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Available from 

National Technical Information Service 
Springfield, Virginia 22161 

Vol. 1, No. 4 

April 1 - 30, 1979 


Preface , v 

Arrangement of Items by Docket Number ix 

Arrangement of Items by Licensee or Facility Name xv 

Docketed Items 1 

Low Level Radwaste Disposal Sites - Docket 27 1 

Domestic Licensing of Source Material -Docket 40 2 

Domestic Licensing of Production and Utilization 

Facilities - Docket 50 5 

Domestic Licensing of Special Nuclear 

Material - Docket 70 219 

Packaging of Radioactive Material for Transport and 

Transportation of Radioactive Material Under 

Certain Conditions - Docket 71 227 

Nondocketed Items 233 

Personal Author Index * 271 

Corporate Source Index - By Corporate Types , , . 281 

Citizen Group/Individ ual/Media 281 

Engineering/Construction/Consulting 281 

Educational Institutions 281 

Foreign Governments and Agencies , . . , . 281 

Legal/Law Firms/Insurance Companies 282 

Local Government and Agencies 283 

Medical Institutions and Laboratories 283 

Manufacturers/ Equipment and Supplies 283 

Professional/Industrial Institutions, Societies 285 

State Governments and Agencies 285 

U.S. Federal Government and Agencies 285 

Utilities, Power Reactors . . , 286 

Research Institutions and Laboratories , 294 

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission 295 

Report Number Index 313 

Appendix A - Definitions of Docket SO Categories ; 315 


The Title List of Documents Made Publicly Available is a monthly publication. It contains descriptions of 
the information received and generated by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commision (NRC). This informa- 
tion includes (1) docketed material associated with civilian nuclear power plants and other uses of radioactive 
materials and (2) nondocketed material received and generated by NRC pertinent to its role as a regulatory 
agency. As used here, docketed does not refer to Court dockets; it refers to the system by which NRC 
maintains is regulatory records. This series of documents is indexed by a Personal Author Index, a Corporate 
Source Index, and a Report Number Index. 

The docketed information includes the information formerly issued through tiie Department of Energy's 
Technical Information Center under the title Power Reactor Docket Information (PRDI) and, in addition 
information received or generated on other uses of radioactive materials. The last issue of PRDI published 
in January 1979, was an annual cumulation of the information for 1978. The Title List series initiated by 
this document replaces PRDI, which will no longer be prepared. Plans for providing microfiche of the 
docketed material will be announced in a future issue of the Title List and in other mailing and 

We ^e making the monthly issues produced in 1979 available free to all who subscribed to PRDI in Calendar 
Year U/8. We are doing this to encourage your comments, criticisms, and suggestions. In particular if 
here are title descriptions that are not meaningful, please let us know so that we can correct the data base 

f ?io a , 8 o POM u ^ We WOUM 1UCG thlS document to be a valuable part of your reference material. Near the 
end of 1979, subscriptions will be solicited for Calendar Year 1980 at a fee yet to be established . 


Beginning with Vol 1 No. 4, the listings within dockets are divided into the categories used for filing and 
searching in the NRC Public Document Room. Those categories are: 

A. Application/construction stage documents and correspondence 

B. Utility Preliminary Safety Analysis Report (PSAR), amendments 

C. Utility Environmental Report (ER), amendments and correspondence 

D. NRC Draft and Final Environmental (Impact) Statements (DES and FES), and correspondence 
b. NRC Safety Evaluation Report (SBR), supplements and correspondence 

F. Security, medical, emergency and fire-protection plans 

G. Adjudicatory correspondence 
H. General correspondence 

I. Financial information 

J. Insurance and indemnity information 

K. Utility Final Safety Analysis Report (FSAR) and amendments 

L. Limited work authorization and related correspondence 

M. Antitrust correspondence 

N. Antitrust hearing transcripts 

0. Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards (ACRS) reports and correspondence 

r. Uperatmg license stage documents and correspondence 

Q. Inspection reports, IE Bulletins and correspondence 

R. Periodic operating reports and related correspondence 

S. Reportable occurrences, LERs and related correspondence 

T. Hearing transcripts on non-antitrust matters 

Appendix A sets forth those categories and describes the materials available in each. Omission 
3 ' i 

The principal elements of the entries in the list are: 

(\J Operating license stage documents & correspondence 


7904170015 Forwards info on TMI:JM Hendrie 790410 testimony, preliminary 
chronology of NRC actions, description of events & generic consideration 

REHM , T.A. Office of the Executive Director for Operations 
79/04/12. ( 93pp. 

1 . NRC/PDR Document category (see Appendix A). 

2. NRC Accession Number 

3. Description of information contained in the document' 

4. Personal author. An asterisk in this position indicates that there is no personal author 

5. Corporate, agency or nonindividual source 

6. Date of document described 

7. Pages in document 

8 ' nn H P <TM If w ^ d CUmem 1S aV3ilable t0 the pUblic "to in the NRC Publi ' Document Room, 
17 17 H St N.W., Washington, D.C. 20555. If this space is filled, it gives other sources for copies of the 
document. The entry may be "Available at NRC" for sale; "Available at NTIS"; or "Available at GPO." 

Stres indmed 6 ^! 51 * TT^ ^T^ ' V D Ck6t Number . cate ^y, * then Accession Number. 
i , , P V a daSh are itemS that Were sublllitted as enclosures to ""indented items 

i f Uem ? 3re n0t J " aCCGSSi0n nUmbCr SeqUenCe - If the docketed docu <* has a contract 

number or a formal report number, it will appear in the last line of the item following entry 5. 


The principal elements of the nondoclceted items are: 

790 i 060007 NUREG/CR-0161 

("Dynamic Analysis to Establish Normal Shock & Vibration Environs 
Experienced by Radioactive National Shipping Package." Quarterly 
Progress Report 780101-780331 . Identifies parameters which affect 
normal shock & vibration environs, 

FIELDS, S.R MECH,S.J.Hanford Engineering Development Laboratory 
F ^^'I^H^; 26 P' Available at NTIS. 

1. NRC Accession Number 

2. NRC Report Number 

3. Title and description of information contained in the document 

4. Pers^l author(s). An asterisk in this position indicates that there is no personal author 

"" ir other nonindividual source 

1 (FIN) number (if any). If the document has a secondary report number it will 



1. The address for NTIS is: 

National Technical Information Service 
Springfield , Virginia 22161 

2. The address for GPO is: 

Superintendent of Documents 
Government Printing Office 
Washington, D.C. 20402 



Docket Name 

27-039 Sheffield, IL., Nuclear Engineering 

Co., Inc. 

27-047 BarnwcU, SC., Chem-Nuclear 

Systems, Inc. 

27-048 Richland, WA., Nuclear Engineering 

Co., Inc. 

40-0299 Union Carbide Corp. 

40-1341 Ford, Bacon & Davis, Inc. 

40-2061 Kerr-McGee Corp., West Chicago 


40-2259 Pathfinder Mines Corp. 

40-3079 Technical Operations, Inc. 

40-3392 Allied Chemical Corp. 

40-3453 Atlas Minerals 

40-4492 Federal American Partners 

40-6659 Petrotomics Co. 

40-6789 Howaid Univ. 

40-7122 New Jersey Institute of Technology 

40-7869 Plateau Resources, Ltd. 

40-8027 Kerr-McGee Corp. 

40-8064 Exxon Minerals Co., USA 

40-8102 Exxon Minerals Co., USA 

40-8310 Metropolitan Hosp, 

40-8380 Rooky Mountain Energy Co. 

40-8434 Home State Mining Company, 
Lakewood, Colorado 

40-8452 Bear Cicek Mining Co. 

40-8502 Wyoming Mining Corp., Irigary 

40-8584 Union 76 Exploration Co. 

40-8585 Wyoming Mineral Corp. 

40-8602 United Nuclear Corp. 

40-8681 Energy Fuels Nuclear 

40^8693 Ogle Petroleum, Inc. 

40-8697 Rocky Mountain Energy Co. 

40-8698 Plateau Resources 

40-8714 Cleveland Cliffs Iron Co. 






























































Name Page 

Indian Point Station, Unit 1 5 

Pennsylvania State Univ. Research fi 

Battelle Memorial Institute 6 
Research Reactor 

Dresden Nuclear Power Station, 6 
Unit 1 

Vallecitos Boiling Water Reactor 7 

Dow Chemical Co. TRIGA Reactor 7 

Yankee-Rowe Nuclear Power Station 8 

Pawling Research Reactor 9 

Texas A & M Univ, Research 9 

Univ. of Virginia Research Reactor 10 

General Electric Test Reactor 10 

General Electric Nuclear Test 10 

Catholic Univ. Research Reactor 10 

Univ. of Delaware Research 10 

Oregon State Univ. 10 

Univ. of Arizona Research 10 

Univ. of Missouri Research Reactor 11 

Humboldt Bay Power Plant, Unit 3 11 

UCLA Training Reactor 12 

Big Rock' Point Nuclear Power Plant 12 

Univ. of Wisconsin Research Reactor 13 

Georgia Institute of Technology 13 
Research Reactor 

Vallecitos Experimental Superheat 13 

National Bureau of Standards 13 

Univ. of Missouri Research Reactor 13 

Space Radiation Research Reactor 14 

Univ. of Texas Research Reactor 14 

Rhode Island Nuclear Center 14 


Docket Name 

50-199 Manhattan College Research 


50-201 West Valley Reprocessing Plant 

50-206 San Onofre Nuclear Station, Unit 1 

50-208 Columbia Univ. Research Reactor 

50-213 Haddam Neck Plant 

50-219 Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Plant 

50-220 Nine Mile Point Nuclear Station, 

Unit 1 

50-224 Univ. of California Research 


50-231 Southwest Experimental Fast 

Oxide Reactor 

50-237 Dresden Nuclear Power Station, 

Unit 2 

50-241 Mississippi State Univ. Research 


50-244 Robert Emrnet Ginna Nuclear Plant, 

Unit 1 

50-245 Millstone Nuclear Power Station, 

Unit 1 

50-247 Indian Point Station, Unit 2 

50-249 Dresden Nuclear Power Station, 

Unit 3 

50-250 Turkey Point Plant, Unit 3 

50-251 Turkey Point Plant, Unit 4 

50-254 Qimd-Citles Station, Unit 1 

50-255 Palisades Nuclear Plant 

^0-259 Browns Ferry Nuclear Power 

Station* Unit 1 

-260 Browns Ferry Nuclear Power Station, 

Unit 2 







Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power 




Salem Nuclear Generating Station, 
Unit 1 





U.S. Geological Survey Research 




Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power 
Plant, Unit 1 




Peach Bottom Atomic Power 
Station, Unit 2 




Peach Bottom Atomic Power 
Station, Unit 3 




Santa Maria tic Garona Nuclear 
Power Plant 



Surry Power Station, Unit 1 




Surry Power Station, Unit 2 




Prairie Island Nuclear Station, 
Unit 1 




Fort Calhoim Station, Unit 1 



Indian Point Station, Unit 3 




Oconee Nuclear Station, Unit 3 




Three Mile Island Nuclear Station, 
Unit 1 




Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station, Unit 1 




Michigan State Univ. Research 




Zion Nuclear Power Station, 
Unit 1 




Browns Ferry Nuclear Power 
Station, Unit 3 




Cooper Nuclear Station 




Eastern Station 



Point Beach Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 


Docket Name 

50-309 Maine Yankee Atomic Power 


50-311 Salem Nuclear Generating Station, 

Unit 2 

50-312 Ranch Seco Nuclear Generating 


50-313 Arkansas Nuclear One, Unit 1 

50-315 Donald C. Cook Nuclear Power 

Plant, Unit 1 

50-316 Donald C. Cook Nuclear Power 

Plant, Unit 2 

50-317 Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power 

Plant, Unit 1 

50-318 Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power 

Plant, Unit 2 

50-320 Three Mile Island Nuclear 

Station, Unit 2 

50-321 Edwin I. Hatch Nuclear Plant, 

Unit 1 

50-322 Shoreham Nuclear Power 


50-323 Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power 

Plant, Unit 2 

50-324 Brunswick Steam Electric Plant, 

Unit 2 

50-325 Brunswick Steam Electric Plant, 

Unit 1 

50-326 UC-Irvine Research Reactor 

50-327 Sequoyah Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 

50-328 Sequoyah Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 

50-329 Midland Plant, Unit 1 

50-330 Midland Plant, Unit 2 

50-331 Duane Arnold Energy Center 

50-332 Barnwcll Reprocessing Plant 

50-333 James A. Fltzpatrick Nuclear 

Power Plant 

50-334 Beaver Valley Power Station, 

Unit 1 

50-335 St. Lucie Plant, Unit 1 

50-336 Millstone Nuclear Power Station, 

Unit 2 

50-338 North Anna Power Station, Unit 1 




































100 . 





















Name page 

North Anna Power Station, 118 

Unit 2 

Enrico Fermi Atomic Power Plant, 120 
Unit 2 

Trojan Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 121 

Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station, 123 
Unit 1 

Joseph M, Farley Nuciear Plant, 124 
Unit 1 

Limerick Generating Station, Unit 1 126 

Limerick Generating Station, Unit 2 126 

Hope Creek Nuclear Station, Unit 1 127 

Hope Creek Nuclear Station, Unit 2 127 

William H. Zimmer Nuclear Station, 128 
Unit 1 

San Onofre Nuclear Station, Unit 2 130 

San Onofre Nuclear Station, Unit 3 131 

Forked River Nuclear Station, Unit 1 132 

Joseph M. Farley Nuclear Plant, 133 
Unit 2 

Edwin I, Hatch Nuclear Plant, 133 
Unit 2 

Bailly Generating Station 134 

Arkansas Nuclear One, Unit 2 135 

William B. MacGuire Nuclear 136 
Station, Unit 1 

William B, MacGuire Nuclear 138 
Station, Unit 2 

LaSalle County Station, Unit 1 139 

LaSalte County Station, Unit 2 140 

North Coast Nuclear Plant 141 
(Puerto Rico) 

Waterford Generating Station, 141 
Unit 3 

Indonesia Research Reactor 142 

Susquehanna Steam Electric 142 
Station, Unit 1 

Susquehanna Steam Electric 143 
Station, Unit 2 

St. Lucie Plant, Unit 2 144 

Watts Bar Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 145 


Docket Name 

50-391 Watts Bar Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 

50-394 California State Polytech College 

Res. Reactor 

50-395 Virgil C. Summer Nuclear Station, 

Unit 1 

50-397 WPPSS Nuclear Project, Unit 2 

50-400 Shearon Harris Nuclear Power 

Plant, Unit 1 

50-401 Shearon Harris Nuclear Power 

Plant, Unit 2 

50-402 Shearon Harris Nuclear Power 

Plant, Unit 3 

50-403 Shearon Harris Nuclear Power 

Plant, Unit 4 

50-404 Noith Ann Power Station, 


50-405 North Anna Power Station, 

Unit 4 

50409 La Crosse Boiling Water Reactor 

50-410 Nine Mile Point Nuclear Station, 

Unit 2 

50412 Beaver Valley Power Station, 

Unit 2 

50413 Catawba Nuclear Station, Unit 1 

50414 Catawba Nuclear Station, Unit 2 
50-416 Grand Gulf Nuclear Station, Unit 1 
50-417 Grand Gulf Nuclear Station, Unit 2 

50-423 Millstone Nuclear Power Station, 

Unit 3 

50424 Alvin W. Vogtle Nuclear Plant, 


50425 Alvin W. Vogtle Nuclear Plant, 

Unit 2 

STN-50437 Floating Nuclear Plant 

50438 Bellefonte Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 

50439 Bellefonte Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 
50-440 P,erry Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 1 
50441 Perry Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 2 
50-443 Seabrook Nuclear Station, Unit 1 

i. 50-444 Seabrook Nuclear Station, Unit 2 

50-445 . Comanche Peak Steam Electric 

Statinn Unit 1 



















































STN-5 0-478 






STN-5 0484 




Name Page 

Comanche Peak Steam Electric 168 
Station, Unit 2 

GESSAR-238 171 

Douglas Point Nuclear Station, 172 
Unit 1 

Douglas Point Nuclear Station, 172 
Unit 2 

Summit Nuclear Power Station, 172 

Summit Nuclear Power Station, 172 
Unit 2 

Greenwood Energy Center, Unit 2 172 

Greenwood Energy Center, Unit 3 172 

Byron Station, Unit 1 172 

Byron Station, Unit 2 173 

Braldwood Station, Unit 1 174 

Braidwood Station, Unit 2 175 

River Bend Station, Unit 1 176 

River Bend Station, Unit 2 177 

WPPSS Nuclear Project, Unit 1 177 

Clinton Power Station, Unit 1 173 

Clinton Power Station, Unit 2 179 

Fulton Generating Station, Unit 1 179 

Fulton Generating Station, Unit 2 179 

Aliens Creek Nuclear Station, 179 
Unit 1 

Aliens Creek Nuclear Station, Unit 2 181 

CESSAR System 80 181 

Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station, 181 
Unit 2 

Quanicasse, Unit 1 181 

Atlantic Generating Station, Unit 1 182 

Atlantic Generating Station, Unit 2 182 

Wolf Creek Generating Station 182 

Calloway Plant, Unit 1 183 

Tyrone Energy Park, Unit 1 183 


Docket Name 

STN-50-486 Galloway Plant, Unit 2 

STN-50-488 Perkins Nuclear Station, Unit 1 

STN-50-489 Perkins Nuclear Station, Unit 2 

STN-50-490 Perkins Nuclear Station, Unit 3 

STN-5Q-491 Cherokee Nuclear Station, Unit 1 

STN-50-492 Cherokee Nuclear Station, Unit 2 

STN-50-493 Cherokee Nuclear Station, Unit 3 

STN-50-495 SWESSAR-P1 

50-496 Montague Nuclear Power Station, 

Unit 1 

50-497 Montague Nuclear Power Station, 

Unit 2 

STN-50498 South Texas Project, Unit 1 

STN-50-499 South Texas Project, Unit 2 

50-500 Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station, 

Unit 2 

50-501 Davis-Bessc Nuclear Power Station, 

Unit 3 

STN-50-502 Haven Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 

STN-50-503 Haven Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 

STN-50-508 WPPSS Nuclear Project, Unit 3 

STN-50-509 WPPSS Nuclear Project, Unit 5 

50-510 Blue Hills Station, Unit 1 

50-511 Blue Hills Station, Unit 2 

50-513 WPPSS Nuclear Project, Unit 4 

50-514 Pebble Springs Nuclear Plant, 

Unit 1 

50-515 Pebble Springs Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 

STN-50-516 Jamesport Nuclear Station, Unit 1 

STN-50-517 Jamesport Nuclear Station, Unit 2 

STN-50-518 Hartsville Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 

STN-50-519 Hartsville Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 

STN-50-520 Hartsville Nuclear Plant, Unit 3 

STN-50-521 Hartsville Nuclear Plant, Unit 4 

STN-50-522 Skaglt Nuclear Power Project, 

Unit 1 

STN-50-523 Skagit Nuclear Power Project, 

Unit 2 




STN-5 0-5 2 8 






















STN-5 0-5 56 


STN-5 0-557 



STN-5 0-566 





STN-5 0-5 69 









STN-5 0-581 





STN-5 0-584 




STN-5 0-5 92 




50-596 ' 









Name Page 

Palo Verde Nuclear Station, Unit 1 205 

Palo Verde Nuclear Station, Unit 2 206 

Palo Verde Nuclear Station, Unit 3 207 

Clinch River Breeder Reactor 208 

Memphis State Univ. Research 208 


Marble Hill Nuclear Station, Unit 1 208 

Marbie Hill Nuclear Station, Unit 2 209 

Fort Calhoun Station, Unit 2 209 

Greene County Nuclear Power Plant 209 

Phlpps Bend Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 210 

Phipps Bend Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 211 

Black Fox Station, Unit 1 211 

Black Fox Station, Unit 2 212 


Yellow Creek Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 213 

Yellow Creek Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 213 

NEP Nuclear, Unit 1 214 

NEP Nuclear, Unit 2 . 214 

RESAR-414 214 

'Bagnac Nuclear Power Project 214 

Erie Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 

Erie Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 

Sundesert, Unit 1 

Sundesert, Unit 2 



Palo Verde Nuclear Station, 

Palo Verde Nuclear Station, 

New Haven, Unit 1 

New Haven, Unit 2 

Northwestern Univ. 

Carroll Facility, Unit 1 

Carroll Facility, Unit 2 





Barnwell, SC, Chem-Nu clear 
Systems, Inc. 

Ricliland, WA., Nuclear Engineering 
Co,, Inc. 

Sheffield, IL,, Nuclear Engineering 
Co., Inc. 

Allied Chemical Corp. 
Atlas Minerals 
Bear Creek Mining Co. 
.Cleveland Cliffs Iron Co. 
Energy Fuels Nuclear 
Exxon Minerals Co., USA 
Exxon Minerals Co., USA 
Federal American Partners 
Ford, Bacon & Davis, Inc. 
Howard Univ. 

Homo State Mining Company 
Lakewood, Colorado 

Kerr-McGee Corp., West Chicago 

Kerr-McGee Corp. 

Metropolitan Hosp. 

New Jersey Institute of Technology 

Ogle Petroleum, Inc. 

Pathfinder Mines Corp. 

Petrotomics Co. 

Plateau Resources, Ltd. 

Plateau Resources 

Rocky Mountain Energy Co, 

Rocky Mountain Energy Co. 

Technical Operations, Inc. 

Union Carbide Corp. 

Union 76 Exploration Co, 

United Nuclear Corp, 

Wyoming Mining Corp., Irigary Mine 

Wyoming Mineral Corp. 

Docket Page 

27-047 1 





























































Aliens Creek Nuclear Station, Unit 1 
Aliens Creek Nuclear Station, Unit 2 
Alvin W. Vogtlc Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 
Alvin W. Vogtlc Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 
Arkansas Nuclear One, Unit 1 
Arkansas Nuclear One, Unit 2 
Atlantic Generating Station, Unit 1 
Atlantic Generating Station, Unit 2 
Bagnac Nuclear Power Project 
Bailly Generating Station 

Battelle Memorial Institute Research 


Barnwell Reprocessing Plant 

Beaver Valley Power Station, Unit 1 

Beaver Valley Power Station, Unit 2 

Bellcfonte Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 

Bellcfonte Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 

Big Rock Point Nuclear Power Plant 

Bluck Fox Station, Unit 1 

Black Fox Station, Unit 2 

Blue Hills, Station, Unit 1 

Blue Hills Station, Unit 2 

Bolsa Island Power Reactor Unit 2 


Braidwood Station, Unit 1 

Braidwood Station, Unit 2 

Biowns Ferry Nuclear Power Station, 
Unit 1 

Browns Ferry Nuclear Power Station, 
Unit 2 

Browns Ferry Nuclear Power Station, 
Unit 3 . 

Brunswick Steam Electric Plant, Unit 2 
Brunswick Steam Electric Plant, Unit 1 


















































. 96 





Byion Station, Unit 1 

Byron Station, Unit 2 

California State Polytccli College 
Res. Reactor 

Galloway Plant, Unit 1 
Calloway Plant, Unit 2 

Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant, 
Unit 1 

Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant, 
Unit 2 






STN-50-483 183 

STN-50486 184 

50-317 82 


Carroll Facility, Unit 1 



Carroll Facility, Unit 2 



Catawba Nuclear Station, Unit 1 



Catawba Nuclear Station, Unit 2 



Catholic Univ. Research Reactor 



CESSAR System 80 



Cherokee Nuclear Station, Unit 1 



Cherokee Nuclear Station, Unit 2 



Cherokee Nuclear Station, Unit 3 



Clinch River Breeder Reactor 



Clinton Power Station, Unit 1 



Clinton Power Station, Unit 2 



Teh Reactor 



* ri Station, 








urystai River Nuclear Plant, Unit 3 



Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station 
Unit 1 



Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station 
Unit 2 ' 



Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station 
Unit 3 



Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant 
Unit 1 ' 



Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant 
Unit 2 ' 

50-323 95 


Donald C. Cook Nuclear Power Plant, 
Unit 1 

Donald C. Cook Nuclear Power Plant, 
Unit 2 

Douglas Point Nuclear Station, Unit 1 
Douglas Point Nuclear Station, Unit 2 
Dow Chemical Co. TRIGA Reactor 
Dresden Nuclear Power Station, Unit 1 
Dresden Nuclear Power Station, Unit 2 
Dresden Nuclear Power Station, Unit 3 
Duane Arnold Energy Center 
Easton Station 

Edwin I. Hatch Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 

Edwin I. Hatch Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 

Enrico Fermi Atomic Power Plant, Unit 

Erie Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 

Eric Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 


Floating Nuclear Plant 

Forked River Nuclear Station, Unit 1 

Fort Calhoun Station, Unit 1 

Fort Calhoun Station, Unit 2 

Fort St. Vraln Nuclear Generating 


Fulton Generating Station, Unit 1 
Fulton Generating Station, Unit 2 
General Electric Test Reactor 
General Electric Nuclear Test Reactor 

Georgia Institute of Technology Research 



Grand Gulf Nuclear Station, Unit 1 

Grand Gulf Nuclear Station, Unit 2 

Greene County Nuclear Power Plant 



























2 50-341 







































Greenwood Energy Center, Unit 2 
Greenwood Energy Center, Unit 3 
II.B. Robinson Plant, Unit 2 
Haddam Neck Plant 
Hartsville Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 
Hartsville Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 
Hartsville Nuclear Plant, Unit 3 
Hartsville Nuclear Plant, Unit 4 
Haven Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 
Haven Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 
Hope Creek Nuclear Station, Unit 1 
Hope Creek Nuclear Station, Unit 2 
Humboldt Bay Power Plant, Unit 3 
Indian Point Station, Unit 1 
Indian Point Station, Unit 2 
Indian Point Station, Unit 3 
Indonesia Research Reactor 
James A. Fitzpatrlck Nuclear Power Plant 
Jamesport Nuclear Station, Unit 1 
Jamesport Nuclear Station, Unit 2 
Joseph M, Farley Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 
Joseph M. Farley Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 
Kewaunee Nuclear Power Plant 
LaCrosse Boiling Water Reactor 
USalle County Station, Unit 1 
LaSalle County Station, Unit 2 
Limerick Generating Station, Unit 1 
Limerick Generating Station, Unit 2 
Maine Yankee Atomic Power Plant 
Manhattan College Research Reactor 
Marble Hill Nuclear Station, Unit 1 
Marble Hill Nuclear Station, Unit 2 
Memphis State Univ. Research Reactor 
Michigan State Univ. Research Reactor 











STN-5 0-5 18 




STN-5 0-5 20 


STN-5 0-5 21 




STN-5 0-503 


















STN-5 0-5 16 

































Midland Plant, Unit 1 

Midland Plant, Unit 2 

Millstone Nuclear Power Station, Unit 1 

Millstone Nuclear Power Station, Unit 2 

Millstone Nuclear Power Station, Unit 3 

Mississippi State Univ. Research Reactor 

Montague Nuclear Power Station, Unit 1 

Montague Nuclear Power Station, Unit 2 

Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant 

National Bureau of Standards Reactor 

NEP Nuclear, Unit 1 

NEP Nuclear, Unit 2 

New Haven, Unit 1 

New Haven, Unit 2 

Nine Mile Point Nuclear Station, Unit 1 

Nine Mile Point Nuclear Station, Unit 2 

North Anna Power Station, Unit 1 

North Anna Power Station, Unit 2 

North Anna Power Station, Unit 3 

North Anna Power Station, Unit 4 

fJnrtl) ("Vinut >'-< m-~* in ,- T,.-__'. 

Oconee Nuclear Station, Unit 3 

Oregon State Univ. 

Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Plant' 

Palisades Nuclear Plant 

Palo Verde Nuclear Station, Unit 1 

Palo Verde Nuclear Station, Unit 2 

Palo Verde Nuclear Station, Unit 3 

Palo Verde Nuclear Station, Unit 4 

Palo Verde Nuclear Station, Unit 5 

Pawling Research Reactor 


. 50-184 
STN-5 0-569 












Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station, 
Unit 2 

Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station, 

Unit 3 

Pebble Springs Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 
Pebble Springs Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 

Pennsylvania State Univ. Research 

Perkins Nuclear Station, Unit 1 
Perkins Nuclear Station, Unit 2 
Perkins Nuclear Station, Unit 3 
perry Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 1 
perry Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 2 
Pliipps Bend Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 
Phipps Bend Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 . 
Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station, Unit 1 
Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station, Unit 2 
Point Beach Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 
Point Beach Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 
Prairie Wand Nuclear Station, Unit 1 
Piairie Island Nuclear Station, Unit 2 
Quad-Cities Station, Unit 1 
Quad-Cities Station, Unit 2 
Quanicasse, Unit 1 

Rancho Seco Nuclear Generating Station 

Rliode Island Nuclear Center Reactor 
River Bend Station, Unit 1 
River Bend Station, Unit 1 

Robert Emmet Ginna Nuclear Plant, 
Unit 1 

Sat&m Nuclear G&nerating Station, 
Unit 1 




50-278 51 



San Onofte Nuclear Station, Unit 1 
San Onofre Nuclear Station, Unit 2 
San Onofre Nuclear Station, Unit 3 

STN-50-48S 185 

STN-504&9 185 

STN-50490 186 

50-440 163 

50441 163 

50-553 210 

50-554 211 

50-293 62 

50471 181 

50-266 39 

50-301 68 

50-282 55 

so-306 n 

50-254 31 

50-265 38 

50475 181 

50-312 76 

STN-50-572 214 

50-193 14 

50458 176 

50-459 177 

50-244 n 

50-272 46 

50-311 75 

50-206 14 

50-361 130 

50-362 131 


Santa Maria de Garona Nuclear 

power Plant 

Seabiook Nuclear Station, Unit 1 
Seabrook Nuclear Station, Unit 2 
Scquoyah Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 
Setnioyalv Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 

Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant, 
Unit 1 

Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant, 
Unit 2 

Shenron Harris Nuclear Power Plant, 

Shoaron Harris Nuclear Power Plant, 

Unit 4 

Slioreham Nuclear Power Station 
Sknstt Nuclear Power Project, Unit 1 
Skagit Nuclear Power Project, Unit 2 
South Texas Project, Unit 1 
Soutli Texas Project, Unit 2 

Southwest Experimental Fast 'Oxide 

Space UadluUon Research Reactor 

Sterling Power Project, Nuclear, Unit 1 

St. Luclc Plant, Unit 1 

St. Luclo Plant, Unit 2 

Sundosctt, Unit 1 

Suntlcscit, Unit 2 

Summit Nuclear Power Station. Unit 1 

Summit Nuclear Power Station, Unit 2 

Surry Power Station, Unit 1 

Surry Power Station, Unit 2 

Susciuehanna Steam Electric Station, 

Unit 1 
Suiquehuin* Steam Electric Station, 

Untt 2 


Tern A & M'Unlv, Research Reactor 

Threo Mile Island Nuclear Station, 
Unit 1 



















50403 152 












































Three Mile Island Nuclear Station, 
Unit 2 

Trojan Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 
Turkey Point Plant, Unit 3 
Turkey Point Plant, Unit 4 
Tyrone Energy Park, Unit 1 
UC-Irvine Research Reactor 
UCLA Training Reactor 
Univ. of Arizona Research Reactor 
Univ. of California Research Reactor 
Univ. of Delaware Research Reactor 
Univ. of Missouri Research Reactor 
Unly. of Missouri Research Reactor 
Univ. of Texas Research Reactor 
Univ. of Virginia Research Reactor 
Univ. of Wisconsin Research Reactor 
U.S. Geological Survey Research Reactor 
Vallecitos Boiling Water Reactor 

Vallecltos Experimental Superheat 

Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station 

Virgil C. Summer Nuclear Station, 
Unit 1 












































Waterford Generating Station, Unit 3 
Watts Bar Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 
Watts Bar Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 
West Valley Reprocessing Plant 

William B. MacGuire Nuclear Station, 
Unit 1 

William B. MacGuire Nuclear Station, 
Unit 2 

William H. Zimmer Nuclear Station, 
Unit 1 

Wolf Creek Generating Station 
WPPSS Nuclear Project, Unit 1 
WPPSS Nuclear Project, Unit 2 
WPPSS Nuclear Project, Unit 3 
WPPSS Nuclear Project, Unit 4 
WPPSS Nuclear Project, Unit 5 
Yankee-Rowe Nuclear Power Station 
Yellow Creek Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 
Yellow Creek Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 
Zion Nuclear Power Station, Unit 1 
Zion Nuclear Power Station, Unit 2 






























' 8 



STN-5 0-567 








DOCKET 27-O39 Sheffield, 1L. . Nuclear Engineering Co. 

7904300429 Forwards opposition of licensee in response to rankest bg 
NRC t, IL Alty General to file roplg brief*. 
CONNER,!. 8. Conner. Moore t. Corber. 79/03/01, Ip. 

7904200431 Oppoiltion of licensee to reque*t bg NRC Si IL Attg General 
to fill reply far ief*. Neither NRC nor IL Attg General have 
shown lufMciint cauie under Rules at Practice. Cert If lea te 
of Svc *ncl. 
CONNER. T. 8. Conner, Moore ti Carter. 79/03/01. 7pp. 

7904160303 Notice of withdrawal of application bg Nuclear Engineering 
Co far license renewal It lite expansion. Proposed ASLB order 
4< Certificate of Bve tnct. 
CONNER, T. B. Conner, Maori d Corber. 79/03/08. 4pp. 

V-790416O3O9 Transmits Nuclear Engineering Co 'i notice of withdrawal of 
application h termination of llcenie.All licensed activities 
at tit* terminated on 79030B. 
CONNER, T. B. Cannar, Moore fc Corber. 79/03/08. 2pp. 

7704190331 Ac k receipt gf 790316 Itr requesting NRC withhold 
confidential info. Info has bean deleted from public 

DAV19 A. H. Region 3, Chicago, Fuel Facility & Material* Safety 

Branch. 79/03/27. Ip. 

7904190339 Ack recslpt of NRC 790307 Itr h IE Insp Rept 
27-39/79-01 on 790126. Requests that portion of rept 
containing confidential info be excluded from PDR version. 
BAER.T.S. Nuclear Engineering Co.. Inc. (subs, of Teledgnei Inc.). 
79/03/16. Ip. 

7904190363 Forwards IE Insp Rapt 27-39/79-01 on 790126. 

DAVIB.A.H. Region 3. Chicago, Fuel Facility ti Materials flafatg 

Branch. 79/03/07. 2pp. 

7904190370 IE Insp Rept 27-39/79-01 on 790136, No noncompl iance noted. 
Major area* inspected: organliation, mod to facilities, 
internal review It environ program. 

ZURAKOIJSKI.P. R. Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 

BQOK.M.E. Region 3, Chicago, Fuel Facilitg b Materials Safety 

Branch. 79/02/21. 9pp. 

7904090013 Forwards 790309 Itr re low level radioactive ua*te disposal. 
BRENNER.!.. Branch 3. 79/03/09. Ip. 

7904030022 Ack receipt of 790308 Itr re terminating part of License 
13-10042-01. Direct* company to take neces*arg action to 
assure public health & safetg. 

DIRCKS.W. J. Office of Nuclear Material Safety 8. Safeguards. 
79/03/O9. 8pp. 

7904060023 Urge* appropriate injunctlve relief to prohibit Nuclear 
Engineering Co from disposing of licinie to bury low level 
radioactive wastes it from abandoning site. 

8CQTT. W. J. , HANSELLiD.. BEKULER.S.N. Illinois, State of. 79/03/14. 

7904060031 Inform* that compang 1* not responsible for radioactive 
waste disposal site. Hilt cooperate In evacuating site, which 
pose* no threat to public health i safety. Certificate of Svc 

NEEL.J.N. Nuclear Engineering Co,, Inc. <sub. of TeUdgna, Inc. I. 
79/03/14. 4pp. 

7904230363 State will reply to Nuclear Engineering Co motion tt answer 
to show cauie order. 
HANSELLED, Illinois, State of. 79/03/2S. Ip. 

79O42Q0417 Discusses 77O4O2 telcon re IL Dept of Public Health S. IL 
Oaotoglc Burveg refuial to meat .with NRC & IL Environ 
Control Dlv to discuis condition! for itabiliiat ion ! 
deconnissloning of Sheffield lite. 

DRAQONETTE, K. 8. **Law Level Haste Branch (After 790901 lee HILL). 
79/04/04. Ip. 

79042S022B Respond! to 790313 Itr etpresslng concern re illegal 
abandonment of Sheffield site. Nuclear Engineering Co wn 
served order to ihaw causa dtd 79O320 & has risumed limited 
reponsiblll ty. 

DIRCKB,H. J, Dfflc* of the Eiecutlve Director for Operations. 
79/04/23. 2pp. 

7904100504 Tranecript of 790387 hearing in Peoria, IL, Pp. 1-112. 

CaODHOPE.A. C., LITTLE, L.H., REHtCK, F. J. Atomic Safety and Licensing 
Board Panel. 79/03/27. 113pp. 

7904090392 Ack receipt of NRC 790309 telegram *ipritng disagreement 
w/legal pail t ion. Knoui no regulation requiring licensee to 
obtain approval before terminating operation. Notes all 
unburlvd radioactive matl li removed, H/Certlf tcate of Bvc. 
NEELi J. N. Nuclear Engineering Co. > Inc. (tubs, of Teledyne, Inc.). 
79/03/14. 4pp. 

7904060036. Ack receipt of 770309 telagram r* radloactlva uatte dl*posal 
si te. Corrects NRC Itr Si Informs of Intention to abandon site 
at stated at 780723 meeting. Aoure* there i* no threat to 
public *fetg & health. Routine malnt required at site. 
HEEL, J, N. Nuclear Engineering Co. i Inc. dubt. of Taledyna, Inc.). 
79/03/14. 4pp. 

7904090210 Respond* to 790213 Itr requesting answers re Sheffield *lte 
within 30 days. IE li State of IL have Inspected tit* t 
concluded that all radioactive atl h*i been removed. 
BAERiT.S.' Nuclear Engineering Co. i Inc. (*ub*. of Teleduna, Inc.). 
79/03/1A. 3pp. 

7904160380 Forwards A* end to 10CFR20, "Std* for Protection Against 
Radiation" dtd 601188 h "Proposed Policy for Handling 
Packaged Radioactive Watte." dtd 591203, H/o end 
<ref 1OCFR1. 790). 
REISiE. J. Branch 3. 79/03/21. Ip. 

7904180143 Forward* draft FR notice re timely notification of 
discontinued licenced actlvifele*. 
RCIS.e.J. Branch 3. 79/03/21. Bpp. 

DOCKET 27-047 Sarnuiell, 8C. , Chem-Nuclear Sgitams 

7903330324 Respond* to 790219 request for addl info ra topical dose 
rate from handling monitors h their packages, radlonuclldei 
contained in man! tars, amount of BNM nuclides in monitors It 
packaging at time of disposal. 
REYNOLDS, L. E. Chsm-Nuc lear System*, Inc. 79/03/07. 33pp, 

7904U037B Forward* addl Info to 790307 Itr r enriched U-233 in 
chamber*. TRU content of aach chamber 1* batween . SO mg & , 63 
mg when unaxpoied BNM enrichment 1* 90X-97X. 
REYNOLDS, L. E, Cham-Nuclear System*, Inc. 79/03/21, Spp. 

7904200420 Reiponte to 790220 requett for amend to Llcinii 46-13336-01 
to provide for receipt, transport h disposal bg land burial 
of radioactive CaF2 wastes containing U-233. Describe* addl 
info needed to proceed with review. 

DRAOONETTE, K, S. *Lou Level Haite Branch (After 790901 see UILL). 
79/04/04. app. 

7904270230 Inform* that Barnuiell facilltg 1* operating at capacity & 
cannot accomodate waste from TK1 or from any unicheduled 
reactor shutdown*. Urgi* natl low level waste mgt plan. 
RtLEY,R.W, South Carolina. State of. 79/04/19. 2pp. 

DOCKET 27-048 RichUnd, WA. .Nuclear Engineering Ca. 

7W4170207 Affidavit of MJ Bell ra rept on 790319 *lte visit. 
HELLrH. J. 'Low Level Wait* Branch (After 790301 see MILL). 
77/03/aa. ip. 

7904170208 Dl*cu**e* 790317 site vilt: elnkhole* emitting low level 
radiation, fence* daaiagidi trace* of radiation found In 
previously decontaminated bldg. Supporting documentation 

BEU..H.J. oxeLav Level Haste Branch (After 790301 eee UILL). 
79/03/aa.' 6pa. 

790423034S Forwards re*pon*e to Quettlon 2 of 780323 Itr requesting 
complete description of low level waste disposal site 
activities. Includes info re waste handling b packaging t 
description of waste site it operation, 
BAER.T.a. Nuclear Engineering Co. 79/03/^2. 6pp. 



DOCKET 40-0297 Union Carbide Corp. 7904090313 Forward* IE Imp Rapt* 30-4376/78-03,30-9633/78-01 !< 

40-3077/78-01 on 781320 b nofaici of violation. 

, _, HCCLiNTOCK.R.O. Rig ian 1, Philadelphia. Office a* the Director. 

7904130132 Forward* Artit'* Concept*" (. "Environ Aiieifnent at Belau 79/01/23 3pp 

Grade U Tailing Diipoial In A-9 Optii Pit. " 
JOHNSON, B.L. Union Carol if e Corp. 79/O3/I 1 ?. Ip. 

7904090317 Notice of violation fron imp on 781330. 

,. , , fisgion 1, PMladilphia. Office of the Director. 79/01/23. 

7904I301S6 "Environ Aistumsnt of Bel oui-Qrad* U Tailing Dlspoial i.n f~" la 

Opan Pit. " 
* Union Carbide Carp. 79/O3/21. 118pp. 

"7904090338 IE Imp Rept 30-4376/70-02,30-9623/78-01 fc 40-3,079/79-01 an 

781230. Noncoaipltance note-ii: licenie aatl u*i *tored In 
7901090361 Forward* reclamation plan in lupport of request for Ol~ unre*tricttd ana t do*lneter win uncallbrated. 

Startup icheilulad for 790326. HCCL.INTQCK, R. 0. Region 1, Philadelphia. Offlc at th. Director. 

HEKEME/ER.P. C, Union Carbide Corp. 77/03/14. 2pp. 79/01/22. 14pp. 

7904090344 Rtipondi to NRC 7BO813 Itr. Inform "Environ A*i*inent of 7TO42IOI68 "Semiannual Radiation Sampling Program" Jul-Dae 1978, 

Bclou Or a da U Tailing DUpaiel In A-9 Optn Pit" will be * Federal Amsrlcan Pirtnan. 79/03/04. 10pp. 

lent ispapately. Tillingi dlipoial mutt be opiratianal bu 
Nov 1979. 
REKEWEVER.P. C. Union Crbid Corp. 79/03/14. 2pp. 7904020234 Act rccalpt of 790130 & 7TO304 Itn lnforlna NRC o# itBpi 

tiktn to carract violation* nottd in IE Inp Rept 

7904H30103 AH ricaipt of 790112 Itr & .cop let of DE8. Coimetlt on SGVFfirTfK.V. Region 4. Dal 1 at. Offie o* th Director. 79/03/22. 

tailings dlipoiali cultural E< biological rcourcii ( P' 

racl'nation of disturbed iandi. t> grounduater ijualltg. 
flEIEfiOTTO.L, Interior. Dept. of, 79/03/28. 4pp. 

790W202B8 R*ponifi to NRC 790301 Itr r violation noted in IE Imp 

Rtpt 40-4492/79-01. Corrictlve ac tlani: frequint eetlngi ar 

790423O3IO Sum<nirl ie* 790321 telcon to avoid niiundan tanding re h>ld lo dttcufi radiation maf t(j , nan-nchiduUd Imp toun It 

condition* under which Llctnie BUA-648 to oa*rat> Eait Oa* monthlv rrpti made. 

Hlllt Heap Leach would b ltue<f. * Tadral American Partner*. 79/03/14. Ip. 

REKEME/ERiP. C. Union Carilda Coi-p. 79/03/2B. Ip. 

CO-CKET 40-1341 Fordr Bacon (. Davli. Inc. WICKET 4O-3392 AUlad Chemical Corp. 

7f0417O303 Comments DTI DES: 1 1 ti eomprtheni tve r raining operation, but 
deflclint r* milling part of project. Blisv*i dlipoial of 
mill talllngi In uorbvd-out portion* of mlnei ihould bi> 
conildired for mill operation, ' 

A. Fuel Proie**. t Fab. Brnch. 79/03/27. Eff. 

7904210193 Fc-ruardi "Semiannual Effluent fteleaie Ripti H Jul-D*c 197B. 
THOMAS, J.H, Allied Ch*nic*l Corp. 79/O2/32. Ip. 

79042I01S9 "Bamiannual Effluent Releale Rapt." Jul-Dec 197Q. 
* Allied Chemical Carp. 79/OS/22, Ip. 

DOCKET 40-2061 Ueic Chicago Facility, KerT-NcOet Carp. 

7904070273 On behalf of Hent Chicago, ILi roquaiti dockatino a* 
lntereitd party tn all matter* re facility dicanmliilonlnp. 
SPELHAN.H.J. Hiroltf J. Bp*lman & Aiiociitei. 79/03/03. 2pp. 

79041B0312 Facility deconml*lonin|) p-ln 1* Insufficient re 
alternative* to oroiita diipaiali 1 ong-tsrm maintr ruhb 1 & 
iott dlipoial d tealing of ut.ll* It borehole*. Unclear topic* 
naad further elaboration. 
Kt-EPlTSCH.K. J. Environment*! Prottctlon Aganct). 79/03/19. 2pp. 

DOCKET 40-2239 Pathfinder Htne* Corp. 

7904210129 FnruariU "Semiannual Effluent tionltorlng Rtpt." 
-Jlfl-D*e 197B. 

.L. Pathfinder Mini* Carp, 79/03/02. Ip. 

3 "Semiannual Effluent Monitoring Reptr " Jul-Dtc 1978. 
Mnder Hlne* Corp. 7B/12/31. 9pp. 

ipani* to 790Bu? til com f oruardi ulnd obivrvation chart 

"dr Mine* Corp. 79/03/16. Spp-. 

luett for addl Info an hydrologlc 
i Da 4. H/f our over-died 

79/03/16. 7?p. 

7904270070 Forward* IE Imp pt 10-3393/79-01 on 790286 h 0302 V 
no tic* of violation. 

DAVIS, A. B, Region 3, Chicajo, Fuel Faellltu 1 Htrlal* Bafetu 

Branch. 79/03/23. 2pp. 

-7904370072 Notice at violation from lnp on 790226 & 0302. 

Region 3, Chicaflai Office of the Director. 79/03/23. 2pp, 

790*270070 IE Imp Rapt 40-3393/79-01 on 770226-0302. Nonconp llancft 
noted: failure to mU tinetij *ubMittal at QA program h air 
lamp 1 ing. 

SCHUMACHER, M, C. , PECK.C.C. Region 3. Chicago. Office; of the 

Director. FIBHERiVJ.L. Region 3, Chlcajo, Fuel Pacllltu V 

MitirUU Safety Branch. 79/O3/20. llpp. 

DOCKET 40-3433 Atla. Mlneralt 

79040aot4B DE8 for f*clllt(j, 

* Office of Nuclear Hitvrial Bafatu ti Safeguard*, NUREO-0341. 
77/11/30. 130pp. 

7904090370 Forward! co*Mnt on FES by Div of BUte FUitoru. Find* no 
knoun *ffict on any ttti lilted in KU Rgi*ter. 
TEKPEBT.L, Utah. State of. 79/03 /OB. 2pp. 

7904130147 Forward* comnint* on revlu of Koab U Hill FES. Blleva* 
detail! an needed re analyii* of potential contamination tn 
CO River In cat* of talllngi uashout. Leeching rate of FU-2S6 
from tailing* appear* to be too low. 
MEIEROTTOiL. E. Intef ior ( Dpt. of. 79/03/16, Ip. 

DOCKET 40-4492 Federal American Partner* 

904090302 Ack rectlpt of 79020? Itr Informing HC of ttp tkn to 
corract violations noted tn IE Imp fttpt 30- 4376/76- OZi 
30-?623/rfl-01 fc 40-3079/7B-01 on 7B1S20. 

MCCLINTOCK.R. 0. Region 1. Philadelphia, Office of the Director, 

79/02/28. Ip. 

-7904090309 Raipond* to NRC 7901H3 Itr re violation* ntHad in IE Imp 
combined rept 30-4376/78-02.30-9623/78-01 * 4O-3077/7B-01 
on 7fllMO. Corrective ac ttoni: nitl now itored in reitrlcted*lmftr calltratlon belna verified. 
WJMRD.J. j. Tefh/Op* (Ttchnical Operations Inc.). 79/02/09. Ip. 

79041901OB Requeit* addl Info re rivlilon of deilgn far propoied 

talllno* dam. 

Fuel Procei*. & Fab, Branch. 79/02/26. 3pp. 

"Semiannual Radiation Sampling Proar*n " Jul 

dACKSON. F, D. , WIGHT, K.H. Federal American Partntn. 79/03/04.* Ip. 

7904210169 Forward* "Semiannual Radiation Sampling Proar*n " Jul-Ote 

I97fl, t 


DOCKET 4O-4492 Federal American Partner* 

DOCKET 40-B027 Krr-McQea Corp. 

79O4O20263 Ack receipt of 79O13O Itr Informing NRC of step! taken to 
correct violation* noted in IE Imp Rept 40-4492/78-01. 
Requaiti addl Info re mgt Involvement & mill exhauit lyi 

GEYFRIT.K.V. Region 4, Dallai, Office of the Director. 

79/03/01. lp. 

7904O8O271 Respond! to NRC 7901O9 Itr re violation noted In IE Imp 
Rept 40-4492/78-01. Corrective ac tlom : lurveui will continue, 
monthly itack sampling on monthly bail*, notice to obierve 
licensed activity posted & uorkeri trained. 

JACKBON, F. D. , WRIGHT.K.H. Federal American Partner!. 79/D1/30. 

7904020278 Forward* IE Imp Rept 40-4492/78-01 on 781002-63 & notice 
of violation. 

BEVFRIT.K. V. Region 4, Dallai, Office of the Director. 

79/01/07. 2pp. 

79O4O20273 Notice of violation from Imp on 781002-03. 

Region 4, Dallai, Office of the Director. 79/01/03. lp. 

7904O80279 IE Insp ftipt 40-4472/7B-01 on 781002-03. Noncompl lance noted 

employee* not imtructed re health protection, not Ice to 

employees not poitedimgt procedure! not adopted (* exposure 
to U. 

MUSTAIN.M. J. , HH.BORt4.L- Region 4, Dallai, Office of the 

Director. DROWN, 0. D. Region 4, Dallai, Fuel Facility b 

Material! Safety Branch. 79/01/03. llpp. 

DOCKET 40-6639 Petrotanic* Co., Oetty Oil 

7904230316 Foruardi 790319 analyiii by Chen b Aiiociate*. Inc re 
requirement* fc recommendation* for conit of upitream ilope 
protection for propoied addition to exiiting tailing* dan. 
WHITMAN, J. H. Petrotomie*, Inc. 79/03/21. 10pp. 

7904210016 Requeit* technical aiilitance In gaotechnlcal It hydrological 
review* of propoved modi to enture compliance iu/ 
Reg Quids 3. 11. 
BCARANO.R.A. Fuel Proceii. & Fab. Branch. 79/Q3/22. 3pp. 

7904130342 FEB for facility. 

Dlvlilon of Fuel Cycle & Material Safety. 
75/Q2/2B. 230pp. Available at NTIB. 


7904230377 Providei addl Info re reduced uapllng frequency at 

ipecified monitoring location! to iuppl 780310 & 791212 
SHELLEY, H. J- Kerr-KcQee Corp. 79/03/26. ip. 

7904230306 Forwardi requeited info re amend application for r*tf in* 
fgrtlliier program, w/rque*t that thil info iuppl exiitlng 
application. Diicunei propoied modi rafflnate application 
ratei<ioll itudiei & lurfaci runoff of effluent*. 

BHELLEY.M. J. Ken KcQee Nuclear Corp. tiub*. of Kerr-KcOie Corp. 
79/03/2i. 9pp. 

DOCKET 40-80&4 Eon Mineral! Co. USA. Euan Carp. 

7904170333 Foruardi data on leven monitor welli w/eicun ton 
parameter! exceeding upper control limit*. Some unnecitiary 
vampling hai occurred. Intend* to raqueit RID llcen*e anend. 
FREEMAN, H.D- Enon Klneral* Co. , USA. 79/03/21. 9pp. 

DOCKET 40-B102 Exon Mineral! Co. USA, Enon Corp. 

7904090221 Refute* coiunenti by UY Oane t. Fiih Dept re FES, Ini*fc 
iDlutlon mining cau*ei minim* 1 dl*ruption of mrface b 
radioactive matt li totally contained. 
PATTON, J. 0. Ei ion Nuclear Co., Inc. dub*, of Emon Corp.). 

79/03/13. 2pp. 

7904330342 Raqueiti amind to Llcenie SUA-1139 to eliminate ref to 
ipeclflc penon al radiation laffttu, officer ti eitafallih 
ninlinuiH qualification! for poiitlon. Requeit du* to frequent 
perionnel change* in that poiltion. 
onTLOFF,O.D. Exxon Klnerali Co. , USA. 79/O3/21. lp. 

DOCKET 40-8310 Metropolitan Hoip. 

DOCKET 4O-67B9 Howard Univ. 

7904110B63 R*pondi to NRC 790122 Itr re vlolatloni noted In IE Imp 
Ropti 30-1321/79-01, 30-11603/79-01, 40-67S9/79-OI fc 
70-623/79-01. Correct ive action: teit porti for breathing rone 
relocated & thyroid checki to be initltutBd. 
ALEXIS, C. P. Howard Univ. 79/02/26, 2pp. 

7904110263 Aek receipt of 790226 Itr informing NRC of itepi taken to 
correct violation! noted In IE Imp Repti 30-1321/79-01, 
30-t 1603/79-01, 40-47B9/79-01 & 70-623/79-01. 

MCCLINTOCK,R.L. Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 

79/03/13. lp. 

7904110248 Reipondi to NRC 790122 Itr re violation* noted In IE Imp 
Repti 30-1321/79-01,30-11603/79-01,40-6789/79-01 I. 
70-629/79-01. Corrective action: tet porti for breathing lone 
relocated h thyroid checki to be Imtitufced. 
ALEXIS, C. P. Howard Univ. 79/02/86. 2pp, 

7904110268 Diieu**ei IE Imp 30-1321/79-01,30-11603/79-01,40-6789/79-0 
(. 70-623/79-01 of Llten** 08-00386-19, 08-03073-07, BNM-rS63 fc 
SUD-3B4 on 790108-07 & forward* notice of violation. 
MCCLINTCJCKiR. 0, Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of th* Director. 

79/O1/22. 2pp, 

7904110872 Notice of violation from Inep on 790108-09. Noncompl lance 
nutftd:fallur to conduct adequate iurv*u to determine 
whether individual wai expoiad to tlgnlflcant quantitle* of 
1-123 during lodtnatlom. 

Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 79/01/22. 


7904040023 Ack receipt of 790214 Itr Informing NRC of *tp* t*ken t 
correct violation! noted In IE Imp Rept! 30-3043/79-01 t 

MCCLINTOCK, R.O. Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Director 

79/02/28. lp. 

-7904040027 Reipond! to NRC 79012? Itr re violation* noted in IE I 
Rept!.30-3043/79-Ol 4. 40-B310/79-01. Corrective actlom: 
iurvey reiponilblllty nay not be relegated, log book* 
obtained, It iurv>y to be poited t Initialed. 
BHTABEL, P. Metropolitan Ho*p. PA/PH. 79/02/14. Spp. 

-7904040029 Diicunn* IE ln*p 30-3O43/79-01 fc 40-8310/79-01 on 790 
ti forward! notice of violation. 
MCCLINTOCKi R. 0. Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of th* Direct 

79/01/89. 2pp. 

-7904040032 Notice of violation from Imp on 790111. Noncoopl l*nce 
failure to check contaMlnation of container* in which 
licenied matli were itored, prior to dlipoilng of container* 
In normal traih. 

MCCLINTOCK, R.O, Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of th* Direct 

79/01/27. lp. 

DOCKET 40-8380 Rocky Mountain Energy Co. 

7904D40069 In re*pome to 7902S6 requeit, f oruard* lunmarv of ground 
restoration program to date.Maite water being tranefarred 
offilte.Rettoration actlvttlei expected to begin we*k of 
LUCKrA, D. Rocky Mountain Energy Co. 79/03/09, 3pp. 

DOCKET 40-7B69 Plat>au Raiourcei, Ltd. 

79041BC076 Coiw.ent on DEB (NUREO-OS04). Exprenei concern re 
radiological lpact* deicrlbad In document, 
SHLEIEN, B. HEW, Dept. of, Food 4 Drug Ad*lni*tration. 79/03/20. 


DOCKET |tO-8434 Jefferion County Health Dept. LA, Colorado 

7904090098 Forward* conmenti by NRC & comultant re wnutcriat at 
"Epideniolaglcal Evaluation of Cancer Incidence Rate* for 
P*riod 1769-71." Manuicrlpt alio lent to NIHiwhoi* coMant* 
will be forwarded whan received. MRC eoeMent* enel. 

, R. B, Office of Standard* Dev*lopiaent. 79/03/20. 7pp. 

7904210107 Forward* rept of liquid h gaieou* effluent* released to 
unreitrlcted area* fr-om Jul-Dae 177B. H/o encl. 
IHELL.R.B. Ra*ourci, Ltd. 79/03/83. Ip. 


DOCKET 40-6*33 Bear Creek Mining Co. 

7904260169 Forwards revlieif raipunia to NRC question* aiktd at 790404 
conference. Addl rtiponi* ufll foltou.Tuo ovirtind drawing. 


Rocky Mountain En>rau. Co. EBD 79-322. 79/04/06. 

7904090350 Prelminarv Fipt on otochanlcai mgaiurnaenti ra tailing! 
ditpoial.Provio'ei d*t* for prediction! r* nitration ratal of 
Ra.AiiS4.FE Ic vanadium In grouniluatar </* near pTopoieo 4 
taill.noi diipaial lite, 

DflEVER, J. I-., (WRPHVi J. H. Bear Creel Mining Co. (*uhi. of Kenntcott 
Corp. I. 78/07/21. S3pB. 

7704020160 -Sept on the Hadrolootc Eftecti of Operating Bear Cruel 
Hina.HY. " 

* Horriton Knurfun Conpjnv. Inc. 7&/04/30. 71pp. 

7-W4ZIOOIO R*a.uti technical aulitanc* In geoticnnlcal L hgdrologlci 1 
revianit of propattd nodi to amure coapllanci w/ 
Rig Qulde 3. 11. 
6CAAAM), ft. A. Foil Proem, t Fab. Brinth. 79/03/14. 2pp. 

ft*q.u., i in d to Llc*nn SUrt-1310 to r.fl.ct relocation of 
two high vol air quality lanpllng ttatiom pir HV Dipt 
Environ Quallt u riqulrtninCi. Nu locatlnni mat-lid an ncl 
ovirilnd oup h will b* aovad upon approval 

^ B " r P"^ Kinlng Co. Ciufai. of H.nn.cott Corp. I. 

Mln *' faming Mining Corp. 

,K- J , p ['' p011 ' * oll wv Hlnln P"'" 1 * ^ r* *w 
VMllM "it lln* data luboJttal HY Dipt of 
Environ Qualit v conditional apopaval of modi 
BCHEMDEL.K.R. *fvalng Min.ral Corp. 7?/O3/ia, a4pp, 

na"" rd ' 5 1 !" '," " Al "* sn " Tr* n iport t Conv.r.atlon 
ongrlnfl Par sun* for Llcinif 8UA-1341 
8CHENDEL, K. R. Boning Mlniral Qoi-p. 79/03/14. lp. 

790*lKa9S "*"oni* Traniport (, Canv.p.lor. Monitoring Program, 
* Mvonlng Minara.1 Corp. 79/03/14, ilpp. 


^valuation of Cancor R.t.i for 

M *!: u " rlpt -l10 * tn * * NiH, U ho.. COB ;.nt, 

,"*" 1 r< " lv -'-NC caHMnti .net. 

tc. of BtinJardi D.v.iopwint. 79/03/ao. 7 PP . 


. ' 

Radiolosical H.a Uh atand.rd. Branch. 79/03/1H. 

7704260036 Foruarfls "Aifilandum to 8p*ciiC*ll C Tallinn* Impoundment " 
HAHBHALLr J, A. Union Mlnepali, 79/03/20. lp. 

7904260089 "Adifandum to Bpacs.Cell C Tailingi Impoundment " 
TDUAND.O.O. Dims* & Moore. 79/03/20. 100pp. 

7904310112 Ravlau of amend to Llcenia SUA-130 to allow revlilon of 
qunea of comt & opBration af tailings colla indicates 
therff li no environ Impact associated u/prapoied ch'na*. 
HtJLMANiL.O. Fool Protfl*. d Fab. Branch. 79/03/13. 3pp. 

--7904S10119 Hviu of rnuei t to revlie sanuanco of constructing 
tailing* retention colli indicatu sequence requirss an. 
sdjuitment In location of plerometari to be Initallad, 
Changai acoptab li. 
JACKSON. (I.E. OeoieUncei Branch, 79/03/OB. lp. 

7904210124 Foriuardi addl hi/draulic anjlniiarlnB Input ! tailinot 
retention iiji. 
HULMAN, L. (J. Hgdrologij Metabrology liranch. 79/03/13, 3pp. 

7904170300 Notification that Hcsn.e SUA-1330 li amondad to uthorlt 
rsviiion of tailing* call con6 Sc optratlon faquanca from 
DiC,A. B, . to C,D, A, B.iubj to mod of Condition 40 
acARANQ.R.A. Fuel Procen. S, Fab. Branch. 79/03/19. 3pp. 

DOCKET 40-8385 Wyoming Mineral Carp. 

7904040484 Provldn Info re .tack omiiiloni at facllltu 
PLATZKE.R.N, Wyoming Mineral Corp. 79/02/34. lp, 

7904070038 Forward, commanti bg NRC i. coniultant r. manuicript of 

Epidnmlological Evaluation of Cancer Incidence R*t* for 
P.r od 1947-71." alto ..nt to NIH,uhD comment, 
.. ''! s " ril " ) u "" 1 received, NRC comment, ncl, 
MINDOUE.R.B, QYflca of Standard! Devlop m nt. 79/O3/SO. 7pp, 

-7704090060 Revi.u of CJ dohn.on 790227 rapt r. c-nt.r lnc 1BC . r ta, 
in RocVy Flali araa. Approv-i of nailc rte*rch dv*l g n,but 
notei mini/ error* In ipttiflci t< applicability 
CUMNINOHAM.H. Radiological Health Standardi Branch. 79/03/18, l " tf1 ""'"' "' -nalgtical 

tabu ar anti-las In rept re c.ncer Incldtnca r.tai. Roqgq.. 

confirmation of cartaln figur. Kat*i 

GOLDSmTH.R. HadlologUal Health Btandardi Hranch. 79/03/02, 

MtWHITH.R. Radiological H..UI, flt,dri. Branch. 79/03/03. 

JflHNBON.c.J. Affiliation Unknown, 79/03/06. aapp. 
DOCKET 40-B602 Unltd NuclMr Corp. 

l rB L " l Un.*!t I 2 "I" 'i tf "" " bHI1 " 1'"d. 
h.C.E, Unltsd NucUar Corp. 79/03/RB. lp/ 

S^s/Ks:';;: ;.?!^?^^^^;^ 

K-;: r :: ssras - -t " " B cS:::i*s:r^;sr 

JOHN80N.C.J. Affiliation Unknown. 79/03/06, S P( >. 


ing Hin.ral Corf. 79/03/S2. lp. 

Llc. nl . 

F.. Manaa... rt Branch. 79/03/ai. Ip . 

40-B4aiEn.r B FutI, Nuclwr, Inc. 


HERSON.A. Environmental Prot.ctlon Ag.ncg. 79/03/16. 

En*rav Fueli Nuclaar, Inc. 79/03/Bl. 

Nuc i r , in, 




DOCKET 40-8681 Energy Fuels Nuclear. Inc. 

7904100160 Summary of 790312 meeting u/Interagency Archaeolog 
Services in Latewood. Co re mitigation of impacts of White 
Mesa project to site archaeolog ica 1 resources 
THACER.E. A. Fuel Process, fe Fan. Branch 79/03/22 


7904160083 Forwards UT Div of Btate Histary rep t llitlng archaeological 
sites in project area , statement re burial of aifce For 

protec t ion. 

BAKER, C,E. Energy Fuels Nuclear. Inc. 

79/03/23. It pp. 

790423029B Roquast Far concurrence in 79Q331 Itr should be held in 
abeyance until further notice from respondent. 
ADAMS, R.M. Energy Fuels Nuclear, Inc. 77/03/30, 2pp. 

7904200376 Forwards "Radon Gas Attenuation Study. " 

DAKER, C.E. Energy Fuels Nuclear, Inc. 79/04/03. Ip. 

7904200383 "Radon Oaa Attenuation Study.. " 

* Energy Fuels Nuclear, Inc. UC-3A7, 79/03/23. 


Financial information 

7904170913 Forwards "Annual Rept 1978. " 

CAHILL.W. J. Consolidated Edison Co. of Neu Vork. 79/O4/I3. Ip. 

7904170217 "Annual Rgpt'1978. " 

Consolidated Edison Co. of New Yorl. 79/02/20. 44pp. 

Insurance and indemnity 

790417O24I Forwards Endorsement Bf to MAELU Policy MF-29. 

CAHILL-W. J. Consolidated Edison CD. of Nem York. 79/Q4/10. 

Operating license stage 


79040902-JO Requests addl info ra capability of N3SS to respond to 
postulated ATWS trans ients. Forwards NRG 770215 Itr to QE u/ 
request for analysis CD confirm adequacy of proposed mods to 
LWR designs. NUHEG-Q46O Vol 3 encl.W/o Bncl. W/di.trlbution. 
VOLLMER.R. H. Assistant Director for Systems & Project*. 79/O3/12. 


DOCKET 40-B693 Ogle Petrolaum. Inc. 

7904230361 Ac I 790333 Itr f/ partial payment for minor safety & environ 
amend to 1 i cense. Requests payment of add! *61O. 
WEISS, D. License Fee Management Oranch. 79/04/05. Ip, 

7904190234 Forwards Amands 23 C. 33 to License* DPR-S DPR-26, 
respectively, t,. notice of issuance tt availability, 
BCHHENCER.A. Operating Reactors Branch 1. 79/03/39. 3pp. 

7901190239 Amends 33 , 53 to Licenses DPR-3 , BPR-26, respectively. 
SCHWENCER.A, Operating Reactors Branch 1. 79/03/39. Bpp, 

DOCKET 40-8697 Rociy Mountain Energy Co. 

7904210051 Forwards "Semiannual Effluent Mon i tor ing Rep t, " Jul-Dec 
1970, M/o end. 
3PIELES.P, [Jocky Hountain Energy Co, 79/O3/Q2. Ip. 

DOCKET 40-E369B Plateau Resourcea, Ltd. 

7904060040 Favora immediate issuance of license U Plateau Rasoureeg 
for U mill. Considers environ statements shaer nonsense. 
Suggests Nile be abolished to allow free enterprise to 
function autonomously. 
CQCHRANE.J. Af f i 1 fat ion Unknown. 79/03/1O. tpp. 

7904160336 Foruac-ds FedBral RaoKtor notice re extension of period PC 
receiving comment* on DES to 790406, 
SCARANtJ.R. N. Fuel Process, t. Fab. Draneh. 79/03/19, tp, 

--7904160339 Notice of availability of DEB. Comment period attended tc 
790 4 O6. 


Fual Process, fr Fab. Oranch. 79/03/19. 

7904170324 Respond, to 7902O9 Itr requesting comments on DES, Cone ludas 
no Corps of Engineers projects are affaeted no Army permit 
uii II be required. 
UEDDELL.G.L. Army, Dept, of. 79/03/20, Ip. 

7904230300 Urgas approval of pending application so that U project wag 
proceed as soon as passible, 
DINEHAHT, H. K. Utah, State of, 79/03/2B. 


790419024& Notice of issuance tc availability of Amends 23,35 & 33 to 
Licenses DPR-3, DPB-64 t, DPR-26, respectively. 
SCHHENCER, A Operating Reactors Branch I. 79/03/27, 3pp. 

7904190072 Forwards application for amend to ET8, Certi f icate of Svc 
enc I. 
CAHILL,U.J. Consolidated Edison Co. of Nam York, 79/O4/12. 3-pp. 

7904190076 Application for amend to ET9 proposing that all nlcmcnti r 
thermal plume mappino be consolidated into Section 4. 1, la. 
CAHILL,W.J, Consolidated Edison Co, of Ham York. EAftUYiP.J. 
Power Authority State of Neu York, 79/QH/lQ. Slop, 

7904230332 Forwards review of Revision 1 of draft Tech Specs 
NUREC-Q133. "Preparation of Radiological Effluunt Tech Bpeci 
Por Nuclear Power Plants, " Design & operation of plant 
complies u/regulatorv requirements. 
GAHILL.H.J. Consolidated Edison Co. of New York. 79/04/16, 


Inspection reports and correspondence 

7904040333 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-02, "Pipe Support Base Plate Dnignt 
Using Concrete Expansion Anchor Bolt*, " 

RB'n li Philadelphia, Offict at thf Director. 


7904040299 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-03, "Longitudinal Weld Defact* in 
ASME SA-313 Type 304 Stainless Steel Pipe Spools 
Manufactured by Younoatown Welding d Enjlnerina Co, " 
ORIER.B.H. Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Oireetor. 

79/03/12. Ip. 

ROCKET 40-S714 Cleveland Cliffs Iron Co. 

7904030063 Forwards IE Circular 79-04, "Loost Locking Nut on Limitoriiu. 
Valve Operators, " 

Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 


79/03/U. Ip, 

7904070047 Forwards draft "Hadlation Handbook for Collins Draw Solution 
Eitraction Recovery Plant, " Requests changing meeting date 
SOMERVILLE, K. G. Clove land-C H ffs Iron Co. 79Y03/QG. 14pp. 

7704240150 Forwards IE Bulletin 7B-I2B, "Atypical Uold Mitl In Rtactar 
Pressure Vessel Wilds." 

GRIER.B.H. Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 

79/03/19. Ip. 


Ctr * ul " "" 31 " M utui - 

*" "r-nd.d 

ORIER.B.H. Region I, Philadelphia. Office of the Director. 

79/03/20, Ip. 

DOCKET 90-3 Indian Point Station, Unit 1 

Securitg, medical, emergency i fire protection plans 

""'""*""" """"-'"""*-' .^-. M _** ,___..., 

7904030208 Forwards emergency plan. 

CAHILL,M,J, Consolidattd Edlion Co. of New York, 79/O3/27.' Ip. 

7904040234 Forwards IE Info Notice 79-03, "Use of Improptr Hatls in 
Safety-Related Components. " 

GRIER.B.H. Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Director 

79/03/21. tp. 

7904030S12 Emergency plan. 

* Consolidated Edison Co. of New York. 79/O3/27. llipp. 


DOCKET 3O-3 InJUn Point Station, Unit 1 
Irnptttton rtpgrti *nd corropondtnc* 

7904130233 "Semiannual Rtliai* Rpt" for Jul-Dac 1978, 
* Commatiu.Jlth Erflion Co. 79/03/01. 43pp. 

7904270153 Forward! IE tnfo Notlc* 79-06, "Strtll Anilgili of 
Safttij-Related Piping." 

OHIER.B.M. FUgion I, Philadelphia Qffic. of tti> Director. 

79/03/Z3. 2pp. 

7901370133 IE Info hlotlca 79-Oi, -Str* Antlgili of Bat itg-R. lated 

Pip ing. " 

* Office of Iniptctinn EnFqrctnt. 79/03/23. 4pp. 

7904300479 IE Info Notic. 79-OB, "Int.reorm.ctlon of 
Contjainitid By i u/Svc Air Sy Used it Sourct of Br.athlno 
Air. " * 

CRIER, B.H. Region 1. Phi lad. Iphii, Uffici of th. Director. 

79/03/2B, zpp. 

7904300481 IE Info Notlc. 79-OH, IntBrconn.ctlon Qf ContMlniUd Sy 
ui/Svc AJT SUB Uurf 4. Bourc of Brtithing Air." 
Qftict of Inipictlon It Enforciatn*. 79/O3/HB. 3pp. 

,-*,.* , Ir "" 01 ' fc "*>"" 7< *-4' "rncorTfct U.lghti fop Sulna 
^2r J A ** """'"'"'a &V V.Ian Englnt.ring Corp." 
mo3/30 K lf . Rfti n *' " >"" "' ' .. Dlrtor. 

""K^UA"} 1 ::!:,,^.:;^:^*.? 11 ' 11 ' 1 ' or Sulns Chtct wiv - 

* O/flct of Nucltar Rt actor Regulation. 79/03/30. 4pp. 


W lp . 

n*o Hotici 79-09, "Spill of ftJdloict ivelu Contjnln 
R-Bion I, PhlUd.iphla, Offic. of th. Dir.ctor. 79/03/30. 

e. t th. Dlr.cto 

79-03A, "NucU.r Incrf.nt 

* of THI - S 

7904240307 Foru*i-di monthly ap>rtlng rapi far M*r 1977, 

CAHILL.U.J. Coniolidattd Edlian Ga. of Niw York, 79/04/13. Ip, 

79042403U Monthly op*rting ropt far M*r 1979. 

KANULA,L. Coniolli)tid Edlian Co. of Ntu York. 79/04/03. 7ff. 

7904340379 Foruirdi tibulitlon of dilly ricord of flh callactlan. far 
Har 1979 purtu*nt to App B of Ttch Spici. 
CAHILL.H.J. Coniolldit.d Edlon Co. of N*u York, 79/04/1A. 4p 

fteportabl. occurrtnc.*, rsUieif corripondinca 

7904240331 Forwirdi LER 79-002/04X-1. 

CAHIU..H. J. Coniolldat.d Ediian Co. of Nub) York. 79/04/1D. Ip. 

-7904240327 LER 79-OK/04X-1 an 790100; T,l,d V n. I.otop., notlfU 
r nn l ^"'P'J'* 1 "" '"Jtl- *-h-n an 7BIlM\iM.d.d%, n ?!.; 
SthJr ih.n'uin, Vtl ' CjlU " d ' trU1Un r " ..... ' pom " 
MASCIULLI,8. Con.antfat.d Edllon Co, of Mnu York. 79/04/Ifl, 

uti , 

Qprtlng Hctnit 

iv. 79/03/03 


lictnn itag* 

.- E nvron 

Wc. of th.' Dir.ctor. 

. ip. 

7904270483 IE Bull. tin 




lrjineh a> 

Iniunno *nd tnd.mnltg 

, ., 

Mntmtlon at *nvlran 


DOCKET SO-1O Dreidan Nuclear Pouiar Station. Unit I 
Operating licnt *tage 

7904020034 IE Bulletin 7B-13Q, "Atypical Hl<t Matl In Raaetor Praiaure 
Veaal Held*," to aupplanent IE Bulletin. 78-12 i, 7B-18A. 
Office of Inspection & Enf oreonent. 79/03/17. 3pp. 

7704130137 Raqueited Itttnio amends far conf orroanca to 10CFRSO involvn 
lingle Cla*j III fus fc tun duplicate titt.Httunt of *3, 6OO 
li forthcoming. 
MILLER, W. Q. Llcne Fee Management Branch. 77/03/23, Ip. 

"Atypical Held Matl in Roactor 

7704030O5B Forwards IE Bulletin 7B-12B, 
Preiiura Vinel W*ldi. H1 
KEPPLER,J-O. Raglan 3, Chicago, dfflca tit the Director, 79/03/19. 


7904160328 In tupport of NRC'. sy.tematic evaluation p rogram, forward ! 
Ht of related topic*. 
JANECEKiR.F. Commonwealth Edison Co. 77/03/36. 17pp. 

7904160042 Notification of 79Q4Q6 mi. ting m/Commonweal th Edl.on Co In 
BBthesda.MD to*. utll plan to perform analuia. r 
ul.mtc daalgn * if f ac ti of pip* break on atrutturo*. BUI h 
component. iinida containment. 
O'CQNNER.P. H. Oprating fieacton Branch S. 79/03/H7. 2pp. 

7704200393 Notification of 770406 malting ui/util to dlicun utll'i 
planned analyiii of Toplci III-6, "BIimlc Dsign. " *. 
III-3.A. "Efficfc of pip. Bnak on Structural, Sv* (. 
Component! Inild* Containmtnt. " Cincullod, 
D'CDKNOR.P. W. Oporatlng R.acton Branch 2. 77/03/27. Ip. 

7704I003B6 fi.ipondi to 79010B rB qu.t that r-eirculatlon puma trip b* 
Initallad.RBaffirni commitm*nta to Init*ll ii mike 
operational a r ic Irculation pump trip of accaptabU dtitan 
Outline* inital latlon chadul*. 
REED.C. Commonwealth Edi.on Co. 77/03/39. 4pp. 

~ ilu " tion * Dr..den-i Uilng Eo 

Co HflEM Non-Jt Pump Evaluation Haiti, Large Break Example 
Proolem" In reiponia to NRC 7QO512 rnqunt for addl Info. 
VftNECEK.R.F. Commonwealth Edison Co. 79/04/04. 2pp. 

". ECCS Evalu tl0 " " tha Exron Nuclear Co 

HREH Non-Jet Pump Evaluation Hodl, Large Drejk Eiample 

Problem. " 

HYMAN.R.O. Commonwealth Etliaon Co. HRAJICEK, J. E. Et.on Nuclear 

Co. i Inc. dubs, of E>lon Corp.). XN-NF-77-24. 79/03/30. Bapp. 

7904160072 Foruariti commtnti re uitematlc .valuation prooram ravleu of 
draft lafe ihutdoun rapt. 
REED.C, Comflionutalth Ediion Co. 79/04/O6. 3pp. 

7704200303 Foruardi re*ponie to 79O317 rao.uet for Info re direct 

ihlne" radiation from BHR turbinei h plume radiation 
Monthlv doie leu than miaiured don by factor of tuo due to 

fl l^ir. 1 ! umptlon of " contrt bot 'on "* tipoaura from plum... 
JANECEKrR.F. CoMmonuea 1th EdUon Co, 79/04/16. 43pp. 

79043002SJ Foruardi il> r.pti re aeiimK rviBW 6 "Dgn.mlc Ing of 
Electrical NucUar Pouer Plant Ini tal latlon. " Suggaitt more 
fBfitg margin In trapeie hangeri than prBvlouilu ricojrnlitd. 
H/encl Bachtvl 790214 Itr. 
JANECEK.H.F. Cammonuialth Ediion Co. 79/04/2O. 10pp. 

Inipactlon report* and correipondenca 

7904030417 Forward i IE Inap Rapts SO-01O/79-02, 5O-S37/79-02 t. 
SO-249/79-OK on 7703O6-O7. No noncompliance noted. 

DAVIS,A.B. Raglan 3, Chicago, Full FacILltu ( Matorial* Safatu 

Branch. 77/O2/23. 2pp. 

7904030017 Forward* IE Circular 77-03, "Hoi mtur* La*lrage In 3trndad 
Hire Connecton. " 

Raglan 3, ChLcago, Offlca of tha Diractar. 79/03/20. 

77O410OSOO DlicuaaB IE Imp Rapt* 0-01O/7?-04i 3O-S37/79-0* li 
30-347/79-04 on 790226-0303, OS-OA fc O9. Notlca of violation 
withheld (l-Bf IOCFR2. 770I. 
HIND, J. A, Raglan 3, Chicajo, Safeguard! Branch. 79/03/HB. Off. 

7904300399 Foriuirda IE ffulletiti 79-04, "rneorract Ualghti lor Swing 
Cheek Valva Manuf c turnd by Valan Englnaerlns Corp." 
HEPPLERr J. 0. Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/03/30 


7904I2016I Forwards IE Birllebln 79-03. "Muclear Incident fc TMI- 1. 

PNa-79~67 J 79-67A,D,C,D,ErF t< O, No ra*pan r.ulrd. 

KEPPLER.J.O. Raclcn 3, Gbit* 9 a, Dffica of th* Diractor. 79/O4/01, 


7904190220 Foruarda IE Bulletin 79-OSA. "NucUar Incident *t 
TMI - Buppl," & preliminary chranolagc/ of THI-2 790328 
ccldant until core cooling rtorerf. 

KEPPLER.J.O. Rsglon 3, Chicago. Offlca of the Director. 



7704300iza Foru,.rda IE Bullatin 79-O71 SUnlc Strata Anal V *l of 
Safetu-Rvlatad Piping." 
KEPPLER.J.O. Ro B inn 3. Chicagor Qffdca of th* Director. 79/04/14. 

7904300133 IE Bull.ttn 77-O7, fl.i.ic Otr... AnalaX. of Uaf*tu- 
Relatad Piping." * 

DfrlcB at Inpactlon ti Enforcumnit. 79/04/14, 7pp, 

7904300133 IE Bull.tin 79-07. "fl.l.^u Qtr... Anl V n of a.ft v - 
nviacad Piping* " 
Office of Nuclar Raactar Rtaulatlon. 77/04/14. 7pp, 

790427023S Forward. IE Bulletin 79-06A. Revli ion 1, Rv-tw of 
Operational Ei-rort S. Sg Klaa 1 lanntnt* Id*ntlflid Ouftno 
TMI Inc Ideut. "' 
KEfPLER.J.O. Raglan 3, Chicago, Offica of the Dlractor. 79/04/10, 

Periodic operating raportm, r<Utad cori-a*pnndence 

^* " H " dloactlv ' g-tt * * Environ HiiHorli. B , - nu 
BTEPHENBON.B.B, Commonuva 1 th Cdlaon Co. 79/03/22 

Inlp Ro(lt " 30-010/77-02, 30-337/79-02 & BO-247/79-Oa on 

790206-09-No noncomp 1 lance noted. Major araai Impacted: 
airborne radioactive uaite , Including affluent raleaiet, 
record* k rept of affluent*. 

HIATT.J.M., FISHER, WL. Ragion 3, Chicajo, Con.tructlon 

<" Englneerlnj Support Branch. 79/02/22, Bpp. 

7904160011 Foruarili IE Inap Reptl 30-010/79-03. 50-337/79-03 & 
50-249/79-03 on 770201-2B t, notice of violation. 
HEISHMAN,R. F. Raglan 3, Chicago, Reactor Operation* Nu-elaap 

Support Branch. 77/O3/13. 2pp. 

--7904160013 Notice of violation from imp on 790201-26. 

HEIBHMAN, R. F. Region 3r Chicago, Reactor Operatloni Nuclear 

Support flra,neh. 79/03/09, Ip. 

7904160013 IE Imp Rapt* 30-010/79-03,30-237/79-03 h 3O-249/79-03 on 
790S01-2a.Nancompliance noted: failure to properly maintain 
control of entrance/exit to a high radiation area, 
BARKER, J.L., SPESSAfiD, R. L. RagionS. Chicago. Reactor 

Operatloni Nuclear Support Branch. 79/03/O9. 10pp. 

79040SOI04 Forward! IE Circular 79-04, "Loo. a locking H"t on Limitoroua 
Valve Operator!. " n 

KEPPLER.J.O. Rigion 3, Chlcaao, Office of th. Director. 79/O3/16. 



~_ Nuel*r Pou.r Station 

--!**!.** 1 "" 1 ' fntp 9'"<: < ttra prattetion plan. 

SJK^mfK*.:"*: 1 ; v :r" oni ' ^"v^-tro-i .*, 

wrllr ^ H n". '*"* 1 "" 8 " i """"><"< GAND76-Q554, t, 

mn . ntien "** NURE0/CH-01BI. 

? J "' *"*** Dir.ctor lor R.ictor S.f.guard,. 79/01/09. 




UtKR.A. Opfntlng R, torl Branch B. 79/03/J2. Ip. 


VU. Atoalc El.ctrfc Co. 79/03/37. Bpp. 


Op.r-tiBB H.^lor. 



HEKWN.D.L. Op.rUn 9 BMdor, 

mflnri IM (i) [(( 
/V/01/0;,. app . 

' ......... - 

. - ..,, 

n: : EE'f '! r V*'"' to "^Kir^r <" -... .,, , 

lMBrt a 

....... - ....... 


.. -,. ... 


C * fc *VHHbUitU of A.nrf ! i. , 

V of Am.ncf S6 to Licun.. 
I RMctaPt Branch 2. 79/03/13. Spp., -.jt., , 

S*A- &'B'S^ H ..... 

., . 




flr . nch 4 

002Q6 Forupri. re- , 

- " n ' p 

7904800297 jg . 

A-ind si i. 



DOCKET 30-29 Yankat-Raut Nuclvar Power Station 
Inipectlon report* and correipond'entri 

7 22? t ? 7 Fo a ''<ls LEfl 79-007/03L-0. 

",A. YantoB Atomic Elictrlc Co. 77/03/36. Ip, 

of th . 

Offic. o, 

. o, W . Directo 

oanBi-ator ehloridn canc*ntra tion *jci<tdtf Tich 8pc* Caucic 
btf *tam aenorator ' chmlcal h i dnout. D loiudown rat* 

BDUTWELL.R.L. Yank-. Atomic "l.ctrle Co" "79/03/26, Ip. 

79040200BO Foruardi LEH 7?-OOS/03L-O 

ANTla,H.A. Yank Atomic Elctrlc Co. 77/O3/27. Ip. 

7904190132 Reiparidi to IE Bulletin 79-O2 r*dut in. 

dlgn crlUrt* utilli.d for deilan of Bi?J ?! ^" s "" m -"* >' 
pUt...Utll prop OSB , to d .,: r e " t l ont l Snt 1 "5 ttt c " 

oSiv*BT ";*:*" ^ <1 ? n b " is * t.b?i.h.3V " 1 *' c 

MOODV.D.E. Y a nk BH At omlc El.ctrlc Co. 79/03/30. lp. 

7904040267 Forward! IE Info Nntlc* 79-03 "(J. n i 

8fitg-R.l*Ud Compon.nt, 2""' 7? 3 ' U " 0)1 l^proptr Hatli in 

R>9l n ll "" P- OMic. .f th . DiMet(lr 

h.c.m. inoprabl. rinii!Iid B C " - " r * g|> A ' can * ral rai a 

MAvre'iI" YrnJl^Ai**? 11 SV 11 ? 1 *? * ul " fc utcN uld * ttrb ' 
MfiTju. u. Y*nk>a Atonic Elncfcrlc Co. 79/03/27. Ip. 

7701020077 Foruardi LED 79-O09/O3L-O 
AUT10.H. A. Yank.. Atomic EInc tfi c ' Cfl. 

. .i o vc. 

R.L. Vanl,. Atomic EUctrlc 

c Co. 79/03/KB, Ip. 

" 1 '" rd * LER "-0" /03L-0. 
Yik Atomic EUctrlc Co. 77/04/02 


."; ?":in ta r^ n 

ORDCE.R.H. y a nt. Atomic EUctric Co. 79/02/32. 4 PP . 



, L.O. V-nk., A t Offl i C Bl.ctrU Co. 79/O4/OS, Ip, 

/ 0rU " d " LER "-Oi3/03L-0, 

A. vxnfcit Atomic El.ctrtc Co. 7V/04/O2 I 



79/04/03. Ip. 

. Yank,. Atomic Eltric Co. 79/04/11, 


ltetric Co. 79/04/11. Ip. 


~l!!!_!!^ Iln " R** 
P r tin fl llc.n,. (tag 



Op.ratln fl Branch 4. 79/03/18. 3pp. 


7904270339 Forwards IE Bull tin 



inviron Rip-ti 197B, 
79/03/30. Ip. 

" - "- w. 

Atomic Elictric Co. 79/04/ia. tp. 

k 3 r r :, tln ? re ? fc f - " ". 

k fl . Aton-ic E lB ctrie Co. 79/O4/12. 3pp. 

A i, M u n( y, 

* Tn.a* A 4, H Univ. 79/03/23. 

i Bn 




DOCKET SO-ea Univ. o Vlrjlni* Research Reactor 
Raportabla occurrences. raUSed ccrraspondance 

-79Q4O9OS67 AroBnil 7 tn License R-31 renews operating license, for AGN 
research reactor until 771115. 
REID.R.W. Operating Reactor* Branch 4. 79/03/12. 35pp. 

7904190QB7 Forwards: RO on 79O4O6: d-te.rinltid that one, full alement 
contained iwiU clad hola which allowed release of fission 
product! to rtactor coolant. Presently attempting to 
daterartna causa. 
SHRlVERiD.L, Virgin!*) Univ. of. 79/04 All- 3pp. 

79O4190O09 Corrects 770411 Itr which raportad that fual element T-ia 
had small slad holt. Correct fuel clamant number la T-36.. 
BHRIVER-li.L. Virginia, Univ, of. 79/04/-IS. lp. 


790'40'6Oai4 Fortiirili "Annual Flnnnclal Ropt 1778." 

CUHNINGHAH. 0, E. U*nrl Eltctrlc Co. .Nuclear Energy Product* Div. 
79 f 03/30. lp. 

7904060316 "Annual Fin*ncUl Rpt 1778. " 

Oen*ral Eltctrlt Ca.^Huclear En>rg Product! Div. 79/11/31, 

-7904Q902A? Safety evaluation supporting Amend 7 to License R-31. N/memo 
Tt environ consi deration* toe llcning of research reactor* 
2. critical faclliti*!. 
* Office of Kuclaar Ructar Regulation, 79/03/12, 13pp. 

-790*090273 Notice of iiiu*nc Ik availability of Amend 7 to License 
REID.R.M. Operating Hacton Branch 4. 79/03/1B. 2pp. 

an raporti an<t curresponilince 

7904030037 Foruarda IE Imp Rept 30-077/79-01 on 790133-23. No 
nan comji 1 ianca notfld. 

MARTIN, H.8. Region 1< Philadelphia. Safeguards Branch. 79/02/14. 


79'O4020042 IE Inp Ropt 30-O77/79-OI an 790123-23. No noncomp Hanca 
notd.Hjor trttt impacted: ImpUmentation of accepted 
*curity plan re protection of 8NM. 8. action on previous 
Item of noncomp) iance. 

SHEPHERD. R. E. , JOWE8. E. W. (legion 1. Philadelphia, Office of the 

Director. DELVIMiJ.H. Ragion 1. Philadelphia. Bafeguavdi 

Oranih. 77/O2/14. lp. 

Operating llceni* itug* 

_________,.__*._...., H^ 

7^041 701Ci Forw*r<li "iTob-abilitv An*lvifi of Surface Rupture Offiat 
Beneath Rtactor BUo, OETft. " 

ARHITIH.iR.M, 0*ner*l Elactrlc Co..Mgclar Enerm Product! Biv. 
7V/Q4/11. 3pp. 


77041701BB "Probabll(t|( Analuiii of Surface Rupture Offset Btntath 
Reactor Bldgt OETft, " 

General- Electric Co., Nuclear Energu Praducti [>iv, 
EDAC-UT-217. 13. 79/04/11. 44np. 

DOCKET 3Q-9B Univ. of DelauarB Reiearch Reactor 
- Insurance and Indemnity 

79Q41OO32O Amend 9 to Inilsnini to; Agreement E-17. Terminate* aaroament. 
Antitrust ti Indemnity Group. 79/O4/04. lp. 

Operating licinie bage 

?rlodit) operating; reoorti rolatetf <otriondenee 

Forwr4 "ifmiu*l Operating Rapt 197B, " 

, O, E. Beneral Elictrlc Co., Nuclear Enirgu, Products Div. 
. lp. 

Ack receipt of NHC 790226 order terminating License R-43 for 
AOH-201 reactor, t ormsrlg operated at Uni*rUu of DE. 
SIENICK-i E, A. Delaware, State of. 79/03/29. lp. 

Periodic aparatlng r*jiortir ralated 

~-79040SO<2&3 "Annual Ojitratlng flept 1978- " 

OILLILANDiD. L. 0*rral Elactrlc Go. .Nuclear Energy Products Div. 
7B/IS/31, 14pp, 

MCKET 3O-73 Oentri.. EUctric Nuclear T*it Reactar 
Financial information 

7904040214 Forwrd* "Annual FtnorcUI Reptr 1978," 

CUNKIMOHAM, 0,E. Ovniral EUetrU Co. . Hifciaar Energij Products Div. 
79/03/30. la. 

DOCKET 30-106 Oregon State Univ. 
Operating 1 Icanae icage 

7904040192 Forward* order autnoritirtg dismantling of AON-301 reactor. 
per 7^0913 ft 7B121S appl lea tlon. H/saf etu, evaluation, EIA 
it negative declaration. 
REID.R.U. Operating Ractori Branch 4. 77/03/OB, 2pp. 

7904040193 Order uthariiing ditnuntllng of facility l< disposition of 
component prts. After 781109 publication of Faderal Register tiaarlng renoeit or petition to intervene uias 
filed. Dismantling plan 1* acceptable. 

ORIMESiB.K, Asi*tant Director for Engineers t> Projtct*. 

79/03/OB, 3pp. 

7904040198 Safatg evaluation supporting order authorlilng dismantling 
of facility & disposition of canponent parti. 
* Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. 79/03/O9. 3pp. 

77040i02tB "Annual Financial Rapt 1978." 

Oeneral EUetrlc Co, .Nuclaar Eneroij Products Div. 78/18/31, 

Period c operating raportti ralAted correspondence 

7904030301 Forwards "Annual Rapt 19" for 1978. 

\E. 0*nr*l EUetric Co.jMucUar Energy Product* Div. 

-7904040200 EIA supporting ardor authorlilng dismantling of facility *. 
disposition of component part*. Concludes thera uiill he no 
significant lenviron impact Si no EI8 Is required. 
Offite of Huclaar Reaetar Regulation. 79/03/08. 3pp. 

-7904040207 Negative, declaration for dismantling OR State Univ research 
r*ctor, AGM-aOl. 
REIDiR.H. Operating Reactors Branch 4. 79/03/08. lp. 

il Riat 19" for 1978. 

Qenertl Elactrle Co, ,N<Jcl-er Energg Products Div. 

DOCKET 30-113 Univ. of Arlion* Research Reactor 
Inspection report! and correspondence 


DOCKET 80-113 Univ. of Ariiona Research Reactor 
Inspection report* and correapondonce 

7904030347 Forward* iafet(| analysis for thermal neutron irradiation 
facilltu.'AnalysiB prepared to meat deficiencies noted in 1C 
Imp Ropt 90-113/79-04. Note*, that retraining session for 
operators wa held on 790212. 
QALLAOHER.R. H, ArUona, Univ. of. 79/O2/S7. 7pp. 

7704130341 Forwards IE In*p Rept SO-113/79-O3 an 790S2Q-23. 
Ho noncampllance noted, 

OQOKiH.E:. Rston 3. 8an Franctscoi Fuel Facility t> Materials 

Safitu Dranch. 79/Q3/14. 2pp. 

--790413Q344 IE lnp Rept 90-113/79-03 on 71Q32Q-33. Nn noncompl lance 
noted. Major *rni insp.ct.d: radiation protection, nviron 
control* 1" emers^nc" response, planning programs. 

CURTIS. J.R.i BOQtt.H.E. Region 3. 8an Francisco. Ful Facility t. 

Hatarlali Safitij Branch. 79/03/14. 4pp. 

ROCKET 30-123 Univ. of Missouri Research Reactor 
Imp ict ion reports and covraipondnct 

7904300236 Aci racnipt of 770323 1 tr informinfi NRC of tapi taUn to 
corrtct violation notd In IE Imp Rapt SO- 123/79-01. 
CorractUm withh-ld (r>f 10CFR2. 7901. ,,,- , 

KIND, J. A, (fa a ion 3. Chicago. Bafaouard* Branch. 79/04/13. lp. 

DOCKET 30-133 Huftbalt Bay Pou.r Plant, Unit 3 
Iniuranc* and indatnnitu 

7904300307 Foruardm Endor..m*nt, 83 I. 04 to NEL.1A PoHcy NF-113. 
CRANE-P.A Pacific Oa fc EUctrlc Co. 7-7/O4/S4. 3pp. 


capability of N3BB to "-.ipond to 



79/04/16. lp. 

InapacU"" rtporb* and corrpondnc 
7904012l Forwar-f. IE BuU.tin 78- WB. " M.ld Mat! in Reactor 

SSKSK.1!"" 1 ' ""! "'' ' fi " of tht 1>lr " ctor - 

79/03/19. lp. 
77030046 For-rd. IE Inf. N tU. 79-03. U of I-prop.r In 

aaafisrw: 11 "SSK^S;"*- F MBe i.. ai * M . D ir.ctor. 

79/03/81. lp. 

79O413Q346 Forwards PNO-79-67P. 

ENQELKEN. R.H. Region 5, San Francisco, Office of the Director. 
79/04/09. lp. 

7904130350 PNO-79-67P: summary of Info re nuclear incident a* of 790*09. 
Describes plant status i environ statui. including doie rates 
measured 790403. 

JORDAN, E.L. Office of Inspection b Enforeeaent. HOSELEY, N. C. 
Division of Realtor Operation* Inspections. 79/0*/09, 3pp. 

7904160043 Forward* PNO-79-67Q. 

ENOEUKEN.R.H. Region 5. San Franciico. Office of the Director. 
79/04/10. lp. 

7904160047 PNO-79-67Q: summary of info re nuclear incident a* of 710410 
Deicrlbes plant status & environ status. 

JORDAN, E.L. Office of Inspection fc Enforceaent. MOSELEY. N. C. 
Division of Reactor Operation* Inspections. 79/O+/10. 2pp. 

7904260275 Forward* IE Bulletin 79-06. "Review of Operational Error* 4 k 
Sus Misalignment* Identified During TMI Incident." H. Region 3. San Franc isco, Office of the Director. 
79/04/11. lp. 

79O4270134 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-OB. "Ev.nts Relevant to Boiling Hater 
Power Reactor* Identified During TMI Incident." 

ENGELKENiR.H. Region 5. San Francisco. Office of the Director. 
79/04/14. lp. 

7904300430 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-O6A, Revision 1. "Review of 
Operational Error* fc Sus Misalignments Identified During TMI 

ENOELKEN.R. H. Region S. San Francisco. Office of th. Director. 
79/04/19. lp. 

Periodic operating reports, related correspondence 

7904170239 Forward* monthly operating rapt for Mar 1979. 
WEEKS.E.D. Pacific Oas & Electric Co. 79/04/09. lp. 

7904170243 Monthly operating rept for Mar 1979. 

BAUH.O.A. Pacific Oas 1. Electric Co. 79/04/O2. 4pp. 

Reportabla occurrences, related correspondence 

> H Uard *Region 3. San Francisco. Office of the Director. 

79/03/30. lp. 

79/04/02. lp. 

-7904110036 PNO-79-67H:* unm ari.. technical data re 790328 incident. 
neicrlbai olant itatui fc provide* environ data. 
raSELEY".C Division of Reactor Operations Inspection,. 

79/04/02. 4pp. 


.i;"r - 'R.S.n Pranc,*co. Office of th. Dir.ctor. 
79/04/04. tp. 

,^r rd %^?:n 9 ;a. n Francisco. OfI 
79/O4/09. lp. 

79/04/11. lp. Office of ... Dir.ct.r. 

79/04/01. lp. 

79/04/17. lp. 


79/04/07. IP- 

7904130336 Forward. /HO-7T-67H. 
EWELKEN.H.H. Raion 9. 8an 

79/04/08. lp. 

Dir ' etor - 

offlca of th. Dir.ctor. 

79/04/18. Ip. 

79/04/19. IP- 

79/04/24. IP- 

Francisco. Offlc. of th. Dlr.ct.r., Office of th. 



DOCKET 3Q-133 HujKhalt Bjif Poiuar Plant, Unit 3 
Roportahla- occurrence*, related corraapondonc* 

790430O49I PNO-79-&7AE:iummary of Info re nuclear incident n of 
790434. Dascribes pUnt tafcu b environ itatui. Highest 
thermocouple raading:271 F. Qffiite radiation at background 
lava li. 

PAULU3, Ft. C., THOMPSON, D. Office of Inspection & Enf OTCmnt. 
79/04/24. 3pp. 

DOCKET SO-142 UCLA Training Reactor 
Inspection reports and correspondence 

7704130237 Forwards IE Inp R*pt 30-143/79-02 on 790221-23. Mo 
nan camp 1 lane e noted. 

CREWS, J. L. Region 3, San Franc Una, Reactor GperaSioni Nuclear 

Support Branch. 79/03/03. 2pp. 

7904130340 tE Imp Rapt 30-142/79-03 an 79022l-23.No nonconpl ianc 

noted. Ma, jar arsas In-ipacted; loot S. records. ravtew (t audit, 
r equal 1 f i cat ion training, procedural k survail lane a. J. Region 9, Ean Francisco, Office nf the Director. 

STERNBERQi D. H. Raglan 3. San Francisco Reactor Oparationi 

Nuclaar Support Brancft. 79/03/03. 5pp. 

Periodic operating reports, ralatad cotreipondance 

7704270360 Forwards "Annual Operating Rept 1970" for Llcani* 
R-71.M/77Q403 1 fcr of tranisii tsal. 
EVRAETS.J.C. California, Ujilv. of, Loa Angele*. 79/04/04. 2pp. 

790427O3S4 "Annual Oparatlng Rapt 1978. " 

California, Univ. of. Ln Angtlci. 78/18/31. 33pp. 

BQCHET SO-133 ato Rack Point Niiclaar Plant 

Security, nadlcal, amErglncy 4 fir* protection plan* 

79040604BS Foruiardi nviaai) variloni of Entrij-Cnntrol 8yt Handbook* 
SAMD77-1033) Intruilon Datictlon Sija Handbook, 8AND76-t>5S4i fc 
BarrCar Prtvsntion Datab*ia. NUREO/CR-O1B1. 
MILLER. J.R. Aulstant Dlractnr for Ructor SafaauTdi. 79/01/0 1 ). 

7 < 7OtO ( ?O185 Amini) 24 to Licin** DPR-6 ravlilng Tech Spici bij replacing 

current deacrlption of control rod aaiamblla* ui/wordlng 
con*itnt w/Feb 197a draft 9td Tach Bpaci for Bio Rock 
Point Plant. 
ZIEMflNNi O.L. Optratlna Rtactova Branch 2. 79/03/23. 4pp. 

790409Q1B6. Notlo of i*iuanci t, availability of Amend 24 to Llcanie 


Z1EMANN.D.L. Opsrating Riaeton Branch 2. 79/03/33. 3pp. 

790417O353 Fnruardi Anund 23 to Llcan*e DPH-6. *af ety evaluation & 
notice of lnuance & aval 1 ah 1 1 Itij. 
ZIEHANM, D. L. Operating Rsatton Branch 2. 79/O4/04, 3pp. 

790417O3SA Amand 23 to Llcani* DPR-fi, re *lra protactlon aodi h 

adininlitrative control I, 

ZlEHANNiD.L. Qparatlng Rtacton Branch 2. 79/04/04. 4pp. 

790*170339 Baftt? evaluation tupporting Amend 23 to Llcenie DPR-i. 

OH ice of Kucleir Rfactor Rigulatlon. 79/04/04. 40pp. 

790417O3&1 Notice of lnuanca k avallabllltv o* Amend 23 to Licenie 


ZIEMANN.JJ.L. Opratlng Utacton Branch 2. 79/04/04. 2pp. 

7904120239 DUcutiea <tr(i corroilon of ttainleii iteel tub In a 
cont*i.ning B4C. Cracking occur* in high neutron exposure 
regio-ni ti lubiiquant leaching can reduce control rod Ufa. 
OE ii conducting (lanlnation. 
flIXEL, D.A. Coniumen Power Co. 79/04/04. 2pp. 

7904130236 Diicuiiri ECCB ring pray iiji dulgn rapt change. Ball joint 
tupporfc nut tacli ueldi vliuallif aiamlned tt found acceptable. 
HIXEL, D. A. Coniumen Pouer Co. 79/04/06. 2pp. 

7704120203 Atk receipt of NRC 790108 rq.uait for utll to Initall 
rec ireulat Ing ptinp trip tiji.Uorli will hi performed during 
1931 refueling outage. Operator training for ATMS avent wilt 
be complet-ed prior to plant itartup after current outage, 
BIXEi.,0. A. Consumer* Pouer Co. 79/04/09. 3pp. 

79O4260029 Faruarda Amend 26 to Llcania DPR-i-nfety evaluation li 
notice of liiuancc b aval tabllitit. 
ZICKANN.D.L. Operating Reactore- Branch 2. 79/04/10. 3pp. 

79042303BB Foruardi 790301 lafequaril* contlngtmtv plani. Encl withheld 
Irtf lOCFflH. 790). 
HOFFNAMjB.P. Coniumtn Pauor Co. 7'?/03/02. lp. 

79O42&0034 Arnand 26 to Licni OPR-i, adding Unit on thermal pouer foi 
ach fu*l bundla to nur envrgenc^ cora cooling flow It 


Operating Rtactori Branch 2. 79/04/10, Qpp. 

7904Q401BO Forwards modified phuiical ncurltu plan. Plan uilthhald 
(ref IOCFR2. 790). 
HOFFMAN, D. p. Consumers Pouer Co, 79/Q3/30. lp. 

Oaneral corraf pondance 

7904180298 FOI A' nquait for plan of facility as or-tolnallu com true tad 
Si iurnnt datign du* to mod, Info re application for granta 
V/or loans for operational e>pnias ti modsrSEK It summary 
of 1971-74 htaringi. 
SCWJLMANrE, Affiliation Unknown. 79/02/16. lp. 

79041803O3 R>spon>a to FOI A request for varloui documinta r facility. 
Documents f Laced in LPDR,except portions of tuo document* 
ulbhheld from public relaas (ref 10CFH2. 79O). 
FELTOM, J,M. Oivision af Rules and Raeopjj, 79/04/13. 3pp. 

7904260009 Safety evaluation i up port Inn Amend 26 to Llcenie Dfft-6. 
* Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, 75/04/10. 17pp. 

7904260041 Notice of iiiuano J. availability of Amend K& to Llcenti 
IIEHANN.D. L. Operating Riacton Branch 2. 79/04/10. 2pp. 

7904170174 Forwards raiponi to agitematlc aveluatlon program Topic 
V-lO.Ai "RHR BIJI Heat Exchanger Tube Fallurai." 
BIKELiD.A. Conaumart Pouior Co. 79/04/11. lp. 

77041702&9 Add! info t-s mechanlim to reduce control rod lifatlne, Tta 
an italnleti iteel tube* removed from control rod blade ihou 
tenp Ion of 4 C coniietant u/ixpacted reiultt. Procei* doea 
not involve unreviaued lafetif nuntiont. 
BIXEL, D. A. Coniumari Pouar Co. 79/04/13. 3pp. 

Operating llcenia itage 

790402010S Conftrmi schedule for 790316 meeting In Jac Vion.MI. to 
diicuii ra-gulatorv perf ormacica, rtvla*d Inap firaaram lc othor 
ctirrent tofilci. 
KEPPLER.J.O. Region 3, Chicago, Office of tha Director. 79/03/07. 

79O4O9039O Requeeti addl info re capability of N3S8 to reipond to 
poituUttd ATW9 tr*nit*nt*.Fovul*rdi NRC 790219 Itr to OE LI/ 
rq,ueit tor anat^ili to confirm adnquacv of prapoiad modi to 
LWft dailgn*. NUnE&-044O Vat 3 utiel.H/o tncl.M/rfistribut ion. 
VOULMER.R.H, Anistant Dlriitor for B^itaini fc Projecti. 79/03/12. 

Ip. 4 

79Q4E00804 Ra.uirementi of IE Bulletin 79-03 have not been completed. 
Raqueiti 4S-da eitenilon In order to flnl*h avaluatlon h to 
devalo)i proaran for volumetric etamlnation of longitudinal 
HOFFMAN, D. P, Coniumen Pouar Co. 79/04/1A. lp. 

79O4S70063 Forwards draft evaluation of iij.timatlc evaluation pragran 
Topic VIM -3. A. Rgqueiii rnvigur b ret pome within 30 dagi, 
IIEANN,n-L. Operating: Reactors Branch 2. 79/04/18. 4pp, 

79-04230237 Foruiard* "Bpnt Fuel Rack Addition Description & Blfotu 
Ana ly ill." * 

HdFFKAN, D. P. Coniumtr* Power Co. 79/04/23. lp. 

7904110034 Bummary of 790306 meeting u/utll in B*theda,MD re 
*V< t***tlc evaluation program Topic VH-t A. 
SILVER, R. D. , NOUICKIiS.O. Operating H sac tor* Branch 2. 79/03/21. 

7904350340 "Spent Fuel Rack Addition Datcriptlon 1< Safatu Analuili ' 
* Gonumri Pouer Co. 79/04/83, 30pp. 

7904090193 Faruardt Amand 24 to Licint* DPR-i t> notic* of ticuanct 

. 1 1 Eh AH, D. L. Operating Reaccon Branch S. 79/03/33. 3ff, 


DOCKET 30-lSa Big Hock Point Nuclnur 1'lant 
Impact Ion rapart* and corroipundenco 

7 I ?04090113 Fi)tiiifd IK Circular 77-04, "Lome Locking Nut on L im I t 
V*lv Operator*. " 
KEPPLER, J. 0. llsglon Cl, Chlcagor Office of the Director. 

da Forward* Hi Bulletin 7B-IKH. "Atypical Ueld Matl In Reactor 
Pr*iure Venal Heidi," 

KEPPLERi J. O. Region 3. Chicago. Office at tha Director. 79/03/19. 


7W10300as Forward! It ClrcuUr 7-i -Oft, "Mo I tur r Leakage In Otranded 
Hire Connector*, " 

KEPPLPfl, J, 0. Union Ci. Chicago, Office of Lhn Director, 79/0:1/20, 


qinit* itnlnn nf tlm ta napaitd to ICrpullat 
until igttimitlc avjlustlon (ii-oarim taplc I I I-3. A h4i bin 
camp l*l'*d 
HOFFMAN. 0, P. Ctiniimr CIIIUBI- Cn, 7 ( //orj/37, lp, 

iJ* Hi llull*tln TV-'Q*: "Incarrtet Ualghti tor Bulng 
iufjc Lurtd liij Vl*n l\pig Invvrlng Corp " 
lUglun Ci. (;hlc*Ufl. Of flea of U> Dime tor 

7?04300;JVI [-'nru 
Check Vlvi 
WiPCLKn. J, 0, 

7^04;i004*'/ Ciinflrm* unil*r tsnil liitf of '/'/0:)lia- 1 S b 17 l*ltconi r final 
raiolutlon nf NIIC KiMicenn In bullatlit "I'ntdit 1 1 1 I:i|il()ilva 
Da* Hlitura A<*oclald w/l!Hft (lff(* [|u [)|ierH on. " 

vuiril( Ti; Uullatln /V-03. "Nclr Iticld*nl Jit THI" b 
PHO ?<)(,'/, 7<t~t.7f*in,C,0, t:,\' I. 0, Hn riipmii* rxinlrxl, 
KEPPLEII, J. 0, tUglon :i. Chli:gn. riffle* of lh Director, 79/04/01. 

o;i l'orwFnl* IK Bullilln 7V-09A. "Nuclear Inclilaiit At 
THI - fjujipl," k pi'dl InllKfy cli ronologij f THI-U 7VO:i3(l 
accident until oi' coulliiv rvitui-aul, 
KEPPI.G1I. J, 0, nglun (li CNlenao. OffUo Of tl>a Dlrvctar, 


, Hevli iun l."llvlw of 
i t Idntlfld During 

I'nrujirdt IK llvlletln '/ 
Qjiiratiqrul I'l-rori I. HV HI ! I 
THt IncNint, " 

Klil'PI.eni J, lit j I on .'!< Rliii-*flO. (Ifflro of Us Dine tor. 79/04/10, 


7901240371 LER 79-01 3/03L-0 on 79O319; dur 1 nfl plan* *htJflwn. lnvr 
poutr iirpplg far on* containment vacuum loop wat not 
opral Ing, I) 1 QUJII f ui found. -Caused lij dirty circuit* due to 
high ventilation air f loiu. Unl t c leand. 
* -Coniitmof* Power Co. 79/Q4/17. lp. 

DOCKET 30-156 tlnw of UUcaniln Hmeai-ch Reactor 
Operating llcenio itn ga 

790427000H Forward* Amontf 14 to LIcn (t-74 S. iaf*ti/ evlu*tion. 
Operatlni) Rtactor* Branch 4, 77/04/11. 2pp, 

Amend 14 to LJcenne R-74i chang ing imaitnb t enrichment 
Hcin.ed BUM. 
REID, R. U. Qpiratlni) Reactor. Branch 4. 79/04/11. 3pp. 

7V04a70092 Bifatv BViluHtlon mppartlna Amend 14 to Licne Fl-74. 
OCfice af Nuclear Reactor Regulation. 79/04/11. 3pp. 

DOCKET JO- 160 Oeorgia ln*t. of Tech. Research Re*ctor 

Inipectlon raparti and corre (pond n t 

79043706,60 Forward* IE Imp Rtpt 80-16O/79-02 on 7 1 ?032fl-a7. No 
none amp 1 1 anc noted. 
KICNNA.W, B, Raglan a, AtUintu, 8afuardi Drancli. 79/04/11. 

-7 9042 70 AAV 14- ln*p Rpt 30-lAO/79-Oa on 770339-39, No nollCOMp 1 lan{ 

no ltd. Ka jar *ro* l[i*p*ctd^phytlcal lacuritv p Ian. *i*ent la I 
qulprn*iU lacurlty rai. lecur I ty igi t lacuritv 
organliallon, Detail* withhld<ref lOCFffa. 7 | ?0>. 
KUCHO. J, M. , TOD1H.W J. Rtgiona. Atlanta, Office or th 

OlrrCtor. 79/O4/I1, IP. 

WICKET 90-IO3 VallecUpt El per Imental Biiparhnat Reactor 
l r Inane lal Inf arna tton 

7V040fiai4 Forward* "Annul Flnanc ial ,Rpt 1970," 

CUNNINGHAM, 0, E, Qautral EUttrlc Co.iHucl*r Entrjij Prod net I Dlv 

"Annwil f-'lh*ncUL Hapt 197O. " 
0tir*l Kloctrlc Co iNucNar Gnerjij Croducte Dlv. 

rl*tt J ctiri'aiponditei 

7W103010J Col-ward* 
UIXGl.i.A. Coniu 

i l/0;il. '0, 7V- 

I.EII 7V"(Kl/o:it-'0 nn 7VODOI : durlnfl U*l rU lei ling, HUigr* 
(10(1 p I check vlv In control rod dt'lv* f'ui|i 1 l*et4 
(Eqltlvl>j C*uieil tuf noting turfetfl d f arwi ttoni wh I ch u* 
rep*lr*4 bv m*vliliiint| l> lpplii( rua| vandor conlnellil 
Coniunert PUHP Co '/V/Ort/U/, lp 

-7V040a010V LEII 7f-Oia/03t-O on ^'JOSOS^ dur Inj rnuUnt tilting gf 
cnnUinminl lmil*tta<i clirch velvet in lubrlCAtlan lint U 
COIItral rod drlv* pump !,i,iliv |*h*aN o.tirvid, C*ut Id 
bV Bin or dirt Jopatttt on ehfi:* v*lve ti-UInn lioteted, 
* Caii*un*r fowir Ca, 79/0^/a/ lp 

7704030111 I.EI1 )")-On/03l.-O flw 7903O3, ilur ln con'UIr.nint 

i*H r*p Uc 

icorln) on mil *lic 
Caniuinvri faufr Co 

i*t w<<r I 

v# I vel to bt tnipt 

PortK4rdt LGH 79-OU/ODl,' 
niXKL.D A, Canutri Poutr Co 79/04/11, lp, 

-790417034B I.ER 7-"014/03L"Q on 790313 during vitMtlv routini 
dltitl jtnir-Hor oulpuV valteff r*wlnH) \ nr*. Ciui* 
gndattr*ln*<, Uiilh returntd to ivc an 740331. 

ttltl ltlfeClOr^. 

Caniumiri Powtr Co. 79/04/11 lp. 

7f048403B8 Por*rJ* l-EHl yt-Qlhttlt'Q t. 79-O19/03L-0. 
, D, A. Caeu**r fouir Co 79/Q4/IV lp, 

7904340372 UR 79-OI*/9-O on 790313: durinj rtlmtal 1*1 Ian of 
fir* fuof 40O volt circuit br*Ur follawlflg rautint 
trlpHni-hrtelur c** wi cr*ekiri vhtn c*btt lug^t u*r* 

tlghtetitd.Cmted fcy pertonrtel rror. Pinonn*! lnttruct*4 
Conivniri Power Co. 79/04/19, lp. 

DOCKET aO-10* Natlan*l llur*M of (ltd*r<lt IU*ctor 
Iniinc 1 1 an rporti And carrnipnitiltnc* 

7704030016 Forward! IK Intp R*pt 30-I04/7T-03 an 770L30-OR01, Nu 
nonconip I lancn notad, 

BRWmR.E.J, fteffion IP l*Ml*ijllphl4. n*actr Oftrationi Hud I 

Support Br*ncli. V9/02/1&. 3pp. 

* 7904030CHH IE Intf Ktpt 00-1H4/77-KI on 7-J013Q-030I, Mo 

tialed, Kejnr <ir>*i ln*pec teil: f c 1 UtY uperatiun Including 
argaiil i*t ion- rvlw CMA| tteti lagt rvcordi t iptrlnent*. 
AJICMITIEU. B. ttaalon I. Phi l*d t tph I*. Offic* of th nir*etov, 

HCCABE. L f , C tlgUn I. Phi ludilpHa, nctor npiratlon* Hue] 

Huppart Branch 79/03/18. A|*n. 

Pert oil Ic operating rportm rlt*if carr*e|iondnci 

7904030284 ForujirJi "aimUnniml OperaHnj Rept." Jul-Pec 1970, 
CtTCn.. 0. CaMMerce. Bip 1. of. Hutiorul SureJiu of Bt*nilrd, 
79/03/2H, IP- 

CAHTCtt. R.Q. Cnn-nerct, Pipt. of- NeUonjl Hur*nu af 
79/03/80 Bff. 

DOCKET 30-1BA Univ. of Hlnourl Rittarcli H*ctor 
lU*nn ttag* 

7904130094 Rfqwiiti r*neat of ttnlnr optraUr ncenie far HP BpMi 
MCKlDDCM.w.C. MHiouri, 1/nlv. af. 79/01/30. lp. 

7Q4iaQ09a Application for r*ntwl of Hnior Operator Llcentt 
OPEAae.M P. Hliiourli Univ. of, 79/01/28. lp. 


DOCKET 30-137 Spc. RadUtion R B i>ircn Reactor 
Periodic opirallnj r*partt. relatirf corriipondence 

79Q4S3Q239 Foruardi "Natural Environ Radioactivity Survey" for Sept 
1977 - Auj I97S Ditcuuti operating Aipectt for TRIOA US F 
CRANOALL, W. E Worth POP Corp. 79/01/23. 5pp. 

"79Q30?eO "Njtural Environ Radioactivity Survey" Sipt 1977-Aug 197B 
CRANDALL. W. E. Horthrop Corp. 79/01/23. 1 1 pp. 

DOCKET 50-193 Univ. of T.IJI Research Heactor 
Inspection riports *nd correipandente 

7V04270093 Forwarit [E Imp Ripti 50-192/79-01 i 70-157/79-02 on 
' 1 " "' "i" 1 *""" "itnh.Id (r ,f 1QCFR3.790). 
2pp' R * 9l n '' Sl " Frlnti "' Baf.suard, Branch. 

Periodic operating reports, reUtetf correspondence 

7904100333 Foruarfli "Annual Rapt I97B " 

K1.EIN. D. Tfii. Univ. of. 79/03/30, 1p, 

7904100361 "ftnnual fltpt 1978 " 

MJPCT.I.I... RLEW.D.E.. BUHACK.J.A. T.,, Univ. Of . 79/03/30. 

Oeneral correspondence 

7904170043 Requests copy of Nuclear Foal 9vc> Inc quarterly rept of 
fuel received or removed from spent fuel pool, Also requests 
info re defective pan under high level uiaste tank It 
floatation of high level waste tank, 
PVLES.J. West Valley Nuclear Wastes. 79/03/03. 2pp. 

7904040310 Requests reanaluais of discharging radioactive coritamin- 
over allowable limit into Lake Erie, DDES not believe 
radiation can be diluted to harmless degree by mixing iu/ 
large amounts of water. 
LANGD.J.A. Affiliation Unknown. 79/03/05. 3np. 

7904100222 Requests summary of any meetings botuiOBn Nuclear Fuel Bv 
Inc >t NflC, responses to interrogator IDE re licensing 5. 
licensing hear ings, spent fuel. soil fc goolojjic studies 
PYLES.J.L. West Valley Nuclear Wastes, 79/03/09. 2pp, 

Operating license stage 

7904210029 "sports on samples of silt taken from behind 
dam, Appears that water pumped from an open trench was 
partially responsible for high Pu Ct ratioi 
KELUEHER.W. Neui Vork. 3tate af, 79/02/03. Ip. 

7904210021 Based an review of quarterly ropt for Oct-Dec 197B. 
determines permanent repair of leak in pan barrier In BD-a 
tank vault muit be undertaker, immediately 

LAROCCA, J. U, New York, State of 


."' ra Rfl0d< I * land Nuel '- Cn** 
Inip*ctlon report* and corr.ipondenc* 


Fuel Reproce B s, (, RBCUC le Branch. 79/03/S7. 

^ C ndi * 1*" ? f 

NRC projacti undapuiay. Dept of Environ 

Conservation analyi Bd ,ut samples for varlou. inrflvidu-1 
onf, P "' 8maU e nntrtioni found. 

.L.C. Fuel Reprocess, t, Recyc la Uranch. 79/03/30, 


monttarlnj 1 instrument 

CLARK.A.T. Fual Reproce,.. i. R.cyc 1. urani:h . 79/04/12, Ip. 

~_!!! tti0n rB P nrts and Correspondence 

,. Pnilai)el|lhla , 8afagU3riJi Bpanch 

F 81 p 

Branch. 79/03/09. 6pp. 

ot. 1, Philadelphia, Saf, guards 


- "- 

ranch. 79/03/20. 

7904020036 IE Insp (lept 30- 

!!^_!!!!!*^ "Prt., related 

'600B3 For ward disrha^n. ,i . 

HAM.W.A. Nuclear Fu 1 s i "' re P* ror Jn 1979. 

nt- 79/02/la. Ip. B erV C "' Inc - ' WBS * Valley Raprocing 

on 7,01 0a -U. Notice ., 
, U ar tf , Branch. 

flu.rdf Branch 79/02/09 Ip! R * 9 "" 1 *' 

7TO41100S5 Foruards >-a*ul<-.' t t, 
foru-ards result for 197s M! , 
PUuHAM.U.A. Hue IMP Fu li S!ji?" 
Plant. 79/03/U gpp\ 8llPVlCa 

"!S PMItn * for F ' b 
* lil narfl.. 

Itlc ' ' W<.t Valley 

,7?/03/06. 2pp. 


_.^* S " " Nuclear Station. Unlt , 


-t-Control By, Handbook, 

ftND76 "" 41 fc 





DOCKET 30-306 San Onofra Nuclear Station, Unit 1 
F inane la I Inf ormation 

7904270397 Foruards "Annual Financial Rapt 1978" I> cash flow statament 
for FY7S, 
HUGHES, W.O.. Southern California Ediion Co. 79/04/81. 2pp. 

79042703B9 "Annual Financial Rapt 197O. " 

Southern California Edlaon Co. 79/03/22. 53pp. 

79041S0114 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-03, "Nuclear Incident at TMt" . 
PNO-79-67, 79-67A, B, C, D, E, F k G. No response required. 
ENQLEKEN.R. H. Region 3, Ban Francisco, Office of the Diroctor. 

79/04/01. lp, 

79O419O237 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-OSA. "Nuclear Incident at 
TMI - Sopplr" *. preliminary chronology of TMI-2 79O328 
accident until cora cooling restored. H. Region 3, San Francisco, Offtca of the Director. 

79/04/05. lp. 

DOCKET 30-SQ6 San Onofre Nuclear Station. Unit 1 
Operating license stage 

7904030340 Foruardi Hit 
during 1978. 
OTTOSON.H. L. Southern California Edison Co. 

brief description of design change* approved 
79/03/30. 13pp. 

7904040011 Foruardi revised draft evaluations at systematic evaluation 

program Topics 1I-1.A & 1 1-1 . Requests ravieu t response 
within 30 days. 

ZIEMANN.D.L. Operating Reactors Branch 2. 79/03/19. Qpp. 

7904060246 Estimate* that radiological effluent Tech Specs ulll be 
completed by 790331. instead of original data of 79033O. Delay 
caused by need for attention to other NRC requirement*, 
particularly systematic evaluation program, 
HAYNES. J. 0. Southern California Edison -Co, 79/03/30. lp. 

7904300278 Respond* to 790313 request re LOCA resulting from spectrum 
of postulated piping breaks uilfchln reactor coolant pressure 
boundary. Examination results encl. 
HAYNEB, J. 0. Southern California Edison Co. 79/04/O9, 2pp. 

790421O07S Summary of 790221 meeting u/Westlnghouse ouners group In 
Bathesda,MD re asymmetric LOCA loads. Agenda 5. list of 
attendees encl. 
HOSFQRD.S. B. Engineering Branch. 79/04/10. 4pp. 

7904240324 Confirms 790413 telcon reporting cracks found in some end 
caps of Westinghouse daslgrl basis breaker overcurrent trip 
devices. Several remedial actions for utils are recommended. 
ANDERSON, T. tt Hestinghousa Elactrlc Carp, 79/04/U. 2pp. 

7904130333 Forwards PND-79-67M. 

ENOELKEN, R. H. Region 3, San Francisco. Office of thft Director. 

- 79/04/07. lp. 

790413034B Foruards PNCJ-79-67N. 

ENOELKEN. R. H, Region 3. Ban Francisco, Office of the Director. 

79/04/OD. lp, 

7904130368 Forwards PNO-79-67P. 

ENOELKEN, R. H. Region 3, Ban Francisco, Office of tha Director. 

79/04/09. lp, 

7904160039 Forwards PNQ-79-67G. 

ENGELKEN, R. H. Region 3, San Francisco, Office of tha Director. 

79/04/10. lp. 

7904260276- Foriuards IE Bulletin 79-06, "RBvieu of Oporatlonal Errors 
Sijt Misalignments Idnntifiod During TMI Incident." 
ENGELKEN, 1), H, Region 3, San Francisco, Office of the Director. 

79/04/11. lp. 

Periodic operating reports, related correspondence 

7904120260 Forward! "Annual Rapt 197E):Vol I, Oc eanographic DakalVol 2, 
Biological Dataivol 3,niologic b Sed imentolog leal Data. " 
DTTOSOH, H, L. Southern California Edison Co. 79/03/30. 3pp. 

7904130276 "Annual Kept 197B:vol 1, Dcaanojranh ic DataiVol 2i EUolop 1 
DataiVol 3,DUloglc k SedimBntological Data. " 
Southern California Edison Co. 79/O3/3D. 1145pp. 

7904I003QO Forwards monthly operating rapt for Mar 1979. 

CURRANiJ.H. Southern California Edison Co. 79/04/03. lp, 

7904830173 Forwards Amend 77 to License DPR-I3, 

DRAKE.J.H. Southern California Edison Co, 79/04/18. 


790423OI77 Amend 77 to License DPR-13 changing Tech Specs rn 
administrative controls & ETS. Cert i f Icata of Svc encl. 
* Southern California Edition Co. 79/04/18. 12pp. 

7904300239 Foruards rasponse to NRC 79020B Itr requesting examination 
of facts upon uhich NRC based it* evaluation. Atmospharic 
transport tt diffusion characteristics & availability of 
meteroiaglcal data In control room discussed. 
HAYNES. J. 0. Southern California Edison Co. 79/04/23. 3pp. 

Inspection reports and correspondence 

7904240124 Foruards IE Bulletin 78-12B, "Atypical Meld Katl In Reactor 
Pressure Vessel Melds. " 

ENOELKEN, R. H. Region 3, Ban Francisco, Office of the Director. 

79/03/19. lp. 

7904O3003O Foruardi IE Info Notice 79-03, "Use of Improper Metis in 
Baf ety-flelted Components. " 

ENOELKENiR.H, Region 3. San Francisco, Office of the Director. 

79/03/21. lp. 

7904280303 Forwards IE Info Notice 79-07, "Ruptura of Raduasta Tanks." 
ENOELKEN-R, H, Region 3. San Francisco, Office of tha Director. 

79/03/26. lp, 

7904100471 Forwards IE Insp Rept 3O-206/79-02 on 790226-0302. No 
noncompllance noted. Rept withheld (raf IOCFRB. 790). 
NORDERHAUO, L. R. Region 9i San Francisco, Safeguards Branch. 

79/03/28. 2pp. 

7904100281 Honthly operating rapt for Mar 1979. 

RODRIGUEZ, J, P. Southern California Edison Co. 79/04/O9, 3pp. 

7904200223 Forwards info originally omitted from 1977 annual environ 
rept description d environ actesiment of Addendum 1 to Order 
76- It. 
QTTOSQN, H. L, Pacific Oas tt Electric Co. 79/O4/16. 10pp. 

Reportabli occurrencas, related correspondence 

7904110320 Forward* PNO-79-67H. 

ENGELKEN, R. H. Region 3, San Francisco, Office of 

7904300429 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-04, "Incorrect Ueights for Swing 
'Check Valves Manufactured bg Velan Engineering Corp." 
ENOELKEN, R. H. Region 3, San Francisco, Office of the Director. 

79/03/30. lp. 


DOCKET 3O-206 San Onofre Nuclear ( 
n.nnptabia occurrances. related 


7904110340 Foruierde epeciat ript "Analuii of Capiule H from CT Yan*e4 
(la act or Va**el Radiation Surveillance Program" per 
requirement of Section 6. "5. 3 at Tech Bpeci. 
OftftVESiR.H. Connecticut Yank*. Atomic Power Co. 79/03/30. In. 

79043i046!a Forwards PNO-79-67*. n irii of thu Di 

ENGELKEN, R. H. DBjion S, 6an Franeiico. Office of the [Jl 

79/04/1B. lp. 

790424034E Forward* 1.EB 79-QQ4/03L-0, ,n4/i, 3 DQ ' 

HEAD.J.T. Southern California Ediion Co. 79/01/17. 3pp. 

__ 7 ,04210349 L-ER 79-004/03U-0 On 790109; annu.l audit .howiid 
written rest. wr. not submitted reporting lo of b-ntk 
' -l " llln * r " "" "" 

. 79/04/19. lp, 

770*300373 Forward* LER Ta-OlSflML-l. ,-, O a/i 2on 

HEAD.J.T. Southern California tdUnn Co. 79/01/19. 2pp. 

--7-J0430Q37B UER 70-012/03L-1 on 781033: found leakage from raaetar 
coolant pump sal r.turn line & charging pump discharge 
line. Cracks develop. d uMre linere burled In lantf-f 11 led 
trench Caused by itran corrosion from burial. 
CUHRAN.J.M. Soythern Caltfornl* Edison Co. 77/04/17. lp. 

DaCHET 30-308 Columbia Univ. Ramarcti Reactar 
Inspection rjiopt and correpondncB 

7^0416033* Forward. I tn.p Rpt 30-200/77-01 on 790307. Ha 

SSRle"" n l R d .gion 1, Phllad.lphU. R.actar 0..r.tlDt Nclr 
Support Branch. 79/02/36. Bpf. 

~7W4t3BB IE IMP 90-aOOm-Ol Dn 790307, No nuncBHi. I Unci not. 4. 
Major areji lnp*e*d: loiliun tat loop Inftll*Uin. 
BnioSs" nnlon I- Phtlad.ipUa, UHtct of th. Blrtqr. 

MCCABelE.C, R.gion 1, PMUd-lphla, Op.r.Uon. NucUar 

Support Branch. 77/02/32, 3pp. 

DOCKET SO-313 HdiJm Plant 

"" I -"nil amtnilmentt ulth rtUtd corrPond B nt 

7704100399 Forward* "Annual Etivlran Operating Fi"pt l77B,Part B: 
cSutlSIU?H C 0. Conn.ctUut Vanto. AtimU Pouier Co, 79/03/31. 

7904100301 "Annual Environ OpBratlnj IUpt 1970. Part H;H*dUlo(|lcfll. 
* Northait UtUltUf. 70/13/31. 09pp. 

Bcurlti|> mtdltalr m>rflnci) fc fire protettton plani 

79040M1Bfl Forwaril rvlid varslon* o Entry -Control Bu lUndOooli, 
BAHD77-1033I lnti-u*lon DetBCtlon BIJI HnillKniki BAHu7fe-OS34i li 
Barrier Pr.v*ntlon Dtba, NUBEfl/CH-OlOl. 

MILLER.J.H. Anlitank Oil-actor for R.aetor Qf guard.. 7-J/OI/Q9, 

7904170144 Foruardi iynop**i of firs proUctinn modi i r*l<JMS(l by 
HHC.MniJi ihould b enmnlatid b^ turf of 1930 r.futllng 
Dutaq..M/a& dpaulnji avallahlp In C.ntral Fll. 
COUNSILrH.O. Northimit Utilltl". 77/04/11. 6BPP- 

Financial Information 

79042*0333 Foruarif* "Annual Financial Rpt 1970," ,..,. , 

.L.A. CannctUut Yank Atomic Pcur Co. 79/04/ao. lp. 

7904260224 "Annual Financial Rtpt 1970," 

Conntcticut Yank Atomic Pour Co. 79/03/07. 2app. 

Operating ltcn* stage 

79040303S3 Forward* addL Info for tyittmatlc evaluation prograit rt 
lactrlcal penetration ditlgn A inclaied circuit dtiign. 
COUH81L, H. 0. Conmcfclcut *nl. AtowU Pouar Co. 79/03/23. lOpp. 

79Q4HQ343 "Analytia of Capiult H from CT Yankee Reactor Veiiel 
Radiation. Surveillance Program " 

FIELDS. P. J- 4 ftNDERSON. 9. L. Meitinohooie Electric Corp. HCAP-9337. 
79/09/30. 92pp. 

7904200104 Notification of site iit ich*duled for ueek of 79OB13 to 
obtain info for *nlgl of v(tal ri at ilte. 
HIErtAMN.D, L. Operating fieactori Branch S. 79/04/04. lp. 

79Otl 10362 Foruarde Carborundum Co teit program rept CBO-H- 79-0*4, 
nonproprletaru. t proprletarij version. Proprietary rept 
withhold Craf 10CFHa.790). 
COUNBIL.H.O. Northat UtllHI.i. 79/04/03. 3pp. 

79O411Q266 MonpTupPietarij tit program rept for B4C ued In *pnt fuel 
raeii.Matl enceedi enginaering tfeiign criteria. 
* Carborundum Co. CBO-N-79-Ofi4. 79/04/01. 3pp. 

79Q42I007S Summaru of 790221 meeting w/Wetinghouee ouneri 
Betheida.MD ra aeynnetric LOCA loa'di. Agenda b lilt of 
attendeet end. 

. B. Engineering flrench. 79/04/10. 4pp. 


7904240367 Req.uei.t draft evaluation nf lyitematie evaluation prosre* 
Topic V-10. A. "RHR Bit* Heat E<ch*ngan, " be reviled to 
raflact Tech Specs 3.3 b 4.2. 
CQUNSIL.H. O. Connecticut Yankee Atomic Power Co. 79/04/12. lp. 

79O4240324 Confirm* 79O413 tilcon reporting cracki found In *aa tnd 
eapi of Ueatlnghouse de>ign bail* hraaker overcurrent trip 
device*. Several renedial action* for utili are recommeniiBd. 
AHOERBONi T. H, Weitinghouie Electric. Corp. 79/04/lfi. 2pp. 

770430O174 Ac* receipt of NflC 7flOtl3 raqueit for addl info re integrity 
of control rod guide ,tube. 
TAYLOR, J. H. Babcock ti Milcoi Co. 79/09/30. lp. 

Infection report! and correepondanca 

79Q4H00402 Forwardt IE lnp 30-313/79-03 on 790127-0209. No 
t'oneomjiliance noted. _.,_,. 

GARLBON.R, T. R.olon 1, Philadelphia, Reactor Construe tUn & 

Engine. ring Support Branch. 77/02/2B. 3pp. 

7^04300406 IE Inep Rept 30-213/79-03 on 790129-0307. No noneop J lane* 
noted, Major araa* Inipectsd; licensee '\ intervlce Imp 
program t reUteil .<aination actlvltiei. 

JERNIOAN,E. P. . WALTON- 0. A. , TRIPP.L.E. RaoUn 1. Philadelphia. 

Haaetor Com truet Ion fc Eng Iniertng Support Branch.. 79/03/27. 7pp. 

7904040394 Foruiarde IE Bulletin 79-02, "Pipe Support Baie Plata Deilgin* 

U*in B Conerata EKpaniion Anchor Bol 
OWIERiB.H. Region. 1, Philadelphi 

79/03/00. lp. 

Office of the Director. 

7904040300 Forward* IE Bulletin 79-03, "Longitudinal Meld Defect* in 
ASME BA-3ia Tupe 304 8tainU Bteel Plpt Spool* 

tured bu Youngitown Melding it' Engineering Co. 
!!>n 1. Philadelphia, Offlo of th. Director. 

7904110364 Confirm. 790316 meeting w/util tl difcu.. recent in.p 
finding* r* radiation protection program. 

QRIERiB*M. Region 1. Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 

79/03/13. lp. 

79040300i7 Foruar<f IE Circular 79-04, "Loose Locking Nut on 

DRIER, !""* r fte9lon 1. Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 
79/03/16. Ip. 

7904040277 Foruardi IE Bulletin 7B-12B, "Atgpical Meld Hatl In Reactor 
OHtER U B*H Region 1. Phllatfalphla, Office of the Dlretctar. 

79/03/19. P. 

7^04080014 Forward* IE Circular 79-05. "rloieture Leakage tn Strandad 

ORIteR?"^!" 1 r Reolon 1. Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 
79/03/20. lp. 



DOCKET 50-213 *_N 

7904100370 Foruirili LER 79-OO4/031.-0 

ORAVEE,R,H. Connecticut Yinktt AtCnU Poutr 

OIUERi D- . 
79/03/31. IP- 

n H 


, T v ,,. 
7904120313 Foru. 


I= '' N"* 1 " 79 - 3 ' " U " f ""P^p.r in 
o '7; Phil-4.1phU. Office of th. Dirtr. 

IE Hulltln 79~04i "Incorrect Wolgtit* for Suing 
flctured b " Val - n el''" Corp." 
l ' 1 ll Pl'l^dnlphla. OPfio of the Director. 

IE llulUtln 77-03, Nuclear Incident t THI" Si 
E^ Ptuon r^utr.d. 

of th ' <"'*'"> 

79/04/01. IP- 

79/04/09. IP- 

, mrur.rJ. IE BuUtttn 79-06ft. "R.vl.ui of Qp.Mtlon.l Error* 
0700 Forr }^ u , itll Dur i nfl TMI incident." 
GR!ER!"R " iKlon I. PMI.-.lphU. Offlc. of th. Dir.ct.r. 


7W4MWe Frrd. "Annual Environ ap.nting A: 

HonradlolasiKBl ""P* t( JjJJ y^ni,.. Atomic Pour Co. 79/03/30. lp. 

r'coniweUeut Yank.. Atomic Pow.r Co. 79/O3/30. a9 PP . 

7904100374 LER 79-004/04U-0 on 750310: uMli prtparlr| ID l'*w twttl 
pmiuriitri Itak found on otpt-T an (rlmri^ driln cosi" 
diich<rg> Iln*.Cuti untnoun. tmt^tlid niv ritlip} u^ick W4a 
Inipictgd for ifetlv otl 
LEUINE.J.H. Connecticut Y*ntn Atcaic Pcsir Co 79/^14^3 IIP 

DOCKET 90-219 Oijittr Cruh Huclor Pt*nt 

8curltq. medical, anorgcncy i fir prate*ion pln 

79040404B9 Foruril rviitd vr*Ioni of EntT^- 
8AND77-10331 Intruiton Dttctlon Btfi KindfcoiH 
Barrltr Prevention Dl4b*ie. MUREO/CR-0131. 
HIULER.J.R. A*iit*nt Director for Rtjctor 


Adjudicitory torreipondenct 

7904860103 Foru*rdi info r adt<iuci( of neutron do 
nucl*r plantu info *i( prtin to occupitian*! 
commercial nuclear f<eilltl*f. 
MOODHEAO.C.P. Branch 3. 79/04/04. lp 

Iniurane* nd Indtnnitv 

79041003B4 Foruardt Endoneo.nt i3 to AMI P 
CERETY.H.F. CPU StrvUe Corp- 79/O4/0*. 


7904190064 Forward. Endor...nt 64 to Wl Follc* 
MOHEAU.H.N. GPU Service Corp. 79/04/11. 2jp. 

FSAR anil nendent 


Operating licenie *** 


Unf-fr. Pr.|. by Mj| ^I^-;,'; ant -. M >' 
.horilg thMMftjr fc ""'""j; n pool Tp Lliti 

Ko?v." EV " D ivt:i n n :J g;.r/;!'s.t.. ' 


: > - is. ra. :- 


ORAVEB.R.H, Cannactlewt Vn 


7904100306 Fo 

7904100313 LER Tt-OO^fO^-0 
of leaking turf*e. B.t* n ) 


, ., 

Co . 79/04/04. 3PP- 

orarde P ra 
1 Hod.l for 

80BON-L. J. -Oi 
pat 79/03/20. IP- 


-.sss.vrs;::!-.:-! SSTASS s" 


7904100341 For* 
contain"."* f 
SOBON. U. J. c 
79/04/06. 9| 

eMviM Mtfit- 




DOCKET 30-21? Oyster Crtek Nuclear Pcutr Plant 
Operating llcenia stage 

7904230217 Forwards 13th quarterly progress repti "WDodoorer Study 
Associated w/Gyster Creek Generating Station," for 
FINFROCK, I. R. Jersey Central Pouter & Light Cn. 79/04/10. Ip. 

7904160103 Forwarifi Tech Spiel Change Request 70 r* supervision of corn 
Iterations, facility staff reorganl zatiom temporary 
procedure changes b nenberihlp of Plant Operations Review 
Cnwmiee. Certificate of Eve 4. affidavit *ncl. 
FINFROCKiI.R, Jersey Central Pcuer t. Light Co. 79/04/10. 21pp. 

790437O067 Forward* draft (valuation of systematic evaluation program 
Topic V1II-3.A. Rquiti review & reiponts within 30 days. 
IIEMANN, D. L. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 79/04/1B. 4pp. 

7904300277 Forwards Apr 1979 systematic evaluation program Topic VIII-4 
rept on 'Electrical Penetrations of Reactor Containments, " 
In response to NRC 781209 request for addl info. 
FINFROCK, I.R. Jersey Central Power !< Light Co. 79/04/21. 10pp. 

Ininctlon report] and correspondence 

7904040362 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-02. "Pipe Support Bate Plat* Designs 
Using Concrete Eipaniian Anchor Bolt*. " 

ORIER.B.H. Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 

79/03/08. Ip. 

790404030B Forward* IE Bulletin 79-03, "Longitudinal Maid Defect! In 
ASttE BA-3I3 Tig pt 3O4 Stainless Steel Pipe Spools 
Manufactured bij Younjitoun Wilding & Engineering Co." 
6fiIEH,B.H. Rtjioni 1, Philadelphia, Office ft the Director. 
79/03/12. Ip. 

7904130070 Plani to conplate change out of Buna-N mat! In hydraulic 
control untti during next ichtduled refueling/mint outaoe. 
ROSSi D. A. J*nev Central Power S> Light Co. 79/03/19. Ip. 

7704050072 Forward. IE Circular 79-04, "Loo.e Locking Nut on Limitorqua 
Vlvt Opr**or. " H 

OSIER.B.H. Rtjion I, Philadelphia, Office of the Director 
79/03/16. Ip. 

7904240147 Forardi IE Bulletin 7B-I2B, -Atypical Meld Matl in Reactor 
Prtnurt Vintl Heidi, " 



RiBlotl *' ph 'ldelphia. Office of the Director. 


" Circu1 "' 79 - S ' '"**" 
l>n '' PhilJ() "P hi " I"**- 

g. in Strande-i 

7904230222 Fifteenth quarterly progreae rapt on "Woadborer Studu 
Associated u/Oyitor Creek Generating Station. " far 

* Jersoy Central power ! Light Co. 79/03/19, 23pp. 

7704300391 Forwards annual rapt, "Waodboror Study Anaclabad u/Ouit 
Croet Generating Station," for 771301 to 701130. 
FINFROCK, I. B. Jereu Central Pnuer k Light Co. 79/04/1H. Ip, 

7904300294 "Ho oil borer Study Associated tii/duflter Crook Oanoratlno 
Station. " 

* Commonuoalth Edison Co. 79/03/20. 109pp. 

Reportable occurrencBS, related correspondence 

7904030337 Forwards RQ SO-219/77/5-1P 

CARROLL, J. T. Jersey Central Power d Light Co. 79/O3/23. 


7904030341 RO 30-21 9/79/3-1P on 770322: roac tor oporatlng u/two Idl 
reclrculation loops. Cauiod when "C" rec Irculatl on pump 
tripped after flow was increased to compensate for no flnw 
condition In idle "D" reclrculation loop. Relay roset. 
MCNAIR.R.C, Jersey Central Power (. Light Co. 79/03/83. 3pp. 

7704030177 Forwards LER 77-QQ3/03L-0, 

ROSS, D. A. Jersey Control Power t> Light Co, 79/03/26. Ip. 

7904030192 LER 79-QQ3/03L-0 on 790226: dryuol 1-to-torus t!(f f orontUl 
pressure was below Tscli Spec 1 1ml fcs. Caused uy unusual vc 
condition In reactor bltfg closed cooling water sys, Druuiel 1 
pressure increased, 
ROSS, D. A, Jersey Central Power 6 Light Co. 79/03/26, 3aa. 

7704030214 Forwards LER 79-004/O3L-Q, 

ROSa.D.A. Jersey Central Power d Light Co. 

77/03/2&. Ip. 

-7704030220 LEfi 79-004/03L-0 on 790301; leak discovered on .vc ua 
of containment ipraij heat exchanger 1-4. Caused hy ImproaerJu 
installed nipple connection between uaterbox ft piping 
Nipples replaced In all four heat enchangars 
ROSS.D.A, Jersey Central Power b Light Co. 79/O3/B6. 3 PP . 

7704060293 Forwards LER 7S-033/01T-2. 

ROSS.O.A. Jersey Central Power & Light Co. 79/03/20. Ip, 



79/03/ai H '' Ip R>B ' 0n '' PhlUdtl P hl " Q "i" <" the Director, 

?*; e : ?'" 7 ' '""Ptw ' Radu, a .te T.nki. 
ladelphia, Office of the Director. 

79/03/6 I,. 

7M4S70437 Farward. IE Bulletin 79-04, "Incorrect Height, for Suing 
I B i V " ^""'"t 1 "-^ V.Un Engineering Corp'" "" 

WM/M 1 .." i|1<in '' ""If*- om It thS Director. 

D 1 *??* 7 ? *' " NueU " Inci(Iirlt at TM1 " 
,0,E,F fc O. No reiponit required. 

*' Phll 'P"la, Office o> the Director. 

7B-033/01T-2 on 701214: r.-c tor ,cra m occurr.J In r.n, 
i of IntermsiJUtfl range monitors duo to failure of 
emergency rod in" control switch. Caused uy bunt twitch 
stop. Stop plate replaced. * ""-ncn 

ROBS, D. A. Jersey Central Power (. Light Co. 79/03/30. 

7904100336 Forwards LER 77-003/Q1X-0. 

FINFROCK, I.R. Jersey Central Power (, Light Co, 79/Q4/O4. 



-7704100343 LER 79-005/OIX--0 on 790322: "C" r.drcul.tton P u W p 

! f j ou , u " Increased to casemate for Idle "D" 
rl e i ? 1"P. Caused by variable potentiometer Ir, Id, 

comparison circuit. Faulty equlpmint replaced. 
Jer.ey Central Pour fc Light Co. 7-?/01/04, 3pp. 

Mil " Polnl! Nwelwr Station, Unit 1 

rwards IE Bulletin 79-09A. tl,i.., r... ,.,--. 

POLK.P.J. Oper-ting Reactors Branch 3, 79/03/18, 2pp. 

-7904170101 Draft fir. protection 9ER. 

Office c-f Nuclear Reactor Regulation. 79/03/13. 7-. P(1 . 

General correspondence 


vol reduction, not uaete disposal " pro|>11 " 1 cont:9 ' 1 

IPPQLITO, T. A. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 79/03/19. 


DOCKET 30-230 Nino Mile Point Nuclear Station. Unit 1 
f inane la 1 informs tlon 

-7904170370 Amond 31 to Llcanse DPFt-4,3., revising Tech Spec* to reflect 
reload ui/GE retrofit 8x98 fuel. 
IPPOLITO, T. A. tJperating Reactor* Branch 3. 79/O4/O2. H3pp. 

7=?04250341 Forwanfa "Annual Financial Rept 1979." 

THOMASrE.B. LeBoeuf, Lamb, Lalby (.MacRae. 79/04/23. Ip. 

-7904170372 Safety evaluation -supp oi-fcing Atnatid 31 to Licence 
Office of Nuclear Po-actor RugoUt Ion. 7,9/04/02. 13pp. 

7904350343 "Annual Financial Rept 1978. " 

* Niagara Mohaiuk Power Corn. 79/O2/21. 

Operating licenso stage 

7903330093 Forwards safety evaluation rapt on interim asmssmenta of 
multipla-tonaecutivo safety rnllof valve actuations 
Concludes that continued operation of Mark I BUH facilities 
in acceptable subj to corrective actions. 
CRIMES. H. K. Division of Operating Reactors. 79/03/27. l.p. 

7904020041 Request for addL info re environ qualification of connectors 
inside cant a Inmant, 


Operating Reactors Branch 3. 79/O3/Q8. 3pp. 

7701030033 In response to submlttat of draft radiological effluent Tech 
Specs dtd 790302, requasts addl info re Offsita Dose 
Calculation Manual & uiaste 10! Id If ication Tsch Specs. 
IPPOLITO, f. A. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 79/O3/12. Bpp. 

7904170373 Notice of Issuance t, aval lab 1 1 itu of Amend 31 to License 
IPPOLITO.T. A. QperatlnB Roactors Branch 3. 79/04/O2. 2pp. 

7904100332 Respond* to WHC 7<?0327 request for addl info re planned modi 
to reactor protection siji * corn spray sys. Forwards uti.1 
safety evaluation for reactor protection u.s mod uhlch hat 
DtSE.O.P. Niagara Mohauik Power Corn. 79/O4/O3. 13pp. 

79Q410O3-41 Forwards Fob 1779 program activity ravlem rn Hart I 
containment program. 

80BON, L. J. General Electric Co. .Nuclear Enorgu Products Dlv. 
79/O4/0&. 9pp. 

790412O196 Ack receipt of NRC 77Oloa.rBo.uest for info re Installation 
at reclrculatlon pump trip (. operator procedural for ATWS. 
Operator training mill begin altar 79O601.Purap trip will be 
installed dwring March 1VBI refueling outage. 
DISE.D.P. Niagara Mohawk Power Corp. 79/O4/0&. 2pp. 

7904090270 Requests addl info re capability of NSBB to rupand to 
postulated ATMS transient s. Forwards HRC 79021S Itr to OE iu/ 
request for analyiii to confirm adequacy of proposed mods to 
LWR designs. NUREO-0460 Vol 3 sncl.W/o nc 1. H/dlstrlhution 
VQLLHER.B.H. Assistant Director for System* S, Projects. 79/03/12 


7fQ4110132 Eipectf to complete generic rHvtgu of Mark I containment 
1-ono-ttrm program by Mag 1979. Requests plant-unique analuils 
shortly thereafter fc completion of plant modi by Dec 19BO 
Forwards "Evaluation of Suppression Pool Temp Limit*." 

Division of Operating Reactors. 79/03/13. 17pp. 

7904040132 In order to complete guidance for implementation of 
4OCFR19O re environ radiation protection stds, raquaiti data 
from oniite survey. area radiation d environ monitoring 
Instrument* on radiation levels. Request's response by 770420. 
IF-POLITO. T. A. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 79/03/19. 2pp. 

7904110234 Forward* proprietary rapt NEDE-23749-1-P, "Comparison of 
Analytical Model for Computing Safety Relief Valve Discharge 
Line Transient Pressures & Forces to Monticallo T-Qusncher 
Test Data." Withheld (ref 10CFR2. 790). 

BQfluNiL.J. Qenaral Electric Co. .Nuclear Enerju Products Div. 
79-/03/20. Ip. 

7904200217 Reapondt to NRC 790313 Itr requesting infn ra 790312 llcans 
amend. Forwards OPfite Dose Calculation Manual, uaite 
solidification Tch Spees ft administrative control Inch 
8pc to be Included fn original amend. 
DI8E.D.P. Hiagara Mohfluit Poioor Corp. 79/O4/1S. Ip. 

790420021V Waits solidification Tech Bpac* t. administrative control 
Ttch Specs. 
Niagara Mohawk Power Corp. 79/04/12. lOpp. 

79042OOS21 Offslte Dose Calculation Manual. 

LEACH.E.W.. PEPKIN8. r. J. , LEMPGEB.T.E. Niagara Ho hawk Pou.r Corp. 
7^/04/12, 16pp. . f 

/904240339 Foruardi info requested in 7B030B Itr re environ 
qualification of electrical oonnec ton, pos t-flccldent deilon 
criteria & lower insulation resistance measuremnti 
occurring at 20-h to end of test for five pin 16 connector. 
DIBE.D. P. Niagara Mohawk Pouier Corp. 79/O4/1B. 4pp. 

79042703B1 Act receipt of 79031V Itr requesting info r radiation 
levels attributable to plant opavat ion. Data are under revlaw 
(. results uill be submitted by 79OS13. 

SCHNEIDER, R.R, Niagara Mohawk Power Corp. 7W04/20. 


79O4O90244 Summary of 790321 meeting w/Niagra Mohawk Power Corp in 
BthesdarMD, re datallid engineering design aspects of 
changes to be made to RPB 5, ECC9 instrumentation. 
POLK, P. J. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 79/03/33-. 3pp. 

7904060004 Foriuarda Amend 29 to License DPR-63, EIA, not lei of Issuance 
IPPDLITO. T. A, Operating Raactors Branch 3. 79/03/26. 3pp. 

7904060005 Amend 2"? to License DPR-63, changing environ Tech Specs to 
delete environ monitoring program, modify chemical limiting 
conditions of operation !< mod I ft/ radiological monitoring 
Operating Raetora Branch 3. 79/03/26. 70pp. 

79O406000S ETA supporting Amend 29 to Llcsno DPR-&3. 

Office of Nuclear Reactor Ragulatlon. 79/03/26. 17pp. 

Inspection report* and correspondence 

7904040369 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-O2, "Pip. Support Da,. Plate Design, 

Using Generate Erpancion Anchor Dolts." 

' H| "'"" ' Philadelphia. 0/flc* of the Director. 


7904040320 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-03, "Longitudinal Meld Defect! in 
ASME SA-312 Typ 304 Stainless. Bteel Pipe Spools 
Manufactured bu Younirtouri Welding fc Engirtaartng Co^ " 
CRIER, B.H, Region 1. Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 

79/03/12. la. 

7904020149 Ac k rtcelpt of 790301 Itr Informing NHO nf steps *afcn to 
correct violation noted In IE: Insp Reet 30-320/79-01. 

BRUNMER.E.J, Region 1, Philadelphia. Riactor Operation* Nucl*r 

Suopor* Branch. 79/03/13, Ip. 

79Q40600'1O Notice of issuance (t avallab 1 11 tu of Amend BV to License 
IPPOLITOrT. A. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 79/03/Bi. 2pp. 

7904040077 Forwards addl Info requested at 790321 meeting re proposed 
Tech Spec changes in reactor protection ys.Five ovarslied 
d>auings tent to Polk. 
RHODE, O.K., Niagara MJohawk Power Corp. 79/03/27. 16pp. 

7904170439 Ac* util Intent to modify safety-related systems u/o NRC 
ravlou li approval. Advises that such activities will bi 
financial responsibility of utll alone tt must meet NRC 
requirements. flaq,uestf Info re safety evaluations. 
IPPOLITO* T. A. Operating Reactors Branch 3, 79/03/27. 3pp. 

7904170368 Forwards Amend 31 to License DPR-o3, scfsty 
notice at Issuance fc availability. 
IPPOLITQiT, A. Operating Reactors Branch 3, 79/04/02. 

'valuation fc 

7904020173 Responds to NRC -79 OS O7 Itr re violations nolad Jn IE Imp 
Rept 30-830/79-01. Corrective action*: locking mechanism was 
SCHNEIDER, R, R. Niagara Mohwk Pousr Corp, 79/03/01. 3pp. 

7904020176 Forwards IE ln*p Rept 90-22O/79-Q1 on 7WU6-19 S. notice of 

BRUNNER.E.J. Region It Philadelphia, Reactor Operation* Nuclear 

Support B T aneh. 79/O2/07. 2pp. 

7904020178 Notice at violation tram Inif on 79O1I4-19, 

Region 1, Philadelphia. Reactor Operations Nuclear Support 

Branch. 79/O2/OS. Ip. r 

7904C-20IBO IE Inso Kept 30-220/79-O1 n 7901 14-19, Noncc-M llance noted: 
failure to Lock high radiation area. 

ARCHITZEL.R. , HCCABE.E.C. Region 1. Philadelphia, Reactor 

Operations Nuclear Support Drench. 7?/02/'o3. 4pp. 



.KKKET 30-220 Mini Kile Point Nuclear Station, Unit 1 
Inipectlon reporti tad carrnpondf net 

" d - ' E Clre " 1 "' " CM ' " Lo " Locking Hut an LUitorqu. 
B ' Bion *' Ph""tIpl>t, Office of the Director. 

/T/O3/ la, lp. 

79/03/19 H ' lp R "" n '' Phil "" 1 P h " Office of the Director. 

7?/M/W K lp R " 10n '' Phlladll P fl1 - "*" <" the Directo 

"" i.."" 1 " 1 '' PhlU '" 1 P h '" 0I" of tn. Directo 

g.r* Mohauk Pou.r, 79/03/23. lp. 

79042fi0236 Falloiuup rapt on LEK 79-02/TO, dur lug removal of sa*~onid, 
discovered inconel tueld overlay had been removed from 
emergency condenser steam nor i In. Noi i le repair mill be 
performed to GE procedures, 
SCHNEIDER, R.R. Niagara Mohawk Power Corp. 79/04/33. lp. 

