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if I 


Canada Permanent 














and upwards received on deposit and in 
terest paid, or added to the account and 
compounded, four times a year at 



and upwards received, for which deben 
tures are issued, with half-yearly coupons 
attached for interest at 


More than ninety per cent, of the Corporation's Assets are invested in the safest of all 
securities, viz., carefully selected mortgages on real estate. It is therefore a favourite with the 
prudent depositor or investor, whose first consideration is absolute safety. 

Two or more persons may open a joint account with the Corporation. Such an account is a 
convenience to husband and wife, mother and daughter, two 01 more executors or trustees, etc., 
as it may be drawn upon by eithe'- 


The Corporation's Debentures have [long been a favourite investment of Benevolent and 
Fraternal Institutions, and of British and Canadian Fire and Life Assurance Companies, largely 
for deposit with the Canadian Government, being held by such institutions to the amount of 
more than ONE MILLION DOLLARS. They are a 'Legal Investment for Trust Funds. 




President : 


Managing Director: 

W. B. TAYLOR, B.A., LL.B. 

December :$lst, 1906 


$ 650,209.08 

Reliable Men Looking for a First-class Company to Represent 
are invited to communicate with 

T. G. McCOXKKY - Superintendent of Agencies 


Bank of Montreal 

Established 1817 Incorporated by Act of Parliament 

CAPITAL, ALL PAID UP, 814,400.000. KESERVE FUND, 811,000.000 


Head Office 







Queen and Portland Sts 






Bowman ville 


Brock vllle 






Fenelon Falls 

Fort \yilllam 




Sherman Ave. 
King City 
Mount Fo> 

Rank St. 


TORONTO A. D. Braithwaite, Manager 

Win. Turner, Asst. Manager 


Yonge and Carlton Sts. Yonge and Queen Sts. Yonge and Richmond Sts 

Oundas St. and Lansdowne Aye. 



New Brunswick Con. 



Grand Mere 


Oakville, Man. 

Ontario Bank Branch 

Lake Megantic 
Lev is 

St. John 

Portage la Prairie, Man. 
Raymond, Alta. 
Regir.a. Sask. 
Rosenfeld Man 

Port Arthur 



Saskatoon, Sask. 

Port Hope 
St. Mary's 

Papineau Ave. 
Point St. Charles 
St. Anne de Bellevue 
St. Henri 

A m he ret 
Glace Bay 

Winnipeg, Man. 
Ft. Rouge Br. 
Logan Ave. Br. 


Seigneurs St. Branch 
West End Branch 
Upper Town 

North End Branch 
Mahone Bay 
Port Hood 


Green wood 


St. Roche 









New Denver 
New Westminster 



Altona. Man. 



Brandon, " 

Prince Rupert 



Calgary, Alta. 
Edmonton, " 

Summer Land 



Indian Head, Sask. 



Grand Falls 

Leth bridge, Alta. 

Westminster Av. 



Magrath. Alta. 




Medicine Hat, Man. 


la Newfoundland 

Sr. JOHN'S, NFLD. Bank of Montreal 
BIRCHY COVE, NFLD. Baj of Islands 

In Great Britain 

LONDON Bank of Montreal, 46-47 Thrtadneedle St., E.C. 

F. W. Taylor, Manager 
In the United States 

NEW YORK R. Y. Hebden, Agent, 31 Pine St. CHICAGO Bank of Montreal 

W. A. Bog SPOKANK, WASH. Bank of Montreal 

,1. T. Molineux 

In Mexico MEXICO, D.F. T. S. C. Saunders, Manager 


LONDON The Bank of England 

The London and Westminster Bank, Limited 
LIVERPOOL The Bank of Liverpool, Limited 


The Union Bank of London aud Smith's Bank, Limited 
The National Provincial Bank of England, Limited 
SCOTLAND The British Linen Company Bank and Branches 


NEW YORK The National City Bank The Bank of New York, N.B.A. National Bank of Commerce in N.Y. 

BUFFALO The Marine National Bank, Buffalo BOSTON The Merchant's National Bank J. B. Moors & Co. 

SAN FRANCISCO The First National Bank The Anglo-Californian Bank, Limited 

VXD n 

The Canadian Bank of Commerce 

CAPITAL - $10,000,000 REST $5,000,000 

Head Office : TORONTO 


% . 

in ix i.. Mi:i.vr 


ALEXANDER LAIRD. General Manager. 


H . WAI 

E. R. \V( 
A. H. IRELAND, Supt. of Branches 

Z. A 








t. 'ity 




VaneoiiMT 1:1 offices) 


: ich 

Rainy Kiver 








Sault Ste Marie 




Bran tford 





Toronto (in office-) 


Toronto Junction 

De Lorimier 



i ville 

Parry Sound 





- illiam 

Port Perry 

Win L- 





Port age la Prairie 
Prince Albert 



Hed Deer 




-holm . 




1 I'lv 









Swan River 






Moo-e Jaw 


Gilbert Plains 













North Hattleford 


High Hi'ver 


Winnipeg IS ofBceel 


Piiicher Creek 







A nil 









Bridge water 



Charlotte town 




New York 

Portland, Ore. 


San Francisco ..' o Seattle, Wash. 

Skagway, Alaska 


London, England, 2 Lombard Street. E.G. CAMERON ALEXANDER. MAHAOBR 

Commercial Credits issued for use in Europe, the East and West Indies, China. Japan, 

South America, Australia and New Zealand 


Special attention given to the Collection of Commercial Paper throughout Canada and 

All parts of the World 

Deposits of 81.00 and upwards received and current 

rate of lnterest 


Main office. 21-25 King Street West, Cor. Jordan Street 

796-798 Yonge Street. Cor. Bloor Street - - - . - 

7-16 Queen Street East. Cor. Grant Street 

144-H8 King Street East. (Market Branch) 

245 Carlton Street cor. Parliament Street - 

1331 Queen Street West. 'Parkdale Branch- 

588590 Qmen Street West, cor Bathurst Street 

268 College Street, cor Spadina Avenue 

450 Yonge Street, cor. College Street 

197-9 Yonge Street, i Yonge and Queen Branch) 

Safety Deposit Vaults at the main office for the custody of Securities, valuable papers, etc. 


i M. Morris, Manager. 

i Chas. Gamble. Asst. Manager 
Jas. Brydon. Manager 
J. M. Hedley. Manager 
T. A. Chlsholm. Manager 
A. H. Crease. Manager 
W. A Cooke. Manaeer 
E. M Playter. Manager 
H. P. D. Sewel! Manager 
O. C. T. Pemberton, Manager 


The Bank of Toronto 


Incorporated 1855 

PAID-UP CAPITAL, $4,000,000 RESERVE FUND, $4,500,000 

TOTAL ASSETS, OVER $39,000,000 

\V. H. BEATTY, President \V. G. GOODERHAM, Vice-President 




DUX CAN* COULSOX, General Manager JOSEPH HENDERSON, Asst. Gen. .Manager 

THOMAS A. BIRD, Inspector 




Wellinutmi E.. Cor. Church 
Kiny; W., Cor. ]>;i 
Queen W.. Cor. Spadina 
Queen E., Cor. Parliament 
Queen E., Cor. Boltpn 
Elm Street, Cor. Elizabeth St. 
Dun ' Ipp. Arlhu: 




DOR i 



I, i iN DON 
l.uNDi )N I \sr 
LONDON" NOlrril 

OAKVII 1.1. 

I 111. Sl'lilN 


i 1 VI:RV HAiMuirii 
I'\I:RV sin 


8T. CA1 II \i: 


\ N 1 > 


\in.\Ti: i : \i.. 

St. Ja Mc'lill St. 

Buar.l of 1 
Point St. Cl 

<;ASI J E. 





SWAN i;i\ 

\V I N N 





ie J.'indon ('ity ami Midland Bank, Limited, 
INDIA, Cmv\ AND JAPAX The Chartered Bank of India- 

Australia and C'hina 

NEW YORK aal Bank of Comn 

-, First National Bank 

Manufacturers an-i ' ional Bank 

ir OM Detroit National Bank 

Correspondents and Special Agents in every Banking Town in Canada 


Interest paid every three months on all Savings Balances 

Money may be deposited or withdrawn easily, at any time ; if you wish it, we will arrange 
so that another of your household as well as yourself, may deposit or withdraw money 


COLLECTION'S made Terms and remitted for on day of payment 

DRAFTS ISSUED available in Canada and throiiirhuut the world 





Head Office = TORONTO 

CAPITAL PAID UP $ 3,800,000 



TOTAL ASSETS - - - - 48.000.000 


Board of Directors 


C. A. BOGEKT. General Manager H. J. BETHUNE, Supt. of Branches 

K. A. BEGG, Chief Inspector 

Branches in Toronto 

Head Office and Toronto Branch Corner King and Yonge Streets. 

, Corner Avenue Road and Davenport Road Corner Queen Street and Broadview Avenue 

Bloor and Bathurst Streets " Queen and Dundas Streets 

' Bloor and Dovercourt Road " Queen and Esther Streets 

King and Jarvis Streets " Queen and Sherbourne Streets 

Yonge and Cottingham Streets " Queen and Teraulay Streets 

' Spadina Avenue and College Street Toronto Junction Union Stock Yards 
' Queen and Victoria Streets 

Savings Department 


Deposits of 81. and upwards received, and Interest allowed at current rates 
and compounded four times a year. 

Travellers' and Commercial Letters of Credit issued, available in all parts of the World. 

Sterling Exchange Bought and Sold. 

Accounts of Merchants, Traders, Manufacturers, Farmers, Corporations and Individuals 

deceived on favourable terms 

A General Banking Business Transacted 




Head Office TORONTO 

D. R. WILKIE, General Manager 

E. HAY, Assistant General Manager 

Capital Authorized 
Capital Paid=Up $4,880,000.00 


Rest $4,880,000.00 

D. R. WILKIE, President HON. ROBERT J AFFRAY, Vice-President 


W. HAMILTON MERRITT, M.D., St. Catharines 












GREAT BRITAIN Lloyds Bank Limited 

Manchester & Liverpool District Banking Co., Ltd. 
The Commercial Bank of Scotland, Ltd., Edinburgh 

FRANCE Credit Lyonnais 

Bank of the Manhattan Company 

Bank of America 

Merchants National Bank 

National Bank of Commerce 

Bank of Montreal 

BUFFALO Bank of Buffalo 
Columbia National Bank of Buffalo 
The Marine National Bank 

Boston National Shawmut Bank 
Chicago First National Bank 
Detroit Old Detroit National Bank 
Duluth First National Bank 
Pittsburg Banlt of Pittsburgh 


Philadelphia Farmers' and Mechanics' National Bank 
Forth St. National Bank 
Franklin National Bank 

St. Paul Second National Bank 

Minneapolis First National Bank 

San Francisco Wells, Fargo, Nevada National Bank 

Portland, Oreg. United States National Bank 

CHINA AND JAPAN Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking 


Union Bank of Australia 

Yokohama Specie Bank 

Bank of Hawaii, Limited 


Standard Bank of South Africa, Limited 



The commercial possibilities opened up by the Cana 
dian Northern Railway System are unequalled in 
the British Empire. In 1S'.7 the Canadian 
Northern operated KM) miles of railway. It 
now controls 4,100 miles in the most promising parts 
of the country. It has created 150 new town- 
_______ sites along its 3,000 miles of main 

A^i */ TV line and branches west of Lake 
Superior, and has made practicable many new enter 
prises in Nova Scotia, Quebec and Ontario. In Nova 

*v*-w^ w* Wfc vrw^^^'n ww* ^> Scotia a re- 
XE.RRIXORIE-S creation of 

business is going on along the Halifax & South 
Western. Quebec City will have a new direct rail 
route to Montreal and Ottawa. In Quebec 
Province enormous stretches of pulpwood 
country are being tapped. In Ontario the year 
1908 will see a new port of Key Harbor, on Georgian 
Bay, capable of daily shipping 8,000 
tons of ore from the Moose Mountain 
iron mines. In the West the new line from Bran 
don to Regina will establish several new towns ; 

the Goose Lake 
branch from Saska 
toon will make accessible to homesteaders the 
Great Saskatchewan Plain ; and the development 

M^\T> X T S UT V "O 1W ^ coa ^ mining 
^ ^V^i^. 1. Al. .I/ .TV. 1^1 near Edmonton 

is giving a new aspect to industry in Alberta. 
Enquiries about rates and business opportunities 
'^ * >^ * JL>1TE Eastern Agent, Canadian 
Northern Building, Toronto. 

*w*w Tf- v 
*** ** 

In slimmer the holiday 
trip from Toronto is over 
the Canadian Northern 



through the new, unique 
country between Parry 
.IK! and Sudbury. 
By way of The Don 
Valley, Lake Simcoe, 
Lake Couchiching, The 
Severn River, Sparrow 
Lake, Torrance, Bala 
Park and Lake Joseph 
the best access by the 
best trains is given to 
the best and most fre 
quented playgrounds in 
Ontario. Beyond 
Parry Sound there is 
fry the camper, canoeist, 
fisherman and hunter 
unequalled scope for 
recreation on and near 
by the S h a w a n a g a, 
Bolger Lake, Deer Lake, 
the Maganatawan.l the 
Still and the French 
Rivers, Key Inlet, and 
scores of other rugged, 
wooded, unspoiled 
waters. Detailed in 
formation furnished 
General Passenger Agent, 
Canadian Northern 
Ontario Railway, Corner 
King and Toronto 
Streets, Toronto. 



American Directory Publishers 

Headquarters, 89 Third Ave., New York 

Organized November, 1898 


President, WILSON H. LEE, New Haven 

First Vice-President, A. V. WILLIAMS, Cincinnati 

Second Vice-President, R. H. DONNELLEY, Chicago 
Secretary, W. H. BATES, New York 

Treasurer, J. L. HILL, Richmond, Va. 


W. H. LEE, New Haven W. H. BATES, New York 

WM. E. MURDOCK, Boston A. V. WILLIAMS, Cincinnati 

R. L. POLK, Detroit J. L. HILL, Richmond 

R. H. DONNELLEY, Chicago E. M. GOULD, St. Louis 

W. G. TORCHIANA, Philadelphia 

The Objects of the Association are as follows: 

FIRST : To improve the directory business by the interchange of ideas, and by the exchange of 
competent employees. 

SECOND : To protect the public against fraudulent advertising schemes, operated under the name of 
directories, and to drive the promoters of such out of the business. 

THIRD : To provide permanent and continuous employment for honest and faithful directory 

FOURTH : For the mutual advancement of the established and prospective interests of all who 
may become members of the association. 

$1OO Reward 

The Association of American Directory Publishers will pay the above reward for the arrest and 
conviction of any one soliciting or collecting money on Fradulent Directories, provided the conviction 
results In imprisonment of not less than G months. In case of arrest immediately telegraph W. H. 
Bates, Sec'y, 89 Third Ave., New York. 



Incorporated A.D. 
Founded 1S18 

Paid-Up Capital 


JOHN BKKAM '.\ . |-:.|., l'n".idrnt JOHN T. H<S>, Kx,., Vice-I'rcsidont 

\KI) I.K MOINK. ! \V. A. MARSH. Es,,. VESEY liOSWELI., Esq. 



THOMAS McnOUGAM., (icnenil Manager 


TORONTO, ( . ( . SMITH, Manager 


nt Ottawa Pembroke Thorolil Sturgeon Fall R 


Montreal St. Henri ' ieorge Beauce Thetford Mines 

VictoriavilK- Shawenegan Kails Mont mil, St. Catherine St. E. Quebec 

Uppertown, Que. St. RomauM Black Lake Moiitmagny Invei 

Agents in London, Eng. The Bank 01 s. -otluud 

Agents in New York Bank of B. N". America and Hanover National Bank 
Agents in Boston National Bank of the Republic 

Agents in Albany, X. Y. New York State National Bank 

Paris, France Credit Lyonnais 

! ' 

1 Bay 

Three Rivers 

St. Roch 

Ville Marie, PontiacCo. 




Capital and Surplus, 



EXECUTIVE OFFICES 346 and 348 Broadway, New York City, U. 8. A. 

THI-: HKADM'l:! I i ' uMl'AM I'onuaticm that reflects the fiuaucial condition and the controlling 

circuiii-tanci - of evei : mercantile credit. i.v \>e defined as of the merchants, by the merchants, 

for the ii :ring, verifyina and ].roinuli;atiiis information no effort is spared, and no reasonable 

expti .red too gr iih> may ju>tify its claim as an authority on all matters affecting comm* 

affair ;,een steadily extended, and it furnishes inform 

hroughout the civilized world. 

ire based on the service furnished, and an- available only by reputable wholesale, jobbm( 

:facturing cniic'Tn- and I, ^corporations. Specific terms 

1 by addri 1 ii.L' tin 





\\ IXMl'Ki;, MAN. 

THOS. C. IRVING, Gen. Man., Western Canada, Toronto 




jbt Directories, Limited 

74-76 Cburcb Street 

PHONES - MAIN 2229 *ND 5951 

Compiled for any LINE OF BUSINESS or PRO 
FESSION in Canada, United States or Europe 


We are the only Company in Canada qualified to furnish 
complete Trade and Professional lists. All others buy their 
lists from us. 


by the Hundred or Million 


of all kinds of Advertising Matter. Capacity 50,000 
addresses per day. 


for Customers' Mailing Lists. 


I>T.\HUSIIKD 1864 




Clarkson, Cross & Helliwell 

Vancouver, B.C. and at Victoria, B.C. 

Clarkson, Cross & Menzies 





MIGHT DIRECTORIES, Limited, Proprietors 

PHONES MAIN 2229 AND 5951 

We are READERS of and DEALERS in 

Clipped from all Newspapers published in the Dominion 



The Gurney Foundry Co. Limited 

Iron Founders 

Manufacturers of 

Oxforxi Lines 


(From Smallest Domestic to Largest Hotel) 

Gas Stoves, Ranges, Broilers, etc.; Gasoline 
and Wickless Oil Stoves, Laundry Stoves, 
etc.; Hot Water Heaters and Steam Boilers, 
Steam and Hot Water Radiators, Warm Air 
Furnaces, Cast Iron Steam Fittings, Soil Pipe 
and Fittings, Grates and Registers. 

Stove & Furnace Works & Offices: 500 King: St. W.. Toronto, 
Ont. Boiler and Radiator Works : Toronto Junction, Ont. 



Hotelkeepers', Brewers', & Distillers' 

Canadian and Foreign Hops 

Sole Agent for the Cleveland Faucet Company's Celebrated 
"Champion" Hydraulic Lager Beer Pumps and Ale Lifts 
for hotels. Cork Pullers, Lemon Squeezers, Bottle Baskets, 
Corking: Machines, Bottle Filling Machines, Beer and Wine 
Faucets, Ice Boxes, Work Boards, Metal Polish, Etc., Etc. 


MAIN 108 

Colborne St., Toronto 




Manufacturer of 



Embossing Dies 

o i K si- 1: ( i A i. i v 

Key Checks 


Self Inkers 

Brass Signs, Etc. 




Awarded Diplomas at Toronto Kxpositio.. 1901, 1903, 1903, 1904, 19O5, 190G and 1907 

Alo Hron/.c' .Modal 1904 


I 77-79 Queen St. East - TORONTO 



Phone Main 376O 

SfcX^/"*-^- 1 ' 


The Merchants' Bank of Canada 


Capital Paid=Up, $6,000,000 

Reserve Fund and Undivided Profits, 4,267,400 



Ad "1! 



\! liru- 





Brat; . . 



( 'reeniorc 


i\ ille 




eto wn 



i ton 

I (ainilton 








Leamington I [> Current 
I .omliMi 



< HUnva 

Owen Sniiml 



Fresco U 




St. George 

St. Thoimi- 







\\ I'st I .OI'IH' 

Wheat ley 




. ! ( tfficr'i 

>t . 


t ',-j| -1 air- 


1330 St.] 

Kdm< niton 

Town of St. 1 

l'<nt Saskatchewan 


i' I 


Medicine Hat 

St . Sauvenr 

St. Jerome 


Bt. Johns 

St. Jovite 






( rladatone 

('arm luff 


( rainsborough 


Maple Creek 





Oak Lake 


Portage la Prairie 








President, SL1! H. MON'1 "\CU A], I. AN (Allan Line Uoy.-il Mail S.S. Co.) 
JONATHAN HoDC.SnV. K.sq. (Messrs. Hodgson. Suinnor A 

Directors : 

THiiS. I.ONC., Esq. (Messrs. Thos. Long & liros., Collingwood.) 

CHAS. I!. IIOSMKI!. Esq. (Director Caoadian 1'acifir RaUway.) 

('HAS. F. SMITH, ]'.\. (I'rcsidi-ii! .las. Mc( 'ready Co., Ltd.) Montreal. 

Hl'CIl A. \l.l.\\. Esq. (of Allan Line lloyal Mail S.S. Co.) 

C. M. JIA^'S. Ksi|. ((ieneral Manager Grand Trunk l-!ail. 

ALi:X. l?Ai:.\j:T. Esq., Kenliew. Ont. (\VholcsaIc Luinlier Meichani and Saw Mills.) 

!'. Olili I.I'AVIS. Esq. i Lewi d. i Montreal. 

!:. !'. HEMDKN, General Mm 
T. I-:. MI'lliKKTT. Supt. o) Bra Inspector. 

A General Hanking Business transacted. Ininvst at :! percent, per annum allowed on Savings 
Hank Deposits of $1.00 ami upwards at .Best Current Hates 

Commercial Letters of Credit issued, available in China, Japan, and other Foreign Coun: 

Letters of Credit issued to Travellers, payable in all parts of the World. 

Drafts sold available in any city or banking town in the United Kingdom or United States. 

Agents in Great Britain THE RO^i \l. BANK OF SCOTLAND AND BUANCHKS. 
\e Yor] ii:; and IM WALL STREET. 





. UPKIOIE, $10.00 






A Complete Street Guide 










Entered According to Act of Parliament in the Office of the Minister of Agriculture in the year of 
Our Lord one thousand nine hundred and eight. 




In presenting 1908 issue of Toronto City Directory, we 
wish to say special arrangements had been made this year to 
hare the Directory in the hands of our subscribers during the 
first week in January, but this was prevented by the city 
authorities renumbering several important streets. 

This volume contains, by actual count, 129,355 individual 
names, exclusive of firm names, corporations, &c., an increase 
of 11,609 over our 1907 issue. Multiplying the number of 
individual names by 2J, we have an estimated population 
of 355,726. 

The number of buildings of all kinds in the city, as shown 
by the street directory, is 57,021, an increase of 4,309 over 
last year. Of these 2,093 are shown vacant, as compared with 
1,926 in our last edition. The above 2,093 vacant buildings 
include those in course of erection. 

The Births, Marriages and Deaths in Toronto for the past 
five years are as follows : 

Year Births 

1903 5,040 

1904 5,283 

1905 5,816 

1906 5,985 

1907 6,715 








The increases in different branches of Trade in Toronto are 
shown by the following tables : 


The yearly clearings of the banks in the city, as given by 
Toronto Clearing House, during the past six years : 


1902 809,078,559 

1903 808,748,260 

1904 842,097,066 

1905 1,047,490,701 

19U6 1,219,125,359 

1907 1,228,905,517 

The duties collected at the Toronto Custom House are 
as follows : 

1907 $11,611,267 

1906 10,049,290 

Increase $ 1,561,977 


The following figures are the Post Office earnings for both 
Montreal and Toronto, showing that the latter is ahead of 
the eastern metropolis : 

Montreal Toronto 

Year P.O. P.O. 

1903 557,327.53 848,260.42 

1904 638,941.31 945,909,60 

1905 675,680.78 1,050,913.39 

1906 806,140.30 1,194,382.16 

1907 660,217.61 998,951.09 


The following table, giving the actual number of real 
estate transfers during the last seven years, shows that business 
in this line is increasing. 

Number of Transfers 


. 1549 
. 1726 
. 1850 


Land Titles 



. 2669 





. 2841 


1345 U 



. 2926 
. 3329 




'These figures are for nine months only, from July 1st 
1906 to 31st March 1907. 

tThe figures for these three years include the transfers 
for the whole county. 



No. of Permits 










, 3439 





buildings erected, 1905.... 
1907. .. 


The number of building permits granted and the value of 
the buildings erected during the past seven years : 



The total assessment of the City of Toronto, as returned 
by the Assessment Commissioner for seven years, is as follows : 

1901 160,513,871 

1902 163,829,075 

1903 166,762,315 

1904 173,989,132 

1905 194,639,332 

1906 212,590,045 

1907 236,391,139 

The volume of business done on the Toronto Stock Ex 
change is as follows : 


No. 223,920 

1907 Nc 

) 385211 

1906 . ... 




1903 ... 



1S99 " 258,913 

1898 " 294,278 

1897 " 246,615 

1896 " 138,084 

1895 " 234,770 

1894 " 92,871 


1906. . 









1907 $2,926,200 

1906 3,213,400 

1905 1,347,400 

1904 1,169,900 

1903 1,058,600 

1902 2,856,125 

Gross receipts of Toronto Railway Co. during the past 
seven years were as follows : 

December, 1901 1,661,017.50 

1902 . 1,834,908.37 

J903 2,172,087.85 

1904 . .. 2,444,534.24 

1905 2,747,324.58 

1900 3,109,739.61 

1907 3,465,000.00 

The electric street cars run over 105 miles of tracks, and 
more than 400 cars are in daily use. They carried 85,538,000 
passengers in 1907. 

The City Engineer's annual report for 1906 gives the fol 
lowing : 

The area within the city limits, not including the portion 
of the city land covered by water, is 17.83 square miles. 

There are 277.41 miles of street and 85 miles of lanes, of 
which 197.24 miles are paved and 80. 17 miles unpaved. 

There are 245.11 miles of sewers and 293.552 miles of 
water mains, with 3423 hydrants. The average quantity of 
water pumped in 24 hours during 1906 was 27,012,291 gallons. 

In conclusion, we tender our sincere thanks to our patrons 
for their support and encouragement. 

74-76 Church Street, January, 1908. 


JOHX C. GARDNER, President and Managing LJirector. 

The 8. 8. NESBITT CO. 


Real Estate and Financial Agents 






Alphabetical list of names 319 to 

Banking and Financial 

Business Classifications 1181 to 

Index to Advertisers 







Introductory 22 

laneous Directory 1351 

' Directory 107 to 318 

Suburban Villages 33 to 108 

Title page 17 

Too late for regular Insertion 31 



Bedford Park (See North Toronto) 68 

Bracondale 33 

Chester 37 

Davisville (8e North Toronto) 58 

Deer Park S3 

Doncaster (See Chester) 87 

East Toronto 42 

Eglinton (See North Toronto) 88 

Humber Bay 52 

Little York (See East Toronto) 42 


New Toronto 

North Dovercourt 

North Toronto < 




Toronto Junction 

Wychwood Park (See Bracondale).. 33 



Anc:ent Order of United Workmen 


Benevolent, Fraternal and National 


Canadian Home Circles 

Canadian Temperance League 

Catholic Mutual Benefit Association 


Chosen Friends, Canadian Order.... 

Churches and Ministers 

City Government 




County of York (Council, etc) 

Court House 


Daughters and Maids of England 

Benevolent Society 

Detectives (See Police Department) 

Dominion Alliance 

Dominion Government 


Educational Institution* 


Fire Alarm Signal Boxes 

Fire Department 

Foresters, Ancient Order of 

Foresters, Canadian Order of 

Foresters, Catholic Order of 

Foresters. Indepndent Order of 



German Benevolent Society 
Governor-General and Staff 
Harbor Commissioners 

Hospitals, Asylums and Homes 

1898 Inland Revenue 

1370 I Irish Protestant Benevolent Society 

1368 i Jewish Societies 

1363 ' Judges of Ontario Courts 

1365 Kir >g an* Royal Family 

1360 " 








Knights of the Maccabees 

Knights of Pythias 

Knights of St. John and Malta 

Knights of Sherwood Forest 

Legal and Judiciary 

Legislative Assembly, Offices of 


Licenses (liquor) 


Masons, Order of. 

1355 Medical Institutions. . 
1370 Meteorological Office. 


Ministry The (of Canada). 

Miscellaneous Societies 


1383 Missions 

1355 ! Missionary Training Schools 

1355 Oddfellows. Canadian Order of 

S ! Oddfellows, Independent Order of.. 
1965 Oddfellows, I. O. O. F., Manchester 

1396 Unity 

1398 ; Ontario Government 



Orange Association 

Osgoode Hall 

Parks and Squares 

; Police Department 

Post Office 

Prisons, etc 

Province of Ontario 

Public Buildings, Blocks. Halls, etc. 

Railroad Organizations 

Royal Arcanum 

Royal Black Knights o Ireland 

Royal Templars of Temperance 

St. "Andrew's Society 

St. George's Society 

St. Vincent de Paul Society 

Sons of Canada Benevolent Associa- 

Sons of 'England Benevolent Society 
Sons and Daughters of Ireland 

Protestant Association 

'Sons of Scotland Benevolent Assn.. 

Sons of Temperance 

Steamboat Inspection 

Temperance Societies. 

Trades and Labor Societi.^ 

Water Works 

Women's Christian Temperance 


,.>n of the World. Canadian 

O r der of 






City Office, 152 Bay St., TORONTO 


Manganese Steel Coating;? 

Signal Interlocking Plants 
Electric Railway Trucks 



Phor,. Main 0173 Hous*, North 666 


13 Yong;. St. Arcada 



Abel Mrs Katherine 73 

Abrey & Co 73 

Acheson Wm H 1289 

Adams John G 1232 

Adams & McAfee 1233 

Auamson A & J Co 323 

Adamson John 1293 

Adamson & Wicks 1326 

Adye-Ellis Press 1313 

Aikenhead Hardware, Ltd 

right bottom lines 

Alexander Engraving Co 

326 and! opp 1306 

Alexander & Cable Lithographing 

Co. Ltd left top corner cards 

Alexander & Son 1302 

Alliance Assurance Co 32y 

American Dust-Proof Weather Strip 

Co left bottom lines 

American Electro Plating ('o 1244 

Awning Co 

331 and 

Co of Canada 


American Tent and 

American Tobacco 

Ltd 331 

Ames A E & Co 331 

Ames J H & Son 331 

Ancient Order of Forresters ... ; : . ' .3K 

Anderson R & Co 1284 

Anderson & Gray 73 

Andrews Walter A 1310 

Angus George 1333 

Antlpltzky Metal Co 1275 

Archer & Fischer 74 

Ardagh Arthur & Co 337 and K!33 

Armour Orin J 1243 

Armstrong Fred Co, Ltd 338 

Arnold! & Grierson 341 

Arnot Peter right bottom lines 

Arthur Thomas 341 

Asling & Doherty 342 

Atherton Ranicar 1345 

Atkinson Bros 343 

Atkinson James L 1181 

Atlas Assurance Co, Ltd backbone 

Auld John l->29 

Authors & Cox ;M5 

Aylesworth, Wright & Thompson .. 346 

Babcock & Wilcox, Ltd 346 

Balllle, Wood & Croft 348 

Baillie & Morrow 348 


377 Burritt A P & Co. 



School, Limited 1218 



Blcknell, Muriiie. Baiii & Strathy.. 

Bidden H 1285 Burtwell A F 

Big Cities Realty & Agency Co, ' Business Systems 

Ltd 1318 j School, Limit 

Biggar & Burton 377 Cairns Bernard 

S! sh U? *,"' 37U Cale E A 

Blacinoi-d H ,, 380 Caledonian Fire Insurance Co , 

Blake, Lash & Cassels 383 Campbell Duncan H 1318 

Blanchard Dr L 1214 Campbell James A 1345 

Blight Arthur 1346 | Canada Accident Assurance Co 434 

Bight Walter H 3S4 Canada Chemical Manufacturing 

Blumbergh N 1311 | Co, Limited 434 and 1214 

Boake Manufacturing Co, Tin 385 Canada Foundry, Limited 435 

Boase Joseph B 1277 (Canada Ice Co 126U 

Bocquet, Bloem & Co 1277 j Canada Life Assurance Co 434 

Boeckh Bros & Co 386 Canada Metal Co left bottom lines 

Boiler Inspection & Insurance Co 

386 Canada Newspaper Co, Limited... 1297 

Bollard Arthur 387 Canada Permanent Mortgage Cor- 

Bolte Auguste 14 

Bolus W J Co, The 387 

Bomensour Moses 1249 

Booth Copper Co of Toronto, Ltd, 

The 1229 

Booth G & Son 38!) an, I 1302 

Borgfeldt Geo & Co, Ltd ......... 

Bowden Frank A 

Bowman D S 1348 

Bradstreet Co 11 

Brand Electro Ozone, Ltd 

11SU, 1288, 1307 and 1336 

Brandon James 1287 

Brandon Matthew S 1211 

poratlon 2 aud 435 

Canadian Art Stone Co 1228 

Canadian Bank of Commerce 

5 and opp 436 

Canadian Birkbeck Investment and 

Savings Company 436 

Canadian Cork Cutting Co 1229 

Canadian Detective Agency 1234 

Canadian Detective Bureau, Ltd.... 

right top lines 

Canadian Electrical & Motor Co.. 1242 

Canadian Feather Mattress Co, Ltd 1288 

Canadian Fire Insurance Co 437 

Canadian Fog Signal Co, Ltd 437 

Brayley & Co 1277 , Canadian General Electric Co, Ltd 437 

Breekels & Matthews 398 Canadian Guardian Life Insurance 

I Co, The left bottom lines 

;J{ Canadian Horological Institute 1218 

Canadian Inspection Co, Limited.. 1269 

Brennan John 
Brent Wm C 

Brett & MacLachlan 400 

Briggs & Frost 402 

Brighton Laundry Co 402 

Brilliant Sign Letters 402 

Brimstin George Co 402 

Brinton Carpet Co, The 1210 

Brinton's. Limited 1210 

Bristol & Armour. 

British American Assurance Co.... 


.right bottom lines 
British American Business College. 403 
British American Sign Co 1328 

Baird James 3491 British Canadian Badness Qolleg*., 

Ball Albert E ...!!.! 1344 

.403 and 121 

Band Charles P 353 British Royal Cyclone Carpet Clean- 

Banfield W. H. & Sons 1284 

Bank of Montreal 4 

Bank of Toronto 


Barber Henry & Co 1181 

Barchard & Co, Ltd 1202 

Barlett A W 


Barr Walter jr 1243 

Bartlett Wm & Son 1191 

Bartram J B 360 

Bartrum, Harvey & Co ... 360 

Bates & Dodds 1343 

Batty Stove & Hardware Cu 362 

Beardmore Belting Co 364 

Seattle George J 1244 

Beatty, Blackstock, Fasken & Chad- 
wick 364 

Beatty, Kerr & Verner, Ltd :;ii5 

Beaver Flint Glass Co 1257 

Belding Paul & Co, Ltd . 368 

Bell W J . 1304 

Belle Ewart Ice Co 1269 

ing Works 12OS 

Britnell Albert 
Britnell John, Limited. 


Brock W R Company, Limited 404 

Broomhall-Patterson 12SU 

Brouse, Mitchell & Co 40T 

Brown Alexander Milling & Eleva 
tor Co 407 

Brown George H 1212 

Brown James 

Brown John R. 
Brown M A. 

.opp 410 
Brown Madame N .................. 1277 

Brown R T & Son.. left top corner cards 
Brown Samuel ...................... 1211 

Browne Wm A ...................... 1338 

Bryan George M .................... 1255 

Bryant Press .................. opp 415 

Bryce Arthur ....................... 1282 

Brown W J 
Brown & Love 

Bemrose Frank 1345 I Brydon & Macrae 415 and liss 

TJ , -KT , Buchanan, Seagram & Co 410 

Bengal N 1216 

Bengough Thomas & Co 1333 

Benner Estate 1318 

Buckland Henry G 1318 

Bull Joseph R 77 

Bulletin Digest 418 

Bennett E J 1344 

Bennett & Wright Co, Ltd 1311 ; Buntin, Reid & Co 1304 

Berg A & Sons 1203 ! Burglary Insurance 120 

Berlin Construction Co opp 1335|Burk & Co 1318 

Berlitz School of Languages 1358 Burke, Horwood & White. .. .left top lines 

Berry Hedley I 13O2 

Berry Wm 1247 

Best D M & Co t 

Burns E R Saw Co. 
Burns P & Co. 

375 I'.urns Ralph 


Canadian Kodak Co 438 

Canadian Musical Bureau 1296 

Canadian Northern Railway Co.... 9 

Canadian OH Co, Ltd 438 

Canadian Ornamental Iron Company 

right bottom lines 

Canadian Portland Cement Co, Ltd 1213 

Canadian Rubber Co 439 

Canadian Shorthand College 1218 

Canadian Specialty Co 439 

Canadian Transport Co 1212 and 1248 

Canadian Typewriter Co, Ltd 1342 

Canadian Wine Co 1348 

Candler Wm 43 

Cannon Granite Co, Ltd, The 1292 

Cannon T & Son 1227 

Carbolite Carbplineum Co, Ltd 441 

Carrere & Hastings 1188 

Carscallen, Limited 445 and 1318 

Carter-Crume Co, Ltd 445 

Case Egerton R 1305 

Case G A, Limited 447 

Cassels Allan & Defries. 
Cassels, Brock, Keiley & Falcon- 

Cattle Frederick W 

Cawthra & Cawthra. 



Caxton Type Foundry 1315 


Central Business College. 
Central Canada Loan & Savings Co 
Central Press Agency, Ltd. 
Central Securities, Limited. 


.left top corner cards 
Typewriter Co- 1212 

Chalkley R & Son 1223 

Chamberlln Metal Weather Strip 

Co, Ltd 1187 

Chapman & McQlffln 453 and 1188 

Citophone Company, The 1336 

City Dairy Co, Limited, right top 

corner cards and 1208,1230.1231 and 1268 

City Storage, Limited 1248 and 1334 

City Tailoring Co, The 1289 

Clarke, Bowes & Swabey 462 

Clarke's Shorthand College 1218 

Clarkson E R C & Sons. .. .463 ; and 1190 

Clarkson & Cross 13, 464 'and 1181 


18 TORONTO ST. Phone Main 2959. 

This Strip costs less, and is far more effective than Doubt* 
Windows, or Storm Door., and also DUST-PROOF. 







1 A. E. KIRKPATRI6K, Manager for Cemdi 


Phone M. 4738 

Clazton James C & Son ............ 

Clay George ......................... 

Cleal Joseph P .......... opp 464 and 

Ella L .............. 


("luff Blv: ........... 

le Wire M ..... 

Coales George O... ...... 

Cobourg Mattii;- t Co. Ltd. 

nan Wm W . . ....... 

- George, Ltd ................... 

College Collecting -\ 
Colonial Doloment Co. Ltd.. 
le Electric Co ......... 

............ right top Ines and 

Commercial t'nion . Co. 

Ltd .................... left bottom 

;i.m Sens" Mfg 
deration Life Assov ation ..... 
..... left. t< ; 
al Co. Lt . 

m Bros .................. 

Connecticut Fire Ins Co ............ 

<>r-Ruddy Co. Limit- 

I>ply Co, Ltd ........ 

Cook. Bond & M:tc'.e I 

Cook Thoma.- J R ---- 121.Y L>7 ami 

Cook Wm ................ 

Cooke & Mead ...... 

Cooper George H ...... 

md & Fairbairn ..... 

Copp Bros ................ 

Corn to, Ltd. Th. 

t Specialty Co ................ 

Cortical! Silk Co, Ltd ........ 

rave Brewery Co ... 
Coste Eugene ....... 

Cottrell Wm ............... 

T Transfer Co. The 

. r Wm & Sons .......... 

Cou- ..... 

Cowan Co. Ltd ...................... 

Cowan J M A < ' ................... 

Craig. Cowan Co. Ltd ............ 

n I. Co. Ltd .......... opp 

Cretx r Son ,v 

-, iton John .......... 

t-nt Coii' i 
................ 196 and 

; Co. . 
Wm A. Sons .................. 

& Son ......................... 

an Storage Battery Co., ...... 

Crombie, V ...... 

s L George .............. 

Cross Wm G ........... 

Crowe E Co. T:.- 

Crown Bedd ng Co ......... 

Crown Furniture Co ................ 

Cuddy Miss Maude B ............... 

Cummings M J .v 

Cunningham II A. . 

Cupplis Alex ...... ..... 

Cupples George A .................. 

Curry. Eyre A: Wal'^ i ............ 

Curry J Company. I. 

Cycl Fence Co, Ltd 

Dalton Wm J ....................... 

Danson B *c Son ........ 

Darling & Pearson ...... 

Dartnell E F ...... 

