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Full text of "The Toronto City Directory 1903"

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President- .loll x L. 


S, M.D. IHTH. K 

A Strong, Progressive Canadian Company 


ii. is tlii- i nit- which is financially nd whose divi- 

.ulk-y-hoMers will c(ini[)arc favorably with tin 

Suc/i a Company is the 

La labilities of any Ho upany. 

,:ider its uiatui. -tinent poll- 

Pol -ued on the 1 up-to-date pi 

Write the > l letters of acknowledgment from satis- 

L. GOLDMAN, Secretary 

WM. McCABE, Managing Director 



Established 1817 Incorporated by Act of Parliament 

Capital all Paid-up $12,000,000 Reserve Fund $8,000,000 Undivided Profits $435,698 

Head Office 





A. T. Paterson, Esq. Sir W. C. McDonald, G.C.M.G. R. B. Angus, Esq. Edward B. Greenshields, Esq. 
A. F. Gault, Esq. . R. G. Reid, Esq. James Ross, Esq. 

K. s. CI.orsTON, - - General Manager 
A. MACNIDER, Chief Inspector 

Almonte, Ontario 

i am, 

Ft. William, 

TORONTO Angus Kirldixnd. Manager 

London, Ontario 





St. Mary s 

Toronto : 

Youge and Front 
Yonge and Queen 

Wallaceburg, Ontario 


St. .Jam 

riue Street 

Point St. Chir 
Quebec, Quc. 
Chatham, X.B. 
Frederictou, N.B. 
Moncton, N.B. 
St. John, " 
Amherst. N.S. 



Winnipeg, Man. 
Calgary, Alta. 
Regiua, Assa. 
Lethbridge, Alta. 
Greenwood, B.C. 
Nelson, B.C. 
New Denver. B.C. 
New Westminster, B.C. 
Raymond, Alta. 
Hossland, B.C. 
Vernon, " 

In Newfoundland: 

-Bank of Montreal 

In Great Britain: 

LONDON Bank of Montreal, 22 Abchurch Lane, B.C. 


In the United States : 

NEW YORK R. Y. Hebden and J. M. Greata, Agents. 59 Wall Street 

CHICAGO Bank of Montreal 


LONDON The Bank of England The Union Bank of London The London and Westminster Bank 

The National Provincial Bank of England 
LIVERPOOL The Bank of Liverpool, Limited SCOTLAND The British Linen Company Bank and Branches 


NEW YORK The National City Bank The Bank of New York, N.B. A. BUFFALO The Marine Bank, Buffalo 

BOSTON The Merchants National Bank J. B. Moors & Co. 

N- FRANCISCO The First National Bank The Anglo-Calilornian Bank 












B II \ M I: 

M. I.KI. .1. \\. 

JH\ M(i.<KI\ . .I..II. 

H THOU.S. ! 



LONDON, ENG. OFFICE 60 Lombard Street, B.C. 







Nova Scotia Manitoba and North West Territories 

British Columbia 


Yukon Territory 





1 Tl I . \V v~ 


.V \\ " 

Commercial Credits issued for use in Europe, the East and West Indies, China, Japan, 
South America, Australia and New Zealand 


Special attention given to the Collection of Commercial Paper throughout Canada 

and all parts of the World 

Savings Bank Department 

Deposits or $1.00 and upwards received 
and current rates of interest allowed 


:UI l, I.IOV 


15 he 

Bank of Toronto, 

Incorporated 1855 

Paid-Up Capital, $2,500,000 ..... Reserve Fund, $2,600,000. 

Total Assets, over $23,000,000 


GEOR-GE GOODEKHAM. President WM. HENR.Y BEATTY. Vice-President 



Head Office 



General Manager Asst. General Manager 

THOMAS A. BIRD. Inspector 




Kini: St. \V. 
( ol L ER CLIFF 














GKKAT BRITAIN The London City and Midland 

Bank, Limited, London 
INDIA, CHINA AND JAPAN The Chartered Bank of 

India, Australia and China 
NEW YORK The National Bank of Commerce 
CHICAGO First National Bank 
BUFFALO Manufacturers and Traders X atioual 

DETROIT Detroit Old Xational Bank 








Collections made on the best terms and remitted for on day of payment 
Drafts issued available in Canada and throughout the world 
Deposits received and interest allowed thereon 

SOLICITORS BF.ATTV. BI.ACKSTOCK, XKSHITT. CiiAnwiCK & RiiU Ki.i.. Bank of Toronto Building 




Capital Authorized $3,OOO,OOO Capital (Paid-up) $2,9OO,OOO 

Reserve Fund $2,9OO,OOO 


E. B. OSLER, M.P., President WILMOT D. MATTHEWS, Esq., Vice-President 
A. \v. AUSTIN, T. I:AT<>\. i 

\V. K. BROCK M.I 1 . \V INCK. i J. J. HY. K.C., M.IM . 

T. G. BROUGH, General Manager H. J. BETHUNE, Inspector 


Ml Ti >V 
iXDoX. \; 


[ | ] \ 11(1] III 




VFKI.I.. \ r\m:n< 

-VII.I.K. \VI\;HAM. 



Commercial Credits Issued for Use in Europe and all Foreign Countries. 

Sterling Exchange Bought and Sold 


UrFFAI.o- B 

I>Ul.l~ I H . uik 


I HII.ADKI.I HIA-dininl X.n 





D. R. WILKIE. General Manager 


E. HAY, Assistant General Manager 

Capital Authorized, $4,000,000 
Capital Paid-up, $2,935,394 - Reserve Fund, $2,495,087 

T. R. MEKKITT, 1 resilient D. R. WILKIE, Vice-President 

















CANADA Bank of Montreal 

GKKAT BRITAIN Lloyds Bank Limited 

Manchester it Liverpool District Banking Co., 


F K A N< K Credit Lyonuais 
Bauk of Montreal 
Bank of America 
Western National Bank 
Merchants National Bank 
Biink of the Manhattan Company 
Bank of British North America 
Buffalo Bank of Buffalo 
Boston National Shawmut Bank 
Chicago Fii>t National Bank 

Old Detroit National Bank 
Duluth First National Bank 

i.D STATK- (Continued) 
Philadelphia Farmers and Mechanics National 


Merchants National Bank 
St. Paul Second National Bank 
Minneapolis First National Bank 
San Francisco Wells. Fargo & Co s Bank 
Portland. Oregon Wells. Fargo \. Co a Hank 
CHINA AND JAPAN Hong Kong it Shanghai 

Banking Corporation 

Union I .. 
Bank of H., 




Head Office 


CAPITAL PAID UP $1,500,000 RESERVE FUND $425,000 



O. R. R. COCKBVRN. I- , I n-idrut DoXALD MAcKAY. F>.... Yice-President 

HoN. .!. (\ A1K A. S. IKYINC,. I 11. I>. PF.KRN . I 

HON. K. n.\i;t -OIKT R. GRASS, i 


General Manager 

Agents for th,e Government of Ontario 

BranoHes : 












uer Wellington and Scutt Stn. 
C uriuT Quoen and Portland S 
Corner Vonge and RichmoiT 
Corner Yonge and Carl 

foreign /\gents : 

LONDON. England 







The Canada 


Western Canada 

Mortgage Corporation 




Paid-Up Capital 


-1.00 and upwards ;i 

3 l /2 per cent, per annum 

is paid in- i-niii|>iinn<lr(l half yrjirly. 

account, no matter how large or small 
it may L the most 


" Canada s 




Reserve Fund 




in issues lionds tor sums of One Hun- 
Hollars and upwards, tor terms of tnnu one to live 
. Coupon lied for half-yearly intereM at 

Four per cent, pel annum. These Konds ,, 


President: CEO. GOODERHAM 

1st Vice-President and ucpRFPT M4<5ni 
Managing Director: J> HERE 

2nd Vice-President : W. H. BEATTY 
Assist. Gen Mangr : R- S. HUDSON 

Secretary: GEORGE H. SMITH 





Money to lend at lowest rates on the security 
of Farm and Town properties, on all modern plans 
of repayment. Kvery facility surest ed liv hum 
experienrc for eomplet ii L transactions without 
delay and with the minimum ot expi nse. Xo 
ion ehuriied to 1 101 niuers. 

Call and Time Loans made on 
Stocks, Bonds, etc. 

Mortgages, Bonds, etc., purchased. 

* 1 1 

P. AN KIM, \ Nil KIN \NV1AI, 

1 I 

Quebec Bank 

Founded 1818 

Paid-up Capital, 

Incorporated A.D. 1822 



loll.N I .K KAKI \. ESQ., l iv>i,lrnt .JOHN T. Ross. ESQ., Vice President 

t.ASl AKI I.K MoINi:. 1 \\. A. MAKSH ! YKSKY I5< isWKU.. I 

K. BILLING8LEY, K>,,. -Mini. I 


THOMAS McDOUGALL, General Manager 

TORONTO, C. C. SMITH, Manager 


THRKK KivKK:- \ n n>ui \\ i LI i >H \ .O, M->NII: irim- St. 

, i K. I ri i.u TU\VN. ci.i> 




Canada Landed 
National Inv tm 


Incorporated 1858 


Company, of Canada, Ltd 

Inem |>"! iti-.l IsTii 

Amalgamated 1891 


23 Toronto St., Toronto 

Authorized Capital 
Subscribed Capital 
Paid-up Capital 
Reserve Funds 


EDWARD SAUNDERS, Manager Total Assets 


JOHN LANG BLAIKIE, Esq ., President JOHN HOSKIN, Esq., K.C , LL.D., Vice President 

I). K. Tllii\l->\. IS, , K.C lldX. SKXATHI: (iiiW.AN. LL.D., C.M.G. J. KERF nslioRNK. V.-..J. 

.1. S. I l.AVFAII;. Ks v . X. .-NlLVr.KTHilMN. 


HdX. .IAMKS i OUNfi 

A(.KXTS ix M-iiTi..\xi> 


This Company Lends Money on \i<-.\\ Ksi.-itc, and pur 
DoniiniiMi. I i il Municijial Sci uritiea. 


ivf-at iii tin- Debentures of this ( 0111)1 



, . The . . 


Loan and 
Savings Company 





Corner Yonge and Richmond Streets 

JOSEPH PHILLIPS, President V. ROBIN, Treasurer 

A. T. HUNTER, Vice-President E. J. BURT, Supervisor 

R. H. SANDERSON, Building Inspector 


HAMILTON Spectator Building. 

LONDON s ]>ul1irM Bloi-U. 

WLNMl KG L 16 L nrta-r Ave., Trust and Loan Block. 

HALIFAX. N.I .. ::<. Sarkville Street. 

OTTAWA 66 Bunk Street. 

MONTREAL Canada Life Association Building. 

VANCorVKK -Innis of Court Buililii. 

ST. JOHN, X.B-- 101 I rince William Street. 


r <uC 





1 C^^** C*~~~.* T^ ~_ . .A^ 

i. i R( 

Scott Street, Toronto 

Scottish Ontario and Manitoba Land 

Co., Limited 

Subscribed Capital, $25O,OOO Stg. 

nli.illy ti\ii 

.\LK\.]:.\I\ HoHKKT (JII.MiH I ,mo 

ROBERT GILMOUR, C.E. &D.L.S., Room 18, 9 Toronto Street, TORONTO 

Houses, Shops. Factory Sites and Choice Building Lots for Sale in Toronto. Prices Low. Terms of pay 
ment easy. Loans made on Farm, City and Town Properties at Lowest Current Rates. 


TVYe^cller Sc /\r-not 



Dock, Bridge, Grain Elevator and House Builders 

Marine Slip, Ship Carpentering, Etc. Pile Driving a Specialty 

: IMATl-> i.IVF.X .rnl .lilV I KM >KI) TO 




King Street West, Toronto 



Oxford Lines of Stoves, Ranges and Hollow- Ware 

(From Siiiallti-t Domestic to I-argrst Hotcli 



Hot Wa.ter Heaters Stea.m Boilers 




Grates and Registers 

Volcanic Patent Shaking: Grate 



Hotel Keepers , Brewers Canadian 

1 TV iff C f Foreign Hops 

and Distillers supplies 

Sole A^-ent tor tin- Cleveland Faucet Company s celebrated "CHAMPION" 
Hydraulic Lager Beer Pumps and Ale Lifts, for Hotels 

Cork Pullers, Lemon Stjiu-c/crs, Bottle- Baskets, Corking Machines. Bottle Filling 
.Machines. Beer and Wine Faucets. Ice Boxes. \Vork Boards. 
Metal Polish. Etc., Ktc. 

Toronto, Ont. 

47 Colborne St. 

Tel. Main 1O8 





Rubber Sta 



Key Checks 


Railroad and Office Stamps 





Phone Main 376O 

IO. KING ST. WEST, Toronto, Ont. 








Capital and Surplus 


Offices Thro\;v,ir\out the Civilized World 
EXER 346 and 348, Broadway, New York City, U.S.A. 

loimatiuii tliat rt-flcrts tin 1 linani-ial c. unlit inn and the control! 
i in. It.- business may ! defined a> uf tin- mi-tvliants. liy lln- iin>ri-liaiit<, I m- i he 
, 1 promulgating inUii-mation mi elloi-t is spared, ami nn reasonable i -iderei 

an authority on all mutter.- alli-nin-, i-urnim-mal affairs and me: 

.- li ive 1 n -teadily extended, and it furnishes information concerning HK-reantilr . 


- i-il nn the MTVI I-C fni iiiSihi-d. and are availahle (inly hy ri-jiutalilc \vhule>ale. jnliliing and nianufac 
-.-), insihli-and M-iii-tliy linanrial, Hdiieiai-y and business corporations. Spn-itic terms may lie ulitaitn-i 

iiV 111 its cillin-s. 









THOS. C. IRVING, Gen. Man. Western Canada, Toronto 

Do you Send Out Circulars ? 

it the MIGHT DIRECTORIES, Limited, 

59 Yonge Street, Toronto (Telephone Main 2229), 

is prepared to make a contraet with you, to Address your envelopes. 
Fold, Insert, and Seal your circulars, and Mail them. 

\Ye are prepared to compile lists eo\eriim all trades and pro 
feSsions throughout Canada and the I nited States from the latest re 
lialile sources. 

Stock Lists are valueless and we keep none on hand. \\ e are 
receiving New i lireetories almost daily. 

llefbre doing anything- in this line see us and we will satisfy you 
that we can save you time, labor, vexation and money. 

Our Directory Library is the most complete in Canada : charge 
for consulting and copying moderate. Single references tree. 




Price, $6.50 ^ Price, S6.5O 

KMI .RAUV; \N \ I.l H AUKTir \ I. I.IsT OK Al.l. BUSINESS Klll.Ms \M, | |;IV\TK CITI/FNS 
O NTAININt; A I.AKUK A. MI K NT i F VAl.l Xl .I.K I N K( >KM ATK ).\ 


Complete Street Guide 

A I>< i sri .rui: \N HIKK. TIIUIKS 

- OF - 





ordinu t.. A -t oi I .ii-li.uiiiMii in the Minirter of Agriculture in the jn 

Our Lord . nl nint- hundred and thn-r. 


The first Directory of Toronto was published in 1833, when 
the total population was only some 9,000. To-day we present 
to our subscribers the forty-second issue of the City Directory 
of Toronto, and by actual count, we find it contains 97,087 
individual names, exclusive of firms, corporations, etc. 

By using the multiple 2J which is extremely low we 
estimate that at the end of 1902 the population of Toronto was 

Some people in the past have said our estimate of the 
population of the city was too high, but a glance at the follow 
ing comparative tables will show the rapid progress Toronto is 
making in all lines and go far to substantiate us in our estimate 
of the real population. 


Following are the figures of the yearly clearings of the 
banks in the city, as given by the Toronto Clearing House, 
during the past four years : 

1899 504,872,846 

1900 513,696,401 

1901 6 25,2-28,306 

1902 809,078,559 


The following table, giving the actual number of real estate 
transfers during the last six years, shows that business in this 
line is increasing. 

Number of Transfers. 
















Land Titles. 



The following table gives the number of building permits 
granted and the value of the buildings erected during the past 
six years : 


No. of Permits. 


1897 . . . 



1898 .. 









1901 . . . 


3.56S, SM 

1902 . . 



The total 

Assessment of the City of Toronto 

, as returned 


the Assessment Commissioner for six years, is as follows : 



1899. . 

1. 10,325, 122 









It is estimated that the amount of fire insurance in force in 
the City of Toronto at the end of December, 1902, was over 

The Post Master General s report of 1902 gives the following 
figures for the year ending June 30, 1901, which show that tin- 
business of the Toronto Post Office largely exceeds that of 
Montreal : 

Gross Number of Number of 

Postal Money Orders Money Orders 
Revenue. Issued. Paid. 

Toronto 8481,479 71 

Montreal 374,841 41 

17,919 239,397 

16,645 100,718 

In favor of Toronto $106,628 30 1,274 138,679 

y The Custom House returns for Toronto during the last five 
ars show a very large incn-asr. 
Year. Duties Collected. 

1902 $6,468,844 

1898 4,533,005 

Increase in four 3 ears $1,935,839 

The increase in the business done on the Toronto Stock 
Exchange during the last three years is shown by the following 
figures : 

1900 $223,920 

1901 575,815 

1902 1,682,645 

The returns at the Western Cattle Market show the 
following : 

Cattle. Sheep. Hogs, 

1902 197,408 168,078 170,152 

1893 86,719 49,883 74,557 

Increase in nine years .. 110,689 118,195 


Gross receipts of Toronto Railway Co. during the month of 
December in the past six years, are as follows : 

December, 1897 $99,33655 

1898 108,924 65 

1899 119,931 15 

1900 129,910 13 

1901 146,615 50 

1902 170,082 13 

The City Engineer s annual report for 1901 gives the 
following : 

The area within the city limits, not including the portions of 
tilt- city land covered by water, is 17.17 square miles. 

There are 259J miles of streets and S4} miles of lanes, of 
which 182J miles are paved and 77J miles unpaved. 

There an- _ . .\ miles of sewers and 260.056 miles of water 
mains, with 3,079 hydrants. The average quantity of water 
pumped in 24 hours (luring 1900 was 22,093,150 gallons. 

The electric street cars run over 85 miles of tracks, and 
more than 200 cars are in use. They carried 39,848,087 
passengers in 1902. 

The number of buildings in Toronto, as counted by our 
Street Directory, is 45,786. This includes office buildings, 
factories and dwellings. 

There are 131 vacant stores and offices and 985 vacant houses 
enumerated in this year s directory. This is the smallest 
number in over twelve years. 

In conclusion, we tender our sincere thanks to our patrons 
for their support and encouragement. 

59 Yonge Street. 

January, 1903. 



President and Managing Director. 

Head Office, 

King: St. E. 




Securities for Money Collected. 




1 to 18 


Hanking aii l | 

Indei tn Adv. rtl-.-r~ .44 



ry 1029 

>an Villages 49 to 83 

Title page 41 

Too 1st.- for regular 48 

Ward r 84 



1 Park i See North . 62 

... 49 

H:nU\I!!.- is. .- Nortll Torouto) 62 


Donr. 51 

Toronto 54 

E glint 

Ilumbrr Hay 57 


Little York 58 

Mimic.. 59 

New 1 60 

North . : i 61 

North Toronto 62 

Norwar 66 

Swansea 67 

Todmorden 68 

Toronto Toronto 69 

Wycnwood Park (See Bracondale) 49 


Ancient OrdiT ,,t IIll>ernlans. . . 
Ancient Order of I nii,,i Workmen. 


lent. Fraternal and National 

-. r.iiii.iiii^- 

. ... . . 

, r ue .... 

Cnorchea and MiuistiTs 


tors of Cu- 

- of the Forest 

Convents ^ 

County of York (Council, eli-j 

Court IIous. 

us ._._ ... . 

Daughters of Ireland 

Daughters and Maids of Kn^laml . 


art in. lit). . 



Fire Alarm Signal liox.-s 

,t nrder of 

I Hil .[Ian nrder of 

ers, Catholic Order of 1045 

l"l" : it nrder of. .. . 

loil nns 

1044 Governor-General and St. ill... 

ilalls. I,- l:ni;dings. ,.|,- 

Hospitals, .. imo 

1O49 Industrial S 11)35 

inland Revenue 

. . . I. us 

1033 Judges of Ontario Courts 

King and Royal Family 

1030 Knights of Ireland. Koyal Black... 


Knights of St John and Malta 1016 

., of St .1 hn (K C Till ill) liiHi 

. ... H>t.~i 

nry I i4". 

I-alior Unl. 

and Judiciary 

nhly. Officers of 

I.ibr; . 1"4 

iuor) 1032 


der of 1044 


rologlcal Office 1031 


Ministry The (of Canada) 1030 

1034 Mlsc.dlane 1053 

ins 1042 

.nary Training - 1012 


Oddfellows, Canadian Order of 1046 

Oddfellows. lndo|>endi iit Order of... li>47 
Oddfellows, 1. 1 1. 1 i.F. Manchester Unity 1047 

Ontario Government 1032 

Orange Association 1047 

le Hall ^ 1032 

1 arks anil Squares 1043 

Police Department 1033 

Of flee 1031 

Prisons, etc 1032 

Province of Ontario 1032 

Public Buildings, Blocks, Halls, etc.. 1043 

Public Schools 1035 

Kailroad Organizations 1051 

iium In4.>i 

Royal Black Knights of Ireland 1048 

ance ni. n 

St. Andrew s Society 1049 

St. George s Society 1049 

St. Vincent de Paul Society 1049 

Schools, etc 1035 

separate School* 1035 

s 1044 

Sons of Canada Benevolent Association 1040 
Sons of England Benevolent Society. . 1049 
Sons of Ireland Protestant Association 1049 
Sons of Scotland Benevolent Assn.. 1049 

Sons of Temperance 1050 

Steamboat Inspection 1031 

Temperance Societies 1049 

Trades and Labor Societies 1050 

True Blue Association 1048 

Universities, etc 1036 

Water Works 1034 

Women s Christian Temperance Union 1050 
Woodmen of the World. Canadian 
Order of 1048 

F. J. SMITH * CO. 

Properties FOR SALE in ALL 
PARTS of City and Suburbs 

16 & 18 ADELAIDE ST. E. 

F. J. SMITH *> CO. 







Acheson W II 1U1S 

-V-nie Dairy , 927 

Adams Furniture Co, Ltd 2U9 and 948 

Adams J G 929 

Adamson A & J 270 

Aikeuhead Hardware, Ltd 

right bottom Hues 

Alaska Furs and New York Ladies 

Tailoring 065 

Alexander Engraviug Co 272 and 

opposite 942 

Alexander & Son opp 27:! and 9S6 

Alliauce Asset Co, Ltd of London, 

Bug 274 

American Coffee Co -To 

American Tent aud Awning Co, Ltd.. 215 

Ames A E Ai Co 275 

Ames J II 275 

Ancieut Order of Foresters 275 

Audersou A J, Toronto Junction 09 

Andersou Printing Co opp 277 

Andrews W A 278 

Angus George 1016 

Antipitzky C 9o4 

Ardagh Arthur 27! I and lolG 

Armour* Miekle 2SO 

Armstrong Fred JJS1 

Arnett Joseph 986 

Arnold T N 998 

Arnoldi & Johnston 2.2 

Aruott. Campbell & Co U44 

Asliug & Doherty 284 

Atkinson Bros 284 

Atkinson J L SS7 

Atlas Assce Co, Ltd 285 

Auld John, Montreal 926 

Authors & Cox 2<> 

Aziz J & A 943 

Babcock & Wilcox, Ltd 286 

Badenach W & E A 

left bottom lines 

Bain Bok & Stationery Co, The... 2SS 

Baiu & i .eka 910 and 940 

Baird James 288 

Balrd John, Toronto Junction 69 

Ballets Mrs S B 1008 

Banfield W II & Sons 971 

Bank of Montreal 4 

Hank of Toronto 6 

Barber Henry & Co 887 

Barchard & Co, Ltd 904 

Barnes Mrs Eliza 293 

Barnes It Percy, Montreal 892 

Barrett Miss Amelia 905 

Barrett A C S92 

Bartlett Win & Son 894 

Barwick, A.vlesworth, Wright & Moss 


Bait C w, Toronto junction . . . ". . . 92" 

Batt K J, Toronto Junction 70 

Batty Store & Hardware Co 297 

Beardmore Belting Co, Ltd 298 

Beaton Alexander H 299 

Beatty, Blackstock, Nesbitt, Fasken 

& Rlddell 2:>9 

Beaty, Snow, Smith & Nasniith . . . 300 

Beaver Flint Glass Co, Ltd 950 

Beers Wm 920 

Begg Herbert 301 

Belle Ewart Ice Co 959 

Bellhouse, Dillon & Co 914 

Beugougb Thomas lulii 

Bennett & Wright Co, Ltd 304 

Berry Wm 942 

Best D M & Co 306 

Biggar & Burton :(07 

Biggs & Petrie 307 

Bishop StrachMii School 309 

Blachford H & Co 309 

Blachford PS . 309 

Blackball & Co .310 

Blackie W & J 310 

Blake, Lash & Cassels ::i l 

Blight Arthur . . 97s 

Blight Walter II :;12 

Boake Mfg Co, Ltd :{]:: 

Bocquet, Hloem & C,, !Ni5 

Boddington Walter E 313 


Boeckh Brs A: Co :ii:{ and 838 

Boiler 1 nspi -ci and Ins Co 314 

bollard Arthur 314 

Bolte Auguste 14 

Boltou Wm :ni 

Bolus W J Co, The ;il5 

BomensODI .Moses !is9 

Bond A; Smith 310 

Booth G & Son 31ti and 986 

Boswcll A K 317 

Boulter Ap Stewart 317 

Bowdeu Frank A 318 

Bowles E K 978 

Boxull George 319 

Bradstreet Co . 10 

Brauu I rof Martin 914 

Brayley & Co :iii:> 

Breckels & MattLews 985 

Brent Wm C 324 

Briggs Alfred W 325 

Briggs Printing Co ... 997 

Brighton Laundry 325 

Brilliant Sign Letters 325 

Bristol, Bayly & Armour 320 

British America Assur -o Co 

righ. Kill,,. n lines 

British American Business College ... 9O8 
British Empire Mutual Life Assee Co 


Brituell Albs", 32d 

Britnell John 32<i 

Broadway Fletcher Music and Piano 

School 978 

Brock W H Co, Ltd 327, Mitchell & Co 32S 

Brown Alexander Milling and Elevator 

Co, Ltd, The 329 

Brown A J 92 1 

Brown, Boggs & Co, Hamilton. Out 


Brown Brothers, Ltd <>pp 329 

Brown J F Co, Ltd, The 331 

Brown M A 332 

Brown R C opp 332 

Brown W J 911 

Brown & Cooper 920 

Bruce Mfg Co, The 914 

Bryan G M 949 

Bryant Press The i>pp 334 

Bryce A & Co 971 

Bucklaud H G lo<i2 

Bulley Charles 924 

Bunt Charles W & Co 336 

I :u rch J H 921 

Burke & Horwood left (op lines 

Burnett H W & Co ... 338 

Burns E R Saw Co 339 

Burns P & Co 339 

Burritt A P & Co 34O 

"Business Literature" 

Butchart & Watson 341 

Cairns Bernard 15 

caidweii c & Co ::n 

Cale Edmund A 921 

Caledonian Fire Ins Co front cover 

Cameron DO 345 

Canada Biscuit Co 34x 

Canada Featherbone Co 31-- 

Canada Foundry Co 848 

Canada Ice Co, Ltd 959 

Canada Landed & -National Investment 

Co, Ltd 11 and ."I* 

Canada Life Assce Co 348 

i Permanent and Western Can 
ada Mortgage Corp 10 

Canada Screw Co ."19 

Canada Show Case Co 1010 

Canada Switch and Spring Co. Ltd. 

Montreal. Que, "i ii <ln! 

Canadian Bank of .."! ! "19 

and "> 

Canailian BirklM ok Investmc iit and 

Savings Co ".~>0 

Han Casualty Co 

Canadian Feather anil Mattress Co. 

Ltd 97 t 

Canadian Fire Ins Co 35n 

Canadian General Kiel-trie Co 3"il 


| 1 UK*?. 

Canadian Heine Safety Boiler Co ... 350 
Canadian Implement and Vehicle Trad 

Canadian Kodak Co, Ltd 35U 

Canadian Musical Bureau 90 

Canadian Otis Elevator Co 9,"-> 

Canadian Pacilic Ky Co s Telegrapli.. 3jl 

Canadian I reniier Carriage Co U12 

Canadian Rubber Co ;;.,_ 

Canadian Savings, Loan and Building 

Association 35^ 

Canadian Show Case Co 1011 

Canadian Specialty Co 352 

Canadian Suspender and Mfg Co.... 352 

Canadian Typewriter Co 1O23 

Caplin & Stoddart 10O2 

Carey Fra nk W 353 

Carey Philip Mfg Co 1004 

Carpet Cleaning Co 354 

Carrce Charles A 3^ 

Carruthers James & Co :tM; 

Cat-swell Co, Ltd opp 9liS 

Carter-Crume Co, Ltd 35 f 

Case Egel-tou K front ( 
Case G A ;i,i 

Caslmiore E J !,-,-, 

Cassels, Cassels & Brock ;:.,*. 

Cassela & Standish :;.,, 

Castoti is. Co 

Cattle F W . " :,.M; 

Cavanagh Prof F L <ru 

Cawthra Victor y^j 

Cayley Frank & Co " :;i; i 

Central Business College 300 

Central Canada Loan and Savings Co 

,, opp 3UO 

Central Press Agency 300 

Chalkley U & Sons 9 >j 

Challenger Leather Goods Co, Ltd 9 j 

Chandler S B Dental Depot. . .3<il. and M-S 

Clianey & Co 97.-, 

Charti-and & Turgeon. Montreal 887 

Jitizens Gas Control Co, Ltd 366 

City Towel Supply Co . 1022 

Clark A & Sou <j-l 

Clark A R & Co, Ltd !(5o 

l lark James S 307 

Clarke, Bowes & Swahy 31 w 

Clarkson E R C 370 and 894 

Clarkson & Cross 13, 370 and 887 

Clatworthy & Co lulO 

Claxton -Miss Minnie 978 

Clay George gs? 

Clouston Johji 1UO4 

Clute, Mac.donald, Macintosh & Hay 

( oat s worth. & iuchardson . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Coles George, Ltd 

Colville YV K 

Commercial Union Assce Co 

left bottom 

Confederation Life Assn 

left bottom lines and 37- 

Conger Coal Co, Ltd 378 and 

i Bros 

Constable George Bakery Co. The.... 

Cook Thomas J R ..914, 974 and 

Cmik A.- Bros Lumber Co, Ltd 

c,,ok & Johnston 

Cook & McCay 

Cooper G II 

Cojieland & Fairbairn 

Corln W J 

Corley .1 W Seymour 

Corporation of Colonial and General 

ucies, Ltd 

Corticelli Silk Co. Ltd 

tve Brewery Co, Ltd 

Cotton Wm A 

Coulter & Campbell 

Cowan Co. Ltd 

ad Caesar, Mimico, Out 

Craig A M A: Co 

Moil John 

:il Concrete Paving Co 392 and 
Croft John 

Croft Wm A: Sons 

Crofioii Storage Battery Co 

Crombie, Worrell & Gwynne 






IK I. , 





91 1 





J. A. CUMMINtiS & GO. 


HOME LIFE BUILDING, 56 and 58 Victoria St. 
Telephone Main 2265 

S. C. CURRY, Architect 90 T1 Y pNGEST 

Telephone Main 1237 

IM K\ 

l>\ ! 



, A 


Crulokshank. I .oyd Co 889 

Cullum Miss M , 
Cuminiii^s .1 A A. 

M .1 A, Co.. 

Cunningham Madame ..Ill 

Oirry J 

Curry S <; il.-ht top lin. - 


. MID 

ad Carlton Hrl. k M". 

:i ti 1 rior 

: & llotif 

a \ 1\ 

W ! ,\ - lines 


! i: A. r,i DUO 


It \V 

\,lam 979 

I*"!-. - Halllday 417 


1 (is. 

Dominion I .urglary Unarm- 

Dominion Cement 1 a: 

Dominion r,, ,.p, T: itU ,." II 

elation oiip 4 is 

Dominion I !r ,, a ! 

4 |;| 

Dominion Motor and Machine c,.. Lid 

la ra iitee an 

4 pi 

ll i 
41 i 

iotl Show ; ,,,(,, 

.:iloli Stal 

ion Trail-;. ,| 4j,i 

Don Valley It. nd.-ri _ and Fertilising 

Donald Duncan 

-re E 

Co of Tor,.:,!,,. Ltd 
n riatins and ! 


Douglas & Ratcllff.. . 

-s W A 

court Twine Mills 
Downer fatten] Works.. 

y Alex 

Duckworth s. ,11:11, -1 . 
Durham W 11 

" liin 

le <; A.- s,.,,s , 


..". . .". . . 

1,-ft bottom lines 

-. -thnr L 



.;. |* 

Tlmr .1 . . . . I) & 
Edwards R J 

Edwards & Co. front cover and 434 and 887 

4 JJ 

I .].; 


X Starcli . 

I"! I 




: l 





... left I. 

, !Hi4 


v A l: 4.i 


r J M ; :i!l.-, 

tier It A 

!u and 

Card- _ M 

luipment Co, Ltd 47n 

II 171 


47 J 

47, i 

.1 i; Mar .;. 


L . 47.-, 

IJili-li ..UK 




U.NX-ll .^ 

in C W. - 

,11 ... 
Gonlnl" \V. . . 

...".. 4s:; 

Jrah: ologle* Institute 4s( 

! , 4s<; 


e Co. ..right top 


and Coal Co 

Ltd ]nn; 

-on D D ., 4111 

\ A left l. It mi lines 

F i: & Sons 494 an, 1 

OVO and .12 ; 

Ltd 14 

s Edmund D 

: Co 

Hall K & Son 

I : 


.... 4s-_> 
top lln 


.V 10 

1.1,1 .Vll 

;> i ] 

:t 1 1 


Harris I, ill,. . 



a \ HotNM ts.,n .^r, 

" ",, ,,;, 

\\ IV I ..-tloli 

."HI! I 

lla lev .John .... 
Alfn-d K 

.1 .1 Jt Co I 

I ll. . . 
..Tliard Co The 


- , n .1 .1 

left lop 

. . . . \ 

" J ^ r.L ii a rni 


Ol ll l 

Ilime II I. . 


\ n ! 

.". . .", . . . . . 
.-,- _ ;.- 

\I I. Nursery Co, North T 
P. . . . 

co, Lt,i.:.".:.njs ;n ;,i 


. <! . . . 
Molt, Renfrew 

1 to of N Y 

""" I 


Ltd. The 



I Edwin 

Howard R H & Co... 

K s 

Humphrey 1! D. . ... . 


Hunter. Rose Co, Ltd 


Hunter W F. Lincoln. .. 

Hurlbnt Co, Ltd. The . 


T A 

M . . . .. 

Hutchinj- s Mediel 
Hynes \V J 


Imperial Hank of Canada 
Imperial Life Assee Co of Ca n ada" 

Imperial Mfir Co, The 

,. Ltd 

Imperial Veneer Co. Ltd ..... 
rahain \- Ilarrap. 

tlent order Foi-stei-s 

,.f Oddfellowc... 
nnal Sehn.d ,,f Telegraphy... 

- M.-t\::ie . 

l-wlll A; .lolles 

.1,1, kes A: J 
.lames i 


. il-J 















94 r> 












Crade Vault, School and Office Furniture 

TOROIUTr> /-4PUT rtt D.. c* \ c....:... UCUIUADVCT nu 


m * 



Plate Glass 
and Plate Glass 


Lloyds Plate Glass Insurance Co. and 

Tlje Queen City Plate Class and Mirror Co. 
No. 3 TORONTO ST. Limited 




Jarvis Aeinilius & Co r.i 

Jarvis Beaumont Me 

Jenkins B M & T 948 

Jenkins & Hardy 551 and 888 

Jewell Hurry 830 

Jewell J II & Co . - 

Johnson Win !i!> 

Johnston J J 977 

Johnston & Sword ii.Vp 

Jones F C L .~ ",o 

Jones, Mackenzie & Leonard " " 7 

Joselln J S :iv.i 

Kay Alex Cycle Co xiv 

Kiiy, Itniiks, Love & Hamilton " "" 

Kay John, Son & Co, Ltd .".on 

Keelcv Institute Ml 

Keith & Fitzsimons Co, Ltd ."iiil 

Kent Ambrose & Sons, Ltd >> 

Kent H & 11 H r.00 

Ken-, Hull & Rowell .-,00 

Kerr, Davidson, Pa:erson A- Grant. .",07 

Kilgour Itros ."itis 

Kilmer & Irving ."r,s 

Kin;r Alex L . .(in 

Kiugsmlll, Hellmuth, Saunders & Tor- 

ram-c ."70 

Kinustimc>. Synions & KlngNtonc r,7<> 

Kinleith Taper Co 9ss 

Kirliy K G !>2:; 

Kitchener & Son list; 

Knickerbocker ice Co .i.v.i 

Knowlton .V Men/.ies S9"> 

I. a lioautc Toilet Co 9... 

I,a< kavvaiina Railroad .",74 

Laldlaw. Kappclc & T.icknrll -",7.~i 

Laidlaw It A- Co :<":, and !I71 

Lake John N 1002 

Lake Simcoe Ice Supply Co, Ltd ... 

right liottom lines and 959 

Langley & Langley. .front cover and 892 

La Patrle Publishing Co, Ltd 578 

Ijawrenee P.ros 581 

Lawson A T 888 

Lawson J F 888 

Leader Bicycle Works 950 

Leak & Co 583 

Lear H II & Co 583 

Leekie John, Ltd 583 

Lee & O Donohue 585 

Lee-Collins Co 1015 

Lennox E J 587 and 892 

Le Tage Door Check Mfg Co 932 

I* Roy Chemical Mfg Co 902 

Leslie & Gnnrtldock 1012 

Lever Bros, Ltd (Sunlight Soap) 811 

Le Vcsconte R C 588 

Levins Miss Teresa 588 

Levy & Co 998 

Lewis Rice & Son, Ltd back paster 

Lindsay Miss Alicia 983 

Lindsay A .1 1001 

Llndsey, Lawrence A: Wadsworth. . . . 591 
Liverpool & London & Globe Ins Co .-92 

Lloyd II S !I7:: 

Lloyd \V J & Co 588 

Loc hrle James 899 and 912 

Loftus J T ." iit 

I/ondon Guarantee & Accident Co .v.M 

London & Lancashire Fire Ins Co .">04 

Loretto Abbey 917 

Lougheed K J "> ! 

Lovell Robert ">97 

Lowndes Co, Ltd. The " .17 

Lye Edward & Sons 9^:. 

Lyman Rros & Co, Ltd . 99 

Lyman. Knox & Clarkson. Ltd 600 

Lyon J R 922 

Md-.rady A- O Connor 602 

McCarthy, Osier. Hoskin A.- Ilareourt COS 

McC iiusland Robert. Ltd 605 

McClary Mfg Co 605 

McColfRros & Co opp 984 

McConkey George S 1:07 and 913 

>i-d Samuel . -I 

McCormtck Division International Har 
vester Co 60S 

MeEaclrern \ liiiehic 1002 

MeFarlane George 96." 

McGregor & Molntyre. Ltd 

right top line and 94."> 

McGulre W .T \- Co 610 

Mclntosh Granite and Marble Co. Ltd 977 

Mclntosh .lames 542 

Mclntyre. Sons & Co (i 

Mclntyre & Marshall 01* 

McKenna Mrs Elizabeth 1i>2c> 

McLaren D K fi22 

McLaren .1 C liclting Co 022 

McMlchad A F < 


McMillan & Co 02u 

McMillan A: Maguire 025 

McMiirrich. Hod-ins .V- MeMuni.-h 826 

McXab Allan 020 

Maas Ilirman C 6211 

Mac-Arthur A D 629 

Macilonald. < art wright & Geary 630 

Macdonald John & Co 630 

Macdonald J Gordon & i ,, 630 

Macdonald Mfg Co. Ltd 631 

Macdonald, Shcplcy, Middlcton & Don 
ald 631 

Maedonell J D & Co 922 

Macdi.nell. McMaster & Giary 631 

Maedonell & Poland 631 

MacGregor Donald C 632 

MacGregor Marshall 439 and 632 

Mackay .lolni 888 

Mackenzie & Co (Matthews Art Gal 
lery) g4 G 

Mackerrow & Co 1333 

MacMurohy, Denison & Henderson... ("It 

Macrae A: Macrae 931 

Magann G P (536 

Mail Job Printing Co, Ltd opp 637 

Mallaney M J back cover 

Mallison Fred 9->o 

Malone. Ma lone \- I [olden 038 

Manchester Assce Co G39 

Mann Coal Co 918 

Manufacturers Life Ins I D 040 

Manufacturers I.i-t c<>. The G40 

Map & School Snpidv Co. Ltd 973 

Mara A: Taylor 1017 

Marchment S W 942 

Martin II & Son 022 

Mashlnter \V & Co 644 

Mastcn. Starr A- Sponcc 645 

Matthews Art Gallery 646 

Matthews Asa 949 

Matthews I .ros, Ltd 646 

Mauglian John jr 047 

Maughan .1 & Son 647 

Meakins A: Sons 048 

Mearns F S 649 

Medlcr A.- Arnot 13 

Meln- .1 A: Sun 049 and 064 

Meistorsehal t School of L-inuuage. .. . 917 

Melville I! M . loir, 

Mendelssohn Piaio Co 9! I.". 

Menzies & Hayes (W) 

Mercantile Fire Ins Co 650 

Meredith & Cameron I!">1 

Merrett J 631 

Mil-son GO 888 

Metallic Rooting Co.... right bottom lines 

Me r Cycle and Klectrb- Machine Co 898 

Metropolitan Hank of Canada 

right corner cards 

Metropolitan Fire Ins Co i;.",2 

Meyer r.ros JMIS 

Meyer Mrs I V 0.12 and 913 

Meyereord Co Inc, Hamilton, Out... 98 

Michle & Co 633 and 1027 

Millar \ Fei L nson 654 

Millard Ab-x o:,i. ss.", and 1024 

Miller G M X- Co . 892 

Miller W II 994 

Mills. Uanev, Audi r.-on & Hales or,o 

Mlhi" John & Co (;."7 

Mllncs James H At Ci> 657 

MInto liros i;.",s 

Mitchell W A": J 909 

Mitehener J G Co, The GOO and 782 

Model r,a!,i>:-\ Co o;n 

Montreal Gazelle 662 

Morrison James lirass Mf^ Co, Ltd ... 

1 .-ft lwt I niii lines 

Mortimer Herbert VI t 

Morton CO. Ltd 068, 9K! nad 1(I9 

Moss Win." !ii L> 

Mo\\at. T^augtiin, Mo\\-;tt A: MacLen- 

nan t llO 

Mnlock. Mnloek \- I 671 

Mnhey Thomas (171 

Mnnderloh \- Co. Monireal 072 

Mnntz A- Heatty front cover 

Murray r.en.ianiin 

Murray Printing Co 91)9 

Murray Thomas 925 

Musgrove C E f 79 

My Optician o7.~ 

Nasmilli Co. Ltd B76 

Nationnl A i \> 676 

National F.lect rotype and Stereotype 

Co, Ltd 676 

National l.ilV &HCC Co 076 

National Trust Co. Ltd right top lines 

Noff & Posllethwaitc 8S8 

Nleld Ernest 1016 

Nelson Jeremiah 942 

Nelson II w & Co 678 

Ncrlich & Co opp 678 

Nesbitt Samuel right bottom lines 

New Idea Pattern Co (>7 .> 

New Method Laundry 967 

New Process Co 936 

New York Central and Hudson River 

Railroad 679 

New York Hat Factory 950 

New York Plate Glass Ins Co 902 

Newsome & Gilbert 680 

Nlchol W J & Co 681 

Nicholson George 922 

Nlmmo & Harrison 0>-2 

Nixon D C & Co 979 

Noble s Dominion Detective Agency. .. . 
...right corner cards and 684 and .<: , 

Noel Theo 1000 

Nordln liner Piano and Music Co, Ltd.. 

left corner 

North* American Life Assce Co. . .3 and 962 
North liritlsh and Mercantile Ins Co.. 

left top lines 

North of Scotland Canadain Mori - 

Co, Ltd 6S5 

Northcotc Reginald 685 

Norton Mfg Co, Hamilton, Out... . BIO 

Norwich Union Fire Ins Society 686 

O Connor F W 688 

O llara II & Co right top lines 

O Keefe Brewery Co, Ltd 689 

Oak Hall 691 

Oakley A S M19 

Oftii-e Specialty Mfg Co.. right bottom lines 

oftice Toilet Supply Co. Ltd 1022 

Ontario Accident Insurance Co C93 

Ontario P.ank 9 

Ontario Carpet Cleaning and Upholster 
ing Co 911 

Ontario Compressed Air Dustier House 

(Cleaning Co. Ltd 

right top corner cards 

Ontario Industrial Loan and Invest 
ment Co 693 

Ontario Institute of Osteopath; :<85 

out:, no Veterinary College 0:14 

Ontario Wind Lnglne and 1 uuip Co, 

Ltd 694 

Ormsby A B & Co 1005 

Orr l.ros fnslVJe back cover and 922 

On- W II A: Son 695 

Csborne A: Francis ...side line front cover 

Osier & Hammond 095 

1 aliner S J 889 

Parke Roderick J 900 

Parker Alfred S, New Toronto 102S 

Parker J O & Co 1012 

Parker R & Co 700 and 936 

Parker & Co 977 

Paterson Mfg Co, Ltd 702 

Paton .lames \V 702 

Patterson Candy Co, Tire 919 

Pavne Joseph . 24 

\V R 924 

Pcarcy Sanderson & Ci 70.". and .02 

Pearson liros 706 

J F Furnace Co, Ltd 7i>7 

Pcmber W T 9-"> 

Perkins, I nee & Co (09 

Permanent Light Co 

Pei-rin Win U A; Co 

Perry Alex l 

Perry J A }0 

P t ley & Co 

Phipps Miss Aimee 9i9 

Piekel-ill" I (J 1"11 

pike D Co. The. . . 714. 89! and 1020 

Pllklngtdii liros i} 4 

Pinkei-lon A: C"Oke Jig 

Plymouth IMnder Twine Agency..... 718 

Powell It P |1J "" 1 I 1 " 

Power liros iij 

Puddy Oeoree , - .; 

Pudilin Win r if 

Oiiebec liank _Ai 

cjuebeo Fire Assurance Co.. i--J 

city Coal and Wood Co -> 

Queen City Oil Co. Ltd ... .. -- 

. ton line front 
Queen" City" Plate Glass and Mirror 

co, T.M.: if> 

(jneen Laundry r l ; 

Qiilnn J A - 

Kae Robert . 

Hallway Passenger Assurance (o ,2s 

Rathboni F W "29 

Rathlione George- "29 




ST. W. 

We Make a FUU 



Phone Main 4508 

IM K\ T<> Al XKKTl- 

>ll I! 

I S 


J 1 

T W 

It. -ill A 

mil .\. Co 
Itcnnle Hul.crt & S"ii 

l.fH U A Snll. I.I.I 

lii.-har.U I .l .- 


Itlil. lit Douglas K 

ri_-ht . ..rn. : I 740 


i: Ii 

Kn.-hi.- John 1 lnml.lng and II 

: in 

lilt. 1 ;iy 711 

11 71-J 

i S > - 



. Alfred. Chester, . .. 

irl.-- A Sons, o, I.i.l 7|s 


right con . .( .,,- 

Rolph, Brown A Hi. 


!>;- A 

: ...left 


\V..,| ,.|,|, 7-.-, 



Royal School of I 

Royal Victoria> h - 7.-,.; 


Runclman 77,7 

Sadler A II iw.n-th 

St Andrews College 

- Sl lll". I ! 

Salmon Lumbc^ Qj 

Ion Army Print o; 

Samuel .7 Iln!,. 

1 Ti . J 

!is. Ltd 101.1 

I. A- Co. I.t.l 

II S <; A- Son- 


ter Edmund ! .,.". 

Schnnufer Fr. derli-k 

Schofleld Richard 

B Furniture Co 7i;. > 

It \- Son liV, 

Scott & Co 

Scott & Scott 

. Ontario and Mnnltoha Lan.t 


H A \V 


Sharpe I X 

ltd 771 

r.l Chris 

Sheppard .T 

Sheppard L C & Co .. . . 

k S E & Co 

-on F & Sons 

in Win 

Miss M II 


Smith lin- Hi; 

Smith I .ros 785 

Smltli l> : 


Sinlth K J Jt Co 

I 1 right i 

Sinil ti Nat lian 


i XV II.. !MO 

. ... MIS 

! .117 
I. It l..|. 

III!. r I 

. Ltd 


St. ll 

.add A 

I :M .> 

i lorj 

John $ 

r A Co 1005 

i * 


7r. I 


XV 11. 

k .i ..... 
-, i: 

Siillh .. 

Sun I 

I. K 

A Talliot 

:d J 

Tailor J 4 J 

Tedd J D 

Telford Mrs X M 

Tblel ; 

Th Mi, 

Tlromp-on .1 A S.n 



A r A Co 

r G. Montreal 



of Music. 


Toronto General Trusts Corp 

to Hardware Mfg Co 

to Human.- 

iltut.- of Osteopathy 

i College of Music and 


to Knitting Mills Co 

liinp Co. . . 


xvir.. Fi i . 

Toronto Picture Frame Mftf Co 

Toronto Poultry and Pro.l 

y Co 


Toronto Weeuly and Steam 
boat Guide Co, Ltd 





M . 


S Jl 









Toronto XX ,.,! Working Co 

J A . . . 

. . . left Lotion. 

Trlbn S J 

r llenrv 


Tumi i Mfg . ,. :i|o 


i d 

B i pli 


left holt. 1111 

I lllou Petrol, mil C o. Ltd 

. - : ro Ltd 

Ltd :-,i:; am 

i c... Ltd 

ri^lu 1 ml 1 1. m lines 

and 1OI.S 

X .111 Camp Mo 

.tr.i M.-. Heal Sanilorlmii 


Verra . 11117 

Vlek ,>. Co :r>7 

, XX XX 

A Hudson sss 


XVagner Chas F 841 :in. 

i: C A Sons 

XVals f. 

.left top lines and sl .l 

XV A !I74 

Warden I A Son 

War.lell Jaeoh S 

II XV in 

U arren James ,1 

Warwick P.M., A Kntter opp ST.1 

Wan\ II .s.".l 

XVatkins I. X 

ii. Smoke & Smith 

XVel.l. A E A- Co s.-,r, 

Webb Ccorge 11 I S.V, 

I.I.I. The S.V. and ill. ! 

er A C i t!> 

XVeir Specialty Co. Ltd lU J 

Welch Albert *."." 

XVclllngs Mfg Co . -: 

Marine ills 

W.dls Pattern and Model XV. i 

Shore i; R s-V. 

rn Business College .Ms 

Western XV P !I74 

XVcstman A- P.akcr 

I J A Bon> w 

imp Co l"l" 

Whale Albert "11 

XVhaley. K . Ltd 

Wheeler lleor-e II opp si;| 

XVhltfleld .Tolm Co i Ti 

Whiting XX m si; < 

Whltne y J W G left bo 

XVhitten W .T & Co f 

Wlekett & Craig 


XVIIde *S 

Wilkie A- Wood M " 

William .107. :>!. ion:! 

and 1H-J4 

Williamson T G sss 

XVIIsi. ira s7-_- 

xx llsnn C & Son. right corner cards and 1007 

: Ilarold A Co. Ltd s7- 

XVINon, Lytle, Badgerow Co. Ltd.... 
WINon Win A 079 ami 

:i W C & Co ll> i" 

XVlnn F W !I70 

Winsor & Woodley !i j:i 

Winston John C & Co S7r, 


Woolnough & Otter loin 

XVreyford & Co SSI 

XV right George .>L . ; 

Wright Henry ssl 

Wright James .isr. 

XVrlL-ht S W S iiix; 

\Vlyd-narling Co, Ltd 

Yeoman Geo E & Co :us 

York Coiintv Loan and Savings Co.. U 

York Mfg Co. Ltd 

Yorkvllle Laundry 

Young C G Co 1006 

Young John 654. 883 and 

Young John H 

Young Ralph- E front cover and 888 

Young A- Co !i .i| 




Office, Main 6 13 
Residence, " 607 

Capital Secured for Investments 
Investments Secured for Capital 



ADDENDA Too Late for Regular Insertion 

Acland Frederick A. li V, Grrnville 
Adams Win. mngr Canadian Scoria Block 

i k>, Lid. h llli Blcecker 
Addixin Thomas, a 1:1 Superior Drill Co, nn 

N. .\lcKinin>n Rldg, 1 . .MI Yonge 
Alkins Joseph, drover, h 10 Treford pi, 

from M Stafford 
Algnirc <; S. \\atchmkr W II s< 

3:13 Preston av 
Ames Gulllot I , mngr KOUIMII Stone Co, 84- 

94 Marllwrough av 
Armstrong John S, tmstr, li 22S Niagara. 

from i>4 Claremont 
Atkinson Miss Lydia, elk, rms 30 Division. 

from 189 Borden 
Austin Albert W, Broker, Room 

140 Confederation Life IJMj;, 12 Iticlimond 

o, from 1 Toronto 
Aylshire Thomas, coiid Tor Jiy. l> 1 Kcteh- 

um av 
I .ai-on Mrs Catherine, drsinkr l.~>2 River, 

from 30 Glvens 
Bacon Charles W, 1 152 River, from 30 

Baitson Robert, adv agt. 1 -jr.! I almerston 

av, from 2.">4 St l atri<-k 
I .aitson Sarah J (wid Anthony), h 233 Palm- 

crston av. from 2.~>4 St Patrick 
Baker Frank, furrier F Sehnaufer, rms 708 

Queen e 
I .akrr Harold, ai>p Tuited Electric Co, 1 37 

St James av, from 47 Ann 
I .akrr Miss Hazel, opr, 1 37 St .lames av 
BaJier Lydia (wid George W). 1 :i7 Si James 


Ball Miss Kthel, 1 r 1G2 Sydenham 
Ball .T<uji-pli, butcher, h r 162 Sydenham, 

from 204 Saekville 

Bansley Isalx-lla (wid Charles), 1 14O Jar- 
Barker Laura, pantry girl Toronto Club. 1 

55 Sheridan av 
Bass .lames, bartndr Exchange Hotel. 1 2~iO 

Queen e 

Batten George, rm 2<>. 07 Yonge 
Bateraan Mrs Malvina, di-smkr 221 Sn- 

maeh, 1 sauie 
I .eaiiy Wm H. insp London Assurance 

Corp 10 Wellington e. 1 39 Kim 
Becker Ephraim. 1 tixi Ontario 
Bell Alured S, wtr G S McConkey, 1 23 

Clarence sq 
Belt John, wks Clarke & Clarke, b His 

Bolton av 

Black Miss Mary, h 70 Uppincott 
Blackwood Stewart T (.1 Gordon Mnrdon.ild 

* Co), res Toronto Clnb 
Blair Mrs L. wks Toronto Clnb. 1 70 ]!ond 
Blevlus .Tames, gro 73 Dundas, h same, from 

77 same 
I .hindon WTO, canvasser Singer Mfg Co, 1 

12 Widmer 

Bowie .loseph A. who] lumber 864 Bathnrst 
I .oyd R Garnett. 1 4. i Stafford 
Braun Martin, Chiropodist Sur 
geon 131 Yonge (See card classified Chiro- 


Bri.w & Co. J M Brians mntrr. stock brok 
ers 09 Bay 
Bright Arthur, fnslir Clarke & Clarke. 1 

271 Queen e 
British Book Supply Co, 34 Victoria, from 

.V> Toronto 
Brown Andrew A, artist Grip, Ltd. 1 2s 


Brown George, slsnin, h 50 Russell 
Brown Wm, Insmt man Bell Tel Co, 1 57 


Bitintoii Harold G. rms 110 Baldwin 
Bryant Mary iwid \Vm), h 59 Foxley 
Bryon Robert, wtr G S MeConkev, 1 92 

"Business Literature," 34 Victoria, from 

.Vi Toronto Arcade 
Cameron Alexander B, litho Hart & Rid- 

dell, h 141 Seaton 

la launch Works, Ltd, The, M M 

Whitaker pres, A T Southard sec-treas. 

John Hendry supt. 2 Carlaw av 

lian Boiler Coniiiound Mfg Co. A M 

Brodle nmrg, 2s -"0 Wellington w 
Canadian Music and Trades Journal ( month 

ly), 12 Richmond e, from 1O4 Temple 

Canadian Northern Ry, o2 King e, from U2 

Canadian Savings, Loan & Building Assn. 

rm 10, 30 Adelaide e, from nil 2O3, Temple 

Carruthers James Benjamin. blksmith 

Massey-Harris Co, h in Dundas 
c.-issin Thomas, lab, h Spadina pi, from 

1 A Morrison 
Cates Fred II, butcher 232 Wellesley, 1 2.S 


Clmate Arthur P, Journalist, rms 22 Ade 
laide e, from 34 same 
Clarke Samuel 11, broker 75 Yonge, b 23 J> 

Cloherty Martin, cattle dlr, h 28 Clinton. 

from 202 same 
Cohen Emanuel D Y, h 116 Winchester, 

from 14<5 same 
Colonial Securities Ltd. G M Fennell mngr. 

.">ii7-s Manning ChamUers. 72 Queen w 
Coinisk.-y Owen. lab. 1 22.S Xiag.- 
Coo],er Alexander W, grocer 230 Wellesley, 

h .V, Rose av 
Cooper Wm, storekpr Bell Tel Co 1 34 

Corner Sidney A, pntr. 1* 244 Euclid av, 

from 669 Markbam 
Criiiekshank George II. carp, h-70 Foxley. 

from 1 Fern av 
Cunningham Richard. foreman Roman 

Stone Co. rms II Chieora av 
Davis Harry, grocer 447 Bathurst. from r>2 

Davis Miss .Teiinie, 1 77 Trinity, from liil 

Adelaide w 

Davis Matilda (wid Morris), grocer 77 Trin 
ity, h same. fr<nn ir.l Adelaide w 
Davoy Andrew, grocer 101 Dundas, h T>1 


Deer Harry, pntr, 1 211 Queen e 
De Lacy Harry, mus tehr 54 Toronto Ar 
cade. 1 ,vs Beverley. from ,V> same 
Dlxon Carbon Paper Mfi; Co ill \v A and 

L M Dixon), 30 Wellington e 
D .l.liyii Willard. elect McDonald & Will- 
son. 1 7S Spadina av 

Hullding Association 2<; Toronto Arcade 

i See adv (pp page 418) 
Douglas J A Macdonald, shipper, 1 100 Slmt- 


Earle Salyer B, Mnfr of Blow- 

er and Exhausters Simple and Com 
pound Blast Catcs. Etc. -lo Murray 

Eg-an I 1 , instmt man Bell Tel Co, 1 39 Bocb 

V ry Charle-i AV. fnslir Am Watch Case 

Co. h 071 Shaw, from 2K2 Saekville 

Emery W .lames, mngr J W T Fairweather 
i, 1 (I!*) Spadina av 

Empry .lames 10. lioiler mkr, h 7 .l Teraulay 

Ewinu Miss Alice ,T. mus tchr 124 Major 

Ewing Margaret (wid Wm), h 121 Major, 
from .103 Brock av 

FAHEY WM, Accountant and Audi 
tor. Financial and Insurance Agent. KM 1 , 
McKinnon Building, h 180 John 

Kea<horstonc Dorothy A (wid George), rms 
Iso shaw. from 191 same 

Fennell Gerald M. mngr Colonial Securities, 
Ltd, b 30 King w 

Financial Daily NOTTS, The, Win McC Ward 
i n mngr. 9 Toronto 

Forster Charles II, mnfrs agt 29 Mellnda, 
from 50 Bay, h 204 Davenport rd 

Foster Win. tmstr, h 9 Clinton pi 

Gibson George W, brass fnslir. h 26 Pen- 
drith av. from 391 St Clarens 

Gibson Marion (wid Alexander), 1 12 Pine 

mil ra 

Gilbert Jane (wid John), h 2T) Bishop 
Gluckstien Bannat, beamsman Clarke & 

Clarke, h 148 George 
Grant Lillie (wid David), 1 10 Soho 
Hall .lames B, mach 102 Adelaide w, h 126 


Harris Mrs Emily F, drsmkr. 1 186 Clare 

Hathaway Fred J. supt International Mer 
cantile Agcy of N J, b 205 Jarvis, from 66 

llawley .Joseph R, bartndr. h 174 Duudas. 
i rum 02 Niagara 

I lenders^]! Alliert. 1 70 Sherbourne 

Ilodgins Arthur, 1 21 Esther 

llod.L ins Herbert, tmstr. 1 21 Esther 

Holmes Miss Jessi. , 1 6 Reynolds 

lloneyford Thomas jr, tlr 100 King w, 1 41 

Hopeson John N, maeh, h 132 Howland av 

llnckvale Cuthbert, elk, I 106 Brunswick 

International Brokers, Limited, H D Kemp 
pres, E E Anderson mug dlr, A L Ford 
sec-treas, stocks, bonds and produce 88 

Jackson Frederick, wtr G S McConkey, 1 
200 Victoria 

Johnson Eliza (wid Moses), 1 77 Dundas 

Kirkpatriok Arthur B, broker 19 Janes 
Building, h 123 Bedford rd 

Lennon Thomas II, adv agt 124 Victoria 

Mrl arly Frank D. app Tor Furnace Co, res 

MoCarty Joseph P, app Tor Furnace Co. res 

MoDougall Wm, driver Swiss Lndry. b 2-V.i 
Richmond w 

Mc-Ewen Catherine (wid John P), h 11 Dun- 
Ira r rd 

\lcF.wen Fred F, stlldt. 1 11 Dunbar rd 

McKague Thomas P (Me Hague & Robin 
SOD), h ls-1 Saekville 

McKague & Rrtbinson ( P Mi-Hague, 
pli II Robinson), blacksmiths 17 .i 

McKay John, asst gauger C H, b 175 Ter 

MeKoown Bernard, tmstr Ellas Rogers & 
Co. 1 6 Spadina pi 

Macdonald Grant (wid James), b 101 Madi 
son av 

Macrae & Macrae 62 King w, from 29 Me- 

Mallison Fred, Resident Direct 
or Mallisons, Limited, also Representing 
Yarn Department Merchants Cotton Com 
pany of Montreal. 1 Wellington w. h 4S 
Churchill av (See card classified Cotton 

May Henry X, mach. h 7U Morrison 

Medley Elizabeth (wid Richard W), rms 
222 McCaul 

Menton Michael, carp, h 298 Glvens 

Mercer Arthur J (Mi-Tnggart & Mercer), 1 
129 Bedford rd 

Might Percy G. asst prln Lansdowne Seh. 
b \ 2 Washington av 

Montgomery Henry. M A, P H B, prof 
natural science Trinity College, h 191 
Shaw, from 59 same 

Toronto, Ltd, C G Waldman Secretary- 
Treasurer. 24 Adelaide e 

Neilson Alfred B, mngr A Nellson & Co, 
h 06 Bloor e 

Xewspapor Delivery Co, The, 02 King w, 
from 29 Mellnda 

Nixon I) C ,v Co. 12 Richmond e. from lot 
Temple Bids 

Xolilo Robert T. phy 74 Gerrard e. h same 

I arke Goni-L o. coachman Dr C J Taylor, 
I ::M Spadina av 

Pease Edward D, 1 28 Bernard av 

Plpher Mrs Dorothy, h 77 Dundas 
Plews & Scott, Succeeded by Jas 
P Scott & Co. 187 Duchess (See classi 
fied Scrap Iron) 

Raff Mrs Emmia Scott, elocutionist, nils !! 
St Thomas 

Kebnrn Mrs N Reynolds, mus tehr 2 Chi- 
cora av, h same 

Kou-ors Miss Maude, stenog Maclaren, Mac 

donald. Etc. 1 397 Markham 
Royal Bank of Canada, W F Brock acting 

mngr, 46 Yonge 

Scott James P & Co, Successors 
to Plews & Si-ott. 1S7 Duchess (See card 
classified Scrap Iron) 
Strickland John, driver W II Bacon, rms 

157 Ontario 
Wallach Waldemar, editor The Financial 

Daily News, b 187 Bererley 
Warden Wm, McC, mngr The Financial 
Daily News, 1 188 St George 




Cash or Moderate Margin 


Private Wire to New York TELEPHONE MAIN 1098 



115-117 f" AKERS 
King St. W.! O F F A T MO E US of CANADA 



City of Toronto 


North Toronto) 
UK U> Nl Al K 



Little York! 


North Toronto) 




K il.IVI 

(See North Toronto) 



MI Ml" 


VKTH i.o\ 




>\\ kNSl \ 

ToK.iNTo .11 NCTIN 

\VYfH\\ooli I AKK 




North Toronto) 


(Five miles northwest of r O) 

Allan Thom Altjaus av 

Andrew Josvph A. vug J E Edwards & Sons, 

1 av 

h iwlj Johni. 1 337 Howland av 
Archbold Herbert T, trhr. 1 M M Matthews 
Arthurs Annie J (wld James), h n s Daren- 
port rd 

ii Albert W, broker, h n s Davenport 
Austin Miss IVarl, mach opr J E Edwards 

\ - I lirlstle 

Austin Susan nvUl Jiimt>>. 1 A \V Austin 
Baetz Henry, carp The Boake Mfg Co, res 

Krederli-k W. l.t.-hr. h n s Daven- 
Bain Miss I. on i.-r worker. J E 

Edwards ,* i Shaw pi 

Balrd Ann na av 

Balrd David F. l.kpr. 1 Mrs A Halrd 
Bairrt .1 --fman av 

Baldwin Miss > mach opr J E 

vards & Sono. res north Dovercourt 
Barbonr David, foreman The Boak. 

Co, res Toronto 
Barliour I: sineton av 

rd George, whol clothing mfr, b 8 s 

Alclna av 
1 Mrs V Doucre 

venport rd 
I .pll 

h n 8 Alcina av 

Bell 1 Bell 

Bell Huch. prtr. 1 Mrs E Bell 
Bell Wm II. elk. 1 Mrs E Bell 
Benii - Falrbank 

roh. h e s Vaueban 

The Boak 

Bineh.-im Sirtncv J. tmstr The Roakf Mfs 
: Howland ar 

\Ifred T iltlackwell & Co), re 

\ Co (A. ft- -well), rar- 

w s Itathtirst 
Boake 1:11- ader Tbe Boake Mfg 

foreman The Boake 
Mfn t n. rrs Toronto 

i; \\ilfri.l I r.-s The Boake Mfg Co, 


, \vi.fii.i : 
-. v D-- r 

Dealers ami riaijiu r - 
" Howland av 

pper The Boake Mfg 
Co, res Toronto 

Edwin. Uath.-r worker J E Edwards 

,r av 

r Alexander, farmer ir av 

r.oTiu. :il Thi I .o.-iki 


n av 

Frank TurniT Postmaster, Davenport rd. 

S \\ 

lie Library. Wm II Garrett 
Lllir.irlMii. s rhri- 

ndale I - - latthew B 

Holmes I rin. e s Bathurst 
I .radU-y Kram is J. plstr. h w s Frederlca 
. 1 F J Bradley 
:. lah. h w s Itrunsv. i 
il;irry. bkbndr. h e s Batharft 
ird h n s Helena av 

mkt gdnr, e s Bathurst, h 

remiah, lab, h e s Hilton 

tchr Bracondale Pub 

lair av, h 

i same 

-dnr. 1 N Bull 
n. tmstr. h e s Christie 

Burbldge Benjamin, gdnr. h n s Alclna av 

brkmkr. h s s St Clalr av 

Bnrld.ler- Sarah iwf.: Wm Kur- 

Sadlo. leather worker J E 

\V Burbldge 
Wm. mkt gdnr, e s Bathnrst, h 

liurk. i -llne. leather worker J E 


"in A W Austin 
Hint \\ 

Hi iiry, preventive officer CH, h e s 

Iiavenport rn, b 

mkt gdnr, s s Davenport 
rd, h 
armoorty Wm J. express, e 8 Albany av, 


Carter Wra G. mkt gdnr, e s Dnfferln 
Chappcll James (). weaver, has Albert 

iff G. mach opr J E Ed- 
war,: I 14 Helena av 
Christ cattle dlr, n s Helena av, 

h same 
Christie James, cattle dlr, s s Helena v, 

h same 
Christie Miss Mary E. leather worker J K 

Edwards & Sons. 1 J Christie 
Christie Miss Minnie E. mach opr J E Ed- 

.1 rhristie 
Church of Christ. Kev F E Lumley pastor, 

:in rd. cor Helena av 

Clarke Enoch, mkt gdnr, w B Lakeview av 
Clarke Wm. gdnr E Clarke, 1 same 
Clarkson John. 1 C Webb 

- Elizabeth (wid Wesley), 1 G Coates 


LAKE SIMCOE ICE Exclusively 
Delivered to all parts of the City 

and Suburbs all year round 
Phones Main 86 North. 1052 



Office, 43 ESPLANADE ST. E. 
JAS. FAIRHEAD, - Manager 


North British & Mercantile Insurance Company 

LARGEST FIRE RESERVES Investments in Canada, $7,980,462.49 





For Family use. Nothing better at 
any price than our 


at. $2 1 .00 
Guaranteed for Five Years 



C oates George, nikt gdnr. \v s Illltmi av, li 


Cole Franklin W, tlr, 1 J Cunningham 
Collier Frederick, h s s St Albans av 
Cooey Joseph, foreman The Boake Mfg Co. 

h w s Bathurst 
Cooper II Ernest, cast- mkr. li s s Haven 

port rd 

Cntterill John, florist, e s Bathnrst, li siimc 
Coulter A Alexander, plstr, h e s Christ if 
Coy David, shipper. li s s St Allians av 
Craig James, carp The Boake Mfg Co. res 


Crang Jethrn. lirklyr. h n s St Clalr av 
Cunningham James, agt. li s s Aleina av 
Curtis David, mkt gdnr. s s Murray 
Curtis \Vm. mkt gdnr. \v s I.akoview av 
Doegan James, h s s St Clair av 
De Koff John II, carp, h s s St Albans av 
De 1 encler Rev Adam I", mratc St James 

Cathedral, h n s Davenport rd 
De Penoier Sarah (wid Peter T). 1 Kev A 

U Do Pencler 

Dever Wm, carp, h w s Markham 
Dinwoody Jeremiah, mkt gdnr. w s Man- 
nine av, h same 

Douere Valeria iwid Frank Ni, h s s He 
lena :i v 
Dower \Vni W, lali The Boake Mfg Co. 

rc-s Toronto 

Duncan Annie, nurse A W Austin 
Dunn George E. cutter J E Edwards A- 

Suns. I L I; Yarmouth rd 
Durham < harks, mach hd The Boake Mfg 

Co. res Toronto 
Ehbitt Frank K. sec The Boako Mfg Co, 

res Toronto 
Edwards Arthur J. leather worker J E Ed- 

wards V Suns, h n s Albert 
Kdwanls Charles (J ]: Edward- \ Suns), h 

\v s Christie 
Edwards Elizabeth J (wid John E). h e s 

Edwards Miss Fannie, leather worker J E 

J. .wards .V Suns. 1 11 G Edwards 
Edwards Henry G. harness mkr J E Ed 
wards & sons, has Albert 
Edwards James (.7 E Edwards \ Sonsi. 1 

Mrs E .7 Edwards 
I M wards John (J E Edwards \ Sonsi. h 

w s itathurst 
Edwards .7 E \ Sons (John, Win H, James 

and Charles), harness trimmings and fan 
cy leather goods, e s Christie 
Edwards Win II l.l E Edwards ,V Sons), h 

e s Christie 

Emery Alvin o. lab. 1 ,7 U Emery 
l-.inery George, exp, s s Davenport rd, h 


Emery John It. h s s Davenport rd 
Emery Wilberforce L. lab, 1 J It Emery 
Ennis . nonias. lab, 1 Mrs c Young 
i-.thorlngton George, lab. h n s Victoria av 
field Win. brkmkr Wm Greensides. 

res Toronto 

Fition Frederick, dairy, s s St Albans av 
Fleming Robert .7. eitv assessment oominis- 

. li St i lair av .cor liathurst 
Florence Alexander, carp, h w s Brunswick 


inc Frederick, jai annr.r .7 E Edwards 

\- Sons, b Win Steel 

F"ord ord, 1 same 

Foord Henry, udnr \1 E Fo,,rd. 1 same 
Foonl Marsliell E. mkt gdnr. e s Murray 

Ford Frederick G V, brkinn, h w s Chris 

Fowler J Herbert L, carp, h w s Albanv av 
French Miss Grace A, mach opr J E Ed 
wards i: Sous, res Toronto 
French Miss Jessie F. leather worker .7 E 

Edwards & Sons, res Toronto 
Frost George C, lab, h e s Kathurst 
Frond Miss Florence, leather worker J E 

Edwards vV Sons, res Toronto 
Galloway John P, bkpr Blackwell \ Co 

res Toronto 

Garrett Joseph S, leather worker J E Ed 
wards & Sons, h n s Ah-ina av 
Qarretl Wm II. japanner .1 E Fdwards >v 

Sons. ITS n s Alciua av 
Qeddes Walter .>. acct The Boake Mfg Co. 

res Toronto 

Gill s James s, lab. h e s Vaughan rd 
Gill Miss Alma E. mach opr .1 E Edwards 

A: Sons, 1 North Dovercourt 
Goad Herbert T, wd turner The Boake Mt ^ 
< ". h y."il How land av 

G ichild Elizabeth Iwid Charles II) h e s 

Chris! i, 

G lings Robert, lab. h e s Vaughan rd 

"I llman Edward, bkr A Towers. res To 
Gould Kobert. mach hd The Boake Mfg Co. 

res Toronto 
Graham Bernard, mkt gdnr. \v s Hilton av. 

h same f 

Graham Owen .uikt gdnr. w s Hilton av. h 

Graham Thomas, in.... gdur, e s Hilton av. 

h same 
Green Margaret G (wld Sidney), 1 Mrs A J 


Greenatdee Charles, brkmkr Win Green- 
sides, h s s St Clair av 

Greensides Jli-nry A. brkmkr Win Green- 
sides, h w s Ossington av 
Greensidcs Win. brk mfr, s s St Clair av. 

h same 
i i rceiisides Wm A, brkmkr Wm Greensides. 

h n s St Clair av 

Griffith James L, pntr. h s s Victoria av 
Gnmrke Arthur, gdnr. 1 Mrs M Grourke 
Griiurko John. lab. h e s Bathurst 
Grourke Martin, tmstr. 1 Mary Grourke 
Grourke Mary Iwid John), h e s Bathurst 
Grnmmitt Edmund, studt. 1 Win Grummitt 
Griiiniuitt Win. mkt gdur. s s St Clair av. h 


lladlow George, mkt gdnr. e s Murray 
Hale Arthur E. shipper. 1 T W Hale 
Hale T Walter, car washer, h e s Bathurst 
Hall Wm. tmstr The Boake Mfg Co. res 


llalliday James, gdnr S Nordheimer. 1 same 
Hamilton George, mach. h s s Albert 
Hamilton John. eng. h n s Helena av 
Hamilton Thomas J. lab. li s s St Allians av 
Hamilton Win J. contr lildr. h e s Mai-khan"! 
Ilanimett Miss Ethel M. mach ojir J E ( .<} 

wards \ Sons, res Toronto 
Hancock Henry, harness mkr .7 E Edwards 

A Sons, res Toronto 
Harris George, mach hd The Boake Mfg 

Co. res Toronto 
Harvey Amos, tmstr The Boake Mfg Co, h 

s s Bridgcmaii av 

Harvey Ernest, trav. 1 Amos Harvey 
ll as|j|, Thomas, brklyr, h u s nssingion 


Heath Edward T. chemist, h s s St Al 
bans av 
Heath Miss Evelyn E. mach opr J E Ed 

wards A Sons. 1 E T Heath 
Heath Miss Mildred, leather worker J E 

Edwards & Sons. 1 E T Heath 
I [cnilers. in Albert J, optician. 1 J Henderson 
Henderson John, -nurt crier, h n s St Clair 

Henderson Walter .7. stationer. 1 .1 Heniier 

llcndriek Michael, mkt gdnr. s s St Clalr 

av. li same 
Ilei.drick Win. mkt gdnr. n s St Clair av, h 


Heron Thomas, carp, h n s Alcina av 
Ilillorest Convalescent Home. Miss Mar 
garet Wat -on supt. n e cor I >a venport rd 
ami I .athurst 

Robert, lab The Boake Mfg Co. res 
lload Ernest A. who! btehr, w s Helena, h 


Hogg Thomas, cond. h w s Howland av 
Ilollis George, tlorlst. w- s Shaw, h some 

Holmes Matthew B. prin Bracondale Pub 

Sell, res Toronto 
Hopeson John N, mach hd The Boake Mfg 

Co, res Toronto 

Humphrey Francis It, prtr. h w s Christie 
llnssey Emma (wld Henry), 1 C Swailes 
jlrvine Wm. carp, h w s ilowland av 
Jackson George, brklry, h w s Brunswick 


Jackson Joseph W, btchr. h 321 Howland av 
.lamieson Miss Edna I , stenog Western Oil 

Co. 1 y2 St Clarens 

Jesop ( apt Dudley F, h n s St Clair av 
Johnson Edward, mkt gdnr. n s St Clair av, 

h same 
Johnson Louis Z. coachman S Nordhelnaer, 

1 same 

Johnson Win. driver, h w s Christie 
Johnston C James, grocer. Davenport rd, 

s w cor Christie, li same 
Johnston Thomas, steward F Turner, h s a 

Victoria av 

Jones Bros (Thomas. W Richard and Er 
nest), stove brick mfrs. e s Christie 
Jones Ernest (Jones I .ros). res Toronto 
Jones Thomas (Jones Bros), res Toronto 
Jones W Richard (Jones Bros), res Toronto 
Jordan Albert E, gdnr, 1 W Jordan 
Jordan Horace s, gdnr, 1 W Jordan 
.lor, Ian Walter, mki gdnr. h w s Christie 
Jorgenson Gustav, lab, h w s Albany av 
Joy Hudson, brbr. h w s Bathurst 
Kelle Miss Alice, 1 Mrs E J Edwards 
Kemp A Edwin, mach. I J E I Kemp 
Kemp Edwin B, storeman Western Oil Co, 

res Toronto 
Kemp J E I layter, carp, h n s Davenport 


Kemp 1 ercival. furrier. 1 J E P Kemp 
Kenney Dennis, lab. h e s Christie 
Kerrison Elizabeth (wid Thomas), drsmkr. 

e s Bathurst. h same 
Kerrison Frederick V. brushmkr. 1 Mrs E 


Kerrison Win T. lab. 1 Mrs E Kerrlson 
Kettle Joseph, driver, h w s Brunswick ar 
King Wm. h w s Ossington av Wm. jr. elk. 1 Win King 
Kirby Susanna iwid Nathaniel), h w s How- 
land av 
Laughton S Francis, mkt gdnr, e s Dutterlu, 

cor Si Clair av 
Lawrence James, tmstr The Roake Mfg Co, 

res Toronto 

l.c Cornu Win. carp, h w s Bathurst 
Lee Benjamin, yardman The Boake Mfg Co. 

res i >roi)to 

l.eeiler Thomas E. tmstr. h s s St Clalr av 
I. egg Philip H. mkt gdnr. e s Frederlca, h 

same . 

I.cnhardt Christopher, yardman The Bocke 

Mfg Co, res Toronto 
Lennox Drnid. elk. h w s Christie 
l.evington Mrs Bella V. h s s Davenport 


Lindsay James, carp, h n s Helena 
Lines Harry, lab, I ,7 C Lines 
Lines John C. briekmkr. h w s Ossington av 
Ling Edward, pntr. h w s Howland av 
I.inton Richard II. eng. h s s Albert 
l.ivoek Catherine iwid Ilenryi. h e s Mark- 

I.ivock Joseph, lab. 1 Mrs C I.ivock 
Levitt Charles, mkt gdnr. w s I.akeview av 
Lowes Frederick, vinegar mkr. li n s Vic 
toria av 
I.ytle Miss Alice L, tchr Bracondale Pub 

Sch, res Toronto 
MeCaiin Feli\ I , mach lid The Boake Mfg 

Co. res Toronto 

McCarthy George J. stationer, h e s Bath 
Mcc arty Dennis, brass plshr .7 E Edwards 

\- Sons, h e s Christie 
McFarland Joseph, h n s Brldgeman 
McKay Thomas, gdnr A W Austin, h St, 

McKEBBJGHEN JOHN, Florist, s s 

Iiavennort rd. h same 

McLean George, bkpr. h s s Helena v 
McLean Thomas, h c s Dufferln, h n St 

Clair av 

McMillan James, trav. 1 S McMillan 
McMillan John. elk. 1 S McMillan 
McMillan Sarah iwid James), li n * llelenn 

. illan Win. foieman. 1 S McMillan 
McMiillcn Charles W, lab. n s Alcina av 
McNab Win I>. pliy. e s Bathurst. h same 
Mi i.Miade Edward, lab. h n s Bridgenian av 
Macnamara Arthur, gdnr, 1 J Macnamara 

E. Townsend, 

Arbitrator and Financial Agent, 



FIBE ESCAPES, Automatic Fire Shutters 

65 to 81 PEARL ST. Phone Main 2748 


Uacnamara Donald, gdnr, 1 J M... ;>. mjara 
Macnamara Frank, gdnr, 1 .1 Mat Honiara 

i John, Mkt Kili ,-nport 

ni. li 

r John jr. i;diir. h s s Daven- 

Patrick. inV t plnr. f Shaw 
.Mm. cutter J 


s w cor Davenport ril 

rM av. li same 

: n s I l.-iemi av 
: Win II. inkt giinr. ir T, 

armadnke E, prln. 1 M M \i ; ,t 


h w s Ch- 

.1. mkt cdnr, h w s Osaing- 


Alfr.-.l .]. tiintr. h f s Howland av 

Kinl. mkt irdnr. w s Christie, h 

In T Miller f ! M w s 


Miller A Sons), h w * 

i.-rti-k I! (Miller & Sons), h w r 

rr.-derlek r. Fre.lerlck II. 
lldwl i I i. florist -i. \\ s Murray 
Mlntii Juliii. wliol ten. li < Walraer rd 
Monk 1 oake 

Mfi: ~onto 

.Jam.-s J. m.i -h hd The Boako 

S.inniel. lnml*r sorter The 
st- Mfu Co, r.-s Toronto 

in. tmstr. av 

marb hd The Iloak>< Mfn 

maeh lid The Iloake M- 

w Charlotte Will Joseph), h w s How 

Mowry Andrew, linn I hc Iln.ike 

nikt irdnr. 
\v - In. ton :iv. ti ^ 

:han Michael J. olnr Mrs i Morn! 
ban. 1 same 
Miilholland Win, coachman S Nurdl: 


Mulroinifv John. japann>T J K KdanN .V 

John. Jr. japanner J K Kdwards 
A Hi m.r>rt rd 

. r J I Kdwards 

I wards 

,v .- 

1 \Vni R. litc-hr. h . s Itnthurst 

Murphy .la- 

I), li w s Hilton 
h.-ir.l. carp The Hoak.- M 

lirick mkr Jone<> 



mfr. h n 

rr nl 

i r. .12." llnwlard av. 

: .Irs inkr. .-.LT, How- 


II Dl.orn 

irr-- lab. i nv nv 

y F iwid . 

lair iv. |i 

John J. h w s All.any av 


Arthur \V, vtt sura, w s llathursl, 
Kit-hard, mkt gdnr, s s St Clalr av, b 
man rharlt-j, brkukr Wiu 

l i-i<" : p. b * a Helena av 

U T J 

I hil.. rd 

1 llllll 

fbllllps Sarah il.| I: 
E lckard Jobii. .>io\ t - l.rk-k inkr Jones Hio, 

I lfkl. -I. li w s Albany av 

mkt gdnr. w s Lakevlen 


rt nl 

T Al- 

ilnu a\. h same 

Klyr. li \\ ^ ll- \v!aini av 
((r J K 

r. I li 1 iln 

l .-.I It 
ll av 
-loHephus, earn, li w - . av 


Kol.l. Ml- 

h ! * Hatl- 

RolllnoOO Saluiu-l H. math, li - i>--lllKtoll 

h .".41 llwl:>nd av 
piiir. h e 

Kiii.liain Win. ilrht- 


K>.in i:-; .ii.t HI \\itl .i..v h w s Milton ar 

IWltl JollI 1111 

rt J. lumlM-r sorter The 

Shanle) M I ll, h e 8 


Sharr mkt gAnr. w s Christie. 

Stiarple\ II Jain.- Itrkmkr, I J Sharpley 
.u:iip,ey Jam.-, mkt filiir, w s Clirt 
shej.; . Kath- 

Shi-|i|.anl Malthi-u. inkt K lnr. n s St Clnlr 

av. h 
Shepiiard Miittln .1. ednr, i M Slu-pimrd 

Alliert W. in.. nport 

nl. h 

Many K. mkt cdn- ;t rd. 


SmUl i , n~l. li Mrs f \ 

Smith Chai li htl Tin- I .oake MfL- 


Smith Win. . - lair 

Mnlth Win, solil.-rer. I; 
Smith Wm, yardman The. Hoak.- >r 

! T<-hr. h 

Arthur, tmstr J K Kdwa 
I J c.nlU 

r t rd. 

. .t-ll Ui<-har.I. t-arp. h * s r.atln 

.1 Ar- 

Wm. enrp The I!..ake Mf- 

!!]. -n.i av 
.-!nr John > 

jr, gdnr J 

Win. mkt gdnr. lie. h 

1 1 trli a n rd 

mkt cdnr. e s Bath- 

, Co, 
K. much, b 
I h. trunk mfr. h 11 


ksmlth. li n s Melfiia av 

! CO, 

:.iry iwltl .Mlehaeli. ilrsmkr, I 

C W M, Mullen 


:rp. has Helena av 
> II. mkt f sbaw 

"k i;. i- li u w cor 

:t rd 

.rker J E 
I K J K.i, 

nuhaii rd 
ma. jvvlr. h u s AU-lna av 

in jr. jwlr. h n t rd 

Uar.l orker J E 

n av 
Man rd, cor 

I .oake life 

klyr, h s s St Alhaiis av 

NN lr - The Boake Mfe Co 

n l.ldr. 1 Win v. 
Wm. lali. h \\ s chi, 

" kr J E Kdwurds & 
.Hint- av 

n int-r. I Jdbn Mlnto 

r.aihurst and Vau- 
gbau nl 

r Martin. . arp The Boake Mfg Co, 

Williams A ICfilanil. eom agt h e s Spadlna 

liarl.-s. iirklyr. li e s Christie 
Wool Min- h. lal>. h \v s lirnnswi 
M :;:;:> M" h e s r.nthurst 

yehv Alclna av, 1 w 


Wyelr.- . liurch . Rot>ert 

Alcina av, 1 w Uath 

Amlrevv. lali. 1 John Young 

tiii Win ^han 

oiniK Ceorce. driver. li .-man 

onni: James, driver John ^ ime 

- John, tlaiij. s s ji.n -.-iport rd, h 


Saiinn-1. works JoMii ime 

! river John Vounir, 1 same 

: av 

\ in. works Joh same 

Xltui M.-thotlist chnri-h. 11. v 1-Mward Ltaker 
ir av 


(Kour mlh I 1 . O.) 

Alfred J, carp, h Sarah 
Allatt Thomas, mach, h l a| 

Frederlek W", drover J Arm- 

llr, Whitney av. 

John, drover J Armstrong, 1 
Hobert J, drover J Armstrong, 

Albert, lab. 1 .7 Arnold 

-. h John 

ther^ III. irdnr W M Atherslch, 


thersieti Wm M, mkt gdnr. Randolph av, 


Athersleh Wm M jr, >:(lnr W M Atherslch. 

Bapti-t Mission. Don Mills rd 

tt Thomas, btchr. Don Mills rd, b 

jr. wliol btchr. Whitney 

Metallic Ceilings 

Metallic Roofing Co., Limited 

Phone Park 800 Cor. KING and DUFFERIN STS. 

Standard Life 

ASSURANCE CO. of Edinburgh 


D. M. McGOUN, 


Chas. Hunter, 

Chief Agent, Ontario 



L. C. CRONYN, Cashier 



Bolderson Wm J, lab, h Pape av 

Bray John, carp, h Don Mills rd 

Bray Kenneth, btchr, 1 J Bray 

Bray Stanley, driver, 1 J Bray 

Brooks Albert E, driller, h Don Mills rd 

Brooks Miss Amelia L, asst postmistress, 1 

G Brooks 
BROOKS GEORGE, Postmaster and 

Grocer, Don Mills rd, h same 
Brooks Joseph, caretkr Chester Pub School, 

h Don Mills rd 

Brown John T, constable, h Don Mills rd 
Bryant Thomas A, pressman, h Don Mills 

Caldwell John, pastor Don Mills Methodist 

Ch, h Don Mills rd 
Carey Miss Annie A, tchr Chester Public 

Sen", res Toronto 

Carradus George K, carp, h Fulton av 
Chester Presbyterian Church, Don Mills rd 
Chester Public School, Joseph Latter prin, 

Don Mills rd 

Clark James V, mkt gdnr, Pape av, h same 
Coleman Catharine (wld John), dairy, Lo 
gan av h same 
Condie John, elk, h Pape av 
Condie Wm A, elk, b J Condie 
Constable Alexander, mkt gdnr, Fulton av, 

h same 

Constable Miss Ella, 1 J Constable 
Constable James, mkt gdnr, Pape av, h 


Constable Mrs Jennie, 1 James Constable 
Cooper George, rarp. h Don Mills rd 
Cooper Thomas It. lab. h Don Mills rd 
Cousins Thomas, brkmkr, h Don Mills rd 
Cowling Joseph, driver W Hall, res Toronto 
Cross Thomas, lab, h Leslie 
Cuthbertsou James R, letter carrier, h Lo 
gan av 

Danforth Hall. Danforth av, cor Ellerbeck 
Day Win, lab, h Longforth av 
Dewey Frederick, decorator, h Logan av 

Brooks Postmaster, Don Mills rd 
Fertilizer Works, James W Young Pro 
prietor, Factory Don Valley (See card 
classified Tallow) 
Fallen John, fireman, h Logan av 
Fleming Kobert, soap cutter, h John 
Gllmore Henry, lab, h John 
Goodwin Edwin G, elk. h Randolph av 
Gough \Vm E, florist, Moscow av, h same 
Hall David, dairy, Logan av, h same 
Hall John, l:ih, 1 R" Hall 
Hall Margaret J (wid John), 1 R Hall 
Hall Kobert dairy, Sarah, h same 
Hall Win, dairy, Sarah, h same 
Hallatt Mrs Agnes, nurse. 1 Mrs Annie 

Hallatt Amelia (wid Joseph E), 1 James W 


llallatt Arthur E, elk, b Mrs Annie Young 
Harrigan Patrick, mkt gdnr, Don Mills rd, 

h same 

Helm Robert, lab. h Ellerbeck 
Hern Kdmund. h Pape av 
Hibhitt George, lab, h Pape av 
Hodge James, brkmkr, 1 T Bennett 
Hoskin John F. mkt gdnr, Leslie, h same 
House Henry, lab, h Don Mills rd 
Hughes Mrs Mary, h Don Mills rd 
Inirhain Harriet (wid Joshua), h Don Mills 


In ghnm Joshua, btehr, h Don Mills rd 
Inward George, mkt gdnr. Pape av, h same 
Irving Wm. lab, 1 John Wilson 
Jeffery Samuel, mach, h Sarah 
Johnston Wm. tmstr, h Sarah 
Kiilil Wm, mkt gdnr, Pape av, li same 
Latter Krnest, trav, 1 J Latter 
Latter Henry H, studt, 1 J Latter 
Latter Joseph, prin Chester Public Sch, h 

Don Mills rd 

Lee John H, brkmkr, h John 
Lyndon Miss Ethel, 1 Mrs F L Sothergill 
Lyndon Herbert W, mach, 1 Mrs F L Soth 
McCormack Martin, tmstr J W Young, h 

Mcintyre Miss Maud, tehr Chester Public 

Sch, res Toronto 

Macdonald George, shipper, h Fulton av 
Maddaford Samuel, btchr, Don Mills rd 
Meacham Miss Ilia P, 1 T Meacham 
Meaeham Thomas, ent:. h Don Mills rd 
Menagh Harriot E (wid Thomas W), mus 

tchr, 1 Mrs F L Sothergill 
Monroe James, brklyr, h Don Mills rd 

Monroe Wm, brkmkr, 1 J Monroe 

Munro Eardley, brkmkr, h Sarah 

Murphy Edward, mngr Mrs C Coleman, 1 


Pestcll Alford, lab, h Don Mills rd 
Pestell Wm, jwlr, 1 A Pestell 
Pledger Walter, brkmkr, h Don Mills rd 
Procter Ralph W, elk, h Ellerbeck 
Proctor Reginald, gdnr, 1 R W Proctor 
Purchase Edward G, lab, h Ellerbeck 
Purchase George E, locksmith, h Ellerbeck 
Purchase James H, pntr, h Ellerbeck 
Purchase Wm C, shoecutter, 1 E G Pur 

Reed Frederick, lab, 1 Wm Reed 
Reed Wm, h Logan av 
Reid James, eng, h John 
Reid James, lab J W Young, h Don Mills rd 
Reid Robert, shipper, h Don Mills rd 
Rodger Archibald, bkpr J W Young, res To 

ROFFEY ALFRED, Pump Manufac 
turer, Sarah, h same (See card classified 
Pump Manufacturers) 

Rudd Stephen, mkt gdnr, Pape av, h same 
St Barnabas Church (Anglican), Ellerbeck 
Shephard George, florist, Logan av, res To 

Shephard Harry J. gdnr. h Randolph 
Slinker Mary (wid Martin). 1 Mrs M Hughes 
Smith Herbert, slsmn, h Don Mills rd 
Somers Bernardo, lab, 1 John Sorners 
Somers John, mkt gdnr, Leslie, h same 
Somers Robert, lab. 1 John Somers 
Sothergill Fannie L (wid Thomas W), mus 

tchr, Don Mills rd h same 
Strongitharm John, tmstr, h Don Mills rd 
Strongitharm Wm, 1 ,7 Strongitharm 
Stokell Alford, carp, h Don Mills rd 
Stott Wm, tmstr J W Young, h Don Mills rd 
Talbot Harry, cattle dlr, 1 II Talbot 
Talbot Henry, whol btchr, Don Mills rd, 

h same 

Talbot Miss Ida, steuog, 1 H Talbot 
Thompson John, lab, h Logan av 
Turner Albert C, lab, h Logan av 
Turner Joseph, tmstr, b Whitney av 
Valiant George, h Randolph av 
Vaughan George, brkmkr, b Thomas Ben 

Vincent George M, lab. h Pape av 
Ward Mrs Elizabeth, mkt gdnr, Randolph 

av, h same 

Ward Win. blksmith, h Randolph av 
Webster Wm N, h Whitney av 
Wjggln. Richard, dairy, Fulton av, h same 
Wilson John, fireman, h John 
Wlnterbottom Briler (Winterbottom Bros), 

h Leslie 
Winterbottom Bros (Harry and Briley). mkt 

gdnrs. Leslie, h same 
Winterbottom Harry (Winterbottom Bros), 

h Leslie 

Young Annie (wid James), h Don Mills rd 
Young George A, shipper, I Mrs A Young 
YOUNG JAMES W, Proprietor Don 
Valley Rendering and Fertilizer Works, 
Chester (See card classified Tallow) 


(See Little York) 


(See North Toronto) 


(Three miles north of P O) 

Addlson Miss Eliza, h s s St Clair av 

Addison Miss Grace. 1 Miss Eliza Addlson 

Alders Robert, lab, Reservoir Park, res To 

Anderson Alonzo W, prop National Granite 
Co, res Toronto 

Argles Guy, cond Metro Ry Co, res Davis- 

Armstrong Albert E, mfrs agt, h s s Farn- 
ham av 

Armstrong Frederick, elk, 1 Thomas Arm 

Armstrong John E, btchr, h s s St Clair av 

Armstrong Maughan, elk, 1 Thomas Arm 

Armstrong Thomas, h n s Farnham av 

Armstrong Thomas, phy, w s Yonge, h same 
Arnold Bert, elect Metro Ry Co, res York 


Ashlield Wm, tlr, h n s Pleasant av 
Baker Mrs Harriet, nurse Dr Meyer s Hos 
pital, h same 

Baldwin John M, studt. 1 Mrs M Baldwin 
Baldwin Lawrence A, barr, 1 Mrs M Bald 

Baldwin Margaret (wld Wm A), h w s Ave 
nue rd 
Barradell Wm R, cond Metro Ry Co, res 


Harwell James, h w s Lawton av 
Beaton John, elect Metro Ry Co, res York 

Bennett John H, real est, h w s Rose Hill 


i..ackwell John, h n s Farnham av 
Blain Hugh, h n s Schiller av 
Blakeman Arthur W, tinner, 1 G A Blake- 

Blakeuian Frederick, elk, 1 G A Blakeman 
Blakeman George A, coll London Life, h 

s s St Clair av 
Bland Miss Elizabeth, nurse Dr Meyer s 

Hospital, 1 same 

Bland Frank, massuese Dr Meyer s Hospi 
tal, 1 same 

Bonner Samuel, cand Metro Ry Co, res Eg 
linton av 

liorrett J Walter, h cor Heath and Yonge 
Borron Edward B, h n s Glen av 
I .nwen Alfred, cond Metro Ry Co, res New 

Bower Joseph E, carp, h e s Lawton av 
Brennan James, lab, n w s Spadina rd 
Brennan Patrick, lab, h w s Spadina rd 
Brignell Benjamin, tmstr. 1 F Brown 
Britton George C, carp, h e s Yonge 
Britton Harry, jwlr, 1 G C Britton 
Britton Herbert T, jwlr, 1 G C Britton 
Brit ton John E. elk, 1 G C Britton 
Britton Krnest W D, real est, h Moore Park 
Broughall Frederick W, mngr, h s s Clin 
ton av 

Brown Fred, tmstr, h e s Yonge 
Brown Win, plstr, h n s Baker av 
Burden Benaurlee K. broker, 1 H Burden 
Burden Henry, pntr, s s St Clair av 
i.utler Ernest W D. real est h Moore Park 
Burke John, assessor, h s s St Clair nv 
Cadwallader John, gdnr, h s s St Clair av 
Carey Richard, motorman Metro Ry Co, res 


Carr Walter R. tchr Upper Can College 
Cascott Frederick, lab, bus Gormaly av 
>. uarlton Wm, h n s Duggan av 
Christ Church (Anglican), Rev Thomas W 

Paterson rector, w s Yonge 
Clark Mrs Ada, dom Dr Meyer s Hospital 
Clark Grace (wid Charles F), h s s Olive av 
Clarke Win H C, elk, h n s Rose Hill av 
Cochrane Arthur L, drill sergt Upper Can 

College, res Toronto 

Coles Charles II. pntr. bus Pleasant av 
Co. .ins Fred, prtr. li s s Olive av 
Cooper George lab, h n s Olive av 
Costigan J A. tehr Upper Can College 
Crake J H, tchr Upper Can College 
Crean I atrick, caretkr St Michael s Ceme 
tery, h w s Y UI.L c 
Crocker Sidney, h s s Clarence av 
Crocker Sidney jr, bkpr, 1 S Crocker 
Crowdy J F, tchr Upper Can College 
Cullito n Miss Kllen. tlrs. 1 Mrs M Culliton 
culltton Fredcriek B. marble ctr. 1 Mrs M 


Culliton Mary ixvid Patrick), h w s Yonge 
Culliton Win 1 . plmbr, 1 Mrs M Culliton 
Cundall Fred, btchr, h n s Pleasant av 
Cunningham Win, uphol, h e s Lawton av 
Daniel Charles, tmstr Mount Pleasant 

Cemetery, res York Township 
Davie Win. L-ranite ctr. h s s St Clair av 
Davies John L, freight agt Met Ry Co, res 

Dm U Joseph, btchr D C Murray, res Da- 


uawson George W. bldr, e s Yonge, h same 
Deer Park Hotel, James O Halloran prop, 

\v s Yonu c 


Spears Postmaster, e s Yonge 
Deer Park Presbyterian Church, Rev D C 

Hossjiek pastor, n s St Clair av 
Doer Park Public School, Wm J Thomson 

prin, n s St Clair ax- 
Devil t Thomas, elk. h n s Pleasant av 
Dickinson Joseph, gdnr Reservoir Park, res 



Instituted in; the Reign t Queen, Anne, A.D. 1714 


W. & E. A. BADENACH, General Agents 
Telephones: Office, Main 2288 Res., North 516 




The Lowest Rates. The Highest 
Guarantees. The Best Policies 

si i.i 


I atrlek. hi!., h 11 s St Oatr av 

ill. I I I ivall 
:k I . A \|. Kirov 
Am. I J A 
. Jcihn. lali. li s .s St flair av 


Duke Charles, t.ldr. ii I linimi :n. li game 

:. iiiotorinan M.-tru I: 
r Sarah A ilil 

:iian Xletr.- . 
I ark 
Duinl. -t. li w 9 Marlborough 

- II. lumlKT. h n s F.dmund 


I, helper Metro Ry f 


, Jwlr. h w s Avcnur nl. 
cor Clarendon av 

r. I P J 1 

ir. 1 r J i 
- Patrlrk J. mki pliir. h : 


Patrii-k W. jrdnr, h n s St Clalr v 

II l.aiini -i-lni, furs, h w s MarllHjr 

.ristlna. ludr.s Dr XI 

\Vni 11. :i--t >ii|it XI. nun 1 

XI. il. 1 same 

li 11 s <;ien av 

.. .1. janitor t | | .-r fan College. 
h n - flinton ar 

ill. h s s St I lalr aT 


Franklin F.-ther iwld lleiijaiiiiii Uj. li n 

Frleilri.-h I: editor, h . - ll.-ath 

lluton av 

Garvlii .Inini. lal. St Mi. IK. 
. alker ar 

\i -. \ ouge 
k. 1 Alfred Gay 

" Tt II. wagonmkr. e s Yonge, 
h ii av 

iv. h s s St flair av 
i Ml" Mai.eL tchr Deer I ark Pul, 

ralnger & Co h 

GRAINGEK E * CO. (Edwin Orain?- 

Grainger K.hvln . K f.ralnger & Co) h w s 

rer, tl.n-i-!. h m 

Brlffln r.tkr Ur M i>itai 

h n s II 

S II. I. -I, :i College 

Gnuther Egmund. Jwlr. h w s Poplar I 

iiml II. Jwlr. I E Gnnther 

Snnthi : [:. jwlr. i K ijunthiT 

Hall I: 

Hand I k. b 8 * 1 

Mr- Annii 

notorman M.-t I; 

ah Mount I N a-iaiit 

liarr, h w s Lawton av 

. Thomas J, tchr St Basil 

-a me 

Edwin stained elass, has D Llsle 
nham nv 

:ir av 
en, tchr Upper Can College, res 


Ml.lmel, helper Metro Ry Co, res 

lloskln Alfr.-.l. h s s llrath 

11. .skin A 1 r. I A ll.isliln 

I ark 

I hurcli. I. 
Hunl Ili-rluTt J. b s i ( 

. kwi-11 

I oplar 

.^r. I A llutty 
i lliii-iiiii. h s s Ollvi av 
1 in 11. V ;irr . h 
M \Vm S. r.A. |.r..f I|.|HT Can Col- 

Ji lTiTsoii Win. lab K.isiTvoIr I ark, res To- 

.! in;: . Il 8 K 

ir av 

J. -11111111;- Hi nr\ . t|..i : 
.l. iiniiiL.-- Mrs Sarah. . 
JnhUHon George W. ti-hr rp[i.-r fa: 

t.T\ ~ \ lilt 

Johnston i. i-inii. h s s I iiii:!:an av 


:it i MiTlK-rt K. cond M.-ti.. K 

J. lin-t..ii John, lirkmn. . Ir av 

tal. I 

VI rg Mary J. h n - Rom 11:11 av 

KiTr J 

!!, tikr. li : M av 

I.aldlau :ithrr 


l.aud T Jnlin. mai M l.auder 



t. Ii - - St i "air av 
l.i hfy \ 

. I I: It l ri..lri. h 
i: IH iii TI 

I.lntnn Krvd<-rl-k, h. l| 


l.ho.-k John, mkt L-ilnr. n s < flair av 

Mi-< Mi i Ho- 

I ltal. 

:r av 
l.ynn John. lal. 

Mi I .rlilf Win. : ir Park. r. 


lal . h " av 

I lalr av 
r, 1 1 M . 

M.-l r.-a \S : 
tery. h w 

: .llth M iwlil Harold n. i 
A-Miue rd 

M s 

M. fully K.-i, Hi., 1 Mrs M - 

M. fully Mi-- I. aura. I Mrs M S M.-I.nren 
y Mi-- M 

.Mi-i;*-r ]"il\v:i 1 !. in. tii: . h n 

r, 1 K M 

i i-. i !: M. 

M -K:i\ ir av 


M.T.aiiL-hliii Ali tandcr, motorman. h n - 

ir av 

MrMi.-ha. l Miss M.irv A. 1 Mrs M S Mc 

larli-s. h Xloore Park 

A. prof Upper Can 

nald John Avemie rd 

Mai-ki-n?.!. u av 

I \V f Mai-kcnzle 
/.ie Win. h w s Avenue r>l 

i w c xi.i.-k. H7ii> 

Win f . trav. h : " av 

!ir Upper Can College 
XIadden James T. prov. h i ; - av 

Helen, mir.-e Ur M. . 


Xlanhanlt .Miss Itlnlle, nnrs. In M. 

Arthur XI l:.-v .1 <; Manlv 

I. ariisi. 1 Kev .1 <; Manly 
lui i;. h 
Marks A H S.-lwyn. ins, h Yonge, s e cor 

li ilenrv. hrklvr. 1 I J Marsh 

J, lirklyr. h e s I.awton av 
.Martin Krne-t. lali. I i tin 

nkt cdnr. n s St flair av 
Xlartln Walter H. -ha.lemkr. h s s Pleasant 

-ant Ceme- 
ilway. J W XI "yes inana- 

XII. hell AHen I f V Mlchell 

Mi. hell Charles V. health insp. h n 

81 flair av 

Xli.hell Win f. fehr. I f \ Mi. -hell 
Mid.l Hy Co, res 

:i College 

ry. I H \V . :ime 

Ilenrv W. whol hthr. n s normally 

Win. litelir H- W Mll.,.n. r. - ! 

-"lui II. h s s I!- 

litiian. h w s Avenue rd 


Frank A. i-lvll i-iiu, 1 XIrs A XI 


.F.ihu T. ininiiii;. h Xloore Park 
it, 1 J T Xloore 
MORPHY ARNOLD, Bursar Upper 


XIoui "tery. Henry Thomp- 

maoh opr. 1 Mrs 1 


Di. h n - 

npr. 1 Mrs I 

1 Xli.wat 

i Upper Can College 
John W. n .-n av 

land Thoi: inton 

Muri. av 

mil t t.-hr. e s Yonge 

Murray John XI eK. , Ik. 1 W K Xlurray 
] - h < s Ariel nl 

livsieian n s Heath 

I>r I us 

National Granite Co. A XX" Anderson prop, 
o s Yonge 

o l .rien Alexanxder. elk. h s s Heath 
i I .rlen Kdard. lali. h w s Spadlna nl 

"-an Frank. 1 Iieer I ark Hotel 
O Hai: .irk Hotel, 

w s > 
O l-eary Pntrlek. lah. 1 ir av 

.1. . Ik. h n av 

ii.hvard \V. trav, h n s Hill av 

.l.ini Dr Xleyer s Hospl- 

Hardware Limited Gear and Milling Gutters FAIRBANKS 



POLICY, or a CASH VALUE after 

three years 
See the Unconditional Accumulation Policy 


Deer Park. 


Parkin George R, MA, CMG, prin Upper 

Can College 
I atorson Rev Tlios W, rector Christ Church. 

h n s I lentil 

Patterson John, com! Metro Ity Co, res Da 

1 ickrtt liev iuomns W. h n s D Llsle 
Plater Edward, phy. h Moore Park 
Price Jolin T. dairy, n s St Clnir av, h same 
Pri< { Lewis, h n s Heath 
Quin Edith iwid Wm>. 1 W IVI, Schrelber 
liiiinsay Jciiet i wicl David), 1 D L Thomp 
Ramsay Win. cdinl Metro Uy (, o, res Eg 


Ile.-ve Robert, gdnr Reservoir Park, res To 
Reservoir I ark. Douglas Hobertson supt. 

end of Rose Hill av 
Reynolds Miss llattie. nurse Dr Meyer s 

Hospital, 1 same 

Reynolds Stanley W. trav. h s s St Clalr nv 
Rhodes Joseph, stonecutter, h s s St Clnir 

ndalls Frederick, pntr Metro Ry Co, res 

Toronto Junction 

Roberts Ellen i \viil Win), b. n s Clinton av 
Robertson Douglas, supt Reservoir I ark 

Roberts lames S^ puhlshr. h n s Farnham 


lingers I .lias. coal, h e s Yonge 
l!o\\ -lodge .lohn. lab Mount I leasant Come 

tery. res Davisville 

Ryan Rev Patrick, res St Basil s Novitiate 
Rvan I hoinas, motorinn Met Ry Co. res 

E Clinton 

81 Basil s Novitiate. Rev M J Auboulin su 
perior, n s St Clair av. e of Bathurst 
St Basil s Scholast oato. Rev D Ctishlng 

superior, n s St Clalr av, e Bathnrst 
St Mieliael s Cemetery. I Crean caretkr. 

w s Yonge 
St Miehael s (H Ci S -hool isistersl, w s 


Salt K. tclir I pper Can College 
Saunders Dyee \V. liarr, h s s Italmoral av 
Schroibcr w D Lislo, h s s St Clair av 
Sefton Frank, dentist, h w s Lawton 
Severs Arthur, elk. 1 J W Severs 
Severs .lames E, bailiff, h e s Yonge 
Severe James W. dep sheriff, h e s Youge 
Shenanl Miles W. prtr. h n s Rose Hill av 
Sheppard Charles !:. maeh, h n s Pleasant 

Shcppard John D K. hlksmth A H Gilmore, 

1 A 11 Gilmore 

Sheppard Walter, mach. 1 C E Sheppard 
Simmons George, asst janitor Upper Can 


.-.nelair Benjamin jr. h e s Yonge 
Sim lair Christina Iwid Coliiu, h s s St 

( lair avenue 

Sinclair .Tames, ftr, 1 Mrs C Sinclair 
Sinclair Wm. elk. 1 Mrs C Sinclair 
Snider Floteher C. liarr. h n s D l.isle 
Somervillc James I., tchr Upper Can College 
Southgate Wm K, clothing, h Moore Park 
sparling George I!. MA, prof Upper Can 

College, res Toronto 
Spears Miss A Robina. elk P O, 1 J V 

Spears Miss Harriet I. elk I> O, 1 J V 

SPEARS JAMES V, Postmaster and 

Bookkeeper Mount Pleasant Cemetery, h 

s s st Clair nv e 

Spies .lames, h \v s Poplar Plains rd 
Spink Norman R. elk. l Wm Spink 
Spink Wilfred H. dk. 1 Win Spink 
S^ink Wm. h w s Lawton av 
Spink Win p.. 1 Wm Spink 
Stephen* Walter P. stonoctr. h \v s Avenue 


Stibbard Arthur, eng. h n s Duggnn av 
Storev John, nioioi-nin Mc tro Ry Co. pea 


ler Albert, pntr Metro Rv Co. res Da 

Sylvester Wm dairvinan. h w s You 
Tattle Charles .1. gro, 1 (i II Tattle 
Tattle George II. gro, h n s Rose Hill av 
Thayer Frederick, trav. h n s Glen av 
Thaver Frcdcrii-k H. trav. 1 F Tl 
- ..ompson David I., drugs, h s s Oliv. 
ipson Henry, supt Mount Pi. 

Cemetery, res same 

Thompson Win J. motorinn Metro Ry Co. 

res F.glinton 
Thomson rge. coml Metro Ry Co, res 


j.iiomson Wm J, prin Deer Park Pub Sell. 

h s s St Clair av 
Tliorndykc Miss Minnie, nurse Dr MevorS 

llospitnl, 1 same 

Tomalin Joseph, produce, li e s Yonge 
Toinalin Robert, produce. 1 .1 Tomalin 
Tooley John. night watejnnn Metro Ry Co. 

h w s Youge 

Tivdgett Charles, carp Mount Pleasant 
Cemetery, h s s Gormaly 

Trent (, -go S. bkpr. h n s Rose Hill nv 

Parkin. MA. C.M(J. Prlnci])nl. head Ave 
nue road 

Vincent Henry F. 1 J T Vincent 
Vincent James T. ins ant. h s s Clarence av 
Walker James, eng. h n s St Clair av 
Walmsley Thomas, ins. h w s l.awton av 
Walton James, dairy, s s St Clair av, h same 
Watt George S, elk, h n s Clarence av 
Webb T Frederick, elk. h n s Balmoral av 
Webster James S. civ ser. h n s Clinton av 
Welsh Ruth iwid Edward) li e s l.awton av 
West Kdwnrd, florist E Grainger & Co, 1 

Kdwin Grainger 

Whaley Thomas M, bldr, h n s Farnham nv 
Whaley Wilhird P. carp, h n s Farnham av 
White Mrs Annie, matron Upper Can Col 

\> lulitmaii John, h n s St Clnir av 
\v ightmnn Wm. gdnr, h w s Lawton av 
Wifliiiot Maneel. arch, h n s Heath 
Woodhouse Thomas, cashier, h e s Yonge 
Woods James, lab, bus Brant av 
Wright Angus motormn Metro Rv Co, res 

i. right Win. carp, h s s St Clnir av 


(See Chester) 

(Five miles east of P O) 

Adams Oscar, lab. h Catherine 
Ainsworth Carl, fireman GTR, b J R Wil 

Allan Edgar, stonemason, h Bridge 
Allan l.ilbnrn. draughtsman, 1 Mrs M Allan 
Allan Margaret nvid Wini. h Charles 
Allan Miss Mnrgnrct J. nurse. Charles 
Allan Norman, elk. 1 Mrs M Allan 
Allbright Win. carp, h Bridge 
Allcroft Frederick, ma eh, h Swnnwlck a^ 
....ison Claude V. hrkmn GTR, h Stephen- 
son av 

Alhvnrd Edwin, eng GTR. h Edward 
Ames Alfred K. broker, h Kingston rd 
Ames Cecil G. elk. 1 A E Ames 
Anson John E. h Swanwiek av 
Anson Percy, call 1 oy, 1 J E Anson 
Ansoti Stanley, call boy. 1 J E Anson 
Applctun Charles, ear repr, h Stephenson 


Appleton Summers, ear repr, 1 C Appleton 
Armstrong Edward, tmstr McMlllin & Cos- 
tain, res York tp 

Armstrong Frederick C. trav. h Beech av 
Arthur Stephen, hrkmn GTR. h Main 
Bnird Alexander, eng GTR. h Enderby rd 
Maker Charles, bkr W II Snell. h Kdward 
I .aker James, coalmn GTR, res York tp 
I .almy P.eaeh I ire Hall. Spruce av 
Barefoot John R. fireman GTR, b Mrs K 

I lowarth 

P.arker It J Winsor. h Hazel pi 
Bartholomew Charles, h Gerrard 
Baxter Archibald, ooaimn GTR. res York tp 
Bay View Hotel. Challes Hales prop. Dan- 
fort h avenue 

Beare i diver, trav. h Main 
Beckett .Miss Agnes, tchr East Toronto 

Public School, res Toronto 
Belfrey Wm. brkmn GTR. b Danforth av 
Berry John, helper GTK. h Mary 
Bcsant Kiehard. eake bkr W H Snell. b 

Mrs L Stenheiison 
Besser Eniil. inns eiigr. h Gerrard 
Bilow Frederick I., wilier GTR. h Gerrard 
Bird Wm. brkmn (,nt. h Edward 
Bissctt Hilton, eonfr. b Mrs I I. Westlake 
P.layloek Arthur, fireman GTR. b J C Blay 


Blayloek Charles A. eng GTR. h Danforth 
a venue 

P.layloek Frank, mach. 1 J C Blayloek 
Bla- lock John C. eng. h Danforth av 

P.olton Henry, pumpman GTR. h York tp 
Bontoft -.erbert J. btclir W llit.-h. h Swan- 
wick av 

Booth Alfred J. pntr. h Gerrard 
Booth Alford J jr. driver, li Gerrard 
Booth A Charles, furu fnsbr. 1 A .1 Booth 
Booth James E. lather. 1 A J Booth 
Booth Miss Lillian D, tlrs. 1 A J Booth 
Booth Robert W, presser. 1 A J Booth 
Booth epuinus. shoemkr, 1 A J Booth 
Booth Wm W. lather, 1 A J Booth 
Boothe James, h Hazel pi 
Boothe James jr. h Hazel pi 
Boston Joseph, btchr J Brown, h Enderby 


Bouvior Louis P. envelope mfr. h Beech av 
Bin-eii Harry bkr, 1 Wm English 
Bovette George, brkmn GTR. h Main 
P.owen Thomas A. woodwkr. I Wm A 


Bowen Wm A. brkmn. li Swanwick nv 
Brady George, sect, h Beech av 
Brandham Win J. designer, h Beech av 
Bray Win A. caretkr YMCA. h same 
Brit ton Carson II. phy. Danforth av. h same 
P.rodi-iek Nicholas, brkmn GTR. h Edward 
Bronston Joseph II. elk h Gerrnrd 
Bronghton Frederick, ftr GTR. h Edward 
Brought on Frederick jr. call boy GTR, I 

F P.roughton 

Brown Arthur, driver John Brown, 1 same 
Brown Edgar, lab. h Gerrard 
Brown Frederick C. gro. Main, h Gerrard 
Brown John, btehr. Gerrard, h same 
Brown John jr. driver John Brown, 1 same 
Brown Robert, h Benlamond av 
Brown Stephen K. elk F C Brown, h Ger 

Brown Wm. eng GTR. h Mary 
Brown Wm G. mngr. h Norwood rd 
Brown Wm II. driver, h Charles 
Brown Win W. brkmn GTR, h Luttrell av 
Bruce Charles B. yard foreman, h Mary 
Bryan James, cond GTR, h John 
Butler Henry, carp, h Beech av 
Butler Win. trav. 1 Henry Butler 
Butler Wm II. tiremn GTR, b Mrs L Ste 

Bntteriek Samuel, lab GTR. res Little York 
Byrne Francis cashier, h Beach av 
Calcntt John, brkmn GTR. b Gerrard 
Cameron Margaret (wl<1 James), h Swan- 
wick av 

Canning Henry, cond GTR. res Little York 
Care Arthur stenog. 1 T Curtis 
Care Harriet (wtd Thomas). 1 T Curtis 
Carmihan Harold (W J A & II Carnnhan), 

h Main 
Carnahan Wm J A (W J A & II Carmihan), 

h Main 

Carmihan W J A & II iWm J A and Har 
old), druggists. Main, cur Kingston rd 
Carroll James II. eng GTR. h Lynll 
Carroll Joseph, elk. h Enderby rd 
Carroll Miss Mamie, cashier The Wm Dav- 

lea Co Ltd. 1 J II Carroll 
Carroll Mrs Margaret. 1 J II Carroll 
Carrnthcrs James, brkmn GTR. 1 T Curtis 
Carriitliors Walter S. eng GTR. h Gerrard 
Case I. eon. trav. h Balsam av 
Cassidv J Arthur, elk. 1 Mrs M L Cassidy 
Cassidy Maggie L (wid J Frankb h Gerrard 
Cassidv Wm E. slsmn. h Beech av 
Castor Samuel, carp McMlllin & Costain, b 

Kn.lort.y rd 

Cavanagh Win T. tiremn GTR. b W Hitch 
Church of Christ (Disclplesi. Main, cor 

Swatiwiek av 

Chiirehlll Win. ftr GTR. h Mnin 
Clair James brkmn GTR. b Danforth av 
Clarke Arehihald. cond GTR. h Kingston rd 
Clarke Jonah, ynrdmn GTR. h Main 
( lav Wm II. elk and treas East Toronto 

Village, h f.yall 

Cleverton Robert G. cond GTR. h Edward 
Colden Thomas, brkmn GTR. b Edward 
Collaton John, cond GTR. h Gerrard 
Colllngs Thomas, turner GTR, h Danforth 


Collins Miss Bertha, elk. I J Collins 
Collins .loini eng. h John 
Conway Thomas, driver w II Snell, res 


rook Clifford, coml GTR. res Toronto 
Cook Farl M. I6C YMCA. h Main 
Cook Samuel W. elk. h Gerrard 
Cooper John, rug GTR, h Gerrnrd 
Cooper Mar.\ (wid WmK h Norwood rd 
Cope John. lab. h Mary 
Coreoran Miehael. cond GTR. res Toronto 

Guarantee Company of North America 

MEDLAND A. JONES. Cen l Annts. Mail Buildine-. Cor. Kintr and Bav 

Tel Main 1067 

Government, Municipal and other 
Debentures Bought and Sold. 

H. O HARA & CO. 


Eaat Toronto. 

. It, re To 



111:111 J. tin i,..iii. !i .1 

Davidson . Gerrard 

homas. tir Ilitrh 

I.I.I, lit ! 

: J. lirknin GTlt. h Main 

forth :iv. ! 
1. ma, h GTIi r, * I.lttl. 


antei, Lumber. I_atli. Shingles and 

l.i ll A I. A I> 

:l 1. ,i,l Frederick!, ll F.I 

road . 

Dlmi ; York 

I:. I. \V Hitch 

knitter. I v 

Done! forth 

: UP 

John II. pltnbr ,|. h samp 

HI GTK. i 

rrlet. nius tehr. Main. 1 


I Ulr. li 
Mi-- Am . II Inik, 

link. , r ,i 

Dnke l: 

.kr. 1 H I hike 
Dunk I 

Dunk l 1 1 unit 

Dnnn Wm. carp, h i.yall av 

: li same 

DURHAM WM H. Hog Breeder. 


nilerliv rd 



rick Scan- 

.I.ihn W 
rin. Marv 

t. elk W J A \- II Carna 
han. li Mrv M Cooper 


mn GTR. h Catherine 

.< .n I;TR. - 

. av 


^^uinel Presbyterian Church, I;. \ T II 
iwlck av 

n r.l 
n rd 

i rd 

tnclish Win. oiler, h K 

!. W II Snell, t. 

iamln. lirkmn GTI: 


Falrclotb John M. pntr. h K. 

Fa rcloth Mi-< Louie, tchr, 1 J M Fnlrcloth 

Fab-cloth Richard T. elk. 1 J M 

Fairell Thomas, hrkmn G T U. h Mary 

kpr. h Main 

F *rir: .T Collaton 

. imin. h Main 

Field Mrs .- 


rjjlnu, bkpr Mcillllln 

lir. Main 

-I I K, I, Main 
. l.rkliin 

ni. lirknin c; T It, li Kndcl.y rd 

I \\ in. lirknin G T II ill av 

. 1 Mi- , 

i Mr.- II I 


, li. lirkinu (j I K 
.li lin, lirknin i. r !: 

Garbutt I i, k av 

r It. h York tp 
(iardiiii-r Win J. Jwlr. h I: 

(iarlmnl Ki.-haril 

(iarry Mur . r d 

<;air\ I atri -k, It 

" irtll av 
irknin. h 

it, li Main 
anl. l.rkiun i; r K i. , Toronto 

fornnaii M.MIIlin A 
\\ in. tlrcman. I. .1 It \V, 

! It. ii Danfurth 


NIN- I.y.lia. 1 

G.nilil .lohii. ilrlvi-r Tli, Win L>.. 

in Aniln-n, lal.. ll I 
lira ha ill Ianli-l. linniaii. \> .1 I! \\ 

flreman J K 

\\ i 

Graham .r.-nnlr. Join GTE Koanling i 
G T It n.ianliiii; M. ^nilth care- 


B Y.irk Statin: - i agt, 

alman G T U. 

l.rLmn t; V \. 

rp McMllllii \ r,.>taln. res 
I.ittl,- Ynrk 

! It I. Smith 

- on rd 

Grifii irlffln 

Ila-ii" llair\. T It. I. Mr> K I. 

p. li Swaiiivii ! 
Hani Mary iwl.l Win 
Hannah Robert. / k av 

Ilannon Henry H, h Ili-ech av 
Harp Gt-orge. mngr The Wm Davi 

I,nl. 1 M nne 

Harris Samuel. hotel KinKston rd. cor 

Harris Thomas, f.remn G T R. b J R Wll- 

blrmkr. h Gerrard 
Harrixl George jr. lab. 1 G Ha: 
Hartley Sarah ild Benjamin), 1 .1 IT 

Ilarvoy Frank M, livery Jlaln. h same 

irlvor F M Harvey 
. river F M Hnn 
"lid GTI. 
i; G T R. h Danforth av 

- George, brkmn G T R, b Little 

It. h Swanwiok 

\\ m. coalman G T It 
Hoar! rkmn G T K. b Mrs I I. 


I. lab. h r 

h T 

ach opr, 1 Mrs 

> II 
II. -win i;h/.: mlil Wiin. li I .rldge 

m rd 
farmer. 1 Mr- S Hewitt 

lll U 

upher w. carp, h steplienson ar 
lllml IMiniinil, miiKr and bkpr I/ A De La 
flan inrk 

\V Hind 
It. h GPI 
Mr- Kli.- ard 

man G T H. b J R 

A in. bi.-hr Main, h - 

. irp M Mli:!! ,V ( .-lain, 

niioiid av 

:ul G T It. Ii Mary 
.Mm. brkmn G T It. b Danforth av 
r. brkmn (i T H, b Dan- 

irp. h Charles 

Danforth av 


llopk T K. b Edward 

I-. lirknin G T U, b Danforth 

! Walter II. lab. Ii Main 

will Forbesi. h Edward 
Ib.wileii .Mm W. timekpr. h Kingston rd 
Unwell Frank, bkpr. 1 II W Howell _ 

V, pntr. h Main 

II, ,w, - iiwirk av 

I G T li. b Main 

h Main 

Hugh. n aT 

Hum,. . i.u- G T It. li Swrin- 


Hunter It Archibald, undertkr Danfortn 
U same 

u.l Win In. h Danforth 

llnti \ Hutton 

.i F.dward. ens G T U. h Swanwlek 

.Icihn. artist, h Beech av 
Mi-s Mildred, mach opr. 1 A .1 Booth 
m, blrwasher G T K. res \ork 

>rge II. cond G T R. h Swanwlck 

n John, enp G T U. h Gerrard 
on Wm A. elect, li Ueiil.-n. 
.lohnston John W. pi Onto Pub- 

iii av 
,1, \Vm I-:, app G T U. 1 W .1 Jol 

John-ton Win J. cond G T R. h Lyab 
Jones G orge G, insp, li 1 - T 

T I: , h . 7ol | . 
.In. 1,1 Wm drivr \v B Main 

,, . F 


Mi.-h.-iel W. liremn (j T I{. h Edward 
Kelly M .li av 

Ik. I G Kennedy 
. II.. 1 S Kennedy 
jwlr. h Hazel pi 
Kennedy Harry, elk. 1 


lipltman G T R. b Mrs 
B Hewitt 
Ken- Andrew, flreman W Hitch 

I ll. h Gerrard 
K,Tr Mi-- niantlemkr. 1 R P 

Kerr 1 . nikr. 1 U T Kerr 

i r. macli G T K. h Swanwlck 

Kerr Win I. r R. h Swanwlck av 

H e. enndymkr. 1 J Kllgan- 

loii .la s. eon.i. h Swanwiek nv 

IK. : James jr. uies-r, 1 J KiU annon 
lab. h Kingston rd 

.a rd 
Kirk Wm. h Enderby rd 


Successors to LIMITED 



Phones Main 1126, 1127 
J. J. SEITZ, Managing- Director 






East Toronto. 


Knox George, cond G T R, res Little York 
Lamb Miss Florence, 1 J W Lamb 
Lamb George A, mach. 1 J W Lamb 
Lamb Joseph W, eng G T R, h Enderby rd 
Lamb Miss Mary, I J W Lamb 
Lankin Edward, stmftr, 1 A Taylor 
Lankin Miss Matilda, 1 A Taylor 
Larsson James, b Bridge 
Latta Fern, brknm G T R, b Danforth av 
Lavelle Charles, brkum G T R, b Danforth 


Law George D, eng G T R, h Gerrard 
Leadley Miss Ida, 1 Mrs M Loadley 
Leadley Mary (wid John), h Gerrard 
Leak George, tel opr, 1 J Ralston 
Lee Cum, Indry Main, 1 same 
Lee John, eug, h Charles 
Leonard J Joseph, watch insp G T R, res 


Lepper James, h Kingston rd 
Liddell David, eng, h Gerrard 
Llddell Frank, brkmn G T R, h Gerrard 
Liddell R Frederick, brkmn G T R, 1 

Lansdowne av 

Liddell W Frank, ftr G T R, 1 D Liddell 
Llddle John H, brkmn G T R, h Luttrell 


Lightfoot Alfred, lab, 1 E Llghtfoot 
Lightfoot Edward, caretkr, h Kingston rd 
Llghtfoot Edward A, pumpman G T R, h 

Kingston rd 

Linden John, coll, h Oak ay 
Linton Wm, trav, h Hanmiford 
Little James, coalmu G T R, b Mrs E 


Long Duke, elk, 1 J Long 
Long John, real est, h Beech av 
Long John E, cutter, 1 J Long 
Looney G Frederick, elk, 1 T J Loouey 
Looney Thomas J, eng, h Swanwick a 
Lorlmer Alexander R, fancy gds, h Beech 


Luke Win. carp, U Kingston rd 
Lyon Win G, photo supplies, h Beech av 
Lyons Herbert W, fireman G T R, b Mrs 

E Howarth 

Lyons Robert, Dremau, b Mrs E Howarth 
McArthur Archibald, cond G T R, res To 

McCabe Thomas F, eng G T R, h ijarv 
McColl Edwin D, brkmn G T R, b Mrs M 

McCausland Mrs Cecelia, tchr East Toronto 

Public School, 1 Mrs M Cooper 
McCausland Victor, b Mrs M Cooper 
McClure Joseph, h Lyall 
McClure Robert II, elk, 1 J McClure 
McCreary Andrew, cond G T R, res Belle 

McCron Douglas, rnessr, 1 J McCron 
McCron George H, blksniith, 1 M McCron 
McCron James, lali. h John 
McCron Matthew, lab. h Walter 
McCron Robert T. lab. 1 M McCron 
McCron MNs Elizabeth, drsmkr Walter 
McCron Samuel, cake bkr W H Snell, 1 

M Mel ron 
McC ulloch John, mail carrier, h Norwood 


Merulloeh .l liii It. h Mary 
UcDermott Charles, litlio, 1 S G McDer- 


Melienuott Henry, elk. 1 S <; McDermott 
Melirr it Samuel G, cond G T R, h 

McDonald Frank, brkmn G T R. b Lans- 

downe av 
McDonald John, lab G T K. b P. ay View 

McEaeliern Neil, gro Swanwick av, cor 

May, li same 

McElrny Miss Annie. 1 J MeElroy 
McElroy .lame-, storeman G T R, h Ender 
by road 

McIIattie George, i-ng G T R. h Lyall nv 
Mclntyre Andrew, fireman G T R b Mrs 

I I, Westlako 

Mclntyre Arthur, fireman. 1 Mrs I L West 


Mclntyre T.aeblan. <>nc G T R. h Mary 
McKay \Viii J. lab ( , T It. h Main 
McKeuny Thomas, brkmn G T It. h Isa 

McKibbin David, one (I T I{. li c.errard 
McLeod Alexander, bldr Swanwick av 
Mcl.nekle I eter. onp. li Swanwiek av 
McMartln Robert, prtr, h Gerrard 

McMillln Andrew iMcMilliu & Costain), h 


McMilllu & Costaiu (Andrew McMilliu, Wm 
Costain), planing mills cor Main and 

McNeely Andrew, cond G T R, res Toronto 
McNish John, cond G T R, res Toronto 
MacDiariuid Miso Minnie, tchr East Tor 
onto Public Sch, 1 Charles Maglnn 
Maeguire Edith M (wid George J), 1 J W 

Mackie Alexander E, app G T R, b Mrs S 


Mackle Miss Daisy, 1 Mrs S Mackie 
Mackie Susan (wid Alexander), h Gerrard 
Maffey Francis L, wiper G T R, res To 

Maginn Charles, trav, h Gerrard 
Manning James, eoalmu G T R, h Stephen- 
sou av 

Manning John, coalmu G T R, res Toronto 
Marcheii Charles, brkmn G T R, b Dan- 
fort h av 

Marler Robert W, sec mail, h Edward 
Marquis Charles, mach, h Kingston rd 
Marsh Edwin J, mach McMillin & Costain, 

h Gerrard 

.Marshall George, eng, h Edward 
Marshall George P, brkmn G T R, li Mrs 

E Howarth 
Martin David, h Lyall 
Martin Miss Jessie, 1 D Martin 
Matthews Thomas, tiremau G T R, b J R 

Maxwell Wm. carp McMillin & Costaiu, h 

May Thomas, storenm G T R, res Little 


Mee.-h Mary (wld Richard), 1 C J Curtis 
Menzles Alexander, eng G T R, b Mrs S 

Miles Alfred T, brkmn G T R, b Danforth 


Miles .lames, mach, 1 Mrs S Miles 
Miles .Miss Jennie, drsmkr, 1 Mrs S Miles 
Miles Selina (wid James), h Bridge 
Miles Wilfred, lab, 1 Mrs S Miles 
Millar Edmund R, eng, h Main 
Miller Edward, ap_p, h Beech av 
Milner Wm J, blksmith George Davis, res 

Mitchell John, flremn G T R, res Little 


Modcland Thomas N. eng, Ji Edward 
MoiYatt .lames, yard foreinn L A De La- 

plante & Co, res Little York 
Moise Win. brkmn G T R, b Edward 
Montgomery Clarence, ins, 1 H Montgom 

Montgomery Prof Henry, h Oak av 
Montoith Margaret (wld Wm), h Beula- 

mond av 

Moon Charles, lustier G T R, h Main 
Moore Edward, h Beech av 
Moore Harvey C, h Gerrard 
Morrison Ridurd C. trav, h Beech av 
Mortimer ~ Elizabeth (wid John), h Swan- 
wick a v 
Morton Mary (wid Benjamin), h Norwood 


Mrton Edward L, mngr. h Norwood rd 
Motherslll Frederick, bldr Main, h same 
Mnlrhcad Win II. eng G T R, h Kiimst.m 


Mnreh Frederick, eiiL r . h Swanwiek av 
Mnrch Frederick jr. stndt. 1 F Murch 
Murray .Inlm. acct. h Beech av 
Murray Michel, cond G T R, res Little 


Murray Patriek J. li Gerrard 
Murray Thomas, elk. 1 P J Murray 
Myers Joseph, coalmn G T R, res York tp 
N eddery Arthur II, fireman G T R, b J 

Newland Samuel G. eng G T R, res Little 

Y or!: 
NVuton Walter, brkmn G T R, 1 Mrs I 

L Wcstlake 

Norris Wm. car insp, h Main 
N orton Hanson, eond G T R, res Toronto 
Nottingham Frederick, bkr W II Sncll, res 

Nottingham Richard, bkr W II Snell. res 


O Connor Charles S. elk G T R, res To 

ivc onnor John, tel messr, 1 Mrs M O Con 

O Connor Mary (wid Patrick), h Bridge 
O Connor Miss Mary, mach opr, 1 Mrs M 

O Connor 
O Connor Thomas, genl yardmaster G T 

R, res Toronto 
O Connor Wm, brkmn, 1 Mrs Majy O Con 

O Donuell John, ashpitman GT R h Ed 


O Donnell Leslie M, mach, 1 J O Donnell 
U Nelll Felix J, fireman G T R, b J R 

O Neill Thomas, firemn G T R, b J R Wil 


O Neill Wm. switchman, b Mrs M Cooper 
O Neill Wm P, fireman, b J R Wilson 
Ormerod George W, assessor and tax coll, 

li lionald 

Ormerod James L, carp, h Kingston rd 
Osborue Rev Alfred, rector St Saviour s 

Church (Aug), h Euderby rd 
Ough Wesley, fireman G T R, b J R Wil 


Ovens Wm J, eng G T R, b Mrs E Slemln 
Pape Oswald, civ ser, h Beech av 
Parkinson George, road commr, h Main 
Patterson Charles W, brkmn G T R, b J 

K Wilson 

Pearce John, barber Main, h same 
Peart Thomas E, fireman G T R, res Lit 

tle York 

Peck Ceoru i T. lab. h Mary 
Peer Louis L, mach hd McMillin & Cos- 

tain, b Gates Hotel 
Pelkey Alfred, brkmn G T R, b Danforth 


Perkins Cephas W, carp, h Danforth av 
Peters J Frederick, brkmn G T R, b Lans- 

dowue av 

Pettigrew Wm, acet, b Swanwick av 
Philpott Frederick W V, elk, 1 F V Phil- 


Pnllpott Frederick V, mngr, h Beech av 
Phillips Frank, brkmn G T R. b Edward 
Piekard Christopher, carp, h Mary 
Piukston T Adrian, flremn G T R, b Mrs 

M i ooper 
1 laxti.n Frank, driver W H Snell, 1 J 

Pollard Frederick, brkmn G T R, h Lans- 

downe av 

Powell Frederick A, h Kingston rd 
Pivseiitt George A, brkmn G T R, h Ger- 

Pre scott Thomas, brkmn G T R, h Dawes 


Prest Wm, brkmn G T R, h Gerrard 
Pnrdy Robert J, string mkr, 1 W H Purdy 
I lirdy Wm H, firemn G T R, h Mary 
Ralston James, lab, h Mary 
Ralston James W. tel opr, 1 J Ralston 
Randall Morgan J, fireman G T R, b Mrs 

M i ooper 

Ratcli.Te Edwin H. slsmn Mrs M E Trench 
Readmau Charles W. trTTv, 1 W J Trimble 
Reid Ernest T, brkmn G T R. h Stephen- 

son av 

Reid Robert W. eug G T R. h Lyall nv 
Richardson .Tames P,. cond, h Gerrard 
Richardson John. J P. bldr Danforth ar 
Riekard Nora (wid Wm H), h Beech av 
Klekard Walter H, bkpr. 1 Mrs N Riekard 
Rinby John, brkmn G T R, res Trenton 
Riue Frank, eng G T R, h Mary 
Riseborough Win. coalmn G T R, res Scar- 

In >ro 
Roach James, brkmn G T R. h Norwood 

Robh Alexander W, flremn G T R. b Mrs 

I. Stcnliensoli 
Robertson Louis, fireman G T R, res Lit 

tle York 

Robinson Ernest F. drugs. h Oak av 
Robinson Thomas II. flremn G T R, b Mrs 

E Howarth 

.Rogers Albert S, treas, h Beech av 
Rogers Rev Thomas II. pastor Emmanuel 

PrcshvHTlan " liurch, h Main 
RoL-orson Albert E (R Rogerson & Son), 1 

R Rogerson 
RoL orson Ilobcrt (R Rogerson & Son), h 

ROGEKSON B & SON (Rotert and 

Albert E), Coal and Wood Main, cor 
Stephen/son av 

Rogerson Thomas S, driver R Rogerson & 
Son. h Enderhy rd 

Private Telephone Systems SSBuBCSS!^ ETC 



IVI lfc Limited, 78 CHURCH ST. 


pense or delay attending these loans. 

Hun: "T Hay. 

n H, tuber G T K, ns LJttle 

-tudt. 1 .1 V How 
Boss John K. druggist i.m.-en 


Boss John Ml -I..;.].. . 1 J K HUM 
R. -- \\.iii.r M. prir. h Gerrari! 

H nl 

Roth K, li KndiThy rd 

n,i i: r i:, li i 

on nl 
St Savloui .ir. n. Kev A;?; 

A irk av 

Sadler lat>, h SwauwlcW aT 

iry Win. yard foreman, b M 

Sander-mi Ki. liai.t. 1 I 

u. h Mary 


Sands Jan I K, b John 

Scanlan I atrk-k. eng East Toronto Powtt 

( , T K. h Lyall a 
blksinlth. li Main 
Seal Alfn-,1 H. lab. 1 W W Seal 
Seal Elizabeth iwld James), li Klngstou 

K, lal>. 1 \V W Sea i 
Seal Win W. lali. U Klng.-ton nl 

. 1-M ward, brkinn <; I K. h Danfortn 
Bedmau Elizabeth n\i.l Thomas), 1 Mrs 

M I 
Sedman Ml.-s Elizabeth, elk Mr* M K 

Sellur ..IK! G T K. res Toronto 

Sharrar.l i barb--, hrknri i; T H, b Ger- 


Shaw Geoi , T R. h Main 

Shea Edw_ i.|. . ond . I K. h >;. rrard 
Shean.ii Benjamin, brkmn G T H. 


Shelly Mi-- Klizabeth, mach opr, 1 G A 

1 Arthur, driver \V H Snell, 1 II S 

Sbepard Myron S. agt. h Kingston rd 
Sherry Luke, l.rkmn G T It, h Main 
Shlel. . R, li Main 

BUnnlch John II. l>rkmn G iiarles 

Sills i: 1!. l.rknin G T It. I) Main 
Simmons Alfretl. lirkinn G T II, res Belle- 


StmmoiK Pavlil. .-ond G T R. b Gerrard 

I.lttle York 
Bkelrber .lulin i;. rlr.-mnn G 1 K, li Swau- 

wiek av 

Slade Jam.-, ilk. h I>. h aT 
Slenilu Alexander, sultehnin G T R. h 

Edward A. -tudt. I A Sleinln 
Sleniin Elizabeth iwld Win), h Enderby rd 
i Jo-rph. brknin. h Brldi:* 

Mary. 1 Mrs K Slemln 
Win. brknin. h Enderby rd 
Smith I .iir.l. lirknui C T K. re* I .elleTllle 
Smith Frcderlek. lirkinn G T U, b Danforth 


Smith Ul.-hanl U h Balsam aT 
Smith kr G T 14 Boarding II 

Smith, TS Alfred, fireman G T It. b Mr, F 


Smyth I .i, li.n ,1. tel h Main 
Snell ,-lk W II Sn,.]l. ! 

Snell bkr W II Snell. 1 - 

Bnel Walt.T J. bkpr \v 11 snell. 1 
Snell \\i-i H. baker Main. 

K. trav. h Beech aT 
Bnlder Wm. brknin G 


Soloman John A, trav. h Gen-art! 
1 Win W. fruit dlr. h Gerrnrd 

brkmn G T R. res To 
Sprln. \\- n Snell, h 


Bqnlres Henry, a reman i; T It. b J R Wil 
Btapli i.ipher. brkmn G T R. b 

Danforth av 


Stephen Alexander, lab G T R. res Little 

id Donald G), li 

: k til 
. T J Sti! 

urg Jdhn, lirkiun l.i T 1: 


Kli-bard, bri U, 1 I.lttle 

John II. f-.n-inn G T II. li (J. 

ill. 1 C \ A 

i.-rli-k A. 11. h 

S\\e,-t charle, \\ . iu\. I H L 8 


\\ in. la! Hewitt 

Szainnii-r John, eiig * T H. r>-s Little York 
: John, brkmn G T It, b Uanforth av 

Tarry Win I 11. h Danf.irth av 

,k. 1 J Taylor 

Taylor Allan, eon.l t; T It. h Norwood rd 
Tavlur i rklyr, h Lyall 

Edwanl A, tli am. 1 same 

Taylor .1. tlrs, 1 J Taylor 

Taylor llui ert K. moio, h King-ton rd 

ph, car lusji, h Li.Trard 
Ix.rne, elk R Garland, h Swan- 

. Mi-s Mab.-l, ma. h opr, 1 I Taylor 
r, driver, h Kdward 

i G T K. :- I.lttle 

: Win J M. Hjjt, h Stephensou T 

1. b Diinfortli ar 
.lohn, lireman J R 

\\ Hsou 
Thoma^ Mi-- Kmlly, tr ! >ronto 

b av 

[er G 1 It, b Walter 
aagemkr. h Kl . 

Thompson Miss Marlon, bkpr R Garland, 1 

Water St 
I b"iii|is4.n Matthew, eake bkr W H 

1 James Thulii; 
Thump-mi Thomas, pumpman, b \\ 

rry .lain. 
Stephenson av 

Tlftin Frederick, brkmn G I K 
Tlftln George W, brkmn G T R. b Swan 
. av 

: t. lab. 1 \\ 
< harles, lab, 1 Win , 
Kdward, driver, 1 Wm I 
.ike ln>pr. 1 V\ 

Irifer. 1 Wm I 

Win jr. drher I. A I e l.aplante * 

Toone iwick 


Toplis Saiiniel. l.ikn Mrs M 


Tn-bllenek Joseph, bartndr. li \ 
TRENCH MARY E (wid George>, 

:rd, b same 
h av 

Trinlell riiilip. bkpr. h Kingston rd 
Tubby l barlr>. -Num. li B 
Turner Win II. wood Turin 
Tutt f iri-mn. h Gerrard 

Van x k L. tiren 


p. photo . eh av 

k av 
li av 
ing House 

k G T B B 

! .-us. 

-id. ooiid G T R. re- r.lttlr York 

M Jolini. 1 T F Mei 

Walk av 

Frank .1. plmbr. h i 

- i wid Win Fi. h Walter 
insp. h Enderby rd 
1 W U Walters 
Iianfnrth av. li 
ay). 1 Mr* E Ptink 
m, lab i; !, . Sor., 

irtlo York 

-. lab, h Main 

Wart - ; i rd 

Wan. wiper G"~T It, res Little 

Waters Alfred, floi 1st H Waters, 1 same 

Waters Herbert, ijorlsj Kingston rd 
Waters Herbert Jr, driver H W 
\\al.-r- IVrey. driver 11 \\ une 

hpltmau G T R. res Little 

rge, station agt York Station, 
: John D, phy Main, b 

1 rrard 

Weir Robert, mach G T R, b Main 

ike Alfred, app G T It, b Mrs I L 

ike Isabella L <wld Ulehardi, h En 
derby rd 

ke Sarah iwi.l h Donald 

Westlake Win I ., vat; l 1: - h Swan- 
wick ST 

Whit,. AlU-rt E. bvkmn G T R. h Isabella 
White George, plstr. h Kingston rd 
White John, coud G T R. h Edward 
White Sarah T i.wl.l Ki.hanli. h Enderby 

White Wm W, call boy G T R, res Little 

Whyte David, cond G T 1!. res Toronto 

Matthew A, eng G T R, h Swau- 

wlrk 8T 

Wilkinson Harry T, blksmlth, h Catherine 
Wilkinson Joseph, btchr The Win DaTles 
^xniui l Harris 

Tin iiia-, brkmn G T It. h 
< harles 

: \rtbur. driver W II Snell, 1 Nor 

ii G T It 

i George, brkmn G T R. b Danforth 

WiUon Joseph R, bldr (ierrard. h same 
Wilson Thomas, brkmn G T li. b Danforth 

in G T R, b Edward 

trav. b Kin-ston rd 

Wun.lerli. h Albin. tlute mkr. h Gerrard 
Yakp Wm, coalmn G T R 


I rank V. 1 V, W > 

Yun(r Wallace ^\ Young 

Win W. . h John 

lion (Rall- 
, Main 

iin E. tlr Main, h same 
ll, Ur. h Main 

\. lireinn i T R. h 


Vorth Ton 


and a half miles w of P. O.) 
All. ii Joseph AV. mkt fdnr l urj;ess aT 

ir K Htifl" 
Arni-troiiL r foreman .1 Maloney & 

Shore rd 
A-h .lain- s K. nikt irdnr Amelia, h same 

harles. mkt L tinr Cannon rd 
Baker Win. tm-tr II Itutwei], h Lake 
Shore rd 

Henry, motornian, h Lake Shore rd 
I .ell Alfred, mkt u dnr Burgess av. h same 





For Pure ICE. Perfect Delivery 

Head Office, Tel. Main 86 

*** JAS. FAIRHEAO. Mgr. 


Toronto Branch, 26 WELLINGTON ST. EAST 




Humber Bay. 

Guns, Rifles, 

<*T. EATON C- 



Bellemere Frederick, tmstr, h Macdonald 


Blea Daniel, h Queen 
Boland Patrick, lab, h Amelia 
Braithwaite Win, prin Humber Bay Pub 

School, res Toronto 
Broderick Michael, tel opr G T R, 1 P 

Broderick Patrick, watchman G T R, n 

Salisbury av 

Brown John A, mkt gdnr Cockburn 
Brown John G. gdnr Mrs S E Brown, h 

Brown S Elizabeth (wid Charles E). mkt 

gdnr Salisbury, h same 

Burgess Wm, J P, mkt gdnr Queen, h same 
Burgess Wm A, mkt gdnr Burgess av 
Rurt Win II. brkmkr II Butwell, h Lake 

Shore rd 

Butcher John, grocer, h Surry Hil 
Butwell Henry, brick mfr Lake Shore rd, 

res Toronto 
Butwell Mark, brkmkr II Butwell, h Lake 

Shore rd 
Butwell Richard, brkmkr H Butwell, h 

Lake Shore rd 
Cameron Miss Lizzie J, tchr Humber Bay 

Pub Sch, res Toronto 
Christie Miss Jennie, tchr Humber Bay 

Pub Schr, 1 Mrs M A Christie 
Christie Mary A (wid James), h Church 
Churchward Robert, carp, h Frederlca 
Clark John W. farmer, h Church 
Clarke Henrietta (wid Henry), h Salisbury 


Cochranp Mrs Mary A, h Lake Shore rd 
Collins James, mktgdnr Church, h same 
Corbett Robert, boltmkr. h Queen 
Cox Samuel, blksmith Queen, h Frederica 
Cradock James culler, h Church 
Craig James, lab, h Frederica 
Crowhurst Ernest A. florist Churr-h 
dimming* Eliza (wid James), 1 Wm Cura- 


Cummings Wm, mkt gdnr Lambton rd 
Currier Patrick, brkmkr, h Lake Shore rd 
Cyclo Inn, James Downs prop. Lake Shore 


Dandrldge James, mkt gdnr Queen 
Daniels Francis, mkt gdnr Queen, h same 
Death George, farmer, h Church 
Donnelly Mary (wid John), h Godson rd 
Donovan Ellen (wid Patrick), h Queen 
Downs James, hotel Lake Shore rd 
Drew Richard, lab, h Davidson cres 
Dntnall Robert, h Lake Shore rd 
Farrell James, lab, h Lake Shore rd 
Giles Richard, lab. h Frodorica 
Giles Wm. lab. h Frederica 
Gillman George, lab. h Macrtonnld av 
Gillman Win. mkt gdnr Queen, h same 
Gipson Mrs Martha, gro Lake Shore rd 
Gipson Reuben, pntr and Co constable 

Lake Shore rd 

Glrvln Win. mkt gdnr Lnmbton rd 
Goddnnl David, mkt gdnr Burgess av 
Goyne John, mkt gdnr College, h same 
Gray George, fanner, h Salisbury av 
Greenfield Charles, mkt gdnr Oxford 

Greenfield Thomas, lab, h Queeu 
Grigsby Win, mkt gdiir Queen 
Hansford James, lab, h Queeri 
Harris John, mkt gdnr Queen, h same 
Harris Thomas, mkt gdnr Lambtou rd 
Harris Win, mkt gdnr College, h same 
Hawkrigg Wm, lab, h Lambtou 
Henry Ernest, bkpr Tor Bolt & Forging 

Co, b C Nurse 
IJerdniau Joseph, watehman G T R, res 


Hicks Frederick J, electr, 1 O L Hicks 
Hicks Henry G, plmbr, 1 O L Hicks 

Lake Shore rd. h same (See card classi- 

tied Boat Builders) 
Hicks Thomas L, h Queen 
Hicks Win J, boat bldr O L Hicks, 1 same 
Holmes Wm, mkt gdnr Queen, h same 
Horwood Frank, lab, h Burgess av 
Huff Kenneth, prop Humber Hotel, Queen 

and General Store Queen, h same 
Hughes Joseph, lab, h Queen 

Hughes Postmaster, Queen 
Humber Hay Public School, Wm Braith- 

waite prin, Cockburn 

Humber Hotel. Kenneth Huff prop, Queen 
Imlach John, lab, h College 
Johnson James, mkt gdur Burgess av 
Johnson Timothy, mkt gdnr Lambtou rd 
Johnston Elizabeth (wid Wm), mkt gdnr 


Johnston John, lab, h Davidson cres 
Johnston Robert, mkt gdnr Lambton rd 
Johustone James K. b Lake Shore rd 
Joyce John, mach, h Godson rd 
Keillor Angus E. motorman, h Queen 
Kelly Wm, watchman G T R, res Toronto 
Loates Albert, packer, h Cockburn 
McFarlaue Win, mkt gdnr Queen, h same 
McKenzie Samuel, mkt gdnr College 
Macpherson Alexander, lab, h Queen 
M.-ilmicy John \- Co. brick mfrs Lake Shore 

rd. res Toronto 

Masters James, mkt gdnr Lambton rd 
Maw Capt Robert, pleasure boats River 

bank, res Toronto 

Milding Aaron, carp, h Salisbury av 
Naftel Rev Lionel, pastor St James* Ch, 

1 Mrs S E Brown 
Nightingale Wm H, h Salisbury av 
Noble Mary (wid Wm). h Lake Shore rd 
Norris John, brkmkr. h Lake Shore rd 
North Wm, mkt gdnr Burgess, h same 
NURSE CHARLES, Hotel and Boats 

Lake Shore rd 
N nrxe Charles jr. 1 (" Nurse 
NURSE S HOTEL, Charles Nurse 

Proprietor, Lake Shore rd 
Orr Benjamin, boat bldr. h Godson rd 
Pain Charles, brkmkr. h Godson rd 
Parmenter Philip, mach opr, h Coekburn 
Passmore John, h Cameron rd 
Presley Alfred, constable, h Oliver 
Reid Ann (wid Thomas), mkt grtnr Bur 
gess av, h same 

Reid Ralph L. gdnr Mrs A Reid 
Iteiil Randolph, mkt gdnr Church. h same 
Reilly Robert, mkt gdnr Lambton rd 
Hr> nolds Joseph, carp, b Macdonald av 
Riches Jesse, brkmkr II Bntwoll, h Lake 

Shore rd 

Uowetr Ernest, mkt gdnr Queen, h same 
Rowett George II. mkt gdnr Queen 
Runnalls Joseph, carp, b Macdonald av 
Rush Joseph, mkt gdnr Burgess av 
St James Church (Ang*. Rev Lionel Naf 
tel pastor, Frederica 
Sililey Henry, lab. h Oliver 
Simpson George, lab. h Lake Shore rd 
Smith Henry, shoemkr. h Burgess -av 
Smith James, mkt gdnr Davidson cres 
Stell Arthur R. elk, h Salisbury av 
Stell George C, lumber. 1 G Gray 
Stephens John, mkt gdnr College, b same 
Taverner Edward, lab. h Frederien 
Tavlor Kate T, (wid George). 1 R Dtitnall 
Tlzzard David, mkt gdnr Church, h same 
Tlzzard John, mkt gdnr Queen, h snme 
Todd James, mkt gdnr Lambton rd. h same 
Tomllnsnn Win, mkt gdnr Lambton rd 
Wall Edward, brkmkr J Maloney * Co, 

b I^ako Shore rd 

Warner Frank S. bkpr. h Cainer.m rd 
Wlielpdale George, mkt gdnr Church 

White John, mkt ednr Burgess av 
Whitehead John W, lab Henry Butwell, 

h Lake Shore rd 
Whltehead Sarah (wid Thomas), caretrk 

Humber Bay Pub School, h Queen 
Whit worth John, mkt gdnr Queen, h same 
Wilkins Robert, lab, h Davidson cres 
Winger David, lab, h Davidson cres 
Wixon Thomas, mkt gdnr Queen, h same 


(Five miles east of P O. Post Office name 

Abbott Frank, btchr Danforth av, h same 
Appleby Edward, hostler G Empriugham 
Armstrong Elizabeth (wid Albert), h Lans- 

i low ne av 
Armstrong John, tmstr Dentonla Park 

Farm, b same 
Armstrong Wm E, driver Paterson Bros, 

1 Mrs E Armstrong 
Baker James A, lab G T R, h Eastbourne 


Baker M John, lab, h Dauforth av 
Baldwin Harold, cattleinu Dentonla Park 

Farm, 1 Danforth av 
I .ales Win, nostler Mrs S Hackett 
Bangay Herbert J, eng, 1 R Baugay 
llangav Robert, lab, h Dawes rd 
Butler Archibald, lab, h Eastbourne av 
Baxter Charles, n Midland av 
I -oatty James, harness mkr F McCreight, 

1 same 

Bell Andrew, oiler, h Lansdowne av 
P.ell Wm J, litho, 1 A Bell 
Bennett Wm, lab G T R, h Luttrell av 
Bessey Wesley H, ins agt, h Dawes rd 
Blaylock Wm II. gro Danforth av, h same 
Brandon John W, bkr Danforth av, b G 

Brant Wm, coachman, h Dentonia Park 


Brodrick John, yardman, b G Empriugham 
Brotherston Wm M, blksmith Danforth ay 
Brown Montague, carp, h Isabella 
Brown Wm H, driver J W Brandon, res 

Brown Wm W, brkuin G T R, h Suttrell 

P.rownlee Thomas, prin Little i ork Pub 

School, b Mrs S Hackett 
nurrcll Edward, carp, h Isabella 
Busby Ellen ( wid John), h Lansdowne av 
Busby Fitzgerald, litho, 1 Mrs E Busby 
Butterick Samuel, lab, h Isabella 
Canham Joseph, tmstr Mrs A Newman 
(aiming W Henry, coud, h Danforth ay 
Clarke Reuben, car repr, h Danforth av 

Nimnio Postmaster. Danforth av 
Cook Alexander B, bartndr White House 
Corcoran Joseph, brkmn, b G Empringham 
Cornell Charlotte (wid James), h Main 
Cornell Frederick, carp, h Main 
Cornell Walter G, carp, h Main 
Cowlings Miss Mary, nurse. 1 Mrs J Ilawke 
Cox Arthur, asst dairyman Dentonia Park 

Farm, b same 
Crawford Robert, tax coll, h Lausdowne 


Currah John B. call boy. 1 II II Wilson 
Currah Thomas, brkmn, 1 H H Wilson 
Curtis Ernest, yardman, h Luttrell av 
Curtis Miss Eva. 1 T Prescott 
Daev Arthur L, asst supt Dentonia Park 

Farm, h same 

Darby Win, lab. h Lansdowne av 
Davles George, blksmith, h Main 
navies Wm J. brkmn G T R. h Main 
Davis George, ftr, h Isabella 
Davis Thaddeus A. lab, h Dawes rd 
Dentonia Park Farm and Trout Ponds, 

Dawos rd 

nimi nt Henry, firemn. h Danforth av 
Donnelly Henry, shoemkr Danforth av 
Donohue Joseph, brkmn. b Mrs S Ha"kett 
Douglas George, elk W II Blaylock 
Doyle Henry, eoml. h Lansdowne av 
Driimmoiid David, coal and wood Dan 
forth av, h same 

Drummond Noel, elk D Drummond. 1 same 
Dunn Alfred, cojid, h Luttrell av 
Dunn \Tfred M. call boy. 1 Alfred Dunn 
Dunn John, elk, 1 Alfred Dunn 
Eastbourne House. Mrs S Hackett propr, 

Dnnforth av 





116-13O GEORGE ST. 


Head Office, 

King St. E. 






Iver .1 \\ 

i i Kuipringhaui 

lr, 1 Win i 

D, lull, li I.nttr-11 av 
KinprtnKbjim \\m T. pntr. li 1 ni 

[ White 1 

!i Dunfor;! 
il,-k. I L> Flan 

lei, bkr J W Urn n.l. 
rou to 

Mr- Kn uforth nv 

farin.T. I I ark 

laii. li Danfortb av 

Garry John. 1 r .1 

Gliding Frank, wlml l.t.-hr Datifortb av 
I K Gilding 

Win II. dry J.-.N Dan forth av 

I av 

\ Warfe 

Gran: r Y. nms t.-tir Danfortb 


rninklln K. carp, li I.utm-ll av 

: :. lirkiun. h Ijinsilowne av h Hanfortl 

- ,rali iwl.l Johm. hotel Danforth 

Han II .]!:> .1 i It lepr. li Dawi-s rcl 
Harris Alfred .1. la! , h I.uttrell av 
Hank ! Jolini. i 

rd, li same 
Hawker Win T. coupler, li I.ultrell av 

in. i-iind. li Hanforth av 
H.-iv .1 - h D. infurtli av 

1.1. hrklyr. h Elliott av 
IH<IT. driver D Drummond, b 
Luttrell MT 

Hin, I Mi-- Carri. I.. a].|i. 1 .1 Hind 
Hind F.dinnnd. bkpr. h Main 
Hind Jo-, ph. l>!dr Main, li 
Hind Mi-s Lillian, elk. 1 J Hind 
John, lirkinn. li A Warfe 
brkmn. l> A \\ 
Mnrli v. fir-inn. h Panes rd 

-inald. eiiR Dentonia Park 
Farm, b - 

! rlek. stone otr. h Main 

1 T H.- 
Hoover Isaac, lab. h . av 

Mrs S Haekctt 

d Win It, l.rkmii G T R. h l.nttrpl! 

