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Avallablti from 

Superintendent of DocimiHim 

Government PriminfjQffiai 

Washington, D, C, 2CM02 

A year's subscription consists of 12 jssuos for 
this publication. 

Single copies of this puhljcatfon 

aro available from National Tochnlciil 

Information So rvico, Spring flald. VA 22101 

available from NRC/GPO Sulos Prnnn..., 

Vol. 4, No. 11 

November 1-30, 1982 

Division of Technical Information and Document Control 

Office of Administration 

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission 

Washington, D.C. 20555 



Preface , , , _ v 

Arrangement of Items by Docket Number ix 

Alphabetic Arrangement of Docket Items by Facility Name xvii 

Docketed Items 

Low Level Radwaste Disposal Sites Docket 27 l 

Domestic Licensing of Source Material Docket 40 . . . '. l 

Domestic Licensing of Production and Utilization Facilities Docket 50 . 18 

Domestic Licensing of Special Nuclear Material Docket 70 466 

Packaging of Radioactive Material for Transport and Transportation of 

Radioactive Material Under Ceretain Conditions Docket 71 477 

Licensing of Independent Spent Fuel Storage Docket 72 483 

Nondocketed Items 

10 CFR Commission Meeting Records 485 

ACRS Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards 485 

COMMISSION - NRC Commissioners 486 

CONTRACT NRC Contracts and Modifications 487 

FOIA Freedom of Information Act Requests and Releases 492 

GEN TECH IS Generic Technical Issues 508 

I&E Inspection and Enforcement 509 

MISC Public Document Room Miscellaneous 510 

NUREG NUREG Reports and Related Correspondence 510 

ORG Correspondence with Other Organizations 514 

PR Proposed Rule 515 

PRM Petition for Rulemaking 515 

PROJ Projects - Predocket Licensing 516 

PT21 Noncompliance Reports and Related Correspondence 516 

QA999 Quality Assurance Inspections 516 

REGGD Regulatory Guides 519 

RES Research and Technical Assistance Reports 520 

REVIEW GROUP - NRC Research Review Groups 523 

RM Rulemaking 524 

SECY Position Papers Before the Commission 524 

STATE PROG State Programs 524 

TOPREP Vendor Reports and Related Correspondence 526 

WASTE MGT Nuclear Waste Management 528 

XPORTLIC Export and Import Licenses 531 

Personal Author Index 537 

Corporate Source Index 573 

Report Number Index 609 

Cross Reference of Enclosures to Principal Documents 611 

Appendix A Definitions of Docket 50 Categories A-l 

Appendix B Definitions of Nondocketed Categories B-l 


The Title List of Documents Made Publicly A vailabie is a monthly publication. It contains descriptions of the in- 
formation received and generated by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). This information includes 
(1) docketed material associated with civilian nuclear power plants and other uses of radioactive materials and (2) 
nondocketed material received and generated by NRC pertinent to its role as a regulatory agency. As used here, 
docketed does not refer to Court dockets; it refers to the system by which NRC maintains its regulatory records. 
This series of documents is indexed by a Personal Author Index, a Corporate Source Index, and a Report Number 

The docketed information contained in the Title List includes the information formerly issued through the Depart- 
ment of Energy publication Power Reactor Docket Information, last published in January 1979. Microfiche of the 
docketed information listed in the Title List is available for sale on a subscription basis from the National Technical 
Information Service (NTIS). See NOTES at the end of the Preface for the complete NTIS address. 

We encourage your comments, criticisms, and suggestions. In particular, if there are title descriptions that are not 
meaningful, please let us know so that we can correct the data base. In so far as possible, we would like this docu- 
ment to be a valuable part of your reference material. 


The listings within Docket 50 are divided into the categories used for filing and searching in the NRC Public Docu- 
ment Room. Those categories are: 

A. Application/construction stage documents and correspondence 

B. Utility Preliminary Safety Analysis Report (PSAR), amendments 

C. Utility Environmental Report (ER), amendments and correspondence 

D. NRC Draft and Final Environmental (Impact) Statements (DES and FES), and correspondence 

E. NRC Safety Evaluation Report (SER), supplements and correspondence 

F. Security, medical, emergency and fire-protection plans 

G. Adjudicatory correspondence 
H. General correspondence 

I. Financial information 

J . Insurance and indemnity information 

K. Utility Final Safety Analysis Report (FSAR) and amendments 

L. Limited work authorization and related correspondence 

M . Antitrust correspondence 

N, Antitrust hearing transcripts 

0. Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards (ACRS) reports and correspondence 

P. Operating license stage documents and correspondence 

Q. Inspection reports, IE Bulletins and correspondence 

R. Periodic operating reports and related correspondence 

S. Reportable occurrences. LERs and related correspondence 

T. Hearing transcripts on non-antitrust matters 

U . Congressional/executive correspondence 

V. Licensing operators and related correspondence 

W. Decommissioning stage documents and correspondence 
X. Onsite low-level wastes storage 

Appendix A sets forth those categories and describes the materials available in each. Omission of a category in the 
listing for a docket indicates that no documents in that category were filed in the time period of the report. 

The principal elements of the entries in the list are; 

Q P. Operating license stage documents & correspondence 


8203090028 Responds to 820201 Itr requesting documents re environ qualification of 
electrical equipment, All nonproprietary repts will be provided to Franklin Research 
Ctr by 820408. Proprietary repts will be provided to NRC by 820510. 
MILLS, L.M.0 Tennessee Valley Authority. 082/03/04. VASSALLO, D.B 
Operating Reactors Branch 2. (7) Ip. 1216:254. 24XFiche; 50-259,82/03/04, 
8203090028. , 4 4 A 

A T T T 

1. NRC/PDR Document category (see Appendix A). 

2. NRC Accession Number (year, month, day, and sequence number of item). 

3. Description of information contained in the document. 

4. Personal aulhor(s). An asterisk in this position indicates that there is no personal author. 

5. Corporate, agency or nonindividual source. 

6. Date of document described, 

7. Recipient of document and NRC or corporate affiliation. 

8. Pages in this document. 

9. The NRC 48X microfiche designation for this document. This five-digit portion of this entry is the number of 
the microfiche copy of this document that is available to NRC staff who have access to 48X microfiche files 

10. This three-digit portion of this entry is the number of the frame on which this document starts 

1 1 . The 24X Fiche designation consists of the docket number followed by the date of the document and the acces- 

sion number for thedocument. This designation provides the information needed by subscribers to the Na- 

tional Technical Information Service docket microfiche to locate the document fiche 
12. If this space is blank, the document is available to the public only in the NRC Public Document Room, 1717 H 

StN.W,, Washington, D.C. 20555. If this space is filled, it gives other sources for copies of the document. 

The entry may be "Available at NRC" for sale; "Available at NTIS'^or "Available at GPO." 

"" t*******^ * *** Number, category, and then by date of principal items. 

that WCre SUbmUted as end SUres to P rinci P a! items In 8^1- 

c ^ 

it will appear in the last line of the item following entry 5, 

ries used for fiiing and -*** i 

10CFR Commission Meeting Records 

ACRS Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards 

COMMISSION - NRC Commissioners 

CONTRACT - NRC Contracts and Modifications 

DISCLOSURE Financial Disclosure Information 

FOIA - Freedom of Information Act Requests and Releases 

GEN TECH IS - Generic Technical Issues 

I&E Inspection and Enforcement 

MISC Public Document Room Miscellaneous 

NUREG NUREG Reports and Related Correspondence 

ORG Correspondence with Other Organizations 

PR Proposed Rule 

PRM Petition for Rulemaking 

PROJ Projects Predocket Licensing 

PT21 Noncompliance Reports and Related Correspondence 

QA999 - Quality Assurance Inspections 

REGGD Regulatory Guides 

RES Research and Technical Assistance Reports 

REVIEW GRP - NRC Research Review Groups 

RM Rulemakings 

SECY Position Papers Before the Commission 

STATE PROG State Programs 

TOPREP Vendor Reports and Related Correspondence 

WASH Regulatory Publications Pre-NUREG Series 

WASTE MGT - Nuclear Waste Management 

XPORTLIC Export and Import Licenses 

Appendix B sets forth these categories and describes the material available in each. Omission of a category in the 
listing for a docket indicates that no documents in that category were filed in the time period of the report. 

The principal elements of the nondocketed items are: 

NUREG- NUREG Reports and Related Correspondence 


8203090207 NUREG/CR-1672 V02 

I IN GEOLOGIC MEDIA. Technical Review of Documents 
I NUREG/CR-1262, NUREG/CR-1376, NUREG/CR-1377, NUREG/CR-1397& 

-STEVENS, C.A., FULLWOOD, R.A., BASIN, S.L. Science Appli 
FIN B-6694. SAI-262-81-PA. 82/02/28, Division of Risk Analysis. 
123p. Available at NRC. | $6.00, ^12176:217. 


1. Nondocketed category 

2. NRC Accession Number (year, month, day, and sequence number of item) 

3. NRC Report Number 

4. Title and description of information contained in the document 

5. Personal author(s). An asterisk in this position indicates that there is no personal author. 

6. Corporate, agency or other nonindividual source. 

7. Contract or financial (FIN) number (if any). If the document has a secondary report number, it will appear 
following this entry. 

8. Secondary report number assigned by originator. 

9. Date of document described. 

10. NRC organizational recipient. 

11. Pages in document. 

12. All NUREG-series documents are available for purchase at NRC. Information on ordering documents is given 
below. All NUREG-series documents are also available at NTIS. Information on ordering from NTIS is also 
given below. 

13. Price for which NRC sells the document. 


14. The NRC 48X microfiche designation for this document. This five-digit portion of this entry is the number of 
the microfiche copy of this document that is available to NRC staff who have access to 48X microfiche files. 

15. This three-digit portion of this entry is the number of the frame on which this document starts. 

The Nondockeled Items list is arranged sequentially by Accession Number within category. Indented items pre- 
ceded by a dash are enclosures to unindented items. 


1. The address for NRC is: 


Division of Technical Information and Document Control 

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission 

Washington, D.C. 20555 

To place orders, send check or money order, payable to the Superintendent of Documents. GPO Deposit Ac- 
count holders may charge their orders by calling (301 } 492-9530. 

2. The address for NTIS is: 

National Technical Information Service 
Springfield, Virginia 22161 

To place orders for or to obtain price information about NRC publications at NTIS, either write to NTIS or call 
the Sales Desk at (703) 557-4650. Specify the NRC report number and title when you place your order, Publica- 
tions can be charged to American Express credit cards; supply the chargecard number when placing your order, 

3. The address for the PDR is: 

1717 H Street, N.W. 
Washington, D.C. 20555 

To place orders, either write to the NRC PDR or call (202) 634-3274. When ordering documents listed in this 
publication, please identify the Document Accession Number for each citation. 

Paper copy and microfiche of the documents listed in this title list may be purchased. Reproduction charges for 
duplication are as follows: (1) paper to paper is $0.05 per page except for oversized documents and engineering 
vings, which vary from $0.50 to $1 .00 per squaiefoot; (2) microform to paper is $0.05 a page for pages on 
r iche and is $0.20 a square foot for a full-size print or $0,25 for a reduced-size print (18" x 24") of a draw- 
card; and (3) microform to microform is $0.10 per microfiche and $0.20 per aperture card, 
or mailing or for a special delivery service will have an additional fee for the actual mailing, 
. y service rate, Unless a user requests special packing materials, there is no additional charge 
" L indling and wrapping materials. 

Pleaseacknowledge a willingness to assume charges for all orders but do not send payments. Orders will be pro- 
cessed and mailed with a bill from Literature Research Company. An account may be established with the 
Literature Research Company by calling (703)-94I -801 8, 


Docket Name 

Low Level Radwaste Disposal Sites Docket 27 
27-010 Beatty, N V, U ,S. Ecology, Inc. 
27-039 Sheffield, IL, U.S. Ecology.Inc. 
27-047 Barnwell, SC, Chem-Nuclear Systems, Inc. 
27-048 Richland, WA, U.S. Ecology, Inc. 
Domestic Licensing of Source Material Docket 40 
40-0017 Dow Chemical Co., Midland, MI 
40-0086 W. R. Grace& Co., Pompton Plains, NJ 
40-0299 Union Carbide Corp. , Grand Junction, CO 
40-1 162 Western Nuclear Corp., Jeffrey City, WY 

40-1341 Tennessee Valley Authority, 
Chattanooga, TN 

40-1478 Spencer Chemical Co. , Kansas City, MO 
40-1947 Stepan Chemical Co., Maywood, NJ 

40-2061 Kerr-McGee Chemical Corp., 
Oklahoma City, OK 

40-2259 Pathfinder Mines Corp., Riverton, WY 

40-3392 Allied Chemical Corp., Morristown, NJ 

40-3453 Atlas Mineral, Inc., Denver, CO 

40-4492 Federal-American Partners, Riverton, WY 

40-5577 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 
Cambridge, MA 

40-6500 Energy, Dept. of, Canonsburg, PA 
40-6622 Pathfinder Mines Corp. , Shirley Basin, WY 

40-6659 Getty Oil Co. Petrotomics Co., 
Shirley Basin, WY 

40-6837 Defense Atomic Support Agency, 
Bethesda, MD 

40-7097 MolyCorp, Inc., White Plains, NY 

40-7869 Plateau Resources, Ltd., 
Grand Junction, CO 



Docket Name 

Kerr-McGee Nuclear Corp. , 
Oklahoma City, OK 

Exxon Minerals Co, USA, Houston, TX 
Rio Algom Corp., Moab, UT 
Exxon Co. USA, Houston, TX 
Cleveland-Cliffs Iron Co., Casper, WY 
Minerals Exploration Co., Los Angeles, CA 

Rocky Mountain Energy Co., 

Zlrcoa, Solon, OH 

Pesses Co., Solon, OH 

NL Industries, Inc., Albany, NY 

Homestake Mining Co. , Lakewoocl, CO 

Bear Creek Uranium Co., Casper, WY 

Babcock & Wilcox, Alliance, OH 

Wyoming Mineral Corp., Lakewood, CO 

Cotter Corp., Golden, CO 

Holmes & Narver, Inc., Anaheim, CA 

Minerals Exploration Co., Los Angeles, CA 

Wyoming Mineral Corp. , Lakewood, CO 

Kerr-McGee Nuclear Corp., 
Oklahoma City, OK 

Silver King Mines, Inc. , Casper, W Y 
Stephan Chemical Co. , Maywood, NJ 

Kerr-McGee Nuclear Corp., 
Oklahoma City, OK 

Nuclear Dynamics, Inc., Phoenix, AZ 

Plateau Resources, Ltd., 
Grand Junction, CO 

40-8675 Energy Fuels Nuclear* Inc., Denver, CO 






























































Dock el 








Energy Fuels Nuclear, Inc., Denver, CO 

Western Nuclear, Inc., Lakewood, CO 

CotlerCorp., Lakewood, CO 

Ogte Petroleum, Inc., Santa Barbara, CA 

Rocky Mountain Energy Co., Denver. CO 

Plateau Resources, Lid. , 
Grand Junction, CO 

Cleveland-Cliffs Iron Co., Cleveland, OH 
Brush Wellman, Inc., Cleveland, OH 
Chemelron Corp., Chicago, IL 

Kerr-McGee Nuclear Corp., 
Oklahoma City, OK 

Teton Exploration Drilling Co., Inc., 
Casper, WY 

Conoco t Inc., Denver, CO 

Ogle Pelroleum, Inc., Casper, WY 

Final Minerals & Mining, Ltd., Miami, AZ 

Oklahoma City, OK 

Melapal Resources Co., Phoenix, AZ 

Telon Exploration Drilling Co, , Inc., 
Casper, WY 

Uranerz USA, Inc., Casper, WY 
Uranium Resources, Inc., REchardson, TX 
Conoco, Inc. , Denver, CO 

A v< Dcpt> O f ( 































































Name Page 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Research Reactor 21 

Washington State Univ. Research Reactor 22 

Yankee-Rowe Nuclear Power Station 22 

Union Carbide Research Reactor 25 

State Univ. of New York Research Reactor 25 

Texas A&M Univ. Research Reactor 25 

Univ, of Virginia Research Reactor 25 

General Electric Test Reactor 25 

Univ. of Utah Research Reactor 27 

General Electric Nuclear Test Reactor 27 

Catholic Univ. of America Research Reactor 27 

Univ. of Florida Training Reactor 27 

Westinghouse Critical Experiment 27 

General Atomic Co. 27 

Cornell Univ. Zero Power Reactor 28 

Babcock & Wilcox Test Reactor 28 

Univ. of Oklahoma Research Reactor 28 

Univ, of Arizona Research Reactor 28 

Iowa State Univ, Research Reactor 28 

Univ, of Missouri Research Reactor 28 

Virginia Polytech Institute Training Reactor 29 

Texas A&M Univ, Research Reactor 29 

Omaha Veterans Administration Hospital 

Research Reactor 29 

Humboldt Bay Power Plant, Unit 3 30 

Worcester Polytech Institute Research 

Reactor 31 

Univ, of Washington Research Reactor 31 

UCLA Training Reactor 32 

Univ, of Kansas Research Reactor 32 

Ohio State Univ. Research Reactor 33 

Univ. of Illinois Research Reactor 33 

Big Rock Point Nuclear Plant 33 

Univ, of Wisconsin Research Reactor 36 

Docket Name 

50-157 Cornell Univ. Research Reactor 

50-160 Georgia Institute of Technology Research 

50-163 General Atomic Co. 

50-166 Univ. of Maryland Research Reactor 

50-170 National Naval Medical Center 

50- 1 82 Purdue Univ. Research Reactor 

50-184 National Bureau of Standards Reactor 

50-186 Univ. of Missouri Research Reactor 

50-187 Space Radiation Research Reactor 

50-188 Kansas State Univ. Research Reactor 

50-192 Univ. of Texas Research Reactor 

50-193 Rhode Island & Providence Plantations ABC 

50-199 Manhattan College Research Reactor 

50-201 West Valley Reprocessing Plant 

50-206 San Onofre Nuclear Station, Unit 1 

50-208 Columbia Univ. Research Reactor 

50-213 Haddam Neck Plant 

50-219 Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Plant 

50-220 Nine Mile Point Nuclear Station, Unit 1 

50-223 Univ. of Lowell Research Reactor 

50-224 Univ. of California Research Reactor 

50-225 RPI Critical Experiment 

50-228 Aerotest Radiography & Research Reactor 

50-237 Dresden Nuclear Power Station, Unit 2 

50-23 8 Nuclear Ship Savannah 

50-243 Oregon State Univ. Research Reactor 

50-244 Robert Emmet Ginna Nuclear Plant, U nit 1 

50-245 Millstone Nuclear Power Station, Unit I 

50-247 Indian Point Station, Unit 2 

50-249 Dresden Nuclear Power Station, Unit 3 

50-250 Turkey Point Plant, Unit 3 

50-251 Turkey Point Plant, Unit 4 

50-252 Univ. of New Mexico Research Reactor 




50-254 < 

50-255 : 

































































Quad-Cities Station, Unit 1 

Palisades Nuclear Plant 

Browns Ferry Nuclear Power Station, Unit 1 

Browns Ferry Nuclear Power Station, Unit 2 

H. B. Robinson Plant, Unit 2 

Brigham Young Univ. Research Reactor 

Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant 

Dow Chemical Co. 

Quad-Cities Station, Unit 2 

Point Beach Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 

Fort St. Vrain Nuclear Generating Station 

Oconee Nuclear Station, Unit 1 

Oconee Nuclear Station, Unit 2 

Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station 

Salem Nuclear Generating Station, Unit 1 

U.S. Geological Survey Research Reactor 

Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 1 

Georgia Tech Research Reactor 

Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station, Unit 2 

Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station, Unit 3 

Surry Power Station, Unit 1 

Surry Power Station, Unit 2 

Prairie Island Nuclear Station, U nit 1 

Idaho State Univ. Research Reactor 

Fort Calhoun Station, Unit 1 

Indian Point Station, Unit 3 

Oconee Nuclear Station, Unit 3 

Reed College Research Reactor 

Three Mile Island Nuclear Station, Unit 1 

Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station, Unit 1 

Michigan StateUniv. Research Reactor 

Zion Nuclear Power Station, Unit 1 

Browns Ferry Nuclear Power Station, Unit 3 




















Docket Nirae 

North Carolina Stale Univ. PULSTAR 

Cooper Nuclear Station 
Point Beach Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 
Crystal River Nuclear Plant, Unit 3 
Zion Nuclear Power Station, Unit 2 
Kewaunee Nuclear Power Plant 
Prairie Island Nuclear Station, Unit 2 
Maine Yankee Atomic Power Plant 
Salem Nuclear Generating Station, Unit 2 
Rancho Seco Nuclear Generating Station 
Arkansas Nuclear One, Unit 1 
Doaald C. Cook Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 1 
Donald C. Cook Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 2 
Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant, Unit I 
Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 2 
Three Mile Island Nuclear Station, Unit 2 
Edwin I. Hatch Nuclear Plant, Unit I 
Shorcham Nuclear Power Station 
DUblo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 2 
Bruruwick Steam Electric Plant, Unit 2 
Bruniwick Steam Electric Plant, Unit I 

Page Docket 























50-337 Seq U oyahNuclearPlant,Unit] 

50-3M Sequoyai Nuclear Plant, unit 2 

W Midland Plant. Unit 1 

-330 Midland Plant, Unit 2 

"I DuawAmoWEnergyCentcr 

*** ^'^^clearPowerP^, 

*WM ^"'Valley Power Station. Unit I 
*W a-LuctePUm.umti 

MUUtow Nuclear Power Station, Unit 2 
NonhAa M PowSiatl on) u n iti 






























50-365 ; 


50-366 ] 


50-367 ] 


50-368 1 


50-369 \ 


50-370 V 


50-373 L 

50-374 L 


50-382 % 


50-387 Si 


50-388 Su 


50-389 St, 


50-390 Wi 


50-391 Wi 


50-395 Vir 


50-396 Uni 


50-397 WP 


50-400 She, 


3 -401 She, 


North Anna Power Station, Unit 2 
Enrico Fermi Atomic Power PInnt, Unit 2 
Trojan Nuclear Plant 

Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station, Unit 1 
Joseph M. Farley Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 
Limerick Generating Station, Unit I 
Limerick Generating Station, Unit 2 
Hope Creek Nuclear Station, Unit 1 
Hope Creek Nuclear Station, Unit 2 
Univ. of Illinois LOPRA Research Rcnctor 
William H, Zimmer Nuclear Station, Unit 1 
San Onofre Nuclear Station, Unit 2 
San Onofre Nuclear Station, Unit 3 
Joseph M, Farley Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 
Imperial Chem. Indus. Research Reactor 
Edwin I. Hatch Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 
Bailly Generating Station 
Arkansas Nuclear One, Unit 2 
William B. McGuire Nuclear Station, Unit 1 
William B. McGuire Nuclear Station, Unit 2 
LaSalle County Station, Unit 1 
USalle County Station, Unit 2 
Waterford Generating Station, Unit 3 
Susquehanna Steam Electric Station, Until 

Susquehanna Steam Electric Station, Unit 2 
St. Lucie Plant, Unit 2 

Watts Bar Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 
Watts Bar Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 

Virgil C. Summer Nuclear Station, Unit 1 

. of Virginia Cavalier Reactor 
WPPSS Nuclear Project, Unit 2 

Shearon Harris Nudear Power P Ia nt, Unit, 



































Dockel Name 

50-404 North Anna Power Station, Unil 3 

50-406 Tuskegee Institute Research Reactor 

50-407 Univ. of Utah Research Reactor 

50-409 La Crosse Boiling Water Reactor 

50-410 Nine Mile Point Nuclear Station, Unit 2 

50-41 2 Beaver Valley Power Station, Unit 2 

50-413 Catawba Nuclear Station, Unit I 

50-41 4 Catawba Nuclear Station, Unit 2 

50-416 Grand Gulf Nuclear Station, Unit 1 

50-417 Grand Gulf Nuclear Station, Unit 2 

50-423 Millstone Nuclear Power Station, Unit 3 

50-424 Alvin W. Vogtle Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 

50-425 Alvin W. Vogtle Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 

50-433 UC-Santa Barbara Research Reactor 

STN-50-437 Floating Nuclear Plant 

50-438 Bellefonte Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 

50-439 Bellefonte Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 

50-440 Perry Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 1 

50-441 Perry Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 2 

50-443 Seabrook Nuclear Station, Unit 1 

50-444 Seabrook Nuclear Station, Unit 2 

50-445 Comanche Peak Steam Electric Station, 

50-446 Comanche Peak Steam Electric Station, 
Unit 2 

STN-50-447 GESSAR-238 

STN-50-454 Byron Station, Unit 1 

STN-50-455 Byron Station, Unit 2 

STN-50-456 Braidwood Station, Unit 1 

STN-50-457 Braidwood Station, Unit 2 

50-458 River Bend Station, Unit 1 

50-459 River Bend Station, Unit 2 

50-460 WPPSS Nuclear Project, Unit 1 

50-461 Clinton Power Station, Unit 1 




































































Name page 

Clinton Power Station, Unit 2 420 

Aliens Creek Nuclear Station, Unit 1 421 

Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station, Unit 2 422 

Wolf Creek Generating Station 422 

Callaway Plant, Unit 1 423 

Sterling Power Nuclear Project, Unit 1 426 

Callaway Plant, Unit 2 425 

Perkins Nuclear Station, Unit 1 425 

Perkins Nuclear Station, Unit 2 427 

Perkins Nuclear Station, Unit 3 427 

Cherokee Nuclear Station, U nit 1 428 

Cherokee Nuclear Station, Unit 2 428 

Cherokee Nuclear Station, U nit 3 429 

Montague Nuclear Power Station, Unit 1 430 

Montague Nuclear Power Station, Unit ^ 430 

South Texas Project, Unit 1 430 

South Texas Project, Unit 2 432 

WPPSS Nuclear Project, Unit 3 433 

WPPSS Nuclear Project, Unit 5 435 

WPPSS Nuclear Project, Unit 4 435 

Pebble Springs Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 436 

Pebble Springs Nuclear Plant. Unit 2 436 

Hartsville Nuclear Plant, Unle 1 437 

Hartsville Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 433 

Hartsville Nuclear Plant, Unil 3 439 

Hartsville Nuclear Plant, Unit 4 439 

Skagit Nuclear Power Project, Unit 1 440 

Skagit Nuclear Power Project, Unit 2 44 1 

Palo Verde Nuclear Station, Unit 1 443 

Palo Verde Nuclear Station, Unit 2 446 

Palo Verde Nuclear Station, Unit 3 449 

Clinch River Breeder Reactor 452 

Memphis State Univ. Research Reactocii.r 457 


Docket Name 

50-539 Ben-Gurion Univ. Critical Assembly 

STN-50-545 RESAR-3S 

STN-50-546 Marble Hill Nuclear Station, Unit 1 

STN-50-547 Marble Hill Nuclear Station, Unit 2 

STN-50-553 Phipps Bend Nuclear Station, Unit 1 

STN-50-554 Phipps Bend Nuclear Station, Unit 2 

STN-50-556 Black Fox Station, Unit 1 

STN-50-557 Black Fox Station, Unit 2 

STN-50-566 Yellow Creek Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 

STN-50-567 Yellow Creek Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 

STN-50-599 Carroll Facility I 

STN-50-600 Carrol! Facility II 

Domestic Licensing of Special Nuclear Material Docket 70 
70-0008 Dandle Memorial Institute, Columbus, OH 

70-0025 Rockwell International Corp., 
Canoga Park, CA 

70-0027 Babcock & Wilcox Co., Lynchburg, VA 
70-0028 Babcock & Wilcox, Alliance, OH 

70-0089 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 
Cambridge, MA 

70-01 13 Pennsylvania State Univ., 
University Park, PA 

70-01 35 Babcock & Wilcox Co., Apollo, PA 

70-0143 Nuclear Fuel Services, Inc., Erwln, TN 

70-0146 Spencer Chemical Co., Kansas City, MO 

70-0270 Missouri, Univ. of, Columbia, MO 

70-0340 Spencer Chemical Co., Kansas City, MO 

70-0364 Babcock& Wilcox Co., Apollo, PA 

70-0371 UNC Naval Products, Inc., Uncasville, CT 

70-0687 Union Carbide Corp., Tuxedo, NY 

70-0698 Westinghouse Electric Corp, Pittsburgh, PA 

70-0734 GA Technologies, Inc. , San Diego, CA 
















70-1 100 














































General Electric Co., Pleasanton, CA 
Defense Nuclear Agency, Bethesda, MD 

United Nuclear Corp. , 
Wood River Junction, RI 

Babcock & Wilcox Co. , Lynchburg, VA 
Battelle Memorial Institute, RIchland, WA 
Todd Shipyards Corp., Galveston, TX 
Combustion Engineering, Inc., Windsor, CT 
General Electric Co., Wilmington, NC 
Westinghouse Electric Corp., Pittsburgh, PA 
Westinghouse Electric Corp. , Pittsburgh, PA 

Kerr-McGee Nuclear Corp., 
Oklahoma City, OK 

Babcock & Wilcox Co., Lynchburg, VA 
General Electric Co., San Jose, CA 
Exxon Nuclear Co., Inc., Richland, WA 
General Electric Co., San Jose, CA 
Coratomic, Inc., Indiana, PA 

Hahnemann Medical College & Hospital, 
Philadelphia, PA 

Goodyear Aerospace Corp., Akron, OH 

Medical College of Pennsylvania, 
Philadelphia, PA 

Sacred Heart Hospital, Allentown, PA 
Good Samaritan Hospital, Pottsvllle, PA 
Tennessee Valley Authority 
Mississippi PowerA Light Co., Jackson, MS 

Tennessee Valley Authority, 
Chattanooga, TN 

Union Electric Co., St. Louis, MO 

Washington Public Power Supply System, 
Richland, WA 

Edlow International Co., Washington, DC 
Florida Power & Light Co., Miami, FL 
Consumers Power Co. , Jackson, Ml 
Consumers Power Co., Jackson, Ml 












Packaging of Radioactive Material for Transport and Transportation 
of Radioactive Material Under Certain Conditions Docket 71 

71-0030 General Atomic Co. 

71-0052 Navy, Dept. of 

71-0170 General Electric Co. 

71-0174 Southern California Edison Co. 

71-0370 Amersham Corp. 

71-0460 Virginia, Univ. of 

71-0483 Fairchild Weston Systems, Inc. 

71-0484 Nebraska Public Power District 

71-0485 Washington Public Power Supply System 

71-0486 INTEC Inspection, Inc. 

71-0487 Army, Dept. of 

71-4986 Model: RA-2, RA-3, RA-J, General 
Electric Co. 

71-5492 Model: RMG-181-I, Nuclear Fuel 
Services, Inc. 

71-5507 Model: HFIR Spent Fuel Element Shipping 
Cask, Energy, Dept. of 

71-5597 Model: Tungsten Shielded Cask, 
Energy, Dept. of 

71-5687 Model: RMG-184, Nuclear Fuel 
Services, Inc. 

71-5805 Model: CNS-3-55, Chem-Nuclear 
Systems, Inc. 

71-5828 Model: TREAT, Energy, Dept. of 

71-5926 Model: GE-100, General Electric Co. 

71-5939 Model: GE-1500, General Electric Co. 

7 1 -5942 Model: GE-700, General Electric Co. 

71-5950 Model: BCL-4, Battelle 
Columbus Laboratory 

71-5957 Model: BMI-1, Battelle 
Columbus Laboratory 

71-5971 Model: GE-200, General Electric Co. 

71-5979 Model: 5979, Alpha-Omega Services, Inc. 

71-61 15 Model: R1010-0032, Energy, Dept. of 

71-6272 Model: 6272, U.S. Ecology 




























































Name Page 

Model: FSV-1 , General Atomic Co. 479 

Model: FSV-3, General AtomicCo. 479 

Model: 6400, Westinghouse Electric Corp. 479 

Model: HN-200, HittmanNuclear& 

Development Corp. 479 

Model: CNS 8-120. Chem-Nuclear 

Systems, Inc. 480 

Model: MH-1 A, Army, Dept. of 480 

Model: 6679, U.S. Ecology 480 

Model: NFS-4, Nuclear Fuel Services, Inc. 480 

Model: RG- 1 , General Atomic Co. 480 

Model: 67I7-B, Gamma Industries 480 

Model: FSV-2, General Atomic Co. 480 

Model: IF-3QO, General Electric Co. 480 
Model: 50Q-SU, Automation Industries, Inc. 480 

Model; 520, Automation Industries, Inc. 481 

Model: NLI-1/2, NL Industries, Inc. 481 

Model: 650, Technical Operations, Inc. 481 

Model: 660 & 660E, Technical 

Operations, Inc. 481 

Model: TRIGA-1 , General Atomic Co. 481 

Model: TRIGA-2, General Atomic Co. 481 

Model: GE-1600, General Electric Co. 481 

Model: FPD-10Q, General Atomic Co. 481 

Model: DH-142, Nuclear Packaging, Inc. 481 

Model: AP-1QO, ANEFCO, Inc. 481 

Model: HN-100, Series 2& 2A, Hittman 

Nuclear & Development Corp. 481 

Model: 9080 t Hittman Nuclear & 

Development Corp. 481 

Model: CNS-1600, Chem-Nuclear 

Systems, Inc. 481 

Model: HN-100, Series I, Hittman Nuclear & 

Development Corp. 481 

Model: HN-100S, Hittman Nuclear & 

Development Corp. 482 

Model: CNS 14-195-H, Chem-Nuclear 

Systems, Inc. 482 


Docket Name 

71-9096 Model: CNS 21-300, Chem-Nuclear 
Systems, Inc. 

71-9099 Model: ATR, Exxon Nuclear Idaho Co. 

71-91 1 1 Model: CNS 6-80-2, Chem-Nuclear 
Systems, Inc. 

71-9126 Model: 20, 20A, 50, 50A, Gamma Industries 

71-9127 Model: 100, 100A, 200, 200A, Gamma 

71-9128 Model: C-8, Gamma Industries 
71-9139 Model: 589, General Electric Co. 
71-9150 Model: PAT-2, Energy, Dept. of 

71-9151 Model: HN-100, Series 3, Hlttman Nuclear & 
Development Corp. 

71-9156 Model: IR-50, Industrial Nuclear Co. 








71-9157 Model: IR-100, Industrial Nuclear Co, 483 

71-9159 Model: NUPAC Series A, Nuclear 

Packing, Inc. 453 

71-9166 Model: 864 Type B, Technical 

Operations, Inc. 433 

71-9167 Model: Type B, Amersham Corp. 433 

71-9168 Model: CNS 8-120B, Chem-Nuclear 

Systems, Inc. 453 

71-9510 Model: GPHS, Energy, Dept. of 483 

71-9784 Model: LWBR New Fuel, Energy, Dept. of 483 

Licensing of Independent Spent Fuel Storage Docket 72 

72-0001 Morris Operations, General Electric Co. 493 



Low Level Radwaste Disposal Sites Docket 27 

Barnwell, SC, Chem-Nuclear Systems, Inc. 

Beany, NV, U. S. Ecology, Inc. 

Richland, WA, U.S. Ecology, Inc. 

Sheffield, IL, U.S. Ecology, Inc. 

Domestic Licensing of Source Material Docket 40 

Allied Chemical Corp., Morristown, NJ 

Amax Environmental Services, Inc., 
Golden, CO 

Army, Dept. of, Yuma, AZ 
Atlas Mineral, Inc., Denver, CO 
Babcock & Wilcox, Alliance, OH 
Bear Creek Uranium Co,, Casper, WY 
Brush Wellman, Inc., Cleveland, OH 
Chemetron Corp., Chicago, IL 
Cleveland-Cliffs Iron Co., Casper, WY 
Cleveland-Cliffs Iron Co., Cleveland, OH 
Conoco, Inc., Denver, CO 
Conoco, Inc., Denver, CO 
Cotter Corp., Golden, CO 
Cotter Corp., Lakewood, CO 

Defense Atomic Support Agency, 
Bethesda, MD 

Dow Chemical Co., Midland, MI 
Energy Fuels Nuclear, Inc., Denver, CO 
Energy Fuels Nuclear, Inc. , Denver, CO 
Energy, Dept. of, Canonsburg, PA 
Exxon Co. USA, Houston, TX 
Exxon Minerals Co. USA, Houston, TX 

Docket Page 



















































Federal-American Partners, Rivcrton, WY 

Getty Oil Co. Petrotomics Co., 
Shirley Basin, WY 

Holmes & Narver, Inc., Anaheim, CA 
Homestake Mining Co., Lakewood, CO 

Kerr-McOee Chemical Corp., 
Oklahoma City, OK 

Kerr-McGee Nuclear Corp., 
Oklahoma City, OK 

Kerr-McGee Nuclear Corp., 
Oklahoma City, OK 

Kerr-McGee Nuclear Corp. , 
Oklahoma City, OK 

Kerr-McGee Nuclear Corp. , 
Oklahoma City, OK 

Kerr-McGee Nuclear Corp., 
Oklahoma City, OK 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 
Cambridge, MA 

Melapai Resources Co., Phoenix, AZ 
Minerals Exploration Co., Los Angeles, CA 
Minerals Exploration Co., Los Angeles, CA 
Moiycorp, Inc., White Plains, NY 
NL Industries, Inc., Albany, NY 
Nuclear Dynamics, Inc., Phoenix, AZ 
Ogle Petroleum, Inc. , Casper, WY 
Ogle Petroleum, Inc., Santa Barbara, CA 
Pathfinder Mines Corp., Riverton, WY 
Pathfinder Mines Corp., Shirley Basin, WY 
Plnal Minerals & Mining, Ltd., Miami, AZ 

Plateau Resources, Ltd., 
Grand Junction, CO 



















































Plateau Resources, Ltd., 
Grand Junction, CO 

Plateau Resources, Ltd., 
Grand Junction, CO 

Rio AJgom Corp., Moab, UT 

Rocky Mountain Energy Co., 
Broom field, CO 

Rocky Mountain Energy Co., Denver, CO 
Silver King Mines, Inc., Casper, WY 
Spencer Chemical Co., Kansas City, MO 
Stepan Chemical Co., Maywood, NJ 
Stepaa Chemical Co.. Maywood, NJ 

Tennessee Valley Authority, 
Chattanooga, TN 

Teton Exploration Drilling Co., Inc 
Caiper.WY ' 

Teton Exploration Drilling Co., Inc 
Casper, WY 

Union Carbide Corp., Grand Junction, CO 
Uranerz USA. Inc., Casper, WY 

Utanium Resources, Inc., Richardson, TX 
W.R.Gra&Co.,Pomp, onP | amSiNJ 
Western Nuclear Corp., J cffrey CitVi wy 

Wrncm Nuclear, Inc., Lakewood, CO 
Wyoming Mineral Corp., Lakewood, CO 

Wyoming Mineral Corp., Lakewood, CO 
Zircoa, Solon, OH 

Acrotes.Radiography&Research Reactor 
Aliens Creek Nuclear Station, Unit! 
* IvinW 'V.le Nuclear P| flm , Un , u 
^W.vogtle Nuclcar p , an(iUnit2 

^w Nuclear One, UnitY 
-^o4 Nuclear One, Unit 2 
'fcocUWilco* C0l Critical Facility 
*><* * WilcoxTe* Reactor 


Page Name 

Docket I'nj 


Bailly Generating Station 


50-367 3( 

Battelle Memorial Institute Research 



50-6 1 


Jo Beaver Valley Power Station, Unit 1 

50-334 26' 

Beaver Valley Power Station, Unit 2 

er\ J | <i >, *>* 

50-412 36: 


11 Bellefonte Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 

50-438 381 


15 Bellefonte Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 

50-439 383 


14 Ben-Gurion Univ. Critical Assembly 

50-539 457 


3 Big Rock Point Nuclear Plant 

50-155 33 


3 Black Fox Station, Unit 1 

STN-50-556 463 

4 - 8610 U Black Fox Station. Unlr J 

STN-50-J57 464 


Braidwood Station, Unit 1 

STN-50-456 412 

Braidwood Station. Unit ?. 

40-8781 17 

STN-50-457 413 

Brigham Young Univ. Research Reactor 

50-262 93 

40-8728 16 Browns Ferr y N clear Power Station, Unit 1 

50-259 83 

40-0299 2 

Browns Ferry Nuclear Power Station, Unit 2 

50-260 87 

40-8783 17 

Browns Ferry Nuclear Power Station, Unit 3 

50-296 163 

40-8786 17 

Brunswick Steam Electric Plant, Unit 1 

30-325 234 

40-0086 i 

Brunswick Steam Electric Plant, Unit 2 

50-324 229 

40-1162 5 

Byron Station, Unit 1 

"** ^ 

STN-SO-454 406 

40-8684 15 

Byron Station, Unit 2 

STN-5G-455 409 

40-8502 12 

Callaway Plant, Unit 1 

STN-5Q-483 423 

40-8585 13 

Callaway Plant, Unit 2 

STN-50-486 426 

40-8384 n 

CaIvcrtC '^ Nuclear Power Plant, Unit ! 

f /t rt f, . 


CalvertCliff sN uclearPowerPlant,Uni,2 

50-317 207 

* ** 

50-31R iii 

Carroll Facility I 

*" *JI 

50-228 53 

Carroll Facility II 

STN-50-J99 465 

50-466 421 

Catawba Nuclear Station. Unit 1 

STN-50-600 466 

50-424 378 

Catawba Nuclear Station, Unit 2 

50-413 363 

50-425 379 
50-313 195 

Cath0liCUniV ' 0fAm ^a Research Reactor 
Cherokee Nuclear Station, Unit 1 

50-414 366 

50-77 27 

50-368 309 

<A 1 4 

Cherokee Nuclear Station, Unit 2 

STN-50-491 428 

30-13 21 

Cherokee Nuclear Station, Unit 3 

STN-50-492 439 

50-99 28 

Clinch River Breeder Reactor 

STN-50.493 429 

30-537 452 


Clinton Power Station, Unit 1 
Clinton Power Station, Unit 2 
Columbia Univ. Research Reactor 

Comanche Peak Steam Electric Station, 

Comanche Peak Steam Electric Station, 
Unit 2 

Cooper Nuclear Station 

Cornell Univ. Research Reactor 

Cornell Univ. Zero Power Reactor 

Crystal River Nuclear Plant, Unit 3 

Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station, Unit 1 

Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 1 

Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 2 

Donald C. Cook Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 1 

Donald C, Cook Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 2 

Dow Chemical Co. 

Dresden Nuclear Power Station, Unit 1 

Dresden Nuclear Power Station, Unit 2 

Dresden Nuclear Power Station, Unit 3 

Duane Arnold Energy Center 

Edwin I. Hatch Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 

Edwin I. Hatch Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 

Enrico Fermi Atomic Power Plant, Unit 2 

Floating Nuclear Plant 

Fort Calhoun Station, Unit 1 

Fort St. Vrain Nuclear Generating Station 

General Atomic Co 

General Atomic Co. 

General Electric Nuclear Test Reactor 

General Electric Test Reactor 

Georgia Institute of Technology Research 

Georgia Tech Research Reactor 

Docket Page 

50-461 418 

50-462 420 

50-208 45 




























































Grand Gulf Nuclear Station, U nit 1 
Grand Gulf Nuclear Station, Unit 2 
H. B, Robinson Plant, Unit 2 
Haddam Neck Plant 
Hartsville Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 
Hartsville Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 
Hartsville Nuclear Plant, Unit 3 
Hartsville Nuclear Plant, Unit 4 
Hope Creek Nuclear Station, Unit 1 
Hope Creek Nuclear Station, Unit 2 
Humboldt Bay Power Plant, Unit 3 
Idaho State Univ. Research Reactor 
Imperial Chem. Indus. Research Reactor 
Indian Point Station, Unit 1 
Indian Point Station, Unit 2 
Indian Point Station, Unit 3 
Iowa State Univ, Research Reactor 
James A. Fitzpatrick Nuclear Power Plant 
Joseph M. Farley Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 
Joseph M, Farley Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 
Kansas State Univ, Research Reactor 
Kewaunee Nuclear Power Plant 
La Crosse Boiling Water Reactor 
LaSalle County Station* Unit I 
LaSalle County Station, U nit 2 
Limerick Generating Station, Unit 1 
Limerick Generating Station, Untt 2 
Maine Yankee Atomic Power Plant 
Manhattan College Research Reactor 
Marble Hill Nuclear Station, Unit 1 
Marble Hill Nuclear Station, U nit 2 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
Research Reactor 

Memphis State Univ. Research Reactor 





























































STN- 50-546 










Michigan State Univ. Research Reactor 

Midland Plant, Unit 1 

Midland Plant, Unit 2 

Millstone Nuclear Power Station, Unit 1 
Millstone Nuclear Power Station, Unit 2 
Millstone Nuclear Power Station, Unit 3 
Montague Nuclear Power Station, Unit 1 
Montague Nuclear Power Station, Unit 2 
Monlicello Nuclear Generating Plant 
National Bureau of Standards Reactor 
National Navnl Medical Center 
Nine Mile PoJnt Nuclear Station, Unit 1 
Nine Mile Point Nuclear Station, Unit 2 
North Anna Power Station, Unit 1 
North Anna Power Station, Unit 2 
Norlh Anna Power Station, Unit 3 

North Carolina State Univ. PULSTAR 

Nuclear Ship Savannah 
Oconee Nuclear Station, Unit 1 
Oconee Nuclear Station, Unit 2 
Oconee Nuclear Station, Unit3 
Ohio State Univ. Research Reactor 

VdminJstratlon Hospital 

Docket Page 


n . . BH 

wockcC " "" 

50-294 158 

Pennsylvania State Univ. Research Reactor 

50-59 l 

50-329 244 

Perkins Nuclear Station, Unit 1 

STN.-in :,; 


50-330 249 

Perkins Nuclear Station, Unit 2 



50-245 60 

Perkins Nuclear Station, Unit 3 



50-336 265 

Perry Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 1 


3 Hi 

50-423 375 

Perry Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 2 


50-496 430 

Phipps Bend Nuclear Station, Unit 1 


50-497 430 

Phipps Bend Nuclear Station, Unit 2 



50-263 93 

Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station, Unit 1 


1 35 

50-184 38 

Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station, Unit 2 



50-170 37 

Point Beach Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 



50-220 51 

Point Beach Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 



50-410 361 

Prairie Island Nuclear Station, Unit 1 


1 37 

50-338 268 

Prairie Island Nuclear Station, Unit 2 



50-339 271 

Purdue Univ. Research Reactor 



50-404 358 

Quad-Cities Station, Unit 1 



Quad-Cities Station, Unit 2 

50-297 166 



50-238 56 

Rancho Seco Nuclear Generating Station 



50-269 106 

Reed College Research Reactor 




50-270 110 



50-287 146 

Rhode Island & Providence Plantations AEC 



River Bend Station, Unit 1 

50-150 33 


*4 1-4 

River Bend Station, Unit 2 



50-131 29 

Robert Emmet Ginna Nuclear Plant, Unit I 



50-243 56 

RPI Critical Experiment 

fn fir 



50-219 47 

Salem Nuclear Generating Station, Unit 1 


1 16 

50-255 80 

Salem Nuclear Generating Station, Unit 2 


STN-50-328 443 

San Onofre Nuclear Station, Unit 1 



STN-SO-529 446 

San Onofre Nuclear Station, Unit 2 



iTN-50-530 449 

San Onofre Nuclear Station, Unit 3 


50-277 125 

Seabrook Nuclear Station, Unit 1 



50-278 128 

Seabroolc Nuclear Station, Unit 2 



50-514 436 

Sequoyah Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 



50-5 15 436 

Sequoyah Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 




Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant, Unil 1 

Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 2 

Shoreham Nuclear Power Station 

Skagit Nuclear Power Project, Unit 1 

Skagit Nuclear Power Project, Unit 2 

South Texas Project, Unit 1 

South Texas Project, Unit 2 

Space Radiation Research Reactor 

St. Lucie Plant, Unit 1 

St. Lucie Plant, Unit 2 

State Univ. of New York Research Reactor 

Sterling Power Nuclear Project, Unit 1 

Surry Power Station, Unit 1 

Surry Power Station, Unit 2 

Susquelianna Steam Electric Station, Unit 1 

Susquehanna Steam Electric Station, Unit 2 

Texas A&M Univ. Research Reactor 

Texas A&M Univ. Research Reactor 

Three Mile Island Nuclear Station, Unit 1 

Three Mile Island Nuclear Station, Unit 2 

Trojan Nuclear Plant 

Turkey Point Plant, Unit 3 

Turkey Point Plant, Unit 4 

Tuskcgee Institute Research Reactor 

U.S. Geological Survey Research Reactor 

UC-Santa Barbara Research Reactor 

UCLA Training Reactor 

Union Carbide Research Reactor 

Univ. of Arizona Research Reactor 

Univ, of California at Irvine Research 

Univ. of California Research Reactor 

Univ. of Florida Training Reactor 

Univ. of Illinois LOPRA Research Realtor 
















































. 73 






















Univ. of Illinois Research Reactor 
Univ. of Kansas Research Reactor 
Univ. of Lowell Research Reactor 
Univ. of Maryland Research Reactor 
Univ. of Michigan Research Reactor 
Univ. of Missouri Research Reactor 
Univ. of Missouri Research Reactor 
Univ. of New Mexico Research Reactor 
Univ. of Oklahoma Research Reactor 
Univ. of Texas Research Reactor 
Univ. of Utah Research Reactor 
Univ. of Utah Research Reactor 
Univ. of Virginia Cavalier Reactor 
Univ. of Virginia Research Reactor 
Univ. of Washington Research Reactor 
Univ. of Wisconsin Research Reactor 
Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station 
Virgil C. Summer Nuclear Station, Unit I 
Virginia Polytech Institute Training Reactor 
Washington State Univ. Research Reactor 

Wnterforrl f " " ' -- - 











































WPPSS Nuclear Project, Unit 4 
WPPSS Nuclear Project, Unit 5 
Yankee-Rowe Nuclear Power Station 
Yellow Creek Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 
Yellow Creek Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 
Zion Nuclear Power Station, Unit 1 
Zion Nuclear Power Station, Unit 2 

Domestic Licensing of Special Nuclear Material 

Babcock & Wilcox Co., Apollo, PA 
Babcock & Wilcox Co., Apollo, PA 
Babcock & Wilcox Co., Lynchburg, VA 
Babcock & Wilcox Co., Lynchburg, VA 
Babcock & Wilcox Co., Lynchburg, VA 
Babcock & Wilcox, Alliance, OH 
Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, OH 
Battelle Memorial Institute, Richland, WA 
Combustion Engineering, Inc., Windsor, CT 
Consumers Power Co., Jackson, MI 
Consumers Power Co., Jackson, MI 
Coratomic, Inc., Indiana, PA 
Defense Nuclear Agency, Bethesda, MD 
Edlow International Co., Washington, DC 
Exxon Nuclear Co., Inc., Richland, WA 
Florida Power & Light Co., Miami, FL 
GA Techno logics, Inc., San Diego, CA 
General Electric Co., Pleasanton, CA 
General Electric Co., San Jose, CA 
General Electric Co., San Jose, CA 
General Electric Co., Wilmington, NC 
Good Samaritan Hospital, Pottsville, PA 
Goodyear Aerospace Corp,, Akron, OH 

Hahnemann, Medical College & Hospital, 
Philadelphia, PA 

















Docket 70 















































Name Docket Page 

Kerr-McGee Nuclear Corp., 

Oklahoma City, OK 70-1 193 475 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 

Cambridge, MA 70-0089 467 

Medical College of Pennsylvania, 

Philadelphia, PA 70-2304 476 

Mississippi Power & Light Co., Jackson, MS 70-2936 476 

Missouri, Univ. of, Columbia, MO 70-0270 472 

Nuclear Fuel Services, Inc., Erwin, TN 70-0143 476 

Pennsylvania State Univ., 

University Park, PA 70-0113 467 

Rockwell International Corp., 

CanogaPark, CA 70-0025 466 

Sacred Heart Hospital, Allentown, PA 70-2449 476 

Spencer Chemical Co., Kansas City, MO 70-0340 472 

Spencer Chemical Co,, Kansas City, MO 70-0146 472 

Tennessee Valley Authority 70-2928 476 

Tennessee Valley Authority, 

Chattanooga, TN 70-2941 476 

Todd Shipyards Corp. , Galveston, TX 70-1062 474 

UNC Naval Products, Inc. , Uncasville, CT 70-0371 473 

Union Carbide Corp. , Tuxedo, NY 70-0687 473 

Union Electric Co., St. Louis, MO 70-2945 477 

United Nuclear Corp., 

Wood River Junction, RI 70-0820 474 

Washington Public Power Supply System, 

Richland, WA 70-2950 477 

Westlnghouse Electric Corp. , Pittsburgh, PA 70-0698 473 

Westinghouse Electric Corp., Pittsburgh, PA 70-1143 47S 

Westinghouse Electric Corp., Pittsburgh, PA 70-1151 475 

Packaging of Radioactive Material for Transport and Transportation 
of Radioactive Material Under Certain Conditions Docket 71 

70-1362 476 

Amersham Corp. 

Army, Dept. of 

Fairchild Weston Systems, Inc. 

General Atomic Co. 

71-0370 478 

71-0487 478 

71-0483 478 

71-0030 477 


General Electric Co. 

INTEC Inspection, Inc. 

Model: 100, 100A, 200, 200A, Gamma 

Model: 20, 20A, 50, SOA, Gamma Industries 
Model: 500-SU, Automation Industries, Inc. 
Model: 520, Automation Industries, Inc. 
Model: 589, General Electric Co. 
Model: 5979, Alpha-Omega Services, Inc. 
Model: 6272, U.S. Ecology 
Model: 6400, Westinghouse Electric Corp. 
Model; 650, Technical Operations, Inc. 

Model: 660 & 660E, Technical 
Operations, Inc. 

Model: 6679, U.S. Ecology 
Model: 6717-B, Gamma Industries 

Model; 864 Type D, Technical 
Operations, Inc. 

Model: 9080, Hittman Nuclear & 
Development Corp. 

Model: AP-100, ANEFCO, Inc. 
Model: ATR, Exxon Nuclear Idaho Co. 

Model: DCL-4, Battellc Columbus 

Model: BMI-I, Battelle Columbus 

Model: C-8, Gamma Industries 

Model: CNS 14-195-H, Chcm-Nuclear 
Systems, Inc, 

Model: CNS 21-300, Chem-Nuclear 
Syslems, Inc. 

Model: CNS 6-80-2, Chem-Nuclear 
Systems, Inc, 

Model: CNS 8-120, Chem-Nuclear 
Systems, Inc. 

Model: CNS 8-120B, Chem-Nuclear 
Systems, Inc. 

Model: CNS-1600, Chem-Nuclear 
Systems, Inc. 





















































71-9168 483 

71-9081 481 


Model: CNS-3-55, Chem-Nuclear 
Systems, Inc. 

Model: FPD-100, General Atomic Co. 
Model: FSV- 1 , General Atomic Co. 
Model: FSV-2, General Atomic Co. 
Model: FSV-3, General Atomic Co. 
Model: GE-100, General Electric Co. 
Model: GE-1500, General Electric Co. 
Model: GE-1600, General Electric Co. 
Model: GE-200, General Electric Co. 
Model: GE-700, General Electric Co. 
Model: GPHS, Energy, Dept. of 

Model: HFIR Spent Fuel Element Shipping 
Cask, Energy, Dept. of 

Model: HN-100, Series 1, Hittman Nuclear & 
Development Corp. 

Model: HN-100, Series 2 & 2A, Hittman 
Nuclear & Development Corp. 

Model: HN-100, Series 3, Hittman Nuclear & 
Development Corp. 

Model: HN-100S, Hittman Nuclear & 
Development Corp. 

Model; HN-200, Hittman Nuclear & 
Development Corp. 

Model: IF-300, General Electric Co. 
Model: IR-100, Industrial Nuclear Co. 
Model: IR-50, Industrial Nuclear Co. 
Model: LWBR New Fuel, Energy, Dept. of 
Model: MH-1A, Army, Dept. of 
Model: NFS-4, Nuclear Fuel Services, Inc. 
Model: NLI-1/2, NL Industries, Inc. 

Model: NUPAC Series A, Nuclear 
Packing, Inc. 

Model: OH-142, Nuclear Packaging, Inc. 
Model: PAT-2, Energy, Dept. of 
Model: R1010-0032, Energy, Dept, of 

Model; RA-2, RA-3, RA-J, General 
Electric Co. 

Docket Page 

























































71-4986 478 


Model: RG-1 , General Atomic Co. 

Model: RMG-181-I, Nuclear Fuel 
Services, Inc. 

Model: RMO-184, Nuclear Fuel 
Services, Inc. 

Model: TREAT, Energy, Dept. of 
Model: TRIGA-1, General Atomic Co. 
Model: TRIGA-2, General Atomic Co. 

Model: Tungsten Shielded Cask, 
Energy, Dcpt. of 

Docket Page 

71-6703 480 

71-5492 478 

71-5687 478 

71-5828 478 

71-9034 481 

71-9037 481 




Model: Type B, Amersham Corp. 

Navy, Dept. of 

Nebraska Public Power District 

Southern California Edison Co. 

Virginia, Univ. of 

Washington Public Power Supply System 

Licensing of Independent Spent Fuel Storage Docket 72 
Morris Operations, General Electric Co. 72-0001 

Docket Page 

71-9167 483 

71-0052 477 









i>r)i>L-:v .".'v-oio iirAiTV, w, \i <.; Kiru.ucv, IMC. 

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frtcililu in Apr '< Mnu WHO horu,ird rtpp A documonla 

l-T-'l.rilN, J M Division of Hulen mill Hccordtt flLVO'P/HV. VANSVDC.C. 
1 iii-iii'. I'nr kii. (i I i 9 w r i Hi mono ft' >.< Ad our inn. iipp. 16070- 219, 

I'lCI I), II . U il t-aiUlOY, INC. 

ll.'llO'JtWIV t'oruarJ* "I'l-um-li III Mom lor ing (tocon! for Jul-Oct I90!?. " 
HII'ni'KII, U M 1J! ' I i-i>l'>i|i). Int. (Firmi'r I <j Nut lenr Ernj i nepring ). 
Iti'/lO/O!) I'SHilO. I " Region !) llffiue iif Director I p . 13992; 297. 

HiMimiiW'W "Triinch Hi Muni tnr inj limiinl for Jul-Oct 1?I3. " 

U;> l.colii|ji|. Mn. irnrmur li) Nuc lar ,'>$ ' "OUT Ing > BE!/ 10/05. Jp. 

|;!l 10:iO!W!) lorw*nli tiimpiilor printuiil "f onvlroii moni lorins rnmilta of 
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fi'iim filrtlt 1 "f 11 rart nilog 1 nil ln6.U/n onrl. 

n(.u:inoiiiii,r j niim>i, !iui of. na/io/oo mtAFFNEn.j. NUC - 

No [>t.iiluil ACT i 1 mil mi (iivpii Ip 13943 108 

t];uillO'i:iV Inform* of Uln* uf riaOHOtl roquuot for NtiC nosistancw ru 
uiivlion rnaB.ivili iLnillilu nl fncillli| rtdininul allll under 

ilCftHAMI, II A Low liivnl Wnulo [.it mill no Ilrnnch, oa/10/19. EB. D. H- 
lltinon. KlHU "f. Dipt N. ii.i f 1(1 Ifoi'mTlij nop t Public lloolth). 

-IUMU0449 lli|uml HI"-' Diiitmil tu/nnwi. t" conduct environ tilnt* at 

H>! II D '' IMii'iMtr* of, OopV Hur llJlfetg (formerlg l)|it. 
I'tibllr HdJlthl IKyOflCOD liMITH.II U old Levitt Has te Lit ano Inp 
llranih 1(1 

iiulinm rinoIU of tritium in water flnali)o of oraa* 
sarplui talon from [I.JOftlKt-OlWft 

MEALY, fl.W Interior. npt of. Ounlogtcal Uurven t)lf ' 10/s ? Krl ^,. .. 
, 1), t. NIIC - No neUlled Af f 1 1 1 ti I mn Oiven. Ip. 1597J. 


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'low levvl Wdm tu PacHitii ursflUil. U 1 ling driver. Two emplg 
,:j^a bhroun from trixl lint did not rupluru.Np 
r^dlo.icl'ivt mall rli") ., . _. , 

CHAHDLEOS.P - JENKIWI.O.R >0"n 2, Offlc. of Director. 
Ip 16061: ISA 

Hequeiti cncl documents be placed in PDH Documont* 
requested tiy Intflrvstiar. ,,, .,-, 

SP1HD.H. Division of Fuel Cycle t, Matorlal BB/ ID/ IB. 
SCOTT, B. Document Managomont Drflnch. Ip. 19940:001. ^in 
Fie he: 50-537. 02/10/10,6211010135 

-B2M040139 "Environ Assessment for Fuels !. Matls Eiam 
.Energy, Dept. of, DQE/EA-0116, 60/07/31. 42pp. 
3-lX Ficho: 50-S37,ea/10/IQ.B2l 104O129. 


-B211040M4 "Fuelf !* Matls Facility Environ Aasessment Suppl for 
Secure Automated Fabrication (SAP). " 

* Energy, Dept. of. 01/10/31. 13pp. 15918; 1O6. 21X 
Fictie: SO-537. 03/10/10,0211040129. 

--9211040146 "Instructions for Use of HPS-131M Std Spec for 

Effuiancy Particulato Air filtera. " ,_., 

US Ecology, Inc. (Former hj Nuclear Eng i near ing >. 76/05/K/. 
13pp. 1991B: 119. 34X Fith: SO-537 , 83/10/18, 021 10^0125. 

B2I1040I59 "Dovelopmnnb fc Tostino of Near-naal-Time Accounting Sya for 
QarnuBll Reprocessing Faciltty," article From Nuclear Mntls 
Mat re 1981 [NMMM proceadinga. ___ 

ELLia.JH Allied Engineorlrtg. 01/12/31- 9pp- l3-?4a:37O. BIX 
Ficho: BO-337,03/10/lB. B21 101OI29. 

0211160364 Foruiarda IE Matte Packaging Imp Rpt 1900004i/Q2-14 on, 
021020. Hnncomnl lance noted, 

BOOK. H E Division of Radiological Safety . fiofofluardl Program, 
02/11/10 GRELLA.A, Division of Fue 1 Fac i ] 1 tioo . HotcriaU Si 
Safeguards. 2pp, I60"?a:076. 

0211160370 IE Hastn Packaging Imp Kept 15000046/B2-14 on S31030, 
Noncomplianee noted: five drums of raduiaate FounJ td be 
Ualina white pouidor 6 not packaged in strong tight 

containers. ..,<.. i 

THOMAS, B. D. , HDPK.H.E. Div i i inn of Badio 1 ogtca I flaf oty t ,,.,. rt 

Safeguards Pronram. ELBEN, M, J. Wn.hlnflton. State of, SH/ll/IO. 
2pp. 16092:070. 



0311120916 Request* halt to pranoiod c.cavallon B. shipment of 
Kiorlum-conUminated soil from Midland .it* to Gai/ Clt^i lit* 
until method developed uhith does not uiorn *lto*flon. 

WALKER,0 F B MichioanT Stat. of. 02/11/02. OWEFF1CE, P. f. Dou 
Chemical Co. 4pp. 16043:090. 

0211320BS4 Requeiti that proposed eiiJivation i shipiront aP thorium 
contaminated soil be halted until method of dUpoial 
Imoroved, Review of 021021 Itr sncl. 

WALKEfi.B. Michigan. State of, 02/11/02. DREFFICE.P, F. Qw 
Chemical Co, flpp. 1A19B: 134. 


QE II 0303*3 Forwards Ult split *mplln 9 dnta to b Inserted into 
20th annual rept Poor agreement for jroii alphas in toil not 
unusual for tup* Of measurement employed. 

?{SOM.5 wSthlnflton. UUt. of, 92/10/13. BMAFFNBR.J. HRC - No 
D*tild Affllijtion Given, 3pp 13943:110. 

0211020091 Forwards "flit. Operation. Mnal, " R.vl.ion 1, d td 011101 (. 
"Radiological Control b S.fity Mtiu1." Ftvilon I-dtd 
011101, W/o end* , . . nn<m/iq 

. UG Ecology. Inc. .Farmer 1 V Nucliar Enj nttr ng I, 02/IO/ 3_ 
SCHAFFNEn.J HOC - No DetflilBd Affiliation Otvin. 3pp. 13903 219, 


--311020307 CIA Program Imp Bipt 99990001/63-12 on B20923 No 
nonca.-jl unit not*iJ Kjor jrui impeded : iff tirminati on of 

uit bank of Pcmpton River I, Intirvi.u* u/conit company 
JOHA?J3EN,J . KJNMEHAM. J. D. R 3 ion 1, Offic of Director 
E'i/lO/25 5?p 13082:092. 

92110I04B3 "JUdiotostc.l S u rv, v o f Sheffield Brno*, U*yn<, NJ, " final 
E ' J ' L H CDm * A ' fl D 0-t A"o C iat ei J Univ. 



B211O2065B Forwards "Semiannual Environ Monitoring Rept <WolBr liuia),' 
per License Conditions 35 & 75- Fie view of water quality 
sampling analysis for Second Quarter 1902 encl.W/tmo 
oversiie fi gures. Aperture cards are available In Pt)D. 
DOOOEHi O. Western Hucloar, Inc. (subs, of Phelps D.idne Cnrp J 
B2/09/I4. PETTENOILL.H, J. Uranium Recovery Licensing Drnncli hun 

13904: 174. 

8311020667 "Btmiannua 1 Environ Monitoring Rept (Mater [9nt>i" IIUT 
License Conditions 25 t 75. 

* Western Nuclear, Inc. (subs, of Phelpa Ooi/ge Corn > n;>/OA/'t(> 
32Bpp. 15904: 191 

recU^tion p| jn for inactive h tap liath t. tailings areas. 
r^' B ^ P . "SJ^fisF**"' 1 " /OB/M ' WOH ' T Union Carbide 

8211170-170 Forward) B Kearneu RStwriZ *. , 

nt Cn^,^-^ n ,-l ""'" ncjuiui nieio sudimariung State of UV Dept 
or environ OuaKJv opinion re Union Carbide Corp 920806 1 tr 

pona! piosr^ r DnA-9 all* * 0l ? po " 1 . Pit A -' < "vaparation 

State O f. B2/09/03. UONQ. 7. Union Carbide 

B211030365 Revi eui licensee fJ2071i responses tu NUC JJHOftiM rvqtiixkb fu 
info r environ moni tor i no, Al 1 items ailcqud te lu aifilrowoti 
GARCIfl.P.J.. PETTEN8ILL.H. J. Uranium /lecoverij Litci)in a Dr.jnuh 
B2/1O/OB. Uranium Recovery Licensing tlranch. Slip I tlVt I . O1; 1 

B211030396 Rovi eiu , B20203-13 ALARA audit for Sip I i t Rock Mill ft,, it i t 
committee made good effort to recommend (. offset channel to 
mill equspraEnt to roJuc a airborno U c uncentra 1 1 nn s In 

,, ' W- 1 *"""" """very Li tD110 n, g tir.m.h. 

Uranium Recovery Licensing llranc.h 4|j n . [ 394 j ; () ;M 

^"<" "I" 91 " for <fdl info in p elpolllP tn ,1 

09 6 su6m,ittals providing grounduflter moni t itrinii d,U,i ft, 
Split Rock Mi 11. Response roquottsd bij B311I9 

WQ\0. T. Union Carbide Corp. 33/10/07 PETTENOILL H li^ nj 
ov,f V Lic. n ,in B Branch. 2pp. 16067: Uraniu 


H. Uranium 


a sir.3?ffi.S' 1 !Si t 3ST!:;'j.v 

recomrandationi for inita i t.n .* 'ingrj niiier Enaineers 

SSSS.VT.' 'swi ' " ^'~ rt ' for 

by B2I20I. 

non Carbi,. cor = ft 
B3111704B2 Foru.rdi -R.iit of 

' - 

*"' H/11/M - EHEYER. P. C. 

Energy Fuels Nuclear, Inc. 03/10/10. 


l/.KJO: 111 



r -"r in IE """ 

ml B.t. 7 pond u'un?r e X rT 

u.ll be Fr,e.d R..ult. of monitoring program enci' 
MILI.B.I..M. Tii,,* UH Valley Authority. B2/IO/32: SM1TH.H D 
Uranium Itf-covery Licensing llranch. 34pp. I6035:3|Q 

aj , ll i 100 " ' J " l , lfleS " f PSIOO l"-ing of NOC U Recovery Flold OPr , L.tenimg work w, 1 I contuse , Hash ing ton, DC 


B.lia30539 Requests clarification, on behalf at City of West Chicago, o 
apparent discrepancy in Kerr-McQee installation of 
incinerator at f ac 1 1 i ty. Amend request pending tn atlou for 
demolition of aidg 16 J. installation of Incinerator. 

SPELMAN.H J. Harold J. Spelman t. Associates. SPELMAN, H J. Wp&t 
Chicago, IL, 82/10/19. Director's Office, Office of Inspection 

and Enforcement, 3pp. 16301:3*4. 

83I11600B3 Forward* petition requesting Kerr-HcOee Chemical Corp oiunao 
factory cite be made rad i o logic Jl ly safe Pr-om contamination 
rendered es thetlcal lij pleasing. 

RENNELS.A.E, Moat Chicago, IL. B2/1O/2O. CUWN1NQHAM. fl E. Diviaic 
o. Fuel Cycle t, Material Safety. Hpp, 14101:341. 

'10-H/U ni'CNCl-H CHf-MlCAI. CO. . KAIJUAQ C I TY, Hfl 

IIHIOLM l>,ii'luil roitpunna U R.11A roquest for sii letter 
nt doM.moMlu i-u !i|,mn.ui- Clivmlral Co. Poruiards docurnanls 
laloil in Ann A fur /idifl ducumcntc continuing 
El. KIN, J M IlLViiimi of Hull)* .tin) Hecords. 132/10/2 

ate categories 

Affi 1 Kit ion Unknown 

132/10/22, DrtHNES, C. 

B2I10S0043 Ack receipt of 921012 Itr ro hearing on Acuflnd 5 to License 
Fl-231. Hcarinfl will be informal I. uill commence w/uritton 
submissions follouied by addl procedur&B necessary to rosolvo 
natl factual disputes. 

I1AUSSHAROT, D. A. Office of Nuclear Material Safety * 
Safeguards, Director. 02/10/22. GPELMAN-H. J. Harold J BpelmonSi 
Associates. 2pp. 1S978: 267. 

B211230521 Discusses City of Uett Chicago B2101S Itr to NHC seeklnfl 
clarification on whether Kerr-McGee prematurely demoliahed 
Bldg 16 on site prior to NRC author i la tion. Qldg has not dean 
demolished nor will ba demolished to construct incinerator 
SHELLEY, U. J, Kerr-Mcflee Chemical Corp. (subs, of Karr-McOoo Corp ) 
08/10/24. NJXON.H, A. Uranium FUB! Licensing Branch 2 fl ' 

16201:278. rv 

-laniUOSAi AUv,,., U,t I Ict-n,. SMU-471 is nonin.pectabU.Licenseo U00! 
no i piiBlola AMI; u or t.horlum pevmillud by Liconse GMD-471 
! h.i4 mi (ilano for |>t item inn or uso of source mat! in 
inimail uiu f uturo 

c;'<,!; ^"-; fi i l -'^ 1 ^---. 64/07/H. Atomic Energy 

B211230524 (l B quBts clarification re Herr-McGee inBtallation oP 
incinerator at site. License amend request allowing 
installation of incinerator pending before NHC, 
SPELMAN.H. J. Harold J, Bpelman 1 Associate*. B2/10/IS 
Director's Officu, Office of inspection and Enforcement 2no 
16201:200. r 


Aff.l.jtn.n Unl,nou,n 

Bmical C a , Mayuood, NJ 
Division of Hulea 

Oi.'llL-/0')0!> ItNiipu),,!. i,, RIIA ruqueil for document, rt t)U M n Chemical 
Cn.Mayuooil, NJ Kormanl u iHirumont* llstDd in App A. 

Fl-l.rflU. J M Divioion lit )lulo% and [)BCrd. (12/10/29 VAN DYKEN, 
Af f i li.iUii" Uiikriduii) L'|ip, IA13A.:iai), 

0211020560 Order directing NfIC Becretary to refer City of West Chicago 
IL hearing request on Amend 6 to NRC for consolidation u/ 
pending proceeding on proposed Amend S fr di-aposition ner 
CLI-B2-21 procedures, H 

CHrLK, B. J, dffico of the B cretary of the Commission. B2/1I/OI. 
Office of the Secretary of the Commlsijnn. 2pp. 13807:167, 

B311I20a-?a PNO-iri-S2-139:on 031 100, Reg ion 3 informed by UcBnlet 
that rally sponsored by Gilkwood Day CoalitJon will be held 
on B21113 at site of Kerr-McOec Rare Earths Foci 1 1 ty. Ra 1 ly 
In protest of proposed plan for onsite raduastir burial 
MIHABITa. R. , HIND.R. Regions, Office of Director B2/11/OD Ip 

ooim.iHii ft.lO'/r.'W >. -M l*lcnni WJ VI 11 forth concerning 
(.(immissinn pvo.:oudingu ro iligpnonl of (| (, thorium retidues 
In N,/, 1) A Atornir F.tiorgv Commli* I nn . 63/07/36 
Knot-By Cummmonni ilpp lAKId ^:JO. 


B211170500 Confirms 831117 vialt lo Uest Chicago, IL to examine 
Kerr-HcOoe nldgs identified in License Amends 9 (. 6 
MAUBBHrtFlDTi D. A. Office of Nuclear Material OaPeSy & 
Safeguards, Director, BS/11/00. SPELMAN, H. J. Harold J BpolmanS, 
Associates. Ip. 16146:003. 


l-i.ryj.rds "Hoflllh I'hg.lcs Mnnu*l for Dc ommlsiionlng i. 
hlflbi I i tfltuin of Heri"-McOe Chemical Corp Weil Chicaoo Rare 
Earth* f'at 1 It ly " * 

tjCMUMAClO.M. C NliC - Nr> n e uiled Affllifltion Olvsn, 01/08/13, 
(.ROU.IJ T. Uraruvm Ful LlcBUBino Branch. 3pp, 16040:271. 

"Meflllh I'hysics tUmull 'r Deeommi (sioninu (k Stab I I i it ion 
of Kerr-McO.e Climicjl Corp Wttt Chicago R arB Earthi 
facility. " 

U;viNi;,j )>. , oiloilllD.M I. catalytic. Inc. <ubi. of Air Products t, 
i-hsmlcals. Inc. I, Ul/OB/sa. 260pp. 16048:274, 

o:) AJvUei that mvieu of ildbl U utl on plan project completed. 
No comments OP rerommsni!* t lont at present time. 

POHUit, Missouri, tilats of. DS/06/30. CRDH.M, T. Oivlilon of Fuel 
CyclB & HflteriAl Bafotu, Ip, ISOV4:1I7, 

0211320373 Order CLt-Oaai. direct Ing NMBB Director to act at presiding 
officer to adjudicate City of M*t Chicago contention* 
which may b asserted in challinglng Ktrr-HcOe* amend 

HOVLE, J. c. Office uf the Secretary of th Cammitiion. Qa/OB/Qd. 
Nl " ;I ""' f 1 * 4 ""'-" 0fty i. Safeguard*. Dirtctor, 3pp. 

S2III70543 Confirms 021117 visit to West Chicano, !L to examine 
Kerr-McOes bldgs identified in License Amend* 5 d 6 
MAUSSHARDT.D, A, Office of Nuclear Material Bafatu t. 

Safeguards, Director, B2/ 1 1 /OB, CHARNQFF.Q. Shaw, Pittman, Potta ( 
Troubridge. Ip. 16141:330. 

0211I9017I Request* permission for contractor to perform radiological 
urvey on property along Kress Croet. Survey ncn*sary to 
dattrmlne eitent fc depth of contamination in stream bed d 
adjacent toils St of necessary cleanup. 
KEPPLER,J.Q. Region 3, Office of Director, B2/11/12 
MATKOVIC.N. J, , EQELAND.R. C. , OTAVKA, J. Aff i lla tion Unknown Son 
16149:349. r ' 


8311050216 Summary of 020002 sit* visit to conduct annual imp 
FflANClS.E, Uijomlng. State of. B2/OS/O9. Wyoming, State of 

14015:020. . 

8211120173 Respond* to NRC B20927 notice of violation from Insp on 
B2Q727-29, Radiation personnel adopted policy of briefing 


lach person on radiation work permit to self-monitor for 

gros* alpha contamination. New ehanoe/shoiiier room built 
NUOENT.E.L. Pathfinder Mines Corp. 02/10/19. DROWN, 0. L 

of Vendor & Technical Program*. Spp. 16067: 191. 


B3I1230341 Application for 33-yr licenie amend bued on performance 
criteria. Ltng th of llcenst nectstary to aisure technically 
louiid deiign. Hest Chicago site ihould be lafely i 
permanently dt commissioned. 

RAINev.J.L. Krr~McOee Chvmlcal Corp. <tubi. of Kerr-M0e Corp. I. 
02/10/11, CUNNINGHAM, R. E. Office of HucUar Material Safety I. 
Bafeouordt. Director. 3pp, 16201:263, 

8211110043 AdvUes that U Recovery Field Ofc aptned in Laknuiood, CO 
821004. Licensing proceiies uill continue through Wathinntan. 
DC ofc thromh 830431, 

SMITH, R. D. Region 4, Office of Director. 92/11/01 NUOENTt E L 
Pathfinder Mine* Corp. 2pp. 1605.3:161. ' ' 


021110034? rtck receipt of (121019 Itr informing HHC of steps taken to 
correct violations noted in IE insp on 820727-2?. 
finoiftl, D. Division of Venilor t Technital Programs. 82/11/13 
NUGENT, E I. Pathf inder Mine* Corp. Ip. 16137:071. 

--B21 1 [90320 Confirms State of UT views on surety agreement betueen rttlac 
Corp it UT Doapd of Oil. Gas t Mi ning . Agreement valid (< 
approved by state. 

FEICHT, C. Utah, State of. 6S/10/15. SHITHifl.n Uran iura Hurovtrij 
Licensing Branch. Ip. 16174 3tO 

6311.10041-1 Discusses Jose evaluations !< complianco evaluation for 
second quarter 1932 Site cor^piisnt u/std 10CFI1190 annual 
dose linit of 25 mrcn 

SaLLEUDERGEfl, D. Lou Level Haste Licensing Branch. B2/1I/1B. 
Lsuul llatte Licensing Branch. 3pp. 16263: IIS. 

B31I120270 Notifies that U Recovery Field fife officially opened on 
B2100") in Lakeuiood, CO. Ofc c orro spondiMic e should hi' sent to 
Washing ton, DC until new field ofc more fully eetflhlished 
SMITH, Ft. D. Region 4, Office of Director (ta/ll/OH. IILUIIAUOM, H. 
Atlas Minerals. 2pp 16QA6: 163. 


020931)040;! Forwards supplemental application info document for renohjal 
of Source Matl License SUO-536. App I I c at ion includes environ 
factors normally subnittctf in environ infn n.'pt. 

CIFQLLA.A J Alliad Cnenical Corp 02/07/07 PAGE, H 0. Uranium 
Fuel Licensing Branch Trip. 14153 O13. 

-~(?209300iJ04 Application far of License SUfl-536 to perform 
chenical conversion of natural U ore cone entrains into U 
hoiaftuonde H/10 ovsrsli* drawings . Apart uro cards are 
available in PDH. 
CIPOLLA,A. J. Allied Corp. 03/07/01. 200pp. 16133:014. 

9211330447 rtr.en d to Hat! License SUIi-524, incr easing mai pa 
natural U to 73 million !bs.M/o encl SiEFf. 

PACE. R G. Uraniun Recovery Licensing Branch. H2/11/1B 
CIPOLLA.A.J Alllcit Chemical Corp. Ip. Ift257:3t0. 

lion for 

821 11 301 14 nequcats neu location be proposed Pur II.IL kgruuncf << 
particulate monitoring site Him i toy ing diit.i fur l_t,ition !i 
eihibited uide variations. 

PETTENQILL.H. J. Hegion 4, Office of Director fjy/ll/04 
DLUOAUOH. R. E. Atlas Minerals. I p. IA06R: OS7 

B211340400 Trip rept of 020914 site visit ro tnur n F ml 1 1 , tai 1 i ngi 
disposal area & lab facilities 

GARCIA, P. J . PErTENGILL. H J. Region 1. Office 
02/11/15. Region 4, Office of Director Ip 


B211010315 Forwards "Environ TLD Sumraarij, Jan-Juno \<!U2 " 
CO.K.E.J., WATTS, K. . LANE, J H Fcder.i I Amor lean P.irtriBC 
Region 4. Office of Director. 2pp. 1 9B f ;n. OU7. 

B211300449 Recommond! approval of amend to License SUB-526, Incroas ino 
nai possession of natural u to 73 million IDS 
MIXQN.W. A. , CRDM.W. T. Uranium Rscovery Licensing Branch 
82/11/10. Uranium Recovery Licensing Branch. Ip. 16237:361. 


B10507Q2Q4 Discusses B1QI03 firs at Atlas U Mill. Fire was not 
significant event in terms of health k safe ty. Recommends 

of safety revisu portions dealino uj/adequacy 


of fire protection measuri 
TRACER. E. A. Director's Office, 
3pp. 16010:331. 


Director's Office. 

8211010321 "Environ TLD Summary , .tan-June I 
encl. Aperture card is available in PDfl. 
Federal American Partners. D2/On/IEl. 

" line ovvniiD figurr 
l|i|i. ISIJVD. oat 

/N Andrun rp 

S311010520 Forwards 090906 memo documenting PHOTOn telc 
drill hole situation in mudstono uniler proposed in-jiit 
disposal of tailings *e fee application. 

FHANCIS.E. Hynmlng. State of, 82/09/07. LINEMAN, J Uraniu 
Recovery Licensing Branch. Spji, 15890:0fl3. 

821I02O375 Submits concerns rr rec lumat ton pl< 
at Oas Hills to be addressed in NKC final di 
ACKEHI1AN, W. C, Wyoming, State of. fJ3/O'?/013. 
Recovery Licenting Branch. 6pp [3902:292. 

Fur rallliign Pond 'J 
UNEIIAN, J. lira ilium 

3211190313 Trip rept of 020412-14 site visits ft meetings u,/FedBral- 
Amrican Par tnsrs. Rocky Mountain Energy Co, Rio Algnm Corn & 
Atlas Mlnsrals. 

?"' T ' L ' ' perTEfJO "- L 'H-J Uranium Recovery Liiensino Branch. 
83/09/10. Uranium Recovery Llcanslng n ran ch. 3 PP . 16136:337. 

S21I010336 Application for amend of Amend 13, Cond i t i on ,1V to l.iron 
SUA-667 to permit planned reductions in trnplnyHe . environ 
monitoring programs, Ona oversiie chart ! one ovcrsito 
figuro one 1. Aperture cardt are available in PDF). 

ANDRUS.N.J. Foderal American Partners. 1.12/09/09. LINEtlAN.J .1 
Uranium Recovery Licensing tl ranc h. t, pp lSf)9;| : i9:) 

,r? r ' 1 ' Pb " 2 l ""' f " ' rfac " * "und W .t.r for Second 
Quarter 1703 (< assays from continuous air samples fur June 

EDWARDS, D L. Atlai Mineral,. S2/09/B1. SCARANO.F1.A. Uranium 
Recovtry Licensinj Branch. 2pp. I5?73;3fl0. 

2 aJoB2l 3 fu mi J? "." i nturred * "-anhours .Pnd.d in revising 
010828 appllcAtion for Amend 9 to License SUA-917 
OARCIA.P., PETTEN31LL.H. Urani urn Recovery Lic.ns'ino Drench 

' 13 

0211190315 Trip rBp t of 020113-14 site visits fc MH . ting* u,/redr I 
American Partners, Roc hy Mountain Energy Co. H in Algom Corp (. 
Atlas Mineral s. K 

' 1 , PET ! ENO i LL ' H ' J Uranium rg Licensing 0nch. 
Uranium Recovery Licenaino Qrnricli, 5pp. IMS/,: 307, 

,^ mpa : Uon of 8tatu of UV VB F-Htr.l American 
nlliutasti propoial.FAP favored. State plan 
"" conlt "* << deerea*e available vol 
1 . L: No ,, 0etail1 "' Affllifltion Oiv.n. oa/ov/M. 
.J. NRC - Ha DeUlltd Affiliation Oiv.n. 4pp. lH40.(t7.'l 

*r Providino coit ..timate. far 
of B.D.bruBh-Tabl.. take pit ft info eoncernino 

OILLEN.D.rl. Uranium R.cov.ry Liceniing Ur.ncn 
Recovery Lic-nsing Branch. 2 PP . 1597a;131 



ri;>lliaOi.'FlE> Nolifi** I, lU-tnvorg Field Clfc officlnMg onenod on 
(131004 -., Lakeuood.CO Oft correspond.,,.:, should be .int 
tn Washing Ion, DC mi I i I noui field O fc rnnro fully e. Ul, H shod 
GMirtf. R I). FlpgiciM 1, ClffJce of Director 33/11/03 rtlMDRUB, N 
Fi'tlorn I A-nqr i can I'ar inoTU. 3pp 16066: 1 157 

-9211290022 ForuflTit* Region I/PA Dept of Public Health c loieout 
radlatipn survey performed on 631 101-02. flad 1 sti on luveli 
meat D!v o* Ma 1 1 Licensing 630302 criteria for lagoon sre-a 
on 1 g. 

CLEVELAND, Fl. B. Atomic Energy Commission. 6S/13/1S RDEBEn, J. Ft, 
Atomic Energy Commission. 26pp. 1 t>34t: 079. 


[MlGiiOiVUi IJi'ii.ininui, II. lrii ( i iif Licenses SQ--Q 1 !)37-OI), 'M-Ol B37-1 0, 

i>f mil 

MAHl'IN. I 1 Dwiiiiin of r-ng I nor i >ig t Inchmeal Program 

M,im.ii:huiictlii In* tl lute of Tdchnolnoij, :lp 

U.'IIOM)..'..'? Null.-., of vinUtion from imp on 030727-30, Ntincomp t i an co 
iioU'il mm' kur eipunvil In I IK) m.n purmi til |j ] u cnuconlr.i t i (in of 
I -K."j ': no <im-vi.>ijn of inrl iviilii.iln umrUng In rostrlcted 
,1 r D ;i ij p u r f 1 1 r m it il . 
Hug MI I, Off i rii ill' Directi!.' H2/IO/B2. :] pp . IS933.0H3. 

!() "C.:()<> CNKIIOV, IH'.IM. IF, CANflNSBUftO, F'rt 

i'l U HH I'/ Hn'LJHi'iU "HunoiUnl Anthill* at Former Vitro Rflt-B Mtalu Plant 
!ll t'u.C.inoiioliiM'ij, Urt <; ..... itu.lMt" draft EHi 

Mf'1,1 INOt.H, M V liinj C Wu.Kiii, iric 1)3/10/01 NIXHN.WA Uranium 
luul I K riitinij lir.intl) Ip IAO30. ai!l 

-821 ISTOOSi Fnruardi Region 1 65111O kelei ro result* of radiation 
claiaout aurvoij on 6511O1 t O2. Survey forthcoming, 

DUtMNSKI, L. Atomic Enorgg Commitsion, 6S/ 11/12, NJBSBAUMEHi D, A. 
Atomic Energy Commi El Ion. 3pp. 16349; 105. 

-0aiia l ?0027 Forward* Div at Hatls Licensing 651006 memo requestinfj 
eipsditeif final clossout insp of Canoiiiburg , Prt site by 
[)lv of Compliance. 

, T. U, Atomic Energy Commission. A5/10/O7. 
0. A. Atomic Energy CommiBilon. 3pp. 

-8211290031 Reiiuoiti final cloasout inap of Canonafc urg- P A site tig Lliv 
of Compliance to determine compliance ui/epnc I Fl ed radiation 
level* Ii to determine if disposal of U-bearlng reslduBs 
meets suthorlied procedures. 

NUSSOAUiMEn. D, rt. Atomic Enorg 1 Commission. iS/IO/O6. CUHI NB 1 1. , 
Atomic Energy Commission, Ip. 1&249; 1 1 1. 

-HSU37QQ33 ffe^ueiti termination of License BUC-3I5. Hi te 
decontamina t ion, Including burial !< shielding of tailings, 
coriplete.Health phgslcs mrveij anel . 

nunEff.fl. T. Vitro Engineering Co. iS/09/30, NUSBDAUMER, D. A. 
rttonlc Energy Co<nmiH lor. 4pp. Iti34f: 1 1 3. 

-li;!l!ll(>i;';> "Huini> Aitlono ,1 1 Farmer Vitro Flnrn Metals Plant Bite. 
i:aniirnhi,i'[ji UA iliitmtifi I'rt, " ilrrtft Kill. 
l.nurgy, Dopl ,if OIII./IM fi--O()VA-t). IIS/10/31. Hlffpp 

-B211S90039 For^ardi 650930 health physics *urve tf rcpt of wants pilu, 
Lagnon (. plant aroa. 

MUIlPHYrJ.D. AnimJ-Crotsroad-s Nucl oar Carp, c.5/09/30, 
NUBSHAUMER, D, A. Atomic Enargy Cotnmlssl on. 7pp, 

IL'MOVOW/ I oi'w,n-i)o i'pl.i on contaminated proportion near for/ncr Vitro 
fi.irit MifUilo I' liiiit.CdiKinthurg, f'A Incliiiinii of prupDrtioB in 
ro,".dl,il action program reu.ue tail W/o one 1 

niin.u ( rin-Tuij, [>>|iL n f itu/oh/aa. CAOI-.B. o. UmiMum tucpwcru 

t I. nniil IKJ llrrtmfi 1|> Ui()i!4 041 

ll.!ll,'.!')f)i)7 Addl I-I^IIDIIIID In HltA fvquutt for dficum.nli re receipt, 
(irnceiintifl. ut nr.igo iir removal .1 F nurcHmrttl at Cannnibuvfl, 
I'A glU. Vitru Hfg Cu '. ViliMi Hni-fl Mutnli Co Forunrdo 
doc timon t,* I in toil in A|ip A 

H'l.MIN, J M Divinioii of Itulv* nnd Uncords Oa/IO/aS. ni.ACK.A. E. 
lliii.haiinn. Inuiiruoll, llod ow.i Id, Kijlo r. lluargtr. Bpp 

V riiruiiirdtt Pll Nv 

liuiil til phg"! M i u 

111)1- 111 H. J fl At omit f/nvrgij Commi t i on. 
Atunn (novgij 'CDinmMniiin Ip IfiiMIJ : 

A40AIV niomu t ronsini 1 1 ing remit* of 1 

NUfifiDAUHEH i D. rt 

Amends 650304 autlior I lation for burial of U-buaring rirflld 
to Include *t*tmont op Avaraqa & mai allowable external 
radiation lavels at 3,3 ft abova reildu* covnrlngi In 
response to &3Q3S3 request. 

NUSSBAUMEH, D, A, Atomic Enoroy CnmmlsBlon. A3/O9/OB. RUDER, ft. T. 
Vitro Engineering CD. Ip. 

IE lnp Finding! b Licensee Ac k dtd t>3QDl9 of License OUC 
31S, Insp f i. nd inga : no noncnpl ianee no to if 

r J. F. Atomic Energy Comml at 1 on, 69/C9Y19 2pp 
: 127, 

-Qai 1290050 Roqutsti Lhat f-fTiat radiation survB^n bo porFormnd at 
3,5 Ft or gonada hnlg4it of 0.2 m/h t> max of 0.9 tn/h.QiLger 
counters them I a ba *et at turn prior IP mrvtg to stabllali 
rtt point (< to maintain const* tnneg u/i ns- trumuntn. 
RUDER. H, T, Vitro Englnxrlng Co. &5/OD/S9, NLJESGAUMEfl, D, A. 
Atonic Energy Commi inn. 3pp. lAH-9 1 ?^ 1H7. 

I Wl UI'MOIO iMiruardt I'asiill* .if MMl'J l.anlth phyiici *urvoy. R BB 1 ts nf 
t>W.W't aui-vsij ijluii uni: 1 

WI-'l,(i(lNi f II Atomic Klii'vgij Cummmlon. 6-1/06/IV. BOEDEIIj J, II. 
Atoi.ilr l-nergy flnmmi ftol nil dpp IdKtd ;M7, 

-B2112VOOQS Inform* that oniitu health phgtict turveu uilll bog In an 

MU5JPJIV, J. D. /Mlisil-Crosiroad! Nueloar Carp, fiD/07/27. BMUUDA, v 
Pfiiimjlvani*, QtatQ of. Ip, 16249: 132. 

-liaiia'WOKt AJvlnmi Uiat Vitro Curp of Afnm'lea mpt on effcti of reirnt 
decnnliimuia U'lii oPfiii'li in rejuclng railiAtlon Uvel* uutstdB 
Dldgg J4 t< It, lui | 1 (i mbmi ttird. I n i'p(inntB to Harmon 
6401 OS ri[uel to nllnui let-mi iifltlon of licpnie 

lil.l.Iil. W f Atomic I'nitrgg ComfnH* inn, 66/01/11. PAGE. R. 0. Atomic 
Knorgi/ CoinmitBlon Ip 16949:071. 

-Hill liiVOOH Foruaj><li Hugion 1 clattoill radiation turvV rept of lite 
imp on ftnilOl-OB ll conclifslvB *vlri*nc fauna to determine 
diigi'Bu nf cumpltanKv w/Div of Matli Llcontlng 630802 
criteria W/ H oncl. 

I. J. J. Atomic f-.nsrov Cummin ion. 66/OI/OS. PAOE.fl, 0. At amir 
Comm i n ion lp. ibSAV. 0/H 

Confirmi tliat rewlti of Rtgion I d I"A Dpt of Public Ho) til 
/i SI 101-Oa c IniDOut radiation lurvvg & 63 1 SI 3 memo 
Irannmitted to D Harmon on 691317, 

FinEUEH, J f< Atomic Eiirg(( C'limmltBlon. 65/I2/S1. NUBBDAUMEF), D. A. 
Atnnlc energy Commislion. 3pp, 1A217;073, 

-02HS90017 Inform* that Kjion I/PA Dept of Public Utnlth cloflout 
ntlatlan mrvey performud on 631 101~02p pei D Nutsbaumer 
651006 rei)UBit, 

NE1.60N. P II. Atomic Enorgu CommitHon 69/11/10. BOEDER, J. B, 
Atomic rtn>rg v Commi t Ion, 2pp, 16249:076, 

-8311390020 Confirm! 63123:1 b 30 teUnnt u/conul tant J Murphy fc 
Al 1 i td-Crou trondo Nuclear Corp r* Commit t ic-n approval to 
lr*nifr facility to indivldufllt u/o approprlutt AEC source 
natl licnsit 

HARMON.D.F, Atomle Enrg Commi*lon 66/01/03. RUDEfi.R.T. 
Vitro Engineering Co. Ip, 16247:070, 

SummariiRi AB0302 telcon ui/J Lieben of State of PA Health 
Oept re Vitro Corp of Am*rlc> proposal to bury U-lioarinH 
residues on former plant site In Canoruourfl.PA. 

MUSfiDAUMEfl, D. A, Atomic Enargv Commlsatan. 63/03/03. Atamic 

Energu Conm 1 s Ion. Ip. 16S47:13'l. 

-B21 1290059 Dlicussas Vitro Corp of America proposed plan for burial 
pproi 7.OOO tan* of U-bcjirtng ratldue* tt contaminated dirt 
In Ugaan ar** of former Cflnonipurji PA lite. 

HARMON. D. F. Atomic Enovgy Commission. 68/03/03. Atomic Enargij 

Comml tiion. 2pp. 16249: 139. 

-821 1290062 SuirimariiBi 65020S & 03 telcons u/Vltro Corp of Anarlca n 
propojeil plan to burtf U-btart ng residues at farmer 
Canon*buro. Prt itt. PA H**lth Dept should not be contacted 
until 650313 to allou Dept revieui of Vitro application. 
HUSBBAUMEBi D. A. Atomic Energy Cqmmlmi on. 69/02/O9. Atomic 

Energy Commlnlon. Ip. 1624*7:137. 

-el211290'063 Summarlte* 690116 telcon ui/J Llelitn of Btati al PA De-pi 
Htslth r< pending VJ tro Corp c-f America application far 
burial of U-bring TsJ<lu<i on formar CnroiKburg, PA sit*. 
Application not yet reeivd. 

KUSBBAUMEfli D- A. Atomic Enersv Cnmmllon, 63/01/S1, Atomic 

Energv tslon, 2pp. 16249: 138, 

-621(390064 Buntn*riiat 641 1S9 meeting uXELltUl of Vitro Corp of 
America r* draft reply to MRC MOB 1 4 request for nddl Info 
on Vitro application for burial of U-bearlng r>*ldu*i in 
lagoon area* of former Cmionsburg. PA sit*. 

HARMONi D. F, Atomic Enorflu Comnlision. &4/12/04. Atonic Enal 

Commliilon. an p. 16249:140, 


Busses prop...- visit 
640907 for insp to determine luitab 
burial of U-boaring residues 
.JQHMBDN.U. Atomic Energy Ci-mmnti 
emission. 4pp. 14249:143. 

onsburg, PA lit. on 63100*. 
Atomic Energy Commmioi 
. lp- 16249:146. 



Atomic Enorgu 

Atomic Energy 

fttoraic Energy 

sand' residues containing source e>i 

^r^o.: sr'"**"" 1 " 1 

ion 63/08/14. Atomic Energy 

submitted immediately. 

HARMON, D. F. Atomic Energy Commission. 

Commission. lp. 16249:151. 


Atomic Energy 

-, 1390089 F.r.rd. results of 640,23 health physics survey of forn 

Cnonibur|,PA site * '""""r t !!' 
ROEDEH.J.R. Atomic Energy Commiss. on. 
Atomic Efieroy Commission. lp. 1624V. 


SSoii&I.L. Atomic Energy Commis, i o, 64/0, /03. PR.CE.E.B. 
Atomic Energy Commission. 4pp. 16^1Y. i/*. 

Kirkman 631127 memo transmitting results of 

Atomic Energy Commission. lp. 

-9211290099 Forwards results of environ samples collected on 631009 in 

Idaho Falls, ID. __j,-j,,_ An/11/27 DUBINSKIiL. 

N,R.H. Atomic Energy Commission. ojnirat 
Energy Commission, 3pp. 16249:177. 

tUona u/E Little of Vitro Corp of 
Eitension to reply to notice of 
jra, PA op er at ion. 


PAGE. R. 0. Atomic Energy Commission 
Commission. lp, 16249: 1BO. 

00,1290107 Trip rapt of 631106 visit to Harri sburg, PA to discuss 
-8211290107 ir.p rep Am(lr ica former Canonsburg. 

decontamination at vitru v v _>.,, t, i.,iiii. n * landon. 
Pft site it disposition of stored residues n 
NUSSBAUMER,D.A. Atomic En.rgy Commission. 
Energy Commission. 3pP- 16249:131. 

a^Wl a*,.. 6311.9 teUon !. of Vitro Corp of America 
ra add! time needed to respond to B21101 notice of 
Dotation Commonuealth of PA 631IO7 1 tr approving intarim 


Atomic E n B rgy 

Commission. 3pp. 16249:184. 
- gal 1290114 Summaries 631016 ...tint -/PA Stat. Health Dept re status 


Energy Commission. lp. 16249:187. 
-B211290I1B Forward, followup complianca insp rapt of License SUC-315 

n S Atomic Energy Commission. 63/IO/2S, 

AtofiiTc Energy Commission. 3pp. 16249; IBB. 

-B2H2TOU9 Follo^up compliance in.j, rept of License BUC-313 on 631009 b 
16. Noncompliance noted: warning signs not po.ted in high 
level radiation lagoon area. tT/in/c"i 

RESfJER.E.P. , CLEVELAND, R. S. Atomic Energy Commission. 63/10/25. 
12pp. 16249: 191. 

B3H290122 Retue.ts e.pedttious processing of followup comoU-nct insp 

n. 63/10/U. PUB.NSK1.L. 
Atomic Energy Commiiiion. lp. 16249:203. 

?11290ias Forurd. 631014 memo sumnariiinj follouup compliarc* In.p of 

LIc.nsi BUC-313 an 631009. Bampli collected during insp uill 
be n*lit.d b V ID Htalth i flifity Biv, _ 

DUBINSK1.L. Atomic En.rgy Comml*ion. 63/10/1B. PRICE.E. R. 
Atomic Energy Commiiiion. lp. 16249:204. 

S11390123 Summari.ef follouup tompliance intp of Lie.nie 8UC-313 on 
631Q09.NoTicompJianc noted:uarnlng igni not potd In hijh 

KIfiKMAN*R.W. Atomic Energy' Commiiiion. .63/10/14. DUBIN8KI.L. 
Atomic Eneroy Commission, lp. 16a49;30S. 

BECKC K"" Atomic Energy Commission. 63/OB/13. 
WILSON', PALFREY Atomic Energy Commission. 4pp. 

-EJ211390MO Forward, trip of 630521 to Canonsburg. PA for 
in., tour to determine .it.nt of radioactive 
contaminati on. 

PAOE.R.O. Atomic Energy Co ^'". 
Energy Commission. 2pp. ifn^tf 

63/07/25. PRICE. E. R- Atrimu 

rip rept of 630531 visit tn C.nomburg, PA for onaite taur 
de -ni P .t.nt of r ad , ac tiveconta.i nation S.t. ap. 
industrial d*t< sheet, photographs fcs etch 
VILLFORTH.J.C. Atomic Ensrgy Cnmm ".on. 
Energy Commission. 15pp. 1624V: rfl '. 

confirming sale of proparty also end. 
DUBINSKI.L. Atomic Energy Co^U-lnn. 63/06/07 
Atomic Enargy Commission. 2pp. 16249.235. 

f>oicE,E I) 

-B211290I49 g.mmari.e, 630604 Interview w/J Curran of Vitro Corp 
America re 621231 Bale of Canonsburg, PA ""'L 
KIRKHAN, R. H. Atomic Energy "" "'S?* 3 ' 6/ 7 
Atomic Energy Commissar.. lp. 16249.234. 

.: ?:..-. 

6,/o6/ 03 . 

Atomii: Energy 

Cammlssion. 2pp. 1624-7: 233. 

-82ltH90166 Forward* notice of violation from compliance .nap of Lie B ,, 
SUC-315 an 621220,630103 fc 0219.W/0 -nrl. 1)un , NS1 U.L 

PAOE.R.O. Atomic Ener B y Commiislon. 63/04/25. DUHlN^Kl . L. 
Atomic Enargy Commission. lp. 16549:241. 

.-B211290169 Clarifies cont.nt t, quantity of U tailing, at CMon.bur.. PA 
lite To Ul weight colculated at 7,600 tan* contr.iry to 

Caramission. 2pp, 16249:242, 

8211270172 S Un , m ,ri. Ba 630321 teUon /J Mu; -phy of *> 
recommendations for decontamination of 19 bldga < 
of 76,000 tons of U tailings from Canonsburg, PA sl 
tn UA headouarters planned for early Apr 1963, 
^HNSDN" Atomic Energy Commi.iion. 63/03/29. 
Commission. 3pp, 16249:244. 

Atomic Energy 

-9211290176 Forward. H9 Cleveland 63030H 1 tr b compliancn in.p rept of 
L cense SUC-31S on 621220,630103 *. 02l8.vitro Corp of 
America may be required to d* contaminate property fc uldg. 

^^NSKI.L^'Momic'Energ,, Con-mi. .ion. 63/03/1B, PAOE, n. 0. 
Atomic Energy Commission, lp. 16249:247. 

9211290102 Forward, compliance insp rept of License SUC-313 on 
621220,630103 . 03JB. llfue re eltnt of Vitro Corp of 
Amerita r..ponsbi li ty for cleanup of equipment, bldgst, 
orooertu .hould be addr.ned prior to enforcem.nt action, 
CLEVELAND^ S Atomic Energy C 0mm i..ion. 63/03/OB. DUBINflKI.L. 
Atomic Enaroy Commifl.ion. 4pp. 16249:248. 

Q2118901B6 Compliance In.p of License 8UC-31S on 621820.630103 ., 
OalB.Noneomplianc. noted: warn ino tign. not pn.ted in "^9' 
area for pile of U re.ldue.. Indu. trial data sheet, supporting 
documentation & photograph. i end. Ltrnt/ny 

FLEHINO,A, J. , CLEVELAND, R.S. Atomic EnarjjiJ Commi.ion. 63/03/07. 
31pp. 16219: 238. 

--0211290197 Ack receipt of 630318 Itr informing NRC of propoied 
.tatement to be filed w/appllcabln land records of 

nCDRIDE"^^ Atom'ic En.i-gy Commi.sion. 63/03/20. LITTEL.E.O. 
Vitro Engineering Co. 6pp, 16249:203. 



-0211270203 Approves 640626,0713 *. 12D3 applications for burial of 
anproi 7,000 tons U-bearlng residues at Canonsburg, PA site 
Automation requires that notice be Incorporated In land 
records. Na restrict ivo covenant in deed of transfer needed. 
MCnniDE.J. A. Atomic Energy Commission. 65/03/04. RUDER. R T 
Vitro Engineering Co. 2pp. 16249:309. 

-9211290305 Forwards Fit Ruder 650219 1 tr formally revesting 
authorisation far burial of U tailings in lagoon area of 
formor Canonaburg PA site 

LITTEL.E. G. Vitro Engineering Co. 63/02/33. NU5BHAUMER. D. A. 
Atomic Energy Cammiaaion. 4pp. 16249:291. 

-B21I2902IQ Bolicita commBntG on Vitro Corp of America application for 
burial of U--liearing rasldues in lagoon area of former 
CanunBburg i PA sleo. 

nt'lfrUDE, J. A Atomic Energy Commission. 65/01/25. LIEBEN. J. 
Pennsylvania, Stain of lp. 16249:295. 

-B2I1290238 Confirms 631202 t, 20 telcons r* prapoied press release 
tranimitted by PA Dept of Health 631126 Itr.Reltait will not 
bi ifaued 

NUSSBAUMEH, D. A. Atomic Energy Commlsiion. 64/01/06. J. 
Pennsylvania, State of. !p. 16219:347. 

-021129023? Comments on proposed press releaie r decontamination of 
bldgi >f property near Canonsburg, PA site transmitted bo 
631126 Itr. per 631202 teleon. 

NUS5BAUMER, D. A. Atomic Energy Commission. 63/12/20. STINE.R.J. 
Pennsylvania, State of. 5pp. 16249; 340. 

-8211290242 Ack receipt of 631303 Itr t- encls Informing AEC of steps 
taken to correct licensing program def ic i enciei noted in 
631101 notice of violation. Awaits receipt of survey rept 
scheduled for completion by 64O13I. 

PHICE.E.R. Atomic Energy Commission. 63/12/17. LITIEL.E. 8. 
Vitro Engineering Co. lp. 16249:353. 

-O21iaV03i:j Foruiarda Itr addressed to RT Ruder of Vitro Corp of 
America inadvertently transmitted to MIC. H/D encl. 
NUSSBAUMERi D. A. Atomic Energy Commission. 65/01/21. LYON. W. A. 
I'onnsijlwirua, State of lp 16219: 396. 

~t!21 ian>0216 Fr.ruards I 1 A Dept of Health M123B Itr re proposed burial of 
oipproi 7.000 tons U ore residues in lagoon area of former 
Canonstujrg, PA site 

NU133DAUMER, D A. Atomic Energy Commission, 69/01/21, RUDER, R. T, 
Vitro Erin ineonng Co. 3pp. 16247:297, 

-He! I 1 2702 1 E3 Provide! addl info re proposed program for ourial of U- 
bearing residues in lagoon area of former Canonsburg. PA 
sitOiin response to 640B14 Itr. Canon Development Co P Inc 
A41119 Itr confirming sale of Canonsburg, PA property encl. 
RUDER i R. T Vitro Engineering Co. 64/12/03. rVUBSBAUMER, D. A. 
Atomic Energy Commission. 6pp. 16249:300. 

-tlL'l 1290219 Forward! AEC 440Q14 Itr to Vitro Corp of America in response 
to 641001 talcon requoat U/o encl. 

NUStiDAUMEH. D. A, Atomic Energy Commission 64/iO/OS. VAN 

2AMDT. J. E. Ponnsylvania. State of lp, 16349:306. 

"SailH'Waaa Forwards Itr transmitted to HT Ruder on 640B14. U/o encl. 
NUSQDAUrlER, D, A. Atomic Energy Commission. 64/00/24. LITTEL, E. 0. 
Vitro Engineering Co lp. 16S19: 307, 

oail2 ( ?-5aa<l Requoats aifdl info re 640626 t 0715 applications for burial 
of U-beanng residues in lagoon area of former Canonaburgi P A 

NUSBDAUMER. t), A. Atomic Energy Commission. 64/08/14, RUDER, R. T. 
Vitro Engineering Co. 3pp. 16249:300. 

-t)2l I39Q229 Forwards supplemental results of 610625 radiation survey of 
mud t soil samples collected in lagoon area of former 
Canonsburg< PA lite. 

RUDER, H. t. Vitro Engineering Co, 64/07/15. NUS8DAUMER. 0. Atomic 
Energy C>ammlailon, 3pp. 16249:310. 

-BS I 1 B90H2B Forwards summary & condition sheets fc radio chemical rept 
to 60 attachod to Allied-Crossroad* NueUar Corp geological 
studies on feasibility of placing U taillnos In lagoon a 
final repos 1 tory. Add 1 sample result! forthcoming. 

RUDER.R. T. Vitro Engineering Co. 64/06/26. NU9SBAUMER- D. Atomic 
Elnerijij Commission. 6pp, 16249:313. 

-G2IIK70231 Ack receipt of 640602 application for renewal of License 
5UC-315. Llceni mill not epir until Commitsion revieiu of 
application complete. Overs! i* draiulno of tailings pond encl. 
Aperture card available in PDB, 

MUSSBAUHER. D. A. Atomic Energy Commlsaion- 64/06/10. LITTEL.fc.O. 
Vitro Engineering Co., 3pp. 16249:319. 

-0211390232 Forwards draft results of Al lled-Crosiroad Nuclear Corp 
oeological survey of lagoon area near Canonsburg, PA lite, 
conslstlna of narrative rept, tabled calculations fc maps. 

* AlllBd-Crosroadfi Nuclear Corp. 64/06/OB. NUS9BAUMER, D. A. 
Atomic Energy Commission. 20pp, 16249:3Ht. 

-021129083* Foruiards 640319 health ph(|Ic* survey result* of bld 9 s & 
arounifs nr Canonsburg, PA site. Final disposition of U- 
baarino waste pile in Section B not yt determined. 

Alll.d-Croispoad. Nuclear Corp. 64/03/19. NU9SDAUMER, D. 
Atomic Energy Commlstion. 4pp. 16249:340. 

-021129023-7 Requests renewal of License SUC-315. Commonwealth of PA 
640484 Itr notifying Vitro Corp of America that bldas fc 
ni-nund releaied for occupancy end. 

LnreU.E Vitro Enalne.ring Co. 64/06/02. NUaBflAUMER, D. A. 
Atomic Energy Commission. 3pp. 16249:344. 

-831 1290244 Forwards eitensive documentation to provide background for 
insp of Licinii SUC-315 on 631009 & 16 to determine adequacy 
of interim decontamination procedures, in response to AEC 
631101 t 29 llri. 

LITTEL. E.G. Vitro Engineering Co. 63/12/O3. PRICE, E. R. Atomic 
Energy Commission. 2Qpp, 16349:354. 

-8211290253 Responds to AEC 630302 Itr re violations noted during 
noncomp I iance insp of License SUC-313. Corrective actions: 
U stockpile t associated arias posted in/caution signs & 
labels. Vitro Corp of America 630711 Itr to F Buckley encl. 
RUDER, B. T, Vitro Engineering Co. 63/O5/22. PRICE, E. R. Atomic 
Energy Commission. 6pp. 16250:031, 

~8211290260 Proposes that U stockpiles on Canonsburg. PA lite be covered 
w/UMQLITE-230-S to prevent spread of radiation, pending 
development of permanent solution for cleanup of uaste 
metis tf surface contamination, 

LITTEL.E.O. Vitro Engineering Co. 63/07/15. NUSSBAUMER. D. 
Atomic Energy Commission. 4pp. 16350:027. 

-B21 1290265 Responds to AEC 630503 & 063B ttrs re violations noted 
during compliance insp of License 8UC-315 on 630604. 
Resolution of Item 3 auialts owner permission to relocate 
contaminated stockpiles to restricted area. 

RUDER, R. T. Vitro Engineering Co. 63/O7/17. PRICE, E, R. Atomic 
Energy Commission. 8pp. 16250:031 

-B21129D269 Informs that filing date for reply to 631101 notice of 
violation extended to 631205, per 631121 request. 
PRICE, E.R. Atomic Energy Commission. 63/11/29. LITTEL. E. 6. 
Vitro Engineering Co. lp. 16250:039. 

-8211290270 Requests comments on encl draft press release re 
decontamination of Canonsburg, PA site. 

STINE.R.J. Pennsylvania, State of. 63/11/26. NUSSBAUMEH, D. 
Atomic Energy Commission. 1pp. 16350:040. 

-8211390273 Forwards Vitro Corp of America 610513,29 fc 630713 Itrs l> 
AEC 610512,39 k 630014 Itrs.H/o encls. 

NUSSBAUMER, D. A. Atomic Energy Commission. 63/11/01. DENNIS, J. M. 
Affiliation Unknown. lp. 16250:044. 

-B211290277 Forwards Allied-Crossroads Nuclear Corp health physics 
survey of Canonsburg, PA site. W/o enel. 

LITTEL, .0. Vitro Engineering Co. 63/07/26. PAGE, R. 0. Atonic 
Entrgv Commission. lp- 16250:045. 

-FJS112903B1 Informs that 630502 Itr re activities under License 
BUC-31S being forwarded to corporate ofc in Neui York, NY. 
LITTEL,E.O, Vitro Engineering Co. 63/05/03. PRICE.E.R. Atonic 
Energy Commission. 8pp. 16350:046. 

-8311290204 Forwards Vitro Corp of America source mail license 
application It associated correspondence in response to 
610707 Itr. M/o encl. 

NUS8BAUMER, D. A. Atomic Energy Commission. 61/08/19. LIEBEN, J. 
Pennsylvania, State of. lp. 16230:043. 

0311290289 Request* 10-day eitension to respond to 631101 notice of 
violation from compliance insp of License SUC-315 on 

631009 ti 16. 

LITTEL.E.O. Vitro Engineering Co. 63/11/21. PRICE.E.R. Atomic 

Energy Commission. lp. 16390:049. 

B311290292 Submits notice of violation from compliance intp of LicriH 
8UC-313 on 631007 ti 16. NoncompUance noted: warning *lgn not 
posted In vicinity of U stock-pile fc lagoon art*. 
PRICEjE.R. Atomic Energy Commlislon. 63/11/01. LITTEL.E.O. 
Vitro Enoineerlng Co. 7pp. 16290:050. 


Vitro Ena 


'" 4 ' 438 


proc B( f r 85 feT preventing "pr' 
In nvUulni 610 5I 2 application 
NUSSBAl/MER, D A Atomir ^ . 

A * m 

*it*. pending tran.f-r D p III, ! 

i fia5 o; 073 . 

<,, used to 

ni 9 , 3 ^: 396 area * 
0ntam ' nflt '"" to iMlit 
DUr " *tl Iic n s. 

'i.ITTEL, 6 . 8 . 

' orm " 1 Canons burn, PA 

ofl i f " ii "' 

Atomic En 

tons mi lling 
nsfer at 


B21M200I9 Effl 


o. , Direr 

Q211060635 AJvl,.. that r.v,,.d ion 

J::::."':::,:^:;:.^" 11 "'"' K3 ".:,stT:' 

80LLENBEBOER. o. Lou Leva] Wdate Li 

H.B.on 4, OfM of r tor / ^" ln B , ra "^- PETTCN8IH.. If 

Branch. | p , 16015:025. ^/1O/15. L ou Level Was te L , f 


"USSEL..^. P. t hfind.?'S m -0 C r o J p T "*";'PJm, 

r =K H i iitafcJl : ] 54 



fa^Hc.n.. to Uport . 5 ton , n|I1Unfl 




' ' P IVS2 ' 



., PetPOtDmits u Hni 

anlum R . covirv 


21134O425 Reviews environ monitoring fata & daie assesiment for 
iscond quarter 1932i submitted on B2Oa31 . Oroundua tir 
monitoring results eiceeiled EPA drinking water i td a. T-nuinB I ta 
>j .TII ] I potable water supply high in iron. 

JONES, S. Z. p PETTENQILL. H. J. Region 4. Office of Director. B2/10/15. 
Region 4, Office of Director. 9pp. 

211J1OO30 Discusses B2IO04 opening of U Recovery Field Ofc In 
LaXeiiicod, CO. Project managers ul II be reassigned due to 
reorgsniia tiori. Correspondence should continue to be ant to 
WasliingtoniDC address 

SMITH, ft Region 4, Office of Director. 69/11/01. PFAFF, S. J. 
Getty Oil Co. I Pe tr olomics ) . 3pp, 16053; 197. 


R211110QO7 Responds to FO1A request for three categoric* Q f recnrda ri 
Armed Forces Had i ob i o 1 ogy Research. Institute Co-60 storage 
facility Document* listed in app available in PDR. Port i onu 
withheld (ref FOIA Exemption A>. 

FELTQN. J. M. Division of Rules and Records. 33/03/25. MACKL1JJ.L. 
Citiions for Nuclear Reactor Safety Inc. 10pp. 1.6070:344. 

--031 1 1 10064 Advises thjt film hadge reading period attended due ta 
unavailability of unauthoriied personnel. 

SLAOACK.L. rt. Defense, Dept, of , Defense Nuclear Agency. 75/07/00. 
fieoidn 1. PJuliJdelphia, Office oF the Director. 3pp. 14071:030. 


9211040406. neo.UBit notification uihsn, revieui re neu regulatlo-no 
tightening permliiibla level of thorium In rare earth 
products will begin, par B2Q909 1 meeting. 

WILSON, T. A, Molvcorp, Inc. e2/Q?/34. PrtGE, R. 0. Office of Nucloar 
Material Safety i Saf aguardt, Di rnc tor. 3pp , 159-33: 33, 


831I04Q154 Foriuardi "Efflu-nrit Monitoring Rept. Jan- June I 9H3. " 

QEHDEMAW, F. W. Plateau f!eourceo. .Ltd. Bg/OO/30. Region 4. Office 

of Director. Ip, 13729:009, 

B2I1040160 "frfluent Monitoring fijjp t, Jan-June Ifl2, " 

i Plateau Resources, Ltd. 02/011/30. tOpp. 139^9:010. 

6211040191 Forwards corrected Pago 3-2 to effluent mon i t ar i n g rept for 

62/09/01. ncgion 1, tlrficc 

OEH^EMflN, F, W, 
o* Director. 

Plateau Reiourtet, Ltil. 
Ip. 13729: 06E. 

8211040201 Corrected Pago 3-2 to effluent monitoring rept fvr 
* Plateau ReiDurcvs, Ltd. B2/09/01, Ip 13937:063, 

-B2M110101 Diatusaos JE map of t,icenea I 1 ? -08330-0 2, 19-OB330-t>3p 
SNM-7O6 B SMO-67O on 770330 & forwards notice of violation. 
NELSOM.P li. Region I. Philadelphia- Fuel Facility S, Materials 
Safety Branch. 77/O4/12. STnaMDERO, L. Fl. Be f enne, Dep t. of . Defense 
Nuclear Agency. 2pp. 16O71:O3O. 

BS11030530 Suhrnlti ourcs mat] in ventor if. Inventory unchanged fc 
coniiita of I 30, 6 tg UP in form of lodlumdiuranatep s tord 
at facility. 

OERDErtAN.F. H. Pldtaau Reiourcei, Ltd. B3/09/27. Enerou. 

of. Ip. 15915:330. 

B21I1IO11O Atk receipt of 770SO5 1 tr inforraino NRC of s tens taken to 
correct violations noted in IE Jnip Rept 78-01. Be I ateri info 
enc 1 . 

NELSONpP.R. Region 1. Pli i la<i elpti ia. Fuel FaciKtij tMatariala 
Sa-fety Branch. 77/O5/1EJ. STflOMnERO, L. H. Defenae-Dept of. Do frer 
Nuclear Agency. llpp. 16071:083. 

0211010936 Inuei Amend I to License BIM-1013 ir reiponae to 030907 
reo.ueit, Amend reviles Licente Condition 4 b (j changino 
llcensi; eipiration rfiite to B30930, 

SMITH, B. t). Uranium Racaveru Licencing Dranch. 82/0^/30 PLnteni 

fletourceB. Ltd. Ip. 13393:399. 

-8211110303 Forwards resumes for new chairman of Radiation Bafetij Reviaui 
Committee L head of Radiological b InrJuitrlal Safety Dtp-t t, 
reviied instruction gnvernlng operation of committee & 
pane 1 a. 

HfTCHELLp H. 8. De f ens e. Dep t. o f > Dafenae Nuclear Agency. 71/OA/OB, 
Atomic Energy Commisaion. 9pp. I6O72: O03. 

-8211110306 Advises of author appointment to director posi tiori ifue to 
Teas s ignmen t of current director, HQ Mitchell. 

VARONp M. f. Def en-so, Dep t, of. Defense Nuclear Agency. 71/11/01, 
Atomic Energy Cammiss ion, |p. 16072: Ol 2. 

0211010931 But sty evaluation lupportlng AmniJ 1 to Llcen*e BUA-IOKI. 
revising Llcnle Condition 4 fiy chflnolng llcenio eiplrfltlnn 
date to 

JOHNSON. T. L, , PETTENOILL.H. J. Uran i urn tie cover ij Licencing UrnncJ, 
O.J/O9/30. Wronlum llocoveri; Llcen*iriB Orancli, Bpp, 13093:360. 

8211120092 Informs that U Recovery Field Ofc opunud an B2IC04 In 
LaUuJODd, CD. llequects corr eipondence be tnt tn Hach <ng ton, 
DC due to limited taPf at nim afc. Project manigvri mill t,a 


SMITHpR.D, Region fli Office of Director. 
Plateau Reiourcei, Ltd, 2pp. 16067: 177. 

n-a/ii/01, OUPTA,U. v.. 

-8,211110330 Atlvisea that LR Btromnerg has rejilacfld RE Oeorge ai 
chairman of Radiation Revieu Safctij Cc-mmi t tee. Outl I ne of 
eiper i cnc e enc 1 . 

VAflON. 11. I, Defense, Dept. of, Dnfente Nuclear rtsencq, 72/03/OH. 
Atomic Energy Commission. 2pp. 16072:041. 

-BS1I1IQ44B Notifies of changes to flarf ionuc 1 i de Eafeouards Panel 
meinb e rshi p. Resumes one I . 

STIJDMBEROp L. H. Def e-nse, Dep t, op. De-fens* Nuclear Agency, 73/05/01, 
Li cent inj Management Branch. Spp, I&O72: 09?. 

-S2lltlO407 Foruarda revised personnel monltorina procedure for 
faci 1 i tij. RelaCed documentation end. 

STROKBERO, L. R. Defense, Dept, of . Defenie Nuclear Agency 7A/1O/04 
Dlvl.ion oF Fuel Cycle t Material Bafatg, 2ji p . 1607?: tBA, 

-B21I11O494 Armed Forces Bad lob i o I ogg Research Initructlon 300O. 11, 
"Peraonnel Radiation Eiposure Monitoring Proijram. " 
MOORE. P. H. Defense, Dept. of, Defense Nuclear Agency. 7A/09/34 
4pp. 16072:339. 

-6211I1O322 Requests clarification of 1 icenn* requiring ref in 770331 
amend re -health phgsics p rogram. Am ltd only refs Liceni* 

MCINOOE.D. W, Defense, Dept. op. Defense Nuclear As-ncij. 73/04/14. 
RadJolsotDfic& Licenitnj Branch fPrn 790501). ijj. I d,073; OSO. 


B211040409 Foruords "Release of Huclldes In Effluent! to Unro-atr t c tod 
Areai, Jan-June 1983. " 

SHELLEY.M, J. K.rr-HcOee Corp. Ba/OD/30. MOWN, O, D, Rtgion 4, 
Office of Director, Ip, I39B9:3B4. 

3211040417 "Rel.a.i of Nuclldvi in Effluent* to Unrevtr Ictfif Arsan, 
Jjm-June I9Q.3, 
Kerr-McOe Corn. 82 /OH/30. Ip. 1 9925; 325. 

-9211030485 Advil., that treated RaPJinate Ponds 3A ft 3D currently cloie 
to capacity.. VentfoT aipicti to pump 3 million flulloni into 
deep uill thlt u,Inte,r. Entva. capacity uilll be avallabli in 
event of leak, 

SHEC-LEV, H. J. K-rr-dcOte Corp. H2/07/SO. NIXOH.H.A. Ur-niuw Fuol 
Lictnstno Branch. 2pp, 13943:260. itwm um 

S21115010S Diicunti evaluation of Amend 17, Part 3 h to Lloni* 
aUfl-1010, ..tabll.hing L-f,p.r Hoilti far trace metal addition. 
, I?, Limit* toe- restrictive t, Inconiiitsnt n/EPA b 8tat* 

of OK proflrami. HRC ihould reconilcfer llmiti. 

SHELLGVpU J. Krr-M C Qe Corp. BS/IO/01. PACE, R. O, Urnnium 
Recovery Llcenilno Branch. 16pp. 1AO?3;001, 

-82111tOS3i Ruponds to 760411 1 fcr t. confirms 7BJJ4S5 telion ra 
previously istued amend! to Licemei I9-QB330-Q3, SMfl-o7O & 
SNM-706. Amend issued 770324 ameivdi ail liceniei. 
HRIQHTiE.O. Radioitotopei Licencing Bran-ch (Pr< 790SOI } 
76/04/25. MCINDOE.O. W. Def*n< e, Dtp t. o f , Nuclear Agencu 
la. 16073; 021, * 

"BoHd (Vatte Mpt Rglet 8, ftHBuJ.tion. Ircludlno giudp* Hot 
Hul *;,* ft 'B '**"*'" DK St.t< Dept of rfn-lth Dul let in 032*. 
Oklahoma, atmtt of. B2/Q3/Z7. 43pp. Hb093;OI7, 

0.311180113 "fluid-ance ManuiJ for Mgt oP Kunicipil Stunge Sludge " 
* OHihome, 3b*t. of. fla/OB/Ol. 6Opp, 16 olu<1 "- 



^- u ^; n M i:^ c 7-^--- 7 ^ ni% ^ tin 



S211170507 Ail 

l3 AJvu._ _, , 
emu ting ti-.*.d * i?f uilnc 


CR OW(H . r . 

8=11(70572 Submit, CVQ2 thl 
Proar^per Condition 16 


- W *. LI 

HROHN^O. Olvl I 

BHANNON.J.S E*a H i V " l " fop fc T( 
16038:318, NuclMp Co. , l, 

. le uu 

"""pondence ihoul* h " 


of " nei( 


6211010299 Submit! tr i 


8211060631 "Q uarterll , P . 

rterl,, Environ M on jt nrinn O .. t ... 

gom, Ltd. 

, ........ . 

82H0303IO D(icu 


ia 9 4[ ; oig. 

: .. 

*" Li """ 

' ...... 

9211110044 Advl*,, 

IJSraiM. B8/Q1/3Q. Saill20287 Ittttti 

D. Urn 



--821 M203QO Safety evaluation supporting Amend 16 to License SUA-llI?. 
GARCIA. P. J. Uranium Recovery Licensing Branch H2/1]/ 


B211I20S'lfi Recommends that License Condition 26 to License SUA- 1 1 1 9 be 
delated, as requested in Ftio Algon Corp 020604 ltr.60 that 
louer tailings pond may be used for discharge of total 
ta i I ings 

UODLSEYi R. T. Uranium Recovery .Liceniing Branch. PETTENfllLL., H J 
Region 4, Office of Director. B2/II/O3. Uranium Rtcoverg 

Licensing Branch lp. 

Rio A ! gam, 

B211I20S55 Advises of issuance of Amend 17 to License BUA-1 U 9, del t infl 
License Condition Sf, f, permitting discharge of total mil] 
tailings to lower tailings, pond. 

SMITH. R.D Renioj] 4, Office of Director B2/11/O3 
Ltd Ip. 16O64-O47. 


6211030154 Ac k receipt of 020620 ] tr. Further investigation needed r* 
proposed location, drainage sus & 3H: IV slnpe on south tide 
nt tailings basin. 

ACKEftMftfJ, W. C. , SMJTH.M.A. Wyoming. State of. 02/00/36 
SHANJJO.'J. J fl. Enron Corp. l p _ 13.902:340. 

62ll0105i6 Advisos that meeting re tailings i mp^ndmertt reclamation 
plans can he held last 2 nits of Sept or after 83101? 
SHANNON, J.D. En on Corp. Ba/O9/O9 PETTENOILL, H J. Uranium 
Recovery Li cans ing Ilranch In. ISB9B' 346. 

6211190152 Trip rept of 020503 site visit tn E.*an Minerals Corp to 
discuss FPO I9B2 "Highland U Tailings Scepjjgg Studu" & 
820506 site visit to Union Carbide Corp to male Final visual 
insp of flfrovo -ground i flip o ujid/nen t 

PETTENOILL, H. J. Uranium Recovery L( censing Branch. B2/Q9/13 
Uranium Recovery Licensing Branch lp. 16196; 159. 

B2 ,U OIO ~ 3S Bubmit> c 3 t* incurred S-manftours c.pended in reviewing 
82O513 application for ft^icnd 3 bo License SUrt-1139 
JOHB,3.l , PETTENGILL.H. Uran ium Rec over., Licensing nrani:l, 
Q2/0-7/22. MILLER, W Q LiLense Fee Manage*,* Branch Ip 
19902:003 ' K ' 


B2J1O4O451 Rnqutit* that Eourct Ma 1 1 Llcinie BUA-1199 OB t arm in "tad 
due to completion of aurface rot I amat io-n Ji reiteration 

LOUDERBECK, 7. E. CI evoland-CI i ft Iron Co. 02/10/03. POHLE, J. A. 
Urjntum Rscoverv Li-censing Drancti. 20 p. 19955:344. 

B2J'liaO2B3 Wotifiei that U HC<JVOI-J Field Ofc officiallij npnned On 
B21004 in Lai euood, CO. Of c corrosp onde ntn should be i*nt to 
Uaihington.DC until nou Field o-Cc more fullv eitablitlttd. 
SHITHiR.D. Region 4, Office of Dlroctor. 82/11/03. LOUDERB ACK, T. E 
Clevelanif-Cl if fs Iran Co. 2pp. Ifi0i6;17i. 

92111703B5 I-asuo* AmeniJ 3 to Llconje SUA-1199. Amenit ter-minatos BQUTCB 
mat! llcenig for North tolling Pin Site bated on luccesiful 
completion of final siti restoration h M?C flnl 
cotif irmatorij survnj t. cloieout insp, 

BMITHiR.D, Rofllan 4, Dfflc* gf Oirtc tor. 03/ll/OB 
CleveUnd-CIl fit Iran Co. lp. lAlflO: 004, 

0211170398 S*Fetij evaluation lupporting iuancB of Amond 3 tu Llcinsv 
BUA-1 199i tarmlnat Ing ouree matl Hctnie far North Rolling 
Pin 81 te 

PQHLE, J, A. , LINEHrtM, J. J. R.ffion 4, Office o* Olrettor. flS/ll/O9 
2pp. 14148:005, 


Forward* revisBd Tab 1 1 4 for B2OBI7 "Rpt; on Qtatui of 
Restoration fc Stdb i 1 1 lati on fur A-3 Pilot Plant. " Original 
table calculated *d jutetf Jul tamp li Incorret tly. 
VOLH.H.O. Union Oil Co, of California. 02/10/19. SCARAND.H. 
Uranium Recovery Lieotning Dra-nch. Bpp. i40-67rl46. 

8311110591 l>iicirin 0310D1 opening of U Baroverij Field OPc In 
LakeuoodiCO. Projst t maniagers will be realigned iflie to 
rtorgjnijjtion. Correspondence 9 haul d ttjll be iant to 
Uaihlngton,DC nddrtau. 

SHTTH-ff. D. Region 4, Office of Director. U3/11/QI. DVKERB, 0. 
Mlnnrali Eiploration Co. (<ut. af Union Oil Co-, of California) 
2pp. 160-18: SSS. 

8211010517 Oncusies safety insp of License BUA-1139 on 9206213-0702 No 
noncampl iance noted. Areas inspected:U mill operatlona & 
radiation lafttg programs , inter nal audi t, training, *ac II i ties 
t equ i pment , ma Int & u.tste mgt. J Uranium Recovery Licentina Branch. 
Uranium Recovery Licensing Branch. 2pp. igB9B:Qe6. 

Q21101Q527 Informs of reclamation plan status . Subroi tta 1 on B30709 
brought unit coitg uithln acceptable range. Annual revl.ioni 
required to cover inflation J. add] changes to reclamation 
P Ian. 

fl^m'JU 2 " P f ( TTeNS "-L' H J Uranium DCCO^TU Llcenaing Branch. 
ae/IO/05. Uranium Racoveri) Licensing Branch, a pp , 1SB93: 357. 


aai!O40537 Foruard. Eberline area dotimotrij rapt uied to prnnr Tjiblo 
8 of B207E9 quat-tarly rept. per B20917 telcon. 

H, fl. Flocfcy Mountain Energy Co. Q2/OW21. 
Racoverij Li cant ing Branch. 3pp. IS 1 ? 53: 31 2, 

MI-HAN, H, Uranium 

B21 11 20033 Bcioilt* "Nine Mile Luke Ouartarlu Rapt, ' for Third O 

SPIELEB.P. R, Rocki; Mountain EnoT|jij Co. 02/10/19. 
Uranium HaeDveru Liennalng Branch, 20[ip. 16067:103, 

8211040079 Submits tonracnts k caniluai. D ns bas*d on rovi eu of Fir-st 
Quarter 19B2 environ monitoring data t, 40CFRI70 done 
assessment for Enon Highland U Mill 

p eTTCTWJU..H. J. Uranium HecDverg Li en 9 in g U ranh . 
Uranium Recovery L i ceni i ng Branch, 6pp. |59iO:31A. 

H211230061 TMrd iiiartnrlij rapt Fur Ji.l-aept IflBa.flapt providn* 
ai uelJ patterni.air quality t, prapaitd actlwitUa for 
neit quarter, 

SPIELES.J-.R. Racku Mountain Energy Co, 02/10/t?. HCAFMHO, R 
Uranium ttocavtrtj Llcsnino Branch. 21pp. 16173:329. 

B21I03026B Summariies B203ia idfetu imp to eiamine activities 
conducted re radiation safety fr compliance ill/rules & 
license conrfi t ions. No violations stated. State of UV 
allegation* re receipt of radioactive matU uniub star tiat*d 

P "TEN<JILL,H.J. Uranium Recover-, Licen.i^g Br.nch. 
Uranium Recovery Llceniina Branch. lp. 1B939:173. 

eat 1 110037 AdvUe th-t corr.iponriunc* ihimld continue tn be sent to 
Washington, DC Jnc llcantlng proce ulil tit handled bu 
Hihlng*on,DC ofc until Apr 1933. even though U Recovery 
Fl.ld 0*c openail on B2100*. * 

8MITH.R.0. Raglan -1, QfMc* of Director. B2/11/01. NEUMANN, M, 
Rockg Mountain Eneroy Co. Hpp. l/>03a:10B, 

N , Qt "*" th" U Recover,, FUid OFc ofFUiallu opened an 
In Lakeuiood, CO. Ofc correspondence should be lent to 
Hahington,DC until neu field fi more folly *sta& 1 1 sfied, 
SMITH, H. D. Region 4, Office of Director. B2/11/O3 
Erton Corp. 2pp. 16066: IAS. 

dilstino HPDE3 p.rrait tubmittal renuirimint^ uat t 

eonvniene of NRC & It t.mpt from ftti 

'n" L ' NEHAN 'J' J - H'fii"" 4, O ffl of Dlr-.ttor. 02/11/13. 
.O. Ltcni> Fee rtan.jj.mftnt Branch. lp. 1614.3:324, 

8211I205S6 Submiti contract coit* ineurrflrf fc manhours rxptndtd in B20326 application for Amend 3 to Hctnii 

JONEB. B. Region 4, Office of Director. B2/H/03, HILLER.H O 
LlceniB Fee M*ngment Branch. lp, liOA4: 046. 

oru " r( ' 1 "C 11 " 1 " 11 " 1 Prmatdr Anjly.j, I9B3, 1J per 

VARNICK.T.P, E.xon Corp. SS/11/04. PETTENOILL, H. J. Uranium 
Recoverg Liceniing Branch. lp. 16146:004. 


Ba Bi222i!-ll r i;*sf" h ?!!"M gr ! ph lrfia Baoai7 """p 1 n et -* u * * 

Reiteration & B6*bi 11 latior- for A-3 Pilot Plant," which 

ihould be Included a> Figure 24 In Aop J) 

ABRAMO, J .A. Union Oil Cn. of C*llfo.rnla, 02/O9/03, BCARANO-H 

Wraniirm R.coveru LU B nIn B Branch. 2pp. 1973fi7o49l Ht - n rt NU jH . 

-02JI17O493 "Cli*nitc*l Parameter Analuiei, Fab-Sept 19H2 
* Exion Corp. 82/10/26. 4pp. 




E311120I72 Atl receipt erf 820617 Itr forwarding anend tp Licini* 
STB- 1 254 Jullvnriisnj puneuion of 2.000 *g tfiariua 
T<ioriilid nta) nou l*vet plant diluted to le&t than O. 035K 
thorium Flo diipoial matte products jenerated. 

FESEES.M. Pr*t Co B3/07/15. PAQE. R. 0. Uranium Recovery 
Llciniinj Branch 2(>p- 16067: l?3 

3211030004 "Irioai-ay Mine Site Fourth Annual Hep t, B10BI 9-Eiaon 1 1] " 

Ni nf oven i i e maps encl.Aperture cards are available in 

looming Mineral Corp. 83/OB/1B. 300pp. 1593B.333 

62110305(3 Submit* interim status rept on Ingaray Site moriitnr luoll 
Projrm made in cleaning up areas affected by We 11 5 9T-0 
t 9T-32 eiceeniing actior levsla. 

CONHOV.D.M gyomiinn. Mineral Corp 03/09/15. SMITH, D. Ur.inn.m 
Recovery Licensing Branch. 2pp. 1591 A 053. 


F01A request for info re burial of radioactive matl b\t NL 
[nSuitrtei. Ine it or in vicinity of facility. 

Ga.Ctf5eR.R. tliu Vori, State of. 82/CW33. FELTOH, J. t\ Division 
of KuUi and Records, lp. 16030:359. 

6311110626 Forward i State of W 830922 stipulation for- di tmiSTin 1 .J F 
hearing It granting of temporary suspension 1. "Ambient Hater 
Quality Criterio-n for Protection of Human Heal th; Ammoniii, " 
final draft. W/o rept. 

COHFiOY.D.M. Wijoming Minoral Corp. B3/QV/29. LINfTIWN, J J Uuini 
Recnverij Licensing Brancfi. 4pp. IfiOSO: 101 

S2110TOS02 Piipotidi to fOIA requitt fur info re burial of radioactive 
rut! at fIL In duitnei. Ire . In*j tilts re tie ( 1 i frg Iran's ferred 
to Braiflaij of NY Dipt of Labor in June, 1902. Bradley ihould 

FELrOM.J. M. Oiuition of Sulfi ^nd Records Q2/10/I8. ODLDUASeft, R 
Hia /ort. State a*. lp. 16020.360. 

B21 1170334 Provides rec ommBnilatioris ro restoration of ii)ni> 
Irigaray U Solution Mining Project. WF1C should wort w/3tata 
of HV to determine need for restoration IVV Minernlo Corp 
should measure water quality degradation. 

LCGSDON,M. J. Uranium Hecoverq Licensing BrancJi. LINEHrtN, J J. 
No Detailed Affiliation Given. B2/10/O6. HocciWDri; 

Liceniing Branch. 3pp. 16141.359. 


62MI2&234 Hotifit* thdt U Recowerv FiHd Ofc officially cpinad on 

in Lai twoad, CO. Ofc torreipondince ihould be tent to 
lnj tan, DC until niu field ofc more- fully (Etjbllshed. 

fiejlon 4, Office of Director. 92/11/03. RANSOrJE.J W 
Mlninj Co. 2jp. 16046:147, 


Baui903l5 Trip o* 820-112-14 lite* ne.tinot lU/Fed 
ftaitrican Partners. Rock^ H^untaln Energu Co, Rio Maom Corn & 
AtUi Hlnerali. K 

JOIUfiON.r.L. Uranium Rcov>r-y Linnsing fl^anc^ S2/09/10 
Uranium Recovtrj Licn*inj Branch. 5pp, 14,156:357. 

6211030401 Faruard. "Environ Monitoring R < |>t for Apr-June I9B 
BLOSSOH.J N. Bear Cr..l Ur.nlux Co. B2/09X19. ? fce"."l 
Hanaaiflint Branch lp. I5?t0:352. 

B21 1170565 Advises that all iisues & data presented in 1 i c eiitvir i a I 

i fourth quarterly repts reviewed or under rovit'iu Nn 

further action renuired. 

BOSS, F. U. Uranium Recovery Licensing Drdnch. LINITMAN, J J HJiC N, 

Dctai ltd Affi liation Given. 02/10/0&. Uranium Roeuveru lii>'iiting 

Branch. 3pp. 16141 345 

8211170150 Provides results of review of HV Mineral Corp rut lurnl tun 
pln For Mellfield A at Irigaraij U Solution Mining Project 
Plflfi should not ba approved because mod needed In urdei- tu 
Vield aiJenuate representatiDnj. 

LOOSDDN,H. J. , LINEMAN. J d. Uranium Recovery Licensing Dram, h 
B2/IO/06. UTaniuni Recovery Licensing Branch. Vpp I6I5A: I !i(J 

9211170331 Summariiea revieu of HV Mineral Corp st'mlaiinual activUv - 
monitoring rept for Jan-June 1VD2. Current license 
requirement s met during reporting period. No further 
invei tlgatton required. 

ROSS. F. II, Uranium Recovery Licensing "ranch. LINflWN, J J NI1C .M, 
Detail*!! rtffiliation Given. aa/IO/06. Uranium flecoveru I, i r ><n I HU 

Brinch. 2pp. 

8311030407 "Environ Monitorirj for A^r-Jgn. ilBS - 
* B..r Cr*l Uranium Co, B2/09/1B. lip. 1S?40:S33. for 

FLQRY.C.ft. Uranium Rscoveri, Lictnilng Branch 
flicovery, flinch. Jp. 15999:352 

Q211I20015 Forwards *tatui rept on Irlgaray Bite monitor uolU, 
including chloride analysis of Hells T-8 !< T-32 for 
820510-0930 t list of pumped uelH for flaoSia-O'jaO 
CONHGV.fl.M. hymning Mineral Corp. 62/10/Ofl, BMITH.D Uran Hu 
Recovery Licensing Qpanch. 3 PP . li067:OS7. 

8211130023 Statu. rept on Irigaray Site monitor u*l 1 1, inc lud I nil 
chloride analysis of Hells T-8 t T-32 f or a2OS10-0930 !, 
ll*t of pujnped uells for 820913-0930, 
Wyoming Mineral Corp. 32/10/09. 3pp. 16067:060. 

ssi '" paae from " lriBaraiJ Mine Slt " f -' 01 "- 

CONROV.B.H Hamming Mineral Corp. 02/10/23. CHANCELLOR, 11 
Wyoming. State of. lp. 16030: OEM, 

^ " lriflaray Mine Slte F --th Anl 
* Wi|=mino Mineral Corp. B2/IO/22. lp. 16O20:OB5. 


, , 

not*d. *. Imp findinacno nunconpHance 

.W.0. R ,, lotl3 , amc . o , Dirictor 


witter, d^um.ntation 




(i21t 1H02SB notifies I hat U Recovery Field Ofc officially opened an 
traiCKH in L.ik cujood. CO CJfc t or responds nee should tie sent to 
Washington. DC until neui field ofc more fully established 
EiMlTM.ft I>. Royiun 1. Office of Director 83/11/03. MCCLUSKGY, J. P. 
Cotler Corp 2pp. l&QCji 1 tfl . 


Provides status of termination of License 5UA-1307, p or 
OiMOlIi tclcon survey inadequate & should he 

K THING, T E.I f'ETTENG ILL , H -I Uranium Recovery Licensing Branch. 
Bii/10/aU Region A, Office of Director. 2pp 16048:219. 

(l!'l U20:r/A Notifies U Recovery Field Ofc officially opened on 
tlSlOU'l in t.ak euooif. CO Dfc t orre spondenc e should be sent to 
Wiishingloiii mi until nuuj field ofc more fully established. 
SMITH, [I I). fleghin -\ . Office of Director. 92/11/03. PALLEV, J. N, 
Halms', tr Narvcr. Inc 2p P 16O66 161. 

OlM 1 U0:)il(, Discusses c onf irn.atory survey measurements of process 
BOinpnumt "inter License GUA-1307 performed Q31O12 Five areas 
,,ot included in company survey e<coeded fiied contamination 
Levels Areas require decontamination 

uriliUlliC !) Division of Vendor >* Technical Programs. 02/11/03. 
IJKfli'i. K C Holmes ', Uarver, Inc 3pp 16O92 Oil. 

ri-u i n.ivmi Knruiarils survey results for termination of LicenBe SUA-1307, 
' TIl'fMNiU It Holme* I, Narver, Inc 02/09/30. DROWN, Q. D. D.viG.on 

of Vendor t Technical Pragr.ims. 3pp. 16092:014 


MMa? Ou, lm ,t 5 inl.nm r.-l on B01033 -ir. at .11 1 Mill has teo 
.,ulhrli e il to start operations Wall insulation fc covering 

l not, tif renlacL'd until operations begin. ..,,, 

'7: A Dlrpcto,-'. Office BI/O4/13- Director', Office. 

on C i mpounrtment 1 ii>er failure 

unilllVODOil K r-rrf. ^g.neering ev.luat.on of operati.o e.perience to 
b" dJrwod from Mr.< at ttuo U mills No specific 

HELT^B-C.J. Director' 

-^01.9051= For W .r-. rept of fire U hic, occurred at Su^et.ater U Prnjt 
"miER^L* l H?- mn-r-..- Bl/OB/l?- TRMER. 0. Director's 
Office. Ip. 160in;29i. 

n:!^:;::;:: ^".^irr::,:::^^ Mil:." ""'"' 

p.r C-n-itlon, 34..* of License ^->^a ^ Liccn5inu 

.H U. Union Minerals Hd/un'J' 
Hnp 15000.251. 

^ i A, tnn fnr Members of General Envi rnn, Ap r-June 
m^ry^'^nlror Sreteo.ologua, condition 

,, nn, e Evaluation for Members of Public in General 
l21l(MOia3 Toward* ^" e ,|o|'T a umm a ry of environ monitoring 
r^^og^^U- for S rirst\ Second Q uarte ra 

.L. Union- morals 
4, Offica of Director. 3pp. 

ond Quarter 

on Co. /OB/3,. 

S ec ond Quart 

B2113004S9 Application for amend to License SUA-13SO, consist i ng of 
four voli requesting channel in tailings disposal plan for 
Swtftuuter U Project W/3B oversiie figures. Apertur. cards 
are available in PDH. 

Union 76 Minerals Eiploration Co. B2/09/30. 1.000pp. 
1 6263 L 300. 

B211OI055O Discusses review of Minerals Eiploration Co annual revisn 
of reclamation performance bond. Amount allocated for 
reclamation of tailings area & mill area adequate. 

FLDHY.C.A. Uranium Recovery Licensing Branch. S2/IO/07 Urann 

Recovery Licensing Branch. 2pp. 15898 360. 

S21117034B Discusses B20427-2-? safety insp of Bueetuater U Mill to 
e.amine activities conducted under Source hatl License 
SUA-1350. Licensee failed to submit annual mat! inventory 
statement & calibr portable survey equipment. 

FLORY.C A Lnu Level Waste Licensing Branch. PETTENGILL, H. -I 
Region 4, Office of Director. B2/10/15. SMITH.R D. Region 4, 
Office of Director. 3pp- 16I4B. 072. 

B21I060552 Summary of 820707 meeting ui/Hineral* Eiploration Co re 
proposal to modify tailings mgt plan. 

JOHNSON, T.L. , PETTEN01LL.H. J. Uranium Recovery Licensing Branch. 
B2/IO/21. SMITHiR-D. Uranium Recovery Licensing Branch. 2pp. 

9211110098 Notifies of NRC U Recovery Field Ofc S21004 opening in 

Lakeiuood, CO. Licensing uiork uill continue from Wash ington, DC 

ofc due to understafflng of neu ofc during transition. 

Notification of project manager reass ignmen ts uill follow. 

SH TH R D R.fliOT. 4, Of f ice'of Direc tor. B2/11/01. AMDMO. J. A. 

Minerals E.pluration Co (subs, of Un ion Oi 1 Co. of Ca 1 , f orn . a J . 
2pp. 16052:343. 

8211120139 Advises that U Recovery Field Ofc opened on 931004 in 
Lakeuood,CO (, is in state of transi t i on. Wash ing ton, DC 

S R OonffUfrr. a.m/04 A^O , 
Mineral, E.ploration Co. <sub B . of Un ion Oi 1 Co. of Cal.fornia>. 
2pp. li04B:092. 


B2H020670 Foruardt application for renewal of License SUA-1315, 
authorl.lng production of 63636.4 kg U-30B .*u.ou. solution, 
slur^g or powder a, raw matl for eventual fuel fabrication 

BHITH.O. U,a n , 

Recovery Licensino Branch. 2pp. 15914:173. 

-E.211020696 Application for rental of License BUA-1313, 
productinn of 63636.4 kg U-30B aqueous so lution, slurry or 

w. Doming Mineral Corp. 92/OB/3D. IS <pp ,591*: 174. 

COWRO^BV? CRSsSLEV.T.J., RUTLEDGE. C. Wyoming Mineral Corp. 
B3/OB/3I. 2Blpp. 13914:320. 

B211040442 Foru-ard. "Semiannual Effluent Monitoring Rept for License 

SUA-1315.B20101-0701. " H3/QR/30 Region 4, Office of 

DERO.R.E. Wyoming Mineral Corp. B2/OB/JO. neg 10 r 

Director. Ip. 
-82U040447 Semiannual Effluent Monitorinp Rept for License SUA-1315. 


Apr 19B3 to isure smooth tra " ' tl " nn _.,.. 82/11/04 CONRQV. B. 
SHITH.R.D. Uranium Ro^very L,cnsng Branch. B2/11/U4 

Uycning Mineral Corp. 2pp. 16O67. i//. 

KH100IA4* limit of detection for Eingha* Canyon U 

Corp. /.0/ GNU NOL1. . N . 

Recovery Licensing Branch. 2pp. 16OJO.J3/. 

ation for amend to License SUA-I3SO, 


ii3o !:R B ; o ;r;Ur " tin, c han9Ba m fiun.. 

Sl'.p-Ml 5 1 ' n ;, F lIr; lt Si!"-"' California. 83/09/29. BMITH,R.I>. 
J " h. .- .:9. 

on* inrn.u. .,p .-.. 

K.rT-McOtf Nuclar Carp. 2pp- 



' ...... M 

B =' U70377 q , 

r . Be/ 


B _ /ff 


3211170410 Issues Amend 16 to License SUA-I35Q. Amend revises License 
Condition 26d ro program of operational insp S. surveillance 
of initial & second phases of tailings disposal sys. 

SMITH, H. D. Region 4, Office of Director. 62/11/05. Energy Fuels 

Nuclear. Inc. Ip. 16148: 09i. 

9211170417 Safety evaluation supporting issuance of Amend 16 tn Liceni 
SUA-135B, re vis ing License Condition 26d re program of 
operational insp > surveillance of initial d second phases 
of tailings disposal sys. 

OILLEN. M. , LINEHAN,J.J Region 4, Office of Director. 62/11/05. 
3pp. 16113.097. 


B21 1120294 Notifies that U Recovery Field Ofc offlcialli) opened on 
B21004 in Lakeuiood.CO Ofc correspondence should be sent to 
Hash ing torn DC until new field qfc more fully established. 
SMITH, n D Region 4, Office of Director. Q3/11/O3. DOODEN, 0. 
Western Nuclear. Inc (su&s of Phelps Dodge Corp. 1. 2pp. 
. 063. 


B21I12025B Notifies that U Recovery Field Ofc officially opened on 
H21O04 in Lakeuiood.CD Die correspondence should be lent to 
Wash ing ton- DC until neui field ofc more fully established. 
SMITH, R D. Region 4: Office of Director. 62/11/03. MCCLUSKEY, J. P. 
Cotter Corp. 2pp. 16066. 169 


8211110395 Notifies that MflC U Recovery Field Ofc opened 821004 in 
Laltewood, CO Licensing cijorl will continue Washington, 
DC ofc due to Pettengill It J Linehan uill 
notify of project manager reass ignments. 

SMITH, H D Region 4, Office of Director. 02/11/01. CATCHPOLE, G. J. 
Ogle Petroleum, Inc Opp 16045 036. 


B21103O549 Forwards list of inorganic grounduiater constituents !i 
respective min detection 1 Iml ts . Lou plf readings for Mlllsita 
Water We 1 U 1 t. S in Jan 19BO probably result of testing 
ac id I f 1 od Sample 

ALLEN,D.J. Plateau Resourcei, Ltd. B3/07/I3. FLEMINS, T. E. Uranii 
Recovery Liceniing Branch. 2p.p, 15916: 040. 

O21IO30410 "Annual Land Use Survey, Qi 1001-02092-*, " par License 
Condition 37 at SUrt-1371 . U/tuo oversito f i g ur es. Aperture 
cards are available in PDR. 
GERDEMAN.F. H. P lateau Resourc ea, Ltd. 32/09/21. Ip. 15938:230, 

8211120124 Rtsqueits dddl exteniion until end of Oc t 1902 to submit 
effluent monitoring rept for Shfiotari rvg Canyon Processing 
Faci 11 ty for Jan- June 1932, due to continued delays in 
receiving analytical repts from Ebcrlinc Instrument Corp. 
GERDEMAN.F. W. Plateau Resources, Ltd. B2/0973O, Region 4. Dffii 

of Director. 3pp. 16060: OB3. 

8211330395 AiJviies that effluent monitoring rept for Bhootartng Canycr 
processing facility for Jan -June 19H2 uill oe submitted by 
6210130, assumi ng Eberline complies u/deliverg dates. 

GERDEMAN, F. H, Plateau Resources, Ltd. 02/O9/3O. Region 4. liffic 

of Director. 3pp. lt>C?2- 328. 

8211110047 Revieuis inorganic chemical groundiiia ter data rept, "Addendun 
to Interim Rept - Preopera ti Dn-a t Environ Monitoring 
Program - Apr 1963." Rept acceptable in/minor eiceptions. 
PETTENGILL, H. J. Reg ion 4, Office of Director. Q2/1O/HB. 
GERDEMAN, F. U. P lateau Flesourc es, Ltd. 2pp [053:157 

9211E20092 Informs that U Recovery Field Qfc opened on 831004 in 
Lafceuiootf, CD. Requests corrospond a"c c be sent to Washington, 
DC due to limited staff at neu ofc. Project managers uill be 
reaa signed. 

SMITH, 0. D. JJsslori 4-, Office of Dire:tor, 02/11/04. GUPTA, U. K. 
Plateau Resources, Ltd. 2pp. I6O67: 179. 


B2II10O541 Advises that no source matl currently in inventory under 
License SUA-1352, 

LOUDETRBACK, T. E. Cleveland-Cliffs Iron Co. B2/1Q/26. Energy. 

Dept. of, Ip. 161S1 OH2, 

G211030'151 Forwards final grounouiatcr 9 tab! 1 i lotion data for Teat 
Pattern 1 at f ac 1 1 i ty. Rep t summarliea poro vols circulated 
during leaching & restoration activities. 

HEFIBLO.FF, L W. Rocky Mountain Enorgij Co, B3/OB/27. SCARANQ, H. 
Uranium Recovery Licensing Branch. 44pp. 

B211120253 Notifies that U Recovery Field Ofc officially opened on 
821 004 in La fc euood. CO. Of c correspondence should be sent to 
Wash ing ton, DC until neu field oFe mare Fully established. 
SMSTH.R.D. fiesion 4, Dffics of Dlroctor. 02/11/03. LOUDERD ACK, T. E 
Cleveland-CIif fs Iron Co. 2pp. 160*6:171. 

3211120080 Submits "Reno Cree Quarterly fiopt," for Third Quarter I9B3 
SPIELEB.P.H. Rocky Mountain Energy Co. 02/10/10, ECARANO.n. 
Uranium Recovery Licensing Branch. 8pp. 16069:039, 

8211230196 Quarterly ropt for Jul~Sept 1982, 

SPIELEB.P.R. Rocky Mountain Energy Co. 02/10/28, SCrtRrtNO.B.A. 
Uranium Recovery Licensing Branch. 'iff. 16193:172 

0211110037 Advises that correspondence should continue to he sent to 
Wash ing ton, DC ince licensing process uill be handled by 
Hash ing ton, DC ofc until Apr 19H3, even though URecnvery 
Field Ofc opened on 02 1004, 

9MITH,R. D. Region 1, Office of Director, 82/11/01, NEUMANN. M. 
Rocky Mountain Energy Co. 2pp. 16053:188. 

0311240047 Forward i "Quarterly Rept for Jul-Scpt 19-32," per Lie en SB 
Condition 29. 

UQDEH.D.J. Clevelann-CHf fa Iron Co, aa/ll/03. LINEHAM, J, Uranii 
Recovery Licensing Branch. Ip, 16230: 131. 

--9311240053 "Quarterly fiept for Jui-3ept 19B2. " One aperture card 
available in PDR. 
* Cleveland-Cliffa Iron Co. 82/11/03. 26pp. 16230:132. 

8211220067 Lists contract costs incurred ! man hours expended in 
reviewing 311116 application resulting in Amend 3 to License 

POHLE.J., UI NEMAN, d. J. ReijlDn 4, Officaof DirDctor. 02/-11/IH. 
MILLER. W. D. License Fee- Management Branch Ip, 16190:396. 



6211040005 Advises that effluent monitoring rept For Jan-June 1983 mill 
be late due to problem) m/con trac t lab. Rept eipected to be 
completed (. submitted within neit 49 days, 

OERDEI1AN, F H. Plateau Resources, Ltd. B2/OS/30, Region 4, Office 

of Director. Ip. 19936:220. 

B211120053 Informs that U Recovery Field Ofc opnnod In LakeuoDd.CQ on 
821004, Liont ing uort uill continue in Waohinatpn. DC through 
Apr 19S3 to assure least disruption during transition. 
SMITH, R, D. Uranium Ro*averu, Licensing. Branch. H2/JI/01. 
OEHpeRLIfJE.H, Brush Mellman. Inc. 2|>p. 1*069:330. 

831IOB0320 Advises of delay in submitting effluent monitoring rept For 
Jan-Jun* 1?30 for Shootarino Canynri U Procosiing Facility. 
Lab hai not completely analyied samples. 

QERDEI1AM. F. W. Plateau Roourcei, Ltd 82/OS/30. Region 4, Office 

o* Director. Ip. 13975:286. 

8211010958 Inform* that more barrelled yel laiucake uill be (bored at 
Shootaring Canyon U project than anti c ipated. No limitations 
directly stated in license 

QERDEMAN.F H. Plateau Reiources, Ltd. B2/09/08. BCARANO.R.A. NRG 
- Nd Detailed Affiliation Oivin. 2pp. 15890:350. 


5211030474 Foruardt -flou charts re decontamination of He (Jean 

WATKINSON. J. A. Alle-gheny International- 82/09/13. 
No Detailed Affiliation Given. 3pp. 15739:206. 



rp ' 2 "P- IMMMga """"W- SHELLEY, k. 




034a "B ilon - 

* -:-". 



W1S " 

SSJ 1060463 



B?l!t 10039 For 



. ., ... .. . 

*"">". st.t. of 7 


. cflC , nec 

,, u .. A ---_ 

K '"- '" 



92110405,10 Forwards ALARA audit rept perfor 
Condition 27 at Bill Smith Mine site. 
S!ME:G J Kerr-McGee Corp. 82/10/01 
Branch 6pp. 15945 312 

id in compliance u/License 
Uranium Recovery Licensing 

B3I1I60055 Submits contract costs Incurred i, /nanhours expended ii 
reviewing 801010 application For license. 

WQOLSEY,R., PETTENGILL.H. Region 4, Office of Director. H2/ 1 
KILLER. U. 0. License Fee Management Branch. Ip. 16102:091. 

9211110008 Evaluates semiannual ALAftA audit rept covering radiation 
safety activities at in situ U recavoru. plant Program 
fulfills requirements as detailed in License Condition 27 
Ha further action necessary. 
Wi)OL!rV, B 1 , PETTEUGILL, )l J Uran 
ii;.V 10/33 flBijion 4, Office of Di 


very Licensing Dr 
4pp. 16053.221 

1211120390 that NRC U Recavery Field Ofc officially opened or 
S3I004 IFI Lake.uood,CO Ofc correspondence should be sent to 
Washington. DC until n*u Field o f c more fully established 
SMITH, R D R eulon 4, Office of Director. 82/11/03 SHEt LEV, IJ J 
Herr- McOee Nuclear Corp 2pp. 16066. I3B 

6211170391 Responds to 0208O5 Itr requesting clarification of 
operational uatsr survey requirements for last item an 
Idble U S 1 Ollal of EIA. Samp) ing determines level of 
radioactivity con in but ing to total discharge sys 

LINEHAN,,; J RegioR 4, Office of Director. 83/11/03 Kerr-Mc(;ee 

Chemical Corp (subs, of Kerr-McGee Corp.). 3 pp 16140 090. 


8211130063 Informs that U Recovery Field 0-fc opened in Lateuood,( 
831004. Licens ing UJork ui I 1 continue in Wash ington, DC throunh 
Apr 1983 to assure least disruption during transition 

SMITH. R. D. Uranium Recovery Licensing Branch. O2/I1/04. rtPJ*E 
Tetnn Efflloration Drilling Co., Inc 2pp. 1606B: 340. 


8211030602 Forwards melt completion data, upper control limits t u 
integrity test results. 

SCHMIDT, C. Uraner. U9A, Inc. 82/09/17. LINEHAN,O.J Uranium 
Recovery Licensing Branch. 12pp. 15943:065. 

3311120021 Informs that U Recovery Field QFc opened on 82100-1 in 
Lalfluiood, CO. Requests that correspondence be cent to 
Washing ton, DC due to limited staff at neiii oPc.Neuj project 
managers will bo assigned. 

SMITH. R. D. Region 4, Office of Director. B3/11/O4 SCHMIDT. C 
Uranon USA, Inc. 2pp 16Oi7.O53. 