Davenport Lumber C" ....... 

Davis John & Sons ........... 

->n W A .......... 

Davisville & Carlt"n !! -k Mfre C'~> 
Day & Mohler. ...... 

Dea on F H >v Co ................... 

Deacon G P ......................... 

De Chane Co. The. ...... 

ider Photo Supply Co .......... 

Delamere. R>> sor & Rnss ..... 

De Laplante L A. Ltd ........ 

Delaney Thomas & 

Designing & Draughting Co ........ 

Dev.ns & Orr ...... ..... 

De Witta Accordion PI- atinsr Works 
Dickie Edwin ...................... 

Dillemuth Harry <"; . 

Dillons. Lmited ..................... 

Dilon?, L:mitf"l 
Di xon Harry 

Bros .............. 

>ik Lumber Co. 

Page page 

1223 Doldge Produce Co 331 

>ominion Bank 7 

1284 Dominion Bridge Co 

l^W Dominion Bureau of Muse 

466 Dominion Business College r.'lb 

468 Dominion Cement. Pa.nt & Roonng 

46T Co 

Dominion Con 

1331 I>om:nion Cord A Tassel Co 

467 Dominion Fur Mfg Co 

1288 Dominion Guarantee Co, Ltd.. 

1211 Dominion msliips 

1212 Dominion LJvery A Boarding S' 

1218 Dominion Music Co 

1251 Dominion of Canada Guarantee & 

Accident Ins Co 

1241 Dominion Plate Glass Ins Co. 
Dominion Press Clipping AK> 

line* Dominion School Supply Co. 121 4 an ! 

1S45 Dominion Securities Coip 533 

Dominion Show CHS 

1272 Dominion Transport Co 533 

1217 Dominion Wire Mfg Co 

476 Donald A Miller 

477 Donatt Otto 

477 Dorenwend Co of Toronto, Ltd.. 

1228 Douglas Bros 

47J Douglas & Ra 

1S42 DuimlasB Wm A 11-1 

481) r>o.:st Joseph 


1S12 1'attern Works 

1319 Dui.ols Madame A Fils r.4l 

1277 Duncan Bros 1310 

1208 Durham Rubber Co 

1280 Ductless Method, Limited 

486 & Sons, I. 

488 Oyk.s Philip 

1J92 Karls John 

13'JT Early Stephen M... 

1191 East A Co 

1229 Kastmure A L 54H 

1218 East mure A Lightbourn 

489 left top corner cards and IJ-K; 

1188 E-istwood John P & Co 

1258 Eaton Margaret School of Literature 

493 and Expression 

:e Godfrey 

4'J5 I-V, -:es A Rae Machine Co 

v Iron Works 134!> 

1227 Bddis Wilton C 

1184 Edmunds Jann a H & Co 

497 Edwards Charles 

12->7 Edwards Charles M A Co 

1335 Edwards Miles S 

497 Edwards Morgan & Co 1W 

irds R J A Saunders 

irds A Lundy "-53 

irdsburg Starch Co 13S1 

J Y & T Y... right bottom cor 

30U E'd,>r Robert Carr age Works 1211 

1294 Elf-ctrlcal Wiring Fixture A Supply 

503 Co 

1300. Elevator Specialty Co. Ltd.. left top lines 

12S E!ci A Jarvis Lumber Co li 

113S & Co. Lmited 

505 E llott Alexander 

505 Kli: tt-Fisber, Ltd 113" 

1349 EMott Manufacturing Co, Ltd.. opp 1 

SO E!lis Bros 556 anti 

1218 Ellis P W A Co 

1188 English Edward A 559 am : 

510 Eneravers &- Die Sinkers Co 

1283 left to comer car.. 

U Erie Railroad 

124 Eros Co. The 

120S Etherington Wm 

1268 Ewart J A 

518 Ewlng S H A Sons 

518 Ewins; & Murphy 13-" 

1220 Exee!s : or Constructing A Paving 

519 Fahey Wm & R M 

520 Fairbanks Harry C 

1283 Falconer A W 

1228 Fancy Goods Co 

1234 Fa-m-r Mrs Cara i 

1198 Federal Electric Construction Co. 

1181 Ltd 

626 Fensom Charles J 

1251 Ferguson Frederick J. . 

1214 Fersruson S H 

1214 Ferguson W H 

1305 Fergusaon G Tower 

529 Ferrier A E 1349 

1282 F^therstonhaugh, Dennlson A Blaclc- 

1211 more.. 

rstonhaugh & r iont cover 

fielding John E ..... 573 

Flnley, Smith A Co ................ 574 

Flrstbrook Box Co ............. 

er Mfg Co, Ltd .............. 57 

t Joseph J ..... ____ 581 

s D Fraser ............ 5S2 and 

s Roofing Co .................. 13^4 

Forbes Wm R ...................... 

r Edward A .................. 584 

Forster Storage & Cartage Co ...... 

......... left top corner cards and 684 

Foster James ............... .- ....... 585 

1 Foulds Leonard ..................... 1188 

H B A Sons .................... 1311 

,>i Ross ......................... 587 

..- Kelly ...................... 

: d A Moore .................... 1274 

Furni val E & Son ........ 1327 

jGale George A Son ...... 59(3 

way J W ...... 13J1 

.vay J Hartl.-y ...... 

A H D .................. 5U7 

ner Robert A.. 1U11 

W J Co, I. 1347 

er George M ....... oU9 

tt A Wainwright .............. 1312 

Gaseon A Cavendish ................ 001 

il Accident Assurance Co of 
Canada ........ left bottom corner cards 

il Electric Co of Sweden ..... 603 

re Equipment Co, Ltd ---- 603 

James ............. HSi 

il ......................... 804 

John W ............... 1222 

n- American Insurance Co of 

k .................. 004 

. A Cecil ................. 606 

n House .................. 1268 

:i J G, Marble and Granite Co, 
........................ 1293 

n Robert J ............... 606 

n Robert L ............... 606 

:: Theron ............... 1344 

iJllchrist John C ............... 1311 

Ricl-ar.I ... . ........... 

al Bureau 



............ 1339 

i W P A i 'o . . front fover and 1182 
k Company ...... 

Moses ... ............ 1238 

'.hes Makers. Ltd ...... 

n, Mn<-Kiiv <v Co ........... 

.n A Dilworth ............ 1182 

ling G & Sons- ........... Jg 

im John J ........... 

i Graham Thos A Sons ............ 

jer E A Co ............... 1251 

Granatstein M A Sons ......... "P.P 

: Union Hotel (Ottawa) . 
Grant Contracting Co of Toronto .. 
Grau A Co. Limited ....... -- - - 

; Wilson ............ 627 and 11S 

Greene Electric Co ............ UJJ 

Oreenshields Limited ............ 630 

Greenwood Russell ........ 

Grenadier Ice and Coal r, 
Oreville A Co, Ltd ............ 

man D ........... 

nan Jos ............ 

-man A Rotstein . 
Guarantee Company of North 
America ............ left bottom lines 

tt Robert M ............. - 

Ounn. Roberts & Co 

>. Limited ..... M and 63R 

v Foundry Co ............. 

i Gurney Oxford Stove Co ......... <> 

Gutta'peroha A Rubber Mfg. Co of 

Toronto. Ltd ... 
Haddon John ft Co ............ 131. 

Hale Edward Everett & Co ....... 

David W ............... ' 

r & Son ................... 

Hall James B .......... 

Hallam John ..... . ...... W 

Hamilton Engine Packing Co 
.ton Powder Co ....... 

Hamilton Times ....... 

Hamli'on Wm ......... 

-.V B Shoe Co. I.' 
,t Nelson 
:.n John S 
nan Arthur L 


raft George R. 
.z R Davrson 

left bottom lines 

M. C. PINK & GO. 

Dealer, in Scrap Paper, Rubber, iron. Metal* 
Ledgers, Newspapers, Books, I 

Phone M. 3891 22 FRANCIS ST. 


FRFR MARTIN Beal Estate and Insurance Broker 
ntu. u. inn i i, ADBJUK Wi m, n^M^m 


Harnett & Ridout 651 and 124O | 

Harpell & Stokes back cover 

Harper Wm 1231 

Harris B Co, The 652 

Harris Lithographing Co 663 

Harris William left bottom lines 

Harris W & Co 654 

Hart & Riddell 606 

Hartz J F Co, The 656 

Harvey James A 1188 

Hassan A A 1292 

Havlll James L 1188 

Hawley John 660 

Haynes Lionel S 1314 

Heftron J J & Co 1288 

Hegler BB 864 

Heifech Joseph 1255 

Heighlngton Joseph 665 

Heintz J R & Co 665 

Heintzman Gerhard, Ltd 665 

Heintzman & Co, Ltd . . right bottom lines 

Helpert Bros 1275 

Henderson & Smith 1319 

Hepburn John T 1284 

Heward George C 671 

Heyes Bros Ltd 672 

Heys Thos & Sons 

right top lines 672 and 1292 

Hield-Thomson Co ,. 1211 

Higel Otto Co, Ltd 1293 and 1345 

Hillock John & Co, Ltd 677 

Hime H L & Co 677 

Holdge Marble Co, Ltd 1286 

Hollins Joseph 1284 

Hogg M L Nursery Co 682 

Holmes Electric Protection Co of 

Toronto, Limited 684 

Holmes Fred & Sons 1227 

Holt, Renfrew & Co 685 

Home Charles M, Limited 685 

Home Insurance Co 68(3 

Hood George WP 87 

Hope George & Son 1197 

Hopkins E Burial Co 687 

Horton & Cope 

1222, 1243, 1288 and 13V, 

Hoskin & Ogden 689 

Hotel Gladstone 1266 

Hough Lithographing Co, Ltd . . . 690 

Hubbs & Howe Co 1304 

Hudson Oscar & Co 1182 

Hughes J B & Percy 1210 

Hughes Robert 696 

Hunt & Hunt 1301 

Hunter W B Lincoln 699 

Hunter & Hunter 699 

Huyler's onp 702 

Hynes Wm J 1311 

Imperial Bank of Canada 8 

Imperial Glass Works 1292 

Imperial Life Assurance Co 704 

Imperial Mfg Co 7O4 

Imrie Printing Co, Ltd. The ...opp 704 
Independent Cash Mutual Fire Ins 

Co T04 

Independent Order of Foresters . . . T05 
Independent Order of Oddfellows . . . 705 
Insurance Co of North America . . . 706 

Irish George L 1310 

Jackes & Jackes 709 

Jackson Miss Mazie 1346 

James Oscar S < . ... 1190 

James & Son 713 and 1336 

Jamieson James B 1210 

Jarvis Aemiliua & Co 714 

Jay Wm & Son 1252 

Jaynes & Scherbarth 1330 

Jenkins B M & T 1187 and 1254 

Jenkins & Hardy 716 and 1182 

Jewell Harry 1234 

Jewell J H & Co 717 

Johnston Alexander 1263 

Johnston. McKay, Dods & Grant . . . 

721 and 1195 

Jones Bros & Co. Limited 1329 

.Tones F C L 724 

Jones T & Co 1227 

Joselin James S 1308 

Kahle Advertising Service Limited. 1183 

Kahn Isadore 1216 

Kaplan A 1232 

Warn F E & Co. Ltd 1341 

Kay Alexander Cycle Co 1196 

Kay John Co Ltd 729 

Keeley Institute 73O 

Keith & Fitzsimons Co. Ltd 731 

Kelso E 1307 

Kennedy James H 1211 

Kennedy Peter C 1294 


Kennedy Shorthand School 1219 

Kenny Miss Jean 1346 

Kent Ambrose & Sons Ltd 736 

Kent B & H B 736 

Kerr, Bull, Shaw &Montgomery ... 737 
Kerr, Davidson. Paterson & McFar- 

land 737 

Kilgour Bros 740 

Kilmer & Pullen 740 

King Warden Limited 742 

Kingsmill, Hellmuth, Saunders & 

Torrance 743 

Kingstone, Symons, & Kingstone . . 743 

Kinsey Bros rMl 

Kirby Miss Lillian M 1346 

Kirby Richard G 744 

Kirkland Lawson A 744 

Kitchener James 1302 

Klees John 74,1 

Knapp Envelope Co 74*> 

Knowles F McGillivray 1189 

Krystel Morris 748 

Lackawanna Railroad Co 74!) 

Ladies Wear Limited 74!) 

Laldlaw R & Co 750 and 1283 

Lake Simcoe Ice Supply and Cold 

Storage Co, Ltd 1269 

Laker Charles W 131f) 

Landy JJM left top lines 

Langley James P 1182 

Langley & Howland 

front cover and 118% 

Langmuir James & Co 1r_' 

La Presse 755 

Law. Union & Crown Insurance Co.. 75S 

Lawson James F 1190 

Leadlay E & Co 760 

Leckie John Ltd, right top lines and 761 

Ledger Walter 762 

Lee Collins Co 1217 

Lee. O'Donoghue & O'Connor .... 763 

Leeder R & Son 1282 

Leidy E F 765 

Le Maltre J H 1277 

i Le Maitre & Robbins 1277 

Lennox Edward J 766 and 1188 

Le Roy J B & Co 766 

Levack Dressed Beef Co 767 

Le Vesconte R C 768 

Levinsky & Shapiro 1323 

Levin ter Samuel 1334 

Lewis. Cameron & Judd 70() 

Lewis Ernest A 769 

Lewis Thomas 1224 

| Lifchis P 77] 

Lightbourn E T K!19 

Lillie Lucy A 1346 

Liston James J 1349 

I Littleford WO & Son 1214 

Liverpool and London and Globe Ins 

Co 775 

Llovd W J & Co 77(i 

Locke J T & Co 

left bottom corner cards 

Loftus John T 777 

London Guarantee and Accident Co 778 
London Mutual Fire Ins Co . . . . 778 
London and Lancashire Fire In 
surance Co right top corner cards 

London and Lancashire Life Assre 

Co 77g 

Loretto Abbey 1219 

Love A Ross " 1343 

Love Bros, Limited 12O5 

Love. Hamilton & Bascom . . 781 

Lovell Robert 781 

Lowndes Company. Limited 782 

Lowndes Wm 90 

Lucas Henry 1235 

Lucas John & Co 1206 

Lye Edward & Sons 1301 

Lyman Bros & Co. Ltd 78S 

Lyman. Knox & Clarkson 785 

McAvay P J 1346 

McBrady & O'Connor 789 

McCarthy, Osier. Hoskin & Har- 

court 7f)2 

McCausland Robert, Ltd 793 

McConkey DM 131B 

McConkey George S 795 and 1212 

McCord Samuel 1213 

McCormack & Carroll 1220 

McCutcheon Mrs M 1346 

McDonagh W W 1224 

McDonald & Maybee 1213 

McDonnell & Dingwall 1315 

-McDowell Andrew H Co, Inc, The, 

left top lines and 801 

McElroy Wm A 1285 

McFarlane George ^277 

McGregor & Mclntyre Ltd 

right bottom lines and 125O 

McGuire WJ Ltd 807 

McHenry H S left top lines 

Mclntosh Gullett Co 1293 

Mclntyre & Son Co, Ltd 800 

McKibbin Norman B 1319 

McLaren D K, Limited 814 

McLaren J C Belting Co 814 

McLean Stinson & Co, Ltd 810 

McLure & Mclntosh 1349 

McMaster Wm A 92 

McMulkin F&J 1270 

Macallum A F 825 and 1222 

Macdonald, Garvey & Rowland .... 826 

Macdonald John & Co, Ltd 827 

Macdonald J Gordon & Co 827 

Macdonald Mfg & Co 827 

Macdonald, Shepley & Middleton . . 827 

Macdonell, McMaster & Geary . . . . 828 

Macdonell & Boland 828 

MacGregor Marshall 828 

Mackay John & Co 

829, 1182, 1183 and 1274 

Mackey George A 1327 

Mackle, Barker & Crosby 830 

Maclure & Langley Ltd 1221 

MacMurohy & Den'ison 832 

Macrae & Macrae 1236 

Mahony Alfred 1327 and 1339 

Mall Job Printing Co, Ltd .... opp 836 

Malone, Malone & Long 837 

Manitoba Assurance Co front cover 

Manton Bros 1314 

Manufacturers Life Insurance Co .. 84O 

Mara Wm & Co 840 

Marchment Samuel W 1247 

Marion & Marlon 1305 

Marks Stamp Co 1331 

Marsh & Co 1319 

Marshall Herbert A 1226 

Martin Corrugated Paper & Box Co, 

(The) 1304 

Martin D B & Co S44 

Martin Fred J left top lines 

Martin N L & Co 1190 and 1218 

Maryland Casualty Co 846 

Mason Bros 1255 

Mason & Shaw 847 

Masten, Starr & gpenee 847 

Matthews Asa 12.">."i 

Matthews Bros Ltd 849 

Matthews F W Co 849 

Maughan John & Son 850 

Mearns Frank S 852 

Medland & Son left bottom lines 

Mehr J & Son 854 and 1325 

Meisterschaft School of Languages. !L'r> 


Mendelssohn Piano Co 13IO 

Mercantile Fire Ins Co 855 

Merchants Bank of Canada 16 

Mergenthaler Co, Ltd 1314 

Merson George O * Co 

right top lines and 11 8-: 

Metallic Roofing Co 857 

Metropolitan Fire Insurance Co... 5CW 

Meyer Bros 1270 

Meyer Mrs PV 858 and 1213 

Millar, Ferguson & Hunter 8(V> 

Mlllard Alexander 860 and 134T 

Miller G M & Co 1188 

Miller MfK Co, Ltd 1216 

Miller & Burroughs 863 

Miller & Palmer 1344 

Mills. Raney. Hales & Colquhoun.. 864 

Milne John & Co 685 and 1338 

Milnes Coal Co, Ltd 865 

Mitchell Charles H 1223 

Mitchell W&J 1280 

Mitchener J G Co, (The) 1034 

Model Incubator Co .' 126fi 

Monarch Brass .Mfg Co. Ltd 12O2 

Monarch Fire Ins Co 871 

Montreal Gazette 873 

Montreal Steel Works. Limited 

rigM bottom lines 

Montreal-Canada 873 

Moore John T 94 

Morris EUhu G 878 

Morris Frances S 1294 

Guarantee Company of North America 

MEDLAND & SON, Gen 1 Agents, Hail Building:, Cor. King- and Bay Tel. Main 1067 



PHONES MAIN 4501 and 1400 






Morrison David , . 

left bottom corner 

Morrison Johnston H 1200 

Morton Company, Limited 

ISO. 1214 an, I 1327 

Mos Chemical Mfg Co 1186 

r Repair Co 1286 

Moulton College 121! 

Mowat. Langton & MacLennan . . . 882 

Muldoon J & Co 1280 

Mulock. Lee, Mllllken & Clark ... 885 

Muncey E W 1288 

Munderloh Co 

Munro Wm & Son 1224 

Munti * Beatty 886 and 1271 

Murrant's Private Business School 121'.i 

Murray Benjamin W J273 

Murray Printing Co back 

Musgrave Charles E 1205 

Mussens, Limited left top lines 

Nasmith Co, Ltd, The 891 

nal Carpet and Rug Renovat 
ing Co 1200 

National Drug ft Chemical Co of 

Canada, Ltd 891 

National Electric Sign Co 

National Electrotype and Stereo 
type Co. Ltd 8S>1 

National Plumbing Supply Co. Ltd. 

The 893 

National Provincial Plate Glass Ins 

Co 802 

.Vational Typewriter Co 1343 

Neal Albert 1253 

Neff AC&Co 

Nelson H H & Co 80S 

Nelson Jeremiah , . 1L'47 

Nerlich & Co ORP 804 

lit S S Co, The right top lines 

New Method Laundry 897 

New York Plate Glass Ins Co 1273 

New York Steam Dye House 1218 

Newman & Amory 1224 

Nichols J L Co, Ltd. The 1184 

Nicholson George 1225 

Nleld Ernest 1333 

Nineteen Hundred Washer Co 901 

s Dominion Detective Agency 

right top corner cards and 1234 

Noel Theo Company. Limited 1315 

Nolan Miss Mary E l.'(46 

Nordhelmer Piano and Music Co. 

Ltd left top corner card* 

North American Life Assurance Co 

3 and 

North of Scotland Canadian Mort 
gage Co, Ltd 

Norton Telephone Mfg Co, Ltd . . . 
Norwich Union Fire Insurance So 

O'Hearn J J & Son 

O'Keefe Brewery Co of Toronto, 

Ltd ... ' 
O'Keeffe-Sanford, Ltd .. Inside back cover 

Ollphant R E 

Ontario Accident Ins Co 

Ontario Compressed Air Dustless 

House Cleaning Co !13 

Ontario Institute of Osteopathy . . . 1301 

Ontario Show Case Co 1328 

Ontario Veterinary College .... 'M4 

Orenstein H ;14 

Ormsby A B & Co. Ltd 1 1323 

Orr Bros Ltd 

opp inside back cover and 1224 

Orr W H & Sons :] j 

Osborne & Francis nit) 

Osgoode Dairy Ltd 1231 

Osier & Hammond 916 

ntis-Fensom Elevator Co, Ltd ..opp 124-1 

Otis Morris 1289 

Oxley & Chad-wick 1223 

Paisley James K rv." 

Palmer Frederick 1303 

PaJter Bros 

Paquette M J 921 and 1OSS 

Paris Tailoring Co 

Parke Roderick J 922 and 1223 

Parker J O & Co '.'" 

Parker R & Co 923 and 124" 

Parkes & McVittie .... right top lines 

Paterson Mfg Co, Ltd 026 

Paton James \v 

Patrick W G * Co 1221 

Patterson Candy Co opp 1220 

Payne W H & Co 930 

Peace Metal Weather-Strip Co ... 1335 , 

Pearcy Sanderson & Co. Ltd 


Pears James 12,13 

Pearson Bros left top corner cards 

Pease Foundry Co, Ltd ... 

Pease Heating Co, Ltd 

nek S 

Peerless Furnace Co 

IVmber Wm T 

Pendrith Machinery Co . 

Percy W M 

Perkins, Ino* & Co 

IVrrin W R & Co, Ltd ..right top 
Perry S A .......... ...... i.-.u 

Perry & Bourdon ........... 

Phillips Eugene F Electrical Wks. 

Ltd ........................ >.m> 

Phlnnemore James ............. 


Assurance Co, Ltd ...... 

Phoenix Fire Office ............ ;m 

'' ''' 


Royal School of Dancing . 123- 

Royce James C . . . 
Royce & Henderson 

Ryde A E 

Saba Charl.-s X . 

Sadler .<- Haworth '. .'. iiVrj 

>t Andrews Callege i";i, 


. . . 

St Margaret's College . . . 
Sale Julian Leather Goods Co. 



Salmon Lumber Co, The .. 

Samuels Joseph 

Saunderson H J 

Sanderson Pearcy & Co, Ltd 

Saulter Wm {,,,- 

Saunders John J220 

Saunders & Evans. Ltd ... . 
Schnaufer F 





^ ** *-"j *^*** , -^a, B1MJ LOOa 

Icher Alfred L 1301 

Pllkington Bros, Ltd 

I'ink M C & Co right bottom 

Pinkerton. Clute & Co . . .. :n;. 

Pocock Bros Co. Ltd :>\>\ 

Poison Iron Works, Ltd '.i47 

Postlethwalte Wm 

11 R P 

Power Bros 

1'owley George & Co 

Premier Motor and Garage Co . 

Prime & Rankln 

Pullan Ellas 

Punchard C C & Co 

Quebec Bank 11 

Quebec Fire Assurance Co 

Queen City Brass Foundry 1 _"_' 

Queen City Oil Co front 

Queen City Plate Glass and Mirror 

Co, Ltd v>.-,7 

i City Tailoring Co 

Queen Fire Insurance Co 

John 1225 

Railway Passenger Assurance Co of 

London, Eng 'Mil 

Rathbone F W !;.( 

Rathbone George '.HK 

Rathun Co, The W53 

Rattray A Jordan 11X1 

Rawllnson Lionel >: 

Read Charles J 118B 

Reed. Shaw * McNaught :' 

& Day 

Reeve Charles ." 

Reeve John T 

Reinhardt & Co 970 

Reliance Loan and Savings Co of 

Ontario. The im 

;i42 and ml I SchofleTd-Holden Machine' CoJJ Ltd 

Rennle Robert & Son 


Rice. Kidney & Co U30 

Richardson Cartage Co :<- 

Richardson J & Son ............ 122,1 

Richardson & Palmer ............ 1312 

Riches C H .................. 1305 

Richmond & Drummond Fire Ins C<> '.'"."> 

Ridding & LJlley .............. i *.-, 

Ridout. Strickland A Jones' ... t'7<! 

Rice Dr W S .................. i:;n 

Ridout & Maybee ...... right top Hues 

Right Process Co ............ K!47 

RIley Edward .................. 1 1!H 

Rlmouskl Fire Ing Co ............ 

Ritchie John Plumbing and Heating 

Co ....................... '.ITS 

Ritchie & Ramsay. Ltd .......... 

Robertson Mrs Jane ............ 

Robinette. Godfrey & Phelan 
Robins Frederick Burton 


VTV7 and 

' an " 


Schwartz I, M 

Scott J P & Co 

Scott. Scott 

MacGregor ......... ]<il4 

Scott & Walrnsley edges' of book 

Scruton L '.ft 

Seager J R '. . . 1312 

Seagram Arthur W nut; 

Sewell Henry de Q 

left top lines 1018 and i:i 

Shannon Robert J ]:;] 

Sharpe I N & Son 99 

Shaw & Begg right bottom lines 

'en Forwarding Co, Ltd 1<>23 

Sheooard Jacob 1024 

Sheppard W J 


Sheppard Wm R 

Shleser Jacob 1345 

Shurley & Derrett 

B i Son I2nt 

Sibley James KUK; 

Sigal Moses 1201 

Sim.- T Watson |ls> 

.'Is Canada Saw Co, Ltd I"' 1 ." 

Simpson F & Sons i":;i 

"ii J M 11S7 

Simpson Planing Mil! Co lool 

Singer Sewing Machine Co I<i33 

Skedden Brush Co. Ltd 12O5 

Skirt Specialty Co 1034 

Smallwood Bros 1227 

Smee Wm E 1303 

Smiley. Stanley & McCausland .... 1334 

Smith Bros 1211 

Smith David Egraving and Litho 
graphing Co opp 12M 

Smith D L Electric Co 12-41 

Smith Madam Ellen 
Smith F J & Co 


left top corner 

Robins & Burden 

Robinson Bros 

Robinson & Heath 1203 an,l 

Rochester German 

Rogers Charles & Sons Co. The... 
Rogers Electric Co ... right top lines 

Rogers Ellas Co Limited 

.. right top corner cards 068, 1217. 
Rogers R A & Co 

Roher Isaac 

DnTnv. p *-io .. riact stauntons, Lrimiiea . A *iw** 

Roiph & Clark opp flws o,,.i~ Rrio-o-^ <5<>.i rn lora 

Roofers' Supply Co, Ltd, The .... S. T* liw 

&Mi r s^ C uiVe 9(Wa "' 1 Itlri'lngBuslness-ColUge-.V.V.VTVVo MS 

Roll w!S V?"". .:.::. ::: : I s ^^ M ?? hlne Work! - iss 

left top and right bottom lines 

Smith. Kerry & Chace 122S 

Smith Nathan 1i;i<j 

Smith, Rae & Greer XH4 

Smith T H & Co .. 1O4D 

Smith Wm H l"*i 

Smith & Gemmell 1180 

Smyth Thomas J !>' 

Solway & Cohen 1320 

.Suutham Bros 1256 

Spader & Perkins 1O1 

Spanner Novelty Wood Turning 

Co 135" 

Sparrow George & Co HTil 

Speers Wm 1"' 

Speight & Van Nostrand 1336 

Sproatt & Rolphe 11W 

Sproule Robert K lft"5 

Stackhouse L .A. 1215 

Standard Bedding Co... 12PS 

Standard. Fuel Co 1066 and lal7 

Standard Life Assce Co left too lines 

Standard Mutual Fire Ins Co 1056 

Stanford J Hunt US' 

Stanley Frank .. 1300 

Star Ufe Assce . 

Star Xew Hot Water Boiler. 

3tark John & Co ......... : ---- front cover 

Rosa & Holmsted 

Rottenberg L & Son 127fl 

Routley CBCo 1347 

Rowell. Reid. Wilkie, Wood & 

Gibson B 

Roy Maurice P 

Sternberg Misses .................... 1232 

Stevenson Henry M ................ 402 

Stewart Co, Ltd, The ...... 1O&4 and 

Stewart John ........................ 13u3 

Stewart W T & Son ................ 1323 

Stimers Press, The ................. 1814 


CUAW r RT7PP General Agents Gore District Mutual, London Mutual, 
OIIAVV OO JJ IL VJ VJ Perth Mutual. Traders, Ottawa and Montreal, Can. Fire Ia., Co's 

Office 9 Toronto St. Phones, Office M. 856; Res., North 1686, North 2984. AGENTS WANTED 



k NO. 61-66 ADELAIDE ST. t 


Insurance, Financial and Estate Agents 



Stinson McLean & Co. Ltd 1067 

Stinson & Co 1312 

Stinson & Hollwey 1067 and 1320 

Stone Daniel 1068 

Stone W H Co 1068 

Stott James 121)3 

Stretton Robert 101 

Sun Insurance Office 1071 

Sun Life Assurance Co of Canada.. 1074 

Sutcliffe John I front cover and 1183 

Sutcliffe-Edmison Co, Ltd, The 1249 

Button S T & Co 1075 and 1320 

Sweatman H Stanley 1076 

Swift Charles & Co 1200 

Sword Neckwear Co, Ltd 1078 

Sylvester S A 107S 

Symons & Rae 1078 

Szeliski & McLean front cover 

Tarling C & Co 1286 

Taylor John 108" 

Taylor J & J 1OS3 

Teagle & Son 1225 

Tedd Shoe & Leather Co 1200 

Teller Theodor Construction Co.... 

right top lines 

Terry F G Co 1280 

Tew Richard m8 

Thiel Detective Service Co 

right bottom lines 

Thompson P Co 1328 

Thomson Bros 1092 and 1225 

Thomson Engraving Co VJ46 

Thomson James 1093 and 1189 

Thomson Monument Co, Ltd, The. . 1293 

Thomson Thomas C 1003 

Thomson, Tilley & Johnston 1093 

Thorn & Hunt 1094 

Thorne A M & Co 1342 

Thome MIR Co 1203 

Thurston J C 1334 

Times, The 1207 

Tippet Arthur P & Co 1097 

Tisdale Iron Stable Fittings Co, Ltd 

right bottom linen 

Tisdall Henry W 1275 

Title & Trust Co, The 

right bottom corner cards 

Tod John 12S2 

Todil Frederick G 1278 

Toronto Brass Mfg Co.. right bottom lines 

Toronto Carpet Cleaning Co 1210 

Toronto College of Music 129." 

Toronto Conservatory of Music.... 1205 

Toronto Delivery ft Cartage Co 1212 

Toronto Detective Agency 123.1 

Toronto E'ectric Construct'on Co.. 1243 
Toronto Furnace & Crematory Co. 

Ltd 1254 and 1332 

Toronto General Trusts Corporation 

front cover 

Toronto Hardware Mfg Co 1100 

Toronto Hat Block Co 1264 

Toronto Institute of Osteopathy 13ol 

Toronto Iron Works, Ltd, The llol 

Toronto Junction Lumber Co 

102 and 1283 


Toronto Knitting Mills Co 1100 

Toronto Laundry Machine Co, Ltd 1270 

Toronto Lumber Co, Ltd 1283 

Toronto Messenger Co, Ltd 1290 

Toronto Mortgage Co 1101 

Toronto Pressed Steel Co, Ltd 1317 

] Toronto Realty Co 132(1 

Toronto Sanitary Towel Supply Co.. 1340 

i Toronto Saturday Night 1101 

Toronto Sheet Metal Works 1327 

Toronto Show Case Co. Ltd 

left top corner cards 

Toronto Weekly Railway & Steam 
boat Guide Co 1102 

Toronto Window Cleaning Co 11O2 

Toronto Wood Working Co 1324 

Tovell Japheth A 102 

Townsend Sherman E 1183 

Traders Fire Insurance Co 1104 

Trollope John A 1L'87 

Tucker Wm M 1196 

Tu?well H C & Co 1108 

Turnbull Elevator Mfg Co, The . . 

right top lines 

Turner Edward 1100 

Turner Harry W 1350 

Turner John & Son 11OO 

Turner Lumber Co 1110 and I2S2 

Turner & Co 1348 

Tyrrell J B 1202 

Tyrrell Wm & Co 1111 

Union Dairy Co 1268 

Union Trust Co right top corner cards 

United Factories. Ltd 1112 

United States Fidelity & Gauranty 

Co right top lines 

United States Printing Co 1314 

United Typewriter Co, Ltd 

left top corner cards 

Unwln, Murphy & Esten 

1113 and 1336 

Valentine & Co 1114 

Van Camp J C 1114 

VanKempen & Rishworth 13.V> 

Van Siokler J & Co Ltd 1115 

Verity Robert ' 1117 

Vernoy Electro Medical Sanatorium 1242 

Vickers & Galbraith 1118 

Victoria Billiard Parlor 

opp Inside back cover 

Victoria Carpet Co The 121" 

Victoria Manufacturing Co 1211 

Vtgeon H & Co 11S3 

Vogan Robert 1102 

Waddington & Grundy 

left bottom llneo 

Wade Osier 110" 

Wager Francis H 122.1 

Waghorn & Dawe ISOS 

Waener Charles F 112O 

Walker & Robertson 1226 

Wallace J M- & Co 1125 

Walsh James J 1127 

WardPlI I & Son 12W 

\VardellWm 1268 

Warwick Bros & Rutter. Ltd.... opp 1131 

\Vaso B & Son Co 12.K> 

Waterloo Mutual Fire Ins Co 

Waterman Isaac 

Watson, Smoke & Smith 

Watts Henry H & Co 

Waverley, The 

Waxman Benjamin 

Webb George H 

Webb Harry Co, Ltd 1136 and 

Weber Samuel 

Wegener August C 

Weir Specialty Co, Ltd ... 

Welch A & Son 

Wells Business College, The 

Welton Herbert R 

West Chemical Co 

West H Glanville 

West Loius J 

'Western Leather Goods Co 

Weston F J & Sons 

Weston Stamp Co 

Weyerstall Alfred 

Whale Albert 

Whaley, Royce & Co, Ltd 

left bottom 

Wheatley F B & Co 

White & Thomas 1101, 1192 and 

Whitehead Wm E 

Whitfleld John Co The 

Whitney J W G &' Son right top 

Whltten, Drummond Co Ltd 

Wihitworth & Restall .". 

Wlckson & Gregg right top 

Wilhelmj August 

Wilkinson John H 

Wllks R F 

.Williams H H & Co 

left top corner cards and 11.15. 

1187. 1203. 1247. 1320. 1321 and 

Williams Joseph C 

inside back cover and 

Williamson Rutherford 

Wills Ernest A 

Wilson C A Son. Ltd 

....left bottom corner cards and 

Wilson Harold A 

Wilson Lumber Co. Ltd 

Wilson, Lytle. Badgerow Co. Ltd 

Wilson. Munroe Co 

Wlnnett John 

Wlnsor & Woodley 

Winston John C Co. Ltd The 

Wood. Gundy & Co 

Woodburn Sons Co, Ltd 

Wonds-Norris. Limited 

Woolnotigh John W 

Wreyford R Co 

Wright Henry 

Wright James \ 

Wynn Misses 

Yaffe Jacob 

Yeoman Gorge E 

Yorkville Laundry 

Young John H 11S3 and 

Young J 

Young J D & Son 1226 and 

Young Maltland & Ron 

Younger Wm 

Zola Solomon . 














Do You Know That 


Brings Results f 

the Canadian guardian Life Insurance Company 

Head Office, Special 250 Policlea Both Sexet Agra 12 to 65. Reliable Agents Wanted TORONTO 




ADDENDA Too Late for Regular Insertion j 

Abtjotl l-'niict-s, ma 

Abendroth Walter, sic-treas Silver Bird 

liming Co, Ltd 

Adams George K, 

b 41 iiultni av 

148 Birch Arthur C, adv agt, h 78 Olive av 
Black Charles, shoe shine parlor 476 
Yonge. b 15 Irwln av 

jeweller and optician, 

Adams Jam s. bgemu Uniton Station, h 70 

Bki.r av 
Adams Lewis C, barber 51 Queen w, rms 

Ae.l:HBton w 

Addams Frank H, sec-treas Business 
Systems. Ltd, rms 72 Bruns 

stenog, rms 4O 

*wnfec, u itf 11 n ill uv 

Black Janu (wid Wm), 1 130 University 

Black Mary E (wid Hugh C). 1 595 Shaw ! C 

Hubert J, h 291 St Helen av 
Blackburn Joseph, maltster, h 64 Sydeti- 


Ulake John, h 95 Wolseley 
Blake Mrs Louisa, b 39 Darling av 
Blogg Wm, lab, h 39 Poulett 
Bolster Alfred E, tool mkr, h 98 St 

Ainsworth George \V, 

London j Clarens av 

Aldrldge Albert, jwlr. h 711 Maikham | Bond Alexander, grocer 176 Ontario 
ALEXANDER HENRY" S, Coal and Bernstein Abraham, cigars and rest 156 

Wood 137 Frunt e, 1 176 Huron 
.-Ub-ate Arthur J, mgr The Map Specialty 

Co, 1 3O Aima av 
Algie James, phy, h 444 Markham 
Allan Ault S. h 15 Bedford rd 
Ai:an David, h 114O DutCerin 
Alltn Edwin, h 29 Major 
Allen Thomas, h 6O Forest Hill rd 
Allen Wm, elk, h 252 Jones av 
Allison Samuel J, art decorator. 

Manning av 

Ambrose Henry, h 185 Perth av 
Anderson Mrs Louisa, h 141 Crescent rd 
Anglo-American Medicine Co, S Q 

Deletion pres, HOs moor w 
Anthony Frank, tinner, n 165 Beaeot.-ik-U 


Appleyard Francis, plstr, h 3 Belford 
ARMOUR OR1N J, Electrician Ii4 


York, h same 
Bottomley John W, bkpr Pitt & Robinson. 

b 75 St Patrick 

Bower George, carp, h 54 Gait av 
Bradley Charles A, cond Tor Ry, h 38 


Branch Frederick, painter, h 338 Smith 
Brand Edward D, mgr The Brand Electro 

Ozone, Ltd, h 19 Grace 


ed The. Edward D Brand Manager, 
Fred B Fils nger Secretary-Treasurer, 
Manufacturers and Dealers Medical Ap 
paratus. 334 Spadina av 
Briggs A E, printer 37 Yonge, h 32 St 


:innsm> ,iJ Jonn, trav, h 42 Hlllsboro av 
British American Development Co, Ltd. 