7904270376 Forwards LER 79-002/O1X-1 . 

SCHNEIDER, R. R. Niagara Mohauk Power Corp. 79/O4/23. lp, 

79042703B2 LEfi 79-002/01 X-l on 790306: dur 1 no rafUHllng outJoe uh i 1 1 
preparing amargencg tondenser steam noulo S-NB for 
replacewant of iafi-ani(< d licavefed ineonol ueld was 
ramovad from noiile.New safe end Installed. 
JUTRA3,n. Niagara dohamk Poiuer Corp. 79/04/S3 Ip 

DOCKET 50-224 Univ. of California fte< B *rch Reactor 
Sieurttv. msdical. emrgncy & fire protection pUni 

nf ? r , tl > IMFROO.S9 change to . M .p a .nc pUn cover 
incidents uhich mu,t be p fl p 0r ted immediatelg to NRC 
PIGFOHD.T.H, California, Univ. of, Derkeley, 79/04/O3. 3pp. 

General correspondence 

orAd. *; "OW'W Ka pl an l,a, b..n .ppolnt.d a. 

T H r ?! str ? Cor fQP a"*l"J r.ieareh re-ctor 
.T.H C.lifornia, Univ. of, Berkeley. 79/04/17. lp. 

v -" ----- -p""' 1 for 

ad.lphia, Office of th! Director. 

Fast Oilde Reactor 

lp . 


u e '*'H'C,D,E.F t. 0. No rtipon*t required, 

IP."'"" 1 '' Phll 1 P--' 0'"" o% the' Director. 

7W41901 Forward, IE fl u il.tin 79-05A, "Nuclear lt.citf.nt at 

s..Kiii'.K's^ ss;:: of - a "-- 

f9l n '' 

Office O f the Director. 

Operating license stage 

"So 01 Foru " ri)l CPPR - 17 '"rf Pr ASLD initial d.ei.lon 
DOAN.R.L, Commission. 63/09/21. lp. 

7904030302 Provia lonal CPPR-17 

DOAN.R.L. Commission. 63/09/21. 2pp. 

", "' f CPPR-,7, 

ommit iion. 63/09/21 . i p 

of th. Director. 


on D f occ.pationa, 

. '-04/09. SP , 

agara Mnhawk P-u.r Cor.. 79/04/04. lp. 

- "" ^wo^-o. 

Ni.g.ra Hoh.wk Pou<P Corp. 79/04/19 ,p 

NUC1 "" """ Cation, Un 


Operating Reactor. Dranch a. 79/03/13. 

a pp . 

Operating llonie itaje 

7904090290 Raque^t. addl Inf 


DOCKET 30-237 Drnidsn Nuclear Potuar Station. Unit 2 
Operating llcenia utage 


7904300331 RB.pond* to N RC raqus.t for addl Info r. intar-s latlon 
tranifnr of iperit fuel, 
.MNACEK.R. F. Commonwealth Edison Co. 79/04/S3. 19pp. 

7904060117 In order to complato guldanco for imp 1 uraan tat ion of anvlrot 
radiation protection itdii ruq,ut* data from oTuit* urvav, 
ara radiation level* t> environ monitoring in*trumant. 
RaquRit* reipama bij 790420. 
IPPOLITO.T. A. Operating tlctor* Branch 3. 71/03/11. 3pp. 

7904110234 Forward! proprietary rapt NEDE-S13749-1-P, "Campari aim at 
Analytical Hodtl for Computing EJafty Relief Valve Diicharga 
Lino Tranilont Pr**urt: h Force* to Montlcallo T-Qusnchnr 
Teit Data." Withheld (ref 10CFR2, 790), 

saHOH.L.J. Qenoral Electric CD. , Nuclear Enargij Product* tllv, 
79/03/20. lp. 

7904130137 Requested llcania amond* for conformant to lOCRtao Involve 
ilnjle Clan III f* * two duplicate f net. Refund of 3, 600 
I* forthcoming. 
MILLER, H.O. Lictnis- Fna Management Dranch. 79/03/23, lp, 

7904160222 In lupport of NRC'* si/itBrnatlc Bviluatlon program, f oruard* 
Hit of rl*ted topic*, 
JANECEK.R.F, Commonuaal th Edltan Co. 79/03/26. 17pp. 

7904160063 Notification of 790406 meeting w/Cammonwal th t'dltnn Co In 
B0tha*da,MD to_tfl*cu utll plan to perform arulytei ro 
lalimlc affecti of pipe break on i tructurot, *g* Si 
component* inijdo containment, 
O'CtJMNERiP. W. Opsratlnfl llaactor* Uranch 2, 79/03/27. Hpp. 

790420O393 Motif Icatlon of 790406 meeting w/utll to dlicuti util't 
planned analuii* of Topici III*-6> "Qelumic Detipni" & 
III-9.A, "Effect of Plpo Break on 8truc tureij 6ij U 
Compontntt In*id Contalnmant. " Cancellerf. 
O'CONNOR, P. M. Oporatlno Raactar* Branch 2. 79/03/37. lp. 

79041002B& Rflipondi to 77010B ra"fc tht rec Ircul* t ion pump trip be 
int*lled. fte*f f Irmi comml tmanti to Initall k maki 
operatic-nil a roc irculation pump trip of acoptablB dm ion 
Outllnet Initallation tchidula. 
REED.C. Conanue*lth Edlion CD. 79/03/B'?. 1p(> 

79041003*1 Forward* FBh 1979 prnnram activity ravleu I'* Mirk I 
containment program. 

SOBON,U. J. Oeneral Elctrle Co. rNucl*r Ennrou Pi-oducti OIv, 
79/04/06. ?pp, 

7904110221 Forwirdi rBiaono to NftC 7904O3 rvquait for *ddl Info on 
itartop teit program for It i load 4,CutU 7. 
REED.C. Commanu*Uh Edlion Co. 7V/04/06. Spp, 

7V04I6OOB3 Faru*rdi comment on review of f 
iijitein*tic tvaluatlon program. 
REEDiC. Commonwealth Ed i ion Co, 79/04/0&. 


ihutdoun iu for 

Advlifl* tht OE rtpt NEDE-2IB70-P, "AnlHc*l MoJ.l for 
Air Bublila b Doundnrij* Reiultino from 
6fBtv RelUf ValVB* Throuoh a T-OuinchBr I)vlc- 
hai b*en tranlttd to NRC. 
JANECEKiR.F, Commonuialth Editon Co, 79/01/0 1 ?. lp. 

5"E* JKOfi-awir-l-P. "Coap.rUon of Analytical Hotf.l For 
Computing Bifatij Rtll.f v*lv Llni Tran.lBnt 
PraiiurB* t< ForcBi to Montlello T-OuBneh*r Tail Data, " 
uai formrdad to V Stello in Fab 197?, 
JANECEK.R.F, Canmonuval th Edlion Co, 79/04/09, lp 

n raport* and corraipondonca 
Fol ' u " lr ' d ' IE !n Hl' 

. No 

Oa, 50-337/79-02 


790206-09, No noncomp 1 Unce noted. Major aroai 
alrliorn. radloact lv* <uatu *gi, Including .fflmnt 
records t. rpt of iffluonti. 

30-H49/79-0.3 on 


upport Orancli, 79/02/22, Opp. 

79041(10011 Forward* IE Imp fieptt aO-OlO/7V~03, SO-237/79-03 t, 
30-249/79-03 on 790201-2B t. natlca of violation, 
IIGiailMAN.R.F. R.gioti 3, Chicago, Haactor Dpiralloiu 

Quflport Branch. 79/03/13, Hpp. 

--790*160013 Notlco of violation from inp on 79Oa01-Ktl 

IIGIGKMAN.fl, F. Rigloii 3, Chicaflo. Rsactnr Qpiratlon* Nuclear 

tiupport Branch, 79/03/09. lp, 

. In * P "* pU 30"fllO''7''-03,!IO"a37/77-03 i, 30-349/79-03 on 
1-3f) noted: fal Iur to propgrlu maintain 
control of ontranc./dil t to a high radial-ion area 
BAHKEII. J.L., (iPEneARl), R. i., B.gton 3, Cl.lcaflo, [liactor 

Oporatloni Nucliar Support Branch. 79/03/09. 10pp. 

7904170103 Rq.pond. to IE Uuiletin 70-03 ro raplac*nint of UE Hadl 
CR-103X auiilUrij contact dtvlcai, n.vlcs i-tii Ucement 
currtntlij cheduled for Fall 1900 rfit*lln outag* 
RfcED.C. Commonuealth Edlon Co. 79/03/13, 3pp. 

7904170109 R.ipontli to IE Bulletin 70-01 r- r>p lac*m*iit hduli for 
contact arm ratalntri on OG CH-lHOA rplagi, Corract lv 
rapair* on Unit 2 ichidulvd to begin 7V01117 (, for Unit 3 
duHnj Fall IVBO, 
REEO,C. Commonue*! th Edlion Co. 79/03/KI, 2pp. 

7904030104 Forward. IE Circular 79-04, "Uo. Locking Nut on Limltorqu. 
V*lv Operator*. " -\ 

K*gian 3, Rhlcaflo. Hfflo of th l>irctar, 79/03/16. 



7904030030 Forw.rdi II- llullatin 7a-l2B. "Atgpical U.ld Mtl In H.aclc 
Pntiuri Venal H.ldt, " 
KF.PPI.ER.J. 0. 

Region 3. Chicago, Offlea of th* Olrtetur. 79/03/19, 

7904030017 I'oruard. IE Circular 79-03, "Moi.tur. LAk*g. in (ltrnd*d 
wire t,Dnncctoi'i," 

KEPPLER.J.O, Rigloii 3, Chicago, Offle. of tli Direclor, 


! etll * t * IK ln *P "'I 11 ' 3l>-OlO/V9-04,ao-337/79-04 t, 
30.-a49/79-04 on 790M(,-0303, 03-OA t, 09,N<itUi of violation 
ulthhtld trtt lOCFRa.790), 
PUND.J.A, fit) I on 3, Chicago. EUfvguardi llraiuh. 79/03/3U. 3pp, 

7904300399 For w.rdi IE Uull.tU 79-04, "Incort-ict M.lghtt for Swina 
Check Valvai Manufae turad by Vtlan Engineering Corp " 
KEPPLE,J,0. flag (on 3, Chicago, Offlt. of thn Director 79/03/30 

ant at 

7904120161 Forward* IE llullatin 79*03, "Nucliar 

0, R*glon 3, Chicago, Offlc* of thu Diraetor. 79/04/01, 

REED,C. CommonUMlth Edlion Co. ' 79/04/13. 4pp. 

7904200203 Forward, r.iponit to 790319 rtquitt far Info rt dlr.ct 
rtonthlu do. I 1 "" Ik " BWIt tulrllln " * Pl"i radKtlon. 

iR.F. CoMmonwtalth Edlton Co. 79/04/14, 43pp, 

MILLER, H.O. Uc.n*. Fee Hanaj-mint Branch. 79/04/lA. lp. 

lTa?t!^F''V^ " Pr0|10 " d "^? l 2 :J p ' E ( IIUl i' t "' "- '' '' *" *".l.l. .* .**,- 

tiao T a up fnf ima.ll breahi. Rtlatta Piping," 

REED.C. CDiMonMialth Edion Co. 79/04/20, 2pp. * "'< ' InP*Ctlon I, Enforcimvnt. 79/04/14. 7pp. 

7904190220 Forward. IE Bullitln 79-03A, "Nucliar Incldant *t 
TMI - Buppl," & prellninarij ehronologv Ql TMI-3 790330 
accident until cor* cooling raitored, 

KfCPPLERi J.O. Riglan 3, Chicago, Offleq of th* D (rBc tor. 79/04/06 


7904300123 Forward. IE llullatin 79-07, "U.l.mir Btrn Axalu*!* of 
B*fttv-n*l*tid Piping." * 

KEPPLER.J.Q, Region 3, Chicago, Offlct of the Dlraetor. 79/04/14 
in . 




, eiJ 

flnMnt. Identified During 

Proje(:tl . 


63pp . 

Emmot Oinna N U cl ear 


fil ..... 

, Mhcll 4 . 

4. 79/03 / 33 . 

Oonaral corraipandence 

^^^^ f i- B * !. untl , 

ati nucl Jr energy i, a 

7904090169 "Annul Rept 1 97B 

* Hd Gh ... P 0., ftCl.ctric Corp. 76/IB/ai. 2flpp . 

Oprating llcinse .tjg, 

7904060167 Summar,, o f 
-t.ctrt In r^lrcll 
A8HE limit. uald which 

".'-^nTJ^sMs;*,!:! srirr of *- '--. 

Inild. cont-lnm.nt bldg.K". U.n io^ h **"J"iH -ccld.nt 

y"V f " fu " ' "duS IO(Ml mui * """ 

7904090004 R.ipondi to 790316 It- .. 
filltg.O P .rti n "i . J^J ' 


of ,., , 

7904100323 Raipondi to KRC 

7904300288 Bunwiar 

..... - " 

En Bin .. rinfl B ^ eh . W/04/IO- 



'DOCKET 30-244 Robert Emmet Ginna Nuclear Plant. Unit 1 
Operating license stage 

7904230168 Forward* into requested on 7B12Q9 re Topic VIII-4. 
"Electric.*! Penetrations of Reactor Containment. " Ninetsen 
ovarsiisd drawings lent to D McDonald. 
SADDOCK. H. O. Rochester Gas h Electric Corp. 79/04/12, 46pp. 

-7904090233 Forwards IE Insp Rept 50-844/79-O1 on 790109-12 & notice of 

SMITH, O.H. Region 1, Philadelphia, Fuel Facility & Material? 

Safety Branch. 79/03/06. 3pp. 

-7904090236 Notiie of violation from insp on 79Q10<?~12. 

Region 1, Philadelphia, Office at the Director. 79Y02/O2. 

20 n. 

7904240324 Confirms 790413 telcon reporting crack* found in ionic end 
caps of Uettlnghouse daiign bails breaker overcurrent trip 
devlcis. Several T a medial action* for utiU are recommended. 
ANDERSON, T. K. Hestlnghouie Electric Corp. 77/04/16. 2pp. 

7904230190 Summary of 790320 meeting u/uill to discuss imj Umantation 
of Tach Spees.App I. re raduaste solldif icai ion. 
EHCHrR. L. Environmental Evaluation Branch, SHEA.J.J. 

Operating Reactors Branch 2. 79/04/17. 6pp. 

790427O2B9 Responds to HRC 790406 1 tr requesting addl Info re sus mod 
to Clan IE DC bus battery chargers. All charoes noui in un 
have been part Df plant configuration since 1969. Adequacy of 
equipment presently under rtvlauj, 
WHITE. L.D. RochBstar Qat & Electric Corp. 79/04/1B. 2pp. 

"7904O9023B IE Insp Rapt 3O-244/79-O1 on 79O1O9-12. Noneompl lance notffd: 
failure to perform aurveu as required b if 1OCFRHO. 2O1 t 
failure to furnish rept at oicposure to radiation V 
radioactive matls. 

WHAS, Q.P., CROCKER, M. W. Region I. Phi ladalph la. Fuel Facility 

h Material* Safetg Branch. 79/O2/O2. 12pp. 

7904200464 Forwards IE Info Notice 79-07. "Rupturo of RsduautP Tanks. " 
GRIER.B.H. Roflion t, Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 

79/03/26. Ip, 

7904270479 Foruard-i IE Bulletin 79-O4, " Inccrrec t Heinhfc-s for Suilna 
Check Valves Manufactured by Veljin Englnaerlng Corp." 
ORIER.B.H, Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 

79/03/30. If. 

7904240318 Foruards Amend 9 to application to convert provisional OL to 
full-term OL t< Revision 3- to Buppl 4 accompanying 
full-term QL app 1 Ication. Certificate of Svc encl. 
* LcBoiuf, Limb, L.elbi/ & MacRao. 79/04/23. 4pp. 

7904I2O20B Forward* IE BulUfcln 79-03, "Nuclar Incident at TMI 1 
PNu-79-67,79-67A,, C, D, E, F & G. No response required. 
ORIER.B.H. Region 1, Ph i ladelph (a. Office of th B Director. 

79/O4/O1. Ip. 

7904240314 Amend f to application to convert provisional OL to 
full-tern OL. Ravislon 5 to Suppl 4. 
HHITE.L. D. Rochester Oas & Electric Corp. 79/04/16. 33pp. 

Inspection report* and correspondence 

7904020026 Forwards IE Imp Rept 30-244/79-02 on 790129-31. No 
none amp 1 iance noted. 

BRUNNERrE.J. Raglan i. Philadelphia, Operations Nuclear 

Support Branch. 79/O2/20. 2pp. 

7904020029 'IE Insp Rept 30-244/797O2 on 79O129-31. No noncomplUnc* 
noted. Major areas Inspected: preparations for refualing 
outage Including major maint. mod< critical path Items t> tour 
of facility. 

JOHNSON. D.F, Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 

79/02/16. 8pp. 

7904040333 Forward* IE Bulletin 79-03r "Longitudinal Meld Defact* in 
ABME 8A-312 Type 304 Stalnlais 8til Pip* Spools 
Manufactured by Youngstoun Welding * Engineering Co. " 
CRIER, q,K. Raglan 1, Philadelphia. Office of the Director. 

79/03/12. Ip, 

7704110967 CunMrim 790329 meeting w/util to discuss NRC Insp program 
at unit. , 

BRUNHERiE. J, Region 1, Philadelphia. Riactor Operations Nuclear 

Support Branch. 79/O3/14. Ip. 

79040SOO94 Forwarda IE Circular 79-04. "Loose Locking Nut on Llmltorque 
Valve Operators. " 

ORICRrB.H. Region 1, Philadilphia. Office of the Director. 

79/03/16, Ip. 

7904840176 Forwardi IE Bulletin 7B-12B, "Atypical Meld Mail in Reactor 
Pressure Vvsiel Hldt, " 

ORIER.B.H,. Region 1, PhlladalphU. Office of the Director. 
79/03/19. Ip. 

7904030039 Forwards; IE Circular 79-08, "Moistura Laaliag* In 8trandd 
Win Conductors. " 

ORIER.B.H. Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of th* Director. 

79/03/20. Ip. 

7904040242 Forward* IE Info Notice 79-03, "Ue of Improper hiatls in 
Baf etu-Relateid .Components. " 

ORIER.B.H, Region i, Ph i ladtlph la. Office of the Director. 

79/03/81, Ip, 

7904090246 Ack receipt of 770223 Itr Informing NRC of step* take to 
correct violation* noted In IE Insp Rept 90-244/79-01, 
SHITH.O.H, Region 1. Philadelphia. Fuel Facility h Materials 

Safety Branch. 77/03/21. 2pp. 

7904090291 Respond* to NRC 790206 Itr re violations notad in IE Insp 
Rept 90-244/79-01. Corrective action*: provisions made for 
Minlolilng contamination h conducting periodic surveys in 
In-core thlMble clnaning procedure. 
UHITE.L.O, Rochester fc Electric Corp. 79/02/29. 4pp. 

7904190164 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-O3A, "Nucloar Incidan* at 
T[ ~ Suppl," & prelinlnary chronologi; of TMI-a 79033B 
accident until COTEP coaling restored. 

ORIER.B.H. Roa ion 1, Philadelphia, Offica of the Director. 

79/O4 /O5. Ip. 

790427OS27 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-O6A, "Revioiu of apt-rational Errors 
Sys Hlsallgnnent* Identified During TUT Incident." 
ORIEH. B.H. Region 1, Ph i ladelpji ia. Off leu of the DlracUcr, 

79/04/14. Ip. 

Period Ic operating reports, related correspond e-nce 

790417O310 Foruiards "Semianrual Effluent Release H*pt for Julu-Boc 
1978. " 
HHITErL.D, Rochaater Oai t Elactrlc Corp. 79/02/22. Ip. 

7904170212 "Semiannual Effluent Flelaasi Rnpt for July-Dec 197B. " 
Bochestor Oas U Electric Corp. 79/O2/22. 3pp, 

Reportable occurrences, related' correspondmcs 

790406O2I3 Confirms 790331 telcon re RO 79-OA on 790321 : Jbnorma 1 
degradation of steam generator tubas. 
SNOH.B.A, Rochester O* & Electric Corp. 79/O3/21. Ip. 

790409O13S Forward* LER 79-OGfc/QtT-O. 

WHITE- L. 0. Rochester Oas & Electric Corp. 79/04/O3. (p. 

7904O90UO UER 79-OOfi/OlT-O on 79O321 : d egratfat 1 on in b tubai at stea 
genarator "E".Cauad bg localiied residual causbici eroilon 

at support plates Si -strata corrosion maelianism re 
deformation at tube thiefc St operattoni I stresses. 
CURTIS. A.E. Rochester Oai & Electric Corp. 79/O4/O3. 2pp, 

DOCKET 30-249 Mlllstona KucUar Power Station. Unit 1 
Security. medlcaL. imerjencij & fire protection plans 

7904060488 Forward* revised versions of Entr^ Control Bi^s Handbook, 
SAND77-1033I Intrusion Dtactrion Sijs Handbook. BAND74-O3S4I S> 
Bart-lBT Prevention Database, NUREO/CR-O181, 

MILLER, J. R. Assistant Director for Reactor Safeguard!. 79/01/09 

7904170146 Forward* ignopses of fire protection mod* as requested bg 
NRC. Mods should b completed by nd of 19BO refuillng 
outage. H/22 drawlno* available In Central Files. 
COUN8IL, W, 0. North oast Utllitta*. 79/04/11. 6Bpp. 

Fin* tic lal information 

7904130221 Foruard* "Annual Rapt 1978" for four utlls. 

HUNT.W.A. Northeafc Nuclxsr Enerog Co. (Northeast UtlLitiei). 
79/04/tO. Ip. 



DOCKET SO-243 Mlllltone Nuclear Powor Station, Unit 1 
Periodic opera tlnj report Sr related correspondence 

79~O4O30346 Forward* "Annual Environ 0>er*tinB Rflpt.Part A: 
Nonradiologleal. 1978" & "Annual Hep t: Ecological fc 
Hudrographic Btudlo." 
COUN9IL..IJ. 6. Northeast Utilities. 79/03/30. Ip. 

Financial Information 

7"?017O213 Forwards "Annual Rept 1778. " 

CAHILL.H. J. Consolidated Edison Co. oF New York. 

7904170217 "Annual Rept 197B. " 

* Consolidated Edison Co. of How York. 

79/04/13, Ip. 


7904030281 "Annual Operating ReptiPart A: Nonrad lolog lea I, I97B" tr 
"Annual Rapt:Ecolig teal & Hydrographle Studios." 
Northeast Utilities. 79/03/30. 439pp. 

79O41OQ377 Forwards "Annual Environ Oparatlng Rept 1970, Part B: 
Radiological. " 
CCKJNBIL.W.Q. Northeast Utilities. 79/O3/31. Ip. 

Operating license stage 

79O4O9Q290 Requests addl info re capability at H3SB to respond to 
postulated ATWS tram lent . Foruarda KflC 790215 1 tr to OE ta/ 
request for analqmii to con-firm adequacy of propmad mod* to 
LWfl designs, NURE&-O4.60 Vol 3 enel.H/o en( I, W/d Lstr i but ton. 
VOULMERiR.H. Assistant Director -for S-jstami fc Projects. 79/03/12, 


79O4I003BO "Annual Environ Operating Rept 1978. Part B: Rad iolog ical . " 
Northeast Utilities. 78/12/31. 90pp. 

7904230227 Forward* month lij operating rept for Mar 1979, 
dPEKA.J.F, Hortheast Utilities. 79X04/13. Ip, 

7904230231 Monthli) oparating rept tar Mar 1979. 

VOUNO.R.H. Northeast Utilities. 79/04/09. 7pp. 

Reportabls occur ranessi re la tad corresponded 

7904190110 On 79u3I6i pr Imaru; cnntlnment oiygin level otcnedod 5V. . 
Caused by cancellation of planned shutdown for repair of 
Isolation condenser Isolation valve after primary 
continnant deinorting had bagun. 

i J.F. Northeast UUlitlas. 77/03/19. 2pp. 

V904110023 FoTuarifE Amend 91 t a Uicana* DPR-26. safety ovjiluatlon 1 
notice of iiiuatrco It ava i tab i 1 i ti;. 
BCHHEMCeR.A, Operating Reactors Branch 1. 79/03/1'?. 2pp. 

790*110023 Amend 51 bo Llcenie DPR-3A. re vis i ng Tech Sflffc TB 
error on altouaal* pronurlior heatup rate, def in i tton* of 
hot ihutdown. insarvtce inpa fc testing b varlom dlboriil 
ma fctan, 

, A. Operating Roaccors Drancli I. 79/O3/19. 27pp. 

79O-1I10033 Safety evaluation supportlna Amend 31 to License DPR-2&, 
Qporatlng Rqactors Dranch 1. 79/O3/19, Spp. 

7904110037 Notice of Issuanta & ava 1 lab i 1 It-j of Amend 31 to Licenss 
BCHWENCER-A. Operating Reactor* Branch 1. 79/O3/19. 2pp. 

7704210221 Prvioulg reported ivant r< outfall quarry dlfferBnttal' 
tmp -that <txceid*d Tech Bp*d* during sacuring pfi4e of all 
circulating u*t>r pumpt after normal thutdaun does not 
qualify as RD. Averagi value invar axoeded 6 F. 
DPEKA.J. F. North4St Utlllfti*!. 79/03/21. Ip. 

7904100276 Notification of RQ-79-1O-1P on 790403: core tharmal puutr 
iceeded allouabla pouar far total car* f low, Problam 
discovered at end-of-cycl 'f oeduia tor tamp reduction. Detaili 
mill fee Included in foHowup 14-dag rapt. 
OPEKA.J. F, Northi*t UblUtlot. 79/04/04. Ip. 

7901210033 Foruar-di rtmond 92 to License DPft-3A, %at* fcij evaluation 1< 
notice of issuance It aval lab II 1 tij. 
aCKWENCER.A. Oparatlng floactors flranch 1. 79/O3/20. Zpp. 

79O4H10039 Amund S2 to Licenas DPR-26 revls Tech Spec, limit* For 

total nuclear peaking fae tori accumulator mater vol b 

^iot channel factor normallied operating enwLope. 

SCMWENCER, A, Operating Reactors Branch 1. 79/03/2O. 10pp. 

79O4210041 Bafitij evaluation supporting Amanil D2 to License DPH-So, 

+ Office of Nuclear Raactor Ragulatlon. 79/O3/SO. -Ipp, 

7904Z30S3V Farwrds LER 79-01 I/03L-0, 

1 J.F. Northeast Utilities. 79/O4/17. 


7904230244 LER 79-011/03L-O on 77031 7; iuhi le parformtno surveilUncEi 
reactar (irctictlan signal not generat*d uhan main iteam 
Itolatlon v*lv 1-N3-1A ut 10X elosfld, Canted bv actuating 
ara on Unit sultchiunich ui out of adjustment. 
YOONO.R.H, Hoi-thBit Utilities. 79/04/17. 2ap, 

7104210044 Notlca nf Issuance & availability o-f Amend 92 to Llcanie 

, A. Operating Ractori Branch 1. 79/O3/20, 3pp, 

79Q417O234 Foruflrils Amends 33 In 33 to L!cn OP(1~S h DPH-26. 
reipucl ivt LIJP i notice of issuance h avallabll 1 tif> 
SCHWENCER. A, OpBratlng Reactors nranch 1. 79/03/29, Spp. 

7'7030236 Forwardi LER 79-01O/OIT-0. 

OPEKA.J.F. Northeast UtiUtlts. 79/O4/18. 


-7?041902a? Amends 33 t 53 to Licenses DPR-5 & DI'(I-2oi re ipec 1 1 vl y. 
BCHHENflERrA. Operating Reactors nranch I. ?o'rti/:K Jinn 

7904330280 LER 79-O10/OIT-0 on 770^03: durlna *nalysl of enginnrlno 
dataicora tharrnak pou*T enceodcd llomible pouiir for total 
core flow tilstinn at that tlm, Caused by lnaccurH 
com)iutr calculation. 
* NarU*t UUlltls*. 79/04/1Q. 3pp. 

DOCKET SO-247 Indian. Point Station,. Unit B 
HRC KB, FEB- supplements 

-7VO419024& Notice of Issuance (. avalldbill tij of A 
LUinsei DPR-Sr OPR-A4 8. DPR-2c,, r *jic tl vety. 
BCHMENCERrA Operating itiactors Branch 1. 

7-7 0-419007I 

CAP" ' 

7904030379 DE9 for selection of prif*rrtf closad cycU cooling syi at 


*. Dffic of. Nucli-r R*actor Rjul*tlon. NUREO-003B. 76/02/29. 

*nirganey t> fir* pmttcttan plani 

790403030B Foruardt awirgancu plan, 

CAHILL.H. J. ConoU<fat>d Edison Co. of hliu York. 79/03/27. Ip. 

7904090213 Emergency plan. 

* Conialidatid Edison Co. of New York. 79/03/27. lllpp. 

7904240334 Confirms 790413 frelcon repor ting cracks found In lama nd 
cap* of Mestlnghouse dalgn -basli br*kr ovrcurrnt trip 
devices. Several rvmedial actions far utllt an reccmmended. 
AMDERBON,T,H Mstingliaui.e Electric Carp. 79/01/16 Kpp. 

790423O33I! Forifardt review of Revision 1 of draft Tech Specs 
HUREO-0133i "Preparation of Radiological Effluent Tech Spect 
for Nuclear Power Plants." Design (t operation of plant 
compiles u/r>gulatory requirements. 

CAHILL.W, J, Contol iifaCed Edison Co. of Hew York. 79/04/U, 3|>(i. 

7904130226 Forward* schedule for completion of tlvt protection mod 
for which specific imp lnt*tion dts are -not documented 
in '790131 8BR. ' 
CAHIU.iH,J. ConoliditiJ Etflfon Co. of New York. 79/03/30. 7pp. 


DOCKET 50-347 Indian Point Station. Unit S 
Inspection reports and correspondence 

7"7Q404O333 Forward* IE Bulletin 79-02. "Pipe Support Base Plate Designs 
Uin9 Concrete Expansion Anchor Holts." 

CRIER, B.H. Region 1. Ph i ladslphia, Office of the Director. 

79/O3/OB. Ip. 

7904040399 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-03, "Longitudinal Weld Defects in 
ASHE SA-312 Type 304 Stainless Steal Pipe Spools ^ 
Manufactured by Voungstown Welding & Engineering Co, 
GH1EF1.B.H. Region 1. Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 

79/03/12. Ip. 

7901030065 Forwards IE Circular 79-04, "Loose Locking Nut on Limltorfl.ue 
Valve- Operators. " . 

QfflER.B.H. Region I, Philadelphia. Office of the Director. 

79/03/16. Ip. 

790424015B Forward* IE Bulletin 7S-12B, "Atypical Held Matl in Reactor 
Pressure Vessel Melds. " 

OSIER, B.H. Region I. Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 

79/03/19. Ip. 

790-1050012 Forward* IE Circular 79-05, "Moisture Leakage in Stranded 
Wire Conductors." 

QUIER.B.H. R&aion 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 

79/0)3/20. Ip. 

7 t ?Q4Q4Q224 Forwards IE Info Notice 79-09. "Uie of Improper Mails in 
Saf 6u-Relatfld Components." 

CRIEH.B.H. Raoion 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 

7<?/O3/ai, Ip. 


-~7'7042506fiO IE Bulletin 79-06, "Review of Operational Errors J. Sy . 
Misalignments Identified During TMI Incident." 
Office of Inspection (. Enforcement. 79/04/11. 7pp. 

7904170134 Forwards info on steam generator imp proHram planned for 
third refueling outage scheduled to commence in June 1977. 
Concurrence bu 790415 requested. 
CAH1LL, U. J. Consolidated Edison Co. of New York. 79/04/13. 20pp. 

79042301B6 IE Bulletin 79-Q6A Revision 1. "R*viUJ of Operational Errors: 
d Sys misalignments Identified Durinj TMI Incident, " 
Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 79/04/14. 9pq. 

7904270142 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-068, "Review of Operational 
Errors (.Sus Hisal lonmenti Identified During TMt Incident. " 
QRIER.B.H. Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Diretor. 

77/04/14. IB- 

7904270148 IE Bulletin 79-06B. "Review of Operational Error* b Bys 
Misalianments Identified During TMI Incident." 
Office of Inspection & Enforcement. 79/04/14. 9pp. 

7904270483 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-06A, "Review of Operational Error} ft 
Sus Misalignments Identified During TMI Incident." 
DRIES, B.H, Region 1, Philadelphia, Office at tha Director, 

79/04/14. Ip. 

Periodic operating reports, related correspondence 

7904130239 Forwards "Semiannual Effluant Reliasa Rept" for Jul-Dec 
CAHIU..H.J. Commontuualth Edison Co. 79/03/01. Ip. 

790427OI53 Forwards IE Info Notice 79-06, "Stress Analysis of 
Safety-Related Piping." 

DRIER, H. H, Region 1, Philadelphia. Office of the Director. 

79/03/23, . 2pp. 

7904370153 IE Info Notice 79-06, "Stress Analysis of Safety-Related 
Piping. " 
Office of Inspection t. Enforcement. 79/03/33. 4pp. 

7904130233 "Semiannual Release Flapt" for Jul-Dec 1970. 

Commonwealth Edison CD. 79/03/01. 43pp. 

79048*0307 Forward! monthly operating rept for Mar 1979. 

CAHILL.W.J. Consolidated Edlon Co. of New York. 79/O4/13. In. 

7904340316 Monthly operating rept Cor Mar 1979. 

KAHULA.L. Consolidated Edison Co. of New York, 79/04/03. 7pp. 

7904300479 Forwards IE Info Notice 79-OB, "Interconnection of 
Contaminated Sus w/Bvc Air Syg Uied as Source of Breathing 
Air. " 

URIER.n.H. Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Director, 

79/03/23. 2pp. 

79043Q04HI IE Info Notice 79-08, "Interconnection of Contaminated Sys 
uj/Svc Air Sys Used as Source of Breathing Air." 
Off tee' of Inspection . Enforcement. 79/03/29. 3pp. 

7904240379 Forward* tabulation of daily record of fih collection far 
Mar 1979 pursuant to App of Tech Specs. 
CAHILL, M,J. Coniotldated Edlion Co. of New York. 79/04/16, 4pp, 

Riportabli occurrence*, related correspondence 

7904240331 Forwards LER 79-Q02/Q4K-1. 

CAHILL, H.J. Consolidated Edison Co, of New York. 79/04/10. Ip. 

7904260166 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-04, "Incorrect Weights for Swing 
Check Valves Manufactured bij Velan Engineering Corp." 
GRIER.B.H. Region 1. Philadelphia, Office of tha Director. 

79/03/30. Ip. 

7904260191 IE Bulletin 79-04, "Incorrect Heights for Suing Check Valve 
Manufactured bu, Velan Engineering Corp." 

* Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. 79/03/30. 6pp. 

7904300107 Forwards IE Info Notice 79-09, "Spill of Radioactivity 
Contaminated Resin." 

DRIER, B.H. Region 1, Philadelphia. Office of the Director. 

79/03/3O. 2pp. 

790430011O IE Info Notice 79-09, "Spill of Radloictiveiy Contaminated 
Resin. " 

* Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 79/03/30. 

7904340327 LER 79-003/O4X-1 on 79Q1OB: Teledyne Iotopi notified utll 
that precipitation sample taken on 701130 exceeded ton times 
control station leCal. Caused by tritium releaivc from vource 
other than util. 
MASCIULLI.S. Con50,lldate<f Edlion Co. of Neu York. 79/04/1S. 3|in. 

DOCKET 90-249 Dresdon Nuclear Power Statlom Unit 3 
Security, medical, emergency d fin protection plan* 

7904020266 Personnel from Ofc of Nuclear Realtor Regulation ulll vlilt 
facility on 790319-23 to review flri protection related 
ZIEHANN, D. U. Operating Reactors Branch 2. 79/03/13. 3pp. 

Adjudicatory correspondence 

790412OS17 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-03. "Nuclear Incident at TMI" 
PNO-79-67. 77-67ArH,C.D, E, F d 0. Ho response required. 
&RIER.B.H. Region I. Philadelphia. Office of the. Director. 

79/04/01. Ip. 

79042G0196 Grants 7Q090B State of IL petition to Intervene in propottd 
amund to OL which would permit lncrea*e In spant fuel 
LUTON.E. Atomic Safety and Licensing Hord Panel. 79/03/29. 3pp. 

7904190146 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-OBA, "Muclear Incident at 
TMI - Suppl." tt preliminary chronology of TMI-2 790329 
accident until core cooling restored. 

GRIER.B.H. Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of tha Dlroctor. 

79/04/03. Ip. 

7904300060 Requests hearing date* tt lite*. 

NEINER.B. Affiliation Unknown. 79/03/30. Ip. 

7904230653 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-06, "Review of Operational Errors fc 
8y Hisal ignmants Identified During TMI Incident." 
DRIED, B.H. Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 

79/O4/11. Ip. 



DOCKET 30-249 Orssden Nuclear Power Station, Unit 3 
Operating 11 can* a stage 

7904160013 Notice 
Support Branch. 

of violation from insp on 79O201-2B. 

Region 3* Chicago- Reactor Operations Nuclear 
79/03/09. lp. 

79-04090290 Requests addl info re capability of N55S to respond to 
postulated ATMS transients. Forwards NRC 790215 Itr to OE w/ 
request for analysis to confirm adequacy of proposed modi to 
LHR designs. NUREG-0460 Vo 1 3 encl.H/o one 1. W/dis tribution. 
VOLLHERiR.H. Assistant Director for Systems t> Projects. 79/Q3/12. 


7904110117 Eipects to complete generic review of Mark 1 containment 
long-term program by Hay 1979. Requests- plant-uninue analysis 
shortly thereafter & completion of plant mads by Dec 1980. 
Forwards "Evaluation of Suppression Pool Temp Limits." 
STELLO.V. Division of Operating Reactors. 79/03/12, 17pp. 

7904060117 In order to complete guidance for implementation of environ 
radiation protection stds> request* data From onslto survey, 
area radiation level* h environ monitoring instruments. 
Requests response by 790420. 
IPPOLITO, T. A. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 79/O3/19. 2pp. 

7704110334 Forwards proprietary rept NEDE-H3749-l-Pi "Comparison of 
Analytical Modal far Computing Safety Relief Valve Discharge 
Line Transient Pressures & Farces to Monticello T-tluoncher 
Test Data." Withheld <ref 1QCFR3. 790). 

QOHONi L. J. General Electric Co. , Nuclear Energy Product* Div. 
79/03/20. lp. 

790413O137 Requested license amends for conformanee to lOCFflSO involve 
single Class [II fee & two duplicate fees. Refund of 3, 600 
Is forthcoming. 
MILLER, H.O. License Fee Management Branch. 79/03/23. lp. 

7904100206 Responds to 790108 request that recirculati un pump trip fan 
installed. Reaff irms commitments to install & make 
operational a rec irculatlon pump trip of acceptable design. 
Outlines Installation schedule. 
REEDiC. Cofnmonurealth Edison Co. 79/O3/2 1 ?. 4pp. 

7904160018 IE Infip Hepts SO-01O/79-03, 50-237/79-03 . 50-249/79-03 on 
79O201-38. Noncompl iance noted : fai lure to properly maintain 
control of Bntrance/e i t to a high radiation area. 
BARKER, J. L, , SPESSARD.R. L. Regions. Chicago, Reactor 

Operations Nuclear Support Branch. 79/03/09. 10pp. 

79041701B9 Responds to IE Bulletin 78-01 re replacement schedule for 
contact arm retainers on GE CR-120A re lays. Corrective 
repairs on Unit 2 scheduled to begin 790317 t for Unit 3 
during Fall 198O. 
REED.C. Commonwealth Edison Co. 79/03/13. 2pp. 

7904050104 Forwards IE Circular 79-O4r "Loose Locking Nut on Limitorque 
Vaive Operators, " 

KEPPLER, J.G. Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/03/16, 


770403005B Forwards IE Bulletin 76-12B. "Atypical Meld Hatl in Reactor 
Pressure Vessel He Ids. " 

KEPPLER, J, (J. Region 3. Chicago. Office of the Director. 79/03/19. 


7904030017 Forwards IE Circular 79-O3, "Moisture Leakage in Stranded 
Hire Connectors. " 

KEPPLER, J.O. Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/03/20. 


7904100500 Discusses IE Insp Repts 30-O10/79-04, 90-237/79-04 fc 
90-249/79-04 on 790224.-O302, 05-06 fc 09.Notice of violation 
withheld (ref 1QCFR2. 790). 
HIND, J. A, Region 3, Chicago, Safeguards Branch. 79/03/30. 2pp. 

7904300399 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-O4, "Incorrect Heights for Swing 
Check Valves Manufactured hy Volan Engineering Corp." 
KEPPLER, J. Q, Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/03/30. 

79041003*1 Forwards Fab 1979 program activity review re Mark I 
containment prog ram. 

80BON, L. J. Qaneral Electric Co. iNuclear Energy Products Div. 
79/04/06. 9pp. 

7904120161 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-03, "Nuclear Incident at TMI" & 
PNO"79-67.79-67AiB,C,DiE, F It 0. No response required. 

KEPPLER, J.O. Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/Ofl/Ol. 


7704130190 Advises that OE rept NEDE-2107a-P. "Analytical Model for 
Computing Air Bubble tt Boundary Pressures Resulting from 
Safety Relief Valve Discharge Through a T-Queticher Device" 
has baen transmitted to NRC. 
JANECEKiR.F. Commonwealth Edtaon Co. 79/O4/09. lp. 

7904190320 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-05A, "Nuclear Incident at 
TMI - Suppli" >t preliminary chronology of TMI-3 79032B 
accident until core cooling restored. 

KEPPLER, J.O, Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/04/06. 


77041B0266 OE Rept NEDE-23749-I-P. "Comparison of Analytical Model For 
Computing Safety Relief Valve Discharge Line Transient 
Pressure* fc Forest to Mantleello T-Quencher Test Data," 
was forunrded to V Stello in F*b 1979, 
JANECEKrtl-F- Cn-mmonuealth Edison Co. 7?/D4/09. lp. 

7904300122 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-07, "Seismic Stress Analysis of 
Safety-Related Piping. " 

KEPPLER, J.O. Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/04/14, 


7904200203 Forwards response to 790319 request for Info re direct 
"shine" radiation from BWfi turbines ti plume radiation, 
Monthly dote las* than measured dose by factor of two due to 
model a tumptlon of no contribution of anpoaun from plumes. 
JANECEK.R.F. Commonwealth Edison Co, 79/O4/16. 43pp. 

7904280063 Ack rneeipt of 781212 request for exemption from 
10CFR90 re flooding reactor vessel during primary 
containment lek rate tes t. Request was not accompanied 
by required f*a. 
MILLEfti W. D. License Fee Management Branch. 79/04/16. lp. 

7904300331 Responds to NRC ro.UBst for addl info re inter-station 
transfer of spent fuel. 
JA'NACEK.R.F. Commonuiealth Edison Co. 79/04/33. 15pp. 

7904300133 IE Bulletin 79-O7, "Seismic Stress Analysis of Safety- 
Related Piping. " 
Offico of Inspection i Enforcement. 79/04/14. 7pp. 

790487023B Forwards IE Bulletin 79-06A, Revis ton 1. "Revieu of 
Operational Errors E> Sys Misalignments Identified Durin" 
TMI Incident. " 
KEPPLEfi, J. 0. Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Direct 

Periodic operating reports, related correspondence 

79040301S3 Forwards "Radioactive Waste J/. Environ Monitor* 
rept for 197Q, 
BTEPMENSON, B. B. Commonwealth Edison Co. 79/03/25. lp 

Inspection rep'ort* and correspondence 

7904030419 Forward* IE Insp Rapts 50-010/79-02,50-237/79-03 I. 
80-2*9/79-02 on 790206-09. No noncomplianca noted. 

DAVIB.A.B. Rsflion 3. Chicago, Fuel Facility & Materials Safety 

Branch. 79/02/23. 2pp. 

7904030157 "Radioactive Wai to ti Environ Monitoring," an 
Commonwealth Edison Co, 79/03/22. 63pp, 

fteportable occurrences, related correspondence 

7904030423 IE Insp Rpts 30-01O/79-02, 30-237/79-02 8- 50-249/79-02 on 
790206-09. No noncompllance noted. Major areas inspected: 
airborne radioactive uacte sysi including effluent releases, 
records 4 rapt of effluents. 

HIATT.J, M. . FISHER, H. L. Region 3, Chlcago< Reactor Construction 

4, Engineering Support Branch. 79/02/22. Bpp. 

7.904160011 Forwards IE Insp Repts 30-010/79-03. 50-237/79-03 & 
90-249/79-03 on 790201-28 fc notice of violation. 
HEIBHMAN.R.F. Region 3. Chicagoi Reactor Operations Nuclear 

Support Branch. 79/03/13. 2pp. 

79O4060339 Forwards LER 79-004/O3L-0. 

9TEPHENSON, B. B. Commonwealth Edison CD. 79/03/28. lp 

7904060338 LER 79-004/03L-0 on 790314: two control rod d 
tested during full care scram test. Caused by personne 
error. Personnel Involved have been admonished to ensu 
procedure is correctly fallowed. 
MAXWELL, D. Commonwealth Edison Co. 79/03/38 lp. 



1XKKET 30-3<9 Or*d.n Huclejr Pouer Station, Unit 3 
Rport*bl occurrncti. relattd tcrrnpondtnct 

7904040209 Forward. LER 79-003/03L-0. 

STEPKEKSWI.B B Coemonua I th Ediion Co. 79/03/29. Ip. 

--7W4060233 LER 79-003/031.-0 on 790302; "B" main steai. line radiati. 
monitor uai found dounicale. Cauxd by faulty diode CR-72 
output o* alar* trip c Ircui try. Diode uai replaced h oonitor 
calibratid t, riturntd to ivc. 
LItiDBERO.C. Comaonweilth Ediion Co. 79/03/29. Ip. 

DOCKET M-25Q r u rk. v Point Plant, Unit 3 

-!!!l!* y ' * f * ic **l "" tr 9 ! * f ' r protection plant 

7904100296 R.,ponif, to NBC 790302 Itr Identifying turn ntu open it, B9 
fir, protection, tmi, "Fir, Protection^ 
H.-tva uallon of Eiiitinj Oiilan Feature* & Aininl itrati vt 
Control*, adtfriiiit limit adqu*tly 
UWIIO.R.E. Florld4 Powtr S, Lijht Co. 79/04/03. (p. 

Ad jgrf il 

b. r'r "" tD *" nCiV ' 9t P ' titi0n to ' Petition 
mould be dinlfd ai nceidlngly untimely. Notice of 

app4r<nc( t. Certificate of Svc enc 1 

H.. COLOBERO.a.C. Branch S. 79/O3/01. 7pp. 

OMCAVAGE.M.P. Af f i I lation Unlnou-n. 79/03/27. Ip. 

LOOAW,B. Affiliation Unknoun. 79/04/03. Ip. 

"n^^.?r:r;^f,s;-?i:iM e-y-9t '' """ ' ..... in 

PURCELL.H., LOHH.n. Aff i 1 latlon Unknown. 79/04/03. Spp. 

HICHAEL.K. Affiliation Unlnown. 79/04/10. Ip. 

DARIAS.A.C. Affiliation Uninomn. 79/04/10. Ip. 


Director for Op.r.tion* 


AfHHation Unknown. 79/03/10. i,pp. 

7904100106 FisquestB addl info to complate review of 77O727 Tq.uat fo 
eumption from raquipementi nf rtpp J re accaptabla ' 

alternative approaches for containment air lock laakage toit 
SCHWENCER. A. Oporatitig Heflctors Branch 1. 79/03/12, 2pp. 

7904110373 Determines 790306 1-flO.utMt to return to pouur ap B ratln 
reijuiras Clas III f ee. nnu*iti 4. 000 fee lines ilnola 
lafety Isiue Involved. 
DIOOSiR.M. License Fee Management Branch. 79/03/H3. Ip.. 

7904130309 Act rsc.ipt of 7BI211 application (L-7Q-3Ha) did 701BII 
proposing Teh Spec changai far- aperabllltg b lurval 1 l*nc* 
of overpriure mitigating igi. Clan III amend fee IB 

DIOOSiR.M. License Fen Management Branch. 79/03/86. Ip, 

_..,... - meeting u/Wes tinghouse ourtars group In 

Bet has oa,MD r( asummetric LOCA loads. Agenda t< list of 

attendees end, 

HaSFORD, S. B. Engineering Branch. 79/04/10, 4 PP , 

7904160160 Confirma parformance of r*etor coolant loa 
Baanal^i, .. wer , , 11BntIailu tft . .^.r,^ 
t are therefore acceptable. 

E. Florida Power (, Light Co. 79/04/13. tp. 

"79041fi01A2 Forward. r e ,ulti of iclimle reanaluils for r 
loop.prtss^ljer suroe lln- t- pn ur it.r spray I(,i. E' Florid" f^t'tll^l'^/WlJ. 
Inipaetion reports and correi P ondenca 

79/03/19.' J '2 P 

WHW.R.E. Florid. ,p Du .r\ Light Cn . 79/03/30. 

ineiU:ri:,. B ri^r;s,* iao-, of gnre,olv.d\ !! fl^ """ lt ' u<1 * 

loaliflcation of elec trlca ^,,? n , ' t !! mt ' nviron 

VRDERV,E. H n.? i Lj^i" k pl * nt toi " - . 

CANTRELL.F a. S?on'fl ^*\ '2'" f tP " "Ir.ctor. 

Support Branch. 79/03/So R '" rtOr '""'' t1 '"" Nuclear 


7904270304 Forwards IE Bull, 

"Me. of tn. Dlrfcor. 

Improp-r rt . tll ln 

u. Dir. ctor . 

. Bp p . 

he Drector-. 

upport' Branch. R '79/S 3 /oa M1 2p p " """^ <""t">n. My C l. 


DOCKET 30-250 Turkey Point Plant, Unit 3 
Inspection report* anil correspondence 

7904360439 IE Insp Rapt* 30-330/79-03 & SO-231/79-O3 on 79Q2O4-09 No 
none BMP 1 lane noted. Major areas In, pasted: refueling 
activities. - 

' R - . "f 91 "" 5l Atlallta ' Off!" o* the Director. 

Region 2, Atlanta, Reactor Operation* Nuclear 
Support Branch. 79/03/08. 4pp. 

rl " arits 1E In9[l Rapts 30-230/79-06 fc 30-231/79-06 on 
7903OS-09. Notice of violation withheld <raf tOCFRH 7901 
KENNA.W.B. Regions, Atlanta, Safe B uards Branch. 79/04/04. 2pp. 

7904230309 LER 79-006/03L-0 on 7903IS:main steam line ffloc hanlc-l 
snubber.roturned to vendor for routine te*tina, in 

lockd-up" condition. Causad by damaged thrust bearing. 
on. 11 ^ Juit ' d to P r P e rlg absorb dynamic load. 
SCHOPPMAN.M.A. Florida Poiuer J. Light Co. 79X04/16. app. 

7904360236 Forwards LER 79-OIO/03L-0. 

SCHMIDT. A. D. Florida Poiuer t. Light Co. 79/04/19. lp. 

--7904260230 LER 79-010/03L-0 on 770319: leakage in etcass of allouabl 
limit* was noted at pressure boundary (inner personnel 
airlock/door bulkhead ) . Cu,ed by packing leak along* 
operating shaft at Inner bulkhead. 
SCHOPPMAN, H, A. Florida Power t. Light Co. 79/04/19. lp. 

7904260467 IE Imp Repts 30-H30/79-06 & 30-291 /79-06 on 790303-09 
Ncncompllance noted; failure to establish written security 
procedures. Details withhold (raf IOCFR2 790 1 
Tn^ a f, E V R ' J ' n aion 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 
JOB IN, W. J. Region 2. Atlanta, Safeguards Dranch. 79/04/04 


7904190172 Forward, IE Bulletin 79-O3A, "Nuclear Incident at 
TMI - Buppl, 1 i< preliminary chronology of TMI-3 790328 
accident until care coaling restored 

79/04 /og' J ' l' Rt>Bl n 2 ' Atla " ta ' " Ica of ths Di^ctor. 

790^370537 Forward, IE Bulletin 79-06A, "Review of Operational Error, t. 
B V i MUalignmanfcg Identified During TMI Incident " 
^ LI T V ' JlP ' R9ion 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

79/O4/14. lp. 

Periodic operating reports, related correapondflnca 

75 ?ii^ 2 r .,^ orlJar ' f " " Al "" 11 Nonradiologlcal Environ Monitoring 
1978" ii "Oraunduatei- Honltortno Program. " 
UHHIGiR.E, Florida Pouor & Light CD. 79/03/39, lp. 

7904130272 "Qroundwater Monitoring Program," aemiannual 1979 

Florida Power t,. Light Co. 79/01/31. 176pp. 

7904120273 "Annual Nonrad lolog leal Environ Monitoring Rapt, I97B " 

Florida Power !< Llaht Co. 78/12/31. 30Bpp. 

Reportable oceurrencs, r.elatod corrtspondsnce 

790404O11B Forwards LER 79-003/O3L-0. 

SCHMIDT, ft. D. Florida Power Ik Llnht Co. 79/03/20. lp. 

--7TO4040120 LEfi 79-002/03L-0 on 790226: dupln B r. fuel ing shutdown, cracl 
aat found In weld on drain lino in B accumulator discharos 
piping. Probably caui>d bg itrms due to Una vibration. Elbow 
Si ueldi replaced. 
BCHOPPMAN, M. A. Florida Poiuar fc Light Co. 79/03/HB. 2pp. 

79041101A6 Forward* LER 79-003/03L-0. 

BCHMIDTi A. D. Florida Power S. Light Co. 79/O3/30, lp. 

--7904I1017I LER 79-003/03L-0 on 790301: IE inspector noted that on of 
four ihared safoty Injection pumpi had been lioUtad during 
rerUBllno.rach Spec operabllitu I, surveillancn rBo.uirem.nts 
fqr single unit operation mare mat during Isolation. 
JAMES, D. K. Flat-Ida Pom*r b Light Co. 79/03/30. lp. 

79O4110aaa Forwards LER 79-004/Q3L-0, 

SCHMIDT, A. D. Florida Power t< Light Co. 79/03/30. lp. 

--7904110314 LER 77-Q04/03L-0 on 790302; test run during shutdown ' 
disclosed "rubblno" on 3B safety injection pump. Degradation 
notod. Probable cauta uas movemant of Impallera on Staoei 

DOCKET 50-2SI Turksij Point Plant, Unit 4 

Security, medical, emergency 4 fire protection plans 

7904100236 Responds to NRC 790302 1 tr Identifying two neu open Item, 
fire protection.Util believe, rop t "Fire Protction:A 
Ra-.valuation af E<lstin 9 Design Features & .Administr-ativt 
controls," addresses Issues adequately. 
UHRIO.R.E. Florida Power d Light Co. 79/O4/O3. lp. 

Adjudicator^ correspondence 

7904090266 NRC response to MP Oncavaga p.tltion to intervene:. P.t It tan 
mould be denied 11 eiceedlnglij untimely, Notice of 
appearance & Certificate of Svc end 
CUNNINGHAM, 0. H. , GOLDBERG, 9. C. Dranch S. 79/03/01. 7pp. 

79043B0199 Requests acceptance of clarification oF affidavit of 
R Dally. Affidavit encl. 
QNCAVAGE, M. P. Aff 1 1 iatlon Unknown. 79/03/27. Ip. 

2 aIrs 3 ft " lu " t * Petition be granted for hoarlng on facility 
LOGAN, B. Affiliation Unknown. 79/04/03. lp. 

7904380164 Requests NRC grant M Oncavagd's p.tltion for hearing t, 
Intervention on facility repairs 
PURCELL.M. , LORfl.D. Affiliation Unimaun. 79/04/03. 2pp. 

7904300423 Eiprassas concern re planned facll I ty. Rvquesti NflC perolt 
M Oncavage to observe haarlnni. r 

MICHAEL, K. Affiliation Unknown. 79/04/1O. lp. 

7904300431 Requeiti granting M dncavage petition for hnarino (, 
DARIAS.A.C. Affiliation Untnoun. 79/04/10. lp. 

7904270118 Rioonds to 79O327 Itr requesting connidei-atl on of MP 
Oncavaoe 790319 revision to petition to Intervene. Prehear ing 
conference Is scheduled for 790302 in Miami, FL 
79/04/19 L ' V 'lp m " * "" Eltcutlve Director for Operation,. 

7904270120 Forwards HP Oncavage 790319 revl.ion to 790S09 petition t< 
Intervene. Requests return of findings ti vleius 
aTONE.R. Senate. 79/03/37. 1 P . 

'iJa^^iJ " to 790SO<? P tltlQ " * in 
Affiliation Unknown. 79/O3/19. Ip. 

S-ll.on ihaft.Mew rotating assembly installtd. 
JAHE8, D, K. Florida Power & Light Co. 79/03/30 


J-^MII.,. ni tV i*!? ?l? 0309 petition to Intervene r propoied amond to 

facility OL. Motion for production of documents & Certificate 

of Bvc encl. 

ONCAvAQE, M. P. Affiliation Unknown. 79/Oa/Ifl. 19pp. 

Operating license stage 

7904330218 Forward* LER 79-OQS/03L-0. 

. D. Yankee Atomic Electric Co. 

79/04/09. lp. 

--7904330326 LER 79-003/03L-0 on 790309: dur Ing refueling shutdown, 
"A" MSIV fallail to close within 3-s. Closing solenoid found 
to havm opened coll. Caused by hiah temp k moisture due to 
s*m, Defectiva coll replaced. 
JAHESiD.K, Florida Power & Light Co. 79/04/09. 3pp. 

7704060139 Forwards 790219 t. 790209 Itrs from MP Qncavaoe. requitlna 
hearing d GIB re plant itaam generator repairs, 
CHILES,!,. Senate. 79/03/03. 3pp. 

7904100114 Requests addl info i-a emergency power >u* periodic t.sti tc 
complete 7B090H amend rsqueit ravieiu. 
aCHMENCER.A. Operating Reactors Branch I. 79/03/09. 6pp. 

7904230300 Forwards LER 79-006/03L-0, 

SCHMJOT. A. D. Florida Power h Light Co. 79/04/13. lp. 



DOCKET 30-S31 Turkey Point Plant, Unit 4 
Operating licence itage 

7904090290 Revests addl info p. capability of NSSS to respond to 
postulated ATMS transients. Forwards NRC 79021S Itr to BE w/ 
requeit for analysis to confirm adequacy of proposed modi to 
h, i*S n * iHURE *" M4 Val 3 "I-"/'" "ncl.W/di.tribution. 
VOLLHER.R.H. . Ass istant Director for Systems S< ProjectB. 79/03/12. 

79-05, "Use of Improper Matli In 

7904050170 Forwards IE Info Notic 
Safety-Related Components. " 
O'HEILLY, J. P. Region 3, Atlanta, Office of the Director 

79/03/21. SPP. 

7904270504 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-04, "Incorrect Weights for Suing 
Checi Valves Manufactured by Velan Engineering Corp. " 
O'REILLY. J.P. Rugion 2, Atlanta. Office of the Director. 

79/03/30. Ip. 

790*100106 Requests .<fdi info to complete review of 77O727 request for 
exemption from requirements of App J re acceptable, 
alternative approaches for containment air lock leakaaa test 
SCHHENCEH, A. Operating Reactors Branch 1. 79/03/12. 2pp. 

7904160096 Forwards Amend 3fl to License DPR-41, safety evaluation k 
notice of issuance ic availability. 
SCHHENCEffi A. Operating Reactors Branch 1. 79/03/33, 2pp. 

7904160043 Amen* 30 to License DPR-41 extending current Cycle S 
operating period before shutdown for steam generator imp 
??<, n * h * to * ffldnths * I0 d "V< of quivalant operation. 


Operating Reactors Branch 1. 79/O3/23. 2pp. 

evaluation supporting Amend 38 to License DPR-41, 
Operating Reactors Branch 1. 79/O3/S3. 2pp. 

NotlC ' f i " utn " * availability of Amend 38 to Licence 


Operating Reactors Branch 1. 79/03/23. Ip, 

7904130309 Ack receipt of 781211 application <L-7a-3B2l dtd 731211 
proposing Tech Spec change, for operabiliti/ !, .urvei 1 lance 
of overpressure mitigating sys. Class III affl end fag i, 
DIOOS.R.H. License Fee Managenent Branch. 79/03/36. Ip. 

group in 

n " r ?l! p " rfnr " an " of ""tor coolant loop reanalusis. 
ar ;""t a es,ntially the same as i * the FBAR 

tt ara ther-ofora acceptable. 
WWIO.R.E. Florida Power (c Light Co. 79/04/13. l p . 

rila r " UltB f " I<(Ble "n*HI fr reactor coolant 

P surge lln (. pressoriier spray tine 
1 ^ I!' "" ntlall unehine.* from FSAR. 

Uestinghouie Electric Corp. 79/O4/12. 3pp. 

a Mn '" et " 1B "Hn|nou o^ne 

B.thesJa.MD re aiummetrlc LQCA load.. Agenda t, list of 
attendees end. 
K03FORD, 8. B. Engineering Branch. 79/04/10. 4pp. 

7904120139 Forwards IE Dulletln 79-03, "Nuclear Incident at TMI " ic 
Pfia-79-67, 79-67A. B.C.D, E. F J. 0. No response raquirad 
O'REILLY, J.P. Region 2. Atlanta, Office of thfl Director. 

79/04/01. 2pp. 

7904260373 Act receipt of IE Insp Rupti SO-250/79-03 i, 30-291/7^-03 or 
790206-09, No proprietary info. 
IMUC.R.E. Florida Power t< Light Co, 79/04/O3. Ip. 

7904260456 Formrda IE Imp Rapts 30-2SO/79-O3 4, 90-251/79-03 on 
790306-09. No noncomp 1 iance noted. 

LEWI3.R. C. FUgion 2, Atlanta, Reactor Operations NucUar 

Support Branch, 79/03/00. app. 

79042604S? IE Insp Repti 50-250/79-03 t, 30-231/79-03 on 790306-09 He 
noncompliance noted. Major areas insnac ted: refuHl ino 

' Reflin " a ' *""*' O" 1 " <" " Director, 

flagionS, Atlanta, Reactor Dnerations Nuclear 
Support Branch. 79/03/OB. 4pp. 

mMn - ft 50-251/79-06 on 

790305-09. Notice of violation withhold (ref IOCFR3 790) 
KENNA.H.B. Region 2, Atlanta, Safeguards Branch, 79/04/04. 2pp. 

7904360467 IE Imp fiajts 30-830/79-06 (, 9O-251/79-06 on 790303-09 
Noncompllance noted: fai lure to establi.h written security 
procedures. Datails withheld (raf 1OCFR3 790) 

S^ B P, E V M - Jl B nOBi0n 2 ' Afclanta ' Office of the Diractor. 
TOBIN.W, J. Rsflion 3, Atlanta, Safeguards Branch. 79/01/04. 

7904190172 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-05A. "NucUar Incident at 
iru - auppl, h preliminary chronology of TMI-B 79033B 
accident until core coolina restored 

79/04/03' J ' Ip R89iDt> 5 ' ** Un *- Qf " ce o f *" Director. 

7904270537 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-Q6A, "Review of Operational Erron ft 
Sys Identified During TMI Incident " r " ianel trrD" 

W04m! J 'ip R0! " 0n 3 ' Atlanta ' Q " lc ' of the Director. 

T<t l rtt *T d *? A S P A f DL DPR " 31 * "PR-H. 

J?" 1 !! 1 S " vi " d T>rt ep " "" 

Florida Power , Ligfit Co. 79/04/17. 5Spp. 

Inspection reporti and cDrretpondenci 

* th Director. 

<>PIWI l| d \" An 2 l "J Nnr "- adioIo B'"l Environ Monitoring R.,t. 
roundwater Monitoring Program " 
UHRIO.R.E. Florida Power t, Light Co. 79/03/29. Ip. 

7904120272 "Oroundwater Monitoring Program, " semiannual rept,Jan 1 
* Florida Power t, Light Co. 79/01/31. 17fipp, vnttni 

7904120273 "Annual Nonradiolog leal Environ Monitoring Rapt, 197B," 
Florida Power fc Light Co. 78/12/31. 308pp. 


UHRIO, R. E. Florida Pouir & Light Co, 79/03/20. Ip. 

(, 30-231/79-01 on 
noncompliancs noted. 
UHRIO.R.E. Region 2, Atlanta, Reactor Operations Nuclear 

Support Branch. 79/03/02. Spp. iciear 

non (t M I on 790130-0201. No 

noneonpUtnci noted.Major area* inspected: spent fuel storage 
ipanjion.revlei- of unresolved 8, open item, environ 
* B >*'**1 ni- * !!* tour. 

R0 ' H ' *"*' "" ' ">= ^rector. 

af * h ' Director. 

79/03/29! J ' Spp 

Reportable occurrences, rolateif correspondence 

7904230287 Forwards LER 79-002/03L-0. 

SCHMIDT, A. D. Florida Payer k Light Co. 79/04/09. Ip. 

nh.,. .. V ER ""P 02 ' 031 -- " 790310: during cold shutdown, 
observed In 40 charging pump suction piping. Probably eau, 
by design/ nstallation of positive dlsplac.ment pumps. 
Welds ropairad k mods made to reduce stresses 
JAME8,D.K. Florida Power fc Light Co. 79/04/09. Ip. 

7904230283 Forwards LER 79-003/03L-0. 

8CHHIDT.A.D. Florida Power & Light Co. 7<?/04/13. lp. 

D h..rv^ ^"J 9 " 003 ' 031 -' 790313: during normal operation. 
S!J5? 2 ?? ekBln S pump suction piping. Caused by 
deslan/installation of pumps resulting In operational 
"*"""""" P u >"*'"n/vibratlon effects. Weld repaired 

,M.A. Florida Power fc Light Co. 79/O4/13. Ip. 

7904230291 Forwards LER 79-004/03L-0. 

SCHMIDT.A.D. Florida Power li Light Co. 79/04/13. lp. 



DOCKET 3O-391 Turkoy Point Plant. Unit 4 

Reportahle occur r antes i related correspondence 

7904160118 Forwards proposed amend to Tech Specs App A re calibr & 
survei 1 lance. 
REED.C. Commonwealth Edison Co. 79/04/0?. 3pp 

7904230297 LER 79-004/03L-0 on 790313; vendor reported main steam line 
mechanical snubberi returned for routine testlng.waa in 
"loc fci!~up" condi tlon. Caused by damaged thrust bearing. 
X-stop adjusted. 
BCHQPPMAN. M. A. Florida Power fc Light Co. 79/04/13. 3pp. 

7904180366 CE Kept NEDE-23749-1-P, "Comparison of Analytical Model For 
Computing Safety Relief Valve Discharge Line Transient 
Pressures Si Forces to Manticello T-Quencher Tent Data." 
uias forwarded to V Stello In Feb 1979. 
JANECEK.R.F. Commonwealth Edison Co. 79/04/09. Ip. 

DOCKET 90-334 Quad-Cities Station. Unit 1 

Security, medical, emergency & fire protection plans 

79O42002O3 Forwards raspanse to 790319 request for info re direct 
"shine" radiation from BUR turbines t< plume radiation. 
Monthly dose leu than measured dose by factor of two due to 
model assumption of no contribution of eiposure from plumes. 
JANECEK.R.F. Commonwealth Edison Co. 79/04/16. 43pp. 

7904160139 Forwards data In response to. 790283 request for addl info 
administrative controls for fire protection. 
JANECEK.ft.F. Commonwealth Edison Co. 79/04/03. 6pp, 

7904300331 Responds to NRC request for addl info re inter-station 
transfer of spent fuel. 
JANACEK.R.F. Commonwealth Edison Co. 79/04/23. 15pp. 

Adju<licatori| correspondence 

Inspection reports and correspondence 

79Q42HQO6Q Requests hearing dates & sites. 

NEINER. B. Affiliation Unknown. 79/03/3O. Ip. 

Financial Information 

7904020096 Forwards "Annual Rept 1978. " Statement of internal 
for 197B fc projocted for 1979 ft corresponding narrative 
state-mant included in Cintral Files copy only. 
HARTMAN.E. J. Iowa-Illinois Gas fc Electric. 79/03/27. Ip. 

7904120343 Forwards IE Insp Repts 50-254/79-06 t. 30-269/79-06 on 
790301-02 & 31-22. No noncomp 1 lance noted. 

FIDRELLI.Q. Region 3, Chicago. Reactor Construction & Engineering 

Support Branch. 79/03/03. 2pp. 

7904120347 IE Insp Repts 50-234/79-06 1- 50-265/79-06 on 79O2O1-02 i, 
Sl-22. No noncomp I iance noted. Major areas inspected: G.A/QC 
program implementing procedures, inservice insp uiark 
activities ft cleanup sys heat eichanger piping repair. 
WARD.K.D.. DANIELSON, D. H. Regions, Chicago. Reactor 

Construction If Engineering Support Branch, 79/03/06. 0pp. 

Opera tins 1 lcen*e stage 

7*704070390 Requests addl Info re capability of NSSB to respond to 
pm tula tod ATMS transients. Forwards NRC 790313 Itr to CE w/ 
requast for analysis to confirm adequacy of proposed mods to 
LWR designs. NUREG-046Q Vol 3 encl.W/o enc 1. U/d Istr Ibuti on. 
VOLLrlER.R. H, Assistant Director for Systems & Projects. 79/03/12, 

7904020147 Forwards corrected page 3-2/4.2-3 to Toch Specs App A, 
originally forwarded 790223. 
IPHOLITO, T. A. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 79/03/13, 3pp. 

7904Q&D1 17 In order to complete guidance for imp lamentation of environ 
radiation protection stds, requests data from onsite survey. 
Tea radiation lovels li environ monitoring instruments. 
RH.unsti responsa bu 790420. 
IPPOLITO, T. A. Dpsrating Reactors Dranch 3. 79/03/19. 2pp. 

77Q4110M4 Forward* proprietary rept NEOE-23749-1-P. "Comparlaon of 
Annl( Model for Computing Safotu Relief Valvo Discharge 
Line Transient Pressures t Forcos to Monticello T-Quencher 
Tit Data," Withhold (rf 10CFR2. 790). 
BDHON.U.J. Oenaral EUctrlc Co. .Nuclear Enaroy Product* Div. 

79/03 /ao, IP- 

77040S031B na(iut amend to App A of Toch Specs re DPR-29 * DPR-30. 
Amend will illmlnatn raquirament for continuous muni torino 
ot pTimarv containment inerfcing us make-up in order to 
delect gross containment leakage. Amend fee end, 
REED.C. CoflwnonuiMlth Editon Co. 7V/03/29. 8pp. 

79041OOaB6 Responds to 790108 request that rc Irculation pump trip b 
inat-al led. Reaffirms commitments to install d make 
oprtlon*l a rodrcuUtion pump trip us uf acceptable 
d>*lgn. Duttinas installation schedule. 
HEED.C. Commonuaalth Edison Co, 79/O3/H9. 4pp. 

7904180233 Forwards addl responses to NRC positions on fire protection 
tflicua>d at 79O131 mttng,W/a encl drautinga. 
JANCCEK.R.F. CommonuieaHh Edinon Co, 79/03/29. 33pp. 

7904210327 Forwards IE Insp Repts 50-251/79-04 It 50-365/79-04 on 
790124-36 fc 0130-0202. No noncomp 1 iance noted, 

DAVIS, A. B. Region 3. Chicago, Fuel Facility , Materials Safety 

Branch. 79/O3/12. 2pp. 

7904210330 IE Insp Repts 30-B34/79-O4 t 50-365/79-04 on 79O124-26 S. 
0130-02O2. No noncompliance noted. Major areas inspected: 
radiation protection program for operation t refueling, 
including quallf Uat ions, audits, training, instruments. 
HUETER.L. J. . FISHER, U, L. Region 3, Chicago, Fue I Fac 1 1 i ty k 

Materials Safety Branch. 79/03/07. 14pp. 

7904090104 Forwards IE Circular 79-04. "Loose. Loci ing Nut on Limitorque 
Valve Operators, " 
KEPPLERiJ.Q. Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/03/16. 


790403003B Forwards IE Bulletin 7S-12B. "Atypical Weld Matl in Reactor 
Pressure Vessel Maids. " 
KEPPLER.J.Q. Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/03/19. 


7904030017 Forwards IE Circular 79-O5, "Moisture Leakage in Stranded 
Wire Connectors. " ,, 

KEPPLER.J.G. Region 3. Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/03/20. 


7904210409 Forwards IE Insp Rept 50-234/79-00 on 790215,20-21,29 t, O301 
h notice o* violation. 

HEIBHMAN.R. F. Region 3, Chicago. Reactor Operations Nuclaar 

Support Branch. 79/03/23. 2pp. 

7904210412 Notice of violation from insp on 790216,20-21,29 & 0301. 
* Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/03/30. Ip. 

7904210*21 IE Insp Rept 90-294/79-OB on 790216, 20-21. 29 fc O3O1. 
Noncompliance noUd: f a 1 lure to have appropriate prK.d ^-re fc 
failure to monitor records for activates ***"" ^j}'**' 
REYES.L.A,. DETTENMEIER. , STREETER. J. F. Region 3, Chicago, 

Office of the Director. 79/03/2O. 9pp. 

7904200487 Forward* corrected replacement pges to Amend 31 for Llconse 

DFR-29 k Amend 48 for Uionse DPH-30. transmitted by 790312 


IPPOLITO. T. A. Operating Reactor* Branch 3. 79/03/30. 4pp. 

7904300399 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-04, Incorrect Wei s ht* for Suing 

Man : ssisr'..-^!;^.,^. 79/03/30 


79041OO341 Forward* Feb 1979 program activity review re Mark I 
containment program, . . _, 

BDBOH.L.J. General Electric Co. .Nuclear Energy Products Div. 
79/04/06. 9pp. 

7904130190 Advise, that OE rept HEDE-21B78-P, "Analytical Modal for 
Computing Air Bubble t< Boundary Pressures Resulting from 
B* R*lif Valva Discharge Through a T-Ouencher Device 
hJi* b-n transmitted to NRC. ,,.,= . 

JAHECEK.R.F. Commonwealth Edison Co. 79/O4/09. Ip. 

7904120161 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-03, "Nuclear Incident at TMI" 4 
PNQ-79-67,79'67A,B,C,D,E.F t. <J. No response required, , D , n ., n , 

KEPPLER/^O, Region 3- Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/04/O! 




DOCKET 30-254 Quad-Cities Station, Unit 1 
Inspection reporti anil correspondence 

7904190330 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-OSA, "Nuclear tncidint at 
TM1 - Buppl," t> preliminary chronology of TMI-2 790333 
accident until core cooling restored. 

KEPPLER, J,. Region 3. Chicago, Office of the Director, 79/04/06, 


7904300123 Forwards IE Bulls tin 79-07, "Seismic Stress Analysis of 
Safety-Related Piping. " 
KEPPLER.J.G Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/04/14 

7901300133 IE Bulletin 79-07, "Seismic Strut Analysis of Safetg- 
Related Piping. " 

* Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. 79/04/14. 7pp. 

7904240437 Forwards proposed amend to 01, changing Tech Specs re 
inssrvice Insp program, 
REED.C. Commonwealth Edison Co. 79/04/18. 65pp. 

790437023S Forwards IE Bulletin 79-06A, Rivtslon 1, "Review of 
Operational Errors It Sys Misalignments Identified During 
TMt Incident. " 
KEPPLEH, J.O. Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/04/19, 

Periodic operating reports, related correspondence 

7904030163 Forwards "Radioactive Uaste !< Environ Monitoring," annual 
rept for 1978. 
KALIVIANAK1S. N. Commonwealth Edison Co 79/02/16. lp. 

-7904Q3Q16B "Radioactive Uaste t. Environ Monitoring," annual rept for 

* Commonwealth Edison Co, 79/03/31. 53pp. 

7904030333 Monthly operating rapt for Feb 1979. 

HAWNUH, D. Commonwealth Edison Co. 79/03/2B. 30pp. 

790420O253 Monthly operating rept for Mar 1979, 

REED,M. lama-Illinois Gai t, Electric. REED, M. Commonwealth Edison 
Co. 79/03/31. 30pp. 

Adjudicator^ correspondence 

7904190099 Forwards answers of Consumers Power Co to (Jreat Lake* 
Energy Alliance's petition to Intervene filed 790314. Mill 
be included on svc list in t uture. M/o encl. 
OIHBSiM.E. Isham, Lincoln If Seal*. 79/03/19. lp. 

/904160343 Notice of appearance of CA Barth on behalf of NRC, 
Certificate of Svc end. 
BARTH, C. A, Branch 3, 79/03/30. 2pp. 

7904160347 Schedules p rehear ing conference for 790910 to allow Ortat 
Lakes Energy Alliance to amend contention* In petition to 

BECHHOEFER,C, Atomic Safety and Licensing Hoard Panal. 79/03/30 

Operating license stage 

7904020108 Confirms schedule for 790316 meeting In JacksomMI, to 
discuss regulatory performance, revised Invp program & other 
current topics. 

KEPPLER.J.G. Rsgion 3, Chicago, Office of the Dtractor. 79/03/07 


7904090290 Requests addl info re Capability of NBaS to ruponif to 
postulated ATWS transients. Forward* NRC 790213 Itr to QE ul/ 
request for analysis to confirm adequacy of proposed mods to 
LUR designs. NUREC-0460 Vol 3 encl.H/o enc 1, H/dlstrlbutlon. 
vOLLMER.R.H, Assistant Director for Systems t< Projacts. 79/03/ia 

79041300B4 Forward* for rsview, draft evaluation of yttamatlc 

evaluation program Topic XV-19, "Radloloolcal Consequences 

from LOCA. " Requests verification of f*cti or Idantif leation 
of errors. 
HEMANN, D. L. Operating Reactor* Branch 3. 79/03/13. 3pp. 

7904110036 Summary of 790306 meeting u/utll In Betnaida, MD r 
systematic evaluation program Topic VII-1 A. 

SILVER, R-D. , NOHICKI.S. J, Operating Reactor. Branch 2.. 79/03/SI 


7904060043 Request* addl *2BOO for 790306 application Amend to LIcenie 
DPR-20 re use of new in-core detector *ys. 
~ M. .Office of Administration- 79/03/22. lp. 

Raportable c-ccurrences, routed correipondenca 

7904040091 Forwards LER 79-015/03L-0. 

KALIV1ANAKI8, H. Commonwealth Edison Co. 79/03/33. lp. 

7904030313 Notification of implementation of n*u llmltad radiation 
access authoriiation program which requires exemption from 
]OCFRao.203.Reviiad. program uitl conform w/781SOa IE Inso 
fiept 30-2SS/70-21, Item 2. 
HOFFMAN, D. P. Consumars Power Co. 79/03/39, 9pp. 

7904040093 LER 79-OI5/03L-0 on 790333;uhile measuring I1SIV limit suite 
trip positions during Cycle 4 rafuel outage, 13 of 16 
twitches utre sat greater than 10X MSIV cloiure. Caused by 
failure to perform field calibr. Sul tchos adjusted. 
CLARK, D. Commonwealth Edison Co. 79/03/23, tp. 

7904030332 Respond* to NRC 790201 request for addl info. No other 
potential boron dilution accidents *Ut. Submit* engln**rd 
safeguards portion of start up master cliaeli shitt, 
containment ipray t> iodine removal *ys dascrfption. 
HOFFMAN, D.P. Coniumert Power Co. 79/03/30. 8pp. 

7904230270 Forwards LER 79-016/01T-0. 

KALIVIANAKIS.N. Commonwealth Edison Co, 79/04/02, lp. 

7904230370 LEH 79-016/Q1T-0 an 790332: informed by CE of tube cracking 
in Mgh exposure control blades u/loss of D4C. Caused bu 
stress corrosion cracking of stainless steel tubing due to 
B4C swelling. Utll will ro-evaluate blade. 
KALIVIAHrttUS. H. Commontiealth Edison Co. 79/04/03. 3pp. 

790^1040191 Solitvet Tech Spec change re in-eore dtictor wi 
Intorreilly classified as Class Ill.deiplU the fact ihat no 
safety litue was Involved. Begrudglngly foruardi >2, SOO f*e 
in response to NRC 790323 Itr. 
HOFFMAN, D.P. Consumar* Power Co. 79/03/30. 2pp, 

790410022 Re.ponds to NRC 790109 Itr i, forward, comment* re review of 

^2L.. r ,*I t n ev * lu * tlon * of IU *""He evaluation prooram. 
HOFFMAN, D.P. Consumr* Power Co. 79/04/03. 3pp. 

DOCKET 50-253 Palisados Nuclear Plant 

Bacurlty, medical, emergency h fire protection plans 

79D40604QB Forwards revised versions of Entry-Control Su Handboofc, 
BAND77rl033i Intrusion Detection Bya Handbook, S AND76-0334i (, 
Barrier Prevention Database, NUREO/CR-Oiai. 

MILLER, J.R. Assistant Director for Reactor Safeguards. 79/01/09 

7701230323 Forwards 790301 safeguards contingency plans, Encl withheld 
(rsf 10CFR2, 790). 
HOFFMAN, D. P. Consumers Power Co. 79/03/03, lp. 

79040401BO Pot-wards modified physical security plan.PUn withheld 
(raf 10CFR2. 790), 
HOFFMAN, D.P. Consumers Pauer Co. 79/03/30, lp. 

7904120234 Forwards draft evaluation O f ly.tem-t ie 'ev-luation 
Topic. XV-17.XV-1S & portion of XV-12 covering radiological 
consequences of steam jeneratar tubi fallura. 
HOFFMAN, D.P, Consumer* Pointr Co. 79/04./06. 3pp, 

7904170137 Forwards comment* on draft evaluation of luctematlc 

nHM SVT* 111 TO[ " CI ""-".XV-lB (, portion of XV-12. 
HOFFMAN, D.P. Consumar* Power Co. 79/04/06. 3pp. 


HOFFMAN, D. P. Consumer* Power Co. 79/04/10. lp. 

-7904130173 "Palisade. Plant Steam O. n ,r.t or R , n Ir R . pt ,K R , v 
Consumers PoufBr Co. 79/03/31. 37 n*v 

79/03/31. 37fp, 



DOCKET 3O-235 Palisades Nucloar Plant 
Operating license stage 

79-04270176 Forwards Amend 47 to License OPR-2Q ti notice of issuanc 

aval lab 11 ity. Bacuri ty plan evaluation withheld 
(ref 1OCITR2. 790). 

j D. L. , Operating Reactors Branch 2. 79/O4/IO. 3pp. 

79O427Q1H1 Amend 47 to license DPR-20 Incorporating physical socuritg 
p Ian. 
ZIEMANN. D.L. Operating Reactors Branch 2. 79/01/10. 3pp. 

7904050232 Forwards "Nonrad iolog ical Environ Monitoring Rept 1979." 
HOFFMAN, D. P. Consumers Power Co. 79/04/03. lp. 

7904030234 "Nonrad iolog ical Environ Monitoring Rspt 1978." Supporting 
data one 1 
Consumers Power Co. 79/03/31, 369pp, 

79041oOli.4 Forwards month I v operating rept for Mar 1979. 
ADAMS, M. E. Coniumers Power Co. 79/04/03. lp. 

7904160167 Motithlg oporafclns rept fnr Mar 1979, 

BQDTKE, P.J, Consumer* Pouior Co, 79/04/OS. 4pp. 

7904-27O18B Notice of Issuance & aval lab i 1 Ity of Amend 47 to License 
ZIEMANN. D. L. Operating Reac tors -Branch 2, 7*7/04/10, 2pp. 

79042OO202 NR draft evaluation of systematic evaluation plan Topic 
XV- 19 tias. been reviewed b no changos are necessary. 
HOFFHAM, D. P. Consumers Power CD. 79/04/16. lp. 

79Q41OO366 Forwards "Annual Meteoro logical Data Summary & Analysis for 
1978. " 
HDFFHAN. D, P, Consumers Pouer Cn. 79/01/06. lp. 

790410026B "Annual Meteorologies 1 Data Summary & Analysis for 1978," 
Consumers Power Co. 79/11/30. 331pp. 

79Q42O0204 Requirement! of IE Bulletin 79-03 have not been completed. 

Requests 45-day extension in order bo finish evaluation & to 
-develop program for volumetric examination of longitudinal 
HOFFMAN. 0. P. Consumers Pouer Co. 79/04/16. lp. 

Fleportable occurrencesr related correspondence 

7904100295 Forwards LER 79-Ota/03L-O. 

HOFFMAN, D. P, Consumers Power Co. 79/04/03. lp. 

7104230233 Forwards follouiup response tn 790411 conference call 
U /members of NRC. 
HOFFMAN. D. P, Consumers Pobiar Co. 79/04/19. 16pp. 

7904260833 Forwards request for change to Tech Specs re control of 
entry into high radiation Areas. Change IB necessary to 
provide bettor coordination of malnt act ivttles. Forwards 
<Clas II amend fee. 
HQFFMANr D. P. Consumers Power Co. 79/04/23. 7pp. 

Inspection reports and correspondence 

7904030113 Forwards IE Circular 79-04, "Loose Locking Nut on Limitorqua 
Valve Operators. " 

h J. 0. Real on 3. Chicago. Office of the Director. 79/03/16. 

7904100296 LER 79-012/O3L-0 on 790201 : during normal plant operation, 
primary coolant pump inadvertantly stopped. Reactor 
idimad lately tr ipperf. Shutdown margin was less thin specified 
in Tech Specs. Power conversion sijs was emergency bora ted, 
* Consumers Power Co. 79/04/03, lp. 

7904110234 Forward* none omp 1 lance notification re nonradioactive 
environ monitoring. Spec lal effluent limitation was eiceeded. 
Release of effluent due to operator error. Valve left open 
at end of sh 1ft. Procedures to be reviewed. 
HQFFHAN, D. P. Consumers Power Co. 79/04/06. 2pp. 

7904230213 Foruiards "Special Nonrad loactive Environ Monitoring Rept." 
HOFFMAN, D. P. Consumers Power Co. 79/04/06. lp. 

7904230220 "Special Nonrad ioac tive Environ Monitoring Rept, " 790321. 
FQBEB.R.L. Consumer* Pouer Co. PAS-79-03-NC26. 79/04/06. lp. 

7904030062 Forward* IE Bulletin 7S-12B, "Atypical Weld Matl in Reactor 
Prswre Vessel Welds. " 

REPPLER. J. a. Region 3. Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/03/19. 


7904030023 Forwards IE Circular 79-OSi "Moisture Leakag* In Stranded 
Mire Connectors. " 

KEPFLErTi J. 0. Region 3i Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/O3/20. 


7904120Z91 Forwards LER 79-O13/01T-O. 

HOFFMAN, D. P. Consumers Power Co. 79/O4/09. 


7904130294 LEf! 79-013/01T-0 on 79O327:uhlle draining safety Injection 
tank T-S2D to permit increased boron concentration, level in 
tank T-BHC decreased belou Tech Spec limits. Occurrence itlll 
under evaluation, fiept will be submitted by 790913, 
* Consumers Power Co. 79/04/09. lp. 

7V0423034S Raqust oitanslon of time to r*pand to IE Bulletin 79-02 
until my*fcnm*tic evaluation prooram Topic 1 1 1-5. A has been 
HOFFMAN- D, P. Consumers Pouter Co. 79/03/29. lp. 

79043OO371 Foruiards IE Bulletin 79-04, "Incorrect Weights for Swing 
ChocK Valvas Manufactured by Velan Engineering Corp." 
KEPPLERrJ-O. Region 3. Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/O3/30. 


790412O19S Forwards IE Bullotin 79-03, "Nuclear Incident at TMI" t. 
PNO-7?-67r 79-67A. B.C.D, EiF d 0. No response required. 

KEPPLEF, J.O. Region 3, Chicaoo, Of-fic* '! the Director. 79/O4/01. 


7904190377 Forwards LER 79-014/03L-0. 

HOFFMAN, D. P. Consumers Power Co. 79/04/12. 


7<j>Q4ia02Bl LER 79-014/03L-0 on 790313; during normal plant operation! 
primary computer stopped, due to computer program failure. 
Computer reprogrammed V restored to operabilJty. 
Conumer Power Co. 79/04/12. lp. 

7904270332 Forwards LGR 79-013/01T-O. 

HOFFMAN, D. P. Consumers Power Co. 79/04/23. 

7904270334 LER 79-019/01T-O on 790409: refer to 
Hoffman to DL Zlemann re pipe supports. 
M Consumers Power Co. 79/04/23. In. 

79O4I9Q2Q3 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-QSA, "Nuclear Incident at 
TMI - Buppl," In prellminaru chranolog of TMI-2 790328 
cclderit until care cooling restored. 

KEPPLER, J. 0. Reoion 3, Chicagoi Office of th* Diroctor. 79/O4/06. 


77O427O2 13 Foruards IE Bulletin 79-06Ar Revision 1, "Ravteu of 
Operational Errors & 8 v i Misalignment* Identified During 
TMI Incident. " 
KEPPLERi J.O. Region 3r Chicago, Office of th Director. 79/O4/1S. 

DOCKET 50-239 Browns F"rrij Nuclear Power Btatlor 
NRC SER and supplements 

7904020246 BER for facility. 

e Division of Operating Reactors. NUREQ-OOi 
Available at NTI8. 

Operating license stage 

Periodic operating reports, related correspondence 

7W4Q40O74 Forwards "Radiological Environ Monitoring Rpt 1978." 
HQFFMAMrU.P. Coniumers Pouer Co. 79/O3/30. lp. 

TTOAO4OO79 "Radiological Environ Monitoring Rept 197B. " 
Con*ur Powr Co. 79/03/3O. 9pp. 

7904090290 Requests *d"dl Info re capability of I 
postulated ATMS transients. Forwards NRC 79021! 
request for analysis to confirm adequacy of pi 
LWfl designs. NUREQ-0460 Vol 3 encl.H/o encl.M/i 
VOLLMERiR.H. Assistant Director for System' 




DOCKET 50-259 Brouni F>rru Nuclear Power Station. Unit 1 
Operating licenie stage 

7<!040fi0123 In ardor to complete guidance for implementation of environ 
radiation protection stils, requests data from onsite survey, 
ana radiation levels i, environ monitoring instruments 
Renuejts response by 790420. 
IPPOL1TO, T. A. Operating Reactors Brancn 3. 79/03/19. 2pp, 

7904110234 Foruards proprietary rept NEDE-23749-1-P, "Comparison of 
Analytical Model for Computing Safety Relief Valve Discharge 
Line Transient Pressures t, Forces to Honticello T-Biuencher 
Test Data." Withheld 1 traf 10CFH2. 790). 

SOBOfi.L.J. Oeneral Electric Co. .Nuclear Energy Products Div. 
79/03/20. t p, 

7-JQ403027I Responds to IE Bulletin 79-01. Forward, follouup rept re 
motors used on certain valv operators in LOCA environ 
No safety concern* eiiit at present time. 
QILLELANO, J. E. Tennejiaa Valley Authority. 79/03/27, 3pp, 

7904040197 Notification that only RED* transient code reload analyses 
-ill be "b""*" for balance of 1979 ravieu I. request. " 
6 to 9-month lead time to implement ODVN code for applicable 
r*t iGaia, 

OILLELAND.J.E. Tennessee Valley Authority. 79/03/2B. 10. 

79041003*1 Forward. Feb 1979 program activity review re Hart I 
containment program 

nEri " E " C ""' C Co -' Nucl '- Energy Product, Dlv. 

eMeffrM/: OPD ", PUmP >f ValV ' <"*""> P^flram. R.qu.s t, 
by 790901 requirements 1 requa.ts NRG review 

OILLELAND, J. E. Tennessee Valley Authority. 79/04/16. Ip. 

aa u B ,t e rf 

Tennessee Valley Authority. 79/04/16. 3Spp, 

7904240299 Responds to 790319 Ur to US Parrl* tahlch 
info on radiation levels attributable to pUnt p 
[ M V """"*'? of thermoluminescent dosimeter 

*!'**".. I-RH-77-l. 

r".pr."!,Ji7 previoull 'discu"^" *"**",* cheek 
r. These switches are not needed far ECC8 function 
J.e. Tennessee Valley Authority 79/04/23.1^ 

-!! tl0 " "I""** anii Correspondence 
904240041 Forwards IE Bulletin 7B-13B, "At 
79/03/^9! J ' 2( ,p. ** 3 * n 3 ' Mlinta ' " ' '"e Director. 

n Z ' Mla " ta ' Offl " 

.UM in St randed 

7904110032 Forwards IE tnsp Repts 30-239/79-03, 30-360/79-03 t, 
50-296/79-03 on 790129-0201 & notice of violation. 
LEWISrR.C. Region 2, Atlanta, 'Reactor Operations Wucleae 

Support Branch. 79/03/02. 2pp. 

79011110033 Notice of violation from Insp on 7901B9-02O1 

Region 2, Atlanta, Qttica at the Director. 79/03/01. Ip. 

7904110043 IE Insp Rept 50-299/79-03,90-260/79-03 & 90-294/79-03 on 
790I29-OB01. NoncompliancD noted: fa i lure to properly 
document test remltt. 

PRICE, D. 8. Ren ion 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director 

DANCE.H.C. Region 2, Atlanta, Reactor Operations Nuclear 

Support Branch. 79/03/01. 6pp. 

7904270316 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-04. "Incorrect Heights for Bulng 
Check Valves Manufactured by Velan Englnearino Corp. " 

Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

'D 1 ^ 5 ullBtln 7<7 - 3 ' "Nuclear Incident at TMI 
.fl,C.D,E,F t, 0. No roiponie required. 
RB 9 lo "2' Atlanta, Office of tho Oiractor. 

79041901S9 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-09A- "Nuclaar Incident at 
TMI - Suppl," s, preliminary chronology of THl-a 79032B 
accident until core cooling rotored 

79/04/03! J ' tp R " St n 2 ' AUanfca ' a " fco af th Bir^etot. 

7904130219 Re.ponds to IE Bulletin 79-01. Dat.rmlnii stem-naunt.d lljll t 
.uiUhe, on tMUbl. c hB c k valve, in core spray ,y, ar. ,.*, Uillt 

!!/* "'"""' in IE Bulletin 79-01. Batches have no 

safety or control functions. 

OILLELAND, J. E. Tennessee Valley Authority. 79/04/10. Ip 

7904260340 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-O6, "R.vl.uj of Operational Errore I, 
Slu i .'J ll , g 2'" ll * t """"""I "*wi-ing TMI Incident " ' " * 

79/04/11 ! (p. ***'*"*. OHicm of th. Director. 

79/04/u Ip. 

B 2 ' AUantl " 

of th. Director. 

; " * 

OILLELAND.J.E. Tennessee Valley Authority. 79/04/34. 4pp. 


OILLELAND.J.E. Tennessee Valley Authority. 79/04/os. 3 pp, 

d monfehlv operatlne for Mar 1V79 
>nnesea Vallny Authority. 77/04/09. 

-J.O. Tenn.,,., v.ll.y Authority. "9/04/09. aipp. 

79/03/26. 2pp. 



Office of (he Directo 

J.E. Tenn.s... V .i i.y Au thor Itu. 79/04/13. 

..... " 


Authority. 79/03/Sl! ailpp TlD ' L - T ' nn ..... 

; fli Sp?! MUnt - "' ^"ation, Nuclear Support 

So^^ t^i B 1E ,., 

c. ^st^t^r^rr^^'- 1 " 
U*UHD.j. e . T.nne.s.. van., Aut h oH ty. 79/03/09. . 2 pp. 


NRG SER and lupplamnnti 
7904080246 SER for facility 



DOCKET 30-360 Browns Ferry Nuclear Pouaar Station. Unit 2 
Operating lie Ante stage 

7 104090290 Requests aid I info re capability of NSSS to respond to 
postulated ATUS transients. Forwards NRC 790213 Ur to CE tu/ 
request for analysis to confirm adequacy of propusnd made ta 
LHR designs. NUREO-0460 Val 3 enc 1 . H/o one 1. H/distr tout ion. 
VOU-MEfirR. H. Assistant Director for Byntams tt Project?. 79/03/12. 

79041 10O30 Act: receipt of 790326 1 tr Informing NRC of stops taken to 
correct violation* noted in IE In*p Repts 30-299/79-03. 
SO-2fiO/79-O3 fc SO-29&/79-Q3. 
LEWIS. R.C. Region 2. Atlanta. Reactor Operations Nuclear Support 

Branch. 79/O3/29. Hpp. 

7904110034 Responds, to NffC 79Q3O2 Ur ru violations noted In IE Insp 
Ropts 30-239/79-Q3, 50-260/79-03 & 90-29i/7'?-03, Carnect ive 
act ions : aurvei 1 lane e instruction revised tr approved on 
QILLELANDrO. E. Tennus^ae Valley Authority. 79/O3/O9. 2pp, 

7904Q6Q1Z3 In ordar to complete guidance for implementation of environ 
radiation protect ion stds, requests data from onsite survey. 
area radiation levels b environ monitoring Instruments. 
Req.ui9lrB rviponse by 790420. 
IPPOLITO. T. A. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 79/03/19. 2pp. 

79Q4110032 Forwards IE Inap RBptu 50-359/79-O3. SO-26O/79-O3 & 
50-396/79-03 on 79D129-0201 It notice of violation. 
LEWIS. R.C. Raglan 2, Atlanta, Reactor Operations Nuclear 

Support Branch. 77/Q3/02. 2pp. 

7904110234 Forwards proprietary rapt NEDE-23749-1-P, "'Compar 1 aon of 
Analytic*! Model for Computing Safety Relief Valve Discharge 
Line Transient Pressure* & Forces to Honticello T-Quencher 
Ta*t Data. " Withhold (ref 10CFR2. 790>. 

SQBONjL.J. Ooneral Electric Co. .Nuclear Energy Products Div. 
79/03/20. ip. 

7701030271 Reaponda to IE Bulletin 79-01. Forwards follouup rapt TB 
motors used on certain valve operators In LOCA environ. 
No safaty concerns exist at presant time. 
OILLELANDr J. E. Tennessee Valley Authority. 79/03/37. 3pp. 

7904010197 Notification that only REDY translant code reload analyses 
will ba submitted for balanca of 1979 revieur & requaits 
t> to *?-month lead time to implamant DDVN coda for applicabla 
01LLELAHD. J. E. Tennessee Valley Authority. 79/03/2Q. 10- 

7904EOD341 Forwards Feb 1979 program activity review ra Marfc I 
containment program. 

BOBONiL, J, General Electric Co. , Nuclear Energy Products Dlv. 
77/O4/O(b. 7pp, 

79O429O349 Forujrdi proposed pump & valv* testing program. Requests 
re-llef from A8ME code requi.rmnts b rvqunts NRC reviu 
by 7909O1. 
OILLELAND, J. E. Tannossee Vallou Authority. 79/04/1A. Ip. 

7704250335 Propamd pump & value tevting program for ASKE Code 
Classes 1,2 i 3. 

Tannt-ssaa Valley Authority. 79/04/16. 33pp. 

7904340899 Respond* to 790319 Itr to HO Parris uhlch raq.uetad addl 
info on radiation levels attributable Co plant operation. 
Forward* compilation of tharmalumlnoscBnt dosimeter readings 
S. pr>Uml.nary reaultf of special tudy on radiation levels. 
i J. E. Tennessee Valley Authority. 79/04/20. 3pp. 

790411O03H Notice of violation tvnm inap on 79012.9-O3O1. 

* Region 2, Atlanta.. Office of the Director, 79/03/0)1, 


7904240303 "Direct Radiation tevls Around Browns Ferry Nuclear 
Plant - Baekoround Data." Draft rapt anel. 

JENKINS, P. H. . DOTY.R.L. Tennessee valley Authority. I-HH-77-1. 
77/02/28. 93pp. 

770430Q34B Discuis stem-mounted limit lultches on testable chock 
valVBi In core spray sys. as previously discussed in utll 's 
79O410 Ur. These suitehas are not needed for ECCS function. 
OILt-ELAND. J. E. Tennessee Valley Authority. 79/04/23. Ip. 

7904110043 IE Insp Ropt 30-239/79-03.30-260/79-03 d 30-296/79-03 on 
7'/O129-O20t . Honcomp 1 iance noted; failure to properly 
document tasfc results. 

PRICE, D. S. Region 2. Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

DANCE, H.C. Region 3. Atlanta^ Reactor Operations Nuclear 

Support Branch. 79YO3/01. 6pp. 

790427OSI6 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-04, "Incorrect Maights for Suing 
Chack Valves Kanufacturod bij Velan Engineering Corp." 
O'REILLY, J. P, Region 2, Atlanta. Office of the Director. 

79/03/30. Ip. 

7904120125 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-O5i "Nuclear Incident at TMI" fc 
PNO-79-67, 79-67A. B,C, DrEiF tt 0, Wo response required. 
O'REILLY, J. P. Region 2, Atlantai Office of th Director. 

79/04/01. 2pp. 

7901190 IB? Faruards IE Bulletin 79-OSA, "Nuclear Incident at 
TMI - Suppli" & preliminary chronology of TMI-2 790320 
accident until core cooling restored. 

O'REILLY, J. P. Region 2, Atlantai Office of the- Director. 

79/04/03. Ip, 

7904240340 Forward* IE Bulletin 79-Oii "Review of Operational Errors & 
Sys Hisalignmunts Identified Durlno TMI Incident." 
O'REILLY. J. P. Region 2, Atlanta. Office of the- Director. 

79/04/11. Ip. 

790427O370 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-OAA, "Reviau of Operational Errors * 
S<tt Misalignments Identified During TMI Incident." 
O'REILLY, J. P. Region 3, Atlanta, Office of th Director. 

79/04/14. Ip. 

7904300302 Provides info re proposed Imevvico Insp & testing progra,m 
(t suggests actions to mlnlmiie delay In NRC rulings on subj 
programs, Proponed program revision is end to assst in 
expeditious processing of TVA Tech Spec Q9. 
OILLELAND. J. E. Tennessve ValU^ Authority. 79/04/24. 4pp. 

Periodic operating reports, related correspondence 

790411O225 Foruiards corrected tab In of contents t> addl Page 18 to 
annual operating rept -for CY7B. 
OILLELAND. J. E. Tennessee Valley Authority. 79/04/03. 3pp. 

Inspection rsports and corraspondence 

7904S4O041 Forwards IE Bulletin 7B-12B, "Atypical Meld Hatl In Rmctor 
PreUT Vnsel Melds, " 

O'REILLY, J. P. Region 2. Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

79/03/1^. 3pp. 

7904130180 Forward* monthly operating rapt for Mar 197?. 
DEWEASE.O. O. Tennessee Valley Authority. 79/04/09. Ip. 

79041301BI rio-nthlu operating rept for Mar 1979. 

DEWEASE. J. 0. Tennesiee Valley Authority, 79/O4/09. 31po, 

79043OO469 Foruardi IE Circular 79-03, "Moisture Leafciga In Stranded 
HIrt Conductors. " 

O'REILLYi J. P. . Region S, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 
79/03/ao. Spp. 

7904190217 Forwards "Mater Quality < Biological Conditions in Who alar 
Reservoir During Ope-r-ation of Broiuns Ferry Planti " App A bo 
Annual Rept 197B, f oruarded on 790388. 
OILLELAND, J. E. Tannesiee VallBU Authority. 79/04/13. tp- 

7904O9O177 Forward* IE Info Notice 79-03. "Use of Improper Matls In 
Sa* fty-Re:Utd Components. " 

O'REILLY, J, P. Reoian 2. Atlantai Office of the Director. 

79/O3/2I. 2pp. 

77043903^0 Forwards IE Info Notice 79-07. "Rupture of Raifwaste Tanks." 
O'REILLY. J. P. Region 2. Atlanta. Office of the Director. 

7^/03/26. 2pp. 

79041Q0222 "Mater Quality fc Biological Conditions in Wheel 11- Reservoir 
During Operation of Brouns Ferry Plant." App A tu Annual 
Reft 197B. 

TAYLOR^,?., MULLINB, J.R. . MEINERT, D. L. Tennessee Valley 
Authority. 79/O3/31. 261 pp. 



go-SAl H. a. Robintan Plant, Unit 2 
HOC DES. FES. *upp l eolln (i 

770402018* FES for fac 
* Off let of Nuclear 
300pp. Availabl* at NT1S 

ofi. WUREO-7S/OH4, 73/04/30. 

E. Carolina Pour (, Light Co. 79/O4/02. !7pp, 
Central correipondenei 

MrLLEft.W.O. Fe Hanagam.nt Branch. 77/04/12. Ip. 
Iniuranc* and ifidtmnlti; 

Operating llccnic itaga 

1MFR2.790) turlt 'J P'" "vacu.tion npt ulthtidd (rf 
BCHHEWCEH.A. Operating R.actpr, Branch I. 79/02/27. 

Bmrt ,. 



Affliction Untnoun. 79/03/lfi. 

lp . 

7904130193 RviponiB to 

--mi. 0* =ox tub . 

gnrjtar tubn 

Info ri 

Conflrn. 790413 t.lcon . 
P. Of JJ..tln, hot)1 . iMHn 1 ^,^ 

*vlct*.8ivrI rin.dl.i ieti i 

AN^R^T.H. i^.rinK-cra'.^ 

errit trip 

Forward! *4,0on ,(, ., . 

V " V * iMl * " 

.,in. P ONlr 


r - P 

Carolina Pouep !, Light Co. 79/04/18. 2pp. 

T\ ti J U " n " " mBnd to " 1QU n " 11 P"ifciv. no 
temp ce*fflclint during lUrtup * v-piou, 
administrative changat. Forwards proposed r.viiiont U 
^'"'"""""S -nalg.i, t, * S . BOO am.nd '.., 

Carolina Pou.r t< Lioht Co. 79/Q4/1B. (7pp. 

iifi.,:;!;:!: i c : 1 r? i " Siuli " i "- l " i "' 

UTLEV.E.E. Carolina Pow.r t, Light Co. 7.9/04/130. lp. 

" r P''t and 



79Q40SOI38 Forwards IE Info Notice- 79-03, 
n*BS;?.5* 1 .*i' d Co P"nt. " 

Afcl ' nt " 

! tr ' 


of Inprapar H*tli In 
' tha Dlrictor. 

ittp tkin to 


FURR.B.J. Carolina PoueriLiflht Co. 79/03/14. 




^ P - I ^ 

ESK c: J - A'JiSV'AKii;;:-""" * *<* wtr. 

Support Branch. 7??3 2 /li ' *" R '"* r D P t '>" Nel..r 

7? 2 /i 
7f 04270491 Foi-wipdi IE Bullitln 

2 PP . 

itu ear* coollno rtord. 

79/04/03, " lp. >B ' n S ' Atl *"*i ortlc* of tfi* Dlrtetor. 


^sM^sK r .pu TO . 

? H 

' "' * Branch. 79/04/ 


..... - 



DOCKET 30-261 H. B. Rabinson Plant, Unit 2 

Periodic operating reports, related correspondence 

7-90.406O128 Forward* "Environ Radiological Monitoring Kept 1978 " 
FURR.B.J. Carolina Power & Light Co. 79/03/30. lp, 

79O4O6O139 "Environ Radiological Monitoring Rapt 197O " 

EDWARDS, 0. H. , LIPA.H. Carolina Power i. Light Co. 79/O3/27. S 

790416O180 Forwards monthly operating rept far Mar 1979. 
FUKR4 B, J. Carolina Power tt Light Co. 79/O4/10. ip. ' 

79041601B4 Monthly operating rept tar Mar 1979. 

WATFORD, M.L. Carolina Power & Light Co. 79/04/03. 4pp. 

79041902(7 Forwards "Water Oualitu & Biological Conditions in Whael 
Reservoir During Operation of Browns Ferry Plant, " App A to 
Annual Rapt 197O, forwarded on 790220. 
OILLELANu, J. E. Tennessee Valley Authority. 79/04/13. lp. 

Rip art att li occurrences, related correspondence 

790416O119 Forward* LER 79-OQ3/03L-0. 

RJRSrB. J. Carolina Power fc Light Co. 79/O4/11. lp. 

790*160137 LER 79-005/03L-0 on 790313: luh i 1 running "B" horic acid 
transfer pump,' pump tripped due to high tamp. Caused by 
broken shaf t. Pump rebuilt & returned to ivc. 
STAHKEY, Fl.B. Carolina Power & Light Co'. 79/04/11. 8pp. 

7904110334 Foruiards propristary rept NEDE-23749- t-P, "CamparlsoEi c-f 
Analytical Modo I for Computing Safety Relief Valvo Dia-cfiar-ja 
Line Transient Pre^suros. ft Forces to Hanticello T-Queneher 
Teit Data." Withheld (ref 10CFRH. 7701. 

SQHON.L. J. General Elecbric Co., Nuclear Energy Protfucts Div. 
79/03/20. lp. 

7*704030221 Informs NRC of 79O323 B vnt: one of Four ATMS r ec ircuU t ion 
pump trip output ralaya failed to initiate trip In No 13 
motor jonera tor let field breaker trip logic. Caused bij 
disengaged ralay socket contact. Contact engaged. 
ELIASQN* L. R. Northern States Power Co. 79/O3/23. lp. 

7^04100341 Foriuards Feb 1*?79 pr-ogram activity ravleiu r& Hark I 
containment program. 

SOHQN, L. J. General Electric Co. .Nuclear Energy Product* D(v. 
79/04/06. 9pp. 

Inspection report* and eorrespondanice 

7704030123 Forward* IE Circular 79-OAj "Lome Locking Nut on Llmltorqua 
Valve Operators. " 

KEPPLER.J.O. Region 3, Chicago, Offiq* of the Director. 79/03/1&. 


790403007H Foruardl IE Bulletin 7B-12U, "Atypical Weld Matl tn Reactor 
Prauure Vejsol Uelda. " 

KEPPLER, J. 0. RagtonS, Chicago- Office of tho Director. 79/03/19. 


7904030O33 Forwards LE Circular 79-O5, "Hoi s ture Leakage In Stranded 
Wire Connectors. " 
KEPPLER.J.O. Region 3, Chicago. Office of the Dlpei tor. 79-/03/2O. 

DOCKET 9O-363 Monttcello Nuclear Generating Plant 
Ad jiidl calory correspondence 

7704Q2O274 Forward* MRC policu statement on risk assessment & reactor 
*aftij *tudg rept (WA8H-1400I In light of Rlst Assessment Croup rep.t. U/press release dtd 79OI 19, 
LEWIS, S. H, Branch 2. 79/03/O9, lp. 

7904160319 Joini NHC 7903O1 filing urging ASLB to grant 700331 joint 
notion to terminate proceeding. Certificate of Svt encl. 
8ILBERO.J.E. Shaw, Plttman, Potts, & Troubridge. 79/03/14. 4pp. 

79O4aiO2O3 Forwards 8AND77-19Z7 "Traniport of HadUnuc 1 idn in Urban 
Envlroni:Horking Draft Aement." 8ECY-7B-311 d 
BECV-7B-311A, intficatlng no nguUtoru action li naided to 
protect iptnt fuel ihlpmint*. W/o met. 
LEWIS, S. H. Branch 2. 79/03/30. 2pp. 

Operating licenia *t>ga 

7904300364 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-O4, "Incorrect Uaighti far Swing 
Check Valvas Manufactured by Velan Engineer-ing Corp," 

KEPPLER, J. 0. Region 3, Chicago, dffUe of the Olrqctor. 79/O3/30. 


7904120133 Foruardi EE Bulletin 79-O3. "Nuclear Incident at TM 1 " b 
PNO-79-i7,79-67A, D.C, D.E.F t> O. No response req,uirffd. 

KEPPLEfti J. 0. Rooion 3, Chicago, Qffico of the Director, 79/04/01. 


7904190331 Forward* IE Butletfn 79-O3A, "Hue loar Incident at 
THI - Buppl," A preliminarij chronology o* TMI 2 790328 
accident until core cooling restored. 

KEPPLER.J.O. Region 3, Chicago, Office at the Director. 79/Ofl/Oi. 


770437023B Forward! IE Bulletin 79-OiA, Ravti i on I, "R.vleu of 
Operational Errors & Su MJ sa 1 lonfflinti Identified During TMI 
Incident. " 

KEPPLER.J.O, Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/O4/1O 


790409Q290 Request* addl info rs capability of NB8S to respond to 
poitulated ATMS transients. Forwards NHC 790S13 Itr to OE w/ 
ree.iram-t for analgsis to confirm adequacy of proposed mods to 
LHR dJmIgn.NUREe-Q4QO Vol 3 encLU/o oncl. W/distvlbution. 
VOLLHERiR.H. Aislntant Director for Sutms b Projects. 79/03/18. 

Periodic operating reports, related correspondence 

7903020343 Forward* annual rept of occupational exposure t/. annual 
rept of changes, teats & etp iriments. 
WAVER. L. Q. Northern States Power Co. 79/02/33. IB, 

7904 11 012 3 Expects to complete ganeric review of Mark I containment 
long-tarn program bi/ Mau 1979. Rnquesti plant-uninue analgsis 
ihortlij thereafter & completion of plant mods bu Dec 1780. 
Forward "Evaluation of 8uppraslon Pool T*mp Limits. " 
STELLQj V. Division of Operating Reactors. 79/03/18. 17pp. 

770409039? Forward* Amend 39 to License DPR-22 t< notice of issuance & 

variability. 8*curitu plan evaluation withheld (rf 
lOCFRS. 7901. 
IPPOLITO, T. A. QparatinB Reactors Branch 3, 79/03/13. 3pp. 

-7904O7O3O3 A<Mn<f 38 to License DPR-28, Incorporating photic*! lecuritu 
plan Into licanst. 
IPPOLITO, T. A. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 79/03/19. 3pp. 

7904O9O3O4 No tic* of Issuance & avallabllltu of Amtnd 38 to Liceni* 
IPPOLITOi T, A, Operating Reactor* Brench 3. 79/03/13. 2pp. 

7^04060124 In order to complete guidance for implimantatlon of environ 
radlabien protection stds. requeets data from onslta survagr 
area radiation level* & environ monitoring Instruments. 
Rtqufnti rispunii by 7O4SO. 
IPPOCtTO, T. A. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 79/03/19. 2pp. 

790302O34A Annual rept of occupational tpou 
Northern States Pouie'r Co. 79/08/23. lp 

79033001OO Annml rept of changes, test* 4, e>pe 
Northern States Powar Co. 79/Q2/23. 7pp 

79O4I60196 Forwards monthly operating rapt lor M 
MAYER, L.O. Northern States Pauer Co. 79/04/1 

7904160199 Monthfg operating rept for Mr 1979 
MVBABO, A. L. Northern Statai. PQUJBT Co. 79/O 

Repartable occurrences, retatad eorr ispondencB 

7904030232 Forwards LER 79-004/OtT-O. 

MAVER.L.O. Northern States Pouir Co. 7f'/O3/a 

7904030234 LER 79-O04/01T-0 on 790313: sh ipp Ing 
two ml*lng lid holt nut*, missing inner lid 
damaged outer lid gacke t. Caused bu Inadequat 
fag supplier. Ct returned nmptij, 
NOLAN.L. L. Northern State* Pouier Co. 79/O3 



!0-2ii Paint Btich Nuclear PEnt. Unit 1 

";: fl "^ 

XEFPLEft.J Rj,on 3. Chicaao. Office of ih* Director. 79/03/30. 

79 FTO-??-f7 F ?7- < 7 dl ' E Bu[l * l ' n 79 - 5 ' "! Intid.nt .t TMI" 
""' r " ' C R*Jion 3, Chlejjo, Office of the Dinctor. 79/04/01. 


fnr Sujpl. t prlijr*rv chronolojy of IK I -s. 790333 

ttidint until cor cooling reitored 

KEPPLER.J.O. H.jion 3. O| C *, . Jc. of the IHr.ctDr. 79/04/06. 

79/04/ , fl 

'T 1 BDn " 11 ? *!> rP* for Hr 1979 
. Electric Po u *r Co. 79/O4/10. lp. 

7904IM1B8 Itonlblv op.Mtin, for M.r 1979 
H.i B .i n ei. etPU p Dtt [ r C S. n/SJ 

Jical, offltrpancv * "re protoctton pUni 

10. D. Public Service Co, of Color*do. 79/O4/17, (j,, 
Ceneral corre.pondenct 

..... "* 

Dir.ctor for 

Iniurnc *nd tndamni 

HOCK.D.D. Public 8,rvl Co. of Clordo. 77/04/O3. 
F9AR and * mef l "nti 

Np - iw 

7904040,3, For^r,, 8AR 

FULLER, J. K. Public Bwvlet Co. of Color-do. 79/03/H3, lp. 


pox - ...... 

PablicBTvic. C. 79/03/19. MM . 

i-- K '""-"" fc BNL r ' pt ..... of 

A " lltilrlt D "-*<- 'r atd.rd (, . 

'.6. "ion, in EUctric ; owir Co . 79/03/27. Ip . 

..... - 

....=. ....,., E ,.. IMC ,. 

i= POM.P Co. 79/04/12. 2pp. 


,.. . 

f- ."" 

. d in P "Jt " 

KH1W.H.R. 0l 

, app . 
'' '- 

? BNL 

' nlp 


.Cl*if II 

Co . 

! ^^^ 

I!" 1 !""'* ""'Vic. in.UlI.M., 
Co. of Colorado. 7V/04/OA. 3 P 

7TO4160IS9 Acfc rec.lpt of 790336 

' or cu " 


7TO40 3 94 F 0r .rd. GUM in 

.asssis:?? -KKK j"" '"-s't!;- - -- 

rvu. Co . of 79/04/17. S 



DOCKET 50-267 Fort St. Wain Nuclear Oeneratinj Station 
Inspection reports and correspondence 

790403002? Forward! IE Insp Rapt 50-267/79-01 an 7<7Q10S-12. No 
none amp 1 lane a noted. 

MADSEN. Q. L. Region 4, Dallas, Reactor Operations Nuclear Support 

Branch. 79/01/22. 2pp. 

7904030037 IE Imp Kept 30-367/79-01 on 79O10B-12. No noncomp liancs 
noted. Major area! inspected: revieu Si audits. core i-afetg 
linl t, licensee event fallouup.IE bulletin* k circulars 
follouiuji Si ravlBiu of special repts. 

DICKERSON.M. H. . VERDUZCO. 0. H. , MADSEN. 0. L. Region 4, Dallas, 

Reactor Operations Nuclear Support Branch. 79/Q1/22, 7pp. 

7904190201 Forwards IE Imp Rept 30-267/79-03 on 79Q20S-09 & notice of 

MADSENiQ.L. Flu Ion 4. Dallai, Reactor Operations Nuclear Support 

Branch. 79/02/21. 2pp. 

7904190203 Notice of violation from Imp on 790205-09. 

MADSEN. O.L. Region 4, Dallas. Reactor Operations Nuclear 

Support Branch. 79/02/21. Ip. 

7904190207 IE Insp Rept 30-267/79-03 on 790203-09, Noncomp 1 iance noted: 
failure to maintain required record* tt failure to follow 
written procedure for records mgt. 

DICKERSON.M. W. . 80YTER.N.C.. MADSEN, 0- U. Rgion4, Dallas, 

Reactor Operations Nucloar Support Branch. 79/O2/20. 7pp. 

7904Q3014B Forwards IE Bulletin 79-02, "Pipe -Buppor t Base Plate Designs 
Uilng Concrete Expansion Anchor Bolts." 
SEYFRIT.K.V. Region 4. Dallas, Office of Eho Director. 79/03/oa. 

7904180372 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-03. "Lnng 1 tud ina 1 H*ld Defects in 
ASME SA-312 Tgpe 304 B tain Us a Steel Pipe Spools 
Manufactured by Youngitoiun Maiding h Engineering Co. " 
SEYFRITiK.V. Region 4. Dallai, Office of the Director. 79/03/12. 

7904160009 Responds to 790306 Itr re .citation in IE Insp Rapt 
80-267/79-02. Notif let util of removal of noncompllance from 

MADSENi 0, L, Region 4i Dallas, Reactor Operations Nuclear Support 

Branch, 79/03/14. lp. 

79042102B4 Forwards IE Insp Rept 80-267/79-04 on 79O220-23, 03OI-02 !. 
0303-09 d notice of violation. 

MADSEN, O.L. Region 4i Dallas< Reactor Opjrations Nuclear Support 

Branch. 79/03/19. 2pp. 

7904210293 Notice of violation from tnsp on 790220-23,0301-02 fc 
* Region 3i Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/03/19. lp, 

7904310298 IE Insp Rept 30-267/79-04 on 7902HO-23. 03O1-03 Si 0303-OB. 
Noncomp llancB noted: fai lure to follow procedure*. 
DICKERBQNiH. W, Region 4, Dallas. Offica of the Director. 

MADSENrQ. L, Raglon 4i Dallasi Reactor Operations Nuclior 

Support Branch. 79/03/15. 7pp. 

7904030133 Foruardi IE Info Notice 79-O3, "Ue of Improper Hatli In 
8aftu~R*lated Component!. " 

SEYFRIT.K.V. Region 4. Dallas, Offic* of the Director. 79/03/31. 


7904110329 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-03, "Nuclear Incident nt TMI" it 
PNd-79-67, 79-67A, H, C, 0, E, F fc 0. 
SEYFRIT.K.V, Region 4, Dallas, Office of the Director. 79/04/01.' 

-7904110337 IE Bulletin 79-03, "Nuclear Incident at TMI." 
* Office of Inipoction & Enforcement. 79/O4/01. 9pp. 

-7904110341 PNQ-79-67:ummari< of info r nuclar incinfont on 790389. 
Describes plant itatui.Slt* emergincij !< general emirgencu 

KLINOLER.O. , NOLAN, F., BRYAN, B. E. Office of Inspection *, 
Enforcement. 79/03/2B. 2pp. 

79O41IO359 PNO-79-67S: summary of info re nuclaar iocidert as of 790330 

Describes plant 4 tafcua, environ atatusifusl damage it reactor 
coalant iijs parameters. 

THOMPSON, &.. jaUDAM.E.L. Office of Inspection It Enforcement. 
77/O3/30. lUp. 

79O41I0365 PNO-79-67C : summarg of info re nuclear tncidant as of 77O330 

Discribos plant s tatua. Reac tor stable, 

EBVAN.S, E. , JORDAN, E. L. Offica of Inspection {.Enforcement. 

79/O3/30. lp. 

7904110375 PNP-79-67D; somraanj of info re nuclear incident as oF 79O33O 

Detcribe-s plant status & environ s tat us.. U/map of surveij 
rsliil t, 

HQWARD.E. M. , JORDAN, E. L. Offica of Inspection (. Enf orcemant, 
79/03/30. 3pp. 

7904HO3B7 I>Na-79-t7F: summaTij of info re nuclear incldant as of 79O331 

Da scribe? plant sta tus , otivi ron statua<intt contacts &t 
contacts u/liqetiSBB-W/aerial survey map. 

THOMPSONS)-, HOWARD, E.M, Office of Inspection (, Enf orce-mant, 
79/03/31. 3pp. 

7904110396 PNO-79--67O: summarij at info rn nuclear Incident as of 79O401 

Describes plant status '* environ s tatus. M/aor id 1 survey map. 
THOMPSON.!). Office of Inspection i Enforcement. MOSELEY, N. C. 
Division of Reactor Operations Tnspections. 79/04/O1. 3pp. 

7904190244 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-OSA, "Nuclear Incident at 
TMI - Suppl," If prellminarij cnronolofli) of TMI-3 79032B 
accident until cora cooling restored, 

SEYFfllT.K. V. Region 4, Dallas, Office nf tha Oiractor. 79/04/O5, 


790426037S Forwards IE Bulletin 79-Ofi. "Hevlaui of Operational Errc-i- it 
Bus Misalignments Identified During TrtE Incident." 

8EVFRIT.K.V. Region 4. Dallas. Office of the Director. 79/O4/I1. 


7904270632 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-Q6A, "Review of Operational Errors &. 
SYS tiisallgnnentis Identified During TMI Incident." 
SEYFniT.K.V. Region 4, Dallas. Offlco of the Director. 79/04/14, 

7904270634 FCjVtiMrds IE Bulletin 79-06A, Rvi s ion 1, "Review of 
Operational Errors & Bgs Misalignments Identified During 
TMI Incident. " 
SEVFRIT.K.V. Ragtoti 4, Dallas, QffUo of thB Director, 79/04/lH, 

Period ic operating reports, related correspondence 

790416019O Forwards monthly operating rept for Mar 1979. 

WAHEMBDURu, D. Public Service Co. of Colorado. 71/OtfOf. lp. 

790416-0191 Honttilij operating rapt for rtar 1979. 

GAUM. J. W. Public Service Co. of Colorado. 79/04/01. Spp. 

Hepor table occur rencesi related correspondence 

7904040133 Forward 1 LER 79-003 /O3L-O. 

HAREM8OURO, D. Public Service Co. of Colorada, 79/02/2B. IB, 

790404O13S LER 79-003/03L-0 OR 77O131 : during normal op era tlon, motor 
driven boiler foad pump became inoperab to. Cauie-d ,6i( eroilon 
of pump caie. Reactor nfiut doun & uill not be oper'ats-d at 
pouier until at least tua pump-s are oparabla. 

U. Puolic Service Cu. of Colorado. 79/02/30, 3pp. 

790411O3B3 PNO-79-A7E: summary of Info ra nuclear incident as o* 770331. 
Describes plant status '/ anviron status. H/aer Eal survey map. 
THOMPBONrD. Office of Inspection & Enforcement. HOBELEY-N.C. 
Division of Reactor Qparatlona Insp ec tionfl. 79/03/31, 4pp, 

7904210043 Forwards PNOs 79-67H, I. J, Ki L, H, N & P. 

SEYFRIT.K.v. Region 4, Dallas. OfMo of the Director. 79/O4/07. 


7904170220. Forwards LER 79-OOA/03L-O. 

WAREHBOURQ, D, Public Service Co. of Colorado. 

79/04^. 1. lp. 

-7904110346 PNO-79-67A: summaru of Info re, nuclear Incident aa of 790329 
Describes plant status & environ status. 

KLINOLER.O. , NOLAN. F.. BRYANrS. E. Qtfic* of Inspection k 
Enforcement. 79/03/39. lp. 

7904170221 LEU 79-00&/O3L-0 on 7?O312: dur ing normal plant operation, 
conductivity meter stopped functioning t no samples uare 
taken for tit shifts. Other instruments in chemlitry lab uare 
not used-Pertannel reminded to Follow procedure*, 
GAHM.J.W. PulilU Earvice Co. of Colorado. 79/04/11. 3pp. 



DOCKET 3O-367 Fort St. Vrain Nuclear Generating Station 
Reportable occurrences. routed correiponde-rice 

7704230161 Forwards LER 79-OO7/03L-0. 

WA.REMBOURS. 0. Public SorviiB Co. of Colorado. 79/O4/17. 

77Q4230163 LER 79-007/03L-D on 7<3O31B:PCHV cooling water tomji drifted 
be3ou 100 F during refueling shutdown. Caused by Lou decag 
heat rate !, ttearo sys being out of svc for repair. Refuel ing 
OAHfl.J. H. Pub-llc Sirvice Co. of Colorado. 79/O4/17. 3pp. 

7904270320 Forwards LEFl 79-003/03 v -l . 

UAREHBDURS, D. Pu&llc Service Co, of Colorado. 

77/04/19. Ip. 

7904270323 LER 79-Q03/03X- 1 on 790131: dup ing normal op. ration motor 
driven boiler fied [ump became Inoperable leaving only one 
pump op orab la Caused by eroiion of pump case. Plant tui 1 1 be 
shut dour until two boiler feed pumpi are operable. 
&AHH.J.M. Public Service Co. of Colorado. 79/04/18. app, 

790427G324 Forwards LER 79--OQ9/03L-O. 

WARErtBQURQ.D. Pu&llc Service Co, of Colorado. 79/04/19. Ip. 

7904*70328 LER 79-OQ9/O3L-0 on 790330: d i5covHrd three of sti fiietf lo, 
flou sujitcftes uioulo" have tripped at'4. Caused bu instrument 
callbr drift of feedmater flow transmitter ft flou modifiers. 
Instruments tton recalibrated. 
fiAHHt J. U. Public Service Co. of Colorado. 79/04/16. 3pp. 

790437G310 Forwards LR 79-009/03L-O. 

WAHEMHDUHtf. D. Puftllc Service CD, of Colorado. 79/04/30, Ip. 

7904060068 Forwards Amends 71,71 (, 6a to Licenses DPR-3B. DPfi-47 t 
DPR-53, respectively , sa f ety evaluation ti notice af issuance & 
availabil itg. 
REID.R.W. Operating Reactors Branch 4. 79/03/19. 3pp. 

7904Q6Q07O Amends 71,71 '* 68 to Licenses DPR-38, nPR-47 !c DPfl-SS, 
respec t i vely, revi ling Tach Specs to incorporate changes to 
pressure t iiji ha a tup It caoldauin limitations. 
REID. H. M. Operating Reactors Branch 4. 79/O3/19. 14pp. 

790406007Q Safety evaluation supporting Amends 71i 71 & 68 to Llc*nsi 
DPR-33. DPR-47 k DPR-55, rs|>qtivelu. 
-> Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, 79/03/19. 3pp, 

79040600B3 Notice of issuance & availability of Amends 71,71 It &a t 
Licenses DPR-3B. DPR-47 & BPR-33, respecti vlu. 
REID.B.M. Oppatino flaactors Branch 4. 79/03/19. 3pp. 

7904190248 Requests .stfdl stpucbural b environ info to complete review 
of 790202 submittal ra increase in storage capacity of spent 
fuel storage pool. 
REID.R.W. Operating Raactar* Branch 4. 79/03/27. 6pp. 

7904110347 Forwards license amend incorporating radiological iffluint 
Tech Specs. Offsiite Dust Calculation -Manual encl. 
PARKER, U. G. Duki Power Co. 79/03/27. 91pp. 

7904110230 Offsite Da< CaUifUtlon Manual. 
* Dut Power Co. 79/03/31. S7pp. 

790H2SO326 Requests Add 1 Info re proposed changes in hudraulic shock 
suppressor Tech Specs for 7BQS32 submltfcal review. 
REID.R.W. Operating Reactors Branch 4. 79/03/39. 3pp. 

7904270321 LEK 79-003/03L-O on 790331: loll lampln for Jul 1979 uere 
nut analijiad fe samples for Augutt Ci-Sept 1978 uare not 
eollocSed 61; cuti'tract agent. Cauiod b-j nlsundentandlnj 
batueen project administrator 4. contract agent. 
GAUMi J, H. Public Service Co- af Colorado. 79/04/30. 3pp. 

79041QQ293 Response to FOIA request for info re plant accidants 
safety defects. W/l lat of relevant documents re nuclear power 
plant* owned bg Duka Powor Co d Carolina Power k Light Coi 
including LPDH locations. 
FELTOH, J.M, Diviiinn -of Rules and Records. 79/04/13. 4pp. 

Hear ing tranicr jpti 

790404O006 Transcript of ACRB 790315 subcommeitee meeting in Longmont, 
CO. Pp 1-197. 

BIE83.C.P., CAHBDN,M.H. . SHEWMDN,P.O. ACRB - Advisoru Conmittee on 
Reactor Safeguards. 79/03/15, 273pp. 

DOCKET 50-369 DCQHBB Nuclear Btattom Unit 1 
Financia 1 itif or mat ion 

7704250233 Fc-ruards "Annual Hipt 1978." 
n. Duke Pouier Co. 79/04/16. 

Insurance and inlcmnit-j 

7904050233 Forwards Endoriaments 52 & S3 to AMI Politu KF-1B3, 
Endorsements 10 * 11 to AMI Pa 1 1 cu NF-249, endorsement 2 to 
ANCI Binders EB-22, 23 S. 24, Endorsements 39 & 39 to MF-A1 
SAHDERS.F. 1>. Duke Pouflr Co. 79/03/29. 13pp 

7904230272 Forward! all facility changes in form of station mods uhl 
uere completed from Jan-Dei 1978. 
PARKER, M. 0. Duke Pc-uer Co, 79/04/19. 34pp. 

7904230203 Forwards addl info re structural analysis it rad iolofl lc 1 
effects of proposed installation of high capacity spont 
fuel rack! In pool. Includes question responses* 
non-jropr itarg drauingi & addl Tech Spec changes. 
PARKEH.H.Q. Duke Powor Co. 79/04/20. 4Spp. 

790427M27 Foruardi ECCS analysis of small breaks in conjunction w/ 
emrgencv feedutater flou falturas. 
PAHKEBiH. O. Duki Paiuer Co. 79/04/B1. 14pp. 

77042SOZ7B Forwards NFB-1OO1 "Reload Dtiijn Mathodologu. " Requests 
revieu bij 90O101 in order to permit utilliation of 
proscribed method for raload evaluation of Cycle 6 of Unit 
3i scheduled second quarter of 1980. 
PARKER, H. 0, Duka Power Co. 79/04/23. 2pp. 

7904250382 "Reload Design Hthodaloog. " 

Duks Pomer Co. NFS- 1 001. 79/04/23. 130pp. 

Operating license itage 

7904300174 Ack receipt of NRG 760613 request for addl infc- re itu 
of control rod guide tube. Y 

TAVLOR.J.H. Babcock & MllcoK Co. 76/09/30. Ip. 

7904*20063 Foraiard. revHion* to "Revieu it Acceptance of Bpnt Fuel 
Storage 6; Handling AppHcationi, traninltted on 7B04H 

, *"ist-nt- Btreetor for Engineers (, Project*. 

7704070290 ii -ddl info re tapabilitv of HS8S to r.apond to 
postulated AIMS transients. Forwards HRC 790213 Itr to GE u/ 
rettueat for analysis to confirm adequacq of proposed isodi to 

R, H. 

. .. 

Assistant Direetor for S^.t.ns & Projects, 79/03/13. 

7904370406 Soap laments 7904S5 Itr & provides addl info re (niUlUtlt 
of atomatic starting foeduater sgs & development ic 
Implementation of operating procedures for Initiating * 
controlling emergency feeduater. 
LEE.H. 8. Duke Power Co. 79/04/26. 5pp. 

Inspection report) and correspondence 

7904240071 Forward! IE Bulletin 7B-12B, "Atupiea! Held Matl in fi.actc 
Prtisure Vessel Melds. " 

O'REltLV. J. P. Realon 2, Atlantai Office of the Director. 

79/03/19. 2pp. 

7904200443 Forwards IE Circular 79-03, "Moisture Leakage in Stranded 

Hiri Conductors. " 

O'REILLY, J.P. Raglan 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

79/03 /ZO. 2pp. 


in t OB tit fuel eqol ftorage capacity, requetti addl info on 
structural design. 
REID.R.M. Operating Reactors Branch 4. 79/03/13, 3p P . 

79Q4ieoaS3 FDIA riquest for all Info re plant accidents k safety 
d*f*ct at reactor sites. 
BAUHANN.B. Afflkiation Unlnoun, 79/03/16. tp. 

7904030167 Forwards IE Info- Notlc* 79-03, "Us of Improper Matli In 
Safttij-Rlatd Components. " 

O'REILLV, J.P. HesJon 2. Atlanta, Office of the Dlrectoi-. 

79/03/21. 2PP. 

7904110222 Ack receipt of IE Insp Repts 30-269/79-06,30-370/79-06 t, 
30-387/79-06 an 790220-23. Ho proprietary info. 
PARKER, W. 0. Duke Pour Co. 79/03/26. Ip 



DOCKET 30-269 Qconee Nuclear Station, Unit 1 
In*pctltm reports and correspondence 

-7904110224 Forward. IE In.p Ropts 30-269/79-06, SQ-270/79-06 (. 

30-297/79-06 on 79Q220-E3.NO nuncomp 1 lane a noted M ,t.. )ala 

SUTHERLAND, J. T. Region 2- Atlanta, Fual Facility fc Materials 

Bafetu. Branch. 79/03/36. 2pp. 

-7904110226 IE Insp Kept. 50-269/79-0., 30^70/79-0. * 30 ;2B 7/79-06 o 

. '""Region 2. Atlanta, Fue, Fim, 

rU*rali Safety Branch. 79/03/14.. Spp. 

7904370499 Foruarda IE Bulletin 79-O4, "Incorrsct Height* for aulng 

o^ L ^P. M - nu ^ 

79/03/30. Ip. 

79041201B7 Forward* IE Bulletin 79-05, -Nuclw '^ident at TMI- t 
PNO-79-67,79-67A.B.C,D,E,F fc Q. No response required. 
O^E"L"J P. R.gUn 2, Atlanta, Office .* the Dir.ctor. 

79/04/01. Spp. 

7904230183 Ac, rec-ipt of IE In.p =0-2.9/79-03, 30-270/79-03 I. 
30-287/79-03 on 79010K-31. No praprietarg info. 
PARKER, H.O. Duke Poiuar Co. 79/04/OS. Ip. 

-7904830194 Forward. IE Insp 60-269/79-05, 50-270/79-03 fc 

ssiir" ".iHiK 1 ^^^;^^-!- 

Support Branch. 79/03/07. 2pp. 

Support Branch. 79/03/06. Spp. 

7904260473 A * r.lpt of IE In., 30-269/79-07,30-270/79-07 . 
30-2B7/79-07 on 790201-aB.No propri.tary info. 

PARKER' w.o. DUU Po^.r co. 79/04/04. IP. 

-790A2604B7 For^rd, IE In.p 30-269/79-07, 90-WO/79-07 . 

jMTfr v 7 K 1 *s-:K? o K.^-a;^ti. r 

Support Branch. 79/03/29. 2pp. 

Support Branch. 79/03/39. Bpp. 

7904190176 Foruards IE BulUtin 79-05A, " N " 
TMI- Boppl," t. prtliminary ehronolegv o* 


79/04/03. lp- 

79/04/11. lp. 

LEWIS. S.R. Dgke P 
Hearing transcripts 

790425G059 Transcript 

DOCKET 30-27Q Oconee Nuclear 

f 79O4O4 G l 

1 9 tan, DC. 

Financial information 

7904250233 ForrJ. "Annual Re P t 1978 

PARKER, M.O. Duke PQUIET Co. 79/O4/1U- P- 

Insurance and indemnity 

7904030233 Forward* Endorsements 3 2 & S3^to^ j 
SANDEfiS^F. D. Duke Pouier Co. 7'7/O3/29. 
Operating licflnse stage 

7904300174 Ac* receipt of NT1C 7D0613 request 
___-,! rod guide * u ?' lco|( ^ 7a / O B/30 

far addl info re 

7904020063 F.r 

S?ssrBV" -l 

79/D1/1S. 4pp. 

ln. R...t.r. 

-7,04.6007s :.f..< .v.l.l.n .up,.r.ln. *.nd. 71,71 I I. Li.n., 

Bull.tln "-04A, R.vl .f aperatlona! Error, t, 

79/04/14. Ip. 

Periodic op.ratins "pirt : _r<.la^^coT-re, 

79041B0246 Forward, M r.thlj| "P-"**"; " p * * OP M 
PARKERrW.O. Duk Pou.r Co. 79/04/13. lp- 

-7904180248 Monthly op.r-tinc for Mar 1979. 
REAVIfi, J. A. Dufce Power Co. 79/04/13. lopp. 

R.portabU, ^*i_^^^!!":" 

fl. 79/03/27. 6pp. 


PARKER^ OuM P Co. 79/03/29. 9Lp. 

7904H0230 Offslte Dona Calculation Hanual. 
T Duk Pan.r Co. 79/03/31. S7f.p. 

790424032B Forward. LGR 

PARKER, M.O. Duke Pouer Co. 79/04/1B. lp. 



Station. Unit 2 

Operating licence stage 

ratlna Reactors Branch 4. 79/03/37. ,3pp. 


DI v l slon af , . Bacor(( , 79/04/S3. 4pp. 


PAFMEB.W.D. Duk. P W . r Co. 79/1)4/19, 31pp. 



ouwr Co. 79/04/39. 

, Duk B P QW , r C o. 


7704120127 Foriuartfi IE Dul 

IncU.nt 4t THI" 



Co. 79/04/04. lp. 

i Raaetor "" - 1 - 

u - . 

.H. 0. Duh, POUBP Co . 79/O4/H3. 2pp. 

iload Design M.thodo U B u. - 
fc. Poyer Co. NFS-IOOI. 7?/O/23. |30pp. 

LEE.W.S. Dule Pouar Co. 79/04/26. 5pp. 
Inspection report* and corr.ipondent. 

0'REELLV.,J.P^ R eaion 2 , AtU( , t . ( 0ffU([ ^ ^ DiractQr 

'04300463 Forward* IE Circular 79-O5 Ht.i.... , , 

Hij-e Conductors.- Moisture Leakaje In 


Dir.ct D r. 

Valley Authority. 79/04/10. lp. 



Atlanta, Of#je, D f th. Dir.ctor. 

A . 

A. Duke p ou , r Co . 79/04/13. 16pp. 
Hearing fcrancripfcs 

-267/79-06,30-370/79-06 fc 

79040 ' 1 

" '" n..hi n , 

H|NnBK,J.H.. OIUH8KV.V., KENNEDY. R.T. C 0mml ,, lon . 79/0 , /04 . 

J. P. 

p ^ 

; "!' J""' 

!!! 4 ". For -."< 1 * IE Hull.tin 


ianta, OHlct ol th. ir. tt *r. 

V.rn* Y 



DOCKET 30-271 Vermont Yantee Nuclear Power Station 
Operating 1 items stage 

7904090H90 Requests addl info ra capability of NSSB to respond to 
Dostulated ATHS trans lant. Formards NRC 790213 Itr ta GE w/ 
request for analysis to confirm adequacy of proposed modi to 
LWR designs. NUREO-0460 Vol 3 encl.W/o anc 1. U/distrlbutian. 
VOLLMER.R.H. Aisistant Director for Sgstems t. Projects. 79/03/12. 


79041101S7 Eipecfcs to complete generic review of tlarlt I containment 
long-term pro) ram bij May 1979. Requests plant-unique analysis 
shortly thereafter i completion of plant mods by Doc 1990- 
Forwards "Evaluation of Suppression Pool Temp Limits." 
STELLO.V. Division of Operating Reactors, 79/03/13. 17pp. 

7901060119 In order to complete guidance for implementation of environ 
radiation protection stds, requests data from oniite- survey. 
area radiation levels d environ monitoring Instruments. 
Requests response bij 790420. 
IPPOLITQ, T. A. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 79/03/19. 2pp. 

7904110234 Forward* proprletari) rept NEDE-2374'7-l-P, "Comparison of 
Analytical Model for Computing Safety Rallef Valve Discharge 
Llni Transient Pressures & Force! to Manticello T-Guencfter 
Test Data." Withheld (raf 10CFR2. 790). 

SOBQN.L.J. Gtntral Electric Co. .Nuclear Energy Products Div. 
79/03/2O. Ip. 

7904170093 Ack receipt of 791220 S. 700014 1 trs re fira protection SER. 
Proposed modi to hose stations, foam suppression sys b 
portable ventilation equipment are acceptable. 
IPPDLITO, T. A. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 79/03/26. 2pp. 

7904030319 Informs that Tech Spec originally claisified as separata 
single environ issue was classified incorrectly. No environ 
lnuai within NRC jurisdiction were involved, 
JOHNSON, W. P. Vermont Van lee Nuclear Poiuer Corp. 79/03/2B. 3pp. 

7904190H77 Notification of 790430 mooting uj/Vermont Yankee In Bethesda, 
MD to discuss App I Tech Specs, 
RODNEY, V. L. Operating Reactor! Branch 3. 79/04/03. Ip. 

7904100317 Confirm! commitment to install rec Irculation trip pump. 
Believe* this can be completed during Fall 1930 refueling 
outage. Ccmcludas expenditure! for addl mods are not 
VANDENBURQH, D. E Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Corp. 79/04/04. 2pp. 

7904100333 Informs that seven unqualified limit switches uara replaced 
during Mar 1979 refueling outage. Concludes other limit 
switches for reactor protection sgs need not be qualified 
for LdCA environ. 
MuODY.D.E, Vermont Yankee Nuclaar Pouiar Corp. 79/04/04. 2pp. 

7904100341 Forwards Fob 1979 program activity review ra Mark I 
containment program. 

BQBQN.L.J. General Electric Co. 'Nuclear Energy Product* Dlv. 
79/04/06, 9pp. 

7904160242 Forwards Offslte Dofie Calculation Manual. 

OROCErR.H, Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Corp. 79/04/11. Ip. 

7904160243 Offslte Dose Calculation Manual. 

Vermont Vanke* Nuclear Pomer Corp. 79/O4/11. 37pp. 

7904240348 Forwards "High Preiiure [art Chambar Surveys" ai raquaicaij in 
NBC 790319 Itr. 
EDWARDS, D.H. varmnnt Yankoe Nuclear Power Carp. 79/04/19. 9pp. 

79O4O3O096 Forwards IE Circular 79-O4, "Loose Locking Hut on L !mi torque 
Valve Opera tori " 

CFHER.B.H. Raoion I. Philadelphia. of the Director. 

79/03/li.. Ip. 

7904240164 Forwards I Bulletin 7B-12B, "Atvpical Weld Macl In Reactor 
Pressure Veiael Welds." 

DRIER, B.H. Region 1. Ph i lada iphia , Office of the Diractor, 

79/O3/19. Ip. 

7904O90040 Foru/ards IE Clrculai- 79-Q3, "Moistura Leakage tn Strandad 
Mire Conductors. " 

OHIER,B,H. Re^gion 1. Philadelphia. Office of the Director. 

79/O3/20. I p. 

79O4040263 Forwards IE Info Notice 79-O3, "Use nf Imprope^r Hatls in 
Safety-Reid ted C nmp-onents . " 

GRIER.B.H, RoBl"" I, Philadelphia, Office af the Director. 

79/O3/21. Ip. 

790fl2OO46a ForwardB IE Info Notice 79-O7, "Rupture of Radkiasta Tanks." 
CRIER, B.H. Region 1. Philadelphia, Office of the EH r act or, 

79/03/26. Ip. 

790411O1S9 Review of 79O13O application 6t term i nes amend involves 
constdorat i on of single safety issue & is therafora 
categorized as Class Ell Pee, Requests foruard Ing of *4, ODO 
MILLER, H. O. Llcanie Fee Management Branch. 79/03/28. 3pp. 

"90427O462 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-04. "Incorrect W*iohts For Suiinj 
Check Valve* Manufactured by Valan Enginearinig Corp. " 
DRIER, B.H. Region 1, Philadelphia, Office af the Director. 

79/03/30. Ip. 

790412D331 Foruards [E Bulletin 79-O3, "Nuclear I ni Id ant at TM[" Si 
PNO-79-67, 79-67A, B,C, D, E. F S. 0. Ho response required". 
CniEn,G.H. Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 

79/04/01. Ip. 

7904190134 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-03A. "Nuc lear . Int i dent at 
TMI - Suppli " It prelimlnarij chronology of TMI-2 79032B 
accld'ent until core cooling restored. 

uRIER.B.H. Region 1, Philadelphia. Office of the Director. 

79/04/OS. Ip. 

790437O52E) Foruards IE Bulletin 79-O6A. "Revlaui of Operational Errors & 
BIJ 5 Miial ignmants Identtfled During TMI Incident. " 
GRIER.D.H. Region 1. Ph i ladolp h la. Office of tht Director. 

79/04/14. Ip. 

Peri oil Ic operating reports, related correipondenc* 

7V04170271 Fariuflriis monthly operating rept for Mar 1979. 

HQDDV.D.E. Vermont Yankee Nuclear Pouiar Corp. 79/O1/ia. Ip. 

7904170274 Monthly operatlnfl repfc for Mav 

8JOQREM.fl. M. Vermont Y.ankea Nuclear Power Carp. 79/04/12, 7pp. 

7904160169 Forwards "Annual Radiological Environ Burvei llance Rtpt" for 
QfiOCE.R.K, Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Corp. 79/O1/13. Ip. 

7904160173 "Annual Radiological Environ Surveillance Hepe" for 1978. 

* Vermo-nt Yankae Nuclear Fouler Corp, 77/O4/I1. 6Bpp. 

Repor tab Is occurrtnceii related 1 COITB spomfenc* 

Inspection reports and correspondence 

7904020010 Forward! IE Insp Rept 90-271/78-30 on 781219-12. No 
noncompltanca noted. 

MARTINiM.O. Region 1, Philadelphia, Safeguards Branch. 79/03/03. 


7904020014 IE In*p FUpt 90-271/7B-30 on 781219-21. Mo noncompl lance 
noted. Major areas Impacted: security plan procedures, 
iisplementation of 10CFR73. 35, Hcansee 's Internal audit 
program & response to IE Circular 70-17, 

ROGERS- M. E. , JONE8.E. Raglon 1. Philadelphia. Office of the 

Director. DEVLINiJ.U. Region IF Philadelphia, Safeguards 

Branch. 79/02/11. Ip. 

790404033H Forwards IE Bulletin 79-03, "Longitudinal'Wald Defects in 
ASME 8A-31S Tgp* 304 Stainless Steel Pipe Spools 
Manufactured by Youngstoun Welding 1 * Engineering Co." 
ORIER,B.H, Region li Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 

79/03/ia. Ip. 

7904I2O246 Forwards LER 79-OOS/05L-0. 

CONWAV.H.F. Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Corp. 

77/04/06, Ip, 

7904120247 LER 79-OOS/05L-0 on 790307: one c-F radun<fanfc alarm circuit* 
for V16-19-3J vacoum hraaker was inoperable duvinj routine 
testing. Caused by mechanical binding of actuator ptotigar on 
switch js*emblrj. Actuator, plunger claanei) & smiaothvd. 
CONMAY.W.F. Vermont Yankee Nuclear Potuer Corp. 79/04/06, 2pp. 

79O-VI60IS0 Foruards LER 79-OO6/03L-0. 

CONWAV.H.F. Varraonfc Yankee Nuclear Power Corp. 

79/04/U. Ip, 

7904160161 LER 79-006/O3L-O on 790312: dur In j normal operation at 90X 
poutr,J~13J vented levels exceeded Tech Specs. Caused by 
fuel failures du 60 ace aler-ateil CDrroiion from outer 
surface tnuard. Fuel -bundles replaced during outage. 
CONWAViH. F. Vermont Van tea Nuclear Power Corp. 79/04/11. 2pp. 



DOCKET 30-271 Vermont Van lee Nuclear Power Station 
Reportable octuTrencea.1 related correspondence 

79O42004Q9 Identifies written testimony to ha filed li proposed order al 
proa/. Provides arof ess iona I qualifications of JH Riddle & 
TO fcckhart. 
WETTERHAHN, M J. Conner, Moore & Corber. 79/04/O2. 3pp 

7904190066 Forwards LER 79-OO7/03L-0. 

CONWAV.H.F. Vanltae Atomic Electric Co, 79/04/16, lp. 

--7904190O70 LEH 79-007/03L-O on 7903li: tontJ Inment dlr purap not 
functioning. Cau-sed by corrosion iHliure o-f bear Inja. Spare 
pump installed and bearings overhauled. 
(ONHrtV.H. F. Vankee Atonic Elettric Co. 79/04/16. 2pj> . 

7904190076 Forwards LEH 79-QOa/03L-Q, 
CGNtfAY, W..F. Vanlee Atomic Electric Co. 

7*904190085 LEH 79-009/03L-0 on 79O317: dur ing scheduled reactor 
shutdown, control charging pou-ar supply failed 1 control 
batteries d Ischargsd, Causod bij Te 1 e-dynamics. Brut* III, 
Serias 400OO2H control charging power supply failure 
COHWAV.w.F. Vankee Atonic Electric Co. 79/04/U, 2pp. 

7904200199 Forwards LER 79-003/03L-0, 

CQNMAV.H. F. Vermont Vanfcee Nuclear Pouier Co-i-p. 79/04/Ifi. lp, 

7904200200 LEfi 79-008/03L-0 on 79O31 7: dor ins scheduled shutdown, eontro 
room pei-sonnl recelvad "UPS-IB Trouble" alarm. Caused bg 
control charging power sujplj fai lura. Fa i lure could not be 
repeated t UPS-"B" itja returned to Svc, 
COHWAV. M. F. Vsrmont Vankee Nuclear Poiuer Corp. 79/04/1A. 2pp, 

7904200270 Formardi LED 79-007 /O3L-0, 

CONWAYiW.F. VBrmont Vanlcee Nuclaap Pc-uer Corp, 7"?/04/16. lp. 

7904200274 LEH 79-OO7/O3L-0 on 790316: prior to shutdown, contro 1 room 
panel Indicated start at pump motor when motor not running. 
Caused bu inoperab 1 1 1 tu at containment air pioni toring lui 
due to corrosion ssliure of bearleig-s. 
COHWAYiM.F. Vormont Yankee hfuclaar POIUHT Corp, 79/-0*/16, 2pp. 

77042t0203 forwards LEF1 79-O1O/03L-0 

COMUflV.W.F. Vermont Vatilse Nuclear Pouer Corp. 

79/04/2*. Ip. 

~79(M2fi0214 LER 79-01O/O3C-0 on 790320:Toa wilhEtrju perrais.lve light on 
CRP 9-S was oparatlno in. intBrmi ttent fashion uhun (t uas 
tnoiun that refilling platform was movirtg towards core 
u/laadeii bund le. Caused bu switch alignment. 
COHUAV, H. F. Verjnont Yankae Nut liar Power Corp. 79/04/34. 2 PP . 

790-t2603Sa Forwards Left 79-009/03L-0. 

CONHAY. U. F. Vermont Vankoe Nuclsar Paatt Cui-p. 79/04/24, Ip, 

--7904260339 LEH 79-007/03L-O on 790323: tfur I nj rgotina visual Inap, 
supprBssor RR-13 found w/no oil visiftte in reiervoir. Cauied 
by leaking Leni tubtno connection. All conneetlons replatmd 
prior to veinatal latlon. 
CONWhY.H.F, Vermont Vaniee Nuclear Pouar Corp. 79/04/24. 2pp. 

--_^Lf"l a7 ?_! al " m _" l " Clear Oenet '*tln9 Station, Unit 1 

Mjuft c 


inn conference E 



arna* to consolli.te 79031S 
no confer-onte 
, 9 * Svc en" 
rseij, Stats o*. 79/03/07. 3pp. 

! " blJ int """' * * E COUMII For itt.ntlon of time t 
ican B ee'-, notion for , vtnl *ai<<j dlipojitlon of 
ervenors Contentions 2,6,9 (,13 
OHSSORFF, K. A. New j er3eu , Btifce of . 79/03/07. 3pp. 

raual o-f appsaranc* as co-counsel for intervanors 
-ertsficate of Svc end. 

Jersey, State of. 79/03/O7. 3pp. 

n to attend 79O31S prehearlnj conferance at 
F Louar Alldivaus Creefc. States 
.n timelE) arrival. 
9/03/09. Spy. 

orjge rac*i corrosion program pursuant to 
nee reo.uest, Encl withheld 

Financ ia I Informal ion 

79031i03I6 "Annual Rapt 197S. " 

Public Service Electric t. Oil Co. of Mew Jersey. 70/13/31. 

7903160228 "Annual Rep t 1978. " 

* Delmarva Powar If Light Co, 79/13/31. 36pp. 

7903160231 "Annual Rapt 1976." 

Atlantic Electric of Niu Jarsou. 70/12/31. 32pp. 

7903160232 "Annual Hept 197B. " 

Philadelphia Electric Co. 7B/I2/31. 3ipp. 

Operating license stagi 

7904040027 Forwards Amend 14 .to License DPR-70 d notica of Usuanca b 

availability. Security plan evaluation yithheld (ref 
IOCFR2. 790). 

SCHWeNCER.A. Operating Beactops Branch 1. 79/03/03. 3pp. 

7904060029 Amend 14 to License DPR-70, incorpoi-atlnfl physical ucurltu 


SCHWeNCER, A. Operating Reactors Branch I. 79/03/03. 3pji, 

79O4040032 Notice of Issuance t> availability of Amend 14 to Llcttltf 

DPR -70, 

SCHHENCen.A. Dpsrating lieactort Branch 1. 79/03/OS. 3pp. 

7904060009 Forwards Amond 15 to License DPfi-70i soretu evaluation tt 
notice of Issuance & availability. 
BCHHEMCEH.A. Operating Reactors Branch 1, 79/03/Oi. 2pp, 

-- 7901060011 Amend IS to License DPR-70 ravis ing, on * one-Urn, bos H, tin 
tftat ooTon injaction tank la permitted to be Inoperable 
prior to implementing rea,uiremnt tor placing r a actor In hot 
SCHWENCER. A, Operating Reactors Branch 1. 79/03/06. Spfi. 

7904060013 Safety ovaluation supporting Amend IS to Lletnso DPK-7O 
Office of Nuclear Reactor FlBoulatton. 79/03/06, 3pn. 

79040600[fl Notice of issuance (, aval lab 1 l*(u of Am and is' to HCI.B 
DPR-70, pBspect Ivaly, 
CROTENHUISrM, Operating Reactors Branch 1. 79/03/06. pp. 

7904090290 Raquosts addl info re t.pabllltu of NBBB to respond to 
postulated ATMS transients. Forwards NRC 790213 Itr to OK ur/ 
rU * tIOr S ! t0 '""'i adequncy of proposal mods to 

- c.ruon, 

ssistant Director for Suitems t. Projects. 79/03/la. 

TW ** J>ub "S Svc *'*" * Co 700731 raspons. to NflC 
S "'"'"' "pit- ipnt fuel rwks. 
79/03/13 1 Pu6Ue 8ervlca Slectrlc , B.. Co. of Neb, 

ic ^"" l r*S f ? r t""" 10 "P " P t. i, communication, / 
licaniee re effect of plant on environ * pUnt Uianit.r 
evacuation plan, 
KE&LER.N. Affiliation Unknouin. 717/03/11. lp. 

.hang., t. 

c meetin9 u/uttl rfl P, 

! Otl mol!erfl t 1 "' tomp coaffldent 4c rod po 

*i" "1*''"<Mi>*.H/int of attBnde... po 
O.O. n papat lng Reactors Branch 1. 79/03/S6. 4pp. 

Electric Co, 79/03/97. 3pp. 


SCHWENCER.ft. Operating Reactor* Branch 1. 79/03/2B. lp. 



DOCKET 30-273 Salem Nuclear Gemmating Station* Unit i 
Operating license stags 

790410001B Requeits NHC Initiate immediate Insp of Salom facilitu 
because of similarity of design to TMI. 
HACQUIRE.A. -House of Rep. 79/03/30. Ip. 

7904110321 Re. pome to FOIA request for records re UERs, NRC tnsp rupts 
affects of facility an environ & plant disaster evacuation 
plan. Advises that all info sought ii available at Salem <NJ) 
free public library. 
FELTON.J.M. Office of Administration. 79/O4/09. Ip. 

7-704230243 Supplies addl info in aupport of 790301 amend request re 
deletion of part length control rods from safety Tech Spoca, 
Thimble plug assemblies to be inn tailed in fuel assemblies 
previously occupied by part length control rods. 
LIBRIZZIiF. P. Public Service Electric . Gas Co. of New Jersey 
77/04/19. 2pp. * 

790419O153 Forwards IE Bullstin 79-03A, "Nuclear Incident at 
TMI - Suppl," & preliminary chronology of TMI-2 790328 
accident until core cooling restored. 

