor oil- 11 1 i^4 

dbtt^^tf Itutrupi ; eo tbat tbc word muiit buro Buggcuted to thctn tho 

aotj^a of cloaing &ii4 completing. 1091 jlfttTV citfCmut: fiG9 mord 


I— 35 = I 936—950, ^^^^►i 11 J\W^ l 93G 5«;; 2t ;wwj>tif, i 949 
ferfpUU ; ^5 oc ;>enifln/w utUiOtteatt 1 9iiO gr^t t-oj^^ef cj^wpj^j^a y^i^uru ; sco 
LicbatftOD^a Cipl^mation of tbb loflt ^-ariation in cotog 1 to 44 — 47 ; yot 
1 do in>t tJiink Ibat Lucr. wlxo like olber early writcia rei>eatfl words 
»u(1 phnuy« with ixii'li iBdiflerencp, would. Lav« tieeilAted as to a Mngle 
word f'jmpto, vilb £tD iut«rva] of i'vo vsa. : tlie £LCt la ^Vi« cmistci corn/fta 
_^h/wm w^^aJd bftve boca bere nttcjrly out of plnra, bwausu whwt Lt says 
ftlfoob liio Ji^ra uf tbc umvcroe ia mid betweca i P^O And the end of 
15 ptnentis ; m 219 bo uats perseiUiatm^it ; but Virg. A^n. iv 443 di 
hM j>«r««n£il. 

26 — 41 ; haTing eiplaincd tho ntvtui-o of Ujo wnl, I now go on to o* 
impOTtAUt qiuation that of idola or iuoi^* wbi^b like bhulII lllma ran 
f*mjitlj f proc^ai from the surfnco of all tijinga and Hijut in tho ftir, ftM 



oilfin frighUu us vli«n dick or adceii ; ihtsa ve mutt not Itiiik 
euulft iKim heU, which hn-re tnirviv^X tiie diBolution of the bodj. 
Jf^iu ««t : BO la 31 Lo begins J^t qm^wam diKui ceL 27 
SCO D. to 1 $50 f^mpia, 28 (^u<m:< : £«« u, to l £i7. ordia 

curioos tnuispoflidon of prtmordia to be comimred vUk 315 (S37) 
prvpter^ ti 00:2 «l /^ at^ 29 ivnitfni«r oct : ootop. if 103-1 li^ il- 
t?ivilfr iHTtvi rr« vu>t^nr cvt 30 7110^ rvrwn funrx/aon ror. ; Epic, h 
Dlog- I^itr- I 40 roiVflv? Si tots nVaus c!E(b^ vponyciyicA^fui' ; see il to 
1 VS"! and 11 IIS, wbctc ifi eaid that bfi OSM >nui^ «niiyHwfru# MPVi^Kn^ 
m the EDf^tre rcijnine^ athI alsa tj^^at, to cxproM iTieee cTSbiXq or ritm 
of E]MciinL&. 1 luLYo oJl Uiii>tj£li UM>d idola aod umjhgc m |«H!bc4 i^ikmi- 
jmes for tlie erikoctTmes eiw/fZfr'a and imttffo reapccti'Telf, CofHK ft 
CtiiiU'tupunuy i.if Lurr., wjtii wh'^ni CiivTU Bnil CiMitt tmkie lliiliiiil— 
nvrry iu ud thui. x^- li) nod 19, ttacd tho woid ^iftird; Ci^n^ hliMif 
imtfjinvt. 31 coiup, 43 50 rumroo d^ eov7»fV rvmnt, QtMt fwMJ 

fW7fl^rtcTMe oeU S3 — 35 camp, i 132 Ei ^tut4 m nM$ tn^Uan^^ 

i/bvia m<Rfe« Ttrrifioct morbo o^^fCtU #om*ic^ taptdH^ C'^naarv ■*! 
rid^nmuf oeL And 3«« u. th«r«. 34/f;uras u the wofd nefid lif «)iiift> 
tiL iiut. X S 1 J to express tho cCwXq qt timitl<Kra i «8a« JSy«cicn>Ey«rw 
^juB« e nurnrriiM Mrpori&ue dicU efiutn. 35 timtiUcraqu^ UtC6 WW 

<u/'t fkiLiptecl by Virg. geor, IT 47^^ 37 ne JbrU ocL tkpcodi oo S9 

^^' 3'zrAi: i^rwtf tsiciputm ceL ; he here fiAiphaiticAllj repoab whM ht aul 
in tke fiiiuiliu- poeaoga 1 132—135, th^t it u to fK« fnvti from them 
lu«i'li.^3«i b^nxnirs he uudLTlAkca this qu«£tioii: if tl had iwi lieen fiw 
ilM»a icKUv, otA a* -rpom£co^<^ ^Ltru^oTbDi : it 18) «cLo<tt Lncr., tLi 
lulttfw ^>Mi>f rohktfVtf which alone can fi^oe ua from thena : cum|L luo 
^hal he aijb iu a atuiilar spirit m 31 tAL This pVEAgu Yuts the 
Qnfinish^ disjointed ftppamuiw^ that other podvigM iutrodudn^ 
cuhJ«ctB premmtr mach ihftt b said, ha^ been slraihii^ Bud beforr, 
wilJ U' repealod pri^^ody : we L&v« f^ken of thid abore and »JiAll 
to rofvr tt> it aguio ia v tind vj : it ie wt^ of many tokeDs xht,t thiQ 
is in en unTini.ihed aitate. 41 duMnwn dedarmt : vee mitcs 1 

to 1 S19. Lucr. USC3 Jftn with the &Lmc latitadc aa Vii^l 
poets; thus l 819 and elaewhere dent motag meanH 'impart motkn' 
4>tJjerfl, l-ut n 311 fhi wctia = ftvr'ti laotua. njoretur ; i 288 dai 
= oau«£fl nuDj but U 1140 titihvni Jabcfiy jt^ilrvpit ntiittu, V S17 datat 
tfAwAon ntfi^ncM^j« min'M fire said of the tiungv thecitwivies Mliog ta 
rain: oomp. too dan ptm^m^btxtt lanaam. ctoaare, Jortf auawtaa^ 
fvrpitum, yroyorvm, all of whiob an found in Lu«r. Virgil flun»4lai 
use of date Girthirr prrhApa thun Lacr. t Acq. ill 57ii /hmf anuMa^ 
&<iuDt cunoufn ; oomp. too Aeiu VI 7$ ^n<n» (inj>l orv f^wwff, vkkfli 
- Ludliua' paumtn fadl tr^ lo^uond% When ^ro thoa fiod dnv ^CiUi^ 
riHHUM, nctfu^ nuntv, e/ueturunt et& with the predK fane tifjiifffr 

BOOK rv 279 

Jmem etc, one is tempted to look on it ae a half-conadous reminiaceiitte 
of the do vhich anrriyea in crtdo abdo eoni^ mhdo and h&a the uime 
origin as the Greek rt^/^i and the Sanscrit dadhdmi : see Max Mueller 
Muence ef language, 2ud Beriee, p. 205 'in Latin it was equnllj inipo»- 
ttble to difltinguiah between the roote dd and dhd, because the Romans 
hftd ao aspirated dentals ; but such was the good seoBc of the Romans 
that, when they felt that they could not efficiently keep the two rootn 
^»rt, they kept only one, dar^ to give, and replaced the other dars, to 
pboe or to make, by different verbs, such as ponere^ Jac^re.^ quaequa 
agreee with primordia : see il to 11 372. 

42 — 109: that such films or images may be discharged ^m the 
Bor&oe of things, you may ie&m io many ways: smoke and heat are 
emitted in a state of solution; the coats of cicadea, the slough of serpenta 
in ft state of cohesion : much more then may very thin films from their 
ontennost surface leave things and keep their shape; just so colour is 
Mnitted, as you may see, when all things in a theatre take the hue of 
the awnings overhead l these images are so small as not to be visible 
Mpwately; coming too from the very surface of thiugs there ia nothing 
to rend them : anch images invisible singly, when often repeated may be 
■eea reflected from the surface of mirrors. 42 effigiat : this form is 
found below 85 and 105, and in Plautus and Afraniua 50 cortex: 

u he cannot use the plural^ he somewhat harshly paaaea to the siug. 
Qttae guati itienAranae [sunt] vel cet 52 clue^ tio^K = vagatur. 

53 (44) repeated T 882. 04 55 in rebiu, Tts: 43 and 61 <A rebus, 
nrum ; 90 91 ra^ e remits ; TOO folL remn^ rtfrum, rerum. 68 Cum 
teretit cet. : corap- v 803 FoUicvloa ut mine terelia aestate cicadae Lin- 
ctaUi for terelia see n. to 1 35 tereli cervicc 63 tenuis, 66 Unuia^ 
and repeatedly below this word has the same poetical force which 
he often gives to solidus rams ceier projundut and the like : it flieana 
eaormously inconceivably thin and fine : so 68 ttipiiliJUo i comp. also n, 
to I 1018 magnum per inane. 66 hm^ndiy of speaking in the lowest 
whisper: see Mayor Cic phiL 11 111 reepondebiene ad haec out omnino 
hiecere auddfUi ^9 /onnai...fiffura7n; Cic de cat deor. 1 90 tton <tb 
honUnibus Jhrmae fyuram veniese ad decs', but de off. 1 126 /or mam 
muiramrtliyuamqv^JifftiTXKnf de naL deor. 1 110 ^or;nar« j^urare 00^ 
rare. 71 et sun£ cet. ; the negligence here is the sune in principle as 
that illustrated in n. to c 103Si quanto minus connects them in con- 
struction; but the sense requires something opposite. 76 /errtiginax 
the various usages of /ermginus ferrugiTteiLt and ferrugo being com- 
pared, the colour denoted would seem to be a dark violet, like that 
of steel afrier it has been heated in the fire aud cooled: Flaut miles 
1178 Caueiam hab6at/errugiiteam...Falliolam habeas /errvgittffUTn, nam 
is colos thalassicusii answering therefore to Homer's leopt^/vptot or ottrotli 


vom o 

ftpfrlicd tA the wa; oa iu eartftin iroitkera Ue6 mtditefTftaaia ItfA pi»>] 
cini/ moh m colour flviyni« inUnta cet ; VI 109 CnrftrtMtt tif finwrfwil 
tna^tut inientit l/iCii^H« Ai< orfpt'uTn nWir^ infor imUiia tra^Mfata 
ia 1I4 UuBtrca at Oraugo and Pom]^»eii m«y etUl be aoen tha tvo rovi cfl 
titoae ■oclu'tit muDuig aluug die out^dv* uf tli4[ir walU on ibe u^ klol 
vlu«h the OMAttf fitted tiiat Mf^KiTtcd tlkO iiflfa or oiriaM; ibe fr^M 
T iirunmci wer« cmai-beKiDa vhich pooed ftvtn oQi? maitrs lo wtoUiaMtfl 
olkjw tbe u«am]f Lu be uufurlml more coDri^iiitraUjr. PoEDpejr'* E'^*''^ 
ibcfttn-^ tho fir^t |>«rciiiincint cmo built at Komc, iippeara to have toco 
fiiiiMtidl [Jlo yeur nf l^icretitUi' de&tJi : but tlje temporary woodec mua 
of whkli he tad EJcjwneace were probaJzJj conatractcd 00 a aioultf 
flvk Q. Qitulus i* recorded to haxn first spread theee ftwmnga. 77 
Jlnttmi'. Ill 13^ ^/fi^. 79 ^LciruAi i^t- : the seiiaton oa:a|j|yi]i|g tfao 
vhvb orclicatra uiii^t L&yc been lory inark«il objacU: Acn. v 34D Bic 
tatvm ^rta^ tf07iMmtn ivjutlU et ant Primtt patrum vutj^nU Saiim 
clanvoribat imj'lfS^ ihe Uat nordn VKta a reiuiuiaceao* c>f 1017 moffnU 
daimribtis om'iia c&aipfe*it. Ta^. ftiin. XJii ^1 ui/r^n^vv fow jw i tUo- 
fru7V£ yuu mitifniiudiiicin popuU viMotni ^ Ulic.dum txmjumm (cmnv, 

qv^tditvt cuiia eacUrno I'n *6dit/v4 tt/utt^mrrt.^.dfip^iruntttrqut $t iitltr 
fiUTct coa^iiuTil. 63 cojiHd^tt iicenm not to occur plu-wkera in fl 
otuAaioiil w-riter Mrr^ta, beinfi c;iit}icrcd up into A Hiuall apace : v 1SS3 
Cor-ripiuid ilieum p&r*?taBi twrt'hratimori^. 88 Hjm^i«; 291 Jn-nfruf 

tinU ^B^awm res tvnfit ulmt^w^ and Ti fil7. fi? lam, tu uqw uliLmtu. 
66 //o; &K! n. to n 341, 93 [iu] ^p^^lU: ecc n. to m Ci3. IQl] 
Estimn [aiiJiulnom] - orae imaginuin: c^itnp. 13o f £ nfiri^^ud mtH^^ 
Tftariii't. vt^rfcre iti oi-aa: tljc?y are mere auducc with no dtplli, 61a to p^ 
^Iv iroTa j3(i6w To cjiJ^xirA7pu>|Ua yufw^ai, eaya Epic, iii L»ifig, LAor. 
46 uf Uio ouj^ubtg frnrrauct;: Cio. de nat. dtwr. 1 12^ of Bpicurm* 
ut Kofttijic^Ui siinUvm ih^iui Jin'jei^t Unlament^ dutntnMU extrtmis^ 
haJrUu tolula ; nml Mut^roh, sat. vii 14 4 cnlis tlien] fln/iiii^^tm- 
YI 332 ic/iriij ffivtn c*^r/«ra t-i£(W Adinoncut volUitre coin vuh ima^i 
fantuu WiU illnaliutc Lvtor, 104 r^ritm ^miitiSfptci «>« 70 and n. 