J \V Cheeseworth agt, 6, 154 Bay 

Birch av north, res same (See card in BROKERS AGENCY, LIMITED, Wm 
Electric Wiring) Kehr Manager, 166 Bay 

Aronson John, trav, rms 119 Maitland ' Brooke Charles E, btchr 1110 Bloor w, h 
Atherton Jamts W, n t! Mu..vk av 173 Symington av 

Studio 265 Spadina av, res same ^See Broomhall Patterson, John S Patter 
son), Medical Electricians 550 Spadina 
av (See card Medical Electricians) 
Brown Frederick J, elk, h 350% Yonge 
Brown F Erlcksen (C & H D Gamble & 

Ericksen Brown), h 32 Vermont av 
BROWN GEORGE A, Caterer 141 St 


card Vocalists) 
Atkinson Charles R, el.-ctro plater, h 


Attwood Frank, carp, h 6<A) Dupont 
Bailey George L, trav, h 555 Shaw 
Bailey Joseph J, tchr, h 303 Grace 
Baker Benjamin C. carp, h 093 Lans- 

downe av 
Banger Elizabeth (wid Henry), 1 77 Fern 

Banger Wm, foreman Bryant Press, h 77 

Fern av 
Banks George, bgemn Union Station, b 

137 Dovercourt rd 
Barber James C, tel opr, h 175 St Helen 

Barker James, bgemn GTR, b 4 Spadina 

Barkworth Charles A. mach GTR, b 374 

Front w 
Barnum Fred, stenog Consumers Box & 

Patrick, h same (See card Caterers) 
Brown James, brklyr, h 71 Russell av 
Brown Joseph, presser, h 2o Edward 

Canadian Society of Civil Engineers Cl'o- 
ronto branch) E H Keating chairman 
T C Irving jr sec-treas, 94 King w 
Carleton Elizabeth (wid James), 1 696 


Carpenter Harvey A, elsmn, h 49 Beatrice 

Yonge and 172 Bay, h 39 Wellesley 
Carruthers Joseph, carp, h 1 Kenilworth 


I 103 Bay 

Christie Hattle (wid John), h 14 Isabella 
'Christie Hugh C, trav, h 7 Sparkhall av 
Christie Wm, elk, 1 14 Isabella 
Schneider Proprietor, Manufacturers of 
Local Telephones, 134 John, Tel Main 

: sin 


Co, J H Clapplson Manager, 25 Toronto 
Clark Calvin D, pby, h 21 Bernard av 
Clarke Mrs Maud, h 302 Wellington w 

Frederick G Clarke President, Charles E 
Clarke Vice-President and Treasurer, 
Leather Manufacturers, General Offices 
and Works 199-209 Eastern avenue, 
until completion of their new works 
(Christie st north) early in this year, 
City Office and Warehouse 52 Bay st 
(JLEAL JOSEPH P, Mechanical Ex 
pert, Model and Tool Maker, 126 Wel 
lington w, 'Phone Main, h 25 Nanton 
av, 'Phone North 3617 (See adv opposite 
page 464 and Machinists) . 
Cole George, marble wkr, h 107 Pape av 
Coleridge Miss Margaret L, sec-treas 
Economical Mfg & Supply Co, b 234 

Collar George W, bldx 406H Tonge 
Collins Alfred, bkpr, h 434 Delaware av 
Collins Margaret (wid Thomas), 1 466 

Brock av 
I Colwell Walter B, vlce-pres Simplex Gas 

Co, Ltd, res Oakville, Ont 
Colwell Wm W, sec-treas Simplex Gas 
1 Co, Ltd, res Oakville, Ont 
! Commercial (Winnipeg weekly), 11, 18 


I Commercial Hand 
cy, pul 
Fire i 

Hygienic Dairy 362 College, res Eglin- 
ton, 'Phone College 

Bull Charles, pattern mkr, h 339 Dundas 
Bunnell Arthur E K, civ eng, 1 698 

Spadina av 
Burgar Robert, millwright, h 544 St 

Clarens av 
I Burke James J, cont, h 43 Osier 

Bush Everett A, elk, h 63 Sussex av 
I Campbell Miss Martha, drsmkr 41 Can 
ton, res same 
| Canada Button Co, G H Grundy mgr. 4 


Canadian Audit Co, W Y Kinleysida 
pres, Angus' Parker C A mgr, chartered 
accts 108, 72 Queen w 

Lumber Co, 1 60 Denison av 
Barratt George, h 279 Lansdowne av 
Bartley Andrew R, h 49 Hamburg av 
Bass Henry, gro 84 William, h same 
Batt Thomas W, btchr 942 Bloor w 
Bauekham Charles, bldr, h 1042 Dover 

court rd 

Beam Joseph G, 1 45 Bloor e 
Beck Herbert H, rang dir Montreal-Can 

ada Fire Ins Co, h 6 Clarendon cres 
Bedlington Henry, mfrs agt, h 139 Warren Canadian Bookseller and News Agent anJ 

road Stationers Journal, 121 Churcu 

Bedson Walter T, btchr, h .'4 St Helen .CANADIAN BRONZE 
avenue Works, The (Montreal), 

Benovich Isaac, lab, h 48 Elizabeth Rosser Manager, Toronto 

Bentley Box-Hinge Co (W H Sherman, j SImcoe 
J E Hrave ' D Bentlei) ' h;nge Canadian Electric Novelty 


Harold H 
Office 113 

Co, D H 

mfrs 28 Maynard av Brand mgr, 334 Spadina av 

Bertram Andrew, lab, h 6 Emmerson av Canadian Industrial Blue Book Publlsh- 
Bickell Mary J, h 712 Manning av ' ers, P O Box 334 

Cooper Sherman, pres Sherman Cooper 

Co, Ltd. h 46 Coxwell av 
Cooper Sherman Co, Ltd, The, Sherman 
Cooper pres, Herbert B Odell, sec, lool 
Eastern av 

Cmalino Bartolo, fruit 375 Church 
Lot ton Alice (wid Henry), h 34 Phoebe 
Ciowhurst Arthur W, elk, h 598 Pape av 
forte Teacher 522 Euclid av, res same 
(See card in Music Teachers) 
er ft Morse, h 11 same (See card Boat 

Curry Alfred, mldr, h 169 Beatrice 
Dack Frederick, hotel 508 Eastern av 
Dart Thomas A, elk Excelsior Life Ins 

Co, b 240 Grace 

Darling Wm, fitter, h 1243 College 
Davis James, wdwkr, h 80 Kippendavie 


Davis Thomas, engraver, h 358 Victoria 
DAVISON JOHN L, Physician and 
Surgeon, Office and Residence 2O 


17-21 Temperance St. Phone Main 3800 

Plumbers' and Steimfitters' Tools 

Trimo Pip* Wrenches 
Otter Stocks and DU 

Barnes Pip* Cutter* 
ArmftrMK HIM VlMC 

H .9 MrHFNRY MlmrSUflsslngtonlU. Slate, Tile, Felt and Grave 

n.o. wunumi Phone Parh 234B ROOFING 

Dennison Mfg Co, tag and stationers 
specialties Wm E P Howell mgr 624, ttl 


and Organists Exchange, J W McFar- 
lane Manager, 101 Major 

Robert C Parsons. Manager 9, 43 
Scott (See card Trimmings and Novel 
ties Mfrs) 

Dominion Plate Glass Ins Co. Traders 
Bank Bldg 67 Yonge 

Dorenwend Samuel H, truss mfr 13, 
389% Yonge, h same 

Drennan Samuel T, trav, h 310 Church 

Dunbar George E, sec-treas Merchants 
Storage Co, L/td, res Egllnton 

Dunkelman Joseph cigars 158 York, 1 
181 Richmond w 

Duyvis Frederick \V (Duyvis, Van Roon 
Co), h 132 Withrow av 

erick W Durvis, Volken Van Roon), 
Manufacturer* 1 Agents; Importers ami 
Exporters, 132 Withrow av 

Elder John, lab, h 212 Huron 

Electric Advertising Co, Ltd, Kwan 
Mackenzie pres, George Stevenson vice- 
pres, F H Potts sec-treas, 20 King e 

Ltd, The, David Elliott President and 
Managing Director, Paper Box Manu 
facturers, 18 Pearl (See adv Paper Box 

Knright Arthur, attd Univ of Tor. Facul 
ty of Applied Science and Engineering, 
1 60 Albany av 

KROS CO, THE, Ernest Roscoe Man 
ager. Mnfrs Agents, Importers Fire 
Appliances Etc, 43 Victoria, (See card 
Fire Extinguishers) 

Faircloth Rev G Sherlock. Pastor King St 
Meth ch. h 197 Booth av 

Fayle Robert shoemkr, 247 Bate av. h 

Filsinger Fred R, sec-treas. The Brand 

Electro Ozone. Ltd, h 933 Bathurst 

Fox Frederick I. branch mgr Ford Motor 
Car Co. h 32. 2 Bloor e 

France George, brickmkr, h 471 Jones 

Freelanfl Mary (wid Robert), rms 93 Will- 

Fulton Catharine (wid Andrew), h 215 
Concord av 

Gammie Francis, slsmn, h 1C Vermont av 

General Brass Works, Ltd, The Murray 
J Woodbridge mgr, 69 Sterling rd 

Gillespie Charles T, h 20 Walmer rd 

Goodparle John A, mgr Turbine Steam 
ship Co, b 583 Spadina. av 

Uoulding George, bkpr Sand and Dredging 
Ltd, h 5 Cawthra sq 

Graham Albert, sheet metal wkr, h 72 

Grigg Miss Annie E, stenog International 

Publications. Ltd, 1 134 Winchester 

Hall Mari- (wid Ira F), h 111 Anne 

Hamett Charles brklyr, h 32 Gerrard W 

Hamilton Chester B jr, B A, Sc, civ en 
gineer, 1 43 Madison av 

HAMILTON & BAIL (George Hamil 
ton, i redirick Ball), Real Estate and In 
surance Agents 230 JarvT 

Hammill James H (Hammill Bros), h 198 

Hardwick Arthur H, picture framer, 622 
Logan av 

HARPELL & STOKES, Electrical and 
Mechanical Machinery, Contractors for 
Complete Electric Lighting and Power 
Plants, Mining Machinery, Electric 
Steam and Hydraulic Passenger and 
Freight Elevators, John L Owen Local 
Manager Head Office, Winnipeg. Sales 
office, 155 King st w (See adv back 

Harris Frederick (New Method Messen 
ger Service) rms 129 King e 

Hewett Wm J, florist, 21 Hastings, n of 
Gerrard e, h 175 Leslie 

Hollinrake Henry J, agt H S Mara, h, 30C 
St George 

Home Mrs Lois, h 123 College 

Home Pattern Co, The, mfrs ami distri 
butors. The Ladies Home Journal Pat 
terns, 21-27 Lombard 

House of Providence Farm. 2301 Queen e 

Hughes John, elect, h 312 Pape av 

Ireland Thomas, engineer, h 311% Euclid 

Jackson Frederick H, trav, h 149 Gore 
Vale av 

Johnston Thomas, jwlr, h 33 Macdonell 

KAPLAN A, Dancing Academy 
450 Spadina av (See card in Dancing 

Kerr Milton, repres Mann, Byars & Co 
I (Glasgow), h 212 Robert 

Kingsford Miss Winnlfred, artist 36V, 
I King e,- 1 18 St Joseph 

Teacher 49 Cowan av (See card Vocal 

Lambert W L, mgr Canada Cycle & 
Motor Co, h 376 Indian rd 

Ufshitz Frank, gro 165 Chestnut h sail 
LllUe John, bkpr, h 189 Sherbourne 

189 Sherbourne (See card In Vocalist) 
Lillie Miss Muriel, pianist 189 Sherbourn 
LOVE A ROSS, Vocalist 360 Ber 

keQey and 206 Gerrard e (See card I 

McCabe Lena (wid Michael), h 333 

McDonald John R, whol lumber, 103 Bay 

h 140 Springhust av 

McDowell Wm, cartage agt 202 Euclid av 
McFarlane James W, mgr Dom Bureau 

of Music and Organists' Exchange 1 

101 Major 
Macdonald Randolph pres Randolph Mac 

donald Co, Ltd, ,h 3 Rusholme av 
Macdonald Randolph Co, Limited, Ran 

dolph Macdonald pres, Wm H Marrow 

sec, contrs 26 Queen e 
Macdonald Wm R vice-pres Randolph 

Macdonald Co Ltd, 1 3 Rusholme rd 
Mackenzie James B, barr 3<H, 157 Bay 

rms Iroquois Hotel 
Mann, Byars & Co (Glasgow) Milton 

Kerr repres 312, 28 Wellington w 
Marrow Wm H, sec Randolph Macdonald' 

Co, Ltd, h 332 Margueretta 
Matthews Sarah (wid Thomas), 1 703 Os- 

sington av 

Medhurst James, lab. h 91 London 
Ord Harry G, elk Can Genl Electric Co, 1 

21 Dunbar rd 
Patenaude Frederick W. moto Tor Ry, 1 

105 Macpherson av 
Patrick Erminie (wid Arthur), Ji 113 Gore 


Patterson Thomas G. sec-treas \ B Wal 
ton, Ltd, h 5 Bain av 
Pike & Lifschis (Lev! Pike. Joseph Llfs- 

chis), ginger ale mfrs. 86-88 Louisa 
Pyke Rev John B (anglican), 1 1246 King 

Rendell Ix>uls, mngr Pratt Food Co of Can 

Ltd, h 210 Jarvis 
Rippon Bertram E, elk G Goulding & 

Son. res Norway. 
Robertson Charles H, 1 423 Ontario 
Koe James W, gro 170 Teraulay. h same 
Schrodeer Frederick, special officer C P R 

Union Station 
Schwartz Louis M. coal and bottles, 156 

Agnes, h 101 University av 
Wilkinson Mrs H W. h "SO Walker av 
Woyce Mrs Frances, h 4 Stephanie 
\Vn.\ve Patrick, tmstr, 1 4 Stephanie 
\\ YLIE J & CO, Groceries and Pro 
visions, 561 Bloor w 

$100 Reward. 

The Association of American J)iret> 
tory Publishers Will pay $ 1 O O 
reward for the arrest and conviction 
of any person or persons attempting 
to collect money on fraudulent direc 
tory advertisements. 


21 University Place, 

New York City. 


400 Feet Higher than Lake Ontario Reliance Bid., 82-88 King St. E. 


ranch ofRc* 



TEL. IMLA-HT 1513 

Real Estate and Financial Agents 




1 908 

N'urth Toronto 


East Toronto! 

North Torontol 



(See Chesterl 


(Se North Toiontoi 

(See East Toronto) 


(Includes Bedford Park 
Darlsrill* and Eglinton) 

No I ; WAY 


(Sec Hracondale) 

BRACONDALE. Bedford George R, btchr w a Bathurst, h 
8 a Alcina av sW^im 
(Fives Milea Northwest of P O) Bedford Jason, eng. h 19 Alcina av 
Aldrick Harry, opr Tor & Niagara P Co, ^ L ' ers Edmunds, h a a St. Albans AISTT^KtfMtSJf. 

Allen Whitworth, pller Boake Mfg Co. res 

Alston Charlea N, forman, h 12 Bruns- 

wicn av 
Andrew Alexander, blksmth, h 42 Alcina 

Andrews George W, lab, h n s Albert 

loseph A, leather wkj J E Ed- 

- 'in, res ^orth Dovercourt 
Angus James, carp, h e s rd 
Angus John, carp, h e a Spadlna rd 
Armstrong Wm H, butcher, h 321 How- 
land av 

ehibald. dairy 325 Rowland av 
: Jacob, lab, h n s Alcina av 
Arscott Mary (wld Edwin), h 339 Albany 


Ashbee George, pntr, h w s Bathurst 
Ashford Wm, mill hd Boake Mfg Co, res 

Ashley Frank, h n s Brldgeman av 

y John, tmstr, h n s Bridgeman av 
Atkln Norman, h a s St. Albans av 
Austin Albert W. res head of Spadina rd 
Austin Francis, opr J E Edwards & Sons, 

res Toronto 

Avis John, plstr, h 146 Wychwood av 
Babb Harry, grocer s s Helena av. h same 
Baddely Miss Elizabeth, opr J E Edwards 

& Sons, 1 Huston rd 
Baddely Miss Jessie, opr J E Edwards 

& Sons, 1 Arlington av 

Bailey Thomas, fireman, h n s Alcina av 
Balne George, elk, 1 H Simpson 
Baird Annie (wid Robert), h s s Helena 


Baird David F. bkpr. 1 Mrs A Baird 
Baird John, gdnr, h 324 Howland av 
Baker Herbert J, carp, h w s Spadina rd 
Bannister Charles, lab. h 333 Albany av 
Barbour David, mill foreman Boake Mfg 

Co. res Toronto 
Barden Wm, wka Standard Silver Co, b 

John Wilson 
Beale Wm J, chemist Wm Davies Co, h 

w a Albany rd 

Beazley John, lather, h 331 Albany av 
Beckett Charles, pller Boake Mfg Co, res 


E Beers 

alter F. lab. has Davenport rd 
Bell Elizabeth iwid Allan), h n a Alcina 

Hugh. prtr. h 286 Albany av 
John, btchr. h w s Bathurst 
Bennett John, lab, 1 Samuel Hurst 
Bennett Richard T, plstr, h s a St Clair 

Bennlng Frank H, lab, b 142 Wychwood 

Bentinck Wm H, mkt gdnr, w s Kenwood 


Bermmgham Wm H, dairy n a Alcina av 
rd John, grader Boake Mfg Co, re* 

Berry Wm, lab, h n s Alcina av 

Bevan Thomas, wks Boake Mfg Co, rea 

Bingham Sydney, driver Ellas Rogers, n 
347 Albany av 

Blackwell Henry, lab, h n s Albert 

\vood W, sec Boa'ce Mfg Co, 
ijtd, res Toronto 

Boake Frederick C, supt Boake Mfg Co, 
Ltd, res Toronto 

Boake G Wilfrid, pres and mgr Boake 
Mfg Co, Ltd, ree Toronto 

Ltd, The, G Wilfred Boake, Pres Lum 
ber Dealers and Planing Mills 307-315 
Howiand av 

Boggis Edwin, leather wkr J E Edwards 
^ons. h s s St Clair av 

Bolan Arthur, ctr J B Edwards & Sons, 
res Toronto 

Bowers George, helper Boake Mfg Co, 
L-td, res Toronto 

Frank Turner, C E, Postmaster Daven 
port rd s w cor Christie 

Bradley Frank J, plstr, h w s Frederick 

Bradley John, prtr, 1 F J Bradley 

Bradley Lewis M, lab, 1 F J Bradley 

Breath Samuel, mill hd Boake Mfg Co, 
Ltd, res Toronto 

Breen Jeremiah, grocer w a Vaughan rd, 
h same 



1 J KlNGST EA^ * 

Brimicombe George, wks CPR, h w a 

Ruston rd 
Brimicombe Wm, opr J B Edwards & 

Sons, 1 Arlington av 
Brockhurst Frank, piler Boake Mfg Co, 

res Toronto 

Bromley Harry, bkbndr, h e s Bathurat 
Brown Edward, gdnr, h e s Bathurst 
Brown Miss Ethel, opr J E Edwards & 

Sons. 1 Ruston rd 
Brown George, mach Boake Mfg Co, res 


Brown James, lab, h w s Ruston rd 
Brown James R, lab, h n s Alcina av 
Brown Jeremiah, mkt gdnr e a Hilton av 
John K. mach. h n s Alcina av 
Brown Wm, opr J E Edwards & Sons, h 

n s St Clair av 
Bryce Peter, phy e a Humewood av, h 


Bryce Wm. studt, 1 Dr. Peter Bryce 
Buckle Arnold, gdnr, h w s Albany av 
Bugler George W, driver, h 1169 Bathurst 
Bull George G. gdnr, h 22 Brunswick av 
Bunn Arthur J, plstr, h s s Davenport rd 
Burdett Thomas, lab, h s s St Clair ar 
Burfoot George, grocer, h e s Albany av 
Burger Anthony, Indryman, h n s Helena, 

Burke Miss Madeline, with J E Edwards 

& Sons, res Toronto 


City Office, 152 Bay St., TORONTO 

Manganese Steel Castings 

Signal Interlocking Plants 
Electric Railway Trucks 




Phone Main BITS House, North 566 


13 Yong* St. Arcad 


Butston Percival, tmstr, h n s Bridgeman 


Byeis Wm. mkt gdnr s s Davenport rd 
Cadwell Cecil, opr Tor & Niagara P Co, 

1 tiO Killsborougli av 
Callicott Joseph, mKt gdnr s s Davenport 

rd, h same 

Calverley John N, carp, h w s Albany av 
Cameron John, supt General Leather 

Gooas, Ltd, res Toronto 
Cameron John G, coremkr Tor Furnace 

Co, h 152 Alcina av 
Cameron Robert H, mgr General Leather 

Goods, Ltd, res Toronto 

Carlisle Abraham, wks GTR. 1 James Car 
lisle I 
Carlisle James, lab, h n s Alcina ay 
Carlisle James A, carp. 1 James Carlisle 
Carmody Matilda (wid Byron), h 325 Al 
bany av 
Carrick Wm H, mgr Gurney Foundry Co, 

h n s Davenport rd 

Chamberlain Thomas B, 1171 Bathurst 
Chappell James C, leather wkr General 

Leather Goods, Ltd, h n s Albert 
Cheatley Patterson, porter, h e s Vaughan 


Cheeseworth Wm L, agt, 1 John T B Row- 

Christie Harry, 1 James Christie 
Christie James, cattle dlr s s Heleija ay 
Christie Miss Maggie, opr General Leath 
er Goods Co, Ltd, 1 James Christie 
Christie Miss Minnie E. elk. 1 J Christie 
Churchill Joseph, carp, h 4 Brunswick aT 
Clark John W, pntr, h n s Albert 
Clarkson John, h w s Vaughan rd 
Clement John, stone mason, h n s Helena 


Clouston James, carp, h e B Kenwood av 
Clyde Joseph, mach, n w s Bathurst 
Coates George, mkt gdnr w s Hilton av 
Codner Richard, driver Boake Mfg Co, 

res Toronto 
Cole Mis Cora, tchr Hillcrest Pub Sch, res 


Coley Robert J, elect, h e s Arlington av 
Coley Robert R, elect, h e s Shaw 
Cooey Herbert W, mach, h e s Bathurst 
Cooey Joseph, carp Boake Mfg Co, h e 

s Bathurst 

Cook Miss Alice, furrier, 1 Mrs C Cook 
Cook Charlotte (wid Wm), h w s Spadina 

Cook Miss Elizabeth, furrier, 1 Mrs. U 


Cook Miss Maude, slsldy, 1 Mrs C Cook 
Cook Miss Mildred, mlnr, 1 Mrs C Cook 
Cook Miss Nellie E, bkpr General Leather 

Goods, Ltd, res Toronto. 
Cook Walter F, elk, 1 Mrs C Cook 
Cooke Albert C, pntr, h 143 Wychwood av 
Corrigan Wm J, phy n s St Albans 
Ootterill Elizabeth (wid John), florist e B 

Bathurst, h same 
Cotterill Miss Violet, stenog, 1 Mrs K 


Coulter Ed-ward, mach, h w s Bathurat 
Cowan Duncan, h e B Albany av 
Cowan Wm R, elk, h 272 Albany av 
Cranmer Richard B, h w s Christie 
Crawford James W, driver Boake Mfg Co, 

h e s Albany av 

Crew Edward, lab, h s s Helena av 
Crooks Leonard, cond, h e s Kenwood av 
Cross Herbert, gdnr, h e s Albany av 
Cude Harry, pntr, h n 8 Alcina av 
Culbert Edgar E, dentist e s Christie 
Curtis David, mkt gdnr e s Murray 
Curtis Samuel, carp, h w s Kenwood av 
Curzon Frederick, carp, Boake Mfg Co, 

res Toronto 
Dalton Arthur E, dairy, n s Albert, b 

Davidson Lachlan, stone ctr, to w s 


Decoft John, carp, h n s Helena av 
Deegan James, wks James Langmulr Co, 

h cor Christie and St Clair av 
Dever Wm, carp, h e B Markham 
Dey Edmund E, pntr, h n s Helena av 
Dick Rev David, pastor Church of Christ, 

res Toronto 
Dickenson John, repr Tor A Niai;;i 

Co, res loronto 
Dickson John, mason, h s s Vaughan rd 

Dinsmore Arthur J, furn mfr 317 Albany 
av, res Toronto 

Dinwoody Charles E, gdnr, 1 J Dinwoody 
Uinwoody Jeremiah, mkt gdnr, w s Man 
ning av, h same 

Dinwoody Miss Jessie M, 1 J Dinwoody 
Dinwoody Miss Leah E A H, mus tchr, 

1 J Dinwoody 

Uinwoody Miss Maud, 1 J Dinwoody 
Doan Harry, mach Boake Mfg Co, re 


Dobson Joseph, carp, h n s Alcina av 
Doner Miss Mary, opr J E Edwards -V 

Sons, 1 Somerset av 
Dones Miss Lucy, opr J E Edwards fr 

Sons, res Toronto 

Dorgan Timothy, h 2 Bridgeman av 
Douere Valeria (wid Frank N), h s s 

Helena av 
Dower Wm, night watchman Boake Mfg 

Co, h e s Howland av 
Downer Wm, pattern mkr, h e s Mark- 

Dunsford Oliver L, leather wkr J E Ed 
wards & Sons, h e s Christie 
Durham Charles, sawyer Boake Mfg Co, 

res Toronto 

Dyment Albert, h n s Davenport rd 
Edmunds Miss Ellen, opr General Leather 

Goods. Ltd. 1 Wm Edmunds 
Edmunds Wm, hlpr Tor &. Niagara P Co, 

has Albany ave 

Edwards Arthur J, leather wkr J E Ed 
wards & Sons, h e s Christie 
Edwards Charles (J E Edwards & Sons), 

h e s Christie 
Edwards Elizabeth J (wid John E), h e s 

Edwards Emmanuel, carp, h n s Helena 


Edwards George, carp, h w s Albany av 
Edwards James (J E Edwards & Sons), h 

e s Christie 
Edwards John (J E Edwards & Sons), h 

e s Bathurst 
Edwards J E & Sons (John. William, 

James and Charles), leather goods, e s 

Edwards Wm (J E Edwards & Sons), h 

e s Christie 

Edwards Wm, brklyr, h e s Vaughan rd 
Elson Alfred G, druggist w s Bathurst, 

h same 

Klvidge Elijah, pntr, h n s Alcina av 
Emory Elvany, lather, 1 W Emory 
Emory George, lab, 1 W Emory 
Emory Wilbert, lather, h e s Walmer rd 
Fahey John, grader Boake Mfg Co, res 


Fanning Wm J, lab, h w s Vaughan rd 
Felton Edward, doachman, h 349 Albany 

Fennell Edward A, jwlr, h 337 Howland 


Ferguson Henry, presser, h e s Markham 
Field Francis, uphol, h e s Vaughan rd 
Firth Edward T, pntr, e s Vaughan rd, 

h same 
Flay Albert, tmstr Boake Mfg Co, res 

Fleming Robert J, mgr Toronto Railway 

Co, h St Clair av, cor Bathurst 
Fletcher Amos, jwlr, h e s Albany 
Flood Christopher M, gdnr, h 276 Albany 


Florence Alexander, carp, h 18 Bruns 
wick av 
Flowers Ernest G, supervisor Toronto & 

Niagara Power Co, res Toronto 
Floyd Joseph, opr J E Edwards & Sons, 

1 n s Alcina av 

Flyn Joseph, carp, h n s Alcina av 
Follett Rev Charles W. pastor Zion 

Methodist Church, h s s St Clair av 
Ford George, h w s Ruston rd 
Forgie Wm, gdnr, h 319 Howland av 
Foster Miss Lottie L, tchr Hillcrest Pub 
lic School, res Toronto 

Fowler Herbert, h w s Bathurst 
Fowler Wilson H, elk, h s s St Clair av 
Fox David, driver Boake Mfg Co, res To 
French Miss Grace, opr General Leather 

Goods, Ltd, res Toronto 
Garner Walter, leather wkr J E Edwards 
& Sons, h n s Albert 

Garrett Joseph, leather wkr J E Edwards 

& Sons, 1 W H Garrett 
Garrett Wm H. elk J E Edwards & Sons, 

h e s Christie 

Gay Wm J, tmstr, h w s Wychwood av 
Geary Miss Ella, opr" General Leather 

Goods, Ltd, 1 Wm Geary 
Geary Miss Jesica, opr J E Edwards & 

Sons, 1 Wm Geary 
Geary Wm, carp, h w s Vaughan rd 
General Leather Goods, Ltd, Joseph Kil- 
gour pres, Robert H Cameron mgr, 1181- 
11UU Bathurst 

Gibson John, fireman, h n s Helena av 
Gibson Wm, elect, h n s Bridgeman av 
Giles George E, carp, h e s Vaughan rd 
Giles James, lab, 1 Geo E Giles 
Gill George H, carp, h s s Vaughan rd 
Glassey John I, mtrmn, h e s Bathurst 
Glassey Mary J (wid Wm J), 1 e s Ba 

Glendennlng Robert, gdnr, h w s Murray 
Goad Martha (wid Herbert T), h 351 How- 
land av 

Godkin Charles H, carp, h 348 Howland av 
Joodchild Elizabeth (wid Charles W), h 

e s Christie 
Goodchild Ernest, opr J E Edwards & 

Sons, 1 Mrs E Goodchild 
Goodchild Wm, gdnr, 1 Mrs E Good- 
Gooderham Alfred, driver Boake Mfg Co, 

res Toronto 

Goodings Robert, lab, h e s Vaughan rd 
Goodman Ambrose K, barr, 1 M M 

Graham Bernard, mkt gdnr, w s Kennedy 

ave, h same 

Graham Bridget (wid Thomas), e s Ken 
nedy av 

Graham Edward, 1 B Graham 
Graham John, gdnr, 1 B Graham 
Graham Joseph, h w s Markham 
Graham Owen, mkt gdnr w s Hilton av 
Graham Thomas jr, 1 Mrs B Graham 
Graham Walter, gdnr, 1 Mrs B Graham 
Graham Wm, contr, h e s Kennedy 
Gray John, tmstr Boake Mfg Co, res To 

Greeley James H, carp, h s s Helena av 
Greeley James R. carp, h s s Helena av 
Greensides Charles, lab, h w s Lakevlew 


Greensides Henry, lab, h s s St Clair av 
Greensides Thomas, h s s St Clair av 
Greenwood Alfred, plstr, h e s Arlington 

Groves Charles, tmstr Boake Mfg Co, res 


Grummitt Wm E, gdnr n E Helena av 
Hadlow George, gdnr, h n s Helena av 
Hall John J, carpet layer, h w s Vaugtoan 


Hallett Wm, lab, to s s Vaughan rd 
Hamel Herbert J, photo engr, h w s Ken 
wood av 
Hamilton James L, farmer, h e s Vaughan 


Hamilton John, eng. h n s Helena av 
Hamilton Thomas J, lab, h s s St Alban's 


Hamilton Wm J, bldr, h n s St Clair av 
Hancock Enoch, wks C P R, h s s St 

Clair av 
Hancock Henry, with J E Edwards & 

Sons, res Toronto 
Hancock Leonard opr J B Edwards & 

Sons, 1 Ruston rd 

Hare Jessie (wid J H), h 23 Alcina av 
Harvey Amps, h 343 Howland av 
Hastings Miss Amelia, opr, 1 Wm Hast 

Hastings Miss Ruby, slsldy, 1 Wm Hast 

Hastings Wm, gdnr, h s s Davenport rd 
Hawkes Robert, carp, h w s Bathurst 
Hegg Robert, gdnr, h n s Albert 
Helliwell Gordon, coll Boake Mfg Co, 

res Toronto 

Henderson Albert J, studt, 1 John Hend 
Henderson John, county magistrate, h n s 

St Clair av 

Henderson Walter J, slsmn, 1 John Hend 
Henry Irwin, drover, h w s Vaughan rd 


18 TORONTO ST. Phone Main 2959. 

This Strip cost* less, and is far more effective than Double 
Windows, or Storm Doors, and also DUST-PROOF. 




: kham 

Heslop John, paper hngr, h w s Vaughan 

;> John H. farmer e s Vaughan rd 
l-Mward L. h L'<is Albany av 
11 Frederi k, plmbr, h w s Knwood av 

llllas Vincent, mach, h w s Vaughan rd 
Hillcrest Convalescent Home, Miss Mar 
garet Watson supt, n e cor Davenport 

rd and Bathurst 
Hillcr.'st Public School. Matthew B 

Holmes prln. e a Bathurat 
iilton John, tmstr, h s s Vaughan av 
Bind Frederick J, elk A (J Elson b Mrs 

Hodgins Frank, trav J B Edwards 4 

Sons, res Toronto 

Hollis George, florist w s Shaw, h same 
Holmes Edwin, pller Boake Mfg Co 
Holmes Mrs Ellen, grocer w a Bathuret 
Holmes John, blksmth, h w s Vaugha 

Holmes Matthew B, prin Hillcrest Pu 

Sch, res Toronto 

Holmes Reuben, bkr w s Bathurst.h sam 
Booker K.lward G, plstr, h s s Vaugha 


Hooker James, lab, has Vaughan rd 
Hopcraft Edward, foreman, h w s Hath 

Hopkins Thomas, brklyr, h e s Arlngt. m 


Hopper Frank, lab, h n s Alcina av 
Hopper Frank, confy, w s Rathurst, 

Horton George, tchr, h e s Humewood a 


A. E. KIRKPATRICK, Manager for Canada 

SIDNEY W. BAND, Special Agent 

Phone M. 4738 

Howes Robert, confy. e s Kenwood, h 


Hudson Alfred E. lab, h n s Alice av 
Humphrey Francis R, gdnr. h w a Christie 
Humphries Charles, mill hd Boake Mfg 

r. s Toronto 
Hurst Edward, driver Boake Mfg Co, 


Hurst Samuel, h w s Brunswick av 
Hutchison Miss Margaret. 1 John Verner 
Irvine Miss Annie, opr J E Edwards 

Sons, res Toronto 
Irvine Henry, drover cor Vaughan av 

and Louisa 

Irvine Wm. carp, h 350 Howland av 
Ivey John, timekeeper, h 323 Howland av 
Jackson Thomas, driller Boake Mfg Co 

res Toronto 

James Wm. tlr, h s s St Clalr av 
Jeal Edward, mach, h n s Albert 
Johnson Harry, pller Boake Mfg Co, res 

Johnston C Jams, gro Davenport rd, 

cor Christie, h same 

Johnston Frank, plmbr, 1 Mrs M A John 
Johnston Mary A (wld Thomas), h s s 

v ictorla av 
Johnston Miss Pauline, 1 Mrs M A 

Jones Bros (Thomas and W Richard), 

stove brick mfrs, w s Christie 
Jon^s Thomas (Jones Bros), h w a 


Jones Thomas, lab, h w a Albany av 
Jones W Richard (Jones Bros) has 

Jordan Walter, florist, w s Christie 

, , 

Joselln James D, pattern mkr, h w s 

Spadina rd 

Joy Hudson, barber, h w s Bathurst 
Julian Philip, grader Boake Mfg Co. res 


Kelly James, lab, h n s Albert 
Kemp Charles A V, carp, h w s Christie 
Kemp George, lab, h n s Albert 
Kennedy Dr Frederick 8, secy-treas Lang- 

mulr & Co, rea Toronto 
Kenney Dennis, gdnr. h e s St Clalr av 
Kenney Hush, prln Boake Mfg Co, rea 

Kenwood Land Co, Ltd, Frederick B 

Robins agt. n s St Clair av 
Kerr Andrew, baker, Davenport rd, s e 

cor Howland av 

Kettle Harriet (wid Joseph), h 8 Bruns 
wick av 
Kilgour Joseph, pres General Leather 

Goods. Ltd, res Toronto 
Kirby George, lather, h n s Albert 

Kirby Miss Mildred, elk. 1 349 Howland | Matthewa Marmaduke E, 1 M M Mat- 
avenue thewa 

in Ovid Nathaniel;, h 349 How- 
! av 

-Isldy. I 619 Howland 

Samuel B, opr J E Edwards & 

i Wall. -I-. proof reader, h e s Ken- 

i av 

I' 1 " 1 ' lbj l -' Bridgeman av 

rlon Wm. elk, h n s St Clair av 
Langmuir James, pres Jas Langmulr & 
Co, Ltd, h n a St Clair av 

i .AM; MI n; JAMES & co, LTD. 

Jnnifs Langmuir President, Paint ! 
Manufacture :s and M;ik. rs of Blackwell 
\ arnishes, 134O Bathurst (See adv Paint ! 


Lark Henry Q, carp, h w a Vaughan rd 

Edwanl (Rayner ,t La very) 
!! Rayner 
L*>wreno Arthur, yardmn Boake Mfe Co 
res Toronto 

e James D, baker, h w s Bathurs 
A Levy, lab, h n s Alcina av 
Lester Wm, carp, has Vaugrhan rd. 
Lever Frank, carp Boake Mfg Co. ro 

IT. h n s Alcina av 

Ling Edward, pntr, h 340 Rowland av 
Linton Richard, i IIK!II> < -r CPR, h e 


Loggio Charles, carp, h s s Eisworth av 
Thomas, bldr. h w s Vaughan rd 
Lovltt Charles, mkt gdnr w a Lakevlew 
i Lewis, wks General Leather Goods 

Ltd. h s s Alcina av 
Lowes Frederick W, cooper, h n Helena 

Lugger John, pianomkr, h n s Kenwood 


Lynn Henry, carp, h w a Vaughan rd 
Lynn IVrcy, cutt.-r. h t- s Markham 
4-cClarty Archibald, h 288 Albany av 

Man Krnest K. 1 349 Howland av 
M I'ush George, mach, h s s Davenport rd 
McCoy Robert, pller Boake Mfg Co, res 


McDonagh Robert, h s s Davenport rd 
McDonald Angus, b Mrs Bedford 
McGovern Thomas C, trav General 

Leather Goods, Ltd, res Toronto 
McGowan George, mkt gdnr e s Batburst, 

h same 

McGregor John, messr. h w s Bathurst 
Mclntosh Catherine (wld John), 1 834 How- 
land av 
McKerrighan John, florist a 8 Davenport 

rd, h same 

McLean George, bkpr. has Helena av 
IcLeish John, gdnr A Robertson 
Mr.Millan A, mach Boake Mfg Co, res 


JcMullen Charles W, h e s Vaughan rd 
McMullen Edward, elk, b C W McMullen 
McMullen James K, co constable, h e s 

Vaughan rd 

VIeNaughton Thomas, mldr, h e s Vau 
ghan av 

WcQuade Edward, lab, h n e Bridgeman 

lacXamara Arthur, gdnr, 1 J W Mac 

Macnamara Donald, gdnr, 1 J W Macna 

rlacnamara Frank, gdnr, 1 J W Macna 

lacnamara John, gdnr, 1 J W Macnamara 
Macnamara John W, mkt gdnr a B Dav 
enport rd 

lacnamara Patrick, mkt gdinr e s Shaw 
lacTaggart Rev Wm A, pastor Wych 
wood Presbyterian Ch. h n s St Clair av 
laddaford John, ctr J E Edwards & Sons, 
h n s Albert 

[addaford Wm J, driver, h n s Alcina av 
rlanuel Miss Annie, with J E Edwards & 

Sons, res Toronto 

Marks George L. gro s w cor Daven 
port rd and Howland av. h same 
farrltt Miss Lynn, tchr Hillcrest Public 
School, res Toronto Junction 
arshall James, driver, h w s Bathurst 
artin James, lab, h e s Arlington av 
artin Wm H, plmbr, h e s Kenwood av 




Matthews Marmaduke M, artist n s Dav 

onport rd, h same 

Matthewa Robert W, lab. h e s Ruston rd 
Meech Jamei K, barber w s Bathurst h 


Meech Walter, elk, 1 J E Meech 
Merriman Wm, mason, h s s Vaughan rd 
Mlddleton Horace, lab, h w s Bathurst 
Mile.s Alfred J, tmstr, h 357 Howland av 

Miss Emma, 1 357 Howland av 
Miles Miss Jessie, opr J B Edwards A 

Sons, 1 357 Howland av 
Miller Edwin T (Miller & Sons), h w s 

Miller Frederick C (Miller & Sons), h w 

a Murray 
Miller Frederick H (Miller & Sons), h w s 

Midler & Sons (Frederick C, Frederick H. 

and Edwin T), florists, w s Murray 
Mills John, brklyr, h s s St Albans av 
Mills Wm, plmbr, 1 John Mills 
Mishaw John K, brklyr, h n s Alcina av 

A'm, carp, h w s Vaughan rd 
Monkhouse Archibald, driver Boake Mfg 

Co, res Toronto 
Uonkhouse Frank, driver Boake Mfg Co, 

rea Toronto 
Monlchouse Samuel, foreman Boake Mfg 

Co. rea Toronto 

Monkman James, h w s Markham 
Moody James, lab Boake Mfg Co, res 


rloore Henry H, carp, h w s Kenwood ar 
Moore John, carp, h w s Kenwood av 
Hoore John, shipper, h 144 Wychwood av 
Hoore John A, brklyr, h s s Vaughan rd 
Morris Charles, mach Boake Mfg Co, 1 
w s Brunswick ar 

Miss Martha, stenog Boake Mfg 
Co, res Toronto 
Vlorrison Miss Annie, with J E Edwards 

& Sons, 1 C Sharpley 
fuir Alexander, eng, b w s Christie 
Murray Wm, coal w s Vanghan rd, h 


Musselwhlte Wm A, h n s Alcina av 
Veil Albert E, elk, h e s Bathurst 
"Jewell Wm, opr J B Edwards & Sons, h 

s e Helena av 
Nicholson Samuel, driver, h B s Vaughun 


Noble Frank, tmstr, 1 338 Howland av 
Noblo Robert, wks Boake Mfe Co. 1 T 


Noble Thomas, paver, h 338 Howland av 
Noble Thomas jr, driver, 1 338 Howland 


Noble Wm J, driver, 1 338 Howland av 
Nordheimer Samuel, piano mfr, h n e 

Davenport rd 
Norman John T, Iron 1 wkr. h 343 Albany 


Nunn Frederick, lab, h n s Albert 
O'Brien Benjamin J, mall oik. h 

Helena av 

O'Brien James, gdnr, h e s Murray 
O'Brien Patrick, carp, h w s Bathurst 
O'Connor Joseph, lineman Tor & Niagara 

P Co, res Toronto 
O'Rouke John, lab, h e a Bathurst 
O'Rouke Mary (wid John) h e s Bathurst 

M. C. PINK & CO. 

Dealers In Scrap Paper, Rubber, Iron, Metals, 
Ledgers, Newspapers, Books, Bags 

Phone M. 3891 22 FRANCIS ST. 