G21 1090053 Submits review of Halapai Resources Co 820535 revisions to 
WV permit application .'/ permit issued B20503. New data 
includes cost lireafcdoun for proposed surety covering 
(|r,iun((ualer res tora I inn, rec lama t ion b decfimmi ss loning 
VOUNG, V A Region 4, Office of Director 02/11/01 
Office nf Director ypp I60ai.3(i>l 

Region 4, 

-511090071 Reviews correspondence From Malapai Resources Co ti WV Dppt 
or' Environ Quality re Stipulations 3 & 4 o f J!(.D License 
llfiO Stipulation 3 requiring Hater Quality Div approval 
before pond const !. Stipulation 4 met 

VfiUiNO, V A Region 4, Office of Director. 82/11/01. Region 4, 

Ornce of Director 3pp. 16029. 04S 

Informs that U Recovery Field OFc opened on 821004 in 
Lakewood, CO Requests c orr eopond ence be sent to Wash ing ton, DC 

due to limited staff at neiu oft 

3MITH, R D Region 4, Office of Director 

Malapai Noeourcea Co 2pp 16067:124. 

83/11/0-1. HECK,M. 

C211190357 Subnits review of licensee revision to 030335 application 
for State of WY O ep t of Environ Quality mine permit I- to 
B20503 mine permit NRC mill review proposed surety t, coat 
broaidDun to determine compliance ui/License Condi I ion SB. 
LINEMAN, J J Region 4, Office of Director. 62/11/13 DECKi M 
Mslapai Resources Co 3pp 16165 3S 1 ?. 


8311100160 Forward! semiannual ALARA audit of radiation safotu or 
par License Condition 35. 

PELIZZA.H.a. Uranium ResouTCBB, Inr. 03/10/13. LINEHAN. J. J. 
Uranium Recovery Licensing Branch. 5pp. 16030.332. 

621112004-1 Notifies of resignation of radiation safety technician 
Plant superintendent, SA Hcrtr t, f i 1 1 i ng p-os i t i on. Me Art does 
not meet all retirements of app 1 icat i on, uu t qualifies: 
through eiception clause, 

PEL1ZZA, M. S. Uranium Resources, [nc. 03/IO/23. LINEHAN, ,J. J. 
Uranium Recovery Licensing Branch. 3pp. [6060:335. 

B21I190331 Application to amend License BUA-1 400, re viiina LitHnais 
Conditions IB, 33, 33, 37, 2fi S. IO to roflett decommissioned 

PELIZZA, M. 8. Uranium Resources , Inc. B2/1 O/32. LINEMAN, J. J. 
Uranium Recovery Licensing Branch. 2pp. IA163:3O0. 

B211 170371 Review* U Rosourcea. Inc rosponso to NflC 320723 Itr- re 
Inaccurate fluid balance data concerning first ouarterhu 
rept for North Platte. 

WEBTDROOK, K. B. , LINEHAN, J. J, Ragion 4, Office of Director, 
B2/11/03. Region 4, Office of Director. 1pp. 16(49:079. 


5211010319 For.ii.irds comments r e Teton Project DES.Dept of Army permit 
per Clean Hater Act should be d i scuss ed. Ado quacy of cultural 
resource inventory should be demonstrated in environ rept 
GORTON, R.D Army,Dept of Ba/00/18. SCARANO, R. A. Uranium Recovepu 
Licensing Branch 3pp 15B95: O1B 

Advises that U Recovery Fluid Off opened on S2IOO4 in 
Lakeuood,CO Is in state of tranai t i on, Wan^ii ng ton, DC mailing 
address should be used until Apr 1983. 

SMITH, n.D. Region 4, Office of Director, Ba/ll/O4. PEL1ZZA.M 
Uranium Heiources, Inc 2pp, 16060:090. 


6211010416 Comments on DES re Teton Pro ject, NUREG-0935, App D,8ection 
D 3 Pipe failure discussion should assess health Impact of 
pregnant solution or I i , i viant. Emergency plans covering 
accidental releases should be required. 

V1LLFORTH, J. C. Food & Drug Administration. 32/OB/2Q. SCARANO, R. A 
Uranium Recovery Licensing Uranch. 2pp. 15879:309. 

B311040075 Submit! contract coats incurred & manhoura eip ended In 
reviewing Bl 1203 uii thrfraun license application, 
VQUNO, V. , LINEHAN, J. Uranium Recovery Licensing flranth. 03/10, 

B21LOJ0356 Comments on Toton project DES. NRC should collect all 
pertinent info before issuing mining permits & consider 
alternate energy sources. 

JDUES.S G. Powder River Basin Resource Council, 02/08/23. 
Uranium Recovery Licensing Branch. 3pp. 15880:148 

0311010117 Forward* comments on DES for Teton Project (NURE8-Q9a5). 
Review revealed discrepancies t, omissions concerning uater 
balance, uiel 1 const >> monitoring data & plan s. Request* add! 
data due to reservations about environ effects, 
DURHAM, S. J. Environmental Protection Agency. 82/03/30. 
SCARANO, R. A Uranium Fuel Licensing Branch, 5pp. 15893:338. 

9211060639 Requests addl Info by 831105 to address comments & questions 
resulting from review of DES by federal i state agencies 
& interested citilens. 

LINEHAN, J. J. Uranium Recovery Licensing Branch, fl2/10/lS. Teton 

Eiploratlan Drilling Co., Inc. 2pp. 15972:362. 


8211100479 "Hydrageology of ANAX Property in Wood County. 14V " 
WILLIAMS, R.E. H.E.Williams j, Aisoc iatea, Inc. BO/08/31 5Bpp. 

8311050095 Revised draft version of "Wood County Project Near 
Parkersburg, UV. " 
* WooduanJ-Clyde Consultants, Inc. BQ/09/30. 91pp. 15965:126. 

82I02<J010B Generic Ltr 83-23 to all licensees t- applic 
inconsistency between requirements of 10CFR73 40(g) 
for performing audits of safeguards contingency pla 
(security planl.Svc list end 

EISENHUT.D.O. Division of L,censing B2/1O/30 
Edison Co. of Nem York, Inc. Bpp 15993 319 34* 
Fiche 50-000, B2/10/30, B21029010B 

B21109057! "Radiological Assessment & Stabi 1 i iation Scenarios, 
.Parkersburg, WV. " 
Cheni-Nuclear Systems, Inc. BO/09/30. -54pp. I 6030 OB6 

B211010001 Responds to B20B23 Itr re AMAX, Inc property near 
Parkersourg, WV. No contaminated soil being removed from AMAX 
ilte. Soil being collected (, stabiliied on site (, will remain 
under NRC I ic ense. Approx 20,000 cubic yards staoiliied. 
NIXON, W. A Uranium Fuel Licensing Branch. B3/Q9/23 DREY, L 
Affiliation Unknown. lp. 15B72:15B 

9211040161 Requests addl info describing procedures employed to collect 
ft stabiliie 20.000 cuoic yards of contaminated soil at 
AMAX, Inc property near Parkursb urg, WV. 

DREY.K. Affiliation Unknown. Sa/09/29. NlXOfJ,U.A. Uranium Fuel 
Licensing Branch. lp. 15960:350. 

8211110117 "Stabiliiation Plan for AMAX. Inc Property, Wood County. W " 
* AMAX, Inc. B2/09/30. 49pp. 16052: 205. 

8211040379 Generic Ltr 82-25 to all power reactor Ucenapea 
integrated IAEA e.ercise for physical inventory at l.Ufii AI 
coFiml tment to participate in eierciso is voluntary >. , lnil 
util that participates will he reimbursed Svc list eiirl 
EISENHUT, D. Q. Division of Licensing B2/ I 1 /O3 Curi 

Edison Co. of New York, Inc. llnp 1A019 O01 34* 
Fiche: SO-000, 82/11/03,8211040379 

8211120496 AcV receipt of SE1020 Hr informing NRC of stun a Lilci 
correct violations noted in IE Emergency Preparedness 
Appraisal Rep t 50-247/BI-06 

D Di ? Ui ? . f f E " g '" in '' T.chn.c.l Programs I1 
D Consolidated Edison Co of Neiu York, Inr ''en 
16043:103 2JX Fiche 50-247, B2/ 1 1 /O5, H31 I I 20496 


8211220325 Releases public version 
implementing procedure. 

PEL TON, J. fl. Division of Rules and Records 
Management Branch lp. 16300 380 

nergcncy p K 

B3/11/17 Dnci 

2flX Fi Lhe 50-003,0^/1 I/I 

B2SJ160379 Foruards AMAX, Inc stab i I i lat i on plan per 830929 Itr, Uhen 
ataoiliiation activity comp lote. matl uill remain under 
NRC license, W/o encl. 

NIXQN.W. A. Uranium Fuel Licensing Branch. B2/I1/OS DREY. L A 
Affiliation Unknown. lp. 16128:330. 

-SSI 1330329 Forwards public version of revised Emergency 
Implementing Procedure IP-1037, "Silo Personnel 

n C 'Tnn, n F a Vn' t V t ' Evacuflt ""'" * Personnel telephone ll.tin, 
O'TaOLE.J.D. Consolidated Edison Co of Neuj Yor*. Inr 

HAYNeS.H.C. Region 1, Office of D.rector lp Joo 2R X 

'^O"^n .IX 



P. Operating license stage documents 4 correspondence 

-0211220333 Public version of revised Emergency Plan Impl 
Procedure IP-1027, "Site Personnel Accountability t, 
Evacuation" t, emergency personnel telephone listing 
Consolidated Edison Co. of Neiu York, Inc 89/10/01 
16200:283. 34X Fiche: 50-003. B2/ 1 1 / 17, B21 I23033S 

8210070015 Generic Ltr B2-19 to research t, test reactor licensees re 
submittal of copies of documents to NRC. Cla r i f ies number of 
copies of certain documents to be submitted to NRC Svc list 

EISENHUr.D.O. Division of Licensing. 82/IO/03. Michigan, Univ 

of. 10pp. 15960:140. 24X Fi c he: 50-000, B2/IQ/05, 8210070015. 

B21I340433 Requests info needed for determining uh.thnr nrofc.n^t 
action warranted re emergency preparedness Deficiencies to 
be corrected by HS1313 per B20BO3 Itr 
DIHCKS,W,J. Office of the E<ecutive Director for Oneratuma 

^U'A OMAS ' [ - H ^""l Emergency ManagemenrAgon" :,. 

16230:078 24X Fi che: SO-003, B2/1 1/17, 821 1240133. 


F. Security, medical, emergency t-. fire protection plans 

B2KW0069 Generic Ltr 82-17 to all pouer reactor licensees 6 
applicants & holders of CPs re inconi i itenc y between 
requirement* of IOCFR50. 54< tl (, STS for performing audits of 
emeroency preparedness programs. Bvc list encl 

li^r ' "' ; u DIV i"; n ? P U " nlin "' 02/10/01, Consolidated 

EXison Co, of Mem York. Inc. llpn, 16003-238 24X 
Fiche: SO-000. 82/10/01, B31004006B. 

nH S^\ e * nfl " " curit forco tning t, q u .] i P ( r * L 
plan dtd 820920. Changes do not decrease safeguards 
af f ec ti veness , 

n CO " 9 ;!' da n ed Ed ' SO " C "' " York, Inc (ram/Ill 
Operating Ileactorg Branch I. In 16216 31'rt iH K 
Fiche: 50-003. B2/1 1 /IB. S31 1290173. 

? rUlar , S r " Vised Pd S es * to security force trni 
quaHPicati on plan. 

SKOTZKOiH. Consolidated Edison Co, of New York, Inc (r>/ni;/ 
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director p I A3 1 2 ' 

24X Fiche' 50-003, 82/1 1/1B.B3U2-JOI73. P ' 

if 320614 Hr informing NRC of steps taken to 

itlonal Support. 
Jeui Vork, Int. 

-B21007Q343 Respond, to NRC 020310 meeting rs IE Emergency Preparedness 
Anorai-sal flont Fin-sdT/oa^n^i / u.._ __..,__ . "I .* r " B H"> "iness 

aotai. , - ;pp . 

3, 10. 13 ti 31 resolved. Item 12 not fully 1 mp lemented, but 
emergency response capaoilitlei not affec ted 
O'TOOLE.J.D. Consolidated Editon Co. of NBU York, Inc 
HAYNES.R.C. Region I, Office of Director 3pp MK 
Flehe: 50-247, 82/10/01, B210070335. 

8310070019 O.n.ric Ltr B2-31 to all* , applicants of nuclear 
poyer reactor, r e Tech Sp BCS for fire prote ctlon audit" 
Forwards guidance discuiting general scop B (, d B cpibino 
elements to be included in audit. Svc lUt encl 

fi?lT? Dl0 i v^T , ( Li "" 15in 9- W/I<>. Con.oHd.ted 

Etflson Co. of New York, I nc . 9pp. 15993: 33B 24X 
FI che: SO-000, 82/10/06,8210070019 

lae ' "t* ei r cile at end of '20-d-ll clock to evaluate 
rgencu plans S< preparerfnes, not feasible. Annual 

11 ^:"" 1 ?' better P r8 P fl "<''"' ev-lu-tion. 

nlir* 1 1 m r* tn "> M.n B .,nt Agency. 82/10/18. 

fl2!'^\'^ h !L, E " cu * lvt D" 1 "*" 'r Operations. 4pp. 
S4X Fiche: 50-003,62/10/16, B2UQIQ573. FP 

-B2112901B1 Revised Paees 2 , 40 to security force training * 
qual if ication plan. 

Consolidated Edison Co. of Neu Yori, Inc. B2/09/20 2i]U 
16216:322. 24X Fiche: 30-003, B2/1 1 / 10. 821 1290173. ' 

P^dperating license stage documents & correa pondence 

B209210027 Generic Ltr 83-1 A to alt PUR licensees re NUREO-0737 lor I, 
Specs.Ro.ueits revieu of Tech Specs to determine cons i s Uncy 
u/guld*nce provided. Fpr items y/devia ti ons, amend to license 
required. H/o stated ends. Svc list encl 

EISEHHUT, D. 0. Division of Licensing. 82/09/30. Conso I Ida tud 

tdison Co. of Ntu York, Inc. 15pp. 13930' 140 24X 
Fiche: 30-000, 82/09/20. S2093I0037. 

821 1030584 Staff requirements memo re 820930 af f irmation/d i scut 1 1 oil t, 
vote on Indian Point hearing order & FD.1A Appeal 82-A-4 on 
Diablo Canyon seismic decision. 

', n!i5 6 f th6 s<cretflr of *h Commission. B2/IO/OI, 
. ^ f . til: ' f th * ElBCutive Director for Operationt. 
.L. Office of the General Counsel. lp. 15943:032. HIX 

B21026008S 0neric Ltr 82-20 to all pouer reactor ] icensee., prmi I 
i T *< applicant. t? CP re guidance for implementing 
SRP rul..Foru.ardl NUREG-0906. HUREO to be uted as interim 
measure until Rtg Quids 1. 70 rtvited. Svc list encl 
EIBEHHUTi D. 0. Diviiion of Licensing. S2/1O/26. Consolidated 

Edlion Co. of Neu York, Inc. <?pp. 15993-295 34X 
Fiche: 30-000, 82/10/26, 8E102600BB. 



210370030 Generic Ltr 82-32 ta all PUR lie 

i lonal 

Foruarils Coiig re* srnan EJ Markey 831019 questions 
generator tube integrity Svc list encl. 
EISENMUT, D. G. Division nf Licensing 92/10/26 
Edison CQ of Neui Vork. Inc lOpp 16099.332. 
finhe 5O--OOO, 02X10/26. 3210370030 

tegri ty 
Consol ida ted 

82 III hC 3* '' Generic Ltr 82-26 to pouer reactor licensees le.cept Fort St 
Vraml re NUHEG-0744, Devi s i on 1. "Pressure Vessel Matl 
Fracture Tiuglmosa. " Forwards NUREG-O744, Revi s i an I.W/o 
orit I Svi. lint onr 1 

l-rlSENH'Jl 1 . t> O. Division of Licensing B3/11/I2. Consolidated 

EitiiOM Co of NEU Vork. Inc 53pp 16333:212. 24X 
Fiche 30-000. 82/11/12.821 1160047 

(] Inspection rwports. IE Bulletins t, c orresp onrfanc e 

) IE Info Notice B2-37, 'Cracking in Upper Shell to 
inn Cone Girth We 1 d at Steam Generator at Operating 

pUrt '' Eivc I la V eric 1 

Jl'rfiUAIJ. E Division of Engineering t, duality Assurance. B2/09/16. 

Consolidated Edinun Cn nf New York, Inc. 105pp 15939:264. 24X 

Ficho SO-000. 82 /O 1 ?/ tii 0200190220 

a IE Info Notice 02-34, Revision 1. "Holds in Main Control 
Pane I s " Gvt I i si eric 1 

MIWMt.V L Division of Engineering 1 Quality Assurance. 82/09/17. 
ConsoUdated Edison Co of Nem York. Inc 107pp. 15895 185. B4X 

1'iche 3O--OOO. flL'/O 1 ?/!?, B208190222. 

OUIWSS'V IE Info Notice 82-37. "Svc Degradation of Thick Wall 

Bl,i in Us a Steel Rucirculation Sys Pip ing at HUH Plant. " 

Svc ] i 9 t nc 1 

JflBI)/.N, fc I. Division of Engineering Si Quality Assuranc 

Cnmi.lid.ited Eii i son Co of Neiu York. Inc B6pp 
F icht UO-000, B2/07/21. 020S1<!0229. 

16017:098. 24X 

-* IE li.Po Notice 0;;-30, "Change in Format i- Distribution 
for It Uulletins. Circular* I. Info Notices. " Svc list cncl. 
((EV(ll;HO,K C Director's Office. Office of Inspection and 
f-nforcnmcut 12/09/23. Canto 1 idat cd Edi son CD of New York. 

' I&OIB QSl 24* Fiche. 50-000,82/09/23,3206190223. 

-OHIVOi::^ (t I.ifo Notice BS-40, "Deficiencies in Primary Cnntainraent 
t-Iettrital 1'cnetration Assemblies." Svc list end ayl ^,^ 

JHRIWN.E L. of Eng Ineer ir.g t Qua 1 , ty "/09/..B 

CDn*Dll<latRil Edison Co of Neu York. Inc 112 P p 15930.019. -4X 

I- 1 die 50-000. 83/09/23, 

Ack r OCB .pt of 020414 UP informing NRC of S t eps taken t,, 
correct violations "nted in IE Emergency Preparedness 

(i ,:v^;on 7 :f Urgency Pr .p.r.- B ... * "P;"*"?:;,, 8 "" 

O'TOOLE.JD Consolidated Edison Cn. of New York. In. 
OBB 2 F, che. 50-^7,03/10/01, 0^10070^5. 


..-fl?100703.13 Ht.pondi to NHC 020310 mooting re IE Ergncv 
Appr....l R/pt 50-247/S2-02. Corrective actions: AppD It 
-1 }Q ,11 (, SI re^solved Hem 13 not fully l mp lementetf- but 
emerucncu rcapanse capabilities not affected. 
O'TOOLE.J.D Consolidated Edison Co. of N.w Yorl . 1 nc 
rtAVNES, R C Region 1, Office of Director. 3pp. 15634 
Fitho 50-347,32/10/01,8210070325 

0=08190239 IE Info Motice 82-41. "Failure of Safety/Relief 

ho. 30-000, 82/10/22,0200190239 

102 2 Fl.h.: 50-S47, 

, E info Not.c. 9W3, -D.*l. B i.. > UWR Mr Filtration/ 
entilation Bjri." 3vc llit * & Qua| , t Assu r fl nc e. 82/11/16. 

6 " 1 " - 


90-000, 0s/n/i6,eaogi9034a 

IE info Notic. 83-43. "PUR -- T emf Dverpre, S ur B 

B211230366 Forward) revised pigei to iemianr.jal tffluerit t uiiti 
dispoial rept lubnitted S20B30 Hevtttoni effect ninor 
editorial L typography ca I corrections to original pagti 
O'TOOLEiJ.D. ConsolidatBd Ednon Co of New Vork. Inc 82/11/12 
HAYNES. R C. Region 1, Office of Director Ip 161S5 O52 241 
Fi che 150-003, B2/1 I/ 12,021 1230360 

B21I230372 Revned pages to "Effluent '. Ussta Oisposal Seniannual 
Jan-June 1982 " 

. Coniolidatud Edison Co. of Heu York. Inc B2/11/13 3p f 
16185 053 24X Fiche 50-003, S3/1 I/ 12, 631 !2303B 

T Hearing transcripts on non-ant i truit matters 

6211010580 Unofficial transcript of B31021 public diicustion in 
Washing ton. DC re emergency planning at Indian Point Pp l-t.7 
Support ing documentatinn encl. 

Comiisaioners. 83/10/21. B6pp 15B9Bi S5S 24 X 
Fiche. 30-003, S2/ 1 0/21 . 821 1010580. 

8211300141 Unofficial transcript of Connussion B21119 neeting in 
Washington. DC re briefing on emergent^ planning statut 
Pp 1-37. Vieugraphs encl. 

. Commissioners. 82/11/19. 43pp. 16250.202. 34X 
Fiche: 5O-003, 82/11/19,8211300141 

V Operator Eiaminations 

eactor applicants 
ac tor operator 
begin at fac i 1 1 tg 

8210130019 Generic Ltr B2-IB tn all pou 
licensees re reactor operator t, genio 
requalif ication eiams Advises that ei 
after 621001. Svc list encl. 

EISENHUT, D. Division of Licensing B2/10/I2 
Edison Co. of Neui York. Inc 15pp. 1 6003 1 234 24X 
Fiche: 50-000, H2/1O/ 13. 8210130019. 

^'operating license stage documents i eorr ** 


licensees re 

6210070015 Generic Ltr B2-19 to research S. test r* 

.r.hllttal of copies of documents to NRC. Clari f les number of 
C0fie l of certaU documents to oe submitted to NRC. Svc U,t 

E^SEMHUT.DC Division of Licensing. B2/10/O5. Michigan, Univ. 

of lOpp 15960: 140. 24X Fiche: 5O-QDO. BB/W/09. a2 1C 070015 

B21I130S91 Application for amend to License R-2, changing Tech Spacs to 
p erm it use of non-TRIOA fuel ,l.nti. cpntiining t9SX 
enriched U fuel pellets in arrays 

Fiche 50-003, B2/10/18, B21 1 15O551. 



-02,1150556 App.ication for amend t. L.c.n se 

o-jo.ide fuel pellets, enriched in U-233. in s 

e.periments y/Penn State Brea.eale "*",.,.- uranium 





8311110007 Respond, ID FOIA request for three t*,<iri.. of r.cord, T . 

^i^K:.K: b !n;M ^:;r^:^ " "... 


Ficne 50-006, S2/OB/25. 831 1110007. 
-B2UH0064 Advl... that film b-<.ge reading period ..tended du. to 


Flch: 50-006, 32/08/25, 

-B2...104B7 For^rd, revised personnel n itorln, procedure for 
facil ity. Related documentation .ncl. 76/1 

"Tv^n-2-.F"!"''^""-'-? 11 ^'*" * I6072:126 ' 


F icheT50-OOA,Ba.'Oa/35,B211tl0007. 



8211110564 Request! amend to Licenses 19-03330-02,19-03330-03 5 R-B4 to 
reflect alignment nf new radiation protection officer 
effective 810520, Resume encl. 

TVLERiR.E. Defense, Dept. of. Defense Nuclear Agency. 81/05/28. 
Radioisotopes Licensing Qranch (Pre 790501). 3pp. 16073 211 24X 
Fiche: 50-006,82/03/35.8211110007. 

ersion of Revision 5 tr> Emergency Plan Imp ! 
0-7. "Operational Checks of Commun i. ca Horn 

0211160090 Public ver 
Procedure EPIP 500- 

Sys (Primary Hespons ih i 1 i ty - Generating Station Emergency 
Plan Coordinator)." Receipt form end. 
* CommoniLtea 1 th Edison Co. B2/1O/1E). 
Fiche: 50-01 0, B2/I 1/05, 831 II 60091. 


IAIOI'271 '"-IX 

821111056B Requests amend to License! 19-08330-02,17-00330-03 & H-84 to 
reflect assignment of neu radiation protection officer. 
Resume enc 1 . 

TYLER, P. E. Defense, Dep t. of, Defense Nuclear Agency 01/07/27. 
Radiuisotopei Licensing Branch IPre 790501). 17pp. 16073 314 
S4X Fiche: 50-006,62/09/25,8211110007. 

0. Inspection reports, IE Bulletins t, correspondence 

8211120426 Foruards IE Insji Repti 50-006/B2-OI E, 70-0008/82-03 on 
B21005-OB. No noncomp 1 ianc e noted. 

MILLER. J.R. Division of Project (, Resident Programs 02/1O/2B 
UNOftR.E.W. Battelle Memorial Institute, Co lumbus Lahoratori e s 2pa 
Ii044 374. 24X Fi che: 50-004, 82/10/26, B21 1 13O42A. 

-- 8211120433 IE Insp Repts 50-006/02-01 t, 70-OOOB/82-03 on Bai005-OB. 
No noncomp 1 iance noted. Major areas inspec ted: operations 
ravieu, radiation prntec tion. f ac II i ty changes, safety 
commi ttees, QA, emergency planning tt Tech Specs. 

PECK.C.C., GREGER.L.R. Reoion 3, Office of Director. 82/10/28. 
7pp. 16044:276. 24X Fi che: 50-006, 82/IO/SB. 821 1 120436. 


F. Security, medical, emergency t> fire protection plans 

92-10040060 Generic Ltr 82-17 to all pouer reactor licensees t, 
applicant! t- holders of CPs re inconsistency between 
requirements of 10CFR50. 54( t) & STS for performing audits of 
emergency preparedness programs. Svc list end. 

EISENHUT, D. 0. Division of Licensing. 83/10/01. Consolidated 

Edison Co. of Heu York. Inc. Itpp. 14002' 280 24X 
Fiche: 50-000. S2/IO/01, B210040068. 

8210070019 Generic Ltr 62-21 to all licensees t, applicants of nuclear 
pouer reactors re Tech Specs for fire protection audits 
Forwards guidance discussing general scope t describing 
element! to be included in audit. Svc list encl 

EISEKHUT.D.G. Division of Licensing, 82/10/06, Consolidated 

Edison Co. of lima York, r n( . ig pp 15993:338 24X 
Fithe: 50-000, 02/10/06,0210070019. 

B211060042 Foruards IE Insp Repts SO-010/B2-1 4, 3O-337/B2-1B E. 
50-249/B3-17 on 820010-0903 & notice of violation. 
S ^ RD 'S' U " l}lvia ' on of Project fc Resident Programs. 82/10/22. 
REED. C. Commonwealth Edison Co. 2pp. 15951 Qli 34X 
Fiche: 3D-010. 82/10/22,8211040042. 

P Operating license stage documents 4 c orreepnndenci 

8211030163 Forwards S2Q909 1 tri re SEP Phase III for il i ttn-i but I an 
SMITH. H. Operating Reactors Drancli 5 H2/09/29 Oueralmn 

Reactors Branch 5. Ip. 15935:101. 24X Fiche SO--OIO, U3/M/L"}. 
B21 1030163. 

-02092SO34 1 Requests Lomments on prnpused scope n)' iitIP ['hasp 111 
as reflected in encl topic definitions 

EISENHUr.D. G. Division of Licencing QS/Of/O'l. EDWAHDii, I) 
Atomic Industrial Forum. 7Bpp. lS f J35: 102 24X 
Fiche: 30-O1 0, H2/09/39. 021 IO3O163. 


-B2092803S3 Requests cnmments on proposed scope nf Phas 
reflected in encl topic definitions 
EISENHUT,D G. Division of Licensing 02/09/09 
Ouners Group 77pp 15?3S:lflO SIX ficlie. SO-010, OfV(y;/;>V 

211040480 Forwards sot of evaluations for Each SKI' Ineit re 
in draft 5EP rept (NUREC-OQ22) . 

SMfTH.H. Operating Reactors Branch S. H3/ 10/12 I'ulili 

Branch. Ip. 15956 001. 34X F i the 50-OQO, B2f 10/ 1 2, 

--B21IO40494 Forwards recommended ground response spectra ( !JK Unmn 
establishing ground motion acceleration values for 
structural re-evaluation of seismic loads for o.islevri ii|--| 

CRUTCHFIELD,0. Operating Reactors "ranch S Dl/O/,/011 .li-r 

Central Pouer t Light Co. 2pp I595& OFJI. 2Ht 
Ficho: 50-000, 83/ 10/ 12, 821 1O4O4BO 

S3102iOOSS Generic Ltr 82-20 to all pouer reactor 1 , c ,, 6 e t . pur m , i 
holders 5. applicants for CP re guidance for implementing 
SftP rule. Forwards NUREQ-0906. NUIIEG to uc uqod ,)a interim 
measure until Reg Guide 1.70 revised Svc list out 1 

EIBeTNH'JT, D. G. Division of Licensing tia/lQ/st, Consn] i it 4 tin] 

Edison Co. of Neui York, Inc. 9pp 15993 L'95 24X 
Fiche: 30-000. S3/10/36, B21O36OOBB 

8210270030 Generic Ltr 82-32 to al! PHR licensees re Cong ,- BBS i ., I 
request for info concerning steam generator tube integrity 
Forwards Congressman EJ Markoy S21019 questions re steam 
generator tube i ntegr i ty. Svc list one 1 

EISENHUT,D.G. Division of Licensing. R2/10/26. C 0n . D lid*lrd 

tdlion Co. of Ne-u York, Inc. lOpp. 16099. C13H 94X 
Fiche: 50-000, 82/10/36, Sel 0370030. 

E InSp RBpts 5 -l/a3-lt.5n~237/82-lS !, 50-249/82-19 on 
S20B10-0903.Nonc om plianc B not. t: fai lure to have adeouate 
fire protection equipment surveillance 

TONGUE, T, M. Division of Project (, Resident Programs, S2/10/H2 
lapp. 15951:019. 24X Fiche: 50-010. 82/10/22, 821 1060042. 

8310290108 Generic Ltr 83-23 to all licensees ft applicants re 
inconsistency between requirements of 10CFR73. 40(o ) (, STS 
for performing audits of safeguards contingency plans 
(security plan).8vc list encl 

!d^on U r' D - ( * M S i l* , e L1 "" sin 9- S2/10/30. Consolidated 

Ednon Co. of He a Vork. Inc. 8pp. 15993'319 24X 
Fiche: 50-000, 02/10/30,8210290108. 

nrr . re 

intearated IAEA e>ercise for pdysical Inventory at LWRs Anu 
commltm.nt to participate in exercis. is voluntary !< any 
util that participate, uill be reimbursed. Svc list encl 

I fsT^ 13 - , w DIV i fi r ? f L1 "'- W/H/M C solidated 

If I .S^ f N ' W Vorl " Inc ' U PP' ">0'J:004. 24X 
Ti che: 30-000, 02/1 1/03, 821 10*0379. 

FELTDN.J.M. Division of Rule, and Records. 02/11/03 


-' 11 " - "-- 


SCQTT.D.J. CommonWB*lth Ediion Co. B2/10/39 
of Nuc ear Rector Regulation, Dir* ip 
Fch*: 50-01 0,02/1 1/03,821 1160081. 

DENTflM u a neci 

F TW * rds revised 

to CG-l-A. Revision 22, "Oft 

SWARTZ.E.D, Commonwealth Edisur, Co. (52/10/37 llftftSS. M P do a 1 t I u 
nch< lp 15QBA 149 a " x ^'"M-ooo. 

-8211020664 Revised pages to CE- 1 -ft. Revi s i on 2 
Pages 1-33 to Revision H dtd 800909 encl. 
SWARTZ,E.D. Commonwealth Edison Co. CE-l-A H22 EHR 
6pp. 158B6: 146, 24X Fiche: 50-000, 02/10/H7, 031 1O2065I 

'QA Topical floj.[ 
IIS/ I m> I 

from Revision 22 to OA program. 

SHAHSKI.W, J. Commonwealth Ediaon Co. 

'" 1604S:053 ' 

'"25, offl 

roood p "" | "7"t-tio supportina Commi 55 i on approval C 
Dropos.d de fflinimis release criteria for uncontrolled 
release of matls From controlled areas, contained in util 
radiation protection stds.per Reg Guide I 86 

n C T OI1 ^ Bal J h Edlson Co - 62/11/10. DENTON.H.n. Of 

encl Sv list el' 

ruari ' s NUREG-0744, Revision I.W/o 

t v . , 

taiion Co. of Neu York, Inc. 52pp. [6233-212 f?4X 

Fiche: 50-000, SK/1 1/13, 821 1160047 



Inspection reports, IE Bulletins t, correspondence 

l350ai<JG220 IE Info Notice 82-37, "Cracking in Upper Shell bo 
T r sns 1 1 1 rin Cone Girth Weld of Steam Generator at Operating 
Pi;i! " Sve list cnt 1 

JfiRDiMJ. E Division of Engineering ', Quality Assurance. 92/09/16. 
Consul iddled Edison Co at New York. Inc 105pp. 13929 264. 24X 
FicNc 50-000. O2/QWli>,820BI9O22O 

i si on 1, "Welds in Main Control 

50Hlf0322 IE I nfo Notice 
Panels " Svc 1 ist encl 

JflrtDAN. E L nivision of Engineering & Quality Assurance. B2/09/17. 
Cori9olid,}'.fd Edison Co of New VorV, Inc. 107pp 15695:185. 34X 
firho SO-IJOO. EI3/09/17, 0306190222 

:;\ r jCJ L 90ya ( 7 IE Infn Notice B2-39, "Svc Degradation of Thick Wall 
St.aitili'4* Steel Flee ircula t lan Sys Piping at BUR Plant." 
live list encl 

JORDAN, IV . I.. Division at" Engineering !< Quality Assurance, 82/09/21. 
Consolidated Edisun Co of Mem York, Inc. Btpp 16017:098. 3-1X 
I J it tit' SO--OOO. Oa/09/31. S2QB190B29 

It" Info Notice B2-3Bi "Change in Format fc Distribution Bys 
i 1 or IE liiillut ins, Circulars '- Info Notices." Svc list encl. 
DEYOUNU, R C Director's Office, Office of Inspection and 
ETnforceniBiit (13/09/22. Conso 1 i dated Edison Co. of Neui York. Inc 

HOpp 16010 021 24X Fiche: 50-000. 82/09/22,8208190223. 

iJ.ll 190233 IE Info Noti 

82-40, "Deficiencies in Primary Containment 
\d <;pnih I i e 5 " Svc list encl 
JtWtfiM. ET L Division of Engineering S. Quality Assurance. 82/09/23. 

Consolidated Edison Co of New York, Inc 112pp. 15930:019. 24X 
I irlie 50-000. 02/09/22,9206190232. 

.:i;HI90Sa l V IE Info Notice 82-41, "Failure of Bafetu/Helief Valves fco 
Llficii at HUH. " 5vc 1 1st encl. 

JIJHIWN: E L Division of engineering fc Quality Assurance. 62/10/32, 
Consul ula tod Edison Co of New York, Inc. 110pp. 15960: 1 S3. 34X 
f i cho 50-000, 32/10/23. 82O0190239. 

JMlOdOO'ta Forwards IE Insp flepts 5Q-OIO/B2-1 4, 50-237/63-10 t, 
" 5O-l'49/[i2-l t ' on B3QOIOQ903 t notice of violation. 

HPEBGABO. K L. Division of Project t. Resident Programs. 62/10/22. 

(il-'El), i:. Ciimrr.oniJo,iUh Ellison Co. 2pp 19951:016. 24X 

I- ic he 50-010, 02/10/22,021 1060043 

Nut ice of violation from insp on B20B10-0903. 
fil'KGiSAHD. H L Division of Project t, fieaident Programs 
!p \'J1'.>1 01S 21 X Fiche 50-010. B2/ 1O/22. B21 1060042. 


.-1)211060071 IE Insp Flfipta 50-010/82-14,50-237/62-19!- 90-249/62-19 on 
flt'OD10--OvOa Noncoitipliance noted: fai lure to have adequate 
fire protection equipmont surveillance. 

TOKiTJE. T 11 . dOHDAN.M. J. , WALKEB, H. D. Division of Project it 
lies i ilon t Programs. 02/10/33. 12pp. 19931:019. 24X 
Fir ho: 50-010,02/10/22,0211060042. 

(3,>00190;MH IE Info Notice 82-43, "Def ic ioncie a in LWR Air Filtration/ 
Ventilation Eys. " Svc list end BO/M/IA 

dDIIDW.E L. Div, S i<in of Engineering t Qual 1 ty As *.. 62/ 1 1/16 

Co.isolidatum Edisun Co of Neui York, Inc. Illpp, 16171:233. 34X 
TicliO 50-000, 82/11/16. 6206 190248. 

0211240:1.12 Forwards 6ALP R.pti 50-254/82-11 t. 50-265/82-12 presented 
nn B,?0602 covering assessment period Jul 1980 - D ' lfa ' 

-02112403.16 Comments on SALP rep Is presented at public meeting on 
IJ20602 Apnropriata consideration of positive performance 
trends prior (< subsequent to SALP interval should be 

3 fice oDirector. 

J.sar, Co. 6S/06/18. KEPPLER. J. 0, 
24 PP , 24X Fi ch,; 50-000, 62/1 1/16, 

&20B190253 IE Info Notice 82-4S. "PWR Low Temp Overpressure 

SSRDMfB'L: " Divilion ^Engineering t Qua li t A.....JC. 
Consolidated EdUon Co. of New York, Inc. 93pp. 16BG2. 

.29B. 24X 

on . 

Fiche: 50-000, 03/11 /I 1 ?, S2OB190253, 

R. Periodic operat ingrepor tsrelated_=^e 

B211100121 Monthly operating repti For Mar 19B2. 

SCHROEDER.B. A. Commonwealth Edison Co. 62/04/02. 
16036:060. 24X Fiche: 5O-OIO, B2/04/02. 821 1 1001 14. 


B211150306 Forwards monthly operating repts for Oct 1982. 

SCOTT, D. J. Commonwealth Edison Co. 82/11/01. Director's Office, 

Office of Inspection and Enforcement. lp. 16060:192. 24X 
Fiche: 50-010, 82/11/01.8211130206. 

8211150209 Monthly operating repts for Qc t 1982. Summary of operating 
experience encl. 

SCHHOEDER, B. A. Commonwealth Edison Co. 82/1I/O1. lipp. 
16060 193. 24X Flche: 5O-Q10, 82/1 1/O1- BS1 1 150206. 

S. Reportable occurrences, LERs t related correspondence 

8211020101 PNO-I1I-82-120: on B21037. f our security guards suspended nr 
terminated for drug use. Region plans to perform special 
investigations at various hours to monitor security guard 
fitness for duty- 

MADEDA, T , MILLER, J- Region 3, Office of Director. B2/1Q/28. lp. 
15BB2. 307. 24X Fiche: 5O-O10, B2/IO/28. B211020IO1. 

8211160334 Forwards Deviation Rept 12-2-82-73: on 021007. watte dump 
trench t radioactive contamination level ranged from 
3,000 to 15,000 counts per minute, exc eerfing radiation 
protection control stils. Caused by scrap concrete in dump. 
SCOTT, D J. Commonuaalth Edison Co. B2/11/D9. KEPPLER, J. O. Heginn 
3, Office of Director. 3pp. 16081.344. 24X Fiche: 50-010. 82/1 1 /O9, 

B211S90646 PNQ- 1 1 1-B2-127: on B31 1 19, security guard arrested by Joliet, 
IL police on charges of possession t, delivery of controlled 
substances following seijure of marijuana & PCP. Guard 
suspended Electrician also suspended for suspected drug " 
CREED.JB., MILLER, JR. Region 3. Office of Director. B2/11/22. 
lp. 16223:203. 24X Flche: 5O-010, 62/1 1/22. 821 1390646. 

V. Operator Eiaminations 

6310130019 Generic Ltr S2-1B to all pouer reactor applicants t 
licensee! re reactor operator d senior reactor operator 
^qualification exams. Advises that eiams begin at facility 
aftar 021001, Svc list encl, 

EIBENHUT-D O. Division of Licensing. 83/10/12. Consolidated 

Edison Co. of Neu York, Inc. 19pp. 16002:234. 24X 
Fiche: 90-000, B2/10/12, 8210130019. 

P, Operating license stage documents fc correspondence 

S21007001S Generic Ltr 62-19 to research J, test reactor lionstes re 
submittal of copies uf document, to NRC.Clarifies number of 
copies of certain documents to 6e submitted to NRC. Svc list 

EISENHUT.DO Division of Licensing. B2/10/05. Michiflan, Univ. 

of 10pp.' (5960:110. Z4X Fie he: 50-COQ. S2/10/05, 82IOO700I5. 

0. Inspection rport- IE Bulletins !< correspondence 

63111S0690 Forwards IE Insp Rept 90-013/62-02 on 930923-23. No 

VERRE^l!"" "Sivtsion of Project * Projr^.. B2/10/OS. 
ENOELDER.T. C. D.bcock t Wilco, Co. lp. 16061:240. 24* 
Fiche: SO-013, B2/10/OS, 821 i 19063O. 

B2111S0658 IE InP Ropt 50-013/32-02 on 620922-23. No no^com 
noted. Major ,r.a. in.p.c led: surv.i 1 lance (, LER,, procedure 
compliance- safety review commi tt.e audits, requali flea tion 
traininoi loos f< retorils fc organiiat Ion. 

JARDIN/A K , BURGER, C. Division of Project t, Resident P' 
BS/?0/05 4pp 16061:341. 24X Fiche: 50-013, 62/10/03. 

pr'sicurlty, medical, emergency t. fi 


82U300337 Forward. IE 3.f B9U ards lnp 50-020/B3-QE on 
MAKTIN" m f lla D"i"i n d of Engineering * Technical To,p. 

CLARK! L i n ,m u t. of T.chnoUny. 2 PP . 

24X Fiche: 30-020. 82/11/08,081 1300337. 


Office of Inspaction and Enforcement. 
Fiche: 90-010- 82/04/02- 621 1 1001 14. 



--6211300343 IE Safeguards In t p Hept 50-020/82-02 on 820927-28. No 
noncotfpliantt nottf Major an.j inspected : imp lamentation 
.tJtui of lic*ntre physical stcunty plan t review of 
giniral rtquirejunts for physical protection of SUM. 
n^^i L " ' MITH - G c > CDDV.A T Region 1, Office of Director. 
B2/I1/O3 2 p p 1423S lOf 24X Fictie. 30-020, B2/11/OB. 9211300337. 

Inspection r.porti, IE Bulletinj f. c orresp ondancs 

0211300337 For,arg. IE Safeguard. Insp Rept 30-020/O2-02 on 920927-20 
no noncoop I lance noted 

"r^Ilu'f T Dlvl>1Dn of Enjinnnng & Technical Proarams. 62/11/OB 
3jvr * " d "- t ' 11 """ t * Institute of Technology. 2pp 16236:107. 
24X Ficht. 50-020. 92/1 1/03. S21 130O337. 

6211300343 IE Safeguards Imp Rept 50-02O/82-02 on B20927-2B No 
nonconplianc, notefl Major area, inspected ; implementat ion 
stJtui of licensee phyiical security plan t. revieu of 

62/11/03 2pp. 14234- 109 24X Fi che: 50-02o! B2/1 1/09B2I 1300337^ 

f!!""^!.!*'"!' em>r ""V I fire protection plans 

I public version nf emergency plan. 
Uian of Rules and Records 

l On o F rnBrg i 
ish i ng ton St , 
:<nBing. 2p| 

--82HI20543 Public version o f , m . raencu pldn 

FI.K'So^^JlfJo^.uS^'"- SOPP ' IMM:Ma 

P. Operatino litm. >(j>^ a ^ i , 

' ilfl " e flDcufflents t correspondence 

B210070015 Generic Ltr B2-19 to research i, reactor licena 

B210290109 Generic Ltr 82-23 to all licensees & appllcanta ra 
inconsistency between requirements of lOCFfl 73. 1O( g t t, ESTfi 
for performing audits of safeguards contingency plans 
(security planl Svc list entl 

EISENHUT.D.O. Dwiiion of Licensing. 02/1O/30. C^n.D 1 1 da ted 

Edison Co. of tleta Vorl, Inc. Bpp 1 3993 3 1 9 'MX 
Fiche: 5O-QOG, 62/10/30,8210290100. 

8211040379 G-neric Ltr 02-25 to all pou^r rector Ucet.soo, re 
integrated IAEA e, for physical inventory t I.IJIi, Any 
conimitniB-t to participate in eiertise is voluntary ', _ni, 
util that participates LI 1 1 1 be reiraduraeri Svc livt enr.1 

L r ^ U C 01 ^ N D<V i''r n e' U " n ""B 03/H/03. Con, lid*l.J 

Edison Co. afN.iuYork, Inc. 1 Ipp 16O19: OOfl. iMX 
Ficfie: 50-000, 02/11/03,0211040379. 

Hal 1090370 Acj receipt of Bi30602 ! tr m 
correct violations noted in IE SaFegu a 


Fiche: 50-029, B2/ 11/03, 021 109037O. 
--3211090379 Forwards rospansp i w 

F.chc: 50-029, 82/1 1/03,8211090370 

9311160537 Release, public version of B.vHor, 
App A re emergency classification sua A 
levels. mori 

FELTOW, J. M. Diviaion uf fiulej ana Hi.conls 
M.nagement Branch. 1 p 16124 233 S-JX Firh 
8211160537. *" ' lcl 

0211160539 Foriuards pul)l lc version of Re 

--B21116Q542 Public version of Revision 2 Ln 

n::;:: :js;;'i;:.'i:;.' K - ~ ~: 

Fiche; 30-029, 82/! 1/03, B2I1 160337 ^ 



f , t . pl 

ancu nl-,,, 


B210010068 Cnric Ltr 

10CFR30. 34( t| 
dneSS ' 

t n 

to CmcrfllintlJ ,, lan 

s^ p ss: p ^: P ^ 

Rvi,io n 17 to table of content! T "" - ' n "- CN B c*." 



Doctors Br 

s B 909 ' trs re SEP as * 'I' fot- distribution. 
ing Raactors nranch S. B2/C9/29. Oneralina 

5. Ip 15933:101. 34X Fi che: 50-OIO, 93/09/39, 

-82092B0341 Requests comments dn proposed scnpe a f S EP p hasB [ j[ 
as reflected in encl topic doFinitions. 

ElSENHUr, I) o Division of Licensing B2/Q9/Q9. EDWARDS. J> 
Atonic Industrial Forum. 7Sp p 15<?35 103 24.X 
Fiche SO-OIOrBS/O^/S 1 ?, 821 1030163 

-B2092B0353 Requests conMnents on proposed scope of Phase III program as. 
reflected in and topic definitions 

ElSENHUr, D G Division of Licensing. B2/O9/O-?. SEP 
Omners Group 77pp 15935 ISO. 24X F ic he: 5O-OI 0. 83/01/29, 
62 1 1 O3Q 163 

621117003-1 Addl respnrise to FD1A request for documents re 
(reimplement* tion review of NUIIEG-0737, Item II. F. 2 on 
detection of inadequate core coo 1 ing. Foruar da documents 
1 i stad ir> App Q. 

FELTO.'J, J. H Division of Rules and Records. B2/10/O8 
Dnc-Sgarch Associates 2pp. lil3Q:O29. 24X Fich 
aai 1170034 

-029. B2/IO/08, 

--B2HI70045 Comments on We* t inghouse. C-,BS,W & QE ouiners group ru.p onset 
to NUREO-057R, Short-Term Lessons Learned Item 3.1. 3lb) 
concerning unambiguous ind Scat ion of inadequate core 
cooling Recommendations for followup action provided. 
HOLAMAN.G M SaFetu Program Evaluation Branch, 82/IO/OB, 
PHILLIPS, L Core Performance Branch. 7pp. 16130032 34X 
Flcoe ^0-000,02/10/00,6211170034 

B3 I I 040480 Forwards set of evaluations for uacft SEP topic referenced 
ir, draft SEP vept (NUHEG-0032). 

SMITH, H Operating Beat tors Branch 5 Q2/1O/12. Public Document 

Branch ip 19956 001 3-JX Fiche: 5Q-OOO, 03/10/12,831 104Q4SO. 


uiards recommend ad ground rasponso spectra (SH damping), 
eata&lisdino ground motion acceleration values for 
structural re-evaluation nf seismic loads fop eastern SEP 

CFIUFCHFIEU), D Operating Reactors Branch S, Gl/Oi/OB 
Central Power ti Light Co 2pp. 15956:001. 24X 
Fiche 50-000,03/10/19.8211040400. 

B21I0305.S3 Adviae-a that application fee requested In NRC 820811 1 tr 
have not been received. Foes should be submitted uilthin 13 
days of receijit of Itv 

DI003.FI M License Fee Management Qranch. 92/10/15 KAVi J A 
Yankee Atomic Eloctric CD. Ip. 15915-336. 24X 
Fiche 50-029, B2/ 1 0/15, 021 103O563. 

8210260039 Generic Ltr B2-3Q to all power reactor I iceniees, f e-rmi t 
holders ' dp |> I i c.mts for CP re guidance far Implementing 
SUP rule Foruards NUREO-O90A. NUHEO to ae used as interim 
measure until Reg (iuiile 1 . 7O revised. Svc list en-c I 

EISENH'JT, D O Dl vl s i an o f L.lcen-a ing. (32/10/34. ConsoliJatod 

EiJison Co. of Neuj Vort, Inc ?pp. 1 5993- 295 24X 
Fiche 50-000. 03/10/26,0910260060. 

Forwards addl payment for B2O727 proposed Change 177, in 
rciponfe to NRC B20B1 1 fe 1-013 I tra rtdvi-s-ca af a-d dress 

KAY, J. A. Vantee Atomic Electric Co. B2/11/O3. M. License 
Fee riarrjgarriBn t Dranch. Ip. 16143:195. 34K Fi ch : 3O-OS1, OS/ 1 1 /O3, 
521 11B03OS. 

Foriuard* raviiad ^agas 65-7O to. "Vankao Nuclear- Powsr 
Station Core KVI Performance Analysis," correcting values 
for boron con c entrationa in Modes 1-4. Values corrected to. 
account for fuel temp reactivity effect. 

KAY, J. rt. Vanlee Atomic Electric Co. 02/11/10. CHUTCHFIEUO. D. 
Operating Reactors Branch 5. Zpp-. 1 620A 2S4 24X 
Ficho: 50-03-?. 32/11/10.021 I24OO31 

-B211240041 Correct&d Pages 65-7O to, "Vatifcoe Hue 
XVI Performance Analysis. " 

* Yankee Atomic Electric Co. YAEC-1323. 82/1I/1O 
16306:336. SIX Flch e : 30-O29. B2/1 1 / 1 O. B21 13-40O31. 

ar Pouer Station Cort 

B311140047 Generic Ltr S2-2i to poiuer reactor licensee* (eicspt Fopt at 
Vt-ain) re NUREG-O744, Revision 1, "Pressure Ve-sael Ilatl 
Fracture Toughness." Forward's NUREQ~074fl, He-vis i an 1 . M/o 
enc 1 . Svc list enc 1 . 

EISENHUT, D. 0. Division of Licensing. R2/II/13, Consolidated 

Edlion Co. of New York, Inc. S2pp. 16232:313. 24X 
Flche: 30-000. 82/11/12,821 UAOCW7, 

B211S901O5 Adve3 that r oq.ul rementa of WUREC-O737, Itemi II.E.4.2.ii 
"Operable Valves, or if Glased Must be Sealed Closed" I. 
II, E ), S. 7, "Primary Containmont High Radiation to Close 
Vent d Purge Valve*," fiave bean met. Safety evaluation encl. 
CRUTCHFIELD, D. Operating Reactors Qranch 5. B2/11/I2. KAV, J. A, 
Vankee Atomic Electric Co. 12flp. 16151:003, 24-X 
Flche: 50-0-29, 82/11/12, B2 I !1<7O!BS. 

B311300338 Advlies of plans to delay installation c-F control room 
emergency filter ays, d<ja to turfcine overfiaul & oquipmont 
delivery delays. Installation erjicctacj b(j B3D501. 

iKAY.J.rt. Vanlee- Atomtc Etoctric Co. B2/11/16. CKUTCHFIELD, D. 

Operating Reactc-ra Branch 3. Ip. 1&E3H; O26 24X 

Fiche: 50-029, BS/ll/li, 321 13CX)a3a, 

02I129COOI Foruardi Amend 7fa to License BPH-3, safutu evaluation . 
notice af issuance ft ava I I ab i 1 i ty. Amend revlsea min 
p-rmiaiblie flow rates in shtitdouin coolina BU.S during Mode t> 
oparatl on. 

CRUrCHFIELD, P. Dperatfng Reactors Branch 3. 82/1 1/23 MY, J, A. 
Yanlee Atomic Electric Co. Epp. 16217:001. 24X 
Fiche: 50-029, D2/ 11/23,32! 1290001. 

B211290QOS Amend 76 to Licence DPfi-3, re vlai ng min permiisiblo flow 

rate* In shutdown cooling g during Hado h aperatton 
, CRUrCHFIELD,D. Qparatinj Ruactors Drancti 3. Oa/11/23 7pp 
[6217:003. EflX Fi che: 50-02?, QS/ I 1/33, BSl 1290001 . 

0211290003 Safety evaluation supporting Amend 7A to License DPH-3. 

* OPrlce of Nueloar Reactor neoula ti on, Director, BS/ll/23 Una 
16217: 010. 24X Fiche: 30-029, 82/1 1 /H3, HS 1 1290001. 

33102700^0 Generic Ltr 02-23 ID aU PWR liceniBei re Congrts-s i ona 1 
requEst for info concerning steam generator tube integritu. 
Foruinril-s Cong rsssmari EJ Markeij S31019 question* re steam 
generator tube intogr i ty. Bvc list encl. 

E3EEIJIIUT, D. G. Division of Licensing. 92/10/26. Cnniol 1 dated 

Edison Co, of New York, Inc. 10pp. 16097:333 34X 
Fichfl: 50-000, 02/ [0/2c,, Q2 10370030. 

B2L10004II Provide! addl info for Proposed Chang* 17fc which nvlses 
Tech Specs b<j changing min flniu required for RHR during 
Mode 6 opera t ion, fiflcant plant mod on flow control valvo 
decreaied actual available flow rate. 

KAY.J.A. Yankee Atomic Electric Co. BS/IO/2 1 ?. CnUTCHFIELD, D, 
Operating Reactors Dranch S, 3pp. 15955:334. 24X 
Flche: 5O-039, B2/10/29, B31 IO4O41I, 

B211CH0199 Notifie* that SEP Topic V1II-1.A, "Potential FjilKre 
ABSoriatod W/Degradad Grid Voltaoe, " complete For purpos of 
eonductinB in teorated assessment of fac ill ty. Design details 
for diesel generator load shedding requested, 
CARUSO,R. Operating lleac tors Branch 5. Q2/11/OB. KAY, J A. 

Atomic Electric Co, 


3pp 15929:173. 24X Flche: 50-029, 98/1 1 /OB, 

821 1090331 Responds to NRC B209B3 r>eq.ue.t for addl info re TMI Action 
Plan Itm II. Q. 4.1, "Training to Mi ti gat Core Damngi. " 
Oeneral plant training program uifll be rtviitd to include 
initial training fcrefrnher training. 

KAV.J.A. Yankee Atomic Electric Co. B2/11/OB. CRUTCHFIELD, D. 
Operating Reactors Branch S. Ip. 16004:094. 24X 
Fjch: 50-029, 03/11/02,9211090231. 



"12*;*...- ^tjorti' IE Bulletin! ti correspondence 

is:..;/ IS l-io Matit* D2-37. "Cracking in Upper Shell to 
i^nit;-! f.3r., Cirth Udd of StejJi Qenirator at Operating 

"'""'i t- Civitson of Engineering t tlualitij Assurance. 82/09/16. 
1:113.1.3 ejisan Ca of fitu Yorl. Inc. 105pp. 15930:001. 24X 

' *.:-:::). GS/OI"!*. Eaoeiwsao 

.;.:.-; TF ;^f r^nc* 0^-34, Revision I, "Helds In Main Control 
'*'* " S-: llt ncl 

':'..'' P L Bunion at Enjineering & Quality Assurance. B2/09/I7 
c--i = l ia*l.i eajion Co of Ntu York, Inc 107pp. 15095:105. 24X 

'JCilf If: ir.fa, N3tic B2-M. "Svc Degradation of Thick Us] 1 
inlKj at,, l Biecirtulaticn Sy Piping at DWR Plant. 

I i I * : : 1 

.,'- f i. Dl.-ision of Enjineenng S, Quality Asiurance 63/09/31 
^"ii'I iiji.j j,,on Co of tltu Vorfc, Inc. B6pp IfiOlT'O'JQ 24X 

* -. 

r'" 1 ^" !f ln ' "* tiE8 BB - 3B ' ""-"9* i" Fornwt 1, 01 itr i but i nn Sy, 
fcr ; u^U. Mns.C.rculan t, Info Notices. " Svc list encl 
^.LA-.-.f; .. Dirtctor'i Office. Office of Inipection and 
(.f-i-ar^.r.rt e;/O9/25 Consol idat.d Edi ,on Co. of New York. Inc 

JU-j? IsOla On 24 Fich.. 50-000. 82/07/32, B30H190333. 

S30B190253 IE Info Notice 32-45, "PUR Lou Temp Over |>r<es tar e 
Protection." Svc list encl 

JORDAN.E.L. Division of Engineering i, Quality rt-5 stirjric. J32/1I/I 
Consolidated Edison Co. of Neui York, Inc. V3ff. lli'JTJ 2TO ')n 
Flcher SO-000, 03/11/19,0206190353. 

R. Periodic opffrflting reports t, relatod c nrre inonilone 

B211100I07 Forwards monthlij operating rept For rtii r l'lt\l> 

MDODV.D.E. Yankee Atomic Electric Co. n2/Orj/]L'. tlffn-i- (if 

Hanaoement and Program Analysis Ip 1602 JJ 17O iijy 
Fiche: 50-029. B2/O5/12, Q21 110(1107. 

Ban 1001 10 Monthly oporatino rept fgr Apr 

DOVLE,A.E. Yankee Atomic Electric Cn 

24X Fiche. 50-02 1 ?, H2/03/12, Q2 1 1 100107 


L H Yankeq Atomic Electric C Q . fiafOt/in. 
Han-oement and Program Analysis. Ip. ISW.H' I/,/, 
Fiche: 50-029, a2/07/ 13, 021 10201 7fl 

Vankoo Atomic Electric 
3.X Ficne SO-027, 03/09/ 


'in p. 

i.'-JiMt.* 1 ^ 1 * " r' En ! i "" r " 1 " l ft'-lit/A.iuMne.. 02/09/32, 

,"'"'** ttf ' SOI> Co of New VoM. Inc. l|2 pp I593Q-OI9 -"H 

' 5--.-.J..O. e^/ 09/22,0203190232 PP '"JO-O^ 24X 

,821 1090173 

0" 820923-27. Mo 

1 - 

Atomic Electric Co. HI' 

P crating 

N, e e 



rlg ^ Technl cal 
: SO-Oa9, 03/10/21, 

0211010135 Forwards LEfi O2-030/03L-0 

,f ojr?:-:,^^^*^- 

: 30-029, B2/10/23, 021 1010133 

charger for battery 2 
CoMalon S y a e, U i p In 



, ua/ 10/Hi) 

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iel.t.on, not** in tc looming NRC of [t eo s t a i.n .- 

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3/B-inch inditation in 
S2110I0163, r '" ;t0r 3 P 

. 036, 34X Pi 



62111B03IS Foruarda carructod LEU O2-035/OIT-1 

AUTIO, H A. Vantoo Atomic Electr.c Co. 03/11/03 HAVMCB a / 
nflg , on I, Off.e. of Director. lp. 16H1 252 24X C ' 

Fiche.SO-02'?, 03/11/03. 02 1 1 10031 S. ' 

Hcenie stage dotumenti & e orrospondeni a 

B31HB033A Correct*!) 

OS-03S/01T-1 on 

.rt- i. i, 

= Protection 

- . 

p.rflls.i-vP c.rciMt bl.tabl.. 4 ni u Proe 

taliranco. Caused bi| ml, interpri l*t ion of T ch Sp et * Circuit 
.nodtfiL-d IU.rsor.nol reminded of Tnqh Spue compliance 


kee Atom I c El oc Ir le C o. 

1 T riC 1 Ltr f' 19 * '> * ** rctor licence, r H 

lubmifct.l of eopiB, O f riocumtnts to NRC. Clar i f iei nurabflr of 
cop ei of certain documents to be submitted to NfiC. Svc li>t 

EISEHHUT.D. 0. 0vi a i or. o f Li c.ns i ng. 83/10/05, Michioar., Univ 

'. 10pp. 15960: NO, 24X Fi che : SO-OOO, 02/ 10/O3. 0210070013. 

2i i .. 

AUTIO. H A. YanUo Atomic Electric Co Ha/ 11/00 
Negiori 1- Offit, uf Dime Cor lp 16S29 Q70 

Fichu so-oav, iia/i 1/011, imi 


-B81IB90-M7 UER oa-03:)/.-.0 on D=IO(W,r.,u.l infl .uclc-ar eA.nn 
di-energlnd far 10 niiniiiii. cu*d by ace Id B nt a I breaker 
Dperallun due to bump b 4 wogifoii handle of Jolinsnn bar 
Breaker irloaoif '- il<mr necurtd. 
HAV.U-. I.. Vankop At limit C-Icc t r-ir Co. H3/11/OB Jteaicn I 

. r"orimirii I.KH f 
AUTia.H A. Vantaa Alumir FUctric (; 
ll,yio I, OfficB it f Dirwctni- lp 
Ficbo 30-OJ'il, ua/l 1/10. Uk'l |I?70;HU 

2I 171 ",, fl 


grnnrAtur 1 tu6ot J rid i c Ji tail wall degradntion of greater than 

10V. C*unf In, t.iiTiininii frum oiit*l<f* dlnmBt.r- of tube, rubes 

mechoni Ld 1 I ij pluggud !M( Wc 1 1 nglinui o 

MAY, 1C I. Ynntou At.nn.ic Electric Co HZ/lt/lQ. 

GnijineHr Ing tt rcliinciil I'rngramtt ;ipp 

Diviilon of 

of OL 

t i f ^" tl0n ^ aa]J3 "-lS03 ...ting. u./WSL in Buffalo. 
flluflt "actor facility in connection u/ren.wal 

Stand.rdization t, Special Ppoj.ets Branch, BH/ll/IS. 
S tandaT """t*''n * Sp.cial Prnjetts Branch, 2 PP . 
31X Ficho : SO-O97, B2/1J/18, B2U240167 

^f! 1 *" 1 ^'*'^ 1 '_' emer S"nc;u A flro prntBction plans 

""! f ubll S v.r.i 0n or r avi ,,d r- Be n Itf plan, 
J, M. Division of Rules and netords. fla/ll/05, Document 

Tanch - lp ' 1AOi3:3 2- ax rich.: 30-059, 

rU T dS p !!Si le tfersior ' of "wlid m.rg.ncv plan, 
.. Te la . A6M Uni v. , Col leg B Sta tion, TX. B2/1O/2H 
NRC - Mo Detailed Affiliation ftivan. lp JiO^S' 203 24X 
Fich,; 50-OST, 93/1 1/05. B21 1130492. 

0211120493 Public version of raviiad emergBncu plan 

WILLITB.D.L, , EWBrwon.C.rt. T.* A*MUniv., CDlleg. Station, TX 

24pp. It0fi5:204. 24X F i che; 50-059, 82/1 1 /OS. 831 i 12O492. 

B3/I 1/30. 

. . 

A V.inlco Atmii: l-ilettrie Co. 112/ll/H llrtVNES IJ C 
Hegion I. Office of Djrurlor lp. IfclttTBHO Srtx ' ' 

rich*. SO--OB?, (itf/ji/ii.uai ia:)aoa 

iiaii;..-;ov i.nt (ia-o:./o:ti -o nn daioia, viv. BW-IQI t, ov-ioa iift 

S9AW piig (. ;J3V/i pa ig , rotpsc t I vn lij, oiceod ing fch flpict 

Caooil by tetiiomt dr i ct. livipintiU radjutd. 
MICE. A YnnUu One trie Co, 03/11/H. Beginn I, 

Off. co llf Dtriutnr in l6lM:aH 84 X Flche: 30-QB9. B2/1 1 /Jl, 

P. Operabing license stage documents t correspondence 

Q210070015 Q.neric Ltr B2- 1 9 to r^.ar^ t, b ,t rector licen.frOB ro 

subralttal of cop let F document* tn NRC. Clar i f f si numbor of 

copies of certain documents to be submitted to Hnc Svc list 

one 1. 

SI6ENHUT, D. 0, Dl vis i on o f L I c e-ni ing. 82/10/03. Michiaan, Univ 

of, tOpp, 15960:140. 24X Fi c ho: 30-OOO, B2/1O/03, B21O07O013. 


Inipectlon reports, IE Bulletin* & correspondence 

Forunrtfi l ill !)B-().T//o:il,"(). 

, H A Ynnk Alumu EUeti-H: Co. Da/11/13. 
Heginn 1, Offit* of Directur lp lASlV-.QOt 
f=lcho: 80-oyy, ua/ll/l!). IIMl IKTO46B 


.,M LK " B s "0:' ; '/'"0'0n IWIOlft.uMU performing Tup. C teti 

TV-J04 di>t*rmln*d U Le l.flHnu past ieat. Cau.e not 
V*lv duaiiembled for imp d clvaning 

Atomic Klettrlc Co. 02/11/13. Rtoion 1. 


Operator Einralruit time 

Forwards. IE Insp Rcpt 50-059/B2-01 on 820A23 No 
none onpl lane t no ted. 

MAOSEH.O. L, Division of Resident. Reactor- Project & Engineertno 
Prour^s. G2/IO/06. EflDw.N.C.A. joxa, A&M Univ., College Station, 
TX. 2pp. 15a Q 2:H74. 34X Fi c h .: SO-O59, 92/ lO/Oi, B21 102OOB8. 

B*I 1080094 IE [nap R Bp t SO-059/B2-01 on B30423. No rc-ncompl t n CO nobirf 
Major areai inspec tsd ; orjan i i ation, operat iona li fnalnt logs> 
rfactor iaFtg board ac tiviti *B. operator renualj f icat ion 
program, viperinents J. ratfiatlon pratectlor, 

CONSTABLE, 0. U. , CUHHrNS, J. E. , CROB3MAN, M. A, Division of Resident, 
Reactor Project t Engineering ProDrann. BS/1O/01. Bno 
15832:276. 24X Fichff: 80-039, B3/10/OA, B21 10200BB. 

831013001-? Oanerlc Ltr US-IEI to all powar reactor pplic.r.ts I, 
licensees r-e redor operator ). senior ronctor operator 
renualtf lea tlon eiami Advises that tiatnt begin at faeilltu 
utttr BSIQOI. 8vc lilt end 

EISENHt>T, D, Dlvldion of I.icenslno. 02/10/13, Coniol Ida t nd 

Edison Co of Htm fan, Inc. Iflpp. 16003: S34. 24X 
Fie he 30-000, HK/ 10/1 3, OS I 01 300 1*? 


?*""* " eflllt t*0" dotumnt * corrtspcndtnce 

0210070013 Otnoric Ltr B2-19 to r*tarch (. i<*ctor liciniees re 

lubmlltal of coplei of Jocum.nH to NRC, Clari/ln nutnbtr of 
cop i of certain doeument* to &e lubmltttd to NflC. Bvc litt 
enc 1. 

E1BENHUT. D, 0. Division of Llctnilng. BS/10/03. Michinan, 

of. 10pp. 13960:140. 24.X FI ehe; 30-000, BS/10/03, 6210070013. 


0211190093 Forward! r*queit for addl into r linnie rtneual 
?EKi.* tlotl "P"n requested b v 831122. 

M?nnn2 - Ol Bta ndar d i i a 1 1 o n I, Special Projtet Branch. B2/I 1/OB. 
"COOVEflN.J. union Carbid* Corp. 3pp. I615(, i63. 24X 
FI Chu; 30-054, BS/ 1 1/OB, Bail 19009*. 


P. Operatinj lionse stage documents & iorr.spanifenc 

8210070015 O.neric Ltr B2-19 to research b r.acfcor Ucnsees r= 
submlttal of copies of docum.nti to NRC. C 1 a rif i t > number of 
copies of certain documents to be tutmittud to NBC Svc list 

EISENHUT, D. 0, Divi .ion of Li ii. 9 - B2/IO/05. Kichign r Univ 

of. 10pp. 1S960: 140. 24X FUhe.' 30-OOO, 82/10/09, B21O07OO15. 


F. Seeur (ty, me i) leal, emergeneg & f IPB protit tion plans 

B2H040331 Responds to B2072O 1 tr re emergency planning Usuet 
Proposal! for upgrading plan at ctf ted. Eiemp t Ion In 
accordance u/lOCFRSO. IS frnm 820?07 date. 

EIBENHUT, D. 0. Division of Uciniing. DCNTON, H, R. Office of NucUar 
fleaetor Rejulatlonr Director, 82/10/13. CUNNINOHAH. Genrl 
Electric Co. 4pp. 19933:316. 24X Fiche: 30-07O, B2/10/ 13, BH1 1040331 



8211220434 Releases public version of revised radiological emergency 
p lain. 

FELTDH.J.H, Division of Rules and Recordi. B2/II/I7. Document 

Management Branch. Ip. 1620O: 001. 24X Ft che: 50-070, 83/11/17. 

--B21122O43? Forward! public veri 


CUNNINGHAM. O.E. Oanera 1 Electric Co 
Office op Nuclear Reactor Regulation 
31X Fiche: 50-070, 02/11/17,021 132O434 

( revised radiological emergency 


Ip, 16200:004, 

- 6211320443 Public version of revlse-d radiological emergency, plan. 
* General Electric Co. 32X11/30. 37pp. 16200:003. a4X 
Fiche: 50-070,62/1 1/17, B21122O434. 

B21I21Q316 Forwards response to ASLB B2IOI2 memorandum & order. OL~ f e 
served u/peti tl oner addresses it efforts to obtain ad dress i 

EDGAR, O.L. Morgan, Leuis & Bockius. EDQAR.Q.L. General Elaclr'' 
Co. 82/11/23. FRVE.J.H, LINENQERGER, G. , FOREMAN, H, Atomic !Ia'* 
and Licensing Board Panel. tp. 16202; DOB. 24X 
Fiche: 30-070, 63/11/23,0211240316. 

8311240321 Response to ASLB 851021 memorandum !v order. 1'rocoiil ling f 
OETR should be deferred, doc ie ts should not lie consol idaleil b 
petition re License BNM-960 should be referred to NMS8 for 
diipoii tlon. Cert if icate of Svc enc I . 

EDGAR, O.L. General Electric Co. EnOAfi, 0. L. Morgan, LcuU h 
BocHus. 82/11/05. 29pp. 1 iSO2 OO 1 ?. 24X Fiche : 5O--070, 01} / 1 1 /- 1 

B31 1300035 Forwards Amend 1O to License TR-1 Si notice of inuance. 

Amend revie approved physical security plan t, addi 
condition! ta plan. 

THOMAS, C.O. Standardl latfon & Special Project. Branch. 
CUNNlWOHrtK, 0, E. General Electric Co. 5pp. 16243:191. 
Ficne: 50-070. B2/11/I7,. B2I 1300025. 


B2113DQ02? Amend 10 to Licenio TH-I, reviling approved physical security 
plan & adding conditions to plan. 

THCMAS.C. 0. Standardiiation t. Special Projects Branch. B2/1I/I7. 
2pp, 16263: 19*. 24 X Fi ehe: 50-070, 82/1 1/ 17, 821 1300025. 

6211300032 Notice of issuance of Amends 9 & 10 to License TR-1. 

THOMAS.C.O. Standardisation & Special Projects Branch. 82/11/17. 
2pp. 16263: 190. 24X Fiche: 3Q-07O, B2/1 1/17, 821 1300035. 

821130O399 Application for amend to License TR-1 reflectino changes to 
pl>ulcal security requirements ii safety ana lysis. Minor amend 
ft* end. 

CVNNINOHAH. 0. 6. General Electric Co. B2/11/32. THDMAB.C.O. 
Standardliatlon & Special Projects Branch. 2pp. 16340:076. 24 X 
Fichei so-070, BB/ti/22. 

0211300399 Proposed Tech Bpecu reflecting changes in physical security 
requirement* d ufetij an fly tit, 

Oener-al Electric Co. B2/11/22. Ip. 16240:078. 24X 
Fiche: 50-070, QH/1 1/32, S21 13003?5, 

0, Aifjuificatorg correspondence 

82110901^1 Rasponia to AELB B21021 mamnrandum d order. OETR proceeding 
fhould be def erred, OETR d SMI-^c-O dockets should not be 
coniol idato'd & ABLE) should refer petition re License SNM-960 
to NUBS. M/not ice of appearance J< Certificate of Svc. 
EDOARrO. L. General Electric Co. 82/11/05. Atomic Safety and 

Meaning Doard Panel. 2Bpp, I97B1:049. SIX Fiche: 80-070, B2/11/05, 
82110B01 1 ?!. 

P, Operating license stage documents >i correspondence 

B2110604S5 Forwards Amend 9 to License TR-1 t, safety evaluation 
Amend revises Tech Sped by deleting requirement to perform 
certain tests b callbr uhlle In cold shutdown condition. 
THOMAS, C. 0. Standardliation i. Special Projects Branch, 
DARMlTZEl-,n. IJ. General Electric Co. 2pp 15970:109. 
Fiche: 50-070, 82/10/15.821 1060453. 

8211060457 Amend 9 to License TR-1 , revi sing Tech Spocs by dolBlH'O 
requirement to perform certain tests i calibr ujh i 1 e in culif 
shutdown condition. 

THQMASiC.O. Standflrdl lation 5i Special Projects Branch. lia/L(J/l 
6pp. 15970: 191. 24X Ficho: 50-07O, H2/10/ 15, B21 1060455 

S211060460 Safety evaluation supporting Amend 9 to Licunne TH- t. 

* Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director. 03/10/1!) L 
1 5970; 197. 24X Fiche: 50-070, 82/ 10/ If), 82 1 1O60455. 

8211010344 Faruards "Technical Evaluation Rept, Safely Analysis (if 01' 
Fuel Stored in Canal in Air." Evaluation should have 
appeared as attachment to SEP but uas omitted from Amend 9 
package sent 821015. 

THOMAS, C,0, Standardiiation & Special Projects Branch. 
DARMlTZEL,n. IJ. General Electric Co. &pp. 15880:236. 
Fiche: 50-070, 82/10/25, 821 1010344. 

8211300025 Faruards Amend 10 to License TR-1 & notice of Uiuant*, 
Amend revises approved physical security plan & adds 
conditions to plan. 

THOMAS, C. 0. Standardization & Special Projects Branch. IKf/LI/lV. 
CUNNINGHAM, 0. E. General Electric Co. 5pp, 16263:191, 1MX 
Fiche: 50-070, 82/11/17,8211300025. 

-B211300029 Amend 10 tn License TR-1 , revia in} approved physic*) 
plan & adding conditions to plan. 

THOMASiC.O. Standard! (ation & Special Projects Brand* 
2pp. 16263; 196, 24X Fiilie: 50-070, 33/11/17,0311300023. 

821tlQ311 flenuettl lauyer furnivh farmer clients iu/A8LD 621021 t, 1112 
memoranda & orders t OE 32J1O5 response to ASLQ 921021 

FRVE.J.H. Atomic Safety and Llceniing Board Panel. 82/11/12. 
SOrllT.J. Somlt. J, Ip. 16091:235. B4X Fiche: 50-070, 82/11/12, 
BE I 1160311. 

Mmorn<lw(n fe orritr directtng petit ioner/intrvenor to 
re*pond to OE rstuas: ti, In S21109 r*spons* to ASLB 821021 
ord*r.bij BBtHlO. NRG ruponiei to OE requests due by 831220, 
FHVEi J. H. Atomic Safety And Licensing Board Panel. 82/11/12. 
Office of the Executive Lf|Al Director, 3pp. 1&01:20?. 24X 
Fieri :SO-070j 82/11/12.8211160409. 

8211230410 Hemorandum ti order diractlng Ofc of Secretary to update 
tvc Ht to Include petit ianers/lntervanors t diraetino 
Becntarij V OE to serve certain documents on petitioner)/ 

fflVE.J. H. Atomic Safety and Licencing Board Panel. 82/11/19. 
Of tit.* of the Bvcrfttary of the Commission. 2pp. 16194:269. 24 X 
Flcr:BO-0>70, BS/ It /If i 831 1230410. 

0211230421 Forward* 010622 Itr to 0-fc of Socretary, Docketing d Bvc 
Sect ton. It* ting names & atfdrostei, of Intervenors to be added 
to ivc liit, 

BOMIT-J. Somi*. J. 02/11/15. FRVE, J. H, Atomic 8fety and 
LicenlnB Hoard Panel. Ip. 16184:271. 24X Fiche: SO-070, 82/11/19, 

Submit* subitttutlon of intervenor in pro per for atty of 
pBCord for lilted intervenori. Bvc list ehauld be amende! 

BOMITrJ. Ibenhof I Somlt. S1/O&/32, Dockitlng t Services 

Bran-ch. 3pp. 16184:272. 24X Fiche: 5Q-O7Q, 82/11/19,8211230410. 

B211300032 Motice of issuance of Amends 9 * 10 to License "< I 

THOMAS, C.O. Standardliation fr Special Projects Branch. DU/ll/l 
2pp. 16263; I TO. 24X Fiche: 50-070, 82/11/17.0311300023. 

8211300395 Application For amend to License TR-1 reflecting ch<t4iyti 
physical security requirements & safety ana lysis. Minor amend 
fee end, 

CUNNINGHAM. 0- E. Oaneral Electric Co. B2/11/22, THQMAS.C.n. 
Standardiiat ion & Special Projects Branch. 2pp. 16240:076. U4X 
Fiche: 50-070, 82/11/23,021 1300393. 

8211300399 Proposed Tech Speci reflecting changes In physical "(i 
requirements fc safity analysis. 

o Oenerel EUctric CD. 82/11/32, Ip. 16240:078. SIX 
Fi ehe: 30-070, 83/1 1/23,621 1300395. 

Q, Inipictlon reports. IE Bulletins & correspondence 

B21102006S Foruardt IE Insp Rept 30-070/B2-OB on B20729 b 0907. Nn 
noncompliance noted. 

BQOK.H.E. Division of Radiological Safety t Saftguardi Program. 
B2/10/20, DABMITZEL. R. M. Oeneral Electric Co. 2pp. 13Q03: 110 
Z4X Fiche: 50-070, B2/10/20, B21 1020065. 

B211020071 IE Imp fiept 50-070/82-02 on 030789 (. 0907. No none SMp | 
noted. Major areas Inspected; spint fuel shipping progran. 
compliance, u/condltlons of Certificate of Compliance 9743 I 
10CFH71. fiadiatlon fc contamination turveys performed. 
OARCIA.E.H. , YLJHAB, Q. P. , ICNSLAWSKI, F. A. Divl slon of RaifiO 1| l, 
Safety & Safeguards Program. 82/10/20. 3pp. 13882; I IS 84 J( 
Fichi: 90-070, 83/10/20, B21 1020069. 



~~CurHy. medical, oroorgency !. f 

(lolcasoa public version of emergency plan. 

J H 0*viion of Hulos and Record,. 03/11/17, Docum 

t'ar-nh. ip. lt.m.077. 24X Fi ch,; 30-072, 82/1 1 /I 7, 
B2I 1340036. 

Public version nf emergency plan, 

OM Utah- Unlv ' f - UTGC ME 02-100. B2/11/01, 23pp. 
:. 2 4X Fichu: 30-073,02/11/17,8211240036. 

ling liconiB atoge documents & correspondence 

fi opera 

-,nn70Q13 Honor U Ltr 03-19 to rosearch fc test reactor licensees re 

h it al o tuples of documents to NHC, Clari f 1* number of 
lofialof CBrUin documents to be submitted to NRC. 8vc li.t 

nCl ii.UT I) (! IMvisiun of Licensing. 82/10/05. Michigan. Univ. 

13760:140. 24X Fi c ho : 30-000. 82 / 10/O9, 8210070013, 


^11830434 K.l.^ti Public vor. 10 n of rivl.-d radiological 


-.021,2^0439 For^rd. public" of radloloflical emergency 

ss?r.ri,:i!..r 8 ::::;i/i:;:iis,s: 

HX Flcht: 80-070, 02/11/17. Oaiia30434. 

P. Operating license stase document* ! correspondence 

B210070013 Centric Ltr 82-19 to research !, test reactor 1 icense es re 
submibtal of copies of documents to NRC. C larl f IBS numt.r of 
copies of certain documents to be submitted to NRC. Svc list 

EISENHUT.DO Division of Licensing. 82/10/03. Michigan, Univ. 

of lOpP 159601 140. 24X Fie h.: 30-000, 82/10/05, B210070O15. 

82U060057 Foru.rd* proposed change! to 14 pages of Tech Spocs 
transmitted bg B20B30 Itr granting 20-r license rencu.l 
Chanoes correct tgpograph icl (. nomenclature errors t. will 
have no significant negative effect on safe "P "*'" THQMAS , C Q 
DIAZ.N.J. Florid., Univ. of, OainesvilU. 5^/10/27 THOMfl. C.U 
Standardi.ation t So.cial Project, Branch. 40pp. 13950. 32Q. 24X 
Fiche: 30-083, B2/10/27. B21 1060037. 


F."6icuritg, medical, emergencg (. *^'_P|;^*l*i"_^f" 

BB11090583 Forward. Amend 7 to License R-119. Amend revises nuclear 
training reactor security plan. .. - ,1. =3/11/02 

THDMAS.C.D. Standardisation I, Special Project, Br.neh /ll/02. 
NARDI.A.J. W.stlnghous* Electric Corp. 3pp. 16O19. 341. 24K 
Fiche: 30-OB7, BS/1 1/02, 821 10TO5S3. 

-B211090393 Amend 7 to License R-l 19, nuclear training reactor 

THOMAS*" ^"standardisation fc Special Projects Br.nch. B2/11/O2. 
ZpJ 16019:344 24X Fiche: 30-OB7, B2/11/02. 021 109O583. 

B311240279 R.I P"blic version of revised " 



Fichi: 30-087,02/11/17, 9211240299. 


Fiche: 30-087, 82/11/17, 8211340299. 
P. Operating Uc.n.e .t.g^docum.nts 

P. "tlperat ing" I u'h" 


82111=0499 R.l... public v.r.lon 
FEL TgN,J.M Divl.Un of RU. - 

Management Hranch, Ip, 16063. i 

BB/1 1/OB, 

^ . .^H 7 tn License R-119. Amend revise* nuclear 
8211090383 Forward! Amend 7 to uicen.* 

traininj reactor " c ^ it '' .j'*? 1 ..,,, i Project* Branch. B2/I1/O2. 


A .cr 

; Sb-b87"B2/l 1/02, 821 10TOB33. 

. B3I ,090393 A.nd 7 to License R-lW.r.v..., - C ,..r training r..cto 
ecurity plan. ,,,.,.,., ,, soec ial Projects Branch- B2/U/OH. 





"0211120303 Public v.r.ior, of propO* 
Florid.. Univ. of. 9i"v "! 
24X FUh.iSO-OB3, 03/1 1/08,0811120499, 

OA Co in 


censes R-3B fc S &/, P j Atonllc C o. 82/10 

OA T.cHno 09 ..^ Inc. * p pr etl Branc h. Ip 



- B ICU rlt w . medU. 1 "I --------------------- 

--------------- "!iLJ^Mj;_M protection p Un . 


LTON.j.M .. . 

"na B<Jm , nt Bf..-,.. lo ? of ""I" and Rttords. 

BrarJC ' 1 - '" I AIM: MS. 24* F, chi 

f'' "'= 

8210070015 O.n. rlc Ltr 


"-"- ...... 


Z r D U l .SK;rH SSSj" T 'SHiJ"? 1 ln t?. 



10070013 O.ntrlc BS-19 to rtiurrh L 4. . 


007001B O.n.ric Ltr B2-19 to rtftarch L t.. k 
U biUl of <pl., , to NfiC CuJl* 

.PI of .r tan d acuffl .nt. 1. 1 . .rtSiSrjj 

I3NHl/r. D, O. Divliior oC LJ etniing 


plan . 

"8211120324 Public var.ion 


S310070015 Otn.rie Ltr 92- I 



B31007001S O. 


-...:NiV. Or M, SSOUfiI fiE8E A R CH FACTOR 


iPBncg plin. 
33pp. 1*068:344. 

! 30-123, fl2/U/10 ( MlnM207 

140W; '* = 



-6311160211 Notice of violation from insp on 031020-22. 

MILLER, J. R. Division of Engineering !t Technical Program* 
02/11/10. Spy 16093. 167 24X Ft che' 30-123, B2/1 1 /10. BSl 1 160207. 

-B311140219 IE Safeguards Insp Repts 50-123/92-01 S. 70-027O/H3-OI on 
821020-.23 Noncomp 1 iance noted . fai lure to review SNM 
procedure 6 to appoint, in writing, SNM custodian. Detail! 
kiitJiheld (ref IOCFR2 79O). 

HflOEDA. T. J. , CREED, J. R. Division of Engineering Si Technical 
Programs. 82/11/OB Ip. 16093. I6<7 24 X Fich e: 50-123, 93/ 1 1/1O, 
S21 t 16Q2O7 

P Operating license stage documents t, correspondence 

8211140540 Release* public version of emergency preparedness plan. 

FELTOH. J. K, Division of Hulei and Records. 82/11/08. Document 

Management Branch. Ip. 16121:282. H4X Fi c he: 30-128, B2/ 1 1 /OB, 

0211160551 Foruard* public version of emerflancy preparedness jilan, 
FELTZ.D.E. TKBJ A6M Univ., College Station. TX. 82/1O/2B. 
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director Ip 1612I-3H3, 
S4X Fie ho: 30- i 23, Ha/1 1/03. 821 114O34B. 

6211160353 Publ ic version of emergency preparedness plan, 

Texa* AliM 1/niv, . College Station, TX, 03/11/30. 39pp 
16121:284. S4X Ffcfie: 50-128, B2/I I /OB, 021 1 160343. 

6310070O15 Generic Ltr 82- 1 1 ? to research t, test reactor li.cen.sees re 
submittal of copies of documents to NRC Clarifies number of 
copies of certain documents to be submitted to NRC. Svc list 

EISENHUT. D G. Division of Licensing. 32/10/O5. Michigan. Univ. 

of. lOpp 15960: HO 24X Fie he: 30-000. B2/1O/05, B21007OO13. 

B211240042 Release* public version of corrected page* to emergency 
p 1 an. 

FELTOH.J.M. Division of Rules and Record*. 83/11/17, Document 

ffan]ement Dranch. Ip. 16209:196, 24X Fi cne: HO-12B, B2/ 1 1 /I 7, 

Impection reports, IE Bulletins 4 c orresp ondence 

Q211160207 Forwards IE Safeguards Insp Repts 30-123/02-01 It 70-Q27O/B2- 
01 on B21O2O-22 J< notice of violation. 
MILLER: J. K Division of Engineering (-Technical Programs. 62/11/10, 

WflRIJEK, D. Missouri, Univ. of. Rnlla. 2pp. 16092:163. 24X 
Flcha 50-133, B2/11/IO, B21 1160207 

6211160311 NottCB of violation from Insp on B21O2O-22. 

MILLCH.J.R. Division of Engineering t Technical Programs. 
62/11/10 2 PP . 16093: 167 34 X Flche: 30-123,02/11/10. B211 160207. 

621 134006B Foriuarils pub] ic veri Ion of correc tad Page 13 & App B, Item 
l,to recently submltteS emrgericij plan. 

FGLTI, D. E, Tias AS.H Univ. , College Station, TX, ea/U/01. 
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. Director. Ip 16200:197, 
S4X Fiche; 30-128.83/11/17,8211210062. 

8211210074 Public version of correited Page IGftApp D, Item I, to 
recently ID omit ted emergenci; plan. 

Teias Ak Untv. , College Station. TX. 83/11/01, 2pp. 
16200: 19B, B4X Fie he; 30-128, 82/1 1/17,821 1240062. 

P. Optratinn licante itage document* ti c orre pondenc e 

-8311I6O319 IE Safeguards Insp Repts 50-123/B2-OI t 70-OB7O/B2-01 on 
B2102O-22. Noncompl ianco noted : fal lure to review SUM 
procedure !H to appoint, in uniting, SNM custodian. DC tails 
withheld (reF lOCFRS. 790) 

HADEDft. T J. , CREED, J fl. Diviaign of Eneineering !< Toclinical 
Programs. S2/ 1 1 /OH. Ip. 16093:169. 24 K Fich e: 50-1E3. S2/ 1 1 /10, 

B210070015 Generic Ltr B2-19 to i-esuareh fc test reactor Ucensana i-e 
ii/bffllttal of copii of documents to NRC. Cla r if lev number of 
copiti of certain docjmenti to bo tuomitted to NRC. Svc list 
enc 1, 

EIBENHUT, D.O, Division of Licencing, B2/1O/O5, Michigan, /niv. 

of. li>pp. 15960: 140, 24 X Fi c be: SO-000, 02/10/05, B2H007O01 9. 

F Security, medical, emergency & firu protection plan 

S211220377 Releaies public version of revised emergency reaponae ylan. 

FELTON. J. M. Division of Rules and Records. H2/1 5/17. Document 

Management Branch, !p. 16301: 05O 24X Fi cfie: 50-124, Q2/ 1 l/17i 

--82112203B1 Forujards public version oF revised emergency response plan. 
HDL I AM, P. D Virginia Polytechnic Institute, 82/11/02. PflOANQ, F. 
EP Liceniing Branch. Ip. 16301:051. 24 X Fiche: 30-124, 82/ 1 1 /17i 
021 1220377. 

93 II 03006 1 Forward t for review, draft safety evaluation r renewal of DL 
for TX fit-M Univ r-eiearch reactor, H/o encl. 

THOMA6, C. D. Standard 1 lat i on t. Special Projects Branch. B2/10/IS. 
EI5ENHI/T, D. 0. Division of Licensing. vQLUMER, R. H, Division of 
Engineiring. HATTBtlM, R. J, Division of Syt tm Integration (pot 
811003), Ip. 15936: 16H. 24 X FUhe: 50-128,33/10/12,62110300(1,1. 

Q Inip*ciion reports. IE Bulletins * co-rreapondence 

92111505I9' Forwards IE Imp Fiept 50-136/62-02 on 630621-23, No 
nc-nconp 1 lane e nut ad. 

MADQEN.O. L. Division of Reaident< Reactor Project !< Engineer Ina 
Progrimi. 82/10/22. PORTEfl-M, A. Tea AfcM Untv. i ColUgt Station, 
TK. 2pp. 1606-3:017. B4K Fi ch e: SO-I2B, B3/ 10/32, 93 U I S0519. 

B2 11 320 301 Public versinn of revised emergency response plan. 

* Virginia Polytechnic Institute, 02/10/27, 35pp, 14301:053, 
34* Fiche: 50-124,82/11/17,6211320377. 

P Operating license stage document J b correspondence 

6211190530 IE Imp Rfrpt 50-12B/B2-O3 on B206SI-23. No nuncnfflp I ianco 
no ted. Ma jar *reai inspected rfaci I Itu oper*tlon, organ fiflti on, 
rxctor ofety botrt audits, loos, eiperlraenti.nuint calitr of 
tttt equipmentremtrgencv planning { site tour. 

CONBTADLE, O.L, i CUMMINS, J. E. , CflOSBrfAN. M. A. Division of Resident, 
Reactor Project Ic Engineering Program*. H3/10/1B. lOpp. 
16063: OJ9. 24X Fi che: 5O-I2a. 02/10/22, BE 1 11 SOS 19, 

B210070015 Generic Ltr 93-19 to research fc te t reactor Uonives re 
submlttal op copies of documents to NRC. Clarifies number of 
copies of certain documents to be submitted to NRC. Svc Hit 

Eisemui", D,Q. Division of Licensing. 62/IO/05. Michigan, Univ. 

of. 10pp. 13760; 140. 2X Fiche: 30-000,82/10/05. 6210070019. 


F. Security, medical., emergency & fire protection plans 

8211150519 Foruaroi IE Insp Bept 50-126/93-02 on BS06H1-2S. No 
nonconpl lanci noted. 

MADBEMiO.L, Division of Reild>nt, Reactor Project (. Eng Ineer Ing 
Program*. 32/10/25, PORTER, M. A. Tetai AfcM Univ. , College Station, 
TX. 2pp. 16063:017. 24X Fich e: 50-1 S3. 62/10/22, 621 1 15O319, 

8, Rtportubli occurrences. LERi & related correspondence 

S2110SOIVO Tlecopv RO; on 6207BB, erratic reading* noted on fuel tamp 
Indicator. Re tor (hut rfoun immed late ly. Qn 320929, different 
IF connectid to fu*l temp channel b thermocouplf reeding* 
r*cnrifd at 300 uatti l> 1 MM. 

KDOEHS, D. !>*! A&H Univ. , College Station, TX. 93/07/3?. 
CFtQBSMAN, H. Region 4, Offlc* of Director. Ip. 15949: 34*. ''24X 
Fiche: 50-129, 82/09/29,8211050190. 

B2I106012E nO: or 030923, during apcnbfom tutl temp thermocouple Palled. 
Weu Instrumented fuel el4ment Ini tailed 1 , Th* rmocoirpl* 
reading* normal. 

ROGERS, D. Teiai AI>H Univ. i Callege Station, TX. 82/10/09, 
MADSEN.O.L. Region 4. Offit* of Director- 2pp. 13951:123, 24K 
Ficht;90-lSS, 82/10/05. B21106O122. 

8211150530 IE Insp Rept 50-128/82-03 on B20621-35. No noncomB Uanco 
no ted. Major area* inspect ed;facility operatlaniorginiiatloni 
rtactor safety board audit*, 1 ogs, eiperimenti, mint cal Ibr of 
ttit equipment, emergency planning ti lite tour. 

CONSTABLE, O.L. , CUMMINS, J. E. . GROSSMAN, H. A. Division at Resident, 
fiaaefcor Project ti Eng ineering Programi. 82/1O/18. 10pp. 
lo063;OI9. 24X Fiche: 50-12S. B2/ 10/22, B2 1 190S19. 


F. Securttur medlcali emergency, h fire protection plan* 

...-- > ^^_ _ _ ^ __ _^.. _ _...._ . .__. M ____ ____ M _ * ., .........__ 

3211090422 Forufard* IE Imp Rept 90-131/62-01 an S2O930. No 
noncomp 1 lane* noted. 

BtTlDLE.H. C, Division of Reiirftnt. Reactor Project & Englniarlng 
Programs. B2/1O/23. TURCOTTE, H. L. Vet. Admin, Hasp. Omaha.- NE, 
Sff. 16009:063. Z4X Ftch*: SO-131, BS/10/22, 831 10904E2, 



;'Jl i>,'.; 1,34 IE ,;; J0- 131 /fi^-Ol an S20930. No none omp] uncff noted. 
fjjcr 1-1*1 inijtcif- jrjim i4ticn, reactor logi i record!, 
'!!. (, .jit praji-n. procedure!, lurvej 1 lance teiti, 
tiSt-ifitiM, tflfrjtrn'v pln b radiation control 

-.,.-,.,!. A . JONMOT.W D Divinon D F R.sid.nt. Reactor Project (, 
fc^jl^.fri^g Pruirjii D2/IO/19 4pp 16009 Oi3 24X 

f n nt :;;-iJi.e2/io/s3, 5211090422 

= n if H U |, Jnif Record, B2/H/03 
IP 1AO&7 071 24* Fith.50-l3I, 

II plan. 

iozmoe D.nirlc Ltr 83-23 to .11 llc*n.*.. J, ^plUanl. r 
tnconslsteneij bttiueen requiremnnta of 10CFH73. 4O( g J t, I5TK 
for ptrforming audits of safeguards c tmt I ngcncg pl.mi, 
(security planl.Svc n , t enel. 

EISENHUr.D.O. Div iiion of Lic^sing. tH/ 1 0/30 C^,. 

L ""' 

, S2/10/3t), 

o ' 

Fiihf,. 30-000, 


B21 1O1O379 


" l!J - P 

. 09-?. 21 X flrho itO I TJ, IW/ [ 1 

to NHC. Svc Hit 

8211160281 F 

1S092; 062. 


82110(049i H., ponds to 
r.q U ir ed for stal - tu p 
investigations (, s td 
protected a t .hotdou 

, -, 

lni P-"'' 


4g Oin lric L *r 82-17 
ic*nt, (, r, i -r * iJerr " cto 

821007001? 0, nfrit Ltr 

8211100083 For-nrdi ip , 

- p 

9211140064 Responds 


inc e 7i0702, hoover, std 

an problams, 

D1RCKE.W. j. Office af th 

" bu< " 


' ....... " ....... 




BcTioric 02-SO tn all power roattni- 1 icensess, perroi t 
holders b applicant* far CP re guidance for implementing 
SRF rule rorujirii* NUHEO-090fc NUHUC! In lie used as interim 
measure until Reg Guide 1 70 rev L sed <ivc list one I 
EISIiNHUT, D Rjviaion of l.iconsing. 83/10/26. Consolidated 

Editon Co of Nvui York. Inc 7)i p tWi3' 219. 24X 

Ficii*. so-ooo, OB/ 1 <>/.?;>. Fir.M02Aoofifl 

0210270030 Oi'NOi'ii (It 1 -ES to .ill F'LJII licunseos re Cong rest ional 
rnniiefl t for L "Hi t oni: urn ing o ueiicr.itiir tube integr 1 tg. 
Fiiruiai'di Cong i-i'innidii I.'J MnrVmj 02101? questions ro itiiam 
gonuralnr lube i n lug r I li|. live lint put 1. 

EIBEHM'jr. I) Dwi'inin uf t.| cent inn 02/10/36 ConsD I Ida tod 

Edison Cti uf UBUI VnrV. lr>r lOpp lftlW'7 'MS. 2-lx 

Fichu so-ooo, (ia/io/:tt,i!2io;!7oono 

G2111A0047 (Jotiei'ir 111 1 \t',',-St< In power rcnelur licensees (accept Fort St 
Vramt re MUIirO-U/1'J. llou i a 1 1111 I, "I'l msurff Vosmil Hall 

rAt NUIICO-07'14, Itevi sion 1 U/o 

f lici'iiBins 
Im 5.'! (i(i 

(KYIl/ML 1 
ftKIL' 21L>. 

Consal ida tell 

8208190253 IE Info Notice 32-15, "PWR Lou Temp Overpressure 

JORDAN, E L Division of Engineering t Qualitif Assurance. B2/11/I7. 
Consolidated Edison Co. of Netu York, Inc. 93pp. lA23a:29B. 24X 
Ficfn: 50-000, 82/11/19, B2OaiS>O333. 

R. Periodic Dperattng reports & related .correspondence 

S211020337 ForiiiardB monthlq operating ret for Aug 19B2. 

HEEKE.E D Paclfit Oaa & Electric Co. S2/09/0!. Office of 

Resource Management, Director. 2pp. 15BS2:2!i. 24X 
Fich 50-133, aa/09/01.S2l 1050337. 

93110202-15 Monthly operating rept for Aug 1992, 

DERHS, P S. Pacific Oat, t. Electric Co. B2/09/01. 
241C Fithe: 50-133-92/0^/01,8211020237. 

4pp. 13BEJ2: 

6211110213 Foruiards monthly operatins rept for Bep t 1902. 

WEEKS, E D Pacific Ga fc Electric Co. H2/IO/O1. QfflCB of 

Resource Hanagement , Director. lp. 16036:383. 24X 
Ficfie; 30-133, B3/10/O1. B2 1 1 1 10343. 

biiportion ruiiurtu, II' Dul Ic 1 1 n 5 ', c in-vuip onddhto 

fKl\i"IM'.W Heupnndt ti> If lliillrl.ui III -Oil rt flaul blockage of coolinn 
uidler to iaftij lift i: iirnfl otionl o b ij Curbiciil.i spccioi 4 
Mvlllin spociHB Tun 1-lijtiliiG siiecioo fiiiind at plant. Flr 
pi-olBttion aija rvivivut unilof from fi-nnh lu.ilirr wells 
EiltlFI-'tn, J II f'flclfu. Odo (, l-.luctvic Co 111/06/09 EWGELKEN, R, H, 
fisginn !' finn Fi'.irn i ! i u, Clffire (if ttio Director (E1I/03/O1) 3pp. 

K,ai(i '.mil t'tx ( utiu fjo 1:1:1, 

[lOHIVOaao II-: Info Nntim ll.'f ;!/, "Cracking in Upper Shell to 
Iranoiluin Cniiv (Jlrtli! ill" iili'jm Qmiorotor ,it Oprratino 
I'M! ' live 1 in I "IK- I 

Division nf ('rig iiiimt ing ' (hinlltij Assurance 03/09/li. 
,llinl Kiliinn Ci> t>l Neu, Vock, lilt !0!)(lp 15930^001. 21X 
000, (IIVI9/1/,, ili!UI'hl;!:!(> 

SOOlflui'SiJ II Info Not. ice I1,"'-!M, llu vi 1 1 nn 1r "Wolds in Hain Control 
f'jnnl 5 " livr lint oni 1 

JilllDAN, 1'. I Divittiim ill' t:ngl ncpring * Ounlitg Aslurance. 03/OV/I7 

Coniol Idnlnil Cilitini Co of tit a, Vut'k, Inr. lO^pp IOB'?5:10D, m*. 

i-'iche r.o- ooo, n;'/ov/i/,(i;.'oiiivo;!L';! 

1C Infu Niit.ii.u tli'-lt'J, "livt OoorJulnlton nf Thick Hall 
!iU ml i a lilue! lli u-t n I n U i nti !ii| I 1 1 p I n) at IlUn Plant." 
(ivi lilt U'K I 

JIIMDAN: !' I Diviaiii" 01" dig i nil or mo I duality Anuranen. B2/OV/21, 
Coniol iddliril f-'illmnt f'a uf Now York, I in: fl(i|ip. 16017.093. SIX 
F-irliD SO-OOO, im/OV/.M.HliOlllVOlKM 

lii'OO I ';oaa:i IK lnf Nntico mi-rilt, "ChJingB m I'nrmnt t. fin tribgtion Sya 
for I!-! riulliilin.(!irni)(i1'i '- Info Notice* " live lut oncl. 
DfcYOIJNO, II C. ()i mrtcir ' llffii.0. Office of Inpectlon and 
rnfoiroHBiit (liJ'OV/i 1 ;. 1 CnrnoliUiitBit Kdlfln Co of NOUJ Varh, Inc. 

HOpp IftOlfl Oi'l !4X Ficli* 90-000. Ha/0')/3a. 0300190333, 

U,"!OII 1 90i'.')a IK Info MoUtd U.'.'-'IO, "Be* 1 1 sin t e in PrlmJiru Containmont 
ElecLricrtl Ponstrtlnn flttemtiliwt " live llit nc 1 

JUHDANrK I. Dlvuion uf lino i nuer 1119 6 Quality Attorane*. OB/09/Q.2. 
Contol idnleil Kill ion Co of New Ynrk, Ine IIUpp. I 9930: 01 9, 31X 

rich* so-ooo. (iivov/a:M)t'Otii'rt)i':ia 

aSllI102SO Monthii) nperatin.g rept for Sept 1932. 

[JERKS, P S Pacific Gas ft Electric Co. 02/10/01. 4pp. 
34X Fiche: 5O-133, B2/ I O/01 , B21 1 I 1O243. 

V. Operator 

S21013GQ1 ( 9 Oenoric Ltr Ba-lB to all power reactor applicants S< 
licensees re reactor operator S senior reactor operator 
roquaHf ication .ama. Ad vi s e that e i 3ms .bejin at facility 
after B2100I. Svc list oncl. 

EISEHH'JT.D 0. Division of Licensing. B2/10/12. -Conoo 1 ido tod 

Ediiem Co. of Men. rorl. Inc. 15pp. lf,QOS:33A. SIX 
Fiche: SO-OOO. 92/10/12. B21013001"? 


E NRC Safety Evaluation Report (SER1. Biipp 1 5 It eorrespondenCD 

Bail3QQ43'1 Foruiard*. f or reviBuit dp-proval, SEH re renewal of facility 
OL. Publ ication dat* act for B3 I 1 26 U/o end, 

THDMAB. C, 0. Standard 1 1 at i on 6 3[>BCtal Prajects liranch. S3/ll/aa. 
EISEIJHUT. D 0- Aii3tant Blractor for Licenainj. lp, Id23: 002. 
2.IX Fiche: 50-131,83/11/22, BS1 1 300434, 

F. Bffcuritij, medical, emergency t fire protection plans 

92111t055ii Release) public version of rBvied plan. Encl plan 
auppla t> confirm! emergency plan submitted for inclusion in 
B1011"? SAR. 

PEL TON i J, H- Division of Rulua and HecorJa. H2/11/05. Doctlniffnt 

Manaafl^an* Branch. lp. 16121:349. 24X Ti (he: 50-134, H3/J I /05. 

9atllAOS57 Foruards public verilun of revived emargsncij plan. Encl 
njppls tt confirms omergencij plan Gubmitteil for Inclusion In 

WILJlt 1 

111 Jnfo Nolif-f Hi. ! -1l. "F*ilur of SaFetu/Helisf Ualvss to 
(]pn al IIUH " iivc litt uric I 
JORDAN, t;. 1. Uivltiaii ot Fug i imtrinj 1 Oualltu Aiiurance. 

Coiiiollufllud lidlimi Co of Ncu Vork, Inc. 110pp. 19960:193. 

( ; ich: so-ono. 

a Forunrdi It Inap Nipt SO-IIP/BH-OI on DHIOO-l-OB. No 
noncomp liaricn not*d, 

BGCM.H E. Division of Hfldlologlc*] S*f*t ( Bafaauflfdi PrdBram. 
133/10/26 CftrtNE.f.A I'acific Oa b Eltctrlt Co. 4pp. I60SS;3B1. 
S4K fich: SO- 133. OS/ 10/26.081 1 1 OOOEIS 

0211IOOOB3 IE Inp Rupt SO-133/02-04 on 021004-00. No nancompl lanca 
not** Major art inipsctnd: environ mom torlnjji emcriipntg 
plantiinj. 1 lcnj attion on prvlou Imp flndinji tr conit 
of iou lvl r*duat nandlinfl bldfl ,, . , . 

VUHAS.OP.. HEN3I.AWGK I, (--,. . HOOK, H- E. Dlvliion of HadioloQi"! 
9a?tty d Baftguardi Prooram. BS/10/2S ISpp. 16022:383. 44X 
Fieh 90-133. B3/10/26. 0211 IOOOH3 

B20BI90348 IE Info Motic* BB-43, "Dtf ieinc i(t in LHH Air Filtration/ 

Vtntilation Syi. " Owe I lit ncl . aa/ll/16 

JORDAN.e.L. Divltinn of enj inttrinj S. OualitiJ Aiurance. u 

Coniol ldatd Eiftion Co. ofUewYorl. Inc. " ">" lil71,^JJ, -S--A 

Fl chn: SO-OOO. 92/1 I/I A. 030017024B 

lllpp. 16171, 



8211240081 Forwardt public venion of emergency rtsyonit olan 

CHALK.U.S. Waihington, Univ, of. 92/11/04. Office of Nuclear 

Reactor Regulation. Director. lp. 1623S;OI|. gav 
Fiche: 50-139, B2/1 1/17, BS\ 1240O78. 

8211240097 Public var*lon of emergency response, plan, Aperture card 
available in PBJi, 

* Haiti inj ton,, Univ. of, E)S/ 1O/31. IBpp, li232-OI3 24K 
Flche: 50-139. B2./U/ 17. 0311240070, 

8211240390 RffUami public version of Eeattlc.Wrt fire dept B21103 Itr 
rt re*poni to flro alarm* & facility emergencies 

FELTOH.O.H. Dlvlilan of ffules and Records. B3/U/I7. Document 

rtanagewent Branch, lp. 16330: lafl. 24X Fi c he: 50- 139, B2Y1 1 /I 7, 


92H240370 Forward* public vertlan af Settle, HA fir* dept B21103 Itr 
re respon*Bi to fire alarm* A facility tmergenc ie t 

CHALK. M.S. Wellington, Univ. of, B2-/11/05. Office of Nuclear 

Reactor Regulation, Diractor. ?pp. 1.6 23 Or 129. 24X 
F Is**: 50-139, 92/11/17, 0211240360. 

Bail 1 50645 Forudrd-t citations for statements of mat I fact averred rot 
in tfiiputi an Contention; XIII re SNM license t< XVII re 
IB i *mlcity. Related cor re ipondence. 

JHRSCH.D. Coramitte-B to Bridge the Gap B2/11/OB FHVE, J. H. , 
PARTB.O.H.. LUEDUE, E A Atomic Safety and Licensing Hoard Panel 
7pp. 16061:080- 34X F i che: 50- 143, S2/1 I/OB, B21 11 50645. 

8511170512 FQruard-s ASLD 021 101 order directing M Flobkin to respond la 
CoiMiittae to Bridge the Cap Q-uestions C-l , C-l 7, C-1B, C-19, 
(-&2&C-S4.H DTnard should be informed re approi time oF 

THOHAS, C. Standard! ution t< Special Projects Dranth B3/I 1/fli;. 

JlftULEVrS.C. Battlle Mpmorial Institute, Pacific Northuest 
Laboratory. 2pp. 16145:347. 24X Fi the: 50-143, B3/ 1 1 /09, Ban I V^Sli 

B211ISOOOS M*moranilum fc order nemor ial i i ing rulings made during UiltOB 
teleon u/UCLA Cummlttee bo Bridge the Gap. City of Santa 
HonlcarCAA NRC. D 1 f urc ated procedure & sue of documents 

FflVE.J.H. Atomic Safsty and Licensing Board Panel. B2/11/H). Ipt 
3 B4X Fi che . 30-143, B3/1 1 /10, S21 1 1 SOOOO. 

f. Qpiretinj lionte itagt dg-cumenti ti comrt pondenc-e 

B31QQ70015 Oennric Hr 82-19 to reiearch k t*it reactor lic*niee re 
ubmlttal af copltt of document* to HDC. Clarif ie> number of 
cop i*i of certain documents to be tu.bnltt*d to WRC.Svc Hit 

E18ENHVT, D, 0. Dtviiinn of LUaniing, Oa/10/OS, Michigan. Unfv, 

of 10pp. 15?60: HO, 24X Flche: SD-OOO. 02/10/05,0310070013. 


, NRC 8-ifafcg Evaluation Riport fSERJr lupp 1 Si tors-* apondence 

B21I190072 Forward* tupp Umenta ] BER *upportjnig 920623 application for 

THDHA&'C.O. Bt*ndrJU*tion 1 Dpecidl Pr-ojecti Bran<A. B2/I1/15. 
WEOST.H.F. California, Univ. of, Lot Angeles, 51pp. 16IB6; 512. 
34X FUhe; 90- 143, 12/11/13,0211190072. 

F, Bsctir i tu., medtcalF -inir-genc^ t> fir* protection plan.* 

9211190072 Forward* tupp IfmenU I GER tupporting 920 6 23 application far 
OL rneul t imergvnc^ reipcnia plan. 

THOMAS, C.O. BUndarJli4tlen <- Special Projtcts Branch. 62/11/13, 
WEOSI-U. F, CftlifomUi Univ. afi Lai Ang^lB! 91pp. 16154:212. 
24X FI the: 50- US, 02/11/13. 1*211190073. 

B31I1B02BO Rgq,uest For production of CET 
KXI. Daclard t ion of Svc encl. 
HIRHCH. D, Committee to Bridge the Gap 
Univ. of, La* Angeles. &pp 

tain documents re Contentini 

24X Fiche. 

Cul Lfornia. 
-142, 02/ll/lB. 

B211IB03B7 Provide* Pallauup to 021108 conference c.ill discuaii 
riqurit st-atj* & document production requests re emergency 
f lam. 

HIR3CH, D. Committee toOndg-e the Gap. 82/11/12 FHVE, J. H. 
PARIS, O.H., LUEDKE. E. A Atomic Safetg and Licensing Board r. 
2pp. 16141; 2^6. HflX Fi choi 50-142, B3/ 1 1/12, 821 1 1B03Q7 

6211330273 Notice of appearance in proc ceding . Dec larati on of live 
HAL1GOFF. L. 0. Santa llonita.CA. 52/11/16. 4pp. It>l13 354, 
Flcher 50- 143.62/11/16.9211330273 

gnc 1 


B2 [123051 9 Foruardi SER suppl re recontlij issued amends 
Copies provided ta parties. M/o encl. 

WMDHEAD.C. P. Hearing Branch 1. 82/11/22. FRYE. J II. 
LUEBKE, E. A Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Panel. 
14184:308, 24 X FUha: 50-142. 02/11/23,6211230519, 

to opp 1 leal i on 

I'rtfilO, 1), II. 

B21130035S 4Hpone to B21 1 12 request for production oF documiniti ui. 
Contention KXJ, Cert if icate of Bvc encl. 

CORMIER. W. H, CaliFarnla. Untv. of, Los Angeles. B3/H/S1- 
Coimnittt* to Bridge the Oap. 7pp. Ib242;201. 24X 
Fieha: 30-142, B3/U/24, 821 130033B. 

0, Ail jud IcBtory corTt*pandn{( 

P. Operating license stage documents It CDrrespondenc e 

B2110I0200 Foruardi ttattmnt of matt fatt to HRC &2O901 motiorx far 
lummuru, dl ipc-iitiflfl- wi'eltatlon* nquiitfiT by ASLB. 
WODDHEAD.C.P HtJrln fl Branch I, 03/10/29. FFtVE. J. H. , PARIS, n.H.. 
LiJEBKE, E.A Atdmit 8ftv *(ld Lir*n*lho Doard Parnl. 17pp. 
19873:310. 24X Flch: SO-14S, B3SlO/31,Bai 1OI020O. 

8210070015 Oeneric. Ltr H2-19 to research t< test reactor liceniae* rf 
ubirittal of cop lei af documents to NRC. C lar i f tea number of 
cap ill of certain documents to be submitted to MF1C. Svc I I t 

EIBENHUTrD. 0. Dlvition of Licensing G2/10/OS Michigan, Untw. 

ol. 10pp. 15960: 140. &4X Fiche: SO-000, SB/ 10/05, H2IOO7O01 9. 

5. Reportabli occurrncasj LERs t related tor respondenc e 

821 1290243 PN8-V~aa-003: on 621123. received call warning that bomli would 
tiplode at plant at 10: -45 am. Bldg evacuated & searched. No 
bomb found. FBI & eme^rgency Svc*. State of CA notified. 
MCQUEEN, A. D. , SCHUSTER. M, D. Region 5, Office of Director, 
lp. 1*220:30?. SIX Ff che: 30-142, B2/1 1/22, B21 1290243. 


F. Security, medical., emergency & fire protection plan* 

8211240100 Rile**ei public version of reviiaq Bmergencij prepare dn 

FELTON-O.M. Blvltlon of Rulei and Record*. Ba/ll/17. Docu 

r1an*geni*nt Branch. lp 16201:311. 24X Fiche: 50-14S, BBS I 1 X17, 

-9211240104 Fcruardi public version of revised imergencu prp 

MESLR,R.D., Kanas, Univ. of. B3/II/03. Office of JJuc 

Reactor RB^ulationr Director, lp. 16301:312 24X 
Fleht: 80-149,82/11/17,9811840100, 

Public veriion of reviieil (mergence preparednai* plan* 
Kan-ia*. Univ. of- Sa/lO/31. 41 pp. 16201 '314 . 24x 
FIthi: 30-143,02/11/17.98112-40100. 



er-al correspondence 

xx "- 

,, 27 - " 

he: 50-148. B2/09/27. 8308390123. 


p.r.ting Hcpn^^^^^nt^corr..^^.^ 

lW0 01 5 0.,..rU Ltr ^"^^"r.^Sc'-cr.^^'/.'^!!"! ...... 

:;?:r:i ct^^^n^^r.-,, *. NR C . SV < m. 

ir i m/in/n^ Michigan' Univ. 




. t (19-19 to re SB "ch *. te.t lictn.e" " 
007001S Generic Ltr 32 IV to " Clflrifie* number of 

:;:ir:i ::^:^^n-i.*...ffi... .. .- u.t 

82/10/05, Michigan, Univ. 

00. 82/10/05. ^2,0070015. 



FELTON.J M. Oiviai^n of Rul 
Management Branch. ip 
93] 1220463. 

t ,. 50 _ 15 i, 


Public r.t-n .f - 




B2HXH00.8 ..ri e Ltr B ? -*. .,;;- "^^KtiU; ..... 
.ppllc.nt. S, holder, of CP 'g^ for p.r^or.Ug . 

50-000, B2/IO/Ol, 

e of nuel " r 

Hnntmnt Brinc 
B21 1010048. 

u. - 

drill*. Bie.ipt *rn tnc1 
. CBn.twtr. POMP Co. 
Regulation. Dirtctor. I 
B21 1010048, 

re trdtnil " 

office of Nuclear " 
3 24X Fic^: SO-155, 

Of .ff.ctiv. pig*. *" cl - 

02Il ,,0 3 04 For. 

18pp. 13B92:OSfl. 


noncofflpli-nc. noti. 

"rdn B t Operational 
POT Co. 2pp. 

9211160099 Ack 

ulthh*!- from public JJ" 1 "";" 
CRUTCHFIELD, D. Op.r-ting ""' 
uA-jnEUALLE.D. J. ConiJmrs POUIB 
FUh.:90-159, B2/10/29, 

8207Z9 Itv re.poniing to HRC B20b07 1 tr. Ufcll 
B i 1 1 b. inforn.J -t rll 

ranch 9. O2X1O/29. 

1 ^ , 16101:243. 34X 

^;;:: d t . Til n i: r ^ 8 ir^ 

utll th.t P"* l "f*" "liV^-nSlng. 83/11/03. 

ffiKf?;"- ?> N i v K" - $> '= 

FUh.?SO-000,B2/l 1/03, 821 104O379. 

id t d 

C n<nlid-t B d 



(ref 10CFR73. 211. 


ic. 30-000, BB/ 1 1 /0, 



FUh.:50-000, 82/11/09, BBU150362. 
0, Adjudleitory eorrBiponiUne* 

tul BooLuIthin 40 dyt. ..,.. 

S*LLO 0.. ORNTOK.P, P -. r 

,J lihnm. Lincoln 
J p-n>J> 


. ^ t t' i ! > i '""* i : . > "'~'l ~"" :t '" 3 *'' "= SP Cotlrr ri poinbli 
*' ' 'j !- Mi..ij( i-.js-j *n ti-ti,, nr"j*i V |joc'!nti 

M(H04WnrMrrit set of evaluations F t ,r M 
in drift SEP rpt ( NUREQ-OH23 ) . 
SHITH.H. Operating Rojitor) Branch 3. iryy 
Brinch, Ip. 15956:001. 2flX F | c h e: 50-OOO, 

ground motion 
.-.v.luati,,, , 


: 50-1 55,83/1 1,/ 29) 

Honof., c 
erim O 

A.. l.U 

" Mto|1 

eValt ""'"" '- 
'"nt. Ci,n,p 1 ,| . .., 

"""nu.,,.,, _- 

1=-;;;i^; ?=-';- ;,,. 


*n Co. of Netu Vorf" Inr 2 " Ol ^'l '"i.'/. ..,,. i ,, 

! " r: - ! '-"^:^. l .- . 



-aailOB321B "Bndge S ei5 mc Rept - 75/5T Single i-eg Gantry Reactor Bldg 
Crane (H0577)." Amend 1 to util,"Big "ck Point Plant Spent 
Fuel Rack Addition - Consolidated Environ Impact Evaluation 

15980.210.' Cnrp 76413 82/09/28. 
24X Fi che. 50-155, B2/ IO/39, 021 1080212. 

5 PP . 

n=miAOOB9 Acfc 


of 32072? Hr responding to NRC 830607 Itr.VJtii 

by NRC. Ut 1 1 -ill "* .nform.d at ..rl<| 
date re HRC vtui or, i" Involved. Safcouards info uill be 
withheld from public disclosure oaym/oe 

CHUTCKFIELD.D Operating Reactors Branch 3 , f''' S9 ' 
V.VJDEUHLLE, D J. Consumer s Power Co lp. 16IOI243. 24* 
Fi che: 50-155. B3/ 10/29. 021 1 UOOB9. 

H-MlO-OHl Forwards draft evaluation of SEP Topic III-3.A. "Effects of 
High Water Levels on Structures " Revieu of evaluation for 
,-a-tual correctness & differences in as-built design prior 
to'cornencen-Bnt of integrated assessment re quested 
CRUTCHFIELD.D Op-ratlin Reactors Dranch 5. 82/11/03. 
VAIJDEWALLE. D J Consumers Power Co 6pp. 15935. 017. ,MX 
Fiche. 50-155, B2/ 1 I /03, 821 104033 ! 

S-1 1090230 Forwards Revision 3 to "Dig Rock Point Physics Methodology 
B .pt,- cons.sting of Pages 1.6 (, 46-54 to incorporate 
corrected local peaking uncertainty factor in Section 5.0 

E,T C, Consul Power Co M"""- CRUTCHFIELD.D. 
Operating Fieattors Drar-ch 5 2pp. 16004:009. 24* 
Fiche 50-155:02/11/04,8211090230 

- -821109023? Revision 3 lo "819 Rock Point Physics Methodology Kopt," 
consisting of Pages l.Q fr 48-54. 

. Consumers Pouer Co 03/10/11 lOpp 16004 Oil. 24X 
Fiche 50-155. B2/ 1 1 /04, B21 1090230. 

S-M115030'* Foruiards safety i technical evaluations resolving 
NUHEO-0737. Items II D. 4, "Training for Mitigating Core 
Dan-aae" t I A 2 I. "Immediate Upgrading of Reactor Operator 
>, Senior Reactor Operator Trainine & dual . f >*> . 
CROTCHFIEUD.D. Reactors Branch 5 ^a/ 11/08. 
VANDEWALLE,0 J Consumer* Power Co. -1pp. 16093 278. 24X 
FUho:50-153. B2/ I I /OB. 621 1 150303 

BP09030339 "Improvements In Training 1, Requa 1 if ication Proora m n As 
Retired By TMI Action Items I. A. 3. 1 t, 1 1 . D. 4 for Big Rock Nuclear Plant," technical evaluation rept. 
""'sconce Applications, I.e. NRC-O3-B3-096. 8*1-166-039-3*. 
82/03/31 HRC - No Detailed Affiliation Given. ISpo. 

76092.261 24X Fiche. 50-155, 62/ II /OS, 031 1 1 50303. 

Q211100307 Forwards EflfcC final safety evaluation, "SEP Topic Vl-lO.A, 
Testing of Reactor Trip Syo 1 EflF. Rig Rock Point P ant. 
reflecting util aiQWI comment!. NHC safety evaluation 
proposing .nod s to Tech Specs b equipment en c 1 
CRUTCHFIELD.D Operating Reactors Branch 5. B2/ 1/09. 
VANOEWALLE, 0. J. Consumers Power Co. 33pp 16141,152. .4X 
Fiche. 50-155, H2/ 11/0-?. 5311180307. 

B311Ii0047 Genenc Utr B2-26 to power reactor 1 lessees ( o.cept Fort Bt 
Vrain) re NUREG-0744, Revi 5 ion 1. "Pros sure Vessel Mat I 
Fracture Toughness " Forwards HUREG-OV44, Revision 1 W/o 

EISENHUT. D'^ "uivis.on of 82/11/12. Con.olidated 

Editon Co. of Nsu York. Inc 52pp 1623^:212. &lt 
Fiche 50-000,82/11/13.8311160047. 

5211170336 Forwards evaluation of SEP Topic III-3.A re effects of pipe 
break on structures, sy* * components inside etmtainment 
Methodology t, acceptance criteria cond , ti onal Ig acceptable. 
Add! info re effects of """--gyl inel.reais requested. 
CRUTCHFIELD.D. Qperalino Reactors Branch 3 B8/1 1/13. 
VANDEUALLE. D J. Consumers Powor Co 12pp. 16105' 147, 34X 
Fiche: 50-195. 82/11/13. B21 II 70336. 

9211180232 Foruiards application to amend DPR-6 t. DPR-20, 
changing Tech Spec, re adminl . tratlv* contro .. 
VANDEUALLE. D. J. Conaumers PoLier Co BS/ll/lB. CRUTCHFIELD.D. 
Operating Reactors Hrancft 5. 3pp. 16139:001. 24X 
Fiche: 50-000, B2/1 1/13, B21 1 160233. 

-8311100234 Application to amend Licen.ea DPR-6 i, DPR-EO, Chang ing Tech 

Bpscs re admini strfltivs controls. ,,.... , iA.-lR.OD4 

REYNOLDS, J H Consumers Pouor Co. 89/11/12. 4pp. 16130.004. 
24X Fiche; 90-000, 83/1 1/13. 0211190332. 

-831I18023B Propod Tech Spec changes to Licenses DPR-6 t OPR-SO i-e 
flo ninlstr a tive controls, provi d ing coord inat.d, eompany-ujld, 
safstg mst program. Proposed Tecfi Speci uperde 820720 

0211170107 Foruards listing 6 summary, of SEP topics for which currvut 
licensing acceptance crlterU not met. Written response 
requested by B30228. .,,,,, , t 

CRltTCHFlELD. D. Operating Reactors Branch 5. B2Y11/1&. 
VANDEIJALLE. D. J, Consumers Power Co. 3"?pp, 16130.215. 24X 
Fiche: 50-155. 62/11/16.8211190107. 

B211230019 Provides status of installation nf addl accident mnn i tor inp 
equipment per KUHEO-0737. ! tern II. F.I. Nods to stack gas 
monitoring sys currently in progress. Installation will be 
iccnmollshed orlor to end of Dec 1932. 

DDRDINE.T.C. Consumers Pouer Co. B3/II/H. CHUTCKFIELD.D. 
Operating Reactors Branch 5. I p. 16195:348. 24X 
Fiche: 30-155, 93/11/19,9311230019 

6211230063 Responds to 82O914 request for addl info re SEK tar 
"Containment Purging k Ventinj During Normal Operation 
Debris screens will be Installed tn c onfcflinment ventilation 
sunplu tt exhaust lines within 1 Yr of mod concurrence. 
BDHulNE.T C Consumers Poiuer Co. B2/M/19. CFIUTCHFIELD. 0, 
Operating Reacton Branch 3. 3pp. 16193:360. 24X 
Fiche: 30-153. 62/1 1/19, B31 1230063. 

8211300339 Foruiards exemption from 1OCFR50, 54 ( o) t, App J, safety 
evaluation 6 technical evaluation rep t. Revt sed Tech Specs 
requested ulthin 60 daus of receipt t. info re differences 

EISENHir"D S G n9 Division of Licensing S2/1 1/23. VANDEWALLE. D. J. 
Consumers pier Co. 3pp, 16242:134. 24X Fiche: 50-1 55. 62/1 1 fB'J, 
B2 1 1 300339. 

B211300347 Eiemptlon from lOCFRSO.App J.Type II frosting of oUctrlcnl 
oenetratlons. penetrations u/eipal>sl on tml louti S. conta i nmont 
pressure instrument seal lines !. Tgp C pneumatic testing at 
check valves in control rod drive pump supply lines. 

EtSENHUI.D Division of Licensing. 82/11/23. Consignors |>nwtr 

Co 5pp. 16242:137. 24X FI ch e : 50- I 59, 63/1 1 /23. 821 1 300339. 

--82113003S3 Safety evaluation supporting llcensoo requeit for exnraplkn 
from IOCFR50. 34(0) i App J. oa /,i/Ti A,,,, 

* Office of Nuclaar Reactor Regulation, Dire-dor. 02/II/2-). 1|ip 
16342: 14S, 24X Flche: 30-155, B2/1 1 /33. 02 1 1300339. 

BS03040623 "Containment Leakage Rate Testing," technical evaluation 

DELOAIZO.T. J Fr4nklln Inst i tu tc/Franl 1 1 n Res earch Center. 
NRC-03-79-UB TER-CS257-04. 02/04/30. HIWNO, V, S. NRC - N., 
Detailed Affiliation Given, 27pp. 14343: 146. SIX 
Fiche, 90-135,82/11/33.8311300339. 

0. Inspection reports. :E Bulletins & ^correspondence 

0208190222 IE Info Notice 62-34. Revi s 1 or. 1. "Weld, in Hair. if 1 
Panel*. "8vc Hstencl. m,jv./i/ 

JORDAN.E.L. Division of Engineering k Qual i * 5** 1 "-*""- 9n.i-.iv 
Consolidated Edison Co, of Neu York, Inc. lO7pp. 1S395; intt. .r*X 
Fiche: 50-000. 62/09/17,8200190322. 

8208190229 IE Info Notice 62-39, "Bvc Degredatic-n of Thick Wall 
Btainle 8t*el Rsc irculati on By s Piping at BHR Plant. 

JORDAN. I E.L nll b 1 vi.ion of Engineerin,, !. tH.,1 H Aur*n. OS /tlV/lJI 
Consolidated Edison Co. ofNeuYork, Inc. Hfipp. l6DI7rOTH. rf 
Fiche; 30-000, 02/09/21. 0206190229. 

6208190323 IE Info Notice 82-33. "Change In Format & DU trlbut i p U 
for IE BulUtins.Clrculars 1. Info Notices^' five 1 st end 
DEYQUNO.R.C. Director's Office- Office of Inspection and 
Enforcement 02/09/32. Conso I idatcd Ed 1 son Co. ofNeuiYorlu tnr 

Enforc.ment. 0|/uv/ go _ O 00, 02/09/82,0308190323, 

:Conuer. Po^r Co. 92/11/03. 
Fichu: SO-000. 83/11/12,821 1160232. 

43pp. 1.138:011. 24* 

0208190232 IE Info Notice 80-10, "Def i c iencl e in Pri-nary Con t. liMiiil 
Electrical Penetration As. tmbll eg. " Bvc ltt encl. 
JORDAN.E.L. Division of Enaineering & Qual Itu *"<""-. 

Consnlidattd Edison Co. ofNewYorl, Inc. 113pp. 15930. OJ 
Fiche: 50-000, 62/09/22.5208190232. 

6211060003 Forward* IE Insp Hept 5G-155/B2-14 on 830731-091 0. No 
noncomp I lance noted. 

BTREETER.J.F. Division of Project & Re.ident ProflrBm* 
DEWITT.R B. Contumsn Power Co. Spp. 15930:074. 24X 
Fiche: 30-155. 63/10/19.9211060003. 

-0211060004 IE Insp Rapt 30-133/62-14 on BW73I-WH), Ho in>MipHfWi 
noted. Major area, inspected: *ol lowjp on outjt-ntf nj in*p 
Itemi. op. rational safety vri flcation. monthly malnt & 
lurveillanie observation t< IE cireuUr follouup. 
WRIOHT.O.C. , PARKER. M. E. , WALKER. R. D. Division of Prc-jBct * 
RMldent Proorami'. 82/10/18. 4pp. 13930:076. 24X 
Fiche: 30-153. B2/10/19, B21 10600O3. 



R pt 

n. .B. Consumers Power Co 20 D 

071. 24* Fithe. SO-1SS, B3/10/37, 021 1 1 IOS04. 

r.p 0n * e to ai, aH confirmation of actUn Jtr 
eparuJnei) appraisal 

B23U600BD Suin..r of H21103 retina w /ubils r, IE n u )i.l-i. on H, 

u -f En.r, a.le. Techni que " fc !, t Ian "in i "" 

masonry y fl lJ qualification. arcn.nj aition for 

C. H. Operating Reactor* Brtntb a 

=S?! J r ^'<'-<~-''' DBfiti " cie ' in LHfi Air FIII """ 

irnolJtfafcBd^diion Co ^/ul^l""^ 9 ual ' fc Aisurance. 82/11/1A. ^_"r*u voT t , Ins Hipp. 16171:233. 34y 

!!l^:'" n TBporti fc ]* t .d "rr^ponri.nce 

. 82/09/07, 


ConsumeTi PQUIBT Co B2/09/OI 

Fich B: SO-lS 5j B2/09/07. 821 1020213. 

Consumers Poiuer C 

176. 24X 

1 r | P8rflln S ''P 6 'or Sept 1952. 
Consumars Payer Co. B3/10/H o. 

FUfc.jBo-iSB.aa/io/iB.flaiHio365. 11 ' 2p 

t TlUfred Et 


>11 Ual i,, 

D- J, Conii, 
of &irctur. 

)ur Co, 


.rtonn.l alerted 

6211190113 F&ruiards LEfi 82-029/01T-0 

WlHOBHLLt.D. J. C onsumars PaUBr C o 82/11/09. KEPPLER J 
3. OfFice of Director In i/.i'in aBi -j n ,7 , "' J U 
16150.55 24 X Ficlie 50-1 55, Q3/ 

50-1 55, Q3/ LU 

8211190117 LEB B2-029/OC T-0. on 931027. minor I 
h-lf-lnch instruct v.l.e . pr ,"a ? " 

" n in seai ueid - r ^ 

9211190243 Fort/ards LER e2-027/O3L-0 

VAWDEIWLLE.D. J. Conauneri p oue r Co B 

a2UI9024S LER B2-O27/03L-0- on 

. , 

T c ^ 

V Operator Eiaminations 

9210,30019 G.n.ric Ltr 8S-1B to a ll foueT reai 

"" " 


.,, p| an 


MX Fiehe; SO-ISd.HH/ll/Off, 

c , 
scanun, Univ. pf, Kadi ton 

: 50-156,32/1 I/OB- 821 U30507. 

.nc p lan . 

16063. I IV. a 


R.I ..... publil v , riion 

Ver * lon of 

B2t 1140493 



3211300223 Forwards 1C Safeguards Inso ftcpts 5C 097/82-01 k 
5O-I57/B2-01 on t)3lOu5~Oa No none omp 1 lance noted. 
MARTIN, T T. Division of Engineering *. Technical Programs. 82/11/15. 

Kt!5SAC,P Cornell Univ 2pp 16239 2BQ 2AX 
Fiche SO- 097, 82/11/15,0211300223. 

8211120535 Public version of revised emergency preparedness p 1; 

Maryland, Univ. of S2/1O/31. 70pp. 16063:315 24* 
Fiche 50-14.4,, 02/11/05,0211120529. 

P. Operating license stage documents !. correspondent e 

- --OB1 130022*. IE Safeguards Insp Repts 50-G97/H2-01 t, SO-157/B2-01 on 
021005-08 No noncimp I lane e nn'.ed Major areas inspected 
organiiation 1, i on, measuremen t & contra 1 s. sh ipo ing 't 
receiving, storage '- internal control J. physical inventory. 
DEI LA HAI'TA.fl DivMion of engineering ft Technical Progr 

5pp it-'J.:i'f zas :MX FICH* so-o 1 ??. aa/n/is, 

B21007Q01S Ganeric Ltr 83-19 to research t. test reactor licensees re 
subfntttal of copies of documents to NRC, Ctar i f ies number nf 
copies of certain documents to be juhmilted to NfiC. Svc Eist 

EISENHUT, D. G. Divisi oo of Licensing. 82/10/05. Michigan. Unis 

of. !0pp. 15960:140 34X Ficho : 50-000, B2/ 1 O/05, 821007O015 

its - correspondence 

u?lf)0700i;i Ganeric SH - 1 9 IQ research (- test reactor licensees TT 
= -ubfliilUI of copies of documents to IJRC. C I a r i f ies number of 
topics of rorl.nn documents tn UP submitted to NRC. Svc list 

E]it ; HmJl' l> <i liivition (it 1 Licensing. G2/IQ/OS. Michigan, Univ. 

of ~ ' 10p| , ] -jf/M) I'll). iMK Fiche 50-000.02/10/05, 1310070015. 

Or'l li'aOJSb Forwards reijuust for .iilill info to be answered during NHt 
"ll^'ia)7 visit [(irmnl iiuesliiins re relicensing flction will 

1 nch. 03/11/1V. 

i) Inspection T'opcirts. It' Uullelins i c nrreap midern: e 

1M t"lOOk!J-| horuiirda H- i-.drp.ju.irds Insp Repls 50-097/02-01 
* 'iO-15//lli'"i>l on CH2I005-00 No noiu'omp I i.ince noted. 

MrtfUllJ. I ' Division f f.nginenring (. Technical Programs. EJ2/11/15 
M.JllifiAC.t' Cornoll Univ .-?|i|i . I623 1 ? 2UO. 3flX 

-tV-'l KiOO.'Hd IH -MfngiMnJ-j Insp Repts 50--IW7/H2-O1 *, SO-157/83-Ol on 
""Ei^'lOoV-Ofl Nil " untie iimtil i.irui' noteil Major avoas inspected: 
ovoani 1,1' ion t p !",! t i nn, ^e^ umon t f- c nutro 1 s. sh I pp ing 8, 
rnroivitin. 3 Uriine "' ..introl i physical inventory. 
ntl.l-A IIATTA.A , Zini/l&KV.H - |50DV, A T Division of Engineering) t. 

Fir ha !)0-097, [H'/l I /IS- Ci;MKK)Oa23 

t),''-lV Id i i^u^i-th '- tott niaclor licensees n- 
of' rlucuflivnit to "HC Clnrifit-a number of 

if I ii.onii'io. P^/IO/05. Michigan, Univ. 

!Ht f-'icliu IiO-000, Or.'/10/05-B2l00700t3. 


F. Security, medical, emergency & fire -protec t ion plans 

0211090355 Forwards annual operating rept for Armed Forces Radiobiology 
Research Inst for DC t 1991 - Sept 1992. Emerg =ncy evacuation 
4 fire plan procedures forwarded. -.._ ....... 

ADCOCK.D.R. Armed Forces Had iobi olog ical Research [nstitut. 
82/11/05 Director's Office, Office of Inspection and Enforcement. 

Ip. 16013: 113. 24X Fiche: 50-170, S2/1 1/05, B2L 1090-335. 

--8211090373 Armed Forces Rad iob i ol ogy Research Inst Instruction 

52pp. 16012:119. 

oogUaRercInitute 93/09/30. 
Fiche: 50-1 70. 02/1 1 XO5. B2i 1O903S5. 

B211240274 Releases public version of emergency pi"- nnr , JmBnt 

FFITQM, J M Division of Rules and Records. B2/11X17. DocumenE 
Manlge^nt Gr^ch. ip 16231001. 24X Fi ch .-. 50-170, S2/U/1 7, 

8311240279 Forwards public version of plan. ..,,,, 

ADCOCK.fl.R. Defense, Dept. of, Oc-f ense N.c 1 ear Ag e ncu. 92/1/O2. 

Office of Nuclear fleactor Regulation, Doctor. Ip. 16331.002. 
24X Fl Che: 30-1 70, 83/11/17,8211240374. 

16231:004. 24X Fiche 50-170,52/1 1/17,8311240374 
G. Adjudicatorij correspondence 

-* .r- ^e,. 

15912 102. 24X Fi che. 50- 170, B3/1 1/03, B21 1O30330. 
8211300241 Forwardi licensee emergency p Ian. C erli f of Svc encl. 

Nuc.ear B3/11/24. 


1M7001' Ltr U.! - 1 1 to r**rcn (' b e s I reac tor 1 .cense es r P 
Z.U 1 o uiplB* of dotunti to NRC Clarifies number of 
U " ru o"n ts U, b to NRC. Svc list 

EtSEtt'JT,D Q. Div 
of lOpp l'J9iiO 

Michigan, Univ, 

Advises of acq 

uisltltm of all intercsta previously held by 

Ofi Co in 

.i on i 8p.c,.l Pr OJ ect= Brand, 

I IOA0116 


B2I 1 1209^ R.l... Pblic ver.ion of revised emergency pr BP arednes* 

llanagament Dranch Ip 

532 Forward, public version of reviSEd 


Em.r enc W.MpSi"!'.-^'^" D '-- 2 -2 /37 ' 

ision of 


P. Operating license stage 

R. Periodic operating report.^rel^afce^corre 


-8311090364 Annua. operating rept for Armed Forces R.< i obiolog y R..;< 

B. Research Institute. 93/09/30. 

4. 24? Fiche 5 0-170, 82/11/05,821 1090355. 

Force. Rarfioiiology Research In.t Instruction 

rs:^svor B sii*Ri'?-:t.t-t.. 33/09,30. 

a ?!!'!: =0-170, 63/11/05.8=1.090355. 



EJF.NHyr,p. 5 Olvinon e. 




mmcomp Mane* no lad. Ma 


mmcomp Mane* no lad. Ma j,,r r ,^ i,,,|,, (,,, (.*,,,, .i 
protection of ONtt in ronlrii I t inj ,, .- ,,, ar,, ,J 
measures minlmlting removal ,, f !|W1 , ,,,, ' ,, |' 
flAILEV.R J. , OOOV.A I rt, u ,,,,, ,. fl^| nf n .?'' 

2PP. IAM9-1G9. f| ft ; !, tlH.H^M^VM'n!^, 

MU.I Alien ri|A, in'. 

210070013 flMfrir l.fer IIIJ I V i,, r , M I, L..I 
.ub*(tt.l of cn p io of " /,. r I,/""" ' 

P| of CBr u,n 11( ,,u lfl bB .J,,,'^: 1 ;^;;/^'; 1 ' 




<>l'l B|MIII(Jfl 

93 'itV C f r elPt " f lii!l " 1 - 1 '" "" Wi ,1 

MILLER, J. ft" olv!,',',"'^? i'," t " : l "' 1 ' 1 " e " 1 ''" H'V.^.J Oj'"""" 

' ^^ J OVOZJS''? Rotniimfm j k f.j.j<' a*. , 

n . _ " UT 'y t II NPN. f _'i>V t 'k la.. 

"^ntfr in6/fra " OJ (: '"' r< " "" li.'. *,>M',', "" fl """'"^ 

: ------- "~-""^::'.'!-:!:'.. '.'; *..., t , ( , B1 , T . urf ^ rtlllitntf 

M JMO6 RDidorln, UU I OU I ,(,,, 1( ,, I(IJ1 , l(k ,, 

0211090628 Pu 

s;- """' ..... ......... - 


f,;';; u i:,:: i r: r ;s ( , i 1 . ;/'. ....... ..... 

n.]. ""ln <,. t.". , f.f l ;'"l. I nu .i,, 

IBENHUr.B .., , Hli( ID We , ;, 

"- '"-- n ^"":'- 


Fiche 50-180, 62/10/23, 821 109Q1S4. 

OpevsUrig Ucenss stage documents I: correspondenc 

copies of ce 

in doc 


of Uc 

to HF1C Clarifies number of 
submitted to NRC. Svc iist 


c ens mo . 1/O3. Mithisan, Unlv 

10j,p I 9960' 140 Z4X FJeht: SO-000. flS/lO/OS, BaiOOTOOlS. 

Inspection reports, IE Bulletins t tor rasp ondence 

321109018.) Forwards IE Intp Hep*; 50-168/63-01 on B209I6-17. No 
none Qnp I iiince noted 

HADSeiJ-e L Division of Resident, Reactor Project t, Engineering 
Programs B2/IO/B3. FAM, R E. Kansas State Unlv 2pp tiOOsVa 

2.1* Fiche 50-lBa, 02/10/23, B2U010184. P lauuj.uu. 

--BJ 11070] 03 IE Insp Rept So-lBS/fla-Ol on B2O916-17 No noncompl ianca 
rioted Major areas i na pec ted . org am i at ion, aud i t 4 review, 
operator r qual i f i cat ion trai ni no, procedures, survei 1 lanes, 
eiperiment*, emergency planning 5 radiation control 

REDAUO.R T . MURPHY, M E.. SCHUM, IJ E Division of Resident, React 
Project '_, Enolnoflnng Prnoram! 02/10/01 Spp I6QO3' 015 sax 
Fichu: 50- IBS, 82/10/33, S3] 10901B4 


F. ^Security, medical, amersencij (. fir* protection flans 

S211O30IOt ForuaTda amended pnyiicaJ sscuritu nlan Plan uithhsld 
(rof 10CFR2-. 79O ) . 

KANE.R.S. Manhattan College. 83/10/29. E ISENHUT, B. O. Division 
Licensing. [p. 15711: 360. 24X Fiche: 50-199, 02/ 1O/29. B31 10301OA. 

S211I70001 R.ltam*. public version of 6-n.ergencij plan 

FELTDN, J. M. Division of fiulrs and Records. Ba/H/OB. DotumEnt 

rlanagansnt Dranch. Ip. 14144.357 2<1X ri cfie 50- 1 99, 82/ 1 1/09, 
821 I I7OOO1. 

6211170002 Foruiards public version of emergency plan 

KAWE, R. S Manhattan College. BS/ 1 0/29. EISENHUT.DG Divisio 
of Licensing. Ip. 1AJ.4*: 358. 3-1X Fief, e : 50-1 99. 92/1 1 /OB, 

8211170003 Public version of energenci, plan. 

* Manhattan Col lea e. 82/1 OX 29. Ip. 1 A 144 359 2flX 
Fiche 5O-199, 03/1 1/oa. 821 1170001. 

P Operating lii 

: orrea pondfinca 

8210070015 Generic Ltr 62-19 to research t. test reactor Ucensees re 
submittal of copies of ifDc.ument-s to NRC. Clarifies number of 
copies of certain documents to be submitted to NRC Svc iist 
eric 1. 

EISEMHUT. D. O. Division o* Licensing. 03/10/05. Michigan. Ur.iv 

of lOpp. i 5960 140. 24* Fiche 50-OQO, B2/LO/05, B21O07OD15. 


F. Security, medical, emergency S fire protection plans 

52111301133 Releases puBlic version of emergency plan 

FELTON, J. IJ Dwiaion of Flules and Records. S2X 1 1 /OS Document 

Management ITranch. ]p lt>Qt>3:22B. S4X F( che: 50-192, B2/1 1/05, 

-021 1 LSOfl-BS Poruiards public version of emergency plan. 

BAUER, T. U. Tcias, Univ. of 82/10/28. Office of Nuclear 

Reactor Reai,lalion. Director. !p. 16065:229 24X 
Ficho 5D-I12, B2/11/OS, B31 

*3aill204BE) Public vtfrstor. of emergency p.lan., Univ. of B?/OB/3I. 2?pp. 14065:230, 24X 
Fiche. 50-193,82/1 1/O3, S31 11204B2 

P Opet-ating IICBMSO atage docunient-s !, corres jondEnie 

B2l00700lb Generic Llr 82-19 to research k test reactor licensees re 
submittal of copies pf documents to NRC. Clar i f ies number of 
copies of certain document! to He submitted to NBC. Svc list 

EISEtjH'JT.D Division of Licensing 93/10/03 Mlchioan, -Univ. 

of !0[i|j 1 3960. [1O SIX Fi c he: 50-000, 92/IO/O5, BS1007Ot)15. 

0. Ad jud icatortj correspondence 

S21I0303B6 FomaTos original of NV State EDA/NFS, Inc B2O91t, Itr r* 
settlement date of settlement agreernen t. 

EDOAR. 0. L. Morgan, Levitt tBocfcius. B2/Q9/23. CUNrJINflHAM, R E 
Division of Fuel Cycle S> Material Safety. Ij,. 15940-270 24X 
Fiche: 50-201. B2/09/23. 621 1030336. 

8211030396 Notifies Commission that B209li is s.ett 1 ement date of 
settlement agreement re Civil Actions B1-1BE t Bl-fiB3E 
JACK. H. A. Neu Vork. State of. DEUSTER, R. W Nuclear Fuel 
Services. Ins. (suos. of Gettu Oil Co. ). B2/09/16 
CUIJN1MQHAM, R.E. Division of Fuel Cycle i. Material Safoty ID 

1 59-10: 371. 24 X Fiche: 5O-2O1, 62/09/23, B31 1030396. 

P. Operating license stage documents t corre s pond anc e 

B3tlOi004S Ack receipt of B2O916 notice of settlement date of 
settlement agreement, stip ulat i on Si order in Civil Actions. 
ei-lBE It ai-iBSE in US Oistrict Court for Western District 
of NV. Provisional License CBF-1 condition* met 
CUMNINGHAH.R. E, Division o* Fuel Cycle t, Hater-ial S*fftu B2/10/07 

LAROCCA, J. Neu York, State of. Energy Research C. Deve I aftmen fc 
Administration. Ip. 13892:047. 34X. Fiche: 3-D-201, 93/10/07. 
BBI 1O10049. 

f Operating license stage documents & correspondence 

8ilQ07Q015 Generic Ltr 05-19 to research J. test reactor licensees re 
submittal of copies af document! to MRC. Clarifies number- of 
copies of certain documents to be submitted to NRC. Svc list 

eiSENN'JT, D G. D-WiSion of Licensing. B3/10/05. Michigan. Univ. 

of lOpp 1 3960: 140. 24X Fichu: 50-000,82/10/05,8310070013. 

S211050223 Foruards Amend U to License R-95 t, safety evaluation. 
Amind permlta uge of graphite reflectors slightly different 
from reflectors currently m use. 

THOMAS. C.Q. Standardnat ion t Special Projects Branch. BH/1D/1E. 
OIHEOLIO. A. F. Rhode Island, Btata of. Spp, 15963:023. SflX 
Fichu: 50-193. B2/ 10/1 S, 651 1030323. 

6311050226 Amend II to License H-95, p erml ttlng use of jrapnito 
reflectors slightly different from reflectorl currently 
in use. 

THDHAS.C.O. Standard! lation & Special Projects Branch. BZ/10/1S. 
5pp. 15963:025. 24X Fl che: S0-193i 63/10/19.8311030223. 

9311010243 Acfc reelpt of BBC>91i notice of settlement date of 
settlement aoreemsntj stipulation & order in ClvlE Actions 
Bl-IBE . S1-4Q3E in US District Court for Western DUErJct 
at NV. Provisional CSF-1 canditiona mat 
CUKMrWQHAM, R, E. Divitlan of Fuel Ci^tle Material Safety. 

DEUSTER, R. W. Nuclear Fuel Services, nc. Csubs. of Oettu Oil Co ) 
Ip. E5H?4: 132. 24X Fiche: 5O-2O1 , B2/ 10/O7. B3 11 010243. ' ' 


D. HflC Draft/Final Envi ronmBn tal Statements, suppls t c orr* tpon dent B 

6311150*05 Ftaquestl review of e.Httng FES for st B nifitan* chanaaa to 
Facilitu/envlr-ons that mouU affect FE9 cone lus i ons, For 
conversion of provisional OL to full-terra OL. Response 
requested within t>Q day* of Itr receipt. 

CRUTCHFIELD,D. Oparatins Reactors Draneh 5. 33/11/05 DIETCH.ft 
Southern California Edison Co. 3pp. t&OBt'OOa B4X 
Ficft: 5O-206, 82/11 /OS, BSH 150403. 

Safety evaluation supporting Amend 11 to License R-95. 
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director. B2/1Q/1B. Bpp. 
15963:030. 24X Fiche: 50-193, H2/ 10/16. 821 10SOS23. 



- ?""I!^l_*! dlia ll_ emel ' ! ' en *'< * * ire P rot "tion plans 

6310040048 Generic Ltr 82-17 to all p oul er reactor licensee, L 
appl cant, t, holders of CPi re incon. i .tenc between 
requirement, of 10CFR50. 54<U J, STS for performing audit, of 
'.V.^., p "P""''"M i "^ams Svc list encl. 

EISENHUT.D.O. Divisinn of Licensing. 62/10/01 
Edi.nn Co. of New York, Inc. Upp. 16002' 2B3 ' 
Ficne: 30-000. B3/IO/O1, B31004006B 



0. Division of Liceniino 
Edi, on Co. a , NeuYor*. Inc. vp'' 
Fiche: 50-000,02/10/06,6210070019 

620901-30 & notice of 

MILLER, L, HIRSCH.D.F. Division of Resident, Reactor 


--8211160073 Forwards public version of Revision 2 to Em D 
Implementing Procedure SD123-V1 1 1-1 6, "Hatifir*n ., . 
Revision^ to SOI23-VI, ,-,,.,, "CUssifica D n ^ " ' 
Emergencies. " r 

DAEH1N,K.P. Southern California Edison Co no/m 
ElSENHUr,D. 0. Division of Licensing. i, i!?o'"- 
Ficher 30-206,82/1 1/03,6211160066. *O1-31S. 

-82IM6007B Public version of Revision 2 to Emernpn r, 
Procedure SD123-VM 1-16, "Notification" J, =?? ^ f 
S0123-VIII-H 1, "Classification of Em.rfl.n'T 
HAV.H. Q. Southern California Edison Co. Qi'/iO/OI. (, 

^ on e c l001-2B t, notice 
BISHOP. T.N. Division of Resident, Reactor Proiect (, F,, 
Projrams. 82/11/O9 PAPAY, L T Southern Calif Engineer in S 

2pp. 16184:379. 24X Fiche: SO-306, B2/ ! 1/O9, gal iaSQWO " " 

K iw - 

K1RSCH.D.F. Division of Resident, Reactor Prn ,e f t- f. 
Programs. B2/11/O9. 3pp I61S4-?ni lay c J ! & 
PP "-'at' -01 ..4XF lcfte 30- 


E " s lneer ' n H 
30-206. Q2/ 1 I /OV, 

--S2112304?! IE (n ,p Rffi 50-206/02-33 on 
n D ted : f fl ilur B to provide firo u-atch t 
open flame procasses. 
MILLER, L., CHAFFEE,A., KIRSCH, D F. Bivis , on n f p 
Project t Engineering Programs 
Fleht: BO-BOA, BB/I I/O?. U 

8o "* h "-" C -'"wni. Edison Co. 82/10/32. 

2: reCBIl ltr re an " ual " = 
nlu .eh.dul.d far 030323. Util am.nabl, to anv 

' " r rfldUC , H n in 'P PP'-'v.d i FCTA 

A 80U fi her ? 1 Cflll f ornia Ed '"n Ca. 
. A. 6an Clemente.CA. 2pp, (5909 
FIche: 50-206, 8S/1O/32, 631 1030329. 

8211230312 Releases public version of r D v, nri 

implementing procedure Uerslon qf f-vntd emergency p]an 

FELTON, J. H. Division of Rules and Records E 

8SI1220316 Foruards public version of Revision 1 t n p m .n 
Implanting Pr.cedure BOI-VlM-n ,, c assi ic"^^ 
Emerosncies. " r lcat '"" of 

Bou * h -" c->'fomi. Edison Co. 

nranch 5 

" em P tio " fro m 10CFR50.S4(t) 

lchi 50-206, 

B2110400B4 E.emptiqn from IOCFR50. 541 1) 
p reparedne.s prooram On.-ur 


view of 

, B3/10/2Q, 



Edison Co. 

ri Bp-neh B 


0, Adjudicator^ correspondenc 

iche: 30-000, 

FUh.:SO-206, 82/10/23,8211030329. 

FELT6N- J. H. 
B2 111600A4. 



i c ense 

SaOTClOOS? Generic Ltr 62-lf, to all PUR licensees re MJREG-Q737 Tech 
Specs Requests revieu. of Tc-ch Specs to determine consistency 
Hi/guidance provided For items uj/dev i a t ions, amend to I: 
required. IJ/o stated encls Svc list entl 
EISF.fJHUT, D. Division of Licensing BJ3/09/20. 
Edison Co of Neu /ark, Inc 1 Sp-p 15TOO. I HO. 24X 

Fiche SO-000, 62/OW2Q, B2Q92IOO27. 

S21112017<J Responds to FOIA request for all insp. rep t s, c o rrospond Pnc e, 
mpiioraiidii ?- other documents re packaging !, transport Df 
spont nuclear fuel hy Southern C/i Efl i son Cu Fanuards 
documents listed in Apn A 

FELTOH. J M Division of Ftules and Records 82/09/23. RAPK1 N, A. 
Illinois: State of. "lop 16O7-1 002 34X F i che. 50-OOO, 03/09/20, 

--8211120185 Fot-uard* survey record For smearaJilB. contamination on. thr 
irradiated fuel shipping casts Survey record obtained during 
ins|i of radiation safety program w/o end Eicerpts from ins.p 
repts enc 1 

FISH, H F Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director 
iTOnvELL.O P Region 3, Chicago, Office a f the niroctor 
16074-006. 24X Fiche. 50-000, 02/09/38. 931 1130179 


8211130414 Approves removal af Shipping Caslc NF9-4 Serial NAC-1E c 
G10423 A 0352 d i i c us* i on*. 

EWCELKEH, R. H. Hegion 5, San Francisco. Office of the Diractnr 
B1/Q4/34. FAPAY.L.T. Southern California Ellison Ct 
16074: 195. 24X Fiche 5O-QOO, Q2/O9/2S, B2I I 2O1 79 


B2110301S3 Forwards B209O9 Urs re SEP Phase III For distribution 
SMITH, H. Operating Fleactort Oranch 5 B2/0 [ ?/2'9. Operating 

Reactors Branch 5. Ip. 1SW5:101. ?4X Fi c fie: 5O-0 1 1>, SS/09/29. 
B2I 103O163. 

-B2092B034I Requests comment* on propofed scape 
as reflected in one 1 topic definitions. 
EISENHUT, D. G. Division of Licensing. B2/O9/09. 
Atonic Industrial Forum. 7Bpp. 19933: 103 34X 
Fiche 30-010, 32/09/2?. B211O30163 

f BEF Pfiasn 1 II 

scope of Phase III progra 

-B2092B0353 Requests comments on prc-poi 
reflected in enc] topic definitions. 
EIGENHLJT, 0. O. Division of Li cens i ng . H2/09/O9. KAClCHrH SEF> 
Ouiners Croup. 77pp. 13933: 1 BO. 24X FicJi B: 30-O10, B2/09/29. 
921 1030163 

-82111M190 3mnmafiift? ?5051b teltan b etueen UJ Cooleij t RH Odeij 
re uae of GE Model IF-IOO cask to ship sp ent fuel. 
FISH, H F Region 5, San Francisco, Office or" Ihe [Jirectnr 
75/05/20 Region 5, San Francisco, Office of the Director 

16074.015. 24X Fiche 50-QOO, B2/O9/2a.B21 1 120179 

H2I1160010 Partial response to FOIA raqaeat for documents re IfHH I)OB 
dei'iciitncies i, major i nte rim ac tl ons. Forward 9 dacuments 
ll*td in App A. rtap D documents available from PDfi. 

FELTOWi J. M. Division oF Wules and Records. 83/1O/O4 HAFNER. tf 
Affiliation Unlnoun. Bpp. 14122:096. 24X Fiche : 50-000, B2/1 0/O4, 
92 J 1 1600 1 Or 

-S31I120SQO Noi,r les that mods to spent fuel shipping cask handling ^ 
ujill bo delated until nid CJc t 1973 due to i n t erf eront os 
betuen const activities tn complete casli mods 
BASKtH.M. P Southern California Edison Co. 73/O6/17. GOLLEH.K.R. 

Asaistaril Director for Operating" Reactor Projects IPre 791030). 
2pp 16071 017 2rtX Fiche SO-000. B2/09/S3, 0311120179 

--BD0709Q030 Forwards Itr sent to licenooe re Info requestnd in 13OOO. 

DNTDN,H,K. Office o-f Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director, 
80/03/29. MrCMELSON.C. Direc tor 's Of f i c e. Ip I hi S3' 10 1 241 

Fl the; 50-000, B3/10/0-t,BEl 11 600-10 

-8i'lll2J210 SuOmi Is info re Spent Fi/el Sniup ing Casl MFS-4/NAC-1 

SErtr-tAN, W H Southern California Edison Co. 76/OI/3O Division 

of Operating Reactor* !p >i,C7'l O2O. SIX Ficfie 50-000, B2/O9/2Q, 
8211 120179 

16 Notifies thl Spent Fuel Cask NrtC-lD contained smsarablu 
unation reailings greater ttitin 22,000 dfm per 100 



Southorn CaliForriid Edison CQ 
Franc i sec. Clffico a^ the Director 
Ficha. 50-0^0,32/1)9 /B, Bl'i I12O179 

76/05/ 17. Rogion 5, Son 

2p.p 1&07') 022 24X 

B2lliaOS22 Notifies that Spent Fuel Cast NAC-JD received from QE on 
7605?6 contained smearable contamination readings greater 
than ?2,000 <fpm per 100 squara tent imetcr 5. 

SULLIVAN, M Southern California Edison Co. 76/0&/27. Heqion b, 

San Francisco. Office of the Director. 3pp. 1 6O74 024 2-1X 
Fiche 50-000. B2/O9/28, 621 

239 Notifies that Spent Fuel Casl MAC-ID received from QF pn 
760S26 contained gmeardble contom I n3t i on readings greater 
than 22,000 dpm per 103 square centimeters. 

i Southern California Edison Co 76/05/SS. Region &, San 

Francisco, Office- of the Director 3pp 16074 O34 24X 

Fitha 50~OQO,82/O9/2EI, SSI 1120179 

-3311120257 Notifies that on 760704 leak found on spent fuel dipping 
cas!i containing spent fuel element left on 760702 Also on 
76070A fire reported in room used for counting equipment, 
ofc I/ storage space. 

NORTH, H.S. Region 5, San Francisco, OFfice of the Director. 
74/07/13. Region 5, Ban Franci-Bco, Office of the Director EDO 

14074 0'14. 24 X Fichc' SO-000, 02/07/28, B2 1 1 120179. 

-831H2Q38B Notifies that on three separate oceas I ons, verit val ve on 
Spent Fuel Shipping Caslt IJAC-IH. NAC-1C 6 NrtC-m Found open 
on arrival at GE spent fuel storage f at i 1 1 ty. Pr-oc edur as 
revised to checfc condition of va-lvei prior to snipping. 
HAD, J. T Southern California Edison Co, 77/07/13. Office of 

Nuclear Material Safety 4 Saf egu-ara 1 s, Dire ctor. Ap-p I4O74-O&! 
34X Fiche. SO-000, 82/07/28, B21 1120179. 

9211120359 notifies that spent fuel shipping taats have been 
reclassified as safety-related equipment to facilitate 
implementation of anend tn 1OCFR7I. Si.flpp E, "QA Criteria 
for Shipping Packages r'or Radioactive Matl. " H/reUted info. 
DRAKE, J. H. Southern California Edison Co. 7B/07/OS. SMITH>C V 
Office of Nuclear Material Safety ft Safeguards, D jr *ctor Sap 
16074; 067. 24 X Fiche: 50-OOO, B2/09/EB- S21 1 120179. 

-eait 120392 Summariiea intended action discussed during B01209 telcon 
re Shippina Cask NFS-4 Serial NAC-IE. Ac ti on approved. 
ENQELKEN.R. H. Region S, San Francisco. Office o* the Oirec tpr 
flO/ia/O"!. PAPAV.L.T. Southern California Edison Co 2pp 
14074:095. 24X Fi che: 5O-OOO, B2/09/EB.B21 (1BO179 

--B009070033 Bequests add 1 info re H003 1 failure of salt water cooli 
BIJI for NRC evaluation of ligniFicanee of uvnt. Henpor,BH 
requBttfld uiithin 30 daij s. Meet i tig wilt be scheduled following 
final eva t oatton. 