Hun! . I, A Wnrfo 

Hutchison Win H. oond. h I.ansdowne nT 
lonson Win. h Danforth nv 

nfr.rth av 

nathan I ., -ni I ark 

Kami, h - 

Knichts Charles, lat.. h Main 
Knlchts F.I, lo. i. -!, man. ! Mrs S Haokett 
Knlphts Wm R. l.artndr Mr- S 1 1 
h I.aiisdo\vne av 

Win G. fond, h Lnttrell av 
Lathan Alexander, lab. h Iinsdowno ay 
Laiton Arthur, ,-arp. !i 1 
Lee 1 h Luttrell 

Liberty John, flremn. h Luttroll av 
Llddell Fre.lcri.-k. l.rkmn. h I_-u 
Uddell John H. l.rknin. h Lntl 
Little Y .rk I H r.rown- 


Lloyd chari. - I>. f.irih av 

Lna - York 

Pah .- 

Ik. 1 Wm II r 

r. h Main 

McArthnr Ar. 1 Ibald, co d, : 

rth av 

McDonald l>: nlel, \\ i 

McManr l.lksmlth. h v 

McMI -It-ran Dent^nl: 

Mf-M drew. Idrmkr. b Mrs S 

lorn Mr* > 
Ik J W r.; 
D I 

kmn G T R. b 

iwaril II, lab. li I.ansd .wnc av 
.Man ii 

.Ul 1 

Lib, b l>.nir.n-ih av 

11. h I.ntir -ll av 

\ \\ ;irfe 

Mil. : a.priliKhain 

i av 

Win N, tin ur null 
Murray Mk liat-l 

-, ratttenuiii I I ark 

inlinan. u Danforth 

M.n mid Wiiu. h Midland av 
n Win. iin-tr. h Midland av 
.Hi-r. h I.uun-ll av 

Minn .-Ik 11 Muiiuo, 1 sarae 

NIMMO ROBERT, J P. Grocer and 
I 1 .-- 

i r M. 1 II Nimmo 

!ard. f mi . li M " - : "l v 


f.irtli av 

forth av 

n John L, i-lk. 1 I: 


-. .-Ik. 1 l: 

IVnjfilly ]; 


1 ollar k. lirknin. h I^tnsdowne av 

-t. brknin. h I.tittrel! 
lirkinn. h 

limn, h Luttrell av 
Mr- Ada. h-i-kpr Dcntonla Park 

n Dentonia Park 

1-u nn. L. - 

.nltryiiian Dentonia 
I ark Farn, driver F Abtott. 1 White 

[.mis. tlremn, h av 

Mary, 1 Wm T Hawker 
K Miliau Naili nd. h Da" 

L H.nry \V. ,1k. h I--.bolla 
Sli.miker lli-nry. brknin. h I.uttrell av 

Wm A. eng li D.infurth ar 
sni.i.T Wm .1. brkmi : " r Rusbr 

ton Christopher, brkmu. b i; Em- 

r.dmnnd. .Ik. 1 J Steen 

I ark Farm 
Heiiryi. h Danforth 

i. Kdnr. 1 Mr- ; 
: Mr- I 
tlr Danforth av. h same 

rkmn. h i 
-land Mi-- M . Little 

U M. iinrs, . h Dan 
forth av 

H. nnr>. . li Dan 
forth av 

Mary W ivvld John), h Danforth av 

S/.ainniiTs .lohn < - rd 

r Henry, tmstr. h I.)>-ntonTa Park 

Dentonia Park Farm 


r Robert, lighter np. h Lansdowne av 

inn. h Danforth av 

iid Simeon D). 1 A 

brlir C D Lloyd. 1 Wm 

lid John Mi. h Isa- 

Treanor Wm. H i ark Farm 

Vanderlip.- Wai; 

R. h 

I T A Davis 

h Danforth av 

h Danforth av 

John. rlnr. h I 
. fir, h 
. l.rkmn, i 



Minnie, tchr I I llb 

l.rkmn. I. ij l-Inii.rih 
Willi.:: i i: ib, 1 W .1 


li Midland aV 

Wllli idinii. h liawe< rd 

\\i*l llu^bi. li i 

. l! Wilson 
lliiKh 11. lab. li I anforth av 


WBBOB Thooas. brkmu. b U Hmprliigliam 
iinel. Tarn 1 nrk h I.nttrel! 

ill- A r Stoba. I 
[win- a\ 

limn, h I.uttrell av 

lientoiila I ark 


,.f r n 

Adam-nn Win II, In- itliamptou 

ry J mid Wnn. ! S Mi-Graw 

r av 
I .ard Mi-- Maud, matron Victoria Industrl- 

I .ar! lab. h Mimieo av 

llarnum Jay. pntr. h Staul 
I .arnuni !. : Vi.-fria Industrial 

Sehool. h Superior av 

IB 11. mkt L-dnr Chureli. h same 

i Church 

Julia i wid George), li Buckingham 
Win. printing instr Victoria Indus- 

Wm. is A. pastor Mimieo Meth 
h, h Mimico av 

foreman G T K. h Station 



- jjdnr. h Lake Shore rd 
1 opr G T R. res 

HuniU-r I -ay 

Philip II. gro. flour and feed 
Church, h 

hn. tmstr. h Station rd 
Bnckerfleld Miss Mary, stewardess VIc- 

111-, bkpr P H Brown. I 
W W I .U 

,. h South 
Christ Chnrcb (A rn "- 

.is Tremayne rector 
Dark Alexander, farmer r-hurch 

h Mimico av 
i Ik P II Hniwn. h Eliza 

COXHEAD CAESAR. Builder and 
Cor,-- nr Stanley av, 


Cubitt Woolm-r 1 1 av 

Cnnnlngham Kdward. carp Victoria Indus- 

Cunninffham Mrs Nellie, matron Victoria 

- -chool 
Davey James, mkt sdnr Main, h same 

Lake Shore rd 
. li Homer av 
. h Main 
ry Franklin II. h K 

nl Charles!, h Main 
John. lab. h Homer av 
- Wm. lab. h Elizabeth 
Drmnmond \ (wld John Wl, h 

Duplex Malvlna (wid Richard). 1 W R Met- 

Elkiu Robert, h Albert av 

.Irhn W. prln Mimico Pub School, 


. Superintendent Victoria 
Industrial School, li 

; nitrh Frederick R. pat hair, h 
Shore rd 

Arthur, h Hillside av 
Ford John. elk. h Pigi-on av 

F. J. SMITH * CO. 

Special Attention given to Man* 
agement of Estates Prompt Return* 

16 & 18 Adelaide St. E. 

F. J. SMITH v* CO. 







Fortier Margaret M (.wid Charles G), 1 

W W Burgess 
Garee Alben L, foreman Ont Sewer Pipe 

Co, b G Greenway 

Garee Hugb M. lab, h Homer av 
Gauld George B, carp Victoria Industrial 

School, h Howland ay 
Giles Cnarles, h Church 
Giles Jacob, lab, h St George 
Giles John, h Church 

Southampton. Phone Park 528, h same 
Godson Miss Edith, relief officer Victoria 

Industrial School 

Goldthorpe Benjamin, mkt gdnr Evans av 
Goldthorpe George M, mkt gdjir Evans av 
Gormaly James A. broker, 1 E Stock 
Gormaly Katheriue (wid Alexander), 1 E 


Greenfield Charles, mkt gdnr Oxford 
Greenway George, lab, h Manchester av 
Greenway Wm, shoemkr Victoria Industrial 

Grobba Carl (Grobba & Wandrey), h 

Grobba & Wandrey (Carl Grobba, Ernest 

Wandrey). florists Church 
Hall Win H, h Lake Shore rd 
Hamilton Miss Henrietta, mus tchr Mimico 

av. 1 same 

Hamilton Rev Joseph, h Mimico av 
Hammond George, lab, h Portland 
Harklns John A, adv agt, h Lake Shore rd 
Harris Andrew D, mngr, Ont Sewer Pipe 

Co. res Toronto 
Harris Ann J (wid Isaac), hsekpr Grobba 

& Wandrey 
Harrison A Charles, burner Ont Sewer 

Pipe Co, h Southampton 
Harrison John J, foreman Ont Sewer Pipe 

Co, 1 J Harrison 

Hoasiip Elmer, eng Victoria Industrial Sch 
Heaslip Elwood. watchman Victoria In 
dustrial School 

Heather Herbert, tinsmith Station rd 
Hendry Donald, farmer, h Church 
Hendry Francis, farmer, h Lake Shore rd 
Hendry Margaret A i,wid James), b Mimico 


Heudry Robert, farmer, h Robert 
Henry Robert, lab, h Audley 
Ilon..| Robert M. bi-klyr. h" Queen 
Holdenby Coorge. farmer, h Evans av 
Holmes \Vni. mkt gdnr Queen, h same 
Home Win S. baker Station rd, h same 
Hughes Chester M. elk, h Lake Shore rd 
Hunter Wm II. barr. h Lake Shore rd 
Inglis Wm. h Lake Shore rd 
Isaa. s .lames W. tlr Victoria Industrial 


Isaacs Mrs Millicent. M A. matron Vic 
toria Industrial School 

Jackson Miss Rebecca, o<>k Victoria In 
dustrial School 

Jermyn Thomas J. h Lake Shore rd 
Johnson Alexander, lab. b Elizabeth 
Kay James, ins agt. h Robert 
Kay John, h Lake Shore rd 
Keirl Frank, farmer, h Burlington av 
Kennedy Wm. lab Sewer Pipe Co, h Rose 


Kenny James J. h Lake Shore rd 
Kilman Miss Carrie, baker Victoria Indus 
trial School 
Lawrence Win J. florist Main, res Eglin- 

ton, Ont 

Leedham John E. eng. h Wellesley 
Liuehan Peter E. lab. h Church 
Lyndon Miss Katnra. matron Victoria In 
dustrial School 
McDonald Charles, elk P II Brown, res 

New Toronto 
McDonald Elizabeth (wid Roderick), 1 Miss 

J McDonald 
McDonald Miss Eh.ra. stenog, 1 Miss J 


McDonald Miss jane, h Newcastle 
McElroy Patrick, .-aretkr Mimico Public 

School, h Simpson av 
McGrath John, mkt gdnr Queen, h same 
McGraw Samuel, pntr Church, h same 
McGuire Elizabeth (wid John), b Main 
McGuire Francis, lab, 1 Mrs E McGuire 
McKim Thomas, fore-man Wm .7 Lawrence 
McLeod John, lab G T R. h Rose av 
MacKpehiiie Charles W. elk. h Murray 
MacNeill Miss II Isabel, tchr Mimico Pub 
School, res Toronto 

Maloney Frederick, lab Mrs M A Maloney 
Maloney James, lab Mrs M A Maloney 
Maloney Mary A (wid Timothy), h Station 


Maxwell James, lab, h Lake Shore rd 
Metcalf Wm R, pressman, h Superior av 
Mimico Methodist Church, Rev Wm Blair, 

M A, pastor 

Werdeu Postmaster, Church 
Mimico Public School, J W English prln, 

Mitchell Annie, dom Rev Canon F Tre- 


Mitchell Thomas, watchman G T R, h Su 
perior av 
Moore Allan A, trav Out Sewer Pipe Co, 

res Toronto 

Morris Charles J, lab, h Mimico av 
Muldrew Milton A, mngr, h Lake Shore rd 
O Donnell Thomas, farmer, h Simpson av 
O .Mara \Vm, lab, h Station rd 
Olver Miss Sarah E, h Station rd 
Ontario Sewer Pipe Co Ltd, A D Harris 

mngr, Mimico 

Orr Joseph, farmer, h Church 
Paget Frank J, h Church 
Palk Mary (wid Thomas), h Newcastle 
Pinchin Robert, h Mimico av 
Poffley James, h Church 
Purr John, lab, Ti Symon 
Roberts Miss Alice, 1 J H Telfer 
Robertson Josephine (wid Frank), h Lake 

Shore rd 

Rogerson Elspeth (wiU James M), h South 
Ross Miss Alice V, tchr Mimico Public 

School, 1 J W English 
Royce Isaiah W, carp, h Church 
Scott Miss Jean, 1 Mrs E Rogerson 
Shaw John, lab, h Grand av 
Simpson Charles, h Church 
Sinclair Everett, florist W J Lawrence, res 

New Toronto 
Skelton Robert H, station agt G T R, h 


Slater John, blksmith, h Macdonald av 
Smart Mary (wid John), h Burlington av 
Smith Frederick, acct, h Lake Shore rd 
STELL GEORGE, Builder and Cou- 
tractor, Planing Mill. Coal and Wood 
Newcastle, res Humber Bay (See card 
classified Contractors) 
Stock Edward, J P, h Church 
Stui it is. George, btchr and gro Church 
Swain Edward I, elk, h Hillside av 
Temple Andrew, mkt gdnr Church, h same 
Telfer Grace B (wid Wm), h Albert 
Telfer James II, weigh scale insp G T R, 

h Buckingham 
Telfer .l,,hn A. tieket agt (1 T R. h Pigeon 


Temple Andrew, mkt gdnr Church, h same 
Tizzard David, mkt gdnr Evans av, h same 
Tromayne Rev Canon Francis. rector 

Christ Church, h Church 
Trquhart Miss Kate, bkpr Victoria In 
dustrial School 

Venables Miss Edith, matron Victoria In 
dustrial School 
\ic-toria Industrial School. Chester Ferrler 

Superintendent, Main cor Howland av 
Vint Charles II. hotel Manchester av 
Waites Robert, agricultural instructor Vic 
toria Industrial School 
Watnlrey Ernest (Grobba & Wandrey). h 


Warner Russell S. ins agt. h Albert av 
\Vaison Wm. lab. h Superior av 
Watson Wm. trav. h Lake Shore rd 
\Veleh Albert, h Lake Shore rd 
WERDEN AUSTIN, Postmaster and 

Croeer Church, h same 
\Verden Frederick A, elk A Werden 
Werden Wm A. photographer Church 
Wllkens Anijc (wid Matthew), h Pigeon av 
Wilkinson Miss Linda, relief officer Vic 
toria Industrial School 
Wilkinson Miss Maggie. Indry instr Vic 

toria Industrial School 
Wiltshire Henry H, journalist, h Homer 

Windsor Hotel, C II Vint prop. Manchester 

:iv. cor Yillei lll. 

Woods James J. carp. 1 P J Woods 

Woods Patrick J, h Church 

Woods Win .1. dentist. 1 P J Woods 


(Seven and a half miles west of P 0) 

Adams Richard II, mngr Sheridan Mfg Co, 

res Toronto 

Allies James, asst eng Asylum 
Aldridge James, shoemkr Asylum 
Alexander Joseph, h Lake Shore rd 

Beenicr Medical Superintendent, James 

Corcoran Bursar, Lake Shore rd 
Auscombe James, plowman Asylum 
Bannon John, attendant Asylum 
BEEMER N H, M D, Superintendent 

Asylum for Insane, res same 
I .eswick Chester, coremkr Sheridan Mfg 

Co, h Sixth 

Blackburn Edward, stableman Asylum 
Blackburn John J, attendant Asylum 
Blake Michael, farmer, h Lake Shore rd 
Boulton Wm, mngr Asylum Farm, h Mlm- 

Ico rd 

Bowles Annie, attendant Asylum 
Howies Maud, attendant Asylum 
Brennan Ethel, dom Asylum 
Brown Arthur, mldr Sheridan Mfg Co, h 

Brown Herbert R, bartndr New Toronto 

Buckles Alfred U. postmaster Long Branch 

h Lake Shore rd 
Callaghan John, brkmkr. h Fifth 
Callaghan John jr, 1 J Callaghan 
Campbell Albert, lab, 1 J Campbell 
Campbell John, exp Fifth, h same 
Campbell John A, driver, 1 J Campbell 
Campbell May, dom Asylum 
Carson James, supervisor Asylum 
Cassie John, fireman Asylum 
Cherry James, lab, h Sixth 
Castle Frederick, blksmith, h Sixth 
Chrouse George, lab Sheridan Mfg Co, h 

Colvln Peter, hotel Lake Shore rd, cor 

Mimico av 

Cook Robert, attendant Asylum 
Cooper George, mldr Sheridan Mfg Co, h 

CORCORAN JAMES, Bursar Asylum 

for Insane, res Toronto 
Craib Andrew C. electr Asylum, h Fourth 


Davics Marv E. attendant Asylum 
Dea George^ baker Asylum, h Lake Shore 


Doherty Patrick, lab, h Fifth 
Drumniond Allan, calendar man Ritchie & 

Ramsay, 1 J P Macdonald 
Dunlevic Joseph, pntr. h Fourth av 
Dunn Henry K. attendant Asylum 
Dunn James, lab. h Sixth 
Dunn Thomas, messenger Asylum 
Dyer Adam, carp Asylum, h Sixth 
I >-,! Esther supervisor Asylum 
Fast wood I .ros (James. John. Robert and 

Samucli. farmers, h Lake Shore rd 
Eastwood James (Eastwood Hrosl. h Lake 

Shore road 
Eastwood John (Eastwood Bros), h Lake 

Eastwood Robert (Eastwood Bros), h Lake 

Shore road 
Eastwood S-imne! (Eastwood Bros), h Lake 

Shore road 

Elkin Robert, steward Asylum 
Evans Mina. supervisor Asylum 
Parnuharson Colin P.. carp, h SUtn 
Faulkner Frank farmer, h Homer av 
F, elj John, attendant Asylum 
Finlav John, bkpr Kit. -hie \ Kanisave rms 

C Reid 
Finlay Richard, wks Ritchie & Ramsay, b 

D J Jordan 

Fish Emma A. asst matron Asylum 
FitzL erald Frank, attendant Asylum 
Forstor .lames M. MI), as-t snpt Asylum 
Fulton Cool-ire, lab. li Lake Shore rd 
Coi-man Joseph, supervisor Asylum 
Conrlay John, eng Asylum 
Gonrlie Ernest II. h Lake Shore rd 
Cray Albert, sec Sheridan Mf^ Co 

roil to 
Creensides Abraham, lab. 1 Mrs M M Green- 

Creensides Henry. iai.. 1 Mrs M M Green- 

ides Isaac-, lab Sheridan Mfg Co, 1 
Mrs M M Creenside.s 



CEO. R. HARGRAFT, - General Agent 

Phone Main 251 TORONTO 

W. F. DEVER & CO. 


Stock and Bond Brokers 


Established 189O Telephone *3O3 Main 


North Dovercourt. 


Jacob, lab. 1 Mrs M M 

.vi,l Isaaei. h Slith 


i. Lake Shore rd 
h Sixth 


; 11 in 
in ui 

11. . * lum 

i roller. 1 Win 

II. H i:is. lab, 1 \\"ni Hennessey 

Hennessey Win. fanner, h Sixth 

Hi-iiii>-s, y \Vni J. wks Ritchie & Ramsaj, 

I \V in I I 



Homer av 

I r.iiit%!ti! 1 l.irner av 

lliiKhi -s N.I. . MU 

Hunt M >ixth 

Hum- - ,,,re rd 


.i St-vfiitli 

fariiii-r. 1 i 

i, h Sixth 
ul.-l J. wks Sheridan Mfg Co, b 

nkhn 1 . i \Vrn 1 M 

. .inner, h Ijike Shore rd 
Win J. farmer. .ire rd 

vrthur. lull Sherl.lun 
Lot 1 1 

-ay, h 
Lund Mary ,:. *. farmer Lake 

Lyni , i>s A S Parker, h Slith 

. mldr Shcrida: 

i mi 

\ I.ysaght 

.t J.ihn J. I Mrs M i 

: Jidiin. li : 

urn John J. lab. h Fifth 

rth av 



Win T M. 

: Will T. 1. 
Edmund. 1 II M 
illlnni llu. 

Ritchie \ 
M.I li Sixth 

McK um 

!. h Sixth 
:ien John ( . laundryman Asylum, h 

M< Nelll John. fanner, h Ijike Shore rd 

- i-Tldan Mfg Co. 

iek C. farmer, h 


:>, I James 

nr Asylum 

msay, rms 

I 1 .1 .1 



A-yl im 
.:ili iwid Kl -hnril : 

"k Asylum 

r Colvln pror. 

i I M. Lake Shore rd 

Homer av 

; John, nlnhtwatchman, rms J C 

M. M 

hn. farmer, h Horner av 
.Ii hn jr. farmer, h Horner av 



iis.-t fanner A-yluiu farm 

I .nil l.ii i. .um 

in, ilri inan Asylum 
1 hlllli inldr Sheridan 


: s A>v!um 

h Fifth 

A iKluhle & Ramsay). 

farim-r. li Mini. 

fjirint-r. h I l"i : 

RITCHIE & RAMSAY (Frederick A 

t Aoylum 


11 m 



:. farmer, li I.:i 

attendant Asylum 
Shaw Marian. Indrs Asylum 

s and treas Sheridan 

1. Richard H Adams 
innur. Irn: -uli 

Slndei. . ;um 

Smith ! 
Smith J 

-. W. pntr. Fifth, li same 
. farmer. : -e rd 

: liursar A 

Sw:m Minn,. lum 

Sulft A 

Swit/.-r Sainiii I. 1. 1. \i-le mkr. h 

inldr ShiTldan Mf^- 

eng Alfred S Parker, b 

>T James, app Sh.-rMan MfL- r 

- re rd 

Tlnk I :um 

-.rsmkr. I J T.iomey 
h. lab. 1 J 

ii i-. lali. I J Toomey 

11 John, h Lake Shore rd 

-ylum. h Mlinlco 


n. h Mimleo aT 

Whitlam Ilenr<- farm, r. h Mlinlco ar 
\\ i..., um 

t, attendant Asylum 

Yerex man Ritchie & Ram- 



and a half miles northwest of P O) 

nport rd 
lire frames, n s Main 

nport rd 
noreland av 

nport rd 
Andrews John, pntr, h w s Westmoreland 


Andr. T. h w s Llghtbonrne 


rt J. mach. 1 W J Austin 

lai-h. 1 W J Austin 

npuikr. h n s Main 

J. , Ik. h e .< Hamburg av 

s av 

t Jr. tlr, 1 It r. 
Bild >: ivcru av 

it. h s Doverconrt rd 

- av 

- I l;i nilnirg av 
. h w s Osslngton av 
mureland av 

ntr. h s s Dnnbar av 

wiper, 1 Mrs .1 H 
1 Donald), h e s Ha:: 

Fliirke l>a\ Id J. Mksmith, h w s Dovercourt 

ri -k W. lab. h e s S. 
- rl, k W jr. lumber - 
W I .urn.s 
Hums John, rattle dlr. 

it J, lab, h s s Main 
I .utt (Ji-nfL-e H. carp, h e s Dufferln 

;ndry Co, w n Lansdowne, Ml 1 

gt, has Chandos av 
.l"hn. liiit inan. h w s SoiiH-rse : 
I atri.k J. lab. h n s 

udt, 1 J Conboy 

vikt - ilur, . .,;] av 

- !nr Jamr- same 


1 n of Main 
Cook Arthur A. foreman, h w s Delaware 

r Michael II. lab. b s B Brandon av 

tlett av 

rt rd 

::ikr. h s s Main 
ings Wm J, eng J 

r, 1 II Cutler 

.."tlett av 

Cutler .: .- : . D. 1 II 


infr, h w s Ham 

abella, h e s Dufferin 

ma .1 I erry 

Main, cor Dover- 
: rd 

I Primrose av 
nerset av 

h. h L S r 

Eaklns John (. , uphol. h w s Westmoreland 


Echlln Philander M. wdwkr. h s s Dunbar 

Mary, mach opr J Wilson 

.dward F. mach, h e s Dufferln 

Miss Jennie A. mach opr J Wi 
1 W H Kerrey 

Wm H. (ilstr h w av 

Kerrey Wm H jr. mach. 1 W i I I 
Finn Edward 1+ moto. h n s Brandon av 



Losses Paid Since Organization over S21,OOO,OOO.OO 

Fire and 


* No. 3 TORONTO ST. 

Insurance, Financial and Estate Agents 

Administrators and Trustees 


North Dovercourt. 


Flight 1 Charles, flsh pdlr. h s s Malii 
Foster Mrs Mary, niae-ti opr J Wilson, res 


French Albert, presser J Wilson, res To 

Frost I.uigi, lali, h n s Arlington av 
Frost Toney. lab, h \v s LJghtbourne ar 
Gardner Joseph, carp, h e s Salem av 
George Charles E, mkt gdnr, e s Ossington 

av, h same 

Giles Thomas J, driver, h n s Main 
Gill Thomas J, brass finshr, h w s Ham 
burg av 

Gold Adolphus, lab, h w s Salem av 
Gold Miss Eleanor S. in.ich opr J Wilson, 

1 A Gold 

Green Win 1C, prtr, h w s Delaware av 
lliill t narlcs. cutter, h s s Davenport rd 
Haney Alexander, lab, h w s Lightbourne 


Haney Robert s. lab, 1 A Haney 
Ilaiina David, tuistr, h t s Dovercourt rd 
Hard George, carp, h s s Dunbar av 
Haw George- A. pressman, h s s Main 
Hayes Win. shoemkr. w s Delaware av 
HutTiuan Win. lab, 1 T G Falser 
HOPKINS JAMES A, Grocer ana 

Postmaster, s s Main, h same 
lUiilsi.n Edward, carp, h e s Dufferin 
Hudson John t . carp, h e s Dufferin 
Hudson Susanna iwid Clement). 1 E Hudson 
Hudson >\ alter, pntr. h e s Dnfferin 
Jackson Win A. carp, h n s Brandon av 
Jaeob Frederick J. tinstr. h w s Salem av 
Johnston Miss .Mary, maeli opr J Wilson, 

res Toronto 

Jones Albert K. lab. li e s Salem av 
Jones David W. eoal and we. oil. e s Duf- 

ferin. 1 n cl K. res Toronto Junction 
Kce-ber George- W. lab. b e s Somerset av 
Kennedy John H. e-ontr bldr. s s Main 
Kilvington Charles J. mkt jrilnr. s s Main 
Kirkey Peter J. foreman, h n s Main 
Knapp Henry I., earp. h s s Main 
Langilon Albert I,, elitmkr, h w s Dover- 

e-e.urt rd 

I.appin Joseph, tmstr. h n s Brandon av 
La"iiin Mrs Mary, drsmkr. n s Brandon 
Law John 1C, driver, h w s Hamburg av 
Leather Matthew, lab, h w s Delaware av Albert 1C. e-ontr. w s Bartlott av 
Lester Iteiiben. maeli. h w s Bartlett av 
MeCliitehy David, lab. h w s Dufferin 
Me-cre-a Win. stableman, li w s Westmore 
land av 

Medie Kdward. lab. h e s Hamburg av 
McDowell John, grocer, e s Dufferin, cor 


Moll ugh Charles II. lab. 1 Mrs M MoIIugh 
Mi-Hugh Mar.v iwid James), h w s Dufferin 
Mel. a iii:hlin Uohert, lab. h n s Chandos av 
MeLanghlln Win K. lab. 1 It McLaujrhlin 
Maitelox Robert, barber, h s s Main 
Malluugh Joseph, lab. h e s Malvern av 
Marshall Charles, c-arp. b w s Westmore 
land av 
Marshall Charles jr. tmstr. h w s West- 

moreland av 

Marshall Elward J. lltho. h e s Somerset av 
Matthews John K, awning mkr, h e s West- 

niorei.-ind av 
Membery Henry, pressman, b w s West 

meiycland av 

Milano Josej.ll It. lab. ll n s Chandos av 
Mills James, h w s Delaware av 
Montgomery George W, whol btchr, n s 

Main, h same 
Montgomery John II, whol cattle dlr. w s 

D>-!a\vare av. h same 

Morgan Hie-hard, lab. h e s Lansdowne av 
M<.iis. .n Thomas, lab. rms C Ross 
Murray Win. driver, h w s S.m rsel av 
N oele-y Miss Kli/.abc-th. h w s Delaware- av 
Nc vins John T. ear repairer, h \v s Bart 
lett avenue. 

N ovlns John T jr. driver. 1 J T Nevins 
Nixon James, lab. h n s Arlington av 
Notlc-y James, lab. h s s M^lin 
Ogle- Win. lab. h < s Bart lot! av 
On- Alfred J. carriage, trimmer, h s s Main. 

c-c.r Bartl"tt av 

Palmer Josc-ph B. dairy, o s Malvern av 
PaKi r Thoniav <;. jmtr. h 11 s Arlington av 
I arkinscm George-, brkmkr. h w s Bartlett 

1 ask Wm, eng. h s s Main 

Joseph, lab. h s s Dave-njiort rd 
Phillips John, c-arp. h w s Somerset av 
Pickering Win. brklyr. h n s Brandon av 
riiikham Win, brklyr, h n s Chandos av 

Piper Henry A. wood carver, h w s Salem 

Pollard Wm. carp, h e s Somerset 
Pollard Wm J. oik. 1 Wm Pollard 
Potter Walter J. lab. h w s Delaware- av 
Powdre-Il George, brklyr. h s s Chandos av 
Powell John, brklyr. 1 W Powell 
Powe H Walter, brklyr. h e- s Westmore 
land av 
Proetor ICrnest B, leather cutter. 1 Win 

Proctor Miss Minnie, mach opr J Wilson. 

1 Win Proctor 

Proctor Win. lab, h w s Delaware av 
Puterbaugh Alfred F. maeli lid. h w s De-la- 

ware av 

Kichniond David, nildr. h , !! Primrose- av 
Uobcrts Amos A. lab, h w s Light bourne- av 
Roberta Miss .le-ssio mach OIXT J Wilson, 

res Toronto 
ilobiiisoii Jolin, presser J Wilson, res To- 


Kol.^i.n Ite-nbe-n. carp, h e s Lansdowne av 
Itose- Iti.bert J. e-.arp. h e- e Bartlett a\ 
Itoss Cliavle-s. lab. h n s Dunbar av 
Saiiinle-is Charb s H. foreman, h e- s De-la- 
ware av 
Sanmb rs Miss F Fli/.abcth. mae-h e.j.r .1 

Wilson, res Toronto 

Savillo He iirv. eng. h w s Primrose av 
Saville- Henry jr. driller 1 II Saville 
Snvllle John W. mldr. 1 H Saville 
Savill,- Win. pntr. 1 II Saville 
Serrick Daniel, lab. rms K J Butler 
Shearsmith Henry, lab. h w s Salem av 
Snle\ Miss Hazel, inae-h ojir J Wilson, res 
Toronto H 

Smith Win, shoemkr. h s s Main 
Snell Ile-nry C. shipjier. h e- s Hamburg av 
Sproule Thomas J. e-arp. h w s Primrose av 

Stolhe-rs Kobe-rt. h S S Malll 

Stuart Hubert, h s s Branele.n av 
Stuart Robert jr. gilder. I H Stuart 
Sntton Wm M. eng. h s s Main 
Swanton Geoi-L-e-. broommkr. h e- s Hamburg 

avi iiue 

Thompson Albert H. dyer, h w s Bartlett a\ 
Thompson Miss Lena, inai-h opr J Wilson. 

res Toronto 

Tonilinson James, car eleiiner, h w s Ham 
burg av 
Turner . \lfrcel. boilermkr. ll w s Hamburg 


Turner John, boilermkr. h w s Hamburg av 
t \\ielale- John C jr. barber, h w s Bartle-Il 


Van Buskirk Isaac-, agt. h e- s Hamburg av 
Veeehii. Antonio, lab. ll s s Dinibar av 
WaLjcr Harolel. mach opr J \\ ilson. res T.. 

Wainwright Arthur F. agt. h -i; Primrosi- 

a \ einie 
Wainwright Frederick L. jwlr. I jr. I rim- 

rose av 
Wainwright Hastings M. mach lid. I L i 


Waters John, rnac-li. h e s Hamburg av 
Welli-r Jesse. 1 T II Weller 
Weller Thomas II. lab. h e s Diifforin 
Whlbley Charlc-s. lab. h w s Ossington av 
While Albert 1-:. dyer. 1 A I! Thompson 
Williams Griffith, stone-mason, h .- s Mai 

vern av 

Wilson James, tlr. e- s Ossinuton. h same 
\\ ilson Thomas, photo, h w s De-laware av 
Woods Patrick, lab. h s s Main 
Wright Arthur, pntr. h w s Ossington av 
XaviU Jame-s B. launelrynian. li s s Dunbar 

R venue 


(Comprising the Villages of Bedford Park. 
Davisviiie- and Fglintoli. three and a halt 
mill s north of I i n 

Adams Albert, lab. h 11 s Merlon. Davisviiie 
Anderson Albert C. prtr. h n s Melton, lla- 

\ndorson John M. farmer, h w s Yonge. 

\ndorson Neil, wks Glenavy Farm. I same 
\rgb-s Guy A L. ll w s Vonge. Davisviiie 
Armstrong ICdwarcl. btchr .1 J Davis, 1 St 

Clair av. Deer Park 
Armstrong Fli.jah. h s s Itoehaiiipton av. 


.vl-mstrong Salniie-1 W. treas York Town 
ship, h w s Yongi . Fglinte.n 

Arnotl Albert W. trav. h s s Bullied, Davis 

AtKins Be-rtram II. studt. 1 E W Atkins 
Atkins Flliott P. studt. I 1C W Atkins 

Atkins Elliott W. h s s Victoria av, Eglin- 

Atkins Win It. shipper, b Davisviiie Hotel 

mistress Bedford Park P o 1 w s Yonge, 
Bedford Park 

Atkinson John 1C, gro, w s Yonge, h same, 
P.edford Park 

Atkinson Thomas, lab. e- s Yonge, Bedford 

Anld Mrs Sarah, staty. w s Youge, ll same, 

e\uld Wm. carp, h w s Yonge. ICglinton 

Anil -Win. produce dlr. n s Frederick, h 
same. Davisviiie 

Italic 1 )- Ann iwid Edward), h n s Glebe av. 

Bailey Richard, tmstr. li n s Glebe av, Da 

Baillie Robert C. h s s Victorin av. Eglinton 

Baillie Win, carp, h n s Merton, Davisviiie 

Ball Herbert II. rept. h n s Merton, Da 

Banks Charles, agt. h n s Victoria av. Eg 

Banks Miss Elizabeth, h e s Yonge, Bed 
ford Park 

Baraelell Wm, cond, h n s Sherwood av. 

Bedford Herbert, presscr. h s s Balliol. Da- 

Bedford Park Hotel, John Klees prop, w s 
Yonge. Bedford Park 

Mrs A M Atkinson Postmistress, w s 

Be-ll Samuel, brklyr. h w s Yonge. Eglinton 

Benson Mrs Harriet, h w s Alberta cres, 

Bescoby Ile-le-n G iwid Edwardl. h s s Eg 
linton av, Davisviiie 

i.ovan Walter- carp, h s s Sherwood av. 

l.ingham Win. lab. ll w s Gordon. Davis 

Birch Erne. st. 1 Mrs S Birch 

Kirch Miss Esther, ma.-li 1 Mrs S Birch 

Birch Oliver, lab. 1 Mrs S Birch 

Kirch Sarah iwid Thomas), h n s Castle- 
tie-!d av. Eglinton 

Birch Wm J. lab. h s s Woburn av. Bed 
ford Park 

Bin-hard Edgar 1C. c-ng North Toronto \\ at 
erworks. h s s Kensington av. Eglinton 

i-.ond Win L. phy. e s Yonge. h same-. Fg- 

Konnor Saimn-1. cond. h s s ICglinton av, 

Booth Miss iCvaiigellne-. .-omnnssioner Sal 
vation Army, h c s Yonge 

Booth James, gdnr. h s s Woodward av, 

Bolt Edward, c-abtmkr. h n s Sherwood av. 

Bonldcn Frederick, reporter Telegram, h n 
s Sherwood av. ivglinton 

Hover Henry, tlorist. w s Woburn av. h 
same. Bedford Park 

Bcv-cr John, potter, h \v s Yonge . Davisviiie 

I .ranton Henry, lab. h n s Sherwood av, 

Krennan John, dairy, s s Davisviiie av. h 
same . Davisviiie 

Bridgoland .Tames, h n s Roehampton av, 

Bricrl.-v Joseph, mkt gdnr. s s Davisviiie 
av. li same-. Davisviiie 

r.ritton Wm. motorman. h s s Balliol. Davis 

Broad Wm II. inaeli h w s Yonge, Bedford 

Brown Aloiixo J. jwlr. h w s Yonge. Davis 

Brown Edward D. farmer, h e s \onge-. 
Be dfiird Park 

Brown Filwill C. auctioneer, s s Sherwood 
av. h same Eglinton 

Brown F.lwy. brkmkr. 1 James Brown 

..rciwn James. Co Constable-, h e s Yonge-. 

lirmvn Jane- iwid David), h w s Yonge. Da 

Brown Norman, c-le-v opr. 1 James Brown 
Ill-own Win. assessor. Town Hall, h s s 

She l wood av 

Brown Win. c-b-.t, b W J Martin 
lire. willow James W, brokeT, h w s Y onge, 
i Davisviiie 







TEL. MAIN 3724 96 KING ST. W, 

uLr. w \ 
wi.l \Vuip. h > 
. dairy, w s Yonge, b name. 

K -MlKtoIl 


Carden Mi-s MatKle. .-o..k . tU 




i-kinkr. ti 

is, lal>, h w 8 Yong. 

-hr. h n s Halll 

.rMiikr, I I; 
lr*mkr. 1 I: 

, blkxiultl. 

ii, h e 
Clark Icrk York Township, h V4 

ni, plmlT. b s Ralllul. Davlsvllle 
Arthur I,, training Inst. . 


\V 11 Mi- 
Cook Kllza iwld Jaiiiex. Ii * - iMvlsvllle 

:n>l bt.-hr. 
. llle 

John, whol litehr. n s Davlsrllle av. 
v 1 1 1 e 

- navUvlllo nv. h 

Me dlr. w 
same. Davlsvllle 
Cook Win. l:ili. h w s Youce. Bedford Turk 

fl.-nr an.! 
A 1! I!n|.i 

av. ;ile 

W. l.rkmkr J p.-ars. h w H 
Tteul.ih av. 

Arthur K. elk P O 




,, rwood av. 


-v. h n s Vl.-torla av. Eclln 

hoes, b e - 
I ark 

in insp. h s K S. Man BT, Oa- 
. illo 

\ander J. potter. D.ivlsvllle pot- 
n^derlok. Davlsvllle 

,k J J Davis. 1 w a 

H. produ llr. w s YouRe. 


ikt pdnr. n s Victoria av. h 

likpr. 1 I" 

DAVIS JOHN J. Grocer and Post- 

John Da . 
- jr. litchr, lerlok. 

H Minns prop, e s 




J I 




r.i i- 

n Boebam|tnn a\. 

l.kpr. 1 \ 

John. <lri 


way av. b mun- 


II. Jwlr. U K VI. t..ila av. 


k. b n s i:. 




a\. I 


I, lirknikr J 
Drurj- Wm. ,lrh. 

ll.-nr> It. Lkpr. ti n \ i. t..rla av, Eg- 

moto. h iiavis- 


Duuc:i lab, h w s Yonge, Davis 

Dnncii i.-nnle E, tebr 

S.-h, 1 Wm Aull 
Duncan Thomas, inkt gdnr, b s s Glebe ar, 

b 8ii vllle 

Dunn Benjamin J A, foremn. has Mer- 

ton, DavIsTllle 

Dunneit All. -n. ; .,; : W Dunnett 
Donnett Samuel, lali. h w s Youge. Bed 
ford Park 
Dunnett Win .1. farmer, h e s Yonge. lied- 

ford Park 

Dupre John, h w s A Darlsvllle 

Durand rharlis A. barr w s Yonge, h n 

av. Egll 
Durai nnis tchr n s Montgomery 

av. 1 same. Kgllnton 
I url. lab, 1 S Chapman 

Durle Archibald F. eng, h e 8 Gordon, 

iiclfard, lab. h n s Albertus av, 

lab. h n s It. .per av 
.-. 1 W Ed 

Clinton nr. 

Phllli: .inton 



J C 

Might priii. 





U. brkmkr, b w s Yonge, 
k, lab, b w .s Yonge, Eg- 
J, brkmkr, h w * Yonge, 
. Henry, llorist, b i. 

farmer, h n * Kglintou 

Coon, T v:i 

e, Eg- 

air Hotel 
FISHER JOHN, Mayor Eglinton, h 


.1. lebr Davlsvllle Seb. I 
.lolin, foreiuu, b w s Youge, 

rkmkr, b .s s Soudan 
Tri-.l I!, driver. 1 Mrs A Fuck- 
Inua iwiil Alfred J). b n * Mer- 
M. driver, I Mr.s A 

lur, I (j II l..iw 

b n - Morton, Dav 

mil, b - - I: 
T.1 Park 


ph), I Mr* A M llar- 
Ariliur. blksiuitli .1 A I bilds, 

- ! Il.ll 

.1. bkr. h 

ItOU 1 ( .1 Frogley 
-i*!iu. b s s Et-llnton av, 


I.. elotllillK Illfr, Ii 




uikr ydnr n > r.L linton 
av. Ii 



n av, 


-<. ll \v s 


k. w * Yoiijre. KKllnton 
rd Wm II. ii..mvkr. h * * M.-rton 

n Alfred, b-.r-se dlr n s Alberti. 

- loll 

-\ ille 

man. h e s Yonee, 
k W, bldr. b s s Itiilllol, 

r.-bitPet. ll w ^ V.UI- 

. Ii w s _ inton 

. lirknikr .1 ! .. 

Frank, florist, b n 





f. McEACHREN, Manager Phone Main 2376 


tf fl I Wll 


LwwfXL Money to Loan, Estates Managed, K *r \itr\Tf\T* I A 
Real Estate Bought and Sold O 7 VlwTOKIA OT 

North Toronto. 


Grice Thomas, pluibr, h s s Davisville av, 

Grifliths Uicliard, stenog Salvation Army, 
1 Miss E Booth 

Grumly Frederick, ins agt, h u s Wood 
ward av, Egliutou 

Guscott George, carp, h 11 s Merton, Davis 

Haddell Frederick J, bkr, h u s Balliol, 

Uagerniau Peter, driver, h s s Balliol, 

Hall Frederick F, gdnr Mrs Mary iiall 

Hall George, gdur, u s s Soudau av, Davis 

Hall George jr, bkr, has Broadway av, 

Hall Herman F, gdur Mrs Mary Hall 

Hall Janies, mkt gdur n s Davisville av, 
h same, Davisville 

Hall John, mkt gdur n s Egliutou av, 

Hall Mary (wid Thomas), mkt gdur e s 
Youge, h same, Davisville 

Hall Uicliard, barber e s Youge, h same, 

Hargrave Elizabeth (wid Joseph), gro e s 
Youge, h same, Egliutou 

Hargrave Miss Emily, drsiukr e s Youpc, 
h same, Eglintou 

mistress Egliutou 1 O, h e s Yoiige 

Harper Richard, ins ugt, h n s Gleucalru 
av, Egliutou 

Harrisdii Ascnath M (wid Christopher;, h s 
s Victoria av, Eglintou 

Harrison George, lab J Pears, h e s Youge, 

Hayes Thomas, lab, li s Frederick, Davis 

Helmkay Joseph, gdnr, h u .s Erskine av, 

Hemming Henry K S, jwlr, h s s Glen 
Grove, Egliutou 

Hend T ou Mr; Auule, h e s Yonge, Eg 

Henderson Miss Isabella, elk, 1 Mrs A 

Heslop Mary (wid Thomas), li s s Albertus 
av, Egliutou 

Hinds Edward, farmer, h s s Egliutou av, 

Hinds John, tuistr, h s s Greenwood av, 

Hinds Kiehard. lab. h n s Eglinton av. 

Holland Jidni J. Indry. h n s Castlefield av. 

Hogg Nursery Co, h 614 Ontario, To 

lloj. i; -Miss Isabella, h n s Mertou, Davis 

HOJIH Manager, n s Davisville av, Davis 
ville. oftiee r,!4 Ontario, Tor (See card 
elassliied N urservinen) 

Holden Esther iwid John), h s s Eglin 
ton av. Davisville 

llolden Herbert, driver Joseph Holden, 1 
Mrs E Hidden 

Holden Jauit s. mkt gdur s s Broadway av, 
h same, Eglinton 

Holden .l.din. btchr Joseph Hold,en, 1 Mrs 
E Holdun 

Holdcn .Insepb. litehr e s Yonge, Eglinton. 
1 Mrs E llnlden 

Hnpkiucs Miss Bertha C, mlnr. 1 J E Hop. 

HopkiiiRs Miss Emily, mlur, 1 J E Hopklngs 

Hopklut s James E, h n "s Roehampton av, 

Hopkins Anthony li. blksmlth w s Yoiifro. 
h samp. liertfiinl Park 

Horrlftan Mrs Martha, h w s Yonge. Davis 

Houghton Thomas. plstr, h e s Yonge, 

Howe Frank, pntr, h n s Davisville nv, 

Huckstepe Charles, lab. h w s Yonce. Bed 
ford Park 

Hudson Rev Albert G. pastor Davisville 
Meth Church, h W s YOUBP. Davisville 

Hnirhey Robert, h e s Yonge Dnvlsville 

Humberson John S, farmer e s Yonge. Bed 
ford Park 

Humphrey Miss Kebecca, h e s Gordon. 

Hunt Joliu, mkt gdur n s Broadway av, 

h same, Egliuton 

Hunt John jr., gdur, 1 John Hunt 
Hunt Wm, shoemkr, h u s Merton, Davis 
Hurst Edward, gdur, h e s Alberta cres, 


Imrie Herbert, h u s Smith av, Eglinton 
luwood George, h w s Yonge, Egliuton 
irviue Frank, elk, h s s Woburu av, Bed 
ford Park 
Jackes Henrietta twid Wm), h e s Yojige, 


Jackes James, rufrs agt, 1 Mrs II Jackes 
Johnson Henry, mkt gdnr e s Gordon, h 

same, Davisville 
Johnson Henry L, tmstr, h u s Soudan 

av, Davisville 

Johnson Leouard, tmstr, 1 H Johnson 
Johustou Herbert, cond, b W J Martin 
Johnston John, mkt gdur n s Glebe av, 

h same, Davisville 
Johnston Robert, mkt gdur n s Glebe av, 

h same, Davisville 

Jones Benjamin, h n s Victoria av, Eg 
Jones George, driver, h n s Woburn av, 

Bedford Park 
Jones Stephen, gdnr. h s s Balliol, Davis 

Jones Wm, driver Joseph Holden, 1 Mrs E 

Jndd Elizabeth W (wid II Wells), h n s 

Victoria av, Eglinton 
Jury Ernest C, elk, h s s Eglinton av, 


Kane Albert, brkmkr J Pears, 1 Egliuton 
Kerswell Elizabeth (wid Charles H), h w 

s Yoir- c, Eglintou 
Kerswell Wm L. 1 Mrs E Kerswell 
Kirk James, b C Huckstepe 
Kirk Wm. cleaner, h n s Broadway av, 

Kb, s John, hotel w s Yonge, Bedford 

Kliuck Joseph A, carp, h n s Sherwood av, 

Klluek Robert E, shipper, bus Sherwood 

av. Egliuton 

Laird Alfred J, elk, 1 J Laird 
Laird John, picture frames, h e s Gordon, 

Lamb Francis T. brkmkr J Pears, h n s 

Castlcticld av. Eglinton 
Lapofsky Abraham, dairy n s Eglinton av. 

h same, Eglinton 
I.aiioM;.v Benjamin, trav, h n s Eglintou 

av. Eglinton 

Law Edwin G. farmer, h e s Yonge, Eg 
Lawless John. lab. h n s Roper av, EK- 


Lawrence Bernard, elk. 1 S Lawrence 
Lawrence Frank, farmer, h e 8 Youge, tag- 


Lawrence George E. 1 S Lawrence 
Lawrence Gcorsre II. h s s Balliol, Davis- 

Lawrence Henry, mkt gdur n s Davisville 

av. h same. Davisville 
Lawrence Mary E iwld Robert), h s s 

Davisville av 
Lawrence Robert G, florist W J Lawrence, 

1 S Lawrence 

Lawrence Samuel, farmer w s Yonge, Bed 
ford Park 
Lawrence Stephen, florist, h s s Hawthorne 

av, Eglintou 
Lawrence Wm J. florist n s Kensington 

av. h same, Eglinton 
Lawsnn Albert, elk. h s s Erskine av, 

I.e Barr Benjamin, packer, h s s Merton 

Le Cras Thomas, artificial limb mkr. h n 

s Kensington av. Eglinton 
L Estane Wm J. h s s Broadway av, Eg 
Lewis Miss Elizabeth V, tchr Dnvlsville 

Sch, 1 Wm Aull 
Linke Emll, shoemkr w s Gordon, Davls- 

Little Letltla A (wid John J), h w s 

Yonge. Davisville 
Little Philip, gdnr, h s s Victoria av. 


Loach George, potter Davisville Pottery, b 
w s Youge, Davisville 

Loach Johu, jwlr, h n s Woburn av, Bed 
ford Park 

Lock Frederick, carriage mkr, h s s Mer 
tou, Davisville 

Locke James F, carp, h n s Broadway av, 

Logie Beujamln, elk, 1 J Logie 

Logie James trav, h s s Eiskln_> av, Be- 

Loudou Elizabeth (wid Wm), 1 John Lou- 

Loudou John, mngr, h n s Victoria av, 

Lynn David, lab, 1 T Lynn 

Lynn George, btchr, 1 J Moxon 

Lyuu Johu, lab, h w s Yonge, Davisville 

Lyuu Thomas, btchr, h s s Eglinton av, 

Lynn Thomas, lab, li n s Glenwood av, 

McCann John, h w s Yonge, Eglinton 

McCanii John, plmbr, 1 L McCann 

Mil aim Joseph, elk, 1 L McCanu 

McCauu Lawrence, lab, h w s Yonge, Dav 

McCartney Maggie (wid George), nurse e 
s Yonge, h same, Davisville 

McClehuid Thomas J, carp, h n s Sherwood 
av, Eglinton 

MeColl Wm, dairy s s Albertus av, h 
same, Eglintou 

Met , nub George G, h n s Merton, Davis 

McComh James, stereo, h n s Mertou, Dav 

McCormack George, farmer, h w s Youge, 
Bedford Park 

McCormick Eliza J (wid Henry), 1 Mrs 
L A Little 

Mcfrae Henry, cattle dlr w s Yonge, b 
same. Davisville 

Mci rac Mary (wid John), h e s Yonge, 

McCready John, lab, h n s Merton. Davis 

McCnlloch John, farmer, h s s Victoria av, 

McDonald Wm A, carp, h w s Yonge, Dav 

McDowell George, mason, h s s Roehamp 
ton av, Eglinton 

McEldmi Arthur, elk, 1 A McEldon 

MclOldon Arthur, gdnr, h e s Yonge, Dav- 

McEldou Arthur J. elk J J Davis, 1 A Mc- 

MeKeuilry Charles D, feathers, h e s 
Yon^e, Egliuton 

McKlnlay Allan H, elk, 1 A R McKlnlay 

McKiulay Archibald R, trav, h s s Glen 
Grove, Eglinton 

MeKinlay Wm W, elk, 1 A R MeKlnlay 

Mcl hcrson Wm, pdlr, h w s Gordon, Dav 

McQnirc Daniel, brkmkr J Pears, res To- 

MeUae Daniel M, bartndr W J Martin 

Mabhntt Win, lab, h w s Yonge, Bedford 

MaoDnff Johu. tnistr J Pears, h s s Eglin 
ton av, Davisville 

Magnlre Wm, coal and wood, h e s Yonge, 

Manton George, florist n s Sherwood av, h 
same, Eglinton 

Mantou Thomas, florist n s Victoria av, 
h same, Eglinton 

Martin Herbert, driver, 1 W J Martin 

Martin Wn) J. hotel w s Yonge, Eglinton 

Mason Elizabeth (wid Henry), h n s Mer 
ton. Davisville 

Matheson Donald, dairy s s Woburn av, 
h. same. Bedford Park 

Matthews Henry, btchr, h s s Glenwood 
av. Davisville 

Mead Thomas, lab, h n s Davisville av, 

Mead Wm. u dnr. 1 T Mead 

Menkor John, mkt pdnr n s Davisvllle av, 
h same, Davisville 

Menrs Richard. Rdur. h s s Merton. Davls- 

Met b., dlst Mission House, s s Merton, Dav 

Middlebrook Joseph H, elect, h s s Son- 
dan av, Davlsvllle 


** Rente Dress Suits 



115-117 KINO ST. W., TORONTO 

tzmanfc ( . 

Ar pearly and 


Ninth ! . n.uto. 

Mlddli tun Hubert, gdur, h s a Ersklne AT, I hli . Mr Kglluton Bao- 

, A 

Might prlu Egllnton Tab School, 

b Mrs E \V JuUd 

Minns Enii-t II, elk, 1 \V U Minns 
Mini ;:, elk, I W II Minns 

r 11, hotel e 8 Yonge, Davis- 

Mil. hell James, motorman, h s 8 Davls- 
r .iiir .1 Strader, 1 same 

Mix*: <1 wkr, h t* s Ersklne 

; r. 1 K 11 Moody 
lloore James, gdur, has Soudan av, Dar- 

id Hubert), h w Youge, 

\Viu J. hardware e s Yonge, h same, 

Mom . John Murphy care- 

tkr. ft Erskln- 

H, l.ti-hr. h \v .s Yonge, Davis- 
Mull John, shoemkr e s Yonge, h same, 

bur, btchr, 1 J Mulllus 
Mullins James, dyer, h s 8 Balllol, DavU- 

Muuns Ilnrwood H. h a s Victoria av, 


agrl Implts w s Yonge, h 

Murphy John, caretkr Mount Hope Cem 
etery, h - 
Murphy <>swell. lab. 1 C Murphy 

uter, florist n s Balllol, h same, 

!1 Frederick, prtr, h s s Merton, Df 

: . agt, h s s Egllnton av, 

a. florist Peter Nisbet, 1 sam 
.llle av, b 

rwood av, 

elect belts, h n Glen- 

Arthur, elk. h n s Broadway av. 

North Toronto Floral Co Ltd, florists n 8 

r Work- 

n s Kensington av, 
O Brien James. l>kpr. h n s Merton. I 

O Leary John, foreman Glenavy Farm, b 


Oakley A" rm 

Oram James, lab. h w s Yonge. Davlsvllle 
Osier Miss Emma. 1 Mrs H i> 
Osier Harriet mill Henry B), h n s Haw- 
thor ton 

Wm J Martin prop, w s 

Salvation Army. 

i>. h s s Balllol. Davlsvllle 

rp. h w s Yonge, Davis 

n. lab. h e s Yonge, Davis 

Stephen, lab. h s s Balllol. Davlsvllle 
Wm. carp, h n s Castlefleld av. Eg- 

Parke Wm. nifr- net. h s s Glen Grove, 

hjir II. piano Inner, h n s Mer- 

h s s Morton, 

PEARS JAMES (Davisville and Carl- 

_- Co), h n s Eellnton av. 

tied Brick Mfrs> 

-rlefleld av. 


Walter, bkr, has Merton, Davls- 

Perrin Stephen A. h n av, Dav- 

Peters Albert, carp, h s s Esllnton av, 


Pfaeniltner Otto W, litho. h w s Yonge, 


:i - s Yonge, Bedford 

muia (wld Thomas), caretkr 
ool, bus Frederick, 

1st, 1 11 Plant 

>r, bet 

:nas H J, elk, 1 H I lant 


Pollard M. | Mrs K M Pugsley 

I orter 
John, mkt gdur w s Vonge h 

ford Park 
Porter Miss l.ydla, 1 Miss M Porter 

s Mary, h w s Yonge, Egllnton 
Win, plsir. h s s Balllol, ; 

, Thomas W, rector St Clem- 

- Chur. h. h s s Bilar Hill av, Eg- 

. h s s Eglluton av, Davls 

Allwrt, farmer, h s s Ersklne ar, 

Frederick, moto, b s 8 Merton, Dav- 
Pratt Peter, barber, baa Merton, DavU- 

Pratt Thomas, gro s 8 Merton, h same, 

Thomas, plmbr. 1 P Pratt 

) ill poster, h e s Yonge, 

rd Park 

Prinl. Ir, I G F 1 rltchard 

Priuhard George F, carp, h s s Albertus 

av, Egllnton 

Prltcliard George F Jr, carp, h s s Ersklne 
av, Egllnton 

iv id Alfred), h 8 
. Egllnton 
rick, h s s Egllnton av, Davis 

- Yonge, h 

; t, bkiT, h s .s Krsklne av, 

v Harry E. carp. 1 James Ramsay 
lildr s Victoria av, h 

k. 1 James Ramsay 
. litho, 1 James K 
v Wm R, coud, h e s Yonge, Eg- 

r Albert, putr, h s s Merton, Davis 

ire, 1 S Rayner 
nuel, pntr, h s s Alberta 

Joseph, pdlr, h e s Yonge, I> 

Mrs Mllllrent. h n s Smith av, 


Richardson Samuel R, phy w s Yonge, h 

-derlck E. elk. h n s Eglinton 
av, Eglinton 

mach, h n s Frederick, 

John, lab, h s s Balllol. Davls 

Meiander, lab, h s s Soudan av, 

>n George, lab, h e s Gordon, Davis- 
George, h e s Yonee. Egllnton 
rd Thomas, pdlr, h w s Gordon, 

. mkt gdnr w s Yonge, h same, 

Rnwllnson John H, gilder, h s s Balllol, 

Rutherford Miss Ella, tchr Egllnton Pub 

. 1 Deer Park 
Rutherford .1 Campbell, prlu Davlsvllle 

h s R Davlsvllle av 

Rnthven Albert H. candymkr. 1 n Rnthven 
Rntln bkr. h n s Kensington av, 


n Wm. elk, 1 H Rnthven 

.T Martin 

hurch (Ang), Rev T W 
Powell rector, n s Hawthorne av. Eg 

St G .hew H, faimer, b w t 


. rsklne 

l"lin, \\hul btrhr s s Ersklne 
av, h same. Eglluton 

i H, blksmlth, h e s Gor- 

, llle 

- . bkpr, h s s Egllnton ar r 
i:Iward, h n s Balllol, Davls- 

orge. driver J J Davis, 1 w 8 


. potter Davlsvllle Pot 
tery, h v. 

. h w s Yonge, Day- 

Hugh, farmer, h e s Yonge, Bedford 

stlei W .1 Martin, 1 same 

Mary J twld George), h n 8 Glen- 


-dnr, h e s Alberta cres, 

- John L, lab, h w s Yonge, Davls- 
T."iils I;, lab, h n s Kensington ay, 

Sharkleton James, lab. h n s Sherwood av, 

Elf 111 
Shill Roliort. bnrtndr J Klees, h n s Wo- 

Imrn av. liodford Park 

\lfred, brklyr, h s s Balllol, 


Skerratt Frederick, lab. 1 T Skerratt 
Skerratt Thomas, carp, h s s Merton, Day- 

Slater I.enii:inl. lab Glenavy Farm, 1 same 
Smith Charles, mkt gdnr. n s Sherwood BT, 

h sMine, Egllnton 

Smltl. i e s Yonge. Davlsvllle 

Smith Ralph, h e s Yonge, Davlsvllle 
Smith Wm, mkt gdnr w s Yonge, Eglln- 

foreman, h s Albertns av, 

reman, h s s Albertns aT, 

n Thomas, lab J Pears, h n s 


Stemman George, pntr. h n s Sherwood av, 

\Vm F, florist, h w s Yonge, 

Stevenson Frederick, bkpr, h n s Egllnton 

av. Eglinton 

Sreivnrt Rev James W. pastor Egllnton 
Mi th Ch. h s s Victoria av. Egllulon 
-.1 .lohn S. farmer, h n s Crescent 
Stlbbard Robert, 1 R Stlbbard jr 

ir. mkt gdnr s s Victoria 
av. h same. Egliuton 

:<\ Robert F. 1 J S Stlbbard 
Stockdale Joseph, pntr, h n s Woburn ay, 
Bedford Park 

r George, bldr s s Kensington av, h 


Stone iton. Davlsvllle 

John, moto Met Ry Co, b W J 

Stouffer George, wks Glenavy Farm 
Strader Albert, pntr. 1 J Strader 
gdnr. 1 J Strader 

tte m& mm 

Jas. Fairhead, M,r. 


Tel. IVJain 423 


North Toronto. 




A complete stock with prices al 
ways in your favor. 

All kinds of Text-Books for School 
or College use. 

,- T, EATON Co 


Strader John, inkt gdur e s Yonge, h 
same, Davisville 

Stringer Joe B, elk, h s s Balliol, Davls- 

Sturdy Charles, h n s Victoria av, Egllnton 

Sunimerville James, trav, h s s Woodward 
av, Egllnton 

Sutcllle John, h w s Youge, Davisville 

Sutherland John, bkbndr, h n s Merton, 

Sutton Edward, dairy u s Koper av, h 
same, Egllnton 

Sutton Frank, tmstr, 1 E Sutton 

Swalt Charles E, elk P 0, h w s Alberta 
cres, Davisville 

Taylor Arthur E, jwlr, h s s Woburu av, 
Bedford Park 

Taylor Edward, relief officer, h s s Glen 
Grove, Egllnton 

Taylor James, eng, h n s Balliol, Davis 

Talt Mrs Eleanor, h w s Gordon, Davis 

Terry John, stove mntr, 1 W J Moses 

Thompson George, driver Joseph Holden, 1 
Mrs E Holden 

Thompson Win J, moto, h e s Yonge, Eg 

Thorni Richard, bkpr, h s s Victoria av, 

Tlbb Rev J Campbell, pastor Egllnton 
Pros Church, bus Briar Hill av 

Tomllnson Wilfred R, pntr e s Yonge, h 
same, Egllnton 

Tomsett Henry, lab, h n s Sherwood av, 

Tomsett Thomas, lab, h w s Gordon, Dav 

Tooloy Ernest J, motorman, h s s Balliol, 

Tooley Leah (wld James), h w s Yonge, 

Toronto Poultry and Garden Produce Co 
Ltd. J M Wilson mngr, n s Eglintou av, 

Trench Miss Mary, tehr Egllnton Pub Sch, 
1 J S Stlbbard 

Turnbull John C, n s Davisville av, Dav 

Turner Edward C, elk, 1 Mrs S Turner 

Turner Sarah (wld Thomas), h g s Ersklne 
av, Eglinton 

T rqnhart Peter, elk. 1 .T I/igle 

ing Director London Mutual Fire Insur 
ance Cn. li n s Victoria av. Eglinton 

Wacldington Percy, h s s Victoria av. Eg- 

Walker John, tmstr, h s s Soudan av, 

Wallace Arthur, wks Glenavy Farm 

Walmsley .Tames, constable, h s s Davis- 
ville av. Davisville 

Walmsley James jr. chief constable Town 
Hall, h s s Davisville av 

\Y:ir,l Charles H. Jwlr. h e s Yonge. Eg 

Wardc Miss Agnes, tchr Egllnton Pub Sch, 

. bkpr, 1 R Warren 

Warren Frank. 1 It Warren 

Warren Reginald, elk. 1 R Warren 

Warren Robert, poultry s s Sherwood av, 
h same, Egllnton 

Wathrow Charles, farmer, h w s Yonge, 
Bedford Park 

Watson Alexander, plstr, h u s Sherwood 
av, Egliutou 

Watts George M, tlr, h s s Balliol, Dav 

Waugh Spencer, h s s Kensington av, Eg- 

Weir Neftie (wid Wm), housekpr Glenavy 

Welsh Miss Mary, housekpr Miss E Booth 

West Ebenezer, elk, h s s Broadway av. 

West Win, ins agt, h s s Broadway av, 

Whaley John McL, est agt and tax coll 
Town Hall, h s s Smith av 

White George, h s s Egllnton av, Davis 

White Wm J C, elk, h n s Castleiield. av, 

White Win T, agt, h n s Ersklne av, Eg- 

Whittield John, lab, h n s Merton, Davis 

Whittaker Richard, mngr, h n s Roehamp- 
ton av, Egllnton 

Wilcox Catherine (wid Simon E), h e R 
Yon^e. Firlinton 

Wilkinson Mary (wid Edward), h end of 
Frederick. Davisville 

Williams Henry, bkpr, h w s Beulah av, 

Williams Thomas, mkt gdnr w s Yonge, 
h same, Eglluton 

Wiltshire Edward, farmer, h s s Egllnton 
av, Davisville 

Winter Francis, lab, h n s Broadway av 

Wood mil II, flrcman, h e s Yonge, Eg- 

Woolllnn James, btchr, h e s Yonge, Bed 
ford Park 

Wright Henry, hostler J Klees. 1 same 

York Masonic Lodge. W J Douglas sec, 
w s Yonge. Eglinton 

Zcagiflan John, mkt gdnr w s Yonge, h 
same, Davisyille 

Zlon Baptist Church, Rev Edward Phil 
lips pastor, w s Yonge. Eglinton 


(Four miles east of P O) 

Ambrose Herbert, florist, 1 L Ambrose 
Ambrose Lawrence, brkmkr, h Berkeley 

Annanilale Arthur W, seedsman, h w s 

Kingston rd 

Arnold Samuel, lab, h Coxwell av 
Astridge Miss Mary, drsmkr, 1 James 


Auburn Hannah (wid Septimus), h Cox- 
well n v 

Aylaiul Amos, porter, b Charles Lavender 
liakei- Uirh.anl, h Woodbine av 
Hall diaries T. lab, 1 J D Ball 
Ball John I>, brklyr, h Lamb av 
Ball John W. lab. 1 J D Ball 
Ball Thomas, lab, 1 J D Ball 
Banks John L, artist, h w s Kingston rd 
Barber George II, confr, h Berkeley av 
r.arnes Albert E, bkbndr, h Herbert av 
Barnes Miss May. slsldy. 1 A E Barnes 
Harms Frederick, lab. 1 Mrs M A Barras 
Ban-as Joseph, lab. I Mrs M A Barras 
I .arras Miss I.ivina. 1 Mrs M A Barras 

- Mary A (wid Joseph "VT), h Cassels 

I .ates Ira, road comm, h Kingston rd 
Frederick, elk, h Coxwell av 
r.elham Gi^vj- e. lab. h Elmer av 
Bell Wm, tmstr. h Elmer av 
Berry Thomas, elk, h Coxwell av 
Bezer Win c. pntr, h Coxwell av 
r.olton Ernest, pntr. h e s Kingston rd 
Booth Joseph, mach r h Cassels av 
Broom Frank D. photo, h Woodbine av 
r.roiiL htnn Frederick, fitter, h Coxwell av 
hi. .n Herbert, macb. I F ISroughton 
Brmighton Joseph, florist. 1 F Broughton 
Ill-own James, elk. 1 J II r- 
I .rown James, poultry dlr Coxwell av 
r.ryant Ant t r. li Lamb av 

Backner Samuel, lab. h Coxwell av 

Bugbee Henry A, 1 W G South 
Burns Robert, Co constable, h Kingston rd 
Burton lugol, pntr, 1 Mrs II Auburn 
Bushfleld West, blksmith, h Coxwell av 
Butcher John, piano mkr, h Waverley rd 
< a>ci Augustus V, eoufr, 1 Mrs II Cascl 
I asei Heiu-iettu (.wid Vincent), li Coxwell 


I asii . lames, jwlr. 1 Mrs H Cascl 
i a>< i Ralph C, shipper, 1 Mrs II Cascl 
Charltou Wm, lab, h Coxwell av 
Chester Matthew, wagonrukr Kingston rd, 

h Mrs A Daruborough 
Clark John W, mldr, h Coxwell av 
Clay James, dairy Coxwell av, h same 
Collins Richard, lab, h e s Kingston rd 
Coon Wm, moto, h Herbert av 
Corcoran John D, bottler, b T McGulre 
Cornell Wm. carp, h Woodbine av 
Crackling Benjamin, lab, 1 Mrs M A Bar 

Craven Frank I, driver II L Craven 
( raven Henry L, bkr Woodbine av, h same 
Cummlng George, golf prof. 1 R Johnston 
1 lamer Warnett, carp, b Coxwell av 
Darnborough Ann (wid Peter), h Kingston 

Darnborough Joseph, woodwkr, 1 Mrs A 


Havie James, 1 Robert Davie 
Havie Robert, carp, h Maughan av 
Davie Thomas, elk, 1 Robert Davie 
Havie Win, confr, 1 Robert Davie 
Davis Thomas W, h Berkeley av 
Dick John, stereo, h Kenilworth av 
Hies Charles H, trav, h Keuilworth av 
Dodd George F, stone carver, h Cassels av 
Uuggan Joseph, b E Bolton 
Dunn Abraham, mkt gdnr Woodbine av 
Dunn Abraham jr, 1 Abraham Dunn 
I limn Win, lab, 1 Abraham Dunn 
Dunn Win W. tmstr, h Danforth av 
Earsmau Wm. brass fnshr, h Berkeley av 
Etherlngton George, lab, 1 W Sharrard 
Etherlngfon Win, lab, h Kingston rd 
Kerguscni James, lab. h w s Kingston rd 
Fitzgerald Fannie (wid Michael), h Wood 
bine av 

Fox Alsey T, brkmkr, h Berkeley av 
Freeman Frank, lab. 1 J W Freeman 

FREEMAN JOHN W, Grocer and 

Postmaster, w s Kingston rd, h same 
Freeman Wm. lab. 1 J W Freeman-^ 
Freeman Miss Winiiifred, elk, 1 J W 


Gallagher John, whol btchr Coxwell av 
Galley Charles, brklyr. h Coxwell nv 
Garrett Edward, lab. h Coxwell av 
Gordon Miss Georgina, 1 H Burgess 
Gorman Miss Dora, tlrs, 1 Hugh Gorman 
Gorman Miss Gnssie. 1 Hugh Gorman 
Gorman Hugh, tmstr, h Coxwell av 
Gray George R, hide dlr Coxwell av 
C, rierson James, mkt gdnr Coxwell av 
Guthrle- John, brklyr, 1 R Guthrle 
Guthrle Robert, stone ctr, h Cassels av 
Haberstock Elizabeth (wld Nimrod), 1 Wm 


Hall James, mkt gdnr Danforth av 
Hainan Edward, mkt. gdnr Danforth av 
Handy Alfred, marble works w s Kings 
ton rd, h same 

Ileber Frank, mkt gdnr Danforth av 
Henderson Wm II, messr, h Berkeley av 
Hess Arthur J, prtr. 1 S U Hess 
Hess Harrison K. porter, h Burgess av 
Hess John W. packer, h B.u,rgess av 
Hesa Samuel R. eng. h Burgess av 

Hess Miss Telly M. tlrs. 1 II K HesS 

Hewitt Isaac, bldr Coxwell av. h same 

Ilibbltt Wm. lab. b John Wilson 

Hincs Emily iwid Wm). h w s Kingston 


nines Thomas, stmftr. 1 Mrs E Hlnes 
Ilobsiui Win. stone cutler, h Cassels av 
Hobs Edgai- J. trav. h Woodbine av 
Holman Frederick, jockey. 1 R F. Hoiman 
Iliilman Richard E. cattle dlr Kingston rd 
Holman Richard E jr. horse trainer, 1 R 

I" Holnian 

Hoi ness Win. carp, h Kingston rd 
on Frederick. 1 J W Jackson 
Jackson Henry, elk, 1 J W Jackson 
Jackson James w. trav. h Berkeley av 
James Henry, tiremn. h Burgess av 
James Miss Mira. jwlr. 1 II 
Jlfkins Frederick G. driver. II A Jifklns 
.Tifkins Henry A. whol btchr Coxwell av 

Sherman E. Townsend, 

Public Accountant, Auditor and Assignee, 


Cable Address, 



IN STOCK: Beams, Channels, Angles, Bar Iron and Steel 

65 to 81 Pearl St. PHONE MAIN 2748 



. Ctr, h ! 

i aril 

.rt Johns- 

i kr, U w s Kingston r<l 
pli. uikt gdur Uanforth av 
\\ia II. lililr Herbert uv, u same 
. (ter 


t G, Jockey, h Woodbine 


1. lal , U Herbert av 
,. lab, 1 Mrs > 



> I 1 
. rfl 
-tudt, 1 \\ 

i iwkl Johm, I W Maeleau 
irnallst. U Woodbine 


ur, 1 J Jones 

,kr Kingston rd 

. u Berkeley av 
ier, 1 11 Munder 

. rd 
John. 1 R \V Meldrum 

..I \V, putr, h w s Kings- 
Millar Jamea w, h w a Kingston rd 

nan, b Berkeley 

Muei;. . 1 M Mueller 

Mueller Mi.hael, lab, h Gerrard 
Murphy Thorn. is 1- moto. h \v s Klugstou 

Xii-hoNon Win, nlghtwatchmao, h Kingston 

Nixon Il-tii .HUT. 1 J Nixon 

John, horse traluer, h w s Klngs- 
Nixon Walter. stmftr. 1 J Xlxon 

McGulre prop, 
Kingston rd 

man r, w s KiiiL-~i"ii rd 

ibib- School, .Io>iah 1 almer 
prin. Kingston rd 

li -i Kingston rd 
Over G t, 1 \V" R < >v.-r 

Over Percj w. areli. I W R Over 
Over Waller K. trav, li Woodbine av 

agt. li I oxwell av 

Pad.lon Win II. varnisher. li < oxwell av 
Paget Mary . ul.l Win l i. 1 W 11 Paget 
Paget Win H. trav. li Berkeley av 
Palm. prln Norway Public Sen, 

h Woodbli 

Parkli;- - J. lab. h Lamb ar 

Parkinson Win. tlremu. h Danfortn ar 
nry, pntr, h Coxwell av 

Vr. 1 same 
nog, 1 A W Annan- 

Pentz Philip. 1 A W Annandale 
Perkins Henry, niaeb. 1 .1 W Perkins 
Perkins .T.ilm W. carp, h Coxwell av 
Perki is. 1 J W Per- 

Perkins Mrs Tainzln. !! av 

itr, h I.anr 
b W I. P. 
1 1 Herbert av 
- av 
.rleket and foot ball mfr 

. h same 
p ur -. h Kenllworth nv 

John s 

ell. ll lla> 

: av 

:elir. 1 J U 

i nv 

V, nilrrnr sllvc n r, 

prtr, h I! 1 : 

pntr, h Kingston rd 
! A K Robson 

1.1 Wm II 

inl, football mkr, T Prest, h 
K l m 

Ke\ \\ 1 

SAMUEL J HUGHES, Nurseryman 

y av 

^r, h Cox- 

i, KliiKstou rd, h same 


Smith Hen: 


Smith Wm, lab, I. W I 
Smith Win i 

i iMnfnrth av 
l, lab. b Jolin \\ 
Sully l; 

Tew liniiiila-. 1 K 

i W 8 

Kink stc.ii rd 

!1 av 

ward Toronto Golf 

Win. li Klin.: 
Vivian K.luanl T. ink: gdnr, Kii _--t..n rd 

Ir> A 
Weir John, n 

kpr. li Meil.ei-t av 

Wilson Arthur K. pntr. I Mrs K \\ 

W 1 1 

.b.lin, lab. h l> 

WIN. ,, Herbert av 

; Saniii. 1 p:iii.rinkr. h Kingston rd 
I J i: U 

naeh. h II 

. - Kiii.--t,,n r.l 

[T Wm l>. eaip. h WiH>dblne av 
Jnhn. kni 

trav. h Herkeley av 


l O) 

Korg- K. pntr. b I l .or w 

A.lani- b. h Win.l.-rinere av 

rt J. mugr Grenadier Ice & Coal 

v Wm A. nu Tor .inn. Pumping 

ISc.yil Win. l.lksinlth. h Wln.i 
I .i..\\ 

BRYDSON JAMES, Postmaster 

wks Tor ; 



.. 1 J Ellis 
li I.avinia 
."in A. h \\ 


lo Presby- 
.11 Cli. h Thomi 

1 hompson 

irp. I Mrs 
: John, h Thompson 

Tor Junction Pumping Sta- 
! "ronto Jun 

wid Frederiek). h Winder- 

wks Tor 
:i Winderi 

inory. h Jane 

Wm, lab . :ee & Coal Co, 

> 4 Co, 

I llb 

I., h Win.b niiere av 

: J Aiklu.- : 


1 Coal 
imber Bay 

.reman Tor Bolt & 

tr, li Win. lei mere av 

n. tLiii Pumping 

. lied W blksmth, h Lake Shore 

. ..nfy. Lake Sbore rd 
:ilt & 

Hiiin .. Wm F..x mnifr, Jane 

- li Thompson 
finnan Tur Itolt Sc 
Co, li I.avinia 

d r.. pl.-kle mnfr, Lake 

i supt Tor Holt & 

i . h Jane 

r ivter, station ant (JTR, Tea 

. elk Grenadier Ice & Coal Co, 

. wk> K. nnie Co, li Thompson 
Mi~ ALJIH-S, h Wlnijerm. re av 
prin Swansea Pub 

n Wm i:, plstr, h College st ex- 

. wks Tor Bolt & Forging 

1 M. h College st ex- 

1 I liarles p, h Thompson 
Mornlngslde l i. rhurch, College 

Xeff Kilwanl, ointment mfr. h College at 


i wlil Patrick), farmer, b 
Win. lei in. 

h, limekpr Tor Bolt & Forglug 

- elk Tor Holt & Forging 

lister llervey. li Wimlermere av 

I^bair Sarah uviil Jason), h College st ex- 

MIHIIS, gdnr, h Jane 
Putt Wm l". aect Tor Bolt & Forging Co, 

Ouinn Win II. nildr, h Wludermere av 
h Ellis av 

per Tor Bolt & 

l!o!t & Forging Co, 

!er, elk Tor Bolt k Forg- 
. Toronto 

i or Bolt & Forging 
1 Tuiere av 

i hurch (Anglican), Wlndermere 

Smith Robert, ndv apt, h Thompson 
Smith Wm. h Park rd 
Smyth Thomas, lab, h Wlndermere av 

w, eng Tor Bolt & Forging 
ii Windermere 

:pt Tor Bolt & Forging Co, 
res Toronto 

litho, h College st extexn- 

Brydson Postmaster, Ellis av 

a I nblie School. Miss Jessie McKln- 
non prin. Windermere av 
Toronto Bolt & Forging Co, Ltd, George 
Gillies president, T H Watson Secretary- 

irer, Windermere av 

Toronto Junction Pumplug Station. John 
Hasinas superintendent. Lake Shore rd 

u Frederick, h Windermere av 
Vanghan Philip, h I.:i 

, id, wks Tor Bolt & Forging Co, 
h Windermere av 

Metallic Ceilings 

Metallic Roofing: Co., Limited 

Phone Park 800 Cor. KING and DUFFERIN STS. 

Standard Life 

ASSURANCE CO. of Edinburgh 


D. M. McGOUN, 


Chas. Hunter, 

Chief Agent, Ontario 



L. C. CRONYN, Cashier 


Watson Thomas H. sec-treas Tor Bolt & 

Forging Co, res Toronto 
White Mrs Anne, h Lavlnia 
Windsor Albert. wks Tor Bolt & Forging 

Co, h Wlndermere av 


(Four and a half miles east of P O) 

Adams Frederick, lab Don Valley Brick 

Works, h Don Valley 
Aitchisoii David, lab Don Paper Mills Co, 

h Bee 

Aitchison Frank, lab, 1 D Aitchlson 
Altchison Frederick, shader Don Valley 

Brick Works. 1 D Aitchison 
Aitchison Wm, lab, h Gamble BY 
Allen Charles, lab Don Valley Brick Works, 

res Toronto 
Andrew George machine hd Don Valley 

Brick Works, h K Wlcklum 
Andrews Henry, lab, h Don Mills rd 
Arnold George, paper mkr Don Paper Mills 

Co, res Chc-ter 
Ash Clayton F. foremn Don Paper Mills 

Co, h Don Mills rd 
Ashby Miss Pert ha, linshr Don Paper Mills 

Co, l Wm Ashby 
Ashby .Icihn, niach lid Don Paper Mills Co, 

h Bee 

Ashliv Wm, lab. h Bee 
Askiiis Charles, lab Don Paper Mills Co, 

1 George Askins 
Askins George, lab Don Paper Mills Co, 

h Don mills rd 
Askins James, lab Don Paper Mills Co, 1 

George Askins 

Bailey Benjamin, mkt gdnr, Don Mills rd 
Baldwin Alfred J. carp, h Gamble av 
Baldwin John, carp, h Bee 
Bater Miss Agnes, elk G Bater, 1 same 
BATER GEORGE, Postmaster and 

Grocer. Don Mills rd. h same 
Baler s Hall. Don Mills rd 
i .cavcr Itcibcrt. 1 T G Beaver 
Beaver Sidney, 1 T G Beaver 
Beaver Thomas G, carp h Bee 
Bellamy Clarke, tmstr Don Valley Brick 

Works, h Hawthorne av 
Bellamy Miss Kmily. hagmkr, 1 C Ballamy 
Bellamy George, tmstr Don Paper Mills Co, 

1 C Bellamy 

Bellamy John, tmstr, 1 C Bellamy 
Benns Thomas, burner Don Valley Brick 

Works. ITS Ch 
Bloye Robert, eng Don Paper Mills Co, h 

Don Mills rd 
Boyd Robert, lab Don Valley Brick Works. 

l A Parker 

Brahman Thomas, lab. h Don Mills rd 
lirown John 10. lab Don Valley Brick 

Works, b F Adams 
Bryce Wm. mach Don Valley Brick Works, 

res Toronto 

Buchanan Hobert. lab. h Don Mills rd 
Burgess James, carp Don Valley Brick 

Works, b William 

Burgess John, carp, 1 James Burgess 
Burgess Miss Sarah, fmshr Don Paper Mills 

Co 1 Thomas Roberts 
Burgess Win, carp Don Valley Brlek Works. 

h Bee 
Burns Charles, tmstc Don Valley Brick 

Works, l s i; Burns 
Burns Samuel H. potter, h Don Valley 
Burton Josenh. lab. h Don Mills rd 
Byers John - mkt gdnr, Hawthorne av 
Carseadilen Win. hrkinkr Don Valley Brick 

Works, res Eglinton 
Carter Win. lab Don Valley Brick Works. 

res Toronto 
Catterall Win. shipper Don Valley Brick 

Works, res Toronto 
Colbraii Alfred, lab Don Valley Brick 

Works, res York Co 
Colbran James, lab Don Valley Brick 

Works, res Toronto 

Co. .ins Joseph, mkt gdnr. Don Mills rd 
Collins Win. paner cutler, h Gowan av 
Cooper Miss Ethel. 1 Wm R Cooper 
Cooper Miss Evelyn 1 Wm R Cooper 
Cooper Wm R, gdnr. h Don Mills rd 
Cosburn Charles. gdnr. h William 
Cosburn Richard, mkt gdnr. Leslie av 
Cousins Thomas, lab Don A alley Brli k 

Works, res Chester 
Crabtrro Amies (wid Robert), h Don Mills 

Cramp Miss Amelia, 1 Mrs E Cramp 

Cramp Eliza (wid David), gro. Don Mills rd 
Crozier Edward, tmstr Don Mills Paper Co, 

li William 
Crozier George, water boy Don Valley 

Brick Works. 1 E Crozier 
Culow Samuel, lab , h Don Mills rd 
Dalllraore John, flnshr Don Paper Mills 

Co, h Woodvllle av 
Darby Win. lab. h Don Mills rd 
Dart George, gdnr John Dart, 1 same 
Hart John, mkt gdnr, Don Mills rd, h same 
Dart John jr. mkt gdnr, Don Mills rd 
Davey Anne (wid Henry), h Don Mills nl 
Davey George F, bkpr, 1 Mrs A Davey 
Havies George. 1 Robert Davles 
Da vies Robert. J P, prop Don Valley Brick 

Works, h Don Mills rd 
Davles Robert W, elk R Davies, 1 same 
Delavlgne Laura (wid Frederick), h Bee 
Dlefenbaker Win. prin Todmorden Public 

School, h Don Mills rd 

Don Mills Methodist Church. Don Mills rd 
Don Paper Mills Co, Charles W Thomson 

mngr mills, Don Mills rd, office 8 Lombard 

st, Toronto 

lion Valley Brick Works The, Robert Dav 
ies prop, works Don Valley, Todmorden. 

office 34 Toronto St. Toronto 
Donohoe W T m. lab Don Valley, Brick W orks. 

res Toronto 
Dundas Charles, lab Don Valley Brick 

Works. 1 J Hundas 
Dundas Henry, lab Don Valley Brick 

Works, 1 J Dundas 
Dundas John, mach Don Valley Brick 

Works, h Don Mills rd 
Dunn, James. lab Don Valley Brick 

Works, b P Pedlar 
Dunn Thomas, h Don Mills rd 
Dunn Thomas, lab Don Valley Brick Works, 

1) G Rice 
Klliott Wm G. lab Don Paper Mills Co, h 

Don Mills rd 

Emmorey Walter, barber. Don Mills rd 
Ensmineer John, lab, h Don Mills rd 
Files Win. mach tender Don Paper Mills 

< O, h Hawthorne av 
Ford Frederick, burner Don Valley Brick 

Works, res Toronto 
Ford Wm. lab Don Valley Brick Works. 

res Toronto 
Franklin Thomas P, chemist, 1 Mrs II Mae- 

Gamble Annie (wid John), hotel, Don Mills 


amble John, mngr Mrs A Gamble, 1 same 
Garwood Miss flnshr. I Wm Garw ood 
Garwood Miss Ida, 1 Wm Garwood 
Garwood Wm. lab. h Don Mills rd 
Gibbs Joseph, brkmkr Don Valley Brick 

Works, res Toronto 
Gllmorp David, flremn Don Valley Brick 

Works, res Toronto 
Giiinonr Henry, lab Don Valley Brick 

Works, res Chester 
Gilyoat George, lab Don Valley Brick 

Works, b D McQuarrie 
Goff John. bkr. h Gowan av 
Goldsmith James, tmstr Don Vallev Brick 

Works, h Don Valley 

Goodson Robert B, gdnr 1 J A Macdonald 
Grant .Tarvis K. gdnr A Mountain, 1 same 
Green Samuel, blksmth. Don Mills rd 
Harvey John G. mfg chemist, h Don Mills 

Hayes Win. burner Don Valley Brick 

Works, res Toronto 

Hazelton Miss Jennie A, 1 J A Hazelton 
Hazelton Joseph A. foremn, h Gowan av 
Hazelton Robert, drugs, h Bee 
Henderson Carrie (wid Archibald), h Don 

Mills road 

Hern Edmund, gdnr, h Don Mils rd 
Hihbett Henry whol btchr, Gamble av 
Hodge James, burner Don Valley Brick 

Works, b T Bennett 
Hosmer Albert E. lab Don Valley Brick 

Works, res York Co 

Humphries Harold, driver, 1 W G Hum 

Humphries Miss Mary, drsmkr, 1 Wm Hum 
Humphries Wm. lab Don Valley Brlek 

Works, h Gowan av 

Humphries Wm G. lab. 1 Wm Humphries 
Hurst Wm. lab Don Valley Brick W 

res Toronto 

Jenkins James II. trainer, h Don Mills rd 
Jenkins Judson, shipper. 1 J II Jenkins 
Kelly James, maeh lid Don Paper Mills Co 
Kelly Wm, lab, h Bee 

Kennedy Wm, lab Don Valley Brick 

Works, b F Adams 

Klmberley John, brass fnshr, h Gamble ar 
Kirkpatrlck Thomas, flremn Don Valley 

Brick Works, h Don Valley 
Lovell John, lab Don Paper Mills Co, b J 

McCready John, lab Don Valley Brick 

Works, res lork Co 

MeFadyen Effie (wid John), 1 J Byera jr 
Mclntosh George, lab Don Valley Brick 

Works. 1 Gowan av 
Melntosh George, pntr, h Gamble av 
Mclntosh George jr, lab, 1 G Mclntosh 
Mclntosh Mrs Mary, dairy, Gamble av 
McLean Wm, tmstr Don Valley Brick 

Works, h Don Mills rd 
McQuarrie Daniel, lab, h Don Valley 
Macdonald Miss Hattle, 1 Mrs H Macdonald 
Maedunald Helen (wid Simon), h Pape av 
Macdonald John A, cutter, h Bee 
Martin John W, dairy. Gamble av. h same 
Maynard red, lab, 1 M Maynard 
Maynard George, lab Don Paper Mills Co, 

1 M Maynard 

Maynard Mark, brklyr, h Hawthorne av 
Maynard Wm, lab, 1 M Maynard 
Ma -ne Samuel, mkt gdnr, Woodvllle av 
Ueachajn Thomas, eng Don Valley Brick 

Works, res Chester 
Millar John B, supt Don Valley Brick 

Works, h Don Valley 
Monroe Erdley. lab Don Valley Brick 

Works, res Chester 
Monroe Wm, eng Don Vallev Brick 

Works, h Don Mills rd 
Moore Win. slsiiin. h William 
Moses Arthur, plmbr, 1 G A Moses 
Moses George A. brklyr, h Bee 
Moses George II. brklyr. h Gamble ar 
Moses Joseph, brklyr. 1 Charles Cosburn 
Mountain Albert, mkt gdnr. Don Mills rd 
Norton Robert, blksmth, Don Valley Brick 

Works, res Toronto 
Page John, lab Don Valley Brick Works, 

res York Co 
Parker Alfred, lab Don Valley Brick Works. 

h Gowan av 

Parker Thomas, lab. h Gowan av 
Patterson Robert L typefounder, h Don 

Mills rd 
Pedlar Charles, mach Don Valley Brick 

Works, h Don Mills rd 

Pedlar Mrs Jane, dairy. Torrens av, h same 
Pedlar John, lab Don Valley Brick Works. 

h Torrens av 

Peilhir Miss Martha, tlrs 1 John Pedlar 
Pedlar Miss Minnie, 1 J Pedlar 
Pedlar Philip, setter Don Valletf Brick 

Works, h Torrens av 
Phillips Wm, lab Don Valley Brlek Works. 

h IJon Mills rd 

. .ayter George, mldr. 1 II B Playter 
Plavter Henry P.. shocmkr. h Bee 
Playter Henrv E. shoemkr. 1 II B Playter 
Pledger Walter, setter Don Valley Brick 

Works, res Chester 
Rear Reuben II. finshr Don Paper Mills 

Co. 1 Thomas Rear 
Hear Thomas lab. h Don Mills rd 
Riee Charlotte (wid George), h Don Mills rd 
Hice George, setter Don Valley Brick 

Works, h Hawthorne av 
Rice Miss Lottie, shipper, 1 Mrs C Rice 
Huberts Charles J. pedlar, h Gowan av 
Roberts Malcolm, lab Don Valley Brick 

Works. 1 T Kolicrts 
Roberts Thomas, mach Don Valley Brick 

Works, h Pape av 

Roberts Thomas, lab. h Don Mills rd 
Robinson Charles, tmstr Don Valley Brick 

Works, h Hawthorne av 
Robinson Frederick, shader Don Valley 

Brick Works h Hawthorne av 
Robinson Wllford, shlnner, h Hawthorne 
Rowe George, elk Don Valley Brick Works, 

1 G Moses 
Saunders Levl. potter Don Valley Brick 

Works, res Havisville 
Self Gilbert, bkrlyr. h Gamble av 
Shea Miss Bridget. 1 Thomas Dunn 
Sheppard Samuel J, papermkr Don Paper 

Mills Co. h William 
Sheridan Robert, tmstr. Don Valley Brick 

Works, h Gamble av 
Shipp Frank, eng Don Paper Mills Co, h 

Tnrrons av 
Simpson Jesse, lab Don Valley Brlek 

Works. 1 J Simpson 

Simpson John C, mkt gdnr, Woodvllle av 
Simpson Mrs Louisa, elk G Bater. 1 same 


Toronto Office, 15-17 LEADER LANE 




Tel s : Office, Main 2288 Residence, North 516 

A Guaranteed Income ftp 20 yean OP fop 
life for yourself, your wife, or your child, 
can be secured by payments of about $1.00 
oer week for a limited trm of years . . 


GREAT- W , & I 


Toronto Junction. 



Harold. M Smith 

Smith Jai: 

i 1 1 II 
Smith Win 


ill, li ll.nv thin in; av 
l.ili 1 " llrlek 

Sullivan II 

n Mills rd 

- rd 
Taylor Win. hi! Works. 

.:!! lOS \\ . inli^r 1 lull Mill- . 

, Mills nl 

-. li lion \ 




Trust iey Ilrli-k 



h. iHixink 

or John u 

Whyte K1i7.a!" lh ii.l Alexander*. 1 

Whyl. Mi- 

1 Win M Wi, 

Win M. shipper, h : 

I. tireiim I I .rii-k 

Mills nl 
.;-eiini Id- 
r<l. 1 Henry W 

. lin-lir I Mills 



h Ii.m Mi 

1 O) 

! be found at end 
of li 




ic Light I 

i i: i 63 i 

. 17 Dundas e 
:i 47 Dundas e 


A bre \Villoughby 


in A 
: Mu 
Adilli- Alfred J. luillmkr ri l:. 


J"hn II. tail. 

all. tlr J II AKIH-W, li 7 

:i hi 

Ir av 

All.. n lluali. lirkinn ri-it. I f.j Mi-Min. 

. . I 7n Hn 
\^ III J. IHltl. 



Barrister, Solicitor, Notary 

6 Dundas St East, Toronto Junction 

Telephone 64, Junction 

Hi r.l 

1 7 V 


M. Murni v 


Aniln-H - I), nrj . put 

. I i:i 

W .1 I adv 

ch, l:. \ "i 
tte w. n , 

Anthony I. 


i, h L lc.i y_ 

Armit \r. Murray 

. H i.l . I. .Inn ie av 

:: av 


!ll, 1 Ul Mi-Mui" 1 . 

Atkln M 

li-rii-k II. Dun- 

AtklliMHi Thunias J. tlilstr. h Western BT, 


At I. ni 1 raiik, piano mkr II \ Co, 

! 17." V i n . 

! IlelUtZ- 

Aitini I lionnis J. iieii. or llelnti- 

1 0, I 175 Vlli. 


Austl i ri lt. h r.r.i Maria 

li 171 1 aolflc 

Austin Win . I 17U I arliie av g 

II I.ellar pniji. L o.-, Dun- 

inl Hi intxinan & Co, 

Aylini; Kri derlc-k. l.rkmkr Waki-tield Brick 


Ayllng .I. hn. hi kmki-. I jr.i 
ikmkr. 1 - 

. res 

- .lohn. si i-uttfi-. h hi M. Murray 

lie av 
nis. lali. h ^U1 Murla 

II. shipper, h L 84 Pacific 

Win A. eng. h -."-I I a.-iiir av s 
.lohn. h i;ss wi: 1 

Bain 1 rit. li -_ u I M. itir av s 



ma. h opr I.aces & lirald 
Mt^ i o h 

II. lilksniltli ,T It Hull, h 
I llinnnd 


Real Estate, Insurance, S.S. Tickets 

Town Atfcnt Allan Line S.S.: Toio 
\.W. Tele. 


Phone 4 Junction 

and ticket agt, 7 Keele s, 

.e s 

: 17:1 K.- 

. to 

I K. 1 i".i May 
; p c l II. h i:; \ 
r I l:. li I^L: i 

.a & 

: rrit, b Occidental 
A. driver, h 217 St Clalr 

I5all Charles E. tuner Ileimzinan & Co, res 

Ball Robert, carp I! .1 Had. res Toronto 

for Sul. Uy. h -14 St 
, i v \v 
Bannon Jan i l;. res Lamb- 

mist, h ion number- 
o, 90 Annette e 


McCabe Ball Bearing Door Hangers 




Toronto Junction. 

Barclay John, carpet weaver, 1 00 Annette e 
Barclay Wm A, fond CPU, 1 101 Vine ay 
Barclay Win II, mach app CPU, 1 161 Vine 

Barefoot George R, mach, h 70 MeMurray 


Bareford James, mach ( I ll. 1 141 Vine ay 
Barnes Allan, likmu Cl R. 1 33 Lakeview av 
Barnes Charles L, tehr Collegiate Institute 

1 122 Western av 

Barnes David G. cond, h 03 Hook ay 
Barnes John .7. cond cm. h L n Hook av 
Barnes Josephine twld Sidney), h 280 Pa 
cific av s 

Barnes Miss l.clia. stenog, 1 280 Pacific ay s 
Barnes Miss llarhe! 10. tchr Western av 

Sch, 1 110 Western av 
Barnes Thomas E, elect. Tor Sub Ry, h 117 

Churchill iav 

Barnes W John, elect, Tor Sub Kv, b Sub 
way Hotel 
Barrie Robert J, rubber Helntzman & Co 

h 38 Whitney av 

Barry Emma -M iwid Richard), 1 21 Que 
bec avenue 

Barry Harry, car checker, 1 21 Quebec av 
Barry John, trav, h 01 Willoughby av 
Barton Frederick W. mach d K. 1 Mt Den 

Batt Charles H, bldr. h 230 Annette w 
BATT CHARLES W, Contractor 
(Builder), 38 to 54 Pacific av, h 141) High 
Park av (See card classified Contractors 


Manufacturer of 

Doors, Frames, Sashes, Blinds, Mould 

ings, Casings, Flooring, Shelving, 

Sheeting, Etc. 

Dealer in Lumber. Lath, shingles, and other 

Builders Supplier 
Phone June. 127 38-54 PACIFIC AVE. 

Batt Robert J, planing mill and lumber, 38- 

54 Pacific av s. 1 14f) High Park av 
Bait Thus AV. mngr. 1 14!) High Park av 
Bawtinheimer Wm (Dlgby Cartage Co), 1 21 

Pacific av n 
Beale Joseph H, blksmith hlpr Cl R, 1 153 

Vine av 
Beale Silas, blksmith hlpr CPR, 1 153 Vine 


Beamish George P, bkr, h 97 Willoughby 
Bean A J Milton, elk. ] 77 1 aciflc av 8 
Bean George, h 50 Van Home 
Bean Maria (wid Amos), h 77 Pacific av s 
Bean Walter, rubber. 1 24 Medland 
Beard Thomas, lab. li 175 St Clair av e 
Beattie Isaac L, prin St Clair Av Sch h 

108 Annette w 

Beattie John A, brkmn, h 66 Hook av 
Beattie Wm, tmstr. 1 00 Franklin av 
Beatty Gay T. action fnslir Heintzman & 

Co. res Toronto 

Beatty Matthew II. dairy. 447 Quebec av 
Beavis Miss Florence. I no Annette w 
Beevor Alfred, stmftr. h 303 Dundas c 
Begley John K, action fnshr Helntzman & 

Co, 1 34 Iloskin av 

Behnn Frederick, mach The Gasoline En 
gine Co. I,td. b 2.1 Dnndas w 
Behan David W. mach ( I ll, b 88 Pacific 

avenue s- 
Behan Samuel, gen foreman CPR, h 25 

Dundas w 
Belcher John T. mngr Molsons Bank, h 194 

Lakevlew av 

Pelden Walter, car repr. h 2 May 
Bell Miss Annie, tchr Model, 1 177 Clen- 

denan av 

Bell George, tinner t i R. h 55 Edmund 
Bell J II. brkmn (Til. 1 2" May 
Bell Obadiah. carp, h 48 Union n 
Bell Telephone Co, !i Keele s 
P.ell Wm. h 177 ciendeimn av 
Bell Wm. lab. b loti Cooper av 
Bell Wm I. lab. 1 Ferguson pi 
Bell Wm J. 1 177 Clendenan av 
Bennett Elizabeth (wid Robert), li r> .l Mc- 

Murray av 
Bennett George, ydman CPR, 1 cor Dundas 

and Elizabeth 
Bennett II. brkmn CPR, 1 Dundas, cor 

Bennett J Elsworth. elk E R Rogers, 1 59 


Bennett Thcimas. screw mkr, h 30 West 
ern a i 

Bennett Wm H, fnshr Heintzman & Co, res 

Bentley Joseph J, mach hd CPR. 1 55 Vine 

Bentley Wm C, stringer Heintzman & Co, 

h 4 Lindner 

Berry Wm H, switchmn CPR, h 47 Vine av 
Bevington Thomas, soapmkr, h 231 Keele s 
r.eynon John, woodwkr, h 330 Davenport rd 
Bigham George, h 38 Union n 
Hicham George J. brklyr, h 41 May 
Hicham James G, slsmn. 1 38 Union n 
Higham John. bldr. h ( .7 .May 
Hicham John C. slsmn. 1 :;s Union n 
Milton George, putr Webb Decorating Co, 

res Weston 
Binnlngton Edward W, boilermkr CPR, 1 

82 Hoskin av 
Binnlngton Elizabeth (wid Robert), h >- 

Iloskin av 
Binnington Frederick, ydman CPR, h 1.17 

Vine av 

Ilinnington Robert, ydman CPR. 1 40 West 
ern avenue 

Binnington Robert J, switchman, ! 82 Ilos 
kin avenue 

Ftinns Allan H, en" h 21 Quebec av 
Binns Stanley H, fireman, 1 21 Quebec av 
Bint David, lab. 1 54 Edmund 
Bint John, metal plshr, h 54 Edmund 
Mint John A, mldr, 1 54 Edmund 
Bird Win J, mach, h 115 Churchill av 
Birkett Wesley, mnch, 1 28 Laws 
I .irrcll Miss Christina, drsmkr, 131 Dundas 

w. 1 78 Pacific av s 
Birrell James, h 78 Pacific av x 
Bii-rell -Miss Minnie, elk Padget & Co. 1 78 

Pacific av s 

i.irrell Wm E. agt, 1 78 Pacific av s 
Illalr Francis T. carp, h 117 Annette e 
Blake George, lab, b 99 Hook av 
Blake Robert J, blksmith hlpr CPR, h 55 

Vine avenue 

Blea Wm, fireman, h 37 St Clair av 
B levins Wm, bkmn CPR, h 28 Pacific av n 
.evins Wm H, car checker CPR, 1 28 Pa 
cific av n 

Blewett Wm H, car repr CPR, 1 Elizabeth 
..loomfleld Sarah (wid John), 1 101 Wil 

Bloor Thomas, shoemkr. h 289 Maria 
Blundall Enoch, mach Heintzman & Co res 


blundell Ann (wid Wm). 1 77 Vine av 
I .oeliner Jacob, cooper A Campbell, b 129 

Dundas e 
Bogart Miss Zelma, tchr Carlton St Pub 

Sch. res Toronto 
Boland Thomas F, plshr Heintzman & Co. 

res Deer Park 
Bolton John M, pntr Webb Decorating Co 

h 140 Muloek av 

Bond Miss Georgina. tlrs, 1 262 Dundas w 
Bond James, gro, -o2 Dundas w, h same 
Bond John S. wood mach, 1 191 Quebec av 
Bond John T foreman, h 191 Quebec av 
Bond Richard G, fly fnshr Helntzman & Co, 

I 202 Dundas w 

Bond Thomas G. 1 191 Quebec av 
Bone Joseph, wood carver Helntzman & 

Co, h 133 Muloek 
Bonham Owen. gro. 65 Muloek av and K .s 

St Clair av, h 138 St Clair av 
Boon Charles J, bldr. 201 Quebec av, h same 
Booth Frank E. mach The Gasoline Engine 

Co, Ltd, res Toronto 

Borland Charles B, drugs, 44 Dundas w 
r.orlaml James, mason, h 84 Pacific av s 
Boston Frederick, brkmn CPR, 1 43 Dun 
das e 

Bott James H. eond. h 73 Vine av 
Boucher David R. bldr, 175 Quebec av 
Boucher Irwin it. bldr. 1 175 Quebec av 
Bourdon ur J. action fnshr Helntzman 

A-- Co. 1 188 Louisa 

Bourdon Wm A. mach CPR, h 443 Dun- 
das w 

Bourne Harry, bartndr Occidental Hotel 
Bowerini: 1- rederick W. plate rubber 

lloimzinan A: Co. h 203 St Clair av 
liowins John, ydman CPR. 1 52 Union n 
Bowles George M. slsmn, 1 143 Pacific av s 
Bowles John h 143 Pacific av s 
Bowles Myron L. trav. 1 143 Pacific av s 
Bowman John T. brkmn CPR, I 02 Pacific 

avenue s 

I .owstield Allan N. carp, h 54 Clendenan av 
Boxall Wm C. plshr Heintzman & Co, h 

2x Carlton pi 

Boyce Jacob, car repr CPR, b 15 I 
Boyce Joseph jr. car repr, b 15 Laws 

Boyd Isaac C, boiler mkr helper, h 128 Coo 
per av 

Boyd John, lab, rms 208 Dundas w 
Boylan John, mkt gdur, Keele, cor Annette, 

h same 
Boylan John J, app Heintzman & Co, I 

Annette w, cor Keele s 
Boylan Miss Lottie, bkpr Raybould Bros, 1 

Keele s, cor Annette w 

ii Wm, ydmn CPR, cor Keele and An 

Boynton Mrs Hannah, h 5S Campbell av 
Brack Wm \V. jro. 21.S Annette w. li same 
id-ackcn James M, carp Cl R. h 3 Llm 
Bradley Harvey, brkmn h lyj Vine av 
Bradshaw Peter C. 1 llo Churchill av 
Bradshaw T Charles II. ftr, h 113 Churchill 

Bradwin George A, collar mkr George A 

Rudd \ Co. res Toronto 
Breckenrldge Archibald, carp, h 10 Uttley 
Breckenridge Miss May. bkpr Laces & 

Braid Mfg Co, res Toronto 
Breen Ferris J. piano mkr Heintzman & 

Co. b :;!> Van Home 
Brethour Wm, trav. b 40 Van Home 
Brice James, cond. b 144 Vine av 
Bricker Ervin 10, wks. h 14 Annette w 
Bright Albert E, cond CPR, h 286 Pacific 

avenue s 

Brimer John B, tlr, h 134 Davenport rd 
Briitaiu Alfred, en^ CPR. 1 112 Annette e 
Brock Ernest, elect, h 1 Ferguson pi 
Brockbank Thomas. Ily fnshr Heintzman & 

Co, res Toronto 
Brocklebank Frederick, uphol D Sanders 

1 186 Annette w 
Brookes liem-go j. harness mkr George A 

Rudd \ Co. res Toronto 
Brooks Egbert II, cond CPR, h 32 May 
Brooks Frederick A, h 28 Medland 
Broom James, agt, h 01 Albany rd 
r.rother Alfred, bartndr Avenue Hotel, 1 205 

Dundas w 

Brown Charles, b 80 Annette e 
Brown Mrs Clara E, h 390 High Park av 
Brown David A, tray, b 630 Weston rd 
Brown Eliza (wid Thomas W), h 43 Van 

Brown .Miss Emily R, tchr Model Sch, 1 510 

High Park av 

Brown George A. b (l. io Weston rd 
ill-own George B, ledger kpr, h Keele s, cor 

Annette e 

Id-own Henrv. carp, h 35 Hoskin av 
Brown Irvin A. tray, 1 73 Clendenan av 
Brow n James, b 80 Annette e 
Brown John, li 52 Edmund 
Brown John, mach. h 635 Weston rd 
Hi-own John, plstr, li 423 Weston rd 
Brown Josephine (wid Benjamin F), h 412 

l :icitic av s 

Brown Leonard, 1 35 Hoskin av 

Brown Mary iwid John), h 352 Weston rd 

Hi-own Richard H, brass fnshr CPR, h 124 

Id-own Robert E, boiler washer CPR, h 115 

Brown Miss Ruby mach opr Laces & Braid 

Mfg Co. 1 423 Weston rd 
Id-own Win J, foreman, h 388 High Park ay 
Brown Win J, prop Brown s Hotel, 630 

Weston rd 

Brown Wm O, bartndr, b 630 Weston rd 
Brown Wm I , brkmkr Wakefield Brick 

Mfg Co, h 320 Weston rd 
Ilrown s Hotel. Win J Brown prop, 630 

Weston rd 
Brownlee James A, fnshr Heintzman & Co, 

b 35 Vine av 
Bi-vant Albert E. casemkr Heintzman & 

ii 10. ! Clendenan av 
Bryce Jas. cond CPR. 1 144 Vine av 
Bryer Raymond, brkmn CPR, 1 60 McMur- 

ray avenue 

Buchanan Henry, sectlonman. b 121 Keele n 
Buck Francis, b 314 Davenport rd 
Bulger .lames, ydmn CPU. h 252 Keele n 
Bulmer John stmftr CPR. 1 32 Gladstone 

av, Toronto 

Bull Miss Alice M. asst kinder tchr, Carl- 
ton St I ll!) School, res Weston 
Bull Mi~s Carrie I, tchr. Carlton St Pub 

Sell res Weston 

Bull Joseph R. carriage mkr, 367 Weston 

rd. res Vork tp 

P.ulley ( narles. litter CPR, b 77 Vine av 
Bullied Thomas, carp, h .".:i Iloskin av 
Bullied Wm T, wiper CPU. i 39 Hoskin av 

.John. liuil,-i- mkr, h 57 Vine nv 
Burford Harriet (wid Wm), h 27fi Annette w 

Guarantee Company of North America 

MEDLAND & JONES, Cen l Agents, Mail Building, Cor. King and Bay Tel Main 1067 

H. O HARA <& CO., JO Toronto Street 

Carry Stocks on Margins. Special Attention Given to Unlisted Stocks. 



nikr llrlutimau 

:e T 

/.mail & i 

driver Illlloek \ I 

v. 1 1H Western av 

mkr hl| i. 

k. trainman CPU. 1 i 

i-i:. ii ii> 

BurvllI nun.! 



> PR. 1 -l. i Si Clalr 

tr, h -Ji:. St Clalr nv e 
Bushell Kiliiinnil jr. 

ii. l.rkinkr 

\V. Iddr. ".I I \\ 

\vlil Charles Mi. I LIU 
Pncltlc av s 

im J. tly fnslir HHntzinaii 

* J Win. piano mkr Ilelntxman & Co, 
h 47 Keele s 
Lahoon Frederick J. harness mkr, i. 

Calb. |in lleintzman 4 Co. 

:i pi 
Caldwell Hurt K. asst Camming & C. 

I>miclas w 

Caldwell Thomas. lnl>. .-r av 

Camwell J l f f Chapman. 

r nv 

Caldv : cooper av 

Ik-tit watch man James 
.1 lu Ki-ele s 

Brown s Hotel, li 
ii rd 

\V. fireman. 1. KMi Vln.. a\ 
in. brkmkr 


9 U1 - iwtlirn av. 

"Hildas w] Charles R. cond CPU, i 71 

Cami i. fnslir Helmsman & Co 

Cam i 

Cnmp M. mngr A Campbell, Ii 14:. 

k av 
Campbell l- r.-inris. tly fnshr llelntzman A 

i l. i T nl.m n 
Cpii Is jr. fnshr H. Intzman \ 

i n 

Camj ,.,; CPU. | 74 H ook av 

Canip E (wld Charles), h 74 

Campbell NYll. bridce bldr, h 13 Homber 

Campbell \Vm. h 174 Parlti 
Camplln ci h i.-,.-, vine av 

: IT. Intzman A. 
Vine av 
Cain- ... i.t.i. ,, 

nd motor vehl. -i. cor 

Canadian Itank of Commorrf. Roliort C 

Jennincs mnt-r, 3* I 
Canad II \v \v. 

in; iniin! 

Canadian Pnrlilc Railway station. .7 - 

aet. ] rd 

Cann-. opr Bel I T 

! rrt 
Canni ,1. Mksmltli. li , 


Canavan \s in n. pntr. 1 20; r rd 


Cape: i.-h lid llr!iit/man i 


ilc. o.inf-. 
\V. m.ich. 

. av 

Curd \N 


\Vm li I "! ! I M. -~ 

ir|i. h I C 

fnshr. 1 102 I 
Mil J, l.rkn.n i I K. h 7_ An 

. Id Man 
III 1 

U kmn i PR I 7 J Am 
"klilll t l l 

i I K. I. .". p| 
i.nili. h 7n 
Carter Itl.hard A. yrn. L l 

\ . h Ji:; i 


Carter . 
Cartliy John i 

t artuv \> n i av 

II. lal . h I- l.i 

A: I .ralil 
Mfk- vk tp 

.s \ It ra Id Mf^ 
rk tp 

i Arthur J. .-ii^:. h !." ll iinU rslde av e 
Win. trnv. h I. in av 

li ii7 McMnrray av 

k av 
( haiiu Clare- 

Champion Miss Elizabeth F, b 24 MeMur- 

irk J. l.rkn.n CPU. Ii Ul 
i- av 

ilr av w 

Lain 1 

; rd 

i liar:. nr Tor Jun 



ia J. t. lir Carlton St 

Pnl. - 

ilo A. t.ln. 1 1 .:: Wil 

\Vini. h 7n Dn- 
Cherry Mi 

I 7n I 

: . A i . mi ell, res To- 

.7 HU li Park av 


> Dun- 
w, li 144 Auneu 

II av 

i, regulator Ileintzn, 
s Toronto 

Mexander ! in av 

I lark P rederiek. 1 

Clark !; 

n nv 

ne s 

. kr CPR, res Toronto 
Ine av 

1 14 Vine nv 
7 Vine av 
Inlock av 

ok av 

. ! >_ Inill : 

id Win J. i i. n M.-MI. 


< line M. iton. l.rklyr. h ss l ,-lh:r 

a pi 


-I I aclflc 
no 8 


I ll, ll t!7 Monk 

tlr. 1 IM I 

B li " IMiuuml 
k Franklin C, P. A. prln Toronto 

! Oil Inst. h I ILJ I 

k l.ii. in. la iwlil Kdwnrdi, I 142 Louisa 
i , i!r n .N M,,i-rls h 30 


uck Hotel, rms 

nir I!, l.rkinn CPU, h 04 Pacific 

Collins Robert J. miller A Campbell, li Sub- 
Hay ll"tc 1 

I CPU, ti L II \ |,-t,ii.| ;l av 
i, t. hr Model s.-li, 1 20 

-NIdy W U Sheppard, 

Colvln Win N. t -hr. 1 L>n Victoria av 

n rd 
\v i: II.IL .- inn^r. ^. i>un- 

.1 Alexander, brkmn CPU. 1 t:: Van 
II. < 

: MllL-ll. eheeker. 1 4: . Vail Home 
lid CI U. Ii 1..7 Vine 8V 
elk ]: u Rogers, 1 I.". Van 

iward, excavator, h 54 Carlton 
:\ Kdward J, elk Padget & Co, 1 54 

i.-k c, npp llelntzman & 

i. maeli hd The Gasoline 

:;-y I-:, drsmkr Miss L Mc- 
f, I .".1 Carlton 

Conr. ii Matibew K. studt. I !.".! Paclflc av 8 
CONRON WM J, Town Clerk, Town 
Hall. HI is K, .,.],. g, h i: ,:i Paelti. 

. h Is] K 

:nl in.. ,los,.ph A. elk. 1 ls| Kr. 
ntiii.- Mi- ii. klmliT tchr, 

Bl Pub S.-li 
IJ Hiiu li. lab. h l"l We.ston rd 

iwi.l Johin. ll "U lOvelyn cres 
:i av 

Ii ^7 llosl. 
.lollll. lab. 

av n 

I 1 nion n 

nan & Co, 
1 40 

rehlll av 
. Tthcote av 
. Hindus w 

mkr llelntzman 

i. elk Win Davles Co, res To- 

i Win. fireman, h 71 McMnrray ay 

ud poolroom, 66- 

irber and tobacconist, 51 
Dnnilas w. b .VJ May 

repr CPR, h 34 Hos- 
kin av 

k Miss Mildred, tchr Tor Junction 

lenan av 
Patriek M. j.ntr, h ISfi Maria 

Aid Thomas), fancy 
is \v . 1 1 same 

-addler George A Rudd & 

H, boiler mkr CPR, h 23 

Miss Marnaret, tehr Model Sen, 1 
183 Pacific av 

.u. 1 .-. Wilson pi 


Successors to LIMITED 



Typewriters Rented 

Ribbons, Carbons, Papers, Etc. 

15 Adelaide E. 

PHONES MAIN 1126, 1127 

Jl 3FIT7 Managing; 
. J. Otlii, Director 


Toronto Junction. 


Coulter Win J. foreman Heintzman & Co, 

res Toronto 
Coupland Herbert, veneerer Heiutzman & 

Co, 1 39 Uxbrldge av 
Cousins Bertram A, app Heintzman & Co. 

1 40 Van Home 

Cousins Charles, tmstr. h 40 Van Home 

Cox Frederick, cond. h 44 Union n 

Cox Henry, flier, h -22 Hook av 

Cox Win II. inach The Gasoline Engine Co 

Ltd, res Toronto 

Crabb Charles, polisher, h 61 Edmund 
Crabb Earlby S. bolt cutter, b 61 Edmund 
Crabtree Harold, b 29 May 
Craig Arthur C, teller Molsons Bank, rms 

2 Dundas \v 

Craig David J, car repr CPR, res Toronto 
Creary Miss Martha, tlrs J H Agnew, 1 til 

McMurray av 
Crisp John J, bgeman Toronto Junction 

station GTH, res York tp 
Crockett John, carp CPR, h 76 Dundas w 
Croft Thomas G, carp CPR, res Toronto 
Crompton John P, mach CPR, 1 72 Queen s 

Croney James, ydinan CPR, 1 36 Fairvlew 

Croney John F, brkmn CPR, 1 91 Willough- 

by avenue 

Crone v Joseph \V. carp. 1 91 \Villoughby av 
Croney Win. lab CPU, h 91 Willonghhy av 
Croney Win J. brkmn. 1 91 Wlllougjlby av 
Cronk Edward, pattern mkr, h 20 Fairvlew 
Cronkitc Albert, lab. b 141 Vine av 
Cross Win. eng George A Rudd & Co, h 

146 Unlock av 

Crossan I.cona (\vld Robert), h w s Lake- 
view av. 2 s of Louisa 
Crossan Thomas G, elk, 1 w s Lakeview av, 

2 s <>f Louisa 

Crossett John 11. li 101 Clendenan av 
Crosson George J. mach The Gasoline En 
gine Co Ltd. 1 lor, Mulock av 
Crow Win, lab, b 29 May 
Crozler Norman E, foreman, 1 88 Charles 
Crozler Thomas W. h 88 Charles 
Crozier T Victor, cutter, 1 88 Charles 
Culham John \V. carp, h 14 Charles 
Cullerton Thomas, pntr J R Bull, b 29 Med 

Culross Uavid 1 .. regulator Heintzman & 

Co, h 7<i Laws 
Culross Win L, tly fnslir Heintzman & Co. 

res Toronto 

Cummer Eli. carp CPR, res Toronto 
Camming George R (Gumming & Co), h ,".", 


Camming \- Co i George R Cumming), un 
dertakers. 55-57 Dunilas w 
Cummins 1: Albert, ma -li. !i 159s Bloor w 
Cunnington Win .1. vet siirg, 81 Quebec av 
Cnrlett Harry (i, foreman, h 2:!0 Keele n 
Curran Tliomas. seetion man CPR. h 147 

Vine av 
Currir Barbara iwiil Itobei-ti. gro. 129 Dnn- 

das e. h same 

Currio .lames. I 129 Unndas e 
Currie Robert, lab. li 17 Lambert av 
Custom House Wesley Pearson collector. 

10-12 Van Home 
Cntts Charles I) ic M Cutts & Co). 1 2-1 

Woodsidc av 
Cntts Clarence M (C M Cutta .v Co), h 21 

Wo, ,lsi,]e :t\ 

Cntts C M A Co (C M and C D Cutts). hard 

ware. 127 Dundas w 
Cnttv Philip, engine turner CPR, 1 32 1 a 

cific . 

.lames, brknikr, Wak. iield Brick Mfg 

18 York tp 

Dalbv Miss Mar\. ilrsmkr Miss I. McEna- 
ney. 1 Westmi nl 

I larvey, mach CPU. li 71 1 aei. 

Dalton Frederick, gro, 2:1:: Dumlas w 




Stovi .ally 

104 to 112 Edmund Street 


Dalton Win .7. founder. 112 Edmund. h same 
Daniels FraneU. lab. li 111 Churchill av 
Daniels George, ear ivpr crii. res York tp 
Daniels Tli aker, h iss Anneiiew 

Danbrook John H, maeh, 1 300 Davenport rd 
Darwell Charles, wood tuner R J Batt, b 

2.". Medland 

Dangbton Arthur, poultry dlr, h D9 Eliza 

Danghtou Thomas, elect, h 507 Dundas w 
Da\enport .Methodist Church, Rev II S Ma- 
gee pastor. Davenport rd, opp Churchill av 
Davenport Post Office, Win Rowntree P M. 

319 Davenport rd 

Davenport Station, John P Brownridge sta 
tion agt, Davenport rd, cor Railway av 
Davey John, carp, h 220 Quebec av 
Davey Samuel J, harness mkr George A 

Rndd .- Co, h 38 Uxbridge av 
Dave; Win J, pntr, 1 220 Quebec av 
Davidge Frederick J, flreman Cl lt. h 44 

Van Home 

Davidgo George A. fireman, h 96 Charles 
Daviilgo Wm 11, caretaker. Carlton St I ub 

Seh. h 27 King 

l>avi,lge Win H jr. mach hlpr. 1 27 King 
Davidson Andrew C. mach The Gasoline 

Kngino Co Ltd, res Toronto 
Da \idson Hugh, eng CPR, h 180 High Park 

Davidson Mr.s Susan. 1 43 Union s 

.lohij. lab, h IS MeMnrray av 
Da vies John jr. cabt mkr. 1 Is MeMnray av 
Davles \Vi<, Co Ltd (bram-hi. F H Irwin 

inngr. provisions, 10-12 Dundas w 
Davis David, cond. h 38 McMurray av 
Da\is George, c-ond. 1 21.! Western av 
Davis George W, section man, b 121 Keele 

Davis .lolYerson, plshr lleintzmaii \ Co, 

DavU Oliver, fnslir Heintzman & Co, 1 4 

Ferguson pi 

Davis Oliver N. h 4 Ferguson pi 
Davis Richard .7. express. In] Dundas e 
Da.:s Win, cond Cl lt. h Dnndas w 
D.-IMS Win. 1 3S MeMnrray av 
Dttvlgon J Hareourt, brkmn CPR, h 7u 

Dundas e 

Lay James A. court, h 47 Victoria a v 
Dean Ann M iwid John) h 38 Van Home 
I lean \\ in J, tobacconist. 25 Dundas , h 

55 Wi stern av 
Del, in y John, brkmkr Wakeflelrt Brick Mf- 

< o. |, Lake House 
Defo-i Glnude F, prtr Leader and Recorder. 

res Toronto 

Delsenroth Frederick, carp. 1 68 Dundas w 
Deis, nrotli George, cabt mkr, h 68 Dundas 

Dempster .lames 77. slsinn. res Dundas, cor 

Alexander av 
Demster Charles, brkmkr Wakefleld Briek 

Mfg Co. res Toronto 
Dei, ni:. Alfred, h 44 Franklin av 
Dennis Arthur, lab. h 172 Maria 
Dennis Mrs Mary, gro, lls Dundas e 
- Thomas, li 11s Dim,! 

lin II il)es],onil \- Sampson), b 

2ti Laws 
Despond \- Sampson 1.7 II Despond, W A 

Sampson), barbers, 92 Dundas w 
D Esterre Annie (wld Robert J) h 41 Clen 
n av 
lan George W. regulator lleintzmaii & 

" li - Laws 

.lames B, fireman, h 45 Lakeview av 
Dew Win. bricklayer, 1 ."2 Pacific av n 

D Ky, lleln-y. elk CPR. 1 1211 Ollebee av 

Diamond John II. carp CPU. h Ulii Maria 
Dibl, Miss Pearl, bkpr F G Lillie \ Co, 
res Toronto 

.lohn B, brkmn CPR, h 41 Victoria 

Dieiil En., -st. elk F G Lillie & Co. res To 
Dlgby Cartage Co (Robert Digby and Wm 

awtinheim, n. eartago agtS, Is Medland 
Di- bv Jarvis. tmstr. h 17 Iloskin av 
Digby iinbert llligby Cartage Co), h Is 


Dine Mark, boiler mkr hlpr, h 197 Maria 
ningman Archibald W (Pugsley, Dingiuan 
A. c,,i. res Toronto 

I Christ Church, s s Annette c. 

A. brkmn CPR. 1 97 High Park av 
Edward, ydmn CPR. 1 163 Clei>- 

ileua:. :l\~ 

Doild.- John w (Hillock & Dortdsi. h ::: 

llemaii. harness mkr George A Rndd 
,v Co, b 31 Hook av 

Dodge Mfg Co, Ltd, Samuel May president 

11 s May vice-president, Charles F Whea- 

tou secretary-treasurer, pulley mfrs, s s 

Pelharn av, 1 e Edmund 
Dods George R, carp, h 10s Mulock av 
Dodaon Mark, mldr, h 7 Carlton pi 
Doherty Rev George E, asst rector* St Ce 

cilia s Ch, 1 111 Annette w 
Donald Robert, cooper A Campbell b 44 


Donaldson Wm D, eng, h 203 Pacific av s 
Doner John II, carp, h 183 Pacific av s 
Dot-ward David P, eng. h 2S Western av 
Doubleilay .lohn w. h 19U Maria 
Douglas Edward, brkmkr G S Townsley b 

44s Weston rd 

j Douglas John, eng, h 57 May 
; Dove Arthur J, asst supt, h 58 Hoskln av 
Dowding Win .1. harness mkr George A 

Rudd & Co, res Toronto 
Downey Michael J, h 181 Elizabeth 
Downing Thomas, j.ntr Cl R, h 13 Water 

loo av, Toronto 
DOWBOD John, brkmkr Wakefleld Brick Mfg 

Co, h 191 Keele n 
Doyle James J, h 2sG Duudas w 
Dresch W, brkmn CPR. I 139 Vine av 
Drewltt Robert S, mach CPR, h 115 An 

nette e 

Drewltt Wm I , ens, h 58 Union s 
Drudlng Francis W, plshr, 1 125 Mulock av 
Drndrig John F, plshr. h J2.3 Mulock av 
Drur.v George, blksmith The Gasoline En 

gine Co Ltd, h Alexander av 
Duck Peter A. carp, i, ;; Ferguson pi 
Duff James \\ , brklyr. h ) Carltou pi 

r o a E> stml n <- 1P l . 1 S Queen s 

Robert . 

mkr CPR,-h 88 Queen s 

Duncafe Charles W, brkmn CPR,] 131 


juncau | aiiny O vid Adam), h 93 Edmund 

uneaii Ihomas, carji, h 33O Willoughby av 
Duncan \V m, eiig, h .31 Western av 
Duncan Wm G, app, 1 M Edmund 
Duncan Win J, coiify and cigars 7 Dundas 

e, n same 

Dundas Frank, h 54 Western av 
Dundas James W, cond. 1 :,l Western av 
Dundas John, uioto, 1 54 Western av 
Duudas Joseph B, cond, I 54 Western av 
Dundln Harry J, yard foreman C P R 1 

V 2 I loskln av 
Dundih Wm, yardmaster C P R, h 256 

Keele n 
Dunham J Franklin, pully bldr, h 46 

Western av 

Dunlop Wm J, mach hd C P R, h 198 Maria 
Dunn Barbara iwid Alexander). 1 West 

ern av, cor llumberside av 
Dunn Silas W. car repr C P R, 1 29 May 
Dunn Win. b 29 May 
Durant Win, car repr C P R, I 108 Mulock 


Durrant Harry, icecream mkr, h 122 Maria 
Du Vcrnet Rev Frederick II. rector St 

John s Church, h 25s Lakeview av 
Dyer Ebby, collar mkr George A Rudd & 

Co, res Toronto 
Dyer Harry, collar mkr George A Rudd & 

Co, res Toronto 

I Iyer Richard W. carp, h 130 Pacific av s 
Dwan Mil-had, h 1(14 Conduit 
K.I, Ies George W. lironiaii. h 45 Iloskin av 
Eades Richard W, flreman, h 59 Hoskln 


Kados Knih iwid Win), h H2 McMurray av 
Eadie John II. mach. 1 70 Lnughton a v 
Da, lie Samuel 10. wood wkr. 1 7i> Laughton 


Eadic Win .1. shipper, h 70 Lamrhton av 
Eagcn Thomas II, supt Heintzman & Co, 

i,s Toronto 
Earl James S. dry gds i:i Dundas e, h 

116 Annette e 

Karl John P.. carp, h 2o:i Quebec av 
Earls Thomas E, millwright, h 89 Cooper 


Earls Win I. sleamftr. 1 s9 Cooper av 
Kaston Jiihn. mach C 1 R. 1 21 Western av 
Eaton Albert K. eng. h 12.", Annette e 
Edgar Miss Aleda, tchr Tor Junction Col 

lege of Music. I 372 Annette w 
Edgar Ge.;rge W. sec, h 372 Annet.e w 
Edgar Joseph W. brkmn C P R. h 40 Mil 

lock av 
i Edgers S Wesley, carp, h 119 Churchill ay 

Factory Fire Alarm Systems 

128 Bay St. The Eastman-Colwell Electric Co. 

Complete Installations of Automatic or Manual 
Fire Alarm Stations, Annunciators and Bells 

Telephone M. 409 


vr iivriiik ,. , . _ a CHURnH o- 



and large sums. 
Interest at Highest Current Rate 

Edmond LonK \V. flreman, b 01 



c r i: t 

Jlllott Eil ::. h -T Western av 


1 43 

1 115 
. uud 
: orge, uiach, 1 1" h 

liaiiunh iv h ID Ki 


>tian \ 

E:.i- \Vui, I lksuilth, h li>2 Cooper av 

alpr, h 11 

rge A 


Evans Krcderi. k , a v 

Evans ar s 

John M. fruit N5 lJulidas w, h 

ge A 
ridge av 

re A Rudd 

Farr MU .1. -mil. m-i-l.- tchr 326 Daren- 

port rd. 1 same 

Farr Jos . .it rd 

Farr I-e.sIU-. in . I 80 

Farr Miss Sarah II, drsmkr ;:_ ; Davenjport 

rd, 1 game 
Farr V. .-nport rd 

ru av 

. Wnj. h . -.1 av 


etor Tiler. h 74 Duu- 

rtr Leader and Ki 

r. 1 74 1 . 

lirkmn C P R, 1 97 Hlgn 
Park av 

Kdward G, fireman C P R. I 1 9 

-. driver, h 23 Carlton pi 

tlr A M i; ; \i>el, 1 101 
ighby aT 

"1 Wllloughliy av 

I>t. h 
41 !! 

!m II. IMntzman A Co. 1 41 
i nv 

lelntzman & Co, 
I"kln av 

I Al i-Min II. l k].r. I 12Ti P:i.lfio av s 
li C P R, 1 07 High 

! I I!, b 66 Ar 

260 Annette w 
mngr and president 

-ver. b 124 Coopor ar 

n. trainman c P I! 
kin av 

-lior Helntzman & Co, 

lake captain, li 163 Vine 

!m. lali. h 40 Hnkln av 

chief. 1R- 
1> K. 


trl.-k Wm II. jilstr. h :** Dtindas w 
mach C r R. h 14 > 


"2 t nlon n 

fir r i -k av 

ie Gasoline F.n- 

rp. 1 200 Dim. 


neen s rd 

"Ing). Bros 266 

Mr av 

II. -..negate Institute, 
1 U Murn. 

i II, mis. h ." 7 Ami.- 
Hliitoff George I aclflc 

P R, 1 HI 


t , m "". . rf<i|t W; "id 

Vine av 
kn:n C P R. 1 ::.; I arlton 

rge, Dtter Ilelnt/.m.-in & i 



ii. P M Ca i 1 o, Bour 

and gros . , .iiport rd 

b 8 1 

tta twid Win Ti. L 
I xlirldge av 

Ti: i \l, ridge av 
i U-k. miller. I 24 

lughtnn av 
k Molaons 
- . ".n. las w 

lili. h 4 .) Quebec av 
I lalr av 

nan A Co, 

Artlinr, brkmkr. ! , n rd l.rkmkr i. 

; rd 
Rielmrd, brkmkr U S Townsley, b 

i rd 

Iward II. stock kpr. li It; Western av 

h 33 

o, h JTt; Maria 

iarles, section foreman, b 44 
i u 

ac, lab C P R. h 32 Whitney 

V. li l- r i i- |; 
i av 

\ander, Mrmkr (" P R, 

if Vine ar 

1 76 

kmn C P R. h 7s II. .skin 

nklin nv 
.mkr Wak. iield Hrlck Mfg 


lirknikr Wakefleld Rrlek 

mkr s hlpr C P R, 

rymire 11 b a) 

..Hiper A CauiplK-ll. 1 9 
n pi 

in, piano mkr Helntzman & Co. 
h 7.J 

.v .T. Mksmlth ".n K. "! -. h 12 

Pulton Joseph, pntr. 1 

Win. foreman, li :i-ll Edn 

I lit:!. 

R. 1 211 Dunn 


ii. h 111 


.1. The. Joel Lai 

rd. near <i T 

h L".I P.i 

l.rkinn C P R. 1 o; M, 
Murray av 

P R. h 
Murray av 

.ivard. lirkmkr. rd 

n rd 

. l.ikmkr, I .in rd 

1 1 450 


I H.r 1 . i : res 

tept C P R. h is Franklin 

- .-stern 

C r K. li 411 vi. -tor-la 

l "t Junction Lumber 

.nl-w av 
i:. rlk R i I 100 

nk I-:, lali. r.-s I. MIH 

1 I. "i luindas w 
Gllbci - Davenport 

1, I.KI Dundas w 
. 1 |ii Dnndas w 

r K. h 21 Laws 
ib, li 212 P 

iih .1. i iiw; iv 

Alfred .1 I .rai.l Mfg 

(illmori .1" iv. h same 

I jke- 

M.irU-v, harnessiiikr, 1> Peacock 

r repr C P R. h Elizabeth 

it i r R, res 

Lainliton Mills 

I R. li 31 Dun- 

.vitelimn C I I! h 136 An- 

Slenii : fnport rd 

v s 

R. h 134 


-" av 

hr. ! ."7 1 xl.rl.lye av 
-e av 
v Co, 

wiiimiRhby ar 

,\ . .-,,11 r d 

\vood wkr C P R. 1 144 

A iid Thomasi. !i W Queen s 
Oorwll] Th" i.ininan. 1 96 Queen s 


Oorivil! Wm II foremn, 1 96 

: Hall. 1" w 

t. hr T..r Junction Coll 
Inst. h !i:: IIlL-h Park av 

.mkr Wak. -field Brick Mfg 

i ; Miirla 

itraham Al 1 rekpr. li IDS Pacific 

n Edward, lirkmkr K Son. 

York tp 



Tel. Main ee 

The Lake Simcoe ICE Supply Co. 







Best Quality Al! Sizes 
Tel. Main 86 

North British & Mercantile Insurance Go. 26 Wellington St. E. 

GOOCH & EVANS, Resident Agents 

Tel. Main 423 


Toronto Junction. 



A Complete Stock of all Good 
Kinds of 

No Extravagant Prices. 

^T. EATON C Jm , 


Graham Harry, wks Hube Bros, 1 44 Ut- 

Graham John, blksmith s hlpr C P R, res 

Lambton Mills 

Graham John J, trav, h 21 Hoskln av 
Graham I ereival M, 1 21 Hoskin av 
Graham Mrs Undid., h 44 Uttley 
Graham Thomas, tmstr, h 6 Dundas w 

Queen s rd 
Graham Thomas G, blksmith s hlpr C P R, 

res Lambton 

Grainger George J, mach, I 93 Edmnnd 
Grainger James, eng, h 95 Edmund 
Grainger Joseph, app. 1 95 Edmund 
Grainger W Henry, 1 95 Edmund 
G T R Station (Toronto Junction), Wilbur 

Grundy act, Weston rd 
Granfield Win, fnshr Heintzman & Co, res 


Grant D John, car bldr. h 108 St Clalr av e 
Grant Peter M, mkt gdnr, h 278 Elizabeth 
Graves Ross, mach C P R, b Occidental 


Gray Robert, express, h 103 Annette e 
Gray Robinson, express 107 Dundas e 
Gray Win P, blksmlth C P R, h 87 Ed 

Graydon Edgar, casemkr. 1 101 Mulock av 
Graydon Frederick W, brkmn C P R, 1 101 

Muloek av 
Graydon Win, drug miller, h 101 Mulock 


Green Frederick, car repr, b 630 Weston rd 
Greeniaus David L, piano mkr, h 88 Que 
bec av 
Greonlaw James, car repr C P R, res 


Greenlees John P, mach, h 61 Vine av 
Greenshlelds Thomas E, fitter C P R, h 37 


Greenwood Gage W. trav, 1 115 Annette w 
Greenwood Win. real est, 22 Dundas e, h 

115 Annette w 

Greer Wm R, fireman, h 90 Charles 
Grelg George A. eng, h 79 Hoskin av 
Greig James, livery and boarding stables 

12 Kcele s. h 125 Pacific av 
Grev Amos, lab, h 149 Elizabeth 
Grieve Medford R, brkmn C P R, h 71 

Griffin George, brkmkr Wakefield Brick 

Mfg Co. h 310 Weston rd 
Griffin Robert J. lab. h 39 Charles 
Griffiths J P, brkmn C P R. 1 91 Willough- 

by av 

Grieg Annie (wld Alfred), h 153 Elizabeth 
Grigg Charles F. pntr. h 75 Hoskln av 
Grimes George, brkmn C P R, h 68 Hos 
kln av 

Grimes Mrs Harriet. 1 64 McMurray av 
Grimes Matthew, cond C P R. h 64 Mc 
Murray av 
Grnndler George .T. piano mkr Heintzman 

,< di, h 43 Clendenan av 
Gunn Gustavo, mldr. 1 106 Vine av 
Gnnn Henry, tinstr. h lOfi Vine av 
Gunn Win A. oik. h 96 Gilmonr av 
Gunning John P.. fireman, h 59 Mertland 
Onstar George II. Chipper, h 13S Cawtnra 


Ha;:: G. fnshr The Gasoline En- 


I dindas w 

Haggas Cyrus, mach C P R, h 140 St Clair 

Haggas John, supt Water Works, h 40 

Annette e 
Haight Arthur G, brkmn C P R, 1 100 

Humberside av e 

Halu Alexander, dairy 28 Edmund, h same 
Ilalnes George, blksmlth, h 148 Cawthra 
I [allies George, mach The Gasoline Engine 

Co Ltd, res Lambton 
Balnea John, livery 34 Midland, h 30 


Hale Frederick, mach, 1 46 Western nv 
Hales Edward, carp R J Batt, res Toronto 
Hall Charles M, artist, h 95 Quebec 
Hall David, h 81 Clendenan av 
Hall II Wm, roofer, h 27 Medland 
Hall Harry C (Hall Mfg Co), 1 151 Wil- 

loughby av 

Hall Henry M, carp. 1 27 Victoria nv 
Hall James, roofer and builder 21% Dun 
das e, h 2 Annette e 
Hall Jane (wid Robert S), 1 99 Law 
Hall John E, 1 661 Annette w 
Hall Lucius M I Hall Mfg Co), h 151 Wil- 

loughby av 

Hall Mfg Co (Lucius M and Harry C 
Hall), picture frames 151 Wllloughby av 
Hall Robert, bkr. h 98 Humberside av e 
Hall Robert E, chief elk stores dept C P 

R, 1 81 Clendenan av 
Hallett Henry, blksrnith C P R, 1 192 

Sorauren av 

llally Robert O. elk Can Bank of Com 
merce, 1 38 Dundas e 

Hallitt Cecilia (wid George), 1 28 West 
ern av 

Hallitt Gordon, elk E R Rogers, 1 28 West 
ern av 

Hallman Simeon S, foreman Toronto Junc 
tion Lumber Co, res Toronto 
Hamilton Arthur, miller A Campbell, res 

Hamilton Herbert T., fireman, h 62 Pacific 

avenue s 
llaneock Ernest W, studt, 1 107 Churchill 

Hancock Herbert, elk Thomas E Hoar & 


Hancock John A, eng, h 107 Churchill av 
H. inroek .Tohn B. elect, 1 107 Churchill av 
Hand Charles W, mldr. h 66 Laughton av 
Hand Edward, iron wkr, h 37 Charles 
Hand Mrs Ellen, 1 66 Laughton av 
Hand Henry, mach. h 46 Campbell av 
llmi.y Matthew T, carp C P R, h 264 


Ilanley .Tames L, app mldr, 1 140 Edmund 
Hanley Wm E. moto. h 140 Edmund 
Harcourt George A, brkmn C P R, h 54 

Hoskin av 
Harcourt J Aubrey, checker C P R, 1 M 

Hoskln av 
Harcourt Reginald S, checker C P R, 1 54 

Hoskin av 
Harding Robert B, mach The Gasoline En- 

pine Co Ltd, res Toronto 
Ilards Charles, harnessmkr George A Rudd 

Co, 1 76 Queen s rd 
Hardy James, supt Electric Light Station, 

h ;i.~ Van Home 

Harnlman A, bench hd R J Batt, res .To 

Harper Edmund D, pulley bldr, 1 134 An 
nette e 

Harper Frederick E, cabtmkr, h 19 West 
ern av 
Harper Joseph H, sweeper A Campbell, h 

121 Mulock av 
Harper Robert, police constable, h 134 

Annette e 

Harper Wm J. mach. 1 121 Mulock av 
Harrington Christopher, carp, h 26 Argyle 

Harrington John L, mach hd C P R, h 17 

Western av 

Harrington Wm J, wood wkr, h 40 West 
ern av 
Harris Stuart G W, btchr T Chapman, I 

86 Edmund 

Harris Tiffin, carp, h 32 Falrvlew av 
Harris Win. sec-treas High and Public 

School Hoards, h 86 Edmnnd 
Harris w John. mach. h 298 Davenport rd 
Harrison Andrew, car repr. h 71 Hoskin 


Harrison James, pntr s hlpr C P R, h 117 
Dundas \s- 

Harrison John, drayman, h 78 Annette e 
Harrison Richard, gro 56-58 St Clair av 

e, h same 

Harrison Thomas, fitter, 1 45 Pacific av 
Harshall Victor, trainman C P R, 1 200 

Jameson av, Toronto 
llarshaw Miss Fannie A, mlnry 75 Dundas 

w. i Wlllonghby av. cor Annette e 
Harshaw Miss Gcorgina, artist, 1 Wlllough 
by av, cor Annette e 
Harshaw Thomas, contr Willoughby av, 

cor Annette e, h same 
Hart Albert, trav, b Subway Hotel 
Hart Daniel, wood wkr. h 62 Campbell ay 
Hart George, fireman, b 52 Union n 
Hart Wesley, fireman, b 52 Union n 
Hartman Frederick E, piano mkr, h 107 

Willoughby av 

Hartman George, artist 111 Edmund 
Hartman Sebastian M, agt, h 111 Edmund 
Hartman Walter, artist, 1 111 Edmund 
Hartmnim Albert P, foreman Heintzman 

,V Co, res Toronto 
Hanney Frank B, bkpr W P Hartney, 1 

So Edmund 


Coal, Wood, Lumber and 
Builders Supplies 

Office) Phone Junction 32 

Branch Office, 14 Dundas W. 

Phone Junction 47 

Hartuey Wm P, coal and wood Weston 

rd, opp G T R Station, h 85 Edmund 
Hart rick Augustus A. chief eng Heintzman 

& Co, h 24 Dundas e 

Harvie Win A. cleaner C P R, b 29 Mary 
Haskill W. brkmn C P R. 1 20 May 
I lass Herman J, 1 117 Laws 
Hatton Frank E, piano mkr, 1 175 Vine av 
Hatton Margaret (wld James), h 175 Vine 


Hatton Walter E, tlr, 1 175 Vine av 
Hay Alexander, constable, h 40 Carlton 
Hay John, stmftr C P R, 1 53 Quebec ar 
Hay Robert J, brkmn C P R. 1 187 Keele n 
Head Emma (wid George H). h 20 May 
Heath H J, cond C P R, 1 144 Vine av 
Heimrod Ernest, agt, h 134 Cawthra av 
Heintzman George C (Heintzman & Co), h 

288 Annette w 
Heintzman Herman (Heintzman & Co), h 

2!>4 High Park av 
Heintzman Mary J (wld Charles T), h 96 

Evelyn cres 

Heintzman & Co (Herman and George O, 
piano mnfrs, factory Van Home, 1 s of 
C P R tracks 
Henderson George, cond C P R, h 115 

Clendenan av 
Henderson Madge (wld Francis), h Bloor, 

cor Glendonwynne rd 

Henderson Wm A, boilermkr, h 99 Frank 
lin av 

Hendry James, crip, h 41 Medland 
Henry Joseph, plshr Ilelntzman & Co, res 


Herbert Charles, pntr, h 113 Edmnnd 
Herbert Charles J, wines and liquors 74 

Dundas e. h same 

Heiiot George E, bkr. h 144 Clendenan av 
Hernden Thaddeus L, lab, rrns 126 Cooper 


Heron George, brick mkr. h 297 Maria 
Herrlngton Christopher, carp C P R, h 28 

Argyle rd 

Hernngton John, h 17 Western av 
Horsey Allen, car repr C P R. h 30 Hos- 
Hertzberg Anton L, civ eng. h 251 Lake- 
kin ay 
view av 

Ilertzherg Halfdan F II. stonojr, I 251 Lake- 
view av 
Hesllp Robert, truck repr C P R. h 38 


Ileston Samuel C. bldr. h ."1 MeMnrray av 
Hewitt Charles K. plshr Heintzman & Co, 

1 67 Vine av 

Hewlett James, mldr, h 301 Dundas e 
Hewson John C, miller A Campbell, b 60 
Hook ay 







FINANCIAL and other Corporations, 


Tormit.i .1 unction. 

i nl 

Ml inkr Ilclntz- 

i l. i Ho-kln av 
II. elk. 

i Win. bar Hotel 

I Dundas 
\rtluir W ! . 1 l i May 

U. h -:" K 

Hill v. il.Mui:].. e n 

k James A, far repr. li ."" I tilon n 
iHlllix-k .\ - li is 

1 8 

- . Win Hill. " -k. John W 
rs and grocers 39-41 Dun- 

ks, res To- 

r It. 1 r.l Hoskln av 

B Wm. uilclr. li :ioG Davenport rd 

Arthur U. lilt av 

.lr av 1 2"! St Clalr av 
irtl. N.ilcrnikr. Clalr 

caretkr. li 1." Vino av 

d < I R. 1 71 Pacific av 
Win A. l.ri.-k mkr. 1 142 Mnrla 

...n.l r r It. h 80 Caw- 
thra av 
Hi""-: Joseph R. tool mkr, 1 84 Queen s rd 

ll iwid Robert I. Il M Qlle. 

i En 
gine Co I. til. riil;.-! av 

E Hoar t Co). 

h I 1 iv s 

". & Co (Thomas E Hoar), 
hardwnre 14 I> 

MI Annette e 

John, blksmlth. h 115 Campbell av 
r K, inner Conger Coal Co, b 
Ulgh Park av 
B John F. trav. li 

HoIlnn.I Arthur, fitter O P R. 1 47 Maria 
Holla ml John, maeh C P R, h Ofl Royce av. 

Bolllngshead Wm. tmstr. h 1- T nlnn s 

Kilwln, engine turner, h 10 Vic 
toria av 

rands .T. roadmaster, h 18 Hook 

Hollo ;e, enc. h S2 Pacific av n 

Holli je H. mach. 1 18 Hook av 

Hollowav Norman, harness mkr i;i<>rL-.- A 

Rudd A- Cn. 1 is H.-.k nv 
Holman Rlenza. brlcklyr. h 1OS Ann 
Holmes Edwnrrt F.. l:i!>. h 127 Churchill nv 

k. ma < h. h 131 Dm 
Holwell Wm. npr. b 131 nnnda- 
Hooker Frnn.K. fitter C P R. 1> 31 Hook 

rton J. foreman. 1 407 Campbell 

h 407 Cnmnbell av 
- John R. Ins Insp. 1 liV> Davenport 

Wm E. mnch r P R. h 24 Law 
Hopkins Arthur A. mnoh C P R. 1 17 

Hopkins Harry I., harness mkr 

Rudd f.- Cn. I .".1 Hook av 
Hopklrk Joseph, mach C I R. 1 1*7 Cowan 
nv, Toronto 

J. !>rkmn C P U. h 17* 

TI av 

W. cnr[.. ! rn nv 

\. elk, h 21 I.ansil uvne av 
trnv. h 171 I. 
1 171 Loi 

II. Tur Junction Col 

1 171 I.. 

U. I 21 H.. 

tor Hcintz 

, 1 7o 11. 

.- av 

!,. Il 211 i 

Howard li. ..r C P I; 

|u-tr. h ; 
mlnr Ml- ishaw, 

II. .well M 

i"il, 1 !*> . 
.1 John J C, drug elk. 1 ISO Quebec 

lloweii Wm w illow.ii A. Co), h 180 Que- 
HOWELL & CO (Wm W Howell), 

s liunda 

How. A. brukeman C I I; 

Il. w. :l,. r washer C P It, 1 

li toriu . av 

caretkr Colb v 

>i ;o Law 

Hubliert Alfred, elk Win 

and Ronu: 

is), 1 21 Dundas e 

llul.el I^-wls W. brkmn C P R, b I." 1 


Hubert John II. h 110 Quebec av 

btinkr, h 117 Edmund 

IIu^l: fv l.j Dundas e 

Hiiinplule~ Mi" Harriett " II, nurse 506 

mis same 
Hunklnc Henry It, fnslir Helutzmau & Co, 


Hunter Ch C P R. b 32 Hook av 

Hunter Miss Emma. .Irsmkr. b 4. . 

II. r 
Hunter Ceorge. fireman C P R, h 46 Ar- 

Hunter K.. 1 . n. supt The Gasoline 1 

CO, .11 8 

Win J. tin man. h 32 Hook av 
Hunter Win M < iasollue Engine 

Ltd. 1 f>4 fnlon 8 
Hnrd Jam. :ikr George A Radd & 

Hurl Robert W. ! "7 Wllloaghby av 
Hurl Win. blksmlth. h r>7 Wllloughby av 

ikr. 1 7 Limlrjer 
Win. brkmkr Wakefleld Brick Mfg 

York tp 
Hnrwnrth Ernest w. plshr Helntzman i 

i 40 Laupht. ] av 

Huti! fireman, b 139 Vine nv 

Until, hlpr C P R, b 

l T, v ; 

nkr George A 

! P R. h 5S 

Earrar. cnr repr C P R. h 2 Lindner 
h 10 Ch; 

repr C P R. h 7 Lindner 
h ir. ("hnrles 
Wm E, 1 1." Chnr 

kr Helntzman f 

i.crsmlth C P R. h 
;idennn nv 
Wm. h 23 KIne 
! Wm. brass fnshr. h 14 Western av 

>n rd 
li 202 Wlllonghby av 

Cawthra nv 
Irvln k Toronto Junction Lum- 

Irvln John C. in .-> .Junction I.nm- 

Irvln Wm C. mner Toronto Junction Lnm- 

Irvlnc Ami nnd shoes 63 Dun- 


nach hd C P R, 1 75 Clen- 
denan av 

1 U3 

1 sa 
Irnli, irray 

Irwln ,,, i 

Irwin Kninii n, uingr \Vm Haxies Cn Ltd. 

h :. - 
Irwln Ml-- ; 7-| Dun.l:, 

Irwlu Jaiue^ l:. brlekl.vr, ! c av 

rwin lii. 


Irwin \\ in J. brl.-klyr. e av 

Ir\\jn Win M, .111,1 

A. ilrv g... imliis 

w. li same 

lit T >r .liiiu-tlon Col- 
>( Mu-le. t I!. . Dnnda.s \v 

\. inliiry 117 l>ninlas w, h 
llo same 1 11.". Dundas w 
\Vm II, elk, 1 li:. 1 

I . .7 MeMurr.-i 
-mkr. li r.7 MeMurray av 
1 I K. h _"_: 1 ai-lton 

1 .. I. lil, 1 r.i Annette w 


T. Wii Hall. IB li 230 

HlKh Pill!. 

11 Michael, bkpr. h 02 Annette w 

Wm. pi mil Recorder, b 

:i Hi. me 

n Wm W. maeh. h 2,*s Maria 
.li.lin .1. fnshr Ilelntzimiu ^ Co, res 

11 Lindner 
itic av s 

Wm II. harness mkr George A Rudd 
t, harness mkr George A 

Kuilil A: Ci>. Il - 1118 W 

OB C r H. i i::". I aciflc 

John T, carp C 1 K, h . .r, .! St Clalr 
Je, k* Herbert I", trav. h 121 Annettf^ 
Jell Harry c. bkpr C P It. b 1O4 Annette 

.leiinini:-. Robert c. < lian Hank 

.if i li 14:i Ixikevlew av 

Jewltt Samuel E, prln Carlton St Pub 
li 77 Chai 

piano inkr Helntzman & 
n. re< Toronto 

Hera ..... . draughtsman The Gasoline 

. I. til. lex Tie 

Johnson Albert E. maeh. L Li21 St Clalr av 

Johnson George A. action fnshr Helutz- 

man & Co, res Toronto 
Johns.. SI Clalr av 

.n John, maeh C P It, b 70 Qneen s 


a Wm, maeh hd C P R, b Avenue 

grocer 9 Dnnil 

: 9 Dundas e 
tndr Heydon House, 

i li, housekpr Heydon 

W, maeh hd, 1 321 Weston 

maeh hd, h 41 Western 

"Me, carp C P R, h 36 King, 
Carlton w 

-.imia i "Mil Joseph). 1 21 Lnns- 
.- av 

. trav. h 231 Lakevlew av 
folly James, pntr. h 291 Maria 

Alfred M, blrmkr, h 36 Pacific av s 
lireman, h 31 Victoria av 
l W. coal, li 48 Campbell av 

iiermkr C P R, 1 59 Mc- 

i wld Andrew), 1 31 Victoria 

ones Jonas, carp, h 138 Annette e 

iirenzo E. stuilt. 1 46 Campbell av 


Properties FOR SALE in ALL 
PARTS of City and Suburbs 

16 & 18 ADELAIDE ST. E. 

F. J. SMITH * CO. 



Toronto Junction. 

Jones Robert, brkinu C I U, 1 61 An 
nette e 

Jordan Kverley, mldr, l.> loo Cooper av 
Jowett Arthur, miu-h C 1 R, li 153 Vine av 
Joy Win I,, head miller A Campbell, h 56 

High I ark av 

Joy Win T, bldr, li 210 Fuirvlew av 
Kaiser Daniel, bldr, li 04 -May, h same 
Kaiser Eliza (wid Benjamin), h D Wilson pi 
Kamm Frederick W, piano mkr Heiutzma_n 

& Co, res Toronto 
Kay Win, pntr, 1 150 Cawthra av 
Kaye George E, fireman, h 31 Hoskin av 
Kearney James, setter Uattledge & Son, 

res Toronto 
Keele Augusta A (wld Cnarles C), h 14G 

Keele s 

Keele Charles C, 1 146 Keele s 
Kelcher Eliza (.wid Henry), h 129 Pacific 

av s 

Keleher Wm H, btchr, 1 129 Pacific av s 
Kells Wm J, inach C P R, h 57 Hoskin av 
Kelly Charles A, prop Occidental Hotel, 

Duudas, cor Van Home 
Kelly Denis, signalman, h 07 Edmund 
Kelly John, coud, h 295 Maria 
Kelsey Fred S, plshr Heintzman & Co, res 

Kelsey Robert, brkinn C P R, 1 25 Dundas 


Kelso Thomas, hlpr C P K, res York tp 
Kemp George D, dairy 220 Keele s 
Kemp James P H, dairy, h Bloor, 1st n 

Indian rd 

Kemp Wm, mkt gdur 226 Keele s 
Kendall Henry, driver Win Bowntree, 1 10i 


Kendall Miss Ida S, drsrnkr 81 King 
Kendall James, foreman, h 107 Edmund 
Kendall John F, foreman, h 81 King 
Kendall Miss Mattie W, mus tchr 81 

King, 1 same 

Kennedy l>:iviil, h 330 Quebec av 
Kennedy Richard, rnach, li loot; Itlnor w 
Kennedy K.I|TI. vet surg. h Kennedy ay 
Kenuelly John, action fushr Heiutzman & 

Co, re s Toronto 
Kenncy Hilary i.i. appr Ileintzmau & Co, 

1 107 Louisa 
Kent Walter XV, regulator Heiutzman & 

Co, res Toronto 
Kerr James, piano key board mkr, h 10a 

Quebec av 

Kerr .lames 1. v< t sure 104 Annette w 
Kerr Laird O, key board mkr, h 59 Que 
bec av 

Ketterer John A, bkpr. li in Carlton pi 
Key John S. carp C P K. 1 51 Argyle rd 
Ke v Thomas, h 51 Argyll- rd 
Key Win II, 1 51 Argyle rd 
Kimniis George H, car repr C P R, n K 

King Alexander, tmstr H J Hatt, h 9 F er- 

ii av 
King Miss Emma, llrs A M Gabel, 1 47 

Iliiskin av 

King James J. m.-ich, li 17 Victoria av 
King Max, nppr I lelntzmau & Co, 1 

Victoria av 

King Robert, brlcklvr. 1 SO Clondenan av 
King-iley Miss Annie, music tchr 84 Cooper 

av, 1 same 
Klngsh-y Miss Cailierino, drsmkr 84 Coop- 

iv. 1 same 
Ktngsley Ellen (wid Thomas), h 84 Cooper 

;i venue 
Kinnear Adam T. mkt gdnr. h 515 Annette 

Kinnear John P. appr Heintzman & Co, 1 

515 Annette w 

Kinsman Daniel, moto, h 20 Vine av 
Kinsman Herbert II. 1 2!" Vine av 
Kion K lli-nry. driver. 1 121 Churchill av 
Ki.m Thou 1st. h 121 Churcjiill 

Kipping Albert E. coal foreman C P U, 

h 21 Lambert av 

Klrby Rlrhnnl. pntr. h t .i Wi-stern av 
Kirk Thomas, eng. h 22 Laws 
Kirk Thomas II. tlmckpr lleintzman & 

Co. 1 22 I 

Kirkby Mrs Manila .1. h 51 Mcdlaud 
Kirkbv Reuben, enir. h 14s Mnloek 
Kirkland Eleanor twid Hugh), h 90 Laugh- 
ton av 

Kirk!: \V. bkpr. h 22 Albany rd 

Kirkw.-od Emily F (wbl Alexander), h 408 

KIRKWOOD JOHN S, Postmaster 
Toronto Junction Post Office, h 17 Dun- 
das w 
Kirns Annie (wid Michael), 1 111 Annette 

Kitchen Wm E, car repr C P R, h 667 

Westou rd 

Klinck Elias, carp C P R, h 31 Hook av 
Kllnck Miss Ethel, bkpr Conger Coal Co, 

1 31 Hook av 

Kline Alfred C, mldr, h 84 Uxbrldge av 
Kline Peter, carp, h 86 Uxbrldge av 
Knap Louis, trainman C P R, h 136 Caw 
thra av 

Knapp Eber C, brkmn C P R, h 59 May 
Knapp Jane iwid Charles), 1 59 May 
Kuapp Russell E L, stenog, 1 59 May 
Kueeshaw Joseph, fitter, 1 129 Duudas e 
Knight Ephraim, car inspr, h 30 McMur- 

ray av 

Knight John, lab, h 33 Whitney av 
Kuowles Arthur T, griuder, I 81 King 
Knox Wm. lab, h 240 Pacific av s 
Kyle Frank, call boy C P R, I 78 Mc 
Murray av 

Kyle Hugh F, 1 78 McMurray av 
Kyle Hugh G. eng, h 7S McMurray av 

*: Mfg Co, A J Gillies mngr 
and prop, 549 Campbell av 
Laing John C, boilermkr s hlpr C P R, 

1 45 Victoria av 
Lalnson Arthur W. brkmkr Rattledge & 

5 in, h 98 Edmund 

I.ainson James II. brkmkr, 1 42.", Weston rd 
Lalnson John \V, sawyer, h 82 Edmund 
Lainson Leonard, brkmkr Rattledge & Sou, 

h 409 Weston rd 
Laishley Joel, pres Gasoline Engine Co, 

res Toronto 

Lamb Albert, metal plshr. h 52 Mnloek av 
Lamb James A, plshr, 1 246 Keele u 
Lamb Maggie (wid James), h 246 Keele u 
Lamb Miss Minnie L. drsmkr. 1 07 Vine av 
1-aiiL Ann (wid Wm).. h 5o Keele s 
Lang Josiah, tmstr A Campbell, h i.s 

Lang Miss Olive, tlrs J H Agnes, 1 50 Keele 


Langrill Francis, h 33 King 
Lanl i-ill Franklin, elect, 1 33 King 
Lankin Albert E, driver, h 127 Clondenan 

Lankin Wm, rnach. h i: , Western av 
Lappage George W, stm ftr C P K, n 17 

Lappage Wm, ear inspr C P R. h 24 Vic- 

La ipi iYosepb, cond C P R. 1 45 Me Hand 
Large George II, cabtmkr Heintzman & 

Co. b 110 Western ay 

John J, carp C P R, h 114 Western 
La Koeqne Bernard, coud C P R. h u:: 

Vine av 

Larmonr Wm S. pntr. 1 7 Melbourne s 
1. us , lies Arthur, hostler Peacock Hotel, h 

121 Annette e 
Lascelles Frederick, mach hd Heintzman 

6 Co, res Lambton 

I.asc-ellcs James, brkmkr, b 630 Weston 


Lascelles Richard, lab, h 110 Queen 
Lander John, miller A Campbell, 1 57 


Laughton J Leonard, jwlr, 1 232 Daven 
port rd 
Laughton Peter, mkt gdnr 232 Davenport 

rd, h same 

Lantenschlager Henry, tlr A M Gabel 
La Venture Wm, carp C P R, h 201 Pacific 

Law I .enjamin. carriage trimmer, h 44 


Law Frank E. prtr, 1 33 Carlton pi 
Law Cordon J. blksmith. 1 33 Carlton pi 
Law John W, fitter s hlpr C P R, b 33 

Carlton pi 
Lawrence Albert, mach opr Laces & Braid 

Mfg Co, 1 37 Whitney ay 
Lawrence James, 1 37 Whitney av 
Lawrence Miss Sadie, mach opr Laces & 

I .raid MfK Co. 1 37 Whitney av 
Lawrence Wm, melter, h 37 Whitney av 
n Harry, baker 148 Dundas w 
.dward. lab. 1 GO Franklin av 
Lea Joseph, wks Wm Kemp. 1 220 Keele s 
I.eai-hman Henry, plstr, h 348 Dundas w 

Leachmau Robert, mach C P R, h 348 Dun- 


(weekly), A R Fawcett Proprietor, 74 

Duudas w 
Leamou John, cooper A Campbell, 1 45 

Duudas e 

I.eamon Miss Lizzie, rest 45 Dundas e 
Ijeary John J. shoemkr, 1 90 Edmund 
I.e Her Nicholas, eug, h 133 Pacific av 8 
l.eillow Miss Minnie, drsmkr, 1 37 Carlton 


Loo Irwln M. packer A Campbell, res To 

uues W T , trav, h 300 Bloor w 
l.ce Kam Len, Indry 90 t Dundas w 
Lee Kam Ou, Indry, 25 Dundas e 
Lee Wm M, h Durie, 1st s of Anuette w 
l.etlar Joseph H, prop Avenue Hotel, 205 

Duudas w 
Le Gros Miss Llllie, bkpr Wm W Brack, 

res Toronto 

U igh John, 1 49 May 
Lcllis Matthew J. boarding 15 Laughton 

av, h same 

I.e Roy Albert, hoilemikr. h 73 Pacific av s 
Leslie Arnott, bkr, h 103 Quebec av 
Leslie John, polisher Heintzman & Co, 1 

103 Quebec av 
Letsche John M. asst editor Leader and 

Kocorder, res Toronto 
Lover Henry, carp, h 139 Vine av 
Llbby Herbert, pianomkr Heintzman & 

Co, res Toronto 
Libby I-onisa (wid Matthew ID. h 159 

Clendenan av 

Libby Matthew, prtr. 1 159 Clendenan av 
Lille w George, mach C P R, h 215 St Clalr 


I.illew John, eng, h 56 Union s 
I.illow Win. inspr, h 13 Franklin ay 
Lillie Frank G (F G Llllie & Co), h 20 

Duudas w 
Lillie I- G & Co (Frank G Lillie), grocer* 

20 Dundas w 

Llllie Philip, fireman, h J42 Mulock av 
Lilly Alexander, rnoto, h 20 Pacific av n 
Lindsay Alexander, moto, h 77 Hoskin av 
Llnfoot I", brkmn C P R, 1 64 Hook av 
I. niton Alfred J, foreman Heintzman & 

Co. ies Toronto 

l.inton Hannah (wld John), h 165 Vine ay 
I.inton John J. casemkr, 1 165 Vine av 
l.inioii Louis L, packer A Campbell, 1 165 

Vine av 
Lister Thomas, app lleintzman & Co, res 


Little Joseph W. cng. h 122 Quebec av 
Little Win J, trav, h 661 Annette w 
Llo\d Arthur E, wood carver and designer 

Hcim/man & Co, h 56 Mulock av 
Lock Thomas, lab. h 457 Weston rd 
Locke Frederick, driver Wm Davles Co, res 

Lockhart George A, sound board mkr 

Ileintzmau & Co, 1 42 Quebec av 

art .lames A. pattern mkr, h 42 Que- 

IH ., aV 

Lockhart James A, macji, h 20 Clendenan 


lx>ng Frederick R, mach C P R, h 215 Pa 
cific av 
Lou!; .lames O, eng Wakefield Brick Mfg 

Co, li 7s Queen s rd 
LongstatT Frederick, moto, h 64 T ttley 
Lon z deoru e. 1 Ltd Clendennan av 
Loughrin Patrick J. trav. h 90 Edmund 
l.ovcii (iconic J. agt, h 240 St Clair av e 
l.ox.-u George R. blksmlth a hlpr C P R, 

1 Jane 

Ixiwe Robert H, fitter, h 37 Edmund 
Lowe Wm II. mach, 1 37 Edmund 
Ijowndos Win, plmbr 41 Dundas e 
Lund Joseph B, gro 86 Davenport, h 82 


Luxton John, cabtmkr Heintzman & Co, 

John J, blksmith W J Fnlerton, 1 20 
i ii pi 

George, h !>* High Park av 
>s in C, ^TCW mkr, h 11 Charles 
McAllister Daniel, carp CPR, h 80 Hoskin 

Me Arthur Frederick, mach, b 13 La light on 

McAr.ley Alexander, road mstr, h 16 Hook 




HOME LIFE BUILDING, 56 and 58 Victoria St. 
Telephone Main 2265 

S. G. GURRY, Architect 


Telephone Main 1237 


Toronto Junction. 

ii* li hcl Ilrliitzm.-iii & Co. 
n n 

Ji. li 411 


il.t inkr. h 7 i ! 