II 1050. 105 sinijUlatim cei : Lm-ke essay 11 8 13 tritt^ fA« exe^ft- 
Mtonjiffiirc nuvibcr and nutthn of batK^ of an obtcrtaftlc 6^/»0m mow £< 
ptre&MKi tU it distance by the fujht, it it ciudc/U some vingly inifi»>OBptiU9 
bcdiaa mwd com^/ront tUn^ to th^ ry^ etc. 108 jV«3 tut a/, tefrari; 

lia fneoDS tJmt mileaa tlioy were inconceivably thin they could not pfta 
uDacailiod througli cerUun oLstiieloa, for inataiieo the air; by utuulw 
tlon thfey mako up foe Sncnras, so aa at lost U> bu visible, adauluo €nbm- 
(jiuD TfpuUn, 

110 — 128: l«ini now liuw fine tbene imagea are: and firet let ae 
icniind you how ojtceedin^y minuto firat-btJgiuuineH are: think of 

BOOK IT 281 

•KuJlert udnulctile, then of its heart or 07^ thea of the fttonu which 
Ibcm its aool : vh&t is Uieir aize f toach again a Etroog-scented herb 
^rith^ tiro fingeni: what oo amount of smdl it emits 1 [vh^t then mtut 
be the late of the otoroA of smell 1 &om all this jou m&y conceive hov 
thin theoe imagcn or idoLi may be, and jet conmBt of material atoma:] 
mtck then ffy tAMut on all haiida unseen nnfelt, 110 ^uam UmUi in 
the Torda of f^ict in Diog. Laer. i 47 ra ctSoAa toZs ktnuitfuar tu^ 
vr^p^XifroiT ir^(/n7Tax. 112 Sunt injra cet: see n. to u 138 and m 
S74 Ifae moffis hoc injm oet 114 id quoque, aa well oa the other 
poinb eavr. rffr. CuncL: see m to 11 333. 116 quorum = ^ eortan: 
how greatly would the reTelatiotis of the micn»cope have otrengthened 
hti ai|piment! 123 Pra^^ea with reference to primus of 116 : 
in 130 pra^er^a merely connects ita ckuae with those immediately 
praoeding: 124 pcvnacca ia pLur. from jMvnoa; : the Greeka used the 
fiHina 4 ■Ttt»niLir««, TO TttMH^s oud o Tom^: OaJem de dmpl. med, vm 
4 ^yv vOuTT: ^ Ajv oi{S* oitvc i^Sij tT^^cSov axocTU' ov ToKut^s oAAa invofa 
wpnntTDpfvtu' T^ roap ravn^v ; and Lucr> la not likely to have used the 
niMa nnjcTf, 125 ^o^fom: Bioecor, m 26 saya the Homana 

cvUled this o^o^tov^ llon-ufov/i. cerOaurta : see n. to n 401 : both Yirg. 
gotxr, TV 370 Cecropiumqwi ihymum et ffrave oterUia <xnUiiurea, and 
LtuauL a. 918 St parMCea potent et The$ttt^ cerUaurea.^./uTncqna ffraven^ 
terpaUS>ut ururU Sahrotanum seem to have been thinking of Lucr, 
126 duoirti^ [digitis], for digitU doubtless followed, must have been pny- 
T«rbial: Plant Bacoh. 675 Qaid.,.Sic hoc diffttulta duoinu nijndxu 
primorUna f 128 they have no force and therefore lu^ ettua soruu, 
tmn one by one make no imprea^on on any of the senses. 

129 — 142 : besides these images which come from things, there are 
otfaen which form in the air of themselves and preoent the outlines of 
ftU Unds of shapes, giants mountains rocks beasts. — This passage^ aa 
Laofa. hid proved, is clearly a subsequent addition of the poet'^ like 
several other passages, unconnected with the context; for 143 J^tcnc ea 
cet. directly refers to 126; for a poBsible explanation of the strange 
disorder of these vse, in the mss. se« above p- 22. Luor. refers to the 
irwmixmt or spontaneous appearances in the air, aa a supplement to his 
discnadon of the droppouu or images from the surface of things, not 
wishing to leave this queetioti altogether untouched, because Epicurus 
bad called attention to it, though it has not much bearing ou his general 
■rgnment; 735 he again refera to these, patHrti simulacra /eruniur, 
P^wiM $ponte avuk quaeJUmi acre in ipso, Diod. Sic. in 50 4 npeaking 
of parts of the coast of Africa illustratca well what Epicurua and Lucr, 
meaot: at certain seasons he says trwrTa/m% dpaipnu mrd tov dipa n-or* 
foJur £f«' tEia^ ifupatrowrm' toutxuv 5* at /iiv ^ptjuivirur, at Si no'^ar 
3kMfifiaai9Vinf mi Tori /air inro^fvyovcri wrk 54 {k*HCOv(n je,tX 133 in 

^g^hoe efulo mouia in fhU 1c»wer p«H of the heavou ntllcd lur: E[iU. is 

^_ A«Ta ffadoi ri <jvfi.vKijpufx<x yir£<r&a,u qui : one a. to ni ^4. 135 (lU) 

^P^i OTU, that is tho 0^J J'l^ jjara, the ejcLrana Utiiamenta^ ta exjiLuu'ui 

and illiLstnitoJ to 101 Sjiitmi'. comp- IGO afur, uiil AtLiub 464 i^ifiU 

cra^, liiUmm texta ^flttrHMa Vuicani tforax, 137 mun'ii — Mtli of 

^■ccmrBa 138(136) AcramKksjiiet: Cic Arat 88 /j/Ni/ffrum mui^Bn* 

138 — 142 such a]^[>«ai'niioes seem to h^ve ticldod tLs fiincU^ of tJu 
poets: the Surmtas of tbc dcnicln r;lw i/ttpi\rjif ntyrtK^pt^ D^frii>*H rop&a- 
^^X(c ^ Xu*«ii i; Tai'/>u»; Shakc*peare'a Aatouy all the olijeota ruontioncJ 
Blij LiicT- a c/fff«i cAiif's dra^jmiufi^ A do/xiitr som^^pn^ /ti* a tear w /••% 
HjI kjiiitr^d citadel, a priid^iiit r&ci, A furled mouniain or Uae jjrwvifl**- 
^pior^ TT^^/* ffaes ttpotil'j whili? fAirJ (MitA w ?iow a AiirAtf eticit u^M u 
iJtoti'jht Tkn rrrf disliinh^; ULh Tljimlwt a mmcJ, « urouwr, Tvn/ /^<Er u 

Iv/tfj/e, pcrliiips tho vciy 6o^ii(« of Lucr.; Woitlflworth a,H Jraro^ a /w^t 
a croco'Uie. 
113 — 107 : Luiogea Etnmm lucessaatly from the sLiHkectt cif aU 
tliiDgs: aomi; things tlioy pitaa through, by otlioi's tbcy aro broken; £nm 
others, et ones Imrd and bright, th^y a,r« rGf1i>ctGd haolc: tbey fttresmti 
^ coDEtiLtitlj ftum thiugei u light from the suiif au that a« aooq ns n mirror 
^■ia turned to a tUiog, JU image Bppeirs in it at once. 143 foLh: ^lie, 
in Di"g- Tjier. x 43 ij ytvtfrt'i toji' tl^iaXutyr S^ vmj/iarc cni/i^aiV** ' ■ax 

ITI^V ivi Tot OT'^JiVlOlf 6tUlV KOI TO^tV TItfl' rtro^CiH' (irt TTdAuC ^Oi'Olf *,T^ JL 
&nil Mjicrob- b^L YJI 14 3 te/tdrrC EjficUTv^ oif vmiiilmt corfiuribtu \vy% 
Jliiort qaa^piiit'i ttititidacra maiiiirej fi<c titii'/iinin (arUuIam Tuo-ram *hI*P- 
vcpire quiii idfra Jhnmlvr imim /rtjwrii coliaert^nt''s rurftort'trt erudaa, 
115 qiticj'iid = ^iiicfuft DJi so oiX^a iix Lucr>: boo n- ton *J37. 117 
L>.iL<l 152 pitritfiii &02 Qtiatia vunl vitrei, epeeUr qua travotni omnii, 
147 [in] iJ^pcfa: £t;e ii- bo m 623i 151 Deiigfitptei ojiETors la hit 

tima wci-o chioilj of mi>t&l, 153 ^uam; tto roh has etuno foreu ils in 
esi pntd^utin, qiio aimno tra/EUur Oind the like: it ^ ther^fbr^ itA 
iininit c«t. 180 ci^hfr: boo il i<j G3 tvnitis. 106 oris: comp. 13^ 
orat ami 101 ^xtiraa. 107 r^^ thi> iiaagcBj whtcb are rtt or rot) 

ill being, OA much aa Lbe tbiiiga from which tbey come: IGO «£■* 

qitiitlrnla., nut fzuff ipi/i'jo ; 690 miC/o t'lriA dicerf tpiitn ren Qiuut /triunl 
^—pctti<truiit tit;im viaumqiu; t^iJ-^^u/U; and aUo I 132 £( qttaa res luih^ 
^^bigtl*tntibug obvia vntiitet 2'crrijif^tt t ave u. thoro. t&i !>« in tijwculo« 
^^feiijffnif£efil i.e. oWj of bhi^ Mug from which the Imnges cumu. 
^B 1Q8 — 175: ofieu the sky ia a mumcut is overcoat yniXi thick olond^; 
^Hrhat ft itiultitude Xh*m of these thin iioflges taxt&i in uu ijiatJiut bo &bod 

BOOK IT 383 

ftom tbfizn, to allow of theaa being Men by nsf — Theae vbs. appear 
to me to h&ve nothing to do with the <rv<r«ur<is of 129 — 143, with 
vliich lAch, connects them: the aenBo is somewh&t obacnra and briefly 
put; bnt they are a continuation of the argument immediately prfr- 
iwJingi and illastrate quam /acUi ct ceUH raivme images are prodneed; 
fiir the clouded sky can only be seen by meana of them, and each image 
tanoE an iDexpressibly small part of the whole. 168 cadi TVm- 

pettaa . . JU turtnda /oede : Vij^ Aen, xn 233 U t<tto fwrbida cado 
T&mpegkta fofcrwn, geor. I 323 Et/oedam fflonmfmt temp^taUnu 169 
Tempetkts : n 32 Praeseriim cum tempesiaa adrid^ and v 1395. 170 
— 173=^ Ti 251 — S54, except 170 rcarU for r«amur. 171 cadi ~ , 

eaoffmoff : 39 1 Sidera eaaare aelheriis txdfixa cavemis ; aa Cio. de ano 
oonsoL in de div, I 17 Aothcria aetemi saepia atquo indiua ^aiJtmi$. 
iMXoh, qnotes Cic. Arat 252 UUe c<tdi Iristrare cavcnvu, and Yarro in 
Konina jx 46 Nithea aqualijrigido vdo UoeM Cadi caveman aareoi 9u^ 
dyaograrU', Yarro de ling, l^t v 19 Snniut Uem ad caviUvmem caeli 
ingent«a fomicen; tio that doabtleas his own cavernas had reference to 
this derivation of cadun^ 173 iae. mm, nocf«: Yirg. geor. i 3S8 
MtfcJui nwi^orwn in tmkU, 173 airae cat. Aen, xu 335 citrcttmqua 

atrae /onnidinis ora, 171 Quorum quaniula cet and therefore the 
images being so prodigiously thin, what a number must leave in order to 
impreas onr senae on earth. 175 cam nU.: the ratio is each that no 

Bom can express it. 

176 — 236 : the velocity with which these images travel is enormous : 
U^t things made of fine atoms oilen travel very swiftly, as sunlight; 
it ia natural then that these images should do the same ; of which 
too there ia a constant succession one following on the other like light 
or heat &om the sun; ^ain these images proceed from the very sur^ice 
of things and should therefore travel more swifUy than light : a proof of 
tJn prodigious swiftness of these images is this: put water in the open 
air, and at once all the stara of heaven are reflected in it As images 
come &om all things to the sight, so do things producing smell taste 
lonnd and the like; so that all the senses are similarly moved. I7d 
fuam quaeqtie locum; see n. to 1 9GG quern quisgua. 180 — 1B2 « 
909 — 911. 180 Suax>idiei$ seems not to occur except in these two 
places: Plaut capt. 5G hss epttrcidid uer^ue; and Tor. Fhorm, 213 
Momdide duUig. ISl IBS clearly borrowed from Antipater of Sidon 
who was popular in Kome a generation before Lucr.: he says in praise 
d Erinna anthoL ii p. 19 epigr. 47 7 Amrtpo^ kvicvou fiutpos 6p6o^ ^k 
KoAoMtfv KporyfAot ^ tiofitt^^ KiSvo/mvc rtt^ikai^ : the ffruum damor in 
aetheriU is probably from Homer^s xAayy^ ytpdntv ovpaya&i upo : Aen. X 
2fi4 tub nubibua atrU Strymoniae dant ^na gruee aiq-ue aeUiera tranatU 
Cum mntUu/vgiuntqw itoioi damorc Hcundo : the atthera iranatU per* 



httpa from 177 iranantibua aur<u tmd IS^ in aetfiffriis. 162 in aet/itr^ 
niil.: flae n. to i 2,^0 and u 1115. 184 fdervt, ba 1<30 reZer. 166 

eprtmis; ace ii 313 PrifltOfUfn. 187 ciuluntari t 1044 CWor? «nH» 
tvrcirt' potBiiJii [plngae]. 190 protelo iucplnined to U 531. IW 

fnnmnorriiae per gjiaihu't recum vi 488: jmn Irjut viu 11^ ilht'!-'' 
xtys^TiMihU £y uunihcrs thai Aurw itan^ \ imJ codi]»- Ejiicunia liiiii ■ :. 
in Diog. I^^r. I 46 ^ Sut tou ntvm tfiopa nari fxjffkiitav awatrrrfiTiv tm» 
WTLftoi^avTuiv -ytva^^cri/ ttu;' /('/ko; iriptKipnov Iv UTTtptvoijrio ^/K'I'u avrrcA^A. 
1Q3 pan-ola i e. siniui:icra, bn^ force by luring thus platwl ut lh» 
begiTiiJing ]iiat«iul of &ftor ^/m«: tli^y aro oxceeilirgly ftmnll and thn^ 
fare tbo propoldon ia eaaier: tlio ambiguity m parvola oa^Md was qiul 
inclitifereutp to Lncr.i ^ee n. to I 57 jitretuptt &nd to V 1414 ref 
rj^er^ cwjAi: the cuuae buluml which inji>i.'U them iis tUe bulj 
wliioh tliey coiQQ vhich ooiutiLntly ujuitH li\:iiu tlio aurfftco ]uiikgt«, £ 
Biiu diaoliarges light; thh therefore is to bo compHruI vitli 18*J <?u/J> 
tJi7(t/f£r cet. 194 pritpdltl^ as vi 1027 Avr <t t&rgit j)«wt y* 
(ti'fue propellat ', "which uIim illiutratea the aQii9& 202 ntyare : V 5S 
Ta7££7£^'U« i/^f; qucoL taiUum Mtil •mitttirn himriif Qwitt nutria ae 
otaHit CfKho'upia yl'j<i' Citttiplcat ei axlido perjiniditl lyvrtdn, 
tho repetition of cadnm in our ves. \^ hanih; but tL« nuvre a* 
made ib almost inoTttable, and t^ncU repotitiona &te m the luonncr 
LuCT. ftud the old wi-itttfl. 203 ujitur: comp. 530 and a65, and 
n. to T 410. 204 e^'tj'^^fm \r another a.jta^ Xtyofu 205 Q\ 

9ttfGfut^. Bee n. t-> i Sll *iiii'_/crit/fi(wr outem coaiuactiram in uiciul 
ab interrogfttioEie pendente Loeuia habere quia aeget I' Ladi. : he 
jjorea ill 507 vi 3^^ : here, as thei'e, nhi ^ems to hayc its usual 
forae. 206 0iovw I doubt not ia what Lucr, wrote, but tho coaatr. « 
involved, poTifuseil f-Ten, two olatiBPa being nm into one: what ho meHat 
is tljii I thiiLkf qMo, i.& quuito, ciCfW e£ ^tyiuj (tkUatt^t) tUh^fU int 
with fi^ ocnmj^ 153 quaTiK memvnli Uvor pnt^iare aat'ittevt. Loch, gi^M 
a curiously inajipropriute ilhisirfttioii friiin Qufntil. i 10 3 a\££ guo ffteint 
ixl d^fciidct rsaiii cot. wLtro qiia fneliiis has a force esftctJj oontrajy I* 
5^0 ciduj herp. 207 20S = n 1G3 1G4; and comp, what precede 
fot tlr.baU n(iiiiri.iit I CA^preaat^a ^L^t qujo , . dtlrern / does Ler& 