LrtlMAS.G.C. Assistant Director for Gaf*tu Assessment. 
DIErCHfH. Southern California Edison Co. 3pp, Iil22 10& 
Fich; SO-OOO- HSXIO/OI* 821 116Q01O. 

830-1190039 Dlicussei (.roponeJ i-ee ommonifationi for improving rollabl 
o* opo-n cycle tvc uatr ay*. Assistance roq.uested to 

safnty concorn nP s 

stac-lish lignlflcance of potemtlal 

L-atDT iys foullno. 

E1SEWHUT.D. 0. Division o*LiCBning, B2/03/I9 HA NADER, B H 

Divliton of Systems Integration (post HI 10031. 4pp 161S3 34O 

2-1X Fiche; 90-000, 03/10/01. B21 1 1AOOI 0. - ^ 

630iJl l )004l "Studij on Svt Wai.r By s Faullng. " 

* Dpe-i-ating Rsactors Atsciimefi t Oraiicti. 02/OH/2Q 
16122:3.13. 24X F i Che: 30-DOO, B2/ 10/C1, B21 1 16001O, 


B211170034 Aditl runonse to FOIA reijuoit for docurtiBnts m 
prelmplementatlon review of NUREC-0737, Item 1 1. F, 3 on 
detection of Inadequate; cor* eo-o] Ina. Foriuar dt documents 
1 1 s-tad in App a, 

PEL TON. J. M. "(vision of Holes and Records. B2/10/OB CDMNORj L, ' 
B211?70034 **' oc '**"* 1 Bf!> - 1*130:039, 24X Fie har 30-039. (J2/IO/OH 

8211170045 Comment* on We s tlnoJi ouse, C-E, BW t, QE owners group roinb 
to NUReo-037a, Bhort-Term Lesions Learnd Item 2. 1.3(b> 
conceTtiing unamft iouous Indication of inadtqi/ate core 

coollno. Recommendations Par fotjouup action provided ' 

HQLWAH. Q. M. HaFstv Program Evaluation Branch. DH/lO/Ofl. : 
PHILLIPS, L. Core Pr formanc* Drimch. 7op. 16130-O32 34X ! 

Fieh. : 50-000, S2/ 10/OB, B2H170034. ! 

B2I01S0287 Foru.rds draft radiological ETB,Hviilon to offtite dam 
caUulation manual t, Rtvi,i Dn to Chamicat Procndure 
SOl-IfI-S.2. 1, "Liquid fladuast* 3aiKp\tny t. Antla*i, c ' 

BABKlMiK.P. eouthnrn California Ediun Co, 32/1O/I3 
CRUrCHPJELD, , Qperablng Keactors Branch 5. 2pp. 18703-02? S4i( 
Flchi: 50-306, 83/10/13,8210150287. fa.-f. if 

-B210130a-?4 Revision to Chemical Procedure B01-I1I-3 & i, 
Raduaitt eamp-llng & Anal^iU. " 

KATZi D. aDutnerrt California EJlson Co- B8./O7/01, 13on 
13703:031. 24X Fieh : SO-ZO6, B2/IO/ 13i 0310130297. 


-B210ISOB97 Draft rarf lolay lea 1 ETS. 

Southern California Edlion Co. BH/D8/1B. 
34X Fiche; 30-H06, 82/10/13, 821 01 3Q3B7. 

96pp. 1S705: O43. 



"^"^^'rSo-SM.^JS/n.Kjo^Siaflf' '' 01 - ?Bpf - ' s * : ' 

PAUL50M.H.A op.r. tm. Reactor, Branch 
Division of Licensing 1 D 
331 106059-1. 

B3/10/I9. EJSENHUT. D. C 
Fiche: 50-206,83/10/19, 


ri^i^^F 3 - 1 "-^--- 

921I1002A5 Advise, that evaluation n* In,-, 

ttructur.. * exponents a pos e r t aa^^K 9 " pabllit y ' "Tt ain 


SliSS^ ' - -" -- ie - (0 ,, 

Ceneric Ltr B3-Pn n n 

holder* s, applica n for CP r/ iiS;^ I'"*", J ^-" i. P-rait 
BSP r Ule .For War d a NunEG-0906 HUHEO to h. " J"" 1 Hme " E '"9 
measure until Rflg 0uirfB ( 70 v7 J % , 1 " ""terim 
EISENHUT.DO flivisin n/i * Svc llst enrl - 

E-i-n C . O f N f: V Yn S ; ? B ' e Ue ; nl "'>'M- C.n.olid.ted 


.ric Ltr 83-23 to a 
info c on c BTntng t 
an EJ " 

generator tube lnt B gr(ty Svc list . 
EISEMHUT.D. 0. Division n (j, 

ns rB ateam 

Fiche: SO-000, 



001. 34 j 

Qffics Df the Ejiecutiv* 




, tension , deadlinfl un 

r comj>11 " 

S211030066 Notification of H ;Min 

di.cuss NHC portions r. ^f no ? . ""*'" ' * " in ne t h eS d fl ,HD t, 
Piping su, 6 need to de rao ns ra ei m? c " rf ^ l adS fnr 

range of ..pected earthq u at e " Se ' 5mlc 3de, u3cy Dver 

'02 CHUTHFfll.D, 

for SEP Topic i 

CHEOK, M C. , 

j i-uciear uenerating Station Unit |. - 

F'che 50-206, BWn/fXlSswiQfy,* 3 ' 09 ' 30 - * rf ' 

F>che: 50-206, B2/1 , 
6211030091 AH^,., tha 

toe: 50-206, 02/11/O2. 021 IflaOOSI 

F nksc t^ h opic ix - 5 - 
^- e ilc- 5 s^:^:r t T " i'-is l :r -< 
sa^/c.^ Ji- l : : '-- a 

-J Chn * Ml ""-iMtlon rept 

an af Ventilation Sijo fc 

: 50-306, a S 82no80, fi3 

B21 1080189 

mment* nn noinnc i L 

n n r ro i^ii^^ 

to a.supe solfHit 5 9 Vf^ 5(lDul(( b developed (, 

rui ,!tl in 1 ?,""" Mlltl ""- 
n n ? atcptable form, 

8211160047 Qn*ric 
Vrain) re 

Edi.on Co. of 


8211170321 Rmuest* verification of f at tual correctnui of draft *af*tij 
evaluations of SEP topic, lifted In Table 1 t, safety 
asieisment rpts for Table 2 SEP feop i cs, Respone ne-otiaru, 
to meet integrated assessment schedule. 

CflUTCHFlEt-D. D. Operating Reactors Branch 9. 82/11/12. D1ETCH. R 
Southern California Edison Co. 4pp. lil05:3SB 24X 
Fiche:3Q-20i, B2/ 1 1/12,8311170331, 

8211390103 Foruards response to concerns re masonry wall test prriar.irr) 
pet- Q30929 Itr !, BEP Topic ll!-i Schedule of activities 
associated u/test program end. Panel Type 1 ualls 
con strut ted. Actual testing of wall* on hold., K. P. Southern California Edison Co 32/11/33 

CRUrCHPTeLD. D. Operating Reactora Eranch 3. CJ3p p 16217 237 L'lX 

Fich: 50-306, 83/11/32, 921 1290 10 S. 

B211160211 Foruards revised final evaluation re SEP Topics V-IO B, 
"RHH fleliabil ttu. " V-ll.B, "RHR Interior* H<tiMrBmentB " 4, 
VII-3, "Sui Required for Safe Shutdown," in response to 

PAULSON, W. Operating Reactors BrancJi 5. 83/11/12. DJETCH, R. 
Southern California Edison Co, B5pp, 16138:191 24x 
Flche: 50-306, B2/ I 1/12,921 1 1G021 1. 

";*"'*">" of 021201-03 stings u/uti I t, Bechtel Corp in 
tles CA 6 at a 1 te to audit piping stresi analys-os 
performed under SEP Topic I II-A, ual Uoun piping | supports i, 
diicuss results of consultant reviBua 
PAULSDM, W. A. Operating Reactors Uranch 5. B3fll/S3. CHUTCHFIELD, B 

Operating Re ac tors Branch 5. 3pp. 1 62-03: 353 24 x 
Fiehe: 50-206. 33/1 1/33, 

93111B0331 Forwards evaluation of SEP Topic I !-4. D, "Stability of 
Slope*.' 1 Evaluation uill be basic input tn integrated aafetu, 
aiei*ment for facility unless change* reflecting eilstino 
ilt condition identified. 

PAULSON, W, Operating Reactors Branch 5. H2/I1/O. 
Southern California Edison Co. 14pp. I6I41-234 34* 
Fi che; 50-206, 82/11/12,021 1IBO331. 

8211300351 Forwards NRC Final safety evaluation oF SLP Topic VI -V II r 
EBF luitcJiover From injection to roc i rcul a t Ion. Ut i 1 to^mentis 
considered by NRC cannot conclude present ifasign provides 
adequate assurance PE manual switchover. 
PAULSON, W. Operating Reactors Uranih ^. 
Southern California Edison Co. !9|)p. I 
Flche: 50-206, S2/11/2H, 921 13DO35J. 


6211190207 Fqruard addl info re charging t, prettvrlitr Bpray SB lino 
for ni ifnic deiign consideration. Info dlloui for review of 
BEP Topic I1I-6. 

DASKIN,K.P. Southern California Edison Co. 32/11/15, 

CRUTCHF1ELD, D, Operating Reactors Branch 5. Sinn, 16151 202 31V 
Flche: 50-206, 62/11/15, Sail 190307. 

S2lfl804?2 Forwards evaluation of SEP Topic I I r-4. D re site proiimitu 
fflluilis (including aircraft). Fac 11 i fry adequatelg protectefl" 

From site prnnlmlty ml SB i I ea. Enc 1 evaluation uill be basic 

input to Integrated safety assessment. 

PAULSON. H, Operating Reactors Branch 5, S2/11/16. DIETCH.R. 

Southern Call f ornia Edison Co. 23pp. 16137' O30 3<4J( 

Flcne; 30-206, B2/I 1/16, 0211100472. 

B21123033B Provides results of analijiis performed to ver i Py (k( values 
for neu 4 spent fuel storage, in response to request COT addl 
InFo re draft tafitcj assessment of SEP Topic IK-1, 
"Fuel Storage, " 

KRIEOER.R.H. Southern California EdJtonCn. 33/11/16 
CRUTCHFIELO, D. Operabinj Reactors Grancl> 9. Ip. 
Ficha: 50-206. B2/1 1/IA, 831 1230339. 

Inspection reports, IE Bulletins ( c orrecp ondejiq o 

203190222 IE Info Notice 83-3-1, Rev i s ion 1, 
Panels. " Svc list end. 

JORDAN., , L. Division of Engineorin fl H 
Consolidated Edison Co. of Weu Vort, 
Fie he: 5O-000, H3/O9/17, 02OaS-?O333 

in Main Cnntrnl 

Qua 1 i tw rts s uronc e 
Inc. K)7pn 


IO5 ->Ay 


920fl|-7Q329 IE Info Motice aa-39, "Svc Degradation of Thick U,i 1 1 
Stainless Stsel R&r ire ula t i an SUB Pining at BHH Plant " 
Svc ltt enc.l . 
JOnOV.N,E.L Biviiion OF En D inrit^ ft flualitu rtasura 

ConsoJ idated Ednon Co of Neu Vurd. Inc. B6nn 
Fit be: 50-000, 02/07/21.0200170237. " 

3208190223 IE ln- o Nct tc e D2-3CI, "Change , Fnr mat I, Distribution n 
for IE Dullot Ins. Circulars (, Info No t i ce*. " Bvc Llil our I 
DEVm^.R.C. B ir e c t or' a, QFfice of In, pU on ^i' 
Enforcement, O2/09/2a. Conao 1 1 da t t.J Ed i ion Co. F N.n, Vor fc , h,r 

ai. 24X Fiej, e ; oo-ooo. 

0211190230 rtdvUes that SEP Top i r i II-4, "Onolo^y fc Seisfflologu" B, 
II-4.B, "ProHmitg af Capable Tectonic Structures to Plant 
Vicinity, " complete. Evaluation based on review of Units S & 
3 per MUREG-0712.Ho capable faults at plant sita, 
PAULSON.W. Operating Reactors Branch 3. HH/11/1B, DIETCH,f] 
Southern California Edison Co. 2pp. 16151 :OB& S4K 
Flche; 50-20S, B2/1 I/IB, 821 1 19O23O, 

8211230356 Forward* svaluation of uti 1 response to TMI Action 1 torn 
II. E.I. 3, 'Auxiliary Feedmater Bya Automat i c Initiation S. 
Flou Indication." Tacft Specs require mod to Include periodic 
teftlng of automatic actuation logic & logic relays 
CfiUTCHFIELD, D. Operating Reactors Branch S. B2/11/1B 
Southern California Edison Co. 6pp. lil7'?'34A 24X 
Fiche; 50-204, 02/1 1/10,0211830256. 


Fichej 30-000, 

t rt , i 

trat inn Assemblies," Svc Hot une 1 

'' iDn "' Enoineerina t, Qunlity Assurance. 
Edison Co. ofHewYor*. Mr. HSpp 1 5'HO 01 ) 


memoranda t, other document* re packaging 6 transport of 
ipent nuclear ful oy Southorn CA Edison Cn.Forujird. 
documenU li.torf In rtpp rt. 
FELTON.J.M. Division of Hule, and Rocor-dB, 

" 1A074;00a ' M* 

8211240252 Informs that peak temp * pressure far main itm lln. break 
inside containment rcealc u leted -at 371.9 F & 53 3 oil a nr 
App D of NUREO-OS8B, Poah conditions mill nevor be let, 
severe than LdCA post-accident temp t> press UPS 
BASKIN.K. P. Southern -California Edi*onCo. B3/1I/18 


6211240174 Provide* addl info re NUREQ-0737, I ten II B S, 
Review of Plant Bhlslding, '- k Item II. D.I, "PerforfflBnc 
T.ttlng of PHR Relief * Safety Valve.,- for tl an 
schedule update. 
BrtSKtN.K.P. Southern California EdlionCo. B2/11/I9 


B211840324 Foru.rds ,af e t u evaluation of BEP Topic ni-4 A r* tornado 
mliiiUi, based on B2O9O4 SAR. Several saf.tu -r. Uted u, tDTln OI] 

inadequatelg protectorf from tornado miteU.s 

PAULBQN.H. Opratln fl Reactors Branch S, BS/11/19 DIETCH B 
Southern California Edison Co. 21pp. K3O8-10B MX 
Fichs:SO-a06,0a/ll/19,B21la403afl. "*" IBB. 21X 

. VB iuUon of anchor.g. of , a f.t u -r 
di BCU ,ed at 820788-30 maetln r 

"/NfiC 1IPi* 

BrtSKlN-K.P. Southarn California Edlion Co B2/li/3B 

D - ? <ratln9 "-"tor. Branch i. 7pJ 
e: 50-206, B2/1I/22, 821 1S4015A. 

HJMIMHmM.L. Office of Infection t, Er,For. CBmB ht. Office of th. 

Fatll tu't, H C 10 ( [ t- n D ^'"- e "*' ln 3> S-nFP.wi.", ",[ 
Facility S. tlaturlal? Safsby Branch. Sap, 16074-OEi'J M 

S X 

F U li : 50-00 0,Ba/09/aa, SHU 120 17-?. 

nr^T: ?'tf rptlt . "' ' 11 ' E Inif F1 " lt -a 
;M= . Of violatl1 ""- M/ci notice of violation 

CdEUS.J.L. Region 5. Son Francisco, Reactor 

KlliSSnr" 1 ^' 

34X Fich. : SO-000. 02/09/20. 

Bn P I fc /"*i" f vlol*tlon.ll/o notlc. Q P violation 
BODH.H.E, Rejion S, fian Franci%co. Fuel Fac 

BUS S"'! ip . 


on 77041K-. 


lOif. No noncompl iante noted 

BOOK, HE. R.jion 3, San Franc i .co. 

90-206/77-10 on 

.Ni} nancompllance notvd 
BOOK.H.E. Region S. San Francis 

IE ""P 

SO-206/7B-OQ on 



--B2111203A9 Di,cu..s circumstances .urround Ing manipulation of Ca B 
KAC-1E uhich raiultad in ti fcrami tij dose to individual of 
13.2 rtm.per IE Ins* Re B t 30-204/80-26. 

, P P Region S. San Fr,ncisco L Off , ce_of _the _Dir.ctor. 

i Forunrdi response to 310123 notice of violation I. notice of 

Jrop,d imp ,ition of civil penalties "su ting fro* IE 

fnsp Rept 50-206/80-26 , BO0922-26 & IO14-I 7 

PAPAV.L T. Southern California Edison Co Bl/02/17. STELLO.V. 

Director's Qfftc.. Office of Infection and Enforcement. 38pp. 

16074.129. 24X Fi che . 5Q-OQO, 92/09/36, 921 1 12O179. 

-BaillM41fl Keq^st. *.* rept of investigation of prab 1 ,m u/Bh ipping 
Calk NFS-4 & estimated completion date. 

THORMDURO.H D. Director', Office. Office of In.p.c trion and 
Enfc.rc m .nt. 31/06/1*. OR IBS. II . H . HjB n 1, Ph ( larf. 1 phia , Office 
of the Director (BI/03/01). lp. 16074:196. 24X 
Fi c he :SQ-OQO, 52/09/28.021! 120179. 

211020327 Forward, IE Insp Rrpt 30-306/B2-24 on 8209GI-3Q t. notUe of 

r ' Division of Retid.nt, Reactor Project (, Engineering 

B2/10/21. PAPAY.L. T. Southern California Ediion CD. 
ei MX Flch. : M-a06.B2/IO/Sl.BM 1080337. 

-H311O3O331 Notice of violation from i"P on 820901-30. 

KinBCH,D F Division of Resident, R.^.tor Project ft Englni-rlng 
Pr"sra^ ' B2flOM. ^ ISBO^Wl. 24X Fich. : 50-206, 92/ 10/21. 
B21 102O327. 

-9211030335 IE la.p Rept 50 -E04/a2-26 on ^090l-30^compl lance noted: 
failure of nuclear audit & revieu committee tn revieu. *afet^ 
evdluatic-na For ")3 design thangei implftirentefl during 

KTRSCK, D.F. Division of Resident, Reactor Project 
Ergineing Pror.. W/1O/I9. I0pp. 

Fie he. 50-206, 88/ 10/21, B21 1-020327. 

!2031<?oa39 IE Info Notice 88-41. "Failure of 
Qotn at BUR." 9v( list encl. 
JORDAN,E. L. Bivi.ion c-f En 9 i n eerin 9 i Duil1 
Conaolirfated Edison Co. of Weu Yor^, Inc. 
Fiche: 5O-000. B2/ 10/22. 330819023-?. 

f Hr/H.l I ef V-lv. B to 



: 153. 

3211230431 Fcr^ard* IE In.p ftept* 50-206/B2-27 *, 30-3i2/9B-a3 on 
B20927-IQQ* No noncompl iance n<o tad. 

DiaiHOP.r H Division of ffHldtnl. Rector Project t- Engineering 
ProorLs B2/T/OB. PAPAY-L.T. Bp^thern California EdUon Co. 
2pp 11^2: lat>. 24X F i c h^: 30-206, 32/1 1 /OB, 821 133O43I 


Rept^ SO-20^82-27 * 50-3^/02-33 on 920927-100!. No 
nonconpanc* ted. Major *r.* in.p ,c tetf : c on.t acUvltUi 
involving licensee action on 10CFR50. &3(e ) Item*, IE 
bulletin*. Untt I seismic modi fc folloujp on preview. In.p. 
HEnNANCEZ.O . UAQNER.W. J. , KIRSCH.D.F. Division of Hldent. 
Riactor Project la Enjlneerlng Programs. 32/11/03. 9pp. 
16193 133. 34X Fiche- 50-a06rBa/ll/Oa-Q21l230431. 

R. periodic operating reports d r e late'd^corre spondence 

B3U100163 Forwards monthly operating rept for Jan 1900. 
CUKRAN.J H Southern California Edi.on Co. BO/02/OS. 
Management and Program Analysli. lp. 16022:145. 24X 
Fiche: 50-206, 90/02/08,8211100163. 

-- B211100I67 Monthly operating rept for Jan 1990, 

WATTSON.P Southern California Edison Co. 00/02/08, 
16022:146. 24X Ficha : 50-206. 80/02/00, BB1 1 100163. 


0311020240 Forward* monthly operating mpt for Aug 1902. 

RAY7H D Southern Califovnia Edison Co. 92/09/14. Qffkc. of 

Re.ource Management, Director. lp. 15B02:210. 24X 
Fiche: 50-206, 62/09/14,9211020240. 

3211020293 Monthly operating vept for Aug 1 9BH, 

SPEERiM Southern California Edison Co. 93/09/14. 
13682:211. 24X Fiche: 30-206, B2/09/ 14- 821 102024O. 


B211110163 Forwards monthly operating rept far 8npt 1952, 

fjAv.H Q Southern California Edison Co. 02/10/15. Manafleoent 

information Branch. lp. 16037:017. 24X Flche: 30-206, B3/IO/1B. 

B2HI10I70 Monthly operating rept for Sept l^a. 

VITTUM.S Southern California Edison Co. 02/10/13. 
16037 018. 24X Fiche: 50-206, 02/10/ i 5, 021 1 1 10165. 


9211230219 Verifies contact stress for MOV-B50A, D & C valvei p*r BSi 
Itr. Actual measurements enc 1. MOV-BSO valvos meeet functionJll 
integrity requirements for safety injoction aua, 
BASKlNiK P Southern California Edison Co. 92/11/17. 
CRUTCHF1ELD, D Operating Reactors Branch 5. Spp. 16193:209. S' 
Fiche: 30-206,82/11/17,9211230219. 

B, Raportable occurrences, LERs fr related corroippndBnco 

8211120179 Responds to FDIA request Cor all inp repts, corrpandtn' 
memorsmlfl t other documonfcs re packaging & transprot of 
spent nuclear fuel by Southern Cf. Edison Co. Forwards 

FELTON^J'M 'oiviBion of Rule* and Records. B2/09/29. RAPKIN.A. 
Illinois, State of. 4pp. 16074:002. 34X Fiche: 30-000, D2/OV/KB. 

--9211120226 PNOion 760329. fac 1 1 i ty received Spent Fuel Ck MAC-ID 
OE u/contaminatton in HHCBB of 22,000 dp<n pel- 100 square) 
ctntimeteri.Eircerpts Prom IE Insp Rept 50-206/73-04 nel. 
NDRTH.H , F1SH.R, flegion 3, Ban Francisco- Office of Uie DlrftC 
76/06/03, 4pp. 16074:027. 24X Fi cha: BO-000, 02/09/28, 021 HOC 

--6211120333 PNO- on 760527, fac i 1 i ty received Spent Fuel Cail HAC-U 
QE u/contamlnation greater than 22,000 dpm per 100 n|uar 
centimeters. . ., 

NORTH, H Realon 5, San Francisco, Office of the Director, 
76/06/03, lp. 16074:033. B4X Fi che: 50-000, P2/09/aB. &HI 1 1 3CT 

8211120851 PNO:on 770412, Spent Fuel Cask MAC-ID received u/ 
contamination in eice> of 23. 000 dpm per 100 square 
centimeters. Contamination local. Inc Ident reviewed during 

HORTHiH8. . BOOK. H. E, /legion S, 8an Francisco, Office of the 
Director. 77/03/04. 2pp. 16074:042. 24X Fiche: 30-000, 93/0? 

-B21I1HQ267 PNO' on 770502, Spent Fuel Can* MAC-ID raceived u/l 
contamination of 83.320 100 dpm per 100 square centintten, 
Leakage found on head of cask at joint. Incldant mill !> 
reviewed during subsequent iiisp. 

NORTH. H 8.. BOOK.H.E. Region 5, Ban Frantlsco, Offic* or th 
Director. 77/05/04. Bpp, 16074:046. 34X Flchi: 30-000. 

-82U 120274 PNO: on 770511. empty Shipping Cask MAC- IB reeivd w/l 
contamination of 144.290 & 24,990 dpm per 100 square 
centimeters. ,, . ., 

NORTH-H.S., BQOK.H.E. Region B' B " n Franciico, Offlca of tht 
Dlrtetor. 77/08/17. Spp. 16074:040. 24X Fichu: 3O-QOO. B3/W 
8211120179. ., 

-H21112QS79 PNQ; 770613, vent valve* on thrdo fuel tranifar ctk I 
fuel shipped dr arrived open, Incident to be reviewed durlnj 

NORTH.H.a! Region 3, 8an Francisco, Office of thd Director, 
77/OB/04, lp. 16074:050. 24X Flc he: 00-000, B2/09/2B- SHI 1 ISO: 



Sail 190173 Forwards LER 82-024/99X-0. DB tail ed event analysis suBmitted. 
HAV.H. B. Southern California Edison Co, H2/10/26. ENOELKEN, R. H. 
Region 5, Office of Director. Spf 16149:346. 34X 
Fiche: 30-206. 82/10/26,8211190173. 

--0211190175 LEH B2-021/99X-0: on 82QB13, south salt water cooling pump 
discharge valve POV-d opened uneipectantl y when air was 
supplied to solenoid control valve. Caused by misaligned 
manual operator POV valve Immediately shut. Damage repaired. 
HlW.H.n. Southern California Edison Co. 82/10/36. Region S, 

Office of Director. Ip. 16149:348. 24 X Fiche: 30-206, 93/10/H6, 
B2I 1190173. 

0311190118 Forwards LED 82-025/01 T-0. Detailed event analysis submitted. 
HAY.H.B. Southern California Edison Co. B2/11/01. ENOELKEN, R. H. 
Region Si Office of Director. 2pp. 16130:289. S4X 
Fiche: 30-206, 02/11/01,8211190118. 

0211170153 LEU Ba-02S/01T-0:on 821013, three lapses occurred in fir* 
watch coverage. Cause & corrective action will be dticribtd 
in revised LER to be submitted. 

RAV.H.D. Southern California Edison Co. 92/11/01. Region 5. 

Office of Director. Ip. 16150:291. 24 X Fiche: 50-206, BH/1 1/01, 

0311190111 ForuariU revised LER 82-025/01T-0. Detii lid event analysis 
9 if b mi ttecf . 

JiAY.H.B. Southern California Edison Cn. 02/11/10. EHOELKENr R. H. 
Region 5, Office of Director. 3pp. 16150:206. 34X 
Fiche: 50-2O6, 83/11/10,0311170111. 

--0311190116 Reviled LEfl B2-02S/0 1T-0: on B21012. 13 t 2O, lapses in firs 

uatcli occurred. Caused by inadequate fire watch supervision. 

Tun supervisory positions added to fire watch program. 

RAY, H. 11. Southern California Edison Co. BE/ll/IO. Region S, 

Office of Director. Ip. 16ISO:2O<f. 24X Ficha: 50-206, 82/1 1/10, 


V. Operator Examinations 

DaiO13001<? Oenerii Ltr B2-1B to all power reactor applicants fc 
licensees re reactor operator & senior reactor operator 
[qqualificalinn eiams. Ailvi ses that exams begin at facility 
aPt*r 021001. Bvc list encl. 

EIBENUUT. D. 0, Division of Licensing. 92/1O/12. Consolidated 

Edison Co. of New York. Inc. 15pp. 16002:234. 24X 
FiKhe: SO-000, 02/10/12, S21O130Q19. 

QSllSWlbl Responds to recoramenda tions resulting from audit c D ne>rnin B 
adeqoacy of operator training & emergency procedures ra 
pveisurliecl thermal shoe k . Operator requal if iction prngram 
revised to include more emphasis on past *"*-,_ ,, D ,, Tf .u BI p| n n 
DASKIN.K. P Southern California Edison Co. 8S/11/19. CRUTCHFIELD, D. 

Opuratirig fioactors Drarich 5. 4pp. 16206:346. S4X 
Fiche: 90-206,82/11 /(?, 8211240161. 

-flailS40lA-1 Revision 1 to operator requal if i cation re prisuri><! 

thermal shock. . . nr-innA BOI 

KIHBY.O. . KUHNER.P.R. Southern Ca 1 if ami a Edison Co- OT 1006 HOI. 

02/10/15. 33pp. 16206:350. 24X Fiche: 50-206,93/11/19, 

8211060493 Advises of full mitigation of civil penalties In amount of 
f 97, 000 re failure to install & test prompt notification sys 
by deadline. 

DEYOUNe.H.C. Director's Office, Office of Inspection and 
Enforcement. 82/10/09. COUTVSIL, U. 0. Cnnnictlcut Yankee Atonic 
Power Co. 3pp. 15969:360. 24X Fich e: 50-313. B2/10/03, B31 1040493. 

8210070019 Qeneric Ltr 62-21 to all liceniees t applicant) of nuclear 
pouer reactors re Tech Specs for fire protiction audits. 
Forwards guidance discussing general scope It describing 
elements to be Included In audit, Bvc list encl. 

EISeNHUT.D.O. Division of Licensing. 82/10/06. Consolidated 

Edison Co. of New York, Inc. Ilpp. 15993:339. 24X 
Fiche: SO-000, 92/10/06,8210070019. 

B2 10290103 Generic Ltr 92-23 to all licensees b applicants re 
Inconsistency between requirements of 10CFR73. 40(g ) b STS 
for performing audits of safeguards contingency plans 
(security planl.Svc list encl. 

EIBENHUT, D. 0. Division of Licensing. B2/10/30. Consolidated 

Edison Co. of New York, Inc. Bpp. 13993:319. 24X 
Fiche: 90-000, 82/10/30, B21O29O10B. 

9211040379 Generic Ltr B2-29 to all power reactor licensees re 
integrated IAEA eiercisa for physical inventory at LHRi. Any 
commitment to participate In eiercise is voluntary !. any 
util that participates will be reimbursed. Svc list encl. 
EISENHUT. D. 0. Division of Licensing. 82/11/03. Consolidated 

Edison Co. of New York, Inc. llpp. 16019:004. 24X 
Flch; 50-000, fl2/ 11/03, B21 1040379. 

921117003B Releases public version of revised emergency plan 
implementing procedures, including Procedures EPP 1. 5-32-C re 
PINO iodine channel & EPP 1.3-39 re past-accident sampling 
of containment atmosphere. 

FELTCN,J.H. Division of Rules and Records. 82/11/OB. Document 

Management Branch. Ip. 16139:321. 24X Fi che: 50-213. 92/11 /OB, 

9311170041 Forwards public version of revised emergency plan 
implementing procedures, including Poreedurei EPP 1, 3-32-C re 
PINO iodine channel tc EPP 1.5-39 re post-accident sampling 
of containment atmosphere. 

COUNSIL.M.O. Connecticut Yankee Atomic Power Co. 82/10/22. 
E1SENKUT, D. 0. Division of Li censing. Ip. 16129:324. 24X 
Fiche: 50-21 3, 82/11/09, 8211170038. 

B2I1170047 Public version of revised emergency plan implementing 
procedures, including Procedures EPP 1. 5-32-C re PINO iodine 
channel fr EPP 1.5-39 re post-accident sampling of 
containment atmosphere. 

Connecticut Yankee Atomic Power Co. B2/10/08. 37pp. 
16129:335. 24X Fiche: 50-813, 82/1 1/09, 8B1 1 170039. 

P. Operating license stage documents & correipondence 

8211030003 Forwards response to 5EP Topic 11I-S.A, "High Energy Pipe 
Breat Inside Containment. " Info pertaining to 
Instrumentation required for afe shutdown will be 
addressed during integrated assessment. 

COUN9IL,H.O. Connecticut Yankee Atomic Power Co. B2/ ^l?- 
CRUTCHFIELD, D. Operating Reactors Brandt 9. 273pp. 15904.001. 24X 
Fiche; 50-213, 92/09/17,8211030003. 

--0311340169 Hovision to operator requallf ication program re 

general (. specific operating charac te rist ic s. r,T-l 

KIRDY.M.J. , KUHNER.P.R. Southern Ca ifornia Edison Co. ^ DT I 
FIOO. 82/07/01. 9pp. 16207:010. 24X Fi che: 30-206, 92/1 1/19, 


P~~0peratlng license '^9e_documents_8._correpond.nce 

Oeneric Ltr 92-19 to research h test reactor 1 icense es re 



Edison Co. of New York, Inc. llpp. 
Fiche: SO-000, 82/10/01,9210040068. 


6311020010 "SEP, Topic VIl-1. A. Isolation of Rtactor Protection S(i From 
Non-Safety 8u i, Haddam Nee k Plant," pre 1 iminaru rapt, 
MGRMEN.D.J,. UDY.A.C. EM>. inc. F1NA-6425. 6211020010 
82/09/30. SCHDLL.R.F. Division of Llceniing. 22pp. 15904:037. 
24K Fiche: 50-213,82/09/30,821)020010. 

S2110i06ia Forwards requsst for atldl info re TMF Item II.K. 3.35r 
"PDUier to PuJiin Sials, " Draft transmlttal Itr encl. 
HEGNER.J D. Division gf LUinsing. B3/09/30. Division of 

Licenslno. 5pp. 13971:334. 24X Fie he: 30-OQQ. 92/O9/3O. SSI 1040613, 

B2110404BO Foruardi set of evaluations Por nrh SEP topic referenced 
in draft SEP rp t IHUREG-OB33) . 

BMITK.H. Eperating Reactori Branch 5. Ba/IO/12. Public Document 

Branch. Ifl. 15736:001. 24X Fie fie: SO-OQO, B2/10/ 13, BB1 1040480. 

BS1104Q494 Forwards recommended ground reiponse spectra ( 5K damping), 
establishing gi-ound motion acceleration values for 
structural re-evaluation of teiimic loads for eastern SEP 

CRUTCHFIELD, D Operating Reactors Branch 5. fll/Ofe/OB. Jersey 

Central Power t. Light Co, 2pp. 15756:091. 24X 
Ftche: SO-QOO, 32/10/12, 021 10404BO. 

8211020369 Advises of intent to ravlsn Paragraph* 18. E. 1 . a, IB. 2, 1 . d, 
16. Z. 1. f' 19. 2. 1. e * IB. 2. 1 , o re OA program, pir S21004 
celcon. Changes proposed to Improve overall GA program 
effec tlv*nBs it will he 1 ncopporated In neit rpt revision. 
CQUN3IL.M. O. Northeast Utilities Service Co, CHUNSIL, H. 0. 
Northeast Utilities. B2/IO/22. HAASS. W. P. Quality Assurance 
Branch. 3pp. I3BB9:O2I. 24X Fl che: 50-OOO, 82/10/22. B21 lO2D3iS. 

a2102oOOB8 (Jenaric Ltr B2-20 to all power reactor 1 icemen, perroi t 
holders & applicants for CP re guidance for imp lementlnj 
SfiP rule. Forwards NUKEO-0906. NUflEO to be usoil ai interim 
measure unttl Rig Guide 1,70 revised, 9vc list encl. 
EISEHHUT, D. S. Division of Llceming. 6S/10/2A. Coniolldated 

Ediion Co, o Niu York, Inc. 9pp. !59-?3:295. 24X 
Fi the: 50-000, B2/lO/?6. B2I 02600BS. 

8210270030 Generic Ltr S2-22 to all PUR licenei re CongratiioTH I 
rtut for info concerning its am generator tubi Integrity. 
Forward* Congreisman EJ Harkiy B2I019 qi/sstiani re t4n 
genirator tube inttgritij. Svc lilt encl. 

EI6ENHLJT. D. Q. Division of Licensing. 82/10/3&. Consolidated 

Edlion Cn. of Neu York, Inc. 10pp. 16099:332. 24X 
Fiche: 50-000. 82/10/26, B2 10270030. 

BHI1020602 Forwards requeit for arfdl info Ft PWR main steam lln* break 
u/continued feeduatar arid Ition. tnfo nft-dfd to tump 1st* 
nviiu. Info should be -urbmltt-gil uiithln. 30 dags. 
CHUTCHFIELD, D. Dperafcln} Reactors Drinch 5. 93/10/37. 

Connecticut Yankee Atomic POLKP Co. 6pp. 15868:039-. 24X 
Fiih; 30-213, B2/lO/a7,eai 1080402. 

6211040272 Forward! EOSiO Final technitfll valuablori rfrpt t- NRC saFetll 
evaluation *or SEP Topic VI-7. A. 3i "ECCS Ac Cuatlon 8gi, " 
Rnjuirementt satiiFied. 
CRUTCKFIELDi D. Operating Reactors Branch 3. B2/1O/27. 

Connecticut Vankee Atomic Pouer Co. 2pp. 1S92B; 133. 24X 
Fiche: 50-313, BB/10/27, SSI JO4G272. 

8211160373 Forward! suppl to lafety evaluation for NUREO-OJIH, ( tr* 
II, E. 1.1, "Auiiliary Feeduater Sys. V Submittal dtd HIOC'JI 
resolves concerns re power source d i vrs i tu , I tern conttrfer*! 

CRuTCHFrELDi D. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 'B2/11/OV Ctf.^lll '*' 

Connecticut Yankee Atomic Pouer Co. 3pp. 16091:3*9 ^41 
Fiche: 30-213. 82/1 1/O9, 831 1 160373. 

B211 170432 Agrees u/conc lut ions in NRC 820910 draft ivlu*Uc r l (' 
SEP Topics 1 1 -3. A, 1 1-3, B, 11-3. D. 1, 1 1-3. C *. 1 1 1-3 r* 
open Issues to 6e addressed during integrated asiritmeM 
Coaimtnts will be included in response to NRC 020730 llr 
COUNBIL, W. 0. , CAG-NETTA. J. P. Connecticut Yankee rttnmlc Pun* tx 
82/11/09. CRUTCHFIELD, 0. Operating Reactors Drantfc S ifn 
16106; 187. 20X Fich e: 30-213, B2/1 1/09, 821 1 1 70432, 

8211160047 Generic Ltr B2-26 to p ouier reactor licensed 1 ) lmtl< * '* 
Urain) re NUHEO-Q744, Hevls ion 1, "Pressure Vessel Hall 
Fracture Toughness. " Foruards NUREO-0744. Re vi slim I H/n 
encl. Svc list encl. 

E1BENHUT, D 0. Division of Licensing. B2/11/12. C-oniol! ItT ' 

Edison Co. O-f Ny York, Inc. 52pp. 16232:212. it4X 
Fiche: 50-000, 83/11/12,8311160047 

82 J 1220278 Forwards results ft comments, per 821006 conf -r n'C t I I " ' 
B20B03 "Control of Heavy Loads," technical evaluation -t|.l 
DDCurriBnta t Ion of resolution of open i terns will he cum^liMt 
bv 930429. 

COUUSIL.W. 0. , CAONETTA, J. P. Northeast Nuclear Eneruy ( (! n.|* 
North-east Utilities). COUNSIL, W, O. Connecticut YniiLel Att.nt< " 
Co. 82/11/12. CfiUTCHFIELD, D. Operating Reactun rii'*n(i9 
CtAR,n.A. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 8pp. Iftl/.n Hi Jl 
Fiche: 50-000, 82/1 1/ 12, 821 1S2027B. 

0. Inspection reports, IE Bulletins t c orreap ondenc* 

8211170250 "Phase I Insp Rept.Natl Dam Insp Program " 

TIEH8CH,C, 0. . RAVH5,F. J, , COOPER, 8. Army, Dup t. of , t;u*n a* 
Engineers. 7B/09/30. 192pp. 16104:313. 24X FlcJi* flit Jl I 'W'^' 
021 1170250, 

B2I11B0179 Hesponds to FOIA request for all Insp rep U, i >n in *' 
mimoranda & other documents re packaging ( traniprol a I 
spent nuclear Fuel bu Southern CA Edison Co. Forward I 
documents lilted In App A. 

FELTON, J M. Division of Rules and Records. U3/07/'ll hWr|">J * 
ItllnoUt State of. 4pp. 16074:002. 24X Fiche !)(l (H'ii W-' d ' - '* 

B209190220 IE Info Notice B2-37, "Cracking in Upper lihell I" 
Transition Cone Oirth Weld of Steam Generator al ()|)rni| 
PWR. " Svc list encl. 

JORDAN, E. Division of Enjineering (. Quality niiuratu* 6- : ~ tf '' [ 
Consolidated Edison Co. of Neu YorK, Inc. 10pp iHftp^U ^ 
Fiche: 30-000, 82/09/ 16, 8208190220. 

8208190222 IE Info Notice BB-34, Revisi on lj "Welds I" Htn>*. i i-l 
Panels. " Svc 1 1st encl. 
JDRDAN.E.L. Division of Engineering t Quality Atii*i"i &f :"-- : 

Consolidated Edison Co. of Neu York, Inc. 107|i|i *Mh* 'ft* 
Fiche: 30-000. flB/Of/ 17, B20B1 90222. 

--8211040277 "SEP Topic VI-7. A, 3, EMS Actuation Sys, Haddam Mecth" 
technical evaluation rapt, 

VP.NDEBBECK, n. EO&O, inc. FIN A-A-ias. EOQ-EA-OOIH. 62/09^30. 

NRC - No Detailed. Affiliation Given. 15p-p. 15928:135. 24X 
Fi c he:SO-21 3, 92/10/27. 3S 1 1O40272. 

9211080161 Forwards documentation on hoy criterion of NUREO-0737. Item 
II. D. 3, "Post-Accident Sampling SDS" satisfied. 
COUWBILH. 0. Connecticut Vankee Atomic Pouer Co. B2/11/OE. 
CRUTCHFIELD. D. Dparating Reactors Branch 3. 33pp. 15993:144. 24 X 
Flthe: 50-213, B2/1 l/OI, 821 10B01&1 . 

8311 140422 Comments on NRC 920732 draft safety evaluation of SEP Topic 
VI-10.A. "Teitlng of Reactor Trip Bys fc EBFin Including 
Response Time Testing. " Tables ihoulng reactor * ESF trip 
parameters encl. 

COUNSIL, M. 0. - CAQNETTA, J. P. Connecticut Yankee Atomic Pouir Cp. 
B2/11/OB. CRUTCHFIELD. . Operating Reactor* Branch 9, Spp. 
16091:236. 24X Fiche: 50*213, B2/1 l/OB. 8211 160432. 

u2U150164 Forwards NRC final evaluation of SEP Topic XV -2. "Bpictrum 
of Stiam Byi Piping Failures Insidi 1. Outside Containment, " 
sus It radiological consequence, aspects, Current criteria mit. 
CfiUTCHFIELD, D. Operating Rear tor* Branch 5. 82/11/09. COUNSIL, H. 0. 

Connecticut Yantie Atomic Powir Co. IBpp. 140iO:O?B. 04X 
Fiche: 90-213. 82/ 1 1 /09, 321 1 1301 4 4. 

S30B190229 IE Info Notice 02-39, "8vc Degradation of IM-t ist 
St*inl*n Steet Rec irculatlon 5<js Piping at Hurt PUrtl - 
Svc list incl . 

OORDANiE.L. Division of Engineering i Quality Aitufd'H t W 
Consolidated Edison Co. of Neu Vork, Inc. H6pp IMII f 6<* 
FIche:SO-000. 82/09/21,6208190229. 

8308190223 tE Info Wotice B2-3B, "Change in Format t Ul fl* t1 
for IE 8ulletln*<Circulart * Info Notices." Svc Ilil fll 
DEYOUNO, R.C. Director's Office, Office of Inspection 4 *f 
Enforcement. 82/09/22. Consolidated Edison Co u* -'f 'i 

110(p. 160lfl:021. 24X Fiche: 30-000, S2/Q9/22, CISOH W!/J-* 

820B-190232 IE Info Motice B2-40, "Deficiencies In fri*'t < t* 
Electrical Penetration Assembl ies. " Svc list encl 
JORDAN, E, L. Division of Engineering V Quality. Atiurj"'! 

Confllldated Edison Co. of New York. Inc. 
Fiche: 30-000- 32/09/22.6208190238. 

Bill 120434 Foruards IE Investigation Riptt 30-Sl9/nO 
on 80IOO6-B1OU4. No noneomp 1 lanci noted, M/o enc 1 1 
CABL80M,B. T. Enforcement t Investigation Staff, 
CLARK, f. H, Jersey Central Pouer it Light Co. 3pp 
Fiche: 90-000, B2/O9/BB, S21 1 120179. 


6211060493 Advises of full mitigation of civil p*n*Uin I* 
97,OOO re failure to Install & test prompt notl'l*ln* l|* 
by deadline. 
DEYOUNv.R. C. Director's Offlcei Office of Inipictlfl" 1 

Enforcement. B2/10/09. COUNSIL.M.O. Connecticut V*1 ft * 
Power Co. Spp. 13963:360. 24X Fiche; 30-213, 62/1O/&S ..... 



Q2ilOnO27L Null flcat ion of B21I03 meeting u/utils & Franklin Research 
Ctr In Bethesda, I1I> to discus* design (IE Bulletin 80-11) t 
ue of "onBrgij balance technique" & '"arching theory". 

IHAMKeLL, C. M. NflC - No Detailed Affiliation Qiven. B2/10/07. NRC 

- Ho Detailed Affiliation Given. -4pp. 15975:310. 24X 
richtJ 50--DOO, E)2/1Q/Q7, B21IOSO271. 

EW1OI9O15I "Applicability of Energy Qalance Technique to Reinforced 
Masanrij Dalle," technical rept. 

HAHIR.^YA Dreiol Univ B2/QQ/31. 7pp. 15973:332. 24X 
FUh: 50-313., 32/10/07,921 1000371 . 

--P31GL7Olt& "Applicability uf Arching Theory to Unrsinf oread Block 
htnaonrij Hal Is Undor Ear thquak e Load ing. " 

IHAKtltB* H. Q Dmial Univ. B2 /OB/31. 10pp. 15973:329. 24X 
Fichc: SO-213, 03/10/07,8211030371 . 

D20Ol'K}2:i9 IE 1 nf u Notice 02 11< "Failure of Baf oty/Re 1 i ef Valvea to 
ripen at UIJR. " 3vc list end. 

jnHDAH. E L. Division nf Engineering & Quality Assurance. 82/10/32. 
Consolidated F.dison Co. of New York, Inc. 110pp. 13960:153. 24X 
Fiche: 50-000- (J2/ 10/22, G20H 1 70239. 

0^110^0342 Notification of 031103 eignificant licensee meeting u/utiU 
in flBTlin.CT to discuss SAUF'. 

imlQQ?1,t E flflffion I, Office of Director. 82/10/25. Region I. 

(If ft c of Director. 2pp. 1597QrQ48. 24X Fiche: 50-000, BB/10/2S, 
fiai IQ&O31K. 

(321 I 1OCOHO Ack receipt of 021O06 1 tr informing NRC of steps taken to 
correct violation* noted in IE Insp Rept 30-213/02-16. 
MftflrlN. T. T Division of Engineering k Technical Programs. 82/11/04. 

COUNfllt...!!. Q. Connecticut Yankee Atomic Power Co. lp. 16029:304. 
3>IX Klcti*: 30-213, O2/ 1 1/01, BSlll OO3BO. 

l003flS H4 P ort^9 to NftC B2Q"?oa I tr re violations noted in It' Insp 
Rop t 30-2 1 3 /BE- 16. Corrcctiva actions: computer programs 
which list plant procedures revisei) Ei controlled routing 
program null be utiliiod. ,,,, 

CC]U!J=iH.H Connocticut Vai.kee Atomic Pouer Co. 82/JO/Oi. 
MrtllTtM, T, T. .Division of Eng i n-eering fr Technical Programs. 2pp. 

nos. 21 x Fth:so-ai3. 02/11/04,8211100330. 

O Hwrninarij of 0^1103 meeting u/ lit Us ra IE Bulletin BO- 11 on 

of "Energij Dalancii Technique" t- "arching action for 


c t ,or, Br.h 3. 
16103:328. 21X F, che: 50-000, 


Fi.riJ.rili IE Insp Hept SO-ai3/B2-20 on B2101B-22.ND 

l r' D !K-.n of E ni in..rln, * Technical Prog^n,, - 

.U.U CnntUt VankeE Atomic Pouer Co, Bpp. 16236,078. 

IE i n . P it-pi so-aio/sa-w on 021018-22. No f|niP la " CB 

d M<ijor r s Inspected: environ monitoring program, 
cDntrol-progran For QC of analytical m ea S ur em ent. I, 

l3b7i MX Fich: 30-213,82/11/13-0211300203, 

KKWI9W4D IE Info Notice 82-43. D.* ic ienc 1.. in LWR Air Filtration/ 

cfc: so-ooo. 82/11/16- 020BI9024B, 

IE InPo Molice O2-45, "PHR Lou Temp Dyei-pressur. 

Fleh: 30-000, 
D. ParlodU op< 

B2111I0339 Monthly operating rept for Sept 19B2 

UNIKEHICZ.S. Connecticut YankBf Atomic Pow*r Co 
14039; 289. 24K Fie he: 30-213, 82/1O/ 13, B21 1 1 10326 

B211230107 Forward i nontMy operating rtpt for Oc t 19S2 

GRAVES, R. H. Connecticut Yankee Atomic Fuur Co D2/1I/13 

Management Information Branch. lp. 16193 15i 24* 
Fiche: 50-213, B2/1 1 / 13, B21 ISM 187. 

8211230169 Monthly operating rept for Dct 1 9B3 

ELMS, A. Connecticut Vankea Atomic Poutr Co. B2/M/13 
16193: 157. 24X Fiche. 30-213, 02/1 1 / 13, S21 123Q1B7. 

S. Reportable occurrencei, tERj V related 

S2110201B7 Forward* LER 62-OOB/03L-0. 

GRAVES, fi.H. Connecticut Yankee Atomic Powe 
HAYNES.R.C. Region 1. Office of Director. 
Fiche: 50-313, 82/10/23. B21 10201S7. 

1 5B3 1.147 

--6211020196 LER B2-OOB/03L-0: on B20924. cont* inrntnt ptronnl htth tent 
not performed at required time.Causd hy pertonn*! njtirg 
containment entriei to correct oil problems u/reactof 
coolant pump 2. Test completed. 

MURRAY,T.G. Connecticut Yankee Atomic Power Co. B2/1O/22 
Region 1, Office of Director. lp. I58BI : 14B. 24* 
Fiche: 50-21 3, B2/ 10/22, S21 1020 1 97. 

8211020533 Forwards reviird LER B2-006/O3L-1. 

CRAVES.R.H. Connecticut Yankee Atomic Pouir Co. B2/10/25 
HAYNES.R.C. Region 1, Office of Director. lp. 15807:204 24* 
Fichei 50-213. 82/10/25,0211020333. 

BSH020S70 Revised LER B2-006/03L-1 : on B20919 t, 0511. cell* 42 !. 22 of 
emergency dc battery fount! leakins electrolyte through ...a 
crack. Cracks discovered in 11 more batter iei. Caused t| cell 

plate eipansion i end-of-Hfe condition!, 

OU1NN,M.D. Connecticut Yankee Atonic Power Co. 62/10/35. 
Region 1, Office of Director. 2pp. 15907:203. 24X 
Fiche; 50-21 3, 82/10/25, 8B11O20533. 

0211290404 R0:during third querter 1?B2 inservice t.*t of vilvet 
date of one surveillance procedure e.ce.ded 3-month 
surveillance interval of ABrE Section XI. Caused by. clou*' 
pressure gauge line. Line uncloggei t. tet c ompleted^ 
C-RAv-EB.R.H. Connecticut Yank.. Atomic Pou.r Co. B2/ 1 / 
HAYNE8.R.C. Region 1, Dffice of Director. 2pp. 16210,344. 
Fiche: 50-213, 82/11/05, B31 1290404. 

B211290662 Foru.rd. LER B2-Q09/03U-0. B2/1I/OT 

GRAVEB,R.H. Connecticut Yankee Atomic Pou.r Co. B2/I*'"' 

HAYNE3,fi.C. Region 1. Of'ic. of Director. lp. 16223. IIH. 
Fich9:30-S13, B2/11/09. B2112TO662. 

B21 1290669 LER B2-009/03L-0: on B21015. p i<ih le lt discovered 
Uint ne.t to B charging pump ^circulation throttle lvi 
CH-V-275 C^use not st-ted.Pioe joint Uol.t.d by valvirj ou 

B2 11 290662. 
V. Dpi 

Mjr,a9"int rnformstlon ^anch. l 
Flc: 30-213. aa/09/13. 821 1020397. 

-821 1020303 Honthlv P 

, pp. 


af Resource MB Bm nt ' ?;V?^SSA 
Fich: 50-213. 82/10/13,0211110326 

16039:289. S4K 



F. Security, medical, emergency t fire protection plant 

82JQ040Qt.B Cenrric Ltr 82-17 to all power reactor licensees !. 
applicants t holdirs of CPs ft inccni latent v betutan 
reqii'lrenients of 10CFR50, S4( t) t STS for performing audit* of 
erairgency preparedness projrtrat.Svi llit end. 

EJSFNHUr.D. 0-. Division of Licensing. 82/10/01. Coniol t dated 

Ediion Co. of Ncu Vork, Inc. llpp. 16002:299, 24X 
Fichu 50-000, S2/IO/Q1,B2KK>4CK),8. 

8210070019 Generic Ltr 83-3! to all licensees d applicants of nuclear 
pniuer reactors re Tech Spett For firt protection audits. 
Forwards guidance dis-cussing general icopB S> describing 
elements to be included In audit. Svc list encl. 

EJSEHHUT. D.-O. Divtiion of Licensing. 82/10/Oi. Canto] idj ted 

Ed i< on CD. of Neiu Vart. Inc. 19pp. 1 3993: 33B. 84X 
Fte/ie: 50-000, 82/ 10/06. B31007&019. 

8210290108 Generic Ltr 93-23 to aJl llcinlles & applicant* rt 
inconi If ten-cy hitmen* requi rtments of 1QCFR73, 40(g ) b STS 
for parfgrminj audits of saf(o.uards contingency plant 
fiecuritij plant. Svc Hit end. 

EISENHUT, D. 0. Division of Licensing. 62/IO/30. Contollrfa tad 

Edison Co. of Htu York, Inc. app, 13993: 319. 24X 
Flcha: 50-000, 82/10/30,9210270108. 

8311040379 Generic Ltr 92-25 to all pnuer reactor licensees re 
inteorafced IAEA eiercise fnr physical Inventory at LHfii. Any 
commitment to participate in eierclse ii voluntary & any 
ut!9 that participant uEll be reluoUT jed. 9vc list encl, 
EISENHUT, D. 0. Division of Licensing. 32/11/03. Coniollda tstf 

Edison Co, of Meiu York. Inc. llpp, 16017:004. SIX 
Flehe: 3O-000. B3fl 1/03, 821 1040379. 

6211230405 Forwards SEH for App R to 10CFR30, Items III. 0. 3 !t II 1. L re 
lafe sJiirtdoun capability In event of f in, Concap tual deiign 
af tatt inutdaun eapaiillty comptiei u/App R reijulrenienti. 
CRUTCHF1ELD, D. Operiatlnj Reactors Branch 5. 62/1 I/IB FIEDLER, P D 
General Pjol ic Utllitlei - OPU Service Corp. Spp, 1619^:060 3AX 
Ft che: 50-21 9, BS/ll/lB,&3\ 1230^09, 

B2HS30415 SEfi for App H to IQCfKSd, I temi I II. 0. 3 fc HJ.L. Propo.ed 
attlont re iaf shutdown capability in ,cvent of Fire 
acceptab 1 a, 

* me - No Detailed Affiliation Given, Q2/11/18 9ao 
16194:062, 24X Flehe: 50-219, 63fl 1 /IB, B21 1230405. 

0. Advlsorij Coniniittee on Reactor 9afjauardi reports b correipnndence 

6211230325 Foryarrfi P Sheumon 621 10? Hr to Chairman Palladino re ACR3 
rept on SEP rivJeu at facllltu. 

CRUTCHFJELD, D. Operating React-on Qranch 3. B2/11/18 FlEDLEfiiP n 
Oeneral Public UtilitUs - opu Service Corp, Soc 16192-I79 fW 
- 1X 

B2I1170447 Sutmlt* ACRS rept on Phase II of SEP TivUw NRC ainsimi 
* conclusions *pproprU te. Intigrated plant safety atseiunint 
proposed far rsmalning 38 toplci.Nu back fit required, for 10 
topics Included In aisgisment. 

SHEWMON.P. rtCRB - AdvfiDnj Camntttee on Reactor SaFeguard.. 
02/11/0'!. PALLADINO.N. J. Commits! oners. 4pp Ifiloo- .si SAt 
FIche:SO-2l9.B2/n/IB,B211230325. PP ** 

P. Operating llcenie itagv. documents U correspondenci 

S211030227 "Rutart of Core Earau & Lou Pressure Coolant Innt 
NUHCB-OTa?,!^. II. K. 3. 21, Ch/.ter Grii-t HucJ.*r oSn."tnS 
Sta t (on. " " 

E0!ll} ' Inc - FIM A-6427. B311030S27- 
"'"" "' * lntir M fpo. 
a Flche:50-EI9,B2/07/31,BSI1030237. 

o^ o u . 

82110301)93 Forward! draft integrated plant SrtR (NUBE5-0022I 
documenting NRC revleu completed under SEP. Review inclujit 
documinted evaluation of plant safety W/o encl. 
H1RAGLIA,. F. Assistant Director for Safety Asteismirit Kt&til. 
SHEyilON, P. S. ACRS - Advisory Committee on Reactor 8af rtLjardi 
13943: 2fiB. 24X Fichu: 30-219, 82/09/30, B2! 1O3O*B3 

B21IQ50104 Forwards draft NUREO-O822, " Inteijra ted Plant Safttu 
Ati.iiment" & FR notice of issuance t> ava i 1 ab i Htij. ffipl 
docunnnts NRC review completed under SEP. H/o NultEO. 
CRUFCHFIELD, D. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 93/09/30 FtC-l't 

Jersey Central Pouier i- Light Co. 3pp 199fc4 333 six 
Pi Che: SO-E19- B3/09/30, 821 1050104. 

--&2I1050I11 Notice of Issuance S< availability oF draft int*gr4tp 
*af*ti| assesinent rept (NUHEO-0022) . 

CRUTCHFieLD,D. Operating Reactors Branch S-. [33/09/30 lit 
15964: 326. 24X Fiche: 5O-219, 82/09/30,0311050104 

B2110404HO Fflriuardi set of evaluations for each SEP topic rt^ttt 

in draft SEP rept (NUREG-D822). 

BM1TH.H. Operating Reactors Branch 3. B2/IO/J3 Put In Ci- 

Branch. Ip. 13956:001. 24X Fiche- 50-OOO, S3/ 10/1 3, HS 110*0183 

8009170095 "Impure Hater in Steam Generators * Uolalien Clreri 1 

Informal rept for limited distribution. 

VAN ROOYEN, D. Broolhaven Nat I onal Laboratorij. F\H rt-3106 
HNL-NUREO-2ai47. 80/06/30. 16pp. 1593&: 063. 24( 
Fich: SO-000, 82/10/12, 0211040480. 

B2110a049fl Faruardi recommended ground respanit ipectfa (5-J. firj 
itablishing ground motion acceleration value! far 
structural re-evaluation of seismic loads far tastn-n BEP 


CHUTCKFIELD, D. Opera t i ng Reac tors Branch 3. Hl/Q&fCO Jt' 

Central Power b Light Co, 2pp. 15956-oai. 3+* 
Fiche: 5O-OOO, 02/10/13, B21 10404BO. 

--8J03290046 Foruardi digiblied pseudo spettral ace e I trail an vi], 
pretirainary site-specific ground response spectra 
tratiifnitted in 000623 Itr, 

LEVIN.J). flivliiun of Engineering. 80/09/17. CfltrCIIFICLP. S 
Bystematic Evaluation Program Branch, 2pp. 13936 090 =41 
FieniT 50-21 9, B2/10/1S, 821 1040480. 

--80081 10&33 Advises that draft technical evaluation of SEP I* n 
ii acceptab le. RequH< ts that encl documents be taruujtt IP 
licensee for comment. Any comments should be suppllld piler 
to BI0302 for consideration in final rept. 

CRUTCHFIELD, B. Systematic Evaluation Program Di-tntd K.'07f\ 
CRUTCHFIELD,D. Operatlno Reactors Branch 5. I4pp 1S9Jfct& 
24X Fiche: 50-000. 83/10/12,821 1040480. 

--8211O405Q4 "Bfcstus of Evaluations . Mods of Diinl Qintritet In 
Annunciator ays at Varioui US Nuclear Pouar Plantl. " 
SH1NDELL, B. (1. EOS.Q, Inc. RUMBLE, R. P. Lauirsncf Llvjrsai. 
Laboratory. FIN A-0231. UCID-1B14S. 79/10/31, tfflC - If* 
Dvballtil Affiliation Given. 60pp. 13936: 117. 31C 
Fich: 50-3 1 9, B2/ 10/13, 8211040480. 

8003230355 Forwards SEP safety topic assessment Input n elfcKi 
pinetra tions of containment. 

CRUrCHFIELD.D. Systematic Evaluation Proaram Branch 00/01,. 
ZItHANN,D.L, Operating Reactors Branch 2 (Pre Q<lfH3tt> Jf 
IS956: liO. 24K Fiche: 50-000, 82/10/12,821 10404410. 

8007140113 Forwards draft technical evaluation rpl n fiCf l*n 
III-IO. A, v-!I. A, VI-7, C. I t, VI 1 1-3. B. Repti have b**n 
revieuied t should be forwarded to license* lor tcnl 
CRUFCHFIELD, D, Systematic Evaluation Prnoram Branth. K'C*-'i 
CRUTCHFIELD.D. Systematic Evaluation Pi-Qfll-am Br*n(A It 
15996: 179. 24X Fiche: 50-000, 82/10/12,821 1040400. 

*" EEP Pb. Iir for 

ratJjij H.actcr, Brinth 5. 82/09/29. 

8309380341 Requeiti coimiinti n proposed cop< of SEP fhaie II 
as in end fcopit definitions. 
^I?!^!:?:. -. 82/09/09. EDWARDS, D. 

B 3 5 3d R, r; .t. t-|; iS;|;: ... sco P , , Ptal . KI ,, 

EISENHUr. D- 0. Divlilan. # Licrntlrtf. 83/09/09 KAC1CH.R HFP 

"' 1 "" IS933;IB(> ' 8 ' 8EP 

3211040965 Notifies that Clan IV fee dun for 820820 i 
requesting change in capacity of spent fuel storage 
rac JJi tu.Rl-vi eu ulll involve lisuanci of EIA. 
DIQOB,H. M. License'Fee Management Branch. 82/10/14. FIEDtf".! 
9enral Publit Utilities - OPU Service Corp. Ip. lB^4-3 J 
Fiche: 90-219, SB/1 0/1 4, B21 1 040563. 

6210340038 Oen*ric Ltr 82-20 to all pouier reactor 1 UtnilM, itTil 
holders & applicants for CP r guidance for impleMiMln) 
SUP rule.Fixruiards NUREO-0906. NUREO to be k)*ed ai Iniiriai 
invaiure until Reg Ouide 1. 70 revised. Svc Hit *ncl. 
ErsENHUT, D. 0. Division of Licensing, B2/10/S6, Cani#)ll(lti 
Edlon Co. of Neu Yort, Inc. 9pp. 13993:295, 24X 
Fiche: SO-OOO, 63/10/26, 8210860088. 


8310270030 Generic Ltr 62-22 to all PWR licensees re Congressional 
request for info concerning steam generator tube integrity 
Fc-ruards Congressman EJ darkey 031019 questions re steam 
generator tube integr i ty. Svc list end. 

EISEMHUT. D. G. Division of Licensing. 82/10/26. Consolidated 

Edison Co. of New York. Inc. 10pp. 16099:332. 24X 
Fie he. 50-000. 52/10/26,6210270030 

BailoaO'505 Advises of contamination control plans involving removal of 
tcp ioiS to depth of 6-fl inches from areas to be graded & 
burial i.n tranches u/min cover of 6 inches of clean sail. 
Request tor license change mill be submitted. 

FIEDLER, P. B. General Public Utilities - GPU Service Corp. 82/10/27. 
CKUTCHF1ELD, 0. Operating Reactors Dranch 5. 6pp. 15809:306, 24X 
Ftcfie- 50-319. 02/10/27,0211020505, 

0211O401B2 Forwards Amend 64 to License DPR-1 6. safety evaluation & 
notice of issuance *, aval 1 abi 1 i ty. Amend clarifies terra 
"operable" re support sys outages of redundant components. 
CRUK^FJELD, D. Operating Reactors Dranch S. B2/IO/2B. FIEDLER, P. B. 
General Public Utilities - GPU Service Corp. 2pp. 15929: 176. 24X 
Flchf: 50-219, 33/10/30,8211010102 

B211040107 Amend 64 to License DPR-16, c lor i Fy ing line of term "operable" 
re support sy s outages or multiple outages af redundant 

CRJJTCHFiELD, D. Operating Reactora Branch 5. B2/1Q/2S. 0pp. 
15939 17B 24X Fiche: 50-219, 02/10/20,021 1O40102. 

8211040192 Safety evaluation supporting Amend 64 to License DPH-16. 
LtJMQARDO.J. Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director, 
B2/10/2B. 2pp 15929: 186. 24X Flche. 50-219,82/10/26,0211010182. 

Notice of issuance [ ava 

CRUTCHFIELD, D. Operating Reactors Branch 5. 02/10/28 

15929:1BB. 24X Fi che . 50-219, 82/10/20, B21 1O4Q182. 

lity of Amend 64 to License 

32L1Q40326 .Requests uintten understanding of resolution of open itema 
per -B2Q70? telcon re NUREG-0612. Phase I, "Control of Heavy 
Load!. " Firm schedular t omraitmerit requested uithin 30 days. 
CfUJKHFIELI), D. Operating Reactors Dranch 5. 92/10/20. FIEDLER, P, B. 
Genera] Public Utilities - GPU Service Corp. 2pp. 15927:312. I24X 
Fithe: 30-219. B2/10/2H, 021 IQ10326. 

02I1B20132 Forwards safety evaluation of radi o Ing ica 1 /env Iron impact 
at util propnied con tarn ina ted jolt disposal project. Boll 
relocation plan approved. 

CRUTCHFIELD, D, Operating Reactors Branch 5. B2/11/16. FIEDLER, P. D. 
General Public Utilities - GPU Service Corp. 3pp. 16163:331. 24X 
Fiche: 50-219, B2/ 11/16, B21 13201 32. 

B211220137 Safety evaluation, opp-roving util proposed project for 
disposal of contaminated soil. 

* NRC - No Detailed Affiliation Given. B2/11/16:. 3pp. 
16163:354. 24X Plena: 50-219, B2/1 1 / 1 6, B21 1220132. 

021124012B Forwards fee for review of License Change Request 111. 
KNUHEL, J, General PuoliC Utilities - OPU Service Corp. 82/tl/lt. 
D10GS. R, M. License Fee Management Branch. 2pp. 16306: 333. 34X 
Fiche: 90-219, 32/11/16,821 1240123, 

8211300293 Forwards schedule for hardware changes resulting from HEP 
integrated assess me nt. -asses sment summary tab le, se i smic 
review summary k Pickar d. LOUJB t-. Oarrt* t. Inc "Technical 
Assessments of Selected Oyster Creek SEP Topics. " 

CLARK, P. R. General Puilic Utilities - GPU Sorvice Corp. 02/11/16, 
CRUTCHFIELD, D, Operating Reactors Branch 3. 23pp. 16336:115. 24X 
Fiche: 50-219, 52/11/16.6211300293. 

B21130029B "Technical Assessments of Selected Oyster Cree* SEP Topice. 
One aperture card available In PDR. 

IDEM, D. C. , DUTTEMEFi,D. R, , BIENIARZ, P. P. Pictard, Lome fc Oar rick. 
PLO-0247. B2/09/30. 257pp. 16236: 138. 24X Fl che: SO-219, 

S21I230325 Foruiapds P Shewmon 021109 Itr to Chairman Palladilio re ACRB 
rept on SEP revieui of facility. 

CRUTCHFIELD, D. Operating Reactor* Branch S, 92/11/10. FIEDLER. P. D. 
General Public Utilities - OPU Service Corp. 2pp. 16192: 179. 34X 
Flche: 50-219. B2/11/10. 9211330323. 

0211170447 Submits rtCRS ropt or. Phase El of BEP review. NFIC asBHanment! 
(. conclusions appropriate. Integrated plant safety asseasment 
proposed for remaining 39 topics.ND bactfit required for 10 
topics Included in assessment 

SHEWMON.P. flCRB - rtdvisary Committre on Reactor Baf B'guarJs. 
82/11/09, PALLADINO, N. J. Comral aai oners. 4pp. 16192:101. 34X 
Fiche: 50-217, B2/1 I/IB. 021 1230325. 

Foruarda results of evaluation of structural adequacy of 
lujdriuli-c control unit racks for seismic loads, per SEP Topic 
II 1-6, "Seismic Design Consideration. " Control rod drive 
hydraulic control unit acceptable for design seismic loads. 
FIEDLER, P.O. General Public Utilities - GPU Service Corp. B2/10/29. 
CRyTCHFlELD, D. Operating Reactora Branch S. 13pp. 16004:324. 24X 
Flche: SO-219, 02/10/29,0211090303- 

0211300240 Requests, ui thin 60 days, lubmlttal of info & programs 
previously requested by B10236 Generic Ltr Bl-04 i-e 
implemontatinn of NUREO-0313, Revis ion 1, "Technical Rept on 
Hat! Selection ti Processing Ouidfllines for BUR RCP0 Piping. " 
MIRAGLIArF. J. Assistant Director for Safety AsBcssraant. SS/11/23. 
FIEDLER, P. B. Oeneral Public Utilities -GPU BarvicaCorp. 3pp. 
16233:012, 24X Flche: SO-S1"7. 03 / 1 WB3, 821 13OO24B. 

0211150580 Forwards Amend 63 to License DPR-1 6, safety evaluation t< 
notice of Issuance & ava i lab 1 1 i ty. Amend authoriies changes 
ta administrative organi lat ion. 

CHUTCHF1ELD, D. Operating Reactors Branch 5. 32/ 1 1 /OS. FIEDLER, P.O. 
General Public Utilities - GPU Service Corp. 2pp. 16063:053. 24X 
Fiche: 3C--219, B2/11/05, B2I 1150S0B. 

--8211150591 Amend 65 to License DPR-16, authori i ing changes to 
adninlatrat ive organ i la I i on 6 y retitling position of 
director station operations to deputy director Oyster Creek. 
CRUTCHFIELD, D. Operating Reactors Branch 5. 02/11/05. 17pp. 
16063 OS5. 24X Flche: 50-219, 02/1 1/05, 031 1 15O3SB, 

S31I1SOS95 Safety evaluation supporting Amend 6S to License DPH-16. 

* Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director. B2/11/05. 3pp. 
16063: 072. 24X Ficfie: 50-219,82/11/05,0311150500. 

D2ll]D6OJ Notice of Issuance f, availability of Amend 65 to License 
DPR- 16. 

CRUTCHFIELD, D. Operating Reac tors Branch 5. 02/11/05. 2pp. 

16063:075. 24X Flche: 30-219, 02/1 1 /OS, 021 1 1505B0. 

Q, Inspection reports, EE Bulletin* & correspondence 

8208190220 IE Info Notice B2-37r "CradLing In Upper Shell to 
Transition Cone Girth Uald of Steam Generator at Operating 
PiJR, " Svc list end. 

JORDAN. E. Division of Engiiiaer i ng *< Ouolitij Assurance. 02/09/16, 
Consolidated Edison Co. of Neiu York, Inc. 105pp. 15930:001. 34K 
Fiche: 50-000, 02/09/16. B30019022O. 

B20B190322 IE Info Notice 32-34, R cvis i on 1, "Welds in Ha I n Control 
Panels." Svc list end. 

JORDAN. E. L. Division of Engineering 4 Quality Asuranc, 02/07/17. 
Consolidated Edison Co. of Neui York, Inc. 107pp, 13099:103. 24K 
Fiche: 30-000, B2/09/17. B2001 90222. 

020B190229 IE Info Notice 83-37, "BviC Degradation of Thlct Hall 
Stainless Steel Recirculatlon Btji Pip Ing at BUR Plant. " 
Svc list enc 1 . 

JDRDAN.E.L, Division of Engfuearing * Quality Assurance. B2/09/S1. 
Consolidated Edison Co. of Now York.. Inc. 06pp. 16017:099. 24X 
Fiche: 50-000, 82/09/21,8200190239. 

&2IH60047 Generic Ltr 82-26 to pouer reactor licensees (except Fort St 
Vcain) re NUREG-0744, Revision I, "Pressure Vessel Matl 
Fpacture Toughness." Foruards NUREG-074'J, Revisl on 1, W/o 
end. Svc list encl. 

EISEMHUT, D.G. Division of Licensing. 82/11/12. Consol idoted 

Edison Co. of Meu York, Inc. 52pp. 16232:212. 24X 
Flthe: 50-000, 02/1 1/12, S21 1 160047. 

6211100309 Forwards revised safety evaluation of SEP Topic XV-16, 
"Failure of Small Lines Carrying Primary Coolant Dutsida 
Containment." Evaluation revised to resolve differences 
between analysis of similar plants. 

CRUTCHFIELD, D, Operating Reactors Dranch 5. 83/11/13. FIEDLER, P. D, 
Ceneral Puol Ic Utilities - GPU Service Corp. 9pp. 16141; 143. 24X 
Fiche: 30-219. B2/1 1/13- B21 1 1B0309, 

820BI90223 IE Info Notice 92-39. "Chanoe In Format 4 DUtributlon Bye 
for IE BulletinsiClrculars !< Info Notices." Eve Hat encl. 
DEYGUNG,R.C. Director'* Office, Office of Inspection and 
Enforcement. B2/09/22. Consolidated Edi on Co. of New York. Inc. 

110pp. 16010:021. 24 X Fiche: 9O-000, 92/09/22. B20B190223. 

8200190232 IE Info Notice BS-40. "tfffi t Unciii * in Primary Containment 
Electrical Penetration A temb 1 i e . " 8wc list encl. 

JORDAN, E. L. Division of Engineering {.Quality Assurance. 82/O9/22. 

Consolidatiil Ediion Co. at Meiu far k , Inc. 112pp. 15930:019. 24IX 

Fich: 30-000, 83/09/B2. 


6311120179 Respondi to FQM request for Jill it.*p T*p.l, 
mimordnda t, &ther document* re packaging & transport of 
spent nuclear full by Southern CA Edison Co, Forward* 
document! lilted in ADD A. 

FELTOM, J. M. Division of RuUi and Record*. 93/09/2B RAPKIH.A 
tf 1 '- ^P 16074:002, 24X Ficfie: 50-000,83/09/28^ 

"-B211120-4S6 Foruarci IE Investigation Repti 50-219/BO-3B 
on BQ10Q6-&IQ11.]. No nciuonipliantf noted. W/o ends. 
CARLSON, R.T. Enforcement Si Investigation Staff. 91/12/23 
CLARK, P.R. Jersey Central Power it Liflht Co. 20o. 


n '**"' '"l * F^iiUIn R.^arch 

In Da-thBida.MD to diicuit d*iJn CIE Bulletin 00-11) & 
use of "eiwrsv balance technique" & "arching theory" 
TJ1AMHELL.C.H. NRG - No Detailed Affiliation Diver, ' 82/10/07 
- Mo Detailed Affiliation Given. 4pp. I5975'3IB 24X 
Fi Che: 30-000, 82/10/07, B21IOBOZ71. 


flail HO 169 Forward* monthly op 

HEOLCT.P.B. 0,n E r fl l Pobllc Utlliti.i'- CPU slr'v 
M.n* SBm int Information Branch. Ip. 16O37- QOI 
Flcht: 50-219, 82/1O/1 5. B21 1 1 10169. 

--8211110178 Monthly aperatlno rept for Sept 11B3 
FHICK,R. Oeneral Public Utilities - opu Scrvir 
9 PP 1^037:003 24X Pi en, : 5O-3I9 ' 

BBlllSOOOi Respond, to FOIA request for document, re ba.u 
position tftat jpecific regulation concerning fltnen far 
duty It neceisarg Foruards documents listed In rtoo n 
Documents a 1 so avai lab 1 e in PDR. 

FELTDN.J.H. Division of Rul os and Records. B2/09/I7 
n.k & Llberman. 7 PP 16094:327 34 X Firh, 50- 

6S1 1 150004 

B21 1090413 Forwardi IE Imp Rj>t 30-219/02-21 on B20S34-OPQ3 No noted. 

Divl ion of Enjiniering 4 Technical Prngr.n.. BH/10/19 
' H - fr" 18 " 1 Publlc "HU.. - QPU Service Co' P , top 
B4X Ficha: 50-219, Ba/tO/l^ 0211090412. 

. " 620524-0903. No n 

o.ajc.r ar.a. nip.cted:OA progrjijn impLirnntatior, 
Including audl Uj ifeilgn. changi, proeLTiment b OA/QC 
^SXIll'i"'* * fo " DWU P on prvioul(; ldntifl*ir iteitii 
NAPVOA.O., EAPEN.P.K.- 8HAUB. T. OlvJiUn of Cn , 
Ttcbnlcal Proorams. B2/10/06, I9pp. 16009:08+ 2flX 
FicA:SO~219,BK/10/19,8 ' 

j-ciK'E: :: ri:;::-Ks 

urlttup of ciUtiona applicable to DMI. 
CAfULBONpH. T. Enforcement fc Inve* ti gati on 
THOMPSOH.D. Enforcement t Inv..ti.St?.n 
24>T Fiih;SO-000,B2/09/l7,B21llS0006. 

9211150263 Notice of violation from i nv B t i ga tl an 

Nancomplianc, nnUrf : C, NAC-lE.Mod.l NFB-4 dSllv.ri* 
carrier for transport u /deca v heat 9 en B r a ti &n | B "' 

^v e ?r"' nent & Invest *9ation Staff. Bl /12/07 Set J4QW( 
24X Fi che : 50-000, 92/09/17, B21 1 1 50006. 


e M " r a ?' eal i 03 p "* fcin " u/utll 

uie of "E-nergy Balance TachnUue" b "arrhino action" for wll ^utlif icition. 

TRAMHELLjC.M. Qptrating Rxctc-n Branch 3, 

tin 00-11 or. 

B L-0. Detailed event 4Ml.l ( *n<l 

?' ^neral Public Utllitl.. - GPU Garvlc, eJri BI/LJ 
. C. Region 1, Offica of Director- 3pi> lfc|9a'j) JK 
Fiche:SO-2l9. 82/11/03,8311230073, 

ornn , . of pfllrtP , ,, t , 

protection. us notar generator set 1 cau Ee d half ttra* 
64 burned t, scarred relag contai cs. Rslau r*p|j c d 
uPB * d *" 1VC ' B P > o" order. 

D flM.r.1 Poblie Utilities - GPU C.r, 
. Region 1, Office of Director. Ip, 14193 3M 

Fiche:SO-21 9, B2/1 1/03, B2H33O072, 


u, Interpretation of image .nhe.n* u,,d for caf , 
.prger imp durir.) 1TOO refu.l in.j out-fl.. Enhanced 

U *" - 


:D11 B2I004, during *i.rvl1 lin.1p ar 

?, '"" '" ltandt " J 9iB *'"*Mnlin 

ing train 1 flotu. Caused by personnel error, Covir 

P i iC * d ' Neel! for fl(ldl Sui-fance u.ill be ttvi, v ,j 

' * n ? ral Pu[llic WHlitie, - GPU Bervl( COT 
p f 9ln 1, Office of Director. Ip, 

Fieht: 30-319. 83/11/03,8211890671. 


Hv 19S1. 

"B211p403S Monthly operating for Nov 19BI. 

u , 19B2. 

eaftpB . 



-0. Detailed ev*nt 

* Cor. 

l * aail " 

8211290593 LER B2-043/03L-0: on 820910, emer B .ncy vc ^ttr |u*F W 
aeclareif inoperable for malnt. Caused by improptr |pILrr 
clMrdnc* t.ttlna.Pump removed from ivc t- impeller elliTn*i 

a if juited. Pump returned to we, 

Ei/f ?5?^ D * N> Jp * n ' ral Public utniti.. - CPU atrvici CHIT^ 

ef,i ii 1 ,, SJ B , iDn '' " Ui of DirMtor. Ip. 1?S4. 13J ?l 
FicNe: SO-219, 82/1 1/1 1 , B21 1890375. 

8211290425 Forwards LER S2-052/01P. 

F i!'S'S' ?""'! Puolic Utilitiei - OPU Servit. COPJ. fll/il.', 
BI r 2;"^?k R " ion ' Office of Director. Ip. 16BS4:. 8*1 
FIJi: 80-219, 82/11/13,9211290623. 

--B2H2906E? LEfi B2-053/01P: on B20B2a,aft. r r.U t> invlfin 
u/inop*rablt r*duaite discharge monitor, second tpbf 
nIUli itlicovered Sample taken from unin| t*nl. 
Caused tg peronnal error. 

" 0nTl Public UtilltUs - OPU Service Corp. 
Region 1, Of Pie* of Director. 2pp. !622& i OtO 24X 
Fit he: 30-2(9. 82/1 1 /IS, B2H290&Z3 



V. Qp*rator Examinations 

B21Q130Q19 Generic Ltr 02-10 to all pouier reactor applicants & 
licinice* re reactor operator tc senior reactor operator 1 1 f ita ti on eiams. Advi ses that eiams begin at facility 
a*t*r 021001. Svc list and. 

EI5EMHUT, D. 0, Division of Licensing. 03/10/12. Consolidated 

Ed 1 ton Co. of New York, Inc. 15pp. 16002:334, 24X 
Fie he: 50-OQO, 02/10/12,8210130019. 

F. Security, medicali emergency ti fire protection plans 

B310Q40068 Oeneric Ltr 92-17 to all power reactor licensees & 
applicants, ft holders of CPs re inconsistency between 
requirements gf 10CFR50. 54{ t) d STS for performing audits of 
emergency preparedness programs. Svc list encl. 

ElSrNHUT.D. 0. Division at Licensing. 02/10/01. Consolidated 

Ed lion Co. of New York, Inc. llpp. 16009: 268, 24X 
FlchB: 50-000. 02/10/01,8210040068. 

821007001^ Qsneric Ltr 02-31 to all licensees & applicants of nuclear 
pguer reactors r Tech Specs for fire protection audits. 
Fcruardi guidance discussing general scope & describing 
element* to be Included in audit, Svc list encl. 

EI0ENHUT, D. C. Division of Licensing. 03/10/06. Consolidated 

Ed I ion Co. of Netu York, Inc. 19pp. 15*793:338. 24X 
Fiche: 30-000. BS/10/06, 8310Q7001 9. 

B21L230409 Forwards IE Safeguards Insp Rept 50-220/82-19 on 820BI7-19. 
No nonconplianca noted. 
MARTIN. T. T. Division of Engineering t Technical Programs. 03/10/03. 

EUNSER.J. J. Niauara Mohawk Power Corp. 2pp. 14185: OB4. 24X 
Fiche: 30-220, B2/10/OB, 0211230409. 

B210290108 Generic Ltr S2-23 to all licensees & applicants re 
inconsistency between requ 1 rnme nts of 10CFR73. 40(g I t, STS 
for performing audits of safeguards contingency plans 
(security plan). Svc ti-st end. 

EISENHUT, D.G. Division of Licensing. 83/10/3O. Consul! rf.- 

Edison Co, of New Yorl, Int. Opp 15953: 31^. 24X 

Ft che: 3 0-0 DO, B2/10/3O. 8210290109. 

BE 1 ! 1090414 Release) public version of licensee request for revisi 
annual emergency eiercise schedule. 

FELTOH.J.H. Division of Rules and He-cords. B2/11/O2 DOCIII 

Management Branch. lp. 16020:344. 24X Fi che: 50-i.'20, 02/1 1/02. 

031 1090421 Submits public version of request for ro vised animal 
eierelie schedule in lieu of scdedule proposed in 330920 
1 tr. Emerg entij plan eiercise mill OE held during 12-month 
time period prior to achieving 5X. of rated pouei' operation.. 
RHODE, O.K. Niagara tfohaufc PDWST Carp. B3/10/O6. VrtSEiALLQ,[> FJ. 
Operating Reactors Branch 2. 3pp 16030: 3-15 24X 

Fiche: 30-220,62/1 1/03, B211O9O4I4. 

B211O40379 Generic Ltr B2-2S to aU pouer reactor licensees re 
Integrated IAEA eierciie for physical inventory at LNRs Any 
cnmmititient to participate in eiercisc is voluntari) >r any 
util that partlcipalEB ui 1 1 be re imbursed. Svc list encl 
EISENHUT, DO. Division of Licensing. B3/11/O.T. Coniolid; 

Edison Co. of New Vork, Inc. llpp. 16019:004. H4X 
Fiche: 50-OOO. B2/ 11/03, 321 1090379. 

8211100463 Forwards request For addl info for lOCFHSO.flpp R. Section 
III. ti I1I.L re safe thutifouin capabilitij for f ires. Contrary 
to Q21001 rep t, redundant safe shutifoujn BIJS In control room 
not separated, 

VAESALLO.D. Q. Operating Reactors Branch 2 B2/11/0:!. DISE.B. P. 
Niagara Mohawk Power Corp. 1pp. 16041:239. 24X 
Fie he: 50-330- 03/1 1/03, B21 110O463. 

-"0211230420 IE Safeguard! Imp Ropt 50-220/02-15 on 820017-19. No 
noncomp 1 iance noted. Major arena inspected : phys leal barriers, 
ncurltu sus I ightingr assessment aids, access controls & 
detection aids. Details withheld (ref 10CFR73. 31 ) . 
HABDEN,W., DUNLAP.J., OODV, A. T. Division of Eng ineer ing (. 
TichnUai Programs. 03/10/06. lp, 16105:006. 2-1 X 
Fichu: 50-220, B2/10/OB, SHI 1230409. 

6211090413 Forwards IE Insp Rept 50-220/02-17 on 830901-1001. No 
noncompl iance noted. Schedule for reviewing sevan 19BO IE 
circulars For applicability to facility requested. 

STAflOBTECKI.n, Division of Project 6 Resident Programs. BS/10/19. 
RHODE, O.K. Niagara Kohawk Power Corp. 2pp. 16009:06"? 24 X 
FichD:5O-220, 02/10/19. B31 1090413. 

B211090417 IE Insp Rept 30-220/03-17 on 630901-1001. No noncompl lance 
noted. Major areai Impacted: 1 Icensee action on previous Insp 
findings. plant tours. observation of physical securi ty, p lant 
Aulnti IE c i rculars, LERs & periodic repte. 

HUDSON. 8..D, , KISTER.H.D. Dlvlaion nf Project & Residont PrografflB. 
aa/10/LB. llpp. 14009:071. 24X Ficha: SO-220, 02/10/19- B21 1090413. 

321(090174 Forwards objectives for proposed 831037 small scale 
oxercj ie< per NRC 020723 Itr. Deferral of exercise until 
completion of current reactor recirculaation safe-end & 
piping rnplaE ement outage requested. 

LEMPOES.T. E. Niagara Mohawk Power Corp. B2/10/27. HAYNE0.R.C. 
Rrgion 1, Office of Director. 7pp. 1S9B1: OB5. 34X 
FIche: 50-BSO. S2/10/27i S21 1000174. 

6211120170 Notification of B21115 meeting ui/util in Qetliead J. MD tn 
discuss App R re fire protection. 

PDLK.F.J. Operating Rsattars Orancn 2. 82/11/09. VASS/\LLC3, D. Q. 
Operating Raactora flranch a. 3pp. J60i7. 179 2 
Fiche; 50-22O, B3/ 11/09, 021 112O17O. 

B2I1190044 Agrees that changes to- physical security plan are consistent 
UI/IOCFH50. 54( p ) provisions b that plan ef f o c t ! venes E ic nut 
decreased. Ends to B2OB23 1 tr uitnholil (rof 10CFR73 311. 
VASSALLO, D. B. Operating Reactors Branch 2 GS/I1/I5. DIBE, D I 3 . 
Niagara Mohawk Power Corp. 2pp. 16136:279. 24X 
Ficfie: 50-220, 83/11/13,03111900-11- 

6211300316 Forwards IE Insp Rept 50-230/82-19 on 021012-31 No 
noncomp 1 iance noted 1 , 

STARQSTECKli R, Division of Project & Resident Programs, H2/I1/1A. 
RHOOE.O.K., SEIDERT.C.R. Niagara Mohawk Power Corp 2pp. 
16342:053. 24X F i c he : 50-230, BS/ 1 1/16, 021 1300316. 

B211300323 IE Insp Rapt DO-22O/02-19 on B31O13-31 No noncomp li anc o 
noted. Major areas inspect ed: licensee action on previous inap 
find ings, pi ant tours, ob aervat ion of physical sccur ity, plant 
maint'UAiIE bulletins & review of TNI action plan Items. 
HUDSON.E. D. , DAWIACK.. W. H. , KIBTEH.H.u. Division of Project t, 
Resident Programs, B2/ 1 1/12, iOpp. 16242: 055. 24 X 
Fiche: 50-B20, B3/11/16, 8211300316. 

P. Operating license stage documents & correspondence 

B21110Q427 Releases public version of revisad emargencij plan 
implementing procedures, revisions to NV State radiological 
emergency, preparedness plan (< revised QGUHOO County plan & 

FELTDN, J. M. Division of Rules and Records. 02/10/30. Document 

Management Branch. lp. 16032:313. SIX Fi che: 90-2SO, S2/10/2B, 

82O93t0027 Oeneric Ltr 32-16 to all PUR licensees re NUREG-Q737 Tech 
Sptc*. Reque sti review of Teen Specs to determine consistencu 
ui/guidance provided. For items ui/d oviationa, amend to license 1 
required. H/a stated encls.Bvc list Encl. 

EISENHUT, D. O. Division of Licensing. 02/09/20. Consolidated 

Edison Co. of New York, Inc. 13pp. 15930:149. 2rtX 
Fiche: 80-000, S3/09/2O, 0209210027. 

-9211100433 Forwards public voriion of revised mergency plan 
implementing procaduroir revisions to NY State radiological 
mergencu, plan 1 revised Oiuisgo County plan Ii procedures. 
Dnlv "til Procidure EPP-I2 *ncl. 

LEnPOES.T.E. Niagara Hohauik Pouer Corp. 62/10/13. DENTON.H. R. 
Office o-f Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director. lp. 16032:316. 
24X Fiche; 30-320, 02/10/88,0211100427. 

-3211100441 Public version of revised emergency plan Implementing 
Procedure EPP-12, "fit-entry Procedure. " 

* Niagara Hohauk Pouter Corp. 03/00/17. llpp. 16033:317. 24X 
Fiche: 5O-2BO, B2/10/20, 8S1 11004S7. 

8311040407 Forwards Amend SO to License DPR-63, safety evaluati on. El A 
Si notice of issuance b aval lab I 1 i ti(. Amend approves eipanaian 
of uork to replace all reclrcula t ion sga piping. 

VASSALLO, D. 0. Operatinq Reactors Branch 2. 82/10/15. [USE. D. P, 
Niagara Moftawt Poiuer Corp, 3pp. 15970:063. 34X 
Fie he: 50-320. 03/1 O/ IS. 021 1040407, 

821lOi0409 Amend SO to Licence DPR-63, appvov ing ret Ircu la tion uga 
piping repJacement program. 

VA09ALLO, D. D. Operating Reactors Branch 2. 03/1O/15. 3pp. 
13970:063. 24X Fit he: 50-2SO, BB/ 1 0/ 13.331 1 Oc.0407. 

BSH060417 Safety evaluation supporting Amend 90 to License DPR-63, 
* Office: of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. Director. 82/10/15. 3pp. 
13970: Oi7. 24X Fi che ; 50-320. 92X 10/1 5. B21 1 0604O7. 



B31034OOSQ Ctnirlc Ltr B2-SO 


,11 . 

' p r " tor 

6310370030 O.n.ric Ltr 62-33 to ,1] PUR !,. 

^"^ n ;:^:^x^s 

" *""" 

: 50-230, B2/IO/36, 


5311160047 Qvnt 



:orppp under 


B20ai?03aO IE Info Nati,-. ns H* 
n Co" oVJ W B Jd"^' R :< 
lilt tncj 

: 30-000, B3/09/1A, BaOeiTO320 D 


itll to 

: Ml. 

"W.ldi in Htin art 


8308190229 IE Info 
nc 1. 

IE l 




? UBlit ..... "- 

nc ' " Opp ' 


8200190353 IE r n 

53 IE r nPo NotUi 82-43 "PLHJ i 

tlon. " Sv l"t" B ei nlp Ov ' r l"'""r. 

BI1O130019 OvnirlF Ltr HS-la i. i, 

iis=;:n.:;i K : r *' !"nr^;^Ki 

-" wisSi"^ diM that " 6 " in - ? ' 



P.I..,,. , ttb i le vtriion , prop() ...... rgtn=(r 



p I a 

1340a l JI Forwards public version nf proposed emergency preparedness 

e, T J. Lowell, Univ. of. 82/11/03. Office of Nuclear 

Reactor f!eoulat ion, Director. Ip. 16331.137. 24X 
Fitfcei 50-223,92/11/17,0211240280 

921 1100564 Public version of emergency plan, 

* Acrotiit Operation!. Inc. B2/IO/14. 23pp. 
Fiche: 50-228, 93/10/28, 9311100539. 

621 1240295 .Public version of proposed emergency preparedness plan. 
* Louell, Univ. of. 82/11/30. 37pp 16231-139 24X 
Fit he 5Q-2S3, 52/11/17,8211240296 

P Operating license stage documents t correspondence 

GSIQQ7C015 Generic Ltr B2-19 to research t, test reactor HcenaBBB re 
subni >.t,3l of copies of documents to NRC. Cla P i f i es number of 
cop I* s Q* certain documents tn be submitted to NRC. Svc list 
aim 1 . 

EtSiENHJT, D 0. Division of Licensing. 02/10/05. Michigan, Univ. 

at 10pp. 15960 140. 24* Fi c he. 3O-OOO, H3/I 0/05, B210Q7001 S. 

R. HeriQrfic operating reports & related c nrroip ondenc e 

82LIQ<?017 Forwards "Operating Rept for Univ of Lowell Reactor, Jul 19Q1 
-June 1983. " 

WALLACE,!. Lowell, Univ. of. 02/10/21. 'REILLY, J. P. Region 1, 
Clffltf nf Director. In. ltiQQ4:022. SIX F i che-: 50-223, 03/10/31, 


D. NRC Draft/Final Environmental Statements, suppls ft correspon donee 

8211150570 Request! review of eiisting FES for significant changes to 
facility or environs affecting cone lus ions. He-ap onae 
requested within 60 days of receipt of Itr. 
CRUTCHF1ELD, D, Operating Reactors Branch 5. 92/11/O5, DELGEQRGE. L. 

Commonwealth Edison Co. 2pp. 16062:211. 24X Ficfie: 5Q-337, 
B2/11/05,B211 150570. 

E. NRC Safety Evaluation Report (SER), suppls tc correspondence 

821117050? Forwards SERa reforencod in NUHEQ-0923, App A, "Integrated 
Plant Safety Assessment Rept for Dresden Nuclear Pou^r 
StationiUnit 2," for revteui. H/o end. 
CRUTCHF1ELD, D. Operating Reactor* Branch 5. B2/10/S9. SHEW MOW, P. B. 

ACRS - Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards. Ip, 163HQ;2IQ. 
24X Fiche: 50-237,82/10/37,9211170509. 

F. Security, medical, emergency d fire protection plans 

I1H1 1090221J "Operating Rep I for Univ of Lowell Reactor, Jul 19H2-June 

Unwell. Univ. f 32/10/21. 7p p 1OO4:O23, 24X 
Fiche: 50-223,82/10/21,0211090217. 


F. Security, medical, emergency !. fire protection plans 

1 Releases public version of emergency response plan. 

PEL TOM, J. It Division of Rules and Records. 82/11/05. Document 

rianaoemont Branch. >!>' 16121:107. 24X Fi ch e: 50-224, 82/1 1/05, 

B21Q040068 Generic Ltr BS-17 to all power reactor licensees & 
applicant! t' holders of CPs re incons i Btency batueen 
rBquiraments of 10CFR50. 54< t) t STS for performing audit* of 
emergency preparedness programs. Svc list encl, 

E1SENHUT, D. 0. Division of Licensing. B2/10/01. Consolidated 

Edlion Co. of New Yort, Int. llpp. 16003:203. 34X 
Fiche: SO-000, 83/10/01,8210040069. 

B210070019 Generic Ltr B3-21 to all licensees & applica-nts of nuclear 
pouer reactors re Tech Specs for fire protection audits. 
Forward* guidance discussing general scopa & describing 
elements to be included in audit. Svc lilt encl, 

E1SEWHUT, D. O. Division of Licensing, B2/10/D&. Consolidated 

Ediion Co. of Neu York. Inc. 19pp. 15993: 33B, 2flX 
Flche: 50-000, 82/10/06.8210070019, 

hpruards public version of emergency response plan. 

KrtPLAtl, S. N. Callfiirnia, Univ. of, Berkeley. 09/10/29. Offite 

of Nuclear Root lor Regulation. Director. Ip. 16121:183. 21 X 
Fichu. 50-234, BS/1 1/05. B21 1160571. 

8311060042 Forwards IE Insp Repti 50-010/82-14,90-237/92-18 t. 
30-249/62-19 on 830B1O-O9O3 . notice of violation, 

SPEBSARO.R.L. Division Of Project !. Resident Programs. 82/10/22. 
REED, C. Commonwealth Edison CD. 2pp. 13951:016. 24 X 
Ficho: 50-010, 82/10/22, B31 1060042. 

1)2)1160375 Public vorsion of emergency response plan. 

California, Untv. f. norHHey. 02/10/25. 40pp. 16121:189. 
LMlf Fiche- 5-0-221, EI2/ 1 1/05,021 I 160571. 

pcrating license stage documents !/ correspondence 

Gnncric Ltr QS-19 to research & test reactor licensees re 
submittfll of copies of documents to NRC. Clari f i cs number of 
copies of certain document) to bo submitted to NRC. Svc Hot 
one 1 

elSENHUT 1 . U- Division of Liconsing. B3/10/03. Michigan, Univ. 

of I Op p. 1 59iO: MO. 24X Fichu SO-000. 83/10/05, 8210070015. 


P. dparatinp license stage ilocuments & torree pondence 

C'210070015 <Jertric Lti- B2-19 to research fc test realtor licensees re 
sut>mlttjt of copies of ilocumentt to NRC. Clari f ies number of 
copies of certain documents to he submitted to NRC. Bvc list 
flic ] 

EI6ENHUT, D. 0. Division of Licensing. 82/10/05. Michigan. Univ. 

of. lOjip. 13960; 140. 24X Fiche: 90-OQO, H2/10/05, 821 007001 5, 

BE 11 060056 Notice of violation from insp on B2OB1 0-0903. 
SPEB9Af!D,fi L. Division of Project & Resident Programs. 
Ip. 15951:018. 24JC F iche: 5O-01O, 82/10/82, B21 1060043. 

--B211060071 IE Insp flepts 50-010/02-14,50-237/02-18 !. 50-a49/BH-19 on 
320910-0903. Nontompliance noted; fai lure to have adequate 
fire protection enuipment surveillance. 

TONQUE, T. H. Division of Project (. Resident Programs. 82/10/22. 
12pp. 15951:019. H4X Fiche: 30-010, B2/10/32. 821 1060042. 

9211090293 Forward* response* to questions re fire protection 
aiDCiated circuit! safe shutdown rep t, documenting 021021 
telcon u/NRC. 

RAUSCHi T. J. Cammonuaalth Edison Co. 82/10/29. erSENHUT. D. 0. 
Division of Licensing. 16pp. 16006: 1Q4. 24X Fiche: SO-237, 82/10/29. 
821 1090285. 

S21029010B Generic Ltr 82-23 to all licensees 4 applicants re 
inconsistency be tut en requirement* of 10CFR73. 40(g > t SIS 
for performing audits- of safeguards contingency plans 
(security plan). Bvc list encl, 

EIBENWT.D. 0. Division of Licensing, B2/10/30. Consolidated 

Edison CD. of Niu York. Inc. 9pp. 15993:319. 24X 
Fiche: 50-000, 02/10/30, B21029010B. 

F. f>ecuritv> medical, emergency t fire protection plans 

02I1I0053B Itelcases public version of emerqcncij plan. 

Ft"LTON,J. M. Division of Rules and Records. 82/10/23. Document 

Management Branch. Ip I604D; 133. H4X Fi cfie: 50-S2B, B2/10/2Q, 

0211100563 Forwards public version of ernergancu. plan, per NRC B20ili 

HABIHS,J. Aerotsst Operations, Inc. 02/10/14. E1BENHUT- D. 0. 
Division of LUenBinj. Ip. 16040:121. H4X Fiche: 50-228, B2/10/28, 

8211040379 Generic Ltr 62 -23 to all pouer reactor licensee! re 
integrated IAEA exercise for physical inventory at LHHl. Ang 
conmltmsnt to participate in exercise is voluntary & any 
citil that participates will be reimbursed. 0vc list encl. 
ElSENHUT, D- 0, Division of Licensing. B3/11/O3. Consolidated 

Edlion Co. of New York. Inc. llpp. 16019:004. 24X 
Fiche: SO-000, 82/11/03. B21 1040379- 

B211130371 Advise* that ro action uill be taktn re 820617 request Por 
Tech Spec change* to clarify r*pnnibillti es of license* 
during emirgencies, unt i 1 applicable 10CFR50 regulations 
become tffective. 
CRUTCHFIELD, D. Optra ting Rticton Branch 5. 05/11/09. DELGEORQE, L, 

Commonuialth Edison Co. 2pp. 16035:327, H4X Fiche:30-000. 


8S111AOQ0I Release! publi.c version of revised 1 emergency jUn 
ifflplGrnentinj? procDdure- 

FELTOMiJ.H. Division of Rule* jnd Records. 62/11/05 Qocumont 

Management Branch. Jp. [6(01:369. 24X Fi ch: 50-010. B2/1 1 /Q5. 

B211IAOQ86 Forward* public version of Revision 5 to Emergency 
Implementing Procedurn EP1P 500-7, "Cpni-a tiana 1 Checls of 
Communications Sys (Primary Reiponsibil i ti| - Generating 
Station Emergency Plan Coordinator). " 

SCDTT.D. J, Commonweal tti Editor Co. 82/10/3S. DFfJTaN.HR 
of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. Director. IP (A10127D 
FlCli*:5C"010,02/ll/OS,B2infiOOBl. ' 


8211140090 Public version of RevliUn 5 to Emergent., Plan Inp lnt Ing 
Procedure EP1P SGO-7, "Op. rational Chocks a 1= C a nun i catic-n, 
Sga (Primary Responsibi J i t v - Generating Station Emero B ncij 
Plan CoardJnator). lh Receipt form end. 

* Commonwealth iii*nn Co. 32/10/19. 14pp. 16101 271 sax 
FIche: 30-010, B2/1 1/05, 8211160091. ic.iu.,^1 dlK 

B210270030 Oetieric Ltr B3-22 to all PUR lic.nse.i re Gontr-i 

requeit for info concerning tteam generator tube Jnteorltu 
Formards Corisreuman EJ Markey 921019 question* re il... 
Sensrator tube integr i tu. Svc list enc I 

erSENHUT, D. O. Division of Licensing. 62/10/26. Contai 

Edison Co. of N.u York. Inc. lOpp. 16O99- 338 """i" 

Firhe: 50-000, 92/10/26,9310270030, 


92111105B3 Forwards safety evaluation of util responses 
Ittm II. . 3. 2!, "Restart of Core Sprau J. Lou Prassun 
Coolant Injec tion Sgs. " Conclusions acceptable. 
*"" """ICE!' L. Operating Reactors Branch 2. S2/10/26 

iMltfi Ed.son Co. 6pp. 1A04B:227. 24X FUh,! 30-000, 8?: 

Co,t. m 

B211020651 Forwards revised pages to CE-l-A, Revi. i on as, *Q* Ti 
nept. ' 

SUARTZ, E Commonuea 1 th Ediaon Co. 83/10/27 MrtAfiS U P *. 


B2I1150HOfi Advises that time for Commission to act to revl BIU flLAu-695 
eijiired.Cominiiilon declined nvl ew, Dec I lion ticame final 
agencu action an B31 Iflff. 

CHILK.B. J. Of/ice of the Secretary of the Commission 33/11/13 
Office of the Encutive Legal Director. lp. 16053-353 SIX 
FUJi*: 50-237, 82/11/13,821(150406. 

"_R"ctor Safeguard! reports t correspondence 

a iJ' s ?9/"uard* SER reference! It. NUREO-0323. A pf) A, "Integrated 
Plant Safety Assessment Rest for Dresden Nuclear Power 
Station. Unit 2," for revi eu, IJ/p end. 

I ' P eratll1 9 flfactDT. BrancA 5. 82/IO/3V. 
,?S ^ ~ * dvi *or Commute* on Reactor Safejuards. lp 
34X Fjche: 50-237, 82/10/29,9311 1705O9. 

821I02Q,(,4 Reviied pages to CE- I-A, Re vision SS. "Qft FOPltjl n*l 
Page* 1-33 to Revision 14 dtd BOO909 enc 1 , 

EUARTZ.E. 0. Commonweal th Edison Co. CE-l-fl R33 ERR OSflti 
6pp. 15B96: H6. 34X Fiche: SO-000, 82/10/37, B21 t*Oa06SI. 

, previously requested bu B1O324 

> Revision 
OenETic Ltr Bi-Ot. 
LAINrtS,a.C. rtuistant Director for Operating flaacton 
DELGEOHOE.L. Commoniuea 1 th Edison Co. 4pp. 15943' KM 
Fi che: 50-000. 82/10/29,8311030335. 


Froaram. Dreiden Nuclear Power Station. Unit S 
l>octet No. 50-237, (Commoniueal th Edison Company! 
* Division of Licenaing. NUREC-OB33 DRFT. 02/10/31 SS]* 
till I: latV 34X Fichs: 50-237, 83/10/31,0211 160529, 

n B license stage documents t= corres pondeme* 

F K:"1J 
. Operating 

*" " SEP Ph E "I for di.tribution. 
r. Branch 5, 82/07/29. Operatlnq 

-B20-730034 1 Rnquett! coramsnti on proposed sc 
Ji reflected In end topit definitions 
EISEWHUr,D. 0, Division of Licensing. 62/09/09 
Atomic Industrial Forum. 70pp. 19935' 102 34X 
Flcrte: 50-010, B2/09-/2 1 ?, 3211030(63 

f SEP Phase I 11 

B2092303^ne ou .,ts "^t 
EISEWWT.B. 0. Division of 

of Phase , ., aa 


Ojuratins Reactors Branch S. 
.,. ,5986:001. 24X F i cnr: 50-000, 

8211040'194 Forwards reccAiniEnilaif ground reinan*e toectra (M 
e.tabli.hing ground not ion acceleration vaC/for 
structural rs-evaluatiot. of s.ismic 3o4di for ea*t.rn SEP 

CHl/TWIELD.D. Op.rating Reactor* Branth 3. B1/06/OS 
Central Power & Light Co. 2pp. 15956'081 24K 
Fiche: 30-000, B2/ 1 0/12, BS1 1040400. 

6211060599 Advise, that continued plant operation until cau 

" vH -"" w '' 1 ' 

BZ1DHOOSS Oen.rle Ltr 62-20 tc all 


B2J1090492 Submits info re length of valve lever arm, t jiiccut. 

liralting moment. per SEP Topic III-6. "Seismic Dm Inn 
Cons itteratians. " 

RAUSCH^T, J. Commonwealth Edison Co. B2/11/03, O'-CONNOH.P 
Operating fJeactors Branch 5, 2pp. 1600B-279 34X 
Flctie: 30-237. 82/11/03,8211090492. 

B31I1203SO Foruardi revised Pages 1-24 i, 1-25 I nedverttnt t r 0*1 Ml 
from Revision 32 to Qfl program. 

SHAHSKI, 14. J. 

Commnnuealth Edison Co. 

B2/1 1/oa IIAABS.MP 


37, Items It. F. 1.4, "Pressure Monitor," U.F ( 3 
Water Level Monitor, " ft 11. F. 1.6 "Hydrogen Monitor." Inla 
requested ufthin 30 days of Itr receipt. 
CRUTCHFIELD, D. Operating Reactors Branch 5. B2/11/09 DO,<SIW 

Commonuieal th Ed 1 Bon Co. lOpp 16091 100 24X 
Fiehe: 50-000, B2/1 1/09, 021 1 160332. 

021JI50167 Foryarifs revised safoty evaluation for BEP Topic iV-li,. 

Failure of Small Lines Carrying Primary Coolant aull.Hl 
Containment. " Evaluation uitll be basic input to intiarallf 

safety assessment, 

D, Q. Operating Reactors Branch 5. 

8211150203 ForiLrards documentation supporting Commiiiign *t f uy. L g 
propoiad da minim I i relaaie criteria for uncontrol I tj 
r *l?*l! 0<! rajltls frai " '"ntrolled areas, contained Jn utl I 
radiation protection stdi, per Reg Quide 1. Bfi. 

SHARrz.E. 0, Coramonuealth EdUon Co. 82/1I/IO. DENTON,H R 01 
of WueJ*r Heactor Re B ulation, Director. Mpp. U035;W3 S*J 
Ficho: 90-000, BS/1 1/10, 821 1 1 50203. 

8211160047 Generic Ltr B2-26. to power reactor litenittt tMd.l .F* 
Vrain) re NUREO-O744, Revi si on 1, "Prei.ure Vessel H*tl 
Fracture Toughnei*. " Foruardi NUREC-O744, Revision I.H/o 
enct.Svc Hit ancl. 

EIBEfJHUT. B. fl- Division of Licensing. 02/11/12. Ci>nilUtr4 

fcdlion Co. of Neu Vort, Inc. 52pp. 1A232' 212 S4X 
Fich; 50-000. BH/11/12, BS1 1 160047. 

B2UI7050S Approves 810318 application for ui thhold Ing T] t t. i 
entitle* Turbine Wheel (Diic) Info for Mhe*li H/K* V w4v 

JmTIcation." to util B10318 Itr.per 10CFHS. 7. 

, D. Operating Reactors Branch 5. 83/11/1?. IJW.IHI 

e ' 3pp " 



B31123QOT3 Forwards final rept, "Dresden Unit S. SEP Topic I1I.9-A. 
Efftcti of Plpi Break on But, Strut ture & Component! Inside 
Containment. " 

RAUSCH.T, J. Commonwealth Edison Co. 82/11/17. O'CONNOR. P. 
Operating Reactors Drench 5. Ip, 16185:841, 31 X 
Fie Pi -50-237, 02/11/17-0311230273, 

0211060042 Forwardi IE Insp Repts SQ-010/S2-H. 50-237/62-10 !. 
50-249/B2-19 on B30B10-0903 t, notice of violation. 
SPESSARD, R. L. Division of Project t, Resident Programs 
REED, C. Commonwealth Edison Co. 2pp. 15951:016. 24X 
Flche: 90-010. 82/10/22, 821 1060042 

SHlia3Q59B "Dresden Unit 2, BEP Topic 1 II . 5-A, Effects of Pipe Bruit on 
Susjatruetures & Component* Iniide Cental nmant, " final rept. 
DAINQRA.J. Target Tachnologg Ltd, 1103 CECD-O1. 62/10/30. 1pp. 
lc.106; 053, 24X Flche: 90-237. B2/11/17, B3I 1330293. 

9211230306 Discusses 3P Topic III-IO. A. "Thermal Overload Protection 
for Htttop* of Motor Operated Valves," Motor oporators, 
therm*! overload devices It circuit breakers mod i fled. List of 
motor oper-ated valve failures during 1971-82 encl. 
RAUBCH, T. J. CommonuiGalth Edison Co. 03/11/17. D'CONNORiP. 
Operating Reactors Branch 9, Bpp. 16193:023, 34X 
Flih*:30-E37, 83/11/17.0211230306. 

G2IIZ3O36& Responds to NRC 020621 1 tr re SEP Hydrology Topics 1 1-3. B, 
1 1-3 B.I tt [1-3.C. U/actual shutdouin time of 6 or 7-h, 
sufficient time exists to implement required measures to 
maintain unit in safe condition in event of PMF. 
RAUSCH.T.J. Commonwealth Ediaon Co. 02X11/17. O'CONNOR, P. 
Operating Reactors Branch S. 3pp. 16192:194. 24X 
FJch*: 50-237, B2/t 1/17- 021 1230366. 

6211230119 Forward! response to remaining Phase I concerns in Franklin 
Re-search Ctr draft technical evaluation rept re control of 
htavti loads. 

SUAftTZ, E. D. Commonwealth Ediaon Co. 62/11/18, EISENHUT, D. Q. 
Division of Licensing. llpp. 1M93.'049. 34X Fiche: 50-000, B2/1 1/10. 

eail30O4,l Notifies that Class II & 1 fees submitted ui/030617 request 
for Teeh Spec chanaes *<> clarify responsibi 11 tins during 
omBi-gsntiej will be rofundod. 

MILLER, U. 0, License Fee Management Branch. BS/11/10. DELQEOJJOE, L. 
Ce-mflionuoalth Edison Co. Ip. 16257:349. 34X Ficha: 30-000- 02/11/10, 
32 it 30046 1, 

ft Jnspactlc-ti reports, IE DulUtins ft correspondence 

9200 i 9 0220 IE Info Notice B2-37, "Cracking in Upper Shell to 
Trri*lt i on Cane Oirth Maid of Steam Oeneratov at Operating 
PUR " 0vc list end. 

JORDAN.E, Division of EnoineBrlnn fc Ouolltij Assurance. B2/09/16. 
CanmliJflted Edison Co. oF Neui York, Inc. 109pp. 15930:001. 24X 
Flchjo: 50-000, 82/09/lcii 8300190330. 

8200190222 IE Info Notice 02-34, Revision li "Wold's in Main Control 
Patinli. " Bvc list encl. 

JOBDANi E. L. Divliion of Engineering b Quality Assurance. 02/09/17. 
Coniolldated Edison Co. of Neu York, Inc. lO7pp. 13893:163. P4X 
Fich:SO-DOO, 02/09/17. 9200190332. 

-0211060056 Notice at violation from imp on B2QB1O-G9Q3 
SPESSARD.R. L. Division of Project fc Resident Programs 
Ip. 15951; QIB. 24X Fiche: 50-O1O, B2/10/22, 

0211060071 IE Insp Repts 50-010/82-14,50-237/62-10 t, 50-349/02-19 
820010-0903. Noncompliance noted : fai lure to havt> adequate 
fire protection equipment surveillance. 

TONQUE.T.M., JORDAM,M.J., WALKER, R. D. Division of Project t< 
Resident Programs. B2/10/23. 12pp. 13751 01? 24X 
Fiche: 50-010, 82/10/22. 021 1060O12. 

02110B0363 Foruards IE Enforcement Meeting Repts 50-237/B2-31 , 
50-249/83-22, 50-354/B2-17 & 50-265/B2-I9 on B2O7H t 0825-37 
Ji notice of violation. 
LITTLE, H. 8, Division of Engineering t, Technical Prc-grams. 

REED.C. Commonwealth Editon Co. 2pp. IS99O:264 24X 
Flche: 90-000, 03/10/26,831 1030263. 

B211000266 Notice of violation from insp on B2O714 fc 0825-27. 
LITTLE. U.S. Division of Engineering fc Technical Programs. 
82/10/22. Bpp. 15990 266. SIX Fi c he: 50-000, B2/1O/26. 021101)02*3. 

--821IOS0372 IE Enforcement Meeting Repts 50-237/83-21.50-249/82-22, 
SO-354/82-17 & 50-365/82-19 on B20714 I. 0825-27. 
Nonconpl iance noted: no OA audits conducted from CV77-79 & 
deficiencies found in QA audit program 

YIN, I. T.I DANIELSDN, D. H. Region 3, Office of Director. B3/10/14. 
1 1pp. 15990: 268. 24X Fiche: 50-000, 02/10/26, B21 1030263. 

0211020147 Confirms 021056 telcon re revised plan? for 631103 
enforcement conference w/util in Chicago. 1L to discuss OA 
associated u/procurement. installation & use of nonqualified 
valve guides in electromagnetic relief valves. 

SPEBSARDiR. L. Division of Project !. Resident Programs. B2/10/27. 
HEED.C. Commonwealth EdiionCn. 2pp. 158B1 317. 34X 
Flche: 50-000. 82/1O/27. 821 1020147. 

8211090409 Ack receipt of 820831 Itr informing NRC of changei to 
790427 d OB03 responses to IE Bulletin 79-08, Item b. 

SPE6SARD, fi. L. Division of Project S Resident Programs. 62/11/04. 
REED.C. Commonwealth Edison Co. Ip. 16000:336 24X 
Fiche: 50-000. 82/11/04,8211090409. 

B21I090420 Updates 790427 & OB03 responses to IE Bulletin 79-08, Ittrr 
"Daily Position Verification of ECCS Valves,' 1 Frequency of 
position verification of ECCS valves reduced from once per 
day to once per month. 

SUAHTZ.E.D. Commonwealth Edison Co. 92/OB/31. KEPPLER.J.G 
Region 3. Office of Director. 2pp. 16008 357. 24X 
Flche: SO-000, 62/11/04.8211090409. 

92001-90929 IE Info Notice 82-39, "Svc Degradation of Thick Wall 
Eta in let* Bteel Rc trculation ays Piping at BHR Plant," 
Bvc lilt encl, 

JORDAN, E.L. Division of Engineering i Quality Assurance. 82/09/21. 
Cc-nialldatnd EdUon Co. of Neu York, Inc. B6pp. li017:09B, 24X 
Flch: 90-000, 03/09/31 1 B300 190329, 

0211160000 Summary of 021103 meeting u/utlls re IE Bulletin BO- 1 1 on 
use of "Energy Balance Technique" t "arching action" for 
masonry wall qualification. 

B3OB1903S3 IE Info Notica 02-30, ."Change In Format t, Distribution 0yi 
for IE OulletlnsiCii-cular* * Info Notices. " Bvc list encl. 
JDeVDOMO, B.C. Director's Office. Office of Inspection and 
Enforcement. 03/09/22. Consolldattd Edion Co. of Neui Vorli. Int. 

110pp. 1.6010:021, 24X Flchs-: SO-000, 82/O9/3S. 820Q190223, 

IE Info Notice B2-40i "Deflcioncie* in Primary Containment 
Elctrlcji Penetration Attemblles. " Svc lilt encl. 

JQRDANrE.L. Division of Engineerlno ti Quality Assurance. 83/09/23. 
Conialldateil Edison Co. of New York, Inc. USpp. 13930:019. S4X 
Flch: 30-000. 02/09/22,0203190232. 

3211060271 Notification of 621103 meeting- u/utils 8, Franklin Research 
Ctr in B*thesdarMD to dlteus* dslgn (IE Bulletin BO-il) ft 
use e-f "tnergu Balance technique" < "arehinfl thsory". 

TflAMMELL.C, M, NRC - No Detailed Affiliation Qiven. 03/10/07. NHC 

- No De-tailed Affiliation Oiven. 4pp- IS975:31fl. S4X 
FiEh*: 30- 000, H2/10/07, 6211060271. 

"Failure of Safety/Relief Valvfl to 

6203190239 IE Info Notice 02-41. 

Open at BHfl. " Bvc Hit encl. ,..,.,- 

JORDAN.E.L. Division of Enflinrlng t, Quality. Assurance. B3/10/JB. 

CDnioliditiil Edison Co. of Neiu York, Int. ItOpp. 
Flch: SO-000, 82/10/22, 0208190239. 

15960; 133. 3-IX 



3JI 13*5310 Cjn'irm B2I1I5 plini tc B21204 entoTtteint confirmee to ftp 
nt-11 n Gltn Elltjn<It. concirnirg breach of primary 
c=.ntJin~tnt Jncov<nd on 631003 

= f'3!;ARD.H L Dwiiion of Projtct 1 Reiidint Prcorann. 03/11/19. 
H = eD.C C3-Ton u jltn Ednon Co 1p 14E06: 123. 24K 
FirM 50-237, 82/11/19.6211340310 

B2I1160324 Foruarif* Deviation flep t 13-2-B2-73: on OSlOOTi wilt* <-N 
trench 1 radioactive contamination level ranged from 
3,000 to 15,000 counts per mlnu te, exceeding radial I en 
protection control stds. Caused by scrap co-ntratr Jit aitff 
SCOTT, D. J. Commonwealth Edlaon Co. B2/I1/Q<J. KCPPl KH , J Ji 
3, Office of Director. 3pp. l<bQBl:344, H1X r-'lchi* 90-Qlff-W'i: 
B21 11 60324. 

211100114 FnrjariJi (ninthly optrating repts for Kar 1?B2. 

ECOIT, D J Ccit'iijnat.Uth Ednan Co. B2/Q4/02 Director's Office, 

Dt-tict st Inip.ction *M Enforcement lp 14026.059. 24X 
Fjcfif SO-OIO. 03/04/03, 621110011* 

B211E90i46 PNO-UI-Ba-127: on SSI 1 1 9, security guard 4rrtltt M 
IL police on charges of fiosscBsion & delivery of runlrollll 
substances following seiiure of marijuana d F'CI 1 , Guard 
suspended. Elec trie ian also suspended For auiportld JruJ ul 
CREED, J. (I., M[LLEH,J, R Region 3, Office of Director BJ'l 
I p. 16323:202. 34X FUhe 5O-OIO, 03/11/22, (Mil 

211100121 Monthly 
ItdZt, OiO 34* Fi 

iting repti for Mar 19H2. 
iwMltn Edison CD B3/04/02 21pp. 
50-010. S2/Q4/OZ.B2I 1 1001 14. 

236 fCfjjrdi ocnthl^ opsratinj repti for Oct I9B2 
.D J CoTinnnusal th Ednan Co 62/11/01 Direttor's Office, 

t of Inipction ans Enforcentnt lp 14040.172. 24* 
10-010, 62/11/01.9311150206 

ISOiD 193 241 Fi 

optrating rsots for Oct 1"JS2, Summary of operating 


nuealtfi EJiion Co. B2/11/OI 

Repartahle o ccurrerim, LER> (. related correspondence 

=211010153 LER B3-023/&3U-0 ha been canctltd 

SCOTT, -J Con3nua[th Edison Co B2/OB/24 KEPfLEfi.J Region 
3. attitt if Dirtctnr lp 1596B079 24X Fiche 50-237, 82/03/34, 
02 11010153 

ruarifj updated LER B2-027/01X-1 

CD ' rr - Druea11 '' E<n Co 63/10/07. KEPPLER, J. Region 

t i Dns 


--aail054t Utd.t.d LER 62-087/011-1 on normal p 
-PCI .nosor gear unit observed no^in, between high t lou 
ptf steps u/o operator action Caused bu intproper around 
in pouer supply Neu ground uir initallsJ 

MWdQAPPA.A Corpn Ul .lth Edtion Co 92/10/07 R e9 i Dn 3, 

B2l!o20531 :)[>0 15BS9294 241! F^he 50-237. B2/10/&7. 

S2110&01B1 For, ua rd> upflated LER B2-019/03X-I 

' e ~ : ^ 

V. Operator Eiami nation a 

6210530019 Generic Lbr 92-IB to all pouvr rc-actor *ppi|li*n1t i 
licensees re reactor operator & senior ran c tur uj>r-4lar 
rcqual 1 f icatl on eiamo, Advl >ei that en ami bojn ji ( f4il\t\t 
after 821001. Svc lilt encl. 

EISEHH'JT.D. 6. DiviBion of LIcHtiaing. B3/IO/IS. Con I at I ri 

Edison Co. of Neu Vork, Inc. 13pp. 16002:231, iM 
Filhe: 30-000, 82/1O/ 1 3, B31013OO! f. 


P. Operating license stage document* 1. corro a p-und Plic 

6209210027 Generic Ltr 82-14 to all PWH lUonaees r 

Sptcs. Requests revieiu of Tech Eipocs to fJetermiiie eoinm^t 

u/gutdance provided, Fur items ui/devla tlonv. amnd ID I If inn 

required. U/o stated one IB. Svc llit end. 

EISENHUT, D. 0. Division of Llcenolnn. B2/Q<t/M. Coni^Hl 

Editon Co. of Meu York, Inc. 13pp. 13930: 110 k'1* 

Fiche: 50-000, Sg/09/20, B309210027. 


F. Security, medical, emergencij I. fjrc protection pljMi 

0311220450 Releases public version of revised amvrgirni:^ MifS-i* 

FELION.J.rt. Division of RU!BB anil Records, IIH/II/I 1 / ?-ef 

Nanajement Branch. lp, 16197:001. 24X Fi C(IB: ft -tf*;!. WV| I f 1 1 . 

" 83 ,',!?,i! 00al Forillartt * public vorslon of rovlned ttnn-ttntv 
WATO.C.H, Oregon State Univ, 02/11/03. Ottttt F 

Reactor Regulation, Director. I p. IA1?7; O02 iU* 
Fiche: 50-343, 92/1 1/17, 021 1830130. 

15991 , 

coup]e he ^ ^^ * 

I"er moCDU pl f replaced 
2/10/13, R f oion 3 (lf*i 


9211020012 Foruardi LER B2-04I/03L-0 

5 ne'j CoBimoniiBallh Ellison CD S2/10/20 KEppi fa i n 

B2,?0200r2 f Dlr ' Ct " ' P I9BS ' ;138 24X^,^50-237, 

82J 1020019 LEft S2-041/03L-0 on 

BailE204SB Public vrion of rvtod emerflsnco rtponi ] 
* Oregon Stats Univ. B2/11/03. 00pp. 1A19/'00; 
Fiche: 50-343, 82/1 1/ 17, 

-l.^!I! tln9 1 ' c ' nlB Ita 3 8 document* & correipondnc* 

lubmittal of copies of doeumenU to NRC. Clarl fl ntiAttr r 

encl * rta " 1 documents to. be *ubmltttd to HRC, five till 

EISENHUT.D.O Division of SS/IO/O9. HUhi M . 

of. 10pp. 15760:140. 24X Fi c lie: 00-000,08/10/05, liatOO7*9*S 

r . 

F i eft e; 50-337. 52/10/31, 

" - 


L_^_^;*_f valuation Report (SEflJ, suppla ft'eorriiVefi 

" '" froffl D 8tia 


- NJ1C " No ">*! Hi 
24X Fi die: SO-S44, 02/07/1 S. 

82100400fc9 Oen*Mr Ltr R3-I7 


' ..... "'" 



821,0070019 Generic Ltr 93-21 to all licensee! & applicants of nuclear 
pouir reactors re Tech Specs for fire protection audlti. 
Forwards guidance discussing general scope b describing 
lament! to be Included in audit. Svc list end. 

ElBEWtUTiD 0. Division of Licensing. BS/1Q/06. Consolidated 

E<fiton Co. of New York, Inc. 19pp. 19993:333. 24X 
FIchB: 30-000, 82/10/06, B210O70Q19, 

BS11G9Q314 Forwards IE Insp Hept 50-244/02-17 on 820914-16. No 
noncanpliance no tad. 
KAflTIHiT T. Division of Engineering (, Technical Programs. 82/10/19. 

MAIER.j'E. Rochester Gas b Electric Corp. 2pp. 16004:139. 24X 
Fiche: 90-S44, B2/10/19, B311090214. 

B211Q7Q222 IE Insp Rept 50-244/82-17 on S20914-16.No noncomp 1 iance 

n<itd. Major areas inspec ted: f Ire protection/prevention 

program, inc lud ing Imp lumen tat Ion of administrative 

procedures J. observation of ignition source, 

FlMKELiA E , BGTrENKAUSEN, L, Division of Engineering & Technical 

Program). 83/10/14 5pp. 160O4: 131. 24X Fiche: 50-244, 82/10/19, 


G Ad judicatorij correspondent! 

s Decision DD-G2-11 denying Sierra Cljb 
uspend OL due to 02O125 steam 

8211030406 Forwards Directo 
820311 '- 0610 requests to 
generator tube rupture 

DENTQN.H.R Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. Direct 
82/10/09. CAPLAN. R Sierra Club. 3pp 15940- 156. 24X 
FUhe: SO-244, 02/10/08,9311030406 

S211O30111 Director's Decision DD-G2-11 denying Sierra Club B20bi(> 
request to review partial denial (DD-82-03) of 320311 
petition calling for suspension of OL Ma adequate fcasis 
ei I its for suspending 1 i cense. 

DENTQN.H R. Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. Director 
B2/10/08. 23pp. 15940.159 24X Fiche 50-244, Q2/ 1 0/OB, B3 1 lOJOIOi 



lion Dn-83-1 1 clenijlnci 

921103041-1 Notice of isauan 

Sierra Club request to suspend OL 

DENTON.H.R. Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director 

B3/ 10/08 2pp 15940. IB! 24 X Fiche 50-244. B2/1O/03, G3I I OII01O6 

921O2901QB QnerU ttr 02-23 to all licensees & applicants re between requirements Df 10CFR73. 40(g ) S. BT8 
for performing audits of safeguards contingency plans 
(mcurity plan). Svc list end. 

EIE-ENHUT, D. 0. Division of Licensing, B2/1Q/30, Coniol Ida ted 

Edisor, Co. of Neu York, Int. Bpp. 15973:319. 24X 
Fj Cher 30-000, 82/10/30, 3210390108. 

Releases public version of revised emergency plan 
i no lament Ing procedures. 

FELTON.J H Division nf Rules anrf Hecorils. 03/11/02. Document 

ManaflBfnent Dranch. lp. 1/.033:074. 24>C Fi che: 50-2fl4, 82/1 1/03. 

BEllllO'133 Formards puolit version of revised emergency plan 
implementing procedures, inc i ud i ng Procedure SC-200 re 
emergencij response qrgani iflti onj/respona ib i 1 i ties & radiation 
emergency plan. 

HAIERiJ.E. Rochestor Gas t Electric Corp. 83/10/O7. 
CRUTCHFIELD.D Operating Reactors Branch 5, lp. 16052:073. <24X 
Fi = ne: 50-344, B2/U/02,flai 11 101 1Q. 

8211040332 Order eitending tine until 321112 for Commission to 
ravieu Director's Decision DD-82-11 

CHILK.S J Office of the Secretary of tne Cummission B3/ 1 
Commissioners. lp. 15927:314. 24X Fiche: 5Q-244, 83/1 1 'OS. 

9311160321 Order eitending time until 821117 for Commissi 
review Director's Decision DD-32-11. 

CH1LK.S.J. Office of the Secretary of the Commission 
Commissioners. lp 16091 192. 24XFithe 50-244,32/11/12 

0. Advisory Conmitte 

Reactor Safeguards 

corresp ondpnci 

0211040119 Summary of 263nd ACRS meeting on B2O204-0& in 

Washington. DC re Ginna 620125 ace ident, quari t i tati ve aafetij 

joals, liquid instrumental ion: sevore accident rulemaiiinp * 

nuclear regulatory reform. 

* ACRS - Advisory Committee on Reactor SaFtguarifs B2/O2/O6 

ftCRS _ Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards. 3B7pf) 15961. DO! 

24X Fiche. 50-244,82/02/06, 881 10401 19 

Q2HI10I36 Pudlii version of revised emcrgHnc(| plan imp lenient ing 
procBC?UTes, including Procedures GC-2OO re omeroency response 
organiiation/rBsponsibilitles & BC-303 re manning 
technical s up port ctr, 

D001NE.JC, Rochester Qaa a, Electric Corp. 82/09/23, 90pp. 
K.052-077. 34X Fiche: 30-244, Q2/11/02. S2M 1 101 18. 

aailllOiaQ Public version of Radiation Emergency P Ian. BC-1-01 . Revision 

I 9 " Rochester Gas 6 Electric Corp. 02/07/28. ilGpp. 16002:167. 
H4X Fiche; 50-344, 92/1 1/02, 821 11 101 IB. 

82110^0379 Generic Ltr 82-23 to all power roactor licensees re 
intagrafied IAEA eercise For physical invontory at LWRs. Any 
corvnitpnpnt to participate in eierclse is voluntary & any 
utfl that participatsi will be reimbursed. Svc liat encl. 
EIEEMHUT, D. 0, Division of Licensing. B2/11/03. Consolidated 

Ediion Co. of Neb, York, Inc. llpp. 16019:004. 24X 
Ficne: 50-000, 82/11/03,8211040379. 

6311140470 HeUasus public version, of Revision 4 to Emergency Plan 
Imp lemant ing Procedure SC-410, "Insp of Emergency 

FELTOlif^rl. Division of Rules and Records. B2/I1/OB. Document 

mn-g.ment Branch. lp. 16188: 260. 24X Fiche: 50-344, 82/11/08, 

B2I1I6Q-J74 Forwards public version of Revision 4 to Emergency Plan 

Implementing Procedure SC-410, "Insp of Emergency 

Equipment. " 

MAIER.O.E. Rochester Oa t< Electric Corp. BH/10/2B 

CHUTCWFIELD.D. Operating Reactors Branch 5. lp. 16123. rai. -is 

Fiche: 30-244,82/11/08,8211160470, 

8211160480 Public varsion of Revision 4 to Emergency Plan Implementing 

Procedure SC-410, "Insp of Emergency Equipment. " 

BODIWE.J. C. nocheatar Oas (, Electric Corp. 82/10/09. 13pp- 

16138:362. 24X Fiche: 30-244, BH/1 1 /OS, 821 1 160470. 

BaiES30483 Re*pond to 10CFR50. 4B fc App to 10CFRSO re potential mods 
reiultino from fire protection safe shutdown study. Mods to 
raolv 411 outstanding SEP issues, inc 1 uding fire 

ppotction,ulll be proposed dur ing Apr t9B3 - rmiTCHFIELD, D 

rlAIER.J.E, RochMter Gas (, Electric Corp B2/11/17, CBUTCHFIELU, D. 

Oparatlne R. actors Branch 5. 2pp- 16.192:099. H4X 
Flch*: 30-244, 82/11/17, 821 1230483. 

Wash inqtnn, 1IC 


B2110604(.l Summary of 264th ACRS meeting on Q2O401-0 
re long-term research program, reac tor pressure ves 
level indication, Ginna 820123 accident I fire prot 
program for nuclear power plants. 

ACRS - Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards 
ACRS - Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards. B6(,pp 
24 X Fiche 50-2-14, B2/04/02, B2i lQiC-161 

0211050196 Sun-nary of ACRS Subcommittee on Reactor Operations Q2031B-1 1 ? 
meeting in Rochester. NY re steam generator tube failure. 
site emergency incidant t,. SEP ~,, n -,,m 

* ACRS - Advisory Cammittee on Reactor Safeguards^ 82/CI7/O7_ 
ACRS - Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards 34pp. 15964 ..(M. 
24X Fiche: 50-244,82/07/07.8211050196 

8211040486 Responds to ACRS comments t recommenoat I on,5 re Phase II of 
SEP review for facility. Issues re grounduiater & associated 
hydrostatic loads & containment isolation resolved. Issue re 
flooding of site 6y Deer Creek not yet resolved. 
DEHTQN,H.R Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation: Director. 
83/09/17 SHEWMON.P. S. ACRS - Advisory Committee on Reactor 
Safeguards. 4pp. 13943:355. 24X F. che' 50-244, BB/09/1 7. fl 1 0-KMH6. 

P. Operating license stage documents t, correspondenc e 

8208290097 F01A renueat for four categories of info t> questions re 
820125 steam generator leaV at facility. 

DOR IS, II E. Affiliation Unknown. B2/09/O1 CARR. J. Office of 
Ministration lp. 16136:351. 24X Fiche SO-244. 03.09/01 . 

9209210027 Generic Ltr 82-16 to all PWR licensees re NUREG-O737 Tech 

Specs. Requests review of Tech Specs to determine coni^tency 

u/guirfance provided. For items u/deviat ions, acnend to llcenao 
required. W/o stated ends Svc list encl. 

EISENHUT.D.G. Division of Licensing. B2/07/20. Consol i da ted 

Edison Co. Of New York, Inc. 15pp. 15930: 1 4O, 24K 
Fiche: 50-000, B2/O9/30, 8209210027. 

B211030163 Forwards B20909 Itrs re SEP Phase III for distribution 
SM1TH.H Operating Reactors Branch 5. B2/O9/29. Operating 

Realtor, Branch V lp. 13933:101. 24X fi che: 30-010. S2/DW29. 
821 1030163. 



BOnil HMUMII eo*ntntt on prgpaird tope of SEP Phaii III 
rdlrcttt in fuel tofie dtfinitioiu 

yr.D C Oivinan ot Llt*niinj B 2/09/09. EDWARDS, D. 
!nuilru] Forus 7B(.p. 15935' 102 241 

50-010, B2/G9/2?. 8211030163 

-6S09Z30393 HfquMti cc--*inti an propoied nopi at Pfii( III program 
riMfitiil in irtl topic definitioni 

ElEf.'HUT, D G Civilian of Licensing. 63/09/09 KACICH.R. SEP 
O.nirt Group 77p JS935.1BO. 24* Fich: 50-010. 03/09/29. 

eril04<t05} Aid! reiponie to FOJA rtqutit Tor records rt Htitinghoute 

flap O Docuaintt ilio available in POR 

FELTON.J H Civilian of Hulei and RnordV B2/09/30. LQNO. D, J, 
HintlSrop, Sttnton. Pulnaoi t Rotirti. 4pp. 1594i:013. BIX 
Ftcht 50-244,32/09/30,6211340055 

--S2Q22t014a Rrquttti iptcifit llitid in/o r< 630135 ittan oinicator 
tub! rupturi 

tyDALL.M K HOJK of Rep. . Interior !, Iniular Affairi. &3/03/05. 
PALL*DITO,H.J Conniff ionin. 3pp 15946:110. B4X 
Fich* 50-000.82/09/30, 6211040033. 

209150369 FOIA rtfutit for rtft, "Stta* etnjrator Evaluation, Oinna 
sUji Cintrjlcr TutK Failure Incident, 820125, " NUHEO-0909 & 

i"JflKCHEe, JK Affiliation Unknown 62/10/10. Oiviijon of Rulei 

W Hecor.ii 3 PP 13963.OE9. 341 Fiche : 30-244, S3/10/10, B209I50069. 

B2I10-404BO ForuanJi s(t of evaluationi for each SEP topic referenced 
in dT4't SEP rtpt (WREG-Oa22). 

EMITH.H D5*ratiro H e acori Branch 5 B2/10/12. P ull ie Dotumertt 

Branch ip 15956 001 W Fie**: SO-000. 02/10/12. 821 10404BO. 

-E21I04G494 Foruards racosmtnded around r.*pant spectra (5X danplngl, 
etdtliihing jround notion acctlgration viluti far 
itructura! rt-*v4)u4tion of lennic loads for eastern SEP 


Opcnttng fiMctor* Branch 5. BU06/OQ 
ant Co. 2pp. 15996:091. 34K 
. B2H0404BO. 



M-,.' 9' ntr * tor tl "" "il 
PER WSE5-0909 V NUHEO-09S& a a be 

Rilatetf docujntnti listti in App A 
FELTOH.J M Civiiion of fJulo, and R.cordj 

Unlnoyn 3 " 15963:017 

thr " "Pt.RPt re Oinna 
incident availabl. In 

Fuse 50-000, B3/IO/26, 8210260098 
&210370030 Cnrit Ltr 83-32 ta all 

"5^ >: iS 

C Diviiion of Liteniin 
Ed,, DT ,C . of Hr-t. In, S 

Fiche- 30-000. 62/10/26,0210370030 



8311040170 Advises of approval of 770731 roquoit that FiOur* J, 't - 
Line Diagram Train A for Eii*tino Undorvoltg Bus" L E*iel " 

A, "Dngoinj Evaluation of Battitij Sijs Integrity" re 
undirvoltage protection be withhold (per lOCFRa, 7VOt 
CRUrCHFIELDiD. Operating Reactors Branch S. OSflO/SO M*[[*,IE 
Rochester Oas d Electric Corp. 3pp. I39a9'001 24* 
Flche: 30-244, 82/10/23, 831 1040170. 

9211170525 Responds to FOIA request for fo ur cntBgoi-lq* of inft I 

queitions i-e fac i 1 1 ti/. Forward* responses listed In (lea D 
U/o end. 


n nknown. 3pp, 1613A.'34Q. 3.4X 
831 1 1 70525. 

FELTON.J.M. Division of Rules and Records 

Affiliation Unknown. 3pp, 1613A.'34Q. 3.4X Flcji* ; 50~a<M. M/l Iffl 

B311150193 Infarmi that revision! to Tech Ejpoct pr PI1IO3 f *iuM i 
bi propoterf follouinfl naui *pent fuel pool cooling iui 

initallation. Proposed changes decrease tlma a^niliblt brr 
backup cooling i<;s required, 

KAIER.J.E. Rochester Oas deioctrte Corp. 0?/1 1/01 C H/ f CF!fJ ! 
Operating Reactors Branch 3. Ip. 16061 OO7 U4X 
Fiche: 80-244, BB/1 1/04, H31 1 1 301 73. 

B211140047 Oeneric Ltr 82-26 to power reactor Uttnitt* C*it**l Fru I 
Vralr.) re NUREO-0744, Revision I, "Pro. sure VB.iIlH.Ii 
Fracture Tpughnes>, " Forwards NUREO-074-), Re vl lot. I M/o> 
encl.Svc list end. 

EI8ENHUT.D.O Oivision of Licensing, 02/ll/IB. CBhialini^ 

Edison Co. of Now Vort. Inc. 52pp. Ifi232' aia a4< 
Fiche;50-OOD, B2/1 1/12, 82-1 1 160D47. 

B311IB031Q He que , tl lubnltt*! of ECCa model. Hhlch M <lMcIIf <r*ii 

upper plenum injec t ion. Each model should (inlud* tit I 

, ! n^' i , <: t lU J fltlons """'"Pa "ng spectrum of lni-g> brm 
LOCAi. Info ihould be provided bg 831215, 
CRUTCHFIELD, D, Operating Reactors Branch S. 03/31/19 
Rochester Oas t, Electric Corp. Epp. 16141 : 1 t!fi iJi 
Fiche: 50-244, Ba/( I/I 3, 031 1100310. 

I !> II 

B nd of 

6311100283 Revises eommi tment datoi for SEP To 
'''','' "<"""ng analysis w , U bo .^nFtJcJ 
17B2. Liner analysis uill be completed by Apr 
MAIErWe. Rochester Oaa t-EUctrlc Corp, Ba/J|/| 

Op.rating R>acton Branch 5. ip. 
Ff che' 30-W4,H/1I/14, 021 11002133 

~'-!-!!*_I* ( " lrt *' IE ^"""t*" 1 < 
B30BI902SO IE Info Notice Q2-37, "Cracking i,, Up,,,,. ., . fl 

p^-'sir,^^;'" wold f suafli oon ' rat r * "!"ii<; 



Flche: 80-000, 02/07/lfi, 020B1TO2HO. 

"sisssSc 1 ?::*^!! 1 aa -*-"^'n - " i.... 

* * 

Hit (^1 

" ** 

"" s: Baiio:i 

"" * 

n.rou ha.. , 

.c M * S!i nc f, *<""' !">" < "arching thor", 

i"d AmHau^ ^"" """"" " wno/o 

4pp - I3973:3ia ' ?4K 

lrl ? * Technical Pro,,**,, 



6711090222 IE Imp fitpt 50-244/B2-17 on 820914-16. No noncomp 1 iance 
noted. Major areas inspected: fire protection/prevention 
proorjm. int luding implementation of administrative 
procedures t observation of ignition tource. 

FINKEL.A E. , BETTENHAUSEN, L. Division of Engineering & Technical 
Programs. BS/IO/14. 3pp. 16004:131. 24X Ficha: 50-544, B2/10/19, 

320317023? IE Info Notice B2-41, "Failure of Safety/Relief Valves to 
p.*n it BWR. " Bvc llt *ncl. 

JOHDrtN.E L Diviiion of Engineering t Quality. Assurance. 82/10/*?;", 
Consolidated Edison Co. of N*u York, Inc. 110pp. 15960: 1S3. 24X 
Ficho. 50-000, 82/10/22, B20SI90S39. 

B2111600&UI Summary of 021103 meeting ui/utils re IE Bulletin BO-11 on 
u of "Enrgy Balance Technique" ti "arching action" for 
ma* oriri| wall qualification. 

FRAHMELL, C. M. Operating Reactor* Branch 3. B2/II/05. Operating 

fiBactori Branch 3. 32pp. 16102:338. SIX Fich: 30-000, B2/1 1 /OS. 

8208190248 IE Info Notica B2-43, "Deficiencies In LHR Air Filtration/ 
Ventilation Syi. " Sve list encl. 

JQRDAN,E.L. Diviiion of Engineering 1 Quality Assurance. 82/11/16. 
ContoHdated Edison Co. of New York, Inc. Hipp. 16171:233. 24X 
Flcfie: 30-OOO, H2/1 1/16, B20B190B48. 

0211300399 Foruardl IE Insp Rpt 50-244/B2-22 on 821001-31. No 
noneompl lane* noted. Division of Project b Resident Programs. 82/11/16. 
HAJEP.J.E. Rochester Oas b Electric Corp. 2pp. 16240:002. 24X 
FI t he: SO-244. 82/11/16,3211300370. 

8311300403 IE Insp Repl 30-244/B2-22 on 021001-31. No noneompl lance 
notrJ. Major areas Inspected: p lant oparati ons, survei 1 lance 
tilting, mmint, LERi. secondary chemistry monitoring program t 
fallouiup of licensee actions on previous inap findings. 
ZIMMERMAM, R.P. , KISTER.H.H. Division of Project fc Resident 
Programs. 82/11/12. 9pp. 16240:004. 24X Fi che; 50-244. 82/1 1 /I6, 

B2OG19D253 IE Info Notice SB-43, "PWfi Lou Temp Overpressure 
Protection. " Bvc list encl. 

JORDAN, E. L. Division of Engineering 6 Quality Assurance. 82/11/19, 
Consolidated Edlon Co, ofNeuVor*. Inc. 93pp. 16232:296, 34X 
Fichi: 50-000,82/11/19,0203190233. 

R. Period!* operating reports fa rtlated correspondBncB 

B2H0204B2 Forward* monthly operating fpt for Aug WB2. 

SWOH.B.A. Roehatter Oas fc Electric Corp, 82/09/O7. Office of 

R**aur Mano*ment, Director, Ip. 1SBB9; S39. 24X 
Flc Pie: 90-244, 02/09 /07. BS1 10304B2. 

B2110204BS Monthly operating rept for Aug 19B2. 

HCMAMARA. A. E. Roehaster Oas 4 Electric Corp. B2/O9/O7. 
1SSB9: 260, 24X FIche: 30-244, 02/09/07, B2t 10204B2. 


B2-110S062-4 Foruardi monthlu operating rpt for Sept 19B2. 

SHOW. E. A. Rochester Oas fc Electric Corp. 82/10/06. 
HMCune MaTiaoement, Director. Ip. 13886:076, 24X 
Fichu: 30-244, BS/10/06, B21 1020624, 

Office of 

aB110aOA32 Monthly operating rept for Sept 1902, 

HCNrtWARAr A. E. Rochester 0*1 fc Electric Corp, 82/10/OA, 
ISSBi:077. S4X Fiche:30-244,Ba/IO/06,S2110206B4, 


8211040579 "Rochester Gag ( Electric Corp RE Ginna Incident of 
S20135. " 

JJC1HERTB,JO Neu VDT k , State of. B3/06/3D. 22pp 15944 3.JO 
24X Fi che :50-344, 02/1 0/20, 0211040574. 


B21t01023B Foi-uiarda LER 

MAIER.J.G RochBitar Oaa k Electric Corp. 82/EO/22 
Region 1, Office of Director. Lp. 13068:005 24X 
FIche: 50-244, B2/1O/22, B31 1O1O23O. 

BS1101024I LER 03-O21 /O3L-O: an B2O923, conta inment aprai) pumps & so 
hydroiiijB additive ac|s, check valve 362 D failed to promptly 
c lose. Valve repairs consisted of machining seat & disc 
aasemb lij. 

BOniNE, J. C. Rochester Gas & Electric Corp. B2/10/23. Reel" ' 1 

Office of Director. Ip. 15060.006 24X Fi the' 50-2rt4, 62/ 1 O.'L'H, 

3211290280 Forwards LER B2-O27/03L-0. 

HAfER, J. E. Rochester Gas I. Electric Corp. 82/11/10 
Re-gion 1, Office of Director. Ip. 16219:002 Z4X 
Fi che: 30-244. 82/11/10,821 12TO2BG 


--S2II290E91 LER 03-027/O3L-O: on B2101l,!eali Identified on boric acitl 
transfer pump IA discharge piping Caused bi) Iritorgranular 
stress corraaion cracking.CrdcLing section a? pipe & 
fitting rep laced. 

BOD1NE.JC. Rochester Oas i. Elifctric Corp. 02/11/10. Reiiion 

Office of Directnr. Ip. 16219.003 34X Fichu 50-244, B3/1 1 /10, 

311290769 Forwards LEU B2-023/03L-0. 
HAIER.J.E. Rochester Gas & Electrii 
Hsgion 1, Office D* Director. Ip. 
Fiche: 90-244, 32/11/15, 621 129O769. 

Corp 82/11/15. 
16229:001). 24X 


-0211290771 LER B2-023/03L-0: on B31OJ 6, nipp 1 e to discharge pipe of 
component cooling uater pump broke off while i nves ti gat i ng 
lea (cage. Caused bij par-stumel error. Fa i led pipe replaced iu/ 
steel schedule 0O nipple. 

HDDINEiJ E Bochoster Gas fc E'lcrtric Corp. 62/11/15 Hen"" 

Office of Director. IP- 16229: OB5. 24X FicJ^e: 50-244, U2/ 1 1 / 1 ft, 

82U3001B5 Forwards LEFt 8a-024/03L-0. 

MAIEFl.J E. Rochester Gas & Electric Corp. 02/11/19 
Region 1, Office of Director. Ip. 16230:306, 24X 
Fiche. 50-244, B2/1 1/19,021 130Q1B5. 


--G211300195 LER 02-G24/Q3L-0: on Q21O21.RPI for control rod H-7 derlfln 
inoperafcle. RPI repaired indicator r ep laced, connect ion in 
main control board replaced & "PI returned tn avc. 

BODINE.J.C. Rochester Oas Sr Electric Corp. B2/11/19. [j pg > on 1, 

Office of Director. Ip. 16333:307. 24X Fi che: 50-244, B2f I 1/1 1, 

021 1300303 Forwards LER oa-O2S/O3L-O. 

HrtlEO.J.E, Rochester Gas & EUetric Corp. B2/11/19 
Region 1, Office of Director. Ip. 16213.042. 24X 
Fiche: 30-244, 02/11/19.8211300303. 

--B21 1300313 LER B2-025/03L-O; on B21007, cable tunnel spray/5pr i nk 1 or fire 
protection sys taken out of svc to perform sijs mo<l . On 
B21021,sgs declared opffrable uhen mods complete Personnel 
instructed to perform mod* tn less than 14 daijs 

DDDINE,J.C. nocnester Qo-s . Electrit Corp. 03/11/19. Rnt|iori 1. 

Office of Director, Ip. 16243:043. 24X FichB : SO-344, B2/ 1 1^ 1 V, 

S. Hport*ble occurrences. LEfis fc related correspondence 

6311010033 Forwards list of oanarle concerns b Implications associated 
ui /e 201 Z 3 steam snerator tube rupture tventiln response to 
S20503 nimo. Response oasid In laroe part upon NUREG-0909. 
MICHELSQN.C. Director ' Off let. B2/05/21. DENTON,H.R, Office of 
Nuel*r fleattor ReouUtion, Director. Spp, 13B92,'072. 24X 
Flch*: 90-244. B2/03/21, B21 1010093. 

8211040574 Forwards JE Luont affidavit fc statement of prof 
nullifications, in response to B21004 request for info to 
up pert proceeding to investigate causes of B201S3 tubs 
f[ Jura. UU1 rept on Incident only encl. 

DENTON P H,R. Office of Nueliar Reactor Regulation, Director. 
82/10/20. BREW,J. H, NeuiVopIt, State of. 2pp. 15944:307. 24X 
Flchc: 50-E44- B2/10/20, 821 1040974. 

B21 1290410 Foruiarrfs response to NUREO-0916 re restart after 820125 tute 
rupture inc id ent. Da-sed on rflpons8 to Item 2C(2) , re vt sed 
Tech Specs re priffiaru co-o]ant activity uiill be requested 
MAIER.J.E. Rochester Gas * Electric Carp. 82/11/22. CRUTCHF IFLI), II. 

Operating Reactor! Branch 5. 11pp. 16217:271. 24X 
Fich;30-244i 02/1 1/22,821 12904 1 O. 

B211290419 "Analysis of Potential Environ Consequences Following fclBEi 
Generator Tube Failure dt RE Ginna Nuclear Pouer Plant. " 
RUBIM,H., VOLPEMHEIN, E. Wes t ingh oose Electric Corp. a2/ll/:30. 
64pp. 16217:272. 24X F i che : SO-214, 02/1 1 /SS, 8211SW41O. 

3211290429 "Analysis, of Plant Response Dur i no 030125 Steam Generator 
Tube Failure at RE Ginna Nuclear Poiuor Plant. " 
VQLPENHEIN, E C. Westlnghouae Electric Corp. 32740:1/111703. 
SB/11/22 82pp 16217:203. 24X Fiche: 50-244,82/11/25.031 1990410. 

8207150014 Forwards rept "Rochester Oa* fc Electric Corp RE Glnna 
Incident of 6S0123. " Affidavit* from J Lyons . R Zimmerman 
attesting to accuracy of original conclusions ri (team 
generator tube failun requested. 

BREH.-i/.W, , Ntut Yor, State of. 82/10/04. DIRCKB, W. J. Office of 
th Extcutlve Director for Operation.. llpp. (3944:309. 24X 
Fiehej 50-244, B2/10/20, B21 1040374. 

-9211290439 ''Evaluation of Alternative Reactor Coolant Pump Trip 
Criteria for RE Oinna Nuclear Poujr Plant." N. Hestinflhousa Electric Corp. 33030:1/111502. 62/11/^0. 
I3pp. 16217:349. 24X Ficho : 50-244, B2/ 1 1 /SS, 821 I 290410. 



V -Opera-tor Eiam] nati orn 
B3J0130019 Gensric Ltr H 


Northeast HueUa 

nch S. 8Z/I1/05 COUNSIL.H.O 

(3310040069 Q B n*ric Ltr 02-17 t 

. i w-ii_ruQ d generic Llr 133 T i-- .ii 
PRllnti 6 holde^ i r- P01)Er /" CtD " liCMf.., * 

re <!uir ementa "; ,Sc "^("fc"";'"""! betueer> 
rsas^vs-'-Ki;:;:/:?"- If:^::. 1 " 11 " aurfes of 

Prf,-. f ..'.?" ? f L '<:ens3r9. 62/10/01. ^.-n J 

Ed i ion Co of MelJ vorfc, I nt 


B2I0070019 C BnBrt c Ltr 82-21 to all lic. n .... f 

Kr::,;:-;?; %:; ' : "^ : "" : "' is "-- of " uelw 

' 30-2^5,92/10/20, 

It ion. nBUl 

82I104Q37*? Centric Ltr 00-31 i. i, 
lnt.,r.t., IAEl ." c?^ P i 
caMltHnt U pa rtic lpa t B in S.2"i 
otil that p.TtitUates ulll h 

l'lltlti. lu/llil 

" ""- 1 

EIBEWHUr.D. 0. vision 

- ........ - 

n ..... e " <* 

Utllllli* K< t 

136. 24x Fi 

* int " rnal 

SO . 

D * 






P. Operating license stage document! & correspondence 

8211030163 Foruards 52090"! ltr> re SEP Phase III for distribution, 
SMITH. H, Operating Rsaclors Branch 5. 82/09/29. Operating 

fle*rtori Branch 5. lp. 15735:101. 24X Fiihe: 30-010, 92/09/29, 

82092S034S Requests comments on proposed scope of SEP Phase III 
ai reflected In encl topic definition* 

EISEIJKUT. B. 0, Division of Licensing. 82/09/07. EDWARDS. D. 
Atomic Industrial Forum. 7Bpp. 15935:102. 24X 
Fiche: 50-010,62/09/37,9211030163. 

821 1090391 Inform* that 900909 loch Spec change request to support 
Reload 7/Cycle 9 re control rod accumulator a is withdrawn 
CQUNS1I,. W, G. Northeast Nuclear energy Co. (sobs, nf Northeast 
Utilities) COUNSIL.W.O Northeast Utilities. 92/11/01. 
CRUTCHFIELD, D. Operating Reactors Branch 5. lp liQ07:l34. 24-X 
Fiche: 50-343, 83/1 1/01 , 821 IO-JO37 1 . 

B2I 11 10479 Forwards addl info to S21015 Tech Spec change proposals n 
Reload a/Cycle 9 amend. 

COUNSIL, U.G. Northeast Nuclear Energy Co. (subs, of Northeast 
Utilities). COUNSIL, W-Q .Northeast Utilities. 82/11/02. 
CRUTCHFIELD, D. Operating Reactors Branch 5. 3pp. Ii037 IBf. 211 
Fi Che: 50-249, 

32C92B&353 Requests comments on proposed scope of Phase III program an 
reflected in encl topic definitions. 

EIBEMHUT, 0. 0. Division of Licensing. 82/09/07. KACICH.R. SEP 
Burners Croup. 77pp, 13733:180. SflX Fie he: 90-010, 83/09/37, 

0211040*80 Forwards set of evaluations for each BEP topic referenced 
in, draft &EP rept (NUnEG-0832). 

SMITH, H. Operating Reactorl Dranch 5. B3/1O/12. Public Document 

Branch. lp. 15956:001. 24X Fiche; 9O-OOO, B3/10/13, 031 10404BO. 

831J040494 Forwards re commended ground response ipectra (5X damping), 
establishing ground motion acceleration values for 
structural re-evaluation of seismic loads for eastern BEP 

CRUTCHFIELD. D. Operating Reactors Dranch 3. S1/06/OB. JarfiBg 

Central Pouer b Light Co. 2pp. 15736:031. 24X 
Flche: SO-OOO, 82/10/12. 821 104O4BO. 

BOOS110633 Advisas that draft technical evaluation of SEP Topic V1II-2 
1* acceptable. Requests that encl documents be forwarded to 
licensee for comment. Any comments should Be supplied prior 
to 910302 for consideration in final rept. 

CRUrCHFIELD.D. Systematic Evaluati on Program Branch. BO/07/39. 
CfiuTCHFIELDiD. Operating Reactors Dranch 5. 14pp, 13996:104. 
24* Fie he: 90-000, B3/10/ 12, 8211040480. 

621102062? Application to amend Provisional OL DPR-31 for Reload B/ 

Cycle 9. Proposed Tech Spec changes involve extended load 
line 1 Imi t. Supporting documentation encl. 

CDUMSILi H. 0. i DIBHOP.H.U. Northeast Nuclear Energy Co. (subs, of 
Northaast Utilltiei). COUNBIL.H.G. Northeast Utilities. B2/10/15. 

CHUTCHFIELD, D. Operating Reactors Dranch 5. 4pp. 15865:090. 24X 
Ft Che; 50-249, 83/10/19,9211020629. 

B2I1O20641 "Supplemental Reload Licensing Bubmlttal for Millstone Unit 
I, Reload 8. " 

LEASER, J. D. , HILFiC.L., ENOEL. R. E. General Electric Co. 
VI003J01A*4, 83/06/30. 17pp. 15883:094. 24X 
FUna: 50-243, 82/10/13, 021 1021:639. 

8211020642 Errata fc addenda to "LDCA Analysis Rapt." 

General Electric Co. NEDD-24QB5-1 ERR. 82/06/30. 6pp. 
13889:111. 24X Fiche: 30-243. 03/10/13,021 I0206B9. 

B2H020446 "EitandiJ Load Line Limit Analus is. Ml 1 Istone Paint Nuclear 
power StationiUnit 1." 

General Electric Co. NEDO-24366. B2/06/30, 42pp. 1SBB3: 117. 
2 Fic-he: 50-B45. 83/10/13, 921 10B0629. 

B21I020650 "Buppl 1 to Extended Load Line Limit Analysl s, Ml 1 1 stone 
Point Nuclear Power Station Unit 1 (Revnr if ieation for Cycle 
9). " 

Gtnaral Electric Co. NEDD-3436A- 1 . H3/06/30. 9pp. 13BB5: 139. 
34X Fiche: 50-2*5,92/10/15,8211020629. 

BS11020657 Proposed Tech Spec changes involving etendd load line 
Unit, protective instrument^ 1 on. In 1 tiating rod black 
Instrumentation, special repts, containment nyi. ppimar 
contilnnunt Isolation fc scram discharge syf. 

Norfiaast Nuclear Energy Co. (subs, of Northeast Utilities), 
62/10X19. 55pp, 15898:168. 34X Fiche: 50-343, 82/10/13, 921 10S06E9. 

B2I1Q2036B Advises of Intent to revise Paragraphs IB. 2. 1, a, IB. 2. 1. d, 
18. 2, 1. f> 19. 2. 1. e t, 19. 3. 1. p re OA program, per 921004 
teltan. Changes proposed to improve overall OA program 
ff*ctlvent> b mill be incorporated in net t rept revision. 
COUNSIL.W.G. Northeast Utilities Service Co. COUNSIL. W, 0. 
Korthast Utilities. B2/10/B3. HAASS.W.P, Ouallty Assurance 
Branch. 2pp. 13899:021. 24X Fiche: 50-000, 82/10/22, 8211020349. 

0210270030 Generic Ltr 92-22 to all PUR llenes re Congressional 
riqunt for info concerning steam generator tube Integrity. 
Foruardu Congressman EJ Marlrey 821019 question* r steam 
generator tube integrity. Bvc lift encl. 

EI6ENHUT.D.O. Division of Licensing. B2/10/36, Consolidated 

Etfison Co. of Neu York- Inc. 10pp. 16099:333. 24X 
Flcha: SO-OOO, 92/10/26,9210270030. 

B2111104B4 Addl proposeil Tech Bpec-a, supp I pment i ng 031015 Tech Spec 
change request re ffeload a/Cycle 9. Add! info encl 

# Northeast Nuclear Energy Co. Isubi. of Northeast Uti I it i n-s ). 
92/11/30. 9pp. 1&O37: IBB. 34X Fi che: 50-3'15. 83/ 1 1 /OS, B2I 1 1 1 047 1 ?. 

B31 1 190559 Foriuards combust ible gas control p valuation, address inn basis 
For calculating numbar of fuel per f oration) , conservative 
determination of logins released to gap b qualitative t, 
quantitative assessment at cons ervat i sms, pe r B207IS raeetinij- 
CDUN3IL.H.G. Northeast Utilities. CaUM3IL,WB. Northeast Nutleni- 
Energy Co. (suds, at Northeast Utilities). H2/11/05. DIFICKS. U J. 
Office of the EjBiutivB Director for Operations 27pp. lAQtS: I7A- 
24X Fiche: 90-349.63/11/05. 021! 1 9O55? 

S2I1160373 Noti fie* that suamittal of plant-unique analysis res c h edu lerf 
to B212IO due to license requirement that plant mods inside 
containment be completed prior to start nf Cycle 9. Analysis 
far torus piping rescheduled to B30B01. 