1 1 urchlll av 

n Pub 

!. trav A Campbell, res To- 
Mksmtth CPU. t. \ 

1 av 

rn av 

trnlnuian Til. 1 ::- 
\V. uti : n av 

brkmkr Rattledce .\ 

elk Wilkinson Plou. 
li s 

n n 


re Win J. h til Iln-k!- 

1111:111 ri i: 

nikr George 
h 8 Lindner 
o, li :l! Annette Mksmltli hlpr, h 411 
tie. proof 

man. elk. : , av 

Win. plshr H.-lntzman A: Co h 

i Win. o|.r P.. -II T.-l 

lilksnilth. !i 1- 

H, >(,. I h 

li l r 

nder. trainman i ri: 

M- Doi ild Di vi King 

i CPU. I 141 VI- 
t, c-Ik CPU, rms t; I. 

( Musi. . I av 

McEnaney Archibald J. t.rkmn, 1 lie Pacific 

: ITI:. i 

ill J. baaueman, h 11 
ier and drsmkr. 

i John M. trav. li 114 Conduit 

r. car repr. h 7 For 

;ll>"r J- ! " kr. h 90 Pelham 

mn cpi: 

-0 Cawthra 

rt, eond Ci !:iy 

M - - rt. 1 7 I-Yr^u-"M pi 

a V 

14 Vine fiv 

tlr .1 It ciiNliolm, b 
-hr Hcintzman & Co. 
MrK.-r. John A , : g, h 7 . Hook av 

. av 

:. inaoh hil Helntzman & 

McKren Wm. -. . ,, -stern av 

McK. r , I 131 Queen 

M.K.i.zi, John, much Cl j. icne s 


. I K. 1 DO 

mlth hlpr 1 K 

:rlrk John \V. lab C l lt. 1 til llogkln 


McKiuD in ATI tklbl d, lilksinlili crit. 

h -I CI, ; 


:lck, fly flislir llrlntzinaii & 
M,\!:I-I,T I>:nl.! ilflnti- 

rr). 1 
1 fj Ann. i 

Mi-Millan Mal.olm. l.rklyr 1 aT 


M , N 1 i i . ! [ i ^ 

i p. i irj i 


1 . .-Ik Wlls. 

M, \\ rinkr George A 


-. av 

:i-lir Hi Intzman & Co. h 

\Viu. moto, h 6S Paclflc av a 
M. i 1-hr Helntzman & Co, 

M:i.-.\llll:in Christina (wld 

Music and 
!< Dundas w, 1 43 

M.-II-II:. it T. phy. ;iport 

l.kpr U J I .att, h 5 

-.1, ftr. h -.".It St Clalr av e 
i.llor George A Ku.ld 

u Wilkinson Plough 
m rd 

\Vakefleld Brick Mfg 

.r W J Dalton. 

K.-v H, rli, it S. [iastor Davenport 

"rt ril 
> A J, fireman, h 30 Whlt- 

\Vlll. cat: i pi 

Clair av w 
Mah"ii, y ,iai :i ,-. .Mi-Murray av 

rd mkr Helntz 
man A: Co. I 1.1 Vli torla 

Mirhaol. lumberman CPR, h 161 
n ril 
Mahony Allcr iwi.l Patrk-ki. h 204 Dnndas 

Malla -,-mkr, 1 224 

y Miss May. kinder tehr Model Sch 

ter J. carotkr Mi .lrl s,-li. h -JIM 
:i av 


kr. h 76 Queen s 

- cooper av 

ith. h i:i Keele s 
IIIjili Park av 
h r>7 Mcilland 

Mai-klr r.nnar.l J. Iron \\ 1 1 arlea 

20 i-. !? s 
MARK JOHN. Builder. 20 Keele s, h 

lin jr. innuT. h L -. u 1 a.lili av a 

i.smlth hlpr CI K. U 
7:> Kli/.alu-th 

thru J. lab Helntzman & Co, 


ip 1 Intii 


f, tru.-k r.-pi- CPU. h : ,L 7 
in av 

.\iartin Alfred W. baker ami urn, 290 Dun- 
.las . h - . i n uv 

II intzilillll & 

. 1 21 
I hiii i. 
MARTIN GEORGE S, Dentist, 6 

Martin Harry. HIM. h CPU. I n av 

Marti. I HlL-li Park av 

Samuel i;. riiL r . h lol 111-h Park av 
I It. h 196 

PR. I 1-4 I 

: IIIIILT I tiL sley. Dlngman 
A Co. h 19 

M.-lshin lab. h 37 Carlton pi 

Frank, mMr. 1 41 Cleiiilniaii av 

ian No. 2 Klre Hall, 
h 17 

. phy. 5 Dundas e. h same 
is e 

:i av 

L, brkmn i 

nan Mrs .lane. ! a av 

-s Win. t T J Dundas e 

ihur M. h is. , P 
Mattb ."ifi Dundas w 

v. b same 
Tor Junction 

Maw .7 

ikr Wakefleld Brick 

\8 Whitney 

brkmkr Wakefleld Brick 


I i::s st Clalr av 
driver John Halnes, 1 "n 

; river John Halnes, 1 30 

hilock av 

: Win. wl. A Rudd & Co. 

h r,7 Edmund 

Maxwell Wm .1. ,-as, inkr. 1 ."i7 Kdniund 
May Frank, fnshr Heintzman & Co, res 

May Henry S. vice-pres Dodge Mfg Co, res 


May Miss Lots M. music tehr. 36 Laws 
Mav Itlihar Law 

May Samuel, pres Dodce Mfg Co, and Sam 
uel May & Co. res Toronto 
Mav Samuel & Co (Samuel Mayi. billiard 
table mfrs s s Pelham. 1 e Kilmund 

- Otto L. fnshr H.-intzman & Co. h 
I win 


High Grade Vault, School and Office Furniture 
TORONTO, OJYr. <77 Bay St.) Factories: NEWMARKET, ONT. 


Accident Insurance 

The ONTARIO Aeeident Insuranee Co, 



Toronto Junction. 


-viayhood Mary E (wicl James), 1 30 Iloskin 


Mnynard Nelson, lab, h 9 Lindner 
Maynes Albion, trav foreman, h 316 Pacific 

av s 
Melhuish Artiiur E, vet surgeon, 3 Keele n, 

res Toronto 
Mercer Frederick W, carp, 1 532 Campbell 


Mercer Malcolm S, barr. h 108 Louisa 
Mercer Miss Margaret K. 1 15S Louisa 
Merrlck Reuben urkmn CPR. 1 122 Queen 
-uetcalt ivobcrt. ftr. h 32 Laws 
Metropolitan Life Ins Co, J W Caroline 

asst Mipr. 131 Dunda 
Mlddleton Rev Eli, h 88 Laughton av 
Middleton Elizabeth (wid Thomas), h 30^ 

Pacific av s 

Henry G, carp Heintzman & Co, h 

58 Medland 

Millar Allan R. dairy, 92 Dundas w, h same 
Millar Robert, 1 92 Dundas w 
Millar Robert E, 1 117 Annette e 
Billiard John. eng. li 72 Laws 
Miller Charles, fireman CPR, b 08 McMur 
ray av 

Miller Conrad, pro, 38 Carlton pi, h same 
Miller Emma A (wid Samuel), h 67 Vine av 
Miller Frederick A. slsmn, h 55 Argyle rd 
Miller George G. bkpr. 1 144 Gothic av 
Miller Hugh, 1 111 Gothic av 
Miller James, ydmn CPU. h 34 Fairvelw av 
Miller James II. fitter CPR h 260 Maria 
.,;;!" Kenneth A. elk. b 144 Gothic av 
Miller Kenneth D, elk, 1 144 Gothic av 
Miller Richard T. gro 4 131 Dundas \v, 1 2 


Miller Walter, carp, h 53 Victoria 
Miller Walter W, roofer, h 112 Annette e 
Miller Wm J, elk CPR, 1 50 Pacific av 
Miller Wm J, eng Watt & Watson res To 

.iett Thomas, lab, h 66 Uttley 
Milloy Hugh, trainman CPR, 1 43 Argvle rd 
Mills Hi-own, 1,1-kmn CPR. b 22 Pacific av n 
Millward Miss iiii-die. elk. 1 S3 Quebec av 
Mill-ward John, earetkr. h 83 Quebec av 
Millward John jr, fireman, 1 83 Quebec av 
Milne John, cond CPU. b Avenue Hotel 
Milne John, cond CPR, h 76 Annette e 
Milner Miss Ida M. 1 64 Campbell av 
Mlnakcr Wm II. hdg bse. 131 Dnndas e 
Mimics Joseph, tune!- Helm/man & Co I 

7 Wilson pi 
Minns James S. earver Heintzman & Co, h 

Annette, cor Jane 

Mlntern Walton, pntr. li 234 Pacific av s 
Minto Wm. teas, h 110 Conduit 
Mitchell Charles, boiler mkr CPR, h 45 Ar- 

Mitchell George, packer A Campbell 1 192 

Annette w 
Mitchell Michael, harness mkr George A 

Rudd & Co. 1 57 Edmund 
Mitchell Samuel B. electrotyper, h 106 An 
nette e 

Mitchell Wm, cond CPR, h 58 Annette w 
Mitchell Win. mldr, h 140 Cawthra av 
Model School. Win Wilson prin Annette w 

cor Clendenan av 
Mpffatt James L, carp CPR, h 103 Ilum- 

berslde av 
Moftatt Richard, lab. 1 3 Ferguson pi 

Mole John. carp, h 125 Clemlcnan av 
Jolson Otto 
res Toronto 

fnshr Heintzman & Co, 

Miilsons Hank. J T Belcher inngr, 2 Dun 
das w 

Monck John F. eng, h 173 Pacific nv s 
Montgomery James H. carp R J Halt, res 


Montgomery John B, 1 40 Quebec av 
Montgomery Samuel, fitter, h 40 Quebec av 
Montgomery Wm, fitter. 1 5s McMnrn 
MO..M Miss Emily, mini- Miss F A Harshaw. 

1 136 Clendenan av 

Moons Peter, street foreman, h 136 Clen 
denan avenue 

M iey Chester M. maoh The Gasoline En- 
Co Ltd. 1 100 Cooper av 
Mooncy .Tcihn. carp, h 100 Cooper av 
MUM]-,. j,,hn G. eng. h IS May 
Moore John J. ear repr CPU. 1 508 Dundas 


Moore Thou ! ,s Annette e 

Moore Wm J. staty. 113 Dundas w. h same 
Moore Wm T E, brkmn CPU. li 1 I May 
Morris Edward, moto, -on pi 

Morrison Henry X. tlr. . ,] Duudas w 
Morrison John E (J E Morrison \- ,,). h 
112 Dundas e 

Morrison J E & Co (John E Morrison), tlrs, 

112 Duudas e 

Morrison Scott B. brkmn CPR, h 60 Mu 
lock av 

Morrison Wm J, eng CPR, h 79 Vine av 
Morrow Hugh, harness mkr. h 74 McMur 

ray av 

Morrow James, tmstr, I 53 Argyle rd 
Morrow Wm, lab, h 10 Whitney av 
.uorton Charles W, mkt gdur, 280 St Clair 

av e, h same 
Morten James E, mkt gdnr, 280 St Clair av 

e, h same 
Morton Thomas, fitter CPR, 1 60 McMurray 


Mosley James, h 50 Campbell nv 
Moss Henry, piano mkr Heintzman & Co, 

h 406 Pacific av s 

.Moss Henry G, lab CPR. 1 8 Alexander av 
Moss Wm. rnach hd CPR, 1 8 Alexander av 
Motherwell James A, ledger kpr Can ll.-uik 

of Commerce, 1 38 Dundas e 
Mould Thomas G. btchi-. 1 76 Charles 
Mould Wm, brklyr, h 76 Charles 
M.. war George W, elk, 1 31 Medland 
Muwat James W. chief eng Tor Sub Rv. h 

31 Medland 

Mowatt James S. lab, h 30 MeMurray av 
Mowatt John, cond, 1 39 McMurray av 
Moynilian Michael, joiner Heintzman & Co, 

res Toronto 

Muir David, blksmlth, h 89 Edmund 
Mummery Arthur E, boiler mkr, h 66 

Queen s rd 
Munday Frederick, brkmkr G S Townsley, 

res York tp 

Murch George, fireman, h 60 Mulock av 
Mill-dock Archibald, carp, h 72 McMurray av 
Murney Henry J, millwright, h 50 Western 


Murray Benjamin W, acct, h 103 Keele s 
Murray George W, lab. h 81 Edmund 
Murray Walter. 1 81 Edmund 
Murray Wm, eng. h 50 McMurray av 
Murray Wm G, nioto, h 512 Quebec av 
Mu-<snn John G, staty. 17 Dundas w, res 


Murart -Andrew C, cashier CPR, rms Dun 
das e 

Mvers Edward h 30 Edmund 
Napier Miss Helen. 1 146 Keele s 
Nasoii Leslie E, mach CPU, 1 71 Pacific a 
Neal Thomas, conip, h 190 Annette w 
Noilands Gregory, car repr Cl R, h 36 

Franklin av 

Nelson Emma (wid John), h 44 Union n 
Ness Hannah iwid James), h 71 Pacific av s 
Nevin Win, mach CPR, h 2 OS Keele s 
Newman John A, eng, h 142 Vine av 
Newsoiu Reginald, casemkr, h 45 Union s 
Newsoin John G, piano key mkr, h 24 Whit 

ney avenue 

Newton James, b 447 Westcni rd 
Nicholls Arthur, foreman blksmith CPR, h 

! 2 Pacific av s 
Nicholls Charles S. harness mkr George A 

Rudd & Co. res Toronto 
Nicholls George, asst car foreman CPR, h 

. < Fail-view av 
Nieholls James, venecrer Heintzman & Co, 

1 166 Pacific av s 
Nicholls Richard, carp CPR, I 208 Dundas 

\\ osf 

Nicholls Richard, odorless excavator, h 124 

Nichols Robert J. carp, h Jos Pacific av 8 
Nichols I)r Win R. h (V.) Pacific av s 
Niekors on Harry. 1 30 Western av 
Nicol Ernest H. tlr II N Morrison, 1 5 

Dnndas w 

Ni\c n Charles, carp R J Batt. res Toronto 
Noble Wm F. dairy. 15 h same 
Noil-is Arthur, h 430 Pundas w 
Northey Wm T, blksmith hlpr CPR. b 20n 

Dundas w 
Norton Thomas W. brkmkr. h 300 Wost.m 

Noverre Miss Ellen, nurse. 134 Cawthra av. 

1 ^ame 

O Brien George. agt. h ".07 Quebec av 
i. I!rien .Tames, b 33 Hook av 
ii- rrien Joseph, slsmn. 1 3o7 Quebec av 
n lirii n Mary (wid Dennis). 1 3117 Qneb 
n P.rion Wm tuner Ileintzmnn & Co, res 

n c onnell Anastatia (wid John), h 51 Van 


:iell Edward J. ong. 1 51 Van Home 
O Connor Charles A, eng, 1 r>u Laws 

il Mary (wid James), h 50 Laws 

O Liell i ri dc. .ck. brkmn CPR, 1 38 Van 

O Donnell I-iitilck J. car repr CPR, h 53 


(i I. .!> liter, i,ln;:r. mkr Heintzman & Co, 

re . 1 Ol OjItO 

(/ Maia D. brkmn CPR. 1 58 McMurray av 
u Ncil Francis B. wood carver Heintzman 
.v < i . i is Toronto 

II \\ia J. car repr CPR, h 20 Carlton 

OTielliy Joseph, lab CPR, 1 Elizabeth 
O.Ut Charles D, brkmn CPR, b Avenue 

Occidental Charles A Kelly prop, 

Dundas, cor Van Home 
Oldfleid Mary R (wid Wm H), 1 112 Pacific 

avenue s 

<J!-hie W II, brkmn CPR, 1 139 Vine av 
Oltou George, brkmkr, h 5SO Weston rd 
Omand Alexander, mach The Gasoline En 
gine Co LtO, res Toronto 
Orp . M Abraham M. mngr Toronto Junction 

Ucei cation Club Ltd, res Toronto 
OIT W.M, 1 3: Western av 
Osbornc Wesley W, elk E R Rogers, 1 35 

Hook av 

Ostur Thomas,, yardman, 1 58 Campbell av 
(Hens J Dawson. studt, 1 123 Churchill av 
livens Robert, app Heintzman & Co, 1 

123 ri.crcliill av 

Ovens Robert D. slsmn. h 123 Churchill av 
O.vcii Mi s Sadie, stenog. 1 104 Annette w 
<>w-:i Wm J, 1 15(1 Cawthra 
I .iei; Win M, Ironwkr, h (12 Union s 
P.idgct Robert (Padget & Co), h 118 Maria 
I .-oIuet Thomas P (Padget & Co), h 123 

Duudas w 

Pailget A.- (. o (Robert and Thomas P Pad- 
get l. gros. 123 Dundas w 
Pady Rev Walter J. pastor Annette St Bap 
tist Church, h 443 Quebec av 
Page Ellen (will Thomas), h 148 Clendenan 


Palmer Arthur E, mach CPR, h 210 Dun- 
Pa I m. r Charlotte (wid Richard), 1 37 Dun 
das e 

Palmer Josiah. pntr. h 100 Queen 
Palmer Richard T, mngr Palmer Shoe Co, 

h 37 Dundas e 
Palmer Shoe Co, Richard T Palmer mngr, 

boots and shoes, 37 Dundas e 
Pantcr Miss Faunie, bkpr Standard Fuel 

Co. 1 48 Medland 

Pantcr Joseph A, brkmn CPR, r 48 Medland 
Pantcr Mary A (wid George A), 1 48 Med 

Park Thomas carp, h 253 Clendenan av 
Parker Miss Annette, mach opr Laces & Mfg Co, 1 447 Weston rd 
Parker George II, brkmn Cl R. h 100 Vine 

Parker George W. prop Heydon House, 

Weston rd, cor St Clair av 
Parker Miss Jacquetta, mach opr Laces & 

Braid Mfg Co, 1 447 n eston rd 
Parker Win M, tmstr G S Townsley, h 447 

v.eston road 

Parkcs Frederick, boiler mkr CPR, 1 59 
Mi-Murray av 

r A. brkmn CPR, 1, 5 Wilson pi 
Parkes Win. mldr, h 37 McMurray av 
. ai kin W Albert, woodwkr. h 56 Edmund 
Parmentor Aubrey B, fireman, h 138 Clen- 

ilenan av 
Parry Joseph A, blksmith, 157 Dundas w, 

res Weston. Ont 

Parson Edward, lab. h 102 Humberside av e 
Parsons James, packer A Campbell, h 66 

Ib -kiu av 

Patehett Henry, agt. h 125 Humberside av 
Paid-sou John (.1 Paterson & Co), h 41 High 

- av 
Paid-son J & Co (John Paterson), plmbrs, 

14 Van Home 
Paid-son Robert, plmbr J Paterson & 

41 High Park av 
Patterson John, inach. h 32 Edmund 

Wm P. h 24 Albany rd 
Paul John A, eng, h 97 Mulock av 

Ilai-vcv W. foreman. 1 123 Muiock av II. h VJS Fail-view av 
peace \Vm. mach. h 123 Mulock av 

k Hotel. Francis Watts prop, 235 

G W. brkmn Cl R, b Occidental 

Leonard, brkmkr G S Townsley. res 
York tp 








The JAS. MORRISON Brass Mfg. Co. 

89-97 ADELAIDE ST WEST Limited 



Phone Main 4508 

Toronto .function. 

i :hur \\ . oik Wni Uuwutrvr, li 

[< intzman & 

Dundas w 



> .n.-tte e 
Pendleton Hertraud, litter CPU, h 41 Pa 

brkmn. h 144 Murla 

[ llelntzuian & Co, 

harness mkr George 
A K nto 


> I iiniLT. e av 

kV Heimziuan . 
tern ay 

. I; ::7 \\ - rn av 
.l..|iii M elk. I ::7 W, -;. ru av 

tc w 

brkinn. li 2s \\ 
Arthur l: - elk CPU. 1 71 

F 1 . traiuman CPR. 1 139 Vine av 

.. rd 
-ai: i lotte. uu; - lisa 

red. eiik . av 

Phllli river \\ r Hartnev. 

v rd 

Phillips Kdwaic 1 _vle r<1 

Phillips Frederick, .-arc s PI.. 

Clendenan av 
Phllh; k A. carp, 1 137 Clendenan 

Phllllns <;,.,irse A. fireman, ti 7.1 Hoskin av 
Phillips Harry II. insp. li 117 i:\elyn or 
Phillips James T. fnshr Helntzman & Co, 

.in Mills 
Phillips Oscar F, foreman Cl K, h 126 Vine 


Phillips Pi-ter. carp, h 103 Laws 
Phillips Richard, woodwkr. h 24 Medland 
Phillips Miss Sadie, tlrs \ M <; a l.el. I l." 
denan av 

;>s Solomon, planing mills, 9 Keele n, 
^ 3 Maria 

ard M. order elk Dodge Mfg Co, 
tic av 

Pnlppen Alfred, mach hd CPR, 1 Dundas, 
MiMurray av 
:d Walter J. saddler George A Uudd 

I Toronto 

Plckhart John, b 131 Dundas e 
Pickrell Wm. fireman, rn a 

>.kr. li 211 Keele n 
t John, lirkmkr G S Townsley, h 131 

t John jr. fireman No 1. h 112 Queen 
I 1 , lirkmkr Wakcfield Brick 
Mfi; Co, h 34 Western av 

. t!rs 11 N Mrrison, I 293 

r. tmstr. li 2IC Dundas w 

n, appr Heintzman & Co. 
h 114 Quebec av 

rge S, mach h.l I l It. 1 114 Que 
bee av 

r John C. mach CPR. h 114 Quebec av 
Pinkney George J. car repr CPR, h 95 Ar- 


Pinkney E. fireman. 1 n." Argyle rd 
ndor F. lirkmn. 1 61 Annette e 

h 61 Annette e 

.Inhn, brkmn i TK 1 . W.-t-rn av 
I . iTkcin CPR. : 81 Am 

aolin. 1 104 
iflc av s 

4 Whitney av 
Platt Wm W. turner, h :>4 Wlilti 

irv M. fireman x I uinn 

voodturner. h 11 T nlon n 

r of Town 

ukt ednr. h 40 Whitney av 
!i J (wld Alexander). 1 131 
k av 

John lab. h 56 Van Home 
Porti n Home 

aniel. carp CPR. 1 7: 

;i av 
ilermkr CPlt. li 2t 

- Dun 
><>ts and shoes, h .:, Uur 

:;ed K II, boots and shoe- 

1 rntt Wm I . I dlliir mkr 

l lioiuas, iiiai-h h 

I, tlr J U Chlsutilii.. 


I 16 Laws 

i A Id Saiiiu.-i), 1 441 . 

;iue |.l 
1 rlln \ mkr Hcii. 

L nlnn 

i PI: h -. , 


l- rank, l:r .niiiiid 

< Toronto 

:r. ll 112 1 iu-ltlc av S 

Ull, h 14 K 

irlluii pi 
1. 1 14 Kingaley av 

an), soaps 

: lngman ,\ 

! Arthur L. av 


phell pmp. ft Cawthra ar 
pt. h II Western av 

42 Van Home 

11 Austin K. iiiaeh. h . 7 Wlllinmhby 

tmstr W ! h lim 

fll Win W. mach hd U J P.att, h 98 

Qullli ^..n man. h 142 

, av 

. uiliLin Paul. k. l kr : - 

i. uinlan T 

Qolnn \\ n, A. . :.-. ;, 

rn Win, I iknikr. li & i rd 

.! HeilltZl! 


Rafferty James, brkmr I PU. h :;7 

I!. 1 22 Whitney av 
274 Hlirh Park av 
a v 

U . MIlfltiT W . 

tV4f, Wevtc.n ril 

tledge Jt a 

:lchard jr - -n). h 

inrt RIc-h:i: 

f (] 

A. carp CPR. h 22ii Frnnkllii av 

Raws lah. li ."."c 1 1 

. kjir i 1 K. h 40 May 
larry W I: 

larry W ( 

. with Rayliould Bn>- 

r Henry B. cabt mkr Heintzman & 
: 4 Murray av 

- rd 


- M. Murnr. 
li c.wld Fclwardi. : 
:i av 

ira av 

262 Maria 


U av 


av s 
e< t)lkmlth . 

ilermkr hlpr CPU, b 

\. hlk-inilt: u, h 

:c4 r 

RICE ALLAN B, Manager The Tri- 


i i- i I ll, h l. i 
li l. .l Kli. 

. t rd 
liremall No. 1, h u7 


Uiila. k J. imtr nils I 1 

lllss I.uc-y W. Iliac li ,. 


kr, h 1 In Anne:- 
li 74 Ann 

KciMi James, tmstr. h 41 Vine av 

NN i" . \\ I A I amubell h 

ill II. 

- rd 

r repr ( Pi:. I 82 Ott 
m I lirkmkr. li - rd 

i 14 Whit- 

nc \ 

i ranels J. lab. ] 14 Whitney av 

Ml-- J.-nnie M, di -mkr. 1 112 

tlrs II N 
1 213 

crp. li 14 Whitney av 
O, lirkmkr Wakefleld 
P.iic-k MfL- n rd 



ler W. j .vlr W J Sheppard 
llli:h Park 

in Mi-- Bella, tlrs A M Gabel, 1 36 

i-arp. I .^:2 fan 


Baker and Confectioner 


TOROXTO ./r.vcr/o.v 

-:i Park av 

i liartmeilt, h 47 

_ I nliin n 
2 Campbell 


! j. h Is-i Q 

1 aclflC 
ne s 


, .1, fnshr Heintzman & Co. res 

- in. li 138 

Wm J (Robson & Son), 1 

Matthew G and Win .Ti. 

Itnclwell 1! 

ROGERS EDWIN R, Hardware 2 e, h 137 Lakeview av 




Office, - Main 613 
Residence, " 607 

Investment Broker and 
Company Promoter 



Toronto Junction. 


Rogers George, brkrun CPE, 1 69 McMurray 


Rogers James, h 32 Western av 
Rogers Norman J, signalman GTR, Daven 
port Station, h 132 Copoer av 
Rolley Arthur, brkmkr Wakefield Brick 

Mfg Co, res York tp 

Rolls Arthur, toolmkr. h 136 Mulock av 
Rolph Carl, elk, 1 116 Dunclas e 
Rolph Garnet L. bkpr, 1 116 Dundas e 
Kolph Win, harness rnkr, 116 Dundas e 
Remain Mrs Harriet H, 1 15 Uxbridge av 
Remain John W, gdnr, h 15 Uxbridge av 
Koome Ontario, action regulator, Heintz- 

man & Co, res Toronto 
Rork Miss Mary, tchr Model Sch, 1 41 High 

Park av 

Rose George, h 233 Pacific av s 
Rose Hugh, elect CPR, h 437 Annette w 
Rose James, blr mkr. 1 I .".:.! Pacific av s 
Rosevear James McC. h 112 Quebec av 
Rosevear Matthew C, elk C J Herbert, h 

97 Hook av 

Ross Alexander, coud CPR, h 64 Mulock av 
Ross Capt John, h 166 Louisa 
Ross Levi L bridge and building master 

CPR. h 113 Quebec av 
Ross Wm J, switchman, h 121 Keele n 
itoth Charles, brkmkr Wakefield Brick Mfg 

Co, h 236 Pacific av 

Roth llcnry C. ear repr CPR, h 287 Maria 
Rowbotham Miss Elizabeth, mach opr Laces 

& Braid Mfg Co. res York tp 
Rowbotham .\iiss .Mary, mach opr Laces & 

Ui aid Mfg Co, res York tp 
Rowden Thomas, ydmn CPR, h 167 Louis:, 
Rowley Edgar, tmstr \Vakefleld Brick Mfi: 

Co. res York tp 
K nviilrce Miss Annie E, tchr Carlton St 

Pub Sch, 1 164 Cooper av 
Rowntree Charles, elk Win Rowntree, 1 164 

Cooper av 
Rowntree D Lome, elk CPR, 1 22 Western 

avenue .jojj 

Rowntree Gmrgc. b 22 Western av 
Rowntree Miss Ilattie. tchr Tor Junction 

College of Music. 1 164 Cooper 
Rowntree Henry (Win Rowntree & Co), 1 

164 Cooper av 
Kowntree Joseph H (Wm Rowntree & Co), 

h 01 Duinliis w 
Roxvntrce Miss Sarah, bkpr Wm Rowntree, 

1 164 Cooper av 

Rowntree Win (Win Rowntree & Co), gro 
cer and postmaster, 319 Davenport rd, h 

Iti4 Cooper av 
Roxvntive \\ m .\; Cn (Win. Joseph H and 

Henry i. uniccrs. :;7 Dunclas w 
Ro.vcc George C, ningr Tor Sub Ry, res Da- 

\ enp irt rd 
Royce Joslali. chief of police, h 435 Annette 

Royle Wm A, carp The Gasoline Engine Co 

Ltd, res Toronto 
Rndcl (ieorire A (George A Rudd & Co), res 

Rudd Gi urgo A \ Co (George A and Alfred 

E). branch, harness and carriage top 

mfrs. faet.irv head Union n 
Rumble Frederick J. titter, h 40 King 
Rumble Win G. 1 40 King 
Russell Andrew, blksmith CPR, b 2." Vic 
toria .Tv 

Russell Charles, mldr, h 115 Queen 
ltu<soll Percival G. h 343 Quebee av 
Ruthcrfonl .1 Win. enir. h 46 Laws 
Kvan Joseph, ydmn CPU. 1 2(> May 
Hyan Mary S iwid Arthur Pi. h 26 Laws 
R vding Samuel (Ryding & Co), h 200 Dun- 

das w 
Ryding & Co (Samuel Rydiug), plmbrs, 200 

Dundas w 
St (Vrilia s Church (R C), Pacific av s. 

cor Annette w 
sr clalr Av School, I L Beattie prin. n s 

St Clair av w 

St Clair Eilward tuolmkr, b 114 Annette e 
St John s Church (Anglican). Rev F H Du 

Vernet rector, s s Dundas w. eor Louisa 
St Mark s Church (Anglican!. Rev C E 

Thomson. MA. rector, Carlton, n e cor 

Salisbury Mary (wld Thomas), h 9 Carlton 

Salmon Frederick C. car checker CPR. 1 77 


Salmon Richard J. checker CPR. 1 77 Ed 

Salmon Richard T, checker CPR. h 77 Ed 
Salmon Susan (wid Richard), h 77 Edmund 

Sampson Wm A (Despond & Sampson), res 


Sanders David, furniture, 10 Dundas e 
Sanderson Eliza J (wid Wm J). h 26 Whit 

11 ey av 

Sanson Wm, elk Padget & Co, 1 61 May 
haunder Clarke, driver James Greig, b 2:; .i 

Keele n 

Savage Andrew, mach CPR, h 44 Medland 
Saville John, mldr W J Daltou, res Braeon- 


Saxon Wm H, miller, h 22 May 
Scales Wm, lab. h 134 Cooper av 
Scales Wm J, trainman CPR, 1 134 Cooper 

Scanlon Patrick J, cond CPR, h 84 Dundas 


Scarlett E Wm, gravel pits, h 64 St Cair av 
Schmidt Henry N, elk A M Gabel, I 330 

High Park av 

Schmidt John II, elk J G Wright, 1 57 Dun 
das e 

Schofield George X. putr, h 150 Cawthra av 
Schreiber Thomas O, trav, h 24 Carlton pi 
Schultz John J, brklyr, h 37 High Park av 
Schwenker Charles H, foreman Ileintzman 

& Co. h 40 Laws 
Scott Adolphus. brkmkr Wakefield Brick 

Jifg Co, res Toronto 
Scott Alexander K, h 18 Laws 
Scott Miss Annie M, music tchr, 351 High 

Park av, 1 same 
Scott Frank A, cleaner CPR, 1 97 High Park 


Scott James, dairy, 351 High Park av 
Scott James D, watchmkr A C Stanuers, li 

303 Dundas e 

Scott John. mach. h 34 May 
Scott John C, elk W R Sheppard, 1 351 Iliuli 

Park av 

Scott Joseph, carp, h 103 Mulock av 
Scott Josenh W, casemkr Helntzman & Co 

1 103 Mulock av 

Scott Leonard, trainman CPR, 1 52 Union n 
Scott Miss Lillian M (Scott & Co), 1 99 Dun 
das e 
Scott Sarah L (wld Wm), (Scott & Col. I, 

!>!i Dundas e 

Scott Wm II, eng A Campbell, h 46 An 
nette e 

Scott Wm J, mngr, 1 351 High Park ax- 
Scott & Co (Mrs Sarah L and Miss Lillian 

M Scutt), grocers, 99 Dundas e 
Scruton Louis, undertaker, 64 Dundas w 
Seymour Alfred W, fnshr Ileintzman & Co 

b Peacock Hotel 
Seymour John W. fnshr Ileintzman & Co 

res Toronto 
Shannon Martin, porter Avenue Hotel 


Auctioneer and Heal Estate Agent 


Office 133 Dundas St. East 

Suarpe Ingham N. auctioneer, ins and real 
cst. 133 Dundas e, h same 

Sharpe J Frederick, designer, h 358 Eliza 

Sliarpe Wm M. stringer Helntzman & Co 
1 141 Tine av 

Sliarrard Amos W. carp, h 19 Hoskin av 

Sharrnrd Miss Lavina S. mlnr Miss F A 
Haishaw, 1 19 Iloskin av 
aaw David, lab. h 12 Whitney av 

Shaw Di.naJd A, rnugr Shaw & Co, 1 70 Dun 
das e 

Shaw John A, mngr Standard Fuel Co, h 
47 Medland 

Shaw John W. mldr. h 56 Campbell av 

Shaw X Co, D A Shaw mngr, photos, 27 
Dundas e 

Sheaf Miss Bertha, mach opr Laces & Braid 
Mfg Co, res Toronto 

Shephard Frederick J, cond, h 57 Western 

Miopnard Henry AV. 1 230 High Park av 

Mioppard Wm .1, jwlr 49 Dundas w, 1 230 
Itii li Park av 

Sheppard Win R. dry goods. 121 Dundas w 

Sherman Anson E H. carp S Phillips, b 1.1 7 
( lendemui av 

Sherman Robert J, brkmn CPR, b 130 Vine 

Sherwin Charles, piano mkr Heintzman & 

Co, res Toronto 
hiiields George, driver Raybould Bros, 1 45 

Van Home 
Suields Hannah (wid Thomas), h 45 Van 

Shields Richard, driver Raybould Bros, 1 45 

Van Home 

Shields Thomas J, lab, h 72 Quebec av 
Shields Wm F, fireman, h 28 Albany 
Shore Rev T E E, pastor Annette St Meth 

Church, h 177 High Park av 
Short Charles R, foreman The Gasoline En 
gine Co Ltd, h 6 Dundas w 
Short Frederick M, 1 69 Lakeview av 
Short James R, h 117 Laws 
feuuttleworth Elwin, carp, h 125 Duudas e 

-uttleworth Mrs Janet, gro, 125 Dundas e 
Siddall Edward, woodwkr, h 60 Campbell av 
Siddall Wm E, woodwkr, 1 GO Campbell av 
Silman -.lomas E W, cutter, h 126 Maria 
Simpson Miss Ida, music tchr, 45 Medland 
. unpson Rev James M, h 45 Medland 
Sims Charles W, uphlstr CPR, 1 288 Dun 
das w 

Sims Wm, tlr, h 288 Dundas w 
Sinclair Albert D, lab, 1 193 Keele n 
Sinclair Arthur W, ydmn CPR, 1 59 Hook 

Sinclair Donald M (Sinclair & McMaster), 

res Toronto 
Sinclair Frank, driver F G Lillie & Co, 1 

.v.i Hook av 

Sinclair Harry, timekpr, b 22 Pacific av 
Mm lair John A. carp, h 193 Keele n 
Sinclair & McMaster (Donald L Sinclair, 

Wm A McMaster), barristers, 24 Dundas w 
Sinclair Peter W, ydinu CPR, h 59 Hook av 
Sinclair \Vm G, stmftr CPR, 1 Elizabeth 
Sisson Gordon, casemkr Heintzman & Co, 

h 36 May 
SisMm Miss Grace, tlrs A M Gabel, 1 36 


Slack George E, foreman CPR, h 39 Vic 
toria av 

Slater Arthur, laundry, b 34 Union av 
Slater John J, mach, h 607 Weston rd 
Slawson Wm J, fnshr Heiutzman & Co, 

res Toronto 
Slemmon John, elk Charles Johnston, res 


Smart Ellswood, elk, h 124 Laws 
Smith Alice J (wid Archibald), 1 63 Pacific 


Smith Charles. 1 76 Hoskin av 
Smith Charles W, mach, h 64 Laughtou av 
Smith Frascr A. draughtsman Wilkinson 

Plough Co, b 76 Uxbridire 
Smith George, lab, b 368 Davenport rd 
Smith Jacob P, carp CPR. h 22 Pacific av 
Smith Jesse C, grain buyer, h 145 Pacific 

avenue s 
Smith John, harness mkr George A Rudd 

& Co. res Toronto 

Smith John W, lab. h 46 Laughton av 
Smith Joseph, grain buyer, h 289 Annette w 
Smith Louisa i\vid Frank), h 15 Union n 
Smiin Lydia (wid James F), h 314 Daven 
port rd 
Smith Samuel V, tmstr A Campbell, h 57 

Smith Miss Sarah, tchr Carlton St Pub Sch, 

res Toronto 

Smith Thomas, policeman, h 23 Medland 
Sm.,.1 Walter T. 1 169 Pacific av s 
Smith Wm J. h 169 Pacific av s 
Smithson John, brkmkr Wakefield Brick 

Mfg Co, h 643 Weston rd 
Smyth George II. boiler mkr, 1 32 Albany rd 
Smyth Thomas J. h 63 Willoughby av 
Smyth Win S. stores foreman CPR, h 32 

Albany road 

Sneath Robert H. lab. h 60 Franklin av 
Snell Howard E, 1 2 May 
Snider Alexander, b 314 Davenport rd 
Snodden Elisha W, car repr, h 17 Franklin 

Southby. Henry J, brass fnshr CPR, h 120 

Pacific av 

S. unborn Ell. brkmkr, h 110 St Clalr av e 
Southwell John. mach. h 95 Hook av 
Sparry Edxvin J. mach Heintzman & Co, 

res Toronto 
S"atiton Frank R, harness mkr George A 

Rudd \- Co. 1 78 Charles 
Sparks Charlr- It. lab CPR. h 195 Maria 
Sncars Cecil J. ftr hlpr, h 46 Franklin av 

Speers Wm (Wm Speers & Co), h 70 Dnn- 

das w 
Speers Win & Co (Wm Speers), undertakers, 

70 Dnndas w 

J n o. D.Ed wards & Go. 


Joint Stock Companies Promoted and Organized 
38 TORONTO ST. Telephone Main 1588 



nessesson t)< 
handsome warerooms 11S-117 King St. W., Toronto 

Toronto Junction. 


Pacific av a 
-unneru, res 

, repr i 1 i. izabetb 

r r. pr I PIt. li i:W Franklin 

flVt J 

M . Murray 

M. Murra. 

M. Murray 


Klc hard, nit-lit watchman, h 1 

11. fnshr Heintiman & Co, 

v a 

77 I.oulsa 

nmaii ri ll. h 122 An- 

,. Hannah ilil All. in. h 130 An- 

lluh Park av 

17 I.augbton av 
. h 1 1>. 1 aclflc av 8 
in- av 
I, li H7 Vine av 

iue Engine 

J A Shaw mngr, 
4 J Dundas w 
Staudish J I tiilip. cashier Dodge Mfg Co, 


.1 Wm r ;ir e 

Stain . Jwlr, 1 Dundaa e, 


K harness mkr, rms 78 

iTli. )i 11 

r. liUir, li Itcrtle av. cur Wll 

stm fir. 1 37 Victoria av 

A in r. si.- 
- n 

Stephens,.!! Henry, lirknui I PK, li 47 11"~ 

ph. car repr CI R, h KV- 

r Tor Junc- 

rkuin I PK. h 

it. elk. 1 7t> I.aiiL hton av 
on Win. aat. li .r, I.a>n. h: 


per A Campbell, 


. ampliell, res To 

itira. tchr ! 1 44.-, 


rah A twld Thomas), h 209 Pa- 

Stewart Wilfred A, fnshr Ileintzman & Co. 

Ill 1 " Quebec av 

Stiiu|.-. .n Harry, [ ; smith hl[ir fl l: 

r av 

iivarr. h Wllluochliy 
av, ! av 

Market, \Vm \V 
i 1 lt and v of 1 
!:r Tur Junction 

7 Vine av 
irlton pi 
r mkr hlpr CPU 

Carlton pi 

Cnrlton pi 
:i CTH. 
> n 

ll. li 14!l P. 

: av s 


lit Ml-- M:.inl. tchr , 1 2T . 

It J Batt. 
"va. tohr v 

. s 
Stum; denare av 

or Vine av 

;:ian A CampbH, li -^ 

\\ hitney V 

Sullivan KruiK-l.i, u ::i4 Davenport rd 

Sullh stm ftr L l K, 1. Aveuur 


driver W 1 II 

Waketield I!rl.-k Mfj; 


i C, a|.r, I - . uv 

nuuilU A 

H nil li, h i . i 
I id Win M 

\ n uteiitla !: J (wli 
i av 


\\ in J. 

I lt. B 411 

nl /.ilia li A. 
ranklln av 

ii-inan i 1 l: ilaml 

.1. trav, li . w av 


l. lutz 
man \ i n, h 17 > "ntarlo 

i, 1 60 Lak 

I .is Hum 
i v e 

y A. cook. 1 4" 

ar Insp (Tit. h (SI I 

iv a 

iwi.l Ant 

i i view av 


intziuan & 

I Will At. ll! 

I li. ll 11:1 

innnd H. jintr. 

v, night watchman. 

I h. skin av 
k av 

in av 
. moto, h -~.i \\ 

n av 

St Mark s 
hurchtll av 

w, 1 
ill av 

I". Ily fnshr Helntzinnn .^ 

.1- av 

lilksinitli. h fi." HII.. 
Intzman \ 
."id \\".--i. rn av 

i. It. I 142 Chnr- 

. il. carp. 1: C av 

lir Model Sch, 1 

irah J, drsmkr, 108 Quebec 

av. ! 


rt. lab. h 7 rd 

Win G, lumberman, 1 

Tliiirnt..ii Wm A. trav Will.: 


\ Co. 

Timli ;*pr Wilkinson Plough 


Tlndl.. J c li I.IH-M. h CO 

I l K. ll 1^1 I Mil en 

.1. mldr W .1 ..ronto 

Arthur, I 7>1 .< Westmi rd 

i rd 

-. h 17 I nli.n s 
K W. fnshr llelntzman & Co, 

Tiidd U \nnette W 

IMua M. nitisle tchr. 449 

I .lm I., w Iwkr. li 449 Quebec 

Kdvtard It. ad Inn fnshr llelntzman 

I ILT. Ili^-h Pa: 

.1 \\ i, WMinlwkr llelntzman & Co, 

ll )- . . II It ll I :.: 

Tnphaii ::.", \ ine av 



"I ll 

ttnte, I" i 1 

k, i:.\. prln. yiielii-c av, opp Hum- 
El E Glb- 

. nt. U I. Mi-i iirinac-k 

\v or, Vine at, <xw 


lie I.llirary. Miss E 
W McCallnm Mlirarlan. . 14 Iinnii 

K. .rentlon Cluli Ltd, A 
M iirpen niiiL-r. 21. : 
Tiirnii i:\ i ... i; C Royce mnpr, 

T, Keelr s. p.m. ,r St Clalr 

: rd 



, Vnted, Col 
lections M^i. . Effected 

Office, 6 DUNDAS ST. EAST 


-s| --nee, 8 
iMind.-is V. li |s Ann. li Subway Hotel 

TOWN HALL, Wm J Conron clerk, 
J T .1 . Id-lS Kcele s 

iL e master and 

Dom expr. It. h 171 Western av 

Mannfadnr. i "14 Westrm rd. 1 

-J. li .",14 Weston rd 
Train I Dnn 


Travis Georce. hatter. 1 .".2 Ariryle rd 
Travis Ki.l.d-t i;. lali. h ."2 Aruylc rd 

kis Edward I) W. fireman CPR, I 
7.". McMurray av 

i PH. h 7." Mr-Murray 


LAKE SIMGOE ICE Exclusively 
Delivered to all parts of the City 

and Suburbs all year round 
Phones Main 86 North 1052 



Office, 43 ESPLANADE ST. E. 
JAS. FAIRHEAD, - Manager 


North British & Mercantile Insurance Company 

LARGEST FIRE RESERVES Investments in Canada, $7,980,462.49 


Toronto Junction. 


We make them to order for Offices, 
Factories, Stores or Dwellings. 

Samples and Estimates 
Cheerfully Furnished. 

A Post Card or Telephone Call 
will do it. 

<*T. EATON C?;, Tf0 




Book and Job Printing in Connection 

22 DUNDA8 ST. W. Theme June. 46 
A. B. KICK. Editor and Manager 

Tribune The Weekly. A B Rice inngr, 22 

Dundas w 
Trimble Georgt D, barber, 35 Dundas e. h 

24 Annette e 

Trimble Mrs Matilda, h 63 May 
Trimble Thomas J, brbr G D Trimble, res 


Trott Albeit, car repr CPR, h 163 Pacific av 
Tucker Mrs Mary J, 1 130 Cooper av 
Tucker Wm R, asst mngr, h 130 Cooper ai 
Turnbull Alexander, patternmkr, h 99 Mu- 

lock av 

Tutty Philip, engtrnr, h 32 Pacific av s 
Tutty Thomas, foreman, h 20 Western av 
Tyson Wm H, brkmn. 1 73 Pacific av 
Upperton Charles E. tnistr. h 14 J Vine av 
Vandcrburg John, carp, h 117 Campbell av 
Van I >nsen Whetford. h :>:!4 Lakevlew av 


Van Dusen Whetford. h 334 Lakevlew av 
Van Norman Walter II, foreman George A 

udd & Co, res Toronto 
Van Wyek Gilbert S. carp CPR, 1 52 

Union n 

Veal Harry, brklyr, h 104 Edmund 
Veal Wm G. contr. 76 Edmund, h same 
Venables Charles E. brkmn. 1 73 Edmund 
Venables Frederick W, fnshr Heintzman & 

Co. 1 73 Edmund 

Venables John, lab, rms 30 Carlton pi 
Venables John II. eng. h 7." Edmund 
Vernon J-.nza. h 2 Ferguson pi 
Victoria Church (Presbyterian), Annette w. 

cor Medland 

Yineon larenee. elk. h 22 Pacific av n 
Vines John, lab Heintzman & Co. res Mt 

Volk Frederick C. piano plshr. h 2(1 Albany 


Volk John W. plshr. h 12 Kingsley av 
Wade Thomas S. barber. 68 Dundas e, b 24 

Union n 

Wadsworth Wm J. carp CPR. h 44 King 
Wadsworth Wm J jr. action fnshr, 1 44 


Wagner Charles, tinstr. h Rfi Qneen s rd 
Wakefield Brick Mfg Co (Walter R. Philip. 

George and Miss Sarah), lu-iek nifrs. r .">( 

st i Mair av e 
Wakefield George (Wakefleld Brick Mfg 

Co). 1 r 56 St Clalr av e 
Wakefleld Philip (Wakefield Brick Mfg Co), 

h r 56 St Clalr av e 
Wakefield Miss Sarah (Wakefield Brick Mfg 

Co), 1 r 56 St Clair av e 
Wakefield Walter R i Wakefleld Brick Mi 
ll 100 St Clair 
Wakelin Arthur, piano stringer Heintzman 

\- Co, li r.2 King 
Walden Edward, ear repr CPR. h 35 Hook 

Walker Arthur T, tinner, h 97 High Park 


Walker Howard, carp, 1 96 Humberslde av e 
Walker Daniel, rubber Heiutzman & Co, 1 

357 Weston rd 

Walker Edward J, brkrrm CPR, 1 81 West 
ern av 

Walker George, 1 38 Frajiklln av 
Walker George, cond CPR. h 36 Union n 
Walker George H, brkmn, I 54 Union n 
Walker Harry, eng, h 31 Western av 
Walker Isaac B, brkmn CPR, h 54 Union n 
Walker J Leverton, brkmn CPR, 1 97 High 

Park av 

Walker Robert A, brkmn CPR, 1 54 Union n 
Walker Samuel, car repr, h 38 Franklin av 
Walker Samuel, drill hd. h 357 Weston rd 
Walker Samuel, lab, h 96 Humberslde av e 
Walker Sarah A (wid George), 1 390 High 

Park av 

Walker Wesley L, brkmn CPR, 1 54 Union n 
Walker Wm J, cond CPR, h 102 Annette w 
Wallaee Frank II. carp, h .7 MeMurray av 
Wallace John W, sailor, h 42 Edmund 
Wallaee Thomas, trainman CPR, 1 158 Ed 
Wallace Win. carp, h 158 Edmund 

Walls i; -sic w. brkmkr, 1 Albany rd, 1 n 

of St Clair 

Walls Wm. h Albany rd, 1 n of St Clalr 
Walters Joseph. 1 7 Wilson pi 
Walton l>a\id C. contr, 2s Lindner, h same 
Wi-.nless George, eng. h 179 Clendenan av 
Wansbrougli Edward, brkmn CPR, h 20 

Whitney av 

\\Vnshnnigh James W, opr CPR, h 127 Mu- 
lock av 
WansbroiiL h Mary (wid Thomas), h 22 

Whitney av 

Ward Alfred, h 84 High Park av 
Ward Alvin E. news agt, 1 101 Quebec av 
Ward Eno.-h. sanitary Inspector, h 47."i St 

Clah av w 
Ward George W. works G E Train, h 21 

Pacitic av n 

Ward Henry I pntr, 37 Keele s, h same 
Wad Herbert B, dental studt, 1 50 Van 

Wnrd Michael, lab CPR, h 270 Maria 
V\,: -cl Robert F. cond, h 101 Quebec av 
Wark George K. eng, h 318 Pacific av s 
Wai k Samuel J, eng, h 49 Argyle rd 
Warren Alfred, car repr CPR, h Elizabeth. 

3 n CPR 

Warren Frederick, h 131 Evelyn cr 
Wasdell Thomas H, mach, h 150 Clendenan 

W.-itkinson Mrs Agnes W, sec hd gds, 32 

Dundas e. h 26 same 
Watkinson Henry, stone cutter, 32 Dundas 

e. h 26 same 

Watson Christian W. h 251 High Park av 
W.i xm Harvy. harness mkr George A 

Rtidd & Co. res Toronto 

Wa.^on James S, oil producer, h 13 Laugh- 
ton nv 

Watson Joseph, fireman, b 630 Weston rd 
Watson I.yman. brkmn CPR. 1 54 Medland 
Watson Wesley D (Watt & Watson), rms 

t;:i May 

Vi atson Wm. 1 31 Vine av 
Watr Frederick J. shipper, 1 281 St Clalr 

avenue s 

Watt Helen (wid Alexander), 1 28 Laws 
Watt John (Watt & Watson), res Lambton 
Watt Margaret (wid Wm). h 281 St Clair 

avenue e 

Watt Martha (wid Richard), h 70 Dundas e 
Watr \- Watson (John Watt and Wesley D 

Watson), w-hol feed, Weston rd, nr Dun 
Witts Abraham, brkmkr G S Townsley, h 

671 Woton rd 
Wit s Dfivlrt L, boiler mkr CPR. h 142 

Watts Francis, prop Peacock Hotel. 23."i 

Dun i. 

kmkr G S Townsley. 1 671 

We-ton id 

i l John E. coal, h 7s Edmund 
Weaver I.orenso M. foreman, h 4. i May 

G II Webb mngr, 70 
undn^ w 


Real Estate and Financial Broker 

Estate Managed, Insurance Effected, 
Money to Loan, Marriage Li< . 

Office, - 76 DUNOAS ST. WEST 


Room 12, Aberdeen Chambers, Cor. 
Victoria and Adelaide Sis. 

Webb George 11, real e.-tate, 7U Duudas w, 

h :;;, Midland 
Webster Win W, macli CPE, h 55 Pacific 

avenue S 

Wi i]L:e\vood Josiah, eug. h 42 Union n 
Weeks Charles H (Weeks & Co), h 137 Dun- 
das e 

Weeks Elizabeth N (wid Norman), 1 92 Pa 
cific av s 
Wt-cks Win, elk Thomas E Hoar & Co, 1 

Weston rd 
Weeks & Co (Charles II Weeks), Hour and 

feeii. i;!7 Dundas e 
Weeae <>>car B h 113 Mulock av 
W ir Miss Knimn, opr Bell Tel Co, 1 53 

I aeitic av s 

Wvi.- James, mnch CPR, h 53 Pacific av s 
Weir Mi-s Teany, stenog A Campbell, 1 53 

1 acitie av s 
Weli.ind Frederick, elk Howell & Co, I 55 

Hosl, in av 
\\Yliimni Alice M (wid Gershom P), 1 15 

Charles Edward, fly fnshr Heintzman & 

Co, res Toronto 

Wells David E, pntr, h 74 Vine av 
Wells Edward A. boiler mkr CPU, h 77 

Vine av 

Wells Robert, elect eng, 1 149 High Park av 
Wellwood Wm, fly fiishr, h 70 Dundas e 
Welsh James ,1. mach, h 146 Cawthra av 
Wel.sman Frank, veneerer Heintzman & Co, 

1 213 Annette w 
Wclsman George, putr CPR, h 213 Annette 


West Henry W, fruits, 116 Dundas w 
West Magdeline (wid Isaac), 1 116 Dundas 


West Win. li ::n Van Ilorne 
W">tern Av Public Sth, Win Wilson prin, 
Western av. between Annette and Hum- 
1" rside av 
Whately Hannah (wid John C), 1 36 Evelyn 

Wheadon Wm C, trav Wilkinson Plough 

Oo, res Toronto 
Wheaton Charles F, sec-treas Dodge Mfg 

Co, res Toronto 

Wheeler Joseph T, mach, 1 133 Muloek av 
Whelcr Guv L, h 47 Western av 
Whetter Bros tWm H and Frank G I), 

btehrs. 139 Dundas w 
Whetter Frank G I (Whetter Bros), h 139 

Dundas w 

Whetter Wm II (Whetter Bros), h 43 Que 
bec av 

White Charles N". much, 1 2:17 Annette w 
White Miss Edith J. music tchr, 237 An 
nette w 1 same 
White Frederick J. opr CPR. h tVi Medland 

John I., car repr. h 74 Iloskin av 
White Martha A (wid Rieliardi, h 237 An 
nette w 

White Peter. lb. h C. >.(> Weston rd 
White Robert T, car renr CPR. h 2i>.~> Maria 
White Wm G. hili. h 272 Maria 
Whitelaw John. mach. h 33 Iloskin av 
Whitty Moses, signal man Toronto Junc 
tion "station GTR. h 239 Keele n 
\i ieks Arthur M. bieyele wkr. h 72 Hoskln 


Wicks David, mach, h 46 Union n 
Wiekson Esther (wid Samuel), 1 53 Hoskln 


Wiekson Kaac 1 . foreman, h 53 Hoskln av 
Wiekson Jacob, brkmkr G S Townsley, h 

I is Weston rd 
Widditield Edward E. h 120 Qnel.. 

t Frank, seetinn man. 1 41 Union n 
Wlirgins Albert, eond. h 13 Cnrlton pi 
Wu:i:ins Benjamin, hostler Peacock Hotel 
Wiu-gins .Tolin A. carp, h 26 Honk av 

Joseph, h 107 Quebec av 
Wiggins Robert C. cond, h 256 Maria 
Wiggins Win F. reporter. 1 108 Pacific av s 
\\ilhcr Charles, foreman CPU. h !."> Pacific 

Me s 

Wilder Frank, brkmn CPU. 1 45 Pacific av s 

Sherman E. Townsend, 

Arbitrator and Financial Agent, 



65 to 81 PEARL ST. PHONE MAIfJ 2748 

Plain and Ornamental Fencing 
and Grille Work 


agt, b 67 Amu 

li " l May 
. w R, api . le n 

i, li 1-1 K 

r. lab waterworks, h i::j 
n av 

opr Toronto Junction 
I U. li i:tl 
Wllkn rick I.. brkuiu ( Tit, U 3.1 

\ av 

\\ ill. ;7 Van II" 

.lohn II. marriage li< 
las w, h same 

-I. lent and General Mana 
mfrs of I 

! av 
M Miss A :. 1 1.1 

:nos C. tlr. 13 Dnndas w. 

T. il> ntlst. 13 Dunilns w 
J, gen yard master 

wl.l Robert J), h 13 I nlou 

. tinner, h 28 Laws 

! 11. mach CPR, h 47 Pacl- 

vlck R, mach CPU. I :i7 
Park av 

hlef elk master mech 
1 Pit. 1 47 Ta.-lflc av 
Williams Jemima iwld George), h 119 Que- 

Williams Joel, fly fnsbr Helntzman A Co, 

h 116 Q-: 
Williams ThiMins. aetlnn fnshr Helntzman 

ms Wm, liartndr Occidental Hotel 

\Vm, fnshr Helntzman & < 

Herbert D. piano toner and agt, 

i me 
Williamson Robert, mkt gdnr. 16 Ki 

WHIN Daniel, tinner Thomas E Hoar & Co. 

1 44." Quebec av 
Willis Frank I., mach CPR. I 142 Annette 

- J .hn. car foreman CPR, h 142 An- 

Willi- i-:. car repr CPR, 1 39 Clen- 


Wllll< \Vm F. tinner Thomas E Hoar * Co. 
Quebec av 

i!..skln av 

tiarles \V. tlr II X Morrison, b 
D av 

Wllllt..n J..IIT, s. harness mkr, ; .17 Hoskin 

j.iiiiln. ti 74 Laugbtou av 

hr Helutzuiun , 

I. brkmn i ulsa 

u av 

jamln, driver T Chapman, I 7 

rd, packer, h 44 Kdmund 
.1 av 

n James, mldr. h 229 Keele 

- Dun 

.11. mach hd Helntzman & 
nston. car repr CPU. b 112 

< Maggie. Inilrs. b 1!>2 Am. 

elk Palm. 

r. pntr, b av a 

> mette 

i Wm, pri :i, h 338 A 

. <-Ik II f Frymlre. 1 . 

I ll, li !! 

i Win K. .-m: CPU. li SB 

illpi. li f,: 

av, h -. 

,r Helntzman , 
ll 12" 
\ .nkworth .r Insp. h 40 Franklin 

i lie 
Wink .. stove mounter, b 4.". 


Wlnn Isaac, lab. h 147 KHz 
\vini \ IT K;i/.;ii.. t li i \\ Sil J ir;i. housekpr, 

il I., signal man GTR. h 74 IM 

vln. lab. 1 42 I.aughton av 

-bton av 

on av 
r w. brl 

l>. tmstr. 1 n rd 

.n D. pntr. h 117 Maria 
lab. b 7i; ll..-kin av 
Misi Martha E. tehr. I 117 Maria 
:uel J. pntr. I 172 Maria 

Imlry. 11 Iituulas e 
1 Harry, sip h _ 4 Hook av 

c I K. b ! - I harles 

W.Midburn C. wootlwkr R J Batt. res T- 

nd board mkr 

iralnuiau CI H. I G4 [ ulon 

inson, res 

Harry, casemkr Hvlntzman & Co. 1 
L l H 

W, elk W Woods. 1 95 Dunclas 

\\ ni. fruit. 95 Dundas w, h same 
-in James, ear repr CPR, h 141 Vine 

.ilmiij rd 
las e 
narles F, news . Ion n 

v s 
a Hank of 

Hildas e, h 


tli hlpr, h 70 
pbell av 

\V, bkr. h 82 Vxbrldge av 
lir Helntzman & Co, 

: Dundas e, h same 

: i.Velyn cres 

rt, brkman CPR, h 36 Albany 

\VrlLi 1 iur I PK. 1 - -> I.lsgar 


Iflc av s 
Albany rd 
\V_VM: : May 


i reman. 1 149 Louisa 
Wm. h i I 
Vrvllle Win A. tuner Helntzman & Co, res 


Wvim Harrv. app The Tribune. 1 147 Eliza- 
Wynn Lorenzo, brkmn CPR, h 5 Charles 

:iiel prtr The Tribune, 1 147 
eth s 

Tallop Win G, yd mstr CPR, h 120 Queen 
Jaeob. brkmkr Wakefleld Brick Mfg 
Co. res York tp 

Ynunp Alfred, stores dept CPR, 1 51 Paci 
fic av s 

Young Jacob, h 51 Pacific av a 
Zavitz K.hvanl M. trav, h 39 Lakevlew aT 



$100 Reward. 

The Association of American Direc* 
tory Publishers Will pay $100 
reward for the arrest and conviction 
of any person or persons attempting 
to collect money on fraudulent direc* 
tory advertisements. 


21 University Place. 

New YorK City. 

Metallic Ceilings 

Metallic Roofing Co., Limited 

Phone Park 800 Cor. KING and DUFFERIN STS. 

Standard Life 

ASSURANCE CO. of Edinburgh 


D. M. McGOUN, 


Chas. Hunter, 

Chief Agent, Ontario 



L. C. CRONYN, Cashier 



WABD No. 1. All that portion of the city of Toronto lying to the east 
ward of the centre line of Cherry street produced southerly to the waters of the 
Bay ; thence northerly along said production and along f he centre line of 
Cherry street to the centre line of Eastern avenue ; thence south-easterly along 
the centre line of Eastern avenue to the centre line of Sumach street ; thence 
northerly along the centre line of Sumach street to the centre line of Wellesley 
street ; thence easterly along the centre line of Wellesley street, to the centre 
line of Park View avenue ; thence northerly along the centre line of Park View 
avenue and production thereof to the north city limit, and including all the 
marsh lands and islands south of the above-described point. 

WAKD No. 2. All that portion of the city lying to the westward of the 
west limit of Ward No. 1, and to the eastward of the centre line of Jarvis 
street produced southerly to the Bay ; thence northerly along said production 
and along the centre line of Jarvis street to the centre line of Bloor street ; 
thence westerly along the centre line of Bloor street to the centre line of 
Yonge street ; thence northerly along the centre line of Yonge street to the 
north city limit. 

WARD No. 3. All that part of the city lying to the westward of the 
west limit of Ward No. 2, and to the eastward of the centre line of Simcoe 
street, produced southerly to the waters of the Bay ; thence northerly along 
said production and along the centre line of Simcoe street to the centre line 
of Queen street ; thence easterly along the centre line of Queen street to the 
centre line of Queen street avenue ; thence northerly along the centre line of 
Queen street avenue and production thereof to the centre line of Avenue road ; 
thence northerly along the centre line of Avenue road to the north city limit. 

WARD No. 4. All that part of the city lying to the westward of the west 
limit of Ward No. 3, and to the eastward of the centre line of Bathurst street 
produced southerly to the waters of the Bay ; thence northerly along said 
production and along the centre line of Bathurst street to the north city limit ; 
together with the Island lying in front of said city. The Parliament buildings, 
Queen s Park, are also included in this ward. 

WARD No. 5. All that part of the city lying to the westward of the west 
limit ot Ward No. 4, and to the eastward of the centre line of Atlantic avenue 
produced southerly to the waters of Lake Ontario ; thence northerly along said 
production and along the centre line of Atlantic avenue to the centre line of 
Dovercourt road, thence northerly along the centre line of Dovercourt road to 
the north city limit. 

WAKD No. 6. Being all that part of the city of Toronto lying to the west 
ward of the west limit of Ward No. 5. 


Offices, Nos. 15-17 LEADER LANE 

Telephone Main 2288 
Re*., No. 56 ST. MARY ST. Telephony North 518 

Thp PnllPlPQ nf thfl ftRF AT.WFQT II F IT are models of brevity and simplicity. There 

ca Ul IUB Va rt I ** I V* E_O I hi r b are no restrictions as to travel, residence or 

occupation. Paid-up, Surrender and Loan Values are stated in the Policy, also the Extended Insurance terms. 

No guesses, nor averages. Sample policy, and rate at your age on application to the Toronto office, is TORONTO ST. 

cct. accountant. 

adv. advertisement. 

agt. agent. 

agrl. Impts, agricultural loiple- 


l>I>r. :iji|>: 


Assce. Assurance 

assn. association. 

v-<--r. assistant. 

It ll, nttoodant. 

ttty. attorney. 

ar. avenue. 

bceiuu. baggageman. 

bkr. baker. 

barr. barrister. 

b. boards 

bdg. boarding. 

bet. between. 

blksmth. blacksmith. 

blrmkr. !>iler maker. 

bkbndr. u*>kblnder. 

bki-r bookkeeper. 


br. branch. 

brklyr. l>rl klayer. 


brkmn. brakeman. 

bldr. bulkier. 

btchr. butcher. 

cabt. mkr. cabinet maker. 

la Atlantic Ry. 
: \ l:an Impress. 

C.I I: Canadian Pacific Ry. 

carp, carpenter. 

C. 1 . Central I rlson. 

chkr. checker. 

. civil service. 

elk. clerk. 

coll. collector. 

com. iner. commission mer 

eomp. compositor. 

comr. ronnuU-ionfir. 


conf: Tier. 

confy .ery. 

cor. corner. 

; oration. 
co. county, 
ere*, crescent. 


c. II. Custom House, 
illr. dealer. 


I >"ininlon. 

Doni Dominion Ex 

press Co. 

drsrukr. dressmaker. 
e. east. 

e. s. east side. 
elect, electrician, 
electro, olectrotyper. 

i>r. elevator operator. 

engr. engraver. 

fnshr. finisher. 

furn. furniture. 


g general, 
nd Trunk By. 


: housekeeper, 
h. h.- 

II. of Commons. 

In. Rev. Inland Revenue. 

it man. Instrument man. 
Ins. Insurance. 
In^p. Inspector. 

Jwlr. jeweller or watchmaker, 
lab. lnl>orer. 
bis wtr. landing waiter, 
la. lane. 

Indry. lanmlry. 
Ltd. limited. 
lith lithographer. 
I. llv 

The word "itl 

mach. machinist. 

macb. hd. machine baud. 

uukr. mil!. 

mngr. manager, 
mng. dlr. managing director, 
mfr. manufacturer. 
mfg. manufacturing, 
mkt. gdnr. market gardener. 
a nlc. 

inlnr. mil!: 


iniiir. miiiiniiT. 

mus. trtir. music teacher. 

n. north. 

n. e. northeast. 

n. s. > 

11. w. northwest. 

nr. i:. 


pntr painter. 
I arlt. 1 arllamcnt. 
pillr. pi-ildler. 


pi. i 

I lmbr. I ll. 

p. c. i table. 


i -nt. 
prlu. principal. 

prtr. prl:.- 


r. r. 

rant. . 

rv. railway. 

I Railway Malt Ser 

repr. rep:! 

K.JIIMIU Catholic. 
u C l>. Koyal Canadian Dra 

i: c. K. I. Royal Canadian 

u Army. 


Mnstrs. seamstress, 
a. e. side entrance. 
. e. south east. 

B. 8. - 
S. W. 

sec. hd. gds. second band 


ec. secretary. 

sew. mach. sewing machine!. 




tlr. tailor. 


h or telephone. 
T.w.W. Ti .ron to Water Works 


truv. traveller. 

i rer. 

uphol. upholsterer, 
vet. surg. veterinary surgeon, 
wtr. waiter, 
w. west. 


who), wholesale. 
\\Icl. wldr. 
Win. William. 
wd. wkr. wood worker, 
wks. wocln. 




The profession, business, etc., of individuals and firms is only given at their respective places of business; 
to find the occupation of householders, refer to Alphabetical List of Names. 

:.iec.-u Av. 


Sberbourne to 
ward 2. 

Rear entrances 

from 37 

w from 16 Brock av 
to r of O Hara av, ward 6, 

North Side 

v r, drsmkr 


eseman Alfred 

George S 
30 Johnston Walker 

a Ifalley Wm H 

ighran Frank 
S"Uth Side 

iiu lots 

11 Mitchell Henry 

Vacant lot 

23 McDowell James C, exp 
27 Twldale George 

ABELL. n from Armour to 
opp 1140 Queen w, ward 6. 

. le 

Co, lumber 
a C, s e 

. NVest Side 

48 Am 1 Engine & 

Tin Ltd 

Skating Kink, s e 

AV. e from 483 
Ontario to 1 arllament, ward 

North Side 

2 Clarke Mrs Agnes 
6 Learn John W 

lulton Mrs Hannah 

,1 Mrs Amelia 
li r 

14 1 1 rah 

16 I hleeger \i Henry P 

.len Charles H 
Adam L 

lham Ernest A 


House, s e 

art Kenneth T 
S Gray Mrs Sarah 
5 Smith Miss M S, drsmkr 
iith Wm 

i O 

Jeffrey E 
II Clay George 

21 Starr Mrs Jessie 

)at Cleaners, Feed Boxes 
Chicago Clipping 1 Machines 

Tisdale Iron Stable Fittings Co., Limited 

Office : 6 Adelaide St. E. Phone Main 3800 

TU/t CV Oni R PRMR Policy issued by The Confederation 
I \\Q UULU DUNU Life Association "SlST WRSJET- 


Aberdeen Av. 

23 Bogart Alonzo A 
25 Allen John T 

ADDISON AV, w from 440 

Perth av, ward 6. 
North Side 

Not built on 
South Side 

House, s e 

1 Sheffer Wilfred H 
8 Shannon George 
6 Welsh John D 

111 Yonge to Jarvls, ward 

, North Side 

2 Yokes Hardware Co, s e 

6 Aikenhead Hardware Ltd 
Tisdale Iron Stable Fit 
tings Co 
8 Strand Hotel 
12 Toronto Electric Light Co 


Home Life Building 
1C 18 Smith F J & Co, real 

estate, loans and ins 
20 Small Sydney, real est 
^ Victoria st Intersects 
22 Barber, uooch & Co., 


22-24 Equity Chambers 

3-4 Canadian Policy Hold 
ers Union Ltd 
Ont Agency Co, Ins 
Can Fire Ins Co 
Johnstone Win, Ins 


6 Denovan Joshua, barr 
6 Standard Loan Co 
Canadian Casualty Co, 


7-8 Proctor J A, barr 
9 Grote G W, barr 
10-12 Henderson & Small, 

18-15 Henderson & Darid- 

sons, barrs 

Brotherhood of St An 

16 Vacant 

17 Coe John W, barr 
Cameron Duncan 0, 

Rtephenson G H, barr 

18 Vacant 

19 Nicol & Nlcol, barrs 

20 Canadian Legal Pub 

Co, F I Fox sec 
Canadian Law List 
Ontario Legal Chart 
Quebec Legal Chart 

21 Vacant 

22 Wardrobe J Jr.caretkr 
23 Larkins Fred 0, 


24-25 Store rooms 
20 Savlgny R A. mer tlr 
28-30 Carswell Co. law books 
Ontario Weekly Reports 
Canadian Law Times 
Nova Scotia Reports 
Revised Reports 
New Brunswick Reports 
Lawyers Annual 
Law Journal Reports 
Law Reports 
82-34 Imperial Chambers 
Phoenix Assurance Co of 

London, England 
Pater-son T C, ins 
1-3 Imperial Loan & In- 

yestment Co 

4 Bueklnnd H G, real est 
Greenwood Russell, 

real est 

5-6 Smith Eden, architect 
Ilynes J P, architect 

7 Rolph. Brown & Hunt 

er, barrs 

8 Toronto Whist Club 
10 Choate A P, Journalist 1 
11-12 Canada Provident 

Life Assce Co 
13-14 Heaven Miss Ethel, 

15-17 Sissons C T, caretkr 

18-19 Banks J L, sculptor 
20 Halnes F S, artist 
Ridout Douglas K, 

ins agt 

Ontario Compressed 
Air Dustless House 
Cleaning Co 
Law Union & Crown 

Ins Co 
London & Lancashire 

Life Assce Co 
Hufl Walter, elev opr 
36-42 Postofflce Building 
36 Customs Postal Package 


Postofflce Inspector s Of 
fice, James Henderson 
Railway Mail Service 

Supt s Office 
Dead Letter Office 
Ross George 
38-42 Genl Post Office 
44 West George E & Co, 

acct book mfrs 
44% Beaumont & Sbeppard, 


46 Brilliant Sign Letters 
48 Moon Pub Co Ltd 

Moon The 

50 Arnold Medicine Co 
52 Troy J L, fin agt 
54 Dudgeon T W, pblr 

Gowanlock Ptg & Pub Co 
Hamilton Saturday Jour 

Parkdale Once a Week 
Johnston & Co, mall or 

58 Duke s Hotel 
58 Doust Jos, law gtaty 
60 Pulvo Mfg Co, stove pol 

60Vi Adelaide Chambers 
Wheeler G H, prtr 
1-2 Vacant 

3 Rutley Warming & 

Ventilating Co 

4 Vacant 

5 Wampole H K & Co, 


6 Preston John, contr 

7 International Time Re 

cording Co 

8-11 Canadian Neckwear 

14 Blehn Joshua, artist 

15 McMaster Wm, stamps 

16 Patterson Norman, 

17-18-19-20 Vacant 
62 Underwood & Underwood, 

stereo views 
64-66 Ritchie John Plumbing 

& Heating Co 

68 Mullln T H, clothing mfr 
Wlnton & Leyden, facty 
Williams Mrs Nora V, 


Bateman John, tlr 
Lederman Fred, tlr 
Bond Robert H. tlr 
Stewart Percy, tlr 
68% MacGregor Angus, prtr 
70 Freeman T I, cigars 
72 Archer John, Indry 
74 Munn George, carp 
70 Taylor J E, furn 
+ Church st Intersects 

Public Library Building 
78 Nelson George, caretkr 
80 Public Library Reference 

82 Western Leather Goods 


84 Standard Embossing Co 
Si] Mcf ann Mrs Mary A 
ss ml Pcoft Wm. barber 
02-94 Shuttleworth E B 

Chemical Co 
86-98 Storehouse 
100 Fleming & McTamney, 

103 Flemlne & McTamney, 

Fleming John 

104 Ward David, pawnbrkr 
108 Vacant 

110 Earsman Bros 

112 Solway & Cohen, Junk 

Cohen Max 
120-22 Schiller House 
124 Tolaud A C, bdg 
1-jti rr.iser Alex, litho 
128 Toronto Salt Works 
130-2 Todhunter, Mitchell & 

Co, spice mill 
134-6 Rennie Wm, seeds 

South Side 

Star P & P Co, s e 

I Knight C F, dentist 
I mle J K, barr 
Weston Stamp Co 
Moran J S, broker 
Young C G Co, rubber 


Macdonald Hugh 
1% Colonial Typewriter Co 
3 Vacant 

5 Brown W J, real estate 
de Beauharnois Mrs G H, 


7 Nesbitt J A, real estate 
Hlgglns J D, real estate 
Edinburgh Life Assce Co 
Washington T E, rea est 
9% Snowdon Chambers 

1 Doyle & McWaters, 


2 Sinclair E G C, real 

Sinclair Simon, real est 

3 Graham J A, broker 

4 Petley & Co, real est 

5 Bicycle room 

6 McGhie & Keeler, 


7 Tytler & McCabe, 


Bell W J & Co, real 

8 New John, real est 
9 Ellis J A, architect 

10 Vacant 

11-14 Capp T W Co, mfg 

15 Jackson J H & Co, en- 


17 Ladies Household 


18 Sharpe J F, patterns 

19 Vacant 

22-23-24 Burgess A E & 

Co, mfg Jwlrs 
25 MacphaiT Hector, care 
26 Knaggs Wm, violin 


27-28 Domiulon Engraving 

II Martin F J, mer tailor 
13 Tarbox Bros, wire gds 

15 United Typewriter Co Ltd 
17 Pearson Bros, real est 
Northern Assce Co 
Pearson E P, Ins agt 
Connecticut Fire Ins Co 
Pearson & McNaught, Ins 

17% Pearson Chambers 

2 Sloan J W, real est 

8 Wright J A, barr 
4 Cannlff H T. barr 

6 Macklin H G, draught 
7-8 Swayzle B E, barr 

9 Sheppard L C & Co, 

Stewart John, real est 
Peake T J L. real est 
Gray Edwin, Janitor 
19-21 Fox & Ross, brokers 
Mines Selection Co 
Sailor Consolidated Mining 

& Milling Co 
Toronto Llllooet Gold 

Ontario & California Oil 

Co Ltd 

23 Land Security Chambers 
Kerr, Davidson, Paterson 

& Grant, barrs 
British Can L K I Co, B e 
+ Victoria st Intersects 
83 Sun Life Assce Co 

35 Aberdeen Chambers 

1 Hannah W G, barr 
Mel) ride & Henry, ins 

2 Symons J T, real est 
Elmsley Remy, office 

3 Incandescent Burner 


4 Plymouth Twine Ag 


5 Vacant 

6-7 Osier A E & Co, real 

8 Leak & Co, lumber 

Leak Wm, real est 
9-10 Northern Life Assce 

12 Gait John, civil eng 

13 Vacant 

14 Strickland & Co, contrs 

15 Strickland W R, arch 

16 Vacant 

17 Goulnlock John, Ins 
Goulnloek W F, Ins agt 

18 Vacant 

19 Hall & Payne, barrs 

20 Cane J G & Co, whol 

21 Foulds Leonard, mech 

22-23 e Cull Caleb H, prtr 
25 Hennessy James, care 

37 Newsome & Co Ltd, sta 

39 McArthur Donald, barr 
Gllday Richard, rooter 
Graham H & Son, real 


Caldwell Robt, linen mfr 
41 People s Loan & Deposit 


43 Cavell & Gibson, barrs 
Taylor W B, barr 
Martin & Evans-Lewis, 


Challener F S, nrtlst 
McEachern & Ritchie, Ins 
Beatty J W, artist 
45 Canadian Typewriter Co 
47 Beeton Ed, watchmkr 
Wood F A, real est 
Douglas R A, watchmkr 
47% Sullivan Fredk, Ins 
+ Toronto st ends 
Public Lavatory 
Gains John, caretaker 
Trust & Loan Bldg, s e 
57 Old Court House 
Robinson C C, barr 
County Council Office, 

John A Ramsden clerk 
Ramsden John A, mar 
riage licenses 
High Constable s office, 
McDougall Jas, civ ene 
County Engineer s Office, 

James McDougall eng 
County Treasurer s Office, 
J K Macdonald treasurer 
Wingfleld Charles E 8, 


Boyd Alfred, broker 
Lawrie Wm D. caretkr 
67-69 Clanss Shear Co 

McArthur W L, stone art 

American Stock Foods Co 

71 Toronto Window Cleaning 


73 Day George H, broker 
75 Sanderson I H 

Warnecroft H R, mfr s 


Brown A, art studio 
77 Toronto Typographical 


+ Church st Intersects 
St James School, s e 
335 Vacant 
141 Forsyth George 
143 Vacant 
145-47 Lumbers John, flour 

Francis st ends 
159 Archer Wm E 

118 Yonge to Bathurst, 
wards 3 and 4. 

North Side 

Store, s e 

Guarantee Company of North America 

MEDLAND & JONES, Cen l Agents, Mail Building, Cor. King and Bay 

Tel Main 1067 

H. O HARA & CO., 


Toronto St. 

Buy and Sell all kinds of 
Stocks for Clients. 

K>ol Supply 
1214 National Electrotype 

stereo Co 
14V4 Tompklni Horace E. 


16 Alexander Engraving Co 
Beattio Cyi-le Mfg Co 
Bartlett Wm & SOD, bade 


18 Paton J \V. paints 
10 Saunders H & A, jwlrs 
IS Jones & Moore Electric 

Co. motors, dynamos 
4 Coben Bros The, opticians 
16-28 Saturday Night llldg 
Sheppard Pub Co Ltd 
Toronto Saturday Night 
Canadian Annual 
(jufeii City Ptg Ink Co 
Elliott Win J, barr 
United States Consulate 

in N, con 

Christian Messenger 
Montreal Qaxette 
Martin Wm T. agt 
Sentinel Ptg Co 
The Sentinel 
Grip Ltd. engrs 
Sun Printing Co 

kly Sun 

Canadian Opthalmtc Col 
Whltelu-ad & Hoag Co, 
adv novelties 

<-y goods 
I IB and Pub Co 
80 Fountain Wm. tailor 

Clothes Pressing Co Ltd 
82 Tunstead John, hatter 

York Mat Factory 
4 Johnston W 8 & Co. prtri 
Independent Oddfellow 
lo contr 
Collins Mfg Co, hardware 

Blashford W A. paper 


Steward Thomas, bkbndr 
Zock J J A Co. mnfg Jwlrs 
Dominion Distributing Co 
Dominion Mailing Agency 
86 Gibson S R, confr 
88-42 Dom Paper Bex Co 
Stlmsou Credit Register 

40 42 Toronto Electrical TVks 

Co Ltd 
Office Toilet Supply Co 

Edwnrds F & Co, cigar 


44 Hubbard C H Co, dental 

Itt Pub Co 

Dominion Dental Journal 
Dominion Medical 
46 Purdy. Mansell & Co, 


Canadian Camera Co 
48 Douglas Bros, prtrs 
60 Jones Bros & Co. labora 

B2 Ly: s x Marks, bar sup 

64 Brush * Co, corset* 
66 II ,,s. prtrs 

68 Smith r.n.- -mtg staty 
60 Stewart W T A Co, roof 


* Bay st Intersects 
62 Side entrance 
64 Morlarty John 

Gray J.inn-s T. pntr 


2 Yokes John, cut stone 

th Machinery Co 
Canadian Otis Elevator 

Eaton Wm H. pntr 

A H. weighing 
78 Matthews Asa, gal Iron 


80 Morrison & McDermott, 


Luttuii Wui Compound 
mill sup) 

Taylor Charles, pattern 


86 Vacant 
88 Vacant 
00 Vacant 

o, rfrs 

Bull Win J. puttrrmnkr 

ppard st commences 

vire Frame 
Mfg Co 

;:uio String Mfg 
Joseiln J 8. patternmkr 

Mfg Co 
104 Smith W P A Co. wood 

106 Woolnough A. Otter, show 

nougti Joliu W 

108 Bandeid W 11 ec Sons, 

1 G W Laundry 

I lano Co 

N.irnay Cublnet Co Ltd, r 
112 Ncaley Nicholas 


ii. r Mr Sarah 
M. Mlllan Archibald 
i-rt J 

v illlams A 
Hill Mrs Elizabeth 


::i LatouT 
Brighter Antony 

T Michael 
122 Underwood John & Co, 

Ink mfrs 

Victoria Shoe Co Ltd 
124 Thompson J II, gas man 

Bros, rfrs 

126 Quong I Hug. Indry 
128 Jones Richard, tailor 
Store, s e 

York st Intersects 
Store, a e_ 

132^ Vacant 

134 Jacobs Albert 


Vacant lots 
142 Hallain Thomas O 
146 Kerr John 


150 Peaker Mrs Susannah 
152 McGafnii James W 
156 Antipltzky Mrs Clara, junk 

164 Boeckh Bros & Co, brash 
and broom factory 

Irs Addle 

172 Vlckers Mrs C M 
Private grounds 


barles G 
\rrt-tt Charles 
schmann & Co. yeast 

vard, gro 
rrln James, tlr 
. s e 

Simcoe st intersects 


;ordon James 
198 Jackson Mrs Minnie 

ty John, cobs 
200 Brtirzs Mr* Annie 
202 i bael 



212 Brent George 
214 Duff Miss A M. bd^- 

s Mary, bdg 

i rick 
1 eter 


s Esther 


Mrs Tbursa, gro 
-i cts 

"ii Mrs Nellie 
: Win, bdg 


2068 Brown T W, carriage 

. , carriage 

- Louisa 
i -lulse 
. . in 

it W 

-7n I .V 

272 H. phy 

;e W 

John st Intersects 


280 McDonald L, shoemkr 

2SO-S8 Kerr James, blksnvtri 
290 | v A 

290H Roberts Mrs Annie 
292 Scott Abraham 

:npton George T, r 
Br- 1 ; . r 

204 Yates Miss Amy M 
:** Warehouse 

!y John A 

304 McGuire Mrs Mary 
Mr* Florence 

Wm C 

Widmer st Intersects 


irtwi-11 Mrs I.ovlna 
Munn Robert 



4> Uriiinmrind pi commences 
lien John 
rphy Wm 
332 Goddnrd Thomas 

tcheil F. w 


338 Coffey Mrs Mary 
340 Moran Mrs A, drsmkr 
Moran Wm 

ivter st Intersects 

342 Mead.- Mr- Emma, bdg 
.-inald R 

350 A Fannie 

tnpbell John E 
ii. r 

M. r 

\lfred. r 
354 Troyer Jacob 
356 Quint 
358 Breslove M 
360 Foster Wm G 
362 Rule Wm 
304 Gilmore George D 

- E 

Charles J 
370 Sheffer Noah 

Mrs Margaret 
374 Murphy Wm 

vter Thomas H 
378 Warner Christopher 



Store, s e 

Spadlna av Intersects 
Store, s e 


M -u but or ft 


k. wi-ll Wm H 
John A 
1 John J 

y S 
4O8 Latimer James 

. iliart Alexander R 


uli 11 Edward 
.1 James 

ilnt Co 

-s George 
inning John M 

IKI Wbyter Mr-. 

Duraud Mrs Mary 

rgusou Mrs Bridget 
411 M. 

Store, t 

4> Intersects 

Andrew s sq 

M .I.,; st commences 

s Maria, confy 

- usle 

I . l Mi ( lure Win 

i Hubert J 

lartln, liquors 

Portland st Intersects 

man Mrs S A, gro 
500 Adams Mrs Ellz 

.vard Richard 

Armand L 
."U Westrop Rol>ert 

i James T; M Mrs Susan 

Yule M. nurse 

lionaid Edward 
vlor John 

,:IB Paul 


Haven James 
ilainmall Mrs Catherine 
Hanson Thomas 
1 ilns Archibald 

je A 
bson James B 

538 Burton Wm R 

in F 
:,lu K 

11. . -. r 

Miss A 

.",44 Rin- Char:.- .1 
540 Dale Win R 
548 Qulgley Wm G, Jr 

- George 
552 Lavelie John 

.rrlcott Joseph 
ry Mr* Annie 
House, s e 
......... South Side ......... 

1 Kdwards A J. dentist 
Paul E W. dentist 
lie C H. photo 
Henderson T. dentist 

Grand Opera la commences 
a mil E c Mfg Co, bicycle 


Lyon Mfe Co, typewrllert 
W, Grand Opera Hat Works 
Clark Miss M. hatter 
Thompson George, barber 
Brown Mrs Isabella 
11 Grand Opera House 
. Grand Opera Hotel 

.1 DustoD st ends 
17-1 J Worden House 

21 Booth G & Son, pntrs 
Mfi: Co Ltd, 

23M> Ward James, confy 
_7 Toronto Opera House 
Manifold Samuel 
Brown Max. tlr 
Trebllcock John, cigars 
29 Rogers Alex, clga-.s 
Fell I C & Co, stencils 
Dominion Watch Case Re 

pairing Co 
31 . & Co. barbers 




Successors to UMITED 


15 Adelaide East 

Phones Main 1126, 1127 

J. dClll., DIRECTOR 


"UNDERWOOD "Typewriters 





Adelaide West. 


33 Parker George, prtr 
35 Thompson Wm J D, rnach 
87 Anglo-American News Ag 
39 Worth & Martin, elec 

43 Corin W J, pntr 

43% Vacant first floor 
Queen City Band Hal. 
Hotel, 6 e 
+ Bay st intersects 

Hotel, s e 
53-59 Vacant 
61-65 Sanderson Pearcy & Co, 

paints, oils and glass 
07 Parisian Steam Laundry 
Shepard Bros & Co, prtrs 
Saunders, Lorle & Co, 

Jw rs 

73 Wilson Pub Co 
Truth The (weekly) 
Ladles Journal (monthly) 
Canada Jewelry Case Co 
Canada Crown Cork & 

Seal Co 

Ilaberman Philip, tlr 
Pollakoff r.ann tt, clo 


Williams J S. printer 
Holdsworth & Co, cloth 

Best D M & Co, piano 

hammer mfrs 
Love R B, clothing contr 
Slntzel Thomas, clothing 

Uobsoii W H, clothing 

79 Littlt jolm & Vaughan, 

elect i-iit.\ ! 

81 Moon- \ Orr, electro- 

87 Munro Win A: Son. bldrs 
89-97 Morrison James Brass 

Mfg Co 
97 Mashintcr \V \ Co, 


97% Toiler Pub Co, James 

Wilson mngr 
Toiler The 
09 Dorrien Plating & Mfg 

101 Wyness Plating Co 

101V Bill -""HI- I M! Co Ltd 

Globe Mfg Co, gro sun 
103 Eiistm.-m Machine Co Ltd 
105 ( .in Wringer \ Specialty 

Co Ltd 

107-1W V.-n-.-int 
109%. Canada Nnl Co 

Firth Josepn. cutler 

Wenigman Paul, elect 
111 Coates A E, piano string 

Anderson II & Co. machs 

Kpplett Win .1. earp 

Lander \ Co. brass fushrs 
115-117 Magulre T M & SonT 


123 Colleran J J, horseshr 
127 Marks Harris 
129 Wllkes llairi- 
181 Rotkln Benjamin 
133-135 Hotel, s e 
York st Intersects 

Store, s e 
i:::i r.ronstein i 
143 Ayers Miss Sarah A, bdg 
14.". Fletcher I lennis 
147 Diamond Henry 
149 Valtonburfr Abram 


155 Palmer Mrs Mary 
157 Rooney Mrs I. my 

Clancy John, r 

IK enlsh John, r 

rsncll Mrs Mary, r 
1TO T.eith Frederick 
1C1 Davis Mrs Matilda 
103 Hanford John 
165-09 Brown S. carriages 
171 Robertson David D 
173 Samuels Solomon 
175 Nokes Mi~~ Maud 
177 Matliers Win 
179 Selgel Jacob, rest 
181 Simpson Wm E 
183 Clark Albert 
185 Harris Mrs Martha 

IS i Green Jacob 

189 Price Albert 

191 Goldstein Benjamin 
193 Pollakoff Barnett 
195 Louhart Mrs Mary 

190 Strathy Building 
Byron George 
Stibbard James P 
Scott Wm U 

De Mara Herbert 
Monck Edward 
Hill Edward .A 
Hill Miss Clara, nhrse 
Woodhouse II B 
Humphrey James 
I ennylegion Charles 
Webber John E 
Denlson Mrs Grace i? 
Winkleman Albert F 
Towuley Mrs Eliza J 

Slmcoe st Intersects 
House, s e 

Rear entrances 
201 Uellly Mrs Emma 
223 Rogerson Charles, c gars 
- :;:: < dd r c College, r e 
^Duncan st Intersects 

Factory, s c 
257-til Toronto Hat Mfg Co 

Old U C College ground! 
^ John st Intersects 

House, s e 

2!C. Batei .1 c. dentist 
207 M< -Keown Albert 
2 . !> Temple Miss Sydney 
:;o] -:; Ueadinan M F. gro 

Wldmer st Intersects 
Offlce. s e 

:;i" Tooker Mrs Isabel 
315 Molntyre Mrs Agnes 
327 Long "Wm 

Peter st Intersects 
House, s e 

331 Ward Mrs Susan, gro 

333 Archer Win 

335 Baldwin Mrs Emma 

McNabb Mrs Melllssa, r 
McGraw Joseph, r 
C.rahani I- ivib riek. r 
Lewis Mrs Mary, r 

337 Feldstelu Samuel 

339 Yagnian Harry 

341 Walsh Robert H 

Charlotte st ends 
House, s e 

351 Sutherland Mrs E 
3"i Morrison Robert C 
K57 r.iirrtiljje Alfred A 
359 .Tocdyn I Icnry 

Irwlii Mrs Sarah 
;ic.~> Shi|> Thomas 
367 McCormael; James M, phy 
^ Spadlna av intersects 

Hotel, s e 
371 Taylor Murray 
;(?:-! Harris Edward 
",7." MoKon/.ie Sidney 
377 Thompson James H 
"7 .i Smith Oliver 
381 I orL an Joseph 
3S3 Lindsay James C 
:>.-, Wait i: 
",X7 I belps Frank H 
RSO Parent Amable 
".HI Slattery 1 atrick 
393-397 Vacant (3) 
399 Crottle Mrs Ann 
401 Burns Arthur 
40.1 Wylle Wm 
421 Maloney Michael 
423 Cain Thomas J 
425 Carey John 
427 llainmorton Will J 

429 Hay John, grocer 
+ Brant st Intersects 

Public School 

430 Edwards Richard 
441 McDonald Mrs Eliza 
443 McVicar Dnglld 

Morrison st ends 
445 Guy Wm J 
459 Glngras Telesphore 
401 Milne Wm 

Ward Henry, r 
Noon James, v 
Phillips Philip, r 

Tally Win. r 
Northoy Mrs Lonlsa, r 
4G5 Harris Wilbur H 

407 BInnle Wm, grocer 

Hlckey Mrs Ann, r 

Vacant lot 
473 Miller Sidney H 

Foley John J, r 
475 Long Howard 
477 Carley Wm 

Quinllven Daniel, r 
479-S1 Wray Richard 

Portland st intersects 
483 House, s e 

4S7 Tymon Michael P 

497 Gregg Henry 

499 Marvyn Felix 

501 Bather James 
Bryers John, r 
Loach Francis A, r 

5n:( Patterson Lauchlin M 

505 Slee Richard 

507 Donovan Patrick 

509 Donaldson Mrs Ellz 

511 Conway John P 

Adelaide pi commences 
T.-21 Jamleson John J 

525 McClean Wm J 
527 Redmond Charles R 
529 Lee Mrs Norah 
531 Connor Michael 
533 MeMahon T F, phy 

ADELAIDE PL, s from 511 
Adelaide w, ward 4. 

East Side 

1 Murphv Patrick 
3 Champion Charles T B 
5 Batty James B 
7 Outhwalte Mrs Elizabeth 
9 Walklnsbaw Wm 
11 Williamson Edwin H G 
House, s e 

West Side 

Lumber yard 

ADMIRAL ROAD, n from opp 
71 Lowther av to Bernard 
av, ward 4. 

East Side 

House, s e 
9 Jackes Mrs Mary S 

11 White Walter J 

13 Bastedo Samuel T 

15 Ince Wm jr 

17 Sims Rev Robert A 
19 Lloyd Benjamin 
21 Ashworth James J 
2:; Giles Win T 
25 Brereton Richard L 

27 Wardell Thomas J 
29 Knott John A 

31 Nlcholls Bruce F 

33 Holland Frederick M 

:;.". While Aubrey 

:;7 Vacant 

61 Swabey Charles 

C3 DuRRan Edmund H 

81 Brough Theodore G 

West Side 

House, s e 

12 Simpson Ernest A 

14 Collins Joshua W, lumber 

16 Torrance Mrs Baty M 

28 Hall Thomas H 

40 Jones Col Charles S 
Is McKinni ii .lulu i S 
50 O Hara Wm J 
52 r.yduell Humphrey 
58 Apted Win II 
60 Morrison Curran Mel 
02 Robertson Rev James 
04 Bayley Wm B 
(Hi Bally William 
72 Vacant 

74 Woodbridiro Wm T 
7il Moore Frank A 

AFTON AV. w from 210 LIs- 
gar to Northcote av, ward 6. 

North Side 

2 Scully Thomas S 
4 Jones J Wesley 
Vacant lots 

Hunt Bros, l.tchrs and 

Muni A: 

1 1 111 it .T:i 

Phillips George 

+ Lisgar st recommences 
1C, Wylie RolHjrt A 
18 Cornelius Wm 
20 Wilcox George H 
22 Monaghan F P 
24 Terrell Wm 
26 Crosson Jacob 
28 Johnston Wm J 
30 Bridel Francis B 
32 Fisher John L 
34 Milne Wm G 
36 Saunders George A 
38 Martin Thomas 
lo Whittle Hiram G 
41 Curran Edward 
44 Ferrier Robert C 
4(i Harris Frederick W 
ts Edgar John G 
50 Jessop Walter G 
52 MeDonald Mrs H A, 

ladies wear 

Beaconsfleld av intersects 
56 White Charles I 
58 Nye Wm 

Private grounds 
68 Taylor Neil 
70 West wood Samuel S 
72 Stephens Robert, marriage 

74 Duck Wm R, dairy 

South. Side 

1 Witmer Amos M, gro 

3 Walker Wm T 

5 Bryant John W 

7 McKenzie Archibald 

9 Glover Adam M 
11 Pollard Richard F 
1" Hamilton Mrs Emily 
15 McCnrdy James 
17 Robertson Lewis 
19 Glllespie Wm 
21 Watson James A 
23 Nichol James 
25 Gllliam John H 
27 Swanton Wm J 
29 Harris John W 
31 Breen Robert 
Vacant lot 

+ Beaconsfleld av intersects 
Store, s e 

Mi Smith David W 

41 Fawcett John 

43 Rutherford Thomas 

45 Rutledge Robert 

47 Worth Thomas P 

49 Brodcriek Mrs Margaret 

:.l Seott Alexander C 

:.:: Uiley Thomas 

55 Scalley Mrs Catherine 

C.I Patterson John S, gro 

AGNES, w from 302 Yonge to 
University av, ward 3. 

North, Side 

2 Kerr Wm F 

Williamson Rebert E 

.s lilake Mrs Christina 
10 Dear George C 
10 /> Taylor John L 
12 Wadswortli Mrs S E 

Albert Hiram F 
12 .. j.ove David 
I 1 Holland John 
li; Fasl.y Thomas 

Ward Miss Susan, r 

Farmer Edward, r 
is Rutledge Charles J 
20 Adamson John G 
22 RiKKs A Dana H 
24 Nlcholls Herbert L 
2(i Mnlrhead James A 
28 Haire Mrs Annie 
30 Atkinson Roger H 
32 Palmer Richard 
:;l Ueiran Mrs Sarah 
36 Jacobs George A 
:;s Harris Wm II. o\p 
tn Harris Mrs Jane 
42 1 Brown Mrs Eliza E 
40 Atley Win 
4S Alley Mrs Mary A 
r,o Skillen 

Martin Mrs Eliza, r 
52 Brock James 

Mmris Theodore, r 
54 Culbert Mrs C 

Satterley John, r 

Phllltps Obadtnh. r 






Telephone M. 409 


I lltr IUI * Limited, 78 CHURCH ST. 

pense or delay attending these loans 

11 : 



s e 


* iy st Intersects 





Irs Annie 




- A. lucbr 

I gro 

! ilry 
n John 


M G hard 



id, btchr 

M.i. gro 
108 H 
110 1 

+ -ects 

122 Harrington ! 
I M Su.H shoemkr 

Rag tc Metal 

iir.l W 

132 Jeffers Wm J 
134 M i; J 

zlo. fruit :n : ..-<.ets 

138 : cro 

142 Mnmfnrd H- 

144 Oa . I .en 

Vm * 
156 - ; rt. coal 



< II. 1 iitr 

. musician 

Charle- r 


n Win 



r.lxabeth st Intersects 

. . 

hestnut it Intersects 

.- SI 

i l :. c . 

117 Jaeotw Carman 
ll .i I-! .itnon 

121 ! .Mel 

w n Harry 
12:. i: "nsh 


zo J 

AU:.\VY AV. n from Bloor 
w, first e of Batburst, ward 

Vacant lots 

i M 

Milu.-r Wn 
11 iincls O 

nil C II 

11 1 Will B 



we Arthur T 
:.7 White ,\ 

I Tick D 
I "aii.-i van John 

71 I .-lie,! bouse 

: II 

77 I .r. .li rlc-k Krank A 
7:i . . P J 

I .::ri i:i av intersects 

\Vi-Us -t Intersects 

. s e 


I>>1 I 


^ I CtS 

Vacant lots to end 

West Side 

II A|>i>- \Vm 

]ij rnn nNlii iI I 

1>> i. M 

-- H -iry 

J4 \> M 

I h.v 

41: .M..::n: 

.1 J 

r.A. PhD 
i K 

7r, Mason Krr.lerlek 
Harold B 

+ l .;irt":i nv Intersects 

1H4 F 

^ \v> ::- ~t intersects 

160 Forwood Thomas \V 

M I!, nurse 

ry 11 

17. K \ nrrlug G 

: K 

A C, 

Jolm J 
i:^ w.niiv. Annie 

:a.-k Win 

inn Harry 




^ I < -ectS 

:it lots to end 

:T. w from 21S Yunge 
to Chestnut, wan! 3. 
North Side 

ster, deotlst 


4k Albert lane commences 


i weekly) 


All the \\ hly) 

-. carctkr 
S A 

rlo Trovln- 
clai iers 


y A 

i.e. dremkr 

Tiirin-r Mrs Charlotte 
44 Ilnire John 
ker John 

1 anl 

."^4 Hi ilrew 

4> i intersects 


W^rk shop, r 

ell l- rank. r 
08 Trltchard John J 
70 I nrkcs Win 

rnrl;. bdg 

71i l i.]!:inl Henry 

7^ \\ llgon Mr~ Mary 

irery Co 

rs Mary E 
90 Gr 


ith Frederick J 


Dora, gro 


7-1S Store, s e 
r e 
4> James st intersects 

Court House, r e 
4> Teraulay st Intersects 


S3 Sai: rt E 

e James 

59 Crowe Martin 
Factory, s e 

izabeth st Intersects 
103 Hillock Frank, lumber 

AI.HKKT AV. n from t of 
Paton to city limits, first w 
of Lansdowne av. ward 8. 

31 Thompson Thomas 

Not built on 

ALBF.UT LANK, runs n from 
8 Albert to Alice, Srst w of 
Youge, ward 3. 

AI.KXANI KK e from 493 
Yonge to McMillan, ward S. 

North Side 

2 Store, s f 

4 Toronto Shorthand Insti 
tute I 

:iirch of Christ 
6-S Stables 
10 Drury It.. 
14 1 mllr 


20 Jackson Joseph 

s R 

1 M 


:rown John W 
nner A:fred E 

-topher H 
Private grounds 
44 MiJglev Mrs Mary A 

.ii r 

ninn Arthur M 
.vi K. i.l John 


"4 r- 

ey G 

58 Jury Alfred R. mus tchr 
Jury Mr^ A K mus tclir 


r L 
li J 

72 1 1 
4> C -itersccts 

all B 

c. ilrsmkr 
I linrles J 
O Alexander pi <-ommences 

I. K 

Alfred H 
rt J 

08 Ptew.inl Mrs Joanna C 
Private T 
tber Wm 

South Side 


7 Cronin John 
9 Mclirlen John 
11 Dnke Henry 

15 Thomas FraneU M 

17 Jn. k W. bldr 

19 frysler J II. pntr 

21 S 



For Pure ICE. Perfect Delivery 

Head Office, Tel. Main 86 

Limited 3 ESPLANADE ST. E. 



Toronto Branch, 26 WELLINGTON ST. EAST 








A Complete Stock of all Coed 
Kinds of 

No Extravagant Prices 

.-T. EATON c 

31-39 Tornto Church School 
41 King G A 

Munro Miss AEG, bdg 
43 Wood John, window 


Reid Miss Libble, nurse 
45 Conlan Bros, pntrs 
Conlan Robert J 
Conlan John H 
47 Passmore Miss Mary A 
49 Coleman Arthur, bldr 
51 Melbourne Robert 
53 Reid Esson 

Held Mrs II O, dressmkr 
55 Thornton Mrs Catherine, 


67 Plm George, acct 
59 Oliver Will T 
61 Slemmon John, bdg 
63 Regan James 
65 Home Mrs Louise 

House, s e 
Church st Intersects 

School, s e 
93 Edgar Mrs Mnry 
95 Elmes Mrs E A 
97 Jeffery Frank P 
99 Nord Mrs Sarah 
101 Jones Thomas R 
103 Lnndon Mrs E A 
105 Hadley Edward J 
107 StPiihouse Miss Jane 
109 Huggett Mrs M A 

ALEXANDER PL. n from 90 
Alexander, Ward 3. 

East Side 

House, s e 

1 Hozack Luke 

3 Mitchell Herbert 
West Side 

House, s e 
Rear entrances 

ALHAMBRA, n from Bou- 
stead av to Bloor w, first w 
of Dundas. ward 6. 
Not built on 


7 Lee av, ward 1. 
North Side 

2 James Edgar 

4 Vacant 

6 Abrahm Charles A 

8 Cassidy Mrs Mary 
10 Vacant 

South Side 

Bowling Green 

Lawn Tennis Grounds 

ALICE, w from 2SO Yongo to 
Teraulay, ward 3. 

North Side 

Hotel, s e 
6 Avery Thomas, blksmlth 

Hannon Mrs Mnry, r 
8 HuKKins J W, exp 
10 Toyne George 
12 Ramage Process Co Ltd, 


14 Graham James 
16 Leavens Hiram H 
18 Avery Thomas 

Davis Mrs Sarah D, r 
20 Bule John 

Bule Mrs M A, bdg 
22 Dumond Albert 
22V4 Anderson J D, mus tchr 
Anderson W J, mus tchr 

24 Norton Lester N 

26 Jackson Edward H 

28 Scott Mrs Jane G 
80 Bing Edward 

32 Ramsey John 

34 Burton Neil McD 
36 Farley Wm J 

38 Millard U M 

40 Erickson Mrs Elizabeth 
Sheridan Wm, r 

42 Forssell Carl A 
Ryan Mrs Sarah, r 

44 Finemark Israel 
Flngerhut Jacob, r 

46 Cantinen Hllta 

48 Strong John M 
Watson Frederick, r 

50 Tracy Jacob W 
Mack Edward, r 

52 Owen Arthur 

."i! Mclntosh Alexander 
Clute Mrs Elizabeth, r 

58 Jean Edward 
Ilaukin Mrs Fanny, r 

60 Johnson John 

Ames Mrs Charlotte, r 
Store, s 

South Side 

1 McGahey Robt J, dentist 
Drone Wm N 
Anderson David 
Homer Miss M, drsmkr 
Trlnear Miss Kate 
Kilby Mrs Sarah 
3 St John s Hall 
+ Albert lane ends 
.". 1 ugh Wm, dairy 
7 Ginu Frank H 
9 Holmes Leslie 
11 Millar Wm 
13 Cuthbert John 
15 Morgan & Staples, clotn- 

ing contrs 

Troman George, clo contr 
19 Crowley & Lockwood, 

21 Queen City Printing Ink 

23 Smith J Hungerford Co, 

mfg chemists 
23 Holloway Benjamin 

27 Smith Samuel E 

29 Hugill Joseph, violin mkr 
31 Hoefner Frederick 

33 Blackwcll Mrs M J 

35 Robertson John D 
37 Burkhart Wm J 

39 McKlllop Duncan 

41 Reynolds Henry 
43 Warren Garnet 

45 Malonev Martin J 

47 Gillies Mrs Mary 

49 Cullum Walter 

51 Christie Mrs Maria 

53 Leslie Mrs Susan 
55 Crew Mrs Ann 

57 Wilson Mrs Sanh 

59 Me.verhorrer Julius A 
Downey lane ends 

G7 Leslie Moses 

ALLEN AV, e from 268 
Broadview av to Holloa ay. 
ward 1. 

North Side 

Store, s e 
8 Dunn John, exp 
10 Scott Joseph 
12 Macdonald John A 

Vacant lots 
16 Scott Harvey 
18 Brines Robert 
20 Cairns Thomas W 
22 Phillips Wm H 
24 Fodcn David C 
26 Cassidy Frank J 
32 Robinson George, contr 
34 Robinson Charles G 
36 Rdliinson John 
38 Curtis David 
40 Ennis Wm 
42 Constable Charts U 
44 Good Joseph 
46 Ferry John 
48 Foster Arlington 
50 Prettie James 
52 Lewars Wm G 
54 Chapman Robert W 

54V4 Thompson David 

56 Simons Andrew F 

58 Cordingly Miss Rebecca 

60 Talbot Edward C 

62 Patterson Wm J 

64 Murray David G 

66 Powell George 

68 Chestnut Frederick C 
70 Le Cocy Nicholas J 

72 Constable Mrs Sarah 
Fire Hall, s e 

South Side 

Store, s e 

7 Reed Edward H 
!> Bedley Enianuel 

11 Kruse Wm 

13 Edwards Frederick 

15 Oakley James H 

17 Baxter Wm J 

19 Sims Albert 

21 Brodie John H 

23 Kingsmill Jesse 

25 Miller John S 
27 Bettering John 

31 Brooks James A 
33 Kelly Thomas J 
37 Lackey David 
:J Dale John W 

41 Law James 

43 Collett Charles R 

4r, White Wm 

47 Holden Mrs E A, nurse 

49 Hoffman Wm N 

51 Oakley Mrs Mary A 
53 Sehell Wm F 

Vacant lot 
63 Wales Mrs Agnes 
G5 Hawker Thomas W 

67 Smith John F 

69 Philcox James 

73 Anderson Wm 
77 McCabe John 
79 West Joseph 

81 Barrlball Alfred 
83 Devonshire Alfred J 

ALMA AV, w from 78 Glad 
stone av, to Dufferln, ward 


North Side 

2 Store, s e 

8 Johnson Thomas 

10 Russell John 

12 Trimble Charles E 

14 Winters Emery O 

16 Hicks Mrs A 

18 Radcy Michael J_ 

20 Gray Wm G 

22 Stevenson Robert 

24 Llllle James 

26 Muldoon James 
i^s Modeland J M 

50 Algate Wm C 

32 Gray Joseph 

South Side 

Store, s e 
7 Peacock Arthur H 

9 Hawkins Henry 

11 Henry George 

13 Bowen Price, pntr 

15 Sheppard W Frank 

17 White Robert S 

19 White Daniel 

21 Hall John T 

u:; Scott Alexander 

25 Dorau Robert 

27 Le Ber Thomas 
Giffard Miss M, drsmkr 

29 Thomas Frederick H 
31 Seddon Mrs F M. gro 
Seddon James H, coal 

ALPHA AV, w from Tiead of 

Sackville, ward 2. 
North Side 

2 Chlnn Meshack F 
4 Walker Wm J 

6 Elliott Wm 

8 Gitteno Arthur 
10 Thompson Mrs Margaret 
12 Couch Mrs Is.-ibella 
14 Maltman C W. i>ntr 
16 Chandler Albert E 
18 Chandler El 
South Side 

1 Dlppie John R 

3 Daniel Mrs Christina 

5 Fitzpatrick Wm 

7 Clark Thomas 

9 Carley Mrs Elizabeth 
11 Daniel Edwin 
13 Wilson James W 
15 Mannell Fredk B 
17 Patterson P S 

AMELIA, e from opp 662 
Parliament to Don River, 
ward 2. 

North Side 

Store, s e 

12 Hendley Thomas 
14 Mulrhead James 

16 Mulkins Wm H 

18 Monaghan John 
20 Milliac Wm B 
22 Long Albert E 

28 Emerson George B 
30 Smart Eli 

36 Tutt Frederick 

38 O Brien John J 

40 Vicars Edward J S 
42 Baker John I, dairy 
48 Roberts Mrs Susan 
DO Sears Jeremiah 

52 Mulrhead Daniel 
54 Daniel Arthur A 
56 Gravlln Raymond B 
58 Geliuas Henry 
02 Hedges Benjamin 
64 Hawtin George W 
66 Beaver Bros, plstrs 

Beaver Henry R 
68 Coker John T 
70 Cullen Henry 
72 Lepper Frederick H 

74 Rouse Israel G 
76 Dean Edward T 

Sackville st intersects 

75 Cranfleld E S, drugs 
80 King Rev Charles W 
82 Speirs Robert M 

84 L ikin Abraham 

SO Smith Henry W 

88 Ross Robert D 

90 Morley Harry B 

92 Harrison & Lewis, contr* 

94 Dawson Charles B 

96 MacLean Allan 

Private grounds 
100 Blagdou Alfred B 
102 Mitchell Mrs Maria 
104 Dowdell George C 
106 Gibson John 
108 McPherson Allan 
110 Ashenhurst Alexander 
112 Fortner C H C 
114 Goss Ueiiry A 
116 Bilby Wiu 
120 Caldwell John, coal 
124 Mncklln John 
126 Elfonl Wm H 
128 Weeks James 
130 Knowlton Joseph 
132 Gorrie James 
134 Beck Thomas W 
13G Green Joseph 
138 Mertens Frank W 
342 Scott Francis G 

144 Baker Albert E 
146 Benson Henry T 
148 Brown Mrs Catherine 
152 Dudley W Howard 
+ Sumach st intersects 

Vacant lots 

154 Hyland Michael F, pntr 
156 Rea Wm J 
158 Wright Thomas 
160 Lewis Samuel M 
162 Fleming Mrs Isabel 

South Side 

Wood yard, s e 
9 Trimble Richard E 
11 Corrigan Richard 

13 Aymong Hock A 
ir, Hiiintsuii Albert 

17 Post Norman T 

19 Chandler Frederick C 
House, s e 

+ Metcalfe st ends 

House, s e 
35 Mertens Wm J 

37 Lee Alfred H 

39 Thomas Philip J 

41 1 ape .lames J 
43 Tate Thomas 







Head Office, 

King St. E. 








. 1 


* - Intersect* 

ir John 

89 Isaac Lewis J. pby 

91 Ibbots< 


MI . F 

llapkln Henry J 

in C 

llam-s Carml A 
Campbell George F 
John F 

_ Thomas 
John J 
Cheyne Win 
Anderson John 

Miss Cora 
aid John 


M^- M, gro 






Clark John 

!,n K 
. George 

h st inte.-seus 

. jiinJ.-. 

r r r rr.Afi:. e from 

Sberboarne n. flrsc t of 
Maple av, w- 

North . id* 

Not bui;-. 

South >.!.. 

-ovel Koger D 
:. iKuJ.Tson James 

w from opp 113 

University av to McCaul, 

ward 4. 
North Side 

2 Hargreaves John 

4 Green Wm S 

6 Stokes Mrs Sarah 

8 Cummlugs Mrs Catherine 
10 Kournler Cagetan 
Office, e 

Slrncoe st Intersect* 
Toronto B & M Co, e 
Lumber yard 

28 Gourley Arthur L, wood 


William st Intersect! 
House, * e 

40 S:mderson Wm W 
Llnton Mrs Mary E 

42 Quinlau Mrs Mary A 
44 Keade Thomas 

: v Thomas 
4- Dlnwoodle John 

Frank B 

52 White Frederick 
Store, e 

South Side 

8 Black Mrs Margaret B 
House, a e 

simcoe st Intersects 
House, s e 

21 I.iiiL" Mr- Almlra 
Miss Julia 
irady James 
27 Boomer Robert C 

29 Fogler Morris. Jwlr 

8 e 

\v;::;:im st Intersects 
Store, s 

39 Bnowden Rev Win H 

41 Kenny W:n 

-.or S 

51 M 

53 GlfTY.n: 

55 ToMn C James 

59 Dauson Isaac 

ANMC. .. from 431 Yonge to 
Mutual, ward 3. 

North Side 

.mud J T 

; Church, r 

.111:1. bdg 
in P 

44 r . . :y Mrs Barbara 
,011 James A 
Mrs Jane 

: J 



-iiapter Frank 
74 I; ...I,-!. 

:;iv.iu Patrick, cabs 

. B e 

< burch st Intersects 
House, s e 

viilri-w J 

100 Bruen Mrs Margaret 

1M Crtiickshank Alex R 

.tcher Wm J 

-s J K, dr- 

ivart Wm 
112 Grant Jobn B 
114 MM!., ton John 
ll i Wade Frank 

120 Martin Alexander 

South Side 

Store, > e 
1 Parkes Alfred 
3 Buckingham & Boyle, reg 
istry office 
Buckingham Ml** F 

Miss C M 
5 Wilson W.illace 

:ves K C 

.ilrhea.l Mrs H A 
11 Good Harry J P 
13 Marks Ira 
1." w<:i-.. :i 1 . rdlnand C 


29 Partridge Wm Q. pntr 
4J Wh ;1 ;.-n Julia Mrs 
1J .r:mt John 

i i,:inNh.,i houses (8) 
- n James 


bens Mrs Lucy 
n Isaiah 


:or John 
!:inn Sylvester 
71 Yakes Abraham 

TV Mr- Jane 
7- \\ ei>ster \ . 
77 Iioyle Bernard J 
79 Stark John 
81 Ross Alt-x (1 

Church Bt Intersects 


95 Dadson Mark 
97 Cox John H 

: F 

ile Adam 
103 Trott Albert J 

109 Gllpln Richard 

na B 

115 i Hannah 

I. A 
i,. Samuel 

w from 194 Shaw 
tn Gladstone av, wards 5 
and 8. 

2 Mi-lutush Wm D 
v Thomas 

8 Armstrong Cbarles 8 
Frank L 

11 M 1. wain Samuel C 

22 Trowern Peter T 
- 1 etcrman Alfred B 
28 Clark Jobn 

Livens st Intersect* 

Win W 

38 Baldwin Alex H 
38 Bell Andrew R 
40 Steen Samuel 

rk J 

tal A 

48 Carroll Jobn A 
50 Bacon Benjamin 
52 Grant Jobn G 

56 Store, s e 

+ li . i - - intersect* 
s e 

.an J 

82 WadJell George D 
64 Smith Henry 
66 Burrougbes James H 
68 Glllllan George 
I.yne Geort- 

thby Mrs Fallen 
74 Taylor Wm W 
7.; Watts Charles B 
re Dobbin Frederick C 
80 Msndersoo Alexander A 
82 Ryves Thomas G 
lyrne Bernard 
88 Memory Miss A M 

,ry T A. mus tchr 
90 Verral John H 
talth James A 
lly James 
rd Henry 
98 Courtenay K H 
100 Whlllans Jamee 

Whlllans & Co, contn 
l>; Lloyd Wm 
110 1 1 -Be 

112 Hell Joseph It 
114 Hayward Mrs Ella 
lit; Brown Charles 
118 Tew" Henry 
120 Barrett Arthur H 
122 Murray Charles W 
124 Hlbbert Jobn C 
mpster John Jr 

lr< Jane 
-evens George 
ndrli-h Mrs Harriet 

! I A. pntr 
I urner James 

* urt rd Intersects 
It.nptist Church 

^nk Mrs Ella A 
144 Robluson George 

148 Behan Jeremiah 

- in JuiD"S S 

Mrs Ann John W, dairy 

* LIsgar st Intersects 
158 Bell Henry C 

[. \, artist 
;:artholomew Lewis 
Rae Daniel R 


172 WH .son Robert 
176 Wilson Patrick T 

. s e 

Held nv Intersect* 

1S1 McQnlllen Edward J 

. Mrs Mnrearet 

M, drsmkr 
100 Pettet Joseph C 

nyth Albert I 

206-8 Diirle David, btchr 
Northcote av Intersect* 

. s o 

212 Vacant shop 
Store, e 

fuutu Side 

1 Clarke Cliarl. 
1% Wesley John E 

Ury A 
f Andrew 

11 Pollard Mrs France* 
13 Thompson Wm J 

Public school, e 

us st Intersect* 

s e 



Argyle pi ends 

.. McMurray 8 8, hosiery 

nth Day Advu tUt* 
43 Jordan Jobn 

In. M, nurse 

s e 

1 nindas st Intersect* 
Store, 8 e 

Mr- Margaret 
55 Taylor Henry, expreM 

rt J 

il Uanlel 
61 Stuart James 
63 Matson John B, bide 
65 Muckleston Mrs Annie 
67 Fisher Win 

ith Samuel 
71 Warner George B 

li H 

75 Soules Walter 
77 M -tl" 

77% Gibson Robert 
79 Walker Edward H 
79V4 Learmonth John F 
81 Johnston George 

,li>hn-t"ii Mrs A, drsmkr 

i J 
85 Whltely Richard 

S7 M. Maim- JohO 

rt J 

91 Walters Anna 
93 Nicholas Mrs Harriet 
95 Emmett Charles L 

nan John 
99 Gray Mrs Maria 
I i3 llarrinr 

.gers Wm 

117 L. vi Un :-|>lua, c- al 

Levl Judah 
121 Clifford 

stley Mrs M A 
irie Wm 

131 Heffer James E 
133 Louie Charles, Indry 
Glanelll L F 

W, r 
i;n Joseph, r 

Alfred, r 
Store, s e 
+ Dovercourt rd Intersect* 

House, s e 

147 Peters Christopher S 
149 Hill Frank I 

153 Scott John 
155 Brum John H 
1.77 Chapman Thomas E 
159 Hughston James 
101 Stlckells G T, express 

Llsgar st In ersects 
163 Orr Robert, gro 


\Veale Frederick W 
1H7 I .ruoki s George J 


171 Pnterson Daniel J M 
-tewart James, contr 

177 r inily 

F. J. SMITH * CO. 

Special Attention given to Man 
agement of Estates Prompt Return* 

16 & 18 Adelaide St. E. 

F. J. SMITH * CO. 






House, s e 
+ Beaconsfleld ay Intersect* 

House, s e 

179 Gllchrist John C 
181 Hayward W George 
183 Smith Wm 
185 Armstrong Win J 
187 Webb Henry, coal oil 

Webb Miss Minnie, drs- 


189 Balrd Mrs Josephine N 
191 Krann Henry, pntr 
193 Wheeler Robert 
195 Adams F W, gro 
197 McGarvIn J K, drugs 

Northoote o Intersects 
199 Titherlngton James, gro 
205 Murphy Joseph 

Store, s e 

ARGYLE PL. n from 24 Brnc 
to Argyle, ward 5. 

East Side 

Slaughter house 

31 Usborn Wm 

33 Mcllroy Samuel 
35 Mcllroy Wm 

37 Donaldson Wm 

Rear entrances 
West Side 

House, s e 

Rear entrances 

ARMORY, w from 69 Chestnut 
to University av, ward 3. 

North Side 

Store, s e 
2 Rosen Samuel 

4 Culbert Edgar E, dentist 
6 Lubelsky Morris 

8 Brody Joseph 
10 Bochnek Joseph 

House, s e 

^ Centre av commences 
House, s c 

32 Crouden Wm 

34 Gelber Leo 
30 House, s e 

South Side 

Armory, s e 

ARMOUR, n w from King w 
to Abell, first e of the sub 
way, wards 5 and 6. 

North Side 

Asylum grounds 

LIsgar st commences 
Lumber yard 

South Side 

Diamond Glass Co 

1182 IJulVrin to Emmerson 
av, 2 n of Bloor w. ward G 

North Side 

Store, s e 

46 Guest Francis 

64 Leeder R & Son, eontrg 
Leeder Robert 

82 Henry Robert 
108 Vale George W 
110 Moule R F, dairy 
South Side 

47 Robinson Henry R 
51 Butt George 

93 Henderson Robert 
103 Crlttenden Charles 
105 Titus Wm J 
107 Good Samuel F 

ARMY TERRACE, s from a 
lane, between 37 and .",9 
McMurrich, ward 3. 

East Side 

Not built on 

West Side ._,_. 

1 Hurst Samuel 

2 Armstrong Robert U 

5 Copping Mrs Mary 

4 GIroux Louis 

5 Summers Henry 

ARNOLD AV, n from 54 
Sydenham to WlHou av, 
ward 2. 

Eas* Side 

House, s 

Regent av commences 
House, s e 

Vacant lots 

St David st Intersects 
House, s e 

Vacant lots 
49 Priestly Wm 

51 Ritchie Arthur 
House, s e 

West Side 

House, s e 

2 Williams Mrs Amelia 
4 West Wm 
HighSeld Mrs Mary A 

Vacant lots 
28 Boddy James W 
30 Ford George 
32 Beamish Mrs Mirj 
House, s e 

St David st Intersects 
House, s e 

40 Mulr Frederick B 
42 Lee Geo T B 
44 Mulr Mrs Elizabeth 
40 Johnston David E 
48 Spronle George F 
nil M:irks Mrs Eliza 

52 Smith Wm 

54 Stubbs Samuel 
58 Stevenson David 
58 Pellow John 
GO Swain Wm E 
62 Dlckson George 

Vacant lots 

House, s e 

ARTHUR. w from opo S41 
Bathurst to, ward 

........ ivorth side ........ 

Store, s e 

Lappage George 

8 Lyall Henry S 
30 Kennedy James 
12 Pnrrliigton Wm 
14 Kidd Henry 
10 McGinn Francis 
18 Mausell J G. btchr 

+ Markham st intersects 
2o Irwin James, gro 
22 Mitchell Michael, fruit 
24 Clark David, plmbr 
28 Richardson S J 
30 Jackson Wm 
32 Dalton Win. bldr 

34 Cole Entield 

36 Baillie Campbell 

35 Anderson Wm 
Anderson V J E, mus 


40 Lee John P 
42 Boddy Wm A 
44 Dolen Edward, plstr 
4(1 Ferguson James 
48 Hymns Stephen 

Palmerston av intersects 
50 Luttivll Mrs Esther, gro 

Lnttrell Miss E M, mus 


52 A.lamson s store rm 
54 Whittem Wm 
58 Gardiner ( has E. fruits 
02 Bennet Mrs A, dry gds 
G4 Mansell Richard, contr 
c.Ci-S Elliot Frederick, confy 
72 Adamson Mrs Elizabeth 

Euclid av Intersects 

74 Rarron Henry, wines 
76 Sutton Richard 

75 Brown Milton W 
80 Warnhain James E 
v_> Vandermark Charles 
84 Johnston Wm 

86 Cool; Wm II 
88 Pendrlth John H 
!ii) Corner Frederick C 
92 Rlley Wm B 
D4 Kimpell George 
98 Johnston F & Co, coal 
+ Manning av intersects 

Store, s e 
loo Hanftlton R G & Son, 


102 Topping Mrs E, gro 
Topping Nicholas 
Store, s o 

Claremont st intersects 

104 McDonald Mrs M J 
110 Sharpe Wm J 
112 MahatTy Wm 
118 Boddy Mrs M, gro 

Store, s e 

^ Bellwoods av Intersects 
120 Callamlcr Cbas 10, gro 
122 Peerless D T, tlr 
124 Williams Tom B 
126 Baynton Austin 
128 Mudford Henry 
130 Payne Wm 
132 Brown Percy E 

St Francis R C C, un- 

Grace st commences 

154 McClelland W J, cattl* 
150 Flynn Daniel 

155 White John 
Vacant lots 

^ Beatrice av commence! 
174 Hay John B 
176 McDonald John A 

Vacant lot 
180 Kennedy George M 

Vacant lots 
186 Riddle Win 
isv Golden Henry J 
190 De Nure Win, gro 

Rix Frank 

Rix Miss Eliza, drsmkr 
+ Moutrose av commences 

Vacant lots 
^ Crawford st Intersects 

Vacant lots 
^ Shaw st intersects 

Vacant lots 
260 Pope George 

French Frederick J, Jr 
202 Mackliu Mrs Sarah A 
204 Dickson Wm W 
266 Banwfll Mrs J W 
268 Andrews Alfred E 
270 Riches Wm H 
272 Tripp Mrs M A 

Glvens st intersects 
Private grounds 

296 Hodgson Robert, blksmlth 

Vacant lots 
300 Hud^.M ii s rarp shop 

South Side 

House, s e 

1 Noxon A, phy and drugs 
5 Gerow John C. marble 
7 Goodwin Mrs Jane 
9 Johnson Chas, shoemkr 
15 McConuell John, gro 
McConnell A E, drsmkr 
Store, s e 

+ Markham st intersects 
21 Ross John H, gro 
23 Davenport David, barber 
2.. Western Walter, flour 
27 Can;]. I, I ll Alfred A 

Woi.dall A G W, pntr 
::l West i m Walter, livery 
33 Hall Thomas 
35 Larosc Arthur, tlr 
l .7 Kol.iTtsoii George, dairy 

Robertson Mrs Sarah, gro 
39 Anderson Mrs Annie 
41 Ross Miss V R, eonfy 
43 Summers David H 
45 Spence Wm, shoernkr 
45". o Mitchell Charles 
47 Friendly II. sec hd gds 
49 Reid Mrs Elizabeth 
55 Robb Wm, bldr 

Palmerston av Intersects 
Store, s e 

53 Side entrance 

57 Drohan Mrs Mary C 

5ii Alton J G, gro 

59% Cohen A, sec hd gds 

(11 Algar Wm. barber 

63 Gardiner David 

65 Hurling C E. pictures 

(in Stepheiison George 

71 Boyd George 

Store, s e 

^Euclid av intersects 
73 Petrie Thomas 
79 Song Kee, Indry 
81 Stewart Henry 
83 Howie John 
831/2 Howie Wm, fancy gds 
85 Stewart Mrs L, nurse 
87 Cockburn Alex, gro 
Si) Cat heart Mrs Sarah 
91 Abbey James H 

Parfet Mrs A J, mus tchr 

93 Culp Byron, gro 

^ Manning av intersects 

1)5 McFadden John C 

McFadden Mrs E E, gro 

95Mi Walsh Wm, shoemkr 

97 Clarke John W. barber 

^ Claremont st intersects 
113 Burditt George 
115 Pickering Oliphant 
Unfinished houses (4) 

+ Bellwoods av intersects 
12. ! Coulter Crozier, coal 

+ Gorevale ends 
143 Walton J, dairy 
145 Brown Nicholas 
147 Seattle Wm 
151 Hartley Rev Frank H 
153 Lawrence Wm 
155 Langfield Fred 
157 Clarry Mrs Jane 
159 Hollis Mrs Sarah J 
101 Willmott C Ross 
167 Lawrence James 
169 Peunock Willis, pntr 
171 Kennedy Rev James B 
173 Coulter Samuel A 
IV! Smith John C 
IK.. Watson Henry 
187 Coyne John M 

Crawford st intersects 
Bellwoods Park 

^ Shaw st intersects 
L ."<5 K\ving Itichard 
Abbott Robert, r 
Ball James, r 
259 Henderson James 
259% I .ell Mrs Ann J 
2fil Buckle Thos s 
279 Tarling Charles 
281 Hurd Albert J 
283 Wells Albert, bldr 
2s5 Thornton Robert 
2S7 Butler John S 
289 Goddard John A, cartage 

ASHBY PL, n from 498 King 
e, ward 1. 

East Side 

Store, s e 

1 Petit Adolphe 

2 Cairns Charles 

3 Cairns Luther 

4 Brooks George 

5 Collins Matthew E 

6 Poole Mrs Mary A 

7 Adams James S 

8 Hughes Wm, shoemkr 
:i Wilkie John R 

10 Webb Wm 
31 Guy Charles 
12 Roden Joseph L 

West Side 

Private grounds 

ASHPORT AV, .11 from near 
1400 Queen e, ward 1. 

East Side 

Not built on 

West Side 

Meth Church, s e 
10 Capps Frederick D 

Capps F D. tallow factory 

ATKIN AV. w from rear of 
154 Sheridan av to Brock 
av, ward 6. 

North Side 

10 McLaren Arnold R 
ti* Nash James 

14 Scott Donald 

16 Leslie; Mrs Martha 

18 Bates James 
20 Buyers John A 
22 Remnant George 
24 Culleu Jamies L 

South Side 

1 Trebell John 
3 Burns Mary J 
5 Todd Francis W 
7 Gallagher Wm J 
!> McNelce Robert 

11 Corrlgau Wm 
13 Heffron Wm 

15 Bailey Alfred A 

17 Whale Thomas 

19 Cook Wm C 


Toronto Office, 49 Wellington St. 

London, Eng. 
Tel. Main 251 

GEO. R. HARGRAFT, Cen l Agent 

Residence Tel. North 124 

T. C. BLOGG, City Agent 

Residence Tel. North 154 

W. F. DEVER & CO. 


Stock and Bond Brokers 

Established 189O Telephone 43O3 Main 

21 rook John 

Henry J 

< e 

ATLANTIC AV. n from O ^ 
R tracks to King w. nnt w 
of Subway, wards 5 and 8. 


34 , i ilnt Co 

Duncan James 
Factory, s e 
Liberty sr Intersects 
00 St David s \Vlne Growers 
Co, wines 
.rke John 
Factory, s e 

AUDLF.Y AV, e from 218 
Pape av. ward 1. 

North Side 

House, * e 
24 House Samuel J 

rocker Mrs Melora 

South Side 

House, s e 

:rl.-k to College, ward 

v A M. ilrugs 
m Albert 
5 Hall , 

^ Julia W 
| J 

II Craig Joseph 

13 Boomer Joseph B 
lo Chapman Ji -<>J>h \V 

Oke James U. r 
IT I !>ert 

Rodger John, r 

.u E 

A m J 

euway Frederick W 
27 Cowley John 
29 Black Alexander 
33 Havilaud Samuel 
35 Grant Thomas S 
A Meade 

. M 

41 Walker Albert J 
43 Davis Charles 

Arthur P 
47 Andrews Frank B 

49 Bunker George 

torn Charles A 
S3 Jackson Wm S 


67 Dodne Oscar F 

50 Lynch Wm 

61 Davidson Mrs Margaret 
65 Mundy Henry 

ank Wm 


71 M. PI..TSOD James 
k D 
75 r."tt"tn;ey S J. blilr 

70 Lukeman James M 

81 Gadsby Wm R 

81V4 M.-Kagoe A 1 , COJ 

Baldwin st ends 
83 Brennand Georgs 
85 Robinson Robert T 

\V m 

80 Ilolllnger Jo 
91 Sherman Thomas 
93 Clarke Mrs Annie M 

James J 

101 dimming John 
103 Robinson John, gro 

Nu >-.!:; -i intersect! 
105 Sneatb Fred S, gro 

109 Blair Frank J 

III Ki-kewlch (Jf.rge B 

r Mrs C, nnrse 
113 I 

11. "i " ;otte 

117 M .wat .T 

119 Hicks Wm 

121 - -ara 

123 Wlllougliby Charles 

125-7 Dent Mrs Bessie I, gro 




niomiis 11 
man Charles L 
\ -beson Jame* 

147 Brow; 

14U Prescott Mrs Elizabeth 

151 French Hush 


rd Ji-hn 
l. .T Dall.x 

IfiO Conl.-y James W 
161 Rarnum James F 

Coal office. * e 
......... Went Side ........ 

House, e 
14 .-vki-s James 
ir, ! aarles A 


u J 

. s e 

r.. pi commences 

ilson i] 
use, s e 

50 Flegehen Charles H 
Parsons Jabei. dairy, r 
Bracewell A A, r 
rter George A 

58 Ablltt Geor. 


- ic 

71; w.-i.i. w lli-nry 
78 Moore Eugene 
80 Clark V 


84 McKee Alexanaer 
88 Vacant store 


+ Nassau <t Intersects 
I . D. drugs 

.>4 M 

an Abraham 
:tl Ccsare 

k R 

derlck 3 
r.>s, bkrs 
:>t J 

Iward T 
110 Forsyth John K 

House, s e 
nford st Intersects 

, s e 

La Barre Wm F 
Molr James 

I, Dnrcy 
Forbes James, r 
Lour Edgar L. 
Laur Wm B. com mer 

in John H 

ll J 


rshall John R, bldr 

ilce Wm 
Dallas Mrs Hannah 

a Charles 
Store, s e 

1 IN AV. e from 305 Pape 
av to Jones av, ward 1. 
........ North Side ........ 

2 Gray Walter, gro 

4 Pettit John E 

6 Overlade Christian S 

5 Booth Albert 


12 Crawford Walter L 
14 Taggart Thomas R 
mmonds Alfred 

24 Strugnell James H 

ivldson Walter 
32 Green Alfred 




Baker Edward R 
Durston Robert 
Howell Wiu 

::nls Wm 
James J Howell 
Smith Edward 
Peake Oliver 

South Side 

Store, f 

1 Mrs Caroline 
_* George 


.r W 

.rd J 


, >ra 
Saunders Wm H 

,111 11 H 
Smart Thomat 
Irvine Wm 

IT., w from 104 
i.-lton :iv to Avenue rd, 
North Side 

House, s c 

10 Harrlntfti n Elli:i 
12 Atin-y char 

14 ciliM is Luks H 
I l K. rr J 

neysett Jamei S 

iw James 

24 Clarke Robert 
House, B e 

South SMe 

1 Harwoo.l Harry S 

11 Whlilug Rev Richard, 

B A 

rnul i Meth Ch, 

WliNfi: RH. n from 170 
Bloor w to city limits, 
wards 3 and 4. 

. East Side . . - 
Church, s 
!.- Robertson Wm J 
17 Bell Andrew J 

a cant 
^ Cumberland st ends 

25 Clark Peter M 

31 Thomas Cnas H 
33 Hubbard A 1 
35 Durie Mrs Anna 
37 P" >rd W 

Yorkvllle av ends 

3y Kemp Herbert G, pby 

41 Husband Cameron 

43 McDermid Donald, contr 

4.1 Ban Id Ebenezer H 

47 1 rt E 

53 Adams Mercer J 

57 DufTett Frederick B 

59 Campbell Rev Alex 

C3 Cartwright John R 

67 Anderson Walter N 

a Edward R C 
77 Badgli-v .;vlne 

79 Cook Harry G 
81 Don Rev John 
Keys David R 
89 Burwash Rev John 
97 Wood Hon Samuel C 

103 Armour E Douglas 

107 Rogers Samuel 

111 Spiuk John Ij 

115 McLennan Roderick 
aul s Meth Ch 

Avenue \>l ends 

.mom! H 
T Harry, pby 
. Wm B 

Thompson J Henry 
141 Ritchie Charles H 

Canada Lawn Tennis and 

Bowling Club 
171 i Wm Co, Ltd, 

173 Leggott S R. htcnr 
+ Davenport rd Intersects 
Store, s e 

I J 
177 1 H 

G, bldr 

., r 

1*7 \\ ii-l N 

l" i 1! Ulllu 

I .U Median 1 raucla 

Piars av Intersects 


107 Thomson G> 
199 Towler Charles 

M. mfrs 

Koxborough <t w end* 
-17 Rae John, carp 

1 lnsmore Robert S 

Macpherson av w ends 

. t e 

Marltiorough av ends 
>C P K crossing 

s II. cattle dlr 
ngham st end* 

Macilonalil Mrs Annie B 
Macdonald A A 


Private grounds 
2- M W A 

Prince Arthur av com 
tchel Thos A 
:ai rs Francis 
34 Smellle Robert S 
36 Maull Mrs H L 
38 Somers James W 
40 Trick John 

Currelley John 
4fl Bull Wm Perkins 
50 Rose Daulel 

Danlfl A. [>uy 
52 Needier George H 
.klu George F 
50 Rice Thomas G 

lacdongall Mrs E A 
+ Lowtber av commences 
6U Torrance Wm P 
iwai Joseph F 
arke Wm A 

.rje Thomas H 

Francis J 
78 Alkens John R 
80 Dobson Charles A 
^ KlglD av commences 


84 Strange Mrs Elizabeth 
rs Emma W 


4 Petrle Gordon M. drugs 

Boswell av commences 
OS Broughall George 

98 Dnnbar Ferguson J 
100 Darling Frank 
1"2 !: luanna M 

h F 

rk Lev! J 
iliony R J 
10S Allan A Graham 

Trauby av commences 
11U Alexander Wm J 

111! Williams Richard S ]r 
114 Robinson Henry 
ll i Smith John M 

1 H 
llii Buckley Maurice J 

- irah J 



Losses Paid Since Organization over $21,OOO,OOO.OO 

Fire and 





Avenue IM. 

+ Bernard av commences 
126 Kerr Mrs Elizabeth 
128 Henderson Dugald A 
130 Tonkin Charles H 
138 Home for Incurable Child 

140 Lyman Mrs Helen 
142 Macintosh John A 
144 Armstrong Robert 
146 Robinson Charles, gro 

Davenport rd Intersects 
148 Ellis VVm A, drugs 
150 Conley Edward 

152 Bayly Mrs C B 
154 Best Wm H 

156 Brediu Wm 

158 Bredlh Mark 
160-64 Bredin Bread Co Ltd, 

: Pears av Intersects 
Chicora av commences 
Gillespie Rev John 

Church of the Messiah 
^ Dupont st commences 
244 Peake Louis C 
246 Rcikie Mrs Marion C 
24* shepherd James L 
254 Stoddart James 
256 Munger Wm A 
258 Little F H, gro 

C P R crossing 

+ Macpherson av w Intercts 
260 Kllpatrlck Robert J 
262 Kormann Francis X 
264 Trimble Richard H 
260 Boys Thomas R 
268 Hunter Henry 
270 Chamberlain Saltern G 
272 Wiley Mrs Susan 
274 Sargant Thomas 
276 Macklem Herbert G 
278 McCaul Rev James 
280 Guthrie James 
282 Hunter Charles H 
284 Lamport Wm A 
286 Noble Thomas H 

McMaster av commences 
298 Henderson. John M 

300 Gillespie Albert C 
302 Pangman Mrs O F 
308 Steele Wm H 

^ Cottliigham st Intersects 
310 Rivet t Richard L 
312 Simpson Charles O 
314 Patterson Thomas 
316 Morphy George 

Rathnally cres commences 
350 Mackenzie Wm 

+ Edmund av commences 
Edwards Charles H 
Stephens Walter G 

Clarendon av commences 
Ellis Richard Y 
Saunders Dyee W 

+ Balmoral av commences 
Webb T Frederick 
Henderson James B 

AVONDALE AV, n from Park 
rd to Rosedale rd, ward 2. 
Not built on 

AVONDALE PL. s from 63 

Torkvllle av, ward 3. 
......... East Side ......... 

s e 
......... West Side ......... 

House, s e 
2 Pogue John J 
4 Bennett Mrs Jessie 
6 Johnson Mrs Henrietta 
8 Godding Charles 
10 Tyudall Reuben 
12 King Mrs M E. mus tchr 

Page Mrs Sarah, nurse 
14 Spencer Wm 
16 French James 

BADEN (formerly Osslngtou 
place), w from 20 Ossington 
av to Lakeviow av, ward 5. 

North Side . 

House, s e 
6 Armstrong Simon 
8 Barnett Thomas 

10 Mundy Mrs Catherine 

12 Newton Alfred G 

14 Jeffs Wm 

16 Turner Edward 
18 Newbigging A C 
20 Grealis Wm J 
22 Rutherford Wm 
24 Wilson Stewart 

South Side 

House, s e 
7 Chenery VVm 
9 Newsom Louis 

11 Houston James W 

13 Henderson W S T 

15 Haskett Mrs Ella C, mus 


BADGEROW AV, e from 263 

Pape av, ward 1. 
North Side 

Store, s e 
2 Blain Peter 
4 Heakes Samuel R 

12 Maloney James, contr 
Vacant lots 

30 Holland P, cattle dlr 

32 Wilson George 

34 Buck John 

40 Kiley Joseph A 

42 Kishoprick Charles 

44 Williamson Alexander 

46 Swauston Robert 

48 Walkey Wm E 

50 Best Wm 

South Side 

Not built on 

BAIN AV, runs e from Broad 
view av to Pape av, first n 
of Wlthrow av, ward 1. 

North Side 

Vacant lots 

: Winchester drive com 
Lcgan av Intersects 
10 Bryan James T 
192 Maiier Patrick J 
210 Bullock Albert E 
212 Henderson Wm 
214 Klllmaster Robert 
216 Swanson Charles 

> Carlaw av Intersects 

Unfinished house 
& Jefferies Edward 
25O ".VUson Wm 
-V,n caskie Allan 
264 Caskie John, exp 

South Side 

Vacant lots 

* Logan av intersects 
203 Clarke Wm 

+ Carlaw av intersects 
231 Harris Wm T 
233 Hornell David 
235 Summers George 
237 Marshall Frederick 
239 Stewart Miss Annie 
241 Limpert Francis 
259 Sturdy George 
261 Allinson Mrs Minnie 
263 Beech George 
House, s e 

BAIRD AV (formerly Fen- 
nings), e from Jones av to 
Leslie, first s of Danforth 
av, ward 1. 
Not built on 

BALDWIN, w from 182 Mc 
Caul to Augusta av, vard 4. 
North Side 

2 Mr-Loan A: Van Loon, gro 

4 Mitchell Mrs i^anny M 

6 Stark Wm 

8 Downing Mrs M J 
10 Ferriman Mrs Elizabeth 
12 Butchart Walter A 
14 McGovern .lohn J 
1C, Moore Robert 
18 Tompkins Horace E 
20 Rlddell Robert W 
22 Mather Miss Agnes 
24 Ross David 
26 Copp Mrs Annie 

^ Henry st commences 

28 Sullivan Miss A 
30 Hoops Joseph, bldr 
34 Geddes Mrs Martha 

Geddes Miss J A, uurse 
36 Carney Miss Helen 
38 Milligan Miss Bessie 

House, s e 
^ Beverley st intersects 

House, s e 
70 Schadel Charles 
72 Cadow Algernon S 
74 Johnson Thomas B 
76 Carson Henry P 
78 Stewart Wm W 
80 Carey Patrick F 
82 Lovcys George C 
84 Duthie George 
86 Domelle Jafnes H 
88 Templeman John 
90 Bassett Mrs Amy 
92 Swallow John T 
! 4 -Marsh Lewis 
96 Campbell Wm B 
98 Baker Richard A 
100 Taylor Arthur 

Huron st Intersects 
House, s e 

102 Graham .Wm J 
104 Allely Miss Sarah 
106 Morell Mrs Georglna 
IDS Wilson Mrs Minnie 
110 Scully Mrs Annie 
112 Palmer Mrs Annie 
114 Mimms Joseph 
116 Strathdee Mrs Elizabeth 

Booth Mrs Jane, r 

Purser Fred, r 
118 Trindar Charles 

Corbett Mrs G, r 
120 McDonnell Thomas C 
122 Clarke Mrs Jane 
124 Bridgrnan Mrs Ella 
126 Shaw James 
128 Campbell Robert W 

Clingan Mrs Mary A 
130 McCall Harry 

House, s e 

Spadlna av intersects 
Store, s e 

144 Sanford Thomas 
146 Addle James 
148 Duke Johu W 
l.-.o Taylor A: Nrshltt, plstrs 

Taylor Henry W 
ir.2 Molntyre Wm J 
154 New Stephen 
.150 Allen Robert 
1.-.S Irwiu Wm II 
KiO Low Charles 
1(;2 Jewell John V 
164 Cox Arthur E 
166 Worth John W 
168 Magill George 
17i) Hate Walter 
172 Tushingham J, bldr 

Private grounds 
176 Arnold Jacob 
178 Shanary Mrs Mary 
ISO Nolan James 
182 Eageu Wm T 
184 Davis Mrs Hannah 
isc; McKillcip .lohn 
is.s Classfonl Richard 
1!>0 Logassicke Benjamin J 
102 Clark John 
194 Armstrong Wm jr 
196 Hughes Henry E 
198 Carmody Michael 

House, a e 

South Side 

1 Mumford J & Son, btchrs 

3 Cosgrave Michael 

5 Goodson David 

9 Heath Robert 
11 Parr Miss Jane 

13 Fielding .1 Edgar 
15 Glover Wm 
17 Milligan Robert J 
I .i Dot-man Nicholas 
21 Brlmer F J 
23 Force Edwin 
25 Geary Wm H 
27 Little Wm H 
2 .) McCullagh Mrs Annie 
31 Plddlngton Samuel 
:::; Pniinck ,v Cook, grocers 
Pollock John A 
Cook -Mrs Helen 
:\r, Miller Mrs Mary A 
37 Cross Win II 

39 Archer Mrs Emma 
41 Kinsey Charles F 
43 McGookln, James 
45 Harris Alexander 
4 1 Hopkins Harry U 
49 Quigley Joseph 
51 McClelland Harper 
May Richard R, r 
Watson Charles, r 
Lindsay Mrs Elizabeth, r 
Buckle Joseph, r 
65 Walsh Frank J 
67 Burton Albert 

House, s e 

+ Beverley st intersects 
73 Cayley Frank 
77 Bennett Archibald M 
79 Beckwitb Mrs Elizabeth 
81 Hamniill James H 
83 Winsor Henry 
85 Woodley Wm 
87 Reynolds Mrs Eliza 
89 Jackson Mrs Alice 
91 Ferguson Hugh 
93 Radcliffe James H 
95 Dixon Frederick 
it" Jones Henry 
99 Spink Mrs A, drsmkr 
101 RlcGregor John H 
103 Kirby John B 
liio Spottou Mrs Louisa 
107 Halllgau John C 

^ Huron st Intersects 
liiii His.-ock Edward H, gro 
111 Huffman Miss E, drsmkr 

Brown Nathaniel 
115 Walsh Michael, plstr 
119 Jamleson Robert 
121 Gibson Wm 
123 Ireland Mrs Lydia 
125 Emery Frederick R 
127 Mimms George 
]29 McCleary Wm J 
131 Summers Robert 
133 Semple Robert W 
135 Foster Mrs Ellen 
137 1 ssher Charles 
141 Allen Thomas, uphol 
143 Brewer John 
+ Spadlna av intersects 

Store, s e 
Ml furry John 
149 Cornish Wm J 
ir,l Fyfe Mrs Mary J 
1.">3 Eastman George 
I.Vi Miller (ienrge 
157 Taylor Colin 
159 Clarridge John 
161 Corker Miss M E, drs 
163 Smith James 

Cornell Gideon, r 
165 Easton A A 

Handy Percy, r 
167 Jex Harry P 
169 Parker Henry 
171 Howry iTtchard B 
173 Tobias Irwin A 

Clauss Henrle Cutlery Co 
175 Wilkins Miss J, drsmkr 
StutcHmry Mrs Esther 
177 Johnston Mrs Marlon 

179 Slee Wm 

181 Petrie Mrs Henrietta 
+ Kensington av ends 

House, s e 

iv.-, Carrtck Mrs Isabella, gro 
1ST Sinclen Lewis 

180 ( ook George 
Cook John 

189% Malone John 
191 King Jos H, bldr 
P. l . Keen Thomas W 
19H Magill John A 
195 Magill John 
House, s e 

BALMUTO. n from opp 19 
Czar to Bloor w, wr.rd 3. 

East Side 

5 Richardson Charles M 
7 Picket t Miss Tillie 
Stone yard 

IT. Sim Annie 

15 Mortimer John S 

17 McKenna Felix 

I .) rni-cell Miss Johanna 

21 Plckett Mrs Annie 

23 Bailey Matthew 

25 Ball Sirs Jane 







96 KING ST. Wi 

SKingswood Georn 8 
- Arthur 11 H 
81 Flnegmn John 
S3 MrAuley Mrs Margaret 
85 Kills Mrs Kate 
*: i ok i :.-! ., 

tO Ralner I, H 

tl V.rtlu ote Henry 

ISC, e 

. West Side 

2 Li-Itch Wm 


6 Balllle Charles H 

Mr- Annie 
13- IS Crean Robert & Co Ltd. 

lt.>l.frt A, bdf 


24 Mrl.onnau Ml-m 3 F 
X Blackman A J 

i John C 

3- " In Sarah 

House, i e 

BALSAM, w from 24 Char 

lotte to Spadlna ar, ward 4. 

......... North Side ......... 

House, a e 

2 I awson Thomas 
4 Stewart John 

6 Martin Thomas 
8 Anderson James 

-, s e 
---- ......... 

7 Duff David 
House, s e 

BALSAM AV. n from the 
lake to Queen, three e of 
Lee av, ward 1. 

......... East Side ......... 

1 Vacant 
3 Vacant 

9 Vacant 

Mrs Emily 
Aaron Q 
1 W 

......... West Side ......... 

2 12 Vacant 
Vacant bouses (3) 

ant house 
18 Oakley 

ilth George H 
; throw Wm J 
"tide Frederick. 

BANK, w rrom 554 Duffertm 
to Sheridan av, ward 0. 

North Side 

House, a e 

10 Donovan Harry B 

20 Bovell Howard 

22 Wood David O 

26 Johnson Daniel 

28 Price Samuel A 

32 Huehn Henry E 




; . 

-. Utb. Side 

Scholfleld Henry 


a Robert 
Tolley Wm J 
Bincli Reese C 


ir John, bldr 
Vacant lots 

Andrews Edwin 

uald Duncan 
Hammond-Graeme G H 

mery John 
Mlln James 

George W 
iner Thomas 

Store. e 

\1Y ri.. n from opp 
83 Edward, ward 3. 

Kat Side 

1 Newman Charles 
3 Blakler Isaac 
5 Staugh Abraham 

m Joshua 
"n James 

ion John 
. * 

in st Intersects 
Houie, s 

West Side 

Mission Hall, s 
Vacant lots 

t Maurice 
12 Rottenberg Abraham 

Grace Church, 

* Kim st Intersects . 
House, e 

Bell Tel Co s stores 

HAltltKTT. n from Sobo IT 
to Conduit, nrst w of Sin 
clair ar, ward 6. 
Not built on 

11AUTLETT AV, n from Bloor 
w . JJ city limits, second e 
of Dufferln. ward 8. 

......... Et Side 

Dower Jam. - II 
11 Hunter G W, bldr 

tiT Kdward J 
Vacant lots 
-1 Pipe Arthur 

1 A 
Vacant lots 

47 Beettam Harry Q 
4U Itlshop Walter S 

51 Dlnwlddj Robert A 


57 Dowdell Thomas 7 
Vacant lots 
- >ltier Wm R 
7t Lowry Mrs Margaret 

Vacant . 
4 <hanly tt Intersects 

107 Hutchart Mrs Bhjl 

nee John 

111 Wlilard Frank W 
-.wan Mark J 

wan John 
117 Oag James Jr 
119 M - iss Abble 

Vacant lots 
4> Hallam st Intersects 

Store, s e 
227 Price John J 
231 Saunders Wm E 
Private grounds 

205 BurgcSss A exander 8 

.on Robert 
Vacant lots to end 

West Side 

Twine mill, s e 
38 Malton James 

Mullen Oliver J 
- Bain James 
44 Rnlrd Alexander 
4(1 Kerr Mrs Jeanette 

48 Fnrsler Wm II 
Twine mill, r * 

52 Vacant 

4V -hanly st Intersects 

i H 
4> Hallam ft Intersects 

School, s e 
268 Marcum John D 
Vacant lots to end 

I1AUTOX AV. w from 378 
Brunswick av to ChrUtle, 
ward 5. 

North Side 

House, s e 
Vacant lots 
4> HowUnd nv Intersects 

- Cathedral, s e 
Vacant lots 

ise, s e 

4> Albany av Intersects 
mt lots 

liathurst st Intersects 

Prts Cb 
Vacant lots 

" irkhani st Intersects 
Store, s e 

28 Searle v 

M Uurless J 

S3 Bryan Charles V 

t Maggie 
.5 A 


i Intersects 

64 Uarton Joshua J 
56 Vu. gro 




w in 

, :u J 
o. f ros 
IhnlJ H 
: av Intersects 

i K, pntr 
King John 

109 Cameron Malcolm 

104 Nlcbolls Owen 


Vacant lets to eu.l 


Vacant lots 
4> Howland av Inter**-.":! 
Alexander T 

Albany av Intersects 
4> Batbnrat st Intertects 

1 Wenman Charles 

4> M.irkhani 9t ntersects 
.".1 Ham Percy W 
S3 Buck George 

4> Palmerston av Intersects 
Iliiinii Joseph 

4> I :iereets 

II, r 
!wnrd. r 

4V Manning t.r Intersects 
Vacant lots to end 

PL. s from 66S 
Q ie*a e, ward 1. 


Store. e 
1 v- A m 

J W 

.rno .Icihn 

4 John-ton Robert 

5 Terrell Samuel 

West Side 

Not built on 

BATHt RST. n from tbe 
Queen s Wharf to city lim 
its. Intersecting King w at 
007. wards 4 and 5. 

East Si. It- . 

k .Co 

Peters t Cain, wbol lum 
People s Coal Co (br) 
Queen s Wharf and 


Hall Cnpt Wm 
National Yacht and Sail- 
Ing Skiff Club 
Bauckbam Alexander 
Martin Al.-xandcr, boats 
Elliott .T W. whol lumber 
Machine Co 
W, whol 

4> Tront st w ends 
1 Bertram Eng Works, a e 

* ntersects 
2-31 Brittaln H, gro 

.itthi/ws E. coal oil 

37 Lee Wm 

-fdk, exp 
41 Donnelly John 

43 Lav in Michael 

^ou Norman T 
-t E. exp 


. I li .J 1 

.l <hn 


5 Van Dyke Delos 
1 ] llda 

68 Coles Thomas 

i-<-ult Co, s 



in Josepk 

88 .- Irn Kllen 

4> I r .r..\\:: ;.; -omipences 


n Francis 
107 \v.i:t..u James 

111 Carter Richard 
113 Byrne Sylvester 

117 P..U.T Wm 

MIIIS tchr 
Henry F 
m M,-M:iiion Tbos F, phy 

Acli-lalde ft w ends 
lli". Slulvey Thomas 

:ar David 

ily .Miss Marlon 
.a A 


"11 Andy 
ird James 
141 IiounliiL- \Viu 
U:f uat.-s H.ury W 
14.") Parker Gi-orge 
147 Hryant Mrs Ann 
.s It 

i:,l \Vhlte Stuart 
1R3 Young Mrs Mary B 

..-kl. li.-nry J 
17 Doran Alex R 

I ll I nrr.-in Jnhn J 

O Fa I !> av isil.-rsects 

163 Caddlck Mrs E. gro 
165 Burton Richard J H 

obeli Mrs K S, mus 

i.irker Alfn-.l .1 
160 Turner Edwin 
171 Christian Temperance Ha.; 
Ruff Mrs M. cnretkr 
I o c, T. Maple Leaf, No 

A O F, Abstinence No 

R T T. No 4SO Euclid 

Brotherhood of Trainmen 

(lad Leaf No 9 

S of T. Excelsior Dlvl- 

Ladles Auxiliary to Or 
der of Railway Conduc 
tors, 1st Canadian No 

Canadian Assn of Sta 

tionary Engineers, To 

ronto, No 2 

- ntr of Eng Bene 

volent Sodetv. Grace 

Darling. No. 19 
A i > F. Juvenile br, Ab 

stinence No 33 
Christian Temperance So- 

I li-st St W C T U 
: T Loyal Crusaders 

meron Joshua 
ident Hall 
-. Rooms 
. s e 

Queen st w Intersects 
Storo. * 

1*1 Ryan Mrs Theresa 
183 Hull John 

miner Mrs Maria 
187 Cook Wm J, shoemkr 

v<ey John 

Houtje. s e 

4> Woolsley st Intersects 
ner Thomas D, coal 

McEachren s Dyeing;, Cleaning 
and Repairing Establishment 

93 BAY, cor. KINO Phone Main 2376 

Our Prices 

are the 


Suits Sponged and Pressed, 75o. 
Suits Pressed, - - - - 50c. 
Pants Pressed, - - - - J5c. 