211 diu : with (^lu, and divQ conj|>. />fl(« oiid /nio and n. to t 7J 
and Aurn^t and hujiio in NoDiuA p. 438. 213 the sidfra ffuouU 
tbe rcdcctccl etarA of the rcili^tcd heavctt w^Liich aueveir In th« vraUv 
, tbo rt^l stars of the j'eal heaven : 167 H^ ibi rcffmndeTit simiti J 
Bique txhrm aoen-to-UD. 215 accidiUin: acaidere ad i& the 
AotiBtr. as 23C i Wak. comptrea Ov. fhatj v 3C0 Aoctderc in mcimas 
fvtm muaa ttulH, 21B ti.A\. aru phirt-d hero to shew that H l.^ Hat 

tho acDBD of sij^ht nhuuld be afh-'cted ouiy by Iinngis couiiiig iuto coal 
vith (he eye, si£» all tho othor svubvs are likowise oflbctvd sokly 

BOOK ir 


nuLcrlaJ objects j IjhI certainly tbe pAm|lfi1 U introduced vcrj abruptly : 
817 — 3S9 reour vi tiSS— 1>35 with very aligbt diffcroaco; they oppewr 
to have brwD vrrittpn fur vi, otic) brought hitlii^r lij tlie |>oi>t, parhapa bb 
ft tem|K»rary Wftkcdtlft : fl«e ui^ku 1, 220 txestfr Btema not U> occur 

out of Lncr- mofircrt?/* : mm u. to I 211 wnwJi^rff r *?iorflV>r«m is found 
three tXax& ill the Atneid joiuoil vnth atfjer' Lucr. has aIso nDAfiUf 
po^niotftoi, pomilai; Clc- pro Mil* 33 poeriUas, 35 pjfHfW; ttt new 
eorp, inscr, J-at. haa motro moiVos mofli-iffl iiuiong ix btitidrtd other in- 
StADCcs of oi or oc fur tt, 234 lu/viror : wbahiitir Virgn jjiwr, il 247 

noed thifl Wiird \a a mootiK>iiit: aih.' GullitiH i 31 nrti tho edit^w of Virgil- 
225jf-ujmrfr eeerna fttifjtbep uraf Xryofi, 227 in/prdatvff • Sr»8 MiJ^Jvi^iuj, 
B29 see notea 1 : retUire B(fiiare h by no mc^uoa n,a uu[x>ctiakl c^fFrea-iion ; 
had to object to th« M^^/irc in two OkJUBeciitiTe vf*s. ia two ecnsea is 
lLtning» in ari eOilin- nl' Lucr. : nw h. ti> i 575, With rBfererfi? to tlio 
»tiOTe ATX^mi^nt of Liicr, M^crobius sat, vu 14 5 says not umif>tly arf 
jLva? rtnitietiB JCinttathiiis *iii propatttlo est' \nfjtLU *qiioii dcNjiit SpL 
nxrwn. a t^tn^ tnitit iaptriis est (Uionrnt tfiiaUicvr evnaiiuin sr^rutu^ «eriHt- 
bittfit, ^uin in avdifHth et ffufifunriu cC Giiwimdo aiqne tmt^jido nihil a 
(u)ft£c miixftimtt, setl fMrinst^e^s acoipimtis qtiod Miisnim mi moreaL 
ct vox lid attrrs uliro votiU et tmrtK in narts hiflauiU st ptdato mi- 
fptail tfif/nat fofjofein €t oo^^i" nonb-o utfpllctiJitvr tacfu icntienda. 
piiiaHl ri rvr urri/w tiUiH /oritji pr'ificU'ii^ Ktd uim'jtiKS rffntiit in 

y^^O — 267 : v^ feci & tiling m tlie dnrk, nud kucm it to be the same 
^^p Bftv in tiie ligbt : if vliat we ft)c1 ie aqiuLro, vlukt square object can 
VSSfl ill tLfi li^bt to our flight oxccfit its iningciT ^^^*i ^ ^^^ ^flegt munt 
twg II like amsf 1 ]inag>-4 pi^ocn^d from thiug^ in all dirertioim; but ua 
^^Bkiy see with the eyon, we only aoe ima^f where vro tum oui' at^ht 
^^■gcq- Agikin au imag« paahea boforc It tht^ air botweon U arid tL^ 
^^Htbiri air all swuepa t1iri>iigh the |iit]n]T and lets us juflgc of the dtH- 
^^■l <>f the object fii>ea; and all thiH takes plac^ alinoat iDatantA- 
^^■riyt ve do not floe tlifi hnug''.* ^^^S^Jt ^'^^ ^'^ ^^*^ ^^^ ohjitct by a 
^^Bduoiu aticccfisiou of these ; juflb as we do not feel «t^K fmrtlcle of 
WUA, but tbft v0eot of the whole : and Ao too we thump tho «ar&ce of 
lAMorie, bat feel its iiiror LhivImika. 233 Corw. tnnMif Hinc« tho clTi-ct 

HjhwiW/u. 335 luci, 232 /ei^: corup. i ^76 /'X, Ci76 /^'t, !)79 

^^H 33d ad specisinj 242 tptcUin ; as v 707 and 724 Atl ftpcfietn 
^^Bo dgbt or eyes. 245 in(tfrnoBGer< curat = of catu^se cuml tU nwt 

^^Bnotf^mTM; inta/^^ tbon^foro is cqnivnltmt to an ace. of the atiLst. :' 
^Hk t^eh. nnd ai^e n. to j 331 and 418. 255 l^abiti mnking thi 
niliblv ap|>car odd sad tltr^ aamt^ <i]>c:raiLi>D ; ju:^t as in fact hntbii miLkc* 
H^eetDg a ovlid obj^^^ ujid tbu infcroDCe that it ia solid app4:uu.' but ft 
^^B 0|)er3tion> 262 lin&rsuia : Lad), cuTiifures oinvontd in tlis 

.'.':?. i-: v;.'.'.!_i,"^'L II". i^'- '--''''-'■'. i^'-rj-jww 1^/9^:^11.11 i^zm \ti 

Krji o*T'^,r_i i.-.ii »:"::iJi I- i:i "iIl-* Aii« tij thai t^l ofej^ctB u 
itfv;^fe ir. : r^j rA tz. c^e. ':---;r. nAir**!? 'jj twv »ir^: re wsi <^ 
a-'v*'-* J^^ f'..i- >.vT i~-i -L-z^tTL'^f. -vf in or^i«i.'-. from the *ve vs^ pc 
oT :i.'5tr.i r.i tiii-t air f/^fc-^fto. i' li-i "h^ '^J'5 : ihid toc m* tim 1 
taj- j^ff H-,f *f_.. r^r^rr^ 'lo-vm" bT ■;r_'T lir. tu-^n coats uioiber air fa 
tih^t -l^^mLT iTi'i "iL-t 'j'.JecT: '.^^j^ii-*, -which I^jw jwi see how fcr i 
T-rr*<l tr*-? -l-'je: tlLta '.Oj 'L*; miiT'T it-l it5 'iiAauce fn^rn na is i 
UirJiT,.'. -X '.-j: \iCi^^. tLLvH pnfi^l.i r-efire it the air bi:^CTf^en tlie 
aii-l tfi-^ »tj-, T5L:H:h dr^t s«rt thij air, th*;ti the mirror: then w 
h4Te l*:Tr.i-[v-A ;h^ \mx,'^at, th^ im;L!r^ »hioh i-^a frrjm oa to h, 
liQi;k t<> n>, t'lt 'irive* onTirri in iir which U awn b^ot* the 
&Q'I q:^'^ it i[^[i>-7Lr M Elt 'li^tant be^'iad the mirror. A^in om 
in th<; mLrr'.r Lu th-? righ; ao.^*rrin2 to ror left, the l^ft to on 
iti^fLw en p:i-ra:n;z a^oat the mirror ic U dashed stnu^ht out 
wv.;r-i? ilirti.ti'jii. lib^ x wet j-LL?tT:r-maik thTOwn against * poet. 
a *;ri'.j» of riiirrors -IL-pos:!! 1:1 a ct-ptain way con bring into Tiew 
reoi?*i;*s ar.d tumin'js *A a tnil-linff. Ag ain concave mirrors sli 
imaip.' with ri;^Lt ini^'eriu; tj ri::ht. left to left- Aguin the 
■tep and mo-'i* a? we d<>, I-ecauM when yon withdraw froni aoy 
the mirror, imiigen cannn'^t come from that jMjt of the mirror. 
Q'i.ihl 'jfTitti : Me n. ta 11 1^1- ivr^ : to me it appears marrello 
I^cb. :»hoaJil ^aj ^n^m Dk^o. modij Mnpcrvacaneam es^ acd caret aei 
cloarty refers to the real objeota seen W imagea comiog from tl 
nctly in c^mtra^t to the mere Teflexiona trtini a mirror, of ^onr 
instance : 2^$ re$ ipma pentiiieiantur. 271 and 278 traru^tU 

272 tnttt^pixlum occur in no other writer of anthority, 274 

gt!Taifioqne appears a pare tautology : AZ 1 Binaque p^r toiag tted\ 
nar$ wuptfUoi ; 766 nwriU Utitpt*i potitam ; 1004 faciei atque or 
fwr; V 5 Peetore partfi 97to qmteiiCaque pra^mia ; 1025 bona me 
jxtf, 10S5 aquam du^ntur H iniitru Posc^n'^ lOTd genm £ 
^anMqua twivcr». 277 pvrierget: 240 £t ^wtn pfrter^et f 

•nd 2A3 £i notiroa ocidot perttr^et limgior aura : comp, the whol 
\% tkoi*^ ST8 d iUa : and then those things by meana 
■< itawininf from them iucesaaixtly. 280 proirudit cet. 

telkr vgument 346 fblL ^90 lUic L e. ab speculo 
W nfniffM i «h both Iti ihe <»aa of thin^ w«n 1 
IOHI in ^ mirror : B«r« i^- ^ ^6. Liicr, wemt 
D^ dbtemeo «v ».«* pew^Ttd l,y tUe eve, bu 

EOAlkr of mere lufsrcnce. 301 (325) « laevo sU \.e. laevus Gftt l 

I i Q& fi^TfiU iuisfjiM 99ib%t0 CE y/ijia^liffi^ parvi* ; Tcr. A&dr> 37 /toi «n 

mnm ut auu til<Tfus miAi : Aen, i 221 n^mpha^iu t nnviUta esH 

17 J*7fiEim*rf i"u rf(ifli'H#F4 f«r5U*: Liican vin lyj *« /a-'in^j^j piippim <Miiy 
M)6 (332^ sprculo : the omiKsiaD of ihu prep, sei^tita hur^b ; and j^rhnpa 
» alusold be road: bat tipectdo may Itl^ the aU. iofitrum. 309 (333) 
rumtm: see o. to in 4o, 310 (334j emUm^ ttuUm eof^n idem plur- 
md ftJfin, ns Hiiil to [ 300, am ToEmd as difi»jr]]. [a Lucr. : the last thi^ee 
m novcr witU him trisvUi 

311 (335) ipiaieuriiqtie fpec, ■- lOOil tjno ^vntipt£ matjis m'nt (tspera 
wminiorttpi tlio usq of tlie gen. Bcemfl i^ftrAllol : ii Hi he hiu» the aing. 
koa EMM 7uotipii»/i^HMf ivnd L'Jr-L^ro y«ofyfMJrt^r« iiiifiiiifii. 313 (337) 

Ptutjim jviVm. L l\ LuiA^cw rurofd om & ihhii wmtld Iki if lottking at hini^ 
wlf, right unaivcriinj to n^liti hit to loft; wLercntt, as ho hna juflt ci- 
ill*iQ^i the iDUvgG from n-lliit mirror U iXtLeX\y iwoTted, right noBncHug 
10 Ivft* Itfl to ri^ht. rn jtr^pitr i B> propt«teu : see u. to 2d. 315 

!S30) <Ji'*» Aifl, jxif-Tt OS ii" tho plnstor-uiask -wcro lirat Ktnick out na ile- 
WrilMd Ahova, ftiiij thou wftp Btriick Imck 1>^ Ji seoi'ncl procosa to jtA 
pfifliiA] cLircQbkn. 316 (310) Cltru^m agiOrri not stnick out at all* 
bat only tvirlcd vmind ^ n& tu bo tumi^j] ILko a inna li^okittg n.t binise1£ 
|17 (Ml) riut*?' : b(^ givo:4 thu iiiiiT^r fftfiyttn^ jia 1-^^ 'jmwt, iiitmiiih Upirr 
iruvri<ir« M<U*Ucfn. ad ru/s i. o, iUi tit ii04 ^.umufl ; oomp. of/ jitrma/n 
k|tetfn, FiJ tffi^iem^ tui simuta/^rutn : \i Z7S neque Jactn manu fuitl 
^^k ad cerUMm/GTifiaiii priisuft-iiit^ icriim; Livy I 10 Q ad cwrvrw* /ujioa 
t^OKOil'iim 'W^'pw-ff tUsei'if/U annum. The phfMionifliion doecrihed by 
fitter , in tUp^m hist versra is qiiit^ E.nie and ainiph*, wbfltever br t^aid of 
^^kpUnatii^ns of it, on whhli indeed be ^lecuia cict hintaclf to lay much 
JP^L Kdit<trs ari^ etninguly nt eoa ahi^iit % very eo^y matter. From 
.■oring my ituftgia turocfJ npsidu dowti In the bowl of tt silver iipoon I 
kWitJly crin*. bidod, oa I find (ifLsj^oTiJi hftn ^^ODc, that jl concavo mirror 
^ttiTK L'avii An imngo tbun iuviirtL-d, A dutiiigui^biKl umlhomnliul 
,'flipiid hu bowtfvei' proved to uie bulb hy ofitlcol and occUr ilemoOBtra- 
thftt tbia invcraion is cauwd by thf* vortical, not in Uio Icjctat by the 
citrvntiire. A. mirror, hitciiilly p<.nicttvo, snoh fw I bftvo before 
[Hds \cTj momi'iit, givt* batk your inuige turned as Lutr, puwrts, 
-iiL^ you jutit Qti tf you wciM Hicmg yourBolf, right answering tc 
left to left Proluddy the RfiiriHnd hftd inetui niim^i? of th<l. 
ibr tha piirpoae of g^ttinp eiich ftQ iniQpo ; tho otliei" sitl© bt^injf ' 
:, ivi»s to i*iigg<?et to Lucr. hia ci^mpaHson 'lateris n<«tri'- 323- 
Oii oofu^js^rx^j.^ : wiy probiLUly he rcfcii^ to the ouglo of i'cl]Giiaa 
c^ufU to the angle of inoidi^noo, 
324 (39SJ--37S: thia theory of imiig«« will explun many oik* 



ttiiijEs : jtm caunot gaie on ite sun, becnitse of tlie force witii ttLkW 
imagM oomc ftyjm it, and the secd^ of fire mijc4?d in tbtnn^ tlie jauorlifiM 
Bee all tilings nf a greeiiirtii yellow, licaiu&e cif Llie atrnna of tliis coloiia 
wLicU proceed from tlifm airJ meet tte image*: vo fleo out of tJie d&H 
tilings in tlie lights because n bright clear air, odviui^.rng b«fara itm 
images of thluga id ihc ligbt purges the eje of the s;to« ur of d^rkneM 
the former being mnch more minuto and penotratiug tbaa the ifltterfl 
vc canxuit 5(w wh^t ia lq the dark, 1)eraii9c tlie gross nir conies b«Liii« 
the Lrij^ht and blocks up the alght agaiuat all imftgea: a square toff^ 
tixna a distaace looks round, becnvAe the images are bluutc^d in tbein 
loitg journey through the uir: oirr ^ihailow secias to follow ua nod Qiurt| 
OS ^0 do, because it ia really nothing but air without light ; one part <M 
the enrth alYer another boing iqhnded from the sun ha ve^ julvanw, aufl 
the parta before covei'cd by ua left eipnaed ai ire Jearc them. 33fl 