FRFR MARTIN Real Estate and Insurance Broker 

I IILU. II. Ifinil I 111, 35 ADELA | OE SL EAST Phone Main 2179 


Oborn Miss Beatrice, opr J E Edwards & 

Sons, 1 J Geary 
Oborn Krnest, upr J E Edwards & bons. 

res Toronto 
Oborn Frank, opr J E Edwards & Sons 1 

e s Bathurst 
Oge George R, trav J E Edwards & Sons, 

h s s S't Albans av 
Oldfielil Ernest, harness mkr, h s s 

Vaughan rd 

Ormrod Thomas, contr, w s Christie 
Pack IMlph E. elk, h n s Davenport rd 
Paget Thomas W, h 361 Albany av 
Palmer John P, lab. h n s Albert 
Parkes George, tmstr Boake Mfff Co, res 


Peacock John W, shipper, h s s Helena av 
Pearson Richard, gdnr, h s s St Albans 

Peebles Miss Elizabeth, opr J E Edwards 

Sons, Ins Helena av 
Pellatt Sir Henry Mill, res head Walmer 


Fellow Clarence, cabt mkr, h 17 Alcina av 
Pense Charles, surveyor, 1 H J Baker 
Pense Frederick, trav, 1 H J Baker 
Perry Richard, brklyr, h s s St. Clalr av 
Perry \Vm J, opr Tor & Niagara P Co, 

res Toronto 

Peters James, lab, h w s Vaughan rd 
Phillips George, plstr, 1 Wm Smith 
Phillips George, mkt gdnr s s St Glair av 
Phillips George, plstr, 1 Wm Smith 
Phillips Miss Louise, elk, 1 337 Albany av 
Phillips Miss Luck, opr J E Edwards & 

& Sons, 1 337 Albany av 
Phillips Miss Margaret, opr J E Edwards 

Sons, 1 337 Albany av 
Pickles James H, trav, h w s Albany av 
Pilling- Arthur, driver, h 6 Bridgeman av 
Pines Daniel, opr Tor ft Niagara P Co, 

res Toronto 

Platt John, mldr, 1 A Bunn 
Plumb George, florist, h 1177 Bathurst 
Pope Cecil, lab, h 14 Brunswick av 
Postill Stephen J, carp, h w s Bathurst 
Power Frederick, maoh hd, h e s Mark- 
Pratt Henry Y, silver plshr, h n s Helena 

Price Wm, hlpr Tor <& Niagara P Co, 1 

Arlington av 

Price Wm E, brklyr, h 342 Howland av 
Prince Samuel, shipper Boake Mfc Co. r*s 
. Toronto 

Proctor Edward, leather wkr J B Ed 
wards Ac Sons, res Mort.i Dovercourt 
Pryke Wm, carpet lyr, h w s Kenwood av 
Public Library. Wm H Garrett librarian, 
George Silman asst librarian Hillcrest 
Public School, e s Bathurst 
Punnett Dore, mkt gdnr w s Christie, h 


Punnett Richard, gdnr, 1 w s Christie 
Quinn Miss Anna, acct Boake Mis Co. res 


Ratcliffu Joseph, lab, h 141 Alcina av 
Rayner Samuel (Rayner & Lavery), h nor 

Davenport and Walmer rds 
Rayner & Lavery (Samuel Rayner, Jid- 
ward L/avery), blksmiths a a Daven 
port rd 
Redgate Edward, wks J E Edwards & 

S'ons, h w s Arlington av 
Reed Alexander G, h n s Alcina av 
Ribchester Francis, h s s Alcina. av 
Richardson Frederick, h s s St Clair av 
Kichardson Henry, h s s St Clair T 
Richardson Wm, carp, h w a Arlington av 
Rigby Thomas, carp, h e s Kenwood av 
Rivett Percy E, shoes w s Vaughan rd, I 

Alexander Smart 

Roberton Miss Emily, wks General Leath 
er Goods, Ltd, 1 a a Davenport rd 
Robertson John, grocer, s s Davenport rd 
i Mward, carp, h w s Vauffhan rd 
Roberts Thomas, lab, h w s Vaughan rd 
Robertson Alexander, florist, h s a St Al 
bans av 

Robertson Wm C, Joiner, h 21 Alcina av 
Robins Frederick B, agt Kenwood Land 

Co, Ltd, res Toronto 
Robinson Charles, opr Tor & Niagara P 

Co, res Toronto 

Rocks John H, lineman, h 341 Howland 

h s s Davenport 
h e s Kenwood 

Remain John W, gdnr, 

Roots Arthur, wireman, 


Koss James C, soap mfr, h n s Bathurst 
Rossiter Ida J (wid Thomas J) h 329 Al 
bany av 
Rowell John T B, real estate e s Vaugfian 

rd, h same 
Rowntree John, barber w s Vaughan rd, 

res Weston 

Runham Wm D, lab, h w s Bathurst 
Ryan Arthur C, pdlr, h w s Chjistie 
Ryan Elizabeth (wid John), h w s Hilton 

Ryan Rev Patrick, pastor Holy Rosary 

Church, res St Basil'* Novitate 
Sales Harry, tdnr, h w s Albany av 
Sanderson James D, carp, h s s Helena av 
Sant'ord Thomas R, h 264 Albany av 
Scanlon Roy, tmstr Boake Mfg Co. res 


Schwalm Daniel, gro n s St Clair av 
Schwalm George, carp, h e s .Arlington av 
Schwalm Reuben, carp, h w s Arlington 

Scott Miss Pearl, tchr Hillcrest Pub Sen, 

res Toronto 
Seagar Ralph A, carp, h iw s Brunswick 


Seccombe Wallace, dentist, h w s Bath 
Servos John, opr Tor & Niagara P Co. res 

Sexton Dennis J, eng Boake Mlg Co. res 


Shar.pley Charles, mkt gdnr w s Christie 
Sharpley Herbert, gdnr, i C Sharpley 
Sriarpley Miss Minnie, opr J E Edwards 

& Sons, 1 C Siharpley 
Shenley Henry J, plshr Palmer Piano Co, 

b 1179 Bathurst 

Shenley Michael, lab, h 1179 Bathurst 
! Shepherd Benjamin, opr, h 345 Albany av 
Shorey Amos B, bkpr, h w s Vaughan rd 
Shuter Albert W, mkt gdnr a s Daven 
port rd, h same 
Shuter Wm, mkt gdnr Davenport rd cor 

Shaw, h same 

Silman George, asst librarian Public Li 

Sim John, mach, h n s Alice av 
Simmons Miss Jennie, opr General Leath 
er Co, Ltd, 1 e s Walmer rd 
Simpson Harry, carp, h w s Spadina rd 
Simpson James, lab, h e s Wychwood av 
Simpson John, lab, 1 A Walker 
Sinclair George, repr Tor & Niagara P 

Co, res Toronto 
Skelsey Miss Martha D, elk, 1 266 Albany 


Skelsey Richard T, app, 1 266 Albany av 
Smart Alexander S, btchr, w s Vaughan 

rd, h same 

Smith Albert, gdnr, h s a Albert 
Smith Albert F, J Wm Smith 
Smith Andrew, stone ctr, h n s Alcina av 
Smith Charles, piler Boake Mfg Co, res 


Smith Edward, lab, h s s Vaughan rd 
Smith Frank, plstr, h 335 Albany av 
Smith John, lab, h e s Shaw 
Smith Joseph F, gro 339 Albany av, 1 

Smith Miss Louisa, opr General Leather 

Goods, Ltd, 1 Wm Smith 
Smith Wm, gdnr, h B s Albert 
Smith Wm, solderer, h e e Helena v 
Smith Wm F, slsmn, 1 Wm Smith 
Sparks Alfred, painter, h o a Vaughan rd 


Sparks James, lab, h w s Hilton av 
Spenceley Alfred, h s a Davenport rd 
Spenner Bernard, eng, h e s Arlington av 
Spencer Edward, lab, h w s Ruaton rd 
Spiiler George, rnkt gdnr e s Bathurst 
Stead Miss Annie, opr J E Edwards & 

Sons, res Toronto 

Stead Isaac, mldr, has Victoria av 
Steel Charlotte (wid Wm). h n B Helena 


Stephens John B, acct, h e s Spadlna rd 
Stephens Miss Laura, 1 J B Stephens 
Stephens Sarah (wid Albert), h e 

Vaughan rd 

Stephens Wm, mkt gdnr a a Davenport rd 
stephenson Frank, tmstr, h n s Albert 

Stephenson Wm A, hdware e s Markham, 

h same 

Stewart Alfred, lab, h s s St Clair ar 
Strachan Wm, carp, h e s Frederic* 
Strain John, h w s Markham 
Strong James, carp, h e s Wychwood av 
Stroud Robert H, leather wkr J E Ed 
wards & Sons, res Toronto 
Summerfleld Charles . foreman James 

Langmuir Co, h e s Humewood av 
Summerfleld Joseph, h e s Humewood av 
Summerfleld Wm, jwlir, i A Fletcher 
Swailes Charles, mkt gdnr s a Davenport 

rd, li same 
Taylor Archibald, moto, h w s Vaughan 

Taylor Frank, opr J E Edwards & Sons, 

res Toronto 
Taylor James, wks Gen Leather Goods, 

Ltd, h s s Davenport rd 
Taylor Joseph, opr General leather 

Goods, Ltd, h s s Davenport rd 
Tegart Miss Ella M. tchr Hillcrest Pub 

School, res Toronto 

Thomas Joseph R, huckster, s s Daven 
port rd 
Thompson Mary (wid Michael), 1 w s 

Vaughan rd 

Thomson Thomas, lather, h 270 Albany av 
Thorpe Miss Amelia C, opr J E Edwards 

& Sons, 1 W J Thorpe 
Thorpe Wm J. carp, h s s Helena av 
Thurston James, plstr, h s s St Clair av 
Till George, carp, h w s Bathurst 
Tombs Edward, baker, h s s Davenport rd 
Toronto & Niagara Power Co (Toronto 
Terminal Station), Ernest G Flowers 
supervisor, s s Davenport rd, 1 n CPR 
Tresidder Charles, prtr, h s s Helena av 
Tr;st Tl'oinas. carp, h s s Helena av 
Tucker WTO, mach, h 327 Howland av 
Tulloch Peter, carp, h e B Markharn 
Turner Frank, C E, postmaster, h> n w 

oor Christie and Davenport rd 
Turner Percival, foreman Boake Mfg Co, 

rea Toronto 

Turner Wm, wks Boake Mfg Co, I P Tur 
VaUa/ry Miss Lizzie J. tchr Hillcrest Pub 

School, res Toronto 

Vaughan Edwaird, h s s Davenport rd 
Verner John, h cor Bathurst and St Clair 


Walker Adam, carp, h w s Vaugtoan rd 
SValker George, gdnr, h s s Davenport rd 
Wallace Sydney, coachman, h w s Vaugh 
an road 

Walmsley Thomas, bridge insp, h n s Al 
cina av 
Ward Alexander, mason, h s s Vaughan 


Ward Frederick, lab, h e s Albert 
Wardle Charles, bkbndr, h e s Wychwood 


Warren Cameron A. phy, e s Bathurst 
Wass Miss Annie, b 15 Alcina av 
Wass Arthur B, elect, I w s Vaughan rd 
Wass C A E elk, b 15 Alcina av 
Wass Rev John B, h 15 Alcina av 
Watson Miss Margaret, supt Hlllorest 

Convalescent Home, res same 
Watson Wm, tmstr Boake Mfg Co, rea 

Watts Isabella (wid Charles), 1 Mrs F N 

Webb Christopher, postmaster and gro 

Wychwood Park, w s Vaughan rd 
Wedderburn George, carp Boake Mfg Co, 

h 347 Howland av 

Welham Ernest G, carp, h 60 Alcina ar 
Wells Walter W, organ bldr, 1 Wm Wells 
Wella Wm, lab, h w a Christie 
Wiheatley John, leather wkr J B Ed 
wards & Sons, res Toronto 
Whelan Martin cabtmkr, has Alcina av 
I White Archibald, cond, h 352 Howland av 
White Miss Clara, opr J E Edwards & 

Sons, 1 Wm White 
White Elizabeth (wid Henry G), h cor 

Bathurst and Vaughan rd 
White Miss Ellen, opr J E Edwarde & 

Sons, 1 B White 
White Frederick, repr Tor & Niagara P 

Co, res Toronto 

White George, h e s Vaughan rd 
White Miss Mary, opr J E Edwards & 
Sons, 1 B White 

Guarantee Company of North America 

MEDLAND & SON, Gen'l Agents, Mail Building, Cor. King and Bay 


Tel. Main 1067 


1*>QDtVOmniT'C<fll I -iilllUM 


hard, lab, h n s Helena av 
Thomas, lab, h n s Alclna av 
White Wm, opr J E Edwards & Sons h 

n a Helena av 
Whittmack Sylvester, time kpr, 1 4 

Brunswick av 

Williamson Clara (wid William) he* 
i wood av 

gdnr, h w s Christie 
Wilson John F, express, h n s Helena av 

Winter Francis W (Gourlay, Winter & 
mlng), res e s Bathurst 


Hugh, rest Pub 

. h w s Brun.--.-. 

Wood James. carj>. 1 Hugh Wood 
Wood John, carp, h 339 Rowland av 
Wood John, printer. 1 H 
Wood Jos, irst 

tpr Tor it Niagara 

PHONES MAIN" 4501 and 1400 




W, porter, h Cronyn 

Brooks Albert E. mach. h e s Don Mill* 

Hrooks Miss Amelia L, asst p m, I Q 

tt rooks 

Brooks Frederick E, h Moscow 
BROOKS GEORGE. Postmaster and 
r Don Mills rd. h same 

Pb, h w s Don Mills rd 
Anna L, bkbndr, 1 Mrs 

Brown David, h w B Sarah 

i Frank H. student, 1 J T Brown 
ruwn llrnry. mkt gdrw, h Don Valley 
Brown Henry F. constable, h 4 Dan- 
tort: 1 . 

Brown John T, constable, h w s tvn 

Ml Leathei 

Woods Charles, brklyr, h e s Christie 
Woods John W. wood turner h s s St 

Albans av 

Wretham Charles, tmstr, h 260 Albany 

1-:. t:r. ! n - Alolna 
Wright Edward, h w s Christie 

'iry. lab, b urst 

'-. s s Da vi n port ril 

k Post Omce. Christopher 

!>b postmaster, w s Vaug'ian rd, cor 

v Win 
A .\ ' 

V : _ 

Wynne Walter L, packer, h s s Victoria 

ver, i John Young 
Young Catherine (wid Wm). gro w 

ighan rd, h same 
Young John, dairy e s Kendall av 

ny av 

Voung Samuel, driver. 1 John Young 
Young Wm, cond, h 355 Howland av 
g Wm. dn-iver, 1 John Young 

Church. ); s w 

Pollen pastor, s s St Clalr av 


(Four Miles Northeast of P O) 

Alexander Edith (wid Henry), 1 F M 


Alexander Frank M, trav, h w s Don Mills 

James D, steam ftr, h w s 

Anderton Edward, lab, h Moscow av 
Armstrong Allen, slsmn, h e s Whitney av 
Armstrong Frederick W, drover J Arm 

Armstrong James, cattle dlr w s Whdt- 

ney av, h same 

Arnold Albert, appr, 1 G Arnold 
Arnold George, paper mkr, h John 
Arnold George jr, packer, 1 G Arnold 

mkt gdnr Randolph av 

Atherslch Wm H, gdrr, h w s Logan av 
Bailey John H, carp, h w s Moscow av 
Bailey Walter, lab, b Patrick Hanrahan 
Baker Stewart, bldr, has Dartford rd 
Baron George, stock kpr, h e s Whitney 


Bartley Henry, stereo, h e s Logan av 
Belflelds John, lab, 1 G H Hodgkinson 
Bell Alured S, exp, h e s Moscow av 
Bennett Ellen (wid Thomas), h e s Don 

Mills rd 
Black Christopher, carp, h 312 Danforth 

Mabel, elk, 1 J T Brown 
Brown Samuel, eng. h n s Cherrv 


in Miss Marian tlrs. 1 J Mul 
Brunett Peter, barber, h 130 Danforth av 
Bryant Tlu mas A, pressman, h e s Don 


Buckingham John, brk wkr, 1 Mrs Soth 

lohn J, gro Pape av. cor Ran 

Burrage Alfred, brklyr, b Henry Oakley 
Burrage Owen, brklyr, b Henry O< 
I E, poultry oreedei . 
s \\ 

Alfred, plstr, h w s Don Mills rd 
Calvert Miss Jessie, tchr Chester Pub Sch 

res Toronto 
Campbell Wm, foreman, h Logan av 

h, 1 G R 

,i.rp, li w s Whitney 

:'ude, cashier, 1 G R 

1'r. 1 G R Ca.rra.dus 

Carter Charles, lather, h s s Dartford rd 
Carter Robert, carp, h Cronyn av 

r Wm, gdnr. h w s Don Mills rd 

-ed G, 1 li dine 

10 Bros (Charles and Harry), 
market gdnrs Uanforth rd 
Uarwardlne C! wardine Bros), 1 

1 1 Carw.irdine 

rry (Carwardine Bros), h 
n s Danforth av 

Cary Charles, lab, h w g Moscow av 
Chambers James, electrician, h Sarah 
Chester Baptist Church, Rev Judson Mc- 

Intosh pastor, Don Mills rd cor John 
Chester Presbyterian Church, Rev A 1 

McFadyen pastor, w ? Dun M.. 
Clark James F, mkt gdnr Pape av 
Clipperton Mrs Ida M, tchr Chester Pub 

Schl, res Toronto 

Cockburn George, checker, h Logan av 
hooper Frank, blksmith. h e s Carlaw av 
hooper Johnston, jwlr, 1 T B Cooper 

Cooper Thomas B, lab. h Sarah 


Blake .Jrs Ruth, 

housekpr, 1 Mrs M 

Booth James, brklyr, 1 316 Danforth av 
Booth John, brklyr, h 316 Danforth av 
Booth Wm, lab, b George Hodgkinson 
Bowman Wm, engineer, h w s Don Mills 


Bray John, carp, h e s Don Mills rd 
Bray Kenneth, box mkr. 1 J Bra* 
Bray Stanley, btchr. 1 J Bray 
Britton Wm, lab, 1 S Dewhurst 

orbett Benjamin, shoemkr 

M.r.s rd. h same 
Cornish Jesse, lab, 1 S Cornish 
Cornish Sydney S, carp, h e s Whitney av 

iv. tniv. h w s > 

Cracknell George, lab, h w s Logan av 
Crew Richard, safemkr, h w s Sarah 
tmkr, l\ Cronyn av 
Cubbon Wm, lab, h e s Carlaw av 
Cudmore Miss Emily, mus tchr, 1 George 

Cudmore George, mkt gdnr, e a Don Mills 

rd. h same 
Cuthbertson James R, letter carrier, h 

Logan av 

Cuthbertson John, agt. h e s Sarah 
Danforth Hall, Danforth av, cor EUer- 


Darby Wm, lab, h w s Ellerbeck 
Darrington George, 1 w s Don Mills rd 
Davies John, carp, 1 H Wheatley 

drsmkr w s Don 
.Mills id 

a, tchr Chester Pub 
. res Toronto 

lM).\<'\STi:i: I'OST <>i I K i;, <; e oro 
Brooks, Postmaster, Don Mills rd 
Wm, lab, 1 Stewart Baker 
s saia'l 

i Wm, ivks Don Valley Brick Wks 
s Don Mills rd 

ds W Harry, elk, h 4'Ju Danforth 

Emmons Miss Jean, pre^ser, b Wm Car- 
James). 1 Mrs 

Eteridge Wm, btchr, h 470 Danforth av 

Anna, opr, 1 J J Fallon 
Juhn J. riiunian, h Lugan av 

' n j J J Fallon 


EnUerby Mary A 
M A Si 


Barrow George, lab, 1 G H Hodgkinson 
Ferguson George, lab, h e s Logan av 
i-enier Norton, com mer, h n s Danforth 

Alfred, mach, b John Kingsworth 
Fleming Robert, soap ctr, h John 
Fotherby Henry, carp, h w s Sarah 
Fotherby Miss Katie E, hair drsr, 1 Henry 


Fotherby Miss Mabel E, mlnr, 1 Henry 
. Futhcrby 

; by Wm J, elect, 1 Henry Fotherby 
Fu.\ Charles, lab, h 2 Dartford rd 
A"ia, putr, a ijugan av 
;.and Henry K, coll, h e s Pape av 
Frost Ernest, watchman, h s s John 
Gallagher Gertrude E, druggist, Broad 
view av, cor Don Mills rd, res Toronto 
Garwood Wm, p 

in Wm, brk lyr, h w s Moscow av 
r John w, engineer, h w s Sarah 

lohn, tailor, h 338 Danforth av 
tlis Francis, elk, b Albert Harrison 

imael, lab, h Mu*cu a\ 
Hackett Samuel, plstr, h s s Dartford rd 

ivid, dairy i,.jgan av, n smut 
:lali Wm, express, h w s Sarah 
Hallam John T, blksmth, h w s Whitney 


Hanrahan Edward, mach, h n B Dartford 

Harngan Patrick, mail carrier, n w s Don 

s rd 

' John, lab, h w s Don Mills rd 
Hartman Jones, prin Chester Pub Sch res 


-leaps Thomas, lab, h e s Carlaw av 
Heaslip Samuel, marble ctr, h e s Whit- 

lK-y av 
ieaton Joseph, brkmkr, h e a Sarah 

a Wm, brkmkr, h e s Sarah 
ielm Kobert, lab, w a Ellerbeck av 
[ern Edmund, gdnr. h Logan . 
[ewitt Charles, packer, h l.og.i 
Hill Lorenzo, jwlr; h w s Don MlUs rd 

jab. h w s D. .; .-.liils rd 
Hincs Edward, lab, h e s Carlaw av 

T - t\f j, Ll , ml r^ iilll'.o 1WUIVA4U, 1O.L/, II C a v*Ulla.w ttV 

Dawson Alfred, tinner, 1 Thomas Dawson Hodgins Richard, caretkr, h 3 Dartford 
Dawson Thomas, baker, h e s Logan av road 

Dennis Herbert, iab, h Randolph av 
uennis Joseph, lab, h Randolph av 
Deppart Uriah R, dairy, w s Pape av 

Hodgkinson George H, lab, h w s Don 

- rd 
Holdcroft Miss Laura, tcl. 

, res Toronto 

Dewey Frederick, pntr Logan av, h same Hoiifway Gt orge E, brkmkr. 
1 Dewhurst Samuel, btchr, h n s Cherry avenue 


General Agents Gore District Mutual, London Mutual, 
Perth Mutual, Traders, Ottawa and Montreal, Can. Fire Ins., Go's 

Office-9 Toronto St. Phones, Office M. 856; Res., North 1 685, North 2934. AGENTS WANTED 






Insurance, Financial and Estate Agents 


Holmes George V, mach, h w s Don Mills 

Holmes Reuben, glass beveler, h e s Whit 

ney av 

Hornbrook Frank, h Logan av 
Howell Wm, 1 e s Sarah 
Hughes Mrs Mary, h n s Cherry 
Hunter Anne (wid John D), h Logan av 
Hunter Peter E, steamftr, 1 Mrs Hunter 
Hyde Harry, gro, Broadview av, cor Don 

Mills rd 
Ingham Harriet (wid Joshua), h e s Don 

Mills rd 

Ingham Joshua, btohr, h e s Don Mills rfi 
Ingham Miss Sarah A, elk, I Mrs H Ing 


Irving .Wm, J Mrs A Wilson 
Jackman Wm G, Jwlr, h Logan av 
Jackson George, boxmkr, rms Victor Mil 

Jamieson Ernest, tmstr, has John 
Jamiesou Robert, lab, 1 B Jamieson 
Jeaery Albert J B, stone mason, h Logan 


Jenkins Arthur E, glasswkr, h w s Sarah 
Johnson Maitland D, h w s Don Mills re 
Johnston Wm, lab, h Sarah 
Johnstone Elias, carp, h e s Sarah 
Jones Miss Leonora, tirs, 1 Wm Swires 
Jones Reginald, carp, 1 Whitney av 
Jones Richard, lab, 1 B T Saunders 
Klngsworth John, mach, h w s Sarah 
Knight Henry, lab, h Moscow av 
Langevin Wilfrid, cigar mkr, h n 


Laugher James, candy mkr, h w s Sarah 
Law Robert, carp, :h n s Dartford rd 
Lawson John, lab, h Moscow av 
Leaman Christopher J, gdnr, h Pape av 
Leaman John C, gdnr, h Sammon av 
Leech John W. lab, h Langford av 
Legget Miss Ethel, fac hd, 1 J Lawson 
Lelliott Miss Marjorle, 1 G Cockburn 
Lewis Alfred J, night watchman, h w s 

Pape av 

Lewis Llewellyn A, printer, h Pape av 
Lomas Henry M, tmstr, b John T Mellor 
Lougheed Miss Emma, tchr Chester Pub 

SchI, res Toronto 
Lunau Edward, timekpr, h w s Don Mills 


Lynch Wm, carp, h Langford av 
Lyndon Herbert W, mach, 1 Mrs F L 


McCord Thomas, contr, h Whitney av 
McCormack Martin, tmstr D B Martin 

Co, h e s Sarah 
McFadyen Rev Allan L, pastor Chester 

Presbyterian Church, res Toronto 
Mclntosh Rev Judson, pastor Chester 

Baptist Church, h e s Don Mills rd 
McKichan Matthew D, phys w a Don 

Mills rd, h same 

McNaughton Harry, florist Moscow av 
Macdonald George, shipper, h s s Fulton 

Maddaford Samuel, btchr, h w s Don 

Mills rd 

Mafley Austin, engr, h w s Sarah 
Mallindine Charles, splicer, h Logan av 
Marchington John S, lab, h n s Fulton av 
Marchington Robert, lab, 1 J S March 

Marts Thomas W, carp, h n s Cherry 
Martin Albert E, baker, h w s Sarah 
Mattison Wm. b Wm Howell 
Meacham Miss Ella P, 1 T Maacham 
Meacham Thomas, eng Don Valley Brick 

Works, h e s Don Mills rd 
Mears Jesse, lab, h e s Logan av 
Mellor James, 1 John T Mellor 
Meuor John T, eng, h e s Sarah 
Millar David, glass ctr, h w s Logan av 
Millar John B, supt Don Valley Brick 

Works, h w s Don Mills rd 
Miller Alexander, h w s Don Mills rd 
Miller Victor, brklyr, h w s Sarah 
Mius Harry, pntr, h Randolph av 
Morris Hannah (wid Gilbert), 1 L Morris 
Morris Lome, bkpr, h w s Don Mills rd 
Morrison Roderick D, mkt gdnr 370 Dan- 

Nicholas Thomas, plstr, h w s Sarah 
Noakes Edward, carp, h e s Moscow av 
O'Neill Agnes (wid John), h 346 Danforth 


O'Neill Miss Blanche, 1 346 Danforth av 
Oakley Charles, btcbr, h n s Cherry 
Oakley Henry, pdlr, h w s Don Mills rd 
Parker Frederick G, real estate, w s 

Whitney av. h same 
Parkinson Isaac, shipper, 1 E Lunau 
Parry Richard, b James Laugher 
Parsons John H, h e s Logan av 
Pearson Wm T, slsmn, h Langford av 
Pestell Alfred, 1 Alfred W Pestell 
Pestell Alfred W, Jwlr, h w s Don Mills 


Pickering R Hardy, trav, h e s Logan av 
Playter Albert E (Playter Bros), h 40 

Danforth av 
Playter Bros (Albert E and Wm E), mkt 

gdnrs 40 Danforth av 
i--ayter Edward, phy Winchester rd 
Playter John L, gdnr, h 132 Danforth av 
Playter Wm E (Playter Bros), h 40 Dan- 

forth av 

Pledger Walter, carp, 1 J Mears 
Pollock Andrew, elk, h 1 Dartford rd 
Pollock James, lab, h s s Dartford rd 
Poole Albert, elk, h e s Whitney av 
Prince John, market gdnr, h 332 Dan 
forth av 

Pritchard Edward, h w s Sarah 
Purchase George E, locksmith, h Eller- 

Purchase George E jr, safemkr, h w s El- 


Purchase James H, pntr, h Ellerbeck 
Purchase Wm C, pntr, 1 G E Purchase 
Reid Amelia (wid James), h John 
Reid Frederick, contr Logan av, h same 
Reid Harold, elk, 1 Mrs A Reid 
Reid Wm, elk, 1 Mrs A Reid 
Keid Wm H, h Logan av 
Roberts Robert W, mgr G E Gallagher, 

h Broadview av. cor Danforth av 
Robertson Miss Agnes, opr, 1 George 

Robertson George, brkjyr, h s s Dartford 


Robertson Miss Jeannet, opr, 


Robertson Martha (wid George), 1 George 


Kobinson Harry M, h e s Don Mills rd 
Koe Thomas C, pntr, h n s Cherry 
Roffey Alfred, pump mfr, w s Sarah, h 

ioss Andrew, lab, h w s Logan av 
lossan Peter, tmstr, h Moscow av 
lossan Peter Jr, stamper, I P Rossan 

Salvation Army Barracks, 
Mills rd 

w s Don 

forth av. h same 
Muir John, grocer Logan and Davenport 

ays, h same 

Muir Miss Maggie, cashier, 1 J 
Muir Wm, elk, h Whitney av 
Munro James, elk, h e s Don Mills rd 
Munro Miss Luella, elk, 1 J Munro 

aunders Benjamin T. h e s Don Mills rd 
^chaum Maxwell, foreman, h w s Logan 

cott Albert, painter, h e s Logan av 

ellwood Edward J, painter, h e s Moscow 

haw Joseph, mach, 1 L Hill 
Shephard George, market gdnr Logan av, 
h Whitney av 

ihephard Harry J, inkt gdnr Randolph 

av, h same 

hipp Henry, tlr, h e s Sarah 

kill Edward, lather, h e s Logan av 

leeth John, exp 130 Danforth av, h same 

leeth Wm, jockey, 1 J Sleeth 
Smith Alfred J, blksmith Danforth av, 

res Toronto 

mith Charles, h e s Logan av 

mith Charles J, brklyr, h Randolph av 
Smith Henrietta C (wid George H), h 

Logan av 

Smith John, steamftr, h w s Don Mills rJ 
Smith Miss Mabel, tchr Chester Pub Sch, 

res Toronto 

Somers Bernardo, mkt gdnr Leslie 
Somers Robert, gdnr, 1 B Somers 
Sothergill Fannie L (wid Thomas W), h 

e s Don Mills rd 

Stewart Miss Charlotte, 1 Isabella Stewart 
Stewart Isabella (wid James), h w s Don 

Mills rd 

Stewart Miss Kate, 1 Isabella Stewart 
Stewart Miss Sarah, 1 Isabella Stewart 

Stokell James, marble otr, 1 Mrs M A 

Stokell Mary A (wid Alfred), h w a Don 

Mills rd 

stone Hairy, carp, h w s Langford 
btrongitharm Miss Gertrude, opr, 1 J 

Strongl tharm 
Strongitharm John, tmstr, h e s Don Mills 

Strongitharm Miss Lucy, packer, 1 J 


Strongitharm Wm, Jwlr, 1 J Strongith 

Sutherland Christopher, driver, h Sarak 
Talbot Harry, cattle dlr, h w a Don 

Mills rd 
Talbot Henry, whol btchr w Don Mills 

rd, h same 

Talbot Miss Ida, stenog, 1 Henry Talbot 
Thompson John, lab, h Pape av 
Thomson James, carp, b Henry Oakley 
Thomson Robert, cooper, h s s Dartford 


Titus Wm, mailer, h e s Whitney av 
Tomlin George, mkt gdnr Hawthorne av 
Tompkins George, h w s Don Mills rd 
Turner Joseph, tmstr, h Whitney av 
Turner Joseph jr, bldr, h 318 Danforth av 
Turner Norman F, elk. 1 Joseph Turner 
Valiant George, h Randolph av 
Vincent George M, lab, 1 C Learaan 
Vurrell Charles E, poultry dlr, e s Whit 
ney av, h same 

Walker Rev Wesley W, h 338 Danforth av 
Wallace George H, tinsmith, h Logan av 
Ward Richard, 1 Wm Ward 
Ward Miss Sarah, 1 Wm Ward 
Ward Wm, gdnr, h Randolph av 
Warwick Miss Beatrice M, 1 Wm War 

Warwick Miss Bella, tucker, 1 420 Dan 
forth av 
Warwick Wm, show case mkr, h 420 

Danforth av 

Watson Arthur, cooper, 1 R Macmillan 
Watson Stephen, brickmkr, h 6 Danforth 


Watson Stephen jr, harnessmkr, 1 6 Dan 
forth av 

Webster Wm N, trav, h Whitney av 
West Joseph, mach, h Whitney av 
Westwater Frank, brklyr, 1 346 Danforth 


Wheatley Henry, carp, h 340 Danforth av 
Wiggin Richard, gdnr, h s s Fulton av 
Wilkinson James, lab, h Randolph av 
Williams Robert W, trav, h e s Don 

Aujils rd 

Wilshaw Daniel S, mkt gdnr, Logan av 
Wilson Alice (wid John), h s s John 
Wilson Wm. sailor, 1 J Mears 
Wood James, carp, h 340 Danforth av 
Wood James, cooper, h 4 Dartford rd 
Wood Joseph, mach, b Albert Harrison 
Woods James, lab, h Randolph av 
Woods Joseph, mach, 1 T Bennett 
Woodyer Edward J, painter, h 6 Dartford 


Wright George S, lab, h Randolph 
Wright Harvey, carp, 1 L Hill 
Jfoung Annie (wid James), h w s Don 

Mills rd 

i'oung Miss Ellen, .1 M,rs A Toimg 
Young George A, trav, 1 Mrs A Young 
Zarfass Sydney, ctr, h 312 Danforth av 


(Three miles north of P. O.) 

Adamson George, cond, h s s Pleasant av 
Adamson John G, h s s Pleasant av 
Addison Miss Eliza, h s s St Clair av 
Addison Miss Grace, 1 Mise Eliza Addlson 
Allan Miss Matilda I, h n s Heath 
Allison Alexander, h n s Farnham av 
Amos Ernest, driver, 1 T T Amos 
Amos Miss Margaret, elk, ITT Amos 
Amos Thomas T. car sealer, h s s Olive 
Anderson Francis, lab, h n s Bertie 
Apps Miss Ada, 1 98 Forest Hill rd 
Apps Miss Elizabeth, 1 98 Forest Hill rd 
Apps Wm, h 98 Forest Hill rd 
Apps Wm jr, civ eng, 1 98 Forest Hill rd 
Ardagh Miss Maud, hsekpr U C C 

Stokell Miss Eva, polisher, 1 Mrs M A I Armstrong Albert E, bldr, h 27 Farnham 
Stokell I avenue 

Che Canadian Guardian Dfc Insurance Company 

Head Office, *?. ec ' al 825 Policies Both Sexes Aees 12 to 68. Reliable Agents Wanted TORONTO 



103 Bay St. 



Armstrong John K, btchr, h n s Clinton 

Armstrong P Maughan. 1 Dr Thos Arm 

Armstrong Thomas, phy w Tonce 

ii Henry o K, h 114 Bal- 

Atkins Charles, h 4 Franklin 

Atkins Harold, nu ss, 1 Clias Atkins 

At ni-.N 111 Mil \\. iTin.-ipal Upper 

Can ame 

Bail' night watchman Tor & 

York R Ry Co, res Eglinton 
Baker K' -pet clnr. .h w s Bal 

moral cres 

Baldwin Lawrence H. barr, h w a Law- 
Barry Charles, cond Tor & York R Ry 

Co, res Newmarket, Ont 
Harwell James, h w s Law-ton av 
Bate /.abeth. nurse Dr Meyer's 

Private Hosp 
Bauer Herbert H. repair man Tor & York 

R Ry Co. res Dav.sville 
Baxter Kll.i, Join ';( Pored II 11 rd 
Beer Frederick, pattern mkr, h Moore 


Bennett Albert, lab, h Moore Park 
Berkinshaw Robert J, publr, h n s St 

Clair av 

Berthon Augustus M. elk, h n a Glen av 
Bertram James J. slsnin, h n s Rose Hill 


Blackball Charl s M. tmstr, h Moore Park 
Blackball .Mis M:iiy. 1 C M B.ackhall 
Blackball \Vm, 1 C M Blackball 
Biakeman George H, coll, h a a St Glair 

Blakeman Miaa Mabel A, elk, 1 Q H 

Bland Miss Elizabeth, nurse Dr Meyers' 

Hospital, 1 same 

Bodil. .iik. litho, h e s Yonge 

Bonner Samuel, cond Tor & York R Ry 

Co, res North Toronto 
Borrett James W. mngr Deer Park Sana 
torium, h w s Yonge 
Boulton Herman E. mfrs agt, "Sedbury 

Lodge," Clinton av 
Bowen Alfred, moto Tor & York R Ry 

Co, res Jackson's Point. Ont 
Bower Joseph E, h s s Pleasant ay 
Bradley Miss Gertrude, nurse Dr Meyers' 

Private Hosoital 

Bradshaw John, shipper, h e s Huron 
Brady Harry, bkbndr, 1 S Brady 
Brady Roland, app. 1 S Brady 
Brady Samuel, lab, h s s Bertie 
Brant David, carp, h 26 Baker av 
Bredin Mark, baker, h 6 Dellsle 
Bredin Wm T, slsmn, 1 tf Delisle 
Bremner John A, auditor, h 33 Farnham 

Brennan John, coachman A S Rogers, b 

r Park Hotel 

Britton Wm, moto, h Moore Park 
Bromley \Vm H. lab. h e s Huron 
Brown George, iron fndry, h w s Law- 
ton av 
Brown George, repair man Tor & York 

R Ry Co. res Toronto 
Brown James, stone mason, h Moore 


Brown Leroy, elk. 1 W H Brown 
Brown Wm. elect Toronto & York Radial 

Ry Co. res Eglinton 

Brown Wm E G, plstr, h n s Baker av 
Brown Wm H, granite ctr Cannon Gran- 
Co, h s s St Clair av 
Burden Benaurlce K, broker, 1 Mrs J 


Burden Jane (wid Henry), h n s Delisle 
Burgess Marcus, elev .ipr, b S H Le-well 
Burnham Charles F. h e p Walmer rd 
Burnham George C, tinsmith, 1 C F Burn- 

im Roy, lab, 1 C F Burnham 
Burson E Cecil, phy Dr Meyers' Hos 
pital . n s Health. 1 same 
Butler Ernest W D, rwU eat, h Moore 


Butler Everard B, 1 E W D Butler 
Butler E Aubrey, architect, 1 E W D 


Campbell Angus, carp J T Hepburn, res 


;.:ion President, Joseph P 
:mon Secretary-Treasurer, n e cor 
isant av and Yonge (See card classi- 

^epli P, sec-treas Cannon Graii- 

s Toronto 

Cannon Joseph P, aec-treaa Cannon Gran- 
, res Toronto 
:iard, moto Tor & York R Ry 

Carley Elmer, bkpr J T Hepburn, res 


C, h 17 Farn 
ham av 

-sie, elocutionist, n s Clar- 
av, 1 Jobn Carter 
Carter John, h n s Clarence av 
Carter Mi*s Lillie, elk. 1 John Carter 
Carter Miss May, 1 John Carter 
Caahn ' . Walter Mason 

ut Miss Margaret, nurse Dr Mey 
ers' Hospital 
Chan i dom Dr Meyers' Private 


Chapelle Delia, dom Mrs J J Cook 
Charles Alfred. 1 Wm Charles 
Charles Arthur, contr, h s s Clinton av 
Charles Wm, brklyr. h w s Spadlna rd 
Charlton Charles, tinner, 1 Wm Charlton 
Charaon Frank, tinsmith, i Wm Charlton 
Charlton Wm. h n s Duggan av 
Chase Miss M A, 1 J J Johnston 
Chinn Thomas, brass fnsnr, h w s Spadma 