COUNSIL.W.Q. , CAGNETTA, J. P. Northeast Nuclear Energy Co. (subs of 
Northeast Utilities!. CASNETTA, J, P. Northeast Utilities. B2/11/OQ 

CRUTCHFIELD. D. Operating Rcac tnrs; Branch 5. lp. 1A091. 232. 34% 
Fiche: 30-24S, 92/11/09.321 1160393. 

3211160413 Documents understanding of acceptability of primary sy.5 
pressure testing ui/inoperabl isolation condHnser Lirense 
amend request ui 1 1 be submitted to clarify To c h Spec 3. S E. 
COUN3IL, W. G. i CACNETTA, J. P. Northeast Nuclsar Energi) Co. (subs of 
Northeast U6ilitia). COUNSIL, W. C. Northeast Utilities E52/11/00. 
CRUTCHFIELD.D. Operating Reactor* "ranch 3. 3pp 1609J : 307 24X 
Fiche: 30-345, 83/11/08,3211140413. 

8211150173 Forwards revised safety evaluatipn for SEP Topic XV- It,, 
"Failure of Small Linos Carrying. Primary Coolant Outside 
Containment. " Eiclumian area boundary dose to thyroid of 
370 rem Biceedi acceptanca criteria. 

8HEA.J. Opnratina Reactors Branch 5. B2/11/10. CCUNSIL.U.C 
Northeast Nuclear Ere-rgij Co. (subs, of Northeast Utilities). Vpfi 
16055:209. H4X Fiche: 30-245, 02 / 1 1/ 10, B21 1 1 50173. 

8211170414 Discusses results -of analysis performed due tn r epar tab le 
indications discovered near s.pargr junction ban uelds op 
Junction Doi D of core spray sys.Core spray parf ormanco not 
degraded eve-n u/pni tula ted worst case break. 

CQUNSIL.H. 0. , CAQNETTA- J. P. Northoas t Nuclear Energy Co, <Bud'o. of 
Northeast Utilities). CQUNSIL. M. O. Northeast Utilities. 82/11/10. 
CflUTCHFIELD. D. Operating Reactors Branch 5, 3pp. 16106:174. SIX 
Fich:30~243, B2/J 1 /1O. 821 1 1 7O41 4. 

8211320433 Forwards safety evaluations reforonc-ed in App E of 
NUfiEO-0924, "Integrated Plant Safety Assessment Hept for 
MilUtone Nuclear Pouier Statlon-Unit I," to assist In review 
of NUttEO. 
CRUTCHFIELD, D. Operating Reactors Dranch 5. 02/11/10 SHEWMON. I 1 . 8. 

ACR8 - Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards, SOOpp, 1631B:()O1, 

24K Fiche: 50-SflSj B3/11/1O, B21 1220433. 

B211160047 Generic Ltr 83-BA to pouer reactor licensees leicofit Fort at 
Vrin! re NUHEO-0744, Revi sion I, "Presiure Vessel Mat! 
Frcture Tooghness." Forwards NUP.OJ-07'H, Raviaion 1. W/o 
net. Svc list encl. 

EISENHUT.D. 0. Division of Licensing. 92/11/13. Consoltdatod 

Ediion Co. of Neu VOT. Inc. 32pp. 16233:212. 2 
Fl che; SO-OOO. 92/11/13, BS I 1 16OO47. 

9211170363 Foriuarils Amend 86 to Lieenie DPR-H 1 , saf etg evaluation & 
notice of Issuance & aval lab! 1 i ty. Amend changes App A Tech 
Spec* to incorporate revi*ed operating limits associated m/ 
modi to scram discharge val for improved hydraulic coupling. 
CRUTCHPIELD, D. Operating Reactor* Branch 3. B2/11/12. CdUNSIU. W. O. 
Northeast Nuclear Energy Co. (tubs, of Nor theast Ut 1 II t i es I. 3pp. 
16106: 193. 24X FEche: =0-343. 83/11/12.9211170363. 

9311170366 Amend Sfi to License, DPR-21, chang ing App A Tech Spacs tn 
incorporate re-vlied operating Units aisoclated u/modi t 
scram discharge vol for improved hydraullt CQUplinj). 
CHOTCHFIELD, D. Operating Reactors Branch 3. B3/11/I2. 13pp. 
16106:176. 34X Fi ch ; 3O-243. 82/1 1 / 12, 931 1 170362. 



t iiiumc. 4 .vtUdftllltu of A me nd fit to Lic ff n B B 

B31 1I7O3&2. 

Derating Reactort Branch 3. 92/11/12 2oo 
Fit he: 50-245 ^"< ' -"' "-" l= e PI I  


reporti. ! Bulletin* 1< ci 

*UPane. 32/09/16 
15930:001. 3 


...... < * 

x ........ - 

PP ' 

SSOB190223 IE Info Notice 82-39, "Ch 
for IE Bull.U n .,Cipeul,r, 4 Info 
'R. C. Dlnetp', Office . O 
ent . B3/09/32. C on l li 





dlin e install t tast prompt notlflr*U^ i 

. C. Blrector'a nffic- nffi, , 
nt. 63/10/05 COWJSIL S o V . u" " 1 * C U "" "" 
' NDrtJ ' a '"l M 

F, C he : 50-000. B2/1O/07, SSI JOS0271. * ' 

..... j 

- ' a S,* 

16004:079. 34X Fi ch*: 50-S13, (JS^ll ^03, BifJ IS-" 

NRC 81 319 Itr " viBl.tlon, nol ., s* 

a i M-3M/M-1I 

ll(luid """""t wnili 


" 1 ' Cn>p Co ' {sul 
ortheast Utll(U. 




UUlit 1 <3 ' 
utl lit I til. 

WBlds """"<' ^ con troctor | n 
iS out aBe .W-ld S inspect.J b v 
"-""in.d & f OU nS ftCE.pUblt 

f EnoinB "'"9 * Tiefcnleal Pr|ri 
* N Uel ..r Eneray Co. t.ubi. tfH.M 
:352. 24X Fl ch: 30-213, H2/ I |/f. 6 

En "* n "'' 1 nB * 

a pp . 


325, S4X Fi e he: 90-248, fla/l|/0>- 



e3U3G027B IE Insp Rept 50-245/02-30 on 020927-1001 . No noncomp 1 iaiite 

rioted Major areas inspected: inservice insp activities, 
including program reviem, nondestruc tive e lam procedure 
rcvieu & observation of uiork In progress. 

MC8R.EARTY.R A . DURR, J P. Region 1. Office of Director. B2/10/39. 
Spp 16237-327 24X Fichc: 50-245, B2/ II /O3, 0211300274. 

&211190190 Foruards IE Insp flepts 50-215/03-1 9 8. 50-336/92-23 on 
eaOWT-tOOl No noncompl lance noted. 
(WtTIM. F T Division of Engineering t, Technical Programs. 82/11/04. 

CnUMSILpW G Northeast Nuclear Energy Co. lsuc-5, of Northeast 
Utilities) 2pp 16151 O33. 24X Fi c he: 50-245, 02/1 1 /04, 021 1 190190. 

--82-MITOI IE Insp Repts bO~245/S2-I9 V. 50-336/02-22 an 020937-1001. No 
jionccnpl mnce noted. Ma jor areas inspected : 1 icensee actions 
an previous Inip f ind ings, mal nt & measuring & test 
eo. if I pment. 

HEVEH.C BISSETT.P., CAPHTON, D L. Division of Engineering b 
Technical Programs. BB/ 11/02 9pp. 161 51 '035. 34X 
Fiche. EO-24S, 52/11/04. BZ\ 1190190. 

621U503I 1 ' determines that continuous ultrasonic test (UT) moni tura In 
scram discharge sys no longer necessary from safety 
standpoint per IE Bulletin 60-1 7. Cr i t ical i t g eipected on or 
about B211IO u/o continuoua UT monitors, 

CDUMSIL.W. G. Northeast Nuclear Energy Co. (EUOS, of Northeast 
Utilities). COUNSIL.W. 0. Northeast Utilities. 02/11/05. 
CfluTCHFIELD, D Operating Reactors Branch 5. 4pp. 16055: 153. 34 X 
Fiche 50-245, 02/11/03,3311150319. 

8211160030 Summary of 031103 moetinfl u/utils re- IE Bulletin BO- 1 1 on 
uie of "Energy Balance Technique" & "arching action" for 
m-asomry wall o.ual i f icat i on. 

TflftMMELL, C. M. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 02/11/05. Operating 

Reactors Branch 3. 32pp. 16102:320. 21X Fi che; 50--000, 62/lt /05. 
021 1 160030. 

Q211S90493 Responds to IE Bulletin 82-03 re large-diameter talnloflfi 
stspl rec irculation ays p ip ing. Three of four action items 
addresiea Corrective actions include adequate exam of uields 
in ree L rt ulat ion piping sys 

COUMSILill O Northeast Nuclear Energy Co. (nubs, of Northeast 
Utilities). COUNSIL.U. Northeast Utilities. 62/11/03. 
HrtVIJES.ff C. Region I, Office of Director. Spp. 16336:351. 24X 
Fithe 50-215. 02/11/05,0211290493. 

931 1300153 Foruards IE Safeguards Insp Rept 50-245/B2-1B on B20939-30. 
No noncompl lance noted 
MARTIN. T. T Division of Engineering l< Technical Programs. 93/11/13. 

COUNSIL.W Northeast Nuclear Energy Co. (subs, of Northeast 
Utilities). 2pp. 16230. 136. 24X Fl che: 3O-243, BS/ 1 1 /I 3, B21 1 300193. 

Q2II300I62 IE Safeguards Insp Rept 30-345/02-18 on 020929-30. No 
noncomp I lance noted Major areas inspected : 3NM control fc 
accounting, including facility organlintion & oporation, 
shipping 4 receiving, s torago t internal control. 
UOLTtlER.E, . GODY.A.T Division of Enginoerino t, Technical 
Frojrams, 82/10/22. Spp. 16230 138. 24 X Fie he: 50-34S. 83/1 I/IB, 
82 II 3001 53. 

e2CB190208 IE Info Notice 82-43, "Dof ic i enc Ins in LUFI rtir Filtration/ 
Ventilation Hys, " Bvr. list encl. 

JORJJAN. E. L Division of Engineering t Quality Assurance, 02/11/16, 
Consolidated Edison Co, of Net, Vork. Inc. lllpp, 16171:233. 24X 
FicKe: 50-000. 02/1 1 /16, 9308190210. 

B2LtS3oai3 Summary of B21029 meeting u/util in Bethesda-HD re Bmtrgcncij 
core spray sparger crack repair. If t i 1 actions to prevent 
degradation of sys at isfactory . 

5HEA, J. J. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 02/11/18. Operating 

Reactors Branch 5. 4pp. 16165:304. 24X F*ch: 30-243, 02/1 1 / IB, 

8211300080 Responds to NBC B20711 1 tr re violations noted In IE 
Emergency Prfiare<lno= Appraisal Repts 30-243/82-01 6 
50-336/02-01, Corpse tive ac ti on* : emergency plan revlBd tt 
position of emargency planning coordinator filled. 
COUNSIL.H , WERNER. R. P. Mortneast Nuclear Energy Co. (ubs. of 
Northeast Utilities!. COUNSIL.W. 0. Northeast Utilities. 
02/10/12 SMITH, 0. H. Diviilon of Emergency Proparednes & 
Operational Support. llpp. 1623B: O63. 24X Fl che : 50-243, 82/i I /23, 

S311300'OB7 Roto-oniis to MSC 920711 1 tr re violations noted in IE 
Emergency Preparedness Appraiial flepts 50-245/02-01 t, 
50-336/02-0 1. Correct iva actions: emergency plan li 
imp lamenting procadurea revised. 

COUNSIL.W. , CAONETTA, J. P. North east Nuc lear Energy Co. (subs, af 
Northeast UtUitlas). COUHSIL.H.O. Horthsast Utilities. 
S2/1O/27. SMITH, 0. H. Division of Emergency Preparadnn.** H 
Operational Support. 1pp. 16338:074. 34X Fiche: 90-24B. 82/11/S3, 

R, Periodic operotlnfl reports d related correspDndBnca 

0H11030239 Forwards monthly operating rept for Bept 19BI li eorrectnil 
rept far Aug 19B1 

HP.OCZKAiE. J. Northoast Nuclear Energy Co. (subs, of Northeaat 
Utilities*. MROCZKft, E. J. Northoast Utilities, BIX 10/13. Off ico 

of Management and Program Analijiis. Ip. 19912;O<?4. H4X 
fi che: 90-245. B1/1O/13, B2I 1030239. 

-0311030342 Monthly operating rept for Sept 1981. 

NEHBURQHjG. Northnast Nuclear Enai-gy Co. (sub*, of Northoast 
Utilities). Bl/10/10. App. 159ia:0-?5. 24X Fiche: 50-S4S, 
Bl/10/13rBZ 1103023?. 

0311030317 Corrected monthly operating rept for Aug 1981. 

NEWDUnOHrO, Morthaast Nuclear Energy Co. (ubi. of Northoast 
Utilltie.t. Bl/OT/02- !p. 1S9I2: 101. 34X Fiche : 50-S45, G 1/1O/13, 
021 1030539. 

B211030174 Foriuards nonthlij operating rapt for Nov 19H1. 

MROCZKA-E. J. Nartheast Nuclear Energy Co. (subs, of Northeast 
Utilities). MROC2KA, E. J, Worth eat Uti 1 i t ie a, 01^13/09. Office 

of ManagBment jnd Program rtnalysla Ip. 13909:333. 24X 
Fiche: 30-S45, B1/12/O9, 031 1O30174. 

92I1O3017B Monthly oporating rept for Nov 1931. 

HARRrtN.O Northeast Mutlear Enorgij Co. (suba. of Northeast 
Utll Ities). MARRAM. 0. Northeast Utilities. Bl/13/09. 7pp. 
1590^:334. 34X Flcha: SO- 243, 31/12/09,621 1030174. 

Q21102002B Foi-uiardi monthly operating rept for Aug 19E32, 

HROCZRA.E. J. Northeast Nuclear Energy Co, (subs, of Northefltt 
UtllitieJ). MROCIHArE. J. Wortheas t Utll it ies. D2/09/09. Office 

of Resource Manau emont. Director. Ip. 19901:071. 34X 
Fich: SO-249, 32/09/09, B2 I 10300H0. 

0211030031 Monthly operating rapt for Aug 1982. 

HrtRRANj 0. Northsiast Nuclsar Energy Co, (ub. of Wor6hcat , 
UtllitUi). 62/09/07. 9pp. t sea 1: 072, 24X Flch: 50-H4.5. 
B2/09/O9, 0211O2002S, 

S21I1IOIB1 Foruards monthly oporotlng rapt for Sept 1983. 

MHDCZKA.E. J. Northeast Utilities. MHOCZKA, E. J. Northeast Nuclnr 
Energm Co. (ubi. of Northeast ITtilities). 32/10/13, Office of 

Resource Management- Director. Ip. 1603i: 237. 24X 
Fiche: BO-S15, 02/10X13,8211110101. 

0211110107 Monthly operating rept tflr Sept 19BH. 

HAHRAN. 0, Northejt Muclear Energy Co. (UQ. af (Jorlhet 
Utliitio). 82/10/13. 4pp. 14036;23B. 21X Fit htl 50-245, 
82/10/13. 3311110181. 

3308190253 IE Info Notice B2-43, "PWR Loui Temp Overpreisur* 
Protection." Svc list encl. 

JDFIDAN,. E. U. Division of Engineerlnj t Quality Assurance. 02/11/19. 
Consolidated Edison Co. of Neu Vork. Inc. 93pp. 16232:298. 24X 
Fiche: 50-000, 82/1 1/19. 02001TO253. 

B311300073 AcV receipt of 021012 t 29 1 trs informing NfiC of stsps takon 
to correct violations noted in IE Emergency Preparedness 
Appraisal Repts 50-249/02-01 (. 50-336/82-OI . 
NARHNi T. T. Division of Engineering fc Technical Programs. B2/11/23. 

COUNSIL.W- 0. Northeast Nuclear Energy Co. (sub*, of Northeast 
Utilities!. Ip. 16230:062. 24X Fie he: 50-245, B2/H /23, SBI 1300073, 

S. Reportahln occurrences, LER & related correspondence 

82110(iQ147 Forwards LER e2-022/03L--0- Detailed event *nilgkf end. 
MROCZKAiE.J. Northeast Nuclear Energy Co. t>ubi. of NortheJ"* 
UtllitiesJ, MDC2HA,E. J. NortheJtt Utilities. 02/10/28. 
HAVNESiR. C. Region 1. Office of Director. 2pp. 15991:059. SI 
Ficha: SO-243. 82/10/20. B21 1060147. 

0BllOfi01S8 LER B2-O23/O3L-0: on 02O928. *taek 9" recorder found s 
Catind 6g operator error. Recorder turned or & Incident 
reviewed u/operatlng *t*ff. 

THOLLrT.S. Northeafc Nifclear Eneroy Co. <sub. of Northeast 
Utilities). 62/10/80. Region 1- Office of Director. Ip. 

13931:061. 34X Fiche: SO-245. B2/1O/80. 021 1O60147. 


SJlIUu*iJ Forvjrdi LER ES-023/0-3L-0. De tailed event analysis end. 
Rfii-;^A,E J HorftMit Nudur Energy Co (subs of Northeast 
Utilltiti) KHGCJMA.E. J Northeast Utilities. 92/11/04. C. Region I. Office of Director 3pp. 16043; 299. 24* 

--eSHI204ift LEfl 62-023'OjL-O.on S21005, sanple isolation waives I -RR-36 
l-KR-37 fjilrd to neet Jcciptano criteria of 19.95 icfh 
fit Itjkjge Caused by teat erosion on both valves. Plug 
erosion found on l-HR-37 Suti ti plugs replaced. 
TmJLL.T S North 1*1 1 fluclear Energy Co (subs, of Northeast 
UtilttiM) THULL.TS Northeast Utilities. 83/11/04 Region 

I, Office of Director lp. 16043 301 3<SX Ficfte- 50-245. 62/1 1/04, 

62IU70MA Forwards LER B2-034/03U-0. Deta tied event analysis end. 
MffCClWA.E J. Northeast Nuclear Energy Cu. (lubi. of Northeast 
(MllitittJ MROCZKA.E. J. Northeast Utilities. 82/11/19. C Rtgion 1, Office of Director. 2pp. 14336. OH B4X 
Ficfte. 30-245. 02/11/19,6311390616 

Belt 170093 Requests cfiatige to physical security pj^ii 
uhcn vital neui areas identified in NflC 020 Sit) Itr i. 
protected per 10CFR73 55 

VARCArS. A. Operating Reactors Branch t OLVll/O'V 
Coniol idatcd Edison Co of New VorV, Inc |p ] j, | 

Fie her 50-247, B2/ 11/09,021 ! 1 7007B 

B21I390443 Forwards IE Enr'orc cmeri t Conference It o|J t !i( 
820702. No noncompl iancs noted 

MARTIN, T. T. Division of Engineering (, Technical l'i 
Q'TOnLEiJ.D Consolidated Ed 15. on Cu of Noui Vm-k 
16219:003 24X Fiche 50-247, BS/1 I/IO, 021 12TO<MJ> 

B211290460 IE Enforcflment Conference JU'pl 'jQ ;?4V/u,' ^ -,. ,, 
noncompliance noted t1a jor area s discussed fipuJi'iyt ,\r \t 
Safeguards Insp Repts 50-247/02-07 ', 50-L 1 <17/IS.''' ] I i* 
physical protection {< radiation protoctinn (irnij IM-" 
MCDKIDE, M. H , OREENMAN, E. G Regiun 1, Offuo nr H |lr1 i. 
03/11/03 2np. 16219 005. 24X F i c he. :i<)".-,"l r, nj f I 1 . fn } 

LEB 62-024/031-0: on S21019, prsisur* suitth 261-30 tripped at 
95 pud during nun *tam line hijh -f lou functional cjlibr 
tut Cuitd bij titpoint drift . Prtnur* suitcn reset. 
ECHKE1KERT-THUL Northeait Nuclear Energy Co. (subs, of Northeast 
UtilititO. B2/11/19. Region I, Office of Director- lp. 
16:24:016. 34X Fichs: 50-249, B2/1 1/19. B21 1290616. 

8211220206 Foruards rcvioui of rad i 1. 1 og I ca 1 Dnier y p I 
for fac i ! 1 1 ies, to give Cornmi 39 i on flccur.ilu t, ilu 
understanding of state of emergency p report 1 Jnu i ti 
communities arounif plant. 

Point. 02/11/15. PrtLLAOINO, N. J. , ftHEAHWK.J . O 
Com-nis>ioners. 112pp. 16161 144 24X ('ithu :i(> 
B21 1220206 


F Stcuritj, medical, emerjtncy 6 fire protection plans 

521004D06Q Generic Ltr 63-17 to all poutr reactor licensees t 
applicants b holders of CPs re Inconsistency betuieen 
riuiri!ienti of 10CFR30. S4( It f. ST3 for performing audits of 
eatrgency preparedness programs, Svc liaE end. 

EIEENK'JT, 0. 0. Division of Licensing. 63/10/01. Consolidated 

Edison Co. of tliu Yord. Inc. llpp. 16003: 3BB 24X 
Fiehe: 50-000. B2/IO/01. 621004006B. 

0210070325 Ad receipt of B30M4 Itr informing (JRC of steps taker, to 
correct violations noted in IE Emergency Preparedness 
Appraisal Rept 50-347/32-02. 

S ?I?V?' H "'vision of Emergency Preparedness t Operational Stfppnrt 
W/IO/01. O'TOOLE.J.D. Con.o lidated Edison Co. of Nt Vsrl,. Inc 
lp. 15634:039. 24K Fiche: 50-247, B2/IO/OI. 8210Q70335. 

-5210070343 Responds to HKC 820310 Mitlnt r B IE Emergencij Pr*p.r.dn. 
Appraisal 50-247/82-02. Corrective actlons'App B lJ e L" P 
3,10,13121 resolved. Item 12 not fully imp lemented. but 
emergency response cjpabi lit) ts not affected. 

HAVNSsfR J C D RSalon'l^Offici'o^Di ' DtNEwVnrtj lnc - Sa/Oi/14. 
Flche: 50-247,82/10/01,8310070325 l>|1 B '' 34X 

8210070019 G.n.ric Ltr B3-21 to all Licensee, applicant, D f nuclear 
Forward "'ui Sin" ^^ Bl "" ' r ft " p " tectl " ^"t, nucl " r 

elclr "" 1T .D .C. Division of Licensing. BS/lO/Ot. Conso 1 idated 

i r <j tt 


Ftc(.t ; 5C-10,B2/IO/30,e2l02Mloa 
6211130494 Act rtctiot 

: s 

8311220325 Releases public version of reviintl 
iinplementing procadure. 
FELTOM.J.M. Division of Rules and Re cords IIIVtl/l? f- 

Management Branch. lp 16200' 2BO. L'4X Pi r hit' ftil tm i iu 1 1 ( 

S21 1220329 Fornrards public vorsion of reviauil t m* 
Implementing Procedure 1P-1027, "S i to Pur mini H 1 
Accquntabi 1 i ty & Evacua t i on" i perstmnp! loli'iili 
Q'TDOLE.J D. Consolidated Edison Co. of NIHJ Vi. 
HAVfJES,R.C. Region 1, Office of Dirpccur 111 

Fiche: 50-003,32/11/17, 021 1220323. 

I 1*1 f j 

9311330333 Public version of revised Emori) aril y I'ldn IP? 
Procedure 1P-1027. "Site Personnel /iccroini l.iu I I I I <, fc 
Evacuation" temergenci; personnel tclcnhiinn ]| 9 lu<^ 
Consolidated Edison Co. nf New Vork, 1 ni *!;,'-' |U,'s 

16200-383. 34X Fit he 50-OO3, 03/1 1 / 1 7, {.IE 1 1 ;.>;'!>: i.'t 

93113^0433 Requests info needEd for dot ermiru n u u r.rll.r> r 
action warranted re emergency p re-pare dnesu Dcfii l*m i.. 
be corrected by 821313 per 020H03 Itr 

DIRCK9.W.J. Office of the Executive nimi/lur Cut iJ,,r-< 
B3/H/17 THOHAB.L.H. Federal Emergency M.ui,l(iii^im I fl,, 
1623-0:078. 24X Fiche: 50-003, B2/ 1 I / 1 7. 021] i^CMIIH 

B2I123028I Forwards UJ Dincks 831117 Hr In H:m i'v^ 
itat* of emergency pruparedneg s . 

HASSELL.DF. Hearing Branch I B2/II/1B Ol.CAtJUW. ,f >' 
PARIS.O.K. Atomic Safety and Licensing Don rd I'flncl J, 
16193:262. 2tX Ficho: 50-9-17. S3 /I 1/10, {(,?] |;<:j<);.;m 

8311290173 Forwards changes to security force Iran, ma t. t 
plan dtd S20930. Changes do not detrqasp s.i f D-aujriT* 

F. Consolidated Edison Co. of Neui York, (m 
, . *' P^ating Reactors Branch 1, lp Ir.Mlft *,'-: 

I che: 50-003, 32/11/10,8211290173. 

8211290177 Forwards revised Pages a t 
qualification plan. 
SKOTZKa.M. Consolidated Edison Co 

40 tu HBriii I li,, n. 
of Mew Y(tr. Ir.c 

*MJ I' 1 !"" CQ ' of NEU York ' I 

24X Fiche: 50-003, 82/ 1 1 / 1 B, BSI 


! 1 ^ c f 1015 >* " 
* 1 " i "" n * "" 
n * mlr n < Panning 

" Dr.neh I. B2/1O/29. 


AIS OH a, . . 

15870 136 2"i; f*':i V " nd L ' = ""in9 Oo^rrf P nI 
l3a?Q, 136. 24* Fich B :30-a47.e2/IO/2a, 6211010^47 

order c ^^^ LD 

r? f : W K '"" J L "=""""fl " 
Fiche: 50-247,02/10/20. 



B2I10I0205 Advit*i that summary of G21013 meeting u/util tt consultants 
re Sandia preliminary draft 1 tr rept evaluation of plant 
probabilistic safety study conclusion on frequency of 
Accident sequences served on ASLQ b parties on B21027, 
MOORE. J.E, Hearing Branch 1. 02/10/39. OLEASON, J. P. , SHON, F. J. . 
PARIS.d.H. Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Panel. lp. 15067:3^3. 
24X Fiehe: 50-347,92/10/39,6211010205. 

8211040424 Updates Dockland County Info re si rent, emergency equipment, 
population eitlmates. finances & proc edures. Info should Nave 
bun forujrdeif to NRG by FEMA. County Resolution 320 end. 
FLEISHEn.Z S Hast Branch Conservation Association. 92/10/29. 
PALLADINO.N , OILIN5Kr",V. , AHEAflNE, J. F. Commissioners. 10pp. 
1392A: 0! 1 . 34X Fiche: 50-347, 62/10/29. 831 1040424. 

BBllOaOOol Advises that author unable to attend 821103-04 prehearing 
conference. Ltr should be considered State of NY response to 
Ufa mi) linns on scheduling of emergency planning issues. 
FEINBERQ. J. D. NeuVork, State of. B2/10/39. GLEASDN. J. P. , 
PARIS., H. . SHON.F.J. Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Panel. 
3pp. 15976:142. 24X Fiche : 30-247, 02/10/29. 821 10BOO61. 

S2 111 60320 Response to B20526 interrogatories t> document requests re 
Quntion &. Interrogator!" received on H21015. 

CORREN. O H Greater Neu Vork Council on Energy, 82/11/03. Pfficc 

at the executive Legal Director. Bpp. 16091:193. 24X 
FicNe: SO-E47, B2/1 1/03, 021 1I6O32O, 

SB1I16O317 Notice of appearance in proc ceding . Certi f icate of Svc encl. 
COLDBEnO.M. Public Interest Research Group- New Vorfc. 02/11/04. 
Sff 14091:201. 24X Fiche : 30-247. BB/I 1/O4. 821 1 16O317. 

BSL1U032B Motion to amend svc I i st. sub it itut ing H Goldberg for 
J Oilrc-u ai counsel for PIRO of NV & correcting 
A Potterfleld address. Crti f Icate of Svc end. 
HOLT, J. Public Interest Research Group. Neui York. B2/11/04. 
Atomic Safety and Licensin 9 Boartf Panel. 2pp. 16091:190. H4X 
Fiche: 50-E47, 83/11/04,831 116033B. 

92L1I0Q02O Responds to FOIA request for five categories of documents. 
Document* re Item I available in PDR. Forwards document* 
listed 1 in App A, Search for documents re Itnm 5 continuing. 
FELTOH. J.. Division of Rules and Retards. 8S/11/04. HIATT.S. 
Ohio Citlieni for Responsible Energy. 3pp. 1&155: 173. 24X 
Fiche: 90-247. S3/11/04, B21 1 180020. 

BaiUBQl-m Submits resignation Itr due to conflict of interest in 
Indian Point case. Certi f icate of Svc 8, svc list oncl. 
CARTER. L. J. Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Panel. B3/09/01. 
PALLADINO, H. , ftHEAHHE-J., ASBELBTINE, J, Commissioners. App. 
16155:334. 24X Fiche: 50-547, 03/1 1/04, B211 1B0020. 

6211080192 Motion to amend svc list by adding two FEMA representatives, 
Certificate of Svc and. 

MOORE, J E Hearing Branch 1. 83/11/05. Atomic Safety and 

Llesnslr-a Board Panel. 4pp. 15993:214. 24X Fiche; 50-247, 82/11/OJ, 


S2lll504ifl Advises of misleading statement made during NRC 821031 
meeting. RoeHand County was not participating u/plant 
energeney planning steering group. County officials were 
seeking info. Resolution 320 not rescinded. 

CRAHr.J.T- dockland County, NY. BS/ 11 /03. PALLADINQ, . J. 
C Qffl *ts. (oners. 3pp. 16057:134. 24X Fiche : 30-247, B2/1 1/09. 
921 I15O464. 

8211300082 Hoard Notification B2- 1 1 : if oruards util special investigative 
proceeding rept. "CSO Calculations of Hydrogen Detonations 

in ZIon & Sequoyah Nuclear Plants." 

LAIMAS.C.C, Assistant Director For Operat i ng Rear tors. FIN A- 1 346. 
82/11/1&. Atomic Safety and Ltcenslng Board Panel. 39pp. 

16263:014. 24X Fichu: 30-247.92/11/16.6311300083. 


6211190232 Errata to ASLB B2I115 
typographical errors. 

GLEASGM, J. P. Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Panel 
l f . 16131:24*. 34X Fiche: 5O-247. B2/ 1 1 /17, 8311190232 

order, correcting 


B21122O2QO States Rockland County intention re emergency planni ny fnr 
faci litios. Rockland County radiological emergency rtspanso 
plan developed ui/a necessary input from local officials 
charoed u/imp 1 ementa 1 1 on of plan. 

GRANT.JT. RoetlanH County. NY. H2/ 1 1 / 1 B. PALLADINO, N. J. , 
AHEARNE.J. , G1LINSKY, V. Cofran i ss i oner s . 3pp. 16165 230. 34 X 
Fiche: 30-K47, 83/11/18, 021 I32OZOO. 

B211320349 Advises that NY County DamocratU Committpe passed encJ 
reiolution on 821118 favoring permanent closing of plants. 
FARRELL.H.D- Affiliation Unknown. B2/11/18. PALLADINO, N. J. , 
AHEARNE, J , GfLlNSKY.V. Commi a s i oner s. 3pp. 1A163'344 34 X 
Fiche: 30-247, B2/ I I/ 13, BH 1 1220249. 

B3112302B1 Foruards UJ DircliB 321117 Itr to FEMA requesting info re 
state of emergency preparedness 

HABEELL, D. F- Hear i ng Br anc h 1. B2/11/I3 GLEA3DN, J. P . , SMDN, I- . J , 
PARISiO. H. Atomic Safety and 1 Licensing Board Panel 3pp. 
16173:2*3. S4X Fiche: 50-2-17,92/11/10,8211330291. 

3211230429 Response* to first set of i n terrogfltnrl es !. itocumant 
reooesti on ASLB Queation* 1,2 & 5. Cer t i f Ic ate of Svc encl. 
BRANDENBURG, B. Consol i datei Ed i aon Co. nf Neui York, Inc. 
COLAHULLI.P. F. Pouer Authnrltg of the State of New York 
COLARULLI.P. F. Morgan Associates. B2/11/19. Union of (.onccrntfl 

Scientists. 135pp. 16190:163. JMX F iche: 50-347. 02/1 1 /19. 
B2H23O429. * 

8211330454 Answers to Q2O71 1 ? firt eb of interrogatories (. documont 
requests on ASLD Questions E, 2 S. 5 t> motion for protective 
order re Interrogatory 5. Affidavits & Certificate of Svc 

HOaRE.J.E., MCGURREN.H. J. Hearing Branch 1. B2/I1/19. U "l"?.'it,, 

Concerned Scientists. 34U P p. 16189:133. MX Fi^he: 30-247. B3/U /!?, 
B21 1230454. 

B211H304BS Responses to interrogatories & dDcumunt requests on 
Commission Question 2, Con tent i on 2. 2- Cert if icate of Svc 
encl. Related correspondence. 

BflANDENBURO, B, Cons o I I da Led Edison Co. of Neui York, Inc. 
CDLARW-LI.P-F. Pouer Authority nf tho State of Meu Vorl. 
COLARULLI.P. F. Morgan Associates 02/11/19 West Dranch 

Conmervatlon Association. 14pp. 16192104. 34X 
n che: 50-247, 32/11/1^, B2 1 1230406. 

9211300353 Supplemental response to first set of i nlprrogator i o s ro 
Questions 1 . 2. Cer ti f i ta t* of Svc unt I . .,,, r 

MOnoAN. C Pouer Authority of the Etate of New York. MORGAN, C., 
Morgan Associates, 92/11/32 Qfftce of the E.etutive Lega] 

Director. 7op. 1^342 194. 24X Fi c h e 5O-247, B2/1 1/32. 931 1 3003^ 

6211100229 He mo rand urn & order amending minimal svc listrfldding 
SC Bhollu of UCB b SH Perry of FEMA, substituting M Goldberg 
for J ftilroy of PIHO of NV *< SL Baum for Tfi Frey for PASNV 
fc changing A Potterfield address. ,,, , na 

OLEASOM, 0. P. Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Panel. 03/11/utJ. 
2pp. 16022:073. 24X Fiche: 30-247, 83/1 I/OS, B31 1 10032B, 

8311190376 Response opposing UCS oral motion to amend contentions. 
fieo.usterf arnendi untimelu. Tmo-prong test re contentions not 
nit. Certificate of S^c end. HnoDA u 

BElANDEMBUflOi B. Consolidated Edison Co, of Neu York, Inc. MORGAN. 
Pownr Author! ti, of the State of Neui Vork. MORGAN, C. Morgan 
Associate* 82/11/0?. Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Panel. 

15pp 14036:330. 24X Fl che: 50-347. 82/11/09. B21 1 150374. 

B211170344 Memorandum t order formulatino finfll contention! !. setting 
schedule. Hearing on Question* 3 fc 4 will commence on S30103. 
Contention* to be litigated listed in app, 

OLEASON. J. P. , PARI8.0.H., 8HON, F. J. Atomic Safety and Uctnaing 
Baird Panel. B2/11/15. 31pp. 16105:145. 24X Fiehe: 50-247, 



H. Oensral corr eiponifence 


" ""l> r B .nr, ,rep, T .dns. 

t*. t jive Co^inion curat B !, thorough 
understanding of ,t*t of enrrgencu prepan dntss in 
conmuni t l>i around plant 

TC 10912 r. App 

, SO/Oi/16. B007O10771 



B2092I0027 O ffnar (c Ltr 

Forward* requ^.t f or 4 dtfl info r , THI Ite 

""!;/;*!'-" S raft *"'i i*r n'i 

D. Division .of Lieeniinj 
. 5 pp. ' 

B2110403S7 Foru.rd. Amend BO to 
notlc. of l Mne . (, 

; B ".:irS4.* rim " n in hot 



Operating Raactori Branch 1. BS/iQ/sn n 
Consolidated Ediion Co. of Neui York, Inc 3n a 
Fich: 50-347, B2/10/BO, B21 1060339. ' 

-62110*0392 Amend BO to License DPR-26, modify ! 
plant to remain in hot shutdown for 3 dau t 
cooler 24 on one-time basis. 
VAROA.S. A. Operating Reactors Branch 1. 
13970:053, 24X Fiche: 30-247, B2/10/20 

-B2110t0396 .v-luatlon .upporting rtm B nd flO tr Ll 
* Office of Noelur fieactor negulation, Blr.ctnr 
S7. 24X Fiche: 30-247, 92/10/20, ' 

b* li 


P BPJItin 9 Rcton Branch I, 

24X Flch*: 30-247, K/IO/BO, B3H OA030V 


S A 
.S. A. 

odlflei rit 
.n.T.t. T tS , 
D2/IO/3I fl-IOa r J 

li.uanei t avaUablll ty. Amend 

psrating Reactors Branch 1. 
lidHt^ Edi.or, Cg. ofNfuYork, Inc. 
: 50-347, ea/10/21,Baill004IB. 

e21HOO3 Amend Ql to Licen.e DPR-Bi, mo dlf g 1 ng Teh P.c4 t. 

n.p requirement, for .team generator tube. "" 

riSXi' S", 1 ? ' OP*""^ Ractor Branch 1. OS/10/U\ if,,, 
16032: B71. 24X Fiche: 30-347, B3/1D/B1, BB1 1 1OO4IO 

B2U100M7 .valuation .upportinj Am e nd 01 to l 
.iS^ S * NuclMr "oictor Regulation, Dlr r mi' f 
Ifi032'307. 24X Fiche: 50-247, B2/10/S1, 


P sratlll B Reactor* Branch 1. OS/ 10/8 1. 
34* Fieh.: 50-S47, S2/10/2I, 021 1 1004IO 

=on ti for CP rs guidance for imnlangntlni 

SRP ruU.Foriuard. NUREO-0906. WUfiEO to be uied a. iniiri! 
mure until Reg Guide I. 70 revised, five lilt nncl 

Idi^C^-^ K, 01 ^ 1 ^ ?' LlCEnaln9 - "">' ' 
e! I .S S Nu Vork, Inc. 9pp. 15993:299. H4X 
Flche: 50-000, Ba/10/26, BaiOHMOBB, 

*. n *rtc Ltr S2-82 to all PHR Hcen.... r, i., 
reqtmt for info concerning itean generator tub* InKnrlli 
Forward* Cangrniman EJ Markeg 821019 auastliint r HIM 
g-nerator tube integrity. Svc list enc 1 

EISENHUI, D. O. Divliion of Licensing. B2/10/SA. Caimll t 1 1 

tauon Co. of Nty York. Inc. 10pp. 16097' 032 24* 
Fche:SO-000, 02/10/26,8210370030. 

B21UOOS19 R. quest, comments by 021113 on EMI draft *nUm 

, P r ABnA^\* < " 1S * <ll " rlc ' s do *" ba"" 13 * penetration, 
vftHOfl.s fl Operating Reactors Branch 1. 8S/10/S7. O 
conioHrfated Edi.on Cd. of Neui Yorl, Inc. 2pp. U(HO 
Fi the: 5Q-Z47. 82/10/37,8211100919. 



B2111B006a Forwards tafetg evaluation of util rainoni* to 
Item I I.E. 4. a. 6 (, I I.E. 4.2.7 concerning prlmaru ( 
v*lv.j.R 9 uirem.nts of both Item. met. 

VAROA.S.A. Operating Reactors Branch I. 82/11/09 OTOtt.C-p4 
Coniolidated Edison Co. of Neui York, Inc. Spp, UIS3 IM B* 
Flth.:SO-a47, SB/ll/0?,eaill80062. 

9211160047 0nrlc Ltr 92-S6 to p ow reactor llctrx 
Vraln) re NUREO-0744. 1, "Prs U rt Ve..,I M*tl 
Fratturt Toughnii*. 11 Forwards NUREO-0744, RevKlon J. tf/ 
nil. Svc liit encl. 

EJSENHUr.D. Division of Licensing. 82/11/12. Cr 
Edlon Co. of Nu> Vork, Inc. 52pp. 16MB: SIS. B4X 
Fi che; 30-000- 82/1 I/la, 821 1 160047. 

j lnlorm ' th * *h*<fuU for rtiponse to B210I5 

addl in#o re TMI Him I1.K.3.2S, "Power to Pump Bull, 
be frovidtd by 021217. 

SS? L !' ^ Oi Co ""H''tiJ E</Iion Co. of Neu York, int 
VAflOA.S.A. Operating Reactors Branch 1.' In. 
FIchi: 30-847- 82/11/19,8211300301. 



Q ]nipertion reports, IE Bulletins t correspondence 

E209L9Q32Q IE Info Notice 62-37, "Cracking in Upper Shell to 
Transition Cone Girth Weld of Steam Generator at Operating 
PMH. " Svc list end. 

JOHDAI-'rE Division of Engineering & Quality Assurance, 62/09/16. 
Consol Hated Edison Co. of Neu York, Inc. 105pp. 15930:001. 24X 
Fiche. 50-OOQ. O2/O9/li, S30BI<5O220. 

S2CB1 50222 IE Info Notice B3-34. Revision li "Welds in Main Control 
Pins 1 5 Svc list eii^l. _____ 

JOHDflM.E L. Division of Engineering 4 Quality Assurance. 62/07/17. 

Consolidated Edison Co. of New York, Inc. 107pp. 15993:103. 24X 
Fiche. 50-CCQ, B2/ 0?/1 7, 020B 190232. 

IE Info Notice B2-39. "3vc Degradation of Thick Uall 
Stainless Steel Rec irculat ion Bys Piping at BUR Plant. " 
Svc 1 ist enc I . 

JORDAN. E L Division of Engineering t Quality Assurance. 02/09/21. 
ConsQ] Idated Edison Co. of New York. Inc. 86pp. 16017:09B. 24X 
Fiche: 50-000, 02/O9/21, B2OG190229. 

8211I20496; Ack receipt of 821OHO Itr informing NfiC of st-eps taken to 
correct violations noted in IE Emergency Preparedness 
Appraisal Rept 50-247/Bl -06. ,,,, 

MARTIN, f T Division of Engineering S: Technical Programs. Ba/ll/U3, 
O'TuOLE, J.D. Coniolidated Edison Co. of New York, Int. 2pp. ; 

16043:102. 34X Flche: 50-247, S2/1 1/03, B21 1 120496. 

B2111205O& Responds to HHC 820B12 Itr re violations nnted in IE 
Emargency Preparedness Appraisal Kept 50-247/01-06. 
Corrective actions: ba-c kup commun i ca t i ona between counties & 
state provided by microwave connection from site to NY City. 
O'TGOLE. J. D. Consolidated Edison Co. of tisia Vork, Inc. B2/1O/2Q. C, Rginn I, Office of Director. 2pp. 16013:104. 24X 
Flche: 50-217,02/11/05, BH1 11EO496. 

02111S0301 Informs a! NHC B211IB-2O independent nondestructive earos of 
steam generator upper shall to transition cone girth welds 
per ASME Code requirement s. App ropr iat a scaffolds & staging 
should be provided to facilitate insp. 
MARTIN, T.T. Division of Engineering & Technical Programs. BH/ll/O 1 ?, 

O'TOOLE.J D, Consolidated Edison Co. of New York. Inc. 3pp. 
16141' 195. 2 IX Fiche: 50-247, 32/11/09, 831 1 1 B03O1 . 

S2QB190223 [E Info Notice B2-3B, "Change in Format Si Distribution Sys 
for IE Gullet Ins. Circulars S>. Info Notices. " Svc Hat end. 
DEVOWSS.R.C. Director's Office, Office of Inspection and 
Enforcement 03/O9/22. Consolidated Edison Co. of Neu York, Inc. 

110pp. I60ie : 02l. 24X Fiche:5Q-000.83/09/22,8208190333. 

8300190232 IE Info Notice 02-40, "Deficiencies in Primary Containment 
Electrical Penetration Assemblies." Svc list encl. 

JORflAN.e L. Division of Engineering & Quality Assurance. 02/09/22, 
Consolidated Edison Co. of New York, Inc. 112pp. 13930:019. 24X 
Ft chc: 50-000. 12/09/22,0200170232. 

5211390442 Forward*. IE Enforcement Conference Rep t 50-247/92-25- on 
82Q902.ND nonccmpliance noted. ,.,,, 

MARTIN, T. T. Division of Engineering S: Technical Programs. Q2/I1/1O. 
O'TOOLE.J D. Consolidated Ediion Co. of New York. Inc, 2pp. 
16219:003. 34X Fich a: 30-247, 82/ 1 1/ I 0, B21 1290442. 

--B21 12904AO IE Enforcement Conference Rept 50-347/02-23 on 05C*9O2, No 
noncompllaitce noted. Major area* d i icussed : find ings of IE 
Safeguards Imp Repts 50-247/03-07 !. 50-247/02-11 re 
phgaical .protection & radiation protection program*. 
MCBRIDE.M. H, , OREENMAN. E. O. flagion 1, Office of Director. 
B2/11/OB. 2pp. 1621-7:005. 24X Ft c h e: 5O-247, 03/1 1/10, 821 1 29O442, 

2100703^5 Ack receipt of 820614 Itr informing NFIC of steps taken to 
correct violations noted in IE Emergency Preparedness 
Appraisal Rept 50-247/B2-O2. 

SMIIM.O.H. Division of Emergency Preparedness & Operational Support. 
E3/10/Q1 d'TOOUE, J. D. Cnnsolidatad Edison Co. of Neu York. Inc. 
Ip 15631-039 24X Fiche: 50-247,82/10/01. S21007O325. 

020B19024B IE Info Notice 82-43, "Dof i c 1 enc ia< in LWR Air Filtration/ 

Ventilation Sys. " Svc list encl. 

JORDAN, E L. Division of Ena(neerir.g & Quality Assurance. B3/11/I6. 
ConsoUifatad E(ion Co. of Neu York. Inc. Hipp. 16171:233. 24X 
Fiche: SO-OOO, O2/1 1 /14- B20HI 9O24H. 

a2]00703J3 Responds to NRC B20310 meeting re IE Emergency Preparedness 
rtpprilsal Rept 50-247/02-03. Corrective actions:App B Items 
3, 1O, 13 & 21 resolved. Item 12 not fully implemented, but 
emergency response capabilities not affected, 

D'TOOLE.J D Consolidated Edison Co. of Neui York, Inc. 02/06/14. 
HAVHES, Fl. C. Region 1. Office of Director. 3pp. 13634:009. 24X 
Fiche; 50-247, 82/10/01, 8210070325. 

E21 1340450 Requ.Bs.ts schedule for responding to encl request for addl 
info re IE Bulletin BO-Q4. "PUR Main Steam Line Break 
H/Continuerf Feeduater Addition." Scnedule requested within 
GO days. 

VARQA.B.A. Operating Reactors Branch 1. 82/10/04. O'TOOLE.J.D. 
Consolidated Edison Co. of Neu York, Inc. 3pp. 16230:031. 21X 
Fiche; 50-247. BBS 10/01, B21 I24O450. 

82UQ10571 Discusses review of proposed steam generator insp program 
for present refueling outage. Program acceptable as amended. 
Plugging criterion for plugging dented tubes conditionally 
acceptable until expanded data base confirms tensile strain. 
WtnGAtS. A Operating Reactors Branch 1. 82/10/O9. O'TOOLE.J.D. 
Consolidated Edison Co, of Neu York, Inc. 2pp. 15090:344. 24X 
Fiche: 50-247. 82/10/00,0311010571. 

9211100416 Forwards Amend 81 to License DPR-26. safety evaluation l< 
notice of issuance & ava i labi 1 i ty. Amend modifies Tech Specs 
to redflfine imp requirements for steam generator tubes. 
VAFtGA. S A. Operating Reactors Branch 1. 82/10/21, O'TOOLE, J. D. 
Consolidated Edison Co. of Neu Vork, Inc. 3pp. 16032: S6fJ. 24X 
Fiche: 50-247. 83/10/21. B31 1 100418. 

H21110-Q432 Amend 81 to License DPR-26, modify Ing Tech Specs to redefine 
insp requirements for steam generator tubes, 
VAHOA, B, A, Operating Reactors Branch 1. B2/1O/21. 16pp. 
14032; 371. 24X Fiche: 50-247,82/10/81,831 1 10041 B. 

S211100447 Safety evaluation supporting Amend 01 to Lions* DPR-26. 
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director. 82/10/21, 5pp. 
16032: 2B7. 24X Fiche: 50-247, 02/10/21, 8211 100410. 

S21 I 100452 Notice of issuance & availability of Amend 81 to License 

VAUOft-S.A. Operating Reactors Branch I, 83/10/21. 2pp. 
16032:292. 24X Fiche: 50-247. 02/10/21,8211100418. 

8203190239 IE Info Notice 82-41, "Failure of Safety/Relief V*lvs to 
Dpen at DWR. " Svc list encl. 

JORDAHfE.L. Division of Engineering ( Quality Assurance. 82/10/22. 
Consolidated Edison Co. of Niu YorVi Inc. 110pp. 15960:133. 24X 
Fithe: 50-000. 8S/10/22i B203190239. 

820S190353 IE Info Nofciffe B2-45, "PUR Loin Tomp Ovorpresnure 

Protection." Svc list encl. ,..,. 

JORDAN. E L. Division of Engineering . Dual ity Assurance, B2/11/1V. 
Consolidated Edison Co. of Neu Yorfc. Inc. 93pp. 16232:290. SIX 
Fithe: SO-OOO, B2/11/19. B20B1 TOSS-3. 

R. Periodic operating reports & related correspondence 

8211020356 Forwards monthly operating r en t for Aug 1932. 

n'TOOLEiE.J. Conaolidatod Edison Co. of Noui Vork, Inc. a2/O9/t3. 
MCDONALD.H. Management Information Branch. Ip. 15683:090. t!1X 
Fiche:5O-247. 02/09/13,821 102033A. 

-0H11020362 Monthly operating rept for Aug 1983. 

EICH, E. Coniolid-ated Edison Co. of Neui YorV, Inc. 
18982:039. S4X Fiche: 50-217. B2/O9/ 1 S. B21 102O35&. 

H2/09/07. 1pp. 

B211110233 Forwards monthly operating rept for 8pt 19Q2. 

O'TOOLE.J.D. ConnolidatBd Edison Co. of Neul York, Int, 82/1O/13. 
MCDONALD, W. O. Office of Resource Management, Director. Ip. 
16036:297. 21X Fl cha: 5O-247, BE/1O/ 1 S, 031 1 1 10233, 

0211110239 Monthly operating rept for Sspt 1902. Narrative summary encl. 
EICHi E Consolidated Editon Co. of Neui Y or*, Inc. 8H/1O/OA. 4pp. 
16036:290. 24X Flch e: SO-H47. B2/1O/I3, 821 1 1 10233. 

82I123036B Forwards revised pages to somiannu*! effluent t tinate 
disposal rapt submitted 82093O. Revisions affect minor 
editorial It typographical corrections to original paoes, 
O'TOOLE, J. &. Consolidated Edison Co. of Neu York, Inc. 82/11/12. 
HAYNEB.R.C. fiegion 1. Office of Director. Ip, 16183:052. 24X 
Fiche: 50-003. US/I 1 /IS, B2 1 123O3oS. 

H211230372 Revised pages to "Effluent fc Waste Disposal Semiannual Hept< 
Jan-June 1992. " 

Consolidated Edison Co. of Neu. York, Ine. 0S/11/12. 3pp. 
161SS: OS3. H4X Fie ha: BO-003, 83/11/12,0311230360. 

9211230339 Forwards nonthlu opnrating rept for Oct 19B2 S. revised 
shutdown & pouer reductions *heet for monthly operating rept 
for Aug 1782. 

O ' TOOLS, J. D. Consolidated Edison Co. of Nttu Vork, Inc. S2/1 1/19. 
MCDONALD. H. 8. Offie* of Resource Management i Director, Ip. 
16190:113. 24X Ficlm: 30-247. 92/1 1/ I 3. 921 12303B9. 

8211230393 Monthly oparating rept for Qct 198K. 

EICHrE. Coniolid'tied Edison Co. oP Neui York. Inc. 
16190: 114. 24X FIch: 30-247, 02/11/15,0211230389. 

82/11/OS. 5pp, 



9211330379 Revised .hutdoun !c power reduction sheet to month lu 
oparating repE tar Aug I1B2. 

Consolidated Ediion Co. of Nu York, Inc. B3/09/Q7 ID 
161?0:1I9. 24X Fi Cfie 50-347, 92/1J / 15, 821 I2303B9 

S. Reportable occurrences. LERi !. related correspondent* 

Forwards LER S2-040/03L-Q. 
OTOOLE.J.B. Consolidated Erfison Co. of Hew Yort, Inc 32/10/14 C. Region 1, Office of Direttor. Ip. I5B47 319 24X 
Flche: 5Q-Z47, 82/10/1-t, 6^l [010239. 

--B2110tQ260 LER 83-OW03L-0: on 92091 5, reactor conta (rvp.nt fan cooler 
unit 22 removed frara tvc due to increased 1V c uater- JtdUjt 
uuiino atfdl burden on liquid laatte diinoial iui. Cauie 
unfcnoun. Investigation continuing. 
HIHHICHS,0, Coniolic-Jted Edifon Co. at Htm Vori, Inc 62/10/14 

Region 1. Office of Director. Ip. 15567:320 34* 
Plena: 50-247, B2/ 10/14. B21 I0102S8 

U. Conoressional/Eiecutive Correspondence 
BB11170335 Responds to B210M ! tr re plant hearings. 

DIRCKS.W. J, Office of the E.ccutive Director for 
B3/II/I2 1 . FENHICK, M House of Rep 2pp 
Flche: 50-247, B2/I 1/12, 621 1 170335. 

Operator Summations 

8210130019 C r*r lc Ltr B2-1B to all pouer rector a, 
ncensees r B reactor nperator t, senior reactor op. 
re^ualif ication e.ams. Advi set that eiami beoin at 
after BSIOQl.Svc list ntl. 

EISHHUT, D, O. Division of Licensing. 02/10/12 
Edion Co. of Weu York, Inc. 15pp 16003' 331 
FlcJie: SO-000. 02/10/12,8210130019 

Forwards LER B2-0-1 1/03L-0. 
O'TOOLE.J.D. Coniolidataij Etfison Co. of Hi, 
HAYNEB.R.C. Region I, Office of Director 
fich: 50-247, SB/IO/19, 85] 1-010233 

i fork. Inc. 02/10/19. 
Ip. I5B67:3S9. BIS 

aailOIM39 LER S2-04l/03L-0 : or, S209I7, operator obierved e,c es *ivs 

cgnt*inm*nt weld channel/pane tratlon proivurl sation air 
. flou. Valve aov 1279 found leaHnj tc- jtwospher.. Valve uill 
be replaced djrino current pefotling outage 
HOONCV.JP. Consolidated Gdi.on Co. of N.u Vork, Int. B3/JO/19 

Region 1, Office of Director. Ip. 15367:340 24X 
Ffche; 50-24 7, B2/1O/ 19, B21I010S33. 

."!!'" 1 ' f mor 9 efle * fe fire Protection plant 

&21004006B O.n.ric Ltr BB-17 to all pouer reactor 
applicants (, holders of CPs re inconsistency be 
rtuiT. a .nt. of 10CFR5O. 54U) (, STB for perfor^ 
mergincu preparedness P rogr amB Svc list encl 
EISENHUT.D.O^ Divi sio n of B3/10/O1 
Editor Co. of New Vorl. Inc llpp. 1600S2HH 
Flche:30-OOO. 32/10/01. 821 QO4006S. 

S2110602H2 Foruiard* CER B2-0^2/03L-0 

11 ' c <:o "" 1 '' f ^ed EdlionCo. of M , M Vorl, Inc. 82/10/22. 
i =;., R '9 Ion J ' Office of Director. Ip. 13952-330 21X 
FJth; 50-247, B3/10/22, 821 1060263. 

above ma 

Ba/lo/a2 ' 

. of t level , 

pep Tech Specs. Caused bg level a 

r^M^n'^ 1 ' 't-.S-eppint r.i to re^i.ed ! 
Survoil lance fyenuanev increand 

MOONEV, J.P. Consolidated Ediion Co. ofK.uYorl, Inc 
Rafflon 1, Office of Bire-ctor. IP- 15952-337 24* 
Fi Che: 50-24,7, B2/ 10/22, flail0602B2. 

8211230213 Forwards LER S2-0 43/03 L-0. 
O'TQOLE, J.D. Con*olltfat*if Ed I ion Co, 

of Ntu 

S210070019 Oen^ric Ltr B2-2 1 to all licence, & .ppl.c.nt. of n,rN 
pouer r.actors r Tech Specs for fire nrotec t i an JB-, t 
Fory-rris joidiM. discussing general scope t, rfeacr.bir 
lintnts to be included in audit. Svc list end 
EISENHUT.BG^ Division of Licensing. &9/IO/OA.'itN 

'; n .S"' NiW Yorl " InC ' I9(lp - 
Fiche: 30-000, ea/10/06, B3I OO7001 9. 

Fiche: 30-010. 82/10/22, S21 1060042 

B B . iic V violation ""<" in ^ 

, R. L. Division of Project t, Residont rogr.*, 
Ip. 159S1: 018. SflX Ficho: 50-01O, B2/10/22, 82 I I 0600*? 


by valve lineup error. D.format Ion r enovftd fc appoint 
internal prusure. Panonnel rein tructa* re valC. iin.,._ 
NADIPMAH.0. C M , B lU.t.f Edison c" "? ". ?1". " P< BB/1 I/O- 
Region 1, Offi ft of Director. 3 f? . 16193- 310 nv BB/1I/<W - 

Flth 1:30-84 7, 88/1 1/04. sat 1230313. 

B2UB30043 RO: o n B21 10B, upper end plug from one f...i , nJ j , j j 

tw " s pl 9% " f '""* >-> r i"ni" d found lodfled 

T. Hearina tranitripts on non-antitrust jnatteri 

S20eno p -,-- 

820610-0903. Noncomp 1 iance noted : f fl i 1 ure to have 

nE r ? tlon l lJ 'P m *nt iurvaillance. 

IUNQUE, T.M. Diviitnn of Project *, Reiident Pro 

12PP. 1WSI.-019. 24X Fic h e : 50-01 

9211090285 Foruards responses to questions re fire protcctlct 
t.lcon u/NRC lrCUlt * Ba ' 8 Ihutdolu " "-ept, documenting 031021 
RAUSCH.T.J Commonuealth Edison Co. 02/10/29. 

Llc ' n>lna ' 16 

n OBnBr ; c . Ltr B2 " a3 tn a11 !""" PP1U1 1 r 
inconsistency betuten requirements of 10CFR73. 4Otg ) BTS 
for perfornina audits of safeguards conting.ncu plan! 
ts.curitv plan). Svc list encl 

!ifn U , D ' u 01 ^ 1 '?" f Li " nsi "B S2/IO/30, Caniol 

I! J .^ n S f N "" York ' In - fi PP 15993:319, H4X 
FlelniSO-OOQ, BB/IO/30,8210290IOB 

c P " " P011 " r p " q *'" 1 Ue.n fr 

I e-ercis. for physical inventory ab LUfli M V 

-*"^"! 11 "*" in ''" " v.mnt*p fc an 

P 5 rU i '!*!' """ ht "1-burMd.HvB H.t .ncl 

dCn '*; ^'"i 1 ^" ?' L1 ""*'n9- Q2/1I/03. C n lif4lffl 

Ed I eon Co. of N.u York, Ini. llpp. 16019-001 Sis 
Flehe : 90-000, 62/1 1/03, B21 1040379 


ng , to clarify responsibilities of Mccn 

Mh S. 02/11/05. 



B21I 16QOB6 Forwards public version of Revision 5 to Emergency Plan 
tmp 1 eir*n t i n g Procedure EP1P 500-7. "Operational Checls of 
Convnuni c a ti cm Sys (Primary Responsibility - Generating 
Station Emergency Plan Coordinator). 11 

SCOTT, OJ. Commomuealth Edison Co. 82/10/2S. DENTON.H.R. Office 
af Wuclnar Reactor Regulation, Director lp. 16101:270. BIX 
FUhe: 30-010, B2/U/05, B21 lliOOBl. 

83111SQ203 Forwards documentation supporting Commission approval of 
proposed d> minimts release criteria for uncontrolled 
release of ma tit from controllid areas. contained In uti 1 
radiation protection stdi, per Reg Guide 1. B6. 

SWARTZ.E.D. Commonwealth Gdlion Co. 83/II/1O. DENTON, H. S Office 
of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director. llpp. I60S5r335. 24X 
Fiche: 30-000, 63/ 1 1/10, B21 1 150203. 

B2HIAOOTO Public version of Revision 5 to Emergency Plan Implementing 
Pfc-ce-dure EPBP SOO-7, "Operational Checks of Communicationa 
5ys (Primary Responsibility - Generating Station Emergency 
Plan Coordinator}." Roceipt form end. 

* C-nirmionuealtli Edison Co. B2/1O/IB. 14pp. 16101:271. 24X 
Flcne: 90-010- B2/ 11/05, 821 11A0091. 

G (\d jud itotorif correspondence 

ct to review ALAB-ii9a 
came final 

0211150436, Advise 5 that time for Cnmnil 5 s ion to 
e ip irtd. Cpmm 1 SB i on declined rev i eu. Dec i si on b 
agency action on 031109 
CtllLK.S J Office of the Secretary of thu Commission. 82/11/12. 
Office of the Eiecutive Legal Director. lp. Ii055: 353. 24X 
Fiine: 50-337, 82/1 1/12,921 1150406. 

P. Operating license sta||e documents & correspondence 

021 106O& < J9 AdviBu-o that continued plant operation until completion of 
uti I environ qualification program will not present undue 
rill to public health !, safety. 

O'COHJJOR, P. W. Operating Reactors Branch 5. B2/10/19. EISENKUT, D, G. 
Division of Licensing. 2pp. 13969: 36.1. 24X Fiche; 50-237, 82/10/19, 
821 IOc.0599. 

Genoric Utr 82-2O to all pouer reactor 1 ic ensees, permit 
holder* J. applicants For CP re guidance for implementing 
SftP rule. Forwards NUREG-09Q6. NUREO to be used as interim 
fflEa-fure until Reg Guide I. 70 revised, Svc list encl. 
EJSENHUF.D O Division of Licensing. B2/IO/26. Consolidated 

Edion Co. of Neui York, Inc. 9pp. 15993:295. B4X 
Flttie; 50-000, 82/10/36-0210260088. 

031037O030 Generic Llr 82-32 to all PUR licensees re Congressional 
rf^uual fur tnfo conccrniiio steam aeiieriitar tufco integrity. 
Foriuardi Congresaman EJ Mnrley Q31Oi9 questions re ateam 
generator tube integrity. 8 vc list encl. 

ELSEiJHUT. H. 0. Division of Licensing. S2/1O/26. Consolidated 

Eilc-n Co af New York, Inc. 10pp. 160<?9: 332. 24X 
Fiche: 50-000, 62/10/26,0310270030. 

621111O3B3 Foruar-ds safoty evaluation of util responses to NUREO-0737, 
ttera II. t^. 3 21. "Restart of Core Spray It Loiu fpeafiUre 
Coolant Injection 8ys " ConclusionG acceptable. 

DELOEQRGE.L Operating Reactors Branch 2. B2/10/H6. VABBALLOi D. D. 
Commoniii*alth Edison Co. 6pp. 16O4B. 237, 24X Fiche ; 30-000, B2/10/26i 
G21 11 10533 

B2] I O2O*51 Foruards revised pages to CE-1 -A. Revision 22. "GA Topical 
flppt. IJ 

&!MRTI,E D Commonwealth Edison Co. 32/10/27, HAASS, W. P. Quality 
Asturance Dranch. lp. 15686:145. 24X Fi c he: 30-000, 82/10/27. 

D2l|OaO&64 Devised pages to CE-l-A, Revision 22, "QA Topical Hept." 
Poa*t 1-33 to Revision 11 dtd 800909 encl. 

SWAHTZ. E. D. CammonuisalHi Edison Co. CE-l-A R22 ERR. 92/11/01, 
App. 1S6B6: 146. 24X Fiche: 50-OOQ. BS/ 10/27, 821 1020651. 

8211160047 Oeneric Ltr aa-2i to pouer reactor licensees <.cept Fort Bt 
Vraln) ra NUREO-O744, fltvi lion 1, "Pressure Vessel Hatl 
Fracture Toughn*s." Forwards NUHEG-0744. fie vision 1. U/o 
enc 1. Svc 1 lit ancl. 

EIEENHUTi D. 0. Division of Licensing. 62/11 /IS. Consolidated 

Edison Co. of New York, Inc. S2pp. 16232:212. 34X 
Fiche: 50-000, 62/11/12,6311160047. 

8211230119 Forward's response to remaining Phaie I concern! in Fronklin 
Research Ctr draft technical evaluation rept ri control of 
heavy loads, 

SWARTZ.E.D. Commonuealth Edlion Co. B2/1I/18. EI9ENKUT, D. 
Division of Liceniing. llpp. 16193:049. 24X Fiche: 5O-000, S2/ 1 I/IB. 

8211300461 Notifies that Clasi II & I fees submitted u/820617 mttuest 
for Tech Spec changes to clarify responsibilities during 
emergencies uill be refunded. 

MILLER, W. 0, License Fe Hanagement Branch. B3/11/IB, DELGEORSE, L, 
Commonwealth Ed Uon Co. lp. 16257:349. 34X Flche: 50-000, B3/ 1 1/18, 

0, Inspection reports, IE Bulletins fc corresp ondence 

8208190230 IE Info Notice B2-37, "Cracking In Upper Shell to 
Transition Cone Girth Ueld of Steam Generator at Operating 
FUR. " Bvc list end. 

JORDAN, E. Di viilon of Engineering ti Quality Assurance. B2/O9/16. 
Consolidated Edison Co. of Neu Vork, Inc. lOSpp. 15730:001. S4X 
Fiche: 50-000. B2/09/16, 8208170320. 

82081902E2 IE Info Notice 82-34, Revision 1, "Helds in Main Control 
Panels." Svc lilt encl. 

JORDAN, E. L. Division of Engineering & Duality Assurance. 82/07/17. 
Consolidated Edison Co. of New Yor*. Inc. 107pp, 15895:195. 24X 
Fiche: 50-000, 82/09/17,3200190322. 

B3OB190229 IE Info Notice 82-39, "Svc Degradation c-f Thiclr Wall 
Stainless Stel Reilrculation By* Piping at BUR Plant." 
Svc I lit enc 1 . 

JORDAN, E. L. Division of Engineering b Quality Assurance. 62/09/21. 
Consolidated Edison Co. of New York, Inc. 8i.pp. 16017:098. 24X 
Fiche; 50-000, S2/09/31, B208190229. 

8208190223 IE Info Notice 82-38, "Change in Format d Distribution Sys 
for IE Bulletins. Circulars fc Info Notices." Bvc list encl. 
DEYOUNQiR.C. Director's Office, Office of Inspection and 
Enforcement. 63/09/32. Consolidated Edison Co. of Hui York, Inc. 

110pp. 16018:021. 24X Flche: 30-000- 82/09/32, B2O8190223. 

B20S190233 IE Info Notice 8S-40, "Deficiencies in Primarij Containment 
Electrical Penetration Assemblies. " Bvc list encl. 

JORDAN.E.L. Division of Engineering & Quality Assurance. B3/07/22, 
Consolidated Ediion Co. of New York, Inc. 112pp. 15930:019. 24X 

8211030535 Requests within 60 days, info *. programs re implementation of 
MJflEfl-0313* Revision 1 , previ ous 1 <l requested by 810226 
Generic Ltr DI-04. 

LAINAS.O.C. Assistant Director for Operating Reactors. 82/10/2B. 
DELOEOROE. L Commonueal th Edison Co. 4pp. 15943:104. 34X 
Ftcti*: 50-000, SE/10/3a, 8211030335. 

B2111B0330 Forwords revised Pages 1-24 fc 1-25 inadvertently omitted 

from Re-vision SB to OA program. 

BIWHflKI.W.J. Cc-mmontuealth Edison Co. 83/1 1 /OB. HAASS, H. P. Oualitll 
. Anuranee Dranch. lp. 1*043:053. 24X Ficho: 50-000, B2/1 I/OB. 

6211 120380. 

B311 160332 Ra_uestB addl info to complete post-Implementation review of 
KUflEO-O737, Items II. F.I. 4. "Pressure Monitor," II. F.I, 5 
"1*1 tr Lvel Monitor," & II. F, 1.6 "Hydrogen Monitor." Info 
re<iiie*tBd ui thin 30 daga of Itr receipt. _,,., . 

CRUTCHFIELD. D. Operating Reactors Qranch 5. 02/11/09. DELflEOROE, L. 

Ce.irwionui*lth Edison Co. 10pp. 16091:180. 24X 
Flehs: 50-000, 62/11/09,821 1 160332. 



9211060071 IE Imp Kepti 5O-OIO/BS-K. 5Q-237/B3-18 (, 30-249/62-19 
MOSIO-OTO.MoneoBHI.n*. no ted : f ai i ur . to Kvi .i.?," 
fire protsctioti equipment turveillano 

TONOUE.T.M., JORDAN, M. J. . HALKER,R.D. Diviiion O f Praj.ct & 
fllildtnt Program,. 02/10/23. 13pp. IS95I-019 sax 
Fich : 80-01 0, 82/10/22, 621 lOAQOflB, 

Mnetit K. fl ting RepU 30-237/62-31, 
5Q-263/B3-19 on 820714*0825-3 7 

Forw * r( '* 1E enfor 
M-SW/BM2, M-KH/B2-I7 

6 rtatic* af violation, 

Fiche:aO-000, B2/ 10/26, 931 1OG0263. 

Epp I599Q 3ia 


Operatln 9 reports (, related corresponded. 

SCOTT n , For " ard * mon * h "J operating repts for Mar 19B! 
SCOTT, D. J. Commonwealth Edison Co. B2/04/Q2 
Oflict of Tnipection and Enforcement 
Ft clie: 30-010. 83/04/02,921 1100114 


Dirtc tar "i C-fJ 

--B21I10O121 Monthly operating repts fop Mar 1902 

SCHHOEDEH, B. A. Commonwealth Edison Co H2/&4/ns 
Ifi024:00. ? Fic he . 50-010, 52/04/02, 831U001 M 

-9211080266 NtJc of violation from imp on 620714 fc 0935-27 

' Dlvltion of Enslneering t, Tech 
. 2pp , 


.' , Cofll ra. nwaHli Erfiaon Co B2/11/01. Dir.ttat'* CM, 

i C %^ f n InSpeCti n and Enforcement Ip. 160*0 192 Sn 
icherSO-010. 02/11/01,0211130206. wouiw Jt 

SSllOa0272 IE EnforceniBnt Meetinj Hspt. 50-237/B2-2I w- 
30-254/93-17 ft 50-24S/B2-19 on B207M t OB2S- 
NDncortioli.ance noted: no QA audit* conducted frdm CY77-79 (, 
deMcieficis, f 0un d in dA audit program 
VIN.r.T.. IWJIELSON.D. K. Region 
llpp. 1S9?0: 2 6&. MX Meh.rso- 

, J). A. Commonujealth Edison Co. B2/1J/O1 
14040:193. a** FUhe: 50-010, B2/I I /Ol, 

e?I1020147 Confirm B21026 te (con r. revi (eif pla n, 
anforcemenl conf .r.nca u/utlt in Chicago, IL to di 
a*oc(at.d u/prorM,.nt. inst a llati n I, 0! e of nd 
valv. gutdss in t l,c trom4 S n e ti c relief valve. 
SPEBSARD,RL. OIvj.lMBf Pr DJ ec t fc fl e ,id e nt ' Pro 
fiEED.C. Commonuiaalth: Ediion Co. 3pp. 
Fit ha: 80-000. &S/IO/27, 821 10JZOH7. 

Ba ,,03 
s, il 

tr ""o" C of ch 
?"?"!" t0 . IE Bul ^"n 79-Oa,It Hra A . 
^ Jvl.ipj ol Pr^j.ct i*t Pro fl r ams . 

REED,C. -Cinninonujsalth Editor, Co. Ip. liOOB'356 24X 
Ficni: 50-000, B2/l/04,B2li090409. ' 

poiitJon vrifi IS t*on of ECCfi V *lv.> 
day to one* per month. 
SUARTZ.E.J)^ C.Dfflmonuealth Ediion Co. 
Region 3. Dff it . O f DJr.etor. 2pp, 
Fit n ,:SO-000,B2/ll/04, B21KW0409 


" J". 

* cer 
"" per 


8211120397 Acl rec.ipt of B209I3 I tr Inarming NBC of t. 
"rr.ct v.oJatfon* nat.rf in IE ln* P R Cpt 50-249/Ba-oa 



I.ER B2-03B/O3L-O. 

8211050004 LER B2-03Q/03L-0: on S31O01 . d u rin B 1 n ,( ,. 
radi^.on icrani i.ol.tJon iurv.1 1 1, DIB 70D-"m J 

r;^sn t ii 3 n ' p M ' 70!i ~ M trippBd at i - " e-Sis 

instrument dr . f t. N.u se tpoint ad jus ted to 1.4iOr/h 
HHte.S. Commonwealth Editon Co 62/10/21 fiuolDr. 

Director. Ip. ,5950:003. 24X Fi che- 50-249. 83/Lo'a. 

9211110139- Foi-uard* LER B3-039/03L-0 
Common^alth Edi, Dn Co. 
D "'" t0 '- ' 

82/10/26. KSPPLER. 
63. 2flX Fich ,: S0-y4 

S2I11IOI47 LEB S2-039/03L-0: on B2101 5, dur (ng DDS I 500-3, 

. ir/ at r <ccsw> pump '"t-^b.arin, do^ to 

pump vault found open. Caused by personnel error Door 
Personnel reminded to keep door closed Dr - ""^ 

Ctm-E.L. Commonwealth Edison Co. 83/10/36. Jtnglo 

Director. lp . I 60 37r 064, 2 4X F, c h c: 50-24V, 

88 J 1120397 

8211240343 Forward i SALP Rspti 50-254/B2-I 



JOBMN.E ,L Bivl.iOTi of Enjln.erJno 6 QuaHtu A, lurant * 

: v " k - Inc - ?-" Kt7, 

O-2A5/no . 

"".Region pUn* to perform .f. Ct l,l 

- Ui hour9 tn monitnr s " urit UJ 

' ""^ ion 3 ' Office of Director. 
ch-: 50-249.B2/10/2S,821I03010I. 


IMftJ 3c 

T" made ' ' le '' ate w/ " r.clrcuUti.n loop 
for Nov maint oufca Be 

?EETER.J. Reoion 3, Of Me. o* 0,rt.r 
.146. 2flX Fiche ; 50-349, SS/10/30. BSI 10S01ES 

B2J 1240300 Forwards LER 83-040/03L-0 

C S?"* n S Ml * h Et " 50T1 C ' 
Dl'Mtor. Ip. 16306:134. 24X Fich 

a *- 040/ e :il -- 0: '"' flB1019,up.c.l. trip poJM ol C lU^ 
.r r.dl.tion man! tor, 3-1705-BH, found 4l !M 

ES I'!r', Commonwealth Edison Co. B2/11/CH. HiglM 3. 

8211240300 "' P "' 16206 ' 125 ' 3"^ Fi ch*; gO-W*,/ll 

BEED.C. Conmonwealth Crflion Co. 

Diptttor - 24f "" 

S2I1160423 F 
3 nff^^ 

1 M Hept !2-S-B2-73:on 
t"* B level r,ng*d frp 
"- minute,, xceeding radiation 
c "- " ".p concrete in du^p. 
Edi.on Co. B2/11/O9. KEPPLEH.JO 
44. 34X Flch. 

rrfi LER 8S-042/01T-0 

r OI "; MUh EdUon Cg ' 32/11/09. KEPPLER.J.i). **|" 
r.ctor. lp. 16091:242. 24X Fich t; S0-a*9,fia/l IMt, 



sail 160439 LER aS-042/OlT-O: an S21027, eices i i ve uater found leaking 
from nc ire ulation pump seal 3B. Caused by rec irculation pump 
ml fai lure. Unit manually brought down. Seals replaced. 
Suppl tmentary LER to be issued uihen cause of failure Inoun. 
HOROAN.H. Commonwealth Edison CD. 02/11/09. Region 3. Office 

Ot Director. 3pp. 16091:343. SIX Fiche : 30-249, 82/J I /Of. 

B21116O516 Release* publli version of 
imp lementing p roced ore*, 1 nc lud ing Pr 
emergency coordinator du t i 65, 20 I Q4 r 
2O1 12 re communications network 
FELTON. -J.M. Division of Rules and R 
Management Branch. lp. 1A126; O43. 

emergency plan 
201OI re 

24X Fi 

93/11/00. Documt 

che 50-250,62/11/00. 

B31I2=!04'O Forwards LER B2-049/O1T-0. 

SCOTT.D.J. Commonwealth Edison Co. 02/11/10. KEPPLER.J.Q. Region 
3, Off-lei of Director. lp, 16219:039. 24X Fiche: 50-249, Q2/ 1 I/IS, 

6211290452 LER 02-045/Q1T-0: on 021 109, during normal operation* d ieael 
generator D-3 tripped on low cooling mater pressure. Caused 
6y bad lou cooling uater pressure suitch. Switch replaced. 
RHEE.8.J. Commonwealth Edison Co. 02/11/10. Roion 3. Office 

D* Director. 2pp. 16219:040. 24X Fiche : 50-249, 02/1 1 /IB' 

8211E90&46 PND-III-B2-127:on 021 1 19i sec ur i tg guard arrested by doliet. 
IL police on charges of possession ti delivery of controlled 
iubtanci* following seiiure of marijuana fc PCP. Guard 
iiMprnded Electrician also suspended for suspected drug use. 
CREED, J. R. Region 3, Office of Director. 02/11/22. lp. 16223:302. 
8-VX Fiche: 50-249, B2/ 11/22, 021 1290646. 

V. Operator Eliminations 

B2111AG523 Forwards public version of revised emergency plan 
implementing procnduraa, i nc lud inq Procedures 30101 re 
emergency coordinator duties, 2Q1O4 re emergency roster 
fc 20112 re c ammunicit ions. network. 

UHRIO,R E Florida Power !. Light Co, 83/10/15. 'RGILLV. J. P. 
Region 2, Office of Director lp 16126014 24X 

Fiche: 50-25O, 02/11 /OB, 8211160516. 

82111A0520 Public version of re' 
procedure*! Including Procedur 
coordinator duties.20104 re e 
coiimunlcati ons network. 

HDODY.C.D. Florida Power fc Light Co. 
24 K Fiche: 50-230,02/11/09,8211 16O3I6. 

ised emergency plan impl 
s 2OIDI re eroorpcnci) 
ergency roster & 2O112 r 

B2/10/G6. B9pp 16126 <V)i. 

B21lliOl7B Forwards "Supp lemental Info, JOCFHSO.App R.Fire Haiardi. 
Analysis," in response to questions poBed b ij NRC at 321027 

UHHIO.R^E. Florida Pouier (.Light Co 63/11/1O EHSENHUT, D. G 
Division of Licensing. lp. 16037.083. S4X Fiche 50-250,82/11/10. 
321 1160178. 

B21013QQ19 Generic Ltr B2-1B to all pouer reactor applicants fc 
liitnsees re reactor operator J< senior reactor operator 
r*f<"L ' f (nation exams. Atvl sea that eiama begin at facility 
after BZlOOl.Bvc list enc I . 

EISENHUT, D, Q. Diviiion of Licensing. 83/10/12. Consolidated 

Edlion Co. of Meu Vork, Inc. 13pp- 16002:234. 24X 
Fiche: 5O-000, 02/10/12,0210130019. 


F. Security- medical, emergency fc fire protection plans 

B211I6O1SO "Supplemental In f o, 1OCFR5O, App fl-Fire Ha lards Ana 1 yr.i s. " 
Erijineer inj Planning & f-Tanag enicri t. Inc. B2/10/31. 65pp. 
1AOB7:OB1. 24X Fi che . 5O-25O. 02/1 1 / 1O, B2I 1 160 1 78. 

B21H6O24A FoTUarda end inadvertently omitted from 8211110 reap onse rt 
App R fire protection submlttal 

UHRIO.F1.E. Florida Pousr It Light Co. 32/11/12. EISENJIUT. D. (!. 
Divltlon of Lieenains. 6pp. 1AO92- 170. 24X Fiche: 50-250- BSfl\/l2, 

P. Operating 1 i cense stage documents *. cDrrespondcnce 

B31004006B Generic Ltr B3-17 to all pouer reactor licensees fc 
applicants b holders of CPs re inconsistency between 
requirements of 10CFR50. 54< t) & ST0 for perforoiing audits of 
mrgntij preparedness program*. Svc list end. 

E1SENHUT. D. 0, Division of Licensing. 02/10/01, Consol Ida tod 

Edison Co. of Neui Vort, Inc. llpp, 16003; 200. 24X 
Fl e he : 5O-OOO, 83/10/01 , 02 1 0040060, 

6209310037 Generic Ltr B2- 1 fc to all PWFI licensees re NJF1EG-O737 Tec 
Spec&. Request s review of Tech Spoct to determine consistency 
u/guidance provided. For items ui/devia t ions, amend to I i cense 
re<iuird. U/o stated encls.Svc list encl 

EIBENHUT, D.O. Diviiion of Licensing. 83/09/30 Consol ida tnd 

Edison Co. of Nem York, Inc. 15pp. 15930: HO. SIX 
Fichu: 50-000, B2/09/20. O2O9210O27. 

3210070019 QenerU Ltv B2-21 to all licenseos ti applicants of nuclear 
pou*r reicton re Tech Specs for fire protection audits. 
Forwards guidance discussing general scope & describing 
elements to be included in audit. Svc list encl. 

EIBEWHUT, D, 0. Division of Licensing. 02/10/06, Consolidated 

Edison Co. of New York, Inc. 19pp. 15993:338, 24X 
FIch: 50-OOO, 8B/10/06iB21 007001 9. 

0211050136 Rq.ucsti written info for ECCS single failure revie 
Response due in 3O days to final lie revieu of will 7BOS01 
Tech Spec change request re- inclusion of two motor operated 
valve* to provide ma* Pleiibility for maint ! s,urveil lance 
VAHOA^B.A. Operating Reactors Branch 1, 02/10/13. UHRIO.R 
Florida Pouer t Light Co 3pp. 15964:331. 2HX 
Fiche: 50-250. 82/1O/13, BSl IOBO136. 

B2!1O30S71 Act receipt of Revision 5 to security plan.dto 0H0723. 
Chens ii coniistent ti/provi s ions of 10CFR50. 54(p). 
VrtROA.S, A. Operating Reactors Branch 1. 02/10/13. OHRIO, R. E, 
Ftorlda Pomer t> Light Co, 2pp. 15943:060. 24X 
Ffcne: SO-HSOj 82/10/13,0211030374. 

B2HOAO3aO Notification of 021027 meeting ui/util ti BNL In Bethesda.MD 
to dlicuts request for exemption From specific requirements 
of 10CFR30. 4fl t, 10CFR30 App R. 

HCDONALB, D, O. Operatino Reactor* Branch 1- B2/10/14. VAROAiB. ft. 
Of*ratlTiB Reactor. Branch 1. 3pp. 13968:336. 24X 
FUJii:3-0-2SO. B2/10/14, B2IlOfcO3BO. 

821IO!04ai. AgT-ees to changes in security plan revision dtd 020725, 
Forurarded hu, 020730 Itr. 

VAROA, S,A. Oprating Raetor* Branch 1. 02/10/2A. UHRJO.R.E. 
Florida Power & Lioht Co, 2pp. 1S902; OB8. SIX 
F<cti; 30-230, 02/10/26, 621 10104Bi. 

8210290103 Generic Ltr 82-23 to all licensees fc applicants re 
Inconsistency bttuaen requiremanti of 10CFR73. 40(g) fc 9T0 
for prrformlng aodits of safeguards contingency plans 
4-iecurltu, j>lan).0vc Hit encl. 

EIS(JHUT, D, 8. Division of. Licencing. B2/ 10/30. ConioJida ted 

Edlian Co. of Niui York, Inc. Bpp. 13993:319, 24X 
Fiche: 30-000, 02/10/30,0210270108. 

B2U040379 flneric Ltr 82-25 to all pouer reactor licensees re. 
inttgrated IACA exercise, for physical Inventory at LUR.Any 
commitment to participate in eierctie is voluntary fc ang 
util that participates will be reimbursed. Svc Hit encl. 
EiaEMHUT.D. 0. Division of Licensing. 02/11/03. Consolidated 

Ediion Go. of Neu Yarh, Inc. llpp. 16019:004. 24X 
FCehe: 50-000, 02/11/03,0211040379. 

fl311030359 Advises that application feus requested in NRC BE0016 1 tr 
have not been received. Fees should be submitted within 15 
days of receipt of Itr. 

DieOS.H.M. License Fee Management DrancJi. 02/10/15. UHRIQ.H.E. 
Florida Pc-uar t Light Co. lp. 15915:397. 24X F( che 30-250, 
Sa/ 10/1 5, 321 1 030559. 

B211OIO280 Submits verification that typographical errors in util 
BO123Q request for Amends H7 ti Bl to i-fcenaes DPR-3] fc 
DPH-fll , respec tive]<j, I ssueJ B2073O. da not affect amend i 
safety evaluation. Corrected Table 4. 1-2 & Pag 3, 4-2 end 
MCDONALD, B, Operating Reactors Branch 1. B3/1O/22 
Florida Power t< Light Co, 2pp. I5S8O.323. 34X 
Fiche; 50-250, B2/1O/2S. BSl 1Q102BH. 

8211010295 Corrected Table 4. L-2 S> Page 3: 4-2 to Tecli Specs for Amends 
87 fc 01 to Licenses DPH-31 k DPR 4 1 , respec tivelij. i ssuetf 

Office af Nuclear Reactor Regulation. Director. 02/10/22. 3pp. 
13630.325. 24X Fiche: SO-2SO, BH/ i O/22, 0211010283. 

B2-11100531 ToTLJards laPotij Evaluation t; technical evaluation repts re 
immediate upgrading of roat tor operator & senior reactor 
operator training & qualification A II. B. 4 on training for 
mitigating core damage. 

VARffAiB.A. Operating Reactors Branch 1. BH/ IQ/29. UHfllQ-R.E. 
Florida Powar fc Lioht Co. 3pp. 16O4O: 060 24X 
Fiche: 50-B3O, 02/10/33- E21 J 1 00334. 

aaill00543 " Improvements in Training & Requal iPication Programs as 
Required bu TMI Action Items 1. A. 2. 1 fc II. B, 4 for Turkoy 
Point, Units 3d 4," technical evaluation rept. 
* Science Applications, Inc. NRC-O3-B2-096. SA1-1B6-O2<)-Q0. 
B2XOB/31. NRC - Me- Detailed Affiliation Ulvim, 12pp. 

16040:06-3. 24X Ffche; SO-S50, 02/10/25,0211100534. 



B2103iOOBB Generic Ltr 83-30 to HI p DUB r reactor licen pePffl i t 

Holtfers t, applicants for CP ri guidanct fqr implementing 

SUP rule. For^rdj NUR-C-O906. NUBEO to be ui*d ai interim 

measure until ficg Quite- I. 7O r vised. Svc list incl 

EtSEUHUT.D <3. Division of Licensing. 02/10/34. ' Consolidated 

Ednon Co. of Una York, Ins. 9pp. I 5?<?3 295 24X 

Fiche 50-000, 63/10/34, 0210260039 

B211I2040H Application to amend Licenses DPR-31 4, nun . 
corr.ctlg IdentlfUi tendon .urveijBd during fir.l .., 
fifth & t.nth-ur surv.illance.Bafety evaluation .nt! 
Florida Power i Light ci. 63/11/09 

Lte ' n ' lnB - '" 

. j 

6210270030 Generic Ltr 62-32 to all PUR license re Congri.s tonal 
request FOP Info concerning steam jen.rator tube integrity 
Forward* Congretiman EJ MarJiei) ez(01<7 question* re 
generator tube integrity Svc lut encl 

ElEEWHUT.D.a. 1H viiion of Licen*in 9 . TO/ 1 0/84. Cun.a Hflaled 

Ed 11 an Co. of Nu Var. Inc. IQpji. liOT 1 ?; 332 24X 
Fithe: 50-000. B2/10V2&. 6210270030. 

6311030449 Forwards reviled pump l valve inservlc* test prooram for 
Unit 3, applicable for B2I214 to -721214. Revi .ed inservlt,, 


test program for Unit A uill be jut-milted bu 030307 
UHHIC.R E. Florida Pouer t Hjht Co. B2/ 1 0/27. WHOA, S A 
Operating Reactor! Branch I. | p. 1 5BS6 267 
Ficht: 50-2SO. 


--92I 10SO45B R.viid punp i valve Initrvic* 
Florida Power >, Light Co B2/1QSS7 
Fiche. 30-250, S2/ 10/27. e^llO^044'?. 

103pp. 15896:269. 24X 

-8311120410 Proposed Tech Spec change, to Ucr.., (,,,.- t - tfj) 
torreetl, i denti ft, inj tendon surveyed during f ir ,, .1 !,T 
fifth t t.nth-ur .urveillance, ' PlrHMMn. 

Florida Pouer J, Light Co. 82/11/05. 3np, ,* ,j Olo - 
Fiche:SO-250,ea/ll/03,Bani2040S, I0 * 

82HI40S72 Application to amend Licenie* DPH-31 t DPI). *i -,,,, ,. 
Spec. r flowrat* of a U ,iliar V feed^ter , v . 1fa *00 i , 
373 gpm for Model 44F iteam generator-. " ' 

UHfilO.R.E Florida Pgu.r t Light Co. 82/11/08. 

"' 2PP "' OB5:a:i ' 1 MX Fleh 

9311160373 Proposed Tech Spec changes, modi f u|,, fl riaf#lr a) ,,, 
dwt*r sys from MO B pm to 373 gpm for Mod, I 4-11 " ttui 
generators. SaFetg evaluation enel. 

* Florida Power t. Light Co. B2/II/O5, linn lf,MI1 -it. 
Fi h,:50-250,B2/ll/03,B211!60272. P * * 

r " ard> * h ;. ln P-""* f Propo.,.1 I 
Sus, repr*ienting Class I ', Clan in a 
. E. Florida Power t Light Co. B2/ I 0/27. 
Llcens* Fee Hanagemint Branch. lp. 19906 359 
FicheJSO^SO* 03/10/37, 82J IO300O3. 


lo Ttih 

B311190309 Foruard. BER supportin 9 proposed 
,,?'-if r t E o C6 v - lv "-'vi. W bas d o 
* T li - R ** ponle "l " 1 "^ within 60 Jay, B t U 

r tn p' '."TJ 1 !!! " eactors Dranch 1. BB/ll/09 ( 
Florida Pouer i, Light Co. 5pp. 16172:147 HflX 
Fiche: SO-3SO. 02/1 1/05. S21 1 190309. 


rarflological effluent Tech Spcs 

mO.R E. Florida Pomr & Li 3 ht Co. 
' " 

S/IO/77. DI<10S,R.rl. License 

'tlnB Proposed Tech flp c ehn ( >i .. 

! r fc R ' t0r He 9 lllfltl0 "'<,r 
iche: 50-330, BS/l I /OS, 83H IWXJOV. 

Florida Pou.r i, Light Co. 
"' IP 


B3I11 10543 Forward, t ,r.t 4 Bval^ation t LLL technical ev 
rs degraded jrU protettton for Cla.i [E poy.r i )s 
VARGfl,S. A. Operating fieacbori Dr-anch 1, B2/10/2B 
Florida Pouer !, Light Co. 3pp U04 1 373 34X 
Fiche: 30-350, 03/10/28.62111108*2. 

--B2HMOS1& Safetij evaluation lqentif v iti } open items re degrade 
voltage pro tec t ton for Class IE power i V i. rraa. 

Operating Reactors Branch I. 33/10/29. SDD IfiD*. atti 
FUfie:50-250.S2/lO/28,B211U0342. "' 160*1-873. 


.r - 

n!!T! n i I IT ^l/Btnt Nuclear Generating Plant, 
Unit* 3 & 4," technical evaluation rtjit, 
SE1.AM, J. C. Laurtnee Livprmor* Latoratoru. F1K A-OBin 

6.11150134 Hesponds to NDC B210I5 Itr r e ,uestln B *ddl |, lf 
application to amend Tech Specs to add Valvas Qd,;M I, (Wij 
dfvalv I **-C" 1M facilitate survalllante I., 

UHRIO.R.E. Florida Pouer (.Light Co. B3/1I/1O. VMS*. 
Dperatin.) Heaetors Branch 1. 2pp. 1AO36 101 'jav 
Fiche: 30-^30, 82/11/10,0211190131. 

S2H160047 O.neric Ltr B2-26 to poyer reactor Uctnigi. i, 
Vrain) r , HUREO-0744, Revi , i on I. -Pr...u V,ll I" "\\ | 
Fracture Toughneta. " Forwards NUREC-07'14, Ha vl J 0.1 I Uta 
encl. Svc list end. 

02/1 I/la. 

EISEWHUT.D.O. Division of Licensing. 

1?';"=^ of N ' w Vork< Inc S2 PP' 

Ficfte: 50-000, 02/11/12, 621 1 160017. 

6211170032 Forward* saf.tij evaluation for TMI Action I>H 
;[':. "Op"a!>le Valvas.Or tt Closed Hat 6 hiflti 
C osed & I I.E. 4. a. 7, "Primaru Containment High ^.d^U 
rii2n! n * Pur9> valv "-" Requirements met, 

VARCA,3.A. Operating Reactors Branch 1. BS/11/1U 

^Ir ; ^: r ft LiBht c ' 3 pp^ 

Fiche:&0-2BO, 32/11/12,0211170032 

r UJ "' ate t0 BtatUS OP P*-eidMi| MIli'| 
7, Item II. D 3. H/tno oversite drowlno, fl.''l" 
are available in PDR. 

.B.E. Florida Pouer i, Light Co. 02/11/13. WWUM.H * 
Ujierating Rsacton Branch j. 23pp. 1610S:BOQ an 
Fiche: 30-330.02/11/15,8211230027. 

T 0ri " r< ' < '""' " a<fe 1 uac ' station .Ucn-u n.i. responie to 021022 telcon requeit.Mo tin, I* 
failur. can affect both circuit* slmultanoouBlu or 

| C tS2?S q 2*2"'i 1|( ""* that both "qu^.d circwlti loil 

Florida Pouer S, Light Co. 02/1 1/ It, VAKft* B * 

B211S4044B Forwards BER of proposed Tech Spec amend! f* >MMI 
orsaniiatlon. Final review & suppl ulli be liiund 
resolution of item re rvi*u board qual if Uationi- 
r*s"td within 45 daiji. 

VAfiO-A,B.A. Dperatin} Reactor* Branch 1. 83/11/16. 
Florid. Powar t, Light CD, 6 PP . Ii230: 033. 34X 
FitherSO-230, 82/11/16, B21la40440 

831IE302S3 Inform, of Intention lo install selaffllcullv ft9tf.|U ** 
!.!! . *o'' containment purge tuppi v fc >hauit v*lvi l 
2!J;*r? i"' out * ! " for Unlt 3 * nf ** refu.linj e 

,iiiS i 2 it 2"" in *" t()r repair outago for Unit 4 
<JHHIO,R E Florida Pouer & Light Co. S2/11/I7. 
operatlnn Reactort Br-anch 1, IP. 
Fiche: 30-830,62/11/17,8211230333: 



9311300090 RiEpontfs to Oeneric Ltr 02-23 re C ongress i ona 1 request for 
info- canttrning strain generator tube integr I ty. Ut i 1 does not 
plan On tubrni 1 1 1 ng Further info or competing questionnaire, 
line* previouily submitted repts conbain requested Info. 
UHRIQh T. E. Florida Power t Light Co. 82/1 1/24. E1SENHUT, D. 0, 
Division of Licensing. Ip. 16238:112. 24X Fichp: 50-000. B2/ 1 1 /24. 

6211160080 Summary of B31 103 meeting u/utils re IE Bulletin 80-11 on 
uit of "Energy Balance Technique" 1 "arching action" for 
masonry wall qualification. 

TRAMMELL. C. H. Operating Reactor! Branch 3. 82/11/05. Operating 

Reactors Branth 3. 32pp. 16102:325. 24X Ficho: 50-000, BS/l ! /OS. 

O Inspection report). IE Bulletins >i correspondence 

BOB19Q22O IE Infn Notice 02-37. "Cracking in Upper Shell to 
Tr-ani i 1 1 on Cone Qlrth Weld of Steam Generator at Operating 
PUR ' Svc lis t oncl 

JORDAN, E. Division at Engineering fc Quality Assurance. 82/09/16. 
Conialldated Edison Co of No-ui Vorfc, Inc 105pp. 15930:001. 24X 
fltha: 30-000. a2/O<7/l(!..020ai9O22O. 

GSOB19Q222 IE Info Notice 8H-34, Hevis i on 1, "Wolds in Main Control 
Panel's " Svc list encl. 

JORDAN, E L. Division of Engineering (/ Quality Assurance. 82/09/17. 
Cento) ldatd Edison Co, of New Vorfc, Inc. 107pp. 15595:185. PflX 
Fi eh*: 50-000, B2/09/ I 7. 830Q19O222. 

IE Info Notice 02-39, "Svc Degradation of Thick Mall 
Stainless Steel Rec Ircula 1 1 on Sya Piping at BWR Plant. " 
Svc list rnc 1 . 

JORDAN, E. L. Division nf Engineering L Quality Assurance. 82/09/21, 
Consolidated Edison Co. of Nou Vorl, Inc. Bdpp. 16017:098. SIX 
Flc^e; 5O-000, B2/ 09/21 . 9303170229. 

B3031f0333 IE Info Notice 83-30. "Change in Format * Distribution Sya 
for IE &uUet ins. Circulars & InfoNaticea." 6vc list and. 
DITYOUNS. H C Director's Office, Office of Inspection and 
En* orcement. EJ2/O9/22. Cdiis o 1 [dated Edison Co. of New York, Inc. 

16010:031, 24X Fi ch e : 50-000, 82/07/22, Q20B 1 "70223. 

02001-90233 ] Info Notice 82--1O, "Deficiencies in Primary Containment 
Electrical Penetratian Assemblies." Svc list cncl. 

JORDAN, e L Division of Engineering t Quality Assurance. 82/09/22, 
Conunl IdJted Edison Co of New Yori. Inc. 112pp. 15930:019. 24X 
Ft cht- 5O-000. H2X 09/22, 02001 ?O232. 

8308190248 IE Info Notice B2-43, "Def It ienc i e s in LMR Air Filtration/ 
Ventilation Sya. " Svc list enc 1 . 

JORDAN, E. L. Division of Engineering L Quality Atiurance. 82/11/16. 
Coniolidatid Edison Co. of Neu Vork, Inc. Hipp. 16171:233 21 X 
Flche: 30-000, 82/11 /16,B3091 < ?0248. 

331 12304 12 Foruardi iniervice Insp relief Requests 6 b 7. originally 
tranimitted 790913 '- clarified u/addi info, in response to 
NRC B2O314 & 0614 requesti, 

UHRtO.R.E. Florida Pouer fc Light Co. 82/11/18. EISENHUT, D Q. 
Division of Licensing. 9pp. 16192-201. 24X Fiche 50-350, 82/1 1 /IS, 

820S1902S3 IE Info Notice 82-43, "PUR Loui Temp Overpressure 
Protection." Bvc list encl. 

JORDAN. E. L. Division of Engineering & Quality Assurance. 83/11/19 
Consolidated Edison Co, of Neui Vork. Inc. 93pp. 16232: E9B. 24X 
Fiche: SO-000, 02/11/19,8308190253. 

R Periodic operating reports t, related corre spondance 

821102021? Fnruards monthly operating repts for Auo. 1983. 

WILLIAMS, J.W. Florida Pouer I- Light Co. B2/09/1 9. Office of 

Resnurce Management, Director. Ip. 1 5BB2: 176. 24X 
Fie he: 50-250, 82/09/15,6211020219 

B211020231 Monthly operating rapts for Aug 1983. 
PACE, P. L. Florida Power & Light Co 83/09/15. 
24X Fiche; BO-S5O, S2/09/ IS. B21 1030219. 


I50B2: 177. 

8211110191 Forwards monthly operating repts for Sept 1982. 

WILLIAMS- J. H. Florida Power t> Light Co. 82/1O/I5. Management 

Information Branch. Ip. 16037:077. 24X Fi che: 50-000, 83/1O/ 15. 

B21I03O27I Notlf]cat]on of 021103 meeting WutiU fc Franklin fieseijrih 
Ctr ir. BetheidJ-MD to diacuas design (IE Bulletin GO-11) t 
ui of "onergy balance tichnique" t "arching theory". 

TftAMMELL. C. M. MffC - Wo Detailed Affiliation Oivno. B2/10/07. NRC 

- lia Dvtdiled Affiliation Owen. -)pp. 15975:310. 2flX 
Flth; 5O-000, B2/1O/07. 021 IOSOS7I. 

8211110193 Monthly operating repts for Sept 1982. 
PACE, P. L. Florida Power d Light Co. B2/1O/15. 
24X Fiche; 50-000, 03/10/13,6211110191. 


16037: 078. 

S. Reportatle occurrences, LERs fc related correspondence 

e311O3OSSO Forward.* safotij evaluation of uttl 000508.010519 it 82052J 
T-B>pon>Bi to IE Bulletin 00-O1, "Analysis of Main Steam Line 
Break W/Contl nued Feciluatcr Addition. " Analysis acceptable & 
no further action required 

VrtHGA.S A Operating Reactor-i Branch 1. 8B/IO/08. UHRIO.R. E. 
Florida Power & Light Co. 9pp. lS9t3:Q01. 21X 
Flchp: 50-350, B2/1O/OB, 021 1030950. 

Q21I15O115 Confirms 821013 telcon re 83102B ma* meeting at Region 3 oft 
Id dltcvil containment electrical pe^netrati on, recent insp 
reiulti concerning heat tracing sijs ( other operational 
c t Ivl t i*-i at fac 1 li ty. Propoied meeting agenda end, 

O-REILLY, J, P. Region 2, Office of Director. 02/10/21, UHRIO.R.E. 
Florida Pouer k Light Co 2pp 16059:332. 34X 
Fitht. SO-2SO. S2/IO/S1.8S111SO41S. 

B2O8I9023? IE Info Notice 82-41, "Failure of Safety/Relief Valves to 
fir r, at BUR-" Svc list end. 

JQRDAN..E. L. Division of Engineering fc OualJtij Aaaurance. 83/10/23. 
Contol itattd Erfison Co. of Neui York. Inc. 110pp. 159iO: 153. 24X 
Ft che: 5O-000. 92/1O/22. 8208190239. 

B21 11 5O2-57 Forwards IE Enforcment Conference Repts 90-250/82-33 b 
5O-S31/02-33 an 321023. No nuncomp 1 1 anc e notad. 

O'REILLY, J.P. Region3, Office of Director. 82/11/05. UHRIG.R.E. 
Florida PQUBF U l-lght Co, ^pp 16055:063. 24X 
F*h: 50-250. 32/11/03,9211180297 

--8311150373 IE Enf orceFTient Conference Repts 50-250/B2-35 b 50-251/82-35 
on 8S1O23. No noncomp 1 lane e noted. Hajor areas discussed: insp 
rcsulti re recurrent incident! of inoperable safety-related 
fttat tracing & aisociated alarms 

LEWIS, RC OivUion of Project t Resident Programi. S2/11/O4. 
2pp. 16033:065. 24X Fii he: 30-290, 02/1 1/O5. 821 1 1 50257. 

02llt505ce Confirm* 821101 telcon re B21123 mgt motting in Miamir 
FL to review rnults of flrat pha*e- annual appraisal of 
tB(ulatoru ptrformanc" for May 1990-June 1982. 8ALP rept uill 
b* foTu*rdif I uV prior to meeting, 

LEMIS, R. C. Olvition of Project J< Re*ident Programs. 82/11/03. 
UHfUC, R E Florida Power b Light Co. 3pp. IAOi2: 173, 24X 
Fith: 50-000, 82/11/05,8311150561 

8311290697 Forward* LER 02-014/01T-0. 

WILLIAMS- J. H. Florida Pouor b Light Co. 82/11/19. O'REILLY- J. P. 
Region 2, Office of Director. Ip. 16222:077. 24X 
Flche: 50-250, 82/1 1/18,6211290667. 

B2H2 1 ?0695 LER 82-014/01T-0: on 621 106, monitor tank overflowed during 

laundry water transfer to monitor tank. Caused b ij procedural 

violation. Floor opening capped, procedure revised & peTSonne 1 

reinitructed. ... 

ARIAS, J. Florida Power * Light Co. 82/11/2O, Region S. Office 
Of Director. 2pp. 16222:078. 24X Fiche : SO-25O, 82/1 1 /16, 
831 12906S7. 

V. Operator 

3210130019 Generic Ltr 82-19 to all pouer reactor applicants ti 
licensees n reactor operator it senior reactor operator 
requaliflcation exams. Advie that e>ams begin at facility 
after 821001. Svc list end. ,,. , ,, i. 

EIEENHUT.D.O. Division of Licensino. 82/10/12. Consolidate 

Edison Co. of New York. Inc. ISpp. 16002:234. 24X 
Fiche: 50-000, 83/10/12,9210130019. 


F. Security, medical, emergency & fin protaction plans 

S21004006B Generic Ltr 82-17 to all power realtor licensees fc 
applicants !< holders of CPs re inconsistency between 
requirements of 10CFR30. 94( t) k 8TS for performing audits o* 
mtreency preparedness programs. Svc Hit encl. 

EIBENHUT, 0.0. Division of Licensing. Ba/lO/01. Conmlida ted 

Edion Co. of Nrui York, Inc. llpp. 16002:388. 24X 
FIehi:BO-OQQ, 82/10/01,8210040068. 




: 50-000, 82/10/06, B3I 007001 7. 

92L1030574 Act r.c.lpt of fl^l.ion 3 to ..c UP lt, plarudtd 830722 
55!*a """*"* w'PWI.iomi of 1QCFR50. B-'pJ 
VARCA,S.A. Operating Rictri JJr^h I. 03,10/13 UHfllO H E 
F crida Pouer & Liohb Co. 2pp. I SM3: MX UHflIO ' R - E - 

F. che: 50-230. 63/10/13,8211030574. 

B211030255 Summary of B30231 meeting 

ing Reactors Branch 4. 
5pp- IS 1 ?,)! 26O. 24X 

Reactors Branch 
B31 1030255. 

B3 Jo^td A ^ E B 207!o c ::: s ewi * pian r -*^- - 7. 

WRflA.S.A. Operating Realtor, BrantA 1. B2/10/3i UHSin H F 
Florida Po UB r (, Light Co. 2pp, i5903- 09S 24X UH "' RE 

Fjche-:SO-a50, 62/10/2A. B2H0104B6. 

62102'PQIOB Generic Ltr S3-3T t n ,11 i- 

*- <.nclAL l_tl Dfi-pTJ Irt alj llrpnEUar t .. l;_... 

EIBENHUT,D.fl. Division of Licensing 
Ftc;r 50 % 00 ^OWm^ ai o037 PP - ' 5 ' " ""* 

8311030531 Faruard, audit conducted jointly NHr ,, Uw , ,. 

L^!i nl " S ," P" SSUI -" e " ".r..! .hoet.F.nd.nen ,. I, 

procedures i, training adequate 

MCDDJLD,D. Op B rating Reactors Branch 1 irVK)/l f . 

ll^tS^'*. 1 -^** SPP 13^53*0. " !MX 

5311030533 Forward, COn ,pl P t P d audit O f pr c 

thernial h ""- " 

FEt.TPM,J.M. Division of RuUj and fiecord 

coordinator . 
cnmraunicatlana netuorl 
' Florija 

* Light Co. 

SSIllAOtaO "Supplemental ln*o, I OCFRBO, 

*. i . 


Operating He 

1 BSflO/l't 

r.(por Hr. l 

'p Li " nse Foe N*n B -nint Branch IK!/l/ir. r, 

otuer A Linhl Co I D lS91-i- Ti7 -jaw i . . t . 

P 15^15.357 J4X Mir,. -,. 

blll i t5 Aerification that t,po 8 rapl,, 1 

DPR-4 r'J-"; AmBn " S Q7( - 81 * LlLn.,,, W>H ,1 
r.t2'i -e * lv 1 ' i "- S30730.d ,, ot .rf.ct nn.*,, L 
l^nntM, n Iuj6ion Corrected Table 4 l -a ft Po , e ;) a ,- ,, 
MCIHIMLD.D. Operating Beactors Branch , oS/IO/y/ 4 
Florida Power (S, Li s ht Co S PO 15BBO-TO1 iiir l'^ 

^ K 

' WB-31 DPR-41 . p 

" 1 "* = *' "Bgulation. Dlr D rt,:r 
iche: 50-250, S3/10/22, S2 1 lOKJi.'IIH 

r tS P? "* "f f 

n ? ^ * 1 u 

lns care damage 

II. 0.4 on 


, 30-350, 63/10/25,8211100534. 


iche: 50-350. S2/IO/25, 931 I10O3U4. 

'" "' 

2 B for n ; r i C Ltl> **?* t0 a11 PWR """ T. C|r. 

Fo?u!rS. rL "nc.rnina t B a m generator tube Inl ..... , 

" - 

ffirr-:-, ^^r^'iS 

Flcn.: 30-000,82/10/26, 6310870030 



62 1 1O3QOQ2 Forwards check in payment nf proposed license amend "Turbine 
fiunbact Syi" representing Class t & Class III amend. 
UHHIQpR..E. Florida Pouier S' Light Co. B2/10/27. MILLEH.M.O. 
License Fe Management Branch. lp. 13906:35?. 24 X 
Fit tie: 50-250, B3/ 1O/37, B21 1030002. 

821119030? Forward* SER tuff or ting proposed changes to Toch Specs re 
single failure ECCS valve*. Revi eu based on 700622,0711 & 
0809 t ubrai tta i i. Response reqeiasted within 6O days of 1 tr. 
vAHQA.S.A. Operating Reactors Branch 1. 83/11/03. UHRIOrfl. E, 
Florida Power & Ligfit Co. Spp, 16172:117. 24X 
Fiche; 50-3SO, B3/11/03, 621 1190309. 

Forusrdi Class I >, II! fees for proposed license amend re 
rddioLogl!4l effluent Tech Specs. 

UHSIO, R Florida Pouer 4 Light Co. S2/1O/27. Licimae 
Fee Management Branch. lp. 15911:336. 24X Fiche: 50-230, B2/ 10/27. 


331 119031 1 SER supporting proposed Tech Spec changes re singl e Pal 1 urn 
ECC6 valves. 

it Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director. S2/10/89. tip p. 

16172: 132. 24 X Fiche: 50-250.83/11/05,3311190309. 

] 1O30099 Foruardi fee For payment of proposed license amend re 
degraded grid voltage 

UHHIQ.R. E. Florida Pouer i- Light Co. H2/1O/27. DISCS. R M. License 
Fee nanagMimt Branch- lp. 15911.347. 24X Fiche: 30-350, B2/ 1O/27, 

211110542 Forwards safety evaluation t LLL technical evaluation rept 
Te degraded jrjd protection for Class IE power ays. 
YWfMAi S. A. Operating Reactors Branch 1. B2/1O/2B. UHRIfl. R. E. 
Florida Fnuur ft Lig-ht Co. 3pp. 16041:273. 24 X 
Fie he: 50-250, B2/ 1 O/28, 831 1 1 10542, 

S2I 11 10546 Safety evaluation identifying open items re degraded grid 

voltage protection for Class IE power sys, 

* Operating Reactors Branch 1. 82/10/23. 5pp. 16011:275. 3 -IX 

Fiche: 30-350. 82/10/20,8211110542. 

B2HIIO54? "Proposed Design Mad & Tech Spec Changes Dn Grid Voltage 

Degradation For Turkey Point Nuclear Generating Plant, 

Units 3 fc 1," technical evaluation rept, 

5LflW,J.C. Laurence Livermore Laboratory. FIN A-0330, 62/10/20, 

RC - tic. Beta tied Affiliation Given. llpp. 16041:250. SIX 
Fiche: 50-350, B2/10/3H, 3311 1 10313. 

621115-OSeS Submits Tech Spec eiemptions for steam generator repair 
outage. Unit dcifue>led until repairs complete. E. Florida Power & Light Co. 89/11/10. EiaENHUT. D. G. 
Division of Licensing. 2pp. 16061:030. H4X Fi che : 50-251, B2/1 1/00, 
21 1150192. 

B2111S0134 Reapond-a to MRC B21O15 1 tr requesting ad ill info re 7BOBGV 
application to amend Tech Specs to add Valves Si3A & Bt,30 ta 
ECCS valve lilt. Change ulll facilitate surveillance 1 maint 
of valves. 

UHRIO,R.E. Florida Pouier & Light CD. B2/1 1/10. vARQft, 3. A, 
Operating Reactors Branch 1. 2pp. I 603<!>: 1 31. 24X 
Fich*: 50-23O, 02/11/10, B21 1150134. 

B2111iOO47 Oenerie Ltr B3-S& to power reactor licensee* (crcopt Fort St 
Vraln) re NUREO-O714. Revi si on 1. "Pressure Vessel Hatl 
Fracture Toughnnis. " Foruafiis NUftEO 0744. Revision 1. M/o 
encl. 5vc list enc I. 

EISENHUT, D. 0. Divi-sion of Licsnalng. B2/11/12. Con*ol Ua tei 

Edlion CD. of Neu Yoi-k. Inc. 52pp, 16233:213. 24X 
Fiche: 50-OOO, B2/ I IStS.BSlt 160O17. 

821 1170092 Forwards tafety evaluation for TM1 Action Plan I tarna 
II, E. 4. 2. A, "Operable Valves. Or tf Closed Must be Sealed 
Closed" % II. E. 4,3. 7. "Pr Iraarij Contal nment High Radiation to 
Close Vent Ei Purge Valves. " Requirements met, 

VAROA.S.A. Opsrating Reactors Branch 1. B2/11/12. UHRIO.R. E. 
Florida Pomer & Light Co. 3jip. lfi!30rOOS. 24X 
Fie he: SO-E50, 82/11/12. BS1 117005B. 

B211S30O27 Forward i update to status of post- accident iampllnj sys, 
per NUHeO-0737. Item II. II 3. W/tujo aver a i i d rsuing<. Aperture 
cards are available in FDR. 

UHRIO. R. E. Florida Power & Light Co. B2/1 1/15, 
Operating Reactors Dranth 1. 23pp. te, IBS: SOB. 21X 
Flcht: 30-2SO. S2/11/15. 621 1230037. 

Foruards rtmends 39 t, B3 to Licenses DPR-31 i. DP11-41, 
Tepei: lively, safety evaluation i notice of issuance & 
dvai lab I 1 i tij. rtmends change Tech Spec 5 to conform 
u/Com)l!.ion bulletins re auiiliary feeduiflter pump. 
HCDOfMLD.DG Operating Roactors Branch 1. 82/11/04. UHRIO, ti.E. 
Florida Paver t Light Co. 3pp. 16)24:200, 34X 
F( the: 50-250, 83/11/04,0311160142. 

B311220119 Faruard* info re adequacy of station electric distribution 
voltages, in reiponie to 021033 telcon request. No single 
failure can affect notti circuits sirau I tanoously or 
consequentidllij such that both required ctr cults lost. 
UHRIO.R.E. Florida Pauar S. Light Co. B2/1 1/16, VAROrt.S.A. 
QperatincH Reactors Branch i. 2?p. 11,0,3:361. 24X 
Fichu: 90-250, S2/ 1 1/ It,. B21 12SO1 It. 

H2U140L47 Amends B? & 93 to Licenses DPR-31 & DPR-41 , respec t i ve lu, 
changing Tech Specs to conform in/Commission bul Ictlns. Urders 
Fa-si Force review re auilliarv fecduator pump requirements 
fol louing- TH[ accident. 

VARCA.S A dperating Fleactora Branch 1, BE/ 11/04. ipp. 
10 24X Fiche: 30-350, 03/1 1/04, Q21 1160142. 

0211240443 Forwards 8GR of pi-opased Tech Spec amends re opfslte mgt 
organiiation. Final revleu tt sup pi uill be issued follDwing 
rasolutlon of item re revleu board nual it ications. Respo-noe 
rei)u*ated uithin 43 1 dayi, 

VAROArB.A. Operating Reactors Brancli 1. 32/11/16. e. 
Florida Pauer t, Light Co, 6pp. 16230:025. E1J! 
FlchB:50-2BO, BS/1 1 / 16, B21 124O4-4B, 

--821ll&Q14a Saft-ty evaluation supporting Amend 5 Bt >t B3 to Llcensua 
DPR-3L t< DPB-11, respectively. 

+ Office at Nuclear Roactor Regulation, Director. 82/11/04. !>pp. 
16 124: 2Ii. 24X Fiche: 30-290.03/11/04,0211160142. 

--B2I1160153 Notice of issuance 4 availability f Amends 07 & 03 to 
Licenses DPfl-31 h DPF1-41, respectively. 

VAHQA, B A Operatins Reactorl Branch 1. B2/H/04. 2pp. 
16124: 221. 24 X Fiche: 50-230, Q2/1 1 /04, S21 1160142, 

S2IH2O4Q0 Apflitation to amend Licenses DPR-31 & DPR-41. Amend 
correctly Identifies tendon surveyed during first, third 
fifth !t tenth-yr survel 1 1 ance. Safety evaluation encJ. 
LfHRIO.R E. Florida Power % Light Co. 62/11/05. EISENHUTi D. 0. 
D-lvltton of Licensing lp. 16042:007. 24X Fich: 3O-230, BH/ 11/OHi 

-- B2I II KOfllO Pro pose cf Tech Spec changes toLicenits DPft-31 fc DPR-41, 
corractli) 1 dent i fy ing tendon surveyed during first* third. 
fifth tf tenth-gr surveillance. 

< Florida Pouier & Light Co. B2/1I/05. 3pp. 16042:010. 34X 
Fiche: 50-230. B2/ 1 1 /05, 82111 20409, 

&21UAO272 Appl I cat inn to amend Licenses DPR-31 t. DPft-41, modify infl Tech 
Spec* re- flourats of auilliaru feeduater sy * from 600 gpn to 
373 gpn Par Model 44F 4team generatori. 

IBISIO, R. E, Florida Pouier fr Light Co. Bfl/11/OS. EISENHUT- D. 0. 
Division of Licensing. 3pp, 16085:334. 24X Flche: 30-290. BS/1 1/05. 
82 1 1 1 &0272. 

02 1 H 6027 5 Proposed Tech Spec changes* modifying flourati of au>lliary 
faBtfuater iijs from 600 gpm to 373 g pm for Model 44F ttem 
gntr*tors. af ty evaluation end. 
' - 1 - ..... - --/It/03. llpp. 16083:236. 24J1 

B2 11 530233 Informs of intention to install eelsmlcally mounted debris 
screens For containment purge supply & exhaust valves at refueling outage for Unit 3 * neitr rePuelinB outage 
following i team generator repalf outage for Unit 4, 
UHRtO.R.E. Florida Pfluer * Hjnt Ca. B2/11/17. VAROA.B.A. 
Operating Reactors Branch 1. lp, 16193: 2S1. 24 X 
FicJie;SO-a50, B2/I I/ 17, B31 1230233. 

BSIIOOOOVO Reipondt to Oonarlc Ltr B2-22 re Congress iona 1 ro.usst tor 
Into concerning (team generator tube Integrity.Utll does not 
plan on subnl tt ing further info or camp let ing quei tionnairf, 
since previously submitted repts contain requeited info. 
UHRIOrT.E. Florida Pouer ft Light Co. 82/11/34. EIBNHUT, D. 0. 
Division a-f Licensing. lp. 16238:112. 24X Flch: 50-OOO, B3/ 1J/E4. 

O. Inspection repartii IE Bulletins It correspondent* 

B2Q017022O IE Info Notice B2-37* "Crack ins in Upper Shell to 
Transition Cone Qirth Maid of ateam Oenerator at Operating 
PUR. " Svc list end. 

JORDAN, E, Dlvlslan of En-glneirlng % Quality Atauranco. 83/09/16. 
ConinlidAttd dton Co. of New Vorfc, tnc. 109pp. 19930:001. ?4X 

6208190222 IE Info Notice 82-34. Revision 1. "Haiti In Main Control 
PanBls.." 8ve lilt nncl. 

i E. L. Dlviftion of Engine'rlng b Quality Anuranc*, 92/07/17. 
toUdatiil Edlion Co. of Mauj Vork, Inc. 107pp. 1SB?B: 1SS, 24X 
: 90-OOO. 9B/O9/17, B20B19O2Sa. 



62031^0339 IE Info Notice 92-39, "Svc Degradation op Th U k Mall 
Stainless Steel RetircuU tton Sus Piping at BWR Plant " 
Svc lilt ne 1 . 

JDRBAfJ, E. L. Division of Enoineerins !. Quality Aiuranci, B2/09/2i 
Consolidated Edison Co. of Htu /ark. Inc. S6oo li017-O9H 24X 
Fie*.: 50-000, S2/09/31, 0203190229. "Ji/,u-wi. 

02-43. "PWB Lou Temp C1v*rp 

8209190233 IE I n f Notice 
Protection." Svc list e 

JORDAN, EL Oivis.on of Engineering * Quality, 
Con 5D |,datB<j Edison CD. of Neu Vorl, lr,c S-j.,,. ,"'' 
^iche: 50-000, 82/11/19,0208190253 PP I *" J 

0200190333 JE fnfc Matice SS-38, "Ch* n ,e in Fprrcat (. Dl stributl c n Sys 
for IE Bulletins, Circulars S, Info Notices. " Svc list .ncl 
DEVCUNO.R.C. Director's Office, Otftet of nipettion and' 
Enforcement. S3/07/22. Consolidated Ed i ton Co. of Neu -fart, lr>c 

l0pp, 6018:021. 24X Fie he: SO-OOO, 02/09/22,3209190223. 

8309190233 IE i n .j Notice BB-40. "D.f ict enci es m Prlury Containment 
Electrical Penetratio-n Assemblies." Svc list encl 
JORDAN. E. L. Division, of Engineering 1 Quality As.urance 32/09/22 

Consolidated Edijon Co. of Heu York, Inc. 112pe, 15930-019 34X 
Fi che: SO-OOO, B2/09/22, 820B 190232. IJTJU. ui-r. ^in 


92HQ202I9 Foruavd* monthly operating repts for Aim Kill 3 

MILL.Arl8,J. H . F]DM d. t Lignt Co B2/O9/ 5 '^ ,., 
Resource Management, Director. Ip. 138B2- 176 yfl. L ' M " 
Ficho-50-25O, 82/09/15,821 1020219. 

B211030221 Monthly operating repts for flug (fas 

^5S E ^'!r Florida Power (. Light Co B3/09/I!) |;> ( . ,.,; 
24X Fiche: 50-250,82/09/15.621 1O20219. 

Ctr in Bethesda.MD to rfiscuis design (IE Bulletin BO-1 1) t, 

fi,," e 2*r !11 ' ba!ance technique" t "arching theory". 

TBAMHEt-L, C H. NHC - tlo Detailed Affiliation ffiven 82/10/07 KHC 

- No Detailed Affiliation Oiven. 4po. 5975'31B 3 

Fl che: =0-000, B2/10/07, 921 10B0371. 

S21I030S50 Forwards sa-ffltif evaluation of util B0050B. B10519 6 630921 


VAROA, B. A. Dperattns flaacEor* Branch 1. B2/10/OB. l/HRIC,R E 
Florida Pouer 6 Lijlt Co. 9pp. 5?43:001 34X ' ' 

Fiche: 50-23O, B2/10/Oa.B2l 1030530. 

B311150415 Confirm-. B2IO13 t.lcon r* B31O23 H gt ..tlng at Region 2 ofc 
to discus, containment electrical penetrat i ons. recent Inso 
result* coniirning haat ti-acing ii, 6 other operational 

ac r^Clllt^.rroposed ifl0 B tt r>g agenda one 1 
PI ill n J ' P ' . R ,"? i ? n 2< Office f Director. B2/10/21. E 

Fi^oSsr^^s-Mia-,,, 1 " 5 * 318 3 " x 
82 o^=r^,^ 3vc N ;!;r B ^ 41 ' " F ' 11 -" " -^.*-.* v^, t 


O^ 80-350, 62/11/03,821 1 J50257. 

S Enfar "' s '> t Cnnf.r-ence fl E pt 50-350/82-35 6 50-23I/BJ- 
r.u N ) " >n " m P 11 n " noted. Major arBa , rfi a cu SJ e,J losp 

r.*u(ts re recurrent incident! of Inop.rabJ, afe tir-relatBd 
fieat tracing J, asBotiated alar-fflj "*etK related 

?.* l ss f F ^ 

. o 

: 50-000, B2/ 11/05, 021 1 50561 

&2111A0030 Su^mari, of B21 103 in.. ting u/util, 
u* B of "Enersv Bal Jnc , T.cJ, qU e " fc -.rtlli, 
maioory u*ll ^ualjf Uation. 

, C, H. Operating Beacton Branch 3 

IE Bulletin Hn- 1 I ,, 

9211110191 Forwards dionthlu 
HILLIAHB.J.H norld. F n 

1 anCh 1P ' 

atino reots for 'io 
Llgnt Co 

- S3I1110I9S Monthly operating repts For Sept 19*13 

E5. ^'L' ./ lQril!fl P ^ 61 - Light Cn B2/!)/ia 
34X Fiche: So-000, 02/1O/ I 5, B21 1 1 1O1 91 . 

S211090114 Foriuards LER B3-OH/03L-Q. 

WILLIAMS.J.W. Florida Pomer (, Light Co U2/I1/OI 
Rejon 2, Of f ic e of Direc tor. Ip. 16003:330 K/IK 
Fie he: 50-25 1, B3f 11/01, B2I 109O1H. 

--9311090I20 LER 83-OM/03L-0 on 831003, boron injcclloi, I,' 
found belou rech Spec limit of 145 F. Plant *upei'vnii*> 
nuclear not promptlu noti fi ed Caused bu inadequate l.*i 
>t info dissemination tn personnel. 
PACE.P.L. Florida Power t Light Co B2/11/OI fl, 1( 

lit lilt, 

v. Operator Eia mi nations 

0310130019 Generic Ltr B3-1B to all pou/er react 

Tt " tac * OT 

K sen.or rector U pralt>F 

that eiams be1 " at '" 

an ^ M Div i s *" f L.censing 92/10/12. 

; B n n .' Netu Yorl " Inc 13 PP 16002:234. 
lch:SO-000. 33/10/12,6310130019. 

t< fire protection [. 

'' meifa1 ' 

R ' lea "* P ub "= version of revised emergent* cU 
NM """gencu re.ponse plan (. procedures for adfl.ii.lun I. . f 
FP.T .'M ''* COIltam '"ated patients at local hl.^ 
FELTON.J.M. Division of Rule, and Records. E)2/ 1 Utlfl 

DrarCh ' lp 16121:083. 84 X Ft ch. 90"UM.'| 

" B2 f" 6053i> Forward i public version of rovlssd niraffitv Ml". *i 
NM emerg.ncy response pi an (, procedures for aifniitiun i *,l 
i ^y "A! ivilg "nominated patients at D*rnllll<l t^M, 
ttvdlcal Ctr * univ cancer ctr. 


eu Heiico. Univ. of. 

'9ft ? 

Brnr,, bU(: V8rsion " revised emergency pl 
ROBERTSON, J.c. New Me, i , U nl v. of , 82/1O/3I 
Sit Fiche: 50-252,B3/ll/OB,a211l6052&. 

9311160541 Public ver.ion of flm erge n <: U responje 

c^h K 2*ii C01 St * E * Of ' aa /*''3Q- 16PP. l 
Fit he: 50-253, 8B/1 1/OB, B21 1 160526. 

SJ, H 


BZ111A0546 Public version of procedures for adnilMlO^ 6 M< 
M!- ? it"" I nta i nat e d patients at Derntlllto Ca^nif 
. w - , *" I-n>1 ' >->rch fc treatment ctr. 
MtuM.xico, Univ. of. Bl/12/31. 61pp. 
Fie*. ; 50-252.82/lf/OS.S31116052i. 



P. Operating license stage documents & corras pondence 

E-310O7O015 Of tier ic Utr 92-19 to research 8, test reactor licenseae rp 
lubmittal of copies of documents to NHC, Clari f IBS number of 
cap lei of certain documents tn be submitted to NRC. Svc list 
ere I. 

EISEMHUTi D, 0. Division of Licensing, 82/10/05, Michigan, Univ 

of. 10pp. f9?60: 140. 24X Fiche: 30-OOO, 2/10/03, Q21007O01S. 


F. Security, medical, emergency 6 fire protection plans 

Generic Ltr 92-17 to all pouor reactor licensens t 
.applicants t holders of CPE re incons is tenc ij between 
r*q.uii-nnnts nP IQCFflSO. 94( t ) J, STB for performing audits of 
i^trgencu preparedness programs. Bvc list encl. 

[&KIIUT,D. 0. Division of Licensing. B3/IO/O1, Consolidated 

Edison Ca. of New York, Inc. I 1pp. 16002:288. 34X 
Flcht- 5O-000; 33/10/01,8210040068. 

G210Q7G01-9 Oenoric Ltr 02-21 to all licensees & applicants of nude 
(O'je-r reactors re Tech Spots for fire protection audits. 
For Liar is guidance discussing general scope & describing 
elements 60 be included in audit. Bvc list encl. 

EI5ENHUT, D, 0. Division of Licensing. H2/10/O6, Consolidated 

Ediion Co. of Hew York, Inc. l?pp. 13993; 330, 24X 
Fiche: 5O-000, B3/ 10/06, B21 00700 1 1. 

6211170063 Releases public version of revised emergency plan 
imp lemon t ing procedures. 

FELTGN, J. M. Division of Rules and Records 63/11/00 Doc urn 

Management Branch lp. 16147.037 24X Fi che 50-254, BS/ 1 1/O9, 

3311170070 Forwards public version of revised emergency plan 
implementing pT ncedureii. me lud ing Procedures OEP IBO-O re 
rad/chem director, QEP 430-0 re onsite technical support ctr 
t OEP 530-0 re i drills. 

CERNGR.L. Commanuealth Edison Co. 02/10/14. DENTGN.WB NHC 
No Detailed Affiliation Given. 6pp. 16147.04O 24 
Fiche: 50-254,02/11/08,6211170063. 

6211 170080 Publ i c version of revised emergency plan implement 
procedures, inc I ud ing Procedures OEP 160-0 re rad/cfiem 
director. QEP 430-0 re onsite technical support ft QEP 530-0 
re exercises & drills. 

Commonwealth Edison Co. B2/10/14 29pp 14J47 046 i 
Fiche 50-254,83/11/08,8311170063. 

P. Operating license stage documents & correspondence 

B2102i00as Generic Ltr 82-20 to all pouer reactor 1 icensec 5, permi t 
holders i applicants for CP re guidance for implementing 
SRP rule. Forwards NUHEQ-0906. UUREG tn be used as interim 
measure until Re j Guide 1. 70 revised Svc list encl 

EISENHUT.D. G. Division of Licensing. S2/LO/26 Consol id.a led 

Edison Co. of Neiu Vork. Inc 9pp 15993.295 SIX 
Fiche: 30-000, 02/10/26,3210260098 

211040103 Forwards IE Safeguards Imp Repta SO-254/B2-2O (, 
30-265/82-31 on B20927-1001 fc notice of vio lation. Notice of 
violation & rapt details withhold (ret IOCFR73. 2i>. 
MILLER. J, R. Division of Engineering t< Tochnical Programs. B2/10/29. 

flEED, C Commanuoalth Edison CD. 2pp. 15936:121. 24X 
Hi he: 30-25-1, BS/ 1O/2 1 ?, 021 1O40102. 

--321 JO-10110 JE Safeguards Inap Rept* SO-254/62-2O i, 50-243/02-21 on 
620937-1001 , Noncompliances noted, fa i 1 ure to adequately 
fi-ottct HC uri ty-ralflted keys. Portion of alarm sijs did not 
function as required. Detai li withheld <rnf 10CFR73.S1). 
MAOEDA, T. J. , BTAPLETON, 0. W. , CIJEED, J. R. Division of Engineorinn 8, 
Tc finical Programs. 02/10/27. 2pp. 15936: 123. 24X 
Fiche: 50-254. OS/ 10/29, 021 1040102. 

6210370030 Generic Ltr 62-23 to all PUR licenseas re Congr essi on;. 1 
request for info concerning steam generator tube integrity. 
Forwards Congressman EJ MarVey B21019 questions re steam 
generator tube i ntegr ily. Svc list encl 

E1SENHUT, D. G. Division of Licensing 02/10/36 Cons.ol id.i ltd 

Edison Co. of New York, Inc. 10pp. 16099.332. 24X 
Fiche: 50-000, 92/1O/26, 8210270030. 

8311110583 Forwards safety evaluation of util responses to MURES- t)7X/, 
Item U.K. 3.21, "Restart of Core Spraij & Lou Pressure 
Coolant Injection Sys. " Conclusions acceptable. 

DELGEGRGE.L. Operating Reactors Branch 2. 02/1O/26. VASSAL Lll. D. D. 
Commonuealth EdiaonCo. 6pp. 1604S. 227. 24X Fit he. 5O-000, H2/ ID/24,, 

Oeneric Ltr 35-23 to all licDnseas & applicants re 
inc-anf I s-tency betiuoon reo.uireiHBnts of 10CFR73. 4O( g t & 8T8 
for performing audits of safeguards contingency plans 
iiecuritv plan). Bvc list encl. 

E[5EUHUT.D.Q. Division of Licensing. Sa/10/30. Consolidated 

EdUon Co. of New York. Inc, Bpp. (59'?3:319. 24X 
Fi^^^B:BO-000, 53/10/30,8310390100. 

aaillOO'177 Releaie* public version of revised emergency plan 
Imp lament ing p rocoduros. 

FE-LTQN.J.H. Division of Rules and Records 02/11/01. Document 

rtanag-Bment Branch, lp. 16041:215. 24X Fi che: 50-254, 83/1 1/0 I, 
Bail 100-177. 

331 1 100403 Forwards public VHriion of revised emergency plan 
impl*rtiantinB procedures, including OEP 340-6 re chlorine 
dioiide *pill.OEP 930-81 re monthly NARB drill b QEP 530-0 
re exercises & drills. 

* Commonwealth Edison CD. 82/10/01. DENTGN, H. R, NRC - No 
Detailed Affiliation Oiven. 3pp. 16041:214, 24X 

Plena: 50-254,82/11/01.9211100477. 

821110049*. Public version of revised emergency plan imp lamnt ing 
procedural, including QEP 340-i re chlorine dioxide spill, 
QEP 530-81 re monthly NflRS drill i. QEP 530-0 re eiercises (. 

* CamnoniJealU Edison Co. 82/10/01. 4pp. 1604);2IB. 24X 
Fichs: 50-384, B2/1 1/01. 021 1100477. 

eailO-)0379 OaniPic Ltr B3-25 to all poueT- reactor Hceniees ro 
integrated IAEA exercise for physical Inventory at LWRs. Any 
cOTmitmmt to participate in exercise IB voluntary & any 
util that participates will ba re imiiursed. Bvc lint encl. 
EIBENIIUT. D. 0. Division of Licensing. B2/11/03. Consolidated 

Ed I ion Co. of Niii York, Inc. 1 ipp. I6-O19.-OQ4. . 24X 
Fiehe;SOQOO, S2/1 1/03, 8S1 1040379. 

8211180371 Adviiea that no action util be taken re B20617 request for 
Teh 8j>fC changt to clarify respdn*lbi 1 i ti of licensee 
during etnergrne lei> until applicable 10CFR50 regulations 
bttemt effectiv*. ..,, , 

CRUTCHFIELD, 0. Operating Raactori Branch 5. Ba/11/05. DELOEPRUb.L. 

Commonyealth Edison Co. 3pp. 16055:327. 34X Flch: 90-000, 

/ised pages to CE-I-A, Revis ion 

1J Ort Topical 

0211030651 Foi-uart 

BHARTZ.E D Commonuiea 1th Etfison Co. 03/10/27. HAASS, W P. Quality 
Assurance Branch. lp. 15686:145. SIX Fi c he: 50-000, B2/10/27, 

--0211020664 Revi*iJ pages to CE- I-A. Revision 22. "OA Topical Rept." 
Pages 1-33 to Revision 14 dtd 900909 encl 

SUARTZ.E.D. Co-ramonuealth Edison Co. CE-l-A R33 ERR. B2/11/O1 
6pp. 15866:146. 24X Fiche: 50-000, 02/10/27, 031 1020651 . 

6211030535 Requests uiithin 60 days, info i, programs re implementation o (= 
NUREO-0313, Revision 1, previously requested by 01O336 
Generic Ltr 01-04. 

LAINA6.G.C. Assistant Director for Operating Reactor?. 83/10/^8. 
DELQEORCE,L, Codimoniuealth Edison Co 4pp. 15943:104. 24X 
Fiche: 30-000, 82/10/23,8211030335 

82110'!0240 Application for amend to Licenses DPR-29 !. DPR-30 
requiring dryuell oiygen concentrations to SB maintained 

RAUSCH, T. J ' Comraonuealth Edison Co. 82/11/01. DENTD.N, H R. OFfite 
of Nuclear Reactor Regulation- Director, 2pp. 16006:039. 24X 
Fich": 50-254- BS/1 1/01.821 1070340. 

9211090244 Proposed Tech Spec changes requiring dryuiell oiygsn 
concentrations to be maintained below 4'/, vol. 
Commonwealth Edison Co. 02/11/01. 0pp. 
Fiche: 50-254, 32/11/01,8211090240. 

14006:041, 34X 

0211100430 Forwards Amends 82 t- 76 to Licenses DPR-39 fc DPR-30, 
respectively, safety evaluation t notice of issuance & 
availability. Amend changes primary containment integrated 
leak rate test requirements (, provides direct ref to App J. 

QEVAN.R, Operating Reactors Branch 2. 62/11/02. DELGEORQE, L. 

Commonuealth Edison Co. 2pp. 16041:249. 24X Fi che: 5O-294, 82/ 1 1/M, 

8211100445 Amends 82 * 76 to Licenses DPR-29 t, DPR-30, respoc t ively. 
providing for primary containment integrated leak rate test 
requirements. Si schedules consistent ui/App J to 10CFR50. 
VASSALLO, D. B. Operatino Reactors Branch 2. B2/11/02. 13pp. 
16041:251. 24X Fiche: 30-234, B2/1 1/03- B21 1 IOO43O. 



--8211100450 Safety 'valuation supporting Amend* 62 fc 7A to Licentes 
DPR-39 & DPH-30, respectively. 

* Office of Nutlear Rtactor Regulation, Director. BS/ll/02 'Jon 
16041:263. 24* Fiche 30-354. B3/I I/OS, 021 1 100430. 

6311100460 Notice of issuance I, availability of Amends 62 (, 76 to 
Licenses DPH-29 b DPR-SO, re*|p*E tl we 1 4 . 

VASSdLLO. D. D. Operating Reactors Branch 2. B3/11/Q2 2pp 
16041-266 24X Fiche: 50-25H, 83/1 1/02,831 1 100430. 

8211120380 Foruards revised Pagei 1-24 6 1-35 inadvertentl it onlttid 
fren Revision 22 to OA prooram. 

SKAWSKI.U. J Cammenuealth Edison Co. B2/I 1/OB HAASS. W P (hialitu 
fi-snurance Orancli. Ip J6042' 033 24X Fi c he: 50-OOO, 02/1 I/OS, 
821 1 L2O3BO 

321lli0332 Requests aild 1 info to complete po> t-ituplejnentali on review at 
NUflEG-0737, Item II, F.I. 4. "Pressure Monitor," U F | g revl " "F 

"Water Level Monitor- " ', Jl.F.t 6 "Hgdrogen Monitor. " Info 
requested uithin 3O days of 1 tr receipt. 
CRUKHFIELO, D Operating Reattorj Branch 5 B3/11/O9. BEUJEOF1CE, L 

CEiUJ-m-niLrBd I th Edison Co. lOpp li-071 : ISO. 24X 
Fit he 50-0(K), B2/1&/O9. 0211U0333 

9211150303 Forwards documentation supporting Commission approval of 
propuied de minlmis release criteri-a for uncontrolled 
release of matls from controlled ai-tas., contained in util 
radiation protection ^tda.per Reg Cuitfe 1. Bfr. 

SWfiTZ,E. D Commonwealth Edison Co. 83/11/10. DENIQN, H. R. Office 
of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director. llpp. 16055-225 24X 
Fiche. 50-000, B2/ 1 1 /IO. 821 11S0503. 

.ceot Fort St 

621 6140047 Generic Ltr B2-2fi to p ouer reactor licensees i 
Vrain) r e NUIiEG-O744, Revi a ion I, "Pressure Vessel Matl 
Fracture- Toughness." Forwards MUHEO-0744, Ravi s ion 1 H/o 
encl. Svc list enc 1. 

EISENHUT, D. G, Division of Licensing. B2/ll/ia, Conial Ida ted 

Edison Co. of Mem York. Inc 52pp. 14232: SIS 24X 
Fiche; 50-000. 83/1 1/12, 631 1 140047, 

9211170202 approves BI0510 application tor withholding Tables 1 fc 2 
ntitli4 "Turbine Hhael ( l>i sc J Info for Wheels W/Keyuau 
Ultrasonic In d i catl o-ni" to util 910518 Itr. per 10CFR2 790 
CRUrCHF!LD, B. Dperatins Reactors Branth 5. 82/11/12, TIHD.DP 
trie Co, 3pp. 16104:189. 2M Fiche . 50-00&, 62/1 1 1\2, 

Fi the- 50-000; 02/1 I/IB, 

B2112I19 For^rds response to Training Phase I concerns in 
Retsarch Ctr tfraft technical evaluation i-o-pt re control of 
heavy loails. 
SI/AKTI.E.D. C<rmmoni.'&alth Edison Co. B2/11/IO 

BEM230ll? f LiC nliI1g '""' 

atlfl.t tnat Cl a)i II 
*or Tech Spec change to clarify 
emerjeneies. ulll be refunded 1 . 
MILLER, MO. License Fea M.anajenent Branch 

f ees , uo .| t t< 
sponsibilities durino 

H20SI90333 IE Info Notice B2-4O, "Deficiencies In Prlmjiru. 
Electrical Penetration An.dibl !. Bvc li.t encl V 

JORDAN,E.L. Division of Engineering (- Quality Anuraru 

Consolidate Edi.onCp. ofNeuYork. Inc. 112pp " 
Flche: 50-000, B2/09/22. B20Q1TO232. 

9211080271 Notification of 821103 meeting .u/utils S. Fr-nt 1U fl. . 
Ctr in BU,d fl ,MD to discuss design (IE BullaUn DO* 11 
ue oF "ener-BY balance technique" k "arching tneuru" 
TRAMHELL.C M. NF1C - No Detailed Affiliation Oiv en ' BZMO/W 
- Ho Detailed Affiliation Givon. 4pp. 15?75' 31Q sS* 
Flcfi*: 50-000, 02/10/07,3211060271. 

" FailurE of 


B2110602B3 Forwards IE Insp Repts 30-294/ea-lO fc 3O- 
B2063Q-0907. No noncomp 1 iance noted^L. Division of Project 6 He a id D nt Pr OD r m ,. (H /JO3. 
HttU, t, Lomptonuieal th Esison Co. 2pp 15952'314 'jay 
Fie he: 30-254. 82/10/22,8211060283. 

-63110602?! ' E InSP " eptS - on 

noncompliance noted. Major areas Inspected : 1 ic ens ei> action 
on previous insp f indings, operational safety VBT 1 f I cation, 
fflonthlg surveillance ol> servat ion i refueling pr.parntLon 
CHRISSariMOS.N., DUPONT.S.Q., WALKEn,n.D. Division of Pr^ I 
Beitlent Programs. Q2/ 10/18. 16pp. 13933:314 84X 
Fi che; 50-234, B2/1O/23, G21 10602S3. 

8211080263 Forwards IE Enforcement Meetino fleets 50-337/03-31. 
30-2*9/82-22,50-234/82-17 (, 90-265/02-19 on 820714 * onas'i? 
4 nofcics of violation. 
L iIJ E ^ H ' S - D ' vi9ion of Engineering i Technical Prdgrni. OST/10/Zl 

HEEl>,C. Conmonwealth Erfison Co. 2pp. 15990'3i4 'Jti 
Fiehe: 30-000, 62/10/26,9211000243, 

9211030266 Notice of violation from inap on S20714 t. OBaS-!Hi 
Ty EltriS - Dlvilton f Engineering i: Technical Prog r i ' 
82/10/22. 2pp. 15990:266. 24X Fiche: 30-000, O2/10/J6, 021 1 W!'??fcJ 

3211000272 IE Enforcement Meeting Repts 9O-S37/B3--21 
30-254/62-17 t, 30-365/62-17 on B20714 - 0035-37. 
NoncompJiance noted:no QA audits conducteij from CV7/-7V 4 
deficiencies found In OA audit program. 
VIN.i.r , DflNIELSDN, D, H. Region 3, Office of Oirector, 
lip*. 15970:268, 24X Fiche: 50-000, 02/ 10/2c> 

B3/11/1B DELSEDflCf I 

Sail020147 Confirms 831026 telcon re revised plann for OSHO'i 
enforcement conference u/util In Chliago^IL to dlscut CIA 
as*ociated u/procurement, instal latinn & use of nonquallflH 
valve guides in ulec tromagnotl c relief valves. 
at^ S !J RD '5' L ' n ' v i*'on of Project 8- Resident Proflrami. 
REEDpC. Cammonueal th Edison CD, 2pp ISHQI'317 84X 
Ffche: 50-000, 83/10/37,8211020147. 

Q. Iniptrtion report*. IE Bulletins fc corrosponiJene* 

820B140KO IE I n f * Notice B2-37, "Cracking 1^ Upper Sh.ll to 
TranMtlpn Cone Girth Weld of Steam Generator at Dperatins 
PUR, Svc list encl. 

JOfllMM.E Biviilon of Engineerinj t duality Assurance. 83/09/JA 
Consolidated Edison Cc. of Nei, Vorlt, fnc. 105pp. 1S930'001 2 
Fiche: 50-000. 82/07/16, e208]90320. TOU.UWI. dij; 

-U.lf. in 

e. Ba/09/17 

Injo M.tue B2-^fievis iDr 1, 
Panels Svc list encl. 

JCWDflN^.L Olviiior. of En oin ., ,-ring A Quality As. 

ConsclUated Edison Co of New Voc-i, Inc. 107&n 

Fiche. 50-000,a2/Q9/l7,S208b90232. " 

B20BI90229 IE Info Notice B2-39, "Svc De 9 radati Dn ef Th i c 1 Hall 
Stainless Steel Rec I rcula tion Sos Pipin, at BHR PU n t " 
Svc lilt etiel . 
JOfiDAN.E L Divl.ien of E na Ineerin B t, du.l lt Aisiiric.. B2/07/S1 

r , C ? II "' 1 " d Edl "" Cpl '" N " w Yopl " Irc ' "PP. 
Flfhe: 50-000,82/09/21, 620819022'?. 

B211060257 Submits supplemental response to IE Qullatln 00-13, 
"Cracking in Core Sprat; Spargers," No tracking iJentifld 
during BH09I7 Insp. Insps should de performed even/ 3 ufi (n 
conjujnctlon u/reactor vessel internals insps. 
SWARTZ.E. D. Commonwealth Edison Co. H2/10/20, KEPPLPJt, J 5, 
Di " ct0 ^ 2 PP' 13959:266. 24X Fieh a: 30-334. Oii 

82I104OJO3 Forward* IE Safeguards Insp Kept* 50-234/82-20 1 
50-2fiS/sa-2I on 020927-1001 6 notice nf violation NotUi e 
violation 4 rept datalli uithheld (ref 1OCFR73. 21 t, 
H I B i J ' H< Divisl " f Engineerino fc Tethnicat Proaram. 

BEEDrC, Commonwealth Edison Co. 2pp. JS926'lai 2<X 
Fiche: 30-254, 32/10/29,8211040102, 

- iE s reoua ''< ( I"p Repts 30-2S4/BS-aO t. 
BZQ927-10O1. Noncompllance no ted; failure to adequfttalif 
pratjct socurltv-related keys. Portion af alarm lui 114 rfll 
ti/nction at required. Details withheld frof 1OCFF173 911, 
MftOEDAiT.J,, STAPLETQN, B.H. , CREED, J. R. Dlviilon of Kti|ifl**rin| | 
feehnical Programs. 82/10/27. 2pp. 15936:123, Z4X 
FiehB- 50-354,82/10/29,8211040102. 

0306190223 IE Info N.t.c* B2-38. "Cnange in r nriMt t D | itpi i utlm g vs 
for IE Gulletini. Circulars t. Info WotilB. " Svc list encl 
DEYOUMO.R.C. Erector', Office, Otticllf rnspe' on an ' 
Enforcement. B2/09/2a. Con.ol idaUd E41 .on Co, ? n,l y or fc, , nc 

HOpp J A 0:Oai. 24X Flthe: 50-000, B2/0-P/S2, B2031 90S23 

Ack T * eei P* Qf BSOB31 Itr informing NRC of chandM 10 

790427 & 0803 reipbnae* to IE Bulletin 79-08, Item 6, 

! B 5 RDl Bl L< "'"'''on of Project (, Recldent Progrn.t. B3/M/M 

REED.C. ComnonuiBlth Edison Co. Ip, 14000 336 24X 

Fie ht : 50-000, B2/1 1/04, B31 1090409. 


--BS1 J09042Q Updates 790427 ! OB03 responses to IE Bulletin 77-08. Item 6. 
"Daily Position Verification of ECCS Valve*." Frequency of 
position verification of ECCS vilvei reduced from once par 
d4y to ones per month. 

SUARTZ.E.D. Commonwealth Edison Co. 82/08/31. KEPPLER, J.S. 
Region 3, Office of Director. 2pp. liOQB: 337. 24X 
Fi C & * : 50-000, B2/ 1 1 /04, 921 1090409. 

32111400BO Summary of 931103 meeting u/utils re IE Bulletin 60-11 on 
uti of "Energy Balance Technlo.ue" ti "arching action" for 
ftatonrv wall qualification. 

TflAKMELL, C. M. Operating Reactors Branch 3. B2/II/03. Operating 

R4JCto.ri Branch 3. 32pp. 14103:328. 24X Fiche: 50-000. 82/1 1 /OS. 
62 1 11 AQOaO. 

3SOB110S4B IE Info Notice 92-43, "Deficiencies in LWR Air Filtration/ 1 
Vanti lat-ion Sys. " Svc Hit end. 

JORDAN. E L. Division uf Engineering & Quality Assurance. 02/11/16. 
Consolidate Edison Co. of Nsui York, Inc. Hipp. 16171:833. 24* 
Flche: 50-000, B2/1 1/16. B2061 90248. 

8211040369 Monthly operating roots for Sept 15BI. 
TUBES. R. C. Commonwealth Edison CD 81/10/01 
24X Fiche: SO-254, BI /1Q/O1. O211 O4O367. 


15927: 34V. 

B211090347 Forwards monthly operating repts for DC t 1903. 

KALIV1ANAKIS, M. ComfnonuiBal th Edison Co. 92/11/01. Director's 

Office, Office of Inspection and En f o rcenmn t. Ip I4O12:OOI, 34X 
Ficho: 50-254, 82/11/0-1,831 1090347. 

--B31 1090356 Monthly operating repls for Qct 19B2 

BUSS.R.D. Commonwealth Edison Co. Q2/11/01 2,1pp. 
24X Fit he: 5O-2S4. B2/11/O1.H21 1090347. 

B211100111 Forwards list of changes- teats 1* eiperiniBnt! camp letert 
during Dct 1982 Safety evaluation of 24/40-volt dc meter 
rewire end. W/o 1 1st. 

KALIVIAWAKI3, N. CommDJiuea 1 th Edison Co. 92/11/01 CASK. E.G. 
Office of Muclear Raactor Regulation. Diret tor. 2(ip 1403^. lt> 
24X Flche. 30-254.62/11/01.3211 LOOM 1. 

32LI2403.42 Formardi SALP Repts 90-254/BB-ll li 50-265/B2-12 presented 
on BSOiOa covtrlng assessment period Jul 1980 - Dec 1991. 
KEPFLER, J. 0. Regions. Office of Director. 82/11/1S. flEED, C. 
CoMonuealth EdUonCo. Bpp. 16207:223. 34X Fiche: 50-000, B3/1 I/IB, 

82I1B40-344 aflLP Repts 5O-254/B3-11 * 50-265/BS-12 for assessment 
period Jul 1990 - Dec I9B1. Draft Itr enc 1 . Prob lems noted 
u/va Ive operability, 

* Region 3, Office of Director. B2/03/31. 6pp. 16207:223. 34X 
F i e h e : 50-OOO, BS/ 1 1 / 19, B21 1S4O343. 

--B&1I24O34A Comment* on SALP reptfi pr*sonted at public meeting on 
82060-2. Appropriate consideration of positive performance 
trndi prior & subsequent to SALP interval should be 

REED. C. -Commonwealth Etfiion Co. B2/06/1B. KEPPLER, J. 0. Region 
3, Office of Director. 24pp. 34X Ficha: 50-000. B2/1 1 /IB, 

B2QB19Q253 IE Info Notico B2-4S, "PUR LOUJ Temp Overpresaure 
Protection." Bvc list encl. 

JORDAN, E. L. Division of Engineering fc Qunlitg Assurance. B2/I1/19, 
Consolidated Edison Co. of New York, Inc. 93pp. 16233:998. 24X 
Flche: 50-OOOi B2/1 1/19, B20BI C ?02S3. 

R, Periodic operating reports (. related correspondence 

6211040353 Foruarps monthly operating roptu for Jan 1990. 

KALIVIANAKIS, N. Commonwealth Edison Co. SO/OS/O1. NRC - No 

Dit4il*rf Affiliation Oivan. Ip. 15929:137. 24X 
Fich: 50-234. 90/02/01,0211040333. 

62.11040263 Monthly operating repts for Jan I9BO. 

HRnWN.D. Commonusalth Edison Co. 90/02/01. 20pp. 
24X FichB: 30-234. BO/02/01, B21 1040333. 


3211040437 Forward! monthly operating repts for F*b 19BO. 

KALIV1ANAKIS, N, Commonuaal th Edison Co, 90/03/03. Office of 

Htnage-mtrit and Program Analoil*. 12pp. 15925:347. 24X 
FlcftTSO-254, 80/03/03. HB1 1040437. 

S. ReportabU occurrences, LH %. related correspondence 

B21 1090167 Forwards LER Q2-033/03L-0. 

KALIVIANAK1S, N. Cnmmonuea 1 fch Ediaon Co B2/10/27 KEPPLER. J. 
Reoion 3, QfPire of Director. Ip 139H1.103. 24X 

Fie he: 50-354, 82/10/27,9211080149. 

8211000172 LER B2-033/03L-Q: on H210O5. 1A2 battery cell 12 droppi'd lielnw 
Tch Spec 1 imits. result ing in battery rt failure to pass 
discharge teat. Caused by battery age t- repetitive discharge 
testing. Mey 24/4B-volt dc battery will be installed. 

IBEN.C, CammoniDaalth Edison Co. 02/10/27. Rogion 3. Office nf 

Director. 3pp. 15931:101. 24X F 1 che. 30-354. B2/10/S7. R2! 1 UB11169 

B211Oa049B PNO- I II-B2-1 I 1 ?: on B2 1O2B. dur i nq replaccmont of f tufduJater 
spargers. two linear crack indications in bnse metal nf 
reactor VBSSB 1 face at fceduater nonle identified GE 
rev/leming cracks to develop repair procodures. 

CHHISSariMOS. N. , WflLKEH-R.. DANIELSDN.D, Region 3, aFFico of 
Director. 02/10/28. Ip. JSBO 1 ?: 317. SIX Fie he 50-254, BH/ 10 /^H, 
921 102-0199. 

8311110270 Forwards LER B2-O34/O3L-O. 

KALIVIANAKIS. H. Commonweal th Edison Co. B2/11/O1. KEPPLER . J. 
Region 3, Office of Director. Ip. 16036.335 24X 
Flche.- 50-234, B2/11/O1, B21 I 1 J037O. 

3211110276 LEU B2-O34/03L-0: on G210 1 3, during reactor lildg tvsl pnu 1 
monitoring functional tastiFuel pool monitor 1-1705-I4A 
tripped at level grnaber than Tech Specs. Caused bg 
instrument set point draft. Unit recalibr 

DONOVAN, K. P . Coramoniiicalih Ed 1 son Co 82 /1 1/01. Region 13. 

Office at Director. Ip. 16036: 3J6 24X Fie he . 50-254, OS/ 1 1/01. 
BS111 10270. 

B21 1300240 Foruards LEU S2-034/03L-1 . 

KALIVIANAKIS. N. Cnrnmaniuea 1 1^ Edisnn Co. 82/11/OS. KEPPLER, J. 
Region 3, Office of Director ' Ip. 16339:019. 24X 
Fichu: 50-234. 82/11/0-5-8211300240, 

8211040441 Monthly operating repts for Fob 19BO. 

GF10UN.B. Commonwealth Edison Co. BO/02/29. 10pp. 
24X FIch: 50-254, 80/03/03,8211040437. 

15925; 339. 

B21I04025S Forw*rds monthly operating rept for Mar 1980. 

KALIVrANAHISiN. Commonuealth Edlton Co. BO/04/01. Office of 

hUn*4*nnt and Program Analysis. Ip. 15927:244. 24X 
Ficti*: 90-234, 90/04/Ot. 921 1O4025S. 

0211040336 Monthly operating repts for Mar 19BO. 

IRQWW. 0. Commonwealth Edison Co. 30/04/01. 23pp. 
24 K Flche :SO~234f BO/04/01, B21 1040233. 

13937: 245. 

6.21104O374 Forwards monthly operating repts for Apr 19BO. 

KALIVrANAKIS, N. Commonwealth Edison Co. BO/OS/03. Office 

Han*gment and Program Analysis. 15pp. 15928:036. 24X 
Flche: 30-254, SO/03/03, 8211040394, 

B311040402 Monthly operating repts for Apr 19BO. 

BROUN'B. Commonuiialth Edison Co. SO/05/01, 14pp. 
S4IC Ficht: 80-234.80/03/05, 821 1040394. 


02I1Q4O347 Forward* monthly operating repts for Sept 1981. 

KALIVrANWKrs, M, Commonwialth Edison Co. SI/10/01. Office of 

H*n*frment and Program Analysis. 10pp. 15927:339. 24X 
Ft eh*: 50-294.81/10/01,8211040367. 




""''*' 8 

u " 11 fc 

B2I1190432, r, vielu o f e.i.Uno FES i addendum for ,i 
chanoei to *elIUg/-nviron* that uould effect FES ' 

eoncluilonc. f DP conversion of provisional QL to full-term 
OL. HesponiB requests* within 40 djjs al Ur raceiot 
CHUTCHF1ELD.D. Optratinj Reactor. Urancft 5 82/11/03 
VrtflDEWALLE. D. J Consumer* Pouef Co. 3pp, 16056- ' 

Fiche. SO-2 =o. 

- 5 *l" r l**'_I!I!* i I*ll * mer 9 (n( 9 * *'" protection plant 

B210040MB B.n.Tic Ltr B2-17 to ail p ntler rector- lic.n, 
apol.canti 6, nold.r* of CP, re l.tincu bttua.n 
r.iulpemint. of [OCFR50 94lt> I- STS far perfirMng ii^ 
emBrgantu p reparedneis programs. Svc list encl 
EJSEHHUT. D. O Divisor, of Licensing B3/1Q/01. t 

Edt*on Co. of nu vorl. Inc. llpp. 16003299 2-5X 
Fie he: 50-000. BS/lO/Ol, 

8811040379 tan.ric Llr S2-25 t. all p DW . P reactcp IU, MM 
inflated IAEA .i.reli, a op pM , Ual Invtlltor , at LMR. 
""<"* to participate in e,.pci.e U v^Iunt.ry fc L 
util that paptlclpat.i uill bt r.lm&ur.Bd Eve H.t encl 
ElB N HUT,D. 0j Wv i.i, of K>T" "^; 

Edlion Co. of Ntu Vork. Inc. llpp. 1&019- O04 -, J* 1 "" 
FUJI*: 50-000,82/11/03,8211040379 

^f?? "*..t. wPitUn .tat.m.nt d.^iblnQ pln n .d 
coprettin, ,rpor In emergency prepared., Information.! 
booilt r. re.plratorg protettlon * B v-cuat ion, ,r B2|0aft 
telcon w/utij. statement uithin 23 daus 

VANDEWALLE, D. J. Conaumer. Poy.r Co. 92/11/03. 
Operating R*acton Bpanch 9. ip. 16022' 134 
Fi cht ; &0-000, 82/1 1/03. 821 1 100003. 

Q210070019 Oen.rlc Ltr 62-21 to all lU. nM< . , ip p 

po^e, rMttop. r, T.cfl Spec, for fJre prpttttion 
Forwards 9 uldanc distuning g.neral , l ,p fl 4 Sc 
Plempnts to be included in audit. Svc list encl 
ElSEHWTrD 0. Cwision of Lit en^Jln, . 02/10/04. 
Edion Co. of N.u Vork, Inc. llpp. 1 5793 333 
Ficne: 5O-000, B2/1Q/O6. BaiOD70DI 9. 

nuc | ear 
" UCl " r 

Con* D Hda t B <f 
on * oilo *" ir 

6211020653 Release, public venion of reviied em.pjencu slat, 
implerosnt ing procedure. 

FELTON, J M Divi,i n of RuU. an d Rord.. 82/IO/I2. Doc^ 

" P 159IS:.99. HE Fi c hE ; SO-255. 83/10/12 

* * 

ot ^ ' 

Operating Raactort Branch 3. Ip. 16033' 033 
FJch: 50-000, 82/1 1/03, 8211130359. 

0811180368 F-n-uapd. peque.t for addl info P O R BV i, ion 3 to 
Plan, tranimitted b u B2I10A ltp.B.pon Be r ., u t.d Jtfc"n 55 
d V i.R.vliJcin 4 acceptable p.ndlng receipt of r.ipoi,,. ulthhsld (rf 10CFR73 21) ".ponii. 

' D P" rfltln 9 BMctori Branch 3. O8/11/O9. 

BAMV, J. S Coniumeri Power Co. 02/09/24 lion 

Fich B: jo-ass. aa/io/ia,aanoaofiS3. p " 


11120*06 Foruards IE Insp fiepl 50-255/B2-B3 during Sept 19H2 Wn 
nontompliancB notait * p D 

r . 