WAI TflN & I flPKF 

filial Ul Qt ! UU IV Li 


Money to Loan, Estates Managed, 
Real Estate Bought and Sold 



199 Bray Mrs Nellie 
201 Herron Ephraim 
203 Morrison Robert 
205 Kemp Mrs Elizabeth 
207 Gordon Mrs Harriet J 
209 Dowsley Mrs Jane 
211 Burns Charles J 
213 McQuillan Mrs Mary 
215 Mclnerney Misses, dress 

Mclnerney Matthias 
217 Kelleher Wm J 

Eden pi commences 
219 Callls Edward 

221 Long Samuel St J, pntr 

223 McWatters Matthew J 

225 Herbert Dennis 

227 Rudd Mrs Julia 

229 Jones John 

231 McCarty Thomas, bldr 

233 McAllister James M 

235 Gange John H 

237 Frise HicEard 

239 Elmdale Skating Rink 

241 Murcbison Mrs C J 

243 Hawley Joseph J 

24r> Ball Wm A. phy 

247 Knechtel Fernando 

249 McBride Samuel 

251 Stewart Donald L 

Private grounds 
279 G! I^idy Marie 
297 Gardiner George 

McPherson Alexander 

Private grounds 

St Patrick st ends 
311 Oster Peter L, cigars 
313 Metoalf George, shoemkr 
315 Howard Henry H 

317 Moss Win. bldr 
310 Bird John L 
321 Wood Peter M. dairy 
323 Chalkley Richard 

Clialkley R & Sons, contri 
325 Thompson Wm 
327 Martin Patrick B 

329 llalliday Mrs Agnes 
331 Bland John D 

333 Pugmlri Joseph S 
335 Klein Win M 
337 Gee Lee. laundry 

330 Scott J Nelson, drugs 
341 Stanton Thomas 

341! Kills J Spencer 
34.1 cm-tin Charles V 
347 Pcaker John W, pby 
349 Cummlngs John A 
351 Heintzman Wm F 

+ Rosobervy av crommenoe* 
3S1-410 Tor Western Hospital 

+ Nassau st ends 
421 Procter Henry, shoemkr 
423 Gibson John F 
425 Leake Benjamin 

Leake Wm W 
427 Sanderson Maxwell R 
429 I.inder John 
431 Monzies David 
433 King Alexander L 
437 Humbly Charles 
439 Cofhranc Mrs Mary A 
441 Oakley George 

Quehen Miss J A E, mus 


44S Mole Win. vet surg 
445 Milling James, shoemkr 
447 Ferguson Joseph H 
449 Scheurer Augustine 
451 Wltchall George, bldr 
453 Clarke Joseph 
455 Latimcr Mrs Sarah J 
457 Walker Edward 
459 Lee Jonas T B 
461 Jex Wm C 
463 Vacant 
465 Flndlay Mrs K J 
467 Bac-k Mrs Letitia 
409 MeGillicuddy Thomas 
471 Hargriive Edward 
473 Ambler John 
475 Schreiuer Joseph 
477 Crowley Thomns 
479 McCormlck Frank L 
4S1 Bush MUs Mercy 
483 Spicer Benjamin B 

Store, s e 
+ College st intersects 

Store, s e 
495 French Isaac 

Pgase Edward, whips 

King Edward Sc-hool 

T ntinlshed Church 
500 McCullagh Wm 
001 Taylor Wm 
^ Ulster st intersects 

Vacant houses (4) 
679 Taylor John 
li.Sl Smiley Francis L 

Smiley Miss E, drsmkr 

Harbord st intersects 
Store, s e 

688 Christian Church Mission 
695 Smith Charles F 
699 Gale George, hardware 
701 Barnett Shaw, tlr 

Cradlck Robert H 
703 Turner Wm G 
715 Topping Chas, fruit 
695 Smith Charles F 
719 Chapman Mrs Cassle 
721 Taylor Frederick T 

Taylor Mrs T, confy 

Herrick si Intersects 
743 Webster Wm. contr 
745 Wilson Thomas J 
747 Love Andrew 

749 Muir John A, ctge agt 
7"il Armstrong Wm 
753 Hamilton Win S 

Lennox st intersects 
767 Smith Edward 

769 Vacant store 
775 Irwin Miss Mary 

St Peter s (RC) School 

St Peter s (RC) Church 

Bank, s e 
^ Bloor st w intersects 

Douglas Block, s e 
799 Harmony Union Mission 
801 Chong Sing, indry 
803 Urquhart Miss M, mus 


SO.- ( Prinr,. & Elliott, plmbts 
SOT -9 Llewellyn Mrs M, prtr 

Lli-wellyn Edwy E 
Harvey Walter V 
Sll Vacant store 
813 Harrington Andrew J, 

837 Griffith Wm 

s:::i 1 v John 

841 nickerstaff Joseph E 
si;;, Smyth Fred H 
M:. \Vil<-iix Milford A 
SIT HM.Vl! Al. X St C 
853 Givin , N 
855 Blackhnll Edward A 
+ Barton av intersects 
905 Dunn James R 
915 Dunn Wnllis 
017 Esten John P 
025 Hudson Mrs Dora 
927 Perry Selby D 

Wells st ends 

1001 McCollum Rev J H 
Kill Marks Frederick 
1013 Dougherty James 
1015 Elmes Wm J B 
1017 Waites Wm 

Unfinished house 
1053 Collins Andrew B 
1ii.-,r, Welch John W 
lti.77 Hcagle John 
liiot Tollifte Wm 
1061 Lindsay Mrs Margaret 
1067 Fell W T. hardware 

Dupont st intersects 

C P R crossing 

West Side- 

Vacant sheds 

CPR storehouses 

Park, Blackwell Co, pork 
packers and provisions 

Gas tank 
28 Rogers Ellas Co, coal 

r, I M, inier James 

House, s e 

3> Niagara st intersects 
40-42 May Flower Hotel 
44 Williams Mrs Sarah 
46 Wynne F L, barber 
48 Williams James 
60 Treuor Miss Rose 
i;:; Fairbanks Oliver, rest 
Wellington nv intersects 
64 Kennel ly Andrew 
60 Coker Elijah 

.oily Bernard J 
72 Cusack Michael 
74 Fletcher George, gro 
70 Fletcher Mrs J S. btchr 

Bowler" Joseph 

McCormlck James, r 
78 Hartnett Edward 
Turiff John W. r 
Ayres George, r 
80 McKeon John 
S- Holden Jacob 
84 Flaherty Mrs Julia 
86 Roche Francis C 
88 Kelly Wm J 
90 Letray George 
92 Loney Joseph 
100 Hotel, s e 
+ King st w Intersects 
Building, s e 
Entrance to McDonnell sq 
St Mary s (RC) Church 
St Mary s (RC) School 
Entrance to McDonnell sq 
140-148 St Mary s Convent 
152 Barnardo Girls Home 

Davis Mrs Clara 
154 Burman John 

Wood yard 
160 MeNish John A 
162 O Leary Miss K, drsmkr 

Sullivan Miss Mary J 
!C4-ti6 Union Hotel 

+ Farley av intersects 
lf,,s McGlll Wm & Co": coal 
178 Adams Mrs Jessie, cigars 
180 Summers Martin, barber 

Hotel, s e 
+ Queen st w intersects 

Bank, s e 
184 Weatherston Nicholas 

Sheppard lane commences 
194 Logap Francis 
196 Marshall Charles W 
1 js Miller Napoleon 
200 Brown Wm A 
202 I latts Charles J 
204 Armstrong C, exp 

+ Woolsley st intersects 
206 Baker Henry 
208 Knapp Ezra H 
210 Painter W J 
212 Iiavies Mrs Rosina 
214 Libby Martin 

Fraser Miss C. drsmkr 
210 Donovan Mrs Hannah 
218 Pennington Thomas M 
220 Greenwood James 
222 Irish Catholic Benevolent 


Klnch John 

224 Melville Henry 

22C, Itiibson Fred J 

228 Powell John T 

Powell Mrs Lilly, gro 
+ Robinson st commences 
230 Stipe Frank C, gro 
232 Fulton Robert 
234 Ernst Poter 
236 Ferrell John R 
"38 Harrison John H 
238% White John A 
240 Topping Alexander 
242 Ratcliffo Frederick A 
244 McPherson D A, phy 
24(1 Elder James 
248 Way Mrs Mary 
250 Cain Robert 
252 Haskayne Richard 

254 Henry Robert 
256 Johnson George A 
2.18 Smith Frank 

260 McGinn Miss Mary 
262 Bui L-cr Mrs M, drsmkr 

264 Pole James G 

266 Holden Thomas, pntr 
Holden James A, artist 

265 Gow James 

270 llewson Charles S 

272 Thompson -Mrs Elizabeth 

Murphy John, r 
274 Konecny Andrew 
2SO Nimmo John 
28 Morton Mrs Frances 

Morton Miss G E, mus 

Morton Miss Ida. mus 


284 Henley Wm 
280 Saunders Mark 

255 Bryant Wm H 

200 Benson John R. dairy 
292 Thorpe Henry W 
204 Adams Win M 
2! ii! Oram Mrs Letitia 

298 Lackie James A 

300 Montgomery Mrs Sarab, 

302 Bourne John 

304 Hickey James J 

300 Hubbard Judson R 

308 Hamilton Walter, phy 

310 Rogers Mrs Eliza 

Rogers Miss Bertha, mu 


312 Sleeth Wm E 
314 Morley George J 
316 Turnbull Rev John A 
318 Burton Mrs Emma 


320 George Hugo 
322 McGinn Wm J 
324 Millward C W. corsets 
326 Fleldhcuse Mrs Mary 

Fleldhouse Miss M A, 


328 Carolan Mrs Jane 
330 Patient John L 
332 Thomson Wm 
334 Hewetson John W 
336 Kidd Samuel 
338 Meek Wm E 
340 Nixon F J. plmbr 
342 Durham W H, btchr 
344 Noxon Allan, phy 

Arthur st commences 
34H MacDonald D J, gro 
348 Emerson Robt F, tob 
350 Johnston Alfred W 

Johnston Mrs Maty, dress 

352 Wilson Rowland G 
354 Hayden James M, plmbr 
356 Hazelton Joseph E 
358 Duncan Lytle 
360 Campbell John 
362 Hazlitt Samuel 
364 Leckey Robert 
366 Burns Mrs Sarah 
368 Burns Mrs Hannah 
370 Higgins Michael J 
372 West George E 
374 Findlay John G 
376 Rosenburg Philip 
378 Mills Miss M E, drsmkr 
:;sn cuthbertson George J 
382 Kennedy Albert E 
384 Brown Harry J 

Private grounds 
306 Vacant 

Private grounds 
408 Tomliii Henry C 
410 Lynden Thomas E 
412 Burton Wm 
414 Rea Mrs Mary J 
418 Tor Western Hospital (or) 
420 Toronto Bakery 

Vacant lots 
448 Neilly Daniel 
450 Johns Harrison 
452 Vacant 
454 Vacant 

456 Johnstone Thomas H 
458 McLeod Dougall W 
462 Tresidder Mrs Sarah 
464 Morrow Arch, livery 
466 Brown Wm J 
468 MacKinnon A L, dry gas 
470 Mills Charles, gro 

Public school, s e 

College st intersects 
Presbyterian Ch, s e 

506 Detwi ler Rev Noah 

50S Roden Ephraim P 

MO Woodynra Charles 

r.12 Price Wm W 

r,"i\ Woltx A E. med elect 

522 Grieg Alfred R 

524 Wright Charles H C 

526 Barrett Frederick A 

528 Aitkon John 

530 King James H 

54C, Kipp Herbert M 

548 Lrartlay Allanson 

550 Bennett Joslah 

.-.mi vokes James L 

5f).S Johnston Wm 

570 Little Matthew W 

.772 Thompson Fredk W 

.774 Itobb Robert K 

576 Rlewett Bnssett W 

Whit-elaw Miss K, mus 


578 Smith Mrs Annie 
580 Dickey Walter 
.Tsi Chndwlck Thomas J 


30 Adelaide St. West 

Repairs, Cleans, Dyes, Alters, Presses 




"! :, in Toronto 

-t-tr- 4 1 "7 1/lkJP CT Uf TnonUTfi md of 

1 IO"I I / l\IHuOI ifii IllnUUlU very excellent quality, with H particularly limpid tone In Its meiio tints." FIUKDHEIM 

564 1 .dcr 

I: 1 
F A, phy 

in Adolphus W 
004 Flnl.iv 


lied bouse 

* "" V 

use* (8) 
I firry 
. in II 

.VU>ert E 

Mrs Susan 



iiitor John D 
: phy 
in O 

rial n W P. phy 
. liter 
iv Win M 

644 Ford Frank 

I hompson George S 
1 ishna L 

t*t Intersects 
.n 8 

664 Heltt Win A 
656 Larimer Win S 
6.VS Wlngfleld W A 
6fiO Coyne Mrs Sarah 
riii Mrs Anna 

\ l.uun, bltlri 
ge Wm J 
686-S Ayllug Cnarles, sec hd 

. u W iu J 
7H Vacant 

H rrick st Intersect* 
7-J i:\.in .lames 

l:iy John 

; I ran.-!-, shoemkr 

i h T 

.than, bldr 
Meth.iiKst Churcb 

Lennox st Intersects 

Wui, flour 
Vacant st 

11 Albert J, bicycles 
TIM Swan John II, barber 
700 Uoul.lius ^ Co, gro* 
1 1 . 1 1 1 1 f W ra M 

Farmer Mrs C, mus tchr 
771 \\.-t Mrs Marlon 
774 Vacant 

776 i . Mark, uphol 
77s drew, bl- 


Lti<l 1 J 

Store, a e 

Bloor st w Intersects 

Hotel, s e 


800 Cole David A, barber 
808 :\g, Indry 

Hotel stables 

nald ft Drquhart, 

822 Kldd George, shoemkr 
824 Walker Harry F 

M, dry gds 

828 Adare Win J. stove* 
8> omu W 

848 rr..ft li H ,v Son, cut 

852 Wright Charles 

London st oommences 
860 Turt James E 

tern mkr 
884 Fawcett R R 

868 Jordan Joseph, shoemkr 
870 Lowey James 

1(3, cntler 

876 Knlsht George D 
800 Halson Miss Kute E 
802 Barker Wm T 
nils Henry 

010 Bailey Win, bti-ur 

niinu Charles 
Bart. >n uv Intersect! 
Follls av commences 

:i Frederick, btchr 
870 I ll- !1. dry gds 

Partridge Miss A, drsmkr 

974 Morron Hugh 


978 Ryan Arthur, tinner 

u Mrs J A. gro 

+ Olive av commence* 

004 Holmes Thomas, gro 

ranees L 
998 Vacant 
10(10 Colder Wm Jr 
1014 O Conncll MNs K, confy 
101U l>et-orth C D 
1028 Cameron Robert n 

av commences 

harles W 

son. gro 


t st Intersect* 

11O4 Mel A. drags 


Coal yard 
Canon liobert T 
Hallway crossing 

BAXTER, e from 927 Yonge, 

ward 2. 
North Side 

South Side 

Blacksmith shop, I e 

Kasby Harry 

BAY, n from the bay to 55 

Queen w, ward 3. 

* Lake st intersects 

* Railway crossing 

; :iide st w intersects 
21 Koyal Horn Mills 

McLaughlin M ft Co, flour 

Warehouse, e 

Front st w Intersect* 

nouse. s e 
43-47 Barber A: Kills Co, whol 

4:. ; Ltd, 

.Iry goods 
47-49 Tooke Bros, shirts 

Sanford W E Mfg Co, 

whol clothing 

51 Allan A A 4 Co. whole 
sale hats and cap* 
Toronto Cap Mfg Co 

68 Croft Wm ft Sons, flih- 

Ing tackle 
65 Gouldlng G ft Son*, whol 


67 E T Corset Co 
59 V:u 

61 Flett. Lowndes A Co, tail 
ors trimmings 
Lowndes Co, clothing 

ling Co, whol 
d ry gds 

Wellington st w Intersects 
Young Edmund L, mfrs 

Thompson R H, whol 

69 Sinclair D J, whol florist 

I.iurlce, clothing 
Canada Screw Co 
Thou -idy, mfrs 

71 Hees George H. Son ft 

Co. window shades 
73 Sharpe H F ft Co, photo 

75 Crown I 
77 -ialty Mfg Co, 

office furniture 
61 Telegram Bldg 

nlng Telegram 
Meilnda st ends 

- C. cigars 


Ilgglns & Saunder*. tlr* 
87 Hunker George ft Son, rub- 

89 Ramsey J G ft Co, photo 


91 Watson John, mer tlr 
93 Tailoring A Repairing Co 
cal Instrument* 

* rson Alex, elec sup 

Euhralm Samuel, cloth- 
Ing contr 

King st w Intersect* 
96-97 Molsonn Bank 
Bolton Joshua J 
Campbell F A. vet surg 
97-108 London ft Canadian 

90 Tuttl Fnittl Selling Ma 


i inent 

101 Him.- H L A >-... real est 
London ft Canadian Loan 

ft Agency 

103 Rlil. A May tie*, solici 
tors of patents 
Rldout J G. barrister 
Chlpmnn Willis, civ enf 
Bnelllng ft Segswortb, bar 
Improved Realty Co of 

Toronto Ltd, real et 
Meaney ft Ci>, wuol lum 

ivly ft Armour, 
bar 1-5 

Arnoldl ft Johnston, bar 

i T, barr 
Broad Cove Coal Co Ltd 

McArtbur Bros Co Ltd, 

whol lumber 

Toronto Humane Society 
Thomas John, caretkr 

Mrs Annie 

Wrlflit Il. iiry A, real 


111 I lililp Wm, cigars 
113 Tail ft Co, wood mant. l* 
Hamilton J J, bras* 
r, r 

;.>T Co 
117 Milling Co 

l.t.! ;ifrs 

ll .i c..rl..\ Wm c. restr 
121 Bay Tree Hotel 
Adelaide st w In .ersects 

Hrush ft Co, s e 
!L . r . Cassldy I N. .-lgar 
127 American News Agency 


131 L.. ..ncils 

133 American 1 resslng Co 

+ Temperance st Intersect* 

145 Dlxon John, carriage mfr 

153 Forbes Roofing O> 

155-61 Med Council Chambers 

Retail Merchants Assn of 


The Retailer (monthly) 
Troweru E M, marriage 

Canlcula Embalming Fluid 

Century Christian Co, 


Century Christian (week 

Bradley-Garretson Com 
pany (Ltd), publisher* 

.ott Publishing Co 
TIrquhart & Urqnhart, 


Winston John C Co, pnblrs 
York Mutual Fire Ins Co 
Medical Agency of Can 


Harris st;iti]i-y H, barr 

en, mp ton George m- 

,i-\ - W, artist 
in-, artist 

il Burying 
Orounds Trustees 
Ocean Accident and Gnar- 


Hllgbt Walter 11. Ins agt 
Cation Of- 


f I hyslclana A 

Ont; :il LIbran 


Ciiirilnii .^ : arr* 

nzle H G, I orr 
Jones J G. barr 
Inwln, Mutphy ft Esten, 


I lnkerton & Cooke, barr* 
- m.lweii N, barr 

uli imnlfi T. barr 

T f, barr 

Rose Charles, caretaker 
Richmond st w Intersect* 

House, t e 
165 Uenr entrances 
167 Brian Robt, shoerukr 
160 Alver Ole P. herbalist 
171 1 1 f J. c1 

173 R..iiinson W J, shoemkr 

oil ft Johnson, 
177 King C -rrard A, bicycle 

Store, s^ 

West Side 

+ Lake st intersects 

f Kal. way crossing 
made st intersect* 
Tor Coffee & Spice Co 
4 Can Printing Ink Co 
6-8 Schepp L Co, prepared 


Harris Lithographing Co 
"rage Co 

14-18 McClary Mfg Co, stTI 
20 Lailey, Watson ft Bond. 

I harmacal Co 

24 2<i Et-kardt Casket Co, un 
dertakers supplies 
Erkardt Silver P.ate Co 
Warehouse, 8 c 
^ Front st w Intersect* 
40 Warehouse, s e 
44 Atkinson Bros, whol fancy 

46 Cockburn & Re;i, whol 

48 Morrice D, Sons ft Co, 

mfrs agts 

50 54 Merchants Bldg 
Canada Veiling Co 
Beldiug, Paul & Co, Bilk 
Ma:>n,Byar* ft Co, woolens 
Da\i. \- Co Ltd, 

whol silks 
New Idea Pattern Co, 

Musprav. Bdward & Co, 


Ale.Tan.lor A A. mfrs agt 
Grant Wm M, mfrs agt 
Thomas L J, stereoscopic 

I aqnct ,T A, furs 


TRY the LAKE SIMCOE ICE SnpplyCo,"^- 
Jas. Fairhead, Mgr. 


2 6 

Tel. tyairi 423 




For Indoor and Outdoor Pleasure. 
Amusement and Recreation. 

A Complete Department and Right 
iate. Call and see it. 

^T. EATON C- . 

Kllburn s Stereoscopic 

Views & Saturu Scopes 
Canadian Store Advertis 
ing Assn Ltd, adv 
Lester M T & Co, mfrs 


Clemmer A H, mfrs agt 
Cooch H C, mfrs agt 
Greenshields S, Son & Co, 

whol dry gds 
Lillle John, mfrs agt 
Livingston George, mfrs 


Lee J T B Co, commn 
Ryrie Paper Co 
Davis J M, stereoscopic 


Shingsby Mfg Co, blank 

Forster C H, mfrs agt 
Carlaw Major J A, office 
Adams J & Co, linens 
Sherwln George A, care 
64 Home Charles M, tailors 


66 Boulter & Co, woolens 
Green J^hn C & Co, whol 


58 Drake, Hambly & Cock- 
burn, whol fncy gds 
McClung & Burns, mfrs 


Thremeld Win, mfrs agt 
60 Fisher Mark, Sou: & Cu, 

whol woollens 
Turner F A, mfrs agt 
62 Westwood C H & Co, Ltd 

fishing tackle 
64-68 Brock W R Co Ltd, 

whol dry gds 

* Wellington st w Intersects 
70 Vacant 

72 Bay Street Chambers 
Clark & Ross, mfrs" agts 
Dandy Henry, caretkr 
74 Yaeant 

76 Garland Mfg Co, cloth- 

78 Allcock, Laight & West- 
wood Co Ltd, Blshlng 

Cragg F H, mfrs agt 
Rothschild Bros & Co, 

button mfrs 
Bongard Charles W 
Hoskln Thomas, mfrs agt 
80 Ritchie \- Ramsay, paper 

Jessop Wm & Sons, steel 

Hut. -bison R B & Co, 

wh<>l w.iollens 
Klnlclth Paper Co 
82 Muirhead Andrew, whol 

84 Davis & Henderson, whol 


80 Gilmore B W & Bro, sil 
ver wn re 

Payne W H & Co, com 
88 Slater R M & Co, dry 


Vacant office 
Price Mfg Co. pro mod 
90 Canada Taint Co Ltd 
Frontenac Ink Works 
Toronto Lend & Color Co 
Maloney & Son, mer tlrs 

02 Toronto Engraving Co 

Aylward H J. tlr 
94 Wood Vallanee & Co, 

whol hardware 
96 Ames J H. tlr 
98 National Club 
100-102 Clancy Edward, s e 

+ King st w Intersects 
106-110 Mail Building 

Molloy Francis J. barber 
Alexander & Cable Llth 

Thompson J & Son, die 

Hilton & Lalng, barrs 
MeWilllams W G, barr 
Clarke. Bowes & Swabey, 


Meek Edward, barr 
Robertson J S Co, pub 

Business (monthly) 
North Western Miller 
Robertson J S Advertising 


National Sanitarium Assn 
Toronto Paper Mfg Co 
RIordan Paper Mills Ltd 
Barber Wm & Bros, paper 


Challes G E. mfrs agt 
Mansell C F. mfrs ant 
Royal Engraving House 
Innes John, artist 
Gold Hills Exploration & 

Development Co 
Bowman E L, caretaker 
110 Dudgeon & Thornton.prtrs 
Money and Risks (month 

Speers A & Co. printers 
Once a Werk i weekly) 
Economist Pts & Pub Co 
Economist Tho (monthly) 
Ames Walter, maehs 
Reid & Doidge, machine 

type setters 
Pearl st commences 
112 Taylor. Scott & Co, wood- 


114 Rogers Electric Co 
Lindala James, tlr 
ll.-ys Th. .mas & Son, 

116 Buffalo Tool and Ma- 

i-liine Co 
118 Hoffmnn-Corr Mfg Co, 

120 Whltworth & Restall, 

mattress mfrs 
122 Tilley Charles, leather 

and findings 
124 Arcade Printing Co 

American Chandelier Co 
Itaines & lY.-kover, mfrs 


126 Rose Daniel & Son, prtrs 
Craftsman Pub Co 
Canadian Craftsman & 

Masonic Record 
128 Speers A & Co. prtrs 
128 Allan Wm. l.kbndr 

Bastman-Colwell Electric 

Co. pl.-.-tri.- supplies 
180 Lyon W A Co Ltd, photo 

Slocnn Cariboo Mining & 

Development Co 
132 Milieu John & Sons 

cycle parts 

McLaren D K. bolting 
134 Gurney. Tllden Co, stove 

Ross D C & Co, mfrs 

136 Eureka Mineral Wool & 

Asbestos Co 

Johnston Temperature Re 
gulating Co 
Germanla Oil Co 
138 Andrews Thomas, restr 
140 Golden City Hotel 

f Adelaide st w Intersects 
Jackson & Co, emp agcy 
Tor Business Exchange 
Fryers Albert E. Mrp 
I .ivakey I A 
Fenwlek Miss A M. 


14B-154 Petcrkln C R, mldgs 

Temperance st intersects 
150 Murray T W, real est 

Pepper George, real est 
158 Donald Duncan, barr 
Vander Voort M P, barr 
Regent Mfg Co, adv nov 
Edwards Charles, mfrs 


Ilohs Edgar J, mfrs agt 
Freeman Walter, real est 
Forest City raving Co, 


Warren Bituminous Pav 
ing Co Ltd, pav- 
ini; I ontrs 
Fisher John Son & Co, 

whnl woollens 
Parker George, mfrs agt 
Pettlgrew & Vetter, ac 

160 Bond & Smith, archs 
Shaver H II, barr 
Reeve John T. broker 
Spears John D. real est 
McAIpIne & Little, tlrs 
I erfeeto Mfg Co, shoe 


McCulloagh & Flynn, real 

1IV2 rlj;T,,r,| Mr* M li.lg 

164 Griffiths AY A & Co. surg 

Lennox E J, arch 
166 Crowther James, barr 

Lander Wm J. barr 
168 Jones J L Engraving Co 
170 Robertson Alex, tlr 

Mai-shall Philip, cloak 

172 Carrlck A W. baker 

Richmond st w Intersects 
Temple Building 
Temple Clear Store 

1S4 Temple fnfe 
186 Iredale James, tinsmith 
Hotel, s e 

BAY FRONT (Toronto Is 
land), runs w from Lake 
Shore av. w of Ward s Point, 
to Chlppewa av. ward 4. 

175 Goodwin James A 

177 Miles Win 

iv-, Nasinitn David R 

BEACHELL, n from opp 521 
Front e to Eastern av, ward 

East Side A 

C P R crosslLg 
Factory, s e 

West Side 

C P R crossing 
House, s e 

1154 Queen w to Dundas, 
ward G. 

East Side 

Hotel, s e 
9 Hollyman Mrs A 

11 Doty Mrs Amanda 

13 Marmlon Wm H 

15 Orr Wm A 

17 Dearborn Charlie C F 

19 Clare Robert J 

21 Grlner Wm R 

23 McRae Alexander 

2.1 Mrs Emma 

27 Church John 

29 Knox Thomas H 

31 Quinn Mrs Cecelia 

33 Silk Wm 

35 Burrow James 

.".7 ( en-even Mrs Sarah 

39 Vacant 

41 O Leary Jeremiah W 

43 Arnold Henry C 

45 Robinson Wm H, jr 

47 Patten \Vm II 

4!> ill-unwell Wm J 

51 Smith Nelson 
H in II 

.Vi Fleming John 

.".7 Barker F.dwar.l 

r.O Rlaek George 

r.l William*. MI i l.-nrge A 

C3 Vollett Thomas Y 
65 Reid Wm 

Hewitt Robert, contr 

67 Walker Robert I 
<!3 French Ernest R 

71 Campbell Albert B 

77 Hennessey James H 
Smith John 

^ Argyle st Intersects 
House, s e 

85 Llghtfoot Robert J 

87 Scott George 

88 llambly John E 
89% Sumner John M 
91 Mayuard George A 

93 Johnston Alexander L 

95 Richardson Thomas 
97 Spooner Charles H 
99 Hart Lawrence J 

101 Richardson Arthur S 

Vacant lot 

^ Afton av Intersects 
107 Fraser Philip 
113 Galbralth George H Jr 
115 Bonster Mrs Annie 
117 Little Miss Eliza, drsmkr 
llii Wright Matthew 
121 Hardy Wm R 
123 Austin George 
123 Pentecost Albert E 
127 Coon James F 
12!> Miles John 
131 Wilsnn E.lward M 
133 Puncliard Charles 
i::r> Herbert H 
137 Mills Thomas 
137% Carmichael Dugal 
139 Forrester George A 
141 Saveli Robert 
143 Forrester Andrew C 

Forrester Miss Elizabeth 

A. drsmkr 
14fl Davidson Wm D 
147 Stltt Wm 
House, s e 

McKenzle cres ends 
House, s e 

1U9 Secor Franklin 
H .1 Mulr George C 
163 Brown John C 
165 Black Hugh C 
167 Doyle James L 
1r,!i Codling Wm M 
171 Fletcher Alfred C 
173 Harvey J H 
175 Macdonald Mrs M, gro 
Vacant lots 

West Side 

Store, s e 

10 Dundas Walter W 

14 Martin Wm F 

16 Griffith George 

18 Boye Edward H 

20 Anderson John 

22 Smith James T 

24 Anthony James 

20 Strong Mrs S A. bdg hse 

28 Collins Washington G 
Tpmpleton Miss II. nurse 

30 Clarkson Mrs M A 

32 Collins Mrs Orphenn M 

34 Martin Wm 

38 Meyers Leonard 

40 Lennox Charles W F 
Vacant lots 

52 Dalrymple James S 

54 Rowlin Frank 
Vacant lots 

68 Harris John 

70 Harper Joseph W 

72 Leith El.lrl.1ge W 
74 Craig Peter 

^Argyle st Intersects 

House, s e 
76 Mueller Paul W 

78 Sweet Henry 

Sweet Miss Florence, drs- 


SO Walker Mrs Sarah B 
82 Long Gilbert R 
84 Meyers Mrs Amelia 

86 Idenden Frederick J 
88 Banks Thomas 

On Rathbone ( has S. bldr 

96 MeMahon Thomas 
MeMahon Mrs Annie, gro 

Afton av Intersects 
ll.i:i--e. s e 

106 McMnrchy John 

Sherman E. Townsend, 

Public Accountant, Auditor and Assignee, 


Cable Address, 
"SEYMul K." 


Circular Stairs, Window Guards, 

Truss Rods, Bolts, Castings, Etc. 
65 to 81 PEARL St. Phone Main 2748 

108 Bowman John M 

:i James 
iser Jobn 

t- st commence! 


11H Ail.-n Charles W 
US Till Thorn.- 

* II 

Arthur W 
iy James 
< John A 

harles H 
- i rah 
innas G 
Vacant lot 
138 Rea Mrs Mary I 
140 Mnrtln Percy 
Hi- N Minnie 

144 Wnolnougli Win W 

.Vm J 




Ifti John A 

r R 


John A 

4 liable st commencci 
168 Miller James 
Vacant lots 

MCE AV. n from Ar 
thur to College, second w of 
Belhvoods av, ward S. 


Not built on 

West Side 

- Una 
4 MI., in Wm J 

14J M. Ar.. John 

BEATY AV. n from 1500 King 
w to Queen w. ward 6. 

\ :\-l Sl.le 

83 Embree T.utlier K 

arke John 
39 Clarke Wm 
OB Duthle George Jr 
60 McNeil J. hn J 

n Frederick W 
81 Boyce James G 
83 Rutherford J W 
85 McEvoy Dermot 
87 Thompson Mrs B O 

West Side 

Honse, * e 


80 Bedllngton Henry 
32 Godson Arthur W 
GO Gall George 

Vardlaw Thomas D 

rt II 

64 Clokey Wm J 
74 MacGrecor Marshall 
70 w. ..-o T 

hurch of Epiphany 

n from Elm av to n 
of South lirii-p. flr e of 
Glen rd, ward 2. 


House, s e 

!er Edmund B 
Holder John, r 


12 Jamleson Philip 

IONT 111), e from Glen 
rd. first nv, r the bridge, 
n of South Drive, ward 2. 



irews W 8 

: II 



iiEi>Foui> iti). n r . in L-II 
Bloor w to n of Davenport 
rd, ward 4. 


House, s e 
rtsnn A J 

. U 
3 I n-s 

11 I . r> J:nn. - U 

I rln ! Arthur ar Inter- 


"! C 
<e Q 

r AT Intersects 
House. * e 

87 Campbell Arcblbn d B Jr 

Elgin ar ends 

nit loll 

-sels Richard S 
illace Her Prof F H 

nier 8 P 
l<il I. al. Haw r Sh.dden 

IOC Lalng J hn 11 

Hoswell av ends 


In John J 

liomas H 
- Walter U 
yth Henry L 
110 I oole John A C 
+ Trnnby nv ends 

House. * f 
121 riark Thomas J 

kpatrlck Arthur B 
I. -, I) Ir Wm P 

1U7 \l 

I .-rnard av Intersect! 

wart Jobn K 


. rahnm R 
.:iln James 

-rny Arthur H 

141 BalrdHenry N 

ril Intersects 
House, t e 

West Side 

House, s e 
8 Gooderham Wm H 

..- B 

I rlnce Arthur > Inter 


House, . r 

ivthT nv Intersects 
House, n e 

80 ( A C 

M Uojrli 

1 R 

-* II ry I 

02 Dohcrty Wm K 

i D 

lirj I . " |i Edmund 

; r E 
I llhullanil Frederick 

r.nry Alf 
11- P..N..II Hugh 
114 McWhlnney Wm J 
lin K Thomas H 

118 Greenwood Russell 
12O Itnrrows Acton 


n Tltns W 

136 Burton Phlueas H 
138 I.nnd Rnl.ert E A 
inder B 

142 Cayley F ii.mund 

I .ernard av Intersects 
House, s e 

venport rd Intersects 

in, r 

irns Wm 

174 i;i.ize Lawrence 
> e 

BEI. from O T B 

track to Smith, second e of 
Pnpe av, ward 1. 

-an James 
3 Slevert Mrs Mary A 


e from 193 Hirer to 
Don Terrace, ward 1. 

i e 

1 M 

Terry Edwin J 



rt M 

33 I 

89 Baratow Edmund I, 

ftr.M.Ali:. n from 82 Bloor 
w to Yorkvllle nv, ward S. 

House, u e 

- B 

"umberland st Intersects 
11 Is 

li T 

! . imtr 
-1 i:. 

Mrs Marj 

iH B 

H -use. n e 

House. * e 

^ Cumberland st Intersects 
lli Use. s e 

k G 

20 \Vald*on John C 
22 Smith Andrew 

Irs M. drsmkr 
House, * e 

BEI.I.KFAIR AV. n from 
Queen e. second w of Lee 
av. ward 1. 

East Side 

Not built on 

Douglas George B 

Sarah E 
McDonald Wm B 

l!i:i.l.i:\ IK AV, n from 42 
Uellevue pi to College, 
want 4. 

East Side 

too li:.rry E 
.uey Mrs Loulee 


:urroughes Fred C 
:;i M 
M Uoss Uutli 

:-ijwu K Irving 
innlngham Walter C 
3U Clements M 
41 C iexander 

4. { Sharpe John 10 

alton Mrs J. dry gd* 
Charlton Abraham 
47 r: mas, bldr 

4 J liaker Xamuel 
51 lr\vlu George W 
r.:i Hill Win li 
:,-, Martin Mrs Helen 
.ay Wrn 

r Jobn L 
01 Clark D W. gro 


j Mrs Margaret 

a Charles 
67 Gibbons Wm. shoemkr 

UH James, pntr Mrs Margaret, r 
mas HU r 
M. exp. r 
O R 




7:. \\ \\ 

77 Egan Michael 

in, r 
7: i llii.-i,.-s \v 

Mward J 

4 oxford st Intersects 
Private grounds 

!>1 Moore diaries V, phy 
:y T, phy 
hall Rev A J 
ptieu s Church 









7 J 






. . West Side- ......... 

inly Frank M 

Kaii ;ter C 

Hnlllll/IT .):: 

Young James D. bldr 

n Thomas, pntr 
% Ibbotson John R 
<1 Harry 


* Cummlngs Harry 
"ii John L 
Hay Win D 
i: nder 

Elmr Miss M. nurse 
Knox John A 
H nigM ji Frederick T W 
Peters Jesse 
Anderson Mark, r 
Whi-.- Mrs Mary A 

.Vm F 

O Hrlen John 
O Brien David 
Garde John 
Wright James C 
Wlllson John R 
t E 

Davidson James W 
"inaliun James 
Tenipleiiiaii Joseph A 
Wilson Thomas O 
Hurst Frederick 
Nassau st Intersects 
Mitchell James 
Mltr-hell A S 
Riddel! Mrs Jane 
Coutle Pavlrt 
Clark Thomas J 
nd James 
irtell Thomas, bldr 
Haln Jobn 
oskln Thomas 
Itanis len John A 
Oxford st Intersects 
Sheppard Mrs Ann 

Mrs Thomaslne S 
Derby Wm J 
Tipton Richard 
Hughes Stewart 
Lovelock Henry 
Warner James 

nt Mrs Mary J 
Gibson Barnabas 
Flynn Joseph 
.1 : n Emily 

Urines Henry 
peter P T 

ick Miss Jane 
Fire Hall No 8 

UKi,i.i-:vrr: PL. w from 24 

Augusta av to Carlyle, ward 

Metallic Ceilings 

Metallic Roofing: Co., Limited 

Phone Park 80" Cor. KING and DUFFERIN STS. 

Standard Life 

ASSURANCE CO. of Edinburgh 


D. M. McGOUN, 


Chas. Hunter, 

Chief Agent, Ontario 



L. C. CRONYN. Cashier 


Bellevue PI. 

North Side 

Denlson sq 

Bellevue av commences 
House, s e 

46 Mutton Wm G 

48 Brayley John B 

50 Burns George B 
52 Byers Mrs Annie S 

Featherstone Geo, exp 
54 Burch Edward 
66 Young Win 
58 Jamieson Wm 
60 Bowman John W 
62 Schadel Emil 
64 Davis Thomas W 

66 Kemp Wallace 
08 White Mrs A, gro 

White Wm, pntr 
+ Leonard av commences 

House, s e 

74 Cunningham Mrs Helen 
76 Wooldridge Samuel 

South Side 

1 Miller Wm McC 

8 Somers Harry B 

5 Wilcoek Mrs Annie 
7 Foster Mrs Mary 

9 Mains John M 
11 Keuuey John 11 
13 Ranney Charles M 
15 Pascoe John 

17 Butler Robert J 
19 Hardle Mrs Mary 
21 Feavoy George W 
23 Peckham Alfred S 
25 Le Huquet John 
27 Kelly Matthew E 

* Denfson av ends 
29 Peterkin Charles II 
39 Peterkin James E 

41 Peterkin Charles R jr 
43 Schunck Wm C 
45 Waterhouse Ben] A 

47 Gourlle Wm H 

49 Lucas Alexander 

51 Davey James 
53 Barker Jesse W 

55 Blackwell Francis F 
57 Sparrow Thomf3 
59 Kelly Janiij M 
61 Andre ,vs James F 
63 Walsh John 

67 Auger Michael M 
73 Farrance Arthur R 
75 Locheed Lachlln 
77 Hart Wm R 

79 Bell Mrs Margaret 
81 Hills Hfiiiry. dairy 
87 Connors Mrs Catherine 

BELLWOODS AV. n from 768 

Queen w to Mansfield av, 

ward 5. 

East Side 

Store, s e 
1 Coysh Frederick 
5 Vacant 

Crocker av ends 

11 Stewart John 

13 Cottenden George H 

15 Johnson Thomas E 

17 Lownsborough James 

31 Downard John J 

33 Jolley H W B 

35 Reid Wm A 

+ Robinson st ends 

41 Lyons Wm 

43 St Matthias Church 

75 Lindsey Joseph 

77 Tye Frederick W 

79 Bottrell Wm 

81 Stanley Mrs Marlon H 

83 Kearlns Harry 

85 Wludybank John 

89 Redpath Jabez E 

91 Shelton Mrs Emma 

93 Thornton Joseph 

95 Webster James H B 

99 Moynlhan Mrs Nor* 
101 Vahey Michael 
103 Webster George H 

Watson Wm, r 
105 Johnstone Wm F 
107 Bartholomee Mrs A H 
109 Young Wlnnett 
111 Parker Edward 

Harpell Miss A, drsrakr 
113 Westwood George C 
+ Bell woods pi ends 

129-33 Newcombe Piano Co, 

piauo factory 
135 Copley Wm S 
137 McCallum Wm 
139 Trotter James A 
141 Baker BenJ C 
143 Richardson Henry T 
145 Murphy Wm P 
147 Deuman Arthur C 
149 Pearson Wm T W 
151 Britton Mrs Theresa 
183 Whittingham J W, pntr 
155 McBretny Wm 
157 Black Robert J 
159 Hannah Joseph 
161 Lee Mrs Eva D 
163 Haskett John H 
165 Griffiths Mrs E 
167 Cormack James B 
169 Coulter Crozler 

House, s e 

^ Arthur st intersects 
175 Boddy Mrs M, gro 
177 Boddy Charles F 
179 Toinlin George 
181 Zock Leopold 
183 Champion Thomas 

185 Coffin John 
Freeth Wm 

187 Spring Mrs Charlotte 
189 Goodway Charles 
191 McPherson David 
193 Pickering Mrs Jaue A 
195 Powrie David 
197 Ching Henry H 
+ Plymouth av intersect! 

199 Wright J George 
201 Smith Mrs Harriet 
203 Savllle Harry 
2ci7 Ward Samuel 
2011 Deacon Wm J 

Deacon John, confy 

211 Parry Mrs Jane 

L 10 I.lthco Robert 

217 Kirk Jonn D 

219 Dllib Walter 
291 P.lcnter Win H 

2-2:1 McLean Richard C 

225 McFaul John 

227 Major Robert 

229 Hobson Arthur A, dairy 

Hobson Mrs E C, gro 
Treford pi ends 

231 Beaton Farquhar 

233 Medhurst Nathan 

235 Shaughnessy James 

237 Culley Henry T, mu 

[ 239-41 Unfinished houses (2) 

243 Edgar James 

245 Bryan Walter W 

247 Moore Wm 

249 Lnughlln John, dairy 

251 Little Mrs Jane 

253 Stewart Joseph 

255 Totten Wm J L 

257 Symons John 

259 Darch James A 

261 Mnnson James 
House, s e 

West Side 

38-48 Rear entrances 
160 Thornton Walter 

+ Arthur st intersecti 

Store, s e 

184 Scully Mrs Mary A 
188 Beasant George 
190 Crawford John 
192 Allan John A 
104 Hunklng Henry R 
196 Goldring Thomas, pntr 

+ Plymouth av intersectg 
198 Murton Mrs Lucy E 
200 Muse Mrs Isabella 
Hi 12 I ooip A Alfred 
204 Townley Wm H 
206 Morell James H 
208 Gilmore Joseph 
210 Pepall George 
212 Wellmann Edward 
214 McCullough Robert W 
216 Heeds Joseph 

Cameron Mrs Josephine 
218 Blllingsley Mrs Sarah 
220 Cameron Benjamin 
222 Sheppard Joseph 
224 Sullivan John 
226 Platt John 
228 Stewart Samuel 
230 Baker Mrs Ellen S 

234 McMillan John 
240 Thompson Robert 
244 Rainey John 
246 Rhodes Fred 
248 Lawson Christian 
250 Tatton Joseph J 
250 Mole John W 
254 Wlllmott Mrs Agnes 
256 Caslor George A 
258 Wiggins Wm 
260 Brnlthwaite Wm 
262 Mills George F 
266 Myers Frederick B 
268 Auketell George 

from 240 Crawford to Shaw, 
ward 5. 

North Side 

Not built on 

South Side 

1 Mackenzie Michael 

2 Murdoch Malcolm D 

3 Coil-man Richard H 
House, s e 

128 Claremout to Bellwoodi 
av, ward 5. 

North Side 

Store, s e 
8 Riley Robert O 
12-14 Newcombe O & Co, 
Factory, s e 

South Side 

House, s e 

3 Jeffs Thomas 

5 Lowrey Wm 

7 Harbour Wm G 

BELMONT, w from 0831 

Yonge, ward 3. 
North Side 

2 Gardiner Wm A 

4 Kane John 

6 Sheppard Peter 

8 Sheppard Win 
10 Fisher David ,1r 
12 Cholwill Mrs E A 
14 Garlick George 

16 Ashmead Edwin F 

18 Depew J Murray 

22 Moore James H 
Moore Wilford G 
Campbell Alfred C 

24-2Pi Vacant bouses (2) 

28 Kerr Henry 

30 Bray Samuel 

32 Young Donald 

34 Hammond John 

86 Hunt Thomas 

38 Goff John C 

40 Grant Francis W 

42 Menear Joseph 

44 Glllespie George 

46 McManus George 
Carrtngton Charles 

48 Stewart Henry 

60 Wilson Mrs Kliza J 

52 Wright Charles A 

64 Flay Walter 

56 McConnell Wm M 

58 Hendry Hugh R 

60 Hale Benjamin G 

62 Johnston Benjamin 

64 McLaren John 

66 Frogley Mrs Martht 

68 Routllffe John 

70 Jacobs Mrs S, drsmkr 

72 Sheppard Frederick 

74 Derry Anson A 

76 Brown Robert 

78 Dowllng Wm H 

80 Moat Albert W 

S2 Ma gill Robert J 

84 Ford Mrs Rosanna 

88 Rondeau Joseph 

90 Robinson Wm 

94 Hall Herbert 

Tunstead Mrs Mary, 

96 Bullen Miles 

98 Harrison James 
100 Bheppkrd Ilrnry 
102 Madlll Robert H 

South Side 

Store, s e 
Sarah st commences 

7 Pearce John 

9 Matthews George 

11 Lines Mrs Lucy 

13 Thody Mrs Sarah 

15 Vacant 

17 Hoban Thomas 

19 Lovett James 

21 Brown John 

23 Lediugham James 

25 Laverty Wm 

27 Telman Frank C 

29 Graham Samuel 

31 Kirk James 

33 Beauchamp Napoleon 
+ McMurrieh st ends 

43 Aged Men s Home 

51 Aged Women s Home 

75 Kettlewell Wm 

Yewman Mrs Grace, r 
Store, s e 

BELSHAW AV, s from 326 
Wilton av, ward 2. 

East Side 

House, s e 

1 Gorham Edward A 

3 McCulIoch James 

5 Gilbert John 

7 Vose G H 

9 Pym Mrs Elizabeth 

11 Gilroy Frederick 

13 Callaghan Thomas 
15 Goodfellow Wm 

17 Lee James 

19 Mackenzie James 

West Side 

House, s e 

2 Webber Wm 

4 Evans Noah 

6 Wilson Mrs Mary 

8 Ethier John 

10 Chapman Henry 

12 Cosburn Thomas 

14 Angus Francis J 
10 Hartley Henry 

18 Boylan Miss Catharine 
2n McWilliams Alexander 
22 Hawkins Wm 

24 Robertson Mrs Elizabeth 

BERKELEY, n from the 
Bay to 215 Carlton, ward 2. 

East Side 

Factory, s e 
+ R R crossing 
Railway yard 
Gas Co s works, s e 

Front st e Intersects 
35 Canada Foundry Co 

King st e Intersects 
Store, s e 

55 Stiner Ina 

57 Elliott Robert D 

59 Crawford Wm 

61 Vonzuben Frank 

r,:.! W right John 

65 Pethick Wm G 

67 Monnce John 

69 Brindle John 

71 Simpson Robert 

73 McEaehren Nell D 

75 Wardcll Wm H 

77 Kirk Charles F 

79 Belknap Frank A, fruit 

+ Duke st intersects 
House, s e 

89 Beatty Adam A, phy 

97 Redcllffe Henry 

n .t UML ITS Wm 
103 Dale John H, dairy 
105 Rowilen Francis A 
107 Taylor Edward 
109 Bastion Mrs Maud 
111 Catcs S M, horse dlr 
113 Murphy .I .lm J 
115 Farrow Alfred A 
117 Mooiicy James 

Duchess st intersects 
119 House, s e 

123 NirUlr Adam 

125 Duncan John 

127 Lappin Mrs M 

129 Durnan Miss M. drsmki 

129% Gow Wm 

131 Thomson F J 

133 Quigley Samuel 

135 Barrett John 




Tel s : Office, Main 2288 Res., North 516 


OF ENGLAND, A-D. 1714 


ancc for LESS money than any other policy. Permit us to prove the above to yon by sending: 
sample policy and rate at your age. Address 18 TORONTO ST., City. 





141 F.nrlght Thomas J. fruits 

-v John, r 
Metcalfe Wm. r 
George s Hal! 

nk. r 

Store. e 

+ Queen st e Intersect! 
14 .i Store, s e 

per George H. plmbr 
153 Rotnwell I:. vhoeinkr 


Ramsey lane Intersect! 
15i Jewell Fr, derlck 

nglp Arthur E 
irville E 
rley Wm 

. Frank 

167 Gardiner James 
169 Hoyland G Henry 
171 Martin Mlehael J 

- II pntr 

177 r.nrt Mr- Elizabeth T 
Mn Sarah 

185 Green Mrs Klizabtlh A 

e Richard 

189 Fogarty Wm J 
191 Bntterfleld Win 

* Sydenham st Intersect! 
183 Charlie Sine. Indry 


201 Michael J 

Stilliv: n Win J 

rrls Win 

- J 

211 Kay Mrs Helen 
enilne Wm, G 
21." Hall Simon 
217 Tomlli . H 

In Mrs Ei|z a 
219 Spottlswood Mrs M A 
221 c.isi,,ii- n Richard J, dairy 



227 T.nngton Thomas 
231 Gre< n .1 il 

ter Wm A 

239 Blair Francis, express 
241 Dclfinc y John 

ll-s A. drsmkr 
243 i; 

247 Thorn i so Mrs Jane 
249 MeBride John R 

257 O Connnr Mrs Margaret 
259 Poole Thomas H 
2C1 lla-tinTs Philip C 
263 Carr Wm 

266 Smith Mm Barbart 

267 Paton .T.>hn 

Nfrs Margaret 


Coatsworth lane Intersects 
277 Store, s e 

^Wilton av Intersects 

. s e 

281 McLean <;,-n r g C S 
283 Hnmlll - 

erlaln Mrs Letltla 
287 II i 

289 V. .ander L 

291 Artnithnot Tt: 
293 McLean Joseph A 

ark Jnbez W 
297 Vickery Orlando 
299 Walker Walter J 

ith Alfred 
303 25 Dnfferln School 

7 Win: k. emify 

320 Wlnnett John E 

-prmnn Sinclair 

I L 
337 Felkln Wm D 

zip Mrs Sarah 
341 Mortimer James 
t Hamilton James 


347 McLean Hector, cphol 

in T 

3.11 M -s Minnie 

35: . M.--Craw David 
James H 
Henry J 

Srth ur II 

S59 Mansell Charles F 
Honse. s e 

* rard st e Intersects 
House, a e 

"71 Hani Mrs Margaret 

3 Sqnarey Wm R 

375 Hyues Mrs Margaret 

Hynes James P 
377 Scott James C 
370 Johnston Albert 
381 Bollard Arthur 
383 Christie Wm 
389 Ridley James McQ 
387 Dnnlel Mrs K F 

.r John, bldr 
:i91 Robertson Miss Jessie 
393 Mastpn Reuben B 

Rouse, s e 

Lumber yard, t e 

til U crossing 
F.spi:- PUdS 

4 Hpeson Rocking Grate 

Bar Co 
6-8 Treloar. Blasntord & Co, 

10-12 Tor Knitting Factory 

Works, s e 

Front st e Intersects 

ber Mai 


King st P Intersects 


66 Brandon Charles 
Cronln Dennis P, r 
Fire Hall No 4 

Duke st Intersects 
71 "hi n Jnllin 

74 \farv 

7>; Crawford Ceorirp It 
78 Heslop Thomas M 

su Wh.M! 

- an! 

84 Hunt Thomas H 

80 Hunter George G 

88 Wood James W 

90 Virgin Robert S 

92 McGnire John 

94 Bradley Norman S 

96 McMnnn Thomas 

98 Cook HIIL-II M 

F. l<li -e. r 

102 Bacon Win II 
I M Bacon Henry W 
106 Mcflolpin James A 
Vis M.-Waiers David 
110 rrqnhart Donald 
112 McKay John R 

Dnchess st Intersect! 
Honse, s p 

118 Graham Robert 
120 Forgyth Walter 
122 Horder Thomas 
li 4 Richards Francis 
12 Hallii: mie 

128 Perry Mrs Sar.nh 
130 McGolpIn Wm J 
132 Earle Franklin P 

t, liottlers, 
Turkahoe I.ltha Water 

Church, s e 

Queen st e Intersects 
14L- store, s e 

144 Lot* Henry J 
14 ! I! -e F 

aswell \Vm A 

Ramsey inne Intersects 

ppr Mrs Margaret 

! J 

1.12 McDonald Mrs Amy 

ark Lewis W 
15G Ctirran Joseph 
158 Snook John 
li O Vaughan George 
162 Clement John H 
164 Fan-all Frar 
166 Greene James 
irN Hyil.-r Ix>nl 
170 Moore James E 
_- P 

174 i Ina 

176 Wanl Mrs Mary 
178 Cnrran Mrs Sarah 
Mulr Robert S 

>tt Mrs Susnn. gro 

Sydenham st Intersects 

1MB Mrs 
188 Curran James D 

\l J. confy 
192 M 

Jack.sun .liihn. shocmkr 
194 Carroll Alfr. 

.1 K.lgar 
200 Carroll Jdin 

I h C 

204 McQulllell Owen 
200 Woodstock Wm H 

212 Knight John 

214 Mri al,,. Mi.-bael T 

215 Wulker Win 

i.. villa 

224 WaKh Jan 
22<; Jackman Frank 
228 Lemon Wm 
230 Stewart Jan. 


242 A ,:ird 

L 14 Itriuht .l,.lm 
24ti l: .rge 

!> M .lohn 

280 Storm Miss Annie E 
.:.. i 

-T.4 Flint Win 
^ Coatsworth lane Intersect! 

House, s e 
Wilton av Intersects 

- 7" : iiolMTt M 

272 McNelll Mr- 

L 74 McGep Mr- MM/.alieth 
- " ines 

278 Mitchell Samuel 
2x> \Vickens Albert 11 
282 Owens Albert 
yers Wm 
iiik Win 
tie John 

Mary L 
I i! 

296 Armstrong Frank 1r, bldr 
rt A 

AruistrmiL Miss D, drsmkr 

:!08 Wright Wm 

:?1U ]iai:dy Mr- Sarah 

: .14 1 ark Andrew 
316 Boyle Dayld 

sterson Samuel 
320 Street Hubert 

i \v Mi>s M. drsmkr 
:>22 McTauiney James 
324 Hagprman Albert B 
326 Hoyd Alexander 
:t28 McCaffry James R 
i :eming Wm F 


334 Trebikcck Albert E 
", M Hamilton .Tai 
338 Hambly Frederick P 
340 Covington Win J 
342 O Connor Wm 
344 Scholey Joseph 

wart Mrs Lllllas 
. Us linn---, s e 
Gerrard st e Intersects 

House, s e 
356 Cook Wm J 
358 Rolls Henry J 
360 Westman Miss Msry & 
3fi2 Doran James 
364 Davis Magnn 
366 Brown Mrs Fannie 


::7L I .nin Wm D 
. i74 I.i * -"ll Harrv 
376 Jackes I 
378 Rennle Robot I! 

880 Lumbers James H 

384 Barry Mrs Clara 

386 Lapraik David 

388 Blackburn Arthur R 


390 Secunl 1 
House, s e 

BERNARD AV, w from 128 
Avenue rd to Wa liner id, 
ward 4. 

North Side 

House, s e 
8 Nleol Mrs Jane 

10 Chambers Win r 

14 V:. 

18 Piper Edward S 

22 Piper Hiram L 

24 Mi-earthy Henry B 
26 Glbb Lawrence 

25 Pease J< 

30 McLaugbllu Prof J F 

34 Phillips \\ i 


;s M ..liu J 

4 i Smith Robert 
42 Wlgmore Alfred S 
4ii Rolpb Alfred J 
is 1 avy lOilward, contr 

^ Bedford rd Intersects 

mlng Frank A 
60 Lefroy A II Fn. 
62 Campt), !! Miss i 
Vacant lots to end 

SoutU Side 

House, s e 

7 Brodlgan Mrs Kmma 
9 Smlly Thomas 

Smlly O A, elocutionist 

11 Mat-thews Robert C 

th George 
ID Murphy Mrs Marlon 

21 Hall Mrs Martha C 

23 Laughliu James E 

25 Stewart Joseph () 

i 1. carp 

2! Maleolm Augustus G 
31 Tibb Rev K Campbell 
33 Anderson Edwin E 

35 Lawson Joseph 
37 Vacant 

39 Mai-lenil Malcolm 

Strai iano tuner 

41 Taylor Mrs Tilly H 
43 Ilonnell W H M 
45 Young Ralph I! 
47 Green Charles 

51 Fleming Charles E 
House, s e 

Bedford rd Interjects 
House, a e 

53 O Hara Henry R 
House, ft e 

Admiral rd ends 
69 II :i II 

Vacant lots to end 

BERRYMAN. w from 05 Dar- 
enport rd to Hazel ton ar, 
ward 3. 

North Side 

2 Nelles Mrs Elizabeth 
12 Cheyne Henry G 
lera A J, pntr 
in iielMinn Mrs Fannie 
18 Winrieid C S 
2i> Weir Christie 

22 Catterall Wm 
24 Caldwell Hugh 

26 Newbv Josepb 
28 Roberts W H 



Toronto Brass Manufacturing Go. 





Head Office, - Toronto 

J. K. MACDONALD, Managing Director 

W, C. MACDONALD, Actuary 

102 Berryman. 

30 Woods Mrs Annie 
32 Cantwell Wm J 

34 Duncan Thomas 
Meades Mrs Annie 

36 Gutheil L W 

40 Green Samuel 

42 Fraser Duncan 

44 Adamson Geoi-ge 

46 Gregory Robert E 

48 Murray Davidson M 
House, s e 

South Side 

Store, s e 
1 Fontaine Mrs Louisa 

7 Benvllle Mrs Catherine 
9 Worthy Joseph 

11 Davis Thomas 

13 Johnston Joseph 
15 Dechert John 

17 Tucker George 
10 Carter Mrs Mary A 
21 Rlchnrds Albert 
23 Hutchison James 
25 Brace Joseph 
27 Quinlau Patrick 

31 Dusty Charles 

35 Large Joseph A 
35 Eade Frederick 

37 Plowman C W 

39 ITickingbottom Jas F 

41 McGowan Amruon 

43 Cambridge John J 

45 Stephenson Arthur 

47 Moffat Robert S 

49 Hooper Frederick C 
House, s e 

BERTI. n from 52 Richmond 
e to Queen c, ward i>. 

East Side 

1 Registry Offlce 
House, s e 

V.Vst Side 

Can Institute, s e 
6 Scott James & Son, contrs 

8 Ent to Lodge Rooms 
10 British Chemists Co 

12 County Orange Lodge 

14 Lee Win 
Victoria Hall, s e 
Store, s e 

BEST S PL. e from a lane off 
Bruce, first w of Shaw, 
ward 5.- 

North Side 

66 Ferrler Joseph I 
58 Turner Samuel P 

South Side 

52 McKiuney George 
54 Bright Mrs Rose 

BEVKRLEY, n from 272 

Queen w to College, ward 4. 
East Side 

1 Hill Albert 
Regan Albert 

3 Wright Miss Maud 

5 Rowe George 

7 Dyson Mrs Margaret 

9 Broley Joseph A 
11 Leachman Wm 
13 Ausley James N 

Ross G W, livery, r 
15 Phclan Miss Sarah 
17 Sutcliffe Henry 
19 Power John 

21 Cosgriffe John J 

23 Villirrs Miss Sarah J 

Warrinzton Thomas 
23 Kelly James, dairy 
29 Walker Wm R 
31 Morrison John 
33 Klngsberry Mrs Jane 
35 Walkoy John 
37 Gearlu Mrs Ellen 
39 Alexander John 

^ Stephanie st ends 

House, s e 
41 Srlgley Daniel 
43 Hughes James G 
45 P.arker W Henry 
47 Srigley Wm B 
49 Williamson Robert C 
51 Kent Joseph 
53 Patton Mrs Martha 
5f> NursiiiL- Mission The 

Grange rd ends 

109 Bullock James N 

Williams Wm 

Stilloway James W W 
123 Irish Charles S 
125 Thorn-hill Miss Sophia 
]- J Vacant 
131 Jarvis Mrs Mary 

St Patrick st intersects 
House, s e 

133 Ritchie George 
135 Horwood Mrs Fanny 
137 McLean Nell 
139 Craig Donald C 
141 Sampson Alexander 
145 Blngham George A 
147 Dorau Daniel 

D Arcy st Intersects 
151 Pierce G FelK 

159 Vacant 
161 O Brien Daniel 
163 Hawthorne Mrs Susan 
Hawthorne E, arsmkr 
Private grounds 
179 Keating Edward H 

^ Baldwin st luterscetc 
185 Kraus Mrs Lottie 
187 Caldwell David 
189 Kells David 
193 Waste Alphonso D 

Waste .Miss M, mus tchr 
McLean Miss Maud, mus 

Parker Miss E M, mus 


195 Mackellar Miss Alice 
1!>7 Mullins Mrs Catherine 
199 Brandon James 
201 Sherris Harry 
203 Baines Christopher t 

^ Cecil st intersects 
205 Shaw James 
207 Applegath Jesse 
209 Weller Henry L M 
211 Baines Mrs Amelia 
213 Unfinished house 
215 Unfinished house 
217 Quigley Robert J 
21:1 Walsh Edward H 
221 Thomson Mrs Elizabeth 
223 Wethey Charles H 
225 Singer Jacob 
227 P.eatty Miss Elizabeth 
229 Wood Samuel T 
231 McMaster Robert S F 
233 Stewart Mrs Florence K 
235 Muntz Eugene G 
2:;7 Shields Charles 
239 Murray Charles B 
241 Cable Win 
243 Phillips James 
245 Kew Wm 
247 Brown George 
House, s B 

West Side 

24 Store, s e 

32 Crashley Cartage Co 

14 Smith Robert F 

16 Amory Win J, contr 

18 Lester Win 

20-34 Elliot & Co, drug mill 

Phoebe st commences 
40 Beauchamp G N 

42 Gathers Charles 
44 Gemmell Robert 
46 Synge Mrs M, drsmkr 

Black Mrs T, mus tchi 

McFarlane Miss C, art 

48 Norris Alexander 
50 Flint Richard H 
52 Crispin Wm H 
54 Philip Wm E 
56 Harris James 
58 HilL Mrs Josephine 
60 Heise George 
62 Williamson Thomas 
64 Smith Mrs Flora 
66 Fiirland Alfred R 
68 Millar James W 
70 Anderson Charles 

Anderson Mrs Josie 

Nurses Home 
+ Sullivan st commences 

Baptist Church 
76 Walker Mrs Emily 
78 McKinnon Mrs S E 
80 Langton Thomas 
84 Dever Win 
90 Francis George G 
90 Houlgrave Wm J 

Clarksiin Percy E, dentist 

Grauge av commences 
98 Otter Col Wm D 

100 Walker Herbert B 

106 School of the Sisters of the 

Private grounds 

St Patrick st intersects 
Private grounds 

136 Beardmore George W 
150 Cawthra W Herbert 

D Arcy st intersects 
Private grounds 

174 Beardmore Walter D 

Vacant lots 

+ Baldwin st intersects 
186 Coulson Duncan 

Private grounds 
194 Bethune Henry J 
196 Curry James 
198 Winnett Henry 
200 Innes Mrs Annie, bdg 
202 McMahon John S 
204 Hammond Mrs Maria 

Cecil st Intersects 

206 Spragge Edward W, phy 
210 Flint Mrs E A 
214 Eby Wm P 
216 Brock Henry 
218 Swabey Mrs Eliza A 
220 Burnham James G 
222 Meehan Mrs Anne 
224 Carrey Matthew 
226 Mallory Marshall B 
228 Thompson Chris W 
House, s e 

BINSCARTH HI), e from end 
of Roxborough e, *ard 2. 

North Side 

^Clty limits 

Duudas Alex, dairy 
+ Ritchie cres commences 

Vacant lots 
+ Glen rd intersects 
Despard Francis A 
110 Alexander David W 
Sale Julian 
Thomson Alexander 

South Side 


City limits 

Pelhain pi commences 
Rosedale Golf Club Ltd 
Sanderson Alfred M, care 


Glen rd intersects 

BIRCH AV, w from 1196 

Yonge to rear of Avenue rd, 

ward 3. 
North Side 

2 Winter Herbert N 

4 Rear entrance 
10 White James 
14 Fan Joseph H 
16 Mix James 
18 Stewart Mrs Rachel 
20 Martin Edward 
22 Hemhrow Stephen 
24 Holmes David G 
20-28 Baptist Mission 
30 Tomlinson Manuel 
32 Tomlinson Gco W 
34 Cook T Arthur 
36 Hodson Harry F 
38 Onley Thomas G 

Vacant lot 
46 Moore Arthur H 
48 Farley James 
50 Shea Samuel 
82 Halg Donald J 
60 MeBride Peter 
62 Macey Charles 
64 Ross Mrs Ellen 
66 Mitchell Wm 
68 Warrington Charles 
70 Boulter Mrs Sarah 
74 Carpenter Wm H 
76 Wedekamm Albert 
78 Shill Robert 
80 Cadwell Theopnilus 
82 Taylor Charles T F 
86 McBride Archibald 
88 MeBride Edward 
90 McBrldc Wm 
92 Hamilton James II 
94 CaVd Mrs Mary J 
96 Coburu Rev James 
98 Coss Robert la 

100 Bauer Charles J 

102 Bauer Herbert II 

112 Harding Eneas 

114 Smith Robert I 

110 Brodie Arthur M 

South Side 

17 Vacant 

19 Vacant 

21 Russell Win 
23 Hogg Thomas 

23 Gibbons Joseph 
21 Clark Frederick 

29 Abbs Miss L A, drsmkr 
^ Gangc av ends 

31 Gibson William 
33 Spencer Wm 
35 Johnson Andrew 
37 Howe Thomas 
39 Ford John 
41 Briggs John 

43 Green Win 

45 Henshall Arthur J 
School grounds 

65 MeBride John 
69 Brady Terrence H 
71 Hall Wm D 
73 Brett Fred L 
75 Davis Edwin 

BIRTLE, w from DundttS, 
first n of Conduit, ward 6. 
Not built on 

BISHOP, w from 113 Daven 
port rd, ward 3. 

North Side 

House, s e 
2 Nodwell Mrs Lizzie 

4 Hilborn Albert 

6 Hawes Frederick J 

8 White Herbert W 

30 Fowler Thomas A 

12 Warner Thomas J 

14 Johns Edward 

16 Loefflcr Mrs Louisa 

18 Prior Richard 

20 Blackmore George J 

22 Storey George 

24 King Robert 

26 Harrison Nicholas J 
South Side 

5 Chapman Robert H C 

7 Madlll Benjamin 

9 Lever James H 

11 Elliott Adrian B 

13 Robinson George II 

15 Ellis John, contr 

19 Hirons John H 

21 Hirons George C 

23 Einboden Mrs Hannah 

25 Gilbert Mrs Mary 

27 Barger Joseph 

29 Graham John 

31 Madill Thomas J 

33 Aylesworth Ancll E 

35 Lawless James J 
37 Adams Wm 

39 Loudon Mrs Eleanor 

41 Beat tie Kev Alfred E 

BISMARCK AV. e from 775 
Yonge, ward 2. 

North Side 

Store, s e 

10 Lewis Montgomerle 

12 Vardon Joseph T, bldr 

14 Flynn John H 
18 Taylor Albert 

20 Crown Robert, pntr 

22 White Mrs L E. drsmkr 
White Thomas H 

24 Crown Mrs Mary 
2C> Atisman James W 

28 Hubeftus Mrs Marie A 

30 Shepherd George H 

32 Wllkes Wm H 

34 Davidson Mrs Margaret 

36 Beard Miss S Louise 

35 Klan Mrs Hannah 

40 Wilson Abraham H 

42 Denstoue John 

44 Wright Bryan 
Wright Miss S. drsmkr 

46 Allen Mrs C, bdg hse 
House, s e 

Park rd intersects 

House, s e 
50 Langford Arthur \j 
52 Trent Ernest W 
54 Ashdown Vincent E 

Guarantee Company of North America 

MEDLAND & JONES, Ceij 1 Agents, Mail Building, Cor. King and Bay Tel Main 1067 

HO HARA ft RO Brokers and Financial Agents, 
. U nnnrt <X UU. 3 30 TORONTO STREET 




.ichurd O 
>arlcs W 
:i D 

68 Hi. ny L. 


72 i I! 

or K. v Win H 
nd Thomas 

! II 
82 Thomas Itev Hi rl.ert F 

- le 

Hotel, s e 
9 Downs Jeremiad 
U Willis Wm 
15 Harris Jesse K 
19 Key Wm H 
21 lii. k-"n \Vm J. prtr 
23 1).! rt II 

27 Dodsworth Thomas 
29 Stinson Mrs Mary 

rinan Wm 
35 White Thomas 

Tyte Mrs lieorglna, r 
Moulton College, r e 
+ Park rd Intc 
House, 8 e 


85 1 George 

87 < Wood F 

BLACKBURN, n from Monnt- 
tephen to (ierrnrd e, Orst 
e of Don River, ward 1. 

: le 

1 Pearce Richard 

3 F. rt W 
" ! trj Thomas 

7 Duff Frederick 

.ton John 

11 Bailey George 

13 Allendorf Mrs Emma 

ter Johu 
17 KU-rie i;.>.lfrey 
19 Death George 
21 Brown Donald A 
23 Smith Jam. 

West Side 

Not built on 

BLACKMOR1-: LANE, e from 

70 Davenport rd, ward 3. 
North Side 

2 Mndlll Samuel 

4 Richardson Frederick 

6 Mead Miss Sarah 

8 Conley Patrick 

-on James 

12 Whlttlngton Frederick 
Store, t e 

Smith Side 

Not built on 

BLAIR AV. n from 92 8yd- 
enham to Wilton nv, ward 2. 


House, g e 
^ Currle pi commencei 

House, s e 

^ Regent av Intersects 
House, 8 e 
House, s e 

Bt David st Intersects 

wan John 

Graham Mrs Catharine 
Evans Mrs Catherine 
McCurry James J 
87 Thompson James C 
59 O Donnell Mrs Mary 
61 Mlllson David 

3 Lacey Thomas 

85 O Donnell Mrs illce 

7 Matthews John 

69 Blncette Frank 
71 Hunter Wm L 

73 Wright Robert 
House, s e 

West Side 

House, 8 e 
Bnrley Richard 

4 Roberts James 

-sion Hall 
^ Regent nv Intersects 

* David st Intersects 

Vacant lot 

46 James Walter 
48 Gordon Wm 

50 Faulkner Ford 

54 Marks Thomas 
66 Decrlug Henry F 
. .s K 

60 Maedonald Wm J 
C2 Drlscoll Dennis 

t lot 

70 Openshaw Alexander 
72 Sheehan Mrs Mnry 

74 i ! r s Lizzie 

BLAKE, n from GTR track, 
first w of Jones -iv. ward 1. 


Not built on 

West Side 

- M . tin 

20 Plumb George L 

22 Taylor Samuel 

* Boultbee av intersect! 

40 Simpson Brick Co 

BLAKE) AV. w from (.bristle, 
first n of Bloor w, ward 0. 
Not built on 

BI.F.F.rKKU. n from 180 
Curlton to Howard, ward 2. 


St Peter s Church, t e 
9 Richardson Richard 
11 Thomson Wm 
13 Klrkpatri.-k John 
15 Stanley George J 
17 Beatty Alexander 
19 Graham Miss C, drsmkr 

21 Mi-K.-!i/.ie Mrs Sophia 

23 Noble Wm 

linn Mrs Maggie B 
27 Bonter C. 1 H 
31 Nesuilt John A 
37 Bruce John 

-y Edwin 

41 Hynes Wm J 
Graham Thomas H, r 

t- Wm. artist 

47 Greenwood Win IT 
40 Vanni vnr .Inmes 

51 Chapman Alfrcl 
65 Winters John R E 
59 Fnlrcloth Mrs Sarah 

61 Chattoe Jos, shoemkr 
63 Webb John W 

65 Norri* Henry 

C7 Hannlster F.ilward 

CM .Tohtis[..n John W 

71 Meyer Henry L 
Lamb Charles W, r 

TlVi Campbell Daniel 
isson Harry W 
Bell Edward, r 

h Abraham B 
77 Scully Robert 
70 Jefferies Wm J 
81 Hawkey Herbert L 
83 Brown \Vm 
85 Cayley Itev Edward C 
ST Maedonald Mrs Jane 

owers Albert 
91 Vacant 

93 Wlgham Cuthber: 
97 Kane Thomas 


101 Seels Mrs Esther 

103 Crelghton Mrs Adelaide 
105 Kirk Benjamin 

nmle Alexander 
Store, s e 
+ Wollesley st Intersects 

Store, s e 
Iffl Hislop James 
111 Soott Jobn 
113 Turner Robert 
Fagnn Hugh, r 

i-the Mrs S J 
117 Bin-foot Mrs June 
119 Adnms Wm. bid.- 
121 Mnnre Henry H 
12." Fowler F.dwln 

Il. iiry 
lioff Elgin 

f red 

;z A, mua 
137 Jamieson C R, coal oil 

139 Gardner Charles I-/ 
1311 . an. is W 

, r 
HI aarlotte - 

tliaui Wm 
145 Aticlri u . in D 

Bleec-kiT pi commence* 
14 . lioyc.s NI : 

151 Haniill John A 
. p 

it Lit 

159 Siddall John \V 
i T 

163 Porter Orlando 

\uderson John 
1>;7 Hallain John 


169 Lalor Thoi. 
171 Moore James K 

Donovan Mrs Joanna, r 
173 Mi.l.lleton Henry J 
175 Broom Mrs Mary 

Bri i:mma, dr 


177 Bates Thos, shoeuikr 
181 Hunter Wm 
183 Ross Donald P 
183% Parker Wm H 
185 Perry Frederick li 
185% Gray Richard B 
1ST TT. >tter Win J 


191 Reynolds Henry 
191Va I -\ in F 

193 Douglas John K 
195 Bell Mrs Margaret 

Vacant lots 
201 Robertson Wm J 
203 Moffat Thomas B 
205 Hyde Benjamin 
207 Muir John 
209 Stewart Bernard 
211 Bincham Mrs Carrl* 
Jl. J -i-ph 

215 Tozer Matthew 
215% Graham Wm J 
217 Hessin Arthur E 
219 Robertson Nell M 
-herk A E 
Store, s e 

West Side 

Stoic, s e 
6 Dew Mrs Eliza 
8 Cross Mrs Elizabeth 
10 Gibson Miss Jessie C 
Gib? ! W, mus 


12 Anderson Mrs Elliott 
14 lilakely John H 
i-amer Marcus 
I* Milluy .Inxeph E 
Private grounds 
44 Jackson Domlnlck O 
46 McCaffrey Wm 
48 Broadwood Miss Jalla 
50 Charlton John A 
52 Prltchard Mrs Mary J 
54 Erli Wm H 
<* K ~ A. 

58 Weir Robert A 
CO Moore Rev Wm I 
62 Robson John 
04 Me lure Johu A 
ft-, K.-rr Mrs Julia 

Wellesley st intersects 
House, s e 


110 Hodklnson Mrs Martha 
112 Foote Oliver E 
114 JefT.-ry Mrs Elizabeth 
lin Casbman Richard 
118 Carney Edward 
120 Fox Wm D 
122 Davidson Robert L 
124 Scott Wm R 
12>! Mills Francis 

KI-V George W 
130 Patterson Wilson S 
132 M Master Wm 
134 1 1. .ry J 

130 Wilson Charles, r e 

.1 Mrs I- ilzn A 
Win A 

164 Dawson J M. mus tehr 
ICG Li; 

168 Deacon E J, taxidermist 

170 Hornell Robert 

172 i 

171 t i 

17s \\ g|. o 

Mrs Mary H 


- John W 

-inn .1 Hartley 
192 Wlnlow Char. - w 

Walter D 

ieS C 

II John A 
202 O Neill Dennis 

Maedonald Archibald 
i J 

. cabtmkr 
214 Vacant 

Mrs Elizabeth 
218 Glllespie James 
220 Jacobs C T 
222 Howard Richard H 
224 Hlggins Arthur T 
22il ilr.ilmrn John 
2!0 Greer James 
Store, s e 

BLEECKER PL. e from 14 

Bleecker, ward 2. 
Norm Side 

1 Curtis John H 

2 Cressell Joseph 

4 McKane Charles 

South Side 

Not built on 

BLEVINS PL, e from 141 
Sumach, ward 1. 

North Side 

Store, s e 


4 Nninian Mrs Margaret 
Lard Mrs Jane 

8 Rooney Jasper 

10 Burns Cl 

12 Mackay Mrs Lally 
14 Lewis Wm A 

veetnam Miss Jane 
18 Steeer Alow G 
2c i rracknell Elliott G 
22 MeAdnm Win A 

24 Morrison Wm N 

26 Taylor Jane 

28 Blakley John J 

irllnjr Frederick 
: .2 Hare Harry 
34 Lefeuvre Henry 
36 Wrigley Mrs Kate 
38 Sewell George 

South Side 

Store, s e 

1 Pickering Jeremiah 

3 ri arles 

r> MCI !oy i ii i 

7 P.lanks Alexander 

9 Reynolds Richard 

11 Thompson Wm 

13 Clark .7 

Tihorne Richard 
17 Brooks Henry T 
19 Griffiths Ishmae! 
21 Cnrran Barnard 


25 Lawson John 

27 Snunders Thomas 

Alfred E 
"1 Kroirh Frank 
33 Davis Charles J 

. I ward S 

BI.iiNG AV. e from Pape aT 
to w of Brooklyn av, second 
n of Queen e. ward 3. 

: tU Side 

2 M i mrcr. if t Arthur 

Mrs Elizabeth 
-, Blake Mrs Ada L 
14 Mellmurray Henry 
If. James 

Alow G 
20 Pickerel James S 

C D 

24 Thirsk Charles K 
26 Donnelly Leslie 
28 Craig Josep 


Successors to LIMITED 



Typewriters Rented 


Phones Main 1126, 1127 




104 Blong Av. 

South Side 

1 Ensminger G W, butter 

7 Foley Thomas 

9 Chandler Frederick 

11 Chandler George, baker 

13 Lee Harry 
25 Koley John 

27 Bamford James 

BLOOR EAST, e from 737 
Yonge to Sherbourne, wards 

2 and 3. 

North Side 

2 Rose D Albert, phy 
Clements Stanley II 

6 Hogg R F, sign pntr 

8 Spencer Mrs Edith 

10 Kormann Mrs Mary E 

12 McKenzle B E, phy 
Galloway ll p H, phy 

14 Galloway Herbert P H 

10 McKenzle Bart E 

18 Carr Mrs Sarah 
20 Gooch Robert N 

24 Warwick Guy F 
34 Moulton College 

Wells Mrs Frances B 
Central Meth Church 

4^ Park rd commence* 

48 Bawn F J H 

Bawn Mrs S E. drsmkr 

64 Bruce Herbert A, pby 

06 Thome Wm H 

90 Simpson Mrs Mary A 
102 HeiHlri.-k Michael 

118 Wilkes Mrs Martha 

134 Bnrnham G Herbert, nhv 

144 Ktlgour Rohert 

152 Smith Agnes Residence 
164 Ileliitzmnn Gerhard 
172 Reid John B 
176 Orr William H 

180 Rowland Thomas M 
182 Eastman George P 

^ Huntley st intersects 
184 Follett Joseph J 
188 Catto John 
194 Ansley Alfred 
236 Green" Wm 

South Side 

1 Gow George. Mentis! 
Ogg Miss J, underwear 
Syllable Shorthand Col 

7 Brighton Laundry Co 
Pofticy James A 

9 Smithers George 

11 Chessum Arthur, pntr 

13 Pentecost Ashton 

IB Wilson Mrs M.irlhn 
17 Robertson Alexander 

19 25 Mnher P. livery 

25 navies Thomas 
29 Prlngle John 

31 Lambert Mrs Helen 
33 Thome Win II 
37 Murdoch Wm 
39 Bonter Miss Mary 
43 Matter Patrick 

Mnher Miss M J, elo 
45 Duncan John T, sure 

Westminster Pres Ch 
57 Boojie Charles S, contr 
6"> Liiclfnnl Edward 
67 Hans Mrs Clara 
69 Cnssidy John .7, phy 
71 Ireland Alexander H 
Church st ends 
81 Wood Thomas R 
85 English E Taylor 
87-115 St Paul s ch (Ang) 
117 Shcpard Mrs Kliza. 

119 Boyd Hon John A 

120 Vacant 

131 Jenkins Ben.lnmlu B 
133 Ball Mrs J M 

House, s e 
^Jarvis st ends 
139 Hart Alexander S 

145 Stevenson R A. phy 
155 Caldecott Stapleton 
159 Clow Win 

I(i5 Bnclian Miss Jane 

+ Hnntley st intersects 
107 Boyd Geoffrey.phy 
171 Ruckling Win J 
17." Steiihon<i .l.ihn phy 
177 Reid Mrs Mary A II 

181 Boyd Wm T 

187 Barrett Robert (. 

189 White George N 
193 Cromarty Robert K 
195 Robertson Thomas 
199 Haworth George F 
201 Crawford Mrs Catherine 
205 McLean R Gordon 
207 Nasmith John D 

BLOOR, WEST, w from 794 
Vonge to city limits, ward* 
3, 4, 5 and 0. 

North Side 

Bank, s e 

2 Reade Robert J, dentist 
14 Richardsou G A, dentist 
10 Daiu James B 
18 Ellis Matthew C 
20 Wilson Robert J, phy 
24 Brown Frederick D 
20 Christie Robert 
30 Eaton H E, dentist 
32 Webster A F, dentist 
40 Foy John 
40 Nevltt R B, phy 
52 Johnson A J, phy 
02 Miller Daniel 
04 Donald Mrs Elizabeth 
66 Sutherland Mrs II A 
68 Massie James 
72 Parsons Harold C. phy 
80 Scanlon Mark . 
82 Hodgson John E 

Hodgson Miss G, nurse 
+ Bellair st commences 
86 Bull Thomas H 
92 Pearcy Sanderson 
100 Toronto Orthopedic Hos 

108 Robertson Llewoilyn H 
110 Jones Mrs Charlotte 8 
Armstrong Mrs L S, drs- 

112 Easton Robert 

Enston Miss F, mus tcnr 
114 Bell Alexander 
110 Burns Michael 
118 Mattice Wm 
120 Faulkner Misses, drbiukri 

Faulkner Miss C ara 
122 Eastbury Wm 
124 Hodges Win . 
!^0 Vacant 

128 Tattersall Richard B 
134 Eby Joseph F 
142 Walker Mrs Cora V 

MacMuhrchy Helen, phy 
144 Frenkel Charles 
14(i Foster Thomas G 
152 Presby Ladies College 

Maclntyre Mrs Sophia 
100 James Rev C J 

Church of Redeemer 

Avenue rd commences 
170 St Monica s School for 

Young Ladies 
1sU Si-adding II C, phy 
192 Clute Roger C 
194 Johnston Mrs Agnes, bdg 
206 Rowan Thomas A 
208 Wilson Robert S 
21" I .irkiiell James 
222 Shaw John 
232 Pugh Mrs Rachel 
234 Perry George D 
236 Woods Mrs Cora 
j:;s Smith Mrs Sarah 
240 Clark Arthur D 
242 Crean Robert C 
244 Small Sydney 

Bedford rd commences 
2-H! lleyden Miss Barbara 
206 Mead Mrs Mary A, bdf 

House, s e 

St George st intersects 
House, s e 

340 Wcstlionrne School 
Curlctle Miss M, B A 
Dallas Miss S E, B A 

350 Langmuir Matthew 

Huron st Intersects 
Bloor St I res Ch 

.",96 Rudolph 1! I>. phy 

400 McArthur Mrs Margaret 

Madison av commences 
4<y Massey Artli i:- L 

408 Dwyer R .T. phy 
410 Clarke J T, phy 
412 Trotter W C. dentist 
414 Milner Beverley 7,. phy 
418 Thorburn James, phy 
^ Spadina rd commences 

428 Covert Mrs Mary 
434 Wallace Alexander B 
+ Walmer rd commences 
462 Smyth Thomas H 

Brunswick av intersects 
Howland av commences 
Albany av commences 
53 McDonnell Alex, restr 
538 Brock Alfred, flour 
540 Hague C H, btchr 
542 Vacant 

544 Siean Thomas W, plmbr 
546 Mayo John W, baker 
548 Burfoot Geo, gro 
550 Green Mrs A, dry gds 
552 Roeers David J, shoes 
554 Bartlam S II, dentist 
Ingle Walter 
Douglass Hall 
550 Moyer Allan B, drugs 
GNW Telegraph Co (br) 

Bathurst sf intersects 
558 St Alban s Hotel 

56n Buist .lames ]>, watchmkr 
572 Minehau Rev Lancelot 

Markham st intersects 
00n-6]ii Cross \- Co, planing 


Palmerston av intersects 
612 Stanworth Levi. bicycles 
620 Davies Charles J 

622 Courtenay Stephen H 
(i2li Wakeford Wm E 
630 Butler Wm T, exp 
634-36 Paddon Mrs F A, gro 
Paddon Frederick E 

^ Euclid av Intersects 
638 Hagan John B, gro 
640 Scott Mrs Mary 
642 Furnival Edward 
64(1 West Robert 
r,}s Ilalliday .Tohn E 
654 Wild James M 
656 Benham Alfred 
662 Powell R P. carpet clnr 

+ Manning av intersects 
664 McCarron Jos, whol btchr 

^ Clinton st Intersects 
094 Vacant 
720 Butwell Henry 
722 Tinsley James 
724 Ford John A 

Chldley Miss J. drsmkr 
72 Pentland, Wm, flonr 

^Christie st commences 

Crawford st intersects 

Shaw st Intel-sects 
s."it; T rqnhart John 
858 ide Willis A 

860 Shand James 
SIK norland Gilbert 
S04 Parker Charles S 

^ Carllng st commences 
87(5 Welllnger Frederick W 

Ossington av Intersects 
Vacant lots 

MX! Wilson .T G T, gro 
Mis 9n| rminished houses 
^ Preston av commences 
020 Vacant 
02(5 Hop Sing. Indry 
928 Clooney Mrs K. wines 
Clooney John 
Ryan Michael 
Ryan Daniel, contr 
930-32 Berridge Richard 

934 Parker Miss Mary 

935 Payne Arthur 

944 Klchardson Wm II. tlr 

Delaware av intersects 
St Mary s Church, s e 

f>~A Emery Wm. hardware 
968 Foster Richard, shoemkr 
972 Gregson Samuel, gro 
974 Wise Fred, btehr 
976 Heaslip Thomas R 
978-80 Varey John I!, dry gds 
982 Stevenson S B. drugs 
Postofflce (br) 

Doverconrt rd intersects 
nsi Davies Win Co Ltd, provs 
980 Wallace George, flour 
988 Drury John, gro 

990 Allan Wm. barber 
992 Campbell D O. confy 
994 Horwood Mrs H. dry gds 

Horwood Miss J. drsmkr 
996 Lum Charlie, Indry 
.ins Mei lean Daniel B 

Rose Miss Clara, drsmkr 

1000 Bowen Gilbert H, baker 
1002 Cardwell J A, shoes 
1004 Dumble W C. phy 

^ Westmoreland av com 
1000 Whittaker R E, exp 
1012 Horwood Wm 

^ Salem av commences 
103S Gosnell George, gro 
1040 Johnson Franklin A, tlr 
1042 Vacant 
1050 Brown Wm 

+ Bartlett av commences 
1078 Dovercourt Twine Mills 
^ Hamburg av commence* 
1112 Smnmerfeldt Wm H C, 

1114 Yake Jacob & Son, 


Yake Jacob 
Yake Adam 
1128 McKinney John, gro 

Chalmers Andrew, tlr 
^ Dufferin st intersects 
1131) Dufferin Hotel 

+ Russett av commences 
1150 Squire John 

Squire John jr, whol 

1166 Brooks John, gro 
1168 Bnrchill Mrs Caroline, 


1170 Kerr John F. decorator 
1172 Armstrong Mrs Sarah, 

1174 Kernaghan John, gro 

Brock av intersects 
1190 Ramsey Alexander 

Margueretta st Intersects 
Unfinished hides 
Lawrence Edward, hard 

1218 Stevens Jamea 

Emmerson av commence! 

St Clarens av Intersects 

Lansdowue av intersects 
1304 Mai-Kay Mrs Sophia, gro 

MacKay Hugh 
1306 Shipman John T, btchr 
1308 Vacant store 

Briirden Win 
1310-12 Vacant stores (2) 
1326 Morris Peter 

+ Railway crossing 
1372 Dougan David, florist 
1412 Beckett Mrs Mary J 

: Symington av Intersects 
Perth av Intersects 

Railway crossing 

1496 Huntley G J. mkt gdnr 

Dundas st Intersects 
1556 Cole Wm 

1562 Finn Edward L 

l.Vis Mooney Ephraim 

1578 Berry Edward 

1584 McNamara John 

1590 Roberts John, mkt gdnr 

South Side 

Store, s e 

11 Kenwood J M, phy 
13 MacCallum Jas M. phy 
15 Roddy Miss Elizabeth 
17 Nudei Mrs Isabel 
19 Lander John C 
21 Frawler Dr S L. dentist 

Balmnto st ends 

23 Hodgins Thomas K C 
Baptist Church 

North st ends 
Vacant lots 

71 Dutton Benjamin 

73 I ike John 

75 Tllley Mrs Mary S 

77 Cartwrlght George A 

79 Brown Edward 

SI Tarberton Christopher 

83 Macdonell Mrs Isabel 

Anderson Norman, phy 
85 Davison Johu M 
Ml Foster Miss Mary L 
91 Smith Mrs Henrietta C 
93 Lusk Charles P 
95 Starr C L. phy 

St Thomas st euds 
97 Dent Wm P 

99 Woodsworth Rev R W 
101 Wcbsti r Mrs Helen 
105 Kennedy Mrs Margaret 

Kennedy Miss L, mus tchr 
107 Adalr Mrs Margaret 
109 Ross Mrs Sarali N 

Watchman s Time Detector Systems 

Complete Installations of Watchman s Clocks 
and Key Stations for Factories, Warehouses, Etc- 

128 Bay St. 


Telephone M. 409 


"- Limited, 78 CHURCH ST. 


and large sums. 
Interest at Highest Current Rate. 




111 Church John T 

113 Burwasu Rev Nathaniel 

I rh.ite grounda 
127 Blaikle John L 
131 Hull Mrs Mnry I 
137 Pnnley John 
143 > \ ihur W 

147 Kenuedy George 
151 Mcl hedran Alex, pby 

* Entrance to Queen a Park 
McM.ister FnlverM v 
M.-\ Win (Eat 


Prltchard John, steward 
Unlrerslty of Toronto Ath 
letic Field 

* vonshlre pi ends 

>nt lots 

319 Brick John O 

* George st Intergecti 
House, s e 

829 Thorburn J D, |.hy 
831 V. . 

333 riltil.Mi. .1 !. 

841 Porter George D phy 
845 Gordon A K, phy 

* Huron st Intersects 
403 St Margaret s College 

Dlckson George 

* Spadlna nv ends 
House, a e 

* Robert BI ends 

Trinity Methodist Cbnreh 

* Major st ends 
469 Leaver Geo. gro 

467 Hooper Co Ltd (br). 

Buttden Mrs Anna M 
489 Slean .1 
471-3 Lannklll Jam.-.*, gro 

is James 

475 It lack well A E II 
481 Brunswick Hotel 

. * Brunswick av Intersect* 

Miss M A, 

485 Ilai_-!.i 1 1. ..-ace, barber 

489 Bliinie .! \v. ir. ins fur- 

801 BInnle Mrs A, dry gds 

503 Whvte Alexander K 

605 Hamilton Thomas 

609 Gil Irugs 

^ Borden ~t i-nds 

ave James, pliy 
13 Chowno Mrs Aagot 
16 O Brien Mrs Marr J 

517 Co] i W 

519 Tackaberry i: E 

621 I.eavitt T W n 

525 Scrivener Mrs I, A 



531 Smith II C. j\vlr 

53 Cameron F J. coal 
537 Hemy ; - inlth 

* Llpplncott st 
539 rrhach C A. 1 . 

563 Xnsinith Co Ltd (br), 

5K> Dominion I .nnk 

^Batliur-- ;ects 

667 Havies win c I. id 

* Marl. 1 an Intersects 

+ } ..:: i i 

* Manning : > intersects 


721 Mcc:. : nnd .< 
723 Rutwdi II. i.rlok mfr 


^ K. : st ends 

* av ends 

* intersects 


M. gro 

871 H. , In John 
873 Mn.for Wm 

881 Cork J H, btcbr 

tnv Intersects 
Concord nv ends 

935 Stevenson T C, gro 

I elaware av Intersects 

;m siinson j \v. 
! 7.~> I. .ir..- Qeoi -. is, hard 
077 Clapp M H, boots and 

977% Twldale J C, barber 

rt & Mercer, 

981 Davis I II 

Povercourt rd intersects 

::->lme rd ends 
llavelock st ends 

l T.". \ 

1o77 Kran.i phy 

l"7;i Foster Fr. 

1 ends 


> Brock av Intri 



> Ltndftdowna av Intersects 

St Helen av 
131!) Orlfrin Mrs Bridget 

Railway crossing 

M::l|..ii av eommences 
1391 Boland Michael 

-. re nee. gro 
1403-1411 I.ochrle Jam. 

nnd bicycle mfr 
mlngton nv Intersects 
lei A 

I erth nv Intersects 
14.-.7 I .air.l Norman 

: Hallway crossing 
Diimlas st Intersects 

1347 Tnrp Charles, florist 
^ \ ": i ( 
^ Indian rd Intersects 

BOLTON AV. n from 800 
Queen e to Gerrard e, ward 

Fast Side 

-ore. s e 
7 Wcston F .1 \- 8ns, 

boot and shoe nifrs 
15 West. in Krederifrf \\ 


25 McDermntt Cloorge 
29 Tolburst Tboinns G 

Tolhnrst Miss Helen, mns 


35 Glover John J 
.> .) \Vadhaill Ji Seph A 
45 Johnston Jnn 
49 Jones James II 
r.l riiillips Frwlerlck 
S3 Prltcrcard Wm J 
55 Glover Wm J 

Powell M! nurse 


63 Shee George H u 
67 Haley Frank 
71 Powell Walter 
SI Lowes Edward Jr 
83 Ware Samuel J 
85 Flenry James U 

ith Hugh 
!>1 Smith John, dairy 


ml John 

97 Wagner Frank A 
00 Richardson Frederick H 
101 Hooey Frederick A 
103 Slater Wm G 
inr, Whiteslde Thomas 

irk W 

IfiO-lll Harrison .Tolin R. gro 
+ riimmln?s st Intersects 

Private gr\ 
141 Atkln Thomas D 
14T) I voy J 
149 Tuc well Philip 
153 Andrews Win R 

163 Moffatt Alexander 

P. row n .Tai 
1> .0 Vacant 

171 Zimmerman George 
173 1 : R 

175 Brown James 

177 Jones Wm 

179 Seeker Wm 

181 Murphy Mrs Kllen J 

183 O Reilly Francis 
irlej I C. bkr 

ey Miss Maud, dra 
in kr 

187 Luke Jacub. dairy 

189 McCartney Ttn.mag 

l! l S, is II 


199 Gill Mrs Mary 
in j 
- "." Hart James A 

i TkOBM 

209 I.. Miry 

211 McDonald Alexander 
-17 Richmond Win A 
jr." 11 .. n 

-L l Will II 

I .rle. i Jonathan 
r.l P 

L"J7 I .anks Kdward C 

J- :l Lltl .pher 


First av intersects 
Bolton A\ 

St John s Pres Ch. a e 


Store, s e 
4 Masonic Hall 

. Mrs Annie J 
6 Public Library (br) 
s Rudmau Wm II. pntr 

11 Klrliyson Thomas 

14 W. ller Mrs n.irence 

16 Jameson Wm E 

18 T) ^e A 

irff Thomas W 

>., N: 

24 Xewberry Mrs K A 
^ Clark st ends 
"0 Hill Arthur W 
. !2 Hiiches Wm J 
H4 M.- afri ey James 
: illowes G< 

4n Winn Frederick W 
. over Thomas 
Winn Fre.l, ri.-k W. llveri 

44 Wlnn Wm H 

4 i Gready Harry F 
48 Summers John 
BO Shlpcott Robert J 
T>2 Mmire Arthur 

4 Coyne Mrs Ruth 
02 Paddon Thomas C 

St Anne s iRO Sch 
78 Maher Mrs Maria 
80 Haynes Krlward C 
82 Graham Henderson 

-. erinir Mrs Charlotte 
8fi Flenry Alexander 
88 Leason Georce T 
00 Spraez Arthur H 
00 Taylor Alf 
OS Youens James 

10("> Worteri Georzt- W 

108 Garnett Air 
110 Taylor Frederick W 
112 Valiant Alfred 
114 Cleps James 

irney Thomas 

Cummin? st intersects 
120 Burney Robert 

. rt J 
:\on Robert J 

Elliott s! 

140 Vacant 

McKinley James 
146 Miller GeorL- 
*AI!en av ends 
Fire Hall No 12 


!!! rollne, r 

104 Whittakei- Roliert. mns 


166 Gould Thojnas O 
168 Routley James 
170 Glilam Alfred 
172 Hinder Samuel 

1*4 .Tones Mrs Pauline 
186 Field Edward 
192 S ge B, exp 

194 Langstone J J 

Baptist Church, s e 

First av Inter 

<1 S, gro 
-:\ \ Lee Wm H 

ni N 

rs Hugh. I hys 
246 Gould Mrs Anna M 

BOND, n from 44 Queen t to 
Gould, ward 3. 

East Side ^ 

Metropolitan Church. 1 

Shuter st Intersects 
St Mlcnnel 8 Cathedral 

79 St Michael s School 
81 Loretto Convent 
83 Loretto Academy 
St Aloyslus School 

Wiltou av Intersects 
Congregational Church 

A m 

iherland James 
101 Brorvn Alexander 
103 Kerr George G 
105 McBride Robert H 
Hm Mannell Thomas 
111 Thomas Isaac 
113 Tranter Thomas T 
115-121 Holy Blossom Syn- 

Geldzaler Marks, cnretkr 

In Annie 
:~on Mrs Annie 
137 O Keefe EJugene 

West Side 

k Thomas 
4 Alii-.. 11 John 
i! Murphy Win 
s Vacant 

in Mannin-- Siilney 
12 Lewis Mrs Jane 
10 De Garmo Frederick 
14 Lockhart John C 
16 \v ^ lora 

- ; spltal 

38 Heinle. -> M 

40 Hall Wm 
42 Meylan 
J4 HO le Mrs 8 

40 M Mrs Eliza 

48 Foster Misses, drsmkre 
50 Btirt-Sherratt Dr Ellen 

Sherratt Win 
E i:ter st intersects 
.-.2 M Ida 


60 Barrlt-k Ell J. phy 
66 Vaux Harry K. phy 
70 74 Mullan F T. corjtr 
78 Garbutt Mrs Mary 

rt E, phy 
I ward 
S2 McCarthy Ellas A 

Sanderson S M, Indry 

i; J. phy 

ton Mrs Catherine 
94 Langhlln Samuel H 
Wilton av intersects 
House, s e 


1u2 Georire Kol.ert 
104 Hawthorne Miss M J 
10(1 Maltby Mrs Mary, bdg . 
h Mrs M. bdg 

111 Thompson Mrs Mary 

112 Farquharson Mrs Jane 
114 Crosby Mrs Hann.ih 

rman Lutheran Cn 
118 McMillan Robert 
12n Pciiirilly Mr- II. hdft 
122 Brown Mrs Eupbemlfl L 



Tel. Main && 

n * Lake Simcoe ICE Supply Co. 



^" *"^ 1*0 I D LJ E J 




Best Quality All Sizes 
Tel. Main 86 

North British & Mercantile Insurance Go. 

GOOCH & EVANS, Resident Agents 

26 Wellington St. E. 

Tel. Main 423 





AT $000 BOOT 

Biggest Boot Value in Canada (or 
Men and W;itien. 

...T. EATON CO- 

124 Kekert George 

Eckert Mrs Ella. b<lg 
126 Sleigh Mrs Fannie, bdfr 
128 Meehan, John, exp 
130 Vacant 

132 McDonald Mrs, Jessie 
134 Staunton Luke 
140 Truscott George 

BOOTH AV, n from Ash- 
bridge s Bay to Jemima, In 
tersecting Queen e at 841. 
ward 1. 

East SUJe 

43 Brough John 

45 Hogg James M 
47 Ryan John 

49 Ayre Thomas W 
51 Banks Ernest 

53 Duncan Wm 

55 Mallindine Frederick C 

57 Pullman John 
59 Black Thomas M 

61 Cowan Thomas 

71 Beamish George 

73 Beamish Thomas 
75 Reid Samuel J 
77 Cook Alfred J 
79 Strader Arthur 

81 Farm Mrs Elizabeth 

Vacant lots 

87 Sanderson, Pearcy & Co, 
varnish works 

89 Inch Frederick 
91 Crozier Joseph 

93 Bailey John A 

95 Dilks John W 

97 Sullivan Mrs Catherine 

Eastern av Intersect! 

House, s e 
105 Vacant 
107 Lyford Wm 
109 Shields John 
111 O Neill Felix 
113 Call Robert G 1J 
115 Hilton Thomas 
117 Gerrard John 
119 Northcott Frederick 
121 Squires Jacob 
123 McDonell Andrew 
133 Widdifleld James H 
135 Goldring Thomas 
145 Watts Wm A 
147 Watson Charles P 
149 McCartney Andrew C 
151 Pearson Robert S 
163 Orr Henry 
165 Terry Charles B 
167 Vale Bruce 
169 Murdock Wm D 
171 Swallow Francis 
173 Payne Wm H 
175 Dlxon Win H 
^ Queen st e intersecti 
Slaughter houses 

Natalie st intersects 
22i> Gillesple Wm 

231 Shea Peter 
23 Rae David 
2:t5 Tumbling Alfred 
237 Shier Adam 
239 Johnson Mrs Emma 
241 Kyle George T 
S43 Curie George 
245 Vennels Charles 
247 McCartney Matthew 
249 Beall Wm T 
251 Robinson Charles W 
25:i Addy Henry 
255 Freeland Josias W 
2.17 Lancaster Joseph J 
259 Hardy David 

201 Hayden George A 

2(53 Craig George 

265 Stevens Wm G 

267 Martin George 

West Side 

Boat houses 

Athletic grounds 
+ Eastern av Intersects 

Cricket grounds 
+ Queen st e iutersects 
188 Dorgan Daniel W 

Dorgan Mrs G C, drsmkr 
190 Guest Frederick T 
192 Golay Henry S 
194 Buckuer Alfred, p str 
190 MacKenzie Charles 
198 Buckner Charles 
200 King Joseph 
202 Winfleld Charles 
204 White Willis F 

Natalie st intersects 
284 McCaffexy John 
294 Clolnnd Wm 
296 Trotter Thomas 

RORDICN, n from 380 Col 
lege to Bloor w, ward 4. 

East Side 

Store, s e 

1 Nicholson Frederick R 
7 Lowery Mrs Mary 
9 So\vdon Mrs L C 
11 Shaw John R 
13 Roadman Wm A 
15 Myers Wm C 
17 Job Henry H 
19 Nimmo Andrew R 
21 Denton Wm A 
23 Omidy N F 
25 Powell Wm E M 
27 Sutherland J B 
29 Rutherrord Richard G 
31 Fraser John W 
31! Wolfe George T 
35 McNichol Joseph 
37 Ferris George E 
39 Hopwood Wm J 
41 Sinclair Edwin G C 
43 Minister Alfred 
45 Linall Henry 
47 Peters Arthur E 
49 Moodie Mrs Caroline 
51 Denton Frank 
53 Baird Daniel S 
55 Spence Robert F 
57 Little Parker 
59 Colquhoun A H U 
61 Hnmbly Win J 
03 Luke L Herbert 
65 Kennedy Byron LaD 
(!7 Lcsslle Joseph 
09 Mearns Frank S 
71 James Win H 
73 Bain Thomas 
75 Pcarce John S 
77 Dlnnick Mrs C U 
79 Worth Win 
81 Sugarman Casper 
83 Lcverty Martin 
85 Clark Herbert A 
87 Yates Win T 
SO Wallace Wm 
.il r.aker Robert A 
93 Saulter Wm 
95 Davidson Mrs Mary 
97 Davis Thomas E 
99 Laurie James A 
101 Wood James H 
103 Waltnam Erfward 

House, s e 
^ Ulster st Intersects 

House, s e 
103% Sloane Mrs Sarah 

Newsome* Miss H, mus 


105 Anderson Mrs E A 
107 To3d STIss Mary 

Todd Miss Isabella L 
109 Sandilands James 
111 Caldwell S W 

Firth Wm F 
113 Gadd Charles H 
115 Hess Lawrence 
117 Firth John O 
lin Jones Wm H 
119% Davles Charles E 
121 Queen Georgjfc 
123 Croft George II 
IL;.", Nirholls Andrew 

Gregory Miss Bertha, 

127 Francis Francis. ,]r 
129 Easton Mrs Emily 
131 Maxwell Mrs Sarah E 

Maxwell Miss Ella, mus 


133 Latlmer David 
135 Robertson Alexander 
137 Burt Joseph 
139 Armour Samuel J 
141 Courtney Samuel 
143 Xorrls Charles H 
143% Hayward W W 
145 Shipman John E 
147 Bogart Fred C 
151 Terry Frankland 
Store, s e 

^ Harbord st intersecti 
153 Atkinson Mrs E, confy 
157 Skippou Mrs Kate 
l.v.i Smith Charles 
1G1 Btemmann Albert J 
163 Blakley Robert W 
165 Weaver James W 
107 MacNeillle Thomas R 
1G9 Hyder Thomas, carp 
171 Eddington Wm 
173 Dodds Mrs Clara 
17:!i.j Hamilton Milton C 
175 McGregor Oron I , paper 


177 Cornish Ira A 
17!i Wilson Mrs Eliza 
181 Riley Robert F 
183 Major Robert L 
1S5 Major Itobert. shoemkr 
187 VniiKhan Mrs Eliza 
189 Atkinson Mrs Ellen 
191 Jessop Walter 
193 Neild Bertram 
ir>5 Varcoe James D, gro 
197 Priestman George 
199 Storey Hugh 
201 Penn Frederick 
203 Mead Wm H 
207 Hinchclifle Benjamin 

Sussex av ends 
201) Miller Mrs Emily E T 
211 Wilson James W 
213 Llnch David W 
215 Trenwith Mrs Sarah 
217 Dunsford Francis W 
219 Gardner J P 
221 Stogg Wm II 
223 Spencley Mrs Fanny 
22314 Wright Mrs P M 
225 Thomas Charles A 
225 Xj Beney Wm H 
227 Stanton AVred 
229 Gilmour John 
231 Campbell Thomas 
233 Poole Harry 
235 Hart Charles 
237 Allison J Oscar 
239 Rockhill Mrs Charlotte 
241-5 Vacant yard 
247 McConnell John E 
251 Law Wm 
253 Henry I, cattle dlr 
2T>7 O Reilly Mrs Elizabeth 
239 Bawd en Win J 
261 Bawden Samuel 
263 Smith George 
265 Rculston Andrew 
269 Slattery Daniel 
Store, s e 

1 1 

West Side 

Store, s e 

Brown Mrs Annie 

Tremble Frederick 
Popham Fred k J 
Stephenson Wm A 
Watson Mrs Annie 
Myers John 
Culp Mrs Marv H 
Brethour F G 
Jenkins Charles 
Wood Frank A 
Rupert Charles E 
Harrison Wm S, phy 
Wray Mrs Mary 
Gettiim John F 
Mauley George W 
De Geer Mrs Sarah 
Reid Aimon P 
Taylor James R, pntr 
Fewsou Albert E 
Morris Owen J 
Armstrong Wm G 
Jeffcry Thomas 
Stuart Jan 

^ Vankoughuet st com 

62 Cowau Roy G 

04 Barber Henry G 

(ili Williams, R O 

68 Davles Frederick C 

70 Thorley Mrs M 

72 Reggin John 

74 Howard Win E 

70 Morrice Adam B 

78 Uowell John T 

80 Jones John B 

82 Ball Albert E 

84 Webster John 

86 Elliott Mrs Mary J 

88 Gilmore Mrs Bessie 

!>2 Moacdale Cecil J 

(j Kent Walter W 

98 Byrch Wm P 
100 Coimor Ernest 
102 Shortt J E 
104 Kelly John J 
106 Forsyth Mrs Mary A H 
108 Johnston Wilson, eip 
110 Cole Orill 
112 Moore Victor J 
114 Boyaa Richard 
116. Newman Robert W 
118 Woodcock Charles A 
122 Dunbar Miss Winnlfred 
1-J4 McKinuon Alexander 
126 Clayton Alfred H 
128 Stuart E R 
130 Stuart Wm J 

Ulster st Intersects 
136 Sheehan Patrick 
142 Davles Mrs Margaret 
144 Jordan Henry 

148 Rowland Wm E. dairy 

150 McKillop Robert 

152 Parker Mrs R 

154 Hicks Wm S 

156 Gardhouse James 

Johnston Miss Ethel, dr- 


158 Refurd Lewis 
160 McMichael James W - 
162 Winchester Thomas 
1G4 Nicholls Harry 
166 Wood James 
168 Denison Mrs Eliza 
170 Laurie Justus H 
172 Collins Zoro M 
174 Sexton Wm R 
170 Whltton Isaiah 
178 Howell Edgar J 
ISO Madden Daniel, bldr 
182 Pratt Harry 
184 Gleason Owen 
186 Oliver Wm H 
188 Whlttleton John 
190 Boyd George H 
192 IIp lgason-Baldwln Mrs S 
194 Darling Charles H 
196 Robins.on Alex, gro 

Harbord st intersects 
198 Bowes Wm 

202 Firth Arthur 
206 Dunnett James 

208 Follett Eleazar 

210 Roulston Thomas, coal 

212 Reynolds H R. dairy 

214 McCann David F 

218 Fisher James A 

220 Thomson John S 

Public School 

Herrlck st commences 
23G Hallett Samuel 

238 Mougeuel Arthur 

240 Hamilton Jame.3 
242 Blackmore Wm 
244 Mougenel Jos. shoemkr 
246 Bruce Edward W 
248 Lang Archibald 

2.~i"> Anderson Wm 
252 Patterson Richard 

254 Rornboujfb Wm R 
236 RosenMott Edwin A 

Roscnblott Jacob B, r 

255 Torravllle George 
260 Cassldy John 

264 II<>rp Mrs Catherine 

260 Thompson George 

268 Linehan John 

J7ii Mastier Edward 

272 Young John T 

274 Taylor James, gro 

+ Lennox st commences 
27i; TOZIT Ephraim 
278 Plant Wm H 
280 Pirn John 
282 Mowat Alexander G 




Head Office, 

King: St. E. 




Securities for Money Collected. 



:,k B 

ir A 
ry \V 
294 Mill I: 

i: J 7 

Nl> . M. Indry 

800 Ma .iham 1 
304 Murray Mrs Martha 

810 Stephen* Mr* Margaret J 

311 !. i: ! - \v 
314 Carey r Itruce 
House, s e 

BOSTON AV. s from Gerrard 
e, bet Carlaw and Tape avs, 
ward 1. 

built on 

BOSWELL AV. w from 90 
Avenue rd to Bedford rd. 
wanl 4. 

North Side 

House, 9 e 
8 Ewart John H 
10 Fishi-r Mis Maria 
12 Mia tt \Vm II 

14 M izabeth 

16 Crawford Aimer W 

18 Re .k M 
20 I. .lane 

H T 

24 Watson Mis Ellen 

26 Brown Ernest W 

28 Forson James 

30 Fisher Mrs A E 

34 Godwi:. E 

36 Plaskitt John s 

88 Pearen John E 

40 Jardlne 

Dundas Thomas, r 
40Vn Swinbouviie Mis- F, drs- 

42 Evans John T 

44 Marsh Charles E 

46 Vernou Charles W 

48 Cunningham John W 
50 Watson Adam D 

52 Welch Thomas 

54 Percy John 

56 McBrlde Charles G 
68 Poole George C 
60 Armstrong Thomas 
62 Deeks Charles A 

South Side 

Store, 8 c 

1 Petrle Gordon M 

15 House Mrs Mary 
Halley Mi-s Minnie, artist 

17 Parker diaries, blilr 

19 Duff Mi-s Barbara 
23 i 

25 si \shton G 

27 Harvey Henry 

29 Galvln John J 

31 Wileox John 

J Soper John, tlr 

35 Brown Thomas, carp 

-wieh Mrs Mary 

89 Cramp Thomas H 

41 Grandjean Philippe 

45 ] harlotte 

47 Martin Albert J 

49 Armstrong Wm 
Walnwrlght George E 

55 T ,n, contra 

iward G 
House, s 9 

BOBLTBEE AV. e from Mac- 
donald to Jones av. first n 
of GTR tracks, ward 1. 

North Side 

2 H 

4 Crocker Wm 

ister John 
12 King Charles, gro 

,.. - .th Side 

built on 

HAL AV. w "from 
Boncf opp Dun- 

das to Indian rd. ward 6. 



18 Manley Michael, contr 
20 li . pn 

* Alhambra st commence! 

Vacant lots 

40 \\ 

rd School 

7 i I dry 

South Side 


f M 

BOWHKN. n from Hogarth 
T to Dauforth av, ward 1. 


\Vest side 

HOWMAN. n from 330 Carl- 
ton to Sackvllle pi, ward 2. 


House, s e 

ill Mrs .1 

7 Ru -ilicr 
9 Chlsho 

11 V !in 
13 Ross Win 
ir> Mnir Win 
17 Whyuuin Miss Annie 
\\ > 

2 Culross diaries 

4 Lepper Arthur 

Lewis I. A 

8 Woodley Mrs Ann E 
10 Thaln Joseph 

13 Thain Jame 
Stansflel.l Mrs Jane, r 

14 Metge Alexander 

BRAMI TON I-L. w from rear 
of Dufferln Driving Park to 
475 Brock av. ward 6. 

North Side 

Not built on 

South Side 

1 O Reilly Robert 
11 Ilnmin Win II 
13 Price Jackson C 
O Brighton pi ends 
House, s e 

BRANT, n from 534 King w 
to Farley av. ward 4. 

East Side 

Factory, s e 
17 Morrison Murdoch 
19 Ramsay Mis- Mary A, 


21 BucEler K I! 
23 Alcock Masspy 
L>5 M. Donald Mrs Catherine 
Morrison Murdoch, r 
Store, s e 

Adelaide st w intersects 
35 Molsp Wm E. gro 
37 Warren Fred W Jr 
39 Richardson George 
41 K iffcrtv .lames 
43 Kfdey Wm 


47 Dawson Thomas 
49 Arnott Henry G 
4> Caruden st ends 

awford Mrs Susan 
5, J Johnson George C 

we I ennis 
-- Marsii Albert J 
61 House, s e 

West Side 

Hotel, s e 

8 Corrlgan Mrs Mary 
10 Bouregard John jr 
12 Kinsella Richard J 

14 AI: 

-h John J 
.Vrn J. r 
I James A 
20 Dunnett Poter 


] jhn 
SO Whyte Andrew G 

4> Adelaide st w intersects 

St Andrew s sq 

liliANT PL. s from 529 King 
w, ward 4. 


Store, s e 

1 Kldd Charles H 
Kidd Mrs Elizabeth 

3 H 

A ill II 

T Grti-u Frederick H 
!i Busby John 

Vm N 

13 Wray John C 

15 Jennings Thomas U 
West Side 

Store, s e 

2 \\vi-h Mrs Mary 

4 Symons Alfred 

6 Fuchs Richard 

8 1 \\ m 

10 Cai lerlck 

12 V iward W 

14 Tun ord dial 

16 Dunlop Mrs 

HKKADALBANE, w from 530 
Tonge to Surrey pi, ward 3. 

North Side 

Store, s e 
2 PendergaJt Mrs Ellen 

14 Myers Christopher 

10 Smith Harry 

rd John A 
1 u Hunter Hugh 
I :; Moi ou. i Joseph 
-4 p.oyd Robert 
2ii Mulhollaud Mrs M A 

U-ht \Valt.-r II 
" Ki: . ade Rol.vrt J 

arer Rev John F 
34 Ryan James 

36 Wilkins Christopher, bldr 
Wllkins Mrs 11, drsmkr 

38 Morrison Mrs Elizabeth 
40 I; IB 

ID Smith GCOI-L- 
40 Catto Charles J 
4> St Vincent st Intersects 
St Basil s School, s e 
St Joseph s Convent, 8 e 

South Side 

1 Hutty James H 
9 Fenwick G \V 

11 Bolllugbroke Henry 
13 Knight Albert E 

13Va Muuro Mrs Elizabeth 

15 Downey Frederick C 
17 Slack Mrs Mary 

10 Martin Philip 
21 Wilson Mrs S E 
23 Pitman John 
25 Devine Mrs Anne 

Meyers M ; - E W, nurse 
27 Thomson James 
S3 Cooper Mrs Mary 
31 Lash John I" 

Lash Miss M, nurse 
33 Regan Charles J 


37 Langtry Rev John 
House, a e 

4> St Vincent at Intersects 

House, s e 
89 Douglas John 
91 Woods James W 
03 Monahan M 
rr, Watklns Edward J 

BRIGGS AV. s from Taylor, 
first w of Sumach, ward 2. 

East Side 

1 Lee Edward H 
3 Kilpatrlck Robert G 

5 Spring-stead Ilartman 

\ M 
9 King Frederick A 

West Side 

2 Webster James 

4 H.niev Mr- Emma 

U Can- John 

y Richard 
l<> Swires Wm 
1J MeKlnnon Allan A 
14 I - Margaret 

16 Seemann Martin 

BRIGHT, n iroin 40> Kiug e 
to Queen e, ward 2. 

House, s e 
11 Crute Samuel 

15 McLennan John 
17 Crawford Mrs Mary J 

21 Cunan John, exp 

:rran Francis J 
John H 

27 Thompson James C 

".1 Palter Ephriam 

inrters Wm J 

t e B 
39 Gray Jo 

41 S],roule Will 

43 Corti M Win G 
House, P 

West Side 

Methodist Ch, 8 e 

in S \\eriiey John 

1- K ry A 

14 Angus Wm 

Hi linnvll diaries II 
18 Perkins John, Jr 
20 Young James 

22 Marks John 

nin John 
- i; ! eft A 

28 Buchan Charles E 
30 Herbert George 
32 Costlgan Matthew 
34 Johnston John 

86 Robinson Charles 
38 Mouutrals Uiderlc 
40 Armstrong Jehu A 
42 Shaugraw E B 
44 llutchluson Frank 
4U Stancland Wm C 
48 Pardee Mrs Mary A 
50 Rose Henry 
House, s e 

BRIGHTON AV. e from 181 

Pape av, ward 1. 

North Side 

House, 8 e 

2 Ireland Charles 

4 Atkins Mrs Sarah 
8 Sbaughnessy Wm 

South Side 

Vacant lots 
1 Hackett Joseph 
3 Brock Silas II 

5 Stanley Frederick 
Vacant lota 

19 Stock David 
21 Maclean Herbert A K 
23 Brownrldge Wm 
25 Ross Mrs Alta M 

BRIGHTON PL. n from Co- 
bourg av to 13 Brarnpton 
pi, ward 6. 
Not built on 

BRITAIN, e from 151 George 
to Sherbourne, word 2. 

North Side 

Coulter & Campbell, 8 c 
2 Beck Adam, cigar boxel 
Blytho W W, mach 
Peace Furnace Co, r e 
Sheridan Mfg Co, r e 
Wheeler Gravity Cream 

Seperator Co, r e 
McLachlan Gasoline En 
gine Co, r e 

Stone Cutter la Intersect* 
Store, s e 

South Side 

House, s e 
9 Tucker Wm 

11 Hurst Edward P 

13 Johnson Arthur 

17 Harnett Timothy J 

Vacant lot 
29 Hay Thomas 
31 Kelly James 
33 Boylan Charles 
li.1 Freeman Charles H 
37 Thompson Edward 

Old grave yard 
45 Kelly John 

F. J. SMITH * CO. 

Properties FOR SALE in ALL 
PARTS of City and Suburbs 

16 & 18 ADELAIDE ST. E. 








47 Lowe Mrs Mary 
51 Merson Wm 

Stone Cutter la Intersects 

63 Wbnlen John J 

55 Underdown James II 

Eastern nv to Danforth av, 
crossing Queen at 712, ward 

East Side 

1 Stone Thomas 

6 Guest George, whol btchr 

Private grounds 
11 Bailey Wm 
13 Taylor Samuel R 
15 Ivens Thomas A 
17 O Connor Thomas 
19 Farm Peter H A 

Private grounds 
27 Watson Charles, junk 
29 Tustin T Edward 
31 Farm Mrs Charlotte 
33 Trempc Andrew 

Vacant lots 
51 Anderson Frank E 
53 MeAvoy Owen J 
55 Mitchell Thomas 
57 Sloman Henry 
59 Mclutosh Mrs Jane 
61 Foley John 

Vacant lots 
73 Fahey Michael 
77 Talbot Xavler 
79 Fett Wm F 
81 Barnes Joseph A 
S3 Smith Robert 
85 Stewart Wra R 
87 Stephenson George B 
89 Cruise Wm F 

Private grounds 

Store, s e 

Queen st e Intersects 
Store, s e 

109 Jay Thomas L- 

111 Hine Samuel 

119 Hill Thomas, dairy 

Private grounds 
137 Kelley Robert 

Kelley Miss E C. drsmkr 

Kelley Miss L K, inns 


139 Jupp James W 
141 Care Thomas 
143 Watson Thomas J 
145 Milne Alexander 
147 Irwin Mrs Martha 

Vacant lots 

Klutyre av commences 
161 Humphreys Thomas S 
163 Hamilton Andrew 

Jones Mrs Mary, nurse 
165 Scott Mrs Susannah 
167 Sheebey Thomas J 
109 Domelle George T 
171 Mason George J Jr 
179 Macdonnld Peter 
199 Brickell George 
221 Defries Robert A L 
229 Hanna James 

Hanna Mrs M J, dairy 
231 Pen warden Win J 
233 Harbutt Thomas H F 
235 Grlnnoll Thomas, coal 

^ Elliott st intersects 
239 Bible Frank II, gro 
241 Armstrong George, tinner 
243 Hinp Henry S, btchr 
245 Counter Fred, sboemkr 
rountcr Miss Annie L 
247 Selwny David 

Selway Miss E, vocalist 
251 Leamen R G 
255 Gilbert James 
257 Harris Albert, wines 
+ Allen av commences 
263 Madder Fred, baker 

Hanna Wm 
265 Leamen R G. plmbr 

Madder Frederick 
267 Barrett Wm R 
275 Broadview Boys Institute 
Atkinson Christopher J 
Hurren James 

First av commences 
353 Berry Thomas 

357 Green Henry 
359 Vacant 

Gerrard st e Intersects 

363 McLean & Van Loon, gros 

365 Vanhoon Richard 

367 Sneath C R, MD, drugs 
Postofflce (br) 
McCandless Mrs Carrie 

369 Boyd W J 

Boyd Mrs E J, dry gds 

371 Gibson John W 

373 Gibson John 

385 Sneath Charles R, phy 
Simpson av commences 
Drury Walter 
Armstrong Joseph B 
Parker Rev Peter C 
Victor av commences 
Green Mrs M, Indry 
Langley Benjamin 



Langley av commences 
443 Yule Robert 






Abbey Silas 
Smith st commences 
Zarfass G F, baker 
Withrow av commences 
Ramsay Wm I, 
Baln av commences 
Sparkhall av commences 
Vine Mrs Frances 

Wlittehouse Henry 
633 Hogarth Thomas 

Hogarth av commences 
Vacant house 
Vacant lots to end 

......... West Side ......... 

Baseball grounds, s e 
104 Store, s e 

Queen st e Intersects 
Bank of Commerce, s e 

108 Store, s e 

Dlngman s Hall, s e 
110 Joll Miss P A. drsmkr 
110% Maddocit Charles 
112 Royal Can Bicycle Club 
114 Craven George J 

Craven Mrs I, drsmkr 
116 Brodie Alexander 
118 Davidson Lee E 
120 Gucker Stephen M 
122 Thompson John ir 
124 Farr Terrence 
120 Haynes John W 
128 Hallburton James 
1"4 Turner Thomas P 
136 MacMillan Wm J g 
140 Wilson C II 
142 Wilson Thomas 
144 Sparks Robert 
150 Sparks Mrs Anne 

Paul st ends 
164 Ham Jesse 
166 Gray Henry S 

168 McNeillle Thomas C 
170 Rouse Wanford J O 
172 Taylor Arthur 
174 Allison Wm II 
176 Arnold George 
178 Collins Albert 
180 Wright Samuel 
1S-J sinner Frank W 

184 Ingram Albert E 
isr, Heaton Joseph C 

185 Johnston Thomas 
190 See Francis A 

192 Allen Robert 

Plymouth Brethren Gos 

pel Hall 
202 Solomon Joshua 

Vacan* lots 

224 Free Methodist Church 
220 McGovern Edward A 
228 Bedford John W 
230 Buckland Albert J, pntr 
232 Rame Walter 
234 Tomlin Ernest A 
4 Elliott st intersects 

Vacant lots 
246 Laurie Donald 

Private grounds 
250 Glover Richardson, eip 
L 7 J Patterson Wm. flour 

Omerod James W 
276 Kennedy Mfg Co, blacking 

Kennedy Robert 
280 Burrldge Wm T, exp 
J^ J Patterson Wm 

254 Kmo Win 

286 Wllcock Stephen J 

255 Barrett Christopher G 
290 Knowlton Wm J 

Vacant lot 

294 Miller Wm 

Congregational Church 

4 Mountstephen st ends 

302 Boulton Mrs B, genl store 

Boulton Henry W 
304 Simpson Robert 
306 Ollvant Henry 
308 Watkinson George J 
310 Pirn Arthur W 
312 S A Barracks 
354 Cordwell Jnmes, bkr 
::."(; Seale Arthur 
358 Teer Wm 
360 Scott A. blksmlUi 
+ Gerrard st e Intwsects 

Toronto Jail, s e 
380 McMillan John 

Wilson Thomas II 

Allen Denis 

Lowry John 

Norris John 

Lannigan Thomas 

Riverside 1 ark 

Isolation Hospital, r e 
712 White George K, dairy 
742 Dagger Francis 

744 West Joseph 
740 MaeBoan Angus 

745 Ktrkpatrlck Wm E 
750 Richards George A 
752 On ten Robert, gro 

Browne J A, artist 

BROADWAY PL. w from 268 

Spadlnn av, ward 4. 

North Side 

2 Store, s e 

8 Little Johnston, bkr 

14 Warehouse 

20 Harris James 

22 Kyle James 

2R Collier John A 

28 Markey John 

30 Hattey Thomas 

32 Allen Wm 

34 Lee Daniel F 

36 Griffith Mrs Matilda 

38 Fetter John 

40 Carlvle Frederick R 

42 Hall Joseph 

44 Seott Wm 

44V. Barkworth Charles A 

46 Bewell Mrs Christina 

K llansforrt James 
50 Jones Thomas 

r>2 Wood Charles A 

54 Egan Win 

South Side .. 

Store, s e 
7 Rltter Philip E 
9 Corbin Gilbert T 

BROCK AV. n from 1352 
Queen w to n of Bloor w, 
ward G. 

East Side 

Office, s e 

5-7 McQulllen J, b kpmlth 
9-11 Dom Wrought Iron 

Wheel Co 
17 McMullan J, shoemkr 

Noble st ends 
19 Rolston John J 
21 Atkinson Mrs S J 

Atkinson Miss E A, mus 


23 Guy Mrs Mary 
25 Llnflold .lames 
35 Kinnear Philip 
45 Campbell Alexander 

Earnbrldge st ends 
47 Warnock Charles E 
49 Clarke Lewis 

51 Charlton Wm B 
53 Moodey Albert J 
55 Bennett Wm J 
57-9 Harrison J A, co.ll 
~ Meniles George 
65 Evelelgh Wm 

71 Dickey John 
85 Mortson Henry 
87 Hamilton Wm 

Railway crossing 
117 Seott James, bldr 

Florence st ends 
12.T Bellamy John II 
125 Woods Will J 

127 Gunn Mrs Wilhelmlua 
129 Duck Frank 
131 Barber Thomas 
133 Homer Wm 
135 Wells John 
137 Harris Edward 
139 Eagleson John 
141 Fleming Alexander 
143 Clark Harva 
145 Slack Thomas 
147 Hogg John 
149 Malone George 
151 Wilson John, gro 
+ Mlddleton st ends 

Vacant lots 
+ Fraukish av ends 
203 Bradley John J, liquors 
205 Roberts Hugh, gro 
207 Lelgliton T, gro 

Leighton Robert, exp 
209 Pollard A T, tlr 
2ir> Hughes Samuel 
217 Chambers Edward 
219 Summers Alexander C 
221 SUaver P Bruce 
223 Cusack Thomas 
2L>3 Murray Hugh 

Muir Miss E. drsmkr 
227 Bird James H 
227% Llddlard George, gro 

+ .Marshall st ends 
229 Marshall Mrs Mary 
233 Hew at Mrs Mary 
235 Parrel! Thomas 
237 Montgomery J A 
239 MeCausland Mrs B 

+ Brockton av ends 
241 Marshall John, btrhr 
243 Brodie James, shoemkr 
245 Gartner Henry 
247 Malone James 
24! > Thompson Samuel M 
251 Miller Adam 
258 Wangh Christopher 
255 Stone Win T 
257 Wharton Thomas A 
25!) Adams Walter 
261 Hutchins Wm 

Vacant lots 

Plymouth Brethren Ch 

Store, s e 

Dundas st intersects 
Store, a a 

293 Sanderson R G 
295 Mott att George 

Atkin av ends 
Vacant lots 

Moutray st ends 

;;2!i -M urton J J, whol btchr 
Murloii Miss J. mus tchr 

331 Gibson Archibald M 

335 Woods Cornelius, whol 

339 Cairns John H. plmbr 
+ College st intersects 
House, s o 

355 Li-vaeK A, whol Dtchr 

357 Ward George 

359 Bishop Edward 

301 Hammond Mrs E 

303 Ewlng Mrs Margaret 

3<;5 Blalney James A P 

367 Perkins Sidney C 
+ Lindsay av ends 

309 Varey Joseph J. gro 

379 Milne Theodore 

381 Shepherd Louis 

383 Wheeler Louis 
llNhon Daniel 

3S7 Wilcox Daniel J 

3RO Williams David, gro 

391 Nixon Atehlson 

Mulr nv end> 
3! Whetst 

tstone D. gro 

397 Booth John J 
3(10 Knight George 
401 Travors Joseph 
403 Brent James 
405 Lloyd Edward 
407 Harrison Thomas 
409 Reddin Daniel 
411 Scott George 
413 Bythell Reuben 
(15 Wlllett Albert T 

Swallow Miss M E. mus 


417 Stanley Edmund 
419 Brock James 
421 dimming Charles F 

Chesley av ends 
445 Bush Wm H 



HOME LIFE BUILDING, 56 and 58 Vicioria St. 
Telephone Main 2265 

S. C. CURRY, Architect o YONQE ST. 

Telenhone Main 1937 

Telephone Main 1237 

Brunswick Ave. 


447 Pretty John, shocinkr 

obourg av ends 
457 Jameson James 1* 
4C3 Hums Thomas J 
465 Itobertson J A 
4C7 Tulloch Peter 
475 Heruarj Ja 

4> Brampton pi end* 

Markft earJeu 
573 Lli:htfo..t C. mkt fdnr 

Hloor st w Intersect. 
621 Deacon John T 

627 Hutch John A 
C29 Mcl>oTi;:;il I . iiald 
831 Grogan Mrs Jane 
633 \Vir,. John 
63."> > TKP 


643 Stewart James 
647 PorterfieM .l"li:i J W 

:m W 
, Wm 

Charles T 

867 I .irt.-rflel.l Mr<< (5, gro 
1 James 

mpsou John .S 
677 Moxon Thomas W 
679 Seeley Thomas H 


683 K loga 

885 Bailey Th. :. 
6SO Catterall John 
691 McCnnn I ellx 

609 Coin, Mrs Annie 

: ,nlshe<l li< 


. s c 

8 Gracey John J 
1U WU-.n Heury 11 
12 i- jg \V 

14 Cottier Mrs Isabella 

* . eminences 

10 Skinner Wm 
r.rown Arthur 
- Mrs Amelia 

i, drsmkr 
24 Walker James 
k Watson 
.11 Heury 

30 Wor^iup M:.-s Marr 
3li Stui.e Edward C 

Jane, orsmkr 

31 Uukeiaw 1 eter 
30 Weii-r Gustare 

* M.:; . ii-uve commence. 

. . Church 
56 Todd Tliuuiai W 

: Miss A B. mus tchr 
58 McKinlay Duncan 


* j forth av commence. 

64 Fairlles George 

:.iw Hugh N J 
88 Thornton George W 

jrd, eip , 
IOTP John 

;el B 

11 Donald 
8G Hose Wm B 

J Cunningham av com 
M.-K;iy Thomas 

- i2) 
:n Ernest 
i James 

* Delaney cres commences 

kin Mrs Agues 

e Thomas 
Mlton Richard 
178 Blatherwick Henrj 
1UO Green Andrew W 
192 Pcay Walter W 

ger John 

19H O- _-e F 

198 Rautenberg Bernhard, 

4 Wyndham st commences 
208 Mc.Namara Mrs Mary 

214 Thorneloe W C, mus tchr 
- It! Wilson Jobu 
-Ms II - i. ;. \1 Annie 
Hault Antolne 

iHttram 1 ryce 
Mattram Miss M.mus tchr 

mlrl.-k Mrs M 
;> Walter 

t G 
233 Kent George 

Shlri -y -t "tniiH-nces 
^3-1 Haimu \\ \ I 1 , oontr 

ii Mrs A r. gro 


:rst Samuel J 
sllacher Wm F 
242 Cawthorn Albert R 
244 Huehes James A 

: T \\ m i 
-rmlsh Wm J 
:ro\vnell Allan 


rnott George C 
irkc John 

>od Arthur 

2;o Ati 

ant lots 
274 Ware!] 

.s e 

^ :itorsects 

loroney John, livery 
Melhuish Arthur E. Tet 


2P2 Tor Portrait E 
Hall Joseph T 
298 Abbs Uobert. florist 
ant lots 

whol btcnr 
college st 

College st intersects 
:M4 Wm H 

larrlatt Alfred 

> nnan Ja: 

:;TO Coulter Mi~- M.Tcle 
.".T J liri ady I li. l 
374 James 
> Vacant 

^lartln George 


: iney John 
4li| Newton Edmund D 

4<v; Kelr John 
4 A Trainer Win 
47" Holmes Thomas 
472 liae AllHTt < 
474 Graham Th^ 
47 ! James 


568 Boland T J. mkt gdnr 
ant lots 

Bloor st w Intersects 

\m. bldr 

irshal George J 
C30 Porteous Henry 
602 Reid James 
034 I ewson John 
03rt Pratt X A 
G38 Reeves Anson 
640 Galbralth John 
W2 Hoddington Frank J 

Brock Av Mission House 

BROCKTON AV. w from 112 
Sheridan av to Brock ar, 
ward 6. 

North Side 

Vacant lot 

8 Grossman Abraham, junk 
10 Plunkett Samuel, contr 
12 Nlcholls Charles 
Store, s e 

. South Side 

House, a e 
Vacant lots 
Store, s e 

BROOKE AV (formerly so 
called), now continuation of 
n av. from Howland 

BROOKFIELD, n from 1031 
Queen w to Humbert ar, 
ward 5. 

East Side 

Store, s e 

if Works 
Aimer U 

9 Klllott Robert 
11 Jackson John 
13 Stover Abraham H 
It Bard George A 

vis James 

19 Magnlrc Edward A 
21 Bayllss H W. mu tchr 
23 Jones Herman A 
25 Black II 

27 Smith Mrs Ellen V 
31 Watson Murray 
83 Grlffln John C" 
35 Coi !ainl V- m H 
37 O Learv George 
.lolin W 

41 Shepherd Alfred 
4:> II orge 

45 Carson John 
47 Reid Win T 
49 Hansch Charles J 
51 Kelly James 
S3 Reid James B 

59 Hill Joseph A 
61 C: S 

63 Ix>w .Incept! H 
65 McCreary Wm 

McArthur Mrs M. nurse 

West Side 

Store, s e 
:;-nwn Charles 

i;e H 
12 Wi-0 Mrs Annie 

1 llss Sophia 
16 Brown John 
18 Edward Charles 
22 Hosier Wm 
24 I lance Mrs Sarah 
I bens James A 
iinell John R 
s l lk Wm 
32 Dance John 
34 Banger Henry 
36 Johnson Oliver B 
::s llrlc Wm 
40 Huston James 

[ISOH Mrs Elizabeth M 
44 Wo.idall Edward 
K i: ;.! \- John 
50 Richardson Wm 
62 Froud Francis T 
54 Martin Louis 
56 Cahlll Edward 
68 Michie George T 
60 Mrs Mary 
62 Graham John 
64 Eaton B Ryerson 
66 Chapman Owen E 
68 Anderson Thomas 
70 Rattray Mrs Johanna 

BROOKLYN AV. n from 1098 
Queen e to Dagmar ar, 
ward 1. 

East Side 

St Clements (Ang) Ch 
43 Young James 
65 Hinkley John 
57 Brinsmead Thomas 


73 Polleskey John 
75 McLachlan Hugh J 

Vacant lots 
83 Blackmore Arthur 

s Wm. amonla mnfr 
:rcy I .ryan O 
103 A tkins George S 
105 Robinson Wm F 
107 Hart Wm 

Charles W 
121 Oiley Wm B 

Oxley Miss A D, stenog 

: Carney Mrs Sarah 
131 Gardner Ernest 

West Side 

Store, s e 
2 Tyndall George R 
4 Murphy Daniel 

Private grounds 

10 Drummond John 
Vacant lots 

18 Howanh Richard J 
Vacant lots 

26 Eaklns Albert 

SO Howarth John J 
int lot-s 

48 Colby Arthur 

50 Black Thomas 

52 Montgomery George W 

54 Fitzgerald Louis 

Fitzgerald Miss K, drsmkr 

60 Hogarth Thomas J. ein 

66 Smith S 

68 Best James J 

70 Winters Josepfi 

72 n-p.rlen Wm 

^ Brighton av ends 

M I Collard Charles 
112 Lewis Wm 
120 Ellis Henry E 
124 Kimberley Wm H 
126 Ibbetson Wm 
128 Oulton George 
130 Gormley Robert 
132 Fuller A S 

BROOKMOr.VT RD. n from 
Queen e. third e of Kingston 
rd. ward 1 

Xot built on 

BROWN LANE, e from 99 
Bathurst. ward 4 

North Side 

House, s e 
Lumber yard 

South Side 

House, s e 
3 Bulger Mrs Julia 
13 Vacant 
15 Vacant 

BRl CE. w from 150 Shaw to 
Dundas. ward 5. 

North Side 

Store, s e 
2 Montgomery G H 

4 Price James 

6 Beaslev Mrs Elizabeth 

8 Hosier Mrs Annie 
House, a e 

^ GIvens at Intersects 

Slaughter house 
^ Argyle pi commences 
24 Hudson Mrs Ann 
26 Montgomery James 

House, s e 

South Side 

House, s e 
1 Cook Frederick 
i Free James 

5 Douglas John 

7 Squire James 

9 Britton Wm 
House, s e 

Givens 6t Intersects 

House, 9 e 

47 Lambert Mrs Mary 
Store, s e 

354 College to Wells, ward 



High Grade Vault, School and Office Furniture 
TORONTO, ONT. (77 Bay St.) Factories: NEWMARKET, OUT. 


HANNON . . . 

Plate Glass 
and Plate Glass 


Lloyds Plate Glass Insurance Co. and 

Tlje Queen City Plate Glass and Mirror Go. 
No. 3 TORONTO ST. Limited 

110 Brunswick Av. 


East Side 

1 McBean s Hall 

Schnch E W, mus tchr 
Baker George, caretkr 
Felton Clement, locksmith 
Manning Mrs B. tobacco 
Vacant store 
Central Gospel Hall 
3 Hooper Ebenezer, phy 
5 Lockhart Reginald R 
9 Jubb Mrs Margaret 
11 Hamilton Rev Christopher 
!:; Wilson Jacob 
15 Wedd John C 
17 Gilpln Wm H 
19 Niles Charles B 
21 Cronyn Benjamin 
23 Chadwick Jasper W 
25 Dlngmau A W 
27 Wilson George H 
31 Palmer Wm J 
33 Wilson Wm A 
35 Carey Johnson 
37 Walter Mip Annie C E 

39 Witzel Theodore A 
41 Stewart Alexander 
43 Dnthie John B 

45 Galloway Harry A 
47 Scott J Fairbalrn 

40 I .tyce Wm 
51 Boyd John 

53 Munson Clarence 
55 Littlejohn J B B 
57 Konnedy Lyman A 
r.O White W Thomas 
61 Sharp Sylvester J 
63 Bender Charles A 
65 Batty Wm 

Batty Miss Alice, nurse 
67 Taylor Miss S L 

69 Beers Col Wm 

71 Gamble Charles B 
73 McConnell Wm G 
75 McMaster Wm F 
77 Phillips George, bldr 

70 Vacant 

79% Bowerman Mrs Rosfi 

81 Anger Wm H 

81>4 Mott John J 

83 Levee Louis S 

^ Ulster st intersects 

80 Foreman A O. gro 

87 Knowlton W, prtr 

89 Parry Mrs Sarah 

01 Hales James 

93 Sedwick Albert, bldr 

95 Baggs Win 

97 Taylor George 

99 Gilmour Joseph H 
101 Williams Wm J 
103 Collins Charles 
105 Berry Wm 
Vacant lots 
121 Batting Mrs Eliza 
123 Morris Nathaniel 
125-29 Jones Wm C, contr 
131 Johnston Robert 
133 Gadsby F W 
135 Hall Alfred E 
137 Bauer F H 
139 Luke Washington I 
141 Hathway E O, btchr 

Harbord st Intersects 
143 Cobb G W, barber 
145 Krumrayh Henry, baker 
147 Mah Jim. Indry 
149 Caddell Walter 
151 Farthing Robert 
in:.! P.rntley Wm 
1." f bcesman John 

i cant 
161 Foresters Hall 

Disciples of Christ 
1ii.j Vacant store 

Davey Dudley L, r 
167 Strachan James A 
171 Vacant 
173 Box George W 
i" ijaln Donald 
177 Stevens Geo. jr, florist 
17: Alexander James 
181 Bromley John 
183 Martin Hugh \V 
IN:, Collins John N 
1N7 i. ovin John L 
191 Moltby Wm E 

[son Charles W 
oddle Fred 
100 r.niimi James, 

+ Sussex av Intersects 
L i 1 dark James 

203 Appleton Harry C Y 
205 Scott Charles W 
207 McVittie Robert 
209 Cumines Mrs Marlon 
211 Melntosh James, pntr 
213 Pearce Thomas H 
215 Kennedy James^ florist 

Kennedy Mrs J, drsmkr 
219 Sherwood Mrs Jane 
223 Cqlliss Frank 
225 Richardson James 

Vacant lot 
231 Morrison Niel 
233 Langstaff Louisa F 
235 Milne A S, carp 
239 Milne George 
241 Lodge Wm H 
243 Atkinson James L 
243% White Mrs Emily 
245 Williams Alfred 
247 Davidson Rev John 
- IT 1 ,., .lucelyn Richard W 
249 Slight Henry 
251 Borland Wm, contr 
253 Cooke George 
25.j Garny Andrew 
257 Ashford Thomas 
259 Rodgers James, dairy 

Hotel, s e 
^ Bloor st w intersects 

Private grounds 
271 Sinclair Mrs Alice 
273 Smith Charles C 
317 Vacant 
323 White Hugh 

Vacant lots 
^ Lowther av intersects 

Vacant lots 

333 Magee Mrs Emma H 
335 Williams David 
337 Simpson Wm J 
341 Eaton Robert Y 
343 McMahou Frank 
359 Thompson Wm I 
361 Smith Wm 
363 Smith Robert 

Vacant lot 

Wakefleld Wm 

West Side 

Store, s e 

2 Tresham Mrs Eliza 
Beaton D H. dentist 
Wlckware C B, barber 
Duuington Mrs Sarah 
Dunlngton Miss N G.nursc 
2V, Boyd Charles E 
4 Hussey T A, uphol 
4a Brown Wm J 
4% Broughall Rev J S 
6 Chapin Chester G 

Chapin Miss Mace, drsmkr 
6a Colling Rev Joseph S 
8 Ruddock John 
10 Mllburn Mrs Mary J 
12 Walker John 
14 Paterson J Harry 
16 Howson Mrs R A, mug 


18 Wilson George L 
20 Kennedy Mrs Hannah 
22 MacRae G Ernest 

Rantou Miss Clara, nurse 
24 Henderson James H 
26 McArthur Mrs Margaret 
28 Vacant 

30 Chapman Mrs B L 
32 Nixon Mrs Mary J 
M4 Cmilin .Mrs Julia A 
36 Hay Mrs Mary E 
38 Taylor Joseph J 
40 Farrell Mrs Ann 
42 Rogers Asa C 
44 Duncan L-ytle J 
46 Bartlam James L 
48 Morden N S 
no Chcsher Alfred 
52 Browne Wm A 
54 Helliwell Frank H 
56 Cook Wm 
58 Chown Rev Samuel D 
60 Fox Wm C 
2 Tlsdiill Henry W 
64 Grand Mrs Susan J 
66 Breckenrldge Mrs Agnes 
US Smith Mrs Maria 
7ii Itri.uham Mrs I 

Nurses Home 
72 Fax Ui urj. o E 

Thin! man. rnfrs 

74 Hilboru Eli H 

70 Dunning Charles W 

78 Barclay George J 

Barclay W E, mus tcnr 

SO Kennedy Wm 

82 Murray John W 

S4 Paterson Mrs F I 

86 Millar Lindsay F, phy 

^ Ulster st intersects 

88 Batt Thomas W 

92 Minor Morgan 

Minor Miss Blanche, mns 

94 Flynn Miss Bertha H 
Flynn Miss J, nurse 

96 Yorston J Alfred 

ON Mason Wm C 
loo Wi.ltz George 
100% Sievert John A 
102 Benjamin Meritt A 
104 Keener Mrs A M V 
106 Trout Wm E 
108 Splnl; John 
HO McKay Miss Margaret 
112 Lackle Wm H 
114 Bastedo John H 
116 Bowers Abiel S 
118 Morris Wm J 
120 Hull Cyrus A, bldr 
122 Herbert Walter J, aroh 
124 Jamleson Edward 
li^il I .romley James 
128 Bromley Albert E 
130 Smith Thomas 
132 Connery Joseph 
134 PafTenden Mrs Harriet 
136 Farwell Frederick 
138 Benson Adam 
140 Storey Joseph 
142 Murray Wm L 
144 Plnkney Joseph, dairy 
146 Atkinson Wm J, coal oil 
148 Walker J H, gro 

^ Harbord st Intersects 
150 Parkin G W, gro 
152 Cottam James, tlr 
154 Schubart Wm, btchr 
Si-lmbart Miss A M L 

mus tchr 

156 Dickson Alfred 
158 Bnmlirldgo Mrs Annie M 
160 Adams Charles 
162 Pincombe John L, plmbr 
164 Connery Joseph, bldr 
166 Price Leonard G 
166% Robinson John T 
1f,S McArthur Wm L 
1 i2 Koliinson John 
174 Baldwin Mrs Eden 
176 Baldwin Arthur T 
178 Lumbers Thomas 
180 Bradshaw John H 
1S2 Crookenden R P 
!M Scully Harry C 
1SO Purves Thomas R 
188 Dale Ernest 
190 Forbes Wm R. massage 

Forbes Mrs W R, massage 
192 Roberts Wm C 
104 1 ettlt Ebenezer T 
196 Penkivll Wm N 
198 Parry Mrs Susan 
200 Morrison James N 
-i>" Ward Win H 

Sussex av interscts 

204 \Vray Alei, grocer 
"fi i l>rlnsmead Hugh 

205 Hillock James 
210 I nchran Win 
212 Sexton Win 
214 Parks Robert 

.urchin Edmund 
218 Harding Win 
220 Olson Mncnus 
ui;i! Van Sickler J A, roofer 
224 Kvcrton Mrs Annie 
226 Robinson Goo H, uphol 
22s lloislin- \Vm J 
232 Bake well Ebenezer 
L "l Minett .Mrs Fanny 
236 Conner Cnrlton W 

(ley Mrs Caroline E 
240 Credlcott Richard 
L 42 Bland Lancelot J, bldr 
Ull Hyde Frederick 
iMfi r.olton Mrs E II nnrse 
Bolt n Miss Rachel, nurse 
Dawson Mrs J, nurse 
Munns Miss J H, nurse 
IMS Iniory Albert 
L . n Kiil.inson John 

2.12 Cooke Edward 

254 Gourlay Mrs Sarah 

2r>ii Puritan Laundry 

260 Vaughan Alfred A 

262 Strachan J A, blksmlth 

Store, s e 
+ Bloor st intersects 

Vacant lots 
298 Vacant 
300 Vacant 

:!i; I .rumell Walter B 
308 Cull Arthur G 
310 Ussher John F C 
312 Watson Joseph 
314 Lowndes Charles B 
316 Taylor James F 

Vacant lots 
330 Goodspeed Calvin 
332 Ashworth George J 
334 Sumner Mrs Loretta 
336 McKee Mrs Eliza 
338 Simpson Mrs Sarah J 
340 Porter Edward 
342 Thompson Wm S 
344 Bussell Edward 
346 Allen Edward 
348 Rogerson Wm 
350 Spence John 

Spence Miss C F, nurse 
352 Marks John W 
354 Snyder Noah 
::.",t! Vacant 

Vacant lot 
366 Harris Burton S 
368 King Arthur S 
370 Greenwood Wm 
372 Booth Charles E 

Vacant lots 

+ Barton av commences 
378 Niddrie Wm H 
.".NO lirumell Mrs Emily 

Carter Miss M, mug tchr 

Vacant lots 
386 Lloyd Henry H 
390 Cork Samuel E 
392 Plewes Isaac, bldr 
-IMS MeGec Harry 
410 Vacant 

412 Turk Rev George R 
414 Kerby Rev George W 
416 Smith Henry T 

Vacant lot 

BUCHANAN. w from 424 
Yonge to Teraulay, ward 3. 

North Side 

Store, s e 
2 Hanua Samuel R 
4 Perrln Richard 
6 Breckell Arthur 
6% Day Win A 
8 Porritt Mrs Fatima ,J 
I orriit Miss E H, mas 

10 Major Cecil 

12 Townley Wm A 
14 Yorke Mrs Margaret 
Hi Robertson Mrs F 

18 Bearden James 
Ilear.lcn Miss II A, drs- 


20 Hutchison George O 
22 Winrow Mrs Mary C 

South Side 

1-7 Store, s e 
Oil Store room 

13 Coates Lome 

!."> Tomlinson Mrs Annie B 
17 Bonner James 

19 Adams Benjamin, pntr 
Allan Mrs Barbara, r 

21 Hopkins John L 
23-29 Webb s bakery 
31 Sluman Win 

33 Ardley Albert P 

Ritchie V J, r 
3D Smith George 

">ns Patrick, r 
"7 Lawrence Paul F 
:!0 Stevens Harry 

Scott Miss B. mus tchr 
.",01., Laird Mrs Jessie 
41 Nicholson Thomas 
i:; Wel.Mcr \Vm 
47 P.culah Hall 

Kushhrook Henry J 
r.1 :. .< D W Co 

The. upholsterers sup 


AS and ELECTRIC FIXTURES | Work Made to 


Special Designs 



Suite 1108 TEMPLE BUILDING Phone Main 4508 

Carlaw Av. HI 

Bl I.WEU. \v from 12 Soho 
to > ward 4. 


House, 3 e 
Lumber yard. 3 e 
41 : ick 

6 P 

Ik. coutr 

10 II :i P 

12 Morrow Ja: 

14 Price .1 

16 Murphy John 

18 Ogden" Wm 

20 McCarthy Mrs Honora 
22 Coulter Andrew 

Lvdon Mich, it"!, r 

24 l: Richard 

y Wm, r 

26 Judge Wm J 
28 Lowry Thomas 

30 Stewart Mrs Margaret 


Rear entrance 
4S M. li. .-mott \V H 
50 McEachern Donald D 
62 Marts-oil Mrs Maria 
54 M 

South Side , 

House, s e 
1-3 Storehouse 

Planing mill, r e 

15 I .: iiuth 
15^4 Vacant 

17 Jones Amasa R 

19 Mowat James 

21 Clark . 

25 I :i J 

27 Scott Mrs Margaret 
Rear entrance 

31 Taylor Thomas 

.tohn w 

>, fac 

41 Drake Lewis 
43 Aacblncloas George C 
45 Davis Samuel 
49 Davles Charles 

ne Mrs Rose 
57 Ranane John 
59 Barker Jeffrey J 
House, s e 

Shaw to Osslngton ar, 
ward 5. 

North Side 

Vacant lots 
10 Unfinished house 

Vacant lot 

22-24 Unfinished houses 
ter Daniel 
e. a e 

28 Unfinished house 
Vacant lot 

. s e 

South Side 

ant lots 
33 Keith John C 

AV. n from Chatham 
to Danforth av, 1 e of Les 
lie, ward 1. 

le ...^ 


mlngham Henry 
lam Wm 
9 Jobln Alexander 

West Sid* 

Not built on 

IK WELL. west from 
head of Slmcoe to 161 Mo- 
Canl, ward 4. 

North Side 

U School 
.e Pres Ckurch 

^ Griffin Mrs Martha 

ai R Thomas W, gro 
^ Murray st commences 


28 Mc-i. aw Mrs Eliza 
leaning Co 
Hi- nry W 
32 \v , r g e 


54 Foley 

, s e 

South Side 

:roh. s e 

& ends 

. s e 


3 Siithcrl kay 
.- Hul.y Mrs llaima 1 

7 1 !ary 

9 Bland Frank S, tlr 


11 v >tel 

William st ends 

13 Mei -oil Mrs Sophronla 
l.~> Mel,, an MKs Annie 

Trnv:- M:~< Annie, nurse 

17 Phi lips Miss Annie M 

19 Couehlln Mrs Helen 
21 School, r o 


mining James A 
.in F 

29 Dean Then 
31 Jcffery Edward 
33 Coomhs Thomas 
35 P. raty 

Best Miss Edith, staty 
37 Coombs Thos, confy 

a Cnlverslty av. n of Caer 
Howell. ward 4. 

CALLAN PL, s from 307 W1I- 
ton ar, ward U. 

East Side 

House, s e 

1 Harris Samuel 

2 Pointon Henry G E 
: . r.ailie Tlioina s K 

4 Sammle Joseph J 
West Side 

House, s e 

CALI.KNDAR. n from Queen 
w, first w of Sorauren av. 
ward 6. 

East Side 

Vacant lots 

7 Salthouse Wm 
9 COT Harry J 

Vacant lots 
21 Price George 

irey Mrs Annie M 
-. Gordon George 
27 Grant Walker J 
"1 Robert 
33 Vacant 
35 rtell Albert E 

Beemer Philip S 
41 Murray Thomas W 
43 Seymour Mrs Emma L 
45 Barry Maurice 
47 Logan John F 
49 Hardy Thomas 
53 Brant Arthur 

55 Asaka Yarokuro 
57 Clare Mrs Maria 
59 Eaklns Joseph II 
61 Brotchie Daniel W 

63 Riaout Miss Augusta H 
65 Wood Louis H 
67 Ormlston Mrs Susan 
Harrison Mrs Margaret 

West Side 

26 Winchester John 

Harvard av commences 
House, s e 

CAMDEX. w from 124 Spa- 

dlna av to Brant, ward 4. 
North Side 

2 Hall Philip II 

4 Hartford Jonathan 

6 Williams Albert D 

8 Tracy 

10 A - W 

12 I: vld 

14 Bell Mrs M: - 

16 Landon George A 

18 Hynds Samuel 

20 Cottrell Wm J 
-mith John W 

\llen Wm 

; W 
t A 
:i Norman 

36 Caldwell Philip 

38 Ford Hugh G 

40 Barker Klchard R 

4-- Millwani Benjamin L 
U M 

:i John C 

48 Cobb George II 

50 Warduian John H, exp 

54 Hill John H 

56 Philips Wm 
House, s e 


House, s e 

.I Whit-- head .lnb.ll T 

11 Pr 

17 I: aiel 

19 Moore Robert M 

Reorganized Church of 
Jesus Christ 

iarratt James 
L 7 McTavish John 

ste Harry 

Prest Mrs Elizabeth, r 
81 Flunder Edward W 

.Minn Jam- 

33 May Mrs Rachel G 
3.-. Smith Rleha; 

37 Hagerty Mrs Bridget 

39 McDonagh Robert 
43 Kirk Frederick A 

15 I errin Ji..-idi H 
47 A , A 

House, s e 

CAMERON, n from 406 Queen 
w, to Cameron pi, ward 4 

East Side 

Store, s e 
1 I .est Robert T 

3 Clark Robert W 
5 Baker Hvman 

ii Fred W 

9 Thompson James C 
11 Brown James R 

13 Gould Richard H 
15 McUlll Dougald 

17 Hardy Mrs Isabella 
19 Freeborn Bruce 
21 Vaughan Mrs Ellen 
23 Wilson John B 
25 O Reilly James E 

Private grounds 
37 Kemp Frederick 
:::> w: liams Arthur R 

41 Homer Benjamin 
43 ChefTey Robert, phy 
45 Yard EdwiD 

47 Davidson John 

49 Ferg Christian H 
.M Seaitcr James 

reel ma n Wm 

55 Clarke George H 

57 Howden Jai: 

59 Mulcahy Michael 

61 Chapman Wm 

11:: Vacant 

iv. McBurney Miss Clara 

i!7 Winln-re Harry 

(59 McTnuue Mrs Ann 

71 O Brien Mrs Annie E 

West Side 

Hotel, s e 
Cameron Hall 

L .l.i;:i: -on James 

4 Parliament Wm 
ij Haight Horace- 

8 Ashfield Mrs Margaret 

14 A Ilin Mrs Mary 
It 1 , Loach Wm 

15 Holmes Charles E 
Kerr George H 

Holmes S & Son, stair 

bldrs, r 

Turner Harry W, wood 
turner, r 


L L Miinliy James A 
24 Pike Wm H 
2G Reid Mrs M A 
icArthur John 
30 Dudgeon Mrs Elizabeth 
Dudgeon Miss M J, drs- 

ott Wm 

34 Stephens Mrs Margaret 
30 Cameron George 

38 Brown Walter 

invham David 
40 King Solomon 
U Mayln e Mr-. K i. hael 
44 Mai-Coll George D 


48 O Toole James 

~ks Simon 

"i I ai-n,,"w Howard 
,Vi .\laiTMwau Hugh 

11 D 

nistrong Samuel 
62 Bissett Wm F 

E, drsmkr 

Levasseur Mrs Clara, mem 
orial wreaths 
70 Crampton Wm 

Cameron pi commences 

CAMERON PL, w from 70 
Cameron to Vanauley, ward 

North Side .. 

2. London James N 
......... South Side 

1 Dal by Wm S 

P Mrs Emily 

I Dpble Mrs Eliza heth 

. I. ic, nee Mrs Mary E 

:i M.-.rc Mrs Sarah 

Badger Mrs jane 
lo Hunter Samuel 

CAMPBELL AV, n from WaT 
lace av to city limits, first 
ward 6 Orthern Ra way, 
East Side .. 

Vacant lots to 253 
2..3 \\akedeld Edward 
2oo Lascelles George 

Vacant lots to end 
....... West Side .... 

Vacant lots 


1 s - Hall James 
I* ! Vacant 
190 Hill James 
19<5 KolKTtson Robert 
-"- Vacant 

200 MeCallnm Archibald 
- "! ra Jg George B 
- MS \ acant 
- 12 Vacant 
^14 Vacant 

M ummer John, cont^ 

Untinish. d hou> 

Irviucr av intersects 
Vacant lots 

310 Grngau John J 

^ ctS 

nt lots to end 

( MM. AW AV. n from Ash- 
bridge s Bay to city limits, 
crossing Queen e at l>43, 
ward 1. 


17 Love Percy, poultry dlr 
i N 

35 Counell Thomas 
37 Dyer Kobert jr 
4.7. Chanter \Vm 

47 Siradei- John G 
51 Dyer Robert 
Vacant lots 
^ Eastern av intersects 

Vacant lots 
105 McLaughlin M J 
107 Bovce John E 
lut i Kill.y Daniel 
111 Crigtiton George W 
113 Hurmer John 
115 iTL-ildes James L 
117 Grant Charles A 
_ l Washington Thomas E 
123 O Hara P J, dairy 
1S3 Johnston Thomas H 
135 Jennings Mrs Laura W 

Vacant lots 

167 FI>_ ph, florist 

Church, s e 

Queen st e intersects 

i , T R bridge 




Office, Main 613 
Residence, " 607 

Capital Secured for Investments 
Investments Secured for Capital 


112 Carlttw Av. 

* Gerrard st e intersects 
Vacant lots to 587 

GST Boyd Win, contr 

* Frlzzell av commences 
Vacant lots to end 

West Side 

2 Whitaker Morris M, boat 

8 Curtis Christopher, pntr 

Vacant lots 
36 Fuller George 
88 Thompson John 

Vacant lot 
72 Connell George 
74 Lowe Albert 
76 Hamilton John J 
78 Hoger Win 
80 Munn John 
82 Love John 
84 Johnston Mrs Sarah 
86 Lougheed George H 

House, s e 
+ Eastern av intersects 

Vacant lots 
100 Mitchell Wm E 
102 Heave Alfred 

Private grounds 
108 Fleming Robert 


114 Wilkins Matthew 
116 Ford Frederick 

Vacant lots 
124 Thnson Iturton 
126 Sabin Edward H 

Vacant lots 
134 Cooper Gavin 
136 Mace George W 
138 Smith David L 
140 Newberry Charles 
142 Dale Francis 
144 Oke I Franklin 
146 Jamleson Wm 
148 Breckles Thomas W 
150 Kyott Edward C 
152 Howcll Mrs Caroline 
156 Rickard N J B 
158 Stephens Arthur E 
160 Harris Jesse M 

Vacant lots 
168 Le II oy David 3 

Le Roy Chemical Mfg to 
168 Smallwood Wm 
172 Flint George C 
174 Leslie John K 
176 Relnholt Wm 

House, s e 

+ Queen st e Intersects 
Vacant lots to end 

CAHLIXG. u from Bloor W 
opp Glvens to city limits, 
ward 5. 