(299) ttieri spj>e£ra U> be goFomed by /nffitani aa v^-U as n^*«/ : lie lufl 
eJaewhoreyHj7Y^*T^r/"^TH*/ii*/e,^(;;j'ffi/'«j^£ ri«rfl. 335 (300) tentlen Ld 

oculoa: TirgiJ has Ad cadrim tettfi^M lumitOt ccrdos tdumque ItiendUm 
Ovid ceuhs ei brarrhifi f««ffH*: i CG Nonius T-urnb, ADt\ Ijjurh. maM 
iend^rc. . octilos. penjaa h of course potential. 326 (301) alte^ whica 
generally moans ^ on high ' or * to a height ' or ' depth', eeema here m 
nimii *fro:n ou bigU';'*.o 1183 nlie mnnpta qitcrtllti^ *from the dL-pth'i.] 
Bee u. t^j t S^ eu-ji^r^ and what in there said of ttipr^ti^, 332 (3DTH 

Zurida, 333 (308) h^rom: Paiilua Fisat. p, 120 /KnV/t su/«fVE mOf/frtH 
jfallitU, Vfhich seems true of palcuesfl wi a dzirk comjJeilou ; so O^UU 
i^sv 100 mofjis jtitff&j'B [/uivore Kiteobl) Gcprdlittt cnini ApjiuL in^ 
II 30 p. 650, with whom furiyr is a fnvoirrite word, Zurorc fruxeo moArfitf 
/oaitUa. 333 (308) ^rijiuffi: Nonius p. 35 ar^ua^utf friotiM« I'/fotidi 

jui r*^'«ff dicititrj quod arcus 9it eo7iCol<tr de Ttrore v^. . . Vitrro Eumfo^ 
dihu* nam ut aT.|iijtLiri f?L lute* (imio noii sunt ^i quae aunt lutes vldcuturi- 
VJ 5^6 Luor hoe tlie fonu anpAu 336 (31L) poUitribu^i lu 154 <!rtfl 

^0ni{^. 339 (314) iiiUi Rae n, to 7ii ir>42. 340 (315) t^ndr^ 

UtoddMl n 767 i:anDtf axndcntt marnicn fiactu^ ; TTl candcnt vidtittvr 
tlfdhuw,; t721 f/iTj^/trnfi ^fmJV /j^cruj. 341 {ZIQ} dueuSU wntUai 

ittinYirgH gcor» ni 3^7. 342 viuttia yiiH.. nee n. lo i 735. 361 

^ytati ad tomnm tertfoiur: Virg. gviyc* it 444 Iliaa radute Iriv^n tot^ 
whieh Serviiis eiplainn fOTWirere, rmnpwtiera de it>Tw>\ FopCr wtea b1«| 
Pliny nat. hist, z^svi 1D3 tilind [vitium] torno teriiur: couit*^ Petrol 
fmg. 39, vho Bcema at once to imitate and eonti^dict Luci',, FaUurU no* 
OCiUi vaijiqiie senoini Oppr^vtta raliiftit inmtiunttir^ Sam (urrij; />rmifa 
^u<M qwxdrata sttrjiit JJttf^ilts procul anffulie n>ta.turj for bcp 371t jVm 
lOTivra hU octiini faili cet,; sud indeed Luer. m;iy have written t^J««lHM 
ud iorHtiiii U like vd vorriiarii fjiK, iul UTi^uerJt/iKtag^ autigattia uul tU 
like: eeo ftL» aoto to 3IT (341) ad not. 363 aefumtraJini aeema doI 

BOOK IT 289 

to oocor ebewhore : Cicero Mys non orprMsa atffna nd adumbraia viriU' 

Aml tuwdata: Mfi n. to i G87- S«ituA adv. raatL tii 208 ovje ^ 

Jwiiijii i^tu&ttr$at r^ w^iv, on iK piOxpov fihf BaurnjfiartK ^upov opf Tor 

wwpyov Kol arpoyyvXav iK Sj rod trweyyvr jAtt^ova hu nrpayuvov, dXXa 

^ftAAor a^ifitvtitr, art mi m ^whtcu /uKpov avrp to aur07fTor iccu TOioiro- 

.•XW"*' ^"T** ^fJ^i ^uicpov KOi Touiurocr^/iOVi tJ £ia TOu oiptK 'pop^ axo- 

Up att yMty t«v itaTo rd «ZSfuAa rcparuv k.t.X. 366 ti credit implies ftD 

ibsmditf : i 1057 Ipgum n ^utcTutim po«n m m nfffre credi$ ; where 

ttenot& 366 lutrajtecaattw. 377 fpo^uiJur fuming ftfrm, r 719 and 

T07 amum lumine c(>rputi Aeu. u 85 ctusum fufntne, xn 935 f<^rpu« 

[lpD/ta|um^umtn«, the seDse being quite diBJerent: see il to T S5S. 374 

^tregitme L& recta linea: comp- vi 344 B rtgume locum qutui in unurti 

\ timeia Jerantur ; and other paaaagea of Lncr. and Cicero there cited. 

f76 lana AvA-: fmh wool at the Rame tjme conatantly taking the placQ 

^what is oonsnmed, 378 MuU vmbrtu : S15 ntis de corpore rwntro 

AbimtuTf an equally eipreasive raetaphor. 

376—468: in all tbia the eyes are not deceired ; what they see, 
Chey rightly aee; it is the mind that erra in the iDfereDces it draws l 
Uijs applke to thoDSanda of things in which the seoHes neem to be mia- 
token : when wo are in a ahip which is mOTing, it seems to be at rest* 
knd things which it passes to be in motion : the stars which are in per- 
petual moTcment, appear to stand still : if you look down a long colon- 
nade the roof and door attd the sides seem at the other end to conrci^ 
to ft point : out at sea the sun appears to rise from the wator and to set 
5ii it: the parts of a ahip nndcr water look bent and twisted upwards : 
"wlien clouds send acrom the sby, the atara aeem to move the other way: 
if ymt press the eyebsJE beneath, you see all things double: when fast 
aalcep in a small room in the dark, you often think you see da3^light and 
Are traTelling over wide distances: in all thia the error lies in the 
opinions which the mind superinduces upon what the scnees really per- 
o^Te. 383 diximTit in 368 foil. 385 naturam rerum here = cau^ 

mm rarum. 386 viL oc, ad^ngere: Cic. de imp. On. Pomp. 10 ui 

fM^utf vera lauM H deiracta aratume mea ne^ue /aUa adficta esse videtUur. 
887 Qua mA. natfi: sea n. to 1 15 eapia . . quamqtt^. 391 eavcmig: 

■M IL to 171. 392 adnduo mini mata : elsewhere he uses the more 

common oonatr. mm in moiu ^ see n. to 1 999 (995). ^nolu om without 
tiio adj. ooold hardly be said ; but adsiduo implies the stato or condition 
of the motion ; and Madvig I^t gram. 272, 2 teaches that both eodeia 
steiW and m codern $laiu cam, taanert may be said. 393 l<mgot = long- 
inqooa: Serriua to Aeu- xi 544, quoted by Fore, ^Sallustins ^ Mttdlo 
proeml ttgatie itmga »pe» atixUu>ruta' 304 tuo . . atrpore daro : 1 38 

Ih0 mmbtmiem corp&re aartcto: 413 meo diH de pectore ; n 618 sw ro- 
dni ^tdm^bus'. the usage is archaic; as Eunius auo. 52 ofr/ro cuvn 


2QO ^^^^P TfOTES n ^^^^p 

m|idf Vieo^ t5 Teqve, paler THenne^ tuo OWA Jhirnvr^f ttvnd^i : Tirg. ful- 
towb ttitli dL£u frufi L^»A curdt, Utf> jxr/itii Jfuinlne duimj* £icu cu^ji gvr- 
ffite Jfav^M 397 UiO conatr. Gecma to reacmbk sqiuq of tbe infiUiiCVi 

giveti in n. lo I IS: ihe Ha^tatUi^.-moMie is JoiDHt bj &UractioTi vili 
iiiCfl/- 71MW bccasae it Ia nearest: if the inter <jjto* preceded the moniit 
thoi'o wi^iuJU bti nothing hai^ti op uniuual iu the cu^^jtr.j but the Kria/^ 
iU cct. in put UitEt to give it euijjhatti& 404 hthar i.e. M>]la: T 6^ 
fre//»n/ur:fr lU^ar AriMtfo^ ff/rfM. 400 FeiftuQ p. 375 FCTE^ffi /'^tf ^icwt- 

tMr qmai. . ftrtieon^ proffim [Panlua ftU[ip1ieA fuod vduti r^mfi kahait 
jir'iqfi.m\ Enniiis IL k cui^iki qiiiugeiitoa wepo verulL Yir^l and IV 
LiJlufl have tlje form vtru, »o(i Virg. lLc aclj- v^rxttua. 

414 viJ foiilteiua, 436 ^^ Tiftria, 447 j4/ ^: ai hwe- d'-iiique ; tf 
f\l*o 99S Ai cojiatula, 1007 ^* tar^; IIOJ, IlftS, v 650, 102*1, laCl, 
IST^f, 143^ ! tbia uso of of iu tiaubitiouB is coiuiuoq enough in Cicfln:| 

hMH MjLyor's vd. of Ualm jjliiL. il T. c</iiledwi aifU(K: ill Lt>€ lajjidv^. 

Whlectui'*-^ Ff>FC. and Luch- cito for tb*? word FroatJiiiia ** i^ttU^ciit* pi*-'. 
oialiM aqiiiu oev digitum non altiQT ununt: Msdvig Ijtt gmiii. 5Vft, 
and 3OG illtLbtrates ab leuj^tL ttiia on^ion of rfitam: vety aiitjiliu k, 
Livy xxt Ul iO, wkicL ho quotes, ivifo umquam nue mifiti4 quaU'UfT pfiu 
ii/fa ificiiU; but Irlie h.w h UHiialiy tLTitneti^ to /ff>ui rainug ampiiwi'i 
mitittF viliiof. Virg. coJ. m liio TrU pakal cmti Kpaiiutn »<m omptiMli 
t4/na«. 416 417 n, IG und Kea. theng. 7^0 b^ toiuk this uotuftj 

JinuiliiLr to poet:s Ihougli jierlut^A Yii^g. geoi\ n 291 fttid Aen. vi JiTT 
WAfl ttldo thiukiug uf Lncr, tksf^ecUttn . . paid poggcdling ;M/«<,.n>^ 
^Ctu. 416 inpete bi^m lEt ttimplj sizi.'^ wbidi seems to be deriredj 

froot tbc piiiiiaij moauiog uf force aud TuhemcDoc: m v ifOO qmatihmf 
cao£i If'jd ijiifffits ^irgensj for thei'e seema ao aJIusjoq tber« to a n^roWiiC 
heflveit ; and vi l^t> £iEtnictu tUiia ulitu super impi^ie nnrtji j (U 
iarUo jiKOitirorujit cut impotc nafam sccma to ojcpro^ both fbroe MB 
^le: Coei. de bel. Gall, ni 8 in ma^no ipipetu matia aitptt apertOf oobJ 
pared witli d 7 in vastlftsiTno ati/rta apcrCumimo oceano uid 12 ti fVU 
fUyM« apcrto marU eaU-ai Hoc-tna to be ihe cbiof notiun eiprraodl. 4lC 
rtuU .. kitUne, jiGr]\ii[i^ vilb refoTTtice to Knniu*^ etuii ptklnittm 4IW tM 
Orerlc, 419 mirando, l>«(«aAe il u woudrvov stiange that hartd 

thotild be there in tluit eidilII puddle: 403 Cttefa di g^ntn Mo< mirvndn 
VI 652 iiiiTr.nid'i j>{mdrrs aaiM ; v 1 171 Tnir/Lndo cr/rporit aw.-tu. SmI 
uotep II liud uotta 1 and 2 to iv 213, 8hi?llcy iu the rcc-jllcottou bnttj 
tifully f^nUrgeA on thl^ Ibeme nhioh w^iild iiikTt^mlJy iTjt[irt^ri itMjf 4J 
the luind of a pout : Wv paused Iznide Che pvole il^U lit Vaiittr the for^ 

I JOU^A : £!aefi acomod ot ticerc a UiUe sh^ GidjAid in a WurW inJifto ; A jiH 
matiie/it 0/ jriirpte Ihjkt. )Vkiih In 'An ditrk rffirth lay..JH v^hich liU 
I'lvfffy /urtMa ffrru', Ao in lite I'jipcr fnr.^-T^GTC hf/ the gf^U aW '>n^ 
biytirittQ latcn. And tl^ronffh tha dnrk ^rten wood Tha wKitt m^tt /wuUU 

BOOK rv 391 

Uke fiU dmm Oui 0/ a speckled doud. 426 duda: bo dtMxri mummj 

foatam, lineam and the like: Cic. de rep. 11 H cuiW i* e^ Iractus ducluM- 

91M muri'f ManiL u 287 at quae divUa qualernis Partibus aequali 

laUmat tuiU emtdita ductu; 274 In tris aeqaalU dltcurrU linea ductua. 