Christ Church (Anglican). Rev Thomaa W 

Paterson rector, w a Yonge 
Christ Church Sdhool, Miss B 1* * - p 

tchr, w a Yonge cor Lawton av 
Christopher Charles, broommkr, 1 J 


Christopher James, contr, h n s Brant av 
cnnstopher John J, metal wkr, 1 J 

Christopher Misa Mary I, drsmkr, 1 J 

Clark Alexander, moto Tor & York R Ry 

Co, res Egllngton 
Clark Alfred E, lumber, b s s Farnham 


Clark Ed-ward, lumber, ti X! Famham av 
Clark R Leslie, phy, 1 37 Farnham av 
Clarke Alfred, contr, h w a Huron 
Clarke Grace (wid Charles F), b 8 a 

uuve av 
Clarke Miss H Grace, stenog, 1 W H 


Clarke John, lab, has Bertie 
Clarke Thomas W, 1 W H Clarke 
Clarke Wm, clgarmkr h s s Bertie 
Clarke Wm H, elk, h n s Rose Hill av 
Clarkson Jphn, elk, h 29 Farnham av 
Clarry Frederick A, brick mfr, has 

Clinton av 
Coates John R, contr, 20 Pleasant av, h 


Coats John, stockbrkr, h n s Clinton av 
Coatup Richard, nurse Dr Meyers Private 


Cochrane Albert L, drill sergt U C College 
Cole Mary, dom Mrs S A Dunbar 
Coles Charles ti, painter, h 1O Pleasant av 
Colley James N B, tchr U C C 
Colley Thomas B, tchr U C College 
Colpitts Miss Flossie. 1 Rev W W Colpitts 
Colpitts Rev Wm W, has Gonnley av 
Cook John J, real est, h n s Clinton av 
Cooke Britton B, reporter, 1 Mrs H H 

Cooke Helen H (wid George B), h w s 

Lawton av 

Copithorn Samuel B, h 73 Forest Hill rd 
Corridan Miss Ella. opr. 1 Patrick Corri- 


Corridan Patrick, moto, h Moore Park 
Corridan Wm, condr, 1 P Corridan 
Coulthard J Bayne, h 25 Farnham av 
Cox Hattie, maid A G Fletcher 
Crake James H, tchr U C College 
Crawley Mabel, dom C H Coles 
Crean Patrick, caretkr St Michael's Cem- : 

etery, n w s Yonge 
Crocker Allan R, elk, 1 Sydney Crocker 
Crocker Miss Ethel, 1 Sydney Crocker 
Crocker Miss Hazel, 1 Sydney Crocker 
Crocker Sydney, mngr. h s s Clarence av 

Crocker Sydney C, elk. 1 Sydney Crocker 

Culham Annie, dom Mrs A S Rogers 

Culliton Alexander S, bkpr, 1 8 Pleasant 

Culliton Frederick B B, granite ctr Can 
non Granite Co, 1 8 Pleasant av 

''"" l atrick), h 8 Pleasant 

Culliton Miss Vlctorine. drsmkr. 1 8 Pleas 
ant av 

Culliton Wm, plmbr, h s s St Clair av 

Cundell Fred, btdhr. h n s Pleasant av 

Cunningham Miss Gertrude, elk b 7 St 
Clair av 

Custance George, carp, b Mrs. H M Jones 

Daniels Charles, Uil. Mount Pleasant Cem 
etery, res Moore Park 

Daniels Wilshau h s s Farnham 


Darling Harry, lab H ount Pleasant Cem 
etery, res North Toronto 

Davie Wm. Kranne cir. h e s St Clair av 

iJavis Joseph S Jr, elk D C Murray res 

Dawson Arthur O, lather wkr, 1 G W 

Dawson George W, contr e s Yonge. h 

Dawson George W Jr, brklyr, 1 G W Daw- 

Deer Park Hotel, James O'Halloran prop 
w s Yonee 

Spears Postmaster, e s Yonge 

Deer Park Presbyterian Church. Rev D 
C Hossack pastor, n s St Clair av 

Deer Park Public School, Wm J Thomson 
prin, n s St Clair av 

Deer Park Sanatorium. Ltd. James W 
Borrett mgr, w a Yonge 

Delaney Joseph, coachman E Rogers, h 

Delbos Charles E, tchr U C College 
Dickinson Joseph, gdnr Reservoir Park. 

res Toronto 

Dinnick A G C. h n s St Clair av 
DInnick Charlotte M (wid Rev John D) h 

n a Clinton av 

Dinnick Oswald T, phy, 1 Mrs C M Din- 

Dinnick Wilfred S, h n s Clinton av 
Disbeneat Owen, porter Deer Park Hotel 
Doane A Forward, carp, b F E Lloyd 
Doran Frederick W, insp, h 88 Forest Hill 

Douglas George, gdnr Mount Pleasant 

Cemetery, res North Toronto 
Dawson Walter J, baker, n 97 Olive av 
Drew Alfred, coll. 1 J F Wild-man 
Drummond Alexander A. acct, h Moore 


Drurie Gordon, lab Mount Pleasant Cem 
etery, res North Toronto 
Duff Charles, lab Mount Pleasant Ceme- 

etery, res North Toronto 
Duff Wm, h 12 Pleasant av 
Dukes Wm. trackman Tor & York R Rv 

Co, res Daviavllle 
Dunbar Sarah A (wid Richard), h e a 

^ < nee 
Duncan Miss Fanny B, tchr Deer Park 

Sen, res Toronto 

Duncan George, lab Mount Pleasant Cem 
etery, rea North Toronto 
Duncan Robert, lab Mount Pleasant Cem 
etery, rts North Toronto 
Dundas James, real estate, h 16 Balmoral 


Dundas James E, trav, 1 J Dundas 
Dunlop J Cunningham, tclvr U C College 
Dunn John, h n s Rose Hill av 
Dwan Dennis, lab, b n s St Clair av 
fwan : :>. h n s St Olair av 

Dwan Thomas, tmstr, 1 P Dwan 
Eastley Alfred G driver, h e s Yonge 
Ecclestone Walter V, buyer, h 179 Bal 
moral av 
Edwards Charles H, lumber d!r, h s s St 

Clair av 
EdTvards Miss B Cameron, artist, 8 8 St 

Clair av, 1 urn* 

Edwards Miss Marion. 1 C II Edwards 
Ellis Wm W, h n s Farnham av 
Erwood John W. plmbbr, 1 Robert Weir 
Falvey Patrick, 1 Mra M Gorman 
Falvey Patrick W, mkr gdnr n s St Clair 

av, h same 
Finch rphraim C, carp, bus Gormley av 


"> 17-21 Temperance St. Phone Main 3800 

Plumbers' and Steamfitters' Tools 

Trimo Pipe Wrenches 
Oster Stocks and Die* 

Barnes Pine Cutter* 
Arnwtrone Pine Vise* 


Arthur St.&Ossington Av, 

Phone Park 2345 

Slate, Tile, Felt and Gravel 


Firstbrook Wm A, box mfr, h Moore Park 

Fleming Miss Annie, nurse Dr Meyers' 


Fletcher Alfred G, insp, h s s Clinton av 
Follenus Miss Jessie, housekpr U C U 
Foord Thomas, lab Mount Pleasant Ceme 
tery, i same 

Foord Wm 1. supt Mount Pleasant Ceme 
tery, h same 
Forsythe Daniel J, gdnr Miss M I Allan, 

h n s Heath 

Fothergill Miss Maud, lady supt Dr Mey 
ers Private Hospital 
Fountain Wm, moto Tor & Xork R Ry Co. 

res New Market, Ont 
Fox Wm, li 1 Glen av 
Francis Joseph W, h s s St Clair av 
Fraser Andrew, mach, h n s St Clair av 
Fraser Miss Joann, nurse Dr Meyers' 


Fraser John, lab Mount Pleasant Ceme 
tery, res .North Toronto 

Fraser Margaret (wid George B) 1 Will- 

Frost George J, janitor U C C, h n s Bak 
er av 

Frost Wm G, elect, h n s Baker av 
Fulton Miss Irene, nurse .Dr Meyers' Pri 
vate Hospital 
Funston Frederick, slsmn, 1 22 Farnham 

Funston George, foreman, h 22 Farnham 


Funston George jr, elk, 1 22 Farnham av 
Fussell Henry J, brklyr, h 90 Olive av 
Galloway James, tchr U C College 
Uarvin John, lab at Michael's Cemetery, 

res Toronto 

Gay Alfred, carp, h e s Yonge 
Gay Charles H, carp, 1 F A Gay 
Gay Daniel, lab, 1 F A Gay 
Gay Frank A, contr n s Gormley av h 

Gay George W, stove repr, rms A G Eas- 


Gay James, lab, h n s Duggan av 
Geddes Wm, letter ctr Cannon Granite 

Co, res Norway 

Gibbons Wm T, grocer, h s s Olive av 
Hlbank J Clarence, druggist, h 4 Delisle 
jiles Abram, lab, h w s Huron 
Giles Isaac, lab. 1 Abram Giles 
Gillies Kenneth S, architect 1 T T Amos 
Gilmore Albert H, blksmth, e s Yonge 

b Deer Park Hotel 
Gilmore Harold W with A H Gilmore b 

Deer Park Hotel 

Gilmore John, blksmth, b Deer Park Hotel 
Gilpin-Brown Laura (wid Edward), has 

Clinton av 

Glady Mary, dom Miss M I Allan 
Glover Miss Ada, elk, 1 James Glover 
Glover James, mach hd, h n s Coulson av 
Glover Miss Olive, bkfolder, 1 James 


Goebel George C, trav, h 7 St Clair av 
Goode Wm, artist, w s Alviu av h same 
Gordon Miss Mabel, tchr D.eer Park Sen, 

res Toronto 

Gordon Margaret A, dom Elias Rogers 
Gordon Susanna, cook Elias Rogers 
Gorman Mary (wid Wm), h s s Coulson av 
Gough Wm, lab Mount Pleasant Ceme 
tery, res North Toronto 
Goulding Albert L, driver E Grainger & 

Co, 1 Geo E Goulding 
Goulding George E, florist e s Lawton av 
Gow Mary, dom C T Pemberton 
Grace Patrick J, lab, h e s Pleasant av 
Graham Mrs Charlotte, h s s Heath 
Graham Ernest, gdnr Reservoir Park, res 


Graham Miss Kather, 1 D Robertson 
Graham Norman, barr, 1 Mrs C Graham 
Grainger Albert E, foreman B Grainger 

& Co. h s K Olive av 
Grainger Edwin (E Grainger & Co), h 

w s Yonge 

GRAINGER E & CO (Edwin Grain 
ger), Florists, Seeds. Plants and Blubs. 
w s Yonge. Cor Olive Av (See card clas 
sified Florists) 

Grainger John, elk, 1 O Grainger 
Grainger Oliver, florist w s Yonge, h same 
Grant Wm, bkpr, h s s Clarence av 
Grassick John S, plmbr, h 1 Heath 
Grassick Norman G, stock kpr, h 3 Heath 

Gray Miss Maggie, drsmkr 1 Wm C Gray 
Gray Wm C, carp, h s s Olive av, 12 w 


Greacen Wilson H, h 68 Forest Hill rd 
Gregg Wm R, architect to 92 Forest Hill 

Gregory Mrs Jane, laundress Dr. Meyers' 

Grier Matilda, maid Dr Meyers' Private 


Guest John S H, tchr U C College 
Guscott Frederick W, gdnr, h n a Gormley 


Haas John T, engineer, h Moore Park 
Hackett Alexander J, lab Mount Pleasant 

Cemetery, res Toronto 
Hall Miss Lillle, 1 W E Hall 
Hall Wm E, carp, h Moore Park 
Hammill Elizabeth (wid Samuel), b Ed 
ward Hardman 

Hanson Annie, dom T Walmsley 
Hardman Edward, Insp, h s s Duggan av 
Harker Alfred J, plshr, h n s Baker av 
Harrison Benjamin J, messr, h n s Clin 
ton av 

Harrison Miss Elizabeth, confy, n s Clin 
ton av, 1 same 

Hastings Markland F, slsmn, h 14 Pleas 
ant av 

Hawes John, lab, h s s Clinton av 
Hawthorne Mary, dom Geo Brown 
Hayes Thomas, lab Mount Pleasant Cem 
etery, res North Toronto 
Heacock Seth, car dlsp Tor & York Rad 
ial Ry Co, res Davisville 
Heaney Robert, cond Tor & York Radial 

Ry Co, res North Toronto 
Heaps Wm, basket mkr, h Moore Park 
Hemsworth Albert M, gilder, h n s Gorm 
ley av 

HEPBURN" JOHN T, Crane Buildei' 
and Machinist, e s Yonge, res Toronto 
(See classified Machinists) 
Hepburn Wm J, mach J T Hepburn, res 


Hester Frank, repairmn Tor & York Rad 
ial Ry Co, res Toronto 
Hewlett Walter S, elk, h n s Olive av 
Hill Alfred T, elk, 1 Edwin Hill 
Hill Miss Annie, 1 Edwin Hill 
Hill Edwin, h s s Delisle 
Hill Edwin A, elk, 1 Edwin Hill 
Hill Wm J, county registrar, h 4 Farn 
ham av 

Hinder Samuel B, real est, h s s Heath 
Hirlehey Francis, elk, h s s Bertie 
Hoad Joseph, dairymn, h s s Franklin av 
Hodgins Frank T, trav, h s s Farnham 

Hodgkin Anna M (wid Dr Thomas I), h 6 

Clinton av 

Hogg Wm, bill poster, h e s Yonge 
Holliday Ernest F, fireman, h n s Baker 

Hood Barbara (wid Wm), h s s St Clair 

Hood Miss Joanna McK, mantle mkr, 1 

Mrs B Hood 

Hood Joseph N, apprentice, 1 Mrs B Hood 
Hood Wm, slater, 1 Mrs B Hood 
Hopkins Clark, lab Mount Pleasant Cem 
etery, b Frank Boddington 
Hoskin Jessie (wid Alfred), h s s Heath 
Hoskin Miss Margaret, 1 Mrs J Hoskin 
Hoskin Miss Mary, 1 Mrs J Hoskin 
Hoskin Miss Winifred, 1 Mrs J Hoskin 
Hossack Rev Donald C, pastor Deer Park 

Presbyterian Ch, res Toronto 
Houston Adam, gen store s s Clinton av, 

h Spadina rd, cor Clinton av 
Hoye Frederick, tmstr Mount Pleasant 

Cemetery, h w s Yonge 
Hughey Robert, trackman Tor & York 

Radial Ry Co, res Davisville 
Hull Cyrus A, bldr, h s s St Clair av 
Hulme Wm T. pntr, h s s Duerfian av 
Humphreys George, moto Tor & York 
Radial Ry Co, res Jackson's Point, Ont 
Hurley Wm, tmstr, h e s Spadina rd 
Hutty George P, engraver, h 106 Olive 


Jaokos Fdwin H, barr. h e s Yonere 
Jackes Hervey L, studt, 1 E H Jaokes 
Jackson Muriel, dom 221 Lonsdale av 
Jackson Walter, repairmn Tor & York 

Radial Ry Co, res Davlsville 
Jackson Wm S, tchr U C C 
Jennings Charles B, carpet lyr, h s s St 
Clair av 

Jennings Henry, florist e s Yonge, h sam* 
Jennings Mrs. Sarah, gro e s Yonge 
Johnson John, elk, 1 Wm Heaps 
Johnson Robert, moto, n s s Duggan av 
Johnston Amelia (wid Alexander), h s s 

Pleasant av 

Johnston Arthur F, elk, 1 J J Johnston 
Johnston George, moto, h s s Duggan av 
Johnston John J, foreman, h w s Yonge 
Johnston Le Roy, trav, 1 J J Johnston 
Johnston Wm, moto Tor & York Radial 

Ry Co, res Newmarket, Ont 
Johnstone Robert, lab, h e s Spadina rd 
Jones Coles G, carp, h 36 Baker av 
Jones Harriet M (wid Albert), h s s Olive 

av, 6 w Yonge 

Jones Mrs Mary J, h n s Rose Hill av 
Jordon Jesse, lab Mount Pleasant Ceme 
tery, res Tornto 
Judge Sarah (wid Michael), 1 106 Olive 

avenue ' 

Jupp Wm, lab, rms Mrs G Clarke 
Keeling Thomas, elk D C Murray, b Geo J 


Keirstead Walter J, lab, h s s Bertie 
Keirstead Wm H, broommkr, h e s Huron 
Kemp George, winder Tor & York Radial 

Ry Co, res Toronto 
Kennedy Miss Lauretta, nurse Dr Meyer's 

Private Hosp 

Kerr Wm, carp, h s s Pleasant av 
Kettle Samuel, driver, h 10 Pleasant av 
King Albert, bricklyr, b Mrs H M 
Kirkwood John, h e s Huron 
Klein Alfred J, trav, h n s Pleasant av 
Korompine Geza, sculptor, h s s Pleasant 


L/angley Benjamin, h 28 Delisle 
Langley Miss Eva M, 1 29 Delisle 
Lattimour Wm, cond Tor & York Radial 

Ry Co, res Newmarket, Ont 
Lauder James, lumber insp, h s s St Clair 

Lawless Joseph M, elect, h s s St Clair 


Leaivel Ambrose, lab, b Deer Park Hotel 
Leckie John L, tent mkr, h 63 Forest Hill 


Leesing Wm, btohr, h n s Gormley av' 
Legg-e Mary, dom 221 Lonsdale av 
Leigh Margaret (wid James), 1 S H Le- 


Levitt Samuel, lab, h e s Spadina rd 
Lewell Samuel H, driver, h Moore Park 
Lewis Mrs Ann E, h s s Olive av, 4 w 


Lewis Charles E, florist, 1 Mrs A E Lewis 
Lewis Miss Fanny, opr, 1 Mrs A E Lewis 
Lewis Miss Lillie J, book agt, 1 Mrs A E 


Liddiard Edith, dom W S Dinnick 
Little Miss Annie I, nurse Dr Meyer's 

Private Hosp 

Little George, lab, b John Williams 
Little John F, boilermkr, h e s Yonge 
Livock Miss Helen, 1 Thos Livock 
Livock Herbert, plmbr, 1 T Livock 
Livock Miss Isabel, drsmkr. 1 T Livock 
Livock James, steamftr. 1 T Livock 
Livock John, lab, 1 T Livock 
Livock Miss Mary, hatter, 1 T Livock 
Livock Thomas, contr, h n s Brant av 
Lloyd Frank E, carp Tor & York Radial 

Ry Co, h n s Duggan av 
Lloyd Phoebe, dom Mrs A S Rogers 
Lloyd Wm H, h Moore Park 
Locke Joseph H, asst pastor Central 

Meth Ch, h Moore Park 
Logan Albert, contr, h n s Bertie 
Loney Clifford, studt, 1 J E Loney 
Loney Miss Evelyn, 1 J E Loney 
Loney James E, real estate, h n s Rose 

Hill av 

Loney Percy B, studt, 1 J E Loney 
Love James W, trav, h s s Pleasant av 
Lowry Mrs Mary J, nurse maid Dr Mey 
er's Private Hosp 
Lumb Ernest, elect, b Wm Brltton 
Lumb Louise (wid Joseph W), b Wm 


Lumb Robert, driver, b Wm Britton 
Lynn John, lab Mount Pleasant Ceme 
tery, res North Toronto 
Lynn Percival G, bkpr, h s s Olive av, 7 

w Yonge 

T>yon Miss Clara, nurse Dr Meyers' Hos 
pital. 1 same 

McArthur Miss Elizabeth, nurse Dr Mey 
ers' Private Hosp 

McCann Francis, lab, h n s Pleasant av 


400 Feet Higher than Lake Ontario Reliance Bid., 82=88 King St. E. 


Branch Office 





Phono Main 7014 

;nn Francis J, lab, h s s St Clalr av 
mi Miss Jennie, 1 F McCann 
mn John, hostler Deer Park Hotel 
McCann Peter, plmbr, h n s Franklin ,-iv 
ul Charlotte (wld Rev James), h 
Moore Park 

ul J Gordon, studt, 1 Mrs C McCaul 
McCaul Leander F, elk, l Mrs C McCaul 
il M. elk, 1 Mrs C McCaul 
McConnell Knit' . r i 


McCormick Edwin, adv sol, h 10 St Clalr 

-lohn A. 1. 
McFarlane Miss Mabel, b 99 Olive av 

* 111 ve :t v 
McGIIl Charles G, coal, h s s Heath 

:i Wm J, h 2 St Glair av 
Mi.kllebrook Joseph H, elect Tor & York 
, R ? dlal Ry Co - res Davisvllle 

r Richard G. sdlr, h n s Rose Hill 

Mills Charles F, tchr U C C 
Milson Miss Annie, 1 Harry Mllson 

iry, btchr. h n s Gormley av 
n Harry jr. btchr, 1 Harry Mllson 
Mllson Henry A, btchr e s Yonge, h w s 

^'IK^V" ^, , rman ' dr 'ver H A Mllson, res 

MItchener John G, h s s Heath 

Moore Annie (wld Robert), h n a De 

Moore Miss Annie, 1 Mrs 

IcHugh Marshall W, tchr U C C 

Mclnto B s n h^u[, 8 e n trco W ( 'brr i ino J nu C mfnt.. e . -X^Vt'jacTson^Pot ^t Rad ' a ' 
*j n &*^L?^lS?<v' M^iS'G^oVe^To^'fYo^Radla! 

Mclntyre Miss Annie, cook Deer Park 


McKay Andrew, driver, h s s Bertie 
McKay James, broommkr, h s s Bertie 
McKay Thomas, lab. h s s Clinton av 
McKenzie James, showcase mkr, l Mr 

S McKenzie 

McKenzie John, cabt mkr, l Mrs S Mc 

McKenzie Sarah (wld James), h s s Plea 
sant av 
McKim Thomas, florist E Grainger & Co 

res Toronto 
McLaughlin Alexander, moto, h 4 St Clalr 

McLaughlin Miss Ella, stenog. 1 4 St Clalr 


McHae Walter R. elect, h n s Rose Hill 

Alexander G, elk, 1 W C 

Mackenzie Eliza (wid James). 1 l Heath 
MacKenzie Wm A. elk. 1 W C MacKeniie 
MacKenzie Wm C, trav, h n s Clarence av 
MacLean James B, linotype opr. h e 


Magson Herbert, h s s Pleasant av 
Malloy John W, painter Tor & York Ra 
dial Rv Co, res Toronto 
Manly Rev John G, h w s Lawton av 
Manly Miss Laura M. tchr, 1 Rev J O 


Manly Miss Sarah R, 1 Rev J G Manly 
Marijon Rev Vlctorin, superior St Basil'* 


Mark Wm, carp, h Moore Park 
Marks A H Selwyn, ins, l Mrs S A Dun- 

Marks Emille (wid George), h s 9 Farn 
ham av 

Man- David, lab. 1 Wm Marr 
Marr Wm, printer, h Moore Park 
Marsh Bernard E G. bkpr, 1 I J Marsh 
Marsh Henry J, brklyr, 1 I J Marsh 
Marsh Isaac J, contr, e s Lawton av, h 


Marsh Isaac J jr, brklyr, 1 I J Marsh 
Marshall Miss Emily, opr, 1 Wm Mar 
Marshall Jacob T, checker, h s a Olive 


Marshall Newton, moto Tor A York Ra 
dial Ry Co, res Newmarket, Ont 
Marshall Wm, h s s Gormaly av 
Martin Miss Alice, 1 T Walmsley 

in John S. elect contr, Moore Park, 
1 same 

Martin Ronald R, elk, 1 J S Martin 
Martin Walter R. gdnr. h s s Pleasant av 
Martha \Vilhelmlna H (wid John M), 

h Moon- Park 

Mason Walter, lab, h e s Huron 
Mason Wm. lab, h e s Hurot\ 

n P IMS.- Hill av 
nson Wm K, florist E Grainger & 

i E^Iinton 

Melville Miss Elizabeth, tlrs, b R N 

ilf Thomas, machinery mover Tor & 
York Radial Ry Co, res Toronto 
Meyers D Campbell phys n s Heath 
Dr D Campbell Meyers, Physician, n s 

Mlchell Miss Agnes M. stenog, 1 2 St Clalr 

Michell Miss Jennie I, drsmkr 2 St Clalr 
av, l same 

irge. moto Tor &. York Radial 
s Newmarket, Ont 


'"hn. carp, h Moore Park 
Mn j j Mott 

Mott Clarence W, car disp Tor & York 

Radial Hy Co, h s s Clarence av 
Mott John J, elk, h s s Clarence av 
Jlount Pleasant Cemetery, Wm H Foord 

supt, e s 1'onge 
Mowat Douglas, carp, 1 Mrs I Mowat 

i (wid Robert D), h n s 
Clinton av 
Mowat Miss Isabella, mach opr, 1 Mrs I 


Mowat Robert D, bkbndr, 1 Mrs I Mowat 
Mowbray Wm, tchr U C C 

M Harry, lab Mount Pleasant Ceme- 

res North Toronto 
B John W, consulting eng, n s Glen 
av, h same 

Munro Lionel B, shipper, h 108 Olive av 
Muntz Rupert G. elk, h 221 Lonsdale av 
Murdoch Margaret, maid Miss M I Allan 
u.inay diaries, bkpr Mount Pleasant 

Cemetery, h s a Olive av 
Murray Duncan C, gro and btchr e s 

Murray Robert C, elk D C Murray, 1 


Mutter Nellie, dom 221 Lonsdale av 
Nash Harry, lab Mount Pleasant Ceme 
tery, b F Boddlngton 
N'e..s,.n Jeremiah, contr, h Moore Park 
X. well Alexander, moto, h s s Gormley 


Newson Herbert J. pntr, h Moore Park 
Nicholson George A, gdnr, h e s Spadlna 

Nicholson John, blksmth J T Hepburn, 

res Toronto 

Norris Herbert G, lab, h n s Gormley av 
Norris Martha (wid Stephen). 1 H H Nor 
Norris Walter W, foreman, h 66 Duggan 

Northey Robert, box mfr, h 42 Forest Hill 


Nourse Miss Albra, 1 8 Farnham av 
Nourse Arthur E, studt, I 8 Farnham av 
Xourse Charles E, grain, h 8 Farnham av 
Nourse Miss Ena G, 1 8 Farnham av 
O'Brien Alexander Q C, bkpr, h n s Rose 
Hill av 

inv.-ns Peter, tmstr E Grainger & Co res 

J J Palmer 
h cor Lawton av and 

8 8 

Palmer Ernest, 
r John J, 

Falser Susannah (wld Henry D), h 

Farnham av 
Parnaby Elizabeth, maid Dr Meyers Prl- 

cate Hospital 
Paterson Rev Thomas W, rector Christ 

Church, h n s Heath 

rton George C T, h s s Clinton av 
in May, opr, b F J Prouting 

ink, foreman Tor & York R 

Ry Co res Mt Pleasant Power House 
Philp Miss Bessie M, tchr, 1 J Barwell 
Pickering F Spencer, fruiter, h n s St 

Clalr av 

ing Oscar, engineer, 1 F S Pickering 
I'irkett Rev Thomas W, h 2 Dellsle 
John, coachman J J Palmer 
Platt George, plstr, b Mrs H M Jones 
Player Rev James *', trees St Basils Com. 

Plumbtree Miss Lydla, drsmkr, 1 Wm 

Plumbtree Wm, tmstr h n s Baker av 
Pooler Alfred E, driver, h e s Spadina rd 
Pottan Thomas, btchr, b E McGee 
Price Joseph, driver, h Moore Park 
Price Miss Lavinia, 1 Mrs E Marks 
Price Lewis A, h n s Heath 
Prouting Arthur, engr, 1 Wm Prouting 
Prouting Frederick J, elk, h s s Clarence 


Proutlnp Wm, gro, :h s s Clarence av 
Queen Morris, blksmth A H Gilmore, res 


Quiun Kdith (wid Wm), h s s St Clalr av 
Quinn Miss Edith, de L. 1 Mrs E Quinn 
Quinton Wm, cond Tor & York R Ry Co, 

res Jackson's Point, Ont 
Ramsay Janet (wid David), 1 D L Thomp 

Raymond Samuel T, farmer w s Huron 
Renazo Charles, mkt gdnr s s Duggan av 
Reservoir Park, Douglas Robertson supt, 

end of Rose Hill av 

Reynolds Miss Charlotte B, 1 S W Rey 

Reynolds James S, elk, 1 S W Reynolds 
Reynolds Stanley W, trav, h s s St Clalr 


O'Brien Christopher farmer 1 E O'Brien j R n oaes Miss Agnes, drsnu 

O'Brien Edward, farmer, h n s Franklin Rhodes Miss Jessie, stenog, 1 i N Rhodes 


Florence (wld Frank), 1 Deer 
Park Hotel 

L> Halloran James, prop Deer Park Ho 
tel, w s Yonge, h same 
O'Leary Ernest, plmbr, 1 P O'Leary 
O'Leary Herbert, tmstr, 1 P O'Leary 
O'Leary James, lab, 1 P O'Leary 
O'Leary John. lab. h 2 Franklin av 
O'Leary John V. app. 1 J O'Leary 
O'Leary Miss Kate, hatter. 1 P O'Leary 
O'Leary Miss Lizzie, opr, 1 J O'Leary 
O'Leary Patrick, lab, h 5 Franklin av 
Oakeshott Joshua J, meter reader, h n s 

Duggan av 

Oakeshott Wm M, driver, 1 J J Oakeshott 
Ogden Miss Mary, stenog. 1 J F Little 
Olsen John, lab E Grainger & Co, res To. 


Rhodes Robert N, dairy s s Duggan av, 
h same 

Riggs Wm, lab Mount Pleasant Cemetery, 
res Toronto 

Roberts Arthur B, carp, 1 Mrs M E Rob 

Roberts Francis E, ganr, h W Baker av 

Roberts Mary E (wid Wmi H), h n s Clin 
ton av 

Robertson Miss Christina, elk, 1 J M Rob 

Robertson Douglas, supt Reservoir Park, 
res same 

Robertson Emma E (wid Henry H), 1 D 

Robertson James M, mngr, h r. s Clinton 

Robertson John N, elk, 1 J M Robertson 

Robins Emily, dom J W Rogers 

Robing Rose, dom J W Rogers 


L ^-Losses Paid Since Organization over $3O,OOO,OOO.OO 

Fire and 


F. J. SMITH t CO. 

Special Attention given to Man 
agement of Estates. Prompt Returns 

61 Victoria Street 


Robinson Thomas E, cond Tor & York R 

Ry Co, res New Market, Ont 
Robinson Walter, carp, b Mrs H M Jones 
Rodger Kenneth A, elk, h Moore Park 
Rogers Alfred S, coal, has Glen av 
Kogers Ellas, coal, h e s Yonge 
Rogers James T B, gdnr, h 21 Olive av 
Rogers John W, coal, h n s Clarence av 
Rohan John, lab, h s s Coulson av 
Ross Miss Carlotta E, tchr Deer Park 

Pub Sen, res Toronto 
Ross Hannah (wid James), h s s Olive av 
Rubbins John, nurse Dr Meyers' Hospital 
Ryan Rev Patrick, parish priest St. Bas- 

lis Novitiate 

Ryan Mrs Sarah, dom T W Paterson 
St Basil's Novitiate, Rev VictoJin Marijon 

superior, n B St Clair av e of Bathurst 
St Basil's Scholasticate, Rev J R Teefy 

Superior, n s St Clair av, e of Bathurst 
St Charles (R C) School (Sisters), w s 

St Michael's Cemetery, P Crean caretaker, 

w s Yonge 
Sanderson Edward A, fireman, h n s 

Gormley av 

Sanderson Miss Eleanor, nurse Dr. Mey 
ers Private Hospital 

Sanderson Frank, actuary, h n s De Lisle 
Sanderson Robert H, blksmth Tor & York 

R Ry Co, res Davlsvllle 
Sargent Susan (wiu Wm), 1 James Barwell 
Saunaers Albert K, tinner, h s s Olive av 
Sawdon Miss Blance, stenog, 1 C Sawdon 
cjavvuoa ^najies, n s s Olive av 
Sawdon Miss Effie, bkpr, 1 C Sawdon 
Sawdon Miss Gertrude, apprentice, 1 C 


Sawdon Mary (wid George), 1 C Sawdon 
Say Joseph, lab, h w s Huron 
Scobie Mrs Louisa P, h 50 Forest Hill rd 
Sohreiber Harry H, h n s St Clair av 
Seckerson Albert, florist E Grainger & Co, 

res Toronto 
Sefton Francis H, dentist, h w s Lawton 


Sefton Henry F. elk, 1 F H Sefton 
Severs Arthur S, elk, 1 J W Severs 
Severs Miss Evelyn, 1 J W Severs 
Severs James E, bailiff, h e a Yonge 
Severs James W, dep sheriff, h e s Yonge 
Sexton James, lab, 1 Wm Sexton 
Sexton Wm, mach, h n B Coulson av 
Shepard Miles W, printer, h n s Rose 

Hill av 

Shepherd John O, carp, b Deer Park Hotel 
Shin Robert, bartndr Deer Park Hotel 
Skinner George, carp, h s s Duggan av 
temiih Alexander ,\i, mech supt Toronto 

& lorK Kadial Ky Co, res Toronto 
Smfith Frank W, carp, 1 J R Smith 
Smith George J, elect, h s s Duggan av 
Smith James R, carp, h n s Baker av 
smith James T, carp, 1 J R famith 
Smith Miss Kesia, 1 W H Wright 
Smith Robert B, prtr, h n s Bertie 
Somervllle John L. tchr U C C 
Spears Miss A Roblna, asst p m Deer 

Park Post Office, 1 J V Spears 
Spears Miss Harriet I, elk P O, 1 J V 

SPEARS JAMES V, Postmaster Deer 

Park Postoftice, h s s St Clair av 
Spencer Elizabeth S (wid Bertram) h n s 

Clinton av 

Spencer Harry, elk, h s s Duggan av 
Spencer Miss Sadie, 1 H Spencer 
Spencer Wm, 1 H Spencer 
Spiers Wm J, carp, b E F Holliday 
Srigney Mary (wid Jesse) h n a Pleasant 


Steele Nellie, dom W R Gregg 
Stephenson John, blksmth Tor & York 

Radial Ry Co res Newtonbrook, Ont 
Steven Hugh S, h s s St Clair av 
Stewart Charles, cond, h n s Rose Hill av 
Stewart John, nightwatchJnan Tor & Xork 

R Ry Co, res Toronto 
Stibbard Arthur B engineer U C College, 

h n s Duggan av, 4 w Lawton av 
Stobie Andrew M, trav, h n s Pleasant av 
Stoble Malcolm, broker, 1 A M Stoble 
Stockey Albert E, lab, h Moore Park 
Stringer James, elk, h n s Coulson av 
Strong George, tmstr, h s s Coulson av 
Stuart Edward R, lab, h e s Spadina rd 
Stuart James, h e s Spadina rd 

Stuart Miss Mary, 1 James Stuart 
Stuart Wm H, elk, h s s Olive av, 11 w 

awash Henry, Indryman, h s s St Clair 


Sweet Thomas R, hatter, h n s Baker av 
Switzer Edward, elk, h 8 St Clair av 
Sylvester Miss Amy, 1 Mrs R Sylvester 
Sylvester .Rebecca (wid Wm), h w s 


Tait Joseph, lab Mount Pleasant Ceme 
tery, res North Toronto 
Tattle George H, elk, h n s Rose Hill av 
Taylor Miss Ann C, drsmkr, 1 73 Forest 

Hill rd 

Taylor Miss Audrey, 1 R S Baker 
Taylor Stanley, lab, b F Boddington 
Teefy Rev John R, superior St Basil's 


Thomas Albert, plsihr, h e s Yonge 
Thompson David L, drugs, h s s Olive av 
Thompson John, printer, h n s Olive av 
Thomson James, arch, h s s Heath 
Thomson Robert H, painter, h Moore 

Thomson Wm J, prin Deer Park Pub 

Sch, h s s St Clair av 
Todd Miss Annie E, stenog, 1 C A Todd 
Todd Charles A, moto, h Moore Park 
Todd Miss Helen M, stenog, 1 C A Todd 
Todd Margaret, maid Dr Meyers' Private 


Todd Miss Mary C, slsldy, 1 C A Todd 
Tomsett Harry, dairymn, h e s Spadina 


way Co (Metropolitan Division), W H 
Moore Manager, w s Yonge 
Travis Edward, lab Mount Pleasant Ceme 
tery, res Toronto 

Tredgett Charles, foreman Mount Pleas 
ant Cemetery, res North Toronto 
Trent George S, 1 Chas Stewart 
\V Auden, MA, Principal, Head Ave 
nue rd 
Van Zant Elias, marble and granite dlr, 

e s Yonge, res Toronto 
Vaughan Joseph C, stereo, h 26 Farnham 

Wainwright George, cond, h s s St Clair 

Waldon Frederick E, asst car starter, h 

s s Duggan av 

VValdron Wm F, carp, h Moore Park 
Walker James, engineer, h 6 St Clair av 
Wallington George P, engineer, h n s St 

Clair av 

Wallis Frank J, plmbr, h 6 Farnham av 
WALMSLEY THOMAS, Insurance, h 

w s Lawton av 

Walsh John, elk, h w s Spadina rd 
Ward Joseph, lab, h e s Huron 
Warington John J L, mach hd J T Hep 
burn, res Toronto 

Wase Mrs Elizabeth, rms 108 Olive av 
Watson Samuel, trav, h 18 Pleasant av 
Watts Joseph, lab, h e s Lawton av 
Webster Alice K (wid Thomas), h 10 

Farnham av 

Webster Miss Augusta, 1 10 Farnham av 
weir Robert, h n s Duggan ay 
West Mrs Sarah, dom W A Firstbrook 
Wheeler Frederick J, pianomkr, h s s 

White Alexander K, coachman, h Moore 


White Arthur O, 1 E O White 
White Edward O, h n s Clinton av 
wmte John, driver, h w s Spadina rd 
White Thomas, lab, b Deer Park Hotel 
Wiggins John, mach J T Hepburn, res 


Wightman John, h n s St Clair av 
Wightman Robert, BA, h s s St Clair av 
Wightman Wm, gdnr J J Palmer, h w 

s Lawton av 
\Vishton Wm, mach Tor & York R Ry 

Co, res Toronto 

Wildman James F, h n s Clarence av 
Williams John, lab, h n s Clinton av 
Williams J A McKenzie, studt, 1 R T 


Williams Morley J, studt, 1 R T Williams 
Williams Percy, gdnr Dr Meyer's Private 

Williams Richard T, acct, has Clarence 


Willmot Miss Dora, stenog, 1 M Willmot 
Willmot Edward E, coll, h w s Huron 
Willmot Frank H, elk, 1 M Willmot 

Willmot Mancel, architect, h n s Heath 
Winteringham Jliss Sarah, b J E Bower 
Wodehouse Laura E (wid Thomas F), h 

e s Yonge 
Wood Frederick, plstr, b F Beer 

woods frank, bricklyr, 1 J Woods 
Woods Hartman H, chief engineer U C C 
Woods Miss Isabella, elk, 1 J Woods 

woods James, contir, h n s Franklin av 
Woods Miss Mary, app, 1 J Woods 
Wright Angus, moto Tor & York R Ry 

Co, res North Toronto 
Wright George, gdnr Reservoir Park, res 

Wright Wm H, gdnr U C Coll, h n s 

Lonsdale av 

Wyer Alexander, lab, h 9 Franklin av 
Wyer Arthur, app, 1 Alex Wyer 
Wyer Miss Elizabeth, 1 Alex Wyer 
Wyer Harold, app, 1 Alex Wyer 
Wyer Herbert, brass plshr, 1 Alex Wyer 
Wyer Percy, brass plshr, 1 Alex Wyer 
Wyer Sydney, brass plshr, 1 Alex Wyer 
Wyer Walter, lab, 1 Alex Wyer 
Wylie David V. h w s Soadina rd 
Wylie Miss Mary, 1 D V Wylie 
Wylie Wm B, night watchman, h w s 
Soadina rd 

Yeaman John, mach, h Moore Park 
Young David, mach, b J Yeaman 


(Including Little York) 
(Five miles east of P. O) 

Abbott Frank, butcher 1588 Danforth av, 

h same 

Acres Charles R, cashier, h 25 Beech av 
Adair John G. bkpr, h 8 Hazel av 
Aggett John T, plmbr, h 178 Balsam av 
Ahern Henry J, broker, h 7G Balsam av 
Aldcroft Frederick, mach. h 56 Swanwick 

Alderson Caroline (wid Frederick), 1 125 

Allan Lilburn McG, draughtsman, 1 52 

Soruce av 

Allan Margaret (wid Wm), h 52 Spruce av 
Allan Norman, gdnr, 1 52 Spruce av 
Allan Richard P, sec Wm C Charters, h 

530 ICineston rd 

Allan R George, coppersmith, h 1475 Dan 
forth av 

Allan Victor E, brklyr, h 163 Coleman 
Aiiongnt Miss Ellen, 1 Wm Allbrlght 
Allbright Wm, carp, h 43 Bridge 
Allison Wm J, prin Scarboro .Tunct Sch, 

h 33 Norwood rd 

Ames Alfred E, broker, h 387 Kingston rd 
Ames Ida E (wid Dr Frederick H S), h 

2346 Queen e 
Ames Miss Winnifred, studt, 1 2346 Queen 


Annis John, h 72 Dawes rd 
Anson C Stanley, trav, 1 J E Anson 
Anson J Elliott, h 86 Swanwick av 
Anson Percy L, brkmn GTR, 1 J E Anson 
Appleby Thomas, driver J W Brandon, h 

21 Luttrell av 
Appleton Charles, carp, h 68 Stephenson 

Appleton Wm, bkpr R Rogerson & Son, 

1 68 Stephenson av 
Arms Walter H, draughtsman, 1 11 Spruce 

Armstrong Elizabeth V (wid Albert), h 

39 Enderby rd 
Armstrong George, tmstr L A De La- 

DlantP. res Coleman 
Arnold John, eng, h 81 Kimberley 
Arthur Agnes E (wid Stephen E), boots 

and shoes 83 Main, 1 272 same 
Arthurs Miss Ethel, elk, 1 J S Arthurs 
Arthurs John S, printer, h 87 Balsam av 
Asling Arthur K, bkpr W H Snell, b 

Mrs I L Westlake 

Atkinson Harold, lab, 1 J A Milner 
Bailey George, h 116 Hannaford 
Baird Alexander, ene GTR, h 6 Enderby 


Musical Instrnmanti, Sheet Music and Musio Books 
We have the largest and best selected 
stock of these lines in Canada to select 
from. Catalogue Free. 