East Side 

House, s e 

1 Ilazlrtt Miss Letitia 

3 Ellis Thomas W 

17 Gascoyne Thomas 
West Side 

Not built on 
+ Irene pi commences 

CARLISLE, see Carlyle 

CAIU.TOX. e from 443 Yonge 
to the Don, wards 1, 2 and 

North Side 

Store, s e 

2 Forster James 
Forster Edwin, dentist 

4 Brooks H H, cabt mkr 
6 Thomson W P, phy 

Garvin Win J, r 

Bell Mrs Ada, r 

Kemp John G, r 

Kennedy Mrs Maggie, r 
8 Howard G P, dentist 
10 Richardson T B, phy 
12 Jones Mrs Minnie 
14 Emory Wm J H, phy 

18 Osrden Uzzlel, phv 
22 Baldwin Mrs E M 
28 Gibson Mrs M. nurse 
30 Romerll Mrs Lucy 

Jar-ks-nu Robert 

Reformed Pros Church, r 
32 McParlane Murray phy 
34 Anderson II H. phy 
36 Fotheringham J T, phy 
38 Morison Miss Catherine 
40 Skinner E Lc-lia. phy 

Beyer Joseph C 
42 McGilllvray Donald, phy 

Maclennan D N, phy 
44-6 Friends Church 
48 Snider John E 
50 Watson Archer G 
52 Denlsou Harry 
56 Colleran John 
60 Greene E Herbert, phy 
62 Taylor Richard W 

Taylor Mrs Grace, drsmkr 
Store, s e 

_tf Church st Intersects 
72 Janes Simeon H 
Private grounds 
84 Brown Alexander 
90 Scott Mrs Jessie 
+ McMillan st commences 
98 McNaught Wm K 
100 Howitt Wm H, phy 
102 Rains Mrs Maria 
108 Allen Norman, phy 

Marling Oswald, phy 
110 Rosbery Nurses Club 

House, s e 
^ Jarvls st Intersects 

Store, s e 
114 Haldenby Wm 
118 McMartin Mrs Mary E 
120 Rea Harry J 
124 Weese George A 
126 Jones D Ogden, phy 
130 Thomas M Augustus 
132 Dw.ver Mrs Florence 
134 Geddes Mrs Matilda 
140 McDouagh George R, phy 
142 Seecotnbe W, dentist 
144 McMillan Martin 
146 Foreman Mrs Agnes 
148 Williams Mrs Eliza, bdg 

Ellis James 

150 Fletcher Benjamin 
152 Ivey John D 

* Homewood av commences 
134 Oldright Wm, phy 

liiii Blachford Horace P 
ins Blachford Charles E 
172 Keith George 

House, s e 
+ Sherbourne st Intersects 

Private grounds 
176 Christie Fred J 
178 Hough Philip M 
ISO Stewart Mrs Kate 
182 Dimock Mrs Isabella 
184-86 White S T, drugs 

Bleeoker st commences 
St Peter s Church 

lf>2 Hawtin George 

108 Richardson Mrs Harriet 

* Ontario st intersects 

200 Dewey Mrs L E, grocer 

200% Johnson Jos, shoemk 

202 Jeandron John E, bkr 

204 Craig Thomas B 

200 Sterling Walter 

208 Copeland Edwasd 

210 Wilson Mrs Louise 

212 Forfar James E, phy 

214 Snider R O, phy 

21(i Doan Robert W 

218 Coatsworth Emerson, jr 

220 Murray F Wj dentist 

Henderson >frs Mary J 
222 Holmes John 
224 Gausby R. acct 

Gnusby Miss N S, mils 

Onlisby E L. dentist 
226 Schoflcld Richard 
228 Hume Mrs Ann 

Hume G G, dentist 

Hume Miss R G D, phy 
230 Bryans Wm F. phy 
232 Brown Frank N W 

234 Parker Samuel 
230 Colby Alfred 

Anderson Wm 

235 Alexander W IT, phy 
240 Sproule Mrs Henrietta 
242 Stephanv H, liarber 

Dixon Mrs Ellen, drsmkr 
24i! Byron Edgar A. staty 
248 Baleh Wm H, baker 
250 White Bros, grocers 

White Richard H 
252 Clayton T A. btcnr 

Parliament st Intersects 
Store, s e 

254 McLean Alex, contr 
258 Manes Thomas W 

200 Brown John 

262 Begg James G 

264 Begg Chas G 

266 Moodey Wm J 

208 Mutton Frank E 

270 Parsons Arthur It 
^ Metcalfe st commences 
House, s e 

274 Oliver Mrs Margaret 

276 Johnston Oscar P 

278 Forster James 

280 Miller Allan F 

282 Van Norman Charles C 

2S6 Kennedy Daniel 

288 Lumbers Henry 

294 Loggle James 

296 Naisliitt Herbert F 

2 .i.S Millar David 

300 Hough Albert II 
+ Sackville st intersects 

308 Brick Benjamin, bldr 

314 Tyrrell Edward N 
^ Woodley pi commences 

318 Pamphilon Walter 

320 McNab Alexander 

324 Fair Charles H 

320 Benson \V E 

328 Ardell James T 
+ Bowman st commences 

330 Brett Foster K 

336 Mulrhead Robertson 

338 Uothwell Win E 

340 Ingram Alfred E, pntr 

342 Armstrong Robert 

344 Breckiureld Thomas 

346 Ross John 
House, s e 

+ Sumach st intersects 
Riverdale Park 

South Side 

Ontario Bank, s e 
1 Vacant 
7 McLellan Miss Isabella 

Methodist Church 
21 Stark Thomas H, phy 
23 Higgins David 
25 Kent Mrs Ann 
27 Swann G A, dentist 
29 Caven James G, phy 
31 lla\vke K Elmore, phy 
37 Brown Price, phy 
39 Mcllwraith K C, phy 
41 Warner Albert F. phy 
43 McFadilfn Wm A 
45 Doe Henry 
47 Vacant 

4:1 Millichamp G E, phy 
51-53 Uoiifrard Mrs, Emma 
55 MeCurdy Mrs Kate 
57 Williamson Mrs E 
Trow Charles, phy 
59 Crosby Albert B 
61 Henderson Miss L Q, 

Hotel, s e 

Church st Intersects 
Store, s e 

67-69 Mason A D, dentist 

Canadian Shorthand Col 

Ctarke Joseph C 
73 Pettlgrew Robert, bicycle 

Beaton Nell, r 
75 lieales Wm, bicycle repr 
77 Rankin John S 
79 Barker Wm 
81 Fenwick Thomas 
83 Bailey Wm 
85 Arnott Miss Scotland 
87 Bothwell Clemens J 
89 Stanley Robert J 

Seaton Miss A. drsmkr 
91 Wright R, plmbr 

Mutual st ends 
93 Wllinot Mrs Anna 

103 Snelgrove C V, dentist 
107 Jeffrey Andrew 
House, s e 

Jarvls st intersects 
Old St Andrew s Ch, a C 

117 Marshall Wm, btchr 
119 Lambert Miss M. confy 
121 McMougall Joseph E 
Allan Gardens 

Sherbourne st Intersects 
Church, s e 

165 Willfong Emanuel 
167 Hall Harry 
H19 Stubbs Frank 

171 Bruce Rev Dr George 
173 Shlell R Telfer, phy 
175 Glbbg Malcolm 
177 Klnnear James 
179 Angus Wm M 
^ Seaton st ends 
181 Wills Miss Joanna K 
183 McLacblan Arch W 
185 Hearn Wm 
187 Helllwell Mrs Sophia A 
189 Darby George 
191 Westman Samuel J 

198 Hancock Thomas, eonfy 
Quinte Laundry 

195 Smart Eli, btchr 

^ Ontario st intersects 
197 McFaul John H, phy 

199 Johnetone Robert C 
201 McPherson James 

McPherson D W, phy 
203 Richardson Wm 
205 Melntosh Mrs Jennie 
207 Wills Alexander W 
209 Barker Miss Lillian 

Oronhyateklia Dr 
211 Bailey John C 
213 Case Mrs Marie 
215 Fallls John D 

* Berkeley st ends 
219 Younger Mrs Sarah 
221 Robertson Alexander 
223 Miller Isadore 

225 Brennan John 

227 Phin John A 

229 Crawford Wm A 

231 Gearing Thomas V 

233 Turner David W 

235 Bayoroft George E 

237 Walker John 

239 Becker Mrs Mary S , 

241 Thomas Julia, phy 

243 Ormsby Robert F 

245 Henderson R H. dentist 

Parliament st intersects 
Store, s e 

251 Cunningham 1 P, dentist 

255 White Robert 

257 Houston Thomas 

259 Cohen Jacob S 

261 IIOC George II 

263 WaHron John 

265 Cooch Herbert C 

267 Dermitt George G 

269 McCartney Wm 

271 Townley Wm B 

273 Anderson Mrs Jane 

275 Cherry John, horse dlr 

277 Hardinz Mrs Annie 

279 Heyland ERR 

381 Dunk George M 
Dermott pi ends 
Stoddard Wlllard S 

285 Hill Charles E 

287 Wilson Robert A 

289 McColl Angus B 

291 Bradford Wm 

295 Nellson Hugh 

Neilson Miss J H. nurse 
Arm^ong Thomas M 
Cooper Robert J 
Fensom John jr 
Dlxon Robert 
Butler Edward P 
Freyseng Edward J 
Freyseng Peter 
Rnckvllle st Intersects 
Miller Wm M, gro 
WIsker Thomas 
Miller James 
Welch Arthur 
5 Curry Reuben C, phy 
7 Weston George W 




r.eaic Benjamin 
331 Firth Thomas H 
333 Wilkie Mrs Agnes 
335 Moi-an Frank 

+ Gifford st ends 
337 Johnson N.-ll 
339. Logan Wm J 
341 McLeod John N 
343 Redway Edgar H 
345 Dale Matthew 
347 Lyons Mrs Elizabetk 
349 Balkwill Win 
351 McCiirmlck Mrs Jane 
.".5.". \l,.ran Mrs Ann 
355 Martin Frank H 
357 Snell Win 
Ede John 

359 Galloway Robert T 
361 Wade Win P 



Cash or Moderate Margin 


Private Wire to New York TELEPHONE MAIN 1588 



King St. W. 


Centre Av. 


S6S Howden John 
386 C Agnes 

867 Steen Wm 
3il Wright Wm 
371 Andrews George 
373 Buchanan James 

s Jennie 

377 Proutlng Win 

381 Watson Win J. gro 

383 Cameron Mr~ Kmma 

Sumach st Intersects 

i k \vni.r C 
\v Kremont 
-; P 
k S 

walrt Charles A 

3! r.yilintt James 
401 Qiilniey Jnmes 
403 Gibson in W 

Gibson Mr* Mary 
405 Brown .Tamea J 

Brown A- Cooper, contra 
4O7 Rnce John F 
400 Robin W 

411 Whirh H 

41.". Mcc lellni >< Mr Margaret 

417 (T-TTirr ! lines 

41!> I..-! -V AleT P 

423 Rvnn John J 
4i" Hortrson Wm D 

CARLYI.E. n from 256 St 
Patrick to BelleTue pi, ward 

East Side 

Store, 8 e 

5 Jnne Thomas 

7 Weston Alfred J 

11 Drew John C 
House, s e 

West Side 

2 Rotsford Mrs E H 

6 Clren Wm J 

> h n J 
10 Hill Thomas H 

12 Thomas Mrs S A 

14 Reynold- Mrs Matilda 
16 Smith Wm A 

18 TremM. Mr* Matilda 
20 Johnstone Mrs A, nurse 

22 Heron Thomas 

24 Rurri iiirti"- A E 
26 Powers Mrs Esther 

Smith Emille S. mns tchr 
Smith Mis w S, mns tchr 
30 I.illle Frederick W 
32 Penny Wm 
34 White David L 

CAROLINE AV. n from East 
ern av to Queen e, first e of 
Pape av, ward 1. 


Not built on 

West Side 

Vacant lots 
46 McKenna John J 
48 Logan David 

->- Bookings i:,lward J 
64 Goddard Wm R 
66 Kelller Wm A 

58 Cameron Andrew C 

60 H ,k R 

62 Rn k. mns tchr 

64 Sedore Thomas C 

84 Crlehtr.n Wm H 

86 w homas P 

nee Samuel J 

90 Ruttan Jesse W 

92 Krown Joseph 
94 Morris George H 

CARR. w from 58 Esther to w 
of Hackney, ward 4. 

North, Side 

Store, g e 

A lane 
Store, s e 

* Denison av Intersects 

14 House, s e 
Vacant lots 
22 W Ellen 

24 i, 
88 v 9 Maggie 

40 Casey Thomas 
House, 8 e 

Hackney st Intersects 
44 Handy John 

46 Irwin John 

50 Mitchell Joshua J 
62 Smith Edward 

54 Luiigtrv George 
66 Martin John 
58 Tooze F W 
60 MrNeill Michael 

South Side 

House, s e 

Denison av Intersects 
if Bennett Wm K 

19 ( rt 

1:1 Shaw John P 
25 K !"rtok 

L 7 Strnehle Frederick J 


Arthur J 

41 Armstrong Wm 
Store, a e 

+ Hackney st Intersects 
4:; Nicholas Wm F 
45 Kennedy Mrs Annie 
4 .i Davenport Walter S 

51 Jackson Balfour 
55 Cunerty James 

CARROLL, n from 644 Queen 
e, to Thompson, ward i. 

East Side 

1 Vacant 
11 Barr Raywood 

West Side 

Hotel, s P 
10 Bceten Wm B 
12 Kyle George 
14 Uoss Mrs Margaret 
16 Quarrlngton John B 
18 German Charles 8 
Mitchell Henry 

CASIMIR AV, n from 240 St 
Patrick, ward 4. 

East Side 

House, s e 

3 Hubbard John A 
5 Hardman Edward 

7 Spence Wm 

9 Gilbert Mrs Margaret 
13 Gibson Robert 

West Side 

House, s e 

4 Taylor Harry A 

li Brewer Albert E 

8 1 ettle Mrs Mary J 

12 Bartlett George W 

CASTLE AV. w from Spadlna 
rd to Howland av, nrst n 
of Lowther av, ward 4. 
Not built on 


* across the end of Dale 
av, ward 2. 

East Side 

Jackson Mannsell B 
West Side 

Vacant lot 

Dale av ends 
Foster Hon George E 

forms a circle from com 
mencement of Castle Frank 
av, wards 1 and 2. 

South Side 

Siuieon John H 
Kemp Albert E 

East Side 

Not built on 

North Side 

5 Addlson Wm T 

4 Carroll Robert 

CATHERINE, w from 130 

Peter, ward 4. 

North Side 

House, s e 

8 Mclntyre Wm R 

10 Dutton John J 
K M.icki rrow James 
14 Obernler Wm J 

Oberuler Mrs M, mus tehr 
16 Leonard Simdford 
18 Jackson Mrs Minnie 
20 Rosenthal Mrs Ida 

House, s e 
7 Oshoruo Win 

:>>re J 

11 Sprott John 
MH andilsb Mrs M. r 
Fellows John, r 

111 Wells .1 
19 .1 -t E 

Macilonald Mfg Co, tin 

CAWTHISA SQ. w from 490 
Jarvls, ward J. 

North Side 

House, s e 

6 Malone Anthony 

8 Bryco Thomas, contr 
10 Grupe George , 

1- Ilorsman A J 

South Side 

Hmisc. s e 
1 Francis Will G 
3 Crooks Alexander D 
5 MacGlIllvray Mrs Marlon 

7 C<> It. arch 

9 Wlthn.w Mrs Margaret 
11 Trowcll John V 

CECIL, w from 34 Henry to 
Spadina av, ward 4. 

North Side 

House, s e 

Beverley st Intersects 
18 Spragjre E W. phy 
20 Baldwin Mrs S M 
l l King Samuel 

24 Delamere Joseph M 
20 Watx ii Mrs Isabella 

+ Ross st commences 
28 Brown Mrs Mary J 
30 Harris Mrs Marg 

32 Townsend Sherman E 
34 Vacant 

36 Walls Mrs Catharine, bdg 

38 Barker Robert W 

40 Frazee Mrs Jennie 

42 Guthrle Wm 

+ Huron .st intersects 


44 Kyan Michael P 
46 Windeat Miss E S. artist 

WinJ.-ui Miss L H, artist 
48 Carrick Win H 
50 Wright Thomas 

Bennett H M. humorist 
52 Kearns Richard J 
54 Dodds E King 
56 Colllnet Mrs F, bdg 
+ Spadina pi commences 

Church of Christ 
58 Mace George W, bldr 
60 Cecil Hall 

MacDonald John 

Store, s e 
South Side 

House, s e 
+ Beverley st intersects 

House, s e 
23 Duck Henry F 

25 Harman S Bruce 
27 Ryerson C Egerton 
29 Long Wm E 

31 Cassels Hamilton 

33 Gausoy George 
35 Davies Sydney J 

37 Barnhart Mrs Catherine 

39 McMlchael Alex A 

41 Pipon Charles A 

43 Bolte Ai:. 

45 Rlackley Wm B 
Huron st intersects 

irk C Day 
.V. Wily Arthur 
57 Ti is C 

Baker Win II 
Till Baines W Ilancks 
t;i CaiinitY Henry T 

ii.-. 1 U W i: 

i;r. Hand Alfred J 
i;7 <;reviiw<Nid Mrs E, bdg 
69 Morion Miss Rebecca 
71 Demar Mrs Elizabeth 

urn Walter G, bldr 
House, s e 

CENTRE AV, n from Armory, 
opp DrlU Hall, to Chestnut 
pi, ward 3. 

East Side 

1 \\Vl.lon Win 

3 Sher Abraham 

Hntchiusou Mrs Mary 

Skc .ton MNs .("S Thine 
7 Simpson Mrs Elizabeth 
9 Levlne Moses J 
11 Breslin Solomon 
13 Moroney John J 

Ward Mrs E J, r 
15 Whalen Mrs Annie 

it house, r 
17 Greenbaum Samuel 

Thompson Mrs Annie, r 
in McDonald Archibald 
21 Hoffman Bernard 
Lyons John J. r 
Brown Maxwell, r 
23 Haberman Louis 
Cadesky Jacob, r 

ntlial Charles N, r 
2." Warren Alexander 
29 Pendrlth & Co, founder* 
33 Centre Av Mission 
35 Downs Thomas 
37 Salamansky I liilip, gro 
:i:i Haberman Philip 
41 Barragar Charles F 
Barraear Mrs A, gro 
4!i McGiirBenJamin 
4r. Rice Miss Mary 
47 ii Flyiin Mrs Anne 

Belmore Miss C, drsmkr 
Harper Joseph, r 
4: i carter Mrs Elizabeth 
51 Wineberg Solomon 
<>nan John 

55 llalyern Solomon 

.r Wm, r 
07 Thomas Wm 
59 Schwartz Samuel 

House, s e 
+ Agnes st intersects 

Store, s e 

61 Flavell Mrs Rachel 
63 Brodv Sigmond 
65 Boddlngton Walter B 
67 Sharman Jacob 
69 Dykes James 
71 Bregman Louis 
73 Dalton Mrs Bridget 
75 Ruben Louis J 
77 Sanzone Salvatore 
House, s e 

Edward st Intersects 
7 .i McDonald Mrs Annie 

S.~> Williamson Francis 

87 SUene George 

89 Georgen Nicholas 
House, s e 

Elm st intersects 
House, s e 


LAKE SIMCOE ICE Exclusively 
Delivered to all parts of the City 

and Suburbs all year round 
Phones Main, 86 North. 1O52 



Office, 43 ESPLANADE ST. E. 
JAS. FAIRHEAD, - Manager 


North British & Mercantile Insurance Company 

LARGEST FIRE RESERVES Investments in Canada, $7,980,462.49 


Centre Av. 



A complete stock with prices al 
ways in your : 

All kinds of Tex;-B:;ks fcr School 


111 Casciato Pasquale 

Defalco Antonio 
113 Mastranglo Joseph 
115 Taylor Alfred 
117 Miville Hospice 

Vacant, r 

119 Gottloeb Mendel 
121 Cohen Benjamin 

Grelsman Solomon, r 
123 McGann Wm 

Casselle Mlrette 
125 Harris Osceola 

Calllbracio Frank, r 

127 Ma pap^ Felix 

128 Dl Ferlerieo Raphael 
131 Polllgrean James 

Goldstein John, r 
133 Melchlor Peter 
135 Rottenberg Simon 
137 Kupman George 
139 Hamilton Mrs Annie 
141 Bochnek Abraham 

Brown Mrs Rebecca, r 
143 Healey Patrick 
145 Healey Wra 
147 Knowles John 

149 McCallum George 
151 McCord Alexander 
153 Houzer Lips 

155 Landsman Michael 
157 Madran Philip G 

150 Robinson George 
Swltzer John J, r 

161 Currle David 
Stone John, r 
163 Collel Joseph 
165 Jlfkins F A, btchr 
167 Fraser Mrs Augusta, gro 
^ Christopher st Intersects 
169 Store, s e 
171-73 Darch Alfred 
175 Lapello John 
177 Debartalo Frank 
179 Le Bar Edward 
Smith Henry, r 
181 McDonald John 
183 Catone Louis 

Feppetelle "Pasqnallna, r 
185 Breto Angelo 
187 Dens Loots 
189 Shepard Robert 
191 Archer Edward 
193 Bennett Wm 

Henry Samuel J. r 
195 Bell Jnmes 
107 Spearman Mrs Cath 
199 Cannan David 
201 Holllngsworth George H 
203 Ix>mbard Frank 
205 Walker Michael 
207 Welngaten Arthur 
209 Borsa Gnteano 
211 Kerner Jacob 
213 Madran Eugene 

West Side 

2 Ryan Anthony 

Brickwood John, r 
4 Hawkins Mark 
Kelley Peter, r 
8 Marks James 
10 Irvine Bader 
Moran Patrick, r 
Tnylor George, r 
Wade Wm, r 
Long Wm r 
Glnocchl Lulgl, r 
12 Jacobs John 
14 Johnson Dalton 
Ifi Mewrick Mrs Sarah 
18 Berkowlti Rev Isaac 
20 Ginsberg Joseph 
22 Breslln Charles 
1M Azez George 

26 Steinberg Morris 
28 Baskan Joseph 
30 Galnes John 
32 Roe James 
34-36 Neusbaum Henry, gro 
38 Fitzgerald Wm 

Sauble Samuel, r 

Zeller Mark, r 

Capp Jacob, r 
40 Bochnen Mendel 
42 Goodman Samuel 
44 Spence Thomas 
46 Rapp Samuel 
48 Shcldrick James 
50 Harris Leroy 

Private grounds 
54 Boon John 
56 Fletcher Alfred 
58 Hatt Lawrence 

House, s e 
+ Agues st Intersects 

Store, s e 
64 Sherdon Oslas 
66 Dickson John 
68 Jackson John 
70 Welnstcin Mrs Fanny 
72 Cornfield Andrew 
74 Willis Robert 
76 Nelson Wm 

House, s e 
+ Edward st intersects 

Private grounds 
80 Ewlrsky S. junk 
88 Peterson Harris 
90 Farrell Edwin 
92 Burns Mrs Sarah 
94 Hornshaw Mrs Sarah J 
96 Dl Chrlstofaro Carmine 
98 Laslta Ignaiio 
100 Cardorono Francisco 
102 Badoll Salvatore 
102% Store room 
104 Davis Frank, s e 

Elm st Intersects 
106 Store, s e 

108 Miller Robert J 
110 Butler Wm 
112 Vaughan John 
114 Stalnhnrdt Simon 
116 Polowltsky Barnett 
118 Pevneok Noah 
liiii MaiMiL-an Michael 
122 Somers Miss Annie 

Levlnsky Bernard 

Llbewoltz Jacob, r 
124 McCnll Mrs Nellie 
126 Perlmen Joseph 
128 Crone Jacob 
130 Greenburg Manuel 
132 Fluker George 
134 Carey Patrick 

Monticano Lenardo. r 

Christopher Anthony, r 
130 Ponisa Thomas 
138 Cash Isaac 

Lcvinsky Wm. r 

Yozokovich Philip, r 
140 Egelulk Morris 
142 Shupara Mrs Mollle 
144-46 Dlneen Mrs Annie 
148 Oliver Anthony 
IRO Smith Alexander 
152 Bregman Abraham 

Knmlkiiu-k Moses, r 
154 Phillips Ben.lamln B 

Lorensettl Galcomo, r 
156 Miller Mrs Fanny 

Gibson Mrs Hertha, drs- 

Rlc-hards Charles, r 
158 Atkinson Charles R 
160 Robinson Wm 
1(12 Porllln Mnrk 
164 Tz7.o Pasquale 
IOC, Hill Mrs Margaret 
168 Perry John B 
170 Burke Mrs A M. gro 

Burke Wm 

* Chrlstnnhpr st Intersects 
171 MM i hows R.ibort A 

Mathews Mrs M, gro 
174 Hunt George 
176 Pellerlno Bruno 

Boll Frank 
17^ /:]ni] " n a .Tamos 
180 Stone Reuben 
182 Ryan Thomas 

Fojrcett Mrs J, nurse 
1S4 MeNultv John 
ISO Priira Era 
188 Russell Peter 

Pawoon John, r 
190 Mead Arthur 

McNally Mrs Ann, r 
192 James Frank 
194 Motta Giuseppe 
190 Erskine Thomas 
198 Grelsman Joseph 
200 Miville George A 
202 Mlvllle Hospice 
204 Walsh Mrs Bridget 
200 Kelly John 
208 Townley Robert 
210 Black Maurice 
212-14 Cohen Louis 

CHAPEL, n from 40 St Jo 
seph to St Mary, ward 3. 

East Side 

Private grounds 
+ Irwln av ends 

House, s e 
^ Inkerman st ends 
9 Moore Rollln C 

11 Leavens Bruce 

13 Ryan Mrs Catherine 

15 Worren Wm 

17 Flynn Daniel 
House, a e 

West Side 

House, s e 

St Michael s Coll grounds 

CHARLES, e from 675 Tonge 

to Jarvis, ward 3. 
North Side 

Store, a e 

Vacant lot 

12 Drake Alexander K 

14 Van Zant Ellas 

16 Baker Charles 

18 Nell Rev John 

20 Davison John L, phjr 
30 Roaf James R 

Private grounda 
40 Anderson Mrs Jane 
42 Crelghton James B 
44 Macdougall Alfred 

40 Henderson Charles W 
48 RIsebrough John H 
50 Lucas George W 

. .:: White David W 
54 Wilkie Thomas J 
50 Evans Mrs Annie 

58 Vacant 
Private grounds 

62 Ames James H 
64 Livingston L M 
60 Dymond Allan M 

Melllsh Miss M L, mut 


Private grounds 
^ Church st Intersects 
74 Floyd Francis 
76 Sharp Mrs Charlotte 
Campbell Mrs Mary, r 
Graham Adam, r 
Noble Charles, r 
80 Plntt Wm M 
82 Howe Etna D 
80 Gooch Frederick H 
88 Klllaly Mrs Martha 
90 Bain James 
94 Balrd Robert ? 
!>0 Walker Misses M L and 

I, school 
House, s e 

South Side 

Store, s e 
1 Van Camp J C 
3-5 Storeroom 
9 Startup David J 
11 Leworthy Wm T 

13 MacKae Donald 
15 Hnzzn Mnrk 

17 Fensom Walter A 

19 Gamble George 
_: , K.l.lis Wilton C 

25 Davidson Mrs S F 
33 Macdonald John K 

41 Eves Mrs Nettle S 
43 Brookman Rev Wm 
4."> Joselin Edivln J 

47 Moses Frank 

40 Murray .Tamos, horse dlr 

">1 Murray Jnmes 

:>:( Millar John 

."> Stibbs Wm J. architect 

59 Fraser Robert L 

01 Fenton Frederick, phy 

OTi Dobson Wm E. cigar mfr 

House, s e 
^ Church st Intersects 

House, s e 
77 Vlgeon Harry 
79 Dockray Thomas D 
83 Mclntosh David T 
85 Blackburn Frank J 
87 Kelly Hugh T 
S9 Smellle Thomas 
91 Ferguson John M 
93 Pringle Alex R 
95 Stevens Wm J 
97 Pate Wm J 
99 Vacant 

101 Campbell Sheridan 
103 Provan Alexander 

House, s e 

CHARLOTTE, n from 428 
King w to Adelaide w, ward 

..." East Side .. 

11 O r Loughlin Andrew 
13 Kennedy John 
15 Mooring George C 
17 Ward Albert E 
19 Williamson James 
21 Vacant 

23 Barnes Ernest F 
West Side 

Lumber yard 
^ Balsam st commences 

24 O Fnrrell Robert 
26 Gibson Wm R 

28 Shand James 

30 Brown Mrs Mabel 

CHATHAM, e from w of 
Byron av to Greenwood av, 
first s of Danforth av, ward 

North Side . . 

Vacant lots 
^ Byron av commences 

Vacant lots 
40 O Donohoe Patrick 
50 Jobln Arthur 

Vacant lot 
58 Andrews Wm 

South Side 

1 Jobln Alphonse 

Vacant lots 
49 Renton Thomas 
Vacant lot 
Miller James 

CHEROKEE AV (Toronto Is 
land), n from St Andrew 1 ! 
Church, Lake Shore av. 
ward 4. 

East Side ., 

11-13 Vacant (2) 

West Side 

4 Vacant 
6 Vacant 
8 Luke Wm A 
14 Darlington Wm H 

CHERRT, n from the bay tc 
St Lawrence square, ward 2. 
East Side 

Vacant lots 

^ GTK crossing 

GTR yards 

Standard Fuel Co, a e 
^MIll st Intersects 

House, s e 
41 Jessop Charles E 
"> Bryant Joseph 

:CPR crossing 
Tate st commences 
53 Kerfoot Thomas 
r>."i Sharp Mrs Caroline 
57 Pember Edward J 
59 Moore John 
61 Duusmore Simeon 
63 Edgson Alfred J 

Hotel, s e 
^ Front st e luteresects 

Store, s e 

81 Balgue Henry J 
83 Beetham James 
S5 Smith John B 
>>7 N.ikos Course II 

E. Townsend. 

AFbitpatop and Finaneial 



FIBE ESCAPES, Automatic Fire Shuttere 

65 to 81 PEARL ST. Phone Main 2748 



89 Moore Rlcbard 

Henry, r 
i-piiif Harry E 
97 \\ . odl M: . Sarah A 


101 Stanley Mrs Floranna 
103 Kingsley Thomas 
fWortl av commence* 
St Lawrence Square 

. West Side ........ 

Don Rowing Club House 

* I;TR crossing 

-Mill st intersect* 
House, a e 

I R track 
Savin Thomas 

Byron Wm J 
Fnder Richard 
Junk yard 

Front st e Intersects 
Vacant lots 
Stein Philip 
Hay wood Charles R 
:it lot 



CHFUIJY AV. w from Indian 
rd to Hleh Park, first n of 
GTR crossinz. ward 6. 

North Side 

House. s e 
Jones Wm 


South Side 

N"t built on 

CHESI.KY AV. w from rear 
Dufferin Driving Park to 
Brock av. third n of Col 
lege, ward 6. 

North Side 

Not built on 

South Side 

1 Firth Wm 
15 Fenton Wm 
19 Fuller Henry W 
House, s e 

CHESTNUT, n from 114 
Queen w to Chestnut pi, 
ward 3. 

......... . 

Hotel, s e 

"-!"> 1 .: ; -..-lied houses (5) 
Brown Merritt A. barr 
1H-21 M. I.. ,,d Duncan 
23 Lang I eter 
25 Blevins Win S 

Lumber yard, s e 
4 Albert st ends 

Store, a e 

37 Godfrey Charles 
41 Mack Mrs Ida 
43 Roncone Sebastlano 
4.. Bell ..... 

47 WaNcm Wm 
49 Griesnian Louis 
erg Louts 
3 Samuels Julius 

57 Telc-h 1 

^ Louisa st ends 

Halpern Jacob, btchr 
61 Halpern Rev Isaac 

. Benjamin 
; Zipper David 

Breslln Rev Julias 
39 Griesmnn Israel 

: Hyman 

Hesvinlek Jacob, gro 
75 Miller Max 
Simon Charles 

81 Cohen Jacob 
83 Grosser Charles 
n Hymon 
r Wlenthrope Wm 
89 Olshanezky A, barber 
ay Joseph 
u Albert C 
arkman Jacob 
Hy John 


Deas Gilbert II, caterer 

rtuu LevI 
109-11 Syn: . L; 

lii lllliill M 

113 Srhleslnger Henry 

11.". .N :lf E 

it lOt 

119 Hipper Louis 

nes st Intersects 

. 9 e 
>ean Mrs Mary 

l- 7 K lbaek Isaac 

nd Joseph 
. podmiin Philip 
133 F.dmuuds Elvyn A 
135 Molllcn Carlo 
aer Waiter 

141 Skein Alexander 

Kdward st Intersect* 
14:t Dancv Win, btchr 

-tore", g e 

House of Industry, * e 
:n st intersects 
li .l store, s e 
163 Elliott Samuel 
165 Mclaughlin James S 

Mel.aughlln Miss K drs- 


I p7 Shaw Zuchman 
liiii /eihr George 
171 Ferguson Charles 
17. ! Mnto James 
175 I .aynoto James 
177 Cairo Salvatore 

School grounds 
eviiisk y Louis 
l-<7 Hold Isaac 
ivi Swart/. Miehael 
I .U Shepherd Joseph 
193 Clarke George H 
195 T..WI ulel 

197 Williams Thomas 
199 Garrlck Thomas 
201 De ^oursey Richard 

De Coursey Miss A, drs 

il.pekridee Richard, plstr 
205 Gibson Thomas 
21 17 Kn iwlton Francis J 
209 James Her! . 

( nuke Mrs L, drsmkr 
211 Green George 
213 Snowden Mrs Sarah 
215 Strong J Bennett, publr 

Canada Customs Hand 

La n gan Mrs Annie, r 
m Edward 

Hayter st ends 
Wdinl yard 

22.j Vacant 

227 Baker J A. grocer 
229 Falls Henry 
231 Howarth John 
y Alfred 
235 Smith Robert J 

. ddell Wm 
239 Diamond Wm J 
241 Colby Mrs Ellen 
243 Carr Wm J 
245 Gilbert Wm C 
247 Den.r James H 
249 Gllonna Donato, gro 
2ol Judge Mrs Julia 
Wm. J, r 

Turner Charles 
West Side 

Osgoode Hall, s e 

Drill Hall and Armory, r e 

Armory st commences 
72 72L, c.relsman Henry 
74 Freedman Israel 

76 Levlne Nathan 
78 Silver Jacob 
80 Grelsman Jacob 
mk< John 

86 Blernbaum Louis 

SS Flnkelstein Charles 


!M UritWi M K Church 
9rt Bambrlck Wm 

wii Mrs Mary 
.-Bins Wm 
rris Mrs Annie 
rues John, cabs 
106 Bleebaum Isaac 

Jewish Mission, r 
108 Ilelpert Israel 

1 uslix Abraliam, r 
110 Gurfluklel Samson 
112 Brown Maurice 

111 le. hlri. 

116 >i Irs H, gro 

Pasnuale Petrucclo, r 
Aiitniiin Mark, r 
Stnmatt Christy, r 

IH Hi I. mil 
Fauelli Uonato. r 
Autonlo Christy, r 
118 Speuce Thomas 
i- i Patterson Mrs F 
122-4 Somers Charles, gro 

4> Agnes st Intersects 
IIM llohn Aliraham 
li .s Gold Isaac 
130 Jaekson Samuel T 
13ii Soltz Jacob 

irducci Johanna 

uus tcnr 
K<" U A, mus 


138 Freedman Israel 
140 Laudsbt-ri: David 
140% Rabinowlteh Isaac 

liuldn Louis 
142 (jllonua \ iucenzo, gro 

Kdward st Intersects 
144 Gllonna Francisco, hotel 
1W O Grady Martin J 

:-ala Uocco 
15O Bailey Robert 

Martin I!, mus tcnr 
1.j- Mucciuo George 
154 Lobralco Nunzlo, mus tchr 
l. nl (inrofsfy Louis 
l."^ KPP-S Sam.uel 
160 Katz Abraham 
162 Goodman Benjamin 

Narjo Oboldo, r 
164 Meloew Augustus 

Store, a e 

Elm st Intersects 
16(i Schofleld H, drugs 
168 Taggart Wm 

17*P Man.- John 

11- I lynn Mrs Catherine 

174 Gurofsky David 
17ii (illonna Egldlo 

175 Prest John 

180 Broomhead John 
1^2 : ard 

1M \ Iriro George 
186 Parker Miss Mary 

Parker Miss Florence 
188 Stanley Robert H 

Vacant, r 

Hazelton Mrs Delia, r 
190 Moxley Andrew G 
190iATugendhaft Napthall 
192 Weir Wm 
194 Tiller Ananias 
196 Levi David 
198 Zimmerman Morris 
200 Mathews Joseph P 

tterson Mrs Margaret 

Shaffel Louis, r 
Li-4 Kiihm Max. gro 
206 Mills John 
L 1 "* Moquln Mrs Elizabeth 
210 Stewart Thomas 

Billings Joseph, r 
212 Etherley Wm 
212Vi Watson Wm 
214 Carter Mrs Edith 
21 Coll John 

Jackson Frederick, r 
218 Fleming Mrs Sarah 

Azten Mrs Ellen 
22n Hull Mrs Annie 
222 Jo.lrell Mrs Cecelia 
224 Carson James A 
226 Walker Mrs Mary 

Christopher st commences 
2 js McCarthy Mrs Catherine 

Tiech Joseph, coal 
2.",2 Mel Craziano. fruit 
234-36 Damele John 
238 Bell Mrs Harriet 
240 Barrack Atjf 
242 Cnneo Mrs Annie, frnits 

Williams Ernest, r 

Echo Frank, r 
244 Smith David 
246 Bates Henry 
iway John 

Doyle John, r 

Roso Frank, r 


M.-innell James r 
250 Moiley Edward 
252 Wright Amos F, g.-o 
254 Davey Robert 
256 Samuel Jacob 
258 Abate John 
260 Moss Wm H 
262 Conona Michael 
204 Small Mrs Catherine 
268 Peruglna Michael 
268 Harrison John 

PlA , v from 2^, 

Elizabeth to University T. 
ward 3. 

North Side 

House, s e 
Rear entrances 

40 Hodklnson Walter 

44 Sharpe R J 

IS Masters Alexander G 

Rear entrances 
South Side 

House, s e 

Bremmer Daniel A 
3 Bertram David 

House, s e 
Chestnut st ends 

House, s e 
23 Harris Mrs Ann 

Mabln Anderson, r 
29 Galneor Mrs Ellen 
31 Smith Mrs Elizabeth 

House, s e 
^ Centre av ends 

House, s e 

41 Storey John 
43 Kersnhr SanI 

45 Marks Joseph 

47 Meehan Mrs Mary 
House, s e 

CHICORA AV, w from Ave 
nue rd, second n of Daven 
port rd, ward 4. 

North Side 

Vacant lot 
2 Reburn Edward T 

4 Withrow John A 

6 Morrison Mrs Annie 

8 Sinclair FramK L 

10 Rowland Frank M 
12 Smith Wm E 

Vacant lots 

South Side 

1 Scott George 

3 Pooler Herbert G 

5 Thompson Miss Jessie M 

7 Westervelt Alex P 

9 Tinning John B 

11 Gemmel Walter M 
Unfinished house 

17 Morrison Wm H 

19 Martens Arthur H 
Unfinished houses (2) 
Vacant lots to end 

CHIPPEWA AV (Toronto Is 
land), n from 238 Lake 
Shove av, ward 4. 

Royal Canadian Yacjji 


Webb A Frederick, stew 

209 Hargraft George H 

210 Vacant 

211 Jarvis Aemillus 

212 Vacant 

Metallic Ceilings 

Metallic Roofing Co., Limited 

Phone Park 800 Cor. KING and DUFFERIN STS. 

Standard Life 

ASSURANCE CO. of Edinburgh 


D. M. McGOUN, 


Chas. Hunter, 

Chief Agent, Ontario 



L. 0. CRONYN. Cashier 

116 Chippewa Av. 


214 Vacant 

215 Goad Charles E 

217 MaeKendrick Wm G 
219 Vacant 

221 Chailwick Edward M 
227 Sproule Charles H 

CHRISTIE, n from 726 Bloor 

v to city limits, ward 5. 
......... ICast Side ......... 

Store, s e 
7 Newborn Samuel, whol 


33 Reyes Thompson 
36 Vacant 

Vacant lots 
+ Barton av ends 

Vacant lots 
141 Harris John S 

143 Le Grow Wm P 
Vacant lot 

147 Plppy Lev!. contr 
149 Butler Samuel S 
351 Mumlcn Mrs Emma M 
153 Le Grow John C 

Private grounds 
161 Beck George 
163 Lever Richard 
109 Boyne Edward J 
171 Cundall Robert J 
173 Hotchkin Ezeklel 
175 Dockeray R W. dairy 
+ Follls av ends 

Vacant lots 

Waliner Rd Baptist en 

211 Scott Wm J 

Vacant lots 
239 Prince Edward 
241 Sinclair Wm 

Sinclair Andrew J 
243 Holyoak Wm J 
245 BalniPi- Charles F 
247 Ilillinrd Ernest H 
249 WoollliiRs fo. litchrs 

Balmer Philip 
^Yarmouth rd intersects 

Epwnrth Moth Ch 
2~.r> Smith Samuel 
201 Nevl le Henry J 
287 Lecocq John 

Vacant lots 

Dupont st intersects 
Vacant lots to end 

......... West Side ......... 

Vacant lots 
1C Mullin John 
18 Kennedy .lame? 
20 Kelchef Wm H 
22 Rennicks Joseph 
24 Marshall Alexander 
26 Virtue Charles W 

Vacant lots 

Blake av commences 
Vacant lots 

138 Collins Wm F 
140 Rowntree David 
142 Flood Christopher 

144 Holloway Charles 
Vacant lot 

Ppndrith av commence* 


Holt Thomas M 

Vacant lots 


Gordon Albert 

Waugh John 

Sldcy Peter 

Gibson Wm, broom mfr 

Worth Cleophas, gro 

House, s e 

Essex st commences 

Handcock H W, gro 

Hamilton Robert W 

Ellis Mrs M A, fey gds 

Austin Peter, gro 

Porter Wm J 

Vacant lots 











Montgomery J 
Fisher A H 
Bail Robert 
Garnet av commences 
Manuel Peter 
Dearlove Avery 
Clough Thomas 
Aldous Wm 
Vacant lot 
Ash Henry J, gro 
Mitchell Thomas 

Vacant lots 
+ Yarmouth rd intersects 

Vacant lots 
+ Melville av commences 

Vacant lots 

St Cyprian s Church 
280 Seager Rev Charles A 
Dupont st Intersects 

Vacant lots 
286 Wilson David 

CHRISTOPHER, w from 228 
Chestnut to University BY, 
ward 3. 

North Side 

2 Store, s e 
Vacant lot . 

10 Cohen Benjamin 
A yard 

18 Olshanezky Julius, junk 
+ Centre av Intersects 
Store, s e 

26 Hearn Francis 

28 Smith Alexander 
30 Murray Robert M 

Church, s e 

South Side 

House, s e 
9 Dowson Alfred 

11 Brown John J 

13 Smith Mrs Catherine 
15 Leopold Scarrone P 

Store, s e 
Centre av Intersect* 

Store, s e 

27 Dunlop Wm 

29 Miles Samuel 
House, s e 

CHURCH, n from the Bay to 
71 Bloor e, crossing King at 
101, ward 3. 

East Side 

1 Tymon Andrew J 

City Weigh Scales, John 

Glanvllle supt 

Vacant lots 

0-13 Tor Cold Storage Co 
Warehouse, s e 

Front st e Intersects 
Store, s e 

21 Employment Agency 
Lemay David, broker 
Jones Ernest E & Co, 

23 Sleeman Brew & Maltg Co 

25-27 McWllllam & Everlst, 

whol fruit 
Peterson M H & Co, apple 


29 Northcote Reginald, brew 
ers supplies 

Coihorne st Intersects 
31 Blllinghurst A J, teas 

31a Imrle, Graham & Harrap 


33 McBride Bros, who fruit 
33% Jameson-Pugh Co, cloth 
ing mfrs 
Specialty Mfg Co, silver 


Art Embroidery Co, car 
riage rugs 
Imperial Mfg Co, shirt 


35 Thompson R & Co. pork 
denies Bros, whol fruit 

King st e intersects 
Cathedral grounds 

St James Sunday School 
St James Cathedral ves 

Raw-son T E 
Millen Charles E, carctkr 

Adelaide st e Intersects 
78 Public Library Bldg 

Puhiic Library, Jus Bain 

81-83 Dillon W E, sheet 

metal wkr 
83% Holiday Mrs H 
85 Sun Long. Indry 
85% Martin John A 
87 Meyer Bros, wash machs 

Lombard st Intersects 

89 Book Lovers Library (de 
livery dept) 

91 Arbuthnot & Mac Mlllan, 

93 Oliver Mrs M E, gro 

96 O Connor Matthew, pntr 

97 Stone John J, dyer 
99 Wlckett A R, barber 

101 Galloway David, baker 
1U3 Mcakins \- SOILS, brushes 
105 Johnston Joseph, prtr 

+ Richmond st e intersects 
107-9 Newcombe Octavlus & 

Co, pianos 
111 Wilson John, shirt mfr 

Smith John 
113 Wills Alfred W, cigars 

Wills Alfred 
115 Phillips F E, pntr 
119 Gloynes Mrs Margaret 
321 Griffiths & Macpherson 

Co, pro med 
121% Offord George 
123 Sadlier D & J & Co, bks 
123%-125 Nettlcton J W, gro 
^ Queen st e intersects 
121) Store, s e 
129% Moore Bros, printers 

I attullo Wm 
131 Pete Lee Co, Idnry 
131% Macklln Wm A, photo 

133 McKenua Chas H, phy 

Still Mrs Nancy, bdg 
133% Wells Henry M 
135 Authors & Cox, art llmbi 
137 Uren John F, phy 
137% Thompson W 11, ca-ify 
139 Hicks T L, elec supplies 
141-K Lyon N T Glass Co Ltd 
145 Sim & Co. plmbrs 

Moore George 
145% Sim Mrs Mary 
147 Webb Mrs Mina, bdg 
149 Thompson Mrs Eliz, bdg 
151 Poulton J S, shoemkr 
153 Shea & Co. tlrs 
1531/2 Gendron John A 
155-157 Gander J M, plstr 
159 Allen Wm. tailor 

Barlow Wm H 
161 McCutchlon Thomas 

Goedike Charles B 
163-5 Armstrong Mrs E, bdg 
167-9 Vacant Club House 

Elliott House, s e 
Shuter st intersects 
179 Vacant 

183 Stuttaford Andrew O 
185 Gordon Mrs Helen 
187 Plewes Mrs E, bdg 
189 Brock Mrs II M, bdg 

Black Miss Dorothy, drs- 


191 Patersou Mrs Agnes, bdg 
193 Lougheed David, bdg 
195 Ross Mrs Kate, bdg 
197 Hatch James C 

Hatch Mrs Mary, bdg 
199 Wellington Richard G 

Wellington Mrs Kate, bdg 
201 Lord John A 
203 Lewis George S 
205 Hawkins James, contr 
207 Hong Kee, Indry 
209 Lavln John II 
211 Smith D L Elect Co 

Smith D L 
213 Vacant 
215 Benson W N, cigars 

Ralph James 
217-219 Hawley John, provs 

Gregory Wm 
219 Watt Arthur J 
221 Crawford James 
22" Yarehou Mrs Johanna, bdg 
225 Lee Chu 

227 Wallace Miss I D. staty 
229 Squire T W, gro 
+ Wilton av Intersects 

Private grounds 
241 Jones Mrs Margaret G 
243 Enrlght W J, hoseshoer 
245 Cranston John, dairy 

Cranston George A, dairy 
247 Dion Thomas, shoemkr 
249 Young Mah. Indry 
251-3 Good John & Co, Erocers 

Good John 
255 Hawley John 
257 Dnncy Henry N. btehr 
261 Rycroft Thomas W 
263 Clark Edward, bdg 

265 Matthews Ruble 
207 Pennell T E, pntr 
209 Rose Mrs Mary 
273 Spooner Frank 
273% Spooner Frank, gro 
275 Rankin Wm, baker 
277 Wilson T, tlr 
279 Chuck Chong, Indry 
281 Hernon A T, btchr 
287 Robillard Mrs Annie 
Brain Rev Wm J 
Radford Miss Elizabeth 
Radford Miss Carrie 
Clnrk Mrs Catharine 
White John 
Loehe Clifford 
Jecks M C 

Gould st Intersects 
289 Woods G M, gro 
289% Rownan Miss Johanna 
291 Forbes Alex, shoemkr 
91% Johnson J S, tlr 

293 Saulter Miss Mary J 
295 Roy Warren 

Hoy Mrs Eunice, bdg 
297 Duncan Miss Jennie 
299 Cook Eliza, drsmkr 
301 Moury Mrs Eliza, bdg 
303 WittUins L N, rnus tcnr 

Watkins Miss 11, mul 


307 Reed Samuel 
309 Hornell David W 
311 Waterson Wm 
313 Smith Joseph 

Chong Wing. Indry 
315 Dennis Wm F 
317 Adam Arthur II 
321 Scadding Edward A 
323 Williams Herbert H 
325 Cummlngs E J 
327 Sterling Albert E 
329 Hamilton H J, phy 
331 French Miss F C, bdg 
333 Mason John, bdg 
335 Keegan Mrs Mary, bdg 
337 Fulton Miss Agnes 
841 Anderson Mrs Jane 

Gerrnrd st e Intersects 
House, s e 

349 Hughes Mrs J, bdg 
351 Boake Mrs M A, bdg 
353 Stewart Mrs Elizabeth 
355 Burnham Albert L 

Burnham Mrs S. bdg 
357 Finntgnn Mrs M E, tlrs 
359 Ross John, plmbr 
361 McLeod John, shoemkr 
363 Bee David, baker 
+ McGill st intersects 

House, s e 

363 Maynes Mrs Jane 
369 Pickard Wm J, exp 
371 Pickard Wm 
373 Lung Chong, Indry 
375 Lobaico Nicholas, fruits 
377 Cairueross J H, carp 

+ Anne st intersects 
379 Goodchlld James 
381 Sheppard Charles L 
383 Allan George 
385 Pufc h Thomas E 
387 Gnest W N, btchr 

Mills Robert 
389 Pearson B D, gro 
391 Giles .lames S, wines 
393 Carnahan W J A & HI 

Carnahan Wm J A 

Carleton st intersects 
House, s e 

411 HUEO Mrs Louisa 
41:! Callaghan David 
415 Colman David 
417 Brown Alexander 

Waltz Miss A, mus tct 
419 Botham James P 
4"! Smith Mrs Mary 
423 Gunn Mrs Jessie, bdg 

Whitehouse Mrs Alice 

Wood st Intersects 

42.1 MePonagh Miss M J, bd i 

427 Walker Mrs Rose 

42!) Rennle John 

431 Banks Mrs Eleanor 

433-443 Public School 

Alexander st intersects 
44o Henderson Miss Georgli 
447 Buchner John L 

449 Farley Mrs Emma 
Speight Wm 


Instituted in the Reign ot Queen Anne, A.D. 1714 


W. & E. A. BADENACH, General Agents 
Telephones: Office, Main 2288 Res., North 516 




The Lowest Rates. The Highest 
Guarantees. The Best Policies 




.acock James 
53 M.v K . 
55 Rice Wm M 
57 Peardon Mrs Rebecca 
UO Wo. Key !; 11 1 1 
Gl M dlla 

63 K n 

. bdg 
06 Church John 

r E 

60 Heuulug Mrs Janer 
71 Purkls I r.d k J 

73S ! : niing Arthur 

oth Wm. gro 

* Maltland st Intersects 

-mail Wilson W 
81 Whatmough Mrs C E 
Nurses Home 
Hamilton ;.nlne, 


U c. na.n- Miss llose, 

S3 M 

Ml Dolmage Mrs Si.pnla 
son Win J 
n K 

Mrs Kllza 
herd Mrs Mary 
li)9 Speight Wm B 

; Mission 
mer Joshua S 

+ v\ intersects 

nlte Club 

Granite Bowling Club 
Granite Curling Club 

n, caretkr 

ft a rd 

il9 Granite Curling and Skat- 
Ins i 

Private grounds 

j*9 Crawford George S 

Private grounds 

* M .mrnences 
551 Ox ley 

Mrs Nora 

M C 

Ultbe* Alfred 

Gloucester - Intersects 

v Minerva, phy 
*>6S Kfwin Kdwln 

iddflby Win A 
.R7 Wars Edward 
5S7!-2 Clli I. : Mrs Fr nces W 
N>9 Th"!i: \ry 

ith Kcv . 

573 I srker T Y. contr 
575 V - B 

577 Jacobs K. v >..: .mon 
. .79 Macdonald lames 
583 Graham Mrs Mary .1 
585 Sylvester G P. phy 

Isnhf-lla st intersects 

lion Miss Nettle 
591 Graver Them 
593 M ,! H 

Miss Lucy 
597 Dann George 
599 Strong John 
001 Ma,Na_S Mi M ^:>rct 
603 Wrlneh Warwiek 
COS Macnamara Michael J 
607 Montgomery R 

harles st Intersects 
813 House, s e 

: I li F E 
617 Saunders Mixses, school 

Saunders Miss H 

i nlia 
619 Wr M A 

Wrlnch Miss M i:. artist 
621 Vacant 
623 Melntosh Angus 
025 Cathron Mrs Caroline A 

Private grounds 
631 c limy 

. mus tchr 

633 ( ; x T 

* Hayden st Intersects 


047 Fleming James 11 
tiUi prince Mr* Lucy V 
G.->1 Chant C A 

\\ nl M>b- 

Win & J O, mill 
1J Vacant 
14 1 , Vacant 

itli Wm. storage 

llllL heS I) \V. WOOl 

Ma.lmi Ty Supply Co, 

\\..<>1 ni 
24 Katmi Bros Brewing Co 

4> I cU 

: rh am building 
4t Wellington st e ends 
28 Bank of Toronto, s e 


::o i i . iol teas 

32 Qi ibers 

Scott & Walmsley, nn- 


Queen City Fire Ins Co 
Hand-In-Hand las Co 
Fire Ins Exchange Cor 
British & Foreign Marine 

Insurance Co 
General Marine Ins Co 
Hand-In Hand Plate Glass 

r. & Manufacturers 
Ins. Co 
M.-Mnll.i i ! i:. ins 

W I. underwriter 

Mtnlntr A De- 
!>raent Co 

Il.iiin-oin .1 K. acct 
Imperial Trusts Co of 

lieu In .l.ilin. infi s agt 

iin. mfrs ajrt 
K!nu- It.,l.t \\ ,V Cn. con 

K 1 1 i o 

nil- Mfj; Co, sboe 

Gimnini,- .1 1" .1. c ( ,m mcr 
Vlrt-.i nblrs 

Rtinciman 11. ins appr 
Johnson M nd A. 


> ,m J. caretkr 
1 lav. "V opr 

:;i Benson .M s Co, brokers 

Itoyal Table 

36 Turtle Hall Hotel 
Booth George S 

Colborne st Intersects 

38 Smith W II & Co, com 

40 1. in & Son. 

mfrs ngts 

Canadian Tumbler (Jo 
42 Bon Accord Building 
Byfonl G R. bookbinder 
Btnpella llichanl. 


Mm arr 

Lambe A H. broker 
llarvcv Wm II. caretkr 
Queen s Own I .lcyclc 


44 Detchon S G, pro med 
46 East India T & C Co 
48 Montgomery K O, leather 
r.ii Hotel, s e 

King st e Intersects 

54 Tor Railway Office, s e 
.n; Mn ,,nncll M & Co. cigars 
Mfg Co, pant 


mfg Jwlrs 

Rnyner Henry, mfg Jwlr 
58 Cashmore E J. guns 
60 Phillips W It & Co, print- 


^ Court st ends 
62 Monetary Times, Trade 
Review and Insurance 
Chronicle (weekly) 

etary Times Printing 
Co of Canada 

64 Rowllnson J H, picture 

66 Curry George, rubber 


I Co, shoes 

70 Kliu- I aiu-crtleld 
Campbell It J. putr 
Campbell 3c Son, artists 

Ti; McliMiiuMll llm-aco, tens 

71 I .onti .lames 

70 Klulay W .1 & Co, whol 

It. II XV .1. mfiV agt 
Skirl Co 
78 Home Savings & Loan Co 

80 Foy & Kelly, barrs 

Whelan James 
82 Urn Corporation, 

Canadian Wholesale DIs- 


P.. n iitlns CO, 

knitting ii 

I M. mfrs agt 
Clllllngton Waller 
I.ak rrlet 

84 Hygiene Kola Co 
Mi I oronto specialty Co, 

88 Bowey John H, cari>tkr 

1 ltv.-m TI 

u r : .iwin I; 


,n L 

:i in Vacant 
11 i:: 1 1 Hl.issco E 

Mei ii i Hecior. care 

90 M teas 

. In Frank, furs 


94 Store. 
90 .1. 

.in M 

nil II 
98 Hamilton Mfs Co, en- 

100 DufTerln Chambers 

. i i hn. barr 

, ian Hanilana Co, 

Norrls Win. barr 
iiitlis Arthur 
in-j Quest .V Co, plmbrs 
104 ! 
106 Ashdown Geo, eating hse 

:ng Use 
110-12 Murphy Win. l.lksmltn 

^ L, unbar.) st intersects 
114 Bishopric & Co, contrs 

I M .j . ana. 


116 Schell Erasmus, gra 
John, carp 
Barthan Peter, r 
Cm I dianna, r 

120 Mncdonald I eter, pro 


122 Perrln Wm n & Co, machs 
124 Windsor Hotel 

Richmond st e Intersects 

. bdg 

r. s Palmer .l.niatlian, barber 
130-132 Godwin It C. rest 
134 Southam T L. bicycles 
136 Ferguson Matthew 

lam Keetl, 

Store, s e 
^ Queen st e Intersects 

Metropolitan Church, s e 
+ Shnter st Inters. 

St Michaels Cathedral, r e 
St John s Chapel 
200 St Michael s Palace 
Rohleder Rev F F 
Treacy Itev J P. D D 
Mi , James 

CannillL- Key Hugh 
240 Thompson Henry 
242 Woodhouse J Joseph 
"44 Stewart John 
2-ffi McLean Albert 
248 Goodman A D 
2.".0 Archer Genlo C 
252 Bostwlck Charles W 

251 Williams Isaac V 
25H Hose Charles II. gro 
2T.8 Shaw II J. liquors 
200 Stewart John, pntr 
2ti2 Curry Isaac, drug! 

Wilton av Intersects 

1MH Alkin irtlst 

L tili I Mrs Annie 
- is II tcl i li 8 

270 Hndcln Mrs l.y.lia. drsmkr 
272 Henderson Fred C 
- 74 lleplmrn Mrs Mary A 
27(> Hall John 

Miss Jennie, 

280 Wallace John 
282 Smith John, gralner 
284 Archer Kd\> 
286 Evans Alfred 
.[ n !-p!iy .la 
\:iiiiKham Arthur W 
2U2 Plewes Frederick 
j .M iiainil! John K. bdg 
Ji.i; .l.ilin II 

298 Cleghorn Alexander T 

:;IBI liar; i- Josi 

302-0 Standard-Star Laundry 
Co Ltd 

i ge 

:;i" I. is-, in J.din 
::u p.. w li 

S22 Worklnc Boys Home 
Smith Simon G 

Gould st Intersects 
st James sij 
Normal School, s e 
Model School (boy:-) 

Gerrard st e Intersects 
Store, s e 

390 Bell Robert J 
:: .. J 1 .1 onard < i trc N 

:::; c h.mi; II. ng, Indry 
3U8 Ledley Miss Mary 
400 Inch Alfred 

lui; Vacant 
404 Collett -J T. staty 

McOlll st Intersects 

400 Crai- Mrs Elizabeth, sho- 


408 McCartney James, coal 

414 Marshall Mrs C, l)dg 
41ti r rr <j 

Pexton Mrs Until, bdg 
418 Blood icer 

+ Anne st inte- 
4 JO Mere.lilh .I.. 
4i;i; MailRc Thomas 
41i4 Green John V 
I M rii.iir Mrs Ullza 
41, S Keith Mrs C L. dl-slllkr 

Carllon st lutersects 
438 ArmltsiRe W H, gro 
441 Fov, ler Frank 

44 i ISoss Mrs Klixal cth 
4 IS Mae\\ illie Mrs M 
4.MI Kobin.s Herbert 
452 McDowall Wm 
454 Slephens Win 
4." . l;..L er> Mrs !) 
4."x Ilniin Ii.-uld A 

Snilierland Miss Margaret 
464 Ferguson Archibald 
406 Thompson Ilobert 

Private grounds 

Wood st intersects 
4fi8 House, s e 

47o wiekson Frederick 

Northern Cong Church 
488 Hownrth Samuel 
480 Richardson I.ouis J R 
4!i| Ilil.-h Mrs Charlotte 

A iKenhead Hardware Limited 

6 Adelaide St. E. PHONE MAIN 3800 

Gear and Milling Gutters 



Scales & Valves 



POLICY, or a CASH VALUE after 

three years 
See the Unconditional Accumulation Policy 




Alexander st Intersect! 
496 Elliott J EpUralm, phy 
498 Nicholson Andrew 

500 Leighton John S 
602 Graham Dermatologies 

Moote & High, dermatol 

Scott Francis J 
504 Coates Mrs Mary 
506 Ilow Mrs Catherine J 
508 Parker Hunter 
610 Carmlchael Wm R 
512 Conger Mrs Melissa 
514 Simpson Mrs M. C 
516 Cliong Mark, Indry 

Hill Mrs Annie 
618 Brown Win L, gro 

Donaldson Miss Maggie A 

Maitlnnd st intersects 
House, s e 
Private grounds 

522 Glbb Alexander 
524 SIpprell Archibald D 
526 Reynolds Mrs .Mary A 
528 Donohue Michael 
630 Lynch Mrs Alice 
632 Williams Mrs Mary 

Nurses Home 
534 Beldiug Mrs Jessie 
536 Bindon Mrs Ann 
538 Culham Charles E 
540 Ewart Woman s Mission 
ary Training Home 

Livingston Mrs Elizabeth 
642 Lund James 
544 McGregor Gilbert H 
546 Brown James 
548 Lawrence Oliver 

+ Wellesiey st intersects 
552 Kelso Mrs Janet 
554 Walker Mrs Elizabeth F 
556 Miller James L 
558 Berkinshaw Edwin T 
560 Burnett H W 
562 Goodman Rev C S 
564 Hartraan Cary W 
806 Musgrave Richard 
568 Whealey Win H 
570 Vacant 
572 Vacant 
574 Graham James 
576 Scott Wm 
578 Conrad Louis A 
580 Williamson Thomas G 
582 Irwin Miss Melisa, bdg 
584 liee Chung, Indry 
590 Burley John 
592 Jopllng Joseph 

Jopling Miss K, mus 

604 O Xeil Mrs M E, bdg 

House, s e 

Gloucester st intersects 
598 Knowles Mrs M M 

Private grounds 
608 Coleuian Mrs Amanda 

Mair Miss Jean, artist 
+ Isabella st Intersects 

House, s e 
612 Bleasdell Wm H 
614 Saundi-rs Mrs Esther 
618 Gamble Mrs Matilda 
620 Malcolm Wm B 
622 Armour Miss Annie 
624 Stork II Edward K 
626 Willson Alfred 

Charles st Intersects 
632 Needle Mrs K. bdg 

034 \Vlmtmouph Miss F, A, 

mod elect 
636 Tucker Walter 
638 Carrier Mrs Emma 
640 Hachborn Edward G 
642 Patnti Riihi i-t G A 
644 Griffith Robert J 

+ Haydeu st intersects 
648 Hil l Henry J 
650 M. Kay Hubert 
House, s e 

CHURCHILL AV, w from opp 
83 Ossington av to Dover- 
court rd, ward 5 

North Side 

2 Woodward Frederick 

4 Beam Andrew 
6 Batten Alex C 

5 Collins Frank S 
10 Marritt .1lm E 

Vacant lot 

14 Whiting John E 

16 Burns Robert 

18 Paterson \Vm 

20 Stone James J 

Stone Miss Annie, mus 

22 Colville Robert J 
Vacant lots 

30 Vacant 

Vacant lot 

48 Mallison Frederick 
50 Farini Guillermo A 

Farm! Mine Aun, mus 

52 Langton Thomas 
54 Hustwitt Ernest E 

Private grounds 
58 Winton Robert II 
O J Muir Alexander 
U2 Lasher George 
04 Morris Mrs Maria L 
00 Ferguson Hugh 
08 Stafford Thomas R 

House, a e 
South Side 

1 Dewsbury Mrs Mary 

3 Dale Thomas 

5 Craigmyle James M 

7 Woodcroft John 

9 Stewart Wm 
11 Haliy John 
13 Smith Alexander H 

15 Griffin Abraui B, confr 

17 French Mrs Mary 

19 Rae James D 

21 Schoies Mrs Aun J 

23 Ambury George 
House, a e 

Lakevlew av ends 

House, s o 

Vacant lots 
45 Bell Frederick J 
47 Mason Tobias H 

Vacant lots 

53 Fewtrell James, bldr 
Park Andrew 
House, s e 

CIBOLA AV (Toronto Island), 
w from centre of Chippewa 
av to Clandeboye av, ward 

Not built on, 

CINDER AV, w from 146 
Montrose av to Crawford, 
ward 5. 
Not built on 

CITY HALL, n side Queen w, 
bet James and Teraulay. 
ward 3. 

Engine, motor and ventil 
ating system, James 
Batman, chief eug 
Ground Floor- 
City Engineer s Depart 
ment, C H Rust, CE, 
chief; C L Fellowes, CE, 

Street Commissioner s De 
partment, John Jones, 

Medical Health Dept, 
Charles Sheard, MD, 

City Parks Dept, John 
Chambers, comur 

City Relief Office, Ed 
ward Taylor, relief offi 

Deputy Chief of Police s 
office, W E Stuart dep 
uty chief 

Police Dept. Staff In 
spector s office, Dayld 
Archibald Inspector 

Police Court Clerk s Dept, 
c McK Morrison, cnlef 

License Department, E C 
Davenport issuer of li 

Clerk of the Peace, H E 
Irwin. barr. chief elk; 
Edgar Parsons deputy 

Division Court (First) 
Clerk s oflice. A MeL 
Howard elk 

First Division Court, A 

MeL Howard, elk 
Tenth Division Court, B 
II Duoran elk 

Western Division Court, E 

H Duggan, elk 
First Floor- 
City Treasurer s Office, R 
T Coady treas, John 
Patterson deputy 

City Surveyor s Office, 

Villiers Saukey chief 
City Auditors Dept, Wm 
Anderson and Wm W 
Jones auditors 

City Tax Collecting Dept, 
Samuel Baird, S H Mc- 
Comb, J H Pritchard, E 
F Rush, Samuel Vance, 
T R Whiteside and J D 
Woods, collectors 

City Waterworks Dept, 
James McKinlay, chief 
receiver, Joseph Raffau, 
acct. J A Boyd, chief 

City Commissioners Dept, 
Emerson, Coatsworth 
commr, Edward Cop 
ping, bldg iusp 

Police Court and offices 

Police Court, Lt-Col Gfo 
T Denlsou police magis 
trate, R E Kingsford 

Police Clerk s Office, Rob 
ert McClelland, chief ciK 

Police Department and 
Headquarters, Lt-Col 
Henry J Grasett chief 

Detective Dept.Wm Stark 

Division Court Cham 
bers, F M Morson, judge 

Division Court (First), K 
M Morson. Judge 

County Court Clerk s Of 
fice, A N Middleton dep 
uty clerk 

County Court Chambers, 
J E McDougall, Edward 
Morgan and F M Mor 
son judges 

Exchequer Court (Admir 
alty division), J E Mc 
Dougall Judge, John 
Bruce registrar, Wm 
Boyd marshal, Alex 
Downey official reporter 

Surrogate Court Office, .J 
E McDougall judge 
Joseph Tail registrar, E 
N May deputy 

County Crown Attorney, 
H H Dewart atty 

Sheriff s Office (Toronto 
City), Frederick Mowat 
sheriff, James W Severs 

Sheriffs Office (York Co). 
J H Widdlfield sheriff, 
Alex Sutherland deputy. 
J E Severs bailiff 

Bengough Thomas, stenog 

Nleld Ernest, stenog rep 

NIcol Geo B, elk of as 

Second Floor- 
City Codncll and offices 

City Clerk s Dept, Wm A 
L lttlejohn elk 

Registration Office for 
Births, Marriages and 
Deaths, W A Llttlejohn 
div registrar 

City Solicitor s Office, J S 
Fullerton counsel. Thos 
Caswell city solicitor, A 
F Lobb and Wm C 
Chlsholm deputies 

Mayor s Office, George B 
Wilson priv sec 

City Assessment Dept, R 
J Fleming comnr, James 
C Forman chief elk, 
James R Hay, Daniel 
Kennedy, F B Morrow, 
Robert Sublston and 
Charles I nwln, John P 
Mallon. assessors 


Pulilic School Board, yV C 
Wilkinson sec-treas, J L 
Hughes senior inspr, W 
F Chapman Junior 
inspr, C H Bishop supt 
of bldgs, John Thomp 
son drill instructor 

Toronto Collegiate Insti 
tute Board 

County of York Law 
Assu. J S Denlson sec 

Allchureh Thomas, asst 

Harris Mrs Catherine, 

Coupland Thomas, asst 

Workman Frederics, asst 

Bennett George, asst 

Island), n from 2flS Lake 
Shore av. ward 4. 

East Side 

1 Oldfield Joseph 
3 Vacant 

5 Cowan Mrs Letsy B 
7 Huekvale J Evans 
9 Vacant 

11 Watson Ernest C 
13 Vacant 
17 Petrle Henry W 

West Side 

House, s t 

Hose House No 3 


CLARA, n rrom 31 Orford av 

to Oak, ward 2. 
East Side 

1 Wallace Wellington 

3 Edwards Wm J 

5 Morphy Wm T 

7 Quinton John 
9 Webster Colin 

11 Fowler Walter G 
House, R e 

Wpst Side 

2 Byrnes George 

4 Allingham Michael 

6 Kelly Thomas H 

8 Cooper Robert J 
10 McAree John V 

12 Robinson Wm C 
House, s e 

CLAREMONT, n from 730 
Queen w, to Mansfield ar, 
ward 5. 

East Side 

Store, s e 

7 Carey John 

9 Kins Michael 

13 French Wm J 

15 Geare Franklin N 
+ Crocker av intersects 
17 Candler Wm H 
19 Hannan Timothy 
21 Leary Thomas 
23 Barrett Michael 
25 Bateman Walter J 
27 Hudson Charles 
29 Howe John 
33 Snedden Win 
35 Mundle Andrew 
37 Roach Michael 
37% Cheer David A 
39 Lambrick Thomas 
Robinson st intersects 
41 Granery Philip, gro 
43 Leask Wm L 
47 Belmore Mrs Marguerite 
49 Defoa Charles 
51 Field George, exp 
55 Ney George J 
57 Angell H A 
59 Lonff James 
61 Graham Richard E 
63 Shea John C 
65 Fatten Peter 
Vacant lots 
77 McGlade Peter 
79 Ashby Wm 
81 Jennings James 
83 Rowland Win 
85 Bell John 
87 Lawson David 

Guarantee Company of North America 

MEDLAND & JONES, Gen/I Agents, Mail Building:, Cor. King: and Bay Tel Main 1067 

Government, Municipal and other 
Debentures Bought and Sold. 

H. O HARA & CO. 



ll .i 

Sa McKeown John 

II I! 

y3 11., . bldr 

.lory Mr> Sophia, fro 

87 Kiln-nrd 

88 11., Mn T 
101 Palmer I.evi 

i Michael 
105 Doollttl. 
107 MeAfee J< . 

Ill O Nell W m E 

113 I.anguton Mrs Ann 

Lau.: I., drsmkr 

115 <i". l-:nith Charles B 

11U 11, T I Frank K 


123 Myer- Arthur E 

127 Vacant 


133 Bousneld John W 
135 Ha i, - Mrs Ellen 

:dlng Johu 
131 Gar I in Thomas 
141 West lake \Vm T 
143 Jon is \Vm 
145 Broomer John 
147 1 . derlck G 

; Thomas 
151 .- :: . 
153 Melmyre George M 

rlstie James H 

xauder R 

163 Hyndman Win S 
165 1 i. r.-cn John 
167 Little Kobert D 

171 Harper Wm M 
173 Laughton John B 

i larry 

.ileson Samuel J 
17 . K .i li Richard 
181 St- i hens John E 
. a e 

Arthur st Intersect* 

k r B, btchr 
iytock Peter B 
191 \\ Tee 

Feathi rstune George, exp 
193 Hodden John 
195 Pullan Mr- Alice 

Vacant lot 
203 Grli.-i.-s Samuel 

Plymouth av Intersect* 
School ground* 

mpbell James C 
24l Hunter Jam. 
251 Davy Herbert W 
253 Young David 
255 Weston J H 
257 Brown Mrs M 
268 Barrett Patrick L 
261 Canessn John, fruits 
263 \VortIey Frederick 
265 Scott Win 
260 rge 

271 Clto Natale 

.icknell John J 
275 Bartello Charles 
277 Morrall James 
279 Kelly Wm II 
281 Blakeley Harry M 
283 Nolan James 
285 Duffy Owen 
287 Vacant 

Wel side 

Hotel, s e 
6 McConvelle Frank 
8 Bradshaw Thoma* 


14 Smith Anthony 
16 Ring Jacob J 
18 Donnelly Patrick 
rocker av Intersect* 
20 Vacant 

20% McMiiiiu* Mrs Norah 
22 Sehonelil John 
24 Glmson Mrs Clara 

. drsmkr 

26 Hinson Joseph H 
30 Mlddleton Enoch 
32 Holland Mrs Sarah 
34 Armstrong John S 
38 Mallaney M J 
: -binson st intersect* 
46 Cohen .1 

4S Fern .oy I M ward 
60 Atkinson Henry W 

52 Stockfish George 
"Hies Horatio 
56 Wood Frederick 
58 Llndser Kobert, bldr 
60 Hughes John 

Avay James T 
6il Hurt! Mrs Ellen 
68 Dorward Walter 
71 \\ je \V 


78 Stephenson John R 
80 Shaw \Vm 

Timothy J 
SI Mini liy John 

ird J 
88 i V drsmkr 


!K) McCarthy Patrick 
92 Mitchell David 

Vl l 


irh Philip 11 C 
Moody George, r 
100 Martin Patrick, exp 
102 Berry George T 
1(>4 lloldsworth J A 
106 Fltzroy Joseph 
108 Lennox Hugh 

:ndy Keuueth J 
112 Cobfiiu James 
114 W. .-ton Mrs Emma M 

R H 

Payuu H G 
118 Pickup Thomas 
120 Condle Cameron 
11M Ki;-~, 11 UK-hard 
l.ti .1 inuel 

Bellwoods pi commence* 
12? Grnbam Miss A C, gro 
13O Ja: inder 

132 Aykroyd Maltland 

134 Lewis James 

136 Moat George 

138 Lumber yard 

148 Cox John J 

150 I empsey Thomas, gro 

152 Spellman Patrick 

154 O Brien James 

160 Presliy Ch Mission 
162 Mission Savings Bank 

Boyles James, r 
164 McCarron Owen 

160 Cronln Mrs Mary 
170 Vacant shop 

Claremont pi commences 
Arthur st Intersect* 

182 Fraleigh Wm 3, MD, 


184 Jenkins Isaac 
186 Coulter W John 
188 Hewson Wm L 
,11 J 

102 McMillan Thomas 
l: 4 MrPherson Frank 

Mi-Millan John 
l >s \Varling James A 
200 Mundy Henry II 
202 QuiKley .lohn J 
204 H - :es E 

I lymouth av Intersect* 
206 Itlttle Wm II 

.Jenkins Thos 

212 McBeth Andrew 
214 McLachlan John 
216 Evringham Jamas 
218 Williams H R 
220 Hale* Mrs Margaret N 
222 Foster Mrs Jane 
224 Swift W John 
L L i; Johnston Wm F 
.ieGmv John II 
230 Joblin John 
232 Frost Isaac O 

Vacant lot 
24" Power Richard 
244 Mole Harry L, gro 
+ Treford pi commence* 
House, s e 
Tanner Henry 
248 Jordan Robert J 
2"0 Gartlan Peter 


IMneycombe John 
2T.8 Gouriey James 

lark John 
24 Plnkarton .1 
266 Clark- 
Alexander John 
270 Holmes George 

170 Claremont, ward 5. 
2 Wilcoj; Ilel.ron, pUtr 

4 M 

6 Hamcs Johu H 

8 C jai et 

12 Ki lit i 

14 1 rge 

16 Brambles Thomas 
18 K 

from 122 Wel 
lington w. ward 3. 

Rear entrances 

Factory, a e 

Gold Medal Furn Mfg Co, 

CLARENCE SQ, e side of 
Spadina av, at the bead of 

.ingtnii iv. ward 4. 

North Side 

1 Graham Win II. pby 

2 Young W A, artist 

3 Braund Wm H 

4 .T:i Margaret 

5 Kirk Ji.lin Mi M 
<; Uielly John B 

7 Mblock John T 

8 Bu. 

8 Moore John 
Hlchanls Uavld 

10 Hill Mrs Agnes 

11 Robertson Donald M 

Mis 1 annle 

14 l!ro\\ n .1 ihn 

15 Fisher Wjn 

18 Chalmers Mrs Agne* 

17 McKrt inan Wm J 

18 Nelloi ;rlel 

19 Wilkiu- 

20 Defoe Daniel M 

21 Martin John M. acct 

22 McCartney James 

Mahou Charles 
24 Reddlck Andrew, bldr 

Carles A 

Dn^ iilly 

26 Moore John K 


28 Gentleman George 

29 McKeown Mrs Catherine 

CLARK, e from 23 Grant to 

Bolton av, ward 1. 
North Side 

House, s e 

Vacant lots 
+ Howie av commences 

House, s e 
32 McConni-11 Wm G 
34 Iiohoney Patrick 

House, a e 

South Side .. . 

Private grounds 
11 Carter Henry W 
13 Nuthall Samuel 
15 Fitze John G 
17 Bloomer Mrs Lillle 
21 Walpole James p 
23 Benson John M 
27 Boothby George A 
33 Parm (": 
35 G 
37 Wlll Jo 

CLARK r-RES. n from GTR 
In rear of 68 Edwlu av, 
ward 6. 


1 McKay John E 
3 Frost Edwin 
.I Win E 

trim 308 

Huron to Spadina av, 
ward 4. 

North Side 

Hous.e. s e 

2 Stratton Wm C 

4 Welilmi Tii inias A 

in M 

10 Paton Peter F 

.me R 
I K"lilln 

18 Hall John 
20 Alexander Joseph 
House, a e 

South Side 

House, s e 
.1 ohn 
lair Norval A 

5 Balllie Wm 
7 Buller John 
9 Gale J Wm 

11 Cl. :ie G 

in Vanglian Robert C 

inle H 
17 Young Hubert 


21 Lawn-nee Albert E 

House, s e 

CLASSIC PL, runs e from 301 

Huron, ward 4. 
North Side 

House, a e 

Vacant lot 

4 Siniili Mrs Mary 

hn S 

8 Nutt George 
South Side 

Ilnll-e. S 6 
1 G -i-pll 

3 Laidlaw Wm 

5 Crysler Norman D 
7 Buxton George II 

Bnxton Miss Katie, drs 
Webb Mrs Sarah 

CLIFFORD, w from 277 Ni 
agara to Strachan ar, 
ward 5. 

. North Side 

Private grounds 
Brewery, r e 

Stanley ter intersect* 

i lots 

10 Daniels John 
12 Cook Robert 

1 avid 

16 Kelly Patrick 
18 Dnuuing Wm H 
20 Allan Wm 
22 Banks Herbert H 
24 Vi-ltch Alexander 
2 ; Sills David 
28 Creber George H 
30 Taylor Henry A 
:I2 Nielsen Andrew 
34 Glack, n \Vm J, exp 
;-t I 

Marshall Mrs Martha 
40 Kennedy Alexander 
42 Ross Henry 
44 Hill Frederick W 

House, s e 
South Side 

House, s e 

Stanley ter intersect* 
Vacant lots 

+ Stafford st ends 

House, s e 
3 Christie Wm C 
5 Mdntosh Walter 
7 Williams Edward J 

t Wellington la ends 
Marshall Thomas L 
13 Marshall Mrs Mary 

CLINTON, n from 40 Man*- 
field av to city limit*, 
ward 5. 

East Side 

Store, s e 
1 Brown Oscar J 

Vacant lots 
11 Ford Mrs Mary, gro 
^ Henderson av intersect* 
15 Jones Michael 

Diirnnn John A 
21 Fraser Wm, quantity sur 


Successors to 




Phones Main 1126, 1127 
J. J. SEITZ, Managing- Director 








23 Imrie Mrs Elizabeth 

25 Magulre Samuel 

Montgomery Miss B, drs- 

27 De La Hooke James A 

29 Welton Henry 11 

31 Chamberlain Mrs E A 

33 MoAIpln Nell 

35 Linn James 

45 Topp Frederick G 
+ College st Intersects 
Store, s e 

40 Parkhill Alexander 

53 Mann Fred .T 

55 Franklin Peter J 
+ Courtney pi commences 

59 Oakley Frederick 

61 Nicholson George, bldr 

63 Tomlin Wm R 

65 Smith Sylvester 

67 Patterson Win 

69 Hammond Edward W 

71 Lougheed George 

73 Stinson Wm 

75 Blackball Mrs Jane 

77 Dewey James T 

79 Summers Edwin 

81 Rice Rev J P 

83 Dixon George B 

85 McFaul .T II. phy 

87 Unfinished house 

89 Nightingale Win 

91 SmallTOort George 

93 Smallwood Miss E 
Bmallwood Miss B 

95 Smallwood Charles 

97 Smallwood Win 

Smallwood Bros, eontrs 

99 Smith Mrs l.on sa 
101 Saundors !: W E 
103 Brooks John 
105 McGowan \V .T. contr 

Private grounds 
115 Nixon Mrs Mary 
117 Randall Charles E 
119 McDonald George S 

McDonald Miss M S, drs- 


121 Saunders Henry J, tlr 
123 Hadley Thomas 
125 Mathewson Robert W 
127 Ogden Mrs Adeline 
129 McGuire John W 

McGuire A, mils tchr 
131 Atkinson Arthur E 
133 Brown E W 
135 Hand Edward J 
137 Hatton John 
13!) Taggart Robert A 
141 Sanoders Joseph H 
148 Clinton St School 
159 Dewett Richard 
361 Bennett James 
163 Carter Charles, barber 
165 Fewson D M 
Ifi7 Blnmberffh Louis 
169 Anderson George A 
171 Bruce Wm 
173 Phillips Jnllns 
175 Skinner Mrs 

Skinner Win E 
177 Ilalllday Thomas 
179 Adams Robert J 
181 Turner John 
183 Turner George 
185 Campbell Alexander 
1S7 Smith Henry J 
189 Crawford Bedford, pntr 
191 Brash .1 
193 MaoMilHn John C 
195 Bailey Wm 
197 Grlbble George A 
rrie Edward T 
201 Paddon Mrs Margaret 
203 Hnreheson T H. plmbr 
205 Riokard Joseph 
207 Ferguson Mrs E, drsmkr 

Doole E C T. bldr 
20(1 Adams Thomas, bkr 
211 Saunders John, exp 
213 .Nixon Thomas C 
21 5 powley George 
217 Jeffs I 
219 Hnssey B W 
221 Robinson Edwin, roofer 
223 Joedickc Charles 
225 Weir Robert S 
227 Ilamly Mrs Ann 
229 Llghtfoot Wm 
231 Hamly James E 

233 Dunham Charles H 
1>3. > Whytock P B. btehr 

^ Harbord st ends 
237 Spjan Thomas, gro 
239 Mayes Charles 
241 Ford John J 
243 Hurst Walter, exp 
245 Garrett George A 
247 Lalster James 
249 Broderick A A 
2.~)1 Mninby Henry 
253 Bennett Arthur J 
2r>5 Field Wm H 
257 Edmonds Samuel 
2.",9 McCauI Thomas W 
261 Forward Wm 
263 Jessop Win 
265 Bolitlio Mrs Phoebe 
267 Hlrlehey diaries 
269 Thatcher Ova .1 
271 Coulman E P 
273 Sinclair George 
-7."> Pollard James 
- 77 Weir John C 
279 Bavlngton George W 
281 Slade Wm 
283 Cuthbertson Hugh 
lisr, (iriiTin David H 
2S7 Ford Wm J 
289 Perry Albert E 
291 Cox Charles 
293 McKay Hugh 
295 Williams X M 
297 Montgomery John W 
299 Gill Alexander S 
301 Ruck Wm 
303 Lawson Andrew 

Vacant lots 
321 Hendry R F 
323 Ball John S 
323 Long Frank 

Long W H. contr 
327 Davidson John L 
329 Mclntyre John 
343 Eldon Robert H 
.".I." Adams David S 
347 Burton George 
349 Foster Mrs Louisa 

Vacant lots 

Bloor st w Intersect! 
Vacant lots 

373 Long F W. btehr 
377 Hammond H _; 
381 Falvey Daniel 
383 Ash Thomas, btehr 

Vacant lots 
+ Baztrm av intersects 

Vacant lots 

481 Rawlinson Henry, eip 
483 Yates George W, exp 
487 Marshall John 
4S9 Parton Richard 
493 Loveday James 
495 Hawken Chas S 

Private ground- 
.",03 Wnrr George 
505 Long Robert 
507 Norris Wm 
509 Mcl.eod Frcderi.-k 
511 Shr.rp Tliomas 
r.l", Sharp Frank 
515 Jolliffe Mrs Eliza 
517 Oldfield George F 

Follis av intersects 
Vacant ! 

531 Larter Win 

.":;:! Frond Mrs M \, gro 

K .lioti Edmund 
. .".7 Russell Win 

.:: .( I.eith John 

West Side 

2 Store, s e 
4 Cahill Thomas 
6 Taylor Henry 
8 Atkinson John H 
10 Campbell Mrs Rachel 
12 Delanev John 
14 Holllngcr Koliert W. gro 

Henderson av Intersects 
1G McKoown John 

18 Browning Charles 
20 Gardiner Mrs Maria 
L"J Yake Panic; .1 
24 Davis Win 
2fl Walker Wi:: s 

Han .Tamos 

3d Carbert Joseph, phy 
:!2 Hedges Kn,s. tinsmiths 
Maeilona!d limi.ild 
Vacant lots 

^ College st intersects 266 

50 Fraleigh Wm S, phy 268 

52 Moore Alexander S 270 

Bethel Church 272 

66 Gummerson A W 276 

Vacant lots 278 

76 Beal Wm F 280 

78 Campbell Mrs Grace 282 

82 Samuelson John 
86 Smith Samuel 284 

88 Woolley Edward H 286 

90-100 Methodist Church 288 

102 Saunders Henry J 290 

104 Bell Wm J 

106 Young Win J 330 

108 Hall Nelson 332 

110 Hall Herbert F 
112 Leake Albert II 

114 Seed Moses II 
116 Nightingale John * 

Mauder John, r 

118 Hay Alexander 372 

]20 Innes Win 376 

122 Baron George 

324 Smith Andrew 382 

126 Lake John M 

128 Mawhinney Wm 388 

130 Harron Hugh 

132 Patterson Frank * 

134 Forgrave James 
136 Herald Amos A 
138 Grandin John, plstr 490 

140 Booth Harvey R 
142 Medland Wm G 492 

144 McDonald T. A, gro and 494 
coal 496 

146 Wardell Wm, house morer 493 
148 De Uochcjocquelelu Al- 500 
phouse 502 

Private grounds 

152 Walker Wm J 508 

154 Egles Wm 512 

156 Haskings George, gro 

158 Thompson John H. confj 
160 Nlcholls Thomas B 516 

162 Steer Stephen, gro 518 

164 Mowat George 624 

16(> Cuff Robert C 526 

168 Wilson Woi 528 

170 Parkinson Wm H 530 

172 Jennings John, broker 532 

McFarlano John 534 

174 Wood F E G 

176 Benson T Kinssborough 580 

178 Brcnd Mrs E A, gro 
Evans av commences 
180 Harper John E 

Harper Mrs M, gro 
182 Stuart Isaac C 
186 Dorian George A 

Dorian Mrs M A. drsmkr 
188 Moulton Daniel 
190 Bell Joseph R 
192 Baker Thomas G 
194 Bevls Alfred 
196 Craggs J Herbert 

Craggs E L, dairy 
198 Taggart Robert 
202 Cloherty Martin 
204 Hopper John T, gro 
206 Hoesel Wm 
208 Hewitt George 
210 Hedges Joseph G 
212 Gore Robert 
214 Brock Charles 
216 Little John M 
218 Holmes Mrs Fanny 
222 Silvester E C 
224 Laird Joseph C 
226 McFarland James C 
228 Haslett Thomas .1 
2 iO Hussey James 
232 Low Arthur R 
234 Sllverthorne Newman 
236 Peiehanl John F 
238 Elliott Andrew J, dairy 
240 Mitchell John H 
242 Rouse John L 
244 Inglis Walter F 
246 Butler Alfred 
248 Butler George 
250 Cnmplin Mrs E J 
252 Rishworth Mrs H, drsmkr 
2.~>4 Iredale James 
2r,6 Iredale Thomas B 
2.-.S Main Richard J 
260 Wright Wm J 
262 Butler John R 

Butler Miss Lillian, drs- I 

264 Garrett George S C 

Braithwaite Joseph 
Heffron James J 
Westwood L J 
Rogers Geo M, pntr 
Mitchell Wm 
Cull Henry J 
Wood Mrs Ellen 
Sibley & Son, uphols 
Sibiey Edward 
Hickerson R 
McCully Wm 
Phillips Charles 
Twining Thomas 
Vacant lots 
Bowden J W 
Barnes T G L 
Vacant lots 
Clinton pi commences 
Vacant lots 
Bloor st w Intersects 
Store, s e 
Bell Obadlah 
Singleton Mrs M 
Private grounds 
Cheadle B, whol btehr 
Private grounds 
Jlfkins W L, whol btehr 
Vacant lots 
Barton av intersects 
Vacant lots 
Unfinished house 
Crowhurst G D, dairy 
Crowburst W H. dairy 
Dew Robert 
Deunlston J E 
Enright Cornelius 
Leggott John H 
Woodhouse Wm 
Broomhead John 
Vacant lots 
Wntson George 
Barnes Walter K 
Follis av Intersects 
Private grounds 
Moore George 
Neate Charles 
Henry Charles 
Larter Albert W, eip 
Miller Thomas 
Cook John P 
Rowett Wm 
Dempster James 
Vacant lots 
Cole Alfred T 
Vacant lots to end 

CLINTON PL. w from 350 
Clinton, ward 5. 

North Side 

Vacant lots 

South Side 

Vacant lot 
1 Martin John E 
3 Pidgeon James J 
5 Snow Wm J 
7 Vacant 

9 Marks Reuben T 
11 Reid James 
13 Wray Samuel 
15 Butwell Benjamin 

CLOSE AV, n from GTE to 
Queen w, first w of Dunn 
av, ward 6. 

East Side 

1 Harrison Mrs Sarah 
3 Fisher Mrs Bessie A 
5 Cadenhead Alexander 
7 Moe James W 
11 Pearce Arthur V 
13 Presant Charles F 

Vacant lots 

21 Young Rev Egerton R 
Vacant lot 

Unfinished houses (2) 
Home for Incurables, r t 
Vacant lots 

95 Godfrey Rev Robert 
97 Mayfleld Alfred 
99 Smith Alfred T 
101 Vacant 

Vacant lots 

105 Ehlrldge Miss A. gro 
109 Moore Robert A 
111 Thomson John M 
113 Welch Arthur H 

House, s e 

King st w Intersects 
Unfinished church 
Unfinished school 

Private Telephone Systems SSSS&5ST?Sa* E. 



I IIC nUIIIL united, 78 CHURCH ST. 


pense or delay attending- these loans. 


143 Shaw Herbert A 

lil i ard 



159 Brady Francis A 
Ml Baton Hubert \V 
163 s- ezer 

165 Chisholm Wm C 
167 Hatch Arthur F 
16 Somerville Miss Mary 

ant lot> 

181 I.. M C 

183 Harrctt i i. orge 
185 Diioii Wm J 
187 A i l.izile 

189 Irving James U 
191 Hunter James R 
183 Karl Wm 
195 McC..unell A C 

Harry E 
201 M rt, florist 

Gr. i 
207 1 

:eb S 

iv ttle Wm A 

211 Fielding Thomas 

. George 
213 1 ars. 

Honse. n e 


alley Wm 

y T 

14 Huffy Thomas A 
1R Micks \ 
18 Rupert Mrs Agnes 
20 M k U 

22 1: Irs Jane 

.nt lots 
30 Keeler I cicy A 

i mln 
t^^^HbtaM Miss Jauet 

40 I : W 

42 w., Moll Alexander 
fe T 

Vacant lots 
58 Floody Edward 
80 Ross, r Harry 1 

64 I 

66 W:\tson Goo C. bldr 
68 Emery J Gordon 
70 Scrip-: Thomas N 
72 II M 

\rtlnir C 
a Henry 

82 French Sheldon Y 
84 Cook James A 
86 Wcstreu John, jr 

ictoria School 

. L> 

^Kinu st w intersects 

136 K ert 


142 Hunter i ; mas 
144 Harris Andrew D 
14<5 .. 

160 Southcott G W 
162 Arland Win H 


16.8 I .Joseph W 

170 Miller T!i 

Institute, r e 
200 Law-; Win 

houses (4) 
Collegiate Illnl 

CLl NY AV. :i<l n. from 

opp :-d 2. 

...N Sides... 

1 houses 
* sects 

51 K 
. . . .Soutb Sides. . . . 

ry C 
4i> I! mill n V 


COATSWORTH. * from 457 

King e, wan: 

1 Store, 8 e 

3 Armstrong Henry 

11 M ,rles 

17 rge 

Nevln John 


2 H..H-... s e 
t v : les 

6 Murphy Wm 


M Am 


14 <;..hlen ,Ta 
i mas 

ig John 
20 Lcmleux Joseph 

from 277 Ontnrlo to Parlia 
ment, ward 2. 

North Side 

Not built oil 


11 HIISS..H Ch:i 

COBoi Ri; AV, w from rear 
of Dufferln Driving Park to 
Brock av. fourth n of Col 
lege, ward 0. 

North Side 

2 Griffin Thomas, mns tchr 
4 Ilynes M F.dward 
-f James 

12 P.owcs Wm 

Brighton i>! commences 
House, s f 

South Sldo 

7 Ix-hlgh Hiram 

11 llnilams John W 

13 Bullen Albert B 

COLP.c RNF. e frnin <U Yongc 
to Wi st Mniket. ward 3. 

North Siili- 

4 Traders Bank Bldg. s e 
6-8 Nordheimer I iano * 

Music Co Ltd, r e 
10-16 Slurrny W A ,V- Co, r e 
+ Vi nces 

18 30 Ki; a I, r e 


Reliance skirt 

34 Merchants C nnter 

Check Hook 

36 Hayhoe I! 1! & Co, teas 
38 Connon Wm. Ins 


* Leader lane intc. 

40 Fulton Jewel Mfg Co 
40M, Barnard P B. mfrs agt 
4J Vacant 
44 Dewdney A H & Bros, 

mfg jwlrs 

Irfonl Mfg Co, gros 

,? Co. 
pro med 

us Mfjr Co, plmbrs 

48 Ozone Co of Tor. pro med 
50 McLaren J C Belting Co 

\ 1), mfrs 

Ideal Mfg Co 
Star Iron Co 
TReilly W J & Co, stor- 

Ighton John, barr 
54 Imperial Extract Co 

it T G & Co, wines 

Palls Wine Co 
56 Davi- igar 


58 Canadian Specialty Co, 


60 Alison & Alison, who! 

Alison Thomas, office 
60V4 T ,vlng Club 

Boyce Frank 

Store, a e 
lurch st J 

83 Fcril.-r \- Co. produce 

64 Me Venn F .t Co. vinegar 

Baltimore <>v--tor CD 
Imperial Mnfg Co, shirt 


66 Ash II J, fruit 
68 Vacant 

ulohael, pro 

Co Ltd 
!ker Co 
wh..l |.r.. 
70 Jai; 1. whol 


78 Wi Son. plcklea 

s<> Kii >1 fruit 

K2 Hi * Co. fruit 

84 Coutts J >v Co. fruit 

_-o, prove 
88 Store, 
88 Brownlow J W & Co, 

Store, a e 

South Side 

Trust Building, s e 
11 r.r.m.-r A It 
toilet .specialities 

.n In- 
rvester Co 


tt st ends 
21 Store, s e 

A. rest 

& Co, com 

.v- Co, 

whol dry goods 
27 D; igars 

o Co 
nlcal Co 
out Hotel 

r Co, 
Betl rison, mfrs 

>. tlr 
J .1. whol liquors 


41 Atteanjc F E & Co. dye 

43 Lyi & Clarkson 

Ltd. whol 
4:. I. .ir- Albert P. paper box 


Imperial Book Co 
47 Holtc A. brewers snp- 

49 \v T * Co. sad- 

51 M F Imperial 

55 Millmrn T Co Ltd. pro 


57-iU Hotel, s e 
4 ci u: . h -: intersects 

Store, a e 

03 Stand. Co 

65 Haeon Win H. cartage 
07-71 Copp. Clark Co, mfg 

7" Minto r.r..~. whol teas 

i A Produce Co 
70 P..X P. 

r.-tt Wm R. produce 
83 <;i .revisions 

Store, s u 

COI.INA. n rrorn 030 Rasters 

ward 1. 
Not built on 

COLLAHIE. w from 166 Bea- 
consfleld av to Gladstone av, 

w:l rt] <- 

Xorth Side 

House, a i 

mer George !" 
8 Hughes Walter 
in Shep.ird Mrs Henrietta 
12 Clarke George R 
M \\ :. l I 

M Pie], I C 

Is i 1 iarles F 

Win P 

-- I ..chVilll.- .1:1111. s M 
-I Woniliiiali I- reil 1! 

30 \\ ph J 

hn II 
^!4 i- . . drsmkr 

n Wm K 
38 Triml.lo Wm 

South Side 

Hi. H-. 

3 Yeo John 
S Gregory Cli: 
7 Mi. liac l John 
Hill Win E 

II W..odlaiul Mrs Marj A 

III Itn^ers John 

1.1 I >stclh"l!t l!ell,e| t G 

17 AiMiM>n Mary J 
l:< K. nt Wm >f 
ry Wm H 
23 Gj-ogan Wm 

< A 

IT. ii.,wci: lam 

21 AtlrldL e P.lward 
29 Beaton Alexander 

31 Chailwick John J 

nl Joseph 

:t5 Con!:, r Mi-s Jane 
:; I .ntler Aaron N 

COLLEC.E. w from 44S Yonge 
to w of Indian rd, war 
4. 5 and 6. 


2 Oddfellows Hall Bldg 
Bnvni- Vincent. Janitor 
IiO O 1 I!-: and lodge 

,ul floor 
Stamper Fred 
Robertson Mrs J. work 

Hooms - 

3 n .|iss Laura 


4-.". K..-S John F. dentist 

ID Harper Wm E 
11 I .avne Vincent 
12-13-14 Plummer Miss E 


!." Nimmo & Harrison, bus 

17 Morrison Lewis N 

18 Stoner Miss Lillle G 
}mlth Miss Maud, drs 

\lihott E C, dentist 
L . -^ 1 :; 1 . -ter George B, 

24 Morrison Lewis N 
2o-2rt Currle T A, dentist 
- .auklln Miss EBP, 
Christian scientist 

30 Baking Wm G 

McKay Mrs c.rorglna, 
tin-: -itist 

32 Nesl.itt W Seattle 




For Pure ICE. Perfect Delivery 

Head Office, Tel. Main QQ 




Toronto Branch, 26 WELLINGTON ST. EAST 







The Weal Book Case for Home. 
Library or Office. 

Get Prices and see Samples at 
,- T. EATON C-.,,, 

33 Hendeirshott Miss L R, 

china pntr 

34 Oldfleld A G, mus tchr 
Cutter G W, caretkr 

4-6 Robertson Mrs J, ladies 

8 Howard Miss Elizabeth, 


10 Doran G E, tire mfr 
12 Thomson R L, tailor 
18 Ardagh Arthur 
26 Capon F J, dentist 
28 Ball George L, dentist 
40 Fnlmer L Loran, phy 
60 Alkius W H B. phy 
54 McLaughlln R G, dentist 
56 Belanger Joseph, acct 
Belauger Mde J A, drs- 


68 Wiley Miss Charlotte B 
60 Pearson Nathaniel, dent 

Pearson Charles E, dent 

62 Barnhardt Wm M, phy 
66 Ryerson G Sterling, phy 
74 Wilson John 
76 Robins Harold E 
78 Sullivan Miss Mary, drs- 


80 Wilson Mrs Annie 
82 Grantham Mrs Mellnda 
84 Vacant 
86 Goldie Wm, phy 

Elizabeth st Intersects 
Zion Cong Cli 

90 Cook Edgar M, phy 

92 Smith G B, phy 

96 Wlllmott J B & W B, 


Willmott J Branston 
100 Primrose Alex, phy 
102 Peters G A, surg 
110 Tor Bible Train School 

MacWtlllfim Rev Wm 
112 McGee, James C 
116 Henry Mrs Louisa 

Ent to Queen s Park 
142 Worts Mrs Mary 

University cres commences 
184 Shoenberger Mrs Emily 
198 Leach Hugh 

200 Cosby Mrs Clara 

tSt George st commences 
Perkins Edward J 
236 Thompson J P 
238 Robb Mrs Isabella 
240 Kilner Charles L 
242 Suckling Isaac 

Huron st intersects 
244-252 Grace- Hospital 
262 Johnston Mrs Mabel 
264 Ferguson John, phy 

266 Sweeny Rev Canon J F 

Broadway Meth Cli 
Spadina av intersects 
268 Can Bank of Commerce 
270 Tangent Cycle & Elec Co 
272 Hlckman John, gro 
274 Avenue Chambers 
Avenue Hall 
MeCleary Thompson, real 



1 Brethour F G, dentist 
2-3 Peacock R M, dentist 

4 Western Business Col 


5 Brown Miss B M 

6 Goodlne Thomas J 

7 Innes Miss Isabel, drs- 

makini; school 

8 Junor Miss C, artist 

9 Betzner Jacob, cartkr 

10 Smythe Mrs AUce I 
11 Neild Miss M, drsmkr 
12 Mathieson S C, mus 

13 Cruikshank Mrs Eu 

genia J, artist 
Lawrence Mrs Myra 

14 Toronto Theosophical 


Fletcher Music Method 
Butehart Miss May, 

music teaeiier 

15 Heinrich Mrs M B, 

mus tchr 

Heinrich Miss Fran- 
ziska, mus tchr 

16 Bernard Mrs Jessie 

17 Crewe Harry S 
Alley Mrs Amelia 

18-20 Lodge room 

19 Innes Miss Isabel 

21 Wright John 

22 Vacant 

23-24 Williams Miss Annie 

Phipps Miss Aimee 
276 Joss & Co, hardware 
278 Bryce Alex, dairy 
280 Branch Post Office 

Ramsden J A, stationery 

Wyun Miss Gertrude, 

Treleaven Fred G 
282 Miles A W, undertkr 
284 McKerrighan J, florist 
286 Newlove F H, staty 

Parkin J W, photo 
288 Wright Mrs E P, cigars 

Ryder Louis G, barber 
290 Walker Stanley, furrier 

Mapea James A 
292 Newton Charles, shoes 
294 Brown G A, restr 
296 Swiss Steam Laundry (br) 

Brit Am Dyeing Co (br) 

Raynor Allan 
298 Mlcklethwaite F W, 


300 McGlll J D, undertkr 
302 Nichols A J, btchr 

Robert st commences 
304 Purvis A M, millinery 
306 Cooper Ernest 

308 Kelly John, tlr 
310 Macdonald W, sew ranch 
312 Gee Walter B, btchr 
314 Redlcan Frank J 

Redican Mrs S, fey gds 
316 Tyrrell Melvin. barber 
318 Wicks T H. jwlr 
320 Frogley C J, baker (br) 

Reid Charles 

322 Palmer Charles, staty 
324 Chard E W, hardware 
326 Gllpln-Field Co Ltd, drugs 

Major st commences 
330 Shields Miss Agnes 

Sands Thomas R, tlr 
342 Alpha Bicycle Livery 

Lunan David J 
344-46 Sykes Wm J, gro 
348 Kilner T B, flour 
350 Freeman Frank G, btchr 
352-54 Public Library 

Brunswick av commences 
356 Thompson Co, gros 

358 Chong Gum, Indry 
360 Wickware C B, barbe\ 
362 Lapatnlkoff Aaron, tlr 

Lapatnikoff Miss L, Ger 
man teacher 

364 McLacblan J F, shoes 
366 Tucker Mrs E, provs 

Tucker Walter 

3fi8 Birmingham Henry, baker 
370 Edwards Thomas, confy 
370% Cooke Clarence W 
372 Itoel Wm H, jr 
374 Vacant 

376 Bridgland C B. gro 
378 Currie Wm. tailor 
380 Nicholson Fredk, provs 

Borden st commences 
382 Brown A G. drugs 
384 Habart Fred, btchr 
386 Hampton H J. teas 

388 Rlley Misses J & M, fey 


390 Tusker Jonathan, caterer 
392 Loeke Miss Kate 
396 Pepler W H. phy 

Ulster av commences 

Vacant lots 

Christ Church 

Lippincott st intersects 
414 Mason Arthur 
418 Cowles Mrs Emma 

Vacant lots 

422 McLeod O B, printer 
424 MacMillan Mrs Amy, 

MacMillan David N 
420 Houston J \V, drugs 

G N W Tel Co (br) 
428-30 French Edwin baker 
432 Irving Wm, shoes 
434 Hooper Jonathan, dry gds 
436 Reynolds H R, barber 
438 White Abraham, gro 
440 French Isaac, flour 

Bathurst st intersects 
Presbyterian Church 
Vacant lots 

468 Clouse Elias, phy 
470 Bentley Lafayette, phv 
470-72 Gilpin-Fie ld Co, dVugs 
Roadhouse Hubert S 

Markham st intersects 
474 Mott J J, hardware 
476 Peterson Mrs S C, cigars 
478 Yeck Sing, Indry 

Palmerston av intersects 
Baptist Church 
Vacant lots 

Euclid av intersects 

Vacant lots 

Manning av intersects 
568 Grigor John, gro 

570 Bawn Albert V, btchr 

Lewis James M 
580 Johnston F & Co, coal 

Curry George, shoemkr 
586 Hoffman James H, barber 

Holloway C Henry 
588 Hudson Wm, confy 
500 Gibbard G E, drugs 

Post office (branch) 
590% Gibbard Mrs M 

Holloway C Henry 
592 Johnstone J W. bkr 

Dale John 
594 Law John jr. gro 

Parkhill Alexander 

Clinton st intersects 
596 Fraleigh Dr Wm S 
508 McRae Charles A, phy 

Vacant lots 
610 Nasinyth Alexander 

Beatrice st commences 

Montrose av commences 

Crawford st intersects 

Shaw st intersects 

Glvens st intersects 
810 Rogers & Sulder, gros 

Rogers George 
812 Spry Albert J, btchr 
814 Legge Ernest A, drugs 

Green Harvey 
822 McCulIouRh W J, gro 
824 Rayuor Matthew., bldr 

Raynor Mrs E, mlnr 
S2(i Chisholm W G, btchr 
832 navies Wni Co, nrovs 

Ossington av intersects 
.334 Brown Kphraiw, gro 

Vacant lots 
800 Lucas Henry, bldr 

Concord av commences 
Vacant lots 

Delaware av commences 
934 Barrlnirton T G, plmbr 
936 Radellfte David, gro 

Unfinished building 

Dovercourt rd intersects 
Vacant lots 

956 Scarlett Robert A 

Private grounds 
+ Ilusholme rd intersects 
House, s c 
Vacant lots 
+ Haveloek st commences 

Vacant lots 

+ Gladstone av intersects 
Vacant lots 
House, s e 
+ Dufferin st intersects 

Vacant lots 

+ Sheridan av intersects 
1158 Fnrrants Edwin 
1100 Woods Mrs Susan 
IIG J b G 

Seny Wellington C 
lit; I Coi John 

1166 Clark Charles W 
1168 Burns Eugene R 
1172 Brown Robert B 
1174 Sutherland Walter S 
1176 Crealock George 
1178 Peer James T 
11SO McLean John B 
1182 Peck Mrs Susan 
1186 Crealock Stephen J 

Brock av intersects 
Vacant lots 

Margueretta st Intersects 
1232 Newall Robert 

Newall Mrs M, confy 
1234 Bawdeu Wm J, dairy 
1236 Raines Samuel 
1238 Herder Richard 
1240 Moorhouse George 
1242 Greatrex Christopher 
1244 McGeough D H 
1246 Emery Thomas, mus tchr 

Emery Miss Eliza, drs 
1248 Moroney John 

Vacant lots 

St Clarens st intersects 
Vacant lots 

1278 Sanderson Robert H 
Bonar Presby Church 

Lansdowne av intersects 

Not open for two blocks 

Sorauren av intersects 
Vacant lots 

Lynd av commences 
Vacant lots 

+ Roncesvalles av intersect* 
Vacant lots 

South Side 

Store, a e 
1 Vacant 
3 Webster A E, dentist 

Strauchou Mrs Margaret 
5 Anderson J N. phy 
7 McKeown Walter, phy 
9 Harrington E A, dentUt 
li Sanderson John 
Private grounds 
31 Bishop Strachan School 
White George, caretkr 

Teraulay st ends 
Garratt A H, phy 
Vacant lots 

Laplante av ends 
Hosp for Sick Children 

Elizabeth st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

83 Forster Mrs Martha 

Forster John W L 
85 Davidson Mrs Mary 
87 Stone Daniel 

Campbell Miss M, massage 
93 Royal College of Dental 


Jones T B. janitor 
99 Swankey Bicycle Club 
103 Somerville Herbert B 
105 Gray Miss Jane 
107 Hoskin Richard 
109 Arnold! Mrs Agnes 
111 Morse W Pitman 
115 Fletcher Robert A 
117 Seymour Mrs Mary 

Seymour Miss T, mus tchr 
119 Lynch James 
121 Hillam George 
123 Hayward Edgar R B 
125 Osier Hon Featherston 
133 Vacant 

+ University av ends 
135-7 Tor Conservatory of 
Music, Edward Fisher 
musical director 
Conservatory School of 
Literature and Expres 
sion. Mrs Inez Nieholton- 
Cutter. prln 
141 Wilson Wm 
143 Simpson H E, photo 
145 Young W A. phy 
Jennings James 
Canadian Journal of Medi 
cine and Surgery 
149 Toronto Technical School 
Horwood Alexander G 
Darwin John, janitor 
Private grounds 
159 Wilson Win J. phy 
101 Stacey C E. phy 
103 McDonald Thomas 
105 Todd James A. phy 

McCaiil st ends 





116-130 GEORGE ST. 

eta Is 

Head Office, 

King: St. E. 






1(57 1 phy 

169 Patterson Mrs Martha 

171 Thistle W i: 

-on Alfred 

170 :llel 

Cuirie C J. phy 
111 P.ay.y Miss K. nurse 


\1 C. nurse 

179 Cooinbe Mrs Kmma 
181 1! Mrs Sarah 

183 Gh. nt 1> A bert 

Ma A. pny 

.111 Charles A 
187 Mclntyi ntlst 

Henry at ends 

189 Hi H, dentist 

191 Robinson Mrs Christina 

M J 
195 V- Mrs E 


vmond Bertha, phy 
201 Pratt Frank M 

-mith A A 
207 Davidson Alex, phy 

]:.-\ . ley st ends 
211 Cawthra Henry 


nder Wm M. ilentlst 
233 Meaehani ,v Co. drugs 

Ferrier George W 
2352:;: J B. gro 

Browne Roben 11 
+ Huron st Intersects 
23!) Carveth c H. phy 

Lindsay Miss Aliela M, 

ds Joseph 
249 Sage M J 

Metropolitan s.-h.iol of 

Dancing Ltd 
Unflnlshed building 
255 Jennyp. Mrs 
257 Sherratt Mrs Susan 

Culverwell Miss Anna. 


259 Hamilton Miss x. drsmkr 
261 Ryrrson E Stanley, phy 
263 Alison Matthew B 

Bank, a e 

^ Spadina av Intersects 
Store, s e 

-teward Block 
Conger Coal Co (br) 
Ward Wm A, marriage 


A Richardson S A 
1-4 Mills J A, dentist 
5 Johnstone J F, music 


6-7 Perry Miss M J, dress 

8 Nordheimer Albert 
9-10 Thomson George, 


11 Morphy Louis A 

12 Sowdon Charles F 

13 Idler Charles 

14 Armstrong Harry 

15 Graham Mrs Emma, 


16 Watson Wm 

17 Murray Daniel 

18 Wright W. caretkr 
Christian Brethren 
Steward s Hall 

271 Wright Wm. tlr 

13 Asqulth John, shoemkr 
275 Headman H E. bicycles 
277 Davles C & Co. pnlrs 

281 Aeheson Wm H, tlr 
283 Hanna D & Co, shoes 

Hanna David 
285 Rush M E. gro 
287 Hamilton J .seph, pictures 
289 Kee Sins. 1 
281 Pow. h i;..i.,rt B. restr 
283 O Leary J J. Ih-ery 
295 Fnirgrli/ve Mfg Co, tin- 

Falrgrleve Archibald 
80S Salmon Lumber Co 

307 Morrov. iyrr 

309 Smith S T, boot black 
311 Norrls Joseph, jwlr 

;ii:t 1 Laundry Co 

::2l Kerf, r lldwln. ilentlst 

325 Adams .1 F. ilentlst 

I.lllte U, 

i W J < i. phy 


llaryey M 


Dalby Miss M, elocution- 

Augusta av ends 

345 Wallls George, plmbr 
::|7 Cook .lames & Son, nutter 
k James 

.lani>-s. Indry 
\|. Xeire John, sew macB 
ian, plmbr 
355Mi 1 ark Win W 

TI S Cu reading 
room, r 

hnrcb, t e 

). ::. 

Fire s 8 e 

381 Christian Workers Mission 

Fisher !: 
391 Fuller T K: 

A I 

Hunter Alfred, artist 

399 Anderson F D 

olYnrd George 
407 Kitclie cxp 

Lippiucott st Intersect! 

400 Cleary John F. gro 
411-13 I china 
415 Allen J R. upholsterer 
417 Sproule Robt T. btchr 

Allen Jam 
419 Low J T W, harness 

Tierney Mrs K. drsrnkr 
421 Harraden Alfred. crockery 

Davles Wm Co (br) provs 
+ Kathurst st Intersecta 

Public School, s e 
+ College pi commences 
457 Price Arthur, litchr 
43961 Loblnw T P, gro 

Adam David 

463 Roney Kdward S. tlr 
4>:r> W Hiir ! D, Indry 
467 Ritchie H A Cycle Co 

Patton Kdward .1 

Rlfhie Mi- Maria 
469 Dale Mrs C. confy 

Booth Percy 
471 Starr Fred X G. phy 

Manning av intersects 
59:! Greaves Will, gro 

595 Topp F G. litchr 

Clinton st Intersects 
Grace st ends 
Iteatrlce nv ends 


Crawford st intersects 
Shaw st intersects 
Given sects 

Osslngton av Intersects 
833 W . 1 est 

<;.-, u rber 

+ Dovercourt rd Intersects 

Rusholme rd Intersects 

Gladstone av Intersects 
+ Dufferln st Intersects 

Store, s e 

111! . McGlnnis Robert C 
1115 Whaley John A 
1117 Thorns, n Charles J 
1119 Breakey Mrs Annie 
1121 Doh i r ee 

112.". Y.nin-. Mrs Mary 

: Sheridan av Intersects 
Brock av Intersects 

Mrs Eliza 

121.", I Phy 

1217 Van !" Water H W 

raig John 
+ M. : t intersects 

. .in R II 
House, s e 
St Clarens av Intersects 

nit lots 

Krjiiici Aii 

13 C, I .niM ii III. Unas W 

Vacant lots to end 

COLLEGE l-L. s from 457 

College, ward 5. 
.......... ......... 

......... West Side ......... 

. a 
2 HUM James H 

COI.LIKH, e from 807 Yonge 

to east of Park rd, ward 2. 
......... North Side ......... 

Hniisi-. ** 
J !! \ \\ aril Ddwln, eip 

B Taylor Uobert 

8 Taylor Kdgar 
^S- \ern lane commences 
10 Nlchol JolM 

14 luvau Miehael J 

It; I.indo Mis Charlotte 

aliman George 
\iibott Kdv- 
22 McUougall ii 

24 Wood Samuel 
2- I .aiM-ti James 

nyth Sidney D 
:;u Hewlett James 

Keynolds st eonuneuoen 
;:2 Kouau Anson G 

34 Robins Samuel 
: >> J. iies Mrs Jane 

38 Campbell Mrs R A 

40 Hethune Miss Jane 

r H 
44 Newton Frauds 11 

Greene Miss C H, nurs 
46 Dobsou Mrs Sarah A 

Park rd Intersecta 

:,_ \Vo. k.-y Mrs Charlotte 
Wookey Miss May 1, 

mus tcbr 

54 Stewart Mrs Emily 
56 Vacant 
58 Black Mrs Mary 

60 Lewis Albert T 

I llley Charles 

64 Richards James 
66 Boulter Henry C 

68 Armstrong Frederick W 

70 Brown Alexander 

72 Brown George 

74 Dingman Mrs Cassle b 
76 Turner Win A 
......... South Side ......... 

1-3 Store, s e 

7 Flulayson Wm J 

9 Mil . en H 
13 Rush George 

15 Fiegeben J, blksmltb 
17 Fiesrehen James 

21 Brown Charles W 
2:: Curtis Wm 

25 Coombs John 
21) K lduers John 
33 White Harry R 

35 Boothe Albert E 
37 Tow Wm J 

39 Lyon Nap>leon T 

41 Murphy Alex R 

4:i Murphy Archibald J R 
^ Park rd Intersects 
49 Lauehlln Robert J 
51 Wilkinson .1 Arthur 
53 Robhison G Hunter 
r>r, Murinner Thomas 
6T Bishop Charles H 
.1:1 A^gett John T 

61 Booth Wm K 
63 Bell Mrs Mary 

65 Rankin James 
c: Austin Adam 

(ill Ilobertsoil M) S I 

71 Ileyes Svdnev A 

73 Clarke Mrs Mary E 

inith Archibald W 
77 Sheppard John 
79 Bartlett Win 
81 Tarr Stambury R 
83 Heighten John P 
85 Caiger Charles 

COLUMBUS, w from opp 389 
Sorauren av. ward 6. 


11 DtXOn John 

10 .leiliman 1 \V 

12 Ryan J.ohn J 

14 Thomson Thomas 
Iti Wilkinson George 

15 Hilton George N 

:em Wallace J 
-s s,-dj{lek Roderick F 

it Alexander A 
:i2 Hun" Andrew, plstr 

"ii Wm 
.Her Stephen G 

South Siik- 

Not built on 

COMMERCIAL, w from 54 
Jarvls to w of Francis, ward 

Xonli Side 

Hotel, s e 

Franels st Intersects 
Store, s e 

12-lt! Wcllnr James, livery 

South Side- 

Hotel, s e 

Francis st intersects 
Harber shop, s e 
Rear entrances 

C()XC(iltI> AV, n from SGO 

College to liloor w, ward 6. 

East Side 

ll.iu . 

1 si .1 W 

:: r.eatty Samuel 
Siuger Albert L 

\ a.-aiit houses (5; 
H Meen Wm 

School grounds 
^ HeWMin st intersects 

ant lots 
107 Barker Alfred F 

Vacant lots 
lir> Sharp George W 
117 Nichols Albert B 
111) Rose Hugh 
Vacant lota 
191 Bennett Wm 
I .):; MeCnlly W 
195 Ward Miehael 
197 Hunter Alfred T 
199 Xicholson F L 
2O1 Vacant 
2i i:: Smyth Mis.s S X 
Hepbourne st intersects 

N acant lot 
213 Alison Harvey 

Bon-c-ii Mrs M, nurse 
21.~i Shiaeh John 
217 Baker Robert S 

219 Scott Rev Wm J 

221 Kennedy Mrs Bridget 

irmiehael Fred 
22.~> Smith Thomas M 
227 Atkins Louis W 

220 Nelson Robert 

2:; 1 Bussey James E 
233 Benness Albert 


237 Hotchkln Ezekial 
239 Steane F W 
243 Warner George E 

247 Jennings Jos florist 

Vacant lots 
207 Henry Thomas 
;e grounds 
263 Vacant 
hint Wm 

rell Alfred 

271 Clough Richard, eontr 
275 Dorward John 
277 P.arnett Mrs Lucy 
279 Cummings S E, shoemkr 
Vacant lots 

West Side 

Vacant lots 
12 Robinson Wm 
14-16-18 Unflnlshed houses 
20 Haviland Wm G 
22 Rea Mrs Mary 
24 Slnden Wm J 

.erist Frank jr 
Vacant lots 
72 MeEaehren Wm N 
74 Archer David J 
7i ; Smyth James F 
78 Bettle Fredrick R 

F. J. SMITH * CO. 

Special Attention given to Man* 

agement of Estates Prompt Return* 

16 & 18 Adelaide St. E. 

F. J. SMITH ^ CO. 



lL 4 

Concord Av. 


80 Dill Wm S 

82 Plummer Wm T 
House, s e 

+ Dewson st intersects 
House, s e 

84 Likens Charles H 

86 Campbell David 

88 Hearne Frederick G 

90 Lundy Wallace 

92 Grass George L 

94 Sinclair Donald L 

98 Colly Frank 
Vacant lots 

184 Bawden Samuel A 
186 Clark John E 
188 Skelcher Wm G 
190 Bunker Amos 
192 Laurence Henry A 

194 Adam James S 
196 Eagan James Y 

195 Bundle Wm G 

200 Auchincloss Alexander 
202 Riches Charles II 
+ Hepbourne st intersect! 

Vacant building 
222 Burns Joseph R 
224 Moulthrop Allison B 
226 Hauimett Wm G 

Vacant lots 
246 Fawcett John G 
248 McTaggart Wellington O 
250 Hepburn Robert 
256 Smith Shelley A, gro 
258 Martin Wm G 
260 O Connor John 
262 Creighton Rev Wm B 
264 F.sten Henry L 

Vacant lots 

CONDUIT, w from Dundas to 
city limits, third n of Bloor 
w, ward 6. 
Not built on 

CONSTANCE, w from Ronces- 
valles av to Sunnyslde av, 
second s of Howard Park av, 
ward 6. 

Not built on 

COOLMINE AV, n from 324 
Dundas to St Anne s rd, 
ward 6. 

East Side 

House, s o 
5 Cassidy Isaac 

7 Logan John 

9 Nelson Samuel 

11 Lawrie James 

13 Stephens Harry R 
15 Robinson Hiram E 
A lane 
17 Ford Henry J 
19 Creighton David F 
21 Boyle David 
23 Smith Alfred 
25 Harris Wm J 
27 Smith Win 
29 Forbes John 
31 Cherry Wm 

Orphans Home, r e 
West Side 

8 Kirkpatrick George B 
Private grounds 

34 Tilston Goo W S 
36 Sbantz Allan B 
33 Mackenzie Alexander 
40 McDotigall Wm J 
42 Bickell George 

Vacant lots 

52 Lydon James C. nine tchr 
54 Swaine Watson 

Vacant lot 
62 Ruickbie Robert 
64 Wensley James C 
Of! Vamlerhoef John B 
68 Dickons Thomas, contr 
70 Johnson Richard A 
72 Battye Thomas 

CORNWALL. e from 157 
River to the Don. ward 1. 

North Side 


S Stratton Alfred 
]0 Stralton John 

12 Kemp John 

14 Sprung Frank P 
10 Vacant 

IS Kin- Charles H 

20 Weir John 

22 Taylor lliomas 

24 Evans Mrs Eleta 

26 Litherland Joseph 
28 Harding Richard J 

30 Fox Henry E, artist 

32 Hamilton Mrs Agnes 
Vacant lot 

88 Labelle Joseph 

40 Glenn Patrick 
42 Labelle Emile 
44 Smith Wm 

46 Forest Louis 
48 Wellings George 
50 Stevenson Wm J 
South Side 

1 Clarke John G S 

5 Walls Thomas C 

7 Walden Alfred 

9 Nelson Robert 

9V4 Finlay Thomas 
11 Roberts Edward W 
HVi Gurnett George 
13 Rennle Mrs Mary E 
15 Elkie Hugo 

17 Lafontaine Alphonse 

19 Beck John 

21 Brookmyres Wm 

2. ! Peterman Samuel H 

25 Lafontnine Mrs Delvina 

27 Ashe Henry 
29 Lock Wm C 

31 Joslln Samuel 

33 Lafontaine Mrs Emily 
35 Maynard John C 

37 Jacobs John 
39 Elgie Hanorah 

41 Nesbit Alexander 

COTTINGIIAM, w from 1178 
Yonge to city limits, wards 
3 aud 4. 

North Side 

4 Russell Wm J 
I rlvate grounds 

18 Denham James 

20 Dodds John J 

22 Crawford Alex H 
Carmlchael Nell 
Crawford M McL, phy 

+ Gauge av commences 
26 Gauge Mrs Elizabeth 
3ii Smith James 

32 Woolnough John J 

34 Davis Wm 

:;ij Davis Evan E 

Public Kb-. - 
50 Gillespic Jonathan 
52 Grant John 
54 Brooks John 
56 Hackett Mrs Eliza J 
58 Truax George II 
(in McKcrihcn Robert 
62 Ferris Stephen T 

Vacant lots 

Avenue rd intersects 
House, s e 

176 Smith Mrs M T 

178 Lea Joseph 

ISO Hudson Oscar M 

182 Ross Charles S 

184 Peters Mrs Elizabeth J 

186 Turner Thomas PI 

188 Rowland Mrs Alice 

Vacant lots 
194 Jeffrey Charles F 
196 Capewell Herbert 
ins Ritchie Hush 
200 Vance James 
204 Evans Wm J 
206 Hntehlnson James. F 
208 Taylor George C 
210 Lovell Robert J 
212 Schnelle Frederick 
214 Crossin Albert L 
216 Peace John 

Rathnelly av Intersects 
Private grounds 

223 Hamilton Wm 

Unfinished houses (2) 
234 Vacant 
SK Danks Arthur E 
, South Side 

Store, s e 


Crown st commences 

5 Cnttell James, prtr 
Private grounds 

11 Argue Uriah 

CPR freight sheds 

41-45 Breen 1-1 L, grain 
47-69 Standard Fuel Co 
73-81 Toronto Pottery Co 
83 Lewis Walter 
85 Coles Frederick W H 

McClelland Mrs Eva, r 
87 Dawsou Edward 

McGee Patrick, r 
89 Nicolis Richard E 
91 Clarke Charles 
95 Edworthy Henry 
99 Lynn Robert 
101 Williams George 
103 Edington James A 
105 Jennings Henry A 
107 Green Frederick W 
109 Mclntosli P & Son, mill 

Vacant lots 
^ Avenue rd Intersects 

House, s e 
177 Kyles John 
7.79 Queneau Mrs Jane 
181 Anderson Edward H 
183 Sewell Charles I 
1S5 Davis Bidwell N 
187 Mackenzie James H 

Vacant lots 
^ Rathnelly av intersects 

House, s e 
223 Spearman Wm 
225 Sneddon Wm 

Vacant lots to end 

COURT, e from 13 Toronto to 

Church, ward 3. 
North Side 

2-4 Toronto Mortgage Co 
Vacant ofttce, r 

6 Ambulance, Mounted Po 

lice and Patrol Wagon 

8-10 Police Station No 1, 
John Hall Inspector 

14 Schotield Richard, ptg 


18 Jackes & Jackes. barrs 
Hisgar-Samuel Ltd, pblrs 
Canadian Engineer 
f anndlan Journal of Fab 
Beaton A H. barr 

South Side 

1 York Chambers, s e 
3 Young & Co, teas 

Grant Arthur L. assayer.r 
5-7 Nasmith Co, r e 
9 Consolidated Electric Co 


11 Steep Embossing Co 
13 Wart-house, r e 
Restaurant, r e 

15 Coulter J Co, jwly case 

Store, s e 

COURTNEY PL, e from 55 

Clinton, ward r>. 

1 Brown Cliarles W 

2 McFarlaue James H 

COWAN AV, n from G T R to 
1311 Queen w, ward 6. 

East Side 

Vacant lots 

Huxley st intersects 
Vacant lot 

7 Macey Wm J 

9 Se\vell Stcpnen 
11 Herlngton Alfred E 
13 McAllister Joseph F 

Vacant lots 


Vacant lots 
33 Lansmuir Frank H 
35 Hetbrington John A 
37 Ross Georce 
39 Daniel .T W 
41 Peaker Kenneth 
t3 Bryce Mrs Anu.i 
45 Stewart Wm J 
47 Wesley diaries 
49 Klrby Christopher 

Kirln Miss M. mus tchr 
51 Drysdale Wm P 

Private grounds 
83 Smith .1 Samuel 
85 Parker George C 
87 McKechnlr- Frank R 
89 Folwell Philip C 
























Sanderson Mrs Sarah 
Rreckon George P 
Williams Percy B 
McNair -Mrs Susan J 
Breckeuridge Mrs E J 
Broddy James 
Cade Rev Robert 
Sonit rville Robert 
Cray Fn>derlck H 
Crulksuank J II 
Vacant lots 
Gould Joshua M 
Greeiishields Mrs Jessie 
Munro J Alexander 
Symons Wm 
Cooke C A, dentist 
Tuthill John V 
Quick John E 
King st w intorsecta 
Vacant lots 
Orr Rowland B, - by 
Gordon George A 
Gordon Mrs M. phy 
Tulloch Jesse, bldr 
Brown Charles 
Corcoran James 
Power Joseph 
Bohne Wm 
Hendry Andrew 
Anderson Walker W 
Stephenson John E 
Saunders James A 
House, s e 
Melbourne av ends 
House, s e 
Abel Herman 
Hopkirk Mrs Mnrgaret 
Veale Ambrose J 
Hamilton Jobn H 
luglls John L 
Qulnii John 
St Mark s Church 
Hell Telephone Co Ltd 
Munro Donald, r 
Wood yard, s e 

West Side 

Vacant lots 
Huxley st intersects 
House, s e 
Vacant lots 

Trenton ter commences 
AlrcriH thy Archibald 
Ewart James 
Scott Wm H 
Slemin Charles 
Magee Jarrts J 
I).. ilds John 
Fisher Frank E 
Douglas Charles o 
Sinclair John 
Vacant lots 
Ball Ernest S 
Smith Arthur L 
Scott Wm, bldr 
Knott Charles G 
Gadsby ,1,-imes O 
McKague Hugh 
Helliwell Alfred A 
Hallignn Thomas 
Vacant lots Mrs Elsie A 
Vacant lots 
Rothaermel J E, contr 
Vacant lots 
Casspll Henry 
Mc Kav* 1 eter T 
Sutherland Alexander 
Armies Reginald F Frederick A 
Almas Henry 
Jewell Frank G 
Vacant lots 
King st w intersects 
House, s e 
Private grounds 
Doran Win W 
Belcher James A 
King Robert S 
Lainp .Tulin R 
Skene Mrs Eleanor E 
Calder John 
Clark Wm A 
Mortem Mrs Charlotte E 
Hall Mrs Johanna 
Jewell Albert N 
Bailey Frederick V\ 
Bloxham Mrs Annie 
Grant Kenneth 
Henderson Charles 
Hogg GeoTge 



CEO. R. HARCRAFT, General Agent 

Phone Main 251 TORONTO 

W. F. DEVER & CO. 


Stock and Bond Brokers 

Established 189O Telephone 43O3 Main 

Crock . 


,,,.per Frederick I- 
ISO Prlng e George A 


194 Day Klchard J 

IBS Cameron Miss \an\e I 

i lines M 

1 1 M 
20S J iiuel 


CiirliuF Kink 
Fire Hall No 15 
Police station, t e 

Ci XWKLL AV. n from opp 
1609 Queen e to city limit*, 
ward 1. 

i:.i~t side 

Not built on 

West Side 

14 William* Mrs Sarah 

CRAWFORD, n from near 
1000 King w to Bloor, ward 

T Harris Co. yard 
^ Defoe st intersects 

Vacant lots 
68 Owen Thomas R 
71 K - uas 

i John C 
Vacant lot 
91 Jones Andrew 
93 Roberts Kd ward 
icehnn John D 

laher Kobert C 
99 Hutchison Robert 
Vacant lots 

Queen st \v intersects 
Store, a e 

College grounds 
179 M.-t.-alfe Alfred 
Prlrate grounds 
183 Flndley Thomas 
185 Hay Robert 
187 Smyth Mrs S II 

irk John 


alker Alfred P 
205 Creller Hiram 

n Wm T 

Wm E. artist 
213 Scott Wm L 

Scott Miss F. S. vocalist 

it lot 
219 Wright KiliMr U 

John W 
:>:ill Frederick 
22." \v. bster George J 
227 De<;ruehy Charles H 

Vacant lot 
241 V. rge 

Bellwoods Park 

* Arthur st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

26ft AldrMR.- Join, contr 
st li 


1 Charles 
a George 

1 Alfred J 


- B 
301 Baker Herbert 

B Andrews Herbert B 
30314 Gilpln James 

Mary C 

309 DeGrn. -hy John 
311 \\ Iter 

-, ay John 

317 Drummond A .ex A 

318 Church Henry W 

Rev Peter 
323 Gorman David 
t lots 

i n 

Jham Harry, eontr 
339 Malcolm Andrew 

Vacant : 


ant lots 
361 Harklns John A 

ant lots 
+ ( luder av ends 


x-kln Frank F 


397 McEnroe Owen 
399 Vacant 
t"i II Mrs Susan 

r Duncan 


Vacant lots 
+ College -t intersects 
r.i:. - J 

517 r..."t! r.-v i 1 
0_1 Frosl U <> . 
52:1 Ki lso Ali-x It 

< P 

nlev John 
_:-k Mrs C.itli, nurse 

ant lots 
5.17 Dillon John U 


541 Le, Hoy Kugenc 

rvlng John 
54:, i rles 

ant lots 

. k S 

567 M"i-ri~i n John 

. ! house 


661 Travcrs W F 
arter Charles 

r lot 

an Frank 

6T3 Lawsou Thomas 
IM.-I F.du-ar I 
(177 A.-tillitll John 
Ii7 .i lumbar John J 
11 Samuel <? 
683 Wood John C 

it lot 

891 H moel 

6W I - rles 


y Harris Co s wood 

Defoe st luiiTa-cu 
1 ubllc School 

Metu Ch 

100 Wright IVter A 
+ Queen st w intersects 
House, 8 e 

i.ay i: & Co. tannety 
+ Logie pi commences 
ins M,,if:i: 

;.h S 

:-d, dentist 
114 Cheer Mrs Jane 

n Wm H 
lls n,.,li.-..~ George L 


124 Wilson Charles 
Ijij I liuiuas C 

u-art A K. wood dlr 
130 Hassard Rev W K 
132 Dennison Mrs Fanny 

tt Walter 
136 Hurd Henry E 
138 Love Charles J 
140 Taylor Wm w 
142 Maodonald Charles L 
144 Dunlop Mrs Lucy 
Jatt John 
150 Macoomb Albert 


154 Lowe J H. phy 
r Robert J 

100 Tnthill Christopher J 

:iei E 

-iiipman George 
166 Barker Xobert 

\gnes, mos 


ry A 
172 Haynes Edwin 

174 I.owry Wm H 

m i-n:.- .MIS Elizabeth 
^ I aimeni-es 

17s Hunnlsett Frank 

it lot 

192 Kimicar Wm. cattle dlr 
U>4 FNhcr Alexander D 

khlll Wm 

Trances A 

:t lot 

208 Lemon Win K 

110 Gordon John 

212 Cunningham Win C 

214 Ha::ii,-i 

2iu ; . i>ii 

iican Win 


L V J I 1 K 

22 i Mc.N air Ali iandcr K 
Private grounds 


sin M I. drsmkr 

240 Churchill Kdward J 

Arlln TI 

ant lots 

. - II 
266 Forbes Mrs Janet 


- imuel H 

278 Riisx-ll Jolin 

harles H 

..k A 
284 I! 1 

Vacant lots 
294 ! t P 

t lot 

v Wm K 
:a Win J 
n R 
+ H . omroence* 

ant lots 
M2 I (a nly Win H 

in Alfred 
.Voods Frank H 

i,k L 
r J 

Unfinished house 
358 H rd G 

Vacant lots 
38- Parker Edwin G 
384 Bnrkell R B. dairy 

Fred C W 

380 Brandon Alexander 
388 Crawford Samuel J Henderson Siainer 
1 E 
394 Quarrlngton George H 

ruchy Mrs Kathleen 
308 Jory Franklin P 
100 Bell Frederick 
402 Anderson Mrs Ann J 
404 Stalnsby John W 
+ Sully i- res intersects 
Vacant lots 

College st intersects 

538 Bntson Richard 
il Robert 
ant lots 

Unfinished house 
^ Bloov st w intersects 

Vacant lots 
720 Smldnby Mrs Sarah 

CUESCKXT RD. e from Yongc 

to South Drivo. first t 
of Roxborongh av. .ird ?. 
North Side 

L 1 Wallace II 

4 Bincham Chas D 
1-2 Sherrard Henry A 


12 1 harles E 

20 McLeod Charles 
32 McGaw Thomas D 
34 Edmunds Charles 
:n; Ken- Wm A H 
38 Vacant 
4S Vacant 
50 Osborne J Ewart 

^ i itersects 

House, s e 


I Hall Alfred 
71 \\ llmotl Walter E 
78 Rolph Frank 
80 Harvey Arthur 
M 1 avics Rc.l.ert II 
: ntcr Arthur F 
.12 Carrett James W 

i liev Klchard 

s C 

111) Da ,-rt C 

^ Scarth rd Intersects 

Vacant lots 
142 Morris Massey 

i <s Ethel, mas 


1G3 Jnnkin Jam> 
166 Murray Wm T 
^ I.aiiijx i ; .cnces 

James G 
i all Mark 

nit lots to end 

South Side 

ant lots 
-1 li Jonathan 

iulshed house 
27 Boultbee W Mulock 
L". Tmvnseiid Charles J 
35 Boultb itect 

Boultbee Horatio C 

ant lots 

^I luny av intersects 
Vacant lots 

tlulshed house 
61 Peaty John W 
73 Hutchlnson Wm H 
+ Rose.lale rd ends 
85 El.N Fitzillen M 
87 Rowell Newt- 
89 Page & Co. contrs 

ft Walter 
99 Vacant 
+ Park rd ends 

Unfinished house 
14!i Turnbull John 
l.M K" 
165 Jnnkln Robert 

is Silas R 

181 Brown T Albert 
1S5 Shaw Wm II 

CROCKER AV. w from e of 
15 Claremont to Bellwoods 
av, ward 5. 

Jiorth Side 

2 Johnston Wm B 
4 Bradley John 

G Maroney Mrs Sarah 
House, s e 

t Claremont st Intersects 
Store, s e 

10 McGarrigle Mrs M 
12 Nash Albert E 

14 O Connor Maurice 

A lare 

l>; Jilks Charles 

15 Mackeand David 
22 Mitchell Ira A 

d Edward 
House, s e 

South Side 


3 Turner Wm J 
Vacant lots 
House, s e 

( laremont st Intersects 
House, s e 

11 Lund Richard 
Kl Coffey George 
15 Thomas Edward 




Losses Paid Since Organization over $21,OOO,OOO,OQ 

Fire and 



Insurance, Financial and Estate Agents 

Administrators and Trustees 


Crocker Av. 


17 Hind James W 
19 McMarray Fred G 
23 Gibson James R 
25 Shaw James 
27 Wilson James 
29 Vacant 
31 Vacant 
Vacant lots 

CROSS, w from 114 Beacong- 
fleld av to Gladstone av, 
ward 6. 

North Side 

House, s e 
G Ulce Frederick J 

8 Taylor Wm A 

10 Lockhart Albert R 

12 Johnston Arthur 

14 Jacques Wm T 
South Side 

House, s e 
5 McAdnm Mrs S R 
7 Medforth Charles J 

9 Packer Alfred 

11 Eyre George J, pntr 

13 McGee Thomas, gro 

15 Duffln Sidney J 
17 Craig David J 

CROWN", s from 5 Cottlng- 
ham, ward 3- 

East Side ._._ 

Rear entrances 

West Side 

House, a P 
2 Hartley John 
4 Taylor James 
6 Johnston Robert M 

CUMBERLAND, w from 820 
Yonge to Avenue rd, ward 3. 

North Side 

2 Hull Richard W 

12 Rowell Wm F 

18 Glanvllle John 

20 Gleason Thomas 

22 MacDonnell Miss L 

24 Shafer Miss Lilly 

26 Pearson Mrs Margaret 

28 Carter George H 

30 Songer Henry I 

32 Freer James, contr 

34 Bond John J 

36 Beck Thomas 

40 Merritt A W 

42 Brlsbln Henry 

44 McGregor Henry 

46 Cross Lev! A 

48 Tyte George 

50 Cross John 

52 Cleland Thomas 

54 Ross Mrs Sarah 

56 Hurst James 

56% Hudson Mrs Annie 

58 Fewster Mrs Elizabeth 

60 Shackleton John 

62 Johnson Charles 

64 Buttery Thomas N 

GO Brunt George 

< : M Willis Mrs Eliza 

70 Hunter Thomas M 

72 Davey Albert T 

74 Smith Mrs Matilda A 
76 Dc-rsey Wm 

75 Upton Mrs Ann 
80 Adclison John II 

82 Smith George C, pntr 
84 Stacer Wm u 
86 Turner Edward 
88 Raymer Mrs Mary A 
:><> Ilomn Joseph R, gro 
+ Bellalr st intersects 
98 Cnsile Mrs A K 
loo McFarlane Wm J 

McFarlane James V^ 

runs tchr 

102 Sinclair James 
i I M riser Mrs Mllllcent 
106 Dowling George 
108 IMckett Ed\ 
110 Spring Thomas H 
]12 Senger Albert 
114 Maycock John II 
116 Wood Robert jr 
118 Wood Robert 
120 Wayte Robert, contr 

Wayte Miss M. drsmkr 
122 Bewley Isaac S 

124 Randall Wm H 

126 Richards Philip 

132 Sellar Robert L 
134 Ridsdale Robert 
138 Hutchlnson Mrs M 

140 Crook George 

142 Seagram Arthur W 
Seagram Miss F A, em- 


146 .TollifTe George H 
148 Smellle David jr 

150 Treeby John 

152 McGill Wm 

154 Carson John II 

156 Thomson John H 

158 Hamilton Mrs Isabella M 

160 Chapman Wm 

164 Thompson Mrs Ann J 

106 Toms Wm 
Private grounds 
House, s e 

South Side 

Store, s e 

3-5 Cumberland Hall 
7 Hazeltou Joseph 
9 Creese Mrs Lucy 

11 White Francis T 

13 Allen Mrs Elizabeth 

17 Grainger Christopher 

23 Itredln John 

25 Arno Harry F 

27 Kcrr Thomas A 

29 Davis James 

31 Irvine Catherine M 

33 Murphv Jeremiah 

35 Sin ilh Herbert 

37 Ciozier Andrew 

39 Fuller Samuel 

41 Grace Patrick 

43 Marshall Horace L 

47 Bauckham Frederick 

49 Bennett Joseph C 

51 Thompson Mrs Margaret 

63 Tolliver Mrs Josephine 
Wood Walter, r 

5,"> Dunlin Mrs Sarah 

r>7 Rowland John 

59 Parnal Louis G 

61 Porter Alexander 

63 Storey Nathan 

65 Tyler Charles E 

G7 .Tarvis James B 

71 Wood Henry J 

73 Toulmin Mrs Anne 

75 Chapman Edgar 

77 Mills Price 

T .i Castles John 

81 Booth John F 

83 Macdonald Mrs Mary 

85 Ktngdon Frederick E 

87 Worthy Robert P 

.->!) Win 

91 Worthy John 

93 Houston Richard 

^ Bellalr st Intersects 

97 Taylor James, gro 

99 Evans George B 
101 Pltfleld George G 
103 Mllligan Frederick 
105 Lytle James 

107 Townsend Wm B 
109 Richards James 

111 Elnor Herbert 

113 Devine Mrs Mary A 

115 Wortuington Edmund 

117 Keating Peter 

119 Bland George 

TJ1 Raynier Henry W 

12". Scott Tbomaa J 

r_T. Grant Robert Y 

127 Adktt,s Miss Mattle 

129 Reid Mrs Jane 
i::i raffrey Mrs Mary 

133 Brlggs Henry A 

135 Tamblyn Wellington W 
137 Hnrdinge G M 

130 Waters James 

141 Robinson John J 

143 Cantwell Wm 
145 Steele John C 

147 Edmand Wm R 
149 Elliott Joseph 

151 Hutchison Robert 

153 Lye Jnhn G 
Fulford Mrs E, nurse 

155 Sendell Cuthber! 

157 Glenlster George T 
Private grounds 

- Wlllmot Mrs Eliza 

Private grounds 
183 Wallace John 

185 Reading Arthur J 
House, s e 

CUMMINGS, e from w of Bol- 
tou av, bet 118 and 120. to 
Warden, ward i. 

North Side 

Store, s e 

Boiton av Intersects 
10 Stockwell James 

Private grounds 
18 Flndlay James A 
20 O Reilly Thomas B 
22 McDonald John, gro 
24 Buxton Thomas 
^ De Grass! st Intersects 

Sunday School 
South Side 

Vacant lots 
^ Boiton av lntersee:s 

Store, s c 
13-17 Tidby Wm B, baker 

Store, s o 
^ De Grassl st intersects 

House, s e 
35 Crldland Frank F 

Private grour.d? 
39 Hudson Thomas 

Private grounds 
45 Deniord Richard S 
47 Thompson John H 
49 Turner Myles 
51 Newall Thomas 

86 Brock av, ward G. 

North Side 

12 McLachlan John Jt 

Private grounds 
20 McLachlan John H 

South Side 

House, s e 
7 Watkins Edward 
9 Knowleton John 
11 Pook Henry 
15 Cornock Henry 
17 Abercrombie Wm 
19 Baker .T Hubert 
25 McQuillen James 

CURRIE PL, e from Blair ay, 

first n of Sydenham, ward 2. 

North Side 

1 Evans Mrs Abbey S 

2 Booth David 

3 Tierney Patrick 

4 Henderson Charles B 

5 Smith Mrs Isabella 
South Side 

Rear entrances 

CURZON, n from 1192 Queen 

e to Myrtle av, ward 1. 
East Side 

House, s o 

Private grounds 
23 Maunder Luther M 

Private grounds 

43 Ramsden Albert 
Tierney Terrence 

47 Johnston Harry O 
51 Goi-ringe Wm R 
69 Shephard Alfred 
Catholic Church, r e 

Doel !>v intersects 
Private grounds 

139 Norton Peter 
141 Carter Joseph 

St Joseph (HO School 
155 Holland Terrence 

Private grounds 
163 Wilds Mrs Johanna 

Public School, s e 

Sproatt av Intersects 
Vacant Io*ts to end 

West Side 

Store, s e 
2 Dnldry CJinrles 
20 Costello Thomas 
22 Parry \Vm 
Jl Stone Harry 
Vacant lot 

Ml M. -Dun-ell Will \V 

:;-J Hi ki-tn.-in AnL iis 

44 Hurley George \V 

c;i! Holland P. who] btcnr 
76 Boyd Isaac 

104 Cahill Patrick C, mkt 


120 Nolan J, whol btcbr 
132 Grasley John 

Doel av intersects 
146 West Wm D, mkt gdnr 
^ Sproatt av intersects 
Vacant lots to end 


109 Elizabeth, ward 3. 

North Side 

Stoic, s e 
South Side 

3 Rolling Frederick 

5 White Wm 

7 Bowman Aaron, 

9 Campbell John 
House, a e 

CTPRESS, n from Front e to 
Eastern av, first w of the 
Don, ward 1. 

East Side 

1-21 Wickett & Craig, tan 

West Side 

12 Wickett & Craig, store 

CZAR, w from 728 Yonge to 

Queen s Park, ward 3. 
North Side 

2 Store, s e 

2% West Louis J 

4 Knowles Peter C 

4% Steele Arthur G 

r, Melnnes .Miss K, drsmkr 

6% Kendry Wm 

8 Fairbanks Harry C 
10 Clarke Nelson, elect 
10% Fisher Mrs Agnes B 

12 Williams Graham 
12% McLean Thomas 

14 Ely Mrs Henrietta 
16 Coulam Wm H 

+ Balmuto st commences 

15 Jamiesou Daniel 
Jamieson Miss E J, nurse 

20 Kedick George A 
22 Hepton Robert 
24 Patterson Wm A 
26 Thornton Mrs Sarah 
28 Lee Mrs Alice 
30 Thompson Alex M 
32 Steen Ephrairn 
34 Fraser Mrs C A 
36 Netherton Wm J 
38 Boag Hej-nolds 
40 Steel Henry 
42 Ward Wm O 
44 Ho ran Joseph 
46 McCurry James 
48 Canfleld Edgar 

North st intersects 
50 Rooaey Nicholas 

56 Stone Wm H 

:>s I ;<>ss John A 

60 Toews Peter 

02 Jackson Edwin J 

64 Pearl John 

66 Gordon Wm 

liS M (-Brady Louis V 

72 Van Maldei- James 

74 Moylan Mrs Penelope 

76 Scott Nathaniel K 

78 Smith Charles 

St Thomas =t commence* 
80 Mackie Alexander 

-.hlart Mrs Mnry 
Stoddnrt Miss Eila, drs 

84 Rust Charles H 
8G Pavne John 
88 Brown Vere C 
!10 Livingstone David G 
!)2 O Neill Mrs Llna 
01 I armlchael Frederick 

South Side 

Store, a e 

3 Ban-on Robert 

r, Hackett Misses, drsmkrs 

ll:i -kett Miss Jane 
7 Moseley Charles 

9 Back Win R 

I ! A run! .l:imes W 

13 Farrow Wm 

St Nicholas st ends 







TEL. MAIN 3724 96 KING ST. W 



IT Johnston John J 
I J 

21 l- lfinl:;^ IMward 


Wray M: ikr 

27 Mi lnt..s!i John 

35 M Christina 

37 Carr liciuunni I" 

38 Ferguson M 

41 Knott J W, outr 

lies Arthur 

W:it*, ,n Frederick 

45 DUD u Mrs Sarah E 

House, * * 
O North st Intersee .s 

se. 8 e 
55 Harrison John 

Heury A 
59 Beare Robert 

nibrook John T 

t Wra T 

67 Fullerton Aubrey W 
<s> M, l .nald 

71 Morson Jessie 
73 Hall Mrs Klizhetu 
75 Jones Mrs Clara 
:rns James \V 
79 Hillyard Mrs Marinda 
81 Stephenson Frederick C 
83 Ma, k.-nzi.- Mrs Lucle 

M A 

- irah. nurse 

DAGMAR AV, ,. from aear 

235 I ape av to Jones ar, 

ward 1. 
North Side 

32 James Clarkson W 
Humphreys John R 
30 Bulley Samuel 

Vacant lots 
06 Jones Edward 
Jones Mrs M. gro 

68 Gilllngham Mrs M A 

TO Jago Riehard F 

7:; T, mi- - a rnarles R 
74 Jennings Charles 

84 Lore Thomas 

South Side 

Vacant lots 

4> Brooklyn av ends 

7 Smith, James 
fit MoKee John 
65 Clemett James 

5 Shields Thomas 1r 
77 Nicholson \\"m 
79 Duffy Thomas 
83 I>uffy Mrs Mary A 

3 Mont Glaccomo, gro 

DALE AV, e from Glen rd 
to Castle Frank av, first n 
of Howard, ward 2 

North Side 

2 Darling Robert 

->tt James 
Vacant lot 
Gray Robert M 
10 Kent John G 

Vacant lot* 

4> Powell st commences 
Vacant lots 

4> Maple av ends 

Vacant lots 
* nton cres commence* 

Vacant lots 

4> Hawthorne av commences 
House, s e 

South Side 

1 Croft John 

3 Allan Miss M I 

Frank E 

13 <;iithero Charles 
21 Moskin John, K C 
O Mr-Kenzie av commences 

DALHOUSIE. n from 72 
Queen e to Gerrard e, 
ward 3. 


ory. s e 

H 1 J 

111 Wiisril, 

M, 1 , n i ,1 M-~ Catherine 
21 I ornfleld Samuel 

-a ret 

2.~> !; rine 


Z.i WMi.- .1.^,-ph H 
31 Harman Mrs Ellen 
33 Weir Mrs Eleanor 

Gavlean John, r 
n Lumley Miss Mary A 
Sfl Lanagan John J 
394 Vacant 
41 I>ohoney Stephen 

4> Shuter st Intersects 

House, s e 
81 Kennedy Robert 

Skating Rink, r e 
97 Clark Thomas 

House, e 
O Wilton av Intersects 

House, s e 
12.-, N.-si.itt Wm 
127 Adam* Isaac 

Vm J 

131 Halsley Hiram 
133 D,,.vl-" Patrick J 
lonev Mrs Ann 

- H 

141 Mirks Edward R 
14.1 Smith James. Indry 
117 IM K.-f.- Ice House 

Vacant lot 
4> Gould st Intersects 

House, a e 
187 O Keefe s stables 
189 McNamara John J 


lent Frederick 
107 O I.earv Mrs Jane 
100 I -r!ck M 

201 Byrne Michael 
203 Clarke Mrs Mary 
205 Gower Wm B 
207 Quealey Thomas 
207% Campbell Roderick H 
200 Richardson George 
211 Weatherley Wm L 
213 Britt Wm II 
215 Crawford Robert J 
217 Roberts Frank 
House. * a 

West Side 

Store. t 
12 Vacant 

Rear entr: 
18 Payne Wm 
20 Renr entrnii -p 
28-30 Down Thinn-i* * Co, 
brass founders 
Rear ontr.-: 
Hotel, s e 
4> Shuter t Infers.* 

les and rear en 
84 Henderson Rp..-li;inl 

House, s c 
<> Wilton av intw.:ti 

Private grounds 
140 Mrs Mary 

Rear entrances 
4> Gould st Intersects 

House. f 

IftS Richardson Mrs Ellen 
,oke D Osborne 

174 Smedlev Mrs Emma, bdf 
170 Hoss Thomas 

DANFORTH AV no/th imlt), 
e from Broadview av to 
east limit, ward 1. 

North Side 

2 Cudmore R J. blksmltli 

Plaskltt H. carriajf? tldr 
4 Brown Henry F 
6 Reid Wm E 

Danforth Hall 
Ellerbeck st commences 
40 Playter Bros, mkt gdnrs 

vter .1 I., mkt gdnr 
Vacant lots 
4> Wliitney st commences 

ant lots 

4> I. "-an av 

\ H, mkt 
Moscow av commences 

\v \v 


T R 

wi- k Wm 


4> Landlord av 


mkt gdnrs 
---- ......... 

27 Saiiud.T. Wm H II 

37 Shales John H 

45 Camiihi ll Iti>l>ert A 

61 M . Allan L 

Hnwden st emls 
l:;l i, 

Vacant lots 

303 nry. mkt gdnr 

n p 
4> I-ogan av Intersects 

ant lot* 
4> Fenwick av ends 

Vacant lots 
4> Carlaw av end 
343 ilia 

O Tape av Intersects 


SB3 Mills John H. :nkt e-lnr 
405 Spark-hall C,. whul btclir 

Sjiarkhall Mark, mkt ijdLr 
-4"7 Ilavi - Th,,- 
417 OTiopohoe Win 
O Jones av ends 
461 Agci-tt John, mkt gdnr 
rd Jume* 

mkt gdnr 
4> Bvron av end^ 

fli:; I .ir.liy Jaini^ \V 

615 Ryan James 

Greenwood av ends 

D ARCY. w from ODD 153 

1 to SpaJI:i:i ov, 
ward 4. 

........ North Side ........ 

J Edtjar Mrs Jennie 
4 \V .[ary 

Irs Mary 

10 Kins Mrs Bridget 

KiiiL- Vjis^ Maggie, dra 

in kr 

14 Strohmayr John il 
It! Mi-nton Wm. hldr 

Menton John, artist 
18 Menton Patrick 

Menton Miss K. drs Jkr 
20 Campbell R M 
22 Neville Michael J 
24 Olivier Henry G 

Mrlilrllli Illlgb 

2fi Frasor Mrs M, drsmkr 

28 Coyell Alfred, carp 
3O Whttohead Wm 

32 Wanty Win, bldr 
34 Drake Her 

M,-i ,,nvi v Mi>s D. nurse 
30 Steplien Jamen M 

38 Douglas Robert 
4J Macklnnon Wm D 

ler George 
4f. Bain John 

4^ v> 

House, s e 

4> Beverley st Intersects 
68 Broils nah 

80 Thompson Samnel H 
84 IVtn-s Mrs Amelia 
86 Jordan Jli-nry L 
ss X.ryd Gustave 
90 Morris Rev John T 
02 Lalshley Fxinson C 

lerick H 
9(i Graham J D 
OS Daley Robert J 

rlinir J H 
10. K \Vm 

100 McCall Dtigald 
108 Simpson Mrs Annie 
110 Wallace 
Hi - ary 

Mis- R. drsmkr 
4> Huron st interjects 

114 - v ,:fred 

!! H". .A 

118 Keyi S Miss J, drsmkr 

120 Ihvk Albert 
li J Montgomery Daniel 
1^1 llaip.r (,,,,rse A 

lines Wm 

134 Mi-GUI Wm H 

I fred L, r 


i::s liii.-kl.- Wm 
.40 Cameron John 

Henderson John, r 
House, > 

South Side .. 

1 I arkes Charles il 
3 U Hearn James J 

uty Mrs Mary 
iol Miclri-l J 
.< 1 i.-mp-i v Andrew 
11 .M, K,-niia Charles A 

iTctt John 

15 Flndlay \Vm n. d.ilr/ 
19 Street Richard B 
21 1 \rtuur W 

23 Owen i: s & Sou, piano 

III. -hard S 
Skill. -ii Mrs A O, mns 


2J . dm 

27 Oweus John 

^iinlalr James 
31 Holford John, contr 

Chard Thomas, eoutr 
33 Crotty Patrick J 
35 Craig John S 
.: ll.ilni. - Mi-- Isabel 
30 Liangley Jos, [,h 

House, s e 
O Beverley st Intersects 

House, s e 
67 Johnson Samuel 
G9 Harg: eavea \Vm A 
71 Wright Alexander A 
73 Purse Wm J 
75 Burns Mrs Sarah J 
77 Whali. Mrs \rta 
79 Bywater Josep.i 
SI Walters J H. etp 
.v; Wlam k,, Alex Q 
85 McBrldp Mrs Haunah 
87 Smith John S 
89 Gorrle John A. pntr 
91 Eagen Mrs Jenuic 
93 Barton Wm H 
95 O Donoghue Daniel J 
:*7 Wilx.n Frederick 
Millan Tbomas 
inl iiiblin Mrs Kate 

n John W 
105 Walls Mrs J 
107 Seale James 

Todd Davidson. bMr 
4> Huron st intersects 
109 Peter John W. >iro 
111 Campbell Joseph 
lin.j M. -Bride 

Knlfl* Mrs Jane 
11." l iee 

.p Wm II 

John H 
ite Alex S 
12S Be!l Edward G 
127 Lender Johnson F 
Mahon Patrick 
131 I>iwe J James 
inks Wm 
135 Wilson Thomas 

nn Christopher 
139 Carter Alfred 
House, s e 

DARLING AV. n from r of 
660 Ontario to r of Howard, 
ward 2. 

East Side 

House, s e 
17 Wl:.-l,lo Wm J 

-Is T W 

21 U. "Istopher J 

23 Darby Wm G 
23 Dumbleton Wm H 
i-ii Wm H 
29 Farquhar R B 





F. McEACHREN, Manager Phone Main 2376 


I Ilk I Ul (H LUUlXLi Money to Loan, Estates Managed, C VIQTORIA ST 

Money to Loan, Estates Managed, 
Real Estate Bought and Sold 


Darling Av. 

31 Taplin George 

33 Thompson J J 

39 Blackie James R 

41 Daly John W 

43 McNamara Arthur J 
45 Williams Mrs Ellen 

47 King Thomas jr 
49 Wicks Thomas 
51 Laird Thomas 

53 Farquhar James F 
55 Mason John 

57 Cranston Wm J 

59 Brown Terry A 

61 Porsyth James 
63 Gardiner Peter 

65 Jacksou Edward H 
67 Manning Morley E 
69 Atkey Win 

West > 

2 Shepherd George 
4 Ward Frederick E 
6 Ferguson Ira A 
10 Ward Ui chard 

House, r e 
18 Lougley George A 
20 Bound Albert B 

22 Snell Daniel 

24 Meyrick Wm 

Hi; Mi-Master Thomas 
28 Robins Richard 
30 Oakley Richard 

40 Walsh Samuel 
Vacant lots 

48 Douglas James 
50 Howe Amos 

Darling pi commences 

54 Kelly John 
56 Oldrteld Bert 

58 Moorhouse Thomas 

60 Morris John 

62 Regan Dennis 

DARLING PL, w from 54 
Darling av, near Ontario and 
Howard, ward 2. 

North Side 

Vacant lot 

South Side 

House, s e 

DAVENPORT PL, e from 138 
Davenport rd, ward 3. 

North Side 

30 Davis Mrs Anna M 

34 Burgess George V 
30 Sheppard Mrs Jane 
38 Carman Alfred S 

40 Blake Mrs Elsie 

42 Culverwell John P 

41 lli-bit.m Joseph 
4C, Hesscy Wm B 

48 Suthejjand Edward 

50 Anderson John 

ri2 Thi inson Wm 

54 Bell Wm A 

56 Onyon John T 

58 Cnmmlnga Mrs Louisa 

South Side 

17 Boynes diaries 
19 Cummer Samuel S 
21 Spenee Wm 

23 Kennedy J*ihii 

25 Ahorn Mrs Elizabeth, 


27 Fletcher Henry 
37 Sheppard Jas 

Hotel, s e 

DAVENPORT RD, w and n-w 
from 884 Yonge to city lim 
its, wards 3 and 4. 