. Consumers Pouer Co. Bpp 1604*- 2S6 94V 
Fich:50-253,B2/IO/SS,82Ul 2 0406 


l rfrlll. 

921 1120406 

.iiiint inso 
eoat i nnc i 

: ",;; 

" X 

on 820920-24 h notic. of 

u -^ 

B2S 1110373, 

N * tc> of violation fpom in<p on 


^ilr"' 1 * ..... d for '"" to ".c t " ffl 

flai029oioa e R . Pic i_tr 02-23 to n iie.n,,., * Mpi lMBt . 

li.c Dn .t.t. n . v B .t wt . n r M ulT. n t. of IOCFH7a c 

: 50-000, 02/10/30,83:10290109. 

6211190119 F" Ua pdi IE Safeguard. Imp Rapt 3O-2S5/BS-2S Dn 8SI013-I1 

iJ? t i- - f vlolatio "'Dtail a t. notlct of violation 

ui6hhld; (Tf 10CFR73. 21) ".ion 

HORELIUG.C.E^ Division of Engineering ft Te C hnl Ca i P M o. 

* /> "" pCo: app - 

B * f S uard !"P RP* 50-353/B2-23 en flaiO13-lS t IB. 
" n0t t; : " 1 ! IIPi to P"P" P.P-OFB| 
B ^ ' Dne ' ttail * Htt 

BELAH^ER, J. L! , CREED, J. fi. Dlvi.Jon of Engiit. 

n lvt , ion of Rul . m . nd R , cord , 


on.1 Support Ctr 

ion. R.ctipt form and. 

r * P B ^ l ^\ mc ~ No 

O. 24X Flch*: 50-aSB, 8S/li/l9j BSIiaWSOS. 

n Df RBVi 'n 3 * Enws.nct Pl.n 

"-** 10 "" 1 Su PP<"-t Ctr AetJvation." 


flail 1008H Order diimintng Qroat EnBi-ou All lane, 

flKllM 1 ;! 8 * "*"! f.ll.d to 


^ >.* Lak., En.rgy Alllinci. 

24X Fich.; 50-255, B2/1 1/OB, B2111O0214 

P. Op.pating llcen*i document. & corr.ipoinJont. 

. _ 

nr , 

lilt" in"pp A * * ""*" P |>obli -'' B "''' dwu 

Cr!fI?rlV'M D ' vlB ' on ' "! nd Record.. Ba/Oi/2B. 
vrieical rlai* Enepog Project. 13pp. 15727:003 SAX 
Flcht: 30-000. a=/04/2S, 821 0010008. '"""" W 

-8203M004aR.comm.nd. that any guldelln.. d.v.Jop.d far BC9 ..' 
Wlwi M P ?M..- ' aPPU "' *" t " m "'"*" "'*! 

IMBflO, E. 

;300. 24X Flch.; 50-000. 82/04/88, G21MI0009. 



211030516 "Redundant DHR Capabil 1 ty, Palisades Nuclear Power Plant." 
UDY, A. C. EGtQ. Inc. FIN A-6429. 0211030316. 83/07/31. 
DONDHEH. J.N. Division nf Licensing. 30pp. 15934:190. 24X 
Fiche; 50-253, 83/07/31. B21 103021 6. 

6209210027 Sen-eric Ltr 32-16 to all PUR licensees re NUHEQ-0737 Tech 
Sp EC i. Requas 1 t review of Tech Specs to determine consistency 
UiTguidance provided. For items lu/deviati ons, amend to license 
ircqulrid.M/o stated encla.Svc list end. 

ECEENHLIT. D. O, Division of Licensing. 83/07/50. Coniol Ida tad 

Edison Co. of Niui York, Inc. 15pp. 15730:140. 24X 
Fjche: SO-OOO. 33/09/20,8209210027. 

PRaQRArl.Paliiades Plant. Docket No. 50-295. (Consumers Power 
Company ) 

Division of Licensing NUflEO-oaso. H2/1G/31. 531pp. Available 
at NRC. *12. 00. I617O:OOI. 24X Fit he: 5O-253, 33/10/31 , &21 1 19034 t. 

8211090237 Forward* application for amend to License DPR-2O requesting 
Tech Spec change to provide add 1 revisions to 82O820 
submifital re ESF filtration sijs. 

VAfJDEWALLE, D. J. Consumer* Power Co. Sa/ll/OS. CF1OTCHFIELD, D. 
Operating Reactors Branch 5. Ip. 16004' 191. 24X 
Ficne; 50-259, 83/11/05,021 1090237. 

B2-11D30I6-3 Forwards B20909 Itrs re SEP Phase III for distribution. 
EMirM-h*. Operating Reactors Branch 5, BS/07/29. Operatin9 

Reactors Branch 5. Ip. 19935:101. 24X Fl the: BO-010, 82/09/29, 
BSS I 0301 63. 

8211090241 Application for amend to License DPFI-2O requesting lech Bp 
change to provide add 1 revisions to B2O820 submittal re ESF 
filtration syi 

DEWITT.R.B. Consumers Power Co. 32/11/05. 2pp. 16004:193. 24X 
Fiche: 90-353, B2/11/O3. 8211090237. 

B2O28D341 Riquests comments on proposed scope of SEP Phase III 

ai reflected in encl tppic definitions. 

EtSENHUfj D. 0. Division of Licensing. 82/07/09. EDWARDS, D, 

Atomic Industrial Forum. 78pp. 15935:102. 24X 

Ft che; 50-01 0,82/09/29, 8211030163. 

B307250353 Requests comments an proposed scope of Phase III program as 

reflected in encl topic definitions. 

EISENHUT'D. 0. Division of Licensing. B2/09/Q9. KACICH.H. SEP 
Ounen Group. 77pp. 15935:180. 24X Fie ho: 50-010, 03/07/29, 
821 E03O1&3. 

8-.21EO4048O Foruards set of evaluation* For each SEP topic referenced 

In draft SEP rept < NUREQ-OB22 ) . 

SMITH. H. Operating Reactors Branch 5. 82/10/12. Public Document 

Branch. Ip, 1S756:OO1. 24* F I che: 90-000, B2/1O/ 12, 831 1040480. 

8211040494 Forwards recommended ground response spectra ( 9K damping)] 

titabllsn ing ground motion acceleration values For 
structural re-evaluation of seismic loads for eastern SEP 

B211O90243 Proposed Tech Spec change req.i 
Consumers Power Co, B2/11/O5. fipp. 
Flc he: 50-293, 82/1 1/05,3211070 237. 

at t re ESF filtratioi 
16001: 174 24K 

CftUTCHF!ELD,D. Operating Reactors Branch 5. 
Central Pouer fc Light Co. 2pp. 15956:081. 
FlcK: 5O-OOO, 82/10/12. 821104O4BO. 



Advises that continued plant operation until completion of 
licensee environ nullification program ui 1 1 present no undue 
Tilt to public health t safety. 

HAMaACK, T. V. Operating Reactors Dranch 5. 82/10/19. E1SENHUT, D. 0. 
Dlvillon of Licensing. 2pp. 19971:323. B4X Fiche: 50-295, 03/10/19, 

S203IS0279 Advises that response to environ nullification of electric 
quipra*nt tafetu evaluation is acceptable. Licensee 811204 
lubinlttal resolves deficiency noted in Franklin Research Ctr 
TvJ eui. Rema ining deficiency resolved at 820217 meeting. 
CflUTCH^IELD,D. Operating fieae tors Dranch 3. 02/03/05. NOVAK, T. M. 
Assistant Director for Operating Reactors. 9pp. 15971:329. 24 X 
Flthe: 50-283,82/10/19, 921 1060AS2. 

aaiC2iOOB9 -ee<neric Ltr Q2-20 to all power reactor I icensees. flermi t 
Jioldirt k applicants for CP re guidance for implbmenting 
EflP rirl . Forwards NUREO-0906. NUREG to be uaed as int*rim 
leisure, until Reg Guide 1. 70 revised. Svc list encl. 
E1SENHUT, 0. 0. Division of Licensing. B2/10/26. Consolidated 

Ed lion Co. of N*u York, Inc. 9pp. 19993:295. 24X 
Fichi: 90-OQO. 83/10/36, B2I0260088. 

O2IO270030 generic Ltr 82-22 to all PHfi licensees ra Congressional 
rq,i;t for info concerning steam generator tube Integrity. 
Forwards Congressman EJ Karkey BS1017 Queftians re steam 
^nerator tub* integr 1 ty. Svc list end. 

EIGEHHUT, D. 0. Dlviiion of Licensing. 82/10/26. Consolidated 

Ed 1 on Co. of Neu York. Inc. 10pp. 16079:332. 24 X 
Fie he: 50-000, 82/10/26,0210270030. 

a2U02O4A3 Rasponds to 820707 request for add 1 info re utll fi2042o 
ivtnlttll en effects of single actlvn failure in 
actuating circuitry, including relay ti solenoid valves or in 
actuating devices far main steam line break accident. 
-JCtlNSQN, B. D. Consumers Power Co. B2/10/26. CRUTCHFIELD. D. 
Operating Reactors Branch S. 2pp. I3QB9:347. 24X 
Fieh*: 90-235, B2/10/S6, 6211020469. 

Bail 190061 Forwards "Final Integrated Plant Safety A**ssment Rept" 

aaO) t PR notice of availability. Fl ling of complete 
req.iiB*ttd uithin 24 months. W/o NUREO-OB20. 
DHTOHrH. R. Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director. 
83/10/39. SELBV, J. D. Consumers Pouer Co. 3pp. 16136:270. 24X 
Fl Che; 50-E3S, 82/10/29, 6211190061. 

3211170065 Not let of availability of NUREO-OB20, "Final Integrated 
Plant Safety Asiessment Rept. " 

CRUTCHFIELD. D. Operating Reactors Branch 9. 82/10/29. 3pp. 
16196:273, 24K Fich; 30-233, 82/10/27, 821 1 190061. 

8211O9O392 Forwards request For change to Tech Specs per NUREO-0/37. 
Item II. F.I, "Addl Accident Monitoring Ina t rumonta t ion. " 
Subfllittal incorporates changes proposed In 82(W23 & 0830 

VANDEWALLE, D. J. Consumers Pome r Co. B2/1I/OS. CWUTCflFIELD, D. 
Operating Reactors Branch 5. Ip. liOOB: 353. 24X 
Fiche: 50-355, 82/1 1/05, B21 107O392. 

B211O70397 Application tc 
IWREQ-0737, Item II. F. I, 
Instrumentation. " 
DEWITT, R. H. Consumer* Power Co. 
F i c h : 50-295 , 82/ 11/05,821 1090392 

amend Licence DPU-aO, chong ing Tech Spec: 
"Addl Accident Mnnttoring 

82/11/05. 3pp. 16006:354. 34X 

B2110904OD Proposed Tseb Spec chonoea ra NUREG-Q737, Item II. F.), 
"Addl Accident Monitoring Instrumentation." 
Consumers Pouier Co. S2/11/OS. 9pn. 16009:001. 2flX 
Plena: 30-255, BS/ 11/05, 9211070392. 

8211120422 Provides justification for not changing Tech Specs to 
Include leak testing for three long-term cooling chock 
valves, in response to HH0729 Itr re 3EP Topic IX-4. 

TONER. K. A. Consumers Power Co. B2/II/OB. CSUTCIIFIELD, I). Oporatinfl 
Reactors Branch 5. 6pp. I6042:OAS. 24X F Icha: BO-333, 82/1 1/ OB, 

0aill603o9 Forward* cable Eproading room WAC test results per 820331 
com/nitment to SEP Topic 1 X-S, "Vont 11 at ion Bya. " Certain 
equipment cannot withstand loss of normal ventilation for 
indefinite period of time. 

TPNERjK.A. Coniumers Power Co. B2/11/OI. CRUTCHFIELD, D. Operating 
Reactors Branch S. 20pp, 16078:117. 24X Ficho ; 5O-255, OH/1 1 /OB, 

9211160047 Oeneric Ltr B3-2t. to pouer reactor Licunaees (oicopt Fort Bt 
Vrain) r NUREG-0744, Revi sion 1. "PresBurB Veasal Matl 
Fracture Toughness." Forwards NUF1EO-0744, Re vis i on 1. H/o 
encl. Svc list end, 

EISENHUTjD. 0. Division of Licensing. 82/11/12. Consolidated 

Ediion Co. of New York, Inc. SSpp. 1&S32: 212. 24* 
Fleha: 30-000, 82/11/13, B2111AOO47. 

B2111BO232 Forwards application to amend Licenses DPR-6 b DPH-20. 
chnging Tech Specs re administrative controls. 

VAMDEMALLE, D. J. Consumers Power Co. B2/I1/12. CRUTCHFIELDj D. 
Op rating Reactor! Branch 5. 3pp. 16139:001, 24X 
Fich:SO-000, 82/11/12,8211180332. 

9211180234 Application to amend Licenses. DPR-6 h DPR-20, chang ing Tech 
Sp*cs re administrative controls. 

REYNOLDS, J. W. Consumer* Power Co. B2/11/12. 4pp. 16133:004, 
24X Fiche:50-000,B2/ll/I2,0211180B32, 

8211190S3B Propoted Tech Spec channel to License* DPR-6 ti DPR-20 re 
administrative control*! provi dln^ coordinated, company-ulde 
safety mgt program. Proposod Tech Specs supersede- 820720 

ubml t tal. 

* Consumers Power Co. 32/11/03. 43pp. 16138:011, 24X 
Fl ch: 30-000, 82/11/12,921 1 180232. 

B21129063& Advfsit that no technical deviation) found in review of 
NUREO-0737- Item II. F. 1. 3. "Cont*lnm*n t High flanoo 
Radiation Monitor." Any correction to NRC understanding 
requaitcd within 30 dag". 

CRUTCHFIELD, D. Operating Reactor* Branch S. 82/11/23. 
VANDEWALLE. D. J. Consumer* Co. 2pp. 16323:222. 24X 
FlcM: 50-855, 62/11/23.3211290636. 



B31130Q312 Respond! to Otnrric Ltr 03-22, "Congre s ,f ona 1 Requeit For 
Info n Stean Generator Tube Integrity." Completed 
quiitionnali-E encl.UDriinj copy tranimi tted to NBC on 

JOKNSaN.n.D. Consumeri Power Co 02/11/34. CRUTCHF1EUD, D 
Operating ffeattori Branch 5 Sff 14339:217. 24X 
Fichu: 30-255, B2/ 11/24, 03] 1300213. 

6211040413 Forwards addl response to IE Bulletin B2-02 (/,.,.,,, 
action* taken during 830702 forced outage. Failure of id,*! 
mould not cam* degradation of primary coolant boundirir 
because autoclave nut it primary closure dvicn 
VANDEWALLE, D. J. Consumers Power Co. 02/11/01. CRUrctlT WLB A 
Operating Reactorj Branch 3. 3pp. 15925-3B1 24* 
Fiche: SO-S55, 02/1 1/01 . 021 104O413, 

Q. Inipecticn report*, 

Bulle-tlns 6 correspondence 

820SI90220 1 Info Notice 32-37, "Cracllnj in Upper Shell to 
Tranntion Cons Girth Urltf of Steam Generator at Oatratino 
PtIR " Svc Hit end V * 

JORDAN, E BL vision of Engineering fc Quality Aisurance. 82/09/li 
ConiolidaUd Edison Co. of Hen York. Int. lOSpp, 15930'OQl 34X 
Fishe: SO-000, D2/09/ia,B30SlTO320 . . f* 

IE Info Notice .03-34, Reviii on 1, "Welds in Main Control 
Panels. " Svc lift encl, 
JORDAN, E. L. Division of Engineering fi flual ity ddurantE 92/09VI7 

Consolidated Edijon Co, of Htu York, Inc. lO7pp, I5B95' IBS 24> 

B209190229 IE Info Notice 83-39, "Svc Degradation of ThicV Hall 
Stain It is Stsel Re^ 1 rcula t i on Su. t Plpinj at BUR Plant " 
Svc list enc 1 . 

JORDAN, . L. Division of Engineering t, Qualitij Aisurante B2/09/21 
Consolidate* Edison Co. of Heu York, inc. Bfipp 16017 O9B 24.*' 
Fiche.SO-QOO, 82/09/21. B20G190229, 

B3C9190223 IE Info Notlc e 92-33, "C^^e in Format I Distribution Bus 
for IE Bulletins, Circular* * [ n fo Noticei, " Svc list encl. C 

Director's Office, Office of Inspection and 

82/09/22. ConiollnJatu! Edison Co. op New York, Inc 

021. 24X Ficne: 50-000, 8H/09/3&, 02OBI 70223. 

B2111fiOOffO Summary of S21103 meeting u/otila re IE HuLlirlin flO.ll t 
oie o* "Energy Balance TBchtiique" 6 "arcnin-g action- let 
ffli*onr wall qualification, 
TBAMMELL. C. H. Operating Reactor* Branch 3. 03/1 1/| 

32pp. Iil02:3as, 24X Fiche: 50-000, f 


Rtactori Branch 3. 

B21I1501-79 Foruardi Buppl 1 to B00709 fc HOi roipontt! to IF B/KH 
BO-llf "Hasonry Hall Design" per B20707 Tffqu B t, R**ponit 
includes supplmntal contraccor evaluation. 

JDHMSON.B.D. Consumers PouiEr Co, B2'/ll/Oa. CRUTCP1T Ifl D. & 
Optratlng Reactors Branch 3, 73pp. 160AO' 297 gty 
Fiche: 50-2SS. B3/11/OB, B21 1 1SOI99. 

S211170I66 Ack receipt of B2IO39 Itr Informinfl HHC of tti 1411% I 

correct violations noted in IE Insp Rept 90-333/03-^0 
SPEB9ARD, R. L. Division of Project (. Resident Proorli Mtiilll 
DEMITT.R. D. Consumers Pouier Co. lp. 16149:334 iMX 
Flcfie: 5O-S35, 63/11/10,3211190148. 

8311190170 Responds to NRC B20929 Itr ro vioUtlont noltd IB It I 
Rept BO-25S/B3-20. Cormctive action s; r-mpjiil t4 thl 
V4lv t< equipment manipulations should be prfori|j W 
operator! onlu i saf Bty-related operator* r*qulr 
VANDEWALLE. D. J, Consumer* Poiaer Co. 02/10/37. 
Roion 3, Office of Director, Spp, 1A149-3S9 
Fi c he :SO-235.B2/1 1/ 10, 8211190169. 

B20B190332 IE Infc. Notice B3^40, "Def i, , enc ie ! in Pri^ru C.nUlni,t 
Electrical Penetration AssemtlieE " Svr list aracl 

JOflDAN.E.t Division o. f Eng jneerifio fc Quality Assurance 63/09X2? 

Consolidated Edison Co. of Neu VorJ, Inc. M2pp 15930-019 P4V 

Fie h t: 50-000, 92/09/22, S30B190232, X 

921108027:1 NotlMtion of B311O3 moetina w/utlU i, FHnklfn R* [& arch 
Ctr in flethfsdj.MD to discun design (IE Bulletin 80-11) & 
ue of "energy balance technique" & "ircnine theoru" 

TBJHtfELL.C M. NRC - No Detail.* AlrilUMon Oi VBn sa/10/07 Nfl 

- No Detdtlid Affiliation Siven. 4pp. IS975 31B Sfllf 
Fithe: 50-000, 82/10/07,8211080271 

" Failure of 


-*'" 3 ''' 1 ' ' E 

' F ' * Dlvlso " of Proje 
. B. Consumers Power Co. 

Repli 50 " as5 ' /e2 - 33 Curing Sept 19B2.No 



tl.tnt Prograrns. 
16044' 3Bfi 24X 

J """ Sept 19B2.NO noncon,, I ianc. 

noted. HajDT are d . inspected: operational laFntu v ,rit icitian, 

plant trip review, Fills, protetfur., ( Independent in.p effort 

(medical drill, fire drill i, securlfcu alUaatlmi*) 

JOROENSEN.D. L. . HELLER, j. K. , REVES, L. A. Division of Fro.ect fc 

Resident Program!. BS/10V32. Spp. Jt044-8aB 24X 

Fich.: 50-255,62/10/23.3311120404. 

n 820920-2-) i, of 

PAPER IEU.Q,C. J, Pivision of!, Prep.rednei, fe Doerational 
?!!!UK r i 92/10 ' as - "EWITT.W.B, consu^.r, P OU ,er Co D " a " Qnal 
IA037-227. 24X FicA. : 90-233, 82/10/&B, 821 ! i 10372. 

6211110377 Notice of violation from insp on B2092O-24 

J>APEFIELLD.< ; j Divt,U n of E mB ro.ncu Pr.parerin. t, Op.r.tiona 1 
P " 16037:2=9, 24X Fieh.: SO-2S3. "" 

-BS11IS0454 IE Insp Rept 50-235/82-22 on B301SO-BA Wancomo 1 lane, 

"" .T^U^ 1 * 1 *'' ' r n "" ' ..... jt " ^rom F.b 196 

until H*y 19B2 ft no rep t i*, U ed for fallur* to collect 

rtiuired nijk lamp Is) 

NICHOLSON, N. A., IMMR, B. . SCHUMACHEfi, M. C, Div| lion of Eh.Pa.n 

Pr.p.redn,,, 4 Operational Support. 63/10/36 flp, 

24X Fic^e:SC~353,ea/10/2B,B211ll037a- 

821119(Jil9 Foruards IE Safeguards Insp Rept - 

i IB t notice of violation. Detai Is & notice at vlolatlnn 
ulthhBld (ref 10CFR73.2I). 

NCJHELILJS, C. E. Division of Engindering & Technical F>r<]|ri* 
B2/11/15. DEWITT.R.D. Consumers Power Co. 800, 16150 J* 
Ficfie: 50-233, 92/11/13,6211170119. 

--B21I190121 IE Safeguard* Insp Rept 30-293/02-23 on R2IOI3-IS 1h II 
HaneampliancE noted: fai lure to properly p erf arm CDftjinnler, 
meatifrss for inactive alarm ions. Details uUhhtld 
(ref 10CFR73.21). 
BELANSER, J. L. , CREED, J. R. Division of Engineering I r*i*"Hll 

*' 82/il/02 - lp 16150:201. six Fiejin ao-s 

y Anurenti 
IIlcp. Lnl'M 

8209190248 IE Info Notice H2-43, "Deficiencies in UMI) All- 
Ventilation Sos. " Sve list encl. 
JORDAN, E.L. Division of Engineering & Oifa 
Consolidatod Edi lnn Co. of Nau Yarki Inc 
Fi che: SO-000, 92/1 1/16, B20B19024B. 


9211*20006 Forwards request for relief from Section XI nf M 
Pressure Vssiel Code requ irements. Request oupp] 7QOoI3 
relief request, Encl will be incorporated into 40-up iili 
initrvici (nsp plan. 

JOtWBOW, B, O, Consumers Poiusr Co. B2/11/16. CROTCHT-Teil). 
Operating Reactors Branch 5. 13pp. 16160:354, 24X 
Fiche;50-2S9, S2/11/16, 821 1EHOOO6. 

8208190253 IE Info Notice 82-45, "PUR Lou Temp Dvernrniuf 
Protection. " Svc list encl. 
JOfiOrtN.E.L. Division of Engineering tt Quality A*uTnm 

ConsoHtfated Edison Co. of New Yorli. In, 93np. \UtX>- 
Flch: SO-000, B2/Il/I7,S20B190a33. 

optratino reports fc raUted corrs *ponilene 

921116043B Forwards monthly operating ropt for Oet I9BJ 
KENNEOY, D. 11. Consumers Poujer Co. B2/11/OS. Wt - Ht 

Affiliation Oivn. lp. 16091:259, 84X Fi ch e: 30-BS5. 

0311160446 Monthly operating rept for Oct 1983. 

PErERSON, D. A. Consumer* Pouier Co. ez/ll/Ql. 4pp. 1W?I 
24X Ftche: BO-2S5, 83/1 1 /OS, B21 1 16043B. 

S. Reportable oceurrencesi LER* tc rnlatod 

B21 1020479 Forwards LER B2-03a/03L-0. 

JOHNSON, D. D. Consumer* Power Co. 82/10/21, KEPPl.EH. J,S. 
Office of Director, lp. 18839:840. E4X Flcn: 9Q-Z33 
BS 1 1 02049 S. 



B2I1O20503 LER 82-032/03L-0: on B2092I , durin g routine *urvei 1 1 ance. 

inutber 39 ( OC-B shutdoun cooling LPSI pump suction! found 
w/lntuf f ic 1 ent oil d declared inoperable. Caused btj scores 
in cylinder uallf due to vi brations. Snubb er replaced. 

* Consumers Power Co. SS/1O/21. Region 3, Office of Director. 
Ip, LSfiB9: 241. 24X Fithe: 50-299.32/10/21,8311050499. 

6 1 !! [020394 Telecopy RO: on B21022, 23, & 29, saf etg injection tank T-B2B 
baron concentration fell below Tech Spec limit & could not 
be restored within 1-h at required. 

* Consumers Power Co. B2/10/2S, KRTCH, R, M. Region 3, Office of 
Director. 4pp. 15QB7: 174. 24X Fiche: 50-239,02/10/35,3311020384. 

8211080190 Forwards LER Q2-033/03L-0. 

JOHNSON. 8. D, Coniumert Power Co. B3/IO/29. KEPPLER, J, G. Region 3, 
Qttlet of Director. lp. 19976:358. 24X Fiche: 50-255, 92/10/29, 
8211030 ITS. 

82UD0Q20G LER 32-033/03L-0: on B20929, T-82B safety injection tank level 

reached linit of 19S inches. Boron concentration fell belou 
Teeh Spec on B20929-1032. Caused b(j leakage past loop check 
v*lve i afety injection tank check valve. 

* Consumers Pouier Co. 02/10/29. Region 3, Office of Director. 
3pp. 13978:339. 24X Fiche: 50-235, B2/1O/29, B21 1OB019B. 

6311060353 Tflecopu reviled RO initially reported on 921029: on 921022, 
baron concentration in safety injection tank T-H2B restored 
In 1-h. Initially reported that concentration less than Tech 
Specs For over 1-h. 

KRECH.R rt. Consumers Pouer Co. B3/11/01. REYES. L. Region 3, 
Of tic* of Director. 1pp. 13983:196. 24X Fiche: 3O-2SS, 92/H /Dl. 
821 1060233. 

S21EO6O277 Foru-prds LER B2-034/03L-0. 

VANDEHALLE, D. J. Consumer* Pouer Co. 02/11/01. KEPPLER, J. 0, Region 
3, Office of Director. lp. 19992:338. S4X Fiche; 50-259, 02/1 1/01, 
821 LOS0277. 

LER B2-034/03L-0:on 821002. malfunc tion of fire sprinkler 
tlarm r*iul ted in alarm on panels C-47 fc C-13. Panel C-13 w/o 
reflash capability 6 C-47 not in operator line of vision. 
Detector ra paired. Design change under consideration. 
* Consumer* Power Co, 02/11/01. Region 3. Office of Director. 

lp. 15752:337. 24X Fiche: 50-259, 82/ 1 1/0 t, B21 1060377. 

9211390345 Forwards LER B2-03B/03L-O, 

JOHN9QN, D. D. Conaumert Pouer Co. 03/11/19. KEPPtER,J.G, Region 3. 
OfficB of Director. lp. 14220:307. 24X F icho: 3O-255, B2/1 1/ 19, 
B21 1290243. 

0211290251 LER B2-O3B/03L-0: on B21O2O, during verification of nou incoro 
alarm setpolnti deterinlned that improper data entered. Caused 
bij lujlfunct ion in high apeed tape readar renae-ring alarm EIJ s 
inoperable. Alarm data manually entered 

Consumers Pouier Co. 82/11/19. (legion 3, Office of Director, 

lp. 16220: 308. 34X Flche; 50-255, SB/ 1 1/1 9, B3 1 1390245 

9211270753 Forwards l-Eft B2-039/O1 T-O. 

JOHM50N, B, D, Consumers Pourer Co. 02/11/19. KEPPLER, J. G. Reqicm 3, 
Office of Director. lp. Ii239:095. 24X F ic he 50-255, 02/1 1/ 19, 

--0311290759 LER B3-039/O1T-0: on 821105 k Q7, samp b e from safptij injuctiun 
tan* CT-02Q> Bhoued boron c anc ent ration below Tech Spec 
1 imit. Caused by minor leakage past loop check valve d SIT 
chsck valve or fill & drain valve. Valves ul 1 1 be inspected 
Consumers Power Co. 82/11/19. Region 3, Office of Director. 

2pp. 14229:096. 24 X FicNe: 9O-235- S2/1 1/ 19. 9311370753. 

V, Operator Eliminations 

B210130019 Oeneric Ltr 83-18 to all pauier reactor applicants !< 
licensees re reactor operator lr senior reactnr operiitor 
requalif ication o lams. Adv I ses that eiams begin at facility 
aftar 021001. Svc list imcl, 

ErBENHUT.D. 0, Division of Licensing. B2/iO/la. ConsolidatPd 

Edison Co. of New York, ITXC. 15pp. 16002:234. 24X 
Fie he: 50-000, 02/10/12, B2IOI30019. 

F. Security, me died 1, emergency t> fire protection plans 

B210OB0141 neleasai public version of revised pages to emergency plnn 
Imp Icmen ting ji roc edure. 

FELTQH, J. H. Division of Rules and Records. 02/09/22. Document 

Management Branch. lp. 15663:223. 24X Fi chn: 50-S59, H3/09/S2, 

B2H1BO394 Forwards LER 92-035/03L-0. 

JOHNSON' B. D. Consumer! Poiuer Co. B2/11/04, KEPPLER. J. 0. Heflion 3, 
atfict of Dii-ector. lp 16042:005. 24X F iche: 50-255, 82/11/04, 

LEH 92-033/03L-0; on 821003,urDng dato inserted into in-core 
alarm setpo ints. Caused by transmlttal of old data to IfcC 
supervisor instead of reactor enfllneer. Error immediately 
recognlied & correct data entered. 

Consumers Power Co. 82/11/04. Renlon 3, Office of Director. 

lp. 16042: 006. 24X Fiche: 50-253,82/11/04,8211120394. 

-D2100a0147 Foruard* aublic version of rovisod Page 3 to .Emergen 
Implementing Procedures IP-20 * reviaetf revision log sheet 
Receipt form end, 

MILLS.L.M. Tennessee Valley Authority. 82/O9/1O. DENTON, H 
Office of Muclear [taactar Regulation' Director. 2pp. 15663: 
24X Fie he; 50-259, 02/O9/23, BaiOOHOl -J 1- 

-0Z1OOB0152 Public version of revised Page 3 to Emergency Plan 
Implementing Procedure IP-20 t revised revision log sheet. 
Tennessee Valleij Authority. 82/08/10. 12pp. 15663:331. 
Fithe: 50-259, 82/09/32, 8210090141, 

y Pln.n 

62111*0437 Forwards LER B2-036/01T-0, 

JOHMEOMr B, D. Consumars Pouer Co, 02/11/03. KEPPLER, J. 0. Region 3, 
Gtflc* of Director, lp. 16091:331. 24X Flche: 50-233, 82/1 1/08. 
SSI 1160427, 

--S211ti4>Q435 LER 62-036/01T-0: on B210S3. during normal power operation, 
T-aao *fty injection tank level reached Tech Spec limit b 
tank cample boron concentration fell belou Tech Spec limits. 
Caused bit minor leakage past loop check valve. 

Consumers Power Co. B2/11/08. Region 3. Office of Director. 

2pp, 16091:232. 24X FIcha: 90-255, 82/11/00,0211160427. 

8211240-366 Foru*rdi revised LER B2-033/03X-1. 

JOHWSON, B.D. Consumers Power Co. 92/11/13. KEPPLER, J. 0. Refllon 3, 
OffUf- of Director. lp. 14205:339. S4X Flcht: 80-233, 82/1 J/l S, 
821 1340366, 

B2JJ1340369 Revised LEU 82-033/03X-1 : on B30902, T-82B (B safety injBEtion 
tank) level reached Tech Spec limit of 198 Inches. Caused by 
m I nor leakage pait loop check valve & tank check valve or 
fill ft drain valve. Valve* will be Inspected at next outage. 
.Consum*n Power Co. B2/11/1S. Region 3, Office of Director. 

3BO. 16209:340. 24 X Fiche: SO-E53, 82/1 1/ 18, B21 1240366, 

92U3OO309 Forwards LER 82-037/03L.-0. 

JOtWSON, 0, D. Consumers Pouer Co. 82/11/16. KEPPLER, J. 0. Region 3. 
Ottieu of Director. lp. 16236:001, E4X Fiche: 30-255, 82/11/16, 
32 El 30030 9. 

B2 1130031 5 LER 82-037/03L-0: on B21017i primary coolant sys umple 
fnvmmlfS doie equivalent 1-131 ticeeded Tech Spec limit*. 
Cauitd bij securid purification damlnerall ten following 
p-lant trip on B210I6. Flow restored. 

Consirmrs Power Co. B2/11/16. Region 3, Office of Director. 

4pp. 16236: OOH. 24 X Fiche: 90-235, BB/1 1/ 16, 821 1300309, 


8211120142 Faruards request for S dd I info re B20630 uimittal 
presenting iaf* shutdaun analysis t, necesitru modi in 
COfnplUnce iu/ IOCFR50, App B, Section ril.O. 

VA5SALLO. 0. B Operating Reactor's Branch S. B2/10/36 PflHRIS,H Q 
Tennessee Valltgi Authority. 3pp. 16069:130 24* 
Fi the: 30-239, 62/10/26.321 J 120] 42 

8210390100 Crn.rie Ltr 63-23 to .11 licensees fc applicants re 
Inconsisttncu mtuttn requi rtaenti of IOCFR 73, 40<g ) b STS 
for performing audits of saf.guards c ontino encij pj dn s 
(nturitg plan) Svc lilt end. 

eiSEKHUT.O C. Division of Licensing. 82/10/30. Coniol irfatinf 

fctflion Co. of tltu Vork, Inc. flpp. 15793:317. 24X 
Ffthe: 30-000, B2/ I 0/30, 821 02TOIC9. 

8211050205* brief description of 9chyo,, 
^JI'u**!**"* lockln a -f' 1 " eaUnflti iMttf for storage of 

nI^' L '' W T ? nn '" M W-11 V Authority. B2/J1/GI. DENTON-H. R. 

2f 2 .2 , C " r *" ctor P-SuUtinn, Director. Ip. 15949316 5 

Fichu: 50-259, Qa/1 1/O1, S21 10S0205. lairiv. jio. .* 

&21I110394 Respond, to 820719 Itr r. th.nj... to , erl eric ..eurltv 
^^' 6 1l If nation Plan. Canoes c fl n,i.trt u / " 

10CFRSO. 54<p| rn.pUme.itatian schedule for Sequoijah ft Grouns 
Firry rqueit(d. 

ADEHSAH, E O. Lic.n* i no Oranth 4. 92/J1/O2. PAflFUB.HO, Tr>n BSBe 
*' " 'AM5:M&. 24X Fi ch-. 50-000. " 


! J rci. for physical inventory at LMRi. Ano 

to jjartit^ate in fISTf (, e is voluntary !, anu 

participates ui 1 1 be reimbursed Svc list Pnc 1 

c Di0 , ^'^"r :' LUtni11 "- fl2 ""- ^i 

! =S ^ NlW Vort ' Inc l i" 1 - 16019:004, St 1C 
icht: 50-OOO, 02/11/03,6211040379. 

&2110lft& R,.p ondl to 920722 

evision, to 

n n- 

B Operatino Reactor, Branch 2. 
Ternn.e. Valley Authority. ip. 16193-107 
Fich*: 50-259, B2/1 Uf g,B3l ISWlii. 

iical s.curitu ntan End 
e incon .ten ' ' 

' 10CFR73.21). 

92/11/15 PARHIS.tlO 
?ai fAMKlb.H. o. 

^ date V B20S " [^ P?* notification .,. Funding 
ed to pur^a.e 65 tone lrt rad i. Mob i 1 1 ,( T , n . 
tJ (. operational. iTna 

n " ' T " nes! " U4lle 'J Autharit,,. 62/11/16. VftSSALLO, D L 

Op.r-tino R*actori Branch 2, 3pp. = afll - LU ' " "- 

Ficte: 50-259. S2/1 1 / 1 ,, B21 12S023 1 

620*190041 "Study on Svc Water Bu, Foulinj. " 

?..5' r * tlnB " act( "' Assessment Branch, 82/02/89 y 
1*122:343. 24* Ficne: 30-000, B2/10/O4, S21 1 J600JO 

S2102AOOBB Oeneric Ltr B2-30 to all pouer reactor lU.n MM 

^^"iv!::^?!"'^^? 9 ^^*""-'""^^"?"";; 


Edison CD. of NEU Vort, Inc. 9pp, 

Fiche.'SO-OOO, 92/10/26, 3310260080 

9210270030 OenerU Ltr 82-2S to all PUR r 
request for info concerning st B3m generator tub. 

=i ' c rr e "r n EJ M-r * > a3i 19 ann. r 

generator tube Integri tij. Svc list unc 1 
ElSENHUr,D.O. DiviHon of Licensing. ' 62/10/26. 
Edison Co. of Neu York. Inc. 10pp. 1609-7:332. 
Fi che: 30-000, 82/10/36,6210270030 

nar"^"!**! B r a ' uation " util 

"pt..l, ** f Core Spray (, LPCI By,. e 

VASSALLO.O D Operatino Reactors Branch 2. BS/JO/26 
T*nnnc*i Val leg Authority. 5pp. 16102-319 
F( Cn *: 50-557, B2/1O/26, 1O ""' J1 *- 

"!:^^ 1 ' ' ernato -PProacn re ^od , 
Ittm U.K. 3. 27. "Common Hef Lev B 1. Sub, it, n L u 
b. incorporated into control room design review to be 
performed per TK1 Action Item I. 1 

TCS^t D OSii Op l r ; h tin9 ""* "ranch 2. /IO/M. PAHR1S,H. 
p? ? ley Authorl ty- 3pp. 1A034: 15B. 24X 
Fiehn.-50-259,93/10/2a,HBlU 10123. 

nn "" e 


""9 ' R'li'f ^ Safsty ValvM, " 
Authority. B2/10/S9. DEH70N,K. ff. 

" ' 

*PP> ""> 

?' P rt ti0n "t * 3 da 
iti tunnel inoperadle 

Tech 8 P .e 
iW, P 


881(1 IOB6S Proposed Tech Spec revi. ions, all owing operation us t 
dags u/on* suitch in main steam tunnel inoperable 

B3/11/03 - sp "' 14M *' !M - 

RAHBON.R. J. Hearing BrancS 
9211 10021 S. 

BanOM44^0ff.r a S ,i a ta nC e re pD ,.|.t. 
request*.) prior to B31122 deadline 

a ^'S^' K ' arir 9 Branth 4. B2/11/OB. PVLE, R B 
16000:324. 24X Fiche. 30-259, S2/ 1 1/Oa. B31 1 0904M 

l Bnlfln t. 

Pule R I) r 
" ' lp " 

RAIJSON, R. J. Hsartng Branth 4. 

,. A " li " til "' to amsnd Licenses DPfi-33, DPR-S2 ( DPR-AB- 

updating specs t, clarifying requirement, in Tech Specs re 
prlman; tontainmint isolation valves P"* re 

" pp - 

ciln r^h'o*" ".* amBnd LI " n " DPR-33, DPR-5H ft 
char^olns Tech Spec, to redoes frequency of M8IV tlniur. 
Git 1 1 1 np. 

AuthorI "J- 

Direttor ' 


" 82 tiit?n 67 Prop 1 "' Teeh S P BC1 '"Juclna frBiiuency of HBIV eloi 

T " s. sapp. 


" -v.ll.b1, from 
l.s and HeeoNi, 

^*M* r : qutit for addl inf PB iir s ie ID P 

lication for amends ta permit operation at r 
poui.r u/i ingle recirculat ion loop In svc r 

VASBALLQ, D. B. Operating Reactors Branch 2. B2/U/OB 
J""" 1 "* V-Htll Athl*g. 4pp. 16173:338. MX 
FiePie: 30-23?, BZ/1 1/OB, B21 1 190347. 

""* for " d((I lnfo r> 

per Oenerlc Ltr Sl-04. 

nn i. 

! c I~ - *'' Aui h''l*V. 7pp. 16174:337. H4X 
iche.: 30-239. 82/1 I/OS. BS1119034B. 


62112-10410 Advli*i of resolution of NUREQ-0737. Item II.K.3, B4, 
"Adequacy of Space Cooling for HPCI & RCIC. " Safety 
evaiuatlcn *nel, 

UAESALLO.D Q, Operating Reactors Qranch a. 83/11/10. PARRI9.H.G, 
Tinneile* valley Authority. 5pp. 16330:103. 24X 
Fit ti*:SO-Z39rB2/ll/lO,B21 1240410, 

BJ1 1 1600-47 Generic Ltr 62-36 to power reactor llcenlees (aicept Fort at 
vralr] ri NUREO-0744, Revision 1- "Pressure Vessa 1 Matl 
Frattun Toushnss*. " Forwards NUREQ-Q744. Revision 1. W/o 
ne 1. Bvc 11* t *ncl. 

E1BENHUT, D 0, Division of Licensing. S2/11/12. Conolidated 

Edtion Co, of Ntu Vork, Inc. S2pp. 16232:212. SIX 
Flclve; 50-000, 03/11/13-3211160047. 

9211230447 Application for amend to Licenses DPR-33, DPR-S2 t. DPR-6B 
comlttlng of proposed changes to Tech Speei Incorporating 
r<mlrementt of ASHE Baction IX Code Iniervica pump & valve 

MJLCS?L! M, Fanneisee Valley Authority. 93/11/13. 
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director. 2pp, 16190:325, 
24X Flche: 50-239, 02/1 1/12,0211230447. 

__ 0211330453 Proposed changes to Tech Spots Incorporating requirements 
of ASME Section IX Codn Inaervlco pump & valve tooting. 
Tannenoe Valley Authority. 02/11/12. 144pp. 16190:327. 24X 
FUhr: 90-259, 02/1 1 /IS, 021 1230447, 

6211330052 Forward* request for addl info re TMI Items I. A, 2. 1. 4i 
"UAgradin* of Heactor h Senior Reactor Operator Training" fc 
[f.B.4. "Training for Mitigating Core Damage." Response due 

O. Operating ReactorB Branch 2. 62/11/13. 
Tnnesae Valley Authority. 3pp. 16301:210. 34* 
FUJI*: 30-257, 02/11/15, B21 1230092. 


0211230160 Forwards response to NRC 030713 request for documentation 
of util position on TMI Item II. 0.3, "Pot-Aee i dent Samp lino. 

MILLS,!.. M. Tnn ..... valley Authority. 62/11/16. DENTDN- .H.R. 
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director. 26pp, 161B0.010. 
2-JX Fi <: Ke: 50-259, 03/1 1/16,0211230160. 

831 1290*(>3 Inform, that util participated In DHR owners B roup efforts 
on J4UREO-0737, Item II. K. 3. 29, "Loss of AC Poiuer on Purap 
Ecall." Utr resolves HUREO-0737, I ten II . K. 3. 23 for 

taw!""' Ten n e,, B e Valley Authority B2/11V22 DE H O ". 
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director. Ip. 16319.011. 
Fl e he r 90-259, 83/1 1 /22. B21 1390463. 

Q. IntE-ectlon reports, IE Bulletins t< correspondnnce 

8209190230 IE Info Notice BH-37, "CracHng In Upper Shall to 
Transltlo-ti Cone Oirth Hold of Btaam Generator at Operating 

JOnbAN,^ Dlviilon of Engineering fc Quail ty A.urance_ 
Consolidated Edison Co. of Ntui York, Inc. 109pp. 15930: 
Flche; 50-OOO, 82/09/16,8200190220. 

6300190222 IE Info Notic. 02-34, Revision 1, "Welds in Main Control 

P*n*li." Svc list ancl. .. . 

JORDAH.E.L. Division of Engineering t Oual i t ?,* s9ljrBn "' .. 

Can*olid4t.d EdlBon Co. ofNeuYorV, Inc. 107pp. 15B95. 169. 
Fi che: 50-00.0, 62/09/17,8208190223. 

aSOfll-JOaa-? IE Info Notice 02-39, "Bvc D'9radatic,n of Thick Wall 
Bt*lnl9* S6al Reclrculatlon 0ys Piping at BWR Plant. 

3SSnSt:E.r I i>lvl.i.n of En,.n..vln D I. ^^"^"S^. 

or.sol(d.t.d Edison Co. of Neu Vork, Inc. B6pp. 160I7.09B. 
Fi ch: 80-000, B2/09/3I,93081 1 ?0229. 

Q20B1902B3 !E Info Notic. 02-3B, "Chang. In Format S, Di.trlbutl on 

&^, n c'^^^^^^^ 

B20el90=32 IE Info Notice 62-40, -D.flei.ncl.j in Primary Containment 
Eltelrical Penetration Assemblies," Bvc list enci. 
30RDAM,E.L, Division of Engin.erlng & Qual it. A ""'" 

Con.olidt.d Edl.on Co. of Neu. Vork- Inc. 112pp. 15930. OIV. 
Flcht: 80-000, 83/09/23, B30B190232. 

6211130292 Faru.rd. IE Imp R.pfci SO-BB^/Ba-32, 50--260/B2-32 1. 
30-29fa/62-32 on 820vl4-17.No noncompl I*nce "P*""- 
SERRELLI.D.H. out. ion of Project fc ""* P "|"S -, 31 

PAfiRIS,H,0. Tenn.isea Valley Authorttu. SPP- 16095.131- 

Flch: 30-239, 02/10/06,9311150393. 

8211150293 IE Insp Repti 50-259 /B2-32. 9O-260/B2-32 ', SO-396/B2-32 on 
B20914-l7.No noncomp 1 lance noted. Major areas inspected: 
Innrvice inspr*vlew of proc odurei . observation of work > 
mark activltlos t< inspector fnllouup items. 

KLEINSDRCE, U P.. BLAKE. J. J, Division of Engineering . Technical 
Proorami. 83/O9/30. ipp. 16055 133. 24X Fith*' 50-259, B2/1O/06, 
821 11 50392. 

B2111S0494 Forwards IE Insp Rept* 50-259/02-3 1 . SO-240/83-31 t 

50-296/82-31 on B20913-I7. fio none omp 1 lance noted. ,,,,., 

VERRELLI.D.H. Division of Project i. Resident Programs B2/IU/U 
PARRIS.H.G. Tennessee Valleu Authority 2pp. 16057: 23B. 24* 
Fiche: 50-359, B3/ HO/13, B21 1 150494 

0311150501 IE Insp Repts 50-25? /B2-31 . 5O-260/B3-3I * 50-296/62-31 on 
820713-17. No noncomp I lance noted. Major areas inspected: 
emergency preparedness, 

CLINE.W E , JENKINS.O.R. Division of Emergency Preparednesa t, 
Operational Support. 82/10/12, IQpp 16057. 24O. 24X 
Flche: 50-239. 83/10/13,521 1 150494. 

9311150469 Forwards IE Insp Bepts 50-359/02-35. 50-260/B2-35 t 
50-296/B2-35 on 820920-24, No noncomp 1 lance noted. 
VERREULI.D.M. Divi.ion of Project & Resident fr W*- 
PARRIB.H.O. Tennessee Valley Authority. 2pp. 16057:^14 
Flthe: 50-259, 92/10/15. 821 1 150469. 

6211130479 IE In.p Hepts 50-257/S2-35, 50-360/92-35 (. 5O-296/B2-35 on 
020920-24 No noncompliance noted- Major areas inspected 
licensee action on previous enforcement matters- OA/QC 
administration program, procurement, recoi p t!. storage _.,,,., 


B211 150469. 

!, receipt of B3092B Itr informing NF!C of steps taker, to 
;at!ons P noted in IE Insp ReptB 50-259/62-23, 
50-260/02-23 1 50-396/82-23, na/in^l 

UEWIB.R.C. Division of Project & Re= dent Projr.a,.. "/1O/21 
PARRIB.H.O. Tennessee Valley Authority, IP 16097. O43. 34K 
Fiche; 50-257, B2/10/2I.B21 1150337- 

S211190344 Responds to NRC S30B3D Itr re violations noted in IE Insp 
R,pt 50-259/82-23, 50-26O/B3-23 I. 90-296/82-83 Corrective 
actlon^procedureB revised i le.k.g e P*" '?P ""S^REILLV. J P 
MILLS, L.H. T.nne^ee Valley Author i *' ' /M a4X RE1LLV ' J P ' 
Region 2. Office of Director. 4pp. 16057044. 34X 
Fich*: 50-239, B2/10/21, B21 1150339, 

B2U190349 Forward, IE Insp RepU 50-259/82-23, 90-260/B2-23 t 
BO-296/B2-23 on B20730-OB10 t, notice of vinl.tion 
icuia a C nivision of Project t Resident Programs. Q2/oa/JU 
PARRIS?H 0. Tenne" ee V.lle, Authority. 2 P P 16057-04B. 34X 
Flche: 50-259- 62/10/21,821 1130339. 

B3H1>in39l Notice oF violation from insp on S30730-OS10. 
i Division of Project & Resident Programs. 02/08/30. 
34X Fiche: 50^259. 03/10/21, 8311150339, 


-B2111503S5 IE In.p R.pts 5O-299/B2-23, 50-260/83-23 t, 50-296/83-23 on 
020730-OBO.NoncompHance noted : Burvel 1 lance I M trt on 
4 ".C, secondary containment, d Id not account for inleakage 
f n Kecondar u containment iane. , 

CwU"V/P*ULK,O.L.. CANTRELL, F, S. Div'""" "' ^ J " et * 
Resident Pr o B rams. B2/08/2A. 14pp. 160S7.051. 24X 
Fiche: 50-357 r B2/10/21- 0211150339, 

930B190239 IE Info Notice 82-41, "Fall, of Safety/Relief Valv** t 

Flcht: 50-000. B2/IO/22,B20B190239, 

B311110606 Ack receipt of 821014 supplemental response informing NRC of 
62 Up ttken ^correct violations noted In IE Insp Re P ts 

50-359/92-10, 50-260/82-10 S, 50-296/02-10. 

LEWia'R C- Division of Project t Res d e nt Prog P. 

PARRIS.H.G, Tenn.tsee Valley Authority. Ip. 16059. 

Fiche: 30-259. 82/10/88,6211150606. 

^ response to NRC e204 2 9 

Region S, Office of Dlr.c tor 3pp. 16099,314. 
Fiche: 50-259, 82/10/28, 8211130606. 

noted i, ,E 



Fich. : 50-239. 

B3I 115019?: 

FieAt : 9Q-0<W.fl3/l|/j* lB 30B19MEI. 

B2Q8190253 I J nfo Malic, 02-43, ..pun Lmo T.. 
Protection. " Svc list ,ncl P 

: 50-359. SI/09/10, 0211190190. 

r nU -""*" " P t, far A U9 1 981 
. TBnn " 5 " Vall. v Authority. 
Fi ehe 

Off Jc r 

p. 16037; 205., , or flufl 

15pp, 15BS?;031. 



Flcht: 90-399. 
--B2I10-J0133 LER 93- 

r rdi LSR 



ouirtri closing ti. r, j ^ 

i r r ari1 * "Hat.d LER 92-OAS/03X-1 
.H, J. fnn**Ht Vllu Authopitu 
R.Jicn a, OM(c. ^'Dlrt. U* 
F! ch. : 50-S5?, BSJ 10/27, 831 IOWM9 

LER 92-O13/01X-2 

BSMOB0179 Supplem.ntal LER 83-013/01 X-E- nn 
*8T.d.d voltaB p.l.. - 

updated LER 

^ ..... - 


^"""" ? .::j teh liw Dn * 


O-259. GJ^l 1(03. 


.: 50-259, 




..... = 



QfUct of B( I i-oiiey nutnorlty. 

9suiB02ig " appi I6059; "s. a* it FichiiSfr-as^w/arts! 


O'RE.LLV.JP. afttr 
OfMc. of D 



. HAfiLAR.J. 

Forward* LER 82-OB3/03L-0. 

CREEN.H T.nn..e B Valley Authority. B2/11/10. 'REILLY, J. P. 
Region B. Office of Director. lp. 16163:264. 24X 
Flht: 30-259, 02/11/10,8311220219. 

6211320221 LEH B2-OS3/03L~0; on B21O13, aamp 1 e line heater discovered 

OTiplusfffd' causing dryuall continuous air monitor to fail due 

to cc-rtdeniation in three detec tors. Caused by personnel 

trror. Heater plugged in. 

THORPE. D Tenneisae Valley Authority. B3/11/10. Region 3. 

Office of Director. 2pp. 16169:263. 24X Fiche: 50-2S9, B2/ 1 1/10, 


B211320331 Foriuard. LER 92-080/03L-0. 

CflrEhT. H J Tennesiee Valley Authority, 02/11/10. T1EILLY, J. P. 
Region 2, Office of Director. Ip. 16163:0i5. 24X 
FicJie: 90-339.03/1 1/10, B21 1220331. 

32 1] 220349 LER 62-Q00/03L.-Q: an B3I013, opera tor unabln to manually 

tncra*e .pterf of rflesel generator D. rendering generator 

Inoperable. CaulBd by dirty contact on OE mode suited or 

nlau model 12HFA51 A42F. Bui tc h inspetted. 

ChWIBTOPHER,W Tennessee valley Authority, 02/11/10. Region 3, 

*?""* Director. 2 PP . 16165:066. 24* Fiche : 50-359, B2/ 1 1/10. 


82100B0153 Public version of revised Page 3 to Emergency PlaT 
Implementing Procedure IP-20 t. revised revision log sheet 
. Tennessee Valley Authority. 82/08/10 12pp. U663.23 
Fiche: 5O-259, 82/O9/23, 8210080141. 

B21004006B Generic LIT 62-17 to all power reactor licensees I 
applicants 1 holder! of CPs re inconsistency between 
requirements of I OCFR50. 541 1) !. STS for performing audits o. 
emergency preparedness programs. Svc list end 

EISENHUTiD G. Division of Licensing aj/iu/ui. Lonsonu 

Edison Co of Neu. Yrk. Inc. llpp. 1^002: S0B 24X 
Fiche: 5O-000. aa/10/01, 8310040060 

B310070019 Generic Ltr B3-21 to all licensees ^applicants of 
power reactors re Tech Specs for fire protect, on audits 
Forwards guidance discussing general scope !< describing 
elements to be included in audit Svc Utt^^l. 
EISENHUT, D. G. Division of Licensing. 
Erii.on Co. of NBU Yort, Inc 19pp. 
Fiche: 50-000, BS/lO/Ob, 8210070019. 

B2/10/06 Con- 

15993 33B. 24X 

B211190494 Fnruards IE Insp Repts 50-2D9/B2-3 1 . 50-260/62-31 fc 

50-296/82-31 on B3O913-17 No nancufflpl ian not.d B ,, IO/ , 3 

vERRELLI.D.M. Division of Project b Res. dene Pro ^s_ B2/lO/,a. 
PARRIS-H.G. Tennessee Valley Authority 2pp 16057. 23B. 24X 
Fiche: 50-259, B2/ 1O/13, 021 1 150494 

eaH230!33 Forwards LER B2-084/03L-0. 

OflEEH,H J Tenne.^ee ValUy ftuthorit,,. 02/11/16. O'REILLY, J. P. 
R.altm 2, Office of Director. Ip. 16193:101. 24X 
Flcfta: 50-259, B2/1 1/16, B21 1230133. 

__ 03] 1330141 LER 82-004/031-0: on S21O10, reactor mater level suiitchas 
1 If S of L1B-3-203D as-found calibr violated Tech Specs. 
C*ui.d by Instrument drift, Switches recal ibr, Functionally 
tested t> returnaif to svc. __ ...... 

IflBY.B.J. T.nneueB Valley Authority. 82/11/14.. e S 

OM1 if Director. 3pp. 16193:103. 24X Fiche: 50-257, 

5. Office of Director. lp. 
Flch:SO-259, 82/11/19, 0211390319. 


Ii221:139, 31X 

32H2T0323 LER B2-OB7/03L-0: on 031034 , dur ing normal operation, 400-vol t 
reactor MQV board IDA motor generator aat voltage swing 
iciedDd Tech Bpacs. Caused by failure of capacitor in 
vnltaae peculator, Regulator replaced, 

CHHlStSpHER.H. Tennessee Valley M thori t, ,. Ha/1 1 /I7 !*" 3 ' 

Office of Director. 2pp. 16881 ;1AO, 24X Fiche: 50-239, B2/11/I9. 

V. Operator Examination! 

8310130011 Oinerlc Ltr 03-10 to all power roactor applicants 1> 
Ifc.nnet rt qp.rator *. sanior reactor P e " t ",. 
T^ciualificatlon eoms. AriviBes that exams begin at facility 


Edl*on Co. of Neu. York, Inc. 13pp. 
Flih e; 90-000, B2/10/13, B210130019. 

16003:334. 34X 

-B211150501 IE Insp Repts 50-259/02-31 , SO-260/B2-3. t, 50-296/82-31 
830913-17. Ho none omp 1 iance noted. Major areas inspected. 

CLml" C E ^^vitton'of Emergency Prep.r.dne.s L OP'-tion-l 
fltj^rt 'Bwlo/ia. IBpp. 160572,0 24X F, ch e 50-2,7, Q=/ 10/ 

B211110408 Responds to 820331 1 tr ' 
Changes conslitant u/provisions 

VASBALLO.D. D. Operating Reactor 
Tsnnessee Valley Authority, 3pp 
Fiche- 50-259, B2/1O/56, B21 11 10400 

p clianges to physical 
,f 10CFR30. 54(p) f. 

Branch 2. 

ecurity plan 


B21U20142 Foruards request for addl info re 820630 subnittal 
pp.t.ntinB safe shutdown analysis 1, necessary mods ,n 
CD -npltance w/ IOCFI150, ftpp H, Sect ion 1 1 1. 
VA BBALLO,D.D. Operating Reactors Branch a - 
Tennessee Vallo tf Authority. 3pp 1606B 120 
Ffche: 50-237, BSfiO/SA, 831 1 120142. 

B21029010B Generic Ltr 82-23 to all l'"" * 
inconsistency between requirements of 10CFR73 
for performing audits of safeguards contingen 


Edison Co. of New York, inc. avv. 
Fiche: 50-000, 82/10/30,8210290108. 

B211050205 SubniSs brief d*icri P t ion of Schwa * *"?^"^^' 
fire-resistant locking file cabinets used for storage 

mi'STlF 'rlnn^see Valley Authority. B3/11/01. DENTDN.H H 
Sffice of' Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director, tp. 15749:316. 
Fiche: SO-259, 83/11/01,8311050305- 

K. Qniit. Storage of Lou Level Wa.te 

BSlt&aO*53 Notlfle. of issuance of License 41-OHIAS-14. author!. ing 
onilfe. storage of low l.v.l radyaste. Ltr of Issuance end. 

,C. Advnc.d Funl & Spent Fuel Licensing 

Atomic B*tv "nd LiceriBing Appeal Panel. 
Fl c her 50-EB9, 83/09/53,6211030493. 

ranch. 02/09/23. 
13939:294. SAX 


___.--------- ----"-- --- -'-'- '---"" " 

f-7 Brcurltu- medical, .merfl.ncy (, f '>_' ^*^*^[1_^^! 

R.I..... public v-rli>n of revised pag. E to en.erg.ncy plan 
ting proc.durs. oa/noyost Document 

f fc ^'V'?aa:- ""'J^s^ 


--MWDBOM7 Forward, public v.r.lon -' 
Iipiifl-ntlna Proc.dure. IP-20 . r. 

i.ion log 

uT v .n. *..-. i H 

ic. of Nuclear R-giilatlc-n, Director. 2 PP . 
24X Flcht: 90-239, aa/09/BB,B2100B0141. 



AdjuSicatory correspondent* 



that NIC will aiiit t 
ina Branch 4. 

JWUSON.R J Hearing Branch 

in settlement In an^ 

1CHE, H. U. Tennrnee 




8311110284 Application to amend Licenses DPR-33, DPH-52 I, 
updating .p.c. fc clarifyinfl requirement* in Tech Spec* 
prinsr tf cent* Inmint isolation valves. *Pc* f 

nI*V?' L 'a\. T * nnt " Valle Authority. S3 /I I/OS. DEN TON. H R 
SIJ^T * Huclear Rector Regulation. Director SB *' 37 

SIX Fl chc: 30-259. B3/H/O5. B31 11 10284. "' ' 2?0 


Tech Spec eh.n fl . u,d.t lt, B spec, (, c || 
ent isolation va elmri 

82/11/05. 15pp 

pec e.n fl . u,d.t lt, B spec, (, c | r e primary containment isolation valve, el 

=*"* Vjl1 "" Ao """-it- 82/11/05. 15 " 

: 50-259. 83/1 1/05, 0211110284. 

B21I110464 Application to amend Licenses DPR-33, DPK-5 

"' 9 "' to redu " 

' W r ' nn "" B Valle Authority. B2/11/OS. DENTOW.H Jl 

Motion For e. tension of time until ntni i-j 
820930 order, fi n.. Mr Jo . n rtu * " 

ell'plr? Un ' noiun B2/H/17. VC Atol t SaFety and 
el. 2pp I4164:2A7 S4X Fiche ; 50-259, B2/ 

FCI Trijj IM ^. ,'., ---uent available from PDR 

:u u^- Sp'p" 01 ;;,^^"^!, ^ /lo r- HAFNER ' D ' 

92IIIoOOlO IA1B2.09A, 2^X Flche: SO-000, 02/10/0', 


tudu on Svc Hater Sji Foultng. " 
24K Fiche- 50-000. 83/IO/4. C B2]11600^0 BS ' 23pP 

r s : :: K 

Fiche: 50-000, 03/10/26,3210260083 
B210270030 Generic Ltr B2-39 t n >ii aim 

-:". x;:::,:: : ;; ; ' , 

^ bt *"*9>-".Bv e list end 
. O, Division o.* Llcensiro 


dMJn B frequ.ncg 

- . 

pow.r u/iingle rec i rculat ion loop in svc ^aucod 

VASBrtU.0. D, D. Opratin D Boactors Branch 2. B3/1 1 /OH PARRIfi H 

T.nnnste valUy Authority. 4p p 1617S'35H D. i PARR 1 8. H 

Fiehe: 50-359, B2/U/OB.B211ITO347: 16I7B ' 35B - S4X 

,R V i s ion 1 per Generic Ltr 81-04 ResDonsn 

^*'"" 3 '"'" "'" sent * Mio 

B. Operating Beactora Branch 2. Sa/ll/OH 
T; 1 "* ..... valUy Authority. 7 PP . 16174:337 aJi 
Fich:BO-aS9, 92/11/08.921 1ITO34B. I/1| ' JJ/ - 2llJ < 

B211B40410 Arfvi, B1 of resolution of NUREQ-0737, Itom 11 K 3 S4, 
"Ad.nuacv OF fip aC e C OO ling P OP HPCI & RCIC. Safetg 
valuation encl. oarem 

WASSALLQ.D. fl. Operating fleactors Branch 2. Sa/U/ia PARH11 H 

Forward, request for addl info re TMI 

"" 1 

Dirtctor - 


-* ....... '" 

|MILLB,L.I1. Tnns.. Valley Authority, S2/11/17 DEN TOM H R 




-aai 12-30314 Proposed Tech Spec change* adding diverse differential 
griisure mltchta & installation of more reliable Float 
.ultches to initiate ic ram on high leval In scram discharge 
Inttrumvnt vol, 

* Tnnsise Vallay Authority. 82/11/17. 3pp. 16193: 379. 24X 
Fit hi: 30-360, fl2/ 11/17.8211230313, 

9211130339 Ack receipt of 820938 Itr informing NRC of steps taken 
correct violations noted in IE Insp Repta 50-259/02-2:), 
SO-260/B2-23 i. 50-296/82-23 

LEWIS, B C Division of Project & Resident Programs. B2/1O/2I. 
PARRIS.H.Q. Tennessee Valley Authority lp. 16057' 043 34* 
Fie he: 50-237, S2/ 10/21. 831 1130339. 

Informs that utll participated in BWR owners group efforts 
on HUREO-0737, Itarn U.K. 3. 23, "Loss at AC Poiuor on Pump 
Seals. " Ltr rtiolvti NUREQ-0737, 1 tern U.K. 3. 23 for 


MILLS, L. K. TennassOB Valley Authority. 02/11/22- DENTON, H. Ft. 
Offlcr of Nuclt-ar Reactor Regulation. Diractor. lp. 16219:011. 24X 
Fieftt: 50-B39, Ba/1 1/23, 8211590463. 

O. Inspection reports, IE Bulletins Si correapondence 

&2OSI9O220 IE Info Notice B2-37, "Crackino in Upper Shell to 
TrJitiltion Cone Oirth Weld of Steam Generator at Operating 
PHR. " Bve U*t tncl. ,,,,, 

JOflDANp E Division of Engineering tr Quality Assurance. 82/09/16. 
Oomolidated Edi*on Co. of New York, Inc. 103pp. 13930:001. 21X 
Flchai 30-000, B2/09/16. 8308190220. 

62C6 190222 IE Info Notice 82-34, Revision 1, "Welds in Main Control 
F*nel*. " Bvc lilt ncl. m man-i 

JOUDftH, E t- Blvl.lon of Engineering 1 Quality Assurance. BB/OV/i/. 

Ccn*ol(irat>d Edi.on Co. of New York, Inc. 107pp. 15099:103. 24X 
FUft:SO-000, G3/09/17, B20B19022S. 

GSQ&lWSSt IE Info- Notice B2-39, "Svc Degradation of Thick Wall 
StaJnln* 9cel Recirtula tion Sys Piping at BWR Plant." 

JORDAM.e, L. Division of Enginr infl . Quality Asiurance. B2/O9/H1. 
Con*oliiatd Edison Co. afMBUJYort, Inc. 86pp. 16017:098. 21X 
Flch*: 30-000, a2/09/ai. 0308190229. 

eSOaiVOaSS IE Info Notice 02-3a, "Change in Format fc Distribution Sijt 
for IE BulletlnsrCirculan ti Info Notices." Svc list end. 
P6VQUNO.H, C. Director's Office, Office of Inspection and 
Enforci-i-tnt. FJ2/09/22. Consol Idata J Edi.on Co. of NBUJ York, Inc. 

16010:021. 24X Fiche: 50-000, 92/09/22, EJ20S190223. 

B3CDttCr333 IE Info Notice 82-10, "D.flt i ancles in Primary Containment 
Eletrlt*l Psnetration Asiemhllss. " Bvc list oncl. fl! ,/ng/p 

JORDAM.E.L, Division of Engineering fc Qual ity Assurance 82/09/2^ 

Coniolldatsii Edl.on Co. of Nu. York, Inc. HHpp. 15930.019. H4X 
Ficfi: 30-000, 03/09/22,0208190233. 


.Tdi IE Insp Ripti 90-239/B2-32, 50-260/B2-32 h 
on 020914-17. No noncompl lance notad. oa /in/nA 

VfifiRELLI.B.M. Dlvi.ion of Project t, Resident Pll """"- . W/ ' J' 06 ' 
PARRI6,H.O. Tennessee Valley Authority. 2pp. 16055.131. 24X 
Fl t ft : flQ-239, BZ/ 1 0/Oi, B21 1 1 50292. 

~- B21H50344 Responds to NRC B20B30 Itr re violations noted in 1L Imp 
Rept* 50-359/82-23. SQ-2fcO/B2-33 t, 50-296/82-33. Con-ec tive 
actions: procedures revised it leaiage pathways repaired 
MILLB, L. M. Tennessee Valley Authority. S2/09/2E) O -HEH.LY, J. f 
Ragion 2, Office of Directur. 4pp. 16057 014. 24X 
Fiche: 50-259,82/10/21,8211150339. 

B211150349 Forwards IE Insp Repts SO-259/B2-33, 50-360/B2-23 t 
50-396/B2-B3 on 820730-0310 t, notice of violation 
LEWIS, R C. Division of Project V Resident Programs 8i.VQ8/30 
PARHIB.H.Q. Tennessee Valley Authority. 2pp 16O5VO4B. ^1- 
Fiche: 50-259, 02/10/21,0311150339. 

8311150351 Notice of violation from insp on 820730-OB10. 

* Division of Project !, Resident Programs. 82/08/30 lp. 
16037:050. 24X Fiche: 50-359, 02/10/21 . B31 1 150339 

8211180385 IE Insp fiepts 50-259/83-23,50-260/82-23 (. 50-29i/B2-23 cm 
620730-0810. Noncomp 1 ianco noted: Survel 1 lance Instruction 
4. 7, C, seconiJary containment, d 1 d not account for inleakage 
to lecondary containment ione. 

CHASE, J.M-, PAULK.G.L. , CANTRELL. F. B. Division of Project fc 
Resident Pro B ran.s. B2/OB/24. 14pp. lfcO57 051. 24X 
Fiche: 50-259,02/10/21.8311150339 

8200190239 IE Info Notice 82-41- "Failure of Safety/Re 1 i ef Valves t 
Open at OWR, " Svc list end. Q n/,/w>n 

JOHDAN.E.L. Division of Enijineering l Qua 1 i ty Assurance 92/1O /. ^ 

Consolidated Edison Co. of N.u. Yori, Inc. HOpp 1596O 15J ,'4X 
Fiche: 50-000, 02/10/22,6203190239. 

8211150606 Ack receipt of B21O14 5 upp 1 e^ental response NIK. of 
steps taken to correct violations noted in IE Insp F'epts 
30-259/02-10,30-260/82-10 I 50-296/B2-IO ~,,, n ,-, n 

i CUIQ n r Division of Project ( Resident Programs. B^/lu/i". 
PARRIB.HO. Tennessee Valley Authority. lp. 16059313 24X 
Fiche: 50-259, 83/10/28, 021 1 1 30606. 

8311190617 Suppls response to NRC 83O429 Itr re 

nlations notert 
ng . 

Region 2, Office of Director. 3pp. 
Fiche: 50-259, 82/10/23, BH11 150606. 

16059 314 

8311130197 Confirm! 021027 telcon re 821105 


--B21H50S9B IE Insp Repts SQ-259/B3-32. 30-260/02-32 fc 30-296/82-32 on 
B209I4-17.NO noncompllance notd. Major areas inspected: 
iMBrvlct ins(i,r*viu of proeaduras^ observation of inorfc t> 
u&rk activities ( inspector follomui) items. T.^hnical 


P. Region 2. OffUa of D,r.ctor 
Tennassee Val lay Authority. 2pp. 16056.160. 
Fiche: 30-239. S2/1 1/01, B21 11 50197. 



S2lll-!HH<M Foru-rds IE Imp Rept. SO-239/B2-31, 50--260/0a-31 fc 

9O-2T&/B2-31 on 620913-17. No noncnmpl iane* natal. mtin/13 

VERRELLI.D.H. Division of Project t Resident P"gr.. K / I0/t3. 
PAHR1S.H.O. Ttnnessae V.lley Authority. 3pp. 16057.233. *+* 
Flch*: 30-BJ9, Bff/10/13,B21 1150194. 

--HatllMl IE In.p fi-pt. SO-239/BE-31.50-260/B2-31 fc 50-B96/B2-31 on 
BS0713-17.NO noncomplianca noted. Major r>s inspctd. 

rsir'xsitisrsrB. Divi.^n .. 

tloMl Support, BB/10/12. IBpp. 
! 30-2S7i Ba/10/13.821 1130494. 

8211190447 FQTW.rd. IE In.p Rapt. 80-339/02-33,30-260/02-33 I. 

50-a9A/Ba-33 on 830920-24. No noncflmpl Unc. ";< n2 /10/18 

VENRH.1.I.D.H. Division of Project i R.sident *"?"*" 'MX 

PARftI8 ( RO. T.nn Valley Authority. 2 PP . 16057:214. 24X 

FIc h: 30-289, aa/10/19, 8211 IM469. 

--931U5047S IE In.p R..ti 80-239/82-33,50-260/82-33 fc SO-BW/Ba-SB on 
820920-24. No noncomplUnce notad. Ma jor artas '"*P** il - 
lle*ni* action on prevlou. anForc.m.nt matt.r., OA/QC 
jrfaifTiIttrt Ion prooram, procuremanti racaip t a storaoe, _ , hl ., r ,i 



83111501 < )a Forward i monthly operating repti fur ftuo 1991 


Tanneitee Valley Authority. BI/09/10 Office op 

Management and Program Aridlyiis. Ip. 16059' 202 SAX 
Fiche: 50-25"?, B1/09/1O, B21 1 | 50198. 

3211130204 Monthly operating repti far Aug 19B1 

?V' u T ! tln " ee Valley Authority. Q1/O9/OI. 40pp. 16039-205 
24X F]che-50-25f,Bl/09/10,&21ll5019B io 3 w..iua. 

op*ratinj repti for Aug 1963 
A"* 1 ""-"* ea/09/10. Hin. fl M. B t 

0. 24* Fi<h,: 50-239, B 2/0-?/IQ. 

-B2I129036! LER S2-034/O3L-0; on B31Q23, prima ru containment purg, , B1 after 7=0-h of oper.tion. Caused by incorrect lggliu * 
of iys run tine. Instruction uill be revised by 821231 
* Tenn*.e. Valley Authority. 82/11/19. fl.oion 3, Office of 

Director. 2j>p. 16221:004. SIX Fi che: SO-260. 0I/ 11 /19, 621 1 3903S4. 

V. Opr*tor Enminations 

8210130019 O.n.rit Ltr B2-18 to all poyer reacts applicant, t 
I-!*?"". re rsactor operator C. senior reactor operator 

n etans. Advi sei that eiams begin at facility 

^i. nn r * ., DiV i S 'u n , f Lilen9 i n 9' B2/10/12, Con.oliifa ted 

Edison Co. of Neu York, Inc. 15pp. 16002' S34 24X 
Fiche: 50-OOO, B2/1 0/13, B3101300I 9 

9311020369 Monthly operating r&pli for Aug 1963. 
TiHOM f T. Tenne5ae& Valley Author! t(|. 62/09/01 
24* Fiche: 5O-259. B2/09/IO, ESI I02G365. 

Konthliji operalino rept* for Sepi 1 902 
JOIJES.G.T., THOM, T. Tennniei Vallt flutliDr 

X. Onlte StOTtgf of Lnw Level Waste 

nt . e 

gn*lte ibaragr of lou level raduaste. Ltr of iisuance *ncl 
IJ/o nc 1. 
ROUSE.L.C, Adv.nced Fuel t, Spent Fuel Licensing Branch. BB/09/aa 

" 11 

S RepDrta6|B^octurrencPS, LEHs & related correspondence 

B2liOS024fa Foruardi LER B3-031/03L-0. 

SHEEN, MJ Tennessee Valley Authoritg. B2/1O/29. O'REILi-V, JP 
Realon 2, Of f ic* of Director. !p. 1 59?2- 3QO 34X 
Ficrto: 50-260, 92/10/29, 93! 1OB0346. 

* K"-"n. bldg v ent 
f P 1 -"- 6 -"" b P.r. 
fn * di5co " 8d "/P.r.on 

Authority. H2/10/29. 

USl 10901 56 Forwards LEW B2-032/03L-0. 

OBEEH, H J. Tennesieo Wa ] Ley Authority 83/11/02. 
Region 2, Off J C e f Direc tor. Ip. 1 6003 004 M 
fir.he- 50-360, HS/ll/Oa, SSI 1O90156. 

O'flErLLY, J P 

-6211070165 LR B2-O33/03L-0: on B2I006, HSIVs 1-14,1-15 
I-3B , 1-52 .t.d.P al l DU a b ,e ! rate o f "l i Itd 
rt per hour. Caused fry A tugod-Morr i 1 ] gloie valves le 
past mam seat Valves L, , 1 1 be rspairad ' 

T" ..... Val1 ^ ft-f-rm. B2/H/02. 

" 16003.035. 24X FUo . : 50- 

B2H090169 Forwards LER B2-O30/03L-0. 

CREEN. M. J. TonneiiDB Valleu Authority. 02/1I/O3 
ReSion S, attic* of Directo?. Ip. |M3 074 
FithBj 50-260, 83/11/02, 

'BFii j w 

" Valley Authoritu. B2/II/02. 
"' lfi 03:075 34X F icbB: 50- 

B21I160]94 NPDES none amp ] i an ce n t i f i ratjon: an B31029. < ondenr coolin 
^ter sample found fc o ha^e high P H content. Caused bu oU ni 

!!*f ?" I"^* 1 " hy<Jro ' ]lJe tflf... tanl at ffl , teU p u*t. 

treatmot plant. Water neirtt-al i i od. 

EL-ASHBV.H^T Tennessee Valley Authority. BS/1I/IO. MflRLAR , J 

Environmental Protection Agency 2pp. U093- 137 s^v 

Fiche: 50-239, 62/11/10,0211160174. ' 

8211330324 Forwards LER 03-O33/03L-0. 

GREEH, H, J. T*nnBsse Va ! I eu Authoritu 
fl.Bion S. OfMe. of Director. lp. 
FlCh.: 50-260. Ba/ll/l&, B2112303B4. 

62/11/15 rt'Brrr J v f o 

:on B9I01D. .urv. i 1 lane e tpl. SI 4,7 K 4 

-l .| f " '" P" 1 *"-^ C<">t-inra. n t pSr fl . .y 

rtvealed m^thul iodli>e ren i ova l eFficii-ncy of 7S. 31 X 6.!L 

OREEN 2' ' U ? /minU1 M ( X /' u " d ^ *' -barbed on ti "r. 
OREEN.H J Tenness.e Valley Authority. 62/11/15 O'REILLY., J P 
Redion 2. Dfflc* of Dir.ctor. 2pp. l6tBS.008 2 
Flch.. 50-260,92/11/15,9211230324 

1211290354 Forwards LER 83-034/03^-0 

GREEN, H J Valley Authority 02/11/19. P'REILLV, J P 
Region 2, Offic. of Director. Ip. llsai-QOJ 245! HfcILLr ' J " f ' 
Fiche; 50-260, 92/1 !/!<? S21 12703S4 

?""]! i * V l medicail emergency (, fire protection plans 

VVVSSn'X**'?"* 1 ' """ me "t "' "e.nwt perfor^anci 
Ju I 19HO-D 1-J0I (, licence comment,. Al 1 Future 

SflLP Vpt uil] be baied on neiu criteria delineated in FR 

notite of Mat- 1 9B2. 

O'nEILLY.J, P. ftegion 2, Office of Director. S3/09/I5 UTLEV-EE 

Carolina Pouir i Light Co. 4p P . 15572:316 24X iuti.t.t. 

Fiche: SO--OOO, 82/09/13.9210010331, 

on nti ,*,~> ',-,~~,~~~~~. """ f Llce n = BB Performance Rent. 

30-261 /S2-1 7, SO-324/B3-15, SO-325/02-15, 30-400/83-14 t, 

SO-4OI/S2-14 fop Jul 1980-Dec 1981. 

" " " *" "' " B2/OS/31. 41pp. 13972:333. 2M 

8310010428 Forwards comments on systematic assessment of llctnsEe 
performance for Jul 19SO-Dec ilBl. Assessment present* 
unbalanced vfcu of utll pa,t safety performance urt le, s addj 
t iplanation IE supplemented. 

SU^' E 9 E 'n*5? reI ^** POI1 " T * Li8ht C ' BS/07 ^Q. O'ffEILLY.J.P. 
e? 9 i J' ffU ' of 0iTBet0 ''- 4<? PP' 15572:361. 24X 
Fiche : 30-000, B2/09/1S. 8810010331. 

T:: l ^ Ltr S ?' 17 V a " P olultr ""'tw U"n B .e B 1 

tt huldnri of CPs re incons istancy between 
ts of 1OCFR50. 54( t) h STS for performing auoit. of 
prepar " fna " P'-oS'-flms.Svc list encl. 

fn r V K, DJV i 9i ?" f LI ""'na- B3/10/01. ConsolIda 

EiiBon Co. of Heu, Vork. Inc. llpp. 16002- 2BB PflK 

Flch.rSO-OOO, 82/10/01,8210040068 

8210070019 e. n .i.le Lti- BS-21 to ,11 licensees t, applicant, of n 
po^.r reactor, r. tech Spec, for fire protection audit. 
Forusrds jufdjinc* diacuislng general scope i describing' 
element* to be Included in audit. Bvc list encl 

Id ifnn 1 ^ Si K, 1 "^ 1 ^" ? f L '"i3. 83/1 0/M. Con o liJ fl 

Ediion Co. of IJeu York, Inc. 19pp, 15993:338 24X 
Flch*:30-000, 62/10/06,6210070019. 

n""i t >* 1S S2 " 33 to a11 n.i i applica ntB re 
lncon,i.tTicij betuaen requirements of 10CFB73. 40(g) *, SIS 
for prrrorM ng aU dlt. of nfegoards cqnting.ney P l an * 
Security pUn),Sve list encl ^ 

Ui!^ U c; a ^ ^^'r ? f L1 ""'ng. 88/IO/M. Con.olidai.d 

Edimn Co. of Ku York. Inc. 8pp. 13993-319 2flv 
Pith. : 90-000, B2/10/30,8210290108 13YVJ ' JW - 24X 

82111SOS02 Confirmatipn of Action Lti- 261/S2-01 re B21O14 eKiiro ericir 
3.c .n^iL" RBblB " n - u I " tl " * -t.olv. appoint glP 
c!J?5" " m "' aB "=V l P''*Prednes* program eonfirmtd. 

D'Srn.y , ".'"'" a '" * pplid to BrunHlcA. 
REILLV, J.P. Reaion 2, Office of Director. 02/11/O1 UTLEV. E 
CaroSlna Power & Light Co. a. p. 16033' 191 24X uii.fcr.b. 

FlchejflOJ-OOOj 02/11/01,6211150202. 

i? r ; 1 *! f r P 1 "" 1 " 1 inventory at LM.. An g 

CMMltnintj to participat. In e.erci.. i, voluntary fc anif 

EI&J? VS r " "!*: Uitl "' "">P..d.Sv. Il.t .ncl. 
EISENHUT.D.Q Divi.ion of Licensing. BS/11/03. Con.ol Ida te* 

Edison Co. of NBW York, :. Up J6Q19: 004 Z4X 

Fi eh.r 80-000, fla/i 1 fQ3. 021 1040379 



J In-iurance (< indemnity Information 

6S|10t(XJ37 Forwards Endorsement 57 to MAELU Policy MF-49. 

BASIC Carolina Pouer !. Light Co. 02/10/39. SALTZMAN, J. 
Antitrust t Economic analysis Branch (Utility Finance). 3pp. 
1. 24X Fiche : 50-261, 82/ 1O/39, 021 1040337. 

B211040230 Request, e. tension until B21JMS to ^"P* * technical 

P. a pirating license stage documonts & correspondence 

SaiJ030255 Summary of 820224 meeting u/Uestinghouse ouiners group, 
Southern CA (*Uon, CPtL t. FL Power It Light in Detheada.MD re 
ereitur i led thermal shock. 

UISSIHO.Q Operating Reactors Dranch 4. 02/03/08, Operating 

FZ.attort Drarvch 4. Spp. 13941:260. 34X F 1 che : 50-OOQ, B2/O3/00, 

B2UO10470 "TEch Specs for Redundant DHR Capab i 1 i ty. HD Robinson Steam 

... , me. FIN A-6489 _ 

82/08/31 DONOHEW. J. M. Division of Licensing. 17pp. 15B95.JO/. 
2MX Fithe: 50-261, 53/09/31,0311010470. 

9209310027 Oeneric Ltr 82-14 to all PUR licensees re NUREG-0737 Tech 
Sjcs Heouests review of Tech Specs to determine consistency 
u/juitlance provided. For items u/devia tions, amend to license 
r<tuIrei.H/o jtated encls.Svc list end. 

EIEEKHUTVD.0. Division of Licensing. 82/09/30. Consolidated 

ETiilon CO. of Niu Vork, Inc. ISpp. 15930:110. 24X 
Flcfie: 3O-OOOr 02/09/20, 8309310027. 

eSLlQ&Ooia Forwards request for addl Info re TMI Item U.K. 3.25, 
"Pooler to Pump Seals." Draft transmittal Itr end. 

D. Division of Licensing. 82/09/30. Division ' 

9 5pp. 15971:354. 24X Fi c he: 50-000, B2/09/30, B21 1O60613, 


6311010333 Advises that response to NUREG-0737, Item III. D. 3. 4, 
Room Hab liability" unacceptable. Addl info re corrective 
action* & modt requested within 6O doya. 

VARCA.B. Operating Reactors Branch 1. B2/10/01- JONES, J. A. 
Carolina Power t. Light Co. 2pp. 19020:346. 24X 
Fiche: 30-2AI, 82/10/01, B21 1010303. 

S2I103046B Confirms S21005 telcon re util response to NUREG-0737, 
I Inn U.K. 3. 25, "Pouier on Pump Seals." Item considered 

VARObB A. Operating Reactors Branch I. B2/10/13. UTLEY, E. E. 
Carolina Paumr t, Light Co. 2pp. 15939:311. 24X 
Fieh*; 90-261, 02/10/13. 0211030460. 

6211060351 Discusses util rosponse to NUREG-0737, I tern III, K, 3.3, 
"Reporting Relief Valve & Safety Valve Failures ft 
Challenges." Response sat isfactory. Hera considered closed. 
VAROA.SA Operating Reactors Branch 1. 02/10/20. UTLEY. E. E. 
Carolina Pouier t< Light Co. 2pp. 15971:333, 24X 
Fich*: 30-241, 62/10/20, 321 1060391. 

8211100490 CormenU on resolution of Unresolved Safety Issues A-47 
A l9.Canditions for participation in study acceptable. 
Funding or ra imbursemant not guaranteed. Ocneric criteria 
should be used for screening purposes. ____ 

EISEHHUT.D.O. Division of Licensing. 82/10/29. UTLEV. E. E, 
Carolina Pouer i Light Co. 4pp. 16041: 113. 24X 
Fien; 50-241, 92/10/25, S21 1100470. 

G2102600Bfl Oeneric Ltr 02-20 to all power reactor 1 icensees, permit 
holder* fc applicants for CP re guidance for implementing 
6HP rult.Foruards NUREG-0906. NUREO to be used as interim 
otait/r* until Reg Ouide 1.70 revised. Svc list enel. .,.,,.. 

E1SENHUT,DQ. Division of Licensing. B2/10/2A. Consolidated 

Etltot, Co. of Neu York, Inc. 9pp. 19993:293. 24X 
Ficht: 30-000. 82/10/26,8210260090. 

8210270030 QtnerU Ltr 82-22 to all PWR licensees re Congressional 
reau**l for info concerning steam generator tube integrity. 
Forward! Congressman EJ Markey B21019 t|ueitlons re steam 
gsnirator tub integrity. Svc list encl. 

ElBEWHUr, D. 0. Division of Licensing. 82/10/26. Consol id- tod 

Edlion Co, of Neu Vort. Inc. 10pp. 16099: 332. 24X 
Ficfie: 3O-000, 02/10/26,0210270030. 

SSI 1010176 Adviivs that lu&roittal of detailed analysis re loss of 
nofn*l ftduter transient mill bB delayed until 021130. 
due to ejitr* time retiuini! to develop t debug computer 

llMKERMAN.S.R. Carolina Pouer !. Lioht Co. B2/10/20. VAROA, 8. A. 
Operating Raactors Branch 1. lp. 1SB68:02S. 24X 
Flche: 30-261, S2/10/20, B31 101017*. 

sat fi- V.J.K:: Js/: 1 ::!!.' 

Operating Reactors Branch 1. 2pp 
Fiche: 50-261, 02/11/01,8311040233. 

8211110433 Notification of B21104 mating u/util i n Beth esrta, MD to 
rBvieiu npessuriied tHerraal shuck concerns at Facility 

E0^ P Operatino H.-ctor. Br.ncn 1 /] 11 3 VAffOA. S A. 
Operatina Reactors Branch 1. 3pp. 1AO4^:31G. 24X 
Fiche: 50-261, 62/11/03.0211110433. 

Forwards "PWR Ba f . t, & R.ll.f Tt Pr 0fl T..POHV Blutk 
Vlv. Ad.o.c Rept for Carolina Powr A L >h* ^d, HD 
Bobinson Unit 2," submitted per NUREO-0737, I tern II. i). 1.3. 
R Z ?^Sw" B .R. Br c-lina P^er * " ."Co ,,,,,. VAROA. b. A. 
Operating Reactors Branch 1. lp I6O04:O34. 24X 
Fiche; 30-261. 32/11/04,5211070310. 

B211090295 Foruard* "PUR Safety I, Relief Va I ve Ad.juaeg 
NUREO-0737, Item II. D. l-Z.Hpt conFir^s ability of safety t, 
relief valves to open '- close under etpetted oporatir.g 

Operating Reactors Branch 1 If 
Ftchei 50-261. 0S/1 1/04,6211090295. 

(iOll.329. 34X 

Uest inghouse Eloctric Corp 

24XFUhe 50-26!, 02/11/04, 821 1090275. 

B2110904SO Advises of intent fet. ufcilir. |id,t.d FSAR fcr p.rfar.lna 
safety analysis reviews t, SOCFR90 5<) ovalualior,* Orlg.nal 
FSAR matnt^nei a, archive. Up d.te t FSAR nuinfin.d a, 

|S"LV"'S!!.M%^r P i"i:h* Co. K/1./03 DENTOH. H R Of f i 
of N^r.ear ReatUr Regulation Directs. lp. 16000:339. 34X 
Fiche: 50-000, 02/1 1 /OS. 02 1 IOTO45O. 

0311100330 Notiftcati^ of S2110B me 
r.vl-w fluence t .l U latl; M -or r 
REQUft.O. Operating Reactors Drai.c 
Operating Reactors "ranch 1. 2pp 
Fiche: 30-261,02/11/09,3211100333. 

ing /-utll in Btfchd.MD 
tor ^..ur. vl. 

92/ 1 I/OS VARSA. S A 
16035.352. 24X 

in Beth^da.MD 

B21U20S40 NDUficaticm O f 3S1I12 meeti^ W 
dlicu pr H ssuri.d th-r.Al shoe* c on c ern - 
fiEQUA.O. Operating Reac ors Jlranch a ^' /05 24!< VA " OA ' 

Operatino Reactors Dranch 1- 2pp. 16063.330. 24X 
Flche: 30-261,02/11/05.0311120540. 

0311160047 Generic L*r B2-36 to pouer r O ac tor 1 lc. n ...< . I . . 
Wain) re NUREG-O744, Revls, on |. "P" V " aHl "*" 
Fracbure Tou, hres = . " Forwards HUREQ-0744, Fie v. sion 1 M/o 

ivUion -f tic ; n.ln, 

Ediaon Co. of tleui York, Inc. 52pp. 
Fiche: 30-OOO, g?/l 1 / 12, 621 1 1 60O47. 


8311290131 Forward, revised page for B1OB31 r-on.. U NHC BlOBHl 
i?iti evaluation on e^lron ^uallf i cat I or, of safely-related 
el-cti-ical equipment. Revision deletes statement in 
Section 3. B.per B21027 tele on w/NRC. n/,i/3i VAROA, E A 

ZIMMERMAN, 3. R. Carolina Pouer t LI gh t Co B2/ 1 1 /3- VAROA, 
Operating Reactor* Dranch 1. Hop. 16316:330. 24X 

Inspection reports, IE Bulletina 

aomnirtTii rHiciiBses stiafcematit assessment of licensee performance 
BALpf for Jul 19BO-D.C 1901 b lic.r.M c ^ments. Al 1 future 
SALP rept. ui 1 1 be based on neu criteria Jolineated in FR 

0'elLLV^p r 'HSlona. Offc. of Director, 02/0^15. UTLEV-E..: 
Carolina Pouer t, Light Co. 4 PP . 15372:314. 34X 
Fith"; 90-000, 83/09/15- B210010331. 

B210010394 Forwards Systematic Assessment of Licensee Performanco 
Reo ts SO-BM/Sa-17, 30-3E4/02- 15- 50-333/82-13, 50-400/02-14 ft 
30-401/32-14 for Ju 1 19BO-Dec 1-981. evaluation ullll be 
discussed in Raleigh, NC or. 830328, 

LEWIB,R. C. Division of Project * R ""*"* Pp "::2V -,- 
JONES, J. A. Carolina Pouier & Light Co, SPP. 15572. Jl. 
Flehe: 50-000,63/09/13.8210010331. 



--B210-OE0375 Systematic Asseisment of License* Performance fleets 
50-261/62-17, 30-324/02-13,50-323/82-15, 50-100/63-14 , 
SO-401/82-14 For Jul l9GO-Dee 1981. 

* Seoion 3, attic* at Director. B5/OS/21. 41pp 15572 330 
Fiche: 50-000,62/09/15,8210010331, 

8210010122 Forward* comment* on lyitemitic aitEiiintnt of licensee 
performance for Ju 1 !9BO-Dec 1981, Ai leuraent preitnts 
unbalanced view of util past safety performancf units* add! 
tiplanatian i supplemented. 

UTLEV.E.E. Carolina Power & Lijht Co. 35/07/30. O'REILLV, J P 
Region 5, Office of Director. 49pp. 15572'36I 24X 
Fiche; SO-OQQ, B2/O9/I5, B2IOQIO331. 

--8230010439 Grants eitenaion to 620730 for resooni* t<i Sustnatic 
Aiiessment of Licensee Performance Repts 50-361/02-17, 
SO-324/B2-15, 30-325/83-15, 50-4OQ/B3-14 b 5Q-401/B2-14, DBT 
util B20609 request. 

LEWIS, R..C. Oivi.ion of Praject !, Rendent Programs. B2/06/IO 
JONES. J.. A Carolina Pouiar (< Linnt Co. ID 15573 04B ?*K 
Fl ch P: 50-000, ea/09/ ! 5, B21 001033! . 

9210010454 Rtqueits e.tennion, to 820730 to comment on Systematic 
Aseiment of Licensee Performance fleets, 50-261/82-17, 
50-324/02-15.20-325/82-15,50-400/32-14 t, 50-401/82-14 for 
Jul 1990-Dec 1981. pur B2032S meeting. 

EURY.L.H. Carolina Payer t Light CD. B3/06/0?. O'flEILLY, JP 
Region 3. Office of Director. 2pp. 15573 049 24X 
Fit tie: 50-OQO, 93/09/15, 82100 10331. 

B203190330 IE [ nfo Notice 83-37, CrHn S in Upper Shell to 
Transition Cone Girth Held of Steam ffenerator at Oneratlna 
PUR. " Svc lit end. P 9 

-Jf]RDAN.. Division of Engineering i Quality Assurance 83/09/16 
Consolidated Ed I ton Co of Neu Vor*, Tnc. lOSpo 15930 OO1 34* 
Fiche: 50-000. 32/09/16,8208190220. 

"Uelds in Main Control 

B30BI90222 IE Info Notice S2-34, flevis ion 1, 
Pane-Is " Svc list end 
JORDAN. EL ^'X' 5 "" 1 f Enjineering i- Quality A uran ce. 

Consolidated Ednon Co of Neu York, [ n c. 107pp. 
Fit he: 50-000, 62/-09/ I 7. 32001 7O222. 


IBS 24X 
. IQJ. ^x 

B20Bl0<i IE Info Notice B&-39, "Svc De g radat iafl O f ThirK Ha ! , 
Stainlssi Steel Rec irculd 1 1 on 9us Piplnn at BUR Plant " 
Svc 1 i it enc! . 

JOBOAH.E.L. Division of En 9 ineerino t, Oualiti/ Assurance B2/09/21 

enroll dated Edi.on Co. ofNeuVorl, Inc. 34pp. 16017 O9B 2ix' 

FicKe:50-000, B2/O9/21 , 820&1 90227. toui/uvu. ^ix 

& 20ai90223 IE Tn TD Not.ce B2-38, "Ch^ng, ,n Format . Di str.b^tion Sy s 
far IE Bulletins, Circulars fc Info Notices." Svc list enr) 
DEVOl/MO.R.C. Director's Office, OFI,c. o f Inspection and" 
Enforcement. 83/09/22. Conso 1 I date* Ed! SOT, Co of New York, !< 

HOOP. iMia 021. a+x Ffeh. ; so-ooo 1 aa/o?/aa.a2oaiaa3 

820BI90233 IE Info Notice 82-40. "DePic i ent i es in Prima 
Electrical Penetration As .** 11 e,. - Svc l!" ,n c | 
JORDAN. E.L D^ifion < Enolnr f na fc Quality A,s UTJ nc 

Consolidated Erfi*on Co. of Neu Vork, Inc I12DD 
Fiche:90-OOO.B2/09/22,S30Sl?0232. PP 

a-auisossi IE insp R Bp t so-sii/ea-si on 820023-27. No ni;oill pi( illM . at , 

ara In sfrummlno room u/rdiation level above n/h " 

not lacked & failure to follow Health Physics ProceUur.s 

HP**7 -a- HP""2Q, 

ALMWHr.H H. , DEDS.D.T., DARR, K. P. Division of enoin..rir a i 

Technical Program. 82/09/16. 6pp. 16037:20.1 34)1 

Ft che; 50-261,02/11/02,3311130304. 

6311150346 Ac I receipt of 621029 Itr informing NP.C of it.p, tal.rn* 

torrect violations noted in IE Insp Kept 30-2A1/82-32 
LEWrS.R.C. Division of Project & Resident Program* 82/1I/OJ 
UTLEV.E.E. Carolina Poumr (, Light Co. lp, 1A057' 019 y&t 
Fiche : 50-2SI.93/ll/05,821115034B, euo/. ww, 24* 

S211I50334 Re, pond, to NRC B21001 Itr re violations noted JTI IE IP,,, 

Rept =0-361/82-32. Corrective act tons: administrative ' 

instruction! revisetf to include description of purposes, 
procedures b philosophies re valves Hi/chain t, lock* 

SrAHEY,H. B. Carolina Power tt Light Cn. H2/IO/3?' O'BEILLVJP 

Refion 2. Office of Director, 5pp. 14057' 020 24X 

FicfiB:50-2il,S2/ll/05, 8211I5034B. 

-8211150356 Forwards IE Insp Hept 50-261/B2-33 on B20B1I-0910 t d D tJ( 

^Jfif '",? [>ivision of Project !, Resident Proorami. D2/10/OE 
JOIJES.J.A. Carolina Power i, Light Co. 2pp. Ifi057'035 SAt ' 
Flche: 50-26), S2/1I/OS,S2I II 3O3flB. ^VSt.OSS. 2 

--B31IJ5035B Notice of violation from insp on B20811-0910 

t*^ viti " Dt pr J ect * Resident Program*. B2/10/OL Hpp 
16057: 027. 24X Fiche: 50-261, B2/ 11/05,821 1 15034FJ. 

IE Iusp Rept 50-361/02-32 on 820B1 1-0910. Noncmp ti.nce 
nateK: Pal lure to impl eraent ad equate corrective action 
required by plant administrative & maint policies 6 
establish t implement adenuate surveillance procedure 

B V" GER<C ""vision " Project 1, Reaident Pro S ra mS . 
Upp. 16057: 029. 24X Fiche: SO-S61, 62/1 1/05, 031 11503*3 

8SW190HB IE Info Notice B2-43, "Deficiencies ih LUR Air 
Vtntllation Sgs. " Svc list enc 1 . 
JORDAN.E. L. Division of Enoineering t, Quality Assurance. 


JORDAW, E. L. Division of Engineering 

Consolidated Edison Co. of Neu York, 
FitAe : 50-000, B2/f 1/19, B20BI9Q353. 

Oualitg Assurance. 
Inc, 93po 


8211290358 Advisss that response to NRC B21004 request for jddl I 
re IE Bulletin 80-11, "Masonry. Wall Design," mill be 
*u6mi66eri b<t 030201, 

ZIMMeRMAN, S. R. Carolina Power 8. Light Co. 03/11/23 VARrfM, 8 
Operating fieactors Branch I. lp. liSSO 1 33A 24X 
Fiche: 50-261, 82/11/23.6211390258. 

R. Periodic operating reports fc related corra sp nndence 


fiche:50-000, B2/ 1O/33. B30B190239. 

62111603*5 Foruams monthly operating rept for Oc t 1982 t. correctld 
nmnthly operating reptl for Aug It Bopt 1982. 

STARHEV.R.B. Carolina Pousr i Light Co. B2/11/10. &EVDUNO. B.C, 
' O t' icf ' otfic * f Inspection and Enforcement. Jp. 
S4X Fiche: 50-361, 83/1 1/10. 631 1 1 60349 


6211150504 Act receipt of 821032 Hr inforn.ina NRC of .t.p taken to 
correct violations noted In IS Insp Rept 50 -261/03-31 
H I5 1 2 ?""?; n * P^J'Ct & Resident Program. B2/I1/02. 
UTLEV-E.E Carolina Power i Light Co. lp. 16O57- 194 24 y 
riche: 50-261. e2/ll/0a,e21!l5050fl. 

631113030? Re, pond, to NRC 820732 Itr r. violations noted in IK r ns . 50-361/32-31 Corr.ctiv, actions: area in dru min "ng ' 

blocl.d off M/w.t^r filled rirums stacled 6-ft ft igh, leavi-i 
;uit enough room for drumming hoiit to move freelu 

STARKEY,R. B. Carolina Power & Light Co. B2/10/S2 O'REILLY I t> 
Region 2, Office of Director. 4pp. 16037- 195 MX REILLY| J ' "' 
Fich.:SO-261,B2/ll/02.a3tI150-504. ' ' 

A. Carolina Power ft Light C. 




-3311160349 Monthlg operating rept for Oct 1982, 

?95l 3 ' H-Rl C"olina P<""er t, Light Co. 82/11/O2. 3pp 
16092:018. 24X Fiche: SO-261 , 83/1 1/ 10, B21 i 160345. 

-8211160357 Corrected monthly operating rept for Aua 19B2 
NORRIB.H.R. Carolina Pou.r b Light Co, 82/09/02 2 on 
16092:021. S4X Fiche; 50-361 , 82/1 1/ 10- 0311 160345. 

~B211Ii0362 Corrected monthly operating rept for Sept 1?82 

NORR1S.H.R, Carolina Power & Light Co. B2/IO/O3, lp fo<H3:0?3 
SflX Flche: 30-B61, 62/11/10,6211160349. 

3. Reportable occurrences, LERs t. related correspondence 

B211C-10031 Discusses inoperabilibu of instrumentation lints duo te 
extreme cold unther. End lists affected plants i. LEHs 
during winter of 19B1-B2. Indus i on of dat in next Poyer 
fie*ctor Events would help inform licensees 

1 , R " or Operations Analysis Branch. B2/06/IB. 
.C. Director's Office. 4pp. 15892-039 24X 
: 30-000,63/06/18, 821 1010031. 



DIA request for internal nonpublic documents re 19 reactor 

KCINN1S.D Neus & Observer. 02/09/13. CARR.J. Division of Rules 
j,n Record.. 3pp. 16154:357. 24X F iche: 50-000, 02/09/ 13, 9309290101. 

02UIB0243 flapond to FOIA request for internal nonpublic documents re 
19 nactor ivents. Forwards App A documents. Addl info 
available it LPDRs listed in App B. 

FtLTDN.J M Division of Rules and Records. 03/11/01. MCINNIS.D. 
Ntui t Oftinrver. 3pp. 16154:360. 34X Fie he: 50-000. 02/1 1/01 . 
62 11] BO 262. 

eiittnreao Discutses corrective actions t. insp subsequent tn "C" 
T^ittor tDQiont pump seal Fai lure. Account of event tuhich 
caui*d nccurrenco included. 

* C*Tolina Power 5- Light Co. 75/07/20, M09ELEV, N. C. Region .'. 
Atlanta, affice oF the Director. lp. Iil54;363. 24X 
Fich: 30-261, B2/11/01,02111B0263, 

eailIC0377 Forward* updated LEFI B2-005/01T-1. 

Carolina Pomer & Light Co. 82/11/03. D 'REILLY, J. H. 
i 3, Office of Director. lp. 16025:320. 24X 
: 50-261, B2/11/03, 021! 100379. 

Updated LER BS-OOS/OIT-I: on 0206SB,durin 9 refueling 
ihutdousn. main steam check valve B found In degraded 
condition. Caused by set screws which lock valve disc tail- 
piece to rockshaft loosened by v! bration. Set screus staked. 

COK.H T Carolina Power k Light Co, 02/11/03. Region 3- QFFicr 

Of Director 3pp. 16023:329. SIX Fiche 3O-261, 03/ J 1 /03, 
B21 II 00379. 

211120470 Part 21 rept re loosening of setscreius which lack tail link 
to rod shaft of main steam check valves. Dinners of setscreu 
bfing notified. List of owners, not if icat ion 1 tr, instal lat ion 
lilt & dr-aiiiinga end. - 

MOORE. R.O. Ametek, Inc. 32/11/03. DEYOUNG. R. C. Director's Of flic, 
Office of Inspection and Enforcement. 7pp. 16043:354. 24X 
Fich*: 50-261 . 0a/ 1 1 /03, 821 1 120470. 

6311170307 Forwards LER 0B-014/03L-0. n , nc ,,,v , n 

STARKEV.R B, Carolina Power & Light Co. 82/11/11. 'REILLY, J. P. 
Region 2, Qffic* of Director. lp, 16104:142. 24X 
Fl.etii:5Q-Sil- B2/I1/1!, 021 1170307. 

B21117&311 UER 92-014/03L-0:on 821012. 1 etdomn relief valve CVC-203 
lifted fc did not reseat completelg, Cause of valve lifting 
undetermined. Failure tn reseat caused by seat damage due to 
valve chatter. Valve repaired fc returned to svc. 

CDX.H T Carolina Pouer & Light Co. 03/11/11. Region 2, Office 

*f Director. 2op. 16104:143. 34X FUhe : 30-261, 82/ 1 1/1 1 . 

SEU 170309 Foruarrfs LER 02-O14/03L-O. ,.,,.. n-nrTi.v I P 

SrflfiHEV-H.D. Carolina Pouier t. Light Co. 02/11/11. 'REILLY. J, P. 

Region 2, Office of Director. 2pp. 16104: 134. 24X 
FitKe: 50-261. 82/11/11,821 1170309. 

B2U170313 LER 6B-014/03L-O: on 83 101 B. lou pressure letdown relief line 
high tnp alarm revealed valve CVC-203 lifted & did not 
re teat, rsulting in primary sys leaking in eicess of Tech 
SpBcl.CaiUBd by valve chatter due to seat damage. 

COX.H.T. Carolina Poyer & Light Co. 02/U/ll. Re B ion3, OPfici' 

of Director. 2pp. 16104:135. 24X Fiche : 30-361 , S2/1 1/ 1 1. 

8311290&97 Forwards updated LER 1-OO1 /O! T-0. 

STARKEY.R.B. Carolina Power fc Light Co. B2/H/I7 
Region 2. Office of Director. lp. 16222:023. 24> 
Fiche: 30-261, 82/ 1 1 /17, 02 i I 290697. 


B2I1S90413 Forwards LER B2-Q17/01L-O., fl. Carolina Power ii Light Co. 02/11/17. 
Region 2, Office of Director. lp. 16218:311. 24X 
Fleti: 50-261, 83/11/17,8211390415, 

O'fieiLLV. J. P. 

8211290421 LER 82-017/01L-0; on 82! 104, u/un i t at BOX power. operator 
tfiteovered isolation valve tank isolation valve c losed. Cause 
undetermined. Valve locked open d procedures changed to 
nure that valve remains open, n **i r 

CDX.H. T. Carolina Poyer & Liflht Co. B2/I1/17. jij" =' Opflce 

of Director. 3pp. 16318:312. 24X Fiehe ; 50-261 , B2/1 1/17, 

8211290507 Forward* LER 82-015/03L-0. ,,,,,, n , D c[iiv I P 

STABEY,fi.B. Carolina Power & Light Co. 83/11/17. 'REILLY, J. P. 
Region 2, Office of Director. lp. 16881:331. 24X 
Ft che: 50-261, 92/1 1/17, 921 1290507, 

8211290521 LER S2-01S/03L-0: on S21019, during performance of periodic 
tut. comparator LC-495A found inoperable. Cause not 
diiermined. Defective comparator replaced w/spare unit- nefir 

COX.H.T. C.rolina Ppwer t. Light Co. 62/11/17. " i "5 H * Offic 

of Director. 2pp. 16221:353. SIX Fiche : 50-261, 82/1 1/17, 
321 1 S?0307 . 

0211290703 Updated LER 01 -001 /O1T- I : on BIO 109, turb ine runback fc 
automatic rod withdrawal block protection defeated w/pouier 
range channel Nil being out of svc. Caused by improper rod 
drop analysis. Administrative controls revised. 

CDXlH T Carolina Po^r fc Light Co B2/I1/I7. Re 91 on 2. Offici 

of Director, 2pp. 14222:024. 24X FichP . 50-261 , B2/I 1 /17, 

B21123034fa PNO-lI-B2-12B:on Bl 1 IS, Tr i -State Hntor Lines trailor, 
carrttir-g 55-gallofi drums low level maste to repository in 
Hartnvi Me, SC, disconnected from tractor in Co lumb ia, SC. Cause 
under investigation. -,.,,,,> 

GIBBON.A.F., DURGER.C.M. ffegion2. Of f ice of Direc tor. B2/11/10. 
2pp. 16185:034. S4X Ficfcf 50-261, B2/ 11 /IS, B31 133034A. 

V. Operator Eiamln^tions 

reoctor applicantK 
eactor operator 
bog i n jt facility 

B2101300I9 Generic Ltr 82- 1 B to alS pom*r 
licensees re reactor operator & senior 
venualification e *ama. fldv i ses that e J am 
after 9EJOO1. Svc list one I, 

EIBEHHUT,D. G, Division o f Li c ens ing. B2/10/12. Conaol i da U 

Edisc-r. Co. of Neui York, [nc. 15pp. lhO02:231 24X 
Flche: 5O-OOO, B2/ I O/ 12, 02 1OI3001 9. 

P. Operating licenae stage docurnen ts co rr esp onilcr 

S2I0070015 Generic Ltr 82-19 ta research '- test reactor 1 icenae 
autmittal of copies of documents to NRC . C la r i f ies number of 
copies of certain document to be submitted tn NRC. Svc list 

EISENHUT, I). 0. Division of Li ce ns jug B3/1O/05. Michigan, 

of lOpp. 15960. 140. 24X Fi C h e : 5O-OOO, B3/ IO/03. 0210070015 


F. Security, medical, emergency fe f ^re^p rotec ti on plans 

021004006,8 Generic Ltr B2-17 to all power reactor lice.iBBea t. 
applicants & holdifrs of CPa re inconsistency betuieen 
requirements of 10CFH50 54tt> fc STS for pBrforming audits of 
ameruencu prepar ednass progrania .Svc list encl. 

EIBCNHUT/D B. Dt vi sion d f Li c ens i ng . 82/10/01. Consolidate 

Edi^otl Co. of Neui York. Inc. llpp. 16002.289. 34X 
Fiche: 50-000. 92/ 1O/01, E21 00-1006B. 

6^10070019 Generic Ltr 93-21 to. all licensees t applicants of nutrlc 
power reactors re Tech Specs For fire protection audits. 
Forwards guidance discussing general scope !< 
elements lo oe included in audit. Svc list end. 

EI8EIJHUT, D G. Division of Licensing. 82/10/06. Consol Ida tuel Co. of HIM York. Inc. ITpp. 15993:330, 24 X 
Fiche; SO-DOO, 52/10/06.621007001'?' 


/iscd emergency plan 

8311030^09 Release* public veraloi 

9 ""!on"> ,.,= and Record. 02/10/25 Document 

nt flrancl lp. 15933; .32. WX Fi che: 30-000, B2/ 10/39, 

S211O3-0611 Forwards public version of revised emergency plan 

implementino procedures, i nc 1 uding Procedures EPIP 1.1,1 re 

corporate emergency response organi i flti on, EPIP 1. 1.2 re 

notification* & EPIP 1. 1.3 re public info. 

WARD.E C Nc.rth.orn States POUCT Co, 92/10/OS. Region 3, Uffiee 

"f Director 2pp. 15933:133- 24X Fich^ : 50-OOO, 02/ 10/25, 

B21 1030608. 

S2I1O30613 Public version of revised emergency plan imp loment inq 

procedures, Including Procedures EPIP 1.1. 1 rn corporate 

emergency response org ani za tion, EP I P I. 1.2 re notifications 

& EPIP 1. 1.3 TB public inFo. 

WARD, EC. Northern States Pouar Co., B2/10/00 2pp. 13733:13,-. 

24X Fiche; 30-000- 02/10/25. 921 1O30AOH. 

0311020041 Foruarrfs supplemental matl cJarifijing B20630 requests Foi 
xtmption From Fire protection requirements of App Hi 
Section III. 9. a re structural s teel i suppression pool area, 
intake structure d control room. 

rlUSaUF.D Noi-thari States Power Co. B2/10/29. Office of Nuc ! tar 

Reactor Regulation. Director. Bipp. 150H2:30B. 24X 
Fie he: 50-263, 62/10/30,9211020041. 


R ->' - 


Fi che: 50-363, B2/ 10/3B, B2e 1020386. 




Fleh.. 50-363. 

30-363/82-13 on 821004-06 

n-n - on 04-06 

tlonconpliantf noted per sonnel eteort requirement* not .+ 

protected area fence not moni tored ^ ?"e'* "^1 

not maintainea Details uitrthald {re f IOCFR73 Sl> * q " 1[ " I1 " l 

FJchs: 50-000. B3/11/03.BSI! O40379 
C. fidjudicatori| torrespondencs 

|l|lU "* ton to amer " ) Li 

s 4 


t Financial information 

0211020356 FpwPd. Annuai Financial Rept 190 1 (. S chBd U | e showi n 

K; J R.,!;;:::: i^Fi1 r !i^^ 24? ffi " of itaei -- 

F.cne 50-000,62/10/27,0211020391 ' 34)f 



821 10*0436 ForuarJ. Amen 
notice of ,.... ft a 

to incgrpor.t, revi, 


83110^0535 S 

B. Operating Beat tori Branch 2. B2/10/Ofl O B , 
24X Fich e :50-263.B2/10/Oa,8211040fl56 "' 

that Clait III f eea due P 
re scr am rfi.char,. vSr 

ns ^ ered p a " at ' " 

e Fee Ma na9emen t Dranrh 

e?!02600Sa Generic Ltr B2-20 to all p OLjer reactOT tir 
ha|d.r. , P MInt, For CP re g.iS^c r ' ^ 

Ficf,e:SO-000. 02/10/26. 0210260008 
6210270030 Oenei-ic Ltr B2-P? i-n =11 


Dim ,, 

^ ne 

Fiche: 50-000, B2/10/2i, BS10370030 

t . W ' valuation f" NUfiES-0737. 

LPC J 8 r-" CDncura w/flwn 

B m dS f r LPC1 & LPC8 n 


Fiche; 30-343, flfl/10/26, 6311160071. 


.- . P 

FJ che: 50-263, 02/10/29,0311020393 

82I116003H Furuartf* safotu evaluation of util 
-tw U.K. 3. 24, 4nf r ,i 



ief,,; S0-2i3. 82/U/OB, B21 IB20103. 


SaiLH9QS59 ProBoied Tech Specs re compensating reporting reo.u irementa 
. NorShern State. Pouer Co. B2/ 11/34. 5pp. 16226:171. 24X 
Fi Che: 50-363,62/11/2'!. 3311390551. 

-211290567 HPBES Permit MNOOOOata, issued to Norths States Power Co, 
OAHDfBHIWO. 9 B. Minnesota, State of 77/08/96. 10pp. 16926:176. 
E4X Ficih*: 50-263, B3/1 1/24,021 129O551. 

--211290573 Stipulation agreeing to issues r * li" h "* f 
CHAJN.L J HorlMfrn States Power Co. CARDEBRINQ, S. 6. , 
Kfn,Tii[hta, Stale of. 77/09/03. 13pp. 16236:195. 24X 
F 50-HA3. 82/1 1/24,821 1250531 . 

0. IniplclLon reports, IE Bulletins fc correspondence 

- IE tnfo Notice SS-37, "Cracking in Upper Shell to 

Transition Cone Girth Weld of Steam Generator at Operating 
PHR. " Sve list end. 

JDfirjAN,E. Division of Engineering . Qual i tyAssurance 
Cental id*bi! Edison Co. of Neu York. Inc. 105pp. 15930:001 
Fi the: 50-000. 02/09/16, 92QB190220. 


IE Info Notice 83-34, Revision t. "Welds in Main Control 

JORDAN. E. L VI Division of Engineering k Quality Assurance^ B2/09/17. 
Cortfo lifted Edison Co. ofHeuYork, Inc. 107pp. 13095:185. .MX 
Ffeh: 50-000, B2/09/17,020B190222. 

P20B110229 IE Enfo Notice 02-39, "Svc Degradation of Thick Hall 
5taln]i Steel Rec ircula t ion SUB Piping at QWR Plant, " 
Svc lilt enc!. myno/ti 

JOfllWN,e.L. Division of Engineering b flu.l it Aiiur-ne. /0 %J>' 
Crnolldaled Edison Co. of New Vork. Inc. B6pp. 16017:098. 24 X 
Fich: 50-000. 62/09/31,8208190239. 

t2OB 1 IrQSBa IE Info Notice B2-3B, "Change in Format & Distribution BIJS 
for IE Bulletin!. Circulars !< Info Notices." Bvc list end. 
0evMJHO.ft.C. Director's Office, Office of Inspection and 
En fore men E. 82/09/22. Consolidated Edison Co. of Neu York, Inc. 

14018:031. 24X Fiche; 50-000, 82/09/22. B308190223, 

IE info Notice B2--10, "Deficiencies in Primary Containment 

"Elictrinal Penetration AeiBmblieB, " Svc list end. ,, 

JQflDAH.E.L. Division of Engineering t, flualitg Assurance. B2/9/.i2. 
Contolldated Edison Co. of New York, Inc. 112pp. 15930:019. 24X 

Fie h: 50-000, BB/O^/SZ, BSOS190232. 

SailQ8O371 notification of 821103 meeting u/utils t. Franklin Research 
Ctr In BethBSda.MD to discuss design (IE Bulletin 80-11) & 
u of "energy balance technique" & "arching theory", 
TfiAMHELL,C. H. NRC - No Detailed Affiliation Given. B2/10/07. NHI, 

- Mu Dl-tailEd Affiliation Given. 4pp. 15973:310. 34X 
Fiche-: 50-000, BSI 1 0/07. 831 10B037 1 . 

&20S190a39 IE Info Notice BS-41, "Failure of Baf ety/Relief Valves to 
Oprn at BHR. " Svc list enel. 
JORDAU. E. L. Division of Engineering t< Quality Assurance. B2/lo/dd 

ConiolidatBil Edison Co. ofNeuYork, Inc. 110pp. 15960:153. ^4X 
FiehB;SO-000, Sa/10/32,B20B!90S39. 

QajJ020040 Foruardi IE Safeguards Inso Rept 50-263/B2-13 on S21004-OB 

notice of violation.Notice of violation & rept details 

CrBf 10CPR73.2H. oa/m/oo 

R, Division of Engineering (. Technical Programs. BS/lO/^7. 

C.E. Northern States Power Co. 2pp. 15BB1:012. 24X 

: 50-263. B2/ 10/29. 821 1020060. 

S2HOS0063 IE Safeguards Imp Rept 30-263/82-13 on 021004-09. 
ttDitconpllance noted: personnel escort requiramentt not met, 
prot*ctd area fence not monitored t> surveillance equipment 
not maintained. Details withheld (ref 1QCFR73.2O. 
. KNICELEY, J. R. , CREED, J. R. Divi.ion of Engineering 4 Technical 
Prajrami. 02/10/28. 2pp. 13991:014. 24X Fiche: 90-263, 8S/10/37, 


IE Info Not it* 82-43, "Oaf Ic ienc ie i in LHR Air Filtration/ 
V*ntII*t(on Syj. " Svc list enel. 
JOftflAM,E, L. Division of Engineering fc Quality As.urance. 

Consolidated Edison Co. of New Vert, Inc. lllpp. 16171:233. 
.Fi e he; 50-000, fl2/l 1/16,8208190249. 

S3OS190293 IE Info Notice 92-45, "PHR Lou Temp Overpressure 
Prottctlon." Bvc list nel. 
JOHDAN.E.L. -Division of Engineering t Qualitg Aisurance 

Cono!idat>tf Edison Co. of Neu York, Inc. 93pp. 16232:299. 
FieJi*: 50-000. 92/11/19,8209190853. 

9311290335 desponds to IE Dulle-tin 63-03, fie vi s i on 1 f. B2LO19 
confirmatory action Ltr re atreis corrasion cracking in 
rec ircu lat i on s-ijs pifiing. 

LARSQN.C E Northern States Pouior Co. B2/ 1 1 /22 Rirector E 

Office, Office of Inspection and Enforcement. 37pp. 16221 2OJ. 
Flcha: SO-2A3. 02/11/22' O21129O335. 

-B21ia9u3"19 Rovialon O to "Design Rop t fo-r R ec ir c u la tinn Lii 
& Elboui Repairs, Mont (cello Nuclear Generating Plant." 
CHARNLEY, J E , SMITH. H. H. , ENQ. N. NUTECH (Nuclear Technology 
Inc.). NSP-81-105 fiOO. BSJ I ! /3O. 48pp. ](ia21: 23B. 24X 
Fiehe: 50-263- B2/1 1/.T2, 931 129O335. 

-0311290^57 Revision 1 to "Design Rept for H ec 
Repair, Mont icello Nuclear Oaneratinq Plant. 
Inc ). NSP-S1-103 R01. B2/1O/31. 57pp. 
Fiche: 90-263. 82/11/32, B2U39033S 

rcula t ion Line Lud Cop 

r Tethnolngij. 
266. SIX 


S. Fleportable occurrences, LERs t, related cor re spondenco 

B21119019 1 ? PNO-I 1I-B2-1O3A: on SaiOSl. ul trasonit testing f 
reclrculation cooling sya piping identified crack in four 
riser pipes leading to reactor. Ut i 1 evaluating tracks to 
determine repair actions. 

BFIOWN.C,. WALKrp.R. . STFIEETEJf, J. lle-gicn 3, Office of Directur. 
82/10/22. Ip. 1615.1 071. 24X Fiche . 5O-2i3, H2/ 10/32. B2H 190 !'>?. 

0211040373 Forwards updataiJ LER D2-016/ O1T- 1 . 

MUSOLF, D Northern Statas Power Co. BS/lO/aS [legion '3. Qttuv 

O f Director. Ip. 15929:00?. SIX Fi che. 50-363, S2/10/2S, 021 1 0403/fl 

0211040390 Updated LER Ba-Olt/O 1 T- 1 : on B21OO9, dur ing itnorwice insp, 
Indication found at 12 o'cloek locatiun nn rec irculat i on 
safe-end to pipe weld E t at 3 o'clock locatinn on 02103O. 
Caused bg i n torgranu 1 ap stress corro-sion cracking 

HflMMERrS. Worthern States Power Co. 12/10/09. Region 3, Uffiu- 

of Director. Ip. 1592fJ:O9O. 34 X Fiche- 50-E6X Ga/lO/2S. 

BS11050009 Forwards LERs 92-010/0 I T-O, Q2-OI I / Ol T-O, 03-012/01 T-0 !, 

WKOLF.D Northern States Pouer Co. aS/lO/S 1 ?. Region 3, 

"f Director 1^ 15949 350. 34 X Fi t h e. SO-Z63, 02/ iO/S9, B31 1 OHIXKW. 

B311050012 LER S2-OIO/01T-O: on 320-902: B-inc h. I 50-1 b HCIC turbine 
exhaust chec* valve 9 found leaking in eiceas of Tetli Specs 
Caused bq leaking valve scat du& to poor avc conif i 1 1 ons, 
Disk & seat ring replaced 

WOJCHOUSKI, A V. Northern Stales Power Co. O2/IO/39 nofiioii J, 

Office of Director Ip t S949: 35-7. 3*'t Ficho. 90-363, BH/1 0/E9, 


Bat 1030015 LER B2-0!l/01T-0.on 0209O3, 3-1 nc h outboarJ main stoom drnn 
isolation valve na-237-1 found loading in eiceas of Tech 
Spec-B. Caused bg -steam eroding valve disc <fuo to 
misalignment of disc to -seat ring. Seats ground. 

HUBY-e T Northern States Power Co. B2/ 1O/29. Region J, Uffnr> 

of Biroctor. Ip. 15949:360. E4X F i ch B: 5O-263. D2/ 1O/29, 

B31 1030017 LER H2-012/01T-0:on B2O9O9.1H & 20- Inch, 150-1 b T-seatod 
primary cor. talnmBnt purge t vent valves found leaking in 
e>ces* of Tech Specs. Caused by valves imp roperli) dp-sing & 
seating probably due to T-ring interference 

UQJ&HPUSKIr A y. Northern States .Power Co. SB/ 10/31. Ueijiuh j, 

Office of DVrector. Ip. 13949:341- MX Fi che : 50-563, 83/1O/29. 

B31105002O LER 93-OM/01T-0: on BSIOIH. dr^ue 1 1 atmospheric control cyr, 

2-inch. 600-lb inboard isolation bypass valve- CV-23B5 found 

leaking in eiceas of Tech Bpo c E. Cau sed by uiorn groove in 

disk face. Disk machined, lapped J. re instal led. 

UOJCHOUSHI, A, V. Northern States Pouer Co. 03/10/2?. Region J, 

Office of Director. Ip. 15949:362. 24X Fieho: 50-263. 03/ I 0/2'J, 


8211120379 fiO: on B21G31,thru wall defect found on C IB-inch 
recirculation safe-end to pipe weld j oint. R esol uti on under 
inv&stifl at i on . 

SHAMLA.M.A. Northorn 9tates Pouier Co. S2/U/01. K.EPPLER, J. 0. 
Region 3. Office of Director. Ip. 1A042:O25. 24X 
Fiehe: 50-263, 03/11/01.6211120379. 

8211190236 Forwards updated LER B2-O1 3/O1T-2. 

MUSQLF, D Hortll"rTl Statsi Poue r Co. BS/ll/O^. Region 3, Office 

of Director. Ip. 16149:237. 24X Fi h e: 3O-2A3, 02/U/09, B21 1 1 '70336. 



Updated LER B2-OI3/OIT-B: on 820728.1009,20,31 i, 1102, through 
wall leaks found on rec i r-cu lit 1 on loop A 33-i-nth end cap I 
lafe ir.ds C.E & F to pipe ufrldi t ris>r edlom D. Probably 
caused by Intergranular street corrosion cracking. 

HAMMER. S. Northern State; Power Co. B2/II/09. fi*gion 3. Office 

of Director. Ip. 1A149:23B 24X Flche: 30-243, B2/J 1 /Q<3. 
621 1190236. 

V. Operator Eliminations 

B21013QOI9 Generic Ltr B2- 1 B to ill poucr re-actor applicants t, 
llcinseei re reactor operator & senior reactor operator 
requalif teat ion eiami. Ad vises that I ami begin dt facility 

aftur S31001. Svc list enc 1 
EI5EHMUT., D. Division of Lice-nsing. 03/1 0/13. 
Edlion Co. of New York. Inc. 13pp. 16QO2- 234 
Fithe. 30-000. B2/IQ/12, S2IO130019. ' 

Coniolida ted 

6311040379 0nerc Ltr B2-23 to all pouer r Eflt tor license, T . 
ln t.orat B d IflEfl ,!, ror pfiylicfll lnv . ntop JJ e ' " 
e**ltjnt to participate in e.ercfse i. voluntary fcanV 
util tnat participates uiill be reimbursed Svc list .nri 
EISEKHUT.D.Q. Divi si on of Licensing, ^Tl/oa Cn ntnl(J 

Ed f, on Co. OF H 8U York, Inc. I 1pp. 160190O4 a ., Con "' ] " 
Fie he: SO-QOO, as/i 1/03, B21 1040379. 

a3IHS0371 rtdvi iBi that no fl[ tic,r, uill he taken re 
TA Spec change t. clarify r . , pon5 ib!mL" If 
dorlnj en-ergencieo, until applitable 10GFR50 mqii 
frecnms effective. 
CBUTCHFIELD, D. Operating Reactors Branch 5, 

co ' 3pp - 16035:337 - 

**""* '" 

Ofi wrvcs: , 



P Operating license it age documents t, correspondence 

9210070015 Oeneric Ltr 82-19 to research t, test reactor Lictnseea re 
submitta! of copies of document) to NSC. Cla r i f iei number of 
copies of certain document to be submi tteil to NHC. Svc list 
enc 1. 

EISENHUT.B. C Di vi i i on o f Lice ns ing. 93X10/05. Michigan, Univ 

of 10pp. I59AO:I40 54X Fie he. 50-000: B3/1 0/05, B5I007001 5. 

FELTON.J.M. Division of Rules and Records 

e2U170M3 SranCh ' '" l61 " 7 - 037 21X Fiche: 50-254, 

-8311170070 For^rds public ver.lon of revia.d 
il.nting p rc^dures, lnc lud in , P POCBduPB5 

Flche : 90-234, S2/1 1 /OB. 021 1 1 70063. 

F.^ Sfcuritu, mdi[4t, enorgenci; C fire protection plans 

B2100400fiB Generic Ltr B2-17 to all pouer reactor licensies E. 
applicants 6 holders of CPs re intons istenc u between 
rquire mB n.t of JOCFR50. 54C I) (. STS for performing auditi of 
emergenci; preparedness .program! Svc list tncl. 

EISENHUT. Q. Divisiofi of Litensinj. 82/10/01. Con Jo lida t^d 

Edijon Co. of New York. Inc. llpp. 16002: 2BB 24X 
Fie A*: 50-000, B2/10/OI , 931 OOlOOiB. 

6210070019 O.MPU Ltr B3-2! to ,11 licence* f. applicant* of nuclear 
power reactor* re Tech Bjiecs for fire protection audits 
Forwards guidance diicu**ing general icope (. describing 
elements to be included in audit. Sve list end 

EISEfJHUT.D S. Division of Hcensin-j. B2/10V04. Conso 1 ida tetf 

Edison. Co. of NB-UI York, Inc. 19pp. 1 5793 33B 34X 
Ficfi. 50-000, BS/10/0&, B2I0070019. 

6211040102 Foruiards IE Safeguariis Insp (tapis 30-2S4/B2-30 t 
30-265/S2-21 on B20-J27-10D1 & notice of vio 1 ation. Notice of 
violation L rept details uiChtield <r*f 10CFR73 2]) 
"Ibbn J *; J '"; Bivision of En 9 in*frrin S lr Technical Prujram*. B2/10/29 

HEED.C. Common meal th Ed i i on Co. 2pp. 13934>- 131 34* 
Fiche. 50-254. S3/IO/29, B2J I O40103. 

?* In *P R =P ts 50-234/Ba-aO !, 50-S65/B2-31 on 
. iancei no ted: fa 1 1 ure to adequatelu 

protect sBcuritij-relateJ le V s . Por-ti on, of a Urn lyi did not 
V |P|B 'L l " ri "'- Do ^lU withheld (ref 10CFRJ3.21J. 

- D1Wl !i ' Et) 9""""-lng < Te t *nii S l /roaram,, 

2pp. !593fi: f 33. S4K Fich: 30-25*, 02/10/29, 021 1040102. 

aEI029010B Cener.c Ltr B2-23 to all lie.,,.... 4 * p pli e , nts r , 
Inconsistency between requirements of 10CFR70 40Cg) * STS 
for perforninj. iu<tlt* of .afeguartfs contitioentu plani 
( plant. Svc list encl. 

en " n 32/10/30. Corttoliaatetf 

l'? 24X 

BaiUTOOWPui-li. version of revised emergBnc,, pl an im 
proc B d U r 8S . [nc3 U dlng Procedures QEP 1BO-0 re "I"cho 

p a onslte tBchnicai ""* 

P. Operating license stage documents t, correspondence 

rM * l 

holder* & applicants for CP r e gu ld flnce for imp H-menU ng 
SftP rule.Foryard* NUREG-0906. NUttEG to be U5D d as t'tl rt ' 
measure until Reg. Guide 1.70 revised Svc list end 

"" 1 - C.nHi..M 

dr, t , 

? J N "* yopl " Ine ' 10 P 
iche: 30-000. 3S/10/2Q,asiOa70030. 


1', "***"* " f Core B P r Low P 
i" C * ion Sg . 9 ' C <">'l'si'' nl acceptable 
.L. aperatlns Reactors Branch 2. 

" Edi " n Co - 6p - 

i " ard * rovi " d P9" t CE-I-A, Revisit 22, "OA T.lel 

Codimc-nuealth Edison Co. 82/10/37, HArtS3, M P Qu*]M. 


Frf f M 

Edlion Co. of Metu York, Icic, Bpp. 

Fiche: 50-OQO, 32/10/30,6210290-108. 


S211100477 ReEeatel public vertion of rnvH.d erg*n=u plan 
impKmentitig f t-ocidurei . SKI 

FELTON.J.M. Division of Rul,, anif Record,. B2/II/OI. Document 

" P 1*041:215. HX Fi che: 50-354. B2/11/OI, 

32110504,64 Revised pages to CE-l-A, Revision 22, 
qLJiOTT e n *" R8vlBiotl "> >"i) H00909 enc 1 . 
*n iloSt Cfnmonuealth Edison Co. CE-l-fl RSH ERR. B3/| 1/01. 
app. 13BB6rl46. 24X FlchB;BO-000,B2/10/S7,8211020i9i. 


8311100403 Forward-) public v.Ttion of rivittd emeraencu gUn proc.durei , inc I uding OEP 34O-6 ra chloriji. 
diond. ijull.QEP 930-St re manthlif NARS drill t OEP 530-O 
re etcrcitet t, drills. r " " 

Connmnuiealth Edison Co. flS/JO/Oi. DENTON.H.R NRC - No 
Detailed Affiliation 01 wan. Sp r . t&Ml-'ate, 24X 
Fich,e:SQ-254. BB/1 1/01-3311100477. 

3311100466 Public version of' revised emeroency .| M ||, Mn %i B 
PduT... including 0P 340-6 r. chlorin. 3|w. "E ", 
QEP 530-81 re monthly NARS drill * QEP 330-0 iV.rr , 
dri 1 1 s. " 

Comraonuealth EJ i ton Co. 62/IO/01. 4pB. 
FUJi.r 50-254,98/11/01.62(1 100177. 

Otric L T 31-04 ' P"vIul V re^e.t 

DELOEOBok C L A "" 6ant ?ir ectop ft "- Operating WflW. 
%, : . Commonyealtn Erfison Co. 4pp H4X 

Flcfie:30-000, B2/1O/3B. 921 1030933, 

" b " rier fU>I ram " ** 
Cgcl. i.E.pected peak i oca l 

t " I " II0lJBalth 

n " p "* ("".tion r.t.i, 
.on Co. SS/lt/OI. EISENHUT.&.O. 
1*003:008. 24X Fiche : 50-S49, 82/11/01. 



Application for amend to Licenses DPR-29 & DPR-30 
requiring druuell oiijgen concentrations to be maintained 
hclou 47. vol. 

RMfSCH. T. J. Commonwealth Edison Co. 02/11/01. DENTGN, H. R. Office 
of Uucliar Riaclor Regulation. Director. 2pp. 16004:039. 21X 
Fit he: 50-234, 92/1 1/01,3211090240. 

B2UO?Q244 Proposed Tech Spec changes requiring dryuell oiygen 
< am rntrations to be maintained beloui 4X vol. 

* Ctnmc-riuiaUh Ediaon Co, B2/I1/01. Bpp. 16006:041. 24X 
FlcK: 90-2-54, 82/11/01,831 1090240, 

&2MICKH3Q Forward* Amends 02 It. 76 to Licenses DPR-29 t DPR-30, 
T*iptctiv ly, safety evaluation ft notice of issuance & 
avalllbi 1 tttf, fimtnd changes primary containment integrated 
]4at rate tut reo.ui remen tt & provides direct ref to App J. 
SEVAN. R. Operating Reactors Branch 2. B2/11/02. DELQEGRGE, L. 
CjBanu*4lth Ediion Co. 2pp. 16041:249. 2flX Fiche: 50-334, 82/1 1/03, 

aai 1100445 Anendi 82 I 76 to Licenses DPR-29 t. DPR-30, respect ive li), 
providing FOP primary containment integrated leak rate test 
rnuiremtnts t. chedules consistent u/A|)p J to 10CFH50, 
VASSALUa.D. B. Operating Reactors Branch a. H2/11/02. 12pp. 
160*1: SSI. B4K Fie he: 50-354, 02/11/02.831 1100430. 

621 1100450 Safety evaluation supporting Amends fl2 8. 76 to Licenses 
DPR-H9 Jr DPR-3O, respect ivelg. 

Dfflcr of Nuclear Realtor Regulation, Director. 82/11/02. 3pp. 
IAO41: 263. 24X Fiche; 30-234,82/11/02,0211100430. 

a2081v022a IE Info Notice 82-34. Revi s i an I, "Welds in Main Control 
Panels. " Svc Hit encl. ,,.-, 

JDRDAN.E.L. Division of Engineering I duality Aa*ui-ance. S2/09/I7 

Consolidated Edison CD. of fJeui York, Inc. lO7pp. 13995:165. {MX 
Ficne: 5O-000, 32/09/17, 0203190222. 

8200190329 IE Info Notice B2-3"?, "Svc Degradation of Thick Wall 

- ' 1 

Stainless Steel flee ir dilation Si)-s Pip 

Svc list one 1 . 

JORDAN. E L. Division of Engineering 

Consolidated Edison Co. of Netu YorV. 
Fiche: 5O-OOO. 82/0=7/21, B2Q 

g at DWH Plant. 

Quality Assurance. 02/09/31. 
Inc. B6pp. 16017:093. S4X 

9308190223 IE Info Notice 02-33, "Change in Format & Distribution Sija 
for IE Bullet ins. Circulars ! Info Notices. " Svc list encl. 
DEVOUNQ, R. C Director's Office, Office of Inspection and 
Enforcement. B2/09Y22. Cons o I Ida ted Edison Co. of Neui York, Int. 

1 10pp. 16018: 021. 24 X Fiche: 5Q-QOO, 82/09/23,0206170333. 

8208190232 IE Info Notice B2-40. "Dei i c i one ie 4 in Primary Containment 
Electrical Penetration Assemblies. " Svc list encl. 

JQRDAM. E L. Division nf Engineering i duality Assurance 03/09/i!2. 
Consoli dated Edison Co. of New York. Inc. 113pp. IS930:01?. ;>OX 
Fiche: 50-OOOj 92/09/22, 

aailOB0371 Notification of 321103 meeting m/utils & Franklin l!sirch 
Ctr in Bethesda.HD to discuss design (IE Bulletin GO- 1 1 ) & 
use of "energy balance technique" !r "arching theory". 

TRflKMELL, C. H. NRC - No Detailed Affiliation Given 02/10/07 NIK: 

- No Detailed Affiliation Given. 4pp. 15975:310 21X 
FUho; 50-000, 0a/10/O7- 021 1090271. 

&2I1I004&0 Notice of issuance t- availability of Amends 82 i 7t to 
Llcinies DPR-27 t- DPR-30, resp ective ly. 

VflSSALLO, D- B Operating Reactors Branch 2, 02/11/O2. 2pp. 
44. 24X Fiche: 50-254, B2/1 1 /02, 021 1 1O0430. 

esillB03BO Forwards ravised Pages 1-24 4 1-25 inadvertently omitted 
Iron Rtviiion S3 to QA program. 

SHAWSHI.H, J. CamnonLjealth Edison Co. 82/11/00. HAASSj W, P. Quality 
Amjfjlnce Branch. lp. 16042:053, 24X Fie he: 30-000, 02/1 1 /00, 

3211160332 Rt^uemt* addl info to lomplete post-implementation revioui of 
WUfiEO-0737. Items II.F.l.-l, "Pressure Moni to r, " II. F.I. 5 
"Mattf Ltvel Moni tor. " d II. F. 1 . 6 "Hydrogen Monitor. " Info 
*<luMtBi) ulthin 30 days of Itr receipt. 
CBUTCKFIELD, D. Operating Reactors Branch 5. 02/1I/O9, DELOEORQG, L. 

CconanuidUti Edison Co. 10pp. 16091:100. 24 X 
Flrh*:SO-OOl>, 82/1 I/O?, 821 1140333. 

6311150203 Forward* documentation supporting CommiBsion approval of 
projoKd di mlnimlH release criteria for uncontrolled 
Ttltii* af matls Prom controlled areas, contained In uti 1 
rJitfUtion protection stds.per Reg Guide I. 84 

SMASTZ.E.D. Comraonuaalth Edison Co. S2/11/10. DENTDN.H.R. Office 
at Hucl*ar Reactor Regulation, Director. Hop. 14055:333. S4X 
Flcht: 30-000, B2/ 11/1 0.921 It 30203. 

0200190239 IE Info Notice 92-11, "Failure of Safety/Re I i Bf valves tii 
Open at BUR." Bvc list and, ,,,., 

JORDAN.E.L. Division of Engineering J. Quality Assurance. B2/1O/.W. 
ConsnUdated Edison Co. of New York, Inc. 110pp. 15-760:15^ 24X 
Fiche: 30-OOO, B2/IQ/22, 

82110i02B3 ForuiardB IE Insp Repts 5O-251/B2-IO B- 50-265/02-11 
B2O630-0907. No none ompl lane e noted. 

SPE8SARD, H- L. Division o* Project & Resident Programs. 
REED.C. Commonwealth Edtson Co. 3pf . 1S'?92:314 2-lX 
Fiche: SO-254, B2/IO/22, B21 IOAO2B3 

0211060291 IE Insp Rnpts 50-354/32-10 8, 50-265/82-11 on 0E0630-0907 Ni. 
noncoiipliance noted. Hajar areas in 5 pec ted He ensee action 
on previous insp find ings, operational saf e ty veri f icat ion, 
monthly surveillance observation & refueling preparation. 
CHRI3BQT1MOS,N. . DUPdNT. S. G. . WftLKER, R 0. Oivieion of Project t, 
Resident Protrams. B2/1O/IB. 16pp 15953. 31i 2flX 
Fiche: HO-2S4, 02/10/22 

021tOa02i3 Forwarils IE Enf orcemcTi t Meeting Rcpts BO-237/82-21, 
50-247/BE-22. SO-354/B3-17 fc SO-245/B2- 1 f on 020714 !. OB25-S7 
i notice of violation. ' . 

LITILE.14 3 Divilion of Engineering t Technical Programs. 

HEED'-C. Conmonuialth Edison Co. 2p*. 15970:264. 24X 
Fiche; 50-000, B2/ 1OX2A, 621 10BOS63. 

Generic Ltr S2-S6 to power reactor licensees (except Fort Bl 
Vralnl r* NuSEG-0744, Revision 1, "Pressure Vessel MatI 
FTattur* Toughness." Foruiards NUREG'0744. Revision i.W/o 
ancl. Svc list encl. 

EIEEHH'JT, D. 0. Division of Licen*ing. 83/11/12. Consolidatod 

Ed i ion Co. of Mffu York, Inc. 52pp. 16833:212. 24X 
Flcht: 90-000,82/11/12,8211140047. 

8311230119 Foi-uarili response to remaining Phase I concerns in Franklin 
ftB*erch Ctr draft technical evaluation rep t re control of 
heavy loads. 

SHAHTZ'E.D. Commonweal th Edison Co. BS/11/1B. EISENHUT, D. 0. 
DvlIon of Lioming. llpp. I6193;047. 2-1X Fiche: 50-000, B3/1 I/IB, 

S2113004&1 Notifies that CUs* II 8, 1 foes submitted w/820417 request 
for Ttch Spot changas to clarify responsibilities during 
enirgtnci** mill t>r refunded. 

MILLER. H.O. LUono Fee Management Oranch. 02/11/18. DELOEOROE, L. 
Co^onti.alth Edlion Co. lp. Ii257;347. 24X Fiche: 30-000.63/11/10, 

4>. Jntpeetion report*, IE Bulletins Si correspondence 

IE InPo HtU* es-37, "Crcklns in Upper Shell to 
Trantltlon Cona Girth Wld of Steam Otnerator at Operating 
PMR. " Bvc Uit enc.1. 

JOftDANFE. Dlvlilon of Enginsering & Quallt Assurance. B3/09/16. 
Coniolldattd Erf i ion Co. of hliui Yort, Inc. 105pp. 15930:001, S4X 
Fit Pin: S-0-000, 82/09/14, 820019023O. 

0211O30SA6 Notice of violation from itisp on 02O714 t, OBH5-27. 
LITTLE. W, 9, Division of Eng i neei- tn g 1. Technical Prograins. 
02/10/22. 2pp . 1 3990: 264. 34X Fi c he: 50-000, fl2/ 1O/26, 1321 1 000263. 

8S110BOS72 IE Enforcement Meotlnfl Rep ts 50-237/03-31,30-249/82-23, 
50-254/02-17 fc 50-265/92-19 on 9S07 1 4 & 0935-37. 
Noncompllance notad:no QA audits- conducted from CV77-79 t 
def Ic ienc ies found In QA audit prooram. 

yiN. I T Heglon 3. Office of Director. B2/10/14. llpp. 
!Sf90:26B. 24X Ftche: 30-OOO. SS/ 10/24. H21 1O90263 

B21102O147 Confirm* 821026 tclcon ro revised plans for 0S1103 
enforcement conference u/util In Chicago, FL to discun CIA 
aioci*td u/jrocurement, Instal lation & irae of nonqual 1 f led 
valve guide* in el ectromagnetit relief va.lves. 

SPESBARD.R L, Division of Project fc Resident Programs. QH/10/27. 
REED.C. Commoniue-lth Edison Co. 2pp.- 13381:317. 24X 
F lefts: 5.0-000, 02/1O/37. BailOSOl 4 7. 

B21106O257 Bubmito supp lemanbal responoe to IE Bulletin 00-13. 
"Cratking in Core Sprag Sfaroers. " Ho cracking identified 
during 820717 imp. Inspa should he performed every 3 ijrs in 
conjunction u/ractor vessel internal* Insp s. 

SWARTZiED. Commonu.alth Edtnon Ca. B2/10/2B. KEPPLER, J. 0. Ro n lon 
3, Office of Dir-ctor. 2pp. I 3<?SS: 2AA, 24X Fiche; SO-2S4, B2/10/2H, 

S21104O1O2 Forwards IE Safeguard! Inap Repts 30-234/82-20 !, 
SO-S&9/B3-S1 on 830927-1001 & notice of vi o lation. No tice of 
Violation . Tept details uithheld Iref 1OCFR73.21). 
MILLERi J R. Division of Engineering tc Technical Programs. 

REE1>,C. CommorWBBlth Ed i on Co. Bfp. 15936:121. 24X 
Fiche: 50-254, 82/10/39, 62 I I 040102. 




0211040110 IE Saf*su,ards lnp Repts 5O-254/83-30 t, 50-265/32-31 on 
320927-1001 Noncamolianrei np tti: la i I lire to adequately 
protect nt*ui"itu.-relaced fce v s Portion, of alarm iyi did not 
function ai requv red. De ta i 1 c withheld fre f 10CFR73 3IJ 
MADEDA.T.J. STAPLETON. 0. H. . CITEED. J. H. Division of Engineering !, 
Technical Programs. B2/ 10/27. 2pp. 15956.: 123 24X 
Fiche; 50-254, B2/10/29, B21 L0401O2 

B211090409- Ac I receipt of B3QB31 Jtr informing NRC of changes to 
790427 i OS03 responses to IE Bulletin 7<T-QB. Item 6. 
SPSSARD,H L. Division of Project & Resident Programs. 62/11/04 
REED. C Commonweal th Edison Co. Ip. 16000.356 24X 
Fit he 50-000, B2/11/04. S2I 1090409. 

8311090420 Update* 79Q4Z7 i Oa03 responses to IE Bulletin 79-08. Hem 6 
"Daily Position Verification of ECCB Valves." Frequency of 
position verification oe EMS valves reduted from nnce per 
day to once per month. 

EWABTJpE.D. Commonweal tti Edison Co. 82/03/31. KEPPLErt.J S 
Region 3, Office of Director. 2pp. iiOOB: 357 34X 
Fiche. 50-00 O, B2X 1 1/04. 9211070409. 

/utils re IE Bulletin SO- 1 1 
"archino action" fop 

8211140030 Sundry of B21103 meetin 9 
us* oF "Energy Oalance Technique" 
masonrg mall qual i f i cat i on 
TRAHHELL.C H. Operating Realtors Drancfi 3. 82/11/03. Operalinp 

Reactors Branch 3. 33pp. li 102: 333. 24X Ficne : SO-000. B2/1 1 /03, 
B21 i 160080 

0206110249 IE Info Notice 63-43. "Def I c ier,c i . , in LHR Air Filtration/ 
Vent I 1 at 10 rt Sijs. " Svc list enc I . 
JQRDAN.E.L Division of Engineering J, Quality Assurance B2/1I/16 

Consolidated Ellison Co. of NEW VBrk, Int. lljpp 16171-333 3A 
Fiche: 50-000, B2/ll/l6,B20ai9024a. Joi/i.rfJJ. rflJI 

B2I124034a Forward* SALP Repts 50-354/82-11 I, 50-2i5/82-12 pres inted 
on 920403 entering assessment psrloif Jul ]9BO - Dec 19B1 
KEPPLEH.J. C. Region 3. Office of Director. B2/I1/18 flEED C 

33. 24X Fi che: 50-000, B2/1 I/IB, 

B21 1340344 SALP Repts 50-254/82-11 !, 50-265/H2-13 f O[ - as , BasmeT)t 
panod Jul 1-JBO - Dec 1931. Draft Itr encl . Problems noted 

Com ' nelltra otl SALP ""?* Presentad at public meeting on 

920602. Appropriate consideration of pnsitivp parformante 
trends prior 6 suosequtmt to BrtLP interval should i>e 
cons i dersd. 

REED.C. Co nmDniuBa it/. Ed, B on Co. 63/06/1 H. KEPPLEH. J. 0. R eoion 
82U240342 *> irect r "Pp. MX Fl c h H : SO-000, 62/1 I/IB- 

9209190353 IE I r>f o Notice S3-JS, "PMft Lou Temp Ov B rpr BssurB 
Prgtect.ion. " Svc list *ncl. 
JORDAN. EC. Bivlsion of Engineering ft Qiraliti, Assurance 82/11/19 


fi. Periodic operating reports J, related correspondence 

B211040253 Forwards monthly operating repts for Jan 19SO 

KALIVIANAKlSi N. Commumjealtn Edison Co. 80/03/01 HRC - hln 

Detailed Affiliation Oiven. lp. 1 5729- ! 3 7 34X ' 
Fiehe: 50-254, 8-0/O2/01 . 931 1040253. 

329 [O40Z62 Monthly oparatlng reots for Jan 19BO 

DROWW, D. Coff>monuBa.ltn Edison Co. SO/03/OI, 20po 
24X FleAe: 50-334. BO/03/01. 631(040353. 

82110-10437 Forwards monthly operating repts for Fob 19BO 

KALrVJAMAKIS, H. Commonuiol th Edison Co. 00/03/03 'flfftce of 

Management and Program Analysis. 12pJ>. 15935 347 24V 
Fiche: 50-354, SO/O3/03-, B21 IO40437. 

8211040441 MontMu. Operating ropti *of Feb I9BO 

BROMt.B. Commonwealth Edison Co. 30/02/39, JOon 11<S-1io 
2JX Fiche :50-354, HO/G3/O3, 621 1040437. "' 

B211O4O295 Forwards monthly opera t i ng rep ts rorMar I960 

KALIVIAMAKiS, N. Commonmea 1 th Erflson Co. BO/04/01 Dfflo of- 

Management and Program Analysis. Ip. 15927-244 24X 
Fiche:30-a34, BO/04/O1 , B21 I04O2S5. 

B2I1O40256 Monthly oparatlng rept* for Mar I9BO' 

BROWN, H. Comnonweal th Edison to. 80/04/01 23BD 
Z4X Fiche: 50-254, 80/O4/O | , B21 IO40355. " 

0211040394 Foruarilt monthly operating repti for Apr 19SO. 

KALIVIAWAKI5. W. Commonunalth Edison CD. BO/O5/05, Office of 

Hanajeratnt and Prooram Analyti*. 13pp. 159SB'036 24K 
Fieht: 5-0-254, 30/03/O5. B31 1O40394. 

02110404-oa Monthly oporating repts for Apr I960. 
BRDWN.B. Cammonuealth Editon Co. BO/05/01 
24JC Firhe:5O-a34, BO/05/05, B21 1040394. 

l"pp. 13920: 091, 

9211040367 Forwards monthly operating repts for Sept J9H1 

KALIVrANAKIS, N. CommonwBalth Edison Co. Bl/10/01. Office of 

Hanajement and Prog ram Analysis. !0pp 19927-339 24* 
F(eJi: 50-254, 81/10/01,8211040367. 

B21104036B Monthly operatino repti for Sept 1901. 
TUDBSrR.C, Common,yeal th Edison Co B1/10/OI 
24X Fiihe: 50-aS4, Bl/10/01, B21 104O367. 

Jipp. 1S9S7:3<, 

Bail090347 Fnriuards monthly operating repts for Oct 1932 

KALIVIAMAKJS, N. Commonwealth Edison Co. B3/11/01 Direttop'i 

Office, Office of Inspection and Enforcement. Ip. 1AOI2'OOI Stt 
Fiche:SO-B54,BH/ll/01.B2II090347. " 

8311090336 Monthly operating repts for Oct 19B3. 
SUSSjff. D. Commonwealth Ediign Cd. B2/I1/01 
24X Fie he; 30-254, B2/1 1/OI, 821 109O347. 

23pp. 16012;0i02. 

B211100IJI Foryrds list of chang es, tet ts fc e.periments <mpUti 
during Oct 1933, Safety evaluation of 24/4B-voU dc metfir 
reuire end. W/o 1 i 5.4. 

, M. Commonwealth Edison Co. 82/11/01 CASE,EO 

DirBctor - 2pp - ' 

S^ Reportable occurrences, LERs d related correspondence 

821102006B Forward* LER B2-017/03L-0. 

KALIVIANAKI9, N. Commnnuieal th Edison Co. B2/1O/21. 
Region 3, Office of Director, lp. 15332' 106 24X 
Fiehe: 50-263, 62/10/21,0211020068, 

B31I020072 LEP, B3-017/03L-0: on B21001, small leak Jisiovereo inHPCt tut 
supply itaam line areal flange. Caused by failed flange 
SJ*t. Gasket replaced 1 i fce-f or-1 i k o during E, prior to 
outage. Leakage stopped ui/flanga bolt adjustments 

COOK.D. Comrtonueilth Edison Co. B2/10/21. Region 3. Office of 

Director. 3pp. 138B2; 107, 24X Fi che: 30-269. B2/1O/31 , B21 1 0300AD. 

Q21I19009B PQ-iri- S 2-tl4;on S2I021, plant fl hut down after dryuell 
supprnsion chamber vacuum breaker failed to close Breaker 
lubricated. Rec irculat ion pump discharge valve atem found 
bent. Valve not opera tie fVf, m control room 

WA ^ E 2'"" 8TRE ETER,J. Region 3. Office of Director. 
, 16130:312. 24X Fiche : 50-265, S2/10/E5, B21 1 190093. 

8211060160 Forward* LER B2-01B/03L-0. 

KALIVIANAKI3, N. Comnsonueal th Edison Co. B2/1O/27. 
Ragion 3, Office at Director, Ip. 13981:107 24X 
Fithe: 80-263, B2/IO/27. B21 1090168. 


LER &2-Oia/03L-0:on asi006, emergency dlesel gpnoi-a 
tripped <m high temp. Caused by foolins f dionel gnarator 
cooling uater *yi m.HX rep l.ced. Di esel generator tested * 
founJ opBTiblt. 

KrtEPPEL.F. Commonuelth Editon Co. 82/10/27. Region 3, 

3pp ' i3 'Bl:lOB- 2X Fichu: 50-365, 02/10/27. 


8211190266 Forwards LER 83-QM/Q3U-0. 

KALJVIrtMAKIS, H. Co/nmonwealth Edison Co S2/1O/29 
ftjjon 3, Office of Director. Ip. I6149-25B B4)[ 
fichejSO-aas, 02/10/29,8211190266 

KEPPLEfi, J. &, 

-sail 190368 LEH S2-020/03L-0: on 821013, dryuie 1 1 to suppression J 00 I 
i 11 !*? i Pr*** w " u ' P'H * uppr.ion pool level 
fell t*lou Tach Spec Umiti during startup. Caused by 
u?" 1 ^* 1 P^-o^euoation u/tartup. Event to be discussed. 
HEBEL..C. Coiruro-nuealth Etfison Co. 83/10/29. Region 3, Offite of 

Director. 3 pp . li!49: 259. 24X Fi che: 50-265, 82/10/29, B2U 190266- 

H211190H14 Forward* LER B2-019/03L.-0. 

HAL1VIANAKIB, N. Commonureal th Ediion Co B2/11/04 
ReflJon 3, Office of Director. Ip, 16150-C02 24X 
Flehe:BO-26, 05/11/04.8211190114 


IS-927: S43. 



LER B3-019/G3L-0:on B21031 t. 33, 3A rec irculation pump 
dlicharge valvi failed to fully close on LPCI s i jnal. Caused 
bt; valve stem binding due to separation of yoke from bonnet 
kiltin boiti vibrated out. Dent valve stem repaired. 

TISTZ.O. C Dmmonueal th Edison Co. 8S/11/O4. Region 3. Office of 

Dine tor. 3pp. 1&150: 203. 24 X Fiche: 5O-269, 02/11/04,8311 190114. 

0211890390 Forwards LEU B2-O33/03L-0. 

KAL1V1ANAKIS. M. Commnnuoa 1th Edison CD, 83/11/05. 
Raglan 3. Office at Director. Ip. 16219:0^3. 34X 
FlthC 30-363, 92/1 1 /OS. S21 1290390. 


--83110B0010 Eiemption from requirements of IOCFR50 App E. Section IV. F. 1 

EISENHUT, D. C. Division of Licensing. 82/IO/O7. Wisconsin 

Electric Power Co. 4pp. 15775290. 24X Fiche 50-266,03/10/07, 
BE 11 030009 

9211030544 Ac k receipt of 831015 Itr informing NRC 

correct violations rated in IE Safeguards I nsp Root? 
50-366/62-19 !. 50-3Q1 /B2- 19. 

MILLER, J. R. Division, of Engineering t Technical Progr 
BURSTElfV.S. Wisconsin Electric Poujpr Co Ip. 1500E 
Fiche: 50-266, B2/10/27, 031 1030541 

of steps taken to 

-S21JEW398 LER a2-022/O3L-0:on BSlOai, vacuum breafcor 2-16Q1-33A stuck 
in ap*n pos Itlon. Cauied 6y stainless stool packing & 
slufflng lot bushing bound on valve shaft. Valve disk freed & 
shift lutr lea ted. 

COOK. D Comfnomjoalth Ediaon Co. 02/11/05. Region 3, Office of 

01 r re tar, 3pp. 16219: 066, 24X Fiche: 90-265, 02/1 1/05. S3I1 290390. 

Forwards LED Q2-031/03L-0, 

H. Commonweal th Edison Co. B2/11/OS. 
flfjior. 3, Office at Director. Ip. 16150:194, 34X 
Flche: 30-269. HE/ 11 /OS, B2U19012&, 


LER BS-OSI/OSL-O: on a21015, turbine pressure generator load 
r*jrct (t atop valvo bypass alarm mould not clear due to 
cltxlnj of relay S-SIQ-ISSB, rendering reactor protection ays 
Bl lubchannel inop nrab 1 o, Caus ed bij personnel error, 

KKOGBPELcP. Commonwealth Edison Co. 03/11/OB. Region 3i Office 

Of Director. 3pp. 16150:193, 34X Fiche : 90-265, 82/1 1 /OB, 

V. Operator Ex-arninat 1 ona 

B2101MQ1 1 ? Dene-Tic Ltr 02-lfl to all paiuer reactor applicants !< 
]|cineei re reactor operator ! senior reactor operator 
rrqualif Icatl on oxatns. Advises that oiama begin at facility 
iftir 021001. Eve list oncl, 

D. O, Division a t Licensing , B2/10/I3. Consalldatud 

n Co. of Mew York, Inc. 15pp, 16009:234. 24X 
: 50-000. 03/10/12.8210130019. 

0211030559 Responds to NRC B30930 Itr re violations noted in IE 
Safeguards Insp Repts 50-266/03-19 I. 50-3O1/92-I9. Response 
mill be available for review during future inaps. Dots i Is 
withheld Iref 1QCFR2. 790). 

DURSrElfJ.S, WtBconain EUctric Power CD. B2/10/15. MILLER. J. h. 
Division of Engineering L Technical Programs. 3pp. ISBBB: 3t'*>. 
24X Fiche: SQ-366, 32/10/27,021 1020544. 

8210290100 Generic Ltr B2-23 to all licensees !. applic 
inconsittsncu betueen requirements of 10CFR73. 40(g ) 
For performing audits of safeguards contingency plan 
(security planl.Svc list encl. 

EISENHUT.D. G. Division of Licensing. 32/10/30. 
Edison Co, of New Vork. Inc. 0pp. 15993.319. 24X 
Fiche: 90-000. 02/10/3D. 8310390100. 

B21I040379 Generic Ltr 62-25 to all power reactor licensees re 
integrated lAEft eiercise For physical inventory at LWfis. Any 
commitment to participate in eiercise is voluntary f. anij 
util that participates uiill be reimbursed. Bvc list encl. 
EISEtJHUT.O. G. Division of Licensing B2/11/03. Consolidated 

Edison Co. of Neui York. Int. llpp. 16019:004. 34X 
Fiche:SO-000, B2/ 11/03. 62110^0379. 

8211230497 Forwards change to modified amended security plan. Change 

BURSTERS. Wisconsin Electric Pouer Co. 82/11/10 DENTOM.H.f!. 
Office of Nuclear ficactor Regulation, Director. CLARK. H. A. 
Operating Reactors Branch 3. 3pp. 16192:103. 2flX 
Fiche: 50-366, 83/1 1/ 1O, 0311230407. 


F, SFCuMtij. m-Bdlcal. cnergeney fc tire protection plans 

6311010457 Riftjondt to BSOiOl mBmo re min staffing level* for 
i<iargncy il t uat lo-na. Sub j now before Commlssldn in 
SeC-Bl~lllB, SECY mcommends suppl to NUREO-0737, requir Ing 
ILcini** r*ponsas in accordance u/lOCFRBO. 34If ). 
etSEIJHUT.D. Division of Licensing. H3/O9/29. KEPPLER. J. 0. 
flcglDK 3. Office of Director. 2pp. I390S: 103. 34X 
Fiehi: BO-266, B3/O9/29, Q21 1010457. 

--BBIIOl-O'lAa fieniiBtti ravieu of util aubmittals re mln staffing for 
Jicrggnc^ i Ituations. Safety evaluation needed by S2102S. 
EISEHKUT, D. 0. Dlviolon of Licensing 03/09/29. QRJMES.B.K. 
Dlvltion of E<neroncy Preparedness, Hpp. 15902; 104. 24X 
FUh*: 50-366, -02/09/29,0211010437. 