158 Yonge Street, TORONTO, ONT. 



Office & Works : 530 KING ST. E. 

Baker Charles, lab, h 472 Kingston rd 
Bak \, lab, h mio Danforth av 

Baker Wm G, baker W H Snell 1 C 

Baldwin Harold, tmstr Dentonia Park 


Balmy Beach Park, s a Park av 
li.Vl.m III Veil I'OST OFFIi 1 I 
[herson Ross Postmaster, 2372 Queen 

Bangay Alfred, baker, 1 IS Dawes rd 
Bangay Rob.-rt H. tmstr. h iss Dawes rd 
Bangay Wm H, tmstr, 1 R H Bangay 
Bannir Edward L, ! ,1 Spruce av 

Barefoot John R. eng G T R, h <;4 Osborne 
Bastow Frederick, cond T & T R R, b 

w s Bellefair av 

Bauer Frederick II. trav, h 4j Beech av 
Baxter Archibald \V. lab, h n s East- 


Bax; s. opr. 1 A \V Baxter 

Bayes Miss Laura A, bkpr L A De La 
plante, res Toronto 
Bay ;. Thomas i Meagher prop. 

142" D.uiforth av 

Bear.: :,r i;jii Queen e, h same 

Beckett \Vm. tmstr. 1 542 Kingston rd 
Bell Andr. . r GTR. h GO Coleman 

Bell George, h OO LJeech av 
Bell .\ H. tchr. 1 Geo Bell 

. Bell Percy X, elk, 1 Go Bell 
Bel! la. slsldy. 1 J> Coleman 

BeJl Wm J. golf prof. 1 A Bell 
Belt John A. acct. h 7 Enderby rd 
Bennett Grace <wid \Vm>. 1 2o Bridge 
.Bennett Jos, ph. slsmn De Laplante Co, 

Ltd . dge 

Benn :uby E. opr. 1 Jos Bennett 

Bennett \\m H. slsmn, 1 2o Bridge 
Bent! J. bkpr. h 2337 Queen e 

Berry John, blrmkr GTR, h 14 Kimb.rley 
Berry Rol. Albert), h Lake Front, 

ft Beech 

Besaey Wesley H, agt, h w a Dawei rd 
Billing John, rntr, h 2363 Gerrard 
Bilow Frederick L, brkmn, h 36 Norwood 

Blnns Cyril, blksmith Wm Candler, res 


Bird George, h e s Birch i.v 
Bird George Jr. 1 Geo Bird 
Bird Miss Iris, packer. 1 Geo Bird 
Bird Miss Nora, mlnr, 1 Geo Bird 
Bird Wm J, cond, h 50 Enderby rd 
Bishop Walt, r .-,-. Dawes rd 

Bishopric Henry, contr. h e s Gledhill av 
Bisnopric fienry C. contr e s Gledhill av 
Bishopric Robert, carp. 1 H C Bishopric 
Bissett Hilton, baker W H Snell, b Mrs 

I L Westlake 

Black Thomas, lab, 1 1656 Danforth av 
Blackeby Ernest, brkmn GTR, h 74 Cole 
Blakeley Arthur W. caretkr East Toronto 

High Sch, h 74 Lyall av 
Blaylock Arthur, engineer, 1 1477 Dan 
forth av 
Blaylock Miss Florence, milliner, 1 1477 

Danforth av 
Blaylock Frank, bartndr White House, 1 


Blaylock Frank, fitter. 1 J C Blaylock 
Blaylock Joseph, plmbr, 1 J c Blaylock 
Blaylock J Charles, eng, h 1477 Danforth 


Blaylock Miss Louise, stenog, 1 1477 Dan 
forth av 

IU.AYLOCK WM H, Grocer, Pro- 
visions. Flour and Feed, 1582 Danforth 
av. Res same 

Blowing Joseph, lab, h 165 Coleman 
Bolderson Robert, groom, 1 68 Stephenson 


Bolton Georgina (wid Henry), h 41 En 
derby rd 

Bond Alexander M, h 32 Spruce av 
Bonnell Charles, carp, h S Walter 
Booth Alfred J. pntr, h 2372 Gerrard 
Booth Septimus, fur ctr, 1 A J Bootn 
Booth Wm W, lather, h 67 Lyall av 
Boston Joseph, florist 103 Hannaford, h 

Boston's Hall, 19 Main 
Boswell Miss Jescie, 1 H C Hamilton 
Boulton Paul, rnach hd De Laplante Co, 
Ltd. b 125 Main 

Bouvier Louis, envelope mfr, h 12 Beech 

tt Harry, blrmkr GTR, h 3 Walter 
Bower J Wm. acct, h e s Beech av 
Bowering Charles .B, exp 43 Beech av h 

:thur. brkmn, b White House 

- Albert W, h n s Stephenson av 

- Wm J, Ureman GTR, h 72 Stephen- 
: av 

:ry. pntr Wm Candler, h 11 
Bradtteld Wm, tel opr GTR, b White 


Brady George, bkpr, h 15 Cedar av 
Brandham Wm J. h I'M Beech av 

ion John W. baker and confectioner 
I.v. "i Danforth av. h 

;'!! Kinney (Brandon & Son), h 3C8 
^-ston rd 
Brandon W King (Brandon & Son), 1 K 

Bran<: -mej- and W King) 

ngston rd 

Brassington Joseph, acct, h n a Kingston 

k John, road master Tor & York R 
i<:2 Kingston rd 

i Hiiward. bku: k av 

ian. b 4O Way- 
land av 

an Thomas, brkmn GTR, h 1640 
forth av 

Charles D. mngr Eastbourne 

Brewer John, prop Eastbourne Hotel 
Bridges :. lv . h 31 Balsam av 

Joseph, carp, b 2241 Gerrard 

rson H, phy 1461 Danforth av, 
h s.. 

n Frank, trav, h w s Gledhill av 
Broderick Nicholas, brkmn GTR res 

Herbert, studt. 1 47 Swanwick 

- Ion Joseph H, slsmn, h 47 Swan- av 

Joseph W. trav. h IS Pine ter 
Brotherston Wm. blksmith 1569 Danforth 

av, h 1571 same 

Broughton Frederick, mach GTR, h 7 Os 

Brr.ugnton Frederick jr. app, 1 F Brough 

Broughton Henry M. app, 1 F Broughton 
Broughton Herbert, mach. 1 F Broughton 
Broughton Joseph, engine wiper GTR. 

1 F Broughton 

Brown Arthur, elk, 1 2221 Gerrard 
Brown Edgar, driver, h 17 Luttrell av 
Brown Miss Elizabeth, bkpr John Brown. 

1 2221 Gerrard 
Brown Frederick C, gro w s Main, h 36 

Benlamond av 

Brown John, btchr 2221 Gerrard, h same 
Brown John, carp, h 53 Balfour av 

a Miss Maude, tchr, 1 10 Enderby rd 
Brown Montague, carp, h 12 Wayland av 
Brown Robert, h 9 Benlamond av 
Brown Stephen R. mgr F C Brown, h 

-U'.s Gerrard 

Brown Thomas, carp, h 35 Osborne 
Brown Wm, engineer GTR, h 16 Kimber- 

:i Wm W. tmstr. h <v<< Dawes rd 
Browning Albert, carp, h 16 Pickering 
Browning Andrew, carp, 1 68 Balfour av 
Browning Isabel (wid Thomas) 1 81 Cole 

Browning Thomas A. lab, h 73 Balfour av 
Brownlee Herbert, groom, b Empringham 

Brownlee Thomas, prin Klmberley St Pub 

Sch, b Eastbourne Hotel 
Bryan James, cond GTR, h 40 Wayland av 
Buchanan James A, trav. h e a Birch av 
Buckham Herbert D, h 63 Siruce av 
Burgess John, carp, h e s Gledhill av 
Burgess Thomas E, lather, h 155 Coleman | 
Burgess Wm. plasterer, h 111 Coleman 
Burke John, wtr, h 59 Swanwick av 
Burkholder Oscar, tmstr, 1 112 Pickering 

Burleigh Oharl 

Danforth av 
Burleigh Robert, lab, h 151 Coleman 







Burnett George, h w s Birch av 
Burns Miss May, 1 C T Lyons 
Burns Rol' ve, h 17!) Beech av 

Burns Miss Violet, smstrs, 1 88 Main 
Burns Wm C C. trav, h 46 Spruce av 
Burrell Edward, carp, h 22 Dawes rd 
Bursiem Alfred, draughtsman, h e s 

Belle:a r av 

Burt Elizabeth (wid Joseph), h 14 Bal 
sam av 
Burt Joseph A H, acct. 1 u Balsam av 

.d John). h71 Coleman 
Busby Gerald F G. Htho. 1 Mrs E Busby 
Butler Henry, carp, h 74 Beech av 
Butler Wm, barber John Pearce, b i50 

Butterick Robert W, driver W H Snell, 


Butterick Samuel, lab, h 77 Balfour av 
Cairns Alexander, stockkpr, h w s Belle- 

tair av 
Calcutt John, brkmn GTR, res Beue- 

Calder Miss Elizabeth, tchr York Sfchool, 

res Toronto 

Cameron Charles S, tinsmith, 1 IV CoJeman 
Cameron Donald, h 34 Benlamond av 
Cameron Donald, driver F C Brown, 1 Mr 

M Cameron 
Cameron Donald, mach, h 79 Coleanan 

opr. 1 74 Dawes rd 
Cameron Frank A, brkmn G T R, i 74 

Dawea rd 
Cameron Margaret M (wid James) h 34 

Swanwick av 

Campbell Alexander. Inh. b W Snowball 
Campbell Miss Bessie F, tchr Kimberley 

St Pub Sch. 1 289 Main 
Campbell Charles J, mgr, h 62 Balsam iv 
Campbell Miss Kilith, tchr Enst Toronto 

High Sch. 1 147:! 1'anforth rd 
Campbell Joseph H. elk, h 67 Spruce av 
Campbell Wallace, car repairer OTR, h 

74 Dewea rd 

Campbell Wm M. h 44 Spruce av 
Camplin Richard, boarding stable, h 7G 


Camplin Wm, vet dentist, h 100 Lyall av 
Canavan Edward. lal>. rard 

Candler Miss Elizabeth, opr, 1 S.) St.-; 

son av 



Phone Beach 358 

Candler Wm. > -arria^ mak 

er cor Stephenson ov and Main, h SO 

enson av 

Cann Isaac. 1 W N Perry 
Cannon Joseph. watchman. Dentonia 

Park Farm. 1 Mrs Ann Newman 
Card .\ !;, b H Gearing 

Thos Cui 

Care Harriet (wid Thomas), 1 Thos Curtis 



Bemember this Is the original and genuine 
Helntzman ft Co. Piano made by ye olde 
flrme the piano that if the standard of high- 
class piano building -Imitated by others, but 
never equalled. 115-117 King St. W., Toronto. 





Phones M. 2768 
Holidays, M. 4136 

416 Queen St. W. 


Carey Tiujiiias. l.ih. 1 MI I'liicman 

Carlton Wm J, driver D Drummond & 

Son, h 10 Luttrell av 

Carroll James H, eng GTR, h 22 Lyall av 
Carroll Joseph gateman, h 38 Enderby rd 
Carruthers Walter S, eng GTR, h 2201 


Carswell Miss Muriel, 1 -OS Balsam av 
Carswell Wm E, h 103 Balsam av 
Carter John, exp, 1 2H7O Gerrard 
Carver Robert B, driver, h 112 Pickering 
Carver W Lambert, carp, h 80 Osborne 
Case Egerton R, barr, h 82 Balsam av 


Case Frederick, elk, to 81 Coleman 
Case Leon, trav. h 82 Balsam av 
Cassidy Arthur, elk, 1 122 Beech av 
Cassidy Wm B. slsmn, h 122 Beech B.V 
Cassie Arthur, tmstr Dentonia Park Farm 
Castle George, h 2353 Gerrard 
Caswell Edward S, elk, h 16 Balsam av 
CavanuKh Win T, fireman GTR. h 41 

Swanwlck av 
Chalmers Andrew (Chalmers Milling: Co), 

h 14 Lyall av 

Chalmers Milling Co, A Chalmers & a 
A. Seeds props, grain dealers w s Dawes 
Chandler Edward J, ledgerkpr Traders 

Bank East Toronto (br), res Toronto. 
Chapman Robert H C, fireman GTR. h 

2207 Gerrard 
Charters J Edward, foreman W 03 Char. 

ters, h 2345 Queen e 

Charters Wm C, plaining mill 520 Kings 
ton rd, h 530 same 
Cheek Mary A (.wid Albert), 1 R H C 

Cherry Benjamin W, contr w s Wheeler 

av, to same 

Cherry Henry B, carp, 1 B W Cherry 
Cherry Richard M, jwlr, 1 B W Cherry 
Cherry Wm J?', ca-rp, 1 B W Cherry 
Chick George, carp, 1 491 Kingston rd 
Chittick Frank, mach De Laplante Co. 

Ltd. to 69 Main 

Chudley Miss Nellie, 1 A J Crawford 
Church of Christ, n w cor Main and 

Swanwick av 

Churchill i.umund. carp, h n s Pinehurst 
Clare Wm E, fireman, h 49 Swanwick av 
Clarke Archibald, brkmn GTR, h 42S 

Kingston rd 

CLAY WM H, Clerk and Treasurer 

Town of East Toronto, res 2178 Gerrard 

Clements Andrew H, harnessmkr, h W 


Cleminshaw John, carp, h 36 Hannaford 
Cieverdon Albert L, app, 1 R G Clever- 


Cieverdon Robert G, cond GTR. h 33 as- 

Cline Elmore, h 58 Beedh av 
Cllnkenbroomer Wm H, h 54 Wayland av 
Clotworthy Alexander, elk. 1 65 Spruce av 
Cobbledick Alfred E, sodding contr 65 Kai- 

four av, h same 

taker and Embalmer 1506-1508 Danforth 
av, h same 
Cobley Charles H, co constable, h 22 

Wayland av 
Cockburn Wm J, baggage insp GTR, h 5 

Norwood rd 

Coghill John M, moto, h 21 Hannaford 
Golden Thomas, brkmn GTR. h 42 No- 
wood rd 

Sharpe, Postmaster 1592 Danforth av 
Coleman Miss Sarah, h 108 Main 
coigan Mrs Alary, 1 J G Hird 
Collings Miss Pearl, 1 292 
Ceilings Thomas, turner GTR, h 292 Main 
Collins Miss Emma. 1 John Collins 
Collins John, fitter, h 24 Wavland av 
Collins Matthew, h 41 Beech av 
Collins Miss Netta, opr, 1 John Collins 
Collins Walter, trav, h 80 Balsam av 
Connell Wm, lab, h 109 Main 
Cook Alexander B, bartndr Eastbourne 

Hotel, rms A E White 
Cook George, gdnr, h 54 Pickering 
Cook Wm, gdnr, 1 G Cook 
Cooper John, eng GTR, h 2183 Gerrard 
Cooper 'Mrs Kate, vice-pres East Toronto 
Brick Co, Ltd, res Toronto 

Cooper Thomas H, pres and genl mngr 
h-ast Toronto Brick Co. Ltd, res To 
Cordingley Percy, lab, 1 J A Milner 

en Albert, carp, 1 Mrs C Cornell 
Cornell Charlotte (wid James), h 30fl 


Cornell Walter G. carp, h 296 Main 
Corner Horace C, acct, h 131 Balsam av 
Corner Miss Marguerite, 1 131 Balsam av 
Corner Mrs Millie, 1 131 Balsam av 
Corrigan Wm H, foreman, to 13 Spruce v 
Costain \Vm (De Laplante & Co. Ltd), h 

2151 Gerrard 
Cotter Elizabeth (wid James), h 3!' 


colter John J, tmstr, 1 Mrs E Cotter 
Coty Miss Minnie, lieut S A, 1 85 Swan 
wick av 

Couchman Allan, tmstr, 1 90 Pickering 
Couchman Arthur, tmstr, 1 90 Pickering 
Couchman George, secretary East Toron 
to Brick Co, h 90 Pickering 
Coulthard Ralph, civ eng, h 12 Pine ter 
Courtice Rev Andruw C, h 2160 Gerrard 
Cowdell Arthur H, engineer, 1 353 Kings 
ton rd 
Cowling Miss Mary, nurse, 58 Dawes rd. 

1 samie 

Cox Gordon, conf W H Snell, b 2374 Ger 
rard 1 

Cox Samuel, sheet metal wkr, h 2374 Ger 

Crandall Fannie (wid David), h 326 Kings 
ton rd 

Crawford Alexander J, cook, h 6 Walter 
Crawford Miss Gertrude, 1 84 Coleman 
Crawford Miss Helen J, h 84 Coleman 
Crawford Norman, lab GTR, 1 70 Luttrell 


Crew H Leigh, fitter, 1 R H Crew 
Crew Richard 1, night yardmaster GTR, 

h 72 Osborne 

Critchley Frederick P, carp. 1 A 'W Bax 

Cross Walter, conrr, I 6 Spruce av 
Crowe Ernest G, brkmn, h 19 Kelvin av 
Cummer Ernest, dentist, h 161' Balsam av 
Currah John B, yardman GTR, 1 H H 

Currah Thomas C, yardman GTR, 1 H H 

Curtis Ernest F, caretkr Pine Av Pub 

Sch, h 24 Kimberley 
Curtis Frank L. staty eng, h 289 Main 
Curtis John, stone contr 28 Lyall av. h 


Curtis Thomas, safemkr, h 24 Kimberley 
Damude Solomon, Insp, h w s Birch av 
Danby Frederick, moto b 35 Osborne 
uanoy i-'rederick, poultryman Dentonia 

Park Farm 

Daniels (jeorge T, brklyr, h 41 Bridge 
Darby Joseph, brkmn GTR, 1 Wm Darby 
Darby Wm. foreman, h n s Coleman 
Dare Frank, plmbr, h 39 Osborne 
Davidson Martha P (wid George L), 1) 

2150 Gerrard 

Davies Frederick W, elk, h w s Birch av 
Davies George D, blksmth, h 307 Main 
Davies Joseph A, brkmn GTR, 1 G D 

Davies Miss Margaret, elk J W Brandon, 

1 307 Main 
Davies Wm Co, Ltd, the Claude P Walker 

mgr provisions 162 Main 
Davies Wm G. elk Metropolitan Bank, 

307 Main 

, Davies Wm J, brkmn GTR, h 294 Main 
Davis Albert E, baker W H Snell, h 45 

Enderby rd 

Davis George H, mach, h 78 Balfour av 
Davis Thaddeus A, lab, h 62 Dawes rd 
Davis Wijbert A, brkmn GTR, h 4 Swan 
wick av 

| Davy George, coal, h 2349 Queen e 
Dawes Francis C, insp, 1 J R Marshall 
Deady Michael, moto T & Y R R, res 

Deady Timothy, moto T & Y R R, h 143 


ber. Hardware, Lath, Shingles and 
Cedar Posts, cor Main and Stephenson 
imd Gerrard and Main (See card classi 
fied Lumber) 

De Laplante Llewellyn A, lumber dlr, 
D.mforth av and Main, h 2357 Queen e 
.Miss Nettie, tchr York School, b 
i>u Main 
Demary A Frederick, phy 10 Lyall av, h 


Dempster James, tailor, h 35 Hannaford 
Denne Alvina L (wid Frederick), h 10 

Enderby rd 

Dsnnis George, blksmith, h 10 Kimberley 
Jenroche Mrs Anna, 1 92 Balsam av 
Dentonia Park Farm and Trout Ponds. 

Dawes rd 

Denyes Alexander N, elk, 1 G M Young 
Denyea H Frank, elk, 1 G M Young 
Denyes Sarah J (wid Wilmot H), 1 G M 


Depew James, carp, 1 109 Main 
Derling Rev John, CSSR, pastor St 

John's (RC) Church, res Toronto 
Dewey Miss Gertrude, dom 103 Ba sam 


Diment Henry, eng GTR, h 141 Main 
Dingman Hiram J, mfrs' agt, h 2359 

Queen e 

I.) : xon Wm. eng GTR, h 60 Malvern 
Dobson Mrs Alice, h n s Gerrard 
Dobson Miss Alice A, tassel mkr, 1 Mrs A 


Dobson John R, 1 Mrs A Dobson 
Dodd George E, elk, h 336 Kingston rd 
Doherty Wm, brkmn, 1 284 Main 
Dolby Wm, contr, 1 R W Harper 
Donnelly Henry, shoemkr 1567 Danforth 

av, h same 

Donoghue John, tmstr, h 18 Pickering 
Donohue Wm, trav, h w s Birch av 
Down John H. plmbr 332 Kingston rd, 

h same 
Dowron Albert G, cabtmkr w s Kingston 


Dowsett James, blksmith Wm Candler 
Doyle Henry, cond GTR, h 21 Lyall av 
Drake Edward, lab, h 2298 Gerrard 
Drummond David (D Drummond & Son), 

h n a Lansdowne av 

Drummond David & Son (David and 
Noel), coal and wood, n s Danforth av 
Drummond Noel (D Drummond Son), 

1 D Drummond 

Drush Miss Gertrude L, 1 25 Luttrell av 
Dryden John, wood wkr Wm Candler, h 

25 Osborne 

Dudley Miss Harriet, 1 Thos Dudley 
Dudley Thomas, bootmkr A Johnston, h 

101 Main 

Duke Charles E, opr, 1 8 Enderby rd 
Duke Robert, eng GTR, h 2310 Gerraru 
Duke Miss Sarah A, 1 8 Enderby rd 
Dunk Elizabeth (wid Samuel), h 4 Kim 

Dunk Miss Ethel, 1 Mrs B Dunk 
Dunn Alfred, elk, b Empringham Hotel 
Dunn James F, driver W H Snell, h 23 

N nrwood rd 

Dunn John, elk, b Empringham Hotel 
Dunn Win J, trav, h 33 Lyall av 
Dunn W Edwin, printer, h e s Birch av 
Dunsmore Mary M (wid Thomas), h 2290 

Durham Robert W, contr 2367 Gerrad. h 

Durham Wm A, contr e s Melbourne av, 

h same 

Durrant Frederick J, lab, h e s Birch av 
East Toronto Baptist Church. Rev Thomas 
Ratcliffe pastor, cor Enderby rd and 

East Toronto Brick Co, Ltd, Thomas H 
Cooper pres, Mrs Kate Cooper vice- 
pres, George Couchman secy, 95-97 Pick- 
East Toronto Gospel Hall, n s Swanwick 

av, near Kimberley 

East Toronto High School, F Wm French, 
BA, prin, cor Malvern and Swanwick 
East Toronto Hotel, Mrs Rosa Harris 

prop, Kingston rd, cor Main 
East Toronto Post Office, Mrs Mary B 

Trench nostmistress, 2192 Gerrard 
East Toronto Power House, Patrick Scan- 
Ian eng, 2277 Gerrard 
J McPherson Ross Mayor. Council Hall, 
c s Main 

East Toronto Town Hall, W H Clay town 
elk and treasurer, 87 Main 




31 William St. 




PHONKS Main 1347; Park 2399 

ilsam av 
Eastbourne Hotel. John Brewer prop. 16Uu 

.'orth av 

Eby Henry. 1 J A Eby 
Eby John A. hostler Empringham Hoxol, 
h 11,2:1 1'anforth av 

!>el. 1 J A Eby 
Edmonds Miss Blanche, 1 127 Balsam av 

h 1-7 Balsam av, 
Edmunds Francis P. trav, h 2290 Gerrard 

\rthur, carp, h 2398 Queen e 
El.y Mrs Louise, elk J S Fry. 1 23US 


Elliott Miss Alice M, drsmkr. 1 Mrs H 

ng L A Do Laplante, h S3 

.id C, carp. 1 D Elliott 
ward J, contr 270 Main, h same 
Elliott G.-orge H. rubber goods, h 2311 

11,-len (wld Thomas W). h 3S 

Elliott Miss H.-len, stenog. 1 98 Dawes rd 
Elliott J \V;llis, agt. h 89 Colemau 

t Solomon E, cond GTR. h 84 Dawe* 


Elliott Miss Susan <J. 1 Mrs H Elliott 
Albert, lab. h e s Birch av 
harles A. lab, h 27 Pickering 
< 'harles E, engineer, h 58 Wayland 
Ell s George, yard foreman GTR, h -3i'.' 


Embleton Wm. elect Dentonla Park Farm 
Emerton John, yardman, h 2129 Gerraid 
Emmanuel Presbyterian Church, Rev T 

H Rogers, BA, pastor, s e Swanwlck av 
Empringham Alfred, driver \V H Blay- 

lock. h IK i Main 
Kmpnngham Miss Eliza, stenog, 1 John 

Empringham George, prop Emprlngham 

Hotel, s a Danforth ar 
Emprlngham George F, elk. 1 Emprlng 

bam Hotel 

Empringham George T, pntr W T Emp 
rlngham, I same 
Empringham Hole!. George Empringharo 

prop, 1001-3 Danforth av 
Empringham John, caretaker Methodlsl 

Church, h 299 Main 
Kmpringham Miss Mildred. 1 W T Em- 

Empringham Miss Myrtle, drsmkr, 1 8P 

Stephenson av 

Empringham Wm T. painter 80 Stephen- 
son av, h same 

English Mrs Amelia, h 1 Walter 
English Samuel H. car repr GTR, h B w 

cor Osborne and Swanwick av 
Evans Miss Ethel M, 1 White Hous 
Evans Henry C, brklyr. h 3 Wayland av 
Evans John, prop White House 
Evendon Joseph A. foreman W H Snell. 

h 212 Lee av 

Everest John W, bkpr, h 14 Walter 
Fairburn Wm H, prospector, h 75 Cole- 
Karley Catherine (wld Joseph), 1 D C 

Farmer Frances E (wld James H), h 8 

Spruce av 

Farmer James H, photo, 1 8 Spruce av 
Farrell Thomas, cond GTR, h 107 Main 
Faskin Alexander, barr. h 2354 Queen e 
Fenton Wilson, chartered acct, h 44 

Ferguson Rev Henry T, pastor Hope 

Methodist Ch, h 286 Main 
Ferguson Wm. elk, 1 X S Gardiner 
Ferris Mrs Mary, nurse 8 Spruce av, 1 


Fif-M George, woodwkr. h 77 Kimberley 
mna (wid Benjamin), h ISO 

Fleldhouse Benjamin F. eng GTR. h 2211 

Fielding Harry, driver R Rogerson & 

Son, 1 125 Pickering 
Finch Charles H, coppersmith, h n s 

Kingston rd 

Finn Alfred, slsmn, h e s Birch av 
Fire Hall No 1. 2 Spruce av 
Fire Hall No. 2. .7 Main 

r Alexander, phy 2352 Queen e, h 


Fisher Miss Christina. 

1, wine merch, h *J3 Ben- 
J av 

KUZI-. i. i John Richardson 

gan Thomas, carp, h w B:rc 

;TR, h 16 
;i lie 

Flood ilartin J, app, 1 Martin Flood 
b 12 Spru 
Flou. 1-1 GTR, I; 

Flowers Albert coachman A E Ames 

-pruce av 
i Miss I. <;>ruce av 

ler, foreman, h 40 Spruce av 
Fogelberg Charles, h 64 Spruce av 

aan 11 \S". trav. h 11 Park av 
John, contr '.; i'.ck. ring, h 
Foley Thomas, tmstr, h n s Gerrard 
Forfar Archibald W, carp, h 43 Bridge 
<>rge R, bldr 311 Main, h same 
Forster Bertram, confr W H Snei 

Forster Robert, engineer GTR, h 6 Klm- 

. .ey 
Fosdick Wm R, trav, h 66 Beech av 

roadmaster T & Y R R, 
h 4 Walter 

Fox Charles J. pork packer, h 216 Lee av 
Fox John, h 3o3 Lake Front 
Foy George J. wines, h 28 Beech av 
Francis Samu-l \V. tmstr, h llo Pickering 
r Donald, baker J W Brandon, h 


Fray saret. 1 1582 Danforth av 

toger \V. lali, h '.'.'.< Pickering 
Nauc A, tmstr, h 2280 Gerrard 
>i Cecil J, elk Metropolitan Bank, 
b IV Bridge 

ii F Wm, BA, prin East Toronto 
High School, b 21 Norwood rd 
Fretta Miss Addle, bkpr, 1 L E Fretts 
Fretts Lewis fc:. gdnr, h 48 Wayland av 

:ida A. tchr Kimberley St 
Pub S -h, 1 !* Wayland av 
Frise John, blksmith W Candler. h 53 

Swanwick av 

Fry Joseph S, dry goods, boots and shoes, 
- Queen e, h 1922 same 

y O (wid Samuel), h 88 Swan 
wick av 

i James H. carp, h n s Gerrard 
Furby Emily (wld Wm H), h 2363 Queen 


Fursier Miss Nellie S. 1 53 Beech av 
Gallagher Miss Irene, cashier. 1 1642 

Danforth av 

Gallagher John, brkmn GTR. h 1642 Dan 
forth av 
Gallagher Miss Margaret, cashier. 1 J Gal- 

i GaJlagher Wm, confr W H Snell, 1 John 


Oarb>- Edward, eng. h 31 Osborne 
! Garbutt Ernest J. sodding contr 58 Swan- 

,; av. h same 
Gardiner Frederick, piano fnshr. 1 N S 

Gardiner George L, cashier, h e s Birch 

Gardiner John, wood turner, h 2S Hanna- 


Gardiner Neil S, confr, h e s B rch av 
i Gardiner Thomas, h 13 Cedar av 
Gardiner Wm, opr, h 6 Spruce av 
Gardiner Wm J, h 6 Spruce av 

, Wm, shoemkr, h 80 Swanwick av 
Garry Murt. cond GTR, h 14 Knderby rd 
Garry Patrick J. cond GTR, h 42 Enderby 

Gates Wm H. brkmn GTR. h 35 Wi-y- 

land av 

Gay Samuel, lab. h 66 Pickering 
Gayton George T, brklyr, h 1 Pickering 
Gayton Wm. plstr, 1 1 Pick-ring 
Gearing Harry, mech eng, h 125 Be^ch av 
Gendron John A, trav, h S.~ Balsam av 
Gfnrg- Richard J, foreman De Laplante 

& Co. h -ft Main 
Ghent Wm. carp, I Mrs S H 
Ghent Wm H, fireman GTR. h 106 Ma n 
Gibson Alfred, elk. h 2344 Queen e 
Gibson Alfred E. elk, 1 2344 Queen r 
Gibson C Douglas E, insp. 1 2344 Queen e 
iry. studt. I 2344 Queen e 
i Gibson Maurice, elk, 1 60 Balsam av 
Gibson Wm H. foreman, h fiO Balsam av 

".rt T, h 1 Park av 
-r Frank, whol btchr 1047 Danfoi'th 

Gliding Frank Jr, btchr, 1 F Gilding 
Gliding Frederick, carp, 1 F Gliding 

irk. barber. I 1(>47 Danfurth av 
:nm 11 Norwood rd 

Gilli'tt Amos, wdwkr Wm Candler, res 

urge H. cond, h 349 Kingston 

Glvens Miss Minnie, stenog, 1 W H 

- Win C, studt, 1 1C22 Danforth av 
Wm H. dry goods 1622 Danforth 
av. h s:: 
Glanneld Charles, plstr, h 1644 Danforth 


iGodfn A. pntr. h 122 Main 

Gough Joseph, 1 F G Howell 

i Andrew, h 43 Lyall av 
Graham I^.uis H, MA. tohr East Toronto 

i Sch, h 110 Beech av 
GTR (York Station), George Waugb 

agt, e s Main 

Grant David H. lab, 1 J Grant 
Grant James, motorman, h e s Dawes rd 
Grant Wm H, barr w s Main, res Toronto 
Gray M:s- A.I.I J, tchr Kimbcrly St Pub 

Sch, 1 31 Lyall av 
Gray Edgar H, lab. h 31 Lyall av 
Gray Geo-rge H, produce dlr 70 Lyall av 
Gray Miss Minnie E. 1 31 Lyall av 

Robert, 1 1613 Danfortn av 
Gray Robert J, lab. 1 ifilo Danforth av 
Gray Mrs s.ira.i, slsidy Mrs Lu l!a Heth- 

.13 Danforth av 

Gregory Austin K. druggist 158 Main, 1 
L Stephenson 

irge, opr, 1 2398 Queen e 
Grey Catherine (wid Robert). 1 F Grey 
Francis, lab, h 325 Kingston rd 
e George R, yard foreman, h e s 
Grieve George R Jr, call boy, 1 G R 


Grieve Miss Laura. 1 G R Gr>vi> 
Griffin Stephen J, yardmaster GTR, h 

Guest Ernest, driver, 1 6 


Guest Miss Lue'la. opr. 1 Brotherston s 

Thomas J, car Insp, h tt Brother- 
sum's Block 

Gunn Robert, h 21 Beech av 
Gunn Wm A, brkmn, h 1621 Danforth av 
Gunyou Herbert, mach, h w s Birch av 
Hackett Sarah (wid John), h 5 Enderby 


Haderly Wm, lab GTR, 1 ' av 

Hague Henry J, eng ' 
Hague Mary, dam 130 Balsam av 

Herbert, carp, 1 7 Luttrell av 

'.tries X. 

Hall Herbert, slsmn. I fi S: 
Hall Rldhard J, vet surg 1625 DC- 

av, h same 
! Hallett Wm J. air brake Insp GTR. 

Danforth av 

| Halpln Daniel P, cond, h 7S Mn!n 
i Hanwr Wm T, mgr Metropoi 
Swanwick av 

F. J. SMITH * CO. 

Properties FOR SAL in ALL 
PARTS of the City and Suburbs 

61 Victoria Street 

Confeberation Xife 




Canadian Company 

Hamilton George C, studt 1 H C Ham 
Hamilton Henry C, barr. h "w s Norwood 

rd, cor Benlamond av 
Hamilton Henry S, studt, 1 H C Hamilton 
Hammett Thomas, ednr Wm Davies, h 35 

Benlamond 1 av 

Hannah James E, grain, h w s Birch <iv 
Hannah Robert W, grain, h 7i> Birch av 
Hannah Wm, grain, h w s Birch av 
Hardy Henry, h 2370 Gerrard Horace N J. h 7!) Balsam av 
Hardy John, driver R Rogerson & Son, 

1 125 Pickering 

Hardy Thomas, eng GTR, res Toronto 
Hare Harold J, pipefitter, h 82 Stephenson 


Hare Wm A, Jwlr, 1 H J Hare 
Harper George H. h 8 Fernwood Park av 
Harper Robert W. h w s Birch av 
Harris Reginald M, teller Traders Bank 

of Canada (br) b Empringham Hotel 
Harris Rosa (wid Samuel), prop East 

Toronto Hotel, Kingston rd. cor Main 
Harris Thomas J, fireman GTR. res To 
Harrison Frederick, boilermkr. h e s 

Birch av 

Harrod Mary (wid George) h fio Pickering 
Hartop Henry, saddler, b 1571 Danforffi 


Harvey Charles A. (h 93 Bfilsam av 
Harvey Wm, slsmn, b E Moore 
Hatcher Edward S. marble ctr. h 175 

Beech av 

Hawk" Joanna (wid John), h 58 Dawes rd 
Hawker Wm T. yardmaster, h 4 Osborne 
Hawkes Arthur. Journalist, h 142 Bee<:n av 
Hawkins Edward, brklyr, h 562 Kingston 

Hawkins George, stableman W H Snell, 

h 45 Norwood rd 
Hawkyard Charles D. clothes cleaner and 

repairer 2306 Queen e, h e s Oak av 
Hawthorne Adam, lamp cleaner, h 22 Lut- 

trell av 

Ha.wthorne Ernest, elk. 1 22 Luttrell av 
Hay Joseph, engineer GTR, h 1563 Dan 
forth av 
Hayes George, brkmn GTR, h 59 Kimber. 


Hayes John J, elk PO. h 74 Beech av 
Hayward Sidney, lab, h 1611 Danforth av 
Haywood Alfred, trav, h 31 Beech av 
Haywood Leo J, elk. 1 31 Brco.h av 
Headhouse Louise, dom I Standish 
Heale Charles H, lab, h 2388 Gerrard 
Heaslip Benjamin, foreman. 1 63 Spruce av 
Hector Leonard C, plstr, h ISO Pickering 
HefEernan Edward, tobacconist, h 16(1 
Beech av * 

Heffernan Edward jr, tobacconist, li ]>! 