North Side 

Church, a ft 
14 Trimble James 
16 Hartshorne Thomas 

Vacant lot 
20 Curran Patrick 
22 Clancy Mrs Catherine 
24 Davis Frederick W 
26 Rocks Terence 
Vacant lot 
House, B 

AMcMurrlcb st commences 
32 Tremalne J B, turn 

Manblro Miss A. drsmkr 
34 Murphy Miss Catherine 
30 Bailey Percy II 
38 Patrick Robert MoN 
42 Harrington Wllmott 

44 Chatterly Wm 
Vacant lot 

48 Conachor I .enjnmln 

50 Gleeson Edward 
Vacant lots 

^ Blackmore In commences 

70 Hall Wm, produce 

72 Gay Wm J 
Yard " 

76 Brooks Robert J 

78 Millar David, gro 

80 Banuerman D J. dairy 

82 Johnston F W, groc 

84 Gaston Wm E 

Gaston Mrs W E, Indry 

McAlpine st ends 

88 Vacant 

90 Dowson Walter J, bkr 

92 Dowson Wm T 
England Herbert 

94 Dunn Wm A 

96-106 Burgess. Dunn & Ib- 

botson, planing mill 
Booth & Co, contrs 
108 Gagan John P 
110 Sweeney Mrs C 
Private grounds 
116 Adams Frederick W 
122 Whisker George H 
124 Vacant store 

+ Belmont st ends 
12ti Prince Wm 
130 Harrison Wm 
138 Davenport Hotel 

^ Davenport pi commences 
142 Varnell J E. btchr 

^ North View ter commences 
144 Spring James A 
148 Kirkpatrick Miss M S 

Vacput lot 

154 Dutton Frederick 
156 Dowling Charles J 
168 Senior Charles 
170 Martin Mrs Annie D. art 

Private grounds 
172 Thomson T C 
174 Windeyer R C 
180 Kirk Mrs B 
182 Douglas J R 
184 Stevenson J 
IM; Smi illry Charles 
188 Carman Wm A 
100 Russell Mrs Jane 
192 Dunninj* H H 
194 Station J Man- 
190 Hallimm F A 
204 Forster Charles H 
20SL 12 IVnrs John P. gro 

^ Avenue rd intersects 

Store, s e 
220 Ellis Wm A 
224 Angles Ernest 
226 Pedeu Archibald 

Wright Thomas P, contr 
2411 Vacant 
242 Ball Wm H 
244 Brccn Mrs Mary 
24I> Mai-kay .Mrs Donaldlna 
258 Coulter John 
2<:n Vacant 
-it; Swanson Olof 
264 Henley Wm 
21 ;r, Wheeler John 
268 Lai pin Mrs Rebecca 
270 navies Enoch W 
276 Hees George H. Son & Co, 

window shade mfrs 
Vacant lot 
js-j ivrry Wm J 
284 McDowell Robert 
280 Fleming J J 
288 Wiles Arthur 

^ Bedford rd Intersects 

Vaca nt lots 
308 McDowell R, blksmlth 

Private grounds 
328 Lenhart C. basket mkr 
330 Edwards Mrs Sarah 
332 Bryce Thomas A 
:;:;( sir. ivan James C 

Dupont st intersects 

C P R crossing 

South Side 

Store, s e 

17 Mlddleton Harry 
19 Marshall Mrs M 
21 Smith Thorn".? 
23 Thomas Thonns J 
2.1 Love Mrs Mary A 
27 Tutty John 

29 Owen Charles 
31 Alnsworth Harry 
33 Wilson Wm P. 

Johnston Miss Sidney 11 
35 Stanton R, dairy 
37 Thomson Mrs Margaret 

Matthews George H 
39-43 North Knl Oh Hall 
45 Bailey F i: 
49 Robinson D, gro 
^Ketehnm r,v cuds 

Jesse Keteaurn School 
77 Allen Abrajain A 
79 Macey vJeoiv 11 
81 Whimse:t Uiaries T 
s:; I aimer John 
85 Hale John A 
87 Smith James W 
89 Rolls Alfred 
91 Macey Wm, shoemkr 
93 Shunk 1-V cl -ri-k M 
95 Fontaine Mrs Louisa, fey 

Berryman st commences 
97 Nelles Mrs n. senl More 
99 Montgomejj C. btcjir 

101 Armstrong R, shoemlrr 
103 Slater Mrs Emma, nurse 

Vacant lot 

^ Bishop st commences 
113 Jollow Henry 
119 West Mrs Jane A 
121 Palmer Wm 
123 Buck James 
125 Sheppard Frederick 
127 Easby George 
129 Cartwrlght George 
131 Hewitsou Harry M 
133 Williamson Wm, gro 

^ New st commences 
135-7 West Chas A. gro 

Private grounds 
147 Clegg Charles, barber 

Vacant lots 
179 Yates Joseph 
181 Atchlson Worthy 
iv: Ilamilion & Bradshaw, 

Bradshaw Charles A 
187 Gilibs Joel 

189 Yowman Fredk, shoemkr 
llll Shaw Thomas 

Shaw T & Co, gros 
^ Hnzelton av ends 
195 Palin John H. florist 

Private grounds 
2i>.-, r.di Walter J 
207 Carroll John J 
209 Brltuell Edward 
211 Page John J. excavator 
213 Ross Frederick H 

Canada Bowling & Lawn 
Tennis Club, s e 

Store, s e 

Avenue rd intersects 
Store, a e 

223 Wiley Wm E 
22." Booth Joseph G 
- L T West Albert C F 
229 Carrell Wm 
231 Greenwood Christopher 
233 Pole Fred II G 
235 Marshall Alexander 
237 Hussey Thomas A 
239 Hose W F 
211 1 loirs: Hubert P 
2i:; Allen Charles C 
245 Johnstone Mrs Jane 
247 Ross Mrs Julia, drsmkr 
Vacant iots 

Bedford rd cnels 
289 Pope James 

Private grounds 
303 Vacant 
307 Wallls Miss A L, gro 

Karnett John 

r.arnctt Mrs Mary, drs 

.",21 Wilton Samuel 
:i2fl Lewis Thoina* 
::4." Brunt John 
355 Lewis Bros, mkt pdnrs 

Lewis Mrs Mary G 

Lewis Miss Mabel, nurse 
:\r,l-m Thompson Henry, gro 

Vacant !ta 
:;77 Scott am.-s I 
381 Scott Jinu>3 T. K:-O 

Dupont st intersects 
Vacant lots 

^ C P R cro-<ln.f 

DAVIES AV, n from CIS 
Queen e to MatiMa, ward 1. 

East Side 

Store, B e 

Thompson st -ommences 
1 Langdon Walter J R 
27-31 Moore C. blksmlth 
31 Walford John 
33 McDonald Mrs Susan 
35 Hill John 

37 Lackey Mrs Margaret 
39 Graham Adam 

West Side 

Not built on 

DAWSON AV, ,; from 23 
Dunedln to Leslie, ward 1. 

North Side 

House, a e 

12 Martin Albert J 
14 Vacant 

South Side 

Not built on 

DEAN, n from 294 Wilton av, 

ward 8. 

East Side 

Store, s e 

1 Patterson Robert A 

3 Coone James M 

5 Young AIson 

7 Woodcock George M 
!) Galvin Patrick 

11 Songhurst Wni 

13 1 iiunlnev Joseph H 

15 Pinel CoWe F 

17 Dempsey Patrick J 

West Side 

House, s e 
2 Gray Robert 
2% Bowes Lewis P 

4 Ireland Joseph F 

6 Snell Robert E 

* Wilkmm Henry S 
10 st. ddanl Wm 

12 Field John W 

14 Davidson Wm 

16 Ebach Frank 

Broadview av 10 Bowden, 
first s of I ant irtii ay, 
ward i. 

North Side , 

Woods Geo .1, li dr 
Forster Edward A 

South Side 

Not built tn 

DEFOE. \v from McDonnell 

sq to Shaw, wan! 5. 
North Side 

Rogers C -t Sons Co, s e s-t Intersects 

Storev s e 

8 Ingoldsby Thaddeus 
12 Irvin WaJter 

Vacant lots 
18 Cooper Peter 
20 Brent James 
22 Eminett Mrs Kate 
24 Esby Win J 
20 Stain Wm A 
28 Fitzgerald Mrs B E 
30 Bosworth Ell 
::-J I .nm-n Oliver 
34 Collier Henry 
36 Caddell Samuel, exp 
38 Allen Mrs Sarah 
40 Jones Frederick G 
42 Devaney James 

44 McCrath \Vm 

46 Edw-i. Is Walter W A 

45 (VRp ily J"!in J 
50 Brodie ornoMns J 
52 O Hanlev Neil 

."i Mitchell Benjamin 
56 Irving John F 

."s Marshnian Thomas J 

58% Badger Isaac 

CO McCorfl Mrs Margaret 

60V. Mnllln Miss Elizabeth 
62 Hunter Richard J 
64 Hobbs Thomas 
t:ii Mitchell Wm E 

68 Pearce Wm J 

70 Beaton Nell 

72 Guest Thomas 

74 Quealey John 

"Mv Valat 

my vaiei 

" Fountain the Tailor, 




115-117 KING ST. W., TORONTO 

Helntzmni. ,, u 

ion marvil 

!r y not * rlnj; pearly and 

iy Piano I have 
ever used." 

- : 

Djlaw . 


76 Kelly Walter 

80 Borland Mrs Dora 
82 Grady Wm 
84 Hantfomerjr George H 
Store, s e 

Niagara st Intersect! 
House, a a 

86 Ker Henry 
Stanley Park 

Stanley ter intersect! 

152 Newman Wm U 

154 Kennis MUs Letltla 
House, 3 e 

Stafford st inti r<ecti 
168 Brawn Hueli P 

Wellington lane Intersects 
170 Adams David A 


rachan av Intersect! 
174 11 

M:i". y st Intersects 

e, 9 e 
mt lots 

^ i r Intersects 

>ol, s e 

Vacant lots to end 
South Side 

1 White W i: 
3 Burgess John S 
5 Jeffries Henry E 

House, s e 

Tecumseth st Intenocts 
9 House, s e 

11 Faille Adam, eip 
13 McLeod Nell A 
15 Christie Michael 
17 Kelly Mri Ellen 
19 M.-f .irty Mrs Mary 
21 Whittaker Henrv 
23 Hinton Albert f. 
25 Mullard Samuel H 
27 A. lams Mrs Bridget 
29 Thorn] II 

31 Buchanan Carles 
33 Boyd Archibald 
35 Trenwlth George A 
37 K Iy Kil ward 
39 M :i M 

41 AIM Jr. w i ;. irli s 
43 Minloa John X 

46 Leahy Mrs Annie 

47 Ellis Mrs Mary 
Lumber yard 

lor Walter 
School gronnds 
^Niagara -t Intersect! 

87 Store, s e 

89 Morrison John, exp 
91 Walsh. Michael 
93 Spencer Charles 


97 Aylett John R 
99 Aylett Thomas 

ivan Michael J 

Walnut av ends 
Stanley Park 

s-anley ter Intersect! 
151 Morrison Henry 

153 Hammer Louis 
House, s e 

Stafford st Intersect! 

irman Ell 

rs .lohn W 
161 Krrr Mr* Sarah 
163 Taylor Christopher 
163 Cowle Alva 

Store, c e 

+ Strnchan av Intersects 
". s e 

M itersects 
Lumber vards 

DEFRIES. n from 18 Raden 

hurst to Mark, ward 1. 

1 Dnrston Wm 

5-9 American Chicle Co 

West SI ! 

House, s e 

2 Lewis Robert J A 

len Wm C 
14 Cassldy Patrick 
16 Cassldy John F 

DeGRASSI. n from 822 Queen 
e to Gerrard e. ward 1. 

East Side 

Railway grounds 
3-7 Urtnnell T A Sou, col 
13 HcKeown Jesse 

17 Pnlliii k .1. irks,, n 8 
21 Hull Mrs Victoria 
23 CrldlaiKl Mi- Annie 
25 Clarke Joseph L 
, i.l! Mi, .luila, 
31 Bamford Joseph 
33 Smlih Wm .S 
37 Leslie John 


41 Orrett Johua 
45 Orrett John 
47 VeuneU Wm J 
4 .) M.ililnillm- Miss Minnie 

Warden st commence! 
5* Crane Barnett J 

59 Blncette Joseph 
61 Mcllniurray John J 
I her 

65 Johnston Sainnef. prt 
67 Vacant 
69 Roberts Thomas 
71 McLean Archibald G 
73 Kingston Paul 
7.". Iturklt V rroderlck 
77 Mrs Margaret 
85 Taylor Mrs Minnie 
93 Holland T. whol htehr 
95 Btcbrs yds and sheds 
101 Whlchello George H 
103 Fenwlck Win H, exp 

106 O Bryan David 

107 Smith Albert J 
110 R,.Mn*on Albert 

Cummin? st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

137 Brown Mr* Margaret 
139 Brown Thomas F 

:th Arthur 

147 Catton Mrs Sarah 
149 Potter Benjamin 
l.-.l GoMring Itlchard H 
157 Beadle Wm 

Clark John W. r 

l.vilf Mr* Sarnh, r 
159 Cracknell Robert 
165 Coi Cli 
17 Dow*well Wm 
V f| Wlnf.inl rre.lerlck 
171 7srfass Herbert A 
173 Tolhurst Mrs F.liiabeth 
177 Hir.m* K.Uvard 

Vacant lot 

1ST! Harvey llii hard Tl 
185 Cowleg George W 
KO Langstone John 
1<>1 Lang Albert F, 
193 Haney James 

Vacant lot 

nil Joslah 

2f>n A linger Edmond H 
213 Openshaw Wm 
Tennis grounds 

First av Intersect! 

nnt lots 
247 Vacant 
Store, s 

. . West Side 

Store, a e 
8 Jones James 
10 Lawlor John 
VJ I: M 

14 Herrmann Charles B 
16 Wilson rharles 
18 Chestnut James 
20 Coughlin Thomas 
22 \ - alter M 

24 I!aker John 

.111. lay Mrs Catharine 
28 Cooper John P R 

rump Joseph 
32 Swift Samuel 
36 Bewley David 
38 Fltton George 
40 Lee Frederick T, exp 
41 Sample Wm 
46 Baker Wm 

Private gronnds 
52 Buckley Thomas M 
54 Spencer Edward J 
r.6 Fittoi>T,loncl 
58 Robinson Wm H 

mllton Malcolm 
60 Claridge Charles 
62 Davidson Frederick 

Vacant lots 
72 Blundell John 

76 Roberts Edward J 
Vacant lots 

Via J 

Vacant lots 
90 Gerred Edward 

Gerred Miss Ada, drsmkr 
Vacant lots 
96 Taylor Itlchard P 
98 Trudelle Hercules 
100 Oobson Francis J 
102 Bennett James 
104 McGrntb James W 
10 Dryden Albert II 

Vacant lot 

110 Cumuilng Thomas 
112 fill vert James W 
114 fa-ey Win 

thcr, gro 
dimming st Intersects 

Private grounds 
124 f nry 

12H vld 

Vnoaut lot 

Us Rudolph P 
Ho Hodge Wm 
142 A. en J 

144 Tarry Albert E 
148 Vacant 

it lot 

153 Chapman Henry 
156 Wheat Leonard 

Vacant lot 
162 Losee Angus 

Private grounds 
170 Ashenden Thomas W 
172 Constable James 
174 Pearce John H 

Vacant lot 
180 Hogg Ed ward A 
Is2 \: urge 

ilbert Rev John D 
190 1 iinrles B 

198 Leef Win II D 
200 Mltche:] It..bert 

2>M N! Mexandcr 

208 Jonea Wm. electro ther- 

208 Batkln John 

re II 

212 WhiteliPtici Thomas 
214 Nye Robert 
Vacant lots 

ire Simeon 
2-- t l:,.n.l J A. pntr 
226 Makin Darld 
rwln John 

230 Cooper Win G, gro 
+ First av Intersects 
Public school, r e 
Store, s e 

DELAXEY CRES. w and n 
from 164 Brock av to 
Wyndham. ward 6. 

North Side 

6 Williamson Joseph 

8 Williamson George 

10 Hefner Wm F 

12 Halls Robert J 
14 Weller Frederick 
16 Rich Walter 

Mechanics av commencM 

18 Pallu Charles J 
Vacant lots 

-Mi-Ids Thomas 

36 Hartnett John, eontr 
East Side 

Vacant lots 

ige Frederick J 
House, s e 

South Side 

3 Ansell Mrs Fanny 
5 Lynn Wm G 

7 MacPherson Mrs Cnther 


9 Morrlssev David 

11 Norrls Hugh 8 

13 Cross David N 

19 West John 
Private grounds 

27 Jones John 
29 Hutchius James W 
31 Germalne Lewis B 
33 La Forse Hercnle A 

West Side 

35 Hall Thomas 

37 Gammagc Silas 

89 Lawton Thomas 
41 Russell John S 
4M Peer Itjaac 1) 

li-k C 

47 Scott Catherine 
49 Verral Robert 
51 Isherwood Wm 
55 Carey Francis 
Store, i e 

DELAWARE AV, n from Col 
lege to CPR. flrst e of: DOT- 
ercotirt rd, ward 8. 

East Side 

Vacant lot! 
7 Morris Arthur C 
9 Frlzxell A B 
II Avlson Cieorgp 
13 Corhett Ephrnlm 
15 Unfinished house 

Vacant lots 
81 Unfinished house 
85 Hntson H 
87 Bradshaw Wm 

iMIgilll H 

91 Jam. s Thomas B 

Private gronnds 
97 Mackenzie W 1 

Dewson st Intersects 
House, s e 

1". Mussoti Charles J 
itthews II L 
100 Ferguson D J 

Ferguson J Herbert, phj 
111 Vacant 
IKi Vacant 
115 Tilt Richard W 
117 Wallace James G 

Vacant lots 
165 Chadwick Charles W 

Vacant lots 
181 Lawrence Wm C 

Vacant lots 

House, s e 
^ Heiibonrne st Intersect! 

Vacant lots 
223 Brown Wm B 
.ilhoirn Win A 

Vncant lots 

ZW Rundle Wm J, dairy 
217 Brloknell Charles 
245 Wray Walter II 
247 Morgan D .1 
2-tn Kent II F E 
253 Il.irwood Robert, exp 
2T>7 Barrett John, baker 
.int lots 

James T 

273 Bowerman F D, contr 
875 Buckley Thomas 

Vacant lots 

Bloor st w Intersect* 
House, s e 


285 Parker Alfred B 
2S7 Wilson Charles B 
indsay David 

Vacant lots 
295 Wright Mrs C 
2!>7 Pevinp Walter H 
299 Le Drew Wm K 

+ Northumberland at Inter 
305 Carlyle Wm 

Vacant lots 
365 Thompson John 
367 Fleicbi-r AMiert 

Private grounds 
385 Pollwka, Emil 

Private grounds 
437 Lindsay David 
439 Cooper Charles 


Ma^sl Jas - Fairhead, Ms[r. 



Tel. IVjaiti 423 


Delaware Av. 


Guns, Rifles, 



Vncnnt lots 
477 Washbrook Wm 
479 Goodman M Paul 
483 Conlioy T E 
485 Bai-tley Thomas 
487 Petrle James 
489 Holmes Charles E 
491 White George C 
493 Fryers Mrs Hannah 
495 Hell Wm H, gro 

Vacant lots 

Hallam st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

620 Kobinson Forest 
633 Joyce Mrs Mary 

Vacant lots 
639 Fligg George W 

Vacant lots 

657 Connor Thomas A 
659 Bird James 
Vacant lots 
669 Scott Richard H 
673 Stewart George 
575 Smart Mrs S A, nurse 
577 Parker Herbert C 
679 Palmer George R 

West Side 

Vacant lots 
14 Turner Wm 
16 Canavan John B 
20 Clinkenbroomer C B 

Vacant lots 
36 Parkinson M 
38 McBride Richard H 
40 Cockburn M J 
42 Cockburn A James 

Vacant lots 
84 Hushes David A 
80 Parks Wm J 

Vacant lots 
88 Van Nostrand G J 

Dewson st intersects 
Vacant lot 

1*4 Day Wm It 
Vacant lots 
168 Colby Walter 
170 Sylvester W J 
Vacant lots 

Hcpbourne st Intersects 
House, s e 

212 McLeod Norman 
214 Graham Henry 
216 McKee John R 

Vacant lots 
236 Brown Edward J 

Vacant lots 

244 Forester Joseph H 
246 Cosforcl Edward 
248 Ross Mrs Mary J 
250 Pipe Miss Emma, nurse 

Mount Frederick C 
2T>2 White Octavlus 

Vacant lots 

258 Goodman Fred J, bldr 
260 Esten Mrs II S 
262 Binnham Ri-v R V 
276 Johnson I! I, 

Vacant lots 

Bloor st w Intersects 
Church grounds 

St Mary s (Ang) Church 
282 Hart Rev Anthony 

Vacant lot 
294 Hoi-wood John C D 

Northumberland st Inter 


House, s e 

Vacant lots 
320 HnwBon Charles 
3B4-:i2S Carlylc Win, baker 

Vacant lots 
332 Leech II S 
334 Dalton Win n 
336 Barker Frederick 

338 Gawley James M 
340 Yates Walter 
342 Cable Frank H 

Vacant lot 

."41! Vnnderbnrg Andrew J 
348 Dale George 
330 Gate Arthur 
."..>- P.ryson Neil 
352% Brendon Ward W 
3E4 Jackson Herbert D 
356 Brown Wm H 
358 Tasker Joseph B 
800 Mtinn John 
364 Goodman Mrs Martha 
36C Wright George T 
3G8 Wilson Edward 
370 Murphy James J 
372 Hodgins FYank A 
374 Jory Wm 

Vneant lots 
394 Todil Clive L 

Shauly st commences 
Vacant lots 

408 Beam George F 
410 Dewhnrsf- John J 

412 Warren Frederick W 

414 Borrett Wm 
416 Baxter John 
Vacant lots 
446 Phyllis James 
448 Bntler Homer 

l. U Mugford Wm J 

438 McCallum John 
462 Hastings James 

464 Leech Charles 

466 Crowe Flemington 
468 Wagner Mrs RpbecM 
470 Long Wm J 
Vacant tots 

480 Forward John B 

Vacant lots 

490 Fryers A E 

Vacant lots 

Hallam st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

536 Russell Edwin 

540 Vine George H 

548 Jones John C 

552 TJttlng George 

554 Coope John 

r.5ti Muldoon James 

558 Unfinished house 

562 Robinson Thomas W. bldr 

Robinson J T, picture 

Vacant lots 
574 Turner David 
580 Clatworthy Alfred 
582 Baldwin James 
586 Gooderham Charles 

DENISON AV, n from 484 
Queen w to Bellevue pi, 
ward 4. 

East Side 

Store, s e 

1 Lodge rooms 

3 Vacant 

7 Usher Mrs Mary 

9 Wilkinson J E, tlr 

13 Puccini Abramo, bkr 

15 Davison Andrew J 

17 Hale Miss Carol E 
Hale Miss Haiti. M 

^ Woolsley st intersects 

19 Moore John 

21 Swilzer .1 W 
23 Murphy Mrs Julia 
25 Carmlchael Donald 
27 Cm-ley Mrs Eliza 
| 20 Harding Robert B 
31 Forbes Wm 
33 Harrison Robert 

".-. Mad; Patrick 

37 Burns John 

39 Deverall Charles 

41 Brown J H C. paper hngr 

43 Wooton Mrs Nellie B 
45 Ferguson J Stuart 

Carr st Intersects 
47 Torpy Mrs M, gro 

Vacant lot 
53 McKibbln John 
55 Moore Robert B 
57 O Rourke Francis 

.-,!) Mrs Eleanor B 
61 Waldon J Herbert 
K<, Messenger George C 
6.", Can-oil Miss Annie L 
(17 Gllpin Richard S 

71 MeBride John H 

73 Bedell George C 

75 Keeler John G 

77 Lobb Richard 

79 Platt John T 

81 Beatty James 

85 McCarter Wm. In dry 

87 Rosslter Mrs Anna 
91 Bell George M 

93 I.eadlay Edward 

Grange av Intersects 
95 Ross John F 

97 Boyle James 

101 Power Mrs Norah 
103 Tilling Robert W 

105 Kennedy Frederick W 

107 Gibson Wm R 

109 I.aidlaw Wm F 

111 Sinclair Duncan N 

Banfleld James 
113 Thornton Mrs Elizabeth 
115 Hoare Mrs Elizabeth 
117 Jamieson Herbert J 

119 Smith Ernest E 
121 Taylor Leonard H 
123 Young Stewart 
1U.~> Vacant 

St Patrick st intersects 

120 Manly Mrs Margaret J 
131 McKlnnon Neil 

133 Cornell Archibald 

Cornell Mrs Julia, confy 
137 Dermody Juhn 
139 Steedsman Robert 
141 Ashfield Wm F 
147 Jones Mrs Rebecca K 
149 Graham George 
151 Pollock George 
153 Starrette Mrs Harriet 
155 McKenzie Mrs Ellen 
157 Mitchell George H 

West Side 

Store, s e 
2 Brown Henry 
8 Christian Workers Ci 
10 Hutchison David 
12 Hattey Charles 

West Pres Chureh 
^ Woolsiev st Intersects 
20 Porter Joseph 
22 Elliott John 

Vacant lot 
28 Howey Samuel C 
28 Wright Mrs Mary 

Read Frederick, r 

Sigley Wm II, r 
30 Brbnghton Daniel N 
32 McGregor Robert 
34 Ember Ernest J 
36 Mark Mrs Anna 
38-44 Lawrence Bros, bkrs 
48 Hnddleston J H 
48 Copp Henry J 

Tiffany Miss E. inns tchr 
^ Carr st Intersects . 
50 Carroll Joseph 
52 Warne Wm J 

Warne Mrs Kliza, drsmkr 
54 Sheppard Robert N 
56 Williamson Henry 
58 HamljAi John H, bldr 
CO Smith Wm H 
62 Hamlyn John H 
06 Herbert Peter J 

Walton Charles A. r 
70 Cozens Joseph G 

Day Edv\fc A S. r 
70% Alexander Win J 
72 Clark Wm 

Clark Mrs H. drsmkr 
74 Cummins Miss Johanna 

McClnsky John 
76 Williamson C W 
80 Farranee James 
88 Sheehy Mrs Catherine 

88 Klippert Adam J 
90 Summers George 
02 Johnston Mrs Jane 

94 Vacant 

^ Grange av Intersects 
96 Crowley Michael, ero 
96% Drnison Hugh G 
us Fulton Win J 
98% Handrehen Wm 

Thompson Mrs Elizabeth 
100 Stanford Wm 

102 Buritess Wm J 
liti Vacant 

106 Fowler John A 

103 Cole Wm S 

110 O Brien Charles F 

112 McGuane Frank 

114 Meaney Thomas 

116 Long Charles 

118 Kischel Frederick W 

120 Weiss Louis 

122 Baker Thomas J 

124 Leake Mrs Alice H, bkr 

^ St Patrick st Intersect* 
126 Lindsay John, barber 
128 Mason James M 
130 Lindsay John 
132 Smith Ernest S 
134 Butler Wm J 
136 Kelly Wm 
138 Rowen Charles W 
140 Sharpe Wm 
House, s e 

DENISON SQ. w from 48 
Augusta av to Bellevue IT, 
ward 4. 

North Side 

2 Goss George 
4 Monckton Mrs Catherine 
6 Marrer Adolph 
8 Hudson Robert H 
10 Carson Uriah 
12 Burroughes Herbert R 
14 Cochenour Mrs M A 
16 Williams Mrs M A 

Harvey Leslie 
18 Beavls John C 
20 Casey Daniel 

Vacant lots 
28 Durham Charles B 

Durham Miss M. drsmkr 

South Side 

Denlson Park 

DERBY, e from 69 Parliament 
to Erin, ward 2. 

North Side 

House, s e 
6 Elsworth Robert I 
8 Johnson Robert 

South Side 

Brewery, s e 
25 Geddes Wm J 

DERMOTT PL. n from 28 
Spruce to Carlton, ward 2. 

East Side 

House, s e 

West Side 

House, s e 

2 Flynn John 

4 Allen W L 

6 Salter Logle 

10 Salter Wm 

Balfour John, r 
12 Scarr Arthur D 
14 Smith Wm B 
16 Lawrence Joshua 
House, s e 

Hoskln av to Bloor w, first 
e of St George, ward 4. 
Not built on 

DEWSON, w from 244 Os- 
Ington av to Havelock, 
wards 5 and 6 

North Side . . 

Vacant lots 
32 Smith Wm 
34 Tait Mrs Bella 
36 Wilson Charles L 

42 McClure Mrs Isabella, sett 


^ Concord av Intersects 
44 Camming! Mrs Emily 
46 Holt George E 
50 Mackenzie George G 
Delaware av Intersects 

Vacant lots to end 
South Side 

Store, s e 

Dewson St School 
+ Concord av Intersects 

43 Towers George B 
House. B 

Sherman E. Townsend, 

Public Accountant, Auditor and Assignee, 


Cable Address, 



IN STOCK: Beams, Channels, Angles. Bar Iron and Steel 
65 to 81 Pearl St. PHONE MAIN 2748 


Dovercourt IW. i:;i 

+ Delaware nv Intersects 
House, s e 
Vacant lots to end 

DICKENS AV, e from Logan 
ay to Carlaw nv, first of 
Q T R, ward 1. 
Not built on 

DIVISION, w from opp 221 
Huron to Spadlna av, vrard 

North Side 

2 Robertson Mrs Mary 
4 Haggart Daulel A 

Un i , drsmkr 

6 Gourlay David 

8 Stewart Andrew J 
10 Charlebols Joseph C 
12 Daniel Wm F 

14 Mered th Wm H 

18 Waddell John 

20 Tucker James 

22 Burns Jas K, contr 
24 r.ui.dy Alfred C 

V m 

28 Wright Robert J 
30 Brasier John 
32 Grant Edmund A, bldr 
34 Warne Mrs E A 
36 Ward Wm A 
38 Perry Richard S 
40 Mlln John 
House, a e 

South Side 

House, 3 e 

ank John 

15 Blackball Wm B 
.7 Bannerman Robert 

19 Cnmpton Mrs Margaret 
Mllligan Miss Jane 

21 Little Robert 

23 Yellowlees Thomas 
House, a e 

DOEL AV, e from Jones av 
to Leslie, first n of Queen 
e, wnrd 1. 

North Side 

Private grounds 
+ Curzon st Intersects 

30 Wagstaff Wm 

46 Hopkins John A 
South Side 

7 Cook Rol.crt 
. W.irlcy Wm 

House. B e 
^ Curzon st Intersects 

31 McLaughlln Joseph M 

DOMINION, w from Dufferln 
to Dunn ar. first n of the 
lake, ward 6. 

North Side 

Vacant lots 
Fort Roullle st Intersects 

Vacant lots 
^Tyndall av Intersects 

Kennedy David 
^ Spencer av Intersects 

Mr* Ellen 
88 Watt Mrs AL- 


built on 

the w s of the Don River, 
from Eastern av to Win 
chester st. ward 1. 
Railway tracks and rear 

A.- ("artan. wool 

86 Purvis J M. flour 

^ Kin;; M ; n r.- 

ind paint 

DORA AV. w from 226 St 
Helen av to G T R, ward 6. 

North Side 

Not built on 

South Side 

s e 

9 Ulordan Jeremiah 
11 Bryant John A 

13 Phillips Henry 

IT, \\ 

DORSET, n from 248 Wel 
lington w to King w, first 
w of Slmcoe, ward 4. 

House, s a 
11 Hastings \Vm E 


15 Farlsh Francis 
17 SomerTille M, 

10 Whltchead John 
21 ! 
21V4 Klrkby Wm IT 

23 Parish James 

is W 

27 Freilciilmrg Wm 
29 Jo nnle 

I iry 
Store, s e 

West Side 

Boose, a e 
1S22 Factory, e 

24 Ruse John 

2fl Chamberlain Clark 
28 Myers Robert 

Mrs Ellen 

+ Robertson la commences 
Saw works, a e 

bet Bartlett av and West 
moreland nv. n of Shanly, a 
of Hallam. ward 6. 
built on 

I liVKUCoritT RD. n from 
Armour to city limits. cross- 
Ing Queen it 1000, wards r> 

and <. 

East Sl.le 

Factory grounds 
^Armour st Intersects 
47 Hotzner Wm A 
40 Johnson Benjamin C 
51 Meakln Wm A 

h Philip 
57 Speddlng John 

Vacant lot 
07 <;rlner Wm B 
luiitcr Wm G 
101 Maln.inKon John F 
VMCA RnlMIng, s e 
-ion Hall. 

Queen st w Intersects 
Store, s e 

111 Early Wm. bdg 

li:; Williams .1. 
115 Hassall Rlchnrd 
117 Brewes Samuel J 

110 M \Vm A 

121 Hunter Mrs Rebecca 
123 Child Aaron 
125 Cassidy Frank 
12, McLean Thomas J 


131 Barnes Percy W 
133 Chapman John 
135 Armstrong Robert J 

ineron Cliarlos 
141 O D .nnell Mrs Elizabeth 
143 Nicholas Wm T 

Nicholas Mrs 13. mus tchr 
145 Goodall James M 
147 Gallagher Edward O 
140 Won- Ulchard 
1M Vacant 

lley J J, btchr 

Humbert av ends 

rawford, dairy 
Currie Jonathan 
>r<l James 

ir.T v. -Irs Mary 

139 Murray Miss J, nurse 
161 Blair Hugh K 
163 Beatty 1 ^mkr 

Beatty Mrs E A, drsmkr 
lOo Maukey Wm J 
167 Tucker Ambrose M 
Kin Finn Patriek 
171 Swceiman Osborne E 
173 C >>etn 

Cut; ally, nnrse 

175 Huglisti ii James F 

Snydcr Miss Mary, drs 

r lot 

170 McMillan Hugh 
181 Jack John J, gro 

> ~ CtS 

iv". D ! krs 

187 Bngher Ernest 

ire A 

193 Smith Mrs Pollle A 

Smith Miss Alllp, drsmkr 

Cninmon Robert 

in F 
\Vm J 


Foxley st cuds 
211 Codling Martin A 

21.", I .nnvn Richard 

221 Blair Win 

Mrs Sena 
nrice Walter P 
227 Rankln Al 
22M Inglcby Wm T. bldr 
2:u Hutcbings Charles H 
Mrs Sarah 
)ks Henry II 
2t:i 11 limes 

217 -0 Hearn Richard, phy 
251 Malcolmson John C 

W. dentist 

2ir, wit. h iildrs 

Witchall Christopher C 
269 Harrison Mrs Ellen 
27." lliiL hos Arthur J 

Mrs Janet 

281 Sherwood Charles W 
House, s e 

Dundas st Intersects 

: iv Robert L 
2!>o llullen George 

H. nry C 
ge F 
305 Spence Hugh 

Goodworth Mrs M, norse 
Hubert M 

Harrison st ends 

Old Orchard Rink, t 
>vr George 

\\ m 

330 Green Charles H 
.141 Bryant Mrs Annie 11 

Adam W 
::4."> Vacant 

ft Frederick O 

Arthur S 

::.-,! Winfleld Thomas 
353 11 wilt c;e,,rge F 

Churchill av ends 
"."> Ivory John J 

357 s, George 
"."!i Bvam Fremont R 
361 Hubbert Benjamin A 
::i;:! rorteous Wm A 
!ii Wm A 
.:i;7 \ 


"71 Gardiner James 
373 Corbet! \Vm 
Vacant lots 

Shannon st ends 
411 Lanetou Wm A 
415 Wright Alfred 

Vacant lots 

College st Intersects 
House, s e 

ant lots 

J.": . l: Hek. phy 

4.i7 I. iiiml 

461 Penke Thomas J L 
463 Weldon Robert V 
465 Craig Wm J 
467 Payne Wm H 
400 Thorold Mrs Annie 
471 Ohater Walter G 
w Win E 

.1 A 

liter Peter R 
Miller Miss M M.mus tchr 
Vacant lots 

nit house 
31o Matliews Charles 

Vacant lots: 

+ Dewson st Intersects 
Vacant lots 



.1 Edward 

541 Hutcbi>n ( George 
^ John H 
."ir, st.i\\.- Howard 
.",17 Smith Win P 
5G7 Scott Dan 
." 7,, Ni i-nian Thomas 
577 P :ison 

Duff Donald W 
(550 Thompson Harry P 
cr.i li,.,if,,i,i i:,. v Alfred 
! Wm M 

665 Carruthers Rev Samuel 
667 Kerr Wm 

Kerr Thomas, phy 

Hepbourue st Intersect! 
Vacant lots 

087 Menzles Richard T 

Jones Miss Rebecca, dr 

Vacant lots 

lumphreys F J, florist 
C07 McAllister George D 
Vacant lots 
Centennial Mcth Ch 
Vacant lots 
-1 alley Janjes L, gro 
741 riapp Seldon T 
Store, s e 

Bloor st w Intersects 
7 K Flannery M. Edward 
Tiir, Parker Arthur H 

7670 I .rnwn J,,hn E. btchr 
Vacant lots 

Northumberland st Inter 


Vacant lots 
805 McKay Robert L 
800 Bradley Samuel A 
811 Yates Walter E 
813 Dobbin Charles J 
815 Curtis Colin McK 
817 Baynes Edmund 
819 Kelly Louis 

Vacant lots 
sir, Griffith George H 
827 Kidney Robert W 
.rlcy Benjamin 
831 Aitchison Thomas McK. 

Vacant lots 

David, gro 
841 Bowman Wm 

Bowman Mrs M, nurse 

Vacant lots 
847 Brown John 

Vacant lots 
^ Shanly st Intersect* 

Vacant lota 
031 Price Louis 
937 Holmes John H 

Vacant lots 
947 Fahey John 

Vacant lots 
955 Houle Henry 
957 Fnllerton Robert F 

Vacant lots 

Hallam st intersects 

Vacant lots 
1037 Andrews Joseph A 

West Side 

Glass Works, s e 

Armour st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

60 Nolan Michael J 

62 Lawrence Marcel 

64 Shaw Miss Alice 

66 Relter Mrs L-etltl.i M 
68 McNIchol Charles 

70 On- Wm 
72 Hardy Wm L 
Vacant lots 

Metallic Ceilings 

Metallic Roofing Co., Limited 

Phone Park 800 Cor. KING and DUFFERIN STS. 

Standard Life 

ASSURANCE CO. of Edinburgh 


D. M. McGOUN, 


Chas. Hunter, 

Chief Agent, Ontario 



L. C. CRONYN, Cashier 


Dovercourt Rd. 


98 llerod Win C 
100 Dodds John 
104 Conley Wm 

Store, a o 
Queen st w Intersects 

Store, s e 

106 Graham T H, dentist 
Nash John M 

110 Gill John, dairy 
112 Barbour James W, contr 
114 MucArthur Donald 
116 Heggle Wm C, phy 
120 Power Wllloughby 
122 Thompson John J 
124 Jones John L 
126 Forster Alexander 
128 Alexander Mrs Aunle B 
130 Cooke Edwin H 
132 C oruock Win 
134 Atkinson Harry 
136 Alexander John 
138 Hutchison Mrs Mary 
140 Campbell Mr* C E 
142 Flint Benjamin 
144 Shaw James P 

Barber Mrs A, drsmkr 
146 Mourant Charles 
148 McCauslnnd John A 

McCanslaud M J, drsmkr 
150 Hutchinson Thomas B 
150 Stewart Wm A 
152 Putt Wm F 
154 BIMIngtmnt Alfred J 
156 Gallagher Wm 
158 McNiehol Thomas 
160 Plaxton John A 
162 Trlstran George, mus tchr 
164 Mackie Mrs Sarah 
166 Emmett Henry 
168 Kamm Julius 

Fotherlnghaiu Mrs Mary 
170 Blakeman Thomas 
172 Boyle A R, phy 

Boyle Mrs Anna F, mus 


174 Matson Harry W 
176 Stephenson Mrs Annie 
178 Arnott Wm W 
180 Chapman Joshua B 
182 Smuck James W. phy 

MK lung Miss Lizzie, drs 

Argyle st Intersects 
Baptist Church, s e 
194 Awde Robert 
196 Leach Joshua 
198 Agnew Henry 
200 White Thomas 
202 Cork Emamiel, gro 
204 Feeny Joseph H 
206 Porteous Wm 

Pepper Miss Susan, drs 

208 Conron Wm H 
210 Hartroann Albert P 
212 Grundy Oswald 
214 Netherton Samuel 

Private grounds 
218 Blundall Enoch 
220 Pember Wm T 
Private grounds 
+ McKenzte cres commence! 
224 Lynd Wm 

Lynd Mrs Ida E, phy 
220 Davey Rev George 
228 Head George 
230 Dale Mrs Sarah M 
232 Phillips John 
234 Holland John H 
236 Mnrsland Mrs Margaret 
238 Purtle Martin 
240 Gourlle Herbert W 
242 Vacant 
244 Vacant 
246 Hutt James W 
248 Nash P Marvin 
250 Allward Fred J 
262 Auger Mrs Catherine A 
264 Richardson Andrew H 

Vacant lots 
270 Mills Miss Fanny 
274 Morgan Mrs E M A 

Private grounds 
284 Woods Frederick 

Store, s e 
^ Dundas st Intersects 

Church, s e 

300 Gordon Alexander C 
302 Ross Percy F 
804 Van Horn Charles 

306 Graham John J 

308 McGuire Albert T 

310 Slater David J 

312 Pearce Robert A 

314 Harrington Amos 

316 Gallaher Ernest B 

318 Bulman Robert 

320 Portch Albert E 

322 Van Winckle Jacob 

324 Prest Ambrose J 
Private grounds^ 

344 Protestant Orphan s Home 
Miss K K Deacon ma 

St Anne s rd commences 

Hoyden Villa 
Deuison Lt-Col Geo T 
410 Milligau Lt-Col W J L 

College st intersects 
Vacant lots 

470 Wills George 
472 Meredith Wm E 

Vacant lots 
490 Hunter Robert 
492 Mansell Win " 
494 MeCurdy Alexander, bldr 
498 Teeter Mrs Amelia 
500 Cuthbertson Allan S 

Private grounds 
504 Blacklock John C 
508 Vacant 
508 Graham James 
510 Richards Fred W 

Vacant lots 
518 Scott Wm O, phy 
620 Petersen Adolph 

Vacant lot 

528 Holme Eric W II 
530 Heath James S 

Vacant lots 

+ Dewson st intersects 
538 Lowrey David 
540 Grant Robert, cpntr 

Vacant lots 
614 Galbralth Francis 
624 Thompson \V P, florist 
628 Barrows Walter 

Vacant lots 

Hcpbourne st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

Bloor st w intersects 
752 Mann George K 
700 llayward John W 

Day s Stock Food Co 
762 Stinson John W 
764 Petrie Andrew 
766 Kiwell James W 
768 Vacant 

Presbyterian Church 

Northumberland st Inter 


Vacant lot 
782 Vacant 

Vacant lots 
792 Mackie Patrick A 
794 Weir Robert 
796 Knight Caleb 
798 Matthews Thomas 
800 Lille Benjamin 
802 Pugsley Urban 
804 Henderson Mrs M A 
806 Woollier Isaac 
808 Mackie Alexander G 

Vacant lots 
824 Poole Eli, gro 
830 Clegg Benjamin 

Vacant lots 
840 Bulmer Matthew 
842 Pyatt Wm G 
844 May Wm 
846 Hawkhisstone Robert 
848 MeCurdy David S 
850 North Charles W 
852 Sharpe John 
854 Heard Thomas B, gro 

Shanly st interse.cts 
Vacant lots 

914 Gillies Angus 
954 Forrest Charles 
956 Harcourt Miss Rose 

Vacant lot! 
870 Clarke Robert J 
872 Thompson Wm J 

Vacant lots 
978 Hammer Paul 
980 Guest Miss Marion 
982 Simpson John 
984 Atcbison Mrs Elizabeth 
986 Price Mrs Eva 
988 Cavan John 
990 Price Adolphus B, contr 

992 Price Edward 
994 McCullough Wm S 
996 Price Theodore 
998 Brackley Jas, grocer 
Hallam st intersects 
House, a e 
Vacant Ma 
1026 Sn.vdt-r Cyrus 

Vacant lots 
1054 Busby Joshua 

Vacant lots 

1064 Ralnsford Miss Gretta 
+ Van Home st intersects 
House, s e 

DOWLING AV, n from the 
lake to 1487 Queen w, ward 

East Side 

Private grounds 

Laburnum av ends 
Vacant lots 

Empress cres ends 

G T R crossing 
67 Waller George H 
69 Walker Joseph J 
71 Zock John J 

73 Cohen Maurice 
79 Lee Wm T J 
Vacant lots 
97 Cromar Mrs Barbara 

99 Dockrill Wm T 
Vacant lots 

103 Everist Frank 
109 Beatty Mrs Sarah 
111 Woolverton Deloa 
115 Forbes Robert 
117 Coryell Charles S 
119 Anthes Henry W 

King st w intersects 
House, s e 

Vacant lots 
143 Brown John F 
145 Whitaker Charles H 
147 Holtby Ambrose W 

149 Speirs James J 
151 Verner Thomas H 
153 Robinson Benjamin K 
155 Parker B Y, stamp dlr 
157 Merrifleld L L 

159 Sherman Wilson H 
161 Spencer John M 
163 McBeon John, contr 

+ Leopold st ends 

House, s e 

165 Doherty Michael P 
167 Cuinming Wm G 

169 Wallace Edwin B 

171 Klrby John C 
Unfinished houses (2) 

A Fife st commences 

173 Robinson Alfred 

175 Walker Wm 

177 Clarke Christopher H 

179 McCausland Wm M 

181 McMichael Peter 
Vacant lots 
Masonic Hall 
Jacque Leslie, caretkr 
Alpha Lodge No 384 
Zeta Lodge No 410 
Antiquity K A C No 91 

West Side 

20 Cook Herman H 
20V4 Williams Robert O 

Q T B crossing 

96 Baldwin Mrs Frances E 
98 Peck Wellington J 

100 Morell Maximilian 
114 Patteson Thos C 

Private grounds 

King st w Intersects 
Vacant lots 

138 Reynolds George N 
140 Edmanson Wm J 

142 Wright Henry 
Vacant lots 

148 Reburn Wm G 

150 Bryan Rev Bernard 
152 Evans Robert 

Private grounds 
158 Vacant 

160 Harris George F R 
Private grotmds 

170 Sutton Thomas E P 

172 Davidson John J 
174 Tennant Francis N 
176 Laidlaw Robert 

D OWNEY LANE, n from 40 
Louisa to Alice, ward 3. 

East Side 

House, s e 

West Side 

House, s e 
2 Ranceer Henry 
6 Stewart Wm 
10 Johnston Mrs Ann 

Rear entrances 
30 Kelley James 

DRAPER, n from 478 Front 
w to Wellington pi, ward 4. 

East Side ......... 

House, s e 

1 Lindsay Wesley 
1H Bailey Samuel 

3 Amsbary Mrs Nancy J 
5 Bell John L 

7 Poeock George 

9 Singer Henry 

11 Leach Warren S 

13 McCalg Samuel 

15 Walker Thomas 

Walker Miss Sarah, mus 


17 Angus James 
19 Burns Jinnee 
21 Bromell Wm 

Vac-nut lots 
23 Vacant 

85 Watt Mrs Augusta M 
27 Andrews Harris 
29 Daniger Frank B 
House, s e 

West Side .. 

2 Turrall Thomas 
2% Teasdale George 

4 McCarty John 

4% Frlnn CharFes 
6 Doyle il 

. 3oyle Mrs Mary 
8 Edwards Samuel 
10 Howard Fernando 
12 Macfarlane Mrs Margaret 
14 Burlelgh James H 
16 Eastou Robert 
18 Angus Alexander 
20 Holmes Alfred 
22 Morison Albert B 
24 Arnold James 
26 Landin John 
28 Watt Miss Alice 
30 Karn Frederick E 
32 Walsh Richard B 
House, s e 

DRESDEN AV, e from Car- 
law av to Pape av, second 
s of Danforth av, ward 1. 
Not built on 

DRUMMOND PL, n from 328 
Adelaide w, ward 4. 

East Side 

House, s e 
1 Vialet Alfredo 

3 Dill Henry 

5 Meyer Abram 

7 Currle James 

9 Anderson Miss Cella 

11 Harrington Mrs Margaret 

13 Watson Wm 

ID Williams George 

West Side 

House, s e 
2 Ritchie James 

4 Clancy Wm P 

6 Carter John 

8 Hatwood Columbus 

10 Robertson Wm 

12 Tegert Otto E 

14 Kenmare Robert J 
16 Winters Nathan 

18 Green John 

DUCHESS, e from 115 Jar- 
vis to Parliament, ward 2. 

North Side 

2 Store, s e 

6 McTiernan Ambrose, gro 

8 Duggan John 

Pugrgan John P, exp 
10-12 Dffegan Bros, carriage 


Toronto Office, 15-17 LEADER LANE 





Tel s : Office, Main 2288 Residence, North 516 

ft. Guaranteed Income fbr 20 years or fop 
life fop yourself, your wife, OP your child, 
can be secured by payments of about $1.00 
ner week for a limited term of years . . 







14 McDonald Mrs Kllen 
Thomas John C, r 

18 Corbrldge J. borseshoer 
26 Hodgson T, vet surg 
hnston Albert 

George st Intersecti 

30 Store, e 

34 Gilbert Charles W 
36 Richardson Jasper 
38 TyniT Wm E 
40 Boyd John 
42 Hartman Henry 
44 Morrow Jainea 
46 Jackson John 
48 Puffy Thomas 
50 Nixon Mrs Mary 

Alnsworth Alphonso, poul 
try i : 

52 Mahoney Mrs Bridget 
54 Pearce James 
56 Kv,t:i Mich., 
68 Harrington Mrs Jane 
60 Pii 

62 Hickey Mrs Julia 
64 Sullvan Michael 

Mrs Annie L 

Elliott John 

Il:iycs Thomas 

Knoi Church Mission 

Stone Cutter la commence* 
82 Dillon John 

Store, a e 

<> Sherbourne st Intersects 
90 Shone \Vuj 
92-98 l. nflnisheil houses (4) 

MeFarreu s la commences 
100 Hickey Michael 

102 Harrison Mrs Margaret 
104 McMlnn James 
106 McDonald James 

Vacant lots 
118 Phillips Wm R 
120 Doley Wm 
122 Dny John 
124 Gibson \Vm 
126 Hi intzinan Anthony F 
130 Donovan J P 

ir Win A 
134 Clark Duncan 
136 Moore Frederick 
138 Henderson J George 
140 Seaman Thomas 
142 Crawlcv Th. 
144 N .lane 

146 Gladstone Alexander 
148 Gunn Alexander 
150 Veale Samuel P 
152 Cassidy James 
154 MrCarty Charles 

Ontario st Intersects 
Store, s e 

160 Farley Patrick 

162 Henderson Alex 

164 Gordon Hugh 

166 Burkholder C H. dairy 
Vacant lots 

174 Sinclair Wm 

170 Reeks John H 

176Mi Snead Wm 

178 See James E 

180 Colburn Edward O 

182 Noble John 

* Berkeley st Intersects 

184 Pudsey Mrs Mary 

186 Robson Mrs Janet 

Robson Miss P. drsmkr 

188 Sawdon George 

190 Dolese Nicholas 

190% Dlckenson Wm 

192 McDonald John 

194 Smith Donald 

196 Eartlley Wm 

198 Goodwin Joseph 

200 Hewie Wallace 

202 Wllcox Mrs Elizabeth 

204 Vacant store 

Newell John C, r 

206 Armstrong Mrs Ann 
Leslie John, r 

210 Store, s e 

South Side ., 

3 Store, s e 
5 Streakle Mrs Jane 
7 Mltchener John H 
9 Cronln Miss Margaret 
11 Kelly Philip 
13 Duffy Charles 

15 Loyer Felix 

George st Intersects 
Kearney Joseph 

31 Simmons George 

O Connor John 
Richfbrd Patrick, r 
3 Vacant 
35-7 McGurn John, eTp 

:.: Vacant 
41 Vacant 
4.t r. Vacant (2) 
47 Rolls George 

Walls Michael 
.M Hiin-l. i 

53 li.imi!:. n Archibald 
55 Lewis Henry 
67 Corley Mrs Ann 
59 Clark George 
61 Harrington Daniel 

MutTy Patrick 
65-7 Gallagher Thomas J 
69 Labltzkv Win 
71 McMullen Patrick 
73 Lynch Jeremiah 
75 Steele Peter 
77 Foley Miss Cather ne 

iffy James 
81 Carroll John, cab owner 

Hotel, s e 

sticrbourue st Intersects 
Blacksmith shop, s e 

rman Harry D 
. 7 Ht: Koniianii Brewery 
101 Kormaim Brewery Of 
haefer Mrs Elizabeth 


10:1 K: Anna 

111 KnriL ht .James 
113 Wheeler Thomas 
115 Colville Wm K 
117 Kelntz Carl 
1 I .i (iiinllic r Henry 
121 W:ir,l Samuel 
125 Kremer Theodore 

iiler Andrew K 
120 Waring J:M 
131 Lubar Albert 
133-41 C.emlron Mfg Co The, 

Ontario st Intersects 
143 Durham John 

145 Wimbles Adam J 


153 Mllner Wm J 
15r> Pennyleglon Albert 
I."i7 Wilson James 
IT.n Nealon Mrs Mnrla 
101 Renlson John 
ira Martip James 
165 Thirsk Mrs Elizabeth, bdg 

Thlrsk Miss Violet, drs 
167 L lleureux Edward L 

House. * " 

Berkeley st Intersects 
House, s e 

187 Plews & Scott, scrap Iron 

103 West Daniel 

195 Hayes M. cab owner 

197 Armstrong Henry 

199 O Brien John 

2O1 Fleming Wm 

203 Pearsnll Samuel 

DUFFERIN. n from the lake 
to city limits. Intersecting 
Queen w at subway, ward C. 

East Side 

Exhibition Park 
Chambers John 
Lightfoot Wm J 
4 G T It crossing 

Vacant lots 
159 Downing John H 
161 Brown Henry R D 

Vacant lots 
233 Warrington Henry 

Vacant lots 
237 Thetford Wm H 

City nurseries 
+ King st w Intersect* 

Metallic Roofing Co, s e 
293 Graham Nail Work 
319 Hall Coal Co 
Mann Coal Co 
Mnloney John St. C3, build 
ers supplies 
C. P R yards 

Queen st w subway 
415 Mrl.enn Mrs Kllen 
417 Fox Robert 

House, s e 
+ Peel av ends 
419 Wood Mrs Fannie M 

421 Spry James 

423 Dearborn Win 

425 Le Her Richard, Jr 

I2T Hunt .1. 
420 Chafer Thomas H 
431 Armstrong George 
433 Doyle James 

e, * e 

+ Alma nv <?nds 
House, a e 
House, 8 e 

Waterloo av ends 

, s e 

House, s e 

^Trafalgar nv ends 
507 dimming James, shoemkr 
Doan John J 

Donn Miss F, M, mils tchr 
Vacant lots 
521 Lowens Walter 
fi23 Campbell A C 
r,2r, lister Wm 
527 Emery John T 
52!) Gallagher Wm J 
531 Sharninn Henry 
:n Wm It 

Lewis A 

.",.".7 Tomlin Thomas 

Vacant lots 

; i afford Wm P 
561 Ball James W 
Sm Byan George P 
irks Matthew 
507 Blacklock Robert H 
f,r/> Vacant 
571 Vacant 
573 Barrett Joseph 
575 Orncey Mrs Catherine 
577 Powers David E 
579 Blvth Alex C. bldr 
5R1 Klrby M J. exp 
Dnnlel S 

5S5 McGrnth Peter 
:l J 

SKI Barlow James 
501 Murphy Richard, plstr 

Vncnnt lots 

r>!i9 McDermott Wm 1 
601 Shackel Wm O 
R03 Conpland Henry E 
605 Peach George 
fi07 Wlthorl.lzo Wm C 
609 Hunter Mrs Margaret, gro 
611 Stock Roe W 
613 Bird John 

Vacant ots 
+ Dumlas st Intersects 

Vacant lots 

St Anne s (Anc) Church 
661 Skcy Key L E 
B! Hope Frederick B 
665 Armstrong George H 
669 Webb George W 

Unfinished houses (HI 
711 Cruise John J 

Quin Arthur F 
713 Andrews Mrs M 

Vacant lots 
+ Collece st Intersects 
731 Hitchman John 
733 Healey Mason 
737 Klrby Wm J, coal oil 

Private grounds 
7r5 Gouldcn James 
7;"7 Nottingham John J 

Llndsny av Intersects 
Private grounds 

Sylvan av en<Ts 
Vacant lots 

+ Lawlor av ends 

Vacant lots 
+ Fairmont av ends 

Vacant lot* 
981 Ilini.-.n Walter 

Vacant iots 
<t Hephourno st ends 
991 Glenfleld Henry 
A O ! Hall 
Vacant lots 
4 Bloor st w Intersects 

Rtoro. s o 
1013 McKlnncy John 

Vacant lots 
1045 Avis Walter H 

Vacant lots 
1061 Marshall George H 

Vacant lots 
1073 Bullivnnl Henry, oil 

Private grounds 
1077 Macer Samuel 
1083 Anderson H. pntr 

1113 Page Thomas 

Vacant, lots 
1127 Christian Mrs E, gro 

!- iids 

1129 Nugent Daniel J. fralu 
1131 Vacant 
1133 Anderson J 
1141 I- .astinan Joseph 

Vacant lots 
1171 Greenly Mrs Dorothy 

Greenly Miss Esther, drs 
1173 Foster Richard 

Vacant lots 

1187 O Brien Patrick 

Vacant lots 

Hallam st ends 
Vacant lots 

1267 Hnntley Chsrles } 

Vacant lots 

1277 Lawrence Robert J 
1291 Richardson Thomas 
12! "7 McGill John F 

1301 Phillips Thomas 

iourley Mrs Caroline 
i::7 Wliitc.-ides Evans 

> r. alley Alfred 
1311 Praln Charles 
1313 Finch Charles 
i:iir> Walker Samuel, bldr 
1317 Clarli Wm 

Vacant lot 

Van Home st ends 
+ C P R crossing 

West Side 

Vacant lots to 196 
196 Gwynne Miss Annie 

Vacant lots 
218 Leigh Ch;n]es 

Unfinished houses (6) 
232 Vacant 
234 Vacant 

236 Stonge Harvey B 
238 Vacant 
242 Fuce Oliver J 
244 Home Charles M 
246 Bertram Jolr.i II 
248 Jones John 
2.".o West Richard, bldr 

Kennedy Thomas 
y> 2 Wanlesa John 
258 Webster John P 
2ft) Mackenzie Gilbert 
2r,i- Matthews Mrs Isabella 
264 MacGowan S Cleaves 

Stacey George E 
King st w Intersects 

Store, s e 

288 Barry Thomas J, exp 
290 McDonald Mrs F, bdg 
292 Black Samuel 
294 Hunter Robert H 

Hunter Mrs Ellz, bdg 
296 Wright Mrs Letltia, bdg 
300 Guerln Adolph 

Leek Ernest, r 
302 Eean Frank 
306 Blair Edward 
80S Harwood Wm 
310 Smith Edward W 
312 Sweetman Charles 
316 Vacant 

318 Johns Edmund E 
322 Kelly John 
324 Wliimbev Fred W 
326 Caldwell George 
:;2^ Bennett Mrs Mary 
330 HInan Michael 
:2 Mundy Elgin T C 
334 Holland James 
336 O Donneli Patrick J 
338 Smith Mrs Margaret B 


McCabe Ball-Bearin Door Hanerers 



Issues a 5% 



^ Melbourne av commences 
340 76 Doiu Radiator Co 

^ Queen st w subway 
300 Listen Matthew 
392 Dunn Mary 

394 Kennedy James 
396 Williams Wm H 

395 Friend Jouu XV 
400 O Brien Michael 
402 Levitt Samuel 

Toronto Hardware Mfg Co 
418 Duunan John 

Vacant lots 
478 Laugley John C 
480 Tickell Mrs Ann M 
48 2 Billing Robert A 
484 Billing Charles H 
486 Birch Edward 
488 SaviH George 
490 Gill Joseph W 
492 Neun George T 

^ Florence si commences 
494 Hurst Mrs F, gro 

Hurst Thomas 
496 Hnrst Levi B 
498 Hurst Vfm A 
500 Meron Isaac J 
502-4 Hall George, fruits 
508 Williams Joseph, btchr 

Harrington Mrs Mary J 
512 Richards James R 
514 Richardson Peter 
516 Wilsou Samuel F 

Private grounds 
526 White Thomas 

* Gordon st commences 
528 Young Albert M 

530 Weusley George A 

532 Spence Wm J 

534 McLellan Daniel S 

536 Raytner Lewis 

538 Gooderham George B 

540 Peters Frank J 

542 Tyler Richard H 

544 Musson Samuel 

646 Duggau Mrs Margaret 

548 Arnott Wm, bldr 

554 Schofield Harry 

* Bank st commences 
558 Qulnn Martin J 

Private grounds 
568 Hill R H. bldr 
672 Kennctt Joseph 
636 Glasby W R. blksmltb 

Beasley & Co, broommkrs 

Shop, s e 
^ Dnndas st intersects 

Store, s e 

640 Denison Charles L 
646 Stiles Henry B 

Vacant lots 
^ Fisher st commences 

Vacant lots 

678 Smith Wm II, bldr 
680 Newton Wm 
682 Smith Patrick 
684 Ray Hugh 
686 Keiman George M 
688 McGlll Nell 
690 McKee Hugh W 
692 Whetstone Thomas 
694 O Connor Jeremiah 
696 Porter Walter, gro 
+ Moutray st commences! 

Vacant lots 
718 Kwlns; John, dairy 
720 Holbourn Squire W 
722 Wood Win, bldr 
724 Gilles Chas J. gro 

* College st intersects 
Vacant lots 

746 Jamieson Mrs 
748 Markby George 
750 Douglas John D 
752 Davldgp Mrs Annie 
754 Hastings Andrew 
75ii M, i Vnniek Peter J 
+ I/imlsay av intersects 

Private grounds 
+ Muir av commences 

Vacant lots 
S04-SO DulTeriii Riding and 

Driving Park Assn. 
Bentloy Tln.inas 
804 Rndd Win G. horse trainer 
880 M..t<> Mrs Maraaret 
882 Dwan Denis 

Vacant lots 
918 Rcduion Ralph W 
920 Dicks Joseph 
922 Klllacuey Mrs Eliza 

924 Baker George M 

926 Beatty Henry 

928 McDermott Mrs P Mar- 


930 Griffln Mrs Sarah 
932 Nightingale Stephen 
!4 Watkln John 
.i:;i; Nightingale Joseph 
938 De Forest Stephen S 

Vacant lots 
^ Bloor st w intersects 

Hotel, a e 
1020 Vacant 
1024 Boulter F W 
1026 McKay Hugh 

Baxter Robert D 
1040 Black .Mrs Catherine 
1044 Godkln Robt L 
1046 Thompson George 

Vacant lots 
1038 Deegau Michael J 
1064 Brown Sylvester, flour 
Brown Mrs Ida, dress 
1068 Thompson Robert 

Vacant lota 
1114 Albert Mrs Emily 
1138 Taylor Clifford 

Vacant lots 
1152 Horton John 

Horton Mrs Ann, gro 
Vacant lots 
^ Wallace av commences 

Vacant lots 

^ Armstrong av commences 
1182 Lumsden Alexander 

Vacant lots 
1198 Lapplu Patrick 

Vacant lots 
+ Mllllcent st commences 

Vacant lots 
1206 Chillman Wm 

^ Lappln av commences 

Market gardens 
1292 Corcoran M & J, mkt 

1322 Phlllimore Arthur 

Market gardens 
1336 Klrkey John J 
* CPR crossing 

DUKE, e from 77 Jarvls to 

Parliament, ward 2 
North Side 

Store, s e 

8-10 Mason Bros, II very 
16 Devana J Freeman 
18 Mitchell Mrs Elizabeth 

Mitchell J (cst), llyery 
20-22 Nasmith Co wagon shed 
24 Vacant 

* George st intersects 
28-42 De ia Salle Institute 

Separate School Board 

St Joseph s High School 

44 Goodwin Mrs Eliza 

Key Wm H. biscuit dlr 

Reid Charles r 
48 Cahill Michael 
50-56 Fensom Elevator Wks 
58 Woodhouse John 
60 Murphy Wm J 
62 Woolidge Walter J 
64 Bird Bernard, poultry 
66-7H Duke St I ub Sen 
78 Stagg George 
80 Sam Lee. Indry 
82 Pethick James 

Pethick Mrs A, drsmkr 
+ Sherbourne st Intersects 
84 Knox Mrs Jane 

Routley Wm H 
86 Ruehl John 

Louden Joseph H 
88 Bach Mrs Selina 
90 Rrozofsky Joseph 

Rosenthal Hvman 
92 Vllliers Win 
94 Porter Robert 

Porter Mix lu- x ccn, bdg 
94% Cronk Mrs Mary E, bdg 
96 Prior Wm 

Prior Mrs Mary, bdg 
98 Doherty Jolin 
100 Stinson Mrs Eliza, bdg 

Stinson \Vm H 
102 Medler John P 
104 Arnot Peter 
108 Park James 
110 Gelinas Edward E 

112 McGolplu Mrs Jane 

114 Shambrook Harry 

116 Northarn Wm B 

118 Sabiston R A, horse 


118-122 Tor Woollen Machin 
ery Co 
124 Barchard Wm H & Sous, 

box mfrs 
Barchard Wm H 
126 Terry -Mrs Mary E 
128 Young Wm 
130 Hooker Miss Jane, bdg 
132 Brown Mrs Anule 
134 Wiley John W 

Dunlop Wm P, piano 


136 Cox Sarah M 
138 Lewis Henry 

Lewis Mrs S L, flowei 


Cary Miss S. drsmkr 
140 Chambers CMra 

+ Ontario st Intersects 
142 Johnston Mrs C, gro 

Johnston George 
144 Sheppard Wm C 
146 Duggau Mrs Catherine 
148 Sullivan Mrs Emma 
150 Hutchinson Mrs Marg 
Vacant, r 
Clark Robert A, r 
Grindon Frederick, r 
Coleman Charles N, r 
154 Densmore John 

Thomas Mrs Mary A 
Gill George H 
Gill Mrs Phoebe A, drs 

Muluall Miss Kate 
156-62 Standard Tin Works 
Walker John, sash weight 


Sheppard Jacob, storage 
House, s e 

A Berkeley st Intersects 
172 Cole Charles C, plstr 
174 See Stewart 
176 Fogg Jonn 
178 Martin Frederick 
180 Tail John 

Lumuer yard 
188 Davidson Walter & Co, 

House, s e 

South Side 

1 Store, -s e 
3 Warehouse 
11 Doyle Mrs Margaret 
13 Tumlln George C, sale 

House, s e 

^ Georae st Intersects 
15-45 Christie, Brown & Co, 
biscuit mfrs 

Frederick st ends 
47-49 Pountney Wm bdg 
51 Glllis Wm 

.-..", Gillisple John" 

r.r, Shtpp Charles F 

57 Tasker W F 

61 Beckett Edward B 

63 Gorrie Samuel 

65 Molntyre Alexander 

Wilier John 

House, s e 

Bherbourne st Intersects 
71 Clayburn Wm, plstr 

75 Lewis John, cartage agt 

Lewis John 
81 Sutton Samuel 

+ White s pi commencei 
83-87 Globe Paper Boi Co 

89 Smith Wm 

91 Whltfleld John 

93 Gunn John 

05 Atohison Wm 

97 McCrea Mrs Jane 

Bulley Charles, contr 
99 Kelly Mrs Bridget 

Princess st ends 
101 Morganaon Simeon 
103 Martin Mrs Ann 
105 O Brien David 

107 Hughes Joseph 
109 Reeves Wm J 
111 Axcell Arthur E 
113 Wilson Henry 
House, s e 

Ontario st Intersects 
Ilnuse, s e 

127 Boylan Patrick 

12!) McGinn John 

131 McCallum John 

133 Browe Joseph 

135-51 Barchard & Co Ltd, 

packing case rafra 
159 Fire Hall, s e 
Berkeley st Intersects 

House, a e 
171-175 Storehouses 
179 Russell James R 
181 Smith Sydney 
183 Bradbury John 

Carriage works, s e 

DUNBAR RD, n from Elm aT, 
to South Drive, first e of 
Sherbourne, ward 2. 

East Side 

House, s e 
3 Vacant 
5 Vacant 
7 Lyou George S 
9 Cox Arthur 
11 Vacant 
13 Vacant 

19 Robin Vavasor 

21 Harrison J W F, mus tchr 

23 Gwynne Wro D 

29 MeClain R Wats in 
31 Gundy Samuel B 

S, -,,(, Mrs Patty G 

West Side 

2 Vacant 

10 Christie Thomas 
16 Nerlich Emil 
22 Montgomery Robert J 

24 Holmes George W 

20 Gunn Edmond 
28 Haywood James 

Haywood Frederick J 

30 Moffatt Win 

34 Phillips Frederick E 

36 Langton Hugh H 

38 Herbert Frederick H 

DUNCAN, n from King w, 
bet SImcoe and John, to 
Queen w. ward 4. 
......... East Side ....... . 

Vacant lots 
Building, s e 

Adelaide st e intersects 
Store, a o 

17 Fender Louis 

Nelson st Intersects 
2o Clegg Joseph, shoemkr 

+ Richmond st w Intersects 
House, s e 
Store, s e 
......... West Side ......... 

Warehouse, s e 

Telfer Mfg Co, paper 


Osborne J F. prtr 
Greig Robert & Co, gro 

Pratt Food Co 

Adelaide st w intersects 
House, s e 

House, s e 

+ Nelson st Intersects 
20 Birch Charles 
22 Rooney Thomas 

House, s e 

Richmond st w Intersect* 
House, s e 

38 Yeoman Geo E & Co, fur 


40 Small Mrs Jennie 
Store, s e 

DUNDAS, n from 1004 Queen 

w to Arthur, thence n w to 

city limits, wards 5 and 8. 

......... East Side ......... 

Bank, s e 

",r. Hall It. see hd gds 
7 Pike Frank, barber 

Pike- Charles 
9 Duckworth Samuel, proTS 

lie Whit 

11 Gilbreath H & Co, fuel 
17 Tracey James, slioemkr 

Rebecca st ends 

29 Thompson W W 
33 McKlnney Benjamin 

:\~i RoL tTs Samuel. Indry 
din Mary A 

35V4 Hogan W J. pickle mff 

Guarantee Company of North America 

MEDLAND & JONES, Cen l Agents, Mail Building, Cor. King and Bay Tel Main 1067 

H. O HARA & CO., 3O Toronto Street 

Carry Stocks on Margins. Special Attention Given to Unlisted Stocks. 




37 Mercier Octave, furrier 
39 Toronto Cabinet Co 

41 1: >Vui 

A, photo 
45 Hurke Uobcrt H 

; Thomas, bag mfr 
47 \ 

Warreu George 
49 Hall Gcoi^-c- J. gro 
+ llrucc st ends 
51 Duke Wm, shocmkr 
53 Logan John 
65 Pillock Walter 
57 Hare nfy 

G, fruit 

61 Guurlie David 1 
63 Gro.u Mi-s Flora M 
65 Dillon Luke 
67 Skelliiijjton D, whip lash 

69 Bond James, tlr 

Bond Mrs K, ludry 
71 Melhulsh John 
73 Home Chemical Co 

a Thomas 

75 1 endrel John, hardware 
77 Blevlns Mrs Elizabeth, 

Blevius James 
79 Perkins Henry, confy 
83 Mi-Convey 1 , cattle 
87 Bills Stephen H 
89 Feruley Charles R 
91 Sutherland Mrs Margaret 
95 Bcdsou Mrs Alice 
97 Brooks Amazlah 
99 r -[ih, prtr 

101 Whijjuam Wm, gro 

Argyle st intersects 

103 Hunt Mrs M L, crockery 
105 Payne T 1C. bicycle livery 
ll>7 Lum Yee. ludry 
109 Haywood F G, barber 
111 Hunt Wm C. bicycles 

Hunt Frederick E 
113 Dowrie James, dairy 
115 Hudgin Albert, gro 

Post Office <br) 
117 NautTts A. Co, Indry sup 

Xauffts Wm H 

Nauffts Miss F, mus tehr 
125 Davis W II. shoemkr 
127 Jones Mrs M. gro 

Ueilly Edward 

chapman Edward, r 
133 Sim> Fr. .l.-rick 
137 Bell Win A: Co, coal 
139 Bell Wm L 
141 Charlie Wan, Indry 
143 Baker John, contr 
151 Czerwinski Louis, cattle 

Hayes Patrick 
153 Jones Mrs Jane 

Halton st ends 
15o Hails <; A. gro 

Mrs Mary 

157 Hawkes F B, plmbr 
159 Hamblyn S. locksmith 
161 Brown J L, prtr 
163 Keen . -atr 

165 Douglas David, harness 
107 I .riant Ii J. mus dlr 

169 Schne. .nfy 

171 Bennett Arthur, uphol 

. eetland Levi. leather 
175 Brennan J J. putr 
177 Itobb Hugh, dry goods 
179 Williamson John, sew 

June Arthur & Ossington 


Northeast Side 

Meth Church and School 
216 Bennett Joseph, btchr 
218 Shakespeare Mrs J, gro 
220 Carroll James, cigars 


222 Ossington Hall 
224 LI bkr 

innlnghaiu Alei 
Crawford Mrs Jane 
^ Lakevlew av commences 
25 ; Hunter Moses, flour 
258 James, baker 

ton. cart 
Finkle Wilmot 

i mi II W. gro 

M. hardware 

I Albert J 
J7" S 
272 Pollard r H, barber 


ilder .1 P.. gro 
-7s I.ilc l:,,am 

Win W, 
288 Savage Win. shoemkr 


- 1 W.i.ker Mrs Sarah 
2! Hi \\ ie. Indry 

n Patrick J. btchr 

Dorercourt rd intersects 
Chalmers I res Church 

:;jt H.iriiby Arthur 

Hornby Mr* H M 
A Coolmlne av commences 

Uusholme rd commences 
ilstoue av Intersects 

45i; p.r. .-kon Hlchard, nursery 

4Gt > 


t ( .s * . - e/rge 

47n P ai:;ips Alfred, gdnr 
172 Itii.rlv Henry 
ADnffena st intersects 
t ,i s N. drugs 

-oiii Frederick, gro 
I .vshe Henry 
514 Wlllitts T A. Incubators 

n John, ro 
518 McConnell Win G 

McConiK-11 Mrs P. E, sta .y 
. I-H Morey .1 W. gro 
53240 Itankin A: Co. lumber 
Miles Mrs Ann J. sash 
Toronto Casket Co, coffin 

rnfrs. r 
548-50 Burns E R Saw Co 

Sheridan av intersects 
55-- liortop Milling Co 

Horton Ja 

554 Chautler Mrs M M. gro 
556 Hurl but Co Ltd, "shpe 

50ii Vacant 

,.i7i i-7^ Am. pntr 

Owen Wm. btclir 
584 Parker Benjamin 
588 Thompson James I D 

Thompson Miss W, mus 


694-98 Taylor Thomas, fruits 
Taylor Miss Sarah, confy 
t. itv p. .uiul. No 3 
604 Davies Wm Co, provs 

Brock av intersects 
612 Ellard II E. tlr 
14 Hern Mrs T. confy 
616 Abbs Thomas, btchr 

Bell Wm 
620 Abbs Thomas 

l.evack Wm B 
628 Wau-. h Wm. whol btchr 

Margueretta st commences 
648 Smith BenJ, whol btchr 

St Clarens st intersects 
i-,7- Cairo .1 .nies 

680 Woods Miss Mary A 
694 Crealock Wm. cattle dlr 
700 M i ult 

^ Samuel 

7 i-J Wil-on CD. gro 

704 Smith Albert 

McGinn!-! J W, barber 

Neiii Win. confy 
708-10 Motion & Co, hotel 
Mot ton Thomas 
Caldwell Albert E 
^ : : sdowne av Intersects 
712 Mallon John, s e 

:St Helen av commences 
Bridge over railway 

Bros, Ltd 
planing mill 
McBride Peter, r 
^ P.ridaes over railway 
sns Moiikman Jai: 
810 Gilpin Thomas 
822 Poole- John K 
S24 Hums Thf.; 

.tbcrland Wm 
[.irtin Win D 
Vacant lots 
> aston George 

11 D. \vhol btchr 

s7l! < 1 1 "n ! .1 i 1 . ink- . 

M HToiv av commences 

I B 

S7f, Mon-,i\v A F 

. gro 
.nit lots 
!>U P. 


K. immences 

Vacant 1 
1000 Streltmi Wui H. bldr 

l: Edward 
1008 Turn. 

1 riv:. 
1030 Light f mi \ Sons.florlsts 


Mark-t gardens 
+ Bloor st w intersects 

Market gardens 

* Vincent st ends 
1142 P.ennett Joseph E 

Mauil. i- Henry 

- io av Intersects 

IL 42 Itn i-liart James W, contr 
^C P U tracks 

West Side 

2 I .iio Vincent T, hotel 
4 Haucr S A. lumber 
68 I ublic Library (br) 

Hamilton Mrs Emily A 
10 Fire Hall No 9 
12 Water Works office 

_-e J, mngr 
Corporation yard 

1 albot, textile 


32 Cllnkunbroomer Miss M, 


84 Cllnkunbroomer James II 
36-40 < ntts John, coal, flour 
42 McE\-,.v Jus, cigar mfr 
44 Mcl urn.y Mr- Mary A 

t John O 
46 Beall Mrs Elizabeth 

4* Kicketts- Will 

50 Shaw Mrs Mary A 

52 Honghton James 

54 Caswell S.imuel 
56 Harris Thomas 

55 M.icKenzle George 
60 Hlndle George L 

62 Blakely. Mrs Susanna, bdg 
64 Rutledge. Robert 
66 Newton James A 
68 Benson John 

, Mi" M. drsmkr 
ion Thomas A 
72 Sherlock James, plmbr 
74 Lloyd Jos. grocer 
76 Ontario Tailoring Co 

Dewsbury Edgar 
7-~ Geron \\ m A. gro 

ie. dairy 

82 Ferguson Alex, gro 
+ Humbert av commences 
84 Meyers H C. artist 
86 Giles .T W. 

Frank C 

88 Aikins A D. bkr 
90 Woods J L, btchr 
92 Watson Wm M, plmbr 
94 Godwin Joseph, gro 
96 Ashdown J. willow ware 

K-0 !-: \:bert 

102 Galvin Jamr-s II 
104 Quilvell John, gro 
106 Cottrell A E, plmbr 
108 Hood Frederick., gro 
11" ll:i- r ir:ii- Arthur. Indry 

h Harry 
112 AVhite J.ames 
114-110 Finn Hugh, liquors 

Arpyle st intersects 
118 Smith Wm H. gro 
122 McGinn Arthur, btchr 
l->; Chadwlck Mrs Mary, 

128 Summers Mrs F B, drs- 


Summers Wm J 
130 Martin & Co, tailors 
Martin Caesar A 

132 Lindsay Wm J, shoes 

134 C icers 

it \\m U 

i::o Priehard Ily C. dry gds 
138 Johns! . w. bkr 

140-42 Shepherd Hardware Co 

Mick & Woods, tlnsmiUu, 

McLean John 
144 Passim, n- Richard, gro 

n. btchr 

1T.2 Godfrey ! L, staty 
154 Hiirton Harry G, drugs 

^ 1- "mraeuces 

156 Cole T W, gro 
158 Butchart 1) F, tlr 
ion Julian Mrs II, grocer 

Julian Harmon 
162 1 < icderick, Jwlr 

Dlckeson Miss F, mat 


170 Warner Maurice W 
174 Vacant 


184 Lancaster James 
186 Graham Nicholas 
188 Glllard Mrs Grace, btchr 

Gillard Wm 
190 Browne Garrett B 
1! 2 llaiiibly M C 1- . grocer 

Rolyat st commences 
194 Hltchman E F. barber 

Thuri-ssiin Mrs Mary A 
106 Pearson S E. dentist 

Porter Mrs C E. mus tchr 
200 Spaulding Wesley, dreM 

202 Brnce Robert 

in George, gro 
206 Pennal Frederick, gro 

.ilpin-Fl. Id Co (br), 

...... Southwest Side ...... 

209 Laker W J, dentist 
211 Vacant 
L-jr, : ink 

ii Alex, tlr 
229 Brodle Bros, shoemkri 

Brodie Mrs Margaret 

Brodie Alexander M 
231 Raukln Archibald C 

Qulnn Thomas 
241! lUplock Frank 
247 Mackrell Henry 

Grove av ends 

267 Tully Mrs M. drsmkr 
269 Tucker E & S. staty 
Tucker Mrs P.ethesda 
Tucker Miss Ermine 
271 Ferris F J, gro 
285 Verral Mrs Aunie 
287 Clark Miss Catherine 
301 Collett M A. drugs 
Rowan Richard. i>nv 

Dovercourt rd intersects 
803 Woods Grocery Co 
3U5-7 Woods 1 A, liquors 
309 Cooper Clifford. 


Meilroy James 
32o Liliey Mrs Maria, florlrt 
33!) Burtwell Augustus F 
341 Kaynor Samuel, pntr 
343 Dempster Wm J. bkr 
349 Boyle & Libby. bottler* 
361 Burns Alexander 

Lisgar st ends 

363 Lamond Mrs Isabella 

Beaconsfleld av ends 
419 Macdonell Mrs Pauline K 

Gladstone av intersects 

1, ffrey Andrew 
467 Schlemmer Charles 
471 Kirby Wm J 

McCracken Robert A 
473 Vacant 
475 McCracken Joseph A 

Erie st commences 

Dufferin st intersects 
4fi3-4 .*!> cyclone Woven Wire 

Fence Co 
503 Collard Joseph 
M" Harrow Thomas 
547 Brockton Club House 

Sheridan av intersects 
557 Johnson K II. tlr 

Nixon A W. barber 
561 Mlckus George, blksmlth 
Ashlmry Fred, carriage 


Successors to LIMITED 



Typewriters Rented 

Ribbons, Carbons, Papers, Etc. 

15 Adelaide E. 

PHONES MAIN 1126, 1127 

I .I 9FIT7 Managing 
U. U. Otlii, Director 





665 Plumb Mrs E M, confy 

567 Lee Chung, Indry 

568 Hill Mrs Lucy L 

571 Hopper Frank, confy 
673 Jones Mrs Emily G, gro 
575 Bell G E, hardware 
677 Wallace Andrew, dry gds 
681 Cameron J K, fruit 
683 McGraw Wm 
585 Caplin Joseph, dry gds 
587 Unfinished store 
587% Unfinished store 
689 Benwell J W, sew machs 
591 Jackman Samuel P, bar 

Robinson Alfred J 
593 Vacant 

695 Dolan Mrs S. btchr 
697 Stirrett G & Co, hardware 

Williams Mrs Sarah J 

Cairns James 
6S9 Stirrett A P, drugs 

Roger S A 

+ Brock av intersects 
601 Fltzpatrick Thos, gro 

Brockton P O 
003 Vacant 
607 Sturtrldge John, shoes 

SJndiey Wm. jr, tinsmltli 
625 McCoiinell Mrs Elizabeth 

McConnell John H, phy 
629 Watson Wm H, gro 
631 Henderson Mrs S, confy 
633 Williams Henry, btchr 

Williams Thomas 
835 Scythes Bros, shoes 

Scythes George, bldr 
637 Squire Wm E. gro 

Matthews George 
643 Switzer Mrs L. confy 
647 Walker James B 
653 Henderson Jacob W 
655 Campbell Robert, confy 

Cameron John 

657 Blaokburn & Cummlngs, 

Ebbage Horace 

St Clarens st Intersects 
Fire Hall No 13 

Robert Thompson, fore 

+ Lansdowne av Intersects 
School, s e 

Bridge over railway 
809 Taylor John 

: Bridge over railway 
Sorauren av ends 
Vacant lots 

Lynd av ends 

Howard Park av coin 
Street car sheds 

Hisrh Park av commences 
90!) Black Charles II 

971 Brookland Wm 
973 Iligglns John 

Vacant lofs 
^ June Bonstead and Ron- 

cesvalles avs 
Vacant lots 
1099 Thomas John 
1101 Pines Hotel 

+ Bloor st w intersects 

Vacant lots 

1113 Graham Mrs C. gro 
Graham Jos, btchr 
1117 Andrews Ell C 
+ Edna av commences 

Vacant lots 
Soho av Intersects 

Vacant lots 
+ Cnnrinit st commences 

:Blrtlp st commences 
Regent st commences 
Turner Edwin J 
Turner J S, bldr 
1333 Shields Wm. mkt gdnr 

DUNKDTN. n from Shndell 
av to Balrd av. first e of 
Jones nv. ward 1. 

East Side 

House, s e 

^Dnwson av commences 
23 Devoy P J, gro 
25 Hose James 
27 Hanson John H 
29 SopeV George A 

31 Montgomery Charles A 
S3 Moorcroft Thomas 

West Side 

4 Reed Wm B 
6 Hayes Wm J 
8 Hughes Henry 

DUNN AV, n from the lake 
to 1347 Queen w, ward 6. 

East Side 

1 Emerson Burt B 

Dominion st ends 
Vacant lots 

35 Shannon James N 

37 Ford Thomas J, publr 

39 Smith George 

41 Paterson Mrs Hannah 

^ Empress cres intersects 

House, s c 
57 Phillips Edward 
59 Philpott Herbert C 

GTK crossing 
63 Vacant 

05 llalhway F G, btchr 
+ Huxley st intersects 

Stare, s e 
83 Irving L Homfray 

Vacant lots 
103 Cartwrigut Henry B 

Vacant lots 

121 Aruott G W Campbell 
127 Hook Thomas 
133 Carlaw Major J A 
137 Hall Major Wm B 
139 MacKay Roger 
141 Muiiroe Edwin S 
143 Klmpton Charles 
145 Iluliley Thomas A 
147 Downey Alexander 
149 Acres Charles R 
151 Parkdale Church School 

Mlddleton Miss Ethel 
153 Evayson Wm H 
155 Leishman Wm II 
157 Macrae Mrs Maud 
159 Gladwiu George S 
161 Brown James E 
163 Bunt Charles W 

Mpthoilist church, s e 
^ King st w intersects 

Vacant lots 

189 Arnold Thaddeus S 
191 Sloan Wm, phy 
193 McSweeny Edward 
195 Buck R A, phy 
197 Hurt Aaron H 
201 Galllnger George T 
"203 Thomson Mrs Isabella 
- n."> Turpin .lamps W 

Vacant lots 

"17 Oliver Mrs Mary B 
219 Tredger John, bldr 
221 Jarrott John E 
L"J."i Treleaven Rev R J 
227 May Wm H 
229 Brown George 
231 1 ini Joseph 
233 Griffeth Eli 

Williln Miss L, di-stnkr 
237 Bethell John 
239 Shaw Edward S 
241 Vacant 

243 Thompson Thomas A 
245 Elliott T W, engraver 
247 Fernley James M 
249 Kemp Jesse 

Vacant lots 
257 Leech Rev George 
259 Harrison .Tamps A 

Vacant lots 
265 Stock John, carp 

House, s e 

Store, s e 
West Side 

Vacant lots 

Starr av commences 
House, s e 

48 Vacant 

Vacant lots 
52 Wilkie Wm 
54 Vacant 

Empress cres Intersects 
House, s e 

GTR crossing 

Huxley st intersects 
66 Kent James E 

6S Martin Rolicrt 

70 Watson Wm J 
72 Jours Mrs Ada 
74 Van Dpr Voort M P 
Vacant lots 

S4 Bradshaw Isaac D 

86 Hardy Henry R 
92 Pink Robert 

Vacant lots 

98 Martin Mrs Margaret 
100 Scott Wm C 
130 Home for Incurables 

Prlchard L S, res phy 
146 Geggle Rev A L 
148 McKellar Mrs S J 
154 Robinson Mrs E E 
156 Smallpeice Henry E 
160 Bain Wm 
162 Essery Wm H, bldr 

Essery G W, pntr 
164 Little Andrew J 
174 Woods James D 

House, s e 
King st w intersects 

Vacant lots 
188 Harris James 
190 Smith Gilbert A 
192 Fish Mrs Catherine 

Fish W A, phy 
194 St John Joseph W 
196 East Henry M 
198 Watson David, contr 
202 Patchett Enoch, dairy 
204 Challenger W 
208 McKee Wm 
216 Beith Wm 
218 Criehton James 
220 Scott Wm A 
224 Fenwick James W 
22fi Bellinger Peter 
228 Stevens Holmes C, bldr 

Stevens Henry C, bldr 
232 Sutherland Henry 
2SG Mackay Rev Robert P 
240 Martin Mrs Sarah J 
242-2r.4 Parkdale Pres Ch 
256 Brock Ivor E 
258 Hunter James 
2fiO Dickie Edwin 
262 Lloyd Frank E 

House, s e 

DUPONT. w from opp 251 
Avenue rd to w of Christie, 
wards 4 and 5. 

North Side 

House, s e 
6 Brownjohn Harry 
8 Heal Charles 
10 Fleming A Grant 
12 Vacant 
14 Hook Thomas 
16 Roche Wm 
is Isaac George C 
20 Isaac James, stone contr 
66 Clark Edmund J 
68 Gardner Harry T 

Maguire Wm, coal 
^ Davenport rd intersects 

Vacant lots 
118 Vacant 
120 Austin John F 
122 Croucher John G 
124 Crlcliton Alexander 
126 Joselin James S 
128 Lewis Albert E 

^ Bpadlna rd intersects 
130 Richardson Wm J 
198 Oben Francis A 
270 Brewer Mrs Sellna 
^ Bathurst st Intersects 

Store, s e 

338 Conger Coal Co 
348 Crawford Robert 
350 Nicholson John 
352 McPhee David 

Vacant lots 
362 Watson James 
364 Crawford Wm 
366 Hylton Edward W 
366% Vacant 

Vacant lots 
3C8 Brown Thomas L 
^ Palmerston av Intersects 

Vacant lots 
386 Davies Edward 
388 Andrews Edward 
390 Hoidge Silas E 
300% Hoidgp Win H 
:>2 TToldge Richard J 
:i!)4 Hoiilgp John U 
ISOfi Hoidgp John 
398 Back Wm G 

Vacant lot 
404 Claffv LPW!S 
Vacant lots 

412 Robins Robert 
414 Elliott Ell 

South Side 

Church, s e 

5 Gowans John 

7 Moore Mrs Bessie 

9 Macdouald Alexander 

11 Woodley Horace, contr 
Private grounds 

+ Bedford rd ends 
65 Holt Henry R 

67 Darrach John 

^ Davenport rd Intersect! 

79 Cutts Eugene 

81 Higinbotham George 

83 Mackay Dr Wm 
Vacant lots 

^ St George st ends 

House, s e 
259 Cross Daniel 
Vacant lots 

^ Rowland av intersect! 

House, s e 
275 Walker Ostin H 
281 Craik Mrs Elizabeth 
285 Trollope Henry 

^ Albany av Intersects 
Vacant lots 

^ Bathurst st Intersects 

Store, s e 
335 Smith George T 
337 Andrews Edward 
339 Guard James, contr 
341 Swanton Robert 

^ Markham st ends 
351 Petrie Alexander, contr 
355 Stewart Alex M 
357 Dennis Edward S, exp 
363 Holmes Wm H 

Palmerston av Intersecti 
377 Tucker Wm F 
379 Coop Andrew P 
381 Nichols Albert 

Vacant lots 
391 Ellis Warren H 
393 Cook Wm 
395 Carter Thomas J 
397 Holmes Mathew 
399 Norman Ezeklel 
401 f owan John 
403 Thompson John 
405 Drover David 
407 Thomson Robert 
409 Harris Edward W 

413 Amoss George, dairy 
Vacant lots to end 

EARL, e from foot of Hunt- 
ley to 526 Sherbourne. ward 


North Side 

2 Anglin Arthur W 
4 Johnston Robert L 
6 Alley Henry R 
8 Melntyre Wm T 
10 Capon Wm B 
12 Hall Wm H 
14 Meldrum Mrs M D 
16 Fielding Edward 
18 Thompson Wm J 
20 Bell Thomas 
22 Anderson George 
24 Campbell W F 
26 Jeffrey Mrs Mary S 
28 Preston John 
30 Wlckens Wm E 
32 Mclntosh Adam K 
34 Strong James G 

Strong Miss Maud, mui 


36 Dobson Wm 
38 Trow Albert E 
House, s e 

South Side 

St John s Grove 
Church, s e 

track to 45 Brock nv, ward 

North Side 

8 Poco k Mrs .Maria 
10 Purvis Mrs Eliza J 
12 Graham Wm J 

14 Buck George E 

16 Campbell Miss Margaret 

15 .TalTrey .Tamps 

20 Beaumont Mrs Sarah, bdg 
22 Barnes Solomon 

Factory Fire Alarm Systems 

Complete Installations of Automatic or Manual 
Fire Alarm Stations, Annunciators and Bells 

128 Bay St. 

The Eastman-Colwell Electric Co. Telephone M. 409 


I IIU Ills III L. |j mitlll i Ta r>mii?rtu n 

Limited, 78 CHURCH ST. 


and large sums. 
Interest at Highest Current Rate 


Edith Av. 


Chase Charles M 
24 Bray Thomas I. 
House, a e 

South Side 

9 Boalger Matthew J 
11 Mainjjrize Charles 
13 Simpson Edward H 
15 Rodger Win 
17 Farrell Robert 
19 Porter David 
House, s e 

EASTERN AV. o from 93 
Trinity to Queen e, wards 
1 and 2. 

North Side 

House, s e 
6 Morrisoy Mis Ellen 
8 Orr Thomas 
10 McLeau John 
12 Hagen John 
14 Short Robert 
16 O Brien Denuls 
* Gllead pi commences 
18 Price Mrs E gro 
20 Staff Robert 
22 Co i Mrs Sarah 
24 I ri- r Mr- Elizabeth 
Beamish Mr* Mary E, r 
Fogelman Francis, r 
Breen Thomas J, r 
28 Harris Henry II 
32 Phillips James B 
34 Westcott Thomas L 
38 Burns Ralph A. Ice 
^ Sackville st coruroencei 
Sackvllle st school, s e 
72 McClay I>:ivld 
74 McDowell Win A 
76 McCni: ! i B 

78 Barton Edward J 

Barton Mrs Until, dairy 
90 Eldrtdge John, baker 
S2 Hull \Vm II 
84 Bannister Joseph 
86 Sinclair Archibald 
88 Shea Mmtagh 

Barrett F A. breweri 

supplies, r 
90 Cameron Hugh 
Feeney Patrick, r 
Knight Henry T, r 
92 Adams Thomas 
94 Smith Francis G 
96 Fraser Mrs Christina 
98 Collins Joseph W 

House, s e 

^ Snmaoh st commences 
102 Murray Charles V 
104 Holt Frederick 
106 Thomson Andrew W 
1JO Gale Thomas 
112 Gordon Win J 

:is Charles 

James S 

-teadman Johu. junk 
Steadman Mrs Electa, sec 

hand goods 
122 Cook George 
124 Richardson Wrn 
126 Bailey George 
, * Williamson pi commences 
128 Hogarth Mrs S. gro 

10 For! _.,,es 

132 Cane Alfred W 
134 Elphick Frederick 
138 Haljrue Thomas 
140 Davis Mrs Martha 
142 McDor, ,ld James A 

^ Schmidt pi commences 
144 Carter Charles J 
146 Rodden James 

xter John 
152 Baptist Mission Hall 

Wm J. r 

156 K. iihar I).-nnls 
158 Dibtilf I; .lames 

Vacant lot 
162 Trempe George 
164 Gill Joseph W 
166 Pett Wilfred, dairy 
^ St Lawrence st com 

200 1 :, a lt Paving Co 

Caldwell .!.>.-. ^di A, r 
o, r 

Mulrhead Andrew, fac 
tory, r 
Globe Oil Co, r 

McColl A B & Co, rar- 

ulsn, r 
Beaune E J, fur dresser, r 


* Don Esplanade com 


* CPR crossing 

2J4 Mdlenry Henry J 
^ Belt line crossing 

* l>ou bridge 
Vacant lots 

^ Broadview av commences 

House, a e 

Vacant lots 
^ Lewis st commence! 

Vacant lot 
362 l> mma 

Vacant lots 

:er si ruiumeneei 
GTR crossing 
Flagman s switch house 
Vacant lots 

4> Strange st commences 
400 The James Robertson Co, 

408 Splnk Wlghtman 

Vacant lota 

^ McGee st commences 
House, s e 
Private grounds 
+ Booth av Intersects 
4i>_ l::,iw :i Jv Wls 
i >. Clements Robert W 
4tis Johnston Alexander M 
470 Foote Arthur 
47- Parry Richard 
Vacant lots 

* Logan av Intersects 
Vacant lots 

494 Johnston A, bicycle repr 
496 Gillrnao \Vm F 

Vacant lots 
508 Ayre Charles, hotel 

* Morse st Intersects 
510 Stewart Win X 
Mi; Stirling A F A. gro 
5J4 Workman Frederick A 
510 Garner Wm 

518 Knight Thomas S 

* Carlaw av intersects 
Vacant lots 

^ Heward av commences 

Vacant lots 
594 Pollard J W 
^ Pape av commences 

Vacant lots 
610 Thompson Wm H 

Ice house 

Vacant lots 
^ Caroline av commences 

Nursery grounds 

* Leslie st Intersects 
vacant lots 
House, s e 

^ I.alng st intersects 

Vacant lots 

^i; Wheat Wm. mkt gdnr 
-M I ook John 
Vacant lot 

* KIIOT av intersects 

- ilpman Joseph 
Hfiirv M 

908 McMnllen James 
nii> Hamilton Thoma* 
91-> Eastley Wm 
920 Carruthers John 
922 Mooney Joseph 
924 Mathews. Blake 
Xn Bleiikhorn John W 
00-S Press Mnilp 
930 Bateman Wm 
932 Vacant 

034 Pickering Henry J 
936 Pickering Henry J Jr 

Vacant lots 

^ Colina st commences 
P50 Groves Walter 
1000 Randall James, whol 

South Side 

House, s e 

."> Asher James 

9 Burley Oliver 

Gunn Thomag 

11 Riley Samuel 

James Bertie M 
13 Mann Wm C 
Bradley John 
13 Spring Mrs Carrie J 

Goetsche Edouard 
17 Robinson Henry 

Patterson Wm 
19 Thomas 

Britton Hugh, r 
Eastern pi commences 

irllsle John 
_ Hums Frank J 

K. 11111 dy l.a r. lice 

i.-eston Thomas 
,;l 1 Mary 

33 Cornell FredeHck G 
35 Taylor Mrs Ellen 
rtler Charles L 
39 Harl. w Mr- Mary J 
41 Cummlugs John H 
43 Howltt James, tlr 
4,-> Wright John W 
47 1 ajrgart Wiu 
4 .i Hodge Wm 
51 Kerrigan John 
53 Mclnerney James 
55 Gilmore Mrs Katherlne 
57 Hurley Edward J 
M i ayne James A 
i Thomas 
63 Kennedy Thomas 

Cherry st ends 
St Ixiwrencc sq 

+ V- ids 

li Stone Daniel 

\ James 
1L>7 Criiushaw .Stanley 

an David 
131-37 Hartshorn Stewart Co, 

shade rollers 
139 Billiard Wm J 
141 Btein Mis Annie 
H:> Sni!i!is,i!i Wm J 
140 Millar Mis charlotte, gro 

+ Water st ends 


169 O ltrien James II 
171 Oake> John 
17:i M !t . ton ,l;imes 
17."> Wonley i liilip 
177 Whitney Hamilton 

Vine st end! 
Vacant lot 

1--1 R.I we Wm 

:;rown Timothy 
R Wm 

i Muri ine Edgar 
1>SU O l/eary Bernard 
r.H P.ezl. y Thomas 
193 Fallen Michael 

nryden Andrew 
H 7 Small Wm 

Ueacbell st ends 

199-209 Clarke & Clarke.leathr 

:C1 R crossing 
Cypress st ends 
City Crematory 
+ Don britlsie 

Lever Bros Ltd, soap mfrs 

GTR crossing 
1 latt George 

Booth av intersects 
4S3 Quinn Wm, exp 

Vacant lot 

Logan av intersects 
Taylor John E 

Morse st intersects 
513 ( 1 W, oil 
515 Sheppard Frederick 
J19 Crowther George 
523 Coulter John J 
523 Bowers Charles 

527 Greenaway Thomas 

Vacant lots 
533 Bromfleld George 
535 Watson Henry 
187 Thompson Mrs Margaret 
539 Keeler Joseph S 

Carlaw av Intersects 

5!W 99 Lankin Robt. mkt ednr 
601 Matthews Joseph 
6H Russell Francis 
605 Reardon Edward 
609 Popplewell Benson 
613-C17 Clarte A R & Co.glove 

623 Watt John 

t Leslie st Intersects 
I.aine si Intersects 
873 Macdonald Duncan A 
875 Hnnnnh Marshall A 
-S7 Vacant 

Knox av Intersects 
911 Billings Robert J 
913 Hopkins John 

915 Spenee Joseph 


1077 Coleman Charles 
1117 McClelland T. mkt gdnr 
Woodbine Club House, a e 

EASTERN PL, a from 21 
Eastern av, ward 2. 

East Side .. 

House, s e 

1 Parrlngton Joseph 

2 Fillatrau Alfred 

3 Wlnyard Jonathan 

5 Carljle 

6 Hallam Herbert 

7 Reynolds George 
9 Carlyle Mrs Ellen 

West Side built on 

EDEN PL, e from 219 Bath- 
urst, ward 4. 

North Side 

House, s e 

6 Currau John 

8 Taylor Herbert W 
10 Noble John 

Cameron Hucli M. r 

12 Curtin J 

14 Nlblett Morris 

16 McMurray Mrs Barbara 

18 MeKollar Mrs Mary 

Kieller Peter, r 
20 Burger Charles H 
22 Heise G Luther 
24 Mallory Frank S 
2ft Foulston James 
28 Woodward James A 
30 Pengelly Wm 
House, s e 


House, s e 
5 Hlckey Patrick J 

7 Mlllan James 
11 Blythe John 

13 Flook Mrs Ma ry A 

15 Ford John 
17 Park 

-. . ..rkes Thomas 
19 Sindell John T 
21 Steadman Mrs Mary 
23 Flnnall Mrs Mary " 

Flnnall Miss C, drsinkr 
25 Gibbins Harry 
27 Latimer James II 

EDGEDALE RD. n from 58 

Howard, ward 2. 
East Side 

1 Rutherford Samuel J 

S Jenkins Wm H 

5 Hall Charles C 

7 Meyer George W 

9 Dean E Sterling 
11 Gilbert Francis B 

EDITH AV, w from Frank 
lin to Edwin av, second a of 
CPR, ward 6. 

North Side 

Carlton Park 

South Side 

5 Terry Mrs Sarah 
7 Peters A Burton 
.) Ware John J 
11 Newton Thomap 
13 Roberts Frederick 
15 McMaster David A 
17-in Bond John S 
25 Druery James 



Tel. Main a 6 

7)16 Lake Simcoe ICE Supply Co. 






Best Quality All Sizes 
Tel. Main 

North British & Mercantile Insurance Go. 26 Wellington St. E. 

GOOCH & EVANS, Resident Agents 

Tel. Main 423 


Edna Av. 



We make them to order for Offices. 

Factories. Stores or Dwellings. 

Samples and Estimates 

Cheerfully Furnished. 

A Post Card or Telephone Call 

will do it 

, T. EATON C; , 

EDNA AV. w from Dundai 
to city limits, first n of 
Blopr w, ward 6. 
Not built on 

EDWARD, w from 322 Yonge 

to University, ward 3. 
North Side 

2 Reid Samuel G 

4 Geddes Win 

6 Barrett Mrs Sarah 

8 Farrow C U, blksmltli 
Banks Mrs Mary A 

10 Letsche John 
12 Elliott Mrs Mary 
14 Berg Mrs Annie 
16 Burns James 
18 Webber Samuel 
20 Shumer Louis 
22 Lipsitz Samuel 
24 Doughty Mrs Mary J 
26 Sheridan Terrauce 

McMartin Walter 
28 Robinson John 
30 Buckstelu Morris 
32 Brydon Stephen F 
34 Dager Joseph N 
36 Carr Mrs Mary A 
38 Birnbaum Harry 
40 Groper Mrs Ida 
42 Watson James 
44 Taylor James 
46 Ferris Thomas H 
48 Simpson Mrs Mary J 
50 Nelson Frank 
62 Runstedler Mrs Bridget 
54 Swift George 
56 Biggar Miss Sophia, drs- 

Ross John, r 
68 Ross Wm G 
60 Tanner Joseph 
66 Douglas James 
68 Griesman Moses 
70 Robertson Mrs Rose 
72 Robinson Peter 
74 Lee Won Hon, Indry 

Teraulay st Intersects 
76-80 Cronan Mrs Elizabeth 

A, gro 

82 Taylor Frederick, dairy 
84 Hunter James 
House, s e 

Barnaby pi commences 

88 Jewish Young Men s Pro 
gressive Club 
90 Talesco James 
92 Bennett Robert A 
94 Jaekrnan Henry, exp 
96 McBrldc R J, coal 

Elizabeth st Intersects 
House of Industry 
Store, s e 

+ Chestnut st Intersects 
116 Hotel, s e 
120 Brugger Abraham 
120V4 Landsberg Abraham 
122 Dandle Mrs Margaret 
124-28 Barber T W, coal 
130 O Leary Charles 
134 McDonald Mrs Annie, gro 

Centre av intersects 
138 l>vl Joseph 

140 Gains Mrs Lavinia 
House, s e 

South Side 

1 Davidson James 

3 Workshop 
Stokes Robert A 

5 Collins Thomas, carp 

7 Logan Charles 

Cowley Miss Eliza, r 

9 Lepaid George 

11 Segel Wm 

13 Stattord Andrew 

-vicurath Johu, r 

Bush John, r 
15 Giiziu Moses 
17 Wright Alex 
1 j-lil liuchnt r Mrs L, coal 

Bochner Charles 

Pitehanick Saul, junk 
2:i ItlngUuui Kuln-rt D 
23-5 Pioneer Galvanized Iron. 


27 Feeht ly John 
2U Pophuiu Kit-hard B 
31 Cole Uobert 
33 Glass Samuel 
35 Samuel Henry 
37 UasIiUot bky ^azar 
s J Lev! Usher 
41 Hutchiusou George 
43 Brcakr.v Joseph E 
45 Breality \Vui, exp 

Bieakey Mrs K, gro 
47 Price George 

Vacant, r 

U Bi ieu Edward, r 
49 Staeey Joseph 
01 Mt-Keuzie \\ in 
Oc! WaUTworth Wm J 

McAlpiue Miss June, r 
55 Kodgers Mrs 1 

Bi-adley Joseph, r 
57 Burridge Alfred 
59 Kennedy David W 

King Mrs Kate, r 
6J Bradley George 

Golden Thomas, r 
63 Siefert Louis 

House, s e 

<t Teruulay st Intersects 
Uj Sparks Albert, shoemkr 
(it Uynes Alexander 
Of Rhodes Johu H 
71 Robertson James 
73 Goff Charles 
75 Munshaw John 
77 Willis Win 
79 Warren George 
81 Cox John J 
83 Osbaldiston Henry 
85 llyland John 
87 Nicholl Albert J 
S9 Lev! Moses 
91 Bragg Stephen, decorator 

Duffy Frederick, r 
93 Fletcher Michael 

Gray Loftus, r 
95 Smith Louis 

Store, s e 

Elizabeth si intersects 
105 Goodman Gabriel 

107 Schessel Isaac 
Store, s e 

Chestnut st intersects 
Store, s e 

llo Glionua Vincent 
117 Rossa Angelo 

Ferli/.io i asquale, r 

119 Grandille Gulseppe 
121 Greenberg Henry 
12S Belyea Wellington 

120 Murray Michael 
1-J7 Ryan Percy P 
12!) Kohn Ignatius 

Centre av Intersects 
131 Wallace Joseph 

137 Dixon John A 
House, s e 

EDWIN AV, n from Ruskln 
av to Ethel av, first w of 
Franklin, ward 6. 

East Side 

:, Shaw Robert 
39 Lnwson Mrs Annie 
41 Harwood Richard E 
43 Wright James M 

Itirhardson G T, florist, r 
51 Hoover Rev John 
53 Webster Charles 
55 Sanndci-s Walter O 
57 Humphrey Uobert 
59 Myers Otto L 
+ Irving av ends 

Vacant lots 
91 Mallaby Wm C 
! Mallyon John 

Vacant lots 
107 Elliott J George 
11)9 Ci-iflVn Edward 

111 Sheaf John 
113 O Brien James 
115 Dodsqn \Vm 
117 House, s e 
Store, s e 

Royce av Intersects 
Baptist Ch, s e 

123 O Ncil Mrs Annie 
1^5 Wagner Jacob C 
127 Orr Wm 

Edith av ends 
Carlton Park 
House, s e 

West Side 

68 Cave H Wellington 

70 Smith Mrs Catherine S 

72 Charlton Thomas 

Vacant lots 

House, s e 

^ William av commences 
88 Driscoll Michael 
90 Dale George T 
96 Lillew Ernest A 
88 Rusbbrook Wm A 
102 Anderson Charles 
104 Hamilton Francis J 
106 Hassan Hush 

Store, a e 
+ Royce av Intersects 

Vacant lots 
150 Gerry Thomas J 

School grounds 

St Cecilia School 

ELGIN AV, w from 82 Avenue 
rd to Bedford rd, ward 4. 

North Side 

2 Jackson Arthur J 
Private grounds 

14 Quinu Michael 

16 Ten Broeke James 

20 Stollery Wm, bldr 

24 Rogers Albert S 

26 Noxon Wm C 

28 McDIarmid Ewen 

30 Bain Angus U 

32 Gould Richard J 

34 Reid Thomas A 
Unfinished houses (7) 

40 Brodie J K 
52 Sydere A H 

South Side 

House, s e 
13 Patterson Joseph 

15 Pardoe Avern 

17 Costello Michael J 
19 Wills John 

21 Edgar Pelham 

25 Millmau Wm H 

27 Nash Miss Mary 

29 Addison Alfred 

31 Proudfoot Hume B 

33 Rcade Mrs Alice M 

35 \oung Samuel S 
37 McCormack John 
39 Brown George 

41 Kennedy Joseph J 

45 Bradnee Mrs R M O 
Wrayford Charles D 

47 Dyas Wm J 
House, s e 

ELIZABETH, n from 102 
Queen w to Grenville, ward 

East Side 

Store, s e 

9 O Reilly Wm, blksmith 
11 Vacant 
15 Vacant 

17 Nathan Samuel H 
19 Fredenburg Hiram J 
21 Sheehan James 

Levett Abraham, r 

Skoluik Israel, r 

Wallace Richard, r 
23 O Donnell Michael J 
25 Walker James 

Shejipard Edmund, r 
27 Rooney John .1 

Star Window Cleaning Co 
29 Brown Alfred F 
31-33 Kins & Yorston, turn 
Albert st Intersects 
35 Gross! Oliver, provs 
37 Kivk Thomas F 
39 Henry Mrs Margaret 
41 Embury Cornelius G 

43 Corrin John F 
45 Sajupson Mrs M 
47 Fallon James 
4b Mos^nian Robert D 

Jones Andrew, blksmith. r 
51 Houlgrave Thomas, flre 


Houlgrave Mrs C, exp 
Foley James, r 
53 Wat kins Thomas H 
55 Fawcett Mrs Prudentlt 
57 Spence Wm, gro 

Louisa st Intersects 
59 Deall Albert E, gro 

Bird F J, architect 
6i MacNaugnton Mrs Isa 

63 Vacant 
05 Vacant 
67 Douglas Miss M 
69 Houser Moses 
71 Supera Samuel 
73 Vacant 

Hagerman st commence! 
75 Tngendhaft Louis 

77 Swartz Samuel 
79 Habben Wm 

Bloom Mrs Annie, r 
81 Iredale Ishmael 

83 Faeth Max 
85 Smith James 
87 Rooney Mrs Margaret B 

89 Foreman Simon 

91 Sachs Mrs Toba, gro 

+ Foster pi commences 

93 Doolflsh Samuel 

95 Hauberman Max 
97 Messenger Philip 
Siegel Soloman, r 

99 Plant H. china decorator 
. 101 Pnllan Joseph 

l(i3 Eosenbes Harry 

105 Manton George 

107 Banks James, shoemkr 

Cuttell pi commences 

100 Bioily Moses, gro 
111 Huzer Jacob 

113 Maiorana B, macaroni 

115 House, s e 

+ Agnes st Intersects 
117 Store, s e 
119 McAlary Mrs Mary 
121 Cole Mrs Eliza 
123 Mullen Alexander 
125 Fearnley George, plstr 
127 Miller Joseph 
129 Jackman W H 
131 Cosentino A, gro 
+ Edward st intersects 

Wood yard, s e 
145 Rothenberg L & Son, Junk 
147 Nelson Miss Jane 

Garni Morris, r 
149 Scott Mrs Agnes 

A-n<>llson Abraham, r 
151 Burton James H 
153 Hughes George, bldr 

Hughes Miss C A, mns 


155 Reid Wm 
Store, s e 

Elm st intersects 
House, P c 

105 Dunlop Thomas 
1A7 Lcvcty Moses 
Ifi .l Soskin Max 
171 Iiwm John G 
173 Picket Joseph 
liouse, s e 

Walton st ends 
181 Thompson Frank 
187 Hope John S 

189 Hayhow Mrs A, gro 

Hayhow Wm 
+ Gerrard st w ends 
Iftl House, s c 
195 Moffatt Roger 
197 Blakeley Mrs Margaret J 
inn Ciai-ke Mrs M. gro 
201 Dale Mrs Maria 
LYC, Tc.wns Mrs Annie 

Liimey Mrs Mary 
205 Wept Henry F 
20 ! Caven James 
209 Snif, Lee. Indry 

Hayter st Intersects 

Jll Il llise. s " 

215 Springer Wm 

217 Bee Robert, express 




Head Office, 

King St. E 




FINANCIAL and other Corporations, 


itiichey John J 

for Neglected 

mnghain I> C, caretkr 
.Her Wui 
inison John 
b S 

.Hard John H 
igbottoiu Mrs J 
:d Wm R 
yucs Charles G 
239 Jones Mis Eliza 

rialn Frederick 
ttery Henry J 

Win F 

Hospital, s e 

* College st intersects 
260 House, s e 

West Side 

Hotel, s e 


12 Iv.rrii!. "ick 

14 1! 

16 \ ..cant 

osier Joseph 
20 Gray Edwin 

ir ke Albert F 
24 Buck Jo-eph S 
iib.-r yard, s e 
uplin Wm. cabs 
3U Gill Richard 

Lumber yard, s e 

Albert st intersects 
34 store, s e 

Simmons Charles 
38 Spencu Wui 
40 Giuekstein Benjamin 
42 Crouch J \\ 

Cioueh Mi-- s A. mus 

Clnue Mrs Ellen, r 

>k Samuel 
46 Friedman Ellas 
48 Sharp Joseph W 
BO Bacon Edward 
54 Small Daniel, liquors 

Louisa st intersects 

- .iverrnan I.azar 
58 Wilson Mrs Martha 
60 Welton John J 
62 Puul Marg.i 
"4 .letters Mrs Mary A 
06 Joseph Charles 
68 1 iward M 

70 Dougherty Wm 
72 Hodden Christopher 
74 Valuers George 

Donough Robert 
"Ian John 

Vacant lots 
84 Waxman Beni 
86 s, laL-o-key James 
88 Goblenbcrg Louis 

Ashton James, r 
90 Teuibaum Henry 

94 Krugel Israel 

-. r 
iry, r 

96 Llttner Charles 
Malone Peter, r 
98 Samuel Max 
100 I.evine Mrs Sarah 
Lobraico Michael, r 
102 R< 

104 Mills Mrs Margaret 
106 Greenaway Wm 
108 Oliver Wesley 
110 Pollock Reuben 
112 Weinr.-l. Joseph 
114 O Kan.. Thomas 
116 Hi ierick 

118 Gork: son 

120 McNf lce Thomas 


124 Halllgan Win 
126 I irge 

Furman John 

* Agnes st Intersects 

s e 

Henry, barber 

138 Ci Margaret 


142 I ,rze 

144 A 

K.lwar.i it intersects 

. luiinstry, s e 

i st Intersects 

ItxS Itrian Robert 

IT" Keelor .lames 

172 Martin Mrs Eliza A 

174 Lowrey Arthur 

17 1 l- owler George 

Win 11. yard 

IM; Afriran M E Church 

-true.-i I! 

I iS 

>n way John T 
Conwiiy Mrs Mary.drsmkr 
194 Barton & Lyons, frua 

198 Cowan Win S 

ore Mrs Sarah 
2<>0 lloynion Edward 

d W 

McDonald James A 
208 Fi:. nitiel 

Store, s e 

Ilayter st intersects 
Store, s e 

21G Hall Wm H 

Hall Mrs s A, phrenologist 
218 Ho 

He Lanburg Henry 

irrett Michael 
224 Colby Frederick 
tten Mrs Jane 
:ll.-n Mrs K 

Cullen Miss E, drsinkr 
232 Currle John 
2:; I Furnis- Alfred 

-<-hra|.nell George J 

.lard Mr- Catherine 
1-40 Smith James J 

Chestnut pi commence! 
242 Skllton G C. shoemkr 
244 Smith Samuel, contr 
246 Crowson Daniel 

248 Dlnwoodle Mrs Helen 
2oO Organ Michael G 
2.VJ Hnzrn George L 
238 Alexander John 

College st Intersects 
Church, s e 

ELLIOTT, e from 127 Munro 
to Bolton av, ward 1. 

North Side 

House, s e 
4 Comey George K 
Wake ford Archibald 
8 Harrison John F 
10 Carrol! Joseph 
Vacant lots 

Hamilton st Intersects 
Vacant building 
Vacant lots 

Broadview av intersects 
Store, a e 

48- Kay George 

50 Green Edward C 

Vacant lots 
58 Dawson Alexander 
60 Evans Thomas 
62 Vaughan Edward W 
iV4 To; for Robert 
66 Harris Albert 
aton Edward 

rry Mrs Harriet J 
Vacant lots 
80 Tedd Joseph D 
82 Jenkinson Edwin 
86 c I Joseph G 


Vacant lots 

!>2 Chambers Rev A B 
04 Gee Mrs Emma J 
90 Carter J T 

Miss Charlotte 
l i Fleming Joseph 

ith Sidney 
1"4 Sri-ley Johu G 
106 Thorn a k W 

y A F. oontr 

oil Hamilton X 
nan Harry 

114 Sliehter Edmund 
llti Bonney Robert 
House, s e 

.South Side 

3-3 McGulgan Richard, contr 

: grounds 
.i Thompson James W 

Vacant lots 
Hamilton st Intersects 



mas, kalso- 

^ .v av intersects 

vdeii Thomas H 
~i~ Guest Wm H 

63 Hunt John 

rt H 

69 Si* Ueorge F 

71 Riivli Henry 
73 Sloan Win 
75 Johnson George M 
Private zrouuds 


n.ivid w 

.Ierick T 

S . 1 yp Charles A 
91 S wif- Eiluln J 
! ienry 

d T 

99 Robinson Daniel 
101 Ron.lki r.l C 

Win J 

l,,r We-t ID c, H. pntr 

A. drsmkr 
100 Stevens Wm 
111 Good John 

F.I.LIS, e from 2 Severn la 
to Reynolds, ward 2. 

North Side 

House, s e 
8 Woods Walter 
13 Bupc Wm 

20 DodiiiRton Edward, cnbt- 

South Side 

1 Muff Alfred II 
3 Hurst Samuel F 
5 Rush George W 
7 Walsh, Frank 
House, t e 

ELM. w from 340 Yonge to 
University av, ward 3. 

North Side 

2 Gourley Mrs E, drsmkr 
4 Windeler Wm, shoemkr 
ti Vacant 
8-10 ! \\ m & Co, 

cabinet makers 
Davidson Wm 
12 Andrews W A, pianos 
14-1U Si George s Hall 
St George s Hall Co 
St George s Society, R W 

Barker sec 
R A, Beaver, No 845 
1C A, Canada No 612 
R A, Maple Leaf, No 867 
C O F, Concord, No 420 
C O F. Equity. No 170 
K of M. Fidelity, No 13 
K of P. Amicus, No 20 
Can Home Circles, No 37 
S E, St George 
A O U W. Granite 
Toronto Clinical Society 
Horticultural Society 
Caledonian Society 
C O F, Queen City 
Daughters of England 
A O U W, Capitol 
K O T M. Metropolitan 
K O T M. Star of Card- 

C O F, Eureka. No 27 
A O F. Maid Hope 
City Travellers Assn 
Gardeners and Florists 


Retail Grocers Assn 
Wheeler Chas R. caretkr 
Ionic Lodge, L O L 

\ O J4 

Con; O F 

1822 Y W c A. Miss Martha 

Rogers supt 

Toronto School of Domes- 
tie Science 
St i :ink 

36 Querrie I hlllp 

Querrle Mrs Mary J, bdg 
Methodist Church 
48 II- -uas 

50 Quackenbush Wm 

Quackenbush Mrs Annie, 

52 Shier W L 

Shier Mrs Eliza J, bdg 
54 PIckard Robert 

I ickard Mr-i Mary J. bdg 
56 Woman s Christian Tem 
perance Union. Mrs M E 
Crawford supt 
Williarcl Frances E, Home 

for Girls 

Can Temperance League 
Can Home Circle, No 30 
Council Boys Brigade 
Ontario Div Sons of Tem 
Crawford Mrs M E 

Teraulay st Intersecti 
5s Staples John, carp 

60 t ngaro Angelo 
C. (i: Mice 

64 Bat.- (. 

Fell izlo 

66 Norman Mrs Elizabeth. 
IK!;; hse 

Norman A B. mus tchr 
68 Henderson Win 
70 Brandon Matthew C 

Barnaby nl Intersects 
72 Gllnnna D mato E G 

Cajarelli Sabastian 
74 Cartwright Mrs Ruth 

Williamson Elmer E 
76 Defoe James 

Drlnkwine Henry 
78 Garamona Francesco 
SO Zuppo L. grinder 
S2 Curry James 

Mandarino Antonio 

Elizabeth st intersect* 
86 Clark Miss Isabella 

88 Trevalll Mrs Catherine 
92 Garrlck Henry 
94 Wilson Thomas 
98 Turner Mrs Mary A 
98V4 Vacant 
lOrt Sam Wing. Indry 
+ Chestnut st Intersects 

Store, s e 
104 Thompson Jo 
104U Flanai::.n Ml.-! 
lOfl Durrnnt Frank 
108 Gage Miss Nellie 
110 Shnttlewortb Mrs Isabel!* 

Ho: W 

112 Orean John 
114 M.-Mamis John P 
116 P..HO. k Mr- Mary 
118 Smith Charles 
120 Virgo Thos J 
122 Dnley Frank T 

+ Centre av intersects 
124 Rynehart J H, ero 
120 Clarke Charles E 
onor Robert H 

ilnor Wm 

134 Adams Wm E 
Synacocue. s e 

South Side 

1 Imperial Medicine Co 
Somers John S. dentist 
Ham Charles H 
1% Arnold Edith S 

Walker .Tesso M. proTS 
3 Burton C W. tlr 

Rranoiere Rocco F 
5 Boddlngton W E. plmbr 
7 Robinson Richard 
9 Logan Miss M, drsmkr 
11 Cavanagh F L. phrenol 
IS Napolitnno F L. mus tchr 
15 I 1 John Tl. btchr 

17 Disciples of Chr, 

Bell Adam, contr, r 
19 Wilson James G 
21 Storey & Co, pntrs 
Storey David J 


Properties FOR SALE in ALL 
PARTS of City and Suburbs 

16 & 18 ADELAIDE ST. E. 







23 Jackson James S 

Jackson Mrs M J, bdg 
25 McArthur Charles 
Hedderson George, r 
Howell Joseph W, r 
27 Jarrett Mrs Mary C, bag 
29 Bolton Henry 
31 Morrison Thomas 

Morrison Mrs Mary, bdg 
33 Wood Wm P 
35 Johnston James M, phy 
37 Lawrence Ernest 
39 Beatty Mrs Elizabeth 
43 Lauria Rocco, mus tchr 
45-47 Yorkville Laundry 

Falser Mrs Susan 
49 Labatt John, bottling wks 
49% Fuller Alexander H 
51 Robinson Mrs M 
53 Cunningham Hugh 
* Teraulay st Intersects 
55 Adams J G, dentist 
67 Gllonna Vlncenzo 

Gllonna Marlseano. or- 


Marlseauo Domlnlck 
59 Seitz John J 
61 Wanless Duncan McG 

Wanless Mrs Ellen, bdg 
63 Donell Wm 
65 Godfrey Mrs Mary 
67 Caromonl Joseph 
69 Jenoves Giovanni 
"1 D Alesandro James 
+ Barnaby pi intersects 

Grace Church 
79-81 Sweet Bros, gros 

Sweet George F 
+ Elizabeth st intersects 
87 House of Industry, Arthur 

Laughlen supt 
+ ChestnnC st intersects 
93 Riuelln .Tamos, gro 
Mumfrado Domiiiirk 
Paollno R, mus tchr 
Basso Michele 
95 Comllli F, fruit 
97 Calcagno Glcnseppe 
99 Murley James 
101 Branciere Paul, mus tchr 
103 Moroni Rocco 
105 Casciato Enrico 
107 Jones Robert 
109 Sliun Wm 
111 Weilwood John 
113 Abbott Charles 

+ Centre av intersects 
115-119 Davis Frank, liquors 
121 Cuthbert Wm 
123 Frier Robert H 
125 Drake Samuel 
127 Guiffre Motto 
129 Pettigrew Miss Sarah 

ELM AV, e from w of Hunt- 
ley to Nauton cres, ward 2. 

North Side 

2 Warren Win A 
8 Moss John 

Huntley st intersects 
10 Ryan Mrs Margaret 
14 Johnston Wm R, Jr 
16 Alley Wni S 

18 Drayton H L 

20 Davies Mrs Mary E 

Vacant Jots 
+ Sherbourne st n intersects 

House, s e 
44 Mace George A 
46 Blaikie George W 
50 O Hara Henry 
52 Thomas Arnold W 
+ Dunbar rd commences 
54 McAndrew John 
Vacant lots 

Glen rd Intersects 
Vacant lots 

76 Taylor Win D 
78 Gamble Harry D 
80 Gordon Stewart 
+ Beau st commences 
Private grounds 

South Side 

I Brodie Mrs Johanna S 
3 Haney Michael J 

Hunt s? st Intersects 

5 Cawthra Mrs Charlotte 
7 Wiltshiiv Win 

II Larkin IVter C 

+ Junction of Sherbourne n 
and Maple av 

House, s e 

Rear entrances 

Vacant lots 
49 Francis Charles H 
51 Collinson Wm H 
53 Blachford Arthur W 
55 Hay Edward 
57 Lumsden George E 

House, s e 
+ Glen rd intersects 

House, s e 

House, r e 
93 Durham John II C 

House, s e 

ELM GROVE, n from 128G 
King w to Queen w, ward 6. 

East Side 

House, s e 
5 Allen Thomas B 

Hart Victor E 
7 Mnhouy Mrs C 
U McLaughlin James 
11 Lennox Isaac, bldr 
13 Kevell Herbert W 
15 Izzard Wm G 
17 Ingles Kev Charles L 
19 Tough Robert J 
21 Hall Samuel E 
23 Arnett Lewis R 
25 Gilehrist David 
27 Swinarton Albert T 
29 Miller Edward T 
31 Gutthrey Hlchard 11 
33 Thomas Mrs R 

House, s e 

Melbourne av intersects 
New Jerusalem Church 
47 Hyatt Rev Edward S 
49 Phillips James 
51 Wright Lewis 
53 Mitchell Samuel D 
55 Bryce James Q 
57 Adams Richard H 
59 Mack Mrs F K, drsmkr 

61 Vacant 

+ Elm (irove pi commences 
63 Macdonald Heury E 
65 Hunt Robert E 
69 Harris C R, dairy 
71 Barnes James 

73 Harrison Miss A. bdg use 
75-77 Parkdale Cigar Co 

79 Torrance Peter 
83 Cartel- Augustus H 
Bank, s e 

West Side 

House, s e 
4 Harcourt Richard 
6 Kopus Frederick W 
12 Marter George F 
18 Knos .Tames Jl : 
22 O Neil J.imes K 

O Nell Miss P, elocutionist 
24 Duff Alexapfler 

House, s e 
+ Melbourne av"mt"ersects 

House, s e 
46 Hughes Wm C 
48 Doney James 
50 Webster G N, prop med 
52 Ross Thomas 
54 Hammond Alfred 
56 Noble Christopher 
58 Maltland James M 
60 Wilcox T Albert 

62 Clayton Miss E, drsmkr 
64 Pierce Wm E 

G6 McArthur John 
68 Stlnson Joseph 

74 Tooth Wm B 

78 McHardy John, bldr 


88 Crowhm-st Miss M, drs 

Turner Miss A, drsmkr 

Store, s e 

ELM GROVE PL, e from 61 
Elm Grove. 

East Side 

4 Williamson Richard W 
fi Shannon Mrs Catherine 
(1 I .askerville James 

West Side 

Rear entrances 

ELM PL. e from 163 Teran- 
lay, ward 3. 

North Side 

Rear entrances 
South Side 

1 Hider Wm G 

2 O Leary John 

3 Smerdon J W B 

4 Veysey Edward N 

5 Vacant 

ELMER AV, n from 1926 
Queen e to city limits, 
ward 1. 

East Side 

7 Wheatley Thomas 
9 Dolison George II 

13 Tutty Wm 

West Side 

Store, a e 

8 Belham George 
20 Reeve Henry J 

24 Bell Wm, excavator 
26 Whitby Albert W 
28 Richards A J H 

KLMSLEY PL, n from 90 St 

Joseph, ward 3. 
East Side 

1 Ross Hon Geo W 
3 Chalcraft Wm E 
5 Dewart H Hartley 

13 Elmsley Remy 
West Side 

2 Greenshlelds Miss Julia 
6 Jones Alphonsr F 

8 Chaffee H Foster 
10 Patterson A D, artist 

ELSIE AV. n from Ernest 
av, first w of Perth, ward 

Not built on 

EMILY, n from 152 Welling 
ton w to King w, ward 3. 

Kast Side 

Factory, s e 
11 Glenday Alexander N 
21 Lawson Miss Minnie 
23 Wilson Mrs Amy 
25 Law Mrs Louisa 
Store, s e 

West Side 

St Andrew s Church, s e 

EMMERSON AV, n from 
Bloor w to city limits, third 
w of Dufferln, ward 6. 

East Side 

5 Todd Win V 

Todd Valent E, artist 
Private grounds 
11 Todd Arthur C 
13 Wilson Alexander 
+ Paton st intersects 

Vacant lots 
91 Reed Wm. contr 
93 Lawson Robert 

Wallace av Intersects 
Vacant lots to end 

West Side 

4 Sanderson Rev Joseph K 
Sanderson Miss M M, 
mus tchr 

6 Peoples James 

I aton st intersects 

Wallace av intersects 
Vacant lots to end 

EMPRESS CRES, w from e 
of Dunn av to Dowllng av, 
lirst s of ry track, ward 6. 

North Side 

Vacant lots 
16 Forgie Royce W 
20 Pike Eliel E 
22 Bennett Burton H 
24 Johnston George W 
26 Olmsted Samuel R 
28 Telfer Frederick J 
30 Cavanagh Alexander 
32 Dlxon Frederick E 
+ Dunn av intersects 
34 Challenger George P 
36 Frld John E 

38 McCarthy Mrs M F 
40 Gross James F 

Vacant lots 
46 Nicol Mrs Helen 
48 Somerville Frank L 
50 Vacant 
52 Clarke Robert 
54 Dunlop Charles J A 
58 Paull Arthur C 

Vacant lots 
72 Harrington G T 
74 Atkey Alfred, mining brkr 
78 Roberts Percy 
80 Patterson Wm J 

House, s e 

+ Jameson av Intersects 
84 Ross Andrew G 

Vacant lots 
116 Hill John B T 
118 Faulds Edward 
120 Armitage ITuomas W 
122 Glanelli Alfred W H 
124 Gray Wm T 
126 Hughes John 
128 Webster Wm O 
132 White Mrs A G II 

South Side 

11 Griffin John 

13 Hodcena George 

Vacant lots 
+ Dunn av intersects 
House, s e 
Vacant lots 
41 Waller Wallace 
43 Wilkie Rev John 

House, s e 
+ Starr av ends 

Vacant lots 

+ Jameson av Intersects 
House, s e 
Vacant lots 

121 Pendergast George T 
123 Pearson John A 

Pape av to Jones av, sec 
ond s of Danforth av, ward 

North Ride 

118 Kennard Alfred 
138 Leamen John 
152 Austin Edward P 
156 Potter Benjamin 

Church, s e 
south Side 

25 Reed George R 

27 Deans Snmnel 

41 Bonus Thomas J 

ERIE, s from 475 D.mdas to 
r of 401 D iffer .n. ward 6. 

Ea;t Side 

House. ? e 
1 Moore T _>svid Y 

West S!de 

Not built on 

ERIN, n from 340 Front e 
to King e, ward 2. 

East Side 

3 Rlley Edward, packing 

Church and school, 8 e 

West Side 

House, s e 
12 Riley Edward 
14 Pepper Robert 

Derby st ends 
House, s e 

ERNEST AV, w from Sym 
ington av to GTR. first I 
ofWallace av, ward 6. 

North Side 

Store, s e 

I erth av Intersects 
Methodist Church 

Elsie av commences 

..T South Side 

Not built on 

foot of Yonge to Don sta 
tion, wards 2 and 3, 

North Side 

GTR bonded freight de 
pot, a e 



HOME LIFE BUILDING, 56 and 58 Victoria St. 
Telephone Main 2265 

S. C. CURRY, Architect 90 YONGE ST. 

TelenhnnA Main 194T 

Telephone Main 1237 


Euclid Av. 


Fruit market, i e 

.- iumences 
3i Draper Henry 

34 Harvey Alexander P 
36-38 Can Produce Co 
40 Ryan Mrs Margaret 

42 Canada lee Co 

Mum Mi. t<>r & Mach Co 
54 Moi-kwfll S. blksmth 


Greey \V & J G. a e 
+ Church st commences 
SO Tymon A J, hotel 

80 Vi. 

lunar la commence* 
lOu Watson Robert Co, r e 

it freight office 

ernment Hide Inspec 
tion store 
Thompson E A, hide 

118 Ontario Lime Association, 

builders supplies 
^W.~t Market st Intersects 
St Lawrence Market 

(new), r e 

^Jarvis ft Intersects 
Hough Lithe Co, a e 
Reid George & Co, ware 
,ut lots 

George st commences 
158 Williams Itros & Co, e e 
162 Kuddeu James, poultry 
164 Williams II & Co, yard 

Lumber yard 
176 City Morgue 

Frederick st commences 
Tor Railway buildings, s e 

+ Sherbourne st commence! 
22S Hums P & Co. coal 
+ Princess st commences 

Lumber yard 

Queen City Oil Co s yard 

Factory, s e 

Foundry, a e 
+ Berkeley st commences 

GTK freight sheds 

GTH storehouse 

Paterson Bros, warehouse 
+ Parliament st Intersects 

Goodcrham & Worts, s e 
^ Trinity st commences 

Gooderham & Worts, s e 

Chei . v it c immences 
Car shops. GTR 
Customs office, Don stn 
Don station, GTR 

South Side 

Milnes James H & Co, 

^ Foot of Scott 

Tor Elec Light Co, pow 
er house 

Tor Elec Light Co, store 

43 Lake Simcoe Ice Supply 


Dickson & Eddy, coal 
Selby Robert 

Foot of Church 
Church st wharf 
Sylvester Bros, wharfage 
Conger Coal Co s wharf 
Coal storehouse 
Rogers Ellas & Co. coal 
Grenadier Ice & Coal Co 
Belle Ewart Ice Co 

lee h 

63 Reid & Brown, foundry 
67 Wilson C & Son, Ltd, 
scale mfrs 

onndry Co 

West Market st intersects 


Beard s wharf 
V Jarvis st intersects 

Brltnell & Co, s e 

Vacant lots 

Vacant building 

Brown & Love, stone 
79 Grant Geo W & Co. oils 

Dom Cement Paint Roof- 
Ing Co, r 

^ acnnt shops 

Ice houses, r 

81 Vacant 
Knickerbocker Ice Co, 

storehouse, r 
White John, r 
Free Baths 

Vacant office and wharf 

Foot of George 
Corporation dock 
CPU wharf 

Corporation storekpr i of 

Foot of Frederick 
Poison Iron Works, boil 

Canadian Heine Safety 
Boiler Co 

it of Sherbonrne 
Cameron Alex 
Simmons Thomas W 
Warlu & Jackson, boat 


Vacant wharf 
Burns P & Co, stables 

and docks 

iot of 1 rlncess 

Brown Alexander Milling 

a n 1 Co 

Wilson Mrs Annie 
Feeney Thomas 
Rogers Ellas & Co s dock 

IT & Arnot. contrs 
Reid & Co. lumber 

I oot of Berkeley 
Paterson Mfg Co, factory 
Beck C Mfg Co Ltd, e 

^ Parliament st Intersects 
Gooderham & Worts, ele 
GTR lumber yard 

Foot of Trinity 
GTR lumber yard 

Foot of Cherry 

Yonn to Union Station, 
ward 3. 

North Side 

Customs examining ware 

Mechanical engineer s of 
fice for Doin bldgs 
Customs Express Dent 
50 Drydi ii T H & A. mactu 
Llnd- J. pulleys 

i Frank A & Co, 
Warehouse, r 
Flour mill, a e 

Bay st Intersects 

Coffeo & Spice Co, s e 
66 Storage warehouse 

Black A, picture frames, r 
Eckardt Casket Co, a e 
Lumber yard 

Co, factory 
88 i: .>rge 

+ Lome st commences 
Dom Trans Co, stables 
"Williams A R, r e 

York st bridge 
South Side 

Yonge st wharf 
City Park 
^ Bay st intersects 
Cobban Mfg Co. r e 
Switch house. GTR 

ESSEX, w from 174 Christie, 
third n of Bloor, ward 5. 

North Side 

Store, s e 
8 Vacant stable 
10 Brock David 
16 England Wm 
18 Calder Miss Margaret 
20 Fraser George A 

Vacant lots 
30 Wood Thomas W 
Vacant lots 

40 Cleary Mrs Cinderella 

42 Ralph Robert 

ant lots 

52 Wells Wm H 
Vacant lots 
Essex St School 
62 Boles Charles 

South Side 

1 Churly Abel, blksmlth 

Vacant lots 
13 Rutland Sinclair A 

Private grounds 
23 Kennett Harry 
Vacant lots 

41 Vacant 

43 Winslow David 

47 Ferterley Nathaniel P 

49 Baker Thomas 
Vacant lots 

50 Booth Frank E 

61 Gamer Joseph jr 
63 Garner Joseph 

ESTHER, n from Farley ay, 
opp St Andrew s Market, 
to St Patrick, ward 4. 


1 Va 
Bank, s .- 

Q ! isects 

15 Armstrong 


2.! Brauud James E 

rj I 

idlay John 
I Ro-iert 


43 Le Francois Charles 

-in Miss Annie, r 
Sto: . r 

45 Roche John H 

49 Murvyii j : .i 
51 O>n\\ay \\ m J 

Bain Mrs Caroline, r 
53 Wilson Andrew 

M. r 
55 Balfour Thomas L 

Ullng Ralph W 
57 U: -arah 

59 McDonald Janies 
59>4 Smith Charles 
ill Coolahan Joseph 
61% Vacant 

Mahon Joshua 
63V i -" F 

U". Reardon Mrs Eli/ 

Flood John, r 
67 Ingle Robert 

<J [>h G, r 

60 Howard George 
71 Green Oliver 
7:i llrent Geori; 

7.7> Davis Alfred 

77 Townsend Mrs Elizabeth 

77V4 Burns Wm 

V .l Harvey John 


83 Kerr Joseph 

85 Hlnnenkani i Frederick fc; 

87 Medean Nfrs Elizabeth 

89 Jose Wm 

ijlery Charles H 
93 McQuillan H J 

95 Wilkes Mrs Theresa 

97 Armstrong James 

99 Vacant 

101 Bulger Michael J 
103 McCrimmon Mrs Janet 
105 Williamson A R, gro 

Grange av intersects 
House, s e 

113 Tttherington Mrs S 

115 Donn James R 

117 Glass Wm 

119 Baird Mrs M A 

121 Osborne Mrs M J 

123 Cook Richard 

32.. McCauley Hugh J 

127 Lester John 

12!> Mannell Mrs Rebecca 

131 Spown Edward 

133 Campbell Herbert J 

135 Webb Frederick 

137 Adshead T R, fruits 

West Side 

2-6 Sawdon John, tinner 
8 Clougherty Patrick J 
Hotel, s e 

Queen st w Intersects 
Store, s e 

12 Latimer Wesley 
14 Mitchell Mrs Ella 

16 Davis George T 

18 Trayllug Albert F 
18% Harwood Wm G 
20 Thornton Mrs C V 

Dunn James H 
22 Heyd Jacob C 
22M, Howell George 

Woolsley st commences 
24 Ferris Henry E 

26 Josslin John B 
28 Gilkinson Wm 

30 Cooper Henry J 

IfcKenzle .lames 8 
-I Mitch, -li W: 

Crawford Mrs M, nurse 
36 Newnham George 
38 Belyea Isaac 
40 Issell J Thomas 
42 Graham Thomas 
44 Hollowed De Witt C 
46 Turner Wm 
48 Turner Ambrose 
60 Hodglns Thomas 
."- Henderson John 
54 Henderson Wm J 
56 Christopher James C 
58 Overend Harry 
4> Carr st commences 
60 Ryan Thomas, liquors 
ivj Hudson Thomas 
64 Conlson Francis N 
66 Neal Albert S 
68 McQueen Mrs Margaret 
70 Sharp Francis 
72 Hubbard Alexander M 
74 Munhall John 
76 Gllmore David 
78 Barker John 
80 Davies Mrs May 
82 Poynts George 
M Myers Wm A 
86 Boardman George A 
88 Phillips Wm H 
90 Cnllen Walter 

i uerk Frank A 
94 Dowson Mrs Clara 
96 Martin Frank 
104 Hayden Patrick T 

Hughes Mrs C, nurse 
Grange av Intersects 
106 Salvation Army Barrackt 
108 Imperial Granite Co 
110 Deans Alexander 
112 MePherson Charles B 
114 Gray Robert 
116 Smith Lister G 
118 Fletcher Henry, dairy 
ll!0 Hanwell Wm J 
122 Bowerbank George A 
124 Bertram Wm G 
126 Montgomery .Tames A 
128 Breakey Edward 
130 Malone James 
132 Paterson Joseph O 
Vacant lot 

ETHEL AV, w from Frank 
lin to GTR. second n of 
Royce av, ward 6. 

Not built on 

EUCLID AV. n from 684 
Queen w to Follls av, ward 

East Side 

1 Store, s e 

nahan John, shoemkr 
9 Surphlts Richard 
11 Mundy Mrs Florence 
13 Honeywell John A 
l.i Morom Herbert 
17 Telfer Alexander 
Euclid pi commences 
19 Rolston Wm H. bldr 
21 Murphy Daniel 
23 MePherson A A 
25 Harfield Mrs Emma S 

Kerslake Wm 
27 Wray James 
29 Speer Rev James C 
31 Watson Richard H 


High Grade Vault, School and Office Furniture 
TORONTO, OXT. (77 Bay St.) Factories: NEWMARKET, ONT. 


Accident Insurance 

The ONTARIO Accident Insurance Co, 



Euclid Av. 

33 Warrincr Robert C 
33 Caswell George C 

Caswell Miss M A, dress 

37 Henderson J W, cattle 
39 Kirk Wm 
39% Bennett John J 
41 Black Wm 

House, s e 
+ Robinson st Intersects 

Store, s e 

61-3 Calllcott Thomas, gro 
67 McConuell James 
69 Walker John H 

Vacant lot 

75 Rayniore Mrs E A 
77 Moore David 
79 Slmser Philip 
81 Valentine Thomas A 
83 Newman Daniel 
S. i Bailey Joseph 
87 Blea James E 
89 Pierce Wm 

Ellery Thomas, r 
91 Clark Frederick 
93 Cochrane Lemuel 
95 Callls Thomas 
97 Taylor James 
09 Lawrie Charles 
101 Daley Ja*mes B 
103 Royle Mrs M A 
107 Forster Robert B 

100 Wardell John C 

111 Oswald Mrs Margaret 
113 Dunnett Charles C 
115 -Moodland Harry 
117 Gaskins Alfred 

Lumber yard 
123 Jose Thomas 
127 McXalr Samuel 
131 Morrison Alfred 
133 Blackwell Jnmos 
135 Beaton Colin C 
137 McGlnnis John 
130 Goddard John, eontr 
143 Stiitehbury Mrs Emily 
US ^ iildleton A G 
147 Curran A J 
149 BarT Miss Ellen 
151 Wilkinson Mrs Nettle 

Hope Jospph. r 
153 Hnrris Henry 
155 MeGowan Jnmos 

Heaney John Jr, r 
157 Parnsdale T E 
159 Landon Cliarlps W 
161 Strickland A W. bldr 

Strickland Miss E G, 

163 Roadhonsp Georee W 

Clark Miss J. drsmkr 
165 Smimiorville Wm 
167 Kerr James 
171 Ferriman Albert 
173 Coloman Edwin C 
175 M, -Lilian John F 
177 Jo.ssop Mrs Ann J 
183 Llndsey Mrs E J 
I 1 -.", I.enanl Mrs Ellen 
187 Hill Wm G 
1R! Connor Richard 

101 Slawson Wm 
103 Cnlcmnn Fred J 

107 Johnson Mrs Annie E 
199 Sparks Francis 
10<yu, Cahoon A. pntr 
2m Shankland Win 
203 Fletcher W J. phy 
205 nviimmond Mrs M. gro 

Klrkland Samuel B 
on-i/, Rtrnthprs J w. drugs 
207 Corner Wm J. shoemkr 

+ Arthur st Intersects 
2"0 Arl.nmson A & J. btchrs 

Adamson Alexander D 
211 c.iies Joseph 
213 WlnteriiPld James 
215 Corner Wm J 
217 Wilson Wm R 
210 Cannon Frp<l"rlck 

! "M 

Kerry Mrs Mary A 

nnox Keu in-.M 
22! P Durham F B. pnlr 
231 Franks Hpnry. eontr 
235 Strincer Thnmas 
mpton Janes F 
Hampton Miss L.mns tchr 
241 Truax Mrs Anna, mus 

245 McDougall Dpugal 

.M -l onfall Miss Margaret 

247 Larkin Frank 

249 Cook Mrs Susan 

251 Hill Robert H 

253 Bakewell Henry 

257 Larter Walter, dairy 

25 J Weaver Joseph 

261 Delaney Wm 
Private grounds 

2fi5 Peeler John, eontr 

267 Van W^ck Archibald 

269 Hinder Frederick R 

271 Phalr Thomas 

273 Orange Hall 

275 Colby Wm 

277 Abbott Mrs Maria 

279 Gould Thomas 

281 Corln Frank 

283 Maddocks John 

285 Taylor Mrs Emma, gro 
Taylor John 

2S7 Mepham Walter A 

289 Plrrle John R 

201 Stephen James, bldr 

293 Rutherford Alexander 

295 Eversfleld Thomas 

297 Clarke John 

200 Eversfield Harry 

301 Letterer Christopher 

305 Coulter Joseph 

307 Izzard Mrs E F 

309 Milne John 

311 Dnffus T W 

311% Cook Ernest 

313 Goddlnjr Wm 

315 Powell Mrs Am 

317 Cole Robert 

319 Ovens Wm 

321 Foord Richard J, pntt 
323 Shepard Thomas 
325 Ransom Wm F 
327 Faulkner Wm J 

320 Sharp Thomas 
333 Dnnn Robert N 
:;:;:. M<<;,i\\;u\ Thomas 
339 Nichols John 

Nichols Thomas, mus tchr 
341 Chater John W 
" I" Savagp John K 
."15 Foot Jeffrey 
347 Gibson John W 
347% Hall Edwin B 
349 Creed Albert E 
349% Couturie Louis 
351 Wilcox Mrs S J 
353 Swanzey James 

Swanzev Miss A, mus tchr 
355 Graham David S 
357 Mackenzie Wm A 
359 Watts Arundell P 
361 Pudifln Wm, builder 
363 Clement Wm A 
365 Reid T lOmuierson 
367 Dixon Obadlah 

Vacant lots 
College st Intersects 

Vacant lots 
417 Williams Wm 
419 Watts Arundel P 
4iM Snyder Miss A. elocu 

423 Flynn Henry T 
125 McBridp- Henry 
127 Appleirath A W 
429 Fox John J 
431 Harper Wm 
433 Porter Miss Jane 
435 Holmes Frederick, bldr 
437 Hollingsworth Samuel 
439 Young James 
441 Grew Frank 
445 Moreland A J 
447 Tyerman David. paper- 

449 Pattlson Philip M 
451 Ilodiriiis Tliomas II 
15:; i JriTiip Henrv V 
45.> Copeland Chas M 
4.~.7 Smithctr Charles E B 
459 Thompson George C 
-H tl Iji-eari-il \Vilsou H 
463 Lawrence Wm 
465 Wool) Arthur A 
liili [ iiflnlshed house 
471 Vnfinished h 
17. ! Vacant 
475 I ar^oas Kn- 

477 Brown Peter 

47!i Paion Mrs Annie 
470% O Connor Wm 

481 Nixon James 
483 Digby Wm 
485 Butler Frederick T 
487 Hayes Mrs Amy 
489 Heakes Frank K 

Vacant lots 
495 Young Wm 
497 Thomas George M 
409 Ilurd Horace II 
501 Hewson Frank A 

Vacant lots 
513 Graydon John 
515 Marshall George W 
517 Gardner Wm 
519 Campbell John 
521 Macfarlane Malcolm 
523 Brown Rev John G 
^ Ulster st intersects 

Vacant lots 
553 Peterson M H 
555 Hill Edward C 
557 Meek Edward 

UnBnished houses (2) 
Bloor st w Intersects 
691 Coates H W, carriage mkr 
6il3 Gardiner Henry 
695 Donkln Charles 
697 Bennett Win 
699 Hamilton Mrs Jane 
701 Seymour Thomas 
703 Hart Albert II 

Vacant lots 

715 Crawford Lawrence 
717 Soper Mrs Maria 
710 Brown low Win 
723 Davey Robert W 
+ London st Intersects 

House, s e 
725 Lowen Barnard 
727 Amies John, shoemkr 
731 Wilson Moses A 

Private grounds 
741 Farrell Wm 

Vacant lots 
759 Elliott Wm 
761 Ilelson George II 
763 Fox Charles J 
765 Miles Robert A 
767 Hunt George Ha court 
769 Anderson Ueorge R 
^ Barton .riv. intersects 

House, s e 
777 Reid Thomas 
779 Eluor Harry 

Private grounds 
787 Carruthers Mrs M J 
793 Edwards Mrs Elizabeth 
7115 Calhoun Charles 
797 Suter Alfred E 
709 Hurry F W, publr 
801 Grigsby Charles, florist 

Fret we ll Harry, r 
803 Hardman Henry 
805 Simpson Wm 
soT llardm. n Mrs Margaret 

Wood John, eontr 

SIT Howard Henry L 

West Side 

Store, s e 

10 Watson Albert D, phy 
12 Buyd George E 
14 Lawrence George 
10 Plaxton Edward 
18 Crowe George 
20 Hall Wm 
22-2U Cudmorc George F, 


2S Thompson John W 
82 I.uby Michael 
:!4 .laekson Miss Elizabeth 
36 McCulloch Wm 
38 McCrohan James 
40 Pudney Sydney H 
44 Denning Mrs Mary 

Private ^rounds 
is ]l;iuil Charles II 
50 Swift Mrs Eliza 
Private (round! 
58 Wljrhtinan C C 
Miller John W 
Bryant Wm 

* Robinson st intersects 
62 Wlnfleld Mrs E. gro 
Wlnfleld Geo, dairy 
64 Adams Win 
G(l Marriott Edmund 
i;s l.aukin Win 
TO iii-uvp Gi orijo A 
72 I.lehtliar chas N 
T4 Newromlir Richard 

76 Rowan Patrick J 

78 Barker Joseph 

80 Cameron James A 

82 Miles John J 

SO O Reilly Wm 
Bain John, dairy 
Oliver Robert, r 

90 Carrie Mrs Mary 
Beddow James, r 

02 Shaw Daniel A 

04 Beers Edmund 

06 Xorrls Wm 

08 Norris Alfred C 
100 Furlong James 

1U2 Harris John 
104 Yake Nelson 

11 Kj Madill Preston 
108 Lauiont James 
Private grounds 

114 Borrctt Horace W 

116 Ball Edward 

118 Sherwood Thomas P 

120 Harrison Mrs Mary 

122 Murphy Edward 

124 Morrison John M 

12U Cunningham George J 

Cunningham Win J, elect 
128 Bush Wm 

Bush Miss L, drsmkr 

l:Jn Rowan John J 
132 McKlcEan Henry F 
134 O Reilly Mrs M, coufr 

136 Armstrong James 
140-2 Ferguson F J, baker 
144 Shaw John 

Shaw Miss L E, artist 
Lewis Wm H, r 

146 Steele Daniel J 
148 Russell John 
150 Ellis Mrs Mary A 
152 Bulmout Mrs E 

Cummings Mrs M, drs 

154 Bennetts Hoorge H 
150 Gardiner, Frederick 
158 McDonald Mrs Ellen E 
160 McKenzie John 
102 Hewetson John 
164 Tully John 
166 Borrett Frederick J 
168 Smith Arthur W 

Carey Walter, r 
170 Warden Hiram, gro 

Wardell J S. biar 
172 Ferguson Win 
174 Quantz Herbert II 
176 McKnight George 
178 Davis Thomas 
ISO Pattisou James T 

Pattlson Mrs M A, gro 
182 Richardson Alexander 
184 Peart Chester 
18<> Gearlnir Thomas G 
188 Fogarty Thomas 
190 Adamsou A E 
102 Barrett Richard W 
194 Kelly R. chard, exp 
108 Stewart Robert 
200 Silverthorn Mrs M A 
202 Curry David 
-04 Hollir.gshead Miss M, gro 

Arthur st Intersects 
208 Store, s e 
228 Chapman Richard 
2:(0 Easby Mark S 
L :;L Silvester Thomas 
2:i4 Walsh Mrs Dora 
2:i(i dimming John 
2:;s Collbary Mrs Belinda 
240 Barker Frederick 
242 Claxton James 
i 4-i Vacant 
246 Calder Alexander 
248 Warrington Henry W 
218% Taylor John L 
250 Angus Mrs Margaret 

252 Dodgson Mark 
""> I Glass Charles 
-56 Gilihs Herbert 

253 Cooney Wm J 
260 Flaws David 
262 Robertson John 
204 Pinkerton John 
2 .6 Darner John 

2(!C,i/, stiu.<">" Abraham H 
2(i8 Robinson Wm J 
270 Rogerson John 
274 Dunn Mrs Rebecca 
276 Simpson Sidney 
L Ts Jae,,l Isaac L. exp 
280 Coke Harry J 



[ J.M.T. VALVES | 





The JAS. MORRISON Brass Mfg. Co. 





Phone Main 4508 

Farley Av. 


Hillings Mlrhael 

I red 

Brown Thomas M, r 
290 1 n U 

294 lil.l;iiKhur?t Mrs Cath 

300 Harraden Charles 
302 Kiddle . 
304 Male Frederick J 
306 Kully John 
308 Sehadel Wm 

314 H- Mary, gn 
316 Snider James H 

315 Jones Benjamin 
320 Craig James 
322 Wild Thomas 

e Herbert 

326 Santon Douglas B 
828 Harrison George H 
330 Buchanan Thomas 

332 GoudiiT George, pntr 

lay James 
336 Hill Tbomas, shomkr 

333 Smart Joseph T 
340 Colgate Win F 
342 O Connor Thomas 
344 Mills Wm L 

348 Taylor John C 
350 Calow John 

353 Way Sydney S 

354 Y 

356 Crowe Francla W 
358 Pendrlth Georse T 

Vacant lots 
^ College st intersect! 

Vacant lots 
400 Rundle Alhert J. dairy 

.ellan Wm 

404 Melville Roehfort M 
406 r. IB 


410 Bllllnghnrst John 
412 Browu Robert S 
414 Bnley Mrs Caroline 
416 Mvers Emerson B 
418 Dunn Herbert L 
420 Eaton Wm H 

i Prod W 
424 Iliimiit,.,, .1 
426 Evan* Wm T 
428 Morrison Adam 
430 Hleglns James D 
re A"an A 

436 Roberts James D 
438 L .-quhart Charles E 
440 Turner Frederick A 
i 442 Ward Benjamin 
444 Tanner John 

ilmon Hugh C 
nham Robert J 
1 r \. pontr 
454 Watson John B 
458 Lngsdln Charles L 
4.V* Rordans Mrs C M 
<> Tnpper J Rice 

itt James 
lartln Robert H 
| 4ttl Allen Alfred 

! Ore George W 
White Henry T 
I 472 Snelgrove Alfred H 
Vacant lot 

irt Ernest I! 


Cuthbertson Fred H 
rt John 

Walter S 
J86 Law Wm H 


Albert D 

* Intersects 

th T Pnge 

Iorth Miss S L 
Vacant lots 
14 Watts w m R 

Mrs C E 
ish A K 
| 20 Reynolds Miss M <~i 

" l Ml" Laura 
"bber John H 


- , phy 

M:. ;. mus tchr 

Vacant lots 
536 Anderson Jainea 

Harburd st Intersects 

slate lust ground! 
506 Vme Charles A 

;t lots 

Herrlck st luti rsftti 

11 John 

. lupbell Colin 
622 Lane J.tmes M 
r,L t P.rad.-n John 


828 Montgomery Albert B 
vm E 
ley B 


Vacant lot 



y J 

U44 v >ert 

Ol l M 1U>v Harold 

Lennox st intersects 
>;is Harris IM:ird K 
660 Irwln Wm J 


: Charles J 
- W 

;.-ori:e M 
i ward W 

068 Goodall Arthur W 
\rthur D 

71* Kilner K>lw:ir-l 

074 Mi CufTery Ann J 

Vacant lots 

Bloor st w Intersects 
Store, s c 

IS)0 Kelly Win 
692 Hart Watson S 
Vacant lot 

, Hairy 
7". Vacant 
7"4 V 

.vorth Alfred W 
-,,-, ] 

712 Syrett Miss Apnos 
714 LeDrew John M 
7H> Power Win E 
7 is W.,oil .1 It 

Private grounds 

London st Intersects 
732 Kerr Andrew, bkr 
734 Robertson Georpe M 

Ith FrE- < 
738 Mullen Sntnnel 
710 r.riini-o :il (- .lames 
74. Anderson \\ 

Vacant lots 
756 McCnnvey P. wtol btchr 

Vacant lots 
769 Bailey Daniel 
708 Cooper Charles G 

Vacant lots 

Barton av Intersects 
HouJe. s e 

784 Kemp Beverage Co 
Kemp P!tkln G 
idams Wui A 
7!)0 Slia?-,) .]^>h: M 
7f*l Ki-nyon John 

,! Kl Cl, 

ot i 2 V II. g lnr 

-01 1 ippv fjeuree A 
SOS Woodhouse T W J 

Kt i LIl) PL. e from 17 En- 
clld av. iviirii 5. 

North Side 

. s e 

2 Rolston Herbert W 
4 Mnlbolland Isaac 

iirny Mrs Nora 

<?,,mh Sl.le 

1 M:,; ^iird 

3 <" i F 

.", G.nrratt Henry S 

K VANS . v. w from opp 181 

Store, s e 

- > l> k 

t lot 


10 Coath I 

i nes 

14 (illuiore - 
J mmencei 

Store, g e 
1 Bruwn Mrs Jane 
3 Ward l>;nl.; 

7 I 11: n, ! .Tjtr 


III 1 

17 Clarke Thomas 

i:\mnrnox m>. from s 

end of Strarbnn av to Ex 
hibition, wan: 

North Side 

built OD 

S..nth SM,. 

rion commons 
1..7 1 . 

xhlbltlon Park 
173 Langridge John 

FAIUMorXT AV, from w 
of Gladstone av to Duffer- 
In, fourth n of College, 
ward D. 

Not built on 

FARLEY AV, w from 144 
Spadlnn ar to Niagara, 
wards 4 and 5. 

North Side 

Store, a e 

4-6 Britnell G S, blksmlth 
8 Pennell Henry 
in Youni: Stuart 
12-14 muel 

16 Lynn John A 
is Thomson John 
20 H.icking Harry 
22 Little Jackson L 
24 r.ennof 
28 Mrs Ann 
28 Shaw John A 
30 Gulliver Mrs Maggie 

IS l.onis 

40 KcKnlfbt James 

42 Turner Win 

44 I : Mrs Sarah 

Me D vu: i: la commence! 
46 W 

48 Farquh:irson J C 

."o Campbell George C 
52 Dent Wm F 

r.4 v 

66 Little Andrew, coal 

08 Evnngillne Home 

iter S A 
ker Mr~ .lane- 
Vncant yard 
74 Ptenni.- Mrs M J. blksmlth 

Esther st .commences 
Store, s e 

86 Lawrence Alfred C 
88 Harrison Henry J 
90 Wilson Wm J 

HI I I: 

r>4 r 

Fulton MK^ Blanche, drs- 

X Duncan 


104 Humphrey James 
106 Fennell Michael 
112 Mr-Intyre John 
114 Browne Arthur W 

ph T 
Fire Hall No 2. s e 

Portland st interjects 

s e 

11s Little Andrew 


124 Kllloe James 
126 Kaiser J, spring bed mnfr 
Clark J, mattress mufr 
liill Thomas table mfr J 

130 Chlsholm Alexander 
Leonard J 

136 Clements Win 
138 Mitchell Frank 

.n w, gro 
U- - Klavle 

144 Guy Joseph T 

14i > I : bert 

Us Wl.i-o Frederick 

154 Conboy Stonier D 

i John W 
aright Michael 
i 2 1 ufTy Michael J 


166 Singleton Walter 
168 Gange George 
170 Liindrevllle J T, plmbr 

Store, s e 

^Bathurst st intericcti 
Wood y:ird, s e 

186 Donnelley James J 

1 J:iraes 
-herman J: meg 
1.12 Siurdy George 
1!)4 Pickering Mrs Mary 
!> Lizzie, drs- 


108 Walsb Mrs Rose 
200 Collins Patrick 
Utkons Jan , 
206 Kirkness Mrs Elizabeth 
-us Taylor Tli..ina< I 
210 Ruddy Wm 
214 Dr IJarnar 1 loine 

Up! and Downs (quarterly) 
216 Hewlett All- 
- _ i M:ir< !::; 
222 Huff Samuel C 
226 Banks Mrs M dr-mkr 


111 "Mrs Mary A 
i In ol.ald Joseph S 
Store, s e 
Tecumseth st Intersect! 

Baptist Cunrcb 
238 Hodirkinson J W, phy 
2 in i:-pie S.-imuel 
ili-r .lohn 

244 Shcehnn Lawrence 
2l i Kelly John, rnus tchr 
248 MeMullen Snmnel B 
2T>0 Kyan Jeremiah, exp 
-.2 Awde John 
254 Cole Sirs Elizabeth 
2.-.H Jolms n Wm H 
258 Hodge Richard J 
202 11 in, Is > 


2t>: Hamllron Mlohael 
2T.S Mc-Neill Hector 

rk James 

272 IV.iko M^rs Ann 
-~. l r. 

276 Benson Frederick W 
Hlerson George 
i "hn 

284 Tilley John T 
2*6 Craekle Wm 
2^S Wndswortb Mrs Janet 
200 Flnlay Samuel C 
wsard I .d- 

20S Kaiser Joshna 


>ore .Tames C 
:il;irton Mrs Annie 

ton Henry 
Clark Thomas, r 

South Side 

Shop, s e 
r. Whiter Wm J 
7 r.ell Win U. pntr 




Office, - Main 613 
Residence, " 607 

Investment Broker and 
Company Promoter 


9 TORONTO ST. Tel. Main 885 


Farley Av. 