CRIER. B.H. Region 1, Philadelphia. Office of the Director 

79/04/Q5. Ip. 

7904270320 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-06A, "Review of Operational Errors (. 
Sys Misalignments Identified During TMI Incident." 
GHIERrB.H, Region 1. Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 

79/04X14. Ip.. 

Periodic operating reports, related correspondence 

79O4O3O2E6 Forwards "Impingement Monitoring Program Hept 23. Fb 1979." 
LIBRHZZI.F.P. Public Service Electric , Cas Co. of Neu Jarsau.. 
79/03/20. Ip. 

7904030227 " Irapingemant Monitoring Program Rept 23, Fab 1779." 

Public Service Electric t< Oat Co. of Neu Jersey. 79/03/2O. 

7904260226 In reiponse to ruquest by Zechi forwards info re delation 
of certain valve* from Type "C" loak rata testing. 
LIERIZZIiF. P. Public Service Eloctrlc t* Oan Co. of New Jerseu 
79/04/24. 2pp. 

"7904300263 Responds to NRC request for info re valve weights used in 
leismic analysis of 3, 4 *. 6-Inch suing check valves. 
MITTL.R.L. Public Service EUctric & Oas Co. of New Jorseu 
79/04/24. Sop, * 

7904120277 Forwards "Annual Environ Operating Rapt <Nonrailio 1 ogical ) 
1978. " 

LIBRIZIIiF. P. Public Service Electric t> Oas Co. of Neu Jersey. 
79/04/02, 2pp. . 

79041202B1 "Annual Environ Operating Rapt (Nonradiolog leal ) 1176." 
* Public Snrvfce Electric & Gai Co. of Neui Jersey. 79/O3/3Q. 

Inspection report! and correspondence 

7904090411 Respond* to IE Bulletin 79-01, dtd 79030B. Provides environ 
data on eo.uipmBnt: transmitters, solenoids, 1 imit switches d 
instrument panels. 

SCHNEIDER, F. H, Public Service Electric i. Gas Co. of New Jerseu 
79/03/06. Spp. 

7704190132 Forwards IE Insp Repts BO-272/79-03 t. 30-311/79-06 on 
790114-0217. No noncompllanca notad. 

BRUNNER.E.J. Region 1. Philadelphia, Reactor Operations Muclear 

Support Branch. 79/03/09. 2pp. 

7904190160 IE Imp Rept 90-272/79-03 . 30-3U/79-O6 on 7901 14-O217. Nu 
noncompl lanc noted. Major areas inspected: plant operations 
including tour of facility, log % record a revieu, folloiuup on 
licensee events & folloiuup on previous Incp items. 
NQRRHOLM, L. J. , NICHOLAS, H. H. . KEIMIO.H.R. Region 1, 

PhtladtlphUi Reactor Operations Nuclear Support Branch. 79/03/07. 

7904040331 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-03, "Long itudlnat Weld Defects in 
ASME 6A-312 Typ* 304 Btainless Steel Pipe Elpools 
HanufacturBd by Youngstouin Melding b Engineering Co." 
ORIER.D H. Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 

79/03/13. Ip. 

7904030090 Forwards IE Circular 79-04, "Loose Locking Nut on Limitorqtia 
Valva Operators. " 

ORIEIi, B,H. Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Director, 

79/03/16. Ip. 

7704040289 Forwards IE Bulletin 78-I2B, "Atypical Weld Matl in Reactor 
Pressuru Vassal Meld*, " 

ORIEft.B.H. fiealon 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 

79/03/19. Ip. 

7904090036 Forward) IE Circular 79-03, "Moisture Leakage In Stranded 
Mire Conductors. " 

ORIERiB.H. Region I, Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 

79/03/S.O. Ip. 

7904040396 Forwards IE Info Notice 79-03, "Use of Improper Matls in 
flaf aty-Ra.lJ.ted Components, " 

ORIER.B.H, Region 1. Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 

79/03/21. Ip. 

7904200139 Forwavda IE Info Notice 79-07, "Rupture of Rad waste Tanks. " 
ORIER.B.H. Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 

79/03/2:6. Ip. 

7704270473 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-04. "Incorrect Heights for Suing 
Check Valve* Manufactured by Valsn Engineering Carp." 
<9RIER,B.H. Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 

79/03/30. 1 P . 

790412O29Q Forwards "Artificial Island Radiological Environ Monitoring 
Program. " 

LIBRIIZIiF. P. Public Service Electric & Oas Ca. af Heu Juriei;. 
79/04/Oa. Ip, 

79O412O302 "Artificial Island RadLalogical Environ Monitoring Program. 
Public Service Electric fc Gas Co. of Neu Jersey. HHC-TR-79-03. 
78/03/31. IQSpp. 

79O417O17S Forwards monthly operating rept for Mar 1979. 

MIDURA.H.J. Public Service Electric & Cas Co. of Neu Jeriay. 
79/01/10. lp. 

79O417O177 rlonthly operating rept for Mar 1979, 

MILLER, L. K. Public Service Electric fc Gas Co. of Mem J&rseu. 
79/O4/10. l*pp. 

Reportabla occurrences, related correspondence 

7904300399 RO 79-27/01P on 79O325:fresh water supply tanks fell below 
Tech Spec mln. Caused by fire main break at Hope Creel site. 
Break was isolated !i. tanks refilled. 

MI DURA, HJ. Public Service Electric ti Oas Co. of Neu Jersey. 
79/03/2i. lp. 

7904030184 Forwards LGR 79-01 1/01K-1. 

LIBRIZZI.F.P. Public Service Electric 4 Oas Co. of Neu Jersey. 
79/03/29. 3pp. 

~-7904O3Ola8 LER 79-011/01X-1 on 7901 16: during normal operat ion, uhil t 
preparing For containment pressure relief, RMS channel 
alarmed t> cleared & uas reset at control console, but not at 
RMS panel, Caused by procedure inadequacy. Procedure modified. 
KAPPLE.A.W. Public Service Electric V Oas Co. of Hew Jerseu. 
79/O3/29. lp. 

7904030339 Forwards LER 78-06I/01X-3. 
LIBRIZZIiF. P. Public Service Elactric 
79/03/39, lp. 

Oas Co. of tfeu Jeraeu,. 

--7904030243 LER 7S-Q61/01X-2 on 780907: noted defect in protection sys 
which could allow airborne activity to be released to 
outside atmosphere. Caused by design deficiency. Des i gn change 
installed in protection sys. 

KAPFLE.A.W. Public Service Electric ',. Oas Co. of Neu Jorseu. 
79/O3/29. lp. 

7704030243 Forwards LER 7B-029/OIX-1. 

LIBRIZZI,F.P. Public Service Electric t Oas Co. of Neu Jersu. 
79/03/39. Ip- 

7904O3024B LER 78-029/OlX-t on 7BQ610: during training startups., two 
power rango channels found Inoperab le. Caused by personnel 
error in uhich wrong leads were disconnected from reactivity 
computer. Procedures revised. 

KftFPLE.A.W. Public Snrviee Electric & Gas Co. of Neu Jaraey.. 
79/O3/29. lp. 

7904180330 Foru*rdt IE Bulletin 79-03. "Nuclear Incident, at TMI" 
PNQ-79-67, 79-67A, B, C, D, E, F t 0. No response required. 
ORIER.B.H. Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 

79/04/01. lp. 

7904Q30SS9 Toruiards LER 79-067/03X-I, 

LIBRIZZI.F.P. Public Service Electric k Oas Co. of Nau 
79/03/29. lp. 


DOCKET 50-373 Salem Nuclear Generating Station. Un^ 
Renortible occurrence). related correspondence 

-790403029* LER 


penetration iinmadiately sealed. 

KAPPLE.A.H, Public Service Electric * Oas Ca. of Neu 

79/03/2?. lp. 

79O423Q239 LES 79-Q23/O3L-0 on 79O319: dur ing normal operation on 
79O3Qa,rsteit not performed after 79O302 <nalnt on chilled 
mater pump II, Caused by personnel t-rror. PT ocedure reviewed I> 

KAPPLE. A. (J. Public Service Electric b Qas Cg. of Meui J.nvg. 
79/Q4/18. lp. 

79B424Q341 Forwards LER 79-02 9/0 3L-0. 

LIBRI IZI.F. P, Public Snrvlco Electric t> Cai Co, of NBLU Jrng. 
79/04/19. lp. 

79/03/H?. lp. 

to *Ui buildup In Id* 
79/03/39. IP- 

7904340343 LER 79-027YQ3L-O on 7903HO; during channel functional toe.t 
high voltage was founJ to be low.Causad by brtakdaun of 
diod In high voltage pawui- aupp lij. Diode uai replaced ft 
channel function*! max copip lataif. 

KAPPLE.A.M, Public Srwce Electrlt li Oas Co. of New Jrii(. 
77/04/19. 3pp- 

79Q424O39S Foruards LEU 79-O35/O1T-0. 
LIBRIZZIiF.P. Public Brvic* Elctrtc 
79/04/19. lp. 

Gas Co. of Nu Jtrng. 

79/04/03. I p. 

-7904060320 LER 79-MI/03L-0 on 790302: O y.rh Bil d .nnuc ;I* " c 
r. il.nMd.l n ltlng pou .r rang, nw J"' *"* """"*""' 
channel failura. C.u*.d by fllur> of N41 chrinel h tgh 
vnltagt oowar .upply, FailiiJ power -.upply rsplated. 
KAPPLE'A H. Puhllc Bifvie* KI*He fc Co. o^ H.W J.r*.y. 
79/04/02. 3pp. 

79/04/09. If- 

7904U0159 LER 79-027/01T-0 79033*! dur in, HoJ. f 
Hop* Cr.V fire prot.ctlon h.-d" *"'"" *- nil J 
ini-pabU of providing adaqwt. ion. Cd between fae iltt {, Cann.c t valv tM 
KAPPLE.ft.M. Public aurvica Electric t Oi* CD. of 
79/04/09. 3pp. 

7904240407 LER 79-O35/O1T-O -on 790<05: during cold shutdowni f ire pump 2 
bid not automatically itart luhtn header prfiupe dropped. 
Cauied bij fault in itartlng control circuit. Correetiv 
action undeTwiijv 

KAPPLC.A.H, Public Service Electric Sc &as Co. of Neu Jeri^. 
79/04/1?. 3pp. 

Hejirinfl transcript* 

7904O30093 Transcript of 770315 meeting in Salem, NJ. Pp 121-316. 

HILHOULINi 0.. LAMBiJ.C., KDRMBLITH.L. Atomic Saft(| and Lienlno 
BoJfd Panel. 79/O3/I3. 19Spp. 

790-1O300&3 Tramcripli of 79031i hearing in SalemjNJ.Pp 317-363. 
HlLHOLLINrO. Atomic Safety and LUining Board Panel. 79/03/1A. 

7904330391 Li-its correctioni to hearing trancrlpt- 

MILHOLL1H. 0. L. Atomic 'Safotv n* Llcsnllng Board Panel. 79/O3/3O. 

7904170256 Forufrdi 810 79-23/Q4L .... 

.P. P"bUc S-t-vle- El.ctrtc (, Oa. Co. of Neu 

79/04/13. lp. 

790+170838 RO 79-33/04L on 770312: caputr pror* dtsruptii! normal 
tondsnier temp Indication (t op*rtor did not Inform 
nrparvHor.Conienumtly, local ttmp re*din B ur not 
monitored at raqutrail. Caud bi) pp*onnel arror, 
KWPUl" V Public EiervU- EUctric fc On. C. of N Jry, 
79/04/12. lp. 

DOCKET SO-371 U.S. Goloalcal Survaij Riearch Reactor 

__ .___.*. - * M --^. . M ^.- . .-.. .. , . . .- n 

Opemtino llcenie taoe 

7904170O76, Application fop amand to ET8 propoiino. that all *lininti re 
tharra*! plume mapping b* conaci 1 1 dated into 9 set ion 4- 1. la. 
CAHILLi H. J. Coniolld^t-J Edlon Co. ofNauVorfc. EARLV.P.J. Power 
Author it(j State of Neu Vork. 79/01/1O. Hipp. 

7904240373 Forwards LEU 79-024/G3I.-0. 
UBRIZII.F.P. Public Eiervlca Electric 
79/04/12. lp. 

Oa. Co, of M.u Jr*.. 

7904S4037B LEU 79-Oa4/03l--0 nn 7903l3:alr partlculat* monitor y* 

declared Inop.r-b le. Cau.eJ b,, falUn? motor b.-rlns. uhlch 
lad Mllir paper drive to flout d aetivatn f*Uil flit" 
al*r*.Mt<.p uai cleaned (- bearing raplacad. 

KAPPU-A.M. Public, aarvicB EUctrie h Oai Co. of Neu JtttH- 
79/04/12. 3pp. 

7904200836 Forward* LER 79-03Q/031--I). 

UIBRIIZt.F.P. Public Service metric (. Oai Co. at Ntu Jriv. 
79/04/16. lp. 

7"JQ00329 LGR 79-030/03L-0 on 790332: two ur v*ll lane t to v.rifg 

linaupt e*Cedd time limit by < !< 7 ilay*.Cu"d by 
ptrionml trror. Loj nti->| hai notified all ihlftt thet 
upvelllancai ihaLl b* performed wti*n Initrvctid. 
KAPPLE.A.W. Public Bervic* Electric 4< Oa Co. 0* Nu derimi. 
79/04/16. 3pp. 

7904200233 Forward! LER 79-036/03L-0. 

HBRIZH.F.P. Public Service Electric li Oai Co. of Mnu Jertiij. 
79/04/14. I P. 

790*200237 LER 79-026/031, -0 on 790318: No 13 reaeUv fOoUnt loop 
Protection Channel III Inoperabl*. Caud bv rultv channL 
tunmator module. aumiMtor wai rapl*cd. 

KAPPLE.A.H. Public Bsrvle* Electric Si Oa* Co. of Meu Jtn. 
79/04/1A, 3pp. 

7904230233 Forward* LER 79-023/03L-0. 
UaniZZI.F.P. Public B*rvlc Electric . 
79/04/18. 3pp. 

Co of Mu Jtry. 

DOCKET 50-273 Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 1 

Applleatton/comtruetlon itacje ' 

7904060*10 Rquaiti addl info r method* of calculating thermal 
analvol* of component, ui/^ual if ieatlon te,it ttmn le< than 
calculated peak temp of 344 F. ,-,-/,* , 

. F. Light HattT Ractori Branch 1. 79/03/14. 7pp. 

7704OA0417 RnnoBtts *ddl Info ro valve eloiura analyil* t. deiion of 
debrLi leraen .tpenjth to complete OL reviau, 

.P. Light Hater Ractori Branch 1. 79/03/14. 3pn, 

790413008A Reipontfs U 790220 1 fcr Te dnlal of ilte viiit pr*l t. Bttei 
abienct of epncific NRC policy den<jlnfl lit* viU.Slt Vielt 
would not be unia* but would place burden on plant 

DENTONnllR. Office of Nuclnar Reactor R*gulatlon. 79/03/B3. la. 

7?04taooM Deieribe. attempts to obtain tit" vlit f^ *< ""^v 
eUif.Rf1u-ti llB9d NRC policy preventing vliiti be 

Univ. of, 79/02/ae. 

7904100340 Foruardi "SubmerBnca Tut for Lot l,Uavl A. ITT Barton 
Jl""i'l'lc Oa. I. El.ctric Co. 79/03/2B, lp. 

7904100342 T<it "Submerg enc. for Lot 1, L.V.I A. ITT B.rton 
* r PiclfU 0* fc El.ctrie Co. 79/03/28. 9pp. 



DOCKET 3O-27S Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant. Unit 1 
Application/construction a tag 9 

7904100023 Request! Full t, immediate invest fgatlon tntc 
surrounding accident at TMI. Commissi on should compara 
designs of TMI & Diablo Canyon. 
PANETTA. U.E. House of Rep. 79/03/30, lp 

79O42 10327 Amend fee must ha submittnd for 790321 request for eitenalon 
of completion dates for CPPR-39 (, CPPR-67. 
MILLER, M. 0. License Fas Management Draneh, 77/04/1O, lp. 

77041&0216 Forwards matl re LQCA qualification of fan cooler power 
cab lei. demonstrating qualification of tables in eicess of 
LOG A condition*. 
CRANE. P. A. Pacific Qai U Electric Co. 79/04/12. 33pp. 

79O42LOOA& Notification of 790110 meeting tu/PG&E in Bethesda.MD to 
discuss outstanding isiucs in Unit 1 radiological effluents 
Tech Specs. 
BUCKLEV. B.C. Light Water Road on Branch 1. 79/04/12. 3pp. 

7704260=78 Forward* PNO-79-67V t< W. 

ENQELKEN, R.H. Region S, San Francisco, Office of the Director. 

79/Q4/16. lp. 

Eecurltiji medical, emergency t< fire protection plans 

79O41SOO7O Informs that ravieu of security plan la complete. Finds plan 
acceptable (t will incorporate! it Into OL uhen Issued. 
Bcurity plan evaluation rept withheld (rof 10CFR2. 790). 
BQVD.R, H, Division of Project Management. 79/03/29. 4pp. 

7904190139 Ack receipt of 790216 Itr eipresslng concern re airh 
release fc waste atorase, Dascr ihes analysis of safety 
factors used in const ft status of matte mgt programs. 
MOORE. V. A Assistant Director for Environmental Projects 

79/04/09. 2pp. 

Utility FSAR and amendments 

7904100352 Forwards Amonds 77 t. 70 to QU application. 

CRANE.P.A. Pacific Gas If Electric Co. 79/03/29. 2pp. 

7904100396 Amend* 77 & 7B to OL application including matl for FSAR E. 
Hosgri Rept. Certificate of Svc encl. 
SHACKELFdfiD, B. Pacific Oas i, Electric Co. 79/O3/29. 105pp. 

Operating license stage 

7904030263 Forwards preliminary drafts of Offsite Dose Calculation 
Manual info, environ monitoring procedures radiation monitor 
tabulation, waste treatment flou diagrams (over&iie) & 
radiological Tech Spec* for Unit 1. 
CRANE.P.A. Pacific Gas fr Electric Co. 79/03/27. 136pp. 

Inspection reports and correspondence 

Ad jwd icatorii correspondence 

77040iOtO2 Declare* nuclear power 1 monstrous fc const of facllifcij an 
Ha*grl fault it crlmlnallg negligent. 
RUB8ELL, J. B. Affiliation Unknown. 79/03/07. lp. 

*- 7904060104 Appeals for halt to facility const. 

FEftHIB.S. Affiliation Unknown. 79/03/10. lp. 

77040601QB Sugge*t postponement of facility licensing due to 
unrealvd natters of low lovel radiation & uasta ctorage. 
APPLEOARTH, P.M. Affiliation Unknown. 79/03/13. ip. 

790 a O7OOBB Propoied finding* of fact fc conclusion* of laui 
ru non-env(ron iui. Facll I tu will operate per amended 
application k license ihouU be Issued, Certificate of Bvc 

HCmTOHiH. H. , FOROUBHi M, H. . CRANE. P, A. Pacific Oas J. Electric Co. 
77/03/1S. 93pp, 

7904190190 Forwards IE Insp Rept 50-273/79-04 on 790201 -S3. No 
noncomp 1 iance noted. 

CREWSiJ.L. Reaion 3. San Francisco, Reactor Operations Nuclear 

Support Branch. 79/03/06. 2pp. 

--7904190192 IE Insp Rept 30-273/79-04 on 790201-23. No noncomp 1 ianca 
noted. Major areas inspectad:preoperatlonal testing. plant 
tour. witnessing of sgi verification testing & other testing 
in progress. 

YOUNO. T. . JOHNSTON, 0. H. . STERNHERO. D. M. Regions, San 

Francisco. Reactor Operations Nuclear Support Branch. 77/03/O6. 

7904170330 Requests extension of time to 790914 to prepare complete 
response to IE Bulletins 7B-12 b 7B-1EA. 
CRANE.P.A. Pacific Oas d Electric Co. 79/03/09. lp. 

7904170381 Request granted for extension of time to respond to IE 
Bulletin* 7B-12 k 7B-13A dtd 790309. 

ENOELKEN, R. H. Region 5. San Francisco, Office of the Director. 

79/04/06. lp. 

79Q409Q326 NRC testimony re ATWB fc Rn-283. 

BDWERB.E. B. Atomic Safety, and Licensing Board Panel. 79/03/12. 

7704210238 Requests denial of OL due to ponibHtij of earthquakes In 
elte areas. Public Input mult take place in beginning of 
const permit process, 
EDUAHOBrC. Affiliation Unknown. 79/03/17. 2pp. 

77CM23O349 Oranti joint intrvenor' 7703H3 request for 2-day delay In 
fillno proposed Mndino* *>' * act *> eonelusiont of law. 
BOWERS, E. B. Atomic Safety end Licensing Hoard Panel. 79/03/27. lp. 

7904190118 IE le Investigating allegation* re qua'llt of rework items 
t facility. 
TOUHTELLOTTE, J. Branch 4, 79/03/29. 2pp. 

7?O4TZi0243 Ltrs from citliens opposing DL became of dangers to public 
h**lth fc uelfare. ,-<,., 

BFteWTDN.B., OARCIA.O., CHUNOrP. Aff i 1 iation Unknown. 77/04/04. 

7704340119 Forwards IE Bulletin 7B-12B. "Atypical Meld Matl in Reactor 
Pressure Vessel Melds." 

ENOELKENiR.H. Region S, San Francisco, Office of the Director. 

77/03/19. lp. 

7904030046 Forwards IE Info Notice 79-05, "Use of Improper Hatls in 
Baf etu-Related Components. " 

ENOELKEN.R.H. Region 5, San Francisco, Office of the Director. 

79/03/21. lp. 

On*ral correspondence 

7704160046 Forward* constituent 770313 Itr expressing concern re clou 
proiimitij of Hosgri Fault to plant * po**ibilitg of major 

LAOOMAFtBINO, R. J House of Rep. 77/03/20. 3pp. 

7904 160047 E*pre*.e* concern for health of children during low leve 
radioactive emiion* from operating plant fc safety of 

people along transportation line of nuclear fuel. t. wastes. 
duettlan* authority of NRC to license util, 
KLDTZiP.H. Affiliation Unknown. 77/03/HO. lp. 



DOCKET 30-277 Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station. Unit S 
Inspection report* and correspondence 

790427G213 Forward modified physical security withheld 
(ref 10CFR2. 790). 
BRftDLEY. E, J. PhlladalpMa Electric Co. 7"?/O4/24. 4pp. 

7904300290 Raipond* to NRC 79O222 Jtr re violations noted In IE Insp 
Rept* 30-277/79-04 & 30-378/79-03. Corrocttve act ions: rev lsd 
jraola d heat detector tya to comply u/Tech Spec* 
DALTROFF.Q.L. Philadelphia Electric Co. 77/03/12. 3pp, 

--79O42Q0292 Forwards IE Insp Rept* 30-277/79-01 & 50-270/79-03 on 
790113-19 Si notice of violation. 

DRIER, B.H. Region li Philadelphia, Offico of the Director. 

79/02/33. 2pp, 

7901200293 Notice of violation from (np on 79Q1I3-19. 

* Region IF Philadelphia. Office of tho Director. 79/02/13 

7904300294 IE Inp Rept 30-277/77-O4 fc 5Q-27B/79-03 on 790I1S-19. 
Noncomplicance no ted: failure to teat imoks fc heat detectors. 
Region ii Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 79/02/19 

7904200499 Forward* IE Info Notlco 79-07, "Rupture of Raduias te Tanks." 
ORIER,D,H. Region 1, Philadelphia. Office of the Director. 

79/03/26. Ip. 

7904270478 Forward! IE Bui latin 79-04. "Incorrect Height* Cor Bulnn 
Chad Valve* Manufactured by Velan Engineering Corp." 
ORIERiB.H. Raglan 1. Philadelphia, Office of th Director 

79/03/30, Ip. 

7904180829 Forward* IE Bulletin 79-03, "Nuclear Incident at Three Milo 
Island" fc PNO-79-67, 79-67A. 79-67EJ. 79-67C, 79-67D, 79-67E, 
79-67F li 79-670. No re*ponse roquirad, 

CRIER, B.H, Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 

79/04/01. Ip. 

Adjudicator^ correspondence 

7904090229 Ask for permanent closing of plants for safety reasons 
CAMPBELL, M, Affiliation Unknown. 79/03/14. Ip. 

7904110133 Forulards brief b i; Caccia omitted from 790301 or dor. Den i as 
request b-j C KnpfoTd to cicarpt pages from documnnts filud 
in TMI proceed ing far ivc to involved part ia, 

DUFLOi M. E. Atomic Safoti; and Licensing Appeal Panol. 79/03/22 

Don era 1 correspondence 

79O424Q570 In response to 790406 I tr. reaf P irms commitment to keep 
recipient fulltj informed or, TMI-3. Raq.uaats For careful Insp 
of TMI-1 Si Paach Dottom havo boon f oriuarded ID IE. 
KflMrtEfiER, C, Office of Cong reasi ona 1 Affairs. 79/04/12. Ip, 

79O4210S74 In addition to close monitor tug of TMI-2. reouos ts caroful 
Insp of TrU-t ti Puath Dottom. 
OOODLINO^B. House of Rep, 79/O4/06, Ip. 

79O423032S Forwards annual repts of Ph i lacfolp ti la Electric Co, Atlantic 
Eloctric o-f MJ.PSE4O tt Dulmarva Pouar 4 Light. 
BHADLEV. E. J. Philadelphia Elactric Co. 79/04/17. Ip 

Operating 1 iconia stagi 

7904190141 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-OSA, "Nuclear Incident at 
TMI - BuppI," & preliminary cliranolagi/ of TMl -2 790338 
accident until corn cooling ro tared, 

ORIERiB.H. Rag ion 1, Philadelphia. Office of th Director. 

79/04/03. Ip. 

79O404013B rt* rult of stipulation atnong parties It participants in 
WRC proceadlng on Unit 3,cortaln onvlron Toch Spac* for 
Units 2 d 3 will be revised. Revision covars cooltng touier 
out a go of mora than tticea liaijs, 
IPPDI.ITO, T. A. Operating Reactor* Dranch 3, 79/O4/04. 2pp 

7704370318 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-0&A, "Review of Operational Errors t. 
9ys HluUlgnmiints Identified During TMI Incident." 
DRIER, H.H. Region I, Philadelphia. Office of the Director. 

79/04/14. Ip, 

Periodic operating reports, related correspondence 

7904170249 Forwards monthly operating rvpt for Mur 1971. 
CQQNEY.rl, J. Philadelphia Electric Co. 79/04/1H. Ip. 

7904170247 Monthly operating ropt for Mar 1979. 

ALPEN,M.H, Philadelphia Electric Co. 79/04/10. 9pp. 

7904270361 Forwards Thermal Monitoring Reptt 67 & 68 covering Jan & Fait 
HILLaeV.H.B. Philadelphia Electric Co. 79/04/16. 3np, 

790409OS90 naquvit* add! Info PL- capability of NS&S to rospond to 
postulatad ATW8 trans lent*. Forwards NRC 790H13 Itr to OE (j/ 
renuest for analijiis to confirm adao.uac^ of |>ropoad mod* to 
LWR Joigns.NLiREO-O460 Vol 3 oncl.H/o enc 1. W/d i * trio ution. 
VOLLMER.ft. H. Assistant Dlrsctor for Soitiainfl t Projacts. 79/03/la, 

7704110334 Forward* proprietary rept NEDE-23749-1-P, "Comparison of 

Anali/tfcat Modal for Computing Safety Relief Vfllva Dlaeh*rge 
Ulna Transient Pressure* d Forces to Monticello r-0uitchr 
Test D)ata. " MitMield fref 1OCFR2. 790), 

SODDNrL, J, 0noral Electric Co., Nuclear Ennrgu Products Dlv 
79/03/20. Ip. 

79O4100341 Foriuards Fab 1979 program activity review ve Mark I 
containment program. 

8080N.L.J. General Elactrlc Co.,Nueloar Energy Products Dli 
79/04/06. 9pp. 

Reportlhle occurrence*, related correspondence 

7704110293 Quppl ropt to RO 2-79-11/lP on 790302: valva control 
component* not IB! *mtcal ly quell fled. Cauied by design 
deficiencies. Valves ere being analyied for seismic 
ULLRICHiH, T, Philadelphia Ellectrlc Co, 79/03/19. 2pp. 

7704160177 LGR 77-012/03U-0 on 790307; ca Uulated toru water level 
lower llntlt did not provide proper toru* uatar vol. Cauied by 
failure to recognli* lou preisure differential betueen 
drvwell d torus holdi douncomer level. 
COONEVi H. J. PhtladelphU Electric Co. 79/04/06. Ip. 

7704240326 LER 77-014/03L-O on 790327: trip etpoirit drift of drijuell 
high pretture switch uee beyond Tech 8p*c limit- Caused by 
Btatlc-0-Ring Model 13N-AA4 being out of callbr due to 
eetpolnt drift. H l recalibrated & returned to tvc, 
COONEV,M, J, Philadelphia Electric Co. 79/04/17. Ip. 

DOCKET BO-37B >Pech Bottom Atomic Power Station. Unit 3 
Security! medical, emtergancv d fire protection plan* 

7704020036 Forwards corrected page B-l of security plan evaluation 
rept,. Page withheld Cref 10CFR2.790) 
IPPOLITO.T.A. Operating Reactor* Branch 3. 79/03/13. 2pp. 



DOCKET 5 0-27 B Peach Bottom Atomic Pouor Station, Unit 3 
Inspection reports and correspondence 

79042Q02D9 Act receipt of 790312 UP Informing NSC of step, ta*.,, to 
correct vtolat ions natod in IE Inap Rapti 90-377/79-04 t, 
50 -278/7 "7-03. 



ftogion 1, Philadelphia, Office at tho Directt 

-7904E00290 Responds to NflC 79D322 Ur ra violations noted in IE Imp 
R*pts SO-377/79-04 & SO-27B/79-03. Correct ive ac t ions' reviled 
smoke &. heat detector iijt to comply u/Tech Spec. 

L. Philadalphla Electric Co. 79/03/12. 3pp. 

Farl "** IE Imp RepU 90-277/79-04 (. 30-378/79-03 on 

790113-19 & notice of violation 

-> R89Un '* p "-'"lphl. DffU, of the Director. 

7904200293 Wotiee of violation from imp on 790IIS-I9 

Region 1, Philidalphia, Office of the Director 79/02/15 


7904aoOS94 IE Imp 50-377/79-04 fc 90-273/79-03 on 790115-19 
Noncomp I (cane* noted : fai lurt to teit mote t, heat d.ttctan 
Region J, Philadelphia, Qffict of th> Director. 79/08/15 
Hp p. 

I p. 

Urfelphia, Office of th* Blr&ctor. 

7901270472 IE Bulletin 79-04, "Incorrect Uclohtt for- Suing 
Cnetk Valves Manufactured iu Velan Engineering Corp " 
GRIEJJ.B.H. Rgion 1. Philadalphla, rjff Lca of tllt Director 

79/03/30. Ip. 

79041S0229 Forwards CElDulletin 79-O3, "Nuclear Incident -.t Thr Hill 
Iilantf" & PMQ-79-i7, 79-A7A, 77-67B, 79-67C, 79-67D, 79-67E, 
79-67F (< 79 -i 70. No rsiponse requirad, 

GRIEfi.B, H. 


FlBlan 1, Ph 1 ladolphia, Office of th Director. 

7904190I4 Forward. IE Bulletin 79-O3A, "Nuiclear Incident at 
THI - Suppl," % pr.limtnanj chronology at TMI-2 790329 
Accident unttk core cooling rettored. 

QRlEfi.H.H. Raglan 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Director 

79/04/03. Ip. 

7904370513 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-Q6A, "Revieui of Operatlon-1 Error. I. 
8<i* Miiallgnmentt Identified During TMI Incident " 

22',?^ H - R9'o" 1' Phildlpfiia, Office of th. Director. 

79/04/14. Ip. 

Periodic operating raparti, related correipondence 

7904170245 Foruardi monthlv operating rept for Hr 1979 
COONEY.M. J. Philadelphia El*ctr!c Co. 79/04/13. l f . 

79O4170247 Mgnfchly oparating rept for Hr 1979 

ALDEN.H.M. Phi ladalph i * Electric Co. 77/04/10. 9pp. 

7904270361 Forward! Thermal Monitoring Repti A7 fc 6B covering Jn I. Feb 
HILLSEY.W, B. Philadelphia Electric Co. 79/04/16. 3 ff . 
Reportablc occurrsnc esj ralated corre>od 

7904110285 Sopp 1 r-pt to BO 3-79-II/1P on 7903O2: valve control 
comflon.nts not ielmlcallij D.UO! if Catiied bu dtiien 
deficlenelos.Vfalvei are .baing analuid for lelsmlc 
acceptati 1 1 (ty. 
ULUUCM,H. T. Philadelphia Electric Co. 79/O3/1B. 2pp. 

7904130300 LEO 79-011/O1T-0 on 790323: during routine Insp of drijbJ* * l 
torus ventilation va Ivei, inf latab le disc *ealt mere found 
[fepressui-lied. Caused by procedural deficiency following mod 
tg dryuell d torus vent valves. Procedures revised. 
COONEV.M. J. Philadelphia Electric Co. 79/04/06. Ip, 

7904130236 LER 79-Q09/Q3L-0 on 790307; calculated torus uater level d * <* 
not provide proper torui uater vol per Tech Spec. Caused 
by failure to lee pressure differential between drguoll & 
torus holds level in doujncomers uas balou torui level, 
COONEYiM.J. Philadelphia Electric Co. 79/04/Oi. Ip. 

7904330221 Foruards LER 79-018/01T-0. 

COONEY.M.J. Philadelphia Electric Co. 79/04/09. 3pp. 

-7904230230 LER 79-O12/O1T-0 on 790336 : at pouer, recomb iner^I 
vibra"" ri tripflBd "*' *" us. Caused by drain valve 

"""' N!J. 1 PhilId.lpM* i Electric"co. lir 79/04/09" 'ij!""' 

_" 2 " 8lnt ! Mjri f ds rona Nuclear Power Plant 
General correipondence 

IfJ. l ?Inii I 5,.M IP ? 11 !' t " J " C) ' l0i "r.rMfflrn, commitment to keep 
f JM! WP V!!':i:"*' " -2-q^ tr c.r.ful m.. 
m., 00 **^ h " V ' """ '- 1 """' <"> IE- 
Office of Congren lonal Affairs. 79/04/12, If. 

DOCKET 3O-aBO Surr>j Power Station, Unit 1 

*" -^- --- ~~ - -,- .._. __ __ _____ __ 

Adjudicatorij correspondence 

i . . 

ip ng ,y, f ol - s, ljm ic loads, nod if g *ui aecordinolu 
operation should not be suip.nded pending u/or" 
Be*pon. reiiuired within 20 daiji 
DENTON.H.R. Office of NucUar Reactor Re 9 ulatior.. 79/03/13, bpf 

.ne ltp> *"* "* r.pair progra-, 

VnoTaXrl. 1 ^ e ""- c -uMn.icn of P 
OENTON.H.R. Office of Nuclear fitacUr Regulation. 79/03/22, Ip, 

ne?Ittr fi ^^^." :UOn ^ ccld "* <"!, r.plac. m .nt of ,U. 
Bnerator.8uggt suspenilon of further work until public 
hearings are hald & EI8 limed, puojic 

POLLAHD,R, ChotapeaVe Energy AllUnce, 79/02/21. Ip. 

Central eorreipondence 

order, on 7 " ^M rec.tved 

BTELLO,V. Division of Operating H,act r.. 79/03/13. ip. 

Financial information 

I ""j 1 ; A ? nu :f """"" "..t 1978.- 

. Virginia Electric fc P OW .r to. 79/03/30. 3pp. 

7904030290 "Annual 197fl 

Vlroinla El.etrie J, P OU .r Co. 7B/U/31. 3App. 

ft ,, . 

BAUH.E.A. Virginia Electric i, Power Co. 79/04/05. Ip. 

Anti-truit correpondence 


M : 1 "" Inif of dr ^ iu * * 

afcle dic ieal found d epres.urUed. Cau.ed bu 
p !f ortl " lft " '"'**n|.Bli relnfl.ted. 
PhiUdelphia EUctric Co. 79/03/36. Spp. 


Antitrust fc Indemnl t. Oroop. 79/03/a?. ip. 

nh f i-lrn >-v.illance t.s t In., 

nboard Iiolabion valv MO- 1 3-15 failed So claie from 
initial test of high it earn tin* flau luiltctix, per Tech 
c U1 * d b ^ VJlv 'ticking on liaclftet.V>lv9 npackerf 

. J. Philadelphia Electric Co. 79/04/03. Ip 

hold .niot 

fl Attorn ' 

in to 

Of rice. 

7904130197 Forward* LER 7?-Oll/01TH>. 

J. Philadelphia Electric Co. 

79/04/06. 3pp. 


DOCKET 30-290 Surry Power Station, Unit 1 
Operating license stage 

790'4O90270 Request* addl info re capability of H838 to respond to 
postulated ATMS transients. Forwards NRC 790215 Itr to GE id/ 
reauelt for analysis to confirm adequacy of proposed mods ta 
LMft designs! NUflEQ-0460 Vo 1 3 oncl.U/o and, W/d istr ibution. 
VDLLMGRr R. H, Assistant Director For Systems h Projects. 71/03/13. ' 


7904060163 Notification of 770316-17 meeting ui/S&H in Bathesda.MD to 
discuss Sl<W proposals r* soil structure Interactions, 
reanalysis t> mod effort!. 
STELLOrV. Division of Operating Reactors. 79/03/13, 2pp. 

790416O138 Responds to 771206 fc 771223 Itrs requesting approval to 
continue use of Defense Apparel air hood. Since hood It noui 
approv"d by NIQSHi approval ii granted & no further action is 
reou ired . 
SCHWENCERiA. Operating Reactors Drench 1. 79/O3/17. 2pp. 

7904020047 Summarlies 790330 talcon w/S&W re future actions to resolve 
outstanding seismic concern of five shutdown plants. Raqueita 
raanalusi* results of laf ety-related piping sy* t. supports. 
8TELLO.V. Division of Operating Reactors. 79/03/30. 2pp. 

7904090230 Bummariias 790321 leUon w/B&H. Reanalysis of piping sus for 
plants must include idantif (cation of small pipe siting & 
analyst* of all saf aty-related piping. Raanalu.i* of primary 
sus piping not required 
STELLOrV. Division of Operating Reactors. 79/03/31. 2pp, 

7904130234 Establish".* organisation for review of flva shutdown plants. 
Discusses special task effort usad to accomplish review. 
DENTONiH R. Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. 77/03/22. 4pp. 

7904110137 "Statement of HR Dentonr Director, Of c of Reactor Haou 1-ation. 
before Houie Comraittae on Interior t> Insular flff4ir. " 
Discussei ordar to shut down fiva nueloar pouar rac*ors. 
Pp 1-10. 

DENTON.H.R. Office of Nuilaar Reactor Regulation. 7<?/03/19. 

79Q411OIS4 Forwards draft repts re adoquacy of structural criteria far 

NEHHARK.N.M. N, M. Neymark Conaultino Engineering Services.. 
6B/03/19, 12pp- 

7904190261 Responds to 790220 Itr requesting that NRC pripare EIB 
re steam generator repair program ti conduct a shoui cause 
hearing. Request denladias eiplained in vncl diractor j a 
dec ision. Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. 79/O4/04. Ip. 

7904190272 Director's decision to dent/ 79022O request bi| Environ Polci 
Inst for NRC to prepare EIS 1< conduct *hoai cauia hearing 
on steam generator repair program. Cone 1 udas both EIS & 
hearing ara unnecessary. per 10CFR3.206. 
DENTQNiH.R. Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. 79/O4/O4. Off. 

7904190283 Requests NRG reconsider issuance of Amend 46 tt 47 to 
License* DPR-32 & DPR-37, convene public haaring r 
raplacament of steam generators It review negative 

DERICHiD.. ALVAREZ. R. Environmental Po 1 icy Institute 1 . 79/03/20. 

7904100303 Requests amend to DPfi-32 per 1OCFR30. 90. Proposes change to 
attend operation for addl seven -months from completion of 
current steam generator tnsp m/aama condition!, t 
9TALL1NOS, C.H. Virginia Electric Si Power Co. 79/04/O.&. fff. 

7904060073 Informs of schedules for tlte visits fc technical meeting. 
Dlricts licensee to conduct arrival meeting h tchnie*l 
dKeussion, Plant tours fc rs-vioui of hardware fc piping will 

precede technical discussion, 

RU08ELL,H. T, Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. 79/03/23. Ip. 

7904090413 Raquests computer cod Msting used In seismic analysis or 
raanaluils of saf ntyrllated sys. 
8TELLO.V. Division of Operating Reactors. 79/03/23. 2pp, 

7704190289 Summary of 790326 meeting w/uttl in Surry.VA re pipe stress 
nroqUmi.H/ttu >-Pt ' 7'0323. ,,- 

NEIOHuORQrD, Operating Reactors Branch 1. 79/03/89. Hpp. 

7704030244 Responds to NRC 790313 show cause order. Dynamic analysis of 
affected piping involves us* of original amplified response 
spictr* t spectra Incorporating oll structure for pipe* 
shouting overstrass. M/three positions for resolution of ordar 
8PENCER.H.C. Virginia Elaetrlc 4 Power Co. 79/03/30. 3pp. 

79Q412023B Forwards computar programs d Info relatad to SHOCK Ii2 fe 3 
P8TRESS li NUPIPE-BW. Requests info be withheld traf 
IOCFB2. 790). Forwards affidavit 81 supportina documentation. 
KENNEDYiH. J. Stone d Wobster, Inc. 79/04/06.. 10pp. 

7704180271 Forwards "Plan for Verification of Dynamic Analuils Codes," 
for Listad dockats in response to NRC 7*70402 Itr. 
JACOBS. B. B. atone t; Webster Engineering Corp. 79/04/06. 3pp. 

7704310073 Summary of 790321 meeting ui/Wns t inghouie owner* group In 
Dathesda.MD ra asymmetric LOCA loads. Agenda t- Hit at 
attendees encl. 
HQBFORDiS.B, Engineering Branch. 79/04/IO. 4pp. 

7904210080 Notification of 790419 meeting ui/util d 8t<H In BotomMA to 
review pipe stress analyses t result* of hang*'' avaluatlo" 
parformed up to date nf meeting. 
NEIGHBORS, D. Operating Reactors Branch 1 ?' 

7704120327 Notification of 790404 fc 00' meeting w/VA Electric (. Poiuer Co 7904la0 268 Forwar 

*, BW in Boston. HA to discus* plot str.s* analuse* fc results Analyst' ' ' 

of hanger evaluation performed up to time of "tlnj * JACOBS, 
NEIOHBOH8.D. Operating Reactor* Branch 1. 79/04/02. 2pp. 

7904300240 Meetings hald after 790313 *hou cause order Indicate nead 
for IdinUfleatlon of info that ihould b* provided to NRC. 
Forwards three encl describing Info no.ded for review of 

STeU-O.V. Dlvllon of Operating Reactors. 79/04/02. 12pp. 

7904110060 Forward* info for ravUui of five plants *hut down due to 
Incorrect seismic *nal U si of safety-r.lated piping 
DENTON-H. R. Offle* of Nucleir Reactor Regulation. 79/03/22. 4pp. 

7904UOQ66 Discuse* schedule of site vlsiti fc technical maetings r* 
revte- of 8I.W piping anlyli problem at various P 1 " 1 "- 
RUSSELLiM.T. Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. 

--7904110077 Diieussts 790320 conversation w/BtM r future action to 
resolve outstanding seismic question* on five huteourn 

STELUoiv. Division of Operatlno R.attora. 77/03/21. Ip. 

7904110003 Forrd rtvislon of eo.t *I||MH It ' J *J "" r "' rvt 
margin of closing rive nucltar plants for *ei*Ic design 

; J. Coit Btntllt AnalusI* Branch. 77/03/21. 4pp. 

7904110130 Ol.cus.i* 790380 conversation M/8fcW r* future action* to 
Miolve ouutandlng eaismie question* on five *hutdoun 

STELLoiv. Divl*lon nf Optratlng Reactors. 79/03/30. 2pp- 



DOCKET SO-2BO Surry Pauar Station. Unit 1 
Inspection report* and correspondence 

790-.M03MForu.Pd. IE SuJl.tin 79-06, '<fiev( BU of G pB r a ,i Oni | Error B ,, 
Si| MiiaEigiunEnts Idmtifierf Durin a TMI Incidsnt " 

2^!'; LV '' J - f> ' "salon 3, Atlanta, OFfico of the Director 

79/04/11, lp. 

7904130173 Respond! to 790321 Itr re steam generator repair program 
Danies severity of repair accident. Cone ludes suspension of 
mark is not appropriate. 
DEMTONrH. R. Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. 79/03/23. lp 

7704130176 Requests action re accident during replacement of tt*a 
generator. Suggests suspension of further work until public 
hearings are held it EIS inued. 
POLLARD, R, Cheiapeaka Energy Alliance. 79/O2/21. lp. 

Forward. IE BullEtir, 79-04A, -R.vJ. of Operational Error, t. 
3 V s rHialignnan.ta Identified During TMr Incid.nt " 

7T/04/14 1 J ' lp R " Si0rl 2 ' At "" ta< Offi " " f th Ol'-ttoT. 

Perlodie^operating reporta. related torraapondenco 

Qaneral correspondence 

790*030032 Notification of 790316 & 17 meeting w/Bt-H in Detheiaa.nD 
discusi reinstating operation at facilities which rocalvad 
shutdown ordors on 790313. 
STELLQ.V. Division of Opuratlng Reactor*. 79/03/13, lp. 

P S* T ',* aionthl =P"tii9 rapt for H.rch 1979. 

.H. Virginia Electric t Pou.r Co. 79/04/10. lp. 

7904130192 Monthly opjr^tlng rept for March 1979 

COSrELLO.a. J. Virginia Electric {, Pou/.r Co. 79/04/04. 41pp. 

Reportable occurrencsi. related qorra.pondance 

7904Oi0304 Forwards LEH 79-QQ6/O3L-0 

SrALLIHOS.C.H. Virginia El.clric J. P 0ueT C o . 79/04/04. lp. 

--79040A0314 LER 79-OM/03L-0, on 790309:fir fl ,i, in fc . T ,, P p HrefcPflti 
"T/^* f ? S T* "Pj-"'-l-"l. *t not p.rfor^Bd on o h r 

I ! , t 3d t " Bn 1 's*'"taned. Caused by inadequate 

administrative co.ntrol -"tuaie 

W. L. Virninl* Electric t, P ou , r Co. 79/04/04. 3pp. 

7904100279 Forwards LER 79-OOB/01T-0 

BTALLINGS.C.M. Virginia Electric t P oiu , r Co. 79/04/05. lp. 


Financial information 

7904030288 Forwards "Annual Financial Rept 1970." 

JOHNSON.fl. D, Virginia Eloctrlc ! Pouier CD. 7*7/03/30. 3pp. 

7904100304 Forwards "Annual Rapt 1978." 

HAVM.E.A, Virginia Electric d Power Co. 79/04/03. lp. 

Anti-trust correspondence 

7904120165 Forward! Itr from Atty General dtd 790323're antltruit 
advice per Section lOSc of Atomic Energy Act of I 1 ? 
SALTZHANi J, Antitrust U Indemnity Group. 79/03/27, lp, 

7904120189 NC Electric', propoiad ownership Interest mould 
be less than 20 MH/unlt & Old Dominion'! propoiad Interest 
would be 20 MW t, 90 MW/uni t. Unnecessary for Commisjion to 
hold antitrust hearings. 

^!S^ D ' L ^ Jultii:e ' V't*- "f, Attorney General's Office. 
/T/03/22. Spp. 

Operating license stage 

c. V !" , !" P I'S"* b !' n| ""P"-- 

virginia Eloctrlc 6 Pouer Ca _ 79/04/05 il pp . 

7901901Hi Foruaprfi IE Bulletin 79-n-a ,, , 

*"** 0'M. of tn. Director. 

relate* correspondent t 

STEHART.H.L. Virginia Electric 6 Pou.r Cc. 79/04/05. 3pp. 

7904230>aS7 Forwards LER 79-QQ7/O3L-O 

8TMl.rMn.C.H. Virginia Cl. e trU i, Power Co. 79/O4/1B. lp. 

-I-C.07/03L--0 on 790320: u/ un i t snutdaum, visual In 
l*ring O M .m,..., Inop.r.bU b.c.u,; of i ov 
it by Uakage from res.rvlor fill fitti 

rvlor fill fitting 
rebui it. " 

ginia Elactric t p pulr oo. 79/04/17 

7904,240361 Forwards LER 77-010/O3L-0 

M. Virginia Electric i Pouar C, 


79/04/19 Ip 

STEHARr.W.t,. Vir Bifl i. E1 .ctrlc , Pou.r C. 79/04/18. 3pp. 

o^ nS* 6 : '^ in . f r> "P-"""* <" NaaS to r.tpond to 

postulated ATW8 transients, Forward* NRC 790213 Itr to OE w/ 

rSS"!! lt / Dr SllJiX'i" to conti a-iquacy of proposed modi to 

vnMM? n 'S n u NURE ?-" 60 Vo1 3-ncl.Hrt end, H/diitriuutlon. 

vpuuilEn.R. H. Assistant Director far BviUnu t, Projects. 79/03/LS 

7904060163 Notification of 790316-17 noting /at,W In,MD to '. 
diicuss SWJ proposals re soil .tructure interac tlaiis, 
reanalijsis t/. mod efforts. 
STELLQ.V. Division of Oparatina Reactors. 79/03/13. 3pp. 

r r.que.ting apprav-l to 

h, U n' ftn " A ? p "" " r """.Sine', hood isnou. 
W NIOSH.approval is granted 4, no further action It 


Operating Reactors Branch 1. 79/03/17, 2pp. 

to r.iolv 

79 320 tiUon 
" "' fiv 

tdoiun plants, i 

,.., ut iarBcv~rsiat*d piping ys 1< support* 
Division of Operating Reactors. 77/03/30. 3pp. 

in w/BtW, Raanalu*li of piping- gi for 
Ion of email pipe vlting & 

STEimv. Division of' Operating Raaefcors. 79/03/21. 2pp. 

7904130234 Estafallshes organization for review of ftva shutdown pl*nt* 
Discuitas special ta*k effort uiad to accompllih rviiw. 

lei of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. 79/03/32. 4pp;. 

Diti" "' ^ ichedul " ' !* vl.iti ft technical ne*ttn, 
J!i S? I J " nduct "rival ..-ting V t.ehntcal 
<Hmu*ilon.Plant tours & review of hardware t piping will 
precede technical discussion. piping nt 

RUaSEU.H.T. Office .of Nuclaar Reactor Regulation. 79/03/33. lp. 

8TELLO.V. Division of Operating Reactor*. 77/03/23. 2pp. 


. B " 1 in aurry - vA r< '* 

.KEIfflHBORS.D. Operati no Reactors Branch 1. 77/03/39. Bpp. 



DOCKET SO-aOl Surry Power Station, Unit 2 
Operating llcno slags 

7704O30264 [tospnndti to NRC 7V0313 show cause ordor. Dynamic analysis of 
affected .plplno involves nan nP original amplified response 
spectra ft ipuclva Incorporating soil structure far pipes 
ithoulng ovi'tti'Bi. H/thvoo positions for resolution of order 
BPUNCEH. W,C. Virginia Electric . Poujar Co. 79/03/30. 5po. 

7<J04ia0327 Notification of 790404 I* 03 moating u/VA Eloctric d Powor Co 
(, tltH in RostomMA to ditcutt pipe strets analyses It results 
uf haiigor ovaluatlon parfurmad up to time of moating dote. 

i D, Operating Hoactori Branch 1, 79/04/02. Spp. 

7904300240 Mooting" Held -Ptar 770313 show causa ardor Indicate need 
for Idontif-inntlon of info that should ha provided to NRC. 
Formai'il* thi'O" diicl deicriuino Info naodail for revtnu of 

Divliion ilf Oporflting R*ctor. 79/04/02. ISpp, 

I'oruiard" Info for revlotu of fivo plants *hut doun due to 
Incorract Hmlc anflliini of af oty-rBlatod piping sy. 
[JiCNTON. M, II. Uffitu (if Nticluar Koactor Flaoulat Ion. 79/03/22. 4pp. 

-7WmiaCiA Olic" *i:tiudul of alt" ilt (- Uchnical (naetinga ro 
ravlaui of tlfcH piping nlyl problem nt vnrioui plnnti. 
HU08El.l.t W. T, (Ifflcw uf Huclanr Huaclor Haoulatlon. 77/03/aa. 

7V04110077 l)teim 7'Jo:tao oivt-*tton u/flbH r future action to 
mic "*i">" " flvB hutdoun 


Dlvlilun of i1ptirtilig (Itactori. 77/03/21. If. 

-7>HH1IOOU3 F-- ru,ai'<l. t-vHlon of co.t 
mrjln of clo.lng fiv. m,c U.r pU 

for ..i.mlt d.,!gn 
D.n.Mt A.aly.l. Until h. 79/03/21. 

-790*110130 Dluti 7003W eqnv.ri.tlon y/flt.M '?*" " tlo 
r.lolv. out.tindino tie qiUon on fiv. ihiftdoun 

f P |TELLQiv. Dlvi.ion of Op.r*tinfl Haaetor.. 79/03/80. 2pp. 
* ..... * ' '' nin*.DIr.ct.r.Ofc of H.jor n.g 


...-7904110.84 dH ad.q"g of .tructura! cr 
NuKk.N.H. N.H. H.-H.-tl, CotilHB Engln.aring H.rvi.... 



7904180268 Forwards update rept an "Plan for Ver . f icat, -~ ,. , p _.,, 
Analysis Coda* 11 dtd 790406 ttavt.n ,, c^rini 

JftCQHB.S.B. Stona & Wabster Engina Brl n a Corp, 79/0*/i3 3)P 

7904230191 Fnruards affidavit of TJ Pasho* of Huil.jr =. c , Ccr D r 
application for withholding proprietary info from public 
d iac loiure. 
KENNEDY.H.J. Stona (, Wehstur, Int. 79/O4/13 ftpp 

Inspection reports and correspondence 

7904240091 Forwards IE Bulletin 78-138, "Atypical Utla M*tl in B4tt;r 
Pressure Vessel Welds." 

O'REILLY, J. P. Region 2, Atlanta. Office of the Dirtior 
79/03/19. 2pp. 

7904300470 Forwards IE Circular 79-05. "Moisture Ltatage ,n 
Mire Conductors. " 

O'REILLY. J. P. Region 2, Atlanta. Office ol the Director 
79/03/20. 2pp. 

79O4O3O182 Forwards IE Info Notlca 77-05. "Ui of Improper Hjtls in 
Safety-Related Components. " 

O'REILLY, J. P. Region 2. Atlanta. Office of the Dirtttgr 
79/03/31. 2pp. 

7904270322 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-04, "Incorrect Ueijhti fgr Swing 
ChecV Valves Manufactured by Velan Engineering Corp. 
O'RElLLYi J. P. Region 2, Atlanta. Office of the Director. 
79/03/30. lp. 

7904120136 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-O3, "Nuclear Incident at TMI" t 
PNQ-79-67. 79-67A, B.C. D,E, F & 0. No response renulred. 
0'REILL.Y. J. P. Region 2. Atlanta- Office of the Director 
79/04/01. 2pp. 

Inspection reports and cori-espondenie 

7904090161 Forwards S-uuar inservica losp summary rept. Subniittal* for 
updating Insarvico insp programs for final 40-month periodi 
nf first 10-uear Intervals are currently beino prepared. 
STAUL^OS.C.M Virginia Electric & Payer Co. 79/04/O3. llpp 

7904190186 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-03A, ""f 
TMI - Suppl," & preliminary chronology of 


""Region's, "Atlanta. Office of the Dirctor. 
79/04/03. lp. 

7704260350 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-OA, T ^'^ - ^ t !"""" Ml **"" ' 
79/04/11. lp. 

Forwards IE Bulletin "T MA ^ R '^;;.J.2 p "* tl8Ml *""* *" 

79/04/14. lp. 
PBr Udic op.r 





^ E !J P -'"' >''"<>, sution, ifcU, 

a -, r . . 7904120193 Forwards 

9 luenn itagt PNQ-79-A7. 75-tvA 

in 79-01 


7 , /M/14 . 3pp 


7M ,, U 

Mn ,h 1. 79/03/H. 

pr 9ram MMi " 

uptMtlni R. to r. Br* nch 1. 79/03/19. 2pp . 
rd! Jildl 

riw-^S^i 1 :;;;^^^ 

. tM p wr Cft 

Forward! Jil 

.. . 


t - 

" SHU, ? .. ,,, 04/02 



mon(t " ott ffl uent |1 "' t -* lJ "'' <> v Improper operation 
.=. .H.. a,.,.. ., Co . 

7'0*OS01Ki Fo 


"01030033 Foru 


RO 79 o 

Pow . r 




"I" Buing 


1 """' m " f *" *"* > 

ur in urdir to 
''n^nitl.t. f.t v 

. lp. 

at " "- Co. 77/04/19. lp. 

- - 

* M Pow r C". 79/04/19. 




DOCKET 50-283 Fort Calhoun Station, Unit 1 
Operating license stage 

7904020063- Forwards revision* to "Review d Acceptance of Spent Fuel 
Storage & Handling Applications" transmitted on 7BQ414. 
ORIMEB.B.K. Assistant Diractor for Engineers & Projocts, 

79/01/18. 4pp. 

7904090290 Requests addl Info re capability of NSSS to rosponfl to 
postulated ATH8 trans 1 ants. Foryards NRC 79O215 Itr to G w/ 
request for analyilt to confirm adequacy of proposed mods to 
LWR designs. NUFIEG~046O Vol'3 encl.W/o enc I . W/distrlbution. 
VOLLMR,R,H. Assistant Director for Systems ti Project*. 79/03/12. 


79040S0147 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-O2, "Pipe Support Base Plate Designs 
Using Concrete Eipantion Anchor Dolts." 

SEVFRIT.K.V. Region 4, Dallas, Office of tfce Dirnctor. 79/Q3/OQ, 


7904120370 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-03, "Longitudinal Weld DBfecfcs In 
A3ME SA-312 Type 304 Stainless Steel Pipe Spools 
Manufactured bij Youngstown Welding d Engineering Co." 
8EYFR1T.K.V. Region 4, Dallas, Office of tihe Diroctor. 79/03/12. 

7904060347 Forwards revised chart from ropt on "Cycle IV Irradiated 
Fuel Insp Fa II owing Cycle IV Operation." 
SHQRT.T.E. Omaha Public Power District. 79/O3/20. 2pp. 

7904130101 Updates info r admittance of NRC personnel to facilities. 
Reque*tf permanent picture badges, site op ientationi & 
spacial indoctrinations for relevant personnel. H/o ancl 
inspectors listing. 

SEYFRIT.K.V. Region 4, Dallas. Office of the Diractor. 79/03/31. 


7904160312 Forward* Amend 44 to License DPR-40, safetg evaluation & 
notice of liiuancN b availability. 
REID, A.M. Operating Reactors Branch 4. 79/03/23. Zap, 

79O4OS0134 Forwards IE Infn Notice 79-09, "Use at Improper Matls in 
9af aty-Re lated Components. " 

SEYFRIT,K,V. Region 4. Dallas, Office of the Director. 79/03/31. 


79O4O60300 Forwards notification that several types of stem-mounted 
limit suiitches failed to meet environ qualification 
criteria. Situation will not affect other safety-related 
SHORTiT.E. Omaha Public Power District. 79/O3/29. 3pp. 

7904160313 Amand 44 to License DPR-40 changinfl Tech Specs to raduca 
requirement! far turvall larica b teitlng for trisodlum 
phosphate dodacahydrata located inside contalnmant. 
REID, R, H. Operating Ructon Branch 4. 79/O3/22. Spp. 

7904110433 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-05, "Nuclear Incident at TMI' 
PNO-79-67, 79-67A, B, G, D.E.F i. 0. 
SEVFRITiK.V. Region 4, Dallas. Office of ths Director. 79/ 

7904t6031i Safaty evaluation supporting Amend 44 to Licanse DPFt-40. 
REID, R. M. Operating neactors Oranch 4. 79/03/22, 2pp. 

7904160319 Notice of IsiUJltce i aval lab i 1 1 ty of Amend 44 to License 
REID, P.M. Operating ft*ctar* Branch 4, 79/03/23. Spp. 

7904160030 Forwards Amand 43 to License DPR-40,EIA d notice of issuance 
& availability. 
REIDiR.U. Operating Reactors pi-anch 4. 79/03/37. 3pp. 

7904190247 Forwards IE Bullstin 79-03A, "Niclear Incident at 
TMI - Suppl," fc preliminary chronologij of TMI-2 79O330 
accident until core cooling restored. 

SEYFRITiK.V. Region 4, Dallas, Office of tha Director. 79/04/03, 


7904360377 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-06, "Review of Oparatlo-nal Errors If 
Syi Mlsal Ignments Identified During TMI Incident." 
SEYFRITiK.V. Raglon 4, Dallas, Office of tha Director. 79/04/11. 

7904160021 Amend 43 to License I1PR-40, changing Tech Specs to modify 
condenier cooling water temp limit. 
REID, R,U, Operating Reactor* Hranch 4. 79/03/37. 4pp. 

7904370630 Forward! IE Bulletin 79-Q6A, "Ravleu of Operational Errors 
Byi Misalignments Identified During th> TMI. Incident ," 
BEYFRIT, K, V. Raglon 4, Dallas, Office of the Director. 77/04/14 


7904160032 EIA supporting Amand 43 to tlcenie DPR-40. 

REID.fl.M. Operating Reactors Branch 4, 79/03/27. 2pp. 

7VUH160024 Notlca of lisuanca & availability of Amand 49 to Licanse 
REID.R.H. Operating Reactor* Branch 4. 79/03/87. Sop. 

7904060331 Informs NRC of inability to propose Tach Specs for halon *y 
re fir* protection mods due to be Implemented in June 1979 
as required In Amnd 40 to License DPR-40. Expects to have 
y* e**lgtt computed by Hay 1979. 
SHORTiT.E, Omaha Public Power District, 79/03/B9. tp. 

7904290202 IE Bui letln 79-06A, Revis ion 1, "Revlaw of Operational Error* 
It Bys Misalignments Identified During TMI Incident." 
* Office of Inspection & Enforcement, 79/04/18. 3pp. 

7904270629 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-06A, Revi sion 1, "Reviau of 
Operational Errors & Sg Misalignment* Identified During TMI 
Incident. " 

8EYFRIT.K, V. Raglan 4, Dallas, Office of the Director. 79/04/19 


7904030231 Responds bo NRC 790711 Itr ui/addl guidance on Tech Spec dose 
design r effluent monitoring. Forwards revised proposed Tach 
Spacs fc d'ase evaluation program. Solid uaito Tech Specs will 
fallow by 790930. 
SHORT.T.E. Omaha Public Power District, 79/03/30. 43pp. 

7904 18027 H Seismic analyses of plant used static analysis. Certain 
steps. of analysis incorporated algebraic summation method. 
Entire approach provides conservative restraint loads h 
Indicates that piping sys Is adequately supported. 
SHORT, T.E. Omaha Public Pouiar District. 79/04/06, lp. 

7704240319 Respond* to 781139 request for info on containment purging 
during plant operation. Evaluation will not be available 
until Oct 1979 & purging will ba limited to max of 90-h per 
BHORT.T.E. Omaha Public Powr District. 79/04/12. lp, 

Inspection reparts and correspondence 

790426007B Foruard* IE Insp Rapt 80-283/79-03 on 790226-0301. No 
noncompllanca noted. 

MAD9EN,Q.L. Region 4, Dalla*, Reactor Operation* Nuclear Support 

Branch. 79/03/07. 2pp. 

7904860081 IE tnsp ftvpt 30-2B3/79-03 on 790236-0301. No noncompl iance 
noted. Major areas inspected: organiiatlon % administration, 
plant procedures, followup on LERs It open Items. 
JOHNSON, W. D. , KELLEY.D.L, Region 4, Dallas, Office of the 

Director. MADSEN, 0. L. Region 4, Dallas. Reactor Operations 

Nuclear Support Branch. 79/03/07. 7pp. 



DOCKET SQ-2BS Fart Calhoun Station. Unit I 
Periodic operating reports, related corre 

7904240350 Forward! LER 79-009/O3L-0. 

ANDREWS. R.L. Omaha Public Power District. 79/04/19. lp. 

790424O360 LER 79-OQB/O3L-O or. 790321 : during normal operation, loop 
safety injection valve failed to open from lockout relay 
actlviation. Caused by CR105X auiiliary interlock switch. 
Switch cleaned. 
CONNOLLY. J.L. Omaha Public Power District. 79/03/22. 3pp. 

DOCKET 50-206 Indian Point Station, Unit 3 
me DES. FES. supplement* 

7904030123 "DES for Selection of Preferred Closed Cycle Cooling Sys. " 
* Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. NUREG-0296. 77/OB/31. 

eeurity. medical, emergency >t fin protection plans 

79041202B-4 Dtscussss fire protection topics re SER. BNL & NRC position! 
differ re turaine bldj lube oil fires. fire protection sys 
control valves & smoke removal. Lilts milestone data? b 
review documtnts. 
HALL.R.E. BrooVhaven Wational Laboratory. 79/03/21. 3pp. 

7904030294 Forwards revised emergency plan. 

EARLY.P.J. Powtr Authority State of Naw York. 79/03/29. lp. 

7904030296 Revised emergency plan. 

Pouer Authority State of Hew York. 79/03/31. 130pp. 

7904230263 Responds tn NKC 790929 fc 781128 request* for addl info re 
fire protection program review, 
EARLY. P.J. Pouier Authority State of Neu Yorl. 79/04/16. 23pp. 

7904100264 Describes repair of tube leak in steam generator 34. 
BAYNE.'J.P, Power Authority State of New York. 79/04/05. 2pp. 

7904190072 Forwards application For amend to ET8. Certificate of Bvc 
enc t. 
CAHILLiW, J. Consolidated Edison Co. of New York. 79/04/12. 3pp. 

7904190074 Application for amend to ETS proposing that all a lament) r 
thermal plume mapping be consolidated into Section 4. i. la. 
CAHILL.W.J. Consolidated Edison Co. of MOID York. EARLY.P.J. 
Power Authority State of New York. 79/04/10. 21pp. 

7904230303 Request eitension until 790416 to luomit license application 
amend to incorporate requirements of 10CFR9Q.App I. 
SCHNIEDEfi, J. R. Power Authority State of Neu York. 79/04/13. lp. 

7901270347 In response to 790221 Itr, forward* addl info re steam 
generator leak tube, 
EARLY.P.J. Power Authority State of Hay York. 79/04/80. A|p. 

7904270312 Forwards Htinghouse 790410 Itr requesting "Fracture, 
Toughneii (. Design Considerations for Addressing Lamellar 
Tasting of Steam Generator fr Reactor Coolant Pump Support 
Hatl" be withheld (ref 10CFR3. 790).. 
EARLY.P.J. Pouier Authority State of New York. 79/04/84. lp, 

7904270346 Application for nil tJiholding "Fracture Toughness ft Davlgn 
Considerations for Addressing Lamellar Tearing of Steam 
Generator & Reactor Coolant Pump Support Matt" 
(ref 10CFR2. 790). 
WIEBMANN.R, A. Weitinghouse Electric Corp. 79/04/10. 2pp. 

7904300320 Forwards application for amend to OL. Class III amend i 
util safety evaluation af Tech Spec change ancl. 
EARLY.P.J. Power Authority State of New York. 79/04/86. 3pp. 

7904300321 Application for amend to OL DPR-64 changing Tech Space b 
providing engineered safeguards actuation ignal on lou 
pras^urlier pressure regardleis of prsssurlier laval. 
Responds to IE Bulletin 79-06A.Util safety ivaluation enel. 
Power Authority State of New Vork. 79/04/26. S3pp. 

7904240339 Forwards revised responses to 790213 submittal re fire 
protection program administrative contrail, in response to 
NRC 790321 telcon request. 
EARLY.P.J. Pouer Authority State of Neu Yorl. 79/04/20. 9pp. 

Financial information 

7904030277 ForiuardB"Annual Rept 1978." 

EARLY.P.J. Power Authority State of Haw York. 79/03/29. lp. 

7904Q3O37 1 ? "Annual Rept 1979. " 

* Power Authority State of New York. 76/13/31. 46pp. 

Insurance and indemnity 

7904030287 Forwards Endorsement 101 to AMI Policy NF-100. 

CAHILL.H.J. Consolidated Edison Co. of New York. 79/03/27. 2pp. 

Operating license itaga 

7904110181 Forwards Amend 24 to License DPR-64, safety evaluation h 
notice of issuance & availafiiltty, 
SCHWENCEfi.A. Operating Raacton Branch 1. 79/03/06. 4pp. 

7904110182 Amend 24 to License DPfl-64 adding licenst condition re 
facility mod to improve fire protection program. 
SCHWENCER.A. Operating Reactors Branch I. 79/03/06. Spp, 

7904110165 Saf.ty evaluation supporting Amend 24 to License DPR-M. 

* Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. 79/03/06. S3pp. 

N tl " ( i " anea * "Yatlaaility of Amend 24 to License 
SCHUENCEfl.A. Operatino Reactor* Branch I, 79/03/06. 2pp. 

OTLic i. ~J "i"~'~ ~~r"""v "f N3E9 to respond to 
----- flTHB transients. Forwards NHC 790213 Itr to OE u/ 
i u2"V i ?,,lHc-n B n! tn confil ' m *">eq.uacy of proposed mods to 

WDLLMM! I 5 A ? ? ?' n 3 Bnel - w ''o ^cl. W/distributlon. 

VDU.MM.R.R Assistant Director for System. * Projects. 79/03/12. 

7904190244 Notice of issuance & availability of Amends 85,23 i, 33 fc n 
Licenses DPR-S. DPR-44 t, DPR-S6, r as pe<:tively 
SCHWENCEH.A Operating Reactors Branch 1, 79/03/29. 2pp. 

Inspection reports and correspondence 

7904190113 Forwards IE Insp Rept 50-296/78-34 on 701224-790120. No 
noncompliance noted. 

BRUNNER.E.J. Rogion 1, Philadelphia, Reactor Operations Nuclear 

Support Branch. 79/03/09. 2pp. 

7904190120 IE Inap Rept 30-296/79-34 on 701221-790120, No none omp I Une 
noted. Major areas inspsctod; plant operat ions< including tour* 
of facility. observation of physical protection in areas of 
access control, barriers, search d aicort. 

REDELOWaKI.T. , KEIMIO.R.D. Rejion 1, Philadelphia. Reactor 

Operations Nuclear Support Branch. 79/03/OB. 9pp. 

7904040012 Ack receipt of 79020S Itr ro violation noted In IE Insp Reel 
30-286/79-33. Item of noncomp 1 iania has been dismissed. 
BRUNNER.E.J. Region 1, Philadelphia. Reactor Operation* Noclemr 

Support Branch. 79/03/12. lp. 

7904040014 Responds to NRC 790117 Itr re violation noted in IE Irun 
Rept 30-28&/7Q-33. Testing isolation values during first 
refueling outage I consistent w/Tech Specs, violation should 
b> dismissed, 
BAYNE.J.P. Power Authority State of New York. 79/02/03. 2pp. 

-7904040016^Forwards IE In*p Rept 50-286/70-33 on 781203-09 t. o( 

790404001B Notice of violation from imp on 701203- 

7904040031 IE Insp Rept 30-396/79-33 on 791205-OQ. Nonconp 1 l*r.c. not.d- 
failure to conduct local leak rate testing .In a-ur 
interval. *" 

SMITH, T.H., CAPHTON.D.L. flegion 1, PhiUdelphia, R.aetor 

Operations Nuclear Support Branch. 79/01/13. 7pp KMetDT 

ASrESA- 3 12Tu n , - ( 

rtUME SA-313 Type 304 Stainless Stl Pipe Spool* 

Manufactured by Youngstoun Welding h Engineering Co " 

" Ip RBSi0n '' Pltll " det P hU ' '*" ' * Dlr.cvor, 

79/M/?6 H ' lp 

v IE C ' rCUlar 7<M)4 ' " Uo " 
R ' 9l0n *' Philai " 1 '" 11 " D" 

the Director. 


DOCKET 3O-286 Indian Point Station, Unit 3 
Inspection reports and correspondence 

DOCKET 50-237 Oconee Nuclear Station, Unit 3 
Financial tnf orraatlnn 

79/03>20 H ' 

"OB'"" ! Philadelphia, Office of the Director 


'' P(lilat(el P hia ' 

"f the Director. 

7904230233 Forwards "Annual Rept 1978 " 
PARKER, W. 0. Duke Power Co. 79/04/1B, 

Insurance and indemnity 

7904030293 Forwardu Endorsements 32 & 33 to AMI Pol leg NF-183, 
Endor B em B nt a 10 t. 11 to ANI Policy NF-aiB, Endorsement 2 to 
ANO Binders EH -22, 23 * 24, Endorsements 3B (, 39 to MF-61 
SANDERS, F. 0. Duke PDWBF Co. 79/03/29. 13pp. 

7904040246 Forwards IE Info Notice 79-O5, "Use of Improper Matls in 
Safety-Related Components." 

Region I, Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 

79/03/21. lp. 

7904270467 Forward* IE Bulletin 79-01, "Incorroct Weights for Suing 
Check Valvea Manufactured by Velan Engineering Corp " 

Regtan lp PhlladB i phta , office of the Director 


7TO4I3Q227 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-03. "Nuclear Incldant at Three Mil. 
Island" i, PNO-79-fi7,79~67A,79~67fl,79-67C,79-c.7D, 79-67E, 
79-67F & 79-67Q. Ho response raqulrod. 


Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 

7904190136 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-03A, "Nuclear Incident at 
TMI - Suppl," It preliminary chronology of TMI-2 790329 
accident until core cooling restored, 

CRIER, B.H. Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of tha Director 

79/04/09. lp. 

7904270309 Forward, IE Dull. tin 79-O6A, "Review of Operational Errors & 
8ys Misalignments Identlflaif During the TMI Incident " 
DRIER, B.H, Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Director 

79/04/14. lp. 

Periodic operating reports related correspondence 

7704130229 Forwards "Bomiannual Effluent Releaie Kept" for Jul-Doc 
CAHILL.H. J. Commonwealth Edison Co. 79/03/01. lp. 

7904130333 "Semiannual Release Ropt" for Jul-Dec 1970. 
Commonwealth Edison Co. 79/O3/01. 43pp. 

7904170820 Forward* monthly oporatlng ropt for Mar 1979 

BAYNE.J.P. Power Authority Stats of New York. 79/04/10, lp, 

7904170233 Monthly operating rept for Mar 1979. 

CONNELL.C. Power Authority State of New York. 79/04/02. 6pp. 

7-904240379 Forwards tabulation of daily record of fish collection for 
Hr 1979 pursuant to App D of Tecli Specs. 
CAHILL.H, J. Consolidated Ediion Co. of N.w York. 79/O4/I6. 4pp. 

7904240381 Forward! "Annual Operatina ""Pt 1978, " 

BAYNE.J.P, Pouier Authority Btato of Now York, 79/04/17. 2pp. 

Operating license stage 

790^300174 Ack receipt of NFIC 7BO613 request for addl Info re inteq 
of control rod guide tube, s 

TAYLOR, J. H. Babcoct >,. Hilcoi Co. 73/08/30. lp. 

7904020063 Forwards revisions to "Review t, Acceptance of Spent Fuel 
Storage , Handling App 1 icat ions. " transmitted on 790414 

S=in7,S' Kl ftaslstant Director for Engineers * Projects 

'V/Ql/18. 4pp, 

7904030412 Although improbable that atypical wold wire was used in 
reactor vessel welds. rocommends continued use of revised 

compensatory pressure-temp limits, 
REIDiR.W. Operating Reactors Branch 4, 

79/03/01, 3pp. 

7904090290 R.ju s ,| addl Info ra capability of NSS8 to respond to 
postulated ATMS trans lents. Forwards NRG 790213 1 tr to DE w/ 
request for analysis ta confirm adaquacy of proposed mods to 
LWR design*. NUREG-046G Vol 3 encl.W/ q enc 1. W/d istr IbutI on 
VOLLMER.R.H. Assistant Director for Oystems t. Projects. 79/03/ 

79040fi0230 In order to complete review of 790202 Bubmittfl] re increa 
in spent fuel pool storage capac 1 ty, roaues ts addl info on 
structural design, 
RE1D.R.W. Operating Reactors Branch 4. 79/03/13, 

3 PP , 

79041,80283 FOIA request for all Info re plant accidents 
defects at reactor sltas. 
HAUMANN,S. Affiliation Unknown. 79/03/16, lp. 


o F ' rluard Amends 71,71 (. 6H to DPR-38, DPR-47 t, 
DPR-55, respactively, safety evaluation & notice of Issuance t 
availabU i ty. 
REID.R.W, Operating Reactors Branch 4. 79/03/19. 3pp. 

7904060070 Amonds 71,71 i, 6B to Licenses DPR-3Q, BPR-47 4, DPII-SS, 
respectively, revising Tech Specs to Incorporate changes to 
pressure t, sys heatup fc cc-oldown limitations. 
RE1D.R.W. Operating Reactors Branch 4. 79/03/19. 14pp. 

7904060078 Safety evaluation supporting Amend< 71.71 4, 66 to LIce 
DPR-3B, BPR-47 & DPR-35, roapec tiva ly, 
* Office of Nuclear Reactor Rogulatlon. 79/03/19. 3pp. 

7904060003 Notica of Issuance & availability of Amends 71,71 (, is 
Licenses DPR-3Q, DPR-47 fc DPR-55, respec tlvaly, 
REID. R.U. Operating Reactors Branch 4, 79/03/19. Spp. 

7904840333 "Annual Operating F)pt 1978." 

Power Authority Stato of NBIU York. 79/04/17. 20pp, 

Raportable occurrancHs. related correspondence 

7904100347 Forwards LER 79-003/01 T-O. 

B(^YNE,J.P. Pouer Authority State of New York. 79/04/03. lp. 

7904100335 LER 79-003/01T-0 on 79032B:util notified gy Uistinghousa 
that potential exists for single droppud rod which might 
lead to calculated departure from nuclear boiling ratios 
l*ss contervatlve than previously reported. 
GUHBLE.F.W. Poiuer Authority State of Hem York, 79/04/03. 2pp. 

7904240321 Forwards LER 79-002/04X-I. 

CAHILL.W. J. Consolidatad Edison Co. of New York. 79/04/1S. lp. 

7904240327 LER 79-002/04X-1 on 7901OB: Tel edyne Uotopas notified uti 1 
that precipitation sample taken on 78113O exceeded ten times 
control station level. Caused by tritium releases from source 
other than titil. 
HASCrULLI.S. Consolidated Edison Co. of New York. 79/O4/1Q. 3pp. 

" tu * 1lt * a " dl structural t, environ info to complete r.vle* 
of 790203 submlttal re Increase in storage capacity of spent 
fuel storage pool. 
REID, R, H, Operating Reactors Branch 4. 79/03/27. 6pp. 

7904110247 Forwarda license amend Incorporating radiological effluent 
Tech Specs. Offsisto Dose Calculation Manual end. 
PARKER, H. 0. Duks Poiuer Co. 79/03/39, 3Ipp. 

7904110230 Offsite Doso Calculation Manual. 
* Duke Power Co, 79/03/31. 57pp. 

7904230326 Recasts addl Info re proposed changes in hydraulic shock 
suppressor Tech Specs for 780Q22 submittal rovieiu. 
REID, P.M. Operating Reactors Branch 4, 79/03/29. 3pp, 

7904020088 Forwards proposed Tech Spec changes supporting Cycle g pou, 
operation, Also forwards BAB-lsaH "Qcunse Unit 3, Cycle S 
Reload Rept." U/CUaa IV amend fee. 
PARKER. W. 0. Duke Power Co. 79/03/30. 41pp. 

--7904Q20090 "Oeonee Unit 3, Cycle 3 Reload Rept." 
Duke Pouor Co. BAW-1322, 79/03/31. Slpp, 



DOCKET 50-2B7 Qconae Nuclear Station, Unit 3 
Operating license stage 

79041BOa93 Response to FQIA request for info re plant accidents & 
safety def ec ts. H/ 1 tit of relevant documents ra nuclear power 
plants owned by Duka Power Co i Carolina Power t, Light Co. 
Incleicino LPDR locations, 
'FELTDN, J. M. Division of Rule* and Record), 79/04/13. 4pp. 

7-704230273 Forward* all facility change; in form of itatlon mods which 
were completed from Jan-Dec 197B. 
PARKER.U. 0. Dulie Power Co. 79/04/19. 34pp. 

7904370327 Forwards ECC9 analysis of small breaks in conjunction w/ 
emergency fetduatar flgw failures. 
PASKER.U. O. Oule Power Co. 79/04/31. 14pp. 

79043S027B Forwards NFS-iOOl "Reload D(sfgn Methodology," Requests 
review by 8001O1 in order to permit utlliiation of 
prescribed methatf for reload evaluation of Cycle 6 of Unit 
3. -scheitul ed second quarter of 1900. 
PARKER. H.O. Dukff Power Co. 79/04/23. 2pp. 

79O4230283 "Reload Design Methodology," 

- Duie Power Co. NFS-1001. 79/04/23. 130pp. 

7904200497 Forwards IE Insp Repts 0Q-269/79-07. 30-270/7<7-07 & 
30-2B7/79-07 on 79020 1-2B. No noncompllance noted. 

LEUI8.R.C. Region 2, Atlanta, Reactor Operation* Nuclear Support 

Branch. 79/O3/29. 2pp. 

7904260498 IE Insp Hepts 50-269/79-071 50-270/79-07 b 30-207/79-07 on 
79020l-2B.No noncomp 1 lance noted. Major areas Inspected: plant 
operations, raalnti procedures, ravi tins & audit*. 
JAPE, F. Region 3, Atlanta. Office of the Director. 

CANTRELL,F. S, Region 3. Atlanta. Reactor Operations Nuclear 

Support Branch. 79/03/29. 8pp. 

7904190176 Forward! IE Bulletin 79-03A, "Nuclear Incident 'at 
THI - Suppl," tt preliminary chronology of TM1-2 790323 
accident until care cooling restored. 

O'REILLY, J.P. Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director 

79/04/03. Ip. 

7704360319 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-06, "Review af Operational Error* & 
Sys Misalignments Identified During TMI Incident." 
O'REILLY' J. P. Region 2, Atlanta. Office of the Director, 

79/04/11. Ip. 

7904270547 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-06A, "Review of Operational Errors 4 
Sys Misalignments Identified During TMI Incident. " 
O'REILLY. J. P. Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

79/04/14. Ip. 

7904270406 Supp lemanti 790423 Itr ',. provisos addl info re installation 
af afcumatlc starting fetdwater n* It davelopment It 
implementation of operating procedures far initiating It 
controlling emergency feeduiatar. 
LEE.M, S. Cuke Power Co. 79/04/26. 3pp. 

Pariodic operating reports, related correspondence 

7904180246 Forwards monthly operating rapt for Mr 197 1 ?. 
PARKER. W.O. Duke Power Co. 79/04/13. Ip. 

Inspection reports and correspondence 

790H24OQ71 Forwards IE Bulletin 7B-12B, "Atypical Hold Matl in Reactor 
Pressure Vassal Uaids. " 

O'REILLY. J.P. Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

79/03/19, 2pp. 

7904200463 Forwards IE Circular 79-05, "Motsturt Leakage in Stranded 
Mire C undue tors. " 

O'REILLY. J.P Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

79/03/20. 2pp. 

7904O30167 Forwards IE Info Natics 79-05, "Use of Improper Matli In 
Bat aty-Rela tad Components. " 

0'REIL.LY, J.P. Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

79/03/21. 2PP. 

7904110222 Ac* receipt of IE Insp Repts 50-269/79-06, 30-27O/79-06 *t 
50-287/79-06 on 79O220-23. No proprietary Info. 
PARKER, U.O. Duke Power Co. 79/03/26. Ip. 

77O41I022H Forwards IE Insp Bepts 30-269/79-06.30-270/79-06 t, 
5Q-S.B7/ 79-06 on 790320-23. No noncompl lance noted. 

SUTHERLAND. J. T. Region 2, Atlanta, Fuel Facility I, Materials 

Safety Branch. 79/03/26. 2pp. 

79O41 10226 tE Insp Repts 30-269/79-06,30-270/79-061, 30-2B7/79-O6 on 
790220-23. No noncompl tanca noted. Major areas inspected: 
effluent control Instrumentation, testing of air-cleaning sy< 
It reactor coolant water quality. 

HOSEV.C.H. , 8IBSON.A.F. Rejion 2, Atlanta, Fuel Facility 4, 

Materials Safety Branch. 79/03/16. 5pp. 

7904270499 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-04, "Incorrect Uelghti for Swing 
Chck Valves Manufactured by Velan Engineering Corp. " 
O'REILLY. J. P. Rogion 2, Atlanta, Offiea of the Director 

79/O3/30, Ip. 

7904130127 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-03r "Nuclear Incident at TMI" . 
PNO-79-67,79-67A,n,C,D,6,F & 0. No response required. 
O'REILLY.J.P. Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

79/O4/01. app. 

790418024B Monthly operating rept for Mar 1979. 
REAVIS, J. A. Duke Power Co. 79/04/13. 16pp, 

Reportable occurrences, related carreipondence 

7904060312 Forwards LEFI 79-003/03L-0. 

PARKER, H.O. Duke Power Co. 79/04/03. Ip. 

7904060323 LEH 79-009/03L-0 on 790223: Control RaO 3 of Group 6 droppil 
but failed to reach bottom position. Caused by reduction In 
voltage from voltage regulators. Rod rslatched & voltage 
regulators adjusted far proper output. 
LEWIS, fi. R. Dule Power Co. 79/04/02. 3pp, 

7904160166 Forwards LER 79-007 /03L-0. 
PARKER, H.O. Duke Power Co. 79/04/09. 

7904160171 LER 79-007/03L-0 on 790310: containment isolation v*lv. 
3FDW-104. on shell drain line failed to c lose. Cauied bu v*lve 
operator torque switch which was let too low. Setting 
increased & valve retailed It declared operable. 
LEWIS. 9. R. Duke Power Co, 79/04/09. 3pp. 

7904160098- Forward* LER 79-OOQ/01T-0. 

PARKER, H.O. Duke Power Co. 79/04/10. 3pp. 

7904160100 LER 79-008/O1T-Q on 790327: overpower trip setpolnti an two 
reactor protection syi channels found to exceed Tech Spec 
limits as result of variations In total coolant flour channel 
recalibr. Tech Spec limit will be increased. 
LEMlSiS.R. Duke Power Co. 79/04/10. Ip. 

7904340370 Forwards LER 79-006/03L-0. 
PARKER. W. Q. Duke Power Co. 79/04/20. 


7904340373 LER 79-006/O3L-0 on 790306; unidentified ftCS leAkflg 
determined to be 6 gpn. Caused by packing leak on flou 
transmitter root valve. Unit placed In cold shutdown fc valve 
LEWIS. 8, R. Duke Power Co. 79/04/HO. 3pp, 

79042301B2 Ail receipt of IE Intf Repts 30-269/79-05.30-270/79-05 fc 
30-ZB7/79-OS on 790102-31, No proprietary info. 
PARKER, H.O. Duke Power Co. 79/O4/02. lp. 

7904230184 Forwards IE Insp Repts 50-269/79-03. 30-270/79-OS it 
SO-aa7/79-O5 on 790102-31. No noncomp liance noted. 
LeHISiR.C. Region S, Atlanta, Reactor Operations Nuclear 

Support Branch. 79/03/07, 2pp. 

79042301B3 IE Insp Rept 30-849/79-03,30-270/79-03 V 30-297/79-05 on 
790toa-31.rlo noncompliance noted. Major areas Inspected; plant 
op,BT*tion, maint, physical lacurlto I, LEfis. 
JAPE.F. Region Z, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

CANTREtU F- B. Region 2, Atlanta, Reactor Oairatlom Nuclear 

Buppo-rt Branch. 79/03/06. 6pp. 

Hearing transcripts 

7904230039 Transcript of 790404 closed meeting In Mashlnfltan, DC. 
Pp 1-41. 

HENDRIE.J.M., BRADFORD, P. A.. AHEARNE, J. F. Conmlivion. 79/04/OI, 

DOCKET^SO-289 Three Mil* Island Nuclear Station. Unit > 

Security, medical, emergency t fire protection plan* 

""*"*" "--""----"--'-- .- --. _-_..,__, . 

7904240001 Request, addl info re fire protection for control bldg 
REID.R.H. Operating Reactors Branch 4. 79/03/30. app. 


DOCKET 30-289 Thraa Mil* Island Nuclear Station. Unit 1 
Sacurlti^medUal^emergencij *c Pire protection plans 

tg , 1PB protietilin sen dM 

extending Imp 1 amentatlon data of Table lilt.!.. 
790427. Effective on 7-704(3 TMI-1 l.ln cold IhuWoin 
HERBEIN.J.O. M.tropotltan Edison Co Jo4?!a ?p.' 

Oeneral correspondence 

7?040370 Reiponds to 79O406 Itn reaffirm! commitment f n *. 
recipient fully inform^ on TMl-a. Request for careful iL * 
it TMI-1 Peach Bottom have been foZardJ to I P 

fop appropriate action. 
HAMMERER, C. Office D f Congressional Affairs. 79/01/12. Ip. 

f v-"-.-" t :-j:;- d ' - - 

, B. Home of Rap. 79/04/O6. Ip. 
Financial Information 

7904100193 Foruards 781329 submltta! by Metropolitan Edison re 
eeondarY financial protaction tdison pa 

OERETY.H. F. CPU Servic, Corp. 79/01/02. Ip. 

Operating llcenie stage 


4 PP . Di " aCt;0r f r E "fl""r' * Proj.cts. 

!_I!!I!!_^i!_ r ^ ant ' ^ = lr Station, Unit 1 
Operating license itage 

FI ? d \ COnUt "" d ^"""istrative application of revised 
coolant pr*iur*-tmp limits at factlitu 
-P|.roprUt.NHC uill daf.r proc B S ing 7901O4 reooesfc for Spac -*,nd until ffl att B r i, re.olvad in ^^79 
FIEID,R.W. Operating Raacton Branch fl. 79/03/02. 2pp. 

1 S^!-as^2:i.:;::^:::'i'}^ 1 |-vs's' ta 

M, ::. saswu- ^ i'Ms-a.i.'-j:!!::; : ; " 

WLUra.H.H. Assistant Plrector for Extern, fc Projaets. 79/03/13. 

ftEID.R.H. Operating Raactors Branch 4. 79/03/16. 3pp. 


RE1D.R.H. OparatlnB Retor Dranch 4. 79/03/16. 29pp. 

-790*060049 B.faty .upportlnfl Anend SO to LUens. DPR-BO 
* dpratlnfl Reactors Branch 4. 79/03/16. I. 

"S* f m d * " ndit " ' '"'"Otlon of Anend SO to 
3TELLO.V. Division of Op. ratine- Reactors. 79/03/1&. 8pp. 

w " "' l " UaM " * "* >* Amend 30 to Lic.ns 
REIO.R.w. Oparatino Ractori Branch 4. 79/03/16. 3pp. 

Oparatinn Raetors Branch 4. 79/03/81. 2pp. 

M < ^ 4 n.;i:K u r o J ia i** ! J on .""" n ' C " CICH ">< ** " m - 

S.vt^. W | "iB'">ue d"ign basis breaker overeurrant trip 

WE ? v s r * i d p Tr dl r 1 " tloni ' ar utili a " -co m Xnd.S. 

ANDERBON, T. M. Mestinghoui. -EUe tr te Corp. 79/04/16. S! 

rp. 79/04/16. Spp 

porU " "' lic '""" " 
m " n "-"-^ '- 
HILLER,0.p. Mtropoli't*n Edison Co. 79/04/20. ip. 

raports and coi-rasponrfence 


KAJTm. H . . negton lr Philfldelphia , Safefluard , Bfanch 79/02/23. 

8!llon '' 

Enineering Co." 
. Of Me. of%h. Director. 

th. Director. 

7 ?: v^r^V" 11 "" 1 7a - iao ' " At< """' wairf Mati .*. 

79/03^9 Hi .p."' 9 "" 1 '' Phi > ''Ml.- Office of the Director. 

79/03/20 H ' lp. RB9lnn '' 

e a,a gB in S 
,. Director. 

H ' Ragla " '' Phil -"-lMl.. Office af the Director. 

79/04/01 I P . 

ice f th. Director. 

"Nuclear Incident^ 

Df '- 


Qic. of th . Olr.etor. 

, . 

.J.O. Metropolitan Edison Co. 79/04/13. l p 


ic. of th. Direct 

!I oti ' ia re P 1 ' t *' related correspondence 

J F rlUa M <( ; <Mn ?? l MiU rapt for Aug 197B. 
.J. 0, Metropolitan Edison Co. 78/09/13 l. 

, *.,i lr P r| ;.8ubmittaI is one month lata. 

LflWVER,L.L. Matropolitan Edison Co. 79/04/02. 5pp. 



DOCKET 3Q-2G THr Mile Island Nuclear Station, Unit I 

7904140122 Forward! 'Radiological Environ Monitoring Kept, 1973 " 
LAWYER. L L M.tropolitan Eduon Co 79/04/02. Ip. 

790(160123 -Radiological Environ Monitoring Rept, 197B. " 

Metropolitan Editon Co. IWL-559Q-443. 7H/I3/31. 94pp. 

7904110036 Forward! nontnly ojierating rpt for Mar 1979. 
HERBE1H.JO Hstropolitan Ednon Co. 79/04/12. Ip. 

79041TO037 HantMi, opiratind for Map 1979 

MITCHELL. D G. Metropolitan Edison Co. 79/04/O3. 4pp. 

Rporta6U occurr.ncei. related correspondence 

7904040139 Hancomp 1 lance notification 79-02 on 790307' total iron 
duchars. ncetded 1 mi t. Caused bij failed stinvmer in 
industrial uaiti treatment iv. 
TROFFER.O J M(tropolitan Ediion Co. 79/03/23. 2pp. 

7904040313 Forward! LEH 79-004/03L-0 

LAWYER, L.L Metropolitan Ediion Co. 79/03/24. ]p. 

--7504060317 LES 79-004/03L-0 on 790229: during refiling f r ,, U enca local 
leat rate teitino, v*lve CA-V5B did not fully cloi.. Caused bu 

: t .r"h;:::/;^!i:%i; 1 :i:-{;! l St;:i i a,';;--- 

S. Metropolitat. Edison Co. 79/03/24. 2pp. 
Hearing tranicripti 

7904250039 Tran.cript of 79O404 closed meeting in Ma.hinoton, DC. 
HENDRJE.JM., BRADFORD, P. A.. AHEARNE, J. F Commission. 79/04/04. 

7904100330 Corrects telcon notes. Alarm for loiu racomDiner tinp if In 
main control room. Plant Review Committee muit approve 
plant operation when augmented affgai iijs Is bypassed 
ANDOONINI.G.C. Boston Edison Co. 79/04/04. Ip. 

7904100341 Forwards Fab 1979 proflram activity r-aviey re Mar* I 
containment program. 

SOBON.L.J. General Electric Co. i Nuc lear Enargu Product* Dtv 
79/04/06. 9pp 

7904170229 Util Is committed to instill ATMS rac ireolation, pump trip 
*tabliih & complete an operator training program. Comml tmeni 
does not constitute agreement w/optlon for ratolvlno ATMS 
identified in NUREG-0460, vol 3. 
ANDQGNINI.O. C. Boston Edison Co. 79/04/10. Ip. 

7904230313 "ASME Section XI Pump t, Valve Test Prooram " 
floiton Edison Co, 79/04/13. 79pp. 

7904230295 Forwards for ruvteu it approval, propo. ad operation*! 
[^511!!?! ta * t "a prooram for euontial pumps it valve. 
ANDQONINI.G.C. Boston Erfison Co. 79/04/13 Ip. 

Inspection reports and correspondence 

ANDQQNINr.O.C. Boston Edi.on Co. 79/02/HO, 3pp. 

t|lt <-3'"-OI O n 790103-03 

*' -t W Pp-ratlc 

-7904020243 Notice of violation from Imp on 
* R'Bion 1, Philadelphia. Offic. of thi 


HOWARD.J.E. Boston Edison Co. 79/03/30. 


ANDOOHIW.O.C. Bo,to n Edison Co. 79/04/03. ,p. 
Financial inf ornation 

curities t. 

l.R.rl Boston Edison Co. 79/04/17. 
Operatfno license itage 

,. ,, 

VDLLMR,R.H. A.ilit.nt Dir!?t i "='. W/dI*trlbut i nn . 

Ip. ">.tant Director for a v .t. , Project.. 79/03/12. 

hereafter 4 c.ip.tiin 


tors. 79/03/12. 17 pp . 

S!:Lr,3v;: ::nr::vt;^-sr^/ i rr? <CAQ) - - 
ss:::^.:::,:^ ^j Vv-- -". 

.PPOL.TO. r. A. op.^lS^S, J *SV' ^jf- 

7904030337 Subni 

HWARD.J.E. Boston Edison Co. 79/03/13. 


79 S'?nfc 5 onc^trE; pa nsUn l An tn ^'^ "C" f BUf * rt "" ""** 
79/M/OB" 1 Ip . R " Bion '' Philadalphia,*' Offic. of th. Dlr.ctor, 


lp . 

R ' 9ton '' 

- flBl . 

lphu, OffU. ofth. Wrior. 

Off lc . of 



RMion '' 

" '' Ph1 ""'PnU, 

Offic. of th. Dlr.ttor. 

'-* ii s NRC * *" * 

"P fc * 30-293/78-16 & 
Off ic . of th. Dir*r. 

..,., ,.,.. 1B 8tr 

Offlc. of tha.Dlr.ctor. 

7904090218 Rxpondi to NRC 790220 i - 

.pi.ti n of it.. ,mi"p" ,"I ;-aut*ni c Q mt m . n t d.t 

50-293/79-16 *, 30-293/79-1 ' Inifl "'I 1 * 1 



DOCKET 30-293 Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station, Unit I 
Inspection reports and correspondence 


DOCKET 30-294 Michigan State Univ. Research Reactor 
Adjudicatory correspondence 

79O4Q4Q22Q Forwards IE Info Natlca 79-05, "Use 
Safety-Related Components. " 
ORIER.B. H, Region 1. Philadelphia 

79X03/21. Ip. 

Improper Matls in 
Office of the Director. 

7904100132 Plant phvical security p l an will not be released tn Atty 
General's ofc dug to sensitive nature of matl. Offers tgur of 
plant site for insp as at tornativa. Fi 1 ing of response will 
be postponed while negotiations are pending 
STEPTQE.P. P. Illinois, State of, 79/03/23. Ip. 

79O416O366 Forward* notas of 79O22B & 7903O3 conference calls of util, 
NRC coniultants, b NRG staff re util's rasponse to IE 
Bulletin 78-03. 
IPPILITO, T. A. Lioht Water Reactor? Dranch 3. 79/03/33. 3pp. 

Operating license stage 

79O4040094 Forwards EIA in response to NRC 780713 I tr 
WILKINSON, R. E. Michigan State. 79/03/30. 15pp. 

7904060233 Field cable-to-automatic dapressuri tat ion sys solenoid valve 
ipllc connections were assembled using hand tuiiat wire 
joints. Replaced ui/RAYCHEH heat shrink type splices. Info not 
reportabl* per Bulletin 79-01 roqulremant. 
ANDOGNINl.O. C. Boston Edison Co. 79/03/28. 2pp. 

7904040096 EIA for facility, 

* Michigan State. 79/03/20. 14pp. 

Inspection report* and correspondence 

7904370427 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-04, "Incorrect Weights for Suing 
Cftsck Valves Manufactured by Velan Englnanrlng Corp. " 
CRIER, B.H. Region 1, Ph i lade Iph la, Office of the Director 

79/03/30. Ip. 

7901030013 Forwards IE fnsp Rapt 50-294/79-02 on 79Q13I-0203 t, notic 
of deviation. 

HEIBHMftNiR. F. Region 3, Chicago. Reactor Operations Nuclear 

Support Branch. 79/O2/31. 3pp. 

7904130232 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-03, "Nuclaar Incident at TMI" Ik 
PNd-79-67, 79-67A, B, C, D, E, F b 0. No response required. 
ORIER.B.H. Roion 1, Philadelphia. Office of the Director 

79/04/01. Ip. ' 

7904190147 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-03A, "Nuclear Incident at 
TMI - Suppl." ti praliminary chronology of TMI-a 790338 
accident until core cooling restored. 

ORIER.fl.H. Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Director 

79/04/08. Ip, 

7904330190 Discusses valve position Indication to control room 
operator. Conclude MSIV limit switch replacement is roqulreif 
because switches provide input signals to reactor protection 
ANOOQNINI.O. C. Boston Edison Co. 79/04/09. 3pp. 

7907043B Forwards IE Bulletin 79-06A, "Rovieui of Operational Errors fc 
8i|i Misalignments Identified During the TMI Incident " 
QRIER.B.H, Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Director 

79/04/14. Ip. 

Par Jodie operating reports, related correspondence 
7904060294 Forwards "Environ Radiation Monitoring Program Rept 11," for 

I T/0F 

ANDOONINI.O. C. Boston Edison Co. ' 79/03/30. Ip. 

7904060396 "Environ Radiation Monitoring ProgramiRept II," for 1978 
SOWDON.T.L., MOOOLESKO. F. J. Boston Edison Co. 79/04/O1. 140pp. 

790417QI79 Forwards monthly oparating rept for Mar 1979. 
MCOUIREiP. J. Boston Edlion Co. 79/04/11. Ip, 

79O4170IB2 Monthly operating rapt for Mac 1979, 

AiFFNEY,C.H, Boston Edison Co. 79/04/11. 6pp. 

Raportable occurrences, relatad correspondence 

7904200366 Forwards LER 79-011/99L-1. 

MCUUIREiP. J. Boston Edison Co, 79/04/12. Ip. 

7904200S63 LER 79-0(1/99 L-l on 790307; fire water storage tanV vol 
below 840,000 gal level in each tank. Caused by Instrument 
valves never 1 fc to corresponding Tech Spec*. Adjusted 
letpoint* for annuciators & control* for auto fill valves. 
HATHIB, C.J. Boston Edison Co. 79/03/26. Ip. 

790*300331 Forward* LER 79-010/03L-1. 

MCOUIRE.P.d. Boston Edtson Co. 79/04/24. Ip. 

79O4300363 LER 79-010/03L-I on 790304: control rod 46-31 failed to 
lnf*rt to 90X Insertion point in 7-s as required by Tech 
Sapc*,Causd by slowed venting of terant pilot val.vas. Valva* 
r( lacid. 
FULTDNrJ.M. Boston Edison Co, 79/04/21. 2pp. 

-7904030019 Notice of deviation from insp on 790131-0202, 
Regton 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/02/21. 


-790403001Q IE Insp Rept 30-294/79-02 on 790131-0202. Deviat Ion noted' 
failure to conduct required training. 

SWANSON.E.R. , LITTLE.w.S. Region 3, Chicago, Reactor Operations 
Nuclear Support Branch. BRQUN.C.H. Ro H ion 3, Chicago, Office of 
the Director. 79/03/16. 4pp. 

DOCKET 30-293 Zion Nuclear Power Station, Unit 1 

Security, medical, emergency & fire protection plans 

7904160142 Provides addl info re gas suppression tys (, firo dampers, in 
support of request to extend completion date for fira 
protection mod. 
NAUQHTON, W. F. Commonwealth Edison Co. 79/04/04. 2pp. 

7904160129 Responds to NRC 790214 Itr re firs protection program. 
Forwards addl Info ro ultrasonic flow meter In fire water 
sys. 1. control room analysis of methods of isolating 
essential instrumentation loops. 
NAUOHTONiU, F. Commonwealth Edison Co. 79/04/09. 2pp. 

7704190032 Flra protection 8ER covering interior hoss station* will not 
be completed until end of current outage in Apr 1979. 
Completion anticipated prior to 79060J. 
HAUOHTON. W. F. Commonwealth Edison Co. 79/04/12. Ip, 

Adjudicatory correspondence 

7904030336 Intervetlor Stats of IL's motion for continuance t< request to 
allow amends to Intervanor's affidavit* when SEft is issued 
Affidavit of SN Selular fc Certificate of Svc encl. 
BEKULER.S. N. Illinois, Btata of. 79/O2/21. 4pp, 

7904030343 Intervunor State of IL's response to summary disposition 
motions & memo supporting motion for continuance & renuest 
for future amend* to af f idavl ts. ABLB should defer ruling on 
contentions until SEK Is issued, 
SGKULER.a.N. Illinois, State of. 79/02/21. 9pp. 

7904030033 Returns Johnson rapt which li Reference 1 noted by NRC In 
Label, et al.No request for this document has bean made. 
OODDARD.R.H. Dranch 3. 79/03/09. ip. 

79041B0099 Informs of death of W Kendall, who w. project Manager for 
proposed absorber racks at Nuclear Svc Corp. Death will not 
delay hearings on utll's motion for summary disposition. 
6TEPTOE.P.P. Isham, Lincoln !< Baale. 79/03/12. ,3pp. 

79041&0332 Notice of hearing on amend to OU to permit Increase In 
storage capacity of spent fuel pool. Time (. place of meeting 
sii ill be *>t by A5LB. 
LUTON.E. Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Panel. 79/03/83. 2pp. 



DOCKET 50-395 Zlon Nuclear Power Station. Unit 1 
Ad judl eatery correspondence 

7904060016 Forwards Amend 46 d 43 Co License DPR-37 & DPR 18, 
respectively, safety evaluation l< notice of issuance & 
SCHHENCER, A. Operating Reactor* Branch 1, 77/03/17. 3pp. 

7704160348 Changes text in 790323 notice of hearin!j;date in first line 
of notice should be 790707, not 790507, 
LUTON,E. Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Panal, 79/03/29. Ip. 

7904270603 Forwards SER tt EIA re spent fuel pool mod H/o encl 
MDDARD.R.J. Branch 2. 79/04/03. Ip. 

77Q42706Q6 Forwards SER J, EIA re spent fuel pool mod. W/o encl. 
OQDDARD.R. J. Branch 3. 77/04/03. Ip, 

770431QOS3 Defmri rulings an motions for summary disposition pending 
issuance of SER, Intervenor shall have five days following 
avc of SER to amend response to motion,. 
LUTON.E. Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Panal, 79/04/04. Ip. 

Operating license stage 

--7704060017 Amends 46 t, 43 to Licensee DPR-37 & DPR-4H, ratpftt 1 v |u, 
requiring operability t, surveillance of ehoci tuppronor, 
uiBd to protect reactor conlatit lya (. other sap ety-ralatBd 
sys Si components. 
BCHHENCER.A. Operating Reactors Branch 1. 79/03/17. 10pp. 

7904060030 Safety evaluation supporting Amends 4i t, 43 to Licenit, 
DPR-39 fc OPR-48, respectively. 
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. 79/03/17. 3pp, 

--7904060033 Notice of issuance t, availability of Amanda 41, t, 43 to 
Licenses DPR-39 i DPR-4B, rapec t i VB ly, 
BCHWENCER.A. Operating Reactors Drancll 1, 79/O3/17. 9pp. 

7904200160 Forwards 79O329 safety evaluation *. 79Q3H9 EIA in r*if.Qni* 
in """ ""rage capacity of spent fuel pool. 

Operating Reactors Branch I. 79/03/39 2pp- 

7904130047 Responds to NRC request for revision to proposed Tech Spa. 
Forwards revision re limit on fuel assembly loading rather 
than limit on Fuel enrichment. 
REED.C, Commonwealth Edison Co. 79/02/33. 21pp. 

79040AOQ44 Forwards Amends 43 t, 40 to Licenses DPR-39 !. DPR-4B, 
respectively, safety evaluation tt notice of issuance b 
aval Hbility. 
ecHHENCER, A. Operating Reactors Branch I. 79/03/03. 3pp. 

7904060052 Amanda 43 (, 40 to Licenses DPR-39 t, DPR-40, respectively, 
changing Te-ch Specs to allow containment equipment hatch 
CO remain open during refueling operations & require 
auiiliary oldg ventilation through charcoal filters 
BCHWENCER.A. Operating Reactors Branch 1. 77/03/07 Spp 

Amends 43 t, 40 to Licenses 

= "!S avflluatio suppo 

DPH-3f & DPR-4B, respectively. 

* Office of .Nuclear Reactor Regulation. 79/03/02. 7pp. 

7904060039 Notice of issuance * availability of Amends 43 * 4O bo 
LIcenies DPB-39 * DPR-4D, respectively 
ECHUENCER.A. Operating Reactors Branch I. 79/03/02, 3pp. 

7704060013 Forward. Amends 44 (. 41 to Licenses DPR-39 t, DPR-4B. 

Operating Reactors Branch 1. 79/03/07. 3pp. 


-7904060019 Am.nds 44 I. 41 to DPR-37 k DPR-4B, respective 1 V . 
rvisinj Tech Specs to extend FN delta 11 rod bou penalty 
curve t, predicted Bivalent full pouer hours cla co apse 

" 11 "' "i" 1 " r * alW averas ' ' UB1 * U 'P- 

Operating Reactors Branch 1, 79/03/07. 7pp.' 


Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. 79/03/07. 3pp. 

apecUve. "" 1|lortltl <' Anlen< " * *1 to License, DPR-37 ft DP(t-40, 
Office of Wucloar Reactor Regulation, 77/03/07. 3 PP , 

7904060030 Notice of iasuar.ce t. availability of Amend, 44 t 4i to 
Licenaa DPR-39 It DPR-4S, respec lively 'meno. ^ fa qi to 

CROTENH(JI8,M. Operating Reactors Branch I. 77/03/07. 2pp. 

7704300161 GER re mod of spent fuol storage pool. 

Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. 79/03/89. 16pp, 

7704300163 EIA re mod of spent fuol pool, 

* Office of Nuclear Reactor flegulation. 79/03/27. OOpp, 

770431007S Summary of 790221 mentlng w/Hust inghouve ounen op.oup In 
Bethasda.MD re asymmetric LOCA loads. Agenda & list of 
attendees encl. 
HOSFORDiB. B, Enoinaering Branch. 79/04/10, 4pp. 

7904330432 Forward, Amend* 48 (. 43 to Lie. mat DPR-39 . DPft-40. 
respectively, safety evaluation t notice of liiuanco S. 
BCHWEHCER.A. Operating Reactor* Branch 1. 79/04/13. 2pp. 

7904230433 Amend. IS b 43 to LU.n.n DPR--39 tt DPR-49 raspac 1 1 velu, 
autnoriiing limited oHenslon of complxtlon dates for pUrtt 
2Ju l I ,r,!!3;j i !;" ) by NftC to im P rov " lXJl of fire protection. 

UI.MWENGER, A, Operatln|) Iteactori Drench 1, 79/04/13, 4pp, 

'iS tvalu t i "" tupporting Amend, 40 (. 43 to 

DPR-39 It DPR-40, rspctlvety. 
* Office of Nucloar Rttactor Rooulatlon, 7"?/04/13, Hap. 

7904230440 Notice of iinnne. ti availability of Amend* 4O >. 45 ( 
Llcente, DPR-37 Ji DPR-4Q, respact i velu, 
aCHHENfEli, A. Operating Ractor< ilrancli 1. 77/04/13, 3pp. 

Inspection report, and correspondence 

-7904110374 Notice of violation from tnp on 7701B3-B6 b 770282, 
79/03/02 If, C " 1C490 ' "*> Op-rations NucL.r Support 

30-304/79-01 on 770123-2* 



em, ft Project,. 79/03/12, 

M r -I ftmenrfa * "a to Licenses DPR-39 i DPR-4S, & notice of issuance J availability Security 
1 ^" 1 " ^ Pt uithhBlti <"f 10CFft3.790), V " CUrlt " 
, A. Operating Roactors Branch I. 79/03/H. 3p p . 

SCHWENCER,A. Qp.pating Reactors Branch I. 79/03/14. 


KEPPLER.j.o. R 0fl io n 3, Chica fl o, Offie. of 


, 7/oa/16, 

KEPPLER.J.O, n.gian a , chtc-flo, Office of th Director. 79/03/19. 

KEPPLER.J.O. "R.elon 3. Chlc.oo, Offit. of th. Director. 7^/03/20. 

e v 

SCHWENCER.A. Operatino Reactors Branch 1. 79/03/14, 




DOCKET 90-293 lion Nuclear Power Station- Unit 1 
Inspection reports and correspondence 

7904130161 Foruards. IE Bulletin 79-05, "Nuclear Incident at Three Mile 
I* land" t; PNO-79-67, 79-67A, 79-67B. 79-A7C, 79-67D, 79-67E. 
79-67F * '79-670. No response required. 

KEPPLER, J.O. Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/04/01. 


7904190220 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-03A. "Nuclear Incident at 
TMI - Buppl." & preliminary chronology of TMI-2 79O328 
accident until core coaling restored. 
KEPPLER, J.O. Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director, 77/04/06, 

79Q430QIBB Forwards IE Bulletin 79-07, "Seismic Stress Analysis of 
B4f aty-Related Piping." 

KEPPLER. J.Q, Region 3, Chicago. Office of the Director. 79/04/14. 


7904300133 IE Bulletin 79-07, "Seismic Stress Analysis of Safety- 
Related Piping. " 
Offlca of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, 79/04/14. 7pp. 

79Q427Q23B Forwards IE Bulletin 79-06A, Ravis ion 1, "Review of 
Operational Errors d Bys Misalignments Identified During TMI 
Incident. " 

KEPPLER.J.O. Region 3, Chicago, Office of tha Director. 79/04/IQ. 


7904230293 LGR 79-01B/O3L-0 on 790319: d ia-s e 1 generator declared 
inoperable dua to loui pre-lube oil pres-s urn. Caujerf by rag 
found in oil pump strainer. Rag removed. Ma int procedures will 
be changed accordingly. 
AINGER.K.A, Commonwealth Edison Co. 79/04/12. 2pp. 

DOCKET BO-296 Browns Ferry Nuclear Power Station, Unit 3 
Operating license stage 

7904D9O29O Requests add! info re capability of NSBS to respond to 
postulated ATMS trans ients. Forward* NFiC 79Q215 1 tr to CE iu/ 
request for analysis to confirm adequacy of proposed mods to 
LWR deilgns. NUREQ-0460 Vo 1 3 end. W/o one 1 . W/d istrlbutlon, 
VOLLMER.R.H, Assistant Director for Systems & Projects. 79/03/12 


7904090029 Forwards Amend 21 to License DPR-6B, safety evaluation. 
!i notice of issuance & availability. 
IPPOL1TO. T. A. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 79/03/14. 2pp. 

7904030043 Amend 21 to License DPR-6B. chamg ing operating limit rain 
critical power ratios. 
IPPOLITO.T. A. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 79/03/14. 4pp. 

7904050046 Safety evaluation supporting Amend 21 to License DPR-ie. 
* Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. 79/O3/U. 4pp, 

Periodic operating reports, related correspondence 

7904030389 Forwards Part 3 of "Radioactive Uaste d Environ Monitoring," 
annual rapt 1978. 
HANDKE.N.E. Commonwealth Edison Co. 79/03/23. Ip. 

7904030330 "Radioactive Haste & Environ Monitoring." annual rept 1978, 
Part 3, 
HANDKE.N.E. Commonweal th Edlion Co. 79/03/31, SBpp. 

Raportable occurrences! related correspondent 

7904040084 Forward* LER 79-016/Q1T-0. 
WANDKErN.E. Commonwealth Edison Co. 

79/03/23. Ip. 

79O4O3OOS1 Notice of Issuance fc availability of Amend 21 to License- 
IPPOLITQ.T. A, Operating Reactors Branch 3. 79/03/14. 2pp. 

7904060123 In order to complete guidance far implementation of environ 
radiation protection s tdi, requests data from onsite survey, 
area radiation levels fc environ monitoring instrument!. 
Requests response bi] 790430. 
IPPOLITO, T. A. Operating Roattors Brancfi 3. 79/03/19. 2pp, 

7904110234 Forwards propi-ietary rept NEDE-23749-1-P. "Comparison o* 
Analytical Model for Computing Safety Relief valvi Discharge 
Line Transient Pressures & Forces to Montlcello T-Ouencher 
Test Data." Withheld tr.f lOCFRa. 790). 

SDHONiL. J. Oensval Electric Co. .Nuclear Energy Product* Div. 
79/03/20. Ip. 

7904040080 LER 79-016/01 T-0 on. 790312; dur ino staadv-state operation 
cross-tie breaker from U-a sys auxiliary transformer to type 
U-l E8F buses uas taken out of svc. Causad by personnel 
trror. Personnel re Instruc tad on ac pauier sources. 
BIECK. T. A. CommonueaUh Edison Co. 79/03/23. Ip. 

7904230299 Forwards LER 79-011/03U-0. 

N. E. Dragon. State of. 79/03/30. 


7904230304 LER 79-011/03L-0 on 790327: [FCV-PRHOA v*Ive failed to data. 
Caused hy failure of A8CO-B320 solenoid valve to vent. 
Plunger than adhered to ileive because oil was hakd Into 
varnish by coll heat. Plunger freed. 
UOOLINI.D, Commonwealth Edison Co. 79/03/30. Ip. 

7904230239 Forwards LER 79-013/03L-Q. 

HANDKEiN.E. Commonuealth Edison Co. 79/04/03. 


790423024S LER 79-013/03L-Q on 790304:power supply fuiat repeatedly 
tripped on steam generator blowdown liquid radiation 
monitor. E>act causa unknown, by natural and of life of high 
voltage power lupply suspected. Power supply replaced. 
OST.F. Commonwealth Edison Co, 79/04/03. Ip. 

7704230274 Forwards LER 79-013/03L-0. 

HANDKE.N.E. Commonwealth Edison Co. 79/04/06. Ip, 

--7904330277 LER 7?-013/Q3L-0 on 790307:18 dltsal generator tripped from 
over speed. Caused by setpoint drift. Betpolnt re-adjusted t 
damonstrate.d operable, 
J008TEN, J. K, Commonwealth Edison Co. 79/04/06, Ip. 

7W30aBB Forward* LER 79-020/03L-0. 

WANDKE.N.E. Connonwealth Edison Co. 79/04/12. Ip. 

7904230283 LER 79-02Q/03L-0 on 790316: containment isolation sys In 
degraded nodi due to fallad closing of 1FCV-PR20A, Caused by 
soltnold plunger adhering to sleeve by oil baked to varnish. 
Solenoid replaced. 
UQOLINI.D. Commonwealth Edison Co. 79/04/12. Ip. 

7704830394 Forward* LER 79-OIB/O3L-0. 

HANOKE. N. E. Commonwealth Edison Co. 77/04/12. Ip. 

7904030271 Responds to IE Bulletin 79-Ot, Forwards follouiup rept re 
motors used on certain valve operators In LOCA environ. 
No safety concerns eclst at present time. 
OILLELAND, J. E. Tennessee Valley Authority. 79/03/27, 3pp, 

7904040197 Notification that only REItY transient code i-aload analyses 
will be submitted for balance of 1979 revtatu & requests 
& to 9-month lead time to implement ODVH cade far applicable 
re load. 
OILLeUAND, J. E. Tennessee Valley Authority. 79/03/2B. IO. 

7904200190 Based on review of 780900 application & Tech Spue Changa 
Request 1 16. appl Icat ion Involves Class III fee which should 
be forwarded promptly. 
MILLER, W.O. License Fee Management Branch, 79/04/05. Ip, 

7904100341 Forwards Feb 1979 program activity review r Mai-k I 
containment program. 

SOBONjL. J. Oeneral Electric Co. .Nuclear Energy Products Div. 
79/04/06. 9pp. 

7904240299 Responds to 790319 Itr to HO Parris which r*q.uasted add 1 
Info on radiation levels attributable to plant operation. 
Forwards compilation of thermoluminescent dosimeter raadings 
t* preliminary results of special itudy on radiation levels. 
OILLELAND, J. E. Tenitisiee Valley Authority. 79/04/20, 3pp. 

--790424O303 "Direct Radiation Level* Around Drotuns Ferry Nuclear 
Plant - Background Data." Draft rept end. 

JENKINS, P. H. i DOTY.R.L. Tennessee Vall'ay Authority. I-RM-77-1. 
77/02/3S. 93pp. 

7904 3003 4B Discusses stem-mounted limit switches on teitable check 
valvas in core spray sys, as previously diacussed in utll's 
790410 Itr.Thast switches are not needed for ECCS function. 
OILLELAND, J. E. Tennessee Valley Authority. 79/04/23. Ip. 

Inspection reports and correspondence 

7904240041 Forwards IE Bulletin 7B-12B, ."Atypical Held Matl in Reactor 
Pressure VBSIB! Melds. " 

O'REILLY, J. P. Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

79/03/19. 2pp. 



DOCKET 30-296 Brauins Ferry Nuclear Pouier Station, Unit 
Inspection reports and correspondence 

7704200469 Forwards IE Circular 79-09, "Moisture Leakage in Stranded 
Hire Conductors. " 

O'REILLY, J. P. Region 2, Atlanta. Office of the Director, 

79/03/20, 3pp. 

7904030177 Forwards IE Info Notice 79-03j "Use of Improper Matli in 
Baf ety-Related Components, " 

O'REILLY, J. P. Region 2, Atlanta. OHlce of the Director. 

79/O3/31. 2pp. 

7904200390 Forwards IE Info Notice 79-07, "Rupture of Radwaste Tanks. 
O'REILLY. 0. P. Region 2, Atlanta. Of fits of the Director. 

79/O3/26. 2pp. 

Periodic operating reports, related correspondence 

7904110225 Forwards corrected table of contents & addl Page IB to 
annual operating rept far CV7S. 
OILLELAHD, J. E. Tennessee Valley Authority. 79/04/05, 3pp. 

7904130180 Forwards monthly operating rept fur Mar 1979. 
DEWEA8E, J.O. Tennessee Valley Authority. 79/04/09. Ip. 

7904130181 Monthly operating rapt far Mar 1979. 

BEHEASE.J.C. Tennessee Valley Authority. 79/04/09. 31pp. 

79Q41B0222 "Water Quality & Biological Conditions In Uheeler Reservoir 
During Operation of Browns Ferry Plant, " App A to Annual 
Rept 197B. 

TAYLOR. M.P.. MULLIN8, J.R. , MEINERT, D. L. Tennessee valley Authority. 
79/03/31. 261pp, 

790404007 1 ? Forwards addl info re iniervics insji program. Includai 
revised requests for relief from ASME Botler t> Pressure 
Ves-sel Code Section XI requirements. Buparcedes requests 
submitted in 7BIB11 Itr. 
QILLELAND4 J.E, Tennessee Vallay Authority. 79/03/29. 14op. 

7904J1002O Ack rsruipt of 790336 Itr informing NHC of steal taken to 
correct violations noted in IE Inp Repts 30-239/79-03, 
30-S6Q/79-03 It 50-296/79-03. 

UEHIS.R. C. Region 2, Atlanta. Reactor Operations Nuclear Support 

Branch. 79/03/29. 2pp. 

DOCKET 90-298 Cooper Nuclear Station 

Security, medical, emergency d fire protection plans 

79041S0276 In response to NRG 7B0206 Itr requesting review of fin 
protection program, concludes utll liiill be In conformant* u/ 
NRC guidelines on fire brigade training by 791101 HI/ 
eiception at lira brigade site & detailed training. 
PILANT, J. M. Nebraska Public Power tlistrict. 79/O4/12. Bpp. 

Inturance and indemnity 

7904110034 Reipqnda to NRC 790302 Itr r violations noted in IE Imp 
Rapes 80-259/79-03,90-260/79-03 t. SO-296/79-03. Correctiva 
ac tioni : turve 1 1 lance Instruction reviled ti approved on 
OILLELAND, J. E, Tennessee Vallcg Authority 79/03/09. Spp. 

7904060264 Forwards Endorsement 39 to MAELU Policy MF-70. 
PILANT.J.M. Nebraska Public Power District. 79/04/08. 

Utility FBAR and amendments 


-7904110033 Forward* IE Insp Repts 50-359/79-03,90-260/79-03 tt 
5Q-29&/79-03 an 790129-0201 d notice of violation. 
LEUIS,n,C. Region 2, Atlantai Reactor Operations Nuclear 

Support Branch. 79/03/02. 2pp. 

7904060064 In response to 730703 filing of amargancy planiAnsnd 4O to 
FBARi determines that Class III fee Is required. Request* 
*4,000 fee be submittpd. 
MILLER, H.O. Office of Administration. 79/03/19. Ip. 

-7904110033 Notice of violation from imp on 790129-0201. 

* Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 79/03/01. Ip. 

-7904110043 IE Insp Rept 50-239/79-03, SO-260/79-03 fc 30-296/79-03 on 
790129-O201. MoncDrapl lance noted: fai 1 ure to properly 
document test results. ' 

PRICE.D.E1. Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

DANCE. H.C. Region 3. Atlanta, Reactor Operations Nuclear 

Support Branch. 79/03/01. 6pp. 

7904S70916 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-04, "Incorrect Milghti for SuitnQ 
Chck Valvii Manufactured by Velan Engineering Corp." 
0'HEILLY, J. P. Rejion 2, Atlanta, Off Us of the Director. 

79/03/30, Ip. 

Operating license stage 

7904090S90 fienuests addl info re capability of NS8S to respond ka 
postulated ATMS transients, Forwards NftC 790S13 Itr to OE u/ 
request for analysis to confirm adequacy of proposed mods to 
LW designs. NUREO-0460 Vol 3 tncl.H/o oncl. M/distrlbutlon. 
VOLLrlERrR.H. Assistant Director for System* b Projects. 


7904110124 Expects to complete generic review of Hark I cont'liuntnt 
lona-term program bu May 1979. Requests plant-unique analysle 
shortly thereafter k completion of plant mods bu Dec 1980. 
Forwards "Evaluation of Suppression Pool Temp Limits. " 
BTELLO.V. Division of Operating Reactors. 79/03/1B. 17pp. 

7904120123 Forwards IE Dulletin 79-03, "NucUar Incident at TMI" 6 
PNO-79-67, 79-67A, B.C.D, E. F t 0, No response required. 
O'REILLYi J. P, (legion 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

79/04/01. 2pp. 

77041701B? Forward! IE Bulletin 79-OSA, "Nuclear Incident at 
THl - Stijtplt" * preliminfirij thre-nologu of TMI-2 790328 
accident until core cooling restored. 

O'REILLY, J. P. Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director, 

79/O4/03. Ip. 

7904130219 Responds to IE Bulletin 79-01. Det*rmlne) stain-mounted limit 
switchtt an testable check valves in core ipray sus are same 
tijjn as referenced in IE Bulletin 79-Of. Sui tehes have no 
iafty or control functions. 
OILLELAND, J. E. Tennessee Valley Authority. 79/04/10. Ip. 

79042&0340 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-06, "Review of Operational Errors & 
Byi Hlsal Ignnents Identified During TMI Incident," 
O'REILLY, J.P. Region 2, Atlanta, Office of th Director. 

79/04/11. Ip. 

79Q4270S70 Forward* IE Bulletin 79-06A, "Review of Operational Errori (. 
Byi Miiallgnmtnbs Identified During TMI Incident." 
O'REILLY. J. P. Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

79/04/M. Ip. 

7904300302 Provides info re proposed intervlca insp b testing program 
& iuggets actiani to minimiii delay in NRC rulings an subj 
program*. Propoied program revision is and to anist in 
iptiflt ioui proctsiing of TVA Tech Spec 59. 
CILUELANB, J.E. Tennessee valley Authority. 79/04/2^. 4pp. 

7904020131 Requests addl info re propaied e>empttons to NRC QA 
IPPQLITO,T. A. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 79/03/13. 7pp. 

7904020134 Requests addl info for review of Cycle 3 reload. 

IPPOLITO, T. A. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 79/03/13, 3pp. 

7904110234 Forwards proprietary rept NEDE-23749-l-Pr "Comparison of 
Analytical Model for Computing Safety Relief Valve Discharge 
Line Transient Pressures & Farces to Montleello T-Quencher 
Test Data." Ulthheld (ref IOCFR2. 790). 

SOBON,L.J. General Electric Co., Nuclear Energy Products Dtv. 
79/03/20. Ip. 

7904040133 Request* that NEDO-21BaB, "Hark I Containment Prora Load 
Definition Rept" be Included In docket for u*e in support of 
containment evaluation program. 
PILANT,J.M. Nebraska Public Power District. 79/03/B7. Ip. 

7904060234 Requeit* inclusion of NEDE-23749-l-Pi "Coiparion of 
Analytical Model for Computing Safety Rttllef Valve Discharge 
Line Transient Pressure fc Forces to Kanticello T-flueneher 
Tett Data," in docket, 
PILANT.J.M.' Nebraska Public Power District. 79/03/39. Ip. 

79041101S4 Forwards draft repts re adequacy of ttruetural crlltrla foi 


NEUHARK,N.K. N. H. Neumark Coniulting Engineering Bervtces, 

6B/02/19. 12pp, 



DOCKET SO-SIB Cooper Nuclear Station 
Operating license stage 

7904270624 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-QfiA. "flevlew of Operational Errors 
Sy Misalignments Identified During TMI Incident, " 
SEYFRIT.K. V, Region 4, Dallas. Office of the Director. 79/04/14. 

79Q41CO273, Extensive revisions to draft radiological effluent Tech 
Specs for BURs tuill delay subroittal of requested Tech Spues 
b dfftlte Dose Ca Iculational Manual until 790430. 
PILANT.J.M, Nebraska Public Power District. 79/O4/04. lp. 

7704100341 Forwards Feb 1979 program activity review re Mark I 
containment program. 

BQBON.L. J, General Electric Co. .Nuclear Energy Products Div. 
77/04/06. 9pp. 

79041OO3S4 Forwards license amend fee. Questions whether amend 
clarification is correct fc if change might be eiempt from 
payment. Request* reimbursement if decision is reversed. Nebraska Public Power District. 79/04/06. lp. 

7904270627 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-Q6Ai Revls ion I, "Review of 
Operational Errors & Sys Misalignments Identified During TMI 
Incident. " 

SEYFRIT.K.V. Region 4, Dallas, Office of the Director. 79/04/1B. 


Periodic operating reports, related correspondence 

7904100259 Forwards monthly operating rept for Mar 1979. 

LESSOR. L. C. Nebraska Public Power District. 79/O4/O4. lp. 

7904100262 Monthly operating rapt for Mar 1979. 

BQRER.P.J. Nebraska Public Power District. 79/04/04. 4pp. 

79Q424O324 Confirm* 790413 telcon reporting cracks found in some end 
caps of Uestinghouse design basis breaker overcurrnnt trip 
devices. Several remedial actions for utils are recommended. 
ANDERSON. T. M. Hestlnghouse Electric Corp. 79/04/16. 2pp. 

7904340496 Forwards addl info to 790313 request re NB Power District's 
79O131 reload license application. 
PILANTiJ.M. Nebraska Public Power District. 79/04/li. 4pp. 

Inspection reports and correspondence 

7904110347 Forwards IE Insp Rept 30-298/79-04 on 790220-23. No 
none o nip 1 lance noted. 

MAOSEN, 0. L. Region 4i Dallas, Reactor Operations Nuclear Support 

Branch. 79/03/O7. Spp. 

79041.10362 IE Imp Rept SO-29B/79-Q4 on 790220-23. No noncomp lianca 
noted, Major areas inspected: organ! latlon ii administration. 
radiological environ muni toring, QC of analytical 
measurements Si chemical & thermal monitoring, 
EVERETT, R. J. , WILBORN,L. Region 4. Dallas, Office of the 

Director. BROHN.O. D. Region 4, Dallas, Fuel Facility t. 

Materials Safety Branch. 79/03/07. 6pp. 

7904190)238 Forwards IE Insp Rept 30-298/79-03 on 790220-23 t. notice 
of violation. 

MAD8EN.Q.L. Region 4, Dallas, Reactor Operations Nuclear Support 

Branch. 79/03/07. 2pp. 

7904270310 Forwards semiannual radioactive effluent release repti 
Jul-Dec 197B. 
PILANT.J.M. Nebraska Public Pouar District. 79/O1/12. 2pp. 

790427O316 "Semiannual Radioactive Effluent Release Raptr" Jul-Dec 
* Nebraska Public Paver District. 79/04/12. 305ap, 

Reportable occurrences, related correspondence 

7904230434 Forwards LER 79-OO2/01T-0. 

LESSOR, L. C. Nebraska Public Power District. 7<7/O2/16. 2pp. 

790423043? LEfl 79-002/01T-0 on 790206: dur ing surveillance procedure, 
standby gas treatment s^s flow observed at lero. Caused bi| 
ice plug in discharge pipe. Pipe heated E> plug thawed. Line 
heat traced & insulated. 
WILLIAMB,M.O. Nebraska Public Pouier District. 79/Q2/16. lp, 

7904230418 Forwards LER 79-003/03L-O. 

LESSOR, L,C. Nebraska Public Power District. 

79/03/03. 2pp. 

79O42S0429 LEfi 79-003/O3L-0 on 790212: dur ing normal operatiolli opon 1 ng 
found in wall between two battery ronm* . Caused by ua 1 1 
apparently unsealed since plant const. Opening sealed 
w/Kaouool ff. covered w/metal plates. 
BEDNAR.L.F. Nebraska Public Power District. 79/03/08, lp. 

79CMI90H91 Notie* of violation from insp on 79O220-23. 

* Raglan 4, Dallas, Reactor Operations Nuclear Support Branch. 

79/03/03. lp. 

7904 190276 IE Imp Rept 50-298/79-03 on 790880-23. Noncomplianca noted: 

faflure to properly calibrate test equipment;. 

JOHNSON, E. H. , CONSTABLE, 0. L. , HADBENr G. L. Region 4, Dallair 

Reactor Operations Nuclear Support Branch. 79/03/03. 7pp. 

7904030143 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-02, "Pipe Support Bait Plate Designs 
Using Concrete Expansion Anchor Bolts. " 

BEVFRIT.K.V. Region 4, Dallas, Office of the Director. 79/03/OB. 


79041H037I Forwards IE Bulletin 79-03, "Longitudinal Held Defects in 
A3HG BA-3I& Tupe 304 Stainless Steet Pipe Spools 
Manufactured by Youngstoun Welding t Engineering Co." 
&EYFRIT, K.. V: Region 4, Dallas, Office of the Director. 79/03/12 


7904030133 Forward* IE Info Notice 79-03r "Use of Improper Matls in 
BafetukteUted Conponints. " 
BEYFRITiK.V. Region 4, Dallas, Office of the Director. 79/03/21. 

790411O423 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-05 "Nuclear Incident at TMI" Si 
PMa-79-A7.79-A7A,B,C,D,E,F !* 0. No reiponie required. 
SEVFR IT, K. V. Region 4, Dallas, Office of the Director. 79/04/01. 


7904S90H43 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-OSA, "Nuclear Incident at 
TMI - Buppl," h prellmlnarv chronology at THI-2 790328 
accident until care coaling restored. 
BeYFRIT.K.V. Region 4r Dallas, Office of the Director. 79/04/03. 

7904230409 Forwards LER 79-003/03L-0. 

LESSOR, L.C. Nebraska Public Power District. 

79/03/13. Spp. 

79042S041S LER 79-003/03L-0 on 790216; dur ing normal operation, 
reeireulaiion motor generator set "A" tripped. Caused by 
failure of level switch due to corrosion bui Idup. 8wi tch 
replaced. Slmillar switches to be sealed at next outage, 
PHILLIPS! D. Nebraska Public Pouier District. 79/03/12, lp. 

7904230401 Forwards LER 79-006/03L-0. 

LESSOR, L.C. Nebraska Public Power District. 

79/03/16. 2pp. 

7904230404 LER 79-006/Q3L-Q on 79021S:whlle constructing dike, doori 
between dlesel generators were removed u/o establishing fire 
watch. Caused bij Insufficient instructions. Per-sonne 1 
relnstructed (t procedures rewritten. 
LAURENCE, L. I. Nebraska Public Power District. 79/03/16. lp. 

7904040104 Forwards LER 79-004/0 1 T-0. 

LESSOR, L.C. Nebraska Public Power District. 

79/03/HO. 3pp. 

7904040111 LEU 79-004/OtT-O on 790306: dur Ing replacement of standby g*< 
treatment sys eipanslon boot in suction cross tie line, 
personnel failed to tag "closed" the manual isolation valve 
which is normally locked open. Caused bij personnel error. 
HILLIAMS.M.O. Nebraska Public Power District. 79/03/2O. lp. 

7904210043 Forwards PNO-79-67H, 1, J, K, Li Mi N fc P. 

SEYFRIT,K. V. Region 4, Dallas, Office of the Director. 


DOCKET 30-300 Easton Station 
Application/construction stage 


7904360371 Forward* IE Bulletin 79-06, "Review of Operational Errors & 
SY His* liniments Identified During TMI Incident." 
BEYFRIT.K.V. Region 4, Dallas, Office of the Director. 79/04/11. 

7904060063 Summary of 790306 meeting w/C on sinners Power Co fc Btctitol 
Corp In Midland, MI re status of soil preload program. 
HOOD,D. Light Hater Reactors Branch 4. 79/03/20. 4pp. 



-"t. Unit 2 

(r.f 10CFR2?* RBVl!ion 3 to ph V .Ul , 8curlt pl dn . P , an -mh , 


1ILLW..J.R. -tor ., MMr- , Li( . nillll Br . neJ|> 

Financial information 

* *n.ln El.ctPic P PMr Co . 77/04/20. 
Operating lUon.e ,tago 

^;rr;.;'^.:s i::^-" nathDd - - 

*6atad conditions P w*stlnghouie rcton, luoj to 

7904210073 Summaru o 

:n^:; n :; -" 

Ko 5FDRDj8 . B . enflineBrln9 flrjneh 

7901240324 Confirm* 79O4n f i 

5S!c^. ::*" ' : "- -^-- 


^' IE lre " IiF 7 " 04 - " Lo - L * 

7fl - laB - 

* "N U cle fl r Incident 


on 3 , ChicagD , 

7TO4330314 Foryards LEH 79-004/O1T-0 

79/04/11. ip. 

a:!"- 1 



l icon , in Electric Pnw, P Co. 79/04/11. Ip. 

tal ""* Nucl, filant, Unit 3 

STEHMT.M.P. Florida PoulB r Corp. 77/04/03. 2Bpp. 
Inturjnca and indemnitij 

7"' h S ^""t M * AN! P.iic MF-9I. 
2"" *" HcUllOB ' M * M M"=>-r Consultant., Inc. 

Operating licensa ,ta 9 e 

Branch 4. 

. Bpp. 

in>, Branch 4. W/W/IS. 3pp. 

REID.R.M. Op.rating R,ton Branch 4. 

|.. n 4. n7 ---"- ""'-"' a utrioution. 

^nt Dir.ctor for a v> ti nl 4 Proj.ctt. 

79/03/22. 3pp. 


DOCKET 30-302 Crystal Rivr Nuclear Plant, Unit 3 
Operating license stage 

790*100283 Response to NRC 79O3Q5 Itr re boron dilution fc reanaluiii 
of chemical iys dopina accident conditions will be submitted 
by 770304. 
BTEWAHT, W. P. Florida Power Corp. 79/G4/O3. 3pp. 

7904300174 Ack receipt of NRC 7S0613 request for addl Info re integrity 
of control rod guid* tube. 
TAVLOfiiJ.H. Babcocfc & Wtlcoi Ca. 7B/OS/30. Ip. 

Inspection reports and correspondence 

7904370341 Forward* IE Imp Kept 3Q-302/79-Q2 an 790116-19 
Ho noneompliance notod. 

LEUIS.R.C. Region 2, Atlanta, Reactor Operations Nuclear Support 

Branch. 79/03/07. 2pp. 

7904270392 IE Inap Rapt 30-302/79-02 on 7701 16-1-7. No noncomp 1 iance 
noted. Major area* impacted: plant review committee, nuclear 
general review committee activi tlas. p lant operations t. 
surveillance program activities. 

QUICK, D. R. Rtgion 2, Atlanta. Office of the Director 

DANCE.H.C. Region 2, Atlanta, Reactor Operations Nuclear 

Support Branch, 77/03/07. 6pp. 

Reportable occurrences, related correspondence 

7901330273 Forwards LER 79-030/Q3L-0. 

8TEWAHT.H. P. Florida Power Corp. 79/04/19. Ip, 

7904230274 LER 79-O30/03L-O on 790327; heat trace recorder HTRT 
(concentrated boric acid flaw pathl fa t led. Causad by broken 
drive cord. Cord uiat replaced. 
COOPER, J. Florida Power Corp. 79/04/17. 2pp. 

7904040194 Forwards LER 79-022/Q3L-0. ' 

STEWART, W.P. Florida Power Carp. 79/03/28, Ip. 

7904040196 LER 79-O22/03L-O nn 7903O4: dur ing reactor coolant 5 
cooldoiun, decay heat removal valves DHV-3 4 DHV-4 could not 
be opened from control room. Cause unknown. Valves opened 
manual Ig. 
COOPER, J, Florida Power Corp. 79/03/23. 2pp. 

7904060292 Forwards LEft 79-023/03L-0 

STEWART, J.P. Florida Power Corp. 79/04/02, 


7904060298 LER 79-023/03L-0 on 790308: d iscovered RCS Cl concen 
was . 17ppm, contrary to Tach Spec*. Caused bu appearance of 
suspended solids during cpoldnun when boron concentration 
increased. Purification agi reduced concentration. 
COOPER, J, Florida Power Corp. 79/03/2B. 2pp 

7904240079 Forwards IE Bulletin 78-120, "AtupUal Weld Matl in Reactor 
Pressure Vassal Weld*. " 

O'REILLY, J. P. Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director 

79/03/19. 3pp. 

7904080169 Forwards IE Info Notice 79-03, "Us. of Improper Matl* in. 
Bafitu-Rttlated Component*." 

Q'REILLY, J.P. Reolon 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director 

79/03/31. IP, 

7904270301 Forward! IE Bulletin 79-04, "Incorrect Woighti for Swing 
Chic It Valves Manufactured bg Velan Engineering Corp " 
77/03/3o' J ' l' R * Blon a ' A tln*- Office of the Director. 

79041201Ba Forward* IE Bulletin 79-03, "Nuclear Incident at TM1" t. 
PNO-79-A7,79-67A,B,C,D,E,F i 0, No nsponie required. 
O'fiEILLV, J.P. Region S. Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

79/04/01. Ip. 

7704190^93 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-O3A, "Nuclear Incident at 
TMI - Suppl," t preliminary chronolooy of THI-2 790328 
accident until core cooling restored. 
79/04/03* J ' P ' R ' Blon Zl Afc lnt*' Office of the Director. 

7904240318 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-06, "Review of Operational Errors & 
Syi Misalignment* Identified During TMI Incident " 

SII^VT' J ' ?' "Bin ' Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

79/04/H. Ip. 

790413022Q Foruarda LER 79-024/03L-0, 

STEWART.H.P. Florida Power Corp, 79/04/05. Ip. 

7904130232 LER 79-024/03L-0 on 790313: during plant heatup, d isci 
that temp device at 173 ft elevation of moteorolosical 
monitoring towar was inoperab le. Caue unknown. Temp device 
tested satisfactorily fc returned to svc. 
COOPER, J. Florida Power Corp. 79/04/02. Bpp. 

79O417016Q Forwards LER 79-026/Q3L-0. 

STEHARTjH.P. Florida Powar Corp. 79/04/09. Ip. 

7904170171 LER 79-026/03L-O on 790318: during reactor startup, dl 
absolute position indication for Rod 8 was inoperable. Caused 
bu sticking rod swi tch. Variab la ac frequency, applied to 
reed switch c ircui t. Hi imlnated sticking. 
COOPER, J. Florida Power Corp. 79/04/03, 2pp. 

7904170278 Forwards LER 79-023/03L-0. 

STEWART, H.P. Florida Power Corp. 79/04/09- Ip. 

7904170281 LER 79-023/03L-Q on 790318: during dallg operatlnfl 
surveillance SP-3QO. mac tqr bldg iodine radioactivity 
.monitor RMA-6 was inoperable. Caused by failed printed 
circuit board PB-3, Circuit board was replaced. 
COOPER, J. Florida Power Corp. 79/04/03, 3pp. 

7904130239 Forward* LER 79-021/04L-0. 

STEWART. H.P. Florida Power Corp. 79/04/10. Ip. 

7904870334. Forwards IE Bulletin 79-06A, "Review of Operational Error* 
Sg* Misalignments Identified During TMI Incident." 
O'REILLY, J.P. Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 
79/0/14. Ip, 

7TO43001M Forwards IE Info Notice 79-10, "Nonconforning Pipe Support 
Struts. " 

O'REILLY, J.P. Region 2r Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

79/04/ia. 2pp, 

Periodic operating report*, related correspondence 

7904030129 Forward* "Annual Environ Operating Rept, Vol* 1 i 2. " 
8TGMART,W.P. 'Florida Power Corp. 79/03/30. 2pp, 

790*020131 "Annual Environ Operating Rept:Vol 1, Nonradiologlcal. " 
Florida Power Corp. 79/03/31. iOOpp. 

7904030134 "Annual Environ Operating RaptiVol a, Radiological. " 
Florida Power Corp. 79/03/31. lOOpp, 

7904240301 Forward* monthly operating rapt for Mar 1979. 
STEWART. M, P. Florida Powar Corp. 79/04/1&. Ip. 

-~7fo'4a40304 Monihlg operating rept for Har 1979. 

HEWCDY.R.M. Florida Power Corp. 79/04/06. Ip. 

7904130242 LER 79-031/04L-O during I97B; di f t irenc* of moTe than 
deviation* existed between or eop era t tonal study & 
operational ttudg in metabolic functions of discharge salt 
marshes adjacent to f ac 1 1 itif. Cause natural or seasonal. 
BRIGHT, R. Florida Power Corp. 79/04/03. 3pp. 

7904160160 Forwards supplemental info to LEfi 79-021/O*L-0. 
BTEWARTiH, P. Florida Power Corp. 79/04/10. 4pp, 

7904170206 Forwards supplamantal info for LGR 79-027/04X-0 In Mar 
Failure to perform organism counts an reef for flrt quarter 
1979 cauied bg severe uaather. 
STEWART, W.P. Florida Pouar Corp. 79/04/11. 2pp. 

7904240391 Forwards LER 79-020/03L-0. 

STEWAfiTrH.P. Florida Power Corp. 79/04/li. Ip. 

7904240393 LER 79-028/03L-0 on 79033I:uhila performing ewepBenc 
feeduater ii/s demonstration, discovered pump dlieFtarge 
pres*ure gauge EF-2-PI inoperable. Cauied bg failed pressure 
gauge. Oauge replaced. 
COOPER. J. Florida Power Corp. 79/04/10. 3pp. 

7904340417 Forwards LER 79-039/03L-0. 

STEWART, W.P. Florida Power Corp. 79/04/18. Ip. 



Plant , Unit g 


* LEH 

Hearing transcripts 

f ..... 

on , ,,. 


Providas adril 

: a " 

--.!,,;. ... rt . ctlon prqBr 

W t control room .n.1,,1* ? .ffc ? ffl l' p ln "" ud *" 

'''- 11 ^"" ' '" Iatins 

7TC409D33& Int.rveno 

LB inould rfifg r 
79/03/21. 9jp. 

o Attv 

79/02/33. lp. 

7?04370603 Faruard* BFR . 

79042704O& Foruiarda BER , 

Operating Itcenie ttag, 

on fuil i Md * 

om^nu.alih Edi, on Co. 79/02/23. 21pp. 

mlllp bids 

uDn h r.^ur. 

in ,B "S" 1 ch "" 1 **. 

r*ting R eac 6 or i Branch 1. 79/O3/07. Spp. 

7 PP . 

t, EIA 


rating R. actop , rinch ,. 79/03/oa , 

, ,.. ctap . (p-1 , eh 


-V-" "-5'}i. 

:'5 1 .: n -;ii-; w "??>o aw . 7P , 

". -n- 44 * 41 to Lie ..... 



Office of N.cU.r 

* 41 tc Llc.n. 
R t|UUH(ln . 79/03/O7 . 

P'" tin, R G t a ,.|, MGh L 79/03/07. Spp, 

E^*^! T.'S.TJ'S- " 

; : ; rFT ; ;' : " ; """-- 

itant Dirictor for 8iUm. I, Proj.ct,. 


-iSiJT:; r-ssu 

Op.r-tin, R. tort Br . nch ' 79/03/14. 3pp. 

Dp.raUn, R., ctorl Bp , neh 


Operating R. 4 t or. flr-nch 1. 79/03/14. 

SCHHENCER.A. Op.r.Ung . Br , nch , 79/O3/17 

K pp. 



DOCKET 50-304 Zion Nuclear Power Station, Unit 2 
Optrating license stage 

7904300399 Forward, IE Bulletin 79-04, Incorrect Heights for Suing 
Chock Valves Manufactured by Valan Engineering Corp. " 

KEPPLER, J.O, Region 3, Chicago. Office of the Dir H ctor. 79/03/30 


7904060017 Amends Hi, (, 43 to Licenses DPfi-39 ft DPH-4B. reapectivelu, 
re.ulrlng operability ft surveillance O f shock suppressors 
uied to protect reactor coolant 114* ft other safety-related 
*V* * components. 
BCHHENCER, A. . Operating Reactors Branch 1. 77/03/17. 10pp. 

7904120161 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-05, "Nuclear Incident at Thrue Mile 
Island" ft PNO-79-67, 79-67A, 79-67B, 79-67C, 79-67D, 79-67E, 
79-67F & 79-670. No response required. 
KEPPLER, J.Q. Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/01/01 

--79O4060020 Safety evaluation supporting Amends 16 ft 43 to License* 
DPR- 39 b DPR-4H, respectively. 
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. 79/03/17, 5pp, 

7904190220 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-Q3A, "Nuclear Incident at 
TMI - Suppl," ft preliminary chronology of TM1-2 790338 
accident until care cooling restored. 

KEPPLEfl, J. 0. Region 3, Chicago. Office of the Director, 79/04/06 


79040600S2 Notice of issuance ft availability of Amends 46 !< 43 to 
Licenses DPR-39 ft DPR-48, respect ivelu. 
SCHUENCER.A. Operating Reactors Branch I. 79/03/17. 2pp. 

7904200160 Forwards 79O329 safety evaluation ft 790329 EIA in respons. 
to request to increase storage capacity of spent fuel pool. 
BCHHENCER.A, Operating Reactors Branch I. 79/03/29. 3pp. 

790*300161 BER re mod of spent fuel storage pool. 

Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. 79/03/29. 16pp. 

7904300163 EIA re mod of spent fuel pool. 

* Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. 79/Q3/29. 30pp, 

7904210073 Summary of 790221 meafclng u/Hes t inghousa oomera group In 
Bethesda.rlD re asymmetric LOCA loads. Agenda ft list of 
attendees encl. 
H03FOflD,S. B. Engineering Branch. 79/04/10. 4pp. 

79042S0432 Forwards Amends 4B ft 43 to Licenses DPR-39 ft DPR-40, 
respectively, safety evaluation ft notice of issuance ft 
aCHWENCER, A. Operating Reactors Branch 1. 79/04/13. 3pp. 

--790423Q433 Amends 48 ft 43 to License DPR-39 ft DPR-4B respectively, 
authorlilnn limited extension of completion dates for plant 
mods rea,oirad by NRC to imp.rove level of fire protection 
BCHHENCER, A. Operating Reactors Branch 1. 79/04/13. 4pp. 

7904250437 Safety evaluation supporting Amends 4B ft 43 to Licenses 
DPn-39 ft OPR-48, respectively, 
* Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. 79/04/13. 14pp. 

7-!Qia5Q440 Notice of issuance b availability of Amends 40 ft 4S to 
Licenses DPR-39 ft DPR-4S, respectively. 
SCHWENCEItiA. Oporating Reactors Branch 1, 79/04/13. 3pp. 

Inepectlon reports and correspondence 

7904300132 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-07. "Seismic Stress Analysis of 
Safety-Related Piping." 

KEPPLER, J.O. Region 3, Chicago. Office of the Director. 79/04/14 


7904300133 IE Bulletin 79-07. "Seismic Btress Analysts of Safetg- 
Related Pip Ing. " 
* Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. 79/04/14. 7pp. 

7904370238 Forwards f Bulletin 79-O6A, Revision 1, "Review of 
Operational Error* & Bys Miial ignments Identified Ourino TMI 
Incident. " 

KEPPLER.J.O. Region 3. Chicago, Office of the Director 79/04/19 


Periodic operating reports, related correspondancu 

7904030329 Forwards Part 3 of "Had ioac t IVB Hastw ft Environ Monitoring," 
annual rept 1978. 

WANDKE.N. E. Commonwealth Edison Co. 79/03/33. lp, 

7904030330 "Radioactive Haste ft Environ Monitoring," annual rept 197B, 
WANDKE.N.E. Commonwealth Ediaon Co. 79/03/31, SHpp. 

Reportable occurrences, related correspondence 

7904O40IS3 Forwards LEU 79-012/03L-0. 

HANDKE.N.E. Commonwealth Edison Co. 79/03/23. lp. 

7904040153 LER 79-012/03L-0 on 790221:while testing diesel generator 
for failure to stop, generator failed to itarfc locally Caused 
by operator leaving local governor switch In raised {position 
during test. Solenoid replaced. 
KRAWCZAK..A. T. Commonwealth Edison Co. 79/03/23. lp. 

7904040161 Forwards LER 79-013/03L-0. 
MANDKE'N.E. Commonuiea 1 th Edison Co 

79/03/33. lp. 

79O4U036A Forwards IE Insp Repta 30-293/79-01 ft SO-304/79-OI on 
790123-26 i. 790232 ft notice of violation. 

HEIBHHANrR.F. Region 3, Chicago, Reactor Operations Nuclear 

Support Branch. 79/03/06. 3pp. 

--790*110374 Notice of violation from Insp on 790133-26 t* 790233, 

Region 3, Chicago, Reactor Operations Nuclear Support Branch 

79/03/02. lp. 

7904040168 LER 79-OI3/03L-0 on 790227: dur ing safeguard! actuation test, 
feed to Bus 238 failed to reclose after tripping on los-of- 
power to Bus. 340. Caused by dirty contacts on type UFA relays 
437x1 ft 437<4. Relays cleaned !. adjusted. 
CAMPBELL, J. Commonwealth Edison Co. 79/03/33. lp. 

7904330280 Forwards LER 79-013/03L-0. 
WANDKE.N.E. Commonwealth Edison Co. 

79/04/03. 1pp. 

7904110386. IE Imp Rept 30-393/79-01 4. 30-304/77-01 on 790133-26 i. 
790322, No n compliance noted: safety-related components out of 
svc ft portions of safeguards channel blocked uhile 

BBYD.D.C., KOHLER, J.L., SPESSAHD, R. L. Regions, Chicago, 

Reactnr Operations Nuclear Support Branch. 79/03/02. 6pp. 

7904030104 Forwards IE Circular 79-04, "Loose Locking Nut on Ltmitoroue 
Valve Operators. " 

KEPPLER, J.O. Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/03/16 


7904030080 Faruarrfs IE Bulletin 7B-t2B, "Atypical Maid Matl in Reactor 
Pressure Vessel Melds. " 

KEPPLER, J.O. Region 3 ( Chicago, Offiet of the Director. 79/03/19. 


7904030017 Forwards IE Circular 79-03, "Holt ture Leakage in Stranded 
Hire Connectors. " 
KEPPLGR.J.O. Region 3, Chicago. Office of the Director. 79/03/20 

79043302B4 LER 79-013/03L-0 on 790303: 3LI-460 was hightr than 2L1-461 
Unit placed In hot shutdown. Caused by loose lero 
potentiometer In 2L-460 ft leaty root valva ft drain plug in 
3L-461. Replaced potentiometer ft repaired leaks. 
ROGERS, C,L. Commonwealth Edison Co, 79/04/02. 3pp. 

7904230303 Forwards LER 79-017/03L-O. 

WANDKE, H. E. Commonwealth Edison Co. 79/04/04. lp. 

--79043303IO LER 79-017/03L-0 on 790310: during testing, 3A diesel 
generator output voltage dropped 3, 000 volts & than 
oscillated betueen 3,400 ft 3,000 volts. Caused by defective 
amplifier circuit in voltage regulator. Regulator replaced. 
WANDKE, N, E. Commonweal th Edison Co 79/04/09. lp, 

79043303B9 Forwards LER 79-019/03L-0. 

WANDKE, N. E. Commonwealth Edison Co. 79/04/10. lp. 

7904330293 LER 79-019/03L-0 on 79031 1 : containment particulate ft gas 
monitors were Inoperable due to valve failure. Caused bg 
misaligned limit switches. Switches uere adjusted t< valva 
stroked satisfactorily. 
REISS.J, Commonwealth Edison Co. 79/04/10. lp. 



"""""" Hotlwr Power Plant 

. l1 "* ....... ' t0 -"" " 216 ""' '"Pi". civil 

BAKEH.O.A. Folev & Larger. 77/03/13. lp. 

Financial information 

Euc^r 1 Flninclal Rept I9 

Hl.n.l n p ufc ,, e8trvie . Corp . 

79041S021I "Annual Financial R eot 1978 

MUcnniin Public Service Corp. 79/04/lfi 69pp. 

r rT *""> /-" = !> fPt IWB for n Ca, t 
ectric Co, MI p ou .r t Light. 1 ui Public Bvc Corp, t copu 
W-4 * i " P r J" tio ' 1 - e "''"nC 43 S, 44 to HELM PolU\ 

^rn^s E 's r "s: ntt 3 * v s . ta MAELU poue MF - 7 > not "< 

tWTMEWS.E. R WUecm.m Public Service Corp. 79/04/25. 9flpp. 
Insuranct *nt( indemnltij 
7904300269 Forwards End 01 -,, ment , 43 t 44 to NELIA Policg NF-S04 i, 

SiS^!" nti 34 * 33 to MAELU pollc y w-7i 

MATICWS.e.H. Wisconsin Public Service Corp. 7?/Q4/25, 3 p p . 
Operating license itdgc 

di An8nd 26 to ueti>i> DpR - 4a * noti " -' *" 

SCHHNCEft,A. O flB ratin 9 R.ictori Branch I. 79/03/04. 2pp. 

9 a T"cri,r?n ftc*:^ i r n3e i r-: 3 r - ui ' in ' r - eh s " to 

SCHWENCFB * **9 capaeftv of sptnt fu.l pool. 

SCHWENCEH.A. Reactor, Branch 1. 79/03/06. 7p,. 

A mand 26 to Lic.n,a 
BCHHENCER.A. Dp B ratin B Rectors Branch 1. 79/03/06. 3pp. 

' r - - 

fi.H. . A tstant 

fl,. <M 

79 /03/ 12 . 