Beech av 

H?rron David H. brklyr, h 312 Main 
Herron Fanny (wid Joseph), h 52 Barring- 
ton av 

Herron Miss Georgina, drsmkr, 1 52 Bar- 
. rington av 

Herron Miss Gertrude, smstrs, 1 D Her 

Herron Miss Jessie, stenog, 1 D Herron 
Herron Miss Lydia 1 312 Main 
Herron Miss Pearl, opr, 1 312 Main 
Hetheringrton Mrs Luella, mlnry 1575 

Danforth av, res Shad'hot. Lake 
Hewitt Charles K, gro 67 .Swanwick av, h 

65 same 
Hewitt Miss Charlotte, opr, 1 Mrs S 

Hewitt James A, yardman, h 420 Kingston 


Hewitt Joseph, lather, 1 Mrs S Hewitt 
Hewitt Mrs Sarah, h 452 Kingston rd 
Hibbitt Wm, lab, b Bay View Hotel 
Hickerson George, slsmn, 1 62 Spruce av 
Hicks John, 1 G White 
Higgenbotham Frederick T, gdnr, h w s 

Dawes rd 

Hill Peter, mach. h 70 Pickering 
Hillary Lindsay H, mgr Traders Bank of 
Canada. East Toronto br, b Empring 
ham Hotel 
Hillyer George, plstr 426 Kingston rd, 1: 


Hillyer Rose (wid George), 1 426 Kingston 

Hilts Alexander, driver D Drummond & 

Son, h 15 Luttrell av 
Hilts Eugene J, lab, 1 64 Malvern 
Hilts Wm. lab, Ih 64 Malvern 
Hind Herbert, lab, h w s Bellefair av 
Hinds Sidney, call boy GTR, 1 Wm Hinds 
Hinds Wm, eng GTR, h 74 Osborne 
Hinds Wm jr, driver J Brown. 1 74 Os 

Hird John G, fireman GTR, h 5 Walter 
Hisey Mrs Eliza, confy 2249 Ge.rrard h 


Hitch Wm (Hitch & Taylor), h 11 Os 
Hitch & Taylor (Wm Hitch, Lome W 

Taylor), btchrs 150 Main 
Hoag John, lab h n s Kingston rd 
Hobbs George V, pedlar and exp 2333 Ger 
rard, Ih same 

Hodge James, special agt GTR, h 20 Ben 
lamond av 

Hodge Walter S, elk, 1 James Hodge 
Hodgins John, elk, b Empringham Hotel 
Hodgson Thomas F. h 17 Spruce av 
Hodgson Wm J, presser, 1 T F Hodgson 
Hogan John, brkmn GTR, res Belleville 
Hogan Timothy P, brkmn GTR, res 


Hogle Morley S, eng GTR, h 76 Dawes rd 
Hohs Edgar J, trav, h 317 Kingston rd 
Holbrook Miss Nellie, opr, 1 74 Pickering 
Holbrook Wm E, lab, h 74 Pickering 
Holdsworth Harry, plmbr 37 Norwood rd. 

h same 

Holland Samuel, elk C H, Ji 8 Pine ter 
Hollingworth Wilfred, civ engineer, h 157 

Balsam av 

HoUis Ernest J, planomkr, 1 Mrs S Hollis 
llollis Sally (wid John), h e s Gled.hi.ll av 
Homes George, carp, h e s Gledhill av 
Hookway Edwin, carp, h 61 Wayland av 
Hoover Jesse, carp, h 59 Hannaford 
Hope George A H, birds, h 5 Cedar av 
Hope Methodist Church, Rev H T Fer 
guson pastor, n s Danforth av, cor 

Hopkins Miss Anna M, tlrs, 1 John Hop 

Hopkins Miss Etta M, 1 John Hopkins 
Hopkins Miss Eva, boxmkr, h 328 Kings 
ton rd 

Hopkins Herbert W, tmstr, h. 134 Picker 

Hopkins John, h 17 Lyall av 
Hoi kins Miss Ma.v, boxmkr, h 328 Kings 
ton rd 

Hopkins Miss Pearl, boxmkr, h 328 Kings 
ton rd 

Hopkins Roy, lab, 1 134 Pickering 
Horseley Wm, h w s Birch av 
Hortop Henry, saddler n s Danforth av, 

b Wm Brotherson 

Howarth James H, carp, 161 Beedh av 
Howell Francis G, bkpr, h 19 Lyall av 
Howell Robert B comp, h 22 Bridge 
Howell Walter A, gro 2377 Queen e, h 


Hozack John, cond GTR, h 73 Main 
Hubbs Harold W, trav, 1 147 Beech av 
Hubbs Wm C. h 147 Beech av 
Hughes Ja<mes L, insp of schools, h 8 

Beech av 

Hume Alexander G, moto, fa 214 Lee av 
Humphrey Thomas G, eng GTR, h 39 

Lyall av 

Hunter Gordon, studt, 1 56 Spruce av 
Hunter Hugh C, fireman, 1 56 Balfour av 
Hunter Miss Ida M, supervisor, 1 56 

Spruce av 

Hunter Thomas, mach, h 110 Lyall av 
Hunter Won, fireman, 1 56 Balfour av 
Hunter Wm D, ins agt, b 56 Spruce av 
Hutchinson Isaac E, h 2369 Queen e 
Hutchinson James F, elk, h 69 Spruce av 
Hutchinson Thomas C, bkpr, h 58 Lyall 


Hutchinson Wm N, elk, h 282 Main 
Hutt James W, mgr, b 10 Hazel av 
Hutton Annie (wid Wm D), h 27 Swan- 
wick av 
Hutton Frederick E, slsmn L A De La- 

plante, 1 27 Swanwick av 
Hynard Edward, baker W H Snell. h 23 

Norwood rd 

lanson Harriet (wid Wm), h 1646 Dan 
forth av 

Ireland Miss Ada, b E Ireland 
Ireland Edward, eng GTR, h 24 Swan 
wick av 

Irving John, artist, h e s Beech av 
Ivens Thomas P, eng GTR. res Toronto 
Jackman Clement, plmbr. h 2241 Gerrard 
Jackson Miss Daisy M, opr, 1 W Jackson 
Jackson Frederick O, driver, h 133 Pick- 


Jackson George, elk, 1 W Jackson 
Jackson Miss Helen, drsmkr 86 Cole-man, 

1 same 

Jackson Sidney, tmstr, h 303 Main 
Jackson Wm, lab, h n s Danforth av 
Jewell George H, cond GTR, h 5 Kimber- 

Jewell Mary A (wid Isaac), 1 1508 Dan- 

fortlh av 

Johns Robert, printer, h 41 Lyall av 
Johnson George, opr, 1 309 Main 
Johnson John, engineer GTR, h 7 Kimber- 


Johnson John H, foreman, 1 John Johnson 
Johnson Thomas B, parcel elk, 1 John 


Johnson Wm A. elect, h 17 Benlamond av 
Johnston Arthur, boots and shoes 1608 

Danforth av, h same 
Johnston Miss Birdie, tchr York School, 

res Toronto 

Johnston Charles, brkmn, b White House 
Johnston Frederick A, driver L A DeLa- 

plante, 1 1608 Danforth av 
Johnston Miss Mary E, 1 1608 Danforth av 
Johnston Robert E, elk, 1 W J Johnston 
Johnston Wm J, cond GTR, h 44 Lyall av 
Johnstone J Duncan, imfrs agt, h 6 Swan 
wick av 
Jolliffe Hannah (wid Henry), 1 70 Balfour 


Jones Alexander A, lab, h 13 Walter 
Jones Alfred M, elk. 1 G G Jones 
Jones Ernest (James Jones & Son), 1 

James Jones 
Jones George G, contr 121 Beech av, h 


Jones Herbert J, slsmn, 1 G G Jones 
Jones James (James Jones & Son), h 8 

Jones James & Son (James & Ernest), un- 

smiths 8 Main 

Jordan Anson, brkmn, 1 284 Main 
Jordan Wm, lab Tor Ry, 1 80 Dawes rd 
Jordan Wm J, brkmn, h 56 Osborne 
Kahn Gustave, mgr, h 2365 Queen e 
Kane Hannah (wid Peter), h 40 Norwood 


Kelley Michael W, eng GTR, h 54 Osborne 
Kennedy Albert E, trav, 1 Harry Ken 

Kennedy Alexander H, elk P O, 1 28 Ben 
lamond av 

Kennedy Miss Beatrice, slsldy, 1 H Ken 

Kennedy Emma (wid Wm), h 2386 Ger 
Kennedy Frederick, fireman, 1 Mrs E 

Kennedy Miss Gertrude, foreldy, 1 H 

Kennedy Harry, diamond setter, h e s 

Birch av 

Kennedy John J, bkpr, h e s Birch av 
Kennedy Margaret (wid Wm G). 1 H Ken 

Kennedy Sidney I, cond, h 28 Osborne 
Kennedy Simon, co constable, h 28 Ben 
lamond av 
Kent Ambrose & Sons (br), jwlrs, Joseph 

Leonard mgr, TMCA bldg 
Kerr Miss Alice, tchr, 1 James Kerr 
Kerr Andrew, eng GTR, b D P Halpln 
Kerr Daniel J, eng GTR, h 'J329 Gerrard 
Kerr Edward, eng GTR, h 45 Swanwick 


Kerr James, editor, h w s Birch av 
Kerr Norman M, fireman GTR. 1 78 


Kerr Robert J, plshr, 1 R P Kerr 
Kerr Robert P, mach GTR, h 2331 Ger 

Kerr Wm A, piano plshr, 1 2331 Gerrard 
Kerr Wm K, eng GTR, h 2175 Gerrard 
Kimberley St Public School, Thomas 

Brownlee prin, w s Kimberley 
Kimpson George, elk, b Empringham 


Estate, Insurance and Financial Agents 

Make a Specialty of 


Office, 86 King St. East 

Branch OfRca 


Manufacturers of Electric and Hydraulic 

4,'er and Freight ELEVATORS 

Hand-Power ELEVATORS and Dumb 

Waiters: also of Ornamental Iron Grill 

Work of Every Description. 

Km*; Albert - Wayland av 

King Miss Barbara, opr. 1 A King 
King Miss Dorothy, stenog, 1 A King 
I 7o Spruce av 
Spruce av 

. gdnr, h 338 Klng- 
. I'd 

Mis Mildred, gro 350 Kingston 

Kinysmill Ren: ;iutn. h 3.">2 King- 

'i rd 

Klrby Robert, section hd, b S Pickering 
Wm 1!. 1, -,y rri 

iarles. lab, h :au Main 
W, :> 2115 Gerrard 
ry A, L Ins .Ma n 

Knights Eldon, lab, b Mrs A Walnwrlght 
Knights Wm R. lab, h 71 i :. man 
Kimx Arthur, yardr . Lyall av 

Kn.ix Wm, wiper GTR. 1 53 Lyall v 
Knux Wm G. cond GTR, h 53 Lyall av 

i. !'. Dawes rd 

Lalng John, carp, b 70 Spruce av 
Lamb George A. brkmn GTR, h 102 LyaU 


Lamb Joseph W, eng. h 44 Enderby rd 
Lamb Miss Mary, tel opr. 1 J w Lamb 
Lambert Joseph, lab, h 59 Balfour av 
Lane Mary (wid Wm). 1 Mrs F Crandall 

d, fitter, h 2297 (Jerra4 
Larivey Antoine, !in. man. h 4 L'Spruce av 
Latham Alexander, sta eng. h 90 \ 
Latham Harold, lab L A De Laolante 1 

Latta Fern, tmstr, has Danforth av 
Lawson Horace H, studt, 1 J F Lawson 

!', auditor, h 125 Balsam 

Lawson J Irving, studt, 1 125 Balsam a* 
Lawson T Wallace, studt. 1 12.') Balsam d.v 
Leadley Mlsa Ida. 1 Mrs M Leadley 
Leadley Mary (wid Johni. . rrard 

Ledgett Nelson, lab. Dentonla Park Farm 
Lee James T. a:r brake :nsp GTH h 1'J 

Luttrel; av 
Lee John, asst eng East Toronto Power 

House, h 19 Spruce av 
Lee John, carp, h 2239 Gerrad 
Leech Robvrt H, presman, h w s Birch av 
L.- Feuvre Henry, harnessmkr, h 27 O 


Legge Miss Jennie, drsmkr. 1 51 Donald 
Leggett Ethel, opr. 1 41 Pickering 
Leggett Thomas, carp, h 41 Pickering 
Leitch Alexander G, prin York School b 

Empringham Hotel 
Lennox Charles D, draughtsman, h w s 

Gledhill av 
Lennox James T, brklyr, hr'410 Kingston 

Leonard Joseph, mgr Ambrose Kent & 

Sons, YMCA bldg. res Toronto 
Lepper James, h 311 Kingston rd 
Lewis Wm H. fireman GTR. h 35 Bridge 
Liddard Frank S, fireman GTR, h 309 


Liddell David, eng. h 2151 Gerrard 
Liddell R Frederick, brkmn GTR, h 1562 

Danforth av 

Lightfoot Edward, h 422 Kingston rd 
Lightfoot Miss Eleanor. 1 E Lightfoot 

prov dlr, h 316 Kingston rd 
n Robert B. woodwkr. h 104 Beech 

Linton Wm. trav, h 105 Hannaford 
Little Miss Alice A. 1 W H Falrburn 
Lloyd Charles D, barber 1580 Danfortn 

av. h same 
Lloyd George A, barber C D Lloyd. 1 

Lloyd Marshal E, confr. 1 R Street 

i Roy A, fireman. 1 41 Swanwick av 
Lloyd Wm, driver Paterson Bros. 1 15SO 

nanforth av 

Lobb Amelia (wid James). 1 A F Lobb 
Lobb Arthur F. barr, h 193 Balsam av 
Lobb Charles F, bkpr, h 170 Beech av 
Long John, driver W J Snell. 1 2128 Ger 

Looney Miss A Clara. 1 T J Looney 
Looney Thomas J. eng GTR. h 2136 Ger 

Lorimer Alexander R, fancy gds. h 9S 
Beech av 

Lorimer Benjamin D, mfrs' agt, h 80 

Balsam av 
Lorimer Herbert R. driver, h 62 Spruce av 

Lowden Alexander H, elk. 1 John Lowden 
Lowden John, mfrs' agt, h 13o Balsam av 

ien John S, h 122 Balsam uv 
Lowther Mrs Jane, h n s Kingston rd 
Lucas Miss Bessie M, elk, 1 W H Lucas 
Lucas El.zabeth. tchr Pine Av Pub 

Sch, rts Toronto 

Lucas Miss Mabel G. elk. 1 W H Luca* 
Lucas Walter J, bkpr. h e s Birch av 
Lucas Wm H, ijkpr. i, -, Stephenson av 
Luke Wm W, caretkr. h 51 Malvern 
Lusty L'P, h 7 Luttreli av 

r L, organ bldr, h 28 Spruce av 
"/on i', photo stock, h e a Birch 

K Harold B (Lyon & James), h 52 

Wm G, photo stock, h 30 Beech av 
iiomas F, engineer GTR, h i!7 

iiy Hannah (wid James), 1 16J 
Dan forth av 

McCarthy John, car repr, 1 Thos Brenna 
-McCarthy Mathew, car repr, 1 1640 Dan 

forth uv 

M Carthy Matthew. !ah, h 27 Luttreli a 
ny Wm G, cond GTK, h 70 Baltoui 

John), tch 
ib Sch, 1 21 Norwood r 
McCausland Victor, elk. 1 21 Norwood r 
ler Jane (wid Joseph), 1 R H Me 

r Robert H, shipper, h 38 Lyall a 
McClyment Alexander, foreman W i 
Charters, res Toronto 

Dorthy, 1 132 Balsam av 
M <-,,ll John, elk, 1 132 Balsam av 
McColl John It. h 132 Balsam av 

11 Miss Monica. 1 132 Balsam av 
unb Thomas, brkmn GTR. b White 

unell Wm. tmstr L A De Laplanu 
miuel R, letter carrier, h 12( 
Lv.Ul av 

McCrae Andrew J, mfrs 1 agt, h 172 Beech 

lizabeth, drsmkr 446 King 
ston rd. 1 same 
McCron George H, driver, h 446 Kingston 


McCron James, shoemkr 16 Wayland av 
h same 

on Matthew, engineer, h e s Spruce 

n Robert, lab, 1 G H McCron 
McCron Robert M. elk. 1 Jas McCron 
on Stanley, baker. 1 G H McCron 
illoch John, mall carrier, h 34 Nor 
wood rd 

McDermott F Henry, elk. ISC McDer 
McDermott Horace G, pntr, ISC Me 


McDermott Miss Mary J. opr, 1 S C Mc 

rmott Samuel C, cond GTR, h 68 

McDiarmid Miss Minnie, tchr Kimberley 
St Pub Sch, 1 35 Stephenson av 

well Albert. lab L A De Laplante, 
1 vi Dawes rd 
McFarlane Robert H, contr 347 Kingston 

rd. h same 
McFarquhar James, undertaker 19 Main, 

h same 
McGill John, lab. h 12 Brotherston's 

McGlll Peter, printer, h 100 Beech av 

nnis Daniel, bartndr Bay View Hotel 
M Ginnis Miss Margaret, stenog. 1 J A 


McGowan Miss Elizabeth, 1 Miss M Mc 

wan Jane (wid James), 1 Miss M 
.w cuo wan 

McGowan Miss Margaret, tcbr. h 11 

McGuire John, supt Toronto Type Fndry, 

res Toronto 

McGuire Thomas, bartndr, h 13 Hanna 

McHattie George, eng GTR, h 76 Lyall av 

McHenry Alexander, brkmn GTR, b White 

Mcllroy Ann (wid Henry), 1 96 Pickering 

yre Alexander, fireman GTR. b 35 

Melntyiv Charlotte C (wid Donald), 1 100 
m av 

Mi ; 11 ' I'M ward A, MA. rector 

St Aiden s Church, Spruce av, h luO 

M ''; n ' j :'hel M, 1 Km Balsam av 

Mclntyre Euphemia (wid Archibald B) h 
1 l--.-rnwo.jil I 'ark av 

Janwi A, carp, 1 i Fernwood 

.Mclntyre Miss Margaret T, Dkp,-, i i j!Vm- 

wood Park av 

McJann. tt D Edgar, slsmn Maynard Bros 
h 11 Osb" 

Wm J, lab GTR, h 117 Main 

us, slsmn. h <!5 Spruce av 
McKec llowai-d. asst station master GTR 

1 1171! Kanforti 

M.'K.-i.ria Jos.-ph P, btchr, h 6<) Spruce av 
M ;Kenny Alexander, brkmn. b White 

nny Thomas, brkmn GTR h 60 
Balfour av 
M'K:;ow Miss Christina, h 148 Balsam 

i ma 

McKii,i,i n David, eng GTR, res Toronto 
MeKibbln Norman B, real est h 9 339 
Queen e 

lla (wid James). 1 328 
Kingston rd 
McKlnnon ICdward, brkmn (iTR h n a 

forth av 

M, I.uckie Peter, eng. h 11 Swanwick av 
M Mann Alexander, blksmith, h 324 Main 
McMann Arthur, brkmn GTR, 1 R W*ir 
nemy James S, carp, h 183 Balsam 
Mi Millin Andrew, JP (De Laplante & 

Co. Lt.ii, li 2U58 Gerrard 
Mc.Mullen George D, 1 SO Main 
McMullen Thomas, h 80 Main 
McMuIlen Rev Wm, asst editor Christian 

Guardian, h 1469 Danforth av 
McReath Charles J, stained glass artist. 

h 75 Lyall av 
MeReynolds James, mach hd W C Char- 

. b East Toronto Hotel 
McTague John P, tmstr, h 1O9 Pickering 
Mabbott Wm, foreman, h 288 Main 
Macdonald George S. publsher Standard 

Newspaper. 17 Main, h 37 Bridge 
MaeDonald Thomas F, general dlr 108 

Main, rms same 
MacDougall James A. trav. h 2355 Queen 

MacGorman Miss Lillian, capt S A, h 85 

Swanwick av 

Mack James, gdnr, b Bay View Hotel 
Mackie Alexander E. app GTR. 1 Mr fl 


Mackie Miss Catherine J, 1 Mrs S Mackl* 
Mackie Miss Daisy, opr. 1 Mrs S Mackta 
Mackie James W, app GTR, 1 2126 Gerrard 
Mackie Susan (wid Alexander), h 2126 


\Iacklem George, 1 2371 Queen e 
MacLeod Alexander, bldr 9 Swanwick av, 

h same 

MacLeod Miss Euphemla, 1 A MacLeod 
MacMillan Wm M, tuber, h 12 Bridge 
MacPherson Miss Jessie, tchr Kimberley 

St Pub Sch, to 10 Enderby rd 
HaePherson Wm. elk P O, h 10 Beech av 
Hagee James, lab, has Sibley av 
aginn Charles W, mfrs' agt, h 28 Swan 
wick av 

Haines Miss Mary E, 1 290 Main 
laines Samuel, h 290 Main 
lalcolm Charles , carp, 1 1579 Danforth 

kfalcolm Ivan, lab, 1 1579 Danforth av 
lalcolm Wm W, carp, h 1579 Danforth av 
Mamlock Harry w, concert mgr, h w a 
Beech av 

annin^ James, coalman GTR. h 41 Nor 
wood rd 

Vlarchment Sidney C, tmstr, h n s Mid 
land av 

[arkle Alfred, gateman, h 12 Dawes rd 
larkle Miss Minnie, wtrs Empringham 

larks Wm. b White House 
Marks Wm. eng GTR, res Toronto 
Marlatt Abram, 1 212 Lee av 
Marler Robert W, lab, h Bl Osborne 


Sole Agents for the "Goetz" Post Caps, Wall Boxes, Etc. 

Circular Stairs, Window Guards, 
Truss Rods, Bolts, Castings, Etc. 

Phones Main 7248, 7148 

67 to 95 PEARL ST. 

The Andrew H. McDowell Co, 



Marquis Albert E, confr, h 25 S'pruce av 
Marr Walter, blksmth VVm Candler 
Marrion George J, barber, h 79 Kimber- 


Marrs Joseph E, elk, >h 119 Balsam av 
Marshall Frederick, h 91 Beech av 
Marshall George W, eng, h 08 Osborne 
Marshall James R, h 2162 Gerrard 
Marshall Ross, elk, 1 F Marshall 
Marshall Wm B, mach GTR, 1 G W 


Martin Alvay, slsmn, h 61 Spruce av 
Martin Arthur A, photo, 93 Lyall av, h 


Martin David, h 46 Lyall av 
Martin Miss Janet, 1 JJ Martin 
Martin Robert, h 9 Benlamond av 
Masonic Hall, cor Main and Gerrard 
Massey Susie D (wid Waiter E H), res 

Dentoiiia Park Farm 

Matthews Charles W, carp, h 101 L/yall av 
Matthews Herbert, studt. 1 1O1 Lyall av 
Maxwell Robert J, slsmn, b 130 Main 
Maxwell Wm, carp, h 15 Enderby rd 
May Hannah (wid George.), 1 88 Stephen- 
son av 
May Joseph, roadmaster, h 88 Stephenson 


Maynard Miss Alma, 1 10 Spruce av 
31A1AAK1) UROS (James W and 

George H) butchers 140 Main 
Maynard George H (Maynard Bros), h 140 

Maynara James W (Maynard Bros), h K'- 

Measlier Thomas, prop j_>ay View Hotel. 

h same 
Menziei Alexander, eng GTR, b Mrs S 


Menzies Wm, h 37 Main 
Meredith Herbert, carp, rms 13.1 .Main 
Merrineld Leonard L, h 2367 Queen e 
Messeroll Daniel C, car foreman GTR h 

loo Coleman 

Mercer James, plasterer, h 77 Coleman 
Metropolitan Bank (branch) W T Hamer 

mgr 160 Main 

MiddleUin Rev Eli, h 60 Stephenson av 
Miles Arthur, fireman, h 23 Luttrell av 
Miles Sidney C, tmstr, h 129 Pickering 
Millar MISS Blanche, stenog, 1 E R Millar 
Millar David, h 50 S'pruce av 
Millar Edmund R, caretkr Kimberley Si 

Pub Sch, h 76 Main 
Miller David, h s s -Midland av 
Miller Mary A (wid Bailey), 1 105 Balsam 


Mills Frank D, bkpr, b 34 Spruce av 
Mills John S, h 7 Cedar av 
Milner Edward fireman, h 51 Svvanwick 


Milner Harry, blksmth, 1 2 Luttrell av 
-uiiiitT ji.nn A, janitor, h e s Gledhill av 
Milner Wm, blksmth Wm Brotherston, b 

2 Lutrell av 

Minardis Miss Olga, elk, 1 J A Buchanan 
Mitchell Aubrey, tmstr, 1 J W Mitchell 
Mitchell Bernard T, cutter, h 10 Pine ter 
Mitchell Miss Edith, dom 80 Dawes rd 
Mitchell John, switchman GTR, h 63 Bal- 

four av 

Mitchell Miss Mary, 1 63 Balfour av 
JVWtcheu Wm, confr W H Snell, res To 
Mitchell Wm E, tmstr, h s a Danforth 


Modeland Seward, eng GTR, h 81 Malvern 
Modeland Thomas N, engineer, h 35 Lyall 

Moffat James R, mgr L A DeLaplante h 

88 Dawes rd 

Moffat Miss Lily, stenog, 1 88 Dawes rd 
Moffat Miss Rhea P, 1 88 Dawes rd 
Moffat Roy C, baker, 1 J R Moffat 
Aiottat Samuel A, carp, 1 J R Moffat 
Moffatt Alexander, brtndr Empringrham 

Molse Wesley M, brkmn GTR, h 43 Os. 

Monahan Wm, brkmn GTR, b Wihite 

Montgomery Clarence, ins, 1 H Montgom 

Montgomery Prof Henry, h Oak av, cor 

Moon Charles, tuber GTR, h 114 Main 

Manufacturers and Importers Garment 

Manufacturers' Trimmings and 


JVUoon Robert, section hd GTR, b Em- 

prmgham House 

Moore Arthur, brklyr, 1 77 Coleman 
Moore Arthur H, presser, h 23 Waylano 


Moore Miss Bessie, 1 E Moore 
-Moore Charles A, elk, 1 E Moore 
Moore Edward, broker, h 59 Beech av 
Moore Miss Florence, stenog, 1 2353 Queen 


Moore Frederick, brklyr, 1 79 Coleman 
Moore Harvey C, inach, h 2160 Gerrard 
Moore Miss Mary H, 1 B Moore 
Morgan Harry, h 2362 Queen e 
Morgan Harry jr, elk, 1 2362 Queen e 
Morley Walter, eng, h 68 Dawes rd 
Morris Charles H, carp, h 58 Enderby rd 
Morns Wm, gdnr Denionia ParK Farm 
Morrison Amelia (wid Donald), h 31.S 

Morrison Ann (wid Francis), 1 110 Lyall 

Morrison Charles A, head foreman Dento- 

n i a Park Farm 
Morrison Herbert with Paterson Bros 1 

318 Main 

Morton Edward L, mgr, h 11 Norwood rd 
Morton Henry, lab, 1 157 Coleman 
Mosher David, h 25 Malvern 
Mothersill Frederick, bldr 57 Main, n 

Muirhead Miss Marion, stenog, 1 W D 


Muirhead Wm D, eng GTR, h 327 Kings 
ton rd 

Mulier Kate, cook East Toronto Hotel 
Murch Frederick, eng GTR, h 20 Swan- 
wick av 
Murch Frederick jr, druggist j.o!2 Oan- 

forth av, 1 20 Swanwick av 
Murray Miss Annie, stenog-, 1 M F Mur 

Murray Charles J, stone ctr, h e s Gled 
hill av 

Murray Mrs Frances, slsldy, 1 C J Murray 
Murray Frederick W, dentist 158 Main, 

res Toronto 

Murray John, elk, h 1 Beech av 
.Murray -uiss -Uamie, tel opr, 1 -,i F Mur 

Murray Michael F, cond GTR, h 4 Ender 
by rd 

Mussen Charles T, bkpr, h 113 Beech av 
Myers Barrie, elk, 1 70 Balsam av 
Myers Chester, elk, 1 7O Balsam av 
Myers David, brkmn, h 111 Pickering 
Myers Miss Florence, 1 70 Balsam av 
Myers Joseph, lab, h e s Dawes rd 
Myers Joseph F, h 70 Balsam av 
Nage Mrs Bridget, fruits s s Danforth av 
Nasmith Henry C, acct, ih 130 Beech av 
Nasmith Samuel J, confr, h 144 Balsam 

Naylor Hev George W, pastor Queen e 

Mission Church, h w s Birch av 
Naylor Miss Mary, 1 Rev. G W Naylor 
Naylor Walter, driver W H Snell, b 210J 


Naylor W Willis, trav, 1 Rev G W Naylor 
Needham Richard, section foreman, h 7o 

Stephenson av 

Needham Miss Roxle, 1 70 Stephenson av 
Nellson Alexander, cond GTR, h 4 Lut 
trell av 

Neilson Hendry, lather, h Slbly av 
Nelson Eliza (wid George), h 23 Spruce av 
Nelson Miss Jessie, h 23 Spruce av 
.Newiand Samuel, pumpman GTR, rr-3 


Newman Miss Ada, ,1 Mrs A Newman 
Newman Ann (wid Wm), h n s Midland 


Newman James, tmstr, 1 Mrs A Newman 
Newman Wm, tmstr, h n s Midland av 
Newton James, maoh, h 39A Enderby rd 
Nlcholls Miss Ada, tlrs, 1 19 Luttrell av 
Nlcholls Edward C, lab 1 19 Luttlell av 
Nicholls Miss Elsie, 1 19 Luttrell av 
Nicholls Joseph, car oiler G T R, h 19 Lut 
trell av 

Nlmmo Mrs Isabella, 1 66 Dawes rd 
Nimmo Miss Marion, studt, 1 66 Da.wes rd 
Nimmo Robert, organizer I O F, h 66 

Dawes rd 

Nobes Thomas, fireman GTR, 1 Wm Darby 
tsoddle Richard, lab, h n s Eastbourne av 

Norris Miss Florence, foreldy, 1 Wm 


Norris Wm, car exr GTR, h 103 Main 
Norris Wm T, brkmn GTR, h 2166 Ger 

Nottingham Miss Mary, 1 28 Luttrell av 
Grocer 542 Kingston rd, h same, Phone 
Beach 104 

O'Donnell John, mason's hlpr, h 60 Os 
O'Donnell Mrs Sarah, drsmkr 60 Osborne, 

1 same 

i' Michael, tmstr. b Mrs M -..yan 
O'Keefe Lawrence, 1 31 Pickering 
0; K eefe Patrick J, tmstr, h 31 Pickering 
O Nell Felix J, fireman GTR, h 37 Os 

O'Nell Thomas, lab, h 27 Wayland av 
Oak Herbert, barber 2203 Gerrard h 83 

Oetzel Miss Mary, tlrs J E Zieman, 1 20 

Swanwick av 

Oldschaager Fritz, furrier, h 1577 Dan 
forth rd 



Choice Butter and New Laid Eggs 
A Specialty 

Phone Beach 360 

Oliphant Rolph E, grocer 438 Kingston rd, 

h same 

Orme IVrcy, printer, h 24 Pickering 
Ormerod Allison, brklyr, h 63 Swanwick 


and Collector Town of East Toronto h 

41 Donald av 
Ormerod Harold, 1 41 Donald 
Ormerod Henry G, brklyr, h 18 Hanna- 


Ormerod James L, carp, fa 82 Lyall av 
Ormerod Stephen, carp, 1 Thos Ormerod 
Ormerod Tnomas, h 1653 Danforth av 
Orr W.m E, furrier, h 118 Balsam av 
Osborne Rev Alfred, DD, rector St. Sav- 

iour's Church (Ang) h 22 Enderby rd 
usborne Edmund, road foreman h n s 

Midland av 

Osborne Ernest, tmstr, 1 Edward Osborne 
Jsborne Miss Lily, opr, 1 Edward Osborne 
Osborne Robert J, lab, h 149 Coleman 
Osborne Miss Violet, opr, 1 Edward Os- 


Outrldge John, b 338 Kingston rd 
Ovens Wm J, eng GTR, b 35 Enderby rd 
Paisley Isaac B, gro 2390 Queen e, h same 
Palmer Bessie (wid Francis J), h 61 SWan. 

wick av 

Pape Herman, opr, 1 2360 Queen e 
Pape John, druggist, 1 2360 Queen e 
Pape Oswald, elk h 2300 Queen e 
Parker Mrs Frances, 1 2354 Queen e 
Parkinson George, street commissioner h 

112 Main 

Parkinson Lafayette, fireman, h 118 Main 
Parkinson Wm A. h 328 Lake Front 
Parkinson Wm O, real est, 1 328 Lake 

Partridge Alfred, spinner, r 72 Spruce av 

PATERSON BROS (Robert and 

James). Groceries and Provisions 1808 

Danforth av 
Paterson James (Paterson Bros), h 82 

Coleman av 

Pateison John, slsmn, 1 R Paterson 
-Pain-son (Paterson Bros), h 1608 

Danforth av 

Paterson Thomas, bkpr, 1 R Paterson 
Patterson Walter A, acct, h 23 Swanwick 


Paynter Wm, pntr, h 2320 Gerrard 
Pearce John, barber 148 Main, h 150 same 
Pearl Arthur, lab, 1 A W Baxter 
Peck George T, lab, h 13 Kimberley 
PengtUey Richard, head gdnr Dentonla 

Park Farm 

WADDINGTON & GRUNDY Estate, Insurance & Financial Agents 

Reliance Building, 82=88 King St. East 






h v s Spruce av 

Perrin Wm T, insp T&YRRCo, hU 
Swan wick av 

Perry Wm, N, eng GTR, h 21 Norwood rd 

on rd 

Petty Hugh W, slsmn. h r 4 Kin.!. 
Phelan Elk-n (wid Luke) h .'ML' King-ston 

i.omas N, barr. 1 Mrs E Phelan 
s Arthur J, h i av 

Phillips Frederick, sec hd. h 78 Picker 
Phil To: A. V..rk R 

Ry Co, h 6 Fernwood av 
Pihillips Wm R, carp, 1 62 Lyall av 
Philpott Frederick V. real est, h 151 

Beach av 
Philpott Henry V, 1 F V Philpott 

.ini. li 71 s 
Pick,- ring Samuel, car repairer h 18 Lut- 

: av 

Pierce Frederick W, fireman G T R, h e s 
Woodleigh av 


i'lk,- \Vm A, . :irp. h 7<1 Pickering 
Pine Av Public School, Miss Jennie Yeo 

prin, n s Pine av, w Beer 
Plnkston F Adrian, fireman GTR, 


Pitman \Vm, elk A K Gregory, res Nor 
Plaxton Wm J F, Insp W H Snell, h 214.1 

Pollard Frederick W, yardinn. b Kmp- 

ringham Hotel 
Pomeroy Miss Gertrude, tchr Kimberley 

st Pub Sch, 1 27 Lyall av 
Poole Wm J, trav, h 30 Spruce av 
Pooley Herbert A, pntr, h s s Oak Walk 
Pooley Isaac S, boiler washer, h 87 Swan- 
wick av 

Popert Ernest N, chef, h 2!) Spruce av 
P n trgaret E, 1 W R Porter 

Porter Wm A. mgr, h 123 Beech av 
Porter W Robert, brkman, h e s Dawes 

Potter Joseph, brkmn GTR. b 2290 Ger- 

Powell Clarence, engineer, h 73 Spruce 


Power Richard, elk, h e s Birch av 
^ratt M:ss Ellen. 1 Robert IT. .a 
Pratt Miss Margaret. 1 Robt Pratt 
Phatt Robert, h 103 Lyall av 

Archibald, carp, h 48 Barrington 

Prentice John, carp, 1 52 Barrington av 
Prescott George, cond. h 1019 Danforth 


Preston Miss Gertrude, 1 Mrs S Hollis 
Preston Thomas W, staty eng. 1 Mrs S 


Price Albert E. brklyr, h 25 Hannaford 
Price Arthur 1C, blksnmh G U.ivies h w 

s Florence av 

Proctor Harry, trav, h 2353 Queen e 
Prowse Wm. tmstr Dentonia Park Farm 
Push David, h 58 Stephenson av 
Push Elmore, studt, 1 58 Stephenson av 
Quarner James, baker J w Brandon, h> 

Quinn Edward, foreman GTR, h Barrine- 

ton av 
Ralston Ira J, tel opr GTR, h 11 Luttrell 


Ralston James, foreman, h 8 Kimberley 
Kamey .Mrs J,,nnie K, 1 11 \V .Mamlock 
Ramsay John, contr SI Balsam av h 


Ramsay Miss Mabel, 1 84 Balsam av 
Kandall Arthur G, sales mgr, h 117 Beech 


Ransome Herbert J, elect, rms 51 Swan- 
wick av 
Ranton Margaret (wid Thomas), 1 F H 

Ratcliffe Harold G, slsmn, 1 Rev T Rat- 


Ratcliffe Rev Thomas, pastor East Toron 
to Baptist Church, h 2190 Gerrard 
Ratcliffe Walter R, elk, 1 2190 Gerrard 

iiarles R, tmstr, h 159 Coleman 
Headman Charles, elk, h 34 Balsam av 
Readman Charles W, h e s Beech av 
Reeve Arthur, h 54 Beech av 
Reeves Elizabeth (wid John), h 322 Kings 
ton road 

Regan Wm S. elk, 1 2344 Queen e 


Mining Properties Incorporated and Financed 
Confederation Life Building 

' s ' tms tr W C Charters, h 81 
Ernest, switchman GTR, h 2 Swan- 

>hn, carp, h 2288 Gerrard 
John, lumber, h 28 Balsam av 
Mrs Margaret, housekeeper, 1 Jas 

ii 4-_> Lyall av 

\an,l, r r, music tchr GO Bal- 
1 . . 1 same 

Reilly Herbert G, trav, 1 00 Balsam av 
Ko.lly Robert F, i . Balsam av 

'ward J, baker, nwick 

Richards Arthur E. elk, h 08 Oak av 
Richardson John, JP, builder 140W Dan- Wm, tmstr Dent.. 

Richer Charles, lab, h w s Dawes rd 
Richer Harold, lab, 1 Chas Richer 
Rickwood Frederick, gdnr, 1 01 Swanwlck 


Rigby John, brkmn GTR. res Trenton 
Rine Franklin H, eng GTR, h 27 Lyall 

Risebprough Wm, fireman, h 90 Malvern 
i tchie Isaac, contr 58 Malvern. h same 
John, bartrnder White House 
James, tirkmn. h r,2 En lerby rd 

Roaft George, porter East Toronto Hotel 

Robertson Miss Adeline, elk, 1 61 Spruce 

Robertson Miss Annie, boxmkr. 1 Mrs K 

Robertson Miss Christina, drsmkr, 1 Mrs 
B Robertson 

Robertson Elizabeth (wid Duncan), h 21&5 

Robertson Louis, eng GTR, h 32 Lyall 

Robertson Wm X, reporter, h 1606 Dan 
forth av 

Robinson Herbert, carp, b 125 Main 

Robinson John, t. 1 <;TR. res Toronto 

Robinson Wm, brkmn, b Empringham Ho- 

Robson Charles, sec YMCA, h 29 Norwood 


Hoffey Charles, pdnr A R Ames. 1 same 
Rogers Rev Thomas H, pastor Emmanuel 

Presbyterian Church, h 172 Main 
Rogerson Albert E (R Rogereon & Son), 

1 R Rogerson 
Rogerson Ann (wid Robert), h 54 Steph- 


Rogerson), Coal and Wood 2251 Gerrard 
Roserson Thomas S, yardman R Roger- 

SMII >t Son. h 26 Swanwick av 
Rollason Frederick G, press feeder, h 22 


Rolls Charles, carp, h n s Kingston rd 
Rose Frederick W, trav. h w s Birch av 

Uistln G. barr, 1 2370 Queen e 
Ross Hector, studt. 1 237O Queen e 
Ross Miss Hester A, 1 2370 Queen e 
Ross John F, druggist 2372 Queen e, 1 2370 

liOSS .J MrPHERSOX. Mayor of East 

Toronto and Postmaster Balmy Beach 

P O. h 2?,70 Queen e 
Ross Norman, elk P O. 1 2370 Queen e 
Ross Robert G. elk, 1 2370 Queen e 
Ross Thomas A, barr. 1 2370 Queen e 
Rosslter James T, florist 491 Kingston 

rd, h same 
Rosslter Miss Mary, bagmkr, 1 J T 


Rouhan Nathaniel J, cond GTR, h 2 Kim 
Routledfre Charles J, auctioneer, h 554 

Kingston rd 

Ruse Miss Irene, slsldy. 1 57 Balfour av 
Ruse Miss Mary, wtrs Empringham Hotel 
Ruse Percy, pntr. 1 Mrs S Ruse 
Ruso Sophia (wid James), h 57 Balfour 

Rust Martin, driver J W Brandon, 1 21 . 