11 Kelley Christopher 
13 Lilley Miss Alice E 
15 Parker Mrs Margaret 
17 Staiubouru Johu 
21 Wakely Chas E 
23 Black Andrew I, 
25 Black Win A 
27 Forster Walter 
29 Parker Thomas 
31 Fryer Frederick 
33 Evans 1 erclval 
35 Gargan Matthew M 
89 Fryer George 
41 Tegart Thomas, gro 

McCabc Mary, r 
43 Jones Win K 

46 Chapman John E 

47 Douglas Alexander 
49 Smith J Coulson 
51 1 emi Frederick 

53 Portland Thomas 

* Brant st ends 
City Weigh Scales 
St Andrew s Market 

+ Maud st ends 

House, s e 

117 Burkuardt Mrs Ann 
119 Grifflu Wm J 

Portland st intersects 
House, s e 

127 Hopkins Kobert E 

129 Tomlin Arthur E 

131 Tifford Allen S 

133 Graham Robert 

135 Tice Bdwln F 

13" Wensley Irvine J 

139 Muryhy Michael 

141 O l.eury 

141 -j O Connor John 

143 Reddle It J 

145 Floyd Mrs Kate 

147 Adams John 

149 Maddigan Thomas 

151 Foley Wm 

153 Goldsmith Mrs Mary 

155 McCleary Robert 

157 Faulkner Mrs Julia 

159-103 Walker 10 C & Sous, 

hat mfrs 

Bedford George, tlr 
1(>1 Madden M J. bldr 
163 Marshall John II 
105 Vammt 

House, s e 
Bathurst st Intersects 

Hotel, s e 
171 Christie James 
Trice George, r 
173 Johnston Mrs A 
175 O Donohoe James 
177 Patterson George 
179 Fraser John D 
181 McGHl George W 
183 Rocamora Mrs Margaret 
185 Fletcher Win 
187 Flower Wm F 
189 Stevens Wm F 
191 Wyld Mrs Mary 
193 Smith John A 
195 Webb Thomas W 
197 Walsh Mrs Charlotte 
Walsh Dlckson, dairy 
199 Young T R 
201 Villiors Robert J 
203 Rnllarn Wm J 
205 Itcvine John 
207 Doyln John 
209 Weokes George 
211 McQuay Mrs Mary 
213 Landrevllle J, cooper 
215 Fin! ay John C 
217 Thomas Alfred 
219 Felton Wm H 
221 Burke Andrew 
223 Smith Nelson F 
22"> McDonald John 
227 PHtoliard Wm 
229 flair George 
231 Black Thomas W, gro 
Tecumselh st Intersects 
233 Dnnlop Joseph, shoemkr 
235 Black T W, rl est 
Bliirk Mrs W. gro 
237 Wililsmlth Edwin 
239 Green Miss Catherine 
241 Mndden Matthew 
243 fami-ron Joshua 
245 Case Jasper 
247 Worthlnpton Mrs M A 
251 Brinkworth Samuel 
253 O Mara Mrs Ellen 

255 Rigncy John 
257 Peay Walter 
259 McCarthy John 
261 Brennau Frank 
263 Simmons Wm E, bldr 
2U5 Murphy John 
207 Balrd Harry E 
269 Hickey Thomas J 
271 Scollon Michael 
273 Jacques James 
275 Doyle John J 
277 Young Win C 
279 Dunlop Herbert 
281 Farquhar Allan 
283 Jordan James 
285 Cochrane Abraham 
287 Smith Frederick R 
289 Peake John W R 
291 Brown Abner H, pntr 
293 Brown George J 
295 Little Jonathan 
297 Lowe John H 
299 Morrison James 
301 Chcsher Alfred J 
303 Edis Henry, pntr 
305 McKittrick Mrs Ellen 
307 Wilson Reuben 
Thompson James 

from 100 Esplanade e to 
Front e, ward 2. 

East Side 

Warehouse, s e 

West Side 

Machine shop, s e 

FEE S PL, e from 57 Sumach, 

ward 1. 

North Side 

House, s e 
South Side 

1 Rhodes John 

3 Squires Loiei 

5 Chambers James 

7 Cotey Joseph 

9 Brophey Robert J 

FELSTED, e from Greenwood 
av, second s of Danforth av, 
ward 1. 

Not built on 

FENNINGS, n from 1006 
Queen w to Humbert av, 
ward 5. 

East Side 

Store, s e 

3 Vacant yard and office 
5 Everett Mrs Anna 
7 Eager Mrs Mary J 
9 Thompson Robert 
11 Mayuard George 

Maynard Mrs Dorothy, 


13 Armstrong Wm, phy 
15 Tracoy James 
17 Median John 

19 McCoy Charles P 
21 Booth Wm I 

2:! Finnic Benjamin B B 
25 Moore John 
21 Shnw John 

20 GoilUin Edwin 
31 Lukey Robert 
33 Barnes John 
35 Douglas James 
37 Evans T Arnold 
39 Matthews John J 
41 Little John 

43 Jones Henry 

45 Bedford Wm T 

47 Shaw Matthew 

4 J Watson J George 

51 Worth Samuel 

53 Add I son James II 

55 Williamson George N 

57 Finnic Archibald 

59 Hill George A 

61 Wass Charles E 

63 Johns Stephen W 

West Side 

Store, s e 

2 Mndden Michael J 

4 Higham Thomas 

(i Smith Mrs Annie 

8 Brodle Frederick 

10 Eaton Wm, bldr 

12 Gilbreath Hugh 

14 Lock David J 

10 Mahar Matthew 

18 Legg James G 

20 Steward James B 

22 Gellnas Joseph O 

24 Moore Wm H 

26 Campbell Mrs Amelia 

2.S Latchford Joseph W 

30 Britton Wm 

32 Vacant 

34 Sexton Joseph S 

30 Souster Johu 

38 Plow James 

4(1 Ewart Jaines 

42 Osier Wm J 

44 Pierce Wm U 

4(1 Reid John 

48 Hendry Mrs Ann 

50 Hendry Edwin A 

52 Beaumont Wm 

54 Montgomery Benjamin D 

59 Allen Kobert 

58 Gilbreath John 

i;u Williams Wilmer F 

62 Smith Walter o 

Smith Mrs B M, gro_ 

FENNINGS, now Balrd av, 
ward 1. 

FENWICK AV, s from Dan 
forth av, first e of Logan av, 
ward 1. 

East Side 

10 Ewart James 
12 Norris Joseph 

West Side 

Not built on 

240 Soraurcn av to Rouces- 
valles av. ward 6. 
North Side 

York County Loan Co 
South Side 

House, s e 
11 Maywood Hilyard 

Bentley James L 
13 Coulter Joseph 
15 Stratford Charles 
17 Rogers Wm J 
19 Meehan John J 
21 Neale Wm 
31 Nlcol Edward 
33 Edmondson Robert 
97 Rough John W 
99 Campbell John 

Vacant lots to end 

FERN AV, w from 194 Mac- 
dounell av to Sunnyslde av, 
ward 6. 

North Side 

Vacant lota 
8 Earl Edward J 

12 Gcjrinan Henry 

14 dimming James 

16 Mearns John 

20 Thompson Robert J 

24 Mn v wood Wm 

26 Macdonald John J 

28 Rainey Edward 

30 Ogllvie Alexander 

:i3 Noble James 

34 Phillips T Henry 
36 Noble John F 
38 Lee Albert 

44 Durle George 

46 Hubbard Jonn 
48 Logan Wm J 
52 Moore. Samuel H 
,->4 Radollve John R 
56 Cunningham J J 
58 Weadick Jaines A 
60 Woodcock Mrs Jane 
Presbyterian Church 
+ Sorauren av intersect* 

Store, s e 

74 Mellish Frank D 
76 Matthews Charles 
78 Goldstein Alfred 
80 Scott Charles W 
86 Frame Samuel 
94 Best James W 

96 Brumpton Wm 
98 Clinkunbroomer Wm H 
100 Neil John F 
102 Harris James 
1O4 Roberts Edward 
106 Gamble Joshua C 
108 Vacant 
110 Shelley Joseph J 
1I Gibson Johu 
118 Vacant 
120 Vacant 
122 Baker Joseph 
Public school 
South Side 

House, s e 

1 Crulckshank George H 
3 Lowes John W 
7 Gray Albert A 

II Read Charles A 

13 Sherlock Richard T 
15 Douglas James 
17 Irvine Robert A 

Vacant lots 
31 Stafford N W 
33 Vacant 
35 Black Walter 

Va<-nnt U>ts 
49 Irvine David 
51 Stainhouse Harvey 
53 Clark Hector M 
59 Bickmore Frederick 
61 Rabjohus Mrs Lillian 

Store, s e 
Sorauren av Intersects 

House, s e 
83 Stewart Kennedy 

Vacant lots 
101 Dodds Wm J 
103 Bell James S 
105 Grlmshaw George 
107 Halsey James F 
109 Taylor Wm 

III Weir Richard 
113 Goold James E 
115 Gould Wm 

117 Nesbitt Wm A 
123 Mackle Robert 

Vacant lots to end 

FIFE, now L-ixton av, ward 

FIRST AV. e from Broadview 
av to GTR, first s of Ger- 
rard e, ward 1. 

North Side 

Vacant lots 
2 Jefferles W : m 
4 Breyfoyle Wm R 
6 Corson Joseph W 
8 Orr Wm 
14 McGill Thomas 
16 Morehouse George W, bldr 
Morehouse Bertram H, 


18 Devitt Wm 
20 Harrison Wm 

Williamson Miss R, dress 

22 Lees Richard D 
24 Jones Alonzo W 
2rt Preston Byron 
28 Twigg John T 
30 Trail! James 
32 Smith Thomas 
34 Vacant 
36 Morrow Joel W 

Vacant lots 
52 McFarlane George 
54 Weston Mrs Maria 
56 Murray Daniel 

Murray Miss H, drsmki 
58 Russell John, bag mkr 
60 Stevenson Wm J 

Vacant lots 

74 Graham Mrs Anne J 
76 Browning Rev Arthur 
78 Lightfoot Joseph 
80 McArthur Jaines A 
82 Shier Edward S 
Store, s e 

Bolton nv Intersects 
Bolton av school, s e 

De Grassl st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

132 Ashbury Jackson 
134 Crawford John W 
13R Rust Ernest G 
138 Slichter John 



Joint Stock Companies Promoted and Organized 
38 TORONTO ST. Telephone Main 1588 


wall ami York in tln-ir 

in tour-UMvl i IliKh- 

nessesson the Royal train. Sec similar Piano at our 
handsome warerooms 110-117 King 8t. W., Toronto 



140 Bate Wm L 

142 J rs Mary 

lurshall Wm J 
146 Copp Wm J 
148 Amoy John D 
150 Barker Thomas 
Vacant lot 

Uer Alfred 
158 Wise Wm II 
180 Asmus C H 

:h. wson G D 
IC6 Westou Hicliard C 
in A C 

:it lot 

17J Fimllay Mr.- Mary E 
.74 WUsou Charles 


iwick Adam J 
180 Buckland Wm G 
:i Donald 
. ,:lght Henry A 
188 Jones Franklin 

idhnrst Thomas 
.90 Smith Havid 

Vacant lot 

194 Jolly Mrs Mary A 

196 Hyatt Fivd.-rlrk E 

.isou And 


s Wm F 
Win W 

: . McDonagn John A 
- :u !iv Intersect* 

:.dl> y Walter H 
MO Thompson John 
212 Patterson Win B 
J14 1 ertie Louis A 
J16 O_- Henrietta 

i!8 Carter Kdwln 11 

m D 

.lit \ - Mr- Ann H 
L 28 Hinsbelwojd Mr? Ethel 

, South Side 

13 Maxwell Robert 
llnptist Church 
4> liolton av Intersects 

Store, a e 

4> De Urassl st intersects 
Lawn teunls grounds 
St Matthew s Church 

it George 
139 Tosst-11 Frank 
41 Kanklu John 
4> \\ e<t av ends 
51 Broomhall F r, mns tchr 
135 Hunt James B 
:ade Simon F 
i! KU .d Frederick A 
iT, \v,-ston Edmund O 
71 Ilallford Frederick L 
73 Thomas Frederick A 
O Tlverton av ends 

ihoou Robert 
Cahoon Mrs Isabella, gro 
79 Breta Alirnm 

esher Jolin N 

harles II 
3 Rurch Edwin W 
Ulnland James 
9 Storey John G 
131 Scott Walter J 
193 Charlton Alfred W 

:>:ivls James W 
4> Logan av Intersects 

- James A 
197 Wright Frank 

! George 

-11 Mathfws Thomas L- 
3 H.. re R James 
15 Jnslln Win 
. 17 Riehl George 
il9 Langhlen Wm 

ISHER, w from G46 Duf- 

ferln to Snerldan av, ward 8. 

. North Side 

:l H 

26 Barton Joseph 
28 Itelf Wm J 

:ker Wm 

38 Buckingham Richard T 
40 Bragg David J 
42 Woodward Charles E 
Christian Workers Mission 


9 Webb John E, contr 
13 Plant Wm 

15-17 Toronto Casket Co 
House, a e 

side of eastern gap of To 
ronto liny, s of Drawbridge, 
ft of Cherry st, ward 1. 

le Joseph 

Humphrey Urn H 
Smith Thomas 
Martin Frederick 
Wiles Robert 
Pearsall Hetijamln 
IVarsall Samuel 
Pearsall George 
Formal) Jamen C 
Townson John 
Fleming David 
Fensom John jr 
McKay Arthur A 
Fair Robert 
Sparrow Wm H 

Pill. H P 

Montgomery Wm 
Montgomery John 


II. -i tor D 

Rarnsden Mrs Annie 
Ramsden Henry 
Rr, msden Wm 

Montgomery Robert C 

94 Kensington av, ward 4. 

1 Qnackenliush George F 
:; Wakeford Henry 

4 Hill John A 

5 Rayson George W 

6 Newman Wm F 

7 Brown Wm S 

8 Hutchlnson James 

FLORENCE, w from 492 Duf- 
ferin to Brock av, ward 6. 

North Side 

Store, s e 

6 Berner Frederick 
< white James 

10 McCracken George A 

12 DIckson Davlrt J 

14 Richards Charles J 

16 Maloney Jimc-n 

20 W: ph, contr 
U4 1,-ber Wm J 

26 Reith Wm 

28 Wallace Lnnghlin J 
30 Snlnk Charles 

32 Montg.imerv Wesley 
34 Paterson Samuel E 
36 Henderson Gavin 

4> Sheridan nv commences 
House, a e 

50 White Rtrhnrd 
52 Baldwin George 
54 Baker Wm H 

56 Humphries Wm, who! 


58 Crawford Mrs R A 
60 Vacant 

62 Carli e Charles B 
64 Plercy Wm 

60 Bramhall .Tnmes 
68 Wallace Pierce 
House, a e 

South Side 

Store, s e 

7 Thatcher Charles 
9 Mulhall John 

11 Dolby James A 

13 Florence Mrs Annie 

17 Gardiner Robert A 

21 Voss Edward J 
23 Fryer John, bldr 

29 Evans Albert E 

IcKeag Joshua 

33 Burrows George 
35 Dollery Elizabeth 

Vacant lots 

51 Skeeles Richard W 
33 Johnson Wm II 

57 Grunwell Samuel 

59 Hall Orange 

63 Morton Hugh 
IJyan Thomas 

67 Buckhurst Edwin 

71 Ramsey George A 
77 Ixiugthorn John J 
79 Jamieson Walter F 
House, a e 

FOLLI8 AV, w from 968 
Bathurit to Christie, ward 

. . . North Side 

Store, a e 
4 Smith Mrs Mary 
6 Cussle James 
8 McCay John R 
10 Collen Richard 
1- V .:M> uiaik Dell 

14 Haruluiau Mrs Jane 

-iiuau George W 

15 Isaac Win 

20 Hales Edward 
22 Hammom) Mrs Emily 
.4 Ja ,uas C 

.H James 

.Mrs Florence 
30 Black John 
:;_ \\ilson I eter 
idan Chas B 
3 Rowllson Wm T 
3- Vauulian James 
V< N mus 

42 Hall Charles 

ant lots 

52 Read Albert H 
54 Grelg Alexander 
58 Feast Richmond 
Feast Mrs H, gro 

Palmerston av Intersects 

ant lots 
70 St John s Mission House 

Vacant lots to end 

S-Mir i Siile 

15 Brook J Wm 

Euclid av Intersects 

96 Kenyon J H. whol btchr 
Vacant lots to end 

FORT RWILLE, n from the 
lake to Mlsslssauga, first w 
of Dnfferin, ward 6. 
Not built on 

FOSTER PL.e from 93 Eliza 
beth, ward 3. 

North Side 

m Samuel 
11 Jacob 

6 Reeves Mrs Ann J 

8 Calhoun Alfred 
Scrap yard 
House, s e 

South Side 

1 Foster Thomas 
3 Levlne Morris 
3% Brody Charles 
5 Pisntt Isaac 

7 Roer Joseph 

9 Heidelberg Mrs Sarah 
11 Foreman Mrs Rachel 
13 Saxe Tobias 

Store, s e 

FOXLEY, w from 154 Dun- 
das to Dovercourt rd, ward 

North Side 

2 Store, a e 

8 Green Mrs Catherine 
10 Bedlngfleld George 
12 Bedingfield James 
14 Nlblett Francis 
16 Bell George A 
18 McLean Archibald F 
22 Charles Richard, plstr 
28 Crealock Mrs Elizabeth 
30 Wlddlcombe Wm 
Private grounds 
40 Gartlan Patrick 
42 Hamilton Wm J 
44 Lemon David 
46 Matson Frederick 
48 Hall Mrs Matilda D 
50 Ingle Wm R 
4> Grove av commences 
52 Stacey James E 
r.4 McNabb Wm 
56 O Brien Charles 

00 Burness Win C 

62 Vacant 

64 Rutlfdge Mrs Ellen Mrs Elizabeth 
t>8 Fltzpatrlck Francis 

70 Stuart Wm 

7U Thompson James A 

74 Bow Win 

T6 McCarthy Alfred, bldr 

House, s e 
......... South Side ......... 

Store, s e 
5 Irvine James 
7 Wray Samuel W 
9 Hester Wm 
11 Steele James 
13 Wallace Robert 

1 .. Nelson James 

dows Alfred H 
19 Chivers Alfred P 
21 Cracknell John 
23 Nesbltt James D 
25 Potter James 
27 Clarke Thomas 
29 Ernmett Robert H 
31 Geary Bartholomew 
:::; I urtill James 
.",."> Sims Edmund 
37 Blair Andrew 
3!i O Brien Andrew 
41 Worrall Walter J 
43 Lavlolette Joseph 
4:. Mt-NIchol Felix 
47 Clarkson James 
4 .i Hutehlnsou Thomas B 
51 Cowan Arthur W, eip 
53 Elliott Wm 
55 Foreman Mrs Mary 
"7 \wde George E 
59 Bryant Miss Alice 
61 Vacant 

63 Ilutton James 

65 Baker Augustus 

67 Toovey Frederick W 
69 Hobbs Hugh 

71 I hlpps W Ernest 
73 Letts Frank 

Sutherland Edward 

75 Chapman James S 
77 SrlirW Archibald R 
79 Andlson James 

81 Donovan James, bldr 
S3 Macomb Thomas 
85 Ling Charles E, cabs 
89 Kelley James 
Store, s e 

FOYLE AV, w from Logan 
av, first s of Danforth S.T, 
ward 1. 

Not built on 

FRANCIS, n from 136 King 
e to Adelaide e, ward 3. 

......... East Side ......... 

Store, s e 
9 Vacant 

11 Vacant 

4> Commercial st Intersect* 

Hotel, r e 

The Nasmlth Co, r e 
......... West Side ......... 

Store, s e 

2 Herring S, taxidermist 
4-6 Store, s e 
8 Allen Thomas T 

Bamford J, storehouse 
10 Spain Abraham, barber 

12 Ibhotson G & Son, COt- 


Ibbotson George 
14 Taylor A P, barber 
4> Commercial st Intersects 


LAKE SIMCOE ICE Exclusively 
Delivered to all parts of the City 

and Suburbs all year round 
Phones Mair) 86 North. 1O52 



Office, 43 ESPLANADE ST. E. 
JAS. FAIRHEAD, - Manager 


North British & Mercantile Insurance Company 

LARGEST FIRE RESERVES Investments in Canada, $7,980,462.49 





For Family use. Nothing belter it 
; any price than our 


at S2 1 .00 

Guaranteed lor Five Years 

16-18 Chamberlain Medicine 

20 Bamford J. storehouse 

22 Pink M C & Co, Junk 

24 Feeney Thomas 

20 Summers D H, horse col 
lar mkr 

28 Nasmlth Co stables 

30 Vacant 
Store, s e 

FRANKISH AV, w from 76 
Sheridan av to Brock av, 
ward 6. 

North Side 

2 Clark Michael 
4 Donohne John 

6 Preston James 

8 Platt Frederick G 
10 McLaugblln James 
14 Steen Robert 
16 Booty Robert H 
18 Kendall Robert 
20 Port Robert E 
22 Johnstone Benjamin H 
24 Driscoll James H 
26 Jackson Wm A 
28 Crllly Wm 

Vacant lot 
34 Humphreys James 
86 Durnford James H 

Store, s e 
South Side 

House, s e 
B Hazard Norman S 

7 May Thomas 
Vacant lots to end 

FRANKLAND. e from Car- 
law av to Pape av, first s 
at Gerrard e, ward 1. 
Not built on 

FRANKLIN AV, n from Rus- 
kln av to city limits, first 
w of Perth, ward 6. 

... East Side 

Vacant lots 
Irving av intersects 
137 Coppiethornc Luke 
139 Needham Edgar T 
149 Kennedy Hugh 
151 Hamlin Thomas L B 
153 Mackey Arthur A 
155 Neal E Thomas 
157 Lewis Wm H, shoemkr 
159 McKeen James 
161 Rice Mrs May D 
163 Denno George 
165 Blaln James 

+ Parkmau av ends 
19? Scott Frederick C W, gro 

House, s e 
Royce av intersects 

Vacant lots 
207 Burke James 
209 Oxley W John 
211 Lnxton John 
263 Mllligan Hamilton I 
215 Crulekshank Wm 
217 Timbers Henry 

Vacant lots 
225 Dwan Patrick 
227 Burke Wm 
229 Stolte Francis H 
231 Murphy Wm J 
233 Ideally Patrick A, brass 


235 Beecham I 
237 Redman Thomas 
239 Howe John 
241 Glover Albeit D 

253 Lea Amos, coal oil 
255 Brown Arthur 
257 Kearney Edward W B 
259 Ryan John M 
201 McKlnley Charles 
263 Avcry Thomas 
Vacant lot 

West Side 

Vacant lots 

104 Thornbeck Robert P 
Irving av Intersects 

Vacant lots 
152 Doane Ira 
154 Glass John H, real est 
156 Scott James E 

Private grounds 
160 Stewart Adam 

Vacant lots 
172 O Brien Daniel 
174 Brooks Mrs Frances 
176 Sangster John E 

Vacant lots 
186 Hatch Henry 
188 Coleman Owen 

Store, s e 
+ Royce av Intersects 

Store, s e 
200 Lister Mrs Mary 
202 Kearney James A 
204 Walker Wm 

Edith av commences 
Carlton Park 

ERASER AV, n from GTR to 
King w, second e of Duf- 
ferln, ward 6. 

East Side 

Tor Base Ball Grounds 
Mercer Reformatory, s e 

West Side 

Not built on 

FREDERICK, n from 178 Es 
planade e, to Duke, ward 2 

East Side 

Tor Ry stores dept 
Tor Ry repair shops 
11-17 Tomllnson T & Son, 

Tor Ry power house, s e 

Front st e Intersects 
Vacant lots 

59 Worklugmen s Home 
Store, s e 

King st e Intersects 
Factory, s e 
House, s e 

West Side 

City Morgue , s e 
Safe Works, s e 
+ Front st e intersects 
Tor Ry car shops, s e 

King st e Intersects 
Store, s e 

78 O Reilly Robert 
80 Woodhouse Wm 
82 Gibson James 

Biscuit factory ,s e 

FRICHOT, w from 950 Yonge 

to McMurrich, ward 3. 

North Side 

2 Albery John C 

6 McWhirter Wm 

8 McCarthy Jeremiah E 

10 Steele Charles J 

12 Warrander George D 

14 Phillips Charles 

16 Thompson Wm J 

is r.lack Alexander 

2u Fry Charles 

22 Bissett James M 

24 Wilson Wm H 

20 Carter Chas H 

28 Ellard James H 

30 Thompson Allen 

32 Luttrell Arthur 

34 Coulson Mrs Catherine 

36 Foster G W, pntr 

38 Teal John 

40 Mason David 

South Side 

Not built on 

FRIXZELL AV, e from 587 
Carlaw av to Pape av, ward 

North Side 

House, s e 
South Side 

House, s e 

Bain Nell K, mkt gdnr 

FRONT EAST, e from 31 
Yonge to the Don, wards 1, 
2 and 3. 

North Side 

2-8 Board of Trade Bide 
Gagnier H T, publisher 
Clothier & Haberdasher, 
Wine and Spirit Jour 
nal and Brewers Re 

Canadian Cigar & To 
bacco Journal 
10 MacLean Pub Co Ltd 
Canadian Dry Goods Re 
view (monthly) 
Canadian Military Ga 
zette (semi-monthly) 
Canadian Printer & Pub 
lisher (monthly) 
Bookseller & Stationer 


Canadian Grocer (weekly) 
Canadian Hardware & 
Metal Merchant (wklyl 
Men s Furnisher (m nthly) 
12 Gait G F & J, teas 
Blue Ribbon Tea Co 
14-16 Gowaus, Kent & Co, 

whol crockery 
Terra Cotta Kennels 
Traders Fire Ins Co 
Camp Lewis C, ins 
20 Consolidated Cloak Co 

Warrlngton W H, mfrs 


22 British America Assur 
ance Co 
24 Lambe W G A & Co, 


Scott st Intersects 
26-28 Pacific Buildings 
Fisher John S. wool 
Tew Richard, assignee 
Dominion Transport Co 
Union Petroleum Co Of 

Canada Ltd 
Jardine J B & Co, whol 


Wells Wm H 
Fryer Robert 
Marshall -Mrs A. earetkr 
30 Rose W Cartage Co 

Hudson R S, soaps 
32-36 Maedonald John & Co, 

r e 

38 Lancashire Bldg. r e 
Wilson Bros, brokers 
Goode Cephas B, grain 
40-44 Ellis P W & Co, r e 
46 Stanway Geo & Co, com 
Tarling C & Co, map 


48 Indian &- Ceylon Tea Co 
Wood C T. mfrs agt 
HltJow Coffee & Tea Co 
50 Janus Buildings 

Donaldson J S, broker 
Mason P L & Co, com 
Musson Geo & Co, com 
Grant Robt, contr 
Grant W F & Co, contrs 
May G H, accountant 
Niven John K & Co, brok 

Anderson C H, broker 
Hayter R W, broker 
Ewen John, plumber 
McCormack Edward J 
Roberts George, caretkr 
Gooderham & Worts, e e 
* Church st Intersects 
tiO We-stren John, com mer 
GOH Waddell A & Co, brokers 

Gllmor Angus, ins 
62 Fee John J. produce 
62 A Ontario Chambers 
Maedonald G S. publr 
.dartl The (weekly) 
Maedonald C H. map mkr 
Hamilton Thomas, carctk 
Queen s Own Mess 
t>4 White i- Co. whol fruits 
66 Baillle J E, whol provs 
68 Rutherford, Marshall & 
Co, whol produce 

70-72 Ryan Wm Co Ltd, whol 


74-80 Gunns Limited 
82 De Laporte A V & Co, 

whol grain and flour 
81 Goodall James, grain 
86 Wlllard & Co, whol prod 
88 Mackerrow & Co, whol 

Hotel, s e 

West Market st Intersects 
St Lawrence Market (for 

occupants see St Law 
rence Mkt j 

Jarvis st Intersects 
92 Hotel, s e 

94 Market Hotel 
90 Caldwell C & Co, flour 
98 Vessot S & Co, mill sup 
100 Simpson Robert Co Ltd, 


102 Speight Wagun Co 
104 Sanderson & Rosslter, 

brush mfrs 
106 Hutchluson & Peterson, 

bottlers supplies 
108 Vacant 
110-12 Royal Canadian Hotel 

George st Intersects 
114-20 Black Horse Hotel 

Tor Ry repair shop 

Frederick st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

152 Mahaffy Wm S. blksmith 
Canadian Portable Fence 

156 Dunham J E, feed mill 


160 Mahatfy W S, warehouse 
162 Morrison Geo, cartage 
164 Ryan Michael 
160 Shields Mrs Susan 

Sherbourne st intersects 
Shop, s e 

174-6 Dominion Chain Works 
Whitfield John Co, The, 

178 Rutley Warming & Ven 
tilating Co, warehouse 

178 Smith James 

180 Williams C & Co, picklei 

182 Williams Daniel 

184-92 Shedden Forwarding 
Co, storage 

Princess st Intersects 

Firstbrook Box Co, store 

Ontario st commences 
228-38 Copland Brewg Co, 

malt house 

240-2 Firstbrook Box CO, 
stables and yard 

Cameron Lauchlln D 
244 Gee John 
240 Nauchton Michael Jr 
248 Little Wm 
250 Terry Charles B 
252 Jobson John 
254 Smith Mrs D, drsmkr 

Vacant lot 

Berkeley st Intersects 
262-90 Canada Foundry Co 

+ Parliament st Intersects 
292 310 Consumers Gas C< 

purifying house 
318 Matthews Thomas 
320 Batt Wm H 
322 Thomas Wm 
324 Hill George E 
326 Hunt Robert S 
328 Bailey Samnel E 
330 Blakeley John 
332 English Hugh 
334 Outhwalte Thomas J 
336 Martin Robert 

+ Erin st commences 
340-42 Factory, s e 
344-6 Seott Wm W 
348 Begley Mrs Annie 
350 Schoenfeldt Louis 

+ Trinity st Intersects 
352 Store, s e 
;{.->4 Pi-arson Cporpre 
358 O Donnell James 
360 Boland Patrick 
362 Robinson Albert 
364 Terry James 
366 Monoton George 
r,t;s Bell Mrs II Victoria 
370 Hoult George 
::72 Smilli Wm 

Gherman E. Town send, 

Arbitrator and Financial Agent, 



65 to 81 PEARL ST. 

PHONE MAIf4 2748 

Plain and Ornamental Fencing 
and Grille Work 




374 Mason George II 
mllton Charles 
Mahoii Wm. r 
878 Hickllng Charles 
380 Ulvkllug Chas, llquori 
382 Brown George 
SM Hicks Klohard 

iun Patrick J 
Vacant lots 
398 Lebar Wui 
Vacant lots 
Cherry st Intersects 
414 lilackburn Joseph 

ir Wm H 
Mulligan Patrick 
422 Klubeury Mrs U A 

lerham & Worts, 
cooper shop 

ine 1 Matthew 
44O 1 aly James 

. Thomas 

Mrs Clara 

446 Sullivan Francis 
448 M t H 

Vacant lots 

Water st Intersects 

..nohue Francis C, fro 
iinor Henry J 
486 Collins Miss Mary, dairy 

Vacant lot 
4 \ in. -t Intersects 
508 McCarthy David, exp 
Connor John 
ley John 
lies Wm 

:CPR crossing 
hall st commences 
526 French Francis 
528 Bodily Knl>ert 
me Albert 
r.32 I.lscum George W 


^ iinmences 

:. \ anls 

rn city stables 
CPU and G T 11 sidings 

South Side 

1 Canadian Rubber Co of 


Johnston A T. mfrs ngt 
Dominion Oil Cloth Co 

>rge J, who! liq 

5 Elliot & Co. whol drugs 
7 Vacant 

9 Lumsilen Bros, whol gros 
11-13 Held George & Co, wool 
Mchol W J & Co. teas 
International Wine Co 

i Co 
15-17 Hamilton Wm B Shoe 

Co, whol boots 
19 Eckardt II P * Co, croi 

Scott st Intersect* 

21-23 Etiy. Blaln Co, whol 


25 Colvllle W K, cartage 
Webber J H. mfrs 8gt 
Red Rose Tea 
Evans A K, geul agt 

Word & Bhuk. steam 
ship agts 

Llghtbouud Geo, broker 
Acadia Sugar Refining Co 

27V4 Diion Str.rage Co 

1 C. mfrs agt 
kmore Edwin, broker 
Akin II B, broker 
Will.y p H. mfr.s ngt 
Torrance G W, S S agt 
Irvine Jos. mfrs agt 
29 Howard R H & Co,llqnor 
31-33 Vacant 
35-37 Warren Bros & Co. 

whol gros 
39 Beardmore * Co, leather 

Beurdmore Belting Co 
41-43 Perkins, I nee & Co, 
whol gros 

an John 4 Co. gros 
4T M. h.t.,sli p & Son. whol 


49 Klnnear T & Co. gros 
51 Barrit- ; Ltd 

nirg Starch Co 
ham Charles P. agt 

Craig Ltd. 

nlng A II & Co, whol 

I Bayley W B & Co, com 
i: G & Co, drug 
gists sundries 

Clancy George J * Co, 
gros specialties 

Robinson Mfg Co, flavor 
ing extracts 

Imperial Starch Co 

uurch st intersects 

65 Carrie Robert, storage 
Xopesa Chemical Co 
Calvert Jos II. mfrs agt 
Dominion Wire Mfg Co 
Tanners Association 
Burns Douglas A. acct 
Walkervllle Brewing Co 
Bowser Self Measuring Oil 

Tank Co 

67 Lumbers James, whol gro 
09 Humphrey F W. whol gro 
^ Farquhur la ends 
71-73 Lyman Bros & Co, 

73 Watson Robert Co, mfg 

ior John & Co, soap 
Morse Soap Works 
Dominion Dyewood and 

Chemical Co 
79 Parsons C A Son, whol 

81 Queen City Vinegar Co 


Holden J R, com mer 
81% Lamb Wm & Co. provs 
83 Fischer W G. whol leather 
8385 Carter E T, wool 

idlay E A Co. hides 

WesT Market st Intersects 
New St f. ivr - ;i .-. Market 

JarvU st Intersects 

105-7 Steele, Brlggs Seed Co 

Pr I.nufx J M di Ltd. i-i-fffi 

111 Ha Ham John, hides 
113-125 Vacant 

George st Intersects 
Store. e 

131 Mica Boiler Covering Co, 


133-137 Keith John, coal 
139 141 Bowden F A, whol 

14,-j 147 Taylor J & J. safes 

Frederick st Intersects 
Toronto Ry power bouse 

165 Tor Ry Roadmaster s of 

h M 

171 r.edley John 
17.". II- ndiTson James 
17.-, M hael 

Sherbonrne st Intersects 
177 Nelson Frank 

177-81 Murray W A * Co, 


188-89 Tor Chemical Works 
191-9 Dalton Bros, spice mills 
197 Levlck Patrick 

Prini f??" st Intersects 


n John 

200 Williams Henry 
211 Boyd James 
213 Bnrley Charles 
2ir. Miller James 
217 Gurnon Thomas 

Gerow John 

210221 Smith Woo! Stock Co 
223-37 Standard Woolen Mills 

Gas Co s purifying house 
+ Berkeley st Intersects 
Gas Co s retort house 

Burners G 
Economical Gas Apparatus 

Construction Co Ltd 
Gas Co s coke shed 

Parliament st Intersects 

2: i.-,. 7 Mirh Ammonia Wks of 


303-1." Gas Co s yards 
House, s e 

Trlnltv st Intersects 
3r,n Conllri Mrs Abigail 
3(11 Ridley Joseph 

ley Patrick G 
305 Harnden Robert 
:iers Mrs Eliza 
in David 

373 Crowne Thomas W 
377 Di" , gro 

Dee John 


^itton Thomas 

I ll 

. :e John W 


ieddeii Co s stable* 
:utledge James 

ner James 
401 Rosenthal Joseph, junk 

v st Intersects 


4L l Mrl.i ...III J J 

viuvc Samuel 
4-7 WoodJUm Mrs Maria 

ha rles A 
433 Bradley Wm 

iwn Henry S 

onuor James 


441 Miles George J 
443 Power Miss A E, gro 
44.", K.\ Li Ms Wm 
447 Clark Patrick, dairy 
447% Unfinished bldg 
449 K : ick 

\ m A 

ill Mrs Mary 
ir.7 Barnard Wm II 

Mrs Margaret 
Vacant lots 
4<".7 Wei kes Alexander 
469 Layden James 
471 Smithson George A 
Store, s e 

Water st Intersects 

-ton Win 

177 ], ston Frederick J 
yth Edward W 
rdou Roderick 

i David 
me Charles W 
Ir-i Diuah 
i V John J 

11 Wm R 
: : aham Henry 

me James 
4H7 steadmau Joseph 

Vine st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

CPR crossing 

.v. l Davies Wm Co Ltd. pork 
packers and whol pro 

r John & Co. soap 

Davies Wm Co. stk yds 
G T R and CPR sidings 

FRONT WEST, w from 30 
Yonge to Batbnrst, wards 3 
and 4. 

North Side 

Bank of Montreal 
Turner Win 
Sutherland Gilbert L 

Minerva Mfg Co.ladles 
14-16 Weston F J A Sons, 

whol boots and shoes 
Standard Cap Co 
Thomas Albert, caretkr 
16 Stanbury James & Co, 

mfrs agts 

18 Brad-shaw. MardonaM He 
-I tailors trim 

20 Irving Umbrella Co The 
Robertson F & Co, whol 

fancy goods 
22 Prime & Rankln, whol 

dry goods 

24 Jenner. Saner. Bannerman 
Co Ltd. whol fey dry gds 
Rochester Lamp Co 
Toronto Flower & Feather 

Co Ltd 
Klelnert I B Rubber Co, 

dress shields 

Stewart. Howe & May 
skirt binding mfrs 
King W P & Son, mfrs 

uto Knitting Mills Co 
Truro. Knitting Mills Co 




Blackall & Co. book bridrs 
26 Morrison J L Co, bkbndri 

28 Carter-Crume Co, counter 

check books 
Rogers Wm A Ltd, sliver 

plated ware mfrs 
30 Radford Paper Co 

I. Inn. In Paper Mills Co 

32-34 Glllett E W Co Ltd, 

Barber E & Co. prtrs 
36 Aiidi-rsi.ii A Macbeth Co 

Ltd, whol hats 
Lowndes Co Ltd. factory 
Fleming Bros, rhemlsts 
38 Eddy The E B Co, Ltd, 

woodenware and paper 
42 Merchants Dye nir * 

Finishing Co Ltd 
44 Darling Robt & Co, wbcl 


* Bay st Intersects 
48-50 Gordon, Mackay * Co, 

whol dry goods 
52 Brereton ft Manning, 

whol furs 
54-58 Gage W J * Co, Ltd, 

whol books aud staly 
Educational Book Co 
CO Ames. Holden Co Ltd, 

whol boots and shoe* 
62 Crown Whitewear Co Ltd 
64 Copp, Clark Co Ltd, sta 

68-70 Warwick Bros A Rat 
ter, whol atf. r 
Ontario Gazette (wei-kly) 
Boys Owa Taper i|<uioln- 

Girls Own Paper imcuth- 

Sunday at Ho ne (mouih- 


Leisure Hour iraoathiy) 
78-92 Queen s Hotel 

Nicholson And. news dlr 
Maedonald Archibald, 


CPR Co s Te: ibi) 
(1 N W Tel Co (br) 
100 Eclipse Whitewear Co Ltd, 
102 Bradley, Levy & Weston 

Machy Co Ltd 
118 Tor Ry waiting room 
D Arcy James 
Hewlett W II, cigars 

* York st Intersects 

120 Johnston W R & Co, whol 


140 Dornan James 
146-48 Nerllch & Co, whol fncy 


174 Storeroom 
180 Grand Union Hotel 
CPR Co s lei 
Huston J W. harbor 
+ Slmcoe st intersects 
Old Parliament bldgs 
Dept of Immigration 
258 Simser John 

John st commences 
282 Scott Mrs Elizabeth 
284 Judd Mrs Margaret 
2S6 Butwell James H 

296 Vanuch James, i igars 

304 Jackson John 

310-12 Can Portland Cement 

Co Ltd 
Rathbun Co, lumber 

Metallic Roofing: Co., Limited 

Phone Park 800 Cor. KING and DUFFERIN STS. 

Standard Life 

ASSURANCE CO. of Edinburgh 


D. M. McGOUN, 


Chas. Hunter, 

Chief Agent, Ontario 



L. C. CRONYN, Cashier 


Front West. 


Windsor st commences 
814 Piper Uailway Supply Co, 


Peter st commences 
816-42 Can Exp Co stables, 

s e 

352 Hand Mrs Mary 
354 Burr Henry 
350 Hendry John K 
358-60 Vacaut 12) 
363 Johnston James 
372-74 Crawford A, Motel 
384-92 Wilsou, Lytle, Badg- 

erow Co, Ltd, vinegar 


Spadina av commence* 
Ry Y M C A, s e 

416 White Walter 

Loretto Abbey ground* 
478 Burns Patrick 

House, 8 e 

Draper st commences 
House, a 

512 McDonald Joseph 

514 Fell Miss E, gro 

616 Edmunds Wm 

518 Ewlng Robert 

520 Sheahan Mrs M A 

522 Gravllle George 

524 Stanford John W 

520 Marks Wm 

528-30 Dominion Leather Co 

532 Miller Mrs Jane 

Miller Wm H. piano dlr 

Portland st commence* 
1534 Konnpdy Reuben J 
536 Fredenburg Mrs Annie 
538 Elliott Joseph 

540 Cunningham Edward 
642 Thompson Henry P 
544 Reid James 
546 Hnnna Mrs Mary 
048 Lynch Dennis 
^Mnplewood pi commence* 

550 Ruff Charles 

552 Schneider John 

554 Schaefer Carl 

556 Long Wm 

658-78 Burns P & Co, coal 

South Side 

Custom House, John 

Small collector 
McMichael Solon W, chief 

Insp of customs 
McWhlrter Hugh, caretkr 
Me Million Broadfteld & Co, 

whol crockery 
11 McLaren & Dallas, whol 

13 Boulter & Stewart, ladle* 


Novi-modl Costume Co 
15 Canada Paper Co 
17-19 Caulfelld Burns Co, 
whol clothing and m ill 
Henderson Robert Co, 

mfrs agents 
Park Wm, mfrs 1 agt 
Asher & Leeson, pdlrs 

21 Northrop & Lyman Co, 

pro medicines 

23 Evans & Sons, whol drugs 
25 Dunlop A. elevator repr 
Melndoe R S, mfrs ngt 
Cuthbertson. McCunn & 

Co, whol fncy gds 
Kennedy B L Co Ltd, In 
fants shoes 
27 Mitchell Charles J & Co, 

mfrs agts 

Stewart W B, mfrs agt 
Mortimer Thos, mfrs agt 
Millar C A. clotting contr 
Brown Newton H, mfg 

Vacant basement 
29 Pratt Storage Co 
31 Bryce Wm, fancy goods 

Young Canada 
33 Garslde & White, shoe* 
35 Dods P D & Co. paint 

37-39 Howland H S Sons * 

Co. whol hardware 
41 McFarland, Gray & South- 
Kate, whol dry gds 
43 Vacant 

45-49 Gutta Percha & Rub 
ber Mfg Co Ltd 

51-53 Lalley, Watson A 
Bond, whol clothing 

55 Johnston & Sword, neck 
wear mfrs 
Scott & Browne, chemists 

57-59 Cockshutt Charle* 4 
Co, whol woollens 

61-63 Vacant 

65-67 Hachborn & Sheridan, 
whol clothing 

69 Boulter George E, whoi 
rubber goods 

71 Hawthorne D D & Co, 
whol boots and shoes 

83 Gartshore J J, ry sup 
Flood Miss S A, stenog 

Lome st ends 

87 Harvey, Van Norman Co, 

whol boots and shoes 
89-93 Dominion Transport Co 
Rodda Thomas 
95-97 Williams A R Mach Co 
+ York st Intersects 
Walker House 
C P R Go s Tel (br) 
G N W Tel Co (br) 
131 Vacant 

137 Montoue Dominlco, fruits 
141-5 1 ctrie H W, machinist 
Union Station (for occu 
pants see Union Station) 
Daly House 
+ Simcoe st Intersects 
GTR freight sheds, a e 

John st ry bridge 
Ry grounds 

: Brock ry bridge 
Prince of Wales walk 
Car Register office 

Bathurst st ry bridge 

FULLER, u from 1514 Queon 
w to Pearson av, ward 6. 

East Side 

Vacant lots 
11 Mclntosh Charles 
13 Fenwick A H 
17 Henderson George A 
19 Neil James H 
21 Decks Charles H 
2:1 Blackwell F J 
25 Lawrence Fred J 
27 Wlgg Wm G 
29 Dean Joseph 
31 Jenkins Charles 
33 King Horace M, dairy 
35 Hambly George W 
37 King G H S 
39 Duulop George P 
43 Ecclestone Wm B 
45 Fisk John 
47 Mitchell Charles A 
51 Ross Victor R 
53 Henderson Mrs Ellz 

Vacant lots 
59 Adamson George J 
65 Bowman A J, Indry 
67 Osborne Thomas H 
69 Weller Wm M 
71 Trimble David 
75 Larklu Henry 
77 McGillivray A Watson 
79 Herod James S 
81 Brown Harvey 
83 Thompson Wm J 
85 Logan John T 
87 Hendershot Frank E 
89 Isaac John 
91 Hallett John G 
93 Farball George 
93% Teskev Robert J 
95 MeBride James 
97 Giles Mrs Harriet 
99 Wlndle Wilson 

Palmer Frederick, pntr 
103 Reesor Jesse F 
105 Newell Alexander 
107 Webb Charles 
109 McKiuloy Samuel W 

Vacant lot 
West Side 

Store, s e 
6 Westcott John 

Vacant, r 

8 lloose Truman M 
10 Cm-hart John L 

12 Large Miss A, drsmkr 
14 Bailey James II 
10 Young Henry F 

18 Deadey James 
20 Wescott Wm J 
22 Johnston John A 
24 Fullan John 

Vacaut lots 
30 Jaquith Hubert 
32 I ierce Mlal H 
34 Morrison George W 
36 Robertson Wm G 
38 Bridgewater Harry H 
40 Macdonald Mrs Elizabeth 
42 Summerville Thomas 
44 Duck Thomas 
48 Blackball James 

Blackball Miss B, mus 

50 Bray John 
56 Graham Thomas A 
58 Quackenbush Arthur 
60 Flatten Thomas A 
62 Jary Samuel W 
64 Bray Charles 
66 Stevenson John 
68 Cottrell Wm W 
70 Jennings F J 
72 Grant Daniel 
74 Applegalh F C 
76 Flynn Thomas 
Marion st Intersects 
80 Bates Thomas, gro 
82 Graham Donald 
86 Harris Bros, excavators 

Han-is Alfred 
90 Goodman Mrs Jane 
!)2 Sherlock Robert J 
94 Cadden John 

Vacant lots to end 

FONSTON. e from 15 Su 
mach, ward 1. 

North Side 

House, s e 
6 Byham Amos H 

10 Jordan Mosos 
Vacant lots 

South Side 

House, s e 
7-9 Vacant shop 

11 Melhnlsh James M 
13 Wilson Wm J 

15 Onley Thomas 
17 Shrum Wm C 

19 Cable Henry J 

^ Williamson pi ends 
House, s e 

GALLEY AV, w from 146 
Sorauren av to Sunnyslde 
av, ward 6. 

North Side 

Store, s e 
4 Ch. ise Mrs Mary 
6 Wright Wm 

MolliO V.y. Cfcuroji 
10 Ockley MH-, C E 

Vacant Intg 
86 Kdy Mrs Mary B 

House, s e 

+ Roncesv.illes nv Intersects 
Vacant lots 

South Side 

Not built on 

GALT AV. n from Gerrard c, 
first w of Jones av, ward 1. 

East Side 

1 Wright Edward 
9 Ramage Frederick 

41 White Wm A 
West Side 

Vacant lots 
6 Ashfleld Henry J 
8 Unfinished house 
38 Bruce Wm 

42 White Thomas A 

li; -nkerton James A 
48 Henthorn Adam 
50 Kane Francis J, gro 

GANGE AV. n from 22 Cot- 
tlngham to Bin-h av, first 
w of Yonee. ward 3. 
Side entrances 

GARDEN AV, w from opp 
lli J Macdonell av to Indian 
rd, ward ti. 

North Side 

Store, s e 
2 Sad George II, pntr 

4 Irvine Mrs Janet 
6 Cook Mar&aa.l K 

5 Portch Mrs Annie 
10 Rogers Joseph 

12 Rogers Joel 

14 Ball Samuel 

16 Tobias Sidney 

18 Pierson Nelson 

20 McCauley Albert E 

22 Perry Rev Charles B 

24 Judge George H 

2U Uouic- Win Li, putr 

28 McGee Wm 

30 Wilson Wm H 

32 Boyce Thomas 

34 Bradley Mr* l-:iiza 

30 Sbepard Albert E 

38 Forbes Disney 

Vacant lots 
44 McKay Uuv N T C 
4b Payne James 
48 MacFarlane Mrs Margare 
52 McLennan Roderick 

Vacant lots 
60 Hausford Walter 

House, s e 

Sorauren av Intersects 
House, s e 

68 Malborough George L 

72 Johnstone Robert 

74 Halnes Albert 

76 Newman George B 
Private grounds 

84 Stewart Thomas A 

86 Oliver Joseph J 

90 Houlahan Denis 

94 Cox John 

90 Uoxar Alexander 
100 East Wm 
104 Kelly Frederick 
110 Stewart James B 
112 Bullock Edward S 
110 Davev George 
116% Trumbley Wrn 
118 Crevler Napoleon 

120 Chambers Harry 

122 Rule Charles F 

126 Edwards J, leather gds 

Private grounds 
144 Blrdsall George, dairy 

Vacant lots 
184 Collyer George 
186 McCarter Frank 
1S8 McPherson Alexander L 
190 Dixon James 

+ Roncesvalles av Intersects 
House, s e 

222 Cooper John 
Vacant lots 

Sunnyside av Intersects 
South Side 

House, s e 

I Mason Ambrose W 
3 Mason John H 

7 Webb Walter R 
Vacant lots 

II Ovenden George B 
Vacant lots 

15 Campbell Hugh A 
17 Laughton Frederick 

19 Gavin Thomas M 
21 Richardson Edward A 
23 Watson George F 
29 Coles John M 
31 Dixon Wm 
Vacant lots 
37 Sherlock Richard 
39 Cole George 
41 Nesbltt Wm 
43 Birdsall Wm I, dairy 
47 McCausland Edward 
49 Macdonell James F 
51 Duncan Lyttle J 
53 Ilowson John E, gro 
55 Beemer Johi, W, pntr 
57 Lllburn James 
Store, s e 

+ Sorauren av intersects 
Vacant lots 

69 Sullivan Denis, contr 
71 Wlngfleld Albert E 

73 Kldd Wm 

75 Silk Charles F 

77 Pearce George R 

81 Jones Richard S 



Offices, Nos. 15-17 LEADER LANE 

Telephone Main 2288 
Res., No. B6 8T. MARY ST. Telephotv, North B16 

Thp PnliPlPS nfthP fiRF AT-\A/FQT l_ I FF" are models of brevity and simplicity. There 

IDS 01 IDG la Fi CM I - VY CO I L. I P C are no restrictions as to travel, residence or 

occupation. Paid-up, Surrender and Loan Values are stated in the Policy, also the Extended Insurance terms. 

No guesses, nor averages. Sample policy, and rate at your age on application to the Toronto Office, 18 TORONTO ST. 


Gerrard Kasr. 

ike John 
.illener Alfred 

miiton Hugh 
an Frederick A 

.ex C 

.I Mi-Carroll Patrick J 

>7 I :iy Will 

13 Thompson Fr.incls 


35 Glllmnn Edwin 
57 Parker John O 
+ BoDcesvalles av Intersects 

Vacant lots 

* - intersects 

mt lots to end 


ARDEN PL. e from 

Ppe av. ward I. 

North Side . . . 

Not built on 

s..uth Side 

iiidull \Vm 
3 Ralner Charles 1 1 
5 Radcliffe Laughlln 
7 Puplne.!;: J 

. Ill II 

ARXET AV. w from 202 
Christie, ward 5. 

North Side 

House, s e 
4 Anderson Richard 
.0 Dones Geoige 
4 Ke--ev, :. 11, -tor C 

;ie Wm A 
32 Allen Wm C 
18 Xuttall Mrs Ellen 
50 Hamiuett Thomas 
; i-u\ias C 
4 Thorns Joe 

8 Chu ,hen 


3 Doncr Abraham B 
1 Steels Thomas 

9 Borne Edward P 

ii It. j.ntr 
Mr- Sarah 

M .1 Robert 


i bldg 
9 Stoner Robert 

\RNOt H AV. w from Lo- 
jan av. second s of Dan- 

v, ward 1. 
Not Unlit on 

:F. V. w from Sorau- 
ren av to Indian rd. ward 

North Side . . 

Jot built on 

south Side ... 
, Vacant lots 

Orr James 
I Kinshoru Mrs E I 

Vacant lots to end 

SORGE, n from 158 Esplan- 
iae e to Gerrard e, ward 2. 

. East side 

"-ational liox Co Ltd 

; ohn, elct 
M3 Stables 
1 Yard, s e 


Brand Thomas 
Broadway Peter 
Vacunt lot 

!rs Hannah 

1 Terry F <;. bldrs sup 

> Front st e Intersects 
Hotel, s e and yards 
Hotel, s e 

> King st e intersects 
f Imperial Cafe, s e 

Kearns Wm P. harness 
.. Fogarty Mr- Ann 
Townson Henry, cutler 
Langston A V, shoemkr 
Benson & Co, leather gds 

tory, a e 

* Duke st Intersects 
De La Salle Inst, t e 

100-111 Tor Mill Stock and 

Metal Co 
113 Davis George 
11. "i Hiitiec Mrs K A. pro med 
117 rronin Jeremiah 
119 Walker Thomas, horse- 

121 Lindlcy Wm N. pntr 

-7 O Connor, Bros, bottlers 

* Duchess st intersects 
128 Foster Mrs E, gro 

i::i 8herl Mary, drs- 


l:u: Mariii.. 

l::."i HniTi. 

i::7 M.I. kay M^- Mary 

139 Pleard George 
141 Kelly Patrick 

141! Klu, -1.1,. Harry 

14."i I inn .-ph 

147 Strachan Nell 

149 \\ :llld 

151 Callaghan Mrs Elizabeth 

^ Britain st commences 
l.Vi .".7 k oulter ,v Campbell, 

Hazard F .1 II. cash ear- 

l-~7 I .-i I in, 

* Queen st e Intersecti 
Hotel, s e 

177 Sheridan J. cattle dealer 
17 J Ramsay James 
onley Edwin 
\iln-lstan Barton N 

1 M 
189 Blong Robert 

Burns Mrs Mary A 
195 Hodgson Th. 

Miss Eliza 
!!>! I a si, .11 Wiu E 
I" , I:I.,HL: Eil ward 
^ Shuter st Intersects 
H"!,u M,rk. Indry 
-H I .rown Win W 
l i:: C,.,J,,T Mrs Mary 
221 Gordon W II Lockhart 
- - , Jain, - , - yer 

.lai; a vor 

229 McKlnnon George A 
229V, Wellli gti ,i Richard 
231 Simmons Mrs M .! 
233 Urown Mrs Christina 
235 Cuff Arthur E 
Public School 
^ Wiltcr erf>* commences 
House, a e 

Vllbnr Mrs Margaret 
Small Mrs Priscilla, mus 


281 Rond Robert L 
283 P -Mi-tier Miss Eva. drs 
- A Women s Training 

28.1 Hcrson James 
289 r.aihno R H 
2S3 Thompson 
7C." Fecan Boys Hoeir 

Green wav ileorge 
207 S A Training Home 
301 Brown John W 
305 .Meredith Mr? Susanna 
309 Lock Ernest A 
311 Winian Horace n 
839 llovs Home 

Muoltny M!*s - 
^Glenholmc pi commencrs 

353 Gr, en Miss Hannah, nurse 

Hays .li.iin .T 

355 McCanl Mrs Sophia H 
House, s 

West Side 

Vacant lot 

Front st e intersects 
46 Hotel, s e 

i ukkshank-Royd Co, 
sign pntrs 
48 Vacant 


i Isinnr II F, saddlery 

62 Southgate W W, barber 
04 Thompson G A. harness- 


Kit;; st e intersect* 

iiiplln Richard, bdg 

s^ R, .id Mr- Florence, fur 

82Vi-Mi iirown Asa A. vet su 

88-92 Smith Tho 

Duke st Intersects 
House, s e 

108 WIi,-cl,-r >V; Bain, factory 
110-30 Frunkel hi os, Iron 

Duchess M intersects 
l:;v l: 

140 Smith James 

14^ Nutter Miss Clara 

, W 

144 Ryan Mrs Mary 
144i Lllley Wm 
1 is Tbompwni Mrs Mary 
Factory, s e 

Queen st e Intersects 
186 Wallace Matthew, phy 
168 Stout-house John 

170 Mills Thomas E 

171 V- A. express 

174 Casey George 
176 O Connor Miss Mary 
178 Callaghan James 
180 Kenney Patrick J 
182 Wheatou Edward F 

1M . irs jonnle 

190 Lang John W 

l!il Cn.n. Walter S 
194 Thompson Robert 
1 JC Burrill Mrs E 

::,s Toi !; Mr- Josle 
-i" Whitebr, id Mrs J L 
li ii: Ilainilton John 
204 Young Albert 
206 McAdam John 

lomas A 

210 Flyim Miss Maria 
212 Flynn Thomas 
214 Organ Wm S 

i.irtln Frederick 
218 Doyle Thomas 
120 Forrest Lorenzo 

Sbuter st Intersects 
Store, s e 

: N.ill Mrs Amanda 

1 nilel, carp 

Tarranto Robert D 
234 Crappcr Mrt Jennie, eonfy 

( rapper Frederick 
j. .r, Warren Mrs Annie 

hint Harry G 
240 Raw -on T E 
1 4 J DUou Robert 
U44 Ilonlern Edgar 

254 Cuff Henry W 

<iuith Mrs Mary A 
258 Bonner Joseph, extermin 

Cray John W. mus tchr 
260 Stuart Mrs Hannah 
262 Farrell James J 
264 Perry George 
2B6 Affholder Mrs R 
268 Ormby Mrs El.vinor 
270 Doast Joseph 
L 72 Iiavles A L E 
274 Cavere C \\ 
276 Barber Robert 
_7s M.ninion John 
Wilton av intersects 

House, a e 
290 Brown Charles T 
i". J Newell Robert, livery 
294 Redpath Walter 

- E 

298 McManus John .1 
300 Walker Mrs Elizabeth 

Rear entranaces 
. ,14 Humphries Frank C 
:.;i: Kinnee Mrs S E 


:;i;ii West Alfred W 
^22 Tarrant James A 
324 Mullin James H 

Rear entrances 
330 DIstIn Georee 
332 Cameron Daniel E 
354 Shij. way Thomas H 

Plant Charles 
330 Broivn Thomas 
:;:;s McKlnnon Donald 


342 I , thick Mrs Delia 
344 McKlnney David 
346 Harris Mrs Margaret 
348 Taylor David 

kln .1 M, carp 
House, s e 

GERRARD EAST, e from 397 
Yonge to city limits, wards 
1, 2 and 3. 

North Side 

Store, s e 
2 Wolseley Hall 
4 Littleford W O & Son, 

china rivettcr? 
Kempthorne W J, shoe 

8 Vacant 

10 Berry Isaac H, pntr 
14 Wright Andrew 
16 Erz John 
18 Agnew Mrs Carrie, mus 


Mackenzie \Vm 
22 Hemphill Zachariah 

Durst Philip E 
26 Chambers Graham, phy 
30 Wright Adam H, phy 
38 Scholfleld Mrs Luta M 
40 Hilton Frank U 
42 St James Sq Pres Ch 
44 Ont Coll Pharma"y 
46 Heaven Mrs P 
50 Henderson Mrs Margaret 
56-8 Constantinldes P C, phy 
62 Ferrier Mrs C. bdg 
64 Fisher Alfred E 
66 Wood W Lloyd, drugs 
Lambert Pharmacal Co 
Allen & Hanburys Co, 

Ltd, prop med 
Church st intersects 
70 Caven Wm P. phy 
74 Sllverthorn Gideon, phy 

Arnott John P 
76 Levillain Miss M. drsmkr 
78 Illnchey Nathaniel 

Dohertv Charles 
80 Cash Mrs Sarah 
84 Merry Martin N 
86 Love Mrs Martha 
90 Currie Mrs Ellen M 
92 Regan JoBn 
!M Peel Thomas H 
98 McQuillan Miss Cecilia 
Carey Miss Llllle, mm 

100 Snuggs Alfred, gro 

Mutual st intersects 
li>2 Smith Mrs Bertha 
104 Lyons Mrs Josephine B 
106 Blikey Charles L 
108 KIdd Miss Nellie, bdg 
110 Stnhha Joseph P 
512 Welch Rev E A 

House, s e 
+ Jarvis st intersects 

Baptist Church, s e 
158 W atklns Alonzo J M 

Allan Gardens 
+ Sherbourne st Intersects 

House, s e 

202 Mnrkle Mrs Elizabeth 
204 Tngman Mrs Eliza 
206 Cresswell R W 
2HS McElroy John T. livery 
210 Benson Mrs Elizabeth 
I ll San, lei - M L 

Robinson Samuel 
214 Smith Arthur W 
216 Rogers John B 

3at Cleaners, Feed Boxes 
Chicago Clipping Machines 

Tisdale Iron Stable Fittings Co., Limited 

Office: 6 Adelaide St. E. Main 3800 




Policy issued by The Confederation 
Life Association 

Provides a good Invest 
ment Write for Particulars 


Gerrard East. 


218 Dunlop N S, confy 
220 Bond J S, gro 

<k Seaton st intersects 
222 Scott Thomas W, drugs 

C P R Tel Co (or) 
224 Beswick C F 
226 Gordon Miss Agnes 
828 Daly Mrs Eleanor 
230 Blnshford Mrs Lucy 
232 Reed Alex H 
236 Taylor Mrs M B 
238 Bums Mrs Sarah 
238% Gellnas Henry, barber 
240 Bee David H, gro 

Ontario st intersects 
242 Gates Win 

244 Jackson George W 
Collard Mrs Margaret 

246 Hoare James C 

348 Spurr Miss G E, artist 
Spnrr Mrs Laura 

350 Hill Joseph H 

252 Brand Wm. bldr 

254 Brownlow Wm 

256 New Thomas 

258 Playter Win P 

260 Kerrison Mrs Eliza 

202 McKenzie Wm F 

2G4 French Mrs Sarah 

266 Defries S H 

Berkeley st Intersects 
268 McWilliam George 

270 McVean Wm 
272 Bourne Edward 
274 Cook T. plmbr 
276 Fieury Wm 

Fleury Wesley, horse dlr 
278 Bond George 1), contr 
280 Ilitchlock Mrs Sarah 
282 Macdonald C Henry 
284 Miller Mrs Mary J 
286 Patterson George C 
288 Bray James, phy 
290 Lainb Wm 
292 Beavis C H, plinbr 
2fl4 Cameron Win J 
296 Sarjeant James 

Parliament st Intersects 
Hotel, a a 

300 Jones Miss Lucy 
302 Gearing Mrs Emma 
306 Wright Miss Mary E 

Gerrnrd pi commences 
310 Shaver Jason S 

812 MacMurchy Mrs Amelia 
314 Broadfoot David, dairy 
320 Bradford Wm 
324 Webster Mrs Mary 
326 Watson Mrs Deborah 

Watson Miss R, dressmkr 
330 Smith Mrs Ellen 
332 Bailey Charles H 
334 Plant Edward 
340 Simpson James L 
842 Crane George W 
342V4-44 Shaw II F, coal 
348 Smith Richard 
350 Woodyard John 
352 Shaw John 
354 Nixon Emery G 
356 Alexander Robert G 
358 Aveline Haley L, barber 
360 Kelly Morgan J, wines 
362 Stewart R H, gro 
^ Sackvllle st intersects 
Hospital grounds 
Burnside Lying In Hosp 
Tor General Hospital 
Eye and Ear Infirmary 

Sumach st Intersects 
434-6 Cruttenden Thos, drugs 
438 Francis Henry 

440 Williams George C 
442 Irwln George B 
444 Blacklock Archibald 
446 Arnold Samuel 
448 Alison Miss Margaret 
450 Montgomery Mrs Ellen 
4.-,:: Fri/./eii Edwin J 
452 Sam Kee, Indry 
456 Hamilton David, gro 
^ Sword st commences 
458 Haekett John 
400 Purcell Richard 
462 McLaren Wm 
464 Thompson Andrew 
466 Veltch Robert 
470 Guy Alfred W 
474-6 McColl Bros & Co, oils 

McGilllvray Archibald D 
478 Taylor Jan. 

4SO Metcalf Effward 
482 Plater H B. shoes 

River si intersects 
Methodist Church 

+ Gerrard st bridge 

Isolation Hospital 

Toronto Jail 
550 Ewan Peter 
562 Van Zant G R 

Broadview av Intersects 
Store, s e 

588 Boyd Robert, exp 
590 Maffey Francis C 
592 Phillips Wm H 

598 Walkem Wm J 
600 Brace James C 
604 Cross Leonard G, pntr 
600 Graydon James 
608 Graham Osborne A 
610 Unfinished bldg 
618 Parker David, dairy 
622 White Benjamin A 
624 Scott Abraham 

Private grounds 
632 Dowson George W 
634 Alli;i Alfred A 
636 Allin Mrs Maria 
638 Alliu Frank 
640 Km... Herbert H 
642 Blackburn Wm 
644 Glenn Hush 
646 Godbold James F 
648 Rogers Mrs E L 
650 Burns Cornelius 
652 Drohan Michael 

Private grounds 
658 Van Unm Henry A 

I rivate grounds 
664 Baker F J D 
668 Lowe Wm 
670 Cook James 
072 J ritchard Robert 
674 Drohan Wm 
676 Cross C & Son, pntrs 

Cross Christopher 
678 Wheeler Mrs Susanna 
682 Cross Christopher jr 
684 Gibson Mrs Sarah C 
686 Stoskopf Louis 
6S01/& Phillips Edward P 
688 Martin Louis L 
690 Trotter Mrs Hannah 
692 Clindinnlne Wm H 
694 Ramsey Wm J 

Vacant lot 

702 Brickell Charles H 
704 Penney Charles 
706 Dimond Arthur 
708 Lane John 
710 Hurst Philip C 
714 Jarvls Henry 
716 Dickson Wm J 
718 Osborne Arthur 
720 Anderson Mrs Agnes 
7U2 A I 1 Iii Thomas 
7Lf4 Hertford Charles 
726 Wright Wm 
728 Hentb.irn Mrs Cecilia 
YIIO MacMillan Mrs Janet 
732 Peck Mrs Marg-aret 
736 Campbell Robert 
738 Hare Joshua D 
740 Unfinished house 
742 Unfinished house 
746 Crowe John, gro 
4> Rowland rd commence! 

Vacant lots 
+ Lonr.n av intersects 

Vacant lots 

Carlaw av intersects 

GTU crossing 
830 Sandeis Louis 
932 Grant David 

Pape av intersects 
House, s e 
Private grounds 

+ Gait av commences 
Private grounds 

Jones av Intersects 
Private grounds 

Leslie st intersects 
Vacant lots to end 

South Side 

Store, a c 

1 Entrance to Arcade 
3-5 Cornwell J, work shop 

Entrance to Arcade 
7 W ik shop 
9 Felkln W D. upbol 
11 Brookland Wm, tlr 

O Keefe lane ends 

15 Townsend S H, arch 
19-21 Wagner Wm J, phy 

Wagner C J, phy 
+ Victoria st ends 

Normal School grounds 

Church st intersects 
House, s e 

+ Dalhouste st ends 
K) Chuug Wiug, Indry 
89 Brown John H 
91 Walker John B 
!M Huff Smith 
95 Valleau Stanley E 
99 Dill Charles A, bd* 

Mutual st ends 
101 Westman Eldon 
103 Coleman Mrs Sophl* 
loo MrM l a i Mrs Ellen 
107 Andrews C M 

10U Bennett Mrs Jane 
113 Sutherland Alex, shoes 
House, s e 

Jarvis st Intersects 
House, s e 

135 Bond Mrs Margaret J 
137 Dancy Mrs Isabella S 
139 Yokom David 
141 Slmtt e James 
14" Turner Wm R 
145 Wright Matthew 

George st ends 
147 East Mrs Jane 

149 Hutcblnson Joseph G 
149 Rutherford Mrs E 
151 Vale W T 
153 Pennlngton Virgil 

Mow at t Miss Jennie, 

I owlcs Miss Lizzie, nurse 
155 Gl innre Mrs. Margaret 
157 Gudgeon Robert 

Archibald Thos B, phy 

House, s e 

Pembroke st ends 
17P Gurney Edward 
183 Wellington Wm E 
185 Mathews James T 

187 Carlyle Mrs Wllhelmina 
189 Patton J Churchill, phy 
191 Mackay G A, dentist 
193 Amy W B T, dentist 
^ Suerbourne st intersects 

House, s e 

Walker John A 
203 Simons Mrs Charity 
205 Warren George M 
207 Cornwell Alfred 
2UP Grfer Mrs Martha J 
211 Holmr.n J W, btchr 
213 Sang Chong, ludry 
215 Ferguson F, shoemkr 
217 Taverner Miss M A. 

Vacant lots 

2lfl MvNe : John B, gro 
^ Seaton st intersects 
226 Girls Home 

G rls Home Pub School 

Ontario sr intersects 
237 Tavlor Olivc-r, gro 
239 Nclsmi Walter S 

Ne son Mrs R, coufy 
241 GraUhnm Miss F W, drs- 


243 Quong Slug, Indry 
245 LeCour P J, plmbr 
247 Dundy Wm J 
249 Vacant 
2ui Gr;iy Mrs Mary 
253 Greer Thomas, tlr 

Greer Richard 
255 Thompson Thomas G 

Appleton Miss S C, mus 


257 Blevlns Miss Maggie 
259 Thomas Wm D 
261 Pyne Albert R, phy 
263 Pyne Robert A, phy 

Berkeley st Intersects 
265 Pickering Latlmer, phy 
269 Taylor Rev G I 

271 CaiTeth J Alva 

27:! Davidson Mrs Eleanor 

275 Cork Wm G 

277 Stephenson Win 

279 Tingle Mrs Mary 

281 Gilfoy Wra, baker 

283 Force Thos, shoemkr 

Force Miss E A, mus 

tch - 

285 Rowland & Galbralth, 

Rowland H A 

Galbralth M T J 

CPR Tel Co (br) 
287 Coutts John, gro 
^ Parliament st intersects 

Bank, s e 

289 Island James S, dentist 
295 Ta.vlor Edmund, flour 
297 Preston Wm, pntr 
299 Roouey Wm L 
301 Flynn Mrs Mary 
303 Johnston A W 

Mably Elisha T 
30oV Wood Mrs Hannah 
305 Hamilton. Wm A 
307 Gibson Alexander M 
iii i.) Signing Fred 
311 GIMic-s Thomas 
3J3 M< Knight John 

^ Victoria pi commences 
315 Greer Wm 
317 Vacant 
319 Duucau Wm T 
321 Shier Miss Clara E 
323 Hand James H 
325 Bailram Robt J, gro 
37 Speers Mrs Mary 
329 Hii liis worth Mrs Fannie 
831 Macdonald & Murnan 

Macdouald Mrs B 

Murunn Miss H 

* Gerrard :iv commences 
333 McCanu Mrs Isabella 

Houlihan Mrs. I, nurse 
83SW Sheehan Mrs Mary 
335 Clarke Wm 
339 Vacant 

8 Klng.snorth John 
34! 1 Klngsnorth Edward 1r 
357 Tor Medical College 
<* Sackvllle st intersects 
361 Richards A & E, clothing: 

Richards Arthur 
363 Gidley Mrs Rebecca 
365 Luney George 
367 Warren Herbert A 
360 Gray George H 
871 Taylor James A 
373 Walmsley Wm 
375 Nuthall Edmund C 
377 Wallls Joseph, exp 
379 Mawson Seth 
381 Hewlett Mrs Esther, ci 

387 Hudson Mrs M S 
389 Sharp George A 
391 Baker Walter 
397 Coxon Samuel 
401 Brodle Joseph B 
403 Motion Thomas 
413 Hlckey David 
415 Rosar Edward 
417 Logan Gilbert 
419 Peardon Frank A 
421 McCuaig Donald 
423 Allan Wesley 
42r> Hilts .Tetfery 
427 Rees Llewellyn 
429 Duncan Walter 
431 Sharp John 
431% Gadway Frank 
433 Simpson James & Son, 

Sumach st intersects 
435 Hyde Wm H. gro 
437 Rees Herbert 

439 Abel John A 

441 Fleming Joseph 

443 Bernhardt A E 

445 Salter Wm 

447 Brennan Mrs Annie 

449 Wiltse Thomas 

451 Brown Albert J 

453 Faithful James 

455 Glover George 

457 Eneland Mrs Minnie 

459 Vacant 

461 Buchanan Thomas, shoe 

463 Chesman Frederick, btchr 

465 Fallalze Francis 

Dempsey E. baker, r 
Stratton John, blksmith, r 
Vacant, r 

467 Lawlor Miss Annie 
Mm I itton James J 

-171 McMillan Alexander 

473 Pittls Alfred 

475 Cosgrove James 

477 Billing Willlmott H 

Guarantee Company of North America 

MEDLAND & JONES, Cen/l Agents, Mail Building, Cor. King and Bay Tel Main 1067 

H. O HARA & CO., 

Buy and Sell all kinds of 
Stocks for Clients. 




Idowes George 
I8S Spanlon James 

Private grounds 
489 Fox Charles J, btchr 
191 Shamrock Hotel 
4 Kiver st Intersects 

Factory, s e 

Met nil Uros & Co, ware- 

4 Gerrard st bridge 
vacant lots 

:,-kl urn st ends 
Vacant lots 

4 Munro st ends 
Vacant lots 

Hamilton st ends 
Vacant lots 

Broadview av Intersect! 
House, s e 

87 Moves Koliert 

10 Henry 

585 Crane J I>, gro 
59T Phillips Mrs S C, gro 
.">99 Kinc Fran. : 

r-.-derlek II 

603 Moore Mrs Mary J 
GOT Burgess James 

Vacant lot 
015 Hilton llros, bkre 

Hilton David 
621 Hooper Wm J 
623 Glllesple Alexander 

,>.Tt. barber 

Orchard Orlando K 
627 Lee Sum. Indry 
nnolly Thomas 

631 Hannlehan James, btchr 
633 Monaghan George 
637 Page Alfred 
639 Cooper Thomas H 
W Jeune Aubrey B H 

643 Leidy Fletcher 

litchoock Frederick 

,-oti. btchr 

040 ItiMins F.merson J 
G51 Oliver John 
653 Sldey Mr- Hhoda 
661 Page Win 
663 Rossiter Mrs Ann 

Vacant lot 

Bolton av ends 

St John s Pres Ch 
691 Gibbons Henry 
695 Hooper Thomas A 
687 Ward Henry 
WO Webb Elijah 
703 Bnrry George, baker 

De Grass! st ends 
705-7 Conlter Andrew, gro 
Til Drury Frederick A 
713 Earless John G 

Vacant lot 
723 Cowling Elijah 
725 Page John 
729 Hahne Herman 

Vacant lots 
739 Fldler Joseph 
741 Jennion Wm 
743 Pye Henry 
74." Mortlock Ambrose G 
747 Thackray John F 

nn James 
753 Tolchard Daniel 

i Camp John S 

ir Edmond 
758 Pollock Mrs Margaret 

Armstrong James H 
763 Gekill Win 

Pearson James 


767 Nlcol Andrew 
789 Summerville Mrs Mary 

Alfred H 
n Mitchell Robert 
775 Adams Edward J 
Rrlen Robert 
irt Lyman 
781 Lundy Wm H 

Mrs s. drsmkr 
783 Mnnro Mrs Phoebe A 
785 Wilder James J 
7 Me( !ure George 
789 Colllnson Samuel 
4 T.iOean av Intersects 
*G T R ci -sine 
^ Pape av Intersects 

-hop, g e 
Private grounds 


Vacant lots to end 

GERKAIUi WEST, w from 
860 Yonge to Klliabeth, 
ward 3. 

North Side 

J Hurst Mr> Elisabeth 

Hurst Mi M L, drsmkr 
4 lie, -k T George 
8 Lettau Gustave 
10 Tipllng Mark, contr 
12 Payne Wm T 
14 Mefiymont Mrs Isabella 
16 Clewes John 
ls> Casbman Michael O 

IM\\ in F 

L"J Jordan Wm H 
24 Wilcojc Wui H 

;ibig Mrs Elizabeth 
-s Kilfe.lder MUs M, bdg 
30 Barrows James 
32 Kubbra Alfred L J 
:;i i:r..uu .lulin M 

38 Adams Nicholas 

4" Miinre Mrs .Icnnic, bdg 
U M, Uu. Mi Kate, bdg 

44 Paul Miss Minnie 

44V4 McCreery Wm 

McCreery Mrs E, drsmkr 
Hi I .rldget 

4-< M Mary 

50 Hewglll Stephen 

52 Hey wo. .d Mrs Kllzabetb 

M Ma ley Mrs Kathleen 

68 Podger George S 
60 Kea Mrs Mary A 
(T2 Newton George 
64 Staton Mrs Elizabeth 
6B Kinsman Wm, gro 

Teraulay st Intersects 
68 Magulre George 

70 Jeffery Mrs i: M 
7^ i i < Sarah 

74 Prior Thomas 
70 Mitchell Robert A 
78 Gallagher Henry 
80 Richardson James L 
si! Johnson Herbert 
84 Johnson Benjamin 
+ Laplant av commences 
86 Armstrong Mrs M. furn 


88 Hopkins Thomas 
90 Fraser Mrs Jane 
92 Albertle John E 
<.U Mitchell Nicholas 
96 Davis Robert W 
98 Cranswi.-k Fletcher 
100 Medloi 

\liss K ( . mus 


south Side 

1 Store, a e 
7 Gosnell Edward A 
9 Hough John T 
11 Proudfoot Thomas 

Private grounds 
15 Close John E 
17 Avery Henry T 
19 Johnston Thomas 
21 Haskell Alfred 
2" Sinclair MKs Flora, bdg 
2."> Thomson Robert L 
27 Pybus Edwin 
29 Thomas Mrs Effle 
31 JIargrave Miss Elizabeth 
33 Clegg Edgar 8 
35 Lawrence Mrs N Annie 
39 Jackson John 
41 Sheridan Humphrey 
45 Romanelll Joseph 
49 Talt Thomas W 
51 Stnton Jesse D 

Hotel, s e 
^Teraulay st Intersects 

. ? e 

63 Burling Henry 
65 Lawrence John M 
69 Dugal Frederick, shoemkr 


73 Hook Mrs Grace 
Store, s e 

GERRARD AV. 9 from 383 
Gerrard e. ward 2. 

....... . IL> 

[Iran Mi. 

:, WHIN .1 

7 EH \aroll 

. s e 

2 liydall John 

4 K,i1e\ Thomas 

:.k T 
-naw Wm 

PL. n from 310 
Oerrard e, ward 2. 
....... It- ......... 

House. - 
.-. Rutli.rford Wm 

5 Morris .1 

7 Cuthbertsou John 

9 Preston Ira, real est 
11 So, lit,- Win 

......... West Side ........ 

House, s e 

tail" ill >. u froju Spruce, 
opp r of General Hospital 
to L arltou. wa 

....... le ..... ... . . 

1 Harvey Audi 

3 Price Samuel 

!( -v Isaac M 

7 Ritchie David 
9 Nliou Henry 

11 Johnson Henry 

13 Hrenton John 
l.j Sutton Win I 

17 Mills Henry C 
Hi H ..... 1 Charles S 

21 Hunter Cecil E 

yce Wm 

2ft Crlghton Thomas A 

29 Clark James M 

31 J :s Agnea 

i M 

y Wiu J 

* Gllderslee\-e pi commences 
37 Cameron Mrs Mary 
M Allen James 

House, s e 
......... West Side ......... 

2 Bourne Wm 

4 Barber Mrs M J 

6 McKell Wm F 

8 Uea Isaac L 

10 Beaton Mrs M C 
Vacant lot 

14 Allen Henry 

16 Lewis Mrs Elizabeth 

18 Campbell George 
2O Alnslle Sherman F 

22 Marrs Thomas 

28 Brick Thomas, bldr 

30 Wlckett Wm M 

32 Poulter Henry 
Honse. s e 

<; AV. e from 
Sumach to the Don, first * 
of Carlton, ward 1. 

North Side ........ 

^ Spoilt, in James 
4 Ferran 

.ston James N 

lr> Hella 

in iVi,-> George 1C 
12 Drummoud James 
14 White John D 
16 Puunett George 
18 McCulloch J Arthur 
20 Robiiisou Thomas 
22 Nlrholls Mrs Matilda 
24 Muii- Mrs Isabella 
26 Rutter John C 
28 Murray George S 
30 Jeandron Arthur E 
32 Harris Henry J 
34 Pyrke Valentine E 
36 Cubero Joseph 
38 Long Charles 
40 Manning Alfred H 

e Harry M 

44 Ebbels Mrs Amelia 
4C. Nash George F 
4s McLean James C 

South Side 

1 M 

3 Curtis George H 

5 Gregg George H 

on JuUn W 
.( I II 

11 Run. lie Kdwin G 
i:: Watt John 
15 Hllller Thoinaa 
U trceUl Wm A 
19 Barton Charles W 

,re Wm J 
23 Surnmertield Sydney 

1 George 
. 7 V ,-inder M 


31 Jennings Wm H 
33 Jenner George E 
;;., ru Illton John 

r of 27 Glfford to Sumach, 
wai . 

North Side 

ninton Staudert E 
Gilmore David 
S Doyle James A 
10 Butt Albert 

raham George 
14 Walking George 

10 Garnett Abbey 
is Angus 

-j, i M.n . liinent John A 

Walter G 
House, a e 
South Side 

1 Watts Arthur J 

House, s e 

GILEAD PL, n from 18 East 
ern av to Coatsworth, ward 

East Side : 

Store, s e 
1 Pcttlt Wm 

, artliy Michael 
o Vacant 

7 Hyland Thomas A 
.i Phillips Charles E 

11 Whiti side Robert J 
West Side . . . . 

House, s e 
2 Hatton Thomas 
4 Llvernois Mrs Eielda 
ti Kirch Edmund 

8 Qulun Charles 

in S,-ott Mrs Fanny 

12 White John 

GIVENS, n from 908 Queen 
w to Bloor w, ward D. 

East Side 

Store, s e 

1 Barrett Alfred M, hatter 
3 Dlbb George 
5 Bero Alexander 
7 Craig John 
o, Wecuiiian John 
11 Ryan John 
13 Montgomery Charles E 
15 Cubbidge Sampson 
17 McGill James 
19 Booth Frank 
21 Comes Joseph W 
23 Tomliufon Henry 
25 Gaynor Walter 
27 Stewart Robert 
29 Summerville Edward 
31 Ppwell Wm 
33 RowlPS Joslah 
35 Burbldge Robert 
37 Drury John 
39 Harding Patrick 
41 Collins Henry J 
lirnce ft intersects 
43 Fearrnan Thomas 
45 Atnerley Wm 
4T Hamilton Michael 
53 McClelland Mrs Isabella 
55 David Miss L. drsmkr 

Kay Frederick 
59 Jenkins Edwin J 

trrington George 
63 Cooper 

65 Smith Joseph W 
67 Smith Frederick T 
69 Hutchlnson Wm 
Public school 


Successors to LIMITED 


15 Adelaide East 

Phones Main 1126, 1127 

U. dtll| DIRECTOR 


"UNDER WOOD "Typewriters 







Argyle st Intersects 
House, s e 

99 Crawford John 
101 Foster George V 
107 Crawford Thomas 
109 Madill Benjamin 
117 Dunn Jesse W 
125 Bnlman Mrs Elizabeth 
127 Bulman John 

Halton st Intersects 
Closed for one block 

^ Arthur st Intersects 

House, s e 
168 Dlplock James A 
171 Sheehan Daniel 
173 Acomb Mrs Elizabeth 

Vacant lots 
^ Harrison st Intersects 

Vacant lots 

301 Thompson John T 
303 Fenwlck Murray M 
305 Cockburn Angus A 
307 Beadle Delos W 

Vacant lots 
+ College st intersects 

Vacant lots 

349 McKerihen H & Sons, 

McKerihen Hamilton 
351 McKerilien H P H 
353 Gnrrett Bruff 
355 Brown Gordon A 
357 Valsey Wm 
359 Marshall John G 
361 Gowland Matthew M 
363 Northcott Joseph R 
365 Watklns John L 

Wntklns Miss H A. mne 


367 Prince Frederick 
369 Crowther George W 

Vacant lots 

383 Henry George, bldr 
385 Bllney Arthur Q 
389 Allsopp Samnel, tinner 

Vacant lota 
461 McKeohnic Hugh 
463 Hall James 
465 Pollnrd Augustus 
467 Ayerhart George 
469 Stewart James 
471 Clapperton Walter 

Vacant lots 
601 Pickering Wm 
503 Crocker & Ledrew, contrs 

Crocker Mark S 
605 Moorhouse Ernest W 

Vacant lots 
627 I,angdon Walter P 
629 Holmes James V 
631 Caldwell Jas. coal oil 
535 Fisher Albert S 
537 Adams Edmund 
639 Routery Walter K 
641 Routery Walter 
643 Smith James 
545 Hare Win .1 

Vacant lot* 
657 Brennan Chas, cabs 

Vacant lots 
567 Murray Win 
573 Burgess Mrs Annie 
575 Sim John 
677 Carlisle Robert J 
579 Foord Mrs Alice 
581 Buist James 
583 Mitchell Thomas 
589 Herdman Samuel 
591 McPhee James 
591% Palmer Mrs Emma 
693 Russell James 
695 Ransom Thomas 
699 Langdon Noah 

Vacant lots 
605 Smith Samuel G 
607 Ma.lor Edward 
609 Oekenden Henry L 

Vacant lota 
619 Giles Wm 
C21 Sntton Edmond 
623 Clare Hamilton 
625 Simmers Mrs Ellen 
627 White Samuel J 
629 White Samuel S 
631 Gibson Mrs Margaret 

Vacant lots 
637 Elder Robert 
639 Whitney Wm B 
641 Bennett Thomas 
643 Carter Miss Alice E 
645 Plmrch Mrs Louisa 

647 Quinn Miss Mary 
Store, s e 

West Side 

Blacksmith shop, s e 
2 Montgomery Alex 
4 Williams Wm S 
8-10 Payne Wm R, contr 
12 Sims Mrs Julia 
14 Mcholl John 
16 McDowall Robert 
18 Hardy Wm T 
^ Rebecca st commences 
20 Barton Edward W 
22 Annis Joseph 

Annis Joseph jr, dairy 
24 Donnell John 
28 Jones Thomas 
30 Bacon Mrs (J, drsmkr 
34 Wilson Patrick 
36 Young Alexander 
38 Johnson Wm F 
+ Bruce st intersects 

Cattle yards 
44-40 Vacant (2) 
48 Coxon. George 
5(t Coxon George Jr 
58 Moore Charles 

Moore Charles jr 
CO Kneen Matthias 
62 Reid James 
66 Nelll John N 
68 Black Frederick 
70 McGowan Samuel 
72 Valentine John 
80 McGowan Win 
M Vcrral Hubert, contr 
M; M, Murray James 
88 Iseman Mark 
90 Bowles Mrs E, gro 

Bowles Ernest R, mus 

+ Argyle st intersects 

House, s e 

94 Keeler Wm T C, bldr 
DC Dicksou Richard O 
300 Douglas James 
110 Dunn John 
114 Brown Mrs Isabella 

Brown Miss C R, drsmkr 
116 Aykroyd George 

St Barnabas Church, a e 
+ Halton st intersects 
Closed for one block 

Arthur st intersects 
Vacant lots 

176 Whitcombe Alfred 
182 Walteihouse John 

. Vacant lots 
194 Wilson Robert C 
Vacant lots 

Harrison st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

Vacant houses (4) 
276 Mackrell George 

Vacant lots 
298 Menton Michael 
?00 Laing James 

I niinished houses (3) 
308 Hudson Harry 

Vacant lots 
+ College st intersects 

Vacant lot 

350 Kennedy James H 
352 Davidson Wm J 
354 Davis Charles II 
356 Adam David 
358 Cawsey Mrs Thirza 

Cawsey Miss C E, mus 


:;<vi M. Morris Mrs Arabella 
360 1 / Wells Wm J 
862 I.aing Louis F 
364 Kelly Jcdm A 
360 Smith Theophilus 
368 Cressman George A 
370 Loy Wm P 
372 Kerr Robert 
374 McLaren John G 

Vacant lots 

388 Cummer Edward S 
390 Strehler Arnold, piano 


392 Che.vne David A 
304 Williams JOMI W 
398 Sinclair Alexander M 
400 Paxton Alexander 
402 Sinclair Mrs Ellen 
404 Ilanna John 
400 Bradley Northrop H 
408 Bailey George L 
410 Piggott Thomas 

412 Urry Wm H 

414 Bell Wm 

tlO Owen Mrs Clementina 

418 McGowan James 

420 Connolly Robert 

422 Power Wm 

424 Payne John 

Vacant lots 

472 Nicol Henry B, pry 
486 Wolfe Wm J 
488 Roe Wm, contr 
490 Ham John W 
4 .r_ McGill Frank 

McKay Wm 
496 Freeman Fred M 
500 Carter Frederick 
C02 Goultcr Wm McW 
604 Burge James D 
506 Carpenter Joseph 
508 Wallace Joseph 
510 Crocker Luke 
512 Clellaud George 

Vacant lots 
628 McCullough Wm 
530 Graham George T 
532 Mauhard Lewis E 
534 Beardsley Cyrus D 
536 Eaton E Clifford 
538 Crawler James 
540 Ualbralth John 
548 Englefield Frederick 
550 Purchase Mrs M A, gro 

Purchase R G, dairy 

Vacant lots 
558 Lavender John 

Vacant lots 
574 Mulllu Patrick 
576 Mosher Hiram 
578 Cameron Hugh 
HSU Sut ton Edmond 
582 Verral George 
584 Smith Charles H 
5SI1 O Brien Edward 
588 Richards Wm 

Private grounds 
592 Gilmore ?, exp 
594 Caines Wm 
596 Curran Francis J 

Vacant lots 
610 Mountford Albert V 

Vacant lots 
628 Hunter John B, coal oil 

Cannon Joseph P 

Hunter Mrs F, fey gds 

Vacant lota 
036 Liddell Mrs Jane 

1214 Queen w to Bloor w, 
ward 6. 

East Side 

Hotel, s e 

5 Jewell John 

7 P.arber (Icorge 

9 Oliver John 
11-13 Gaby Jos, blksmlth 
15 Vanzaiid! Benjamin 
17 O Neill Mrs M Jane 
19 Morrow Thomas 
21 Haggar Henry 
23 Badka Allan A 
25 Hunter Mrs Isabella 
27 1 arkes Robert C 
29 O Brien Mrs Elizabeth A 
I".)!., Diinohne Patrick 
31 Hamilton Frank 
31% llinrliclitTc John C 
:::: Morris Richard 
33% Ament Wm 
OB Edwin 

35% Tedder Ernest A 
37 Moore Robert 
39 Maguire Samuel 
41 Hill Wm A 
43 Townlcy Wm .1 
45 Cronk W N 
47 Williams Alexander 
49 Duncan Wm 
51 Delory James 
.-,:: I.iliie John 

l.illie Mrs Lucy. mus 


55 Smith Wm 
57 Froon Fred 
59 Gaby Joseph 
61 Brown James 
63 Furter Frederick 
or. Evans John 

67-75 Plymouth Brethren 

Meeting House 
77 Pointer Richard 
79 May John W 
81 Trimble Mrs Wilhelmiua 
83 McKee Alexander 
85 Kirkland Archibald 

Borden Miss M E, nnrse 
87 Softley Rev Henry 

Softley Mis E J, mus tchr 
89 Gladstone Av Mission 

Argyle st ends 

91 Thompson J H, frnlt 
97 Shouldice John W 
99 McGregor Richard 
101 McKay Mrs Annie 
103 Cralne Robert 
105 Seaman Wm B 
107 Rambo Wm I 
109 Cameron Albert E 
111 Lyness Mrs Mary J 
113 Glen James 
115 Hewitt J W, bldr 

Vacant lots 
^ Cross st ends 

Vacant lots 
165 Collins John 
167 Vernon Eli, pntr 
169 Rainey J Mitchell 
171 Wilson Henry 
173 Pratt Samuel 
175 Cunningham Mrs M J 
177 Dehart Rein S 
179 Hunter Wm D 
181 Glackin George 
1S3 Scully George 
IS i Ferris Sherwood A 
187 Freeman Alfred 
189 Parliament James H 
191 Brown Stanley 
193 Jones Charles W 
195 Bell Wm A 
I .i7 MacPherson Thomas J 
199 Vacant 
201 McCarthy John 
203 Pepper George 
205 Sykc-s Wm J 
207 Watman Charles 
209 Brew Wm J 

House, s e 

Collahic st ends 
House, s e 

215 Lougeway John 
217 Belding Charles W 
+ Dundas st intersects 
Vacant lots 

Gladstone pi commences 
House, s e 

263 Edwards C M & Co, flar 

orlng extracts 
265 Bayliss John C, eontr 

Vacant lots 
273 Butters Fred T 

Vacant lots 

College st intersects 
Vacant coal and \vd yard 

:i4.T Iluddart Wm L, contr 
Vacant lots 

Lindsay av intersects 
House, s e 

Sylvan av Intersects 
House, s e 

West Side 

Conger Coal Co (br) 
2 Knight Albert E 
4 O Connell Patrick J 
8 McKee John 
10 O Reilly Mrs Mary 
12-18 Coulter James, yard 

and stables 
22 Bartlett James C 

24 Lloyd Emerson 
26 Osborne Wm C 

25 Whaley James 
30 White Wm R 
32 Buluier John 
34 Nesbltt Hugh 

36 Pulfer Joseph, putr 
38 Thompson Thomas 
40 Brown Samuel, gro 
42 Egan John 
44 Robinson Thomas 
46 Stewart David 
+ Peel av commences 
.".U Coulter James 

54 Scott Thos G, dairy 
56 Gongh Montague 

55 Matheson Malcolm 

60 Ferris Wm 

62 Ward James E 

61 Bentley George W 






Telephone M. 409 

i nc 

Limited> 78 CHURCH ST ; 

pense OP delay attending these loans 


66 Lock John II 
68 Speirau John 

ii Robert 

72 Purdon Robert A 
74 Math -on Thomas 

:ern John 
78 Wright Samuel, gro 

Alma av commences 
SO Dunlop Thomas, gro 


84 Johnson F \V, bicycle liv 
lley Charle* A 

Frasi.r Alt xamli r 1 

86 Marshall John 11 

88 Clay Charles O 

90 Murray John M, carp 

92 Lonergan Michael 

9* Virtue Robert H 

:; I \ i .lohn P 

96 Garvln James 
100 Fox John W 
102 Croft Thomas G 
Croft Mrs Ellz, gro 

Waterloo av commences 
104 Marshall Win. btchr 
106 McElhlnney Robert 

Gladstone av school 
4 Trafalgar av commences 
l:> < .-on Robert 

nel J 

132 Gilray \Vm H 
134 Shaw Wm 
136 Norton Reuben 

14> i v Richard 

142 Rose Mrs Sal.anea 
144 Macdonald Wm 
146 Richardson Mrs Mary A 
148 Mit. hell Wm J 
150 Allen John R W 
152 Mitchell Wm R 
154 Dennle Thomas E 
156 Reid Wm G 

Vacant lots 

180 Powell H F. mkt gdnr 
186 Prest Thomas 
188 Freeman Clarkson E 
190 Balliday James I 
192 Hope Robert R 
194 White Wm 
198 Oster Wm 
10- Norrls Wm 
200 Slbley Fred G. uphol 
202 M >rge 

204 Moll. -n. TV Naac. contr 
206 c 

y Joseph 

Vacant lots 

Unfinished house 

Dundas st intersects 
House, g e 
Private grounds 

252 Baumhard F P, contr 
Vacant lots 

Unfinished house 

College st intersects 
Vacant lots 

330 Vacant 

834 Hayho.. Ralph J 
336 Coyne John T 
338 Paul Henry A 
340 y Q p 

342 Mill, r Wm B 
344 Aberdeen Wm 

Aberdf.-n Fred, eontr 
346 Thomas Miss Annie 
348 Vacant 

Lindsay av Intersects 
House, s e 

350 McKenzie John R 
352 McDowell George A 

Sylvan av Intersects 
House, s e 

420 M. M.T.H.. Alexander 


Gladstone av, first n Dundas, 
ward 6. 

North Sld 

2 Hastie Wm K 
4 O Nell James 

6 Mlt. 1,, n Wm R 

8 Dunton - 


12 Hale Harry 
14 Hill Sanfofd j 

16 Donkln Benjamin 

18 Arnot .1 

-" McDonald IMward 

.wart WM J 
24 Wregget Oliver 

South Side ... 

Not built ou 

GLEN RD, n from opp 27 
Howard to city limits, ward 


1 Duncan-Clark Rev 8 J 

^ Dale nv commence! 
House, i i 

Maple av Intersects 
House, s e 

il Vacant 
J7 Vacant 

03 Inwood Frederick U 
to Wright Mrs Lily St C 

Elm av intersects 
Vacant lots 

-1 I.awrle Willis S B 
83 Bropby Wm A 
s"i Wilson charl. - A 
87 Acton J 
89 Jarvis Kdgar J 
<~ Mackenzie Alexander 
^ South Drive Intersects 
House, s e 

: Bridge 
Beaumont rd commences 
House, s e 
Jones Sydney II 

Hinscarth rd Intersects 
Rosedale 1 ark 

West Side 

2 Smith D II S 

ii \\ r.-ieru W I , masseur 
8 Van Nostrand Arthur J 

10 Marshall Mrs E M 

U Manchee F D 

14 Chisbolro George T 

10 Cooper John A 

18 Gorman James A 

20 Coles Edward W 

22 Mullln Alexander 

24 Ross Simon 

-> . Patterson James 


40 Macklem S 

44 Symous David T 

House, s e 

Maple av Intersects 
CO .armor Robert 
62 Hargraft George R 
64 Irish Mark H 
06 Ellis Philip W 
68 Kertland Edwin H 

Elm av intersects 
Vacant lots 

SO George Wm K 
Si; Hamilton James C 
larkr Frederick G 
92 Campbell J Wm 

04 Morris John B 

South Drive ends 


Vacant lots to end 

GLENBAILLIE, w from 332 
Spadlna av, ward 4. 

North Side 

Store, a e 

2 Corln Harry J 
4- Lcgge Herbert 

tj Woods John C 

8 Niinrno Mrs Margaret 

10 Johnson James W 

12 Hsynes John W 
South Side 

1 Dnnbar Mrs Jane 

3 Oakley George 
5 Armstrong Wm 
7 Fraser Mrs Jane 

9 Mnllin Andrew 

11 Anderson Farquhar 

13 Moffat Wm R 

15 Harding Thomas S 

fiLENDALE AV. n from Gar 
den av to Wright av, first 
w of Suunyslde av, wnrd 6. 

Not built on 

GLEMloI.MK PL, e from 
George to Sherbourne, first 
8 of Oerrard e. ward 2. 
Sta 1 rear en 


C.I.urci:sTi:u, c from 601 
Vonge to Jarvis, ward 3. 

North Side 

Store, s e 
28 Masonic Hall 

10 Patterson Alexander 

12 Boyle itubfrt \V 

1U Itobertsoo Mrs Jennie 
18 Re.ldan Wm J 

24 Foy Augustus 
2>i Foster Silas II 

32 Irwln John A 
34 King Joseph 

36 McCoy Mrs Marie 
38 Foster J Milton 

40 Ayerst Mrs Susan 

42 Ma-, in A Wallace, phy 

44 Callaghan Thomas F 

46 Lloyd John W 
50 (Unison John P 
r>2 Collier Joseph 

iiiston F>avid I 
.rtreeil Mr.- Caroline 
Mr- N.ttle 

02 Brown Charles P 

04 Merrick Miss Florence 

<M Vacant 

68 Brush Seely B 

70 Armstrong Mrs Elizabeth 

House, s e 
+ Church st Intersects 

House, a e 

70 Henderson Robert B 
7s Marshall Thomas 

82 Keacbie Mrs Ida Q 
84 Alnwick Thomas J G 
8(1 Uunn Andrew 

88 Baker Charles M 
Baker Frederick C 

00 Robins Win 

1>2 Martin. Louis K 

94 Copp Wm 

00 Love Henry G 

rt B 
House, a e 

South Side 

7 Snarr Robert I 

9 Hillary Miss N. inns tcbr 

11 Fletcher Mrs Rebecca I 

13 Young Robert St B 
15 McAlplne Mrs Bell 
17 Smith Miss Sara 

l!i MrKay Daniel H 
21 Oliver Wm 
23 Banks Henry 

25 Neill Henry 

27 Sparrow Mrs Mary A 
i.iwii Mrs Margaret 
31 Croake Michael 

33 F.rqkine Mrs Margaret 

Mrs Margaret 

41 Hicks Mrs Esther 

43 Mai-Millan Mrs Jeanle 

45 Chesnut D George 

47 I . vies 

40 Mehnrg Mrs Isabella 
.11 Evans Mrs Elizabeth 
53 IlenmiiiiL Homy 

Hemming Miss E. artist 
53 Hnggnrd John 
57 Curry Mies M, .Irsmkr 
59 Paterson Mrs Jane 
t!l Bradv Mis Lucy J 

03 Walsh James 

(!5 Clark Nicholas J 

71 A damson Mrs B D 
Adain-oM Miss L D, mus 

A lam-r.n Mi-- Elsie, mus 


Church st Intersects 
House, s < 
udow Win 
\v John A 

89 Boardinan Mrs Fanny 

01 Lawless Matthew 
03 Lee Thomas H 

-li-r Mrs Sarah 
97 Williams Giles H 
Iter Graf ton W 
ter Wm G 
10:! Cole Thomas S 
105 Field Mrs Isabella 
107 Frankel Leo 

100 Balrd James 
House, a e 

GOLDEN AV, n from 912 Dun- 
das to C P R, ward 6. 

East Side 

Store, a e 

3 Wiugfleld Wm J 

5 Webster Charles 

7 Freeman Wm J 

^ Sil VtT -I . lids 

31 Irwln John J 

33 Fleteher <; -lie W 

West Side 

4 Smyth G Henry 

6 Van Horn Win II 

8 Wilson A John 

10 Walker George H, bldr 

2i Malloy Jacob 

28 Malloy & Bryans, coopers 

34 Kearney David J 

36 Cochrane Henry J 

-impsou Joseph 
48 Foul. Is Mrs Eleanor 
M Taylor Wm G 
58 Liddell Thomas D, bldr 
60 Cox Wm 
62 Coghlan Richard 

GORDON, w from 528 Dnf- 
ferin to Sheridan av, ward 

North Side 

Store, a e 
2 Strain Robert 
4 Shaw Emanuel 

6 Pinkney Joseph 

8 Newton Win J 

10 Stevens James 

12 Crowhurst Mrs F E 

14 Klein Edmund E 

16 Booth Wm 

18 Langlols Wm F, bldr 
Latigley John 

22 Steele Robert V 

24 Roberts Wm M 

2rt .1:1. k- ;t Will U 

28 May NYely E 

30 Thompson George J 

32 Dearborn Everett A R 

34 Dearborn Wm E 

36 Willmott John 

38 Morrow James 

40 McOIllivray Mrs B 

42 MeKimllcy Wm 

44 I , r A W 

Martin Miss A E, piano 


46 Ruttan John W 
South Sid. -. ... 

House, s e 

7 Maloney John 

9 Earls John 

11 Young Mrs Bella 

13 Reid Ja 

15 Carter George 

17 Miller Andrew T 

19 Wharton Mrs Charlotte 
21 Leigh Albert 

23 Ellerby Joseph W 

25 Smart Wm H 

27 Livingston Albert 

29 Burrell Wm 

31 Sterrltt Wm J 
Store, s e 

GORE, w from 32 Clinton, 
ward 5. 

Not built or 


Q For Pure ICE. Perfect Delivery 

Head Office, Tel. Main 86 
Limited 43 ESPLANADE ST. E. 



Toronto Branch, 26 WELLINGTON ST. EAST 




154 Gore Vale. 


A Complete Stock of all Coed 
Kinds of 


No Extravagant Prices 
,--T. EATON CO.... . 

GORE VALE, n from opp 877 
Queen w to r of Arthur, 
ward 5. 

Easv Side 

87 Hamilton Uriah C 
39 McGill Wm 
41 Gourlay Mrs Lottie 
43 Heading Joseph 

Beading MUs Daisy, inns 


45 Plaskett Mrs Annie 
47 Fletcher Win M 
49 Heron Orlando 

Gouguuan Miss Tlllle, 


137 Butchart David F 
139 Vacant 

West Side 

Keeley Institute 
Griffith George A 
148 Somcrvllle Samuel 
150 Goodman Win J 
152 Molesworth Miss E H 
154 English George W 
156 Thurston Gould 
108 Hamilton Albert J 
Vacant lota 

CiiKLl). e from 33!> Yonge to 

Mutual, ward 3.- 
North Side .. 

4-12 Store, s e 

* O Keefe la Intersects 
16 Hynes W J, plstr 
18 Nichols John B 

House, s e 

^ Victoria st Intersects 
St James Square 
Dept of Education 
Harcourt Hou Richard, 


Millar John dep mln 
Hodgins J G. librarian 
Provincial Model School 
Normal School, Wm Scott, 


Ontario Educational Mus 
eum, David Boycle cur 
McCorkindale Lachlan, 

* Church st intersects 
83 Store, s e 

88 Caron Charles E 

* Dalhousie st Intersects 
90 Scales Charles H 

92 Galbraith Miss Annie 

94 Wight George 

96 Stinson John T R 

98 Brown Thomas M 
100 Matthews Robert 

Matthews Mrs E. bde 
102 Walker John C 
104 Hallett Mrs Allison 
106 Brown Asa A 

South Side 

1-9 Empress Hotel 

* O Keefe la intersects 
11-17 O Keefe Brewery Co 

^ Victoria st intersects 

Cath Apostolic Church 
33 Lawson Mrs Edith 
35 Bowman Mrs W L 

^ Victoria st la ends 
87 Waugh Frederick W 

89 O Leary John J 
I r.mir M,ss Nora, mlnr 

41 Ki-.rliorsl Charles F 
43 Gosnell Edward 
45 McMillan Gilbert 
House, a e 

* Kond st ends 
House, s e 

55-57 Starey \Vm H 
Staccy Mrs M J, bdg 
Scott Wm J, mus tchr 

63 Oakham House 

Pei kins Alvin, pi mo tuner 
^ Church st interjects 

House, s e 

+ Dalhousie st intersects 
Hoofers yard 

87 Love Allan T 

S d Reeves Frank 

91 Harstone Wm A 

93 Harstone Mrs Mury 

95 Glroux Wm J 

97 Galbraith Alexander 

GRACE, u from opp 141 Ar 
thur to College, ward 5. 

East Side 

Public school 
+ Mansfield av ends 

Vacant lots 
+ Henderson av ends 
111 Woodward James 
117 Lucas Edwin R 
119 Hounsom J Ernest 
125 Chisholm Wm G 
127 Sibbald Henry G 
129 McGill Frederick W 
131 Balmer Mrs Jane S 
133 Henderson Thomas 

West Side 

2 Parker Edward M 
4 Davis Wm R 

Vacant lots 
140 Brail/ Mrs Ann 
142 Stewart Mrs Helen 
144 Wharln Win 
146 Stubbing! Wm 

GRAFTON AV, w from Trll- 
ler av to Roncesvalles av, 
first n of Queen w, ward 6. 

North Side 

House, s P 
6 McNairn Samuel 
12 Van Dusen Frank E 

18 Glen Alrston Wm 
South Side 

19 Matthews Michael 

GRAHAM PL, e from 83 Mc- 

Gee, ward 1 

North Side 

House, s e 

2 Phillips Henry 

4 Earl Charles A 

6 Grady John 

8 Clarke Thomas 

South Side 

Not built on 

from 9 Adelaide w, ward 3. 

1-3 Side entrances 
5 finger Mfg Co workshop 
Clayson Alfred & Co, die 

Winchester Drive to Logan 
av, first n of Sparkhall av, 
ward 1. 

North Side 

Woollings Frederick A 

South Side 

Not built on 

GRANGE AV, w from 98 
Beverley to Hackney, ward 

North Side 

House, s e 
10 Wildman James F 
12 Wahl John H 
14 Coomb Fred 
16 Levack Alexander 
18 Currle Mrs Annie, rnirs* 
20 Klngsmill Miss S A 
24 Wilkinson Wm L 
26 Ronald Mrs Martha 
28 Beattle Miss M 
30 Donley Henry 

32 Seftou Mrs Martha 

34 Ray Wm J 

36 Haldenby Charles N 
38 Leviick Mrs Charlotte 
40 Murdock Mrs A L 

42 Dee Richard H 
44 Mitchell Mrs Margaret 
46 Niehaus Charles 
48 Hodgson Mrs Jane 
50 Klppen Scott P, gro 
52 Outhet John R. btcbr 
^ Huron st intersects 
54 Moore Wm H, gro 
56 Jennings Frank T 
58 Miller Matthew 
60 Davis Mrs Emma 
62 Foster George 
64 Colouiaii George II 
66 Ferguson Wm B 
GS Vacant 

70 Johnston Rev Charles O 
+ Larch st commences 
74 Swan Mrs Mary 
76 Fibbits Wm E 

llavdj Digby, pntr 
78 Stettner Christopher 
80 Eagen Thomas H 
82-84 Mayburry A W, phy 

Spadiua av Intersects 
House, s e 

96 Taylor Mrs Margaret 
98 Kanaen Dennis 
100 Devanoy Mrs Christina C 

Kennedy Miss M J, nurse 
10-2 Embury Samuel E 
10-1 Barton Robert T 
10G I urdv Jeremiah 
108 Mil.iigan James R 
110 Cath.pi Favens M 

M.ifiill Mrs C, inus tchr 
112 Wiison Thomas A 
114 Mills Nathaniel 
ll j Malhieson John 
118 Haoker A Edward 
120 Poyutry Robert J 
122 Tutty Thomas A 
124 Lyon T Stewart 
126 Wallace Jeremiah 
128 Cass Mrs Hannah 
130 Beddow Mrs Caroline 
132 McCarthy Mrs M A 
134 Spacey George 1) 
136 Whlnton Andrew E 
138 Hughes Samuel R 
140 Syms Wm H 
142 McQuillan Mrs Mary A 
144 Poyntz Mrs Mary J 
140 Blaikgrove Walter G 
148 Peacock John 
ir>0 McMahon Percy C 
152 Sully Frank 
154 Flagler Mrs Henrietta 
158 ThompsonMrs Catherine B 
ITO Muni Mrs Susan 
162 Di lining Isaac 

+ Esther st Intersects 
Io4-16s Factory, s e 
170 Wright Henry 
172 Allen James, shoemkr 

Denlson av Intersects 
Store, s e 

184 Ward Robert B 
186 Pujolas Miss Nettir 
188 Killingsworth Wm A 
100 I arrett James D 
192 Lloyd Mrs Margaret 
194 Corln Mrs Rebecca 
198 Nixon Mrs Sarah 
200 Mulvihill Airs Johanna 
204 Mulvihill Thomas J 
206 Mitchell Donald 
208 Thomas James R 
210 Turnbnll Mrs Annie 

South Side .... .... 

House, s e 

13 Mitchell Alexander, bldr 
15 Vacant 

17 Upthegrove Wm T 
19 Berkiushaw John C 
21 Hearn Edward J 
23 Macdonald David 

35 Reid Duncan D 
27 Todd Harry J 

29 Stewart Mrs Elizabeth 
31 Rlttenherg Isaac 

33 Hlckman Sidney 

35 Blaycook Mrs Mary A 
Bond Arthur, optician 

37 Banane Mrs Loretto 
Bond Arthur, optician 

39 Goodman F T 
41 Evans Abraham J 
43 Robson Duncan A 
45 Michell George A 
47 Mooney Owen 
49 Good Bros, gros 
Good George 

Huron st Intersects 
51 Iredale John E 

53 Chapman George 

Chapman Mrs S E, drsmkr 
55 Wood Mrs Jane E 
57 Gordon Alexander H 
57% Stevens Wm 
59 Wheater James 
63 Uuitt Mrs Sarah 
65 Holland Mrs Laura 
67 Moore Rev Robert J 
69 Evans-Lewis Charles 

House, s e 

Spadina av Intersects 
House, s e 

75 O Leary Mrs Jennie 
77 Scott Wm H 
79 Dixon Charles J 
81 Cuttell James 
83 Holland George 
85 Gafney Patrick 
87 Bennett John R 
89 Manson Wm 
91 Leask Samuel 
93 Hasson John H 
D.J Nicholson John F 
97 McLaughlin Miss S J 
99 Burns M J 

Burns Mrs C A, gro 

Vanauley st ends 

101 Piggott Eddie, vocalist 

Lawrence Charles O 
105 McColl John 
107 Cleland Daniel 
109 Burton Thomas 

Howell Mrs Martha, dr 


113 Gonder Mrs Jane 
115 Wells Harry H 
117 Gunning J F J 
119 Kenmure Wm J 
121 Woolnough Charles B 
123 Clark James S 
125 Forsyth Henry 
129 Barken Wm 
131 Parker Charles 
133 Sampson Samuel, exp 
139 Williamson A R 
+ F.sther st intersects 

House, s e 
145 Smith R Sidney 
147 Lendlay Wm T 
149 Fraltck Wm 
151 Brent Frederick W 

House, s e 
+ Denlson av intersects 

House, e 
171 Balrd Andrew 
173 Kennedy John E 
175 Hoar Wm 
177 Gorringe Mrs Annie 
179 Armstrong H M 
181 Shaw Henry 
183 Gordon Henry 
185 Ward Henry E 
187 Pepper Richard 
189 Lancaster John 

GRANGE RD, w from opp 
69 MeCaul to Beverley, 
ward 4. 

, . , North Side 

House, s 

4 Klrkpatrlok Arthur T 

24 Chlnn Wm 

26 Smith Prof Goldwln 

South Side 

1-3 MacDowall Miss Bar 

5 Wilson Charles 

15 Boulton Mrs M R 
17 Tnllmndgp Elijah H 
23 Mndill Benjamin 
Harrison Frank H 

25 Montgomery John D 

John st ends 
House, s e 

GRANT, n from 742 Queen 

ward 1. 

East Side 

Store, a f 

3 Shed 





116-130 GEORGE ST. 


Head Office, 

King: St. E. 









1 :,;, 

7 Daris Mrs Agnes 

. h Charles 
11 Hitchln Win H 
17 I amcntor Charles M 

> Henley Win 11 
I hirk .-t commences 
2i Waters Thomas II. bldr 

Vacant lots 
45 Jeffery Richard 
47 Schnur I.evi W 

49 Saudell Edward T 
01 MrCarten Mrs M 
S3 1 atton Louis H 

50 Muses Joseph 
57 Parry Henry 

59 Muton Hobert B 
61 IK-Tcar Ernest W 
63 Amor Mrs Caroline 
65 Deloug Frederick L 

\Vest Side 

Store. e 
6 Paisley John C 

8 Taylor Hedley 
10 Terrell John 

en Mrs Huunah 
16 Steele Jutson 
20 Eutwlitle John 
22 McGmnls James P 
24 Smith Wm H 
20 Walker John T 
28 Peacock Wm 
30 Walker Mrs Hannab 
32 Brodie John B 
84 Spofford lugram O 
86 Kelley George 
88 DeLoug Isaiah P 

Hymer Ira, r 

40 Vaiidervoort M I!, vontr 
42 Cooper John 
44 McDonald Wm 
4tt Nurse A Edward 
48 Raymond John McK 
50 Lyons Win 
52 Mlllward liobert 
58 Stockdale Thomas 
GO Laughrane Lawrence 

1368 Queen e to Danforth 
IT. ward 1. 

Ea.-t Side 

101 Roberts John 
Brndley John T 
Bell Bros, brick mfrs, i 
165 Morley & Ashbrldge, brick 

John Price, brick mfr 
McDonald C D, nursery 
4 G T R crossing 
477 Butler Leonard S 
Clark Mrs Elizabeth 
Logan John, brick rnfr 
509 Farnan Frederick F 
611 Wnlke Philip H 
575 Taylor Ed C, mkt gdu 
577 Vacant 

West Side 

House, s e 
28 Wallace James 
40 Smith John 
122 Price John, brick mfr 
160 62 Morley W. brick mfr 
164-198 Russell John, brick 


200 Price Joseph 
202 Price Wm J 
204 Russell Thomas J 
242 Manning Oliver 

^ Gerrard st e ends 
824 Price Isaac, brick uifr 
400 O Connor John, mkt gdnr 
422 Phillips James M 

* GTR crossing 
472 Vacant 

W Richardson Jas, mkt gdnr 
M Crew Charles 
B2S-32 Price Isaac, brick mfr 
^ Chatham st ends 

GRENVILLE. w from 472 
Yonge to Surrey pi, ward 8. 

North Side 

Store, s e 
Vacant lots 
12 Moor Mrs Rebecca 

Joshua C 

14 Delta Tpsilon Chapter 

Russell Thomas A 

16 I.,. 

18 Lush Zfbulon A 
22 T:" y A 


26 Prittie ItoU-rt W 
US Wa: ert O 

Wntson Mrs Sarah 

:il<|. r Mr.- Mary K 
32 Bnrber John s 
34 McKinlay John 

Ho iso, H 

St Vin.-. tn st commences 
( Matthews Miss E A 

50 Mcintosh Wm D 

68 Gr*cn ( x-o 1 < W 

i; \\ il-i.n .lames I, 
VU Irvln Mrs Kliza M 

66 Smith Mrs Jane A 

70 Goulnlock John 

72 Cooke Wm 

74 Jaffray Robert 

South Side 

II. demist 
eut ranee 

11-13 Horsey Mrs Letltla 
1. . Island Mrs S 

17 Irwln Juhn 

21 HrlKKS Rev \\ ii. 

2.! I.ash Miller 

2.. Mrfitnlay Sirs M J 

Vn ant lot 
rdonald Ernest A 

Wells Mrs Frances 
37 Jarman Wm 
: Peiider Wm 
41 ! -\v nt Mi : 
4:! o H-.r.i Robert 
45 Williams Mrs Annie 
-t .i Nolan Mrs M I 

51 RrigKS A W 
53 Horutll Wm R 

omson Charles 
59 Cameron Wellington A 
61 Teethewey John L 
li" Stables 

71 I roctor James A 

73 Boxall George 

" Mlnton Thomas S 
77 Muttlebury Miss J I C 
711 Rulildge Perclval H 
81 Browne John C 
83 McMlchael Rev A J W 
85 Arland Fred A 
+ Bllsnbeth st ends 

Zlon Cong Church, r e 
93 Campbell A M 

GROSVENOR, w from 494 
Yonne to Queen s Park, 
ward 3. 

North Side 

2 House, s e 

8 Coulter John D 

10 limes Mrs Janet 
11 M.-I .ride John 

Habrick Miss Ellen, nurse 

14 Nlchol John 

16 Campbell Donald 

phy Hugh 
1> | Paterson Andrew W 

22 Oatos Miss Madeline 

24 Dack Miss Lucy 

20 McCormack Win J 
28 Elliot r S. phy 
30 Dunsheath Ritchie 
34 Caesar G S, dentist 

House, a e 

St Vincent st intersects 

Central Pres Ch, s e 
56 Vacant 

60 Hammond Herbert C 
70 Cassels Walter G P 
76 McTavlsh Rev Daniel 
80 Balrd Hugh N 

4 Surrey pi intersects 
South Side 

1 Store, s e 

3 Nolan Win 

9 Wnnish Mrs S A, nurse 

11 McLean Mrs Mildred 

13 Sawyer Miss E W, bdg 

15 Pears George 

21 Phillips Wm C 

23 Burns Mrs Edith 

25 McKim Mrs Isabella 
27 Park Herbert S 

Lli Taylor Mrs Eliza M 
ncy L 
33 Foster C Colley 

tfcBlfen Mi-s Mary 

. M. bdg 

St Vincent st intersects 
47 Wishart l> J G, phy 

51 Ryan Peter 
57 Temple Robert H 

:idlsh Ira 

r.;, h.n i, .|,,M-ph W 
. 7 ! :h M 

n/ W P.eattie 
73 Burnliam George A 
n Christie Miss Isabella 

Surrey pi intersects 

GROVE AV, n from 50 Fox- 
ley to Uundas, ward 5. 

F.ast Side 

1 Urquhart Janet 
:-. M -r|eary Miss A, drsrakr 
niih (J Arthur 

7 Adamson Samuel 
9 Goold Jacob L 

11 Clarke Christopher 

13 Watt Frederick W 

17 Cunningham Mrs Anne 
21 Featherstonhaugh Mrs C L 

23 Featherstonhaugh J E 
> Munro Charles R 


Byrne James 
31 1 rick 

Rolyat st ends 
89 Clark James L 
41 Albright Ezra W 

-13 Shorn Wm .1 

45 Black David N 

West Side 

House, s e 
ij Wilson John 

8 I>. rt 

12 Gibson Rev Jesse 

14 Whlllans Robt, contr 
16 Patterson Daniel 

18 Brown James 
20 Young Robert 

" Howard Frederick B 

24 Maundrell Mrs Mary 
26 Sewell Duncnn J 

11 Mis. Amy G, 

28 Lemon Mrs Maria 
80 George Frederick 
82 George Bros, bldrs 

George John A 
38 Slntzel Thomas 

Private grounds 
-Hi Colleit Mairtin A 
48 Bell Thomas 
50 Head John 
."2 Stretton Alexander M 
54 Stammers Samuel J 

Store, s e 

GUELPH AV, e from Carlaw 

av to Pape av, first n of 

GTR, ward 1. 

North Sldo 

Public School, s e 
South Side 

21 Allen Wm 

25 Booth Charles H L 

GWYNNE AV, n from 1236 
King w to Queen w, ward 6. 

East Side 

House, s e 

1 Elliott Win 

3 Reid John 

5 Yates Arthur 

7 Nash Richard 

9 Goodlugs Harry 
11 Qua Samuel E 
13 Langley Patrick 
15 Llndsey Mrs Janet 
19 Kuapp Bernard F 
23 Stanners James 
27 Shelley Harry 
29 Flndley D A 
31 Edmanson Wm 
33 Minty John J 
33 McDonald Alexander R 
37 Campbell Mrs Louise 
Maurice G 
41 Marshall Cyril L 

Melbourne av Intersects 

House, s e 

51 Long Charles S W 
53 Downing Robert H 
65 Farlow James 
57 James Mrs E R 

111 Spi lieo David 

83 \\ eeki l-Mwin " 
il.:, AUlrirh Wm R 
67 Hood Mrs Jane 
<;>.< Stinson Wm 
71 I .owiiian Mrs Ruby 
73 Ellis Wm 

lardson \\"m E 

Ki< -hanlson Mrs M, nurse 
77 O Keefe Jamei 
7:1 Welbnni Wm J 
81 Glatt Otto 

ovell Alfred G 
So Dunsford Albert B 
87 Burt Wm C 
89 Whitney Edward 

Workshop, s e 

. West Side 

House, s e 
8 Duff Rev Charles 
10 Clark Wm J 
14 Wright John J 
18 Lang Archibald 
20 Gowanlock Andrew G 

22 Green Wm A 

1M Martin Mrs Charlotte 

28 Johnson Charles 
80 Stickney Joseph 

:;u MH.aoheii 1 ercy 

34 Bleeze Miss A, drsmkr 
Bleeze Miss M, nurse 
Bleeze Mrs Rebecca 

36 McAullffe Daniel O 

38 Todd Joseph 

40 Thompson Rev James 
42 Whlttlngton James K 
44 McLachlan Lauchlan 
46 Beecroft Alvary. bldr 

Melbourne nv Intersects 
House, s e 

48 Godbolt Lewis 
50 Garrett Wm A 
52 Johnston James B 
54 Ward John J 
56 Torrance Robert 
58 Bennett John 
Fell Wm H 
62 Davis Wm 
64 Laut Mrs Mary 
66 Jackson Thomas 
70 Talt Thomas 
72 Grant Peter 
78 Mulligan Joseph 
Store, s e 

HAi KNEY. n from ."ii l" Queen 

w to St I atrl.-k. ward 4. 
Easr Sldo 

7 Home Saliiin-l E 
.1 Sk ll -k 

11 Smith Patrick 

Woolsley st Intersects 
19 Store, s e 

21 Willis Mrs Elizabeth 

23 Black James 
25 Potter Henry 

27 Morris Wm, shoemkr 

29 Kerr Andrew 

31 Dinan Francis M 
33 Sullivan John 
35 Mclutyre Philip 

Collins Patrick, r 

Walsh John, r 

37 Skerrit Martin J 

39 Curtin Mrs Hannah 
39% Hutchison Thomas 

41 Crane Mrs Elizabeth 
45 Hines Mrs Mary 
47-49 Lowe Patrick, gro 

Carr st Intersects 


5i Fortner Johnson 
53 Faulkner Arthur 
57 Titus John A 
59 Fullard John 

Willoughby Wm J, r 
Bennett Frederick, r 
61 Fullett Wm 
63 Collins Mrs Sylvia 
6T> Timpson G J. mus tchr 
67 Cameron Archibald 
69 Turner John J 


Special Attention given to Man 

agement of Estates Prompt Return* 

16 & 18 Adelaide St. E. 

F. J. SMITH ^ CO. 







71 Weisser Frederick W 
73 Enright Thomas D 
75 Ramsey Robert 
77 Mission Hall 

Davies George C, r 

79 Clunes James 
Bennett Wm H, r 

81 Moffatt Joseph 
83 Walsh Patrick 
85 Hawkins Wm H 
89 Pethlck John 

Grange av ends 
House, s e 

91 Collins Mathias J 
93 Smith Louis 

97 Theobald Henry 
Ryerson School, g e 

West Side 

Hotel, s e 

^Woolsley st Intersects 
Dale & Harkes, 8 e 

80 Ireland Alexander 
Mack Mrs Ellin, r 

34 Vacant 

Bnrns John, r 
38 Dnggan Joseph 

King Thomas, r 
40 Grtffln Patrick 

House, s e 
^ Carr st intersects 

House, s e 
48 Irwln Thomas 
50 Dnshman Samuel 
52 Hilley James 
54 Turubull John 
56 Nelson James R 
58 Smith Richard 

HAGBRMAN, e from 75 Eliza 
beth, ward 3. 
North Side 

2 Paperniok Edward 

4 Gorflnkel Mrs Sarah 

6 Abbott Thomas 
10-12 Brenner N, junk 
14 Bloom Jacob 

16 Krogel Bell 
House, s e 

South Side 

1 McGuay Dennis 

3 Hermick Mrs Ida 

5 Wolfe Moses 

7 Brauer Abraham 
9 Stewart Charles 

11 Long John 
13-15 Scrap yard 

17 Sharman Asher 
19 Moster Rev Israel 
21 Sigal Moses 

Store, s e 

HALLAM, w from Shaw to 
Dufferin, second n of Bloor 
w, wards 5 and 6. 

North Side 

Vacant lots 
38 Sharp Frank 
40 Thompson John 
42 Campbell Mrs Adeline 

Ossington av Intersects 
Vacant lots 

Preston av Intersects 
Vacant lots 

96 Deurnore Wm 

98 ChesBum George 
Vacant lots 

Delaware av intersects 
Vacant lots 

Dovercourt rd Intersects 
142 Bond Mrs C A 

146 Wood Georire \V 
152 Sharp Wm 
154 Foley John 
156 Tate Joshua 
158 Sheard Joseph 
^ Westmoreland av inter 


170 Vacant 
180 Sanders Charles 
Vacant lots 

Salem av Intersects 
Vacant lots 

220 lioyd James 

228 Collins Thomas 

23J Allworth Walter, gro 

Bartlett av Intersects 
Dovercourt School 

282 Butler Wm 
234 Coalman Edward 
236 McKee Joseph W 
Vacant lots 

Hamburg av Intersects 
Vacant lots 

South Side 

Vacant lots to Dovercourt 


Store, s e 

151 Bauckham Charles 
153 Gilley Wm H 
155 Boddy Wm H 
157 Woods A E 
^ Westmoreland av inter 

Vacant lots 
177 Crook Herbert 
17 .i Mather Alexander 
181 Campbell Charles 
189 Winter Edward 

Vacant lot 
195 Price Catherine 
^ Salem av intersects 

Vacant lot 

^ Bartlett av intersects 
Vacant lots 

Hamburg av Intersects 
Vacant lots 

HAL.TON. w from 232 Shaw 

to Dundas. ward 5. 
North Side 

12 Ward John 

Dennis Joseph B 

18 Levack Wm 
Private grounds 

24 Cooper Alfred E 
2 Wlllard Abner R 
28 Johnston George 
30 Cameron Pwnk R 
32 Durand Wm H 

Store, s e 

South Side 

House, s e 

St Barnabas (Aog) Ch 

HAMBURG AV. n from Bloor 
w to city limits, ward 6. 

East Side 

Vacant lots 
3 Gooder Garnett J 
7 Fletcher Campbell 
11 Ilaynor Henry N 
13 Tomlinson Albert 
15 Furey James M 
17 Layton Thomas G 

19 Siimmerfeldt Mrs P D 
2:j Free Arthur P 

25 Bell Clarence A H 
K."> Smith Charles S 
M7 I>e Huquet John 
39 Elliott Samuel 

41 Bruce James A 

Vacant lots 
87 Madill Aaron 
89 Cutler George W 
91 Itaylls Harry 
93 Carter Henry 
11- 1 I la vis John 

Vacant lots 

Shanly st intersects 
Vacant lots 

151 Ball Wm 

Vacant lots 

^ Hallam st intersects 
267 Sanders Arthur C 
259 Churchill Albert 

Ulil l ;l!T Joseph 

Private grounds 
273 Morton George R 
279 Cross John R 
281 Balmer George H 
283 Hewitt Charls J 
285 Edmunds James 
287 Chappell Frederick 
291 Miller Alfred 

Vacant lots 
301 Van Nostraml Charles E 

Vacant lots 
321 Hughes Herbert 

Factory, s e 

:Van Home av Intersect! 
Railway crossing 

West Side 

Vacant lots 
12 Carruthers Thomas 
34 Dlnsmoje E T 
18 Colvllle" David S 

20 Robertson David 
22 Reid Thomas H 
24 Smith Walter C 

Vacant lots 
76 Carroll John 
Vacant lots 

94 Irwln Hamilton 
98 Thompson Robert B 
Vacant lots 

Shanly st Intersects 
House, s u 
Vacant lots 

156 Hurst Wm 

Vacant lots 
17S Itenuett Henry J 
180 Wlllett Richard D 
l>-2 Green Oscar 3 
184 LuckoH: Richard 
ISij Hamilton Jt.mes 
188 Layter Wm J 
190 Pitt Walter 

Vacant lo^ 
218 Eldridge iVm 
j JO Boston John 
222 Benson Thomas 
L lM Hall Thomas 

Vacant lots 

Hallam st Intersects 
Private grounds 

256 Feast Rowland J 

Vacant lots 
270 Wren Daniel 
-71 Xablockl Joseph 

Vacant lots 
288 McNeill Daniel D 

Vacant lots to end 

HAMILTON. n from 682 
Queen e to Gerrard e, 
ward 1. 
Kasf- Side 

Store, s e 

11 Thompson Fleming 
13 Smith Charles 
15 Rensall Mrs Emily E 
17 Brown Thomas J 
23 Crowe Edward 
27 Stalford Samuel 
29 Allister John 
31 Ayers Wm 
33 Calrtis Bernard 
-< Hill Herbert E 
37 Otter Edward J 

Allen James, express 
39 Reynolds Thomas H 
41 Birney Wm C 
45 Storehouse 

Store, a e 

Paul st Intersects 
47 Bradley George E 
49 Teale Reuben 

51 Sutherland Donald 

53 Scott Win 8 

r,r, .Minns Wm 

57 Burlelgh Charles E 

59 Patterson James 

61 Sparks Arthur J 

63 Rnrkpy John L 

65 Mooney Isaac 

67 Churchill Charles W 

6n Ward Wm 

71 McCarthy Mrs Annie 

73 Tyndall George 

75 Lamoreaux E Alex 

77 Lalujf Win 
Vacant lot 

83 Dale George 

85 Olsen Aksel S 

87 Thompson Hugh R 

89 Emmerson Samuel 

91 Schmidt Henry 

93 Lyons Richara 

Vacant lots 
101 Cruise George W 
103 Palmer Wa.Iter 
105 Armstrong John 
107 Coleclough Arthur A 
109 Smith Arthur 
111 Banks George 

Banks Miss H, drsmkr 
113 Johnston Arthur T 
115 Moran Kdward 
117 Clark Wm N 
House, s e 

Elliott st Intersects 
119 Keogh Win 

Beadle Thomas W, r 
121 Lyon Henry J 
125 West Thomas 
127 Unfinished house 
329 Unfinished house 
131 Roberts Edward J 
133 Wlnn George R 

Vacant lota 

145 Plummer Thomas J 
147 McKon/.le Wm L 
149 Bunstock Mrs Mary 

Vacant lots 
167 Bronsun Ole 

109 Ulake Edward 
House, s e 

+Mouutstcphen st Intersect! 

173 Williams Wm 

Vacant lots 

177 Wildbore Wm 

Vacant lots 
181 Hine Henry, jr 
183 Novell John 
185 Newland Frederick 
187 Lake Rev Chas V 
389 Goss Arthur 
191 Gilroy Thomas 
197 Corrigan James 

199 Lewis Frederick W 
201 Francis Wm, pntr 
_ 03 Kelly Henry 

200 Falcoubrldge Charles 
207 Hastings John 

213 Hiilncs Mrs Eliza 
West Side 

Store, a o 

12 Stoncr Abraham 
14 Gordon John J 
IB Clements John 
18 Roy Wm 

20 Strachau James 

21 Price Win 

24 Abbott Charles, shoemkr 

26 Symonds Mrs Sarah 

32 Bourne John 

Bourne John & Son, 
ronl rs 

34 Hill Henry, exp 

30 Anderson John 

38 Young Alexander 

40 Greenwood Judson C 

42 Waddell Samuel 
+ Paul st Intersecte 
Public School 

SO Mitchell John 

82 Best John 

84 Bailey Wm 

80 Michell Robert B 

88 McKenzie Franklin 

!K) VieUers Jeremiah 

92 Leslie James 

94 Miller James 

96 Edward Wm R 

V ncant lot 

102 Campbell Septimus R 
104 Reiliy Hugh J 
106 Hunt Frederick D 
108 Ward Frederick W, gro 

110 Scott Wm 

112 Jepson Daniel 

114 Wetherall Charles D F 

110 Sales John F 

118 Uenholm Andrew 

Vacant lot 

Elliott st Intersects 
120 Tassie Alexander S 
122 Vincent Wm 
122U Ashby Wm 
124 Harris John 
130 Nixon .Mrs Minnie 

Private grounds 
142 Harris Wm 
162 Mason Harry 
104 Thomson Wm 
100 Hlehmondt C D 
108 Diadmond Davis M 
+ Mountstephen st Intersects 

174 I .rown Thomas 
Vacant lots 

194 Price Samuel II 
196 Mountstephen Edward J 
I oo Mooily Arthur J, roofer 
I ll l hilli|.s Miss Annie 

Phillips Miss Elizabeth, 


Phillips Miss Melllssa, 
mus tehr 

214 Rrown John 
216 Worthing Henry 

2246 Queen e. ward 1. 
Wlndross John 

end of Palmerston av to 
Manning av, first s of CPR, 
ward 5. 

South Side 

1 Vanslekle Wm 
3 Mclntyre Andrew 
5 Coe Mrs Emma 



London, En,g. 
Toronto Office, 49 Wellington St. E. Tel. Main 251 

GEO. R. HARGRAFT, Cen l Agent 

Residence Tel. North 124 

T. C. BLOGG, City Agent 

Rr>Ririanr:n Tel. North 154 

W. F. DEVER & CO. 


Stock and Bond Brokers 


Established 189O Telephone 43O3 Main 


Harvard Av. 


HAMPTON AV, n from 
Sparkhall av to DanfoUh ar, 
second e of Broadview ar, 
ward 1. 

Not built on 

Island), northwestern ex 
tremity of the Island 
Hotel Uaulan 
Toronto Ferry Co offices 
Hall grounds 
Electric power bouse 
McMillan Pavld, restr 
Ilaulnn Mrs Mary A, 

Dimian Edward, pleasure 


Soluian Lawrence, restr 
Mauley Joseph 

HANOVER, n from Queen e, 
fourth e of Kingston rd. 
ward 1. 

Not built on 

HANOVER PL. n from 410 
Queen e to Sydenhain, ward 

East Side . , 

5 Dillon John J 
7 lirunton Wni 
Asbby Wni 
.1 Uaisall George 
L3 Cameron James 
15 Canjeron John 

17 McFarlane Angus 

19 Stephany Win 
Conner Mrs Hannah A 

21 Hill Charles 

23 Dillon James 

i bnrman James 
-7 irnara John 
House, 9 e 

. West Side 

Lumber yard 

18 Whitney Samuel 

20 Wright" Mrs Phyllis 

22 Taylor Abraham 

24 Croiler Charles 
2 Crozler John W 

28 Bangster George A 
30 Rogers Frank 
K2 Thompson Mrs Sussnnf.h 
J4 Brown .lobn p. 
House, s e 

HARBORD, w from 120 St 
George to Clinton, wurds 4 
and 5. 

North Side . . . 

House, s e 
4 Powley Jacob S 

We-ilov John 
8 Tyson Robert 
12 Vale Win J 
18 Crompton R W 

ike C Langton 
Welgar Win D 

* Huron st Intersects 
House, a e 

24 Hyde Mrs L A, gro 

28 Burls Charles 

28 Davis Thomas J 
i Campbell Thomas M 
Thornton Robert 
Merryfleld Mrs Jane 
1 1 ring .! 

38 Currle Archie 

40 Smith Thomas H 

42 Irons Win, shoemkr 
Store, s s 

* Sptdlna av Intersects 
.siore, a e 

44 Campbell John 

46 McGregor Philip W. dairy 

48 Spear Miss Julia, drsmk r 

le Harry, dairy 

wH4 Le Grow Lewis, plmbr 
.12 MeKemlry Wm N 
64 Callow Charles 

>6 Bolus S, paper hngr 

Cranfield Mrs Rose A 
60 Hopwood James 
62 Brampton Win H, blflr 

64 Alcock Thomas 
66 Tooze Fred J 
66 Bain Wm, baker 
+ Robert st Intersects 
78 Pearse Wm T 
S4 Morrison Johnston 

Morrison Miss E L.drsmkT 
86 Dever John J 
88 Mooney Frank J 

Major st Intersects 
Store, s e 

94 Haynes John, express 
98 Cobb George W 

Brunswick av Interseotu 
lixt Parkin George W 

kel It ,V II. 

"> Bordeu st 

J A, gro I 

CoWes \\"ln, . \J| 

110 Phillips George 

112 Henderson Francis 

Smith Charles 
114 Haynes Lionel S 
116 McKec Mrs Sarah J 
Brown Mrs M, nur" 
118 Plnel Arthur A, patr 

Atkinson G 1). nris tcor 
120 Maxwell James 
12-J Herry Hugh 

^ I lster av inter-, vts 
124 Stewart Win, pntr 
!-; Mill-it. Koli, rt 
11"> Rii-hanUon Charles F 
i:: lint. 

iig David 

134 Mltc-liell .lames C 
136 Dowie W. fey gds 

Kold-rts Miss E, mlnr 
138 Crawford Alexander 

LIppincott st intersects 
Store, s e 

142 Demiisey Mi .-hail 

144 Taylor Win G 
146 Gardiner J A 

1 !> Ro-s .lames C 

wilson John E 
152 Gibson Mrs C H 
154 N .vle.ine 

l. ii Il.irneastl. John D 
158 Taylor I ol c - 
KM Taylor Robert, gro 

Bathurst :;t utersjclj 
House, 3 o t mvrsects 
House, s e 

182 McFarlane Miss Jennie 
184 Grlndall Jan. 
isi; w,;,i.ngnby J >jn H 
^ 1 almerston av Intersects 

Vacant lots 
^ Euclid av intersects 

Harbord St Coll Institute 
+ Manning av intersects 
~" S shields John, gro 
260 Splau Thomas 

South Side 

St George Mansions 
Lawless John A 
la Cartwrlght A D 

Cartwright Mrs A 1), 

mus tchr 

3a Haigh Charles J 
1 Skelton Arthur C 
3 Houghton Edwin B 

Houghton Miss Emma M 
5 Birmingham Robert 
7 Grant Mrs Sarah C 
9 Craig Frank L 

Craig Mrs F Mel, vocalist 
11 Walker John 

Mclntyre Miss Frances II 
13 Steuart Walter A 

is.Iell Frederick W 
17 Tinning Win K S 

Huron st intersects 
House, s e 

19 Warren Wm H 
21 Hond Andrew 

23 Ppdley Rev James W 
25 Henwick Hencock 
27 Mnlholland Win II 

20 Scripture Mrs Lillian 

ipture Wm H 
31 Prince Mrs Charlotte 
33 Hagarty Daniel 
35 Graham Miss Florence 
Patton Miss Merrill, vo 
::7 Mnwat Wm J 

<tore, s e 

Spadina av intersects 

Mel.ean John 
45 Lars, n Mrs Jennie 

47 Seels Edwin 

4U Haudley Thomas 
51 Gorrie Robert 
53 Cornish Henry II 

Burn Victor Q 
57 Hamilton Alex, phy 
59 Hunter John 

Milne Jolm II 

63 Outhet Joseph W, btchr 
65 Allport Thos, shoemkr 
67 Sterratt Mrs E A, btchr 

Robert st Intersects 
iv Walker Bros 

71 Brown George 
73 Henry Win H 

Fraser Mrs It. nurse 
75 Charles Wm II 
77 Saunders Thomas H 
7:i St John Charles J 
81 Poole Joseph 

In D 

83 Woodcock Robert 
85 Bowker W II A 

>-7 1. el J 


Clancy Hugh P 
4 Major >t intersects 
. a e 
H e 

Brunswick av intersects 

M Store. 

11 (ill. son Walter 
103 Anderson James 
105 Wiles Stephen 
107 Schiller Mrs Margaret 
109 Rosebatch A N, pntr 
111 Grundy Richard S 
113 Terry Frankland, drugs 

Borden st Intersects 
Store, s e 

115 Rowe Mrs Amelia 
117 Kennedy Joseph J 
llil Taylor Joseph A 

^ Ulster av Intersects 
121 Garner George 
Ills Tyler Mrs Jennie 
]- Leaver Matlh> \v K 
TJT Mercer Albert E 
Store, s e 

Llpplncott st Intersects 
Store, a e 

135 Kerr Edward, express 
House, s e 

Bnthurst st Intersects 
House, s e 

1" Cooke Mrs Helen F 
159 Beckett Rev John 
House, s c 

Markham st Intersects 
House. 8 e 

^ Palmerston av Intersects 

: Euclid av Intersects 
Manning av Intersects 
Store, s e 

263 Morgan James II 
2ft~> McLean John H 
Store, s e 

lAur.iiri:. w from Tonga, 1 

s of ry tracks, ward 3. 
North Side 

Railway tracks 
South Side 

Park and rear entrances 

UARCOURT AV, e from Car- 
law av to Pape av, first a of 
Danforth av, ward 1. 
Not built on 

HAROLD, w from Perth av 
to GTR, first n of Bloor w, 
ward 6. 

Not built on 

HARRIET, e from 433 Leslie, 

ward 1. 
North Side 

23 Deakln George 

South Side 

7 Turrv James 

13 Carg llI David 

19 Ingle Wm H 

Hastings av ends 



> KINGS* vi** 

HARRISON, w from 306 
Crawford to Dovercourt rd, 
ward 5. 

North Side 

Vacant lots to 10S 

103 Kyle James 

110 Stonier Mrs Elizabeth 
114 Marshall John, contr 
118 UcGowan George W 

Glllam Mrs Catharine, r 
12 i 1 (enrich Louis 

Brown John, r 

Bennett John, r 
V2 2 Sullivan Charles 

Wattlg Edgar, r 
124 Prince Mrs Nora 

126 Rose Matthew 
328 Bond John 

House, s e 

^ Lnkevlew av Intersects 
134 Cronin Patrick F 
136 Boulton Mrs Martha J 

140 Robson Reuben, eontr 
1 Hi Vacant 

Skating rink 
South Side- 

Vacant lots to 93 
93 Pryce Benjamin 

Vacant lots 
^ Osslngton av Intersects 

Vacant lot 

105 Winter Albert R 
107 Plummer Ernest E 
Ii .i Gould Herbert 

111 Speer Charles 
113 Lambert John M 

11". Williams Miss Josephine 
1 1." ;, Yewman Fred 
117-19 Hughes Jas, dairy 
121 Ilann James 
123 Spencer James B 
1- ." Hillings Thomas 

127 May Sydney II 
129 Snow Wm 

131 Sewell Mrs Susan F 

House, s e 

^ Lakevlew av Intersects 
House, s e 

141 Shaw Wm 

143 Wilcox Joshua H 
14."i Edgar Tlmi; 
147 Purvis Thomas R 
149 Cottrell Wm. tinsmith 
151 James Frederick T 
153 Silvester Mrs Emma 
155 Fraser Sydney R 
157 Dack Wm B 
House, s e 

HARVARD AV, w from Cal- 
lendar to Roneesvalles av, 
first n of Queen w, ward 6. 

North Side 

4 McNalrn James H 
12 Clarke Samuel S 
14 Smith Henry W 
2ii Ardern Thomas 
Blackball John 
:;<> M. .deary Richard 
32 Cooper Walter 
34 Chant Wm A 
36 Bird Christopher 

Vacant lots 
40 Noble Robert B 
42 Simpson Mrs Azlle 
44 Cockburn Frank D 
46 Clark James 

Vacant lots 

62 O Neill Mrs Elizabeth 
64 Foy James W 
66 Allwortli John T 
68 Cassldey Jesse J 
70 Straehan George 



Losses Paid Since Organization over $21,OOO,OOO.OO 

Fire and 


* No. 3 TORONTO ST. 



Harvard Av. 

72 Denlke Rupert 
74 Mahony Edward 
76 Addlson Win F 
78 Kennedy Mrs J B 
80 Beasley Herbert H 
82 Spencer Flnlay 
84 Case George D 

South Side 

Vacant lots 

23 Merner John 

25 Ransford Edward V 

Vacant lots 
33 Andrew John B 

Trlller av ends 

61 Thornton Thomas P 
63 Raymond Wm B 
71 MacKenzle Sydney H P 
73 Laxton Wm A 
75 McBrlen Harry 
House, a e 

HASTINGS AV, n from Gcr- 
rard e to Harriet, first e ol 
Leslie, ward 1. 

East Side 

21 Poulton Shufrey, coal oil 

West Side 

24 McGrath Bernard 

HAVELOCK, n from College 
to Bloor w, second e of Duf- 
ferln, ward 6. 

East Side 

Not built on 

West Side 

Vacant lots 

Lindsay av commences 
Vacant lots 

+ Sylvan av commences 
111) Ross James L 

Hepbourne st Intersects 
222 Hunter James V 

224 Le Iluquet John W 
226 Manton James N 
228 Roberts Wm S 
230 Pike Allan W 
200 Boyd James A 
Boyd James F 

Dale av to Nanton cres, 
ward 2. 

East Side 

1 Burns Douglas A 
3 Whitehead Wm E 
5 Kertland A H Rowan 

West Side 

8 Lewis Charles 
10 Elliott Wm H 

HAYDEN, e from 709 Yonge 
to rear of Jarvis, ward 3. 

North Side 

2 Pearson Robert C 
14 Hell Telephone Co 

Vacant lot 

20 Carter Mrs Catharine 
22 Scott John A, upholsterer 
24 Sinclair Malcolm 
26 Brown H P 
30 Lester Marcus T 
32 Smalley Wm J 
34 Whlttaker Mrs Annie 
3t! Morrison Mrs Susan 
38 Mundy Abraham 
40 Chlnn John T 
44 Robertson James S 
46 Radley Harman C 

McClung Mrs Annie J, 

nurse, r 

48 Rannle Mrs Maria 
50 Wedrlck Georne W 
52 Mitchell James F 
54 Dick Archibald B 
56 Strowger Mrs Eliza J 
58 Rennle Robert W 
60 Hagprman Edwin S W 
62 Smith John 
64 McMurren David, contr 
66 Mitchell John 
68 Simmons Wm J 

House, s e 

Church st intersects 
*-94 Queen City Curling 

I .lakely Robert W 

South Side 

Store, s e 
1 Olver Frederick 

9 Ellis Jonah 
11 Prltchard Albert E 
15 Lawson Jeremiah 
17 Stables 

21 Semple Mrs Lizzie 
25 Mearns Mrs Jean 
27 McLean John H F 
29 Wallace Thomas J 
31 Madden J Joseph 
:;.", r.rldgman Edward G 
41 Keith George G 
43 WoodrofTe Charles 
47 Willis Charles 
40 White Frank 
51 Talbot Henry, dairy 
53 Charlton Mrs Annie 
55 Mannerlng Mrs Colomba 
57 Fulgona Charles 
59 Woodroffe Charles H 
61 Young Wm 
i Ci Macrae Miss Margaret 
(i.T King John MeR 
67 Wilson Albert 
69 Bums Mrs Elizabeth 

House, s e 
+ Church st intersects 

House, s e 

79 Rodger Wm P 
81 Authors James 
83 Bonsall Wm P 
85 Cox Wm H 

87 Kenly Mrs Elizabeth 

80 Bulk James 

91 Booth Arthur G 
93 Jane John H 

Jane Ida L, mus tchr 
95 McCntcheon Wm 

McCutcheon Miss Minnie, 
mus tchr 

HAYTER, w from 402 Yonge 
to Chestnut, ward 3. 

North Side 

2-4 Staneland Herbert 
8 Holohan Thomas 
10 Carter J & A, drsmkrs 

Carter James 

Carter Miss Agnes 
12 Clayton Frank 
14 Adams Mrs Sarah J 
16 Jenkins Thomas 
18 Gohn Edward H 
liii^-J c r eche Day Nursery 

Barnuin Miss Minnie H 

Hunter Mrs Christina 
2-1 Parsons Wm 
26 Odea Wm 
Z8 Stone Mrs Emily 
30 Smedley Edward 
32 Huchanan James 
34 Cleghorn Robert W 
34% McMillan David 
36 Hawthorn John 
38 Wilson Frederick 

Colestoek Robert, r 
40 Fortier Wm J 

Lumber yard 
54 Smyth P Joseph 
".(I McCabe Charles 
58 Williamson W John 
+ Teraulay st intersects 

House, s e 

62 Richardson A S, wax fig 

64 Dlngman Mrs Emma 
(!(i Robinson James 
68 Borebank James 
72 Cook Wm J, grocer 

Laplant av Intersects 
74-78 Nursing at Home Mis 

Tomlin Miss Louise 
80 Bible Woman s Home 

Mclntosh Miss Bessie 
82 84 Bethany Orphanage 

Melllck Miss Aunie 
M; Molliek James 

Elizabeth st intersects 

90 92 Tagliettl Nicholas, gro 

94 Lamb David 

96 Springer Max 

98 Powis Wm J 
100 Spottou Charles 
102 Ellacott John 

South Side 

Store, s e 

11 Kenney Merrlt W, pntr 

13 Wilkinson Edward 

15 Jeffery John 

17 Bonnick Miss Charlotte 

19 Smith Mrs Jane L 

Church of England Mall 
Order House 
Parker Mrs Ida M 

21 Lee Charles 

23 Ashby Mrs Martha 

25 Hornshaw Wm 

27 Malcolm Wm 

Mackle Mrs Jane, r 

29-31 Fletcher Mfg Co, fac 

33-41 Standard Silver Co 

43-57 Boston Wood Rim Co 

5:1-55 Excelsior Shoe Co 

Teraulay st Intersects 
House, s e 

63 Nelson Robt G, carp 
65 Jessep George 
67 Montgomery Wm 

Laplant AV intersects 
77 Williamson George 

79 Harris John 
81 Lewis John 
83 Sheohan John 

Elizabeth st Intersects 

85 Charters Thomas E, btchr 

87 Redwood Charles 

89 Rome David 

91 Murray Michael 

03 Newton Philip W, music 

95 Allan George 

HAZELTON AV. n from 108 
Yorkville av to Davenport 
id, ward 3. 
East Side 

House, s i 
9 McLaren James H 
11 Lobb Mrs Jessie 
13 Winter Lewis A 
15 Maxwell Mrs Jane H 
17 MoLay Walter 
19 Simpson John A 
21 McKay Mrs II A 
^ Scollard st ends 

Congregational Church 
^7 Morley Thomas 
"* Young Samuel, contr 
45 Calvert George A 
49 Murphy Joseph J 
f>l Ireland Francis 
63 Symington Hugh 
55 Fontaine Wm J 
fi7 Harvey Miss Susan, drs- 


69 McKay Mrs Eliz, nurse 
61 I .alley Wm J, bldr 
63 Maekey Lev! 
65 0(1,1 Mrs Elizabeth 
67 Sanders Mrs Ellen 
!> Young Frederick W 
71 Smith Miss Martha, elo 

73 Din-kin Mrs Anni L 
75 Mc-Gowan Samuel W 
77 Cote George 
7!) Case Miss Ruth 
81 Halre Alfred T 
+ Rorryman st ends 
85 Richardson Mrs Emma 
87 Graham D Langford 
9 Kew Win 
1 TTrndry Wm J 
93 Faterson John II 
85 Jackes Charles B 
87 Chester Arthur 
09 Ilowson George 
101 Kirk John 
In:; Fawrett Miss Jennie 
105 iild Robert J 
107 Parker Miss Elizabeth 
109 Peacock Edwin 
lit Taylor ! Foster 
113 Pearson Ellctson L 
115 Collier Win. bldr 
117 Hirons Wm D 

119 Jack.wn Hugh A 
121 Caldwell George 

123 f rotty Henry A 
125 Wliiton George L 
127 Taylor Wm J 

120 Cooper Alfred W 
139 Shaw Thomas 

Steele James A 

Store, e a 
West Side 

House, s e 
1-2 Elliot Win S 
M Nicholson Thomas G 
16 Slicppard L C 

18 Bond Capt Wm 
20 Mackintosh Mrs Catherine 

26 Ferryman Charles 
28 Giles Frank 
30 Simpson Francis 
32 Kyle Miss Eliza 
34 Mitchell Bertha 
38 Wyatt Edward W 
40 Middleton John 
"44 Mitchell Robert H 
46 Young Mrs Eliza J 
48 Fotherlngham Davlil 
50 Finch Franklin 
52 Johnston Hulet 
56 Williams George 
58 Bedford Ebenezer 
62 Whyte MJS Aan 
64 Klllaly Richard F 
68 Turner Charles P 
70 Thurston Wm 1 
72 Harford Leonard 
74 Cooper Thomas il 
76 Rutherford James 
78 Vacant 

80 Crang James, ludr 
86 Adams John G 
88 White Esll T 
90 Noden Andrew 
92 Thomson Peter 
94 Hughes David W 
96 Anderson Mrs LouUa 
08 Abbs George H 
100 Moyer Ell N 

^ Avenue pi commences 
104 Kerr James F 
106 Dixon Richard P 
108 Venn James 
110 Adams Mrs H, ilali jr 
112 Glew Thomas 
114 Renaud Allen 
116 Lailey Mrs Maria 
118 Young Alfred I 
House, s f 

HAZELWOOT) AV, c from 
I ape av to Jones av, first 
s of Danfortb av, ward 1. 

North Side 

Not built on 

South Side 

Vacant lots 

133 Card George 

139 Hill Wm 

145 Hoskln Edwin 


opp 329 Manning av to 

Grace, ward 5. 

North Side 

Store. R e 

2 Weatherell Thomas 

-1 Alleott John S 

6 Feather Henry 

8 Hall Charles 
10 Finlayson Wm 

12 Irwln Mrs Jane A 
14 Bettie Robert 

16 Smith Thomas C 

18 Vacant 

20 Davey Andrew 

House, s c 
+ Clinton st Intersects 

House, s e 
28 Woodgate Arthur 
30 Campbell Wm D 
, !2 Long John 
34 Brimstln Alexander 
3ii Wilson James 
38 Dew James II 
40 I alin Thomas 
42 Johnson Duncan S 
44 Ashliy Frederick 
48 Turner Wm J 

Wood Joseph, r 
5(i Woodward James 
South Side 

I Mantle James J, gro 
3 Kaiser Lorn 

5 Smith Alfred 

7 Gibbs Win 

9 Lee Mrs A E 

II Mansfield Alexander F" 

13 Davis Wm J 
15 1 la/ell Charles 
17 Cormack D Ross 
T.I Slierldan James 
21 Webb Samuel J 
L 1 :; ( lift Thomas 

25 Mawson Mrs Esther 
27 Ford Mrs Mary 







TEL. MAIN 3724 96 KING ST. Wi 



29 Goddard Samuel, whol 

Clinton st Intersects 

Store, 8 e 
37 Brltton John 
89 Elliott Frank 8 
41 Tomllnson Mrs Anna M 
43 Reed Mrs Louise 
45 O Caltaghan James, exp 
47 Lyons George 
49 Behan Thomas 
51 Beer George 
53 Hovenden Wm 
55 Chesher Frank H 
57 Allan John 

nr.NKV. D from 26 Baldwin 
to College, ward 4. 

East Side 

Bouse, 8 

igher James J 

3 Crow S G, dress cotter 

k wood ( v rus O 

9 Reach James C 

11 Parkinson John M 
13 Thompson Wm 

15 Fry S. .lomou 

17 Stevens Allen J 

19 Iioherty Thomas 

21 Phillips Francis 

23 Rubldge Charles M 
23U Breudou Mrs Anna 

25 Green Mrs Rebecca 

27 Thomas George 

29 Bulger Isaac J 
31 Home Thomas 

33 Pringle George, phy 

35 Cerberrj Kennedy 

37 Cray Wm A 
39 Cull Caleb H 

41 Dale Mrs Hannah 

Yates Mrs Lilly, mua tear 

43 Clark James E 

45 Kennedy Alfred E 
47 Solomon Wm J 

49 Slater M W 

51 MrClary Mrs Mary A 

53 Simpson Miss Blanche 
55 Arrnltage Mrs Harriet 

57 GH : irtha 

59 Gibson John F 

61 Tucker Rev Samuel 

63 McDonald Mrs M A 
65 Tucker John O 

67 WhJttemore Mrs Louisa 
House, a e 

West Side 

House, s a 
2 Rennie Charles L 

4 Coulln Miss Annie, dr- 


Itcbell Mrs Emily E 
8 Kennedy George 
10 Taylor John 

12 Austin Richard 

14 McClellan Joseph A 

16 Nolan John 
is Wood John J 

20 White Mrs Lydla 

22 Matthews Richard 

24 Edgar Alexander 

26 Blackball John 

28 Hahndorf Fred W 

30 Towns Edward 

82 Daltry Osborne E 
^ Cecil st . ommences 

34 Lear Mrs Elizabeth 

36 niggar George C 

38 West George 

Ight Harry M 
4L WiSi.n Wm J, uphol 

44 Home John 

46 Rigg Mrs Ella 

8 Mneuire John, contr 

50 McWhtnnle Wm 

52 McCleary Thompson 

54 Nudel Frank N 

58 MacPherson Wm 
58 Cook Mrs Nellie 

60 Irish Mrs Octavla S 

torn Arthur K 

64 Vacant 

68 Price Frederick W 
S Hughes James L 

.enny Wm 
rdson Joseph A 
rong Victor O 
:immon John 

53 House, a e 

HEPBOURXE. w from Oa- 
slngton av to Dufferln. first 
a of Bloor w, warda 5 
and 6. 

North Side .j. 

Store, s e 

^Concord ar Intersects 
Vacant lota 

Delaware av Intersects 
66 Sturgess George E 

Doverconrt rd loteraecta 
114 Smith Vincent 

116 Wyatt James A 
118 Calladlne John 

Cooper Albert 
120 Addv George 

Rusholme rd Intersects 
130 Cropper James T 

132 Reid Henry 

Vacant lots to end 

South Side 

1 Sinidwlck Wm 

House, s e 

Concord av Intersects 
House, s e 

umers Albert B 
Summers Robert 
37 Sims Frederick C 
39 MacKay Rev Alexander 
41 Abra Wm W 
+ Delaware av Intersects 
House, s e 

Doverconrt rd Intersects 

nit lots 

+ Uusbolme rd interaecta 
Vacant lots to e4 

HERBERT, w from Osier to 
GTR. second n of Royce av, 
ward 6. 
Not built on 

HERBERT AV, n from Queen 
e to city limits, first e of 
Woodbine av. ward 1. 

East Side 

7 Leslie David J 
9 Wilson Mrs Catherine 
11 Wood James E 
13 West Henry C G 
15 Potter Alfred 
17 Barnes Albert E 

West Side 

>lln Wm II. contr 
C oon Wm 
Sully Robert 

HERMAN AV, n-w from 
Ritchie av, first n of Dan- 
das, ward 6. 
Not built on 

HERRICK, w from opp 195 
Borden to Manning av, 
wards 4 and 5. 

North Side 

House, s e 
6 Johnstone Robert 

JO Haliett Stephen 
^ Ulster av Interstcts 
Private grounds 

Llpplncott st Intersects 
Store, s e 

36 Fussell Samuel II 
38 Goode James 

Vacant lots to end 
South Side 

Public School, s e 

Ulster av Intersects 
Vacant lots 
House, a e 

Llpplncott st Intersects 
21 Scott Mrs J. gro 

23 Armstrong Thorn: 
25 Jones Thomas H 
27 Grlmlall Edward 

:. Kyos Wm B 
M. K ilrs- 


31 Henry Robert 
33 Beckett Mrs E A 

::nox John 
House, s e 

Bathurst st Intersects 
Vacant lots to end 

HKWAUI" AV, n from East 
ern av to ljueen e, first e of 
Carlaw av, ward 1. 


^t Webb Harry S 
L . f Wilton James J 

25 Passmore Joseph 
l^t I.olnas Ceorge 

Vacant lots 

ird P 
35 Totton Win 

37 Phippen Henry W 
39 McFarlanc Samuel 

41 Tillinan Henry 

43 Lawrei. 
Vacant lota 

4U Kaiiiui Charles C 
51 Dennett Wm 

Vacant lota 
67 Bunting Robert 

ant lots 

91 Cox Daniel G 
93 Lyn.le Sylvester B 
W, st Side- 

26 Ellis George 
28 Martin Wm J 

Vacant lots 

38 Flint Edgar 

411 I la "thorn Frederick 

42 Logan Charles T 

44 Henderson James 

iid J 

48 Griffin John W 
lartln Harry C 
olvllle David 
Vacant lots 
74 Manson Robert 

HEWITT, w from Rouces- 
valles av to Indian n], first 
n of Howard Park av, wanl 

Not built on 

HICKORY, n from 216 St 
Patrick, ward 4. 