JKiKf-sssiv^cTrr:?::;" 1 w/utii tn --.'. 

REEVES, E. A. Operates Branch 1. 79/03/22. 2pp 

;HE ; E "-"-'-""---'-".:""'' 

HQBFORD.S.B. En, ine.rina Branch. 79/04/10. 4pp. 

H*nIB.B.H.. Public a.rvU. CO P P . 77/04/11. 


fitaion 3, CMcjgni 0(fUt 

on u., 
^ ^ 

7704030070 Forwards IE Bulletin 7B-(2H, "Atypical Held Katl In Rtacto? 
Pressure Vessel Welds. " 

KEPPLER, J.O. Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director 79/03/19 


7704030042 Forwards IE Circular 79-OS, "Moisture Leakage i n Stranded 
Wire Conductors. " 
KEPPLER. J.Q. Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/03/30. 

7904300407 Forward. IE Uulletln 79-04, "Incorrect Weights for Owing 
Check Valves Manufactured by Velan Engineering Corp." 
KEPPLER, J. C. Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director, 79/O3/30 

7904120110 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-OSr "Nuclear Incident at TMI* f. 
PHO~ 79-67, 77-i7A-D,C,D,E.F t 0. No response requird. 

KEPPLER, J. 0. Reoion 3, Chicao, Office of th Director. 79/04/01 


7904170237 Fnrward. IE Bulletin 79-03A, "NucU.r Incident at 
TKI - Boppl," & preliminary ehronologu of TMI-2 79032B 
accident until core cooling roitored. 

KEPPLER, J.C. Region 3, Chica a o, Office of the Director. 79/04/O4 


7904270S21 Foruiards IE Bulletin 79-QiA. Revl* Ion t, "Hevleu of 
Operational Errors (, s v , Ignments Indentlfled Durina 
Tnl Incident, " 
KEPPLER, J.O. Region 3, Chicago, Of/ice of the Director. 79/fM/lQ, 

Pertodic^operatlno reports, related correspond.nce 

PtM Mf 1 mdnthl "P"-tinfl rept for Mr 1979. 

. Hlsconsln Public Service Corp. 79/04/09, lp. 

7904130207 Monthly operating rpt for M*r 1979 

WALLACE, J. J. Wisconsin Public Service Corp. 79/04/09. 4pp. 

-_" 30 *_ Pr ''' lil I " l " <i Nuclear Station, Unit 
Operating license itage 


"5"'* ' N 889 to re.pond to 
wards NRC 790213 Hr to OE w/ 
B ""l"-^ <" Propo.ed nod. to 
n Ml -M"' "!. H/dlitributlon. 
tant Director for Ei v .t.m, g, Projects. T9/03/1B. 

pedATUS " V "5"'* ' N 889 to re.pon 

postulated ATWS trans lents. Forwards NRC 790213 Hr to OE w/ 

LMR U Si! iS'n;J ., e ? B " PB ""l"-^ <" Propo.ed nod. t 
OL " 6 V ?' Ml -M"' "!. H/dlitributlon. 

B ecv - - - 

re.pectlvelg i notice of Isiu.nce 'ft vilabll tu. Stcuritu 
" Uon U " mtllt( <r " lOCFRB.? 1 ")). ^" MP " 

Operating Reactor. Drnch 1. 79/03/14. 3pp. 

Branch I. 79/03/14. 


Qper.tlnc Reactc-n Branch 1. 77/03/H. 3pp. 

"'-?""'""""""'"--:'"' "" .......... 

p.ratlnfl Reactors Branch 1. 79/03/19. app. 

...... - 

MAYER.L.O. North.rn at.t.e Po-.r Co. 79/03/30. 


Engineer^ Branch. 79/04/10. 4 PP . 

<-0. Nc.rth.rn%UU, fnn Co. 79/04/12. 3pp. 

L.O. Northern State. Power Co. 79/04/17. 



DOCKET 30-306 Prairie Island Nuclear Station. Unit 2 
Inspection reports and correspondence 

DOCKET SO-308 Holsa Island Power Reactor. Unit S 
Operating license stage 

79Q413034 1 ? Forwards IE Insp Rents 30-202/79-05 t, 30-306/79-05 on 
790201-2B. No noncomp 1 iance noted. 

tfEISHMAN, R.F. Region 2. Atlanta, Reactor Operations Nuclear 

Support Branch. 79/O3/12. 2pp. 

7904130331 IE Insp Repfcs 5Q-2S2/79-O5 & 5Q-3QA/79-O3 on 79030 1-28. No 
noncompllanca noted. Major areas inspected : p lant operations, 
security & follouup of reportahle occurrence. 

FEIERABEND.C.O., WARNIDK.R.F. Regions. Chicago, Raactor 

Operations Nuclear Support Branch. 79/03/OB, 6pp. 

7901030123 Forwards IE Circular 79-04, "Loose Lockln B Nut on LimltorquE 
Valve Oparators. " 

Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/03/16, 


7904030072 Forward* IE Bulletin 78-128. "Atypical Weld Matl in Reactor 
Pressure Vassal Melds. " 
KEPPLER, J. 0. Reoinn 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/03/19, 

7904030033 Forwards IE Circular 79-03, "Hoi Our. Leakage in Stranded 
Hire Connectors. " 
KEPPLER, J.O. Region 3. Chicajjo. Office of the Director. 79/03/3O. 

7904240014 Fortuards IE Insp Kepts 30-282/79-03 k 30-306/79-O3 on 
790250-23 t> notice of violation. 

7901260019 Notica of violation from Insp on 790220-23 

Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/03/16. lp. 

7904260023 IE Insp Repts 30-202/79-03 fc 30-306/79-03 on 790320-83 
NotKomplianea noted: quantl ty of radioactive matl delivered 
to carrier for transport u/o specific license, exemption or 
general license. 

H ^TER,L J., DUBRY.N.E.. "BHER.W.L. Reoion 3, Chicago, Office 

at the Director. 79/03/16. 10pp. 

7904300364 Forwards IE Bull. tin 79-04, "Incorrect Weight, for Suing 
Cheek Valves Manufactured bu Velnn Engineering Corp " 
KEPPLER.J.O. Regions, Chicago. Office of the Director. 79/03/3 


, rlu " r<lB IE Bolle t'n "~03, "Nuclear Incident at TMI" fc 
PNO-79-67, 79-67A,n.C,D.E,F J, 0. No response required 

KEPPLER, J.O. Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/04/O1 


7904190231 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-QSA, "Nuclear Incident at 
TMI - Buppl," & preliminary chronology of TMI-2 79032B 
accident until core cooling restored. 
KEPPLER, J. 0. Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/04/06 

7-904370390 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-06A, Revision 1, "Review of 
Opration*I Errors fc Sys Misalignments Identified During TMI 
Incident, " 
KEPPLEFi, J. 0. Region 3, Chicago. Office of the Director. 79/04/1B 

7904020047 Summar I IBS 7-7032O telcor, u/BtW re future actions to resol 
outstanding seismic concern of five shutdown p lants. Heq_uas ts 
reanalysis results of safety-related piping sys & supports 
BTELLO.V, Division of Operating Reactors, 79/03/20. 2pp. 

DOCKET 30-309 Maine Yankee Atomic Power Plant 
Ad judicatory correspondence 

7904030136 Order to show cause why licensee should not reanalyj* 
facility piping sys for seismic loads, modify sys accordingly 
'x uhy operation should not be suspended pending mod 
Response required within 20 days, 

DENTON.H.R. Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. RC. 79/O3/13 

79040303B1 Forwards shou causa order requiring plant shutdown within 
hours due to potential piping deficiencies. 
DENTON.H.R. Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. 79/03/13. 2pp. 

790409027B Ac k racatpt of facility shutdown sfiou cause order. Requests 
reconsideration, as shutdown will increase public costs k 
probability of events resulting in reactor inadequacy is 
very small. 
THUHLOW.E.W. Maine Yankee Atomic Potunr Co. 79/03/15. lp. 

7901010102 Forwards 790401 interim ropt tt responses to NRC 79O3I3 opd 
to show cause. 
JOHNSON.U. P. Maine Yankee Atomic Power Co. 79/04/oa, lp. 

7904040107 Licensee's anawer to 790313 order to show cause Proposas 
that order ba modified or rescinded since no basis eiistt 
for continued shutdown of facility. 
JOHNSON, W. P. Maine Yankee Atomic Power Co. 79/03/30, 3np. 

7904040110 "Reanalysis of Safety-Related Piping Sys Using SHOCK-3 
Computer Code," interim rept. 
* Maine Yankee Atomic Power Co. 79/04/01. i6pp, 

7904O9O172 Forwards util responses to order to show cause dtd 79O313 
JOHNSON, W. P. Maine Yankee Atomic Power Co. 79/04/02. t&. 

General correspondent! 

7904020032 Notification of 790316 h 17 meeting w/SUJ in Deth esda, MD ti 
discuss relnstatinj operation at facilities which received 
shutdown orders on 790313. 
STELLO.V. Division of Operating Reactors. 79/03/15. lp. 

7904030363 Forwards safety-related auestions as result of recant site 
visit, Info requested Includes when installation of stalnlesa 
steal sleeves was accomplished t If unit uias operating u/3 
inch insertion of control rods at time of shutdown. 
OARRETT, E. 0. Af f i 1 ifltion Unknown. 79/O3/29. lp. 

Financial information 

Periodic operating reports, related correspondence 

7904090162 Forwards "Annual Hept 197B. " 

HOHE,R.a. Maine Yankee Atomic Power Co. 79/04/04, lp. 

790404Q14.3 Forwards environ evont rept re operation of plant 
circulating uatar lus in partial rocycle mode ui/daily 
average blaudouin flow In excess of 130 cubic ft per second. 
WARDiE. C. Northern Status Poujer Co. 79/04/02. lp. 

79Q41601E} Forwards monthly operating rept for Mar 1979. 
KAYGRi L. 0. Northern States Power Co. 79/04/10. lp. 

7904I60I93 Monthlu operating rept for Mar 1979. 

HUNSTADiA. A, Northern States Power Co. 79/04/02. 


7904090163 "Annual Rept 1978." 

CRABTREE.H. A. . HOUE.R.3. Maine Yankee Atomic Power Co. 79/03/26 

Operating license stage 

7904020063 Forwards revisions to "Review fc Acceptance of Spent Fuel 
Storage t, Handling Applications," transmitted on 7B0414. 
GRIMES, B.K. Assistant Director for Engineers t. Projects, 

79/OI/1B. 4pp. 

7901S3Q! 7& Submits environ event rept 79-02 re pH value of discharges 
rl*ad at less than 6.3 pH. Caused b<j improper operation 
of pH monitor on effluent, 
HARDiE. C. Northern States Power Co. 79/04/19. Spp, 

FUportable occurrences, related correspondence 

7904090390 Requests addl info re capability of NBSS to respond to 
postulated ATHS transients. Forwards NRC 790213 Hr to <5E w/ 
request for analyst* to confirm adequacy of pro-posed raods to 
LWR designs. NUREO-0460 Vol 3 encl.W/o enc 1. W/d i strlbut ion. 
VaULMER.R. H. Assistant Director for Systems fc-Projeets. 79/03/li 


7904l'90073 RO 79-9 on 790412: Wes tinghouse informed util that plant 
require* coincident low pressuriiar pressure in order to 
actuate safety Injection. Recommended action: initiate safety 
injection manually. 
TlERNEr. F. P, Northern State* Power Co. 79/O4/I3. lp. 



DOCKET 50-309 Maine Yankee Atomic Power Plant 
Operating license stage 

7704120259 Forwards computer programs & info related to SHOCK 1,2 4 3 
PSTRESS !, NUPIPE-SW. Requests info be withheld (ref 
10CFR2. 790). Forwards affidavit d supporting documentation. 
KENNEDY, W, J. Stona & Webstar, Inc. 71/01/06. 18pp. 

790404.0163 Notification of 790316-17 meeting u/S!,U in Qethesda.MD to 
disitisi SiW proposals re soil trueture Interactions, 

. reanalysis ', mod efforts. 

STELLQ.V, Division of Operating Reactors. 77/03/15. 3pp. 

7904090250 Bummariies 770321 telcon u/Stone & Webster. Raanalys is of 
piping iijs for plants must inc lude: identification of small 
pipe siting d analysis of all saf sty-related piping. 
Reanalysls of primary sys piping not required. 
STELLQ,V. Division of Operating Realtors. 79/03/31. 2pp, 

7904OfiOi73 Notification of 790327 meeting w/licensee in Wijcasset, ME, to 
review piping locations Si discuss status of licensee's 
reanalysis of piping sys. per 79O313 show cause ordar. 
NELSON.C.C. Operating Reactors Branch 4, 77/03/22, 2pp. 

79O4130234 Establishes organtiatlon for review of five shutdown plants. 
Discusses special task effort used to accomplish review. 
DENTGN.H. R. Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. 79/03/22, 4pp, 

7904060073 Informs, of schedules for site vislti k technical meeting!. 
Directs licensee to conduct arrival meeting V technical 
discussion. Plant tours i review of hardware t piping uill 
precede technical discussion. 
RUSSELL, W. T. Office of Nuclear Reactor Heoulation, 79/03/23, Ip. 

7701090413 Requests computer code listing used In soisralc analysis OP 
reanalysia of safety-related sys. 
STELLO.V. Division of Operating Reactors. 77/03/33. 2pp, 

7704030297 Forwards proposed Change 67 to inservice tnsp Tech Specs 
to conform w/enjanded inservice insp program 
VANDENBURGH, D. E Maine Yankee Atomic Potuer Co. 79/03/28. 4pp, 

7904130331 Notification of 790329 & 30 meeting u/Maine Yankee h SS,W in 
BostonrMA to discuss pipe stress reanalyse* performed fop 
safety-related sys. 
NELSON, C, C. Operating Reactors Branch t. 79/03/39. 2pp. 

7704110418 Summary of 770327 meeting w/Yankse Atomic Electric Co at 
facility re pipe stress analyses. 
NELSON, C.C. Operating fteaetors Branch 4. 77/03/30. 14pp. 

7704180371 Forwards "Plan for Verification of Dynamic Analysis Cof*i. 
for lilted dockets in response to NHC 770403 Itr. 
JACOBS, 5, H, Stone d Webiter Engineering Carp. 79/04/06. 3pp. 

7704370077 Summary of 770327-30 meeting ui/uCll 
peanalysis of safety-re la tad piping. 
NELSQNiC.C, Operating Reactors Branch 4. 79/04/11. 

&4U in Boston, HA r* 

7704130201 Forwards "Non-Dynamic Seiamic Analysis of Piping & 
Supports." Supplements (< clarifies Info provided In 770402 & 
770403 Itrs fc responds to NRC 770410 Itr, 
VANDENHURQH, D. E Maine Yankee Atomic Power Co, 79/04/12. Spp. 

7904130203 "Non-Dynamic Seismic Analysis of Piping & Supports. " 
* Maine Yankee Atomic Power Co, 79/04/12. 61pp. 

79041(90237 Forwards results of seismic piping analyi If . States' rnulti 
Indicate all Seismic I piping is in compliance u/FBAR 
requirements. W/encI analysis. 
GROCE.R.H. Yankee Atomic Electric Co. 79/04/13. 9pp. 

7904180260 Forwards update rept on "Plan fop Verification of Dynamic 
Analysis Codes" dtd 790406, 
JACOBS, 3. B. Stone ft Webster Engineering Corp. 77/04/13. 3pp. 

7904230191 Forwards affidavit of TJ Paslvos of Nuclear Bvcs Corp fm 
application for withholding propriatapy Info from public 
diic losupe, 
KENNEDY. W. J. Stone & Webster, Inc. .79/04/13. fipp. 

7701240432 Forwards E&W rept describing comparison of PBTREBS/ SHOCK I 
it NUPIPE-QM, Reanalysi,s of nonaaf ety-palated piping hat baan 
completes 1 & no mod required. Mods to Hanoers H-31 ti H-33 
are not complete, 
JaWSDN,H.P. Maine Yankee Atomic Power Co. 79/04/19, Ip. 

--7704240434 "Verification of SHOCK 1 Program. " 

Maine Yankee Atomic Pniuer Co. 79/04/19. 33pp. 

Inspection reports and correspondence 

^704210336 Respond, to 790332 Itr requesting Info re revised training 
program. Eiaminations have been given to tuo operator license 
applicants >t two senior operator license applicants, Al 1 
Individuals who poised exam mere tsmed lieemes. 
BKOVHOLT, D. J. Assistant Director for Quality Assurance !. 

Operation*. 77/0^/03. Ip, 

79040i0342 Provides re-analysis of seismically designed piping rept for 
approval, Also responds to items described In NJ1C 7904O3 Hr 
JDKM8DN, J. P. Maine Yankee Atomic Power Co. 79/04/03. 32pp. 

79Q411OQiO Forwards organliation for review of five plant] shut down 
due to incorrect seismic analytes of safety-related piping 

DENTON.H.S. Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. 79/03/32, 4pp, 

-7904L1Q06A Discusses schedule of site visits t. technical meetings re 
review of SSiH piping analysis problem at various plants. 
RUSSELL, H, T, Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. 79/03/23 

790404036S Forwards IE Bulletin 77-03, "Pipe Support H*,, Plate Dg 
Using Concrete Eipansion Anchor Bolts," 

OREER.D.H, Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 

79/03/00. Ip. 

7704040313 Forwards IE Bulletin 77-03, "Longitudinal Weld Defict* In 
ASME SA-312 Type 304 Stainless Stl Plpa Spools 
Manufactured by Youngstown Welding d Enginearing Co." 
QRIER.B.H. Rag ion 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 

77/03/12, Ip. 

7904050076 Forwards IE Circular 79-04, "Loose Locking Nut on LiIUrauj 
Valve Operators. " 

ORIER.B.H. Realon 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Dlraetor. 

77/03/16. Ip. 

7904240130 Forwards IE Bulletin 7Q-12B. "Atypical Meld Matl in ftneton- 
Pressure Vessel Held*. " 

ORIEB.B.H. Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 

77/03/19. Ip. 

--79O4110077 Discusses 770320 conversation u/SdW re futons action to 
rt solve outs tanking seismic questions on five ihutdoun 
STELLO.V. Division of Operating Reactors. 77/03/21. tp. 

7904030033 Forwards IE Circular 79-05, "Moisture Leakage in Stranded 
Wire Conductors. ' 

ORIER.B.H. Region 1. Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 

79/03/20. Ip. 

7904110083 Forward* revision of cost etlmate & impact! on reserve 

margin of closing five nuclear plants for seismic design 

YOUNOBLOOD, fl. J. Cost Benefit Analysis Branch. 79/03/21. 4pp. 

7704S10130 Discusses 770330 conversation w/S&W re future actions to 
resolve outstand inj aelsmic questions on five shutdown 

&TEU.a,V. Division of Operating Reactors. 79/03/30. 2pp. 

7904040236 Forward* IE Info Notice 77-03, "Ute of Improp.r M61* In 
Safety-Related Components. " 

QRien.B.H. Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 

77/03/H1. Ip. 

7904200147 Ack receipt of 790123 Itr Informing NRC of <tep. t.k.n to 
correct violations noted in IE In*p Rept SQ-309/7B-1B. 
ORIER.B.H. Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 

77/03/22, 3pp. 

-7904110137 "Statement of HR Denton, Director, Ofc of Reactor Regulation 
before Ko-use Committee on Interior & Insular Affairs. " 
Discustes order to shut down five nuclear power reactors. 
Pf> (-10. 

DENrONiH.R. Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. 79/03/19. 

7904300131 Responds to NRC 7B133B Itr re violation* noted in IE Imp 
Rapt SO-309/78-IS. Corrective actions: locked cagi placed 
around degas filter area k procedures urlttan for uhol> badu 
counter calibr. 
VANDENBUROH, D. E Maine Yankee Atomic Powtr Co. 79/01/33. 7pp. 



DOCKET 30-309 Maine Yankee Atomic Power Plant 
Inspection reports and correspondence 

79042001.34 Forwards IE Imp Rept 50-309/7B-10 on 780923-29 t, 7S1010-1I 
It notice of violation. 

QRIER.B.H: Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Director 

78/12/20. 3pp. 

790*200133 Notice of violation from Insp on 700925-29 fc 791OIO-11 
Region 1. Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 7Q/I1/15 

--7904200158 IE Insp Hept SO-309/7B-18 on 780925-29 (. 761010-11. 
Honcompliance noted: failure to maintain individual qualified 
in radiation protection procedures & failure to control 
high radiation area par Tech Specs. 

WIAS,O.P., CROCKER, H. H. Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of the 

Director. 78/11/13. 21pp. 

7904200430 Forwards IE Info Notice 79-07, "Rupture of Radwsste Tanks " 
GRIEfl.B.H. Region I, Philadelphia, Office of the Director 

79/03/26. lp. 

7904270449 Forward IE Bulletin 79-04. "Incorrect Weight* for Swing 
Check Valves Manufactured by velan Engineering Corp." 
ORIER.fl.H. Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Director 

79/03/30. lp. 

7904130207 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-03, "Nuclear Incident at TMI " fc 
PNd-79-67, 79-67A, B, C, D, E, F & 0. No response required 
ORIER.B.H. Region lr Philadelphia, Office of the Director 

79/04/01. lp. 

7904190128 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-03A, "Nuclear Incident at 
TMI - Suppl," & preliminary chronology of TM1-2 790338 
accident until core cooling restored. 

ORIER.fl.H. Reglan 1, Philadelphia, OffUa of the Director. 

79/04/03. lp. 

7904170202 Two cables associated ui/preasur 1 ler pressure transml ttera 
do not meet environ qualifications. Cablet will be replaced 
while plant is in cold shutdown phase. 
MODDV.D. 0. Maine Yankee Atomic Power Co. 79/04/13. lp. 

7904270496 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-06A, "Review of Operational Errors t, 
Sgi Misalignments Identified During TMI Incident." 
ORJER.B.H. Reglan 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 

79/04/14. lp. 

7904030231 LER 79-007/03L-O on 790307: leal found in borfy-to-bonnet 
gasket. Caused by failure of fatigued stainless steel bolts. 
Proper bolti will be installed to correct problem. 
ANDERSON, P. L. Maine Yankee Atomic Pawor Co. 79/03/36. lp. 

7904060241 Forwards LER 79~OG8/03L"0, 

WOOD, E.G. Maine Yankee Atomic Power Co. 

79/03/26. lp. 

7904060244 LER 79-000/03L-O on 790313: hody-tobonne t gasket failed 
during establishment of shutdown cooling resulting in 
gaseous release via primary vetit stack. Caused by large vo 1 
of primary coolant released to spray bids, 
ANDERSON, P. L. Maine Yankee Atomic Power Co. 79/O3/26. ip, 

7904330302 Forwards LEfi 79-OIO/03L-0, 

WOOD, E.G. Maine Yankee Atomic Power Co. 7"?/04/10. lp. 

7904230306 LER 79-010/03L-O on 790313: wh i le complying in/order to 
shutdown reactor, reactor coolant dose equivalent Iodine 
eiceeded Tech Spec limit. Caused by plant shutdown 1 failure 
to perform 4-h analyst s. Personnel re instruc ted. 
ANDERSON, P. L. Maine Yankee Atomic Power Co. 79/O4/10. 6pp. 

7904270272 Forwards LER 79-O1 1/O3L-0 

HOOD.E.C. Maine Yankee Atomic Power Co. 

79/04/20. lp. 

7904270283 LER 79-01 1 /03L-Q on 790322: reactor pressure sy* Channel 
low steam generator pressure tr ip, b Istable trip J, pre-trlps 
lights would not light. Caused by low power supplg output. 

Spare power supply installed. 

ANDERSON,?. L. Maine Yankee Atomic Power Co. 79/O4/20 lp 

DOCKET 30-311 Salem Nuclear Generating Station, Unit 
Application/construction stage 

7904110316 FOIA request for LERs.NRC Insp rept* & communications ui/ 
licensee re effect of plant on environ & plant disaster 
evacuation plan. 
KESLER.N. Affiliation Unknown. 79/03/19, lp. 

7901170240 "LQCA Test flept on Five ASCO Solenoid Valves " 

Public 0ervice Electric t. Oas Co. of New Jersey, 79/03/23, BSp p , 

7904170244 "LOCA Test t f Analysis of Five Equipment Enclosure Types, " 
Public Service Electric t. Oas Co. ef Neu Jersey. 79/03/23: 

Periodic operating reports, related correspondence 

7904090196 Forwards "Radiological Environ Surveillance Repfc 1970 " 
JOHNBON.H. P. Maine Yankee Atomic Power Co. 79/03/30. lp. 

7904190276 Notification of West inghouse 's verification re V.lan 
weight. Three-Inch valves weighed about 20 Ih more than 
estimated (. 4-lnch valves weighed about 33 Ib more than 
BCHWENCER,A. Operating Reactors Branch 1. 79/03/2B. lp. 

7904090190 "Radiological Environ 8urveillanee Rept 1978." 
* Maine Yankee Atomic Power Co. 79/03/31, 71pp. 

7904170263 Forwards monthly operating rept for Mar 1979. 
MOQDV.D.E. Maine Yankee Atomic Power Co. 79/04/12. lp. 

7904170266 Monthly operating rtpt for Mar 1979. 

SJQQRENiR.H. Malm Yankee Atomic Power Co. 79/04/12. 6pp, 

Reportable occurrences, related correspondence 

7904040130 Forward* LEU 79-006/03C-0, 

UOOD.E.C. Maine Yankee Atomic Power Co. 79/03/32. lp. 

--7904040136 LER 79-D06/03L-O on 790307: dur Ing monthly surveillance of 
ECCB, "A" trainiHPCl pump suction valve fc "A" train outlet 
valve failed to operate. C*usd bu opening of thermal 
overloads for valve's motor operators. 
AMDERBON-P.L. Maine Yankee Atomic Power Co. 79/03/22. Ip. 

7904O302B2 Forwards LER 79-009/Q3T-0. 

HOOD.E.C. Main* Yankee Atomic Power Co. 79/03/26. lp. 

7904030287 LER 79-009/03T-O on 790320: bady-to-bonnt gatket failed, 
praying 4,000 gallons primary coolant into containment 
ipray bldg. Released 1-131 activity was 8 times Tech Spec 
max. Caused by personnel error. Procedure changed. 
ANDERSON, P. L. Maine Yankee Atomic Power Co. 79/03/26. lp. 

7904O50244 Forwards LER 79-007/03L-O. 

ttOOD.E.C. Maine Yankee Atomic Power Co. 

79/03/26. lp. 

7904020083 Forwards revised pages to "Evaluation of Reactor Coolant 
Sys Considering Subcompartment Preesur izatlon Followlno 
LOCAi " submitted 790306. 

MITTL,R.L. Public Service Electric 4 Oas Co. of Neu Jersey 
79/03/29. 9pp. * 

79O4020117 Forwards revised responses to request for addl info re 
seismic equipment '* fire protection. Info will be 
incorporated Into FSAR In amend to application. W/prqgram 
for steam generator cladding insp. 

MITTLiR.L. Public Service Electric fc Oas Co. of Neui Jerseu 
79/03/30. 21pp. 

7904030232 Requests eitenslon of CPPR-S3 until 790001 In view nf 
possible licensing delay. 

MITTL.R.L. Public Service Electric fc Qas Co. of Neu Jersey- 
79/03/30. 2pp. 

7904110321 Response to FOtA request far records re LEFU, NRC Insp rapts, 
effect* of facility on environ k plant disaster evacuation 
plan. Advises that all Info sought Is available at Balem (NJ> 
free public 1 ibrary. 
FELTON, J. M. Office of Administration. 79/04/09. lp. 

7904160094 Forwards updated responses to requests for addl info r 
ssismlc qualification data for electrical, ins trumentation Ii 
mechanical components, 

MITTL,R.L. Public Service Electric *: Oas Co. of Netu Jerseif. 
79/04/11. 61pp. Y 

7904160133 Forwards addl Info re seismic qualification of 600 volt 
switchgear requested during 790226-28 site audit. 
MITTL.R.L. Public Service Electric Si Qai Co. of Neu Jerseu. 
77/04/11. llpp. 



DOCKET 30-3U Salam MuelMr Generating Station, Unit 2 
Application/construction stage 

7904140211 Forwards revi.ed response to NRC Question 13.9 re remote 
In""" |j;*. bim ' Into "' be IneluOd in FSAH amend, 
'l-lhrough insp uii 1 1 ba performed. 

7704170236 Forwards tast repts re environ qualification of instrument' 
panils & solenoid valvsi as response to request for addl 

7"o4/12 L ' IP 1 """ SerVi " E1 " tHC * " C0 ' "' NBU jBr "- 

TBiin, For " /ard> revision to radiation monitoring sgs .ubfnltteiJ on 
to n "** ' bB ln(:or P orat " 1 '"'" FSAR ai amend 

Service Electric ft Gai CQ. of Neu Jersey. 

7904300319 Fgrw.rd, resume to request for addl info re "Structural 
Jut.gritu Test of Containment" subnltttd on 790330 Valve 
data for 36- & 10-inch valve* aigociated u/containment 
" * pressure vacuum relief sui alto end. 

t= apMication. ' ~' in " r f r ^ n ^^ Jn^nd'"'" " 

lie Service Electric I, Qas Co. of Mem Jerieu. 

.it Service Electric ft Oas Co. of Mu Jersey. 
Operating license stage 

79/03/ls! 4pp. " ""''' Comralttsa on Reactor Safeguards. 

7904100349 Re.ponds to 


7904090411 Responds to IE Bullatln 79-01, dtd 79030Q, Pi-QVidi invlrcn 
data on equipment: transmitters, solenoids, 1 imit switch om li 
instrument panels. 

SCHNEIDER, F. W, Public ServiCH Eleciric If Oas Co. of NBU J*T1HJ 
79/03/06. 3pp. 

7904190132 Forwards IE Insp Repta 30-272/79-O3 (< 30-31 1 /79-Qfr on 
790114-O217. No noncompliance noted. 

BRUHNERrE. J. Region 1, Philadelphia, Reactor Op*ratlcm* Nuc]*ti 

Support Branch. 79/03/0?. 2pp. 

7904190160 IE Imp Kapts SO-272/79-03 li 30-31 1 /79-O6 on 7fOI(4'O2IT H. 
noncompliance notad. Major areas inipec td : p lant operation, 
including tour of facility, log & records review, F al louup on 
licensee events t< follauup on previous imp itims 
NORRHOLM.L. J. . NICHOLAS, H. H. , R. Region I, 

Philadelphia, Reactor Operations Nuelaar tluppart Branch. 79/03/07 

7704040332 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-03, "Longitudinal WalJ Dr>cti In 
A3ME aft-312 Tupe 304 Stainless Steel Pipe Spools 
Manufactured bu Yolingstnum Welding ti Engineering Co " 
ORIER.B.H. Region 1, Ph I ladelph i*, Office of the Director, 

79/03/11?. Ip . 

79042700B7 Forwards IE Inap Rept 30-311/79-16 an 790227-80. Ha 
noncompliance noted. 

BRONNER.E.J. Region 1, Ph 1 Udelpli la, Reactor Op. ration! Huclr.r 

Support Branch. 79/03/13. 2pp. 

Office of th, Otr-etor, 


011 1( p "ll*d.IpM.. Offic- of th. 

i"' l . R ' 9 "' n J ' Pnilad.iphU, Offlc, pf th. Dlr.evar. 

lp . 

79/03/26. ip. 


lphia, Office of th, Dimeter, 

the Qlnctor. 

Pi- Reactor Operation, Nu cU 

wr5w. 1 B, r c 5 lt "; t i n fl 7 r oSi " Hutl " p rncld - nt flt THIH 

.fl H a.T i nf" - N r 'Pn<' r-qulred. 

)oi lp , R 9lon '' Pllladelphla, Office it the Director. 


perations Nuclear Support Branch, 

79/04/14. ip. 

111 79 -? A ' """I." incident -t 

" of ' 

OffU fl 


d.lph,, OffU, o th, Oir.ctor. 

DOCKET_5o : 31 1 Ran,ho_8.c _N U cle,r O m ,,.,i Bf station 
Adjudicatorv corraspondence "* 



DOCKET^SO-312 Rancho Beco Nuclear Oan.rating Station 
Ad j ttd lea tor v correspondence 

7904310008 Requests NRG honor Governor Brown's raquHst to shut doun 
faclll ty. 
STE1NER.R. Affiliation Unknouin. 79/O4/O3. Ip. 

7904210014 Raquest* NRC honor Governor Brown's request to shut down 
fac 1 1 1 tu,. 

ALLEM,L, , ALLEN, S. , DEAN, fl. Affiliation Unknown. 79/04/O3. Ip, 


7904140076 Request* investigation of Rancho Seco facility in view of 
TMI incident. 
BHUHHAV.N. D. House of Rep. 79/04/04. Ip, 

79O41BQ3G 1 ? Request* transcripts of NRC 790405 closed sessions ra 
decision to continue operation of Rancho Sato 
CLARK.H. California. Stata of. 79/04/07. Ip, 

790424Q56S Responds to 7904O6 Itr. Describes specific actions bo ing 
taten at Rancho Sato t other plants U/D&W PUR*. 
KAMKERERrC. Office of Congressional Affairs. 79/04/O9, 2pp. 

Insurance and Indemnity 

Inspection reports and correspondence 

79013(0022 Forwards IE Imp Rept 5O-3I3/79-Q2 on 79O117-1S ft 31 & 
notice of violation. 

ENGELKEM, R.H. Region 3. San Francisco. Office of the Director. 

79/Q2/2&. 3pp. 

7904210034 Notice of violation from insp on 79O1I7-IQ & 31. 

* Region 3. San Francisco. Fuel Facility It Material* Safety 

Branch. 79/02/20. Ip. 

7904210027 IE Insp Rapt 5O-312/79-O2 on 790 1 IV- IS *. 31. Noncomp 1 I ance 
noted: per sonnl ovEreiposure. tncomp lete survey ii evaluation 
of radiation exposure, 

THOMAS, R. D. , NORTH, H. S. , BOOK.H. E. Region 5. San Francisco, 

Fuel Facility k Materials Safety Branch. 79/O2/HO. Spp. 

7904130007 Foruarrfs IE Imp Rapt 50-312/79-03 on 790111-13. 
No noncomp 1 lance noted, 

SPENCER, O. S. Region S. San Francisco, Reactor Construction & 

Engineering Support Branch. 79/03/07, 2p p . 

79O413000S IE Insp Rapt 90-313/79-03 on 79O 1 11-12. No noncorap Uanc e 
noted. Major areai inspected : steam generator tubes , main 
s teamff eeduator containmant penetrations !< repairs an 
hammet induced piping support damage. 

rJARBUT.P- P. i YORDERHRUEGGEN Region 5i Saei Francisco. DfFtce of 

the Director. KAVNES,R.C. Region 5, San Francisco. Reactor 

Construction & Enginaarins Support Branch. 79/OD/03. 6pp. 

7904230399 Forwards claimant's application to SMUD re allngcd exposure 
to aibeitos particles. 
HARfiQNE. J. Amarican Nuclear Insurers. 7B/1 1/08. 9pp. 

7904240123 Forward a IE Bulletin 78-120, "Atypical Weld Hatl in Reactor 
Prnssurs Veisel Welds." 

ENCELKEN, R . H, Region 3. San Francisco, Office of the Director. 

79/03/19. Ip. 

Operating license stage 

7904300174 Ack rocaipt of NRC 78QM3 raquest for addl info r integrity 
of control rod guide tube. 
TAYUW.J.H. Babcock & Hilcoi Co. 7B/08/30. Ip. 

79Q4Q2O063 Forwards revivioni to "Rovleu 8. Acceptance of Spent Fuel 
HloT*g ti Handling Applications. " .transrai tied on 780414. 
CHIMeaiB.K. Assistant Director for Engineers & Projects. 

79/01/18, 4pp. 

770409O29Q Requests addl info re capability of N3SB to reinond to 
postulated ATMS transients. Forwards NRC 790215 Itr to OE u/ 
raqu*st for analusls to confirm adequacy of proposed mods to 
LWH digns.NUREG-04&0 Vol 3 ancl.M/o enc 1. W/dlstribution. 
VOLLrteRi R. H. Aiiittnt Director far Systems fc Projects. 79/03/13. 

Ip. 1 

7904030051 Forwards IE Info. Not ten 79-03. "Use of Improper MatLs in 
Saf atij-RolafcoiJ CorojQnant*. " 

ENQELKEN, R- H. Region 3, San Francisco, Office of th* Director. 

79/03/31. Ip. 

7 90 42 BO 20 t For yards IE Info Notice 79-07. "Rupture of Raduaste Tanks. 
ENCELKEN. R . H. Region 3, 3an Francisco, Office of th* Director. 

79/03/24. Ip. 

7904300427 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-04. "Incorrect Weights for Suing 
Chejcfc Valves Manufactured bif Velan Englnaerina Corp." 
ENGELKGN, R, H. Region 3, San Francisco, Office of the Director. 

79/O3/30. Ip. 

790412011B Forwards IE Bulletin 79-03, "Nucla.r Incident at TMI" & 
PNO-79-67. 79-&7A. D,C. OrEiF * O. No response enquired. 
ENQLEKEN.R. H. Region 3i San Francico, Dfflct of the Oirnitor. 

79/O4/01. Ip. 

7V0405O36O Forwrd proposed Amend 63 to Tich Specs re pump & valve. 
ttino' fa inservlce Imp program. Intends to uppl program 
a/uatvp rBB.uts containing supporting info by 790718. 
UALBSIDOErH, C. Bacramonto Kunlcl|ial Utility District. 79/03/16. 

7904190266 Forward* IE Bulletin 79-OSAi "Nuclear Incident it 
TMI - Suppl." & pTellmlnaru, chronology ttt TrtI-2 79O33Q 
accident until core cooling restored. 

ENGELKEN, R. H, Region 5. San Francisco. QfficB o* the Director. 

79/04/05. Ip. 

7904 09 03 1 A Raq,usts addl info to complete revleu of proposed mod for 
storage of reactor cavity annular seal plate during reactor 
REID.R. H. Oparatlng Reactors Branch 4. 79/03/13. 3pp. 

77041&Q136 Inform that no further action, is required on proposed 
change* to Tech Specs to incorporate surve lllanci 
requlramnts for throttle valves in HPIB fa UP 1 8. 
REID, A.M. Operating Reactors 'Branch 4. 79/O3/21. 3pp. 

7904130333 Forwards PNO-79-&7M. 

ENQELKEN, R. R Region 5- Ban Francisco. Office of the Director. 

79/04/07. Ip. 

7904130343 Forwards. PNO-79-67N. 

ENQELKEN, R. H. Ragion S. San Francisco. Office 

79/O4/OB. ID. 



DOCKET 50-313 Hancbo Seco Nuclear Generating Station 
Inspection reporti and correspondence 

7904170264 Monthly operating rept for Mar 1979. 

COLOMBO, fi. W. Sacramento Municipal Utility District, 79/03/31. 

Raportable occurrences, related carraipondence 

7904110286 Forwards PNO-79-fi7H. 

eWOELHEK. R, H. Rqginn 5, San Francisco, Office o-f the Director. 

79/04/02. Ip. 

7904110379 Forwards. PNQ 79-671. . 

ENQELKEN.R. H. Region 5, San Francisco. Office of the Direttor. 

79/04/03. Ip. 

7904110100 Forwards PNP 79-67J, 

ENSELKEN-R. H. Region 3, San Francisco, Office o-f tho Dlroctor. 

79/04/04. Ip. 

790426QM2 Fopuard-s PNO-79-A7H. 

ENCELHEN.R. H. Region 3. San Francisco, Office of the Dlroctop. 

79/04/05. Ip. 

7904260177 Forward* PNQ-79-77(NRR >. 

ENCELKEN.R. II, Region 5, San Francisco, Rffice of thu Director. 

79/04/11. Ip. 

7904240435 Forwards PNO-79-67V fc H. 

ENOELHEN.R.H. Ragian 3. San Franciico, Office of th Director. 

79/04/lt. Ip. 

7904260343 Forwards PWO-79-47X, 

ENGELKEH, R. H. Rogio-n 5, San Francitco, affitB of tho Dlroctor. 

79/04/17. Ip. 

7904260463 Forwards PNO-77-&7Y. 

ENI3ELHEN, R.H. Re^jon 5, San Francisco. Qffico of the Director. 

79/04 /I Q. Ip 

7?0426O13f. Foruapda PHO-79-6VI. 

EMGELK-EN, R. H, Region 5. Ban Fpancisco, OJfica of the Dlrectop. 

79/04/19. Ip. 

Hearing trans rr ipts 

7904250059 Transcript of 790404 clojoiJ meeting in Hashing ton, DC. 
Pp 1-41. 
HEMD(UE,J,M, Commission. 79/O1/01. 13pp. 

COCK-Er 50-313 Arlan*as Nuclear Dno, Unit 1 

SecuritUi medical, emergencv 4 fire protection plnni 

7901020073 Forwards choc* for 4.000 f to, inadvertentl v omlttvd from 
790323 transmfttal of safeguards contingencg plan 
TRIMBLE, O.C. Arliansaa Pouer S> Light Co, 79/0.1/H6, Ip, 

7904I6013S Provlriti addl info for revi.y of fire protection 8RR, 
Describes var iou* proc*dui-B9 to ensure supepvlaino fire 


TftfMBLEj D,c. Aptanses Power t, Light Co. 79/03/30, 2pp. 

7904H40296 Forwards Amend SB to emergency plan 

THIMBLE.D.C, Arkansas Pouer t, Light Co. 79/01/14. Ip. 

7904340296 Amend 59 tg emergent pUn 

* Ariansas POLIOP & Liohfc Co, 79VQ1/1&. 63pp. 

Financial Infornidt ion 

7901030407 Although improbable that atypical weld oira ., ,! lri 
reactor vessel melds, recommends continued uia of rivlud 
compensatory pressuro/temp limits. 
REID.R.W. Operating Reactors Branch 1. 79/O3/01. 3ff. 

7901060433 Containment isolation valva tests proposed In 79OSO7 I lr ii 

not meet 10CFR30 App J cr i Ui- la. E B mp tlon application will 
requira Further justification before altBrnate teitlno 
methoil ii approved. 
REID,R.W. Operating Reactor* Branch 4. 79/03/12. B P p. 

7?040fOa90 RatiuB.ts addl info re capability of HB3B to niponij to 
postulated ATMS transients. Forwards NRC 790219 Itr to CE *i/ 
requaat For analijBli to confirm adequacy of propotei) c<jt to 
LWR de*lgn. NUREO-O^fiO Vo 1 3 nncl.W/a nc I. H/d litributlon 
VDLLMER.ft. H. Assistant Director for Sgitsmi fc Projti. 79/03^11 


7904060047 Surafliari) of 790327 mooting ui/util re 8trtup Tr*n* T 0.r**r 3 
Agenda. List of attendaoi 4. genoval doaijn criteria tncl 
VI83INO,O.S. Operating Reactors Branch 4. 79/03/ls' 36.f. 

77040602S1 Raqumts documentation of seismic cond 1 1 f out i ma * nvlTn 
conditions during poitolated accidents to compUtu revliw 
of mod re cooling saf aty-relatod el'ec trUal equlpnant room,* . 
Info requested luithln 30 dags. 
REED, 11,11 Operating ReactDrt Dranch 4. 79/03/13. 3pp. 

7901060079 Responds to 701H07 request for approval of altro*t* a*l*(f 
of obtaining r*f strous intensltu factors to allou continue.* 1 
std tonsioning, RoquBst conatitutos Clan III fag uhich 
should lie submitted. 
MILLER, H.O. Office of Administration. 77/03/19. Ip. 

7901090329 Forwards request for addl info to complete rtvltbt o* 
alectr-lcal 'A InatrumHUtat Ion suliigs of ECCS for single 
fal lurt. deques t respansa Mi tM n SO da.ys of racelpt of Mr 
REID, ft, H. Dporating Reactors Branch 4. 79/03/20, 3pp. 

79O1I00337 Forwards brief description of & safotu *v*lu*Hc>ni for 4i(L| 
changes. D*slgn changes made uiora In form of design ch-angi 
TRIMBLE, U. C. Arkansas Pouoi- t. Light Co, 79/03/Sl, 2lpp. 

7 c yoll3009I Updat* info ra admittance o'f NRC personnil to factlltl> 

Requests permanant picture badgasiiite orlintatlons k 
spac(*l indoctrinations for relevant persontisl. H/o end 
Inspec tor I lt ings, 
BEYFRIT.K, V, (laglonl, Dallas. Office of the Director. 

7904010160 Justifies 790207 rarest for OKamption Iran 

requlrimants ra acceptance of altgrnate method for ttiiln) 

ii contiinmenl Isolation valves. lUquests respan> bu 


TRtHBLE,!), C. Arkansas Pouir t. Light Co. 77/03/3B. Spp, 

7704160342 Informs of 1,200 rofund of Class II amend fe *t rtiutt * 

Commission's da IsrmlnaUon that ualvir of lietnia mind ft* 
for Tach Spec changes re fire protection is appropriate 
MILLEIUH.a License Fes Kanageminl; Branch, 71/03/33. \p- 

7904090166 Bulimits bfllis for Tech Bpc which will U*lt uflin": t 
90-h per yaar.Utll still invastlgafclno jusbif Icablon for 
unlimited purging d mau tuhmit Tch Spec changi r*qunt 
at UUr date. Class III amend fee end. 
CrtVANAUQHF U. Arkansas Power * Light Co. 77/04/02. Oft. 

79041Q0330 In response to 790406 telcim forwards ln*o r (r**urHr 
dimension!, location of hi d lo taps for leval traniniUir. 
routine of piping 'x tublngi mika t< modal of transmlttiri. 
TRIMBLE, D, C. Arkansas Poiuer h Light Co. 79/04/10. 3pp. 

7904H00361 I'rovldas Info In support of 781S06 request for approval *l 
altarnattv* procoduri for calculating reference ibresi 
intan*ltu factor* an cloiuri h*ad atgplcal u*ld m*ll. 
TRIMULE.D, C, Arkansas Pouer It Light Co. 79/04/lfi, Spp, 

7901040095 Forwards "Annual fiBpi I97fl. 

TRIMDCE, I). C, Arkansas Power t, Light Co. 79/03/30, 

79040400B6 "Annual Rpt 1978." 

a Arkartsa-s Power t Lloht Co, 78/12/3E. 28pp. 

Operating license stage 


'./" 1 '*"" Dir " t0r f " * * Project,. 

7701270319 Itaquoils chanoe to Tech Bp*c refUetlna powar oji# 
rellaf valve pressura setting of 2< 430 pllg tt high prgtsura 
scram sqtpolnt of 2,300 psig.Niu lettlngs will prevent 
valve onanino for 4ll Ion of fedwatr translontt. 
CAVANAUOH.W. Arkansas Pouar h Light Co, 79/04/24. 6pp, 

Inspection roporti and correspondne 

7904030333 Forward* IE Insp Itapt 30-313/7f~03 J. 30-368/79-03 an 
790129-0201. No noncampl lance noted. 

HADSEM, 0. L. Hegion 4, Dallas, FUactor Ojuratitmi Nuei*r 

Branch, 79/OS/1S. 2pp, 


DOCKET 50-313 Arkansas Nuclear One, Unit 1 
^nspection reports and correapondence 

7904030361 IE Insp Rept 30-313/79-03 t. 50-368/79-03 on 
-noncompliance noted.Major areas inspectedTenviron 

ranc. . g 

Material* Safety Branch. 79/03/13 6pp! 
7904020039 Based on review of 


authoriiod to Implement plans 

REID.R.H. Op B rating Reactors Branch 4. 79/03/OS. 3pp, 


3i; flnts reuof 


REID.R.U. Operating Reactors Branch 4. 79/03/OB. 3pp, 

sments 1 ' 9rantin9 " u " from * 3 ^ *.. * 

RE1D,R.H. Operating Reactors Branch 4. 79/Q3/O8. 3pp. 

7701030143 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-02, "Pipe Support Q,, e Pl n ^ n < 
Uiins Concrete Expansion Anchor Holt, " aupp rt """ platB Deign 
SEY-FRIT.K.v. Region 4, Dalla,, Offico of the Director. 79/03/OB. 

79/03/I2 . 


5t >~313/79-O2 

reasuign ^instructed (. pMpon.iti It*., 

TRIHBLE.D.C. Arkansas Pou B r & Light Co. 79/03/26. 3pp, 

-Su n n 

accid^t P n'<-f, PU*ln*rtt chronology of TMI-2 790330 

accident until corn cooling restored 

SEYFRIT.K.v. Raglon , DaUaS| Wf(ct of ^ Dlrecto 

on 4 , Da ,, aS| 

. l , ce Q t ipectDp 

7704270611 Forwards IE Bullatin 79-06A, Rev! B (on i. "Raviaui of 
Operational Errors (- Sys Miaal ignments Identified During 
TMI Incident. " 
8EVFRlT,K.v. Region 4. Dallas, Officu of the Dirsctor, 79/04/1D. 

Periodic operating reports, related correspondence 

7^04020036 Reiponds to NflC 790205 1 tr re violations noted in IE 50-313/79-01 (, 30-360/79-01. Correctiveaction" 
trainins d>pt ha* been assigned reaponaibili tu for 
schedulin] am>roencu team training activities. 

.A. At-Hansas Power h Light Co. 79/02/37. 2pp. 

7 . -1 I, 30-3AQ/79-01 on 

790119-17 Ji notice of violation 

MADBEN.O L. Raoi Qn .4, DalUs, Reactor Operations NucUar 

Support Branch. 79/02/05. Hpp. 

f vi * 

on 790113-17. 

7904020069 IE Insp Rept QO-313/79-01 & 30-36B/79-01 on 790115-17 
Honcompliance noted: fai lure to conduct rsquirad traininq (, 
required dril Is, a 

' "' U R n 9 n " 4 ' " alla " "e*or Operations Support 

7904020074 Forwards results of impingement monitoring at facility 
intake for FB6 1979. 
TRIHBLE.D.C. ArVansas Power (, Light Co. 79/03/27. llpp. 

7904240313 Forwards monthly operating rept for Mar 1979 
TRIMBLE.D. C. Arkansas Power (. Light Co, 79/04/13. 2pp. 

7904240313 Monthly operating rapt far Mar 1979 

BHIvELY.C.N. Arkansas Power b Light Co. 79/04/13. 4pp. 

7904270314 Forwards monthly operating ropt for Mar 1979 
TRIMBLE. D. C. Arkansas Power & Light Co. 79/04/18. lp. 

7904870317 Monthly operating rept for Mar 1979. 

SHIVELY.C.N. Arkansas Power fc Light Co. 79/04/1B. lp. 

Roportable oecurrences, related correspondence 

7904210050 Forwards PNOs 79-67H, I, J, K, L, M, N & P. 

BEYFRIT.K.V. Region 1, Dallas, Office of the Director 79/O4/O9 


Hearing transcripts 

7904250059 Transcript of 790404 closed meeting in Wash Ingtett, DC r a 
P lants, Pp 1-41. 
HENDRIE, J. M. Commission. 79/04/04. 43pp. 

7904030381 IE Itup Rept SO-313/79-03 *, SO-36S/79-03 on 790226-38 
Noncomplianca noted: door in perimeter barrier did not lock 
after isrBii,g*p und.r fence oitd,two spota in protected 
area not Illuminated to required level, 

CALDHELL.R.A.. EVANB.C.A,, MADSEN, 0. L. Ragion 4, Dallas, 

H*aetor Operation! Nuelar Support Draneh. 79/03/13, 2pp. 

7904030132 Forwards IE Info NotUa 79-03, "Use of Improper Matl. in 
aafty-RlatetI Components." 
8EVFflrT,K.V. Rngion 4. Dallas. Office of the Director. 79/03/21. 

7904110430 Forwards IE BuUntin 79-03 "Nuelaar Incident at TMI" (, 
PNO-79-67j 79-67A, B,C,DjE,F & 0. 

8EYFRIT.K.V. Region 4. Dallas, Office of the Director. 79/04/01 


7904160363 Raipond* to NRC 790313 Itr ra violation noted in IE Insp 
Rapt* SO-3A8/78-2B *. 50-313/78-21. Corrective actioni- 
surveillance test ichadulins will ba ehanoed to central 
point 6 790901, ;. . 

RUETER,O.A. Arkansas Pouer Si Light Co, 79/03/13. lp. 

30-315 Donald C. Cook Nuclear Power Plant. Unit 1 
NRC SER and supplements 

79041403B2 ForuarKs input to SER for proposed mo d to .pent fuel ,tor 
pools. Concludes mod acceptable provided U-233 loading is ' ;or 

limited to amount acceptable in rept. 
LAINAS.O. Plant Systems Branch. 79/03/29. 2pp. 

--79041603BS Safetv evaluation of IN fc MI Power Co', application for 
licenao amend to increase authorized capacity of spent fuel 
* Division of Operating Reactors. 79/03/39, (jpp, 

Utility FSAR and amendments 

7904130216 Forwards Amond B3 to FSAfl. 

DOLAN,J.E. Indiana t Michigan Power Co. 79/O4/04. 4pp. 

7904I3021B Amend 03 to F8AR for facility. 

Indiana fc Michigan Power Co. 79/04/04. 50pp, 



Operating llcoiit itage 

Ip. -lit.nt Dlnctor for B,,.tMii fc Project!.' 79/O3/12. 

7904130313 Confirms ichedule far 790330 masting to diie 

EP^ER, J . , SBa[on 3 . Chicago , om( o| w- Dlrffctop 79/03/a2i 

n P y eP C0 . 79/03/37. 2pp. 

KX.W.J.E. Intfi*na & MU 


fMtlnfl R.-elar, J> ne h 1. WXW/OO. 3pp. 

' '.^ l ;r:r * 

P.ttn H. t or* Br-nch 1. 79/04/03. , pp . 

79/04/18. a pp . 

ap " 

, Bl 

HEI5HMAN.B.F. R B g 3 ch^fl c. Z " *' tflol * t '"" 

Support flinch. 79/03?22 2pp ' R " C * or "lJ-''-tiM N <l..r 

fiSS." vlolation from "' >-- 1-...* 

' R gion 3 , Chicago, Office of th. Dir.ctov. 79/03/19. ,.. 


of the Director. 79/03/19 ' Rtf '* B 3j Cf ""8" 


i P. 



IE Bulletin 
I. C,D,E,F S. G 

iglon 3. 

cago, Otlle. of f hl Oir.ctor, 

"^"??^rJ 1 .h.t'dfi?"d ll ; o *"cUM?" C " I1S l *'- C "t'" 
American Electric Power Co., Inc. 79/03/83. S ff 

E. Indiana ti Michigan Pauer Co. 79/04/03. 2pp. 

3 (i lf or I H H ( ll0tin 7<? " OSA| "Nucloar Incident at 
1,. R " flian a ' Chicago, "office of th. Dir.ctor, WWOt. 

^ JM,J.ff.' RBflIon 3, chiMBQt (,, of tht Mp>eUr< 

r LJ T i j I "'"fl rapt for fi*r 1*?7^. 

'. i. Indiana fc Michigan Power Co. 79/04/OS, Bpp. 

Indian- ti Michloan Pauer Co. 79/04/10.' lp. 

-!l!*"!_f ccuri ' tnc "' rH.t.d correspondent. 

n < * 79-013/03L-0. 

,D.V. Indian, fc Michigan Po W8r C. 7WM/. Ij. 

r-T?i2 / ^ 1 ! ao i ! - hIU ^ - 1 ""-' l 

tP< of ban" o^?H V b * " cll l-""ll J thJr IS 
El. c. nn t .; "cu an " "r,^: !. V 1 "" 1 """"""'"I 

BE ^A M ,T.P. .ndunrrtiMs^:.-^ "" 11 

,:?^J B ffi- ^:-J{U .P.n, *t -, 

!< inJ.t I^L I Ur " *"" bl " w ""'""Jna 
*lhwt"" rJ?Jin!*^ P'"-C* U ..d b tf pr.i.ur. 
CHADMELL H M r " u i* in In utak.n.d rupt ur > Jlici. 
CHADMELL.H.M. Indiana * Hiehi B .n Pou . P Co. 7?/O3/38, 2. 

7?/O3/38, 2pp. 


lchisan Power Co, 79/04/O3. tf. 

*r. r.turn.d to 


""' '.r. Ind 


C:S h! P "" '? Ilol -" 1 9 r-iiUM i.*pl* !",?"'f ni "! "i B Kt. Both vilv.. i SI^J 1 " '1"' f oti "<""- 

iana & Michigan Powar Co. 79/04/O3. |p. 



_!l^^l_ CQO * Nucl ": Poww Plant, Unit 1 
* 4bU e"nei, related correspondence 

r. inaiana Michigan Puwor Co. 79/04/03. !p. 

7904160301 Forward! LER 79-01B/03L-O 

SHALLER, D. V. Indiana fc Michigan Pouer Co. 79/O4/09. Ip. 

SEILMAN.T.P. Indiana t, Michigan Pouor Co. 79/04/09. D . 


7904240377 Forward* LER* 79-020/O3L-O t. 79-021/O3L-0 
SMALLER, D. V. Indian- * Michigan Pcuer Co. 79/04/17. 

--7904=40330 LER 79-020/03L-Q on 790333. pres.uri ,.r r.H.f tank rupture 
di!i, bleu out uhile in Mod. a. Caused 4>y repeated prenura 
fluctuations cauiing ruptura disk to ueakan. Corrective 
nrJ:u2II., U "."^ c ";" r y llnc " door * functioned as de*Igned. 
DICK80N,J.D. Indiana ft Michigan Pouer Co. 79/04/17. Ip. 

hSon m r. tn F!CS ura. found belou, 

Tech Spec limit uhlle in Mode 1. Caused by operator 

iS5 U? r i*?""i? P " ll i 11 " ' Ulilur f* *lv. to pr**uri. e r 
QRV-Sl.Valva tloied upon discovery 

DICKSDN.J. D. Indiana t, Michigan Power Co. 79/04/17. tp. 

79Q4Z7O336 Forward* LEW 79-022/03L-0. 

SMALLER, D.V. Indiana d Michigan Power Co. 79/04/33. 


7-MHS70371 LER 79-Q22/03L-0 on 790323: tuo ISO volt AC bus.., cau.lng a reactor trip V *afetu injection. 
Vital buiei repaired & returned to vc. C*ui undap 
InvBitlgation l< will ba r*port*d at Utir d*t> 
BEILMAN.T.P. Indiana h Mich loan Powir Co. 79/04/23 Ip 


"P" 11 ; 1 Jo 781127 appli^tion far r,n*t f r p^rfarnlii 
jection tes t. Requo s ta submisslqn of Clais III amend 

DIOOS.R.H. Lieen-io Fse rfanageoient Branch. 79/O3/33. Ip. 

7904030203 Fartuard* rad 1 O lo 9 i ca 1 effluant T 8 ch Sp BC , V OffilU Bo, 8 
S! S I J 2" Manual tuhl h ""f 11 b incorporated a, chanoe* to 

fl M Qf ETS, 

iJ.E. Indiana & Michigan Power Co. 79/03/27, Bpp. 

7904050203 Radiolo-g teal effluent Tet h Spec, for DPR-5B *. DPfl-74 
* Indiana i Michigan Power Co. 79/O3/27. 75pp. 

7904030206 Offslte Doga Calculation Manual for DPR-33 & DPD-74 
Indiana & Michigan Pouev Co. 79/O3/27. HOpp. 

790419023B Forwards Amends 27 fa 9 to Licnnses DPR-33 i*. DPft-74. 
raspBctively, & notice of Itiuanca (. availabi litu. B*curl tu 
plan Hvaluatlan ul thhald (i-ef 10CFR3. 79O). 
BCHMEHCER.A. Dpratlng Reactors Branch 1. 79/04/03, 3pp. 

7904190249 AmBn d. 27 *.. 9 to Licen.e* DPR-S9 S, DPR-74, r.tpec tiv-ly, 
modlf U tng phgiical s.eurlty plan, y 

SCHWENCEn.A. Op&rating Reac tor* Branch 1, 

79041702S4 Notice of i a -,u* nce 4, availability 
Lieni. s DPR-SQ S. DPR-74, ro spac tlv> 1 . 
8CHMENCER,A, Operating Raoctor* Branch 1. 

79/04/O3. tp p , 

Am.nd, 27 t, 9 to 
79/04/03. 3pp. 

u..? U **f\ leh * -l ' 1 * Ch flB in 2 " unlt ***> Pi"" 
Jun 1979-Alio informi NRC of proposed mod to discharge 

*vucture icour bed to aLltvtatn eroiio-i. problBmt. Two 

ovtrsl led i true tural dribjinga encl. 

DOLAN. J.E. Indiana fe Mlchidan Pamer Co. 79/O4/0&. 3 pf . 

7?030030i Forward* LER* 79-Oa3/03L-0 fc 79-024/O3L-0 

8HALLER,D. V. Indiana & Mlchtoan Power Co. 79/04/24. 1 P . 

--7904300303 LER 79-023/03L-0 on 790326: port! on of circuitry for Rod K-H 
indication was shortad rendering channel Inoperable. Caused 
bv shorting secondary coil voltage; terminal* to Una voltage 
Bcriuiii v * r>flr at ltlllleatt "' panel. Measurement revised. 
BeiLMANiT.P, Indiana & Michigan Powar Co, 79/O4/24. Ip. 

7704300303 LER 79-QB4/03L-0 on 79Q326: Indicated po.Ition for Rod F-6 
exceeded twelve itep Unit Impaed by Tech Spec., t, problem 
raturred four more tl<ni* in two day*. Investigation in 
progresi tt vuppl rept ulll be submitted. 
BE1LMAN, T, P, Indiana 1< Michigan Power Co. 77/04/24 Ip 

7904210073 Summary o* 790221 tneoting w/We tlnghouie ounars oraup In 
Batheada.HD r aignmeferic LOCA loadi. Agenda h lilt of 
a fatendaei one 1 . 
HO8FORD,8. H. Engineering Branch. 7f/04/10. 4pp. 

7904100ZBO In order to FBAS Amende 81 & S3 *s CUs. in Hca 
amends, foruardm arfdl Hcenatng f . nq,ue*tt fi/rther guidance 
on proper c lai 1 f 1 cat i on nf OL-relatd submittalt, 
DISbfiOW,R.E. Indiana t, Michi-gan Poucr Co. 7?/O4/ll. 2 PP . 

79043301i9 Foruai-ds addl info re .pent fuel storage capacity expansion 
pi-ojra*. Encl info tnclud*a detalli of tfcructural analyti, 
revl*ioni to general d*mcriptian of new spent Fuel rachi 1, 
to thermal analyili. 
DOLAN.J.E. Indiana i Michigan Power Co. 79/04/16. 35pp. 

DOCKET 90-316 Donald C. Cook Nuclear Pouer Plant, Unit 3 
NRC 8ER and lupplenenti 

II l Wrt " i np<l * *S ? ER """ f-oP "" > * * 

., Conclude. <nod acc R tabU provided U-239 loading I. 
United to amount acceptable In rept. 
LAINA8, 8. . Plant Syitemi Branch. 79/O3/29, 2pp. 



* f ^i 'y aluatio " " IN i, MI Powr Co', application for 
anind to Incraaie authoriiad capacitu of pent fuel 


Oivlilon of Operating Reactors. 79/03/29, 6 P p. 

FSAR and anandnent* 

7904iaOai6 Forward! Amend 83 to FSAR. 

DOLAN* J.E. Indiana * Michigan Power Co. 79/04/04. 4pp. 

790-130218 Aoend B3 to FSAR for facility. 

* Indiana i Michigan Power Co. 79/04/04. 30pp. 

Opr*tlng llcane itage 

*: ad< " lnf " "P""* -* N8SS to respond to 
tranilent*. Forward! NflC 790319 Itr to OE u/ 

* * fltnti da"V of propated <nad to 
. ,' * Vo1 3 Wl.H/o encl.H/dimtrlbutian. 

VOULMER,R,H. AtH.Unt Director for Bijitann S. Projects. 79/03/tS. 

7904270313 Buppl 770404 Itr ti>nttnl t ting Amend B3 to PSAR.ChecIt 
enclosed a* fee- although under prott. Addl Info forwarded 
ro Heetinghoue* part made of Tupe 304 ctalnleis steal 1< 
ued for anti-rotation tfevicas. 
MALONEY.O.P. Indiana & Michigan Pour Co. 79/O4/23, 2pp. 

Inspection report* and correspondence 

7904030103 Forwards IE Circular 7?-O4, "Loo,. Locking Nut en Limitorque 
Valve Operator!. " 

KEPPLER.J.O. Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/03/16 


7904030033 Forward* IE Bulletin 7B-12B, "Atypical Meld Matl In Reactor 
Prenure Ve**al Mild*. " 

KEPPLER.J.O. Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/O3/19 


7704030014 Forwards IE Circular 79--OS, "Moisture Leakage In Stranded 
Wire Connectors. " 
KEPPLER.J.O. Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director, 79/O3/at. 

7904370202 Forward! IE tnf> Rapti DO-31S/79-04 t, SO-31 A/79-O4 qn 
790203-09,12-16,20-23,26-33 it O3O1-02 (.notice o* violation. 
HEIBHrfAN,R. F. Region 3r Cihicago, Reactor Operation* Nuclear 

Support Branch. 79/03/22. 2pp. 

79O42702QB Notice at violation from in*p on 79OSO3-O9i 12-16. 2O-a3, 
SI-SB, k 0301-02. 
" Region 3. Chleagn, Office of th Director. 79/03/19. Ip, 




.- Plant. Unit 2 


cago. OPMe. of th, Director. 7W03/30. 


nn -I rJ. '"P" "quire*. 

3 ' """" Mc. of (ft, Director. 79/04/01. 

7 flM/io. 


TMI Incident " a 

KEPPLER. J, C, Han inn 

* 10n 


0lUBr Co. 77/04/13 i p . 


ichljan Pou.r Co. 79/04/17. Ip. 

do or 

ouer PUnt . unil 

pro t ton pUn, 

79040WI36 LER 79-O09/O3L-0 D n 

7-?040901Bl Forwards LER 7?-01O/OOL-O 

BHALLEfl, D. V. rnrfl.n. ft Michigan P^ ar <;. 79/04/03, ,. 

LER 7t-O I O/O3L-O an 

- - an 7-JO-*fiA- rf..,., 

turbine driven v , t I l-r, f -ed ,222 ;!'?! sl " lv ' ll >'n': tt on 
i-scgm.n.nded fc. ffl p. Po S ,*bi B ""el^f. * P ?' CV * r ""' 
ail. Oil M , chans*" '"IfB Mtl in h. Jriflfl 

WIINER.D.O. ,ndia ni . mhl B .n P er C D . 79/04/03. Ip. 

ing fl aactoP , Braneh 4 79/03/ , 9 

7704190233 Provides 

"' n9 









for t P PoJ * s . 79/03/12. 

D r R - H & DPR -** ~ --* 

? V " s "" * ll!Jflo "* 
1 W* * cp"r.ti on k 

t , tc c, 79/04/OS. 119pp . 

79/04/IO _ 

' NRC Df *" 

O-317/79-02 & 

v,.ti.a. note, in ,. IBI| 


DOCKET 30-317 Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant. Unit I 
Inspection reports and correspondence 

7904040333 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-O2, "Pip B Support Ba, e Plate rr..| gn . 
Using Concrete Erpansion Anchor Bolts." 

ORIER.B.H. Rejion 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Director 

79/03/08, Ip. 

7904040298 Forward. IE Bulletin 79-O3, "Longitudinal Weld Defects in 
AEME SA-3I2 Type 304 Stainless Steel Pipe Spools 
Manufacturad ay Voungstgun Welding & Engineering Co " 
CRIER, B.H. Region 1, Philadelphia. Office of the' Dtrec tor 

79/03/12. Ip. 

79040S0063 Forwards IE Circular 79-O-4. "Loom Locking Nut on Limitoraua 
Valve Operators. " H 

ORIER.B.H. Region 1, Philadelphia. Office of the Director 

79/03/16. ip. 

7704040276 Forwards IE Bulletin 7a-taB. "Atuplcal Wsld Mat! in Reactor 
Pressure Vessel Welds. " 

OHIER.B.H. Reijion 1. Philadelphia, Office of tha Director 


7904090011 Foruards IE Circular 79-OS, "Moisture Leatage In Stranded 
Hire Conductors. " 

ORIEH.H.H. Region 1, Philadelphia. Office of the Director 

79/03/20. la. 

7904040232 Forwards IE Info Notice 79-03, "U,e of Improper Katls in 
Safety-Related Components. " 

',! Hl fi '!Mn 1- Philadelphia, Offlca o-f the Director. 

79/03/21. Ip. 

7904190163 Foriaacd* IE Bullotin 79-QSrt, "Nuclear Incident at 
THI - Suppl. " 'j. preliminary chronologg of TMI-2 79O33B 
accident until core cooling restored. 

ORIER.B.H. Region 1. Ph i lade 1 ph id, Office of the Director. 

77/04/O3. Ip. 

7904270444 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-OAA, "Review of Operational rr( 
Bys Misalignments Identified During TMI Incident. " 
ORIER,B.H. Region 1, Ph latf e Ip h ia , Offico of the Olrectoi-, 

-to tf\A r t ft 1 D 

Periodic operating reports, related correspondence 

79CH190O6Q Forwards "Nonrad i o tog i ca I Environ Monitor ing Rapt." 197B 
LUNDvALL, A, E. Baltimore Oaa ', Elactrlt Co. 79/O3/16. If. 

79O4190062 "Nnnratl 1 olofl tea I Environ Monitoring Rept," I97H, 

LA86AHN,H,0. Baltlmorg Gas d Electric Co. 79/03/31. BOOp. p . 

M., uar!ia "Ann "a I Jtad to log leal Environ Monitoring 4lpt 19 

LUNQVALL, A. E. Baltimore Oa s % Electric Co. 77YO3/S9. |p. 

7904060338 "Annual Had lolos I ca I Environ Monitoring Hoot 19713 " 

i : RAFIlA " ne ' c "EfiT,E. C. Haltlmaro Oa* 4 Etbrlc C 

7 I ?04aO025a Forwards raonthli) operating rapt for Mar 1979 
MERBOH.S. D, Da Iff more Oas A Electric Co. 79/04/13. |a. 

79OiaDO2S3 Month li) operating ropt for Mai- 1979 

MERSDN.S.D. Baltimore flai H, Electric Co, 7^/01/13. 13pp. 

7904330174 Providai info ro ulif mabl iitiliied In reactor vessels Reot 
bij vindor C-E can be submitted by 790B13. ' 

LUNDVALL.A. E. Baltimore 0. (, Electric Co. 79/O3/27. 2pp. 

u a , FOrll 'ar < " IE Dulletin 79-04. "Incorract U.ight. for Su,ing 
Valves Manufactured bg Velan Englneerino Corp " 

. R * B ' n lf phtlai) 'Pia' Office of the Dii- O ctor. 

79041SOaOS Forwards IE Bulletin 79-03, "Nuclear Incident at THI" h 
PNO-79-67,77-67A,B.C,D,E,F t, 0. No response ru?red 
79/04/Oi H ' I R * BiDn !( phlli "''>Pl>lo l Office at the Olroctor. 

7904160121 Ach receipt of 7903E3 Itr informing NRG of stspi taken to 
correct violations noted. In IE [nap Rspto 30-317/78-33 4 
SO- 3 1 fl/78-32. 

MARTIN,H,0. Region 1, Ph 1 Udelp h la, Safeguard^ Branch. 79/04/03 


7904160186 Responds to NRC 790306 Itr re 79O3O1 telcon. Informs that 
preparation of matl status rept will bo porfornerf bu 
personnel eiparlencod In BNM accountabil I tu, Aduquato 
procedures will be in place bij 79O430. 
LUNDVALL, A, E. Baltimore Oas t, Electric Co. 79/03/22, Ip. 

--7904U0131 Act. receipt of 790123 Itr Informing NRC of .l.p t.fc.n to 

Sn r S!i! i 2i*5 llln * not * d ln IE In *P R 'P 6 * 50-317/7B-33 (, 
50--3ia/7B-32. Requests written confirmation itatino 790331 it 
da.t* of completion for written approved procedure* 

' 8< ^ "Blon . Philadelphia, Bafeguardi Branch, 


7904160140 Responds to NRC 790103 Itr r. violations noted In IE Ins, 30-317/78-33 t, 30-318/70-3Z. Corrective action., 
evaluating alternative* for assuring that SNM accountabi 11 ty 
Is performed In accordance ui/nirltten procedure* 
LUNBVALL, A. E, Haltimore Oat fc Electric CD. 79/01/2S. 2pp 

-7904160149 Forluards IE Insp Repts 30-317/73-33 tt 30-318/79-32 on 
791180-32 t, notice of vloUtlon. 

MARTIN.W. 0, Region 1, Philadelphia, Bafe-guardi Branch. 

79/01/02, 8pp. 

-7904160149 Notice of violation from imp on 7atISQ-22. 

Region t, Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 79/O1/02. 

-79041601B4 IE Insp R.pti 30-3I7/7B-33 b SO-31B/7B-ga on 781 lSO-2a 

Nof>copllnce noted: fat lure to maintain arocnduras : failure 
to rept Pu decav. 

SITH,O.C. . BUMHefiB,R, Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of tFie 

Dlrtetor. JOYNeH.J.H. Region 1, Philadelphia, Safeguard* 

Branch. 79/01/03. 9 PP . * 

Reportaole occurrences, rslated coi-re ipondoncE 

79041S0267 Forwai-d* LEO 79-OIO/03L-O. 

RU5SEL.L, L. 0, Baltimore Oa fc Elettrlc Cfl. 77/O4/12. Ip. 

-7904180270 LER 79-OIO/03L-0 on 790331 : dur 1 ng innp ro^d, d 1 *cov.r.C 
air line for 11 ECCS pump room ethaust fan discharge danvntir 
*?Ji? ? .hut. Caused by loose air line tubing on air line 
fitting. Tubing replaced, 
DAVIS.B.M,, ROMNEV.K.M. Baltimore Oas . Electric Cc, 77/O4/IK, 

7 '041S0279 Forwards LER 79-OOB/O3L-0. 

'L.H. Djltimoro Oa* b Electric Co. 

... ~ "i 770^17; uihll* parfarralng routine 

survsiiianco, discovered that 11 vc water heat anchariaer 
Ituater i.oUtion valve l-aw-3307-CV would not *trok. 
Fully open. Valve now malntalne*! open 
OAVIB.S.M., ROMNEV,K,.M. Baltimore Oas t El.ctrU Co, 7V/Q4/1S, 

7?04K3O2fiO Forwards LER 79-009/03L-0. 

RUBBELL.U.B. Saltlmore Oa* * EUetrlc Co, 79/04/17. Ip. 

79Q42303i LER 79-OQ-9/03L-0 on 790310: wM le parf ur-mina *itrvelllnc 
testing, control element a*-svmbly failed to prevent 
ml*aUgnmnt. Caused by driftins of voltage level duo to 
electronic charge*. Asiemblij repaired & verified operable 
DAVIS.B.M.. CANdvA-rt.A. Daltlmore Oas (- Electric Co 79/04/17 

7904H6O21 I Forwards LER 79-01 2/O4L-0, 

RUSSELL. L. B. Qaltlmor* Oat & Electric Co. 79/04/ao. Ip, 

7904Sfi021B UER 79-012/04L-O on 790328: rad i nac tl v, liquid U **t. ri. 
rate exceeded 1.23 Ci per quarter e. nlscallaneoui tla.te i on 
icnanar rendered uialesi due tu salt water leak Ion 

eichanger replaod. 

CRINIOAN.P, T. BaUlmore Oa* (.Electric Co. 79/04/SO U 

le CalVBrt "Iff* Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 
mufical, emei-oancu . fir* protection plant" 

7904130094 R eB , U osS, adtfl Info to continue review op fir, roUcllon 
prooram.Fgruards itatu* of HRC PoUon 1-2H re fire prot * ellon 

79/03/19. i7 po . 

protection review. 

REID, R. W, Operating Reactors Branch 4. 

790*190233 Provides NRC position* on per.onnel t.,rcl, riquirM 
r..ponse to 79O223 Itr reaue.tlng M.tlng to appeal pnSsica 
^+ r "*"""t" Identffl-d In NRC 7WK113 ltr.H/ll,t of 
79O314 maatinB atbenifie*. 
STELLO.V. Olvisinn of Operittno R.*ctoi- r 79/03/30. 4pp. 



..,. unit . 


"04030011 Foruard. TF r, , 

Mrietw _ 




Nsss tn 

ft. S 

* u ' i '' WC 7902IS t. 



"7904020303 R B ,, 

7904IA0143 Forward^ IP , 

KJS3V "'"I- ' "Si 3 - 


*rle Co. 79/01/23. Sff . 

"" Qn ' 

Branch . 






, , th . Dlpoctop 



/ i 

af tft . ^ 


*Eretrle Cn. 



DOCKET 50-318 Calvart Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant- Unit 2 
Par ladle operating reports, related correspondence 

79O42&O114 Eiaminat inn Rept on senior operator license iisued for 
TMF-2. Written examination d td 740733 enc 1. Opera tine test 
administered 740734. 
COLLINS, P, F. Operator Lleeniing Branch.. 74/08/O1. app. 

79O42O0233 Forward* monthly operating repl for Mar 1979. 
MERSON.8. D. Baltimore Qas t> Electric Co. 79/04/13. lp, 

7904200235 Monthly operating rept for Mar 1979. 

MERBON.S.D. Baltimore Qas t> Electric Co. 79/O4/I5. 13pp. 

Reportable occurrences, related correspondence 

79041BO240 Forwards LER 79-Ot3/Q3L-0. 

RUSSELL. L. B. Baltimore Gas & E lac trie Co. 79/04/13. lp. 

7904180242 LER 79-O13/O3L-0 on 790401: control element assembly motion 
Inhibit setpoint voltage level drifted from previously sat 
inhibit actuation level. Gauied by minor change In electronic 
component character lit lev 
CARROLL, J. T. , CANQVA.M.A. Baltimore Qas it Electric Co. 77/O4/12. 

79O41H0243 Forward* LER 79-01 1/03L-0. 

RUSSELL, L. B. Baltimore Oas If. Electric Co. 

77/04/12. lp. 

79041B02SQ LER 79-011/03L-0 on 790327: discovered that plant process 
computer failed, rendering In-core detector syi inoperable. 
Caused by failed capacitor in computer's pouter monitor 
circuit. Reactor power reduced to satisfy Tech Specs. 
DAVIS. B.M., CANOvA.M.A. Baltimore Oas *< Electric Co. 7?/Q4/12. 

79O41B0249 Forwards LER 79-012/03L-0. 

RUSSELL, L. B. Baltimore Oas & Electric Cc 

79/01/12. lp. 

7904260344 Etaminat i o-n Rept on senior operator licence issued for 

TMI-2. Written eiatnination dtd 740723 enc 1. Opera t ing test 
administered 74Q723. 

COLLINS, P. F. Operator Liceniing Branch. 74/08/01. lp, 

79Q426Q39O Examination Rapt on operator license issued for TMI-2. 
Written ax ami nab Inn dtd 74O722 gnc 1. Operat i ng test 
administered 740724. 
COLLINS, P. F. Operator Llcanslno Branch. 74/09/08. -2pp. 

79O426Q273 Eiaroinatton Rep t on senior operator license issued for 
TMI-2. Written examination dtd 750717 enc I. Ojierat ing tost 
COLLINS, P.P. Operator Llcansing Branch. 75/07/2S. 2pp. 

79Q43iO333 Eiamination Ropt on senior operator license issued for 
TMI-E.Hritten eiafninat Ion dtd 7A072A enc 1 . Opera* ing test 
bra i ve d . 
BDHANNON, J. Fl. , COLLINS.P.F. Operator Lica-nsing Branch. 7A/OO/17. 

790426O38& Eiamination Rept on senior operator License Issued for 

TMI-2. Written o lamination dtd 760726 enc 1. Op erat Ing test 

BOHANNOM, J. R. , COLL1HS.P.F. Operator Licensing Branch. 76/ 


77042&O2QB Eaamlns tlon Rapt an senior operator licenso Issued for 

TMI 2. Hrlttan examination dtd 770817 & IS enc 1 . Operating 
test administered 77O914. 

COLLINS, P. F, Operator Licensing Branch. 77X09/29. 69pp. 

7904180233 LER 79-O12/O3L-0 on 790401 : c ontrol element assembly 57 
CEA-37 dropped to bottom of core. Caused by spike In 15 volt 
pooler supply. Design modified to improve reliability of ays 
by Installing duel power supplies. 

CARROLLrJ. T. i rllERNICKI.H. J. Baltimore fias (.Electric Co. 
79/04/12. lp. 

790 4100362 Forwards LER 79-010/03L-0. 

FWBSELL, L. B, Baltimore Oas St Electric Co. 79/04/12. lp. 

79O42&O1B3 Eiamlnation Rnpt on senior operating license issued For 

TMl-a. Written eiamlnatian dtd 770817-1B end. Operating test 
administBrad 77091S. 

COLLINS, P. F. Operator Licensing Branch. 77/10/17. &Ap(i. 

79042AO133 Ecaraination Rept on senior operator license Issued for 

TMI-2. Written elimination d td 770017 enc 1. Opera ting test 
administered 770913. 

COLLIN3.P.F. Operator Licensing Branch. 77/10/17. 74pp. 

79041B02iS LER 79-010/03L-0 on 790316:pmse counting Indication for al 
Oroup 1 & control element aasimblles S it 9 in Group 4 ui-nt 
to lero when computer sensed that CEA'c uere below louer 
limit reed switch. Signals reset to actual position. 
OAVISiS.M., CANOvA, M. A. Baltimore Oas b Electric Co. 79/04/12. 

7904230243 Forwards LER 79-Q11/03L-0. 

.B. Baltimore Oas h EUetric Co. 

79/04/17. lp. 

7-MH230243 LER 79-014/03L-0 on 790330: fol 1 ouup i*mplo Irom safttu 
Injection tank containing baric acid showed concentration 
Ji*d decreased to 1700 ppm. Caused by leakage through 
2CUC-269. Valve has been isolated until repairs ar> made. 
DAVIB, 8. M, , ROMNEViK.M. Baltlfflore Oas I. Electric Co. 79/04/17. 

DOCKET 50-320 Three Hile Island Nuclear Station. Unit 2 
Appl lea t Ion/cons true tlon stage 

7809030QQ7 Forward* NUREQ-Q219i "Nuclear Security Personnel for Powsr 
PltntiiContent tt Revieu Procedures for a Security Training h 
Qualification Program." M/o encl. 

VASSM.LO. D. B. Afflstant Director for Light Hater Reactors. 

MUflEO-021f. 78/08/23. 4pp. 

79O426O1S3 Examination Rept on operator license Issued for TMI-2. 
Written examination dtd 77O3I7 enc 1. Ope rat ing test 
administer eid 770921. 
COLLINS. P. F. Operator Licensing Branch. 77/10/17. 59pp. 

79O426O17B Eiamlnatlon Rept on operator license Issued for TMI-2 
Written elimination dtd 77O317 encl. Operating teit 
administered 77092K. 
COLLINB.P.F. Operator Licensing Branch. 77/10/17. fldpp. 

7704360172 Examination npt on operator licentv issued far TMI-a. 
Written examination dtd 770317 enc 1. Operating teit 
administered 770919. 
COLLINS,?. F. Operator Licensing Branch. 77/10/17. 32pp. 

79O42tO19B Examination Rept on operator license issued for TMI-2. 
Written examination dtd 77OS17 encl. Operating test 
administered; 77092O. 
COLLINB.P.F. Operator Licensing Branch. 77/10/17. 

7904260202 Examination Hep t on operator license Istued for TMI-2. 
Written eiamlnatlon dtd 77OS17 encl. Operating test 
administered 77O931. 
COLLINS, P. F. Operator Licensing Branch. 77/10/17. 47pp. 

79042&O20B Examination Rept on operator license issue* for THI-2. 
Written examination dtd 77O817 encl. Operating tost 
administered 770914. 
COLLINSiP.F. Operator Licensing Branch. 77/10/17. 63pp. 

7TO43&O130 Eianlnatlon Rept on senior operator license Issued for 
TMI-a. Written' i*minatiQH dtd 740117-18 enel. Operating test 
dwiniitcred 740213. 
COLL-INS.P.F. Operator Licensing Branch. 74/02/80. Spp. 

79O42&O219 Enaatinat 1 on Rept on operator licenie Issued for TMI-2. 
Written examination dtd 77OH17 enc 1. Operating tost 
administered 770913. 
COLLINS, P.P. Operator Licensing Branch. 77/10/17. 36pp. 

7904260303 Examination Rept on lantor operator license Issued for 
TNI-2.Wrltten eiaetlnatlon dtd 740117 encl. Operating test 
*dtntst*red 7*0213. 
CONNER, E.L., COLLINS, P.P. Operator Licensing Branch. 74/02/20. 

79042&O349 Eraminat 1 on Rapt on operator license issued for TMI-2. 
Written aiaalnatlan dtd 77OB17 enc 1. Operating test 
admin is tared 77092O. 
COLLINSiP.F. Dparator Licensing Branch. 77/SO/17. 43pp. 

79O4260107 examination Rept on senior oparafeor licenie Issued for 
TMI-2. Written exaninatlon dtd 74O117-1B encl. Operating test 
aJeilnlterd 740213. 
COLLINSiP.F. Operator Licensing Branch, 74/02/22. 2pp. 

77O42&O392 Eianlnatlon R*pt on operator license issutd for TMI-2. 
Written exjimin*tlon dtd 77O317 enc 1. Qperat Ing test 
administered: 770919. 
CQLLINS.P.F. Operator Licensinu Branch. 77/10/17. 44pp. 



DOCKET SO-32Q Threff Mile Island Nuc Uar Station, Unit 3 
Application/construction stage 

7904260267 E lamination Itept on senior operator license is-sued far 

TMI-2, Written elimination dtd 770917 ti 10 eticl, Op.sratinc 
test administered 770920. 

COLLINS, P.P. Operator Licensing Branch. 77/10/17. 66pp. 

7904360301 EK am I nation Kept on senior operator U corns' issued far 

TMI-2. Written e mminat ion dtd 770713 end. Operating test 
administered 770930. 

COLLINS, P.P. Operator Licensing Branch. 77/10/17. 43pp. 

7904260399 Examination Rapt an lentar operator license issusd For 

TMI-2. Written a lamina t io-n dtd 7703 IB one I. Op erating test 
adminiitered 770714. 

COLLINS. P.P. Operator Housing Branch. 77/10/17, 48pp. 

7904.2&032B Examination Rapt on senior operator license Issued for 

rnr-H, Written elimination dtd 770Q17 one 1. CJper-aSins test 
adnlnitterad 770933. 

COLLINS, P.P. ' Operator Llcsnslng Dranch. 77/10/17. 46flo, 

7904360173 Examination ilept on operator Hcensa Usued for TMl-2. 
Written examination dtd 770817 enc I. Opi-ating test 
administered 770916. 

COLLINS, P.P. Operator Llcnilng Dranch. 78/10/17. 4Sjip. 

7904170037 Public comments on TMI' Incident, 
* Affiliation Unknown. 77/O3/39. 13pp. 

7904130009 Discusses SAND77-1727, "Transport of Flad ionuc 1 idei in Urban 
Envlroni: Wot-lijiig Draft Assessment. " pe sabotage of spent 
fuel casts If consoquences of accidents in urban areas. 
rtCGURREN. H.J. Dranch 1. 79/03/30. 2pp. 

79O4I30166 Confirm! orat advice ra 790328 ace trfftnt. Forwards NRC pM>*s 

. J, Branch 1. 77/03/30. Ip. 

79O4130179 Forwards Cuirraisslon policg statement on WABH-1400 & Itt 
TBVieu by Laiuis Committee. 
KCGURREH.H. J. Branch 1. 79/03/30. 3pp. 

7904330041 Acfc receipt of 790307 order scheduling 790404 hearing pa 
aircraft crash probability. Commonweal th of PA uiill b 
represented by K.M Carter. 
CARTER.K.W. Pannsij 1 vanls, State of. 79/03/3O. 2pp. 

79OAIOO512 Poitpones evidentiary hearing in Harr isburgr PA schiduld for 
79O4O4. ASLAB mill confer u/partl bu telephone bror 
raich e-dul ing, 
DUFLO, M. E. Atomic Safvto and Licensing Appeal Panel- 79/04/02. Ip. 

79Q417O27 1 ? Swquoits that facility be doled in view of incident at TM1. 
ALBERTSON, M. Affiliation Unknown. 79/04/02. Ip, 


790*040004 Draft to FES, 

* dfftc* of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, 

NUREQ-006A. 76/O7/31. 

7904070349 Final guppl to FEB for facllitij. 

Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, MUJ!Ea-0112, 

judlcatory corrstpondcnc ( 

790*090377 Ack rocjiipt of ABLftD 790307 ordar schedulinj 790404 
camniancafflint of further vtdanti*rij hearing an aircraft 
crash probabl It iy. Cartlf icate of 8vc and. 
HEIBoARD.A. J. Snau. Plttman, Potbi, fc Trouibr i dge. 79/03/09. 2pp. 

7904160023 MOVBB to cantinue subpoenas for TC Mn(old,EW Heu*rlein< DL 
Uffortf.D Cl unman & D Llthgou until 790404 hearing ii 
rase hffdu 1 ed, 
CHANDLER. L. J. Branch 1. 79/04/03. 3pp. 

7701170012 Public comment* on incident at TMI. 
Affiliation Unknaun. 77/04/03. 2Opp. 

7904170A3Z FOIA request for all documints fc comraunlcat Ion* since 79O337 
re TMI. 
RdlBMAN, A. Z. Natural. Aesourcel Difinse Council. 79/04/04. Ip. 

79041>7OOAS Till Applicant* fully endorie b will adopt portions of Tyrone 
Applicants' brief addressing de minimts issue. Certificate of 
Svc end. 
TROWBRIDQE.O, F. Shau, Plttman, Potts, & Troubridgc. 79/04/09. 3pp, 

7904030376 Act receipt of 790307 ardar & advllt* that NRC u>L 1 1 b 
ripresented at forthcoming hearlna hi aclnto b Tr-obu. 
CHftHDLERiU. J. Branch 1. 79/03/13- Ip. 

799409O229 Aiti For permanent cloilng f pUnta for safetu rvaio 
CAMPBElLiH. Affiliation Unknown. 79/03/14. Ip, 

7504.1000AI Faruiardi iubpnen* orvcl re hearing into air traffic 
patterns it Harrlsburg Intl Airport, 
CHANDLER, L.J, Branch 1. 79/03/14. 7pp, 

790+10004B Fopuiardi upp I 
to ASLAD comntllts In AU 
TREBVrS.A. Branch 1. 

tontinnnu by R Moore 
79/03/16. tp. 

U Abramnon (n rtuponse 

7904100051 Suppl to*tI0a-nij of R Moore i L Abraraton in pesoonse to 
ALAB-B23, Comments concern airplane craih probabll 1 1 ies in 
lltt vicinity 
MODHE-ft., ABHAMSaN.L.R. Mtrop o I itar Eif iiork Co. 79/03/li. 14fp. 

77041000^4 Enprsim concern re use of nucLvar pauer !i racortmnnds solar 
power at alternative. Forwards neuipaper article describing 
incidents talamd on redioac t ivlty In site area. 
HLUNK..J., KLUNKiM. AfftliJtlon Unknoun. 71/03/16. 2pp. 

7904100021 Suppl testimony of JM Vallance h 3 Kaplan ra ALAB-323. 
Clarifies details o-f ipatlal distribution model used to 
discrtb* airplane hit prnbtil 1 1 Ua in vicinity of reactor 
lite.Cirtlf icabe of Svc end. 
VAULANCE, J.M. , KAPLAH, S. Af ft I iatlan Unknown. 79/03/SO. S4pp, 

7904110139 Fomrxrds brief hy D Caccla omitted from 790301 ardor. Dtniei 
rnuit by C Kepford la excerpt pagei From documints filed 
In TMI proceeding far svc to involvs^ parties. 

DUfLO-K. E. Atonic Safety and Licensing Ap*al Panel. 79/03/22, 

7704100313 Inform Board tnat NRC has used effective target area vakue 
othtP than 0.1 square miles In Hartsvi 1 le.Pi HrlfniSeabrooi-. 
Hops Graelr Surry.Bi lief ante- Dolmarva d Vogtl* proceedings. 

CHAWDLER.L. J, Branch I. 79/03/33, Ip. 

1 com i pond 1 enc 

7904170437 Request for info re TMI. State of IA public atliious. 

DEYOiR. Energy Rosearch t. Inforirntion Foundation, 79/03/89. Ip. 

77041703-01 Eicoriatas NRC for incompetence h Ineptitude re TMI. 
SMITH, E. Affiliation Unfcnauin. 79/03/27. 2pp. 

7904100022 Requests full & Immediate investigation into c IreumstancBs 
surrounding accidant at TMI. Commtnion should compare 
detlgTK of THI ft Dtatilo Canyon. 
PANETTA.L.E. Holf of Rep. 79/03/30. Ip. 

7704170392 R^iuests that const of nuclear pouer plants be stopped. 
SCOTT, C. Affiliation Unfcnoun. 79/03/30. Ip. 

79-04170420 Forward* reprint of article in Nov-Dec Nuclear Safety 
magailnef "Medical & Legal Implications of Large Rvlaase of 
fladiolodine, " study of postulated accident. 
tlETTUER, F. A. N*u rUiUco. Univ. of, 79/03/30. 10pp. 

7704170033 Public common t* re TMI incident. 
* Affiliation Untnoun. 77/03/31. llpp. 

7704170403 Reituestc investigation of possible sabotage re TNI incident 
h "The Chin* Svndrone. " Believe* Incident was planned as 
publicity stunt for movii. 
3AHUEL r A. H. Affiliation Unknown. 79/03/31. Ip, 

77D417O4I7 Suggests KRC actions re accl dent: proposes more accurate t< 
complete database to support declf ioniuting b offers media 
relations guidance. Suggest fusion to replace fission. 
AXELRDD. r>. H. AnalTodrO. M- 79/03/31. 6pp. 

7904170423 "CJKTP:OM Kilometer ThtU Pinch Fusion Energy Centeri Brief 
Description tt Plant." 

AXELRDD, 0. M. United Engineers fc Constructors. Inc. <iutu. of 
Rautheotl, Co. t. 76/O5/31. 21pp. 

7904170430 9ugg*tEs moratorium on new nuclear pouir plant conitr b 
operations including gradual closing of all nuclear plants. 
VACCARROiE. Aff illation Untnuun. 79/03/31. Ip. 



DOCKET 50-320 Three Mile Island Nuclaar Station. Unit 2 
Senera 1 correspondence 

7904170332 Complains aboot dangers of nuclear power p lants. Demands no 
mare federal support for fission-based nuclaar power. 
HELLEV.R, Affiliation Unknown. 79/04/Ot. lp. 

7704170304 Critriciiea flippant aetituda at NRC public relations 
officers during ace i dent. Claims it uias impossible to racaive 
any solid info. 
DQNAR, B.Q, Affiliation Unknown. 79/Q4/03. 2pp, 

7904170443 Submits data re neutral i lat 1 on of radioactive water c 
clouds bg using argons. W/o end. 
INTELISANE. J. Aff i liation Unknown. 79/04/03. 13. 

7<N)4I7O2S5 Forwards proposed solution to venting hydrogen bubble from 
GOLDSTEIN. M. P. Affiliation Unknown. 79/O4/O1. lp. 

79Q4I7O292 Concurs u/UCS ra shutdown of sixteen plants for thorough 
tasting of components in safety sgs. 
GOFFE.W.L. Affiliation Unknown. 79/04/01. lp. 

7904170319 Opposes operation of ang nuclear facility until completion 
of investigations tt positive resolution of TMI incident. 
SNOH.S.L.. SNQW.C.R. Affiliation Unknown. 79/04/O1. lp. 

7904170410 Forwards evida-nee re cancer riddla breakthrough founded on 
understanding of "Law of Work." W/encl supporting documents. 
OBERMANNiH. Affiliation Unknown. 79/04/01. Bpp. 

7904170413 Requests surrounding population to TMI be notified of 
postlble breach of containment & radioactive releases. 
MESSINO.M. Environmental Policy Institute. 79/04/01. lp. 

7*904170434 Sugges.ts use of laser beam on reactor core to alleviate 
further radioactive emissions at TMI. 
RICHARDSON. 0. West College, Covina. 79/04/01. lp. 

7904110061 Requests info re sequence of events afc TMI t- whether similar 
tvtnts could occur at Diablo Canyon plant. Seeks info re 
evacuation plan at Diablo Canyon. 
LAOuMARSINO. R. House of Rp. 79/04/02. lp. 

7704160086 Epresses alarm over events at TMI t> requests status rept re 
securitg ti alleged waste releases at dconae facility. 
OUDOER, L. House of Rep. 79/04/02. lp. 

79041&0102 Commends NRC Congressional liaison staff for superior jab 
during eriiis situation, 
TBQNwAB,P,E. Senate. 79/04/03. lp, 

7904170231 Suogeats Injection of C02 gaa into reactor to react 
w/hu,droan to form methane Si tuater w/dimunl tion of vol. 
Nonflammable product* can safolg be removed from reactor. 
VEHiO.C. Affiliation Unknown. 79/04/02. 2pp. 

7904170313 Find* plant breakdown is evidence of unpreparedness to deal 
w/nuclear power generation. Urges shutdown of TMI. 
PAHAD19.C., PAHAD18.D. Affiliation Unknown. 79/04/"02. IP. 

79041B0443 Forwards 7'90403 editorial from Harrisburg Patriot Neus. 
Agrees nu/contant of arfcl c le. Request* that util consider 
leaving areas since past action-s are irresponsible. 
MYERSr J. A. Cumberland County. PA. 79/O4/03. 2pp. 

790427QQ13 Resolution of Mar in Countij.CA Board of Supervisors) urges 
closing of nuclear power plants in State of CA until safety 
can be determined. 
RICE.B.T. Affiliation Unknown. 79/04/O3. lp, 

7904I60OOI Notes citizens' concern avar accident at f ac i 1 i ty . Raques ts 
thorough evaluation of chances for similar occurrence * t 
other plants >* suggestions on hom to minimiie human error. 
UHITTA.eR,R. Housa of Rep. 79/O4/O4. 2pp. 

79041fiOO4B Forwards 790404 Itr to President Carter, urg ing him to 
roassura U9 that nuclear energy ts safe & that LWR program 
must move forward aggress i velu,, 
MCCQRMACK.M. House of Rep. 7T/04/O4. 3pp. 

7904160076 Raquests invest! gatrion of Rancho Seco facility in vieu of 
TMI i-ncldent. 
BHUMWAYiN. D. House of Rep. 79/04/O4. lp. 

7904160106 Raquaits rapts on continuing basis re planning fc pi-ogress of 
removal transport &. disposal oP THE nuclear waste. 
FLORIO. J J House of Hop., Interstate t> Foreign Commerce. 79/04/O4. 

7904160)339 Ur^es President to order NRC personnel to serve as onsite 

permanent inspectors at all plants presently operating or 
under canst. 

QLICKMAN.D. House of Rep. 79/04/04. lp. 

7904130364 Responds to 790330 TWX re situation at facility & forwards 
PNQ-79-47J * PNQ-79-67K. 
HENDRIE, J. Commission. 79/O4/OS. 14pp. 

7904160001 Notes cttiiens' concern over accident at f flc 1 1 iti|. Raquasts 
thorough evaluation of chances for similar occurrence at 
other plants Si suggestions on hoiu to minimiia human error. 
WHITTAKER.H. House of Rap. 79/O4/04. 3pp. 

79O41aOOOB Discusses procedures for innp of nuclear power plant design 
& cons t. Inquires uhathur inspectors at facility mere 
contract perionna 1 . Request* names of contractor firms, 
OOMZALEZ.H. B. House of Hep. 79/04/O5. 2pp. 

790417040S Forward* resolution opposing early site review of Fulton 
Plant since reactor accident would cost 17 billion in 
damages (- no solution has been reached re nuclaar ua*te. 
OALBftEATH.P. Fulton Orange H66. 79/04/02. 2pp. 

79Q416OO30 Forwards memo sent to refiional offices re state rad ialflfl leal 
emergency plani:B states havo none. 9 contain critical 
deficiencies t 11 are adenuate. _,, 

WILCOX.H.H. Housing & Urban Deve lopraen t f Dept. of. 79^/04/05, 2pp. 

7904170411 Requests H eonstr on the Waterford Plant bo halted until 
cauivt 1 effects of TMI accident have bean evaluated. 
MONTI r J. H, Affiliation Unknown. 79/O4/O2. 2pp. 

790416OO96 Forwards queries ra effect of TMI Incident on Limerick < 
other nuclaar plants currently under const. 
ECHULZEiR. T. House of Rep. 79/O4/OS. lp. 

7904170414 Request Info re projected accident consequences k radiation 
dlersinn patterns for NY City area if meltdown occur.. ..,. 

MCALL,C., RANOEL.C.fl. , QHREN9TEIN, M, N aw York, State of. 79/04/02. 


790417O1O3 Describes NRC actions to avrt shutdown of FUncho 9co: 
full-time Inspectors assigned to H4.H rnactors.IE Bulletin 
79-03 (.. bulletin ui/specific oparating instructions prepared. 
HENDB1E, J. M. Commission. 79/O4/OS. 3pp. 

7904170433 Urges NRC to keep Oinna nuclear plant closed until safety of 

plant sijs can be assured. States nuclear energy is a threat 
to human safety. 

JOHNSON. K. K. Affiliation Unknown. 79/04/02. 2pp. 

79O417OL1S Expresses concern over safety of constituents living near 
nuclear facilities. Oufclin eleven-point plan for opanding 
NRC oversight functions. 
DDDD.C.J. House of Rep. 79/O1/OS. 3pp. 

7904.17O429 Suggests consideration of burning hydrogen at pressurUer 
vent point to obviate explosive accumulation in containment. 
Bunrassion tpraij can absorb incident heat. 
BAMLIN.D. Affiliation Unknown. 79/04/03. lp. 

7904170299 Requtits. tapes or transcript of Commission maetinn.1 held 
from 79033S to present on TMI. Requests rasponse uiilhin one 
Sheldon. Harmon fc Roisman. 79/04/O3. 2pp. 

7TOI7043S Suggests Injection of CD2 gas Into reactor to react w/ 
hudrogen to form methane fe water w/dimunition of vol which 
Li practically irreversibla below 300 C. 
YEH.8. Affiliation Unknown. 79/04/02. lp, 

790417Q1407 ExprisseB. concern ro TMI * request KY seek stringent 
assurance of saf <;u. Urse-s appropriate measures be takan bg 

MCCONNELL, M. Jefferson County, KY. 79/Q4/03. Spp. 

7TO4l<b0392 Discusses licensing aspects of project In light of possible 
flanm-ic design problems in nuclaar power plants. Requests 
Immediate revlau of plants in progress to determine satetu. 
OQWIALGZ.H.B. House of Rep. 79/04/03. 3pp. 

7904I7O418 E<pres* coneerti for personal safetg r corabinad effect of 
cancer radiation treatments it radiation fallout. Requests 
info re chance of fallout in WarmlnsSer. PA. 
KNIQHT-d. Affiliation Unknown. 79/O4/09. lp. 



DOCKET 30-330 Three Hit. Island Nucltar Station, Unit 3 

HILT.D. D. Steuart , DtChant Co. 79/04/09. 


eiLLESPIE.V. Karin Counti;, CA. 79/04/03. 


FA5CELL-D.B. Homi of Rep. 79/04/06. 

Wlr.. NHC, on T 

SOODLINO.H. House oF Rp. 79/04/06. Ip. 


Con.ulUnt.. 79/o i lpp . 

HDFFErr.T. KM,. n f R.p. , Ooy^n^.nt Operation,. 79/04/07. Ip. 

5? "EHrT'T'-'-" ""-'"" '"""' ~ 

CLARK.R Caltfnrnia, State of. 79/04/07. Ip. 

fair,. 77/04/09. Spp. 

DEMLOH.D. HUhigan, State of. 79/04/09. 


ttiti.ony of JM H.ndri.H/o ,nel "'" 

KAMHERER.C. Offi c . , Congre,. ional Affair,. 



tioning NRC b utu 
conit of 

7904170424 Requaiti that Oinna plant not be riopened until H.rrli.u 
accident is fully analyied. " 

WOODWARD, A. L. Affiliation Unfcnoun. 79/04/16, Ip. 

7904170293 RequeaU immad idt* halt to dflvl oo a nt 
BANMAN.r. Affiliation Unlmoum. 79/04/17. Ip. op "" nt - 

7704170314 tin pas KRC hai [named danger, of nuclear pauar plinl cemi 
A,ks all plants be closed. 
NOBLE.J.D. Affiliation Unknown, 79/04/17. Ip. 

7904170430 Requests immediate nuc lr moratorium I, urge*' dtvelaanenft 
,olar energy. 

TEIXEIRA.D. Affiliation Unknown. 79/O-4/I7. ip. 

7904240379 Respond* to luggettlana provldad to NRG on r*ctor dnUn, 
operation & i*ftu r.uarch a reiult o* inc Idant. R.u*it. 
Comnlsiion b* Informid ImmRdlatalu of *nu urgent mattari 
OILINaKy.V. Commiuion. 79/04/18. Ip. Si"ttri. 

7904370230 Inform, that Barnuell f.eilit v 1. op.r.ting .t e*citi, k 
cannot accamodata wait, from THI or from an U unich.ilii t*d 
oI,*S; = * hu " ou)n ' u ''9" ntl low Uvel uiU ayt plan, 
RILEV.R.H. South Carolina, State at. 79/04/19. Sppi 

iation Unknown. 79/04/HO. Ip, 

Financial information 

OERETY.H.F. GPU Servits Corp. 79/04/Oa, Ip. 
ACBS rporti and correiponrfence 

ll m l i . m * i ' r " 01101 ACRH '*'" a-h"-,!*! ..... Mr, 
iinvi ? i r 9 ?i? * """ recant Incident, * 

3 " MyU rV CDmmltt " "" Btr 

CH1LK.8.J. ,Me. of th. U of th. Oo.l..i on . 

h., . C..l,.I.n. 


Unlt a 

Operating license stage 

7904260260 Stamina tlon Kept o 

T^rm.n ^Lat^ 

COLL,N8,P.F. Op^tor LtcBnslnfl 


administered 7SOi06 

ing test 



79043601B3 Examination Rpt qnerat 
MrlU.n .MMiMtion dtd 790606 el 
4dn>lnl<t.r<id 780608. ' HO( ' (16 "d- 

C01.IW.P.F. Op.*.r Llc. B .| n> Bl .. neh . 


" i " UBd fop 

erator Licensing Branch. 78/06/16. 3?p p. 

CDLLINB.P.F. Operator Llc Bn . (n 

operator LIc BnS i ng Branch. 7B/O6/16. 30pp, 

COLL,N8, P .F. 

LI MBliBf HMneh . 

Jdiinl<tered 781113 
C L LIN8 ,P. F . api 


administered 7HJ11A 


Llc.n,ing BMB ch. 7B/ia/OS. 36pp. 

d*lnistei-d 781116 
BAOEfi,B.H. ' 


S and. Operating teit 
Operator Llc.n.lng Brc*. 7B/12/OS. 

m ,,.,.. 


on 7B03a0-o 


ov d.5 I! -nt-rlng affected ara* 

^""' *pp i *pfit* <ifli m ,tr. 

ommu.ion. 79/04/03. Ip 

an THI 



luiUng p lan Q f actlon^o"^"!^*" 68 

ea-ctar Safety Research. 79/04/O3. Ip. 

'lief Valve 

79/O4/07. I2p fl 




t.ti & Contr-pl 3y, tel n S 

J5B of steam generators in 


7904190314 Bummarv Qt= 790411-13 

:-"" *' - - Tip'^'n^s 

F. Hvl.inn o* P.o.ect Kan aam 


7904270073 Bummarij of 7^0412 f ue i s , 

5SSS^.5" lIn V w . I ..h.J Br VlT 7 n 9/ n a ^3. 1 4 P p. 

an Co. 79/01/2O. Ip. 

- t 




ue l M r Station, Unit 2 

79/03/30. Ip. 


77/03/21. Ip. 

, D, 

IB Rflactor 

un I- Philadelphia, Office 

of the Director 

cantrnlling steam generator level.- 

ROE.L.E. Toledo Edison Co. 78/12/22. 19pp. 

790417010B Background t| on WRC action. sin C8 TM! accident re 

w S5 T;'!* 10 "^ ' tatUS """"''I' E "Eton,, IE Bull.* n 
79-03 V info on Generic Reviau Task Orouo. 


CommlHsion. 79/01/04. 23pp 

JDRDAH,E.L fl Offlc. n f rnip.ctloi. 1, Enf orc.mont. MOSELEV, H C 
Division of Raactor Oparations In.psctions. 77/04/1O 2pp 

^-SS^Mfc!!'-*^ f r " mplatin9 actlt "' s "quir.d b y IE luii.t 
u.i?7 f ^ f doeumen(; re y^lded pipe nifg by Youno.toun 

| n >'"?''"' ! b. b U 790031" 
, O. tlatropolitan Edison Co. 79/04/13. l p . 

Enforcennnt. 79/04/01. 9pp. 

Erfor Cem ,nt. 79/03/20. ap 

eneral emergenci; 
of r n! p flc tion* 


- " 

vr 4 -2r"' ? > : " :: " : " "-*"" Tg 

L.L, Motpopol i tan Edi,on Co. 79/04/08. 5pp. 

"B-;ilBl.l Environ Monitoring R ep t, 
pom.n Edijon Co. IWL-5S90-443 Ta/i 

l>u ' 1 <'* LEf 7B-020/03L-0 

. Matropolitan Edi, on Co. 73/03/21. Ip. 

litan Erii lon Co . 7B/04/21. Ip. 

on Co. 78/04/21 l 

, F ^ PW " ds L ER 7a-.oae/o3L-o. 

J.O, Hefcropolitan Edi.on Co. 78/05/03. 

Mod. 3 

LENOETL.R.A. Metropolitan Edi.on Co. 7B/03/03. Ip. 

77041001B9 Forwards LER 7a~021/03L-0 

HERBEIN.J, 0. Mstropolitan Edi.on Co. 79/06/H7 ip 

UENOEUH.A. Metropolitan Edi.on Co. 78/09/01. 7pp. 

7-?04I0017a Forwards LER 73-04a/03U-O 

.O. Metropolitan Edi. on Co. 78/07/14. ip. 



DOCKET 50-320 Three Mile Island Nuclear Station, Unit 3 
Repartaole occurrences, related correspondence 

7704100186 LER 70-042/O3L-O an 780613; during Mode 6 operation !< 
surveillance. pressure in accumulator for dampar 4092c could 
not be maint within 10 psi of Initial pi-assure. Caused by 
improper location of 3-uay valve for damper. 
tENGEL.R.A, Metropolitan Edison Co. 70/07/14. Ip. 

79041GO171 Foi-uiards LER 70-045/Q1T-0 
HEflBEIN, J. 0. Metropolitan Edison Co. 

78/07/17. If. 

7904100177 LER 7S-045/01T-0 on 7B071<?: review of Tech Specs revealed 
errors in modeling rod bou penalty 8,-pouiei- imbalance curves. 
Caused by use of incorrect model & misapplication of 
statistical error equat i on. Tech Spec change submitted. 
STAIR, J.R. Metropolitan Ediaon Co. 78/07/19. 2pp. 

790410Q172 Forwards special ropt re ECCS actuation on 780123 
HERBE1N, J.Q. Metropolitan Ediaon Co. 70/07/24. Ip, 

79O41OO179 Special rept on 700323 ECCS actuati on. Dur ing 30% rated 
thermal power operation, reac tor tripped due to noise spika 
on NIB pouer range detector. Slowdown occurred in "B" steam 
generator. Steam safety valves failed to reseat. 
* Metropolitan Ediaon Co. 7S/07/24. 4pp. 

79040SO.2O2 PNO-79-67J: summary of info re Incident ai of 790404 morning. 
Describes p lant 'status, environ status. With comparison of 
collective doses to population within 90 miles. 

MQ3ELEY.N.C. Division of Reactor Operations inspections. 79/O4/O4. 

7904170306 PNd-79-77i revi eu at operational t* sgs problems identified 
during TMI inc i dent. Notes probable generic problem ui/ 
automatic safety injection in WH sti ng house i. C-E plants. 
Assistant Director For Realtor Safoty. 79/G4/10. 2pp. 

7904170321 For-uidrds 7901O7 telephone notification made to all 
West ing ho ma customers uj/ca inc i dent pressuriier pressure t> 
pres-suriier level safety injection initiation. 
ANDERSQNr T. M. Westinghouse Electric Corp. 79/04/1O 2pp. 

79Q4I7QQ3& PNO-79-i7FL summary of info re nuclear incident as of 7*7Q411. 
Describe 1 * plant status & environ status. 

PM/LUS,Jt.C. , THOMPSON.!). Office nf I nspec t ion 4. Enforcement, 
79/04/11, 3pp. 

7904180263 Provides 14-day follouuji rept to 79032B 1 nc id ent, Outlines 

schedule for monthly & quarterly repts & describes into to 
be i nc 1 tided. 

HERBEIN.J.O. Metropolitan Edison Co. 79/04/11. Ip. 

79041BO273 PNO-79-47T-: summary, of info ro nutlear Incident as of 79O412. 
Describes plant A environ status. Bulk coolant inlot i. outlet 
temps remain at p proi ima t?lij 28O F. 
Office of Inspection t Enforcement, 79/04/13. flpp. 

790117(1307 PNO-7Y-A7U: summary of info 1-H nuclear incident as of 
790414. Descr ibes plant status >,. environ s tatus. Who 1 body 
counter scan af residents jave normal readings. 
Office of Inspectio-n ft Enforcement. 79/04/14, 3pp. 

770425OOI3 PNO-79-67V: summary of infu re nuclear incident as of 79O415. 
Describes plant Bi environ status.' 

COWER, O.C., THOMPSON. D. Office of Inspection L Enforcement. 
79/04/15. 3pp, 

7904I1O393 PNO-79-67E: summary of info re nuclear incidant as of 790331. 
Describes plant statut t. environ status. H/aeria 1 survey map. 
THOMPSONS. Office of Inspection fc Enforcement, rtaSELEV, N. C. 
Division of Reactor Operations Inspections. 79/03/31, 4pp. 

79O119OO1 I PNtl-79-(b7M: summary of info rn nuclear ineidant 
Describes plant statui & environ status. PA informed of 
samp i ing rosu 1 ts. 
* Office of Inspection !. Enforcement. 79/04/16, 3pp. 

of 79O416. 

77041 IO039 Forwards PNO-79-67H. 

ENCELKEM,fi.H. Region 3. Ban Franc Uc a. Office of the Director. 

77/O4/02. Ip. 

7904-110036 PNO-79-i7H: summarizes technical data re 790328 incident. 
Dstcrlbea plant status % provides environ data. 
MOSELEYiM.C. Division of Reactor Operation* Inspections. 
79VQ4/02. 4pp. 

7 7011 O2 11 LER 70-47: number not us ad. 

* Metropolitan Edison Co. 77/04/1O. Ip. 

7904100312 LER 70-23: number not used. 
* Metropolitan Edison Co. 79/04/03. 

77041QQ314 UER 70-49: number not used. 
* Metropolitan Edison Co. 79/04/03. 

7904IO0213 LER 70-18: number not used. 
Metropolitan Ediaon Co. 79/04/05. 

790410O214 LER 78-46: number not used. 
* Metropolitan Edison Co. 79/04/05, 

7904110339 PNQ-79-67K: summary of info re nuclear incident as of 7?04O9. 
Deicrlb-as plant statusi environ statusi occupational exposure* 
tc Industrial uacte treatment sys. 

MOBECEY!^ C. Division of Reactor Operations Inspections. 79/04/03. 

790412QOOI PHC 79-&7L: summary gf info re nuclear incident as of 7904Oi, 
Da'scTlbas plant status, environ status, population >poiurn 
& industrial uaste treatment syi activity. 
attic* of ItmpHCtion & Enforcement. 79/04/06. 3jp 

7904.12OO87 PNQ-79-67M: aummary of info re nuclear Incidant as of 790407. 
Describos plant atatus ti environ atatus. 
THOMPSON.D. Office of Inapection fc Enforcement. 79/04/07. 3pp. 

7904130083 PHQ-79-A7N; summary of info r nuclear incident ai of 790409. 
Daccrlbas plant status ' environ status. 
* Office of In-ipection & Enforcement. 79/04/08. 4pp. 

7904Z3OO1Q PNO-79-67P Ceorrneted copy) summary of info re nucl*ar 
Inctdvnt at of 790409. Describes plant h environ status. 
JORDAN, E.L. Office of Inspection It Enforcement. MOaELEY.N.C. 
Dl vim ion of Rector Operations Inspections. 79/04/0?. 3pp. 

79042500O3 PNO-79-67X: summary of info re nuclear Incident as nf 79O417. 
Describes pla.nt status 81 environ atatus. 

OOWEH.O.C., THOMPSON. D. Office of Inspection 5. Enforcement, 

79042&00ae PNO-79-67y:suramari| of info ro nuclear incident as of 
79041B. Dese r 1 bes pl.nnt status & environ status. 
PAULUB.R. C. . THOMPSON, D. Office of Inspection 4. Enforcement. 
79/04/10. 3pp 

790425003Q PNO-79-i7Z: s uromaru nf info ro nuclear incident as of 
7904 19. Desc r 1 bcs plant status > environ status. 
PAULUS.R. C. . THOJIPSON. D. Office of 1 nupec tion i. Enf ore ffment, 
79/04/19. 3pp. 

7904230049 PNO-79-A7AA: summary of info re nuclear incident as of 

790420. Describes ptant status V environ status. 

PAULUS.R.C,! THOMPaON, IV Office of Inspection & Enforcement, 
79/OH/2O. 3pp. 

7904230671 PNO-79-A7AC : summary of info ra nuclear incident as of 

790422. PBSCT ibss plant status b. environ status. Mo airborne 
rad loactlvltil detected. 

OOWER.G.C,, BRYAN, 8, E, Office of Intpaction U Enforcement. 
79/04/23, 3pp. 

7904230674 PNa-79-A7AC) : mmmary of info re nuclear incident as of 

790421. Descr ibes plant status t/ environ s tatus . Highest 
thermocouple reading 1 273 F. Some 1-131 found in air samples. 
OQHER, Q. C. , THORNllURO, H. D. Office gf Inspection & Enf ortement. 
79/04/31. 3pp. 

79043O0390 PNO-79-A7AD: summary vf info re nuclear incident af of 

790423. Descr ibos plsnt status t* onvfro,n statui.Mai tn-core 
thermocouple readlng:373 F. 

PAULUSrR.C.. THOHPSON,!!. Office of Inspection 4. Enf or omen t. 
79/O*/33. 3pp. 

7")04ao04;9I PND-79-A7AE: summary of info TB mrcUjr- Incident as of 
790-124. Describes plant status fc on-viron status, Higfiest 
thermocouple S71 F, Off site radiation at aac It ground 

PAULUS.R.C. . THOMP80N.D. Office of Inspection (-enforcement. 
79/04/24. 3pp. 


DOCKET 9O-32O Three Mile Island Nuclear Station, Unit 2 
Repnrtabls occurrences, related correspondence 

79O41SQ2B9 PNO-79-A75: summary of info re nuclear incident ai at 
790412. Describes plant It environ status. Bulk coolant inlet 
tt outlet temps remain at apprai 2HO F. 
Office of Inspection d Enforcement, 79/04/13. 3pj. 


Hearing transcripts 

conference In Midd 1 etoun. PA ra 

79040)30196 Tranieript of 790403 prt 
accident at facility. Pp 1-37. 
DENTQN.H. R. Office of Nuclear Hactor Regulation. 79/04/02. 37pp. 

79Q4.OSOI99 Transcript oF 79Q4O3 press conference in Midd letoun. PA re 
accident at facility. Pp 1-27. 

H. Office of Nuclear Heactor Regulation. 79/04/O3. 27pp, 

7904230170' Transcript of 790330 meeting in Wash inoton.. DC t Bethesda, MB. 
Pp 1-231. 
* Con is* Ion. 79/03/30. 232pp. 

7704250022 Transcript of 79O331 NHC Response Center dlculon in 
Washington, DC. Pp 1-52. 

HENDRIE. J. M. . SILJNSHY. V. , KENNEDV. R- T. Commission. 79/03/31. 

7904230045 Transcript of 79O401 closed meeting in Hash ington, DC. 
Pp 1-75. 

01LIWSKY.V. KENNEDY, R.T. , BRADFORD, P. A. Commission. 79/04/01. 

7904250009 Transcript of 7904O2 closed meeting in Hashing ton. DC. 
Pp 1-30. 

HENDFtlE, J-M. , GIUNSKY, V. . KENNEDV. R. T. Conswiaslon. 79/04/02. 

79042&035B Tranacrip-t of 7904O3 discussion in Washington.. DC re TMI 
incident. Pp 1-112:. 
HENDHIE. J. H. , GILINSKY.V. , KENNEDY, R. T. Commission. 79/04/03. 

7904060453 Transcript of 79O404 public meeting In Washington, DC re 
generic Implications of Incident at facility. Pp 1-04. 
Commission. 79/Q4/Q4. 87pp. 

7904120379 Transcript of 790109 press conference re TMI incident. 
Pp 1-13. 
THQRNBURGH. R. Pennsylvania. Slate of. 79/04/O9. 13pp. 

7904130366 Transcript of 790411 press conference In Midd latoun, P(V r 
accident at facility. Pp 1-33. ,,,. 

DENTOH.H.R. Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. 79/04/11. 23pp. 

79O42S004S Transcript of 790413 press conferenco in Mtddlotouim PA r 

incident at TMI. 

BTELLO.V. Division of Dperatlng Reactors. COLLINS, J. Effluent 

Treatment Systems Branch. 79/04/13. lopp. 

7904230171 Transcript of 790416 6 17 ACRS special meeting in 
Washington, DC. Pp 33S-4i6. 

CAHBOM.H.U-, PLESSET.H. 8. . ETHER INCHON. H. ACRS - Advisory CuamlU** 
on Reactor Saf esuards. 79/04/1A. 466pn. 

7904190012 Tranmcript of 790417 press conference re TMI, prior to 
H Denton's return to Bethesda, MO. 
DENTONjM.R. Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. 79/O4/17. 20pp. 

7904270243 Transcript of 79O420 press conference in Middlifcoumi PA. Pp 
BTELLO.V. Division of Operating Reactors. 79/04/20. Shff. 

DOCKET 50-331 Eduiln 1. Hatch. Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 
Security- medical, emergency t. firu protection plans 

7904030366 Forwards amended physical security plan. Plan withheld 
(rsf IOCFH2. 790). 
WHITHER, C.F. Georgia Power Co. 79/03/30. IP 

Insurance and Indemnity 

7904230342 Forwards Endorsement 48 to AN! Policy NF-219. 

FIELDEBjJ. Marsh U McLenon, M & M Nuclear Consultants. Inc. Div. 
79/04/11. 3pp. 

7904200209 Forwards Endorsement 39 to AMI Policy MF-7B. 

F1ELDER.J. Marsh & McL-enom M i M Nuclear Consultants, Inc. Dlv. 
79/04/16. 2pp. 

Operating license stage 

7904170036 Transcript of 790404 press conference In Midd letoun, PA. 
Pp 1-23 

DEMTQNtH.R. Commission. F-uUCHARD, J. J. Office of Put lie Affairs. 
79/04/04. 33pp. 

79O4250O03 Transcript of 790404 closed meeting In Hash ing ton, DC. 
Pp 1-12. 

HENDRIE, 0. M. , GILINSHY. V. . KENNEDY, H. T. Commission, 79/04/04. 

7904250059 Transcript of 790404 closed meeting In Hash Ing ton, DC. 
Pp 1-41. 

HENDRIE, J. M. , -OILINSKY, V. . KENNEDY.H.T. Commission. 79/04/04. 

7904170020 Transcript of 790405 meeting In Wash Inotom OC. 
Pp 1-14. 

HEWDRIE, J. H. , OIUINSRV, Y. . BEKNE.DY. R. T. Commission. 79/04/O3. 

7904170023 Transcript o* 7904O3 pre'sa conference In Mlrfdletouin, PA. 
Pp l-SS. 

DHTQN,H, R. Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. FOUCHARDi J. J. 
"'-- - "-'- -jo/fli/OS. 32pp. 

7904090290 Requests addl Inlo r capability of NSS3 to respond to 
postulated ATUS transient*, Forwards NRC 790213 Itt to OE u/ 
request for analyii* to confirm adequacy of proposed mods to 
LHP designs. NUfiEO-0460 Vol 3 encl.U/o enc 1. M/disfcrlbution. 
vQLLMER.R.H. Assistant Director for Systems t Projects. 79/03/1S. 

7704110234 Forwards proprietary rent NEDE-23749-1-P, "Comparlmon of 
Analytical Model far Computing Safety Relief Valve Discharge 
Line Transient Pressures & Forces to Monticello T-duenchr 
Test Data." Withheld {ref 10CFR2. 7?0). 

SaDON.L.J. Oenral Electric Co. i Nuclear Energy Product* Div. 
79/03/20. lp. 

7904070292 Bummaru or 77031 A moitlng u/OA Pauar Co in BethetdaiHD rt 
radiological effluent specs. 
VERRELLIi 0. M, Dparating Reactor* Branch 3. 79/03/22. 4pp. 

790417O33S Forwards Amend 65 to License DPR -37 k nottc* of H*u**ie l> 
IPPOLITQ,T.A. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 79/03 /at. 3pp. 

7904170338 Amend 63 to License DPR-37. adding Regulatory Specialist' 
changing mgt titles & making editorial changes. 
IPPOL1TO,T.A, Operating Reactors Branch 3. 79/03/2i. 27pp, 

7904170362 Notice of issuanci tt availability of Amend 63 to License 
Operating Reactors Branch 3. 79/03/26. 2pp, 

7904100341 Forwards Feb 1979 program activity review re Hark I 
containment program. 

SOBOH.L.J. Oeneral Electric Co. .Nuclear Energy Products Dlv. 
79/04/06- 9pp. 

Inspection reports and correspondence 

7902S0093 Forwards IE Insp Repts 30-321/79-04 li 30-366/79-O3 on 
79020i3 -09. No nonconpliance noted. 

SUTHERLAND, J. T. Region 2, Atlanta, Fuel Facility h HaterUli 

Safety Branch. 79/03/09. 2pp. 



DOCKET 5O-321 Edwin I. Hatch Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 
I in poet ion reports and correspondence 

7904270563 Forwards IE OuSletirx 79-06ft. "Ravloiu of Op Hi-atlc-rial Errors t, 
Sys Misalignments Idotitif i eti Dur ing Trll Inc tdetit. " 
O'REILLY, J. P. Region 3, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

79/O4/I4. lp. 

-7904350100 IE Imp Repts 50-331/79-04 (. SO-366/77-O5 on 790309-09. No 
noncompliance noted. Hajor areas impacted ; rad iat ion 
protection d measurements, startup tasting. 
HQBEYiC.H. Region 2, Atlanta. Office of the Director. 

OIBGDNiA.F. Region 2, Atlanta. Fuel Facility l> Materials Safety 

Branch. 79/Q3/O9. Spp. 

Periodic operating reports, related correspondence 

7904100225 Forwards "Annual Environ Surveillance Rap t 1973". 
HANRV.M, Georgia Power Co. 79/O3/30, lp. 

7904240003 Forwards IE Bulletin 7S-13B, "Atypical Maid Matl in Reactor 
Pressure Venal Melds." 

O'REILLV. J.P. Region 3, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

79/03/19. 2pp. 

790420Q4A7 Forwards IE Circular 79-OS, "Moisture Leakage in Stranded 
Mire Conductors. " 

O'REILLV, J. P. Region 2, Atlanta, Office at the Director. 

79/03/^0. 2pp. 

7904OSO171 Forwards IE Info Notice 77-03, "Use of Improper Matls in 
Sat ity-Ralated Components. " 

O'REILLV. J. P. Region 3, Atlanta, Offico af the Director. 

79/03/21. SPP. 

7904110009 Ack receipt of IE Insp Repts 50-321/79-09 & 50-366/79-0*. on 
790209. No proprietary info. 
STAFFA.R.H. Georgia Power Co. 79/03/27. lp. 

79041IO013 Forwards IE Insp Repts 5Q-32U79-05 I, 30-366/79-06 on. 
7902O9. No noncomp liance noted. 

KENNA.W.B. Region 3, Atlanta, Safeguards Branch. 79/03/07. 


--790411OOI7 IE Insp Repts 30-331/79-03 t, 3O-366/79-O6 on 790309. No 
noncompllanco noted. Major areas inspected: secur i ty 
organii4tlon & 10CFR73. 35 Implementation. 
FUCHKO.J.M. Region 2, Atlanta, Office at the Director. 

uILLESPIE.F. P. Region 2. Atlanta, Safeguards Branch. 79/03/07. 


79O410O226 "Annual Environ Surveillance Rapt 197S. " 
* Georgia Pouer Co. 78/12/31. 2Qpp. 

Rap or tab 1 e QC current 

re la ted correspond one a 

79Q4O60348 Reports on failure of seismic monitoring i nstrutnentat ion on 
79O137:pflak acceleration recorder 3L31-N034 on foediuater 
loop H Inlot line was moved. Instrument failed calihr check li. 
sent to manufacturer for repair. 
MANRV,M. Oeorgia Punier Co. 79/02/28. lp. 

79O4030331 Forwards "Nonroutlna Radiological Environ Operating Rept. " 
rlANRY.H. Georgia Pomer Co. 79/03/26. lp. 

7904030333 "Nonroutlne Radiological Environ Op-eratlng Ropt, Anotna lous 
Measurement Flept. " 
H Georgia Poiuer Co. 79/G3/26. 3pp. 

7904O50236 Forwards UER 7V-O21 /03U-O.. 
MANRY,M. Georgia Power Co. 79/03/36. 


7904050362 LER 79-021/G3L-O on 79Q320; analip i s of water noar 
wetl P170 revealed small amounts of raitioat tlvifcif. Bur ieit 
open lino used to tarry nitrogen to faaduafcar heaters from 
tanfc in yard uias left w/valve open. Line will ba removed. 
ROGERS, W. H. Georgia Pouiar Co. 79/03/26. Spp. 

7904230187 Forwards LER 79-O29/03L-O. 

MftNRV.H. Georgia Pouar Co, 79/04/O3, lp. 

7904120309 Forwards summary of 79033B mooting vo inservlce insp ft test 
program. Summary identifies addl info required to complete 
review of requested relief from certain AS ME Cade 
re^qujr ements. 
IPPQLITO.T. A. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 79/03/28. 2pp. 

79O423013B LGR 79-029/03L-O on 7903L7: il-at k ir\ tie end plate* at fuel 
transfer canal was observed . Probab ly caused fay impact on 
floor plata by sharp pointed ob j oct. P late will be uelded 
over crack It repair tested for leakage, 
BOOER8,W.H. Oeorola Powor Co. 79/04/04. lp. 

7704120317 Summary of 790221 meeting iu/util at site re inservlce 
insp h testing program. 
VERELLI.I). M. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 79/O3/2S. Bop. 

7904S40332 Forwards L.ER 79-O2O/O3L- 1 . previous lij identified ai 
MANRY.M. Georjla Pouier Co. 79/04/19. lp. 

770420O407 8ummary of 790321 meeting w/OA Pouier Co at plant site re 
Inxrvtc* insp ti test program. NRC comments & lists of 
atttnda Si maint valves encl. 
VERRELLIi D. M. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 77/03/2Q. 0pp. 

790*270308 Foruarda IE Bulletin 79-01, "Incorroct Weights for Suiino 
Check valves Manufflcturd by Velan Engineering Corp." 
O'flEILLYr J.P. Region 2, Atlanta. Office of the Director, 

79/03/30. lp. 

7904120130 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-OS, "Nuclear Incident at TMI" & 
PNO-77-67, 79-67A, B,C,D, E, F * 0. No response requirad. 
QJ'REIU-V, J. P. Region 2, Atlanta, Offico of the Director. 

79/04/01., 2pp. Response to 780403 It I' proposing Inservlce imp & testing 
program description & requesting relief from selected A5HE 
Cade requirements. Preliminary review Indicates upgrading 
of such Insp will enhance lafnty h grants relief. 
IPPOHTOtT. A. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 79/04/03. 3pp. 

7SQ124O333 LER 79-O20/03L-1 on 790317: i-iM 1 working on tie end plates 
bBtuieen Unit 1 & 2 fuel pool transfer c-anal. crack found. 
Probalilt) caused ay impact of sharp pointed object, Plata mill 
ba uilded ovvr crack & bested, 
RODOERB. W.H. Oeorata Pouier Co. 79/04/19.. lp. 

DOCKET 30-3H2 3horeham Nuclear Power Station 
Appllcation/conitruction stage 

790<V170303 Forwards 79O314 Walt Btraet Journal article ft NRC grder 
closing fivo plants (ndf in i toly. Plants dasiflnad at/aid of 
faulty computer modal to determine stras*os on cooling pipas 
in event of earthquake. 
LIKE. I. Reilly. Like d Schnaider. 79/03/14. 2pp. 

7904060173 Request for addl InPo re ATHB. 

79043O02U Notice of ornnting relief from A6ME Section XI inervice 
Insp (testing f requirements. 
IPPOLITOiT. A. Operating Reactor* Branch 3, 79/04/O3. 3pp. 

7TO4190I7Q Forwards IE Bulletin 79-03A- "Nuclear Incident at 
TMI - Suppli" & preliminary chronology of TMI -2 79032 B 
accident until cure cooling restored. 

O'REtLLV, J.P. Region 3. Atlanta, Office of the Director, 

79/04/05. lp, 

7904260325 Forward" IE Bulletin 79-06. "Review of Operational Errors 
BVI Misalignments Identified During TMI Incident." 
O'REILLY, J.P. Region 2, Atlanta. Office of the Director, 

79/04/11. lp. 

7904160370 Forwards conclusions 4 recommandat ions of new Pipe Crack 
Studu Croup in NUREO-033I. "Investigation h Evaluation of 
Stress Corrosion Crocltng In Piping of i-WR Plants, " Forwariii 
rotated FR notice. W/o encl. 

VASSALLQ, tt. B. Assistant Director for Light Hater Reactors. 

79/03/H3. 3pp. 



DOCKET SQ-332 Shoreham Nuclear Power Station 
Application/construction stags 

7"SQ4340426 Utll will invnki ASME Section 1 1 1 . Sinner 1974 addendum, 
allowing ye 1 ding of certain permanent attachments to piping 
ays. Change uitl be reviewed (. incorporated Into design 
NQVARHO, J. P. Lang Iiiand Lighting Co. 79/03/37. Ip. 

790406QOSS Ac* receipt O t 781311 Ur T. NRC policy on op, n ...tin.. 
Hei-tingi re exchange of chnUal info havl, been noticed V" 1 ""' 
<tiMrlid b V NRC. Staff u lil in f orm CO un. B l of all sche ul.d 
meettns* w/appl icant. .nuit 

EEMTOH.H.a. Offics of Nuclear Rsactor Regulation. 79/03/09. 1,, 

7904300131 Ack receipt of 790322 request for info r. hrlni irlat ., 
is, trance f OL. Notice will bo published in FR "Mr'nj.1 print 1, 

HQEFLINQ, fl. K. o ranch 4. 79/03/29. 2pp. 

7704230373 Forwards rarest for addl info re isolation betueen 
reactor coolant sgs 4. connecting ay*. 
VARGA.S.A. Light Hater factor* Branch 4. 79/03/27. 3jip. 

790-10302(,7 Forwards uniqub submittal of "Justification of Harlr 1! Lead 
Plant Safety Relief Va Ive Load Definition." 
(IOVARRO- J. P. Long 111 and Lighting Co. 79/03/30. 2pp. 

7904030269 "Justification oF Hark II Lead Plant Safetu Relief Valve 
Load Daf inltion. " 
Long Island Lighting Co. 79V03/3Q. S3pp, 

7704050391 NRC has classified loose parts monitoring .41 ac lionsa 
condition for fati 1 i ty. DEI ion J, procupBmant of sus mui t 
start bu 790501 to permit i ustal 1 atlan prior to fuel load. To 
date have received no info re status of Reg Ouide i 133 
HOVAflRO, J. P. Long Island Liohtfng Co, 79/03/30. Ip. 

7904130130 Notification of 79O419 meeting u/util in Bathe. da.MD to 
dlicuii SER ichsdule. 
WILSON, J. N, Light Hater Reactors Dranch 4. 79/04/02. 3pp. 

Financial information 

/H ,rT dS * ddl " nanc ^> info in respon,, to NRG 790133 lit 

H/dlvidend in*o, annual rapt to BEC for 197B t.itlmonu, 
decisioni. & ordara re rate relief actions 
HOUARaO, J. P. Lang Island Lighting Co. 79/04/19. fiOOpp, 

7901250346 "Annual Financial Rept 1973." 

Long Island Lightinj Co. 73/12/31. 31pp. 

7904330243 "Annual Financial Rept 1976," 

Lonij Island Lighting Co. 7A/12/31. 3S pp . 

7904230252 "Annual Financial Rapt 1977." 

* Long Island Lighting Co. 77/13/31, 40pp. 

7904330236 "Annual Financial Rept 1978." 

Long Island Lighting Co. 78/12/31. 47pp. 

Inspection reports and correspondence 

7S041I0252 Forwards NeOO-a3697fl, "Scaled Multlva lent Test Program 
Plan - Phase I," dtd Jan 1979. H 

BOSQH, L.J, General Electric Co. ,Nuelear Energu Products Oiv 
79/04/04. Ip. 

79M040006 Foi-turd. IE Bull.tin 79-02, "Pipe Suport Dai. PUt. 
Usins Concreta ipan*ion Anchor Bolts." 

ftaglon 1, Philadelphia, Office of thi Diractor, 

Gf5IEfi,B. H. 

7704110236 "ScaUrf Multfvalent lest Program Plan - Phase I 

7904110227 Farwards "Amplified Response Spectra for Eaulpment 
DuaUficfltlon. ' 
NOVABRO, J. P. Long Island Lighting Co. 79/04/09. Ip. 

7904110229 "Amplified Response Spectra for E,j[p m nt Ouallf ication 
* Long Island Llghtino Co, 79/O4/09. |?4pp. 

A C t receipt of 781218 application fur extension of 
completion UU o* f aci I i tij, Requea ts Class If fee. 
MILLEH.H. 0. License Fea Management Branch. 79/04/17. Ip. 

. T ?"' U P" llat t" "-03, "Longitudinal Weld Dfti in 
A3ME BA-312 Type 304 Stainless Steel Pipe Spools 
Manufactured h u Youngstoun Welding & Engineering Co " 

^ . Ra S* on '' Philadelphia, Office of the Direto T . 

*" tE CircuUr 79 ~ 04 ' " Lo " Loekin s NU* " U 

Re 9 io " ! Philadelphia, Office of tlie Director, 

79/03/l9 K ' Ip Ra3iDn lr 

Office of the Dlrtctot. 

a,N B d Vi8ttlfi U "" ln " hBdu '" << r, 4 .,t, fiiw testable be 
WQFFOJi&.A.W, Long Island Lighting Co, 79/04/19. 2pp. 

t.rmration r e 7BI318 request to 
. J .- appropriate Cat.jorif 2 f... 

NOVARHO.J.P. Lona Island Lighting Co. 79/04/S4. Hpp. 

MftC DES. FES, supplements 

7904050020 ror^rds IE Circular 79-03, "Moisture Uak.g. In !ltr,r(H 
HIT* Conductors. 

S2IS5"' r R9 (D11 ' Philadslphia, Office of th. Olr.cUr. 


7904040334 Forwards IK Info Notice 79-03, U.. of I*prp.r H.U, in 
Sa*et^-RlJtesf Gompanenti. " 

" >' Phnarfelphl*, Office of th Director, 

. i p. 

n E 3 for facility. 

"f Nuclear Reactor 

NUREG-0163, 77/03/31. 

,, n ' luar "'* IE Info Notlc " 7<f - 7 ' "Rupture of Rftd-walti Tli 
n *9 lon * Philadelphia, Office of thi Diraetor. 

. 1 (I. 

protection pUr>s 

phqilcal. securltij laaues. 

J ' H ' A " iat4rl6 Blrsctor fop Reactor Safeguards. 79/03/22. 

Adjuificatorg corrtspondence 

7704270440 Forwards !E Bullatin 79-04, "Incorrect Uilghti lor 
Ohect Valvs Manufactured bij Vtlan Enoinoorlng Corp." 
CRIER.fl.H. Region 1, PhlladilphU, Offle* of thi Dlrtctor, 

77/03/30. Ip. 

7?041H020a Forwards IE Bulletin 79-03, "Nuclear Incident at THI- 
PNO-79-67, 79-A7A,B,C,,E,F fc 0, No response required. 
CRIERiB.H. Region 1, Ph 1 l*dlph la, Qfflea of the D(retor. 

77/04/O1. Ip. 

7904190131 Forward* IE Bulttin 79-03A, "Nuclear Incident at 
TMI - Bupf.1, " (, pre-liminarg chronology of THI-a 790328 
acctdint until cars colini restored. 

OSIER, B.H. Region 1, Philadelphia, Offiea of the DIrCtor, 

79/04/03. Ip. 

79042704.94 Foruards IE Bullatin 79-OAA. "Raviau of Operation. I 
Sys Mlsalianments Idnntiflgd. Durinfl TMI Incident." 
ORlES,D.lf. Region 1. Philadelphia, Office of the Dtrctor. 

79/04/14. Ip. 



DOCKET 30- 322 Shoreham Nuclear Pouer Station 

RepoFtab(e occurrences! related correspondence 

79D4230106 Ac* receipt of 710307 Itr re Installation of unistrut, 
poiiierstrufc, & pooier engineering channels. 

CARLSON, R. T. (legion I, Philadelphia, Reactor Construction t,. 

Engineering Support Branch. 79/03/2?. Ip. 

790423Q10B Final written rapt re deficiency u/instal lat ion of Category 
I pouierstrut, unistruti t pouer engineering channels d nuts. 
Deficiency consists of use of improper nut sizes u/installed 
embedded channel. Camp 1 iancc eipected by QOO1O1, 
NuVARRO, J. P. Long Island Lighting Cn. 79/03/07. 3pp. 

7904070038 Proposed findings of fact i< conclusions of lain 
re nan-environ i s sues . Fac i 1 1 ty ctiill operate per amended 
application >,. license should be is sued . Cer tif itate of Svc 
end . 

NORTON. M. H. , FUR8USH. M. H. . CRANE.P.A. Pacific Gas fe Electric Co. 
79/03/12. 75pp. 

7904090336 HftC testimony re ATMS 4; Rn-232. 
BGWEHS,E.S. Atomic Safety and Licensing 

7904210233 Requests denial of aL due to po ss f.b 1 ity of earth qua tea in 
sita areas. Public input must ta It e place in beginning of 
const permit process. 
EBUARDS. C. Affi Uatlon Unknown. 79/O3/17. 2pp. 

DOCKET 90-323 Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant. Unit 2 
Application/construction stage 

79O423O349 Grants joint in tarvanors ' 79O325 request * 
filing proposed findings of fact It conclusion* of la 
BOWERS, E. S, Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Panel. 

-d4tf delay in 
79/03/97. la. 

790406041O Requests addl info re methods of calculating thermal 
analysis of components w/qual if ication test temp less than 
calculated peak temp of 344 F, 
BTOLI.J.F. Light Water Reactors Branch 1. 79/O3/14. 7pp. 

79Q1O6Q417 Requests addl info re valve closure analysis & 
debris screen strength to complete QL review. 
BTOLZ. J. F. Light Water Reactors Branch 1. 79/03/14. 

design of 

7904190113 IE is investigating allegations re qual I tu nf reuari items 
at facil itu. 
TOURTELLQTTE, J. Branch 4. 79/03/E9. 2pp, 

790431Q243 Ltrs from tifcliens opposing QL because of dangers to public 
heal th k wo I fare. 

BREHTOM, B, , CATtCIA.G,, CHUND, P. Affiliation Unknown. 79/G4/04 

7704130096 Responds to 79O22B Itr re denial of site visit permit. States 
absence of specific NRC policg denying site visit. Site visit 
mould not be unsafe but mould place burden on plant 
secur i tg. 
DENTON.H.R, Office of Nuclear (leactor Regulation. 79/03/23. In. 

7904130090 Describes attempts to obtain site visit permit for univ 
class. Requests alleged NOG policy preventing visits be 
reverted & eiplained. 

BCHUYLER, A, H. California, Univ. of. Santa Barliara, 79/02/2Q. 

7901100340 Forwards "Submergence Test for Lot I, Level A, ITT Barton 
Transmitters. " 
CRANE, P. A. Pacific Gas ft Electric Co. 79/03/30, Ip. 

79O410D342 Test Rept, "Submergence Test for Lot t, Level A, ITT Barton 
Transmitter*. " 
* Pacific Oai d Electric Co. 79/03/28. 9pp. 

7904210227 Amend fee must be submitted for 790321 request for oitonsion 
of completion dates for CPPR-39 fc CPPH-69. 
MILLER, U.O. License Fee Management Branch. 79/04/10, Ip. 

Qene-ral cor respondent e 

7904160046 Forwards constituent 7903S3 Itr expressing concern re dote 
proiimifrij of Hosgri Fault to plant fc possibility of major 
ear tKqua ke. 

. J House of Hop. 79/03/2O. 3pp. 

7904160049 Expresses concern for health of children during 1 ou level 
radioactive emissions from operating plant * safety af 
people along transport* t ion line of nuclear fuels 81 wastes. 
Quaations authority of NRC to licensa uttl 
KLOTZ.P. W. Af f ilia t ion Unknauin. 79/O3/2O. Ip. 

770419O139 Acfc receipt of 790216 Itr oipressing concorn re airborne 
release ! uidita s-torage. Descr ilies analysis, of safety 
factors used in const it. status of uasta mg t programs. 
HQORE, V. A. Assistant Director For Environmental Projects, 

79/O4/09. 2&p. 

Utility F3AR and amendments 

77041O03Sa Foruiards. Amends 77 tc 70 to OL application. 

CRANE.P.A. Pacific Oas fc Electric Co. 7^/03/29. Sap, 

7904160216 Forwards matl re LOCA qualification of fan cooler pouer 
cablet, demonstrating qualification of cables in excess of 
LQCA conditions. 
CRANE.P.A. Pacific Oas (. Electric Co. 79/04/12, 33pp. 

7904100396 Amends 77 b 76 to DL application including matl for FSAfl V 
Ho-agri Rep t. Certi f 1 cate of Svc enc I . 
GHACKELFOflD. B. Pacific Gas S, Electric Co. 79/O3/27. 103pp. 

79O4S10066 Notlficatlan of 7704 IB meeting tafPOkE in BethesdarMt) to 
dlicuis outstanding issues in Unit i radiological effluents 
Tech Spec*. 
SUCXLEY.D.C. Light Water Reactors Branch 1. 79/04/12. 3pp. 

7904260290 Foru4rd PNO-79-67V i. W. . 

ENOELKENiR. H. Region 5, San Francisco. Office of tn Director. ' 

79/04/16, Ip. 

medical, emergency & fire protection plans 

79O4180070 Informs that review of securibg plan li complete. Find* Jtlan 
acceptable d ultl Incorporate it Into OL uhett Issued, 
Security plan 'evaluation rept withheld <ref 10CFRB. 7901. 
BQYD.R.8. Division of Project Management. 79/03/2B. 4pp. 

AiTjudlcatory correspondence 

Operating license stage 

7904030269 Forwards pr el imltiarg drafts af OFfsittt DOBB Calculation 
Manual Infcn environ monitoring proceduresr rat iatl on monitor 
tabulation.iiiasta treatment floui diagrams (overaiie) %. 
radiological Tech Specs for Unit I. 
CRANE.P.A. Pacific Oas A Electric Co. 79/O3/27. 136pp. 

Inspection reports and correspondence 

790417O33O Requests extension of time ta 790914 to prepare complete 
response 60 IE Bulltin 8 7B-IH U 78-12A. 
CRANE.P.A. Pacific Oas f, Electric Co. 79/Q3/09. Ip. 

7904170331 Request grantee* for extension of time to respond to IE 
Bulletins 78-12 & 70-I2A d td 790309. 

ENGELKENiFt. H. Region S, Ban Francisco. Office of the Director. 

79/04/06. Ip. 

79O4OA0102 Declares nuclear pouer is monstrous & const of facilitg on 
Hatgri fault ts criminally negligent. 
RUSSELLi J. 9. Affiliation Unknown. 79/03/07. I p. 

-7904060104 Appeals for halt to facility canst. 
FERRIS, 8. Affiliation Unknown. 79/03/10. Ip. 

-79O4060108 Suggists postponement of facility licensing duo- to 
unrisolvad matters of low level radiation tt uaste storage. 
APPLEOARTH.P. W. Affiliation Unfcnoun. 79/O3/13. Ip. 

7904240119 Forwards IE Bulletin 78-12B, "Atuptcal Weld Matl in Reactor 
Pressure Vessel Holds. " 

ENOELKEN.R. H. Region 5, Ban Francisco. Office of the Director, 

79/03/19. Ip. 

7704030046 Foruiards IE Info Notice 79-O3, "Use of Improper Matls in 
Saf afc^-Rsla ted Components. " 

ENGELKEN* R. H. Region S. Ban Francisco. Dffito of the Director 

79/03/21. Ip. 


DOCKET 50-323 Diablo Canynn Muclear Power Plant. Unit S 
Inspection reports and correspondent* 


79Q430043<5 Forward* IE Bulletin 79-04. "Incorrect Wolghtt for Bluing 
Chec* Valves Manufactured bu velan Engineering Corp. 1 " 
6HQELKEH, R.H. Region 5. San Francisco, Office of the "tractor. 

7-9/03/30. Ip. 

7904120117 Forwards [E Bulletin 77-09, "Nuclear Incident at THI" 1 
PNO-77-67. 79-67A.B. C, D, E. F *c 0. Ho response required. 
ENOLEKEN, R. H. Region 5. Ban Francisco, Office of tfie Oil-actor, 

79/04/01. Ip. 

7904190260 Forwards IE Bulletin 77-05A, "Nuclear Incident at 
TMI - Suppl." k preliminary chronology of THI-2 790320 
accident until cart tooting rottored. 

ENCE4.KEN, R. H. Rejlon 5i Ban Francisco, Office of the fllractar. 

79/04/05. Ip 

7904130334 Forwards FNO-79-7rl. 

ENCELKEM. fl. H. Region 5i San Francisco, Office of tha Director,. 

79/04/07. if. 

7904l3Q3Si Forwards PNO-7?-fa7N. 

ENGELKEM, R. H. (fusion 5, San Francijco, Office of tKi Director. 

79/04/08. Ip. 

790113034& Forwards PNQ-79-67P, 

ENGELKEM.R. K Rsjton 3, San Franclico, Office of tho Director. 

79/04/09. Ip. 

7904160043 Forward* PNO-79-a7Q, 

EHGELKENi R. H. Region 5i" San Frantlico, OfFlea of tha Director, 

79/04/10. If. 

7901360273 Forwards I Bulletin 79-Oi, "Review of Dper-atl onal Crron fc 
Sys Misalignments Identified During TttI Incident." 
ENGES-KEII.R. H. Region 3. Ban Francisco, Office of th Director. 

79/04/11. Ip. 

7904 270134 Forwards IE Bui to-tin 79-00. "Event t Relevant to Qoillng Water 
Pouiar fi*actor Identified During TMJ Incldint. " 

EHOELKEN.JI. H. Oejlon 5, San Franclica. Office of tho DirecUr. 

79/04/14, Ip. 

7904300073 Faruards IE Info Notice 7^-IOi "Noneanf ormlnj Pipe Support 
Struts. " 
79/01/16. Ip, 

Struts. " H. Region 5, San Franc I mo, QFflco of thu Director. 

7901300077 IE Info llotlco 7?-IOi "Nonconf ormlnj Plpi Huppovt Strut*. " 
Office of [(ispuctlfln d Enforcmnt. 77/04/16. 5pp 

7704300450 Forwards IE BulUtln 77-06ft.ftvl I on L. "Ftevltu of 
Operational rran 'i Siji rll nil jnmenti Identified During THI 
Inc! dent. " Region Bi aan FrancJico, office of th nirtor. 

79/04/10. Ip, 


7704110293 Forward* PMO-7?-A7JI. 

EM8ELKEM,R,H. Region 5, Ban Franelico. Dfflce of th* Dlroetor, 

79-/04/02. Ip. 

7904110372 Forisardi PNU 79-671, 

ENOEi-KE^R-H. Rajlon S. San Francisco. Office of th* Dlrnttor, 

79/04/03. Ip. 

7-J04110393 Foruandi PNO 79-A7J. 

ENOELKEH.R.H, ftgton 3. 6aa Francisco. Office of the Director, 

79/04/04, Ip. 

7904240130 Forward! PNO-79-67K- 

eNOE(,KM, H, H, Rujlan 3, 6an F^ftnciiio. Offica of the Director, 
79/Q4/G&. ]p. 

790-1260193 Forwards PNa-79-77<N(lfl I , 

EWeLKE,fl,K. Raglon S, Sd Frmtlseo, Offlc of the Oil-actor. 

7904260333 Fftruard* PUQ-79-67X. 

ENOELKENi R. H. Reolon 3r Ban Franc-tico, Offlc* of the tre(iOT. 

.79/04/17, Ip, 

7904260130 Foruiarils PND-79-67Z. 

EWGELHEM, R. H. Region 3, San Francisco. Off ice of the Diritttr 

79/04/1 1 ?. Ip. 

79043004S4 Fortjards PNQ-79-A7AE. 

EMOELKEN, R, H, Region 3. San Francisco, Office of the Oltiitgr 

79/0-1/24. lp- 

DOCKET 3O-324 Drunsuick Steam Electric Plant, Unit 2 
Bffcuritg, medical, omorooncij t< fire protection plan! 

7904020157 aummary of 790309 roootirifl w/Carollna Pouiar fc Ll]M Ca n fire protect ion. U/l 1st of attendees b aginlt 
HftNNOM, J. M. Operatina Reactors Branch 3. 77/03/14. Jj| 

7704030240 Foruards add I info In response to 790326 tonfirinn nil 
ra fire> pi-otac tlon program. 
UTLEYi E. E. Carolina Pnuor & Light Co. 79/03/37. lOpp, 

79041AO1O3 RDViaus fire protection plan ti dlicuna* clot* proi 
conififtt tt trails. 3-h flra barrier for cable trau, crotllnat I 
physical (inf.Ltr supplements BNL-NUREO-23647 dtd Die IV?7 
HALL.R.E. Drookhavon national Laboratory. 79/04/03. Jiff. 

tnauranco and Indemnity 

7704030)1^1 Foruarda financial statomonts for CV77 & CY7Q, auiHU 
opinion dtd 7HOal"1. projoctod company cash flou ttdt*nnt Ivr 
CV7-? i f "177EJ Annual Rapt." Gncls available In Contr*) Klltt 
QflAHArl! W, E. Carolina Power *> Light Co. 79/03/39. Ip. 

Operating licanae stags 

7904090a'?O Roquostt addl info ro capability of NGB3 to rtiptnl H 
postulated ATHS Ivans ienta. Forwards NRC 790219 Itr to 01; tti 
requait for analysis to confirm adequacy of propel id B.oJi la 
LW(i daiinni. NUHEQ-0460 Vo I 3 encl.U/o enc 1. M/d itr Hutlon 
UOLLMER, R, H, Asciilant Director for Systems t, ProjvcU, 7Jfi' 

FOIA rn^ueot for all Info r plant acctdint* b 
dofect* at raactar sltat, 

i 9. Af filiation Uriknoun. 79/03/16, lp. 

7701110334 puruiapdii proprietary rept NEDE-23749-1-P. "Cooiirlii' H 
Analytical Katie I far Computing Bnfaty Relief Valve Olichl'll 
Lin* TrAnsient Pre. enures t> Forco to Montlcallo T-aune^(|^ 
T*t Data." Witlilield (ref 10CFR2.790). 

. J, Ooneral HUctrlc Ro, iNiicloar Energy Prihdjcti Blv 

y ( ;u402007a nnquaits revision to Toch Bpacs ra power iplllng ii 
factor, pT NFIC 7QOi07 Itr trummi tt Ing OE revised nil\jll(tl 

. E. Carolina Pqwer t- Light Co. 79/03/27. 6pp. 

Dine mica reasons for selection of ribbon-type t 
rtcomb inera In ordar to modify augmanted offgm n 
bv 7904101, Moils will eliminate: hydrogen burn proftlamt, Nt tl 
tubmlttrNl anticipated uy 790901, 

. E. Carolina Power h Light Co. 79/03/30, 3pp. 

7904190102 Foruiardi Amends 22 b 46 to Llcantvi DPrt-71 i DPfl W 
rspc ttvalyi HEfl ( notice of Issuance & availafal 1 Itg. 
IPPOLITO.T. A. Operating Rnactors Branch 3. 79/04/04 *|i 

7901190103 Amends 46 It 23 to LUaniat DPR-62 b DPR-71.| 

chflngtng Isolation, pump, valve b gai trentmtnt M 
delettiig high dryuell praisuro isolation signal d 
correcting various errors. 
IPPOLITOr T. A. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 79/04/04 l.H 

7904190109 SE1! supporting Amends 46 i 22 to Llctntfi 

DPR-AH Ik DPR-71,respflgtively. 

Dffle* of Nuclear fieactor Regulation. 79/04/04, 13(1 

--7?041'7OIOA Notice of Issuance t. availability of Amend! 44 I. KM* 
Lie t mot DPR-62 ft DPR-71, ruipeclilvely. 
[PPOLITO, T. A. Operating 1 Rfactors Branch 3. 79/04/W fll 

790*100341 Foruflrds Feb 1977 prooram activity rvlw n tUl I 
conta I nmtmt program. 

eORON-L. J.' General Elactrie Co. .Nuclear Enrgy ProduttlOl" 
77YQ4/06. 9pp, 

7904260460 Forward! PKO-79-67V. 
79/04/lfi" 41 '! 1 ' "'9'" s - 8an 

arflct of the Director. 



DOCKET 50-324 Brunswick Staam Electric Plant. Unit 2 
Operating license staga 

7904090274 Motlca of violation fi-nra Itvsp on 790116-19. 

* Region 2, Atlanta, Fuel Facility i> Materials Safety Branch. 

79/O3/14. Ip. 

7904260106'Foriuarda Amends 23 & 47 to Licenses DPR-71 *. DPR-62. 
respectively, safety evaluation & notice of issuance t 
IPPOL1TO, T. A. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 79/04/06. 3pp. 

79042601IO Amends 23 fc 47 to Licenses OPR-71 t, DPR-c.2, respec tive ly. 
modifying Fira protection SER. 
IPPOLITO, T. A. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 79/Q4/O6. 97pp. 