B311170130 Forwards Amends 67 t. 72 to Licenses DPR-34 I DPB-37. 
respectively b notice of ia-suance J. ava ilab i 1 i ti|. Amend s 
Include requirement to maintain security force training & 
nullification plan. 

CLARK.H.A. Operating Reactors Uranch 3. B2/U/15. FAY, C. H. 
Wisconsin Electric Power Co. 3pp. 14148' 195 34X 
Fiche: 50-266, 82/11/15.0311170130, 

B211170141 Amends A7 ft 72 to Licenses DPR-24 H. DPR-27. respec t ive li t , 
adding requirement to maintain security force training t- 
qual if icat ion plan. 

CLARK. R A. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 03/11/15. 5pp. 
16148: IBB. 34X Ficha 50-266,82/11/15.0211170130. 

0311170146 Notice of issuance Si availability of Amends 67 fc 72 to 
Licenses DPR-34 S. DPR-27. respec tive ly ,,.,..= -, 

* Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director. 02/11/15. _' 
16140' 193 24X Fiche: 50-266. 82/1 1 /IS, 02 i 1 170130. 

82110(0463 Requt review of min staffing Uvula for emergency 

KEPPLERhJ.O Raglan 3i Office of Director. 03/06/01. DENTONjH.R, 

0*flc of fluclBJi- Reactor Regulation, Director. 2pp. 15902:106. 
24X FlehBi50-2fi6-B2/09/39.021 1010457. 

&21004t}ObB Oinerle Lti> 92-17 to oil power reactor licensees b 
jt-pLicantt * holder* of CPs re inconsiitancy betiueen 
r*itilremnt of 10CFRSO. 34(t) (. BTS for performing audits of 
<trgncu prtf*retir.e3<i programs. Bvc list end. 

EtSCNHUr. D. O. Dlviilon of Licensing. B2/10/O1. Consol Ida tea 

EJJion Co. of Wtu York, Inc. llpp. 16003; 28B. B4X 
Fleh*: 30-000, QZ/10/OI. 83100400iB. 

S21007QQ19 Onniplc Ltr H2-2I to all licensees fc applicants of nuclear 
pawtr rraetort re Tech Specs for fire protection audits. 
Forward* guidance discussing goneraJ scope ( describing 
*lji*nt to b* Included In audit.Svt list encl. ,,.,.,, 

Et$EHHUT,DO. Diviin of Licensing. 82/10/06. Consolidated 

1 1 ion Co, of New York. Inc. 19pp. 13993:338. H4X 
i; 30-000. 82/10/06. 6210070019. 

621 1060009 Fe-ruiardi 821007 eiemption for one-time bai* from annual 
full-tcala merBney preparedness e<BrciBa requirement of 
IOC.Ffl Aft E^Bsetian IV.F. 1. _ ,., ,, 

CURK.fl.A. Opirftliif R. actors Branch 3. 82/10/07 FAY.C.W. 
M*1ton*in, Electric Power Co. 3pp. 15973:287. 24X 
Fi(ht : 30-KAi. BS/ 10/07. Q21 1080009. 

0. Adjudieatory correspondence 

92110il0019 Add! response to FDIA request for records re stea 
generators & turb Ine B. Forwards documents listed in Ap p C. 
Documents also available it> PDR, 
FELTON.J.rl. Divi*ion of Rulet and Records 
Winthropr atimson. Putnam 4 Roberts. 3pp. 
Fiche: 50-301 ,02/09/10.921 1040019. 

15947 061. 

LONG. D. J. 

B012190570 Forwards ASLB B01104 order denying WI Environ Decade ruqut 
for hearing on NflC 791130 confirmatory order issued to util. 
Decade did not claim injury as result of conditions imposed 

WtS>M'.H.K. Offic* of the Executive Legal Dlr.stor BO/U 
nFNTON.H R Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director. 
19947: 133. 24X Fiche: 3O-266, B3/09/10. 831 1040019. 


B311040055 Addl response to FOIA request for records re Uesti ng house generators & turbin.s. Forwards documents listed in 

Winthrop, Stim.on, Putnam t, Roberts. 4pp, 
Fich:SO-266, 93/09/30,8211040055. 

8211040070 Beeue.ts issuance of order requiring licensee to conform 
coneitions at 791138 brief ing Rtart tfP"**^... 
CHILK.S J Office of the Secretary of the Commission. /?/ii/-iu. 
OOBSICKi0.J. Office of th Enecutive Director for Operations. Ip 
15946- 086 S4X Fiche: 50-000. 03/09/30. 831 1040055. 



-BOO/150207 Forujrdi HI Environ Decade. Inc 800539 request far hearing on 
mod of 600401 order 1 memo r I c ororaend i ng consolidation of tun 
rqusts For hearing. HI Environ Dtcftd t, In request only 

, JP Regional Operation* fc Enforc tment Division. BO/ 04/23. 

R Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director. lp, 
15?46:0'76 34X Fictie: 50-000: 83/09/30,621 1040055 

211150001 Foruards contention's re stt-an generator rep I acemtnt. 
ANDERSON, P Wt.coniin's Environmental Decade. B2/11/05 
BLOCK, P D. . KLINE, J. R. . PAXTQN, H. C. Atomic Safety and Licensing 
Board Pare! tp. 16059.259. 24X Fiche 30-364. BS/ 1 1 /OS, B21 1 15000!. 

-821 1150Q02 Contention re steam generator r ep laceirunt;, lupp 1 (-man* ing 
BZ0810 petition to intervene 

ANDERSON-P. Huconsin's Environmental Decad*. 82/11/05 Atomic 

Safety and Lit.nung Board Panel. 25pp. 16039:257. 24X 
Fichc 50-266, 92/11/05,6211130001. 

For loose parts 

tevera 1 


211150657 Informs of completed visual fibencope insji 
in Unit I steam generators. Imp revealed pretence at 
fonign objects in secondary side of steam generator 
prts bear no relationship to 1 1 peving , Svc list ent 1 . 
CHURCHILL, B. W. Shau, Pittman. Potts tc Troubri dg>. CHURCHILL. D.W 
His conn n Electric Pousr Co 63/11/09 BLOCH, P. D. , KLINE. J. R. . 
PAXIuN.H C. Atonic Safety and Licensing Board Panel. 3pp. 
16061: 163 24X Fichu. 50-26i, 02/1 1/09, B2E 1 150-657. 

311160277 Foruardi B20923 suirwiaru of B20TO9 meeting J. Sections II- IV f. 
V, Tables A~l, A-2, B-l !. B-4 !, Apps D t, F af "Steam Genarator 
Inip Program Return to Power Rept,San DnaFrej Nuclear 
Operating Station, Unit I, Sept 1932." W/o end. 

BACHMANfJ. R G Hearing Branch I. B3/U/12, ANDERSON. P. Wisconsin's 
Environmental Decade lp (6303:194 24X Fl che . 90-266, B2/1 I/IS. 
B2I 1160277. 

J11190200 Advisei that time fo 
eip irsd. Commi si ion declined r 
agency action on 821110. 

CHILH.S J. Office of the Secretary of 
Oft' ice of the E i e c u t i v e Legal Director 
Ficne:SO-366, S3/I I/IB. B31 11702OO 

mission to act to r-evit 
1 Decision became final 

the CommiSBion. B2/1 1/ IB 
lp. 16151:072. 2-JX 

Op Bra ting 1 i cetiit stage tf acumen t * f- corr es pandence 
H103Q1A2 "Tech Spec far Redundant DHR Capab il i tg, Point BeachjUtiitt 

1 & 2r " 

STOFFEL, J. H ECtS, Inc. FIN A-,6439 6211030162. 02/07/31. 
DOHOHEH, J. N. Division of Licensing-. 16pp. 15936. O3D 24X 
Ficfce- 50-266, 32/07/31,621 1030162. 

J! IO40019 Addl response to FO1A request for records re steam 
genirators !. turbines Foruards document! Hated in App C, 
Documents alio available in PDH. 

FELTONiJ H Division of Rules and Records B2/09/10. LONG, D. J, 
Hinthrop,. Stimson, Putnam & Roberts. 3pp. 15947 Oil 24X 
Ficne: 50-266, 93/09/10. B21 104001 9. 

8211040023 Discusses steam generator tube incident at Facility 6 need 
for amending Tech Spec Section Z 304 to include Reg Guide 
1.83 implementation & I gpm (eat rate limit. 

GALLO.J. Hearings Division. 75/03/00 GOLLER, K. Division of 
Operating Reactors. lp 15147:065. 24X Fi che. 50-246, 63/09/10, 

-800331Q4A4 Discusses info re Oct 1979 itiam generator insti & tmuact 
79II30 safety evaluation. 

NOONAN.VS Engineering Branch. 60/01/04. EISENhW, D. G. 
Division of Operating Reactors. 4pp. 15947:107 24X 
Fiehi 50-266. 62/09/10. 921 1 0400 19-. 

209210027 Generic Ltr 82-li to all PWR licensees re NUREO-0737 Tech 
Sprcs. Requests nview of Tech Specs to determine consistency 
u/ouidance provided, For items u/devi at ions, amend to lionse 
required. H/o ifated encls.Bvc list encl. 

EISENH'JT, D. 0. Division of Liceniin-j. 82/O9/20. Consol Ida teif 

Edison Co of Neu Vor, Inc. I5pj>. 13930 140 24X 
Ficne 50-000,02/09/20.8309210027. 

M104005S Addl r*>ponse to FOIA request for record* re Uestingtioute 
steam generators 4 tori ines. Forwards documents listed in 
App 0. Documents also available in PDR. 

FELTOM, J. M. Division of BuUs and Records. B2/09/30. LONO, D J 
Mlnthrop, .timmn. Putnam 6 .Roberts 4pp. 15946' 015 54X 
Fiche: 50-266, 92^09/30.621 1040055. ' 

7912S8002S Forward. "Calculation cf Leakage" to 
clarify staff response re potential leakage rate during 
nu C , omfl ""' l ">"- oriefinj on ttfam generator integrity. 
DENTON.K.R. Offic, of Nuclear fitor fiegulation, Director 
79/11/29. HENDRIE.J.M. Com-nl ,s i 2pp 15946-093 34K 
Fiche:50-000,B2/09/30,82H04,OOS3. ' 

8019020004 Discusses insp of steam generator tube degradation. OullLCr 
consultants continuing analysis. 

DENTON.HR. Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director. 
60/04/IS, AHEARNE. J. F. Commissioners. 2pp. 19946: -071. 2 
Fiche: SO-000, 9S/09/30, 931 104O055, 

S007230372 Forwards Ul Environ Decade request Por hearing r B0040I 
order permitting continued operation for addl 90 Pull pouer 
4a<js. Reques t should be tent to ABLD to be considered in 
conjunction u/previous request for hearing . 

DEMTQfJjH. R, Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, DirDCter. 
80/07/10. CHILK.S.J. Office of the Becratary of the CommlliioTi 
lp, 15946: 093. 24X Fiche: SO-000, B2/09/3O, 9211040038. 

Bl 10300063 Foruards request for addl info rs steam generator tub* 
ileeving project, Questi ons withheld (ref 10CFR2. 790 1. 
CDLBURN.T.O. Operating Reactors Branch 3. Bl/10/22. CLARK, R. A 
Operating Reactors Branch 3. lp. 15946:097. 24X 
Fiche: 50-000. 92/09/30, B21 1040055, 

8211060612 Foruards request for addl info re TMI Item IMt 323, 
"Pouir to Pump Seals. " Draft transmittal Itr enc 1 
HEOrJER, J-D. Division of Licensing. 83/09 /3O Division fit 

Licensing. 5pp. 15971:354. 24X Flc he: 30-000, B3/07/30, 031 1 06Q6I2 

9311160010 Partial response to FOIA request far documents re GHft dild|n 
deficiencies It major interim ac ti ons. Foruiarda rfocuments 
listed in App A, App B documents available from FDR. 
FELTON, J. H. Division of Rules and Records. 02/10/04. IMfNEFJ, D 
Affiliation Unlmoiun. Bpp. 16122:096. 24X Fi che: 50-000, flP/1 1>/0*- 

- -301109031 a Concurs u/recommenda tion that design of I nterxorne. 1 1 ion 
between redundant saf etij-rela ted buses be revieuind t 
modified as required to satisfy provisions of flog Ouiif* 1,6. 
Supporting matl encl, 

DENTQN.H.R Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Dlr<tor, 
BO/10/16. HICHELSOM, C. Director's Office. llpp. 1A122: 134, 341 
Fiche 50-000. B2/1 0/04. B21 1 160010. 

B2K0900I7 Approves short & long-term actions to correct EKF Jli*r 
doPlciency discovered as result of ui i r i ng mails to atoam 
generator bloudoun line isolation valves. 

CLARK, R, A. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 82/10/OE). FAV.C.H 
Wisconsin Electric Pouer Co. 2pp. 16029:000. SIX 
Fiche: 50-266, 93/10/08, B31I09O017. 

8211110021 Foruards reqjeat for addl info re TMI Item ir,K.:i HD, "firtr, 
to Pump Seals." Identification of areas of conformflnco or 
dovlatlon from stated position & detailed supporting Info on 
daslgn d operation of affectod cooling ay a requested. 
CLAfW.R.A. Operating Reactors Branch 3, B2/jq/19, FAV.C. W. 
Wisconsin Electric Pouier Co, 3pp. I60B3:2I3. SIX 
Ft che: 30-266, 82/10/19,8211110021. 

6211010094 Requests ipodi tiout. review t- approval of Revtsion 3 Iff 
Edlerer, Inc Generic Rept EDR-t, "Nuclear Baf ttty-Rela ted 
Eitra-Safetg I,. Monl toring IX-SAM) Cranes" to assist in 
completing auilliaru bldg crane upgrade in timely mannor. 
FAY.C.M. Wisconsin Electric Power Co. B3/1O/S2, DENTON, H. R. 
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. Director, EISENHUT. D. 0, 
Division of Licensing, 2pp. 1SB67:264. 24X Ficho : SO-Stt,03/lOJSJ. 

8211110015 Foruards request for addl info re locied rotor accident 
analysis t discrepancies between LOCA analysis in updated 
FSAR it previously approved 7911(9 LOCA reanal us i 9. Rflsponie 
due by 821112. 

CLARK, R. A. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 8S/1Q/33. FiW.C.H 
Wisconsin Electric Pouer Co, 3pp. 16053;21t., 34X 
Fiehe: SO-264, 82/10/22. 921 1 1 1001 S, 

6210260098 Generic Ltr 82-20 to all pouer reactor license". p* rai t 
hotifers & applicants For CP re guidance for Implementing 
SRP rule. Foruards NWEO-0906. NUREO to be ussrf as interim 
maasure until Rog Ouid"e 1.70 revised. Bvc list encl 
ETSENHUT, D, G. Division of Licensing. SH/lO/Bi, Cotliol 104 ttd 

EdCson Co. of Ntu York, Inc. 9pp. 15993:299, 24X 
FI Cht: 50-000, B2/10/26, B8102600BB. 

B2IOS70030 Generic Ltr 3S-32 to all PUB licensees TE Conjrentanjsl 
request for info concerning steam generator tube fnteort tu- 
Foruiards Congreisman Ed Harkeu 83101-? question* re steam 
generator tube integri tu. Svc list and 

E-IBENHUT, D. 0. Division of Licensing. B2/10/B&. Contol id* luff 

Efliton Co, of Nsw Yor*, Inc. 10pp. 16099' 3 3a 24X 
Fiehe: 50-000, 82/10/36, B210270030. 

B2111iOD85 Forwards rtquest for addl info re BH0723 & 0810 igbAltla]* 
--rning steam generator replacement. Response requitd fcu. 

,j, "/ Operatinj Reactors Branch 3. 82/10^26, FAV, C- M. 

Wisconsin Electric Power Co, 4pp. 16I01'237 24X 
FI chs: 50-S6S, B3/10/26, B21 1 16OOB5. 



Foruard* adrfl info re QA programs tt WCAP-924S Revision 6, 
OA program plan to tuppnrt planned steam generator 

FAY.C.H- Wisconsin Electric Pouier Co. B2/10/27. DENTON.H.R. 
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. Dime tor. CLARK, R. A. 
IT a ting Reactor* Branch 3. 12pp. 15721:270. 24X 
Filfce: 50-E66. 82/10/27,821 10-10300. 

211040304 QA program plan for facility. 

NurtlrahBuie Electric Corp. WCAP-9245 R06. 82/06/03. 
1:285, SAX Fiche: 50-266. S2/10/27. 821 1040300. 


52IIONJ5EB Rilpondi tq NRC 820813 1 tr re adequacy of itation electrical 
attribution. Failure of both low voltage station auiiliary 
lr*n,lfrMrt ii condition tfeicribed in FSAR, Chapter 7, 

F,ftV*C.U. "m<onin Electric Pouier Co. BB/ 10/31. DENTON.H.R. 
of Nut Itar Reactor Regulation, Diractor. CLARK. R. A. 
ing Reactor* Branch 3. 2pp. 13063:087. SAX 
: SO-266. 32/10/39,8211020533. 

B211160047 Generic Ltr 92-26 to po^er reactor I icM.*(icop * l-" 
Vraln) re NUREG-O744, sion 1, "Pressure Veseel Hall 
Fracture Toughn.ts. " Foruard, NUREO-0744. Revi sion 1-W/o 

SHUT, " o' Licensing. M/il/lB- C-n.-H-t- 

EdUon Co. of INeu Yorfc. Inc. 52pp. 16232:312. 24X 
Fichu: 30-000, 62/ 1 1 / 1 2, B2 111 AO04 7. 

0211240191 Forward. Amendi 6S i 73 to License* DPn-24 ^ DPR-H?, 
respectively, safety evaluation fc natice of Issuance fc 
availability. Amendi change Tffch Specs to modify radiation 
area entry control procedure*. 0-,,,,/i-j, FAV.C W 

COLBURN.T.O, Opera t ing Reac tor 9 Branch 3. c 2/l i,<' ? IAV.^.H 
Wi.coniin Elsctric Power Co, 5pp. 16230:250. 2fl> 
Fie he: 90-266, B2/1 1 / 1 2- B21 121O19 1 . 

& 73 to Lie.n... DP-24 E- DPR-27, T-.p.ct iv.H(. 
to modify radiation arsa B ntr V control 

B211240200 Amend 
changins Tech 

CLARK, R, A, Operating Reactors Branch 3. B2/11/12. 
16230-2SS. 24X Fiche. 50-266, 03 / 1 1 / 1 2, B3I 1 24019 1 . 


Hot if lei that Class IV, III t> II fees are due For 820527 
rqu far Tech Spec changes re steam generator replacement 

6 6209*30 request for changes re spent fuel pool poison 
survlillanee d PORV aperab i 1 ity , respective 1 y. 

OIQSSjfl.M LfceniB Fee Management Branch, 83/10/39. FAY, C. W. 
UUcaniin Electric Pouer Co. 3pp. 15953:361. 24X 
Fie he: 50-266, 62/10/39,8211010069. 

Requests confirmation of interpretation that Paragraph 2. E 
in License* DPR-24 fc DPR-27 permits return of spent fuel 
to facility from OE Morris ( West Valley facilities b that 
no further license author i lation required. 

FAY.C, H, Wisconsin Electric Power Co. 82/il/Ol. DENTON.H.R. 
OHltf of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director. CLARK, R. A. 
derating Reactors Branch 3. 3pp. 16.034:001. 24X 
Fich: SO-266, 62/11/01,821 11 10161. 

62 UJ 501 43 Suppl to B21019 application for amend to Licenses DPR-24 & 
&PJ5-27 r requirements for posting fc entry Into high 

FAV,A H. Wisconsin Elsctric Power Co. 82/11/09. DENTON.H.R. 
Office of Nuclear Reactor Ragulation. Director. CLARK, R. A, 
Derating Reactors Branch 3. 2pp. 16035:241. 24X 
Fit h*:30-BM-B3/l 1/09. 8311 150143. 

8211150145 Proposed Tech Spec 1 S. 6. 1 1 re requirement* for posting & 

antry into high radiation areas. 

* Wisconsin Electric Pouier Co. S2/II/05. Ip. 16055:243. 24X 

Flche;80-266. B2/1 1/03, 8311150143, 

211170360 ForuaHs Amends 66 t. 71 to Licenses DPR-B4 k DPR-27. 
T i P*ctivelg, safety evaluation b notice of Issuance i 
availability. Afninds upgrade Tech Specs to provide redundancy 
gf DHR capability. , ,, 

COCBUSN. T, fl. Operating Reactors Branch 3. B3/11/08. FAY, C. W. EUctric Power Co. 3pp. 16142:001. 24X 
Fichf. 50-26&, B3f 11/08,8311170360. 

8atll70562 Amend A6 t< 71 to Licenses DPR-24 fc DPR-27, respscti valy. 

upsradinj Tech Bpacs to provide redundancy of DHR capability 
In ill modes of operation. 

CLARK, R. A. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 82/11/08. 19pp. 
14142:004. 24X Flcfie: 30-266. 83/1 1 /08, 821 1 170360. 

8211240207 Safety evaluation supporting Amend* &Q & 73 to 
DPR-24 4 DPF1-37, respectively. 

* Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Directs 
16230:262. 24X Fi che 50-266- B2/1 1 / 1 2, B2 HaiOl<?l 

QJ/ 1 I / t 

-B311240S14 Notice of issuance h availability oF A 
Licenaes DPR-34 b HPR-27. respec t i ve I 4 
CLAFtrt.R.A. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 
16230:267. a4X Fi c he: 5O--266, B2/1 1 / 1 2. 021 1240 191. 


B2H3'103a9 Requests end contractor technical evaluation rupt ro 
seismic qualification of auxiliary feed^atcr syB be revtauod 
J, comments providisd by 821220 .,,,-, (r- v r u 

CLARK,R.A. Operating Reactor* Drench 3. 02/11/13 FflV, C. W. 
Wisconsin Electric Pouier Co. 9pp. 16233:001. ^1H 
Fiche: 50-266. B3/1 1/ 12, S21 12403B9. 

8211170130 Foruarda Ainends 67 k 73 to Licenses DFR-24 (. DPR-H7, 
respectively t notice of Istuanca & avai laft i I i t tf . Amends 
intlude renulrement to ma In tain security force training 6. 

CLARKfR"* "operating Reactor. Branch 3. 03/11/13. FAY, C W. 
UUcomin Electric Pouer Co. 3pp. lAMthlBS. 24X 
Fi che: 30-266. 83/1 1 / I 5, 821 1 1 7013O. 

8311170111 Amend? d7 * 72 to Licenses DPF1-34 & DP.R-37, rosp B ct 1 VB 1 y , 
adding requ irement to maintain jecurifcy forco training t< 
qualification plan. .,,..,, 

CLARK, R A. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 92/11/19. 5pp. 
16149: 18B. 24X Fichu: 5O-366, OE/ II / 1 5, 021 1 1 70130. 

B211170146 Notice of Issuance tt availability of Amanda 67 6 72 to 

Licenses DPH-24 S. DPR-S7, rcspec tlvo 1 y. ,.,, 

* Office of Nircloar Reactor Resulfl t ion. Director. QH/ll/IJ. -'lip. 
16148: 192. 24X Fiche: 5O-2A6. B2/1 I /IS, 82 1 1 17O1 30. 

8311240327 Advises that TM1 Item* 1 . A. a. !., "Upgrading Doctor t, lienior 
Reactor Operator Training" t< H.D.4, "Troining Par 
Mitigating Core Damage, " complete for facility. 
CLARK.R A. Operating Reactors Uran-ch 3, Q2/11/13. FAV, C. W, 
Wisconsin Electrtc Poucr Co, 4pp. 16231:242. 2<1X 
Flche: 3O-26&, 83/1 1/ 15. B3i 1B4O327. 

&21 1170564 Ssfttv evaluation lupporting Amends 66 fc 71 to Licensee 
DFB-24 b DPR-27, rB*pectivel. 

* Qttict of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. Director. 82/11/oa. Jpp. 
[6148:019. HAX Fiche: 50-26i, 93/1 1 /OB, 821 1 170360. 

--8311170564 Notice of issuance & availability of Amends 66 I- 71 to 
t_fc*ni DPR-34 fc DPR-37, respectively. 

CLARK. R, A. Operating Reactors Branch 3. B3/11/OB. 2pp. 
16142:022. S4X Fiche:50-266,6a/ll/OB,B2tll70S60. 

eSliaaO037 Requetts submlttal of ECCB model speetflcallg treating upper 
eLcftua in jec t Ion, Set of sample calculations encompassing 
ipe*run of large- break LdCA* ihoold be included. Info due 
bu as I xi 3, 

CLARKrR.A. Operating Reactors Branch 3. B3/11/OS. FAY, C. W. 
MLttonsln Electric Pouer Co. Bpp. 16199:SS2, 24X 
Flcha: 90-246,82/11/08,8211320037. 

8211140367 Forum- if response to SS1022 request for addl info re lo9 
Of coolant Ploiir lock rotor accident t< eiplanation of 
41Pf*rinces betuein LOCA reanalysls In 791119 Ur S< 
analult In updated FSAR. ,, ,. 

ByftSTEIH.B. Hliconsin Electric Power Co. 82/11/09. DENTON.H.R. 
Qffict of Muelear Reactor RsguUtlon, Director. CLARKi R. A. 
Ooerasfng Reactors Branch 3. 4pp. 16092:089. 24X 
Fiche:SO-Zd6, 82/11/09. 821 1160267. 

8211240334 " Imp rovemants in Training & RequaU f lea tlon Programs DM 
Required by TMI Action Items 1. A. 2. 1 t. 1 1 . Q. 4 for Point 
Beach Nuclear Plant.Unlta 1 & 2. " technical evaluation ropt. 
* Science Appl Icatlons, Inc. NRC-03-83-O96. 3AI- 1 96-039- 12. 
B2/OS/I7. NRC - No Detailed Affiliation Qlvon. 14pp. 

16231:346. 24X Fiche: 50-266. B2/11/I3. B21 1240327. 

S2113000B1 Foruards request For a.ddl info re rep Inc ement of major 
components For itsam generators.. Response roquestodi b-y 

CLARK. R. A. Operating Reactors Dranch 3. 82/11/16. FftY. C. W. 
Hi*eonin Electric Power Co. 3pp, !A263:Sa. 24X 
Fiche: 90-266. 85/11/16,821 13000B1. 

8211300O96 Foruards ronue-st for arfdl info r 820917 request for T 
thermal design f loui. Reaf ons requested by 821125. 
CLARK, R. A. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 83/11/19. FAV. C. W. 
Ui*conin Electric Power Co. 4jp. 16257:341. 24X 
Flche; 50-366, B2/U/19, B21 130OOBA. 

B311290396 FdTuards revised P-agei 10,11 % lid tc response to NRC 
Question 2. 3-4-ti re control of heavy Inadaj including results 
of reactor pressure venal ltad drop analgi 1>. Inf a *noulil be 
Included In 7-month response dtd B2O111. 

FAYi C. M. Wisconsin Electric Power Co. 82/11/22. DEMTDN.M.R, 
Office of Nucl*ar Reactor Regulation. Director, CLARK. Ft. A. 
Operating Reactors Branch 3. 4pp. 14221:t>13, B4X 
Fich: 30-266,82/1 1/32,321 1290336. 



B211300179 R.I pond* to T Calburn reqiieit for &ddl info r* steam 
generator repair, Sve list end. 

FAY.C.H. Uiieonlfn Electric Pouer Co. 32/11/22. DENTON. H. fl . 
Office of Nuclr Reactor Regulation. Dirge tar. CLARK, R A, 
Oprating Reactors Branch 3, 12pp. 16839:147. 34* 
Fieri* : 50-246, 32/LI/22. 82 11 300379, 

8211300224 Foru.rdt appropriate tit* for B20930 ippl Uatlon for amend 
to Lioniel DPR-24 X, DPR-27. 

FAV-C.M. Uifconsin Electric Power Co. 03/11/23. DENTDW.H.H. 
Qftlct of Nuclear Reactor Reouldtlon, Director, DIOQS. R M License 
Fte Management Branch. lp. 16339:192. 34 X Flehe: 50-266, B2/ 1 1 /S3, 

Q. Inspection reports. IE Bullrtint & correspondence 

B211040019 ftiidl relf-onse to 50IA request for records rt stean 
generators & turft ines. Foruartf * document* lilted In ABB C 
Documents alia available In PDR. 

FELTON, J. M. Divliion of Ruin and Records. 82/09/10. LCNfl, B. J 
Hinthrop, Stirnson, Putnam & Robert*. 3pp. 15947-Oil 24X 
Fiche:50-2ie., 62/09/10.8211040019. 

--B211040021 Forwards I Inquiru. 50-?4i/7S-Ol rt itacus of 
corrective actions !. posiible contributing ciuiei of steam 
jtnerator tuba failure. H/o *nc], 

JORDAW, E. U. R.glon 3, Chicaoo, Office of tfle Director 73/03/17 
SEYFRIT.K.V, Office of In.pection & Enrarnmint, Office of th( 
Director. lp. 13947:0fi4. 24X FUhe: 30-266, B2/09/I 0. 821 104001? 

6211030339 R* ipondi to NRC B20920 Itr re violation! noted in IE 
Bif.ju.rdi Imp R>pt SO-2i6/B2-I9 i SO-301/B2-19. Reiponte 
ulll be available for revinu during futurn Inspi Datalli 
withheld <reP 10CFH2. 790). 

BURSTEIW.S. Wlieonsin Electric Pouinr Co. B3/10/15, M!LLEB,JR 
Olvllot of Enulnearlng tc Technical Proflrarai. SOB, 1SB9B EM 
34X Fiche:BO-266,B2/10/27.B211020S44. 

B2H030071 Sutra iti Clagi III approval fee for in.Brvics In^o (hrofrrin 
In rcipflni* to 820923 Itr. Fee contain* dlffersncs in 
amount oued t, ft* iubnittei! U/B31011 Itr. 

FAViC.W. Wiiconiin Electric Power Co. 82/10/27. OENTOH.H ft 
Office of Nuclear Rtactor Regulation, Director. CLARK, R A 
Operating Rsaetora Branch 3, lp. 19911:343 24X 
Fiefi*; 50-2i6, B2/ 10/27, B21 1030071. 

S2110901S3 Act rec.ipt af B50927 Itr informing NRC of itep. talciv to 
cornet violntionl noted in IE In*p Rpt< 30-266/0S-I3 & 

SPES3AHD,fi. L. Division of Project 8. Resident Program*. B2/10/B7 
BUfiSTElNiS. Hiconin Electric POUJBT Co. lp. Ifi003'023 34* 
Ficfte: 50-244, 82/10/27, B21 10901B3. 

B2110901B7 Reipanda to NRC B30BS6 Itr re violations noted in IE [ni. 
Ripti 30-266/32-13 fr 30-301/B2-13. Correct ive action): 
defective cement returned to manufacturer d oriflinal brand 
ued. Rsmaining waste drums re-examined d raprocea**d. 
FAV.C.W. Hdconiin Electric Power Co. 82/09/27. KEPPLER. J 
Region 3, Office of Dimeter. 3pp. 16003:024 34X 
Flch: 30-266, 32/10/27, B21 1090 1B3 

320BI70220 IE I n,f o Motic. B2-37, "Crcfclno in Wppep Shell to 
Transition Cone Oirtn Held of Bteani Oen*rator at Ontratinn 
PUR. ' Svc list encl, * 

jaHDAN.E. D(viion of Englnnrlng (. Ooalitg (\iiornie. BS/09/16 
Conolidatd Edison Co. of Nu York, Int. 105pp. 13730' O01 24* 
Fiche: 50-000. B2/G-7/ 16, 9203190220. 

8208190232 IE I n f o Notice 92-34, i ion I, 
Panel*. " Sc Ht encl. 
JOfiDAN.E. L. DivUion of Englntering )< Dual itu Aiuranc* 

Con>oli!fatiJ Edlion Co. of Hiw Vorfc, Inc. 107pp 15893- 
Flche:SO-000, 62/09/17,3203190222. aa. 

Weld, in Main Control 


8200190229 IE Info Notice 62-39. "Svt Degradation o-f Thick WJ1 
Stjinlen Steel Ret ircola tion Sh|t Piping at BHR J^Unt " 
Eve lilt encl. 

JOflDAM.E.L. Division of Engineering i, Oualltu Anur-nt.. S2/07/31 
Consolidated Ediion Co. of Niw York, Inc. 36pp. ' 

Fiche: 30-000. B2/09/S1, 3309190239. 

92111902-06 Foruarifi IE Imp Repti 50-266/82-18 b 30-301/82-1B on 
9BOBOI-0930. No nuncomp 1 iance noted. 

STREETER, J. F. Diviiion of Project S< Resident Programi B2/11/01 
QURSTEIM.B. Wisconsin Electric Pouier Co. 2pp, 16151-257 311 
Fiche: 30-246, 82/11/01,6211190206. 

321119&219 IE Intp Repts SO-266/B2-1B t. 30-301/82-1B on B20SOI-OWO Kg 
noncompliance noted. Major areas inspected; operational aafotu 
verif icAtionr monthly malnt d lurvei 1 lance, receipt of nay 
ruel h LER if imp rept follouup 

HAQUE.R.L., FITZPATRICK.B., REVES, L. A. Division of Project A 
Resident Programs. 62/11/01. 6pp. 16191:261. 24X 
Fl ch i : S0-Bi6, B2/ 1 1 /Ol , 9S1 1 190206. 

6308190249 IE Info Notice 63-43, "Deficiencies in LIJR Air FiltratLcm/ 
Ventilation &u. " Bvc Hit encl. 
JOHDAN.E.L, Division of Engineering *,- Qualitg Assuroncc. 

ConsolUatiI Edison Co. of Neui York, Inc. llloo IAI71>a33 
Flchtr 30-000, B2/U/I6, BBOS19024B. 

6209190323 IE Info Notice 82-3a, "Change in Format 1 Distribution 
for IE Bullet ini, Circular. 6 J n f Q Notices. " Svc 1 l.t encl 
DEYDUNO.R.C. &(rtor'9 Office, Office of tnspettion ajid' 
Enforcement. 62/09/22. CansoElUated Edlion Co. o* tit a York, 

110pp. 14018:021. 24X Fl c h : 50-000,92/09/22.6203190223. 

B203190233 IE Info Notice BS-43, "PUR Low T Hm p Overpressur t- 
Protection." 3vc list encl. 

JORDAN, E. L. Division of Engineerino b Qualtti; A93uranc, S3/Ll/i9 
Coniolldateif Edison Co. of Neiu York, Inc. 93no 16232'2?B 24K 
fiche: 30-000, B2/1 1/19,8203190233. 

B203190Z32 If T n fo Notice B2-40, "D e f i c I enc i . In Prlmar,; Cof.talnm.nt 
Electrical Penetration Assemblies." 3vc litt enl. 
JORDAM.E.L, Division of Engine rln 9 t< Quality A*turance, B2/09/22 

Coniotidat.d Edison Co. of New Yorli. Int. liana 1393O'O19 suit 
Fiche : 30-000, B2/09/22.B20B190232. fJu.uiT. *tt. 

! t>riTlt fchat a425, 6=0414 * 050^ r.sponsit to IE Bulletin 
80-04, "Analysis of FUK Steam Line Break W/Continu.J uu ' 1 " ln 
Feeduater Addltion P " acceptable. 

CLARK.ft.A. apertlno Reactori Branch 3. BSfiQ/QB. FAY, C U 
Hiieoniln Electric Pnu*r Cs, 2pp. 1S973'B2S 24X 
Fieh: 50-26A, BS/IO/OB, 

R. Ptrlodic operating reports t related correspondence 

B2111&0232 Foruiard* monthly operating repts for Oct 19B2 
BURBTEJN,a. Hiiconsin Electric Powar Co. 82/11/11, 
Detailed Af fi 1 iat ion Given. lp. 16092' 117 24X 
Fich: 50-26&, 92X11/11,8211160223. 

B2IUA022S Monthly operating repts for Del 19B2. 

FAViC.H. Mliconiin Electric Power Co. B2/11/OB. 
16092: 1 IS. 24X Fiche: BO-266, 82/1 1 / 1 1, B21 1 160222. 


H 5? Safety evaluation supportins oti 1 responses to IE Bulletin 
SO-0+, "Analyst, of PWR Main Lin. Break M/Contlnuei BU ' lBtln 
Feeduattr Addition, " innuto 

JORDAN. E.L. Divlsfon of Engine. ring & Oj.l[t<| Anuranee. SS/IO/22 

t , C ? nt Si'^* 1 ' " ilon Co ' of Ntu /orl " Inc ' 
FichiiSO-OOO. BZ/10/22.B208170K39. 

92110B0544 Act r.c.lft of BB1013 Itr ln*<.r m ino NRC of itep 
torr.cfc violations not<t Jn IE Sar,ua r ^ In.p, ' 
30-266/62-1-? I, SO-30I/B2-19. F P 

, 92/10/27- 

ric Powir Co, lp. 

t.ken to 


8. DeporUble occurrences, LERs i, related correspondence 

8211010031 Discusses inoperabllity of Instrumentation Hnei du to 
eitnme cold weather. Encl lists affected plants i LEffi 
durlna ulnUr of 19B1-B2, Inclusion of data in next Pouter 
Rlactor Event i would help inform licensees, 
S^ESPSki,* 1 ; Rie*or Operations Anal v li Branch. SS/Oi/10. 
MICMELSDN.C. Dirtctor'i Office. 4pp. 13892:039 24X 
Flehe: 80-000, 82/04/18,6211010031. 

8BllOo02a TfUenpg message of LER B2-009/01T-0: on 821030, tuot* in 
Si! 8 !"* 1 '*** 1 '* A fc B fllunl( u '' ml " < f"*" -OX dagradotion. On 
B21023.1nsp revealed 9 uit or dripping explosive pluos.No 
eaust itated. Tv plunged. 

LINKiH, E. Miconln Electric Power Co. B2/11/01. KEPPLER.J.O, 
fitoic-n 3, Office of Director. 2pp. 15933:001 24X 
Flh: 30-246, BS/1 1/01, 821 1060284. 



WI109Q240LER 82-OIB/01T-0: on B81015, incorrec t instrument bat supply 
tVfFtld to alternate supply following rept of fire in supply 
bri-altr for 10VC4 motor generator set, causing loss of 
redundancy on containment pressure indicator 1PT-950. 
LINft.R E. Hitconsin Electric Pouer Co. 02/11/03. KEPPLER. J. Q. 
Ruflian 3, Office of Director. 2pp. 15992:303. S4X 
Fiche: 50-246. 03/1.1/03.821 1000240. 

El IO9QEQ7 LER 82-01W01T-0; on 821 103. b ody-to-bonnet studs on D loap 
r it ii ti net temp device bypass manifold valve isolation 
vilvl -round t egraded. Caused bg corros ion. Al 1 studs replaced 
t tinfliT valves inspected. 

LINK. R E. Wisconsin Electric Pouer Co. 02/11/03. KEPPLER.J.O. 
FUjion 3. Office of Director. Ip. 1 004; 3 OB. 24X 
Flcfct: SD-26i, B2/I I f03, 021 1090207. 

f21115OS44 PNQ-IlI-B2-136:on B21 1 05, pi eces of metal b other debris 
found In oenerators A ti 0. Retrieval efforts Initiated. 
Edify current tasting of cold leg will begin tuhon equipment 
tri-lvr i. Cenerators scheduled for replacement in Sept 19B3. 
REYES. t,, STUEETER, J. Region 3. Office of Director. 02/11/09. Ip. 
1 4-0 IS: OB3. 24X Fiche: 50-366, 62/1 1 /Q9, 821 1 1 50244. 

Pa 11 S SOBS'! LEfi B2-O32/01T-0; on 821 105-06, tube I in area of C Clamp 
ihcued 1 possible tube ua 1 1 degradatl on. Tubes found to contain 
oMrfatlon. greater than 40K mill be pluggad. 

LIISW.H.E Wisconsin Electric Power Co. B2/11/11. KEPPLER, J. G. 
Region & Office of Director. 2pp. 16193:230. 24X 
FUhw: 50-?6i. 82/1 i /1 1. 02t 133028-7. 

02I133O003 Transcript of 8211 IB hearing in Mi luaulcee, HI. Pp 1,804-1.883. 
Atomic Safety and Licensing Doard Panel. Ba/ll/lB. lO4pp. 
16173: 229. 24X Ficne: SO-266. &2/1 1/18, BSl 1230003. 

6211230320 Transcript of B3111B hearing in Mi liuauk ee, WI. Pp 1 , 6Q3-1 , E!03. 
Supporting documentation enc I 

Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Panel. B2/11/18. 279pp. 
16197: 120. 24 X Fie ho: 50-JMUi. 82^1 I/IB, B21 123O33O. 

8211230437 Transcript of S3 1 1 19 special prehearing conference in 
Miluiatikea.UI. Fp 39-L15. 

Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Panel. E52/II/19. 76pp. 
16191:286. 34X Fi che : 50-266. B2 / I I/ I f, 021 1 23O437. 

V. Operator Eiamini t i on-a 

9210130O19 Oeneric Ltr e2~ia to all power reactor appli 
HcoruBea re raactor operator ^ senior reactor operat 
rtnualit icati on iams. Adv i tes that etarns begin at fac 
after B2100i.Svc list encl. 

EISENHUT. D.O. Division of Licensing. ea/lO/12. C 

Edison Co. of NeuYar*. Inc. 15pp. 16003: 234. 24X 
Fiche: 50-000. B3/ 10/1 2, 631 01300 1 9. 

F. Socuritij. metJlcal. Hmergency & fire protottion plans 


Forwards LER 02-017/01T-0. 

FAY.C. H, Wisconsin Electric Pouier Co. Ba/11/19. KEPPLER. J. 0. 
Region 3, Office of Director. Ip. 16236:029. 24X 
Flcfce: S9-2&&. 62/1 1/15, 821 1300359. 

S3 1 1300363 LER 32-017/01 T-0: on B21030,four tubes in iteam generator A 
lr three tuftet in steam generator indicated degradation 
gr*attr ifian 40X plugging limit. Caused by intergranular 
attack Tubei mechanical Ig plugged. 

FAV.C.H. Hiiconiin Electric Poiuer Co. 82/11/15. Region J. 

OHici of Director. 9pp. 16236:030. 24X Fiche: 50-266, BS/ 1 1/ 1 5, 

Saiia?0594 Forwards LEfi B2-01B/01T-0. 

BUHSTEIH.S. Wisconsin Electric Pouer Co. B2/H/19. 
fl*glr 3, Office of Director. Ip. 16226:039. 24X 
Flchr 30-264. 92/11/19,8211290394. 


LER BS-01S/01T-0: on B31013.uhll* attempting to shift gellou 
ini trument bus to alternate supply. bus de-energiied Id 
turbint runhack occurred. Caused by shifting uirong DUB power 
lupflv due to .misunderstanding. Warning signs posted. 
FAV, C. U Wisconsin Electric Power Co. B2/11/19. Region 3. 

Office of Director. 2pp. 16226:040. 24X Fiche: 30-266, 

SailTO7S5 Forward* LER B2-019/01T-0. 

BWtSreiH.S, Wisconsin Electric Power Co. B2/11/19. 
Hfl Ion 3. Offlte of Director. Ip. 16229:144. 24X 
Ft*h: 30-266! fi2/l 1/19. B21 1290725, 


62-1(2190739 LER 3B-019/01T-0: on B21031,bnrie acid wastage discovered on 
studt of B loop resistance temp device bypass isolation 
valve RC-559B. Apparently caused by body-to-bonnet leak on 
vjlVt.Stud* replaced & bolting on similar valve* examined. 
FflViC.H. HUconsin Electric Pouier Co. 83/11/19. Region 3, 

OfFi* of Director. 3pp. 16HS9: 14S. 24X Fiche: 50-266. 08/11/19* 

H faring tranicriftt on non-antitrust matters 

8211040337 Testimony of WD Fletcher re adequacy of eddu turrent 
titin.g,Certlficdte of Svc end. Related correspondence. 
FUETCHERrW. B. Utseonsin Electric Pouier Co. FLETCHER, W. D. 
M-itinonouie Electric Corp. B2/11/OB. 10pp. 15927:206. 24X 
FEche: BO- Pi 6- Q2/1 1/02, 831 1040337. 

&2liHX3& Transcript of BZilOB telcon in Hashinoton, DC to resolve Wl 
Environ Dt-caie request for consideration of oral motion re 

* f*ciat c-ittovery matter. Pp 1, 353-1. 3B2, 

* Atonic S*felj and Licensing Board Panel. 92/11/09. 32pp. 
1&023:27L 24* pich; 30-266, 83/1 1/OB, 8211 100038. 

8211230357 Transcript of B21117 limited appearance session in Two 
niviri.MI.Pp 10. 000-10, 03B. 

* Atonic 6fety and Licensing Board Panel. 82/11/17. 42pp. 
16!?3:23e. 34X Flehe: 50-266,83/11/17,8211230357. 

6211230340 Transcript of 821117 hearlno in Hi IwauVee, HI. Pp 1, 3B3-1.A03, 

* MoaEc Baftv and Licensing Board Panel. B2/11/17. 24Bpp. 

821130O36B Respond* to WFIC E32061B 1 tr re inference that emergency 
eercise scenario & observer packages uierc not auomitted in 
timelij manner. Info submitted H20523 w/revision on 930520 
WARErtBDURO,D. W. Public Service Co. of Colorado. 02/U6/25. 
COLLINS, J. T. Regtnn 4. OFfic* of Director. 3pp. 16236 OOtv. 24X 
Fiche: 30-267, 82/06/35. B31 1300363, 

B21004O063 Generic LtT 82-17 to all power reactor licensees fc 
applicant! fc holders of CPs re i ncann 1 stenc y between 
requirements of IOCFR50. 5<!<t) S. STS far performing audits of 
emergency preparedness programs . Svc list encl. 

EISENHUT, D. 0. Division of Licer,sin B . B2/1O/01. Consolidatpd 

Edison Co. of NBW York, Inc- llnp. 16002:288. 24 X 
Fithe: 50-000, H2/IO/Ot, S21O0400c>B. 

8211010437 Forwards IE Safeguards Inap Rept 5O-267/B2-22 on S20913-17 
No none omp 1 ia nee rote if. 

MADSeH, 0. L. Division of Resident. Reactor Project i Eng moor ing 
Proarans B3/10/05. LEE.O.R. Public Service Co. of Colorado. 2pp 
15879:071. 34X Fl Che: 5O-2i7, B3X 10/05. 021 1 01O439 

B211O10577 IE Safeffuarda Insp Rept 5O-E67/B3-22 on 820913-17. N<i 
non-compliance noted. Hajar areas inspected : aecur i tij proQrani, 
protected & vital area* p secur t t>j iijs pouier supply 4 access 
control. Details withheld Cref 10CFR2.79O). 

CALDUELL.R. A, , EVANS, C. A., KELLY, J. A, F. Region 4, Office of 
Director. 63/09/30. Ip. 19879:073. 51 X Fich: 30-367, 02/ 10/OU. 
S21 1010439. 

B210070019 Generic Ltr 82-31 to all licensees & applicants of nutlonr 
poiuer reactors re Toch Specs for fire protection audits. 
Forward* guidance discussing general scope a describing 
element* to bo Included In audit. 3vc Hat encl. ...... 

EISENHUT, D 0. Division of Licensing- 93/10/06. Consolidated 

Ediion Co. of New York, Inc. Ifpp. 19993:338. 24X 
Flehe: 5O-OOO, B2/1O/06, 921 0070OI9. 

B21104O551 Approves 830602 request for change-s in security pUn. 
CLARK, R. A. Operating Reactors Branch 3. BH/10/13. LGE, Q. R. 
S.rvic. Co. of Colorado. app. 15944:359. S4X Fiche: 5O-3i7, 

Pub 1 i c 

8310290108 Oeneric Ltr B2-33 tn all Ucen-iBBS S. applicants, rfl 
inconsisteneg btuean requirements of 10CFR73, 40(a> ! STS 
far performing audits of safeguards contingency plans 
(security plan). Svc list encl, mj , ^ ,*., * ^ 

EISENHUT.D.O. DlvHion of Licensing, 82/1O/30. Consolidated 

Ediion Co. at Neu York, Inc. Bpp. l3-?ra:3l9. 24X 
Fiche: 50-000, 92/10/30,021 02TOI08. 

8211100183 Release* public version nf changes to radiolog lea 1 emergency 
response plan implementing procedures. 

FELTC1N.J.M. Division of Rules and Records, 82/11/01. Document 

(Unaoement Branch. Ip. 1(.03O:3E9. 24X FI che: 50-267,83/11/01, 

--82111001SS Forwards public version or changes to radiological Emerofln 
response plan Implementing procedures. W/o encl. 
WAREMBOURO, D H. Public Service Co. of Colorado. B2/1O/1B. 
EISENHUT.D.O. Divi< Ion of Licensing, 2op. 16030:360. 24X 
Fiche: SO-S67. B2/1 1 /Ol , 821 1 1OO t B3. 



8211040379 Centric Ltr- 32-25 to all power T sac tor licenuas re 
integrated IAEA eiercise fop physical inventory at LURi. Ang 
commitment to participate in e i ert i i r it voluntary & any. 
util that participates uil] bt re imbursed. Svc list encl. 
EISENHUT, D. 0, Division af Li c ens i ng . B2/11/03. Consolidated 

Edit on Co. of Ueu Varl. Inc. llpp. 16019:004. S4X 
Fiche: 50-000, S2/I I 703,821 1040379. 

S21I02022H Ativii*i that facility selected ai first candidate to ftj 
llceniing activities transferred to regional afc, effective 
Bat 101. Proposed draft FR notice amandins 10CFR30. 1 & 
implementing change encl. 

COLLINS, J. T, Raoion 4, Office of Director. B2/10/27, LEG.O.R. 
Public Service Co. of Colorado. Bpp, 15003:161, 24 x 
Fiche: 50-267, B2/ 1O/27, B21 1020228. 

P. Operating license stags documents 

B3110301B& "Adequacy of Station Electric Distribution Sys Volt.* ge> Fort 
St Vrain Hue! tar Generating Station." 

UDY, A. C. EGfeC, Ine FIH A-6429. 0211030196. 82/08/31. 
PREUATTE.R. L. Division of Btjitemt Integration Ipoit 611005). I2pp 
15-J.34: 227. 24X Fie hi: 5O-367. &2/OB/3I , B21 1O3OIB6. 

8309210027 fleneric Ltr B2-16 to all PWR licensee* rt NUREO-0737 Tech 
Speci. Request i review of Tech Specs to determine consiitencij 
u/gu( rf ance provi dtif . For items u/dBviationi, amend to license 
required. W/n itate-d enc 1 , . Svc 1 i at encl. 

EISENHU1M) 0, Division of Licensing. 02/09/20. Consolidated 

Edison Co. of Ntui York, Inc. ISpp. 15930:140. 24X 
Firhe- SO-OOO, 82/09/20. B2O721Q03-7. 

82KH20-3EB "Degraded Grid Protection fop Clan IE Pouer Sv,Fo'rt St. 
Vraln, " Itr refiti Revision 1. 

UDY.A. C. EGS.G, Inc. FIN A-6429. 821012O3ta. 92/09/30. 
PREVATTE. R. L. Division of Systems Integration (post SI 1005) 15pp 
I5B95: S7O. 24X Fiche : 50-267, B2/09/30, BS10I 2Q31B. 

821103044,7 Foriuardi Amend 29 to License DFR-34. saf i tu evaluation (< 
notits of iiiiuance * ava i labl j 1 ti|. Amend defines Individual 
rifufltng region outlet temps & delinks comparison reg i-on, 
KUIMVCZiO. Operatino Reactors Branch 3. B2/10/OS. LEE, O. R. Public 
Service Co. of Colorado. 3pp. 15943:169. 24X Fiche: BO-BA7, 
B2/ 10/03, B31 1030467 

6211020233 Inform* that Region 4 mill be responsible for licensing 
activities beginning on BSlioi.FR notice mill be isiud on 
or about B21101. amending 10CFHSO. 4 to implement transfer. 
COLLINS, J. r. Region 4, Office of Director. B5/10/H7. Etltrgu, 

Dipt. of. Ip, ISaaS: 189. 24X Fie he: 50-267,92/10/27,8311030333. 

6211050393 Inform* that licensing activities for facility ylll be 
transferred to Region 4. effective 831 101. FR no-titB will be 
published amending 10CFH50. 4 to implement transfer, 
COLLINS, J. T. Region 4, Offite of Director. 92/10/27. CGGK, A, D. 
Federal Emergency Manaaement Agency. Ip. 13809:001. 24X 
Flche: 50-267, 62/10/27,8211020373. 

8211020640 Notifies that facility mill be first nuclear power rat( 
for yfiich licensing activities will be transferred to 
regComal ofc, per NRC Nnv 19BI annoiint onmnt re program 
transfer. FR notice for amend to 1OCFRS0.4 forthcoming. 
COLLINS, J. T. Region 4. Office of Director. B2/10/27. HAZLE* A J 
Colorado, State of. Ip. 15BB6:OIfl. 24X Fi ch B: SO-267. BS/tO/27, 
SSI 1020640. 

8211020649 Inform* that facility selected as first nuclear- Candida! 
to have licensing activities transferred to regional ofc, 
effective B21 101 . Proposed draft FR notice amending 10CFB3Q. 4 
4 implemf ntin a change forthcoming. 

COLLINS, J.I. Region 4, Office of Director. 82/10/27. OIEttTuJ. 
Environmental Protection Agency. Ip. 15886:013 24X 
Fiche:SO-267, 82/10/27,8211020649. 

8311O30476 Amend 2B to License DPfl-34, def In ing individual r*UBll[ig 
pejlon outlet temps * eompapison rejion * limiting ma i 
mismatch betueen region outlet & core outlet temps, 
CLARBiR.A. Operating Rtaetort Branch 3. 82/10/05. SSap, 
13943:172. SIX Ft ch: 50-267. S2/IO/05, 

0ai1O304BB Safety evaluation supporting Amend 88 to License OPft-34. 
* Office of Muclear Reactor Regulation. Director. BB/10/05 
22pp. 15943:197. 34X Fiche: 30-267, 82/10/05, B21 1030467. 

issuance & availability of rtmend 26 to License 

B2I1030496 Motice of 

CLARK. R. A. Operating Reactor* Branch 3, 82/10/05 
15943: 2I<?. B4X Flcha: 50-267, 92/10/05.821 1030467. 

B21122033O Requests remittance of fee due for review of (920430 prof 
Tech Spec changes re qualification tt training requirements 
for technical advisors. Applicat ion not exempt from fee-t 
under provision of Footnote 2. 

DIOOS,R,rl, License Fee Management Branch. B2/11/08. LEGi U, R. 
Putlic Service Co. of Colorado. Ip. 16200:328. 34X 
Fl c he; 5O-267, B2/ 1 1 /OB, 821 1220330. 

8211390352 Concurs ill/proposed program to meet requirements of 
KUREO-0737i Item I.C.6 re independent verification of 

equipment f ta tu. I tern ui 1 1 be closed out folloulng insp of 

implemented program. 

flADBEM.O. L. Division of Resident. Reactor Project t, Enoinrerinj 

Programs. 88/11/18. LEE.O.R. Public Service Co. of Colorado. 

16323:003, 24X Fiche: 90-267,82/11/18,6311290332. 

8211010500 Forwards safety evaluation of degraded grid voltage 
protection for Clasi IE power ys 6 technical evaluation 
rept. Proposed mad acceptable. 

CLARK, R.rt. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 83/10/12. LEE, O. R. Public 
Service Co. of Colnr-ado. 3pp. I5B7'?:QB6. 34* Fiche: 90-267, 

Forwards supplemental response to 8E0710 njbir>lttal n 
NUREO-0737, Ituni I.C.6, "Verify Pepformanco of Operating 
Etper 1 ence. " 

WAREMBOURO, D. W. Public Service Co. of Colorado. B2/09/BB. 
COLLINS, J. T. Region 1, Office of Director. 13pp. li 383: 009. 
Fiche: 50-247, 02/11/18,8211290352. 

-- -62110IOS01 Safety evaluation accepting degraded arid voltage proteetion 
for Clatt IE sus-iutij to resolution of listed ojiett Items. 
Office of Nuclear Reactor fto.u]atiori. Director. 02/10/12. 7pn 
1BB77: 08?. 24X Fiche: SO-267. B2/IO/I2, B21 1010SOO. 

B2110500A2 Requests remittance o* Class II f * i in support of review of 
020914 application tor amend to Tech Speci to reflect 
current facility organliation & uiortino hours. Llceme Fee Manajemnnt Branch. 82/10/20. LEEi R Public 
ServKe Co. of Colorado. 1 p. 13964:1303. 34X Flthe: 30-267, B2/10/SO, 

B2102600aa Generic Ltr 8B-20 to all pouer reactor I icensees, permi t 
holders & applicants for CP re guidance For Implinientinn 
3RP rule. Forwards NUREO-090o. NUREO to be used" at interim 
measure until R-tg Guide 1 , 70 rev! sed. five list enel 
eiSENHUT, D. 0. Division of Licensing. B2/1O/26. ' Consol i<fa ted 
Edson Co. flf NOJ Vorli, Inc. ?pp, 13973-299 2 -IX 
Fiche:30-000, BB/1O/26, 821O2600BB. 

6210370030 Generic Ltr 82-22 to .11 PHR llceni*i r* Congresiional 
reijuest for Info concernlnj stean generator tube Jntegritu. 
Foruiari(> Cotij rei imin J Marleu B?1019 o.uestiont re iteam 
generator tube Integr i ti(. Svc list encl 

EIBENHUT.D. 0. Division of Licensing. Ba/10/BA. Consol looted 

Edlion Co of Neu Vorti Inc. 10pp. 16099-332 24X 
Fieh:30-000j 82/10/26. B21O27003D. 

8211290392 Reiponds to retirements of NUREO-0737, I torn I,C. 4 re 
independent check of equipment status when critical 
equipment returned to svc. Modified clearance procedure will 
be ImjiltKientvd bv B 20930, 

WAREMBDWO, 0. . Public Service Co. of Colorado. 82/07/10. 
COLLINS, J. T, Region 4. Office of Director. 14pp. J 6 323: 033, 
Flehe:30-267, 82/11/18,8211390353. 

Q. Inspection reports, IE Bulletins & correspondence 

B20SI70220 IE Info Notice 82-37, "Cracking In Upper Shell to 
Transition Cone Oirth Meld of Steam Generator at Operating 
PR. ' Bve list oncl. 

JOHDAN.E 1 . Division of Engineering & Quality Assurance. 92/09/li 
Consolidated Edison Co, of Mew Vork, Inc. 105pp. 15930:001 S4. 
Flehe: 50-000, e2/09VI6,B20B190220. 

"Meld* in Main Control 

8SOB190222 IE Info Notice 82-34, Revis ion 1, 
Panels. " Svc list encl. 
JORDAN.E.L. Division of Engineering & Quality Assurance. BS/Qff 
Consolidated Edison Co. of New Vork, Inc. lO7pp. 15699:199. J 
Fiche; 50-000. &2/09/17, B208190222, 

8808170329 IE Info Notice 92-39, "Svc Degradation of Thick W.U 
Statnla*! Steel Racirculation Sus Piping at BUS Plant. " 
Svc list *ncl. 

JORDAM.E.L. Division of Engineering & Quality Assurance. BB/W/J 
ConioJidatad Edison Co. of Neu York. Inc. Bipp. 16017'09B. S J 
Fftnt: 50-000. 83/09/81,8209190329. 



IE Info Notice QS-38. "Change in Format t> Distribution 9ys 
far IE Bullit Int. Circular! 1 Info Notices," Bvc list end. 
KYOUWI.R.C, Director's Office. Office of Inspection and 
En* drrflnt. B2/09/22. Consolidated Edison Co. of Neui York, Inc. 

1 10pp. I&OEB; O21. 24X Fichu: 50-OOO. 03/09/22,8200190223, 

8211150571 IE Investigation Rep t 5D-3A7/B2-13 on B30413-0519. No 
noncomp I tance noted. Ha j or areas i twe ti ga ted: a 1 lugatl nna 
that plant personnel used drugs on job. 

HERR.R K. , JOHNSON- e 1 . H. Region 1, Office of Director. 03/06/01. 
6pp. 1(1,063:203. 24K F tche : 50-267. B2/10/ 22. 921 1 150564. 

IE Info Notice 62-40, "Daf i c lent i e * in Primary Containment 
EUctrf ell Penetration Assemblies. " Svc list encl. 

JjftMW.E.L. Civilian of Engineering fc Quality Assurance. 82/09/22. 
C4r.volid.lted Edison Co. of Neiu York. Inc. 112pp. 13930:019. 24X 
f I *H: 50-000. 92/09/32, B200190232. 

B20B19024B IE Info Notice 83-43, "Deficiencies In LWR Air Filtration/ 
Ventilation Bys. " Svc list ent 1 . 

JORDAN, E. L. Division of Engineering h Qualitij Assurance. B2/ll/ln. 
Consolidated Edison Co. nf Us in Vorl. Inc. 111pp. 16171:233. 34X 
Fiche; 50-OOO, B2/ 1 1/14, 8208190243. 

Forwards IE Safeguards Insp flept 50-267/35-33 on B30913-17. 
r.ccic OKpl iancc noted, 

., <J. L Divlllan of Resident, Reactor Project tc Engineering 
Pro.tT.isit. B2/1O/05. LEE. 0. H. Public Service Co. of Colorado, 2pp, 
24X Fi cha; 50-367, B2/ 10/05, B31 1010439. 

82O9190aS3 IE Info Notice BS-45, "PUR Lou< Temp Over ( 
Protection. " five list enel. 

JORDAN, E. L, Division of Engineering A Quality AH : 
Consolidated Erfison Co. of New Vorl. Inc. 93pp. 
Fiche: 50-000, B2/ 1 1 /I 9. H2OB190253. 

ranee. B2/1I/19 
16232:299. 24* 

-S9llOtOS77 IE Safeguards Insp Rept 50-267/02-22 on 02O913-17. No 
nanc-omp 1 lane* noted. Major areas Inspected : security program. 
prottctftrf tt vital areas, secur i ty syo pouer supply t, access 
nantrot. Dt(]s withheld <ref 10CFfl2.790). 

CM-QUELL, . A . EVANB.C.A., KELLY, J. A, F. Region 1. Office of 
Director. aa/OWSt)- Ip. 15079:073. 34 X Fiche: 50-267. B3/ 10/05, 
B2I 10 10439. 

ft. Periodic operating reports 4 related correspondence 

B211O60021 Forwards "Initial Approach to Power Tests IB-Series)," 
Interim ftept 24 For period ending B20B22. 

UAREMBOUHG. D. Public Borvice Co. of Colorado. B3/10/O7. 
COLLINS, J. T, Region 4, Office of Director. Ip. 159SO:O16 H4X 
Fie he; 50-367, 33/10/07, 32 1 106QOS 1 . 

Eilll50170 Partial response to 820906 FOIA request for eight categories 
o* fa ctrerit*. Forwards documents listed in App A re Items 1, 
S.It & 7 Final draft Oeneral Physics Corp LUR hydrogen manual 
ill rot be available until 19Q3r in response to Item 3. 
FELTON.J.JK. Division of Rules and Records, 02/10/OB. AUD1N.L. 
M^(JJ*tion Unlnoiun, 2pp. 16093:320. 24X Fiche: 50-367. 03/1 0/00. 

Suomits daily highlight re crack in fuel element face 
diicovfpid during 020436 post-irradiation Biara Insp of 
liaeivti removed during B10701 second refuel ing. Second crack 
lottd during recent hot cell eiams. Evaluation continuing. 
KJZHl'CZ.G. Operating Reactors Branch 3. B3/07/OB. DENTON. M, , 
CUTER. J , EIEENHUT.D. NRC - No Detailed Affiliation Given. Ip. 
B4X FichB:90-267,B2/10/OB 1 B211150J70. 

BHllOiOOBi "Initial Approach to Power Tests," In trer im Rep t 24 fnr 
period ending S20S22. 

* Public Service Co. Of Colorado. S2/10/O7 2pp. 15950 017. 
E4X Fiche: 50-2ft7. B2/1G/07, 031 1 060031. 

8211150665 Foruards monthly operating ropt fur Oct 19B3. 
WAREMDOUHfl, D, Public Se-rvlce Co. n f Colorado. H2/1I/10. 
OAHMILL.W, P. Qffita of Nuclear Reactor .Regulation. Director. Ip. 
16061:175, 24K Fichcr 50-267, B2/ 1 1/ 10. B51 1 1 50665. 

B211150670 Monthly operating rept for Oct 1 9B2. Narrative summary etirl. 
MCnRIDE.L.M Public Service Co. of Colorado, a2/ll/OB, 0p|i. 
16O6I 17&. 24X Fiche: 50-267, Q2/1 1/10,031 I 1SO665. 

WI11501B5 Comments on significance of cracked fuel elements discovered 
Jut-in-? BMlSfi poet-irradiation eiam insp. OA study should ctr 
on tifnifican.ce of cracks relative to core mechanical t. 
ttructur*] design adequacy. 

TOKAR.H. Core Pitrformance Branch. 02/07/19. J. 
Civilian of Systems Integration (post SHOOS). Ip, 16093:335. 
24X FLchB: 5O-267. 83/10/OB, 931 1 150170. 

Forwards lafety evaluation of licensee response to IE 
Bullttln 60-Ot, "E3F Reset Controls. " Verification that 
eco'poninls of (beam water dump sya mill not change state on 
>*I*fc of actuation signal acceptable, 

CUJSA. R. A, Op era tins Reactors Branch 3. B3/10/14. LEE, 0. R, 
Srvtct Co. of Colorado. 3pp. 15<?46:01O. 31X Fichu: 50-267, 
, B2U040092. 

B. Reportable occurrence, LERs t related car rospandenca 

9211020333 Faruiards LER S2-037/03L-O. Data Had event analysis encl. 
HAFIEMDOURO, D. Public Servile Co. nf Colorado. G2/10/21. 
COLLINS, J. T. Region 4. Office of Director. 4pp. 15BB2:Ofil. 21X 
Fiche: 30-267, 82/10/21,021 1030333. 

B211020343 LER 83-037 /O3L-0: on 320921,37 R 29, hydraul ic oil snubiur 
HQS-llj main steam snobbnm KBS-3? & M5S-S3B b cold reheat 
snubher CR8-H62 found inoperaa 1 e. Ca used by citended length 
of piston strode. finubbers tested & reins tal led. 

FULKEiC Public Service Co. of Colorado. B2/IO/21. Region 1, 

Office of D lre ctor, Ip. 1SBB2;062. 2-4X Fi ch-e: 50-267, 03/1 0/81, 

2-211040094 Safety evaluation supporting licensee response to IE 
Bullttin. BO-D6. "ESF Reset Controls. " 

HI NRC - Ha Detailed Affiliation Oiven. B2/10/14. 3pp. 
15746:015'. 3W Flche: 50-267, 03/10/14,621 104009H. 

B2U0^0163 Foruarils LER B2-04O/03L-0. Dfl fcai 1 ed event analysis oncl. 
WAREMDQURO. D. Public Borvite Co, of Colorado. 02/11/01. 
COLLINS, J. T- Region 4. Office of Director. 3pp. 16003:077 24X 
Flch*: 50-267, B2/ 11/01, 8311070163. 

IE Insp Rept 90-367/83-23 during Sept 19B2 b notice 

Reactor Projoct & Engineering 


62S11SO479 Fnru 
ef vlcLaticn, 

HUSEfl.O. (.. Civ iii on of Resident 

frttvan*. B2/1O/1B. LEE, D. R. Public Service Co. of Colorado. 
14063:807. 24X FIcJie: 50-267, B2/10/1 0, S21 1 150479, 

-3211150*85 Natic* at vioUtinn from insp durinn Sept 19S2. 

Diviflon of Resident, Reactor Project & Engineering programs. 
ea/]0/16, Ip. 16063:209. 24X Fiche: 50-S67, B2/10/1B. 021 1 1 50479. 

B2]J15Q9I IE Insp Rept 30-S67/B2-23 during Sept 1903. Noncompliance 
noted: fal lu rv to record verification of floiu through light 
f]Qu Ir,d1cto? to RT-6213 k 6213 per SOP 62, Revision 24. 
DlCKflGQM,N.H, , PLUHLEE, 0. L. , WESTERMAN, T. F. Division of Resident, 
R<.>ctT Project & Engineering Programs. B2/1Q/12. 12pp. 
1 6963: BIO, 24X Fiche: 50-267, B2/1O/1B, 021 11S0479. 

IE Info Notice 83-41, "Failure of Safety/Relief Valves to 
Oprn it BUR. * Svc lift encl. 

JCMOAW. E.L. Division of Engineering & Quality Assurance. B2/10/22. 
Coritli(f*td Edlton Co. of Neu York. Inc. llOpp, 15960:153. 24X 
FtcSr50-OOO. 02/10/22,8209190239. 

2msa3iM Forti*rd> IE Investigation Rept 50-267/B2-13 on 030413-0519. 
No n-Dn-conpl la nee. poted- 

HAD&CHiO.L. Division of Resident, Reactor Project fc Engineering 
Programs. 82/10/22, LEE.O.R. Public Service Co. of Colorado. 2pp. 
. 24X Fiche: 50-267,82/10/22, 821 1 150564. 

--sail 090167 LER a3-0-40/03L-O; on B21002 i: OB, o i steam pipe rupture 
(under PCRV1 k seven of twelve ateam pipe rupture (pipe 
cavity> ultrfltonle detector channels registered lou response 
to known noise source. Caused by transmitter calibr drift, 
FULLER, C. Public Sorviie Co. of Colorado. B2/11/01. Booion 4, 

Office of Director. Ip. 16003:002, 24X Fli KB: 50-267. 03/1 I /Ol, 
821 1090163. 

821IO90245 Foruard* LER Ba-03B/O3L-0. Be ta i led ovont analysis Encl. 
WAREMHOLIRO, D. Public Sarvice Co, of Colorado. B2/11/01, 
COLLINB.J.T. Reoion ). Office of Director. 3pp. 14004:336. 24X 
Flch:SO-2A7, 62/11/01. 3311090245. 

BE11090253 LER B3-03B/03L-Q: on B2I003, ui/rea c tor operating at IX pouier, 
Iternatc coating rflflthod distil generator tripped on A phase 
ovrcurr*nt. Causad inj speed oscillations due to faulty 
Viking fuel pump. Pump replaced & fuel tank cleared. 
FULLER.C. Public Service Co. of Colorado. 32/11/01. Region 4, 

Office of Director. IB. 16004:359. S4X Fiche; 50-267, 03/1 1/01. 

9211130174 Forwards LER 8a-039/03L-O. Do tailed event analysis end. 
KAREHBPURO. D. Publi* San-vie* Co. of Colorado. 82/11/03, 
COLLINS. J. T. Rgior 4, Office of Director-. 4pp. 16055:236. 24X 
Fich: 50-267, 82/11/05,8211130174. 



Q211150]B4 LER B2-039/03L-0: on 321004, sijs SI loop ipLit mud procedures 
filled to rq.ufre posting of fire watch during malnt or 
performance of fire barrier penetration ml post-maint 
imp. Contro 1 1 ed uorfc procedure manual being revised 

FULLER. C Public Service Co. at Colorado. 02/11/05, Region fl, 

Office of Director. Ip. J6055: 240. 24X Fiche: 50-247, B2/1 1 /05. 
621 1150174 

--aaill30375 Diicuiati concerns re coordination between uti] bftiQlcn 
during emergencg eiercise or actual emerg encg, pur imerjency 
preparrdnti i eierclie conducted on 820310-1 1. Orea ter 
coord 1 nit jo n in several areas necessarg. 

TUCKER, KB. Duke Power CD. B2/OB/23. 'REILLY. J. P. Raglan }, 
Off let of Director. 2pp. 16033: 2B4. 24X Ficne: 50-000, B2/ LC/lt 
931 11 50347. 

B211160039 Forwards LEFI B2-Ofll/Q3L-0 Ditalled event analysis Uriel, 
WAREMBDUnO, D. Public Service Co. of Colorado 62/11/10 
COLLINS. J. T. Jte-gion 4, Office of Director. 4pp. 11,137:372. 24X 
Fit ho: 30-26,7, 82/11/10, 62 1 I 10003'. 

LER e2-04l/O3L-Q-on 92101 1 , dunn 5 calibr of radioactive, 
liquid effluent monitor i, tr Ip paint for RIS-6212 found to> b* 
l(ii eon*erva.tive than requir ed. Cauied by instrument drift. 
High voltage i, discriminator settings adjusted, 

FULLER. C. Put-lit Service Co. of Colorado. 92/1I/1O. Region 4, 

Office of Director. Ip. 16137:276 24X Flcha: 50-267, 33/1 1 1\ 0, 
B21 I IB0039. 

SSMOSOO?* Centura that Reviiion S to physical security plan. I* 
consistent UP/ IOCFRSO, S4(p ) & does not decrease plan 
effectiveness, in response to licensee BSOS25 Itr. Ends to 
Itr withheld <re-f 10CFR73.21). 

STOLZrJ. Operating Reactors Branch 4. B2/ 10/20-. TUCKER, H B Du 
Power Co. 2pj>. 13964:362, 24X Fi ch e: 50-269, 02/10/20. 921 1050070. 

B211150603 Forwards IE Imp Reptt SO~2i9/B3-3B, 30-270/62-33 fc 
50-2B7/B2-3B on B2 1004-03. No noncomp 1 iance noted. 
DANCE, H,C. Division of Project t> Resident Programs. 82/10/aa 
TUCKER, H.B. Dule Power Co. 2pp. 16065:080, 34X 
Fiche: 30-367, 02/10/32,6311150603. 

S3UlflO220 Foruarrfs LER S2-042/03L-O. Dt tailed svent dnalysif entl. 
WftBEMBOUfiO, D Public Service Co. of Colorado. 82/II/1O. 
COLLINS. J. T. Region 4, Office c-f Director. 5pp. 16I3B: 14S. 2*X 
Fiche. 50-267, B2/11/IO, B21 1 1 BO22O. 

8211190224 LEW B2-O4a/03L-O: on 931013, onp la nned radioactive gas 
rdeaie occurred lu/reactor itiirtdoun t dcp renur i led. Cauied 
bij high airborne jctivitij in reactor bldg due to leading 
blank flange. Emergency procedures Initiated.Flangs repaired. 
FWLLEfi.C. Public Service Co. of Colorado. B2/11/1O. .Ragion 
Office of Director Ip. 16I3B 150 24X Fiche 50-267, &2/1 1/10. 
B31 1190320. 

Qptrator Ei ami nations 

6-310130019 Generic Llr B2-19 to all pauer- reactor ap-pllcanti fc 
licensees re reactor operator !. ienior reactor operator 
requal if ica tion eiams . Adv i iem that riamsi begin at facility 
after B21O01. Svc list en< I . 

EISEHHUT, D. G. Division of Liceniing. B2/1-0/13. Con*o I i rfa terf 

Edlion Co. of Nou Vorli, Inc. 1 5pp 16002: 234. 24X 
Fiche: 50-000, B2/10/12, 621O1300I9. 

F Security, medical, erners e-ncij fc Fire protection p Uni 

9210120650 J!eleas&B public version of revision to emerjeneij plan 

FEf-TOM. J. K. Division of Rules and Records. S2/09/23. Document 

Management Branch. Ip. I 56S4 : 337. 24X Fie he: 50-26 1 ?, B2/O7/23j 

S21Q12Q652 Forwards public version of Reviaiaii S to tmergBncu plan 

ranua !. 

TICKER. . H. B. Duke Power Co. 32/09/13. 'REILLV, J. P, Re f ion 3, 

Office of Director. Ip. 15AB4:3rtO, 24X Fiche : 30-269, 83/09/23, 


82101206Si Public v-orsion of revised emergency plan implementing 

procedures, including Procedure-* PT/O/B/2000/04 re 
ei tab! i ihmant d jnsp of technical support cfcr d 
CP/3/rt/a002/05 ro post-accident caustic injoceicn into LPIS. 
* Duke Power Co. Ba/0?/30. SSpj. 15634:341. 24K 
Fi C he: 50-269. 33/OffB3. B210120f>3O. 

92I004006B Qtnm-ie Ltr B2-17 to all power reactor licensees fc 
applicants t> holders of CPs re incn'n-t 1 itenc g between 
requirement* of IOCFR30. 34ft) 6 STB fot- performino audits of 
ernergencv preparidnes pr ogram-i . Svc list end. 

EIEEMHUT, D 0. Division of Licensing. 82/10/01. Canol i rfated 

Edison Co. af Hew York, Inc. 1 lop. 16002-083 24JC 
Fich>: 30-C-OO, Sa/IO/Ol , 331 004006B. 

--B21 1150609 IE Intg Repti 50-269/88-3B. 50-270/82-3B & 50-2B7/9a-3B en 
821O04-oa, No noncorapliante noted. Major areas inspBcted: 
radiation p rotett ion. 1 iquid It gateous radioactivity reEe*itl 

* health. phyic appraisal inspector foUouiup items. 
COLLINS. r, R. Division of Engineering i Technical Prooram* 
62/10/20. Bp.p- 16062:OB2. 24X Fi che: 50-269. 83/10/23. B3L I 150603 

8210290103 fleneric Ltr B2-23 to all licensees & applicant! rr 
Ineonaistencg betueen renolrements of 10CFR73. 40{ff > & BT9 
for periforming audits of safeguards contingency plant 
(security plan). Svc list encl. 

EISENHUT. . 0. Division of Licensing. B2/10/30. ContolldAttJ 

Ediion Co, of MBUI Yor*, Inc. 8pp. 13993:319. 24X 
FlcJif : 50-OOQ, B2/1O/30, 8210B9010B. 

B21111O068 Rtldsei public version of revised crisis mjt plan. 

FLTOM,J.K. Division of Rules and Records. 82/J1/OI Dotvnint 

Management Dr.snch. Ip, 16053:073. 24X Fi che: 50-000,82/1 1/01, 

--8211110074 Forwards public version of Revision 6 to cvisli njt plan 
TUCKER, (f. B. Duhe Power Co. 83/10/20. DENTON.H, H. QFfir* of 
Nuclear Heictor Regulation. Director. 2pp. 16033:074 H4X 
Fi en e- 30-000, B2/1 1/01 , 831 1 1 10068. 

--82111100B3 Public version of Revision 6 to crisis mat pUn. 

* Duie Pouer Co. B2/10/29. 69pp. 16033:076. 24X 
Fi che; 50-000, 82/1 1/01, B2111I006B. 

B21I04O379 Oineric. Ltr 82-25 to all power reactor licensees r 
Snteflrated IAEA eiercise for physical inventory at LWRi.Any 
commitment to participate in eiercise is, voluntary & anij 
util that participates ulll be reimbursed. Svc list encl. 
EISErJHUT, D. 0. Division of Licensing. B2/1 1/03. Contol Jdaitd 

Edison Co. c-P Neui York, Inc. Ilpp. 16019:004, S4X 
Fieh*: 30-000, 82/11/03,8211040379. 

aaillc,0072 Responds to B20917 Itr ra Revision 7 to safeguards 
contlngsncii plan. Changes consistent ui/provl slons of 
10CFR50. 3-Hp) fc acceptable. 

STOLI.J. Operating Reactors Branch 4. 82/11/09. TUCKER. H. D. Dult 
Pouer Co. 2pp. 16103:326. 24X Fiche- 50-269. B2/1 I /09, B21H6M72. 

B21I170210 Foruard Ravision 9 to securitg plan. Revision ulthhiH 
tref IOCFR73. 31). 

TUCKER, H. D. Duke Pouer Co. S2/11/12. DENTON.H.R. Office of 
Huclsar Rnactor Hogulatlon, Director. 1pp. 16104-171 Jf4X 
Fich: 30-26^, 33/11/12,6211170210. 

8211390231 Relcait* public version of revised emerg en eg plan 
implementing procedure*. 

FELTON, J. H. Division of Ruin and Records. B2/11/19. Doruuirt 

Management Branch. Ip. 16246:176. 24X Fiche: 50-000, BBVII/19, 
821 129023 1. 

8310070019 0-eneric Ltr 82-21 to all licensees fc applicants of nuiltar 
powar reaetort re Tech Specs for fire protection audits. 
Forwards guidance discus-sing jjeneral scope Si describing 
eljTients to b * Included in audit. Svc list encl. 

EIS.ENHU7, 1>. fl. Division of Licensing. 83/10/06. Consolidated 

Edison Co, of New York, Inc. J^pp. 15993:338 24X 
Fiche: 50-000. Ba/(O/O6. B31 007001 f. 

-9211390227 Formards public version of rviied emergency plan 
Implementing procedurssi Including Procedures 5.3.1 re 
recovery manaotr & immediate staff oroup plan fc S. 3. 6 n 
radiological tupport group. 

TUCKER. H. B, Duke Pouer Co. 92/10/29, DENTON, H. R. OffUl of 
Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director. 2pp. 162-14: 177. 24X 
Fiche: 80-000,82/11/19,8211290221. 

aai!150367 Acfc receipt qf B20B23 1 fcr .r coordintion betuieen util t, 
ReoiDti 3 emergency response organiia* Ions during emtroency 
eiercise or actual emergency. Resolution of issues raited to 
achieve adequate emer-gene g performance provided. 

O'REILLY, J. P. Region 2, Office of Director, 0S/JO/I9, TUCKER.HD 
Duke Power Co. 2pp. 16055: 2BS. 34X Fiche : S9-OQO, 62/10/19, 
H21 1130367. 

-9211290233 Public version of revised emergency plan inplimtnt ln| 
procedure*, i nl tiding Procedures 3. 3. 1 re recovery nunager 1 
Immediate staff group plan Is 5.3.6 re radiological i*piiort 

Dute Power Co. B2/10/22. 233pp. 16246:179. 4X 
Flehe: 30-000,82/11/19, 821 IE90B21. 



' Operating ilcenie stage document! & correspondence 

Gn*ric Ltr 62-16 to fill PUR licensees re NUREQ-0737 Tech 

fji* "-flakiest t nvieu of Tech Spect to determine consistency 

rffJUttitf pr avideS. For Items uj/deviatlons, amend to license 
'Haired- U/o stated encls.Svt list encl. 

E1SEWJT*D.O. Division of Licensing. 82/09/20. Consolidated 

Etffion Co, of Hiu VoTkr Inc. 15pp. 15?30: 140. 24X 
Ficfc*: 50-OCO. B2/09/20, 9209210027. 

KUOt&3*3 FcruaH* "Audit of Oconee Procedures Si Training for 
frisiUTiied Thermal Shock." aubmittal contains only minor 
i.llFigi to tt-ll*r draft. Response to recommendation* 
tnllnid In Section 4 requested uilthin 45 days, 

STQLF.J.F, Operating Realtors Branch 4. B2/10/Q1. TUCKERjH.D, 
C-jlr Power Co. 3pp. 15BBO:IQ6. 24X Fiche : 50-269, 02/10/01. 
Efll 10 1O363, 

ESllQ-tOSA? "Audit of QconeH Procedures t> Training far Pressurized 
T&etoa I Sho ck. " 

KHC - No Detailed Affiliation Given. 02/10/01. 21pp. 
15B30: LO?. 24X Fi chs: 50-26-7, B2/10/01 , B21 1010363. 

ES11O3QKM CUrffUi 830708 request for addl Info re NUREQ-0737, Hem 

II. B. 3., "Poi t-Accld*nt Sampling Sys. " Clarification section 
tt previous 1 fir provide* guide 1 inns, not requirements, for 
iitinf WWtEO-0737 criteria, 

SIDLI.J.F, Ootrating Reactors Branch 4. S2/1O/07. TUCKER, H. B. 

Dul* Potrrr Ca. 3pp. 15936:127. 24X Flche : 50-269, S2/ 10/07, 
E3 1 10301 04. 

HUCOOilH forward* request for addl Info on NUHEG-0737. 1 terns I.A. 2. 1.4 
I II. B. 4 re personnel training. Response requested within 30 
4iyt oF I tr receipt. 

ETOLI^J-F, Operating Reactors Branch 4. 82/10/15. TUCKER, H, B. 
Ovl* Poorer Co. 3pp. 13744:052. 24* Fiche : 50-269- BE/10/15, 
821 1030&! 2. 

Confirms B21014 fcelcon authorl iti on to change Tech Speco 
l*r utll B310I4 tvlecopied Itr. Amend waives requirements of 
Sftc 3. t, i.e. 1 re FiCS lafetij valves until B 21 029. 
Ktnf-yr [tttn safety evaluation encl. 

UTtMS.Q. C. Assistant Director far Operating Reactors. 02/10/13. 
TUCKER. H B. Duke Power Co. 4pp. 19963:352. 24 X 
Fltht: BO-H49, B2/1O/IS, S21 10S0109. 

3i t I-QAO675 Foruarili request far addl Info needed to complete review 
tf 6JQ30A 9 tr re tornado protected means of providing steam 
lini-T*tor cooling water. 

STDL^J.F. Operating Reactors Branch 4. 82/10/10. TUCKER, H. B. 
&jt Po war Co. 4pn. 15972;233. 24X Flche: 30-269, 82/IO/lSi 
21 10A4A73. 

Adviei that response to NRC 83060 B questions re adequacy of 
itatlon electric distribution iijs voltages will be provided; 
bj BS11OB. Diliij requested to allow for proper revlBiu, 
TUCKER, H- B. Duk Pouer Co. 82/10/23. DENTON, H. R. Office of 
HwtJiar Reactor Regulation, Director. STOLZiJ.F. Opsratlno ReoctopE 
ffnntfi 4. Ip. 15367:210, H4X Fiche : 50-369. B3/10/22. 8211O10144. 

3 1 KfrCOBfl Centric Ltr 82-20 to all pouier reactor 1 icenseesi permit 
laldert- tt ipplicants for CP re guidance far implementing 
SfiP rwU.ForwjTiT* NURGO-0906. NUREO to be used as interim 
etnui* until Rtg Guide I. 70 revised. Svc list encl. 
EISEHHUT^B. 0. Division of Licensing. B2/10/26. Coniolidoted 

Efiion CHJ, of Ntu Vorki Inc. 9pp. 19993:295. 24X 
Fiell*:SO~H>. 83/-1CV36, 9210260009. 

rit Ltr 82-22 to *11 PUR liceniaes re Congreisional 
r#^u*st tor into concerning steam generator tub* integrity. 
Ferifirdi Congressman EJ Harkeij Q21019 queitiont re stum 
fmrtr tuba Infcesrltg. Svc list encl. 

ttSEHHJT, D. 0, Division of Licensing. B2/10/26, Consolidated 

CIJ*on Co. -af New York r Inc. 10pp. 16099:332. 24X 
Flthw: 90-000, 92/10/26, 9210270030. 

9211010229 Forward* info re 020902 leiimic event near Jocaisee Hgdrn 
Sl**lom per Hf\C 77102? request. Evnt magnitude UBI 2.97. 
Kfff-Svctien of lelsmograph for Station B03 end, 
TUCKER. H, B. Out* Pouer Co. 92/10/36. DENTOM, H. R, Office of 
Hutltir Rtictor Rugulatlom Director. STOLZ.J.F. Licensing Branch 
4. 3pp. 19967:313. 24 X Fiche: 90-269, 92/1 0/26, B21 1010223. 

S2J10W619 Foraiardi Amends 119,113 t, 112 to Licenses DPR -38, DPR -47 ti 
WR-Mi ripeetivlj, safety evaluation fc notice of issuance & 
Av-itlabltltv- Amend reviles Tech 5pcs reflecting util 
)Dri*nii*tlcin |i personnel qualifications, 

lUMJfEB.P. C. Operating Reactors Branch 4. 82/10/26. TUCKER. H. B. 
IKrlt Pouar Co. 2pp. 13972:021. 34 X Flche; 50-269, 02/10/26, 

-9211060624 A^entf, 115,115 & 112 to Llc.n... DPR--30. DPR-47 & DPR M. 
respectively, ravijing T= h Specs to reflect util 
reorganUation 8, personnel q U *I.f U -t inn. t- correc ting leak 

testing renuiremants. ,,,, -in_ 

STOLZ.J.F. Operating R.jctori Br-nch 4 82/lO/Si. 2O PP . 
19972:023. 24X Fiche : 50-369, 83/10/24. B31 1060619, 

--8B11060627 Safety evaluation supporting Amanda 1 1 j, 1 1 5 
Licenses DPR-3B, DPR-47 & DPR-5S, respect 1 ve Ig. 
Office of Nuclear ftoattor Regulation., Director. 
13972:043, 24X Ficn e: SO-Sf-1. 82/ 1O/26, 32 1 106O619 

621106062 I J Notice of issuance fc availability of Amend! 
Llcejises DPR-38, DPR 17 , DPR- 5S. respectively. 
STGLZiJ.F. Operating Reactors Branch . B3/lQ/3t>. 
15972:04*. 2-1X Flche : 5O-269, 83/ 1 0/26, 931 1060AI9. 

112 * 


115. 1 13 6" I I[J t< 

8211060644 Foi-L,arda Amends 111,114 S. Ill To License's DPR-3H, CPU"*/ *' 
DPR-55,rBspectivelv,sifati; evaluation i nntlee uf issuancc- 
(, availability. Amend .allows safetij va IVPS nn Unit 1 *" a* 
degraded from B21014-27. ______ ..... .. 

IJAONEH.P.C. Pp B rating Heactoirs Dranch 4- B3/ 10/26^ TULKE1I. Jl H- 
Duke Pouer Co. 4pp, 15972:342. 24 X F icfifl : SO-3&9, H2/ ID/Hi, 

-8?110c.0651 A-nends 114.114 L 111 *o Licenses DPR-38, "Pn-47 *. DWt-Sft 
respectively, revising Tech Spec to a ! low .pr es sure toifc 
safety valves on Unit 1 to be degraded from BSJ-OE1-S9. 
STOLZ.J.F. Operating Reactors Branch fl. BSflO/Sd. Ppp. 

13972:346. 24X Fl che: 50-26?, 

, 021 IO-606'lfl 

8211060662 Safety evaluation supporting Amends 114,111 fc 111 tu 
Licenses DPR-sa, DPfl-47 U DPF1-55, respect i ve 1 y. 

- Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director. 02/lQ/.f>. -I'll 
15972:354, 24X Fi che : 50-269- B2/10/26. S3! 1O60644. 

9211060667 Notice of issuance t. availability oP Amondi 114, 111 ^ HI t 
License* DPR-33, DPR-47 fc DPK-55i ro a poet i ve I y. 
STOLZ.J.F. aperating Reactors Branch 4. Sa/10/26- 2pp. 
15972:396. 24 X Fldis: 90-Edf. a2/lO/26-R21 I 06064 -1, 

8211060706 AdvUes that requirements of NUI1EO-O737, 1 1 urn 1I.E. 4.U ' 
"Operable Valves, Or ff Closed Must be Sealed Closed" !< [torn 
1 1, E. 4. 2, 7, "Pr imary Containment High Rid lotion to Clo 
Vent 8< Purge Valves" mat, pending approval of loch Hpeca, 
3TDLZ.J.F. Oparatlng Reactors Branch 1. 02/10/2(3. TUCKEiRj H. II 
Dute Pouer Co. 2pp. 15972:140. 2-1X Fl clic ; 30-269. B2/IO/KU! 

B211O60306 Informs that schedule for responding to NUHEO-0737, I torn 
II. B. 3 on evaluation criteria guidelines Tor pn t-Jtcldont 
sampling us uiill not be submitted until 021301 , con trar i; tn 
B21101 date commlttod to in S20BO3 1 tr. 

TUCKER, H. D. Dlffce PameT Co. B2/11/O1. DENTON.H.R, DfPlco of 
Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director. STDLZ, J. F. OpBTntlna tlauc toi-m 
Branch 4. Ip, !5933:O2B. 24X F(c h e: 50-269, B2/1 1 /Ol, B21 |0&U30ci. 

eaiI150136 Forward* response to Franklin Raoearch Ctr drjifl teclinicJil 
e/vjiluatlon rept re control of heavy 1 mids. upp 1 am out jug 
821008 response to NRC 030218 request. 

TUCKER, H. D. Duke Pouer Co. BS/IJ/05. DENTON.H, fl. Office nf 
Nuclear Ruactor Regulation, Director. SIOLZ, J. F. Oporaling Hnoctiirn 
Branch 4. 4pp. 16OH6: 137. 24 X Fl ch e : 50-369. OS/ 1 I/OS, B2 I 1 I9OK1A 

B2111S0613 Responds to flK0913 1 tr rq,u*sting addl info ro p*nctor 
bldg purge sys operation in cold sh ut down. Eva I ua t i on of 
necessary plant mods underiuay . TecJi Specs Addressing $urgo- 
y* t valve leakage testing uill be provided. 

TUCKER. H.B. Duke Pouer Co. B2/11/O5. DENTON.H.n. OF f i c o of 
Nvclear Reactor Jlsjula tton, Director. STOLZ, J. F. Cpffr*t!r>B riuarHirii 
Branch 4. Ip. 16057:312. 24X Fl the : SO-269, B3/ I I /O&, 02 I 1 1 OO&I !>. 

6311190666 fleaponds to NUREG-0737, I tern II. K, 3. 30, "Small Drank IJ1CA 
Method*. " Util B21101 submlttaL of GAU-I01Q4P & OAU'(Q07BPr 
Revision 3i satisfie-s r>qu irmints. Al I r equip amen tfl 
adequately addressed. 

TUCKER.H.B. Duk* Pouor Co. 32/11/03. DENTON, H. R. Office of 
Nucliar Reactor Regolat io-ni Director. 3TOLZ,J. F, ap*rttng Ilvactorn 
Branch 4. Hpp- 16061:274. 24X FU h e: 50-267, BS/l 1 /OS. 021 1 1 OOllifcfJ. 

9211140052 Notification of B21130 meeting ui/utll in Dvthetda.HD tn 
dfscusi irae of IlreaLoy spacer grids (n reloatf fuel 

WAONEfi,P.C. Operating Hactor Branch 4. aa/ll/OS. BTDt.ZiJ.I' 
Operating Reactors flrar,<h A. 2pp. 16013:052. S-1)f 
Flche: SO-26 1 ?, 82/11/03, 831 1 J 600S2. 

8211150363 Forwards response* to Ouestioni 1-3 r admuacig of ali-ctrle 
distribution s<j* voltages in ret-ponse to B2O606 requettcptr 
821022 commitment. 

TUCKER, H, fl. Dud* Power Co. BS/ll/OS. DEWTCIN.H.R. Office/ of 
Muclear Rsaetor Regulation! Director. BTOLZ, J. F. Dp*rtino Rttacttira 
Branch 4. Bpp. 16035:342. 24X FUhe: 50-^69, aa/ 1 |/fle, 



6211230335 Requeits remittance of balance due For review of 830910 E< 
1OI4 proposd Tech Spec changes re contains trit pendratton 
local leafc tut requirnnents & pressuHier code safety 
vatvei. License amends issued 82I>036. 

&rQQS, R. rl. License Fee Management Branch. 63/11/09. PARKER. W C, 
Duke Pouer CD. 2pp. 16200:329- 24X Fiehe : 50-269, 32/1 1/03, 

9311160375 Summariies B3QB1B & 19 meetings u/NRC E, Franklin ffosearch 
Ctr r* rattiol ooical effluent Tech Spec Uation. Revised 
application, incorporating H211I5 meeting agreements, uii 1 1 be 
submitted bu. 621315. 

TUCKER, H.fl. Duke Pou*r Co B2/11/IO. DENTCN, H. R. Qttltt at 
Nuclear Reactor Regulation.. Director. STQLZ,J.F. Operating Reactor* 
Branch 4. I p , 1 409 1 335. 24X Fiche: 30-269., S2/1 1/10, B3J 1 16037&. 

6211290309 Inform! that info in response to Generic Ltr 03-22 n itti 
generator tuba integrity hat been submitted previ oui 1 y. Add I 
InPo would be time coniumlng to develop, 

TUCKER, H.B. Duke Power Co. B2/11/24. EIBENHUT, 0. O. Division of 
Licensing. 1 p. 16231:152. 34X Fi che: SO-OOO, B2/ 1 I/S4. S2[ 1270GO& 

Q. Inspection reports, IE Bulletins b correspondence 

S30&190220 IE Info Notice 82-37, "CracVing in Upper Shell to 
Transition Cone Girth Ueld of Steam Generator at Opera 1 1 no 
PUR. " five liit end. * 

JORDAN. E. Division of Engineering (. Quality Assurance B2/09/14 
Consolidated Ediion Co. of New York. Inc. lOSpp. 15930-001 ZAt 
Fiche,- 50-000. 83/09/16, B20BI 90230. 

B21II5O5II Application for amend to Licenses DPR-38, DPR-"!? t, DPR-59. 
Chang, utllites revised App O heatup & cool tfourv limits far 
15 efph contained in enct Table 1 It matli properties data 
from BrtH-1697 & BAW-IA*??. 

TUCKER, H B. Duke Power Co. 82/11/13. DENTGN.H.R Office of 
Nuclear Reactor Regulation. Director. STOLZ.J.F. Operating Reactors 
Branch 4. 4pp. 16037:317. 24X Fi c he: 5Q-369, B2/1 1/1 2, 831 1 1 5051 1 . 

BB11150S23 Proposed Tech Spec pages utiliiing revised App hatup t, 
coalrfouio limits for IS efph contained in, entl Tab 1 g 1 & 
fliatls properties data from DAW-1697 I, BAH-le99, 
Dult Pour Co. 82/11/12. J2 PP . 16057:321. 24X 
Fiche: 50-269, 62/11/13,32] 115O51I. 

8306190222 IE I nt o Notice BS-3^, Revision 1, "Hcldo in Main Contnl 
Paneli. " Svt I lit ncl. 

JdffDAN.E, L, Division of Engineering (. Quality Assurance, (33/09/17 
Cono!ldteiJ Edison Co. of NOUJ Yorfc, Inc. 107pp. 15895 1 IBS 2tx 
FIche: 30-000. 32/09/17,8308190323. 

B20B190229 IE Info Notice B2-39, "8vc Degradation of Thick Halt 
Stainless Steel Rec ircuiati on Sys Piping at DUB Plant Jt 
Svt list encl, 

JGRDAW.E. U. Division of Engineering b Qgallty Assuranc*. aa/07/SJ 
Consolitfated ErfisonCo, ofNeuYork. Int. Bfipp. 160i7'flfl 21 
Flche: 50-000, 83/09/21, 820B1 90239, 

B311160047 Seneric Ltr 83-26 to power reattor licensees ( Fort SI 
Vralnl re NUREO-O744. Revi s ion 1, "Pressure vessel Matl 
Fracturt Toughness." Forwards WUREG-0744, Revi s ion 1. W/o 
enc 1 Svj: 1 1st enc 1 . 
EISEWHUT.D Division of Licensing. B2/11/12. 

Edison Co. of Heu Yorl. Inc. 53pp. 
Fie he- 50-000. 33/31/12. 831 1160047. 

16332: 212. 

Coma! 1 da ted 

34 X 

82111602O3 Comments on "Audit of Dconee Procedures J. Training for 
Preiiuriied Tftermal Srtotk, " including Sections a. 1. 3. 1. 
"Reactor Coolant Pufnpa. " "Th ermal -Hudraulic 
Analysis" ', 4, "Recommend at, " 

TICKER, H.B. Ouke Power Co. 82/11/12. DENTON.H.R. Office of 
Nuclear Rsactor Regulation, Director. STOLZ, J. F, Operating Reactors 
Branch 4. 2pp. 16093:109. 24X Fi ch B: 50-269. B2/I I/ 12, 831 1160303. 

H311190123 Forward* changes affecting scheduled completion dates re 
B2072B status rept of NUHEO-0737, I terns II. D. 3, "Poal- 
Aceldent Bampllna." II-F. 1, "Accident Monitoring" 6 
III. D. 3. 4. "Control Room Habi tabi 1 i ty . " 

TUCKER. H. D-. DukB Pouier Co. 82/1J/19. Office of 
Nuclear Psactor Regulation. Director. Aff 16150 392 24X 
Fi c h e: 50-269, 83/ 1 1 / 1 5. 82 1 1 1 90 1 23. 

9211370631 Forwards table s unwiari i ing changes ED revised intBrvice 
ie-sting proaram. Changes utll become effective uhen 
associated tgi declared operati onal. Valves added to perform 
pressure isolation function uill be leat tested 

TUCKEH.H.B, Bute Pouer Co. 82/11/17. DENTON.HR. Office of 
Nucltar Reactor Regulation, Director. STOL.Z.J.F. Operating ReactorE 
Branch 4. 3pp. 16222:090. 24X FI ch e: 50-269, B2/I I/ it. BSi 1370631. 

B2M3O0191 Foriuard response to HRC 82IOIS request for addl info 
r licenser comp 1 lance u/NUREO-0737. I tern* I A, 3. 1.44 II. B. 4 
concerning personnel tra i ninj. Decrl p ttun of Phase II core 
danage mi ti gia 1 1 on training encl. 

TUCKER, H.B. Duke Power Co. 83/11/19. DEHTON, H. R. Office of 
Nuclear Btactor Regulation, Director. STDLZ.J.F. Operating Rsaetors 
Branch -t. 21pp 16238:320. 24X FI cher 50-26-?, S3/| 1/19, 3211300181. 

3211300238 forward* rfsponie to HRC 331018 nqueit for iddl infc- re 
tornado-protected means of providing iteam oenrtor tooling 
water. Portions of response discussed during 821114 6*1 con 
TUCKER, KB. Duke Pouer Co. S3/1I/19. DEM TON. H R dffici of 
Nueliar Reactor Regulation, Director. STBLZ.J.F. Operating Reactors 
Branch 4. 15pp, 16339:363. 24K Fi e he: 50-269, 82/1 1/19, 821 130022B. 

8311300290 Inform* that revised Tech Spec 3.7 ui 1 ] not be provided b 
B3I11? as itatetf in 3Z110B iuimltt4l pe adeq.uac4 of itatian 
electric distribution tun voltage*, but at ^oon ai in-house 
revleu completsif- 

TUCKE,H.B. Out* Pouer Co. B2/11/19. DEN TON, H. R Office of 
Nuclear fi*actor e B ulation, Director. STOLT.JF. Operating Keactors 
Branch 4. lo, 16237:363. 24X Fich* : 50-269, 82/1 1/19, 821 1300270 

9208190223 IE Info Notice B2-3B, "Change in Format (. Diatri but I on Sg I 
for IE Bullotln, Circulars b Info Notices. " Svc list encl 
DEYOUNO.R.C. Director's Office, Office of Inspect i on and 
Enforcement. 83/09/22. Consolidated Edison Co. of New Yor I, hii 

HOpp. liOlS: 021. 34X Fiche: 50-000, S2/09/23, B20BI 90223. 

B20B190232 IE Info Notice 82-40, "Deficiencies in Primary Cont* 
Electrical Penetration Assemblies. " Bvc list encl. 

JORDAN. E.L. Division of Engineering !. Quality Assurance. 02/09/2? 
Consolidated Edison Co. of Neu York, Inc. 112pp. 13930'OIV E4I 
Fiehe: 50-OOO. 82/09/22,6208190232. 

9211150263 Confirms B2O924 telcon ru 821027 mgt meeting in ChflrlcHt.W 
to revfobi results of first phase of annual appraisal of util 
regulatory per Pormance. SALP board rept to be sent 1 ialt 
before meet Ing. Proposed agenda encl. 

LEWIS, R. C. Division of Project & Resident Programs. B2/JG/OA. 
TUCKER, RB. Duke Poyer Co. 2pp. 16035'031 24X 
Fichu: SO-CC-0, 82/10/06,8311150363. 

aai!OB0271 Notification of B21I03 meeting ui/utlU K Franklin Heltariti 
Ctr in Bathesda.HD to discuss design (JE Bulletin BO-I1J & 
ue of "enerju balance technique" b "arching theoru". 
TRAMhELL r C. M. NRC - No Detailed Affiliation Oiven, B2/IO/07. HSl 
-Mo Detailed Affiliation Given. 4pp. 19979:318 24X 
fich*: 50-000, B2/ 10/07, 821106037!. 

G21I150431 Forwards IE Inap Repts 50-269/B3-37, 50-270/63-37 & 
50-2B7/B2-37 on 820913-17. No noncompl iance noted. 
CANCE.M. C, Division of Project i Resident Programs. B2/10/07. 
TUCKEfl.H, B. Dirfce Foyer Co. 3pp. 16057:138. 24X 
Ftche: 30-369, 83/10/07,8211150431. 

--B3111504B7 IE Imp Repts 90-269/82-37, 50-270/62-37 fc 50-2B7/8S-37 on 
820713-17, No noncampliance noted. Major areas inapoctBd: pipe 
supports !c r*traints i, Tupe D t. C containment leakage rate 

JAPE.F. . BROQKS.E. Division of Engineering- t, Technical Prosrans. 
83/1 0/OS. 4pn. 16057; 130. 24X Fiche: 30-269, Q2/ 1O/07.B2I I IS(MBI. 

82110B0311 Foruarifs order imposing civil monetary penalty for 
violation noted In IE Imp Rept 50-269/82-11 on 820323-0401 , 
Re-e*(n at independent verification program compliance 
u/NUREO-0737, lt-tn I. C, 6 rnueted. 

OEVOUNO.R.C. Director's Office, Office of Inspection and 
Enforcement. B3/IO/13. TUCKER, H.B. Duke Po-uer Co. Zap, 
15975:173. 24X Ficher SO-269, B2/IO/12, S21 10BO31 1, 

S21IOB0316 Order imposino civil monetary penalty for violation re 
Independent verification program found during 8S0323-0401 
special ln*p. Evaluation d conclusions enel. 
DEYOUMO.R.C. Director's Office. Office of Inspoction and 
Enforcement. 83/10/12, Duke Pouer Co. 7pp, 15973:178. PX 
Ficlie:50-B'fc9, B2/IO/1S, B21 108031 1. 

8311300319 Correct* S21026 1 tr re 82090S seismic event near Jacassee 
H^dro itation. Second strong motion sector located on Uft 
abutment bedfotl net to pc-iuerlh ous t third on residual 
idil in. luiitchyarii 1BOO ft from dam. Other info valid 
TUCKER, H. B. Dukt Power Co. B2/11/33. DENTON.H.H. Office of 
^ Realtor Regulation. Director. STOLI.J.F. Operating Reactor- 
Brneh 4. lp. 16242:032. 34K Flehei 50-269, 32/11/23, 821 1300319 

-S21 1150531 Forwards IE Insp fiept 50-369/62-11 on 330323-0401. 
Enforcement action re Imp addressed in NRC 830635 Itr, 
UEH1B.R.C. Division of Project fc Resident Program*. aa/06/C&, 
PARKER, W. 0. Duke Pouer Co. 2pp. 16093:373 24X 
Fich*: SO-24 9, 82/10/12, 82I10B0311. 



IE Imp Rapt 50-269/B2-1 1 on 020323-0401 . Noncomp 1 i ance 
notd * tal lure to f o How instrument c-allbr procedure re 
rtplaeimtnt af test connection cap, leading to breach of 
containment integrity. 

H. , FIEDLER. R. , BRYANT, J.C. Division of Project & Resident 
ni. 93/06/25, 4pp. 16093: 274, 24X Fiche: 90-269. 82/10/13, 

R. Periodic operating 

rts (. related cc 

Forward i safety evaluation & technical evaluation rept of 
&OOSO7 (. B2Q7S3 responses to IE Bulletin 6O-04, "Analysis of 
"Main Stdm Line Break H/Continued Feedwater Addition," 
AnalviJ* acceptable it no further action required. 
STOL.I.J F. Operating Heactors Branch 1. 82/10/14. TUCKER, H, B. 
Cjle Pour Co. 9pp. 15970:221. 24X Fie ho ; 5O-269, B2/1Q/ 14, 

"PW/l Main Steam Line Break H/Continued Foedwater Addition 
tB-691.0cone& Nuclear Station Units 1,2 Si 3," technical 
ivaluat ton rept. 

V03BUHV.F. U, , HERRICK.R. C. Franklin Ins t i tute/Frank 1 in Research 
CTitr. NRC-03-B1-130. TER-C5S06- 134. 82/09/28. HEARN,P. NHC - 
Wo Dt*ilil Affiliation Given. 23pp. 19970:231. 24X 
Fith: SO-249, B2/1O/14, 0211060491. 

31115/09.67 Forwards suppl to previous responses re IE Bulletin 79-14. 
Ctitld eiplanatton of remaining site mod work t, scheduled 
ccmj 1 etion dates encl, 

TUCKEiR.H.D. Dude Power Co. B2/10/19. O'REILLY. J P. Region 2. 
Ome* of Director. 6pp, 16062:165. 24X FUhe: 50-269. B2/10/19, 

IE Info Notice B2-fll, "Failure af Safety/Relief Volvos to 
at BUR, " Svc list encl. 

.. Division of EnginnerlnB tn Quality Assurance, B2/10/22. 
Cons ol Ida ted Edison Co. of New York, Inc. 110pp. 15960: 193. 24 X 
Fief)*: aO-QQQ, BH/ 1 0/22,8208190239. 

e2tll3O&03 ForuJarils IE In9p Hepts 30-269/82-38,90-270/62-39 t, 
50-aa7/D3-3B on a21OOfl-09. No noneomp I lance notod. 
DATICe.H.C. Division of Projoct E- Resident Programs. B2/10/22. 
TVCKER.H.B, Duke Power Co. 2pp. 16062:080. 24X 
F1 ch; 9O-269. fl2/lO/S2, B21 1 150603. 

S211150609 IE Inap Repts 50-269 /B2-3B. DQ-27Q/B2-3B & 50-2B7/Ba-30 on 
B2IO01-oa.No TiDncompliance no ted. Mo joi- areas inspected: 
rjdiation protect inn. 1 iquiif & gaseous radioactivity releaseB 
* health physics appraisal inspector fplloyup items, 
COLLINS. T.fl, , BrtHRpK.P, Diviaton o-f Engineering & Technical 
Program*. B8/1O/SO, Bpp, 16062:OB2, 24X Fi Che: 50-269, 83/10/23, 

6311150307 ftcl receipt of B21019 HT infnrming NRC of steps taken to 
correct vloHtions noted in IE Insp Flcpts SO-2A9/B2-23, 
50-27O/03-23 b 50-287/32-23. 

LEHCS.H C. Division of Project & Resident Programs. 02/11/0=!- 
TUCKEft. H D. Ou)i Pouinr Co. Ip. 16036:018. 24X 
Flche: 9O-369, 05/11/02,8211150387. 

B2U19Q399 ftesponda to NRC 830917 (. 0712 Itrs re violations noted in Its 
imp Rtftt 30-269/03-23,30-270/82-23 & 50-SB7/B2-23. 
Corrective at t i oni; operator counseled re importance of 
InfoTitiinj supervisor of pump operablllty problems. 
TIKKER.H. B. D>jl<e Power Co. 82/10/17, 'REILLY, J. P. " 
C*Pie OF Direttor. 2pp. 16056:019. 24X Flche: 5O-269, 
S211] 50307. 

BajiltOOaa Summjrg of 821103 meeting w/utils ro IE Bulletin 00-11 on 
uie of "Fnprgy Balance Technique" !< "arching action" for 
&aonru uallqirali-fication, . , 

mwmei-L, C. H. Operating Reactors Branch 3. B2/11/05 ?"I: in 

R*actor Branch 3. 32pp. 16102:328. EflX Fiche: 50-000. B2/1 1 /OS, 

IE InPo Notice 83-43, "Deficiencies in LWR Air Filtration/ 
Vantilation BIJS. " Svc list encl. 
JOfiDAH-E.L, Division of Engineering 4. dual itg Assurance^ 

Conolidat<r EriUon Co. of Now York, Inc. lllpp. 16171.233. 
Flth: 30-000, 82/11/16, B20BI90248. 

B211030263 Foruardi monthlij operating repls for Jun ISBO Ftepts 
Unit) 2 (. 3 not tncl. 

PARKER. U. D Bute Pouer Co. BO/07/15. Office a( Management 

Program Analysis. Ip. 15910:320. 34* Fithe 50-269. BO/O7/ 1 5. 
B21 1030263. 

--B211030272 Monthly operating rept fur June \1BO Repts far Units 
not Inc lurfed. Narrative lunvnartj encl 

REAVIS.J.A. Bjke Power Co BO/07/15 Spp 15910 321 24X 
Fiche: 50-269. 80/07/15, 921 1030363 

9211030111 Forward! monthly operating rept for Jul 1930 

PARKER, y. 0. Buie Poujer Co 80/08/15 Office of Management 

Program Analysis. IP 15911:337. 24X Fiche 50-369, BO/09/ 15, 

--0211030117 Monthly operating rept for Ju! 19BO Narrative summa 

REAv'lS.JA. Bjiie Pouer Co. 30/OB/ J 5 5pp. 15911 33B 21 
Fiche: 50-269, BO/OB/15, 021 10301 1 1. 

8211020313 Forward* monthly operating rept for Nov 19B1 

PARKER. W Buke Power Co. Bl/ia/14 Office of Management a 

Program Analysis. Ip. 15BS3:01B. 24X Fiche 50-269,81/12/14, 

B211O20319 Monthly operating rept for 
REAVIS.J. Duke Power Co. Bl/12/14. 
Fiche: 50-269, 81 /12/ 14- B21 102031 3 

ov 1981 
Spp. I 

8211020524 Forwards monthly operating repts For Det 1981 

PARKER, H O. Buke Power Co. B2/OI/1S. Office of Management and 

Program Analysis. ip. 159B8 399. 24X Fie he: 50-269, 82/Q1/ 1 S . 

--B31103Q536 Monthly operating repts for Dec 1981. 

REAVIS.J.A. Duke Power Co. 92/01/15 SOP 15SBB 300 24X 
Fiche: 50-269.62/01/13-8211020524. 

8211100180 Forwards monthly operating repts For Apr 19B2 >., correctert 
page for Unit I monthly operating rept for Mar 1902 ,,,,. 

PARKER, W.B. Buke Power Co. 82/05/15 D! rector 's Of f ,ce, OfFlr* 

of Inspection and Enforcement. Ip. 16024 239. Z4X 
Fiche: 50-269, 82/05/1 5, 821 1 1001BO 


82I11001S6 Monthly operating repts for rtpr 19B2 I. corr 
Unit 1 monthly operating rept for Mar 19B2 
REAVI3.J.A. Duke Power Co. 82/05/15 16op 16024 2<JO J4X 
Fiche: 50-269,82/05/15,8211100180. 

Q211020539 Forwards monthly operating repts for Auo 19B2 I, corrected 
rept for Unit 1 for Jul 1982. I1PCi , t 

TUCKER,H.B. Duke Power Co. 03/09/1 5. Di rec tors Of F ,ce, Uffi., 

of Inspection and Enforcement. Ip. iSBbbl. u-*&. ^i* 
Fiche: 50-269. 82/09/15,8211020539. 

- 0a R E^ 5 j r nt ^ePo:tr^. re a^/;5 ftu M:p 3 ^^7. 

Fiche:SO-269,B2/09/l5, 8211020539. 

" 83 R E^fjA orr ^:%r"cr p B2%B/?3 rep ^ f " * 

Fiche: 50-269, 82/09/15, 821 1020339. 


of Inspection and Enforcement. 
Fiche: 50-269. B2/1 I/I 5. 821 12303B2. 

B2112202B4 Monthly operatino repts f " Oct .1982. 
REAVIS.J.A, Duke Pouer Co. 82/11/15. 16pp. 
Fiche: 50-269, 82/1 1/15, 8211220282. 

16165 123. 24X 

IE Info Notice 82-43, "PWH Low Temp Overpreaeuro 
f>T**e tlon. " Svc list oncl. 
jOftOrtH-S.e.. Division of Engineering i Qual itg Assurance 

C nolldated Edi.on Co. of Hew York, Inc. 93 PP . 16232:298 
Flch*: 50-000, B3/11/19,B309190S53. 

8311310373 Foru.rd* revised info supporting 921004 r.|U.t. * 
ttoa. in*rvic inp rio,ulrmonts of Section XI of ABME 


Hl.r R.t.T H.gulation, Director STOLZ, J F Ope 
BrjTtch 4. Spp. 16221:136. H4X Fich e: 50-269. B2/U /23, 

rtable occurrences. LEHs t. related correspondence 

S. Repn 

S211080173 Foruardi LEH 62-018/01T-0. Det 
TUCKER, H. B. Duke Power Co. B2/10/20. 
Office of Director. 7pp. 15981:092. 

tiled event analysis end 

O'REILLY, J.P. Region 2, 
24X Fiche:SO-269.82/10/2B, 

8211000177 UER BB-OlB/OlT-Oion 821014, three of si. ^stalled safety 
vilve. determined to have d efl raded performance based on 
valvering settings. Cause of difference in settings 



6311100300 Forward* LER 62-01 6/01 T-O. D tailed event analysis enci 
TUCKER. H D. Dull* Power Co. 63/11/01. O 'REtLLV, J. P. Rejion 1!, 
Offitt of Director. 3pp. 16032:277. 24X Fi the : 50-269, 82/1 J /Ol, 
8211 100308 

--B2IHO0310 1ER e2-016/OlT-0. on B3101B. internal QA audit revealed that 
engineering safeguards surveillance tests riot performed 
during Jan 1982 Caused bg adn i nistra tive def Ic lenclei 1 
personnel error. Meu sus established 4> personnel counseled. 
PETTY, J.C. Duke Pouer Co. 82/11/C1. Region S, Office of 

Director. Ip 16022:260. 24X Fie h e; 30-269, 62/1 I /Ol . B211 10030B. 

V. Operator Eliminations 

B21 1150609 IE Imp Repts 50-269/B2-3B, 50-270/02-3S i. SO~aB7/Ba-3S en 
92IQ04-OB. No noncompliance noted. Major areas inspected: 
radiation protect Ion, 1 iquid !< gaseous rad ioacti vi tu. ntliaitt 
tc health physics appraisal Inspector fnllotuup items. 
COLLINS. T. R, Division af Engineering i. Technical Programs 
B2/10/EO. app. 16062' 082. 24X Fie he; 30-269. B2/1O/32, 021 1 IM4O3. 

6210390106 ftentric Ltr B2-23 to all licensees t, applicants re 
inconsistency between requirements of 10CFH73. HQlg ) it STS 
for performing audits nf safeguards contingency plain 
<iecurlty pln). Svt list end. 

E1SENHUT, D. Q. Division of Licensing. 83/10/30. Consol id* td 

Ediion Co. of Neu York, Inc. Bpp. 15993:319. 24X 
Fichr; SO-000. 92/10/30,0210290106. 

6210130019 Generic Ltr B2-]B to all pousr reactor applicants S. 
licensees re reactor operator t, s.enior reactor operator 

1 1 i f ica t i 
after 9210O!.Svi list end 

EtSEfJHUT, D. G. Division of Licensing. 03/10/12. 
Edison CD. of fltat Vort, Inc. 15pp. 14003-234 
Fiche 50-000, 62/10/12, H21OI30O19. 



F. Security, msdical, emergency t fire protection plans 

-evision to emergency plan 

8510120650 Releases public versioi 
manual . 

FELTON, J. M. Division af Rules and Records. 02/09/33. Document 

Management Branch. Ip 15634 337. 2-1X Fi thi : 50-269, B2/09/23, 


8210120652 Foruards public version of Revision 3 to emergency plan 
nanua 1 

TUCKEF?, H 0. Duke Pouer Co. B3/09/34. 'P1LLV, J. f. Reoio.12, 
Office of Director. Ip 15684 340. 24X Fiche 50-269, B3/Q1/B3, 

B210120456 PuoSit version of revis&d emergency plan implementing 
pt- ocetfures. inc liUrf ing Procedures PT/0/H/20GO/O4 re 
etab 1 i shment !< insp of technical support t tr t, 
CP/3/A/20O2/OS re pq* t-act i rfent caustic injection Into LPIS 
Duke Pouor Co. S2/09/30. BSpp. 13684:341 24X 
Fiche. 50-2A 1. 82/09/23, 8210120650. 

S23004C06B Oeneric Ltr 62-17 to all pouer reactor licenseea I 
applicants fc holders of CPs re incons i s tenty btuieen 
renoirements of 1OCFR5O. 54 ( 1 1 !. STS for performing audits of 
emergent y, preparedness programs. Svc list end. 

EISEfJHUT.D 0. Division of Licensing. B3/10/O!. Consolidated 

Edison Co. of New VorV, Inc. i 1pp. 16002-388 34X 
Fiche SO-000, 92/ 10/01. B?100100o8 

33100700]"? Oeneric Ltr 92-21 to all licensees t. applicants of nucl*flt- 
poutr reactors re Tech Spec! for fire protection audits. 
Forwards guidance tf i scusa ing general scope d deacrioing 
elemenli to OB jncludgij in audit. Svc list enel. 

EISEIJHUT, D. Q. Divlnan of Licensing B2/10/06. Consolidated 

Erilson Co of Neu Yarl. Inc. 19pp 15993:330 34X 
Fie he: 50-OOO, B2/ 10/06, 6210070019. 

3211150367 Ac* receipt of B2Q923 1 tr re conrdination hetueen utll t 
Region 2 emeroemcij response org an 1 1 a t ions during emerjency 
Eiereup or actual emer^ nncu. f)e so lut i on of issues raltetf to 
aejiieve arfeqoate emergency performance provided. 

D'BEILLV, J. P, Region 2, affUe of Director. 82/10/19 TUCKER, H D 
Du*e Pouier Co, 2pp. I6055:2B2. 21X Fithe : 50-OOO, 62/ 10/19. 
3211150347. WIT. 

6211I1006B public version of revised crisis mgt plan. 

FELTQN, J. H. Division of ftulea and Records. 02/11/01, Document 

Management flranch, Ip. 16053:073. 24X Fi che: SO-000, 03/1 1/01. 

B211110074 Forwards public ve 
TUCKER. H. Q. Duke Pouier Co. 

ion of Revision 6 to crisis mjt plan 
B2/10/20. BENIGN, H. R. Office nf 

Nuclear Reactor Regulation. Director. 2pp, 16053-071 24K 

Fiche:50-OOO, B2/1 1/O1, B2I II 1006B. 

8B111100B3 Public version of Revision 6 to crisis mg t plan. 
Duke Pouer Co. 82/10/39. 69pp. 16053: 07A 24X 
Fie he: 50-OOO, 82/1 1/01 . S21 1 1 IQO6B. 

B2U040379 Oeneric Ltr B2-25 to all power reactor licensees re 
inttjrated IAEA eiercise For physical inventory at LUFfs. Any 
commitment to participate In eiercise is voluntary Si any 
util that participates will be reimliursed. Svc list end 
E1SENHUT, D, 8. Division of Licensing. 82/1 1/O3. ConsolidatcJ 

Edison CD. of MBUJ York, Inc. llpp. 16019-004 24X 
Fiche; 50-OOO, S2/1 1/03, B21 1040379. 

B31114C072 Responds to B20917 Itr re Revision 7 to safeouarifls 
contingency plan, Changes consistent u/provi s ions oP 
10CFR50. 34(p J t, acceptable. 

STOLZ. J. Operating Reactors Branch 4. B2/ 1 1 /09. TUCKER, KB. Dul* 
Pouer Co. 2pp. 16102:326. 24X Fi ch e: 50-269. H2/1 1/09, B21 1140073 

B211J70210 Fariiiards Revision 9 to security p 1 an. Revi sion withhold 
Cre* IOCFR73. 21 I, 

TUCKER, H, C. Dufce Pouier Co. 82/11/12, DEN TQM, H. R. Office oP 
MucJear Reactor Regulation. Director. 1pp. 16104 171 E-IX 
Fiihe; 50-269. 82/1 1/12, 821 1 170210. 

B21IE9022I Releases public verslqn of revised emersency plan 
implementing procedures, 

FELTOM, J. M. Division of Rules and Records. B2/11/19. Doeuiwnl 

Management Eranch. Ip. 16246:176. 24X FI che; 30-000, B2/! l/lti 

8211270227 Forwards public version of revised emergency plan 
implementing procedures, Including Procedures 5,3.1 re 
re-covery nanajer d immediate staff group plan ti S, 3. 6 re 
radlolosica t support group, 

TUCKERrH.D. Dufte Pouer Co. B2/10/29. DENTON.H.R. Office of 
Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director, 2pp, 16346-177 241 
Fiche: 50-OOO, 92/11/19.8211390221. 

"8211S70233 Public version of revised emergency plan implemant Itig 
procedures, including Procedures 3,3,1 re recovery manager & 
immediate staff group plan t 5.3.6 re radiological support 

Duke Power Co, H2/10/23, 233pp. 163-16; 179. 24X 
Fieh: 50-000, 92/11/19,8311290221. 

3211150375 Discusses concerns re coordination betuieen util t Region 
durino emergency eiercise or actoal emerg emu, per emergency 
preparetfnesi eiercise conslucted on S203IO-I I Greater 
coordination in several areas necessaru. 

TUCKER. H. B. Duke Power Co, S2/OB/23. 'RE3LLV, J P Region 2. 
Office of Director. 2pp. Ia055' 294. 24 X Fiche- 50-OOO, 02/ 10/19. 
621 1 150367. 

82UOS0070 Concurs, that Revision 8 to phutieal security plan is 
coni*tent m/lOCFRSO. 34(0) & does not decrease p Uti 
errecfclveness, in r*tpont to licensee S20S23 Itr, Ends to 
Itr withheld (ref 1OCFR73.21). 

STOLZ.J. Qperatlng Heactors Branch 4. S2/10/20, TUCKER, H D Dute 
Pouer Co. 2p P . 15964.362. 34X Fi cd : 50-B69, B2/IO/20. 021 1030070. 

8211150603 Forwards IE Insp Reptt 5Q-S69/B2-3B, SO-270/B2-38 J, 
50-Ea7/H2-3a an BS1004-OB. No noncomp 1 iance noted 
DflMCE.H. C. Division of Project i. Resident Programs 62/10/22 
TUCKER, H.B. Duke Power Co. Sp p 1-6062-OeO B4X 
Fiche: 50-26-9. 92/1O/S2, B21 I IS0603. 

P. Operating licence stags documents t< correspondence 

e20?aiO&27 Oeneric Ltr B2-16 to all PUR licensees re NUHEQ-0737 Tick 
Spec*.Rpqueit review of Tech Specs to determine consitHHcy 
<u/guU*nce proyi ded. For items in/deviations, amend to license 
requirjd. W/o stated ends. Svc list end. 

EISEIJHUT. D. 0. Division of Licensing. 82/09/2:0. Contolida ted 

Edison Co. of N*u Vorl, Inc. 15pp. 15930; HO. SIX 
Fiche: SO-000, B2/09/20, 8209210027. 

62110103-63 Forunrdt "Audit of Ocoiiee Procedures b Training for 
Presiurlied Thermal Shock." Submittal contains only minor 
chj.rut to earlier draft. Reipnnse to recommendations 
contained in Section 4 requested within 43 days. 
STOLZjJ.F. Operating Reactors Branch 4. B2/IO/OI. TUCKEH. H. B. 
Duk Power Co. 3pp. 19BBOM06. B4X FichB : SO-269, B2/ 10/OI, 
821 101 0363. 

B2H010367 "Audit of Oconee Procedures l> Training For PremauriiH 
Thirnal BJiock. " 

* NRC - No Detailed Affiliation Oiven. B2/10/01. 21pp. 
1BB80: 109. 24X Fiche: BO-269, 82/10/01,881 1010363. 



MllWQIO* Cl*rif t ii 820700 ruquest for add 1 info re NUREO-0737, Item 
EI-B.3j "Pat-Acc Idant Sampling Sys. " Clarification section 
if (-rivlou* Jtr p-povitfes guidelines.not requirements, fur 
titling HVREG-O737 criteria. 

STDC.I.J.F, Optra ting Reactors Branch 4, 83/10/07. TUCKER. H.B, 
lit* Fsmrr Co, 3np, 15936:127 24X Fiche : 50-269, B2/ 10/07. 

HLLMOilS Forward* rmueiit for addl infn on NUREO-0737, I terns I . A. 2. 1. 4 
1 II. B. 4 rt pirionnel tra Ining, Response requested within 30 
Jiiji et Itr receipt. 

STDLIjJ.F. Operating Reactors Branch 4. B2/1Q/15. TUCKER, H. n. 
to** Pur Co, 3pf- 15714:053. 24X Fie he : 50-269, B3/10/15, 
*! 1 1 03Q6I a. 


Confirms 621014 tclcon authorization to change Tech iipoco 
(IF wtil B31Q14 ielecopiBd Itr, Amend uaivoE requirements of 
j*E 3. 1. 1. t. I re RCS safety valves until 021029. 
rU.d-ur itte-n saf etij evaluation end. 

LAtHASjQ.C. ABltant Director far Operating Reacto 
TyCREfl,H.B. Duke Pouer Co. 4pp. 13963:352. 24X 
Fit**: SO-2&9, 02/10/15,821 1O5O1B9. 

Forward request for addl info needed to complete review 
6S0B06 Ltr re tornado protected means of providing steam 
trjt-or too I 1 ng water, 

Operating Reactors uranc h 4. 92/10/18. TUCKER, H. B, 
Co. 4pp. 13972:239, S4X Fiche : 50-269, 82/10/1B, 

liai0144 Advises that response to NHC S2O60B questions ro adequacy of 
itltlan *llttrlc distribution ays voltages will be provided 
ky 621103 Del-flj requested ta allom for proper review. 
TIXKER.H.D. Duke Power Co. B2/10/22. DENTON.H.R. Office of 
v.clur Riattor Regiflat ion. Olrector. STOLZiJ.F. Operating Deactors 
Br*!ieh 4. If, 13067:210, 21X Fiche : 30-269, B2/1O/22, 021 1010 114. 

Ofrn*ric Ltr 02-20 to all power reactor I icensees, permit 
Solir* It *ppljc*nt> for CP re guidance for implementing 
SfiiF- tul*. Farujird* KUUEO-01O6. NUREO to bo used as interim 
e**iijri until RBC Uuide I. 70 revised, Svc list encl. 
EISEHKUT, D. Q, OlvUlon of Licensing. 82/10/26. Consolidated 

fitter* Co, of Meiu Yorlu Inc. 9pp. 13973:295. 24X 
FlttmSO-OO-O, B3/10/26.B21026000B. 

6210370030 enric Ltr 62-22 to all PUR licensees re Congressional 
Tlq,u-*ft *or info concerning steam generator tubo integrity. 
FarmTnl* Conarenmin EJ Markey 031019 questions re steam 
l+Ti*T*tor tub* Integrity, Svc Hit encl. 

IIMJT,D 0. Dlvltlnn of Licensing. B2/10/B6. Consolidated 

Cli*er Co, of Nam York. Inc. I0pp. 16099:332. 24X 
FlcH: 50-000, B2/1O/B4, 6210270030. 

&Z9I410325 Foruardi Info re Q2090H seismic event near Jocassee Hijdro 
St*tlar>,(HT MRC 771029 request. Event magnituds was 2.57. 
flpraductlon of *Blsmagrph for Station H03 uncl. 
TUCKEH.H.O, Duk* Pouor Co. 02/10/36. DENTDN,H,R. Office of 
Wutliir Rt.ctor RDgulatlo-n. Director. STOLZ.J.F. Licensing Branch 
t. 5ft. 15067:318. S4X Fiehe ; 30-269, B2/ 10/26. S21 1010S23. 

6I11OA04I9 Forward:* AmBnd* 115.113 & 112 to Liconsos DPR-30. DPR-17 !. 
Wfl-S5.ropn tlv*lij' saf Bty evaluation & notice of issuance & 
ivtl*bl Ilt^, ftmand raviias Tech Speca reflHCtina util 
rarfjrii jtion 1> pnornol qual if icat ions. 

WACHEfl.P. C, Opratlng Reactors Branch -V. 93/10/26. TUCKER. H. G. 
Dull Peu*r Co. -Spp. 1997a;021. 24X Fiche : 30-369, BB/10/26. 

An.nds 11S.11S t 112 to Licenses DPH-SS. DPR-47 !. DPH-3r>, 
Titp tctivlg,irvitlflB Tech Specs to reflect util 
rT]nlE*tlon ti personnel quali* ications t> correcting lean 
trutlng r equipments. . ,,., 

STCtl.J. F- Ojuratinj Reactors Branch 4. 82/10/26. 30pp. 
I3972r023. &4X Fl che: 30-269, 03/10/36, 021 1O60619. 

&*fti| evaluation supporting Amends 115,115 & 112 to 
intt. DPR-3B, DPR-47 i, DPR-55, 1-especti ve ly. on/lrt/o/ . i 

Office of Kuclr Reactor Regulation, Director. 02/10/26. J 
. &4X Fich: S0-2i9. 82/10/2i, 

921106Q65I Amend* 114,114 t, 111 to Licenses DPfl-liB, CPR-47 '- 
rtaptctivel y, revising Tech Spec to allow pressurp code 
iafefctj valves or. Unit 1 to be degraded from 321014-27 
STOLZ.J.F. Operating Reactors Branch 4 82/10/26 Spp 
15972:316. 24X Fiche . 50-267, B2/10/26, 

--9211060642 Safety (valuation supporting Amends 114,1 
Licenses DPR-3B, DPR-47 t. DPfi-55, respect ively 
* Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director 
19972:354. 24X Fiche. 50-269. 82/10/26, 83 1 1060644 

9211060667 Notice of issuance t, availability of Amend 
Licenses DPR-3B. DPR-47 !, DPR-55, respect ively 
STOLI.J. F. Operating Reactors Branch 4 B2/10/36 
15972:356. 24X Fiche: 50-269, 02/10/26, 031 1060644 

114. II 4 t. 111 l.i 


n.e 426. 

B21106070B Advises that retirements of NUREG-0737, I ti 

"Operable Valves. Or If Closed Must be Sealed Closed" t. Item 
1I.E. 4. 2. 7, "Primary Containment High Radiation to Close 
Vent t Purge Valves" met. pending approval of Tech Specs 
STOLZ.JF Operating Reactors Branch 4. B2/10/2G. TUCKER, H H. 
Duke Pouer Co. 2pp. 15973: 14B 24 X Fiche : SO-2A9: B2/ 10/2Q. 
031 106070B. 

0211060306 Informs that schedule for responding to NUREG-O737, 1 ttm 
[I D. 3 on evaluation criteria guidelines for post-accident 
sampling sys uill not be submitted until 132 1201: contrary to 
B21101 date committed to In B20B05 Itr. 

TUCKER, H. D. Duke Pooler Co. 02/11/01 DENTDN, H. R Office of 
Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director ETOLZ, J F Operating fleac 
aranch 4 IP 15953:023. 24X Fich.. 90-269, 92/1 1/01. B21 106030*. 

S2H150136 Forwards response to Franklin Research Ctr draft technic 
evaluation rept re control of heavy I oads, supp I ement ing 
92100B response to NRC 92021B request 
TUCKER, H B Duke Po^er Co. 83/11/09 DENTON.H.R Office of 

B211150615 Responds to 020913 Itr requesting addl info re re 
bldo purge sys operation in cold shutdown. Ev 
necessary plant mods underway. Tech Spe 


Revision 3, satisfies requ irements. Al 1 requirements 

Co. B2/11/O5. DENTON. H. R Office of 

9311220335 Requests remittance of balance due for review of BE0910 & 


B21 1220335. 

submitted by B21215. 
TUCKEH.H.B. Du*. Pa. 

H-./II/IO DENTDN, H R. Office oF 
/ ^ N F Operating Re 3 ct C 
^"iche: 50-269, 82/1 1 /H>, 92, 1160375. 

Notice of issuance b availability of Amends 115,113 S. 1 la to 
Llciiiso DPH-3S,DPH-47 b DPR-SS, respective!;, 
er(X.ZjJ.F, Operating Reactort Branch 4. 02/1O/E6. ipp- 
S4X Flche: 30-269, 83/10/26,031 1060619. 

from BAH-1697 (, BAU-1699_ 

Office of 

ruard. (V mB nds 114.114 < HI To Lic.nsei DPR-30. OPR~t7 
-.ptlv*l||."fSy vm=tlon & notice of i""'" 
J< *v*ll*biHttf. rtmr*d alloiui safotij valvs on Unit 1 to be 
*ftradrd from 321014-89. .-,,,. TIVUEB u n 

MAGHEn.P.C. C?c., T *tln B R-.ctor* Branch 4. 02/10/26 TUCKER. H.B. 
Dull POM.r C. 4pp. 1S97E:342. 24X Flchs: 30-269, 82/10/26, 


Fiche: 50-269, 92/11/12.821 1150511 



82M 190123 Forward* changes affecting scheduled completion dates re 
E2072B status rapt of NUHEO-O737. I terns II. B. 3, "Post- 
Accident Samp | tng. " II. F. J, "Accide-nt Muni t DT ing " t. 
in. D. 3. 4, "Control Room. Haft i tab i I i tu. " 

TUCKER.H.B. Duke Pouer Co. 82/11/15. DCNTOW, H. R. Office o-f 
Nuclear Reaitar Regulation. Director. 4pp. 14150:292. 24X 
F i c he : 50-269, 82/ 11/15.63111901 23. 

B211I50263 Confirms 020924 teleon re Q21027 mgt meeting In Charlotte. DC 
to review results of first phaie of annual appraisal of util 
regulatory performance. SALP board rapt to be sent 1 uk 
lefore meet Ing, Proposed agenda encl, 

LEWIS. R.C. Division of Project 4 Resident Program*. B2/10/O6 
TUCKER, KB. Dufce Power Co. 2pp. 16055:031. SIX 
Ficht: 30-000, aa/IO/O6, 621 1 130263. 

0211290691 Forwards table summar 1 1 ing changes to revised inservice 
testing program. Chang ei will become effective uhen 
anaciated sij t declared opera t i on-al . Valves added bo perform 
pressure isolation function uitl be leal tested. 

TUCKER. H. B Duie PQUJOT Co. 82/11/19. BENTCN,KR. Office of 
Nuclear React op Reg-illation. Di rut tor. STQLZ, J, F. Operating Beat tops 
Dranch 4. Sop. 16222;Q9O. 24X Fi chs: 5C-269. B2/1 1/ 1 , 821 12OiSBI. 

B2110B0371 Notification of 821103 meeting w/utils i, Franklin Research 
Ctr In Qetfiesda.rlD to discuss design (lEDulletin 80-11 J & 
use of "energy balance technique" & "arching theory" 
TRAW1ELL. C.M NRC - No Detailed Affiliation Oiven. 92/1O/07 NR 

- Ho Detailed Affiliation Given. 4pp. 15973:310. 24X 
FlcAe : 50-000. B2/ 10/07, 821 1080271. 

8211300101 Forwards response to WRC B2101S request for jddl info 
re licensee camp) iance tf/NUREO-0737. Items I . A. a. I. 4 i II, D. 4 
concerning personnel tra i ning. Destr 1 ptian of Phase II co-re 
danjge mitigation training encl. 

TUCKER. H. J>uke Power Co. 33/11/19. CENTON.If. R Office of 
Nuclear Reactor Regulation. Director. STOLZ.J.F. Operating Reactors 
Branch 4. 21(>p. 14338:320. 24* Fi che: 5-0-269, 82/1 1/19. 921 1300181. 

8311300220 For-uards response to .NHC S2101B rtqueit for addl info re 
tornado-protected means of providing steam generator moling 
water Portions at response discussed during 021116 telton 
TUCKER,H.G Duke Pouer Co. H2/M/19. DEN TON, H . R . Office of 
Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director. STOLZ. J F. Operating PnactorE 
Dranch 4. 15pp. Ii33=?:2i5. 34X Fi c he: 50-2i9, B3/11/19, 9211300223. 

62113Q029O Informs that revised Tech Spec 3.7 will not be provided liij 
821119 at stated in 921108 subnittol re adequacy of station 
electrii dlitrioution sijs voltajes, but as soon as ln~hotiie 
revieu completed. 

TUCKER. H. U Duke POUBP Co B2/11/17. DENTON, H, W. Offico of 
Nuclear Reactor Regulation. Director. SIOL Z, J. F. Operating Reactors 
BraTicn A. Ip. (6537:362. 24X Ficfie : 3O-249. B2/1 1 /19. B21 1300290. 

S2L1300319 Correct* aaiOSfi Itr re B2O902 seiinic event near Jocas-see 
Hydro sta t ion. Second strong motion -sensor I ocatei) on left 
abutment be-dro-cl neit to powerhouse b third on residual 
soil in sui tcfiyarrf IBQO ft fron dam. Other info valid, 
TUCKER, H. D. Duke Power Co. B2/II/33. DEfJTON, H. B. Office of 
Nuclear Reactor Regulation! Director. SIOL ?. J. F. Operating Reactors 
Bran-ch 4. Ip. 11,242.052. 24X Fiche 50-269, 82/1 1 /23, 621 1300319. 

S21E29030B Informs that info- in response to Generic Ltr 02-22 re tteam 
generator tube integrity has been submitted previously. Addl 
I nf o tkiQul-d be time consucning to develop. 

TUCKEff.H.B. Dill* Power Co. 02/11/24 EIBENHUT. D, 0. Division of 
Licensing. Ip. 16331 152 24 X Fiche- 50-000. B3/ 1 1/24, S21 139030B. 

0. InspecSion reports., IE Bulletins fc c orresp ondence 

B209110530 IE Info Wo t i c e 92-37, "Cracking In Upper Shell to 
Transition Cone Oirt.h Hold of Steam Generator at Dperatino 
PWR. " Svc lilt encl. y 

JORDAN, E. Division of Enoineerlnj t Ouality Assurance, 62/09/14 
Consolidated Edison Cn. uf Neui Varlc, Inc. 105pp. 15930-001 24X 
FlchO. 50-OOO, H2/O9/16, B20fllf0220. 

S208190223 IE Info Notice 82-34, R svt sion I, "Htldi in Main'Contrnl 
Panels. Svc Hit encl. 
JOHDnrf.E. L. Division of Engineering ft Quality ftsuranc. BH/09/17 

Cpnsolidatfi Edison Co. of New York, Inc. lO7pp I5B95' 185 C4x 
Fiche: 50-000. B2/09/17, 920BI 90222. 

B2QB190239 IE Info Notice. Ba-39, "S^e Degradation of Thick Hall 
Stainless Steel Rec irculat i an Bys Piping at &MH Plant " 
Svc Hat encl . 

JORDAN. E L. Division of Engineering t, Quality Aiiurjnce a2/0?/2[ 
Consolii(jtd Edilon Co of Neu Yorl, Inc. S6np I40I7-098 SIX 
Fiche- 50-003, B2/0-9/21, 8208170239. 

8203190233 IE Info Notice B2-33, "Change in Format , Distribution 3gs 
far IE Bullet ins. Circulars fc Info WotUn." Svc Hit enel 
DEvaUNO.R.C. Director's Office. Office c-f Inspection and' 
Enforcement 02/07/22. Consolidated Edison Co, of New Vorfcj Inc 

110pp. 160IB;OSl, 34X Fitht: BO-OOO, B2/09/S2, 320B190223, . 

8203190232 IE Info Notice B2-40, ."Deficiencies in Primiru Contilnnient 
Electrical Penetration Aisenb 1 1 . tt 8vc 11 * t [ncl 

Division of Engineering a (Quality At*orance, 82/09^22 
Consol idatetf Edison Co-, of Hey York, Inc. 112no 1993O-OI9 34 
F 1C l.e-50-000. ' 

6211150*61 Forwards IE Insp Repti 50-269/82-37, 50-270/82-37 !t 
30-287/02-37 on B30913-I7.No noncomp 1 lance notad. 
DANCEiH. C. Division of Project t Resident Programs. B2/1O/07 
TUCKEB.H.B. Dulie Pouer Co, 2pp. 16037:128. 24X 
Ficln: 50-2A9, 82/10/07, B21 1 150481. 

--B3111504B7 IE In*p Rept 50-369/03-37, 30-270/82-37 fc 50-287/03-37 on 
B20913-I7. Wo noncompliance noted. Major areas inspec tedr p ip* 
supports & reserainti k Tijpa D Si C containment leakage rate' 
tei t ing. 

JAPE, F. , BRDOHS,E. Division of Engineering , Technical Projrjai 
S2/ 10/08. 4pp. 16057: 130, 24X Fiche: 30-269, B2/ JO/07. B21 1 150401. 

6211040494 Forward* safety evaluation !. technical evaluation rept c-l 
BOOS07 i B2O723 rasponses to IE Bulletin SO-04. "Analyjis of 
Main Steam Line Break W/Continued Feeriuater Addition." 
Analysis accrptable fr no further action required. 
STGLZ.J.F. Operating Reactors Branch 4. 62/10/14. Tl/CHEfl.H.B 
Duke Power Co, 9pp. 15970:231. 24X Fiche : 50-269, B2/ 10/14. 
32 1 1 Oo 0494. 

--82100I0400 "PWR Main Steam Line Break U/Cnntinued Fesduater Addition, 
CB-691,aconee Nuclear Station Units i,2& 3," tecfinlcal 
evaluation pept. 

VOBBl/HV,F. M. . HERRICK.R.C, Franklin Inat itute/Frank I n Res**Tih 
Center. NflC~O3-B!-130. TER-C5506-134. 82/09/2B. MEARW,P. NRC - 
Mo Detailed Affiliation Oiven. 23pp. 15970:231 ?4X 
Ficne: 50-S69, BS/ 10/1 4, 831 1060494. 

821U30Sf>7 Foruards cuppl to previous responses re IE Bulletin 79-14. 
Detailed explanation of remaining site mod work & scheduled 
completion dates end. 

TUCKER. M. B. DukB Poiuer Co. 82/10/19. O'REILLY. J. P. RBBlon a, 
Offlc* of Director, 6pp, 16062:163. 24X Ficha: 30-S69, 02/10/1. 

B209190BO9 IE Info Notice B3-41. "Failure of Baf tt/Re] I ef Valv*t to 
Open at BHR. " Bvc list ncl, 

JORDAN, E, L, Division of Engineering & Quality Assurance. 83/10/23. 
Consolidated Edison Co. of New York, Inc. 110pp. 13940:153. B-H 
Flcn; 30-000, 83/1 0/23, S30BI 90239. 

9311150603 Forward* IE Insp Repti SO-269/82-3B, 50-270/82-36 & 
30-287/62-38 on B2I004-OB. No noncomp 1 lance notad. 
DAWCE.H.C. Division of Project & Resident Programs, 92/10/23. 
TUCKER, H.B, Out. Power Co. 3pp. 16063:080. 24X 
Fiehe; 50-269, 82/10/22,8211150603. 

--8211150609 IE Imp Rents 50-269/82-38,50-370/82-39 & SO-SB7/B!t-3P on 

9210-04-03. No noncompliance noted. Major areas Inspected; 
radiation p rotac tlon, 1 io.uld & gaseous radioactivity raliasei 
( health physic* appraisal Inspector follouup Items. 
COLLINS. T. R. . 9ARR,K.P. Division of Engineering & Technical 
Programs. 82/10/BO. 8pp. 16062: 003. 24X Fleh: S0-ao9rfl2/IO/B2, 

S21U303S7 Ack receipt of 821019 Itr informing NRC of step* tal*n to 
correct violations noted In IE Insp Ripts 30-269/6S-K3, i 
30-270/B2-23 & 30-287/92-23,, C. Divition of Project lc Resident Programs. 92^11X03, 
TUCKER.H. B. Duk* Pouier Co. Ip. 16056:010. 24X 
Ficht: 50-269, B2/ 1 1/02, B21 1 1503B7. 

82I1I5O399 Responds to NRC SS0917 t. 0712 Itrs re violations nottJ In I 
Tnp Repts 50-269/52-23, 50-S70/92-23 ti 50-2B7/62-S3. 
Corricttve act ions; operator counseled re Importance of 
informing luparvlsor of pump operabilltu, problnmi. 
TUCKER.H.B. Duka Pouier Co. 82/10/19. 'REILLY, J. P. Region 3, 
Olfltt of Director. 2pp. 16036:019. 24X Fiche; SO-2A9. 6B/ 11/M. 

S3 11160080 Summary of 821103 meeting u/utiU re IE Bulletin 60-11 en 
US.B of "Energy B*lnce Tcfinique" t, "arching action" for 
nasonrv wall qua t If tea t ion. 

TRAHMELL.C. H, Operating Reactor* Branch 3. B2/1I/05. Optratlnj 

Reactors Branch 3, 32pp. 16102: 32B. 24X Fiche: 30-000, B2/11/OJ. 



IE Info Notice BS-43. "Defic iene i e i in LWH AIT Filtration/ 
Vint i l* t ion Su. " Gvc list end. 

XfiDJWJ. E.L. Division of Engineering t> Quality Assurance. 82/11/16. 
Ccniolidttidl Edison Co. of Neu York, Inc. Hipp. 16171:233. 34X 
Pith* 50-000.82/11/16, 6200190240, 

9ZlllOOaSl LER 82-Q13/Q3L-0: on 831OD5, t urbi ne-dr i ven emergency 
feeduatei- pump declared inoperable uflen t rip/ thc-ottl e valva 
2MS-94 accidentally tripped c losett by maint personnel while 
insulating valve. Camed bi/ <. opponent failure. 

PETTY, J.C. Dulie Power Co. 83/11/04. Region 2. Office of 

Director. Ip 14033-399- 241 F i c h e : 3O-27O, B2/ 11/04, SZ1 1 1 0024;: 

3E Into Notice B2-A5, "PWH Lou Temp Overpressure 
I inn. " Svc lilt enc 1. 

E L. Division of Engineering i Quality Assurance. 82/11/19. 
Caniolldted fidiion Co. of New York, Inc. 93pp, 16232:298. 24X 
tche: 5 0-000, B2/ 11/19. S20B1 90253. 

Fcruards revises info supporting 821004 request! for relief 
frin inservtce insp requirements of Section XI of A SHE 
laMer & Prcnure Vessel Code. 

TyCK-ER,H.fl. Dull Pouer Co. B2/11/23. DENTON.H.H. Office of 
Cellar Reactor Regulation, Director. STDLZ, J. F. Operating. Reactors 
Jr-,th A. 5pp. 16221:10,6. 24X Fi che: 50-269, B3/1 1/23, B21 1390272. 

* frriattt operating rep-orls fc related corre spondenee 

Honlhlij operating rept for June 1900. Narrative summary encl. 
*AVtS.J.A. Duk* Power Co. BO/07/13. 7pp. 19909:147. 24X 
Fich*: EO-370. 80/O7/15. B21 1030202. 

E; 1, 1 030243 Foridardi monthly operating repts for June 1980. Repts for 
Unitl a- t 3 not encl. 

FWrKER.W.O. Duka Power Co. QO/07/15. Offica of Management and 

Fragraa Ana]yst. Ip. 15910:330. 24X Fie he: 50-269, BO/07/13, 

S2H030232 MinVhly operating rept for Jul 1980. Narrative summary encl. 
KEAVIS.J.A, Duke Pouer Co. SO/OQ/15. 9pp. 15909:140. 24X 
Fit hi: &Q-270, BO/OS/19, SHI 1030233. 

SH020*3a Monthlu operating rept for Nov 1*)81. Narrative summary entl. 
SEAYIS, J. A. Duke Pouer Co. SI/12/14. 5pp. 1SBB9:112. E4X 
Fle*i: 50-270, 91/12/14,3211020430. 

HMOEC3>&B KantMy operating rept for Dec 19B1. Narrative summary entl. 
FAVIB. J.A. Duke Power Co. B2/01/15. 5pp. 158B9: 102. 24X 
Fit^^r 30-270, 82/01/13.8711020308. 

FoTuardi monthly operating repts for Dae 1981. 

Pff.*Ea, H 0. Duke Pouier Co. B2/01/15. Office of Manaflement anii 

Pragran flnaty-si*. Ip. 15888:299. 24X Fiche: 50-1369. flS/01/15, 

--B2I102Q536 Monthly operating repts For Dec 1981. 

EAVJa.J.A. Duke Pouiar Co. B2/01/19. 5pp. 13688:300. 24X 
FitB: 30-269. 03/01/13,8211020524. 

SHUOCHBO Forward t monthly operating repts for Apr 1983 & corrected 
r*g< for Unit I rnanthly operating rept for Mar 1982. 
PMlKeH>H,0, DuJie Powtr Co. B3/OS/1S. Director's Office, Office 

ol Inspection and Enforcement. Ip. 16024:239. 24X 
Fic*: 30-E67, 82/03/19,3311100180. 

rtontJila opamting repts for Apr 19BS fc corrected page for 
Unit 1 month I -Y aperating rept for Mar 19B2, 

flEftVIS.J. ft, Duke Power Co. 82/05/13. I6pp. liOH4: B40. 24X 
Fleh*: 50-249, 82/05/1 S.BHl 1100180. 

Fcruard* monthly operating repts for Aug 1982 b corrected 
rip* Par Unit I far Jul 1982. 

TUCKEH.H.B. Duke Poiuor Co. 82/09/15. Director's Office, Office 

uf fruptction mid Enforcement. Ip. 15833:096. 24X 
tt 82/09/15, B21IOB0539. 

V. Operator Eiaminationi 

B21O13OD1? Gemsric Ltr 33-18 lo all pouier reactor applicants t 
llcensees re reactor operator i. senior reactor aperabor 
rHquillfication e .aim , Adv Iset that eiama begin at facility 
after- BZIQCU.Svc Hat encl 
EtSENHUr.D. 0. Division of Licensing. B3/1O/12. Consolidated 

Ediian Co. of Neu YDrkr Inc. 15pP liOO2:234. 24X 

FicJie: 50-000, 82/10/12, B21O1300t9. 


F. Security, medical, amerg eneij & fire protection plans 

S21004O069 Generic Ltr 82-17 to all power reactor licensee! t- 
applicants A holders at CPs re inconsistency between 
requirement* of 1OCFR5D. 34( t> t, STS for performing audits of 
emergency preparedness programs . Svc list encl 

EIEENHUT, B. 0. Division at Licensing 62/1Q/O1. Conaol ids ttd 

Edison Co. of Neoi Vorli- tnc. llpp. 16002:280. 24X 
Fi-che: 50-000, B3/10/D1. 8210040069. 

B2IOO70019 Generic Ltr B2-31 to all Jitensees t. applicants of nutlenr 
pouier reactors ca Tech Bpeca for fire production audits. 
Foriuards jwidance discussing general scope fc descrifting 
elements to. ba included in aiiilit.Svc list encl. 

EISENHUT.D Division of Licensing. B2/1QVOA, CansolidateJ 

Edison Co. of NBU. York, Inc. 19pp. 159931 339. 2-1X 
Flche: 50-OOO. B2/1O/Q4, 9310070D19. 

B31I020aai Releases public version of reviseil emergenct) plan 
i mp lament ingproeoiluroa. 

FELTOM.J M. Division of Rules and Hecnrds. 63/1O/12. Dneunieiit 

Management Branch. Ip. 19903:OB9. 24X Fi ehe: aQ-S7l, aa/10/13, 

B211O20290 Foruiarils public version of revised emergoncy plan 
Implementing procedures , inc 1 ud ing Procedures A. P 3123 re 
emergency plan class!* itation & action level stheme (. O. P. 
3513 re evaluation of offslte radio logical conditions 
MARKT.D. I. Vermont Vanfcee Hue I ear Pouier Corp. MiMiKT, D. I. Vanta 

Atomic Electric C>o. B2/09/30. Offiei 

Re BU late ion, Dime tor. 2pp. 1 5903: 090. 


of Nut lear Reactor 

24X Fiche: 30-271,83/10/12, 

B211O20299 Public version of revised emergency plan implementing 
procedures, Including Procedure* A. P. 3123 re emergency plan 
classification 1 action level ichemo !. 0. P. 3513 re 
valuation of offsite radiologies 1 conditions. 

* vrmont Yankee Nuclear Pouer Corp. B2/09/30. 9Spp. 1590LJ:OWJ. 
24X Fichff: 50-271 1 02/10/12,8211020381. 

8211090449 Forward* IE Inp Fiept 30-271/82-16 on 020831-1004. No 

noncompUance noted. ,.,, 

STARD9TECKI,fi. Division of Project fc fiesidont Prograras. S2/1U/J1. 
MUftPHYrW.P. Varment Yankee Nuclear Poiuer Corp, 3pp. 16008: SHI. 
24X Ficlie: 50-271. 82/10/21, B211O90449. 

--BB1 1090479 IE Insp Rept 50-271/B2-1B on B20S31-1004, No noncompl ianco 
nottf. Major areai inspected : p lant operations fc status of 
operational *c tivit ien main* act ii ties, safesuai'dB syi 
opernbility & emergency plan & procedure revision. 
HAYHDND.W. J. , OALLO. H. M. Division of Project & Resident Programs. 
BB/ 10/20. IBpp. ltOOB:BS4. 24K Fiche: 30-271.82/10/31,9211090449. 

Monthly operating repts for Aug 1982. 
REAVIS.J.A, Du* Pouier Co. 82/09/15. 16pp. 15888:097. 
FJ* he: 30-269, B2/O9/1S, BS1102O53?. 

Forwards month lv operating rept* for Get 1982. 
TUCKER. W.B. Dult Pouier Co. 62/11/13. D irector ' Of f ice, 

at Inspection and Enforcement. Ip. 1&163; 122. 24 X 
F.l#:3Q-at9r 82/1 1/13, 831 1220282. 


Monthly operating repts for Dct 19BB. 
flAVia,J.A. Duk, POUBP Co. 82/11/15. 16pp. 16163:123. 
Fiche: 50-Zo9, 62/11/15,8211820202. 

B AlFOrtabl* occurrencet. LERs li related correspondence 

821O29O10B Oenerlc Ltr 32-23 to all Licensees Si applicants ra 
inconsistency betuaen ri<iutremen ti of 10CFH73. -)0(D) Jc BTS 
for performing audits of safeguards c qntinsencu plans 
<eeurit>l planl-Svc liat encl. 

ETSENHUTi D. O. Division of Licensing. BK/IO/ao. Consolidatml 

Edlion Co. of Neu York, Inc. Bpp. 19993:319. 24X 
Fiche: 50-000, 82/10/30, 821039O10B. 

8211040379 Generic Ltr B2-25 to- all pouar reactor licensees re 
intsgrited IAEA eiercis* for physical inventory at LWR. Any 
commitment to participate in exercise it voluntary & an 
util that participates will be reimt ursed, Svc list encl. 
EIBeNHUTi D.O, Division of Licensing. 92/11/03. Consolidated 

Edison Co. of Neu York. Inc. llpp. 1AO19: OO4. 24X 
Ficb: 90-000, 82/11/03. BZ1 10*0379. 

621ilO<5a*B Forwards LER B2-013/03L-O. Detailed event analysis encl. 
TUCKEft.H.H. - Duke PoiiftP Co. BB/1I/04, O'REILLY. J, P. Rflion 2, 
Qttlt* of Dtrecto-r. Zpp. 16022:337. 24X Fiche: 50-270, B2/11 /04. 



B2 11 17021 5 Foruardi He vi lion ] to training t qualification plan 
Revision withheld (ref 10CFR73. 21). 

SINCLAIR. J. B. Vermont Yankee Nuclear Potuar Corp. BS/l 1/10. 
EI5ENHUT. D. G. Division at Licensing 2pp 16104:167. 24X 

Fiche: 50-271, 32/11/10,6?! 117Q2I5, 

B2111B0303 Aci retiipt of 820609 Itr informing NDC of steps taken tn 
correct violation! notd in 1C Health Physics Appraisal 
flept SO-271/BO-14 

HAHTTM, T, T Division of Engineering & Technical Program*. 02/11/12. 
tUJHPHV.W. P. Vermont VanKe Muc]*ar Power Corp Ip. 16137:066. 
34X Fiche; 50-271, BJJ/J 1 / 12, 821 1 1 BQ3Q3. 

8311240151 Clarifies B2G731 fc 1012 Itrs re propoied alternate shutdown 
iyi. Eng ineerinj lolut i on. eomml tte<J to during B31029 telcon, 
befcajeon valves VIO-17 >, V]0~ia described. 

SHITH, fl.L. Vermont Yankee Hue tear Pouer Corp. B2/I1/12. 
VASSALLO. D. Q Operating Reactor* Branch 2. llpp. !63O(S>: 322. 24X 
F icfic 5O-271. B2/ 11/13, Q2I124OI51. 

P. Operating license stage documents d correspondence 

6209210027 Generic Ltr 62-16 to all PUR licensee* re NUREQ-0737 Tech 
Spec* Requests revieu of Tech Specs, to determine consistency 
u/guidaiKB provided. For item u/deviat i ons. amend to license 
rsquireil. Ufa stated ncls.Svc. list entl, 

EI5ENHUT, D. fl. Division of Licensing. B2/09/20. Consolidated 

Edison Co of New VorV. Inc 15pp 15730: HO 34X 
Fiche: 30-000. B3/09/20, B30?2iaoa7. 

B21IQ304BO Requests util submittal dacumenbing Fulfillment of 
NUREG-0737, Item, tl.U.3, "Post-rt^c ident Sampling Su.5." 
Schedule Far response requested within 20 days of receipt 
of Itr, 
VASSALLO, D. D Operating Reactors Branch 2. 83/09/31). SINCLAIR, J, a. 

Vermont Vankee Wutlear Pouer Carp. l&pn. 15943:267. 34K 
Ft che: 50-271. a3/O9/3O. B21 10304BO. 

021SOQ0323 Foruaros safety evaluation of compliance U/NUHE-G-O737, Item 
II B.I re RCS high point vents. Venting capability 
accep tab le. 
VftSSfiLLO. D B. Operating Reactors Branch E. BS/1O/13, SINCLAIR. J. D, 

Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Corp. 3pp. 15973:340 24X 
Pi che: 50-271, B3/10/ I 3. B21 1080223. 

--3206300364 "Operating Heactor - THI Lesson? Learned NURe-Q737 Response 
Evaluations (Program fit. Project J.RCSVents < I tern 1 1 . D. 1 ), " 
final tectinica;! evaluation r*pt. 

Energy Incorporated. FIN A-0246"2. H2/Oi/02. BUTCHER, E. 
Division of Licensing. flpp. 66133:172. 24X Fi che: 5Q--271i 

G211060479 Forward! Science App 1 i cat Ions, Inc technical evaluation rept 
k NRC iafetij evaluation of util response to NUREQ-0737, I tern! 
I. A. 3. 1 re upgrading of reactor 8, -senior reactor operator 
training E> 1 1 . B. 4 re training for mi tigating core damage, 
VASSALLO. D- U Operating Reactors Branch 2, B2/10/14. SINCLAIR, J. fl. 

Vermont Yankee Nuclear Poiuev Corp. 4pp- 13970:302. 24X 
Fiefte: 50-271, B2/10/14, B21 1060479. 

nualifi catirni Programs as 
1 1 . B. 4, " technical 

B2070202BS " Improvnments in Training b 
Required fly TMt Action It*ms I. A. a. 1 
evaluation rept, 

* Sc i ente App 1 i cat ions , Inc. NRC-03-B2-096. SAI-l3i-02~39_ 
B3/Oi/3O. NRC - No Detailed Affiliation Given ISpp 

15170:206. 34 X Flche. 50-271, B2/ 10/11, 821 10*0479. 