437 *n ytrpduumi Flaut moat 146 non vidcor mihi Sarcire poue aedia 

meag quin Mae perpttuae ruaiU: Creecli compares Aen. vu 176 Farpe- 

tuU Motiii pairtt ctmtidere m^Twis: tiu 183 Viipl traoalatea by Perpelui 

tmrjfo bovia Homer'a vuroun Btrp'€Kittrtri. 429 erahU/aatigia, poetic^lj 

tiuiking t^e coloDuade the agent; instead of trahUur in/aatigia. 436 

daudax livy xixrn 24 6 haa ektudas mutUataaqita nava^hut here 

perhapa dauda ia ratiier the reverse of rvc^o, as daudictU in 515 libtUa 

fi , , daudieat hHum, Yl ll(i7 qwt ntundi claudicat axi$, 437 aplua- 

trU: aee n. to u 555. 438 nw«m «(/i»: Tirg. geor. it 431 rarem 

amarum, Aeo, i 35 ^nimtu salU, i S14 campoe talis: eee alao n- to i 

496, 460 /ofwi/ia : i 900 fammai fulseruni flore coorto, Aen. TH 

804 jlufvnitt aeni caiervasy vhere Servius a&ys Enmua ei Lucretius florens 

<ffruni OTnntf ^u^ ntfw/um 04: he then quotes iuaccarately T 1442^;^ 

batptJ^ibia. 451 binaque. . gemiriare: 274 ditplici geminoquAjU aer^ 

^ jremffum neui aa the compound ingcnwiiO bo often is, 453 0O/H>r0 

4 Sofnnvmi ui 431 in 9(mmi8 aopiti, 459 Mutare, dfitip€a': Sen- episL 

4 104 8 quid prodati vtare traicere et UThea mutare f Piiny Bnt hist 11 

^ 133 locum ex loco mtUans rapida tvrtigine. 460 eevera: v 1100 tuk- 

iig tigntt wwra : the epithet seems to belong to the notion of night; not 

I unlike ia t 35 AtlatUeum lUus pelageque aevcra: it appears to be the 

{ opposite to vhat ia gay and smiling. 462 mirando: see n. to 419. 

f 463 vioi€tre fidem uaoallj means to break your own faith; here it 

nidui* to impair the credit of others : but 505 Ei violare fidem prirwim 

tt eonreller« iota FundameiUat the aenee is much the same as here: 1 694 

St labefiMctai eot [senana] nnde omaia credita pmideni. 465 opinaiut 

■OCTnti a OTO^ Aryo/iu for optnatioi with oj^naUis amn^i quoa addlmus 

iftif and 467 res s^cemere aperiaa Ah dubiiSf atiinnts quas ttb se protinus 

^ oddit compL Epic, himaelf in Diog. Loer, x 50 to £« ^cuSo? koX to hiijiuip- 

K^ Tiffth'ov iy Tc^ rfHurSo^ofo^cKp act iari Kara rijv KtvTjfnv Iv Tfft^iv avrott, 

.^ mfij^/inf^ T^ ^orrcurrM^ hri^oX^, hidXuilnv [not StoArr^iv] S^ t)(*}V^ay koB 

^ ^ TO tfitvSot yivrrai : and comp. - all thrtt follows with Sextua adv. math. 

i rn 310 folL : Epicnnie shews that every perception is true; but that 

^ Wataa opinioas are tme, somo false, and points out how the true are to be 

*'i distinguished from the false : Cic aead. pr. 11 45 dudtqu6 [Epicurus] 

-^ 9api«rUu esM opinion^m a perspicuitaU aetun^ere : perspicuiiat is hie 

■ trvifllation of Epicurus' (vopyem. With respect to one of the cases put 

: by Luor. above Ctc 1. L 80 says Timagaras epicureia negat aibi uAAquart^f 

cum oculum ti>rwis$6t, duag ex Ivcema Jtammula* om visas ; opinionia 

' fnim AM0 mend^dunij ntm ocidorurn. It ajtjwitrs from this bot>k of 


2 92 


Oicero that tt<^ ship of 3S7 foil, and the bent om of 438 tctc al&> it«^ 
ilEiit^tniLioiis in ihc RchrtoU < Miirrob. nat. vu 14 euuroeratei otbera ■ 
well a» thcee. 4QB oi sc ^ ipse ; 465 addtmus t/m : nearly tbo art 

is ite furcQ m 271 mitara vutU^a oh at quoa dipidit oUia; Plaot null 
H40 dot nunc ah se mtdi»r opertim; and a /k/scU In bh inscr, 2elL ejigi 
1011, i 

469 — 631 1 if ft man to&obes tbat nothing can be knoirn, how do4 
ho kuow tlmtT ho* distinguish between knowing auJ not knowiugl of 
the tnith of the senses nil reasoning de|icndj*, wliioL must ho ^ho i 
thaj tae tnlbe : nor if on« H^mae more cmi4U[i than another; aJl bdu 
t<|ually tmi;; niir in the koidi) sense at one time mure cortoiu than ■ 
nnother ; uU reaiwniiigi nay life itself would jit onca como to an endg 1 
ihu senflea arB not to be tmrtted : oa in any building, if flk^ nde am 
equnre are wiy, Dverj [mrt will Lt croukerd lukd uuaLiblf-, bo nil reusanil^ 
mtiBt \)0 falBO, ii' fho sonscs on which it if< grounded ure fidoo^ 4S 
>fkZ j(i-irt cet. j].l]udi!g nu doubt to the Kcndonir^l pliiJ<rso()hy which ■ 
sidd in Cic aca<L pr. u 61 con/uadit vera citjit fal^, gpoliai itoa luJifU 
ftrifnt aflprot'iitone, mji'iif-un orlnit sensibttg -. corap, too Mflcroh, «aL tl 
14 30 where the preceding; ilhi&tiuLious of Lvicr. are albjJt^ t^^ fM 
aeirtleinhiji {i<i7tinaitdorU7n v^ufvurr^ OccaBi<mem d^def^iii, Biit in t^& Li 
75 it 1^ nifto said uf Chrysippufi qui/itlciTP putatur portictijyi jn»jCTr«(i 
qttam mtdta UU co\itr<^ ectiaua cet. bo that Lucr. may well be alluiliBg t 
hi9 imnidoxcs- \d qttix/iie JiOteii cct.i Metrodorua of Chioa It greiit M 
inirtir of Dt'm[n:rit\iK [luslit*! tlie pantdoi to this eTttremo : CiG M H 
Bayfl of him initio iibri qui est dc ncUftra *ncgo' inquU 'wire ww M 
ffiT:«n« aliqxtid an nihil sctamtrSj ne id ipaum fjwdefn, nAtrirs atii tdH 
scire KM, 7XC tmininu ^itna ali/jvrid ait ni/uf- siC' : the origiua! K <juot(P 
hy ScxtuB and Euacbiua 471 Tuiitam = omiitaxa : in 9G1 mim 

Tl 1056 miTari milie. eonifitdefe aiv^aia \& nnt Gosy to explain; itAI 
pr»ra to have notbiDg to do with the teohnical itit^tider^ iiUm of d 
9aO : LiLiijb. [>o[iipar«s Cia in Catil. n 2l» eatiar^s ijtaa^y tpmt inttr §e ttm 

Jli^niit, C(m£ciid':re ; but there caatendere is simply to ooujpare tognUia 

UB in pro &GX. Ra&c. 93 ; a sense quite unauJtablo hero : GronoT. obi B 

19 compares it with cerntre vtlam, eemtre Itell^im, pn^nars pn-pMin tiij 

the like; tmd thie ia probably right: it will thererote = contendere 4 

ngero onuQnta. eatisaits for eautam woLild bo an oaay vmendatioo- 411 

i^ii tapUe cet. appears to be a proverb ; but its praciae force is not wi] 

dear: Gronov. l.L oxpbina it by 'qui siU non constat, qui ao ifri 

everlit, qui carnuat' ; this would auit tlie oont^it; but a mnn who tud 

« oil hb hendf Juca not placQ bia hend where hia feet wci'e, PethaD 

ft man putting hi^ hoad vh^rd iii^ feet should be ia ititant Ibnt h 

tUDes OA liJA pr^TUfM that nothing can ba known, whicb in the rai 

Hnldoa that ought to be, but cuimob bo proved bj such a premiaa : U 



I lovertd liiTDaelf in a tnanuer. Locke essay it 11 3 uaea very 
mgunpe, / (hirii natudff citri in ^ame^t be bo sesjAicttf aa Itt bs W»- 
tj'rJi« (-Wji^ncff f^ Uio/6 thivjs whif^A kf. s^p9 nrttl /tvfit. Af, leuH 
raw ihuid sa Jar, icftaUcer Ac may Jtave tcUU UU owjt thouyfiU, 
r have any cvultoversy mih ««; aince A* ean jwn*#r be tare I aay 
I co7\t.rfirfj to A« opinifyrt, iind 8 ^f all tw tt ilreamy tfitn Af t/vlh 
M t^*i ^4 riidikca M« *jnf^t{o7^ ; and ao it is iml muah mait^ thai 
• man akotttd armcs^r him. 

irmnvv: wUattver be may anj, yow will (idiI tliat no otlier real 
um be givon, except lAat all U-uth dcponda Eii-at on the BGOBoa, 
«omp. It 1090 imd lU 250^ 464 ^i^rK fufa c@t : i €fl4 uW^ 

Tvdtfa pendent 493 cwniu/w^o ; 1 449 avi hin cojduTn:eit 

fo&uff ca inwniw; and eoo d. tliero. 497 ip*i iv;>r. «m i. a. 

aooaa ftt one time nuinot rofutc the SAinfl Bense at asather: Ci& 
]i 79 ^ cfif'nA rcr/i demittit Epicur^af, 61 unm Betisti^ Krncl in 
ififiu ffiiy nvUi vvijuam esse oreJandum'j oud with all tlmt pr^ 
np. the roiy Bimilar reasoiiing nf Epic- liijnH<?]f in Diog. Laer. 31 
-yap oTr^rjcrts oAoyoi cirrt ica! ^vi^/itj^ wCtfuSt OfKTUttf- mitt yap 

Zvfdfitvov avnic 8t<A.ryfaL dvtc ydp ?^ o/xo^DyEtn/; a'cr^iTL^ T^v 
f Sia rift' LiTCKri'c^^ui^i Qvfi'' 7 arttfiatoyti-^^ rrfy atofto^ayry^' ov ydp 

X4yiiV' irdc yap Aoyos ottd Ttuv aic^i^ircuji' T^pnTrm- 500 dtJi' 

I & twhtiioul term ofu^u us^^d bj Ciooro and Quiuiiiioii; and 
» «xpUin aviiy ah obJfvtMn and |irove it not to }>» iji tlip paint, 
«y,: rofumu egaiUa occurs \u OHd met. xv 150 aoLid raanj 
kitftdoni of Lurrretian Unhinge. 504 nutiiibris inai\if<fxta \ 

irdit are of rour^ <ioii»ected in origin^ and tlti^ antitht^is ba- 
tOnf/^A aQtl r'fd^ti&u^ ^i//ffj'« m d^iibtl<^^ iTilcDtioDdL 50G 

: *©e D. to 4C3. 507 A"<jn wiofio.,-, vita ^uof^ve ipsa : tlio 
of the Adversative particle iu th« eecQai^ clauoe ia nra in good 
Tooitua has rion mtxIOf diant mora than 4>ucr>, and bi^t. ii ^T 
n opuU CoKinam , ., FaJrii qmirpie VahtitiM copiae : lAvy iXVitE 
D ^^ /ifiij^it i*i Jton flJtJtfy itoi/», aie/f VYiiu inindia, ne poitcrit 
timculti noairis cestrtj Madyig iusai't^ frum conji?ctiire eed tifter 
fiOfi n^H^ CTfft/f^re cet. : Locke easiiy ir 1 1 8 tuch an oj^UTtince 
vfonce oJ'thifijB vfUficut us U et'^^icinni to dlra^i jib in tft^ nUaiii^ 
'o^d nnd nvoidxa^j tht eait mklch in caMOi'd hi/ ihetn etc 519 

sonaiito of Iwo aides joined at the lop by a crona bur, over vbioh, 
id |3luczLin«t desccDd Oij a pcnduluiu ' iliob^H companion, c^dit-> 
IL to 436h 517 tliQ rhyttm of this v, waja jjorhapa sqg- 
J lb ♦ 116 UoXW S' a^aiTa Karavra iropajra re h^y^ftui t TJ\6off , 
L Dcmctriua PliaL cited by Cbiiko reoiaclcs /x€/ii'^i|rai rg koko- 




€4»iltrT Vfile nier«, alin auU'm nmnt, prodjt« et have ct 
COmp. 6o3 Eac 7niii9rrt i^tttr gu'JrdaTit Jnaioraqiit tielrmit. 5^ 

bcgimimg on aprxIocU: eoe n, U> t tlE^- miPw ocL ih$ yap Av^^tfi 
CtfTi^i^ur rjfrrrjmit savi Epic, in Diof^ lAer X S3. 

523 — 543 : tLe vaj in vliich tho oth^r etnaed &r<* acted 
W be easily oc^J^rstood : Bouttrl is corporenl, ftinc^ it i^ bv 
tbt.- for lUjtt it (^xciti-a senfiation ; oftec too tbe aUriiie of ouuritl in'^ 
ing tbrougli tLc narrow wiiidptpo graze it and inak« it roogli: i^ 
long speech Kpoken in a loiid voire tAk«fl much Btrength mod nhtt 
from n man : a[ni>jtJi(iew of eoun J coiuea From fimootUue»a of iU mi 
KMghnMa tmta rongbnc«6 in tlienL 523 quo patio, 'tlut u b 
ft-fttJy by iiir|iu1hC]r tba only way vlu'cb we can coiiceiv* bodia opt 
ia' Kijft Locke camt ii 6 H : wbat follows has numy points of ain| 
Agr^^meut witli what Lucr, says bore nad in pnrU of ii, S23 j 

^ojri: tbc metapbor is obvimtn, tbongb tbe ward Hom nr>t nppM 
cccor cl^vrberc in tbU Bcn»o; and tbe foira n;rv;>rvj Laa also t&ia in 
iDg, but only In iMc wiiten. 524 c»iuiilur cet ; bo H^ii«v ui I 
I^er. E J32 TO a;coi7itc yi'vcrai ^^ftarot rivoi ^ttpofitmii dtri roE ^mtM 

To & peiifin rwrratiK nfiotofifpti^ oyMfiXs BiofnTttpavu *c.t-A_ fiSS ^ 

lart . .^auaifi: CIUi di: nut dtxir. tl 1 '14 ^n'tu^uant «cn#u# ait kx* [vooi 
;rt/^^* ewff. 529 arUna : thia neut, form a]ipoA>^ to oocot on(y 1 
a^i€TioTa^ pcrlinpf vilh Teferont?? to its tcicbnimi name tbe a^rtc 
fmor rpa^na c^rrjfjici: aM Cicero jind GelaUs in Forc» 533 ^W 

belongs equiUly to tb« tbrc^ worik eepfeH ianua ori*; ta in /fitui it 
^fioqut tc Ttbiu, ^iifine. belun^ equally lo tLc vbole phrue ilitui ui 
rch/a; for tbe nicaoing is o* quoq>ie a^iffiinr ft eiujt idnwi rwJijfw. 
pUti, Tl 1^03 ta-nffiiix efrfJriij Titriha ibntl Ibc word in these tWOJil 
bji« tluulrtless lis asuu] meaning, thongb Luch. wiys tho senwv 
DuuTvtUfl (kud Enidua givo it of fttinanifuB would bo approjiriiit^ 1 
645 tub Tmtrmure: rtmip. TS."! Omaifl mb vrrhorit erwii natt/rOf^M 
tbure: tbe f^rce of mth aecma to he ^imiljir in Hor. od. tn 7 ^M 
oantu qu«rvio4 tUspice tibiae, and Cel^nit v 26 31 «/6 frigiiio ftl 
TnoritaUnr. ravffit : Aen. Tin 526 Tj/rr/icnwqiie ttdjar Jiint/ir^ , . ritu 
546 rifff i> & eonita ; 60$ fc^ntfu^ud n^nA/r [looa]. 547 wbocToi 

travelled over Hv1ic?on And tieon and heard it^ raiibin^ torrvnts, will 
tlid titunu of making tbcm the luiunU of aw&ns; and be wLu bad 
vii^itcd tbo place, migbt w«Il believe that tbey would com© ic dng 
ilErgo afltr baving, in tbe Wijrrfs of Helicon^s own poet, 
Ti]pivu XP^ n<p/LT/fnroru *£l (inrov fvpiji^ ij OX^tin] fa^ivto. 
649 — S94; aa tbe eoonda are coming ont, ibe ton-^p 
ATiiculaLe woiil^j iivory ous of wblcb la distinctly hcnrd 


band; tmt ftb a grf!*tdr JiatAiioe tKe »:niiil b indtetiuctly ponn-jvod, as it 

gota broken in pn^aiog tUroiigli ttiu ail* : uLrtiin Jh ringlet wurd often strikii^ 

thi* BLTE of a wholo multitude; it uiiiati diinVIn tlioivforo into f<o mnnj 

diffCiuct Torja: often too voioaa nx-e ccUoed distinctly buck, Bf>metiDiea 

fllx Ar i^Ton in niiswor lo ono : th«Bd llie wori<I«r4ovtng miiltihidQ 

Ijrlirres to be tLc voicea and luii^^lc (»f uyiiifilLS nml wtii^dhiiid ^m^ Pun 

ftijd llie reat> 551 arlicidai -. }'Ut. Frutn^. 3J2 A 0rLii-r)v nal oW/ia-ru 

Tiii;i(i' tnj/>fl/ii«7'aTo t^ "x>T? - lexioonH i:ite for the 1-atin wunl only Tate 