East Side 

Rear entrances 

West Side 

House, s e 
\ Warren Ttl 

inont Jam 

10 M.>r.. Thomas 

nh H 

14 Thompson Philip 
Hann Georgo, r 

HICKSON, w from a lane to 
79 St Clarens, ward 6. 

North Side 

2 McClelland James 

4 Buchan Alexander 
C, MHihio r l h. .mas D 

8 Doyle .lolin 

10 McCartney Owen 
}- Ii;ury Lawrence F 

14 Logan Mrs Margaret 

16 O Neill Patrick T 

18 Densmore Frank S 
20 Perry Richard 

Vacant lots 
34 Grimes Henry 
36 Moberly Win W 
38 Pollard Frank 

South Side 

1 M H 

3 Sheriff Wm 

5 Hayes John 

7 Doniieli Robert 

9 Hogan Andrew 

11 Ritchie Duncan 

15 Abbott Wm A 

17 Hudson Thomas 

19 Morton George 

M Sir. 

House, s e 

HIGH PARK, at southwest 
ern boundary of city, en 
trances Lake Shore rd, Col 
lege st and Fermanagh av. 
Meyer Mrs P V. restr 
Wise Thomas, caretkr 
r, caretkr 

Illiill PARK AV, s-w from 
Dundas to Roncesvallcs ar, 
flrst n of Howard Park av 
ward 6. 


10 Gray James 

West Side 

Not built on 

HIOGA AV, w from Indian 
rd to Kobe av, flrst a of 
Howard Park av, ward 6. 
Not built on 

HOGARTH Iv, I from. 
Broadview av, third a of 
Datiforth av, ward 1. 

. . .Vorth Side 

2 Slater Joseph T 
4 Herst Samuel 

Vacant lots 

4s gheppard J J. dairy 
64 Heys Thomas 
^ Bowden st commences 

Hogarth George 
Hampton av Intersects 
98 Wood John 
l" w.,,,,1 John C 

ii- :,- 


HOME PL, n from 110 Oak to 
Reid, ward 2. 

-^ East Side 

House, s e 

1 Rogers Francis 

2 Godfrey Wm R 

" Katon Thomas H 

4 Klrknatriek Frederick 

5 Gardiner Wm 

6 Johnsrone John 

7 McDole John R 
West Side 

Not built on 

HOMEWOOD AV, n from 1W 
Carlton to Wellesley, ward 

East Side .. 

1-5 Oldright Wm, phy 
7 Fraser Rev R Douglas 
.> S.i, veil ileorge 
15 Ness Archibald 
17 O Nell James 

"i-kford George 
in Waters Alfred G 
I-: Smith Mrs Huth 
25 Underwood J Elbrldge 

Lloy.l Mi<s Alice, nurse 
27 Owen Trevor R 

Owen Miss Gwiadys, nurse 

29 De Laplante Mnglolre 
31 Patterson Mrs Annie 
33 Tyrrell Edward 

35 Igelstrom F W 

37 Huffman Mrs Fannie 

^ Hurst pi commence* 

30 Kirkland Archibald 
41 Thatcher George E 
43 Hirst John 

4.1 \\ -US 

47 Skill r.,..;:ard J 
49 Oliver Robert 
51 Pennylegion Mrs K 
Pennylegion Wm 
- R 

1 W 
\vn Wm 

Oliver H 

Gl Strachan Frank 
03 Lumsden Hugh D 
tj.", Huffman Miss T, school 

Private grounds 

73 West Joseph U 

77 Johnston Henry W 

81 Pratt Arthur C 

iller Mrs M A 

\Iahon James W 
.vain Jesse F 
89 Bruce Joslah 
91 Gregory Wm 
93 Hill Wm, ]r 
95 Garrett Alexander N 

Private grounds 
lOf Kingstone Fred W 

West Side 

House, s e 
12 Pearson Charles 
14 Raymond Burrows 
n; Lawrence Mrs Annie 

McEachren s Dyeing:, Cleaning; 
and Repairing; Establishment 

93 BAY, c^r. KING Phone Main 2376 

Our Prices 

are the 


Suits Sponged and Pressed, 75o. 
Suits Pressed, - - - - 50o. 
Pants Pressed, - - - - 15c. 


filial \J\ QC LUUIXLi Money to Loan, Estates Managed, 57 VICTORIA ST 

Money to Loan, Estates Managed, 
Real Estate Bought and Sold 

160 Homewood Av. 


18 Whltehead Frederick W 
20 Blackstock Rev Wm S 
24 Low Miss J C,drs mkr 
Grigor James W 

Montague pi commences 
26 Burns Kev Nelson 

28 Babnyan Levon 

30 Levy Wm J 

32 Ramsay Robert H 

84 Thomson J B, paper bngr 

36 McKnlgbt Mrs Edith, drs- 


44 Ryau Wm A 
46 Pettlgrew Robt L, bldr 
48 Gay Rev Alexander R 
50 Black David 
62 Douglas Wm M 

Suffolk pi commences 
54 Davles Robert, grocer 
54% McKenzie Mrs Hannah 
66 Staintou <j H 

58 Marsicauo Domnlc 
60 Read Mrs Matilda 
62 Andrew George 
64 Dixon Frederick J 
66 Isaac John J 
70 Carter Edward T 
72 Lord R Fred 
74 Stevenson Mrs Sarah 
76 Parker Mrs Margaret 
78 West Rooert O 
80 Ahern John 
+ Maitland pi commences 
82 Howard George 
84 Orr George H 
House, s e 

HOMEWOOD PL, n from 
Wellesley, opp Homewood 
av, ward 2. 

East Side 

House, s e 
13 Nicholls Frederic 

West Side 

House, s e 

10 Huestis Archibald M 

HOOPER AV (Toronto Is- 
land), n from 286 Lake 
Shore av, ward 4. 

East Side 

3 Donald Richard A 

5 Vacant 

7 Madden James T 
9 Jephcott Wm C 

11 Equi Wm J 

13 Goodman Charles E 
West Side 

4 Vacant 

6 Dunbar F J 

8 Dyas Mrs E W 
Dyas Thomas A 

10 Vacant 

12 Vacant 

14 Vacant 
16 Vacant 

18 Lambert Win F 

20 Vacant 

22 Copping Geo R 

24 Vacant 

26 Vacant 

HOSKIN AV, w from gueen i 
Park to St Gforge, flrst 8 
of Bioor w, ward 4. 

North Side 

Not built on 

^ Devonshire pi commences 
Kappa Alpha Lodge 
House, s e 

South Side 

Wycllffe College, Rev J P 
Sheraton DD priu, Her 
bert B Mortimer reglstr 
Toronto University, r e 

HOWARD, e from 603 Sher- 
bourne to Parliament ward 

North Side .. . 

House, a e 
4 Keith John 
6 Sparrow George 
8 Bugg Charles 

House, s e 
+ Glen rd commences 

Vacant lots 
24 Lucas Clarence O 
20 Howarth Chas E 

28 Boyle Wm C 

30 Kavanagh James C 

32 Fraser Wm J 

34 Turner Ernest W 
St Simon s Church 

^ Edgerdale road com 

08 Sinclair Mrs Henrietta 
60 Blackford E P 
62 Till Frank H 
64 Horton Albert 
66 Davey Philip 
68 Mortimore George C 
70 Noble James 
72 Gasset Mrs Sarah 
70 Kerr Wm 

78 Self Thomas W, contr 
86 Johnson Miss Henrietta 

90 Lipscomb Henry J 
Vacant lots 

102 Charlesworth H G 
110 White Thomas 
South Side 

1 Thorn John 

13 Vacant 

15 Boys Mrs Margaret 

17 Coxwell Hylton, gro 

Harris Wm F 
19 Munn John, gro 

+ Bleecker st ends 
21 Duff Jaiaes, gro 
23 Finch Thos W, btchr 
25 Walterhouse D C, drugs 
27 Boynton E jr, btchr 

29 Chong Lum 

31 Cobban Wm E M 

33 Lee Thomas J 

35 McBride Archibald 
37 Lyner Peter 

311 Bryan Wm J 

41 Watt Mrs Millicent 

43 Jacob Mrs Augusta 

Hodskins Mrs H, nurse 
47 McHardy Mrs Noble 
49 Cooke Wm 
51 O Loane John T 
53 Simpson Richard 
55 Faleoubridge Eliza G 
57 Maynard Mrs E 
59 Smith Walter H 
Ontario st ends 

House, a e 

Fire Hall, s e 
+ Rose av euds 

House, s e 
85 Wallace David B 
87 Hall Rev Robert 
89 Cradock Stephen 

91 Armstrong Mrs Isabella 
93 Archibald Wm 

!>."> Lines Harry 
97 Biackey Peter 
99 Gillesple Wm 
101 Dempsey Wm P 

103 Hay James R 
105 Jackson Harry 
107 Clapperton George 

HOWARD AV, n from the 
lake to Queen e, flrst west 
of Balsam av, ward 1. 
En st Side 

Vacant house 

Fimllay Mrs Mary 

Murton Arthur W 

Vacant houses (2) 

Vacant lota 

Vacant houses (2) 

Guard Wm A 

De Beauharnois Mrs G H 
West Slda 

Not built on 

from nearly opp 912 Dnn- 
das to High Park, ward 0. 

North Side 

Tor Ry stables 
Market gardens 

Roncesvalles av Intersects 
14 Glenny Robert 

+ Indian rd intersects 

Indian grove begins 
Smith Side 

35 Scott Wm J 
+ Roncesvalles av Intersects 
Mi Mulhrrn John 

Indian rd Intersects 
I 173 Vacant 

HOWIE AV, n from opp 17 

Clark, ward 1. 
East Side 

1 Smith Major 
Cobert Mrs M, nurse 

3 Tomllu Benjamin 

5 Stewart Wm 

7 Long Alexander 
9 Brown Win J 

II Butcher James 
13 Lowe Reuben 

15 Brake Thomas 

17 Butcher Henry 
19 Hobsou Wm J 

Vacant lots 
31 Hewlett John 
33 Radgerow Jesse 
35 Eatherley Ernest 
37 Hoult James 
39 Fisher Wm 

Vacant lots 
49 Gilbert John 
51 Ross Henry G 
53 Emprlngham Joseph 
55 MeDowall Wm 
57 Murray George 
69 Edgar Walter A 
West Side 

8 Mitchell James 
10 Mitchell Wm E 

16 Murray Robert 

18 Jones John B 

ROWLAND AV, n from Bloor 

w, opp Borden, to CPR. 

second e of Bathurst, ward 

East Side 

15 Hall F Asa 

17 Cook Mrs Emily F 

19 Dame Alexander 

21 Pcmberton Leigh T 
23 Maclean Alex F 

25 Evans Jnsiah J 
27 Baxter Wm 
Vacant Iota 

35 Clark Robert S 

37 McLaren James A 

39 Currie John A 
41 Sheerin Denis P 
43 Parsons George W 
45 Begg Robert 

47 Ross John 

49 Williamson John W 
51 Lambert Leonard W 
53 Coulter Joseph 
55 Graham Miss Mary 
57-6.1 Unfinished houses (4) 
67 Steele Wm H 
69 Powell George A 
71 Van /ant Frank N 

73 Jacobl Frederick W 

75 Plewes David 
Vacant lets 

Barton av Intersects 
House, s e 

87 Amsden Lionel G 

89 Bradfleld Charles 

91 Tyrrell Wm 

93 Moore Thomas D S 

95 Stoner Ellas E 

97 Peacey Alfred G 

09 Chadwick Edward M 

Vacant lots 
103 Pyc Henry A 
107 Stone J Frederick 
109 Griffiths Wm A 

III Macdonald Robert T 
117 Jones S Alfred 

119 McDonell Samuel S 
IL i T ntliilslied house 
123 Unfinished house 
Vacant lots 

Wells st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

115 Norrls Walter Wm 
147 Burton Frank L 
1411 Wilson Charles E 
1,11 Andrews George 
153 Bastow Clarence H 
155 Hamilton Archibald 
157 Turner Hugh S 
159 Simmons Enoch 
161 Lonsdale- Wm N 
163 Baillle James L 
165 Macdnnald Samuel 
169 Copoland Isaac 
173 Ilaffa James II 
175 Stuart Wm 
177 Turner Thomas 
179 Glbbs Thomas 

181 McCauley Arthur J 

183 Matthews Wm 

185 Bairstow Jonathan 

185Mi Sues Adolph 

187 Landon James 

187% Courtney Jonathan S 

1H9 Nutter Richard 

191 Offord Charles 

193 Harrington Thomas P 
195 Thompson Thomas 

199 Adamson Alexander 
201 Baxter Henry G 
203 Long Frederick 

Vacant lota 

Dupont st intersects 
House, a e 

227 Death Edward 

229 Cross Kenneth, contr 

Hallway crossing 
307-315 Boake Mfg Co, lumlxr 
West Side 

16 Dickson Mrs MEW 
18 McKie Joseph W 

20 Miller Israel I 
22 Glover James A 
24 Cochrane Mrs J B 
26 Strachan James 
28 Sinclair Donald 
30 Still Edward 

32 Scott Wm S 

34 Lowther John 

36 Markham Rev Joseph 

38 Steward Arthur P 

Vacant lots 

48 Kellow Moses S, bldr 
50 Norton Rev Wm K 

53 Vacant 

54 Fischer Wm G 
56 Russell James 3 
58 Bassett Samuel 

60 Fasken Rev G R 
64 McMillan Mrs Mary A 
66 Clark Joseph T 
68 White Wm 
70 Shenston Reuben 
72 Hurlburt Fred II 
74 McGregor Charles K 
76 Southworlh Thomas 
78 Richardson Thomas D 
80 Johnston Alex T 

Vacant lots 
+ Barton av intersects 

St Alban s Cathedral, s e 
86 Sweatman Rt Rev Arthur, 
DD, Lord Bishop of To 

St Alban s Cathedral Sch 

St Alban s Athletic gds 

Wells st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

130 Burford James H 
132 Hopeson J N 
134 Will Rev P D 
136 Van Wyck Mrs M P 
338 Kilgore Samuel 
140 Hurt John jr 
142 Spradbrow Wm 
144 Hall John J 
350 Rose Wm F 

Private grounds 

Unfinished house 
180 Jones Charles 

192 Butterworth H C, florist 
McBride Edmund 

194 Sturgess J A, gro 
198 Robertson Wm S 

200 Yates James A 
204 Schack Charles 
206 Webb Henry C 
208 Tlbbs John, gro 

Dnpont st intersects 
Vacant lota 

214 Morris Arthur 
216 Pope Cecil 

Railway crossing 

HOWLAND RD, n from 74 
Gerrard e to Langley ar, 
ward 1. 

East Side 

17 Stewjirt Mi s Mary 
19 Davle John 

21 Davle Alfred A 
Nicholson Mrs M E, nurse 

27 Williams John C, gro 
Vacant lots to ends 

West Side . 
Store, s e 
Simpson av ends 


30 Adelaide St. West 

Repairs, Cleans, Dyes, Alters, Presses 




"The Concert Grand Hcintzman & Co. Piano used in my Recital in Toronto 

T W TDRnNTfl gTe completed on. I found the tone massive In its sonority and of 

I tin I UHUI1 1 U very excellent quality, with a particularly limpid tone in Its mezzo tints." FRIEDHEIM 




12 Waugh George 

14 Pudsey Amos 

10 Ma huffy \Vm S 

18 Noble \Vm J 

22 Francis Sam, confy 

Frauds Miss M. dramkr 
Vacant lots to end 

HUGO AV. w from Perth 
to Kranklin av, first n of 

, ward G. 
built on 

lir.Mr.KKsii i: AV, wjrom 
Dnndas, second n of Uegent, 
ward U. 

Not built on 

Hr.\li:i:i: 1 AV, w from 82 
Pandas to Dovercourt rd, 
ward 5. 

North Side 

4 Mulhern Bryan L 

Gifford Mrs C, uurse 
6 Sampson Joseph 

8 Adams Frederick W 

Humbert pi commences 
14 Wise Robert 

16 Donaldson James 
18 Swit/.er John K 

20 Webl. Herbert 
22 Creed Charles S 

24 Itogers Albert J 
2U Itird Edward 

Bird & Co, iiluibn 
28 Brown George S 
30 Francisco John J 
32 Beale Mrs Mary 
34 Smith Frank 
36 Cousldlne John J 
38 Itason Samuel 
40 Smith Joseph L 
*2 Honeycomb* Wm 
44 Simmons \Vm J 
46 liUllgan George 

Untosh John M 
60 Dlbb Samuel 
52 Hilllard David 
54 Klrliy Thomas 
56 Beldam Arthur D 
58 Ingram Charles W 
60 Nolan Mrs Mary A 
62 Snider D Nelson 
64 Rutledge Thomas 
06 Homer Th.mias II 
68 Murphy James J 
70 Plttam Mrs Matilda 
72 Barlow \Vm 
74 Perkins John 
78 McCreary Richard 
82 Bmmett James 

Milllgan John W, pntr 

Emmett Wm, r 
84 Tucker Walter A 
86 Cox John J 
88 Silvester Peter P 

Silvester Mrs Bessie, mas 

90 Earl Thomas 

Store, s e 

South Side 

Store, a e 
7 Thorn Wm 

9 McTaggert Mrs Mary J, 

13 Perdue Wm 

* Brookfield at ends 
House, s e 

21 Dickinson John H 
23 Mclntosh Peter 

25 Blaekwell John A 
House, 9 9 

4 Fennlngg *t ends 

Store, s e 

-1 J Alfred 
41 Aiklns John E 

Store, s e 

HrMP.KKT PL. runs n from 
14 Humbert av, ward 5. 
Rear and side entrances 

HrXTETi. e from 419 Jones 
av to Leslie, ward 1. 

North Side .. . 

House. e 

22 Stock-; David, contr 
00 Fluuean Thomas 

South Side 

9 Bedford Phi; 
11 Bedford lienj 
15 Llttleford Walter 
21 IIulliilM.v Kdward 
ford John 

Ht NTLEY, n from head of 
Earl to South Drive, nrat e 
of Jarvls, ward 2. 

East Side 

House, s v 
5 Love Frederick 
House, 8 e 

Isabella st intersect* 
House, s e 

. Ortavius 
37 Hodgers Charles J 
30 Lynch Patrick J 
41 Scheak Frederick J 

43 Ko.-s Johu F 

Linden st commences 

47 Uolden John B 

49 Strong Charles T 

51 Morley Frank G 
53 Swift James 

55 Kust Arthur F 
57 Gray John G R 

50 Garde Henry 

61 Chapman Alexander 
63 Sherlock J M. vocalist 
65 Patterson George E 

Selby st commence* 
67 Dtinnett Mrs Jessie 
60 Yullle Henry A 

71 Wilson P Turner 
3 Lumbers Walter O 
75 Cooper Duncan D E 
77 Scott jHtnes T 
79 O Hara James W 

House, s e 
^ Bloor st e Intersects 

House, s e 

Bridge over ravine 

House, s e 

Elm av Intersects 
House, a e 

125 Dexter Thomas Q 
West Side 

Private grounds 
^ Isabella st Intersect! 

House, s e 
:u Hxlcy .1 Macdonald 
36 Foster Mrs Charlotte E 
3.S Ellis David O 
40 Tebbs Mrs Alice 

44 Bengough John W. artist 
40 Meredith Arthur 

48 Bilton Wm G 

52 Johnston Strachan 
Private grounds 

84 Spenoe George 
86 Burns G Denholm 
88 Johnston W S 
90 Adam Graeme G 
92 Conovcr Wm W 
94 Rice Omer F 
98 Knapp Frederick A 
Honse. a e 

Bloor st e Intersects 
House, s e 

Bridge over ravine 
House, s e 

Elm nv Intersect* 
House, s e 

120 Jarvls Beaumont 

126 Rowland A E 

Meredith cres commence* 
12S Rannle Mrs F M 

HURON, n from 28 Phoebe to 
city limits, crossing Bloor at 
350, ward 4. 

East Side 

1 Graham Robert, gro 
3 Surplis Richard H 
5 Vance Mrs L.vdia 
7 Wald Maud V 
9 Dorrlngton J, shoemkr 

11 Roberts Mrs Margaret 

13 Garland Jabez 

15 Hill Mrs Maria 
Maeklnnon Nell 

19 King Solomon 

-1 Nvmeu Louis 

23 May Mrs Alice 

Store, s e 

Sullivan st Intersects 
House, s e 

111 Heffei-nan Frank 
31 Mulloy Owen 
35 Ford Mrs Julia A 

Murphy Albert 

Vacant, r 
37 Laudy John J 

Hall Frank, r 
39 Ely Gilford D 
41 Sauderson Thomas 

4 .1 S;i, 

45 < >rge 

47 Good Samuel 

Grange av Intersects 
4:i \\ i ,. r t A 
51 1 ratt Wm 1 

53 Lincoln James 
.".I Mi ( anillish James 
B7 Parker David G, bldr 

59 Sullivan Mrs Margaret 
61 Foster Char!, 

63 Balls Mrs Mary 

65 Smith Win 

67 Lauuln Thomas 

60 Boundy Richard 
71 Perks James 

T3 Snowball Tom, gro 

St Patrick st Intersect* 
House, s e 

75 Lumbers George 
T7 Hurd Mrs M J 
7fl Ecun Joseph 
81 Hastings Charles 
88 Mulr Thomas 
80 Meredith James 
House, s e 

D Arcy st Intersect* 
House, s e 

lu. j Vacant 

1U7 Bates Herbert E 

ln:i I. owe George 

111 Beatty Christopher 

Realty Miss M, drsmkr 

House, s e 

Baldwin st Intersects 
House, a e 

123 Macdonell Alexander 
Vacant lots 

Cecil st Intersects 
House, s e 

153 Hlggins Frank O C 

Higglns Wm H 
15.-, McLeod John B 
157 Williams John H 

Williams S J, drsmkr 

159 Toogood .Frederick W 
161 Gagen Robert T 

163 Crease Anthony H 
165 Argles Wm H 
167 Chadwlck V 

160 Brown Frank J 
171 Curry Hugh 

173 Clougher Joseph P 
175 Hollwey Thomas C 
189 Davison John B 

College st Intersects 
211 Davis Joseph, livery 
213 McAllister Samuel 
215 Thomson John I 
217 McBean Wm 

219 Dickie Mrs Elizabeth 
221 Mitchell Thomas 

223 Smith Henry 
225 Bllzard Wm H 

Grant Miss Jennie, mus 

227 Forster Albert I 

220 Armstrong Mrs Jemima 
231 Crozler John A G 

233 Jenkins Mrs Marlon 

2. !. , Steele Mrs K S 

237 Durand Charles 

28!) Atwood-Falr Mrs Sarah 

241 Baird Wm M 

243 Moss Harry T 

245 Sturgeon Mrs Mary 

247 Butcher Nelson 

249 Cousins Edward J 

251 Rennie Mrs Helen A 

Russel! st Intersect*, 
Honse. s 

253 Pepper George, livery 
255 I ienvy Mrs Margaret 
257 Taylor George 
259-277 Victoria Club 


Victoria Skating and Curt 

log Assn 

Toronto Curling Clnb 
Toronto Skating Club 
Victoria Bowling Club 
Victoria Lawn Teunl* Clb 
Victoria Whist Club 
Grlfnn John 
House, s e 

Wlllcocks st Intersect* 
House, B e 

280 Beaty John O 

Seucll Miss M, mus tchr 
201 Rodger A F 
293 Short Wm K 
21)5 Henderson David 
207 Kerr Miss Sarah J 

299 Sanderson Miss A L 
301 Roberts Mrs Annie 8 

Classic pi commence* 
303 Smith Wm H 

300 MacGregor Miss M, mas 


307 Dewar James S P 
309 Cartwright Henry 
311 Walker Samuel, gro 
House, s e 

Harbord st Intersect* 
House, s e 

329 Painter Thos, bldr 
331 Spaldiue Louis A 
333 Painter ^Thomas 
835 Urquhart F H 
337 Storer Alex 
839 McLlntock John W 
341 Hardle Mrs Christina 
343 Jones John D 
345 Donkln Robert H 
847 Bowman Wm J 
351 Knowles James jr 
353 Amos Henry 
355 Wallace David 
857 Neal George 
359 Brayley Robt C 
361 Smith Wm H 
303 Bradley George 
300 Hodgetts George 
367 Van Bree I Edwin 
3C9 Hlbbert C E, dairy 
+ Sussex av intersect* 

House, s e 
371 Muntz Rupert G 
373 Livingstone Miss M, mn 


375 McCarthy Mrs Agnes B 
377 Wessel Nelson R 
379 Petrie Henry W 
881 Chapman S H 

St Thomas (Aug) Church) 
395 Sankey Villlers 
397 Merritt Thomas 
300 Fluerry Mrs Sarah 
401 Shaver Charles 
403 McMurtry Wm J 
405 Partridge Wm H 
407 Pentecost Robert W 
409-15 Lalng Wm J, florist 

Private grounds 

House, s e 

Bloor st w Intersects 
House, s e 

455 Welton Rev Daniel 11 
457 Smith Frederick J 
459 Langmuir E A 
House, s e 

Prince Arthur av ends 
House, s e 

Vacant lots 
485 Vacant 
487 Smith Robert A 

House, s e 

Lowther av Intersect* 
House, s e 

Fop PlJRE L 


Jas. Fair head, Mgr. 

North 1052 


Tel. IVjaiq 423 




For Indocr and Outdoor Pleasure. 

Amusement arid Recreation. 
A Complete Department and Right 

Up-to-date. Call and see it. 

XT. EATON CO;.,,,,, 

507 1 rescott Mrs Elizabeth 

509 Somerville Frederick 

611 Regan Alfred M 

513 Milne James 

615 Gray Mrs Mary I 

519 Manson Wm 

521 Woodbridge Murray J 

529 Matbeson Rev James 

Public School 
643 Leavens Byron K 

Vacant lots 

567 lloyles Newman W 
669 Pakenham Wm 
671 O Belrne J C 
673 Lovell Robert 

Vacant lots 
57i) Moore Esther W 
581 Vacant 
583 Vacant 
585 Layton David B 
+ Bernard av Intersects 

Vacant lots 
601 Keenan Win 

Vacant lots 
661 Stone Wm 
665 Carter Wm 

Vacant lots to end 

West Side 

House, s e 

20 McFnrland U S, gro 
Store, s e 

Sullivan st Intersects 
House, s e 

24 Slater Isaac 

26 Dunbar Frederick 

28 Evans Walter 

3O Phillips- Wm 

36 Rumball Wm H, tailor 

Grange av Intersects 
Store, s e 

38 Moore Wm H 
44 Lo I aL r AtiL tistln 
46 Kelz John S 
48 Smith Mrs Mary 
50 Fulton David 
62 Davison Mrs Isabella 
54 Humphrey Richard W 
66 Saolter Mrs Mary 
58 Hodgson Mrs Cath 
House, s e 

St Patrick st intersects 
House, s e 

70 Bemi Mrs M A 
72 Ross Mrs Martha 
74 I .entty Mrs Ella 
76 Burch Robert 
78 MacKay John A 
80 Smith Mrs Susannah 
82 Nicholson Walter 
84 Peter John W 
+ D Arcy st Intersects 

House, s e 

102 Buckley George P 
106 Lowe George A 
108 Carter Walter I 
110 Pownoy George 

Store, s e 

+ Baldwin st intersects 
112 Bruce J Stuart 
114 MacPherson Mrs Emily 
116 McEachern Donald 

MrEarhern Miss C, drs- 


118 Travers Arthur P 
120 Mclntosh Allen 
122 Cowan Mrs Amelia 
124 Gilroy A A 
126 Bristol Edmund 
Vacant lots 

Cecil st Intersects 
144 Kirkpatrick Wm J 
146 Reeves Mrs Annie 
148 Quigley Edward 

150 Birks Arthur 
152 McLean Wm J 
154 Dickson John 
156 Whitton Isaac 
160 Smith M F. dentist 
IO J llickman John 
164 Boas! John S 
16C McCarthy Mrs Luclnda 
168 Choate Miss A, drsmkr 
170 Joss John 
172 Pratt James 
174 Williamson G H 
176 McLachlan Hugh H 
House, a e 

^ College st intersects 
200 Grace Hospital 
210 McConnell Mrs Margaret 
212 Mara Mrs E M 
216 Coady Richard T 

^ Division st commences 

House, s e 
^;8 Wilson James 
240 Denton J Herbert 
242 Edwards Donald C 
244 Thorne Miss Anna M 
246 Irving Thomas C 
248 Butt Jamea 
2f>0 Mackay James A 

Russell st intersects 
Private grounds 

256 Pepper Georgo 

Private grounds 
266 Webster Alexander F 

268 Steele Mrs Hattie G 
270 McQuillan Thomas 
272 Walker Robert B 

Orchard st commences 
274 Brown Robert T 

278 Temple Edmond B 
280 Rattray Alfred J 
282 Kerr Mrs Urltb 
284 May E Newton 
286 Archer Mrs Martha S 

Archer Miss U, mus tchr 

Archer Miss K, mus tchr 
288 Paterson Mrs Eleanor 

Pnterson Miss Marlon, 


290 Roberts Henry 
292 Clarke Thomas B 
2H4 Watt Hubert L 
29 Betzner Jacob 
+ Willcocks st intersects 

House, s e 
208 Strickland W D B 
?00 Beatty Joseph W 
302 Wilson Mrs Isabella 
304 Dick Walter 
?00 Fisher Wm D 
308 Mackintosh F P 

Classic av commences 
310 Drewrv Mrs G 

312 Howland Peleg 
314 Birehall Thomas S 
:;n; MM mitre n.-.vid F 
318 Vacant 

320 Donald Richard A 
322 Duutiar Robert C 
324 Hareraft John 
S28 Locke Richard 

Vacant lots 
832 Vacant 
334 Hall George 

Wray Frederick II 

Harbord st Intersects 
33fl Bremner John 

R38 McKenzie Mrs F, fey gds 

340 Johnston James 

342 Hobberlin Mark 

344 Lemon Mrs Margaret 

846 Stanley John 

IMS Beaumont Frederick 

: .50 Smith Frederick A 

K52 Fletcher Mrs Josephine 

254 Lanskail Jas S 

356 Taylor Wm H 

358 Barnard Benjamin S 

."GO McGrnth James 

362 Norris Charles C 

Morris st commences 
R64 Weston Joseph, gro 
366 Harman Richard H 
3f,8 Castle George 

S70 Kent Herbert A B 
374 Varcoe Frederick R 
370 Jackson Henry O 
378 Ryerson George M 
Vacant lots 

Sussex av intersects 
880 Charlton T M, gro 
388 Xclles Mrs Mary B 

390 Graham George M 

Laing Miss L, drsmkr 
392 Maxwell F J 
;>!>4 Kahuert Waldemar 
.". .H, r.iaml Thomas 
398 Gates Archibald A 
400 Gates Mary 
402 Wallace Mrs Marianne 
404 Deulson Reginald 
406 Layburn George 
408 Selby Thomas 
+ Washington av com 

410 Woods George B 
412 Davenport Rev J M 

414 Murphy Matthew 
416 Ross Mrs Emma 

415 Miller Miss Ida 

420 Twitchell Charles B 
426 O Brian james B 

Secord Herbert C 

Smart Miss M II, mus tchr 

Vacant lota 

Bloor st w intersects 
Presbyterlau Ch, s e 

476 Coleman Arthur P 
478 McLaughlin Michael 
480 Roberts David 
482 Atkinson Joseph B 
490 Mlllraan Thomas, M D 
492 Wright Henry J 
494 Temple Henry P E 
496 Druminond H A 
500 Cox Herbert C 
602 Lukes Lewis 
604 Kay Mrs Ellen C 
506 Mulholland Robert 
+ Lowther av Intersects 

Vacant lots 
5.".2 P.rodie Joan 
634 Fraser Thomas B 
536 Sanderson Frank 

l>llKm-Mills Samuel 
540 Vacant 
5rj Vacant 

544 Grindlay Mrs Alice 
540 Hardisly .Mrs Eliza V 
57(1 t licklmi-n Wm A 
578 Grand James 
580 Ince James 

Vacant lots 
594 Ileaton Ernest 
696 MacKcnzle James M 
598 Balfour Mrs Josephine A 
600 Vacant 
602 Cameron Charles 
604 Valleau C G 
606 I.ytle Thomas A 

Bernard av intersects 

Vacant lots 
Unfinished houses (2) 

HURST PL, e from 37 Dome- 
wood av, ward 2. 

North Side 

House, s e 

2 Collins Ernest F 
4 Fox Godfrey J 

South Side 

House, s e 
] Hinglcy Mrs .lane 

3 Steel John 

HUXLEY, w from Dufferln 
to Jameson av, first a of 
King w, ward 6. 
North Side 

Vacant lots 
+ Tyndall av Intersects 

House, s e 
14 Douglas John 
16 Davis E Wilson 
18 Clark Uev John A 
20 Somerville James M 

House, s e 
Sponcer av Intersects 

Vacant lots 

House, s e 
+ Cowan av Intersects 

L S Neil Albert E 

:;n stodilnri Charles .7 

Vacant lots 
44 Millar James 

Vacant lot 
18 Love Amos F 
50 Smith George 
SJ Burr Wm 
54 Wright Joseph 
BO Goodler James W 


Wallace Wm 
House, s e 

Downs Wm, gro 
Dunn av intersects 
Baynes Wilbert C 
Parmelee Wilfred H 
Culverhouse Edward 
Thorn John O 
House, s e 
Close av commences 
Harrison George P 

South Side 
Howard Samuel W 
Edwards Charles 
Richards John 
Weismiller David 
Tyiidall av intersects 
Vacant lots 
Hnultalii T Arnold 
Spencer av intersects 
Vacant lots 
Cowan av Intersects 
Crocker John B 
Anderson Wm J 
Woolner Isaac N 
MacLean Wm 
Armstrong Thomas H 
Willcock Stephen 
Store, s e 
Dunn av Intersects 
G T R station 

INDIAN GROVE.n from How 
ard Park av, first w of In 
dian rd, ward 6. 

East Side 

Not built on 

West Side 

6 llowell George A 
8 Bond C H Acton 









INDIAN RD, n from Qneen 
w (Lake Shore rd) to city 
limits, first e of High Park, 
ward c 

East Side . , 

McDonell Rolling Mills, 

^ Garden av intersects 

119 Thompson Phillips 
121! Dtxon John A 

Fermanagh av intersects 
+ Wright av ends 

College st intersects 

: Geoffrey st intersects 
PImfleld pi ends 
Vacant lots 

Marmaduke st ends 
Vacant lots 

Howard Park av Inter- 


Vacant lots 

401 Du Vernet Ernest E A 
405 Smith Eden 

Boustead av ends 
435 Reid George A 
445 Von Szeliski Paul 
West Side 

36 Faulkner Miss Anne J 

120 Colliding George 
120 Coulson Wm H 
ISO McWllllam John J 
150 Harrison Mrs Agnes 

Cherry av commences 
168 Damson Rev Alex 

IT 1 1 i rown Wm J 
+ Fermanagh av intersects 
Vacant lots 

College st intersects 
^ Hioga av commences 

:;ns Vacant 

Howard Park av inter 


420 Ffolkes Edward G E 
Vacant lots to end 

INGHAM AV, n from Win 
chester Drive to Hogarth 
av. first e of Broadview av, 
ward 1. 

Not built on 

tXKERMAX. w from opp 5i 
8t Nicholas to Chapel, ward 

Sherman E. Townsend, 

Public Accountant, Auditor and Assignee, 


Cable Address, 


Circular Stairs, Window Guards, 

Truss Rods, Bolts, Castings, Etc* 
65 to 81 PEARL St. Phone Main 2748 



North Side 

Infants Home, r e 

nl M 
House, a e 

South Side 

1 Parker Ueoi-ge 
3 Murphy James 
7 White \Vm 
;i Flndlay Mrs Jane 
11 Quinn John 

l(i Smith Albert 

IRENE PL. \v from Curling to 
it: on av. first D of 
Bloor \v, ward 5. 

Not built on 

IRVlNi; AV. from Nortn- 
:v to Edwin av. second 
n of Bloor w. ward 6. 
built on 

IRWIN AV. w from 644 Yonge 
to Chapel, ward 3. 

North Side 

Store, a e 

6 P.r -e- A 

8 FishiT Joseph 
1(1 Rlakely Win X 

12 Daws. in Thomas C 

14 Alcombrnck Leonard P 
Et.erts Miss J, mus tchr 

s- Nicholas t Intersects 
if, Maunder Win A 
lx II.. .an.l Daniel 
20 Uuinn Frank 

23 Knl(ht John J 

24 Rleaken Charles 
26 Twigle Lewis 

25 Carter Frederick E 
30 Holway Albert T 
32 Vcalc Wm H 

34 Prlaulx Adolpbns J 
SO Terre;, Mr.- E .iza M 

38 Turner Wm J 

40 McDnnngh Joseph K 

40V, Alton Miss Ellen 

43 Pardoo Tlioni.i 

44 Knowlea Richard 
46 Shugart Martin 

48 Gray Frederick W 
52 Reid Samuel 

S jiith Side 

Store, s e 
1 Burrs Wm 

7 Harrison Thomas C 

9 Culling Win 

11 Young Nelson S 

13 Ramsey John 

15 Corrlgon Mrs Ellia 
17 Veale Wm H 

House, s e 

ISABELLA, e from 639 Yonge 
to Sherbourne, wards 2 and 

North Side 

2 Store, s e 
10 Jones Lome H 
12 MarMillan John A 

22 Montgomery Wm J 
24 Hay Miss K G 
26 Marshall Edwli: 
30 Doane Joseph H 
32 Lewis Wm F 
S4 I lignum Edward J 
38 Wood Robert A 
42 Brown Mrs Louise 
44 Ay re Charles K 
4fi i r A 

4s Parsons Kev II M 
m W 

i Mrs Helen E 
54-8 Walker Holford. phy 
Rotherhnm House Hoip 
Williamson Mrs Eliza 
Jeffers T C, mas tchr 

: oanf 
f>4 Hyde- Kev Thomas B 


68 Blngham G A, phy 
* Church st intersects 
orley J W S 

. :conbrldge Hon W Q 

Mi Walsh Miss M. drsmkr 

88 Wright Joseph 

90 Foy James J, K C, M P 

92 Greey John G 

U4 Mi-Master Mrs Helen B 
. . s e 

Jarvls st Intersects 

ll"use. s e 
Us i:,.y.| James T 
120 Frankcl Maurice 

_-K Fiv.l.Tirk II 

124 v inuel K 

H Intersects 


I4ii Iialtun Charles C 
K2 Cox Edward W 
1.4 Kyrl.. Harry 
1; i!iit,. n Thomas 

el G 
17H Mrck Joseph 

South Side 

9 Doane Mrs E M 
11 S.uoli M 

P, pub 

15 Burns ti Ferrler 
17 Brltton Wm. phy 
19 Byrne Lawrence V 
21 Henderson Mrs Jane 
21! Hayes Mrs Elizabeth 
2.1 Haslltt Rubt, dentist 
27 Fleming James 
41 Uauiagf Hospital 
40 r.oissean Mrs Emma 
61 Stalker Mrs Emma E 
53 Svmons Herbert C 
55 Heighlngton Joseph 
.17 Coujer John J 
59 Banks Greenhow 
61 Petry Charles B 
63 Clarke Lionel H 
69 Lloyd Ellis 
67 Cummlnga .1 
69 MacAgy Mrs Mary E 
71 Duncan Mrs Emily 
73 M.-Itrinc Frederick W 

House, s e 
+ Church st intersects 

House, s e 
83 Wood W Lloyd 
85 Harv. 
87 Lyon Wm A 

89 Morton David Jr 
in Wallace MH Eliza 

93 Clarke A Russell 
95 Pearson Wm H Jr 

House, s e 

+ .Iarvis st Intersects 
House, s e 

Huntley st Intersects 

ks.i u Mrs Susan F O 

125 Church of Eng Deaconea* 

and Missionary training 


Naftcl Miss Em ma J 
127 vie 

12!l Flctt John 
131 Playfair John S 
133 Gunu James W 
135 Harris Mrs Jean G 
i:;: Asllng Herbert M 
139 Macdonald Adam F 
141 Ramsay Robert H Jr 
143 Sloan John 
145 Stanway George 
House, s e 

IS. Ml ELLA PL, s from opp 

172 St Patrick, ward 4. 
East Side 

1 Varlrv .lojin E 
:i Riil. lit Robert 
5 Tolley Edgar 

7 P.urn-i Alli.Tt J 
(i Hill John 11 

11 Brackstone Thomaa 
West Side 

2 Anderson Alexander 
4 Canim Robert 

t; Mcfalluni John 
:;iip.i Mrs Ellen 

10 Smith Isaac 

12 Smith Gordon 

ISLAND PARK (Toronto la- 
land), lies on n s of Island, 
bet Hanlan s and Ward s 

Points, ward 4. 
KIniines David 

M (per- 

Goodwln Captain Joseph, 
i sure boats (perma 

(J Iwin Wm T 

Wilson & Co, restr 
Rennlck Joseph, parcel de 

IVY AV, e from 445 LemlU, 
ward 1. 

North Side 

Not built on 

South Side 

7 Macdonaid Frederick 
13 Kirby Thomas 
19 Crew Isaac 

JAMES, n from 30 Queen w 
to Louisa, ward 3. 

East side 

Store, n f 

7 st James Hall, s e 

11-211 T Eaton Co. r e 

+ Alliert st Intersect* 

Salvation Army, B e 

T Eaton Co, factory, s e 

West Side 

City Hall, a e 
^ Albert st Intersects 
House, s e 

34 Clarke Mrs Kate 

36 Coupland Mrs Margaret 
I Eaton Co. stable* 

JAMESON AV, n from the 
lake to Queen w, Inter 
secting King w at 1429, 
ward 6. 

East Side 

27 Bernard Clarence A 

ivwrll Lai 

35 Sproatt Henry 
Vacant lots 

Empress cres Intersect! 
47 Harris Clarence C 

53 Howard Alfred H 

tGTR crossing 
Huxley F* ends 
73 Ritchie Frederick A 
75 Gray John r 
87 Kamnierer J A W 
03 Ford Joseph H 

Adams Miss. B A, elo 

95 Norman Thomaa 

99 Smellie Wm 

101 Williamson Wm H 
103 Coin-land It Morrell 
105 Barr Frank P 
107 Halllwell James L 
liui Noble Alexander f 
111 Spragpe Joseph B 
12.1 Vat-ant 

129 Clemes Matthew P 
131 Watson James P 
137 Morrow John 
l" .i Mi-tivler A C 
Vacant lots 

King st w Intersect* 
155 Wilson Frederick 
1.17 M.-i alliim Samuel 
161 Watson George f 
163 Hoover Addison H 
165 Goninlock George 
167 Iialfour John P 

160 Rogers Joseph B 

171 . Scotl Miss Mary 

177 Mi-imc Rol.ert W 

17!t Mahony Robert J 

1--:: Il.n.U-rson Samuel 

187 Turnbull Wm F 

180 Spence James, phy 

195 Jameson Av Coll InstitnU 

215 Greer Wm D 

Skating rink, r 
West Side 

28 Edwards George 

^ Laburnum av commences 
+ Empress cres Interartrts 
House, s e 

rtTR crossing 

Sprlngburst av commences 

96 Haves Frederick B 
ns MrMnrtry Wm J 

100 Verity H 
I i2 I almi-r George L 
1114 Ildwar.l A Mi-Lean 



106 Wright Fred T 

108 Junor Wm 

110 Mulholland Hiram M 

112 Bull Wm 

114 Palmer George 

lie, Husband Mrs Mary A 

tram Joseph T 
12" Alnley Norman 
122 MacKenzle Ewen 
124 Bin-hard Isaac J 
126 Warren Jamet> J 
128 Warren Michael P 
130 Menzle Robert E 
132 Sing Rev Samuel 
House, s e 

King st w Intersects 
I ntinishcd house 

160 Smith Walter H 

162 Wedd Wm ]r 

K.I Black well George J 

101 Wilson Irwin 

168 Vacant 

170 Godson Henry 

172 Gregory A T. artist 

174 Coleman George 

176 Misson Robert C 

^ Leopold st commences 
ISii Hell David R 
182 Gibson Ralph E 
186 Mountain Wm F 

Mountain Miss E S, roan 


188 Dean W George 
190 Marshall Wm J 
i:>2 DiMineen Edward J 
194 Connolly J F, contr 

+ Laxton av commences 
196 Griffin George D 
108 Ford Norman W 
200 Harshall Victor A 

JANET AV. w from Lnns- 
downe av to Albert av, first 
n of Bloor w, ward 6. 

North Side 

Not built on 

South Side 

House, s e 
Green houses 
21 Torpey Eugene 

JARVIS, n from the bay to 
Bloor e, crossing King at 
161, wards 2 and 3. 
East Side 

Vacant lots 

Railway tracks 

Esplanade st e Intersects 
1-3 Hough Lithographing Co 
5-7 McNairn J H, wai paper 
9 Nicholson & Brock, bird 


Nicholson James 
11 Toronto Cream and Butter 

13 Morgan Co Ltd, whip 

13-19 Richmond Conduit * 

Mfg Co Ltd 
21 Cuban Clgai Co, cigar 


23 Turner & Co, pro med 
25 Poole & Co, machinists 
Warehouse, s e 

Front st e intersects 
City Weigh Scales, J R 

Dunn supt 

29 McCulIy Andrew, hotel 
31 Noble W J, barber 

Metallic Geitin 

Metallic Roofing: Co., Limited 

Phone Park 80" Cor. KING and DUFFERIN STS. 

Standard Life 

ASSURANCE CO. of Edinburgh 


D. M. McGOUN, 


Chas. Hunter, 

Chief Agent, Ontario 



L. C. CRONYN, Cashier 



33 Mallon M P, poultry 
33% Tomalin J, poultry 
35 Harris Abattoir Co Ltd, 

whol pork 
37 Vacant 
39-41 Albion Hotel 
43 Rnckstraw T, barber 
45 Vacant 
47 Russill V A, crockery 

King st e Intersects 
Store, s e 

65-59 Beaird Win, restr 
61 Greenslade Jonn 

Greenslade Mrs A, restr 
63 Scoley Edward K, gro 
65 Westman Elijah, butchers 

65% Dowdell Mrs Sarah 

Le Bar J Edward 

I.e I .ar Mrs Elizabeth.bdg 
67 Vacant 
73-75 Vacant 

Duke st commences 
77-79 Frost & Wood Co, ag 

ricultural Implements 
81 Faramel Ltd, stock food 
83 Fox George A, Indry 
85 Vacant 

87 Hurley George, restr 
89 Livery stables, s e 
91 Allen Alfred, bldr 
93 Charlie Jim, ludry 
95 Watt David H, barr 
97 Nelson J, excavator 
99-105 Maefarlane s Hotel 
111 Mounce John, blksmith 
113 Puddy George Jr, pork 
Roberts Roland 
Robinson Frederick 
Duckett Mrs Sarah 
^ Duchess st commences 
115 Moran Michael, piitr 
117 Watt Wm, produce 
Morton Harry 
Perks George 
121 MacFnrlane Alex 
125 Honan John 
127 Fisk Alexander 
129 P.ell Mrs Sophia 
131 McGill Martin 
133 Jackman Mrs Lizzie 
Campbell Daniel, r 
Reynolds Wm, r 
137 Spilling Bros, cigar mfrs 
Minor Mrs Mary 
Young Mrs Margaret, r 
145 Fred Victor Mission 

Fltzpatrlck Rev John D, 

McRenzie Rev Arthur F, 


Brown Miss Lilly, nurse 
Lillian Massey Normal 
Training School of 
Household Science, Miss 
Harriet Norris prln 
Victor Five-cent Saving 

Queen st e. intersects 
Hotel, s e 

161 Godfrey John 

Godfrey Mrs M, bdg 
Dalgleish Miss S, mns 

163 Coyle Edward 

16. !% Wheeler George H 

165 Lyon John 

165% Shea Mrs Blanch P 

167 Bennett Mrs Mary A 

169 Rackstraw Thomas 

171 Goard Miss Mary 

173 Downs Charles D 

175 Shewan Magnus 1r 

177 Russell Mrs Annie 

179 Maloney J J, bldr 

181 Goldman Henry 

183 Richardson Mrs Catherine 

185 Egan John 

187-9 Holmes John 

Holmes Mrs E, bdg 

191 Todd Wm II 

193 Cain D A, bdg 

195 Sontham Thomas 
Lewis George W 

197 Mallon Mrs Mary T 

199 Elliott Robert 
^ Shuter st Intersects 

201 Forrest Rer Dayld 

203 Scott Mrs Eliza 

205 Jenkisson Miss Mary 

207 Casey James 

209 Hall Norman M 

McFarlane Miss K.drsmkr 

Hall Mrs Sarah, bdg 
211 McFarlane Miss Minnie 
213 Day George H 
215-17 Wilkin Mrs C M. bdg 
219 Gummersou Mrs A, bdf! 
221 Ritchie Mrs Christina 
223 Pollock Mrs Margaret 
227 Pickard Wm 
231 Vernoy Electro - Medical 

Vernoy Prof Silas 
233 Dobson Blake 
235 Wishart George G 
239 Horsman Henry 

^ Wilton av Intersects 
243 Walkey Samuel 
247 Russlll Mrs Marlon 
249 Potter Mrs Margaret 

Lord Miss M E, mus tchr 
251 McKirdy Mrs S Maud 
25S Carnegie Charles 
257-259 Methodist Deaconess 
Home and Training Sch 
263 Carty Miss Mary E 
265 Campbell Mrs Charlotte 
269-71 Livingstone Mrs E, bdg 

Herman E W, piano 


275 Vacant 

277 Livingstone Mrs E, bdg 
281 Sullivan Miss Mary A 
283 Flint Mrs Elizabeth 
285 Dunstan Kenneth J 
287 Smith Mrs Caroline 
289 Riggs Charles H 
291 Wilson Jjmes 
293 O Brien John J. contr 
295 Door of Hope Home 
297 Wynkoop Robert G 
301 Rochereau de la Sabllere 


305 Park Mrs Ellen M 
307 Lance John 

Lance Mrs M A, bdg 
311 Smith Andrew 

Smith D K, phy 
317 Meacham James 
321 Rowe Mrs Minnie, furu 


323 Bell Dougald 
325 Diver Frederick 
327 WLlliams Thomas 
329 Goff Porteous 
331 Carlisle Thomas 
335 Lytell Mrs Eva, masseuse 
Gerrard st e intersects 

Baptist Church 
337 Orr Joseph O, phy 
341 Anger J II, mus tehr 
343 Magurn John B 

Peck Robert F 
845 Paton Miss Barbara, drs- 


347 Lloyd Mrs Ellen 
S49 Moody Miss Frances E 
351 Flick Marshall G 
355-C5 Tor Coll lust 

Wedlock Thomas, caretkr 

Old St Andrew s Church 
^ Carlton st intersects 
391 Haldenbv Wm, drugs 
393 Loudon Mrs Ellen 
395 Lawrie John 
397 Jordan Mrs Mary A 

Jordan Miss E T, drsmkr 
399 McFarland Andrew 
401 Mason John 
403 Pickles Wm 
40."> Harrington Amos F 
415 Nairn Alexander 
421 Garson Mrs Jessie 
423 Hillmfin George 
425 Pollard Stephen B, phy 
427 Peuchen Arthur G 
431 Miller Mrs Adelaide A 
435 Lawler Rev Edmund B 
437 Dlxon John 
441 Mason Alfred J 
443 Porte Andrew W 
447 Akers John 
449 Blake Edward F 
4fi7 Wrong George M 
469 Roche Wm R 
471 Morris Wm 

Morris Mrs Margaret 
477 Mason Mrs Mary 
487 Reinhardt Lothar 
513 Long Thomas 
^ Wellesley st Intersects 

515 Massey Mrs Eliza A 
519 Massey Chester D 

Vanderlip Walter, r 
533 Gowaus Mrs Elizabeth 
537 Kent Mrs Grace 

Kent James G 
539 Mara Henry S 
541 Boustead Mrs I J 
543 Vacant 
545 Carruthers James 
547 Moss Hon Charles 
559 Lamport Henry 
561 Ham Albert, mus tchr 
565 Vacant 
571 Johnston Wm R 

Isabella st intersects 
575 Macdonald J Bruce 
577 Reid George P 

581 Beatty Miss Eliz, bdg 
587 Whitehead Charles J 
589 Gordon Mrs Mina 
591 Watson Miss Matilda 
593 Morphy Arnold 
f>9!) Duties Wm 
COS Clarke Miss Ellen 
609 Brown Charles A B 
611 Spence Robert W 
613 Bonnick Mrs Esther L 
615 Ryan Mrs Catherine 
621 Ryan Mrs Isabella 
627 Grelg Robert 
House, s e 

West Side 

Vlck & Co, cut stone 
Toronto Bedding Co Ltd 
Union Petroleum Co 

Ksplanade st e Intersectl 
Market extension, a e 

+ Front st e Intersects 
32 See 50 St Lawreuce mkt 
34 Vacant 

East Market sq 

King st e intersects 
Store, s e 

50 Capstan Mfg Co, baking 

52 Imperial Hotel 

Commercial st commences 
54-56 Commercial Hotel 

58 Derham Michael, ghoemkr 
60-62 Lane A, harness 
64 Humphrey R W, carp 
66-68 Nasmlth Co Ltd, bkrs 
Archer Wm E 

Adelaide st e euds 
Warehouse, s e 

76 Alexander & Sou, pntrt 

80-82 Storehouse 

+ Lombard st ends 

90 Riley Thomas, ^ag 

92-96 Vacant 

98 Kain John 
102 Bond Alexander 
104 McCualg John, sec hd gds 
106 Expansive Tree Protector 


Richmond st ends 
Queen st e Intersects 
118 Taylor John F 

Palmer J M, dentist 
120 Taylor John F, drugs 
122 Hong Wah. Indry 
124 Swiss Steam Lndry (br) 

Paterson George W 
126 Bigley Richard 
128 O Halloran Daniel 
132 Cameron Charles J 
1I.S4 McClain Wm 
136 Moore Mrs Emily A 
138 Lancaster Thomas S 
140 Gondie Miss Isabella 
142 Hanna Wm 
144 Wilson John B, com 
146 Soutter James 
148 Churchill Bernard 
150 Russll! Mrs Annie 
152 Casey John 
154 Dunn Edward H 
156 Vacant 
160 Gadway Dougal 
1(J2 St Leger George J 
1H4 Marsh Alfred H 
166 Kyle Charles E 

Shuter st intersects 
108 McCollum Win J, phy 
170 Murray John A 

174 Ide Henry T 

176 Davis Miss Birdie 

180 Vacant 

1MJ Watson Thomas 

186 Robinson Miss S A, bdg 
188 Foy Miss Mary 
1U2 Flewell Charles W 
196 Morse Mrs Elizabeth 
198 Beswetherick Cephas R 
200 Hawke Widmer 

^ Wilton av Intersects 
202 Hamilton Wm B 
208-14 "Marlborough," Miss M 
A Coleman prop 

Colemau P F, phy 
216 Unitarian Church 
224 Graves Frederick 
226 Evans John D 
228 Perkins Jacob M 

Raymer David 
228% Taylor Mrs Grace 
230 Carrick Mrs Margt A 
2i!2 McNeil John B 

McNeil Mrs M M, bdg 
240 Paruham John H 
242 Peters Robert 
244 Wlthrow Rev Wm H 
246 Cameron Mrs Minnie 
248 Wilson Miss C M, bd 
250 Doyle James A 
254 Allen John 

Allen Mrs E M, bdg 
256 Blake Samuel H, K C 
258 Jarvis Mrs Caroline 
262 Brooke Daniel O 
2U6 Sparling Rev Wm 
268 McGowan James A 

McLaren Miss Tena 
270 Bastow Henry C 
272 Whltten W J 
274-76 The Avonmore 

^ Gerrard st e Intersects 
27S Wright Alonzo M 
280 Christie John 
282 Kallmeyer Mrs Pauline 
284 Burns Mrs Marie 
286 Davis James A 
288 King John S, phy 
290 Hamilton George E 
292 Dlxon Miss Anna M 
294-96 Bailey Mrs M, bdg 
300 Loudon John S 

302 Bennett Mrs Caroline U 
306 Sagar Mrs Elizabeth N 

303 De Laporte Antolue V 
310 Harrison Mrs Isabella 

Harrison Wm, mus tchr 
Kliugenfeld Helnrlch, mus 


312 McHenry Chas A E 
314 Sheard Charles, phy 
818 Willis Archelaus 
820 Rutherford Wm A, com 

324 Gilmor Isaac C 

Carlton st intersects 
326 Hall John B, phy 
332 Dalrymple Alexander 
334 McLennan Frank 

McLennan Miss M, drsmkr 
336 Bell-Smith F M, artist 
338 Ncsbitt Mrs M E, bdg 
340 Ireland Wm S 
342 Webb Harry 
844 Lake John N 
346 Brooke G II Capron 
350 356 Havergal Ladies Col 

Knox Miss Ellen M 
372 Rutherford Mrs M M 
400 Ryrie James 
404 McKay Robert 
406 Irish Mrs Jennie H 
414 Lee Arthur B 
428 King Mrs Elvira 

+ Maitland st ends 
432 Cleaver Rev Solomon 
434 Chapman Wm F 
436 Jarvis Frederick C 
438 Helliwell Thomas 
446 Brown Richard 
460 Taylor John 

^ Wellesley st Intersects 

Immanuel Baptist Ch 
478 Lightbourn Mrs A 
480 Smith Alfred W 
486 Housser John H 
490 Crocker James 

^ Cawthra sq commences 
504 Gooderham George H 
506 McKIunon John H 
510 Bangster Alexander 
B12 Band Charles W 
514 Gourlay Robert S 

Gloucester st ends 

518 Mulock Hon Wm, K C 




Tel s : Office, Main 2288 Rs., North 516 


OF ENGLAND, A-D. 1714 


ancc for LESS money than any other policy. Permit na to prove the above to you by sending 1 
sample policy and rate at your age. Address 18 TORONTO ST., City. 



588 Harris Henry, caretkr 

+ Isabella st Intersects 
350 Massey Mrs Susie D 

Brant Wm, r 
666 Somerrille Andrew J 
56S Williams \V G. drugs 

King Mrs Jnnet 
8TO Cameron Win 
B72 Johnson George W 
574 s 
576 MoCnll John B 

-heppard Kdniund E 

i harles st ends 
580-94 Vac 

696 Blackwell Charles 8 
604 Morison John 
608 Bolsseau Edward 

JEFFEi:si>x AV, n from Q T 
K to King w. second W of 
the subway, ward 6. 


Factory, s e 

I.llieny st Intersects 
101 Downurd James 

ly ,v ivttlt Co 

paper, etc 
Factory, s e 

Wes; Side 

Vacant lots 

Toronto Foundry Co Ltd 

Liberty st Intersects 
Mercer Reformatory, a e 

JEMIMA, e from < ; I P. to 366 

Logan av, ward 1. 
North Side 

4 Vacant 

6 Buckler Albert K 

lond John 

10 Peak Frederick D 
House, s e 

South Side 

House, s e 

JERSEY AV. u from west 
end of Evans nv, to r 272 
Clinton, ward 5. 


House, s e 
Cletver Arthur J 
3 Lawr. 
21 Mnwat ] 
23 Beech John 
25 Cllft George 
Vacant lots 
So N .D. contrs 

r Thomas 
41 Douglas Win 

49 Forsyth John 
Boynton Frederick 

3 Neum Wm A 

ath Edward C. i.lstr 
Vacant lots 
59 Naylor Jo 


63 Arnott Win G 
65 Lane John 

07 W. Ik, excavator 

69 Burkitt Mr> M A 
71 Pn- 

Berry Win 
S Richardson W J, contr 

- mur-1 C 
79 Hewson John 
81 Miller Mrs Harriet J 
83 McDowell Robert 
*5 Fell Charles A 
T Ingram George 

50 Hartley John 

1 Montgomery James T 
! Donohoe Micbael 
Forsyth Benjamin 

7 Law John 

107 Carthy Thomas 
109 Storehouse 

w.-:: side 

Not bnllt on 

JOHN, n from 2S2 Front w 
to Grange rd, ward 4. 


Government grounds 

Wellington st w Intersects 
House, s e 

.Vi Wells Thomas J 
57 Cockburn Andrew 
Us Win J 
James J 

If ton 

ss James 
ilcy Andrew H 
71 Minium B 
+ Robertson la ends 
75 Lit: 

77 Syms 1 hillp J 
79 Stuart Charles J 
Store, s e 

King st w Intersects 
Old r C C grounds 

Adelaide st w intersects 
HMUS, , s e 

111 K Margaret 

11" Wassam Mrs Mary 
115 Pickering Samuel J 

Pickering E A. mus tchr 

117 M 

11 1 I ilworth Mrs Catherine 
1-1 Cou-lln Mrs Marlon 
1.:: w Catherine 

I - .-. Wilkinson J. lin 
K 7 Lemiltre MN< Adele, 
music teacher 

Mrs Elizabeth 
120 Elliott George, phy 

Nelson st ends 
l.-.l <;i!!ani Mrs Jane 
133 \\ hael 
IS. , T,.dd 

137 Hunter Mrs Louisa 

vatkln Win II 
14.1 Dalo Mis- Sarah 

Richmond st w Intersects 
Private | 

^ Queen st w Intersects 
159 Store, s e 
^ Renfrew pi Intersects 

f Mag 
Hi aline an.l Su-gestlve 


lt!7 Grant Alexander C 
169-71 Church Home The 
17, i McKonzIe Mrs Mary 
IT Herri, Win. bkr 
177 Fortune Mrs B J 
1M Mvcrs MUs Rachel 

:r John T 

185 Ellington Mrs Geraldlne 
187 Murdoch Charles H 
18!) Fahey Wm 
101 Worrell John A 
Small John T 

Stephanie st Intersects 

George s (Ang) Church 
205 Cayley Rev Canon J D 
207 Jarvls Miss Mary 
20!) Kenrick Mrs Emma M 
House, s e 

West Side 

W w Main Pumping Stn, 
Alex McRae chief eng 

t Front st w Intersects 
v rharles 
4 Collins Robert N 

-ofleld Wm J 
12 Moran Eugene 
14 Dlmblehy Joseph 
16 Rogers Miss Christina 
18-30 Dom Trans Co stables 
32 Thompson Mrs E. bdg 

Wellington st w Intersects 
House, s e 

48 Robertson s storehouse 
^ Mercer st commences 

John St School 
68 Glbbard George E 

King st w Intersects 
Morrison John R. barber 

86 Little Joseph 
88 lirooker Edward 
90 Gosuey James 
92 Bookless George 
04 Ward Wm W 
nil-]] Mrs .Tane 
idler Carl 

Alexander Fredk G 
100 I !iiel, phy 

.irk John 
104 Talt Robert B 
106 Balmer George, phy 
Badgerow G W. phy 

Adelaide st w Intersects 
108 Duncan Allan G, gro 

118 Graham Harry 
Reynolds Charles 

122 Bourke Mrs Margaret 

124 Bender Albert C 

126-28 Turnbull Elevator Mfg 


Ilurt lieorge R, piano 
unbull Michael 

> 1 . 1 X 

.uieldcr August 

140 Donalds. in Henry J 
1J2 Newman James 
144 Sutherland Donald 
+ Richmond st w Intersects 


14s Fi,r-\tli Frank 
150 Taylor Mrs Annie 
I.v. Sm>th. lella 

l- .l ISrutou Wm C 

Coal and wood yard 

Queen st w Intersects 
Store, s e 

164 Leachman Wm, carp 

Renfrew pi Intersects 
166 Cooper Frederick 

II KS r...\ .,. Arthur 
17" K W 

1 TJ 1 
176 Harrison Robert N 

Harrison Mrs E, drsmkr 
180 Fletcher Mrs Elizabeth 
1M M. L.^iiian MNs Jennie 
186 Purvis Miss Mi. 
1S8 Hunter Mrs Mary A 
190 Brown Frederick G 
192 Mahaffey John 
194 Heaton Joseph 

A Stephanie st Intersects 
196 Salous Louis, mus tchr 

Snjous Mrs 10. mus tchr 
202 Wrlgley George P 
204 Thrdkeld Wm 
206 Mailer Win 
208 Foxton Mrs Martha 
210 Walker Wm, hdg hse 
214 Phllllp.-au Wm, bdg 

i Miss H, drs 
218 Loftus Mrs Rita, bdg hse 

JOHNSON, n from rear of 
24 King w to 15 Adelaide 
w, ward 3. 

East Side 

3 Grand Opera House, r e 
7 Wi!!. tts Thomas 
Grand Opera House, s e 
Hotel, s e 

West Side 

Hotel, s e 

Miller & Richard, fac 
\v,-st & Christie, book 


Wlialey. Royce & Co, fac 

6-10 Vacant 

12-1(5 Newton & Treloar.prtrs 
Hotel, s e 

JONES AV. n trom 1104 
Queen e, to Danforth av, 
ward 1. 

East Side ._. 

1 McDonald C D, nursery 
3 Stone J K L 
5 Smith Cevlon J 
-Uipcott John T 

Doel av commences 
141 Allison Wm 

143 Molloy John 

151 Arnold Edward J 

153 Bell John jr 

155 Bell James 

ir,7 Bel! John jr. coal 

^ Sproatt av commences 
Marjket gard. 

* ;>rrard st e Intersects 
319 Brown Mrs Ann 

Mvrtle av commences 

G T R crossing 
343 Hushes Edward 

O Brien Mrs Sarah J, r 
34 > Ryan MIcl.: 
371 Lawson James, exp 
373 Lewis Fred W 

Hunter st commences 
419 Goodman Joseph 


1 " 
I M 






Agncw John 
Shudell av commences 
Thompson Edward J 
Balrd av commences 
Jennings Bros, gdnrs 
Jennings Joseph E 
Jennings Win H 

West Side 

Leslie Park, a e 
Brick yard, s e 
IT Charles 


Cook Mrs Elizabeth 
on .lohn P 
I. s David 
Cook John 

:> Samuel R 
Dagmar av ends 
Vacant lots 
Austin av ends 
Reed Richard, mkt gdnr 
Nicholson George 
Gerrard st e Intersects 
Byron Mrs Mary, nurst 
G T R crossing 
Boultbee av ends 
Godwin Wm T 
Donovan Patrick J, btcnr 
Mackle Alexander 
Simpson James 
Mitchell Joseph H 
McKee Martin 
Cook Wm 
Jewish Cemetery 
McGibbon Peter 
Woodward George 
Ryan Mrs Ellen 
Gould Samuel 
Englewood av ends 
Union Mission 
Hazelwood av ends 

JORDAN, n from 14 Wel 
lington w to King w. 
ward 3. 

East Side 

1 Grand & Toy, s e 

3 Scheibe G T & Co, prtrs 

5 Tor Bill Posting Co Ltd 

Havana Cigar Co 
7 Miller & KIchard, prtrs 


9 Sadler & Haworth, belt- 

Catholic Register Publish 
ing Co 

Catholic Register (weekly) 
Haworth Belting Co 
11-13 Murray Printing Co 
Mellnda st Intersects 
15 Daugherty & Albers, 


17 Jordan Chambers 
1- Vacant 

j Alexander Wm, r e 
3 Cayley Frank & Co, r e 

5 Bristol & West of 

Eng Can Land Mort 
gage & Inv Co 

6 Larmour W W. tlr 

7 Rubldge Charles M, 

Oriental products 
Hoogs E R, trans 

10 Kramer W J, engrvr 

11 Imperial Music Pub 


12 Vacant 

13 Vacant 

14 distance C C jr, engr 

15 Simmons Frank, tlr 




Toronto Brass Manufacturing Go. 




Head Office, - Toronto 

J. K. MACDONALD, Managing Director 

W, C. MACDONAUD, Actuary 



16 Gadsby W B, shoemkr 

17 Martin Miss Jemima, 


18 Vacant 

19 Vacant 

19 Alexander W M, real est 

Phllpott Fred V, real cst 
21 Macdonald J G, broker 
23 Aylesworth M B, archi 

Samaria Remedy Co 

Masonic Sun 

Palmer S P, adv ngcy 
25 Bain Donald & Co, staty 

27 Buchanan & Jones, brkis 

29 Brunei Peter, barber 

31 McCormack Edward, tlr 

._. West Side 

Standard Bank, s c 
6-8 Merchants Hotel 

Merchants Restaurant 
10 Quebec Fire Assce Co 
Harrison A W, broker 
Pyke & Thompson, ins 
Power Win, ins adjuster 
12 Burrltt A P & Co, brkrs 
14-16 McKlnnon Bldg, s e 
+ Mellnda st Intersects 
Canadian Bank of Com 
merce Bldg, s e 

28 [Campbell J L, broker 

30 Vacant 

KEELE, n from Queen w to 
city limits, first w of Indian 
rd, ward 6. 
Not built on 

KENDAL AV. n from Castle 
ay to city limits, second w 
of Spadina rd, ward 4. 
Not built on 

the lake to city limits, sec 
ond e of Woodbine av, ward 

East Side 

25 Defriez Alfred 

29 Owen James 

31 llayball Robert 

35 Vacant 

43 Inues Andrew C 

45 Vacant 

47 Kuhlman Norton \ 

49 Payton Herbert 

51 Henry James A 

Vacant lots 
83 Elsley K D 
85 Quarrington F Joseph 
87 Wriglitman Edward 

Baptist Church, 8 e 

Queen st e Intersects 
Vacant lots 

West Side 

Forstor George 

Queen st e intersects 
Atcheson John A 

KENNETH AV, w from Dun- 
das to city limits, first n 
of Regent, ward C. 
Not built on 

opp 167 St Patrick to Bald 
win, ward 4. 

East Side 

1 Knapp Mrs Mary 
3 Rooke George T 
5 Morgan Joseph C 
7 Stubbs Wm II 
9 Shcppard George 

11 Elder Norman 

13 Love Robert B 

15 Jeffery James E 

17 Walton Henry R 

19 Price Henry J 

19Vj Walker Mrs Ann 

21 Kin- II Herbert 

21V4 Reeve Wm 

23 Gore Win A E 

23% Reesor Alexander 

25 Irwin Thomas R 

25% Brown John 

Garson Miss E, drsmkr 

27 Jarvls Mrs Mary A 
29 Crowley Mrs Mary 
81 Ranta John 
83 Baxter Wm T 

Gillett Charles K, r 

Jordan Mrs Frances R, r 

Lamont James, r 

Laoto Carl, r 

McEaehern Mrs Dora, r 
: ,.". McKiniion Wm L 
87 Hill Edward 
39 Boyce John 

Boyce & Son, contra 

41 McGregor Neil C 
43 Conde Alfred 

45 Qua Joseph 
47 Durke Henry 
49 West Stephen G 
51 Pimm Mrs Eliza J 
53 Rogers Percy W 
55 Davis Bernard 
+ St Andrew st ends 
House, s e 

17 Lilburn Samuel 
59 Smith Simon 

House, s e 

West Side 

House, s e 
2 Stuart Mrs Pamella 
4 Ward Frederick C 
6 Johnson Frederick J 
8 Dodds J Charles 
10 Bowman Alexander 

Suerwln John, r 
12 Maokay Angus 

Biggs Alfred, r 
14 Somerville Mrs Minnie 

18 Scobie Alexander B 
18 Philip Robert J 

20 Uoblusou Joseph D 
22 Dean Frederick 

Entrance to Fitzroy ter 
24 Clifton Harry P 

26 Muuro Alexander 
28 Wylle Robert J 
30 Macdonald Alex C 
32 Fox Mrs Caroline 
34 Sennett Mrs Mary E 
36 King Bros, bldrs 

King Wm A 

King Joseph H 
us Mi Sweenev Michael J 
40 Raymond Charles F 

42 Nlblock Mrs Henrietta 3 
44 Emmett Herbert 

Entrance to Kensington 


46 Smith Mrs Maria 
48 Paterson James H 
60 Mclntosh Miss M, bdghse 
52 Prndhomme Charles F 
54 Millar James E, dairy 
56 Armour Hugh 
58 Kenyon J Thomas 
60 Cotter Harvey E 

Bellmore Joseph, r 
62 Borebank Frederick W 

Stevens Alfred, r 
64 Ross Alexander 
66 Moyse Abel 
70 Brltton John 
72 Malone Mrs S, drsmkr 
74 Camming! Wm 
76 Wilson Mark 
78 Ardill John 
si i 1-imc Joseph 

KENSINGTON PL, n from r 
of 40 Kensington av, ward 

1 Herbert Edward 

4 Wright Richard 

6 Painter Walter J 

8 Darby Walter R 
10 Rutter Frederick B 
12 Robinson Wm A 
14 Bishop Richard E 
16 Tucker Wm 
is Allen Mrs Emma 
20 Levine Mrs Rachel 
22 Johnston Edward 
24 Archer Frederick 
2(! Sole John T 
28 Harris Wm, cartage 
30 Red pa th Mrs Era 

KENT, n from Myrtle to 
Bloor w, first e of Sully, 
ward 5. 

Not built on 

KETCHUM AV, n from 58 

Scollard to Davenport rd, 

ward 8. 

East Side ...._. 

House, s e 

i; Qnackenbush Charles 

1 Harp Alexander 

3 Storey Mrs Helen 

5 White Edward O 

7 Harton Joseph 

9 Hartnn J Lyster 
11 Ifrown George 
13 Madlll Dalton M 

l. j llollidav Edward D 
17 Garrett Wm A 

19 Robinson Daniel 
West Side 

Ketchum Park 

KEW BEACH, east from foot 

of Woodbine av, ward 1. 
North Side 

Wells Mrs Catherine 

Vacant houses (3) 

Robinson James 


Gardner Mrs Clara 


Coyne John II 

Vacant houses 12) 
+ Keiiilwurih av com 

IJritiiell Alliert 

Sexton Wm F 

West Wm N 

Sheppard Edward A 

Parry James D 

Brown J Hunter 

Norris Mrs Margaret 

Clapp Stanley 

Itrenton Albert J 

Keiil John W 

McEachern Peter 
^Waverley rd commences 
2 Vacant 

4 Strickland Harry V 
ti MeConnell Michael 
8 Vac-ant 

10 Vacant 
12 Vacant 
14 Vacant 

16 Edmonds John 

18 Edmonds Charles E 

20 Vacant 

22 Hanigan Adam W 

24 Foulkes Thomas J 

26 Vacant 

28 Henderson Wilbur 

30 Smith Nell 

32 Vacant 

34 Vacant 

oU Vacant 

38 Guun James 

* Lee av commences 
40 Vacant 
42 Vacant 
44 Vacant 
46 Vacant 
48 Vacant 
50 Vacant 
f,2 Boat house 
54 Vacant 
66 Vacant 

+ Leuty av commences 
60 Vacant 
63 Vacaut 
70 Smith Frederick 
72 Tomenson Joseph S 
Crashley Richard W 

KING EAST, runs e from 71 
Yonge to junction with 
Queen e at Don Bridge, 
wards 1. 2 and 3. 

North Sloe 

Webster A F, ticket agt 
Wabash Ry, J A Richard 
son passenger agent 
Dominion Line Steam 
Cunard Line of steam 

Compagnie Generale 

Transatlantlque Line 
Merchants Montreal Line 
N Y & Cuban Steamship 
Cool; Thomas & Son, 

tourists agents 
C P R Go s Tel (br) 

1 Richelieu & Ontario Na 
vigation Co, 11 If Chat- 
fee agt 

Chicago & North West 
ern Railway, Burton H 
Bennett gen agt 
4 McVlttie James, cigars 
6 Conger Coal Co, Ltd 
8 Pipon & Thorley, brokers 
White Star Line, C A Pip- 
on agt 

Defoe D M, barr 
C M & St P Ry, A J 

Taylor agt 

Vrfi Exchange Building 
Ritchie George, barr 
Thompson Wm S, acct 
Gripton Mrs C, rubber 


Spanish Consulate 
Thompson J Enoch, con 

Photo Jewelery ^g Co 
Commercial Acyteleue Co 

of N Y 

Arnold! John H, ventil 
Armstrong A IS, rnfrs 


Gash N B, barr 
Wickson Samuel, barr 
James & Williams, prtrs 
Elliott Bertram, caretkr 
10 Beaty Robert & Co, 

McDowall & Co. sporting 

12 Burgess Gas Process Co, 


Lindsay Gas Co Ltd 
Oshawa Gas Co LtLd 
Farquhar J D, real estate 
Smily Thomas, real estate 
Greville & Co Ltd, brkrs 
Citizens Gas Control Co, 


tltley Edwin, acct 
Crysler N D, barber 
14-16 Canadian General Elec 
tric Co Ltd 

Canada Foundry Co Ltd 
18-22 National Trust Bldg 
18 Ames A E & Co, bankers 
20 National Trust Chambers 
Ross & Holmested, bar 
Rowan & Somerville, baf- 


Le Vesconte R C, barr 
Alin R H. mining eng 
O Neall W J, barr 
Watson. Smoke & Smith, 

Dewart. Young & Maw, 

Deuton, Dunn & Boult- 

bee, barristers 
Case George A, brkr 
Toronto Stock Exchange 
Underfeed Stoker Co, Ltd 
Canada Corundum Co Ltd 
Spencer Fred, caretkr 
22 National Trust Co 

Toronto Stock Exchange 

Clearing House 
Spencer Frederick, caretkr 
24 Imperial Life Assce Co 
26 Central Canada Loan Sc 

Savings Co 

Dominion Securities Cor 
poration Ltd 
Provident Investment Co 
+ Victoria st Intersects 
80-34 Rice Lewis & Son, 

Ltd, hardware 

86 Pellatt & Pellatt, brokers 
Knowlton &- Menzles, sta 
Knowlton Wm H. bldrs 


Armstrong Wm. artist 
Trengrove R J, caretkr 
38 Vacant 
4(1-42 ( inirian, Babayan 

i f>. rugs 

44 I .nrns 1 X: Co, coal 
46-48 Headquarters Hotel, 

Purse Bros, props 
48 Hough T E. restr 
50 Quebec Bank 
+ Toronto st commences 

52 Vacant 

Guarantee Company of North America 

MEDLAND & JONES, Cen l Agents, Mail Building, Cor. King and Bay Tel Ma.n 1067 

HlTHARA Ki fifl Brokers and Financial Agents, 
. U nnnn a UU. 3 so TORONTO STREET 


King East. 167 

54 Niagara Navigation Co 
Niagara River Line (head 
office), John Koy mngr 

[ A"iir.i: 


Armstrong HDP, Ins 
Dominion Burglary Guar 

autee Co 

B6Vi Bamlllon Powder Co 
Hough A II. infra nit 
58 Miutou Thomas S. ins Fire Ins Co 
58^1 Laue Richard, banker 
Palmer S .1. adv 

Pulvcr I" F Co, adv nov- 

Ilall i: II 

Dominion Cement, Paint 
A: KcM.ring Co 

Victoria financial Co 

Po-ky Martin 

Bennett Mrs Matilda, drs- 


60 Walton J ( . liarlier 
62 \Vaikins II s. tobacco 
64-6(5 Nasinith 

68 Townsend c .1. auctioneer 
70 Industrial Exhibition Assn 
72 Alllanee Assnrnnee Co 

Homo In- Co nl X V 

Brit MM I Life 

o Co 

Crawford A .1. ins 
Hait-lionio Ilnith. IDS 

84 Reliance Loan & Savings 

Company of Ontario 
84% Shaw \Vm M. in- 
Lewis Wm, carets 
I rice .Tames 
ts Frank 
Gainmic J C 
Walker Mis< .lane 

i Iloltort 
86 Mi II & CD, 


88 Jerreat Walter, barber 
90 Standard Fuel Co, coal 
92 Toronto Ky Chambers 
Toronto Hallway Co, head 


Dominion Copper Co 
Canadian Northern Ry 
Mackenzie, Maun & Co, 


^ Church 8t intersects 
St James Cathedral 
118 Sparrow George & Co, 

notel kitchen outfits 
120 Vivian Edwin, turn 
122 Flddes A: Hogarth, plmbrs 
Evans George 
Webster James W 
Black Samuel J 
124 Keith George, seeds 
126 KM st of), hard 


128 Bradshaw David, gro 
130-32 Steele. Brigs* Seed Co 
134 I rovau Alex, gro 

^ Francis st commences 
13638 Mammoth Clothing 

. ant 
14^ Carey Shoo Co 

Thompson John B 
144-146 People s Wholesale 

Supply Co 

148 Toronto Shoe Co 
Jarvls st intersects 

rd Wm, restr 
150% Sheppard Christopher. 

harness ornaments 
Knowlton John, cigar mfr 
Holt Wm, olothing 

152 Mathers John, liquors 
Io2% Tedd .1 D. shoe uppers 
Reiuholt Robert, clothing 
54 Godden C P. hardware 
156 Meredith Thomas & Co, 

358 Clyde Hotel 

1 Patton John, barber 
Swan Bros, grocers 

Co, hardware 
170 Xich ,1 WM J. d> 
172 i: ,,. es 

uel II. tlr 

t George st luter 

ISM Sing Leo. Indr.v 
1M Miushull WM 

1^,, ss 

100 Scott Bros, grocers 


Soon \\ a 

ISDJ A MeCallM. Hour 

I .U Christie. llrown A- Co 

UK; Tuck Frank, barber 

IMS Diin~i,.i-d Mr- i:, sec hd 

200 Fogg Hoorge. tinware 
202 Algoma & Northwest Mis 

liuskin (ieorge 

Frederick st intersects 
- "Hi I . harness 

IVr>a!l .1 C AV CD. found- 

L ns \\ ;,.,, rharles J. shoemkr 
21U King St Mission 

he Heiirv 
21. Price S A Sons, dairy 

Price Stephen 

1H4 (i l),mn.dl Edward, restr 
216 Johnson James 
-is M. Rae Mr- Flora, bdg 
220 Pri. e s ,\ Bon*, dairy 
-I". 1 Walters C W. barber 
-J- : , MoFiulden Mrs J. eonfy 
-1:1 KedcliiTe \ Son. tinners 

Shrrbourne st Intersects 
228 lark John, gro 

228 Harvey Win, gro 

2i Littleehlles Henry, restr 

232-32U Yauover J, sec hd 

234 Chaney & Co. bedding 
Smith Mrs Caroline 

,i\ Pearc* Mrs H v, gro 
238 Opferkuch Mrs It, fancy 

Opferkuch Joseph 

-"s -j \ Mine! 

240 Kosar Frank, undertaker 

-I- S P Elizabeth 

-H Pr.iulx Thomas 

-l<; Smith Mi - Caroline, drs- 


-is i affee 8 ec hd gds 
25(1 Keller John c 

A Princess st Intersects 
252 O Connor House 
2f>4 Vacant shop 
LT.i; i .IT,. Mrs i vianlre 

Mason A ii. furrier 
L oii .j MeCnrtv .leremlah, gro 
LT.S ii,.ti,,r .! w. pntr 
260 Peer Mrs M 
262 Yanover H, sec hd gds 
Smith F Pork Packing 

Co. r e 
1J64 Sullivan Mrs Kate, drs- 


266 Young Sam. Indry 
268 De.slauriors Joseph 
270 McLanghilu Mrs M, staty 

Ontario st Intersects 
272 Mulr Wm. livery 
274 Wilson .Mrs Jane 

Cannon Mrs Kate, mua 


1:741... MeGill David 
1^7t; Murray .Tames 
27.S Patterson S A: Co, vinegar 

Rolison Charles A 
Js<i Witty Henry 
jso Skin nor Wm 
Lumber yard 
L S4 Strong George 
284-84% Union Hotel 

Vacant store 
2Si; liauldrv Alfred, frames 

drV Win .1 S 
288 Smith klrs E, gro 
j ."i i ro-s Henry, confy 
292 Lewis Edward, btchr 

Kimber Henry 
Clariilgo Mrs I. nurse 
204-6 Larmon John jr. flour 
298 Artindale W W. Indry 
L lisij Kleeberger Jacob X.brbr 
300 GreenshiPlds J H, gro 
+ Berkeley st intersects 
302 Spears Win, barber 

".ill Johnson Win, saw flier 
MO ) c, ;, drsmkr 

t Andrew, mils tchr 
::n.s 1 r.inliart ii \V 

Clarke Itb-hard, jwlr 
:ild 11 MeFarlnne Geo, ladder 

. ttii i; \v p. barber 
:;ii! M. Kay Konncth 

HIS I . , ;J,. 

;cu Cltlxeni coal & Wood 
Supply Co 
II John 

\andi-r Miss A G, lad 
ies white wear mfr 
I ouilng Charles 

!"-eldl F 

:T .lames 

I IH-II James, barber 
, Parliament 11. 

Parliament st Intersects 
Public School, s e 

."Hi I .lair Wm 

348 Kavauauj;h Miss S B, 

K:i \ a I .ailL li Mi-- F, staty 

waiter, gro 

:;r,j j,.imstoii Win n 

Todil irber 

^ Power st commences 
3.">4 Frost J A. shoes 

I .lttlTSDIl Will 

Mrs M. drsuikr 
om i; A. fruit 
:u;u BeevM .1 I>, baker 

A lane 

::i:_ i oney F M, staty 

::>;L Granl John 

364 Paul Miss K, drsmkr 

Paul Itobert 
366 Urniy G W. gro 

Paul David 
368 Paul Wm 

Douglas Win T. tobacco 

A lane 

l ,7 2 Tln>m|isDii Mrs I E (hrl 

Mrs Mary, r 
L< \\ is Wm. r 

;;74 Schneider Mendel, shoe 

in Francis, r 

:;7<! Thompson Mrs I E, frnlt 
Thompson James 

Rowland pi commences 
:;TS G a, cigars 

:iS<> Sullivan Mrs Isabella, gro 
limn., Yee i hong. Indry 
"s-j Mast in Vesper, confy 

384 Graham Robert, dairy 
darsli .l.dlti M 

385 Hell Mrs Jennie, gro 
I!i-ll David 

390 Marsh Mrs M, gro 
392 Phllp J"hn II. bkr 
394 Johnston Mrs E, gro 

Johnston Robert 
396-8 Cowley W G, sec hd 
Gaiithler Theodore 

Wilkins av commences 

4PXI-J XlellDl W .1 

Nich.d Mrs Susanna?) 
404 Wurster C J. *Hop 
406 Irons J C 

Flddes Wm, crockery 

d Alison .T 

410 Anderson Alexander 
412 Tlpton Edward 

414 Lewis Mrs Charlotte 
416 La Flamme Wm 

La Flamme Mrs A. mus 

1 IS Kelly Wm. btchr 

Sackvllle st intersects 
42n Hayes D J. wines 
422 Bear Lcandor. barber 
424 Davis John, baker 
426 Slmmonds Gco, gro 
428 Storey James, ero 

Inirch of the Sacred 

t::s Lamarctie Kcv Philln 
440 Pashby Mrs Clara, btchr 

St 1 aul st commences 
444 Vacant 

irtis John 

448 Latremoullle J O 
I." 1 oS Methodist Church 

Bright st commences 
460 Doyle Bernard 

liH c, 

it;i; Abiitt icdwln 
ikley John 
470 Abiitt Johu 
472 Tlndle J J, staty 
474 Abbott A: Hogarth, btchr 
ill James 

Sumach st Intersects 
47li S Proctor Il< 

|s.i FM-ICI l- rank, i-ljjars 

Fo-li r Win 
482 Anderson Mrs I, baker 

Anderson Edmund 
isc, li:nl- Mrs Surah 
iss \acallt 
4 .i (Jibxin Hubert 
lie Wat kins John D 
494 Carter John, barber 
+ Ashby pi commences 
49ts Uooley Thomas, tobacco 
500 1 assmore J A, crockery 
oirj Scott John 

KelT John I I 

Kerr Mrs E A, drsmkr 

.^; Vaders Frederick 
512 Kelley K T. i-xcuvntor 
.M I \\ al-li James 
510 Samler Wm, jr 
518 Hurley J J, gro 
520 Gray Robert W 
liclntosh W r m 
T.OI; strong Mrs Mary 


. r >:U Dd,.-ier Maxlne 
688 Medcalf Mrs Mary 
546-48 Vacant t2) 
,ViO Cofik Thomas It 
.V.o Vacant store 
+ River st commences 
House, s e 
Junction with Queen e 

South Side 

1 C P R Genl Ticket Offlce, 
A II NOUMIIM asst geul 
pass ugt, Wm T Dock- 
rill and John J Rose 
trav pass agts, Walter 
Maughan city pass agt 
C P R Co s Tel (br) 
3 Vacant 

5 Holt, Renfrew & Co, furs 
7-9 Metropolitan Bank 
11-13 Stltt Win & Co, mlnry 

Paris Kid Glove Store 
15 Nordnelmer Piano & Mu 
sic Co Ltd 
Cauadlau-American Music 

Co Ltd 

German Consulate 
Nordheimer Samuel, Ger 
man Consul 
Xet her lands Consulate 
Nordheimer Albert, Cou- 


Blight Arthur, aius tchr 
Weir Mrs Bessie, mus tchr 
Forsyth W O, mus tchr 
Smedley G F, mus tchr 
Sherlock J M, vocalist 
Archibald W Y. mus tchr 
Klingenfcld Heiurich, mus 


Blakeley T A, mus tcnr 
Blrnie Miss C, mus tchr 
Jaffray Miss A R, music 


Baumann J W, mus tchr 
17-27 .Murray W A & Co, 

Ltd, dry goods 
^ Victoria st Intersects 
33 Bank of Ottawa 
33-55 King Edward Hotel 
57-61 Catto John & Son, dry 


63 Leader Hotel, E Sullivan 

Leader lane ends 

65 Snider s Leader Lane 

Snider R O, phy 
67 B erriss R K, cigars 
69 Cooper & Co, gent s furl! 


71-73 Harris E Co, paints 
75 Thompson & Sou, photos 

Asher Alexander 
77 Bastedo D H & Co, furs 
7!) Vacant 
81 Regan Patrick, tlr 

Lee .io-eph w 


Successors to LIMITED 



Typewriters Rented 


Phones Main 1126, 1127 


168 King East. 


83-85 Taylor R C, rest 
87 Vacant office 
Dickie Alexander 
McGraw Valentine 
McGraw George 
Jackson Mrs Annie 
Riley Cornelius, cnretkr 
87-89 Henderson Charles H 

& Co, auctioneers 
fll-3 Albany Club 
Lauder-Stalr Dick 
Llthgow Thomas V 
95 Harland Win & Son. varn 

Wren Joseph, caretkr 
Day Charles C 
97 Automobile Garage Co 

Wetmore ECS, tlrs 

Gordon Wm 
Price W Charles 
Brooks John, caretkr 
99 Irwiu Wilber. cigars 

Coronation Hotel, Hugh 

Sullivan propr 
A Church st intersects 
105 Clemes Bros, whol fruit, 

s e 

107 Gallagher & Co. fruits 
109 Corby Walter J. restr 
111 International Harvester 

Co (Deerlng Branch) 
113 Fullerton & Thompson, 


Wilson Mrs Beatrice 
Dwyer James R 
115-21 Oak Hall, clothing 

Can Horologlcal Institute 
123 I ike D Co Ltd, tents 
125-27 Ontario Fish Co 
Dwyer James R 
Jarvis James A 
129-135 Husband A C, cloth 

133 Peterson Alex, clothing 
Mitchell W & J, leather 


Qardlnler Miss Jane 
Royal Grenadiers Band 


Enterprise Printing Co 
McGregor D W 
137 Warner John 

Nelson Mrs Ella V 
139 Sayer Albert, barber 
141 Fogler Henry, jwlr 
143 Vacant 

145 Jacolis F A. drugs 
147-151 Simmers J A, seeds 
153 Stanley I{.,brrt. clothing 

West Market st ends 
155 Tuthill Robert, drugs 
157 Tugman C F, shoes 
157% Hough I G. rest 

Ratcliffe F W. Jobber 
St Lawrence Hall 
St Lawrence Arcade 

159 Park & Thompson, provs 

161 Dominion Bank 

Jarvis st intersects 

163 Can Bank of Commerce 

Rnsnlll V A. crockery 
165-67 Woodhouse T, dry 

167% Hopkins J L & Son, 

169 Hodgens George. Jwlr 

Owen Mr.s Sarah 
169% Christie. Wm. bnrness 
171 Johnston J A & Co. drugs 
I l .j Mclaughlin Edward, 


Kemp Wm 

173 Whltten W J & Co, hard 

175 Moses Andrew, restr 
177 Flddes J & A. plmbrs 
17ft Wheeler \- Bain, stoves 
181 Klrkpatrick W A & Son. 

Klrkpatrick Wm A 
183 Klrkpatrick D & Co. 

183V Murphy James 

Patton John 
185 Wellsteod Henry, grocer 

George st intersects 
1ST York Hoi el 

189 McMullen T & Co. fancy 

McMullen Thomas 

McMullen Henry J 
191 Gardiner Mrs Jennie, restr 
101% Gowland Mrs M, jwlr 
193 Simmonds P V, tinner 

Fogg John, fndry, r 
195-95% Ely Bros, charcoal 
197-9 Nealon House 

Frederick st intersects 
215 Stiuson John, fruits 
217 Robinson John, barber 
219 Hall Mrs Sarah, restr 
221 Cranston Miss M, cigars 
223 Long Charles, ludry 
223%-25 O Leary Timothy, ci 

O Leary Miss M E. music 

Sehtede! Jacob, barber 
227 Connelly Mrs Mary, gro 
229 Davis Edward, gro 
231 Vac-ant 

233 Eelfpsp 1 lntlng & Enam 
eling Co 

(Vlles Robert H 
235 Prince John, restr 
237 Chancy Burglar Proof 
Sash Lock Co Ltd 

Arnold Eugene S 
239 Beei-.ley Alfred, bicycles 

McMaster Donald 
241 Wilson H C. shoes 
24:! Hands John E. confy 
245 Mathieson Wm. hardware 
247 Galster J F, jwlr 

Sherbourne st intersects 
249-51 National Hotel 

253 Radcllffe Charles, tlr 

255 Olds Archibald 

257 Vacant 

259 Hurst James, plmbr 

261 Button Wm 

263 Hight Wm G H 

Hi gut Mrs M, gro 
265 O Brien Edward 

O Brien M J. cooper 

Burrow Sidney, fruit 
267-9 Delaney Wm, shoemkr 

Robson Robert 
271 Flannery Cornelius 

Flannery Mrs C. gro 
273 Dttenweiler E. sewing 

Uttenweiler Miss Sophie, 

275 Monachal! Mrs Catherine 

Topping David 
277 Gorman C J, storage 
279 Walton Urook> \V 
281 Harnden Mrs S J, gro 

Princess st Intersects 
283-301 Firstbrook Box Co 
303-0 Thompson Bros, car 
riage mnfrs 

^ Ontario st Intersects 
311-:-!7 Copland Brewing Co 
855 Small John 
357 Harris Mrs Ellen 
:!.",!) George Isaac 
361 Paterson Mfg Co, Ltd, 
bldrs supplies 

Berkeley st intersects 
Foundry yards, p c 

Parliament st intersects 
3P3-7 Wright W R, hotel 
399 Beale Francis 

403 Hlscock Win G, gro 
405 Towers Miss B. drsmkr 
407-9 Leo J I{. drugs 
417 Sanson Rpv Canon Alex 
^ Erin st ends 
Trinity Church 

Trinity st ends 

431 James E A E, plmbr 
433-35 Bi-oderson Henry, dry 


7 Tremhlny John B, gro 
439 Vise Solomon, photo 

Trinity pi commences 
441 Gerrard A. bdg hse 
443 McMnbon Mrs Mary 

Lafrance Mr" C, drsmkr 
445 Devereux John 
447 Bushby James H 
449 O Lonry Patrick 
!.M Vacant 

453 Cowan Mrs Martha 
l.Vi I .ilodean Louis, barber 
+ Coatsworth st commences 
457-9 Lewis Wm H, btchr 

461 Vacant 

-Itil .., MHilcnn Wm J 

463 Gallaugher Mrs E J, gro 

Gallaugher James 

Shea Thomas 
465 Delaney James 
467 Parton Win, shoemkr 
409 McDonald Alexander 
471 Bird Thomas 

Delaney T & Co, coopers.r 
473 Boyd Robert 
475 Pett Alfred, pntr 
477 Bogart Everton G 
479 Vacant 
481 Falkner Thomas 
483 Magee Henry 
485 Gallagher J A, dings 

Sackvllle st intersects 
487 Sauve J A, gro 

489 Spencer Job, sec hd gds 

491 McCarthy Victor 

493 Delaney Mrs B 

493% Vacant 

495 O Keefe Miss Julia 

Herbert George, r 

Nichol Robt J, r 
495% Barton Edward J, confy 
497 Shea Mrs Nora 
499 Spence James E 
501 Virgin Mrs Ann 
503 Charron Mrs Henrietta 

Virgin pi ends 
505 Brady Absalom 
507 Bell James 

509 Moore Alexander 

511 Chlng Wing, Indry 

513 Lord G P. sec hd gds 

515 Campbell Samuel D 

517 Abbej- Wm 

519 Johnston Prussia 

521 Morrison Thompson 

523 Barnes Edward 

525 Johnson John 

527 Campbell Wm 

529 Major Edward 

531 Foley Thomas 

533 Fee Mrs Lucy 

535 Simpson W O, phy 

537 Davey Andrew 

539 Davey Andrew, gro 

Sumach st Intersects 
541-9 Corson J W. coal 

Percy st commences 
551 Phllp George 

553 Whitney Royal P 

555 Butler Wm 

557 Hayes Edward 

550 Whiitier Mrs Delia 

561 O Keefe Patrick 

5( llowi ll Price 

565 Enright John 

567 Wilson John 

569 Solman Henry 

571 Jobin Alphonse 

573 Lee Bruce 

Gardner George, fruits 

575 Smith Wm F 

577 Boddy Hiram 

579 Bolt John H 

581 Mouldey Job, Jr 

583 Bradley John 

585 Gee S F, produce 
^ St Lawrence st ends 
Toronto Railway sheds 

609 Weegar Nelson 

611 Seott Joseph 

613 McCormack Andrew 

615 Dibble Harry 

617 Page Wm E 

619 MeFadyen John 

(i39 Vacant 

041 Courtenay II R. bOj[ 

645 Canadian Premier Car 
riage Co 

Houjiov F.dwin, engine 

KING WEST, w from 70 
Yonge to June with Queen 
w, wards 3. 4. 5 and 6. 

North Side 

2-6 Lawlor Building 

10 Toronto Security Co 

11 Smith J C & Co, 


12 Great Northern Ry, 

Chas W Graves agt 

13 Vacant 

14 Northern Pacific Ry 
15-16-17 Travelers Ins Co 

Thayer I B, Ins 
20-21 N Y Life Ing Co 
Sutton S T, Ins 
Moore Wm M 
22-23-24 Dominion of Can 
ada Guarantee and 
Accident Ins Co 
25 Moon Robert, ina 
26-27 Dods & Grant, bam 
I nion Stock Yards Co 

30 31 Armour & Mlckl*. 

32-33-34 Metropolitan Lite 

Ins Co of N Y 
35-36 Curry & Eyre, barrs 
37 Heighington Joseph, 

40-49 Queen City Oil Co 

Webb Wm J, Janitor 
8 Tyrrell Wm & Co, book! 
10 Intercolonial Ry of Can 

Kilmer & Irving, barr 
Coleman C W, Jwlr 
Soole T G, printer 
Toronto Ball Club 
Cairns Bernard, rubber 


Cyclone Grate Bar Co.Ltd 
Morris W K, earetkr 
12 Dominion Permanent 

Loan Company 
14-16 Trusts & Guarantee 


Trusts & Guarantee Oo 
Mills & Tennant. barrs 
Blalne Mining & Explora 
tion Co 

McLaughlln Thomas, brkr 
Raven Lake Portland Ce 
ment Co Ltd 
Clark Wm J, barr 
MacKny Wm C, barr 
Kingston G A. barr 
Ross George, barr 
Mills. Kaney. Anderson * 

Hales, barrs 

Tennant Francis N, lum 

McPhtrson, Clark, Camp 
bell & Jarvis, barrs 
Mutual Life Assuranet 


Sylvester S A. ins 
Thompson & Heron, brkrg 
Foster James, caretkr 
18-20 North of Scotland 


Osier & Hammond, brok 
ers and fin agts 
North of Scotland Canad 
ian Mortgage Co, Ltd 
Can Northwest Land Co 
Ont & Qu Appelle Land 


Victoria Rolling Stock Co 
Berwick, Aylesworth, 

Wright & Moss, barrs 
KIngstone, Symons * 

Klngstone, barrs 
Winnipeg Western Land 

Cromble, Worrell * 

Jwynne, barrs 
Reward Geo C, barr 
Wood S G, barr 
A evIIIe R S, barr 
National Mercantile Agcy 
Merchants Legal Assn 
Qu Appelle, Long Lake A 
Saskatchewan Railroad 
& Steamboat Co Ltd 
Calgary & Edmonton Ry 


Buffalo Land Security Co 
Denlson A R & Co, archt 
Ford Mrf Emma, caretkr 
Jarvi-i W A. asst caretkr 
20 The Ellas Rogers Co, Ltd. 

coal and wood 

22 Semi-Ready Wardrobe.tlW 
24-28 Manning Arcade 
1-2 Brouse. Mitchell * 

Co, brokers 

3-4 Stimsou Geo A & Co 

Watchman s Time Detector Systems 

Complete Installations of Watchman s Clocks 
and Key Stations for Factories, Warehouses, Eto- 

128 Bay St. 


Telephone M. 409 


It/ I VI ll - Limited, 78 CHURCH ST. 


and large sums. 
Interest at Highest Current Rate. 


Hint; West. !>! 

5 Equity Fire Ins Co 
Carlyle David & Co, 


Gavin Richard C. lus 
Begg Herbert, Ins 

6 Berlin Mutual fire Ins 


7 Irwln ,\ irrs 
8-9 London Life Ins Co 

10 Kingsford H E, barr 
tl Cawtbra Victor, finan 
cial agt 

13 Baldwin L H. barr 
Kammerer J A, office 
Mill Properties Co Ltd 
Anglo Canadian Steel 

Iron Co 

Dominion Cannlstcr Co 

Can Cash Register Co 
4 Foi 

13-14 Forster J 

L, r 

15-16 Temtekamlnf and 

Northern Out lly 

17 The Muskoka Mill A 

Lumber Co 

Campbell A H, J H M 
* A H jr, timber 

18 Mercer & Ilr-.idford, 


McTaggart & Mercer, 

Canadian Teachers Ag 

19 Cameron & Crooks, 


Morris A C, offlee 
Morris Wm, barr 

20 Imperial Veneer Co 

21 Denovan A M. barr 
Reade E S. broker 

22 Manning Alexander 

23 Curry James, broker 

24 Crown Corundum and 

i Co 

Canadian Coral Marble 

25 Sabbath School Asso 

ciation of Ontario 

26 Rogers Ellas, office 
27-2-s Pass 

Coal Co Ltd 

29 Bi gley Alexander, care 
Mlln-Bingham Printing 


Cycling Pub Co 
Cycling Journal (semi 

Carriage and Imple 
ment Journal 

28 Sovereign Hank of Can 
80 Thomas European Hotel 

English Chop House 
82 Mas Piano Co 

iiav^J. \" 
84 Canada .Motor 

86-38 Kay John. Son & Co, 

carpets, curtains, etc 
42 Cassels. Son & Co. stock 

Ophlr Mines Development 


Sawyer E L & Co. brKrs 
Hicks 11 S, broker 
Consolidated Gold Fields 

Development Co 
Ontario Ke?fs Mining & 

Developing Co 
Bannockburn Gold Mine 

Eastern Mining Syndicate 

of Ou 

Copper Queen Gold Min 
ing & Dev Co 
Ntw 8l Klmo Gold & Cop- 

per Co, Ltd 

40-46 Canada Life Building 
Rooms Basement 

1-2 Wyatt & Co, brokers 
3-4 Magurn J B. Ins 
Short W B, ins 
Galbraith Wm jr. Ins 
Eagle Fred G. Ins 
Henderson R N, Ins 
9 Ptg Dept Bank of N S 

10 Stationery Dept Can 

11-12 Cassels. Son ft Co. 

s e 
Ground Floor 

15-22 Canada Life Assce 
Co, Cox & Balllle Ltd 


Watt II L, barr 
23-24 Ladenburg. Thai- 
mann & Co, bankers 
25-2S Bank of Nova Scotia 
First Fi .or 

29-32 Ryckman, Klrkpat- 

rlck & Kerr barrs 
33 Schmleteudorf F A, 

Contract & In- 
nation Co of To 

Cheeseworth J W, min 
ing broker 

Andrews F J, broker 
Sewell H De Q, sur 

84 Oliver Lumber Co. .Ltd 
35-36 Gibson A C, barr 
Blggar t Burton, barrs 
Bruce, Barton ft 
Counsel), barrs 

37 Yarker U W. hanker 

38 Dominion Bridge Co 

-.ish E T. barr 
3942 London Guarantee 

and Accident Co 
Second Floor 

43-44 Holmes & Gregory, 


Young Ralph E, acct 
45-16 Mclirady & O Con 
nor, barrs 

47 Hearn & Slattery. barrs 

48 Dlllabough & Heuder- 

49-50 Boiler Inspection A 
Ins Co of Canada 

51 Smith & Cameron, pat 

Jones. Smith & Hollln- 
rake, barrs 

52 Lnwsnn .1 F, acct 
Laurentlde Pulp Co 
Hetherlngton W J, 

whol lumber 
53-54 Robertson & Mac- 

lennan. barrs 
Fitzgerald E G, barr 
Sons of Scotland Bene 
volent Assn 
Adams A A. harr 
55-5G Riches C H. pat sol 
Third Floor 

57-60 Masten. Starr * 
Spence. barrs 

60 White Bear Consoli 

dated Mining & Mill- 
Ing Co 

61 Lamport Jt Ferguson, 

Goy E J, newspaper 

London Free Press 

62 Meldrnm James A, 


6364 100 F. J B King, 
grand sec 

65 Atkinson J L. acct 
Xason Joseph, barr 
Bowerman L H. barr 
Carey F W. barr 

66 Canadian Correspond 

ence College 

67-69 Montgomery. Fleury 
i Montgomery, barrs 
70 Brent Wm C, broker 
Fourth Floor 

71-S4 Canada Life Assur 
ance Co. head office 
Fifth I 

85-86 Lanzley & Langley, 

Heal Dept Can 

89 Sinclair & Sinclair, 

ba rrs 
Gnnther E F, barr 

90 Home Gold and Cop 


Merrill Wm H. U S 

n Gold ft 

r Co 

Porter Charles H, barr 
Scully John * Co, 

Sanborn G A, mine 


91 98 Bank of Nova Scotia 
93-94 Whyte Geo, caretkr 
Tower Floor 

99 1 in R E.clvll 


Smith Thos, elev opr 
Hcan.y JMS. .-lev opr 
Thomas Edward, eng 
Hyde Parton J, porter 
Hurst Win J. porter 

11 I-:, watch 

48 Royce & Henderson, barrs 
met ion Co 
Deulson ft 
Henderson, liarrs 
Jennings W T, civ eng 
Bay st intersects 
50-54 Mail Building 
50 Mcdlaml & Jones. Ins 
Scottish Union & National 

Fire Ins Co 
Insurance Co of N A 
>nal of Ireland 

\ecldent Ass Co 
Guarantee Co of N A 
52 The Mail Printing 

The Mall and Empire 

(dally and weekly) 
Osbornc & Francis, brokrs 
54 Slevert John A. elf 

pirc Wall Paper Co 
58 Armstrong & Anderson, 


60 Lindsay Henry, gro 
flor A s. 

New York 
Indies Tailoring 
Mil. h.Micr J G Co, dress 

Skirt Specialty Co The, 

dress skirts 

66 Booklovers Library Ltd 
M.dalllon Photo & Nov 
elty Co 
68 Tolton & McKay, shirt 

70 Bn. like - Collen- 

der Co. billiard tables 
TL La Pi 

74 Tor [Vather & Down Co 
Foster G V. clothing contr 
Wyiulow Wm, tailor 

7>i McCansland Jos & Son. 

pntrs and decorators 
Montreal Star 

75 Vacant 

s2 McCartney S E, cigars 
84 McMahon Thomas, restr 
86 McGuire W J & Co, plum 

88 Junor Wm. china 
9ft Williams Herbert, restr 
92 Clarendon Cafe 
04 Oxley-Enos Co Ltd. light 
ing fixtures 
96 Keystone Rldz 

Sproatt & Rolph. archs 
Ontario Assn of Archi 

Hall Mark, arch 
Gresrg & Grepg. archts 
Langton Wm A, arch 

Moylett & Bally, props 
9S Illsley & Horn, Ltd, 


100 Luxfer Prism Co Ltd 
Mica Boiler Covering Co 
Expanded Metal & Fire 

Proofing Co, Ltd 

Hold. I lstrs 

102 Meteor Cycle & Electric 

Machine Co 

104 Canada Carbon Light Co 
106 Smith s Toronto Dye Wks 
Smith s ladies shoe shin- 
Ing parlors 

108 Stewart John, cigars 
110 Bocquet, Bloem & Co, 
ladles tailors 

1121s Nvrth Am Life Build- 
North Am Life Assce Co 

I. if. A-sce Co 
Hamilton Win, Ins 
Lovell Robert, Ins 
Trollope Rev J A, Ins sol 
Taylor Win B, barr 
112 Gardner H T, tailor 
114 Babcoek & Wllcox, boiler 


Dick James, janitor 
114a Lake John N, real eat 
114b Merchants Portrait Co 
116 Hunter Thomas. Ins 

Press Publishing Co Ltd 
Hunter I! I!. ins 
118 I : 3, fey gds 

120 Carrlok & Johnson, rest 

Carrlrk Win 

122 Johnston E & H. drsmkrs 
IL J 1L 4 II. milling Mfg Co, 

mfg jewellers 
124 Stackhouse L A, shoes 
124-120 Dominion Regalia Co 
126 Herman & Co. dyers 

Herman J Wm 
128 Rice T G Wire Mfg Co, 

l.Vi Palace P.llllard Hall 

The Clothes Press, clothes 


Cohen Joseph, mfg tlr 
132 Vacant 
134 United Electric Co. Ltd 

klosea Meyer, cigars 
138 Smlrles Peter, shoe shiner 
138-40 Faye John, restr 
142 Li- Multre E G. drugs 
144 The Stag Hotel, Hall ft 
Downej props 

Hudson, barber 
York st intersects 
14;-ir.f, Palmer House 

Pendergast G T, news dlr 
CPR Co s Tel 
l.-,s K ph. barber 

ISSy, British American Dye- 
ins Co 

IfiO Oriental Laundry 
160>4 Bertl Louis A. tlr 
Hogg Mrs Mary A 
Lamonrenx A, tlr 

hal .1 & J, pawn 
164 Davton Computing Scale 

1GC Vacant Store 

Kg Co. fringes 
1G8V4 Rolston Electric Lndry 


City Towel Supply Co 
174-76 Sine Mrs M. restr 
: t. cigars 

1SO-S2 Genesee Hotel 
1S4 Ellis Mrs Bridget, bdg 
186 Patton John R 
188 McKown Mrs Annie J bdg 

i Co 

Mi earthy Mrs Alice 
102 Nelson Frank R 

Jr.hns.on, Wlllats & Co, 

194 Bruce Mfg Co, h 
196 Sloan Wm C. photos 

198 Cole John, broker 
Laugher Mrs Gertrude 

Ids Wm R 
200 Malcolm Harness Co 

Fepan Mrs Mary 
202 Landau C S & Co, confrs 



Tel. Main 66 

The Lake Simcoe ICE Supply Co. 






Best Quality All Sizes 
Tel. Main 86 

North British & Mercantile Insurance Go. 

GOOCH & EVANS, Resident Agents 

26 Wellington St. E. 

Tel. Main 423 

170 King West. 



Biggest Boot Value in Canada for 
Men and Women. 

,-T. EATON C-...,. 


204 Cook T J R, massage 
206 Holbrook & Molllngton, 

Holbrook Wm 

Mann Andrew W 

Mllson Heni-y 

Aldrich D 
208-210 British Hotel 

Slmcoe st Intersects 
Old U C C building 

1 Frawley John 

2 Croudeii Wm 

3 Moore Frank 

4 Prattls John 
5-G V;lc-nnt 

7 Belz Frank, tlr 
^Duncan si commences 
Pure Gold Mfg Co Ltd 
Old V C C Athletic 

McMalion Edward.iaretkr 

John st Intersects 
Arlington Hotel, F D 

Manehee prop 
CPR Tel Co (br) 
G N W Tel Co (br) 
Unger Reginald, news dlr 
340 Bowman Wm, bdg 
842 Shain Miss Annie, bdg 
KM p.ryan Mrs Maggie, bdg 
34G La Londi- Mrs Esther, 


i8 Ross Joseph, bdg 
850 Anderson Thomas 
852 Wheeler Miss Theresa 
Adams A E, mus tchr 
354 lewis Isaac, restr 
350 Young Wing, Indry 
858 Kean C J, liquors 

4> Wldmer st commences 
360 Hurst Frederick, btchr 
362-04 Clayton Alfred B, bdg 
300 Mcihvay James A 
3GS Young Win C 
370 Tlnsley Edward R 
372 Love Wm H 
374 Cunningham Dennis 
"70 Smith John 
378 Milloy Miss Margaret 
380 McDowell Mrs Jane 

Nurses Home 
384 Riordan B L, surgeon 

Peter st Intersects 
398 Jamlesou Wm 

Shedden Go s stables 

Charlotte st commences 
426-34 Fox & Co, sash mfrs 

Bywater J, hat block mfr 
486 Mackmln Alfred J 
43S. Boll Mrs Mary 
440 Aisthorpe Mrs M 
442 Stoneham Thomas 
444 Staples Samuel 
446 Scott Thomas, btchr 
448 Oxenham Robert, cigars 
450 Wright Wm J, restr 
452 Callahan J P, shoes 
454 Godard Mrs M E, gro 

Godard Frederick T 
456 Truss A J, drugs 

GXW Tel Co (br) 

CPR Co s Tel (br) 

Spadina av intersects 
458 Richardson House 
408-472 The Cownn Co Ltd, 

474-534 Giirney Foundry Co, 


4f Brant st commences 
536 Clarke George, hotel 
533 Williams ,l,,hn K 
filip Latta George W 
540V4 Russell A, pntr 
54-1 ^ alliear Wm II 

540 Adams John 

CuLiniings John 
548 Byrne James H 
550 Sauitci Thomas 
552 Spence John 
560 Ross J F, cans 

Kos: A; Jenner, photo sup 

570 Toronto Silver Plate Co 
588-02 Canadian Kodak Co 

598-600 Beatty Mfg Co Ltd, 


^ Portland st Intersects 
602 Sim Sam, ludry 
604 Collins Miss Ellen 
HOT 1 ou-iis Wrn H 
Hi iv Marsdeu Wm 
610 Casey James J 
614 Paradine Wm 
616 Walkey Mrs Mary 

hratlv James 
G1S ..UBrlcii Edward 

L>avisu]i James 
620 Campbell Francis 

^ Waterloo ter commences 
624-6 Charters John, gro 
028 Thompson G J, liquors 

I. nU ii Robert P 
630 Corbett Wm J 
G3S 1 iiikci Mrs Agnes 
640-44 Mason & Uisch Piano 

646 Walker Thomas F 

Good Henry, r 

Ball Frederick G, r 

i oley Walter, r 
648 Twible Robert 
650 Barnard Thomas H 
652 Boyle Frank 
654 Lavelle John 
656 Stlnson Miss Bessie 

Walsh Michael 
658 Tasker George H 
00(1 Brodie John J 
662 Dunn James 
tint ln Henry, jwlr 
Gin; Miiltn R II, cigars 

Store, s e 

Bathurst st intersects 
GSO Newell & lligel Co, piano 


702 Costello Patrick 
704 Amey J George 
708 Maloney Mrs Mary 
710 bttwart Alexander 
710% Sanders Edwin A 
712 Bobble Frank M 

i .axtrr Miss Nellie, mus 


71-1 Mowatt Wm J 
726 Mitchell Alexander 
72X Kemp Wm 
T. IO MoC.arry Ambrose 
T.): . Waddell George D, flour 

St Mark s (Pros) Ch, s e 
+ Tecumseth st Intersects 
7.~>t; Leblniid Thnmas 
758 Kennedy Patrick J 
700 McNeilley John 
702 I arm Charles 
704 Chick Wm 11 
7i:u Mioiircr Wm J 
TuS inn win 
770 McLeod Mrs Margaret 
772 Cleverdon Thomas E 
774 Fleming Maurice 
776 Haiubly Thomas T 
778 Metcalfe Mrs L 
780 Buck Oliver, carp 
7*2 Richardson Thomas 
vs.; ss smith Win II, cabtmkr 
7 JO Robson Joshua D 
T .C Mo< ; niro John 
704 Wilson Mrs Mary 
796 Thompson G E 
798 Beaumont J C 
S0032 Lnngmulr M Mfg Cc, 

trunks and valises 

Niagara st intersects 
834 Bottoinley R & W, gros 

lii ttomley Richard 
830 Swan Joshua, barber 
838 Wan Charlie, Indry 
Mo Perry Charles T H 

842 Mayl Albert W 

844 Thompson John 
846 Faris Frederick 
SIS Smith Frank 
S. O Watts Isaac 

852 McDowall Fred J, exp 
fsr.4 McKvoy Mrs Kllcn 
856 Mclntyre Mrs Sarah 
NVS Murby Wm 
^ Walnut av intersects 

Stanley Park 
^ Stanley ter commences 
910 Fullerton John \V 
912 Lamont John A 
914 McWilllams Mrs L 
in<> Thomson Wm, bdg 
918 Fagau Thomas 

^ Stafford st intersects 
93O Callun Robert 
Goruev David 
!i:;2 Charlie Wing, indry 

Driscoll Peter 
934-36 Evans C J, restr 
Unfinished houses (4) 
944-50 Palace Hotel 

^ Strachan av Intersects 
952 King W J, gro and P O 
954 Willoughby Samuel 
Hodgins James 
O Dcinnell Patrick 
956 Stephenson George L 
958 Mclntosh Alexander 
96U Allen Lawrence S 
^ Massey st commences 

Lumber yard 
Crawford st commences 

Lumber vard 
1000 Corbett James 

Massey-Harrls stables 
^ Shaw st commences 
Asylum grounds 

: Armour st commences 
Subway commences 

Imperial Piaster Co Ltd 

CPR yards 
HOG Asbnry Samuel 
1116 Western City Yard 
Metallic Roofing Co 
^ Dufferlu st intersects 
1200 Virtue Robert 

Virtue Mrs Edith, gro 
1202 Johnson Mrs Hannah 
1-04 Urquhart John 
1206 Rol.inson John 
i208 Doyle John 

Doyle Mrs Mary, drsmkr 
1210 Lennox Hercules 
1212 Bond Wm 
3214 Burtch George M 
121ii Turner Miss Amy 
1218 Wlilte George S 
12211 i orsyth Joseph A 
1222 Quigley Wm 
1224 VIckers Robert 
1226 Gregg Mrs Elizabeth 
1228 Blaikle Wm 
1230 Armstrong Alexander 
1232 Volz Henry M 
1234 Stewart Fred H 
1230 Campbell Joseph 

Gwynne av commences 
1244 Vacant 

]24(i Pyke George J 
12 IS Martin Andrew 
1201; Iliu L- ins Joseph J 
12HS McClure John A 
1270 Ourrie Edward 

^ Elm Grove commences 
1280 Inglis Wm S B 
1302 Poole Arthur 

+ Cowan av intersects 
132ti Clemens G H, phy 
1328 Nelles Col Robert L 
1330 Becker Henry, phy 

+ Dunn av intersects 
1366 Tiblen Samuel W 
Unfinished church 

Close av intersects 
House, s e 

: Jameson av intersects 
Maynard av commences 
I4os Mcllwaln Thomas, contr 
L17O Vacant 

1472 Membcry Walter R 
+ Dowllng av intersects 
^ Beaty av commences 
1500 Kcnney Samuel M 
1502 Watson Thomas H 
1506 Paine Wm E 
l. iiix Malison .lames 
1510 Croft Wm 
1512 Dean H Arthur 

1514 Rroderick Frank 
1516 Roberts Edmond L 

1515 Mellen Mrs Mary A 

av commences 

1524 Greenshields Mrs Martha 

ir>2>; Hire T Foster 

1528 Palmer Joliu G 

1530 Montgomery Mrs Eliz 

1532 Paine Wm B F 

1534 Cars well Robert 

1536 Johnstone Win 

1538 Hart Wm A 

1540 Cuffe Thomas E 

1542 Graveley Col J Vance 

1544 Gray Francis A 

1550 McCausland Frank H 

1552 Pringle Win R 

1502 Lind Win J 

1504 Galbraith Win 

1574 Hesketh Col James 
157G Reed J Carl 

1575 Srwcll Lee R 
1580 O Leary Denis 
1582 Webster Jnuies 

1584 Thompson J W, rnfrs 


1586 Rogers Wm C 
1588 Huffman Louis 
1590 Finch Willis 
Hotel, s e 

South Side 

1 Dominion Bank Sav Dept 
3 Dominion Bank, ltd office 
5 Dunlop J H, florist 

Snider J E & Co, mfrs 


Book Supply Co, publrs 
Out Liberal-Conservative 

Jewel] John II & Co, fln 


Bengough Shorthand Sen 
48th Highlanders Band 


7 Michle & Co, gros 
9 Miiller G W, tobacco 
11 Luke F E, optician 

Mlcklethwaite F W, photo 
Mack C W, rubber stamps 
Schwalm Frederick, tlr 
13 Wheaton & Co. shirts 
15 Gulnanc John, shoes 
IMackic W & J, tlrs 
Pearsall Benj, mfg jwlr 
Pearsall F L, jwlr 
How J B, dentist 
Cook John H. ladles tlr 
17 Whyte J A, tlr 
19 Key West Cigar Co 
Jordan st ends 
21-25 Hank Commerce Rldg 
Jarvls Aemilius & Co, 

Tor Safe Deposit aud 

Agency Co 

Laldlaw & Co. brokers 
Canadian Bank of Com 
merce (Tor br) 
Canadian Bank of Com 
merce (head office) 
Blake. Lash & CassclS, 

21 Fetherstonhaugh & 

Co, pat solicitors 
22-2.". Vacant 
20 Smith & Gemmell, 


Wickson A F, archt 
2i!a Vacant 
27 Vacant 
2s Stationery Dept Can 

Bank of Commerce 
20 MacKay John & Co, 


30 Vacant 
31-33 Mutual Life Ins Co 

of N Y 
34-H5 Standard Life Assce 


30 Proudfoot, Duncan, 
Grant .^ Skeans. liarrs 
Prnudfoot. Duncan & 

Miller, bans 

Irving James, caretkr 

27-29 McConkey G S, caterer 

31 33 Hunter R J & Co. tlrs 

I--,-;;- WiUon Harold A Co 

l.dl. sporliiig sroods 
Ai i lrton \V S. imp sptg 


30-41 Tntinishe,! bldg 
43-45 Hooper Co, drugs 
Hore H G, dentist 




Head Office, 

King St. E, 




Securities for Honey Collected. 

Kin;; \Ves-. 171 

17 \\ onu i s Excl 

MNS i:. 

4P Stubbs Frank, tlr 

< lollies Pressing 

llustrating Co, 

insmi Bngrarlng Co 
Canadian Order of Odd- 

fell"" -s 


49%Clulib A A Sons, cigars 
r.l Robi . A S .n. :irt dlrs 
! he Nasmith Co, restr 
. st Intersects 

Nil Palaec. E R 

57 Hal-court Ueo & Son, tlrs 

-lein Al raham 
Spi-necr Matthew .[. tlr 
- Mrs M:irl..n. artist 

I fred 

MeElro> U 
Burnbam Albert N 
Prltchard Geo. caretkr 
59 Parker R & Co. dyers il.r 
61 National Watch & Jewel 
lery Co 

Lowe G A. stamp dlr 
63 McElroy & Co, merchant 

63% Guruett H A. drsmkr 

vberry .! K. pi 
Davles T H, caretkr 
Irving .Ionian, tlr 
65 Dwyer Philip, tlr 
67 Hnnter J & Co, tlrs 
69 Bllton Bros, mer tlrs 
71 Foster James, optician 
Harris James, furs 
King R H. clo mfr 
Dominion Nook wear Co 
71% Dark R & Son. shoes 
Foster Mfg Co, pro med 

78 Stovel & O Brien, tlrs 
O Brien Daniel, tlr 

73% Jahn & Son. hair pds 
5 Tidy S & Son. florists 
77 Score R & Son. mer tlrs 
Cross Win (i. livery, r 

79 Elliott A: Son Co. Ltd, 


8393 Romain Building 
83 Ford .1 J, confy 
85 Dr Jaeger s Sanitary 
Woolen System Depot, 
Wreyford & Co props 
Young ft Rochester, shirt 


87 Robert McCnusland Stain 
ed Glass Co 

Kahnert Waldemar, fnrs 
Kennedy Madame I.or- 
alne. complexion spec 

Morritt Win. tlr 
Fountain C T. tlr 
Dunlop J C, tlr 
Lowe George, tlr 
Knapp Align-!, cigar mfr 
Ephraim Samuel 
Everson Wm. caretkr 
89 Slater Shoe Store 
Citizens Shoe Co 
91-93 Jeffery & Purvis, gents 


Clark r M & Son. tlrs 
fJ Dubois Mme ft Flls, 

feather dyers 

Dubois Louis E 

Dubois Mme A C 

97 i Clubb w II, cigars 

9 Ellwner The, wines 

Vi Roden Bros, silversmiths 
01 Lyonde Frederick W, 

Challenger Leather Goods 

Co. r 
Henderson J J, artist, r 

k. tlrs 

itockwell. Henderson & 
Co. dyers 
Oo Julian Sale Leather 
Goods Co 
P P J F. photo 
-i Studio, photos 
-rick Frank ft Co, tlrs 
11 Keith & Fltzslmons Co, 


13 Campbell A S & Co, 


Klelser A 

Toilet Co 
Cunnlugham Madame F L 

M, I hiiii.i 

Laugher Mi-- Nora, adv 
H rlter 

i, Mi.- Minnie 
llr. Williamson .1 11. tlr 
11C. 117 Iteintzinan & Co, 


117 PostofUce (br) 

Tlie \|.-adows 

n ft 

P.rass \\ Ltd 

11!) Taylor H A, mer tlr 
121 Saunders A liowan, tire 
12:1 tieinniell Alex, shoes 
12". Koseuttial Abraham, Jwlr 
1.7 Kossln II store 

1211 National Cash Reg Co 
131 Varcoe C H, gents furng 
133 Rossln 1: 
I, ;". Ko--in lion-, 1> 

.1 !: Itriglit 

Ltd. restr 
131) Imperial liank ihr) 

York st Inter 
141-14.". Tlie Inn; 

Mi-Sweeny (I M. news dlr 
CPU Co l Tel (br) 
1-17 Wilson . nfy 

147ij Max John, hair dressing 
149 Gold Medal Furn Mfg Co 
l.-.l Slu-yek S i: A Co, jwlry 
153 Espar Joseph, tlr 

\1 K. Indry 
!."> CiK.k & McCay, pntrs 

Boettcher Herman 
137 Sutherland John, rest 

Sutherland Mrs Emily. 


Hunter Mr- 
159 Saywcll S G & Sous, har- 


159% McKenna Mrs E, thea 
trical costumes 
161 Royal Cleaning & Press- 
Ing Co 

1G3 Merrett J, wall paper 
165 Ontario Society of Artists 
Central Ont School of Art 

& Industrial Design 
167-73 Princess Theatre 
17.- Adams Wm M. drugs Mr- S II 
Ha.\-t.-ad C II 
177 Sleeth A D. gro 
179 The T A Slocnm Chemical 

1M V.-leant 

Emily st ends 

St Andrew s Church 
^ Simcoe st Intersects 

Government House, s e 
255 Graham Joseph 
27:1 Reid I .ros Mfg Co, pianos 
2.-.H Marshall Sanitary Mat- 

trem ( .. 

261 McMahon Moulding Co. 
picture frames and 
263 Withers Bros, ihoemkn 

Withers Thomas 
^ Dorset st ends 
265-83 The James Robertson 

Co, Ltd, shot mfrs 
Dominion Saw ft Lead 

2sr. Str-iM c- .1 A Son. gros 

John st Intel 

287 Glbbard Geo E, drugrj 

Canadian Pharmaceutical 

Journal (monthly) 
289 Somers Bros, grocers 
291 Frank Mrs M A, staty 
293 Social Progress Co, Ltd, 

list (seml- 

- hly i 

i monthly) 
Wrlgley George 

ledicine Co 
Wright Miss Harriet 
Hesse Mrs E, mus tehr 
297 Ware Herbert J, barber 

Wm. tlr 

301 Calvert Mrs Mary, confr 
303 Godfrey Peter A 
30. . Lai Sang, Indry 


309 11 Skeans Dairy Co 

nyth J C, flour 
ol .i I m l.-s David, exp 
Ha\ies Mrs I-:, bag 
dien I>a\id, tlr 


Mrs Elizabeth 
".I". Rav Win 11. btehr 
i 111 1 . ble.v 

333 Gerrle Mrs Annie, bkr 

Jerrle Norman F 
335 Smith Edwin 

Li-.- Uoiijj. Indry 
Xi7 :;n Wishart Mrs Catharine 
nil M ii, grocer 

343 Me 1 , btchr 

34. . McMillan Havid 
Ml IVaeey Charles H 

raigmlll James 
351 Fertile John 

\ Hev Mrs A C 
iikinson J:: 

Peter st Intersects 
."?,->< Hryan Mrs A, gro 

acan \Yni 

> Mrs M A, bdg hse 
Neely Robert 
. ilM.n Jam 

v.alietli, bdg 

-71 Burke Mr- Cecilia, bdg 
373 Hammerton Wm S 
375 Wlr Mrs Mary 

1177 Mi-i ormaek James H 
:;7li tleyert (Jeorge W 

"llll J 

Hard John 

;:s;; ||. -- pli 

. irlatt .lolm K 

^toneburg George L 

391 Robertson Mrs Euphemln 
.- tliai-d Mr- Jennie 


397 McLean Nell 
399 Burton Mrs Ellen, bdg 

Burton Edward J 

Coal yard 

405 Hammlll J H Co (br), coal 
407 Acheson George L 

Cameron Charles 
409 Montgomery Mrs M A, 


411 Trimble Wm 
413 Hall M-S Thum.-iiiiua, bdg 
421 Power Joseph, hotel 

^ Spadina av Intersects 
42.". i harlie Mark. Indry 
i:;:: .l.-i -k-oii Jolm W 
4".". Mclntosh John R 
437 Lawrence Arihni- E 
441 Mortley H E, pictures 
4".l Hope George B 
453 Spice Chas, cutler 
4.-..". Clifford Wm J 
457 Rebbetoy Andrew 
459 Toronto Lithographing Co 
485 Conboy D. carriage tops 
4 .H Can lap- Mountings Co 
493 Conboy Daniel 
495 Hogan Mrs Kate, restr 

Hogan Wm 

<97 Smeall J E, wd carver 
4!>!i Dallas Mrs Jane A 

hester Mrs A. restr 
". Ri.: rie Ijidry 

Co ,br) 

Baker Mrs Maria K 

Hnkpr Francis, E 
511-13 Amer Watch Case Co 

Vai-ant lot (I Keofo Alfred, restr 
"21 Miiliu-an R 
"2:; Hall A K. 
.-.2.-, IMeker Mrs lottie. dairy 

Dieker .los, ph A 
527 Close Mrs Mary, gro 

Herald Donald, mus. tchr 
Mieen City Wine Co 

Merrill Wm 
+Rrant pi commences 
531 Parkes J H. plmbr 
r,:;.". Walker Thomas 1 & Son, 

Smith Win II 
K- I Co 

Easton A- M.-MIllan 

Easton I^eon W 
"37 Watson Wm E 
CJ9 Kelly Patrick J 
Ml Miller Mrs Sarah 

64.-; i: . lc 

rt 1! 

:>.-,.-! Maek John H 
557 Torpy \- Allison, plmbrs 

Saywell Stephen Q 
."..".; i l.eeper .lames H 
661 Elmer John \V 

uker Leonard, baker 
\\ uj i: 


Mrs M J, rest 
5ti9 (iairdner Ja- 
r.71 Searles David 

M.-Ke,i\\ n ! K. gro 

577 Tren^lth Thomas C 

579 Pine) Mn i:. eoufy 

I lnei pntr 

581 Swiss Laundry (br) 

El.y Mfi; en, laundry 
Nolan I h.i mas. gro 

* Portland st intersects 
r>>>7 I .erkei- \Vm <:. drugs 
.V. " Sriioiield Alfred T 
595 Thomson James 

Thomson Mrs J. gro 
r. . 7 I- ox Win. .-hnemkr 

maly A Co, n-tiners 
C01 Jones Roland 
603-005 Strong Mrs C. dry gds 
Wm Ii. barber 

Stronjj Henry A 
i ."7 Shanahan Joh n 

McGnlre Mrs Emma 
C09-11 Collett E B, paper 

613 Pickering Robert 

Irs Sarah 
|.17 N.-il Marshall 
619 Sncrob Abraham 
-21 Todd Robert M 

. nu try Lome A 
Radellffe Miss A, drsmkr 

i.-k. bdg 
tViT, Canada I .isenit Co Ltd 

* Hathurst st intersects 
667 Wheatsheaf Hotel 

lu-aiih Mrs Sarah A 
671 Armstrong Thomas 

Armstrong Miss M M, drs- 

673 Creenan Thomas L 

Creenan Miss K F, music 


675 Keating John J 
685 Mc Ncrnev Mrs Mary 
687-89 McNerney T, livery 
G91 McXeruev Thomas 
(593 Sullivan Mrs Mary 
ofir, Marsden Mrs Nellie 

iek Wm 

699 Orpen Henry J 
701 Cosgrave John 
703 Connor Thomas, cattle 


Connor Miss M. mus tchr 
707 Flanagan Mrs Margaret 
Tin Vacant 

721 Spinal Wm E, gro 
72:.; Sharp Stephen 
725 Wright James 
727 Hutton Robert W 
729 Martin Mrs Agnes 
731 McKenna Mrs Mnry 
733 Egau Mrs Catherine 



735 Scanlon Mark, barber 
737 N ellson James, shoemkr 
7:; ..i l.ox-re Leonard, rest 
741 Sing Hop, Indry 
743-45 Tecumseth House 

* Tecumseth st intersects 
747-rt Wellington House 

751 Flanagan P J, btchr 
753 Ruppejt John E 

Ruppert Mrs Eva, gro 
755 Service D D, tlr 
757 Fuller Herbert F 

Night Owl Club, S J 

Thompson sec 
759 Sanderson James D 
761 Hill Wm R 
7i ..j Tidnian <o orfre. tlr 
TI I". i on way Thomas E 
767 Irvine Arthur 
7i in Smith Charles J 
771 . ; Tucker Henry, roofer 
777 Thompson Mrs Kate 
77 .i Harry John J 


Properties FOR SALE in ALL 
PARTS of City and Suburbs 

16 & 18 ADELAIDE ST. E. 

F. J. SMITH * CO. 




172 King West. 


781 Jessop Samuel I, pictures 

783 Maybee Lorenzo 

785 Cauadu Foundry Co Ltd 


797 Tillett Tilsou 
799 Beasley Wm, confy 
801 Baxter John, grocer 
803 Robinson Thomas 
805 McKibbon Louis G, phr 
807-9 Mitchell J A, drugs 
811 Hamiigan Joseph 
813-15 Johnson A W, gro 

Niagara st intersects 
817-19 Jersey Hotel 

821 Lnnness Win J, btchr 
823 Lunness Win J 

Corbett T J, cattle dlr 
825 Itocho Mrs Mary 
827 Klnsella Mrs Kate, bdg 
829 Alberts Edward 
831 Nicholson John 
833 Glbb Mrs Leah 
835 Squall- Mrs Mary 
837 O Connell John 

Walnut av Intersects 
Stanley Park 

Stafford st intersects 
881 Manes Mrs Dorcas 
883 Mason Mrs M M, bdg 
885 Jarvls James 

887 Earl Mrs Susanna 

889 Eldridge Wm 

893 Balmer Joseph 

897 Callan Wm H 

899 Rachly Win. gen store 

901 Penny E C, btehr 

$05 Brandon M S. blksmith 

Straehan av intersects 
907 Withers J B, shoemkr 

White Wm 

White Mrs Fannie, bdg 
D09-15 Massey-Harris Co, Ltd, 

agrl implements mfrs 
C P R Co s Tel (br) 
817 Massey-Harris Co (press) 
Massey-Harrls Illustrated 


1015-53 Massey - Harris Co, 
moulding shop 

Subway commences 
Northey Co Ltd, gas cn- 

glues and pumps 

Atlantic av ends 
1139-41 Seaman, Kent Co Ltd 

window blinds and fly 

Canadian Oiled Clothing 
Co Ltd 

Jefl erson nv ends 

1155 Mercer Reformatory, Mrs 

Emma O Sullivan supt 
Robert W Laird, bursar 
Mrs Lucy Coad asst supt 
Refuge for Girls, Miss M 

Elliott principal 
1177 Ban-on John F 

Fraser av commences 
Tor Carpet Mfg Co Ltd 
Factory, s e 

Mowat av commences 
City nurseries 

Dufferin st intersects 
1243 rnflnishpd houst 
1Z45 Maxwell Wm H 

Tyndall av ends 
1247 Eakins James, cattle 
1257 Kilgore Jonathan M 
1259 Young Edward L 
1261 Bciyd Mrs Maria 
12R3 Edwards Robert J 
1265 Panter Benjamin, gro 

Spencer av ends 
House, s e 

1207 Brick Harry W 
1305 Murray Win A 
1307 McMangh James 
1309 Leslie Norman R 
1311 McTaggnrt Louis A 
1313 Tuthill Pharmacy Ltd 

Cowan av intersects 
1339 Bascom .loseph, phy 

Parkdale Moth Church 

Dunn av intersects 

House, s e 

1365 Parrish John W 
1367 Sharp James F 
1369 Buck A M. cattle dealer 
1371 Mr-Kit trick James J 
1381 Vacant 

Close aT intersects 

1397 Merson George O 
1403 Smith J Sproul 
1405 Vacant 

Jameson av intersects 
1429 Moore Samuel J 

1433 Peaker Edwin A 
1435 Ewart James 
1441 Crumpton Frederick 
1443 r.nggs Allan 

Sprlnghurst av ends 
1451 Davles Edmund C 
1453 Sterling Samuel M 

House, s e 

Dowlingr av intersects 
14U5 Vacant 

1489 Northey Mrs Julia H 
1495 Heaven Wm J 
1497 Ryan Mrs Annie 
1499 Mallon James W 
1501 Hobart Samuel W 

KINGSFORD, e from Logan 
av to Carlaw av, fifth n of 
Queen e, ward 1. 

Not built on 

KINGSTON ROAD, n e from 
1680 Queen e, ward 1. 

East Side 

Not built on 

West Sfde 

Tor Ry waiting room 
Lomas James, confy 

KINTYRE AV, c from 161 
Broadview av to Grant, 
first n of Queen e, ward 1. 

Not built on 

the lake to Queeu e, first 
e of Woodbine av, ward 1. 

East Side 

Kew Beach Pub Sch 

West Side 

90 Seagram Harry 
92 Bice John A 
104 Crawford John 

Mcllveen James, r 
106 Fiddes James 
118 Ward Henry 
122 Cope Benjamin 
124 Wells Wm L 
120 MrP.aln John, contr 

KNOX AV, n from Ash- 
bridge s Bay to Queen e, first 
e of Laing. ward 1. 

East Side 

1 Marsh Wm A 

Eastern av Intersects 
Private grounds 

Sear st intersects 
:!3 White Wm 

43 Riddle Henry 

47 Watson Robert B C 

51 Crothers Wm 

65 Parkin Mrs Ann 
West Side 

2 Narey John 

Eastern av Intersects 
Private grounds 

Sear st Intersects 
32 Pickering Ephralm 

38 Crysler George G F 

Fleet Wm J 
40 Sawden Charles 
42 McClyment Mrs Eliza 

44 Carrette Frederick J 

52 Reanlon Mrs Mary 
House, s e 

KOBE AV, n and s across 
end of Geoffrey and Hloga 
av, near High Park. 
Not built on 

LABURNAM AV, w from 28 
Jameson av to Dowllng av, 
ward 6. 

North Side 

4 Langmuir A D 

South Side 

7 Murray Dr Charles S 
19 Magann George P 

LAING, n from Ashbrldge s 
Bay to Queen e, first e of 
Leslie, ward 1. 

East Side 

1 Guest W II, wool puller 

Eastern av Intersects 
Private grounds 

Sear st commences 
Private grounds 

fil Morley George H 

63 Coulter Frederick A 
House, s e 

West Side 

Vacant lots 

Eastern av Intersects 
26 Crothers James 

40 Lefebvre Charles 
4i I Marsh Hiram 
."_ I .est Henry 
60 Pennock Win J 
62 Sharpe Lemuel 

64 Wise Frederick A 

LAKE W. w from foot of 
Yonge to John, ward 3. 

North Side 

City Park 

Ray st commences 
Cobbaa Mfg Co, Ltd, 


Lome st commences 
York st bridge 
Railway yards 
CPR freight sheds 
CPR round house 

South Side 

Lake Ontario Nav Co 
Canadian Transfer Co (br) 
City wharf 

S E lifeboat station 
Aykroyd Bros, boat bldrs 
Argonaut Rowing Club 
Skippon Edward, steward 
VanWinekcl W W. boat 


Toronto Canoe Club 
Ruthven Samuel, caretkr 
Queen Citv Yacht Club 
Gasoline F.ngine Co Ltd 
Noverre Frank A.boatbldr 
Royal Can Yacht Club 
Day Edward 
Forest City Paving Co 

LAKE FRONT, runs e from 
Fisherman s Island, ward 1. 

3 Campbel Septimus R 

4 Duncan Walter 
."> Vacant 

6 Smith Sydney 

7 Hamilton Henry J 

8 Sinclair Wm 

9 Nicholson John 
in Vacant 

11 McKee George A 

12 Banflpld Alexander W 

14 Langridgo George 

15 Morley Thomas 

16 Hayes Daniel J 

18 Crone Franklin J 

19 Mr-Mullen Wm 
21-22 L 1 .", rntinished bldg 

24 Harris James E (per 

2.~, p.rmvn John J (perman 

Harrison Frank W 

Platt George 

Fleming Robert 

Miller James 

Friend John 

Friend Elizabeth 

Barnes George E 

Barnes Thiunas 

Worthing Henry 

Chapman George 

Scholes John F 

Lord George P 

Miller John B 

Beaune Henry A 

Daney Edward 

Dower fiefiree W 

Guest Wm II 

Burton Norman B 
Massingham J J 
Aptcd Stephen J 
McKeown John 
Harrington John J 
Tin-Ing Arthur E 
Thriug Walter A 
Murtih Leonard 
Shields Gap 

LAKE SHORE AV ( Toronto 
Island), w from Ward s 
Point to Lakeside Home, 
thence n to Hanlan s Point, 
ward 4. 

100 Vacant 

luO Booth George 
Booth Walter E 

152 Richardson L J R 

164 Gordon W H Lockhart 

Ji;s Massey John 

170 Douglas Win M 

172 Goldman Leopold 

174 Booth A George 

1S6 White Aubrey 

188 MeNaught Wm K 

190 Lament Hector 

192 Gagen Robert F 

194 Elder David B 

l!j Vacant 

198 Vacant 

200 Baxter Mrs Mary 

202 Christie Wm 

218 Langley E W 

220 Ward David 

228 Gooderham M Ross 

230 Vacant 

232 Warren Harry D 

Chippewa av commences 
238 Bentty Joseph W 

242 Brouse Wm H 

244 Gooderham Albert E 

240 Gooderham Wm G 

Oriole av commences 
262 Vacant 

200 Gooderham George H 
270 Realty Charles 
276 Pemberton Mrs W 
278 Pearson Wm H 
280 Massey Arthur L 

Hooper av cornmeiiew 
2S(J Boissestu HMwnixi 

283 Vacant 

290 Vacant 

2irj Kolph Joseph T 

294 Rust Charles H 

290 Vacant 

298 Maclean Hugh C 

Clandeboye av commence! 
300 Muldrew John 

302 Vacant 

304 Cosgrave Lawrence J 

300 Irwin John 

308 Vacant 

308% Smellle Robert S 

310 Holmes Mrs Isabella 

312 Watson Robert 

314 Diekenson Henry 

316 Duckworth Catharine 

322 Francis Mrs Marion 

Manltou rd commences 
334 Mead Sirs M A, bdg 
338 Olirt Mrs Emily, bdg 
340 Lowndes .1 Montgomery 
."42 Denlson Arthur R 

:;.",i i Robin Vavasor 
:r(! Meredith Arthur 
358 Trees Samuel 
.W2 Spence Robert F 
:;tu Mepher-nn \Vm D 
366 Sydney Ernest C 
^Mohawk av commences 

Hose House No 2 
380-382 I hyall Mrs Harriet, 

Phyall Edward 
::M Vacant 

Cherokee av commences 
St Andrew s (Ang), Ch 

390 Sweatman Rt Rev Arthm 

394 Eastwood Wm N 

396-8 Suttou Mrs Elizabeth 


Pawnee av commences 
402 Clarkson Geo H 

404 Vacant 

St Andrews av com 


John G 
408 Davlson John M 



HOME LIFE BUILDING, 56 and 58 Victoria St. 
Telephone Main 2265 

S. C. CURRY, Architect 90 YONGE ST. 

Telenhone Main 19AT 

Telephone Main 1237 



.00 Johnston Abraham 
Island Dumping station 
Island public school 
McKay Wm, florist 
Light bouse 
Durnan George (perman 

ihralth Mrs Martha 

is Wm i: 
11 Jewel t MS* K F, runs 
1 1 Wm 11 
13 Kli-hard- i lirNt..; 
15 Evans Wm J 

21 Weatherbe J H 
ant lots 
35 Logan John 
37 Caldwell Charles 
Vacant lots 
57 Hill Jonathan A 
.nvin \\ u. 

V40 1 I. 
<ide Home for Sick 
Ham Win K H, caretkr 
11 John T 

17 Bowers Richard 

I .i I.nwson Jan. 
21 Lewis Alfred 
2.f Eaton John J 
25 WalUliKhaw John C 
- 7 Kennedy Alov M 

:!liU>. l L 

G3 1 weedle Glll.c*, 
l-nvate grounds 
OB Rogers Joseph P 
71 Button Walter 
73 Carnaghan Adam 


idge lion W G 
Toronto Canoe Club 

;e II 
31 Reeves Willmot D 

77 Harris Jesse 
79 Whyte John M, rocallrt 


J96 Vacant 
Henderson Archibald, r 
Loudon Thomas, r 

.06 Wnrln George 
i cant 

.12 M.-Gili George W 
.U4 Colbn n \i - M c; 
>16 Armstrong Victor O 
US Lockhart Reginald R 
20 Gooch Robert N 

::r, n 
:7 MotTatt John S, pntr 
41 1 iiKh Mrs Kanny 
43 Richardson Clayton M 
55 Sinclair John A 
Ul.ert K 
"Zzens Mr- Christina 
, jnnt J Arthur 
C3 Mitchell Wm A 
65 Whltelev Wm II 
West Side 

\<icant lots 
89 Vacant 
91 McKay Mrs Ellen 
93 Ross Alexander C 
96 Wallls John - 
97 Redman Henry K 
Vacant lots 
+ Rowland rd ends 
141 Robinson Charles 
H:; Hall Win T 
Vacant lots 
.lifford George J 

223 Calverley John N 
-Irs Ellen 
Mrs Mary 
229 Allen Patrick 
231 Dawson Henry 
233 McQuillan Thomas 
235 Woods James J 
237 Keating Wm 
239 Cross Wm N 
241 Williams Robert M 
241! Matthews Harry E 

522 Macrae Geo E 
24 Ki!n,M M:s J E. bdg 

Store, s e 
4 Bennett John R 

163 Gammond Orlando 

217 Nash Walter, contr 
in Thomas 

Kilm-r \\ alter 
John C 
;28>A Stanton Eldrldge 
130 Dinnis Richard 

c, \\ .1,1, Isaac 
Ti l!ati !UT Thomas 
12 M.i. d"iiald Dngnld A 
14 Bel! Nathaniel I 

1460 Queen w, to CPR, ward 

255 I^ ]ll,.it Mrs Elizabeth 
- 7 Hughes Alfred G 
25 j Smith John 
Vacant lots 
21 i7 Coulter John 

536 Sheard Charles, MD 
W8 Armstrong Wm 
638H Vacant 
J40 Vacant 
Hi -. 11. .use No 1, opp 
I attison Appleton J 
>^4 Wade Henry 
L MHS Margaret 
.Tohnstone Robert C 
. "-ant 

CK6 Smith John D 
1 Robert 
660 Clarke Peter 

nell John 
I nwin Wm R 
n George 
W C Guild 

Hi Smith George 11 
18 Bovd Mrs Georglna 
20 Warner John M 
22 McE .waln Wra H 
24 Brake Archibald 
26 Leyden Fred D 
+ Harrison st Intersects 
House, s e 
36 Trary Thomas J 
42 Reid Wm B 
46 Wilson James W 
50 Denlson Arthur R 
54 Thompson Edward A 
5G Graham Wm T 
58 Saudham Charles A 
60 Wheadon Wm E 
:! Samuel 
64 Hartley John 
66 Llovd Luke N 
Church Miss A J 
68 Bogart Mrs Roxcy G 

Store, s e 
17 Reid Theodore 

i MH> i: A. .lismkr 
19 Ford Andrew 

23 Bell John C 
20 Stephens John 

J7 Vacant 
L" Vacant 
:)1 Barton A Irvln 

Vacant lots 
37 Tanner Alexander 
39 Lee Frederick G 
4o -aac 
45 Galbralth John 
47 Dudley Thomas 
n Mrs Elizabeth 
53 Inghain Edwin 
55 Davlson John 
Davlson Mrs Rachel, gro 
Marlon st Intersects 

260 Irwln John J 
271 Campbell Wm 
273 Fayle Vincent P 
275 Ellard Hugh 
Vacant lots 
Dundas st Intersect* 
Hotel, s e 
Private grounds 
^ College st intersects 
Presbyterian Church 
281 Maegilllvrav Rev Alex 
Unfinished house 
485 Murray Michael 
487 Cook John W 
Vacant lots 
5i>5 Sf hultz George 
507 Sommers Charles C 
511 Manser Robert 
Vacant lots 
ulllns Andrew J 
55 J Lackey Harry T 
561 Potter Thomas A 

Andrew J 
ley John 

LAMBTON. n from Myrtle 
to Bloor w. first w of Clin 
ton, ward 5. 
Not built on 

Public School, s e 
Vacant lots 
H>3 Howard Herbert P 
105 West Miss Charlotte 
107 Crawford Charles S 
li*> Rae Donald 

579 Robson Wm J 

5M Kiiu. s George 
583 Willis Thomas 
Vacant lots 
591 Fenton Ira G 

:iton Andrew E 
I liomas H 
6 Vacant 
"88 Alward John 
hinton James O, grr 
*on Samuel (per 
las, restr 
v Wm K 

LAMPORT AV. e from Cres 
cent rd. first u of South 
Drive, ward 2. 
North Side 
2 s.-.itt Alexander Y 
4 Meredith Hon Sir Wm R 
South Side 
13 Stewart Wm H 

Vacant lots 
113 Welsh Wm G 
117 Cowan Robert 
Vacant lot 
121 James Mrs Milbro 
123 Rason Charles W 
125 Sewell Wm 
127 Dunkiey James 
120 Frvi T Stanley 
131 Hagan Patrick 

5fi5 Vacant 
597 Howell Thomas 
: Edward 
601 Boston Alfred 
i ivan Henry G 
Miller Wm J 
607 Durnford Henry C 
Vacant lots 
Bloor st w Intersects 
Vacant lots 

ft Wm B 
cielland Robert 

:ox C D 

LANGLEY AV, e from 441 
Broadview av to Logan av, 
ward 1- 
North Side 

- ager John 
l. :7 Nixon .Tamos H 
139 Tipping John 
145 Westaeott George 

623 Puddy Alfred 
025 Sutherland Wm A 
627 Hughes Thomas J 
629 Crawford Wm H 
631 Lister Thomas 

House, s e 

I." White Arthur 

I .runel Alfred 

Quern st w. from Ronces- 
yalles nv to Humber Bay, 

i .:. 

12 Smith Wra W 
14 Chisholm Daniel 
16 Skalth John M 
is Guest Albert E 
20 Mllligan Wm G 
Vacant lots 

157 Rowland Wm A 
159 Lancey Blake 
101 Sinclair Hueh D 
1C<3 Morrison Wm A 
105 Kentner Mrs Rebecca 
167 Wilgar James G 

637 Johnstone Mrs S T 
630 Clarrv Harvey E 
641 Lowe Wm T 
643 Arthur Miss Llda 
645 Rlddell Thomas 

LAKESIDE AV. n from the 
lake shore to Dominion, first 
e of Dnnn av. 

Not built on 

26 Arnoldl Fulford 
28 Thomas Louis 
Vacant lots 
34 Vacant 
36 Greer John 
Vacant lots 

Vacant lots 
1S3 Taylor Edwin 
Vacant lots 
191 Letts Wm 
Vacant lots 
207 Goudy John 

649 Dunne George M 
6S1 Powell Clarence 

r.r,:; Warren Arthur 
655 Houle Albert J 
(157 Humlcv Edward 

REVIEW AV. n from 256 
to Churchill av, 

.! r,. 

88 Francke Wm 
02 Cri.-hton Wm 
140 Fleldhouse George 
South Side 

^ Railway crossing 
211 Flanncry F C, real est 
213 James Wm E 

21f> Fatrell Edward 

fifil Craisr George A 
663 Harris Thomas 
fi65 Grimlev Richard 
667 Dove Matthew 


* i ends 

Private grounds 
19 McCualg Robert F 

2in Fannon Wm E A 
221 O Leary Peter P 

669 Stevens Christopher 
671 Perkins Thomas H 


High Grade Vault, School and Office Furniture 
TORONTO, ONT. (77 Bay St.) Factories: NEWMARKET, ONT. 


HANNON . . . 

Plate Glass 
and Plate Glass 


Lloyds Plate Glass Insurance Co. and 

Tl]e Queen City Plate Glass and Mirror Co. 
No. 3 TORONTO ST. Limited 


Lansdowne Av. 

673 Uothwoll Thomas H 
675 Tindall Wm J 

Vacant lots 
681 Brown Joseph F 
683 Johnson Charles \V 
Taton st Intersects 
685 Chalmers Andrew 
687 Bureher Mrs Ann 
693 Duff Frank 
695 Bailey James II 
701 Emmett Henry E 
703 Bray Wm 

Vacant lots to end 

West Side 

Store, s e 
Baptist Church 

14 Klnzinger Edward G 
Klnslnger Miss H, drsmkr 

16 Coutts Charles, contr 

30 MacMath Hugh 

32 Sutherland John W 

34 Cleghorn Louis 

36 Whltaker George A 

38 Nesbitt Wm J 

40 Amiraux John 

42 Kllgour Mrs Jean 

44 McGraw Wm G 

40 Sullivan Bartholomew 

48 Anderson E J 

-<> Hamm Robert 
Vacant lots 

+ Marion st intersects 

58 Sanderson E II, gro 

fifl fnntelon P Inkerman 

64 Connolly Wm 

66 Pargeter James 

Pargctc i- Miss M E, drs 

68 Parker Charles W 

68^ Fountain Robert 

70 Stephens Frank T 

72 Torrance Peter 

74 Blols Walter 

TO Hall Charles 

78 Harris Alfred 

80 Stephen Miss C L, flrt- 

82 Stewart John 

84 Aliernethy Edwar* 

86 Hudson Albert B 

88 Plckrell John 

90 Gowan Samuel A 

92 Dnvies James 

94 Bnthgnte Mrs Mair 

no Noukunieter Jaroh 
102 Gander George 

Vacant lots 
120 Ferguson Wm H 
122 Dunkley Win 
130 Warrington Walter & 
132 Wlghtman Wm 
134 Scott James 
138 Burrows Robert S 
140 Hozack David 
144 Lindenberg Samuel ^ 
146 Brown Wm A 
148 Seyler August J 
150 Muldoon James 
158 Shelley George W 
162 Wilson Robert 
164 Auld James W 

Vacant lots 
IT! Staton Robert A 
176 Bradwln Edwin J 
17S HIi-cli Albert G T 
180 Powell E R. artist 
182 Henderson A L 
1S4 Suddaby Arthur 
18(1 Smith Wm 
188 Brown David 
100 Ovens Wm E 
102 Marshall John W G 
1114 Cole Alfred 
196 Woodall Geale J 
- 0(1 Gibson George 
202 Comber Benjamin T 
Varant lot 

^ Union st commences 

Railway crossing 

2Rii DpTprlonux Bartholomew 
28 Sullivan Jame* 
272 Vacant ofnee 
28-J Clark John W 
288 Walsh Rev James 

St Helen s Church and 


+ Dundas st intersects 
Slfi Mallon John 

College st intersects 
Hunnisetfs slaughter hsc 

11 lljs-e. S O 

Bloor st w Intersects 
644 Dunlop J H, florist 
648 Leppin Wm J 

650 Rogers John 
656 Puddy Edward 

Mclntyre Miss M, drsmkr 
^ Janet av commences 

Vacant lots to end 

LAPLANT AV (formerly Mis 
sion .-ivi. H from 84 Gerrard 
w to College, ward 3. 

East Side 

House, s e 
5 Fraser Mrs Lena 
7 Budd Archibald 
White James 

11 Meade Charles 

13 Paine Mrs Minnie 

15 Reed Wm G 

17 Hormel Christian 
House, s e 

Hnyter st Intersects 
House, s e 

21 Cook Wm J 

25 Tweedie Mrs Emma 
21 Scott Wm T 

29 Fllnn James A 

31 Anderson Mrs Amelia 

33 Bell John II 

-35 Wartski Bernard 

37 Brown Foster 

39 Norton George 

41 Hlckerson Marshall C 

43 Clift Henry 

45 Morgan Edward T 
45H Vacant 

47 Smale James S 
4l> Sims John 

Cart wright George, r 
61 Lowrey John 

Andrews George F, r 
53 Magee Charles 
55 Hoblnson Frcdk J, tlr 
57 Turner Robert B 
59 Wylle David B 
01 Jessimane Jos R, tlr 
63 Longhead James 

College grounds 
West Side 

House, s e 
10 Stevens Wm 

12 Jacobs Peter 
14 Regan Wm 

16 Pellettierl Domenlco 
+ Hayter st Intersects 

Store, s e 

20 Nursing at Home Mission 

22 Central Mission Hal! 

26 Crockett Wm 
28 Randolph John 

30 Andrews Abraham 
:(L Burtohaoll Benjamin 

34 Moaby Wm 

38 Harmon Jamea W 

40 Llewellyn Mrs Edith 

42 Findlay Wm 

44 Hodsou Joseph 

46 Ford Wm F 

48 Mills Mrs Julia 
50 Rensmann Philip 

Hospital, s e 

LAPPIN AV, w from Dufferln 
to ry track, first n of Milll- 
cent, ward 6. 

North Side 

4 Prirc Wllbert G 
(i Tlofland S H 

Vacant lots 
111 Kami s Wm J 

14 Dunham Mrs Annie 
Vacant lots 

32 Davidson Frank 
:H Illnton Alvin 

30 MeCiu-dy .Michael J 
38 Russell Ernest C 

South Side 

3 Tidemann J Frederick 
3 McKonna Benjamin 
Market gardens 

LARCH, n from 72 Grange 
av to St Patrick, ward 4. 

East Side 

House, s e 
7 Hirl; Wn> H 

9 Bentley Hugh T 

11 Stevenson Robert J 

13 McQuinn Michael 

15 Sinionils .lames 

17 Lewis George A 

19 Campbell John L 

5 Wakelield Mrs Jane 
House, s e 

West Side 

House, s e 

8 Downes Win 

10 Lamb Joseph 

12 King Charles W 

14 Lynn Ernest E 

16 Hanks Wm 

18 Ferguson James 

20 Arnot Wm 

22 Heal Samuel S, contr 
U4 Uieketts. Charles M 

LARK, n from Queen e, first 
e of Kings ton rd, ward 1. 
Not built on 

LAUIUER AV, n frem 326 

Wellesley. ward 2. 

East Side 

House, s e 

1-Galrdner James 

3 Kelly John J 

5 Morrison Frederick W 
7 Westman Joseph H 

9 Langley Henry S 

11 Lundy Frank 

13 EFanuaford Mrs Ellen 

15 Cobeau Edward J 

17 Oake George H 

19 Gray John 

21 Purvis Richard, apiarist 
West Side 

House, s e 
2 McLaren John 

4 Mitchell Mrs Cecelia 
McCully Miss Elizabeth, 


6 O Brien CbarleK E 

5 Stone Wm T 

in Townsley Wm II R 

12 MeKinnon George 
Smith Arthur G 

U Kennedy Will C 

10 Kinsman John T 

18 Jamieson Wm W 

20 Tebo Wellington L 

22 Postle Thomas H 

I.AWLOR AV, e from Duffer 
ln, third s of Bloor w, 
ward 6. 

Not built on 

LAXTOX AV (formerly Fife), 
w from .lameson av, opp 
Ccillegiati 1 Institute, to Dow 
ling a\, lirst s of Queen w, 
\v;ird 6. 

Not, built on 

LEADER LANIO, u from 34 
Wellington e to 63 King e, 
ward 3. 

East Side 

!-.- .Merchants Mantle Mfg 

Co. s e 

7-1) Arthurs & Co, prtrs 
.n.. Colombo Tea & Coffee 
" Co 

11 McMahon John, tlr 
Walsh Mrs Nora 
Store, s c 

Colborue st intersects 
Store, s e 

13 Fulton Jewel Mfg Co, s e 
lii Bain & Bain, signs 
15-17 Union Assce Society 

Badenach W & E A, Ins 
111 Uobb A C. barlier 

Levy & Co. prtrs, r 
:J1 Toronto Land & Inv Corp 

Paul Joseph A, tlr 

23 Vacant 

25 Foy Win J, watchmkr 
Store, s e 

West Sido 

Imperial Bank, s e 
2 Imperial Bank Building 
Laidlaw, Kapele & Blck- 

nell. barrs 

Darling Pearson, archs 
Canada Company Th* 

Sullivan Miss E, artist 
Grier E W. artist 
Vigcon & Hudson, accts 
Sellars, Dicksee & Co, 

Zeldler Carl, rnfrs agt 
Watson C W. caretkr 
4 McMurrich Geo, ins agt 
McMurrich George & Son, 

ins agts 

Alliance Asree Co 
Firemen s Fund Ins Co 
Thames & Mersey Marine 

Ins Co, Ltd 

Canadian Lake Under 
writers Assn 
Anchor Line of Steam 
Meadows Thos &