7904360112 Safety ovaluation supporting Amend* 23 H 47 to Licenses 
DPR-71 b DPR-&2, respectively. 
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. 79/04/06. 43pp. 

79O409O280 IE Insp Repts 3O-324/79-O4 fj 30-323/79-O3 an 79O114.-19. 
Nancamp 1 iance noted: Sa i lure to revleiu contractor's 
test procedure prior to performance & Late eubrnittal of rept 
required by 10CFR20. 4O5. 

TROUP.O. L. , GIBSON, A. F. Region 2. Atlanta, Fuel Facility b 

Materials Safatg Branch. 79/03/14. 7pp. 

79O4O9O039 Ac k receipt of 79O314 Itr informing HRC of steps tafcen to 
correct violations noted in IE I nap Rept 50-334 /79 03 * 

LEWIS, R.C. Region 3. Atlanta. Reactor Operations Nuclear Support 

Branch. 79/O3/27. Ip. 

7904260113 Notice of Issuance & availability of Amends 23 & 47 to 
License* DPH-71 Si DPR-62, respoc tively. 
IPPOLITO, T. A. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 79/O4/O6. 2pp. 

7904.170223 Requests revision to Tach Specs pp 10CFRSO. 90 & PB Cycla 3 
i-oload.NEDa-34IB2 * supporting documontat ion anel. 
UTLEY.E. E. Carolina Power & Light Co. 79/04/13. 23pp. 

7904170226 "Suppl Reload Licensing Submittal for Unit S Reload 2." 
ERVIN.A.M. General Electric Co. .Nuclear Energy Products Riv, 
BRUQQE.R.O. Geneva! Electric Co. NEDQ-2418?. 79/O3/31. 2Bpp, 

79G4180293 Response to FOIA request for Info re plant accidents t> 
lafety def ec ti. W/l 1st of relevant document* re nuclear power 
plant* aiuned by Duke Pauer Ca t, Carolina Power h Light Co, 
including LPDR locations, 
FELTON, J. M. Division of Rules and Records. 79/04/13. 4ap. 

79042QQ206 Forwards results of reinspec tion .performed 7903O6-QB on 
reclreulation inlet noxile safe-ends. Cone ludes no 
appreciable change exists in data compared u/Sept 197B insp, 
UTLEY.E.E. Carolina Power & Light Co. 79/O4/17, IQpn. 

Inspection reports and correspondence 

7904300443 Forwards IE Insp Hept 30-324/79-OS & 50-323/79-OB an 
79/0213-16. No noncomp 1 ianca noted. 

LEWI8,R.C. Region 2, Atlanta, Reactor Operations Nuclear Support 

Branch. 79/03/14. 2pp. 

7704300446 IE Insp Rept 90-324/79-OB (, SO-325/79-08 an 790213-14. No 
noncqmpliance noted. Major areas inpectod: review of plant 
8A rpts. review of request for license amend, insp of pipe 
support & control rod drive return nonte. 

RILEY,R.U. Region 2. Atlanta. Reactor Operations Nuclear 

Support Branch. 79/03/14. 6pp. 

-7'7O4090062 Flosponds to NRC 790321 I fcr rs violations noted (n IE Inap 
Repts 50-324/79-02 & 3Q-325/79-O2. Carrac 1 1 we actions: 
requirement or die it ten bases on all mod packages & cloead 
items will be removed from log of open items. 
FURR.B.J. Carolina Power J. Light Co. 79/03/14. 12pp, 

-7904090064 Forwards IE Insp Rept 3O-324/79-02 t- 3O-325/79-02 on 
7901OB-I2. IS tt 16 ', notice of violation, 

LEWIS, R,C. Region 2, Atlanta. Reactor Operations Nuclear 

Support Branch. 79/O2/SJ. 2pp. 

79O409OO67 Notice of violation from insp on 79O1O0-12, IS (< 16. 

- Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the Dtrecfcor. 79/03/27. 6pp 

7904090072 IE Insp ept 50-334/79-02 !K 5O-323/79-O2 on 770108~12i 13 
16. l^oncomp t lanes noted : fa i lure to carry out assigned -duties, 
failure to follou audit procedures , fa i Lure to e-stablifh 
calibr measures fe failure to establish required QA prujram. 
RUKLrTAN.H. A. . ABHENDEN. M, C. Region 2, Atlanta. Office of the 

Director. KELLOOO, P. J. Region S, Atlanta. Fteactor Operations 

Nuclear Support Branch, 79/O2/16. 2Bpp. 

7704270491 Forwards IE Bui latin 79-04. "Incorroct Haignts for Suing 
Chack Valves Manufactured by Valan Engineering Corp." 
O'REILLY, J. P. Region 2, Atlanta. Office of the Director, 

79/03/30. Ip, 

79O4120132 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-03, "Nuclaar Incident at TMI" Si 
PNO-79-67. 79-67A, B. C, DrEiF & 0. No re*ponae required, 
Q'REILLYr J.P. Refllon 2, Atlanta, Office of the Diroctor. 

79/04/01. 2pp. 

79O4190I74 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-O3A, "Nuclear Incident at 
TMI - Supplj " ft prelimfnaru chronologu of TMI-2 79032Q 
accident until core cooling restored. 

O'REILLV, J.P. Region Z, Atlanta, dffica of the Director. 

79/04/03. Ip. 

79042400B4 Forwards IE Bulletin 7B-12B, "Atupical Meld Matl In Reactor 
Pressure Vessel Hetds. " 

O'REILLY, J.P. Region S, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

77/03/19. 2pp. 

7904270391 Forward t IE Inmp Rapt Bummarij 50-324/79-Oi & 90-333/79-06 on 
790124-36. Notic* of violation h Insp rept ulthhalrf Iref 
1OCFR2. 790). 
KENNA,W.n. Region 2. Atlanta, Safeguard* Oralich. 79/03/OB. 2pp. 

7904300486 Forward* IE Circular 79-09, "Moisture Leataga in Stranded 
Mire Conductors. " 

O'REILLY, J, P, Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

79/03/20. 2pp. 

7904270374 Aek receipt of 790330 Itr informing NRC of staps taten to 
correct violations noted in IE Insp Repts 30-334/79-O& & 
KENNA.M.B. Region a. Atlanta, Safagoards Branch. 79/oa/0. Ip, 

7904090138 Forwards IE Info Notice 79-09, "Use of Improper M*tU in 
Safety-Related Components. " 

O'REILLY, J.P. Rtglon a, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

79/03/21. SPP. 

-79O4270SB4 RxspondJ to NftC 79O303 Itr re violations notd In TE Insp 
Repts 30-324/79-06 & 50-325/79-06. Corr act i ve act(on 
uiithheld (rnf 10CFR2.77O). 
FURR.B.J. Carolina Pouer i- Lioht Co. 79/O3/30, Ip. 

7904170441 Forward! summary of 790309 conference teleon between 
Carolina Pouer fc Light Co h NRC coniultanti *. staff ro util 
response to IE Bulletin 78-03. 
IPPQLITO/T. A. Operatlns Reactors Branch 3. 79/03/22. 3pp. 

7904090364 Ack receipt of 790312 Itr informing NRC of steps taken to 
correct violations noted In IE In*p Repts 30-324/79-04 t- 

SUTHERLAND, J. T. Region 2, Atlanta, Fual Fac 1 1 itu b Ma ter ials 

Safety Branch. 79/03/23. Ip. 

7904090868 Responds to NRC 790319 Itr re violations noted In IE Insp 
Repts SQ-324/79-04 S< 30-323/79-03. Corrective action*: 
reviilon of surveillance test, eitab.1 ishment of now 
procedures in formation t< prompt submlsoion of LEjRt. 
FURR.B.J. Carolina Power t, Light Co. 79/03/12. 3pp. 

7904270609 ie Insp Repts 30-324 / 7 9-OA * 3O-32S/7?-06 on 790124-36. 
Noncomp UanCB noted: compensator)? measuras reduced bi| 
uiatchman leaving post, failure to control licantee vohicl* b 
acca*i to vttal ar e-a. De tai Is withheld <i-ef 10CFR2.77O). 
MOORE^D.E., DAVIS.C.L., OILLEBP IE, F. P. ftgtan3, Atlanta, Office 

of th Director. 79/O3/OS. Ip. 

7904260301 Forward! IE Bulletin 79-Ofn "Ravtau of Operational Errors ( 
Sye M(i*llgr.mants Identified During THI Incident," 
Q'REILUYi J. P. Raglan 2,' Atlanta., Office of th* Director. 

77/04/11. Ip. 

7904S70343 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-06A, "Review of Operational Errors & 
Bya Hliallgnments Identified During TMI Incident." 
O'REILLY, J. P. Region 2, Atlanta, Office of th Director. 

79/04/14. fp. 

79O409027O Forwards IE Inp Repts 30-324/79-O4 & BO-325/79-03 on 
790116-19 & notice of violation. 

SUTHERLAND, J, T. Region 2. Atlanta, Fuel Faculty & Materials 

8*rt Branch. 79/02/13. 2pp. 


^ 50-324 Brunsuicl Stun Electric Plant, Unit 2 
Per io-iCc operating reports, related corr*spondenca 

79Q4G4O276 Foruarili "Environ Stirvei llancs Rapt 1973. 
FURR.B.-J. Carolina Power i Lijfit Co. 79/03/29. Ip. 

7904230371 Forwards LER 79-014/03L-0. 

FtlRR.B.J. Carolina Payer fr Light Co. 79/04/10. Ip 

7904060279 "Environ Surveillance ftept 1976." 

EDWARDS, &. H. , LIPA,H. Carolina Power t. Light Co. 79/03/37. 56pp. 

7904I6020B Forwards nonthlij npuratina rppt for Mai- 1979. 
FUHR,H.J. Carolina Pouer !, Light Co. 79/04/10. Ip. 

7904160214 Monthly operating rept far Mar 1979 

HCLLIS.E. Carolina Power fc Light Co. 79/04/02. 6pp. 

Repartat.l.eiccurrerices, related i or r i 

79040A&337 Hot BS rapartaMe v.nt: dl.wv.ri, of error in Tech Specs re 
limiting value (or !,nfidr heat sene*., tin 9 rate. Prel iiMnaru 
""* Corrected limit not ec< a d ei j 
C. Carolina pocuer & Light Co. 79/03/13 Ip 

790402015? Sun 

operating factor, 

UTLEV.E.E. Carolina Power fc Light Co. 79/03/29, 


7904040097 Forward* LER 79-01 5/Q3L-0, 

FUFIR.B.J. Carolina Pouer !, Lljht Co. 79/03/33, Ip. 

ii,d(cat-. a S 79-yiSrtML-O or. 790323: ravieu of revised logic print, 
indicated that hijh steam doote pressure isolation signal for 

ihutdoun CDQlirg Isolation valve came from H3a-PS-KOI8A- I in 

addition to WO IBB. Caused by oversijftt 

TQLLIEQN.A.C. Carolina P Dta rer t, 4,l 9 St Co. 79/03/33. Epp. 

7904O401&5 Forwards LER 77-016/O3L-0. 

FURR. B. J, Carolina Pouir t-LlglH Co 79/O3/29. Ip, 

7904040167 LER 79-016/03L-0 on 79023A: "Oenerator Trlppod Hot Availab 
alarm annunciated for die, el generator 1. Caused tu trcod 
differential protection rela v s for "A" (, "C" pham Relaug 
rent b generator returned to svc. 
TOLHSDN.A, C. Carolift* Pouier fc 4. loNt Co. 79/03/29. Ip. 

790404O170 Faruardi LER 79-OQB/O3L-0. 

FURR.B.J, Carolina Payer k Light Co, 79/O3/39. Ip. 

"790^040171 LER 79-OO9/03L-O on 790301; !ar je oscillation in turbine 
speed occurred after completion f Initial acceleration 

govn^r I Set b scJe"% a puJn L-TuJ ;'"" " f " e(1CB '" 
TQLLISON, A. C- Carolina Pouer 5, Light Co. 79/03/59.* 2pp. 

'904040150 Forward, LER 79-OIO/O1T-0 
FURR.B.J. Carolina P^uer , Light Co. 79/03/30. Ip. 

Light Co. 79/O3/30. 2pp . 

riuarrts suppl info to LER 79-QI9/O3L-0, 
Carolina Poiyer t Light Co. 79/04/06. Ip. 

iut eoolinj 
if'h" ' " "'" BJ ' 1 ~ r:> " lr<1Jlu '*~l In addition to 

J.A.C. Carolina Power i. Light Co. 79/04/Ofi" 9e ip. 

'04230338 Forwards LEft 7O-07I/O3X-I 

FURR.B. J. Cr*ltna Poujr i. Light Co. 79/04/18. Ip. 

and indamnity 

7704030171 Foruards financial statements for CV77 (. CV7fl a u ...... 

SaAVr-S"!'^"^-'" 1 -'-: : ; 

UHHAM,H.E. Carolina Powor t, Light Co. 79/03/39, Ip. 
Oparating license tarje 

7904090390 Repeats addl info re capability of NS9S to niKi'l i, 
postuUfced ATMS trans ients, F D ruard. NRC 790213 l?r to OE / 
rajiiest for analyst* to confirm adequacy of propoi.d *eti. la 

WL^ru NUR "- ? 6 ? Vot 3 " cl - w ' cl.U?dUt"Jt. o ; 
VOLCMER.H.H. Assistant Director for System* (, Pro|cU. I^( 


d IA p f> u "J/' a " 1' r. plant cl 

defects at reactor sites. 

SAUrtAHN, B, Affiliation UnVnoun. 79/03/16. Ip, 

7904110234 Forwards propriatary repl MEDE- 23749- 1-P, "Conpirlig i * 
flnaltftUl Model for Computing Safety Rellap V< | v , Dltchirfi 
Line Transient Preuuraj & Forces to Montlcello r-OusncfttT 
Tast Dba. " Withheld (ref 10CFR2 790) 
79/03/20' ip B " Bral Electpl = Co. .Nuclear En.r B y Product. OLv 

7904020072 RquMti revision to Tech Specs r. (.auler IpiVI-i M "ll1 

factor, per NRC 780609 Itr transmitting OE rivlsvd n*tulkc] 

UILEYiE.E. Carolina Power t. Light Co. 79/03/27. 6pp, 

7904010190 Biscussas reasons for selection of rlitan-tvp* tiltltlli 
r C i^? r9 in " rder to moi'I'V augmented offgai fui 
ov 790401. flods will eliminate hydrogen burn probUnu, Hill 
suhmittal anticipated by 790501. 
UTLEVjE.E. Carolina Power i Light Co. 79/O3/30. 2pp, 

7904190102 Forwards Amends 22 * 46 to Liceniai DPR-71 It DPN-W 
TooE," !!' SEfl fe notfc Df i""nce t, avallabllitV- 
ifPOLITO, T. A. Operatino Reactors Branch 3. 79/04/4J4. )tt 

7904190103 Amends 46 t, 23 to Licenses DPR-6H fc DPR-7 I > ntftcll.ll 
cnangina isolation, pump, valve !, gas treatment V *tBlli, 
delating high druuell pressure isolation ilgnal t 
correcting various errors. 
IPPDLITD.T.A. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 79/04/04, IWp. 

TOLL BM S r 2 "2"?" ' lorin a -U.nt In p 
TOLLIBOH.A.C, Carolifla Pou,er * Lljht Co. 79/04/10. 2pp. 

K330237 Forwards LE 79-OOS/03K-1 

WW.B.J. Carolina Power & Light Co. 79/04/16. Ipp. 

i r t V" 1 ^ ct - "" Jtc "cycled. 
,A.C. C.rolifla P ouer k Light Co. 79/04/18, 2pp. 

SER supporting Amends 46 J, 52 to Licinil* 
urti-ci 4, DPR-71, respectively. 
* Office of Nuclear Reactor Peculation. 79/04X0*. I OH 

7904190106 Notice of Issuance fc aval labi 1 lt U of Aeiendi UtWH 
License* DPfi-62 fc DPR-71, respectively. 
IPPQLITQ,T.A. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 79/04/04, 3tt 

7904100341 Forwards F b 1979 program activity revi.ui r. Hark I 
containment program. 

General Electric Co. .Nuclear Energy Produeki Blv 



30-333 Brunswick Steam Electric Plant, Un 1 6 1 
Operating license stage 

7904260104 Forwards Amends 23 t, 47 to Lenses DPH-71 & DPR-ia, 
respective lyj safety evaluation St notice of i SB uanrp ft, 
*vji labi 1 1 tij. 

IPPOL1TO.T. A. Operating Reactors Branch 3, 79/04/06. 3pp. 

IPPOL1TO.T. A. Operating Reactor. Branch 3. 79/O4/QA. u7 B p. 


* Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. 79/04/O6. 43pp. 

7904260113 Notice of isauanca & a va 1 lab i 1 1 t.j of Amanda 33 (, 47 to 
License* DPR-71 & DPR-62. pospec ti vely. "monoa rf j 47 to 

IPPDLITO, T. A. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 79/O4/Oi, 2pp. 

n. I" 7 t" 2 ""P*""",. -"1 Info ra pr O gra m to 

?!?!?? J 5 reactor VB5i a! annulus, pressur 1 ia t ion S, 

M?, V 2S i r i c loaifl c at lt b postulated LOCA. 
UTLEVT.E.E. Carolina Pouar b Light Co. 77/04/13. 2pp. 

n T^.J 11 F IA " qOBSt f r lnfo r " "* -"U.nt. t, 

af.ty defects. l-l/list of relevant documents re nucltdr pawr 
plant! ounad by Dule Pouer Co & Carolina Poiuar & Light Co, 
Including LPDfi locations. 
FELTON.J.M. Division of Rula and RacorolB. 77/04/13. 4pp, 

Inspietlon repopti and correspondence 

-16. No noncompliance noted 

50-335/79-03 on 

79040902BO IE Inap Repts 50-321/79-O4 61 50-325/7-7-O3 on 79O11A-19, 
Noncomplianco no ted ; fa i lure to raviem can tractor *a 
test proeedura prior to pcrfoTmancfl & late suamittjl of mot 
required by 1OCFR20. 4O5. 

TROUP.O.L. , OIBSaN.A.F- Region 2, Atlanta, Fuel FacUito fc 

Matsrials Safety Branch, 79/02/14. 9pp. 

7904090059 Ac I o f 7?03I4 Ur infarmin 9 NRC of stepi taken to 
correct violations noted In IE Itilp Rep6 &O-324/79-O2 fe 


Atlallta ' Roattor Support 

79O409O062 Fie t pond a to HHC 79O221 Itr ro vlolationi notorf In IE Ins 
ftapts 50-324/79-02 . 30-325/79-02. Corr ac t ive action*: 
poq.uirBment of ui-itten tiasna on all rand packages t closod 
itams ujill he removed From log of open items, 
FURR,B. J, Carolina Pouiar b Lljht Cn, 79/03/14. 12pp, 

79O409OO67 Notice or violation from insp on 79010B-12. 13 ti 16, 
* Region 2, Atlanta, Office of tho Director. 79/02/27, App, 

7904070078 IE Insp (Upt 30-334/7^-02 k SO-32/79~Oa in 790103-13,13 
IA. Moncompl lanco notod ; f at 1 urn to carry out assigned duties, 
faikUTB to follow audit proc cd*ires, f ai 1 uru to establiali 
cdltbr maaauret & failure to aitabllsh requirnd OA ppogram 
RUHLMAN.H. A. , A9HENDEN, M. C- RagionS, Atlanta, Offie o* tho 

DIroctor. KELLQOO, P, J. RooionE. Atlanta, Rsac tor Op erat 1 ons 

Nuclear Support fir-anch. 79/02/16, 

7904270491 Fartuards IE Bulletin 79<M, "Incorrett Hvlghti for S 
Check Valves rtanufac turad ty Volan Enoinoarlnfl Corp " 
O'REILLV, J. P. Reolon 2- Atlanta, Office o* tha UCrector 

79/03/30. lp. 

7904120132 Fopuards IE Bulletin 79-03, "Nuclaar Incident At TM1 
PKO-79-67,77-fi7fl,n,C,D,E. F i- O, Mo raiponac renuirad. 
O'REILLV, J. P, Rffgion 2. Atlanta, Office of tlio Di rec t r 

79/O4/O1. 2pp, 

-790430044A IE Imp (lept 30-324/79-OH 1 90-3aS/79-OB on 790213-li Ha 
noneompllanc. noted. Hajor aroaa inpected: revieui of plant 
OA rejti.revleu of riquut for Home amend, in. p of pipe 
support & control rod drive return nanle 

7904190174 Fqruaria IE Uullottn 7-?-03A, "Nuclear IficUnnt at 
TM1 - Suppl," t f prelfniinarij chronologij oF TMI-2 7903BO 
accident until cora cooling ractorad. 

D'HEIi-LV, J.P, Raglan 2, Atlanta. Office of tho- Director. 

79/O4/O3, ip, 

Inip fiepfc 


790124-36. Notice of violation Si (nap rep t withheld <raf 

IOCFR2. 790). 

t. SD-333/79-OA an 


fiegion2. Atlanta, tia feguardt Branch. 79/03/08, 


R "" n 2 ' Atl * n *' 

**- * Str-nd.d 


Riglon 2, Atlanta, S!af e a(JJ ,r,i, Branch. 79/04/OB. 

79/03/al! J '2PP 

Atlintfl< offIcD Qf 


. . . 

FURR.D.J. Carolina Pour 8, Lloht Co. 79/03/3O. 


, t. L atujen 

Light Co & NRC consultant, i, ataff ra util 
responsi to IE Bullitln 78-03. err ra utii 

IPPOLITO.T.A. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 79/03/22. 3pp. 

i 30-323/79-06 on 790124 
1 Fn"i"'V mM sur. reduced by 
watchman Uavlng pot,lallur to contfol Uctntea vahicl. L 

m * Vlr "' Dft * 1I- w *h Cr.JloSTOa.7W 


c. of tl,. Director, 

i i" r" f 

B.J. Carol 

.llUne. tnt, t of neu, 
y mat l Dn * "?* *ubnllon of LEB<, 
ina Power fc Lioht Co. 79/03/18. 3pp. 

7904090274 Notlc. of violation fr 0m Imp on 79OH6-19 

7rta/14? Ipf' AtlJltlt " Fu " F "eI"tV <- Material, a.f.ttf 


n Surveillance flept 197B. 
fc Light Co, 79/03/29. lp, 


Flept 1970. 

Co. 79/03/27, 


DOCKET 80-325 BrunsuUt Ste-aoi Electric Plant. Unit 1 
Periodic operating reports, related c or r e-jpond nco 

7904140208 Foriaat-iit monthly operitins rept for Mar 111 1 ). 
FURR.B.J. Carolina Power (. Lljht Co. 79/04 /IO. Ip. 


79Q4I6O2I-4 Honthly operating r|il for Mar 1979. 

WILL IB, E Carolina Power ft Light Co 79/04/03, 


7904060454 LER 1-77-114 on 7712O9: t o'llouing topping of) l ... 
atmosphere dilution tank ui/liquid nitrogen, "A" loea 
vapoi-tier inlet valve NP-2713 mould not rOB0n, Caus.d t,. 
open limit switch for valve beino out of adiuetint 

O M.1tff EJD r* I J rr t , , .. _ _. "J""* 1 ""*. 

Carolina Power & Light Co. 70/01/0";, 

710401.0337 Notes reportable event: discovary of error (n T,k a. 
limiting value for linear heat generating rut* Prllin,,, 
record* iearch indicates corrected limit u,t not aiceed!/ 
TOLL ISDN, A. C. Carolina Potuor (, Light Co 79/03/19 7J 

Raportdble occ 

BJTCB.IJ related torripondefite 

7904060391 Forwards LER 1-77-97. 

BANKS., Carolina Pouer & Lljht Co. 77/12/02. Ip. 

--7?O4040397 LER 1-77-97 c-n 771103: iu/reac tor in pun mDifB.durins periodic 
teitrpump 1A uajld not start, Caused by loose valve operator 
tovep. perflii tt iny electrical contact! to be eiposed to 
overhead tiater 1 eak. resul tin j in corros i on, Wipes removed. 
BANKS. H, R. Carolina Pouisr t LIgnt Co. 77/12/02. 3pp. 

790412O361 Forwards LER 78-O77/Q3X~I. 
FURfi.B.J. Carolina Power & Light Co. 

79/04/On., If. 

7904IS0367 LER 7B-077/03X-1 on 7B1006; level switch E 
activate during test.Caused by Robertahau Moiffll P3-D 
being out of cal ibr. Instrument recalibrated. 
TQLLISQN.A.C. Carolina Power & Light Co. 79/04/O&, 

7^04120273 Forwards LER 78-OB3/03X-1. 
FUHR.B.J, Carolina Pouar ti Light Co. 

79/04/OA. Ip. 

7904060432 Foruards LER 1-77-95. 

a. Carolina POUBT i Light Co. 77/13/03, Ip. 

LEfl 1-77-93 on 771 103: w/PBaq tor in run morfa, whila tilting 
HPCF turninajauiHiarg HPCJ oil pump trlppm* reul ting in 
HCPI turbine trip.Caoiad b^ ^hortinj at auiilitri oil 
pump due to filgh viater level in HPCI ro^rn. 
BflNKSiH.n, Carolina Pauer ft Light Co. 77/12/02. Bpp. 

7904340310 Fnruardi LER 79-OOA/03L-0. 

.J. Carolina Pau r k Light Co. 


Fopiuardi LEH I-77-9S. 
BANKS, H. R. Carolina POUFP & Light Co. 

77/18/03. Ip. 

790406042B LEH 1-77-98 an 77t 10?: w/reac tor in run node, RHR snubber an 
i-team tondenEfng line found Inoperat ive. Caused bij uater 
hanner. Opepaitort (nstrucfcad to ensure RHH heat eichangoT Is 
isolated b i(s is filled & vented. 

R. Carolina Paaef & Light Co. 77/12/05, 2pp. 

-79MWWM LEH 79-006/03L-0 on 790316: during P.f UI || n ..... , 
tube Ual. allowed chlorides to enter conden.-tt ,L WD 
in svc became depleted due to entrained a*U]n. Condinnr 

( " 


-A.C. Carolina POU.BP t, Light Co. 

C tO Cle s 

79/04/17 3 tl 

7904230263 Forwards LER 7B-062/01X-1 
FURR,B. J. Carolina Pduer t, Light Co. 

79/04/18, Ip. 

7904060411 Forwards LER 1-77-99. 

BWKE.H.H. -Caralina Fguep k Ltg^it Co. 

77/12/09. Ip. 

7904060414 LER 1-77-99 on 771 1 14j uh It e perf opmlng reactor prenora Mo 
shutdown coaling isolatiam lnitrunnt B32-PS-N01BA did not 
actuate in time. Cauead bu flood water daniga to iiultch. 
Tro-ublt tlefc** written fc in*tpoment replaced. 
BflNKB.H.R. Carolina POUBP d Light Co. 77/12/08, 2pp 

--7904H302A9 LER 7B-062/01X-I on 7aQ&14:,n 7BO&OB, r.r. <*ttlllt 
H.rfDrmed unsatisfactorily, personnel performing tttt IN 1 
injtl*it shift foreman. Caused by loa-e uir. to UrMlntl n 
Poumr lead relugged t. teited satisfactorily 
TOULISON. A. C. Carolina Pouer *c Light Co. 79/04/1B, ?|i, 

7904260201 Forwards LEII 79-013/03L-0 
FURRj B. J. Carolina POUIBP S, Light Co. 


7904060402 Fornuard* LER 1-77-96. R, Carolina Power fc Light Co. 

77/13/07. Ip. 

7904040406 LEfl 1-77-94 an 771 134: /reaetor in pun tnode.whlle moving 
ipent fuel tail out of reactor bide, secur i ty alarm indicated 
outer doors not shut lecura lu. Causrd bij faulty latching 
methaninn on outer door.Doori nou chain lockarf 
BAHK3.H, R, Carolina Power A Lljhfc Co. 77/12/0?. 2pp, 

7904040382 Fopwards LFR 1-77-102. 

BANKB.H.R. Carolina Pousr fc Light CD. 

77/12/22. I p. 

7W40W388 4.BB 1-77-102 on 771IH7; N/n top in run .node, orange sy(tch 
J2./S" ** ln(n ' nt Q "onlt" found 0-23X scla h concentration 
ISA. C4ui<4 by Dperator- errc-p, 
BAMKB.H.R. Carolina f>owr & Light Co. 77/13/22. 2pp. 

7TO*Oo04.60 Forwards LEFI 1-77-H3. 

" N, Carolina Power i. Light Co, 

7H/O1/06. Ip. 

-7904060464 UEft i-77-113 on 771209: during ECCS tln.ln s n.-iuenc 
dlsl geniratar 3 failed to meet lo-i cpitiria by 1 to 
OZ-i Caused 4i( air starting V*lve on left bant cgllndr 
ttfcting shut Una to carton buildup. 

.R. Carolina Pom*r V Light Co, 73/01/06, 8pp 


7W40A044C- Forward* LER 1-77-1 I 1- 

BANKS.HR. Carolina Powar t Light Co, 

78/01/0?. Ip. 

-7908Ma07 LER 79-013/03L-0 on 79030B: dur ing Intp. snu*r - 
to lock up. No rea.on for failure discovered. Snufrt*r seals initalleifi rtinstalld t tfitH 
ui/idtisfactory results. 
TOLL1SON, A. C. Carolina Power ti Light Co. 79/04/10. l| 

79/04/Z3. Ip. 

Forwards LER 79-009/03L-0. 
FURR, B. J. Carolina Pouer fc Light Co.' 

-790424Q364 LER 79-009/03L-0 on 790323:uhIU p.rfor(H( *4llir|>iij 
tBtrvoltage fell below required first minifta batl*ry 
voltage. Caused by otldlitd fc loom terminals It conntcleM. 

Evarychlng reconnected, torqued tc regreased, 
TOLLISON.A.C. Carolina Power ti Lioht Co. 79/O4/33. tlt- 

DOCKET 30-326 Univ. of California at levin* Rei. RtJictor 
InipBctlon rtports and correspondence 

7904I30O04 Diicutsei IE Intp Rept 80-326/79-02 on 790236. IE 1U 
S. notice- of violation withheld (ref 10CFHS. 7901. 
NQRDERHAUO.L.R, Region 3, San Franc Uca- Bttfnutrii !'"( 

79/03/30. 2pp. 

DOCKET 30-327 Bequoyah Nuclear Plantr Unit 1 

. -.._ _ _ __.,..._^ ......__ ,-,_^__^._. . ^-4 

Appl lea t lon/constructlart itage 

7904040+44 LER 1-77-111 on 77I31O: tihd* secorinj DUial fftnarator 3 
frail .control rooi,32D pela.y 4 dltel locfcawt nlau c*ught on 
fire.Cauie uridt*rnind. Relay nplace-tf. ncjllhrattd tt 
ehcled.fiilau clrtiHti trip chccktd. 

fl, Carolina Poutr * Light Co. 7B/Ol/<tt, 3ff. 

7904060449 ForuariSs LER I-77-S14. 

8WKS.H.R. CaraEln^ Posur *. Light Co. 

78/01/09. 2pp. 

790412O104 Federal Register notice of agtnda for AC KB 7901I7 Hi 
tU*h Ingtoni DC to rivieu TVA operating llceni* appllC'lltn. 
Foruard* determination stating several sgcUont at lllln| 
Will be cloud. 

HOVLGi J, C, ACR8 - Advisory Committee on Ri*ctor a*ti|un^ 
79/02/22. 3pp, 

7904190113 fteituest for addl Info re foundation nflnitrini- 

.A. Light Mater Reactors Branch 4. 79/03/W-. Mf 



DOCKET 30-327 Se^uoyah Nuclear Plant, Unit I 
Application/construction stage 

7704120334 Informs that applicant passed written eiam on 79O131-0201 . 
but tailtt op orating test on 790313. Denl as application for 
operator licnse. 
COLLINS, P. F. Operator Licensing Branch, 79/O3/29, 2pp. 

79Q4120333 Informs that applicant passed urltten B lam on 79O124-23, but 
failed operating test on 79Q3Q7, Denl es application for 
operator license. 
C<H_LINS,P.F, Operator Licensing Branch. 79/03/39. Hpp, 

79O41B0298 Forward* connection diagrams on 12O volt ac vital inverters.. 
H/thres ovenifld diagrams sent to D Lasher. 
OILtELAND. J. E. Tennessee Valley Authority. 79/04/10. 4pp. 

7904170299 Forwards responses to Items 8-li of NRC 7BI239 Itr to MB 
Hughes. These re-spouses will he Incorporated into Amend 61 of 
OILLELAND, J. E. Tennessee Valley Authority. 79/04/11. 2pp, 

79O41BQ272 Effective 781231, OS Parrls assumed position of Manager of 
Power. Correspondence previously addressed to NEJ Hughes 
should be addressed to HO Parria at SOQA Chestnut St, Touie-v 
Chattanooga. TM. 
OILLELANDj J, E. Tennessee Valley Authority, 79/Q4/13. lp. 

790417019S IE Insp Ropts 50-3S7/79-O9 6 50-328/79-OS on 790303-O9, Ho 
none ompl lance- noted. Major areas ins poc feed: prcopara tional 
testing radwaste sy-s, proc edure preparation fr praparatlon 
for imp 1 email tat i o-n of re-sp Ira tory protection program, 
JACKSON.L.L, Region 2. Atlanta, Office of tha Dlr-Ottor. 

OIHSuN.A.F. Region a, Atlanta. Fuel Facility b Material* Bafetu 

Branch. 79/0-3/03, 6pp. 

7904300496 Forwards IE Insp- Rept 5Q-327/79-1 3 on 79O331-33. No 
noncoirtpliance noted, 

LEWIS, B.C. Region 2* Atlanta, Reactor Operations Nuclaar- Sopnort 

Branch. 79/OS/tfi, 2pp. 

7904300493 [E losp 5O-;337/V9- 13 an 77Q221-23.No noncomp 1 ianc a 
natd. Major areas inapa c fcod : ppeoparat iona 1 test ultnessir H 
ft rosults evaluation. Follouup on previously Insp lions S, 
plant tour. 

DONAT. T. J, Region 2, Atlanta, Roaetor Opei-atlona Nuclear 

Support Branch. 79/03/16. 4pp. 

7904240041 Forwards IE Bulletin 78-138, "Atypical Ua I d Ma t 1 In lleactnr 
Pressure Vassal Holds. " 

Rogion 2, Atlanta, Office of t4ie Director. 79/03/19. 

7904800469 Forwards IE Circular 79-03, "Moisture Le*fcdg e In Stranded 
Hire Conductors, " 
79/03/ LY ' J ' P "ofliori 2. ASlanta, Office of the [Hi-actor. 

7901240*27 Forwards Revision 9 to "Prosorvice Baseline Insp & Inservlce 
fnsj) Program." Incorporates changes to Class E) praservice 
Imp < to include only welds (t components which require 
Inservlce imp. 
OILLELANDi J. E. Tennessee Valley Authority. 79/O4/19. 16pp. 

Utility FSAR and amendment. 

79O417O192 Forwards FSAR revisions to Section 13. 2. I neornoratas 
responses to Items 11-19 of Hr to N Hughes. Matl mill 
be Included in Amend 61 to FSAR. 
OILLELANDi J. E. Tennessee Valley Authority. 79/O4Y11. 


Operating license stage 

79040401B7 Scheduled fuel load dates for Unit* 1 Si a ar Jun 1979 J, 
Fafj I9aOirpecfcively. 
OILLELAND, J, E. Tennessee Valley Authority. 79/Q3/29, lp. 

Inspection reports and correspondence 

7WK1I0176 Foruar-ds IE Insp Rpts SO-327/79-OS fc 3C--32B/79-03 on 
79Htl6~lt.Ha no-ncompliance noted. 

HUHPHY,C.e. Region 2, Atlanta, Reactor Construction & Engineering 

Support Branch. 79/02/20. 2pp. * 

--79041101BO IE Insp Repts 30-327/79-03 fc 30-328/79-O3 on 79OU&-19.NO 
nancompllanica noted. Major araas Inspected: 
*uIliary b-ldgs.uork acttvitlet for electrical cablet, 
<iuallt(j records b actions; on previous noncnmpl ianos. 
MALTERfl,D. K. Region 2i Atlanti Office of the Director 

BftYANT, J.C. Region 2, Atlanta, Reactor Construct ion & 

Enointering Support Branch. 79/02/16. 4pp. 

7904.1203M Forward I IE Insp Rapt 30-337/79-07 on 790123-23 No 
nencomplienca noted. 
LEHIS.R.C. Region 2, Atlanta, n*ctor Qpei-atlon* Nuclear Support 

7904Q30177 ForwarJa IE Info Notice 79-O3, "Use of Improper rtatls in 
Saf Bti(-Relatd Components. " 

O'REILLY.O. P. fiejion 3, Atlanta, Office of the Director 

79/O3/31. 2pp. 

7904300390 Foruards IE Info Notice 79-O7, "Hop ture of Raduiaste Tanks 
O'REILLY, J. P, Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director 

79/O3/26. 2pp. 

7904270316 Forwards IE Bulletin 7<?-04, "Incorrect Height, for Builng 
Check Valves Manufactured by Velan Unginarlng Corp," 

79/03/30. lp. 

Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

2 Si Forwards 1C flulutir 79-O3, "Nucloar Incident at TMI" I. 
PMO-7V-67, 79-67A,B,C,D,E,r !, 0. No l-esjioni* required. 
onetLLY, J.P. Region 2. Atlanta, Office of the Director 

79/04/O1. 2pp. 

7904190IB9 Forwards IE Quilt tin 79-0&A, "Mucloar Inciifont at 

TMI - 3dppl," J, pvellminarv chronology of TMI-2 79O329 

accident until core cooling restored. 

79/04/Os' J 'l' re * slt>n 2 ' *>"* 0-fflce af the Director. 


Hys rUflalignmints Identified Birring TMI Incident " 

79/04/1"!' J ' P i ""a 10 " s ' Atlanta- Office of th Dii-actor. 

Error. *, 

n!n^ 1 'lI" !^ B lfj;!*i V*~**' "*" ' Op-r.llonal Error, fc 
Sys M( al lonment. Idntlfld During the TMI Incident " 

79/04 / 14' J ' T Rt a |Dn z ' Atlanta, Office of the n| rBCtlM .. 

Reportable occurrence., related correspondenca 

7904120363 IE tnsp 80-327/79-07 on 790123-25. No 
noted, Major aireai inspected: preoperational tts tsi review of 
Title 10 requirements for posting & facility tour. 
HES8MAN.R. H. Rgion 2, Atlanta. Office of the Director 

QUICK,D.R,, DANCE.H.C B.gion 2, Atlanta, Reactor Op era tlons 

Nuclear Support Branch, 79/02/21. Spp. 

7904170481 Forwards IE Insp Rept 30-327/79-10 on 790130-0202. No 
nancompl lance noted. 

CEMI8.R.C. Region 2, Atlanta, Reactor Operations Nuclear Support 

Branch. 79/03/OB. 2pp. Hr 

79041704B7 IE In*p 30-327/79-10 on 79013O-OH02. No noncomp I line e 
noted, Major -areas inpect*d: preoperational teet witnessing fc 
completed preopertlon test package revleu. 
DONAT.T. J, Region 2, Atlant*. Office of the Director. 

MARTIN.R.D. Rigion 3, Atlanta, Reactor Operation* Nuclear 

Support Branch. 79/03/08, 7pp. 

7904170492 Forwards IE Imp Repts 30^327/79-09 4 30-328/79-03 on 

790209-09. No noncompliance noted, 

SUTHERLAND, J. T. Region 2, Atlanta, Fuel FacIUtu d t1trijU 

Safety Branch,. 79/03/09. 2pp. ' 

r-ors I " U * r '" ' ln *' J<ficl " 1C1 ' "Pt re .natal shaving, in v.lva 
OILLELANO. J. E. Tennessee Vall Authorittj. 79/02/28. lp. 

N n ;!,^" lci ; r " :lJ r ' pt r ' mftal h-vitiji found in p B r*tlnj 

cglintfers % filters of hydraulic 11;*. Operation of manual 
pump permitted overprei.urt la tion of hydraulic cylinder 
Shavings removed . 
* Tennessee V*Hy Authority. 79/OB/28. 2pp. 

n-, orU " t "",f ir " 1 ""*: P-pt P. high flow alarm In 
*santll raw coollns uatar piping. 

QILLELAND, J. E. Tennossea Valley Authority. 79/03/2O. If, 

7904060268 Fln.l dtflcltnc., rap t : determine.! that frreafc In 
noniei.ffiically-nualified lines of essential raw coo Una 
water sij. would result in unacceptable lo. of water 
Quallfiad instrumentation mill ba provided 
T*nnas*e Valleij Aifthorlty. 79/02/3B. l p . 


. E. Tennessee Valivy Authority. 79/02/2B. 



DOCKET 50~327 Sequo V dh Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 


Tfin BS e E Valleu Authority 79/03/39. 

0-ILLELAN.D, J. E. Tnnai 9aa Valley Authority 79/O3/07. if. 



" Tenneaisa Wallop Authority. 79/03/07, lp. 

^;:*'*" """ < 

Authority. 77/03/09. lp. 

- 1 '"^' - ! " 

y A ut h fl rit y . 7WM/09. 1pp. 



uthdrity. 79/03/13. p. 

'* "-'i^-t ""it- -nc 
CILLE4.AND.J.E. r B nr, B , SB( . Va il v AtiMai-it,. 77/03/14. lp. 


^ fiflmi 

79/O3/14, j p . 

* TEnniea V-alleg AutAur i tij. 

rW<ri! ' " rSt " lt ' rl " "P ..... " -I control loop 
GILLEUND.J.E, Tann.,... VjMig Aulhority. 79/03/H. | n . 

AutJioriti,. 7?/03/I4. lp, 

lp . 


Vall v Authority. 79/03/B1. 2 pp. 

S'S r :; J."- : ;V : '"" : "' ?-"""" ~ 

uiLLfcLAHD.J.E. Tanna.iM Valleg A Ut N Q rlt v . 79/03/33. 3pp. 

v . 77/04/06 

TaniiMia* V a il BV AnW*ritf. 79/04/Oi! l . 

:??lf quoy " 1 Wl*r Plant, Unit 2 
AppUcatiati/conitructlon ttg a 



Operator Licking Branch. 79/03/S9. 


T,nn al5Ba Va ll ey Authority 77/04/10. 


SILLEUAND.J.E. Tenn ..... Valley Author 1 t V . 4/II, a... 

.V Authority. 79/O4/13. ,.. 

. 79/04/E9. 

F5AR and> 

OIULELAND.J.E. Tennai.ea Valleg Authority. 79/04/11. 1 ? 
Operating ticenae itage 


QILLELAMO.J.E. T Bnne ,, 8e v allal , Authorltv. 79/03/33, lp. 

; K'PI ""' ' 

f "" ' " 


.n Om-H h 

i e n -!!!^* 3 - 327 "''-0' 30-329/79-OS .n Om 
tUnS r^,,!.? <f ' M * JOP "" *n^et.d:,PaoaMtlaniL 

for l! J '!? * g l "" 1 '''' pra M MHn pr.p-r.tlan 

JMkflS 7 T* * 1 2 ni0 ' "MlMtorv prot.ctUn projr*., 
GIBBON I ir ' 2"J 0n 2 ' ** 0* of tha Vr.ctn. 

B^"'' 12 ' *""*" Fl " ! F *M.,.,l, 

O^'flEILLY R.jion a, Atlanta, Office et th. Director. 

HOYLE.J.C. ACRS - AdvlftDru c...ii 


POCKET SO-328 Sequoyah Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 
Inspection reports and correspondence 


7904060340 Forwards first interim rept on deficient tensile anchor 
QILLELAND, J. E. Tennessee Valley Authority. 79/03/1-1. 1p. 

-790*030177. Forwards IE Info Notice 79-03. "Use O f Improper Matls in 
Safety-Related Components. " 

Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

79/O3/31. 2pp. 

ag Ion 

790-1200390 Forwards IE Info Notlca 79-O7, "Rupture of Raduaste Tank* " 
O'HEILLY, J. P. Region S, Atlanta, O/fica of the Director 

79/O3/26. 2pp. 

3"K)4370S16 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-04. "Incorrect Heights for Suing 
Check Valves Manufactured by Valan Enginoering Corp " 
Q'REILLY,J,P. Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director 

79/Q3/30. lp, 

7*04120125 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-03, "Nuclear Incident at TMI" fc 
PNa-79-i7,79-67A,B,C,D,E,F i, 0. No response required 
O'REILLY. J.P. Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director 

79/04/O1. 2pp. 

."304260340 Forwards IE Bullattn 79-06, "Review of DpBratian-1 Errors & 
Sys Misalignments Idantlfled During TMI Incident " 
O'REILLY. J. P. Region 2. Atlanta, Office of the Director 

79/04/11. Ip. 

"7Q427057Q Forwards IE Bulletin 79-06A, "Revleu of Operational Error* b 
6ys Misalignment* Identified During the TMI Incident." 
O'HEILLYr J. P. Region 2. Atlanta, Office of the Dlractor. 

79/04/14. Ip. 

Reportable occurrences, related correspondence 

9O40603S9 Forwards final deficiency rept re metal shavings in valve 
OILLELANDr J, E. Tennessee Valley Authority. 79/Q2/2B. Ip. 

79040*0263 Final deficiency rept re metal shavings Found in operating 
cylinder* b filters of hydraulic sys. Operation of manual 
pump permitted overprHssurization of hydraulic cylinder. 
Shavings removed, 
Tennessee Valley Authority, 79/02/2B, 3pp. 

904060263 Forwards final deficiency rept re high flou alarm in 
essential rau cooling water piping, 
QILLELriND. J. E. Tennessee Valley Authority. 79/O2/23. Ip, 

-79040402:69 Final deficiency rep t: determined that break in 
no-nssinntcaUy-qualif led lines of essential rau cooling 
uatar tys would result In unacceptable lois of water. 
Qualified instrumentation will bl provided. 
Tennessee Valley Authority. 79/02/28. Ip. 

7901060337 Foruarda first interim r*pt re failure of control looo 
bis tables. 
GILLELANDj J. E. Tennessee Valley Authority. 79/O3/14, Ip. 

7-504060339 First interim rept on failure of control loop bistables on 
79O2I4;ni-stabl'Bs inauiiliaru control room found to fail in 
undesirable position upon injs of control p nuer. Caused by 
error in Instrument wiring. 
Tennessee Valley Authority. 79/03/14, lo. 

7904040141 Furuarda final dsficiency rept re piping embed dad in 
s true Sura t concrete. 
GILLELAND, J, E. Tennessee Valleu Authority. 79/O3/21. Ip, 

--790104O14B Final rept of piping embedded in structural concrete 
Conclude* structural capacitias taaul<S not he Impaired bu 
embaddod pipes. 

* Tennessee Valley Authority, 79/03/21. 3jp. 

7904040093 Forwards final rpt re installation a-t essential rau cooling 
cuatar drain walva TVA Class Q instead of TVA Class C. 
O1LLELAND, J. E, Tonnesaaa Valley Authority, 79/03/33, 2pp. 

7-J041201VI Forwards final re fl t re overheating of bearings in 
rnotor-drivan auiiliary fasdiuator pumps. 
OILLELAND, J. E, Tennessee Valloy Authorltu. 79/04/O6. Ip. 

7904120194 Final deficiency rept MEB 79-1 1 ; overheat i ng outer thrust 
bearings on motor-dr i von juxiltarij feedwater pumps. Caused by 
pumps developing more thrust force than anticipated by 
design. Hater cooling lys to be installed. 

* Tennessee Valley Authority. 79/04/06. lp, 

7^04060346 First interim rapt on tensile anchor capacities lower than 
assumed in design a I louab las , Caused by progressiva cracking 
of heat affected zone of welded stud anchors In flaiible 
plate connections. Te-sts underway. 
* Tennessee Valley Authority. 79/O3/I4, lp. 

DOCKET 3O-32 1 ? Midland Plant, Unit 1 
Application/construction stage 

7904060063 Summary of 790306 meeting ui/Conaumers PoLier Co . Hechtal 
Corp in Midland, MI re status of soli preload program. 
HOOD, D. Light Water Reactors Branch 4. 79/03/2O. 4pp. 

79Q4090238 Summary of 790306 site vi(t ra status of soil preload 
HOOD, 0. Light Water Fle-actora Dranch 3. 79/03/HO. 4pp. 

7O4060336 Foruiards first deficiency rept on diasel generator ralay 
tachometer failurns. 
QILLELAND, J, E. Tennessee Valley Authority. 79/O3/28. lp. 

7904IfiO134 Forwards IOCFR50. 34 re-(iueit For addl info re plant backfill 
Sltt Ivnent. 
DENTON, H. R. Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. 79/03/21. 9pp. 

7904060361 First deficiency rapt on diasel generator relay tachometer 
failures during periodic d preoperat lonal testing. Probab ly 
caused by improprly designed voltaoe regulation circuits. 
Zener diodes replaced. 
Tennessee Valley Authority. 79/02/BB. lp. 

7904160007 Forwards NRC positEons . requests for addl info based upon 
reviau through FSAR Revision 19. Alio forwards errata fihsot 
re prior Request 331, 3, uh ich contained omission. Seeks 
responses tn request-s at earliest opportunity. 
VAROA.S.A. L-ight Mater Reactors Branch 4. 79/O3/22. 19pp. 

Forwards final deficiency rept re error in design at small 
I Ina supports. 
OILLECAND, J. E. Tennessee Valley Authority. 79/03/07. lp. 

-7 704 06 02 52 Final deficiency raptimavament of steel containment vessel 
was not accounted for in design of supports for small 
)ln* penetrating shield bldg. Designs are under analys'is & 
support! mill be redesigned. 
* Tennessee Valley Authority. 79/03/07. lp. 

7904160373 Discusses NRC Interim position on ATMS pending Commlss i o.n '* 
final nsotutian.Propoias plant muds which mould reduc* risk 
of ATMS to acceptable laval. 
VAROA.S.A. Light Hater Reactors Branch 4. 79/03/33. Spp. 

790117O1EQ Requests addl Info re pvesepvlce insp fc mechanical testing 
of matin raqueit inadvertently omitted From 790323 Itr, 
VARGAiS.A. Light Water Reactors Branch 3. 79/03/24. 6pp, 

?O 4060 320 Forward* final deficiency rip tj NCR lOll.ra sy accumulator 
flow -at leu reactor coolant sys levels. 
OILLELAND, J.E. Tennessee Valley Authority. 79/03/09. lp. 

7904120339 Notification of 79Q41Q & 11 meeting til/Consumer* Power Co- in 
Bethesdar MD to diicuss open items associated u/FSAR review. 
HOODiD.S. Light Mater Reactors Branch 4. 79/O3/2B. 3pp. 

-7904060333 Fine! deficiency reptiNCR 1011, re reduced safety injection 
lys accumulator ftou at low reactor coolant sys level*. 
Design of modified injection line orifice so-lved problem 
of backpressure effect on cavltation downstream, 
OILLELANDi J, E. Tennessee Valley Authority. 79/03/09. 1pp. 

?O406O279 Second interim rept re possible eiceselve uater hammer 
fare** an mein f*ailwater check valves. Analysis in progr-ess. 
Expect* to submit complete rept by 790921. 
OILLELAND., J.E Tennessee Valley Authority. 77/03/13, lp. 

7904030211 Responds to NRC 790131 Itr requesting addl info for review 
of CP application. Forward* responses to Questinns 1,2 & 3 Te 
flaodplajln mgt.Tuo over*ii*d drawings % two maos enc L. 
HOHELL, B. H. Consumers Pouer Co. 79/03/30. 303pp. 

790430 03 7O Foruards open Items r* FGAK revtaui. Informs of 79O4Q3 
meeting schedulad to discuss gnarai status & .perspective 
of review. Meeting w/ technical staff scheduled far 79041O-1 1 
fc 790419-20. 
VAfiOA- S. A. Lttihb Uater Reactors Branch 4. 79/O3/30. 4Sfp. 


DOCKET 50-339 Midland Plant. Unit J 
Application/construction i tage 

7704250617 Forwards responie tp HRC 79033-1 raqueit re plant fill tor 
HOUELL. S. H. Comumerj Pousr Co. 79/04/24-. lp. 


7904SS0618 Rffino 
Units I & 3. 
* Consumer* Pauer Ca. 79/04/24. ISSpp 

to NBC IOCFR50. 34 1 f ) request re plant fill 

Utility EH and anandniBrts ulth related correspondence 

7904030274 Faruardj Amend t,3 to Aff I ication tar CP 4 DL 
HO WELL- B.I!. Consumers Pauier Co. T9/O3/30, Spp. 

790103037* A* Bn d 62 to application for reactor CP 1. OL. Include* 
revised pages for incorporation into environ Tent 
Can-sumers Pouer Co. 79/O3/3&. 200pp. 

environ ^ uardH **fM**tt o( distribution of twanf 62,Rsvision 
DAOUD, L. Consumer* Poatr Co. 79/04/03. 4pp, 

KfIC DES- FES. supplements 

790409Q033 Draft tuppl to FES re const of facility 

^ Office of Nuclear fillet r Ftegulat ton NUftEffl-OlS?, 77/01/31. 

7904030132 Final suppt to FES 

e 3 pp." l Ava?LbU l a" r H ?lg Ct0r '' eiUl " t " )n IMIII( ^. 77/06/30. 


anar Lincoln b Btale. 77/02/30, Ip. 

7704060461 Forwarfli attacned inter-In, r,pt r. lettle 
!r^' f "r nda j'" fc H-|.Corr ." 

fi::5'jii 5i;: - !9K n "*" p bid ..... pr ^ a "- 

HOUELLiB. H. CODSUIUBTS Poiuer Cd. 79/03/23. 12pp. 

Ish.m. Lincoln (, Beale. 79/03/15. Ip. 


OtBBB.M. E. 

HOWELU.8. H. Consuncr* Potuer Co. 79/03/09. 4pp. 

rr;-"-' :.'.s!.!:^" ...... e 

mUFH R P V *hl.J.Bht.l 79022i lt r 'ncl. " 

MUMbUL, a. H. Consunerm Pouier Co. 79/03/12, 3pp. 


s:; : n ? u : a , fl r t6 ? n --*i-s cj^ c r : rr MH 

HWBU S M ^* tlp<li " n " rf f "- lmiHr BIN r.-t-.vl.L. 


o uw Co. 79/03/09. 40pp 


Branch 4. 79/03/19, lp. 

Ml Plttman , Pottmi 


ower Co. 77/D3/3O. 

7904KBOt66 S gge a tl ons f or improvement, (n 

VALENTINE. B. D. Valentin., P. C. 79/03/30. 
Financial information 

Utility FSAR and amendments 

^r Fary a rd S Amend 41 to application for ,. i 
a 9 H lt " M "**lnln-B Revl.Un 19 to FRAfl. ' '" * 
.B.H. Conaumer* Pouar CD. 79/O3/27. lp, 

7904030097 Revision 19 to F8AR. 

HOWELL.B.H. Consumers Pouier Co. 79/03/27. BOOpp 

r v"-' -sa:sss-s::.?-- 

HOOD.D.B. Light Water Reactor, Drarch 4. 7V/O3/JQ 3,, 

Consumers Pouier Co. 79/03/31. 9pp. 


BACOM.J.L. Consumer* Power Co. 79/04/04, 3pp. 
Inspection report, and correipondince 

ran 79/03/02." 'spp 3 ' Ch '" 9 ' *" Cptll.n. 

--790426011I Notice of violation from Insp or 73HOI-M 
Region 3, Chicago, Office of fchi tHrsctor. 

7904340115 IE Imp Rapts 30-329/78-82 k 30- 

Sn nJo" n ?f d "-" * TOVld. atf 
P<-""ibed Interval! for 


ari Ini P, R P*' 30-329/79-03 S, SO-330/79-03 in 
nancBMpliMct notid.rtajor areas Inspected: rctr (||M 
pressur. bounrfaru piping, u.Uing (. proc*dur.i< i/l ( -r-iU 
piping, procerfuret t, welding. 

- , 

ineering Support Branch. 79^03/03 Sfj 

B . 79/03/30, 

F S rll ' artI * IE In> P "'P 6 5-3a*/7?-oa * 90-330/79-0?** 

noneowpllane. noted. 

,,,.= . "'Blon 3. Chicago, Reac tor Com truct Edn h C*!'"*' 
Sujiport Branch. 79/03/05. Spp. 

79041H010B re In*p Rept* 30-320/79-02 It 30-330/77-02 *n 7S*"5* 
noncorapllanee noted. Major areas ln*pvcted: Ini Ul HM4 *l 
lafBH-relatad instrument* 4 eUetrical cablii, UtlwH| 
SB^T= "P"' "Swings < QC procedur.i. 

BAHRETT, P A. , HANSEN, H, A. , KNDP, R. C. Rfglon 3, Ch [<*)' '< 

Construction t< Englnering Support Branch. 79V03W. ,U 



DOCKET 30-329 Midland Plant, Unit 1 
Inspection reports and correspondence 

7704030368 Discusses 790223 & 79O305 meeting of NRC.util & Bachtel Corp 
r*> settlement of diesel generator bldg & landf i 1 1 . Note* 
past h pjesent problems id/foundations I, soil compaction. 
Forward* investigation findings t-. responses. 

KEPPLER. J. 0: Rogion 3. Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/03/13 


79O403Q372 "Presentation of Investigation Findings of Settlement of 
Diesel Oenerator Bldg ft Plant Area Fill." Concludes 
corrective action was inadequate* certain design tt const 
specs u*ra not followed fc FSftR is unsubstantiated, 

* Reoion 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/02/23. Ifipp, 

790403Q375 "Discussion of NRG Insp Facts Resulting from NRG 
Investigation at Diesel Generator Bldg." Concludes sampling 
(surveillance! plan was inadequate & degree of insp was 
reduced bg going to sampling plan. 

* Consumers Power Co. 79/03/09. 38pp. 

79Q4Q3O37a "Response to HRC Question on Condition of Boils Under All 
Other Plant Areas." U/oversiied drawings. 

* Consumers Power Co. 79/03/03. 13pp. 

79040SOO4B Ack receipt of 79O31.& interim rept ro pressuriiar heater 

FIORELLI.Q. Region 3. Chicago, Reactor Construe t ion fe Engineering 

Support Branch. 79/03/26. Ip. 

7904040052 Ac V receipt oF 790312 Final rept on small break analysis. 

F10KEl,LI.. Region 3, Chicago. Reactor Construction fc Engineering 

Support Branch. 79/03/26, to. 

79O4O4OO7Q Acli receipt of 79031.& interim rapt re reactor bldg ipray 
piping supports. 

FIOHELLI. G>. Region 3. Chicago, Raac tor Construction fc Engineering 

Support Branch. 79/03/24. Ip 

79CWQ1O164 Forwards interim deficiency rapt ra inboard terminal bortu 
of electrical penetration assemblies 
HQWELL.S.H. Consumers Paiaar Co. 79/03/30. Ip. 

7<7O4O401*,6 Interim deficiency rapt 2: describes s ta tus. probab le cause, 
fc corrective actions taken re inadequate) wire- terminations 
in electrical penetration as semb 1 i as, Supji 1 ier has initiated 
insp program. Follows up 79010B rept. 
BLEAU.C. J., CA5TLEBAUM. R. Consumers Power Co. 79/O3/30. 2pp. 

79Q4Q301I4 Forwards IE Circular 79-04, "Loose Locking Nut on Liroi torqiiD 
valve Operators. " 
KEPPLER. J, 0. Ragion 3, Chicago, Office of She Director. 79/03/16 

DOCKET BO-33O Midland Plant. Unit 2 
Appl ica tlonc/coriis true 1 1 o-n stage 

79Q4O30O&3 Forwards IE Bulletin 7B-12D, "Atypical Meld Matt in Reactor 
Pi-assure Vessel Uelds, " 
KEPPLER r O.O. Region 3. Chicago, QffU, of the Director. 79/03/19. 

7904030034 Forwards IE Circular 79-05. "Moisture LaatJjo In Stranded 
Hire Connsctor*. " 

KEPPLEH, J. 0. Raoion 3, Chicaoo, Office of the Director. 79/O3/20. 


7-704270019 Acfc receipt of 790309 Itr informing NRC of steps taken to 
correct violation* noted in IE Insp Repts 90-329/78- 16 i 

FIORELLI.O. Region 3i Chicago, Reactor Cons ti-uct ion 6 Engineering 

Bupport Branch. 79/03/23. Ip. 

79O4270Qaa Respond* to NRC Itr re violations notd In IE Insp Hepts 
50-329/7B-U *. 30-330/7B-I6. Correctivn actions: pipe usad for 
fabricating spools Is 2 1/2 Inch nominal thickness. so ABME 
Codes do not apply. 
HOHELL.S.H, Consumer* Power Co. 79/03/09. 2pp. 

79G4300374 Foruiard* IE Bulletin 79-04, "Incorrect Ualjhts for awing 
Choek Valves Manufactured bg Valan Engineerlno Corp. " 
KEPPLER, J. O. Rsgion 3, Chicago, Offico of the Director. 79/03/30. 


79O4O7O23B Sumroarij of 790306 site visit ra statu-s of sail pveload 
HOOD, D, Lijht Watar Reactors Branch 3. 79/03/2O. flpp. 

790416OI34 ForujarJs 1QCFR9O. 54 re^uoat For aduJl info n- plant bacifill 
sett lomant, 
DENTDN.H.R. Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. 79/03/21. 9pp. 

79041600Q7 Forwards NRC positions I* req.uaits for addl Info based upon 
review through FSAR Revision 13, Also foruiards errata sheet 
re prior Request 321. 3, which contained omisi ion. Beets 
raipances to requests at earliest opportunity. 
VAROA.S.A. Liglit Water Reactors Dranch 4. 79/03/22. 19pp, 

79O4I6O375 Discusses NRC intorim pc-sltlon c-n ATWS pending Commission's 

final reso 1 utlon. Proposes plant mods which mould reduce rial: 
of ATWB to acceptable level. 

VAROA.S.A. Light Mater Reactors Branch 4. 79/O3/S3. 5pp. 

79Q417OI2Q Rnnuesti addl info re prsrwice insp & mechanical testing 
of matlsi req.ue t tn^nlvertant lij omitted -from 79O322 Itr. 
VAROA.S.A. Light Hater fieactoro D ranch 3, 79/03/26. 6pp. 

790412033*? Notification of 71QMQ h 11 meeting m/Consumor* Power Co in 
Doth eid-a, MD to discuss open items associated w/FBAfl revleiu. 
HOOD, D. 8, Light Water Reactors Branch 4. 79/03/2B. 3pp. 

7904120133 Forward* IE Bullatin 79-OS, "Nuclear Incident at TMI" & 
PMQ- 79-67, 79-67A. B.C.D.E, F *. Q. No rasponse required. 
KEPPLER, J. 0. Region 3. Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/04/Ot. 

79040SOail Responds to NRC 790131 Itr requesting arfdl info for revieiu 
of CP ajip 1 icatl on. Forward s responses to Question* Ii2 t 3 re 
floodpldin mgt. Tun oversliod drjuiingi & two maps encl. 
HQWELLrE, K. Consumers Poiuar Co. 79/03/3D. 203pp. 

7704Z00027 Forward* neu info for transmittal to ASLH. During recent 
in.p. Into obtainad indicating that at certain conditions of 
re*ct<iT coolant viscosity, core lifting mau occur, 
CREBWELLr J, 8. Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 

79/O1/O8, 3pp. 

79C-420O370 Forward* open items re F3AR revleui. Informs of 79O403 
meeting scheduled to discuss general status tt perspective 
of review. Meeting iWtechnlcal staff scheduled for 790410-11 
fc 790419-20, 
VAROA.S.A. Light Water Reactors Branch 4. 79/03/30. 43pp, 

7904190227 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-03A. "Nuclear Incident at 
THI - Suppl," *t preliminary chronology of TM1-2 790329 
accident until con cooling restored. 
KEPPLER, J. O. Regions, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/04/06. 

7904290617 Forwards, response to NRC 79O321 it re plant fill for 
fad Utn/. 
HOHeLL,a.H. Consuraerj PQUBC Co. 79/04/24, Ip, 

79O4270209 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-06A. Revision l>flevieu of 
Dp<er*Hnnal Errors l< 8us Misalignments Identified During 
TMI Incident. " 
KEPPLERrJ, D. Region 3, Chicago. Office of the Director, 79/04/1B. 

7904250618 Responses to NRC 1OCFR5O. 34< f ) request re plant fill 
Units 1 & 2. 
Consumers Pauier Co. 79/D4/24. 123pp. 

Utility ER and amendments ulth related corriespondencv 

Periodic operating reports, related correspondence 

7704030374 Forwards Amend 65 to applicatinn for CP k DL. 
KOMEL.LrB.H- Con*um*rs Power Co. 79/03/3O. 2pp. 

79O403O249 Forwards quarterly rept for Apr-June 1979. 
HOMELLtS.H. Contumers Power Co, 77/03/30. 84pp. 

Rep or tab le occurrence*, related correspondence 

7904O3027B Amend 62 to application for reactor CP ft QL. Inc ludas 
revls*d pages for incorporation Into environ rept- 
* Consumer* Pauer Co. 79Y03/3O. HOOpp. 

7904130319 Acks receipt of 790307 interim rept pr 10CFR3O. 99te) r* 
eomponwnt qualification tet documentation re-revieui. 

FIORELL1.0. Region 3, Chicago, Reactor Construction !. Enginerlno 

Support: Branch. 79/03/22, Ip. 

7904100272 Forwards affidavit of distribution at Amenit 62. RevHion 7. to 
environ rept. 
DAOUD, L. Consumer* Pouer Co. 79/O4/09. 4pp. , 



DOCKET 30-330 Midland Plant, Unit a 
NRG DEB, FES. mpp- I emeriti 

7904090033 Draft supp 1 to FES re tornt of facility, 

Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. NUHSG-0157 77/01/31 

Financial information 

7904060471 Request! addl into to complete plant tln.i.rl.1 , 
vARQA.S.A. Light Hater factor? Branch 4 7 35Jli ' 

Utility FSAR and amendments 

7904030132 Final supp I to FES, 

Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation., (JUREO-0373. 77/06/30 
aapp. Available at IITIS. 

7904020096 Forwards Amend 61 to application for ..rim 
operating 1 icansas, containing Revision 19 to FtiAR 


Consumers Power CD. 79/03/27. Ip 

Ad judfcatorij correspondinca 

79O40&044B Forwards ititirijn rept re dUiel generator b Ida settlement 
CIBBS.K.E. Hham, Lincoln (. Seals. 79/02/38. Ip. 

7904040161 Forwards attached Interioi rept re settlement ot dieiet 
generator foundation & b l<jg. Carrec t Ive ictionnuil! eitand 
preloading diaiel getisrato-r bldg aria, Preload mJtl uill be 
removed In June 1979, 
HOtiEUL.S. H. C^nsumer-s Paver Co. 79/03/23. t3ff. 

790421-0179 Foruanfs three dficlencj repts, recently submitted hu 
Consumers Power Co to HRC. 
GIBBS, M. E. Ishaici. Lin-colTi t Btale. 79/03/13. Ip. 

7904360196 Final daFicienc-j rept : undersi id wiring ulll be replaced In 
mid-1990 fcy BecNtel under Wine Safatij Appliances Corfn 
Superw if ion. 
HdVJELLi S. H. Coniuinert Pomer Co. 79/03/09. 4pp. 

7*)QA21Q3Q3 Final deficiency raptiHPl connent nod to correct generic DM 
177 fuel dssarttb-ty 1 ouiep Loop plint design dfftciencg 
approved by Bectitol . Bechil 790336 Itr end. 

HQHELL, B. H. Coniumers Pomer Co, 79/03/13, 3pp_ 

7904S1O211 Interim deficientij rept on ttatui sf component quallficatloi 
test docunentat Jon pe-revleai. Ut 11 presentli; reviewing BtH 
partial nua L if ieatlan documentation of N9SS Class JE 
equipment CQ detrm(ne need far ilmtlar BSW rt-rsvleu. 
HDWELLiB. H. Coniuirisrs Pnissr Co. 79/03/09, 40pp 

790412039? Conun*nt* on HRC raautattoni re handllno of .ttv dUclclinary 
mattars in ad judicatortj fpoceedinji, MRC bslievn 10CFR2 713 
Is adequate, hut recent eyents auoaeit certain Impi-ovem.nti 
nag be tiMrranted. 

EMQELHflRDT, T, Deputi/ Etecutlve Lagftl Dtreetor. OLMSTErtB, U 
Branch 4. 79/03/16. 2pp. 

79O40H0077 Ravlsion 19 tn FSAR. 

HOWELL. S.H. Consumers Pnuier Co. 


du-nn s 

HODD.D.S. Light Water Reactors Branch 4, fl/OWM J, r 

7-J04200I63 Ravtsion 18 to FBAR, Index for pIpH.j fc inUcm-un 
n lagpami. 
ConaumHra Pouar Co, 79/03/31, 9 pp , 

. Svc for Am - M * * "" t " t 

BACON, J.t. Consiimer Pouiar Co. 79/04/04. 2pp, 
Impection report* and eorrespondonce 

7904260108 Forwards IE Insp Repts 50-329/70-22 I. aa-nWlM-i-J it 
781101-30 & notice of violation. 

FIQRELLI.O Regions. Chicago, Ojitrjt loni fet Hi* f-ji 

ara nch. 79/O3/03. 3p p . 

79O42fiOHI Notice of violation from Imp on 70l|Ot->J 

- Reolon 3, Chicago, Office of .the Dlrt tar, TtJ&jiSH \, 

7904260115 IE Inp Repts 50-329/79-22 (< 30-330/7fl-3J ii 7eEt:J--K 
Noncompllance noted,: fai lure to provide *JquU (lurjjt 
tnaint fc insps at preacrlbed Interval! for t*t ilu-r* uirt 

CflOK.R.J., KNOP.R.C. fiegign 3, Chicago, ffl<* il II* tin.'. 

79/02/26. 9pp. 

7904120095 Forwards IE Insp Ftapts 50-329/79-03 * 30 :),! J*. PI *i 
790320-33. No noncomp 1 lance noted. 

FIORELLI Region 3, Chicajo, Reactor Cnnitrucl Ion I C'^nm j- 

Support Branch. 79/03/03. 2pp. 

7904160335 notification of tentative datci for Issuance of DEB, FES fa HrancK 4. 79/03/19. Ip-. 

7904170434 Forwards Confers Pouer Co response to ABLB's request for 
Info re Part II of 790604 order re remanded issu.. """ 

Certificate of Svc,*ncl, 
CKABNOFF.O,, f>UUan, Potts, t< Troubrid-je. 79/03/30. 3p f . 

-7904170461 Cor,w m r,p au .P C o motion for IUM.TV disposition re matter, 
set fortft in 790IO4 order concernino remanded Issues 
BEVNOLns.M.B. Sh aul , Pl.tmn. Pott., fc Troubrldg., 79/03/30. 2pp. 

7904170470 Consumer Power Co *tatennt of mat! facts of uhlch there la 
no januina Usuo to be heard. " 5n ' r * 19 

REVNQLBg,W. E. Shaw, Pittnan. Potts, A Troiubridg*. 79/03/30. 

7904120099 IE Insp Repti 50-329/79-03 ti SO-C330/77- 03 i rfrS^J 
noneompllance noted. Major areas Inspec ted ; rial lor in-ntnl 
pressura boundary piping, welding * procedural) itt 1 1 ririni 
p iplngr procedures d ueldinn. 

LEE.E.W. , DANIEL8QH, D. H. Region 3, Chicago. HilM.. 

Construction t> Engineering Support Hi-anch, 79/01(03 tt 

7904120103 Forwards IE Insp Rept 50-329/79-03 V BO-SWM OJ 41 
790S06-09.No noncompllance noted. 
FIORELLr.F, Region 3, Chicago. Reactor Canitrudux I [ 1 1 1 

Support Branch. 79/03/03. 2pp. 

7901I3010B IE Insp Rapts 30-330/79-02 t> SO-33Q /79 -OS i 

noneomplianee noted. Major aras inspected ; IttetelleitRi f 
safetg-relatedi instruments h electrical c*tLii. in< lull* j 
revlsui of specs, drawings fc OC procedures. 

BARRETT.P. A., HANBEN, H. A. , KNOP.R.C. fttglon 0. C*lt*it 

Construction fc Engineering Support Branch. TIJOJ/tU Ml 

.upportlna cotton for .,,, an not ai*ll 

REYNOLD8,W. B. Shaw, PUtnan, Potts, fc Troubr(dg., 79/03/30 

REVWLD3. M. B. Shaw, Pltlnan, Potts, t, TroubridBe. 79/03/30. 

790403036S Discustai 790223 (t 790305 meeting f NHC.Xlll I ti; 
r nitUraent of .dlesel oenerator bldg (< Urdflll. Hit M 
past d present problems Hi/foundations b 10! I eanpatll* 
Forwards Investigation findings & r*ipon*>*. 
KEPPLER.J.O. Region 3. Chicago, Office ol thf treat if 


--790403037H "Presentation of Inves tigatlon Pindlnn u> Kelltt 
DI***1 Generator Bldg (. Plant Area Fill. " ConcliJln 
corrective action uas inadequate, certain dfflgn b t*M1 
specs ure not follouiad !, FBAR is un*ubi lintl*M4 
Raoion 3, Chicago, Offic of the Director. ?*/Mf/i-* 

J , 

7904I7049I Consumers P*urer Co proposed li a t af r,., t , iar af 

witnesses or parsons alleged to- posse. % info. 
HEVNOLD8, M. 9. Consumers Pouer Co. 79/03/30, 5pp, 

7904,230166 Bugigesttans for improveraenti tn NRC regulation* re 
dltclpttnarv procendinn* governing Uwijer misconduct uill he 
to 790307 Vy uorMo * d - arl fl llial "0* l*ti now ..tuntfad 

, B,D. Valentine, P. C. 79/03/30, Ip. 

7904030373 "Dlscusiion of NRC Imp Facts fleiultlhff f r* W>? 
Invostloation of Diesel Qenerator Bldg." Conclutfti. ll^U 
(turveillance) plan uas inadaquate t. digrx of imp wtl 
reduced by going to sampling plan. 

* Consumers Pouer Co. 79/03/09. 3Spp. 

790403037B "Rttpons* ta NHC Question on Condition ol fklU 
Other Plant Areas. 1 ! H/oversiied draulngs. 

* Consumer* Power Co, 79/03/03, Opp. 



DOCKET SO-33O Midland Plant, Unit 2 
Inspection report* and correspondence 

7TO403QII4 Forwards IE Circular 79-04. "Loa*e Locking Nut on 
Valv* OporA-tor*. " * 

Rngion 3, Chicago. Office) of the Director. 79/03/16. 


7704030063 Forward* IE Bull.tln 78-130, "Atypical Meld Matl in Reactor 
Pressure) Vessel Hildi, " 
KEPPL6H.-J, O. Region 3, Chicago, Office of tha Director. 79/03/19. 

790403QQZ4 Forwards IE CIrcuUi- 79-03, "Moisture Leakagn in Stranded 
Mir* Connectors. " 

KEPPLER.J. O. Region 3, Chicago* Office of tha Director. 79/03/UO 


7904270QI 1 ? Ack receipt of 790309 Itr informing NRC of steps taken to 
carract violation! noted in IE Inlp Rapt* 30-339/78-14 j. 

FIQflELLI.Q. Rag ion 3, Chicago. Reactor Construction b Engineering 

Support Branch, 79/03/23. lp, 

7TO427002Q Responds to NflC Itr re violations noted in IE Imp Ripti 
30-329/78-16 ti 50-330/75-16. Corrtctiva action*: pipe used for 
fabricating *pool* li 2 I/a inch nominal thickness. 10 ASHC 
Codas do not .apply. 
HOMELLiS. M. Con*uier* Power Co. 79/03/09. app. 

79O43QO374 Forward* IE BuiUtin 79-04i "Incorrect Maightt for Suing 
Chick V*lve Manufactured bij VeUn Engineering Corp." 
KEPPLER.J. 0. Region 3, Chicago, Office of tha Director. 79/03/30, 

7*01180183 Forward* IE Bulletin 79-09. "Nuclear tncldant <t THI" k 
PNO-79-47i 79-*>7AiBiC.DiEiF ti 0. No rtpon* raqulrad. 
KEPPLEfl, J. 0. Rglon 3i Chicago, Offica of th Dlnctor, 79/04/O1. 

790404O166 Intarim doficlencg rept 3: dticribtt itatus, protaab U came, 
It coTPeettvo actions taken rs inadequjte uira triinatiotis 

in electrical penetration asiembUes. Sopplilr has Initiated 

imp prosrara. Folloms up 7901O0 rept. 

BLEAOrC.J., CA8TLEBAUK. R. Consumsrs Power Co. 79/O3/3O, 2pp 

DOCKET 50-331 Duana Arnold Enargij Center 

5curlf, medicali emer^encij & firt protection plani 

Forwards modlfiod amended ptujiic*! securitu olan.PUn 
lulthhald (ref 10CFR2. 790) . 
LIU, L. IOUB EUctric Light & Power Co. 79/04/O2. lp. 

Operating licanie stage 

7704O30OO4 Forward! Amend 49 to License DPR-49, iaf ety evaluation, fc 
notice of Issuance U avallablli ti/. 
IPPOLITO, T. A. Qperatlnu RBactors Branch 3, 79/03/05, Zap. 

790403OOO7 Amend 49 to License BPR-49, changing Tech Sped to add 

augmented Inservlce insp of modified idfe-ends on eight 

raclrculatlan inlet linei. 

IPPOLITO. T. A. Operating Reactoi-i Branch 3. 79/O3/OS. 7pp. 

7-7O403O008 Safety svaluation supporting Amend 49 to License DPR-49. 

* Operating Reactors Branch 3. 79/03/05. 19pp. 

77O4O3O010 Notice of iiiuance d availability of Amend 49 to Llcenn 


IPPDCITOrT. A. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 79/O3/OS, 2pp. 

7904130243 aummarl lei 79O3O2 tele on to Malltn:will authorize facility 
to return to powar pending favorable conclusions from 
rvl*u. Also indicated plans to augment tniarvlce imp af mad 
6TELLO,V. Division of Operating Reactors. 79/03/09. lp. 

79Q4SO0027 Forward* nau info for tr*ninlttl to ABLB. During raeant 
imp! Info obtained Indicating that t cartaln condltioni of 
r*ctor coolant vlicoiitvi cor* lifting tv occur. 
CREBWELL, J. 8. R*gion 3- Chicago, Offlc* of th* Director, 

S704090290 Requests addl Info re capability Of N3S9 to ralpand to 
poitulated ATMS transients. Forwards NRC 790213 Itr to OE w/ for analysis to confirm adequacy of proposed mod* to 
LUtt dcign*. NUREO-0460 Val 3 encl.M/o encl. y/distributlon, 
VOLUMES, R, H. Assistant Director for Systems b Projacti. 79/03/12. 


7904190837 Forward! IE Bulletin 79-09A, "Nuclear Incident at 
THI - Buppl, " k prallMlnaru chronology of TMl-2 79 1 03aa 
ccldfnt until core cooling restored. 
KEP.PLER. J. 0. Raglan 3, Chicago, Offlco of the Director, 79/04/O&. 

7904110119 Eipecti to complate gontrie revieu of Mark I containment 
long-term program bi/ Hay 1979. Requests plant-unique analysts 
hartly thftriafter i ccnnlatlan'of plant mods by Dec 19BO. 
Forwards "Evaluation of Suppression Pool Temp Limits." 
STELLO.V. Division of Operating Reactors. 79/03/12. 17pp. 

790427U209 Forward* IE Bulletin 79-06A. Revision 1, "Review of 
Operation-"' Error* It By* rUiallgnnant* Identified During 
TMI Incident. " 

. J. 0, Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/04/10. 

790*020235 Summary of 790221 meeting u/utll re acceptability of 
iiiald* on racirculatlon igt inlet afa-endi, recovery of 
itilald plug from nonle S, t affect of shield cant*lnvr on 
plant operation*. 
CLARK. R.J. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 79/03/14. 3pp. 

periodic operating report i- related corraipondenea 

79040W349 Forward* quarterly rept for Apr-Jun* 1979. 
HOWEU-fB. H. Contuoer* Pour Co. 79/03/30. 34pp. 

79O4Q30Q01 Responds to dlicuiilon r* w*ld repair program. R<iueiti 
representative from Cltliani United for Responsible Energy 
attend public mteting in Cedar Rapid*. IA r> uald rapalr 


Division of Operating Reactors. 79/03/14. 4pp. 

Repair tab Li occurrence*, related correipondance 

7904130018 Ack* receipt of 790309 Interim rapt per 10CFR90. 59<e) ra 
cnonnt qualification ta*V docunantatlon re-revleu. 
FIOftEU-IiO. Region 3, Chicago^ Reactor C on* t ruction b Engineering 

Buaport Branch. 79/03/22. lp. 

Ack realpt of 79031A lntrlm rpt re prsorlier heater 

iO. Region 3, Chicago Reactor Con*tructlon l> Englnteplng 

export Hrnc), 79/(K)/26. lp. 

7904040033 Ack receipt of 770313 final r*pt on mail break analyst*. 
FIOdiU.1.0. Regions, Chicago, Reactor Con*true*ton l> Erijinaeplng 

Support Branch. 77/03/ai. lp. 

79O406O12I In order to complete guidance for Implementation of 
environ radiation protection stdsr requests data fro<* onilte 
survey, area radiation lavttls & environ monitoring 
Instrument*. Requests response bif 790430. 
IPPOLlTOrT. A. Operating Reactors Branch 3, 79/03/19. 2pp. 

79041IO234 Forwards proprietary rapt NEDE-23749-1-P. "Conparison of 
Analytical Model for Computing Safety Relief Valve Discharge 
Line Transient PrutiUTB* & Forces to Monticella T-Ouanehar 
Tost Data. " Withheld (rf 10CFR8.790>. 

BaBOHiL. J. General Electric Co.. Nuclear EnertU Products Dlv, 
79/03/20. lp. 

79041BOO22 Ratponds to 790223 Itr requesting extttniion from 790301 to 
7903O1 of time limit for DL Hilton 4 JH Oabert to complete 
t*n required raactlvltv manipulations, Extension approved for 
JH C-ebarti denied for DL Milson as not necessary. 
COLLINS, .P. F. Operator Lierlng Branch. 79/03/26. lp. 

7*04040070 Aek receipt of 79031A interim rpt re reactor bldg spray 
plaint support*, 

F (WELL 1,0. Raglan 3. Chicago, R*ctar Conitructlon l> Ennlnaerlng 

h. 79/03/26. lp. 

79041tO401 Concurs w/eoura of action on Itams 3. 1. 3 b 3. 1. 13 proposed 
In 7BOB29 Itr re means of *ati*fylng items in SER to Amend 
43; concerning fire protection program. 
IPPOLITOrT. A. Operating Reactors Branch 3. 79/03/3S. 2pp. 

7904Q4QU4 Forward* interl* deficiency rept re inboarn terminal bo<e 
of *Ucirical panetrilon a**bllas, 
.HOMELL-a. H. Can*u*ere Power Co. 79/03/30. lp. 


DOCKET 5O-33I Qujnt Arnold Energy C.nUf 

- .. *-.. H . _ ,.,.___. _ 

Op.patlng II come itg fl 

7704060341 Fopwardi tit proc.dura lor *I*c trlc'crtl* pin.tntion Mra 
*topi at Facility. 
LIU.L. Iowa EUctric Light *. Power Co, 77/03/30. Ip 

790+060343 Tut pr OCfl( fur for .UctplcaJ ei hl. p.ntp*tlon f( P , stop.. 
* loua EUctric Liflhfc 6 Pou,r Co. 79/O3/33. Bpp. 

79041002iQ FoTu.rdi "N-lfc ftarfl.atlon rl.aiur.n.nti at Plant. Apr 1973," 
rmiii,t.d in ffflC 790"3I9 ttr. i"pr .T/-3, 

KAHKOND, E. L. loua EUctric Lioft* & Poui.r C-o. 79/04/02. Ip. 

4 R dl ti h*iwiitt at Plant.Apr 1973.- 
Elictrlc CO..NUCIMT En.rgy Pratfucti Qtv. 

7904100271 -N-U Radiation Hftaiur.atnt. at Plant, Apr 1973 - 

fJet"-it Ce. .WucUar En.rgv Product) DIv. KEOM-I2S93. 



r J r " vlftU 6Un. nit. in IE Intp 

8-33.CorpBctlvB ctlon>: Uiltffr quail f icatfon 
proc.iur. changad.uild fillr niatl ovtn c*libr cNackid k 
carbon tttsl iUg hannniT- tatt* ptTforrasd. 
TUTHJLL.S. J. [oita Electric Light A Pauap Co. 7ffOS/lS. 3pp. 

FDr '" a ' 11 " IE insp Rapt SO-33l/-78-3a on 781219-30 t, 
03 " 09 ' 10 " 13 *' 17 ""' M * 1 " *'"**' no"" 

-" BM<tor op>r ' tlon ' NuciMr 


7904100341 iFsruarils Fb 1979 prngrao cttvlt r, 

79/04/06' ? *" n ' r * 1 


Co. ,Nuel4r T,.P BU 

7904110111 Rupondi to NRC 790330 ftr r. violation* 


* Po-.r Co. 

7904090312 flck r.c.lpt of 790309 Itr Informing 




Light t Powar Co. 79/03/OT. 


hic-go.- Of fit. of }, olr.c^. 7VM 

...... - 

on 3, Chicago, 


rr ;''"-"" :: --""~: 1 " '"" 

TUTHILUS.J. ION. El.ctrle Light t, Powar CD. 79/O3/(U. 

* ^"yll-Hn 79-03A, "Nucla.r I 
pralininary chronologg of TM1 
" ' 


, tor. 

,d.o. R . Bion 3 , Chicago, Offle. cf th. Dirtr. 

flsjlon 3, Chicago, O*fie D* tN> Dlractar. 79/03/01. Spp. 

on 3, Chicago, Offic, * t h* Plractor. 79/03/01. Ip. 

'WJII0340 IE In.p R H pt 30-331/79-33 on 791219-80 i Z7-S9 A 790103-03. 
10-121, 17-19. No-ncoiBpltanta natidifalluri to ptrfnrn 
teft * * '*!. to follow procadEr. 

Dlr.etor, 79/03/U. 

or. 79/03/26. Bpp. 

on 3, Chle B - 


o, Off lea of Ha Dir.ctor. 79/03/19. 

fi, i on 3 ,, Offu* of th. Dlnctor. 79/03/20. 

HIND, J. A. R.alon 3, Chle-io, flaf MMT 4 f flra ruh. 79/03/32. 

a * ll *; Dll J* IIf " lthflt "' c 

H /'S' ", 3 ' "*"" a . 

HIMD.J.A, R.gJon 3, Chicago. 8af. gu r4i Branch. 79/03/19. Ip. 

7904270402 Act rc8lpt of 79O2IS Ur Inrornlng NflC of it*pi ttn to 
errct vl*lat(on* noted In IE imp Rtpt SQ-331/7B-33. 
flufOni* found tnconpt*t ra wilder quatlf Icjition* V 
nitrlctad *cci* uildina- 
KEPPLESrJ.O. Raglan 3, CNicgo, OfMca o* till Ulraetor. 79/03/33. 

7W4110107 Aek rcaipt of 79031 9 Itir Informing MRC of itapt takan to 
corrct vloUtlana noUtf In IE Imp Rpt SO-331/79-03, 
HINOrJ.A. Rtglon 3. Chicago, Safeguard* Branch. 79/fl3/26. Ip. 


'f 2" 11 -"" 79-OM.R.vl.ion 1,-R.vl- 
W * Mi.aHg n n t. Id.ntlfi,,! oJrlni 

KEPPLER.J.O. R-gion 3, CMtago, Offica of tht Dirielnr. M/W/, 

"J r.porti, i-tl.t.d corr.ipond.nta 

^ 1 "S?*" 1 " P"--"nB "P* *or..(tar 1V79. 
loua KUctric Ll fl ht I, Po*,.r Co. 77/04/13. 

. nth i U fl P"-"fl "Pt H-r 1979. 

J. loua EUctric Light t, Pow.r Co. '79/04/13. |0f). 

Ff.portahl. oecurrnc.i, r.Ut.d corr.ipondanc* 

r.t 2 5? "" b " r P"""" was not .itabllihid _.. 
HAM* net f tr 'r p|l "ur atabllfh.d fi-h Utir. 
HAMMOND, ,L. Iolw eUetrie Light * Powar Co. 79/03/ia. \f 

7904040193* roclaii if ieatlon of r.portabi. occurrtncn 
notifl papti will b tubnltt.d within 30 davi. IncUinti 
involva prlary containn.nt in.rting t drgwll-to- 
lUpprtifion chanbcr dlff.r.ntlal prtuura. 

KAMMOND.E. L. Iowa Electric Ll^ht ft Poutr Co. 79/03/23. !|. 

7904040194 Ppavldi prompt notification of RO 1 on'790aa&. 
tt*p InitrvMintatlon wi inadvertently actlvat*d.Hotr 
ofpatd valv. 3700 did not cUav.Cauiad by btnt entiel JIM 
in Logic rU U .RaUy r.pair.d ft t.Ud. 

HAHMOND.E. L. loua E.l.etrlc Lloht ft Powtr Co. 79/03/B7, 1^ 

7904330193 Notification of RD on 7'03,:dif far.ntlal t*p Inttr 
ctiv*td. Isolation valv. ihould hav* cloi.dibut MI 4und 
opan.Cauitd bij night ta.nd In itatlonary contact ar.llU 
rapalr.d ft tut.d. 
HAMKOND.E.L. Iowa Elaetrtc Light fc Pou.r Co, 79/03/87, If. 

7904070174 Forward! LER 79-003/01T-0. 

HAMMOND. E. L.. loua EUctric Light ti Pou.r Co, >9/04/O4. If 

-- 7904090176 LER 79-003/01T-0 on ?TC331: during urvllt*n 
M.rgincy ivc wat.r atralntrt 1B-S9A & IQ-OTB pluggfd^ 
causing both iv* to bcot lnoprabU.Cauid bu I*ropfr 
dailgn application. Salf-cl.anlng traln*r will b ui*'- 
VAN BICKO-.J. Iowa El.ctrle Light ft Powar Co. 79/04/W, 3- 



APnoit( e " 

77O4160207 Forward. LER 79-QO6/01T-0 

HArttOND.E.L. Iowa Electric Light t. Power 



"""siE:? Kps^K.rsraiKjsKts- 
s v' : Sra" : : - " " K'.:!;.,., 

8ICKEL.J.V. Ioa El.ctrlc Light t, Power Co. 79/04/09 2pp. 
7704200209 Forward. LER 79-OO3/03L-Q 

HAMMQNO.E.L. lou. Electric Light t- Power CD. - 79/04/10. Ip. 


SitMrS^S'Sn^'pucf,,";!!" 1 """Cation 

Iowa Electric Light ft Power Co. 79/04/10. Ip. 

7904*30248 Forward. LER 77-004/03L-0 

HAWONB,E,L. low Electric Light * Power Co. 79/04/10 ip 

HIL80N,D. Ioa Electric Light fc Power Co. 79/04/1O. Ip. 

79O4260339 Forward. LER 79-007/03L-0 

HAMMDND.E.L. low. Electric Light t, Power Co. 79/04/20, Ip. 


'St *r? "!" ! """ 

Electric Light t Pou.r CD, 79/04/20. Ip, 

Operating llcani* itage 




79/Q3/I2. I 7 pp. 

Operating Raactors Branch 3. 77/03/IS. 2pp. 

r . 

STELLO-V. Olvlilon of Oparat.lnD RB-etom. 79/O3/IH. 2pp. 

B Porwrto riaut for *ddt n*o r. 79O72i ...bmlttal o 
pro P Dd .xpan.lon of Bp . n t fual itor-g. e*pa<: I tu. fi*qu.,e* 
pipon ulthln 30 dag, a f rac ,ip t of Itr qiiiie* 

IPPDLITO, J.fl. Qpti-atlng Ractor Branch 3. 79/O3/13. 4pp. 

. .ui Vork, StatB at. 79/03/16. 3pp. 

77040&OU3 In orrf>r to co<npl.t* guldanca for implm B ntat Ion of 
nvlron r*dlatian protaction tdr rsquai ti data from onslte 
iorvB,ant radiation Uvalt 8, environ monitoring 
lnttrum*nti.fl><iu<titi rttpon** by 79O420. 
IPPOL.ITQ, T. A. Dparatlng Riactorf Branch 3. 79/03/19. 3pp. 

NRC KB, F68, 

7904040002 FE8 r. conit , op.r.tion of -fac 

CDMliilon.. NUHEO-OOaa. 74/01/31. 

Opr4tina llcanii itaga 

7904370^16 R.ipond* to 790336 Itr ducribing un*ucc..i#ul ifforti of 
group to b* lnclud*d in facility tour. Tour ui> not part of 
WRC rviu( In procdtng, 
CNOELHAflDTi T. F. Diputy Eiacgtivt Lagil Dlrtctor. 79/04/16. lp ; 

--7704270W8 Oi*crlbi uniuconful iffort* to hav group includid on 
facility tour. 

. B. EnvlroniMntHtfi Inc. 79/03/36. 3pp. 

DMKT 50-333 Ja*n A. FltxPatrtck HucU*r Pour Plant 
Adjudicatorv eorr*pondne 

79O4O40O81 Raiponia to NRC 790313 ordr to ihou cauia requiring utll to 
u*p*nd plant optration until fgrth.r ordtr. Opr*tion *hpuld 
t* riuid pftndlng rvanalynii of piping ty*. Affidavit S. 
CirtlficU of Bvc tncl. 
ENNETTiL. R. Pour Authority Btati off Niut York. 79/03/30. 12pp. 

770431003* Forward! rn.UBit for info rt fhutdoun of faclllti/.UtH nuit 
n*Mr ihou cu* ordr, ttlng vhu f*cllitu vhould not b 
rtaiutvKrf tcliMically, 
T6LLQ,v, Dlvition of Operating Rtactori. 79/04/02. 12pp, 

. 9ntrl eorrikpondino 

Notification of 79031* h 17 >tting w/ShM in Bithnda,t1D to 
rflicut* rilniUtlng optratlon at faeilltlti which ric*lvid 
iNutdftwn or dirt on 790313. 
BTELLOjV. Divltion of Qptratlng FUactori. 79/03/13. Ip. 

Financial InforMtlon 

7W4O30213 Forwirdi "Annual Rpt 1978." 

EAflLY-P.J. PDM*P Authority Stati of Nu York. 79/03/29. Ip. 

7904030217 'Annual Rpt l?7fl. " 

Pouir Autharltu Bt,tm * M. U VL ,,,.,,., 

79040Z0047 SirmmarliB* 790330 talcon W/3J.H ra future, action, to ra.olva 
out.tandinii *alwlc concarn nf flv .hutdouin plaitti.Raqua.ti 
reanali|.l. r*.ult of itf atij-rsUted piping *gt d .upport.. 
BTELLD.v. Division of Oparatlng Ractor. 79/03/2O. 2pp. 

"J^ilS?? 4 ?T?* /'"prUtary rapt NEDE--a3749-l-i', " of 
analytical Modal for ComputlTtg Hafaty Raliaf Valva Dlicharga 
Line Tran.iont Prenura. 4, Forca. to Mont ic.Uo r-Quanchar 
Tet Data." MitJihold (r*f 10CFR2. 79O). 

>SS Jl , 0iMr- > Electric Go. .Muclaar Enargg Product. Div. 
/v/*>3/SO, Ip. 

79040902SO Su^rU,, 7903S1 t.lcon w/aU4.RMilugU a* piping .y. for 
plant! muit includa Idantlf ication of imall pipe iliina * 
analy.l. of all *af aty-relatad p Ip tng. of primary 
>U. piping not r. quired. 
8TEE.LO.V. Civilian of Operating R. acton. 79/03/31. 2pp. 

7904120163 Raqui.t. addl info re pool concrata wall intagrittf, SBE 
loading e*ta,rac(:-to-racli Impact during QBE 4./or SHE, b rack 

1PPOL1TO, T. A. Operating Raactora Branch 3. 79/03/31. " 3pp, 

7904130aS4 E.Ubll.lit. organltatlon for Taview of five *hutdown plant. 
u'.V "P" 111 ' 1 fc "* *ort uiad to acconpl i ih ravtau. 
MiH.R. Office of Nuclear Raactor Ragulatlon. 

7904060073 Inform, of .chadul.i for <lt H, t. ttchnU.l ...ting.. 
Dlrvcti llcantvi to conduct arrival muting V technical 
dlicuiiion. Plant tour* 1 r*vlnw of hardbian fc pioliu will 
prcd technical diicu.iion. 

iH. T, Offlc* of Nuclajir Raactor Htgulation. 79/83/23. Ip. 

7904090413 computer cod* lilting ud in i*lilc an*luil or 
rianal V tli of lafvtu-rala t*d iyi. 

Division of Dpratin a ftaetori. 79/03/83. 2pp, 


7904110041 Notification of 790336 .it. tq Mina Hil* Point, NY, 
to dl.cut. pipe itra., plan, for ra-analu.Ii, 

plant tour b .ur-viy of fctd yi. 
POLRiP.J. Oparatlnff Reactor* Branch 3. 

79/03/23. Ip, 

7904200396 Notification.^ 79O4IO una.tlna w/B*.W fc utll In Hoi ton to 
dl.ctiB. plant trti. analy.i. pralimlnary rt.ult. of 
valuation fc lubmlttal raquli-aments bafora raturn to 
POLK.P.d. Oparatlng Raactori Branch 3. 79/O3/3O. Ip. 

7TO41 10060 Forward, organisation for reviaui of fi v , plant, B(lu t down 
du to incorrect al.mlc analyie. of saf a tg-ratatad piping 

OENTDM.H.R. Offlca of Nitcl*i* Reactor Regulation. 79/03/22. 4jip. 



DOCKET 90-333 Jamil A. FitiPatrlcl Wuclear Pouer Plant 
OperatinB lleeniB stage 

-79O411Q066 Dlscusia* ttheduU at *lca vUiti t technical neetlng* rt 
revlBu of 6&W piping analyst* problem at vailou* plant*. 
RUSSELL. M, T. Office of Kuelaar Heactor Regulation. 79/03/22 

-7704110077 Dlscuiia*; 790320- convenatlan U/8&U r* future action to 
rtiolvo outstanding it limit qutitloni an five ihutdoum 
BTELLO.V. Division of Operating Reactors, 79/O3/21. Ip. 

-7904020003 R*pond* to NfiC 790207 Itr re violation notfld In IE Imp 
Rept 50-333/79-01. Corrective action*: fuel vandoc will supply; 
data to allow pltnt startup utiltilng oithar control rod 
lequtnca A or D. 
LEONAfiDfJ. D, Poaer Authority Stt -of hltw York. 79/03/39. 4ep, 

-7904020005 Forward i IE Imp Rtpt 10-333/79-01 on 790 107- IS fc nallci | 
violation. . ' ''?- 

HRUNNER.E. J. Region 1. Philadelphia, Rriactor Operations NvcloAr 

Support Branch. 79/02/07. 2pp. 

-7904020007 Notice of violation fron Insp on 790109-13.' 

BRUNHEH.E. J. Region 1, Philadelphia, Raactor Operations Nuclear 

Suns or t Branch, 79/02/07. Ip. 

79O41100S3 Forwards revision at cast estimate* t Impact* on raiervt 

margin of cloilng five nuclaar plant* tar lalinle d*t I tin 
rt (valuation, 

VOUNOHLOaOr B. J. Cos* Benefit Analyil* Branch. 79/03/21. 4pp. 

7904110130 Dlscutia* 790320 conviriet Ion U/S1W re future actions to 
rnolvB outstanding filimlc qut-ittnni on flv shutdouri 
STeLLO.V. Divlilan o? Op*rting Reactors. 79/O3/20. 3pp. 

7904110137 "atattmsnt o-f Hfl Dinton, Dtrsc tor- Of c of Raactor Rigulation 
b*for Hou*9 Committal on Interior St Insular Affairs," 
Ditcuiia* orrftr to shut doun flvt nuclear poutr naetor*. 
Pp 1-10. 

DEHTOH.H. R, Offii* of Nuc lar Reactor RguUtlon. 79/03/19. 

7904020OOS IE Imp Rapt 30-333/79-01 on 790109-13. NancoMfl lane* nutart 
fallurt to adhiri to proctdurti b to docunant d v'luata 
tut rnulti. 


Phi ladt Iphlflr H<4ctor Operation* Nuctaar Support Branch. 79/00/0*. 

7904090OS3 Forward* IE Circular 79-04* "Looia Locking Nut an LI 
Valve Operator*. " 

ORIER, B.H. Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Dtroctar. 
79/03/16. Ip. 

790404037? Forward* IE Bulletin 7S-12B, "Atypical M*l*. Mail In 
Prsiiure Veioel Held*. " 

ORIER, B.H. Region 1, Philadelphia. Office of the Dlnttar. 

79/03/19. ip. 

7904110197 Forimrd* & final rtpt on itructural adequacy of 
plant at FBAR stage. 

HALL, W. J. N.H. Neumarii Cc-nsultlng Engln*irlng 8*rvlcBi. 72/11/03. 

79042S0200 Summary of 7 9032* nesting u/utll I. public at plant ilti rt 
plant layout & raanalijtls of affeetad saf etij-releted piping. 
POLK, P. J. Operatlnf Reactor* Branch 3. 79/04/03. 5pp. 

7904030027 Forward 1 * IE. Circular 79-03> "Mai* turn Leakage In 8tr 
Hire Conductors." 
OR1ER.B. H. Region 1. Philadelphia- Of flea of the Dlrc*or, 

79/03 /ao. ip. 

7904040Z44 Forward* IE Info Notice 79-03. "Uia of lapropar 
Ba,fetv-Relatad Conponenti," 

ORIERrH.H. Region 1, Philadelphia. Office of the Diractor. 

79/03/21. Ip. 


7904100341 Forward* Fb L979 progran acllvlfcu revitM r HflTi I 
continmnt program. 

SOBOM, L. J. Oeniral Electric Co. .Muclear Engrflij Product* Dlv. 
79/0 4/04. 9pp. 

790412029B Foruiardg computer program* & Info related to SHUCK 1.3 t> 3 
PBTREBB & MUPIPE-aW. Rnuasts info ba withheld Iref 
10CFR2. 790). FoTuards affidavit & lupportlnii docunertatton. 
KENNEDVrH. J. Stone & Mebstrr. Inc. 79/04/06. IQpp. 

7904IS0271 Forwarils "Plan for Varlf (cation of tuniaic Aniluil* Cod. " 
for listed doelits In raiponsa to NRG 790402 Itr. 

, B. Storm & Wctster- Enginaarlng Carp. 79/O4/06. 3pp. 

790427099S Foruiard* IE Info Notice 79-07. "ftupturo of Radwaita Tank. 
ORIER, B.H- Region 1, Philadelphia. Offlca of tha Dlractor. 

79/03/36. ip. 

79043704&Q Forward* IE Bulletin 79-04, "Incorract Hel|hti for 
Check Valve* Hinufactured by Valan Enjlneerlng Corp." 
OHIER.B. H. Raglan 1, Philadelphia, Off lea of th Director. 
79/03/30. Ip, 

740)4120200 Forward*' IE Bulletin 79-09. "Nuclaar Incinent at TMI" 
PNO-79-67,79-67A l BrC,D,E,F i. 0, No raipani* reauired. 
ORIER, B,H. Raglon Ir Philadelphia. Off lea of the Director. 

79/04YQI. Ip. 

79O4180afiB Foruards update re-pt on "Plan for Verification of Dunantc 
Anal (j it* Codi" dtd 790406, 
JACGBB, S. B, etnno li Ut-bvter Enjiniaring Corp. 79/O4/13, 3pp. 

7901330191 Forwards affidavit of TJ Paaho* at Nwclaar Bve* -Corp re 
application for withholding propr Ittarij info from public 
KENNEDV. (J. J. L- Stem . Woditer, Inc. 79/04/13. 6pp. 

7901230194 Request* lacond eittntion of tine to file application far 
ItcensB amend to corpc-rato reqcjlrariBrit* of 10CFRSO App I- 
Pln* to rtipond iy 790430. 
SCHNIEDEfii J. R. PoUBr Authority BtatB of New York. 79/04/13. Ip. 

790*330193 Forward s statu* rapt gf SS.W piping streif reanalijtl* 
affort as of 790412. 
BCHMIEDER, J. R. Pcuer Authority State of Mow York, 79/04/16. Spp. 

7T0427026S Forwards uettlg statui mot i of 790123 for BbM pipinj 
stren raanalyili effort. 
EAHLV, P. J. Power Authority State of Neu Yor*. 79/04/33. 2pp. 

7904190L43 Forward* IE Bulletin 79-03A, -Nuclear Incident at 
TMI - Buppl," 1 prdlMlnaru ehronologu of TMI-a 79033S " 
accident until core cooling rtord. 

ORIEfi,fl, H, Raj Ion 1. Philadelphia, Office of tha Director. 
79/04/05. Ip. 

7-504270310 Forward* IE Bulletin 79- OM. -Riviaw of Operational Grrar 
&U* HlKllgnmant* Identified During TMI Incldont. " 
ORIER. B. H. Roglon 1, Philadelphia, Office af th Dlroctor. 
79/04/14. Ip. 

PBrloilc operating raportsi related correspondence 

7904060170 Forward* "Radiological Environ BurVBlllanci Rapt 1979. " 
LEONARDiJ. D. Payer Authority 'State of N*W York. 79/03/3O, If. 

--790406017Z "Radioloaleal Environ Survalllanet apt 197B. 

OOftHAN, B. Power Authority State of New York. 79/03/30. 109fp. 

790412O34B Forward* nonthly operating rpt for H*r 1979. 

LEONARD, J. D. Power Authority State of Hew York. 79/04/O5. le. 

Inspection r*port* and carreipandanc* 

79040403S3 Fc-ruard IE Dvllvtln 79-03, "Longitudinal Held Df*ctt in 
A3KE SA-312 Ti|pi 301 Stalnlt.* StenI Plpo Spool* 
Manufactured 6ij Youngtown Heldlng d eniini>lng Co." 
ORIER, B,H. Rsalon Ir Pill ladelph lr Office af tha Director. 

79/03/12. ip. 

7904020001 Aek receipt of 7902 HB Itr Informing NRG of iteps taken to 
correct violation* noted in IE Insp ftapt 90-333/79-01. 
ORIER, B.H. Reg-ion 1. Philadelphia. Office of the Director, 

79/03/16. Ip. 

79O4120290 Monthly oper*ting r*pt for Har 1979. 

ZUFEUT,. Power Authority State of New York. 79/04/04. 10. 

Reporfcable occurrtncat, ralattd correapondenc* 

790413009 Forward* RO 79-0 14/0 1 X~0. Hill ubalt,. re.ueit*d) b^ MCi 
review of original teiliMlc calcula)tlons In piping i4ro* 
antlyt** bij 790327. 
LEONARD, g. D, Poucr Authority Stote of New York. 74/03/13. Ip. 

7904030342 Forward* LER 79-012/03L-0. 

LEONARD, J.D. Power Authority State Of Neu York. Tf/03/27. Ip. 

Power Plant 



7904030214 Aniutr to NRC 790313 ordip to ihou ctuio.Wtll ra*nlyi* 
iilimlc lojdi on piping *iji Et ulll modify (ji whtrt 
ntctinrv- Eipsett to tubmit docunintid ctiulti bg 790424 
Biliovii NRC should mmin 8t<M Jn>lyi>i. 
BCHAFFEfl.8.0. Duquelni Light Co. 79/03/31. 4.pp. 

CHILOS.y.V. Paw.r Authority at.t. of N BW York. 79/O3/37. 


7TO4030247 Forward* LER 77-013/Q3L-0 

LEONARD. J.D, Po.r Authority State of New York. 79/03/37. Ip. 


79O40200S2 Motificatlon of 790316 & 17 minting u/8(tU in BgtfiitiUi MD to 
diicun ninitating operation at fcilltl>i which ricilvad 
ihotdoun ordan on 790313. 
STELLO.V. Dlvliion of Operating Reactors. 79/03/13. Ip. 

V" " rj 

CHILDB.H. V. Power Authority 

Now York. 79/03/27. 3pp. 

rW4t6Q149 Forward* LER 79-01A/O3L-O, 

LEONAB0, J. D. Power Authority State of New York. 79/04/11. Ip. 

"*" 7T 2!ff I 2? ^S_?? 016/03I :~ on 790320: during cold shutdown mode, test 
Mlv 27-HOv-ua axcoaded valve Tach Specs of aqual to or 
lei than 3. 0-e:. Adjustment of open Unit switch yielded 
atlifactorv *t retulti of 4.9-*. 
CHH.DB, H.V. Power Authority State of New York. 79/04/11. 2pp. 

7TO41&0220 Forward* LER 79-018/O3L.-Q 

LEONARD, J. D. Ppwer Authority State of New York. 79/04/11. Ip, 

7*04160226 LER 79-Q13/O3L.-0 on 790313; rod sequence control *ys failed 
to pas* operation turveillance teit. Caused undetermined. 
Fallowup rep* will be jutanitted after repair t. testing. 
CHILDfl, H. V. Power Authority State of Nau York. 79/04/11. 3pp, 

7904200369 Forward! LER 79-O17/O3L-Q. 

LEONARD* J.D. Pay or Authority Stot of N*w York, 


--7904300372 LER 79-O17/03L-0 on 7903O3:uhile In cold shutdown. itandby 
gaa treatment y would not opn. C*uitd by uiili*rg 
eontr*ctttr in vlv* motor control lar. Auxiliarv contractor 
rtplacad ti opflr*bi 1 itij danonmtratad. 
CHILDH.H. V. Pqwr Authority 8tt* of Nw York. 79/04/17. 3pp. 

7904330311 Forward* LER 79-018/O3L-0. 

UEOMWD. J. D. Powar Authority Stato of Ntu York. 

79/04/17. Ip. 

7904230K1/ LtR 79-OI8/03L.-0 on 7903KO:uhile In cold shutdown. water 
laahcfd fron Iniulation on condensate transfer tys flush 
lini|. C*u*d bu, crack In heat affected lone of 4-inch line. 
Htpair thcuap Int*. Cracked pipe* to be analyied. 
CHILDS, H. V. Pttwar Authority State of Neu York. 79/04/17. 3pp. 

Financial Information 

79O4020082 Forwards "Annual Rpt 1978," quartor earnlnfl ita tiaant, on 
g*ar inttrnal caih flow jirojietion for 1979 4 actual caih 
flow for 197B. " Encl available In Central FiUi. 
FIRESTONE. L. Ohio Edlon Co. 79/03/27. Ip. 

79O4030201 Foruardi cah flou itt.rant for 197B t ppojctloni for 1979 
ra financial data luppartlng guaranttc of ratroipict Iv> 
p r im I UBI . 
CHfllSTNERiS.B. Duquain* Light Co. 79/03/27. 3pp. 

77D402007O Foruardi "Annual Ript 1979," fourth o.u*rttr earning* 
it'ttaminti Internal ch flow projection for 1979 & actual 
caih flou for 177Q. "Annual Rapt" available In Cintral 
HILSONrK-t. Ptnniglvanla Pouer Co. 71/03/23, Ip. 

Operating llcenit itagi 

7904090290 fttqueft* addl info ra capability of MSS3 to respond to 
poitulated ATMS tranilenti. Foruardi NHC 790213 Itr to G u/ 
rea.UBit for analyii* to confirm adequacy of propoied modi to 
LUR deilgnt.NUREQ-04aO Vol 3 encl.M/a ancl. M/diitributlan. 
VOLLMER, R.H. Ail*tant Director for 8gt*mi Ic Projecti. 79/03/12. 


790409O331 Summary of 79DS23 meting ui/Hei t inghause & Duqut-ini Light re 
iteamllne break protection sy*. U/upporting documBntation. 
UtOOlNTOMtD. Oparatlng Reactort Branch 1. 79/03/12. 9pp. 

79Q40601&3 Notification of 79031d-17 m.nting u/8tH In &ethnda,MD to 
dltcuii BS.H propoiali re foil structure intiracttoni. 
reanalyili Si nod effort!. 
STELLOiV. DlvUion'of Operating Racton. 79/03/IS, 2pp. 

7904110034 FOIA requeit for Info re dlcovry fc analyiii of dlvcrepancy 
between original riulti of piping analgili for aelirnic 
ttrtitit & rnulti of currently acceptable S&M codt. 
UEISB.E.R. Sheldon. Haraon & Roiiman. 79/03/19. 3pp, 

LEONARD^. D. Power Authority State of Niw York. 79/04/33. Ip. 

-7904260346 LER 77-02Q/Q3L-0 on 790327;while In cold shutdown (. during 
perfarPMnce of operations surveillance testtair comprestor 
did nob load. Redundant air ca*preor for dlosal engine 
virlfiad oparable. Plant ramaln.* In cold shutdown, 
CHILD6, H. V, Power Authority State of N*w York. 79/04/23. 2pp. 

7904020047 Bunmariiei 790320 talcon ui/fldW re futur actions to reiolve 
outttanding ictimlc cancarn of five thutdoum plants. Requisti 
raanalyiii reiulti of aaf ty-rlated piping tyi 1< auppopti. 
STELLO.V. Dlvlilon of Operating Reactors. 79/03/8O. 2pp. 

7904060401 Have not rvcaivad addl 13. 300 fee for application far aaend 
to LIcenie DPR -66. 
HlLLEIl.U.O. Office of Adninl<tratlon. 79/03/21. Ip. 


rda LER 79-019/O6L-0. 

Pawer Authority State of New York. 79/04/23. 


7704060409 R*qu*t lubmittal of addl 13. 3OO for anend to 
Ucenie DPR-A6. 
MILLER, H.O. Qfflci of Admin t* tration. 79/02/03. 2pp. 

7904360384 LER 79-O19/06L-0 on 790324; traversing Incore probe detector 
which had baen roved from eve 790230 was itlll being 
carried on plant recordi. Caunvd by inventory procedur. 
<HlLDa,U.V. Power Authority State of New York, 79/04/33. Spp. 

790409023O Sunmartiei 79O321 telcon u/SfcH. Reanalyii f of piping *yt for 
plant* u<t include Identification of imall pipe ililng it 
analyilf of all saf ety-relat*d piping. Reanalyil* of primary 
iu,i piping not required, 
STELLG.V. Divitlon of Operating Rtacton. 79/03/21. 2pp. 

DOCKET 30-334 Be*vor ValUg Power Station, Unit 1 

Utility ER and *ndentfl with related corraipondence 

7W40aoofl7 Forward* "Annual Environ fipt l97a,Vel l:Nonradiologleal. " 
XXMNiC.N. Dua,un* Light Co. 79/03/26. Ip. 

7TO40aOO?a H Annw*I Environ Kept 1978.Vol 1; Nonradiologieal. " 
1 . Duque,ne LIflht Co. 78/13/91. 29Ipp. 

79041302S4 Establishes organliatlon far review of five ihutdoun plants. 
Discusses gptcial taik effort uid to accompli ah review, 
DENTON.H.R. Office of Nuclear Reactor Reflation, 79/O3/22. 4pp. 

79040o0073 Informs of ichedul** far site visit! & technical Bietingi. 
Direct* llcinsit to conduct arrival meeting & technical 
discussion. Plant toun & review of hardware b piping will 
precede technical discussion. 
RUSSELL, W.T. Offlci of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. 79/03/23. Ip. 


>W40MSI10 Forward* foral wtil responie to NSC 790313 order to show 
cauit ra aatantliillu un*-fi piping ayi. 
eCHAFFERi 8. 0. Ouquetne Light Co. 79/03/31. Ip. 

7904090413 Raquait* computer code listing u*ed In loHmic analysis or 
reanalysi* of safety-related sy*. 
8TELLO.V- Divilon of Operating Reactors. 79/03/33. 2pp. 


DOCKET 50-334 Stiver Vallty Pnuar Station. Unit 1 
Dp. rating llctni. ttaoi 

7704170019 Suroarli.j t.lcon r. lu .t to Duii<jini Light Co for conputir 
cod. liitlngi of all code. r laiimic analuiii of fafatu- 
rvlat.d t-yi. * 

SCHWENCER, A. Operating R.aclor. Branch 1. 79/O3/23. Ip, 

7^04040134 Fdrwardi 13, 300 vouch.r to *ifcitf V WHC for addl 
f.t r9 7S1O27 application for inand to DPR-A4. 
DWM.C.H. Duiuatn. Liuhfc Co. 77/03/2A. 2pp. 

7904070131 Notification of 79Q32-J-3Q ...ting w/appllcant In Bottom MA 
to ditcuii pipi ttr.ti analyi.i.rt.ult* of hang.r 
*valu*tion. * r.vlaw tabU calculition. procadur*! 
HIOOIMTOM.D. Dp. n tinj ft.acton Branch 1. 79/03/2A. Spp. 

7904100034 SuiMarv of 79O303 ni.tlni u/Du 4 ui Light Co *t B.av.r 
Vall.i; fit. ra fir. protection. 
HIOOINTON, 0. L. Op.ratltig R.actori Branch 1. 7?/O3/2A. 6pp 

L [ 9 ht Co In Bath*<H,MQ 


Mrv f 790323 "..ting w/Duqi 
*(nlc tn*a tjilculationt. 
aCHWBNCER,A, Dptr*tlng fi tit ton Brnch 1. 79/03/S7, 29pp. 

,.f itq vwlutlon *. 

7W4U004B FortMrli An.nd 17 to DP 

notic* of Uiuancf It *\-j 1 Ijibll i tij. 

aCHMEMCER.A. dpiratlng* Branch 1. 77/03/27. 4pp. 

7IMU004* Aaji 

17 to Llc.n.t DPR-66, i n c O rp O T4tlng App 
Opiratina RaacUn Branch 1. 79/03/27. 34pp. 

7TO424003I 8aJt v nlu.tian lupportlng Ain<f 17 to L.CIHH WR-i6. 
OffUB of Nuclur n.julatton. 79/03/27. Bpp. 


of AM<n< 17 to Lic.nt. 
Ractori Branifi 1. 79/03/S7- 3pp. 

"S3SHi^!l 8 ET - M tvi "; Tjl11 " 1AlB * c * do " IU.M 

IWB third S. fourth q.uartir nslannual .fflu.nt fc uj.t. 

b Itt i r * P ***' " hould " lntrtd into prtvloui 
DUNN,C,N. Duqueini Light Co, 79/03/30. lOjip., diitrlptlon of Info to b. doc^.nt.d for KRC 
for, .chaduli for tubnltUl of thl. info 
prior to plant t*rtirp. 
HTELLO-V. Divliioa of Projtct KanagtMnt. 77/04/02. ISpp, 

-for i.lilc 

n niulti af oriiinal piping 
* fttultt of 8I.H coda. S 
Olvlilan of Ruin and FUcordi. 79/04/O3. ' 39,p. 

* >"*"*" 'r "vlw <.* fiv. punt. ,ht dau,n 
ili(,lc analy... of i.f >t v --rilat;ad piping 

DeTOM,H.R. affic* o f Raactor R.guUtion. 79/03/28. 4pp. 

'"""" htdul. of .U. i t. 

BSS rteSLr&xj 


of Qparatlng Raaetop,. 79/03/81. Lp. 

B.n.f It 

Branch. 79/03/21. 4pp. 

BTELLO,V. Otvliton Pf Dp.r-tUg R icto r,. 79/03/30. Spp. 

7W4I19137 -St*t. mf rl f Hfi 0nton, Dlr.ctor.DMlei of .* 
AM- !!"2 B B 5' f " Pi H "" Co *"'H.t n InSwl!" "i^i" " 

K;;.p;*i'iS"* " r tD fhut * Hn " v - ^"{S.r 

WLH.fl. W, of "R. V i. w of 

':!S;:K"2/:L*nT " 

- T ' e - Jahn * "' 

* ..... .*. ....... . 

7904140072 Notification of 790411-ia . fl tl n , W /D UW a. M ,|..i t, i 
in Hoiton.MA for datalUd r.vlaw b .valuation of I L 'I M C. I 

" '- ' 

1 ' ........ 

. 1 w.b.tlr E n ,l,..rl to, . nftMnt. J,,. 

MOOLEVEH.E. J. Cuquiint Light Co. 79/04/11. 

. ,.., 


Duqunna Light Cp. 79/04/11. 200pp. 

JACOBB,a.fl. Ston. (, Hab.t.r En B i n .. T in fl Corp. 79/04/13, 3,,, 

KENNEDY, H. J. L. aton. t, H.b.t.r, Inc. 79/04/13. 


Light Co. 79/04/17. 2pp. 

., i ne. 

.C.N. Duqutlnt Light Co, 79/04/19. Bpp. 

7wi*iJM!J!?l!!* * 790313 ordlir * ihll ' ^"./rwn 

rioiM !Jl <l ' ler ' llIn BP''<'P'>-d Mtho< of calculating H*|i 
Mplnj .lr.,. *, M ul,nt loading, on ..l.cttd pl'lni' 

MOOLEVER. E. J, Light Co. 79/04/20, 


DWN.C.N. Duqutini Light Co. 79/04/23. 4pp. 

* Ston. & Hib.tir Enplntiring Copp. 79/04/IM. 
I! r *P''* n* eorripondtne 

Of fie. of thl Olr.Cllf. 

inUii Staal Pip. Spooli 

*m Co. 

^ R.glon 1, Phll.d.lphi., a*fic4 of tht DlrclH 
790*340199 Foruaird* IE bu 



"DOCKET 3O-334 Beaver Valley Pauar Station, Unit 1 
Intpactlan report* and correipondonce 


7904130187 Monthly operating rapt tor March 1977. 

SPITZUDGLE. A. E. OuiUBine Light Co. 79/04/O1, Spp, 

^79O403OO16.Forw*rd* IE Circular 79-03, "MaUtura Leakage In Stranded 
Mire. Conductor*. " 

4RIER.B.H, ' Region 1. Philadelphia, Offlca at the Director. 
79/03/20. Ip. 

790404Q22B Forward! IE Info Notice 79-03, "U*e at Improper HatU In 

Safety-Relate* Component*. " 

ORIERjB.H, Region 1, Philadelph it, Office of the Director, 

77/03/21. Ip. 

7904300416 Ack receipt of 790309 Itr Informing MRC of tepi taken to 
eon-act violation noted In IE Imp Rtpt SO-334/79-02. 
BflUNNER.E.J. Region 1, ' Philadelphia, Office at ths Director. 

79/03/21. Ip, 

79Q42OO4I9 Ritpond* to MHC 790219 Itr re violation noted in IE tnp 

Rapt 30-334/79-02. Corrective actlonclti* *ant to *hlft 
luparvltan ti foremen *i/intruction if tet valiree fall in 
alart or required action range. 
BUNN.C.N. Duq.ue*ne Light Co. 79/03/09. 2pp. 

7904200422 Forward* IE Imp Rapt 90-334/79-02 on 7901 14- IB t> notice 

f violation. 

anUNNER, E. J. Reolon 1. Philadelphia, Office at the Director. 

79/03/13. Spp. 

' 79042O0423 Motifs at violation from Imp on 790116-18, 

flijion li Philadelphia. Office at the Director. 77/01/31. 

7904300423 IE Imp Rept 50-334/70-OB on 79O11A-1B. Nttrcoiplianc notod: 
fillur* to Idintlfy h taka iptvdij corractlv* action to nu 
f*lluri,df tcivntli* 4 deviation*. 

HIOOINS.J.C. , REKITO.M.A. , CAPHTON.D.L. Rglon lr Pnlladalohla. 

Offie* of th Dlractor. 79V01/31. 7pp.. 

Ripartibli occuTrancai, rljtud 

79O4130052 Forward* RO 79-7/OlT:nut ti uathar found In Una of trip 
vlv to itg-ain generator auilLfarij feeduatir pump. Nut & 
lira in or cam from chact v-ilv* upitraam at trip vaLve. 
UERLINO- 0. A. Duifutsne Light Co. 79/O3/06. Ip. 

79O410037B Report* ponlbl* dsficioncsj ra iinjl* droppad control ro*. 
Rod contruller nay maaaure Incorrvct core iverjue poyar 
1 aval i power ovanhoot may r**ult, State* Invntigation In 
progrei* t addl info to ba provided. 
MERLIHO, J.A. Dirquaini Llaht Co. 79/03/30. Spp, 

79O4100327 Forward* LER 79-OO4/97X-O, 

HEHLINO, J. A. Ouquaina Lioht Co. 79/O4/O3. 2pp. 

7904100334 UER 79-OO4/99X-O an 79O1O3: 1C M&IV lift in fully oponed 

poiiUtjnr mopened, than folio clocadi rnul tad in reactor 
trip l> lafaty injacclon. Cdira.d by ihort in fullij cloud 
Unit twitch contact*. Limit iwuitcnti driid, 
UERLIMO.J.A. Ouquetne LlBi6 Co. 79/O4/03. Ip. 

7904-190039 Forwardi LER 79-OOS/01T-0. 

HtfiLINO.J. A, 0uiuusn Lijht Co. 79/04/12. Spp. 

7904I90D44 LER 79-QOB/01T-O on 790329: H9SS vandor notified facilitif of 

potential for ilngl* dropped control rod to laad to 
catculatad ONE ratioi lower than reported In SAR. 
Investigation continuing to ifetermlni an update In BAR. 
WERLINO, J.A. Duqueina Light Co. 79/04/12. Spp. 

7904240302 Foi-ward* LEU 79-O05/99X-0. 

WERLINOj J, A. Duqueent Light Co. 79/04/13- 2pp. 

79O420O447 FoTxardi IE Info Notice 79-07. "Rupture at Rarfwait* Tanka, " 
ORIER.B.H. Region 1. Philadelphia, Office of the Director, 

79/03/24. Ip. 

7904270436 Forward* IE Bulletin 79-04, "Incorrect Malghte fop Swing 
Cheek Valyai Manufactured b"J Vtlan Enginaarlng Corp." 
MIER.B.H. Region 1, Philadelphia. Office of th Director. 

79/03/30, Ip. 

7904130198 Forward* IE Bulletin 79-03, "Nuclear Incident at TMI" & 
PM-79-6,7.. 79-4.7A. B, C, D, E,F d Q. No reipome raquiperf. 
DRIER, ^.H, Region 1, Philadelphia, Offtcn of the Director. 

79/04/01. Ip. 

790419Q130 Farwcrd* IE Bulletin 79-03A. "Nucl*p Incident at 
TMI - Buppli* It prallMinaru chronology of THI-3 79O32S 
accident until core cooling reitored. 

ORIER,B,H. < Region 1, Philadelphia, Office nf the Director. 
79/04/03.- Ip, 

79042704aa Fornwra* IE Bulletin 79-OfiA, "Revlnw of Op.r*tioTi*l Error* 
3(|l Hl*allgn*l*ntt Identified During THI Incident." 
4AIER>a.H. Region 1, Philadelphia, Office nf the Director. 

79/04/14. Ip, 

Periodic operating report*, related correipondenca 

790400O209 Ravle*d page* to "Effluent li W*te Dltpoeal a^niannual 

Rt. " 

* Auqu**ne Light Co. 79/03/32. 6pp, 

7W404OIIW Forward* reviilont to tablet contained In 1773,197411976, tc 
1977 annual ecological rapt*. 
HOME. O. H. Du.ue*ne Light Co. 79/03/23. 20PP. 

79Q4O3O2Q7 Forward* Nati Pollution Oltcharge EH*intion Qi nontJilij ' 
.rapt for F 1*79 a* iub*lttad to PA Dept of Environ. 
MOORE, C.M. DuHO-ane Light Co. 79/03/28. 2pp. 

7904030310 Dltcharga monitor ins rept for Ffr 1979. 
STEED- L, L,*ne Light Co. 79/02/28. 12pp. 

79O403033S Foraurdt "Annual Rept 197B: Ch*nje ( Te*t ti'EKp*pl>ent. " 
OUtMG.N. Duuene Light Co. 79/O3/S9. Ip. 

7904240303 LER 79-O05/99K-O on 79011S: durin B load reduction, condenier 
itaam dump control valve* oatnedj raiulblng In high tfeeaa 
flaw condition causing reactor trip fc lafety injection. 
Cauied bg valve operator upotura to cold temp. 
UERLINO, J.A. Difquaine Light Co. 79/04/1B. Ip. 

DOCKET 30-333 Bt. Lucia Plant. Unit 1 

Securltu, medical, emflrffencij d fire protetlnn plan* 

7904060237 Fora/ai-d* reiponee* to NRG '* oniite review of fire protection 
plan. Mill forward Implementation icheduli at later date. 
UHRIO.R.E. Florid* Power k Lioht Co. 79/O4/O3. 37pp. 

Qp*rtlng Liceni* itagi 

7904030063 Forward* rovi-iion* to "Review I. Acceptance of Spent Full 
ator*fle lc Handling Appl icat loni , " transmitted on 78O414. 
ORIHESiB.K. Ai*tant Director for EnoineiT* t> Project*. 

79/01/18. 4pp, 

7904O7O290 Riqueit* atfdl Info re c*pabllltu of KB 98 to riipond to 
pattulataif ATUfl transient*. Forward* WHC 7908E3 Itr to OE u/ 
roituei-t for analviii to confirm adequacy of propoeed node to 
LWR deilgni. NUREO-O460 Vol 3 ancl.H/o encl. H/dlitrlbution. 
VOLLHEH.R. H. A*ii*t*nt Dlrnctor for Svitemi l> Project*. 79/03/1S. 


7904O60130 Notification that *taan anirtor* will not b* chemically 
claantd during upcoming Cycle 3 fuel outage, T**t reiulti to 
date do not juittfif ejtpeni* of cheMlcal cleaning,, 
UHHIO,R. E. Florida Power & Light Co. 79/03/30. Ip. 

79O41BO929 Bubnlti re<iuo*t to amopd App B to Liceme BPR-i7. Bxl iavee 
effluent limitation* & monitoring re<|iilre*anti are In 
conflict w/ALAB-913, Reqw**ti deletion of ETB requirement* 
re nonradi-aloglcal 1 lnlt*tloni. 
UHRIO.R.E. Florida Power l< Light Co, 79/04/1J. 3pp. 

Intpection report* *nd corroipondence 

7904240073 Forward* IE Bulletin 78-138, "Atvptcal Ueld Hatl In Reactor 
Pr***ur Veifal Held*. " 

O'REILLY, J,F, Reji on' 3i AtUnta, Ctflci at the Director. 

79/03/19. Zfp. 

7904090336 * Annual Rept 197a:Chang**<'Ta*t* fa Eperlnte. 
*. Ouauein* Light Co. ' 79/O3/29. 9pp. 

TWO4130184 Forward* eianthlv operating rept for March 1979. 
DUNN'G.N, Due.u**ne Light Co. 79/04/1O.' Itf, 

790420044S Foruard* IE Circular 79-O3, "Mol*ture Leaihage in Stranded 
Wire Conductor!. " 

C'REILLV, J.p v Region 2, Atlanta. Office of the Director. 
79/03/20. 2pp. 



Unction riporti a-nij capr.ip D ndtnc 

7904I7029S Frr<. An nU .l Environ R.dloloaic.l fh.ut.rin, 
UHRIO.R.E- Florid. Pou.r t Liflht Vo . 79/O4/CH. 1*. 

boring Dipt- itTt. 

-!*!_ cellrl '' n "il <-ltd eofrti|,ondt.ico 

7704030273 Forward! LER 79-007 /G3L-U 

SCHMIDT. A. D. Florid* Power & Light Co, 79/03/89. Ip. 

7W4IS0133 Fn>ward IE Bui latin 10 nm. 

PMl-79-fi7,79-67A,D,C,D J P,F i O H^ ?' 

J -^ "* K.:-s 


Uvil *Ir aunucl.*,,! tw IB2 BIT. C au d f 

* drain v*lva for IBS BIT CV3&4D, 

MHOPPKAN, ft. A. Florida Pouar fc Li S ht Co. 79/OS/as, | p 

IE in ^ * 

ou . r * L , |ht Co . 

-"Siss,* ::.XKS. / s:s.t? 1 .r o j a r? )tH ' -"-M"-"" 

="r n 'Hf*ni 

n!!K* " IE rnip filft 

,-. t Florid, pc r 4 Llflht Co . 

.D. Florid. Pou.r (, Li 9 ht Co. 79/03/M |p 

WQ4/03. |p. 


SCHOPPMAN.M.A. Florid. p ou r fc Light Co. 79/04/03, 


LER 79-OIO/03L-0. 
A. D. Florid., Pgmr fa Liflht Co. 79/O4/11. | p , 

O.K. Florid. Powtr & Light Co.. 79/04/M, (p. 

Foi-Mrdi fio 33S-B-79-oa. 
79/03/03. " 6pp7 ru " r-cliI *Y " M.tri.U B*f.6 U "-"-R.E. Florid.. Pouor 1, Li B ht Co. 79/04/11. Ip. 

^""ft'prlfiSiMT^ShponS?!' " N J e |** 1 ' Incld nt t ^J J 

^ ftijtan a, AtUnt., Oc of bh. ir*etor. " Florltl * P"""r faliflht'co. 79/04/11. 3pp. 

A. D. Florid. Pou.r fc Light Co. 79/04/13. 
-.. - . iMf.mrtfi Branch. 79/04/12. 

ri.rU, Po*.r t, Light Co . 7Q/04/M, , B " ^ r ' n '"' ^ '"> P<r I. Light Co. TV/04/ 10. I, 

<rf ioCFfii 79fli "' " "" ' TUll '~' 1 ' 1 . Matic* of --.-..-.. A. D. Florid* Powir & Light Co. 79/04/13. it 

Spr """ ""'"" " - - ,. = . _... _ 

tJurini paur aptrJlltn. '|{ 
pup t.flln|.cw4 If 

n on pupi. auction 

^J*2 ^"**"-"""""rH B fSSrai < ISr B " pUS "" """' ^HWPHW-H-A. -Florid-'poi.Ti'uiht Co. 7V/M/I3. M 

KK^t; B Sf^flg>i* ML K IIPI6F - 1 '- ' "Mi*ll.. 

*" "' ';' "_iil! lt * r Po * t1 '_?*** lon ' Unl * a 

f "dhoptot of ttrt protection aedi 41 
bt coapUt4 by end of 1980, rof uvllni 

Ir.bUtlc oionitorlng d Voli 6 ^ & 3rbloHeiilQ*?t ln i R " P * 197B ' " Ftnneil inform 

8.R.E, Florid. Pou.r t Light Co. 79/03/29!* Ip. 

T"? M*.ITO" for four utllt. 
N"d"r En.riu Co. <N.rthM.t 


DOCKET SO-336 Millstone Nuclear Pouer Station, Unit S 
Financial Information 

7904130222 "Annual R*pt 1978 for Wei tarn MA Electric Co. " 

* Northiait Nuclear Energy Co. (Northaait Uttlltl"*). 77/O4/1O. 

7904130223 "Annual Rapt 197B for Hartford Elactric Light C*. " 

Nor tins it Nuclear Energy Co. (Nnrthaatt UtlUtltiK 79/O4/1O, 

7904130224 "Annual Rept 197B for CT Light fc Pawr Co. 

* NortheaU Hu clear Energy Co. (Northauit UtlUtiei). 79/O4/10, 

79O413O230 "Annual Rept 1978 far Northeast Nuclear Energy Co. " 

* Northeait Nuclear Energy Co. (NorUiaait UtiHUiO. 79/O4/IQ. 

Operating licenie itage 

79O4O2QOA3 Foruardi reviiloni to "Rivleu IE Acceptance of Spent Full 
Storage ti Handling Application. " traniioJttad on 780414. 
ORIMESiB.K. Aitlitant Director for Engine-arm & Project*. 

79/01/18. 4pp, 

79O42306i Foruarili CEN-1OA INJ-MPi nonpropr lotar^ varion, raipandtng 
to NRC <tueitlani ra control oltnicnt Jt**eblg guide tuba inp 

COUNSIL, H. 0. Northaatt Utllltiei. 79/04/17. 7pp. 
Inepactlan report* and corra-ipondanca 

7904O30423 Ac k r of 790222 Itr Informing NRC of vtap* takah to 
corract violation! notad In IE Imp Rapt 3O-243/78-39 ft 

GRIEfl'B.M. Ragon 1< Philadelphia, Offiet of tha Olr*Ctar. 

79/O3/OB. tp. 

7904030436 Retpc-ndi to NRC 790202 itr ra violation! natad In IE Ini 
fleptm BO-243/70-39 S. 30-334/73-36. Corractiva *ctlonv 
radiation area poi tadj Haa 1 th Pfiyilci poT tunnel rB Lnatructad 
Si radiation uort urvijd. 

COUNSIL, M.O. Northeait Nuclear Energy Co. <NoctheBl UtllltU.I. 
79/02/22. 4pp. 

7904030429 Forward* IE Imp Repti 80-2+3/78-39 t -90-336/78-36 on 
7S12U-1? 1< notlc* of violation. 

ORIER.B.H. Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of th Diractor>. 

79/02/02. 2pp. 

7904030430 Nattca of violation tra* lnp on 781211-13. 
Region li PhlladaLphia> Offtca a* tha Director. 


7904030357 Provldei trip letpolnt for propoied Tech Spc revlilon 
dtrf 790320 to Incorporate reactor coolant pgmp ipad 
tiling iifi ** addition to reactor protection *u,i. 
CDUMB1L,H,0, Northaait Utllttlei. 79/03/23. 2pp, 

79041 1OO62 Foruardi reiulti of lecond year itagnant location chloride 
beit program. Iniervlce Imp program will .be mplenanted 
790426. Util Intend! to end luppleMtnt'rv ch*nlcl 
COUMSILiW. 0. Northeait Utllitiei. 79/O2/26. 6pp. 

7704090003 Flndi no furthtr action neceiiarg ri generic ittut of baron 
dilution Incidents, bated on 771223 util t-e*ponaa. 
REID, R.U, Operating Raacton Bv*neh 4. 79/03/01, Spf, 

7904040040 Accepti 7SOB17 analu for ejected fc dropped control 
Lament aifgmbly teiti performed during Initial i tar tup. 
Accept* 760713 *ubrnlttal of miulti lummary from lau power 
phuslci 4< paur aicenilon t**ti for Cucla 2 operattoti, 
ftEID,R.W. Operating Reactori Branch 4. 79/O3/08. 3pp. 

7904090H90 neo.uiti addl fnfo re capability of NSSS bo raipond to 
poatvlated ATH9 tr*niente. Forward* NRC 790213 Itr to OE w/ 
request for *nalijii to confirm' adequacy at propa-iad nadt to 
LMR digni.NUREfi-0460 Vol 3 anel.H/o ncl. H/dlctr Ibutlan. 
VOLLMER.R.H. Aiit*nt Director for Suitewi k Projtcti. 79/03/12, 

79O40AO179 Riqueit for addl Info re utll'i Cucli 3 rilead/itratch paiuir 
req.uaat of 770212, 
REID,R, U, Operating Retori Branch 4. 79/03/14. 9pp. 

7904030242 Foru*rd proprietary info praionted ta NRC at 790126 g*tlng 
rt reload application. Inf o withheld (re* 10CFB2. 79OI. 
COUNSrL.H.C. Nartheait Utilltli. 77/O3/21. 2pp. 

7904030330 Foryardi nonproprletarg variion r Info presented to NRC at 
79O126 Betting re Cycle 4 reload application. AppUcatian far 
withholding (CAM-79-10) h affidavit tncl. 
CQtlNBIL.H.O. Northcait UtlUtiei. 79/03/21. 6Spp, 

77O409O179 Reipand* to NRC 790314 requnt for addl Info re Cucla 3 
COUMSIL,H.C. Northeait Utllltle*. 79/03/27. 13pp. 

7904O9O233 Forwardi propoifd Imp program tor aleevtd guide tuba*. 
Program withheld (ref IOCFR2. 790t, 
CQUN8IUH.O. Northaalt Utllltill. 79/03/27. 2pp. 

7904070139 Forward* raiulti of large break LOCA/ECCB parfarmanca 
an.lVlf.QA verification ay C-EiNSSB t fuel luppller it 
I pec ted on 790410. M/baili for no-fe determination. 
COUNSIUH. 0. Northeait Utilitiei. 79/03/30. SSpp.- 

79O412O2BB Advtte* that QA verification of mail h largi braak 
LOCA/ECCB performance analg*U hai b*en eompltted. Utr* to 
MRC dtd 790322 li 790330 are efficient to *how,eoaipll*nce 
W/10CPR30. 46 criteria. 
COUN8IU. H.O, Northaait Utilities 79/O4/O9. tp. 

790419OO6S Forward* Info ra propoierf reviilon* to Tach &pae to raflact 

Installation of reactor coolant pump fpaad aanting ijt to 
provlda protection for 4-puisp loi of flow fvnt. 
COUrtaiLrM.u. Northeait Nuclear Energy Co. <Hortha*.t 
79/04/12. 2pp. 

79O4O30432 IE Imp Rapt 30-243/7B-37 It 3O-336/7&-36 on 781311-15. 
Noncawpllanc* not*d: f a HUT* to pot radlatton area> fallura 
to parforai radilatlan urvev* * failure to aulrifealn racorda 
of furvay. 

VinHSiO.P.p HEELYrD. R, Raglon l< PhlladalphLai Offlca of tha 

Director. CROCKER. H.U. Raglan 1, Ph lladalphi*. Fuel Facility ft 

Material* Saf.ty Branch. 79/O1/17. IBff. 

7TO404O31B Foruardi IE BulUtin 79-03, -Longitudinal Maid Dafactt in 

ABUE SA-312 Typa 3O4 Stalnlan Steal PLpm BpooU 
Manufactured bu, Youngtown Maiding t Engineering Co. " 
ORIER.B.H, Raglon 1> Phi ladalph la^ Office of tha Dlmctor. 

79/03/18. Ip. 

"Looia Lacking Nut an 
Off lea of tha Diractor, 

7V04090O77 ForuariiB IE Circular 79-O4r 
Valve Opevator-i. " 

ORIEA.B.H. Raglon 1. Philadelphia 

79/03/1*. IB. 

7704240134 Forwards IE Bulletin 78-iaB- "Atypical Held Matl In RMctor 
Praiiura Vaviel Maid*. " 

ORIER.B.K, Raglon 1^ Philadelphia OffLca of th Diraetor. 

79/03/19. Ip. 

7704050024 Forwards IE Circular 77-08- 
Hire 1 Conductors " 

ORIEH.B.H. Raglon 1. Phi Ladelphi* 

79/03/20. Ip. 

"Hole tun Laakaga Ln Btrandad 
Off UP of th* Dlraetor. 

7704040239 Forwardi IE Info Motice 79-03r "Uea of Inproaar MatU In 
Saftby-Rtlatad Component - " 

OfllEB.B.H, Raglon 1, Ph 1 ladalphia, th Olractor. 

79/03/21. Ip. 

7704S00431 Farw*rdi IE Info Mo tie* 79-07 r -Ruptura of Radwacta Tanki, 

CRIERrB.H, Raglan li Ph 1 lada lphl*i Office of tha Dirtetor. 

79/03/26, If. 

7904270447 Foruardi IE Bull* tin 79-O4- "Incarract Walaht* far 
Chick Valvai Hanufacturad b Valan Englnvarini Cora. " 
ORIER.l.H. Raglon 1. Philadelphia, Of flea of *ha Diraetor. 

79/03/3O. If. 

7704120219 Forward* IE Bull. tin 79-05. "NucUar tncldant at TH 
PNO-79-47, 79-07A- B. CiD,ErF b O. Ho rciponaa required. 
ORIER,H.H. Raglan IF Phlladlohia, Offtea f tha Diraetur. 

79/04/01. Ip. 

7904190140 Forward i IE Bulletin 79-03*. *NucUar I reliant at 
TMI - Suppl*" k prallntnarv chranology of THI-a 790338 
accident until cor* coaling ritard. ' " 

ORIER.B.H. Raglan 1, PhitadaLahi*i Office of th* Diraetor. 

79/04/03. Ip. 

7704100348 In anawer to IE Bulletin 79-O1. nvf rnMtitll 
t*-aiauntad Halt twitch** w'/approprlata ducuaiantatrftn can 
be procured. Utll will raalaca uitchae w/a.uallfld awitchat 
prior to atart of Cycla 3 aparatton iche-dulvd *lr M*v 1779.' 
GOUMBIL.H.O. Narthaatt UtlHtia*. 79/04/06. ,3pp. 

7704190079 Eddy currant tait ha baan parf oppetf, No tub* d*f*c 
di*covrad *i no corfctlva action katad on : tufca daft 
required, Pr* 1 iminarij analv*!^ of i-eulti of Inap indicatai 
denting rat* hat baan raduead. 
COUNSIL, M.O. Horth*it UttlltUi. 77/04/13. 3ap, 


DOCKET S0-33i militant NucUtr Pcwr Station, Unit 3 

Iniptctlon riforti and corriiponcfinet 


-79041 WWO -attM QinirAtor In.p, 

-HerthMit LJtllltin. 79/0^/13. llpp. 


"" *! Director. 

*. , 

li^UM.rf *or ivc In U3C*. invirim. Solinolif ulll b. . 
reilactd Itmtar* itart of Cuel. 3 oa.r*Uon 
COWOIL.H.O. Hort^.t Utllltf.. . Mrt^ii. 3pp . 

7TO40303I46 ForM.rJt -Armuj I Eft^Iron Opir<ting fi 

KS& e ;wnv *--' MS !e i.!.c 

COOMaiL.M.O. Horth.lit UtlHtlii. 7^03/30. 

(JUlItl.i. 7W03/30. 

UKtltlM. 79/03/31. . ip. 

CDUNSH.. H. 0. 


rJ.F. NwtJiiwfc UtllttUi. 79/03/29. Ip 

CFMKETT-J.O, HorUMit UtilltUi. 79/03/29. 

7M40TO171 rorwrd, LER 79-007/03L-0. 

.J.F. Northiitt Utfiltitt. 79/03/30, ip. 

* MertJitl.t UtllUl.i, 79/03/30. Ip. 

T P !! UR "^*8wi. gtllitJi. 79/04/12. Ip. 


79/04/13. Ip. 

,0. Worth.-.t UUHtJ.t. 79/04/13. 2(ip. 

S' r- " "* 79-010/03L-0. I 

NorthMit UtJllttti. 79/04/83. ip. 

ATE8.R,M. Hortht 

" 3 ^ B North Anna POIJB|1 Station, Unit I 
NRC DES, FES, supplement. 

7904020110 Addendum to FES for facility 
Office of Nuclaar naacfcur Regulation 
e>7p(i. Availablt at NTI8, 

7904020113 Errata to jrfrf.ntfmi to FEB 

s. n "' e< "' *"1' 1 Rector RBflulation. 
5pp. Available at NTIS. 


C o. 79/04/04. 


7-904030004 Schidulei for ut 
Potomac Allianc. r. flLAB-322 u * 

M Knir| Per,** 

d Lie.n,ln B B 

9. C. 

8HAN80M.O.J. Branch i. 79/03/13. 4pp. 

0. T. Branch Z. 79/03/13. *\p. 

OAHBARDELLAiA. Virginia, 8tat. of. 79/03/14. 3pp. 
CEALE.V.B. Atulc Saf.ty and Uc.n.lnfl Bo.rd Paniil. 

rnj?-" Do ...... 

nci;. 79/03/16. 

CHRISTIAN, J.M. Hunton i Wllli imi . 79/03/23. 3pp. 

^^W^UKc^ta 1 ;;?' 1 : \^" p co t" f -" U 
yr^?^.\ B ^i\ B :*aa.^RRa 

CHRISTMEN.J.N, Hunton S. HllH.n,,. 79/03/87. 4pp 

BHAM80N,D.T. Branch i. 79/03/3O. 

, P Ht 

CHRIBTNAN.J.N. Hunton i HillU*,. 79/03/30. 9pp. 

rr"? '"""""I * 8 790314 

tXuIk!? *' 5? pUt '" vid.miM, hMrlnf, KB 

-5J "*. ta 2S-s;c - : B s" ip " rlBht or 

.T. Branch 1. wwn. 16pp. 

\ f . 



DOCKET 30-333 North Ann* Powir Station, Unit 1 
.-Financial Information 

7704030388 Forward* "Annual Financial Rapt 1978, " 

JOHN8OM,B. D. Virginia Electric & Pauer Go. 77/O3/3O. Spp. 

"M410O304 Forwards "Annual Rapt 177H. " 
BAUHiE, A. Virginia Electric & Pouer Co. 77/04/03. Ip. 

Utility FBAFt and amendments 

7704200234 AMtntf 66 to FBAft continuing update begun in Amend *3 to 

up-port Issuance at OL. - 

Virginia Electric ti Power Co. 79/Q3/23, 230pp. 

Anti-trutt correspondence 

77041ZO163 Forwards Itr from Attu Otniral rffcd 790322 re antitrust 
advice par Station 109c of Atomic Energg Act of 1734rs 
BALTZKAN, J. Antitrust I Indemnity Croup, 79/03/H7. Ip. 

--7704120187 NC Electric'* propoiad oun*rshlp Interact would 
tt las* than 30 MH/unlt fc Old Dominion'* proposed Interact 
would b. 20 MM 4 80 HH/unlt. Unnaeairu for Cc-Mlsslon to 
hold antitruit haaringi. 

FLEXNERiD.L. .Justice, Dpt. of, Attorney Oineral ' Office. 
77/Q3/22. 2pp. 

Operating llctnse itaga 

7904200264 In response to KRC 770329 Itr.util gr(H to perform Imp 
surveillance of dam & water impounding Lake Anna In 
accordance w/reeonraendat Ions of Rtg Guide 1.127. 
STALLINOS. C. H. Virginia Electric & Poiuor Co. 77/04/16. Ip. 

7904300431 Bumrnaru. of 790413 mating W/reprseiitativ of VA EUctrlc 
& Power Co d Uait;lngIiau*B in Hathcda.MD r fleu iplltttr 
platei in primary coolant ig, 
DROMERKK! A. . Lijhfc Uatar FlBactori Branch 3. 79/O4/16. 7pp. 

79042002:13 Forward-* diljn changes & ravliad ovarpranur* protection 
Tach 8p*c* beyond thoia ca-ntained in 791221 Itr, Info 
lncLudei description of operator action procedural far 
ovirpreitura pro tect ion iv. 

, C.M. Virglrtifl Electric t, Pouer Co. 79/04/17. 3Bpp. 

'79042A0210 Foruardi analtfti* nif ftHH line broat at RHR cut-in Ump 4 
prture, Analuili confirm-i that an^lv marsin* are available 
In retaining eor in iPe condition. 
8TALLIHOB.C. M. Vlr B inla El.ctrlc Jk Power Co. 79/O4/Z3. 3pp. 

Inptctlon reporti arid cor-reipandenca 

7*PO411<H69 Forwards IE Imp ftepti' 507335/79-03 I. 3Q-33t/7?-Q7 on 

790130-0201, No noncamp 1 Lanca noted. 

HURPKV.C.E. Region 2. Atlanta r Reactor Cc-ns true* Ion lc Enolnaerlno 

Support Branch. 77/OS/2B. 2pp. 

7904110173 IE Inap ftept SO-338/79-05 t. 30-33?/79-07 on 790130-O201 . No 
noncoipHnce notd.rUjor areas tnpec ted;h lati denmltu inint 
ful itorage racli.CERi t< 10CFR5O. 53< B I Itami, 
COKPTON, K, H. Riglon 2, Atlanta, Dffica of the Dirtctor. 

BRVANTfJ.C, Riglon S, Atlanta, Reactor Construction & 

Enslnaarlng Support Branch. 77/02/27. 4pp. 

90403OO09 Suwnary of 79030B masting u/utll In Bethaida.MD. n ASLAB 
dec i lion rm turbine mlitli fc *ettten*nt o<f Und under 
DflDHERICK, A.H. Virginia Electric & Pow*r 'Go. 79/03/14. pp. 

7904870523 Forwards IE Imp Rapt SO-338/79-06 t. SO-339/79-OB nn 
790I2?-oat)l.Mo noncampllanc* nottd. 

LEMia,ft.C, Region B, AtUnt*, Reactor Oparatloni Nuclear Suooort 

Branch. 79/03/09. 3pp. 

7704130086 Foruardi evaluation of dagradatf grid valtaga protection 
flan. Accepts detlgn re protection Iran degraded volbaga 
condltloni & lmplatntation schedule statvd In 781024 Itr. 
PARRiQ. D. Light Mater Reactor* Branch 3. 79/03/20. Spp. 

7V0416O033 RequtiU addl info ra propaicd averprnsure mitlgitton ijt 
fro nlbigat* consequence* of wstar-iolld ovrpr*t*ur vnt. 
Also *ki Info' subnlttal *chdule. 
PARFI.O. D. Light Mater Reactors Branch 3'. 79/03/21. 3pp. 

TO4160O91 Discusses Insp Kept 50-338/78-28 on 701024 r radluaet Ivm 
wait* V*,R*qunti addl info re wsti voluneit spent reilns tt 
tu* for Maintaining ALARA releases. 
PARR<a..D. Light Uetar Riaetar* Branch a. 77/O3/23. 4pp. 

77041AO372.Rta.uett* addl Info re Offslte Doe Calculation Manual tt 
proeeit control program for *o'ltdlf Icatlon. 
PMRiQ. D. 'Light Hatir Reactor* Branch 3. 79/O3/2B. 3pp. 

7M4O40162 Forwards tuMuirU of facility design chn* ti vpiclal 
tut* completed during 177S. Tt* Include itean ganarato-r 
aUture ccrruovtr Measurement, nucliar ite* *upplg *ui 
acceptance t*t> li *vc water tttt. 
aT*U.INiC,M. Virginia Electric t Power Co. 79/03/30. 5pf. 

7704110332 Dacrlb revived abfarivlated Typa B & C cantainnenfr laah 
rta t**t*. Utll ha* appliid for llcens* amend to tech 8pci 
to tut pone full testirdatv fro* June 1979 until Sept 1979 
outage. Short tests to be performed In IntarlM. 
flrMJ-It8<C. M. Virginia Electric & Fewer Co, 79/04/03. Spp. 

704140108 AcK receipt of 770328 Itr requesting Offslte Dose 
Calculation Manual & process control program f or 
oJldJftc*tton.Hnual {* retained at station. 
BTALLIH08.C. M. Virginia Electric t Power C. 77/04/11. Ip. 

'770*170323 Notification of 770412 Meeting w/uiil in Bethda,MD to 
llCU* Unit! 2 flow divertir problem. 
PMNiO.D. Light Mater Reactors Branch 3. 79/04/11. 3pp. 

770424.0423 ft.far* to 770403 telcon w/JP O'Relllu 1 770412 Meeting in 
B*thi*>MD r* f*cilltu cloilng until technical 
jutfrlf leatlon for soundness of flow ipUttvr plates u*i 
newi. Conclude* talitter i* sound ti request return to svc. 
8TAU.lrWaiC.rl. Virginia Electric & Powar Co, 77/04/12. 2pp. 

7704170OO1 Forward* dlseu**lon bated on. floitulatad failure of flow 
*Ut*.r pl*ta postulated evaluation * reactor coolant 
r\tmf uctlon. elbow splitter. 

'rl.' Virginia Electric i Power Co, 79/04/15. Slpp. 

7904S7Q333 IE Inp Rpts 90-339/79-06 b 30-337/79-08 In 770129-0201 Mo 
nonconplianca noted, Major *reai tnipec ted; f Ire protection/ 
pravintion . LER followup. 

WEflaTEHrE.H, Region 2, Atlantar Office of the Dir*ctor. 

CANTRELL.F. 8. Region 2, AlUnta, Reactor Operations Nuclear 

Support Branch, 77/03/07. 7pp, 

77042*0071 Forward* IE Bulletin 7B-12B. "Atypical Meld M-tl in Reactor 
Pretsur* Vessel Melds. " i 

Q'REILLY, J,P, RegUn 2. Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

77/03/17. 2pp. 

770420O470 Foruard* IE Circular 77-05i "Holiture Leakage In Stranded 
Hire Conductor*. " 

O'REtLLYi J.P. Region 2, AtUntu, afflci at the Director. 

79/03/20. 2pp. 

7704030 82 Forward* IE Info Notice 77-03, "Ut* of Improper KatU In 
EJafttij-Rilatad Comfonent*. " 

O'REILLY, J.P. Union 2. Atlanta, Of ft to of the Director. 

77/03/21. 2pp. 

7904S705S2 Foruard* IE Bulletin 79-04, "Incorrect Heights for Swing 
Check Valves Manufactured by Vtlan Engineering Carp." 
O'REILLY, J.P. Region 2. Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

79/03/30. Ip. 

7704120136 Foru*ril* IE Bulletin 77-O5, "Nucliar Incident at TH1" i> 
PNQ-79-A7,79-*7A. B,C,D, E, F S. 0. No response required. 
O'REILLY, J.P. Rglan 2. Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

77/04/01. 2pp. 

/7O4I701S6 Foraiarde IE Bulletin 79-O5A, "Nuclear Incident at 
TMI - Bupplr" fc preliminary chronology of TMI-S 770328 
accident until cora cooling ristored, 

O'REILLY, J.P, Region 2, Atlanta. Office of the Director. 

79/04/03. Ip. 

77O419O187 Forward* IE Bulletin 79-03A, "Nuclear Incident *t 
TMI - Suppl, " ti prellmlnaru chr-onologij of THI-2 77O32B 
accident until cur* coaling reitared. 

O'REILLV,tl.P. Rtglc-n 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

77/04/05. Ip. 

77O426O350 Forward* IE Bulletin 79-OA, "Raviiu of Operational Error* & 
8us Ht*allgnente Identified During TMI Incident. - 
O'REILLY. J. P. Region 2. Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

77/04/U. Ip. 



_ ^ r * h Ann * Pow " r 'Stolon, -Unit I 

Intpuctlon raporti mif corraiponjenct 

s c F ;r j u?' T ?" 1 !? "f"""" "'* ' "" i. 

.C.N. VlroinU ElactrU (. PQB.T Co. 79/04/10. 
79Q4I3Q1B3 Monthly optratlno rapt for H*T 1979 



.s" 1 - 1 "* H """ 1 " 

BrtUM.E.A. Vlrvinli ei.ttr*e t P ou . r Co. 79/04^17. 1,, 


Viriinia EUcSj-ic t. Pou.r Co. 79/04/17, 

7?040701S9 Forward. LCT 79-0- 
STALLING, C.H. ViT|ll>l . ei.c 

79/03/14, Ip. 

fi, Vlr,lnl. El.ctni fc P>Mr 

7?040a<KM)i Forwardi LEn 79-024/43L-0 

.K. Vir B I nl . El.ctr lc i Pou . P Co . 

P...P c,. 


. ap|1 . 

. . 


nl.El.etrleiP.wpC.. 79/04/02. 4pp. 

1 . 

lnl.EUetrltliPw.rC.. 77/04/04 Ip 

ft. Virgin!. EUt 


auir Co. 79/04/03, 

mr Co, 79/04/03. 