8211100155 Atcept* pracedupe revision transmitted in util B01S13 & 
BI033I Un re WUHBG-0737, 1 ten I.C.& concerning guidance 
on procedure! for verifying correct performance of operatino 

VASSALLO.D. D. Licensing Branch 3. 03/10/20. SINCLAIH, J. B. Vermont 
Vanke* Nuclsjir Fouler Corp. 2pp. 16030:390. 24X 
F(he. 50-271, B2/ 10/20. 821 S10O1 55. 

ouer reactor licennii 

permi t 

3311110573 Forwards safety evaluation of 001215 response to HUflEQ-0737, 
Item U.K. 3.21, "Rtstart of Cor* Spray & Lou Pressure 
Coolant Injection Sys. " BUR ouners group response 
acceptab 1 e. 
VASSALLO.O. B. Operating Reactors Branch 2. B2/10/26, BINCLfllH, J. B. 

Vermont Yanfcee Nuclear Pouer Corp. 2pp. 16Ofl8: 233. 2-JX 
Fiche: 50-271, 02/10/26,8211110573. 

9211110377 Safety evaluation concerning NUREQ-0737, I tern II. K, 3.21, 
"fieitart of Core Spray & Lou Pressure Coolant Injection, " 
BHR ouneri group response acceptable, 

HODQES.M.H. Operating Reactors Branch 2. S2/1O/26. 3pp. 
16043:235. 34X Fiche: 50-271, 03/10/26,021 111O373. 

8211160031 Forwards safety evaluation of util B20105 responie to HUREO- 
0737, Item U.K. 3, 34. "Confirm Adequacy of Space Cooling for 
HPCI (. RCIC Sys. " Response acceptable. 
VASBALLO.D. 0. Operating Reactors Branch 2. B2/10/27. SINCLAIR. 0. B 

Vermont Yankee Nuclear Pouer Corp. 2pp. 16102:067. 34X 
Fie he: 50-271. 02/10/29. S21 1 160031. 

8211160035 Safety evaluation supporting adequacy of facility spaci 
coaling for HPCI 1 RCIC sys.per util 020103 response to 
NUREC-0737. [tsm II, K. 3. 24. 

SINOH.A, Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director. 
B2/10/29. Ip, 16102-071. 24X Fiche; 50-271, 02/ 1O/29, BH1 1 160031 , 

B211160460 Forward! request for addl info re degraded grid pro t c t i-on 
baei( on review of B20722 Itr. Info should be provided 
within 30 days. 
VASSALLO, D. D. Operating Reactors Branch 2. O2/11/Q2. SINCLArH. J, D. 

Vermont Yankee Nuclear Pouer Corp. 3pp. 16128:30?, 24X 
FUhe: 30-371, 82/11/02,821 1160460, 

6211170125 Ack receipt of util B20907 Itr re adequacy of station 
electric distribution sys voltages. Add 1 Info required to 
complete NRC review. In'o should be provided within 30 tail* 
of receipt of Itr. 
VASSALLO, D. D. Operating Reactors Branch 2. B3/11/04. SINCLAIR- J. B. 

Vermont Yankee Nuclaar Power Corp. 2pp. 1614B: 194. 24X 
Fie he: 50-271, 82/11/04,8311170125, 

B21 11 20391 Informs of delays in scheduling installation of redundant 
containment atmospheric monitoring equipment. Installation 
It preoperational testing of equipment will be completed 
by intf of Dec 19B2. 

SINCLAIR, J. D. Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Corp. 63/11/03. 
VASSALLO, D. D. Operating Reactors Branch 2. Ip. J6Q42:OB&. 34* 
FI che: 50-271, 02/1 1 /OB. 821 1 120391. 

6211330403 Forwards request for addl info re Generic Ltr 01-04 flh 
implementation of NUREO-0313. Revision l.Copy of reiponit, 
identifying RCPD piping, safe-ends & filler mail uhieh do not 
meet guidelines, should be sent to EO&G, 
VASSALLO.D. B. Operating Reactors Branch 3. B3/1I/OB. SINCLATH. J, 0. 

Vermont Yankee Nueloar Pouer Corp. 6pp. 16197:210. 24X 
Fic)it:SO-271, 03/11 /OB. 8211220402. 

8211160195 Provides status of design It Implementation tchadule for 
NUREO-0737, Item III.D.3.4, "Control Room Hah itab 1 1 i ty, " 
Mods scheduled for completion by Sept 1903, following 
receipt of equipment. 

SINCLAIR, J. B. Vermont Yankee Nuclear Pouer Corp. 82/11/10. 
VASBALLO, D. D. Operating Reactors Branch 3. Ip. 16091:361. 24X 
Fiche: 80-271, 62/11/10,0211160198. 

6311160047 Generic Ltr 02-26 to pouer reactor licensees Uitipt- Fort St 
Vrain) n NUREQ-0744. Revision t, "Pressure Ve*el Matl 
Fracture Toughness." Forwards NUREQ-0744, Revision 1 . W/o 
end. Svc list encl. 

E1SEWWT, 0. 0. Division of Licensing. 02/11/12. Consoliif*tiJ 

Ed i ion Co. of Neu York. Inc. SSpp. 16232:212. 34X 
Flchi: 50-000, 82/11/12,0211160047. 

6211300199 Forwards list of previous submittals re NUREO-0737. 1 1 

tt.B.3, "Past-Accinent Sampling Sys. " Final design 

vtrlflcatlon calculations for post-accident lamp 1 In 3 *ys 

being performed. Mods to be installed during Mar 19B3. 

SINCLAIR, J. B, Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Corp. 82/11/23. 

VASSALLO, D. B. Operating Reactors Branch 2. 2pp. 16S3B:35<9. 2+X 
Fichi: 50-271, 02/11/33,0211300199. 

6210270030 Generic Ltr 82-32 to all PUR licensee! re Congressional 
request for info concerning steam generator tube integrity. 
Forwards Congreoinan EJ Markey 0B1OE9 queitioni r* steam 
generator tube integrity. Svc list encl. 

EISENHUT, D. &. Division of Licensing, B2/10/B4. Con.ol U* t ed 

Edison Co. of N*u Vork, Inc. 10pp. 16099: 3^ 24X 
Fiche: 30-000. 83/10/26*9210370030, 

9211300307 Forward* list of all util revisions to Interview Jnip/ 
inservlce telting program & requests for exemption. ptr NRC 
020?3S request. 

SINCLAIR, J. B. Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Corp. aa/ 11/24. 
VASSALLO, E>. fl. Operating Reactor* Branch S. Spp, Ii23d:046, B+X 
Flclis: 50-271, 82/1 1/24, 821 1300307. 


fl Jnipictlon r*ports. IE Bulletins t, correspondence 

IE Info Notlca 02-37, "Cracking in Upper Shell to 
tlan Cons Oirlh He 1 d of Btoam Generator at Operatino 
Bvt lilt tad. 

. Division of Engineering & Quality Assurance. 92/09/16, 
f d-lted erflson Go. of New Ynrlii Inc. 105pp 1S930'001 24X 

50-000, a2/09/ii,02oai9oaao. 

"Holds in Main Control 

IE Info Notice 92-34, Revision ],*. " Bvc list and, 
JDSBAH.E.L. Division of GnBinoerinfl i Quality Assurance. 82/09/17 

Ceniolidatcd Edison Co. of NBU York, Inc. 107pp 13S99'185 ?4X 
Filher 30-000, 62/09/17. 0503190222. 

MOSI9O229 TE InPo Notico BS-39, "Svc Dogradatian of Thick Mall 
St*lr.l*lt Stel Reeirculation Sys Piping at DWR Plant." 
Svc lilt tntl. 

JWCAN.E.L. Division at Engineering & duality Assurance. 02/09/21, 
CmOlldlit*d Ediiqn Co. of NBUI York, Inc. B6pp 16017-O9Q 21X 
Fli,e: SC-GOO, 0-2/09/21. 02OD19Oaa9. 

KK-9IW3S3 IE CnPo Notice B3-S3, "Change In Format &< Distribution Syt 
fgr IE Bulletins, Circulars & Info Notices." Bvc list end, 
KVDUN9, R.C, Director's Office, Office of Inspection and 
EntQieintnt: 62/09/23. Consolidated Edison Co. of New York, Inc 

16018; 021. 21X Fiche: 50-OOO, Ba/09/23, 6208190333. 

IE Info Notice B2"40, "Deficiencies in Primary Containment 
El-rctrlcal Penetration Aasembl ins. " Svc list encl. 

JMMNjE. L. Division of Engine er ing i Guality Assurance. 83/09/32. 
ContoUdititT Edison Co. of Neui York, Inc, 112pp. 19930:019. 24X 

B211090344 Ac k receipt of 831014 Itr informing NBC of steps 
Correct violations noted in Confirmatory Action Ltr 02-13 

MARTIN,!. T. Division of Engineering J Technic. 
MURPHY, U. P. Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Cor; 
24X Fl che: 50-271,62/11/02, 021 1090341. 

1 Prooran 

81V1 1/02. 

Ip 1600i: 30 J. 

8211090346 Responds to NRG B20B09 Itr re violations noted in 
Confirmatory Action Ltr 92-13 re iodine p lateout No 
corrective action necessary tuhen transferring alinuots from 
sample cylinder to suitable counting geometry. 
MURPHY, W. P. Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Corp 0.2/10/14. 
SMITH, O.K. Division of Emergency Preparedness (< Operational 
Support. I p. 14006 201 21 K Fit he 50-371,02/11/02. B21I090J14. 

B3111600BO Sumrnary of B21 1O3 meeting u/utils re IE [lulletin SO-11 on 
us* of "Energy Balance Technique" L "arching action" for 
masonry uall qualification 

THAMMELL.C. M. Operating Beactori Branch 3. 03/ll/QS Opcratin 

Reactors Branch 3. 32pp. li.l02.35B. 2411 Fiche . 5O-000, 02/ 1 1 /OS, 

8211290376 Forwards IE Insp Rept 50-371/62-20 on 830920-24 Ho 
noncomp 1 lance noted. 
MARTIN, T. T. Division of Engineering 1. Technical Programs. 02/11/09. 

MURPHY, W. P. Vermont Yankee Nuclear Pomer Corp. 2pp. 1*220:254. 
24X FlchB: 30-371,82/11/07,0211390376 

eai!2903BO IE Insp Rept 50-271/32-20 on 030920-21 No noncomp 1 lancu 
noted. Major areas inspec ted: 1 iceniee action on previous 
insp findings d implementation of corrective actions for 
radiation protection program deficiencies. 

ROUE, C. A., GREENMAN-E. 0. Division of Engineering fc Technical 
Programs. B2/11/O4. Qpp 16230:256. 24X Fiche 50-27 1. B2/ 1 1 /QV, 
B2 II 290376 

Hotlflcetlon of OB1103 mseting u/utils t> FranUln Research 
Ctr In Dithtida.HD to discuss design (IE Bulletin 80-11) & 
utt- of "energy Salanca tochnlque" b "arching thoory". 

rRWmEtL, C, M. NR - No Detailed Affiliation Given. 82/10/07, NUC 

- Ho Dtt*llld Affiliation Oivtf'i. 4pp, 13779:318 24X 
Fittit: 90-000. B2/lO/07.aai 10SOB71. 

B3111B0303 Ack receipt a! B30608 Itr informing NRC of steps taken ta 
correct violation! noted in IE Health Physics Appraisal 
Rept 50-371/80-14. 
MARTIN. T. T. Division of Engineering & Technical Programs. 

MURPHY, W. P. Vermont Yan tee NJC lear Power Corp Ip. 16137:066. 
24X Fiche: 50-27 1,03/1 1/12,8211160303. 

211040313 Fc-rudrd* notlca of violation & proposed imposition of civil 
plnaltii.* In amount at $10,000 based on response to 020421 
r>alf unc tlan of reactor PBedtuater pumps during power 
if tr'ticn. 

HAYNESiFi.C, Region 1> Office of Director. 02/10/15, CONWAY, H. F, 
l'*rant Yant* Nuclear Potjor- Corp, 4pp. 13969:100. 24X 
FUfc: 30-271. 02/10/13, 021 1040313. 

6211240150 Respond* ta 021015 notice of violation t> proposed imposition 
of civil penalties re 830434 loss of feeduater transient. 
Corrective ac tloni: sh 1 f t supervisors reinstructed in 
applicable requirements of plant Procedure AP 0150. 
MURPHY,IJ.P. Vermont Yankee Nuclear Poiuer Corp. 82/11/12. 
DEYOUNQ.R.C. Director's Office, Office of Inspection and 
Enforcement. 7pp. 16206:336. 31X Ficho: 50-271. 02/11/13,021 1310150. 

Notice of violation & imposition of civil penalty in amount 
,000 tmod on reiponio to 520424 foaduiater pump 

KAVMES.R.C. Raglan 1. Office of Director. 82/10/13. 
4. 24X Flcho: BO-271, 02/10/13,021 1060913. 


820Q19024Q IE Info KoticD 02-43, "Def ic i enc ie ! in LUR Air Filtration/ 
Ventilation Sys. " Svc list encl, 

JOHDAN, E. L, Division oF Engineering 'j. Quality Assurance. 82/11/16. 
Consolidated Edison Co. of Neiu York, Inc. lllcp. 16171.333. 21X 
Ftlhe: SO-000, 63/11/16.0209190349. 

Foruardl 1C Inep Bent 50-S71/B3-IQ on B20031-1004. No 
naneomp I Unco no tad. 

6rARD3reCMI,fi. Division of Projoct b Resident Programs. 02/10/31. 
rSJflPHY.W. P Virmont Yankee Nuclear Pouer Corp. 3pp. 1600Q:2B1. 
S4X Fit lit 50-B71,BS/10/31,eail090'l<19, 

IE Info Notice 62-45, "PUR Lou Temp Overpressure 
Protection." Svc list encl. 

JORDAN, E.L. Division of Engineering t Quality Assurance. 82/11/1'' 
Consolidated Edison Co. of New York, Inc. 93pp. 16332:298. S4X 
Fit he: SO-000, 63/1 1/19, 8209190253. 

--82110-70479 IE Imp Flept 50-27 1/B3- IB on 830831-1004. No noncomp 1 lance 
not td. Major ami* inspected: p lant operations & status of 
operatlon-al it tlvl t i oa i maint ac t ivi t le, af oguards sys 
rat lllty (r nmergancy plan t- procedurn revision. 

AAVMQlWiW. J. , OrtLLOiH.M, Division of Project & Resident PraaramB. 
aa/IO/20, IBpp, li000:2B4. H4X FlchHi 30-271,62/10/21,8211070449. 

6211300307 Forwards list of all util revisions to inservicc insp/ 
tnservlcn testing program d requests for eiemption, per NRC 
820920 request. 

SINCLAIR, J. D. Vermont Yankee Noclear Power Corp. 63/11/24. 
VA8BALLO, D. B, Operating Reactors Branch 2, 2pp. 16236:066. 24X 
Ftc he: 30-871 r B2/1 1/24. 021 1300307. 

8E0ai l !0239 IE Info Hottcu 82-41, "Failure) of Safetu/Rellef Valves ta 
Ofin Jt BWR, " Svc list ncl. 

JORDAN, E.L. DivlBlon of Engineering & Quality Asturanee. BH/10/22. 
Ccniulldalxl Edlion Co. of NBU York, Inc. 110pp. 139iO: 133. 24X 
FlChl : 50-000. 8a/10/&a,BaOB190239. 

62)1120224 Foruirdi IE Inp Rapt 80-271/B2-13 on B20623-25 & notUt 
f vlltlen. 

MARJIHrr.T. DlvUion of Engineoring fc Technical Programs. SS/IO/HQ. 

rtJBPHV,H.P. Verrtiont Yankee Nuclear Power Corp. 2pp. 16042:333. 
2*)( Flcht:50-a71r 02/10/30,6211130224. 

R. Periodic operating reports 4 related correspondence 

BB11100020 Forwards monthlg operating rept for Dec 1961. 

JACKBONrE.H. Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Corp 82/Q1/12. 
of Management and Program Analysis. Ip, 16023:096. 34X 
Fich: 30-271, 62/01/12.0211100020. 

6B11100027 Monthlu operating rapt for Dec 1961. 

BUROERiF. J. Vermont Yankee Unclear Pouer Corp, 02/01/12. 
16022:097. 24X Fiche: 50-271, B2/01/I2, 8211100020. 



-B211I2032B Nftic. of violation Prom inap on 620623-23. 

Ri|ln I, DfHea at Director. 02/10/2B. Ip. 16042:333. 
FJ<h: 30-271, 63/10/38,0211120234. 

8211180017 Forwards monthly operating rept for Oct 1962 

MUHPHYiM.P. Vermont Yankee Nuclear Pouer Corp. 83/11/0-9. 

Han*lemnt Information Branch. Ip. 16137: 190. 24X 
Fieh: 30-271, 82/11/09,021116001 7. 

'211120239 TE Imp Rpt 30-271/82-13 on 820623-23. Noncomp 1 la 
n*liJ: fflilupe to maintain OA records of monitoring, Imp fc 
avditlng of work performance during maint & repair of 

Qinttar, 82/10/20. 7pp, 

I6042:33i. 2 

Rugion 1, Office of 
X Fiche: 50-271, B2./10/SB, 

Monthly opertinB rept for Oct 1902. 

BUflOEH.F, J. Vermont Yankee Nuclear Pouiar Corp. 82/11/09. 
16137:191. 24X Ficha:SO-271, 82/11/09,0211100017, 




5 fl*port,*bLe occurrence*, LERt {, related correspondence 

0211160476 Forujrtfs LEfl B2-022/03L-0 

PELLETIER. J. P. Vermont Yankee Nutlear Po 
HAVrJES, (t. C. Region 1, dftici ot Director 
Fie he: 50-271,82/1 1/03, 92HJ9Q47i. 

ir Corp. 82/11/03. 
lp. 16,137: H4. 24* 

--B2111B04BO LER B2-022/Q3L-0 on 821005, dies. 1 generator A failed 
reach required voltage & frequency within Tacft Spec time 
limit. CauiBd by fuel oil rsturn line check valve failure 
Vj 1 vo replaced. 

PELLETiefl: J.p. Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Corp. B2/1I/Q3 
Region 1, Office of Director. lp. 16137: MS 24X 
Flche 50-37 1,83/11/03, B21 1190474 

3211190239 Foruards Special Physical Protection Insp. fleets 
50-272/B2-15 i, 50-311/82-15 on 820614-18 & notice of 
violation. Detail! (, notice of violation withheld 
(ref 10CFR73. 21). 

HAVNES, R. C. Region 1, Office of Director. B2/10/27 UDEI! I T 2. R A. 
Public Service Electric J, Gai Co, of Neu Jersey, Inn 
24* Flche: 50-272, 82/10/27,821 1190259. 

92111'JOBAS IE Insp Repts 50-272/82-15 t. 30-3I1/B2-I5 on, 

Noneompliance noted: fa i lure to notify NBC before degrading 
ecurity plan, vital area barriers not maintained & Improt.r 
illuminatiQn. Details withheld (ref IOCFR73S1) 

, MCRE T jL - M " GODV ' rt - T - "** < ("fie. of Dir.cto 
2pp. 16149:235. 24X Fiche: SO-Z72. B3/IO/37, 

9211290578 Forwards LEU 62-023/O3L-0 

FEU-EriER, J. P. Vermont Vanles Nuclear Po^er Corp 02/11/1B 
HAYNE5, R.C. R s iot> 1. Office of Director-. lp 1&ES6' 053 24X 
Flche: 50-271, 82/1 1/18. 6311390573 

--6211290591 LR 92-023/OOL-O on 021020, *h L 1 B sor^illance testing 
dr^.ll to tarui a c uun hrealers.nD flow throuoh containment 
air monitor noted uhen puw.p i tartcd . Caused b v cori-cnion 
anur-p o-f vane*. Spare pump installed. 

PELLETfER, J. P. Vermont Vanl*. rJuc 1 tJir Power Corp. B2/11/1B 
Region 1, Office OF Director. la 14226:054 24X 
Fiche: SO-27 1 . 82/11/13.8211290578. 

V Operator Eiami nat i ons 

6210130019 Oenaric Ltr B3-IB to all pouer reactor applicant* fc 
licensees re reactor aparator t, senior r*ac tor dp erator 
rsnualif Lcation eums. Adv i set that eiams be)in at facility 
after B3100I Svc 1 1 = t nc 1 . 

EISEWHUT.D.G Division of Liceniina. B2/10/la. Con^ol i da ted 

Editor. Co. of Nuu Vort, Inc. 15pp. 16002:234. 34X 
Fich.e: 50-000. 8&/1O/ 12. B21OI30OI9 

- - S ! CU I!! t ''l med ^*l'_ ner 3"^ < 'irs protection plans 

5210040068 Generic Ltr B2-17 to ail pouer- reacts licensees i 
applicant* !- holders of CPs re tncons i slenc u between 
requirements of 10CFR5O. 54(t> S, STS for performing audits of 
emergency preparedness programs. Svc list end 

n^;" ?. w iV i Si r ?* L '" n ""' WIO/OI. Consolidated 

n Co of New VorJi. Inc. 1 Ipp 1 (.002- 263 24X 
: 5Q-QOC-, B2/10/01, fl?l O0400f.S 

B210290103 Generic Ltr B2-33 to all licensees fc applicant! ri 
incan*istencij between reiiuirements of 10CFR73, 40(o I A 913 
for performing audits of safeguard! contingency plans 
(security plan). Svc list encl. 

ElSEfVHUT.O. G. Division of Licensing. 82/10/30. Coniolldltrd 

Edison Co. of Htia York. Inc. Bpp. 15993:319, 34X 
Fiehs: 50-000, S2/10/30, B210290IOB. 

0211040359 Forward* addl info to support 820429 exemption Tiqirrit tr* 

App H, Section III.g/16 overaiie drawings. Aa erture cardi art 
aval labla in PDR. 

LIPEH.E.A. Puhlic Service Electric !. Oaa Co. of Nqu Jenea 
92/11/01. VAROA.S.A. Operating Rsactors Branch 1 lluo 
15-?iO:129. 24X Ficha: 50-272, 82/1 1/O1 , 821 1O4.0339. 

Revision 7 to security p 1 an. Rtvi.ion withheld 

VARQA,3.fl. Public Service Electric fc Oas Co. of New Jersiu 
82/11/01. DENTQN.H.R. Office of Nuclear- Reactor Reflation 
Director. vAROA, 8. A. Operating Reactors DrancJi 1. 4po 
24K FichB:50-272.B2/ll/01, 8211090133. 

621101037'? Generic Ltr B2-25 to all pouer reactor llcer-iee. r* 
integrated IAEA exercise for physical inventory at LURi. /Iru 
comrritment to participate in eiercise is voluntary b anu 
util tnat participates mill be reimbursed. Svc list enel 
EISEMHUT, D.Q. Division of Licensing. 82/11/03. U 

Edison Co. of Neiu Vort, Inc. 1 Ipp. 16019' O04 34X 
Fie he: 50-000, B2/ 1 1/03, H31 1040379. 

821114,0153 Forwards Amend 49 to License DPR-70, safety evaluation t 
notice of issuance t- ava i labi 1 i ty. Amend revises TecN Spec* 
r protection of fira barrier penotrationa. 

ROSS, W. J. Operating Reactors Branch i. B2/11/Q5 UDERI3I, FJ A 
Puoltc Service Electric i Gas Co, of Hem Jersey. HOD IfilOO'lIO 
24 X Fiche:50-272.S2/H/05.B211Ii,0153. 

6210070019 Generic Ltr 62-31 to all i lce r, see s * applicants ot nuclear 
pouer reactorj re Tech Specs for fire protection aud i ts 
Foryarifi guidance rfiscussino ueneral ,cope a detcrib [no ' 
elements to ba included in audit. Svc Hit enel 

ErSENHUJ, D. Division of Ui n .in B - 92/10/Oi. Con^ol Ida ted 

tdison Co of New Vorfc. Inc. 17pn, 13993 336 34X 
Hehe: 50-OOO. O2/IO/06, 33 1007001 9. 

BaiHOOOTO Releases public vision r,f revised emergency plan 
implementing procedures. 
FELTON.J.M DivisiDn of fi^les and Re 

821 1030045 Forwards public version of revised .m.^encg plan 
implemsntin^ pi-oc idurea, i nc lud i n) Procedures EP IV-10H re 
protective action recomm* ntfat ions i, EP IV-lll VB sffluer,t 
dose calculations Receipt Form enct 

VARQA 6 ^! Servict Electric !, Ga, Co. of N, W Jers.y. 82/09/30. 
VAHQfl.S.A. Operatino Reactors iBranch 1. lp. 15736- 1A4 H4X 
Fiche: 50-272, 82/10/14,831 1030050. 

recommendations, EP IV-lll re effluent dose caUulatl 
nirjency staffing guide. H 



linj ou tages. Normal controls Including 
ls * erentng will rerain in effect 
Public Service Electric J. Gai Co If N. 

B21IIS01SB Amend 49 to License DPB-70, revi s ing Tech B 
barrier penetration protection. 

VAHGA.S.A. Operating Reactors Branch 1. 63/11/05 
1A100: 112. 24X Fiche: 50-E72, 82/11/05,821 1I60I9S. 

set i re Urt 


8211160160 Safety evaluation supporting Amend 4? to License DPR-70 
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director. B2/1I/05, 
lilOO: 116. 24X Fiche: 50-272, 82/11 /OS, 

Gatl230'29a Forwards IE Safeguard* Imp Repta SO-272/B2-24 i 
30-311/02-25 on SS0913-17.NO noncomp 1 lance noterf. 
M ^^i- T " T ^'vision of Engineering & Technical Program*. 
UDERirz.fl. A. Public Service Electric & Gas Co. ot N*u Jerieg. Hi 
14192:333. 34X Fiche: 30-272, 82/1 1 /io, 821 1 230S92. 

oiAa ' aafa U uarlia Ina P Repts 50-272/S2-2& 6 50-31 1/B3-23 On 

B2O713-17.No noncomp 1 lance noted. Major areas in spec te-d; 
security program aud i t, records i rep ts, te sting U ir\aint, 
lacks, leys !, combinations. Details withheld (ref 10CFR73 211. 
SMITH, O.C., DUNLOP.J.M., CODY, A, T. Division of Engineer*!^ *. 
Tee^ntcal Programs. 82/10/22. lp, 16193:333. S4X 
Flche; 50-272,82/11/10, 821 123029S. 

H. ffleneral lorrespondence 

8211110287 Advises of change of address resulting from consolidation 
of major-ity of nuclear operations fc support functions within 
nuclear dept. 

UDEH1TZ.H.A. Public Service Electric t, Das Co. of New Jerieu, 
B2/11/03. SCOTT.R.S. Division of Technical Information t 
Control. 2pp. Ii039:306. 24X Fichs: 50-27S, 91/1 1 /03, 

0211100203 Foruards mailing address change for eorjorate, conCat t far 
correeeoniJenc* re facility. 

LIOEN, E. A. Public Service Electric fc &ai Co. of Weui J*r*ty- 
BB/10/2B. VAROA.S.A. Operating Reactors Branch I. In. 
24X Flche: 50-272,82/10/28,8211100205. 



Cfrtiri) license ttage documents t correspondence 

C.nirle Ltr 92-16 to all PWR licensees re NUREG-0737 Tech 
Ruiit rtvieu of Tech Spec* to determine consistency 

nct prcvidod.For i teral u/devUtions, amend to license 
d. H/o it* tad end*. Svc list end. .u.t.H 

Division of Licensing. B2/09/20. Con.olidated 

Famn Co. Of H.u York. Inc. 15pp. 15930:140, 24X 
Fjehf: 5O-000. B3/O9/20, 3209210027. 

:ilOiOU5 Forwards AflBnd 47 to License DPR-70, safety evaluation S. 
riljtr o* lsuanci li ava 1 lad i 1 i ty. Amend revises Tech Specs 
U fiTi*tt on-tim dsfarral of pressuriier water level 

;""i""'p.T.*l nB Rectors Branch 1. 03/10/12 "DERITZ.R. A 
FttlU: Service Electric fc Gas Co. of Neiu Jersey. 4pp. 19913. J*. 
a*! Ficr.i:50-27S,B2/10/ 12,0211040113. 

3mCOl21 ftn,nd 47 to License DPR-70, chang ing Tech Spec* to permit 
ont-tlni deferral of monthly surveillance requirement for 
rtDurlltir water level for a days for Channel 1 & 2 days 
for Ch*nnl 3, ,,,., 

VAROA.S,A. Operating Reactors Branch 1. 02/10/12, 4pp. 
I5?:3S3. 24X Fi c he: 50-272. 82/10/ 12, 021 10401 1 5. 

82110*0127 Safety evaluation supporting Amend 47 to L i cense "PR-- 
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director. G2/10/12. ^P 
7, 24X Fiche: 30-272, B2/10/ 12, S21 10401 1 3. 


N.tice of i,.n t .v-il.bilit, of Amend 49 to Lic.n 

Operatic fl.attor* Branch 1. B2/ 1 1 /OS. 2 PP 
sSx Ficht: 30-272, 92X11/05.8311 160, 93. 

B21 11*0047 0.n.rU 

to p O 

encl.Sve list encl. 

eiSEWHUT,D.G. Division of Lic.n-.iv- 
Edt*n CD. of N E UI Vork, I nc 52p P 
Flthe:30-OCO, B2/ 1 1/ 12. B2 1 1 160047. 

Inspection reports, IE Bulletin, I. c "r-iP ondnc . 

PMB, " Svc list encl. 


Flche: 50-000. H2/O9/16. 

ftaaurance 62/09/16. 

930B190222 IE Info Notice 03-34, R .v, * i n I. "Ue!d S i- Main Contr.,1 

-M1104OL31 Hotics of issuance t. availability of Amend 17 to License 

VMGAtS A. Operating Reactors Branch 1. 82/10/12. 2pp. 
1 394 5: 339. 34X Fich* : 50-272. B2/1O/ 13. S21 10401 1 5. 

ConoHdae so. . 

Flche; 30-000, S2/09/1 7, B3OB1TO323. 

Assurance 82/09/17. 
lo?pp 15B95. 165. 31 K 

. 3.3- 

Responds to B20419 Itr re TMI Action Plan I tern II. 
fleno-TKna Relief Valve Failures t, Challenges." Although no 
|rl*Tiriier relief valvaa BV iient,PORV failures occurred. 
Tith Specs OTovide adenuats corrective actions. 
LIDCM.E.A. Public Service Electric (, Oas Co. of Neu J""y 

VARCA.S.A. Operating Reactors DraTich 1. 3pp, 
Fi th: SO -272,32/10/2 1,021 11002AB, 

aiCEA Generic Ltr B2-HO to all power reactor 1 icenseas. per mi t 

old*rs t applicants Por CP re guidance for implementing 
SRP Tul*.iFc.rujrJi NUflES-0906. NUflEG to be used as interim 
mur until Re B flu>de 1. 70 revised. Svc H at end. 1trf: , fod 

EI^EKH-^r-BO Division nf Licensing. 83/10/26. Consolidated 

Ediisn C. of Heu. York. Inc. 9pp. 15993:295. 24X 

Fichtr ao-ooo, aa/io/a6,aaio2MoaB. 

E51C3T0030 O&nartc LtP 82-22 to all PWR licensees re Congressional 
ri4L'*tt for info concerning steam generator tube integrity. 
Forwards Cangrsss-nan EJ Markey 821019 questions re steam 

n Co. of New York, Inc- 10pp. 
: 50-000^-02/IO/aA, 9210370030. 

c . 

Flche: 50-OOO, B2/09/21. 8200190329 
IE lnf Notice a2-. 

For-,, t * D, .trj.ut i on Hy 


IE inf* Notlc. -, 
Electrical Penetration Assomb 1 , 

--.- . 

Fiche: 50-000, 82/O9/22, 9309190332. 
B211 0905 Forward, IE Ins, R^s S 

5O-O11/B.-21 on 

14099:332. 24X 

H11I&0495 NotMU* that radiological "J Mnt _j!|JU S g"! l ,.St" n 

fi offsit* dose calculation manual on 0212O3. KequeBC 
extension Jioold be submitted within 10 days of receipt 

.. Derating Rectors Branch 1. B2/11/OI UD6RITZ. .* 
Public 8*rvic* Electric t Oas Co. of New Jersey. 2pp. 16041. (Ml. 
S*K Fith*: 50-272, 92/11/01.0211 100495. 

sailJt006l Respond! to 820920 Itr requesting removal of interim 
<,Dratinj restrictions re control & insertion of rod*. 
Wtitinghavo ftp* on subj under NRC revieu. Restrictions in 
fa< until rvvleu complBta. iincniTZ, P. A 

VMCfiM.B.A. Op.r-ting Reactor. Branch I. S2/11/01 UDE ^"' R I ^ 
FuHU S.rvic. Electric !. Oa. Co. of New Jer.ey, 2pp. 14053. 146. 
*I Fich.i 50-272,82/1 1/01, 921 11 10061. 

6311110331 Fc-ruards compilation of documents requested by NRC b atatu E 
o* lulwiittalm to complote environ qualification of 
ijrttu-relat*.) electrical equipment. Bchedul e for submittai 
of out! tending It.mi requested. W/o encl. 
VAfiOA.E.rt. Operating Reactors Branch 1. SB/11/01, 
Public Servtee Electric t. Oas Co. of New Jersey. 2pp. 
2 FielSt:SO-272, B2/ It/01, 8B11 110331. 

forward. A^nd 49 to License DPR-70, * /!"" * 
of issuance t, aval labl 1 i ty. Amend revises Tech Specs 
ttion. of fire barrier penetra tions. ,, nP BiTZ ft A 

J. Operating Reactor, Branch I 82/11/05. UDER ITZ^R. A. 
< Gervie. EUctrlc (. fias Co. of Neui Jersey. 2pp. 
2'X FliJie:SO-272. 62/1 1/05, 921 lliOISS, 

MI1IM1BB Amend 49 to Liceni* DPfi-70, revising Tech Spec, re fire 
**rr(.r p.n.tration protection. oa/.i/OS 4ni> 

VAH8A-&.A. fJp.ratir,o Reactors Branch 1. B2/ 1/05. 4pp. 
16)100:112. H4X FUhe: 90-272, B2/1 1 /OS, 821 1 160155. 

24X Fiche: 50-273, B2/ 1O/ 17, B2 1 


n06059B-F.^ evaluation .upp -rtiiji ttl ..lj|.J. - 
line break W /continiie<f feedwater addition (IE Bulletin 

'- No Detailed Affiliation O.van, H2/1O/2O. 7pp. 
MO 24* Fiche:50- 3 72. 82/10/^0,031 106O5E34. 

B210010059 "PW Main Stean Line Drk M'C"n,,.d F ..d .ater Ad,.i ti o, 
(B-6l FSEJ-O.Salem Nuclear Oenarating Seatton Units 1 & *, 

Detailed Affiliation Given. 2ipp. 15970. 
Fiehe: 50-372, aa/10/20-B2110A03B4. 



: 50-000, 


*""" >" ...... tin, u/uttl 

"<"" '-"in, t v.Iv. 

TFUPP,L.E D[vi.i 0n Q f Project t. R,, i( f, nt Program, 

1 -- " 

violation. Detail! & notic* of violation uithhfld 

(rtf IOCFR73. 31). C. Rs-jlon I, Office of Director. B2/10/27 

'= !"' electric 6 G " Co, of N. J Br W . i ff 
24X Ficf,E.-50-2?2.B2/10/27,eaill90259. 

JE Imp Rept, 50-372/B2-15 4 SO-311/B2-IS 
Hannpl.4nc. not**: f i J l-r. to notify N RC e de 



, B2U02Q030. 

Fich. : 30-000,e2/ll/19.B20ai90233. "' 

~'---!-'!-!!!I* t ' n9 rt P Pt *' r.lated torreip onifenc 

BailO.40207 Monthly op e rati ng rBpt * ar JurlB 19Q1 

, . 

: 50-273, 62/10/19, 621 1120344 

: 50-272. H2/10/20, B21 1010112 

rnu . . 

MIDURA.H. J. Public Service El B ctric 1 Oaa Co. of N. W J >r . 

?P i OB5 . 3 47 r "o:; ^ Q ! fi S" ' flte nf J " 9 P"t f on anS Enf.rc.Mn> 

lp. 160B5.347. 24X Fl che: 30-372, B3/1 1/10, 921 1 160300. 

&2II1A0292 Monthli; oporatinrj rept for Oct 1902 

l ., Pl "" i ' : Servi " Electric t, 3S Co. O f N tw Jtruu 
21pp. 16085:248. 24X FUhe: 50-272, 92/ 1 1 /|0, OJ1I li. M 

1*137:040 2 4X Fi 


- 50-373,02/11/10,0211330292. 

Fi Che: 50-272. 02/J I /lO.Bai 1240372 

Flchf : 30-000. 

50-311/82-23 on 

anationa enc 1 

tor ina n e pt - DE 

OH Co. of N,u J B 

0nm ,nt.l 
che: 50-272, B2/1 1/16, B31 13TO374. 


(0 Publt ; Servi " Electric (, Oas Co. of New J*r.,o 

,Bpp. 16220:227. 24X Flche : 50-272, S2/1 1 /IftToSl IMH3J4 

IW1.-044. 24X F ich 9 ; 50 -272B2/'lO/n, i B2n030075' :t0r *"' 

-Bail0300a3 LER 82-072/03L-0 ; on B3092B, .(,,,* fan II drlv. 
* * hatufling a rea discovered broken b fan 12 bslt lonit (. 
tMB*!-?,!*; l!** - H 1 n normal 'Peed. Caused by hl s h smbiant 
2- vicinity of fans. Belts replaced. 

Public Ssrvide Electric S, Qes Co. of Meui Jr*u, 

( LE 2 B3 T/03L-O.Det a il e d event ,nal y ,i f .n*l. 
'S ^ ervice Electric t, G a9 Co. of N BW Jtruy. 

, ft L C - " Bflion *' Offi " of OlnesiiP. 3 PP , 
che: 50-27S, B2/10/H, S21 10200B6. 

*i J table placed In tripp.d condition 

i?' "' Uon 1T1 -f^raded mod.. Caus. under 

I!!'i? U 'E t< "' l * -1 rtpt wil1 be bitfcd. 

P^llc Seryic* Electric & Oas Co. of Mau, J. P , fV . 

w " 

' w '^ t-ER 82-077/oau-O.DeUll.d .vent *nil V il. ,nel. 

^MiE B ^^.*: AV:^ -sr- 

24X Fiche: 50-872, 02/10/20, 821 lOAonie " 



LER 62-077/03L-0: on B21002, dur ing normal operation, svc water 
Haa indication 'Par contain/Hunt fan coil unit 15 iua>, 
lira tic, Cam id by si 1 * plugging transmitter sensing lines. 
Lln* blown daiun t tested (at isfactori lij. 

FflAHM.R. Public Service Electric I. Gas Co. of New Jersey. 
t?/lG/atX Region 1: Office of Director. Ip. 1S950:O22. 24X 

Fi.ehe: 50-272, B2/10/20, 821 1060019. 

-- 8211290395 Supplemental LER 62-O30/O3X-I f r om Q201O2 to Ofll9, 
1URG1 leakage rate Biceeded ma* range of volumetric test 
equipment during tasting of Ti/pe DIG containment sys. 
Cauied bij insufficient range at test equipment. 
HELLER, R Public Sorvico EJnttric & Oas Co. af New Jeriey. 
92/11/03. Region 1. Office a* Director. Ip 14219 075. 

Fiche- 50-272, B2/ 1 1/03, B2 11290389. 

E3IIQ4Q167 Forliiards supplnmental LER B2-042/03X-1. Detfli led event 
milvii* cncl. 

NIBURWi It. J. Public Service Electric & Qas Co. of New Jersey. 
SI/ 10/20. HAYNE8,R.C, Region 1. Office of Director. 3pp. 
[5933:099, 24* Fiche: 50-272. B2/IQ/3Q, H21 1060167. 

0ailOc.017i Supplemental LER 82-Q42/03X--1: on 82O62B, valves 12AF10 & 
12AF04 discovered open. Cauied by personnel negligence in 
FlIlUT* to notice that chain on valves improperly 
jnittl 1 ed. Vjil we operation & tagging lesson plans revised. 
KELLER. R. Public Service Electric (. Gas Co. of New Jersey. 
82/10/20. RB'"n 1. Office of Director. Ip. 15953: 102. 24X 

Flch*: 30-272, 82/10/20, 8211060167. 

Forwards Supplemental LER B2-009/03X-1. Detai led event 
*ni lysis HE 1 . 

til DURA i M, J. Public Service Electric Si Gaa Co. of Neu Jersey. 
62/10/30. HAVNEB.R.C. Region 1< Office of Director, 3pp. 
I5S51: 17A, H4X Fiche: 30-273, S2/ 10/20. 831 1060198. 

-&2U060205 Supplemental LER B2-009/O3X-1: on B20118 Si 23,Cardoi fire 
iueprn.1 ion iy for 1A> ID b 1C diesel generator areas & fuel 
oil ltor9> art* 12 inoperable for more than 14 days. Caused 
by tgi In manual mode due to maint outage. 

KELLEfljR. Public Service Electric (. Gas Co. of New Jersey. 
B2/10/20. Region 1. Office of Director. Ip. 15951:179. 24X 

Fltfii: 5O-272. B2/ 10/20, 8211060 19B. 

Forward* supplemental LER 63-004/03X-1. Detai led event 
tncl . 

. J, Puftllc Service Electric (t Dan Co. of Neiu Jersey. 
S3/LO/20. HftYNEa.R.C, Region lr Office of Director. 3pp. 
15935:311. 24X Ficha: 30-272, S2/1Q/20, 921 106033B. 

8211290402 Forward* supplemental LER 32-009/0 1X~1 De tai 1 od evont 
analijiti encl. 

MIDURA.H.J. Pufillc Service Electric & Gas Co. of Mew Jersey. 
62/11/03. HAYNEB.R C. Region 1. Office of Director. 4pp. 
1621 B: 336. 24X Fich E : 50-272. 32/ 1 1 /O3, Q21 1290402. 

9211290412 SupoUirrtntal LER B2-OO2/O1 X-li on QSOl 19, wastage on tube 
outside diameter of steam generator [A found during multi- 
frequency eddij current eiam Similar findings noted for 
Generators 11,12 t 13. Tube* degraded above 30V. plugged. 
HELLER, R. Public Service Electric I, Gas Co. Df Mem Jersey. 
S2/1I/O3. Rejloni 1- Office of Director. Ip. 16210 340. iMX 

Fichu: 30-272, B2/I 1/03, 8211390102. 

9211090206 LEF1 B2-OB1 /O IP : on Q3IO29-3 1, during functional testing of 
hydraulic snubbers, turn snutbers on steam generators 11 t. 14 
failed bleed test. Caused oy piston packings losing 
pretension, ftc c oleration test passed. 

MIDURA,H.J. Public Service Electric *- Gas Co. of NBUI Jersey. 
B2/11/04. HAYNES.H.C Region 1, Office of Director. Ip. 
16004:309. 24X Fl cho : 50-272. B2/1 1/O4, B31 \01O3Oi,. 

B211290264 Foruardt LER 92-OB1/O1 T-0. De tai led event analysis end 
MIDURAiH.J, Public Service Electric !. Oas Co. uf Meu Jsrsey. 
32/11/10 HAVNES.R. C. Region L, Office of Director. 3pp 
16219:076, 24X Fict\e : 50-272, B2/1 1/ 10, B21 1S9O2A4. 

9211290274, LER aa-OBl /01T-0: on BSl 1O4, a iiteen 1,000 kip steam none 
snubber found out o* spec on bleed test. Cause 
undetermined. Engineering evaluation in progress. Supp laments 1 
rept uiitl be submitted upon fin-al resDlutmn. 
FRAHH.R Public Service Electric & Gas Co. of Mecu Jersey. 
B2/11/IO Region I, Office of Director. Ip 16219 079. 24X 

Fiche: SO- 372, 02/11/10. 021 1290264. 

Bupplemental LEU 0a-OOfl/03X-l: on 82010B, charging pump 13 
leclared inoperable due to component cooling wator BUS being 
tajgtd out for planned maint. On B20109. positive reactivity 
<h*n} found in HCS boron concentration, 

KELLER. R, Public Service Electric & OaB Co. of Neui Jersey. 
&2tlQ/SQ. Raflion 1, Office of Di roc tor, Ip. 19935:214. L'4X 

FUht;SD-272,B2/10/20, B21 1060338. 

IKW&1B6 Forwards LER 02-07W03L-0. DD tai led event analysis encl. 
HIG-URA.H, J. Public Service Electric & Oas Co, op Noiu Jersey. 
BiflQJS?, HAVNES.R.C. Region 1, Office of Director. 3pp, 
ltOW;009, 34X Ficha: 50-272, 02/10/27, B21 10901B6. 

82U290479 Foruiards LER B2-OB2/03L-0. Detail ed event analysis enct 
HIDURA.H.J. Public Service Electric (. Gas Co of New Jersey 
82/11/10. HftVNES.R.C. Region 1. Office of Director. 3pp 
16227: 049. 24X Fiche: 50-272, 83 / 1 1' 1O, 021 12TO479. 

S211290494 LEfi 82-O02/O3L-0': on OS1O25, therroa 1 detectors Fur i nd 

removal ys !. pressure relief sy* discovored mi r, sing from 
fire dttection lnatrum(-ntation surve i 1 lane e procedure*. 
Cauied fcu ovBrsiffht tfuring pracfdurc inception. 
FRAHH.R Public Service Electric t Gss Co of Ncu Jersey 
B2/11/IO Region 1, Office of DirectDf Ip 16227 05=.. 

Fiche: 90-27 2, 02/11/10. 821 129O479. 

LER B2-076/03L-0: on B20930i dieael fire pump 1 uauld not 
trt In automatic mode of operation during surveillance 
t*itlng. Caund by stuck fire suppression sys header loui 
pntXJT* tuitch. Sultch freed t> eierclsed. 

FRAHMiR. Fubllc Service Electric & Gas Co. of New Jersey. 
B3/LO/27, Rglon li Office of Divnctor. Ip. 16003:013. 3-1X 

Ftch*: 50-372, 88/10/27,8211090186. 

Forward* LER B2-079/03L-0. De tailed event analysis ancl. 
MDURA-H.J. Public Service Electric U Gas Co, of Neu Jersey. 
&2/1QY27. HAVMEB.R.C, Region 1, Office of Director. 3pp. 
16tHS:343. 24X Fiche: 30-272, 02/10/27, 821 1120445. 

8211300294 Forwards LEP B2-O7B/0 I T-O. De tai led event analysis encl. 
M1DURA.H. -J. Public Survi c e El ec tr ic f< Qaa Co. of Neu Jersey 
B3/1I/12 HAVNE5.R.C. Region I. Office uf Director. 5pp. 
16236: 057. 24X F(ch e : 5O-272- 32/1 1 / 12, B21 13OO274. 

B211300300 LER 62-079/017-0: on, S3 IO17, during routine containment purgt'- 
air particle detector sample line found erroneously capped 
during partial completion of Design Change Requost EU-0014. 
Caused bu. personnel error. Air particlo detector repaired. 
FRAHH.R. Public Sarvice Electric 1 Gas CD. of Neu. Jersey. 
02/11/05. Region 1, Office of Director. Ip. lic-Sii: O64- iir. 

Fiche: SO-372,B2/I 1/12- 821 1300294. 

8211120451 LER e2~079/03f--0;on 8H100i, follouing satisfactory completion 
of Mlnt Procedure MSM, discovered that procedure not 
ftrtOTntt durino preceding uk.Cauisd by oversight on part of 
*Uctrfcl tuptrvlsor. Order written for weekly surveillance, 
FflAHM.fl. Public 9urvic Electric * Oas Co. of New Jersey. 
6J/10V27. Rglon 1> Office of Director. Ip. 16042:346, eix 

FJ(h: 50-272, B2/10/97, 8211120445. 

0211390597 LER B2-085/OJP: on 821 1 1 4, automatic starting feature on 
diei.l fire pvm pi 1 3 d i sah led . Btat ion pouer transformer 
12 returned to vc . Automat i c starting Feature regained. 
Detailed rept ui 11 be submittod. 

MIDURA,H. J. Public Service Electric J. Gas Co. of Neu Jersey. 
02/11/13. HAVNES,R.C. Ragton 1. Office of Director. Ip. 
14226-200 E4X Fichu: 30-272, 8B/U/15, B21 129O557. 

ForuariJ* LGR B2-OBO/03L-0, Detailed event analysis encl. 
MIDLBA.H, J. Public Service Electric fc Oas Co, of New Jersey. 
e?mV<J3, HAYNES.ft.C. Reoion Ir Office of Director. 3pp. 
16 ISA: 337. 24X Fiche: 30-272, 82/1 l/03i B311H30441. 

8211300336 Forwards LER B2- 094/9 9X--0. Deta i 1 ed event analysis encl. 
M1DURA.H J Public Service Electric t Gas Co. of Mew Jersey. 
S2/H/I7. HAVNES.R.C. Region I, Office of Director. 3pp. 
16336:091. 34X Fichfl : 50-273. 62/1 1/17, 021 13QQ336. 

3211230449 LER 8B-OBO/03L-0: on B31017 d IB. shutdown margin calculation 
not prformd ullhln required Tech Spec i nterval. Caused by 
#erionnil ovirtlglit, Personnel counseled. 

FflAHH,H. Public Service EHetric tt Q* Co. of Neu Jeney. 
82/11/03. Region I. Office of Director. Ip. !61BA:360. -zi* 

Flefct: 30-272, S3/1 1/03, B211S30441, 

liMOaB"? Forwards supplemental LER B2-030/03X-1. Detailed event* nel., MtOURA,H.J. Public Service EUctric k Oas Co, of ""Ui 
J-r*tu. ea/il/03. HAVNES.R.C. Reoion 1. Office of Director. Jpp. 
16319:073. 24K Fichs: 30-273, S2/U/03, B2112903B9. 

B211300345 LER BH-OS4/99X-0: on BS101 1 , d ies I generator area l 
prtssupB carbon dioxide eqe automatic actuation feature 
disabld t tagged out for planned maint. Continuous fire 
u,tch u/bacliup Fire suppression equipment established. 
FRAHM.R. Public Service Electric & Gas Co. of " J"J- 
B2/11/I7 Region 1, Office of Director. Ip. 16236.094. 

Fiche: SO-272.SS/1 1/1?' 921 1300336, 



8211390353 LE.R 62-090/OIP; on 821 [21, camera tan of r .moved full 
eleaenti nvealed breach of futl cladding in aicembly, D-20. 
Afiiribli placid in spent futl pit location E-4. Cauie of 
briich under Invtit igation. 

MIDURA.H.J. Public Service Electric t Qas Co. a{ tttui Jitney. 
02/11/23. HAYNES.R. C. Region 1. Office of Director. ]p. 
175. 24X Fiche: 50-273, B2/1 1/22, H31 1250353. 

9210070019 Generic Ltr 82-21 to all licensees & applicant* of nuclfar 
power reactors r Tech Specs for fire protection audit*. 
Fcrurardi guidance discussing general eope fc deici-iblng 
elements to bi Included in audit. Svc list and. 

EIBHHl/T,D. e. Division of Licensing. 83/10/06. Consol ld*tia* 

Ediion Co. of Neu Vort, Inc. 19pp. 15993:338. 24X 
FUne: 90-000, 02/10/06,8210070019. 

V Operator Eiaminations 

B3I0130019 Centric Ltr B2-1B to all pouir reattor applicant* i 
littnitti re reactgr oturator 1 senior rtactor operator 
nqual H icati on ei ami. fldvi iei that eiams begin at facility 
after 621001. Svc list ncl. 

E1SENHUT. D. O. Division of Lictniing. 82/10712. Coniol Ida ted 

Ed ion Co. of Niu Vort, Inc. 19pp. 16003: 234. 24X 
Ficht: 50-000, 82/10/13, B210I30019. 

F Security, medical, emergency * fire protection flans 

8311110600 Rtleaies public version of emergency plan, 

FELTOH.J.M. Division of Rules and Hecprdj. 83/11/01, Document 

Management Branch. lp. 16048 190. 34X Fi che: 50-274, 82/11/0 1, 

5311110606 Foruards public version of emergency plan 

RUSLINO,D. H. , M1LLARD.H.T. Interior, Dep t . of, Geological Survoy. 
82/10/17. Office of Nuclear Realtor Regulation, Director lp 

IA04B. 191 24X Fichs: 50-274, H3/1 1/01 . B31 H 10600. 

B2I1H060B Public version of emergency, plan, 

Interior, Dept. of, Geological Survey. 92/10/31 27np 
16043 192. 24X Fich:30-274,B3/ll/01,BS11110600. 

P. OfiBrating llcenie stage document* i corres pondenca 

631007001S Den. He Ltr 83-19 to research t, te.t r, actor Ucensee^ ft 
submittal of copies of dqcumenti to NBC. CUr i f its number of 
copix uf certain document! to be submi ttod to NRC. Bvc Hit 
enc I 

EIBENHJT.D G. Division of Liceniing. 03/10/09. Michijan, Univ 

of. 10pp. 15960:140. 24X Fiche: 30-0&0. B2/10/OS, 82(0070013. 


- ^"! ICaU I '^ CO !! 1 *r U f ti0n **"*" document! t, torresponiltfieB 

B2092100B7 Generic Ltr B3-lfe to all PUH !Uini re NUJ1EQ-0737 Tech 

Sptci.Rri.uiit* revi.u, pf Tech Bpec. to determine canilifc.ncu 

u/guidanci provided. For item u/deviations, araenfl to license 

r.< H/g itated sncla.Svc liit end 

eS^ * H DiV i"! B , f Llc ' nlin - "2/09/20. Consolidated 

tflUan Co. of Neu York, Inc. 15pp. 15930- 140 S4X 
FicNe: 50-000. 82/09/30,8209310037. 

331110003! Respond, to FOlfl reque.t for docu fltm U re environ 
qualification of electrical equipment. Fcrua rrfa A,. A 
documents d.noted u/ as teri si. App D dncuments available In 


6211040694 Forwards Amend S tn LicenaB DPR-76, safety evaluation 
not Jet of issuance t- availabil itg. Amend temporarily 
racJaislfJ*! certain vital areas as nonvltal. 

EISEMHUT.D.O. Division of Licencing. 83/10/24. CRANE, P A Pacific 
flat & Electric Co. 3pp. 15972:193. 21X Fiche; 30-273, 92/10/36, 

S211040700 Amend 2 to Licenie DPR-76, temporarily rac la>i 1 f gtno curtit 
vital areai as nonvital re physical security iiinei 
EISENHUT.D. 0. Division of Licenaing. 82/10/26. spp 15973 193 
aaX Fiche: 90-273, H2/ 1 0/26, B21 1O60694. 

--B2HQ60702 Safety evaluation supporting Amend 2 to Licenig Dnfl-7t. 

Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director. BZf\Q/3f> Sot 
13972:200. 24X Fiche: 50-873, 02/10/24, 821 1O6069-&, 

8211040703 Notice of issuance b availability of Amend 8 to Licni 

KWr<JHTQN,Q. Licensing Branch 3. 82/10/26. 2pp. 13972 203 iMI 
Fiche: 30-273, 82/10/26, 621 1060696, 

B2103901Q8 Generic Ltr 82-33 to all licensees & applicant, r * 
Inconsistent betueen requirements of 10CFH73. 40(g ) & STB 
for performing audits of safeguards contingency plant 
(security plan). Svc list end. 

EISENHUT,D.O. Division of Licensing. 83/10/30. Con.ol Ida t ft 

Edison Co. of New York, Inc. 8pp. 15993:319 24X 
Ffcfie: 50-000,82/10/30,8210290108. 

6211040379 Generic Ltr 83-25 to all pouer reactor Licensee! re 
integrated IAEA exercise for physical inventory at LWIU. Any 
coiroiltment to participate In e>ercise is voluntary tt any 
utll that participates will be re Imbursad. Svc list end 
EISENHUT, D. 0. Division of Licsnaing, 82/11/03. Conso 1 Ida ted 

Elf son Co, of Neu Vort, Inc. llpp. 16019: 004 24X 
Fiche: 30-000, 83/1 1/03, B21 1040379. 

8E11140093 Releases public version of Ban Luis Dbispo Countg nueHar 
poiuer plant emerjency response plan. 

Division of Rules and Records. 

Managtmsnt Branch, 
621 1 160093. 

B2/11/03. Datum 

lp. 16100: 1B4. 24): Fiche:S(}-27S,B2/ll/O5, 

B2I1160093 Forwards public version of San Luis Obitmo County nutl.Jr 
potoer plant emergency reaporiBe plan. 

CHANE.P.A, Pacific Gaa t Electric Co, 02/10/27. M I RAOL I A , F. J 
Licentino Branch 3. 2pp. 16100:153. 24X Fiche>SO-?73 S3/liyni 
8211140093. ' *i*titruj> 

B2I1I60099 Public yen ion of San Luis QbUpo County nucli.r powir 
plant emergency response plan. 

= rFU;e; 5 0-273r a 2/n/S5, i l2ril2o093 a/ 0/:31 ' ^^ ^^ IW " 

B211140I39 Releases public version of revised emergency pl*n 
Implementing procedures. 

FELTON.J.M Divilion of Rule, and Records. B2/I1/O3. Dc-cunilnt 
Branch. lp. 16109:233. H4X Fi ch: 30-375, B2/1 I/OS, 

i che- 50-37S, 63/10/14, 921 1 100031. 

--821U60144 Forwards public version of revised emeroencu nUn 
Inpltmentlng proceriure), ineludino ProeBdurea EP 0-2 r 
establishment of onslte emergency organliation & EP EF-7 r 
activation of nuclear data communication iyg 

S?r:I.V'naS! Bl "S n?* k *'' c - BB/10/B7: ENKLKOH. N. H. 

Region 5, Office of Director. 2pp. 

Fiche: 50-273,82/11/05,8311160139 

EI5ENHUT, D. 0. DiVinii 
Fiche: 50-000, 62/10/01, 

311010389 Reiponds to t 

prDedur*s, includinj Procedure. EP 0-2 re eitibli ttiffiBEit at 
om be imereencv organliatlon (, EP EF-7 re activation of 
nuclear data communication syi. 


881 1120447 Ack receipt of 821013 Itr informing NRC of step* taktn 

T v i DU n!? 1 , nDt ^ ln 1E In ' tl ""* swTSM-sa. P 

. T.H. Division of Resident, Reactor Project ft Engineer Ilia 
; 82/11 ^' CHANE.P.A. Pacific 0*. t Electric Col? 
3:302. B4X Fiche: 50-273, 82/11 /09, S21 1 1SQ447 ' 


flupondi to NRC 820913 Itr re violations noted in IE Insp 
flipt 50-273/82-28, Rafutei ittm of noncomp liance. 
rap] intr tit 1 on of hourly fin match mat Tech Spec 
r*qutr*aint t. 

CRjyjE, P. A. Pacific Qdt (.Electric CD. B2/10/13. ENOELKEN, R, H. 
Region 5i Office of Director. 3pp. 16043:303, 34X 
Fleh ; 50-279, B3/ i 1 /09, 031 1120447. 

S21130016B Responds to B2111I Itr A advises that NRC has added Hoesset 
to distribution list for item* pertinent to plant 
independent design verification program 

CHANDLER, L. J. Hearings DivUion. B2/11/2;.. DYNNERiA R. 
Kirkpatrlck, Lockhart. Hill, Chr i itapher !, Ph 1 1 1 ip 5. lp. 1623B. 177. 
24X Fichei SO-275, 93/1 1 /2fi. 331 130016B 

AJ jv Jle t or y carr tip on donee 

Order itendina time until B31133 for Commi*lon to act In 
T*vlu -NFlft 0-lreetor denial of Joint Intervenors 1QCFR2. S06 


tHILK-S.J Off lev at the Secretary of the Commission. 82/11/03, 
Cflrtsi loner 1. lp. 16006: 133. SIX Pinto: 50-273.82/11/03, 

ea 11 090300. 

H. General torreipondenci 

6211050046 Responds to 620916 Itr to Chairman Palladino e.pressi 
desire to have specially equipped fallout shelters provided 
for community residan t s. Ltr forwarded to FEHA For reply. W/o 
enc 1. 

DEYGUNQ. R. C. Director's Office. Office of Inspection and 
Enforcement. S2/10/O5. RICH/TO DSDN, H. Pismo Beach, CA. 5pp 
19963: 074. 24X Fichu: 50-275. B3VIO/O5. 021 1O50Q46. 

921119436? Brief in tupjiart of 820916 exceptions bo ASLB B20831 initial 
ittlitcn author!' ino Pull pou*r OL. Certificate of Svc end. 
IRQWN..H.H, CalJfornJ*. State of. BROWN, H. H. Kirkpatr ic It- Lockhart, 
Hill. Cftristophei- fc Phillips. B2/11/08. Atomic Safety and 

tleinilnG Appeal Panel. 23pp. 16036:176. 24X Flcfie: 50-875, 
. 9211150393. 

fj I 11 50391 Drlof in lupport of nceptioni to ASLD 020631 initial 
dccttlan in noprnid Pull pouier OL proceeding, Cert if icata of 
Svc incl, 

flEVMOlCBp J. R. Joint Intervenors-Diab 1 o Canijon, REVMOLDS, J. R. 
Ctnttr for Lau in tne Public Interest. 02/11/08, Atomic BaPetg 

tnt LLt<niirg Appaal Panel. 6Bpp. 16056:270. S4X 
Fieht; JO-273, B2/-11/03, Q21 1 1S0391. 

&21U5063? Riqueit to bdithdrau Emeptloni 3,3 & 4 to ASLD 620831 
iniiiJl daei* (on. ABLB clarifications on SOP & acquieicence 
bv *PpTOprlt ttate jurisdiction to 9DPi render exception* 
ifnnttiTu. Certificate of Svc encl. 

LKKEiR.F. Pacific Oat (. Electric Co. B2/11/OB, Atomic Safety 

*n4 Ucfnilrg Appeal Panel, 3pp. 16061:184. 24 X 
Fieh*: 30-275, aa/ll/OB.821115063 1 ?. 

eat115Ot + 4 Brief 1 in iiippart of exception to ABLB B20B31 initial 
d*clt(e<n jranting full poyer DL. Certi f Icate of Svc encl. 
LflCKe.R.F. Pacific Bat t* Elattric Co. BH/li/08. Atomic Safety 

ind Llc*nlna Appeal Panel. llpp. 16061:087. 31X 
Flcft*: 50-273i B3S 11/03. B21 11 50644. 

62 11] tOOt a Forw*rdi utll comminti on Commission 831020 meeting & NRC 
Brti*ntatfon re dilgn verification program Phase II 
rcnindatian*> in response to Secretary 831021 
rioUff cation. 

CltfHE,P.f> Pacific Oa i Electric Co. 63/11/10. CHILK, S. J. Office 
tf tM Scrtari| of t^ Comml.iion, Hpp. 16036:092. 24X 
Flcht: 90-379. 03/11/10,8211150012. 

S3 1 183*513 Forwards utll comments on SB 1020 Commission meetlna fc util 
frmntticn. In reipanie to Commisiion Secretary B21021 
not H ic* .., 

CflfcNC.P.A. Pacific Oaa i Electric Co. 83/11/10. CHILK. S. J. Office 
Of U* STt*T of th Comminion. lipp. 16184:392. 24X 
Ficher 50-273-32/1 1/10, 6211230333. 

$211163330 Brill 1 igppurtlns Exception 1 to ASLD B20B31 initial 

4*cl* Ion. Addl FEMA findings on adequacy of state ameroancy 

f*pn* plan unniccamiry before issuance of full pouier OU. 

Crllrlate of Bvc enel. . . 

HASSELL.D.F. Harina Branch 1. 02/11/12. Atomic Safety and 

t1*niln( Appa-al P*nal. 25pp, 16085:329. 24X Fiche: 50-273, 
. 8211 140330, 

MM 1703 44 Order eitnding time until 821214 for Commltalon to act to 
r*v[*w ALAB-A31. 

HOM.ErJ.C- Office of the Secretary of the Cornmilon. 
C*MtitoTiers. IB. lilOS: 164. 24X Fiche: 30-275,83/11/13, 

S21124O017 oUc of withdrauial of appsarance In proceeding. Certificate 

* C 'Hearing Branch I. B2/11/22. 3pp. 16806:111. 24X 
: 50-279. 82/11/23. BE! 1240017, 

Ordr eicttrding time until B21201 for Commission to act to 
rtvli-u Mftft Director 8207B2 denial of Joint Intervenors 

IOCFR3. 20* petition, n , , 

CHtLK.8. J. Office of the Secretary of the Commllslon. 

CoMllon*rs. lp. U207: 199. 24X Ficher 30-275, B2/11/K2, 

WUWOMO Riouttti that San Jo* Mercury News be placed on ivc !** 
HAHHie.T.H. Affiliation Unknown. 82/11/22. CHILK OFflei of tl>" 
EtT*Ur<j of th Ccmmlislon. lp. 16237:333. 24X 
: 90-275. 02/ilfSS, 821 1300260. 

B20B290131 Requests funds for fallout shelters (. demands ui thhnlriind 
OL until emergency pfOCHduret adequately protect city 
RICHARDSON, U. Piano Beach, Cfl- B3/09/16 PALLAD1WO, N. J. 
Commi. si oners. lOpp IS9i3:O99 24X Fi che; 50-275. 82/10/05, 

8211060671 Forwards rBeponsa to constituent H Richardson B30916 Itr 
transmitted on request for funds to build fallout 
shelters !. establish prc-cedures to protect Piamo Heach.Crt in 
event of nuclear accident. 

DIRCKS.W.J. Qfflte o* the Eiecutive Director for Operations. 
63/10/08. LAODHARSIND, R. House of Rep. lp. 15971:305 24X 
Fiche; 5O-275, BS/10/OB. B31 10i,O67 1 . 

fi211O-10iaB Responds to 020916 r*q.uefit for specially equipped Fallout 
shelters. FEHA is responsible aoenty to evaluate adequacy nf 
emergency preparedness plans. 

DEVOUNQ.R c Director's Office, Office of Inspection anil 
Enforcement B2/1O/05. RICHARDSON. W Pismo Beach, CA 4pp. 
19971:306. 34X Fiche: 50-375, 93/JO/OB, B2I 1O6O671. 

8209-150005 Forwards constituent W Richardson S309I6 Itr re fundina f 
emergency procedures to protect Pismo Beach. CA from possible 
nuclear ate ident. He aponse requested. 

LAQOMAHSINQ.R. House of Ref . B2/09/34. Pflt-LADIMD, ft J. 
Commissioners. lp. 15971:310. 24* Fief,* 50-275, B2/1 0/OB. 

S211160056 Responds to 821007 Itr transmitting constituent CF Mansfiol 
S20S12 Itr re multiple pip" 6rea t s, premature ueatcnino of 
Studs fe holts 6 plant seismic c a* ab i 11 ty. Probabi 1 i tg of pipe 
break failures will be reduced due- to corrective actions. 
D1RCKS,W J. Office of the e.ucutive Director for Operations. 
B2/I1/O3. CRANSTON, A Senate. 6pP- 16103.033. 24X 
Fiehe: 50-275, 82/11/03.8211160056. 

8211160062 Requests findings t, views on encl constituent CF Hansfie 
B20513 Itr re multipls pipe 6 reaks, premature uealening of 
studs fe bolts !c plant seismic capability. ..., 

CHANSTOtJ.A: Senate. B3/1O/07. Office of Congressional AFfa.r 

5pp. 16103:046. 24X Fi che- 3O-273, S2/ 1 1 /03, SSI 1 160056. 

M. Antitrust correspondence 

8211110436 Confirm. teUon advising that 621130 meeting is 

VOOLER D'H "earing Branch 2. B2/11/10. HCDIARMID. R. C. 
McDUrnio.' FALL1N.J.F. Pacific Oas & Electric Co lp. 
24X Fiche: 50-379. 62/11/10,631 11 10*36. 

8211190147 Foruards memorandum of lau supporting renewal request 
i, U nce of oi-der enforcing & modifying licensB cond.ttons. 
License should ie revoked due to failure to comply 

p table 
: 3.''i 


Clifornia Pouer Agancy, Ca 1 1 fornta, State of-. 

DENfOM.H R. Office at Nuclear Reactor Regulat.on, Director. Jpp. 

1^51:367 34X Ficho: 50-275, B2/ 1 1/15, 8211 1 9O147. 

-8211190313 MBmorandun, of lay re util duty to serve Northern CA Row 
Agency (NCPA) undBT Sta^islaui commi tment s. Util cannot avoid 
oolioation by offerinj uureaionfllile agreement (. then claim 
NCPA failure to .ccapt. frees util frnm duty to P-''"- 
* Morfch.rn California P.r Agency, ^ '""'/"at. of. . * 
Spiegel fc McDiarmid. 82/11/15. 33pp. 16151:369. 34X 
Fiche: 50-275,83/1 1/1 3, BBI 1190147. 

P. Operating license stage documents t. corre *P^^** 

9311110611 Appeals partial denial of F01A for uMi|t re 
Cnrin.t.lon dillttratlon* on Diablo Canyon Decis.on ALAQ-644. 

J.R PHILLIPS, J.R., FLEISCHAKER.D, Center for '... i tl 


terest 62/05/13. 
n "pp. 16670: ,99. 

Office of the Secretary of the 

24X Fi che: 30-275, BZ/05/12, B21 1 1 1061 



6311010059 Forwards it*m* re design verification program for facility, 
per Doard Notification 02- I 00. 

E[5ENHUT,0. Q. Division of Licernina. B2/09/29. PALLADINO, N. , 
OILWSKY, V. , HHCAHNE.R. Ctmlf i oners. 3pp. 13992: 192. 24 X 
Fiche. SO-275, 62/09/29. 321 1010059. 

B2H0305B4 Staff requirement i memo re 820930 af f irmation/d 1 scus lion I. 
vote on Intfian Point bearing order &, FDIA Appeal S2-A-4 on 
Diablo Cannon seismic decision. 

CHILKiS. J- Office of the Secretary of the Commissiorv B2/10/01. 
DIRCKS.W.J Office of the Eiecutlve Director For Operations. Ip. 
15743.052 24* Fie lie: 30-OCO, 62/1 ft/01 . E3t 1030594. 

B2I1110M7 Responds to appeal re partial denial op FDIA request Par 
document! concerning oinuii i ii an deliberation on Diablo 
Canyon Decision ALAB-64fl. Denl es release of Timainlng 
documents per FOtA Eiemptions 3 & 3. 

CHILK.S. J Office of the Secretary of Hie Commission. S3/IOY01, 
REFOLDS. J.R , PHILLIPS, J. If. Center for Law in the Public Interest 
2j>p 14070:204. 34X Ficne : 50-275, 62/10/01, 3211 110617, 

8311030354 Board Not! fi cation 82- 101 : d i sc uines Phase II OA audits for 
independent design verification program. 

EISEHHUT. D. G. Division of Licensing. 83/HO-/06. PALLADINO, N. J. , 
OIL1NSKV. v. , AHEARNE, J. Comnisi i oners. 3pp. 15941:005 24 X 
Fiche: 30-275. 82/10/06, S3] 103O354. 

5211030421 Requests preparation of assessment of basic cause of design 
errors per B2-Q701 meeting. 

EISENHUT, D. G. Oiviaion of Licensing. B3/1O/06. COOPER, W. E. 
T*ledyne Engineering Services. 3pp. 15940: MS. 24X 
Fl che: SO-273. 83/10/06, 031 1 030431 . 

Board Motif ication 02-104: forwards "Ventilation Program for 
.PGIE Corrective Aitlan. " Interim Tecnniral Rept-B re 
independent deiign verification program. 

EISENHUT, D. G. Division of Licensing. B2/1QH3. PALLAD1NO, M. , 
GILSHSKViV, AHEARUE.J.F. Corrmi sionors 2pp. 15774: B9I. 24X 
F iche-SO-375. S3/1O/I3, 821 10SOO31. 

&21 10B02B4 Foruardi program maniiger preface to interim technical rept 
inadvertently omitted from initial subnittal. 
DEHISOM.E. FlodBTt L. Cloufl fistaciates, Inc. B2/IO/06. 
DENTOH.H. R. Office of Nuclear Reactor- Re oulati on, Dlnctor. 
ENCELKEN, R. M Region 5. Office of Director. Ip. 15974:294 24X 
Fiche. 50-27 5, B2/ 10/13. B3110aoO31. 

8211060664 Requests arrangements be made for preparation of transcript 
for B21O19 meeting u/util i contractor to discuss 
indepenilfnt deilgn verification program Phase I & Phase I [ 

SCHEERLINC.H E. Licensing Branch 3. 32/10/14. 
Atf'nini i trative ^ Logistical Support Branch. Ip. 
Fiche- 50-275. &3/lO/14,B21 1060664. 


821l0606-6> Notification of time d location change for B21O19 meeting 
u/otll t. Tcl?dune Englneerlns Svcs in Bethesda.MD to dlscun 
status of design verification program, Pha se I & I!, 
SCHlEfiLING. K E. Licensing Branch 3 82/10/08. KERRIOAN.J 
Licensing Branch 3. rtpp. 15972:317. 24)t Flcfi e: 30-275. 82/ IO/14, 

82110B0117 Foruarrfa "Interim Technical Kept on Devslopment of Svc- 
Relateif Contractor tist for Nonieisnic Design Work 
PirformeiT Por Diablo Canyon Nuclear Pouar Plant ( Prior to 
June I97B, " Phase II. 

REEDV.R.F. R.F. Reedy- Inc. B3/IO/13. DENrON.H.H. Office oF 
1/ucleaT Reactor Regulation, Director. ENGELKEN, K. H. R.glnn 5, 
Office of Director. MANEAFIS, 0, A. Pacific Oat t. Elactric Co Spp 
- - -e rr ' 

6210370030 Oeniric Ltr 02-22 to all PUB licensees r Conjreti Una! 
request for info concerning steam generator tube intlorltu. 
Forunrdi Conoreslman EJ Marfceu 821019 (ueitloni re steam 
gnrator tube inttgr icy. Svc list encl. 

EISENHUT.D. 0. Division of Licensing. 82/10/26. Conioltdatri 

Edison Co. of New York, Inc. 10pp. 14099:332 24K 
Fiche: 30-000, 62/10/26,0210370030. 

6311060696 Fnriuardi Amend 2 to License DPR- 7i, safety evaluation b 
notice of lnuance & ava i labi 1 i tg. Amend temporarily 
reclasiifies certain vital area* as nonvital. 

E1SENHUT, D. 0. Division of Licensing. B2/10/26. CRAHE, P A Picl'it 
Cas 6 Electric Co. Spp. 15972: 193. 34X Fichu: 30-275,92/10/26, 

6211060700 Amend 2 to License DPR-76, temporavlly rc Imlf V ins ctrtaii 
vital areas ai nonvital re phgslcal security ittuei. 
EISENHUT.D. 0. Division of Liceniing. 03/10/B6. 2pp. 15972 1 9fl 
24X Flth: 50-275, B2/ 10/26, QSl 106O69A. 

B2H060703 Safttg evaluation supporting Amend 2 to Llcinte DPR-76. 

* Office of Nuclear fieactor Regulation, Director. B2/10/S4 ?* 
1572:EOO. 24X Fiche; 50-275, 02/1O/26, 62 1 1060696. 

B211060703 Notice of Issuance 

KNIOHTON.e. LicBnslng Branch 3. 
FUhe: 50-275, B2/ 10/26, SSI 1060696. 

availability of Amend 2 to Ullinir 
82/10/26, 2pp. 15972' 20S ^^J 

8211120137 Board Notification 82-109: forwards info re status of 
activities performed under design verification program bij 
participating organ! rations. 

EISENHUT.D. Q. Division of Licensing. B2/10/26, PALLADINO, N , 
OILINSKV.V. , AHEARNE. J. Convnis si oners, 6pp, 1*068:153 24 X 
Fie he: 90-275, 82/10/26, 02 1 1120137. 

B311040054 Doard Notification 82-110: forwards transcript of 02 L 019 
meeting w/utll & Teledgne re design verification program, 
Transcript relevant to Commission Order CLI-Bl-30i but doei 
not pertain to ALAfl-644. Certif i cate of five incl. 
EIGENHUT, D. 0. Division of Licensing. 02/11/01. PALtADIWO, H. , 
OILINSKV, V. , AHEARNE, J. Comml is loners. 6pp. 13763:020 SIX 
Fche:SO-273. B2/1 1/01, B21 1040054. 

BS11040099 Transcript of 821019 public meeting ro design Mir If It *l ion 
program In Qethesda.MD. Pp 1-62. Supporting documentation 

Commiisi oners. 82/10/19. 66pp, 15962: 034. 24X 
Fiche: 30-273,02/11/01, B21 1040034. 

6211090231 Forwards portions of Phase I final design verification 
program rept, including sections on auiillary bltfg, large 
bore plpino d supports. HVAC design review, Phase I myt plan 
* program i-epts. 

CfJANE.P.A. Pacific Gas t Electric Co. 82/11/01, EISEWNill, D. 
Division of Licensing. 175pp. 16008:030, B4X Fl the: 50-279, 
B3/1 1 /Ol.BStl 090381. 

B3itll039B Board Notification 82-1 12: forwards Info T* deilgn 
verification program, H/o encl. H/Certi f Icatu of Svc, 
ETBENHUT, D. 0. Division of Licensing. B3/11/01. PALLflDIHO, H. , 
QELINSKV, V, , AHEARNE, J. Commissioners. 6pp. 16045:020, E4X 
Fl ehe: 50-273, B2/1 1/01 , 821 1 1 10398. 

satlOBOloa Forwards "Diablo Canyon Nuclear Potiar Plant Indiptndinl 
Oeiign Verification Program Interim Technical Rept: 
POS.E - Uestingnouse Seismic Interface Review." 

caOPEH.H.E. Teledyne Engineering Bervices, B2/I1/03. OENrON.H. B 
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. Director, ENQELKEN.n.H 
Region 5, Office of Director. MANEATIS, 0, A. Pacific 041 t Electric 
Co. Ip. 15970:208. 24X Fiche: 50-373,92/1 l/03i 821 10B0103. 

8211080109 "Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant Independent Driigf* 
Verification Program Interim Technical Ftpt:PO*E - 
Westlnghouse 6elimlc Interface Revleu. " 

Ttlenyne Engineering Services. TR-3511-2 ROO, 02/11/03 ?* 
15978: 309. 34X Fiche: 50-275, 82/1 1 /09, 821 1' 080103, 

K211I70450 Forward* results of revleiu of Interim Technical R*?tt llfi-l 
through ITR-5 submitted under Phase I of independent design 
verification program. Concept & process of Issuing rept f*r 
completed technical review aspect appropriate & acceptable. 
NOVAK, T. M. Assistant Director for Llcensino. 62/11/03. COOPSfl.HE 

Teledyne Engineering Services. 35pp. 1614B:118. 24X 
Fich*:50~a7S, 92/11/03,8211170450. 

8511100023 Foruards "Diablo Canuon Unit 1 Independent Dtslsn 
Verification Program-Pipinj, " Revision O.Intorim Technical 
Rept U. 

DENISOM.E, Robert L. Cloud Associate!, Inc. S2/J1/Q5. DENT OH, H. H 
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director. EHOELKEH, R. H 
Region 5, Office of Director. MANEATI8, 0. A. Pacific 0*1 fc E1IH 
Co. Ip. 16037:038. 24X Fiche: 50-275, 83/1 1/05. BS1 1 !0003. 



S2IILQ0039 "Diablo Canyon Unit 1 Independent Design Verification 
Frog-riOT-Pip ingi " Revision 0, Interim Technical Rept IS. 
DENlsaW^E, flobert L, Cloud Associates, Inc. 82/11/03 321pp. 
16027:039, 2 + X Fichu: 30-S75, B2/1 1 /OS, B21 1100023. 

S2B1I1Q332 Forward* "Diablo Canyon Unit 1 Independent: Dosign 
v>Tl*leat Ion Prooraro: Soi 1 1 - Intake Structure! " Revision 0, 
Inlirtffi Technical Rept 13. 

DEHI6DN.E. Robert L, Cloud Associates, Inc. B2/11/OS,, 
Qfflc* at Nucltai- Reactor Regulation. Director. ENUELKENi fi. H. 
Rtglcri 5, Office of Director. MANEATI5, Q. A. Pacific Qas S, Electric 
Cn. lp. 16040:001. 24X Fie he: 5O-27 9,83/1 1/05, B21 11 10332. 

-- S31IUO33B "Diablo Canyon Unit 1 Independent Design Verification 
Piojrum: Sol U - Intake Structure," Revision 0, Interim 
Tic An i til fiipt 13. 

ICHISQH. E. Robert L, Cloud Associates Inc. 82/11/05. 40pp. 
16040:002. 34X Fiche: 50-279, 82/1 1/O9, B21 111033S. 

Forwards "Independent Design Verification Program: Interface 
Bctvrtn Independent Design Verification Par tic i panta, Diablo 
Canyon. Project (k Designated Other Parties," Revision I, 
COJPEft*H E Teledune Engineering Services. 02/11/06. DENTON.H.H. 
C-ffKi of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director. ENQELKEN. R. H. 
Region 5. Office of Director, MAKEAT IS, 8. A. Pacific Oas t. Electric 
Co. Sff' 16062: ISO, 24 X Fiehe: 30-375,82/11/06, 0211150579, 

fr21Ll5-Q-S95 " Independent Design Verification Program: Interface Between 

Independent Design Verification Program Parti c ipants, Diab lo 
Cingion Project 6 Designated Other Parties," Revision 1. 
COQPER.M. E relaifyne Engineering Services. 82/11/Oi, 13pp. 
16&62: 123 24X Pic he: 30-275, 02/11/06,821 1150579, 

9211150592 Forward. Open Itemliepts 1105 & 1 106, Revi * ion 0, is sued 
during prior reporting period. 

DEM] SON. E Robert L. Cloud Aisociates, Inc. B2/11/O3, 
KHTOM-i H. R. Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director. 
EHCELHEN, H, H, [legion 3, Office of Director. MANEATIB, 0. A, 
Pacific Oat 6 Electric Co, 8pp. 16063:139. 34X 
Fleh: 30-273, Ba/ 11/06, 8211150579. 

821115-0517 AdviiiM that DC atratouly replaces LC Noriega as assistant 

iTOjtct manager effective 021 101. Rev! sion affects Section 

*. 3 -of Phase II program mgt p Ian. Reoumo encl, 

COOPER, U E, Tali-dyne Engineering Sarvicos. BH/II/01. DENTDN.H.K. 

Om<* of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director, ENOELKEN, fi.H. 
fit) i an 9, Office of Director, MANEATIS, 0. A, Pacific Gas b 
Electric Co. Bpp. 16062:143, 34X Fiche : 90-375, 83/1 1 /06, 

6211120107 Forwards summary of mods resulting from verification program 
4i et 821026. Updated status cJill be provided dij 821210. 
CftElTSiJ.L. Division of Resident, Reactor Project b Engineering 
Frc}rami. 32/11/07, KERRIGAN, J. D. Licensing Brandt 3. 5pp, 
[&0:04I, SAX Fichu: 50-273, 83/11/09. 021 1 1 20409. 

82I.IIBQ-J93 Summary of Commission 831110 meeting re PGJ.E comments on 
rflC B31030 briefing to Commissioners & 0ECY-82-4 14 on 
dlllfn ve-r fcf icatl an program Phase II recommendations. 
> NBC - No Detailed Affiliation Given. 8E/11/1O, NRC - No 

Detailed Affiliation Given. 14pp. li!S3;33a. 24X 
FltMi 50-373. 62/11/10, 021 1 180153. 

8211160047 Generic Ltr B2-26 to p oiuer reactor licensees feicept Furl Ut 
Vraln) re NURES-0744, Re vi si on 1, "Pressure Vassel Matl 
Fracture Toughness. " Foruards NUREG-O744, He v I s inn I.Ufa 
one 1. Eve list one 1 . 

EISENHJT- D. O. Division of Licensing. B2/11/12. Consolidated 

Ed(on Co. af New Yori, Inc. 53pp. 16232:212. 24X 
Fi cfie: 50-000. 02/11/13. B21 1160047 

8211170315 Provides operational changes to "Interface IK-tweeTi 
Independent Design Verification Par t i c ipant 9 . Diob lo Canyon 
Project A Denignatad Other Parties." Revision l.dtd 03MO6 
COOPER. H. E. Teledyne Engineering Services. 82/11/13 DENTGN.H.H. 
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. Diroctor. ENGELHEN, R H. 
Ruoion 5, Office of Director MANEATIS.G. ft Pacific Gas ! Elcctri 


16106.024. 24* Fiche: 50-275. H2/ 1 1/13, 031 1 17031S. 

8211240231 Summary of B21025 meeting u/util E, DNL on site re detail 
of s true tures . p tp ing ! cable trays. Cone erns raised re 
methods used in modeling amiliary bldig. 

BUCWLEV, B. C. Licansing Branch 3 H2/11/17. Licensing Branch 

7pp, IA23O: 345. SIX Fiche: 5O-275. P2/ 1 1/17 . 821 1240231 . 

82 II 2 9032 i Advises that nc response tan be provided to Generic l-ti 
SS-22 re steam generator tube integrity due tn lack af 
accumulation of operating eiperience <i t facilities 
CRANE.P.ft. Pacific Gas * Electric Co. 82/11/34. KNIGHTON, 0. W. 
Licensing Branch 3 lp. 16231.103. 24X F i che. 50-275, B2/1 1/34, 

0. Inspection reports. IE Bulletins '* corrosp ondonce 

B2QB190220 IE Info Notice 03-37, "Cracking in Upper Shell to 
Transition Con* Girth Meld of Steam Generator at Operating 
PUR. " Svc list end. 

JOHDftN, E. Division of Engineering (. -Quality Assurance 02/09/16 
Cortsolidatfld Edisnn Co. of NBU Vork, Inc [Q5pp. 15930:001 iMX 

FIche: 50-000, O2/09/16, B20B19022O. 

-3fl, Revision 1, "Welds in Main Control 

830B1 90222 IE Info Notic 
Panels. " Bvc list end. 
JO^DAM. E. L, Ri via ion of Enginec 
Cnnso 1 id.i tpif Edison Co. of Neu 
Fiehe: 50-OOO, 02/09/17,8200190222 

Qu.l 1 i ti| ASSL 
In-c . lO7pp 

3209190329 IE Info Notice 62-39, "Svc Degradation of Th i c k Wall 
Stainlosn Bteel Rectrculation Ei<ja Pip ing at DUH Plant. " 
Svc Hit cnc I . 

JORDAN. E- L. Division o-f Etioineering '. Gualitij AssiirdntE. ea/()?/31 
Consoliifated Edison Co. of Hew York, Inc Btpp 14017 O9H 21X 

Fiche: 50-OOO, 32/09/21,9209190229. 

Q2OB1902H3 IE Info Notice 83-3t3, "Change in Format d Distribution 'Jiji, 
for IE Dul lot ina, Circulars k Info Notires." Svc list encl 
DEVOUWO.R.C. Director's Office, Office of Inspection and 
Enforcement, 02/09/22. Consolidated Erfison Co of Neu Vork, Inc. 

110pp. I6O1B: O21. 2-4 X Fiche: 5O-000, B2Wf/S3. D20E11 ^033^ . 

020B19023S IE Info Motice 62-40. "Deficiencies in Primnry Cnnta inmeni. 
Electrical Penetration Asso-mb I i t>* " Bvc list oncl. 

JORDAN, E. L. Division of Engineering It Quality Assurance 03/09/r?.T 
Consolidated Edison Co. of Neui York- Inc. 112pp. 15930 01V. M 
Flehe: 5Q-QQO, 8S/09/22, B20ai'J0232. 

Board Notification 82-1O7: f oruiardB Info re recent semiscalo 
tilt Tiiul ts. J?eiul fc-s of feed % bleed node of cooling showed 
tbit no nu phenomena Bih ibltod. Feed & bleed can uo 
adlq.uatel.ij prtiTicted bij computer codei. 

EIEEKHUT.D.O, Divi.Jon of Licensing. 82/11/1O, PALLADINO, N. J. , 
flILKJSKV, V. , AHEARNE, J, F. Commi as ion ers. lp. 16174: 344. 24X 
Flth*T 30-000, 83/11/10,8211190345. 

B21119035Q Rinont 1 * that concluGiona of SBmincale feed fc blead tests 
$ FOTuardtd to fiBLB & rtSLrtG. No neu phenomena ethlblted, 
HATTBCK.R.J. Division of avstems Integration (post SHOOS). 
32/14/I9. EISENHUT, D. 0. Division of Licensing. 3pp. li!74:3-15. 
a4)C Fiehf. 30-000^2/11/10,8211190349. 

Hoard Notification B2-1O7: provides info relevant to safety 
iliuM re lemiicalt test results by describing recant tests 
In italscal* Facility. 

HQVAK.T.H. AsiUtant Director for Licensing. 03/11/10. Atonic 

B*l*tij and Licensing Hoard Panel. lp. Iil69;315. 24X 
Ft (hi: 90-000. 83/1 1/ 10, 881 1 190364. 

820S1 1 J023'? IE Info Motice 8B-4I, "Failure of aafetg/ne 1 ie f Valves tu 
Open at CHf!. " Svc lint encl. 

JORDANi E. L. Division of Engineering % duality Assurance. fl2/10/;;y. 
Consolidated Edison Co. of New York. Inc. lldpp IS9&O. 153 IdX 
Fiche: SO-OOO, 82/1O/22, 020319023? 

8211230207 Foruords IE Insp Rept 50-S75/Q2-33 on 821017-22. No 
noncomp 1 lane e noted- 

EOOH.H. E. Diviiion of Radiological Safety K,Safegoarda Program. 
32/1I/O4. CRANE, P. rt. Pacific Oaa i< Electric Co. 2pp. 16193. 'JS\J. 
24 X Fie ha: 30-373, 92/1 1/04, 021 1230307. 

8211230816 IE Insp R^pfc 50-275/02-33 on B21018-22.Nn nancomp 1 iancc 
noted. Major Jirsas inspected: general ernploijee training, 
propoed moils to liquid S jolid radiuaafcu aya,calibr of 
air samplers f< Re-g Guide 4 IS conditlonn, 

GARCIA. E,M, , HENBLAWEKI.F.A. , BOOK. H. E. Division of Rad 10! ojica 1 
Safety & SafeguardB Program. 82/11/O4, 6pp. IM^S: 337. 34X 
Fiche: 50-273, 82^1 1/04, 821 1?30a07. 

&!1 1040593 Rnutsti issuance of board notification re evaluation af 
rtcnt tniicale f>ed d bleed test results. Test B-BR-2 does 
nal tiMbit anv n*u phenomena & can be adequately predicted 
by compufce-r codas. 

WIITBCHjfl.J. Division of Qij.tenit Integration, (post 811005). 
B2/10/19, EISEWHUT, D. 0. Division of Licensing. 3pp. 16169;31i. 
3M Flc/ie: 30-275, 82/11/10, 8211 1903A4, 

8211330390 Foriuards IE Insp R*pta 5O-275/B2-32 fc 50-323/02-15 on 
S?100'1-06. Mo nonccn^liance noted. 

BISHOP. T. W. Division of Resident, Reactor Project tt Engineer inn 
Programs. Ba/ll/OS. CRANE, P. A. Pacific Oas b Electric Co. '.'.ff. 
16192: 217. 24 X Fiche: 50-379, 02/11 /OS, S2I 1230398. 



IE Imp Reptf 50-375/82-32 i SO-323/B2-15 on 321004-06. Ho 
noncCDpliance noted Major areas impeded: Up I emenla t i on of 
independent viri f i t a t Ion program, including independence & 
oual if icationi of personnel. QA programs fc procedure*. 
MORRILL.P J , BISHOP. T. H. Division of Resident, Reactor Project ! 
Engineering Programi. 82/11/04- 6pp. 14,192:319. 24X 
Fith e : 50-275, B2/ 1 1/05. H21 133039B. 

8211120447 Ac* receipt of 631013 Itr informing NBC of step* taken to 
correct violations noted in IE Insp Hept 50-275/B3-2S. 
BISHOP. T U Division of Rendenl, Reactor Project !. Engineering 
Program 82/11/09. CRANE.P.A. Pacific Gas , Electric Co. lp. 
16043 303 SAX Fi cde. 50-375, 83/1 1/09, 621 1 1 2O447. 

821 1 170330 Forwards Semimonthly Progress Rept 21 re Independent ditgn 
verification projjrim open item for 921009-1112. 

REEDY.R.F. R.F. Reedy, Inc. B2/11/12. DENTON.H.R. OffiCf of 
Nuclear Reactor Regulation. Director. ENQELKENi R, H. Region 5, 
Office of Director. MAMEATIB, 0. A. Pacific Gas & Electric Co. tup. 
16103:253. 24X Fiche: SO-S75, 82/1 1/12, S21 11 70330. 

921H7033B Forwards "Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant Independent 
Deiign Verification Program Semimonth 1 y Rept. " 

COCPER.U.E, Teledyne Engineering Services. 82/11/12, DENTON.H. H. 
Office- of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. Director. ENGELKEN. ft. H. 
Region 3, Office of Director. MANEAT IS, G. A, Pacific Gas. 6. ElittrU 
Co ip 16106:096. 24X Fiche: 5O-275, 02/1 1/13. B21117033B. 

6211120454 Respond! to NRC 830913 Ur re violations noted in IE Inip 
Hejit 5Q-275/B2-2B Refute! item of noncomp 1 ianc e . 
Implementation of hourly fire uatch met Tech Spec 

CRANE^pV "pacific Gas (. Electric Co. B2/10/I3. ENGEUKEN. H. H. 
Reg i an 5. Office of Director. 3pp. Ii043:303. 24X 
Fichi 5O-279, 52/11/09.8211120447. 

8208190249 IE Info Notice 82-43, "De f i c ient i e s in LWR Air Filtration/ 
Ventilation Syt " Svc list end. 

JORDAN, E. L. Division of Engineering b Quality Assurance. 82/11/1A. 
Conjolidated Edison Co. of New York, Inc. Itlpp Jil71:S33. 24X 
Ficht: 30-000.82/11/16,8208190246. 

82081902&3 IE Info Notice 92-45. "PUR Lou Temp Overpressure 
Protection " Svc list encl. 

JDSDAN.E L. Division of Engineering & Quality Assurance. 82/11/1 1 ?. 
Contolidatu) Ellison Co. ofNeuiVorl. Inc. 93pp 14232:298. 21X 
Fiche- 50-OOO, 82/1 1 /1 9. B20H1 90253. 

Q2J1I70339 "Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant Independent Design 
Verification Program Semimonthly Rapt." 

Teledyne Enoinenring Services. 92/11/12. 77pp. Iil0fi:097, 
2-JX Fie he: 50-275, B2/1 1 f 12, 821 1 17033B. 

9211170363 Foruards open item rept forms Is-auod bo date ra ton it <M 

5ESTAK.F. Stone 4 Webster Engineering Covp. B2/I1/13, DENTQN.II H 
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Diroctor. GNGELKEM. H. H. 
Region 5, Office of Director. MANEAT IS, 0. A, Pacific Oa 4 Elflrtrlt 
Co. 28pp. 16109:823. 24X Fiche: HO-273, O2/1 1 /IS, 021 1 1 7O363 

6211170365 Foruards Open Item Rept Forms PQ21-OO61, Issued lnc lilt 
semimonthly rept, 

KHECHTINO, J. E. Stone t. Webster Engineering Corp. B2/IL/12. 
DENTnw.H.R. Office of Nuclear Reactor Rogu la frion, Director. 
EMOELKEN.R, H. Region 3, Office of Director. MANGATIS, 0. A. PElflt 
Gas b Electric Co. 63pp. 16106:033. 24X Fi ch,E : 90-H73, 33/1 1 /I2. 

B Periodic operating reports & related correspondence 

B211O20212 FcTuardi monthlij operating rept for Aug 1962. C Pacific Oas i- Electric Co. B2/09/01. 
Reiourcc Manajement. Director ip. 15881:163- 24X 
Fiche: 30-275,82/07/01.8211020212. 

6211030215 Monthly operating rept for Aug 1 9B2. 

SCDTT.M. B. Pacific Gat (.Electric Co. 83/09/01. 
24X Fiche: 50-275.93/09/01,8211020212. 


B21 1300306 Forwards "Semimonthly Rept 23,DUblo Congou Verification 
Program, 82! 01 9-1 108. " 

CRANE. P. A. Pacific Qai & Electric Co. BE/ 11 /1 3. DENTQN.H.R. 
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation! Director. 6NOELKEM, fl. X, 
Region 5, Office of Director. lp. 16.242:066. 24X 
Fiche- 50-275, 82/11/12.8211300306. 

B21 130031 4 "Semimonthly Rept 23, Diablo Canijon Vor i f ic-at i on Progr*a 
821019-1108. " 

- Pacific Oas t- Electric Co. 82/11/12. 62pp. li24S;Oi.7. PW 
Fiche: 50-275, 82/11/12, B2113003O6. 

8311110333 Foruards monthly operatina rept for Sept 1982. 
THOHNHERHY. R. C. Pacific Oas 1 Electric Co. 82/10/04. 
Resource Management. Director. lp. 16039.299. 24X 
Fiche 50-27S, 83/10/04,6211110333. 

-8211II034B Monthly operating rtpt for Sept 1962. 

KELLYM-I. J. Pacific Gas !. Electric Co. 83/10/01. 4pp. 16039:297. 
24X FJCOB: 50-275,83/10/04:6211110333 

211010092 B<, ard Notification B2-1O2: faruarts into re design 
verification program >i program plan for OA audit. 
EISENHUT, D G. Division of Licen-sing. B3/IO/06. PALtAuINQ, N. . 
G1LIHSV,V. , AHEARNE, J- Commissioners. 3pp. 13893:001 24X 
Fie he: 50-275, 82/10/06,8211010092. 

Rep or table occurrences, LERs ( related correspondence 

6211230177 Forwards LER B2-010/01 T-O, 

SHIFFER.J.D. Pacific Qaa !. Electric Co. 82/11/16. eMQEt.KEH.ft II 
Region 3, Office of Director, lp. 1M<?3:216. 21X 
Ficfie: 50-275. S2/1 1/16, 8211 2301 77. 

3211230195 LEU 92-010/01T-0: on 82 1 102, ) iqui rf foiluiast* n; tant 
discharge Initiated ui/o liquid raduastB ePfluiort monitor 
RE- la operable Caused b<j Snot rumen t lielno tagpod Improonrlij , 
Procedure revised. 

KELLV, W. J, Pacific Oas t Electric Co. 02/11/16. (legion !i, 

Office of Director. 2pp, lil93:S17, S4X Ftc h e: SO-378, 08/ H/ 16. 

S2II010106 Poruiards "Diablo Cannon Muclar Pouier Plant Independent 
Deiign Verification Program. Semimonth ly ftept" for Sept 
COOPER. W. E Teledyne Engineering Services. 62/09/24. DENTQN, H. R. 

Office oP Nuclear Reac tor ReouUti on- Director. ENO EL KEN, ft. H, 
Region 5. Office of Director. MAMEATIS.C. Pacific Oas t Electric 
Co- lp. 1S993 004. 24X Fich: 50-275.32/10/06.8311010092. 

S311010114 "Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant Independent Design 
Vartfieation Program. Semimonth ly Rep t, IDVP-SM-Sept 1"?82". 
* Tledi(ne Engineering Service!.. 82/09/24. 79pp. 13893:005. 
24X Fiche. 50-275.82/10/06,821 1010092. 

6211130579 Foruards "Independent Design Verification Program; In tarface 
Betuenn Independent Design Verification Partic 1 pants. DI ablo 
Canyon Project t Deiignated Other Parties." Revision 1. 
COOPER. M. E. Teledyne Engineering Services. 82/11/06. DENTOM. H. R 
Office Of Muclear Reactor Regulation, Director. ENOELKEM, R. H. 
He(ion 5, Office of Director. I1AWEATIS, 0. A. Pacific Oa & Electric 
Co. 2pp. 16062:120 24X Fiche : 50-275, &2/ 1 1/OA, B31 11 50379. 

831 1150592 Fortuard! Open Item R*ptv 1105 !. 1 IO6, Revi* ion 0, issued 
during prior reporting period. 

DEN1SDN.E. Robert L. Cloud Associates. Inc. 92/11/05 
DENTON. H. H. Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. Director. 
ENOELKEM.R M. Region 5, Office of Director. MrtNEATIS.O.A 
Pacific Oai (.Electric Co. Bpp. 14062:135, 24X 
Fiche: 50-375. B2/ 1 1 /06. 821 1 1 50579. 

B211230221 PNO-V-002ron 821 1 1 5, P i nkertor, contract guard arrotd at 
residence for growing mar i juana. Efnp loyment terminated , 
I nveitlgation re onslte use of drugs c undue to d. 

HORTENSEW, U. P, , 8CHWAN.C.A. Region 9, Office of Director. BU/ll/U 
lp. 16193:204, 24)f Fictie: 50-275, 02/1 1/ 16, B3i 1 33022 1 . 

T. Hearing transcripts on non-antitrust matters 

B2110I0410 Unofficial transcript of 8S1007 pub 1 i c af f i pmafcion. 
tfinussion & vote re SEGY-B2-377 ft 377A,hearing reD,ueit for 
extension of const completion dates, BECY-B2-3aa. p hys 1 cal 
tacurlty ti denial of FOIA in Washing ton, DC. Pp 1-^. 
* Commissioners. 82/10/O7. 6pp. 19870:298-. 34X 
Ffcne: 30-000, 62/10/07,0211010410. 

BSHO40054 Board Notification B2-1 1O: f oruior<ts transcript of 
meeting u/uti 1 it Teledyna re design verification prouram. 
Transcript relevant to Commission Order CLI-B1 -3-0. but tfOBl 
not pertain to ALAD-6fl4. Certificate of Svc encl. 
EIBENHUT, D, 0, Division of Licensing. B3/11/O1. PALLADINO. H. . 
OILINSKY, V. , AHEARNE, J. Commissioners. An p. ia96S:02a. S4X 
Fiche: 90-275, 82/11/01,8213040054. 

9211040059 Transcript of 6H1019 public meeting re dei}n vH 
program in Hethesda.rlD. Pp 1-63. Supporting documonUtlon 
enc 1. 

Commissioners. 02/10/19. 66pp. 15962:034. 24JC 
Fiche; 50-275,82/11/01,8211040094. 



S2SU 70503 Unofficial transcript of B21110 public meeting in 
UiihlngtoriiDC r recommendations for Phase II reveri fl cation 

ppnardin, Pp 1-B6. 

* Commissioners. 82/11/10, BBpf. 16145:083. 24X 

rich*: 50-275. 82/ I 1/10,8211170303. 

Operator Eiamina tiona 

6210130919 Centric Ltr 93-19 to all pouer reactor applicant! ft 
llcnses re reactor operator & senior reactor operator 
rmiFj] i ficat 1 on ciams. Advises that eiams begin at facility 
ji=t*r B2IOOI.Svc list end. 

EISENHUT, D. 0. Division of Licensing B2/10/12. Consolidated 

4 inn Co. of Hnui York, Inc. 15pp. 16003:234. 24X 
FtcJie; 50-000, B2/1Q/12, B21013O01 9. 


F Sicuriti/' medical, emergency I, fire protection plans 

821029010B Generic Ltr 62-33 to all licensees & applicant* re 
Inconsistency betuien requirements of 1 OCFR 73 40Ig) S. STB 
for performing audits oF safeguards c on 1 1 ng ency plans 
(security plan). Svc I i 1 1 encl. 

EIEENKUT, D. 0. Division of Licensing. 63/10/30. Con sn 1 Ida t( 

Edison Co. of tfcui Vot-l, Inc. 6pp. 1 3*}<f3- 3 1 "7, 24X 
Fie he: 5O-000, B2/1O/30, 821O29010B. 

B21IOaO213 Informs of error in B202IB application for amend tn Li 
DPfl-44 d BPR-SA re fire protection mads. Request for deletion 
of imofce detectors 322A & 5190 from OL will fat? included in 
later application for OL amend. 

DALTHOFF, S. L. Philadelphia Electric Co. 02/11/01. STOLZ, J. F. 
Operating Reactors Branch 4. 2pp. 1 597H- 344., 24K 
Fiche: 50-277, 02/11/01-821 1080213. 

6211090474 Releases public ver 
Implementing procedures. 
FELTD.N. J. M. Division of Ru 1 
Manag-ement Branch, Ep 

if revised emergency plan 

nd Uncords. B2/11/02. Dot um 

16021:002. SIX Fi c he: 50-377, S2/ 11/03, 

211130002 Releases public version of licensee request for exemption 
trait emergency plan requirements. 

FELTDN.J.H. Division of Rules and Record's. 82/11/02. Document 

Kanioenint Branch. lp. I60i7: 126. 24X Fi che: 50-276, 82/1 1 /02, 

--B31112Q01 1 Submits public version of request f or exemption from 
eisHrBeney plan, requirements. Reactor de anergiied & in 
shutdown since June 1979. Plan mould delay preparation of 
Secorarai n 1 onino plant. 

DAVIDSON, J, N. Georgia Institute of Technology. 82/10/05, 
THOMAS. C. Standardisation t, Special Projects Branch. lp. 
: 137, 24 X Fiche: 50-276, B2/I1/02,B21 1120002. 

921IS2O40O Releases public version of proposed emergency plan. 

FELTON, J. H. Division of Rules and Records. B2/11/17. Document 

Management Branch. ip. 16201:079. 24X Fi che: 50-27A, S2/1 1/1 7. 
aZM 320400 

8311320404 faruards public version of proposed emergencg plan. 
DAVIDSON, J. M. Georgia Institute of Technology. B2/1I/03. 
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. Director. lp. 16201:100, 
24)1 Fich: 50-276, 82/11/17,8211220400. 

B2LI220407 Public version of proposed emergency plan. 
Georgia Institute of Technology, B2/1 1/03. 4pp. 
34X FJcfte: 50-276, B2/ll/17 1 e21 1220400. 

16SOI: 101, 

B311O90481 Forunardi public version of revised emergency plan 
Implementing procedures, including Procedure El 1 -201 re 
technical support ctr activation * EP-202 re operatioiiB 
support ctrs actlvablon. 

DALTRGFF,S. L. Philadelphia Electric. Co. B2/JQ/Q7. DHNTON. M. I*. 
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. Director 2pp. 16021:00;*, 
24X Fiche: 5O-277, B2/I 1 /02, B21 IOTO'574. 

B21l0904Bii Public version of revised emergency plan i rnp I ement i nn 
procedures, including Procedure EP-2OE re technical support 
ctr ac t ivat I on, EP-2O2 re operations support ctrs. activation 
tt EP-2O"? Ap p D-S re radiation survey team. Indei encl. 
* Philadelphia Electric Cn. 02/0^/07. B7pp. 16021 : OOS. IV\X 
Fiche: 50-277, 32/11 /O2, B21 1090474. 

B311040379 Ooneric Ltr B2-ES to all pouier reactor licensees re 
Integrated IAEA eiercise for physical inventory at LWFi s Any 
commitment to participate in exercise is voluntary b a rig 
ut I 1 that participator ill i I 1 be reimbu r aed. Svt list encl 
EISENHUT. P. 0. Diviainfi of Licensing. S2/11/Q3. Consolidated 

Edison Co. of Neui York. Inc. llpp. 14.019; OO4. 24X 
Fiche: 50-OOO, 93/11/03. B21 1040379, 

S21117OO04 Releases public version of revitaif emergency p Ian. in c 1 ud i nil 
revisions to draft county (. state omci-gencu pl<inu. 

FELTONrJ. K. Division of FluleB and Records. 02/11/12 Doc itmunt 

Management Branch. lp. 1&13O: 1&9. 24X Fi c Ji o. SO-377, Q2/ i 1 /1 3, 

P. Operating license stage documents & correspondence 

6210G7QQ15 Generic Ltr 62-19 to research fa test reactor licensees re 
luhnittaE of copies of documents to NRC. C 1 arif ies number of 
copies of certain documents to be submitted to NIC. Svc list 
inc i. 

EI3EMHUT, D. 0. Division of Licensing. 82/10/05. Michigan. Univ. 

of. lOpp. 159iO: 140. 21X Fiche: 50-000, B2/ 10/03, B21 007001 3, 

F. Spcoriti). medical, emergency fc fire protection plans 

Oeneric Ltr 02-17 to all power reactor licensees tt 
ipplicanti & holders of CPs re inconsistency between 
rutliTMUnti of 1OCFH90. 34<t) t> STS for performing audits of 
emergency preparedness programs . Svc list encl. 

eiSENHUT, D, 0. Division of Licensing. BS/ 10/01, Consolidated 

EdJion Co. of MB in Yen-It Inc. llpp. 160OE: 2BB, 24X 
Fiche: 50-000, B3/1O/O1, 3310040060. 

B21007-OO19 Oeneric Ltr 82-21 to all licensees & applicants at nuclear 
puuer rfjcton re Tech Specs for fire protection audits. 
Foruard-t guidance discussing general scope & describing 
]Bints to be Included in audit. Svc list encl. 

E1EEMHUT,D. G. Division of Licensing. 02/10/06, Consolidated 

Ediion CD. of JJeiu York. Inc. (9pp. 13993:338. 24X 
F Iche: 50-000, ea/lO/O6. S210070019. 

8210270292 FaruaTds info re 020&2B fire protection safe shutdown rapt, 
tit reiponie to NRC 021003 telcon.W/lfl aver-siie drawings. 
Aperture cards are available in PDR. 

riLDENrU.K, Philadelphia Electric Co. 82/10/22. FAIRTILE, M, 0. NRC 
- No Da tailed Affiliation Olven. 13pp. 15832:200. 24 Jt 
Fiche: 30-277, 92/10/23, S210270292. 

-03111700O5 Foruiardi publit version of reviled emergency plnn. i nc liid iiiji 
revlsiuns to draft emergency plans far Vor I, Latnaster & 
Cheater Counties, PA, Har f ord & Cecil Counties, MI) ?< Stabes nf 
DE Sc MD. 

DALTROFF.S. L. Ph i I aife ] ph io Electric Co. B2/10/29 I1ENTQN,N.H. 
Office of Nuclear Reactor- Regulation, Director. 2pp 16130 1 '/(> 
B4X Fiche- 50-277, 82/1 1./ I 3, B21 1170004. 

-8211170006 Public version of revised emergency p Ian, i nc lud ing reviaim 
to draft emergency plant for York, Lancas tor i. Chester 
Counties. PA, Har ford b Cecil Counties, MD & States of 11E ti MD . 
* Philadelphia Electric Co. 02/09/30. 2200pp. lc.!30:20B !MX 
Fiche: 50-277, B3/ 11/13, H2! 1170001. 

0. Ad judicatory corresp ondenc 

S211S2O166 Decision rtLAD-70 1 , term 1 natin 9 review of initial decision !. 
affirming -decision eicept to extent previously mod i f 1 ed. Fue 1 
cycle contribution to radon, already in environ does not tip 
NEPA cost/denef 1 t balance against operation of plants. 
SHOEMAKER, C, J. Atomic Safety and Licensing Appeal Panel. D2/H/IW 
26p.p. 16164: 296, 24 X Fiche; SO-000, 02/11^19, 8211220166 

P. Operating llcens* stage documents & correspondence 

B2U03Q269 Clarifies 020B24 request for add 1 info re NUREQ-0737 , 1 1 eta 
II. D a, "Post-Accident Sampling Sys, " Clor 1 f i cati on sec t i on 
of previous 1 tr provide* guide! ines, no t rco.uiromon ts, f or 
m.eting NUREO-0737 critsria, 

STDLZ.J.F. Operating Rsactars Branch 4. BS/ IO/07. &AUIER, E. G. 
Philadelphia Ele-ctric Co, 3pp. 15941:237, 24X 
Fiche: 50-377. 92/10/07,8211030269, 

B21026000B Ooneric Ltr 62-20 to all pomer roactor 1 icensoes, permit 
holdert fc applicants for CP re guidance for implementing 
SRP rule. Forward* NUREO-0906. HUflEG to be used as interim 
mtasurt until Reg Ouitfe 1. 7O revised. Svc list encl. 
EISENHUT, D.O. Division of Licenslno. B2/1O/26. Conso 1 1 da tud 

Edlmo-n Co. of Heui York, Inc. <?np. 15993:2'?3. 24X 
FJche: SO-000, B3/1O/26. 83102600B0. 



'Ji langrtitiun EJ Mjrtiy 021019 t 
>t;r li.t intijntv S.c lut nt] 

tu&e inttjntv. 

'24 Coniolldated 

El.etr, Co 33/10 
j.. , SB47 a ,f ' 

"* 2 



>ti tommentjng 

*^ MM P'"tdi j" callon for no 

-oltijt protiction r *"' r ' Ch St "" on "f'graded grid 

BTDLZ, J p. 

Ba oi5^'f w f rn * ' '" OP ln "02'e ^piic. 

BAUER, E. 0, 

621 240352 F *rd. Franklin Ri.rrh ct 

n i.rrh ctr r.qu.n / Dr .tf 

.true tur.l pt, of plant-unique al J*2r ^ t * ^ 
"nt*'""*nt pr 09 r ; m.Ro,pon, e roqu^tetf ^thinSe .. 

-^ 4 "' 


EISENHUT, D. 0. Division of Licensin 

B20B190320 IE Inf 

190320 IE Info Hotfcs 0S-37. "Cr-elrlii I ...... 

tradition Cone Oirth Wold of B t. o. I PI " r !:hl " " 

PWft. " Qvc li.t .ncl Gen.rator ( lip, rid-,, 


,: 50- 000 , 

B ; 30-000, 



^ u '--?- 

" n" O,-/HV 

' JU 

ol**ceH* l:il|l| '* Ctl1 ' clnlls if l io'' line* ]*|t 

vliion " En"* n * reif "" ul t(l lnlrutor 
/io/sa,Ba?inSn* ct|lli: Cc ' 3 w- IAOOU 

t 1 067fc 

, 02/10/22, 

ti.^ D 

' ..... - "- - 

?lt I70S04 I n * orB( , ,.,., 
c_nrt** in.ntnt Bu ra , i . '" "'for In utn asnn^ ,. 

^K0't:3iJsip.^v' " 

K*^**^"^":/^^*^"!^:?*^ 1 ^ "TOLI. J. p. 



"B2HOIQ360 Advises of completion of SALP rept J, notifies of 820737 
niMtlng in Phi ladelphia, PA to discu.s assessment 

STARO<)TEC!U,R. Division of Project E, Resident Prooram* 03/07/1-; 
JLTROFF L S.L. _ Pf, i Utfe Iphia Electric Co. Ip imlkQ. SHX 

Fiche: 50-277,02/10/26,921 101 031 S. 

- 8211030114 Monthly operating repls far DC t 1981 . Narrat i ve summari,.* 

'ii?i:!:;?s!j;!;,?. i ssrjMoub BI/11/I4 - " pp - >5 ^^ 

--031(010372 R..p.nd, to NRC 820715 Itr transmitting SALP rept, commen t i 
tpcctfltally on plant operati ons, rad iolog i cal controls 
cia-int.heii! keep ing 1 fire protection t, aecuritu g, Bafeauards 
DALTrtOFF.S.L PhiUdelphia Electric Co. 02/00/16. 6TARDSTECKI, n 

Division of Project t Resident Programs. Hpp. 15867-191 24V 
Ficbe: 50-577, 82/10/36, 0211010319. 

62110204-12 Ack receipt O t S2092B Itr informing NRC of step. taken to 
correct violations noted in IE Insp fiepts 5O-277/92-02 & 
-~ ~ 

L V ph?^ gi ^ flr i n ? & TBC "ni Ca l Programs 02/10/2Q. 

L Philadelphia Electric Co. 2pp. 13006-oso P4V 
Flch: 50-377, S2/10/3B, 921 1020613. 2 

e2H02&i25 Re. pond, to NRC 020701 Itr re violations noted in ir I,,*- 50-27 7/S2-02 * 50-27S/B2-02. Correc t i ve acU -n a "h " 

Pallet per.onnel assigned to perform frequent tours of tun 
reactor (. turoine bldgs Including outside areas 

DALTRQFF, S. L Philadelphia Electric Co. 02/09/2(3 MARTIN T T 
Region I. Office of Director. 2pp. I MBA- OH & MARTIN ' T - T - 
Fiehe: 50-377,02/10/33,0211020612. ' 

B2111600BO Summary of B2II03 meeting w/utll. re IE Bulletin BO- 1 1 on 
U * Df -eneroy Balance Technique" t, "arching action" f ar 
iaonry uall qualification, 

WrtHHELL.C.M. Operating Reactors n ranch 3, aa/11/09. Operating 

'6102:320, MX Fiche: 30-000, 0H/1 1 /OS, * 


B3I129&35I Foruartfi IE Insp Repts 50-277/S2-13 t, 50-27B/Sa-13 
it notico of violation, fiopts based on SC Dep t nf Health (, 
Environ Control Tnap 02-03-03 on 020319 
JfARTtfJ, T, T. "'^ior^of^Eriglneering < Technical Programs. 

UJaPtS rmal *??** R *l>t 32"5 covering v^thorn , ur 

WILL3EV, W.O. Philadelphia Electric Co. B2/10/29 !PPOI!TO,Trt 
Operating Reactors Branch 3. 5pj. 15913-159 z<jy " ruL11Ur ' n 
FJehe:SO-277, 83/10/29, B31 lO 

e( ,ts for Sept 1 9B? 

. rreCt " 1 m " ntt '' operating 
'" p HH""-lPnla- El.ctrie Co 
che: 50-277. 02/1O/2-?, 

DALTflOFF, S. (,, Philadelphia Electric Ci 

FJctie: 90-377. 93/11/09,8211290351. 

2pp. 16221:007. 21X 

B21116017C, Forntards manthlij operatinn rents for Del 
COONEV,M. J. Philadel ptt a Electric Co. P aa/ll/to 
2f i"= n ^" e f ^'P^^tiot, and Enforce men t Ip 
Fiche: 30-277. H2X 1 1/1O, B21 1 1 601 76 

8311160179 Monthly aporafclng repts for (let 190? 

ALOEH,W-M. Philadelphia Electric Co B2/1I/1Q 
24X Fiche: 5O-277, B2/ I I / ]O, B3 1 111,0176 

B2 =urve 2 r F " f "* T ** Th.poial Mapping Rep t 82-ft covcnng 621022 i 9t 

WILLSEV,W.B, Philarfalp^ia Electric Co B2/LL/IG 1PPOI ITG. T 
Operating Reactors Branch 3 Ip [61/], IS6 n 4x ' ' 

Fiche: SO-377, S2/I1/10, 021 1 1GQ3B9 

a21Iie02?B Thermal Happing Kept O2-t Por 921032 
t Philadelphia Eluctrir Co. Ba/ll/iO ^nn 
Fiche: 50-277,02/11/10, B211J8Q2B9 

--a2H2?0350 Notic B of violation from State of SC insp on B20319 

ReSlon 1, Office of Diroctor, 83/11/09. Ip 16S21 009 P4V 
r-i^rSO-277,BB/ll/09 l BanaTO33t. "!. O09. 24X 

S. Reportable occurrences, LER 


IM Ra " ts , 9 -^^-'3 * 30-370/02-13 based on Stat 
n.p.Noncompliance noted : fa i lor e to provide J, 
lecureln/ attach lifting devices to container in accord 
u/AsTtootant State licunie.SC Insp 02-03-OB encl 

CLEHONS.P. Region 1, Office of Director. OHEEWMAN, E. Divislan n p 
Enflinearing fc Tec^nical Programt,. 02/10/14, 3pp. 16221-010 SflK 
Flcbt 50-377, 02/1 1/09, 021 1390331. "J,IMU. ^flX 

G21129030B Foruartf. IE Inap Repts 30-377/B3-21 t, 50-27B/B2-EO on 
0209J6-1O2O (. notice of violation. 

3TAROSTECKI.R. Division of Project t Resident Pronrams QB/11/1P 
DALTROFF.S.L, Philadelphia Electric CD. 2pp. 16221 Isi 24X 
Ficfte: 30-277. 02/11/12,0211290302. o^nji, -^/ 


821104034-? LER 92-O3S/01 P: n 0H1 031 , t i e 5 e | 
pressure founcf at 30 psig bc-lou. Tech Spec limit c 
Caused by tan fc not being presnur i i ed correct IK d L 
uf filling operation. Tank presaun led luichin IA--h 

ULLRICH, H. T. Philadelphia Electric Co B3/IO/^ 
Region 1. Office of Director. 2 PP 1 593S 301 

Fiche: 5D-277, H2/JO/22, 321 10AO349 

blda tlird 

8311020140 LER oa-033/03L-0 : or, a210O7, smole ^atect^r Sag ,n t 
failerf fco callbr to uithfn specified ] imits. Caused 6u fai.Hu 
smofce detector, Pyrofcronics M d c | F-5B. Dgtet tor run | ace( |, ,,, t 
editor in returned to svc. ' 

COONEV.M, J. Philadelphia Electric Co PS/ 10/35 IMVNFq H 
Region 1, OfFico of Dlr^c tor. Ip 15D91-349 'MX ' 

Fiche: 9O-277, e2/10/3fi. B2HO20MO. 

8211290307 Notice of violation from inup on 9S0916-1020 

Rogion 1, Office of Director. 82/11/12. 3pp. 14321- 133 UAX 
Fiche: 50-277,32/11/12.8211390302. 

--S2U2-9Q316 IE [nip Rept. 50-277/03-31 !, 50-270/02-30 on B2091A-1030 
liantamp Manco noted: fal lure to follou locked valve 
produp. , to comply tu/radiafcion work permit i-equirements (, 
to roLloiii fire watch procedures. 

BLflUW, A. ft. , LINVILLE.J.C., MCCAHE, E. C. Division of Project (, 
Resident Pro grams. B2/ 11/02. I7pp, 16221- 135 34* 
Fltbr: 30-277, 02/1 1/1S.H21 1390302. 

S20819D24H IE Info Notice 02-43, "Deficiencies in LWR Air Filtration/ 
Ventilation Syt. " Svc list encl. 
JCfiuAN.E.L, Division of Engineering (. Quality Assurance 02/11/16 

Ccniolidated Edison Co, of Neiu York, Inc. Illpp 16171-233 24y 
FJeht; SO-000,B2/ll/lA,B20019034a. ' 

E2081902S3 IE Info Notice 02-45, "PWH Lou Temp OverpresEure 
Prot*ctlan. " Svc list encJ. 

.-U. Division of Enoineering t, Quality Assurance. 02/11/19 
Conic.lld.stad Edison Co. of New York, Inc. 93pp. 16232'290 BIX 
Fickt: SO-OQO, 02/11/19. 8200190S53, 

R. Periodic oprsting renorti fc related correspondence 

0311030110 Fortrrds monthly operatino repts for Oct 1981 

CCKJHEWH. J. Philadelphia Electric Co. 81/11/17. Office of 

Kjnigtmtnt and Program Analysis. Ip. 15912:147. 24X 
Fle n : 50-277. 81/1 1/17, S21 10301 10. 

8211060290 HO:r c ,pc. nBe pictru. a<i*lur*r component of 5ei ^m,c 
monitor ing si|i i ntermi t tent I v inoperable s.nco [13O909 C aosB1 I 
bg malfunctioning power control card.Cacd uiill bo replaced 
Component to bo retui-nod to svc t ij (331130 J. Philadelphia Electric Cd. &3X 10/35 HAVNES R C 
Raoion 1, Off it* of Director. 2pn. 15933-003 21X 
Fiche; 50-277, E3/ 10/23, B2I[OdO29O. 

0211060130 RO 2-B2-34,/IP:on 021021, 7U sa fet,j V.IVP opened culm 
pres.ure reached 033 paig. Cause unfenown. Val vc to lie 5en t to 
vendor. Tuo vacuum broafceTt replaced Fatigue- analysis 
determined douinstream piping nut over stressed 

ULLRICH, H, T Philadelphia Electric Cc-. 63/10/23 HAVNES. H C 
Deglon 1, Office of Director. 3pp. 1 599 1 13B "MX 
Fiche:SO-a77, 92/1 O/28, BSHO6013O, 

S3U100273 Forwards LER B2-035/01 T-0. DC- bai led event analuo.. 
CODN6Y.M.J PMJadeJphia Electric Co. 02/11^ AYN|G 

Region i. Office O f Diri r . 3 PP . IA137.359 34X 
Fi ch.- 50-377, 02/S 1/04, B21 1190373 

,,K mi n- , 


not po 

match after maint compteted 

CQWEY.MJ PhiUd.lphi* Electric Co 


ra ga tank found b.ldiu Tc-ch Sp e< : i (mit *. f ire at 
. Caused by personnel incorrect 1 u releaing fire 

9 r 

82/11/04. fi e gip 

on *M n 

Keolon 1, Office of Director. 3pp. 


. 02/11/00. 
16221 197 




6311290303 LEfl 82-034/01T-0 on 3210*4. dur in, pl,,H ,t t u,.7IJ 
v*lv. op.rni C*ui. <,ntr, D un.VJv. ripljt.d t , ent to vendor 
to orctrnint caun 

D*SVf.''Vr. "I""*'^" eiirjc CQ. awn/03. fl. g i M i. 

WII2TO300 "' " I*MI:W<K 24)! Fich: SO-277, ttfl I/OB. 

r ,,,tr | red driv, .r. B . 

" ult "" g " fal " > C'"<J bit stripped 

" U '" *?*" "** b0 ' * loote """*in fro. 
ertu rtpltccrf t. connection tignttned 

'"""'P'"- Electric Co. 63/n/lO. HAYNES, B. C 

'" f D " r * tt( "- 'P 14196:330. HX 

" "'' t "ntlUt.on duct fire d ampei - s 
. C...d t* ]g BI( Anting ,tr eu an ' 

"' ltrie.l i niuatio n on 
lgfi-d * tflted. 

Fiche: 50-277. B2/1I /I3,'fi21 I390il 7. P 
Operator Eliminations 

DOI Svc list end"* * 

i_i,muri t-o. Of WeU Vort. tnr r ^- H 

r L E- ~~ ui < inc. E 3pp 

Ficht 5O-000, B3/IO/13, S3' 

--? _-f^",! TTIJfl _ A IC PQWEfi STATIOM, UNIT 3 

fitt of 10CFRSO 34(tl 4 Srs"rir !^i tfltlu *en 
I preparednes JJ'rforming aud 

^Icfkp. 5O~COO. G2/ 10/0' ^-i-^"^> -- J * iocl ' eflX 

B21C07COI9 Generic Ltr 

-000. B2/| 

Foruard* info re 82042B fire protection saf 
. car f*.? rB sua ilaile in PDH suing 

6310290IOB Generic Ltr B2-23 to al 

>or (itrfornitig audit* of tafegua 
iicuntij plan). Svc liit snrr 
E:iSENMUr. B. . Divijinn of Li 

FfeirsS^'wJTo/SS.'wfSSioi^' 1>y '' 3::319 - MX 

Q3110B02I3 Inform of error in RS>Mto 
DPB-44 4 npR.gj, re fjre pp *t fl ^^ ' 

la ter <ipp ] i 
Operating f 
Fiehe: SO-2; 

B21 1070474 Ri 

--8311090481 Forward, public 


-8211090486 Ptib|, e V er S1 Q n of revi 3e d emo rg e t, C1 j pl 
pr-c.dup.i, neludinj PPoc.d UPB EP-aoi r* tJhn 
i JP 5ni"t tio "'f- a 2 " P-tlon. , U pp qr(i ctr 
!:??/? p D " 2 re radla tion Burvey tt-am, Indej 
r, f hl '" d 'P h ' Electric Co. H2/09/07. Q9pp . 
Flrhe: 30-S77, 82/11/02- B31 1070974. 


intgrttd lAtA e.crcisB for phLiaic,- Inventory at 
commitment to participate in i rcise g, vo I unt^i-i. 
utll that participate H l n . r B lm b ur ^/9vc l"* 
EISEIJHUT, D. C. Division of Li con oinfj. O2/1[, VJ 

G. Adjudicator^ correspunifenc 


FlchP: 50-277, 03/10/07.831 1O:W36'/. 

S2102600B9 Generic Ltr B2-20 to all 

measure until Rep Ouida 


^ nctor 1U(tn 
; '*Pl.J..n(i 

""'' a> intr 
lfat ""- 

9210370030 Oeneric 
r.,u.,t for In o 

i , . 

re Con fl r M .l.nt1 


: BALP rapt 

* CUM * ..... "* 
1 * * HIit P 


8311010373 Respond, to NBC 030719 Itr transmitting BALP rent, comment ins 
iptcifUally on plant op trat i ons. rad iolog leal control*. 
i-int.houikeeping & fire protection t, security & safeguard* 
DAL7ROFF.S. L. Philadelphia Electric Co. H2/OB/16. BTAROSTECKI, R 

Division of Project (. Resident Programs. 800 15067- 191 Ortv 
Fiche: 50-277. 32/10/26, 021 IO10312. 

9aU<H03B4 Provid** justification for not conducting channel check 
nurvHHance !< extended functional test frequency, in 
r*tpon,i.e to WHC 320916 Itf re Tech Spec, on degraded grid 
vol tjj t prate c ti on. 

DtA.TRUrF.3. L. Philadelphia Electric Co. 83/1O/29. STOLZ, J F 
Opvrating Reactor* Granch n. 3pp. ] 5920' 02O 24X 
Fith: 5O-377, 32/ 1O/29, B31 1O4O3B4. 

~ noT* ' rpllt ' in B3021S ^Plication for amend to Uicen 5e . 

DPff~11 1 PPR-54 re fire protection moda. Request for deletion 

cC iniole dtetor 922A t, 51BO from OL ui 1 1 be included in 

I*t*r application for OL amend. 

DflLTRDFF, S. L. Philadelphia Electric Co, 03/11/01 STOL2. J f-' 

Opratin>] Reactors Branch -I. 2pp. 1597fl-3fl6 24X 

Fj che: 50-377. S2/1 U0\, B31 1O8021 3. 

831114.0097 Comments on util response to Generic Ltr 01-04 ima lementinn 
Rivtilan 1 to NUHEG-0313.fl,(dl info re pipe cracking ">*'na 

rqueled uithJn 3O daiji of receipt of Itr. 

STOLZ.J.F. Operating Reactors Branch 4. Ba/ll/oi BAUEH, E G 
PfiiladflpMa Electric Co. Bpp. 16102 233 24X ' ' 

Flekt: 50-277, 92/11/01.0311140097. 

F Ttaardf Ascription of proc edur EB , components tested fc data 
tram reactor prntoction sys motor generator seta 

urtfPfr*quen<:y tests. Comp onsnts mill operate correctlg U/A-B 

tint delay aettinff for trip initiation. 

DALTfiOFF.B. L. Philadelphia Electric Co. 02/11/09 STOLZ. J F 

Operating Reactors Branch t. 4p p . liO56 131 gav 

Fie fit -.$0-377, B3/ 1 1/09,6211150140. 

nnp T ri ' I !i i r : V n Sed .^ 9eS 5 ~ 7 * 9 - a to "LIc-niinB Submittal 
Deitgn Rept for High Density Spent Fuel Raclts, " correLtina 
deiifln futl pool Joad calculations. Is.ue does not represent 
i*f*ty concern, 

DrtLTOOFF. S, L. Philadelphia Electric Co. B2/11/OB STOLZ. J F 
Operating fleactorB Dranch 4, 4pp. 16061 3S9 24X ' 

Ftefie: 50-S77. B2/1 1 /OB, 821 1 1 50676, 

621117020^ Informs of possible error in util B30B26 Itr re de S i(in of 
<on,tainment pur B o & vent sys. Debris screen probably 
in.lalled on torua vacuum breaker pipe rather than torus 
thaust pipe. Insp schedoled for neit outage 

DftLIfiDFF,S.L. Philadelphia Electric Co. 83/1] /OS BTOL2, J F 
Df.rattt.g Reactors Branch H. 2pp, 16101-167 34X 
Flche: 50-277, 83/11/03,921117-0204, 

B2U340353 Forwards Franklin Research Ctr request for add] info re 
strutturat aspects, of plant-unique analyst^ rept.Mark I 
e<mt*iniiiffnt program. Response requested luithin 3O daua 
STDL2.J.F. Operating Reactors Dranch 4. 82/11/10 DflllPR F a 
PhJ]atf>lphi a Electric Co. 6pp. 16231:341 34X DflUER ' E ' 

Fltht: 30-277. Da/1 1 /10, 921 124O352. 

Bve l MCI 

8 , 2 " 3 '' " SV < """"on of Thick 
ul-ti on Sus Piping at BUR Plant." 

E "a'nTin fl t Quality Assurance. 

rrn r "> 

for IE Bulletins, Circulars t, fnfo Notices " ^r !, 

BEVOUNO.R.C. Director', Office. Of! f In^ e ' 

Enforcement, 82/09/33. Consolidated Ed, 50 n P Co of Vorlr. 

IIOpp. 16013:021. 34* Fiche : 50-OOO: E.2/09/22. G3O0E90223 


^ecS IV"'? N 2 U " 8B -"' "<"''"** i" Prin-T, Contai, 
Electrical Penetration As iemb 1 i on. " Bvc list end 

Cn,- * - 

, f 2i iS * E " lHon Co - t" 1 Weui York, Inc H2pp 
iche: 50-000, B2/O9/2i2, B2OH1 9O?32 

821IOB027] Notification a f B211O3 meeting u/utils s, Frank !, ft BSi ,,,-, 
Ctr In BUftesrfa.MD to discuss dB9l gn (IE Dullutln HO- 1 1 J & 
T*iMM ni*9g balance technii[ua" i, "arching ttifori|". 

Ur! ^ L *' C | M rf **^,~ N " Detan * d Affiliation Given H2/10/O7. 

no uaEaiied AfPiliacian Siven. Ago 1S'?7S TIH n f iv 
FIch8:50-000- H2X 10/07, S21 ! OS0271 . 

^^f^.'.^rr^r^r 1 ' " F3ilurpof s ^--^ . i, 

CanMri flfr H 
Consolidated Edison Co 

lcho: 50-000, B3/1O/22. 


f New Vark, Inc IlOnn 

8211070430 Acfc receipt of 02052O Itr- informing NRC of steps take 
cS'", 1 ^ 1 **"*" 3 noterf '" !E '""p Rep 1-9 SO-277/92-04 t, 
50-27H/02-04, Violation -correctly classified since laat 
par-soil to control access coulrf not respond to intrusion 
HARTIM. T, T, Division of Engineering ! Technical Pruoram 
= t F Ll PhllaiJBlpNia Electric Co. 3,,p 16009 3 
Fiche: 50-277, H2/ 10/22, B21 1090430 

fl 3/ ] / i!L\ 

8ail090fl3fi Responds to NRC 92O121 Itr re vinl.fcion. noted In II- lus 
Repti 50-277/83-04 4 30-278/32-04. AfF id.iv i t !, details 
ulthficlrf <rof IQCFJfa. 79ft . 10CFB73 31) 

DALTFJOFF.S. L. Ph 1 laJe 1 ph ia El BC tr i c CD. S2/Q5/SO MAFiriN- T I 
Division of Enflinnoring fe Technical Programs. in Ifiooa 3AI '- 
Flche: 50-277, B2/1Q/22, B21 1O90430. 

B211O103i2 Forwards SftLP rept for Jul 1981-Jul 19HH * related 
correspondtnc e. Overall performance acceptable 

PhU^l?^. B-gin_!. Off.e. of Director. K/lO/at. DALTftDFK, SI. L 
fn I iae Iph la Electric Co. 4pp 1 3H67 147 24X 

Fiche: 50-277, 02/1O/26. B21 1OI0312. 

9311140047 Ciim-lc Ltr B2-26 to pou, H r reactor licensees (e.cept Fort Bt 
Wralnl r. HWEO-O744, Ravisi on 1, "Pressuro Vessel Mat! 
Fractur* Taugnniu. " Forwards NUHEO-0744, Re vi sion 1 U/o 
ineL Gvc litt encl. 

EISENHUT.D.O Diviaion of Licensing. 92/11/13. Consolidated 

Efllion Co. of Weu York. Inc. B2pp. 16332' 312 34X 
Fiche: SO-000, 82/11/12, 831 1 160047 

8211010343 BALP rept far Jul l^ai-Ju-l 1-J82 Overall i 
accep tab le. 

Rtoion t. Office oC Director 33/07/12, ;]9oo 
Fiche; 50-' 

Formiinc R 
13B67: 151. 

S211290453 ForuarJi application to amend Licent. 
c , 

rr^ fl r 01 appucaeiot. to amend Liceni. DPR-5i, temporari lu 
TecK Specs to permit continued operation during 

rtpaln to 3D FlrTH HX. a 

BRAQLEVrE.J. Philadelphia Elactric Co. 

Flcfie: 30-E7B, 82/11/23,9211270453. 

B2/1I/23. DENTON.H.R. 
Director. Ip. 16310:336. 34X 

-eaiia?MM Application to amend License DPR-36, temporarily 
li -,,f p ., t> * 1Iow ""tinned operation during repairs to 
3D am HK.Crtlflc4t of Gvc encl 

art(/fl,E 0. Philadelphia El K trie Co. 82/11/19, 7pp. 
2+K Fiche:50-27a,82/ll/23,921I270453, 

t, Inspection reports, TE Bulletin* fc t orrespondence 

IE Info Notice 92-37, "Cracking in Uppsr Shell to 
Twnfltinn Cone Oirth Meld of Steam O.norator at Operatinn 
PVR. " Bvt IUt nel. 

JDRBAH.E 0viIon of Engj n ,ering i Oualitij Assurance. 02/09/16 
ConjollcUtH Edit on Co. of Mw York, Inc. 105pp. 1S930-001 24V 
FlcheiSO-OOO, S2/09/16,82001TO220. TJU.WUI. ^i 



621] 160090 SuiMuru 

-- - 

3211290351 Forward, , E , 
*"<' V 


16221:009. 34 X 


nan S" i1 
JGfTDAN.E L Dvi s i enc ' 

- -_~!^!_!!: p -" n > p ""t ' r.l.t* 

=211030110 Foruarrf. i- 
- t 




Foruardi Thermal M. r, 
MflPP ' n9 " e 

--'__I_""f"f B9j LEn * <- related correspondence 

inrficatBd errat ica! ] ij. Jnvestioa ti ' rf "I"* l ? ar '" QUI ^anja l Bv t! r>: 
level tiithin Tech Spec Caused bu const tor " s "***P 


Jo-tJMlH.C.u..d bu dirtu rni? ! "* f * n ' d tO '"J" 1 

s^vfrr-% h -;!:;:{- y >v -cSSKn:'.?:.: r*"-"-- 

e9 i=n ,. Of^^': 8 D ^ eCC :r ^L^""^ HftVNt-a.B.:. 
Ft eft . : 80-278, 82/ "' ' 5S91 ' 35 ' = 

-278, 82/10/95, g 1020, , 

t = n^r anall " e '' 

*;^ ? p! n c :;rs 
" " 

= so-277. 


nit. barrier b oa rd. 

B5l 1100347 PND-I-S2 n 
BHR HX on 621 102 .J 
'ro pi. Bt dUch.r 


ns Cflusi "9 il*tlr, 

g. Caused 

140.2.. 171. MX 



:349. 24X Fiche : 30-278, B2/1 1 



V. Operator Eiaminat ions 

. noriE LtP M -IB to a ii pD ^ Br reactor applicanta . 

li C *ne, r* reactor operator t. senior reac tu-r op'racor 
reo.uUf leation t .ams. Atfvi sen that eiama beain at OarTii^ 
aft.r aaiOOl. Svc list end 9 facility 

E1SENHUT. D. C. Division of Licensing. 03/10/13 Cnn n i^ Co. cf Weoj Vor>, Inc. I 5pp. 16OT3 334 g C on 90 l ,d 3 
Ficher 50-000, 82/10/12, S21OI30OI 9 

ff"li!!!l_"!!!'l!L_ era ! r9 ! tley _ & _ fire P potDct '0" plans 

&aiOO06fl OenBric Ltr 63-17 to all pouer r eac tor licens 
PFl (* fc nM.n of CPs r H incon. i H tenc y between 

Fie ft*: 3O-000, 52/10/01,5210040068. 

l^rH^H^inHr' 1 '-'-'"'''''"'"-.'" "'""" " 

can. I deration' 53 " E pr " Sont '" 1 * Cornml Ba ' "> FEMA for 

G'RErLLV, J. P. Region 2, Office of Director. B3/lO/Ort 

LEAS3URO, ft. H VJTaiuiaElorf-T'ictpn. .-./' , 

Fl = F>e: 50-000. 82/l"/. Ml MM 4 . ^ C Ip ' "0"rl91. 34X 

B2J0070019 Cenc-vic Ltr S2-31 to all licensees & applicants of n ucl B ,,r 
(iQuer reacton re Tach Specs for fire protec t ion audits nuclB " r 

^?I^^! ?n'K drlC9 ^ i ^" S5!n 9 general scope fr d BScr lbing' 
H.ncutt to be included in audit Svc lut encl 
E1SENHUT.D G. [) lv j ai(ln of Li( : E n 5l n 9 . 

lc^e^ 50-000, sa/ I 0/Oi, B310070O19. 

aaiJW0399 FfTU.rd. "Emergency E, arc! 9e , Surry P nu er Station 19FJ9 


urr Pou, e r Station, 19B3 E,arci 

FJ (he: 30-200. aa/10/aa, 921 MS0332. 

a?lll&0336 IE 


Ropts SO-280/B2-27 t 50-281/52-27 Dn 
ej ;" a -""' arc in B p D cted:pl flnt op.rlto 

r y ; CaH ^' tDtt " 13 ' fDllDWU P " .vent. 
8c design changes 

DAVla.H.J., JULIAN.C. Di vi .1 Dn df Pro t t, 

0211100500 R.l, a . pub]lc veriion 
imp 1 em anting procedures 

--B211I00503 For 

orwards pub 1 , c version of r e vi BO d nm =^ 

lmpl. A . n t lno pro ce $ur e ,, inc'ud^g ^ro^ ur ePIpTo/ I"' 
c.l out of errgency responsp p .?. onn ^ TEPIP 3 02 r 
activation of terhnlcal 5U pn O rt ctr 

Vlrflinli Elctric * Po-er C Q 02/10/2, 


6211040377 Genaric Ltr 63-25 U all polJcr rMctu _ ,.,. 
F*e h: 30-000, Ba 

B211120292 Re| Ea , BS pu i,j 

FELTOfJ,J.M Diviaion of Rules and Records 

.lanaoefrent Branch lp. 1A06A-0&5 PJ* F 

821 1 120293. r 

r^ion of reviaeit corporate ernernencii 
he: 50-000, B3/1 [/O'j, 

Forwards public version of Rpyiaion 1 to ccT'nnr.itP 
I response plan.ffeeoipt form one 1 . pumip 

. P. fleg.on 2, Office O f n lpect 
90-000,82/11/05. 0311120392 

1606ft: Oifc. 

B3HIS0303 Public vsrsion of Revision ] to cornnr^f. 

response plan. corporate en, er ,onc,j 

* Virginia Electric & Po^er Co. B2/10/35 7lnD l/,n*A n/n 

Flchc: 50-OOO, B2/ 1 1/03. a "' ' pp ItOAftQftll. ^'4>. 


rrfs I, lsp ft cpts 50 -2BO 'B--qo 
n.nco.p 1 ,anc. not^d 


2pp IAB19-OIM 'MV 

H . 

rc.rds 1 P, ptll t09 timg i, n.a i nt, 1 Dt V s , k e 
Details u/ithhnld <ref 10CFR73 21) 
TIH,MAN,A. , MCGUIR,D. R, Diviaiqn of En 


H. Oeneral correspondence 

STEHflRT.H.L. Virginia Electric ft Pou, Br Co. 82/10/08. DENTON, H H 
2 I. NucUar Reactor RegulBtion, Director. VARCA, S A 

Ofi-rating fleactor* Branch I. lp 159ia IBS 24M 
Fl 0^0:50-280,02/10/38,021103010?, 

Nuclear Operati 

s b ulll receive K addreaa all NRC 


9 B^\^ e n trt J * POW * r C " 
Reactor Reguldtlon, nirtct 

97lOaWIOB 0.n.rU Ltr B2-23 to all licences t, applicant, re 
lncon*Httnc[( tBtueon raquirementa of 10CFR73 ^O(g) fc STS 
tor pc-rfor-ning audits of safeguards contingencu plans 
(eurity plan), Svc list encl. 

M?!S. W fL IX 2; W DlV i Si r ,* Lf "" sln !'- W/10/M. Consolidated 

EdlfC-n Co. of Neu Vork, Inc. Bap. 13973-319 24X 
Ftcht- 30-OOO, 82/10/30, B310290IOB. 

lvlilon o 

" rlion of '"vlMd emergency plan. 

Rules and Record.. 02/11/01, Document 

16041:223. S4X Ficha: 30-200,02/11/01 

-WI1100474 Public version of revised emergency plan 
* Virginia Electric * Power CD. 02/09/24. ODD 
Fit h.: 50-230,02/11/01,821 1100468. P 


24 X 

cunonta 8 c orrca pondcnc 

EISEWHUT.D.O. Division qf !_i c B n B i ng. B3/O9/2O 

i * ; on .s%,* Neu YOF} " ine - IS PP |5 o- "o 

Ficne; SO-OOO. 82/09/20, B2O9210027 


8211020670 Foru. aP d Amonds 80 t 81 to License* DPH-33 fc 
rt.p.ctlv.l v ,f.t v eval^tton t, notice qj 


u- P &Patln 3 Reactors Branch ], 82/10/05 
R. H. Vlrflinia GlBctriC ft Pouer Co. 2pp 

PP ' 

Ftche:SO-280. 82/1O/O5. 



--B21 10304.75 

i SO t, 81 to Licenses DPB-13 i non .,-, 

Chang. n, Spec, re de 9rad , tf v " laa . " J WS-37. r.ipKtivtl,,, 
VASGA:S.A. Opiratinn Reactnr . B. f ' Protection jys. 
15905:308 24X FicheiSn-s, ' IW/in/,,. -_ 

-8211030480 Sifetu vi]u 

DPR-32 1 DPR~37.r s(1 * 
. Office of Nuclear - * 

-8209330511 "Pr 0pos ,d Diiign Mod, (, Tech SB.C. fh 

Degradation for Burry Pouar Station II J c nngt on Grid 

(valuation reot. 'Units 1 ! 2, " technical 

kporlln ' 

80 1 Bl to Licenses 
B2/IO/05. 6t 

d Voltage 

SELAM.JC Laurence Lwermnrn 
UCID-I943J B3/QB/25 HHC - 

FIN tt - 3s <>. 

B21l020fiB5 Nntici 

suance !, avail:,* .-* 

Licenses DPR-33 6 DPfl-37, reio.rtii.i " " f *"*"''* BO t 81 to 

P" livel. 

15905 334 


of uti 1 lutffll ttals 
t for 
tudist on 

8311010578 Foruardi tattly t, techni 
re electric d iitribution S y S g^s 
operating voltage to sans motor i 

VARCA.SA Operating Reactors Dr 
Virjima Electric t, Pouitr Co 2j, 
Fictie 50-280, S2/ 10/06,921 1010579 

--82110105B2 Safety evaluation tupporf 

iy* voltage mod,, e,cep t in area l f "ll.^ tion el "tric distribution 
NBC - rv D.ta.led Aff.l.ation ~. -- ?P era '" wives.. 
1590! 335 34)! Fiche 5n-5 

val uatlan 
ss for Surr 

-B2110105D4 "Tec 
Di itributi on 

S311150155 Su.Timariie! 930903 meetinQ u /, tl 
or'c re results of review at ..MI . 

CE " nucl eai 

D'REILLY.J P Heg, OI , 3, Off - 

LEAEBUHC.R H Virginia Electee ', 21 
Fiche 50-000,92/10/OQ,S3ui50!55 *' 

8311030009 Deicriee, safe U t,U 16[1 bg , tfll 
foruards photograph. UJo Pticl 
OQBIJIIJ,P.O Virginia Electric i Poy B , 
- No Detailed Affiliation Qwer io 
Fiche 50-280,82/10/13,0211030009. 

on Electric 


3PP. 16056: 133. 


tioi, manager at fatilLtios !, 

C M/ 10/13. KUNZE, D. NRC 
l5 '' ' : 359. aav 

E.2LI04009B Act receipt of f ee fo . ,,,= 

DIOSS.R.M Cicen.e Fee .? n'! a " ' ' catf " 
ii ;.j. r-,-.._.. . _ -sir.nni uranct,. B2/10/ig 

1 P. 1594A- OO-9 Tfl v 
V " T ' 24X 

Virginia Electric fr Pauer Co n 
Fich. 50-2BO,B2/10/18,B31104009B 


6211230428 Submit, corracted Itr re ,tatu 

confornsnce of neu fuel container 1 i f n-." . Proposei1 Sesinn mod for 

"'""" i-ttinj rig to ANS , B( . rf 

alters number of 

M14.6-197B 1 

path sletchei diitributed' 
LEASBUflO.R.H Virj.nj. E]ectric t P n , 
OFFic. F (Ju[ | ea r Rector He su at ion c 

of, s pp . 1 ' 

safe load 


hB . go _ 2 ^ 

B2llOi0232 Foruardi Amend 4 to "QA Projrara-Op erations Phaiei ri VE 
Amend refltcts major ehangei in otisite !< offsite QA 
orgnl latlan & upgrade! QA program. 

BA.UM.E.A.. Viroinia Electric & Power Co. B2/10/29. HAASS, W. P. 
Quality Anuranct Branch. lp, 13983:205. 24X Fi ch; 50-OOO* 

--3211060348 "QA Program Operations Phase." 

* Virginia Electric t Power Co. VEP-1-4A. B3/10/31 
15993: 206. 24X Fiche: 30-OOO, 02/10/29. Q21 1O60232. 


9211220113 Foruardt "Improvements In Training & Requal i f i cat 1 on 
Programs ai Required bg TM1 Action ttemB I. A. 2, I t, II, B. 4 
For Surry Power Station," technical evaluation rept. 
Roquirenenti met m/liaiod clarifications. 

VAROA.S.A. Dperatino fieactnr! flraneh 1. B3/11/05. BTEWAHT, H, L 
Virginia Electric & Power Co. 3pp. li]99: 103 24X 
Fich: 50-2BO. 92/11/03.821 122O113. 

3211220117 "Improvements in Training I Requal i f ication Programs SB 
Required bi; TM1 Action Items I. A. 2. 1 & II, 0,4 for Surro 
Power Station," technical evaluation rept. 

* Science Applications, Inc. NRC-03-B2-096, BA I -136-029- 40 
02/08/10. NRC - No Detailed Affiliation Oivon. Hop 

16199: 186. 24X Fiche: 50-280, S2/ll/O5,Hai 1220113. 

B21I16033H Provides info re Cycle 7 reload cor?, schedul Hd to be 
completed during FED 19B3. Ver i f icat ion of reload core deaign 
will be performed through startup physics testing program. 
STEWART, H, U. Virginia Electric S- Power Co. S2/11/O9 DENTDW, H If 
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director. WiROA, B A 
Operating Reactors Branch 1, Spp. 16091 313- 24X 
Fie he: 50-280, 83/1 1/09, 621 1 16033B. 

S31I1506I6 Suppl to B01028 (, B2O729 proposed changes to Toch Specs 
r auiiliarij bldg ventilation sys, 

STEWART.W. U. Virginia Electric & Pouicr Co. a2/ll/10. BENTOH, H R 
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. Director. VARGA, S A 
Operating Reactors Branch 1 gpp. IA061-069 24X 
Fie ha: 50-2SO, B3/1 1/10, B21 1 ISOili. 

0311150619 Suppl to proposed changes to Tech Spec 4, 12-2 re 
bldg ventilation ays. 


9211160047 Generic Ltr B2-26 to power reactor licensees U.capt Fort Eit 
Vr.iB) re NUREQ-0744, Revision 1, "Pressure Vessel Mat! 
Fracture Toughnen. " Foruards NUREO-0744, tie vision 1 W/o 
encl, Svc list encl. 

EISEtJHUT.D.Q. Division a F Licensing. 03/11/18. Conaol i </a ted 

Eduon Co, of New York, Inc. S2pp. 16232:212. 24X 
Fiche: 50-000, B2/1I/12, 821 1I60O47. 

S211I90254 Advises that itudies of motor operated valves y/ o 
aatufaitori; starting capab i I i 1 1 B!, per General Design 
17|W 1 11 be Pttid *V 030601 in ptipon.. to 
q , UeSt i,? at : a "^" timtl " '""""'"turer response. 

Ofce 'w, VlPBim. El.etMe 1 Power Co. 03/11/12, DENTON.H.n. 
Office of NucUar Reactor Regulation, Director. VAFIOA. S A 
Operating Reactors Branch 1. lp, 16I49-30B H4X 
Fie he: 50-260, B2/11/12.S2I 1190394. 

6311300435 Forwards Amends Bl fc 02 to License, DPR-32 & DPR-37. 
r.spectively.EIA * notice of Issuance ft negative 
declaration. Amends modify requirsmenti re Instantaneous 
release rate) of gaseous wastes 

I^I2K 1 D m S i J - B ' D P eratln 9 Rctors n ranch ,, Q2/11/la 
LEASQURO, H.H. Virginia Electric & Power Co, 2pp 
Flch*:50-2BO, B2/I1/1S.S2I 1300435 *^ H 

Amtnd V B1 * 32 to License! DPR-3B DPR-37, re.part Ive I y, 
reporting i, notification requirement, re r " pocvlvl " ' 
!" U i r """ rat " cf on. wastes. 
'^.S' P eratln 9 Reactor* Branch 1. B2/11/1B 7oo 
:318. 24X Fi = h B : 50-280, S2/1 1 /IB, B21 1300433 "" 

DPH-3H fe nPR-37, 



P" rati "9 Beactc-rs Branch 1. S2/11/IB 
24X Flche: 50-2BO, H/ll/ IB, 821 1300433 

a nB 



B2U230509 Si^it, .t.tu. of MMEO-0737, TMI Action Item I A 1 3 
EnnplstlDp ichedule for Item 1 1. D. 1. Info supnl, B2OA3O *. 
0713 r..p OM , ta fl-n.rU Ltr S2-10. P Unt - 9 f ffp^i* 
valuations uilJ be computed by Dec 19S3 mping 

SrEHARr.W. L. Virginia Electric fc Power Co. 02/11/14 
Office of Nuclear H. c tor Regulation, Director 3oo 
24)C FUhe:50-2BO, 82/1 1/17, 021 1230509. ''""" 3 "P' 

BEMS9073! Application for amend to Licenses DPJt-33 4 DPH-T7 
cAtnging Tech Specs to restore core thermal limit, (, 
overpower change in tamp setpoints to values cnn n t- Dn i- ,,/ 
iOOX of U.r.*l design f 1 ou,. Safety evaluation enc! 

ETEWRT.W.L. Virginia Electric fc Power Co. B3/1I/22 nFNTrtM H a 
"I" ' Nuclear Reactc-r Regulation, Dir.c tor VARGfl, 9 A 
Dper-ting Reactors Branch 1. 6pp. 16329-136 SAY 
Fch: SO-ifat), 82/11/22,8211290731. ' 

--82H290737 Proposed T B ch Specs re full flou thermal limits 
^ ^S^U Eloctl ' ic * f"T Co. B2/1I/22. Bpp 
Fi Cf>e: SO-2BO,. B2/1 1/22. B21 1290731, 

!" r fP rt ^_ IE _ Dul l B tins & correEpondenc 

e300i90220 IE Info Notice 62-37, "Cracking in Uppe 
^"'str.^ncl" U9ld f 9t " m "-t "t 

r Shell to 


Ficfic :30-000, 02/09/16,8208190220. 13V3O. OOI. 24* 

fla -*- -..i.n .. .!,. in Main Control 

^ 90-000, S2/09/17.8208190222, 

B20B190253 IE Info Notico 82-15, "PUR Lou Tc 

p CK 

: 50-000, 


DAMCE.H. C. Division of Pr DJ .ct 
STEWART,N.L. Virgin^ EUrtric 
Fiche: 50-280, 83/1 1/3^.021 1270S9O 


-05N 3afe9 ar ^ '"'P RP*' 50-280/82^0 

OS.No norcomplianc e noted. Major areas in 
records i r ep ta. teat i hg & ma i nt, 1 ot k 6 , 
Details withheld (ref I OCFR73 21) 
TILLMAN.A., MCQUIRE,D.R. Division of 

5 *, 

rB P rtB related correspondenc 

. o f ^^^i.-gf^jr's,?.:;:;' c P s ^-- 06 ^ 

Fiche:50-200,a2/09/15, 6311020430. *** 

8211030639' Honthlij operating rept* For Auo 19B3 

JDNES.V.H. Vli-Blnla El.etrit & P OW .P c2 32/09/15 
15066^107. 34X Fie h e : 50-2BO, H2/O9/ 1 5, Q2 1 1020610 


! 30-000, 

Eun. r 2 T- : chan r in Format * oi^i 

for IE Qullntins. Circulars (. Info Notices. " Svc list on,- 1 
KVDUMS.H.C. Director'. Office, Office of Inl p. ! on and' 

T^, 1 ! 3 n * h| M,PT-tini, r.pi. for Sop i ,, M . 

.H. Virginia Electric a Power Co. B3/10/14 IWLLEH rJ M 
Dlvisiur of Data Autamaticm t Management Information I LUI ' N M 
16037; 255. 2 4 X Fi ch: 50-2BO, S2/1O/ 1 4, 03! 1 1 P ' 

0211110390 Monthly operating rept 5 fc-r Bupt 19R2 

JOMES,V.H.. WILSON, J. Virginia Electric fc Po".r Co ( 
40pp. 16037:336. 24J( Fi c he: 5O-2BO. 82/ 1 O/ M. [1211110309 


? 1 ^! 10 " ^ E "9 In '""' ln 3 * O^Hty Assurance. B3/09/HK 
ei) Edison Co, of Neu Vork, Inc. 112pn 
, BS/09/32,020E)I90232. PP ' 

BaJlOI037S Orants relief from 1977 ABME Section XI requi r^e-its for 
(r.ervtce inp hydrostatic test.. Relief a llou, 3 He.nii. to 
replace 1-1/2 Inch drain valve upstream of main steam trio 
^iX! * perPorming te,t for entire .team 30 n H rat ar . 
VARQAiS. A OpBrating fieactors Branch I. 02/10/01 LEASBUBO.B H 
Vir 9 tnl- EloctrJc fc Power Co, 2pp. 15BSO-099 24X LEABBUR0 ' "' R 
Flcher SO-BBO, BB/ 1O/01, B21 1OI0373. 

iSntr" ntinB rElief from ASME cot!e s " 

QpBT^tlng Reactors Branch 1. B2/10/01 
34X Fichs: 50-300, 02/10/01,0211010373. 


"Failure of Saf aty/Relief Valves to 

620919023? IE Info Notice 82-41, 
Optn at SWF)." Svc list encl. 

JOflDWJ.E L Divl,i Dn at Engifteering t, Quality AEsur.nce. 02/10/DS 
,,*; B1 Ji 1 i; t "* Ediion Co. of New York, Inc. 110pp. 13960:153 24X 
Fitfie:.&0-000,B2/10/22,8200190S39. 'wvou. i 3J . M K 

Sail]503D2 Forward. IE Insp Repts 50-300/03-27 i 30-201/92-27 on 
B20?04-1002.Ho noneompliance noted, 

?^ f Sm,J, C ^ Olvlilon of Project & Resident Programs. S2/IO/23 
LEASBUROi R. H. Virginia Electric d Power Co, 2pp. 16QS9'323 SAV 
Fiehe: SO-SBO, gs/lO/SS, 021 1150332. 

021 1130336 IE Imp Repti 50-20O/B2-H7 & 30-381/82-27 on 820904-1002 No 
noncomplidnce noted, Major areas inspected : plant operations, 
r*eordj,inint, *curity. calibr. testing, follouiup on events, 

NUREG-0737 it on* & design changes 

BURKE,D.J., DAVIB.M. J. , JULIAN, C. Divi si on of Pvoj.ct I. Re sident 

Proorm. S2/1O/S2. 6pp. 16039:335. 24X Fi Che: 30-200, 02/10/23, 

BZ III 30332, 

0211010031 Discussoa inoperability of 1 nstrumontat i on lines 
Bitretne cold urea tiler. Enc 1 lists affected ptants *, LFFIs 
during winter of 19B1-02. Inclusion of dat.i In ne,t Paaer 
rf^aAul, E M Bnt ^ ""'i' 1 ' 1 h " lp int liconseas. 

MirWF( R r n? C r P ar ^ tio ' 15 rtnalysia Branch. Qa/06/lB 
MIGHEC-BON. C. Director's OFFicc 4np 

Fiche: 50-000, B2/OA/10, 021 1O1003I. 

aailOaOI93 Forwards LER B3-i08/OlT-0 

WILSON, J. L, Virginia Elactric i Power Co H2/10/29 

^ y t 0n 'f. nce f Dirot: t'>'-- IP- 15900:073. S4K 
Fiche: 50-2BO, B2/10/29, Oai 1OBO193 

D'fiElLLV, J. (' 

ve-C S , -'-rm.nro of TOP-100 

valves 1 CS-lli i- 1-CS-iia were c 1 oscd. Ca uaod b valvea 
being clo.ed during Uat tea t / troub 1 es hp O ting o t MQV-CS lOrt 
d B during raa i nt. Val vea opened. 
IJIUSON,J L, Virginia Electrit * Rawer Co. 

8211000356 Forward! UEfls B2-IOU/03L-O. e2-10,/O3L-n >, no 
WILSOM, J.L. Virginia Electric & Pouer Co B2/?0/29 

Region 2, Office of Director. lo. 1 39w : =89 z 
Flch.:SO-aaO, 82/10/29,0211080396 '"*'. *HV. Z4X 

ln B . v , in 

" 931002. during Mode S, Woverpre a3U r ( , 
-fcl,, both pre S9U rizer Panv a 1PCV WK 
"""^-C^^d b^ Ig.kin, on 
" t ' es ""- e D " PCV 1456 backup atr supply 

02/10/29 Reqion 

Ir S' n1 ^ Bl.ttrir & Power 



or initallid fc talibr 


O'RETLtV, .J. P flrgion 3, Qtfite of Dir&ctor 

0-2flO, 82/] o/S9, 

STEHflRT, W. L. 

^"-s. ofrrc^'s,^^:' 6 */^:,^,^ 1 ^- .j. l 

Fiche. SO-2BO, 32/11 /OB, S211&20233. 

8211320232 LER 62-097/03L-0: on B 
from automating .t.Pi],,, 
motor,. C fluSB d b U iMompl.t! 


'" P"*l prl. 


, 83/11/15, 


: 30-360, 



--9211250330 LEfi B2- 


. vital b u . 

; ! " le "' 


; ^ 


WILSON.J.L. Vlroln El 

Offic, of Dlr. E2 3pp " 

0211290727. P 

Operatnr Examinations 

S210130019 OBneric Ltr 
Hni. r e 


c T ; D - ^ 

Fich,; 50-000, 



E21 1320314. 


SS II 17040ft. 

O'REILLV, J. p. 


Ficht; 50-230,63/11/07, 

O'REILLV. J. p. 