MitLoritiej biaidcs Lucr.; Cic dc nat door, n IA9 quoted by LatiiL in 

ATtf $iin Uttgua tst, fnitn denlihus. ffffl vo«TO injmo'/orrtW ;)ro/ufloBiyi'y?<;i( 

tf ^CTtTHWiC (U^iuf 8vno» \>ocU dlntiitcOjs e^f proiirt fjftt'it. fcrhitriim dtm- 

Aiiai it ipfdnu n gen. ftlua T ^31^ nt/tuf^'^tie dfialafn r^ru^ft: oomp- too 

n. !<> I 7^ 56^ Faftnatura^ 5S6 _A™ittfT*rfim" Me n. to i G:iX 

S53 if#w pr. Per. t\ qtia^'pie: Y 000 Vriti^ c%im f'lin t/uufjite^ 55fl 

Hm^til c*t,' E|iic, 1. 1, TD oi y^cu^Afl Toiiro *i^ f>/iuir3^<p(r^ vyKov^ ^lairTTii- 

ptnut dfia Tivii ouifruCuiTa; irv{nrd&tiaif wpac oAAjjAou^ *cril IvoTt/rt t&tOTfio- 

wr, Jbrraittterain and Jlguram miiat aupoly be aynmi. boro, 560 

ffiffm...twr *#». ^U4tf tii\ eee n. to i 15, 557 Ohai'j'tn*^ sooihb to 

nttU) iiii|irrt«ing on the enra Uie fimn of the wtiril, as the sphI iinimvwi^s 

ibi mark en the wnx, 568 aurrV iiicidit^ a rsTc oonstnic'blon : Tnc, 

luts I[I 2D obrtiilfjtie q-iiaa inMcrat; Paulvi:^ qiiotriJ by Liicb, haA Chu 

AtxuA. uud Appid. monj tbun om-e: Acq. II 7-1 itniinon deiia irKtilU M, 

but KMsi m^. EjniVji^: iit Livy tboro i\ppcara to bo no ma auiLorjty for 

Uia occn&? I 326 mtire ^itae inpentlent, where see not*'; and so ijmi- 

mutfTd £ttfe6r^M uid tin? like : N^aiui p. 30^ {icoma to aan\^ to Luciliua 

Radium incumbare^ 572 poasia is bore potential: soo n. to i ^21^ 

575 o/xirfl* seemji to mMo hero enTelo|ipd in dnrknews; ns Aen. ni 505 

StA ruti tVifonM ^ nton^ umhr^JHtur i/paol ; ihoiigb it tnny only mean 

that tJiey are lost in tli^ woods t>u ttio liilla, 576 i^naeritmin el eel: 

ArD- lii 68 Condimtte e£ niajiut stip'reTj^ma Twcf cicni/w; tliia Tuigbt be 

tided to b. to I 253. 578 tp»i etemH to bo in tbcir turri, witii refer- 

ffiie** to (Trtarti tynta I'l-vra*. 576 doet^i rejWri: Lftcli, com park's Hor. 

qiieL 1 L-i !M) Jt-uJta inoie doceiidus ajtricu parcerc catripo^ 680 Unr-t; 

Hton cct t Udlon par. rcg. ti 3[>G to a €\!ptrstUi'>fft r^ f/f^ fimiwl Of 

^hvf^or/t anriT TEfoori-nym^j/^ ; Avn. VLLt 314 //r^rr au^njr^rn imUifGnaQ 

Hhiiu nyy^iT'f^if'e f^ufxti^. 56lya»jLOri: Ibese old Itiilbo, jiiiy pccu- 

h»jly Ifiliii gudfl iio joins with Greek flatyr* and nympliR and Pan, 

a> Virg. LI. and g^-or. J \<} jarijiifpif^...dT^iiii^xt/i'f!: to which v. Probua 

MTi rutti/^ jwr/uoffKnt erf i iitolmtlhii^ tttjrv par/^m Itnliae q\tae sitltur' 

ktA4 ftff tttfjm eot [&unos] in /:r^i> cvntpici; and Yarro tcli^ iis it wh^ 

in dia Atuniinn metro tlnry .ipote in gUvfstnbif^ locU; aa does Enoiufl 

Attn. S^'i r<w*i&u* quoa olim/a'tnei vates'jiti caRshant'. but ba goes on 

Cmi Hi;*** fUKJoritm setjpvior guis^VAJn superarM c*t. and surely in tbo ^ 



duya of Lucr^ the TDvs«s vith Fmi satrn ftTttl ti^phfl KiLfl ulcorad 
tho Ikuua wibU tlicir satumiuu meusm-e. ^se hcwU'trt ao-t a coqunon 
coiutr. but occumng in Vtrg. c<^l v ^7, Aotn* t 731. 583 Mo- 

rfjrfift itileurifi is, fmnid ip Ovid hfh 11 50^^ Aud mi'fit nUrniia ueean 
tbrice ic hifi met ; AeQ, 11 2.;^ tKtc{Uj< /»r ffmiVf» silentia Innic^ 665 

3V^: lUch in his comtiiinioQ gvv6s a drnwing of n »iiu|>lii pip* or 
flugeulet fi-om the staiue of a laaii, exji<;tl/ res«ukV]|iu^ thxt uow luvJ bj 
the RomftQ pi^et-arit to vhom U Lka dcruhtlcsa coiqo tlown i& unint^- 
mpltxt fiucof!Ssiaii £rom AtLtiiimij. £87 capitis velriDiiiui'. i 030 and 

IV fi T/H^ ^jTiW nu/Ji veiarhit Utitpoi^ mtietuL 5S9 ^'nco cub: T, 

1107 £t 4upet*a caiarmt %no'> pc-cifrrer^ Inhrci Prop. Ul (iv) IT 
Crtprij>eiiEM ffUtmia Panf$ huiriie fit»^'if. fiSd 9iii'aCrt.m...mn4aM \ 
ID Virg, eiv^h I 3, 594 aiW. auric, niust jueatL av^ tojrUtrt aurtcwTd 

595 — 614: soaoda will come tliroogh pT&c«a, tbrougb wliich 
cannot aoct bccan^t; their partldca can ]»&as br crooked ways, «l 
iniflgoe CAQ oulytrar<>t tLrough atrftigbt pA^A&ag^i agoia oUQ v<iir« bu[ 
iiLtif iMony shmlar voii^esai as » npork. ufHt'e iuto nuuij^ sjiarks; 00 Uiai 
tbe corat;ra of a building may be HLIed vitb ^onad ; but ev^ja eoniid 
is dMdeQt*d and broken in conking througli sat^h ol^tmctiona, 5SS 
C]^ri^?utur» cetr.: tbeic is in tlii» a mLiturti of seving mid ]i«rizj^ 
oxiictly aa in ilorn tat. u 8 77 tmn in Ucio tj-aoqva vidfr<e Stntitn 
secreUi tfln^js anre mtmrroai qiril« as hurah ur liftr^her la 262 ,/i«rifud 
peTEniis vLr/c;riud Corpora titm playfU in JMetroi Aeo. IT 490 taa^fin 
videbis Sttb pedit"^ terrain; Prop, u (iJi) IS 49 VidUiij tcto tcntim 
perairrrre cacio. 600 renata^it 6t:(^ms to occur in uo other writer of 

authnritf. €02 tcV/ri; nee u. to m 97 : pr^Uviilj lis confueion with 

tbe adjactive his «LV©d the ei bere. S06 JJUfulniti see tl to in 

1031 ^ucujmtf. 608 /ertru/U: fur form and tncniuug see n* to u41- 

eif^ifftr: 5iG rvjio cittt^ 009 rffrerftfl = dire^Ua i «eo n. tc VI 633 

dfTi^it 611 0f cet. l c^ ntitno Qon |>ot«stj underatood &DtQ nana 

ut 610; seen, to u 1038. 

615 — 632: taste la quite as ea^y to ujiUin; Uie flavour U prvised 
out from food by cLi?vingand pa&si^t' into tho jMrpfl Liftongac and [lalute: 
tho £avour U plcjuaat, if tts atocna arc amooth, but iljc coutiaij, if 
theae are rouj^L : wbtu the fcK>d has got below the paUto, Uw Havour i* 
na longer perceived^ aoil the fuud id tlien iudiiri.'i-tnt, if uuly it can be 
dif^tod, 619 coepU: neither RiUchl prof, to trmui&niua p. lixti 

nor Loch, can End nnothCT c^rtiin ^i^umpFe of thi^ tii&yU. \me^ bnt tha 
liitt^r eajs of thc^ furmeJ- * quod bauc forniuu rationcm b&bere uc^V 
mihi nou per^ULtdet^ nam ab opiendo ut fit eoptdot ita cJipert eo^pvti 
cocpC^i^ni, D quibLJ3 ffi^fime nou minus nroto qaAED c^U^r^ uoulruhi jnluit 
eo modo <mem in w^wmo noldnmiu Ubro U 1061/ 622 iftrc <ti* 



^mtt thig WM a.\sft tliQ dnctrioe of DcraocKtus is nbunduutlj eLd^vu 
boijpLr. du srum i;i ftt'nail, G^^^ Gd, 67 ami olaowlierft 624 Uvtida 
n**« is verj' Lutittiau: oonip, catulcus liiclcua, ctmdcna Utctdtts aad 
ik<k t9mpfa: y l'>3 /fum'ajt<'fj2 t^t pectttt iumplaqitg uitntig: »«« d. 

»}: tibc firtguiki (f:mpf'i may ImTtj rtfureDoe t(« the Uiu[M) and imai- 
tbe pcUnCo and tbv CI rock wpcvC^. 637 ^7«r = tcniis, a raro use 
tmtMl by Beutl lo Hor. o<I. u IS 30; be diesi Ovid oi Tonto 1 4 

ft33 — 672 : 1 will now aKplain why wLat is one creatiiro'fl ment is 
licr*s |>oia m : all creatures differ within and vitlmut ; tlK'j-efofe Uiey 
ifll of di Jerciit Atoina ; and tbe atoma being dificreni, the [loicQ aud 
■gm of tlits whole binly, rtnd fi.lsD oi" tlia muiiLli and patate mual 
r; tliua if food j^ plefuuiiit Ut o\to creature, itfi mJiLiolb rlecneuia 
b Fiiit tlie porofl of thiit croature ; if uiipleasaut, then ita r*>;igb ole- 
U mitbi mora roadilj w]a|]t Lhemwlvea to tb«m: and thua iu disisifW, 
b woB befor^i awcot to a iiLari ina3r buc^me bittor. Q33 alpiiui \ u Sl^U 
yr rxtTi^ut ofuamim.. G34 ^T/^/^rr"; £g« n. to i j7 Quovc, tri^e: Ee^ u. 
D't4. 635 pertl-alcs appeiira liut to accar elaowbi.-i'e. 636 (li£krllie : 
^io I 653. Q37 tUi i'e<:ura vi 1^:^C fU4>iafi Ued^at, alsi iafauod 
Bn tha new cr»rp. insi^r. LaIi. find n/.i in one donbtful crtse: see also 
HSC3 afrr^ /t^i^ wo bud already II 383. Democntua taugbt exactly 
HrUVr- tt^L'bce bi!i\F: TUoopbr, d<.> seuHU i>t m^q^I, G3 trtift-tiutf ik v? 

^uAoL^ irutyjD^ K<tl fTcpoi^ d^V nai lAXcLt £j>^ij roTf £c trrpv^vay, and 
^huf 4i TO fin- ir^fia Ka& oifxc *tfri, Trj £i ^AuifU ica± uAuK To itjtfflip-oi' 
^ptAo Ku In dXkittSt Vi 0?j<7(k; Q. II. Ltrwea' J'Iiv^loI. of common 
Hp9 fAdf ^»f r'i'£/<^tf metU U aruftlkor mart's poiatfi is a provsrb of 
Btmci^y. €38 jfr/«»?u: Fliny nnt liiat vu 10 dt«d ^ Lamb., 
Kvm Z^ giTtfl fiiinilur accounta of tbc jn>wor of huraan BpUUo over 
Hts; and IIiLrd<^ium ill u:^ tuples them fi^m voi^ioua souro^?^. 641 
^Ki^w; Uiiii iFii cufdirmQd by lie&^cb. cAA(/3u/^oi- pmuvi) '^v jcr^t- 
^■1 ^rrvy^t wliiub Lta rei:eat editor stiungcly aiti>ra to o^jvyciL 
Hoften meattous tbe Rame t^aij lU in his de t<jniper?Ltii- in 4 at end 
^K |iijr v/JTvftf ^X^^iipoE rpo^r/ ro't o avOpimtm tfMipfuutt^v, almost 
B^l^tiou of Lucr. PLiny loo uilU h'lsL x VJ'i vmeni^ eapr&te el 
^Bsw, at dLtiinuj, pinipicseuiit: v S'JO piv{jue^cere sft^pe cieula 
H|ntf pifi^Hifim, homia-i qiKOi eat otifo v<*it^/tumi cocup. tbia and VI 
^Bl. witL Diog, Luer. LX 80 koX r^ fthr alyl TOt fiuAAor tli-at. cfovSks 
^M|prtf3ria oi ntpnv, kui to jcufi'Cioi' opTvyi ^tv Tfiatjufioy, ayC^ptuTrui ok 
^Li<iv, mad 8ex^ufl pyrrb, fiYp. 1 51 to -^ovv Ki^vttor -matrti rovi opru- 
^md Lvw&i LL p. G^ tfte pahoju ara food ta fminf/, tiie mlhii 
Hm^ h^Uaduii'na. t/te. gotit fifinloc^, ruid t/tti ftcr^ i^tmUe. 643 
HSiif SBd ciAfl okcM'boju 647 M^xt, main^ circ. we hud aborft 