*ccldnt b v M8S9 
CD . 

79/04/10. Ip, 

7904230209 Forwird* LER 79-044/OJ T-0 

aTALLIN03,C.H. VIr Bl ni. El.ctric S, P OU . 

c r--^^iS 

fiiK:i:v:;. 1 css:i!'i;; M( ' i *' M " s : " v 

.W.R. Vir.ini. KI* M e * POM.F 

' r< " LE " - oaa '^^MaL 

STALUNOS.c.M. VlrginU ClKtrlc (, Po y. r Co: 79/04/1. I, 

CARTMfilCHT.H.R. . Vlr.lnU * Por O 

. i r 

CARTHBIOHT.H.R. Vir B lni. EUctrle I, Pobi.r Co. 


, , Co . ,, 

, . 

CA,,OHI..B. v,,, t n,. 


.. , 


I, Poy.T Co. 7*/OVI1, 3ij. 

lnj tr*nci-ipti 

_ Nor * h Ann * Fou " Station. Unit 3 

Appllc*tlon/can*truction it^g* 

n ""9 /utll in , 

!*!ho"t -ttiil. li ..ttl.-.rt of Und ur-J.r 

OftOMERICK.A, H. Virginia Elictrlt I. pouir Co. 7^/03/11. lf| 

grid volS.g. ntHl 

in hdult .t.t.l in 7B1CW4 llr 

RcUr* Brnck 3. 

.It Hill 

2' 1 "* 1 * 11 ' -lfl In * " propoMf 
! '?"" ">" of t.r-,olld 
* nfo *"*"*! ich.dulo. 

Light Hflt r Btactort Br*neK -3. 79/04/111. 9ft 

oueunn In.p; si)r33B/7-afl an 791034 ri 
^1 IJ" ;"* *ddl info r. .t. v i uf ..,.(,.rt r*li 

oS2-'SV* in ** 1Mn ^WA T.IM.M. ' - 

W.t.r Rc*on Branch 3. r9/03/. tf|. 



/DOCKET SO-339 North Ann* Power Station, Unit 2 
Application/conf truction itage 

79T)427O149 Requatt* commitment from applicant to earru out provision* 
of Rag Quldt 1.127 "Imp of Hater Control Structure 
A*eaciated w/Nuctear Power Plant*." 
DEMiaEift.P.' Ai*litant Director for Situ Tachnolagu. 79/03/23, 

79O4Q90336 NRC request for A 3-ueek attention of tlmn to prepar* 
testimony an turttne roliillo !i punphoufe **ttlemtnt. 
Certificate of Svc anel. 
BMAN90N, D, J. Branch 1. 79/O3/13. 4pp. 

79O416O3A4 Request Cor oitenaion of time until 790427 in which to fill 
t*elonij re turbine aii**llei h punphouBO ettlemant. Requt 
granted bg ASLAB. Cor ti f lc*te of Svc oncl. 
SWANSOWiD. T. Branch 2. 79/O3/13. flop. 

7704100324 Requ**t for addl info re Imp b urvillance of ivc vater 
re*ervolr 1 (win da* Impounding Lake Ann*. Reiponsa mutt bi 
lubalttad b<| 790413. 
PARRjO.D. Light Hater Reactor* Branch 3. 79/03/28. 3pp. 

7904160299 Notice of par tic 1 patlon b<j CoiMionwaalth of VA. Requeiti 
opportunity to crn**-ixamine prepared testimony. Cert If leate 
of Svc and. 
OAMBARDELLA, A. Virginia. Btdba of- 79/Q3/U. 3pp. 

7904160372 Request* addl info re Offlte Dote Calculation Manual It 
proc*** control program for olldlf Icatlon. 
PARRiO.D. Light Water Reactor* Branch 3- 79/03/86. 3pp. 

790*040127 Forward* addl data re v de*ign flow rate & nonle ppe*ure 
drop for iprau. hceden. Nonle flow rate teit date considered 
tlaiil*r to naizle manufacturer ' deilgn info. 
BROWN, 8. C, Virginia Electric & Power Co. 79/03/3O. 3pp. 

79O40300O1 Schedule* conference hatuin util.NRCi Ci tiien* Energy Forurn 
t. Potomic Alliance on 790329 to (JeternUnn iituea for 
evldentlarg hearing. 
DALE,V. n. Atomic Safety and Llcenilng Board Panal. 79/O3/1S. 3ff. 

7904160297 Notice of appearance by JH Dougherty on behalf of Potomac 
Allian**. Certificate of Bvc end. 

, J. H. Potomac AIUan.ce, 79/03/16. 2pp. 

7904030296 Buppl to 79O220 Itr providing info re o,ual If Ication te*ti 
on reactor voiiel bolting natl.Reiulti ihow bolting n*tl 
teti alt 10CPR90 App reo.ulrmenti. Teit data end. 
BROMNiB. C. Virginia Electric & Power Co. 79/04/03. 4pp. 

790412O269 Provide* tuppl Info re mod itartup phyelci t*it pragran. 
fleviiad reiponkee ta NSC Queitlant 4 & 3 incl, 
srALLINOSiC.M. Virginia Electric t. Power Co. 79/O4/1O. 19pp. 

79O416O10B Act receipt of 790329 Itr requeeting Qffilte Ooee 
Calculation Hanual l> proce** control program for 
eotldlflcatlon. Manual li retained at itatlon. 
STALLINOS.C.M. Virginia Electric k Poutr Co. 79/O4/11. Ip. 

7904190223 Notification of 790413 meting u/ubil In Betnecda, MD to 
dficun Unit 2 flow diverter problem, 
PARR.0. 0. Light Hater Reactor* Branch 3. 79/04/tl. 3pp. 

7904200244 In rtieonn to NBC 790338 Itrrutil agreei to perforo lump fc 
eurveilllance of dan t uatef impounding Lake Anna In 
accordance u/recoMendatiani of Reg Guide 1.127. 
BTAU.Iea,C,M, Virginia Electric fc Power Co. 79/O4/I6, Ip. 

79043OO439 SuoAfru of 790412 meeting w/repveanta.tivee of VA Elactric 
k Powar Co It Utitlnahuuie In Beiheda>MD re flou tplitter 
plate* In prlnarv coolant *g. 
ORDHEHICKiA. . Light Mater Reactor* Branch 3. 77/04/16. 7pp. 

7704200213 Porwardi deitgn change* & reviiad averpr*eure protection 
T*ch ,Bpec* beuond thoie contained in 7B1221 Itr, Info 
lnelijdt deicrlptlon of operator action procedurei for 
overarofiurt protection iu- 
STAU-fNOSiC.M. Virginia Electric h Power Co. 79/O4/17. 3Bfp. 

79042AO210 Forwardi anatvie of RHR line break at RHR ^ut-ln t*p 1 
pr*>ure. Analy*!* conflrMf that aople margin* are available 
In retaining core In tafe condition. 
aTALLINOSiC.M. Virginia Electric I. Pouer Co. 79/O4/23. 3pp. 

NRC OES. FES. luppleeient* 

7904110139 Forwards brief by D Caccia omitted from 790301 or<fir. Deniei 
rettueet h C Kepford to eicarpt page* from document* fllod 
in TH1 proceeding fur ivc to involved partial, 

DUFULH.E, Atomic Safety and Licenilng Appeal Panii. 79/03/22. 

7904190047 PartlB* hatfe orally agreed on two *t ipulat loni of 
contention*. NRC etaff ha* offer-erf to forbrard uneiecuted 
tijiuletlan copiBi. 
CHHIBTHAN, J. N. Hunton t< Uilliamt. 79/O3/23. 3pp. 

7904160341 Requeit by VA Electric t, Power Co for extension of tine 
until 790427 in which to file testimony re turbine <nlille 
li pumphauie lettliment granted b<| ASLAD. Cert if lea te of Bvc 
*nc L. 
CHRI8TMEM, J. K. Hunton l< William*. 79/O3/S7. 4pp. 

7904190081 Provide* addl Info re ECC8 analyel* daf iclencu. Ei(icti 
revised Meitlnghouie calculation* will itiow operation in 
canformantB u/lOCFRSO. 46. 

. T. Branch I. 79/03/30, 2pp. 

7904260210 Forward* 79O327 wtll rpt re cracked plltter plat, at 
CHRI8TMAN, J. N, Hunton t> Ul 1 11am*. 79/03/30. 2pp. 

7904270373 Reiponio In opposition to 1KB 79O3J4 petition ee*lng *ttui 
Interv*nor or anlcui curias In evidentiary hearing. UCB 
ha* not eiteolUhed itandlng a* natter of right or 
accretion, Certlflcat* of Svc enei. 
8HANSON-D,T. Branch I. 79/04/03. 16pp. 

Financ lal information 

79O4Q30290 "Annual Rept if7B. " 

* Virjlnla Electric & Power Co. 7S/12/31. 36pp. 

7904100304 Forward* "Annual Rept 197B, " 

BAUM-E.A, Virginia Electric *. Pduer Co. 79/04/05. Ip, 

Addendum to FES far facility. 
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. NUfteo-0134. 76/1 1/3O. 
67pp. Available at NTIB, 

7W4XJ20U3 Errata to addendum to FES, 

Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. HUREO-0134. 76/11/30. 
9*e. Available at NTIS. 

*diial. aergencu & fire protection plane 

7W4100378 Forward* anended phgilcal lecurltu elan. Plan withheld 
(TII* 10CFR2. 790>. 
BTALLJMH.C.H. Virginia Electric li Power Co. 79/04/OA. Ip. 

Adjudleatorv correiaendence 

Utility FBAR and angndment* 

790420023S Foruardi Amend 66 to FBrtR. 

8TALLINOSrC.M. Virginia Electric It Pouer Co.. 79/03/23. 2pp. 

7904200234 Anand fit to FBAR continulnj update begun in Amend 43 to 
iupport Ii*uancB of (X. 
* Virginia Electric & Power Co. 79/03/23. 330pp. 

Anti-tru*t correipondene* 

7904130145 Forward* Itr from Attu Beneral dtd 790322 re antitrust 
advice per Section lOSc of Atamlc Energy Act of 1934, a* 
winded . 
SALTZHANiJ. Antltruit t* Indemnity Oroup, 79/O3/27. Ip. 

7W4O303XM Schedule* conference far utl\iCltl lent Enei-gu FaruM ti 
Paioeuic Alliance ra ALAB-922. 
DCALCiV. B. AtoMlc Safety and Llctniing Board Panel. 79/03/13. ?pp. 

Confir** 79M14 Meeting In Bth*U, MD /u*il re contention* 
advanced 64 f>atoac Alliance in effort to arrive at for*l 
air eaten t of adl*16intv af contintion*. 
MUMBte, a. C. Branch 2. 79/03/13. Ip. 

7904120139 NC CUctric'* propoied awnerihifi Intere** would 
be leu than 2O MM/unlt fc Old Dominion'* propoied internt 
would be 20 HW i. 80 HW/unit.Unr,ec***ar<f for CoMl.ion to 
hold antitruet hearing*. 

FLEXNERiD.L. Juittce, Dept. of, Attorneu Oetierjil't Office, 
79/03/22. 2pp. 




t ruction I. EnB l M ,rtn B 


* En vln ..rl n) au p, at . t .Br. n ch " 7?/o^ UnfiMCtof Contraction 


nt " R " ctor 


fc LER 


Support Br C h. 

7 ff 

On Wu c l.. r 

t-M In 



79/03/30 . 



Off ic 

iiu rv doit not r.prtun* 

p ... r Co 


.C. Viraini* Mtrlc i Poy.r Co. TWtM^lfl. 

a tr . 

(.tic. cont 
.C. Virlnl. 

Co , 

Pow.rP Un t, Unit 

Rw *.r. Br.nch 1. 

rlif rtfti h *i*t NRC In 

ihor.Hn* vi a 


l. -,7yWBl. 

Oir.etor for Light ** 



DOCKET 50~a4i Enrico Fermi Atomic Power Plant, Unit 3 Ication/conitruetlon itage 

7904100341 Forwards Fob 1*779 program activity review re Mirk I 
Eontatnnrtnt program. 

SOBQNrL.J. .General Electric Co. .Nuclear Energu Producti Dlv 
79/O4/OA. 9pp, 

midicel, emergency fc fir* protection plan* 

"iJlwi-VpNO-M-fi^TMTA*' 11 79 " S ' " NUCl *f r """* ** Three Hit. 
79-67F i 79-670. No reiponse required. 
KEPPL.ER, J.O. Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/O4/01. 

7904120081 Ac* receipt of 79O314 Itr Informing NRC o f stBp , taken to 
"I" c * vlH-on, noted i n IE In.p Rept 30-3*1/79-03 

7904ie0292 Notification of 790611-12 meeting In Albuquerq.UB.NrI to 
dlicu,*a phyiieal curity IIIUBI. 

HILLERr J.ft. Atiiitant Dlrictor for Rnactor Saf*guardi, 79/03/23 

AdjuJ ieatorg corrxjpondanc* 

Provldn prvlimlnary tchgduta for ^mbin.if nvlron b hialth 
fc tafatu hurlngi. Dof in ruling on itui cavnrad bij 
P*r*jrBphi 9 . 10 o* Cltlun* for Employ man t fc En*rgy 

BECHHOEFER.C. Atoalc Safitg and Llcning Board Final. 79/O3/BI 

OinT*l carrt*pandnc 

7904100239 Forrdi Cartlfieati of Bvc for Amind 31 to am*ndl & 
^ culiitltutad ippjlcatlon far llcaniBi. 

HATERS. B.R. Detroit Ediian Co. 79/O4/06. 3pp, 

Utility FSAfi and anindminti 

79040&00&1 Rnu*tt for addl Info rt pip* briati, cai>t*lnmint raod, 
Initial tnitiiMitallurgiji contalnnint cgs & purglngi maraincu 
plan h flA program. 
STOLZi J. F. Light Matar Roacton Branch 1. 79/03f(tS. 2ipp, 

79O4O3O134 Foruird* Anind Zl to application for Ueni*i lubmittod 
Mind at to F8AR. 
THOMAS i E. B. LBo>uf> Lamb. Lalbg I. MacR*. 77/03 /3O, 2pp. 

7'M402Oia7 Anind 21 to F9ARV 

* Detroit Edion Co. 77/03/31. 300pp. 

-790412000? R-Jf-njI. tc NRC 790214 1 * r r B violation, nat.d in !E In.p 
R>pt 30-341/79-03. Corractlve t 1 c-ni: manufacturer notified 
S;.. a " faund W*- *amin D r ulll bi qualifisd 
HINESrE. Detroit Ediion Co, 79/O3/14. 4pp. 

7904190Z24 Forward* IE Bulletin 79-OSA, "Mucla.r Incident t 
TMI - Buffi, " i preliminary chronology of THI-2 77O323 
eeldgnt until cord coolinj) rettoratf. 

KEPPLER.J, 0. Rgginn 3, Chicago, Offita o-f tha Director. 79/O4/Q6 


i-ruiarrfg IE Bulletin 79-OiA, Ravi* Ion lr"Hevietii of 
Opratlonal Error* h Syi Mi sal i gnmerti Idgntlflad Durino 
THI Incident. * 

KEPPLERi J.O. Region 3, C-hlcago, Office of the Director 79/O4/18 


Heportable occurrence*, related corr*pondenc 

790404020A Rapts potential deficiency r core *prau pump motor dti* to 
loading accident. Second Interim rept will be liiued *ftr 
lnp of motor &<j manufacturer, 
FAHRNER.W.J. Detroit Ediion Co. 79/O3/22. 2pp. 

7904160003 Ac k receipt of 790302 final 10CFR30. 83< e) rtpt re RHR heat 
etchanaer relief valve. 

FIORELLI.O. Raglon 3< Chicago, Reactor Conitroctlon t> Engineering 

Support Branch. 79^03/22. Ip. * 

7904240329 Interim rapt ra potentially difactive kula 

terminal block* igppllocf by Conax far dryutll electrical 
penetration*. Re*ult* of test Inva-i tigat ion of terminal 
black* hava fcien inconclut ive, 
FAHRNERiH.J. Detroit Ediion Co. 79/04/0 1 ?. 3fg 

7904300343 Forwirdi Amend 22 to amended (. *ubtltuted application far 
llcenn* i *dd.dltlan li mad ta FSAR, 
THOMAS, E. B, LiBoeUf, Umb, UBibu fc HlcRai. 79/0+/27. 2pp. 

-"-7904300247 Anind 23 to amended b <ubttitutad apllcetion for licence* 
far. purpot* of trnitting addl info repeated bu KRC, 
t- Detroit Edion Co. 79/04/80. Ip. 

7904300349 Amend 22 to F8AR, 

* Petrtttt Ediion Co. 79/04/01. 

licinie itage 


7TO411O234 Forward* proprietary rept HE DE- 2374 9- 1 -Pi "Copr 1 ton of 
Analytical Hodil for Computing Safety Relief Valve Discharge 
Llni Trntient Pregiurei b Foree to Montieello T-Ouenchir 
Tilt Data." Withheld tref 10CFR2. 790). 

SQBQtJiL.J. Oeneril Electric Co., Nuclear En.rgu Product* Div. 

DOCKET 30-344 Trojan Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 
Adjmfleatory torrp'ordence 

7-9041300BB "A Small Affidavit ui/flig Impl (cation, " 
OOFMAM.J.H, Critical Kate. ?B/oa/O5, llpp. 

7904I0012S Aeh receipt of contention* MUtf on 790EH6. Req.uei t ASLB 
ichedule prahearlng conference ta diicu-ii whither 
cant*ntlon* are admin it le. Cnr tif It* te of Bvt ancl. 
AXELRAD.M. Lowan* tff Irii Wumn f Rli. A*elrd k Toll. 79/O3/06. 4pp. 

790*050099 WftC rniponie* to 790209 Interrogator ie* of coniolldatRd' 
Inftervenor Bel 1. DSjacti to Interrogatariea 3S J. 36-. 
Certlfloti of Svc ancl. 
ORAYiJ. R. Branch L. 79JO3/07, 77pp. 

7904090349 NRC interrogator let to b reiuoit for prodi/etlon of document! 
fro* lnt*rvnnr E RoiaH* & Coalition fur Safe Pou*r, 
Certificate of Svc encl. 

, R. Branch 1. 79/03/O9. S3pp- 



3rr -''"--"':; - - - 

'""'"">"" " """".. Seta .r, m 

*.,... ..,.,...,,. D , vl , lon 

ForuiaPri. re , 

" 1 " " 1 ** pt 

ii^,,,^""^;." FJJ,.,.,., ...., 

, , 

, . Plrttt< 






" ion 



7?/04/Oa. ',,. R ' Bion B-" Freio. attic. o f U . 

O | f | M . 


7^/04/03. lp. Rt(|lon S ' *", Offit, a* 



7T/04/04. ,'ti. ' n 9l 8-n F Mnci,,; , , ( C . of th. AtriHir. 


DOCKET 5O-344 Trojan Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 

Reportabla occurrences, raUted corraspondenca 

Forward*. PNQ-79-67K. 
ENOELKEN.R.H. Raglan 3, San Francisco, Office of th Dlractor 

79/04/O8. lp. 

7904240183 Forwards PNO-79-77<NRRl. 

EM9CLKEM, R. H. Region 3, Ban Francisco. Oftict at th* -Director 

79/04/11. lp. 

7904230204- Supplies addl Into on Immadlate rapt of abnarraal occurrence. 
rt failure of two of four main st*am Isolation ialvas to 
shut during periodic *urvelll4nce tasting. 
WITHERS, B. D. Portland Otneral El*etrlc Co. 79/04/16. lp. 

7904240430 Forward* PNO-79-67V & U. 

ENOELKEN, R. H. Region 3, San Franclico. Office of th* Diraetor 

79/04/1 A, If, 

7904360348 Forward* PNO-79-67X. 

ENCeLKEN, R. H. Raglan 3, San Francisco, Off tea a* tha Director 

'79/04/17. lp. 

7904860461 Forward! PNO-79-47Y. 

ENOELKEN.R.H, R*glon 3, Sn Franclico, Office of tHe Dirtctor 

79/04/1B. lp. 

7904S60431 Forward* PNO-79-67Z. 

EHOELKN,R,H, Region 3. 9an Francisco, Office at the Dirtetor 

79/04/19. lp. 

Hearing tranicript* 

7904100488 Transcript of 7903Z9 prehearlng conference for Phase Tun In 
Portland. ON. Pp 2997-3162. 

MILUniH.E. , MCCOLLOM. K. A. , PAXTON.H.C. Atomic Safttu and Licensing 
Board Panl. 79/03/29. 166pp. 

7904100467 Trunicrlpt of 7*0330 preheating conference for Pha,s Two In 
Portland. OR. Pp 3163-3213, 

MILLER, H. ft. , MCCOLLOM, K. A., -PAXTON.H.C. Atonic Safatu and Llcanslna 
Board Panal. 79/03/30, 31pp. 

DOCKET 90-346 Davll-Beste Nucltar Powip Station, Unit 1 
__ _ ....___ 

Sacurltiji nvdlcal. am*rgincu * fl" 1 * protefclon plan* 

7704040177 Forward* ravlivd pagai to mttdlfi.d amindad phuilcal 
ttcurity plan.Pagi* uUhhtld (rsf 10CFR2. 7?O), 
ftOErL. E. Tolid.o Edl*an Co. 79/Q3/S9. lp. 

79O4190OA9'Canflri praparatlon of proedurei using altarnata aqulpmunt 
to achlav* hot ihutdown ^n ivant of ilngla t Ire. Procsdurii 
ara In for* af t*bU Identified a* "Evaluablon of Flrn d 
ehutdown Capacltu. " 
RQ,L. E, Tolado Edlton Co. 79/04/13, lp, 

Financial Information 

7904180533 Forward* avldvnca of guarantia of mhavr D* rotronpce tiv 
pMMlun uhich <**n ba lavlad In CV79 d Annual Financial 
Rip*, l7B..enel avallabla in Ctntral Fll. 
MALAN8iE, H. Clavaland Elattrlc Illuntnatlna Co. 79/O4/04. 4pp. 

790418021 I 9 Foruard* 1973 Annual Rept to *harownar, 1978 fourth nuar 
rpt> & schaduli of 1978 actual tnUrnal ca*h flaw % 1979 
intirnal cah flou projactlon. Encl available In Cintral 
. ' 
iR-F. ToUdo EdUon Co. 79/04/10. lp. 

IMuranc* and Ind 


of NSSS t. r ea po n d to 
ransiants. Foruards NRC 790B13 Itr to GE w/ 
* iB to " n *' adequacy of prop^i.d nods to 
"' 1AO Vo1 3eI.H/<. oncl. H/di.trlbutlon. 
Militant Dlr.qtor for Sg a t*n 8, Project.. 79/03/13. 

79040601KO R^ua.ts to b* notfi B! ( of ut il fntntien r* mod ta 
coolant.. tf s flow indication. NRC faals installation of 
redundant get of tenting lines for tach roactq-r coolant loop 
1* accaptabla. r 

REID, R. W. Operating Reactors Branch 4. 79/O3/15. 2pp. 

7704040173 Parawrdi -ppltcation for am n d t,, 
Tach Spaci changei. 
ROE,L. E. Talerfa Ediaon Co. 7-?/03/S3. lp. 

HPF-3 re<, uo .tlna 

7901040170 Application for anurd to License NPF-3. Propos.d chan 9 *s In 
AM A includ* mod of t.otlng .chadulo, alteration of slnolp 
failure analg lg, i v ? tontalnmnnt radiation rflouirimant* & 
llouaeici- for electrlial voltagt- dlpi. 
ROE.L.E, Toledo Edison Co. 79/O3/33. 19pp. 

7904130213 Forwards r*poKSBi to 
Tf dl*al fl^nerator lockout. 
RDE.L.E. Toledo Ed lion Co. 79/04/09. 

.pos itlons 

in 79O306 Itr 

790424044O Ack 790313 Itr re reactor coolant ^ t flow InitromtntatEon. 
RavlfW Is In progrn* U ncpocted 60 be tamplata bij 790503, 
RQEi L. E. Tolado Edlion Co. 79/O4/17. lp. 

7904300444 Responds to NRC concern*- re B&M plants aipresied In 79O4S5 
HRfl "Statue Rapt an Feaawater Tranilanti." Llita proposed 
actions ra auttlUrij faeduaber sy* rilijib i llty, leiteorated 
control iviiantlc ipaterij reactor ' scran & imall breaks. 
RGE.L.E. Toledo ESlson Co. 79/04/H7. 2pp. 

Inipictian reports and corTispondence 

7904110046 Forwards IE Inp Rept SO-346/79-O3 on 790133-36 t> notice of 

DAVIB, A. B. Region 3. Chicago. Ful Factlltg & Hatrlali 8af*tu 

Branch. 79/03/O6. 2pp. 

7904110048 Notice of violation from insp on .790123-26. 

Reglan 3r Chicago! Fual Facility b Material* Safety Branch, 
7^/03/36. lp. 

790411003Z IE Inp Rept 3O-346/7?-Q3 on 790123-26. Monconpl lance noted: 
failurx to iurve to datermine compliant w/hioh radiation 
area control*. 

ORECEfl,L.R., HIATT, J. H. , FIBHER, H. L. Reolon 1, PhlLad*lphU, 

Full Facility & Materials Safttiji Branch. 79/02/S6. Upp. 

7?0421029S Forwards IE Imp Rept 30-346/7 c ?-03 on 79O123-26 i 
0213-16 & notice of violation. 

HEIBHMAN.R, F, Region 3, Chicago, Reactor Operations Nuclear 

Support Branch. 79/03/14. 2pp, 

7904310301 Notice of violation from Insp on 79O123-26 & O213-16. 

* Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/03/12. lp. 

7904210306 IE In*p Rept 30-346/79-03 on 790133-2& & 0213-16, 
Noncampl lane* noted: failure to adhvra to procedures. 
TAMBUINO.T.N. , RIDEN.M.D., SPESBARD, R. L. Region 3, Chi-eaoo. 

Office of th Dlrectou. 79/O3/12. 10pp. 

79040S0120 Forwards IE Circular 7?-04, "Loo*e Locking Nut on Limi toroue 
Valvi Operator!. " 

KEPPtERfJ.O. Heolon 3, Chicago. Office of the Director. 79/03/16. 


7904030074 Forward* IE Dulletin 76-12E), "Atypical Weld Matl in Reactor 
Pressure Vtssel Mlds. " 

KEPPLER, J. 0, Region 3, Chicago, Offtca of the Dlractor. 79/03/19 


7904270377 Forward! Endariementi SO t. SI to KACLU Pallcv HF-92. 
LUOYDiR, D. rtarih << HcUenon, M t H Nueliar Cftniultanti, Inc. Div- 
79/04/23, 3pp. 

Operating licanve stag* 

7904300174 Ack recaipt of NRC 780613 raquitt for ddL Info r Integrltu 
of control rod guide tubt. 
TAYLOR, J.H, Babcock t HUcoi Co. 78/03/30. lp. 

of Impropar Matls In Bf tu-Bala td 

790403003B ForuaTds IE 79-08, 
Component*. " 

KEPPLER.J.&. RKelon 3, Chicago, Office of the Dlractor, 79/03/20. 


7-704300377 Forwards IE Bulletin. 79-04, "Incorrect Metthts for Swing 
Check Valvat Manufactured by VeUn Engineering Corp." 
KEPPLGRi J.O. Region 3, Chicago, Office of th Director. 77/03/30 


79040a006)3 Furward* ravUlnni to "Rtvitu li Acceptance of Bpint Fuel 
Storage & Handling Applications," transmitted an 790414. 
QRlHEBi B. K. Aitlitant Director far Engineers fc Projects, 
79/01/18. 4pp. 

7904120140 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-03, "Nuclear Incident at TMI" & 
PKa-79-4.7r7?-67A,BrC,D,E,F & 0. No rupanto required. 
KEPPLEft, J. 0, Region 3j Chicago^ Office of th* Olrtctor. 79/04/01, 



OE,[_.E. Edi.on Co. 70/1 


. Co. 79/04/03. 


. flton ,, 

(WB . - 

Co . 79/04/ofl 

" 4 

* T.,. dn 



7904100360 LEU 

'on monitor 
I i. 



l.on Co. ^9/04/03. Bpp . 

n Co. 79/04/12. 

oft^ P ^^ tll 

! lnop. M".d bu n .S:^*J Dr * - n -*w M i 

s^iirs'^.svjr-r 5 """"*-" Edi.on Co. 79/04/la. 

79/04/la. 3pp 



^ss s .'pa,r.v;?:^. P ^rs;j-"'- * >" -' 

Morf to tantrol roon ,tiS'rb;S *"* J ,rr.r. 
oper-ton yhtn lncr.!! ! u 5"Tf, " 1M "' "< * ilt 

MAULEY, j. u . Toi^o'id^orcr 11 ^;/^ ^"'"*' " w * rH - 

LER "-Q43/03L-0. 
do Edi, on Co . 


.T.D. Tol.da Edi, on Co. 79/^4/18. lp. 

c ,--- 78 "* 181 ' h - * 

HURRAV.T.O. Edi, on C0 . 79/04/17. lp 

MILLEfi.D. ?".io E di, on Co . 77/09/B7 . ip 


"-044/03L-0. Erflton Co. 79/04/23. lp. 




DOCKET 3O-348 Joseph H. Farleg Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 
Adjudicator^. correspondence 

79/04/01 2 R " 9ion Zl 

" 7 *" 3 ' " Nutl ar Incident at TrtI" 

Q. No raipania 1-Bq.olrod. 
tUnta, Office of the Director. 

.:*i"B :SS" MB " hy DJ Evan * DFI hBh - 1 ' f wc - 

EVANB, 0. J. Anti-Trut Division. 79/03/sa. 3pp. 
Anti-truit correspondence 

77041SOU1 Confirm exhibit. DJ 4012 i DJ 4013, .uppc-rtlna Ut. ffl nti in 
oral argument. 
HHITLER, J. D. Justice, Dipt. of. 79/03/14. In. 

7904270130 Forward. memo on behalf of utll re impact of Public Utll 
Regulatory Policy Act of 197H on proceeding. 

l ^ 1 8 " Ichl 8'nsl>"i' Baker; Hauithorne, UIlHami *. Ward. 
lp . 

~79fM27<M3a Msno on behalf of utll re Impact of Public Utll R.gulatoru 
Policy Act of If78 on pvoceedlno.. Opponent* ' r.n.JIai ehotrld 
be rjctid under Suction 10Sc<4). Cortl-f Icate of 8vc (. 
supporting documentation *ncl. 

BALCK.B.E , BUETTMER.R.A. Balch, Bingham, lUk.r, Hwkhern.. 
HlllUi * Hard. 79/03/16, 144pp. 

"coi* 03 ? 3 Ac j= Me.ipt af 79032i Itr Informing NRC of gtapi taken to 

MURPHY, CE. Region S. Atlanta, Reactor Construction fc Eng Ineni-ino 

Support Branch. 79/O4/03. 3pp. summ n H 

-7904160340 ftesponda U NRC 790302 Itr r o violations notod in IE In*,, 
Rept 30-348/79-04. -Corrective ae 1 1 ons : pononne 1 relnstructed 
to checl for open-b lockad fire nfoor* & iprinfcler iy 
CLAVTDNfF.L. Alabama Power Co. 79/03/26. Bpp. 

7904160348 Forwards IE Imp Rapt SQ-31S/79-04 on 770123-8A & notice 01 

MORPHY,C.E, Region 2, Atlanta, Reactor Conitructton t. 

Engineering Support Branch. 79/O3/O8. 2pp. 

7904160346 Notice of Violation . from tnsp on 790123-2&. 

"' flnta ' Reactor Construction b Engineering Support 

J. A. 

nl 2 B *r InahI1It ta "ranne n.gatlatior,. to .ettle case. 
Regulations Division. 79/O4/O3. lp. 

Operating' license stage 

7904030862 Responds to 770920 request, Potential for boron dilution 
Incidents ha* ba*n reviewed ! found acceptable. Ha furthar 
action It necessary. 
SCNHENCE,A. Operating Raacton Branch 1. 77/OH/31. 3pp, 

7904OT&H90 RanuB.ti addl info p> capablUt of N8&8 to raipund to 
pnitirlAtad ATH9 trn*lanti, Forwards NRC 79O213 Itr to BE u/ 
r*qui*t for *n*lijii* to confirm adiquicy of propotad madi to 
LWfl digni,NOfleO-0460 Vol 3 Bnel. H/o ncl. H/'dl^trldutlon 
VOU-HEH.R.H. AilBt*nt Dlpetor for 8vtn & Projtcfci. 79/03/18 


7904340423 Forwards f* for CUsi III Hc<mo a.tnind r 
ovarjir*ifrliation nttlgatlng *u* Tach 8poc 

. L, AUbana Pour Co. 79/04/17. lp. 

n raporti and 

7704020030 Forward* IE I nap Rapt 50-348/77-08 on 770218-14. No 
nancoaallflnca noted. 

L^HIHaiR.C. Holori 2. Atlanta. Itaactor Dpr*tion Nuelaar Sgnoort 

Branch.- 79/03/1 A. 8pp. 

--790402003S IE Imp Rapt 30-3W79-OS on 790813-1*, No nancompllance 
not*d. Mjon ari Inipacfaad: LER, IE clrcuUri, aparat lont 
rvvlauiopan Itami, Indapandant Imp affart ti pri op rational 
*itlng for Unit 2. 

HAROINiA. K. , MAONER<A,0. Rnglon S, Atlanta. Oft ICQ of the 

Director. CANTRELL, F. 8. Hag ion 2, AbUnta, Raactor Qaart[oit 

Nuclaar Support Branch. 79/O3/19, 3pp, 

7904160391 IE In*J 3O-34B/79-04 on 790123-26. l*nc< noUtf 
tua firn doori blacisd In opn poiltlan & obstruc tion 
cr*tod bg two flro wall*. 

MILLER, H.H., ORYANT, J. C. Region 2. Atlanta, 

Conitructlqn & Englnaofing Support Dranch, 79/O2/1S, Spp. 

7904170446 Ack r-ac>lpt of IE Ins-p Rept SO-34B/79-07 c-n 770886-0303 No 
proprietary Info. 
CLAYTON. F, L, Alabama Power Co. 79/04/03. lp. 

7904170430 Foriuat-d* IE Imp Rapt 30-348/79-07 on 7?OH2A-0302. No 
nn-nenmp 1 lane e no tad. 

BUTHERLAND.J. T. Raqion 3, Atlanta. Ful Facltitu & HaUrUls 

Bafatif Branth. 79/03/38. 2pp. 

7904170458 IE Insp Ftep t 30-348/79-07 on 79088A-O3O2. No noncompl lanco 
n-otad. Major areai intpvctad: emergency f acllJ t[i, tqulpmvnt & 
procadurasicoardinatlon u/offita support aganciei ti main 
control room nnviron ya. 

PERRQTTI.D. J. , THdJAMtWBK I . R. E, HUFHAM, J. H, Riglon2, Atlanta, 

Fuel Facility St Matoriali Safety Branch. 79/O3/27. I3pp. 

'7V04190194 Forward! IE BwlLatln 79-03A, "Nuclear Inci<fnt at 
TMI - 8ujpl," & preliminary chronoloag of TMI-3 79O32Q 
accld*nt until core cooling faatored. 

a'REILLV, J.P. Region 2, Atlanta, Office of thi Diractar. 

79/04/03. lp. 

7901810217 Ach rvcalpt of 790329 Itr lnformin B NRC of ttap. takit to 
correct violation! noted In IE Imp Rapt 5O-348/79-06. 
KENNAiW.B. Raglon 2, Atlanta, Safeguard* Branch. 79/04/Oi. 2pp, 

7904810223 Forwards IE Insp Rapt 50-349/79-06 on 79QI31-O202 t, notice 
of vtolation^ulthhahd (ref lOCFflS. 790K Region Z, Atlanta, Safvguards Branch. 79/O3/O7. 


7904240099 Foruardi IE Bulletin 78-12B. "Atgplcal W.Ld Matl In fi tact or 
Prtur Vitl Uldi. " 

O'REILLV, J,P. Rvpton a, Atlanta, Office of th Director. 
79/03/1?. .. 2pp. 

7904030137 Foruardt IE 'Info Notlc- 7?-03, U. of Improper Mtl in 
Bafttu-Ralited Conponint*. " 

O'REILLYi J.P. Raglan 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

7*/03/2. 2PP. 

7-KM1203U Ack receipt of IE Inp Rpt 30-349/79-01 on 790113-lB.No 
proprittary Info. 
CUVTOMiF.L. AUbama Power Co. 79/03/32, lp, 

~>7WMia03fa Forwardi IE Imp Rept 30-340/79-01 an 790118-18. Ho 
nenco*ipllanc noted, 

LEHIBift.C, ftigion 2, Atlanta, Reactor Operation! Nuclear 

Support Dranch. 79/03/09. 2pp. 

7904iaoaii IE Imp Rept 80-343/79-01 on 79O119-ia.Ho noncomp Ilanca 
noted. Major ireai inspected: operator riifutHf lent Ion 
training propran. formal training k ntralnln for unUeentid 
d<r*orn*l h abiarvatian of control roan activities. 
BHADFCMD. M. H. . TAYLOR, P. A., RELLOOO.P. J. Region 3, Atlanta. 

Reactor Operation! Nuclear Support 'Branch, 79/03/OB. 9pp. 

7W48/04W Forurrif IE Bulletin 79-04, "Incorrect Hilgnt* '<" Sulnn 
CHltt VlV*i Manufactured by Valan EnglneBrlng Corp. " 

-. G'RCILLY'-J.P. Riglon 2, Atlanta, Of fie* of th* Director. 
7?/03/30. IB. 

7904210230 IE Imp Rept 30-349/79-O6 on 790130-0208. Noncomp 1 lance 
notsdihelflht of protected area phytlcal fc*rri*n failure to 
document reason for entry to unoccupied vital aroai b 
failure to- malntlan vehicles In protected area. 
FUCHKO-J.M, Region 3, Chicago, Office of th* Dirictor. 

OILLESPIE.F, P. Region 2, Atlanta., Saf^nuards Branch. 79/03/07. 


IG Bull tl" 79-06A, "Review of Pp.ratUnal Error, 
*lrl.rf During TKI Incident." ' 

R * lon Zl AtUnt., Qfftc, o f the Director, 

77/04/14 \' 

' l * ratlrl B cport, n-tatid 

CLAYTONiF.L. Alahana Power Co, 79/04/02, ip. 

"79040S0279 "Annual Rept J978" r chanoai to BAR 
* Alabama Powtr Co. NRC. 79/04/O2. 10pp. 

7904330223 Foruardi monthly operating ropt for Mar 1979 
CLAYTON, F;L. Alabama Power Co. 79/04/t3. lp. 

7904230225 MonthJij operating rept for Mar 1979. Alabama Pouar Co. 79/04/01. Spp, 



7904 100319 Foruardi tER 79-014YQ3L-0 

CLAVTON. F. L. Alabama Powr Co. 7W 04/05. lp, 


IE Clrcolflr 

Office of kh. Olrict.r 

Of fie. Bf IN . Dlr ti| 

i un^rrvrr- '">" ...... < 


DUI .r Co. 79/04/tO. 3pp. 

lp . 


Offie. Q 

could i.i to DNB T.oTl? 



-M497A. 79/o. 

/30. Bit**' Co -' Nut;1 * p Entrjy Product, Dlv. 


lp . 


" Noel " r Ine "" nt 

ipon rtauir.j 

lpl.1.. Of fit. of | h . Dlr*.r. 


Offic. of t h . Dlr.cKir. 

79041 1023Z 

in.T-Bu Product! Dlv. 

"- - 


l ,. 

IE Bull*) 
Rijlon 1, Pfti 

nat " i - 


; -- - 

>P"i*' Of^fc. f fc h . Olnctor. 



-* r :*-Si 



Rt ion 1 
t Branch. 

.B. H. 
79/03/08. Jp. 



0#ic. of thi Dir*ekp. 



DOCKET 90-359 Limerick Qoneratlng Station, Unit 2 
Imp let ion rajport* and correspondence 

7704050084 Forward* IE Circular 79-04. "Looia Locking Nut on LlmLtorqua 
VJrlvt Operator*. " 

QfilER.B.H.. Rogion 1, Philadelphia, Office of tht Director. 

79/03/14. lp. 

790*040293 Forward. IE Bulletin 78-12B, "Atypical Held Matl In Raactor 
Pre!!ure Veisal Weld*. " 

GRIER.B.H. Region 1. Philadelphia. Office of tht Director 

79/03/19. IP. 

Inspection report* and correspondence 

7VO4Q2003>3 Foruardi IE [nap Rapt* 3Q-334/79-O1 t. 50-35S/79-O1 on 
71Ol3O-Q30l.Ha noncomji I lane noted. 

CARL60N,R. T. Region 1. Ph 1 Lade Iptii*. Reactor Construction U 

Engineering Support Branch. 79/02/14. Sop, 

790402Q039 IE Intp Rept* SO-3S4/79-O1 fc 50-393/79-01 on 79QL30-0201. No 
noncomptidnce (id tad, Ma jor arsa* inmpec ted : QC program for 
erection of structural steel tc ititus of outstanding Item*. 
NARRQW.L... MCGAUQHY. R. W. Region 1, Philadelphia, Reactor 

Construction & Engir.aoring Support Branch. 79/02/13. 7pp. 

7904090031 Forward* IE Circular 79-03, "Moisture leakage In Stranded 
Uln Conductor*. " 

ORIER,B.H. Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of thi Director, 

79/03/20, Ip. 

79Q404Q332 Forward-i IE Bulletin 79-Q3, "Longitudinal Weld Defects in 
ASME BA-3I2 Tupe 304 Stainless Steel Pip* Spool! 
Manufactured by Youngifcomn Melding & Engineering Co. " 
QftlER.B.H. Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 

79/03/12. Ip. 

7904040847 Forward! IE Info Notice 79-03, "Uie of InpropBr Hatli in 
B*f itu-Relatad <3 opponents. " 

ORIERiB.H. Raglan I, Philadelphia, Qffico of the Director. 

79/03/21. Ip. 

7904030091 Forwards IE Circular 79-04, "Looe Locking Nut on Ulmltorqui 
ValVB Operator*. " 

ORIER.B.H. Region i, Philadelphia, pfflce of the Director. 

79/03/14. Ip. 

7TO4200434 Foruwi-dji IE Info Notice 79-07, "Ruaturt of Radumtt Tank!, 
OfllERrB.H. Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of thi Dlracbar. 

79/03/26. Ip. 

7904370470 Forward* IE Bulletin 79-04, "Incorrect Height* for Swing 
Check Valvoi Hanufaetui-ad by Velan Engineering Corp, " 
OfllEft, D,H, Rsijion 1. Philadelphia. Offics of the Dirctor. 

79/03/30. Ip. 

7904120216 Farwrd* IE Bulletin 79-03, "Nuclear Incident -at THI" & 
PNO-79-67. 79-67A.B,C.D.E,F & O. No ruponie required. 
ORIEfl, B,H- Ragion 1, Philadelphia. Offlc* of tht Director. 

79/04/01. Ip. 

79040402B7 Forward* IE Bulletin 73-1SB, "Atypical Ue 1 * Matt In Reactor 
Prenuri Vesitl Wold*. " 

ORIER,1,H, Region 1. Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 

79/03/19. lo. 

79O40SOO3S Fnrwardi IE Circular 79-03. "Mo-i*tur> Leakage In Btr-nded 
Wire Conduc tan. " 

OR1ER.B.H. Region I. Ph tladelphi*. Office of the Director. 

79/03/20. la. 

77O4O10B34 Forward* IE Info Notice 79-OS. "Uie of Improper Matle In 
Eaf etu-Rilated Componint*. " 

ORIER.B.H. Region 1. Philadelphia,. Office of th Director. 

79/03/21. Ip. 

790419013 Forwardi IE Bulletin 79-03A. "Nuclnar Incident at 
TMI - Sunpli" t prIInLnBrg chronologv of TMI-a 790328 
accldint until core coaling reitored, ,- 

OflIR, B,H, Region 1, Philadelphia, Offic* of the Director.' 

79/04/09. Ip. 

7904S70917 Forwardi IE Bulletin 79-06A, "Revltu of Operational Error* 
Sift Hliallgnn*nti Idenfclf id"During THI Incldvnt, " 
ORIER.B.H. Rinlan 1. Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 

79/04/M. Ip, 

7 10420 04 61 ForuariJt IE Info Motlce 79-07, "Raj pt lire at Radua*t Taniii 

CRIEKiB.H. Region 1, Philadelphia. Office of the Director, 

79/03/36. Ip. 

790*370*76 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-O4, "Incori-tct Uiight* for Suing 
Check Valvei Hanufactureil by Valan Engineering Corp. " 

ORIERiB.H. Flvglan 1, Philadelphia, Office af the Director. 

79/03/30. Ip. 

DOCKET 90-394 Hope Creik Nuclear Station. Unit 1 
Apflicatlan/conitructlan itnge 

7904100341 Forward* Feb 1979 program activity rvltw ro Marl I 
cntainBent progran. 

EOBOM, L. J. Otneral Electric Co, .Nuclear En*rgv Product* Div, 
79/04/06 9pp. 

79O41S023& Foruiat-di IE Bui lot in 79-09. "Nuclear Incident at THI' 
PNa-7?-fi7,79-67A,B,C,D,E-F- t o. N O retponie required. 
4RIER.D.H. Region t. Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 

79/04/01. Ip. 

79O4190139 ForuiaTdi IE Bulletin 79-09A, "Nucltar Incident at 
TMI - Supnl," fc preliminary chronologij of TMI-2 770323 
accident until care cooling rxtored. 

<MIErt,P, H. Region 1, Philadelphia. Dfflct of the Ulrecto-r. 

79/O4/03, Ip, 

Adjudicator^ corrat pandsnct 

79O4090093 Order* extenflon of tide for Conmlition to coniider petition 
fr rivlew of ALAB-31S fild by 8C Van Nti*. 

eHILD.S.J. Office of the Bcret*rg of the Coiilon. 79/O3/t9. 

7904110139 Forward* brief bv D Cacclo. omitted from 790301 order. D*nle. 
r*o.uift bg C Kepford to excerpt p*gi* from documinti filed 
In THI proceeding for live to involved partiei. 
DUFUJiH.E. Atonic B*ftg and Licenting Appeal Panel. 79/03/22, 

7904270321 Forward* IE Bulletin 79-Oift, "RevHu of Operatlonxl Error* 
8y* Hliallgnmantc Identified During THI Incident." 

DRIER, D.H. Region ti Philadelphia, Qffict of the Director. 

79/04/14, Ip- 

10CKET 90-333 Hope Creek Nuclear Station, Unit Z 
Appllcatlon/tanitructian stage 

7904100341 Forward* Feb 1979 program activity review re Mark I 
containment pragra-m. 

BQBONiL.J. General Electric CD. .Nuclear Enerog Product* Olv 
79/04/OA. 9pp, 

79Q41101A1 Re;a.U**t con*ld*rtlon In licentinj proceed ino* of co*t/ 
kin*fit atpecti fc poeilbU health effect! from radlo*ctlv* 

CACCIA, D. Af f UUtlon Unknown. 79/01/03. Ip. 

7904170340 Forward! document! for Info of partle* In j>rocd inj: OE 
pratotat t MRC ev*lu*tion of *<linlc * LOCA loJdi.NRG pollcu 
tUltMnt on r*c*or if*tg itudy li It* revliuiript ta NRC 
of BlUaed *pJoy il*canduct & SAND77-1927. M/o *ncl. 
IUkCK<R.U. iranch 1. 79/03/30. 3pp. 

"pirating llcnti fUg* 

7M4U0234 Forwrd proprietary rept HE DE~ 237 4 9-1 -Pi "Cowparlton of 
An*lvtlcal Nodal for Conputing Safetv Rallef Valvi Dlacharaa 
tiM Tr*niint Prttture* !> Force* to rlontlcello T-Quncher 
T*Dta, " Ulthhald <ref 1OCFR2. 790)'. 

BC4W.L. J. Otniral Electric Co. .Nuclear Energy Product! Div. 

Ad judlcatary carrei pond* nee : 

7904090033 Order* aitanilon of tint for Comnlnion to can*lder pttitin 
for review of ALAB-S1H filed h BC Van Hesi, 

CHILD,B.J. Office of the Sicretary of the CoMmlitlon. 79 1 /03/19. 

7704110139 Forward* brief by D Gaccla omitted from 790301 order. DenUt 
request bif C Kepford to excerpt pj from documtnt* filed 
In TMI proceedlnj for eve to Involved partle*, 

DUTLOrM. E, Atomic Safety ana* Licjinilng Appeal Panel, 79/03/22, 

7904110161 Rnu*tt coniidar-itlon in llceniing proceeding* of cost/ 
binefit ateacb* tt pa**lble health effect! from radioactive 
CACCIArl>. Affiliation Unknown. 7V/O1/03. Ip. 



"*. Station. unit a 

prisis? rv^fc^vEii:?; r^r.'Y n '= 

ttitMint on ricfcor i*f.t".!!!dj i iti^Ciw P " Ueg 

LACK.W.L. Branch 1. 79/03/3O r.,, n ' * nel - 

79/03/30. 3pp. 

Opsratlng Hcenm itage 

ran,int Pr,, UP 

i v . 

JPr ; u /^ 
s.:r: B %j: 1 ;?::r" i -*---iK::;rr rt '::^K 

Crri e . 

Static,,, Uni 

on itag* 

LTIE*,i. A . U flht H .t. r *. Brinch ,. 

r?:", 1 : -* ..... 

from utll ncl S*. ppal itr datad 7BlflOl 

PELTIER, I. A. U Bht H .ur R.t r, Br-nch 1. 79/03/1 ,. , 

"^ -, O. 



leaH on . 

Br . ncll L 

i hlth . 

ltd I* 

PELTIER, I. A. U9ht H-ttr nMctor< Br-ne 

.Uctrieal iqulp*, n | 


t.r Rgactor, Branch 1. 79/03/03, S t , 

Li B ht 


' ! rc tl 


, , 

.. ., . ,, 

th . DIr . etQr . 





incinnati i EUctnc Co. 79/04/83. 

for R etor Saf.guard.. 7V/WW. 

" E S- Ksru-i.r "" ...... ' 

LiBht HaUr R.actori Branch 1. -79/01/06, 



DOCKET 30-330 Ullllam H. Zlmmar Nuclear Station, Unit I 
.... Adjudicator*), corral pondenee 

79O423Q336 Motion by intarvenor Hi am I Valley Power Project to continue 
_ prshearlng conference until after 79Q4OI. Cert ificata of Svc 
KOSIKiL.S. Koilk. L. 8. 79/02/2B. 2pp. 

790423Q3AO Notice of appearance of LS Kaelk a* cauniel far Intervenor 

Hi* mi Valley Pouar Projct. Certificate of Svc end. 
KOBIKiL.S. KOI it, L. 8. 79/02/2B. 2pp. 

7904100136 Canflras 790227 notification the HJ Hetterhahn will 
rajre.ent app llcant.. Copies of nation in oppoiitlan to 
applicant'* Motion to**, b *nij future. correspondence 
will bo tram ml t tod in compliance u/NRC Rulai of Practice 
HETTERHAHN.M. J. Conner, Maare S< Corber. 79/O3/01. If. 

79O40404B3 Intarv*nor Miami Valley Pouier Project'i flrt cat of 

ln*errooatorle to applicant, Quarlai concern 
Reed Rapticonit coitir decomnliilanlng expenditure. h 
projected capacity factor. Certificate of five ertcl. 
KOSIKrL.S. Mlanl ValUy Power Project. 79/03/02. &pp, 

7<MJ404OOio Raquatt. postponement of prafiearina conference due to late 
tubalbtal of interrogatories & temporary restraining order 
fteq.uets important criteria be rovealad to public for 
MONTAUK.S. Affiliation Unknown. 79/O3/05. 2pp. 

79C4IQOO72 NRC r**pons> to motiion of Hiami Valley Poui.r Projict to 
poilpan* pnhiarlng conf inno. Cartif tea ta of Hvt nne'l 
BM)TH>C.A. Branch 3. 79/03/OA. 3pp. 

OO7i Applicant'! oppa.itton to Miami ValUg Powar ProjBct'a 
en to continue prahaarlng confirnc. 'Cartlf lct of Bve 


CONNOR, T.fl. , HETTERHAHN. M. J. Corner. Moor* tt Cm-bar. 79/03/O7 

Inspection report* an* correipondencB 

7704060099 Forward* IE In*p Refit 30-3SB/79-OZ on 7902O3-09. No 
none amp 1 lane* noted. 

DAVIS, A, a. Region 3. Chicago. Fuel Facility fc Materials Safetu 

Branch. 79/O2/23. 2pp. 

--7904Q&OQ99 IE Inp Rpt SO-3Sfl/79-O3 on 7902Q3-OS. No nonconp 1 ianc 
noted, Major area* inspected: preoperational environmental 
protection, HA/ftC of analytical measurements & emergency 
p lannlng insp. 

AXELGDN.H. L. , EBSIG, T, H, Re fl ion3- Chicago, Fuot Facility & 

Materials Safety Branch, 79/02/31. Bpp. 

79041H0322 Forwards IE Insn Rapt 30-338/79-03 on 79O104 t. 79O213-13.Ho 
nottcoraip 1 lane e noted, 

HEISHMflN.fl. F. Region 3, Chicago, Reactor Operations Nuclear 

Support Branch. 79/03/03. 2pp. 

7904120326 IE Enip Rapt 30-358/79-05 & on 79Q1O4 t, 79O213-13.No 

nancompliaace noted. Major areas inapec tad: operational & 

corporate itaff Ing, OA, review 'committee activities & plant 


HARP97ER,T.L, , MENNINS, 0. E. . WftHNICK.R.F. R B ion3, Chlcsgo. 

fitaetor Dporation* Ni/clar Support Branch, 79/03/02, 3pp. 

7904210314 Forward! IE Inap Rapt 3O-39S/79-03 on 790130-31 & 0230-22. 
FIORELLIiO. ftujlon 3, Chicaoo. Reactor ConntTuction & Engineering 

Support Branch. 79/O3/I4, 3pj>, 

7904210322 IE Insp Reft SO-3SB/79-D3 on 79013O-31 fc O22O-22. No 
noneoBipllanee noted, Major arvas inapec tad : follouup of 
previously identified noncorap 1 lance & unremtved mattor*. 
VANDEL.T.E.. GALLAGHER, E. J. Region 3, Chicajo, Office of tha 

Director. 79/03/12. 16pp. 

7904030109 Forwards IE Circular 79-04, "Loose Locking Nut on Llml tavcim 
Valve Qperatort. " 
KEPPLER.J. 0. Rifflon 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/03/1A. 

9042S01W D Fankhauiar'v raipon.e to prop^Herf time babla of 
Crtlflc*ti of Svc and. 
HOC-IVEfl.J.D. Affiliation Unknown. 77/03/09. 3pp. 

7904030060 IE Bulletin 76-12B, "Atypical Maid Matl In Reactor 
Pressure Vanel Ueld. " 
KEP^LER.J.O, Region 3, Chlca^a, Office of tha Director. 79/03/19. 

7704230370 Motion of int>rvnor Miami ValUy .Power Project to admit 
arfdl contention* t to entend time for dlitovarj, Cart if Icata 
of Svc and. 
KOalK.L.S., L. 8. 79/O3/12. 2pp. 

7904140331 Acfc receipt of 790307 Ur rg^u.. ting tllaml ValU Pou.r 
Projtc* ba luppllad FES 1, HER. Add 1 copy of aach docunant h<* 
baan nt to attornay for Miami Valleu Powtr Projicfc 
BMTHrC.A, Branch 3. 79/03/lfl. Ip. 

*904U0071 that pariod of dlicov.ry for licen.lna ha*r!nBm be 
txtandd beyond 7V03I9. Applicant h*s not r**pand*d to ftrnt 
at of Intarrooatorlai d iecond met 1* bo I no radlrf. 
HIOBERQiB.A. Affiliation Unknown. 79/03/16. 2pp. 

F <K>417049t Advliai that Cincinnati 0*t (< Electric Co cam conplij 
-w/hartng tchadula propoied during 790312 confirinc* teUon. 
CONNER, T,B. Connarr Moora * Corbar. 79/O3/21, 2pp. 

Applicant*' appotltlon to ichadula for ilta tour 1< 
preNaarlng conference ichedule propoiad bij ufcll. Forward* 
Ctrtiflcite of Svc. 

COMNER.T.B., METTERHAHN, H. J, Conner, Mooi-' t> Corbar. 79/03/H3. 

M430Q491 Forward prof qualification* of JR Schott S. RL Ratin*g. 
' K. J. Conner, Mooro & Carbar. 79/O4/19. 6pp. 

UtlLl*V FSAft and *endenti 

/W4O3O3ZI Farwardi P8AR Ravliton 86icon*tl tut ing Afliand 90 to llcania 
BOROHAHN> E. A. Cincinnati O.t l< Electric Co. 79/03/30. 3pp. 

-7M403O329 F9AR Ravtvlon 96, conf t itutlnn Aend 10 to llcnia 
* Cincinnati Oa fc Electric Co. 7.9/O3/31. 30pp. 

f041&0190 Forfcwrdt notarlied Certiflcata of Bvc tar An and 40rto 
*pliejt(on <fievlilon St to F8AR), 

A.. Cincinnati 0i h Electric Co. 79/O4/10. 3pp. 

7WSSB Ur informing NRC of ,tep, taken to 

in 1E lnm f R -P t ao-asa/79-ot. 

CC """ R " Ct01< "Mr.tI- Nuc.aar 

7904040031 Re.pond, tc NHC 79O207 Itr re violation not.d In IE In.p 
Rapt 30-336/79-01. Corrective Actions: retn.tructian re *fet<j 
tauelnj, reactor vatel flntaintn B lubitandard uater uai 
aralnail Si cleaniif. 
BOHOMANN, E. A. Cincinnati fia* (. Electric Co. 79/02/29. 3pp. 



KEPPLER, d.O. Raion 3, Chicaoo, Offlc* of the Director, 79/03/SO. 

"calpt of 7V0302 Itr informinj HflC af .tap. taken t 

l " tloni1 ""*"' ln IE In P "M* so-asa/7a-ao. 

-7904370038 Respond, to NflC Itr i-a violation, noted In IE In.p R.pV 
30-39B/7B-30. Corrective *c tioni: den.l tonetar recalibrated, 
vaTlaua veld rncorcr. corrected tt procedure! changed 
BOROMAMN- E. A. Cincinnati Ca. t> Elaetyle Co. 79/O3/O2. 4pp. 

7V043003M Foru.rd. IE Bulletin 79-04, Mncorract Height, for Bwlng 
SS?3f* l , v " """"*"'''<' y V.lii Engineering Corp " " 

HEPFLER.J.O. Region 3, Chicago. Qffica of the Director. 7P/03/3O 


J. 0. 

Rngloit 3, 


4, O.Hg re.pottae required. 

Chicago* Office of the Director. 79/04/01. 

7904190ZI& Forward* IE Bulletin 7?-OSA, "Nuclear Incident at 
TM1 ~ Supplt '.' *- pratlminarv chronology of TMI-2 790388 
accident until core cooling reitare-d. 
KEPPUER, J. 0. Replon 3i Chicago, Offlc* of tha Director. 79/04/06 



?' "" I"r Station, Unit 

Inip.ttlon reporti and corripon<Jene* 


'f B "l"*'n I, -R.vl.ii af 

8V ' " " DuX 
gUn 3, ChUago, Offic. D f t h. Director. 79/04/19. 

t ion/corn true t Ion 

St.tion, Un(t 

"''-" - issww: - '--. 

IMb.r Beactori Sr-neh a, 79/03/09 2pp 

"EEL; J"'--"-'--- ffi:-a::i!:..-:^'- - 

.K.P. OwtOwn Califarni. Edi.on Co. 7 WraO. Ip. 

^ -iiiii " i 
. 11 ,. taB Qnofr 

STEOER.D.D. California, St-t. of 79/04/05. lp . 

n lmpact r<pt ' " a - n ""-*.-.. aM tv 

of. 79/04/01, 70pp. 

^r CA fc - 

a PP . 


EDHARDS.C. AIMH.tlon Milnm. 79/03/17. 2 PP , 

Otntrat corripondne 

.nch S. 79/03/S3. 

fornl. Edi, on Co. 79/03/10. 

7W03/I9. lp. 

S, S.n 

7?030030 Faruirdi IE info Natlci 79-os 
8-f.tu-B.l.t.d CMBn.JIK " " "' 
Rtflion 5 ' 8 " n Fr*ncl.c 

Hill* I. 


raipanit ri(ulrd. 
tcUco. Dlf?c. Df th. 


ore cooll "B r.itor.d. 

TMI-H 77O320 

7904130333 Forur<f pNp-79~67H 
/07.' Ri " p , ( " fl ' 1 n '' S ' 

790*130348 Forurdi PNO-79-A7N 

7904130349 Poritfirili 

Forwird* PNO-79-67Q. 
79/04/l.' R 'lp. R " Bl n 5 ' B * 


EMOELKEM B C D ' d ? ntln " d Durin " TMI Ine 

79/04/11,' |p. ' ' S " Fp " ei <" 

IE ' In ' ND " 79-10, 
ialnn Sl S " n Fp ci ' 

of th, Olr.tlr. 




r * yi 

79-OiA.R.vl.lon 1, 


79/0*/iB.' R 'ip Rl ior ' 3| s -n, Offlc.. of th. Dlmtir. 

r""n di ," Anno -l Dp.r.tlns Rpt 197B,' Vfll. 1-3;' 
!U ", 2 P hi =' BloloBi " 1 ' BIoIo i " 1 * S.di*.ntlc 9 ejU 04U. 
BWEjJ.H. South.rn CHfornl Ed i ton Co. 79/03/M. Off. 



DOCKET SO- 361 8*n Onofra Nuclear Station. Unit S 
Periodic operating report*, related COPT pondo 

7904120279 Forwards draft environ impact rept far propoted San 
to-EncluB 33O kV transmission lint. 
STECER.D, B, California. State of. 79/O4/03, Ip. 

79O41BO219 "Annual Operating Rept 1978, " Vol 1 : Oceanograpfc Ic DatapVol 
2;Htologlc*l DataiVol 3: Biological & Sedinentaloglcak Data. 
Southern California Ed i ion Co. 79703/30. 1300pp. 

7904130233 Draft environ Impact r*pti 
Tr*n*nlielon Llna. " 
California, State of. 79/04/O1. 

"San Dnof re-to-Encina 33 O 

Reportable occurrence*, related corrnpondance 7904240376 Forward* response* to NRC 790303 Itr re nru CA tax itructure 

__ j, ffect on f aci 1 Itlei. Rogues t ( reiponies uill be 

incorporated Into next amend to environ rept.OL stage, 

7904090236 Ack receipt of 79O222 Itr forwarding Interim rept on Taylor DRAKE, J. H. Southern California Ediion Co. 79/04/17, Bpp. 
Forge pip* defect*. 

EHOELHEN. R.H. Raglan 4, Dlla,* of the Diractor. 79/O3/O3. 

Ip. NRC DEB. FE6, supplements 

-- 790407QS43 Forwards "Interim Rept on Taglor Forge Pipe Defects. " Uill 7904240399 In response to 79O327 request, fornurtf* re*pons to 
advise of mhmlttal date for final rept b<j 790406. o,ution< raised re revised uatar .iralltg monitoring 

MOOREjJ.fl. Southern California Edlian Co. 79/02/92. ip. progran, 

DRAKE, J.H, Southern California Edison Co. 79/04/Q6. 2pp. 

7904110309 Forward* PNO 79-47H. 

ENOELKENr R. H, Region 3, Ban Francisco. Office of the Director. Adjudicators c or i-i pendents 

.79/04/oa. Ip. 

7904310233 Requests denial at OL rfui to poniblity of earthquakei In 

7904110377 Foruarde PNO 79-671. site areas. Public Input mu*t take place in beginning of 

EMOELKEN, R. H. Region 9, San Francitco, Office of the Director. conit license process. 

79/04/03. in. EDHARDB, C. Affiliation Unknoun. 79/O3/17. 2pp. 

7904110399 Forwards PNO 79-67J. Oaneral correspondence 

EWELKEN-R.H. ' Region 9, San Francisco, "Office of the Director. __J ___!. 

79/04/04. If. 

7904O2O119 Notification of 790330 meeting in/Southern California Edlion 

* ,. . . m , ,-, Go in BethenSai MD, to d(*eua* opon item. 

7904260138 Forward* PNO-79-67K. ROOD, H. Liflht Water Reactors Branch 2. 79/O3/O9. 2pp. 

ENOELKEN,R.H. Region 9. San Frenclico, Office of the Director, " 

79/04/01. Ip. 

7904020004 Notification of 790403-09 meeting u/util In Orange County, 

CA to dlscui* %. obiorve site geologu. Agenda encl. 
7904120199 Final rept on Taylor Forge pipe defection!!! he submitted by ROOD, M, Light Hator Heaetors Branch 2. 79/O3/22. 3pp. 

NUNN'D.E. Southern California Edlian Co. 79/04/O6. Ip. 

Inspection report* -and correpandnce 

7904200294 Forward* final deficiency rept "Staking of Limitorqua Valve 

HEilS**. 1 "!'" n .... . ... ' tJ . ,,., . 7904120334 Forwards IE Imp Rpts 30-361/79-03 t 5Q-362/79-O3 on 

HQORE,J,fl, Bouthern California Ediian Co. 79/04/09, Ip, 79O101-Dl.No noncnrnpliance noted. 

BPENCERiO.B. Region 3i San Francisco, Reactor Construction & 

_, . , . .,,,.. t Enoineerlnj Support Branch. 79/03/O9. 2pp. 

7904SOOS36 Improper itaklng of locking nut* far 1 In 1 torque operators 
initalled on notor operated valves obterved. Caused bg valve 

supplier* not a**urlng that *tahln liad bean performed. 790*120339 IE Imp FlopU SO-361/79-OS (. 30-362/79-03 on 790101-31. Mo 

All v*lve, identified (. correction Initiated. noncompliance noted. Major areai Impacted; piping 

Southern California Edi.on Co. 79/04/13. 2pp. In*taJUtion u/tm P orrg h.noirsrreactor pre*ure vessel i. 

Internals protection t< follouup action* on previous imp. 
PATEiR.J.t HAYNES,fI.C, Region 9, San Frntl*co, Reactor 

7 *2^?3lf,=T* rd ' D PN ?" 7 V 7 i Nn "i' , n.-. , 4-u n , t Construction S. Englnrlng Support Branch, 79/O3/O3. 6pp. 

ENOELKENifi.H. Region 3, Ban Francisco, Office of the Director. 

79/04/11. Ip. 

79041300J6 Forward* IE Inp Repti 90-361/79-06 . 3O-362/79-O6 an 

_.,_,.,-_ . _.._ - ,.. . ., ,.... 790102-05 & 13-26, No noncomp lianee noted. 

79042404S3 Forward* PNO-79-67V . PNO-79-67H. BPENCES, 0, S. Rrgion 3. Ban FraneUeo, Reactor Construction & 

SK&'i??' 1 ''?' f " flt n a *" FrjincU "' 0ie af the Director. Engineering Support Branch. 79/03/03. Spp. 

79/04/10. lp> 

7904240337 Forward* PNO-79-47X, 

EHOELKEN. R. H. Region 9. Ban Franclico, Office of the Director. 

79/04/17. Ip. 

79042604&2 Forward* PNO~79-A7Y. 

B40ELKEN. R.. R Region 9< San Franclico, Office of the Director. 

79/04/IB. Ip. 

7904260434 Forward* PNO-79-i7Z. 

ENWLKEN. R. H. Region 9< Ban Franclico, Office of the Director. 

DOCKET 00-342 Ban Onofre Nuclear Button. Unit 3 
AppllcBtlon/conitructlon ttage 

7904030333 Oranti requeit for withholding dta re cfeructural deelgn, 
analgii* i teiting of fuel (ref 10CFR3. 79O). 
BAEB.R. L. Light Uater Reactor* Branch St. 79/03/09. 2pp, 

7904130021 IE Imp Repts 30-361/79-06 & 30-362 / 79- Oi on 79O1O2-OS h 

lS-a6,Ho no-neompllance noted. Major area* inipecti(: af aty- 
relatttf equipment recelvlngi ttaraige & Inttal lat lani J< 
electrical cjibl* Ini tal latlon. 

ELlN-J.D.j HERNWJDEZ.O- Region 3' Bn Fr*nci*co, Office of tha 

Director. HAVNEB,R.C. Region 3. Ban Fvnel*eo. Reactor 

Construction & Engineering Support Branch. 79/O3/Q9. 6pp, 

7904210231 Ha*ponie to IE Bulletini 78-18 fc ISA re atypical weld mat!. 
Rept prepared by C-E uill be tut mi t ted bg 790B13 a 
reiponie. W/encl 790123 C-E revpanee. 
BABKINfK.P. Southern California Gdl*on Co, 79/03/13. 4pp. 

7904340128 Forward* IE Bulletin 78-128, "Atgplcal Meld Hatl In Reactor 
Pree*ure Va*ial Heldm, " 

EMQELKEKiR.H. Rtginn S- Ban Franciicoj Office of th Director. 

79/03/19. Ip. 

7904030090 Forward* IE Info Notle* 79-O3, "Ute of Improper Matl* In 
Safefcy-Rlatil Cmponent>. " 

EK9ELKEN, R.H. Region 94 San Franclico, Office of the Director. 

79/03/21. Ip. 

7904090268 Forwarde "Btatu* Rept an Investigation of Qew*terlno 
Kir 1979." Will *ubnlt final rept when daeioblliiajtlon uorl 

BA8KIN.K.P. 'southern California Edlion Co. 79/03/30. Ip. 

r-7904O90374 "Statu* Rept on Inve*tlg*tlan of Deuacerlng Bv*,H 
* Southern California EdUon Co. 77/03/31. llpp. 

79O4S80203 Foruard* IE Info Notice 79-O7i "Rupture of Radwacte Tanfce. 
ENOELKEN, R. H. Region 8, Ben Franciico, Office of the Diractor. 

79/03/26, Ip. 

79O4300439 Forward* IE Bulletin 79-04, "Incorrct Weight* for Suing 
Checl Valve* Manufactured bv VtLan Engineering Corp." 
EMOELKEN, R. H, Region 3, Sari Franclico, Office of the Director. 

79/03/30, Ip. 



7904120121 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-03 w,,,i. t ^ .. 

PNO-79-67, 79-i7A,B.C D P P i n u NeUp tneitftnt it TNI" ft 

ENSLEKtru fi u *" fl ' lC BlE ' F * O.No ritponi. rtqulrid. 

' slon 

WP |W . 

of tt . DlTlctop _ 

lllo , Olfle- of ttt Dip<etor _ 

SS55S"-?,., , , th . Dlpf 

^' 1 D " t 

7^4090236 Ack 

Dit . mop . 

Rajs--; 1 , 

- . 

l ' ion 

7904B60337 Forwird. PN o-7?~67X 

-' ="- 

rujiPd, PNO-79-A7Y 

7704260434 Forup,| PNO- 79-47; 

R * 9Ion a - B; " 

D(fMlir . 

.. .. ... .,,...,, 

Unit , 

7BM31 ">"<""" 

Co. 79/W/af. 3 

of th. Dli-lar. 

of th. Dlrl.r. 

of th. 

R9lon I. 

farMrd.4 ta 
Co. n//B3. 

DOCKET 5O-3A3 ForlM Hivap Station, Unit 1 
Inipaction p.port and eapp.ipond.nEW 


79/04/01 ip fl 


7904270489 F 

rvt at TMI" & 



= F ? r " 11 * IE Bull. tin 79-OSA, NiicU.r Inelrf.nt at 
IMI - Buppl, t, ppliln*ru chronoloju of TMI-S 79O32S 
aetldtnt until car* cooling r.itarod. 

, R ' iiBB 1( phll *"*Ph. Otttc. of th. Dlr.cfcor, 

1 p , 

7-W4270492 Forrd. IE Bulletin 79-06A, "R.vlau af Qp.r*ti<mal 
3ut Hliallgnntnt. IdentKl.d During TMI Incld.nt ,. p "*" <m-1 
, R ' fll n *' p f"*<">lph'-' Of*lc. o* U. Director. 

IE Buu.tin 79-04, "irxopract 
actu "' 1 "I V.I n En,in..r( 

incld.nt -t TMI 


-'7TO4LTO194 Foru.rdi IE Bulletin 79-03A, "HucUflr Inci^lgnt 
Trtl - Buppl, * ppllmiii*ri; thronoloBy of TMI-H 790323 
jceld.nt until cor a coolina rostoPBd. 

' Rasilln S ' A""**. 0**1 of th. DlPct 

7904260308 Act racilpt of IE Imp R,pt SO-3a4/"77-O3 an 
No proprl.tji-ij inPo, 
CLAYTQHiF. L. Aliframj Poiusr Co. 79/O4/09. Ip. 

BOCKETBO-364 Joivph . Frl. Nuclr Plant, Unit 

a Rji.pond. to 7709BO r^..t, Pot.nt Ul for 6 OPOn diluti 
in d.n , h faun r.vU.d t, found bl.. No further 
action ! n. canary. 
BCHHEMCER.A. Dpapatlng Reactor* Branch 1. 79/02/21. Sff, 

PwaRd* faa fo r cii. Ill llcinn am.nd p. 
ovtrprouriiatlon mitigating iyi Bflacm. 
CLAYTONiF. L, AlabaM Pow.p Co. 79/04/17. Ip. 

Beuplt((, *Bdlcal, .mirg.ncy J fire prot.ctlon plan, 

- _ __ __ _^ __ __ 

7904260312 Fopuard IE Imp 3O-364/79-O3 on 79 0306 -OT, No 
noncompl ijnc. no-tad, 

LEWIS, B. C. Raglan 2, Atlanta, Raactor dp.r*tton* Nuclaar 

Support Branch, 79/03/26. 2pp. 

7904260916 IE ln*p 30-364/79-03 on 790306-0?. Mo concoitipl Ianc< 
4tott4. Major ap.a inipoetod : prsoparat lonal tnit progran 
adnlnli tr*tton & pr.oparatlonal tiftlng itatut. 


' 5' S' R OiO" 2, Atl.nSa. Of -Me* of tti> DIr.ctor. 

MARTIN.R.B. Ragion 2, Atlanta, Opsritlon* Nuclaar 

Support Branch. 79/O3/23. 3pp. 

790426029? Foruap^. IE Birll.tin 79-06, -RavL <.* Dp.rational Grron >, 
8i HliaUgnmnti Id.ntlfiad Dorlna TMI Ineldnt. " 

R'9'on 2, Atlanta, Offie. of th* Dtroctor. 

Mnil.V""'?**.' 1 " " ro *? c *< in BEFt "< "OH12 t, 
-/Mtc. finding* t, coneluiionn. upon imp Umflntt Ion of nod,. 
QCK Mill o. accvpcabl.. 
BARNESrR.D. Oag-Babcock A*toclat. Inc. 79/03/27. Ip. 

Arfjudtcatory cgrrpondenc 

b u DJ Evan* on bahalf of NHC. 

t! ott 5V 8 ' 'PPM 
Crtlftc*t of 8vc ncl. , 

EVAWB,D, J. Antl-Truit DIvUlon. 79/03/aa. 3pp. 
Anti^Vrumt coi^nipandtnct 

DJ 40la * DJ 
UHITtER, J. D. Juttlci, Dipt. of. 79/O3/14. Ip. 

KlISJ^S"!!; ?2' h *" ' "JJ 1 " 1 "" > * C * f Pub 
galley Act of l?7B on proca.dlngi. Dppon.nti ' rimdC* 

rjictrf undap Sictton lO3c(6). C.rtlf icat* of Svc k 
lupportlng dacuatntatlon .ncl. 

B ' leh< BinBh "' fl * fc "- H.-* 

oni DIvliIon. 79/04-/03. Ip. 

" lc 

CLAVTON, F. U, AlabatM Pow.p Co. 79/Q3 ( '2i. Ip. 


- on 790306-07. No 

7704870537 rorwr*. IE BiiLUfcin 79-O6A, "R, V l au of Dp.ratlonal Error, t. 
aiji Mltaltann.nt* Identified During TMI Incld.nt." 

< Pl "9lon 2, Atlanta, Of fie* o* th. DIr.clor. 


Parlodlc op.raUng reports corr.p.ondnc 

* " Allr ""' 1 R ' pfc 
CLAYTON.F.L. Alabama Pou.r Co. 79/O4/OH. Ip. 

790408037* "Annual 1978" ra Chang.* to BAR ' 
" Alaban. Powar Co, NSC. 79/04/02. 10pp. 

" 3 * 6 Edwln '- H ' tch N 4 " 1 '"" 1 Plant. Unit 2 

MRC near FES, mppu m .nti 

7704020136 DE3 for facility. 



flcurltvi Atdlcal, *m*rBncg fc flp protoctlon plant 


79040302ii FoTuard, an.nd.d phg^Ual ..curit.j plan. Plan wlthh. Id 

*r.r 1 vurnH. TrO J 

HHITMERiC.F. O.opgl Powpr Co. 79/03/30. Ip. 

Iniuranci and Indimnlty 

7904290342 Forward, Endcn.m.nt 48 to ANI Policu NF-21S. 

"' rih * *!-"<" fc M Nuclir Coniultants, Inc. DIv. 

7?042OOaoB Forward. EndoTmnt 3? to ANI PoUcu MF-79 

K * r " h * MeL noi' *< M rTucltAP Conult*nt, Inc. DIv. 

Op.rjttlng itag. 



7?04I004?3 1C i n *p 80-3*4/79-03 on 7TO204-. 

??J: H-J ?: *:?:: iMp^i buu.tin. * <irc u v. r , 

M 2 T. i '"""f *( ^ulpi.nt Mint I. ttorag* during 
. SSM*-^* 1 ^" 1 " * " p * '* ' 1 *n*llHi,. f 

- . 

il?;. a R !!j on t a ' **., OffU. of th. Dlr.ctor. HERDT.A.B. 
Innck 7^/03/09 -fl *^ B " ct " 

79040TO290 flJ""t addl Info r capahlUtV of N3BQ to r,pon<l to 
poitulattd ATMS tran*lant*. Faruiapdi NRG 77O219 Itr to OE w/ 
paqij.,t fop *naUimil* to conflr* daqu*cu of propo.od nodi to 

ht?,; l S n V NWtEO " 04i0 Val 3 ' nel.M/dl.trifcutifln. 
TOULMCR.R.H. An it tan t Dlpact&p for By i tin* t, Projcti. 79/03/12 




Cp.ratlnj lictni* itjg, 

n xr of ABME Corf. 

" ' *-. 

ln r.quir.n.nt, af ' 



cf th. Dlr t8r . 

Dl . 

79/03/30. |p. 

DIP<lrtgr . 


*. Offic. *th. Director 

LE 79-M4/031.-0. 




* * 

i. Pou,.r Co. 79/Oa/W. ip. 
" LER "-029/03L-0, 

P . 

.M. 9or B l* Poy,r Co. 79/03/09. (p. 


DOCKET 30-347 Balll v (ten.ratlnfl Station 
*pplleatian/conitruction itaoa 

--790411025& "Scaled MultlvaUnt Te.t 


* T ..t ,. 

Product. O(v . 


Financial information 

C, Arkansa. P OWBP ), Lloht C. 7?/03/30. 

--7901040086 "Annual R ep t 197B ' 

ATkania, Palt . r g, ^Ight Co. 78/13/31. 23pp. 


Inspection report* and correiponiietic* 

_ - __ - __ ,.___ -____,, _ ....___, -- ._ 

7904090131 Forward* IE Circular 79-04, <N 

V4lv. Operator*. . 

KEPPLER,J.O. Region 3, Office of th* Director. 79/03/14. 

I r tt n u v 

Locki "0 Nut on Llmitoro.ue 

u.i d 

7704030070 Forward* IE Bulletin 7B-12B, 
Pr.nure Viaiol Meld*. 
KEPPLER.J.O. Region 3, Chi C a B o, Office of th. Director. 

HEPPLEfi, J, 0. 

on 3, Chtc*|o< Of*ic. of th DirwtBr. 


Branch 4. 79/O3/13. 34 PP . 



a)LI,j.r. LI D ht M.t.r Rit fl r, Branch 1. 77/03/19. 9 P4 ,. 




TMI - 



f fK'ivrt.ssi-s^a: ......... * 

R.,i n 3, Chicago, Of fie., of ? h . Dir.ctcr. 79/04/01, 

[ 1 " "-"* "NuelMP Incld.nt at 

fc pr*lllnar Ehronol oflu of TMI-B 7W3aa 
eort C0(lll nfl rord. = * 

n.sion 3,-CWcago, Qff lc . ot th- Dlr . etor . 

.-7904060096 5amgval,atio n .upporting Am.nd 9 to LU-iw. 
" Spp Llflht W-t.r Brarrh I. 

chan D e. Dnign changtt nad oi.ra In form of dciign cfiar^ 

TRIMBLEfD. C. Arkania* Pouiar t. Light Ca. 79/O3/21. 2Ipp. 

R E" "? I* """'"-" ' "f"= P.rnntl to f 

Raiiuait, parnanint plcfctim bada>i,ilt> arltntatiani (. 

plaL indoctrination, for rIv*nt p*nonnal. H/o ,ncl 

in*pHictar lilting*. 

BEVFfllTrK.V. HUB I on 4. Datlai. Offlc of th. Dirctor. 79/O3/31. 

7907<9a Forward. IE Bull. tin 79-QAA. fi.viilon 1, "fl.vliw of 
^rational Error* (, Syi Miialign*i>nti Idttritiflad Durina 
Ttli Iimiaonv. 
KEPPLER.J.o, R.glan 3, Chicago, Offlet of th. Dir.ctor. 79/04/ig, 

PtrloH^c opratlng raporti,*d corrtipondtnc* 

7W40302W Forward! will chart* for 790307-7903 14, B.Ulij u.lU u/o 
for 7WM,pond f or 790314, anu M tlc 

* "*" r "**"" r * -lll ' 

POMNfR. J. Northtrn Indiana Public B.rvlc* Co. 79/03/33. O2pp. 

7W40902M Forward* uill chart* for 790314-21 BaUlu ualli u/o 
ficordtri for 790381, pond lvl. for 790331, pn.utuittc 

1 tP-nillu<!-r * taf "OSai << **" ttr r.dingi for 

BOHN>R.J. North.r,n Indian* Public Qrviet Co. 79/O3/30. 4Ipp. 

7W4170IH1 FthriMrd* wilt chart* for 790321-08, chart* for 710330 
BaUlu will., chart, for 7903M pond i.v.lm, 'TU^WH 

ch*rti for 770328 pn.uMtlc pr*<tur. tr-nduc.r t< wat.r 
**ttr rdins for 79032H. 
JWHK.R. J, North.rn Indiana Public 8rvlet Co. 7V/04/06. 3app, 

., ii ? ? . pa ~ Bch Bp ' f a - * li b f r containment purge 

vo r.nov. oil t, into** dut to repair* made to reactor coolant 
piip motor. State; r.que.t 1* Clan III *mend. W/m>ino to 
flechtel.dtd 7803 1 3, m valve capacity. 
CAVANAUOHrM. Arknia* Power b Light Co, 79/O3/3&. 4pp. 

7"M)41iOOZ4 Forward* Amend 1O to Utcan*. NfF-A, af etu .valuation k 
notice of lt*uance & availaollity. 
BTDLZ.J.F. Light Water Reactor* Branch 1, 79/03/30. 3pp. 

7904160028 Anend 10 to LIctn*. NPF-i t.wpararily luipendlng T.cJ. Spec* 

which require purga *uppl u g, .xhauit * u I.olation vjiLvei ta 
be cloud during Operation Hod.* 1,3,3 U 4. 

BTOLI, J. F. Light Hattr R. actor* Branch I. 79/03/30. 3pp. 

Forward, wtll chart* for 790336-0404, Balllu wll> u/c 
rtcord.r. f*r 7W404, pc-nd l.v.l, for 790404,. r , u ^ii e 

i*I^* -U ? tri """ "0404,at l r m.t.r r.adir,,, far 
UeOS,wllt for 790404. 
.J. Northirn Indiana Public S.rvtc* Co. 7W04/1B. 33pp. 

WCKET 90-366 Arkamai Nuclear an.. Unit 9 

" dtc " 1 ' "rinc fc fir* protection 

cltt.d fro. 

of taf. guard* canflng.ncv pl*n. 
TTllmLE,D.C. Arkanu* Power Light Co. 79/03/36.' IB. 

7T04i&013g frov.ide* *ddl info for rtvi.w of firm prottetlon SEB. 
. DttcrlBit v*i-iouf procfdur.* to tntur. .upifvl.lng fir. 
',TlllNLErD,C. Arkania* Powtr h Light Co.. 79/03/3O, Sff. 



DOCKET 3Q-3iS Artaaut Nuclear One, Unit 3 
Inipectlon raportt And corrnpondnc 

904270610 Foruardi IE Bulletin 79-06A., "Review of Oa*rtlonii lilt' 
ti Sq Hltallgnninti Identified During THI Incident:" 
SEYFHIT.K.V. Region 4, DalU*, Office of th Dlrsclar. 


V90403Q143 Fariuardi IE Bulletin 77-02. "Pip, Support Bate Plito Dvnlgiv 
Uilna Conert EipjniUn Anchor Bolt*. " 
6EYFRIT,K.V. Region 4, Dalla*, Office at th DJ T ctor. 79/03/QS 

90412&340 FOTwarfli IE Bulletin 79-03. "Longitudinal Utld Ogfict* In 
A5ME SA-312 Tgp* 304 Etainleil Stiml Pipe Spool i 
Manufactured by Vogngitoun MB Id lag t, Engineering Co.' 

BEVFRIT.K.V. Region 4, 0*11*1, Offlct of th* Director. 79/03/12. 


77040200*9 Ac* Tttlpt of 790227 Itr Informing MIC of itip* taken to 
cornet vlolatiani noted In IE Imp Ripti 50-313/79-01 i. 
SO-3AB/77-01 . 

MAD3EN, e. L. Region 4, Dallas Reactor Oaaratlon* Nuclaar Support 

Branch. 79/03/14. Ip. 

790427O611 Forwent I IE Bulletin 79-06A,flevlilon I, "Kvl*w i4 
Operational Error* b Bui Hlialignnienti IdontlfU* Durlni 
TMI Incident. " I 

SeYFRlTiK.V. Rejlbn 4. Dallai, Qffic* of tha Dlrct*p. Jt/M/1 

Periodic optrating report** related corraiporJtnce 

7904H40334 Forward* monthly operating rapt for rUr 1979. 
TRIMBLE. D. C. Arkania* Powir 6 Light CD. 79/O4/13. Sf + . 

7904K40337 Knnthly operating rpt for Mar 1979. 

SHIVELV, C.N, Arbantai Pouar ti Light Co. 7T/04/I3. 9ft, 

-790402003i Raipondi to NRC 790203 Itr n vinltlnc nottd In IE Imp 

Rpt 50-313/79-01 (. 30-363/79-01. Corrj:tlva jftlani: 
training dipt fm bun mignad TttparntliHlto for 
ichadullng ntr^titcij t* training activltln. 
HUGTERjD. A. Arkaniai Powtr i. Light Co. 79/OB/27. Sff. 

790403O047 Forujardi IE In*; Rapt 30-313/79-01 tt 30-348/79-01 on 

790tlS-17 I> notle of vlolatton. 

MADSEH, 0, L. Re j ion 4, Datlai< ftac*or Oor*tLon Hucltar 

Supper* Hunch, 79/03/03. 2pp. 

790402O06B Notice of violation fro* Imp an 79011S-17. 

MADBEW.O.t. Region 4 t DUi. fttactor Onor*tloni HucUar 

Support Branch. 79/02/02. Ip. 

7^04020069 IE Intp fipt 30-313/79-01 (. 50-368/79-Ot on 790113-17. 
MoncoBplianci no Hi: fallur* to conifuct 1 Ttaulrsul trainlno t 
rtqutnd tfrill*. 

HUHRAV.B. Region 4, Dtltai, Riactor Op oration* Nuclear Support 

Branch. BROWN, 0. D, F.flon 4< DalUi, Fual Faeilltg tM.t.rUli 

B*ftij Brneh- 77/03/O2, 6pp. 

7904030334 Foruards IE Imp fl*p* 30-313/7f-OS 
790324-28 Si notice of violation. 

30-3tB/79-OS on 

Ripartibtt Qccurrinctair ralated corraapondtnc* 

_ _ U U 4- . n _ _ t _ _ __ ^^ __. .._,_., --- r.,^-, __ M _ ^ fc_ 

790429O336 Conflmtt 790330 telcon batw*n T Hnt*rB*n of WC h 
BA Tarutlllger. Fin d*itpri do not -have rao.ulri<d lalinlc 
cartlflcMtlon.Fallure could Interrupt coolinp *ir maply. 
Bitilti Mill be includad In followup rapt. 

i J.P. Arkmai Pouer t Light Co. 79/03/30. 1*. 

,790412OaB8 Forward* LERi 79-021/031.-0 ti 79-oaa/OIT-O 

TftlM&LE.O.C. Arkniai Power fc Light Co. 79/04/04. IB. 

7904120293 LEfi 79-021/03L-0 on 790303: during Cold huUm,]lM 
on, Jo pr.t.urt tafety Injection punp "A" dlthra* In *rU 
llnv.Caun unknaun. Drain line raweldad d rt*ttJ. 
SHIVELYiC.N, Arkania* Power Light Co. 79/04/04. If 

7904120293 LER 79-OSa/OlT-O on 790322: contlnr*fc coollni f*i 
let to insrjlit Immediately of 30- *ftr nilninH 
i*#eguard ilgnal. Cauiad bu. deilgn change ontitlon fr 
plant nodi. Change package Inttlatad. 
SHIVELV.C.N. Artania* Power ti Light Co. 79/04/04. 4. 

7904210030 Foruardi PNOt 79-&7H, I. J, K, [ Hi N ft P. 

BEYFRIT.K.V. Region 4, Dallaf. Offlc of tht OLrtCivr. 

-7W*Oa03S IB Injf Rpt 80-313/79-05 fc 30-363/79-03 on 790824-20 
No n ccpll a Mtt< ; do. r in perlwet.r birrUr did not loci 
after Bjr.i., B . f under fine* exlitad.Uia ipoti In prot.cttd 
area not Illuminated to r*nutr*d l,vl pror.csea 

CALDHELL.R.A, , EVAN3,C.A., MADBEM.O.L. R.gior, 4, Dall.., Operation, Nuclear Support Branch, 79/M/W. app 


8EYfRIT,K.V. Region 4, Datlai, Dfflc. of the Director, . 77/O3/2I. 

BEYFRITrK. V. Rtglon 4, UU, Dfflc. of th* Director. 79/01X01. 

7704160360 Act rac.ipt of 79031 Itr Infor 
VIOl- " D "*' - *" IE In P B *P* 

4 ' "' fi '"' OP 

tm t.t.u to 

7904180239 Forward* LER 79-02S/01T-0. 

TRIMBLCiD.C, Arkania* Power t Light Co. 79/01/13, \f 

7904180239 LER 79-023/01T-0 on 790330; during diitgn r.-l.v, Hi 
that n fir* daaperi had not been teltoilcallu, qirallflajiV 
Cau** irroneoui Installation OA. Fir* d4*ri MlU ti 
ret following itlimlc event. 
BHIVELV.C.N. Arkantai Power h Light Co, 79X04/13, Dtf, 

79042602U Foruardi LER 79-023/03L-0. 

TRIMBLE,D.C, Arkaniat Power Si Light Co. 79/04/JW, Ip. 

LER 7 '- < >23/03L-0 on 790324: during Mad. a OM i-*1 1*. 
D preiurli*r prenur* variable *tpolnt fmlltt IB Irtcl 

pr*uriier prenure. Cau**d bu. dlrtg contact! on v 

latpolnt eonn*ctori.Conneton cl*n*d. 

BHIVELYiC. N. Arkaniai Power ti Light Co. T9/04/iM>. 

DOCKET 30-369 Will la. B. HcOutre Nucltar Station, Unit I 
Applictlon/contruction itage 

RUETEB.D.A. Arkaniai Power t> Light Co. 7T/03/15. 

7904-1701T4, Ack rtc.lpt O f 790326 Itr !nfarlng 
P i i"* UM "** - ln IE '"'P "'I 1 *- W 



, taken to 

Riipandi to NRC 79O301 l r re violation* noted in IE r n 
P.p.*. 30-313/79-02 I, 90-36B/79-02.C<.rr.ctiv. .ctlon" " P 

fertonnel hV b*n r*lnitructed t, reipona UlHtlt. 


WlHBLEtD. C. Artraniai Pow.r It Light Co. 79/03/84. 3pj. 

7TMIWM Forward. IE BulUtln 79-03A. -NoclMr Ir.ctd.nt t 
FMI - Suppl," & prillnlneru chronologu of Tttt-2 790928 
accident until cr cooling rejtored. ^^ 

SEVFRrT.K.V. Ruin 4. D.I I.,, OffUeof th* Director.. 79X04/O9. 

7904180283 FOIA rtqutit for 411 info r plant accllini* h 
defect* at reactor tltei. 
BAUKANNiS. Affiliation Unknown. 79/03/14. If.- 

7W4090230 R*quett *itntlon of coMpletlon d*ti lavclf U4 

790430 to 791831 for CPPH-83 , fro 901231 to 8)11001 fr 
CPPR-B4. Delavi du* to > Ip* hanger problem, hot f until aft* I 
teittng l< lat* deltv*rl**. 
PARKER, M.O. Duke Power Co. 79/03/30. Spa. 

For * wrdl1 valuation! of degree of eonf rwnei f 
KRC R**uUtor U Reg.ulr**ent* Review Coawltte* CJt0' II h 
III Mtter* In r*pon*e to NRC 79O2OB Itr, Out*Unrilf t*vt 
Itaoii Mill be evaluated by 790311. 
PAfiHERiH. 0, Ouk* Power Co. 79/04/06. 18pp. 

-9O41802W R**ponie to FQIA requeit 'for Inf o r r plant 
**f*t d*f*ct*.w/llit of relevant docun.nt* t. aa*ratlri 
nuel**r power planti owned tij Duke Pomr Co t> C*ralln 
v Light Co. including LPDH location. ' 

FELTON.J.M.. Diviiion of Rule* and R*cordi. 7^X04/19, 




.DOCKET 90-369 Hllliaei B. HcQulre Nuclear Station. Unit 1 
S_urltv> wedleal, entrgoncy & fire protection plans 

7903010392 Fofi*ard draft rept SAND-1927, potentially relavant to ASLB 
proceedings r* lanotan.* of pant nuclear foal. Describes 
nature- of Info k llsti potentially related proceeding*. Will 
forward NRC asieisnent by 790216, 
CARTER. T.F. DlvUion of Safeguards. 79/01/23, 2pp. 

Adjutflcateru correipondonee 

77Q.4110301 Ulstlssc9 IE Insp Ropt 30-369/79-19 on 790256-38. No 
noneomp It ant* noted. IE fnsp Rapt withheld Iref 10CFR2. 790). 
KENNA.W.B. Region 2, Atlanta, Safeguards Branch. 79/03/56. 


7904130364 Act rscoipt of 79O3IB Itr Informing NRC af step* taken to 
correct vlglationfl noted in IE Insp Rapt 30-369/79-03. 

MURPHY, C, E. Region 2. Atlanta. Reactor Construction & Engineerlm 

Support Branch. 79/03/2B. Sp. 

7904120373 Responds to NRC 7902U Itr re violation* doted in IE Imp 
flpt 30-369/79-03. Ha propr iotaru, info. 
PARKEft.H.O. Duke Power Co. 79/O3/1H. 3pp. 

7904Q4Q2O3 Ack receipt of 79012B petltUn to reopen safety proceeding 
for Catauba facility. Request for Mcflutre facility hai bam 
referred to ASLB tlnce Itiuanca of operating llcenie ii 
eendlng. Federal Register notice encl. 
DENTONiH.R. Office of NueUar Reactor Regulation. 79/03/07. lp. 

Adjudicator^ correspondunce 

-'7704040209 Requeit to reopen safety phase* of licensing proceedings for 

C*t*uaba Nuclear Station. 
' DENTON.H.ft. Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, 79/Q3/07, lp. 

79O4170440 Response in opposition to petition of Carolina Environ Study 
Oroup to reopen safety phases of licensing proceeding*. 
Certificate of Bvc tnel. 
HCOARRYiJ. H. Dyk" Pouiar Co. 79/Q3/23. 13pp. 

7904230393 Forwards info re NRC reviews af cask drop analysis It 
li1|*lcal tacurlty. Spent fuel pool integrity li maintained & 
Initial evaluation of nodiflad ameded security plan 1* still 
valid. Further Info ulll be provided. 
KETCHEN, E. 0. Branch 4. 79/03/23, 2pp. 

7TC4230399 Rfl.uet* addl Info before 790302 re petit Fuel cask 
BAER.ft.l.. Light Hater Reactors Branch 2. 79/02/06. 4pp. 

7904270067 HRC reipon*e In apposition to 790128 petition af Carolina 
Environ Study Group to reopen afetg recordi withdrawal of 
approval of WASH -I 400 dae* not uarrant reopening of racord, 
Certificate of Svc end. 
KETCHENi E. 0. ' Branch 3. 79/03/23. 14pp. 

Oo-naral correipondence 

7904100247 Notification of change of addren. 

HURCH'J, H, South Carolina, State of. 79/03/20, Ip. 

Financial Information 

r70423Qlfi4- Forward! "Annual Financial Ript 197B. " 
PWtKERiH.O. .Put* Power Co. 79/04/13. 2pp. 

/V04sr.WlB7 "Annual Financial Rapt." 

PARKER, H.O. Duke Power Co. 79/04/13. 36pp. 

Utility F&AR and amendmenti 

7904230282 Foruardt Amend 60 to license application. Amend reviiet F9AR 
to Include raponei to NBC quntlons submitted 791201. 
PAB.RER,H.O. Duke Power Co. 79/04/13. 2pp. 

7904230224 Ravtflad changes to FBAR. Include 1 * ulsrnic < environ anatysli. 
* Duke Power Co. 79/04/13. 95pp. 

Inspection report* and correspondent 

7M4H0342 Ac* rtceipt of IE Imp Rpfcs 30-369/77-09 l< 80-370/79-03, No 
pToprletaru Info. 
PAHKER.H.O, Duke Power Co. 79/03/12, lp. 

7W4W0071 Forward* IE Bulletin 7B-12B. "Atypical Matl In Reactor 
Prenuri Vasiel Heidi." 

O'flEIUVrO.P. Region 2< Atlanta. Office of the Director. 
79/03/19. 2pe, 

7TO4200463 Forr IE Circular 79-08. ."Moisture Leakage in Stranded 
Hire Conductor!, " ' . 

a^HEIUUV.J.P. Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 
7*703/20. app. 

; 7W4030167 For*lrd IE Info Notico 79-09, "Ui* o* Improper Matle in 
B*fetv-Rl4tad Conponentt. " 

' a'flEIU-Y, J.P. Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 
7^/03/ai. 2PP. 

79O412O376 Forward! IE Insp Rept SO-3i9/79-O2 on 79O1OB-11 S. notice of 

HURPIW.C.E. Region 2' Atlanta. Office of the Director. 

79/08/14. 2pp. 

-7904120300 Notice- of violation from Insp on 790100-11. 

* Region 2. Atlanta, Office of the Director. 77/OS/O&. 


-79O412O3H4 IE ln*p Rapt SO-3i9/79-Qa on yjQlOB-ll . Noncomp 1 lanee noted: 
failure to fallow pracedirrea for instrumentation manifold 
valve lnitalltion. 

HARDHICK.R. J. - DRVANT.J.C. Hg on S, Atlanta, Reactor 

Construction fe Englnearlng Support Branch. 79/O2/O6. 4pp. 

7704110214 Ack ruealpt af IE Inup Keptl 
790130-0203.^0 proprietary Info. 
PARKER, W. 0. Dufco Poaunr Co. 79/03/29. 

-3.if /-79-08 & 90-370/79-O5 on 


79O4.11O213 Foi-oiai-di IE Imp Repts 30-367/79-OB * 3O-370/79-O5 n 

790130-0203. No noncooipl lanc noted. 

MURPHY. C,E. Fiigion 2, Atlanta, Reactor Construction It 

Engineering Support Branch. 77/03/05. 2pp. 

7904110219 IE Insp Rapt* 3O-369/79-OB t< SO-37O/79-OS an 790130-0202. No 

noncofipllanes noted. Major areas inspected : if etu-raltod 

tI support structure on RHfi pump Unit Uraactcr vessel 

instalUtion Unit 3 & shock suppressor insp. 

VALLISH.E. J. . MODENOS.L. i BRVAMT, J. C. Region 2, Atlanta, 

Reactor Construction * Enalnoei-lng Support Branch. 79/03/03. 6pp. 

7904H70499 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-04, "Incorrect Welohts for Swing 
Chock Valves Manufactured bij V*ljn Engineering Corp. " 
O'REILLY, J.P. (iBaloii 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

79/03/30. lp. 

79O4120iaa Forward* IE Bulletin 79-09. "Nuclear Incident at TMI" *. 
PNO-79-A7, 79-67A,B, C,D,E. F Si 0. HO repanae required. 
OTEILLV.J.P. Region 2. Atlantar Office of the Olr*ctor. 

79/04/Oi. app. 

7904120329 Ac k rncolpt at IE Inp ttept* SO-3i9/79-10 & 80-370/79-06 on 
79G189-0201. Mo proprietary Info. 
PARKER, H. 0. Duke Poiuer Co. 79/04/O2. lp. 

79O4120332 Forward! IE Inflp Rep ts SO-369/79-10 & 3O-37Q/79-06 on 

790129-0201. No noncomp I Unca noUrf, . 

aUTHERLANBi J. T. Region 2, Atlanta, Fuel Facility Si Materials 

aafntij Bra.nch. 79/03/07. Hpp. 

~7904ia0334 IE Imp fiapti 50-369/79-10 it 30-370/79-06 . 
noncompllanca noted. Major *ra inspected: prnoperat 
nonr*dlologlc*l surveillance gvoundmatar hydroloflu, 
roilon control d review of draft App B Tach Spec. 
CUNNINGHAM, A- L. Rejlon a, Atlanta, Office of the 

HUFHAH.J.W. flejlon 2, Atlanta, Fuel Facllltu b I 

Branch. 79/03/07. 3pp. 

7904190176 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-O9A. "Nueloar Incli 
TMI - Buppl," & preliminary ehrotiolagg of TMI--2 790. 
accident until core cooling restored. 
O'REIULY.J. P. Reoton 2. Atlanta, Office Of the D 

79/04/03, Ip. 

7904210307 Ack receipt of 790326 Itr informing MRC of 
correct violations noled In IE Insp Rapt 50-369/79-1 

HURPHY.C.E. Rejlon S, Atlanta, Office of the Dlri 


790421033B Respond* to HRC 7903OI Itr rn violation* 30-3A9/79-O9 4 aO-37O/77-04.CorrBctive actt 
bldg cleaned. craft personnel relni true tad In brut 
italnlats iteel uisldi & QA p*r*onnl rtntructd 
PARKER, H.O. Duke Power Co. 79/O3/26. lp. 

7904210338 Forwards 1C Insp Repts SO-369/79-09 !< 3O 
790123-26 4 notice of violation. 

MURPHY,C.E. Rglon 3, Atlanta^ Office of the 

79/03/01. 2pp. 



-. ra _ B - M f ul " Nwe I r Station, Unit 1 
Inipaction report! and* 


. . 

* "" S< *"*- w " ' *h. Dir.ctor. 

, ""P"'*** 30-369/79-09 4 30-370/79-04 an 790133-26 
HtncaMp UIIIEI noted: f4tl ur . to fallow .torao. I. hautatwlnZ 

j:^:;;;;: 1 ^^:,,-- KS- r> - " 6 

PARKER, W. O. Duka fsuar Co. 79/04/05. If. 

-7904260074 IE Insp 3D-3i9/79-l or) 790205-09. Nfr noneoB.lianci 
noUd.rt. JO r araa. in.pact.d; g.t.ou. tfflu.nt control, lUuld 
r tr0lRA """ * lttH - <B ' f HEPA "*." 

*' DJr.clor. 



270EI4B Foro-ard^ IE Baltatln 79-06A. "H.v,. u of Op.ratlonal Error. 
^ P n l , l ; U i B S m " lti B Id " tltinHd Durln *"' Incid.St;" " 

79/04/l"4 l' ' 3 ' AUJnt " 0*'lcr Q tha Director. 

, ' ?!. of 

tudy Croup to raopin iaft<j raeordi withdrawal af 
pprov.l of WASH-1400 dan naf warrant r*apanlng D< ricar! 
Certificate af 8vt end. 
.KETCHEN.E. 8. Branch 3, 79/03/23. 14pp. 

Oerural cnrreipondinc* 

ti ' 1 "on of chang. of addrti,. 

J. H. South Carolina, Btata of. 79/03/2O. lp. 

Financial information 

Fol ' u ri '' "Annual rinanci.l Rapt 1978. " 
PAHKES.H.Q. Dul. Pa*,.,. Co. 79/04/13. 3pp. 

-- 79042301.67 "Annual Financial Rtpt. " 

PARKER, H.o. Duk* power Co. 79/04/13. 34pp. 

Utility FSAR nd amendment* 

* lrl " r ' 1 Aa "" 1 6 *" ll "", apptic*ti D t,.A*tnd r.vl... 
U u d n T W2' to NRC tutia'i iub.rn.-d TUMI. 

PARKER, W. 0. Duke Power Co. 79/04/13. 2pp. 

--7904230224 R.vli.,f change. to FSAR. IncUda. ..UU I invi( . N 
Pull Poutr Co. 79/04/13. 93pp. 

* n * 

PARKEH, H. 0. Duti Poutr Co. 79/03/12. lp. 

1 ' J ' a" 


* B - Nlr Nuelaar Station, Unit 2 

BAER.R.L. Light Hatr React on Branch Z. 79/03/08. 


PAHKER.H.O. Duka Poiur Co. 79/03/30. 2jip. 

J ' 2PP. 



n 02 - No P |- P'''tr info. 
PAHKEfl.M.a. Duka Pou.r Co. 79/03/29. lp, 


Ill Mattart In r B pan* to me 790203 Itr. D^ti tanking r.vlt 
Uani will |>t .valuatad bij 790511 * r " vlt 

PARKER, M.O- Dull. Power Co. 79/04/04. 13pp. 


CAftTER.T.F- Divitlon of Bt-t,j a rtt . 79/01/82. 2pp. 
Adjudltori| corr>pondnct 

Klle i.. r 


MCOARRV.J.K. DuU Por Co. 79/03/23. 13pj,. 

7904830333 Forward, Info r. NRC r. v i. H , of ca.k drop .nal.I , U rl y.Sp.nt fual pool Intagrlt, 1. alntI^3 J 
Initial .valuation of otfifi.rf an.d.d tacurltv pUit * "il 
vaLld.Furth.r info ulll b. proyid.rf * P 


KETCHEH.E.O. Br*nch 4. 79/03/23. Bpp. 

adtfj Info b.for. 790302 r* ip.nt *uf 

7904M03S9 R.^u 

BAER.H.L. Light Hati- Re* c tor* Branch a. 79/02/OA. <pp. 

r i!" ldl IE lntf "'P 

- H "O"""?!!'"" . 

i a B "! 10n 2 ' *""*' R" = tor C 
tring Support Branch. 79/03/03. 2pp. 

l S. 50-370/79-09 Of* 

! "f^. Major artai In.p.r t.d: ..f .t 

J V?! U * W ' Otl RHR P"*" Unit "*< 

". 11 Unit z k lhocfc "Ppr.noT tntp. 
- J 'L MO f*N9<'-.- BRVANT,J.C. R.fllona- AU.l.t, 

on.tfuctlon fc Enjin*.rln fl Soppott Br.nch. 7T/M/M. 


' " 3l 




* - 


k Tteti P* "f IE In*p R.ptt 30-369/79-10 
7?01Sf-OS01. No proprlataru info. 
PAHKERrH. 0. Duk* Pnutr Co. 79/04/02. li. 

79 22i a ^ 32 Forl "'''' IE Imp Rtpt* 50-369/79-10 fc SO-a7&/T-04 C 
79Oia9-oa01,No noneowpllanei notad. 

.2 U ? < f IU i NIJ ' J : T ' ""Bion 2, Atlanta, Futt F*1U*^ ti 

3****<j Branch, 79/03/07. Spp. . 



.DOCKET 30-37O Hllllam B. KcGulra Nuclear Statiom Unit S 
-inflection report* and correipondence 

~-7<JO*l2033i IE In*p Rept* 90-369/79-10 & 30-370/79-06 on 790126-0201 . No 
nonconpllanca noted. Major areas ln*pectod: praopar*tional 
nonradlalogic*! surveillance grounduatr hydrology, *.it 
ration control l> revlaiu of draft App 8 Tach Spac, 
CUNMIHOHAHi A. L, Region 2. Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

HUFHAMi J. M, Region 2. Atlantai Futl Facility Si Material* Safety 

Branch. 79/03/07, 3pp. 

7904170176 Forward* IE Bulletin 79-03Ai" "Nuclnar Incident -it 
THI - Suppli" fc preliminary chronology of THI-2 79032B 
jccldtnt until cor* cooling rBttored. 

O'REILLYi J. P. Ragion 3r Atlanta, Off tea at tht Director. 

79/Q4/03. Ip. 

79O4210307 Ack receipt of 790326 Itr Informing NRC of tep* taten to 
corrtct violation* noted in IE tnp Rtpt 3Q-369/79-0? (. 
MURPHV.C.E. .Region 2- Atlanta, Office of thai Director. 79/O4/O3. 

7904310332 Re*ponds bo MRC 770301 Itr re vlolatloni noted tn IE Insp 
Rtpt* 90-369/79-09 * SO-370/79-O4. Correct Ive action*: rtac tor 
bldg cleaned. craft personnel rln*tructed in bruihlng 
tatnlen *tttl weld* & QA personnel ninitructad. 
PARKER, H,0. juuke Power Co. 79/03/86. Ip. 

7904210338 Forward* IE Imp fttpt* 50-369/79-09 *< 30-370/79-04 on 
790133-86 * nottct of vfol.tion. 

HUHPHV.C.E, Rtglon Z, Atlanta, Offic* of th> Dtrctror. 

79/03/01. 2pp. 

7904310343 Nutlet of violation from imp on 790133-86. 

O'REILUV.d.P. Riglon 3, Atlanta, Off let of thi Dir*ctor. 

7?/03/01. 2pp. 

79O4S3010O Suintnarij of 79O3I3-13 me e ting uj/eat-gent & Lundy in 
Chicago, L to ravieu procadurei uiad far (all-tcucture 
Intaraction anaigiis & m*th*mat icaL modal bai<F on Blaitlc 
hlf-pac thr^. 
K.UD. P.T. Structural Englnaerlng Branch. 79/04/O3. 3pp. 

7904110232 Foruiard NEDP-S3697A, "Scalnd Mjttlv*lnt T*t PpDHi-am 
Plan - Ph*te I," dtd Jan 1979. 

BOBON. L. J. Q*nor*l El Be trie Co, .Nuclear Enr<gv Products Div. 
79/04/O4. Ip. 

-- -79O4110236 "Scaled Multivalsnt Test PpoDTam Plan - Phaaa I." 

CLABAUOH. M- }. 0naral Elictric Co. .Nuclear EnargiJ Product* Div. 
NEDO-23697A. 79/01/3O. S9pp. 

HRC 8ER and suppltnant* 

79041303B7 Updatas apn itm ra BR at i-oported on 7BJ213. Itam* 
Include mttaoro-logiji flood potential & protect io-rii Intarnilly 
gnntratod nliillai, taiinic input !i concrto contalnmant. 
BOURNlAiA. Light Matr Racton Branch 3. 79/03/2B. 17pp. 

AdjudLcatorv c turtipondinco 

7904100443 FQIA raqunt for documents r* commercial arbitrafilon betuivn 
C oimonuvi I th Edlnon f, thru, ratpandantc OAC, OtilF OIL Corp & 
United (Juclaar Corp. 
SULLIVAN, H.F. Kick, Hahin fc Cati. 79/03/14, 2pp. 

79O4I004S9 Rponn to FQIA rq.u*t for documents r conit daljg*. Info 
*vilblt in FDR or Ragton III ofc.NHC If unatU to 
intirprit rvqtiaitail mtaning of "u." uithin contractual 
*flrnnt batuian pi-tvBi* partial. 
FELTON. J.M. DIviilon of ftula* nd Racorrfi. 75V04/OA, 4pp. 

Finncial inrormatlon 

7904210347 IE Imp Raptt 30-369/79-09 !< 30-370/79-04 on 790133-26. 

NoiKonpllanct notd: failuro to-follau itorag* b houiakatping 
proetdurtii failurt to follou procadurn r n-onconf arming 
ptti<ttra*tan li carbon -bruth control!. 

ECONOHOB,N.., MODCM09,L, , CONLOM, T. E. RftglonK, Atlanta, Qfflca 

of th Dtractor. 79/02/28. 6pp, 

7904190073 Forward* financial info ?rr NRC 790139 Itr. Info covr 
aitlmated annual apnrating coiti. eifeimatad d>caml* toning 
eoti proiptctui b BEG Form 10-K. 
DELOEOROE. L. 0. Canmnnuaa Ith Ediion Co. 79/O4/09. Itlpp. 

liiiuranci and ind>m.nity 

7904360313 Forward* IE Bulletin 79-O6, "Review of Operational Errors 1> 
Bus Mttaliorment* Identified During THI Incident." 
O'REILLY, J,P, Ragion 3, Atlanta. Office of the Director. 
79/04/11. Ip. 

7904370947 Forward* IE Bulletin 79-06Ai "Review of Operational Error* & 
'8y Hl'ial tgnaenti Identified During tht Three Kit* I* land ' 

Incidtnt. " 

O'REILLYi J. P. Rtglon 2> AtUnt*, Office of the Director. 
79/04/14. Ip. 

DOCKET 90-373 LaBalla County Station, Unit 1 
Apallcitton/conitructlon itaga 

7904030143 Suarij of 790226 Mating w/CoiMionwialth Ediion ti Sarotnt & 
Lvritit r* aoandtd quaition on laliMic problaM* for FBAR 
rtvitw.Litt of attendee* tncl. 
BQURNIniA,, Light Hater Rtacton Branch 3, 79/03/09. 4pp. 

7904040476 BuppltMtnti 79O306 rtiponta to FQIA 790119 1-ao.ualt for 
riocUMant* ra llctnilng procati. rllnuta* for 720906 I. 730929 
tlni* *re In PDR t LPDR.Llit of IE Intp Rtpti ncl. 
FELTONrJ.H. Dlvlilon of Hulet and Racordi. 79/03/19. 9pp. 

7^04090333 Notification of 790402-09 naating u/CoMionuaalth Ediion In 
(UTidlUulL to dltcutt fire protection tttt review, 
IOURNIA.A. Light Hater fUactort Branch 3. 79703/21. Zpp. 

7904040340 Notification of 790410 Mttting u/PMrk II ltd plant owner* 
In lathatdaiHO, to ditcuit mechanical t alactrlc*! t^ulpMtnt 
PO.T1ER, I.A. Light Uattr React on Branch Z. 79/O3/B2. 4pp. 

79040302a3 Forward* rtvl*lon to dtvlgn a*ei*went rapt. All info 
niceitiry for rttolutlon of open Hark II eontinnt ltutc 
hit now been provldad to NRC for rtvlaw. 
RECD.C, CoMtonwialth Edlton Co. 79/03/23. 51pp. 

7904OA0334 FortMFd* pr*ll'lnr<f observation* of Ctorio ilngta valvi L 
MfUl-valv* tn plant tatting. Cor*o lnala valvt dUcharga 
teifr rapt icheduled for trantolttal during ttcond nurtr of 

,' 197? * tiulti-valvt final rtpt ichadultd for fourth quarttr. 

aOKWiL.J. Oeneral Electric Co. .Nuclear Energv Productm Dlv. 
79/03/38. 10pp. 

7904200310 Forward* Endontnant 10 to NELIA policy NF-333. 
03TER, J. Caaimonuillth Edison Co. 79/O4/16. Spp. 

FBAR and amendmanti 

79O4O201O7 Foruardi FSAR Amend 44. including- reiponiai to 13 lecond 
round ^ueitiona Ii voluntary tet ravlvlnnt. 
REED,C. Connonwealth dt*on Co. 79/03/30. IP- 

7904020113 F9AR Amend 44i incltid Ing response* to 13 eccmd round 
question* i voluntarij text rvl*lort*. 
< ConManualth Editon Co. 79/03/30. 400pp. 

79041900&7 Forward* affidavit of distribution of FBAR Amend 44, 
DELOEOR.OE, L. Q. Comrnonumal t h Enflton Co. 79/O4/1A. Spp. 

Inipectlon report* and corratpandanc* 

7904030408 Forward* IE In*p Rapt 30-373/79-O3 on 790110 S. 790206-O8. 
No nonconp I lane* noted. 

DAVIS, A. B. Rijlon 3, Chicago. Fuel Facility & Material* Gafetv 

Branch. 79/02/22. Spp. 

7904030413 IE In*p Ropt 3O-373/79-03 on 790118 . 790206-Oa. Mo 
nonconplUnct noted. Hajor area* Intpqctail: radiation 
protection & radwaitt Mgb program*. 

MILLER, D. E. , DUHRY-H.E.. FIBtlER. W. L. Kaglon 3, Chicago, Fuel 

Facility b Material) Safetg Branch. 79/09/16. 4pp. 

7904040013 Forward* IE Imp Kept* 90-373/79-07 t BO-374/79-06i on 
, 790206-08. No noncoaplianca noted, 

FLORELLI.O. Region 3. Chlcagoi Reactor Construction l> Engineering- 

Support Branch. 79/O2/22. app, 

7904040017 IE Inp Reptt BO-373/79-O7 & SO-374/79-04 on 79O206-OB, No 
noncomplianc* noted. Major areas In*peetad : Unit 1 cutting b 
procedural relative to mod of racircu lafclon *u*,Unlt S 
*aftu-rlatad piping & uielrflna actlvltta*. 

LEErE.H., HARRI80N, J. J. , DANIELBDM. D. H. Rag Ion 3, Chicago. 

Reactor Construction ti Enintarlng Support Brneh. 79/02/14. 4pp. 


i " ltl J Station. Unit 1 


HEPPLER.J.O. aolon 3 , Chlcago , omc( 


R9l*i 3, ChU.oo. Office of th* Dlr.ctor. 79/03/19. 

di IE Circular 79-QS, 'Hoi tur. Liakaga In strains A 
R.aion 3, Chitagn, office o* U.. Btrtctor. 79/03/20. 

:ipt at 790313 UP Irfarmlnn M>f -. .^.. ,..^_ , 

REED.C. CommunuiB-Hh Editor, Co. 79/03/13. 4 PF . 


pr.Hmin.rv chrono 

T" coollfl "^" 
R8Jlotl 3 , ChUaBOr 

of TMI-2 

mi ineld.nt 


^T 1 "^ " Ml "P* ^ Pft-tnl.nli,, .; 

, L. 0. Caamonwiilth EdlioA Co. 79/04/19. 8p. 

Caaanuialth Edion Co. 79/OVI9. 4j 

KKKET 80-374 Count Station. Unit a 
AppUcatlon/eonitructlon itaga 

^ n!!! P S "' 7 !? S2fi ""*"" -""i 

s."i:rs'its:;:. t :: n . B Q Si i-iM1<! problB " f 

BOUHIA,A. U fl ht H.ttr fit.ctor. Branch 3. 79/03/09. 

.90*040476 9uppl,a, n ti 790206 riiponn to F01A 


l.Ion of Rult. .nd R.cord.. 79/03/1O, S*p. 


H.ttr R.ictori Branch 3. 79/09/31. 

PELTISi, I. A. - Li fl ht Matir Factor. Branch a. 79/03/22. 

"* Uf. 

" niat( "" nt * ..... 


'p^K file !:? P 

owmonwulth Cdlton Co. 79/03/23. 3ipp. 

"?tv- 4 iCr?n r oi.sri lrii i?' ry . ob " rv4 * iDni f c -" in " v 

tiit rt !.h^f. 2 **' Cro lingl. dtfch^rgt 

iw "wuS-w?!!*-^',*" 11 :""** 1 ""'" "< "*" ' 

HOBQM.L J o i *? " I / t " t "h.dul.d ,or fourth quirt. r. 
' EUltrIC " En.rg Prodoc,. DIv. 

!*.!! I, r ; vi M pr-eidur.i ui.d for oll-tructur 

ffl;;: B ^a: u * ........ IMI - "' 1 *-- - ? 

KUO.P.T,. Structur.l Englni*rlng Branch. 79/04/03. Opp. 

H8 " lid *'* ' T ** ' 

u 8e ,' lf i Mult J v '""* Tt Pro 9 r Plan - Ph... I. 
. ^^S. 16 C " N " E " "*** 

HRC BER and mppliMnti 


l*t P. SER a, r.p-t.d on 781319. It... 

ln= P. a, r.p-t.d on 781319. It.. 

Mi.7 I??!? "' *I 00 ! P ** 11 *" 1 k PfteDn,Iii*WMtl, 
. ! ::*M*? U lnput * ""*" cantainwr,*. 

H Light Mat.r* Branch 3. 79/03/96. 17 F p. 

Adjudleatorv corrtipondino 

5M:.TC"M"cw!! 'P.n-*.:OM.*.H Oil 

BW.LIVAW,H.F. K.cfc, Hihtn Cat.. 79/03/14. 8pp. 

reLrON,j.M. Dlviflon of Rul*t and R.cordi. 79/04/OA. 
Finanei*! inforwation 

'""^"d^nnSal'oT'r 1 * 1 Inf P " N " C 7M1K> l * p - In ** 1 " tftrl 
DeLGEW8E,L.O. CoiwmnM.lth Edlion Co. 79/04/09. Ulpj, 


DOCKET 30-374 LaBalle County Station, Unit 2 
Utility FSAR and anindnenti 

7704020107 Forward i FSAfi Amend 44. including response* to \3 ucond 
round 4.ue*t|on t voluntary tail rvi*iona. 
REED, C. Co'naonuoalth Edlion Co. 79/03/30. lp. 

7704020112 FSAR Amnd 44. including renponi.s to 13 ucond round 
question* Si voluntary text reviiions. 
* Cc-naonuealth Ed it on Co. 79/03/30. 400pp. 

7704190220 FoT-uanf, JEBollutln 79-O3A, "Nutlaar Incident at 
TMI - Suppl," & preliminary chronology of TMI-H 79O3SB 
accident until car* cooling reitored. 

KEPPLER, J. 0. fligion 3, Chicago, Office of tha Director. 




7-704300iaa Forw.rd. IE Bull. tin 7-7-07, "S.l.n.ic Bfcr.n Analy.H of 
aafety-RaUtid Piping." 
KEPPLER. J. Q. Region 3r Chicago. Office of fcha Director-. 79/04/14 

7-7Q4I900i6.7 Forward! affidavit of diitribution of FBAR Am t nit 44- 
DeUQEOROE, L. 0. Commonweal th Edition Co. 77/O4/1&. 2pp. 

Imp-action report* and corrcipondcnce 

7904O4.00I3 Forward* IE Imp Hepti 30-373/79-07 d SO-374/79-Oo on 
79Q2O6-OB, No nan compliant a noted. 

FLDftELLIrO. Raglan 3, Chicago, Rose tor Conitructian 1 Enoineiring 

Support Branch, 79/02/22. 2pp. 

790-040017 IE Imp Ript 30-373/79-07 l> 3O-374/79-O6 an 7702O6-OB, No 
noncoapl lance noted. Kajnr ara*i impeetedrUnit i cutting & 
procedural relative to nod of roclrculatlan *y*,Unit 2 
*a*atg-rlatBd piping t< ueldlng activitla*. 

LEE.E.H.- HARRISON, J. J. , OANIEL80N, D. H. tlealon3, Chicago, 

Reactor Comtructlon b Engln*rlng Support Branch. 79/O2/14. fljp. 

7904O40O38 IE Imp Rapt 80-373/79-10, 30 -374 / 79 -04, 30-434/79-04 fc 
30-4SB/79-04 on 790119,790205 t. 06. No noncompl lanca nottd. 
M*jor *ri ln<pct>d: titidon lyi parfornanca toit. t, 
fTOfotui Inrycoilnc tendon parforenance text program. 
* Region 3, Chicago, Reactor Comtruction t Engineering Support 

Br*nch. 79/02/23. 4pp. 

7TO421O439 Frwrdi IE Imp Repti 30-373/79-08 tt SO-374/79-O7 on 
79O21S & O3O1.NO nonconpUano noted. 

FIOftELLI.U. Region 3. Chicago, Reactor Comtruc tion i Englnierlng 

Bujipart Branch. 79/03/14. 2pp. 

79042:10447 IE Imp Rpti 30-373/7-7-04 *. 30-374/79-OB on 790213 t. 0301. 
No tiancoipli*nc noted. Hjor area* impected: obiervation In 
review of recordi re downcamtr mad in mpreiilon pool. 
MAIBU-K.H., HAYNEB.D.U. Region 5, Chicago. Office of the 

Director. 79/03/12. 7pp. 

Str.i. An.Ig,i. of Bafetu- 


7904300133 IE Bulletin 79-07, "Sil 
Ralafeed Piping. " 
Office of Muelear Reactor Regulation. 79/O4/14. 7pp. 

A.-^.-^ J -^ rU * ri1 * IE Inip K *P** 30-373/79-OS 4 3O-374/79-O3 on 
790100-31,0201-02 t, 0214. No noncaoiplianca noted. 

DAVIS, A. B. Region 3, Chicago, Fuel Facility & Material* Safety 

Branch. 77/03/14. 2pp. * 

7904B10461 IE In*p Rept* 3O-373/77-03 & 30-374/77-03 on 770130-31, 
O201-02 ti 0214. No noncomplianc* noted. Major area* in*pected- 
canf irwatory meaiuriMent* for Unit* I t. 2, anergencij planning 
activlfciftf t environ protection. 

CEBTHANHr M. J. , E8SIO, T. H. Region 3, Chicago, Office of the 

Direc tor. 77/03/09. 1 1pp. 

77040SOI04 Forward* IE Circular 79-04, "Looie Locking Nut on Liaiitorque 
KEPPLEfUJ, 0. Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 77/03/li. 

790403XX13B Forward* IE Bulletin 78-1SB, "Atypical Meld H*tl in Reactor 
Pr**iur V*i*el Heidi.- 1 
KEPfUER. J. 0. Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/03/19. 

7-W4O30Q17 Forwrrft IE Circular 79-09, "Mol.Ur. Lealcagi in Strandd 
Hir Connectore, " 

KEPPLEB, J. 8. Region 3, Chicago. Office of the Director 



79040V0339 Ack receipt of 79O313 Itr informing NRG of itapi taken to 
correct violation* noted In IE Imp Rept* 30-373/79-04 * 
90-374/79-Ot, 1 

PICWELUIrO. Region 3i Chicago, Reactor Construction * Enotnearino 

Sueport Br-nch. 79/03/26. Ip. 

79O4XWO239 Retpond* to NfiC 790201 Itr re violation* noted In te Imp 
FUpli 5O-373/79-04 d SO-374/79-01. Corrnc tlve action*: 
criterion e*t*bll*had for concrete e*pnilon anchor bolt 
Int* Uation, 
REED, Q. ConaanHealth Gditon Co, 77/03/13. 4pp. 

79W3OQ39? Forard* )!EBulIetin 79-04, '"Incorrast Ualght* for Suing 
Chc* Valve i Manufactured by Vtlan Enginiiring Corp." 
KEPPLEB, J.O, Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 77/03/30 


W4iaO161 Forward* IE Bulletin 77-03, "Nuclear Incident at Three Hit* 
t*Und H h PNO-79-i7, 79-67A, 77r67B,77-A7C, 79-67D, 79-67E, 
77-67F It 79-470. No re*pon*e required. 
KEPPLER, J. O. R*|ion 3 ( Chicaso. Office of th* Director. 79/O4/01. 

790427023B Forward* IE Bulletin 77-04rt, ftevi sion l,"R BV ldu of 
Operational Error* t. By* Hlallgnmn t* Idantlfied During 
T^II Iticidenfc. " 
HEPPLEfl.J.S. Region 3, Chicago, Dffici at the Director. 79/O4/1H 

Reportable occurrencn*, related carrepond*nce 

7904270311 Forward* final rept re pot-tanloning vi. 
DELOEOROE.L. 0. Commonufla 1th Edi*on Co. 79/04/19, Hpp. 

7904270313 On ba*li of compr ahenHvn tandon to*t progi-an deicrlbad 
ui thin, def Icl.anciai of rnagnltude obrved at facllifcn do 
not affect atfaquacy of poi t-tn*ion!no ys. Fovwarifi musumru 
of Imp raiult* b teib pro-gran. 
Commonweal th Erfiion Co, 79/O4/19. 4pp. 

DOCKET 30-37i Puirto Rico Water Resource* Au 
Appllcatlon/comtructlon i frigs 

79041301K2 9umm*ry of 7 9032 B meaning ui/Purto Rico Watar Reiourci* 
Authority In B*th**de,MD re ite SER caiimologtf. 
FfiOELICH.R.H. Environmental Project Branch 1. 79/O4/O2. 4pp, 

HRC DES, FES, supplement* 

7904070348 DE3 re .uiUbillty of Iilote *lte for p Unt const. 
Office of Nuclaar Reactor Regulation. MUREO-O113. 76/09/31 

DOCKET 30-332 Hatflrford Oanarating Btatlan. Unit 3 
Applicatlon/camtructlon itage ' 

79042IOSBO Sunmartj rapt of *te vllt to *tud v meteorology program. 
Dlicu*i deactivated cson I tor 1 nj program ltn terrain 



flranch. 79/03/ttl. 2pp. 

7904I70O11 Foruardi rBqua*t for addl info required to complete ravi*w 
o-f conduct of operation*. FSAR Saetlon* 13. a & 13, B. 
COLLIMS.P.F. Operator Licencing Branch, 77/O3/26. 4pp, 

7904170292 Bgnmarij of 7-70306 nieetinn ui/Loui* Ian* Power fc Uight Co tn 
B*thda,MD ri DC lafety revliui echedulB & other related 
BENEDICT, R. A. Light Ha tar Raactari Branch Z, 79/04/OS. 34jtp. 

Security, medical, emergancv *> fire protection plni 

7904180392 Notifieatlon of 770&ll-i2 maetlng in AlbuiiuaroiiBrNH to 
diicutt phy*lcl lecurltg l**ue*. 

KILLER. J, R. A**i*tant Director for Reactor Safeguard*. 79/03/22 

Adjudicatory col-ref.pondenci 

7904030130 Ordari *p*clal prihaaring confarenca on 790426 in US 
Courthouie, Naw QrlaanirLA. 
HCK.FEjS. J. Atonic Safety nd Llcenitng Board Panel. 79/O3/16. 2p 

Utility FflAR and aMendnenti 
7904110233 Ctrfciflcat* of Sve of F9AR- npl icatlon document h Environ 


* LooiiUn* Pauflr 4 Light Co. 7?/0*/03, lp. 




rtetar, 79/03/26. 

3pp . 

7TO4130034 Ac k 

Ac k roceint of 7om 3a n , , 

i^;;i^-'"'^;;txL".V' n: F' 3 -- 

S^port Branch. 7?/M/. }J"' ft " etor C D n, truc 
7904100039 Reipandi to NBC 7Hwix it 


A8HEL(.,B.L. L &U l.i* P OU .P t Uflh t 
7^0*860370 Fopuardi IE Bullstfn 7o-ni n 

s "" ' 


: ~^ - 

Ip _ R B ,i n 4. tali... OFf tco cf th. Oir.ct.r- 79/04/14 

THI Incld.nt. 

ntl*l.d Durino 


<t-Bt rock VIVB 
?. IP. 

- & Light Co. 


7904070044 For 


79/M/J3.' 'a,,. *"'"" " , Lithl ., .,.,, 

j. O..ri 
79/03/2S. lOpp 


.! * : i dw|lin B i*cond quart*? 
??V ieh : du '" * or *"** a*.r*.f. 
ie Co. -Nucli.r En.riu Fi>.ucn"tv. 

..... '"' 

* Ll,t Co. 79/04/03. ,. 


ClTI B ,N. H . 

: 1 " 1 " 11 ' "' '"P"""! to WC 7901S4 Hr 

W Iv. nl .Po W .r fc Light Co . 79/04/03.'^. 

R . tDr . 

4 M . ion. 
. Light 

" (lU "' tl 

nown. 79/03/30. Ip. 

d app.aMntd it.t.M 
79/04/03. Ip. 


,-l!*3"!ll! r " 1 * S *** ffl E1 " c <" 1 ic Station, Unit 1 
o.n.ral carreipondenca 

latlon Unknown, 79/O3/3o! 22pp, 
Utility FBAR and amendment* 

CURTISrN.H. P.nniKlvanla. Power (.Light Co. 79/03/30. 2pp. 
Utility FSAR and anandM.nt* 

7W402Q1OS Revl.lon 6 to FSAR. 

Parm.ulvanla Poui.r (. Light Co. 79/03/30. lOSpp. 

Inspection r.porte and correipundence 

7M4040372 Forward. IE Bull.tln 79-03, "Pip. Support B. Plat. D..ig 
U.lng Concret. Enpanilon Anchor Bolt*. ' 

R.glon I, Philad.lphla, Offic. of th. Dlr.ctor. 

irwariJt IE Bulletin 79-03, "Longitudinal Meld Defocti In 

I Tup. 304 Stalnl.ii Steal Pip. Bpooli 

id by Young.toun Melding & Engineering Co." 

R.gion 1, Phllad.lphia, Office of th* Director, 

Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of 'the Director. 



790JO0034 Forward. IE circular 79-03, "Moi.tur. L.ak4g. In Str.nd.d 
WIT* uanductorti 

" 1 . f " 9l0n *' p ""' t 'lphl., Offic. of th. Dlr.ctor. 

oaaa F"wrd IE Info Notic, 79-05, -ui of :prop.r M.Ui fr 
.t^-R.l.t.d Ganponanti, " 

R B ion I- PKiladslphla, Offie. of th. Dir.ctar. 


b , 1 p . 


.. DiP..r. 

O. Duk. Pnutr Co. 79/04/04. Ip. 

7V04JTO1A6 Forward* IE Bull. tin 79-OSA. -NucU.r Incident at 
Trll - flw.i.i t pr.liinar chronology "f TM 1-2 790328 
1 * 11 ."^ C 1 " 1 '*3" 

"" 10 " '' nil **W*> Offic. of th. D , roctor . 

Offic. of th. Dlr.ctor. 

"l* fcl * oecurr ""=""'' r.Ut.d corrnpond.nei 

"*"*""* *"~ "* ~ *"~' fc " - 


tn^ 1 '?" 1vinon 1 to "Fina l Spot-H.ld.d Strut,' 
did 7S1229.Suppl9monts 730426 . 7B070S lira. 
CUftTlS.M.H. Pennsylvania Pouor tt Light Co. 79/02/26. 2pp. 

79041608B3 "Final Rept on Spot-tl.ldM Struts," flviiian 1 
Pnn.ulvanla Poum- & Light Co. 79/12/29. IBpp. 

7904110330 Ack r.c.ipt of 79O302 1 tr r. d.flelency in In.tallatlon of 
IlItora.u motor op-.ratar. on v-alvmt. 

CARLfiaN.R.T Region 1, Phi lajal pN U, Con* true Uon (, 

Engln.rlng 8ippoi-t Branch. 79/O3/1A. l p . 

j tr *"'*" irtt.rln r B pt p.r 

rt d.ficltncy in camt cable 

CAHLSON.R. T. Region 1, Pht I*d.lph la, Construe t i on tc 

Engini.rlng Support Branch. 79/O3/16, lp. 

7904120306 Bummaru of 770116 nvatjng u/PA Power S. Lljht Co.OE.QHRI. 
B.cht.l Corp *. Factory Mutual Insurence Co in H.rwlckjPA ra 
acttvlti.-f lutharliad t>u CPPR-1O1 

CAHL80N,fi.T R e gi a n 1, PhiUrf.lphia, .Con.tructlon t, 

Engln.flrinj Support Branch. 77/O3/21. 3pp. 

790403032B Forwards int.rl* r. pot.ntl.l RDr.ol.noid valv.i 

u/dBctiv dlad. u.r. purehned bu flechtsl from Circle 
8tal Co tt ihlppid to faclltg. 

CURtlBjN.W. P.ntmjlvanla Power & Light Co. 79/03^23. 2pp. 

7904130363 Foruirdi final Tept of und.mti.d u*ld* on tat *u-r*U<td 
plpi hangari. 
CURTIS. N. W. P.n-ni|lv.nla Pouer & Light Co. 79/04/'O6. 3pp. 

--7904120264 "Fl.ld Burv.y Imp of Pip. Support Shop H*ld, O-LUt.d 
Hang.r*. " final mpt. 
P.nn.yUanla Power & Light Co. 7B/11/13. 4Hpp. 

Suiqu.hanna, Electric Bt.tinn, Unit 2 

rtin^ P " r -1?H* '" - ddl *"" r. reacts . v . to cablet. 
operating llcenio application ravlou. 
PAHR.O.D. Light Mat*r Raactori Branch 3. 79/03Y20. I9pp. 

7904130306 R. 4 ue,t, addl Info re d.,ign of advancad control roan 

PM n"n" "^ TH .V? 6 - i .""*- ! In OL r .vl. 
i"ftHM,u, u. Light tlitar tt.actari Branch 3. 79/03/20. 3pp. 

7904200166 Nat If lea t ion of 790611-la meting in Albunuerqu., m to 

M MpS*. S Pl T n ! J !'? * PbUiiMl "curltg raqwir.m.nts. 

MILLER, J,R. Ai*i*tant Dlr.ctor far Ftoactor Saf.guardi. 79/O3/22 


7904160K6I Forward, conclu.lons fc raconwendatlan. at ci.u Plpn Cract 
Study Oroup in NUREO-OS31. "Inv*,tlgatlon fc Eval^tUn of 

c "*" Plpinfl of LHR piwt '-" F " I - 


79/03/33! D ' 2pp A " Ut " nt 

for Lijht WaUr 

i , 

-v>lv In plant ti tltio. Caor so ilngle valvo <fi. charge 
f'P^'ch^ul-d for tran,o,itt*L during i.cand auart.r of 

, V ^ Valve .' lnal r * ft "cn.dulid for fourth quartr. 
79/03/2B 10^ E1 *''* e Co. En.rnu Prorfucts Div, 

79041002H9 Provide! .chedul. for rstpondlng to NRC 7901O3 for 
aafll KTifo. ^ 

CURTIS. M. W. Pennaulvanla Pouer . Light Co. 79/O4/03. a pp . 

790410032J Provides icd.dule For ro.pandlng to NRC 731220 ltr 
requettl-ng addl info. 
CURTIS, N.U, Pennsi/Ivjinia Poia.r 4 Light Co. 79/O4/03. lp. 

CURTIB.N.M. Penn. V lv*nfa Pou.r (, Light Co, 79/O4/03. 2 PP , 

CURTIS.H.H. P.nnIvania Pow.r , Lloht Co. 79/O4/03. 


CURTIS, N. W, PenMulvanla Pow.r S, Light Co. 79/O4/O3. 3pp . 


n/eaiii true* ion i 


7T04S10073 ao 

y* 1 * 


: 1 *' ** to Faw 

|nu Eltetrll 




P POl(uctl 


- ....... "" 

790420043B Forward. IE Info 

}*?'J5 F J" dl 1E BuIUtln 79-0*,. "NuclMr InclJ.n* 

1( ,. 

-R.viM of OparatlonBl Krrttt b 

11 Incident. 


Pflw LlB(lt 

Infl int 


CORTI6., H . 


* P>IUIirlVMl P ON .P 

P t Llflht Co. 78/11/13. 

". ri: r-i**-- " "* ..r 
ws^-fl.ii.'K,:? / F SSiSr^"* 1 m " 

4 PP . n "" lc "** "I LUiniins P n .l. 7/ 


ington fc Burling. 



DOCKET 3O-389 St. Lucia Plant, Unit 3 
In*#*ctlon report* and corroapondenct 

7W4B40O79 Forward* IE Bulletin 7S-12B, "Atypical Hold Mtl in fluetop 
P>r*iiur'a V***el Heidi." 

O'REILLYfiJ.P. Region 2. Atlanta. Office of the Director. 

79V03/I9. 3pp. 

7904200443 Forward* IE Circular 79-05. "Mol*ture Leakage In Stranded 
Hlr* Conductor*." 

O'REIU-Vi J.P. Raglan 2, Atlanta, Office of th Director 

79/03/30. 2pp. 

79O4QSOI70 Forward* IE Info Notice 79-09. "Um of Improptr Hatli in 
Safety-Related Coponnt*. " 

Q'REILLYi J.P. Region 2, Atlanta. Office of the Dirtctor, 

79/03/21. 3PP. 

7904370904 Forward* IE Bulletin 79-0*, "Incorrect Weight* fop Suing 
Check Valvei Manufactured by Velan Engineering Corp. " 
Q'HEILLYf J.P. Region 2, Atlanta. Office of the Dirtctor. 

79/03/30. lp. 

79Q412O139 Forward* IE Bulletin 79-05, "Nuelsar Incident at Three Mil* 
Island" ft PNO-79-67..79-67A, 79-67B, 79-67C. 79-67D. 79-67E, 
79i-67F fc 79-670. No rt*pon*e rq,uirtd. 

tt'REILLY.J.P. Raglan 3, Atlanta, Offic* of the Director. 

79/04/01. 3pp.. 

7704110178 Ack r*cpt of 790313 Itr informing NRC of *tep* taken to 
correct violation* noted in 1C Imp Rapt 30-309/79-01. 
rWRPHY.C, E. Raglon 2, Atlanta, Reactor Conitructlon li Engineering 

Support Branch. 79/04/02. lp. 

79O411O19O Responds to NRC 790281 Itr ft violation* notid in IE Imp 
Rapt 30-389/79-01. Corrective action*: drawing* relocated fc 
returned to xuntrar flla for Purchai* Ordar NY 433301 fc 
draylna change notlti appllcafallitu rav'lui>d. 
UHRIO.R.E. Florida Pour fc Light Co. 79/03/12. 2pp, 

79O41I0193 Forwrdi IE Imp Rpt 50-389/79-01 on 790109-12 1. notica of 

HURPHy.C.E. R*glon ,2, ^falantai Rtactor Comtruction & 

Englnaarlnq Support Branch. 79/03/81. 2pp. 

~-7W>4I10197 Notjc* of violation from ln*p on 7901O9-la. 

Ragion 2< Atlanta, Raactor Comtructlon Ii Englniarlng Support 

Branch. 79/02/30. lp. 

TVO4110203 IE Imp Rapt &0-3S9/79-01 on 790109-12. Nonconpl lanci notad: 
fllur* to follow doci/nant control procdurn. 
MRIWTiR.H., BRADLEY, R. D. , HERDTiA.R. Rnfllon 2, Atlanta, 

Riactor 'Cnnttruction fc Cngln**rlno Support Branch. 79/O2/2O. 7pp, 

r9O4190172 Forward* IE BulUtin 79-03A. "Nuclear Incldint at 

THI - Buppli," li prlltnar(j chronologv of TMt-2 79033S 
accident unt'll cor* cooling r*tor*d. 

O'REILLV. J.P. Ration 2. Atlanta. OPfico of tha Dinctor. 

7^^04/09. lp. 

79042^0323 Forward* IE Bulletin 79~OA< "RtvUu of dparatlonal Error* *. 
BU* rH<alljn*nt Idantiflid During THI Incident." 
O'flEILUy, J.P. Raglan 2< Atlanta. Dffict of the Director. 

79 ( '04/li, la. 

Forward* IE Bulletin 79-QiA, "Ravisw or up>r<cional Errori ti 
un mil|gnMnti Idintlflid During thi Three Mile Kland 
Incident, " 

, J.P. Region 2, Atlanta. OffU* of the Director. 

79041BOS7a Effettiva 7BI231.HO Parrli aciunid position of tlanagtr at 
Pcwir. Correipondonca previously addreid to NB Hughs* 
ihould be addrutad to HO Parrts at BOO A Chutnut St. Touar 
Chat tanooga, TN. 
O ILL EL AMD, J. E. Tennenea Vllg Authoritv. 79/04/13. lp. 

Utility FSAR and nendmant 

79O417O231 Foruirdi errata to FSAR Amtnd 30, to correct miiprinttd tut 
paga* k to Includ* figure* inadvertently omitted from 
original anand. 
OILLELAND, J. E. Tennanee Valley Authority. 77/04/13. lp. 

790417O334 Errata to F8AR Aflund 3B, to correct siHprlntad tut pgn k 
to Includt flguTe* Inadvtrtently omltteJ fraa original 
anand. 6*vin overt lied draulng* encl. 
Tnna*i Valley Authority. 79/O4/13. 17pp. 

79O430O2&4 Forward* affidavit certifying And 38 to FSAR uav isrvad on 
HILLS, L.M, Tannii*ae Vallig Aut,, u ritg. 79/O4/13. 2pp. 

Anil 6rut carraipandtnce 

790424O3S7 Foruird* antltru*t irfo In responio to 731013 Itr. 
OILLELAND. J. E. Ttnneliea Valley Authority. 79/O4/16. 43pp. 

Inipactlon report! and correipondanca 

'9O417O33S Forward* IE Insp Rept 90-39Q/79-04 t SO-391/79-O3 on 
7901Q2-26. Mo nohcampl Unce notad. 

NURPHY.C.E, fit jion 2, Atlanta, Reactor Construction & Engineering 

Support Branch. 79/O3/O2. 2pp: 

7904170349 IE Insc Repts BO-390/79-04 & SO-391/79-03 on 790 102-2 A. No 

nonconplianc* noted. Major ar**i inspec ted;const activities, 
lUtu* of licamae identified Items, IE buUatim, *f ety- 
related piping tc storage of component* 1 equlpnint. 
COCHHAN.B. J. Region 2. Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

HERDT.A.R. Region 2. Atlanta, Raactor Construction (t 

Engineering Support Branch. 79/03/02. 6pp. 

7904210104 Forward* IE Imp Rapt* SO-39O/79-10 ft 30-391/79-06 on 
790aO3-07. No noncompllance noted. 

ttURPHV, C. E. Rvglon 2. Atlanta, Reactor "Conetruction * Engineering 

Support Branch. 79/03/04. Sff, 

7904Z10J10 IE Imp Rept* 5O-390/79-IO ft 30-391/79-06 on 790203-07. No 
non compliance noted. Major area* Inspec ted: environ 
quaHfication o-f *af*tu-ralated etactrical equipMtnt. 
QIBBQN8, T. D. , BRVANT.J.C. Region S, Atlanta. Reactor 

Construction ft Engineering Support Branch. 79/03/O9. 2pp, 

79Q426O039 Forwards IE Insp flapt 90-390/79-06 on 790312-14. No 
noncpllance noted. 

LEHISiR. C, Region S. Atlanta. Reactor Oparatlom Nuclear Support 

Branch. 79/03/09. 2pp. 

7904260066 IE Insp Rept 90-390/79-06 on 790212-14. No noncanpliance 
noted. Hajor area* impacted: praoperatianal tait program, 
procedure preparation ft procedure* review, 
HAONER.A. 0. Region Si Atlanta, Office of the Director. 
MARTIN, R. D. Region a, Atlanta, Raactor Operations Nuclear 

Support Branch. 79/03/Ofl. 4pp. 

7904240041 Forwards IE Bulletin 7B-12B, "Atypical Held Hatl in Reactor 
Pre**wre Venal Melds." 

O'REILLY Rigion a. Atlanta. Office of the Director. 79/O3/19. 

DOCKET 80-390 H* Bar Nuclear Plant. Unit 1 
Application/construction *tag 

FW4170OB7 Requests add! info l>v 79O&01 re gtoteehntcal ngtmering tt 
VMM.B. A, ' Light Hater R**etor* Branch 4. 79/03/26. 7pp. 

7904170814 Koqueit* drfl Info tif 790601 re inatrunantatlon tc control 
' VMOA r, Light Hattr Reactor* Branch 4. 79/03/37. 13pp. 

7904800390 Forwarde IE Info Notice 79-07. -Ruptura of Raduaite Tank*. 
O'REILLY, J.P. Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

79/03/36, 3pp. 

790420046:9 Forward* IE Circular 79-03, "Moliture Ltakage in Btrandad 
Hire Conductor*. " 

O'REILLY, J.P. Ragian 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

79/03/M. 2pp. 

79O403O177 Forward* IE Info Notice 79-05. "Ue of Improper Katl* In 
Baf*tv-Rtlated Component*," 

O'REILLY, J.P. flegion B, Atlanta, Office o* the Director. 

79/03/21. Spp. 

7904390380 Schedule* 790901-03 forecait panel tit viiit V forwards 
^MttU F n A Light Water Reactor* -Branch 4. 79/03/27. 3pp. 

7904100373 Forward* revitlons to be otade in neit aand to FSAR 
IgciManttni that de*lgn precluded inadvertent per tunnel 
ccet* fuel trantfer tuhe.OlagraM encl, 
OILLCLAMt, J, E. Tenne**ee ValUv Authority.' 79/04/09. 4pp. 

7904270816 Forward* IE Bulletin 79-04, "Incorrect Height* for Swing 
Chtek Valvet Hantifac tord b Velan Englneerino Corp." 

, O'REILLY, J. P. Region 2. Atlanta, OffU* of the Director. 
79/03/30. lp. 



fl "< - Mtt.r'BJK: Ftt-fc,.^. 

En B lnr,n D 


of th . 


offic. , J; D , Tietor> 

. ,,., 

of th4 DIr 

n '* ' -*- 11 - - 

PUn 'unit 

VWOA.8.A. LI,ht H.t.r R Me to P . flr.mrh 4. 79/03/M. 

7. 13JP . 

Li,t .,., HMetw . 

i d:.;,,: sSv 1 ".-: 1 -- * 

SD. j^ 1 %*" s^. l s;:!r - :;. twit ^"" MI 

LLELANO.J.E. T. BBMltt v.n. tf Authority 77/04/0*. 

7904180278 Eff.etivi 


790*170334 Crrit* to Rtti 
to inciud, | 1|UPM inC 

M |M 


MILL 8 ,L.H. T.nn ..... .!!.,, 


? '" tltruit 
T inh ..... V. 

thorltu. 7T/04/1*. 


" "' blUtIn.. M f.*y- 
=oponnt I, quipaant, 


*='"*' *-!(' 



vlf!ti K l"!'" * rl "' 1 iPet.d;. n viron "* 

2a^""" vf f yr tl **'i " i f i " 1 **f*. 

Conitruttlon t, en?? ?' - "*" n B ' ***" Me*or 
^.onitruttion * EnBln..rln B Support Branch. 77/M/OS, 3pp. 

a P p. 



DOCKET 90-391 Uatfct Bar Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 
Inipaction report! and correipondence 

7904200390 Forward* IE Info Notice 79-07. "Rupture of Raduatt* Tint. 
n'REILHV, J. p. Ritglon a, AtlanUi Office of the Dlrictor 

79/03/26. 2pp. 

7904270316 Forward! IE Bulletin 79-04, "Incorrect Uaight't for Buino 
Check Valvei Manufactured by Valan Enginearing Corp " 
'REILLY, J. P. Region 2, Atlanta Office of the Director 

79/03/30. 1 p . 

7W41201SS Forward! IE Bulletin 79-03, "Nuclear Incident at TMI" t 

PNO-79-67, 79-A7A, B, Cr 0, E, F (. 0. No reiponie require 
O'REILLY, J.P. Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the 

79/04/01. 2pp. 


79O40&0278 infraction cited In IE Inp Ripe 30-391/79-04. 
Daei not agree that deviation far procedure uied l-o lower 
reactor internal! Into reactor v*tl conititutee 
ILL ELAND, J, E. Tenninae Valley Authority. . 79/O4/03. 2pp. 

7904110382 Act receipt of 790131 t, 0226 ltr Informing NRC o* itepi 
taken to cornet violation noted in IE Imp Rents 
90-390/78-93 fc 30-391/78-27. 

NURPH/rC.E. Region 2. Atlanta, Reactor Conetructinn & Engineerin 

Support Branch, 79/04/02. 2pp. * 

7904060336 Final deficiency rept NCR 1011 : reduc >d safety Injection BUI 
accumulator flou at low reactor coolant tijf levels . Dei ign of 
modified injection line ot-ifice inlvad prabism a* 
bJckprenure effect on cavlt*tioii dounttream, 
Tannxiae Valley Authority. 79/03/30. lp. 

7904170227 Forward! final rept ro installed dieial generator nllef t 
drain v*Wi (TIM Clan G Instead of TVA Clan C>. 
OILLELAND, J. E. Tenne*eo Valley Authority, 79/04/06. lp. 

7904170230 Final rept of deficiency rs Installed dieiel generator 
relief. TVA Clae* valve-s will be replaced ui/Clast C & 
deiign drauing* ulll be corrected. 
OiLLELAND, J. E. Ttnnonee Vallay Authority. 79/04/Ofi, lp. 

DOCKET 30-394 California Stat-a Polijtech College Rcl. Reactor 
Inipactlon reporti and camspondcnce 

7904100240 Diicunaa IE Imp of Licania 90-394/79-01 on 790307. 
No noncompl lance noted. Inap rept withheld (ref 10CFR2. 790). 
NGHDERHAUfl, t. R. Region 5, San Franciico, Safeguards Branch. 

79/03/29. lp. 

DOCKET 50-393 Virfll C. Summer Nuclear Station, Unit 1 
App 1 i ca t i on/con itruct ion itajs 

-790411O39B Reipondt to KRC 790109 Itr re violation nated in IE Imp 
Rept* 30-390/78-33 t, 30-391/70-27. Corrective actlani: 
certification that luing check v*lvi mounted In vertical 
pipe runt will function prop trig. 
OILLELANDr J.E, Tennee Valley Authority. 7WO2/26. App. 

-79041 104r& Forwardi IE Imp Repti SO-390/78-33 1< 3O-391/7B-27 on 
731201-22 ti notice of violation. 

MVRPHY.C.E. Region 2. Atlanta^ Reactor Con,truction * 

Enelnaering Support Branch. 79/O1/09. 3pp. 

79Q40&O14S Notification of 79O337 Beating ui/utll In Betheida, MD to 
diicutf outitandlng ieiuti in ini trumentat Ion & co-ntral 
revleu far facility. 
TIBBITT8. D.L. LIgftt Hater Raacton Branch 2. 79/O3/19. 3pn. 

7904170016 Summary of 790306-O7 meeting u/uti 1 , Oilbert ABIOC iat*i. Inc 
Hst Inghouie ri requaiti for info re F8AR, W/d licunlons of 
reactor igi initial t*t* b apiration d loi* of leal 
injection to reactor coolant pump mo tori. 
TIBBITTB, 0. Light Water Reactor* Qraneh 2. 79/03/21. 16pp. 

79041IO423 Notice of violation from Imp on 781201-22, 

Regional Atlanta, Office of th Director. 79/01/OB, lp. 

79041104W IE Inp Rept 30-390/79-33 & 30-391/79-27 on 761301-32. 
Nonconpllance noted: failure to provide adequate deign 

GOCHRAN.B.J. Region 2, Atlant*. Office of th Director. 

HERDT.A.R. Reglon2, Atlanta 1 Reactor Conitruction fc 

Engineering Support Branch. 79/01/08, 6pp. 

7904170099 forwards reo.uait for addl Info on FSAR in order to complete 
revleu. Identif lei several NRG poiitln for compliance. 
RHua*t ripan*a fay 79O430. 
BAER.R.L. Light Matar Reactore Branch 2. 79/O3/23. 12pp. 

7904190049 Rsipntid* to 79O33O info raqveit to RS Boyd re 79D130 order 
extending conit completion date.Foviinrdi relevant 
corra*pandnce Si document*. 
BAERiR.L. Light Uatr Raactori Branch 2. 79/O3/28. lp. 

79041901S9 Forward! IE Bulletin 79-09A, "Nuclear Incident at 
THI - BOffl,* It prellmlnaru chronology of TMI-2 790320 

, accident until core cooling reitored. 

Q'REILLV.J.P. Region 2, Atlanta, Officn of the Director. 

79/04/03, lp. 

7704260340 'Forwardi IE Bulletin 79-Od, "Review of Operational Error* t 
Bgii Kle:allgnent* Identified Durlnj THI Incident." 
O'REILLVrJ.P. Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

79/04/11. lp. 

'7TO4270B-70 Forward! IE Bulletin 79-06Ai "Review of Qpvratlona.1 Errort & 
B(j KiaIlanMenti Identified During THI Incident." 
O'REILLV.O.P. Region 3, Atlanta, Office of the Director, 

79/04/14, lp. 

7V040603S2 Forward! flret interim rept on potentially eicettive water 
haieuaer forcei in main feeduater fjn. 
OILLELAND, J. E. Tenneiiet Valley Authority. 79/03/O7. lp. 

79O4OAO393 Ftr!t interim rept on patentiallu excive water hMMr 
.Fore*! in Mtn feedwater line chvck valvei. Deficiency cauiad 
bg TVA'i failure to evaluate check valve capacity to abtorb 
water hankaer farce* at deiign itage. Evaluation in progreei, 
TennetiM Vellev Authority. 79/03/07. lp. 

79O40A0303 Forward! final deficiency rtpt, NRG 1393 k MCR UOSfi, 
Fabrication Def icitnciei in Safety Injection Byi 
AccuMulatori. " 
OILLELAND, J. E, Tennenee ValUy Authority. 79/03/16. lp. 


7?04O*O30e Final deficiency rept NCR 1393 fc 1402R, "Held Fabrication 
Dt'lclenciet in Safety Injection Syi Accunulatc-n.'" 
* Tnnnt*ae Valley Authority. 79/03/14, lp. 

79O40A0330 Forward! final deficiency rept, NCR 1011, re >gt accuaulatar 
flair t lo* reactor coolant yi leveli. 
tCLELANO, JiE Tenneiiee Valley Authority. 79/03/3O. lp. 

79O4180O33 nq*JBt Info on *ei*mlc ti concrete problvin* mentioned in 
FR.Vol 44,No Z (2, 7-79J. 
LEW 1 3, M, Affiliation Unknown, 79/03/30. tp. 

79041S0091 Forward! Info for comp letvnan ravleui of llcente amend 
requesting authorliat ion to operate plant for 40 ga*ri 
at power Ieval up to 2. 783 MUt. Req.uett! rteciilan of cont 
completion i)ata to BOO 101. 
CREW8,E,H, South Carolina Electric fc Oai -Go. 7i/12/IO. 2pp. 

79041SOQ92 Request! eiteniion of conit completion date to B01231. 
CREWS, E-H. South Carolina Electric It Oai Co. 77/O1/14, lp. 