OSlOO'lOOfiB Oenertc Ltr 
PMlnt. "h d.r 

* ., 

P- u "' 


B21HS0424 Reipondl to 

ra-^i 1 ri:: 

BS10O700I9 Oenarif 

-" 9 -"---^ ..... c 

mnU.iDn fc FEMrt fr 


, UB 
V ?"P"" to NRC 020139 1 tr. 

9ta t | Mr 1 

- 191pp - 



82H150332 Foruartfi IE Imp SO-2BO/B2-27 & SO-2Q1/BS-27 an 
B2G9Q4-1002. No noncompliance noted. 

DANCE,H.C. DivUlon of Project !. Resident Programs 92/10/23 
UMSBUflG, H. H. Virjinla Electric 4, P oluer Co 2 B p 140W- Wl MV 
FUSe: SO-2SO, 82/10/22, 621 115033S. a4X 

--B2II.8M34 IE In.p Repts 50-2BO/BB-27 & 80-381/88-27 on 820704-1003 N D 
nencMp-llme. noted. Major areas in, pected : p lant operations, 
records, rial nt, security calibr, testi ng, f ol I oiuup on events, 
HLftEC-0737 items 1 design changes. events, 

BURKE, D. J. Division of Project t, Resident Programs 82/10/23 
. U059:329. 24X Fi che: SO-290, 82/10/22, 821 1180332 

Ch ' 19 " * 5ecllrit Plans. Changes withheld 

T, W. L. Virginia Electric (, Poiuer CD. BS/tO/SB DENTDN. H Jl 
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director VAROA, 8 A 
Operatinj Reactors "ranch 1. [p. 13912- IBS 24X 
Fi ctie: 30-200, B2/10/aQ, B21 10301 09. 

8IMC3SOICB Oeneric Ltr 02-23 to all licensees & applicants re 
InCDnsUtcncY btuienn requirements of 10CFR73, 40( g ) J, STS 
for performing audits of safeguards contingency plans 
!*.curlt plan). Svc list end, y P 

EISENHUT, D. G. Division of Licensing. 62/10/30. Consolidate 

iEdison Co. of New Vork. Inc. Bpp. 13993'319 "-onsol Ida ted 

Flcn:30-OOD, 82/ 10/30. H210S90108. 



B3/1 1/34. B31 12TO39O. 

fc 80-891/83-30 . 

rcH " ""- ^Jor a ra s i,pt.d. 

records & repts, testing i, ma i n t , lot k 3 , k eu s fc comfi i nation 5 
DetaiU withheld (raf I OCFW73 21 J mat ions. 

."'"'f^?,,^ En " ' ""''^ * Technica! Pr<, B r am *. 

lp. lfiS19:086. 2<!X Fie*.: SO-aao.B2/H/S4, 8=1 1390290. 

H. General corr esporcdenc e 

B2110201S2 Notifies of N UC l eflr Q peral i 0! , 5 Dep t rei ,P 9 an zat ion ML 
Steuart Hill [ -eplac fl RH L*a a( ,ur 9 as Vice P?..ld.nt of 
Nuclear Operation. U ulll receive , fl ddr 8S9 all NRC 
STEWART,H L. yirjjinia Electric & Pouer Co 

' " eaCt r ">'' ni-ct 

40. S4X FicS.: SO-OOo 

llc * nse 5ta S E documents & correap nu 

BSlMOO-ifiS ReleasBi public venion of revised Bmeraencu 
FELTOUJ.H Division of Rules ond Records. / M/0 . 

M - 34* ^ che: SO-^o; 

" P ' 

-82lllOOfl71 Foruants public version of revised emeroencir olan 
LeASBURO.fl. H. Virginia Electric (. P ouler C o 02/10/8= 
0'REILJ.Y.J.P. Region 2, Office of Director. I n " 

Fteh.:50~2BO. 02/11/01,021 1100168, 

Bail 100474 Public version of revised amergencu plan 
Virginia Electric t, Pouer Co. 83/09/34. &pp ' 
FU n .:aO-3BO,B2/ll/01,a2111Q04iB. PP 

9211100300 Releases public version of revised ornBrgcncu 
implemtn ting procedures. "-i 

FELTD^J.M BiviBlon of Rules and Records. 

1P - 

NUREQ-O737 Tech 

B309210037 Qe ner ic Ltr 82-16 t* all PW R licence. re Muh(tu _ w 
ep.c. R., UMtm rev* of Tech Specs t . d E ter^n/cons ut 
u./gu dance provided-Tor items u/tfevia ti D n a , amen ri toll"*" 
required. U/D stated uncls.Svc list end 'Tens 

EISEMHUr, D. O. Division o f Licensing. B2/09/20 C Dnso l i da t( , d 

r?'; < " l n f NelU YOThl InC 15 "' 19930:140 CDn ">' d ^"" 

Fiche: 90-000, B3/09/2O, 5309310037. 

B2UOaOi70 Foruards Amend, BO t ai tc. License ml,,, safety .v.Iwttan fc notice of 

' D ' P^""9 RMctar, flranch 1. 
H. Virginia Electric ft p DW er Co. 
30-230, 62/10/05. 881 I D20A70. 

t, DPR- 
DP " 


3pp 19905-306 

3211020675 Am*ndm 80 
" *" 

HI to Licenses DPH-33 & DPR-37, resp 
rfl n d ^^ ded volt SB e protection ;"' 
" Refltor5 Branch 1. B3/ 1O/09. 9 PP . 
o; 50-30O, S3/10/O5. a3J 1O20A70. 

-B21110Q503 Forwards public version of revised emergencu plan 
implementing procedures, i nc lud ing Procedures EPIP 3 01 re 
calEout of emoroancg response personnel & Epip 3 02 rs 
activation of teclmieal support ctr 

LEf,BQUHO,n, H. Virginia Electric 6 Pouier CD 82/10/21 
R flion 2 ' opflt;G f Director. lp. 

^ U ^ ^"'r '" v " "Agency plan implementing 
proc.iores, iniludina Procaduro EPIP 3.01 re callout of 
merjsncu reiponse personnel i, EPIP 3,02 re activation of 
technical tgpport ctr. 

WILSON, J.L., COX, P.M. Virginia Electric 4 P u,er Co, B2/10/07 
9PJ., (6040:099. 24X Fiche: SO-SBO, 83/1 1/01, SB1 1 100J500 

6311040379 O.n.ric Ltr B2-25 to all poy.r reactor re 
lr,ti}rjted lAErt nercise for physical inventory at L(JHs Ann 
cen.itnint to participate in eerci9e ia voluntary & anu 
uttl t^4t particlpatos uilj be reimbursed. Svc list mid 
BEWT,I>.0 Division of Licencing. W/I1/03. Consolidate 

EJHon Co. of N.u York, Inc. Ilpp. 1A017: 004 24Y 
Fi tli : S0-QOO, 62/1 1/03, 831 1040379. 

R.UasBs public ver.ion of revised corporate en.rgancu 
rtiponi* plan. 

FLTOH,J.fl Division of Rules and Records. 82/11/05. Document 

flrfltlch ' lp ' 1<b066;0i 5' "x Fiche: SO-OOO.SE/H/OB, 

B2HI20E9B Forwards public version of Reviiion 1 to corporate 
mri)encv rnone plan. Receipt form end 
LEABflURO.R.H. Virginia Electric fc p D1UBr C o. B2/10/B3 
O'BEILLY.J. P. R.glon 2, Office of DirBctor. Bpp. 16066:046 
Fit**; SQ-QQQ, 03/1 1/09, B21 1 120292. 


V " rllon of 

" corporate .m.rg.ncy 

B3110ao6BO Safety evaluation aupportln 
OPH-32 , DPR-37.v HS p eC ( : ivcly. 

*. B 2ii'^ f Nuclcal ' "fnctor Re-guUticn, Director 
13909:3J7. H1X F Iche : SO-KHO. JH/ JO/OS, 82 1 1030670 

nds BO !< 81 to Licences 

B2/IO/05. 6pp. 

no* Da S <l D "i 9n M dS fc Icctl B P DCfi Char.o E5 on Grid 
eval ti Btation. Units 1 t, 2," tecftnical D< 

L ^ C ,^ Llverfnore Laboratory. FIN A-0230. 

Si OB/aS> NRC - No W^llBd Affiliation Given 

:323. 24X FCche : SO-SSO, B2/ 1 0/05, SSI 1020670. 


Notice of iuuanco t availability of Amends 80 & 81 to 
Licenses DPR-3S & DPR-37. rcsp ee t i ve 1 y 
^22 = '' a P B f a *l"9 Reactors Dranch 1. 02/Io/OS 2pn 
15905:334, 24 X Fiche ; 90-3BO, S3/1O/05, B21 IO20670 PP ' 

flailOI087S Forwards safety I, technical ovaluationa of util submlttals 
re el.cfcric distribution s VS ,a V s acceptable e,c sp t for 
operating vultao. to ne motor operated va Ivei , Stud I e i on 
manufacturer data requested, 

ViJ!ii?/El.?E'r**i n 2 ""'JE 01 "" S PanCfl ' Ba/ "/06. LEnSBURO.R.K. 
Virginia Electric fe Power Co. Sap. I59O1-333 Prt y 

Flene:50-2ao, 82/10/Ot, Bai I01037S 

J.'^!! " 1M "J PPo*tU fl station electric distribution 
. 9 odsi Blc<:B P t *" area of motor operated valves 
"*"" Affiliation Oi VPn . aa/lB/06 9pp 
24X Fi che: 50-EBO, 83/10/01,. SSI I OI057B 

C nf al Ev : lo *i" -Pt " A-a of Station Elctric 

Voltages for 8urr<j Pou.v Stfl t i on. Uni ts I t, a " 
LnwrencB Livermnr. Latioratorii . FIN A-03"jft 

, r NRC - ^ Detal ' ed AffUiation Given, 
Feh ; 50-SBO, SH/10/O6, 8B1 1010578. 

"I o" 

"* "'"t" "n SU lt an ts in Region 2 
t, of f ut il nuclear operation mgt by 

Q'REJLLy, J.P, Reaion 2, Offle* of Director- 
^ BU 5'"X H - Wli- Electric ft Po^r Ca! 
Fie he: 30-000, 83/10/00-8311130155. 



B2II030009 Diicribu taft utiliied b v itation manager at facllitie. t, 
forum-Si photograph H/o tncl. 

CDDWlff.P.C Virginia Elettric i Pow.r Co. 83/10/13. KUNZE. D. NRC 
- No Citailirf Affiliation Civin. Ip. 15911:359 24X 
Fich.. 50-2BQ, 93/10/13,9211030009. 


uard. correct. .1 Pag 6 of Tech del. ting 
ltr ' tt "'3 * generator tubt plugging to SJS. 
Optrating Rue ton Branch I, B2/10/20. LEASE UP. C, R H 

Vlrjinii ElictrU ti Poutr Co. 4pp. 15973-133 24X 

Fiche:BO-3Bl, 93/10/20. B21 1040597 

6211230438 Submit! corr.ct.d Itr re ttitus of proposed dtsign mod for 
?U i ?=!!" "' "*" f *' cori *'" r lifting rig to ANSI Btrf 
NI4.A-197B !. WREO-0612 Ch.nje alt.r. numb.r of sift lo*d 
path ikttchei distributed. 

LEASBURO.H.H Vir j ini* El.itr 1 t Power Co 02/10/31 DENTON, H R 
UFfict at Nuelttr H*gulition, Director. EISENHUT. D 

3. 24X Flche: 30-280- B2/10/81, 


J V"" lc * n " for CP ri 9 uilf '"" 'or Impl.m.ntlng 
l,. Forujrii NUB E Q-0906 WUREO to b( UI ed at Int.rim 

' ""= """" ' 7 - B li*t .!. 

' nt ' pp 

ichr: 50-000. 83/10/36,9310260086. 

8211190254 Mvitai that Itutliet of motor opfll-atsi 

iitlifactoru i tar ting capab il i t i ei- per 0noral Daiign 

Crlttria 17, uill be completod bu Q30601 In raiponti to 

821006 requett.Date anumci tiravlu manufacturer response. 

STEWART. H.L. Virginia El act-He ti Pousr Co. Q3/11/12. DENTON. H. fl. 

OffUe of Hucliar Reactor Regulation. Director. VrtRGrt, B. rt. 

Optratlng Rtactori Branch 1. Jp. 16119:303. S4X 

Fich.: 50-230, Q2/1 1/13,021 1 1902S1. 

8211300433 Foruiartfi Amanda Bl & 82 to Licunim DPH-32 fc DPH-37, 
riptctivlu. EIA it noticd of inuanca b nu*tivit 
declaration. Amendi modifi) rtquirnment* ra i nstantannoui 
rtltait ratet of gaieoui uaitti. 

NEIGHBORS, J. D. Oparating Reactors Droned 1. H2/I1/1Q 
LEA8BURO,R.H. Virginia Electric EC Poiuor Co, HOD lAPfio.aiA !>4K 
Fich.: 30-200,62/11/18,8211300433. ' 

--B211300437 ftm.nd. 81 i. 02 to Ucni* DPFt~32 t, DPR-37, refp.ct 1 vt I li, 
modifving reporting t notification rtfuiraminti rt 
initantanioui rilaaic ratei of gaicoui uaitei. 
VAROA.S. A, Oprting R.acton Dronch 1. G2/11/1B Vnn 
16262:318. 24X Fiche: 50-280, S2/1 1 /IB, 831 1300433. 

B211300440 Elrt supporting Amends 81 (. B2 to Llcvnit* DPft-M J. DPIT-37. 

Off let of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director. 82/11/1D Set 

16262:323. 24X Fl C h: SO-3HO, 02/1 1 /IB, H31 1300433. '" 

rnl n9 t generator tube Integri 

tube int>ar i tij. Eve list enc 1 

dUon C of N DiV v"r n ?' L'"""" - '63/10/26. Consolidated 

t 01 son Co of Heu, York. Inc. 10pp. 16099:332. 34X 
Fich.: 5D-OOO. 83/10/36. 93I0270O30 

Cl " r D..HH.l,,biUt Factors." 


ng. , p . 24X ,, 50-000. B^To/Sn 020468. 

" R.U.Mlit, Factors. 

^^^^ ..... ' 

BHI 1060249 "Q A Program Operations Ph a , e 


--B21130044B Notice of U.uanc. l< avaiUbilitg of Amnnd. Bl t, OH to 
Lictnie. DPR-32 t, DPR-37. resp ec tl vt lu fc negatlvo 

VAROA.S.A. Operating Reactors Branch 1. S2/11/1B o nn 
16263:328. 24 X Fi ch*: SO-MO. 02/1 1/18, B21 130043S PP ' 

B2H230S09 Submit! status of NUREO-0737, TMI Action 
completion schedule for It.. II. D, I. Info .upp U to O.nerlc Ltr 83-10. PInt-.JI-l 
evaluation* uill be catnpUted by Dec I9B3 
SIff ARTlWlLl Virginia Electric !. Poujec Co. B3/11/I6 
Office of NucUar Roactor Regulatiom Director " 
24X Fiche:30-2BO,B2/ll/19,B2I1330307. P ' 

I A 1 3 I, 

han for "! to Llconi.* DPf!-3a i DPR-37, 

changing Tech ap.c, to re. tore cor. th.mal limits t, 

Pt ll !'- in . t "5."" <lintl to v " Iu " "Ii*int u,/ 
I r * lig " ftoiu ' S ''''tW "Valuation .ncl. 
V" 1 "!"*- =l*Pie (< Poy.r Co. W/li/M. OENTON.H 
" ucl " p ""*r R.BUlation, Dlr.c tor. VAROA, 8 A 

-8311290737 Proved Tech a p . c . full thermal limits. 

M/I1/aa - ' 

S :^ 

.. n i. ... in Mflln control 

Fich.: 50-000, 82/09/3, sS 
B20SI90223 IE Info Notice 






e20ai<JQ239 IE Info Notice 02-41, "Failure at fi a *.t,,/i..ii * , 

Ofin it BHa. ' Eve Hit .ncl Safetg/R eMef VslveB to 

JMDAN.E.L. Diviiion of Engineering I Qua! 
ricli*: SO-000, Ba/lO/22,H208190239. r ' nC ' 


311150332 Forwardi IE Imp R.pts SQ-280/B2-37 . in -> nl ,-, -. 
820904-lOOJZ.Wo nonennplline. notad 9-201/BS-27 on 

DAWCE.K C. fllviiion of Project &nl,4. n t n, 

.H, Virgin,,, EUcSrie i Poised S^" 

SpP ' 

B21L150336 IE Inip f)8pti 30-200/82-2 
fl.ii n nittd Hajor r. In 
Tord,, ma l nt ,, Bt( , r it U ,c fl i7br" e i 
HWJEO-0737 it... & d B s!n c^ne, 


SSI 1130332. 

OHi/oi - 

0ai<?02flB IE Info Notice B2-13. D.#ltl. n ri-, * n JUB A . ,-,, 

Vfrtll*t(on S. " 8vc list encl. 8rlc IBnc " in L1J R Air Filtration/ 


JOHDAN.E.L. DJvUion of Enginetritio t fluoi 
Co n Udtif Edi.on Co. of N" Vorl, " I 

Oa!90553 IE Info Notice 82-45, "PWR LOL, T. n 
rattction, Bye li,t .ncl. < "" l> ^'^'UP 

, E. L, Division at Engineeri 


i aE 


: "4. H4X 

Office of D 



'<" 3, 
lche: SO-aaO. 82/ 1 1/QB, 

a. i E ,p- -- * aa -o M/03 L- . 

fi.gion 3, Offieeof Dire, or 1 TA, JS' . J?" I/0a ^ -REtLLV. J. 

P ' ^ ' 

S2J 1220314. 

he: 5O-SHQ, B2/ 1 1/OQ, 

*""'?'"' Si 

8211170412 LEO 02- 

O'ftEILLV, J. P. 


"SSJ; B .. 

--%^ T hn , e ., 

Fith; SO-aQO, 02/ 1 J/a-), 

Bttitt c-f Rttourc* Mdniigement, Director i 
Flcki; 30-330, 82/09/13,8311020630. 

158S6:10i. 24X 

V. OpBrator Eiaminatlons 

FJch B :SO-000,B2/10/12,Bai0130019 


tMOtoie?'. 4X fich.^o-M^aa/o^/^.Bsiioso^' 3 ' MHl 

1. M. 

1J . 

'ASK- i, 

tor. lp. 



ni Bi . 

Dlp. c tor. lp. Iil63 : 332 




f Rul " 

rtf,. B3/1Q/23. Document 

24X Fich.: 50-000,02/10/25, 

!^min t ^ rU "' l) " 2" blle V * rli n f r * ulled wra-iuil pUn 
lmpl.mer.tinj prot*dor*, inc 1 udirg Procure, EPIP 1 I 1 re 
carporat. (ntrgency rip 0n5 e arganl lation. EPIP 1. 1, 2 re 
uA f '" tlcn ' " prp > L3 re public Info. 

*" tBS 

R.oion 3, Office 

fl"^^^ 11 ? r Pli r "' FtVi " 4 *' PI- ipl. m .nu 
proieduT**, Procedure! EPIP I. J. I re corporate 

n^TiT!r P -; b r[r^r iDn ' EPIP i - i - a - -"- 

B2/lo/OB - 

6210290103 Cenerir I tr- 

eail090262 Forward. Amend, 39 t, S3 to License. DPR-42 1 DPn MI 
re.p.ctivtlv, .afetu evaluation t notice of t 
. Amend rev'i.a* Tech Spec, to impUmant 

Opiratino Ractor Branch 3. 82/10/31 
Northern State, Pow*r Co. 3pp. 1602Q' 133 34! 
Fiche:50-3B2, B2/ 10/H1, B2I 1090262. ' 


--B3I1090273 Amend. 39 t, S3 to Licen.ei DPK-42 fc DPR ,,ln B Bpec. to implement requirement, of 
?. P ?_' P.T NUREO-0472 & NUHEO-0133, 

Optrating Reactor. Branch 3. 02/10/21 J.G** 
24> Fiche: 50-3B3, 02/10/31, 821 1070263 ' "' 

, u . 


flai 1090398 NotU. of H.u.nce fc .v.iUbllitg of fl m .nd. 59 
Llctnit* DPW-4K t, DPR-fiO, re.p .etivl w 5 * 

^'"' A OP"fltrln a Ructors Dnnch 3. Ba/io/21 s B 
16023:336. 24X Fieh.: M-88H, B3/10/8I, BH1 10MMB " 

O.n.rlc Ltr B3-SQ 

cl o 


I. Financial information 

: 50-000. B3/ 10/27, 

EIKNHUT,0.fl. Divi.i.n'of il" 03/1 0/ 86 
Ednon GO. of Niu Vork. Int. iflpp. 16W9' 332 
Ficht: SO-000, 02/10/26, 0210270030 

r "''l' "PpMc.Uon for am . n rf to Lic.n.e. DPB-42 t Bl 

*.t u. J '* J ' T'!, T " h Bpo(:l r ' n**nnt ... 

i;Sr t ;i:iit!t*!s; i h h ss. iiii " ini(tbt "" v ' n * ***. 

KUGQLF.D. North.rn SUtu Power Co, 62/10/29 attic, at N, 

tQfi '" tlDn ' Dir ""-. ip. i sea 220 


~Sfl3,D2/10/39,Bai 1020002. 


n tor *mnd to Llctn... 0PR-43 (, DPR-4 
' Spie / " "*"""* -.r.fu.Hnr2? 
fV S? t . ml " litot ' inB ""trum.nt-.tion (. ESF. 

0211020007 Propo.H ehn 1M t Tech 8 M ci r. containment I.J., PI 
^fu.l handling, .nubb.rt, tv.nt monitorJnfl luttrum.nt-iUorl t 

* Northern Statet Power Co. 02/10/29 19on 
Flche:SO-2Q3,B2/10/29,B2i 1020002 PP- 

w/juiij-anura pr ovld d. For item iu/dvii 

EtBENHCriD.S. * Siv?,i^'oF G u c inIi n r 
Ediion Co. of Neu Vor*. Inc. iSpp 1 5930. u 
FUh.j 30-000, Ba/0^20.B209B10027 

aailOA061B Foruai-di Amend i 3B (, 52 to Lie in,,, 




Fieh.: 30-292, 82/10/16.0211060618 
-~B2110e-0&2i Amend. 58 (. S2 to Lltenit. 
50. 24X Flche.'SO-EE 

fla/IO/1B ' - 

-0211060625 Notle. of i.unt. b avai 

CLrtRK^.V ap.rat^rReac"?rB^; e 'K'a B2/(n/la . 
.3972:06!. 24* p, cht: 30 _ M2 , 88/10/SS, WuSol?^" 1 ="' 

<1 *?!* tg v*l U *tlon r. |.qu.c V of .tatlor l. 
l * V ;lJ*?"' '" T 1 P Dn " to BI0717, 1180, 
T "*> PlM* dt.lgn 
Mkn flt. r S " "" cto " B'-neh 3. fla/IO/89. HUSOLF.D. 

I S*" 1 Powir Co ' a fP- 16100:102. B4X 
ch: 30-282,02/10/29, 821 1160131. 


v * l "* io " "Wrting fldequicy of .tatlon tlt< 


.- D P" r * tl n8 HttoPi Brweh 3. BS/lO/i 
:104. 24X Fiche; SO-2B2. 02/10/29, 8811 160191. 

" J T e * on / or ' mod.l .hoitU includ. 
! e-leU*ioBi tn E o<npa..lng .p.ctrw of IP M 
. Info due by S213IS 

'""" ""it"" Br.neh 3. B8/11/04. MUBDLF, D. H. 

"rn T-u.rd* rf.poni., to NRC B10B31 qu.ition. re NUBEO-041 

Control of Heavy Load*. " 

B^ D i Northim Bt.Ut Power Co, S2/1I/OB. Office of Hue 

2!J Li "i"" 1 ** 1 "' OiMetor. 19pp. 16007:023. 24>[ 
Flelni30~2B2,a2/ll/oe, B21 11601 70, 

Ur Ba " BA to P owflp re*w HcflniMi (.. 

, OW'R-vUlcn 1, "Pr...or. V....1 

.!i S To0hn.i." Forward. NUREO-0744,Rivl*ion l.M/o 
nei.aye Hit end. 
EISENHUT,D.O Olvltion of LU.nin B . B3/11/12. Con.ol 

flit \SX5' N " W V rl " Inc ' S2 PP" lA2;2ia, 24X 
Flcht: SO-000, 82/11/12,6211160047. 



6206190220 IE Info Notic. 83-37, "CracU nB in Upp.r Sh , n t 

srs:r i ii.r.r h Wtld of Bt - ra *-"! oS 
SiL.s 1 ^,: s^s's.^?,? ^"i&rr^ 

FJch.:5Q-OQO.eB/09/16,020ei90220 PP ' IS " 0: 

/owi *- 

'?;; t N :^' "'* '- "".I- in "-in Control 

,*^.;,-:; ^ors:: 1 ^? r-'^r-?^, 

Flh, :M-MO, 82/07/17- B20B190222. PP ' 1SB99 

B203L9G229 IE Info Holies 02-39, "6vc Daarada tian n* TH L ,, 

i^m'.ncr" R "' reui " ci " s - <""; 2s"K pL 1 ;. 1 ^ w 

82/09/31, B20B190329. 

: 30-000, 83/09/23.0200190232. 

on of an 

ion (IE 

CtARM.H. A Optratlna Reactor. Branch 3. 

Act rec.ipt of 831029 UP Informlnn 

* tioM noud in I*- ~ s 


ndt to Nfic 821013 it 


LARSON, C,E, North rn Stat*i Pou.r Co. 82/10/29 


" PWR LDW T - mp Dv 

JMPAW.e.L. Divliian of Engin.erlna Qualitu Ai.urane. 92/11/19 

C*niM**Urf Brilion Co. ofN.uVoJk, Ine , 93pp 16232- 39B 3 

FlehtrSft-OOOj 33/11/19,6203170333. 16^32, 29B, 24X 


rw4rdi LER 82-021/03L-0. 
. Northern Bt*tn Paatr Co. 

V. Oprator Examinations 
9210130019 Osnerid Ltr B2-1R tn 

-"__" ' tmerBe " c * etr i protection plans 

n 9 . B2/1O/OI 

.O. Division of Li,. I 

Edlon Co, of N ew Yor*, Inc. Hop iJxw MB 
Ficht: SO-000, 02/10/01, 821004004B ' 


=11 u 

i' P i %; 

of nuclear 

F1C4.. : 50-000, 88/1O/O6, 02)0070019. 

Forutardi addl info 

t-d in Hsnnio it 


B2I1040Z4S Or int. i*tnniiii 



8211040247 Requests eiteniion to prepare response to NRC 820313 Itr re 
mergencu prepared, appraiia 1 . Ep ec ted coraplttion date is 


Omaha Public Power District. B2/09/01 SEIDLE.H C 
S::^" 1 *' R " ctt "- Project S. Engineerina Projram.. ' ip. 
24X Fich * ; 5O-285, B2/10/23, B21 1O40243. 

eailOSQIBS Releites public version of r.vis.d emergence plan 
implement Ing procedure*. 

FELTON.J.H. Division of flulti and Records. B2/1O/2B, Document 

r * nch Io - 15-763:249. 24X Fi eh.: 50-3B5, 82/10/28, 

8211050194 Fo^.rdi public versinn of r B vis*d .mergence, plan 
implementing procedural, Including Procedure EPIP-DSC-IO 
re initial atsessment of pl>nt parameters t effluent 
monitor! to determine. mure* term. Rec el pt form end 
JDPJES.H. C. Omaha PuhJic Power District. B2/10/13, COLLINS, J T 
Region 4, Office of Director, Ip. 13963-230 24X 
Fie fie: 50-203. SSf I 0/28.82-1 10301 B5. 

6211050201 Public ver.ion of revised enl erj.ncg plan fmplem.ntinfl 
proceduret, including Procedure EPlP-OBC-10 r Initial 
seum.nt of plant parameter* & effluent monitors to 
determine iource term. 

Omaha Public Power District. B3/IO/13. 45pp. 15963:251. 24 
Ftch.: 50-205, B2/IO/2S. H2I 1O50 IBS. 

3211100144 Bel.,,,, public version of NHC Itr ac inowl erfoind change* 

FELTQN, J. M. Division of Rule, and Record*. B2/10/2B. Document 

Managem.nt Branch. Jp. 14Q32.- 309. 24* Fi ch: 50-285, B2/10/2B, 
321 1 100 I 44. 

EJ211100H5 Submits public version, of c k of changes to radiological 
emeroencu reiponie plan transmitted u/utll B2082Q Itr 
SE1DLE.H.C. Region 4, Office of Diroctor. 82/10/17 JONES, W C 
Omaha Public Power District, Ip. 16032' 31O six 
Fit he: 50-285.32/10/28-, 02111OO144. 

B211040379 O.n.ric Ltr 92-25 to all power roactor licemee, re 
inttoratsd IflEA *xtrcit for phyiical inventory at LWRi fl n g 
commitment to participate In eiercl.e it voluntarg & anu 
util that particlpatei yill be ralmbupiBd. Svc Hit oncl 
E1SEMHUT.D.Q. Divliion of Llc.niino. B2/1 1/03. Con.olida td 

Ediion Co. of Htui Yorfci fnc. llpp. 16019' 004 24X 
Fi che: 30-000, 02/1 1 /03, B21 1040379. 

B211290040 Reltain public ver*lon of llctnie* respon.e to 021001 
Generic Ltr B2-17 re Incpni litencg betueen 10CFR50. S4(t ) 
requirement! t, 5TS concerning revirui/audi ts of Bmeroencu 
prejardneis programs, 

FELrON.J.M Divlilon of Rule* and Record*. 83/11/17. Document 

neh. Ip. 14243:330. 24X Fl che: 30-283, 82/1 1/1 7, 

-B211290042 Public version of, r BB pon.. to 8S1001 Oen.rie Lt 
82-17 re incantiitncy betugen IOCFR50. 34 ( t) rsoulrement. Ic 
STB toncerinlng r eview*/aud 1 ts of emergencu praparednesi 
program*. Annual audit alreadg required. 
JO/JE8,W.C. Omaha Public Power District. 82/11/03. EISENHUT, D 

3211300209 Faru.rd* application to amand Licsnie DPR-40, ravlsino Teth 
Spec, to allow .uitchgear t, di,,el oenerator ro Dm rollup * 

fire door* to open during cold & refueling ihutdown 
condl tloni. 

SHAM.H.T. L.Boiuf, Lamb, Lelby S. HacRae. SHAW, M. T. Omaha Public 
Pou.rD.tnct. B2/1I/39. DENT D N ,H.n. Office of N.clear ReacUr 
02113U0207' Dir ' Ct0r ' 3PP ' 1"39.'2HB. 24X Fiche: 50-285, B2/ 1 1/27, 

- ( f t , i0 !!* t0 r* nii Lice "" Tech 8p.cs 
allow luiltchgear J. dle<el generator room rollup fire doori 
to open during cold & refueling shutdown conditions b 

iSS?S'S r J* in X 1 ; fe n' l :T! 1 ' lt * d h '"'lc * sn U bb r change,. 
JONE6.W.C. Omaha Public Pouier District, 02/11/34 a oa 
16239:231. 24X Fiche: 30-2SS, B2/1 1 /29, B21 1300209, ' 

6211100521 Flelejie* public verilon of NRC Itr aclnnuledg I ng receipt of 
Licensee change* to emirjeneij p Un implementing proeniluret 
FELTOW, J. n Dlviiion of Rules and Records. B2/10/2B. Document 

B211I0052I ' F " :h - ' P - "6040:130. S4X Fl ch>: 30-385, B3/10/3B, 

--9211100526 Submits public version of Itr ac knouledglno. receipt of 
liceniet chanoes to entroencu plan imp 1 emnttng procedures. 
Control lid Cop(ei 134, 153 S, 156 

MADSEM, 0. L. Division of Rt.ldent, Reactor Project S, Engln-.rina 
ni^^, BSir07 ' 0r> JONES. MiC. Omaha Public Power District. Ip 
U04Q: 121. 24X Fiche: 50-2B5, 02/10/23.0211100531, 

9211100533 Forwards public venion of changes to emergency plan 
implementing procedure. W/o end. 

JDWES.W.C. Dmah.) Public Power District. B2/06/I6, COLLINS, J T 
Regl on 4. Office of Director. Ip. 1604O-122 24X 
Fiche; 30-233, S2/1O/2B. B31 11 OOS21. 

0211020039 Provide, .tatus updat. t. niu schedule for completion of 
permanent meroncy operations faci 1 1 ty. Permanent facllitg 
aipecteJ to be op er<t i ona I , eice pt for Inteoration of 
computer & 'iioclated harduare, ii| BGOIOI 

JONES. H.C. Omaha Public Pc-uer Diitriet." 3S/IO/29. CLAWK, R A 
Operating Reactori E T *nch 3, Spp. lSB81;Ofi& 24X 
Fiche: 50-285. SB/ 10/59, S21 1020039. 

B21I090224 R.jue.ts f u l i INPO ev-lu.tjon rept of em-roetvcu P r.par.dn, B6 .ubmitted W/B30930 Itr appear* to be * 
does not adequately evaluati rsnulrsd topic*. 

COLLINB.J, T, Region 4, Office of Director. 8S/10/29 JONES, U C 
Omiha Public POUBT District. Sfp, 16.004-103 24X ' ' ' 

Fiche: 50-283j B2/ 1O/29. 831 10TO224. 

"S2I1090=?c, Forward. INPO B20422 Itr evaluation of em.rg.ncv 
preparednai s progranij in resoonie to requeit 

JONES, MC Omaha Public Pouar &ltrict. B2/OB/30, COLL1MS.J T 
R*}ioti 4, Office of Director. 4pp. 16004' 105 24X 
Flche: 50-23 S, S2/ 10/29. BS1 10702S4. 

8310290108 .nrie Ltr BS-23 to all license,. 4 applicants re 
inconitencg b.twtan nquirenenti of 1OCFR73 4O(g) fc BTH 
fop performing audits of lafeguard* continn.nci, plans 
(ecifritij plan). Svc list end. 

EISEHHUT.D.a Blvl.ion of Li t B . 82/10/30. Conic-lida t.d 

EifUon Co. of Neu York. Inc. Bpp, 15-?93'3|9 34* nic-iioatBo 
Fiehe:SO-000,BS/0/30,B2l029010B, ' " 

.n, J , 

room rollup fire doan to open during cold & refuellno 
conditiont fc incorporating af oty-relatad hydraulic t. 
mechanical inuboe<r changes 

P. Operating license staoe documents & corroopondBnce 

9207210027 O.nerlc Ltr B3.-1A to all PUR licenses re NUP.EO-0737 
Bpec,Re<iust. revl eu of Tech Specs to dstermine con.i.tencu 
u./gui</ance provided. For item. u,/devla tlons, amend to license 
reflulretf.H/o itated encls. Bvc lilt end 

nr M v , r Liel!t ' 5in D' 82/09/20. Consolidate 

Edison Co. of New Vorfci Inc. 13pp. 15930' 140 24X 
Fichr; 30-000, 82/09/20, B209210027. 

Forward* r.quett for addl info re TMI Item II K 3 23, 
*, PUmp 6 '''-" DT ' ft tran.mittal Itr end. 
.J.D. Division nf Licensing. 02/09/30. Division of 

Licensing. 5pp. 15971:354. 24X Flche: 30-000,82/09/30, B211QAuil3. 

T r T !?*^o B re ^" t "" " Sdl into r " otil Qlla3i fe.pon.B- 

TMI It.m II.k.3.23, "Power to Pump Seals." Identification of 

areas of cant ormance or deviation (. cooling iu> desian & 

JMIS i n tt> ft Ttl ^ ln '" requested within 60 daut. 

CLARK.R.A. Operating Reactor. Branch 3. BH/10/13, JOME9-W C 

Omaha Public Pouer District. 3pp. lS9o4'333 B4X 

Fiefie: 30-28S, 62/10/13, B21 10B0148 

H" 1 *:! 6 " r f' 20 * '" PW- >' C * D '' licensees, permit 
folders (, applicant, for CP re guidance for Implementing 
6RP rul..F.TM P d. NUREO-0906. NUREO to b> used ao interim 
meaiure until Reg Sulde 1.70 revised. Sve list end 

M?! B ? / r. D ' fl a u Dlv i fl ! n , f Ll """n>- 82/10/26. ' Consolidated 
Edison Co. of Neu York. Inc. 9pp. 

Flehe: 30-000, 62/10/26,8210260068 

rt' Ur M "? 8 t0 ' U Pm "<=" T. Consres.lonal 
request for i r f o concerning tt*am generator tube (nteoritu 
Forwards Conjrei.m.n EJ MarSeu 821019 questions re steam 
oenerator tub. Integri ty. Svt lilt end 

lS U r^^. u^* 1 ; 11 ?* Llctn.lng. 82/10/26. Consolidated 

Etfison Co. of New Yc-rk, Tnc. 10pp. 16099-332 34y 
Fie h e : SO-000, S2/ 10/36, B21 0270030 

aa .V,' Forw * rdl riI P' )n " * B20920 Oen.rlc Ltr 82-16 re 
NUREv-0737 items requiring induilon of op.rabilitu, 
.uryelllanee fc/ r reportabllltg statement! In Tech Spec. 
follouina implementation. " 


Oman* Public Pnwer District. BH/10/S7. EISENHUT, D. 
Licensing. 4pp. 13867:289. 24X Flche: SO-2B5. 82/10/27, 



B2I1020(H5 Requests Commission reconsider uti 1 820615 Itr t> proposed 
Tech Spec changes re inop erabl 1 i tu. of reactor protection 
tyi/ESF actuation lyi channels. Fortg-eioht hours 
insufficient time for repairs. 

JOHEB.H.C. Omaha Public Power District. 62/10/27. CLARK. R. A. 
apirafrinp. Reactors Branch 3. 2pp. 15BB1:144. 24X 
Fich:50~HB5, 82/10/27, 8311020043. 

3S1I04Q214 Informs that ma In steam lint radiation monitor installed 
operationally tested per 820630 Itr fe TMI Action 
[tern II. F. 1. 1 . Cal ibr delated due to unscheduled outage !< 
will be completed bj 331112, 

JOKES, U.C, Omaha Public Po-wer District. 82/11/01. CLARK, R. A. 
Operating Reactors Branch 3. lp. 15929:031. 24 K 
FJcJit; 30-283, 02/1 1/01,021104021 4. 

Q2113002I3 Proposed Tech Bp*ei allowing tui tchgear t> dieiel generator 
room rollup fire door* to opin during cold d refueling 
condition* fc incorporating if etg-re Uted hydraulic ! 
mechanical snubber changes. 

Omaha Public Power District. 82/11/24. Itpp. 16239:333 24X 
Flche; 30-283, 03/11/29,821 1300209. 

Q. Inspection rtporti, IE BulUtlni 1. c orreip ondence 

8208190220 IE Info Notice 82-37, "Cricking in Upper Shell to 
Transition Cont Oirth Wild of Steam Qeneratar at Operating 
PWR. " Svt lilt sncl. 

JQRDAN.E. Diviiion of Engineering ti Quality Assurance. B2/09/I6. 
Consolidated Edison Co. of Neu York. Inc. 105pp. 15930:001. SIX 
Flche: 30-000, 92/09/16, 6209190320. 

B21J080164 Forward* "Environ Qualification Evaluation of Cable Splices 
Inside Containment for DPPD for Use In Ft Calhoun 
Nuclear Generating Station. Unit 1." Cable splices mill 
operate a* required during & after accident, 

JCNea.H.C, Dmaha Public Poyr District. B2/11/01. CLARK.R.A. 
Operating Reactor* Branch 3. Bpp. 15993: OBB. 34 X 
Fichv: 30- 283 j B2/1 1/01, 821 1 080164. 

8211OB0171 "Environ Qualification Evaluation of Cable Gplicei Iniida 
Containment for DPPD For Ui* in Ft Calhoun Nuclear 
Otnarating Station, Unit 1." 

* Hyle- La b orator i as. 26333-26. 02/06/23. 36pp. 15993:096. 24X 
Flche: 50-SB 9,82/1 1/01, 82110B01&4. 

82112201B9 Ack receipt of B20B27 Itr informinj NRC of (tips taken to 
correct violations noted in IE Insp Rept 50-235/82-12. 
SEIDLEiU.C. Diviiion of Re*idnt, Reactor Project lc Engineering 
Programs 82/09/16. JONES, W. C. Omaha Public Pouer District. lp. 
16165: 254. 24X Fie he: 50-2Q3. 62/09/16, B21 1 220189. 

8211220194 Reipondi to NHC 82072B Itr re violations noted in IE Insp 
Rept 50-283/83-12. Corrective ac tions: rad i ation protection 
manual ulll be revised to include provision! for documenting 
I correcting noncompl iances re protective clothing. 
JONES, U C Omaha Public Power District. 82/08/27. SEIDLG. W . 
Division of Resident, Reactor Project i Engineering Programs. 3pp. 
16165' 255. 24X Fiche: SO-2B5. 82/09/16, B21 1220189. 

B211150307 Foraiards addl info re containment leakage testing program, 
In rBiponiB to open Item* identified in NRC B 2072 3 Itr. 
Penetration M-44 ulll fa* tested par 10CFRSO App J.Util 
amend application will be reviied. 

JONES.H.C. Omaha Public Pouer District. 82/11/05. CLARK, R. A. 
Dperatlna Reactors Branch 3. 4pp. 16055; 173. 24X 
Fie he; 80-283, 82/1 l/05r BE1 1 150307. 

0211160047 Generic, Ltr 82-26 to power reactor licensee* {eieept Fort at 
Vr*ln> re NUREO-0741. Revision 1, "Preure Vessel Matl 
Fracture Toughness. " Forwards NUREO-0744, Revision l.U/a 
inc L, Bvc 1 1 t encl. 

EtSENHUT, D. O. Division of Licensing. 92/11/12. Con*olidated 

Ediior Co. of Him York, Int. 33pp. 16232:212. 24X 
Fi Che: 50-000, 82/11/12,8211160047. 

9311330506 Notifie* that implementation of wide range noble gas monitor 
ti lamp ling gs for participates fc Iodines pev NUREO-0737, 
Item II. F.I. 2 lul U be dolaged until B3O131. 

JOMEB.M. C. Omaha Public Pouier District. 02/11/17. CLARK, R. A. 
Operatinj Beactorf Branch 3. lp. 161B4:329. 24X 
Flch: BO-2S3, B2/1 1/I7, BH1 1330306. 

8211190170 Foruards application to amend Llcenie DPR-40, incorporating 
limiting condition* for operation u/less than 7SX of in-core 
ditectar itrlngi operable b deleting similar Tech Specs for 

^LeBoeufrUmbTl-elbu t. MacRae, 82/11/18. DENTON, H. R. Office of 
Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director. 2pp. 161SO:27O. B4X 
Flche: 50-EB5- Ba/1 1/18,8211190179. 

8311190179 Application to amend License DPR-40, Incorporating limiting 
conditions for operation in/less than 79 X of In-core 
detector itring* operable & deletinfl similar Tech Specs for 
Cycle A operation. _ ..... 

JOME8, H. C. Omaha Public Power District. B2/11/17. 2pp. 
1A1SO:272. 24X Fiche: SO-285, 92/1 1 /IS, SHU 190178. 

8811 190 ISO Proposed changes to Tech Spec* incorporating limiting 
conditions for operation /! than 79X of in-toi-e detector 
trlng. operable & deleting similar Tech Specs for Cycle 6 

B2-34, Revision I. "Welds In Main Control 

;""h.lic Pou,.r District. 82/11/17. 
Fich.: 30-283, B2/ll/lB,aai 1190178. 

15 PP . 16150:274. 24X 

Forwards application to amenrf License DPR-40, revising Tech 
Spec* to allow sudtchgear k die. el generator room rollua 
fir* door to open during eold & refuelina shutilown 

1 L.Bo. U f, Lamb, L.ib I, M-cR... SHAM, H. T Omaha Public 

921 tSOOHOV. 

8811900B11 Application to amend License DPR-40, revising Tech Spec, to 
a ToS siitchfl.-r *. diil g.n.rator room "JJ-'J."".'''"" 11 
to open during cold *. rafuellnfl shutdown condi t 

Ineorooratina s-f.tu-related hudraulic t snubbt 
JQNIrS C Omaha Public POUT District. 03/11 


btr changei. 
03/11/24. Spp. 

B208190222 IE Info Hotlci 
Panel*. " Bvc list encl. 

JORDAN, E. L. Division of Engineering & dual ity Assi 
Consolidated Edison Co. of Miui Vort, Inc. 107pp. 
Fiche: 30-000, 82/09/17,8308190222. 

ance. B2/OT/17. 
15B951 IBS. 24X 

B20B190229 IE Info Notice 82-39, "Svc Degradation of Thick Hall 
Stainless Steel Rec irculation Sg* Piping at BUR Plant." 

JQRDAN!E. L" C Division nf Enoineering t flual 1 1 Aiwranee. 82/09/21. 
Consoliilated Edison Co. ofHeuYork, Inc. 86pp. 16017:078. 24X 
Fiche: 50-000, 82/09/21,5208190229. 

820B190223 IE Info Notice 82-38, "Change in Format * D istr ibution Sgs 
for IE Bulletins, Circulars t Info Notices." Svc list encl. 
DEVOUNO,R.C. Director's Office, Office of Inspection and 
Enforcement 82/09/22. Consol idated EdUc-n Co. fNe U Vork, Inc 

UOpp 16018:021. 24X Fiche: 50-OOO. 92/09/22, 820B190323. 

B20B190232 IE Info Notice B2-4O, "Deficiencies in Primary Containment 
Electrical Penetretion Assemblies." Svc list encl. =3/00/33 

JOHDAN.&.L. Divi.ion of Engineering t Qual itg A.suranc_ ^ 2 /09/22^ 
Consolidated Ediion Co. of New York, Inc. 112pp. 13930.019. 24X 
Flche: 30-000, 62/09/22, B308190233. 

8=11230344 Forward* addl info revested in B30B13 Itr re response to I 
Emergency Preparedness Appraisal Hep t JO-flBS/ai-M. 
JONE6,iJ C Omaha Public Power DistTJCt. 82/1O/15. SEIDLE.H.t-_ 
Di.ion of R dent, Reactor Project (, Engineering Program*. 36pp. 
16186:054. 24X Flche: 50-BB5, 82/10/15, S2U230344. 

8208190239 IE Info Notice 82-41, "Failure of Safety/Relief Valve* to 

Fiche: 30-000, 82/10/22, B20B190H39. 

8211100224 Forward. IE In.p fiept 50-285/62-19 on B20901-30. No 

T'D^vI.^n of Resident, Reactor Project . Engineeri ng 

92/ 10/M. JONES.U.C. Omaha Pub 1 ic Pou-.r District. 2pp. 
. sii Fich. : 30-2aB,B3/10/22.821I100224. 

-nail 100831 IE Insp Rept 50-285/82-19 on B20901-30. Nn noncompl i ance 
noted Major ar.S. inspected: operatianal safety verification. 
surv.inanc. testing, Lint, IE bulletin follc-.up !, plant 

?"":*.. JOHNSON, UD .Division of Resident. Reactor Project 
Ensine.rlng Programs. 82/10/19. 6pp. 1603S.067. 24X 
Fich.: 30-269, 82/10/22, 8211100234. 

BEIOLE.W C Division of Resident, Reactor Project (. 


ha Public Pouer District. 




~B81 10*030? Public viril 

"" Ineiuiiin ' 






n Co. or 

: so-ooo. 

--BSH 100301 Suhmft 



Advtiti th 

M*n. BCV p , 

. will proviJ 
L.M. F, derj , 

W. J. Dffic. 

f"IV not '"'blt. 

"*" * VJluat *<"i. 

J1 " 11 "'t Agtne. 


..... ' 



&2II240433 R.quj.t. info needed for d.termlnino enforcement 
action warranted r. emergency pr.p^r.dn..,. cif ici.nci,. to 
t>t corrected 6g 821213 p.r 820803 Itr >nci to 

'' ^ C S' */<""* "P.ttor for Operation.. 

. B ltr to FEMA "" 

JWESELL.D. F. Hearing Branch I. 6S/11/1B. OLeABQN I P A!.,,_J 
fliMtv id Licensing Board P n .l. 3 PP 6193 262 i 

Fich.r 30-247, B2/1 1/18,8211230281. >oivj.B. 24-X 

8211300436 Forwards Am.nd 4S to Llc.n.e DPR-64 (, notlc. of Issuance 
fc availabilit,,. Amend modifi.. pUnt fire protection .u. li * u " llct 
UARM.8.A. Op.rating Reactor. Branch 1 P 0S,M/ 

- ' 

JM r. = 

n ,^ D ' vi * lo| i f Rules and Re card i, 

Ohio CltU.n. for Re.ponilbl. En.ray. 3pp 
FUhe: 30-247, Ba/l 1 /O4, P21 1 1 BOOHO. 


16153 175 

-921U80UO Buimlti resignation Itr due to conflict 

Bt '*!""*' f 8VC 5 SVC "" - 

Safety and Lic.n.lng Board Pa 

n . 

tche: 30-247, 82/11^0*. 021 1 IS0020. 

intBrea t in 

h.: 30-236,82/11/18,821 1300426 

U P-64 *' Ct f """ n " * 

WWtQA.S. A. Opt rat ing Reactors Dranch 1. 88/ii/lB 

1&262.-339. 24X Fi che: 30-806, B2/11 /IS, H21 1300426 

45 to Licensi 

S2112702S6 Forward, addl info requeued in B2092I ltr on ADD ft 
dc-e. not concur u/NRC Interpretation of reaulations re ' 

PQRV 9 Cfl " bl ti "" * spurious operation of ppt.vriip 

,J.P. Poiuer Authority of thi State of Neu Vork. 

3. 24X Flche:30-2B6,BB/ll/22, 8211290286"' 
0. Ad judicatory correspond one c 


Kllt01H7 PoTbiPd* FEMA B21013 ltr r r.c.nt r.m.dial tl.n ich.dul 
.ddr.,.(nj pUnt l nlflcint dsf ici.nclem 6 FEMA H3IOIH tr " r "" MU 
r n*if for plant merD*ncg planning *trcl. 

HASSELLi D. F. Haarlno Branch 1. BS/10/S8 OLEARHM p CUHM e 
PMIB.O.H. Atomic an d Llc.nnJ Board P IB^ ' 

15070:136, ZflX Fiche: 30-247, 02/10/28,021101024? PP ' 

a21.l030293MMop.ndum t, ord.r correetlng ASLB Ch.irman JP | H . an 
tadrtit far % vc. 

Ol-EAEDN, J P Atomic Safety an d Lic.niino Doard Panel H2/10/2B 
Ip. 13910:337. H4X Fiche: 50-247, 82/ 10/2B, Bail030293: Ba/1O/2B ' 

B21101020B AdvUit that iummar v of 821013 minting w/utd fc consultant. 
r * !?; 1 P7""*n"U tfr-rt ltr r B pt .v'lu.tlon of pUnt e0nBUlt ' ntl 
jrobblllt(c ufttij itudij coneluiion on frouncu of 
aeeJOBnt tnutnc> isrvid on ABLB (. partUi on B21027 

?,' H " rln n onch i. 92/10/39. OLEABON.J.P! , BHON, F j , 


M ^ RC bw FeM *- Cou n* R"olutlo n 380 .ncl, 
W "* Br4nch Conservation Aiiaclatlon. BS/10/Z9 
I tf NBKV ' V " ^ARNE.J.F. C 0mm l,.ion,r. Opf 

X Fich.; 30-247, 82/10/29, B21 1040424. 

B21IOB0061 Adyl... t^>t author unibl. to attind 821103-04 pr.htBPino 
r.f.r nc .,Ltr .hould b. con.ld.r.d Bt.t. of NY PM-BM. to 
n;i an ,* on c li*duHng of imtrgnc<j plannln] i.ut, 
FEIWBERO, J. D. N-u York, Btat. of, 82/10/S9, OLEA90N, J P , 
PMJ8..D.H.. SHdN.F.J. Atomic Saf.tu and Lic.n.lnfl Bwi pintl 
9pp. 15?7i:I42. BIX FIch:SO-247, 82/10/29, 8211080061 

B211160320 Rp D n< to 820326 int.rrogatorlo. (, documnt rvauiiU re 
Qutitfon 6. Intrrog*torl rcived on B210I3, 

CCMHEN.D,R. Oriti- N>u York Council on Entrg. B2/II/03 
of the EecutlvB LgI Director. 8pp. 16071:193 24K 

fieht: 80-247. 82/11/03,8211160320. 


"""..?! "" ln proc..dIn fl .C.rtlficat a/ 8vc . 
, Public Inttrtit Rtiiarc.S Group, Niu York. 82/11/04 
lAOTl;20t. 21X Flch:30-247,B2/ll/04, B2U160317. 

02(1160358 Motion to amend vc 1 I t, u6itltut Ing K Doldbiro for 
J OJIrou. i counttl for PIfio of NY & eorpcting 
A Pott*r#iiU addrm. Certificate of Svt encl. 
HOtTiJ. Public Interact Reearch Oroupi Neu Vork. 82/11/04. 
Atonic aafttu and Licensing Board Panel. 2pp, 16091-190 24X 
5Q-SM7, 83/11/04, 8211160328. ". *yo. 

tnJ": 2' m ' 1 " d *ns abatement made duri nfi HOC 
milting. Rocklatid County uai not participating u/p lant 
emerjtncg plannina sterln B flroup. County official, y ere 
seeling (nf a. Reiolut 1 c-n 32O no t rescinded 

' Hack i" ntl CBUn *V W. Ba/Il/03. PALLADINO.M.J. 
" P ' l&057:13 ' 1 24X P'eh: 50-247.82/11/09. 

o ">ran.J Um & ortfer amending minimi ,vc list.addinn 

ShOl y of UCS tc SW P.rry of FEMA, substituting A Qold^rg 
for J IPPV =F PIHO gf NV !, BL B. un for TK Fray for PABNV 
^ chanoinj A Potterfield address. 

OLEABDN, J P Atomic S-Fety and Licensing Board Panel 92/1 1 /OB 
Spp. 16022:073. 34X Fich: 30-247, B2/1 1/03, B21 1 tOQSSB. 

B2I1150376 Response opposing UCS oral motion to amend 
":""*: J * futi-H-TtuD-pronB ttr. conten 
mi t. Cert idea tt of 8vc encl 

DRANDEHBWW.B. Consolidated Edison C. of Netu Vdvfc 
Pou,,r Authority of tb. State f Nau, Vark. MaROA^C 
?5 l! a^ 1 ^^' At Dm ic Saretv and Licensing Doir P.n.J 

13pp. 16056:338. 24X Fi eh : 50-247, S?/U/09, BS1 1 130376 

n" t 


2 lii.*2^ >""'" * or;. r formulating final conEentinns !. setting 
schedul^Hearins on Queitions 3 !. 4 u. i 1 1 commence- on 030103 
Conttntlont to be litigated lilted In app 

8LEASDM,J.P,, PARIS.O.H., SfCN, F. J. AtMlc Ba*t V and Lictn Ing 
13 ' 3l - 16IOS 9 

WII13000Ba Bo.pd Kotl-le.tion oa-II:F*Pr.-, util special investigati 
roceedins rept, "CBQ Cal tu li,tlans f Hgdrogrn DetonatiDn, 
in ZiDii *. S>quog*ri Nutlear Plants " "Dn 

A "'f t " t t D ' r " :tor f r OP-rating Hwetori. FIM A-1MA. 
aJS"! C h 8 '*" a " d J - lcensi(1 fl B "ri Panel. 39pp. 
16263:011. B4X Fi the : 30-E47, 82/ 1 1/16, B31 130-OOGa. 

B2111<?oasa Err*ta to ASLB B211I3 memorandum t, ordor, corr Bct in g 
typographical rrors. 

^ E * 8 ?2't P ii/ t "5lS S? f f* v and 4 - lcerl * i ^ aoard p n .i. B2/I1/17. 
Ip. 16151:246. 24X Fi che : SO-247, BSfl 1/17. B21U70233. 

aSllS20200 at.tMlt.ckl.ntf County Ut.ntJon r- Bmer g & nc y P unnin 8 for 
facaitJes.Roekland County radiolnmcal Bm er B enc U response 
plan developed w/o necessary Input From local officials 
charged ur/imp lementatioir of plan. 

QRrtHr.J.T. Rockland County, NV. B2/I1/18. PALLADINa. H .) 
AHEARNE, J. , OILINBKY, V. Con^i .,1 oner . 3n p. 16165 330 24X 
FIche: 80-247,82/11 /IB, 8S1I2S0200. 

8311220249 Advlit, thit NY County D.mocratlc Conwltt.e pa>.ed encl 
^USSi!*, f." on Bal118 *vorln s prman^nt cloii rg a f ni alnts 
FARRELL, H. D. Affliction UnKflou.n, 02/11/ia. FALLrtBINO, W J , 
AHEARNE.J., OrLlNSKY.V. Co^i ,. Bp , . 16163:344 MX 
Fleh*:SO-247, B?/il/IB, B21 1220249. 

SB11230SBI Forward. HJ Dirck. B21117 ltr FEMA requiting info r* 
itate of emergencu prepardn>n. 

' flt Hi T ri S !l fl fl r al ' t: ' 1 *' 02/ "''ia. OLEASON.J.P., SHON, F. J. , 
2* oml(: B'^'ty "nd Licensing Board Panel. 3pp. 
:26=. 24X Fich*: 30-247, 02/11/18, 8311230201 , 

8211230429 FUipont** to first ..t of Interrogatories & document 
rnue.t. on ASC.B Suctions 1,2 tc 3. C.r t if Ic* te of Sve encl 
BRANDENBUR0.8. Consol idat.rf Editon Co of N." Vr^l"c 

'E'E' t* T A " tll<irlt V * ^e State O f Now York! 

, P.F. Morgan A*ioc I atei. aa/ll/(9. Union of Concnmed 

SSi!2Si""- I3S "' 1 * 190: " t 3- S^X Fich. : 80-247,82/11/19, 
321 123042'?. 



B2J 1230434 Ann,., 

rnqUBltt < 

or-tftr i- ] 
tnc I . 

HGQflE.J.E., HCnnonru u , '"" V " * Svt 11^*1* *. yrii Pl~otctlon for'cTIi^rS ttellnic *l IVItiUcn ntl el Sclinti.^ ^ n Hwrini Branch 1. *ehnli ,.*,...,_. ." p ".. IE Bou . r .. "M af 



6311300100 ApiH i ejt i n e 


"InJInln Ptl,[ 

BS/tlfSt, F 'ern:SO-286, B3/10/1B, Be'csso? 1 "*"* 11 '' app- 164 'i:OOl. a^X 


.r - H 

S2110J031 1 3pP ' !M8(): 3 'a. S4X 

.n. Ple Ur B2 -. . , 


6010020093 Mvi,.. th . t . _ 


: r 

H211140IB4 Forward, 

" l 



B2II22S344 F^jrrf. iilni m.tallurD ical, supporting Hpothe.i. that 
crocking 1. at.ociated n/nucleatlon .it., which uier. mild 
corrosion pits in highly ttr>siad uvld.pir utll 831029 Itr 
Oirth uald repair motal 1 urgical analgils aumraaru and 
BAYKe.J.P. Pouer Authority of ths State of Niu York ' 62/11/17 

O. Olvi s Ion of LI ctnilng. Spp. 1616O 82 24X 

6, 62/11/17,0311330344. 

--BS11220347 "Charpg Impact Teiting." 

VECCHID.A. J. Lucius Pitkin, Inc. N-60SO. B2/06/14 
16160:190. B4X Fich<,;gO-2B6, (32/11/17,8211220344. 




VECCHIO.A. J. Lucius Pitkln. Inc. 11-6830. 03/04/34 2 OD 
16160:192. 24* Flche; 30-286, B2/H/ 17, B21 1220344 

-B2I 1220334 "Held Metal Charpu V-Notch T.sts " 

VECCHIO.A.J. Lucius Pitkin, Inc. M-6B35-C fl2/O7/lfi 
74. ,24X FJche: 30-2S6, B2/1 1 /1 7, B21 1220344 


,* ild Pp0 du Qualification, SHAH WPS 3A, BOT4 
VECCHIO.A. J. Lucius Pitkin, Inc. M-685SC-1 53/09/23 
16660:196 24X FIch.:00- 

"'= <f Info N.tU. 92-38, "Chano, in Format !, Distribution S UB 

If Or It Hirilftl!indi.B~'fi>ml>fh. t. T_J- 1.1^.1 i . .. _ _. -..- -w.^n wya 

. v.e * ancl 

.R.C, Dlr.etBr't OMit,. OFflc.of In.pM. B "S!' 
Enf D rc.m,nt B2/0?/22. Con.ol Id.t.d Bd I n Co. " N York, 

110pp. 1601B.-021. 24X Flch* : SO-000, B2/O9/22, 820H I 7O223 


non compli 

IE In.p R, pt SO-SB,/e2-I7 or. B20916-1015 No 

iuio. r*o 

.' 135. 

'"- Di ^"t" -P Pr^J.ct t, K E .id.nt Pr 
P U ' r Auttl '' lt the at.t* oF NMI V 

24X Ftche : 50-2B6, BE/1O/20, 831 109O447 



- n 020916-10! S.Nc noncomp 1 
ari 1 I P B c t.d: p lant op.ratl oni, B h i f I log, 
rtcortf., plant tour, iurv t i Hence, ma tnt, rwiu of rm action 
l?,^ r | ql '.' r " nl * rlt * fc rBV ' u * monthly opBratlno rapt 
KENNY.T.J., BAUNACK.H., KlflTEft. H Divl ioi O f Pro 

Bpp - 

1* 1 ' ) COUp0 " ""*-Afft Zone Hard*.,. Su-v.u " 
J. Lucius Pitkin, Inc. M-68SSC-2 S3/09/za 
14160:204. B4X Fi = h : 30-2H6, B2/1 1/17, S21 12M344 


PrOI durr Ht-Af*.ci.d Zone Mic ro, Iructur. ft H.rdnes. 


VMH10,rt. J. Lucius PlUin, Inc. 7154. 82/06/24 
llAO:aiB. BflX FichB: 30-204, 62/11/17,021 1220344 

M nf Boat Sampl. Bupplisd bg OE, USE NuelMr Plant 

&311E20391 - 


OULD,O.C, aanoral Elactrlc Co. CI-1032. B2/06/23 
14160:333. 24* Fi che: S0-B8i, 02/1 1 /17, B21 1220344 

--BB I) 330397 "Mtllur 9 ical E.ra of Shell Ol r u Hold Coupnn From Btean 
Cfniritor 32, Intflan Point 3 Nuclear Pamur PUnt " 
VECCHIO.A.J. Lucius Pitkln, Inc. 7164. 02/10/19 Qiao 
1*160:371. 24X Fich,,:BO-2Bi, 02/11/17^211220344 "' 

9211300426 Foru*rdi rt|n e nd 48 to Lic:.n B . DPR-64 ft notU, of i,, 

ftniEW'i 1 ' 1 '* 1 " 1 "' no( "" P lant *I Protection iui. 
VAROA.S.A. Oparatlng Reactors Branch 1. 02/11/18 SINCLAIR. L U 
Pow.r Authority of tin Stata C Niu Yort. 4pp. 14aw-aB4 wjt 
Flch*: 50-206, ea/1 1/10,8811300426, 

' 49 t J L '" nlt 6*.idi*ing PUnt fir. 
a P" t ln RMttori Branch 1. B8/11/1S. 
S4X FIch: 00-296, B2/I I/ IB, 821 1300426 

Notlcs of Issuano t, availabilitu of Amend 43 to Lleen 

YSSi 1 ' ? D1 ''' t * na Ro-ctors Branch t. B2/1I/1B. Bpp 
1*242:335, 24K Fi che: SO-2Bi, B2/1 1/18, B21 130042J, 

0. Intpictlon reports, IE Bullitini t coirs spondence 


"i^x^&^r.Ei' 11 " rallirrB f ^'^""i" -iv t 
^^.fii*.^!^^-^! 1 !;::^^*?-: 1 "?^ 

Fiche: 50-000, 82/10/23. 620H1W239. "' I59AO ' 153 3 ** 

3211300204 Forwards IE Insp Rijt BO-3a6/Bl-J7 on B112I4-17 Mo 
noncorfipllance noted /. o 

., ~ 



Polu " 1 ^thorlti; of th- State of Neu Vori 
S4X Fiche: 30-2B6, B2/ 1 1 /03, B21I3O02B4. 



nH 7 i-.QH214-17.No nonc 

noted. Major areas I nip ec ted: rad la ti an pro tact i on & 
tr*nportation P ro 9 ram, inc luding licensee action* an 

1 " 1 U " ntlfiod tttiM-trainiti, fcpoir control 
.K.E., OfiEENMAN, E, 0. Division of *7ng.n..Pinfc 

6211100286 Ack r.celpt off fl20B02 ft 0930 Itrs informlna WJIC of 9 tep 9 
ta&en to correct viol a t ian. noted in IE Imp Rap t 
resofvin dI ltJt " B3 930 Ur dld na * di "="* Progt-r,s. in 
"BROWS' J 1 c' Division of Engineering & Technical Pro S ram. 
16024.'340. 24X Ffchu : 30-2S6, B2/1 1/O4, 

Bat 1 100301 Submits add! rip<in*e to NRC 820702 Itr i-e violations noto 

o? : "'5* ll V ! ^ eiWW - DMsr " nt fl " nt.rpr.u!; on tC 

of S.ction 2. 5.Z o* SEfl remains. Mod tq Ptre brigade 

trln(r>o proB""> proposed, effective B21001 

T?;. J T C ^ PDI |"^ * utl "" 1 " : <l of *h HUtfl of Weu York. 02/09/30 

.,51! I: T> Dlvl lon D * EnoInBerlng (, Technical Progt-am. ID 

16024:341, 24X Flc n : 50-206, 63/11 /(U, B21 1 100206. r tf ""' ' p 

S311 100308 Forward r.tpon to WHC B20702 Itr re violations noted in 
IE Intp R.pfe flO-2B6/e-09.Rqu(r..i,U of Section III" of 
R <ta rat apply to Facility 

T P ?fV t uth r ' tg of th * St " tf "' N" VQrk. BS/00/Oa. 
o5i V i! r 2* En lnll ''*''!l & Technical Programs. 3pp. 
, 24X Ffch; 30-236, 82/1 1 /04. S21 1 1002BA. 

Jt , IB - In * Notice B2-37, "Cpackinfl in Upper Shell to 
PHR" S n H.'t*."l. t ' 1 Held ' Bt " m ' ntr ' tar * Op-rating 

^? RI> ?^',f' ,. ?'X^?' on 2 f En i ""r 1 i9 * Qualltu Assurnnee. 82/09/16, 
conioij<f*ted Ediion CD. of Nu York, inc. 103pn. 13930-001 sty 

Flch:3i-000,02/O9/16;,820Bl)220. ' 

"SUK. 8 ? Svc^lSt^l" 02 " 34(Rsvl i0fl l ' " M ' ld n Main Control 

"^^f'.l? * ? i ^J iD " ^ f En B ln "''l"B Qualitu S2/0?/17. 
ConiollifatBd Edieon Co. of NeuiYork, Inc. 107pp 15899' 1B9 94 K 
Flch:30-000, 03/07/17,8208190232. 

B2U190201 Forwards IE Imp Rpt SO-206/82-ia on B21O04-OB No 
noncorapliance noted, 

"2S'V^ o Vl>l 2 n .K' En 9 ln " rI nB < Technical Prooram,. B3/1I/OS. 
,IV:V Pou " r Author <ty ">f the t*te of Ntui York. Sop. 

14181: 073. K4X Fi c he: SO-2B6, 92/11/05, B211 1 9O2O1 , 

' niP *T pl BO -WW-B <" eai04-OB.N none o-npl lance 
not*<f. Hajor ar*a* Inipictirf: s tatu. of fj lur* analusU k 
propoed repair procedure for cr*e*ed upp.r- snail ta 
***" eon * clo u '' wtld on four teem generators 

; 10n f E "1^^"B < Technical Progr 
73- 24IC Ficho:50-2B(,,B2/U/05. 

IE Info Notic* 82-39, "Bvc of Thick Mall 
St*l ReclrcuUtfon BV Piplno at BUR Plant " 
Bvc tilt *ncl. 

JOflDAN,E.L. Dlvlmion of Engln*artng fc Oualittf Aiurnca. 

Ct.nDlidJtd Ediion Co. of Ntw York, Inc. B6pp. 
Fie h: 30-000, 62/09/21^208190329. 

821UB0310 Informi of intent to perform Indeptndent ultrasonic, e.ams 
Of tttiiD ginarator uppar thell to traniltlon con* nlrth 
wvldi, t*ntatlvIv icheJultd for B21113jli ft 17 

1 T' I" DIvllI " "' Engineering , Tchnical Prooram.. B3/11/09 
I-'. ^!"2r A "thorit of the Blat* of Ney York. 2pp. 
1:141. 2 Ftclie:80-SB4,B2/H/O9tB2111B0310 



: 50-286, Bl/ia/l 3, 





SSK, S. - 

--. MX 


. , t 

ffi/0 ;;; r 

ver .in B * 

pJKss-ii::; 5%"! J r /SCB!8 

CP/3/A/3002/05 r, pS.?'.*!j5 n '"' * u PPrt ctr 

* ^' p ou , r co Bs/o^x Ll' u%ti t L i c ," Jtc 

Fiche: 50-ai ^ M 

S210040060 e en . rlc Ltp 

*, pDlue 

on Co . of 

.: so-ooo, 

l"fl. 8B/10/OI. 

P ' 600S: Mft 

B210070019 fltneric Ltr 


Fl ch.: 30-000, BS/lfl/lf, 




-3a, 50-270/02-33 i 30-337/62-38 an 
. o noncompliai.ce noted. Major areas Inspected- 
" J> ro *" :tion ' 1 "iui<f . gMeoui radioactivity r.iea... 
i. p v * i " *"P rai " 1 '"* *oHonup itms 
Tilt ' Divl " Qn of ET.aine.ring ft Technical Pro-r-m. 

ffpp. 16062:082. 24* Fi c^: 50-269, B^ lO/aa^i 1S 0603. 

Otn.rle Ltr B2-23 to all li c , n ,. eB t, applicant, r. 
intotxHstency betu.en requirement. of 10CFR73 4O(g) t, srfi 
/e-r performtna audit. oC safeguard. continoencu P 1 BT1 
(security plan).Bvc 11. t encl. P 

^ U J; B * *, DiV i*^ n ?' Llcon " n B- M/10/W. Con.olidatad 

Edlton Co. of New Vork, Inc. Bpp. 15993-319 aav 
Fichi: 30-000, 02/10/30,0210290100. 


rli.if Th.rmal Shock." Buimittal c 

" * " rllar "''l ! t.n e ,p tl n SB to r omn .n* 
'" 8 * ctlor * riut*il ui! thin 43 du 
rating ftoactorm Dranch 4. 

t Trainina far 
nnlu ninor 
" " 

F ' 


r.aUS " N Det " llBl( Affiliation Oiv.n. B3/10/01 2l on 
15900:109. 24)1 Flcfc.: 3O-BW, 62/10/01.021 IO103W 

B21111006B Releases public ver.ion of revised c 
FELTCU.J.M Division of Ru!.. and Record.. 

' "' " OM:073 - "X" 

U mat clan 


11I100B3 Public vision of Revision 6 to cri.i. t p i an 

Duk* Pou.r Co. 02/10/29. 69pp. 16053 076 H4X 
Flche: 50-000, S2/1 1/01, 881 1 1 10060 

B2M040379 Oan.rii Ltr 02-25 to .11 p Dluer r 0fl ctor liceni.e 
lntt,rat*d IrtEA "rclii for ph.j.i^l l nVO nt or <, at LWRi.Ary 
ceiiunltniint to participatn in a>erciBe li voluntarg (. anu 
util that participate, will b rBimbuned. Svc Hit me I 


c w 

E-llion Co, of Nu Yqrk, Inc. llpp. 
Fleh: 80-000, 82/11/03,8211040379. 


16019' 004 

9211140073 Ri.pondi to 020917 Itr re 7 to 
contlnotntg plan. Change* conitant u/provl alona n* 
10CFB30. Slip) b acceptable. 

8TOL:,J. Operating ns-cton Branch 4. 82/11/09. TUCKER, 
Pi^r Co, 2pp. 16103:326. S4X Fich.: M-H69, 82/1 1 /W. 


mttting NUREO-0737 criteria. 

BTOLZ.J.F, Op.rating Reactori Branch 4. 

F riJ * r ' :l1 

J. F, Operating Reactors Branch 4. 

- 3pp 

r :? u "i PD - addi inft> r 

mpling Sy,. Clar i fie*titm iccti 

gn i,Il i nffs , not requi refflan t9, For 

Bail0501B9 Confirm. Baioi4 tMcon author i ,ati on tn 

Bc U 3 f 10 r te ^ aM ! d '*'""' '" re,Sl 
Bpc 3. I. I.e. 1 re RCS aaf.ty valve, until B21029 

Hand-uMtten af9tg *va!ujtion encl 


K - ' 

ich>:SO-2i7, 82/10/15,621105010?. 


"pirating factors Branch 4. 

e T .ch 



'ai?. > nBVlll n 9 t0 <" ^ibhh.ld 

H.B. Duke Rawer Co. 08/11/12. DENTON.H.ft. Office of 
Nwelur RiguUtion, Director. 1pp. 16104.171 24K 
F(chi:30-2A?,flS/M/12,B211170210. "iwt. J/l. H4K 

8311330166 Rxpondi to 620722 rtvlilont to physical ..curitu plan Fu 
^BSIw'Sa?*! 1 "" p ! t -v. n ... I, ,re lncon.Imt.nJ P """' 
W/10CFR90. 54<p) provisioni.Encl withheld frof 10CFfl73 HI) 
VASSALLO. 0. B. Opnrating Drat torn Branch 5. 02/11/ls' PARniB.H O 
T.nneiiei V^ll.n, /luthoritu, Ip. 16193:107 24J< 
F(ch.:30~as9. SB/ 1 1/13, 021 1B30166. 

B2SI390221 Hoi.*.,, public v.r.ion of r.vli.d .m.r 
trnpUmenting prooduro., 
FEt.TON,J,M Division of Dule* and R.eortf*. 02/11/19. 
lp ' li24A:17A - 34X FI ch: SO-OOO, 



B2I1270227 ForuiaTd. public ver.lon of revi.d m.raancu ni ln 
InpUfli.ntln* pTocdurs, including Procedure. 9 3 I ri 
r.coverv manager t* imra.diat* itaff oroup plan & g.. 3. A rB 
ridiolDg lea 1 lupport group. 

TtKKER.H.B. Duk. P D1U .r Co. B2/10/29. DBNTOM, H. H. Offic. of 
Nuclear Boaetor Regulation, Director. 2pp, 14B44' 177 sax 
F I eh.: 50-000, BS/ 11/19,8211290821. 

Public v.v.lon of r.vl..d em.rg.ncu plan UpUm.nt 
proc.dur*r including Procedure* 3.3.1 re reeoveru <nanger J, 
Inuntdlate tafif group pUn fc 9,3,6 ra radiological lupnort 

Kh ^ 

* DufcB Power Co. 82/10/22, 233pp. 
FUhe: 30-000, BB/11/19, 6211290221. 

16246:179 24X 

P, Opj-tlnii Ucinie stage document. & correspondence 

B2JI010144 Advltt* that T espo 

lu'n^'^ rlC *""''*' 

rac^ft H n Dil * "J u "** t 

Nu<]..r ftm^ct.r Re aU l a ti Dn , 
Dr.h 4. lp, 

B. 0. 

to NF1C BS06-OB 

proper r.vl 

n lrector . 

ie n ..,p.r 

icant* for CP TO guidante for imp 1 Bmentlno 
rd. WWEO-09O6. NUFIEO to b. us .d i, Int.rlS 
R M ?" lde -70T.vid.flvc list .ncl 
Division d f Lie ens ing, 03/JO/26. Csnso ] i dated 

r MlM11 V '' k ' Itlc ' 'PP- tSTW^BW. 34X tl>rlSO ' ' datod 

Flche: 90-000, 02/10/26,0210260088. 


S,T ) *S: n !:i t " r B2 "? a * fli ' PHfl ll """" - t 
pequ*it tar info c on c em i n 9 itmra generator tubo int 

Forward. Conar e . m an EJ Markey 331019 twt.tUn, P. . 
gtnerator tube inteflr Ity. Svc list encl 

" ' DlVS r L "*"- '/O 

,, w , 

Etflson Co. of Ntu Yart, Inc. iflpp. 

Flche; 30-000, B2/IO/26, B210270030. 

-3.*.E,!! Of 


16-099:333. 34K 

*"" "* n**f Joe..... Hydro 
raqusst. Even t <ra fl ni tuda uias 2 37 
an 9'-3ph for Station DG3 ncl 
Poyar Co. SB/1O/S6. BENTOM.H.R. Office of 
tor RejuJatEon, Di rB rt O r. BTQI.Z.J.F. Licensing Dp.neft 
13967:312. 24X Flchr : 50-269, B3/I 0/26, B211O10223 

u, Amend rovlsa. rch Speci reflicting util 

reorganiiatinn S peraonnol nuali f ica t iona. 
HAONER.P.C. Operating Roactom Drancfi 4. 

' SPP ' 

6209310027 O.nerlc Ltr B2-16 to all PWR llcente*. r. rWREO-0737 
fi*ct.ffnue*t r.vicu of Tech Specs to dBtirmlni conslttencu 
w/euldiiue provided. For items u/devlatlons, amend to 1 i cants 
c,uJrif. H/o stattd ends. Svc list encl. 

E16NHUr,D.0. Division of Licensing. 82/09/20. Consolidated 

Edison Co, of Ntu York, Inc. 13pp. 15930; 140. 24X 
Fl ehe: SO-OOO, 02/09/20,0209210027. 

-0211060624 Amend. 115,115 ft US to Llc. nM . DPR-aB, DPR-47 S, DPR-SS, Tech Specs to reflect util 
reoroanlmtlan ft p.rsonnol ,ufll iPicatlon, t, correcting leak 
testing requirsw.nta- " 

?I2'-' ?'* l ng Reactor* Di-aneh 4. B2/10/36 20o B 
J5972;03. Z4X Fiche: 30-369, B2/1O/26, H21 1O60619 PP ' 

sfet<| evaluation supporting Amends U5, 113 t ila to 
Licenses DPR-3B,DPK-47 (, DPR-3S, respectively. 

*..2t lc ! "* Muclar Reactor ReBulatiom Director S2/IO/26 3nn 
1 5972: 043. 24X Fi cho : 30-269, B3/10/26, -~ **'*"'"> J PP- 



-B2I 1060629 Not let of Issuance t, ava 11 *6 11 i t (J of Amend* 11 5, 115 ir 112 to 
Licenies DPR-38, DPR-47 t. DPR-S5, respect i velu. 
BTOLZ-J. F. Operating Reactor* Branch 4. 83/10/26. 2pp. 
15972:046, 24 X Fiche: 30-269. 82/10/36.621 1040619. 

311060644 Fortifardi Amends 114,114 t, 111 To Llceniei DPR-3B, DPR-47 d 
DPR-SS, respec civilij. *af et y evaluation & notice of issuance 
b aval labl 1 i t u. Hmend al lou* safety valves o n Unit 1 to f 
degraded front 821014-29. 

WAONEfl-P. C. Operating Reactors Branch 4, 92/10/26. TUCKER, H. B. 
Duke Pauflr CD. 4pp. 15972:342. 24 X Flch t : 50-369, 62/10/26. 
B2t 1060644. 

-0311060651 Amends 114. 1 14 tc 111 to Licenses DPR-3B. DPR-47 t. DPH-S5- 
repc tivel y. revls ing Tech Sptc to allou pressure rode 
safety valve* on Unit 1 to b* rfegradod -from 821014-29. 
STDLZ.J.F. Operating Reactors Branch 4. 82/10/26. 9pp. 
15972:346, 24X Fiche: 50-269. B2/10/2&.B21 1OA0644, 

-211060662 Safety evaluation supporting Aminds 114,114 I 111 to 
Licenies DJ-R-3B, DPfi-47 (, DPfi-35, resp ecti vely. 
Office of Nuclaar Reactor Regulation. Director. 02/10/26. 
15973: 334. 24 X Fiche: 50-269.02/10/26,0311060644.. 

-6211060667 Notice of iisuance t availability of Amends 114, 114 I 
Licenses DPH-3B, DPR-47 b DPR-53, rei pectively, 
STOLZ.J. F. Operating Reactors Branch 4, 02/10/26. 2pp. 
15972:356. 24X Fiche: 5O-269. 62/10/26, B21 1060644, 


6211140373 6ummaril 820310 & 19 meetings u/NRC t< Franklin Re*erc* 
Ctr re radiological iffluint Tich Epic ipp 1 ication. Rtvi sed 
application, incorporating B2111S muting agreements will be 
submitted b(j 821215. 

TUCKER, H. B. Duke Power Co. 82/11/10, DENTON, H. H. Office of 
Nuclear Reactor Regulation' Director. BTOLZiJ.F. Operating Raitt&Ti 
Branch 4. lp. 16091:333. 24X Flche: 30-269. H2/1 1/10, B21 1 160373. 

B211150S1I Application for amend to Llcenie DPR-3B, DPR-47 b DPR- 5 3. 
Change utflizti riviied App heatup & cooldoun limlti for 
19 ifph contained In encl Table 1 & matli propertln datai 
from BAW-1697 & BAN-1699. 

TUCKERiH.B. Dut Pouer Co. 82/11/12. DENTDN.H, R. Office of 
Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director. STOLZrJ. F. Operating finctori 
Dranch 4. 4pp. 16037:317. 24 X Flche: 30-269. B3/1 I/IS. BB111503I I. 

B211I5Q5S3 Propated Tech Spec pagef utilltlng reviled App d*atjp & 
cooldoun limiti for 13 sfph contained in encl Table 1 b 
matli propertiei data frum BAW-1697 t.BAW-1699. 
* Duke Pou.r Co. 82/11/12. 12pp. 16037:331. 24X 
Flche: SO-269. 82/11/12, B21 1130311. 

B21 1140047 Oeneric Ltr 92-26 to power reactor licenaf> (eicapt Fart Si 
Vraln) re MJREQ-0744, Reviiion 1, "Prenure Veixel Mat I 
Fracture Tou9hns. " Foruarifi NUREO-0744, Re vi sion l.W/o 
enc 1, Bvc 1 lit enc 1 . 

E[SENHUr,O.Q. Dlvliion of Licensing. 82/11/12. Contalfdattd 

Ediion Co. of titu Vork, Inc. 52pp. 16235:212. 34X 
Flcnei SO-OOOi B2/1 1/ IS, 6211160047. 

31106070S Adviiei that r*nu i mnmi t s of NUREO-0737, 1 tra II. E. 4. 2. 6, 

"Operable Valve*. Or If Cloird Muit be a*olnf Cloud" I. Item 

ll.E. 4. 2, 7, "primary Containment High Radiation to Cloie 
Vent t. Purge Valvei" mi ti p end in o approval oP Tuch Speci, 

BTOLZ.J.F. Opirating Reactari Branch 4. 6Z/lO/2a. TUCKER, H. B. 

Dute Pour Co. 2pp. 15972:143. 24X Flch : 30-269, B2/1 0/20, 

8211190123 Faruardi change* affecting ichedulod completion date* rr 
320728 itatuc r(it of NUREO-Q737, Itemi II. D. 3, "Poit- 
Accident Sampling," II. F.I, "Accident Monitoring" d 
1 1 1. D. 3. 4. "Control Room Habltabi 1 i tg. " 

TUCKER.HB. Dote Foyer Co. 82/11/13. DENTON.H.R. Officn of 
Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director. 4pp. 16150:593. 24X 
Fichs: 50-869, 92/11/13.0211190123. 

?1IO60306 Infnrmi that ichedula for responding to NUF1EO-0737, I tim 
II. B. 3 art valuation criteria guidelines for post-accident 
sampling lys uilll not be lubmitted until 82 1201 j contrary to 
621101 djt. committed to in 320603 Itr. 

TUCKER. U.S. Duke Power Co. BB/ll/QI. DEHTON,H.R. Office of 
Nuclear fti-aitor Regulationj Director. STOLZ. J. F. Dpurating Reactors 
Oranch 4. lp. 15953:025. 24X Flcht : 30-269, 82/1 l/Ql, &21 106030i. 

B2 11 290661 Forwards table lummarliing change* to reviled intarvic* 
tilting program. Changis (Jill become effective uihen 
atioclated siji declared operational. Valves added to perform 
preisure liolatlon f unc tion ui 1 1 be teak teited. 

TUCKER, H, B. Duke Power Co. 82/11/19. DENTON.H.R, Office of 
Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director. BTOLI, J, F, Operating Reactor* 
Dranch 4. 9pp. 16222:090. 24 X Fiihe: 50-269, B2/1 1/19, 021 12906BI. 

?11O90256 Submit! info re main itiam line piping n*lyii perPormed 
di result of incident in RQ-2B7/B1-03 Revisinn 1 dtd HI0610, 
in reipone to request, Mai allowable i tress deterfflined to b* 
17, 500 pii. 

TUCKER. H, fl. Dud* Pouer Co. B2/U/01 DENTON, H. R. Office of 
Nuclear Reactor Regulationj Director. ETOLZ.J.F, Operating ReactorE 
Drancfi 4. lp. I60O4:1'?O. 24X Fiche : 50-2B7, 02/1 1/OI, B2110903S6. 

8SI13D01B1 Forwardi responie to NRC B21013 request for addl info 
re licenine compliance u/NUREG-0737. Items I. A. 2. 1. 4 & II. B. 4 
concerning personnel training. Description of Phase II core 
damage mitigation training encl. 

TUCKEH.H.D. Duke Pawer Co. 02/11/19. DEN TON, H, R. Office of 
Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director. STOLZ.J, F. Operating Reactor* 
Branch 4, 21pp. 14230:320. S4X Flche: 30-269, 03/1 1/19, 8211300101. 

211150136 Forward* response to Franklin Research Ctr draft technical 
evaluation npt re control of heavy 1 oadi. tupplementlng 
821008 reiponie to NRC 320313 request, 

TUCKER. U.S. Duke Pouer Co. Q2/I 1/05. DENTQN. H. H. Office of 
Nuclear Reactor Regulation., Director, STOLZ.J.JF. Operating Reactors 
Branch 4. 4jp, 16036:127, H4X Flch : 50-269. S2/1 1/05, H21 1 1 5013&. 

9211300220 Foryards response to NRC 02101B request for addl info re 
tornado-protected means of providing steam generator coaling 
Wittr, Portion i of response discussed during 821116 telcon. 
TUCKER, H. B. Duke Payer Co. 82/11/19. DEN TON, H. R. Office of 
Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director. BTOLZ.J.F. Operating Reactors 
Branch 4. 15pp. 16239:265. 24X Flche: 50-269, 02/11/19,8211300320. 

311150615 Responds to 020913 Itr requetttng addl info re reactor 

blrfj purge Jij s operation In cald (hut daum. Evaluation of 
necessaru plant mod's tinderua^. Tech Specs addressing purje 

ii|l it vJ 1 v* leakage testing mill be provided, 

TUCKER. H. B. Duk* Power Co. 02/11/03. DENTON, H. JI. Office of 

Nuclear Reactor Rejulat ion* Director. STOLZ.J.F. Operating Reactors 

Draneft 1. If. 1*059:312. 24X Fiche: 30-369, 02/11/05,8211150615. 

0211300290 Informs that revised Tech Spec 3.7 mill not be provided 6y 
831119 as stated in 82110B submtttal re adequacy of station 
electric distribution sijs voltages, but as soon * in-house 
revley completed. 

rUCKER.H.B. Duke Pouer Co. 02/11/19. DEN TON, H. R, Office of 
Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director. STOLZ,J. F. Optratlng Reactors. 
Branch 4, lp. 16237:362. 24X Flche: 30-269, 82/1 l/19i B21 1300290. 

Jill 50448 Reipondi to NUREO-O737, I tm U.K. 3, 30, "Small Break LdCA 
Methoifs. " Util B211O1 submittal of HAW-I0154P i. BAM-10092P, 
Revision 3iiatisfieB renuirements. Al 1 rpquir unenti 
adequately addressed. 

TUCHER.H. Q, Duke Power Co. 82/11/05. DENTON, H. R. Office of 
Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director. SrCLZ.J. F, Operating Reactors 
Branch 4. 2p p. 16061. -274. 24X Flch* : 30-269, 02/1 1 /05, 3211 1 5066B. 

8211300319 Corrects 821026 Itr re 020902 seismic event near Jocasiir 
Hudro station. Becond strong motion sensor located on left 
abutment bedrock next to pouerhouse ti third on residual 
soil In switchyard 1000 ft from dam, Other info valid. 
TUCKER.H.D. Dukt Power Co. 02/11/23. DENTON, H. R. Office of 
Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director. BTQLZ, J. F. Operating Bear tor* 
Branch 4. lp. 16242:032. 24X Fiche: 30-269, 02/11/23, 83113Q0319, 

211150363 Forward! responses to Questions- 1-5 re idnjuacg of electric 
distribution sys voltagt* in response to 02060B riq.ueit,per 
821022 commitment. 

TUCKER, Jf. B. Duke Power Co. 82/11/08. DENTOH.H.R. Office of 
Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director. STOLZ, J. F. Operating Reactors 
Branch 4. Bjp. 16055:342. 24X Flche : 50-S69, H3/1 1 /08, B21 1 1 30369. 

8511390303 Informs that info In response to Oeneric Ltr 82-22 re it tarn 
generator tube integrity has bean submitted previously, Addl 
info mould be time consuming to develop. 

TUCKER.H.D. DuUPouierCo. 82/11/24. EISENHUT, D. 0. DJvUionof 
Licensing. 1 p. 16221: 152. 24X Fie he: 50-000,02/11/24, 0211290309. 

211220353 Requests remittance of balance due far rtvieiu of 020910 It 
1014 proposed Tech Spec changes re containment penetration 
local leak test requirement* tt preisurlier cod* safebu 
valves. Licenic amend* inued B2I024. 

BIOOS.R.M. License Fee Management Branch. B2/II/09. PARKER, W. C. 
Btiie Pouitr Co. 3pp. 16-200:329. B4X Fiche : S0-B69i 02/H/OB, 
B2 11230335. 

Q. Inipectlon reports, IE Bulletins & correspondence 

8209190320 IE Info Notice 82-37, "Cracking in Upper Shell to 
Transition Cone Oirth Meld of Steam Oenerator at Operating 
PUR. " Svc list encl, 

JORDAN. E. Division of Engineering h Quality Assurance, 82/09/14. 
Consolidated Edison Co. of Ntu Vari, Inc. 109pp. 15930:001. 24X 
Fiche: 30-000, B2/09/16. S20B190B20. 



IE Info Notice B2-34, Revision 1, "Welds in Main Control 
Panili " vc lilt encl. 

JCSDAN.E L, Division of Engineering fc Quality Assurance. 0B/O9/17. 
Consolidated Edi*on Co. of New York, Inc. 107pp. 15B95:1B5. 34* 
Fieh.iBO-OOfti 32/09/17,0209190232. 

0309190239 IE Iflfn Notice 92-39, "Bvc Degradation of Thick Wall 
Ettlnlell Bt*l Recirculation Bys Piping at BWR Plant. " 

jttRDMJ. L Bivision of Engineering fc Qualitg Assurance, 92/09/21. 
to-niclldated Edison Co. of Niu York, Inc. 06pp. 14017:090. 2-1X 
FUM: 30-000, 82/09/21.9200190229. 

92031902-23 IE Info Notice 92-30, "Change in Format ! Dl i trii uti an Bijs 
for IE Dullatins. Circular! & Info Notices. " Bvc ltt encl. 
DEYOUNO, R. C. Director's Office. Office nf Inipection and 
Enforcintnt. 02/09/S2. Consolidated Edison Co. of Nu York, Inc. 

UOfp. 16019:081, 24X Fiche: 30-000, 92/09/32, 920S190223. 

B2Qai?oa32 IE Info Notite 92-40, "Df it ienc In In Primary Containment 
Electrical Penatration Assemblies." Svc list end. 

JOHMH'E L. Division of Engineering t Quality Assurance. H2/09/23, 
Cotiiolidated Edison Co. of New York, Inc. 112pp. 15930:019. 24K 
Fictit: 50-000. B2J09/3S, B200190232. 

B2UI3Q3&1 Confirm 930924 telcon re 921027 mgt meeting In Char Lotte. NC 
to rtviea results of first phase of annual appraisal of utll 
regulatory performance. SALP board ript to be sent 1 uk 
betare meet inj. Proposed agenda encl. 

LEHISiR.C. Dlviiion of Project i Resident Programs. B2/1O/04. 
TUCKER. H. 0. Duke Pouor Co. 2pp, 16035:091. 24X 
Fiehe: 50-000, S2/ 10/06, 921 1150263. 

B2IID80271 Notification of B21103 meeting u/utils fc Franklin Research 
Ctr In netjieidaiMD to discuss design (IE Bulletin BO-111 & 
us* o* "energy balance technique" & "arching theory". 

TfiAKMELL.C M NRG - Nn Detailed Affiliation Qlvan. 62/10/07. NRC 

-Us Detailed Aff i 1 iation Given. 4pp. 13973:310. 24X 
FicherSQ-OOOi 82/10/07.8211090271. 

eS111504Dl Forwards IE Insp Repti SO-269/S2-37, SO-270/B2-37 & 
50-287/62-37 on 920713-17. No noncomp 1 iance notod. 
DANCE.H.C. Division of Project t< Resident Programs. B3/10/07, 
TUCKERiK B. Dute Pouer CD. 2pp. 16037:129. 24X 
FiCkn: 50-269, 03/10/07, 021 1 1504B1. 

5311150487 IE Imp Rapts 30-269/92-37,90-270/03-37 t 50-287/03-37 on 
82013-17. No noncumpliance noted. Major areas inspec ted: p ipe 
lujiporti & restraints S- Type !< C containment Leakage rate 

JKfE.F ', BRODK9,e. DiviKlon of Engineering 8, Toehrtieal ProjraniH. 
88/lft/OS. 4pp. 16097: 130. 24X Fi ch: 30-269, B2/IO/07, S21 1 1304S1 . 

saiUHOm Forward* safoty evaluation fc technical evaluation rept of 
S00507 i. H20723 rssponses to IE Bulletin 80-01, "Aralyi o* 
ffin Steam Line Urea* W/Continued Feeduiater Addition. " 
Anilyil* acceptable J. no further action rBquirBd. 
SIOLZ.JF Operating Raactors Branch 4. 92/10/14. TUCKER, H. B. 
Dufct PW*T Ct> 9pp. 13970:221. 24X FichB : 30-269, 02/1O/14, 

9210010400 "PUR Main Btoam Line Break W/Continued FBdutr Addition 
(B-69),Ocane Nuclear Station Units 1,2 b 3." technical 
evaluation ript, . 

V03DURY.F.U. , HERRICK, R. C. Franklin Inst itute/Frankl in ReiBarch 
Center, HRC-03-91-130. TER-C5506-134. 02/09/2B. HEAF?N,P. NHC - 
Ha Detailed Affiliation Oiven. 23pp. J3970:23i. 24X 
Fiche: 50- 269, 82/10/14,921 1060494. 

6211190567 Foruiards tuppl to previous response* re IE Bulletin 79-14. 
Cititled eiplanatlon of remaining "ite mod uork * scheduled 
(oraplttion date* end. 

TvCKER.H. D. Duke Pouier Co. 0B/10/19. 'REILLV. J. P. ""(I 10 "?' 
0ice of Director. 6pp. 1*062:143. 24X Flche: 30-269, B2/10/19. 

S208I90239 IE Info Notice 82-41, "Failure of Bafntu /Fie 1 ief Valves tn 
0pn at BHR. " Svc llt encl. 
JORO^E.L. Division of Engine. rino i Quality A.suranc., 

Cnnfllldtd Edison Co. ofNeuiYorXi Inc. llOpp. 15960:153. 
Flihe: 90-000, 8H/10/22, B20BI90239. 

S2ILI50i03 Forwards IE Insp Rept* 30-269/82-3B, 30-a7O/0a-3B & 
90-267/BB-3B on 921004-09. No noneomp 1 lance noted. 
DANCE. H.C. Dlviion of Project i Resident Ppoorams. 93/10/22- 
TVCKEHiH.B. Duke Pouer Co. 2pp. 14062:080. 24X 
Flchi: 30-249- B2/IO/3S, 821 1 150603. 

8211150609 IE Insp Repta 90-2A9/B2-39, 50-270/02-38 i 50-287/B2-38 on 
921004-Ofi.No noncornpl iance noted. Ma jor arias inipEtted: 
radiation protection, liquid e. oaieous rad ioact ivt ty releases 
fr health phyiic. appraisal Inspector follouiup items. 
COLLINSi T. H. , BARR.K.P. Division at Engineering & Technical 
Progromi. 62/10/20. Bpp, 16062:092. 24K Fi che: 30-369. aa/ 10/22, 
921 1150603. 

B211150397 ftcV receipt of B21-019 Itr informing NRC of flteps taken to 
correct violations nottfl in IE Inap Rpts SO-269-/B2-23' 
50-270/02-23 & 50-297/82-23. 

LEWIBpR.C. Division of Project i Resilient Programs. B2/11/02. 
TUCKER, tt.B. Duka Power Co. lp. 16056:016. 24X 
Fiche:SO-B49, B2/1 1/02. 921 H 50387. 

9211150399 Responds to NFiC B209 1 7 & 0712 ltr re violations noted in 
Insp Rept* 59-269/82-23,30-270/82-23 fc 50-2H7/B2-23. 
Corrective ac tlons : operator counseled re importancn of 
informing *uperviior of pump operabllttg problems. 
TUCKER, H, B. Duke Power Co. B2/10/19. d 'HE1LLY, J. P. Region 2, 
Office nf Director. Spp. 14056:019. 24X Fi cfie : 50-2A 1 ?. B3/ 1 1 /03, 

B2111600SO Summary of B21103 meeting u/utils re IE Dulletin BO-il on 
use of "Energy Balance Tichnlque" t, ''arching action" far 
nmonru uall oual 1 f i cat ion. 

TJJAMMELL. C.M. Operating Reactors Branch 3. B2/ 1 1 /09. Operating 

R. actor, Branch 3, 33pp. 16102:323. S4X Fi <rha: SO-000. 82/1 1 /OS, 

S200190249 IE Info Notic* 8S-43, "Dfl f i c i*nc ie s in 1WH Air Filtration/ 
Vcntllatior. Bija. " Svc 1 i it enc 1 ,,>,.. 

JORDAM. E. L. Division of Engineering k Quality Assurauce. 32/11/16. 
Consolidated Edison Co, of Hew York. Inc. lllpp. 11,171:333. 24X 
Flcfie: 50-000, B2J I 1/16, a30ai9C-24B. 

B20S190253 IE Info Notice 02-il3, "PHR Loui Temp DvBrpressurs 

Protflction." Svc list encl. ,..,, 

JDRDAM.E.L. Division of Engineering tQgalitiJ Assuranco. 62/11/iV. 
Consolidated Edison CD. of Neui Vorl. Inc. -?3pp. 16233:299. 24X 
Fiehe: 50-000, B2/U/ I 9, 0209190353. 

6311290272 Forwards revised info lupporting 021004 renuesta fo 
from inaervice insp requl rempnt a of Soctio-n XI of .A5ME 
Doiler & Presiure Vessel Code. 

TUCKER. H, fl. Oulra Pouer Co. 92/11/23. DENTDN, H. ft. Office of 
Nuciaar Reactor Jleo.ulati D n, Dirsctor, BTDLZ. J. F. Operating (J 
Bran" 4 5pp l2l:t,. 24X FKh .: SO-349, BB/ 1 1 /2 3j B81 1290 

R. Periodic operating ruports & related c orrespondenc i 

9211030196 Honltilu oparatlng ropt for June 19BS. Ma 

(HTAVIS. J, A. Duke Pouer Co. BO/07/15. App. 1S909.154 
Fiehe: 50-297, BO/07/19. 621 103O196. 

tive summary 

9311030-263 Foruard* monttilu operating repts for June 1930, Rflpts for 
Units 2 & 3 not end. . . 

PABUFB.W Duk Pauier Co. BO/O7/15. Office of Management and 

Program Ana 1 V s i . . lp. 15910:320. 24X F i c he: 50-269, BO/07/ 15, 
B21 1030263 

8211030270 Monthly operating rept for Jul 1980. Narrative sunwary end. 
REAV1B.JA, Duka Pouer Co. BO/OB/13. 7pp. 15910:313. 24X 
Flcb*. 50-2B7, BO/OB/ 1 5- 921 10-30278. 

B211020496 Monthly operating rep t for Nov 19B1. Narra t i ve summary 

REAVIB.J A, Duke Pouer Co. Bl/13/14. 6pp. ISBa<?:31H, 34)f 
Flcho: 50-207. Bl /I2/1 4. B31 1020496, 

0311020346 Monthly operating r*pt for Bee 193 1. Narra tive summary encl. 
REAVIB.J.A, DuU Pouier Co. B2/OJ/I3, 6pp. 13836:261. 34X 
Flche:SO-SB7. 93/O1 /I 3. 921 IO30346. 

B311030524 Foruai'di monthly operating repta for Dec 1991. 

PARKER, H.O. DuKe POUBT Co, 82/01/15. Office of Manase-nani and 

ProBT-m AnalvsH. lp. 13S9B:299. 94X Fie h e: 30-269, 92/01/15. 

82.11030336 lionthlij operating rep ts J^ D c ^ 81 .,_. nn - B ^ 
REAVIS^J A, Dulte Power Co. 32/O1/15. 5pp. 159BB. 3OO. ri 1 "! 
Fichu: 30-269. 62/01/15,8211020524. 

6211100180 Forwards monfcUy operating repts for Apr WB2 ft corrected 
pag* for I/nit 1 monthly operatinc- rep t for Mar 19BS. nefit . e 

PARKER.W.O, Dtrt. Pouer Co. ^2/03/15 Director'^ Office, Office 

at Inspection and Enforcement. In. 16024:23?. H-IX 
Fiihe:50--269, 62/03/15, 8211 1001BO, 



-8211100106 Monthly operating r.pti for Ayr 17B2 S. eorrfctid nags for 
Unit 1 monthly operating rept for Mar 1932 
fiCAVIS, J. ft. Duke Pouitr Co. B2/05/I3. 
Fi the: 50-369. 03/03/13, 821 II 001 OO. 

16pp. 16024: B40, 24X 


F.JJecuriiy, medical, merflnncy (, fir* protection plant 

8211030539 Forurd monthig operating npti for Auo 1982 fc cc for Unit 1 for Jul 1963. 

TUCKER, H.B. Dukf Power Co. 03/09/15. Director'. Ottici 

of Inspection and Enf ore emint. Ip. 15899-096 24X 
Flehe 50-269, 82/09/15. B21 1020539. 

B211020390 Monthly operating rtptt For rtug 
REAVIS.J.A. Duke Power CD. 82/09/iS. l 
FSehe. 5D-269, B2/09/ 1 5. 821 102053 1 ? 

15999:097. SIX 

S21004006B O.n.rU Ltr 92-17 to .11 pou.r Iic. n ..., 
appl cinti C. hdld*n of CPi r. incon. u batugen 
r.quir.m.nt, of 10CFR50. Mlt) i, BT8 for p.rformlng flu dlt. O f 
merotncg pnparvdniu proBrarai.Sve H,t Bn ,i 

l^ U r: D 'i ^'"i'^ 11 ?' " S2/10/OL Con.olld.fd 

f? L .S -' N "" VDrl " Inc ' "PP- 16C02;2BB. SIX 
Flche:SO-000, B2/10/01 . B2100400fiB. 

8211330292 Formrdi monthly operating rtpti far Oct 1992 

TUCKER, H.B. Duke Power Co. 62/11/15. Director', Office, QFfici 

of Inip*ctlon and Enforcefflint. Ip. l&163'12a B4X 
F(eh'50-2i 1 ?, B2/11/15, B2I 1220382. 

to be ineludtd in udi t. Bvc Hi 
^ ' 11 " ' '-''"'- 

821 1220284 Monthly operating ropta for Oct Iffl 
fiEAVZS.J.A. Duke Power Co. 83/11/15. 16ep 
Fi eh.: 50-249. 92/1 1/ 1 5. BSl 1220293. 

16165- IST 

LERs !, rflatsd cnrreipondance 

8211090256 Submit, info r. ma in , tM . line piping fln aly, 
4 r.iult of Incident in RO-207/81-O3 H.vJilon I dfcri 


eq u 

y,i. p.rfarm.d 
s t..M a , a ll DUfl bl e lt r., d.t.rmin.d to h B 


rUCKEH.H.D. Dule Pouer Co. 92/11/01, DENTCN.H.H. Office of 

HuclMr Btaetor Reoulation. Direttar. STOL2, J. F. Opiratino Reac 

flr a nch 4. Ip. 16004:1-70. 24X Fich. : 50-287. S2/1 1/01,921 1S90236 

* rt " n Ti S ^" B2 ;"^'-O.D.taiU d event -naly.i. encl. 
n, ^ C ' e2/ll/O:3 - O'BEILLY, J. P. Region 2, 

" PP ' 140a4::l0a - " "ch.: 50-297, 

921 1100263 LER BZ-OI 1/03L-0: on B2l004. u hil. injecting .nu 
installed on 821002, mffi ch 3 nic found sn.bber inoperable ". 
"' " 3Br sletch Snubfter removed, t ested I, 


Duke Pousr Co. 
Ip. 16024:305. 

B3/1I/03. Region 2, Office of 

24* F i Che : 50-2*7, 92/ 1 !/! ?nooaSA. 

i lit hH 11 " 1 : Blp ! ctei) to ! " 5t '0 >. Routln. -in 
mill alto bo performed. 

IOWATOHIS, A. . ERMNT.J.C. Region 2. Office D f Director 
2 P p. 16193:331. 34X Fiche . 50-2B7, B2/I !/ig. BB1 1230394 

(App R). 

UN ui e , . 

VAN VLIET,J. Oprtin 9 Rt-ctor. Branch 4. B2/JO/21 BTOL2, J 


!;" r 

STOLZ.J.F. Operati 

anch 4. 82/10/26 HUKILL, 

Fiche: 50-000, B2/10/30, S21037010S 


^ ,. 

Corp. 62/10/13. Hpn. 

:304. 24X 

: SO-SB9, BS/1 1 /Ol, 


SallOS ve 


( IOCFB73 ll 


nei " to u " " d 
u J KiRrrr^s^j; 

Fich. :5 0-2B9,92/ll/l7,921lC00419 ' 




Forward, 9 to ou.rd 

8TOLZ.J.F. Dptratlng 

Branch 4. 

' lan 


ch.: 30-289. 82/11/19, 0211390483. 

0. Adjudicatorij correspondence 

i 1010937 R.aue.t for e.ten.ion of time until 821115 to file 

a.KlM/K:!isi.;;Si:'-HKs : I Lr :; ' B! 

i";""i;ii" i:: . a^.";:'-" 

U^? 'S 7 F i ,,.?-J, B =/.S/ 2 7.B=UOG M 7. 

i';,;"S,S5 . "K 

bVl." in rpoi,...NHC does not oppose motion. Carti fUat 

Svc ncl. 



tool cop.U/CertlficatB of Bvc. 

SIS E ' 

WEISS, E. R. Harmon fc 



B2U0203BS Co.nt. o, do e un*. pr 
uat .r l.v.l ""*" i""-"'" 

Kri T T P ^?ffir oI ^.Ki" B . 

FUh: 30-289, 82/11/01,0211020389. 

b y NRC r. r-tor 
^T A flh.w, 

.,. A..ic B.,.t -nd Uc.n..n fl Appeal P.l. Ba/U/0.. 
Metropolitan Edi.on Co. 3pp. IS910.354. E4X 
Flch 150-289, 82/11/01.8311030332. 

d.r chasing startle ti-n. for Con, m l aS lon B21109 h..rlp g 


n but not Ptl**. Certif tc 


si- E 

F(eh: 50-389, 88/11/04. 8211090493. 

H rmon fc 

=11070277 RMU.. f" f-th.r p.,. ii.i* "j;.* p ;;;:! fc 170 - pflB ' 

bri.P to be filtd in response to four a pp.1 !* "* 

Brief. o not follow Commit. ion regulation, format. 

Certificate of BVE encl, BLAKE, E, L. Shaw, Pittman, Pofctt 

-"- i F - 1 - 

tlOT 0*9. 

Trip ,t o. V 0.11-. ^E "b-tt BaUO.^it. 

ml ie R.. !r - * : .i ;rr,;ui"?n'^.rt\ f ?:/ lpo 

larg. '"' fc """"S -trcrlf t erk P r D b -hi 1 i ty. Uti I nu t 

sS"! 1 ^-; ^ s.:::.:: q "'ss::. .-. 
urT;?. .. ;:rT-tt:f " B T.= S .P ;E .=.;. < - 

I liosa. tas. 



sni' s:; i s.!:t:SS:"5''""' BS " ifiSSSil 

J .. 

initial decision ,^ t " 
DLAKE.E.L. M.tropo itan 



i , atB O f Bvc end. 

Co BLrt(E. E. U. ***<. Pltt.n. Pott 
Co. BLM E^E I. ^^ ( flppMl ,,, 


ecelvod in Hart- )*buTo, 
20 order. 

Pat-ties also *r 
E.J.C, DfP 

f t^a Commisoion. 

42B PP . 

"*_? '"S 1 ' G2 /u/i>. Atomic ( 


^ e 


memorandum t order re fted & bi 



Fiche: 50-389,88/11/13,82(1190046. 

62112-10032 Comntnti in rs 

: S02a9, Bf!/i i/13, S21 1 190046 

Lic.nsitig PanBl . 

BS/I i /aa. sail 240053 

Ffehi : so-aa9, 


R efflova i 

- v - 


S^Hf^'i CJ "T lcal En fl'"ring Branch. S3/OB/I9 

- uora:a74 

B2M2403I7 R.ipon.. l n 

dvnld 0,= 

Flcl,. ; 50-299, 

i t. 



"".. ,0pp. 

r ' ' 

Fleh: 50-000, B2/09/20, S309210037 



16015 350 

' .o:;-, 

X Fich B ; 50-239, B3/ JO/07, 831 10B0293. 

et S!" c J or J or Plflni 8 f *"- 

- ? = tr " 6ot ' for Op .r tins Rtort 

s '-' 





Fich. ; 50-269, 

iapp - 

24X 0Mrl J 'pubIi '" 1 "" fci ' 19 Rt ' etori B nch 4. B2/10/20. 



--62110105*+ Amend 7Q to LUne DPR-50, revising Tech Sptci to include 
e*rtain TMI-2 lessons learnsd Category A renuirsments tc 
otKtr short-term requirements in Commission 790S09 order. 
SFOLZrJ. F. Operating Reactors Branch 4. 02/10/20. 43pp. 
1390i:S72. 24X Fiche: 50-289. 82/10/20, B21 10IOS39. 

--821 1010567 Safety evaluation supporting Amend 79 to Licenso DPR-BO, 
* Offiee of Nuclear Roactor Regulation! Director. 92/10/30. App. 
IS?01; 318. 24X Fiche: 30-309.82/10/20,0211010559. 

8211010572 Notice of issuance fc aval lability of Amnnd 70 to License 

BTOLZ.J. F, Operating Reactors Branch 4. B2/10/20. 2pp. 
15W1: 321, 24!C Fit he: 50-S87, B2/10/SO. 021 1010359. 

eallOAOtlS Summary of 820915 meeting w/util in Bethesda.MD re steam 
generator repair procet*. Vieugraphs tnel. Meeting *eheduled 
far 82101B-I9 to discuss remaining aspect*. 

JACOBS, fi.H. Operating Reactors Branch 4. 82/10/20. Operating 

Ft.JCtor* Branch 4. 47pp. 13972:046. 24X Ftth: 30-209, 02/10^20, 

0211010392 notification of 821101 meeting u/utll In Midd letoun. PA 
to diicuil proposed resolution of plant shielding design 
review deficiencies, 

JACOBB-R. Operating Reactor* Branch 4. 83/10/21. BTOLI.-J, 
Operating Reactors Branch 4. 2pp. 15890:337. 24X 
Ficht: 50-239, 82/10/81, 021 1010532. 

3311010469 Board Notification B2-107: foruardi simltcale feed & bleed 
tut results. No neu phenomena ehibi ted. Computer cadei 
adequately predict test data t thermal hydraulic phenomena.. 
UUNAS. 0. C. Assistant Director for Operating Reactor*. 02/10/22. 
Atonic Safety and Licensing Board Panel. lp. 15896:213, 34 X 
Flch*: 50-289, 82/10/22, B21 1010463. 

B2UQI0472 Comment* re semiscale feed t bleed test results. N* new 
phenomena *<hlbi ted. Computer codes capable of predicting 
test data. 

rlATTBCNiH. J. Division of Sustims Integration (po>t B110O5). 
62/10/19. EIBENHUT. D. 0. Division of Liceniing. 2pp, 13896:313. 
S4X Fiche: 50-289. B2/10/22, B21 1010463, 

--3211010476 "Analysis of Primary Feed & Bleed Cooling In PHR Sgs. " 
EHIMECK, D. J. , DEROLUND, 0. R. . DIMENNA, fi. A. EGW), Inc. 
ESO-BEMI-6022 DRFT. 82/09/30. LAMDRY, R. R. Office of Nuclear 
Regulatory Research, Director. 130pp, 15096:1216. 24X 
Flehe: 50-209,82/10/22, 821 1010465. 

8210200239 Forward* tuo proprietary oversize drawings, In response to 
Frantlln Harch Ctr renuett for use in evaluating 
wie- through tam generator kinetic repair. Drawings 
uttfiheld <rf 10CFB2.790J. Aperture cards in Central File. 
HJKlLt.H. D. General Public Utilities - flPU 0ervlce Corp. 03/10/25. 
BTCH.ZiJ.F. Operating Reactor* Branch 4. Bpp. 13845;30a. H4X 
Fiche: 50-2B9, 82/10/23,0210280239. 

BSLOatOOaa Oeneric Ltr B2-ZO to all power reactor licent. permit 
holders h applicant* for CP re guidance fur implementing 
SflP t-ule. Forward* NUREO-O906. NUREO to b usd a* interim 
aeature until fleg Ouide 1. 70 revised. Svc lit ncl. 
EISENHUTjB. O. Division of Lieen*ing. 88/10/26. Consol 

EJi*on Co. of H.u York, Inc. 9pp. 13993:293. B4X 
Flch*: 90- 000, B2/10/2&.82102&OOBB, 


6210270030 Oeneric Ltr 82-22 to all PHR licensee* re Conjreeiional 
T quern t for info concerning *team generator tube Inteorlty. 
Forward* Congre*man EJ Marlieg B21019 qutions re itaam 
g*n*rator tube integrity. 8ve lilt encl. 

erBENHUT, D. O. Division of Licensing. B2/10/2i. Consolida tetf 

EdEtor Co. of Ntui York, Inc. 10pp. 16099:332, 24X 
Flchf. 9O-OQO, 02/10/26, 8210270030. 

S2l(0a041? Advl*e that review of GPRJ te*t* uing EPfil ring 
letting! indicates ati*factorg valve prformanc & test 
parameters bound plant-*peeif ic conditions (including 

tflM!LL,H.D. General Public Utilities - CPU Service Corp. 
8TOt.ZfJ.F- Optrating Reactor* Branch 4. lp. 13888:340. 
FUhe: 90-2B?, 82/10/20,8211020419. 



8211090196 Forurard* Amend 79 to License DPR-30 t> notiee of issuance fc 
vailabllitu. Amend revise* Figure 6-2 of Tech Bpec* to 
incorporate neu plant chemittrg manager. 

arOLIjJ. F. Operating Reactors Branch 4. 82/10/28, HUKILL, H. D, 
Oen*ra.l Public Utilities - OPU Service Corp, 2pp. I59fi3;33 1 ?. 34X 
Fie*: 30-S89, 82/10/28, 821 10501B6. 

821 105O192 Ailvises of iasua-nce of Am ni) 7"J to License HPH-SO. reviai n|) 

Tech Spec) to Incorporate revised Flgur* 6-2 re neui plant 

cheralstrg manager. 

OOLDDERC, J. R. HHC - Ma Datailed Affiliation Given. B2/1D/28 

EDLE8,0 J.i BUCK, J. H. , HOHL.C.M. Atomic Safety and Licensing 

Appedl Panel. 5pp. I 39A3- 34 1 . 34X Ti t ho : 5O-2H7, B2/1O/3B, 


B21IO50197 Amend 79 to License DPR-5O, revi s ing Tech Specs to 

incorporate revised Figure 6-2 re neu plant chemistry 


0TOLZ.JF. Operating Reactors Branch -4. BS/lQfZB- 4pp. 

15963: 346. 241C Fiche: 3O-EB9, 32/10/20.031 1O5O1O6. 

availability o* Amend 79 to Licens 
82/1-0/2B. ap p . 

8211030200 Notice of intuanco 
DPR -50. 

eTOLZiJ.F. Operating Reactors Rranch 4. 
15963:350. 24X Fiche: SO-289. 92/10/20 

8211040241 Advite* that util tui 1 1 submit by a3O331.mai allowable LOCA 
fcM/f t limits supported by sup pi emen tal ECCS anal ijaJ 3 
incorporating NUREO-0&30 c ladd i ng. SUB I I t. rupture models. 
HUKILL. H.D. Oeneral Public Utilities - GPU Service Carp. 02/11/1)1. 
NOVAK, T. Aisistant Director for Licensing- lp. 15925:'024_ ;?4 K 
Ficne: 30-2B7, BS/I 1 /O! - S21 1040241 . 

6311120500 Forwards safeti] evaluatio-n & technical evaluation f&pt 
of purge I- vent valva operatility li override of containment 
purge 1 solati on, Ac tion necessary to reolvt purge t> vent 
valve Dperabi lity concerns lilted. 

BTOLZrJ.F. Operattno ReactorB, Sranth 4. 92/11/O2. HUKILL. H.l>. 
flentral Public Utilities, - BPU Set-vita Carp. 5pp. 16065: 1A2 iJ4X 
FJChe: 50-239. 93/11/02,43311100500. 

0211130304 Safety evaluation re purge ! vent oporab 1 1 i tu. For ty B-inch 

butterfly purge valvfl aperability not demonstrated in event 
of LOCA. 

* tlHC - No Detailed Affiliation Oiven. B2/11/O2. 5pp. 
16069:167, 2-1X Fi che: 30-289. O2/1 1 /02. B31 1 1 2O500. 

B21112O508 Safety evaluation sup-porting Blectrical, in! trument ation fc 

control deilgr, aspatts of ovBtrido at containment purge 
valve itala tion, 

* NRC -No Ditailfrd AffilJatian Oiverv. 03/11/03 2pp. 
16063:172. B4X Fi c hn: 50-2B9- 03/ 1 1 /O2, B2I 1 IS050O. 

8211O90491 Trip root of V OiHn^ky ( E Alibott 821101 site visit. 
ABBOTT, O. Corarniss loners. 03 /I 1/05. Coramiaa i onors. 4pp. 

1600fl:23S. 24X F( c ha: 30-23^. G2/I 1 /OS. 821 1090491 

821U30&75 Discus*BS ABLftO recommendation in TMI-2 proceeding re 
atrplane crash computations t effect on TMI -1. Li cenaee 
agreed to license condition to require annual reportino of 
landing 4 tale off data at HarrUburg airport. 

TROWflRIDOE.Q. F. Shau, PUtman, Potts t. TJ-OUJO r i dgo. TROWDR IDOL. 0, F. 
Oantral Public Utilities - GPU Service Carp. 03/11/05. 
EISelJHUT.D. 0. Division Of Licensing. Opo. li.063:106. 24X 
Flche: 50-289, 82/1 1 /OS. B2 1 1 SO375. 

B311 100)118 Respond* to BZl 103 1 tr agreelns uJ/p roceilure for- reporting 
large aircraft mDvementa at Harriiourg Jntl Airport & far 
updating computation of aircraft crash prohadilitij Util must 
reouast OL ajnend b<l B3120i to add re^ulrnmen t*. 

EISEHHUT.D 0, Division, of Licensing. B2/11/QB. TROWQRIDGE- 0. I-. 
Shiuj, Pittman, Potts fc Trowbridao, TROUDRIDOE, G. F. -Oeneral Public 
Utilitiei - OPU Sarvice Corp. lp. 16022:125. StX 
FlchO:50-2B?, 02/11/08,0211100143. 

8211100133 Atfviin that utll agree* to license condition ro ropnrting 
large aircraft movements at Harrlsburg Intl Airport S. 
updating lomputat ic-n of aircraft crash probability. 
TTROWaRIuQC, 0. F. Bhauff Plttman- Cott* t Trouibr idge, 
TROHflRIDSE, 0, F. General Public Utilities - GPU Service Corp. 
B2/11/05, EISGNHUr-D-C. Oivtion of Licensing. 3pp. 1A022: 126. 
S4X Fiehe:50-2B 1 ?, 32/11/09-0211100148, 

02112403SI Formard;* laPttty evaluation of utll DE0802 proposed solution 
to problem of main steam line rupture detection ays 
Isolating emergentv feerfuattr flow in event of failure. 
Proposed iolution acceptable & AELB condi t i on satiif lad 
BTOLZ.J.F. Operating B<actors Dranch 4. GS/ll/lO. HUH ILL. H. D 
Oenrl Publl* Utilities - OPU Service Corp. 6pp. 16231:333. ^ox 
Fieh e : 50-2S9. 02/1 1 / to, 821 IS40391 . 

6211160047 Oaneric Ltr 0S-2A to pouer reactor licensees (except Fort St 
vrain) re NUREO-0744Rvi*ion I. "Prsure Vo.sel Matl 
Fr*ctur Touohnets." Forwards NUREQ-0744-RevUian 1, H/o 

EISEWHUT- D. fl. Division at Liceniino. S2/1I/12. Consolidfltcil 

Edison Co. of New York, In(. 32>p. 16232: E13, 24X 
Fie he: 50-000, 92/ 1 1 /12, 821 i loOO47. 



aaiU9037l Approves B20H2O T .qot for uithhalding 'TM1-1 Steam 

?;:r^ H ^^r a " it ' e ->-*'^ '- p.i. I -!uS M " 

STOLZ, J. F. Operating Roctors Dranch 4. 03/11/12 HUKTii u n 

"""'" "- < '' " 


opder also " c 

^^ ..... 

" F " lur - 


s. Vr's' 


82031*0353 IE Info N tlc. B2-45, "PWR Low Temp 
Protection." Svc lift end. P 


rlat B d correspondonc. 

tnlij operating rept for Auj 1991 
Itan Erfiion Co. 01/09/16, HCDOJJALD, 
ind ProDram Analyiif. ip 

ing Ptpt for Aug i, B l. 

BJHM0310 Mo nt hl V o 

i C L M '. M " tro Plttan Ediion Co. 61/09/15. tpp 
ich.:SO-2S7. 81/09/16,0311040309. 


SSa * Moil * ll 

for 1901. 


-OPU e.pvl Corp. 01/11/13 


: ic^e: 50-OOQ, 93/O9/1A, H20H190220. 

19930; 001. 24jj 


" " 



i"a r B pt for Oct 19B1. 

C0 ' * t " m ' ri ' 1 

for 3opt 1983. 


P . 02/10/15, 

u . 

in .; aeneral Public UtilUi.a - OPU Service 

Up,. 16038:309. S4X F(b.: 50-2B9, 02/1 O/ll." 

Corp. Ha/lfl 

(ch : 50-E09, 02/10/25,621 12900A9 

thl|( op.ratlns r ept for Oct 1988. 
MV;, 1 '* U *"**'" - OP" Bervice Corp. /ll/. 
f * Btiource rtan*gtMnt, Dlp.ctor. lp. 

'"! Pb for Ocfc 19BZ 

1 ^ Utilltl " " CPU Service Corp, BSA1/I3. 
Fichi: 50-299, 02/1 1/15, 021 1 1901B6. 


""- d * LER 82-01 1/79X-0. 
nr * Ipu ' 

Ff Che: 80-289,82/10/38,0211060066. 

. n.., --- ~ <"*U Srvic* Corp. 

n I. Office of Director. lp ~ 

rOO O^f in/nnr y ~ 



--e2MD60Q79 LEU 02-01 1 /99X-0: on B20B11 b 31,Wylo Labi reported severely 
corroded & pitted condition of listed PQRV parti received 
tat refurbi shment. Cause not d etermi nod. In vestigation 
continuing. Long-term corrective actions forthcoming. 
5TEPHENBQN, C, J. Ooneral Public Utilities - QPU Service Cor p. 
02/IO/2B. Region 1. Office of Director. 3pp. 15931:119. 24X 

FLeha: 30-309, B2/1O/23, 0211060066, 

8211040379 Generic Ltr 82-25 to all pouer reactor licensees re 
integrated IAEA eiercise for physical inventory at LWRi Aim 
commitment to participate in eiercise i voluntary t any 
util that participates will be reimbursed. Svc list encl. 
EISENHUT. D. 0. Division of Licensing. B2/I1/03. Consolidated 

Ediion Co. of tttia York, Inc. llpp. 16019:001. 24X 
Ftc he: 50-000, 82/11/03,021 1O40379 

B21106013B PN-Q-J -02-069; on 031030, utll press conference held re status 
ttt iti-am generator repairs & technical repair process. 
Kinetic expansion of first 1 1 1 roius in Q nncn-through steam 
generator performed on 821023. 

YQWW.F i CDNTE,R, < KEIMIOiR. Roglon \, Office of Director. 
G2YSQ/E9. lp. 15991: 130. 24X Fie he; 50-209, B3/ 1 0/29, B21 1060 130. 

BUMBQ313 Forwards LEO OH-OI4/03L-0. 

HUtmt-ill 0. General Public Utilities - OPU Bervicc Corp. B2/11/04, 
HAVNGS.R.C. Real"" ll Ottlct of Director. lp. 16141:137. 24X 
Flthe: 50-299. 02/11/04,0211100313. 

B2111B031d LEU 02-01 4/O3L-0: on H21003, p lant personnel identified 
dafettlve fire barrier penetration aval. EH licone foam teal 
mat] separated from odgns of harrier after curing. Fire watch 
pelted Si tire burr lor penntrat ion seal repaired. 
BTEPHENSQN, C J. Oonoral Public Utilities - CPU Service Corn. 
&3/II/01, Huplon 1, Office of Director. 3pp, 16141:133. 24X 

FUfc; 90-239,02/11/04,6211100313, 

T. Hearing transcripts pn non-nnt i trust matters 

e2flQBOL90 Unofficial transcript of O21014 public affirmation/ 
dtscuion suasion in Mash [iijton, DC re SECV-02-3B9. 
1-en-ueit ing order addrm'lng issues for restart proceedings. 

P CtHimilillctnvri. 03/10/14. 14pp. 15973; 210. 24X 
Flchtr 30-209,02/10/14, 021 1000190. 

0311170124 Unofficial transcript of 021109 public meeting in 
Itarrimburg, Prt re restart. Pp i-120. Supporting documentation 

ni.i toners. R2/I1/09. 143pp. 

: so-aav, 02/1 i/ov, 821 1 170124. 

16146:242. 24X 

8211170334 Unofficial transcript of B3110 1 ? public meeting in 
Hirrliburji PA for oral presonta t iona on rostnrt.Pp 1-171. 
Bupportini) documentation oiicl. 

Cenmi 11 inner., Oa/ll/09. IQSpp. 16129:040. 24X 
Flcfte: 50-209, 02/1 1/09, B21 1 170294. 

Enminat lono 

9310130019 Oenovic Ltr sa-lB to all power reactor applicants 
llctnsBB* ru rpaetor operntor * senior reactor operator 
TequaHFicaUon e>ams. AdviBB that exam* begin at facility 

Efli.or, Co. of Neu York, Inc. 19pp. 
Flehe: 30-000, B2/10/ 12- 0210130019. 





F. 9*eurlti(, medical, amoraoncy . Pire P ro *^^_P^' 

B21004006Q O.n.ric Ltr 02-17 to all P? V'"" 1 *" 1 '""""'" * 
applUant. h holders of CPi ra inconsistency **"". . 

r.qulTemenfcs of IOCFR50. 94IU t, STB for performing audit* of 
merQn<Mj prejiarednass proorami. Bye list "" consolidated 

EIBBNHin-:D"o. Divi.ion of Lic.n.ln. ^^/Ol. Consolidated 

Ed lion Co. of NBI York, Inc. llpp. 16003.200. S4X 
F leli: 90-000, 02/10/01, B310040O6B. 

KJOW0019 C.n.rU Ltr B2-21 to ^^""""".ti^IiSm" "' " UCl 
pfl H >r reactor, r. Tech Spec, for fir. protection aud t. 
Fc-rM.rd. guidance diicus.lng S .n.ral .cope fc d-.cribing 
l.r.t t. be included in utfU.Bve liy JJ^ Con.olid.ted 

EJflEMHUT. D. 0. Division of Licensing. BU to/Oh. ^ anl 

Edl.on Co. of Neu, York, Inc. 19pp. 15793; 33fJ. 24X 
Fic)i>:SO-000,Sa/ 10/06- B210070019. 

BaiOiniOB Om.rlc Ltr 02-23 to all !* ^Ij""^ 1 " 
lne on.I,t.ncy b.tu.en retirements c-f 1 '":!' , ' 
lor p.rformlno audits of iaf fl u-rds contingency plan. 

pl*n),6vc Ht enel. aiQ/30 Consolidate^ 

*" J ' 

, . 

EIBENHUT.D.O. Division of Uc>i**n : . 
EdUon Co. of New York, Inc. flpp- 
Fteha: 50-000, 82/10/30. 0210290103. 


B211290492 Forwards SALP rept for Sept 1981-June 1983 
HAYNES.R.C. Rea'on ' Oen^t of Director. B3/11/I6 
HARBINOroN, W, D. Boston Edison Co. 4pp. 16226. 2BO 241 
Fi che: 50-293, H2X1 1 /16, 931 12?0492 

8211290510 SALP rept for Sept 1931-June 1963 Addl attention warranted 
in areas of dai)-to-dai| plant operations t, fire protection/ 
prventi on activities. , _. .,, 

Reslon 1, Office of Director. 92/00/12. 43pp. 16326:331. J4K 
Fiche: 50-293, B2/11/14,. 82 1 1290492. 

B21129056B Disttuses BALP conducted on B20B12. Meetins scheduled for 
B20901 to discuss aisesiment. Ac tions taken to correct 
plant operations t fire protection/housekeeping deficiencies 
should be cc-ninunicatoa- within 20 days of meeting. oa/nn/io 

STAROSTECKI, R, Division at Project * Resident Programs. B3/un/w. 

HARRIMGTGN. W. D. Boston Edison Co. lp. 16326 326 34X 
Fiche: SO-293, H2/1 1/1A. B211290492. 

8211290469 Forunrds IE Safeguardi Insp Rept SO-393/B2-2i on 630^13-16 
No noncompliance noted. 

MARTIN.T.T. Division of Engineering fr. Technical P"9"- 
HARSINOTON.M. D. Qoators Edison Co. 2pp. 16219:dlS 21 
Fiche: SO-293, 62/11/24,8211290469. 

-0211290431 IE Safeguards Imp Rept 50-293/32-26 on 030913-16. No 
noncoropliance noted. Ma jor areas inspected : secun ty plaTi. 
locki.keus & c ambinatiorvs !. security sys pnuer supply. 
Security details deleted (ref 10CFR73. 21 1 D ,n 

K. Utility Final Safety Anaysis 

9211290667 Forwards Amend 1 to updated FBAH, r ef Uct ing change* 

. B .-C S // 
Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Director. lp. 
Fiche: 30-293, 32/11/09,3211290667. 

Office of 

-0211290677 Amend 1 to updated FSAR. Twenty-three aperture cards 

: M Bi:UnE2lnCo. B2/10/31. 247pp. 16222: ,21. 24X 
Fiche: 50-293, 82/1 1/09, 821 1290667. 

P. Operating license stage 


Ediion Co. of Meu York, Inc. I5pp. 

Fiche; 50-0004 B2/09/20, 8209310027. 

9208290117 FQIA r^est for RC PJ*: J 'l^i..' 11 " 1 * 


Division of Rules and Records. lp 16092. 34B. 
Fiche: 50-293, B2/09/23, 920 02901 17. 

reactor shutdown f or al 1 6"*- _ . a Q2 /iO/01. HOHIS1.A.V. 

r-'s"' ?ssi^* a "ss^,.h.= a o- a . 02/10/01, 

B21 1030 11 4. 

Boston Ellison Co. 
021 1 0304 IS. 

fl3 li.60010 Partial 

1S940: 154. 

a. 16122:096. 

lche:50-293, 02/10/01, 

BUR design 

HflFNER, B. 
e;90- 000, 82/10/04. 



'4190039 Discusi.s propond recommendation, for improving reHa 

f open eye], tvc uttr i<ji. Asi Utane* rtqueited to 

stabllsh ilgnlficanc. of jottntial safety coivc.rn of we 

tir >yi fouling. 

IBENHUT.D 0. Division at Licencing. 62/03/19. HANAUER.S.H 

vi* on o* S U it.m s Integration (pout 8)10051. 4pp. J61SS-340 

4X Ftche; 30-000, B3/10/Q4. B2I 1 16001 0. 

4190041 "Study on Svc Mater Bg, Fouling " 

Operjtinj Jleattor. Atsesiment Branch. B2/02/5B 
il22:343. 24X Fiche: 50-000, B2X 10/04, B31 1160010 


3130124 "Ensln,. Tins Evaluation of Salt Sv<r Hat.r Sy, Flou Bl 
SnujT"" 1 KUCl " T POW * r Stfltian fi V Blue Mutt,], (KvtiJui 

I'JSS 1 ^ 1 NBC ~ M Dtt * il <"> Affiliation Civsn, B2/03/3I 1 
=,123:0.16. E4JC Fi c her 30-000, &2/I 0/04, B21 1 1 60010. < " UJ/J1< 

a T'"- ttn " KPR - 3S * ""tlet of 

clarifi,, conditions f or containment 

.atiati valve 

tion, to 
operab IB, 

**n if containment iiolat ion vlv. 

"' Jt ' rV ' R "t Br-neh 2. B3/10/2I. 4pp. 
!che. 50-293, 82/JO/21, B21 1O50092. 

050097 HBtitt of i u t v OP flB , n d 6a 

SSALLD.O. u. Operati.nj Reat tor Branch 2. 82/10/21 
?65:017. 24X Fi ch.r 50-293, 02/10/21 . B21 IO50093 

to Llt , nlB 

5442 flppllejtlon to Jmend Licenm. DPH-33 Tfch Setci rifl 
ifl.lliHi* fcitj., m S B cti 0n &.o. -Aimlnl.tMtlv" rifl 
-o i t h " 

rWrON.W D. Bomton Edii on Cc-. 92/10/25. WSSALLO, D B 
itlnj fieacton Branch 2. 5 pp. 1SS97075 2flX 
JJ 30-293, B2/ I 0/35, B21 1020442 

Tech Spec changes to Section 4.0. 

120452 FT 01 
itrols. " 

!! l ' S ^ n J; l ' ii0n CD ' S 3/10/2S. 10pp. 15667-030 
h ( : 50-293, as/ I 0/35, 321 1020442. 

i strat ive Ltr S2-20 to .11 poloer retor lie.r,..,,. 
>* t applicant* for CP re guidance for im. lenient! 
uJ^Far^arrf, NUREO-09O6. NUREO to b . ,, J,^";* 
re until B eg Ouldo 1.70 r.vHed. Svc li.t end 

n , ' DiV i 11 ?' 1 ?* U " nai "3- S3/IO/2A. Conjol 

S ;S HBUI Vt "' kl lnc ' 9 CP- 15993:593. 24X 
: 30-000, 62/10/26,821026000-3. 

ning it, am generator tuba 

: 30-000, 32/10/34.3210270030 

S2I10WI20 Hotifi.. of .ptlon from f. requir.m.nt. for 
of nonr-dio osic.l a,u.ti c n mitino condition. f'roperltUn 
S oth.r nmlt rlr.B requlr.m.nt. p.r 10CFR170. 11 (b). Li.t of 
Ippl leal lo-n t, paei tncl. 
MILLER, WO. Lie-in. > Ft. Minag.niBnt Branch. 

i>..ult, for 

f PO S dl t0 / 1A r ^ u " t fdr Pr- 
Sn IS? 1 rtop .ccid.nt coni.quen 

facilities Ctocumfnti ulthhild per B Scott 
FELTOM.J.M Division of Rul*i and Records. 82/11/03 

??*;* e i!! f t PufiUc Int "t R H .earch Group. Ip 
Ffc^:^0-29^, BB/11/03,B311I50097. 

13M10B Forward, Am^nd 63 to Lic.n., DPfi-33, .afetg .valuation 
notlc. o* i,, uanc * (, avadafciJity.Am.nd revis.s T B ch Spec" 

:^s^:.. i ^ 1 :c%:rJ!:!::; 1 : <t :. B B r" tlDn * ..... '" !: "- 

GCCLESTON, K. T. Operating R. flc tora Branch 2. 

^n iU t t0 , Li " n " flp.c. la P r , t < 
limiting conditions for operation & survolllance 
r.nuirmnenti for icram ditcharge vent 

^7 L ^k D ' B ^ D ^ r f U ^^ flCtor ' Dranch 2 ' M/H/10. 10PP 
16297.324. 24X Fiche: 50-293, B3/1 1 / 10, B21 1300IOB. 

B211300I13 gafetu evaluation supporting Amend 65 to Llc.i... DPH-35. 

* v I? **'?*"* "B" 1 """"' Director. 02/11/10, 3p 
4, B4X Ficho: 50-293. 82/1 1 /10, B21 1300109. 

B2 DPR-35 15 


R " cto " ^ncl, 2. 82/11/10. 
0-293, B2/11 /10, B31 130010B, 

*nd 65 t. LIctn,. 
ff>p . 

n"l Svc Ii"t h Bncl' 

, Revi *i OI , i, "Pr*sum Vessel Mall 

44, Revision 1, W/o 

. - 

lche; 50-000. aa/1 1/12,821 1160047. 

16232:212. 34X 

B2I1190157 Documents commitment mod re tying in reactor protective 
*y pou.r supply protective circuitry during outago One 
cirtuit tied in to alternate supply ,y s during Q2100B 
^SrS',?"^ m ? rltai ' Bd to ** 1"ign reliability. 
' B 

Region 1, Office of Director 
- D - B -*- "ison Co. 4p r ' 
, B2/1 1/ifi, B31 1290492. 




-B2I1290510 SALP rept for Sept I9Bl-J un e 1982. Addl attention us 



I definition at Urm op*rablt. 

],D. 0. Op*ratino Realtors Branch 2. B2/10/2B 

:dUon Co. 3pp. 16067:130. 2 Fi che: 50-3931 Afl to Lictni. DPR-33, modifying Tch Sc.t, to 
'V eta "' tl - "l*Jw * t B r m opVabI. P 
D. B. Qperatins- Reactor* Branch 3. B3/lo/2a 3 OD 
. 24X Fieh.: 30-393. aa/IO/28, Bail 130110 P ' 

2fl Woticr O f 


B l, E'"* in S "'""' Branch 2. 63/10/28 
S4JT Fiche : SO-293,e2/IO/Ha,B21H30I10 

tffl L 

2 nn 

--_I'" P * e ** 0n r - Drta ' IE Bull. tins t, correspondence 

6308190220 IE Info Notice 92-37, "Crackin 9 in Upper Shell to 
PHR" Evc n uj2"e^cl f 8team 0en8ratD1 ' at Of">">tlng 

" of En ln "in 9 fc Quality Assurance. B2/O9/I6. 

1 In - I03pp - 

62 p^!?f? i E '? PD " oti " aa-M.R.vl.ion 1, "Held, in M.i* Control 
Panals. Svc lut tncl. 

rlri^ ? i -i* lon S f E "9ierinB < Quality Assurance, BS/09/I7. 

a L In rn N ' l ? i " BJKW< " 8VI o* Thick WaH 

Bvc H.T,n 1* R * tirculatio n 5y. Piping at BWR Plant." 

JOMAN.E L Division of Engineering i Quality Assuranc.. 93/09/31. 

IE I n f Notice 82-38, "Change In Format fc i but I en Ggi 

a S i tti EJ' Cl ^ cul * ri * Info Notlc "'" Sve list encl. 

O.R.C. Director's Office. Office of Inspection and 
Enforcement fl.a/09/22. Consolidated Edi son Co, of N.LI York, :c. 

IlOpp, 16018:021. S4X Fiche: 30-000, B2/09/S2, B208190223, 



a20ai=32 IE Info Notice BS-AO, "Deficiencies in Primary Containment 
EUttric,*! Penetratinn Assemblies." Bvc list encl. , no ,o:> 

JDRDAM.E L Division of Engineering fc Quality Assurance. 83/09/32. 
^oniolld.t.d Edison Cc, ofN^Yark, In,. 112pp. 19930:019. 24X 
Ft cN*: 80-000, 82X09/23, 0208190232. 

B5111B0239 Bupplt 320306 response to noncomp 1 iance noted in Him 1 of 
IE Snip Rpt 50-293/81-24. Deadline of 820331 for rtvi.ina 
int request* Si training personnel not met. Compli anc 

16140:286. 21 X 

ton Edison Co. 82/10/12. 

Division of Project !< Resident Programs. IP. 
Fichi; 50-293.02/10/13,8211180239. 

&aOBl<?0239 IE Info Notice 82-41, "Failure of Baf.t V /Rel Iff Valves to 

Fl eh*: 30-000, 62/10/22.8208190239. 

6211060246 Provide" follauup info to IE Bulletin BO-I7,Suppl 3, 
Temporary Procedure TP-BO-74, "Determination of UeaH, 
Cantrol flod Drive Scram Outlet Valves, " initiated to meet 

&21 1060246, 

S3111B0317 Suinraariiei Region i B21005 mgt meeting re development *. 
implantation of util performance improvement Pgr*. __. lo/a - 
STAROSTECKI.R. Division of Project (, Re. i d ent Pra"n,i . 83/1O/39. 
HAHRHJOTQN, W. D. Boston Edison Co. 5pp. 16141: 1VO. !** 
Fich*: 50-293, 93/10/29,8211180317. 

B2U1S0197 Notification of 821117 significant licensee meeting ui/uti 1 
t-n Pljnc-uth. MA to discus* performance improvement program, 
nSAaBERT F R9on 1. Office of Director. 02/11/04. Fl^ion 1. 

Qmcfof bir^to? IP 14067:331. 24X Fiche: 90-293, 

B211290660 Suppli BOOoa? retponse to IE Bulletin 80-OA re HPCI 

auiiliary oil pump. Mod to pump circuit not necessary since 

contact autom*ticall shuts douin pump once turfiine shaft- 
driven oil pump deliver! rated pressure. 

MORiai-A V PQ.ton Ediion Co. 02/11/13. HAVNES.H.C. Region J. 

5??!" *> blr!"" 2PP. 123:03B. 24X Fict, .: 9O-293, B2/1 I /IS, 
611 1290640. 

B2081902ie IE Info No-tice 82-43, "Deficiencies in LWR Air Filtration/ 
Ventilation Si. " Svc list ncl. 
JQRDAN.e.L. Division of Enjineering * Qu.l it^ t 

Conolidated Ediion CD. ofNeurork, Inc. Hipp. 1A171. 
Fiche: flO-OOO, 02/1 1 / 16, 32051-70340 

82112904^3 Foi-uarilS 8ALP rept Par Sept 19D!-June 19B2. 
HAVNES.R.C. Region 1, Office of Director. B2/11/16. 
HARRINGTON, W. D. Boston Edison Co. 4pp. 16236:200 
Fiche; 30-293,82/11/16,8211290492. 


-6311290510 3ALP rept for Sept 1981-June 1982. Addl attention warranted 
in areas of day-to-day plant opera tions S. fir protection/ 

r:gion n .r D rfccf Director. 82/OB/.2- 
Fithe: 30-293, BS/1 1/16,6211290492. 


-8311290569 Discusses SALP conducted on 9300 12. Meeting schedul 
B2Q701 to ditcum asies sment. Act i ons taken to correct 
Blan,t operations i fire protec t i o.n/n ouse k eep i ng defic.encie 
should 6e communicated within 3O days o- Beting. 
BTASOBTECKI.H. Division of Project !. Re s id.n fc P"'' 1 .^. 
HARRINQTON,W. D. Doiton Edison Co. lp. 16336' 324. 2 
Fiche: 50-293, S2/ 1 1 / 16, 8S1 IS9O192. 

6211290534 Foruardi reipansei 6 comments to SALP I-BVLBUI, per 
mneting, Increased training programs for personnel uii I 1 
provide acceptable mechanism to improve ability to meet 
nresunt & future needs I, tttC concerns. 

HwSmeTtW. H. D. Boston Edisn Co. 83/09/20. ^TARnBTECK 
Division of Project *. Residant Programs. Opp. 1&226. 327 
Ficha: 50-393. 82/1 1/li. 82 11390492. 


eaiilB0293 Ack i-ocelpt of B2040B 1 tr informing NRC of steps tak.n to 
eorrect vjt-latlc-ns noted in IE Insp Rept 5O-293/81-21. 
Item A determined not recurrent. aajitJ\ti 

HAHTtW.T.T. Division of Engineering t, Technics Progr*. H^/11'iw. 

HARR1NOTOM, H, D. Boston Edison Co, 2pp. 16141.228. 24X 
Fiche: 50-293, B2/1 1/10, 821 1 1B0293. 

--8211IB3302 Responds to Nile 620309 Itr re violations noted in IE Insp 
Rept 80-293/81-21. Item A inappropriately classified as 

HARRINGTON. O"D'.. Boston Edison Co. B3/04/08. MARTIN, T. T 
Division of Engineering 4 Technical Programs. 4pp. 16141. rfJo. 
24X Fit he: 50-393,82/11/10,8211180293. 

5211290414 Forwards IE Insp Rept 50-293/82-54 on B20907-101B & notice 

sUosrECKI?R. Division of Project J. n " id ""* P " B . raln ^,, H2/ll/la ' 
HAHR1W3TON.H, D. Boston Edison Co. 2pp. 16219. 02S. 24X 
Flcfiei 30-293, 92/11/12,8211290414. 

B211290422 Notice of deviation from insp on B209O7-101B. 

* Division op Project t- Resident Programs. 83/11/13. lp. 
16219:027. 24X Flche: 50-293, 82/1 1 /12, B21 1290414. 

8211390-119 IE Insp Rept 50-293/62-84 on B2Q907-1 01B. Noncomp 1 i ance 

notedi failure to revise procedures for radioactive 


R.lldent Programs. 83/11/09. llpp. 
FUhe: 50-293, 82/11/12. 8211290414. 

Division of Proj 

16219:028. 24X 

9209190253 IE Info Notice 83-43. "PWR l-ou Ten,? Overpressure 
Protection." Eve list and, 
JOrtDAN.E.L. Division of Engineering !. & ua l i ty A.aurance 

Cons-.lid.tert Ed t. o-i. Co. of New York. Inc. 93 PP 1623E. 
Fiche : 50-000, B2/1 1/19. B2081TO253. 

39H. i24X 

6211290169 Foru-ardB IE B*f.gud *"*? * SO-293/E2-26 on B2O913-16 
No noncomp 1 ia nc e noted. 

MARTIN, T.T. Olvl.ion of Enoineerlng i Technical P'9r-.. 
HARRrNOTON^W. 0. Boston Edison Co. 2pp. 16219.015. SIX 
Flche: 50-293. 93/11/24,0211290469. 

-B2112904B1 IE Safeguard. Insp Rept 50-293/B2-2(. on 820<713-J6. N fl 
noncompliance notad. Major *reas inspected: securi ty plan. 
locks, key* i< combinations t. security sya power suppJij. 

82/11/23 4pp 

16219:017. B4X Fiche : 5O-393. 82/1 1 /24, 

Periodic qperatlng rBports fa ralated 


3211020276 Monthlil operating rept for Aug 
WHITNEY,fl.O. Boston Edison Co. 82/09/13 
Fiehe; 5O-393, B2/09/1S, B21 1O202A4. 

7pp. 15882:257. 24X 

E2imoi3S H*. f ondi to 821020 ttlcon concern ng Info re ins 
,,d. FUHef Requests 7 k 210. Util uithdrauing r-lief 
r*qust re visual insp of pressure rstaining melds in pum 

inservice Imp 


8311330394 Ac k receipt of B21026 Itr inf ""i"" * '* tp> 
correct violtions noted In IE Insp Rept 50-293/82-22. 
SFARDSTECHI-R. Division of Project & " 
KAS.SIHO'TnN, W. D. Boston Edison Co. lp. 
Flche: 90-893, B3/1 1/13. 8311230394. 

Ba/11/IB " 

--B21I2304W Responds to NRC 620928 Itr re violation* noted in IE Insp 
Rcot 50-293/02-22. Corrective actions:Tech Specs trainino 
proarM* dBV. loped, scram rept description revUed t drgu,.U- 
ta-toru. vacuum breaker operablli ty *"J P" f "S^BnRTFCKI R 
HAHRINOTON, M. D. Boston Edison Co. 82/10/26. 8TAR08 TECK I, R. 
Bivliion of Project & Resident Programs. 4pp. 16185. 08O. 24* 
Fieh*:50-293, 83/11/13,9211230394. 

B21tllOaB6 Monthly operating repb f or Sep J 11?B =- 
MHITNEV,0-0. flostorv Edison Co. 83/10/10, 6pp. 
Fiche: 50-293, 82/10/12,921 11 10283- 

.^ M 34 v 
. 36-1. H4X 

8211290393 "Marine Ecolooy Studies r* Operation of Pll|rlo> Station, 

Jan-Juna 1932." Son i annua 1 Rept 20. MIWIFI fls/lO/31 

aCOTTa[4,L.N. Doston Ed i >on Co. HUC3-E1, 83/1O/J1, 
SOO 24XFl=h. ; 50-293, B2/10/31. 6211290393. 



R-tictor Qppration 

?;^^ooo, e ^j B : S2f ?o[oo, " '>." 

Branch. B3/06/1S 


.. " fl i n J, 
: 50-29-3.82/10/31, 

o "-<i LEfl S2-043/03L-0 


--SBI 10-40141 LER B2-03/03L-0 

-293, H2/10/27. 

--0- on B30930 ,(.,). 

!-!. u. t , OP ..tor ",rd Ki JaSraS'^??': t " t 
iwtton valv.C4oid bu stlcka t*r^ la ': 35 ficfc *""* 
fi.l.V elwn.d.vilw. tuc lij \, * t C !"*? f *! " motor tontroll.P. 
MHl THEY. 0.0 Do.ton E liltcl S= 27 * huld n , n ^ d . 
".r. ip. ,5,:0. ^ P ?^; 

B21 1060144. 


Qffite of DlTcloT 
S2II 060393. 

8211060399 LER 82- 

K">" d *.;;:: 


. gion| , 

d U r L n . 
" T ' O 

B31 1040351. 

, 82/10/29, 

LtB Ba-044/03L-0-on 

".:*:s l a!:." 


ssoi-3 d U( 


8211130129 Forward* LER B2-047/03L-0 

Sm^^^r 1 E ;r 

H2I1130129. P 


H. J. Qnaton Edison Co 


B2111S0249 Foriuardi LEH 62-043/03L-0 




. 197. 

, BS/I I /OS, 

';"'*''' LER 92-046/OIT-O. 

Air:?::; 11 "{ 

9211290305. P ' 

"a=.ia- a 

LEfl 82-OSI/03L-0. 

BS1 1290311. 



LER B3-049/01T-0. 

E> m i n ation 

82I01300I9 Oenrc Lti- 
lic.r...., " 

M- ..... nt Branc 

l ch: SO-H94, S2/IO/25, 



2lt0403i3 Forwards public version of revised emergency plan, par 
IMC 82 Dili oineric Itr. 

WCLKINaCH, B.. W. MicMsan State Univ. BS/10/06. Office of 

Jluiclur Rttor Regulation, Director. lp. 15946:273, 24X 
Ffeht: 50-29 4,32/10/25,021 1040361. 

-8211100473 Forward* publit version of Revision 1 to Emergency Plan 
Implementirta Frocc-dura EFIP 530-4, "Ona i t a Radiological 
Emergency Response equipment. " 

PLlr-.G. Conunoniuealth EdUan Co. B2/J0/03. DENTDN, H. R. N!1C - H a 
Detail ad Affiliation Given. lp. 16O41.232. 24K 

Fiche: so~s79. 83/io/aa, 021 1 ioo4&5. 

m IG4036A Public version of revised emergency plan. Radiation 
accident >mergncij room protocol & guide for handling 
radiation accident victim end. 

Michigan Sttt* Univ. 88/10/06. 47pp. 15946:274. SAX 
FichBL 30-294, 03/10/25,0211040361. 

-8211100475 Public version of Revision 1 to Emergency Plan Imp 1 
Procedure EPIP 950-4. "Dnalte Radiological Emergancy 

Response Equipment." 

Ctmrniontjealtfi Edi-jon Co. H3/IO/05. 6pp 16041:233 

FUJI*: 50-293,92/10/23,8311100465. 

emcnt i ni| 

24 X 

Operating licenie stage documents & correspondence 

OD70013 Oeniric Ltr B2-19 to research fc test rctor licensee re 
ubnittal of copiei of documents to NflC. Clarifies number of 
apUi of certain document* to be submitted to MRC. Svc lilt 

ISEfJUUT, D. 0. Divition of Licensing. 02/10/05. Michigan, Univ. 

rf. EOpp. 1 5760: HO. 24X Fiche: 50-000, 02/10/05, Q210070015. 

Eieurlty. medical, emergency t fire protection plani 

100*0040 Generic Ltr 02-17 to all pouer reactor licensees S< 

Ipflicantt tt holders of CPi re inconi i stenc g betwaHn 

riulnmnt of 10CFR50. 54( t ) tc STS for performing audits of 

innTOineij pr(ijrdneis ppogram*. Svc lilt enel. 

-ISEWIUr. D. 0. Division of Licensing. 82/10/01. Coniol idatetf 

Editor Co, of Weu York. Inc. llpp. 16002:280. 24X 

Fit he: 50-000, B2/10/01 , 021004006B. 

IO070D19 Oeneric Ltr 92-21 to all licensees Si applicants of nuclear 

fouer reactors re Tech Spacs for fire protection audits. 

Formrdi outdance discussing general scope ! daseribing 

elinenti to be Included in audit, Svc list ancl. 

eiBENHUT, . 0. Division of Licensing. 02/10/06. Consolidated 

Cdlsan Co. of Neu York. Inc. I^pp. 15993:339. 34X 

Ficht: 50-000, B2/10/06. S210070019. 

1101003^ Rvleaies public version of corrected pagso to emergeTicg plan 

Inpltnent Ing praceduro. 

PELTCW, J. M. Division of Rules and Records. 82/10/12. Bacument 

H.ragenent Branch. lp. 19892:043. 24X Fiche: 30-293, 02/10/12. 


0311010036 Forwards public version of corrected Page 9 to Revision 1 oP 
Eis.irga.ncu Plan Implementing Procedure GRIP 110-1. Receipt 

PLIMl.^ 'Commonwealth Edison Co. 02/09/14, DENTON.H.R, NRC - Na 
Detailed Affiliation Qlven. 2pp. 158?2:044. S4X 
Ffeh: 50-293. 02/10/1S, 02H010034. 

-B2110S003? Public version of corrected Pge 9 to Revision 1 of 

EairfiTicu Plan Implementing Procedure EPIP 110-1. 

CuniflitKlUialth Edison Co. BS/09/14. lp. 19892:046. 24JC 
FICh:SO-29D, 02/10/12,0211010034. 

211100040 .Releases public version of rnvlsed amergancg plan 
Inpliitint ing procedure. 

FELTON. J. M. Division of Rules and Records. 02/10/28, De-eument 

runigenenb Branch. lp. 16032:354. 24X Fi che: SO-299. S2/10/2B, 

version of revised 


-B2111000S1 Foruards public version of Revision 6 to Emergency. Plon 
Inplinintlng Procedure EPIP 320-1. "Activation at Qenerating 
Station Emirgencu Plan Station Oroup. " Receipt form 

PUKL.O. Commonwealth Edison Co. 02/10/06. DENTON, H. fl. f * ic * 
of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. Director. lp. 16032:355, 24X 
Fiche: 5O-2?8. 02/10/28, B21 1100040. 

-821il0005(b Public version of Revision 6 to Emergency Plan Implementing 
Procedure EPIP 320-i. "Activation of Generatino Station 
Eieraencij Plan Station Group. " IndeK ii Procedure Change 
Riauest A82-42S encl. , 

. Commonwealth Edison Co, 82/10/05. 4pp. 16032:356. 3-4X 
Flchl:SO-a?S. 02/10/38,8211100040. 

9aitliOOB9 Releases publii 
implsmn tino procadura. 

FELTOM. J M JMvlsian of Rulei and Records. B3/10/2B Dncumcnt 

Manlfl.P.nt Branch. lp. 16052:349. 2 Fi c N C: 50-295, 83/10/aH, 
BS1 1 1 100B9. 

__ B2I11I0091 Forwards public version of Revision 3 to Emergency Plan 
Imnleitientina Procedure I6O-1, "Administrative DirE-ctor. " 
PLIMUO Commonwealth Edi.on Co. B3/10/OA- DENTDN. H. fl. NRC -No 
Detailed Af Pil i tion Oiven. lp. 16052:350. 34X 
Flche: SO-2fS, 82/10/23,93111 100B9. 

B211110&97 Public version of nevision 2 tn Emergencu Plan Imp lemont i ng 
Procedure 160-1. "Adrain istrat ive Director." tnde< & 
Procedure Change Request AS2-373 encl. ____ 

. Cmfflanu*lth Edison Co, 63/10/05. 4pp. 1*052:351. 24X 
Fiche: 50-275. B3/1O/2S, S21 1 1 IOOB7. 

0311110469 Releasfli public version of revised emorgencv plan 

FELTON:"""" ""2" 

Manig^ent Branch. la 

cam 10400. 

**** and 


, r **. / to/an. o- 

34^ Fi c he: 50-295, B2/ 10/HB. 

-aatlll0491 Foriiiards public version at Revision I to Emergency Plan 
Implanting Procedure EP3P 950-9, "Technical Support Ctr 6 
Operational Support Ctr Radiological Supplies." Receipt form 

PUML.O Commonwealth Edlsun Co. 02/10/06. nENTClN.H.R. Office 
of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. Director- lp. 16041:334. StX 
Flche: SO-295, 02/lO/ae, H21 1 1 1 04B9. 

-82111I04'?6 Public version of R H visfon t to Emergnnc^ P 1 .in [flip lament ing 
Procedure EPIP 390-5, "Technical Support Ctr & Gparattonal 
Support Ctr Radiological Supplies, " Proceduro change request 

Coowi-Hh Edison Co S2/IO/05. 
Fi Ch< : 50-299. 82/10/20, B31 11 10490 

6p P . 16041:335. 24X 

02103*0100 QenerU Ltr 92-23 to all ".* 
i^toniiatencg between requirements of 10CFR73. 
for performing audits of .afeguards eontlngeneij plani 


Edi,on CO o> Htui York. Inc. Bp P . 
Fiche; 90-000, B2/10/3Q, 8210290108. 

8211110133 n>Lejiie public version of revised page, to revision of 

ent Dranch. lp. 
0S1 11 10133. 


* Fl c^e: 50-379. 

1311100443 Releases public version of revised imergencu pl*n 
icpl tn*nt ITIV procedure. 

FELTQN. J. tt. Diviflon of Rule* and Records. 02/10/28. Document 

rfan*gen..nt Branch. lp. 16041:231. 24X Flchii SO-295, 02/10/38. 



^ r^ c v ^r ; ."'r ' 

Fich. : 50-000. B2/1 1/03, B31 1040379 

-Sai II 60131 Foru.rdt public v.riion of v *r>i l! 

6211010002 Fo 

Amend 74 

arging pimp 


: 30-298, S3/09/24, 821 1010002, 

ichs: SO-293, SS/09/B4, 631 1010003. 

24 X 

,o PP . 


r n i>^^^^ 

-S; s;v:* i :s:' toniepp " j " u - "'' 


Fl I h.: SO-aw, SI/IO/S 

B20?2100a7 0npj c Ltr BS-1A tn .11 DUD t, 

6f... RMU .,t. r.v of T.S s^ *, 

s* ^;:r f^'-iK- 

r: 50-000, BZ/09/20, B2092I0037 

./10/M.1026009B. p.g (t 



R'Vf.ion U dtd S00909 .ncl, 
Commanualth Edlion Co. CE-l 
U. 2 Flcfc. ! BO-0 

"OA Tcp leal Rift. ' 
ERR. 0S/M/OL. 

1::m r r : f" :; "''"" S^TJ-SE: t "" 
T !": ;.s!::-"-Ksa',f^'.}'a - 



031 1 1 30044 Notice of Issuance (, availability of Amends 77 t 67 to 
Licenses DPR-39 b DPR-4B. reap ec ti ve ly. 

VARCAi B. A. Operating Reactor* Branch 1, 82/10/2B. 2pp. 
16074:359. 2-4JC Fiche: 50-295. Ba/iO/2B, B21 1 130059. 

B21112033Q Forwards rev i a ad Pages 1-24 fc 1-25 inadvertently omitted 
from Revision 22 to OA program, 

BHAUSWI.W.J. Cammoniuoalth Ediion Co. 82/11 /OS, HAAS8,W.P. Quality 
Atturance Branch. lp. 16012:053. 24X Fiche: 50-000. B2/11/OB, 

821 1 1 50203 Forward! documentation supporting Commi slon approval of 
proposed de minlmls release criteria for uncontrolled 
release of niotl from controlled areas, contained in util 
raj lotion protection td,per Reg Ouide 1. 06. 

BHA.RTZ. E. D. Commoniuaalth Edison Co. 82/11/10. DENTQN, H. R. Office 
of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. Director. 1 1pp. 14053:225. SAX 
Fiehe: SO- MO, 03/11/10,0211190203. 

&2II1&OI84 Forward* addl revisions to inservice test program for pumps 
li valves. Revi i lan Incorporate addl safety velvet not 
prevlouilu Included In program & corrections to certain 
valve stroke tiroes. 

LEHTINE.F 0. Commonwealth Edison Co. 83/lI/lQ. DENTONiH. R. Office 
of Nuclut- Reactor Regulation, Director. 2pp. 16087:047. 24X 
Fiche: 50-293, aa/1 1/10, 021 1160184. 

6311110543 Ack ricelpt of B20B09 & 10<12 Itn u/payment at civil 
penalty impos >d on B2O7O9. 

AXEURftO. J. ft. Director'^ Offlct. Office of Inipection and 
Enforcement. 02/10/15. O'COHNER, J. J. Commonweal th Edison Co. 
16048: 251. 24X Fiche: 50-295, 82/1O/15. BSl I 11O363 


6208190239 IE Info Notice B3-41, "Failure of Saf etu/Rel ief Valves to 
Open at BWt. " Svc list end. 

JORDAN. E-L, Division of Engineering & Qualitg Assurance. B2JIO/33.