til 219^ where ace DOta 651 ipso refers to orv as wcJl as pofoAv 

tbcv bciQg singled out from the other jnernbrOj as those which h&va to 
do with tA3t«. 652 mai'ora^u^ ie. ^ur^^m mautra: oomp. n. to 518> 
654 mtdtangtiia appears to occur, in no other writer of a good sga 
660 contradahiliifT too seema a qto^ Acyo^ : the o, 08 twico in coi^troB 
tans, 668 corpora i.e the hvissiina of 659. 669 oefara: A^tr^ 
vimintm hamaiaque of 662- 671 lAchmaDn's note is quite beside tin 
point r he gains nothing by transposing these vaa; for, as just dwwn, 
the quae corpora of 6GS and the cetera of 669 are the veiy fein'tw'mn sn^ 
Aspera reflpectirely, for which he makes his traueponldon. I nov 
incline to reject also Bemnjs' notion of a lacuna: ^le mention oShoaej 
is somewhat abrupt; bnt that is explained by the &ct that it was pre- 
verbial os an illustration of the merely rel&tire notion of sveet sn£ 
bitter: thus Sextus pyrrh. hyp. ll 63 ix tou td ptXi rourSc ftirmcpat 
ToTirBt hi 'yXvin) tftatmrdo* o fxiv ^ijf/AKptroi v^ p.-^ yXviev ovro An^ p^ 
viKpov, o £i 'H/xUXfiTOf a/L^orcpo, Now Lucr. b>0 just specified ferv 
with a flow of bile ah the cause of this change of sweet to bitten witk 
this comp. Galen deaimpl, med. temp, it 17 ov£cKtrSK^u/uurroy ovSiSwn 
TO yX-vtcvTOTov ofratruv /icXi toy irtKpoTarav y^*^ X^f^or mu Sui rt paXum 
ToT? dxy.dZovrTi tc cat ^ucTEt Btppd^ Ktu. s-upcrmNnr.-.'Oniv tUjpai^vft 
irA^LoC^ O^ponp-tf TOY x^^c'^ y<vva j^pov. Lucr. probably got hil 
illustration from Hippocrates. 672 supera saepe in u and ut: comp- 
II 391—407 with 111 189— 105, from which it will appear tb*t honey 
h^ many smooth round atoms in it whonco it gets its usually ploanuit 
fliiTour; but at the s^me time it has a consiaiUior natttra Et pigri laiicm 
vi'ujis et cimclatttior aelua than water, and therefore has more rough 
and hooked atoms ; so that in p«euliar statria of the tongue and palate^ 
in fever for ioatance, these latter atoms happen to fit the ^ona bettv 
than tho smooth ones, and produce a bitter flavour, 

673 — 666 : next to explain smell : it must stream on all sides from 
many things; but, as in ta»t«, one kind suits one creature, anotha 
another : bees are attracted from far by the smell of honey, and so on: 
thus each creature is drawu to its proper food and avoids poison. 673 
adiectuA-. this rare word is similarly used 1 689 *w«(ro* adteU^t tangert 
ittdus. 674 2>riiniiiti cet: so Epic, in Diog. I<aer. x 53 ictu p-^ m 

TTjv otrprjy vofutrriof taavtfi Hat Ttfy aitotjv ovt a.v totc vaSo% ovOh' tpyoffit' 
o^Oaiy (L ^1^ o^Koi Ttvc; rjtrav diro tov vpayparo^ iiiro^pd/tivot <rvpprTpoi wpn 
TO TovTo TO auT9Tp-i)piov Kifttv K.T,X. : comp. too Locke essay II S 13. 
675 notice /fuena, JluctuSy Jluere employed with his usual indifference to 
such j'cpetitlons. 681 'juo luhnt i.e, quocumquo tnlerit. permu$a'. 

fl<i Cb8 Eat aUo ui possit pcrmi/U longuie alter: this use of the word is 
illustrated by Gronov. obs. 11 13 p 316 and by Fore per, can. rt«: n 
122s ftda canum vU; ill 8 /ortU equi vi^; Aen. iv 132 odora conum 



««c 661 nlflai" not only it nidor iiacd bore ftud clsc^bcrc for oiioTt 

liiiC VI 9S7 be has nidoris otLyrtx. 

697—706 : one amell will tnivel furtber Lliau Jiuottier, bat nnjiie so fur 
Bfl fonQd: I nood n'>t ftHd nd tbo imag^sa which excitf* sijjbt i for it 
travels slowly and is xocn lost, bwAnse it coidca with tuitcli kdo frum the 
iuntoet part« of tliio^ as proved br tlib LbjLt cUIu^4 wbem jxHutdod or 
Ji«aolTed by fire amell moro slrangl/ ; tho ilouis too of amell are gi^cator 
tbau Uiofie of Toice, since olteii el wiUl will Jitop the oneiuul not tW other; 
ftlxL Ujua to*> dcg^ oftcft \obc the socnt. 68S O^it^i alt/^rx aitcr tbua used f(>7 
Wm**; tli(jQgh unusuiil^rec^urs v 835 ex clio terram status e^ipit aitor: juat 
bdbrc, f^2?, ho hfld aiiid /'^ aH'>qite aliii^ sOttus excijiere: PlauL ca|rt. S 
ittM d/iuffi for {i/Jcrum ; Seni huic fi'ci^iiii jitii nnfi duo \ Almifi qifodri- 
mtLtn pntrtijn tfrvtix siirptiU. 689 ijuur^uitm in tluf masc. tbiie applied 

to AD ioQniinAto tbing aeoma as mre, lu ita nsc aa an jvJj- ^riH^in^ witb 
LQ fl.T>stract Rubst. iUustmted to I 1077 qui^qftani Itn^m. S93 /ticilif 

anaa here to intfiii rt'ft*lil/ Hbsuibing thi^ HciTit^ a wnw.i not titj dif- 
fcnot from the common un<j rtadilj yiclJing. 600 tpfam iroj ; Bee n, 

to (U 4^0 c^iftiJiiuu: This fOni^tr- beiug t^o <MTiimon in Luor. it ia cunrms 
tlixV tw^! of the grenlciit Latin scliolans of inmlern tiuicfi ahouM havo 
£onu>i luttlt witli it: Ljxmb. ^tij^ horo 'Latino tlici non potest 'cukre Hcci 
aiLrrfiri taavord/uR jrriurijiiiJi coiMiifff qmiin rvj^' ', mid Madrig- iipxi-se. pr_ 
l>> m^ lunkca a like objection to m 014 vf ttwpiii. 704 calida la 

j^^iottl vith (iff«MTt*7if, n«iiiKt: 1033 nmulaara.^Xtintia pracelari 

706^ — 721^ but in iLu cojtc of tbv fornix Jiud coloiun of thin^t oa 
Tcil SA siQcUa and tastes, soTne are suited t^ one creatiire, iinsuitod to 
aaotbcr: tiiuj fuT euuuplu the Lou Hei-ce aa bo b cannot face tbc cock- 
7DB Ao^ rofcre cf cuuraa t^ the or^iment urhlcii endc'd with 6SG, tlml 
tbe particles of a thing whifh exeite tast,^ and amell will offc^i fit ona 
creatun^ not anolber. It ia htirdlj po^iMo tbon to conti^t what LAcb, 
vtn^ tbat tijtB is another of the paBsnges add^d by Lucr. aud not properly 
tymnented wiUi the re^t of tbu jKtecn. 710 explutnlf^iUih/is muai mean 

dnricii; off the night with their noiflc, oa tm Bctor is dnTeu *jA' tho otii^D. 
• \/i^ fugai: coniii, HotJipr'n fivT^cfiiifitBa jiapftijii and the like? not 

-: is 153 ^tfrim inaniinit heor praaiare milueem ; and Vlrg, geor. I 
400 ; but there and ecL Vitt 88^ borrowed froia YaHua, tbe negative ia 
|&LnxliLc?^iL Fliny twiee mentiona wbnt la hero ajsaerted of iJie lion, vm 
52 and X 48, 716 iiUir/hdiujU : * the idea v( fhro»(fh . . is often IvuCHil* 

irilb «rt**^ ifl Locr.t ob iv TIG intcTifo'^- dig a pnsBuge tbtottgh, vi 333 
ittUr-fug' fly thrangl^ and iv 6C9 intfr/Uuvi^y distributed througk* 
t^£ K«y in tran& of the philoleg- aoc.; all theao words ee^^m pcculitf 
t« Locr. 

722 — 74ft: tha mind too receives ite impreRrdciiP from miagea flyirLgi 


NOTEa n 

about ctB all Iiandfl, nLicl> liovevor aj« mucli finer than ihoBB bj wbicb 
we Btm: iiaages ore of diAi^rent kibd^ sovai^ formed spoDtjUi«Gu&Iy in $ht 
nir, soiiio cotuiug from tiling or form*^^ fi^i^m a uutoc of ^T«ral ; u)d 
tlju« we tee ceutaura aud tl^e likf\ iLuugU aucU ne%er exbLt^, fnmi Uie 
cbmiffo nnion for iiLstAccc of the iruii^t^ of a man and Lvr^ : tlie cxtreiuoi 
finenGHS of auch ittrngei mak^s (ilea readily unite, and tLe vondrocfl 
airflity of the mind iUelf at onco recdves them. — Lucr, in tLia acd thfl 
follciwiDg fiectioi»3 baitlea luBEfiilly and ingeciously with the prodi^oia 
dillluultjes uuder wlikb thv u^ticure^Ji Ihi-uriea on this que«tiuii Utjuur 
OiwruS phiiosojjii icaJ writings arc full of clcvet ijirgumtnit and biatflf 
directed figatn):;t tti^m, «0Tnut[m^ Guco^ttsrul^ but often captuma aal 
uofaii'. 7S4 tcr. siin.: Plut^ dc plac. |>hil, iv 8 /LtvKnnrtK, ^rffi-aiipiTW, 

fiiiu. ZT ]>3 tliQs JL'Hts with the new epit^urean convert CrviHitis yTi mn 
»«ffcio qui, ut ifwnitl coram ai^ase vuf^trOf cum tcribo aJiqjiid ad U ; ho^v« 
id KOT iI£imAj.i>' tffttt^a<rt<j,^, lit dUifiit tut amid wwi qui p-utajtt ftiarn Aia- 
tfrtfiucai ^tivTiuTvi.^ 9jfei-fns CcUiatiu fx^^ilari. nam, fe m? /'ti/iat, CatiiiM 
Insiibcr fpicttrctm, <fui Jiitper ffit ntarimiSt qv/K life G'trvjcltiiu et icM 
flnf< J^vinocntur <I5b>\a, hie epeHra liDinuiat. 726 J>/iPia an] 

j^-utn iC6 pKttdtioa: see IL to 63. 737 hmtUo^-. 'ridirndimi «Bt 

barbanm conRacLndincm soqujmtur qui ecribant hract^ ut 
hitt^tii Acflui Afiia aucl II tn-inia arcirtM Jarclnj nmlfttL, ijtiarj ante diia^rii 
giiutofl TcJ qiiingeaboa aunoa mla sunt* I-nch,; 6ce alao n. tc I 70 
729 pereipiint'. Ill 38 voliiplas Pcrcipit a^iqve AoTTt*r; 80 J'&reipii 
mnitot ocJiuiiff V C05 J Era pcirijyltAl. . atdttr ; Vi 804 j}crctp\t, 
eiff'itptc cat.: Clc l.L '2 Am wvif^^ j^w/rt* eitam st cctiH pi^eni Je 
qtifxt TvZ rii I'^Jft ttce'imnil, miin/iiM qui pofnil pt/o nnn T*iW™. 

732 C'l^ntaiifM, S'^tUanitn ai-Q bi-ouglil togetbor V ^01 fwIL: oom] 
tuo Ai-n. VI 3yG Cf'H^iMW t« foribtfit atcfb»itiiit Sf^/lif^^'c fii/omat^ 
bably ii I'eLuiiuflcen™ of Lncr. Cicero in combating this doctrine 
toxeUnT Scyllat CAlmaerac hippocciUttnA. 733 Ccr, can. yac. U li< 

Ukf iJie ici:itmet^ cit«d in c^ to i 474, but tna.y reaembli? i 1 ID /'fr 
IliUas h*tiiii/ium: tho Ctrr^fread merclj' dcfLUca what the /<tcie9 
w/am Qn^rvnt cot.; i 131 coram Merte obtta ptortim cet 'ut apf 
eiim 1iJic>c purin nc 3iin|j|ici«srma eor}ivi Qufrriitn nun improbAse, noil 
BUteiu (|U4^ diasitutliLb i^ai^oiLtf ai.i1 iioij Kktia, coniuugcrc. rt^am quontm] 
Ijkoh 73S tiponr^j aii'i tjifit^ Jiunt cot, the o-uorair*** oxpkinod 131 

Sunl etiam quaefp<mlit ftitt gi^fnmtCvrceL. afro in tpra: ipso In usal hciT 
AA Jl 438 Cf/rporo in ipso \ 111 12S in lp90 Cttrpore ; 483 Hud fr06 
fln V/wtJ ; 575 m i^o corpor^^ 590 corpora in <ipin> ; Ti i^l tn afi^ij 
^wu; 579 ^u£ ettriiuecns atit ipsa trllvrei &0G terra qxwqux ^pur 
Va (ihifi-cr; 1138 <w*'fl m »/i*^ ; ll 117 r(idion4m lnmin« in ipto ; 
l3 in r/uofOTjjrutrwfrM*'; tbat is it merely jioiatatheooatraft betwi 




of And BomcUiing elao : in ftll tlica& casos Int'is in prctlj 
iftwly givea ibo force of I'n i/'fiO. 738 i/nae t^oajii/tit : V 890 Nfi/btta 

IE ftoraine et v^eri/vo tteiiii/i*! fqwont-m Cwjlfn crrdas Ccjiiiturofi pitJue, 
r39 Sam ctfie Oct.; Cic. dc ant. door. 1 108 uaca tU(a ■u'l ao ar^'Yiiucnt tO 
JTerthrow the theory iii cjutHticjii i -^/tV/, ^*/ir/ fitrum rerum fp/'te. ntii}\- 
f«ar/i pwtj*()iij yucrtf?^ /iCTUC esse jroiit^ritHtf wi Scf/il^P, itt Chlmttfrati f 
fd6 — 739 oba^ni, eonJi^uU^ /acta, JU^ 741 *J'ii affwa; L-ach. in Lis 
M|^ i.*|jihorBUi n- to rii 95* gfifs tbmngh tlie whok rtmgH of Lntln 
^fey to dcteiTninc vho oau anJ wbo CAiinot tlius elido the Wt nyll. of 
hn iambus^ UkJ tliis liLerty kis p^^rotuptorjEj' rcf'uBca to Liicr. I Ain not 
Ooafiuced: hia coutemttorary Cicem wLui^e principles uf veiEtiliaLtioii 
iBQob reaomblo Ida ovu, cculd write rfira ad, ito et ; bis conleinpontr/ 
Calulliift iWo /f^i£^ ara if/^uAh But Lucr. Itiid Le tTiiie E>tidLv1 onr<\ mii^ 
portrly it tujiy be aoiJ have done so mora than ctice ; yet Le once tnd 
oidy onci?, v S49 Jefi^i^ has n hypermetrical verso; twice ntid twice ooly 
Ee lengliieDB a aliort aytl. by the caenuLU, ii 27 /-afget tnttotpif., \ 1049 
#ftr0l a74i0i«7FM ^ &Dd twice by ouauru loarea a long vowel lotig eind un- 
tlided, ni 374 antmae e/ew^i/a, ti Ibt loci apf ; though in livo *.f thaw 
gi meud Ijuh. tampers with the text 7iS IfaerrecU : ii 177 /ttflre^ 