79O4IBOO9A R*fpndi to 7&1Z13 rag,ueit for addl Info re rHue*t far 
txtenelon of CPPR-94. 
CREH9,e. H. Bauth Carolina Electric t Ot% Co. 77/02/02. 4pp. 

7904310083 Notification of 79O433 meeting u/U*l I, Ollbert/CamnDnuaalth 
Compjiniai (. Meitinghouie In Bethtda,MD to ditcun 
outitandlng Ittumm in ini trumentatlon & control review for 
TIBBITTS,D.L. Light Water Reactor! Branch 2. 79/04/O9. 3pp. 

Security, medical, emergency t fire protection plan* 

7904190292 Notification of 790611-12 meeting in Mbuq.uBrq.ue.NM to 
dl>cu!i phyiical lecurlty inuei. 

MILLER, J.R. Ae^istant Director for Reactor Safeguard!, 79/03/33. 

Utility F8AR and amindmenti 

7904230169< Forwardi Amend 13 to FSAR. Certificate of Svc end. 
CRENQrE.H, Bautfc Carollti* Electric d Oai Co. 79/04/1*. 2pp. 

7904330166 Amend 13 to F8AR. 

* South Carolina Electric & Co. 79/04/1&. 39Opp. 



sujport for ti 
aun.r.hip ln f 



oopr4tlvt, ine lor 
o NfiC tpi*y. 

rtc fc ** 
* (Hiring 

i.|.n. 79/04/04. 

, P ,. r . 



of th. Dlp tflT 

thi DiT>ctor - 


LlghS M.t.r Rwelari Br-nch 4. 79/O3/O7. 

i i p; i :: il ?L:rr' t 4 | ': - Ml - f -'- " *" 

saarw- l r * s " Rr B:;S:. '- 1 " "'-*""' 

WKM.B.A Light |tot, P R. etori flr-neh 4( 7 , /O 3/l4. SI,, 

Mr 1979. urther ion. to b int 

VMBA.S.A. Light H.t.r ft.tor. Branch 4. 


79/03 1 23. 3pp. 


7 ^KKiS p r;w;^i:ffirv!:"r * - -in,i. ,* 

** ich.4ui.4fo! *M!IK ? 3 ln ! u v " lv * ""'f 

1979 I. wlfci-vllw fiMi !!K J i ? U ^" 8 "^ ori<1 Wr*r of 
SOBON.L.J. aiSiwi Eu^rj? *- "''rtDU* for fourth qiurtir. 
79/03/M. lojp ""*Hc C.,HuclMr En.rgg- Fratfucti Dlv. 




DOCKET 30-397 HPPS9 Nuclear Project, Unit 2 
Applicetlon/c'omtructlon itage 


790413O3is Foruardt PNO 79-67P. 

l ?' R-Blon 3, 9an Franclico, Dfflco of the 

Reactor recirculfltian inlet nonle iaPe-endi are being 
replaced W/3A-1B2 Or F>316 L matl. u/nitrogen added to 
inhance *trtngth. Forwjrd* conformanee of Unit 2 to position* 
In NUnEQ-O313>R*vilon 1. 

RENBEHOEfir D. L. Meihtngton Public Power Supply Bgitin. 79/Q4/17. 

7904240331 SubBiti legible coplo* of re*pon*e to NRC Que*tlon*. 312. 16 
I. 331. BO, 

REHBERCER, D. L. Uaihingtan Public Power Supply Sgiten. 79/O4/17. 
iOp p. 

Securltg, Midical, imergency Ii fire protection plan* 

79O41SO292 Notification of 790611-12 noting in Albuquirqua, NH to 
di-icu** physical ncurltij l**ue*. 

tllLLERiJ.R. A**l*tant Director for Reactor Safeguard*. 77/03/23. 

Adjudteatorg correipandence 

79Q4O3Q33e Deiignated period for appealing ABLB order denying petition* 
for leave to Intarveni hat expired ta/no reipon*e. Therefore, 
certain n*ni* ihjould b deleted from *vc llit:SM Barrett. 
H Voinlleli,G Derby Ii Hanford Conver!lon Project, 
REYNOLDS, N. 8. Debevolie fc Llebermen. 79/03/87. Spp. 

F9AR and iMendmenti 

79O43O0247 Forward! A*nd 3 to FSAR. 

RENBEHOER-D. L. Wiihlngton Public Power Supplg Bijttim, 79/03/23. 

790*300270 AMind 3 to FSAR. Draulngi incl. 

* Hhinjton Public Pouar Supply Sijittm, 79/O3/23. 600pp. 

7 < ?0414OOS2 Farwipdn J>NQ-79-A70 

79/04/10 1 R ' l' R " lon 3 ' s " n Frncl. Ofttci af th. DtPKtar. 

7704360282 Farwrd* IE Bulletin 79-Ofi, " O f Operational Error. & 
Bgi Mtialianm.nln Identified During TMI I tic id ant K 

'?' "" 8<n Franclico, Office of the Dlrtor. 

Fllru " d " IE Il " a M"*i" 79-10, "Nonconformtng Pip. Support 
ciico, Offic. of the Director, 

79/04/f"' R 'V' n "" ion 9| B " n 

7904300441 Foror<(i IE BuJlatln 77-O4fl. Revl* too I, "flevl.u of 
Operational Errcri & Byi rtltj Hgnm.nti Identified Dorins TMI 
Inc ident, " 

79/04/?B' R ' H ' RBoilln s ' 9"" Francdco, Office of the DirectoT-. 

Reportable occurrence*. ril<td carraaond*nce 

790*300190 Act i-ecelpt of 79O313 rapt re. daflciencu involving defective 
UBldi In pipe wnlp re*traint brackti. 

' H ' R"0ion 3, San Francleeo, Office o* the Director. 


79043OO303 Deficlnncg rept re pipe whip reitraint tracliit* u/ueld 
defect! In electroilag ueldi.Cauied by departure from 
ipproved elictTOlag bietd procedirree. Brae Icatt uere either 
refabpicated or repaired. 
Washington Public Power Bupplg 8gtem. 79/O3/13. lp. 

7904I1O3OB Fovw*r(i PNO 79-A7H. 

ENOELKENiR. H. Region 9, Ban Frattelico, Office o* th* Director 

79/O+/O2, lp. 

Inipictlon report* and correipondence 

79O4134300 Forward! IE Imp Rept 90-397/79-09 on 790287-0302 h 0306. No 
noTiconpllnce noted, 

BOOKrH, E. Region S> Ban FrancUcoi Fuel Facilltu & Material! 

Ufetv Brench. 79/03/1&. 2pp, 

790413<}30a IE Imp Rept 50-397/79-03 on 790827-0302 b 0306. Nc 
nonconpllenc* noted, Major areai impacted: environ protection 
d>lnlitr*tivt control program Including organli*tlar)r 
procedure* t audit*. 

THOMAa,R., FI8H.R., BOOK.H.E. Region 3 r San Fr*nciieo, Fuel 

Facility i KaterUl* Safety Branch. 79/03/16. Spp, 

790420laa Forward* IE Bulletin 78-12B, "Atypicel Held Matl in R. actor 
Preseur* Ve**el Held*. 11 

EMOELKENi R. H. Region Si San Frencitcoi Office of the Director. 

79/Q3/19, Jp. 

7704030032 Forward* IE Info Notice 79-08, "U.e of Improper M*tl* In 
S>fetu~Releted Component*. " 
EHOELKEM, R. H. Region 5i San Frencico, Office, of the Director. 


7704340139 Forward* IE Info Notice 79-07, "Rupture of Reduaete Tenkt. 
eWELKENi R. H. Region 3. Han Fr*nclico> Office of the Director. 

T9/O3/2A. lp. 

7W430O430 Forward t IE Bulletin 79-04, "Incorrect Maighti for Swing 
Check Valvei rtanufactured by Velan Engineering Corp." 

j *. H. Region 3, San Franclieo, Office of the Director. 
, lp. 

79041 IO394 Forward* PNO 79-.67I. 

ENCELKENi H. H. .Region 3r San Francleco< Office at the Director 

79/04/03. lp, 

7904110403 Forwards PNd 79-67J, 

ENOELKEN,R. H. Region 3- Ban FrncUeoi Office of the Director. 

79/04/04. ip, 

79O42&O123 Foruarde PHO-79-A7K. 

ENOELK.EN, R.H. Region 3, San Franclico, Office of tha Director. 

79/O4/03. lp. 

79O41303&3 Foruardi PNO 79-47P. 

EHOELKENi R. H. Region 3, a*n Franclico, Office of the Director, 

79/O4/O9. lp. 

79O42&O199 Foruarde PNO-7?-77(NRR). 

ENOELKEN.ff. H, Region 3. San Franetico, Of flea of the Director, 

79/04/11. lp, 

79042601S9 Forwerrfi PNO-79-77(NBRl. 

EMOELKEN,R. H, Raglon S, S*n Francieco- Office of th* Director. 

79/04/11. lp. 

7904260314 Forward* PMO-79-67V h U. 

ENOELKGN, R. H. Region 3. San Fr*nclico, Office of the Director. 

79/04/ifi. lp. 

79042603S3 Forwarift PMO-77-67X. 

ENOELKEN.R. H. Region 9 r San FrancUco< Office of the Director, 

79/04/17. Ip. 

7904120106 Forward! IE Bulletin 79-03, "Nuclear Incident t THI" ti 
PNQ-7?-67j 79-6,7*. B. C,D,E,F V 0. No retponme required. 
ENOLEKCM. R, H. Region 3. Ban FranclicOi Office of the Director. 
7T/04/OI lp. 

7TO419O350 Forward* IE Bulletin 79-OSA, "Nuclear Incident at 
TMI - 8uppl." ti prelitn*ru chronology of TMI-2 79O3S8 
cetdtnt, until core cooling rettored. 

CMOELKENi ft. H. Region 3 ( San Fr*nclfco, Office of the Director. 
79/04/08. lp. 

7W413O323 Forward* PNO 79-67H. 

EWOei^EH, R, H, Region 9, Ban Franclico, Office of the Director. 

79/04/07, lp. 

7TC4L30394 Forward* PNO 79-A7N. 

EHwCLKEN. R. H. Region 3, San Francltcot Office of the Director. 
79/04/09. lp. 

7904270373 Forward* dificlencv i-eported by 790319 telcon. re defective 
terminal tug* an electrical containment penetration* X-109 
Ai B, C t D. 
RENBERGER.O, L. Maehlngton Public power Supplu Butten. 77/04/17. 

7904S70392 ReportabU diflciincy on 781O17; defective terminal* found on 
Meetinghoute-iupplted electrical penetration* X109AiB,C 
It D, Defect contlvted of urong ilie lug* remit Ing In looee 
connection!. Incorrect die lugi remc-veif i. rpl*ceJ. 

* Haehingtan Public Power Qupplij 8g*ten. 79/04/17. ip. 

79048&0464 Forwrd PNO-79-67Y. 

ENOELKENiR.H, Region 5, Ban Fr*ticieo, Office of th Director. 
79/01/iB, lp. 


Unit 2 


Inaction r.port* *nd e Dr r*pondne 

' ...... - 


........ - 

, p 

" - 





. nrMli 

ANMEBS. ,. ,. , B , p 

'" "" 


i """'<siF * O, No ruponia 
n8 ' " UB *" " le " 

. ..... ,-, , ...... 

. Dir,ct fl r. 

on itgi 

-/^'i'^KS:: 5 li ;;;?"-- ....... " ....... < 

KK:K,? C ' i5 - s ".si^UKVrSffirs ri 1 -,.*, 

MCJX;FFIE, M . A , c.roiu. Pow . P U(pht Co . 

C.r D lin. Pc r k Li flh t Co. 
r r. p on a, nei 


T . ,. 


EDELNAN,. ' Ku ' 1 

79/03/OS. Ip. 


( to 

P.n.l. 7f/03/ia. 



DOCKET 90-401 Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Pl-antj Unit 2 
Ad judlcatory correspondence 

790412-0334 Commission his doc lined to review ASLAB decision denying 
petition to intervene. Matters railed in petitions & In 
79CHI7 Itr have been settled for avar ana year. 
CHILK.S.J. ' Office of the Secretary of the Commission. 79/O3/20 

79Q411O13S Forwards brief by D Caccla omitted from 790301 order. Denies 
raqueit by C Kepford to eicerpt pages from documents filed 
in THI proceeding for svc to involved parties. 

IHJFLO.H.e. Atomic Safety and Licensing Appeal Panel. 79/03/23. 

7704 1AO3E33 Memo & order denying as moot request by W Eddleman to remand 
Intervention issue to ASLB. 
DUFLO,M, E. Atomic Safety and Licensing Appeal Panel. 79/03/26, 

79Q4.t3O066 ASLB Will not send Itr ref at Page 3789 of transcript. 

SMITH, I. H. Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Panal. 79/03/27. lp. 

7904230374 Elpresses dissatisfaction u/eitent of participation in 
79Q337 hearing. 
EDDLEMAN.W. Affiliation Unknown. 79/O3/27. lp. 

77Q411OU2 Responds to Itr from W Eddleman ra NRG public hearino held 
in Raleigh, KG on technical capability of uttl to operate 
p rap o ted fac 1 1 ity, 

COSSICK,L.V. Office of the Eiecutlve Director for Operations. 
79/03/89. 2pp. 

7^04:2*0301 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-06, "Ruvient of Operational Errors b 
Stf Misalignments Identified During THI Incident." 
O'HeiLLY, J.P. flog ion 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

79YQ4/11. lp. 

7904270343 Forwards IE Bulletin 7-9-06A, "Revlau of Operational Ervon (< 
Bys Misalignments Identified During TMI Incident. " 
O'ftEILLY, J. P. Region Si Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

79/04/14. Jp. 

DOCKET 80-402 Shearon Hflrris Nuclear Pomer Plant. Unit 3 
Appl Ication/conitructlon stage 

79D413O31B Summarl JBS review of Info provided re strength properties of 
ueathered rock fc gradation of rock-fill embankment matl. 
Forwards NRC evaluation results & info required to complete 
PARS. 0. D. Light Mater Reactors Branch 3. 79/O3/2O. 7pp, 

790423Q374 Expresses dissatisfaction w/eitent of participation in 
790237 hearing. 
EDDLEKANi H. Af f il iatlan Unknown, 77/03/27. p. 

7904110112 Responds to Itr from W Eddleman re NRC public hearing held 
in H*IeighiNC on technical capability of util to operate 
prapoitd facility. 

OOaSlCKrL.V. Office of the Executive Director for Operations. 
79/03/29. 2pp. 

7904110141 Forwards U Eddleman 790227 Itr re honeity t. credibility of 
MRC. Requests investigation of statements & info necessary 
for reply, 

I. House of Rep. 79/03/09. 3pp. 

Inspection reports and correspondence 

. 79Q40'6O25Q Forwards rapt of geologic features in main dam core trench. 
Concludes these geologic features cannot ba capable^ fault* 
as defined In App A to 1QCFFUOQ. Overs i ted maps fa color 
photos enc 1. 
MCDUFFIE, M. A. Carolina Power t. Light Co. 79/O3/3O. 13pp. 

79041600B9 Forward a info ', commitments in response to 79-032O questions 
re strength of uoathered rock foundations >r in~placH 
graduation of random embankment matl. 
HCDUFFIE, M. A. Carolina Pomer fc Light Co. 79/04/O?. 2pp. 

Utility ER and amendments uith related correspondence 

7904130274 Confirms commitment to meat ui/Environ Project manager in 
BethBsda.MD on 79050G. 
HCEUFFIE, M. A. Carolina Pauier b Light Co. 77/O4/12, lp. 

Adjudicatory correspondence 

79Q113OQ63 Motion bg intorvsnors Conser vat i an Council oF NC J. Uake 
Environ. Inc to reopen Hearings before ABLQ on basis of Louis 
Rept (NUREG/CR-O4OO) & ulthdraual of support of WAEH-I40O 
(tlasitiuiien RoptK 
ERHIN.T.B, Erwtn. T. S, 79/02/26. Hpp. 

7904O>0-433 RaquBsts return of 79OS13 corres pond anc.* rs Kudru Alliance 
intervention in safety mgt h ear i rigs. Copy had same pages 
bac kuards . 
EDEUMAN.W, Kuflio Alliance. 79/O3/O5. lp. 

790409O292 Forwards 36 unsigned sta,toraents jiven to I Smith at facility 
HILL, T. Atorait Safety and Licensing Hoard Panel, 79/03/I3. 31pp, 

77O412O354 Commission has declined to rovteu AELAu decision denying 
petition to intervene. Ma tter s raised In petitions Si In 
79O117 ItT have been settled for over one year. 
CHILK.S.J. Office of the Secretary of tne Commt*son. 79/03/30. 

790411O133 Forwards brief by D Caccla flmittod from 7903OI order. Denies 
request bi) C Hap ford to vicerpt pages from documents filed 
in Tilt proceeding for -avc to involved parties. 

DUFLQ. H. E. Atonic Safety and Licensing Appeal Panel. 79/03/22. 

790.4160333 Homo fe ardir denying an moot requast by U Eddleman to remand 
intervention issue to ASLB. 

DUFLO, H, E. Atomic Qafety and Licensing Appeal Panel. 79/03/26. 

790413OO&6 ABLH will not send Itr ref at Page 37S9 of transcript. 

SMITH. I. W. Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Panel. 79/O3/H7, lp. 

7904110141 Forwards W Edifloman 790227 itr re honesty J. creditilitu of 
NRC. Requests investigation of tatemants tt. Info noceaaary 
for reply. 

j I. Kouse o* Rap. 79/O3/O5. 3pp. 

Inspection reports and correspondence 

790424O094 Forwards IE Bulletin 7B-1EB, "Atypical Meld Hatl in Reactor 
Prssaure Vessel Wolds." 

O'REILLY. J. P. Region 3, Atlanta, Offlco of the Director. 

79/O3/I9, 2pp. 

79042DO496 Foruards IE Circular 7 ( ?-O3j "Holsture Leakaga in Stranded 
Mire Conductor!, " 

0'REILLY,J. P. Region 2, Atlanta, Offica of the Diroctor. 

79/O3/20. 2pp. 

7904240034 Foruards IE Bulletin 7B-12B, "Atypical Meld Matl in Reactor 
Prur Vessel Melds. " 

O'REILLY, J.P. Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

79/03/19. 2pp. 

790409OI9a Foruards IE Info Notice 79-05r "Us* of Improper Hit If in 
Saf ety-fla lated Component*. " 

O'REILLY, J,P, Region 2, Atlanta. Office of the Director. 

79/Q3/21. 2PP. 

7904200496 Forwards IE Circular 79-03, "Moisture Leakage In Stranded 
Hire, Conductors. " 

O'REILLY, J.P. Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 
79/03/20. 2pp, 

7904270491 Forward* IE Bulletin 77-04r "Inc orr vet Uelghts for 
Check Valves Manufactured by Velan Engineering Corp." 
O'REILLV, J. P. Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the Dirocfcor. 

79/03/30, lp. 

7904OSO138 Foruards IE Info Notice 79-03, "Use of Improper rUtl* in 
Saif nty-Rilated Components, " 

O'REILLYr J.P, Region a, AtUntar Office of the Director. 

79/03/81. 8PP. 

7904130132 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-OBj "NucLajir- Incident t TMI" 
FNQ-79-67, 79~67Ar B.C.DjE.F & 0, No response required. 
O'HEILLY, J.P. Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

79/04/01. 2pp, 

79O427Q491 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-04i "Incorrect Molghts for Suing Valves Manufactured by Velan Engineering Corp." 
O'HEILLYrJ.P. Region 2, Atlnt, Office of the Director. 

79/O3/30, lp. 

7904190174 Forward! IE Bulletin 79-09A, "Nuclear Incident at 
TMI - Supnl," * preliminary chronology of TMI-2 79032B 
accidant until core cooling restored. 

Q'flEILLY, J.P. Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director, 

79/04/03, lp. 


^ po ^ p] 




, ,_ 

~~ '' 

- ........ 


710HB0313 Forward. lt^ t 


" 1 :!. ' ""'- - 



2pp , 

a.^ ....... 

D.r.ctor for Op. r-tl0ll ,. 

- ...... 


, rtetot .. 

..... * 

"/03/ao. ' 3pp . 





ce of th. Director. 



DOCKET M-404 North Anna Poutr Station. Unit 3 
Antl-truit correspondence 

7Waoi6! Forwards Itr from Atty Q.neral dtd 790322 ri antitrust 
advice pir Section 103c of Atonic Energy Act of 1934,4. 
BALTZMAM, J, Antitrust & Indemnity Group. 79/03/27 Ip, 

7TO41201B9 NC Eleetric's propoied ownership would 
6* Ufi th*n 20 MU/unit & Did Dominion'* proposed intirast 
would be 20 MM * 80 for CoMltslon " 
he-Id Antitrust hearings. 

L i Ju "<:s, Dept, of, Attorney General's Office, 

Inspection reports and corrpondonc* 

/9MZ10091 Foruardi IE Bull .tin 7S-1BB, "Atypical Uld in Rueta 
frt*un Viiisl Msldi. " 

O'Reri-LY.J.P. R*gfon 2. Atlanta. Offict of th Director. 


"? 4l ?2SL N ?I i 'J c '* ion ' hat Mnal de * lfln nf svc bl(| **l" outlined 
in 7HG928 Itr Is nearly cnmp letc. Concap t For transferring 

loads to sound rock revised, *uch that caissons at C-HO ar 

no longer roquired. Con* t to begin durina Mau 1979 

BROWN, B.C. Virginia EUctrlc S, Pouier Co, 79/O4/12. Ip, 

Financial information 

7904030290 "Annual R*p t 19-78. " 

Virginia EUctrlc t, Power Co. 78/12/31. 36pp. 

79O410O3O4 Forwards "Annual R*pt 1978. " 

BAUM,E.A. Virginia Electric t, Pouer Cn. 79/O4/05. 

Anti-truit corr**-Dondenci 

79O412O1S Foruardi Itr from Atty Oennrdl dtd 7^0322 re antitrust 
advice pir Section lOSc op Atomic Energy Act of 19S4, at 


BALTZMAN.J. Anfcitruit & Intfemnltii Omup. 79/O3/27. Ip. 

7904300470 Forward. IE Circular 79-03, "Moisture Liakagt in Stranded 
Mir* Conductors. " 
O'REILLV.J.P. Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 


7TO4QMI82 Foruar.U* IE Info Motleo 79-03, "Uie of Improper Mtli In 
Bf ety-Related iConponentt. " 

O'RCILLV.J.P. Region 2, Atlanta, Office of tha Director. 

79/03/21. 2pp, 

7704270922 Forward* IE Bulletin 79-04, "Incorrect Weights for Suing 
Check Vatvti Manufactured by Velan Enolnoertng Corp," 
O'ReiU.YnJ.P. Region 2, Atlanta, Office of tha Director. 

79/O3/30. Ip. 

7W4130I34 Foruards IE Bui. -tin 79-OS, "Nuclear Iricidnt at THI" (. 
PMO-79-67i 79-A7A, B 1 Ci D, E, F 4 0. Ho r*ipon*a required. 
O-REILLV-J. P. Region 2, Atlanta, Office of tho Director. 

79/04/O1. 2pp, 

7M41TOIS6 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-03A, "Nuclear Incident at 
nil - Huppl," d orelininary chronology of TMI-2 790328 
accident until core coaling restored. 

0'flCILLY,J.P. ' Region 2, Atlanta, Office of th. Director. 
79/04/03. Ip, 

7W43709BO Fonrtrds IE Bulletin 79-OAA. "Revlaw of Oparatlonal Error* . 
BV Hltalign>*nts Identified During TMI Incident. " 
n'REILLY.J.P. Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

79/O4/I4. Ip. 

Periodic operating reports, related correipandenca 

7M43OO273 Forturdf "Environ Radiological Monitoring Prosrami " 
.utrtirlv rept Oct-Dic 1973. 
ftAUH'E. A. Virginia Electric l> Power Co. 79/O4/I7. Ip. 

7704200279 "Environ Radiological Monitoring Program," cuarterlu rtoti 
nailgif,0ct-0ee 197B. 
* Virginia Electric fc Power Co. 79/04/17. 72pp. 

occurrences, related correspontlane* 

fluppl rapt on poult 1. deficiency of ree irculatlon tprau 
coolar dnign.Analyiii has be*n conpletedjEictsting cooUr 
dait^n li satisfactory ti capable of withstanding etartup 
hydraulic tranlent,No nodi ranulred. 
BHOMM.B. C. Virginia Electric & Power Co. 79/04/10. Ip. 

DOCKET 9O-40S North Anna Pouer Station, Unit 4 
Applle*lon/conitructlan <tag* 

?VO413<M>ai Reipands to 79020i Itr re lap Itmentit ion of NRC revleu 
raqulrtMtnti.Clarlfie* intent of 781121 Itr, Further reiponse 
nat appropriate unle* lerloui conflict occur*. 
VAO&ALU1,D.B. Assistant Director for Light Hater Reactor*. 
79/03/at, 3pp. 

7M4OWI79 Forward, rept on const itttlentnt oonttorlno program for aU 
elBic Category I structures to be conducted during const 

f (!, 

IROHNrB.C. Virginia Electric fc Power 'Co. 79/04/O6. Ip. 

790412O1Q9 KG Elictrlc's propoiad aianership intrest uould 
be leu than 20 MW/unit & Old Dominion's praposad Interest 
would be 20 MW t. BO MW/uni t. Unnaic eisarij for Commlnlon to 
hold antltruit hearings. 

FLEXNER.D.L. Justice, Dpfr. of, Attorneu Oaneral 'i Office. 
77/O3/3B. 2pp. 

In*pnction raport-i and correspondent* 

79042400=1 Farward* IE Bulletin 78-S2B, "Atypical Weld Hatl in 
Presur Vessel Holds." 

D'REILLY, J.P. fUglon 2, Atlanta, Offlc of the Director. 

79/03/19. 2pp. 

7904300470 Forwards IE Circular 79-O3, Moltre Lvafcaga in Stranded 
Hire Conductor*. " 

J.P. Region S, Atlanta, Office oF the Director. 

7904080183 Forwards IE Info Notice 79-03, "Use of Improper Matlt In 
Safaty-ReUted Component*. " 

79/03/21. 2pp. 

Riolon 2, fttlanfrar Office of tfi Dirictor. 

7904270382 Forwards IE Bui let i n 79-O4. "Incorrec t MB ight* for Suing 
Chick Valves Manufactured b-j Vl*n Enoinprlng Corp. " 
Q'REILLY, J. P. Region 2, Atlanta, Office a* fan* Director 

79/03/30. 1 p , 

7904130134, Forwards IE Bulletin 79-05, "Nuclear Incident at TMI" (. 
PNO-79-A7,79-67A,B,C,u,E,F O. No rponi* required 1 , 
79/04/Ol' J ' 2' R " ion 3 ' Atlanta, Office of th* Director. 

7904190186: Forwarils IE Bulletin 79-03A, "Nuclea T Incident at 
TMI - Buppl," J. prellminaru chronology of TMI-2 79O32B 
accident until car* cooling ristored. 

O'REILLY, J.P. Region S, Atlanta, Office af the Director. 

79/04/OJf. If. 

79070580 Fori-ardi IE Bullitln 79-OAA, "Reviaw of Qp. rational Errors 
Si| Hleallgnment* Identified Durino TMt Incident." 

J ' l' R "0' on a ' Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

Periodic operating report*, related correcpondenca 

7904300273 Forwards "Environ Radiological Monitoring Program," 
quarterly rspt Qct-Dae 1979. 
HAUM.E.A. Virginia Electric & power Co, 79/O4/17. ip. 

7904200379 "Environ Radiological Motiltorlnn Program," quarterlu rents fc 
an*lUsl*,Oet-D>c 1978. 
Virginia: EUctrlc t> Power Co. 79/O4/17. 7Spp. 

Raportablt occurrence*, relatad 

7904130313 Buppl raft on paiilbli daflcisncg of raclrculation -spray 
cooler design. Analysl* has e*n canplet*d. E< 1st Ing cooler 
design is *atl*factorv t> c*pable of ulthttandlng startup 
hydraulic transient. No mod* required. 
BROWN, 8. C, Virginia EUctrlc & Power Co. 7-7/04/10, Ip 

-7W4O901BO "Rtpt on Const Settlement Monitor ins Program." 
* Virginia Electric 1 Power Co. 79/0 4 /OS, 47pp. 




7904310037 fi.spond* 


(ref 10CFRa.790) 


pl an r.vt.u Mlthhtld 

Pou , BT 

PP ' 

in , .,, B _ h 

RBBlon 3, 


ff ' pt 


-.... 3. ,..,, ,.,.,. .. 


fi . Bion g , Chtcafl0i 


v-:? ; " ? " M: ' SB:" 1 " 1 "" n * 

blrvUnd P u.r Coop.r.tJv.. 79/04/11. 2pp. 

: ui -wivrs r jMi"{ 

t..t .ch.dul.d f 

l7? h *ulti-viv. fln 
SOBON.L.J. .n.iE 
77/03/28. 10*p El 

7904I0028S Infer a,, nor t 

" ' 

.. Un 

I J* 1 dl(l 'l"'>eond qu 

* "''*'' * fDurth . 
C ., NuelMr Pro J 

".*' .n. u. 9. 








"_*n<i Mil* Point Nuclear Station. Unit 2 

Finnic i* 


' a '*'***-F4* "Annual Financial Rapt 1978" tar five utiLi u/eonit 
UeBoeuf, Lamb, Laity b Macflae. 79/04/23. Ip. 

"nual Financial Rept 197B. " 

Mohawk Power Corp. 79/04/23. 2Spp. 

a , 

hi-t T1inuj ' 1 Financial Rpt 197S. " 
"** Oai t, Electric Corp. 79/ 

p. 79/04/83.. 32pp. 



v 1*1 Financial Rtpt 197B. " 

TOt-fe gtate Electric (, Oat Carp. 79/04/33. 35pp. 

, _ 

* nr > UBl Financial Rtpt 197B. " 

1 -tint Lighting Co. 79/04/23. 49pp. 

i ''Annual Financial Rtpt 1978," 

** Wu,don Oai & Electric Corp. 79/04/23. 29pp. 

9/03/Oa " 

"ti and corr**pt,ndence 

iT ' d * IE "> 79-02, "Pip. Support Base Plat* Deilgni 

-E'Piniion Anchor Bolts. " 
(Jgion It Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 

-',S*" ur * rd * IE B"Hetin 79-03, "Longitudinal Meld Defects in 
* I 31a Tvpe 304 Stainlen Still Pip* Spools 
? 5 it***** b Younsstown Welding fc Engineering Co." 

' R*glon 1, Philadelphia, Office of th Director. 



'elvt Qp 

FMrdt IE Circular 79-04, "Looia Locking Nut on ' Ll 

HoBion I, Phlladalphia, Office of tha Dlrietor. 

4540172 f=~ai-4Mmrd* IE Bulletin 78-18D. "Atypical Weld Mail In Raactar 

RIER.B, H. Raglan 1. Philadelphia.' Of flee Of the Director. 

9/03/19. Ip. . 

4090089 F'tT-uasr<f IE Circular 79-09. "Moisture Leakage- In Stranded 
Irt Conduc: ttenrsi. " 

R1ER,B. H. Region 1, Philadelphia. Office of the Director. 

9/Q3/3O. 1 p . 

4040241 F^oi^ujurdi IE Info Notice 79-08, "U* of Improper Matls In 
af*tg~R* lat-ff nJ Components. " 

RIER,B."H. Raglan 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 

9/03/21. In. 

occurr uncei , relaiei) corraspondenci 

7904I6O370 Ack receipt of 790328 1 tr forudrdlng final ropt per 
IOCFRSO. 93<>) ra doficianc<i of staovai urelded to 
contjlnmsnt linir. 

CARLSON.R. T. Rooion 1. Ph 1 Udalphla, Reactor Ctmntructton 

Enginnerina Support Branch. 79/03/14. Ip. 

DOCKET 30-412 Biavar Valley Pouor Bftation. Unit 2 

' . *~ ^ ^.. >.__. *,_..._. , _*___,.___ 

Application/construction itaga 

790411OOS4 FQIA roque-st *or Info ra diieovery 4 aiuLijsit of rflscrapancg 
tetun original raiulti of piping dnalifsla far tatcmlc 
itraon tg reiults of currently acceptable BkU cctfa. 
ME 1 88, E. R. Bhtldon, Harmon t> Roliman. 79/03/1-?. 3pp. 

7T04110407 Notifies (IRC 11 1-1/4 Inch flaratl fuel linei on two diesel 
genBT*tor rtpUcsd after fntp rveUd df ac ta. Conclud>E 
unite noui free of daftcti. 
HOHIARTY, pJ.M, Colt Induste- i BI, Inc. 79/O3/21. Ip. 

7904110410 NotiflQi NRC all 1-1/t Inch flarad fuel linoi on tuo dleiel 

ganoraton replaced after Inp rav*aled dafect*. Conclude* 

unlti nou fre of defvct*. 

MOHIARTY, J.M. Colt Industrial. Inc. 79/OD/21. Ip. 

7904060O73 Informi of icheduU* for slto vlsite > technical ieeting. 
Dlrncti llcvniea Eo conduct arrival rotating i taehnlcal 
41*cui-iit>n. Plant toun ti ravleiu of hardware & piping mill 
precede technical diicui-tlon. 
RUSSELL, W, T. Offico of Hue 1 oar .Raactor Regulation. 79/03/23. Ip. 

7904110037 Response to FOIA 79O319 request for documofits ro ditcovrg b 
in* I i/i li of dieerapaneg be-tueen results of original piping 
analuili for lelgmtc itrenii ft. reiultl of SIW cods. Some 
docirmarte In PDRj others itill und*r raviaw. 
FELTQM.J.M. Division o* Ftilles and Records. 7WG4/03. B9pp. 

Inipcctlan reports and correspondence 

79041 1O016 Foruiards IE Insp Rept 30-412/77-01 on 790139-31. 
Ho noneompl lance noted. 

CftRLSON.R.T- Raglon 1, Philadelphia, Reactor Construction b 

Engineering Support Branch. 79/O2/23. 2pp, 

790411O01H IE Insp Rapt 3O-412/79-O1 on 790127-^1. No noncomiiliance. 
notad.Kajor areas inspected: p lant tour, review of llconiae'i 
action on previous, findings & inp of containment it uorfc in 

FOL3QM, 3. A, Region 1. Philtdal ph la, OtfLa of the Dlractor, 

SANDERS, H. F. , MCPAUOHV, li. W. Fliglon 1. PhlUdalphla, Roactor 

Conitruction fc Enainnerinif Support Brancfi. 79/O2/22. 6pp, 

7704O4O340 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-OSi "Pipe Support Baai Plata Oeilgni 
Using Concr*t Expansion Anchor Bolts. " 

ORIERhD.H. Region 1, Philadulph la. Office of the Director. 

79/03/OS, If. 

4190133 R**pands to IE Bulletlni 78-12, 12A S. 12B, "Atupical W.ld 
tl in R *;* of Pruiura Viel Maldi, " Utll will respond 
V 790613. 

HODG,O.K. Mtaigara Mohauk Pouiir. 79/03/53. Ip. 

9/03/86. - 

hick V*l 

r-uwrdi IE Info Notice 79-07, "Rupture of Radwaste Tanks. 

Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 
1 P - 

-rLtfaT-St IE flullatln 79-04, "Incorrect Walghti for Bwlnj 
* Manufactured fm Vl*n Englneiring Corp." 

Region 1, Philadelphia. Office of the Dlractor. 
t P - 

4IS0233 F"or-*rfa*rds IE Bullatin 79-03, "Nucltar Incident at TMI" 
NO-79-A7i f f f'~ &7A, D,C,D. E< F tt 0. Ho retponse rq,ulrd, 
RlERiB. H. Rtglon 1. Philadelphia, Office of thn Director. 

9/04/01. *P" 

419014O F^oT-M^rds IE Bulletin 79-03A, "Nuclear Incident at 
HI - Bust f 3.' ** fc prsllninarg chronology of TMI-B 79032B 
ccldant un** 1 eor " cooling restored, 

1IER.B. H. Weolpn 1, Philadelphia, Office of th Diractoi-. 

J/04/09. ** 

> Miia 
P/Q4/1+. ' 

' dt IE BulUttn 79-OAAf "Review of Operational Error* Ic 

"*" Identified During THI Incident." 

Rglon 1, Philadelphia, Office of tha Director. 

7V040403O4 Forward* IE Bullatln 79-O3, "i-onn i tud ina 1 Meld Dnfaecs In 
ASME BA-312 Type 304 Stainleia Steel Pips Spool* 
Manufactured hy Voungitobrn Welding b Englnaarlng Co, " 
QRIER.B.H. Region 1, Phi ladelph |, Office of th Director. 

79/03/12. Ip. 

7904QS0069 Foruard* IE Circular 79-04. "Loose Locking Nut on LlnltorquB 
Valve Operators. " 

ORIER.B.H, Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Director, 

79/03/16. tp. 

7904240IA2 Forward* IE Bulletin 70-iaB, "Atypical Meld Mtl in Raactor 
Preiiura Vestel Huldi, " 

ORIER.B.H. Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of tha Director. 

79/03/19. Ip. 

790405OO17 Forwards IE Circular 79-OS. "rrotsture Leakage In Stranded 
Mir Conductors. " 

OfilGftrB.H. Region I, Ph i lad* loh 1 *, Office o-t the Director. 
79/03/20. Ip. 

7904040229 Forwards TE Info Hntica 79-OS, "U* at impropBr Matt* in 
Saftv-Rlatad Components. " 

CRIER, B,H. Rgglon 1, Philadelphia, Office of tht Diruttor. 

79/03/21. Ip. 

7904300446 Forwards IE Info Notice 79-07. "Rupture of Raduaste Tanfc*." 
CRIER, B.H. Region 1. PltiLadelph U. Offici of the Director, 

79/03/26. Ip, 



Pc*ir at*tlN, Unit 3 

lp . 

OMIc. , U . Olr . 0(tr . 


DutB Pour Co. 79/03/12, 


7704240042 Forurd IE Hullitin 7S-12B, 
mrt V*iiit Weldi." 


DAIL.L.C. Dukt Pour*r Co. 79/03/27. 

7. Ip. 

DAIL.L.C. Duk Pour Co. 79/03/13. tp. 

_ Station, Unit 1 inadtquafr* cort 

AppUcation/conitrucfcitm itigt """ P ~ P "** 

Injd v*rt* nfc ly o 
cram m| tt*cf to , 

Ad judlcd toru CD 

7704040203 Act r,.. k(1 , or ,, M p.tlfclon t 

"~ ~ iJ. P. 

1 notice mcl * '"""'" " 7VffH/Ql. ip. 

Oflc of ' __ __ 

"" ~" " Ip. """ 

79/04/11, ip. Rtfll 

ForuPdi IE B 
Llgnninti tdi 

79/04/14. 'in. """',r. 



af thi JHpc*OT. 

of ttif Dtrcfear. 

unit a 

AppUetlon/contruetion tg ' 

m,"*tt ^^PoS.r'cS "^/;!!'"^.". 61 ' 

eorrip on dnei 

.:: iyKsr .":' 

DTON.M.R. fle. ol MuelMF'R M e*or-IU|oU 



DOCKET 90-414 Catauba Nuclear Station. Unit 2 
Qtneral correspondence 

790*100247- Notification of change of addrass. 

HURCH.J. M. South Carolina, atata of. 79/03/20. Ijt. 

Inspection nporti and correspondence 

79Q4Ba030B Foruards IE BullBtin 79-OA, "R<vlu at Operational Errors b 
Sys Misalignments Identified During TMI Incident." 
79/oI LLV ' lJ " P ' RBOlon 2| Atlanta. Office of fch Diractor. 

7904270380 Forward! IE Bulletin 79-06A, "flavieu of Operational Errors . 
Sqi Misalignment* Idintif id During TMT Incident. " 
O'REILLY, J. P. Ragion 3. Atlanta. Qf-fica of the Director 

79/04/14. tp. 

7904I0050B Aclt receipt of IE Imp Repti SO-413/79-02 t. 3Q- 
79G20fi-0?. No proprietary Info. au 

DAIL.L.C. Duke Pouer Co. 79/03/12. Ip 

r "* rii * IE . Inlp R "P* 30-413/79-02 & 30-414/79-02 on 
i-09.No noncompliance noted. 
MURPHV.C.E, Region 2, Atlanta, Raactor Construction fc 

Engineering Support Branch. 79/O3/O7. 2pp. 

7W4100914 IE Imp Rapti 30-413/79-02 t. 30-414/79-02 on 7902O6-O9 No 
nnnccMpliance noted. Major areas Inepuctad: reactor coolant 
prenur. boundary piping, safety-related piping S, general 
const activities 

CHQWLEY.B ., CONLDN.T.E. Regions. AtUnta, Reactor 

Conttructlon I. Engineering Support Branch. 79/03/07. .7pp. 

7904090283 Ack receipt of IE Imp R.ptl 3Q-4I3/79-03 * 30-414/79-03 No 
proprietary info. 
MIL, L. C. Duk Pouer Co. 79/03/19. Ip. 

Fo , ru * rdl IE InP RPt* 30-413/79-03 & 30-414/79-03 on 
79020A-O9.No noncomplUnce noted. 

KURPHV.C.E. Region 2, Atlanta, Reactor Conitruetion & 

Engineering Support Branch. 79/03/OB. 2pp. 

DOCKET SO-4I& Grand Oulf Nut 1 aar Station. Unit 1 
AppI lea t ion /const ruction stage 

7?04040O66 Summary of 79O306 i i te visit u/HS Power . Light Co & HchtL 
Corp in Vtcksburg, MS, r mtnorologij program. 
dHELL.W. Hydrology Matorology Branch. 79/O3/HO. 2pp. 

79O41AO246 Forwardi conclualona t recommendations of naia Pipe Cracfc 
Study Group in NUSEO-OS3I, "Enveitigafcion i, Evaluation of 
Stri Copra* ion Cracking in Piping of LHR Planti. " 
Rilatrad FR notice end. 

VA8BALLO, D. B. Anitant Director for Light Mater Reactors. 

79/03/23. 3pp. 

790418QOB7 Forwards first round renuait for addl info for FBAR rtvlaw. 
Reiiueiti rosponse bij 79O&39. 
8TOLZ.J.F. Liflht Ua.tar floactors Branch 1. 79/03/30. I3pp. 

7904270637 Forwards addrats change far state coordinator found on list 
in 7BQA37 Itr. 
STOLZ.J.F. Light Water Roactori Branch 1. 79/04/05. 2pp. 

7904090389 IE [nsp Reptl 30-413/79-03 J. 30-414/79-O3 on 790206-99 No 
*ionenpl lance notod. Major af*a Inipac ted: *afty-rnlated 
oponntir tt**l itructuri,upport b concrett expaniion 
anchor*. M., BRYANT.J.C. Uflgion2, Atlanta, Reactor 

Comtruction 4 EnginMrlng Suoport Branch. 79/03/07. 4pp. 

7?040062 Forward! IE Bull. tin- 7S-13B, "Atypical Meld Htl in Reactor 
Pr**njra V**al Maldi. " 

O'REILLV, J.P. Region 3, Atlanta, Office of tha Director. 

T9/O3/19. 3pp. 

7904200460 Forwards IE Circular 79-08, "Moiiture Leakage In Stranded 
Hlr. Condoctor*. " 

O'REILLV, J. P. Region 2, Atlanta, Office of tha Director 

79V03/SO, 2pp. 

790409O1&& Foru*rds IE Info Notice 79-03, "Uio of Improper Matli in 
8aftu-Rlaited Component*. " 

O'REILI-V, J. P. Region 3, Atlanta, Office of th> Director. 

79/03/81.'- 2PP. 

7904230179 Forwards Amtnd 1 to antitrust info part of application for 
8TAMPLEY.N. L. rTisilsilppi Poiuer t Light Co. 79/04/12. Ip. 

790433O1BO Ameni) 1 to antitrust info part of application far licenses 
in r**pani to q.ue*tioni In A Taalston 79031H Itr, 
STAMPLEY.N. L. Mlsiiasippt Pouier t. Light Co. 79/O4/I2. 9pp. 

7904240404 Forwards briaf dsscription of flushing aporatlons & 
anaclated tfiipoial procedures for flushing discharges par 
requirements of Exhibit 2-A raferancad in subsection 3. E. 1 
of CPPH-11B i CPPR-1I9. 
HCOAUOH/, J. p. Hi*ii5sippi PoLiar . Light Cu. 7 t r/04/ia. 2pp. 

Security, madical, Bmorgencij d fire protection plant 

7904130292 Notification of 790611-12 maating in Albuqgerqoa. NM to 
discuss physical security U*ua*. 

KILLER, J.R. AnlsEant Director for Reactor Safeguards. 79/03/22. 

79O41200A7 Ack rgcalpt of IE Insp R*pt. 30-413/79-04 * 30-414/79-04 on 
79O2B7-O302. Ma proprietary info. 
DAIL.L.C. * Duka Poyr Co. 79/03/27. Ip. 

7904120091 Forwards IE Inp Rapts 30-413/79-04 & 30-414/79-04 on 
790237-0302 t. notice of violation, 

MUSPHYiG.E. Region S, Atlanta, Reactor Construction (. 

Engineering Support Branch. 79/03/23. 2pp. 

-7904120094 Notice of violation from insp on 790327-0302. 

* Rtgion 2, AtUnta, Office of the Director. 79/O3/H1. 


--79041H010Z IE Imp Rpt* 30-413/79-04 4. 30-414/79-04 on 790227-0303. 
ttanconplfance notid: ilgnof f of misnumbared uelds fc 
Inadaqu.ate corrective action concerning storag* of afety- 
rltid piping. 

VANDOORH. P. K. Region 2, AtUnta, Office of tht Dtrctor. 

COW-ON, T. E. Region 3, Atlanta, Reactor Construction & 

Engineering Support Branch. 79/03/21. 6pp. 

7904S7O493 Forward* IE Bulletin 79-04. "Incorrect Weight* for Swing 
Check Valves Manufactured by Velan Engineering Corp." 
Q'ReiLUV.J.P. Region 3, Atlanta, Offics of the Director. 

79/03/30. Ip. 

Utility FBAR and amendments 

7904240338 Format!** Amend 29 to license application. Ine lurfe* responses 
bo flrvt round question** design refinement infoi rvvised 
piping & instrumentation diagrami t> revised Electrical, 
instrumentation fc control drawings, 
BTAMP-LEV.N. L. Ml islsiippl Poiacr Sc Light Co. 79/O4/BO. 3pp. 

790434.0369 FSAR Amend 29.W/l r 337 oversiitid drawing*. 
Mississippi Paviar 8. Light Co. 79/O4/20. 654po. 

Inspection raports and corraspondenca 

7904110163 ForoJard* IE Insp tt*pt> 50-416/79-01 & 50-417/79-01 on 
790123-36. No noncoma 1 iance noted. 

KyfiPMr,C.E. Rejlon S, Atlanta, Reactor Construction i Engineering 

Support Branch, 79/O3/H6. 3pp. 

79041 IO167 IE Insp Rapta SO-416/77-01 tt 30-417/79-01 on 79O123-2fi. No 
noncomplianci noted. Major areas inipec ted;QA program 
Implomintation. storage facllitie*i nonconformance rejit 
program, melding con trait t< electrical control panels, 
RAUSCH.J.K.. HERDT,A,R. . Rtgion a, Atlanta. Raaetor Construction 
b Englnterlng Support Branch. 79/O2/21. 3pp. 

TO4IHO142 Forward* IE Bulletin 79-03, "Nuclear Incident at TMI" b 
PMO-79~-67. 79-67A,B,C,D,e, F I. O.No rtpon*e ron.ulred. 
O'HEILLV, J. P. Region 3, AtUnta, Office of the Director. 

79/04/01. ip. 

79Q4340QB7 Fqrw*rd IE Bulletin 7B-12B, "Atypical Uelt Katl in Reactor 
Pramurd Vesul Heldg." 

O'HEILLV, J. P. Region 2 f Atlanta. Office of the Director. 

79/03/19, 2pp. 

rwpd* IE Uuiietin 77-OBA, "Nucle*r Incident at 
TMI - Buppl,'"fc preliminary chronology of TMI-2 790320 
.*cctdnt until core cooling restored, 
* 79/04 LLV " J " **' """^n a ' Atlanta. Office o.f the Director. 

7904030173 Forwards IE Info Motto 79-O3. "Use of Improper Mafels in 
Safety-Related Cam-portents. " 

O'REILLY. J. P. Ragion 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

7?/03/21. ip. 



!!*!:! S0 " 41i Cr * r ' a Cj " Jlr Station. Unit 1 
l"(cttqn rtpDrti and corrtipontfincs 

SF^r r-- ----- w '" 

79/W/M i f " 9 ' = ' 1 2 ' **>"* " ' t"i Dfr.ctor. 

:?;^lY'^r;r/^ " Nucl " r """"* 

i o Q 1 * g - N 'MPcn.i r.qulrtd. 

l " n 3 - M " nt " " 1 " ' " B"*. 

"r"[ d> '* BU "' Un "-05A. ,. Incu . nt 
jtp], (, prtlioinjry ctironoloou el TMI-2 79DT3a 

TP" ": " an """<< 

" l n 3l AtUnt " altt " ' Di 

"-" ^ 

of U< Wrlor. 

..... n. d 

' - 

' * roc * " 

R . ictoP , 



- ..... - ....... ..^ 

pl . n> 

Utility F8AR and 

7TO4a403SB For^rd. A D nd 29 to Hc.ti,. ^i|e*i O n. 
to tint round ^..tiani. d.ilgn r^tnnlnt lUfofri 
piping d Inttrumatitation diagram! (, rvid l 
intruminttton & control drawing.. 



--7904240369 FSAR AmtmJ 27.W/1.337 ov*rli.,f drjuinoi 
Hliilnlppl Pouar t Uflht Co. '79/04/aO. fc34pp. 

Iniptctlon rporti and eorrpondnd* 

~Swijrici"StSr*j "O" 4 "' 79 - * 50-417/79-01 n 

79042400B7 Foruirdi IE Bull. tin 79-130, "AtwplcI MU Htl 
K?J: J 'i". W "' d ' n 2 ' *"- "'" D f th. Dir.c*.r. 

SsT.'^ip. "'"" ^ *""'- "tMc. of th. Dir-.rtar. 
?h" 3 vil^"Mtic flUllt *' n 79 " 04 ' "'""'Met 


79/03/30. lp, 

th. Director. 

'BEILLY.J.p 'ol n inl E o |r t.,?' N ? r ponit rnulrd. 

J/04/01 ip. Rgion a ' Unt., OtMc. * f % h . DiMctor. 

79/04/14. lp, 

ot th. Dlr,c t r. 


UnU, atflc. at th* Dlrfr p, 

wr-"- to 

lppl Pou.r * Ul,ht C.. 79/03/36, tp 

; ....... 


r ne . 



DOCKET 3O-423 Mtllitone Nuclear Power Station, Unit 3 
Financial Information 

7904130221' Forward i "Annual Rapt 1978" for four utili. 

HUKT.M, A. Northea*t Nuclear Energy Co. CNortheait Utilities) 
79-/04/10. lp- 

790413O222 "Annual Rapt 1979 for Wettern HA Electric Co." 

Korthe*it Nuclear Energy Co. (Northeait Utllltlei). 79/04/10. 

7*04130223 "Annual Rapt 1978 for Hartford Elactrlc Light Co." 

Northeait Nuclear Energy Co. <Northea*t Utllltlei). 79/04/10. 

7904130224 "Annual Rapt 197B for CT Light * Co." 

* Northeat Nuclear Energy Co. <Northeait Utllltiei). 79/04/10 

-- 7904130830 "Annual Rept 197Q far Northeast Nuclaar Energy Co. " 

Northaait Nuclaar Energy Co, (Northeait Utilitie>, 79/04/10. 


Inspection report* and corraipondince 

7904270447 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-O4, "Incorrect Malght* for Suing 
Chacfc Valvi Manufactured bg Velan Enginmrins Carp." 
PRIEA.B.H. Region I, Ph i ladil ph la, Office of tht Director. 

79/03/30. Ip. 

7904I30S15 Foruard* IE BulUtln 79-OS. "Nuclaar Incident at TMI" R, 
PMQ-79-67. 79-67A, B, C, D, E, F d 0. No rsiponso required. 
OKIER'B.K. Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of thi Director 

79/04/01. Ip. 

7904190143 Foruardi IE BulEetin 79-OSA, "Nuclear Incident at 
Trtl - Suppli" b prelimiturij chponolojg of THI-S 790328 
accident until cam cooling reitared. 

OR1ER.B.H. Raglon 1. Ph i ladtlph la, Offica of the Director. 

79/04/03. Ip. 

7904270300 Forward.: IE Biflletiri 79-OiA, "Review of Operational Error* t, 
Sft Hiiallgnninti Identified Durlna TMI Incldo-nt. " 
ORIER.B.H. Region 1. Philadelphia, Office of th Director 

79/04/14. Ip. 

Rtportable Dccifrrflnce-ii related correipondence 

7904130049 Nollfiei NRC Imp completed re tthauit roclcar arjiu pf tnio 
PC -2 genarator **t*.Conc ludti unit free of potential 
HORIARTYf J. M. Colt Industrial, Inc. 79/O3/32. Ip. 

7904130299 IE Intp; Rapt 30-423/78-05 on 780830-0901, Noncomp 1 ianct 
noted: failure to. Implement noncamf ormance control maamra*. 
TQTH.A.D.i HCGAUOHY, R. H. Raglon 1, Philadelphia, Reactor 

Construction li Engineering Support Branch, 78/09/26. 9pp. 

'79O4O4Q31B Forward* IE Bulletin 79-03, "Longitudinal Mild Defect* In 
ABHE 8A-312 Tupe 304 Statnltn Bt*l Pip a Spool* 
lUitu'actured by Youngtoun Melding * Englnesring Co." 
OfllERrB, H. Region I, Philadelphia, Office at the Dlnctor. 

79/03/ia. tp. 

7904270192 IE Imp Rapt 50-423/79-01 on 790213-lS.No noncomp 1 lance 
noted. Kajor areat inpeetad: environ protection program for 
co ntt phatt. 

JACKSON* T. J. . BORES, R.J. Reglon'1. Philadelphia, Of fie* of tha 

Director. STOHRiJ.P. Region 1. Philadelphia. Fuel Facllltg t< 

Material* Baf*t<j Branch. 79/03/12. 3pp. 

7904270177 Forward* IE Imp Rapt 80-423/79-01 on 790213-13, No 
noncnnpliance noted. 

SMITH, O.H. Region 1< Phlladalphla. Fuel Facility & Material* 

Safety, Branch. 79/03/14. 2pp. 

79Q40SQ077 Forward* IE Circular 79-04, "Looie Lacking Nut an LI ml torque* 
V*lv Operator*. " 

CRIEH,B.,H. Raglan li PtilladilphU, Office of the Dlnctor. 

7904130O3I Motiflos NRC iniji compiated re eihaut rocker arm* 
PC-2 gnertor leti.Unlt free of potential defact*. 
MORIARTY. J.M. Cole Irvduttrl**, Inc. 79/O3/Ha. Ip. 

DOCKET 30-424 Alvln M. VogtU Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 
Applicatlan/conttruceian. itage 

7904160031 Agree* ui/cancel lat ion of plan* to inttall permanent uafcar 
q,ualltg monltoTlng *6attamonlg if adequate upstream tharmal 
data 1* retrieved from ituality monitoring station. 
KOdRErV. A. Aailitant Director far Environmental Project*. 

79/03/27. Ip. 

Infraction reporti and correipondeno 

7904240083 Foruard* IE Bulletin 7B-ISB, "Atypical Uld rtatl In Reactor 
Pr*eure Venel Maldi. " 

O'REILLy, J,P. Region 2, Atlanta, Office of th Director. 

79/03/19. app. 

7904200467 Foruardi IE Circular 79-03, "Kaltttire Leakage In Stranded 
Hire Conductor*. " 

O'REILLV, J.P, R.gion S, Atlanta. Offlc* of Ih* Director, 

79/03/20. app. 

7904240134 Forward* IE Bulletin 78-12B. "Atypical Held Hatl In Reactor 
PreiRur* Ve***'l Held*. " 

OfltERfB.H. 1 Raglon 1, Philadelphia, Office of tha Director, 


7904030171 Forward* IE Info Notice 79-03, "Ue of Improper Matli in 
B*t etv-Related Components. " 

O'HEILLV, J.P. Region 2, Atlanta. Office of th* Director. 

79/O3/S1. HPP. 

7904090024 Forward* IE Circular 79-03, "Hoiiture Leakage in Btranded 
Hlr> Conductor!. " 

MIEH, B.H, Raglon 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Director. 
79/O3/20. tp, 

7VO4O4O239 Farwardi IE Info Nottee 79-03, "U** of Uproptr HatU In 
Safety-Related Coaponent*. " 

OAIER, B,H, Raglon t, Philadelphia' Office of th* Director. 

79/03/21. Ip. 

7W4a<KMSl Forward* IE Info Notice 79-07, "Rupture of Radwaite Tank*. 
ORICRiB.H. Region li Philadelphia, Office of tha Director. 
79/03/2&. tp. 

790427O90S Forward* IE Bulletin 79-04, "Incorrect Weight* for Swing 
Chick Valvai Manufactured bg Vlan Enginearlng Carp." 
O'REILLV. J.P. Region 2, Atlanta. Office of the Dlractar. 

79/03/30. Ip. 

790412O13O Forward* IE Bulletin 79-OS, "Nuclear Incident at TMI" * 
PNCK79-A7,79-ia7A-B,C.D,E, F h 0. No reiponta required. 
O'REILLY. J.P. Region Z, Atlanta. Office of t-he Director. 

79/04/01. 3pp. 

79041B0233 Ac* receipt of IE Inp Rept* 90-424/79-03 
7902 14-13. No praprietar^ Info. 
3TAFFArR.H. Oeorgia Power Co. 79/04/03. Ip. 

SO- 423/79-03 or 

7W-U3O290 Ack rteeipt of 781083 Itr Inforoins MRC of itep* taken to 
torriet violation* noted In IE In*p Rept 30-423/70-03. 
CARLOONiR.T. Region I. Philadelphia, Reactor Construction k 

Enolnaarlng Support Branch. 79/03/29. 2pp. 

7904180241 Forward. IE Insp Rept* SO-424/79-O3 b 50-423/79-03 on 
790214-13.Ho noncomp llance notad. 

HURPHY.C.E. Region S, AtUnta< Reactor Conitructlon t> 

Enfllnaering Support Branch. 79/03/09. 8pp. 

7904130*93 Repond* to NRC 7909S7 Itr re violation* noted in IE In*p 
Rapt 5O-423/7B-03. Corrective action*: ueld repair tank* 
Cflied It itattaed, 
COUNSILrH.Q. Northaait Utilltla*. 7B/10/23. 3ff, 

7904130294 Forward* IE Intp Rept 30-423/78-05 on 7BOB30-09O1 & notio 
of violation, 

CAftLSON, R. T, Region I, Philadelphia, Reactor Construction i< 

ring Support Branch. 78/09/27. 2pp. 

79Q413029B Notice of violation fro*- in*p on 7S0830-0901. 

CAftLBON, R. T. Region t, Philadelphia, Office of thi Director. 

78(09/36. Ip. 

7904180244 1C In*p Rept 30-424/79-03 8. SO-423/7V-03 on 79O214-13.Hu 
nonconpllance noted. Hajor areas Inipectad; procedure review, 
IE bulletin-! li Eircularii licenmee-identif led Itemii draulng b 

documant control t> itorage of equipment. 

HUNT,M. D. Region 2. Atlanta. Office of the Director. HERDT.A 

Region 2, Atlantai Reactor Conitruction & Engineering Suppor 
Branch. 79/O3/O8. 4pp. 

7904190179 Forward* IE Bulletin 79-03A, "Nucl*r Incident at 
Trtl - Suppl," li prellnlnary chronologv of TMI-S 790323 
accident until care cooling reitared. 

O'REILLV, J.P. Region 2, Atlanta* Office of th* Director, 

79/04/03. Ip. 



BU(I . C a. 77/04/02, Ip. 

79MMOIW ttotlc. of vi.Utfon fro* ln V on 
n.alo* 2. Atlanta, omc. of tb/Oir 

79>O3/, a , lp . 



Errt> " 


rjucl " >*r Unit 2 

79/03/37. lp. 

E n vl Ponm . ntjl i 

TnspectUn r.portt and carrtpandarc> 


, n 
2pp. ' " 

Bj " Nuel " r 

ri pants r* 


BTAFFA.B.W. Oaorgla POWBI- Co. 79/0<(/l)S. lp. 

rlU * riIi IE ,|"P R P* 50-434/79-03 t, 30-4S3/79-03 on 

& noneomplianca riotd. 

MURPHY. C.E. Rag ton 2, Atlanta, R* act or Construction A 

Engltiniring Support Drench. 79/-03/09. S PP . 

-7904I80344 IE Imp 80-4H4/79-03 & SO-425/79-03 on 790B14-IS M a 
n.ncopll. n ci nat.d.M.jor PM. ln. M et.d; pr^c.riur. ri, 
IE bull.tjni t, eireilp*,Uen*i.-Iitii6lfl,d !**, J rau inn S, 

i(oeuninfr cgntrol & itoragq of sq,utpnuijifr "n H 

^^R^n 9 "I?!*" 1 ,- 2 ' 5* 1 "'*' " f W. DiratUP. HEftDT.A.R. 

"04190178 Foruardi IE Bull.tln 79-03A, "NucU.r Incid.m 

' " ?!a ?5 

tJ B *ic. of violation fro imp 

' - 


Sl ** 

of th. 


':"";''"'::''""' " " ........ ""' 

r RMctor. Branch 2. 79/03/24, W M . 

lMi. ..m M , 

BIRKFL H I FE8-III Condition 4. 

BIRKEL.R.A. Light M.tar Riactor* Dnnch S. 79/03/24. 43^. 

r^ifmoSp^Iii. 111 ^ B *r" ctu "' En B in..r' r.vlsw af V8 l,,u.l 
erita^I B ^?'; D(ie *ni Crit.rta t Application 
*? u ffl ""Ii D " lon "' 8U 1 C">tIti"n* ShU 
BAM i i "' N , u ; 1 "''. pl '*''' draft R vi,i 0n fl, 790301. 

OK,H. L. Light Hatir Riactori Branch Z. 79/03/87, SUf). 

7 ^DBHf!t f ! V ir/t t P ? r : p * "70-RP-16A31, "Bu E klin B Crltirl. I 
Application of Crltsda to PrH*Inarg D(ign or Sttl 

S"*:irs*7ioi. fi>r Flo<tinfl Mucu " " ** : -*> 

Int.rnational Structural Englnra, Inc. 79/03/31. &ft 

Cor*. I 

Floating Plant Cm LUH 
i Evaluation" in tupport of ap*llc*ticin *r 

f " nu '; c *'-'-''P* i" K tncIudJS ' J"in 
ln fl and to pUnt d. a i at > 

" 8 "* t ""* tll(h ' of H..tingh ut Elfdrlt 

Ing Nuelcar Plant Cor. tail. D..l r L 8af r t| 

NRC KB, FES, tuppl*. (n t 

o!! I* Pro ' lo11 lf M'B o* FlontinH NtfcUir fow-T V 

pf^I? St 8 *!*'? 111 * c ""*^"*n| QUlng (. Op.^iioi nf 
riaacing Plinti. " 


-""Ii**L!!*"!!il "ri.nei, & protoctlun pUnt 

79041B029B Notification of 7fMll- *tin> In AUmiitriiMrMI t> 
'.'S 1 " 1 " 1 " el " 1 't ". 

A,,Utant Dlractor for Roactor Safigiiflrg*. 71/MrtO 


DOCKET 6TN-3Q-437 Floating Nuclear Plant 
Adjudicator^ correspondence 

79040403*4 Clarifies NRC position of FES re siting of floating nuclear 
plant* a"t specific locations in estuar last rivaro ar near 
barrier Is lands. Rea.uests that in future all inquiries re 
jroceeding be directed through NRC counsel. 
GOHINKI.B. H. Branch 2. 79/03/OB. 2pp. 

79Q4Q9036fc Applicant's Motion 10 to establish schedule far hearing on 
Cant ant ions 3a ft 3c bij Atlantic County Citiiens Council on 
the Environ. Requests parties file an identification of 
evidence. Certificate of Sve one 1. 

COHANj B. . BAUQHERTY, T. M. , KGNHICK, J. R. Offshore Power Systems <subi. 
of Westlnghouse Electric Corp. ). 79/O3/08. 3pp. 

7904120130 Foi-tuarifs IE Bulletin 79-05. "Nutli 
F NO- 79-67, 79-6 7 A. D,G, D,E, F ft G. No rnsp-onse 
Q'REILLV. J.P. Reston 2, Atlanta, Office 

79/O4/01. tp. 

ar Incident at 1 

rsq,u (red. 

of the Director. 

7704190183 Forward's IE Gullattn 79-O3A, "Nuclear Incident at 
Trtl - Euppl, " b- preliminary chronology of TMI-2 79O328 
accident; until com coaling rastored. 

Q'REtLLV. J.P, Region 3, Atlanta, Office of the DiractOT. 

79/O4/Q5. ip. 

7904370390 Foriuarrfs IE Bulletin 79-Q6A. "Review of Operational Er 
Sys Misalignments Identified During TMI Incident. " 
Q'REILLV. J.P. Rnoion 3, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

77/O1/11. Ea. 

79O4210319 Forwards answar ' crais-mot ion. af f Idavit of Statement 3, 
countei tatamant of matl facts 5< memo, in answer to NRDC 
790216 motion for summary disposition, 
COWAN, B, I. Eckert, Seamans. Chorin fcMollott, 79/Q3/QB. 2pp. 

7904210323 Answer fc cross-motion of applicant to NRDC 790216 motiart for 
luminary d isposl Hon. Assorts scope of environ atatamant is 
defined by environ Impact arising from plants for which 
license is sough t. Cert if icate of Svc end. 

CQWAN.B.Z., DAU3HERTY, T.M. , KENRICK.J.R. Eckertr Snamans, Cherinft 
Meilatt. 79/03/08. 36pp. 

Hearing tranacr Ipts 

7904190009 Transcript of 7904D4 meeting in Betha sda, MD. Pp 7234-7333. 
HOLFE, 8. J,, SCHINK.o, , KOHNDLITH, L. Atomic Safety and Licensing 
Board Panel. 79/04/O4. 130pp. 

DOCKET 30-43B Dellefonto Nucloar Plant, Unit 1 
Application/construction stage 

7704170049 Rosponds to NRG 790316 Itr requesting explanation uhy 
ifocumentB wore jnot servad upon parties. Discusses 
ondTiSanding of NRC req,uiremEHt ra BVC of documents. OPS 
sve 1 1st end. 
COWAN, B. I. Eckert, Seamansi Char in Si Mellott. 79/03/09. 3pp. 

79O4O20376 Raquesrs addl info re CEB-76-23 Raviiian 1 "Pips flupturi 
A-nali/sla fof Ouard Pipe, " Needs methodology for determining 
pipe impact loads tr determination of stress levels under 
ruptura using shell modal, 

. D. Light Uator Reactors Branch 3. 79/O3/16, 3pp. 

790*130363 Rponso to NROC 790216 motion for summaru, d ip&it ion. 
Assart* NRDC'i motion rasts an an outdated issue Si is based 
on little more than specu lat ion. Cart i f lea te of Svc and. 
SOHINH.1,8. M. Branch 3. 79/03/13. llpp. 

7904030034 Fdrtuards IE Insp Rapts 30-430/79-01 !. 5O-439/79-01 on 
790123-26 & notice of violation, 

MURPHY. C,E. Region 3, Atlanta, Reactor Cons true 1 1 on & Enoin 

Support Branch, 79/02/15. 2pp. 

79O41702A8 Dequnts specific info re FES.Part III (NUREft~03O2) nr 
Liquid Pathway Generic Study (NUREO-0440) in araas in which 
A9I.B BKpects to have quastians during upcoming hearings. 
EOHINKI.B.iM. Branch 3. 79/03/19. Ip. 

7"704120394 Advises that Ruins of Practice do not rtnoire that all 
carra-spandence submitted by applicant to NBC be served upon 
parties unless It relates to contention admitted a Issue in 
cantrovarsy . 
WOLFE, B. J, Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Panel. 79/03/20. 

79O4170029 Hearings will raconveno 790404 per ABLH 790312 order, to 
onsl<fr Atlantic County Citlieni Council on Environ 
Contention* 3a ii 3c. Forwards professional o,ualif ications for 
members of p*nl. 

.H. Branch 3, 79/03/23. 12pp. 

79O*KOOi36 Kmponds to NRC 790319 Itr. Board will question uitnBi 
panels Identified in 790323 Itr. 
HOLFE , B. J. Atomic Bafaty and Licanslnu Board Panal. 79/03/86, Ip. 

-- 7904030037 Notice of violation from Insp on 79Q123-B6, 

* Region 3, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 79/O2/15. ip. 

--7904030059 IE Insp Rept 30-430/79-01 S. 50-139/79-Ot on 790123-36. 
Noncompllance noted: field change requoati mere not marked 
on the drawings in me-chanlcal eng ineor ing uni t, 

WRIGHT, R.U, , BURDETTE. I.E. , HERDT, A. R. Hag ion 3, Atlanta, 

Reactor Cons true tlmi fc Engineer ins Support Dranch, 79/02/13, 

7904300471 forwards IE' Insp Itopt 50-43B/79-O2 4. 30-439/79-02 on 
790230-23, No noneomp I ianco note*. 

MURPHV. C.E. Regiou 2. Atlanta. Reactor Cons true t i an t> Eng inaei 

Support Branch, 79/03/15, 3pp. 

7904300475 IE Insp Fiupt 90-438/79-03 S. 30-439/79-O2 on 790220-33.1 
noncomplianca noted. Major areas 1 np ec ted : elec trlcal 
C*v compimant Iwori ( uork ai tivi ties, quality rocordsi 
elactricai cables '/ termlnat i one, 

QIBBQNSiT, D, Region 2, Atlanta, Reactor Construct i an tt 

Engineering Support Branch. 79/O3/1S, 4pp. 

7904300417 Raquest* applicants be prepared to answer legal i< technical 
questions at hearing to b rasunfd on 79O404., 

SHELDOMr J. M, Atomic S*fty and Licensing Board Panel. 79/03/29. 

79O4340041 Forward* IE Bulletin 79-120, "Atypical Weld Matl in Rtac 
Pressure Vassal Melds. " 

O'REILLY Ragion 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 79/O3/19. 

General corraspondence 

79O402O3OO Motificatlon of 790319 meeting w/Offshore Powar Sys in 
Bethatdai HO, to discuss status of OPS preliminary datign tt 
rult of analysis relating to FEB-III desion condition*. 
BIRKEL, R. Light Water Reactors Dranch 2. 79/03/07. ip. 

Inseictlon report* and correspond ence 

7'90*,24<H>90 Forward* IE Bulletin 7fl-12Br "Atypical Meld In Reactor 
Pressure, Vavsel Held*. " 

D'REIULVj J. P. Region a, Atlanta, Office of the DIroctor. 

79/03/19. 2pp., 

79O403O136 Forwards IE Info Notice 79-03, "l/sa of Improper Matls in 
Baf ety-Ralated Components." 

O'HEILLYrO. P. R*gion 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

7W03/S1. ip. 

7904270487 Forward* IE Bulletin 79-04, "Incorrect Uilghts for Suing 
Check Valvei Manufactured by Velan Enginatring Corp. " 
O'REILLY, J. P. Rgglon 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

79/63/30. Ip, 

79040901*94 Acfc receipt of 790312 Itr informing NRC of step* ta*n t 
correct violations noted in IE Insp Repts SO-439/79-Oi t, 

PARRISiH, 0. Region 2. Atlanta. Reactor Construction (t Engines 

Support Bran-ch. 79/03/20. 2pp. 

Inspection re-ports and correspondent:* 

7904090197 Responds to NRC 79Q21S Hr re violations nntad In IE I 
Rapts 30-438/79-01 b. 30-439/79-01 . Corree frlvo ftctionsrall 
msehanical field change requests ravished to ensuro they 
were marked on uorklng drawings. 
01LLELAND, J. E. Tennassie Valley Authority. 79/O3/12. 3pj. 

79O4S00469 Forurards IE Circular 79-05, "Moisture Leakage in Strande 
Mire Conductors. " 

O'REILLY. J. P. Raglan 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

79/03/20, Sap. 

7904090177 Forwards IE Info Notice 79-03, "U of Improper Matls in 
SaPvty-Relate.rf Components. " 

O'REILLY, J.P. Regitin 2< Atlanta, Offica op the Dlrnetar. 

79/O3/21. 2pp. 




790S27051& Forwards IE 

ssj.5. 1 ;-;. --an? " j 

79/03/30. I P . R " 9 "" 1 3 ' *' 

7904120125 Forwards IE Dull.t-t 
PNa-79-47, 79-67A, D C D"E f'" 
O'REILLY, J.P. R.nion 3 L 

R * l n 

Office of th. Dir ec tor. 

*P9e retired, 
Of Me. ,%, 

7904260340 Foriuardi IE Bul 

' .- Dlr,. r . 


7904270570 Fop wdTd 

- PBr 

,. ,,. pim 

' " yw 

Ktalon3 , 

PARRIB.H O fl e i o 

""Won Br^na. 79/w/S. *"""' R *" tor 

79O4030O34 Foruarrf. re- . 

"" r -s.S;^ 

Support BPan ch. 


^f.!.^"&!M - < 


00469 Forward! IP n 

SifS^'" ' 7 " 5 ' " MoIIiur ' u -- ' 

79/03/20.' app. fle9i n 2 ' *t-. Office O f th . D , PBcta 

79/03/ai. 'ap,. e9 n 2 ' Atl "" 
?9042003?0 FoPBiarJi IE r n * .. .., 

- J - ""' 


;!" " " a 79038B 

Off ile th. Dir.ctor. 

lp . 

e. of th. Dlr.etor. 

79/03/OS. lp. 

790*060336 Fourth Intirl. - .. 

qiuiifieuiii * P ."fi,d 3S; n pur<:h '" r.iu.t, i. V4ll 4 w/0 

;,,* < H ^iIi; a d n f v :.%" flou " iull "" nt ' 

Ttrltl ..... V ' n V A.-thoritg. ?9>03/OB. 1 P . 

7904060399. FortHTd. fir,t I .. , 

OH.'i 1 !^""" PIti.i "*" "P*'* 

79-7, on 

u*d b v 



DOCKET 30-439 Bellefonte Nuclear Plant, Unit a 
fijiortabl occurrences, rolfltsd correspondence 

79O-41700B2 Mill submit combined written rept hu 79O609 coVBrino NRC 
871 ( NRC 098 "Eipanaion Anchors Not Passing Qualification 
Tst. " 
OILLELAND, J. E. Tennessee Valley Authority. 79/04/O9. Ip. 

7904190004 "E<pansion Anchors Not Passing Qualification Tests," third 
interim rept.Solf drilling anchors used to anchor SeisU 
Category I supports to concrate mere installed u/o 
qualification tests. Anchors since tasted proparlg- 
* Tennessee Valley Authority. 79/O4/07. Ip. 

DOCKET 50-440 Perry Nuclear Power Plant, Unit I 
Application/construction it*ge 

7904110189 Requests addl info re capability of nuclear steam supplu. sus 
to respond to postulated ATWS transients. H/ltr to major 
vendors requesting info & forwarding NUREQ-046Q, Vol 3 W/o 

VAS5ALLO, D. 8. Assistant Director for Light Water Reactors 

79/03/13. 3pp, 

7904Q6QI32 Notification of 790322 nesting u/wtil in Bethesda.MQ to 
conclude NRC independent assessment of f ua 1 load data 
Renting is continuation of Nov 1978 sit* visit. 
LYNCH, M. D. -Light Mater Raactors Branch 4. 79/03/19. 2pp- 

7904200443 Summary of 790402 meeting w/util In Betheida, WD ra unit 
estlmat*d fuel load dato.H/llst of attendees. 
LYNCH, M. D. Light Wattr Reactors Branch fl. 79/04/03. pp. 

Inspection reports and correspondent 

79O4160Q06 Forwards IE Insp Repts 30-44O/79-01 fc 3O-441/79-01 on 
79O221-83.NO noncomp 1 lance noted. 

FIDfla.LI,0. Region 3, Chicago, Riactor Construction t. Engineering 

Support Branch. 79/03/ia. 2pp. 

--790416QOOB IE Insp Rapti 50-440/79-01 !. 30-441/79-01 on 79OS2L-23. No 
noncompliance noted. Major areas inspected: licenses action 
re previous Items of noncomp 1 ianco, unresolved items li action 
re Region III 790208 immediate action Itr. 

KONK.LIN, J.E. , HUOHES.J., KNOP, R. C. Region 3, Chicago, Raactor 

Construction 1> Engineering Support Branch. 79/03/09. ISpp. 

790*030(11 Forwards IE Circular 79-04. "Loose Locking ut on Umitorque 
Valve Operators." 
KEP-PLER, J, 0. Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/03/16 

7*04030041 Forwards IE Bulletin 7B~12fl. "Atupical Held Mat! in Reactor 
J*raur, t/etiel Melds." 

KEPPLEfi, J.O. Ragion 3. Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/03/19 


DOCKET 30-441 Porru Nuclear Porjar Plant, Unit 2 
Application/construction stage 

7904110189 Requests addl info re capability of nuclear steam supply ays 
to respond to postulated ATWS cransiBtita. / Itr to majnr 
vendors renuesting info & Parmarding KUREE-O4AO. Vo 1 3. M/o 
ent 1. 

VASSALLQ.D. H. Assistant Director -for Light Mater Reactors, 

79/O3/13. 3pp. 

7904040132 Notification of 79O322 mooting ui/util tn De-tliesda. MD to 
conclude MRC ind ependont assessment of fuel load date. 
Meeting ti continuation of Nov 197H sita visit. 
LVNCHrM. D, Light Water Re-actors Branch 4. 79/O3/19. 3pp. 

79042O0443 Summary o.f 79O1O2 meeting u/util in Bethesda.HD va unit 
estimated fuel load date.U/list of attandees. 
LYNCHiM. D. Light Hater Reactors Branch 4. 79/04/02. 6pp. 

790414OOO6 Forward* IE Insp Rapt? 30-440/79-O1 tc 30-141/79-O1 nn 
79O221-23. Ha none amp] lance noted, 

FlaRELLI-0. Rogion 3, Chicago, Reactc-r Construction i Enginanring 

Support Branch. 79/O3/12. 2pp. 

79O4J600O9 IE Insp Repta SO-44O/79-01 r* 30-441/79-O1 on 770221-33. No 
noncomp llance no ted. Major areas inspec ted: 1 actio-n 
m provious items of noncomp 1 iance. unreso Ivod i tama V action 
re Region III 79020B immediate action Itr. 

KONKLIN, J.E. , HUOHES.J., KHQP* R. C. Region 3, Chicago, Reactor 

Construction fc Engineering Support Branch. 79/O3/OB. ISpp- 

7904030U1 Formarda IE Circular 79-04, "Loose Locking Nut on Llmitorqiro 
Valvo Qperators, " 

Region 3, Chicago. Office of the Director. 79/O3/14. 



7904030061 Forwards IE Dcilletin 78-130. "Atgpical Ua 1 d Ma61 in Re-actor 
Priura Vessel Welds," 

KEPPLEfi. J.O. Region 3i Chicago! Office of the IHractor. 79/O3/1 1 ? 


7904030022 Forward* IE Circular 79-O3, "Koi s turo Leakage in Strandtd 
Ulra Connector*. " 

KEPPLEft. J. 0, Region 3, Chicago, Office at tha Director. 79/03/2O 


7904300369 Forwards IE. Bulletin 79-O4. "Incorrect Weight-s for Swing 
Chech Valves Manufactured by Velan Enginsertng Corp." 
KEPPLER. J. 0. (legion 3, Chicago- Office at the Diroctor. 79/03/30 


7704120134 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-05, "Nuclear Incident -at TMI" S; 
PHO-79-67. 79-67A, B,C, D, E, F , O. No response required. 

KEPPLER, J. 0. Keolon 3. Chicago. Office 'of the Director. 79/O4/O1. 


Inspection reports and correspondence 

7904030023 Forwards IE Circular 79-03, "Moisture Leakage In Stranded 
Hlr Connectors. " 


Region 3. Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/03/20. 

7704300349 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-04, "Incorrect Uaights for Suing 
Check Vtlvis Manufactured bu Velan Engineering Corp." 
KEPPi-ERt J.O, Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/03/30 


7904130134. Forwards IE Bulletin 79-03, "Nuclear Incident at TMI" k 
PNQ-79-67. 79-A7A, B, C, D, E. F It 0. No response required. 

KEPPLER, J. 0. Region 3, Chicago. Offlcs of th Director. 79/04/01 


Forwrds IE Bulletin 79-03A. "Nuclear Incident at 
TMI - Suppl, ' & preliminary chronology of TMI-a 790328 
jcctd*nt until core cooling restored, 

KEPPLER, J.O. Region 3. Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/04/06 


790*270239 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-06A, Revision I, "Review of 
ai*r*tianal Error* t Sys MtsAUgnment* Identified During 
THI Incident. " 
KEPPLER.J.O. Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Dirt c tor. 79/04/18 

7904190311 Forui*di IE Bulletin 79-QSA, "Huclar Incida-nt -t 
TMI - Suppl," V prellminarif chronolojy o-f TMI-2 7903HB 
accident until core cooling resbaraiT. 

KEPPLER, J. 0. Ragion 3, Chtca|jo, Dffica of th Director. 



7904270229 Forwards IE Bulletin. 79-OAA. Revi slon l,"Revi<m of 
Operational Errors Si S<|s Mi sal 1 Identlfind Dur Lno 
Trlt Incident. " 
KEPPLER, 0.0. Region 3, Chicago, OFfUv of the Birct*r. 79/04/10, 

DOCK.ET 50-443 Seabrook Nuclear Station, Unit 1 
Application/construction staga 

7904110197 addl info re capability D f nuclear steam supply sg 
to respond to postulated ATMS trnnInt. W/l tr to major 
vendors requesting info V foruartflno NUREO-O46O, Vol 3. H/o 
enc 1 . 

VASBALLO. D. B. Assist*nt Director for Light Water Reactor.. 

79/03/13. 3pp. 


..: 1-M4J <rn;t>-:l f-.iltai- Station. Unit 1 
sjji i, iM-- : = -tt^.;li:r: itijt 

" if \ '.'. 'A i-'.;- 1 .i-f i V.t 7-0531 . "In.'d tijalian 1 Evaluation of Stress 
ji";;n:- i>:n-j in Pipinj a* LWfl PUnti" t, related FH 

- 1 ( p ; l W -i l - ; i 

.'.'"o.i.l - E Aimtint Sirtctor tar Light (later Reacton. 

7i-:301 Itr to Stcrtry of Energy !. 790401 Itr 
t-) tcnurn re facility ft requettlng 

InsoBctlon roports and corraspondantc 

7904190123 Fnruarda IE Insp Repts 30-143/79-03 I. 3O-1*4/7V-03 
770312-13. No none amp 1 lane B noted. 

CARLSON. II. T. Beg ion 1, Philadelphia, Reactor Cur! Itrce U * 

Englnoering SuppoTt Branch. 77/02/28. 3pp. 

7904170123 IE Insp Rept 30-44 3/7<?-03 (. 30-114/79-03 on 710SI', 
noneompliance notBd. Major am* a Imp ac td : obi* rvj t Ion of 
reactor pressing vassal handling lojd tut & rmvitu of 
electrical flA program >t procedure 
FOLBDM.B.ft. , CHrtUDIWRY, 8. K, , MCOAUOHV, R. H. O.o ion I. 

ital Proj.ct Branch 1, 77/04/13. 3pp. 

*Sj EiBrimi ccncern n facility t retuesCi canst be itoppd. 

S2 P - Afmiaticn Untno-jn. 79/04/01. 2pp. 

t u^rfcmarij to tuppl prior findings bi] reply to 
asi:* 3 7V/03/I3 Ip 

7904040334 Forwards IE Bui lot In 77-03, "Lo-noi 
ASME BA-312 Typ, 304 SUliil... aUel Plp"a 
a B t .'; rel1 b " Voull S' lt '"'> HDldina j, En 9 lii. 
79/03/?2 ip. 9 " '' PhIlfldBl ' lh1 -- "flic 

utf In* 1 Mild Cil. 
!, ' C "* 

rin(j Co. " 
.'%*.? Oltl. 

''-;*:iCC-:3 Eifrum cuntem n iajacl of sjrtfiijujtBi on pufclic safety 
i-i **acl3r -;tjiuni ty, evacuation plant i nuclear uatte. 
*iiiL3.PC AfMliititn Unlneun. 79/03/14. 3pp. 

Fir K jrai tritt 6s CccU omitted from 790301 order. Deniet 
. 8^ C Ifiiftvrt to nctrpt pigtt from docuifunts filed 
TM1 ra:i(^ing for n/t to involved prtis. 
10.H E Atsaie Sjfttv nS Lictniinj Apptj] Panel. 79/O3/22 

Offlc, O f 
"Moi.tur, L 

Rtifenn, to r, tuMt for ord(r to , Kou uh facilitu 
mti ihould not bi luipgnded or rivaled 
nti in util'i fin*pcisl it*tui reiiuire renewed 
tion Certifitite of Eve incl 
n BW!T,L M.fMthut.u,, state of. 77/03/B6, 3pp. 

Ml^" e ;r;!; 7 f 10M r : pl froa "* i-nuM B> ^.i, n 

I !! c* "'-tlinj v*t.r .tora,e tanfc. (, NRC technical 
.Mr, Ctrtiric illinnint it in oror,i, 
MEWCH.i. Branh " 

Branch 3. 79/03/28 3p 

! 1 " 


( of N 


Pn.HR O f,u. af N utl r factor R. BU UUo, 

77/03/2B. ,p. 


or m apder to 

fipp . 


WM/M , p , 

i B. H. | 

79/04/14, lp. 


0K. .1 ,1,. 

Ih. Olri E .r. 

Offle. of th. Olntt. 

9Ml m . Unit it 

OP.,. 79/04/23. I H . 



v.ndori rtqw 
and. r " lu 

79/03/1'' 3pp. A "" lt ' n * 

n i n* . . W/r to .jor 

1 ll Info 1 forwrdinB NUREO-0460, Vo| 3. M/ 



,""ttet.H/o tnel. 
77/03/83.' "-' 3pp. 



DOCKET 30-441 aeabrook Nucloar Station. Unit 3 
App He at Ion /construct Ion stag a 

790427067Q tta.pond* to 7WX10! Itr to (lucretory of EnorflU & 790401 Itr 
to Hit Denfron' e>proiino concorn re facilltij 4. ronuestino 
eon it be (topped. L. Envi ronmenta 1 Project Dranch 1. 71/01/13. 3pp. 

--7904270400 Eipre.ieg concern r facility i requests const be itopa.d 
ROOECRQ-P.C. Affiliation Unknown, 77/04/01. 2pp. 

rtdjudlcatory correspondence 

7704030307 D*ni It unnircuaary to *uppl prior findings bu raplu to 
renonaP nth or parties, 
BRENNEII.U Drench 3. 7'7/0;i/l3. Ip, 

7904,190135 IE Imp F| 8 pt<i 3O-fl43/79-O3 fc 3O-444/79-03 on 79O3I2-1S No 
nemcompllancs noted. Ma joi- aroas insp acted : nb ton of 
roacfcor presaura VOIBB! handling load test t review of 
electrical QA program fc proteduro 
FDL6QM, B, A. , CKMJUffARY. S, K. - MCOAUOHV, R. M. [logiqm i, 

la ' aBflct(>r Conatvuction ft Englnaeving Support Dranch. 

S r ?* rl S" 11 ** 1 " 79 ~ D3 ' "*-"9't"'Jii Mild Daf.ct-1 in 

3 Type 304 Stainlass Btoal Pipe Spools 
Manufactured bij Youngs tomn Welding & Enginoorino Cii " 
ORIER, B.H, Ruglon 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Director 

7V/O3/12. Ip. 

7904030093 Forward* IE Circular 7-P-Q4, "Loose Locking Nut on Limi torque 
Vnlve Operators. " x ' 

Hagion I, F'h I lade Iph ia, OfPica at the Director. 


ORIEft, B.H. 
79/03/16. Ip. 

Oa Eipr* concorn rs impact of Bartliq.u*ktf on public *ftu 
in rejictor cammunl ty, evacuation plaru t nucl*r iu*it. 
RaOER&iP. C. Affiliation Unknown. 79/03/U. 3pp. 

a Forwards IE DullnUn 7O-I2B. "Atgptcal Meld in Reactot- 
Preure Vaiial Wolds." 

79 /OS /!<?"' Ra ' io " ' PhiladBlp 

Offico of tha Dlroctar. 

79041 10139 Fcriujird* brltf LIJ D CaccU oniitUd from 790301 order, Dun In 
rqut b^ C Kpfoi-d in icorpt pogn from documnt fllgd 
in TMI prucaailtno far vc to Involved pvil. 
WIFLtliM.E. AtliMlc flfBtj and l.ictilsiiip Appual Pn|. 79/03/22 

7TO030037 Forward. lECircuUr 79-03, "Molsfcuro Leakage In StranJod 
Uira Conductors. " 

ORIEB.B.H. Ro B ton 

79/O3/20. Ip. 

Ph 1 1 ade 1 pttld , Office oP the Diroctor 

770MAQ376 Retpandi to -rtqueit for order to '*houi came who, facility 
contt permit* thould nob bu suspended or revolted. 
Development* in will's financial status require renewed 
Investigation. Certlf lenta of 8vc encl, 
LEONARD. B. H. . DURTi L, Ma* sachuietti, State of, 77/03/26. 3pp. 

77041903311 Foriuard* 7H102B rept from Applicant idantlfulno doigti 
deficiency tn refueling uat.r itoragg tanks (. NRC ttclinlcel 
luminary. Oenerie ai*einaiit I* In progress, 
nnENNEfl.L, Branch 3, 79/03/20. 3p|i. 

79042(0] 13 tt*pcinif* to 770313 requnst on beli*lf cf tltacoaat 
Anti-Pollution Leaiua for order to ahou cause whg Cl'l'll-ias 
and CrrR-lG6 ahould not ha B(i*p>nilad or rNvahed, 
DENroN J H.F4, Office at Nuclsar Heactor Regulation. 77/03/30, Ip. 

"Use of Improper h*tl in 

Fit nutlet of Deacoait Antl-F'ol lu tlon LBBJUS 790313 rqut 
far order to tliou cauta. 

M. It, Ufflc* flf NucUar [)actar (ieguUtlon, 7V/03/30. Ip. 

Forward* fur Infoi Utacoait Anti-Pol In tlon Hague 790312 
r nue it far ardvr to thau cause, 
OGNTON.H.R. Offlca of Nuclear Reactor RaeiilaUon. 79/03/30. app. 

-7904210UU Foruardi Qeacoasl Anti-Pollution League 79031K raoueit for 
ftrdtr to ihou cau*. 
HACWJfl.R.A. O'NiU, Packui, DpUlm*n, 79/03/12. 2pp. 

-790*2101^3 Rqu**t from Qaacoaat Anil-Pollution League for an order to 
ihow ciui why Cl>* for propoted nucUr pouer plant* ihould 
not 6 luipandid or rivokod. 
BACKUB-B.A, O'Neilf &acHj, Qplelman, 79/03/12. 6pp. 

Forwards IE Info Notlco 79-03. 
Baf ot^-fielaleo' Component*. " 
OniEH.B.H. nealon 1. Philadelphia, Office of the Director 

79/O3/21, Ip. 

7704200-163 Forward's IE Info Notico 79-07, "Ruptiuro of fladiuamte Tjnfci " 
ORIER, n,M. flglon 1. Phi latialph IB. Office of the Diroctoi- 

79/03/36. Ip. 

790*210019 Requfltt. eiteniton of time to 7709S3 to rotpond to IE 
Bui latin 70-13, ISA t, Ian. WD t Sng houe & C-E naeti add 1 ttm* 
to provide Info t- varl f icat inn for reactor votaeli. 
HW3ELTINE, J, D. Public Hurvlca Co. of New HampoFiii-8. 79/03/27. Ip, 

Forward* IE Qullatln 7?-Oa, "Incorract Msfght* for Suing 
Chncl Vjlvm Manuractured liy VoLon Enolnaerlng Corp, " 
ORIErtiB.H. neglan 1, fit i 1 ade 1 ph la. Office of tha Director. 

7T/O3/30. Ip. 

7904120230 ForwflrJi icnulletln 79-03. "Hue I ar Ineidant at THI" & 
PNO-79-67, 77-67A. n-C.n.f, F h 0, No r<pnnie rotulred. 
ORIERiD.H. Rfrgloii 1. Phi Udelph la. Offlco oP the Dirctr. 

79/04/01. Ip 

7704190133 Forward* IE OulUtln 79-OBA, "Nuclaar Ineidant at 
TMI - Buppli" % prellmlnaru ehranokooij of TMI-H 77032S 
accident until cor* cooling -reitorad. 

ORIER, B.H, !tjlon 1, Riilddelph U. Offleo at th<t Director. 

79/04/03, 1(1, 

7704270323 Forwards IE Bulletin 7*)-06A, "Ravlou of Operational Eri-ttn 
Sgs HlillignAaiitc HentlfUtT Qur liio TMT Incident," 
OniEFI.Q.H n*j[on L. Phlladoln h ia, OffUa of the Director. 

79/01/H. Ip. 

7V04IOOI11 Requmtt a4dl financial Info r 790309 prei 
eanornlng comt work in progrnn in rt* be. 
VAB8ALLO, D. B. Anl.tant Olrtetor for Hgtit WUr 

79/03/21. 9pp. 

f t reiponte* lo NRC 790321 re.utt for 
Info r* financial qual I f Icationi. 
RrJ. iV Hop* i t Qr*\f. 79/04/23. 1pp. 

7904340231 Submit* <14I financial info rtquotted In MRC 790331 Hr, 
Inclutllni 770300 pr*i r*l*a b v HC r*lln, "Annual 
PinncUt FUpt I97S H I. tupportlng documanljtUon. 
llAKttlBDN.R. J. Powr Awthorltg Qt*te of Haw york, 77/04/19, 

"Annual Flnntl*l Reet 197B. 
Beirvlc* C. of New XinipthCra. 76/12/31. 33pp. 

Inspection rtparti nf correipanifence 

Forward* IE Imp Rept* 00-443/79-03 fc 80-444/79-03 on 
a.No nqncopUnc* not*d. 

CAflLSON.R.T. Riglon 1. PMUdlphla< Reactor Com true tlon h 

Support Brunch, 77/03/38. Spp, ' 

DOCKET 00-449 Coma itch* Peak Btaam El ac trie Bta. , Unit 1 
Appllcatlon/conitructlon stage 

7904030241 Foriuardi *chdule for retpondlno to flrt round quution* 
dtd 7BI102. 73112^, (.790230. 
OARY,R.J. Tea* Utltltlal 0nrating Co, 79/03/33, 2pp. 

7904160262 Forwards cone lutloni fc recowmsnd* t Ions of now Pips Crack 
atudg Ornup in NUHEO-QMl, tt InvUgtlan * Evaluation of 
Btres* Corro.ion CracHng In Piping of LHR Plant*, Forward* 
related FH notice. W/o encl, 

VABSALLO. 0. B. A ill taut Dlrtctor far Light Hater Itaacttirs, 

79/O3/23. 3pp i 

7904300218 Forward* riquvil for addl info to complete nvaluatlon o* 
application for OL.BcheduU for i-epn** ihauld be submitted 
bv 7TO4S7. 
BAER.R.L, Light Utir Ractori Bran-eh 2. 79/04/O6. 3pp, 

790430043B Notification of 790423 meeting u/TX Ufcil 0enar*ting Co 
0*theida,ria to dljcusi control of eicluilon *raa, 
HURWELU.S, B. Light Hater Reactor* Branch 2. 79/04/19. 3pp. 





! & L(.b orinBn . 79/03/03. 3p,. 

<" proNctln 

TT ' E ' H ' "-*"< 8o.. 7W03/OS. a3pp . 


"""- 1 -"".' '',, M/M/07 . Sp( 

he*t EI y . 79/03/07. ,. 

b.rman. 79/03/0?. Spp. 

Ord.n otil tn , 

040903SA Notifi.a , 


" Concha Pea kjjt earn Electric SU. , Unit I 
ftnti-lru.t correspondence 

POIRIER.H. H. Spiegel (, HcDIarmid. 79/03/13. 

27 pp . 


H.A. Spiegel fc McDiarmld. 

- Certificate of Svc anc 1 
79/03/17. llpp. 


-7904300141 Motion far protective ardsr of Central Power t, Light in 
response to Houston Lighting S. Puir first i nterrooatariBS c 
request for production of documents including confidential 
info. End draft of similar order suggested for ASLB. 
STAHL, D. H. [sham. Lincoln t, Beale. 79/O3/22. 3pp, 

7904040243 NRC response to motion for protective order t, motion to 
n^5.,iff ur * h ;' -" tn N"C interrogatories t, revest, for 
production of documents to Houston Lighting S, P ol uer Co 

mi'iSI^'p I 1 ^* " til motlt> "-W^ B rtific a t e of Svc. 

. B. Anti-Trust Division, 79/03/33. ifipp. 

n""! n ? tic " op receipt oF addl antitrust info re ti 
for submission of vietus on antitrust matters 
BAER.R.L. Light Mater Reactors Branch 2. 71/03/33. 3pp, 

LESSV.R.P. Anti-Trust Division. 79/03/13. 


790*190023 Partial responds to t, motion for extension of time in which 
to complete response to Central Power t, Light Go's anauars 
to IntBrrojatorles t requests for documents. Inilud... motion 
to compel fuller responses. Cert If icate of Bvc and 

C. Spiegel (, McDIarmid. 79/03/13. 19pp. 

79041'<K)03}1 ftiponse of City of Brownsville to Central Pouer & Light's 
o&jaitlons d motion for protective order. Insists util 1* 

to supply info t. documents. Should obtain info 
1 SV""E a ' ly * Bul "'*<'-l e s. Certificate of avc encl. 
.R.C. Spiegel fc rlcDiarmid. 79/03/13. 3Opp. 

79Q41*HJOSi Flnt iBt of Interrogator i. fc requests for production of 
4ocuants from TX Utili Generating Co to Antitrust Dtv, DOJ 
Certificate of SVG encl. 
KNQTTSrfJ.B. Debevoise & Lleberman. 77/03/16. 9pp. 

7904190037 Answer of TX Util. Co 4, its subsidiaries to Initial 
interrogatories 4. to first request for production of 
document* from Public Utils Board'of City of Brownsville 
Certificate of Svc encl. 
KNQTTB.J.B. Te<as Utilities Co. 79/03/16. llpp. 

7904190041 Firt set of interroaatories t, requests for production of 
docunont* from TX Util Co to NRG. Cartif icate of Svc encl 
J. B. Debevolse b Lieberman. 79/03/16. ilpp. 

.,,h m j. . Mat ' CB f receipt OF addl antitrust info re time For 

submission of views on antitrust matters. 

BAEH.R.L. Light Water Reactors Branch 2. 79/03/23, 4pp. 

7904160333 Denies TX Utils Operating Co 790302 motion for protactivs 
orders re dty of flrounsvl 1 le ', interrogatories * request 
for documents. 
MILLER, M. E. Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Panel. 79/O3/23. 

frr; S Cl * '/Kn' "r,t Bended answers *, DOJ', 

first set of intarrogatories. submitt.d in, rpon.e to DOJ 

motion to compel fuller answers. DOJ uilll review Austin's 

files on 790326-27. 

BALQUCH, R. C. Aus 1 1 n, TX. 79/03/23. lp . 

7704210340 Amended answers filed in response to BOJ's motion to 

SSTf! li! 1 . 1 '! aniuerl to Da -J'' f'rst set of interrogatories 
Affidavit fr Certificate of Svc encl 
BALOUOH.R.C. Austin. TX. 79/O3/33. 9pp. 

ov^!"^" 1 Houmton L *9ftin B a. P 01U er Co', cotton to compel NRC 
to provide fuller responses to second set of tnterroga toria* 
* motion for oitensioti of time to respond to NJ1C motion to 
compel. Requests affl>ins date t, tiaa. 
FRANKLIN. U. J. Lowetistain-Neluman.neis.AKelrad fe Toll, 79/03/26. lp, 

7904U007& Motion by Houston Lighting fc P^er Cn for e, tension of tim 
.n^ 4 l* "! p S n ! * NRC moUon ' or Prtlv. order fr 

00 re!ponses to '"*-ri... 

77<m?acj53 Houston Lighting t, Power CD'S objection* t. motion for 
protective order re discovery request from City of 
Brownsville, TX.Ltsts general (, specific objections S, mavai 
for protective order, Covt if icato of Svc end. 
BAHNETTiE. U. Baker ti Botts, 77/03/17. 7pp. 

7W43QQ03B Forwards motions of Public Utils Board of Brounsvll le, TX f 
uteniion of time to provide fuller responses to Brownsville 
lnterro, B atopUs k for eittentlon of time to move Btn Antonio, 
TX to provide fuller reponsef. 
WHITE, B. 0. Spiegel (, HcDlarmid. 77/03/17. lp 



McDiflrmia. 77/03/17. 7 PP . 


t, MeDiarmid. 77/03/19. 4fipp. 

7904190043 Notion of Public Util, Board of C 

^?"cS". U J ' I? MU fc * r " f ni * Hou.t 

Powtr Go's otjectloni t, ansuers to Brownsville's initui 

ille for 

,- . 

.A. Spiegel 8, McDiarmld. 79/03/21. 7pp. 

790403000i Drd.ri antenslon of time until 770330 for City of Ban 
AytoMo fc until 790503 for South TX Cooperative Inc Medina 
CUttrlc Coop.ratlve to provide fuller responses to 
I n t e T r o g a to r 1 a . 
KILLER. H. E. Atomic Safety and Lic.nsing Board Panel. 77/03/22. 


7701300*36 Forwards Central Pou.r (, Lt H ht motion for protective ord.r 
i r^^Vr Hou ; to " "-'^""a * P first Int.rroa.tor !* """ 
* r.quej.t for production of document, including ccnfldentlal 

|1i t * P ! 1 ? ll "Vf 1 A8LB * nt " * ImiUr <"-". Draft "" 
, M, Isham. Lincoln (< Baale. 77/03/2S. 7pp. 

or, - & Power Co to compel NRC to 

provide fuller to util's second sat of 

* "" >"*'"" f "t,. 

7904170204 Grant, motion by Public Utils Board of Broumsvl 1 la, TX 

Ho^on'Tin!; ' Tp"" '" "* Ieh * r "" " d to ""J"Uon, of ' " 

Houston Lighting & Pouer to Uroiunsvil le's initial 


MILLER, M. E. Atomic Safaty and Licensing Board Panel. 79/03/27 

790413QOB3 Objections t, motion for protactive ordec-s by TX Util 
Generating Co re Central Power * Light's first set of 
Bn^H 1 "^"^ i i "1""t for production of documents. Asks 

Board to rfefer rul ing. H/Certif icate of Svc, 
KNOTTS.J.B. Bebevoise & Lieberman, 79/O3/2B. Qpp, 


i p . 

oorive ^% d :ncl' '^ antltruHlt " vt - Electric Po.-r 
BHAPAR.H.K. Office of the Eiecutive Legal Director. 7W03/2B. Lp. 

B . B 

BALOUOH.R.C. Austin, TX. 79/03/a-J. lp. 

--79042102SS Brief r . question of collater-l estoppel to dispose of 
? i;:" T ; r ""n-F*"''l'B- " 't & G . n clu.ion. of aw 
encl "hould be conslrfererf. Cert 1 f icate of Svc 

HARRI8,J.L., BALOUOH-fl.C. Austin, T. 79/03/29. <?pp. 

i^ ^! 11 !! I' """ r " pt >f Hou>l;orl Llahtlng t Pouer Co for 
?'2 * pol "'; d * n*"Tog a torles of Brounsvi 1 1., TX on 
Interrogatories of Central Power fc Light on 7903H7 (. 

filed motion for aiten.lon of time on 79O326, 

FRANKLIN.M. J. Louen. ta in, Newman, Reis, Ae 1 rad & Toll, 79/04/02. 

7704180307 Grants 790402 motion by Houston Lightlns & Power for 
..tension until 790419 ulthir. which to respond to C.ntr" 
Power I. Li 9 ht's answers S, objections to Houston Llohtino & 
Power's first *t of intarrogatorlei. 
HlLLEfi,H.E. Atomic Safaty and Licensing Board Panel. 79/04/O4. lp. 



9t a .. Unit , 

7904020383 Transc 
Pp 8I-2M. 

H.LER,M,E. , 

1 ..-- ' 

t Branch. "/'/oLss. ^pp.'' ReaC * r c ""*'*ion t, En fli n B .rin a 

n ^;;rsr^t^ h "-:*: s.v 

ff, R . G H . CROSSMAN W A Ln B "*'vltl... 

toP . 79/03/21 7 ff . e9(0n 4 ' Dal1 "' a *'i" of the 

"' R * 4Ctar Construction & en ij, MrIn , 

i o B 

OH.BERr,L.D., CnoSBHAN. H. A" , 

Wflei af 




1 w81 - "-*- 1 -**. 

SfV-"' -- Tr - ?;F - v- -- - 

W.V.H.J. T.. wi.i".: o * rt -"* 

Support Branch, 


D 'fp"' R " etor CnMtructHin fc 

"'" tor C-ntrti On I, 

c - 

Support Branch. W/SS^i. ""Ip"' fi " CtDr Con '*^*<'>n 

UtlHtte, i, n . Mt 

for Ugfct Mat.r fl e 


*V 790437. Bch.dul, far raipani* .houid t. .ub.IU^ 

BAER.R.L, ugh* Ht.r R Me top. Br.nch 2, 79/04/OA. 9pp. 


on plan, 

^- R"" " r^ii:." "" iln9 In << 

r" A.,t.tant Dlr.ctor for S.f.guardi. 79/03/ 



DOCKET 30-14/j Comancho I'aak 8 to dm Eloctrlc Bta. . Unit 2 
Adjudicator^ cor reap on dance 

7704140341 Ret punts to 790220 


Intervene. 13 dags prior to Firs* prohoarln^ 
CHANDLER. L, J, Uranch 1. 7WO3/13, "sp" 

7704170348 nlt H HUG for .*., ton of time ( wjl ,ch to r.alu t 
p.tltlon to iiitirvimit. Certificate of [] vc and p " 

Itranch 1. 79/03/16. 3pp. 



NRC motion to tomnnnim H ma nn ..i . 

1011 -' 'Vn^ 1 

.t TX Lig.l Bv C .,ffc,r .vc P ,,"?" 

flafor Now k 

ptt l t ion. 

flQUeno, E. B. Atonic Uifitv and Uc.n.lnt Hoard Pn|. 79/03/ai. lp 

7M+I3QI27 Reeomnand* ABU] grant; 1 ritarvont inn nntiMn., ,-,,., UUlltu. Oenar-tlon.CartlFt fl oTgic end CIH,.ni fur 

WWnX.ER.L.J. Rr.nch 1, 7V/<ra3. 9pp. 

FtlrtH and jniandmeitt. 

7701170260 Foruavda Amend 3 to KtJAH 
OAJiY.H.J. Te, fl , Utllltlo. Generating Co, 79/03/ao. anpi 

--7V0417036S Amonil !> to TEirtfl. 

OARV.R.J, To*s UtUll'lBl Qanovfltlng Co. 79/03/30. 701pp. 

7904340363 Forwards affidavit of ivc itf Amend 3 tn f-'Srtfl, 
SCHMIDT.,!!. C. I'eifla UtilltU 0nrtlng Co V7/04/lfc, 3pp. 


7904170126 Motion for extension until 79032O in ujhich to respond to 
second aet of interrogatories, b. raquast for production of 
documents submitted bij Central Pomer t, Li gh t. Ccr 1 1 f icato of 
Svc encl. 

FRANKLIN, U, J. Lowenstein, Newman , Rei 3 , Aielrad t* Toll. DARNETT, E H 
Dakar t, Dotts. 79 / 03/0 ft. Spp. 

7904060478 Motion to nnauer util's c-hjectlons t, motion far protective 
nrdoc. Mill file olyn motion to compal discovery bu 790317, 

Cortlf 1 catc of 8vt end. 

LEBBY.R.P, Antt-Truit Division. 79/O3/O7, 


7^0413009? TX-LA Eloctrlc Cooperaeivo contlnuaa to review documents 
rocBlvod fcomCiti| of llcownsv i lie- TX. Cooporat 1 vo has nalthor 
inltiatod or roceivod anij di-scoveru- ronuaBta durlno 
Fob 1979. Cei'bif icato of 8vc encl 
DUFICHETTE, U, II. Northcutt E!v. 79^03/07. 4pp. 

3 flp , 

dOHN.O. F, Akin, Gump, Hauef ,Fold. 79/03/07. 

C.rtlM. o c 

(IVAM.T. 0. I, ham, Lincoln 

" tUl 


* n 0iC hed u l,d for 
79/O3/0-?. Spp. 

^ C * .. tensi 

on f tlmo ontu 

KWJTT8, J, I). 

, or.. .um 

Light Co. Cei-tif ieate af Svc ent 1 
bovqUo t Lieberman, 79/03/O9, g pp , 

t ,, 

MlLLfcn.M. E. Atomic Haf H t,, dtld Litonsino Board Panel. 

AntL-trwit cor rnipon deuce 

7-)04ao0434 Forward* motion con taliitug objections to UQJ 790213 motion 
to compel AuiUn to prnvldo fullur ranpuriaoa to DOJ'n 
flrtt set of Itilnvroflfllor lei . 
DALOUQH. II. C. AiMtln, TX. 7V/Oa/0. Ip, 

--7flO+300ia7 Objection) hy Citg of Austin to I)()J 7VOai motion to compol 
fuller r*puii*ei to DIJJ'i flrtt sat of Inturroeatarlns 
Cirtlflcate of live and. 
HAftNIH.J. U. . IIAH1WOH, J. I., Austin. TX. 7W02/20. (,pp, 1, 

77010*0204 Motlun fnr aiteitilon uf tin* to raepond to socnnd sat of 
liiltrrogatorlmi I, request* Cor production of documonti. Lack 
of rttponi* bu Applicant to NHC Initial lntrroatarln* has 
tiutiJ delau. CirtJMcAtB of five ffncl 
DLUHIT.H. H. Antl-rrutt Division. 7V/0^/A. 4pp, 

77010V0336 tJuUflm Of nfcjctlo(i licb motliui to compel FulUr dnuars t, 
productton tnj DIM, Iutri'Ui)aKir im frinn (Utij uf Droninivl llo, 
IK r(olvd.0f far mad* to both [hartiei to inspecl 
Auitln'i fllBB.Cerltf Icata uf Bvc end, 
BALOWH. K.C. Autlln. TX, 79/O:i/01. 4pp. 

1 ' 11 " CDrr " tlo<ls to 7 ^07 motion for t ,,,,i D11 of tlmo 
KNOTTB. J. a DouovoliB (. Lloberman, 79/03/ia. i p . 

nro!S' a T!r q L r c r lJ 9Dt " f ^"ogatOTl., (. r.*u..t, 
production of dotuments from otll to NE1C. Cortl f Icnts of Svc 

LEG3V.R.P., flLUHE.M.n. Anti-Tru.t Division. 79/03/12. 13pp. 



''"I 1 ""* fn '' otonalon of tlma Co 

Debovoiae , Llbnrn,in. 79/03/12, lp. 

7904800170 Application by 1'ublic UtlU BuarJ of I3r ounuvl U, TX for 
pIIrfcM* ? b;n or production of documnU by El P fl ,o 
ImSl H 2 f/J ib(ioenfl ft Certificate c-f Svc *!. 
HllHlKHrM, H, Bpiegal ft HcDUrmid. 7';/0:i/12. 24(ip, 

79041V003-) Mnuitoli Llohling 61 I'ouer Co '-a Plvttt sot at written 
IntmTofl.itorlei to Public UtlU Hoard of Cltu of 
ttpoiuii*vl 1 la, TX, Cnt'tif Icoto of Bvc. one I 
BARNETT.K. W, Ha km- (< Hotta, 79/O3/14. Bitpp. 

7901170530 rorwurdi l v eli 1979 at* tut rop t, Cvnti'dl Pour (. Light Co 
rclvd from llnuitnn l.tjdVIrifl 5. (<owr Ca thn first st of 
wrlUnn lnkiM>oi|*tarl* t h*B filed motion for gxtentian at 
tin* ta rtipand. 
BTftllU.D, H. rh4Mi L.inctiln t. Iloflle, 79/0.1/O3 ftpp, 

710M70340 H mp on in af Boulh T'X Cooperativa, Inn (. Madlna Electric 
Cooper*tlv. Inc to Initial intaiTOofltoi'lflt t, first roqueit 
far dacirmenU from I'ubllc Ubil Uord at Droiunivt 1 lii TX. 
Ctrtlflct of Etvu ncl, 

. dcOlnnit, l.achftd|) t-Kilgore, 

AniuiKi- or TX UtiU aenrttnfl Ca t, nubs 101 arlai to NI1C 
TOjBtnrlBi !< raiiuiiti for producUon of Joe union t. 
iroy Jut d*Ull4d roinonia* tfl IiiterrogoLuria* 1-33 t> 37-39, 
CirUflc*to at five and, 

. J, I, Uofthftm. rorytlio i, BampeU, 79/OJ/03. I3pa. 

7904370271 Forward* City of Orouti*vi Ue. TIC V70313 application For 
Issoance of mbpoena for nroduetlon o* documanti hy El Paso 
Elac trie Co, 
WHITE, a, 0, Spleflol I, McDInrmld, 7?/O3fl4. Ip. 

7701270300 Clt^ of Brown. vl 1 IB, O application for i*tunnc. D f subpoena 
For production of documauts bv El Paso Electric Co. 
Cartiricates of Svc, subpoana (. supporting document at inn* 
POIRIEfl.M.R. ajilagul frMrni fl rm(rf -rttrnt/ti i-j,. n 

04l700?a Dluoverij rgpt for TX Util* O.narJit Hifl Co for Fb 1979. 

Cirtlflc*U of Bvc ecl, 

. J, B, Datiovolt* (. Llbarffl4n, 79/03/03. 9pp. 

WMV0090 TX UtlU Oeneritlng Ca objections to (, motion for protective 
oruen re curtflin HHC inUrr oga tor li k requnttt* for 
jroiucnon of dormant*. Objects to daf inl tlons. Cerljl f iet 
01 Svc enel, 
KNOTtS, J. B, Dabevolso (, Llebern, 79/03/03 7pp. 

"0*I?OT63 Kouitoa Lighting t. Pauir Co'f anwv to Dpj 790206 (notion to 
coopol further rotpqnnoi to dlcaveru ranuenti, Mot Ion I* 
'Kojer 4. mck* to conrlpt legal & paralegal *id from 
f|c-to qf Bvc *nd. 


*-_*I*I 0st cor| -' r sPn<tence" 




Certificate of 

* ,.,. for , roduttion Bf 

to Antitrirt DJv, DDJ 

7904190037 A n3[ular o( T)( uti 

>nt B rr ogatoPlas fc ^ % ' ' * '*' HUUrI 

e^;:?:^;^ 1 ^"'^^^^ 

"NOTTS, ,.*. T Vtll i t ,,.Ca. ,,,.. 11PP 
79Q417O06I Ftrsb -^ ! 



- Spi.flsl 6 McDiar m "id. 79/03/17. ip. 
-7704300033 Motion of Pub 1 i r ,,,.,, n 

.^^.r j'-^- d i; : r'-v -' -r;j'--" - 
Ksav-r -KJ-II di-s-^sslfj-s--^:,' 

790 4 040293 

rx utiis 

order. In c 

'ille.TX, to 

7904030006 QP 
MILLB,M a e 

790330 lav City of 3an 
-epo B '^ (l , M " < " na 

P Board Panel. 79/03/33. 


79040-40243 NHC 

" 7 KKK - 

7904160333 Denia* 



! -!- 

eor( Bl .. nch 

eS - r ^ 

on 0326-a? 

MWUOH.R.C. Au5i in, T,. 79/03/23. Ip , 

"7904210340 Am Bn d ed anslusrB ,,,,, , 

comp.I u ii. r " " i r P' 


. . ..,, LIe-n . lBg 8w- ^^ 

:-- n ^-un fo , t t ordar . ti 

Intdrrogatoi-Us fc reaua.t *! Light's ftrit sat of 

K?,.';.:-":.;-; rV >s.""xr< 

"uneVDlse (, Lieberman. 79/03/2B. 8pp. 

7904170531 Forwards t-t~ * 

"JT.*iv..H, "nel antit[ - ui t "viay on Br aiDI 

7904210346 Forwards 

" :; --'Ms. w " '" 


(, roll. 

Toll. 7W04/M. 

-n.,^ ' * -" - 

Support Branch. 79/02/M. "^p"' fi " etot ' CorntrycUon & Enjln.irlnp 



KWKET 30-446 Comanche Palt Steam Electric Bta. , Unit S 
I_noc6Jon reports and correspondence 

7904040033 IE Insp Repts 30-413/79-O1 & 30-446/79-01 on 79O102-31 Wn 
noncomplianta noted. Major areas Inspected: installation & 
welding of raactor coolant fc other piping sija, storage & 
mairt of equipment ft structural bldg activities 
TAVLOR.R.O., CROBBMAN, W. A. Ragion 4, Dallas, Office of the 

Director. 79/03/21. 7pp. Ctle 

7904110276 Forwards IE Insp Repts 30-443/79-04 fe 50-444/79-04 on 
790203-09 i. notice of violation. 
SEIDLE.W.C. Region 4, Dallas 

Support Branch. 79/02/27. 2pp. 

7904110279 Notiea of_ violation from tnsp on 790203-08. 

"! , Reactor Construction fc Engineering Support 

-- -790-4I102B2 Notica of deviation from Insp on 790205-O8 

R " Ct " r Co " a tr U ctlon * Engineering Support 

7904110288 IE Insp Repts 30-445/79-04 fc SO-446/79-04 on 790303-OB 
Koncomal lance noted: fai I ura to follow approved procodures 
tor nalnt of equipment In storage h failure to achinvu 
adequate ulrlttg separation. 

OILBEHT.t. D., ;CROaSMAN, W. A. , HALL- R. E. Region 4, Dallas, 

Reactor Construction & Englnaaring Support Branch. 79/02/27. 8pp. 

7904340103 Forwards IE Bulletin 7B-12B, "Atuplcal Maid Matl In Reactor 
Pressure Venal Uelds. " 

SEVFniT.K.V. Region 4, Dallas, Office of the Director. 79/03/19 


790403003ft Forward* IE Circular 79-OS, "Moisture Leakage in Stranded 
Hire Conductors. " 
SEVFRITiK.V. Refllon 4, Dallas, Offlr e of the Director. 79/03/20. 

nat " nvetion o 

installation of pip B ,^0^5 connetting aisam generators 
cross-over U, p 1 pin B . Condi t ion consldared potentiallu 
reportablo i/nder 10CFRSO. 551* ) *any 

OARV.H. J. Utllitiai Oenarating Co. 79/02/13. Ip. 

pparan Id : 5 """" instigation fc .v. lu .tt, n *, 

apparent UBld me tal defects in noji le-to-safe-.nd shop uald 
of Unit l pressure vessel. Cond i tion is potentially 
reportanle under IOCFR50. 95(e 1 
OARY.R. J. Te.a* Utilities Oenorating Co. 79/O2/19. Ip. 

7904280321 Not.lric.tio,, of of investigation on i nS t al lati Qn 
of pipe elbows connectinj stea oenerators to cross-over lag 
plplna Concludes matter not repartabLe under 10CFR30 55(> 
S*= ,"' records available at site for Inspector revieoi ' 
&ARV,R. J. Teras Uti 1 i ties O B neratin 9 Co. 79/Q3/2O. I P . 

79042B021S Notification of continuation of investigation t- evaluation 
of apparent weld matal defects In shop ueld between reactor 
pressifrs vessel hot lag "C" & its safe-end, potentia 11 u 
!S^ ab , lB Utl<f r "WFR80.35I.I. Interim response n f 79O319. 
tAHYiR.J. Teiaa Utilities Osnerating Co. 79/O3/19. lp. 

790420027B Investigation b evaluation of ueld metal df B ct, in .hop 
u*ld bo-tueer. Unit 1 redctor prossurs vessel hot lea nonle 
C 4 its safe-end is continuing . NRC mill ba notified when 
conclusion is reached ra potential rsportable Incidant 
OARY.R.J. Teiaa Utilities 0&neratina Co. 79/04/16. lp. 

7904260361 Foriuards PNO-79-67X 

7704B6041O Foriuards PND-77-67Y. 

8EIOLE,W n C. ftegiun 4, Dallas. Reactor Construe t ion 8, Eng ineering 

Support Branch, 79/O4/16. lp. 

790424O434 Forwards PNO-79-&7Z. 

6EIOLE.M C. Realon 4, Dallas, Reactor Construction J< EnglnEering 

Support Branch. 77/O4/19. lp. * y 

7"!<t4iaoaB7 Forwards IE Info No*leo 79-07. "Rupture of Raduaste Tanks " 
SEVFRIT.K.V. Region 4, Dallas, Offlco of the Director. 79/03/26 


790430O414 Forward* IE BulUtln 79-04, "Incorrect Weights for Suing 
Chc1( Valv< Manufactured fay Velan Engineering Corp." 
BEVFRITrK.V. Region 4, Dallas, Office of the Director. 79/03/30 


r < K42QQ-43( t Forwards IE Bulletin 79-03, "Nuclaav Incident at TMI" k 
PNO-79-47, 79-A7A, B, C,D, E, F & G. 

&EYFR1T,K,V. Region 4, Dalla 1 *, Office of tha Director. 79/04/O1. 


790413OO4B ftcl rtcslpt of 79O320 UP informing NHC of stip* taken to 
cnrrvct Violations noted In IE Inp Ropta 50-449/79-04 & 

BESDLE^W. C, Region 4' Dallas, Reactor Construction & Engineering 

Bupport Br*nh. 79/04/02. Ip. 

7"nMl 30033 Ro*ponds to NRC 790287 Itr re violation* noted In IE Insp 
R*pti 50-449/79-04 k 30-446/79-04. Corrective actions: in- 
dspth rvlu of malnt program d equipment malnt record 

J. Txi UtllltlM* Oennratlng Co. 77/03/20. Qpp. 

DOCKET STN-5Q-447 flEB8AR-23a 
Appllcation/t ona truction stage 


7904030293 Forwards ooat-LOCA manual operator actions on ECCS mi 
Cansidavs info sieinpt from fees. 

SHERHQDD.O, 0. General Electric. Co.,Nuclaar Enerou Products Div 
77/03/32. 6pp. 

7904090217 Notification of 7904Q4 masting u/OE In Betheaifa, MB, to 
discuss GE's plans far final design approval application for 
KrtNEiH.F. Standarifliatlon Branch. 7?/03/2i. app. 

7f043aoi43 Responds to 790320 Itr rn fees for final daitgn approval for 
standard I lablon design under ref sys concept. One 
application fee rcnuirad for deiign application & one 
for mul tiple design. 
MILLER, W. 0. License Fao Management Branch. 79/01/O3. 2pp. 

79042AO379 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-06 1 "RevLew of Operational Errors t, 
Bun Hls.llanmanta Identified During THI Incident." 
SEYFRITtK.V. Region 4, DalU, Office of the Dlractor. 79/04/11. 

7704270374 Forwards IE BulUtln 79-06A, "RavHtu of Dparatlonal Errors (t 
Qi|t Mltallgnnints Identified During TKI Incident." 

SeYFHir,K. V, Ruglon 4, Dallai, Office of the Director. 79/04/14. 


7904370639 Foruardi IE BulUtln 79-06A, Revts Ion 1, "Rvlew of 
Dpration*l Error* & Sijt Mial lgnmnt IdantifUd During 
THI Incld.nt. " 

BEVFftlT.K.V, Region 4, Dallas, Offlca of the Director. 79/04/IB. 


Rtportablf- occurrences! rlatd correspondance 

Notification of completion of investigation on mpaniion 
joint in decontamination room. Concludes mattr Is not 
'rfpoftable under 10CFR90. SS(e>, Supporting records available 
an *lt tor Intpector revleu. 
OARV-R. J. Teias Utilities Onnerating Co, 79/02/06. Ip. 



icatorij correspondence 


7907050097 Foruards NUREC- 
rlanti, Content & fievieu 

Seurlt Psrionnil for p si 

79041602'?0 Part 

Ur^:.',;;;: .vvftrvft.v'" " ** 

Industries, Inc. 79/ftn/iA -" ' 



Uncoln 4 fleala 

i inbanilBd at a.ntnd 
eate at Bvc 


rockir I 

DOCKET 50-452 Qrgenwood En 

__""_^J i< " 1 _***9* 

770402O002 Foruarifi undni- 

rapt. aeparat 

SQUBER.J.L. Divl.r .* 


79/03/13. 1 P . 

Utility P8AH ano ameni(fflen t s 

7704D9039S (Jmtr separate caver, faruidrd 


true t ion sta 

PSAR 4 r, V lr Qr 

BOUPE^aL. DlvisiDn ., ,, ^ RBcords ww ^ ^ 

7904160232 Forwards tone lus i O r.s 

Stress Copras ion Crarkfln ' ' ' ^ v **tiuabion & Evaluat ion of 
R laterf FR nofrf cj:in|j in Piping o-f LWR Plants " 

PEAR and in.nrjn*nt l 

GODDARD.ft.J. Bpaneh 

n t CP,. 

. R.J. Branch 2. 79/03/13. lp" C 

Oiniral corraipondonci 

7904a303iO Submits 

ms 9mm it. , 
lli ne , , . !r2i ] tr "'""birihlp f a . to sinnlHlppt 

S K 60 


7904250360 Submits 

inca for the EnvXronitient <SAFE). 

on Unknown. 79/03/04. 2pp. 

/c for 790301 1 tr which (Jocumtnti MinbtnMf 
> *llau reprtsentatlon. in 

Brancr , 2 . 

79/03/13. lp. 




DOCKET 90-454 Byron Station. Unit 1 

Anti-trust correspondence 

77O4270-23B Forwards IE Bulletin 7S-O6A, Ruvi alon 1, "Review at 
Operational Errors b. Sij s MlsaHgnmen ts Identified During 
TMI Incident. " ,,,, 

KEPPLER. J. . Region 3, Chicago' Office of the Director, 79/O4/1B. 

790404018,1 Forwards antitrust info per NRC 781226 1 tr. W/oversi IB map, 
NAUWtON, U, I. Commonwealth Edlaon Co. 77/03/23. 96pp. 

FteportablB 1 occurrences related correspondence 

Inspection report! and correspondence 

790-1270392 Forwards final rept ro post-tension Ing aija, 
NAUQHTON, W. F. Commonwealth Edison Co. 79/O4/19. 3pp. 

790404003B IE Imp Rept 50-373/79-10, 50-374/79-04, 90-434/79-04 d 
30-453/79-04 on 790119,790205 & 06. No noncomp 1 tance noted. 
M-ajor areas inspected: tendon sys performance teats & 
proposed Inryco, Inc tendon performance test program. 
* Region 3i Chicago, Reactor Construction & Engineering Support 

Branch. 79/02/23. 4pp. 

--7904270337 "Resolution of Contfl I nmen t Tendon I)ef ic ienc y. " final rept. 
Based on cofliprBhensl VB tendon test program d escr (bed i lest 
restrictive acceptance criteria for tendon button ho-flds can 
be tolerated. 
* Comfflnnuiealth Edison Co. 79/04/1?. 3pp. 

79O4120348 Forwards IE Inp Repta 90-454/79-03 J. 3O-4S5/7'9-03 on 
790207-07. No noncomp 1 lance noted, 

FltJflELLIiQ. Region 3. Chicago, Reactor Construction 1 Engineering 

Support Branch. 79/03/07. 2pp. 

DOCKET 50-435 Byron Station, Unit 2 
Adjudicator" correspondence 

79O413O349 IE Insp Repts 90-434/79-03 l< 50-453/77-03 on 790207-09. No 
none am pi la nee noted. Major areai inspected: pro tec tive 
coating* work & QA programs for protective coating* & 

HAWKINS, F. C, , MAXWELL, O.F. , HAVES, D. M. Region 3i Chicago, 

flactar Construction & Engineering Support Branch. 79/03/OZ, 

79O4O901O* Forwards IE Circular 79-04, "Loose Lacking Nut on Llmltarque 
Valve Operator*. " 

KEPPLER.J.O. Region 3i Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/03/16. 


704O3003B Forwards IE Bulletin 7B-12B, "Atypical Meld Matl In Reactor 
Pi-ur Vessel Melds. " 
KEPPLERiJ.O. Region 3i Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/O3/19. 

7904.030017 Forwards IE Circular 79-O3, "Moisture Leakage in Stranded 
Hlr* Co-nnactors. " 
KEPPLER.J.O. Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/03/20. 

7904270414. Act; receipt of 790323 Itr informing NRC of itaps taken to 
correct violations noted In IE Insp Rapt 30-434/79-oa 6< 

FtORELLErO. Region 3, Chicago, Raactor Construction & Engineering 

aupport Branch. 77/03/53. lp. 

79O48709S4 Responds to NRC 790203 Itr ra violations no tad In IE Insp 
Rept 30-494/79-02 fc 30-499/77-02. Corrective action*: welding 
pTocadurvi changed, 
REED,C. Commonwealth Edison Co. 79/03/06. 3pp. 

79040^0240 Ack receipt of 790314 Ur informing NRC of *tops taken to 
correct violations noted in IE Insp Rpt 30-434/79-01 & 

FIORELLI.O. Region 3, Chicago, Reactor Conitruction t< Engineering 

Bupporb Branch. 77/O3/26. lp. 

Respond* to NRC 790212 Itr re violations noted in IE Insp 
Rept* SQ-434/79-OI & 90-493/79-01. Corrective actions; 
HatfiBld Electric Co, lite contractor, wil 1 revise control 
procedures for design changes, by 770413. 
REE&rC. Commonutalth Edison Co. 79/03/14. 3pp. 

7904300^99' Foruiards IE Bulletin 79-04, "Incorrect Height* for Suing 
Chtck Valves Manufactured by Velan Engineering Corp." 

i 0. 0. Region 3, Chicago, Offlc of the Director. 79/03/30. 

7904180) 61 Forward! IE Bulletin 79-05, "Nuclear Incident at TMI" fc 
PNO- 79-67, 79-67A. B. C,D,ErF * 0. No response required. 

KfePPLER.0.0. Region 3i CMcago, Office of the Director. 79/04/01. 


79Q419022O Forwards IE Bulletin 79-09A, "Nuclear Incident at 
THI - Suppl," d preliminary chronology of TMI-a 79032B 
accident until care cooling restored. 
KEPPLERi J, 0. Region 3i Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/04/06. 


79043D0123 Forward* IE Bulletin 79-07, "BIifiic Stres* Analysis of 
BafetU-Relattd Piping." 

KEPPLER, J.O. Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/04/14. 


7984300133 IE Bulletin 79-07, "Seismic Stress Analysis of Safety- 
Related Piping, " 
. Q*-flce of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. 77/04/14. 7pp. 

79O402OO19 Forwards revised affi.davlt.3vc need only be made at one 

BHINEFLUO. M. J. DuKalb Area Alliance for Responsible Energy. 
79/02/20. 3pp. 

7904020022 Forward! 770301 Itr written to Beth Oalbreath as proof nf 
membarih ip. 

SHINEFLUO.M. DeKaU Area Alliance for Re* pom ibl > Energy. 
79/03/04. 2pp. 

79O403O330 Forwards 790131,770203 4 79022O Itrs intended it amends to 
earlier filed petitions to in ter-vene. Cer ti f Icate of Svc 
MURPHYiP.M. Hham, Lincoln 4i Beale. 79/O2/2B. 13pp. 

7904170023 Forwards requested Black Fox testimony of Aycoc fc, Crocker & 
Thomas re generic task action plans. NUREtt-0410 1* being sent 
under separate cover. M/o cncl. 
ODDDARDiR.O. Branch 2. 77/03/12. lp. 

79O417O331 Forwards four relevant CP op 1 nions, /o and. 
OODDARD,R.J. Branch 2. 79/O3/12. lp. 

79O417O334 Forwards requested NUHEO-Ofl?! K< rsLevaot CP decisions. 
U/o end. 
CODDARD,R. J. Branch S. 79/03/13, ip. 

7904180113 Forwards four CP opinions. W/n and. 
OODDARD.R, J. Branch 2. 79/O3/13. lp. 

77O4190077 Forwards four CP opinions. U/o enck. 
CODDARD.H.J. Branch 2. 79/03/13. lp. 

79O417QQ14 Forwards FES prepared at CP ataga of proceed ing. W/o end. 
GODDARD,R.J. Branch 2. 77/03/22. lp. 

General correspondence 

79O42S0360 Submits 770301 Itr ui/membereh i p fee to 31nnislppl 
Alliance as proof of morabersMp to atlcu respondent fco 
represent this group in proceeding. 

BHmEFLUOi M. Sinntssippl Alliance for tha EnviT-onmsnt (SAFEJ. 
79/O3/04. Spp. 

77O4290I2& Certificate of Bvc for- 79O301 1 tv which documents membership 
In Sinnissippl Alliance to allow representation In 
OODDARD.R. J. Branch 2. 79/03/16. 2pp. 

Utility FSAR and amendments 

79Q40200B7 Forwards Amend 19 to F8AR, Including response! to 
acceptance review questions, 
REED,C. Commonwealth. Edison Co. 77/03/30. Epp- 

7904020094 Amend 19 to FSAR, inc 1 uiting cooling fcouer *tudj-cont 
surveillance program & program result* for pipeline 
corridor. Numerous oversiisd drawings encl, 
Commonwealth Edison Co. 77/03/3O. 4OOpp. 

7904170237 Forwards notarized affidavit of distribution of FSAR. 
NAUGHTQN. W.F. Commonwealth Etflion Co. 79X04/11. lp. 



6p , 

7904370233 Fn 

...,, ,, ,.. , . 

, .. 

of th. Dlrac6o 

79-0403DOI7 Forwa 

77043703S2 Forwards fina 

Edi. on Co . 

-- action, 

""" '""ib.d. l. 
.ndon button hiid-i c.n 

En . ra , 


r , .- 
" "' ..... ' 

79/03/31. i p . 

2. 79/03/16. app, 

== Sr-^aa' 
...... , ,.,.. .,. ...... . ....... 

77 / M/30 _ 



DOCKET 30-496 Bralduood Station, Unit t 
Anti-trust correspondent!! 

DOCKET 50-457 Draidiuoad Station. Unit 2 
Adjudicatory correspondence 

79Q404Q191 Forwards antitrust info par NRC 781226 Itr. W/oversi le map. 
NAUCHTON, H. I. Commonwealth Edison Co. 77/03/22. 96pp. 

Inspection reports and correspondence 

79O413014O Fortuards IE Insp Repts 50-496/79-O2 fc 50-457/79-02 on 
790a07-O9,No noncomp 1 iance noted. 

FrORELLI.O. Region 3, Chicago, Reactor Construction i Engineering 

Support Branch. 79/03/07. 2pp. 

--7904I3O143 IE Insp Rapt 30-456/79-02 fc SO-437/79-O2 an 7902O7-09. No 
noncomp t ianee noted. Major areas inspected; ins tal lation of 
containment steal supports, structural welding t vevisui of 
quality records at structural steal for Unit 1. 

JONES, C. E. , NAIDU.K.R., KNOP. H. C. Region 3, Chicago, Qffic* of 

the Director. 79/03/06. llpn. 

770402001 9 Forwards revised a-f f i davt b, Svc need only ba made at one 
address . 

BHINEFLUG. M. J. DeKaLb Area Alliance for Responsible Energy. 
79/02/20. 3pp. 

7904O3033O Forwards 79OE31 , 79Q2Q3 Sr 790330 Itrs intended as amends to 
earlier filed petitions to intervene. Certificate' of Svc 
enc 1 . 
MURPHY. P, M. Isham, Lincoln t, flealu. 79/02/20. 13pp. 

7904170025 Forwards requested Blac* FQI testimony of Aycoc t, Cro-t kor tt 
Thomas re generic task action plans. NUREO-O11O is being sent 
under separata cover. W/o encl. 
CODDARD, R. J. Branch a. 79/03/12. If. 

7904170331 Forwards four relevant CP op Inions. W/o encl. 
80DDARD, R. J. Branch 3. 79/03/12. Ip. 

7904QSOIQ4 Forwards IE Circular 79-04, "Loose Locking Nut on Limitorque 
Valve Operators, " 
KEPPLEfl.J.O. Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/O3/16 

7904170334 Forwards requested rHJHEQ-Q471 & relevant CP decisions. 
W/o encl. 
GODDARD.R. J, Branch 2. 79/03/13. lp. 

7904030O3Q Forwards IE Bulletin 7H-13B, "Atypical Weld Matl In Reactor 
Pressure Vessel Melds. " 

KEPPLER, J.O, Region 3. Chicago, Office of the Director, 79/03/19. 


7904030017 Forwards IE Circular 79-03, "Moisture Leakage in Stranded 
Hire Connectors. " 

KEPPLERi J. 0. Region 3, Chicago. Office of the Director. 79/O3/20. 


7904100141 Act receipt of 790317 Itr informing NRC of steps taken to 
correct violations noted In IE Imp Rept 5O-436/79-01 Si 

FIOHELLIiO. Region 3, Chicago, Reactor Construction d Engineering 

Support Branch. 79/03/30. lp. 

7904IQO147 Responds to NRG 790221 Itr re violations noted in. IE Inep 
Rept 30-436/79-01 fc 30-457/79-01. Correct Ive actions: 
submission of cade inquiry ta appropriate committee of ABME, 
REED, C, Commonwealth Edison Co. 79/03/19. 3pp. 

79041OO183 Foruai-ifs IE Insp Rept SQ-456/79-OI i, 50-437/79-01 on 
79O1O9-11 t, notice of violation. 

FIORELLI.O. Region 3, Chicago, Reactor Construction i. 

enginnaring Support Branch. 79/02/21. 2pp. 

7904190113 Forwards four CP op inioixs . W/o ancl, 
GDDDARD. R. J. Branch 2, 79/03/13. lp. 

7904190077 Forwards four CP opinions. W/o and. 
QQDDARD. R.O. Branch 2. 79/03/J13. lp. 

7904170017 Fort-iards roiiuestad SEH.u/tuia suppls tt FES re CP stags. W/o 
enc 1 , 

. J. Branch 2. 79/03/21. lp. 

Oeneral correspondence 

7904250360 Submits 790391 Itr lo/memb nrah ip fee to Slnniss i pp i 
Alliance as proof of membership to allow respondent to 
represent this group in proceeding, 
SHINEFLUO, M. Aff tl la 6 inn Unldioiun. 79/03/04. 2pp. 

79042S0126 Certificate of Svc far 79O301 1 tp uihlch documents- memberah ip 
In Binnisslppi Atllanca ta allau representat ion in 
proceed ings, 

OQDDARD.R. J. Branch 2. 79/03/16. 2p P 

Utility FSAR ind araandments 

7904100)134 Notice of violation from insp on 790109-11. 

Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/02/1&, lp. 

7904020009 Forwards Amend if to F3AR- i nc lud Inj responses to 
acceptance- review nuosEions. 
REED,C. Commonwealth Edison Co. 79/Q3/30. 2pp. 

7701IOO1S7 IE Insp RBpt 30-1.16/79-O1 , 30-437/79-01 on 790109-11. 
Nonco'mp 1 lance noted :! 1 f led employee* welded gap of 
*plit backing ring on certain Unit 1 essential ivc uater )ij 

JONE3, C.E. , LEE.E. H. , KNOP.R.C. 
Dlre6or. 79/02/16. 6pp. 

Region 3, Chicago, Office of the 

790*300399 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-04, "Incorrect Weiahts for Suing 
Checfc Valves Manufactured b<j Velan Engineering Corp." 
KEPPLER, J. 0. Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/O3/30. 


7901020094 Amond 19 t* FSAR. including eooHnj toiuffr study, const 
surve t 1 lanco program d program results For pipeline 
corridor, Numerous oversiied drawings enel. 
Commanuealth Edison Co. 79/03/3O. OOOpp. 

7904170237 Forwards notarlied affidavit of distribution of FSAR, 
NAUQHTOM, W. F. Commonweal th Edison Co, 79/04/11. lp. 

Anti-trust correspondence 

770412016,1 Forward* IE Bulletin 79-03, "Nuclear Incident at TMI" & 
PHO- 79-67, 79-67A, B.C. D. E, F i 0. No repon*s required. 

(EPPLER, J. 0. Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/04/01. 


79O419O22O Forwards IE Bulletin 79-03A. "Nuclear Incident at 
TMI. - Suppl," * preliminary chronology of TMI-2 79O32S 
accident until core cooling restored. 
KEPPLER.J. 0. Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/O4/O6. 

79040.40IBI Forwards antitrust info per NRG 7BIS26 Itr. W/overs i i e map, 
NAUOHTON.W. I, Commontjealth Edison Co. 79/03/23. 96pp. 

Inspection reports and correspondance 

50-457/79-03 on 

7904I3014-O Forwards IE Insp Repts SO-4SA/79-03 
79O207-09. No noncomp I lance noted. 
FtORELLIid. Region 3, Coicago, Reactor Construction fc Engitiaarins 

Support Branch, 79/O3/07. 2pp. 

7904300122 forward* IE Bulletin 79-07, "Seismic Stress Analysis o* 
Bifttu-Relatid Piping." 

KEPPLERiJ.O, Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/04/14. 


79043OO133 IE Bulletin 79-07, "Seismic Stress Analysis of aafety- 
Rt latad Piping. " 
Office of Nuclear Reactor Reaulatlon, 79/O4/14. 7pp, 

7904270238 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-06A, Revision 1, "Review of 
OpurStional Errors & Sys Misalignments Identified During 
TMI Incident." 
KEPFLER, J. O. Region 3, Chicago- Office of the Director. 79/04/19. 

' If. 

"-7904130148 IE Insp Rept 3O-45&/79-02 fe 3O-4S7/79-02 on 79O207-O9, No 
noncompliance noted. Major areas tnspec tad: iflsta 1 Ut ion of 
containment steel supports, structural melding * reviou nf 
auall tu records of structural sfceel for Unit 1. 

JONES.C.E.. NAIDU.K.R., KNQP.R.C. Region 3. Chicago. Offlca of 

the Director. 79/O3/06. llpf. 

7904O50I04 Foruards IE Circular 79-O4, "Loone Lacking Nut on 
Valve dporators, " , , 

KEPPLERrJ.O. Rflffton 3, Chicago, Office of the Oirector. 79/03/16. 




"04030017 Forward, r r, 

- " ' 

-^^." "--- 






""ntl*! itfe ua tflr , 


, ...... ... 





app . - 

HB ~ , t 


"" 8 '"" 

'"'"'- - ....... 

,,. ,. 

"' ..... 



., , (let 


ti BR-v 

B . flian 

Support B, anch . 



DOCKET 30-45B River Band Station. Unit 1 
Repor table occurrences, related correspond encc 

7904300433 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-O3. "Nuclear Incident at TMI" t> 
PNO-79-67, 79-67A, B, C , D, E, F t,. Q. 
3EVFRIT.K.V. Region 4. Dallas, Office of the Director. 79/04/Q1. 

79O42604I9 Forwards PNO-79-67Z. 

7904240362 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-06. "Review of Operational Errors 
Sya Misalionments Identified During TMI Incident," 

BEYFHITjK.V. Region 4, Dallas, Office af the Director. 79/04/11. 


DOCKET 30-439 River Hend Station. Unit 2 
Application/construction stage 

7904270596 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-Q6A. "Review of Operational Errors 
9US Misalignment! Identified During TrU Incident, " 
SEYFRIT.K.V. Region 4, Dallas, Office of the Director. 79/04/14. 

79Q41IG193 Requests addt info re capability of nuclear steam supply sys 
to respond to postulated ATMS transients. U/ltr to major 
vendors requesting Info f,. forwarding NUREG-0460. Vol 3. W/Q 

VABSALLD, D. B. Assistant Director for Light Water Reactors. 

79/03/15. 3pp. 

77042706)2 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-O6A, Rewis ion I, "Review of 
Operational Errors & Sijs Misalignment! Identified During THt 
Incident. " 
SEVFRIT.K. V, Region 4, Dallas, Office of the Director. 79/O4/1S. 

7904O6Oiao Describes factors affecting dalau In completing transmission 
line corridor survey. Forwards final survey, rept b Itrs 
granting final clearance to transmission lines from State 
of LA to util which were transmitted on 770306. 
OENTOH.H.R. Office at Nuclear Reactor Regulation. 79/03/20. 4pp. 

79O4O6QIS3 Foruards archaeological t. historical s ta surveys resulting 
from proposed changes to transmission routes, u/comments & 
responses by util. 
HUMPHREYS, L.L. Oulf States Utilities Co. 79/03/06. IBpp. 

Reportatle occurrences, related correspondence 

7904260366 FoTUiarda PNO-79-67X. 

SEIDLE.W.C, Region 4i Dallas. Reactor Construction & Engineering 

Support Branch. 79/04/1B. lp. 

7904260397 Fortuarda PND-77-67V, 

SEIDLE.W.C, Region 4r Dallas. Reactor Construction i Enginaerlno 

Support Branch, 79/04/10, tp. 

770*060192 Requests NHC investigate app- 1 Icabi I i ty of Natl Historic 

Prsrvatian-Act Section 1O6 *. Executive Order 11393 ta 

cultural resources near facility. 

WALL.L.B. Advisory Council on Historic Preservatic-n, 79/02/13. 


79O1O602OO Requests NHC Investigate effect of proposed facility an 

cultural raiources uhich may be eligible for Inclusion In 

NU Register of Historic Places. 

WALLiL.S. Advisory Council on Historic Pre*">/ation. 77/09/13. 

7904100373 Forwards "IEEE Std 323-1974, Qua 1 i f ieation Test Plan for 4BO 
Volt Standbg Motor Control Centers," propr istaru. <c 
nonnropv Letary versions. Affidavits end, 
HUMPHREYS, L. L. Oulf States Utilities Co. 79/03/20. 4pp. 

- 79O41O0376 "Ouallf ication Test Plan for 4BO Volt Standby Motor Control 
Cntr, " 

HIOOIMS.P.U., HEBEfiLEIN.O. E. Institute of Electrical lc Electronic 
Englnaors. 79/04/27, IBpp. 

790*160163 Forwards grounifuater monitoring fc projected industrial 
gro-uth survey, 
HUMPHREYS, L.L. Oulf States Utilities Co. 79/O4/09. 5pp. 

79041701Y9 Dttalls raorganiiat ion of anglneerlnfli const * QA depti. 
fivlisd 9A Manual will fae In effect 790416. 
HUMPHREVB.L.L. Oulf State. Utilitlas Co. 77/O4/09. lp. 

7904260419 Foruiardi PNO-79-67Z. 

SEIDLEiW.C. nejion 4, Dallas, Reactoi' Construction & Engineering 

Support Branch. 79/04/19, IP. 

DOCKET 30-460 WPPSS Nuclear Project, Unit 1 
Application/construction stage 

7<?04160377 Foruiarifi conclusions 81 recommendations of neiu Pipe Cracfc 
Study Group in NUflEO-033li "Investigation & Evaluation of 
Stress Corrosion Cracking In Piping of LUR Plants. " Forwards 
related FR notice, W/o encl. 

VAS9ALLQ,D. B. Assistant Director for Light Water Reactors. 

79/03/23. 3pp. 

77041B0273 In order to devise FSAR b. final environ rept submittal 
scjiedulo-, requests -specific WRC guidelines. 

RENBEROERi D. L. Hashtngton Public Power Supply System. 79/O1/13, 

NHC DEE, FE3, supplements 

7904030263 FES re const of Projects t & 4 

n Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. NUIieO-7S/Q13, 73/O3/31. 
19Opp. Available at NTIS. 

Securitu, medlcali amergenci| d fire protection plant 

Financial Information 

7904300292 Foruird "Annual Rept 1970," 

HUMPHREYS, L. L, Oulf States Utilities Co. 79/04/11. lp. 

7904300234 "Annual ftpt 1978." 

* 0l l.f States Utilities Co. 79/03/24. 36pp. 

Inspection reports and corraspondenci 

7904240107 Forward f IE Bulletin 7B-I2B, "Atypical Held Matl In Reactor 
Pr**ur Vessel Welds." 

6EYFRIT.K, V. Region 4i Dallas, Offlc-e of the Director. 79/03/19. 


7TO4O30O44 Foruards IE Circular 79-09, "Kolsture Leakage In Stranded 
Wire Conductors. " 

aEVFRIT.K, V. Region 4, Dallas, Office of tha Director. 79/03/34. 


7T0412O39& For mar if s IE Info Notice 79-07, "Rupture of Raduasti Tanks." 
9EYFIUT, K. V. Region 4, Dallas, Office of the Director. 79/03/26. 


7 < ?041302O'9 Forwards "Fire Protection Sus Review, " Amend 1. 

KENBEROER, D. L. Washington Public Power Supply Bijstem, 79/02/H7. 

79O4130211 "Fire Protection Bus Review, " Amend 1. 

Washington Pufrlic Power Bupply System, 79/O2/27. 65Opp. 

79041SD292 Notification of 7?0611~f2 meeting in At buquerque, NM to 
discuss physical securltu iiauas. 

MILLER, J.R. Aislttacit Director for Reactor Safeguards. 7<?/O3/22. 

Ins,p*ctlon reports and correspondence 

7904240128 Forwards IE Bulletin 78-128, "Atypical Meld Matl in Reactor 
Pressure Vessel Welds." 

ENQELKENrR.H. Region 9, San Francisco, Office of the Director, 

79/03/19. lp. 

7904930052 Forwards IE Info Notice 79-03, "Use of Improper Matls in 
Saf etv-Reilated Components. " 

ENOELKEN. R, H. Raglon 3, Ban FrancKco, Office of the Director. 

79/03/21. lp, 

7704300450 Forward! IE Bulletin 79-04, "Incorrect Weight! for Suing 
Chck Valves Manufactured by Velan Engineering Corp." 

. V. Region 4, Dallas, Office of the Director. 79/03/30. 

7904Z6O139 Forwards IE Info Notice 79-07, "Rupture, of Raifuiaste Tanks. 
ENOELKEN, R. H. Region 3, Ban Franciaco, Office of th Director. 

79/03/26. lp, 


7W430Q.130 Fa 

PPqj , eti Unlt 




Po .. r 

,.,,- --, 




tabU deeurr.neo*. 

79/04,03. ,'. ' 3, Ban Fr.nciicc, Offic . fl , 


, , 


statlon , Unlt 

r.cto, , or U ,ht H.|. r HMeto - pl . 

, 78/03/31. 

-. olo 
ntl ni , lt ,t WAIL J, vl 

., ER fl rcT, 

op. 79/oa/i? 



DOCKET 50-461 Clinton Pouer Station, Unit 1 
Inspection reports and correspondence 


TMI Suppl," & preliminary chronola au of TI1I-2 790328 

accident until core cooling restored 

KEPPLER.J. G. n eaion 3, Chtaoo , O ric. of the Director. 79/04/06. 

KEPPLER.J.O.- Ragion 3, Chicago, Offica of the Direttor. 79/03/16. 

KEPPLER.J. 0, Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/03/19. 

;^ ^ ClrCUU - "-*'. Lea, BDB in Stranded 
KEPPLER, J. O. Reolon 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/03/20. 

790430037? Forward* IE Bulletin 79-04, "Incorrect Weig-hts for Suing 
Chtck Valvas Manufactured bu. Velan Engineering Corp " 
KEPPLER.J.O. Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/03/30 

7904270270 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-O6A, Revi si on I,"R H vieu of 
Operational Error* & S v Misalignments IiJantified During THI 
Incident. " 


Rogion 3, Chicago, Office of the Director 

DOCKET SO-443 Fulton Gene-rating Station. Unit 1 
Application/construction staje 

7904020280 Determines no addl niper imenfcal superheat reactor 
application fe-a [5 required. 
MILLER, W. O. Liconse Fae Management Branch. 79/03/16. 2op. 

NRC DES, FES, supplements 

7904120177 Forward* IE Bulletin 79-03, "Nuclear Incidant at THI" S. 
PNO-79-A7, 79-67A, BrC,D,E,F * O. No response reouirod. 
KEPPLER, J. O. Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/04/01 

7904020187 FES for facilities. 

* Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. 
237pp. Available at NTIS. 

NUREQ-75/033. 7S/O4/30. 

7904190236 Foruardl IE Bulletin 79-03A, "Nuclear Incident at 
TMI - Suppl," in preliminary chronoloog of TMI-2 79032B 
accident until core cooling restored. 
KEPrtER, J. Q. Regions, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/04/06 

71904270270 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-06A.flavision 1, "Review of 
Operational Errors (, S<fs Misalignments Identified Durlno TMI 
Incident. " 

KEPPLER. J. 0. Rag ion 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/04/1B 


General corves ponde-nce 

7904170403 Forwards resolution opposing early lite review of Fulton 
Plant since reactnr accident uould coat $17 billion in 
damages & no solution has bean -reached re nuclear waste. 
GALuREATH.P. Fulton Grange M6&. 79/O4/02, 2pp. 

DOCKET 50-4&4 Fulton Oenerating Station, Unit 2 
Application/construction stage 

DOCKET 30-462. Clinton Pouier Station,- Unit 2 
AppllcBtlon/conitrucUon tUae 

77<}4t60238 Forwards conclusion* d racommendations of naui Plp Crack 
3tudg Oroup In NUnEQ-OS3ii "Investigation & Evaluation of 
Btr* Corrosion Cracking In Piping of LWR Plants." 
RUtd Fit notice end. 

VAQBALLOrD. D. Assistant Director for Light Hater Reactors. 

79/03/23. 3pp. 

HHC BEfl and suppUmants 

7904020242 HER for facility. 

Olflea of Ngelear Reactor Regulation. NUREO-7S/OI3. 79/03/31, 
OSOpp. AvallabU at NTI8. 

Becurlt^, medical, tmargencu ' fire protection plans 

7904130292 Notification of 790611-12 meeting in Albuquarquer MM to 
dlicuf.1 phvilcal security Isiuet. 

MILLER. J. R. Assistant Director for Reactor Safeguards. 79/03/22. 

Inspection Ttporti and correspondence 

79O1O3O2aO Doterjnines no jddl niperirtiBntal superheat reactor 
application tee is required, 
MILLER, W. 0. License Fee Management Branch. 79/03/1A, 3pp. 

NRC DES, FES. supplement! 

7904030187 FES for facilities. 

Office of Nuclsar Reactor Regulation. NUREO-73/033. 73/04/30, 
337pp. Available at.MTIS. 

Deneral correspondence 

79O417040S- Forwards resolution opposing earli| site review of Fulton 
Plane since reactor accident would colt 117 billion in 
damages V no solution has been reached re nuclear waste. 
OALDREATH, P. Fulton Oran(|e 6&. 79/O4Y02. 2pp. 

DOCKET 90-466 Aliens Crank Nuclear Station, Unit I 
Appl i cat I on/con^ true ti on stage 

7904230219 AS ME Coda cases for equipment design, mill be 15B8, N1B1, N207, 
IH1Q t. 1820. 
SUHPTERiJ. R. Houston Lighting * Pouer Co. 79/03/03, 8pp. 

79O403018O Foruard* IE Circular 79-04, "Loose Locking Nut on Llmltnrq.ue 
Vatv* Operators. " 

KEJ>PLEFt, J. 0. Raglan 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/03/1*. 


7904030067 Forwards IE Bulletin 7B-12B, "Atuplcal Ueld Katl in Reactor 
Prestur* V*isal Welds. " 

KEPPUER-J. 0. Rtjjlon 3. Chicago. Office of the Director. 79/03/19. 


7904030030 Foruardi IE Circular 79-03, "Moiiture Laahaga in 8tr*nnid 
Hirt Connectors. " 
KEPPLER* J, O. Region 3r Chicago, Dffica of the Director. 79/03/20. 

7904160267 Foriuards concluiions >t. recommendations of neu Pipe Crack 
Study Group in NUREO-O331i " Invost i gat ion & Evaluation of 
Stress Corrosion Cracking in Piping of LHR Plants." Forward -i 
related FR notice. H/o encl. 

VASSALLOj D. 0. Assistant Director for Light Water Reactors. 

79/03/23. 2pp. 

79O4170102 Ack receipt of 790313 Itr advising NRC of intention bo barge 
reactor'preasur'e vessel up San Bernard River to off-load 
point. NRC requests environ evaluation of const of unloading 
facility by 79O423. 
BALLARD,R. i_. Environmental Project Branch 1. 79/Q3/H8. 3pp. 

Utility P6AR and ameniljnents 

7904300379 Forwards IE BulUtin 79-04i "Incorrect Wtlghti for Swing 
Chtck vlvej Manufactured bg Velan Englnnarlng Corp." 
KEFPLERi J. 0. Rglan 3, Chicago, Qfflca of the Director, 77/03/30. 


79O403026S Foraiarrfs Amend SB tu PSAR containing written documentation 
of commi tmsn tt mdda by telephone, No nau or addl info. 
TURNER,E.A. Houston Liahting k Power Co. 79/03/3O. lp. 

7904120177 Forward,, IE Bulletin 79-03, "Nuclear Incident at TMI" *. 
PNO-77-i7i 79-A7A, 8,C,D, E. F fc 0. No response requirad. 

KEPPLErt. J. O. Region 3, Chicago. Office of thi Dirctor. 79/O4/OI 


7904030270 Amend S2 to P8AR. 

TURNER, E, A. Houston Lightinj (. Pouier Co. 79/03/30. 8pp. 



.8.A. Light W ater Reactars Branch , 79/03 , 29 

7904-110091 Swppl 2 to SER 

7904 1 30027 

.w-tijuu.:/ notification that "5f-i-= *i *u 
Owl US "-liMlnr.t prl.wt fi!!! P ;:',? <lt J '"' "tlM> 

sr-rn:^:;^. 1 :^ -'" i:" a9r "' 
s*5^- '- 'aS-SS'^""^^..^'/-:" -'.= -*. 

79/03/07, 4pp 

790*23012? Forwards 

^PELAND.J.O. ta t ;ri s;;*;. 

oin applicant 



^"^^"""s.^^Ai^,.';^-;]*^-' ........ -' 

^"-K^:^^ 4P ,. 

7904160306 Motion to. fii, ,,, t 

hat " Ben **" ' " rla '- A "* "r te 


B . ttl . 77/oa/13 . 


j:;. K ::r ....... 

79/03/13. 4 P p. 



7904130103 Pint get n* i t 

--- ..... 
iWt l( 

/i4 jp 

!^! *-*-* * -< ..... .. 

/;{:- F ;;!! t : ...... 