^W lexLOODA ^V9 no othor matituaoa of tho vord, arafi i^e. 726. 
^B priiu I.e. 1T() folL 747 (J'mpUbet mm, and therefor*! pvpn the 

mofit incongniom iiaaemblage of things, jf tbey hai'o for the iuatout 
/onaed irito oue im:igo^ ?4S ip^i^f a?^ v/v]\ as the iniage^ 

Ki9 — 77fi: 80 far aa wbstt the ihvul wcb reseinbttH what the eye 
ibdr catiflcs muflt be like : now the lion we see in mind is tlio sjuue 
te with the pyitfi, both Lbe3'efii|« aro seen by images: n-ml thus in 
v« twe, fi^r instance one who is ileadf by itimgiu coniiii^' to the 
uujfi ; the iODBM a^d memory b^iiig then inAotivc and oot ablo to 
detect the ntwurdity : agiiin hnjigoH move aa we see them in dG9[i, ini^rtly 
becanee some ate oomicg othera going every insiaut, so that they ftppciir 
to he the same in tlillutect pdstarea, 752 Xnnc %(/i(ur't in 2(^3 And 

4^ XiiiK vjitur qiLfntkim : tbti |jmtic]eH imply IbjiE having ebLiMibbtil a 

Klplct lie now proocsda Ut npj>iy it. docui q-uonittm : Aon. v ^2 
rU ^fWrawtm ^/^rtp/nrt, aff^r/jwrtwr, * I^mbimu root* deilil gimnHMU 
, ot in 111 203 -.Vii/ic vfltur fjncniamst oniini natiira repcHa* Lnc:b. ^ 
ufltraticin not at all to the jmnt: neither thoro nor in 431 Cuuhl he 
bircchnnged the place of ^otiiam: he boa here written il-a^ul qiionln-m 
|in>babJy fur the piea^nter aouud: oomp. n 617 and n. there. 71 

kaMpn eeivt nat. door, l 108 vqh ant^i tion jnodo ot^!in tpia^ 
^^pc/ioffi aniinv* iru^i/cafin- tantti utti imjntr/itfis ffu'trktidi. 71 

^^fwlii : Pjulua Feat, p. 3i!8 ^;>ro/i'^*Tta..,abiectim iaccu* Pflfuvjil 
fr^unu jftmilu ^ui-rmtiro^ -. til 1 13 KffMgvmque uicat siue sfnttuxirp^ 
hamm^v^ in suma ttense. 758 J/fWiunrmt: k« it, tu lu Glfi, nffjt 



ttu^raeet.i Cic. 1.1. tjnit2^ quod ttiam ad dortnimtem ttaitittl imwataMM 
tola rep, Vdlfi, itutjari/i^ii. eat. 761 litUktu ; set n- to ii 1001 iWU 

turn, 7S3 off'ecti: ^oq d. to ii l^ti OJicitiiUxtr. 765 ni^itniw^ 

tneinoriiL: see n. to i 33L 766 ditfttririt doei not ftppe«r to neoa 

elBewbtjru with this i;onutr. pwHU leiifpie, another ctuioua tvalfl 

Logy: coDtp, 271 duitlia r/emijio'piet 451 ^«rfla ^/#f»ii7i^ro. potUtcm, saifl 
of mpeliiig wibli au uvil, is Ulustrjiied by Furc, (mm Pkutua Atdul 
TcreDGo mid oUioi^ 771 fK'^it - ^e □. to in 10 J2: this iiigeiUDH 

fiYHlnimtioii reaemUoa tbat given aHiive 318 — 523 of the movementM <M 
au Ullage in a luirrur 772 Ituti atulti: ahove Unde Jicuu ; beJof 

Libera njn/ftk' ; tTipftriria ifpiirdfia; even three coDBo&antd vtollia atroiaM 
mi7taTitibn3 gtitlfltit I nay fniir pfndfftitibvj gtnMag. 770 (^njFJiftiH 

jMt^fts tem/jori in uno b Bj»iciinia' h al*r(*ijru» )(pavt^'. aoe n- tio TJff" 
where the {ms&igj> is quotdJ amd illuatraUil: 7i;Jd u a |mm.phraM of Uii 
one w<?iyi aenttih'di, 

111 — 817: this qopttlan cfferJ many difficulties: vhy do«3 a inw 
thii}k of vhatcTor he wishes to tLink, bca or eai'th or okyl while otbm 
ill thu banH [Jaci? Imve ijiiito oUict Llinn^rhts: wlt^ too in sleep are tbiM 
iiTiAge^ fiCGQ to move fhythinit^niiyl arc thej fcreooth troinod Lj artf or 
is it that ill the leiut sfnsihlQ IJnie mnny times «je kteut^ in whirfi 
munj Lum^'ea caTi nppe^r'J tlie mind n^Lu, like the eye, in order to en 
muat oil^^ nEUrid and ejcert itaelf, eks th^y will paea unbended; again 
the iDiiiU fulJa lu^LTty false infi^rtnces to what is spen. 818 folL an 

immodiLtcly cr>uuccU.'d with tlio pnosa^ endltig at 77C ; and our pro»nt 
jiamgraph;uAtwa the saiuc queurif^nfi ue thut piusuge aoiaetiiaiM id tha 
adiai'n Bumctimcs in a difft-reut 6puit> without the k-ast refereuce lo iL 
Lach- is tEicrtforo iiii?oLiteHtdl>ly right in iiicEiidiag thia among th^e aub- 
aequeiit ^LfMiiiuns whjcjh Liicr. luiKle la hia fioem, but did not live to 
incorpomte fully -with the I'ent iTjo poet ia evideotlj embniTEiacwU hf 
the prodigious difficiiltisa vhioh thia theory of mental ^ppmh^nsion ij> 
volves aod Htini^'jjk-a hard to solve them : not content with the preceding 
pa™p:ni|dij ho him tried to Letter tifi Argument in thia one. 779 qu/oi 
dep^'iida on eog^Slare unrit^rstooii from cttp'tet: (Wigilet iil ipsnm, qin>d 
cogitare Ubutiiit* ^hacc quaestio' uujb LaoiL ' qum^ cjuod cuique Ii- 
tuerit, id cugitut, cwm ogit^tio sLniutacriti cidtatori pendet ex vupc-nom 
ML': ihe-'-B wor'ts of Liimb. HjLvcrcamp virh hi^ usual diligence printa 
|p a cxiutliiiialu'a of the worda of Oicem cited juab before: ojid Wuk. 
Willi a uo leaa ei^uacientioui diligemco reiuarka 'locus etiun Cicwouia 
tmL dfor- 1 [juf^ui Lumhinus appuauit Lueictiauo oat coneimillinLUB, Aohi 
fufiMtio tpturt quvd cuiqm iHtiierit id cogitnl oet^ The blunder dofv 
'•omi' c?ivi]it Kfi thdr twste in Latin^ oa Cict-ro has veklom had a bpttrr 
fapittttf'i' ikan Luuih. Cic. epidt. ad fum, xv 16 thus jukci Kitit hla 
hcnd CaattiUK docfoA iu vie opovlelit^ cum 6ah*ti» wtm^ in pwaiw p<4«»- 


BOOK IV 303 

iaie sU jpacfrwn tuwm *U, mmUac mihi colUbitutn aU de U cogitare, Uhtd 
oeeurnU j nuque tolum de U qui vtihi Juicrei in mcduUis ; sed si insidmii 
Brilanrnam coepero cogitarCf evt^ iiSuXov vtihi adcohd^it ad pectus ? and 
d« naL deor. i 108 lie aaks ijuid^ quod hominuni locontm urLitfiit earum 
quag numquam vidimug 9 quidf q^tod sitnilac inihi coUibitujn sit, pracato 
uf ifitagof and comp, tha fuller dtscuBuion of tho aimo queutiuQ iu de 
diT. u 137. 783 denique 1 see n. to i 278. 7S5 Mtib t-erbo ' cut uub 

iuBu' lAch. who refers to Laotant. iarit. iv 15 22 staiimque stiff t-crbo 
fiuf tranqmliitaa inaectda eat: comp, too 5i5 for the use of sub. Cum 
iii£a deprttto gravUer sub murmure viugit. 766 Cum praesertiui baa 

here prvcuely the force which we ore taught by JIaUvig de 611. p, 100 it 
often has in Cicero: ' and thnt too although': he t-itcH pro Sex. Roscio 
66 videlitn^...cuv^ praesertim detn-ttm i/nmorlfdiatn iftmtU <Uqu6 oraculla 
id fieiase dicarUurj tartien ttt eos (fijUent furiae. 

791 rtpeiunt seema = iturant : this uud the preceding t. explain the 
mcUia fnernhra tnovtre, oo that repetunt liufi no rf^ferejice to ^rucv/fm, but 
merely to the presenting again and agaia to tlie cye^ Ujc eauie ifeaittui 
wiUi foot moving in time to the movcuitnts of the arms and bo<:ly. 
792 fSci/icff introduces of coui-aean iionical reai^on, vtudejU: Hor. od. 
in 31 9 fSbcmiicu madet Sermonibus well ilhr^tnitesi IIlc force of the 
irord, because them la a play there ou the literal and mct:L[fhoncul 
ianw: for other examples see Fore. 794 An iivt^ls, givtog wlint he 
belterea to be the most likely cause, 795 is aa we said ahnve a prira- 
phiBoe of sens^/Ui: Lncr. meanri that the ijinallest aeneible time is a^jout 
eqnal to the tLoae in which we can utter one word, and tliat in that 
■DuUest time are hitently contained many rational times, or times anch 
V the mind con conceive by its reawo to ejdj^t. Thus iu the smallest 
thing perceptible to sight or touch are contained very majiy things 
which the reason alone can apprehend, viz. atoin» or the part^ of atonia. 
With Lncr. comp. the rouf Su ^yov Ottitpifrov^ xp°^'*^^ '^"^ ^^^ '^ 
ourApY ypot^ of £pie. in Dlog. Laer. \ 47 ; nnd with the Cum send- 
9Wt id U cum vox cmittilur una L 1, 33 a/ta yap r^ ptfiijytu 'dy&ptit- 
»iw' tv&vt JcOTo rpoX-Tj^tv Koi Tvro^ ciiVoC nxtrai vpoifyoviLtyaf t«uv 
tua^ifirtar. 803 full, tlie rciisotjing here is all very good ; but tiL-iiher 
here nor elsewhere does he explnin the all-iuij^ortaut j>oint h'^w the 
mind is fiivt turned to any object of thouglit. Wlieu tlie mind i^ ot.ce 
roused and the will set in motioui then it imiy be sjiid it attend^s soh'ly 
or mainly to the images connected with ."^uch object : but wliy should one 
image more than any other image Gr^t strike on tlje loind } this he doei 
not explain: he attributed it I preiiuoie to accident, and therefore 
thought it nnDeceftaary to enlarge upon it, Conxp. S^^ Id quod prt^ 
videt Get* and what is said there. 802 quae canfettdil i.e. c^-nirrf^ 
■■ Wak. Tightly explains it ; it cornea thercrfi^ra to ili r j^jme ibii:.' its. 

304 NOTES n 

lutj ii lomevhat more erophatio than the m conUndli ot XaidL and 
lAch, acute Ccmtre: 810 cemamtv acute-- Wak. comp&reB Hor, aL 
I 3 26 Cur in amuvnim vUiU ta/n etmis acutum t 811 fl £anioi; 
flee iL to I 1050. 813 the want of a subject to «rjnofun» Jv^rii seemi 
to me, as it seemed to Lamix, veiy haivh, 815 in nbu$ dodiiut : mb 
D. to 111 617. 816 adopinamur tij\d Sl7 Jruttraminu seem both tobs 
ami Xfyvn- With thifl cotnp, the Tety similar aipiment of 464 — *6& 

818—822 (826) : sometimea too a woman will changa to a man, or 
the like, but in sleep ve do not perceive the inooDgmit/. — As wu sud 
above thifl pasBagc coiuiectB iCacIf directly with that enditig at 776, and 
coDtiDues th« question of imagea which Btrikc the mind in sleeps 

833 (622) — 857 : pray do not think that the paria of the body ha^ 
heen given ns in order to be nfled : in truth their nae arose long after 
their Erst existence : before the eyes there waa no seeiDg, before the 
tongue no speaking: on the other hand tho instrumenta of peace uid 
war we know to have he«n invented after their rum was known; luit 
BO the senses and the limbs, which yon mnst not believe to have had a 
fioal cause, as swords and shields, cnpe and beds had. — Thia paBsaga tO0| 
as LacL has proved to demonstration, intermpts the regular nquence 
of the argument, and must be a sabseqnent addition of the poet's; see 
the introdactoiy remarks to ii 165 — 183, where 1 have stated how 
LacL brings the preseiit into oomparison with cognate poasagea in n and 
T. 823 lilud ceL: the argument is well put by lActanL inat, nr 17 
with evident reference to Lucr. of whom he was a diligent atoden^ 
ru^ue oculi fadi kutU ad videndttm neque aures ad audiendum nejM 
lingua ad loquendum neque pedts ad amhulandum^ quoniarik priut him 
nata gnnt qiKiitk es*^ toqui attdire ridere atnfrutare. ilaque nan kaet 
ad Ileum nata eunl, sed u#u« ex Hits ttalHe eeL aveeeie, like amateie prth 
hibf4n9 etc, so common in the older writers : the scholiast to Lucan it 
265 says ^avet 1. avide cup[t, sic Lucretius aaepe ponit'; and thia ii 
quite true, 824 praemeluenter, another airaf ktyofi, 826 profi qit. 

Proc. pae.\ 877 Nuno qui Jial tdt paseue pro/erre queamua. 8S8 

ptd/undtUa'. T 927 eolulia magie 099ibirj iutue Fitndaiujn, vatidie aptun 
per viscera ti^tvU : the latter words eiplaiu plieari^ which graphically 
dcBcribt!fl the masd of sinews and tendons in that part. 830 manve.^, 
triinietrae: Cic do n;Lt deur. ii 150 quam vera aptas quam/fue mvItO' 
runt artium viinUtras rnanue Tiatitra homini dedil^ says the stoic Bal^ 
bus in the middle of his strenuous defence of final causes. No doubt tbe 
zen] with which tbe stoics maintainod this doctrine added vehemence to 
Lucretius' ilenunciations. Arist. de part. anim. iv 10 p. 687 6 iu the 
iiidat of hirt long and bnlliant atatcmcnt on the side of the final canae 
notes Anaxngonia' famous saying 3ui to x'^P*^'* *X'^ ^fXna^wTaTov cinu 
my {u(i>v tLvBptinrttv, and retorts cvAoytM^ 5f tta, to ^poFTiUTaror ctnu x^V** 

BOOK IV 305 

Xofi^orni', »nd ft few llnea ftfter ou Sui tq? X'^r>^^ ^^""^ ^ av&pieiro^ 
^porifiMTaio^, oAXa Sue to ^pow/ifwraTOF ^r^cu tuJi- Jump f;^** ;^€t/>aB: I. L 
lip. 6i0 19 he refutes EmpedocltB' sayin