/M/i4 apji _ 

-;""'}' 11 '"" * 
s i .- 

79/03/15. , 

HfH l: " i: ^"v::K :: 

2 ttl Co ^;^^5 Ne x n p RBli ' A " Birid fc ro11 - 
* NC 7 ^s: Mi'sji:"** 11 .^!"': 11 *^ ??* "^^ 

*dmln(on of contsnti^. , motl(ln ">ij JM Dohflrtu fr 

SOHIW S. Q tfl ". , It t "? 10US ? -""n^n.d. 

Uffici of tht E,cutiv. L.g-i Director. 79/03/IK. 


on Export ing 


ni Board Panil. 



SHREFFLER.J.R. AfflllatUn U nkroun . 79/03/19. 

Branch 3. 79/03/19. App. 

T . dtP1 Pr * ha4rln <' ", an 79041B Ir US Fft.r.l *N, - 

WOLFE, a. j. Moffiic 8l ,. b(( wd Lleen>lnB Boir<r piwi _ mo3 , M _ 3)| 



DOCKET 30-466 Aliens Creok Nuclear Station, Unit I ory correspondence 

/9.04ai0127 Forwards NRC response to "Lewis Committee Contantions ' fc 
Board ruling on motion, W/o encl 
SDHIrJKI,S. M. Branch 3. 79/03/21. lp. 

7504170Q74 Motion by Houston Lighting ft Pousr to dismiss appeal of 
JF Dohertu at moot. Certificate of Svc and 

6pp' ' 

., A.elrad 

"2!i?2?". BPl lM rl r "' g ?" to -PP"1 H eight Petitioner, from 
denial at petitions to intervene. A8LIJ 790S09 order ruling 
upon int.rvsntion petition! should tit affirmed iu/tu/Q 
eiceptlon*. Certif Icata of Svc encl 
SOHINKI.B. M. Branch 3. 79/03/26. 32pp. 

79041AG3Q2 Order permitting Jfi Shreffler to uithdrau at oartu to 
prot eedlng i. 
WOLFE, B.J. Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Panel. 79/03/26. Ip. 

^IL* J " Ha ndria 790316 Itr "quoting vieus re 
PIRO 4ddl Contention 1 i, Htndersteln 

Contention 3, assert* no basis exists for admission 

SDHINKl,S.rf. Branch 3. 79/O3/27. 2pp. 

Ap p 1 ita ti on /cons true t ion stage 

7904110022 Req.uasta add! info for docketing FSAK re IE enutoffiant, do? 1 gr 
specs, nual if lea tlon test plan t. TBBU I ts, test setups, 
procedures t> acceptance criteria, 
HELTEMES, C. J. Standard i tation Branch. 79/03/33. 40pp. 

NRC SER and supplements 

7904020206 BER ra prel iminary design of CESBAii SUE SO, 

* Offico of Nuclear Reactor Hegulation. NUREG-Tfl/iia, 73/12/31 
20Opp. Available at NTIS. 

DOCKET SO-471 Pilgrim Nuclear Pouer Station. Unit 3 
Application/construction stag a 

7904060239 Forwards comments by NDAA on suppl to FES. Requests 
qualification of assertion that Impact to Rocfcij Point 
fishery ia negligible. 
CALLER, S, FL Commerce, Dept. nf. 79/04/O2. 3pp, 

NRC DE9, FES, supplemants 

V704IWOB3 Foruards inadv nte n tly omitted first of NRC', Table of 
Authorities, originally *rvcd 790326 
SDH INK I, S. H. . Branch 3. 79/03/23. 2pp. 

7904190073 Rao.uests permiiiion far limited appearance before NRC on 
79Q11B in Houston, TX. 
CLEAVES, W.B. Aff i 1 iation Unknown. 79/03/20. Ip. 

79041038i MotCon by intervenurn to hold prehearing con-ference in 
convenient location is mnoti 790320 motion namad Houston at 
canforencB *ite. 
HOLFE.S.J. Atomic Safaty and Licensing Board Panel. 79/03/39. Ijj. 

7704190036 Takes no position on location of prehearlng conferance 
90HINKI, 8. M. Branch 3, 79/03/29. Ip. 

790*190OBB Fopuards advance copies of Suppl 2 to SER 
SOHINKI.8. M. Branch 3. 79/03/30. Ip. 

79O4Q3O236 Haa no applicable comments on draft smppl to FES, Forwards 
74O80B Itr commenting on DES for Units 2 & 3. 

WEAVER, C. L. HEW. Dept. of, Food *. Drug Administration, 79/Q3/26. 

79O4O30203 Requasts until 790413 to submit comments on draft suppl to 
FES re alternative sites. 
BURTiL. Massachusetts, State of. 79/O3/S'9. 2pp. 

790)4100293 Haviaiu of draft suppl to FES Is completa.Csrt.atn Biting 
fsaturss which could adversely Impact const t, plant 
operation wer not adequately addressed. Requests that uti.1 
submit detailed info. 
STICKNEV. H. E. Environmental Protection Agency. 79/OI/oa, 3pp. 

7904130210 For-uard-s comments of the Commoniuea 1 th of MA on tfraft suppl 
to FES re alternative sltas. 
BURT.L. rtaaaachusetts, State of, 79/O4/IO. Ip. 

7701130108 Affirms 790209 A8LH order denying intervention petition, of 
DeBrBmaeeker. Hooker i Houston Chapter of Natl Lawyers Guild 
Pttltlnni of Bentfro, Framson, Potthoff k Marrach remanded. 
Appeal, of JF Douohertu rfismiisedi TX PIRO denied. 
DUFLOrM.E, Atomic Safaty and Licensing Appeal Panel. 79/04/04. 

79O41903O3 Requists to make limited appearance statement at licensing 
PQTTHQFF.F. H. Affiliation Unknoiun. 79/04/10. Ip, 

79O413Q212 Commants of the Commontuea 1 th of HA on draft suppl to FES 
BELLQTTI.F. X. , HURT, L. , WRICHT.F.S. Jlaaiachuss-ttl , State of. 
79/O4/1O. 47pp. 

7904240449 Preparation fc submlttal of detailed responses to draft 
suppl to FES cannot be completed before 790418 deadline. 
Detailed response] ui 1 1 be forward ad within 2 uaeka. 
MCHUQKiO. H. Boston Edison Co. 79/O4/17. app. 

.tdjudlcatory correspondence 

7-5042aOOiB Requests to makt statement at 790418 prehearlng conference, 
FRAMBOM, R. S. Affiliation Unknown. 79/04/11. Ip. 

General corraspondence 

79O40600S4 Denies motions to reopen need for pouer issue. Rejects 
postponement of hBaring,dsmisses mot ions to order utility 
to provide financial info as moot & grants NffC motion to 
adopt procedures for radon issue. 
LUTON.E. Atomic Safety and Licensing Hoard Panel. 79/03/14. 4pp. 

Distribution for P8AR & environ rept Is bin fl revised to 
IncluiFa Austin County Judge LH Grebe, & Mayor of Hallii.TX. 
CJ Dusk. ' 
TURHERiE. A. Houston Lighting ti Poiuer Co. 79/O4/17. Ip. 

Inspiecfelon reports and correspondence 

7904110392 Forwards IE tnp Rtpt SO-446/79-01 on 790213-16. No 
nqncofltp liance noted. 

SEIDLEiM.C. Region 4< Daltaii Reactor Construction It Engineering 

Support 1 Br*ncli. 77/03/02. 2pp, 

79Q41E04O& IE Imp Rept 30-466/79-01 on 790313-16. No none omp llance 
notad. Major araa* inspected: audltii vendor surveillances. 
per-ionnel qua 1 if Icationsi QA procedures fc revlau of r-esponses 
to privlouv IE insp finding*. 

HUBACEK.M.Q,, OROBSMAN , W. A. Region 4. Dallas, Reactor 

Construction & Engineering Support Branch. 79/03/02. 4pp. 

DOCKET 90-467 Allans Creak Nuclear Station, Unit 2 
Ad jud icatorv correspondence 

7904170377 Notifies of applicant's decision to barge reactor pressure 

vial up Ban Bernard River. Ltr to TX Park* & Wildlife 
: pt documenting commitment encl. 

-OPELAMDr J. 0. Baker fc Botti. 79/03/12; 4pp. 






3tatlon , y 



No t if 1,- 

Branch . 

t Dr Co.Ur-.Kan 


"04120333 Forunrdi IP t 


'" - 

. ...... 

ffi " '* W. Dlr.ct. 

.. ..., .. ., ttt 

fiaportabl. occurp nc , r.i.f.j 

" tBtl CDr rio 

i?i"" : -H:L'!H]f'i'; : " -'''" s> ..... " 

MHM , Electric Co. 79/02/07. Ip. 


'V nau " 

'-. do 

EUetrle Co _ 

r r.port.d tn r . 
' 1 ' ""nr.port.bU. 

ln * '"" * 

C -. 

Bp inch . 7T/04/1B. "'ij"' "'"*'"' <= oni true t ion t, Er,ir...r ) r, 


DOCKET BTN-90-482 Wolf Creek Generating Station 
Rpor-taole occurrences, related correspondence 

7904260423 Forwards PNQ-79-67Z. 

34/19 Da J' aS ' " 8actor Construction j. Enginesrin,, 

DOCKET STH-90-4B3 Cfllloiuflg Plant, Unit 
Application/construction stage 

request unnecessary. 

7904160269 Forwards conclusion* t. rBcommendeations of neu Pipe Cracl 
Study Oroup in NUREO-0331, "Investigation . Evaluation of 
Stri* Corrosion Cracking in Piping of UHR Plants." Forwards 
rolatad FR notice. W/o end. 

?"i' D - B ' A"iUant Director for Liflht Water Reactors 

79/O3/33. 2pp. 

NHC DES, FES. supplement* 

79CHQ2O253 FEB re proposed plant. 

Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. . NUREO-73/011 75/03/3! 
503pp. h 


' Weld Hatl in Reactor 
KEPPLER.J.O. Region 3. Chicago, Office of the Blrsctor. 79/03/19. 


KEPPLER, J.O, Region 3, Chisago, Office of the Director. 79/O3/32, 

7901030093 IE In^pRept SO-4B3/7B-12 & 3O-4S6/7S-O2 o n 780339,30 8, 
1031 1103. Investigates contractor ercplnijee alleoation that 
J* was discharged aa rBault of informinj NJIC of const 

PHILLIP, Q,A*i NORELIUS.C.E. , KEPPLER, J. O. Region 3, Chicago, 

Office of the Director. 79/O1/OB. 34pp. 9 

, ari ': rd ' J IE Dul[Bit " "-< "In tl >rr B ct Weight, for S^ing 
, V S" " anu * ae *""'' "g Velar. Engineering Corp " 9 

' Re 9*"3. Chicago. Office of the fliractor. 79/O3/30. 

Re 9 1 on 3, Chicago, Office of the DirGctor. 79/0+/O1. 


Security, medical, *niBroencij & fire protection plant 

7904180392 Notification of 790611-12 meeting in Alb uauerou., NM to 
dficuc* phgilcal security issues. 11 

MILLER, J.R, Assistant Director for Reactor Safeguards 79/03/22 

Ad juJIcatorg correspondence 

f ""^t of "0327 Itr informing NflC of step. tjk en t 
correct violations noted in IE Insp flop t SO-4B3/79-Q2 


, .orrectlve acU ona: nonconformanc B rj. t 

2SW-0239-M uai preparad t, 39 valves placed on hold, 
BRVAN.J.R. Union Electric Co. 77/03/27. 3pp 

7W4160391 Ack receipt of 790312 1 tr revesting copies of invost iga tion 
MURRAY, J.P. RuUmaking !< Enforcement Division. 79/03/14. lp. 

79O416O395 Rinuiiti copies of Investigation rept 

BAHCROFT- M. H. Public Citizen Litigation Oroup. 79/03/ia, lp, 

Oenara'I comspondence 

7TO4170273 Notification that MK McCab. IB no longer asocUted 
Public Sve Commlision. Requests that address be changed 
LA8KA r T.,J. nisiourii State of. 79/04/11. lp. 

Financial information 

7?042403H3 Fnrwards "Annual Financial Rept 1978 
HHVAN. J., Union Electric Co. 79/04/14. (p! 

79042*0389 "Annual Financial Rept 1970." 
* Union Electric Co. 79/04/16, 39pp. 

7904190319 Foruards IE Bulletin 79-OSA, "NucUar lMld*nt at 
ini - Suppl, ti pveliminarij clironologu of TMI-2 7903S3 
accident until core cooling restored. 

KEPPLER r J.Q, RBfffon 3, Chicago, Office of the Director 


7904270336 Forwards lE-Dullatin 79-06A, Revl ,Ion (."Revieu. Of 
Operational Errors !- 8ijs Misalignments IndentiPied During 
TMI Incident. " 

KEPPLER.J.O. Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director 




DOCKET STN-SQ-484 Turone Eneray Park, Unit 1 
Application/construction stage 

904090294 Withdraws rnqueiterf partial exemption from 1OCFF1H1 HevUed 
ragulationi providing exempt i arm for commflrctal grade items 
mate request unnecesiary. 

A ^ a ""PP*-Stat l dardiiod Hue Uar Unit Pouei- Plant Si/mta^. 

I p . 

Inspection reports and correspondence 

" 790207-08 t, notice of 
'** Engineering 

7904040007 Notice of violation from In.p on 790207-08 

Regiiin 3. Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/02/lfi. lp. 

on 790207-08., not.*: 
"""""fovmins safetg-reltd equipment. 
'S lQn 3l Chi "t> Office of th. Director. 
'' R ' fll n I( ""--".. Offic. of the 

IE Clrco1 " 

' 'Loos. Lockinrf Nut on Limitorque 

KEPPLEH, J, 0, Region 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/03/16 

I P. 



STN-5Q-4G4^Tvrcna Energy Park, l/ nit I 
Adjudicator^ corretpond*nc e 

79042&QIB4 Forwards SftND77-1927. "Tr.,nif>artation of Had ianuel idei in 
Urban Envlrons:-Harkin9 Draft Assessment- 8. 770122 
foruardinj memo. H/a end. 
LEWIS. 5. H. Branch 2. 79/03/20. 2pp. 

T70a.21Q222 Licensees' initial br lof . Commlsion shoutd affirm A3LAH 
Interpretation of "obviously auperi&r" test Si Ijold'thet 
Ginna site is not obviously superior tn Storl ing. Certl f tcatf 
of Svc end. 
LARBGN.L.K. LaBaeuf, Lamb, Leiby &MacRae. 79/04/09. 31pp. 

Inspection reports and correspondence 

7904190063 THI Applicants fullij endorse (. uill Adopt portions of Turone 
Applicants' briaf addressing de mlnimis issue. Certif icata at 
3 vi. e-ncl. 
TRDWBRIDCE, Q. F Shau, Pittman, Fotti, & TrctrtirEdge. 79/04/09. 3pp. 

790)4040337 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-03. "Longitudinal Mild Deractl In 
ASME 8A-312 Type 304 Stainless Steel Pipe Spools 
Manufactured by Voungstoun Welding d Engineering Co." 
GFHER.B.H. Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of tha Director.' 

79/03/13, Ip. 

F-lnaric ial inf armjt ion 

7904I4QI47 Forwards "Annual Rapt 1973." 

DIEHHAST.A. V. Northern States Pouer Co. 79/04/09. Ip. 

7904090079 Forward! IE Circular 79-04, "Loose Lo cling Nut -an Ll.oilteTI.v4 
Valv* Operators, " 

DRIER, B.H. Region 1. Philadalph in. Office at the Director. 

79/03/16. Ip. 

7904160152 "Annual Rept 1973. " 

Mortharn States Power Co. 79/O4/O9. 3Spp. 

7904200247 Fopuards "Annual Financial Rept I97B. " 

MAKI.H.D. Lake Superior District Pouier Co, 79/04/16. Ip. 

-- 79Q4S00249 "Annual Financial Repi 197B. " 

AUSTIN.K.S. La*< Superior Oi-strlct Power Co. 79/03/12. 23pp. 

Inspection raports and corretpondence 

7904030J2S Foruarda IE Circular 79-04, "Loose Locking Nut an LImi torque 
Valve Operators. " ^ 

KEPPLEH.J.S. Region 3. Chicago, Office of tns Dfrettor. 79/03/16 


aruardi IE Bulletin 7B-12B, 
KEPPLER.J.O. Region 3, Chicago. Office of the Director. 79/03/19. 

7904030034 Forwr*. IE Circular 79-O5. "Mo Uture Leak.oe in Stranded 
wire Conni-ctoTs. 
HEPPLER.J. Q. Region 3, Chicago. Office of the Director. 79/03/30. 

7904130149 Response to IE Bulletin 76-12A; Meitinghousa Is pnisura 
Yo4I B supplier. C-E mill not provide needed info until Aug 
ll7t, so util requests subminian Bitention to 790?30 to 
allow time for review. 
PIENHART.A. V. Norther n State* P Qnier Co. 79/03/21. ID. 

7704240133 FaruiariJi IE Bulletin 78-12D, "Atypical Maid Matt In. Ftitttnr 

Pressure Vesiel Ueldi. " 

OSIER, B,H. Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Dlrtctor, 

79/03/19. Ip. 

7704050039 Forwards IE Circular 79-03, "MoUtura Leakage In Btrart-tfta" 
Wire Conductors. " 

UHIER,B,H. Raglan 1, Phi ladelph la< Office of the Dlrtctor, 

79/03/80. Ip. 

7904040301 Forwards IE Info Notice 79-03, "Use of Improper Mtl* In 
Safety-Related Campnnonts. " 

ORIERjB.H, Region 1, Philadelphia. Office of tha Director. 

79/03/21. Ip. 

7904230346 Rai[uaiti iubmltlal data for raquattBd dat* tie itonJ*d to 
790930 Si that C-E ifata packages not be included in docket, 
ARTHUR, J. E. Rochester Oa 4 Electric Corp. 79X03/21. Ip. 

7904200466 Forward* IE Info Notice 79-07, "Rupture of ftadui*t Tank*. " 
SRIER.B.H. fieglon 1. Philadelphia. Office of tha Director. 

79/03/86. Ip. 

7904270480 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-04, "Incorract Height* for Bttlny 
Cheek Valves Manufactured bij VeUn Enginaerino Corp. " 
ORIER.B.H. Ftagion 1, Phi ladelph la,- Of f ice of th* Director, 

79/03/30. Ip. 

7904120219 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-03, "Nuclear Incitfant *t TMI" t 
PNQ-79-67, 77-67A,B,C, 0, E. F * . No reiponia muwlreil. 
ORIER.B.H. Region 1, Phi ladalphl*. Office of the Dlrnctor. 

79/04/01, Ip. 

7904300364, Fqruard, IE Bulletin 79-04, "Incorrect Heights for Suing 
Chect Valve* Manufacture* by V*li Ena ineering Corp." Rejton 3, Chicago. Office oP th* Director. 79/O3/3Q. 

7904120171 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-03, " Incident at TMI" t, 
^-^I'f.Tt-M^a.C.S.K.F & O.No response retired 
KEPPLER.J.C. R.gton 3. Chicago. Office of the Director. 79/04/01. 

7904190133 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-Q3A. "Nuclear Indent t 
TMI - Suppl," ti preliminary chronology of TMI-a 790328 
accident until cor* cooling' restored. 

ORIER.H.H. Region I, Phi ladalph la, Office of th Director. 

77/04/09. Ip. 

790t270BB6 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-OAA, "Fiavleu at Operation*! Error 
Sijs Kiiallgnma-nt* Identified During TMI Incident." 
BRIER.fl.H. Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of th. Director, 

7904190330 FoT^artf. IE Bulletin 79-Q5A, " Incident at 
rni - Suppl. " 1 preliminary chronology of THI-2 790333 
accident until core cooling restored. 
KEPPLER.J.C. Regions, Chicago-, Office of the Director. 79/04/06. 

7904270259 Forward* IE Bulletin 79-Ofifl, R v tsion I, "Reviey of 
Operational Errors t S V s Hltal ignaentt Identified Du-rina 
Tnr Inc Ident. " 
KEPPLER.J.G. Region 3, Chicago. Office of the Director. 79/04/JB. 

DOCKET BTN-50-4B3 Sterting Poiuer Project Nticlur, Unit 1 
Appileation/conjtTifction i tag* 

DOCKET STN-SO-496 Callouay Pl*,,t, Unit 3 
Application/construction stage 

7904090294 Mlthdrau* requested partial axmpticm from lOCFRai. Hvl*J 
rajgiatlons providino anemptions for comm*reil grade Item 
tta request unnecessary. 
77/Q3/oi M ' A i SnU|lpi ~ st " ld "' dilBd Nuclear Unit Power Plant 3v>tl* 


7904160369 Forwarrfi conctuilons t, reconnandeatlans. of neu Pipe. Cr4C L 
Studu Oro-up in NURES-OS31, "InveiUBatlon k Evaluation of 
8tr*s Corrosion Cracking in Piping at LHR PUnt. " Forward* 
related FR notice. W/ end. 

' ~ 5' **'*"* Director for Light W.ter R B aclo'r. 


7904090394 Withdraws raquaited partial eienptlon fro*, 10CFB3I. Reviled 
regulations providing exemption* for comaerclal grade item 
make request unnecessarij. 

PETHICK.N.A. Snejpps-Stanilariliied Nuclear Unit Potier Plant Susten 
79/03/01. Ip. T 

Adjudicator!; Earrespondence 

7704110133 Foraiards brie* hv Caccla omitted from 790301 order. DenUi 
req.uet bif C KeplorJ to aicerpt pagei From docunants filed 
In TMI proceeding for sve to. Involved naptiei. 

DUFLO.M.E. Atomic Safety and Licensing Appeal Panel. 79/03/28 

NRC DEB, FES, tupplement* 

7904020353 FES re proposed plant. 
< * Mocl " r ""e*" R 

S*curlt, medical, anergancy h flra protection plan* 



ipp A " ift ' lnt "'rector for Raactor Safeguards. 77/03/83. 



COCW.ET sTH-30-486 Cflllouiay Plant^ UnU 2 
Adjudicator!; correspondence 

79fl4UKm Ac! receipt of 790312 Itr requesting copies of i nvestigaii on 
P. Rulemakino, * Enforcement Division. 79/03/14. lp. 


on that HK McCabe .Is no longer a.j>c iated u/KO 
on. Revests that address ha changed 

Sfr^mssouri. 8t.t. of. 79/04/11. lp. 

Financial information 

79041300B3 Opposes licensing '* canst of facility. 
GHUBB.R.T. Affiliation Unknown. 79/01/31. lp. 

790413OOB7 Opposes const of nuclear power plants. 
SUMMER, D. Affiliation Unknown. 79/O1/30. lp. 

79041300B9 Opposes const of nuclear foujsr plant. 

JOHNSON, 3., JOHNSON, I. Affiliation Unknown. 79/01/30. lp. 

--790413009B Supports const of f ac i 1 1 ty. Bol ievea need exists tar facility 
in future, nuclear sources are most practical ti reliable, 
nuclear fuel is less t nntaminat ing , Submi ts infn for addendum 
to personal appearance of Kontos requested 790129, 
ANCELLrB. L. Af fil iation Unknown. 79/01/29. 30pp. 

7904OSOQ58 NRC proposed findings of fact 't conclusions of Lain in form 
of proposed partial initial decision re alternative sites It 
generic safety issues. Certificate of Svc end, 
BARTH.C.A. Branch 3. 79/O3/19. lllpp. 

790419O274 Finds ECCS performance conforms to- applicable requirements 
of 1OCFRSO App K, Forwards evaluation of neu Info as it 
affects ECCS performance, 
GARTH. C. A. Branch 3, 79/03/20, 3pp. 

7704240308 "Annual Financial Rept 1978. " 
.Union Electric Co. 79/04/16. 33pp. 

Infection raports and correspondence 

7,04050131 Forwards IE Circular 79-04, "Loose Locking Nut on Ll.ltoru. 
S* < '"'R.I<in 3. Chic.... Office of the Director. 79/O3/16. 

7904160299 Proposed corrections to transcript of 79O129-31 & 790301-O2 
evidontlari) hoar ings, Cer t if Icate of Svc encl. 
MCGAF1RY, J.M. HuVo Poiuer Co. 79/03/21. Opp. 
Inspection reports and c orrespondetiee 

7904240062 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-lEil. "Atgpical Held Matl in Reactor 
PresBuro Vessel Melds," 

O'REILLY, J. P. Region a, Atlanta- Office of the Director. 

79/03/19, Hpp. 

FF*. IE Holletin 7B-I8B. "Atypical Held in Rector 
J V SV il R^ion"3, Office of the Director. 79/03/19. 

7904200460 Foruardi IE Circular 79-03, "Moisture Leakage in Stranded 
Hire Conductor*. " 

O'REILLY, J. P, Region 3. Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

79/03/30. 2pp. 

TW4030Q39 Foru-ards IE Circular 79-O3, "Moisture Leakage in Stranded 

J"!""'^! 3, Chicago, Office of the Director. 79/O3/30. 

7704050166 Forwards IE Info Notice 77-OD. "Use of Improper MatU in 
Safety-Related Components. " 

O'REILLY, J, P. tleoion 2, Atlanta, Office o* the Director. 

79/03/21. 2PP. 

7W4Q3009! F.rr(. IE Insp Rept 30-^3/78-13 t. 50-486/78-08 on 700329, 
i. lW ' Reoion 3, Chicago. OffU. of the Director. 79/O3/22, 


-7WW300W IE Insp Rept 30-403/78-18 t, 30- flB 6/7Q-Oa on 7B0339. 3O t, 
1031-1103. invtitlfl.tii contractor empoyeealleffation th.t 
i,, * discharged . result of informing NdC of const 

Jmupri!"', NORELIU3,C,E.. KEPPLEfi.J.O. fieaion 3, Chle. 4 , 

Dftfc* o* th. Dlr.ctar. 79/01/09. 34pp. 

TM4300397 Foru.rds IE Bulletin 79-04, H.lght* for Suing 

sEK' "-si- sf a-sir sjir.".}",.:-:!,.,. 


TWI3017I. Forward. IE Bulletin 79-03, "Nuclear Indent at THI" t 

TW*19 Forward. IE Bulletin 79-03A, " N 4 C 
Mt - fluppl." t. preliminary chronologg of 

7904B70226 Foru.rds IE Bulletin 79-06A, Revision J- "R'Vltw of 
Op*rtlon.l error. 1. 8ui MiMlignm.nt. Indantlfi.d During 


7904270193 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-04, "Incorrect Weight* for Builng 
Check Valves Manufactured by Velan Engineering Corp. 
Q'REILLY.J.P. Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

79/03/30, lp. 

7904120143 Forwards IE Uulletln 77-OB, "Nuclear Incident at TMI" & 
PN n-79-67, 77-67A, D,C. I), E.F fc 0. Ho roaponso renuired. 
O'fiEILLY. J.P. Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

79/O4/01. lp, 

7904190169 Forwards IE ttullatln 79-O5A. "Nuclear Incident at 
TMI - Suppl," fa preliminary chronology of TMI-2 79033B 
accident until core cooling restored a , fnr , 

D'REILLY.d.P. Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

79/04/03, lp. 

79012603QB Forwards IE Bull-tin 79-06. "Review of Operational Errors ft 
gy, Ml.alionmonts Identified During TMI Incident. 
O'REILUY.J P. Rtgion 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director, 

79/04/11. lp. 

7904270SSO Forward! IE Bulletin 79-06A. "Revleu of. Opera tlonal Errors & 
By. Misalignments Identified During TMI Incident." 
Q'REILLY.J.P. Region 2. Atlanta. Office of the Director, 

79/04/14, lp. 

DOCKET 8TN-3Q-4a? Perkini Nuclear Station. Unit 2 
Ad jud (calory correspondence 

7904130079 "View on Nuclear Pouier Moratorium." 
OOFMAN. J. W. Cr i t ilal Ma . 74/1 \J 16. Spp . 

MCKET BTN-30-4Ba Perkim Muclear Station. Unit 1 
tor^ carrispondence 

T904I30079 "Viu on Nuclear Powar Moratorium. " 
WFHAN.J.H. Critical K. 74/11/16. 3pp. 

-- 7904130093 "A Small Affidavit u/Big Implication. " 
OfflFHAN.J.M. Critical Man. 73/06/09. llpp. 

79041300B3 Opposes licensing 1> const of facility. 

OHUBB.R.T. Affiliation Unknown. 79/OI/31. lp. 

79041300B7 Opposes const of nuclear pouer plants. 

BUrlNEFlrD. Affiliation Unknown. 79/01/3O. lp. 

7904130009 Qppoies const of nuclear power P |ant ' ._.,,,_ 
JOHNBON.B. , dOHNSON, I. Af fil iation Unknown. 79/01/30. 




Adjudicator^ c Drreip.ondenc 

7901130093 Supports const of facilis,, ,,, 

in foture.nuclear OU rr,s ar- ^ Bel '*v B9 ^ed all , t , for ^ 

nuclear (Fuel i, !. contain M " cfcleal * lUbl.. 

t P<.r i0 nal appearl^" *S '"? "'' 8u "" ts "* f" *dd. ndun 

ANGELL.B.L. w,i,uE;o f uS^:n M 5s;;*; d - 

^s:;!:;^:^!\- tr,^/.":--:'-' - - * 

generic safety iiiues Certl^;,! alternative sites t 
naoTii ^ i -"UBS. terui f i tato of Svc end 

BARTH.C.A. Branch 3. 79/03/19. 

79/03/19. tlipp 

&ARTK, C.A. Branch- 3. 79/03/30. 



IE Circular 

7"?04270493 Forwards IE 

s^iu 1 ^ ^fi 

79/03/30 ^p. RB l 

Dffl " r 

1 v < 

A61anta ' D ' fico ' *h* Director. 

7701120142 Forwards IE HIP! !<>+< 10 .n.= 

PW)-7-i7 1 79-67"a,C.D F F 1 o W "H I Mr ln C irf B nt Jt TMI" 

D'REILLV J P ' fl '"' c " D ' E ' F * 0-No PBipon-se requirsJ. 


iccid.nt ln P" 11 "'*'*^ ehnlq Btf of THI-2 7-J033S 
accident until core cooling reitornd 

%"' Jl " !fiD ' 1 5 ' A * U " 6a ' <>" af the Blr.c 


" n 2 ' Atl - nta ' Offt t Director. 


u ^oru^, 

. W. Cfitlcal Mass. 74/11/16. 3pp. 

cM ' infl * COM * f '. 

ation Unknown. 79/OS/31. Ip. 

*!?"* f "" (1 " > P "" Plants. 
^tton Unknown. 79/01/30- lp. 

ip-osas const of nuclear power plant 
.3., JOHNSON, I. Affiliation Itotnoun. '79/01/30. lp. 

-7904130098 Supports const of fac I H ty. Be 1 tevos need eiistl for facility 
in future, rtuc 1 ear sources are most practical (j reliabloi 
nuclear fuel is leis contaminat ing. Egtmlts Info For addendum 
to (mvsanal appearaace of Kontos requested 770129. 
ftNCELL.B.L. "Affiliation Unbnouin. 79/01/39 20pp 

HARTH, C.A. Branch 3. 77/03/20. 

c " f6 ^ '"""-Certificate of Svc .n 
C.A. Branch 3. 77/03/19. Illpp. 


' J- H. Duke Pouior Co. 79/03/21. Bpp! 
Inspection reports and correspondence 

IE Clrcuiar 

Regi011 S ' Atlanta ' Offlce ' *h. Director. 



j P 'B'.D,E,F (, o.No responao required. 

"lp. fieBlon:! ' "tUnta, Office .Afc. Dl 


O'SEIII v IP S' " olino 

?9/OVoI 'ip. ReBi " 2 ' 


elMr It.cid.nt 
TMI-Z 79032B 

tfc. Director. 

lanta ' affic(! of *he Director. 

W04/U lp. 

I:!?' W """'M NUCIMP Station, Unit I 

""" """ ~ . --- ._, -- _ fc -- MMJ -- .*__..._ __ ^ HWM 

Appllcatton/canstructlon itaga 

- *. 

, L. C. Duke Pouier Cn. 79/03/13. lp. 

Aifjudlcatorg corrotpondenco , . r .. 

iSFS^-E 2 ": " 1 "1- * : ! "?K; :sii:. eo " -Bt - '"' 

OJR-O.M.E. Atomic and Lic 0n .in B Appeal P.nel. 79/O3/M. 

..... . 




ICKET STN-SO-491 Chorokee Nuclear Station, Unit 1 
Inspection reports and correspondence 

'0424QQ&2 Forwards IE Bulletin 76-138. "Atypical Weld Matl In Realtor 
Pressure'Vessel Holds," 

a'RILLY< J. P.. Region 2. Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

79/G3/19. 2pp. 

>G420O460 Foruards IE Circular 79-03, "Moisture Leakage in Stranded 
Hire Conductors. " 

O'BEILLV, J.P. Region 3, Atlanta, Office af tho Director. 

79/O3/20. 2pp. 

K)4O3Oti6 Forwards IE Info Notice 71-03, "Use of Improper Matls i n 

Saf ctg-Related Components. " 

Q'HEILLY, J. P. Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director, 

79/O3/2I. 2PP. 
KJ4,110204 Aek receipt of IE Insp Rept* 50-491/79-04, 50-492/79-04 b 

SO- 4. 93/7?- 04 on 790227-0303. No proprietary info. 

DAtL.L.C. Dufce Power Co. 79/03/27. lp. 

-7904110207 Forwards IE Insp Repts 50-491/79-04. 30-492/79-O4 4- 
50-193/79-04 on 790227-0302. No noncompl iance noted. 
HURPKY.C.E. Region 2. Atlanta, Reactor Construction & 

Engineering Support Branch. 79/03/23. 2pp. 

7904260097 Responds to NRC I tr ra violations noted in IE Insp flepts 
SO-491/7B-OS,5Q-492/7B-Oa & 50-493/7B-O8. Cor rac t we actions: 
due to delays, e i p ected date for Installation of haion fire 
protection nus is 79O630. 
DAIL.fl.. C. Duke Power Co. 79/O2/O1. lp. 

790426O1O4 Responda to NRC Itr re violations noted in IE Insp Rupti 
50-491 /78-OS, 50-492/7B-Q9 t* SO-493/7B-Q0. Correc tlve actions; 
vandor conformance to ASTM E- 1 1 will bo- prerequisite fco 
purchase of sieves. 
DAIL.L. C. Duke Power Co. 79/01/15. 2pp. 

79Q4270SSO Forwards IE Bulletin 79-Q6A, "Review of Operational Errors . 
8y i His-a I ignments Identified During TMI Incident." 
O'REILLY, J.P. ftegian 3, Atlanta, Offica of the Director, 

79/04/14. lp. 

DOCKET STN-30~492 Cherokee Nuclear Station. Unit 2 
Ad jud ieatorij correspondence 

7904110133 Forwards brief by D Caccia omitted from 79O3Q1 order. Dinies 
req,(je*t by C Kopfnri! ia aicerpt pages from documents filed 
in TMI proceeding for svc to involved parties-, 

DUFLO..M, E, Atomic Safety and Licensing Appeal Panel. 79/O3/23. 

-7904110211 IE Insp Repts 30-491/79-04,30-492/79-01 tt SO-1-J3/79-04 on 
790227-0302. No noncomp 1 iance noted, Major areas inspected: OA 
arocidurei for containment welding t. safety-rolated pip a 
ijft 1 d ing_ ' 

CROMLEYiB.R. ' Reoion 2, Atlanta, Offica of tho Director. 
CONLONfT. E. Region 2. Atlanta, Reactor Construction . 

Enolnritig Support Branch. 79/03/30. 6pp. 

9Q4Z7Q493 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-04, "Incorra<t Weights -for awing 
Check Valve* Manufactured by Velan EnoinsBring Corp. " 
O'REILLY. J.P. Re 9 ion 2, Atlanta, Office of fcho Director. 

77/03/30. lp. 

'90 41 SOI 42 Forwards IE Bullotin 79-03, "Nuclear Incident at TMI" i. 
PMO-79-A7, 79-67A, B, C, D, E, F & 0. No response required. 
O'flEILLYr J, P, Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the Dlractor. 

i?0419Olo9 Forwards IE Bullotin 79-03A. "Nuclear Incident at 
TMI - Suppl," fc preliminary chronology of TMI-2 79032B 
actidant until core cooling restored. 

O'REILLY, J.P. Region S. Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

79/O4/OS. la. 

T904240344 Ack receipt of 790328 Itr informing NRC of stops tafcor, to 
tori-act violations notad in IE Insp Repts 30-491/79-03, 
50-4-72/79-03 fc 30-493/79-03. 

MURPHY.C.E, Region 3, Atlanta. Reactor Construction & Engineering 

Support Branch. 79/04/09. lp, 

.-79O424033fi Ruponds to NRC 790309 Itr re violation* noted In IE In*p 
Repts 50-191/79-03,50-492/79-03 i. 30-493/79-03. Corree 6iva 
actions: temp & humidity reading* evaluated fc personnel 
Instructed re measurement*. 
DftIL, L. C. Duke Power Co. 79/03/29. lp. 

--7W4240WB Forwards IE Insp Rflpls 90-491/79-Q3, 9O-49B/79-03 * 
50-493/79-03 on 790306-08 tt notice of violation. 
MURPHY. C.E. Reoion 3, Chicago, Roactor Operation* Nuclaar 

Huppor* Branch. 79/03/03. 2pp. 

--790424041B Notice of violation from insp on 79O306-08. 

Banian 2, Atlanta, Offica of the Director. 79/03/OH. 


--7*04240439 IE Insp fiept* 30-491/79-03,30-493/79-03.30-493/77-03 on 
790aOA-oa.NoncompHance noted: concrete cylinder moist 
curing room temperature control. 

RAUBCrW.K, ODUOE.M.J, (legion 2, Atlanta. Office of tha 

Director. HERDT,A.R, Rsolon 2, Atlanta, Heaetor Construction l< 

Engltnnring Support Branch. 79/03/02. 7pp. 

7906030a Forwards IE Bulletin 79-06, "Review of Operational Errnr* k 
8g MliJlIgoraents Idantifiod During TMI Incident." 
Q 'RE ILL V, J. P. Re fl ion 2, Atlanta, Office o-f tlie Director. 

79/04/11. lp. 

7<?QJ4a60oea Acfc rtcaipt of 79030B Itr informing NRC of stp taken to 
correct violations noted in IE Insp Repti 30-V91/7B-03, 
3O-492/7B-08 tt 30-493/78-08. 

HURPHYiC.E. Region 2. Atlanta. Reactor Construction 4i Engineering 

BufipoTt Branch. 79/04/13. Spp. 

790^260093 Responds to NRC 790213 Itr re violations noted In IE Insp 
Riptt SO-49I/7S-OB, 30-492/78-08 k SO-493/7B-OB. Corrective 
action:iievas will bo required to meet ABTM E-ll tdf. 
BAIL, L. C. Duk Power Co. 79/03/08. 2pp.. 

Inspection vapor ts antl carreipondence 

7904110311 Toruards IE Insp Ropta 50-491/79-02,50-492/79-02 1* 
90-493/79-03 an 7901 16-18, No nancnmp Ufltice noted. 

SUTHERLAND, J. T. Region 2, Atlanta. Fuel Facility fe Materials 

Safetg Branch. 79/03/22 2pp. 

7904110317 IE Insp Jlopt-s SO-491/79-02. 3O-492/79-03 fc 90-193/79-02 on 
79O1I6-1B. No nnncompl ianco noted. Major areas inspected: 
ravleiu of environ protoction program, c on* tr monitoring & 
control program tc site insp. 

CUNNINCHAH, A, L. Region 2, Atlanta, Dffica of tli Director. 

HUFHAM.J.W. Region 2. Atlanta, Fuol Facility & Material* Safety 

Branch. 79/02/22, 4pp, 

790424O062 Foruiaris IE Bulletin 7S-12H,. "Atypical Weld Matl In Rqactor 
Pro-isure VBSSB! Welds." 

O'REILLY, J.P. Region 2, Atlanta. Office of the Director. 

79/03/19. 2pp. 

79042QQ'lc,O Forwards IE Circular 79-03. "Moisture Leakage in Stranded 
Wire Conductor*, " 

O'REILLY i J. P. Region 2. Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

79/O3/2O. 2pp. 

7904O3016& Forwards IE Info Notice 79-O3. "Use of Improper HatU in 
Bafety-Relatinf Component!, " 

O'REILLY, J.P. nagion 2. Atlanta. Uffica of the Birector. 

77/03/21.. 2PP. 

7904110B04. Ack recetot of IE Insp Ropts 50-491/79-04,50-492/79-04 k 
50-493/79-0-V on 790227-0302, No proprietary info. 
DArL.L.C. Duk Pouar Co. 79/03/27. lp. 

7904110207 Forwards IE Insp Rapfcs 3O-491 /79-04. 30-492/79-04 fc 
30-493/79-04 on 790227-0302, No noncompl ianea notod. 
MURPHY.C.E, Region Z, Atlanta, Reactor Construction S< 

Enjineering Support Dranch. 79/03/23. 2pp. 

7904110211 IE IMP Repts 50-471/79-04. 3O-493/79-Q4 fc SO-493/79-04 on 
790327-0302, No noncompltanc e noted. Major areas inspot tedr QA 
procedures for containment molding fe safe tu-rolatetf pipe 

CROWLEY^B.R. Region 2. Atlanta. Office of the Director. 

CQNLON.T E (legion Z. Atlanta. Heacfcor Construction tf 

EngiBring Support flr-inch. 79/03/20. dpo. 

79O4H70493 Forwards IE Bui to tin 79-04, "Incorrect Weights for Swing 
Chec& Valves Manufactured by Velan Engineering Corp." 
O'REILLY, J, P. Raglon 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

79/03/30. lp. 

790412O1-1H Foruarrfs IE Bullafcln 79-O9, "KucleJir Incident at TMI" 81 
PNO-79-47, 79-67A, B,C, D, E. F & G. No response required. 
O'REILLY, J. P. Reoton 2, Atlanta, df-fiea of the Diroctor. 

79/04 f 01. if. 

790419014,9 Foruartfs IE Bulls-tin 79-03A. "Nuclear Incident at 
TMI - Buppl," 4 preliminary chronology of TMI-2 79032B 
accident until core cooling restored. 
O'REILLY, J, P. Region 2, Atlanta, Offica of the Director. 



DOCKET STN-50-492 Cherokee Nuclear Station, Unit 2 
Inspection report* and correspondence 

79042403-44 Ack receipt of 790333 Itr informing rJRC t>F itapi taken to 
correct violations noted in tE Inp Roptt 30-491/79-03. 
80-493/79-03 & 50-4-93/79-O3. 

MUHPHY-C.E. Region 2. Atlanta. Reactor Construction & Enainesrino 

Support Branch. 79/04/09. Ip. 

7904240062 Forward! IE Bullitjln 7B-I2B, "Atypical Held H*tl InRMcU 
Pressure Vessel Welds." 

O'REILLV, J P. Rao ion 2, Atlanta, 'Office of th* Director 

79/03/19. 2pp. 

7704200440 Foruards IE Circular 79-03, "Koi.ture Leakage In StrinDH 
Hire Conductors. " 

O'HEILLV. d. P. Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

79/03/2O. 2pp. 

--7904240356 Responds to HFIC 790303- Itr r violations noted in EE Inin 
Refits SQ-491/79-03, 50-492/79-03 i. 30-493/79-03. Corrective 
action*: temp t. humidity riadings evaluated t personnel 
instructed re measurementi. 
DAIL.L. C. Duke PoiUBr Co, 79/03/39. Ip. 

7904240390 Ack receipt af IE Insp Repts 30-491/79-03,50-492/79-03 
50-493/79-03 on 79Q306-OB, No proprietary Into. 
DAILrL.C. aute Pouier Co. 79/03/15. Ip. 

7904240408 Forward* IE Insp Repts 30-49I/79-O3, 50-492/79-03 !c 

30--493/79-03 on 7902Q6-OB t, notice of violation. 

rlUHPHY.C. E. Region 3, Chicago, fin-actor Operations Nuclear 

Support Branch. 79/O3/O5. app. 

790424041B Notice of violation fratn insp on 790306-08-. 

Re-lion 3, Atlanta, Office of th a Director, 79/03/02, Ip. 

7904240439 IE Imp Repts 5O-471 /79-03, 50-492/79-03, 30-493/79-03 on 

7902Ofi-OB, Moneomp lianca noted: concrete cylinder moiit 

curing room temperature control. 

RMJSCH.J.K, COUGE.M.J. Region 2, Atlanta, Office of th* 

Director. HERDT, A, R. Region 2, Atlanta. Reactor Construction It 

Engineering Support Branch. 79/03/02, 7pp. 

790426030B Foryarris IE Bulletin 79-04, "Ravteu of Operational Errors t, 
ays Misalignment* Identified Duping 7HI Incident, " 
O'REIU-Y.O.P. flegion 2, Atlanta, Office nf the Director 

79/O4/tt. Ip. 

79Q42AOQ9S Act receipt at 790308 Itr informing NRC ot itepi tat en to 
correct violations noted In IE Imp Rapta 50-491/78-08, 
50-492/70-08 (. SO-493/76-Oa. 

rSURPHY.C.E. Rejion 2, Atlanta, Reactor Construe t ion ! Engineering 

Support Branch, 79TO4/13. 2pp. 

--7904260093 Responds to NHC 790213 Itr re violations noted in 
Repti 30-491 /7B-Oa, 50-492/7FJ-OS b 50-493/73-03, Corrective 
actions:ieves mill be required to neat; ftSTrt E-tl itdi, 
DAIL,L. C. Duke Foyer Co, 79/03/08, Sap. 


790426OO97 Retpondi to HRC Itr ra violation* noted in IE Insp (1*att 
30-491/73-09, SO-49a/7B-Oa ft 30-493/73-09. Corruetive actions 
due to deUus, eipected date for installation of hi Ion Fire 
protection igs ii 79063O. 
DAItiL.C. Duke Poiuer Co-. 79/OS/01. tp. 

7901260104 Seiponds to NRC Itr re violations noted in IE Imp Repti 
50-491/7B-Oa, 50-492/78-08 t, 30-493/76-00. Corrective actloni: 
vendor conf ormantfl to A&TM E-ll will be prerequisite to 
purchase, nf sieves. 
DA1L.L. C. Duke Power Co. 79/O1/IS. 3pp. 

79IH270SSO Foruardi IE Bulletin 79-OfiA, "Havieu of Operational Errc-rs 
SIJM Misalignments Identified During THI Incident " 
O'REILLY, J. P. Region 2, Atlanta. Office of the Director 

79/O4/14. Ip. 

DOCKET BTN-SO-493 Cherokee Hue Laar Station, Unit 3 
Adjudlcatoi>t| copi-ipon.ifncfl 

7704050166 For mar its IE Info Notice 79-OSj "Uie af Imprnnar Matli In 
afety-Related Components. " 

n'REILLY, J.P. Region 3, Atlanta, Office of th* Director. 

79/O3/31. 3PP. 

7904110HO4 Act receipt of IE Insp Rapts 30-491/79-04, 30-49S/79-U4 Ii 
50-493/79-04 on 790227-0302. No proprietary Info. 
DArLfL.C. Duka Power Co. 79/03/27. Ip. 

790411O2O7 Foraiards IE Imp Repts 30-491/79-04. 30-492/79-O4 * 

30-493/79-04 on 790287-0302. No noncomp lianea not*d. 
MURPHY.C.E. Region 2, Atlanta, Reactor Construction * 

Engineering Support Branch. 79/03/23. 2pp. 

790*110211 IE Insp Repti 50-491/79-04,50-492/79-04 It 90-493/79-04 <m 

790227-0302. Ho noncomp 1 lance noted. Major areas intpect*if : OA 

procedures for containment ueldlng ii *af<ty-rel*t*d pipe 


CROWLEV.B.ft. Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

CONLON, T.E. Region 2, Atlanta, Reactor ConUrue tton 1 

Engineering Support Branch. 79/03/20, 6pp. 

7904H70493 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-04, "Incorrect Heights far BwJn) 
Check Valves Manufactured bij Velan Enginesrlng Corp. " 
O'REILLY, J.P. Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

79/03/30). Ip. 

7904120142 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-OSi ."Nuclear Incident at TMI' & 
PJJO-79-47, 79-67A, B,C,D,E, F & 0. No response reo.ulrad. 
O'REILLY, J.P, Region 3, Atlanta, Office of the Director, 

79/04/01. Ip. 

7904190169' Forwards IE Bulletin 79-OSA, "Nuclear Incident at 
THI - Buppl." ti preliminary chronolagif of THI-S 790333 
accident until core cooling restored. 

O'REILLY, J.P. Region 2, Atlanta, Office of th Director. 

79/04/03. Ip. 

7904240344 Ae* recaipt of 790328 Itr informing NRC of steps t*ln to 
correct violations noted in IE Imp Repts SO-491/79-03, 
50-492/79-03 U 30-493/79-03. 

HlfflPHY<C.E. Region 2, Atlanta, Reactor Construction * nglrmtrln| 

Support Branch. 79/04/09. Ip. 

790424.0336 Responds to NRC 790305 Itr re violations notad In IE Imp 

Repts 30-491/79-03,50-492/79-03 k 30-493/79-03. Corrective: 
actions; tamp & huraiditu readings evaluated d personnel 
Instructed re measurement*. 
DAIL, L. C. Duke Poyar Co. 79/03/2B. Ip. 

7904240390 Aek receipt of IE Insp Repts SO-491/79-03, 30-492/79-03 i 
&0-493/79-03 on 790206-08, No proprietary info. 
DAIL, L. C. Duke Power Co. 79/03/13. Ip. 

790424O4OB Forwards IE Intp Repts 50-491/79-03, 30-49 3/79-03 fc 

90-493/79-03 on 790S06-OB & notice of violation. 

MURPHY, C.E. Region 3r Chicago. Reactor Operations KucUir 

Support Branch. 79/03/03. 2pp. 

79042404tB Notice of violation from Insp on 790204-08, 

ft. g ion 2, Atlanta. Offlc* of the Director. 79/03/02. IB. 

7904110133 Fc-ruards brief bu Caccia omUted from 790301 order. Denies 
request 67 C Kepford to exctrpt pagei from dociwints flUd 
in TrtI proceedlnff for svc to Involved parties. 

DUFLO, H. E. Atomic Safety and Licensing Appeal Panl. 79/03/22 

Inspection i-9porti and correspondence 

7904110311 Foruardi IE Imp Repts 30-491/79-02,50-492/79-02 & 
30-493/79-03 on 790116-la.No nontojnp Uance noted. 
SUTHEfiLAHD, J. T. Raolon2, Atlanta, Fuel Facll Ha i, Malef ialt 

SafBtlj Branch. 79/O2/22. 2pp. 


7901I6-la.No nonconpliance notad. Major areit Inspicted: 
rviw o* environ protection proorjm, contt nonltoriixg 
control program 4 situ insp. 

' *' L ' Refliotl Sl A61 - nta - 0t" a* th D 

30-493/79-02 on 

7904240439 IE Insp Riptl 50-491/79-03, 90-492/79-03r 50-4.?3/79-03 on 
7902Oo-OB.oncompllance nottdi eonerat* cylinder moUt 
curing room temperature control. 

RAUBCHiJ.K. aOUOE.H.J, Regions, Atlanta, Office of thi 

Dlrsetor. HERDTi A. R. Region 2, Atlanta, Reactor C emit ruction 4, 

Engineering Support Branch. 79/03/02. 7pp. 

79042A030B Foruat-ds IE Bulletin 79-06, "Review of Operational Errorc t 
Sys Hlsallgnnvnts Identified During TMI Incident." 
O'REILLY, J. P. Regions, Atlanta. Office of the Dlrtctor, 

79/O4/11. Ip, 

79042AOOB8 Ac* receipt of 79030B Itr Informlno NRC af steps takin to 

correct violations noted In IE Insp Repts 30- 491/70-08, 

30-49S/78-09 t 80-493/7B-08. 

HURPHV r C.. Region 2, Atlanta, Reactor Construction fc Englniirln* 

Support Branch. 79/04/13. 2pp. 




DOCKET STN-3Q-493 Cherokee Nuclear Station. Unit 3 
tnp-cti-on reports and correspondence 

'7904260092 Responds to NRC 790213 I tr re violations noted In IE Insp 
Rapt*. 50-49i/7B-OB, 30-49S/76-Oa & 50-493/78-OB. Correct iva 
actions: itaves will be required to meat A9TM E-ll itds. C." Duke Pouor Co. 79/03/08. 2pp. 

7704360O97 Responds to NRC Itr re violations noted in IE Insp Repts 
gO-491/7S-08, 30-492/7B-08 fc 30-493/7a-08. Corrective actions: 
due to delaysi apec tad date for installation of halon fire 
protection sys Is 790630. 
DAIL.L. C. DuVe Potuer Co. 79/02/01. Ip. 

--7904260104 Respond! ta NRC Itr re violations noted in IE Insp Rpts 
3O4?l/78-08r 30-492/7B-OB & 50-493/7B-08. Correctl ve actions: 
vendor conformanee to ASTM E-ll mill bo prerequls i ta to 
purchase of slaves. 
DAIL.L. C. Duke Power Co. 79/01/15. 2pp. 

7904370550 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-Q6A. "Revieu of Operational Error* 
Sys HtiaLlgnments Identified During TMI Incident:." 
Q'REIL-LV, J-P. Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

79/O4/14. Ip. 

-7904130223 "Annual Rapt 197B for Hartford Electric Light Co." 

Northeast Nuclear Energy Co. {Northeast Utilities). 797Q4/1Q. 

-7901130224 "Annual Sept 197B far CT Light t Power Co. " 
* Northeast Nuclear Energy Co. (Northeast Utilities). 


-7904130a3G - "Annual Rept 117B for Nnrthaaat Nuclaar Energy Co." 

* Northeast Nuclear Energy Co. {Northeast Utilities). 79/04/1O. 

DOCKET 90-497 Montague Nuclear Power Station, Unit 2 
Appl icat ion/construct inn stage 

79041203B9 Informs of planned 1979 stutfie-s of (American shad fe shorUno; 
sturaaon in CT River by MS Cooperative Fisheries flesEarch 
Unit Forwards description of scope of work. 
COUNBIL.W.G. Northeast Utilities. 79/03/29. i-p p , 

7'7G"J260027 Forwards "Comparative Cooling Tower & Plume Visibility 
Studi)," d td Feb t*?79, F I e 1 i uark required far study was 
about *11> 000. Kept is initial endeavor. 
GENTLEMAN. M. B, Maisachuiot ta. State of. 79/O4/I1. Ip, 

AppUcjtlon/constructinn stage 

79042-60O30 "Comparative Cooling Toiuer >j Plume Visibility S*ucfij" 
prepared far MA Energy Fa-cllitiea Siting Council. 
* Energy Impact Assoctataa. 79/02/23. 43pp, 

7904030333 Requests maating to diicuas addl raqu Ir nments to be 
MtUfied AS condition for eitanslon of Preliminary Design 
Approval 4, Also rBq.uasts that PDA- 4 not be permitted to 
laps* Ulhilfl discrepancies are being resolved. 
KENNEDY, W. 0. Stone fc Webster. Inc. 79/03/23. 3pp. 

7 90 427-0267 Requests meeting to discuss attending preliminary deaign 
application past 790505. 
KENNEDV.W, J. Stone & Webster, Inc. 77/04/20. 2pp. 

70-0.4300373 Responds to 791129 Itr re Seismic Category I roquiramenta. 
Anaclatetl ttruc turas. sua h components for Bach BUES8AR 
design mill be ravlsod to assure lou leakage barrier 
following a fuel handling accident & leiimic e-vent. 
KENHEDV.H. J. atone !< Wabiter. Inc. 79/01/24. Ip. 

Financial Information 

7904130321 Forwards "Annual Rept 1973" fo 
HUNT, H. A. Northeast Nuclear Enerjg Co. 
79/04/10. Ip. 

four u ti Is. 
(Northeast Utilities). 

-7904130222 "Annual Rapt 1978 for Western HA Electric CD," 

* Northeast Nuclear Eneroij Co. (Noi-fcheast Utilities!, 79/04/10. 

-7904130223 "Annual Rept 1<J7O for Hartford Electric Light Co." 

- Northeast Nuclear Energy Co. (Northoaat Utilities). 79/O4/1O. 

NRC GER and supplements 

"SEP. ra Preliminary Design of BWE39AH-PI Std PUS Refarenct 
Nuclaar Power Plant <fe Its Relationship to RE8AR-41 Std 
Rtf rnc Sijs). " 

* Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. NUREO-0049. 76/O3/31. 
180pp. Available at NTI8. 

-7904130234 "Annual Flept 1973 for CT Light fc Pniuer Co. " 

Northoait Nuclear Energy Co. (Northeast Utilities). 77/04/IO. 

-790413023O "Annual Rapt 1973 *or Northeast Nuclear Enargy Co." 

* Northeast Nuclear Energy Co, (Hortheast Utilities). 79/O4/10. 

"BER r* Preliminary Design of SWESSAR-P1 Std PWR Referenci 
Has Itar Pouier Plant (t It* relationship to CESSAR Std 
Refarinci Syi). " 

Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. NUREO-009o. 76/OQ/31. 
190pp. Available at NTIS. 

DOCKET SO-4?6 Montagua Nuclear Poiuer Station, Unit 1 
Application/construction staga 

7904120289 Informs of planned 1979 studies of American shad fc Bhortnon 
sturgeon "In CT River by MS Cooperative Fisheries Rearch 
Unit. Forwards description of scop* of mark. 
CQUNfllt.H.O, Northeast Utilities. 79/03/39. 6pp. 

DOCKET STN-3O-49S South Te.a* Project. Unit I 
ftpp llcat ion/cons tvuct ton stage 

7904160267 Forwards conclusion* & recommendations of noui Pipe Crack 
Study Croup tn NUREO-0331. "Investigation & Evaluation of 
Straii Corroiion Cracking in Piping of LHR Plant*. " Forwards 
related FR notUe-.M/o end. 

VASSALLQ. . B. Assistant Director for Lioht Water Ractoi-9. 

7^/03/33. 3pp. 

7904300233 Raquesta- addl info for revtaw of FSAR. Info includes codas 
standards, auii liaru sys, reactor analysis & -accident 
analijsii. Request* suhmlttfll by 790016. -,,,, 1 R nn 

PARR;o. D. Light Water Reactors Branch 3. 79/04/O2. 19pp. 

, Forwards "Comparative Cooling Touier fc Plume V 
dtd Fab l979.FIeld mark required for study ua 
about' #11 1 000. Rept '* initial ndavor. ,,,, ln 
OENTUMAN,M.B. Massachusetts, State of. 79/04/11. Ip. 

-7904260030 "Comparative Cooling Tomer *. Plum* Vitlbllitu Study- 
prepared for MA Energy Facilities Siting Council. 
Energy Impact Associates. 79/OS/2B. 43pp. 

Financial information 

79041302*1 Forward. "Annual 1978" f or '; ii ""i 
HUHT.H.A. Northeast Nuclear Energy .Co. (Northeast 
79/04/10, Ip, 

-7904130322 "Annual Rept 197B for We.t.rn * Bljetrle Co. 
Northeast Nuclear Energy Co. (Northeast UtilUi)- 

NBC DEB, FE8. supplaments 

7904270036 FES for -facility, 

* Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, 
373p p . 

HURE*-7S/019, 75/03/31. 

/*/</ 1. 

Security, medical, emergency 81 fire protection P>^* 

7W4J400W Response to 79031S r.juMt fr afti.. ta submit 
..curtt-j contingency plan.Orants extension from 79O3K3 until 
sotmittal of reiponsei to first round I"? "* lon !L ..._ ,,. 
PARR.O.D. Light Hatar Reactors Branch 3. 79/O3/31. app. 

7904ia02<?2 Notification of 790611-12 meeting In AI bunuerque, MM ta 
dlscuis phusienl security issues. /ni/39 

MILLER, J.R. Assistant Director for Reactor 3a*.iuards. 79/03/22. 
60 p, 



judic-atorg t or i-aspon (fence 
7904060*66 Foriuat-ds carrart,* 


790333. Ho 


n fl t on . Certificate Svc iiel 


n, ,, P(N P c.. 79/04/06. 3 PP . 

7904100233 Aratnd fl to F g Aff 

* H 0ulfron Lifting fc P 3wer Co . 7 , /ofl/OA 

Anti-trust correspondence 

Austin. TX. 79/02/20. 

a^e by applicant * 

- " 

*. Uck 

* ..... 

a am. Lincoln (, Beale. 79/02/27. UOpp. 

aun *vill., 

7901170520 Forward* Feb if 79 tti 

tlm. ta rsspgnd 


notion for eitinilon of 
79/03/02. 6pp. 

79/03/03. SSpp. 


Moulin, (tacfcrUni t Birrtl 

79/03/O3. 15pp. 
ting Co for Fob I 

KHDTT S ,J. B . 

erman. 79/03 /OS. 
i ic ovary rtquaiti 
79/03/03. 23pp. 

vs , 
LESSOR. P . Antl -rru,t'n lvl , ion . 79 , 03/07- 

^cfK^f'SrS^^jrTxT" 1 "": to r " vi - u 

Inltl.tid or r.c.iv.d SnS dl^ii ' Co " p " r * tlvB ""' "" 

F6 IWS.C.rftiJ"!* a? Sv In?? ^ r " lU " fc <""" 



r..^ 79/03/07. ,pp 

^.^c!*" '*-*" "'*' "'. 

, Oomp , H-U... * F.U. W/oa/07 . 5pp 

79/03/07: lp. 

to to itnd tint within 
ufd two notlc of 



79/03/09. 3pp. 

Utbf* n , 79/03/09. 9pp. 

Lle . ntln| 




DOCKET 8TN-50-49H South Texas Project, Unit 1 
Anti-trust correspondence 

7904QiiO193 Notice of appearance of RE Cohn t* RJ Laid! on behalf of Air 
Products fc Chemical. Inc.E I DuPont de Nemoura fc Ca,Monsanto 
Cu. PPO Industries In- & Union Carbide Corp, Cur t if icate of 
Svc one 1 . 
LEIDLitt.J. . COHN.R.E. Butler, Binlon, Rice, Cook &Knapp. 79/03/1S, 


790409Q333 Forwards corrections to 790309 motion for eitension of time 
until 770329. 
KMOTTB.J.B. Debevoise & Lieberman. 79/03/12. lp. 

7904O9O369 Response to second set af Interrogatories (. requests for 

production of documents from util to (JRC. Cert iflc ate ot Svc 

LE8SV.R.P., BLUME, M. H. Anti-Trust Division. 79/O3/12. I3pp- 

79O41704Q6 Notification of appearance of listed parties on behalf of 
Air Products It Chemicals, Inc, El DuPont d NamouFS t Co, 
Monsanto Go.PPO Industries & Union Carbida Corp. Cert If icate 
of Compliance encl. ,,. 

COHN.R.E., LEIDL.R.J. Botlar, Blnlon. Rice. Coat fcKnapp. 79/03/13. 

7)4ZHI>170 Application by Public Utili Board of Br ounsvt 11 e. TX for 
Issuance of subpoena for production of documents by El Paso 
Electric Co. Draft subpoena t. Certificate of Svc ncl. 
POIRIER.M.R. Spiegel fc McDiarmid. 79/03/13. 24pp. 

79O419OO39 Houston Lighting fc Power CD'S first set of written 
interrogatories' to Public Utils Board of City of 
Brownsville, IK. Certificate of Svc encl. 
BARNETTi E. M. Baker fc Botfcs. 79/03/14. 33pp, 

7904H70Z71 Fnruiards City of Brouinsvl 1 1, TX 790313 application for 
Issuance of subpoena for production of documents ay El Paio 
Electric Co. 

WHITE.S.O. Spiegel & McDiarinld. 79/03/14. lp. 

--7904270280 City of Broiunsvllle, TX application for issuance of subpoena 
for production of documents by El Paso Electric Co. 
Certificates of Svci subpoena t supporting documentations 

FQIft'tER. M. R. Spiegel *. MeDiarmid. 79/03/13. 27pp. 

79Q43Q003B Motion of Public Utils Board of City of Brounsvtl le, TX for 
exUnttan of tine to 7904OS within which to compel Bouth TX 
Cooperative, Ine it Medina Electric Cooperative to provide 
fulltr responses to Interrogatories, Certificate of Svc encl, 
JABLQNrfi.A, Spiegel fc MeDiarmld. 79/03/17, llpp. 

7904040045 Clarifies 790306 ordr grantino joint motion for withdrawal 
of subpoena* fc motions. Gulf States Util is granted 
extension of tiinn to 790311 to respond to subpoana for 
production of documents. Subposna duce tacum *"<!* 
HILLER.H.E. Atomic Safety and Llcensino Doari! Panel. 

7704090311 NRC objection* to Intarrogatorv 3 propounded bu utll fc 
notion for protective order. Interrooatory 1* in conflict w/ 
Rule SB af Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Certlficatt of 


Anti-Trust Division, 79/03/13. 7pp. 

7904190023 Partial response to Si motion for *ttiion of time in which 
to- compute, response to Central Power 8. Llg-lit Co' answers 
to interrogatories & request* for documtnts. Includes motion 
to ecupel 1 fuller response*. Certificate of Bvc 
MCDIWHID.R.C. Spieoel k McDlarmid. 

79/O3/19. 19pp. 

7TO419M31 Response of City of Uroumivlll* to Central Pouter S, Light's 
abjections ti *otion for protective order. Insists util Is 
obligated to supply info & documents. Should obtain info 
frow holding company * subsidiaries. Certificate of Svc encl. 
MCDIARMID.R.C. 9pl*Dl & McDlarmid. 79/O3/13. 30pp. 

790419O086 FlrsJ; Sit of interrogatories J. raquesti for production fl# 
docunants from TX UU1 Oeneratlng Co to Antltrutt Div.OOJ. 
CTtifIc*tt of Svc encl. 
HHOTTS.J.B. Debevoiss ti Lleberman. 79/03/16, 9pp. 

7904190037 An*uier of TX Utils Co fc its subsidiaries to initial 
Inttrragatorles d to first request for production of 
doeuents fvoo Public Utllt Board of City o-f Broun*vll le. 
Certificate of Svc encl. 
HMOTTS.J.B. Tend* Utilities Co. 79/03/16. Upp- 

79O41TO061 First tot of Interrogatories & raqit* for praductton of 
documents from TX Util Co to NRC. Certificate, of 8ve encl. 
KMOTTSi J. 8,. Debevolte t> Lieberman. 79/03/16. llpp. 

7904190035 Houston Lighting tt Pouier Co 'a objections S. motion or 
protective order re discovery request from City of 
arownsvil le, TX. Lists .general & specific objections S. moves 
for protective order. Curti f tcate of Svc encl. 
BAFINETT.E.H. Oaker t, Botts. 79/03/17. 9pp. 

79043Q0028 Forwards motions of Public Util* Board of Brounsvi 1 1 e, TX for 
extension of time to provide fuller responses to Brounivi 1 le 
Interrogator lea * for aitention of time to move San Antonioi 
TX to provide fuller reponses. 
WHITE.S.Q. Spie^ol 't. McDiarmld. 79/03/17. lp. 

79O4300O93 Motion of Public Utils Board af City of Brownsvi 1 le, TX for 
extension of time to 790330 uJithin uihtch to compel City of 
San Antonio to provide fuller responses to Interrogator lea fc 
request for production of d ocumants. C ert 1 f Icate of Svc enc 1 . 
JABLQN.R.A. Spiegel !< McDiarmid. 7^/03/17. 7pp. 

790*040293 Forwards responie by Public UtU Board Of Qrownsvl 1 la. TX, to 
TX Utils Oenaratlng Go's atjsctions & motion for protective 
order Includes motion to compel responses by util. 
JABLONid.A. Spiegel t. HcDIai-mid, 79/03/19. lp. 

7904040301 Response to abjection) by TX Utils Genei-ating Co tt motion 
for protective order. Includes motion fto compel response to. 
interrogatories. Cartif icate of Svc encl. 
JAHLGN.R.A. Spiegel I. McDiarmld. 79/O3/I9. 4<bpp. 

7904190042 Motion of Public Otils Board of City of Erounsvi 1 1 a for 
e, tension until 790411 to respond to Houston Lighting fc 
Pouiar Co'i objections t. answers to Brouinsvi 1 1 'B initial 
interrogatories. Certificate of Svc encl. 
JABLQN.R.A, Spiegel * McDtarrald. 79/O3/21. 7pp. 

790403000A Orders oitension of tltfa until 790330 for City cf San 
Antonio fc until 7905O3 for South TX Cooperative Inc k Medina 
Electric Cooperative to o rovid e _ f ul ler responses to 

interrogatories. -,oitv*fx> 1n 

MILLER. M.E. Atomic Safety and Licensing Qoarfl Panel. /fVUJ/ ;*. ip. 

790430043S Forwards Csntral Pouar & Light motion for protective order 
In repo.nsfl to Houston Lighting t Pouier first interrogatories 
t raqme-st for production at documents Including confidential 
k proprietary. Busgests A8LD entar similar order. Draft encl. 
&TAHC..D.H. llham, Lincoln & Beale. 79/03/22. 7pp. 

790*3004*1 Motion for protective order of Central Poiuer b Light in 
e-spons to Houston Lighting h Pur first Interrogator les !. 
req.ua9t for production of documents including confidential 
info End draft off ilmilar order suggested for ASLD. 
BTAHL.D.M. I.ham. Lincoln & Boalo. 79/03/22. 3pp. 

79040*0343 NRC raaponaa to motion for protective order & motion to 
compel further answers to NRC Interrogatories & requests for 
production of documents to Houston Llohtlno t. Power Co. 
Re<iuts denial of util mo tion. H/Crtif icate of Bvc. 
BLUME. M. B. Anti-Trust Division. 79/03/23. 66pp. 

7904140333 Denies TX Utils Generating Co 790302 motion for protective 
orders re City of Hrownvi lie 's interrogatories (. request 

"e"** Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Panel. 79/03/23. 


7904310234 Forwards City of Austin's fir*t amanded " * 
fir*t set of Infcerrogatorie*, submitted in responsB to DOJ 
motion to compel fuller ansuarv DOJ tilll Austin'* 

files on 790324-39. 
BALdUSH.R. C. Austlnr 

7?/03/33. IP- 

~790lfflMO A-tndid angers filed in response /?J's moti on to 
compel fuller answers to DOJ's first set of interrogatories. 
Affidavit fc Certificato of avc encl, 
BALOUOH.R.C. Austin. TX. 79/O3/23. 


& motion for eten*ion of time to re. pond to NRC motion to 
compal.RoQjJB*ts affl'lno data tt tlm*. 70/03/2* i 

FRANKLIN, W. J. Lowenstein, Newman. Rel>. Alrad & Toll. 79/03/26. i 

-7904260076 Motion by H-UMtor, Lighting fc P*>*'r Co f or "t-nj;"" 1 af l 
to 790416 to respond to NRC motion for protective order fc 

motion to con-pel fuller responses to int.rv Dfl ator i e>. 
Su^V' L^."t..n.N B u ra ,n,fteis,A.elr a d b Toll. BARNETT.C. 
Baker * Botts. 79/03/26. 5pp. 

-7904860080 Motion b 4 Hau.ton Ltflhtln, V Power Co to compel NRC to 

J!" L^,Ne Wm an,R.i..A,,d 
Baker (t Botts. 79/03/SA. 29pp. 




P"Jt. Unit 1 

Anti-trust CDTrsspondenc e 

MILLER, M.E. Atomic s.ft v and Llctntina Board Panel. 


bgrnifln. 79/03/23. 8pp. 



. Certificate o* Svc 

HARRIS, J.L.. BALQUGH.R.C. Austin. TIT. 79/03/29. 9pp, 

7904170332 NRG d oe , not otj.ct to use o f H Haybrn O f RW B.ct Associate 

2 arGwn.vlIU,TX,. U bj to enum.r-at.d ccndltlmi. 
.p, Anti-Trust Division. 79/04/03. Ip. 

W. Baker ti Botts. 79/04/03. Ip. 

-7904530083 H.tion b V uj i 1 for , UW n,r, d.ctslon.^Jrges C.ntr.l Po UB r 1. 
Light Co e stopped from litigating factual i; tu e. decld.d 
Svc ?o" Dll *'* *urt in West TX Util Co vi TX EJ.ctrtc 
BARNErT.E.W. Baker & flotts r 79/01/O3. 38pp, 

7-7041:80307 Orants 790402 motion b U Houston Llghtinj fc Power for 
''^ on 1 7904!9 Hl thln uhlcN to re^ond to C.ntrl^ 
Pouer , Light'* answers I. object Ion* to Houston Lightino fc 
Pouar'i first iet of intTroaat Tin. 'S^mo 

MILLER, M.E. Atomic Safat v and Lic&nslno ffoard Panal. 79/04/04. ip. 

Atitf-druit hearing corraspontfence 
? 9040202Byr fl n S cript of 790320 prehe.rlng conference In Beth.,da, MB. 

Inijiection reports and torreiponifencf 

on 4, Dallas, Qffi c8 of the Director. Tf/Olrtl. 

I"" MW of .t.pi fit* t. 

. "'I}'" 

autdaEid dryings, detects by addl surveillance of 

documents, removed from field. 

rURNER.E.A. Houston Liohting & Poumr Co. 79/03/1A. Bpp. 

* i " ctl|> * af 7903la ltr '"""-ruing NRC of it .ft tain U 

SO-499/79-al ln IE In " P B ' pli ' 3 -' 1<fB/79 - l 

1 '" R " et - C ..... * lh t ( ..... ft 

. ltr rB v*ol.4ioi not.d in IE 

t SO-4f7/79-Oi.Corr. C *iv 9 JC 1 1 nr . : . 1 1. 
uork initruiction Ususd to control traixicript ion of 
TI*IB " B "'""'"at'on checfcllit neordi. 

TURNER, E. A- Houiton Lightino k Pauer Co. 79/03/18. 2pp. 

7704200427 Respondi to 790322 requ^t for .xtinilon of .u^dilon 
for raiponie to IE Bulletin 78- ISA. IE Bulletin 78-138 

>rUar ^l' IE BullBtI " 79-06, IUvi. u of dp-r.tion.l Errari t 
, MI " Ilt ' Identifl * ( ' ur ln B TKI Incident." 
. Region 4. Dallas, Office of tha Director. 7<9/0*/ll. 

" IWI 'i < 15 """ 79 -". "R.vieu of Dp.r.tlon*! Ertcn L 
9 . n " Bn ** Ilfen * i(l i'> Durlnj TMI Incident." 
. Region fl, Dallas. Office of the Director. 77/04/14. 

7904*706 19 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-06A, Revi, ion I, "Review of 
Incident"* Erl * ori *" Sys "'"Hanment* Idantifiirf During TMI 
SEYFHIT-K..V. Region 4, Dallas, tjffici at th Director. 

-!!*!..!!"" 1 *''*!!"*' rslat " lf corrtspondence 
7904260372 ForuijTrfs PNO-79-i7X 

R " ctor 

7904260399 Foruards PNO~79-67y 

7-?04Zfi042O Forwards PNO-77-67Z 

SEVFJUT.K.V, Region 4, Dallas, Qtflc, of the Diret Ur. 79/03/19. 

904030043 Forwards 1C Circular 79-03, "Holstur. Le.kaa. i a* , 
Hire Conductor!. " ini*wur Lt*tagi i n Str^ndtd 

BEVFR1T.B V D..I. > .... 

fctmT,K.V. Rrgian 4. D.lla,, D/fic. of the Director. 


Po U r Co. 79/03/M I B , 

_!!!:! "* l? !_ SDU * h T *" ai Pr j":*' ^it a 

Application/construction *tag 

A " 1 ' t * nt 

^^^ M M c 

n " of LWR "-"*- For " 

or for Light H.t.r R.actori. 


oo , 

PARR.Q.D. Light Mater Reactors Branch 3. 79/O4/02. ls pf . 

NBC DEB, FES, strp p l.n,ent 

the Director. 77/03/30. 

7904270036 FES for faeilitg. 

tin.. C * Nuclear Reactor Regulation. NUREOi 

73/019. 78/03/31, 



DOCKET BIN-SO-*?*? South Tanas Project, Unit 2 

Security, itiodical, emorflancy & fire protection plans 

7904160093 R-espanse to 790213 request for aitension of timo to submit 
security contingency plan.Qrants e*tonaioti from 790333 until at rasponsos to first round questions. 
PAFta.O. D. Llgtit Water Reactors Branch 3. 79/O3/21. 2pp. 

T9041B0272 Notification of 79Q611-12 meeting in Albuquerque. NM to 

discuc* phuIcal security issues. 

HILLEfl.J.R- Assistant Director for Reactor Safeguards. 79/03/32. 

Adjudieatory correspondence 

79040AO466 Forwards corrected page to applicants' responiB to 
Intervention petition of Citiieni for Equitable UtlU, 
Ine Certificate of Svc encl. 
NEWMAN, J.R. Louienstein,Neiuman,Rei. Ajolrarf b Toll. 79/03/O3. 9pp. 

790413QQ37 Notif icatlon that counsel for Central Power *. Light has been 
advised of util request for eitensian of time to 790328, No 


KNOTTS.J. B. Debevoisa ti Lleberman. 



7904230098 Motion to lodge opinion ul/ASLG. H/ancl decision In Haalth 
Research Group v Kennedy from the 790319 Legal Times of 
Hash in.9ton. Certificate of Svc encl. 

NEHNAN.J.R. Lowanstein.NBWman.Rals, A>elrad 8. Toll. BCHWARE, ft. D. 
Btktr V Botts. ! 79/03/26. Bpp. 

790413QQBO Noti-f Icatlon that hearing will be held In licensing 

BECHHOeFEnic. Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Panal. 79/04/03. 

7904130133 Prehearing conference order re intervention petit Ions. Two 
petition* granted i TX given interested statfl atatu.D Mark* 
4 &H HcCaughan petitions denied. Austin Citizens for 
Economic*! Energy petition provisionally denied. , ,.,,, 

EECHHQEFER, C. Atomic Safety and Licensinu Board Panel. 79/04/03. 


FBAR nd amendments- 

79/04/06. 3pp. 

7704100224 Forurards Amend 4 to FSAR. 

TRUNER.C. A. Houston Lighting d Poiuar Co. 

7TO4100233 ftmend 4 to FBAR. 

e Houston Lighting t Power Co. 

Anti-trust correspondence 

79/04/06, 136pp. 

Forwards response by Public Utils Hoari of Brounsvllla. TX* to 
TK Utils Osnoratlng Co's objections d motion for protective 
order. Includn* motion to compel rpones bij util. 
JABLON,H.A. Spiegel tt McDlarmid. 79/03/19. Ip. 

790420*43* Forwjirdi motion containing objections to DtJJ 790218 motton 
to compel Austin to provide fuller rponst to DOJ's 
first >at of interrogator lot. 
BALOUOH. R. C. Austin, TX. 79/02/20. Ip. 

7904200437 Objections bg City of Austin to DDJ 79OZ13 motion to compel 
fuller .rponsa to DQJ's first set of Interrogatories. 
Certificate of Bvc encl. 
HAflRia,J. L. Austin. TX. 79/OK/20. 6pp. 1. 

7704O&O204 Motion for extanlon of timt to respond to second set a* 
Interrogator In h requests for production of documents. Lack 
of responn bu applicant to NRC quirle* of initial 
Interroga tar lei has caused delay. Certificate of Svc encl. 
BLUHE. M.B, Anti-Trust Division. 79/02/26- 4pp, 

7?04Q30Q83 Answers of Central Power fc Light Co to corrected Initial 
interrooatarias to & first reo.""* * or production of 
document! by City of Brownsville, TX. M/720903 agreament of 
Electric Reliability Council of TX. 
flVAM.T.O. Iham, Lincoln S, Beale, 79/02/27. 140pp. 

7904070336 Notifies of abjection to motion to compel fullar answers b 
production by DQJ, Iterrogatorlat from City of Brownsville, 
TK received. Offer made to both parties to impact 
Airttin'* fll<*. 'Certificate of Svc enct. 
BALOUOH.ri.C. Austin, TX. 79/03/01. 4pp. 

7904170350 Forwards Feb 1979 status rept. Central Power 8. Llflht Co 
rt^fllved from Houston Lighting tt Power Co the first set of 
written ih^arrogatorles & ha* filed motion for niton* ion of 
tliM to respond, 
3TAHL.D.H. Ittnifl, Lincoln & Boale. 79/03/02, 6pp. 

7904170540 Re 5 pan-so of South TX Coopers t i ve, I nc t, rleo ma Electric 
Cooperative, Inc to initial interrogatories t> first request 
far documents from Public Ut i I Daard of Broiunsv 1 1 IB- TX. 
Certificate of Svc oncl. 
HUNTER, M. McGinnis, Lochridge & Kilgore. 79/03/O2, 6pp. 

79O421O19B Fo-rwaTds answers & documents from San Antonio, TX In response 
to Intarrogator t ea tr. request of production of documents 
submitted by Public Utila Board of City of Broiunsvi I Is. TX. 
WILBQN, U. R. Mattheus, Woulin, htacfarlane t, Barrett. 7?/O3/02. Ip. 

79042I02O9 Discovery ropt of City of Ban Antonio for Fob 1979. FlBspons as 

>i. requested documents are feeing provided ko City of 

Brounsvl 1 le. San Antonio neither initiated nor received anij 

discovery requasts for month. 

HtLSON. U, H. Mattheius, Noulln. Kacfartane !. Barrett. 79/03/02. 


7904210214 Response of City of 8-an Antonio to Public Util Hoard of City 

of Drouint-vl 1 1 ei TX initial interrogatories & first requasl: 

for production of dot uments . AF f idav i t t> Certificate of Svc 

sue 1. 

WOOD, J. C., UILSaN.W. R. Matthews, Houilin, Macfarlane & Barrett. 

79/03/02. 22pp. 

79040A0033 Ansiue-r of TX Utils Co t i t-s subsidiaries to NRC initial 
Interragatorles & renuosts far production of documents. 
Provides detailed rasponsei to Interrogator-ies 1-35 & 37-39. 
Certificate of Svc encl. 
HORSHAM. J. 1. Worsnami Forsi/fe dSampela. 79/03/05. 13pp. 

790417007S Discovery rept for TX Utils Generating Co for Fet t979. 
CertCflcate qf 9vc encl, 

.H. DebeVQlse tt L! eberirian, 79/03/05. Spp. 

7904190030 TX 'Utils Genaratlna Co's objection* to motlori for protective 
orders re certain MRC interroga torlei fc requests for 
production of documents. Objec t tq def ini tions. Cer tif Icate 
of Bvc encl. 
KNQJTTS. J. B. Debevoise tt Llobfifman. 79/03/03. 7pp. 

7904190063 Houston Lijhting & Pouier Co'i answer to DQJ 79O2O6 rantlon to 
compel further re-sponses to discovery requests. Motion is 
Improper ft aaeks to conscript legal V paralegal aid -from 
uti k. Certificate of Svc ancl. 
BARNETT.E, W, Baker & Dotts. 79/03/03. 23pp. 

7904060211 Fob 1979 rapt of Public Util Board of C I fcy of Brown* vt 1 I e, progress in completing discovery in proceeding, 
Certificate of Svc encl. 
MCniARMID, R. C Spiegel *> McDIarmid. 79/03/06. 7pp. 

790417OIB6 Motion far Bitenslon untlt 790320 in which to respond to 
sacond set of Interrogatories t* ruquest for production of 
documents lubmitted by Central Poiuor fc Light. Certificate of 

FHANKLtN.W. J, Lowanitain, Newman, Rels,Aelrad & Toll. 79/O3/06. 

7904040298 Houston Lighting & Power Co objections fe ansuiera to initial 
Interrogator li fc first request for production of documents 
by City of Brownsville TX. Object* to document indeiing 
requirement, Certificate of Bvc t eihlbits ncl. 
BIMMQNS.D. E. Houston Lighting fc Power Co. 79/O3/07. 33pp. 

7904-060473 Motion to answer utit's objections . motion far protective 
order -Wor -file 1 1 oun motion to compel discovery bij 
790319- Certificate of Bvc *nc 1 . 
LeaaV,R.P. Antt-Truik Division. 79/O3/07. 9pp. 

7904130099 TX-LA Electric Cooperative continues 60 raviaw documents 
received from City of Drouinsvl lie, TX. Cooperative has neither 
Initiated or received any discovery request* during 
Fs-b. 1979. Certificate of Svc encl. 
BURCHETTE, H. H, Morthcutt Ely. 79/O3/O7. 4pp. 

7904170313 Forwards Feb 1979 status rapts re discovery In proceedings. 
Certificate of Bvc tncl. 
JQHM.D.F. Akin, Dump, Hauer fe FeU. 79/O3/07. Spp. 

7904200440 Forwards City of Austin's answers in response to Initial 
Interrogatories & first roqu*st for production of documents 
filed bu Public Utils Board of Browns vi 1 le, TX. 
BALOUOH.R.C. Austin. TX. 79/03/07. Ip. 

-7904200442 Response, of Citf of Austin to i"itl-| 'nJiV^Board 1 ** * 
reoueit* for production of documents from Public Utils Board 
of Citij of Brou.nsvilla.TX. Affidavit of RL Hancock 8. 
Certificate at Svc encl. 
BALaU<JH,R-C. Austin, TX. 79/03/04. 18pp. 



Co. 79/03/07. tOpp, Cu If Status 


-"AN,T.O. I.A, Llneiin t Oe a ] e 7g/ 

: Q328 S U M uh!ch t rMMnJM?"?** 1 "" 1 " C f r 1 * > "*n <" * l-i until 
niral P aw=P t, i. 1}ht Co CertificIte D *f Svt** * ub " it * d fr * 
J. B. DebevoUe (. Llbaran. 79/03/O9. s n 

lti or 8vc ,ncl. "' * * An M tpolt ">4v.OW. 

J.B. Dtb.voiM fc Ll.b.rMn. 79/03/16. 9pp. 

79/03/16. Upp . 

KNOTT8.J.B. T UtilitU, Co. 

79/03/09. Spp. 

LEIDL,R.j., COHW,R.E- Butler. BlnJon. B tc . ( C ODl fc K 
upp, --!* ntiej LODE (r rvndpp. 


* lp ? nlBI to 
tim * * ov - S 

i*b.r M . 79/03/12. Ip. 

1Spp . 

.R.E.. LEIOC.R:,. .. Hinlon . Bjce , Cqok 

O. Spiegel & McDUrmlrf. 79/03/17 Ip 
.on,H. ft . Spieg.l fc HcDiflrmid. 79/03/17. 7pp. 

tBcti^ ! rf "J'ttloM by TX Util, 0n B rtlnB Co I. lli- 
atarl r.^tS? t <fe motion to compel reiponi. to 
B*rii .Certificate of Svc end. 


and Lie.nilng 


Ko:n h tr r A Liflht moti n *- *i 

t for owde2i ' !*3 B fc PoWBr ' t* lntrro OJ ito t .t 

tl llllill, WA rf " uf " nt ' including c.nflrf.nM 
K lih-S V(^T , 8 S tB V " Iffl11 " "d.r.Dr.n , nc l. 
n. nmm, Lincoln fc BeaU. 79/03/32. 7, 

d Dcum>ntat(ont 

l drt -i 

t.h.2 r ? rt " r "" ..... - * Dr ASLB ' 

i, I, him, Lincoln fc Biala. 79/03/Ha. Spp. 

isr^3-rrffiih?;S'sr--- i -'"'" 

^.re%vi/ftS. ; "S-lira!', 

79O4&&0065 Ctarif it 

7 9/ M /i S . 

; : :' 

- " 



flint on C. -Aum,,. TX. 79/03/83. 

rwner aneweri to DOJ'i 'firtt iet o 
*o J Ct ;"'Ic*l! of Svc enel. 
rH.C. Aiitttn. TX. 79/03/23. 9pp. 

"", Co 7,030= ^^ f . 

'i lnt.rra fl at<,rl** t r.qu. 

ftuitin flr*t emendad dniwirt to COJ'I 
leinubnltted In reiponiv to MJ 
ntuert.DOJ will review Auitln'i 


DOCKET 81N-SO-4 1 ?? South Toms Project, Unit 2 

Anti-trust correspondence 
7904a6GO72 Foruarils Houston Lighting 4, 

UTMUVUTK, I-UIWHCUH MULJVI.UII L.igribliig J> Power C o ' G ttint-i *- 

potion for xt.n.ton of time to ^ij.^^'^"^''.^" * 

compel. Request* affixing date fc tinm. 

FRANKLIN, W.J, Lowanste In, Newman, Rei a, Aialrad t< Toll, 79/03/26 1 

-79Qf,Q07fc Motion by Houston Lighting b Powor Co for ert Bn l n n t t , 
to 790*16 to r V p.nd to NRC wtton'for protective or^er I " fc "" e 

t Inn to eomnl furthor 
Certificate at Svc end 

to interrogator!!.* 

FRANHLIN.W. J. Uouonstaln, Newman, Rels, Alelrad S, Toll. 79/03/36 

7904360000 Motion b V Houston Lighting t, Power Co to compel NRC to 
provide fullor responses to util't second 8t of 
InterroaatnrlBi It requests for production of documents. 
Certificate of Bvc encl. 

770-^17020* Oranta matilon bu Public UtiU Board of Brownsville, TX fo 
<i Unit Dn until 790411 In uhich to respond ta objections of 
Hautban, Llflhtlns V Pouar to Qrouinivll le 's Initial 
Jn trraj*tor la*. 
MltLCn.H.E. Atomic Bafttg and Lie an* Ing Board Pansl. 79/03/a?, 

ntg*ctl(iri d motion for protective orders bg TX Utll 
4tntt**tlng Co ra Central Power & Light's flmt tet of 

lit.rraatorl 4< raquett for production of documents. Asks 

Board to df*r rl ing. H/Cort If Icata of Bvc. 

UNOTTB. J. D. Dabvvulie k Llslierman. 79/03/2B. 8pp. 

79042t03fl& Foruarrft City op Austin's brief re a""tlon of collateral 
MStappal tfl dlipoie of or Unit proceeding. 
DAUKJOII. R.C. Au*tin, TK. 7?/03/ai, lp, 

--7V04310399 llrta-f r quoitlan of collatvrjil mtoppel to dUpoa of 
r limit pracillng. Findings of fact b conclusions of law 
In Witt TX cast iliould be considered, Certificate of Svc 
tic I, 

a. J.L. Auitlm TX. 77/03/3?. 9pp. 

7904130030 Dilcnvai'u progress rept of Houston Lighting & Pouor Co for 
Hr 1979. R*|iani)ad to Interrogator lis of nrounivil lr TX on 
790307- InUirogal-nr let af Cantr4l Pauor >A Light on 790327 l> 
Ml** nation tor xtenslon tit tlmi on 790326, 
FRAIWUtN.H. J. UtnuBnitiniNuman,n*i, Aielrad h Toll. 7V/04/02. 

Motion bij Houston Lightinn * POUIBI- for eitension until 
i-o fMfpanil to Central Pouar b Light's an s won It 
olrjejttlani ta forirur't first set of interrogatories. 
C*rtlflC4t Of Five >nct. 

FANKLJN,W. J. Uougnstilli. Newman, Rals,A>*lvad t. Toll, 79/04/02. 

7904170933 NflC do* I not object to use of H Magben of RH Deck Associates 
bv City of Krawnevl 1 le> TXi tiubj to enumerated condition*. 
tEB8V,R.P. Antl-Truit DlvUlon, 79/04/03. lp. 


Region 4, Dallas, Office O f the D.r.ctor. 



7904300429 Request. 

lullitin 7Q-12A 

jaite Tanti. 
r. 79/03/26 

7904300418 Forwards IE 


0430041B Forwards IE BullnUn ^o r. ,., 

Chec* Va l V6s M.nufti"ii J u uIT * ncQrr "* Wight. 
SEVFBIT u K ""raciurea by Velan En8lnerino Cora 

8EVFfi IT ,K.V. Region 4, Dallas DfFU , of th. Si?t 

ft. B.C. D.E,F fc O.No responi 
Region 4, Dallas, Office 

it the Director 

for Suing 
. 79/03/30 

t TMI- t 

. 79/04/01. 

outdated drawings, detected iij addl surveillance of 

documents., removed from field. 

TURNER, E. fi. Houston Lightinj ! Power Co. 79/03/16. 


Forwari] * util motion for tummaru decision. 
AflHSTr f e.M. tlikar & DoUo, 79/04/03. lp. 

7W4130040 Ack receipt of 790312 Itr informing NRC of steps taVen to 

corrett violations noted In IE In*p Repts 30-499/79-01 t, 


SEIDLE.H.C. Reoion 4. Dallas, Seactar Conitruction t> Enginering 

Support Branch. 79/04/02. lp. 

--790413Q044 Responds to NRC 79O216 Itr re violations noted in IE Insp 
Repts 30-493/79-01 I. 50-499/79-01. Corrective actions:slte 
uort instruction issued to control transcription of 
cadutilding eiaminatlon checklist records. 
TURNER, E. A. Houston Lighting b Power Co. 79/03/12. 2pp. 

7904300437 Rasponds to 790322 request for eitension of submission date 
for response to IE Bulletin 7Q-12A. IE Bulletin 78-120 
evtendi generic rapt dote to 790301 & response submission 
date to 790329. 

aeiDLE.H, C, Region 4, Dallas, Reactor Construction b Engineering 

Support Branch. 79/04/03. 1pp. 

7904260369 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-Oi, "Review of Operational Errors fc 
Sui Misalignments Identified During TMI Incident." 

SEYFRIT.K, V. fiegion 4, Dallas. Office of the Director. 79/04/11. 


7904270617 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-06A, "Review of Operational Errors 
Syv Misalignment! Identified During TMI Incident." 
SEYFRIT.K. V. Region 4, Dallas, Office of the Director. 79/04/14. 

--7-Kt4BOOea Motion bu util far daclslon, Urges Central Pouar (, 
Lljht Co be (tapped from litigating factual Uui decided 
1 F*dr*l DHtrlct Court In Mest TX Utll Co vs TK Electric 
fl/C Co. 
BAflHeTT.E.H. Hater t. Hottn, 79/04/03, 3Bpp, 

7904270613 Farurard* IE Bulletin 79-06A, Revision 1, "Review of 
Operational Errors & Sys Misalignments Identified During THI 

BEYFRlTrK. V. Region 4, Dallas, Office of the Director. 79/04/18. 


7ffMia&CW7 r*nte 790402 motion by Houston Lighting h Pouer for 
titenilon until 790419 within which to respond to Cantral 
rMwer ! LJ^ht'i *niun *t objections to Houston Lighting (. 
Pautf'l tirtk t of Interrogatories. 
HIH.CB.M.K. Atomic Befilu and Licensing. Board Panel. 79/04/04, lp, 



7WHOa<Waa Ti*nicrlpt ot 790320 preparing conferenet in Bethesda.MD. 

Pt oi-ata. 

.M.e. Atonile Safttij and Licenilng Board Panel. 79/03/20. 

Iniptetlon riporti and cornipondenctt 
7TC434QOTB Por-ajrds IE Bulletin 7B-13B, "Atypical Held Matl In Raactar 

PT*SfYH Vllltl ttld*. " . L , , ^ -.oyn-aylo 

YFRir,K.V. ftglon 4, Dallas. Offlc* or the Director. 79/03/19. 


Repor table occurrences, related correspondence 

7904260372 Forwards PNO-79-67X. 

SEIDLEiH.C. Region 4, Dallas, Reactor Construction k Engineering 
Support Branch. 79/04/10. lp. 

7904260399 Forwards PNO-79-67Y. ,.,., 

SEIDLEiH.C. Region 4, Dallas, Reactor Construction h Engineering 
Support Branch. 79/O4/IB. ip. 

7904360420 Forwards PNO-79-67Z. 

8EIDLE.H.C. Region 4, Dallas, Reactor Construction t Engineering 
Support Branch. 79/O4/19. Ip. 




7904110135 Forward* brie/ 

;;r, TO. ;*;: ^^'vr*- f 7 " 

in TMI proceeding fr i v ? toln ?' ! *"" docun ^^ 

., M ! C 'I:,K ]n/^:? n r^;;, Panel 

710301 order. Deniei 
' filed 



79/01 /OS. 3pp. en ce 

79/01/OB. 3pp. 

tvs Division.. 79/03-/30. 3pp. 

Ofiu. o? the 

79/03/13. 3pp. 


urei fop 

Division. 79/03/30. 3pp. 

m t . 

Wisconsin Electric Pouar Co. 79/04/04 

--7904300273 AmeniJ 13 to environ rept. 

Hlscdnsln Electric Pouer Co. 79/O4/01. 300pp. 

MflC DES, FES- lupplemant. 

7904020164 Addendum I to DES. 

f NUCl " r Re *" B-BHlatlon. NUREfl-007?. 

f H " Ve ' 1 N " clear Pla "t, Unit 2 
NRC DES^ FE9, SU ppl eme nt^ 

7904030164 Addendum 1 to DES 

_ NuelMr 

Application/construction itaga 

". NUREO-0079. 77/lO/3>. 

Unit 3 


Light .. elori . 


CENPD-235 in Jul 1979 ""ivo revls.d tt of 

DENTON.H.R. Office of Nuclear Reactor Relation. 79/M/97. 

REHERG R n f T?" 1 " revl8U of ' C " E "P* CENPD-BS3, 

REWBERGER, D. L. Whln 9 ton Public Pou.r Bupply flg.?.,; 

on plan 

.nt. Unit 1 

fc l n/ Dtl1 tpuii: **<n* 

. 79/03/07. 



anch 3. 7<?/O3/13. 

'- "' 

Hl.c. n .ln ElKtrle P w Co. 79/04/02. B7 S p. 
PSAR and amendments 

T ^:* Afl : nd Sl tD 5ifcB *" of PBAR. 

Miseon.ln Electric Pownr D. 79/03/14. 3pp. 

7904030274 AMiid 31 to slt e addendum of PBflR, 

Wisconsin EUetrle Pousp Co. 7-?/03/l6. S80pp. 

"" "'*"'* -^I* -f w. for Amen d 2, to 
Hyft3TElH.M.S. MIonlr. El.ctric Pom.r Co. 79/04/06. 3pp. 


79/03/02. 2pp. 

" 790206-07. 

c B 

' ? . R * Bl n B ' 9lln f r "n=l<'" 

gi na , P ( nfl Support Branch. 79/03/01. 


r." violation. In IE I 
rr.ctiv. action*: Pitttburflh 
fntu of a , I* It vlo! 'tlon of contract ip.c. ffl? 

D 1' u* J?'*! 119 * OA rtvlaw P*ord; 
.D.L, Ha.hlngton Public Pouer Bupplg Sy.t.*. 





DOCKET aTM-30-gOE) WPP6Q Nuclear Prajact, Unit 3 
Intpectinn report* *nd correspontloncB 

79O4O3O376 Notico of violation from insp on 770108-11. 

* Region 3j San Francisco, Office nf tho Director. 77/02/O6 


IE mp itnt 30-300/79-01 e. 30-307/79-01 on 790109-11. 

Honcomp I lanco noted; fat luro to rovlew ipec changm, failure 

to fallow document control procedural t* failure to test 

itruc tur I grout. 

KIltBCHi D. F. i ECKHARDT, J. H. Region 3, San Francisco, Office of 

In* Director. IIAYNES, n, C. Rooion 5, San Francisco, Reactor 

Coniti-uttlon fc Engliittarlng Support 'Branch, 79/02/04, 17pp. 

a Forwards IE I nf o Notico 79-03, "ilia of Improper Matl* in 
Oaf tu,-lll*tBtl Gamponemt*, " 
ENOtXKEN.n. H. Iligian 3, San Francisco, Office of the Director 

79/03/31, ip. 

P'orui*rdo IH Info Natlco 79-07, "Rupture of Radwatte Tants. 
EN06LKEN. R, H, llenlun 3, San Franciico, Office of the Director. 

7V/03/2A. Ip. 

5HM3(HM30 Forunril IE Uullatin 79-01, "Incorrect Weights for Suing 
Chick Valviti H*ntlf*c turttd by Valan Engineering Corp." 
ENOEt.KKM, H, M flog ton 9. Ban Francisco, Office of the Director. 

ForwariU IE DulleVin 79-03, "Nuclaar Incidant at TMI" (, 
7, 77-67A, U,C, D, G,F fc 0, No rot pome roctulred. 
KH, K, H, Haitian 3, Ban Franciico, Office of the Director. 

77/04/01. Ip, 

H"orwrJ IK Bui latin 79-09A, "Nuclvar Incidant at 
TMI " Hupp I," S. prl loilnnrij chronology of THI-2 79032B 
ccldflnL until cor* coaling raitarad. 

aMOELKIiNr Fl H, rtaglon 8, Bnn Franciico, Office of the Director. 

79/01/03, Ip. 

FQi-unriU I'NO 77-67H. 

, H, II, FUglon 3. ,Qn Francisco, Offlcs of the Director. 

. Ip, 

Forward* I*NO 7<7-A7N. 

LKKNi PI, H, RBl ri Sl B " n Frnclieoi Office of the Director. 

74/04/00. Ip. 


l -. .,.... .. 

ltQLait S. 8n FrancUco, Office of the Director. 

t l>NCJ--7?-67Q, njn . rtn , 

II OH I on 8. 8*n Frnciico. Offlcs of the Director. 

Ha<.(J30 Forw.rd. IK Dullvtin 79-06, "Revi.u. of ap.ratlonal Errer 
Out Httllanntaitt IdontlfltiJ During TM! Incident. n( ^. rfnl , 

tWEl.KCN,R II. Roflion 3, flan Fr.ncUto, OffLc. of the Director, 

EH4l,HEN. A.M. 
79/01/10. If. 


^0*000000 Korw.rJi IG lufo Notice 79-10, "Nonconf ormlng Pip- Support 

eHQELKENrn.R ftflon 8, Ban FrincUco. OfMet of tht Director. 

79/O4/1A: lp, 

79/04/10. lp. 

. 8n, Offic. 


7904260159 Forwards PfJO-7<?-77<NRR ) 
l V Re9l n 5 ' Ba " Fr 

1 p , 

- Off.c. of trie Oir.ctsr 

770*260314 Forward* PNO-79-67V fc W 

ENGELKEN, H.H. Re a ion 5. San FrntitQ, Qff lt * ol th. Dir.ctor 

77/04/16. lp. 

7704260355 Forward* PIJO-79-67X 
ENGELKEN. R. H. Region 3, Si 
77/04/17. lp. 

7904260464 Forwards PNO-77-b7Y. 

ENGELKEN, R. H. Region 5, San Frantnto, Dffico ol Id* Director 
79/04/18. lp. 

7904260440 Forwards PNQ-79-67Z. 

ENOELKEN, R. H. Region 3, San Franciico, Office nf the Di 
77/04/17. Ip. 

DOCKET STH-SO-507 WPPSS Nuclear Project. Unit 9 
App 1 i cat ion/const ruction itage 

7904160277 Fnriuards conclusions >t racommendat ions of neu Pipt Crack 
Studij Group in NUREO-0931, "Investigation t, Evaluation of 
Stress Corrosion Cracking in Piping of LWR Plants." Forwards 
related FR notice. M/o end. 

VASSALLO, D. B. Assistant Director for Light Hler Reactors 
79/03/B3. 3pp. 

7704130319 Ack receipt of 790127 Itr eonimentinj on NRC review schedule 
for C-E rapt CENPD-23S, "Qualification of Class IE 
Instrumentation. " Eipects to receive revised teit of 
CEKPD-255 in Jut 1777. 
DENTON.H. R. Office of Nutlear Reactor Regulation 77/03/27. Jft 

--7904130322 Requests prompt review of C-E rept CENPD-2SS. 
RENBEROER, D. L. Washington Public Power Supply Sustem. 

Security, medical, omergancu t- fire protection plans 

7904180272 Notification of 770611-12 dieting in Albuquerque. HM to 
tflscuss physical security issues. 70 /m/33 

MILLER, J. H. Assistant Director for Reactor Safeguards. 77/03/22 

Inspection reports and correspondence 

7704240120 Forwards IE Bulletin 78-12B. "Atypical U.U Matl in Reactor 
gSSSS-X"" 1 ^gtol S. Ban Francisco. Office of the Director 
77/03/17. lp. 

Region 3, San Francisco, R.acto, Construction . 


Ingineering Support Branch. 79/03/30. lp 


Itr re violations in IE Insp fiepts 

!..ui,!*o n !,^ (1 Sustet- 79/03/09. 

=0- 5 09-0, - 7.-U 

-7704030373 Forward, IE Insp Rapt 30-30B/77-01 

SpSY "'^"Region 3, S.n Francisco. Reactor Construction 
' ' '..'.,..!.* Branch. 79/O2/O6. 2pP- 


Forw-rdt PNO 79 " 67 "- -,,,,-, 
H, H. lUfltan 3- Ban Franelco, 

of the Director. 

79/04/02. If 

7904110304 Farw*rd* PNO 79-671. 

PNO 79-671. nfflce of the Director. 

Rtgion S. Sn Franciieo, Offict of 

7 W4 1 1 0403 Forward* PMO 7? : 67 ^ - ,, office of tht Director. 

ENQEUKCN, R H RBI (on 3, Ban Franelicor Office or 

79/04/04. IP 

?94aAOIB2 Forward* PMa-79-i7K, ,,., office of the Director. 

CNOffLKEN. R. H. Rffi*iTi 3. Ben FraneUco. Office 

79/04/OB. If. 


toSuppranch. 77/o a /0, .7p,. 

7 7040300 32 For^ds IE Info Notice 79-05. "Us. of .-proper Hatl. i 

assMS:^: 4 C 'K::*S; *" tti " et th> Dlp " tor ' 

79/03/21. ip. 



-:iO? WPPS3 NuclMP Proj.ct, Urut 5 
rtport! in$ eornioimnc 



"'04/05. lp. 
7904130323 For u 

"'04/08 |p 

PN(J 79-67J 

?*! 10403 ForviPd, 


of tht Dlrcto 

ic. of th. Dir.cto 

O fli of Eh, Dir.ctor. 

Diriclor . 

"" " 

ntifi.d Durlno 

DlMetap . 

Dlrtetap . 

Dlr . ctar 

, . f 

DOCKET 30-510 Blua HI 1 Is . Station, Unit 1 
NRC^OEfi. FES, lupplam.nti 

7904020110 DES of Site 


HETTERHAHN, M. J, Conner. Moorn S, Coi-br. 79/03/14. 

of. 79/03/14. 8pp. 

st-U of. 77/03/19, 2pp. 

Conn.r, MaDre 

7904030119 DE8 of Sit. 0. 

7 y/oa/a. 


N.J. conn., M o ra , Corb . r . 



UUnt Dlr.etor 


app ; 



50-313 UPPS9 Nuclear Project, Unit 4 
NRC DEB, FES, supplements 

FES re const of Projects 1 It 4. 
* Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. NUREO-7S/O13. 7S/O3/3I. 
190pp. Ava-ilable at NT15. 

Security* medical, emergency tn fire protection plans 

'04130209 Forwards "Fira Protection Sys Review." Amend 1. 
HENBERQERiD-. L. Washington Public Power Supplu System. 79/O2/27 

"-79O413Q311 "Fire Protection Sys Review," Amond 1. 

* Washington Public Power Supply System, 79/O3/H7. 65Qpp, 

Notification of 790611-12 meeting in Albuquerque, NH to 
discuss physical security Issues. 

MILLER. J.R. Assistant Director for Reactor Safeguards. 79/03/22. 

Adjudlcatory correspondence 

^904110133 Forwards brief fay D Caccia omitted from 790301 order. Denies 
request by C Kipford to eiccerpt pages from documents filed 
In TMI proceeding for svc to involved parties. 

DUFLQiM.E. Atomic Safety and Licensing Appeal Panel. 79/O3/22. 
Inspection reports and correspondence 

79O4240t2B Forwards IE Bulletin 7H-12B, "Atypical Maid Hatl in Reactor 
Pressure Vessel Uetds. " 

ENCELKEN, R. H, Region S, Ban Francisco, Office of the Director. 

79/03/19. lp. 

790403C-093 Forward! IE Info Notice 79-03r "Use of Improper Katls in 
Sef ity-Rlated Components. " 

ENCECKENi R- H. Region 3, San Francisco, Offico of the Director. 

79/03/21. lp. 

79O4240139 Forwards IE Info Notice 79-07, "Ruptura of Radwaste Tanks." 
EHQELKEN.H. H. Region 3, San Francisco, Offica of the Director. 

79/03/36. lp 

7904300430 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-04, "Incorrect Heights far Suing 
Chect Valvs Manufactured by Velan Engineering Corp," 
EfWELKENrfR.H. Region 3, San Francisco. Office of the Director. 

77/03/30. lp. 

7904130106 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-03, "Nuclear Incident at TMI" fc 
PNO-39-67i 79-67A. B,C,D,E, F Si 0. No response required. 
ENOI.EKEN,. R. H. Region S, San Francisco, Qfflc* of the Director. 

79/04/01: lp. 

7904190230 Forward* IE Bulletin 79-03Ai "Nuclear Incident at 
TMI - Bupol," fc preliminary chronology of TMI-2 79032B 
accident until core cooling restored. .,.,., 

ENOELKEM. R. H. Region Sr San Francisco, Office of the Director. 

79/04/05, lp. 

790421 OOB 4 Aek receipt of 790316 Itr Informing NRC of steps taken to 
correct violation noted In IE Insp Repti 30-46O/79-01 k 


SPENCER. 8. B. Region 3. San Francisco, Reactor Construction h 

Edjinterlng Support Branch. 79/04/06. lp. 

-7904210092 Responds to NRC 79023S Itr re violation noted In IE Insp 
Ripts SO-460/79-01 & 30-313/79-01. Corrective ac tlon*: ad dl 
hsater* Installed within heated encls (.-concrete curing 
ps-plod <tendd to 790113. .,,. 

RENBEROER. D. L. Washington Public Power Supply SyutBin. 79/Q3/lfr. 

--7904310098 Forwards IE Inp Repts 30-460/79-01 . BO-313/79-01 on 
790103-06 t> 22-23 t< notice of violation. 

SPENCERiO.S, Region 3i San Francisco, Reactor Con* true t ion k 

Engineering Support Branch. 79/02/22, 3pp. 

7W421010O Notice of deviation from Insp on 79O103-06 & 22-23, 

* Region 5, Ban Francisco. Reactor Construction & Enoineerlnfl 

Support Branch. 79/02/22. lp, 

-- 790*310106 IE Insp Repte 30-460/79-01 30-313/79-01 on 790103-Oi ft 
!c2-23.HoncomplUnee noted: failure to maintain concrete temp 
during curing, as required by ACI-306. 

ALBERT, H.O., NARBUT.P.P. . HAYNE8, D. P. Region S. San Francisco, 

B*ae*or Construction fc Engineering Support Branch. 77/02/32. 

7904350417 Ac k receipt of 790330 Ltr informing NRC of steps tafcen to 
correct violations noted in insp rap-t. 

BPENCER.Q, S. Ragion 3, San Francisco, Reactor Construction & 

Engineering Support Branch. 79/04/06. lp. 

790*390432 Responds bo NRC 7ailOB Itr re IE insp on 7SIO10-13, 
Corrective act Ions: preventive tnaint responsibilities 
transferred from const mgt to operat i nns. Change roq.ulretf 
amend to original attached response. 

RENBERGER.D. L, Washington Public Pnuiar Supply System. 79/03/30. 

7904130333 Forwards PNO 79-67M. 

EWBELKEN, R. H. Region S, Ban Francisco, Office of the Director. 

79/O4/07. lp. 

7904130354 Forwards PNO 79-67N. 

ENGELKEN.R. H. Region 5. San Francisco. Office of the Director. 

77/04/00. lp. 

Forwards PWO-79-67Q. 
ENOELKEN, R. H. Region 3, San Office of the Director. 

79/01/tO. lp. 

79O426O2B2 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-06. "ftevieu of OpB.ratlor,al Errors S. 
3i(3 Misalignments Identified During TMI Incident." H. Region S, Ban Francisco, Offico at the Director. 

79/04/11. lp. 

79043000BH Forwards IE Info Notice 79-10, "Nonconf orminj Pipe Support 
Struts. " 

ENQELKEN.R. H. Raaton S, San Franciico. Office of the Diroctur. 

79/04/16. lp. 

7904300461 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-06A, Revls i on 1. "lieviom o* 
Operational Error* t 8y* Ml sal igtiraents Identified During TMI 
Inc 1 dent. " 

ENOELKENr ft. H. Region S. San Franciaco. Office of the Director. 

79/04/1B. lp. 

Reportable occurrences, related lorrespondence 

7904090279 Act receipt of 790309 rept on valve over p-ressui-i latlon. 
ENGELKEN.H. H. Region, 5, 9an Francisco, Office of the Director. 

79/03/20. lp. 

7904090283 Final deficiency rapt on "UKM Valve Overpros aur i ut Ion. " 
In 7811O3 meeting, valve manufacturer staceil tftoi| could not 
guaronteo cavity-to-conduit c ommun i cat Ion. Va I ves mill he 
mod if led.. 
Washington Public Pouer Supply Sijatem. 79/03/O9. 2pp. 

7904110309 Forwards PNO 79-67H. 

ENSELHEN.R.H. Region S, San Francisco, Office of the Director. 

79/04/02. lp. 

7904U0384 Forwards PNO 79-671. 

EMGELKEN, R, H. fleglon S, San Francisco. Office of tho Director. 

79/04/O3. lp. 

7904110403 Forwards PNP 79-67J. 

ENQELKEN, R, H. Region 3. San Francisto, Office of. the [Hrector. 

79/04/04. lp. 

7904260122 ForuiarifS PNO-79-67H, H, Region S, San Francisco, Offica of the Birector. 

79/04/OS. lp. 

79041303&3 Forwai-ds PNO 79-67P, 

ENOELKEN-fl.H. Region 3- Ban Francisco. Office of the Director. 

79/04/09. lp. 

7904360199 Forwards PNd-79-77(NRR ). 

ENOELKEN.R.H, Region 3. San Francisco. Office of the Director. 

79/04/11. lp. 

7904260314 Forwards PNO 79-67V & W. ..._.,,. 

ENCELKEN.R.H. Region 3, Ban FrancHco, Office of the Directnr. 

79/04/16. tp, 

7904260333 Forward* PND-77-67X. 

ENOELKEN.R.H. Region 5. San Francisco, Office of tn Director, 

79/04/17. lp. 

7904860464 Forwards PNO-79-677. 

ENCELKEM, Ft. H. Region 3, Ban Francisco. Office of the Director. 

79/04/1B. lp. 

7904260440 Forwards PNO-79-&7Z. 

EMflELKEM, R. H. Region 5, San Francisco, Office at the Director. 

79/04/19. lp. 



roc HE r 3'3-3!4 Pe&iiL* 2;jringi Nuclear Plant. Unit I 

79Q4330370 Fnruird i ill b-ntfi [e propoied finding! re need for power d 
econonic prudtncu inua-i in remanded proceed Ings. W/o and. 
EAKQyiK.H M Gmjan, State of. 79/03/19. Ip. 

^lO+aaOO^O Faruirds Boarti notification from JF Stinto pe certain 

iraaver ttntlij evicted 'run jvc lilt. 
EGHOEH1CK, B H Branch 4 79/04/03. Ip. 

DOCKET 50-313 Pble Spnnji Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 

7iO3037O Forwards all brief! (. propoied findings re need for power tt 
economic prodince inuii in remanded proceed ingt. u/ and M Oregon, State of. 79/03/19. Ip. 

7?0*23MTO Foruarrjj Hoard notification from JF Sc Into r. certain 
concern! raited by reactor inipector. Hclj> i eni '> nane uai 
irmJverdntlv cnitttd from ivc Hit. Branch 4. 79/QV03. \ 9 . 

DOCKET STH-SO-316 Ja.troport Nuclear Station, Unit I 
*pp 1 icat ion/const ruction it age 

79MI70W forwrd. Hall Street Journal 790314 article re NRC order 
cluiinj five plant! indef Initulu which w>r deiioned u/JiiJ 
of Jault^ cDmput.r oni.l. Hniel uied to detarnint .tr, s . on 
coolinj pipn in event of earthquate 
LIKE. I. fill lly, Lile (. Schneider- 79/03/14. 2pp. 

7*04160270 Forwaro, concloHona J, reco-MUndatlona of nelu Pipe Crack 
I Iri !. r' UP '" M * ES -<> 531 - "'ve s ti,ation (, Ev al vation of 

Jiu":-'':*".^ 11 ^, 1 " p ' pins ' LWR "* F.r,-. 

A " iltant Dlp " top "" 

Water Sector.. 

7904050020 Forwards IE Circular 79-09, "Moisture Laakaga tn StTtntu 
Hire Conductor!." 

ORIEH,B.H. Region 1, Pni lade Iph la. Office of tn Dlrctar 

77/03/20. Ip. ' 

790*040234 Forwards IE Info Notice 79-03. "Use of ImproDBr M*tl in 
Safety-Related Components. " 

ORIER.8.H. Region 1, Philadelphia, Office of the Dtraetor. 

77/03/21 1 p, 

7904200440 Forwards IE Info Notice 79-07, "Rupture of ftaduitta rani. 
CRIER.H.H. Region 1, Philadelphia. Office D f the Dir.cto? 

7TO4270440 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-04, "Incorrect Wstghts for EFiiJni 
Checl Valves Manufactured by Valan Enoinearing Corp " 
GR1ER.B.H. fiegion 1. Ph i lade.lph (a, Office of the/ Dir.c tor, 

79/03/30. 1 p. 

7904120302 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-03, "Nuclear Incident *t THI* L 
PNO-79-67,79-67A,D,C,D,E,F fc 0. No raiponse raqulre" 

79/04/01 H ' Ip RB9i0 " lj PhUa '" 1 P hla ' Offi " "' " Dir^ctt-r, 

7904J70131 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-OSA, "Nuclear Incident at 
mi - Buppl,' d preliminary chronologij of TMI-2 7903H-B 
accident until core cooling restorsd. 

79/04/OS H ' ip "" B ' an '' phllad>1 P hIa ' "'" f th Director, 

7904270494 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-OAA, "Rev. D f Oper-t 1 onjll Errs,. 
8v< Hlialignments Identified During TMI Incident. 1 ' trroi, 

Region 1, Philadelphia, Office at the Diraetor. 





M1U.ER.JR. Al.t ant Director for Reactor B-fejuard,. 79/03/32. 

DOCKET 9TN-50-317 Jamesport Nuclear Station. Unit 2 
Application/construction stage 

79041704HO Forwards Wall Street Journal 790314 article- re 
clo.lng five plant, ind e f ini telu which yer. diilfn.? ^* 
of faulty computer model. Modal used to deter-nit., .trtit*. on 
cooling pipe) in event of earthquake., 
LIKE, I. ReJily, LIka t, Schneider. 79/03/M. 2pp. 


pitin f " Mno 

A " istant 


Light Hat.r n.t<,r.. 




,. 79/03/0? 3 PP . 

Branch 4. 77/03/19. Ip. 



MILLER.J.R. Assistant Director for Reactor aaf.o^rdi. 

Adjudicatorv corraspondence 

WLDH.W. HuntQn ' 

Insp.ctlon reports and 


<H,. tb. Dtr.ct.r. 

'"' " tla "' 



W>CKT STN-50-317 Jamesport Nuclear Station. Unit 2 
Inipection reports and correspondence 

J90403QQ73 Foruards IE CircuUr 79-04, "Loose Lacking Nut o n 
o'alES.B P " at0r ^9ion ., Philadelphia. Office .f the Doctor. 
79/03/16. lp. 

79Q4030Q20 Forwards IE Circular 79-03, " LeaUg* 1" Stranded 

SH?3?H" et0 ";;i.n 1. Philadelphia, Office < tt. Doctor. 
79/03/20. lp. 

7904040234 Forwards IE Info Notice 79-03, "Use of Improper* In 
S!!'tH U '* - HS;;SST t ;i,U.-.lphI-.'o*fic. .f *.,*.,, 
79/03/21. lp. 

79/Q3/26. IP. 


^^ a 

79/03/30. lp. 

04270440 Forward, IE BuUettn 79-04, " Inc.rr.c t We ight, For Suing 

^^ a r s ^t:n t t: 8 ^^a^i:i;i^^uro^rK%. e c t o, 

in 79-03, "Nuclear Incident t THI" 

79/04/01. lp. ' 

7904190131 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-03A, "*?;" 
Thl - Suppl," t< preliminary chronology of TMI- 
accident until corn cooling restored. 

ORIER,B.H Region 1, Philadelphia, Office f the Director. 

79/04/03. lp. 

7904270474 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-06A, "Revleu, of Operational Errors 
flu, Misalignments Identified During TMI Incident. 
ORIER.B.H. Ragion I. Philadelphia, Office of the Direc tor. 

79/04/14. lp, 

DOCKET STN-30-319 Hartsville Nuclear Plant. Unit 
Application/construction stage 

7904110169 Reapond* to 781213 Hr r transmission corr ldor H; avoiding 
nlrie to caves ft location of cavern sy.Ar on n e Natl tab 
revliu uill be complatod by mid-Apr 1979 t. will hB 
*oruiT<td.CPa mere issued on 770309. -o/fti/a ft 7 nD 

REOAN.'H.H. Environmental Project Branch 2. 79/03/36. 7pp. 

7904040183 RequaUs refund of 4. 000 paid for r.vl.w o* Amend 29 
to P8AB.BellBVs fae is unnscossary bocausa Isiu* doo not 
involve 'amend to CP or approval of unrevieued safaty 

OltLLELANb. J. . Tenne,. Vallay Authority. 79/O3/28, lp. 

7904230210 H.tuesfcs e.caption to ACI-3S9 ra E B stin of !* strangth 
spiclmens u/copper sheet HnarH (* copper cap*. Raquas t* 

ossea Vanoy Authority. 79/O4/16. 3pp. 

7904170323 IE Insp Hspt. SO-318/79-O4. &O-519/79-O4. SO-52O/79-04 fc 
50-521/79-01 on 79O123-S6. No none omp 1 Lance noted. Major areas 
inspected: reactor coolant pressure bc-undarij pipin? uior k 
activity proc&durea fi containment melding. 

CROWLEY, B. R. Regions, Atlanta, Office of the T>irctor. 

CCNLdN.T.E, Region 3, Atlanta. Reactor Cons&ructi on 8. 

Englnsaring Support Branch. 79/02/23. flf>p- 

7904240011 Forwards IE Bulletin 78-12D. "Atqptcal Wa 1 d Mat I In Reactor 

o'-RElLLY B Region a/Atlanta, Office of the Director. 79/03/19. 

7904200469 Forwards IE Circular 79-03, "Moisture Leakage In Strandod 

Hire Conductors. " ._._, 

O'REILLY, J. P. Ragloix 2. AtUnta. Offico of the Director. 

79/O3/20. Spp. 

7904O5O177 Foriuards IE Info Notice 79-03, "Use of Improper Matin Ln 
Safnty-Ftel-ated Cnmpononts. 

O'REILLY, J. P. Region 2. AtUnta, Office of the Director. 

79/O3/21. 2pp. 

7904200390 Forwards IE Info No t i ce 79-O7, "Hup ture of Raduiaste Tanks." 
O'REILLY, J. P. Region 3. Atlanta, Office of the Dtractor. 

79/Q3/26. 2pp. 

7904130154 Act TBtoipt of 7903O9 Itr Informins NRC of steps taken to, 
correct violation? & davtation noted in IE Inap Repta 
50-319/79-01, SO-319/7 t ?-01,50-S20/79-Oi t* 50-321/79-Oi. 

MURPHY.C.E. Regions, Atlanta, Reactor Con-struc tion !i Engineering 

BupporS Branch. 79/O3/29. 2pp. 

7-J04l301iO Reaponds to NRC 79020B Itr re violations fa deviations noted 
in IE In., Repta 50-513/79-01, SO-3I9/79-O1, 90-530/79-01 & 
50-531/79-01. Correetivo ac tions: reemphas i IB proper cold 
ueather protaction procedures -fc follow ANSI r equ 1 rementa. 
OILLELAND, J. E. Tennessee Valley Autfiority. 7^/03/03. 3pp. 

--7TO4130164 ForujardS IE Insp Repta SO-31B/79-O1 , 30-519/79-O1 , 
50-S20/79-01 & SO-331/79-01 on 7901O2-05, not ice of 
violation fc notice of njeviation. 

MURPHY.C.E. Region 2, Atlanta, Realtor Construction fe 

Engineering Support Branch. 79/O2/09. 3pp. 


7904270167 Notification of refund of Clas. Ill amend fa. of *4,000. 
MILLER, wV r License Faa Management Branch. 79/O4/17. lp. 
M8C DEB. FES, supplement* 

7 r u ? f !c. F of Nucle^ReXr Regulation. NUHSO-7S/039. 73/06/30. 
399pp. Available at NTIS. 

Adjudicttory correspondence 

7904110133 Forwards brief by D C.ccia onHtt.d fron, 790301 order, Denies 
request by C Kepford to acrpt pages from documents flies 
In Tttl proceeding for svc to Involved parties. ,o/m/3 

DUFLO.H.E. Atomic Safety and Licensing Appo*! Panel. 79/03/23. 

Ini|ictlon reports and correspondence 

7904170317 Foru-ros IE In.P R.pts gO-SlB/79-04, SO-S19/79-O4, 
30-330/79-04 *. BO-521/79-04 on 790123-26. No nor compliance" 

IIUBPHY.C.E. R.flion 2. Atlanta, Raptor Construe tior * Entln.plHB 

Support Branch. 79/03/01. 2pp. 

7904130169 Notice of violation from tnsp on . ,-,, 

* Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 7^/O2/O3. 

7904130170 Notice of deviation from Hisp on 7901O2-03. 

(t Region 2. Atlanta, Offico of the Director. 79/O2/O9. 

-7904130174 IE Insp ftepts 50-918/79-01 , 50-519/79-01. 30-92O/79-0! 
50-521/79-01 on 790102-G5.Nancnmpliance noted : fai 1 ure to 
cure concrete poof B3R-lfl * failure to samnle pumped 


. J, , DRYANT.J.C. 
77/02/O3, Bpp. 

Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the 

re BBDts 30-910/79-01,50-519/79-01. 30-520/79-01 t, 
*^ inap nHji fc ' .,-.-*Tii-e;iiliir'a tn 

irt 1^1 ^79-01 on 790102-05- Honcompl I ante nocea-raiiuie m 
cure concreta pour nun,ber Eia-1A b one d*vlatio ni failure t 

LENAHANfj^ 11 "jla ln' 2. Atlanta, Office of tho Director. 
79/02/09. 8pp. 

7904270316 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-04, " Incorrec t We i jhts for Suing 

^ELLY:^. Mflnu R rjr2/^:^, e o 9 f^ r ^ t ^ r D lr ect a r. 

79/03/30, lp. 
7,04120.3, Forwards IE Bull. "V^L.^r.iT^^.d" * ** '" " 



79/04/11. ip- 

4360340 Ffl^ards IE Bulletin 79-Ofc, -B.vl. o* Q,;.r.tln.l Errors t< 

.5^i?r"M!^^'K;i:: Wnirsii. ,,. 

9/04/11. ip- 

7904270570 IE Bui leti V^^Kl"^^^^ 9 '^ la ^ 1 ^^ 
^L":i'r nt ^S^L"^?anla a Xt^^L r t .r. 

79/O4/14. Ip. 

Heportable occurrences, related ^^*P^*2^! 


79092a,rtheT- than 7903O1 ", """ 
0!LLELAMD,0.e. T B nna*s 8B Valley Au 



Pl, n t. Unit I 

"c"vlo'lit"o : n.''; deJIuon """ intarnin l mc * '*P t.lin 

<SIU.ELAND.JE r. nn ., IM 

1, on wiring it icrpanc iei in 

;. 79/03/O7. Ip. 

T.nn.,,.. V.M., Authqrit,,. 79/ 

,,. 79/03/07. 7pp. 


ivironnental Proj.ct Branch a. 79/03/26. 7pp. 

C_DES : FES: lupplsment, 
7904030190 FES for faciUtu. 

"->-" re testin, of ale<f 
* coppor caps.fienueits 


9nt aranch 

on. NUREO-73/039. 73/06/30. 


noncomp 1 i an c 

S uppor | Branch Wo 

=- Atlanta, Offu, of th a DiPscto 

" Cipcgup 7 " 03 ' 

DirBcior . 

R * aion = 

-7904130160 R 9sp ond to NRC 79020B Itr ra vioUtlona *. d.-L.lLc,,, 
_n JE In JP P* M-8/7J-OI.BO-8i9/W-OI,M-saO/7-OI (, 

7904130164 Foruai-di IE Imp Repti 

-914 v~7P n. 

-7904130166 Notica of violation from tn.p on 790103-03 
Bglon 2, Atlanta. Offlca of the Director. 79/ 

-7904130170 Natic. of Aviation fro m ln .p on 7901 O2 - Oa . 
Region 2, Atlanta- Office of th, Dlrqctor. 79^ 



Dlracfcor. 79/02/O5. Bpp 

7904370516 Forwards IE Bullat 

D'REILLV.J p RBoJon'a 

79/03/30. (p. 

lon a, AtUnta, 

or iis> 

79/04/01. 2 PP . 

79/04/05, lp. 

oflion ,. 


of th. 

D f th . 


790406033S Buppl to flna] ... 

s:s:jK.a;::.; :v r-i's 




K'SF; ""--" ....... 

'U * Eorr.cUd. qun - P-oli Umi hv b., n id.ntlfl.rf i 
T-nn..,.. V a,U vAuthorlty . 


AppUtatlon/con.t ------------------ 

"n t i A eorrlc "" 1:|t ' jlvallf l | t 
'79 fc'wiu'lit* M * tl Ub 
Ponm.nt*! Proj.ei Branch a. 79/03/H6. 7p. 



DOCKET J3TN-SO-3EO^Hart S ville Nuclear Plant, Unit 3 
App 1 1 cj 1 1 on /con a true tion stage 

790423QE1O iq.uosfc aiception to AC1-359 re testing of sealed atrangth 
specimens' ui'cappar sheet liners t> copper caps. Requests 
response bjj 79O6O1. 
OILLELANDi J, E. Tennessee Valley Authority. 79/04/16, 2pp. 

7901270516 Forwards [E Bulletin 79-04, "Incorrect Meighti for Sumo 
Check Valves Manufactured by Velan Engineering Corp " 
O'REILLY, J. P. Region 2. Atlanta, Office of the Director 

79/03/30. Ip. 

7904120123 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-O3, "NucUar Incident at TI" t, 
PNO-79-67, 79-i7A,D.,C,n,E.F t, G. No response required. 
O'REILLY, J. P. Region 3, Atlanta, Office of the Director 

79/04/01. 2pp. 

7904370167 Notification of refund of Class III amend fee of *4,000. 
Refund In pi-ocesa. 
MILLER, M. O License FBO Management Branch. 79/04/17. Ip. 

NRG DEB, FES, supplements 

79041901B9 Foruards IE Bulletin 79-OSA, "Nuclear Incident at 
TMI - Buppl," t, preliminary chronology of TMI-2 79032B 

O'REILLY, J.P. rteoion 3, Atlanta. Office of the Director. 

79/04/03. ip. 

7904020110 FES for facility. 

* Qtltca of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. 
293pp, Available at NTIB. 

Adjudicator^ correspondent! 

NUREG-73/039. 73/06/3O. 

790411O133 Forwarda briBf by D Caccla omitted from 79O301 order. Denies 
requait bu, C kepford to eicerpt pages from documents filed 
in TMI proceeding for svc to involved parties. 

tHJFLD. M, E. Atonic Safatif and Licensing Appeal Panel, 79/03/53. 

Inspection reports and correspondence 

790*170317 Forwards IE Insp Rapt* SO-S1B/79-O4, 50-319/79-04, 
30-320/79-04 fc 30-521/79-04 on 790123-36. No noncompl iani e 

MURPHY. C. E. Region 3, Atlanta, Reactor Construction % Engineering 

Support: Branch, 79/03/01. 3pp. 

79042603*0 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-06, "Sevieu of Operational Errors tt 
Stfs Misalignments Identified During TMI Incident." 
O'REILLY, J. P. Region a. Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

79/04/11. Ip. 

7904270970 Forwards IE Bulletin 79-06A. "Review of Operational Errors -. 
Sijs Misalignments Identified During the TMI Incident." 
O'REILLY, J. P. Region a, Atlanta. Office of the Director. 

79/04/14. Ip. 

DOCKET STN-5Q-S21 Hartsville Nuclear Plant, Unit 4 
Application/construction stage 

7904110169 Responds to 7S1213 Itr re transmission corridor*. avoiding 
entrances to caves & location of cavern sys. Aroonne Nstl Lab 
review mill be completed by mid-Apr 1979 & will be 
forwarded. CPs were issued on 770509. 
REOAN,W.H. Environmental Project Branch 3. 79/03/26. 7pp. 

7904I7Q323 IE Inip Depti 50-91B/79-04, 30-319/79-04, SO-320/79-04 fc 
SO-S-ai/79-04 on 790 133-26. No noncompl lane B noted. Ma JOP areas 
Inspected: reactor coolant pressure boundary piping work 
activity prucsduras t containment urelding, 
CRQWLEY. B. ft. Region S, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

CONLONj T. E. Raolon 2, Atlanta, Reactor Construction i. 

Englnaaring Support Branch. 79/02/2S. 9pp. 

7904H40041 Foriuardi IE Bulletin 78-12D, "Atypical Held Matl in Reactor 
Prsur Vessel Held*. " 

O'REILLY RHgion 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 79/03/19. 


77042004,6? Forwards IE Circular 79-03, "Moisture Leatage In Stranded 
MCr* Corductors. " 

O'REILLYi J.P. Raglan 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

77/03V20. Spp. 

77Q40BQI77 Forwards IE Info Notice 79-OS, "Use of Improper Matls In 
S*f *tu-R(tl*ttd Components." 

D'REILLV, J. P. Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

79/O3/21. 3pp. 

7904200390) Forwardf IE Info Koftice 79-O7, "Rupture of Raduaste Tank*. " 
O'REILLY, J. P, Rglon 8, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

79/03/2i. 2pp. 

790413013-4 Act rsceipt of 790303 Itr informing NRC of steps taken to 
cermet violations t> deviation noted in IE Insp Rapts 
gO~31H/79-01, 30-919/79-01, 30-920/79-01 & 30-521/79-0 - njnBBT , ino 

MUflPHY.G.E, Rgion2, Atlanta, Reactor Construction t Enginoerlng 

Support Branch. 79/O3/SB. 2pp. 

7904130160 Raipondi to NRG 7902OB Itr r violitions fc deviations noted 
In IE lr,""pt. SO-SiB/79-0!, SO-319/79-01, 30-920/79-01 ft 
3O-SZ1/79-01. Corractivt actions: reemphas lie proper coio 
u .th.r protection prcc.dur.s fc follou ANSI "^'"^ nta - 
eiLLELAND, J.E. T.nnemsee Va.lley Autliortty. 79/O3/03. 3pP- 

-~7<r-Q41301A4 FoTur.rds IE InP R-pta 3O-51S/79-O1, 30-519/79-01, 
30-S20/79-01 fc 30-521/79-01 on 79O102-O5, notice of 
violation fc hotic* of deviation. ....*< t 

hURPHV.C.E. Rflion 2, Atlanta, Reactor Construction (. 

enoln.orlnB Support Branch. 79/02/OB. 3 PP . 

790-.130US Notlc. of violation from In.p on 

m Region 3. Atlan*-, Office of the Director. 

790-130170 Nofclc. of deviation from Insp on 
* Region 2- Atlanta, Office of the Dir 

. g 
79/OS/Q3. ip. 

7904130174 IE In 

30-319/79-01,30-919/79-01,30-320/79-01 (. 
- noted: fallur. to 
concret. pour B2R-1A fc f-Ilur- to .ample pumped 

790404018B Requests refund of *4, 000 paid for review of Amend 39 
to PSAfl. Believes fee is unnecessary because issue doei not 
involve amend to CP or approval of unrevieued safety 
GILLELAND, J. E. Tennessee Valley Authority. 79/03/38. Ip. 

79O4230210 Requests eiception to ACI-3S9 re testing of sealed strength 
specimens w/copper sheet Uners * copper caps. Requests 
response by 790601. 
OILLELAND, J, E. Tennessee Valley Authority. 79/04/lfc. 2pp. 

7904S7O167 Notification of refund of Class III amend fee of 400O. 
Refund in process. 
MILLER, U. 0. License Fee Management Branch. 79/04/17. Ip. 

NRC DES, FES, supplements 

7904020190 FES for facility. ^^ ,,,,, 

Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. NUREC-73/-039. 73/06/30. 
2-?Spp. Available at NTIS. 

Adjudicatory correspondence 

7904110133 Forwards brief by D Caccia omitted from 790301 or 
request by C Kepford to ecerpt pages from documents file 
In TMI proceeding for svc to involved parties. 
DUFLO.M.E. Atomic Safety and Licensing Appeal Panel. / 

Inspection reports and correspondence 

7904170317 Forwards IE Insp Repts 5O-51B/79-04, 50-S19/79-O' 
30-520/79-04 fc 30-321/79-04 on 7 9O 123-26. No noncompl lanci 

rtURPHV. C. E. Region 2, Atlanta, Reactor Construction ( 

Support Branch. 79/03/01. 2pp. 

7904170323 IE Insp Repts 50-313/79-04, SO-519/79-04. 30-521 
30-321/79-04 on 790123-26. No noncompl iance noted. Major 
lnspected:reactnr coolant pressure boundary piping uor 
activity procedures fc containment welding. 
CRQWLEY.B.R. Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the Diree 

79/02/2B. 3pp. 

7904340041 Forwards IE Bulletin 7S-12B, "Atvplcal Hld Mat 
Pressure Vessel Heidi," 
O'REILLV Region 2, Atlanta, Office of the Director. 

.J.. BRYANT, J. c. 

Dlractor. 79/02/08. 8pp. 

R. 9 io n 2, Atlanta, office D f the 



: -Ml_M*Pt,vUl. NlMP Plant. Unit A 
Inspection reports and cori-sp ondenc* 

7701050177 Forwards IE Info Notico 79-03 .., , , 

Safety-elated C Qrap o na nt " B "' '"^"l 1 " 1 * 

i R69ian 2 ' AtUnta ' Offl " f *". ^rector. 

L.J;.5?r l '* CtiV9 * cetons - r ' B -<" 1 'pha B li B proper cold 

o j E ?H"" du .7:, fc follo!a ANSI '<.. 
D..J.E, Tenrteaaee Vails, Authority. 79/&3/OS. 3pp . 

NctUe of violation from insp on 790103-03. 
Reiion 3, AtUnU, Offico D f fch e Dtractor. 79/03/05. Ip. 

-7904,30170 N.tUe of deviation rr O n> Inap 790108-05. 
R.Sion 2, Atlanta, Office of th . Director. 79/ 

79/oa/O3. lp. 

79/o"/^ J B P p. F "" iQ ' 1 2 ' Atl " ta ' ffi " of "" "l-cfr 

m" 1 i! D r? r "*f r< " I f. B " 1I *" n 7 *- 3 *' "*lir incld.nt at 
ini Suppl," A prellmfnari; chronoloou of TMI-2 79O32B 
-ccldant tin fell t&rB cooling rBstopad 9V 7WHW 

79/o/l |p. 

of the Director. 


* ** Director 

nvlatiit FH notice enc 1 

79/03/83.' D ' "pp. A " l< 


"f l-WR PUnt.." 

for Lioht Hitlr Reactors. 

79/O3/26. 2pp 

patential Bffect on native Americans 
UDALL.M.K. Ho i. of Rep., Interior 1. 

Affair,. 79/03/08. 

7904040179 Id.ntifl.. concer 

.n.. concerns re hypothetical "B t, B fault" ,. A 

" - :u?, .'..'"T" * ""-i"".*.!*. it h c?uSss u " d 

i? 'taff^fiequasta responae frnn, NRC bafort 790413 

Mrrri 9 , i* U 2 U " '"towt'tl ! in error. 

MECCA.J.E. Pujet Sound Power , Light Co. 79/03/29. 4pp. 

04310363 Foruarda " Intaroretation B nn f * 

ttryx^:.-!.^ ...... 

Puget Bound P OU er t, Light Co. 79/04/30. ,129pp. 

). 0. W. Puget Sound Power & Light Co. 
NHCJ)ES, FES,^ sup pl,, mentl 

7 ' 1 =03B9 Final .uppl t FE9 for facility. 

lift. C * Uqlaflr ""*" Regulation. NUREO-023S. 77/04/30, 

MILLER, J.R. ^"anTD^ec'oTfor Reactor Safeguard.. 79/OM8. 
Adjudicator^ correapondence 

'ui-jilihsd to all oar*?", i **-f ?*!!,? r * t ""' l e*ora being 
CARfi, T. F. 

to A9LB 7 

BLACK,R.L. Branch"!." 79/03/09. 13pp. 

iM.U. Lead. Roger M. 79/03/12. 4pp. VC B " C " 

BLACK, R.L. Branch 1. 79/03/13. i p . 

3074 Foruarda axchange of Itrs 

S-V.B. Atomic Safety and Hoard Panel. 79/03/1+. lp. 

9'tion proposal! will be 
BEROLATO.i' l ; Br ; c ':ii ur ,, Dept of 79/03/OSp apf 

r crkpldinin^ Aflricul turii Dtpt vEiwt 
lp. " "'" -""V na uieeniing Board Panel! 79/03/13, 

,t N OW F.d.ral flld, 
DEALE.v.B. Atomic Safety .nd 9 Board Panel. 79/03/27. 




; 's-'SSK'..".:^. -"" '- 

Unknown. 79/04/04., 3pp. 

drill for Rrl Laid 1 . 

Finincial information 

Branch 1. 79/04/03. Bpp. 


20 5 

DOCKET STN-30-523 Skagit Nuclear Power Project, Unit 2 
Application/construction stage 

7904160293'Forwarda conclusions 6 recommendations of new Pipe Crack 
Study NUREG-0331, "Investigation ti Evaluation of 
Stress Corrosion Cracking in Piping of LWR Plants." 
flelated FR notice encl. 

VASSALLQ.D.B. Asaiatant Director for Light Hater Reactors. 

79/03/23. 3pp. 

79010*0293 Responds to 79030B Itr re impacts off proposed Sfcaglt Nuclear 
Pavr Project upon Indian tribes in vie inity. Decision an 
petition to intervene is eipBcted short ly. Describes NRC 
netting in/Indians to obtain add! inf o ~re impact. 
OGSSECK.L. V. Office of the Executive Director for Operations. 
79/03/26. 2pp. 

7?0040313 Informs Committee that Indian tribes in vicinity of proposed 

facll believe that EI8 has not adequately considered 

pot.ntial effect on native Americans. 

UBALL.M. K. Houia of Rep.. Interior & 

Insular Affairs. 79/03/OB. 

7?Q4040179 Identifies concerns re hypothetical "Q fc B fault" ai darlvad 
from ha*ring testimony ft subsequent talks with NRC/UB8S 
review staff. Requests response from NRC before 790418 
in9*ino if gtll'i Interpretation is in error. 
MECCA.d.E. Puget Sound Power t, Light Co. 79/03/29. 4pp. 

7904340362 Forwards "tntoppretation Rept on Aeromagnetlc Coverage. " 
Prnted In partial reaponae to NRC 700630 request for 
add] inf o. Supports issuance of LWA. 
JACOBSEN, 0. W. Puget Sound Power t Light CD. 79/04/16. Sflp. 

7904340364 "Interpretation Rept on Aeromagnetlt Coverage. " M/7 
ovvrsli.d drawings. 
* Puget Sound Power & Light Co. 79/O4/3Q. 130pp. 

7904E4Q402 Forwards affidavit of GH Jacofisen re proprietary 
MTomajnetle data. Requasta documents be withheld 
(r*f 1QCFR2.790I.W/0 encl. 

, O.H. Puget Sound Power & Light Co. 79/04/16. 10pp. 

NRC DEB, FES, supplements 

7904120399 Final suppl to FEB for facility. 

Offlc. of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. NUREQ-0233. 77/04/30. 

Security, medical, omergency & fire protection plant 

7904iaQS92 Notification of 790611-12 meeting in Albuquerque, NM to 
dieus physical security issues. 

FILLER, J.R. Assistant Director for Reactor Safeguards. 79/OJ/Jd. 

Adjudicatory correspondence 

7*04170043 Expresses conc.rn that encl 790307 Itr to NRC may be vi.ued 
as Illicit .. part, communication, as no copies uer shoun to 
"er.oni on dfstrlbution list.Copi.s are ther.for. being 
furnished to all parties In P roc " d ''!iU , no 
CARR.T.F. Washington, State of. 79/03/O9, 2pp. 

790e(HJ63 Revised atatemant of issuaa, sup pi amen ting ""^ j"^ aniB 
to ASLB 790111 order for conference re status of proca.aing. 
Certificate of Svc nncl. 
BLA-CK.R.L. Branch. 1. 79/03/09. 13pp. 

79WU0379 Motion by int.rv.nor SkagltonUns Concerned About Nuclear 

PUnt. for e.ten.ion of time to '" i *J* t B * "'.^ 
required by ASLB 790213 order. Certificate of Svc encl. 
OENDLER/M W. L.ed, Roger M. 79/03/12. 4 PP . 

7904060490 Or-nts extension of time to 79031* for otll to respond to 
Board's Post-Conference Order Z. 
BLACK.R.L. Branch 1. 79/03/13. lp. 

7904060074. Forwards ..change of Itrs between Secretary of Ajricultur. 
E'v*B"Ato m ic Safety and Licensing Board P.n.l. 7V/03/14. lp. 

--7904060096 Ack receipt of 79O30B Itr eplalning AgriculturB Dept vUu 
on relevance o-f Wild I. Scenic Rivors Act to projoct. 
DEALE.V.B. Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Panel. 79/O3/L.3. 

7904100139 Ordar for conferenco on 79Q424-E6 at Neuf Federal Dldg. 

Bf*4 tt 1 flr WA 

DEALE.V. B.' Atomic Safety and Licenaiing Board Panel. 79/03/37. 2 PP . 

7904210261 Expose* h evaluates evidetica re risks resulting from 
const at plant. No further CPs should be issued. 
MARGOLIB.J. Affiliation Unknotun. 79/O4/04. 9pp. 

Genera 1 correspondence 

790403-0239 Reqoaatis that MHC correct its svc tilt address for RM LeeJ. 
LEED.R.M. Leed, Roger H. 79/03/39, lp- 

Financia.1 information 

79041BOO&3 Forwards request for addl financial Info at least sU week, 
prior to flats NRC must prepare hearing testimony. Info 
necessary to update review o* CP application, 
STOLI.J.F. Li D ht Water Reactors Branch 1. 77/04/O5. Bpp. 

DOCKET STN-SO-92B Palo verde- Nuclear Station. Unit 1 
Application/construction afeage 

7904140264 Forwards conclusions t rscncnmonda t 1 ona of nu Pipe Crack 
Study Qrdup in ^4Uf^EO-053 1 . " Invest 1 9 at 1 on > Evaluation of 
Stress Corrosion CracfcHij in Pipin 9 of LWR Planti." Forwards 
related FR notice. W/o a-nci. ,..,_,,._ Q ,^ T ,. 

VABSALLO, D, B. Assistant Director for Light Water Reactor*. 

79/O3/23. 2pp. 

7901130231 Ack receipt of 79013O Itr commenting on NRC review schedule 
for C-E rapt CENPD-295. "Qua 1 kf ication of CLaas IE 
Itistruaentattan. " E.pects to receive revised text at 

CENPD-255 In July 1979 from C-E. -TD/AI/O-* ni nn 

DEHTON.H.R. Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. 79/13/27. 31pp. 

7904130231 Ack receipt of 79O130 Itr commenting on NRC ravlou. schedule 
for C-E rept CENPD-H55, "Qualification of Class IE 
Instrumentation. " Eipects to re-ceive i-evlsad tait of 

CENPD-293 in Jul" 1171 from C-E. ,m,o 7 t\ na 

n.ENTOM,H.R. Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. 77/U3CJ/. Jlpp, 

--7904130238 Requests expeditious review by NRC of C-E rapt CENPD-a99 b 
of util 790B29 submittal. ,,,,-, -, 

VANBRUNT, E. E. Aritnna Public Service. Co. 79/O1/30. 2pp. 

7701UOOiO Summary of 790321 meeting u/AZ Public Bvc Co ra doaign basis 
orounduater level at facilities. Li B t of * fc ^" "' ,,, 

8TRIflHT,R.L. Lijht Hatav Reactors Branch 3. 79/03/2S. 4pp. 

7904100269 Response to request re proposed allocation of Central AI 
Project water to AZ pouer Indus tru. necommends LOO, 000 acra- 
feet/ur be allocated to pouer production bu year 2015.A11 
allocations mill be utlliisd In 199S. 
STEINER.H.E. Ariiona, State of. 79/01/03. lp, 

7904210060 Notification of 7TO123 t BA meeting u/AZ Public Bvc Co in 
Pho*nlxAZ to tour site It discuss status of const E< 

LICITRA?E.A U Light Hate-r Reactors Dranth 3. 79/04/O9- 3pp. 

7904230305 Invites representative fco 790S07 nesting u/util In 
HashingtonrOC to discuss proposed transmission line to 
interconnect facllitioa in. AI u/fian Diogo Oas k Electric 


Interior/ Beat. nf. 79/O4/18. 7pp. 

-7904060077 C.-rifle. vie., on Mild t, Sc.nic "*' Act !! Rive, 
nrotact.d und.r Act. Finds s.cond r.dund-nt * " ol 
g.ll! ?.a".V Applicant's mitigation proposals uitl b. 1 *!lr"JUT., of. 79/03/0,. 2 pp. 

7904230332 Requests prompt notification of acceptabi 1 Itl of grounduater 
levels (. analgaes in PSAR Amend If. 
VAN BFJUNT.E.E. Ariiona Public Service Co. 79/04/IB. 1p. 

Security, medlcalr emergncy < flro protoction plans 

7904160)292 Notification of 790611-12: meeting In Albu^uerquo, NH to 
djfscusi physical security iisues. 

MILLER.J.K. Assistant Director for Reactor Safeguards. 79/0)3/22. 


[:K>r ST'.-SO-SSa PHa Virae jel*r Station, Unit 1 


SS^OllJ Far-irdi IE Eullftin 7B-12B. "Atypical Held Matl in Reactor 
Prenure Vtnil Ueldi " 
E'rtELfEN.H H Siaion 5. Sin Francuco. Office of the Directar. 

7904360458 Forwards PNQ-79-&7V. 

ENGELKEN:R.H. Region S, San Franclico, Office of the Director 

79/04/1B. lp. 

7904260426 Forwards PNQ-79-67Z. 

ENGELKEN, R. H. Region 3, Ban Francisco, Office, of t* Director 

79/04/19. lp. 

IT '340 400 44 Forujrdi IE Info Notice 79-05. "Uie of Improper Mails in 
Sa * etij '^* 1 Jt 1 3 CospDn<ntJ HL 

ENCSLHEH.H H Htjion 3. San Fnncisco, Office of the Director. 

79.103/21 lp 

77043C-0434 ForwariH IE Bulletin 79-04. "Incorrect Weights for Suing 
Cnact Vjlvft Manuf actuna bij Vtlan Engineering Corp." 
ENGELKEN. R H Rejion 3, San Francisco. Office of the Director. 

79/03/30 ID 

79/03/30 lp 

7904130109 Foruarai re Bulletin 79-09, "Nuclear Incident at THI" & 
PNO-77-67,77-,7A.B.C. D. . F I. Q. Ho reiponn required. Bigion 5. San Franciico, Office of the Director. 

79/04/01. lp 

7904I9QJ63 Forward* IE Bulletin 79-05A. "Nuclear Incident at 
IHT - Suppl," !, preliminary chronology of TMI-3 790328 

EMELHEN.H H Region 5, Sn Franciico, Office of the Director. 

79/04/05 lp 

7904130330 Forwards PHO 79-67H 

ENGELKEVpR H Region 5. Sin Fnncijco, Office of the Director. 

79/04/07 lp. 

7904130399 Forwards PNO 79-67H 

ENC-ELKEN.R M Rtgion 5. San Franciieoi Office of the Director. 

79/04/09 lp 

7904130370 Foruardi PWO 79-67P. 

ENCELMN, ft H Region 3, San Francisco, Office of the Director 

79/C4/O9. lp. 

7?04I60Q34 Forwards PNQ-77-67Q. 

ENSELKEN.H H Region 5. San Francisco. Office Of the Director 

79/O4/10. lp. 

7904360270 For ufl rd IE Bulletin 79-06, "Rvi. u of Operational Errors 
Sis Mualunflients Identified During TMI Incident " 

^'" *? B al n 3- San Francisco, Office of the Director. 

1. lp L 

790430044B Forward IE Bulletin 79-06A, Revision 1, "Review af 
Operational Errors & Su. Misal ignncnts Identified During TMI 
int i dent. 

lp " e9i n S ' 8a " Franci "' Qffle of *" Clr.c 

DOCKET 8TN-5Q-929 Palo Vordir Nuclear Station. Unit S 
Application/construction stage 

7904160264 Forward a conclusion* & recommendation* of new Plpi Cf*tl 
Stuifu Croup in NUHEG-0531, "Investlofltion & Evaluation at 
Stress Corrosion CracKlng in Piping af LUH Plant*. " Forwflrdi 
related Ffi notice. W/o and. 

VASSALLQi D. B. Assistant Director for Light W*tr Reactor* 

79/03/23. 2pp. 

7704130231 Ack receipt of 790130 Itr commHntinn on NfiC rvlu 
for C-E rapt CEMPD-393, "Qualification of CUi IE 
Instrumentation," Eipacta to recolve roviied tt of 
CENPD-233 In July 1979 from G-E. 
DENTON.H.R, Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. 71/tKJ/ffT. 

7904130238 Requaits eipodltldUl ravlau bu NRC af C-E rat 
of util 7BOB29 mbmitUl. 
VANBRUNT.E.E. Ariiona Public Service: Co. 79/01/30. 3pp. 

7904160060 Summary of 790321 mnetlng ui/AZ Public Bvc Co rt, dtiltn ti 
grnunrfwater level at factl i tint. LUt of 4ttid*i and. 
STRIGHT.R.L. Light Water Hoactors Brancli 3. VffQ3fStQ> 4^1. 

7704100369 Response to request PO proposed allocution of Cmtrl f,i 

Project water to AZ power Indu* trg. Rgcommentf* 1OO.OOO *tr- 
feet/vr be allocated to power production bu aajtr ilOIS All 
allocatloni will be utlliiod In 1??!! 
aTEINER.W.E. Ariiona, BUb of. 79/04/03. lp 

7704210060 Notification of 790423 t. 26 meeting uj/AI Public Bvt C In 
Phoeni<,AZ to tour site fc tfiicus* itatui of con-tfc I. 
estimated fuel load date. 
LICITRA,E. A. Llglit Hater RBactors llranch 3, 7v/04/07. 3* 

7904230203 Invlta. rgprtianU H ve to 7VOD07 mantlnii w/tiUl In 
Hashington,DC to discing propotej tranml*slon lln to 
interconnect facilities in AZ w/8n Dlegu Oat & EUctrit 


Interior, Dat. of. 79/04/ia. 7 PP . 

79042S0332 Requs.t. notification of acc.p tli 11 Itu ot 
level, 1. analunet in PHAH Amend. 1?, v 

VAN BBUNT.E.E. Ariiona Public Service Co, 7/0<i/ia, lp, 


Fof '""' fl IE lf " Nott "-10. "onconf arming Pip. Support 
"'" '" 9l0n '' ^ F ""- '" * *h. Director. 


MILLER.J.R. Al,tant Director for doctor Bnf aou-rfa, 

In.pectian v.port. anil carrQpondenc 

__ _ 

"ftet f th. 

Offic. of 

79/03/3C) .i 

' 1 lnil Corp. " 
Offlc. cf th H 
79/04/01 ip. 


tnt until cr 

'9/04/08. lp 

"pjnolB,, of TMI-a 7V0320 

"* or "- 

n f th , 




BTN-90--92-? I'alP V"' 1 ''" NtlcU*r Illation, Unit 3 

Faviu*l'd I 1 NO 79-6711, 

li H. fUfltan 3- "" f : ".K I .ca, tlfflci of th. Dlractor 

79/04/07. lp 

inn* i inin4 i-'nriiardi I'Nl) 7V-67N, 11. n-fllon 3 ' llfl " n- 

79/Q4/Ofl. Ip. 


j(jimnn:l7O Forward* PN'l 7V-/J/I'- Il-Olot. 8, (I'M Friiieo. (Ifflc. of ih Director. 

79/04/09, IP- 

of the 

77/04/10. l|i. 

7904360370 Korrdi It-: DiilltUn t'l-Ob, "Htvliw of Operational Errors h 
Mi-imnm<ml. ld*.,tlfl-<l 0plg TMI Incident," 

,R H, HMO.IOII !t, flan l-ranc l<;o. (Ifflcg nf th Ulr.ctur. 

790i:tOOiai t'ovw*rd It! lnf Nott.:e 79-10, "NHiiKonformlno IHpe Ouppo. 
ENOKLWiN.R.H, lUglmi tl. "" Friwl. Hfflca of th. Dir.cton. 

Fon^r.r. IK U.iM.lln 7V-OM, H.vUInn 1. """" ?' 
.ul l-:rror. fc Oi|i MU-1 liMnU Id.nllMnd Durlni TMI IU|lnn 3, H*II l-riKla. Clffle. of th B lUr.ctop. 

7'J/04/III. Ip. 

7904130238 Rs^uaats e.podltious ravieu. bij NRC of C-E rept CENPD-355 >,. 
at utll 790027 submittal. 
yANBItUNT.E.E. Arliona Public Sepvlea Co. 79/01/30. 3pp. 

7904160060 Summary of 790331 n-eating >/AZ Public Svc Co r B doslgn bails 
g roun<luter level at f OC i 1 1 1 io>. LUt of attendoes ^cl. 
3TRIOHT,ri.L. Light Water [leactara Oranch 3. 79/O3/2Q. 1pp. 

7904100269 Rospon^o to n.a.uast re proposod allocation of Contral AZ 
Projact luatur to AZ poiuor Initustrij. RecommBiiis 100. OOO acre- 
Paot/yr bo allocntad to power production bv year 2015. All 
nllocatlona mill be utiHiafl tn 1993. 
BTEINER.H.G, Arirona, Eitato of. 79/04/02, tp. 

Co tn 


7901510060 Notification of 790^3 t, 26 mating w/AZ Public Bvc 
Phoinii.AZ to tour alto & discuss status of const t 
estimated fuel load date. -, a ,n*ii\v 

UCITRA.E. A. Light Hater Reactors Branch 3. 79/04/07. 

7904230209 Invll'B. representative to 790507 mating ui/uttl in 
Washington. DC to JiacuBS propoaod transit aslon 1 ine to 
Interconnect facilities I" AZ ">/Qan Oiejo Oas t<