Luttrell av 
Ryan Justin P, tinsmith. 1 Mrs M Ryan 

l!y:in Martha (wid Bernard), h 2390 Ger 

Sadler Thomas W, stat eng, h 83 Swan- 
wick av 

Church. RPV E A Mclntyre, 
MA, rector, e B Spruce av 

St Andrews Joseph, brkman GTR, b 

White Houae 
St John's Church (RC), Rev John Derl- 

ing, CSSR, pastor, w s Kingston rd 
Saviour's Church (Ang), Rev Alfred 

Osborne, rector, cor Swanwick av and 

Salmon Henry W, chief elk GTR h 68 

Balfour av 
Salvation Army Barracks, n s Gerrard 1 

w Main 
Samson Andrew, fireman, h 8 Lutrell av 






Sanderson Herbert J, dry goods 99 Main, 

h same 

Sanderson Thomas, eng GTR, h 71 Main 
Sands Miss Kliza H, cashier Wm Davies 

Co, 1 2308 Gerrard 
Sands James, eng GTR, h 2308 Gerrard 

e George R, mkt gdnr e s Cath 
Scanlan Miss Nellie, tel opr, 1 Patrick 

Scanlan Patrick, eng East Toronto Power 

House, h 48 Enderby rd 
Scanlan Thomas, app, 1 P Scanlan 
Scarlett E Meredith, trav, ;. av 

Scarlett Marie (wid Dr B M), 1 E M Scar 

Schaefer Henry, eng GTR, h 36 Lyall av 
Scott Benjamin, slsmn, h 12 Walter 
Scudds Francis, mach, 1 W A Taylor 
Scudds Francis M, mach, h 14 Pine ter 
Seal Alfred H, lab, 1 517 Kingston rd 
Seal Charles W, lab, 1 517 Kingston rd 
Seal Elizabeth (wid James), h 318 Kings 
ton rd 

Seal George T, lab, l 517 Kingston rd 
Seal Wm, lab, h 517 Kingston rd 
Searle Frederick H, h 18 Balsam av 
Searle Frederick O, packer, h 354 Kings 
ton rd 
Searle Percy, slsmn Mrs M Kingsmill, 1 

Ho4 Kingston rd 

Searle Stephen S, trav, 1 18 Balsam av 
Searles Samuel, gdnr, h 2300 Gerrard 
Sedman Elizabeth (wid Thomas), 1 Mrs 

M E Trench 

Sedman Miss Elizabeth A, asst postmis 
tress 2192 Gerrard, 1 same 
Seeds S Albert (Chalmers Milling Co), h 

6 Main 

Selleck Miss Ethel A, tlrs, l 2318 Ger 

Selleck Miss Minnie E, fnshr, 1 2318 Ger 

Selleck Miss Sylvia V, h 231S Gerrard 
Sellick Charles, driver D Drummonxl & 

Sons, h Luttrell av 
Sharp George A, baker, Ii 10 Fernwcod 

SHARPE JOSEPH C, Gn.ctr and 

Postmaster Coleman P O, 1592 Danforth 

Shaw Miss Edna, 1 4 Lyall av 


City Office, 152 Bay St., TORONTO 

Springs, Steel Castings, Switches 





Phono Main S1 73 House, North 666 


13 Yonee St. Arcade 


Shaw George, eng GTR, h 4 L/yall av 
Shaw G Percival, elk, 1 George Shaw- 
Shaw Wm, elk, 1 284 Main 
Shea Edward, cond, h 1481 Danforth av 
Shea Edward jr, lab, 1 1481 Danforth av 
Shea Miss Elizabeth, opr, 1 1481 Danforth 

Shea George, call boy, 1 1481 Danforth 


Shea Wm, driver, 1 1481 Danforth av 
Sheahan Maurice, bartndr, 1 2 Fernwood 

Park av 

Sheard Miss Lillian, slsldy, 1 W G Cornell 
Shaffer Frederick R, wood turner, h i']23 


Sheffer Walter, carp, h 2119 Gerrard 
Sheldrick Frank, elk, 1 Jos Myers 
Sheldrick Leonard, elk, 1 Jos Myers 
Shelley Miss Elizabeth, 1 4i> Malvern 
Shepard Arthur E, baker W H Snell, 1 B 

S Shepard 

Shepard Byron S, news dlr 331 Kings 
ton rd, h same 

Sheppard Miss Mary, rms Mrs M M Cam 
Sheridan Henry J, fireman GTR, h 1638 

Danforth av 

Sheridan Mary (wid John), 1 H J Sheri 

Sheridan Miss Mary, 1 H J Sheridan 
Sheridan Matthew, 1 H J Sheridan 
Sheridan \Vm, baker, 1 1638 Danforth av 
Sherrin Benjamin, cond, h 1483 Danforth 

Sherris R Percy, bank Insp, h 02 Balsam 


Sherry Luke, brkmn GTR, res Belleville 
Shield Philip, opr, b J T Rossiter 
Shield Richard, fireman, b J T Rossiter 
Shields Ellen B (wid Charles A), h 135 

Shinnick Joseph H, brkmn GTR, h 38 

Shoniker Henry, brkmn, h 28 Luttrell 

Silverwood George H, app, 1 41 Enderby 


Simmons Alfred, brkmn GTR res Belle 
Simmons Andrew J, carp, h 137 Balsam 


Simmons David, brkmn, h 19 Hannaford 
Simmons Miss Eleanor, 1 137 Balsam av 
Simmons Miss Louise, opr, 1 137 Balsam 

Simmons Miss Mary, photo fnshr, 1 137 

Balsam av 
Simmons Patrick J, painter, h s s Lyall 


Simpson Henry, lab, 1 2370 Gerrard 
Simpson Samuel, lab. 1 2370 Gerrard 
Simpson Thomas J, elk, 1 15 Spruce av 
Simpson Wm, elk, h 15 Spruce av 
Sinclair Alexander M, h 103 Balsam av 
Sinclair A Edward, bkpr, 1 Alex M Sin 
Singer Frank W, clothing, h 2371 Queen 

Sisley Opie, phy Main, s w cor Kingston 

rd. h same 

Skelcher John G, eng GTR, h 256 Main 
Slade James, elect, h 109 Beech av 
Slade Simon L, bkpr W C Charters, h 86 

Lyall av 
Slemin Alexander, switchmn GTR, h 3T 

Enderby rd 

Slemin Edward A, studt, 1 A Slemin 
Slemin Elizabeth (wid Wm), h 36 Ender 
by road 

Slemin Joseph, 1 Mrs ID Slemin 
Slemin Joseph jr, brkmn GTR, h 17 En 
derby rd 

Slemin Miss Mary, 1 Mrs E Slemin 
Slemin Wm, brkmn, h 43 Enderby rd 
Slight John W, h 29 Osborne 
Smart Wm, lab, h 153 Coleman 
Smith Albert mach, h e s Main 
Smith Alfred; tlr, 1 Albert Smith 
Smith Catherine C (wid Reuben J), 1 Geo 

L Gardiner 

Smith Ernest, carp, h 124 Main 
Smith Miss Estelle, stenog, 1 56 Balfour 


Smith Miss Irene, 1 72 Birch av 
Smith James F, h 56 Balfour av 
Smith Morley, h 6 Pine ter 
Smith Ross, elk, 1 72 Birch av 
Smith Thomas, lab, h 2245 Gerrard 
Smith Thomas D, plstr, 1 Frederick Hig- 

Smith Thomas T, brkmn GTR. 1 J F 

Smith Wm A, h 72 Birch av 

Smith Wm J, 1 J F Smith 

Smyth Richard M, tel opr GTR, h 85 

Snell Miss Ada, elk W J Snell, 1 F C 


Snell Miss Emily, 1 F C Snell 
Snell Ernest G, elk W J Snell, 1 F C 

Snell Frederick C, foreman W H Snell, h 

2187 Gerrard 

Snell Miss Lillian, 1 F C Snell 
Snell Walter J, gro 159 Main, 1 2187 Ger 

Snell Wm, 1 

F C Snell 

Snell Wm H, baker and confectioner 156 

Main, h 2191 Gerrard 
Snell's Hall, cor Main and Gerrard 
Snjder Harvey G, bkpr, h 127 Beech av 
Snider John E, mfrs agt, h 127 Beech av 
Snider Wm J, 1 71 Coleman 
Snider W Hartley G, to 30 Pine av 
Snow A J Russell, barr. h 5 Balsam av 
Snowball Wm. lab. h 24 Luttrell av 
Society Hall. 1610 Danforth av 
Solomon John A. trav, h 2327 Gerrard 
Soper Miss Ella, dom White House 
Spafford Wm W, fruit dlr 2165 Gerrard. 

h same 

Sparling Wm, app, l 35 Stephenson av 
Sparling Wm H, tinsmith. 1 :i3 Stephenson 


Speare Wm, carp, 1 22 Dawes r<3 
Speller Thomas, carp, h 41 Main 
Spring George, carp, h 218 Lea av 
Sproule Edward H, miller Chalmers Mil 
ling Co, h 10 Swanwick av 
Sprunt Samuel, tmstr. h 418 Kingston rd 
Spurgeon Ellis E. cond T & Y R R Co 

h 9 Walter 

Stamps Henry, elk, h G3 Lyall av 
Stamps Louisa (wid Aaron), 1 H Stamps 
Stamps Roy, app, 1 H Stamps 
Standard Newspaper, The. G S Macdonald 

publisher. 19 Main 
Standish Ira. barr, h 188 Balsam av 
Stanford Charles F, trav, h 62 Lyall av 
Stanford George, olstr. 1 426 Kingston rd 
Stanley George J, painter, h 124 Beech av 
Stapleton Christopher, brkmn GTR, b 

Empringham Hotel 
Stead James R, printer 111 Main, 1 175 

Beech av 

Steele Miss Flossie, studt, 1 64 Spruce av 
Steele James, gdnr H C Hamilton, h 120 


Steen John, carp Dentonia Park Farm 
Stephenson Miss Annie H, 1 Mrs L Ste 

Stephenson Miss Clara L, 1 Mrs L Steph 

Stephenson Edward W, 1AM Bond 
Strphenson Lucy (wid Donald G), h 1473 

Danforth av 

Stephenson Miss Lucy, 1 Mrs L Steph 

Stephenson Wm R, 1 A M Bond 
Steoart Mary (wid Wm). 1 54 Stephenson 


Stevens John, bkpr. h 1485 Danforth av 
Stevens Miss Maud, slsldy. 1 64 Balfour av 
Stewart Mrs Mary, 1 54 Stephenson av 
Stibbard Miss Anna M, 1 123 Main 
Stibbard Howard, 

Street Robert, tmstr, h 53 Beech av 
Stroud Arthur, brklyr. 1 1054 Danforth 

Stroud Walter F. brklyr, h 1654 Danforth 

Stroud Wm, driver W H Sne:i, rms 45 

Enderby rd 
Summers Miss Minnie, tlrs J E Zieman. 

1 1638 Danforth av 
Summerville Percy, lab L A De Laplante 

1 Sidney Marchment 

Swan Frederick J, eng GTR. baa Swan- 
wick ay 

Szammers Frank, studt, 1 30 Lyall av 
Szammen John C, road foreman, h 30 

Lyall av 

Tallon John, cond GTR, b 33 Osborne 
Tanner Charles E, app, 1 John Tanner 
Tanner John, lab, h e s Gledhill av 
Tanner Miss Mary, dom Eastbourne Hotel 
Taylor Alfred, tlr J E Zieman, 1 Robt 

brkmn GTR, 1 T J 

Stibbard Percy, brkmn GTR, 1 123 Main 
Stibbard Thomas J, cond GTR, h 123 


Stinson Miss Edna, opr, 1 Mrs J Stinson 
Stinson Herman, fireman GTR, 1 322 Main 
Stinson Josephine (wid Wm). h 322 Main 
Stinson Miss Mabel, opr, 1 Mrs J Stinson 
Stinson Miss Mattie, 1 Mrs J Stinson 
Stoba Albert C, tlr 1584 Danforth av, h 


Stockdale Edward B, acct, h e s Beech av 
Stoneburg George L, slsmn, h 1613 nau- 

forth av 

Stones Ruth (wid Thomas). 1 P Grey 
Stortz John H, foreman GTR, h 273 Main 
Stover Hiram J, carp, h 2343 Gerrard 

Strachan Miss Minnie L. mus tchr 

Lyall av 

Strachan Rev Richard, h \S Lyall av 
Stratton Wm J, plmbr, h 208 Lee av 


Taylor Andrew, brklyr, h 28 Lyall av 
Taylor Andrew J, tmstr L A De Laplante 

1 7O Dawes rd 
Taylor Edward A, carp, h 129 Main 

"^ lo , r , Edward A, tailor J E Zieman. h 

<i> Malvern 
Taylor Ernest, horseman, b Bay View 

Taylor Frank, tlr J E Zieman, 1 Robert 


Taylor George, gdnr. h 34 Lyall av 
Taylor Henrietta (w:d John), h 68 Lyall av 
Taylor Hubert E, moto, h 13 Walter 
Taylor Isaac J, bldr 78 Dawes rd, h same 
Taylor James, tmstr L A De Laplante. 

1 Robt Taylor 
Taylor Jane A (wid Peter W), 1 L W 

Taylor Jessie (wid John W), h 2350 Queen 


Taylor Joseph, car insp, h 552 Kingston rd 
Taylor Lome W (Hitch & Taylor), h 50 

Lyall av 

Taylor Mary (wid Allan), h 2128 Gerri.rd 
Taylor Robert, boilermkr GTR, h 7O 

Dawes rd 

Taylor Robert, lab. h 35 Swanwick av 
Taylor Rupert, elk, 1 2350 Queen e 
Taylor Thomas, carp, h 34 Hannaford 
Taylor Thomas, carp, h 56 Pickering 
Taylor Thomas E, printer, 1 56 Pickering 
Taylor Walter, hostler Bay View Hotel. 

1 same 

Taylor Warde, elk, 1 2350 Queen e 
Taylor Wm A, uphol, h 177 Beech av 
Taylor Wm C, trav, h 11 Spruce av 
Perent John, printer, 1 79 Kimberley av 
Terry Arthur, mldr, 1 Mrs M Terry 
Terry Miss Emily, drsmkr 183 Balsam av 

1 same 
Terry Mary (wad John), rms 318 Kingston 


Terry Wm, lab, 1 Richard Noddles 
Terry Wm, yard foreman, h 1471 Danforth 

Thickson John B, fireman GTR 

h 24 

Thomas Albert W J, prtr, h n B Klnr. 
ston rd 

Thompson Archibald W, h 82 Dawes rd 

Thompson Bertram, baker, 1 352 Kingston 

Thompson Miss Elizabeth, opr, 1 James 

Thompson Enoch, real estate, n s Dan 
forth av. res Toronto 

Thompson Miss Florence, I A W Thomp 

Thompson James, fireman, h 10 Walter 

Thompson John, carriage bldr. h 447 
Kingston rd 

Thompson Miss Marion, bkpr, 1 James 

Thompson Matthew, baker W H Snell. 
1 James Thompson 

Thompson Miss Nellie, 1 A W Thompson 

Thompson Miss Pearl, slsldy J C Sharpe, 
1 312 Main 

Thompson Wm J, studt, 1 James Thomp 

Thomson Robert B, tchr, h 111 Beech av 

Thornton Wm A, brkmn. h 284 Main 

Tidsberry James L, constable East To 
ronto . h 66 Stephenson av 

Tiffin George W, brkmn GTR. h 36 En- 
ilerby rd 

18 Toronto Street 

Phone Main 2959 

Windows and Doors fitted with this Strip 
(made entirely of brass) are absolutely 
Dust and Draught Proof. 


TEL MAIN 5378 



Tilbury Miss olive, dom .". -Spruce av 
Tomlin Edward, yardman GTR. h .Mrs 

M M Dunsmor* 
Toms Albert, lab. 1 Wm Toms 
Toms Charles, tmstr. 1 Wm Toms 

K.lwunl. ilrnvr. 1 Wm Toms 
Toms John. lab. 1 Wm Toms 
Toms Samuel, lab, 1 Wm Toms 

r, 1 \\'m Toms 
Win. dairy s Harrington av, h 


Toms Wm jr. 1 Wm Toms 
TotdofY <; 'i, h 125 Pickering 

Toronto Type Foundry, John McGuire 

supt, n s Col^man 
Toronto & York Radial Railway Co, car 

sheds, w s Kingston rd 
Torrance Charles W, elk F Murch jr, I 

D Torrance 
Torrance Drucilla (wid John M), h 66 

Balfour av 

Ton I Minlne, stenog, 1 66 Bal 

four av 

Towers John, lab, 1 Wm Darby 
Towers J Cuthbert, h 56 Beech av 
Town Hall. W H Clay town clerk and 

surer, 87 Main 
Townst-nd Joseph, brklyr, h 57 Swanwick 

Townley Archibald, painter, 1 Mrs M A 

Townley Miss Martha, opr, 1 Mrs M A 

Townli-y .Martha A (wid Wm J), h e 

Birch av 

Townshend Helen, dom Dr W R Walters 
Toye George, h 144 Beech av 
Toyne George, steam ftr, h 19 Wayland 

Traders Bank of Canada, East Toronto 

br, Lindsay H Hillary mgr, 1W9 Uan- 

forth av 
Treblloock Alsey J, oik Metropolitan 

Bank, 1 J Trebllcock 
Trebilcock Joseph, h 24 Lyall av 
Trebilcock Miss Mabel, stenog, 1 J Trebll 

Trebilcoek Miss Margaret, 1 J Trebllcock 
Trench Mary K, (wid George;, postmls- 

tri"^ rard, h same 

Trimball John H, h 2356 Queen e 
Trudell Philip D, shipper, h 2 Wait, r 
Tubby C Austin, slsmn, h 183 Beech av 
Tucker Bethesda (wid Rev Richard L), 

1 Miss E Tucker 
Tucker Miss Ermine (E & S Tucker), h 

72 Main 

Tucker E & S (Misses Ermine and Se 
rena), fancy goods. 72 Main 
Tucker Mary (wid Ambrose), 1 John Berry 
Tucker Miss Serena (E & S Tucker), I 

Miss E Tucker 
Turley Thomas W, section hd, h 466 

Kingston rd 

Turner Edward C, Ins agt, 1 Mrs S Tur 

Turner Harry, druggist, 1 Mrs S Turner 
Turner Sarah (wid Thomas), h 48 Spruce 


Tutt G Frederick, brkmn GTR, 1 H J Tutt 
Tutt Harry, fireman GTR. 1 H J Tutt 
Tutt Henry J. immigration agt Union Sta 
tion, h 13 Enderby rd 
Tutt Miss Jennie. 1 H J Tutt 
Tutt Thomas C, brkmn, 1 13 Enderby rd 
Van Valkenburg Marshall H, h 3 Spruce 


Volght Otto, mach, 1 60 'Balfour av 
Vradenburg Clifford, lab, b T A Davis 
Waddington Percy, ins insp, h 24 Beech 


Wadlow Arthur, wiper GTR. h 23 Lyall av 
Wainwright Annie (wid John), h 26 Lut- 

trell av 
W'alker Miss Annie E. tchr Pine Av Sch. 

1 70 Spruce av 
Walker Claude P. mgr Wm Davles Co, 

Ltd. 1 58 Balfour av 
Walker Edward F, trav, h 12 Femwood 

Park av 
Walker Jennie (wid Charles), 1 F A 


Wallace James J. elk, 1 S Wallace 
Wallace John M, broker, h 73 Spruce av 
Wallace Miss Margaret, mlnr. 1 S Wallace 
Wallace Stuart, plstr, h 96 Beech av 
Wallis Janet (wid Wm F), h 7 Walter 
Walls Andrew, b Geo Ellis 

vard J, brkmn GTR, h So Kim- 

- George, 1 Dr W R Walters 
\Valt.-rs \Vm K. i" y 1.MI2 Danforth av, 

Walt.. i \V. miller Chalmers Mill 

ing >'o. ll 1<M; I 'anl'ort: 

"t'r. 1 102 Coleman 

Walton Miss Lillian, slsldy. I li>2 Coleman 
Walton L Herbert, carp. man 

Walton Norman, usher, 1 1W4 Danforth 


Walton Thomas, carp h e s Wheeler av 
Walton Thompson, lab. h 1644 Danforth 

ii Wm i ;, cai |i. i I.-.H i pn forth av 
War!- Lily. uom Whit" House 

urton Stanley, plmbr, h 4 Pine ter 
derlck C, dairyman Dentonla 
Ward Wm, brkmn GTR. b 229O Gerrard 

John J. moto Tor & York R Ry Co, 
ti 4U Kingston rd 

Warn,, [;. n.iamin . slsmn LA DeLaplante, 
n s Toronto 

n Frederick, eng GTR, res Scar- 
Warren Joseph F, section hd, h 9 Luttrell 


Warwick Miss Mary, b Mrs E Wright 
Watkinson Wm C, fireman GTR, rms 2239 

Watson John, air brake Insp GTR, h 42 


Watts James, fitter, 1 61 Swanwick av 
Waugh George, agt GTR. res Toronto 
Webb Oliver, woodworker Wm Candler, 1 

89 Stephenson av 

Webster Arthur B, plumbr, h 55 Spruce av 
W> ir John B, eng, h 32 Hannaford 
Wi-ir Robert, asst eng, East Toronto Pow. 

er House, h 305 Main 

Wesley Sara.h iwid T-homas), h 51 Donald 
Westlake Alfred, livery w s Dawes rd, h 

14 I ' 

Westlake Isabelle L (wid Richard), h 15 
Lvall av 

ake Wm K, eng UTR, h 16 waiter 
Weston George W, trav, h 12 Spruce av 
Wheeler Arthur D, printer, h 57 Spruce av 
White Albert E, brkmn GTR, h 80 Dawes 


White Cecil C, trav, hen Birch av 
White George, plstr, h 430 Kingston rd 
White House, John Evans prop, 1578 Dan 
forth av 

White James H, plstr, h 62 Osborne 
White John, cond GTR, h 92 Swanwick av 
White John P, barr, h lo Spruce av 
White Miss Minnie, tchr Pine av Pub Sch, 

res Toronto 
White Wm W, fireman GTR, 1 80 Dawes 


Whitton Ira T, plstr, h 56 Malvern 
Whyte Joseph J, trav, h 1 Cedar av 
Wickham Edward, contr 50 Beech av, h 


Widgett Wilfred R, tmstr, 1 110 Pickering 
Wilbee Matthew A, eng GTR. h 33 Swan 
wick av 
Wiles James, lab, L A De La plante, 1 P' 


Wilkinson Miss Amy F, tchr East Toron 
to High Sch, 1 9O Birch av 
Wilkinson Harry T. express 69 Pickering, 

h sama 

Willett Alfred, cond, h 2 Pine ter 
Williams James E, engraver, h 97 Beech 


Williamson Samuel R, lab. 1 Mrs S Wil 

Williamson Sarah (wid Wm J), h n s Mid 
land av 
Williamson Susan (wid Thomas), 1'SO 

Stephenson av 

Wlllihan Henry, hlpr, 1 W WJlIihan 
Willlhan James, piano action mkr, h 2130 


Wlllihan Wm, lab, has Woodletgh rd 
Willihan Wm A. carp, 1 Wm Willihan 
Wllmot John W, phy, h 107 Balsam av 
Wilmott Henry L. trav, h 2348 Queen e 
Wilson Ann J (wid Joseph), 1 E O Wilson 
Wilson Ernest O, brkmn, a 78 Stephenson 


Wilson Frederick V, elk, 1 J R Wilson 
Wilson Huuh, lab, h 1652 Danforth av 




Wilson James, h 2282 Gerraid 

Wilson James, elk. h 112 Beech av 

Wilson James, lab, h Ethel 

Wilson Joseph R, pntr, h 2189 Gerrard 

Wilson Mrs Margaret, bdy hse 21S9 Ger. 

rard, 1 same 
Wilson Thomas, brkmn. b Empringham 

Wilson Wellington A, bldr. h 2 Fcrnwaod 

Park av 

Windsor Miss Emma, 1 8 H English 
Winfleld Wm J, timekpr, h 41 Osborne 
Wingate Charles E, trav, h 136 Beech av 
Wingrave Thomas, tmstr, 1 G Hillyer 
Witter Richard W, car insp. h 13 Luttrell 


Wixon Gtorge, foreman, h 62 Balfour av 
Wood Frederick W, lab, 1 318 Main 
Wood George, tinsmith, h 564 Kingston rd 
Wood) Mias Rachel M, 1 J R Moffat 
Wood W George, baker, 1 J R Moffat 
W oodley Joseph, btehr, h 2384 Gerrard 
Woodman Frederick B, mfrs agt. h 168 

Balsam av 

Woods .Miss Annie, opr, 1 20 Luttrell av 
Woods Henry E, lab. h 20 Luttrell av 
\\oods Miss Maud, opr, 1 20 Luttrell av 
Woods Wiburn. elk Paterson Bros, 1 20 
Luttrell av 

iward Frederick A, h 24 Spruce av 
Woodworth Richard, tlr A E Stoba res 


Woolman Wm A, lab, h S8 Main 
Wright Arthur, h 460 Kingston rd 
Wright C James, messr, h 353 King-ston rd 
Wright Emma (wid Thomas), h 386 Kings 
ton rd 
Wright Miss Helena, elk, 1 Mrs E 

Wright Miss Mary E, elk, 1 Mrs E 


W\.-r Joshua, lab, h 2378 Gerrard 
Yeo Mis Jennie, prin Pine av School 1 79 

Lyall av 
York Railway Station (GTR) George 

Waugh, agt, e s Main 

York School. Alexander G Leitch princi 
pal, Coleman av 

Young Charles, engraver, h w s Birch ^v 
Young Frank V, cond T & Y R R Co, 1 37 

Lyall av 

Young George M, carp, h 125 Main 
Young Miss Isabel, 1 1646 Danforth av 
Young Jacob, fitter, h 323 Kingston rd 
Young James, cattle foreman Dentonia 

Park Farm 

Young Men's Christian Association (rail 
way dept), C Robson sec, cor Main and 

Young Wm W, cond GTR, h 37 Lyall av 
Young W Ewart, acct Metropolitan Bank, 

res Scarboro' 
Young Raynor, rqus tchr 37 Lyall av, I 

sa me 
Youngman Charles, fireman GTR, h It 

Enderby rd 

Zleman John. 1 J B Zleman 
Zieman John E, tailor 146 Main, h 144 


Zimmerman Herbert A, eng GTR, h 58 Os 




Phone Main 1 * 81 ORONTO 



Yachts Dooked and Wintered. MARINE RAILWAY 



(Four and a half Miles West of P O) 

Allen Joseph W, mkt gdnr Burgess av 
Armstrong Frank, prop Humber Hotel. 

Armstrong George, foreman, h, Lake Shore 

Armstrong Samuel, brtndr Humber Hotel. 

1 same 

Aymer Charles, mkt gdnr Cannon rd 
Aymor Thomas, maoh, h Cockburn 
Baker George, porter Mrs P V Meyer 
Ball Harry, cond, h Lake Shore rd 
Ball Thomas, oond, 1 H Ball 
Beadle Andrew, lab, h Queen 
Bell P Alfred, gdnr, h Burgess av 
Bellemere Alfred tmstr, h Macdonald av 
Bellemere Miss Charlotte 1 Alfred Belle- 

Bellemere Miss Elizabeth, 1 A Bellemere 
Blatchford John, lab, h Lake Shore rd 
Blyth Alfred, setter, b Humber Hotel 
Boland Catherine (wid Patrick), h Amelia 
BOBWorth John, brtndr Mrs P V Meyer, 1 


Bragg Frank, lab, b Mrs S E Brown 
Braithwaite Wm, prin Humber Bay Pub 

Son, res Toronto 

Broderick Patrick, watchman GTR, h Sal 
isbury av 

Brown George S, stenogr, h Salisbury av 
Brown John G, mkt gdnr Salisbury av 
ttrown S Kllzuuein (wid Cnaries .E). mkt 

gdnr Salisbury av 

Brown Walter E, gdnr, 1 Mrs S E Brown 
Brown Wm J, uphol, h Lake Shore rd 
Bryer George, gdnr, b Joseph Rush 
Burt George, maoh, h Lake Shore rd 
Butwell Henry, brick mfr, Lake Shore 


Butwell Mark, brick mfr Lake Shore rd 
Butwell Richard, foreman H Butwell, h 

Lake Shore rd 
Campbell James M, blksmlth Queen res 


Cawtan Ernest F, bkpr, h Cannon rd 
Charles James W, elk GTR, h Salisbury 


Church of Latter Day Saints, Burgess av 
Churchward Robert, carp, h Frederien 
Churchward Robert jr, carp, h Frederica 
Clark John W, farmer, h 'Church 
Clarke Henrietta (wid Henry), h Salisbury 


Clarke Henry J, 1 Mrs H Clarke 
Clift Miss Florence, bookfldr, 1 R Gipson 
Clift George, btohr, 1 R Gipson 
Collins Albert, mkt gdnr Queen 
Collins John, lab, h Lake Shore rd 
Connley Robert, plstr, h Lake Shore rd 
Corbett Robert, bolt rnkr, h Queen 
Cox Samuel, mkt gdnr, h Queen 
Cox Wm, barber Queen, res Toronto 
Cromwell George O, lab. h Lake Shore rd 

A Crowhurst). s s Church e of Queen 
Cro\vhurst Ernest (Crowhurst Carnation 

Co), h s s Church e of Queen 
Currier Kate (wid Patrick), h Lake Shore 

Dale Frank D, fruits Lake Shore rd, res 


Davis Frederick, lab, h Queen 
Davis Frederick C, brickmkr, h Lake 

Shore rd 

Death George, farmer, h Church 
Denovan Ellen (wid Patrick), h Queen 
Denovan Patrick, brkmkr, h Queen 
Devins Isaac N, pleasure boats river 

bank, res Toronto 
Didsbury James, lab, h Queen 
DInn Simon, wtohmn, h Queen 
Dixon John, lab, h Lake Shore rd 
Dunn Robert, h Frederica 
Dunn Robert Jr. elk, 1 R Dunn 
Dusenberry Frank, mach, h Frederica 
Dutnall John, mldr, h Cockburn 
Dutnall Robert, lab, h Lake Shore rd 
Dutnall Robert W, lab, 1 R Dutnall 
Dutnall Walter, lab, h Lake Shore rd 
Egles Wm, pntr, h Lake Shore rd 
Elford James, caretkr Humber Bay Pub 

School, 1 Wm Elford 
Elford Wm. gdnr, h Burgess av 
Bllicot Michael, fisherman, b Mrs P V 

Embach John, gdnr, h College 

Ferrier Frederick, gdnr, h Burgess av 
Fordyce John, lab, h Queen 
Foreman Alfred V, asst timekpr, h David 
son cres 

Fujler James, mkt gdnr. Salisbury av 
Gear Joseph, prtr, h Oliver 
Gijiman George, lab. h Macdonald av 
Gillman Wm, farmer Church 
Gipson Reuben, pntr, h Lake Shore rd 
Guddard David, mkt gdnr Lambton rd 
Gray George, lumber man, h Salisbury iv 
Greenfield Samuel, gdnr, 1 Thomas Green 

Greenfield Thomas, lab, h Queen 
Grigsby Wm, mkt gdnr, h Queen 
Hanagan Harry, brtndr Humber Hotel. 1 


Harbour Charles G, pntr, h Godson rd 
Harper Frederick G, lab. h Lake Shore rd 
Harris George, mkt gdnr Lambton rd 
Harris Thomas, mkt gdnr Lambton rd 
Harris Wm, mkt gdnr College, h same 
Hawkrigg Wm, lab, h Lambton rd 
Helliwell John R, mldr, h Salisbury av 
Hicks Frederick J, mgr Mrs P V Meyer, 

Lake Shore rd 

Hicks Norman, 1 O L Hicks 
Hicks Octavius L. boat bddr Lake Shore 


Hicks Thomas L, locksmith, h Queen 
Hiscock John, lab, h Lake Shore rd 
Hodgson Charles, sawyer, h Oliver 
Horwood Frank, lab, h Queen 
Humber Bay Post Office, John McCon- 

nell postmaster, Queen 
Humber Bay Public School, Wm Braith. 

\vaite prin. Cockburn 
Humber Hotel, Frank Armstrong prop, 

Humber Supply Co (John and Walter A 

McConnell), Humber Bay 
Johnston Elizabeth (wid Wm), mkt gdnr 

Queen, h same 

Johnston Howard, lab, to Lake Shore rd 
Johnstone James K, h Lake Shore rd 
Johnstone Stanley, studt, 1 J K Johnstone 
Jones Wm H, real est, h Lake Shore rd 
Joyce Miss Catherine, 1 John Joyce 
Joyce James, bolt mkr, 1 John Joyce 
Joyce John, lab, h Godson rd 
Joyce John jr, 1 John Joyce 
Joyce Joseph, lab, 1 John Joyce 
Joyce Martin, lab, 1 John Joyce 
Keiller Angus E, motorman, h Queen 
Kent Wm, pntr, h Burgess av 
Lester Arthur, lab, h Lake Shore rd 
McConnell Miss Elizabeth A, asst post 
master, 1 John McConnell 
McConnell John, postmaster (Humber 

Supply Co), h Queen 
McConnell Walter A (Humber Supply 

Supply Co), h Queen 
Mc.bariane JJuncan A, wtchmn GTR, res 


McQuary Daniel, brickmkr, h Queen 
Maloney jonn, brick mfr Lake Shore rd, 

res Toronto 

Masters James, mkt gdnr Lambton rd 
May George W, wks I N Devins, b 

Humber Hotel 

r Mrs Pauline V, prop Nurse's Ho 
tel, Lake Shore rd 
Milding Aaron, carp, h Salisbury av 
Milding Aaron Jr, wd wkr, 1 A Milding 
Minard Thomas, porter Humber Hotel 
Mitchell Henry D, lab, h Lake Shore rfl 
Monk Alfred, bldr, h Cannon rd 
Monteith John, lab, h Davidson cres 
Nesbitt Wm J, mach. Junction Queen and 

Lake Shore rd, res Toronto 
Xia-htinKale Wm H, h Salisbury av 
Norris John, lab, h Cockburn 
North Harry, gdnr, 1 Wm North 
North Wm, mkt gdnr Burgess av, h same 
North Wm Jr, mkt gdnr Burgess av 
Nurse Charles, h Lake Shore rd 
Nurse's Hotel, Mrs P V Meyer prop, Lake 

Shore rd 

O'Neill Henry, h Lake Shore rd 
Orr Benjamin, boat bldr, h Godson rd 
Orr Miss Marjorie, wtrs I N Devins, 1 

Benjamin Orr 
Overholt Miss Ella, tchr Humber Bay 

JPub Sen, b Mrs Sarah E Brown 
Parkinson Wm, Jwlr, h Lake Shore rd 

Parmtmter Philip, mach opr, h Cockburn 
yn unarles, DrKmkr, h Godson rd 

Pollock Philip, lab, h Lake Shore rd 

Presley Alfred, co constable, h Oliver 
Pressley Wm, tmstr, h Lake Shore rd 
Quin Arthur, blksmth. h Lake Shore rd 
Radmore James M, lab, h Queen 
Ramsperger August, piano tuner, h Lake 

Shore rd 

Kasson Thomas, blksmlth Lake Shore rd 
Read Charles V, pianomkr, h Lake Shore 


Reeves Frank F, gdnr, h College 
Reid Ann (wid Thomas), h Burgess av 
Reid Ralph L. gdnr, 1 Mrs Ann Reid 
Reynolds Joseph, carp, h Macdonald av 
Riches Jesse, brkmkr, h Lake Shore rd 
Koaanouse Albert, mach, h Burgess av 
Kunnaus Joseph, carp, h Macdonald av 
Rush George, baker, h Burgess av 
Rush Henry, boltmkr, h Frederica 
Rush Joseph, mkt gdnr Burgess av 
Rush Joseph C, gdnr, 1 Joseph Rush 
St James' Church Mission. Frederica 
Sheridan James, lab, h Queen 
Sibley Henry, lab, h Queen 
Sibjock Philip, lab, h Lake Shore rd 
Simpson George, co constable, h Lake 

Shore rd 

Sims John, blksmth, h Davidson cres 
Slee Richard, engineer, h Lake Shore rd 
^Miitli Henry S. mach. h Burgess av 
Steel Arthur R, elk, h Salisbury av 
Steel George C, mill hd, 1 George Gray 
Stocker John G, lab. 1 Wm North 
I Suddaby Thomas, bldr, h Cannon rd 
Bwltzer Albert, carp, h Davidson cres 
Taverner Edward, lab, h Frederica 
Taylor Kate L (wid George). 1 R Dutnall 
Thompson Miss Emily A, tchr Humber 

Bay Pub Sen, res Islington 
Todd James, gdnr, h Burgess av 
Tomlinson Wm. mkt grdnr Lambton rd 
Trowell Edward brkmkr, h Lake Shore 

Van Waggoner George, fireman GTR, h 


Volght Wm, lab, h Church 
Warner Frank S. 1 Mrs P V Meyer 
Webb Arthur, gdnr, Ji Church 
Wheeler Louis, elk. h Queen 
Whltehead James, brkmkr, h Queen 
Whitehead John, bkmkr, h Lake Shore rd 
Whltehead Sarah (wid Thomns). h Queen 
Whitworth Edward, gdnr, h Burgess av 
Whitworth John, mkt gdnr Queen, h same 
Willis John, holt mkr. h Queen 
Wilson Wm F. lab. h Salisbury av 
Winger Edward, lab, h Queen 
Young Frederick, lab, h Frederica 


(Seven Miles West of P O) 

Ammond George, wks The Ontario Sewer 

Pipe Co, h Albert av 

Anscombe James, lab, h Manchester av 
Archer Frederick, lab Toronto Fire Brick 

Co, b I Cole 

Arding Albert, brklyr, h Milton 
Arding James, lab, h Milton 
Armstrong Wm, lab, h Louisa 
Ash John, gdnr, h Buckingham 
Atherton Frank, carp, h Church 
Bailev Thomas R, carp, h Horner av 
Ball James W, supt Toronto Fire Brick 

Co, Ltd, h Southampton 
Barlow Robert, lab, h Mlmlco av 
Harnnm .lav. ontr. n Stanlev av 
Barnum Lorenzo D h Stanley av 
Beattv Benjamin, ydmn GTR, h Newcas- 

tie av 

Fiehan Julia (wirt George), h Buckingham 
Bingham A Willis, prtr Victoria Indus 
trial School, res same 
Bingham Mrs Flora, matron Victoria In. 

dustrial School 

Black James, eng, in Superior av 
Rnlter Thomas, foreman GTR. h Church 
Bonnell Walter C, broker, h Lake Shore rd 
Book Absalom S, real estate, h Laka 

Shore rd 

Book George W, plmbr, 1 A S Book 
Bostock Arthur, foreman Grobba & Wan- 
drey, h Portland 
Boulter Wm. cartkr Mlmico Pub Sch, h 

Mimico av 

Brook Arthur, oiler CPR, h Main 
Brooks Harry, car repr GTR. h Rose av 

WADDINGTON & GRUNDY Reliance Building 

Estate, Insurance and Financial Agents 




Tel. Main 6000 



r\.\J M jrlJLif COMPANY 

Brown Miss Letitia A, tchr Victoria In 
dustrial School 

Brown Philip H. h Mimlco av 
Brydson John, h Station rd 
Buckhui> Albert av 

Bui- ies H, 1 W W liui^ 

Burgess Fred A. 1 W W Burgess 
Burt; C. 1 W W Burgess 

Burj; W. h Southampton 

Canadian Sewer Pipe Co. Mimlco 
Carll Frank, contr Windsor Hotel 1 same 
Carson Henry P. h I. 'rd 

Carson Wm C, fireman, h Lake Shore rd 
Chippendale Kdwin, coa! and wood, h 

Christ Church (Anglican), Rev Canon 

Francis Tremayne rector, Church 
Churms James S, civ , mj, h Like snore id 
Clarkson A. day engineer Victoria Indus 
trial School 
Cole Isaac, lab Toronto Fire Brick Co, h 


Cox Joseph, gdnr, h Church 
Coxhead Arthur, carp, 1 Caesar Coxhead 
Coxhead Caesar, bldr contr Superior av 
Coyle Rev Patrick J, rector St Leo (RC) 

Church, res Toronto 

Crone Frederick, eng GTR, h Southamp 

Crux Wm R, gdnr, h Main 
Curry Samuel E, yd mn GTR, h Church 
Davey MIS.-- Fannie, 1 J Davey 
Davey Miss Gertrude, elk. 1 J Davey 
Davey James, mkt gdnr Main, h same 
Davey James Jr, gdnr. 1 J Davey 
Davey Miss Jane. 1 J D 
Davey Samuel, gdnr. 1 J Davey 
Davey Thomas, gdnr. 1 J Davey 

Wm. gdnr, 1 J Davey 
Davidson Douglas, h Lake Shore rd 
Davidson Walter (Davidson & Shafer). res 

Davidson & Shafer (W Davidson and J 

Shafer). grocers Church 
Davis Alfred E, night eng Victoria In 
dustrial School 

Dear John, pressman, h Burlington rd 
Dods Andrew. secy-treas The Ontario 

Sewer Pipe Co, Ltd. res Toronto 
Donnelly Ellen (wld Charles), h Main 
Doni ...|iy 

Donnelly MlchaeJ, tmstr, h Evans av 

T.'hn. lah. h Homer av 
Douglas Thomas, pedlar, b Windsor Hotel 
Douglas Wm, lab, h Elizabeth 
Drummoi: Mis H A Drum 

Drummond Hester A (wid John W), h 


Drury Arthur, brkmn GTR, h Superior av 
Duffett Frederick B, agt, h Lake Shore rd 
Dunnlevey Henry, pntr. h Murray 
Edwards Richard, brkmkr, h Victor av 
Eland Edwin, carp, h Vanevery 
Elkln Robert, steward Mimico Asylum, h 

Albert av 
English W. prin Mimico Public Sch 

h Church 
Evans John, lab Tor Fire Brick Co. b W 

Ferrier Chester, Superintendent Victoria 

Industrial School, h Main 
Fetherstonhaugh Frederick B. pat barr 

h Lake Shore rd 
Fetherstonhaugh James E. 1 F B Fether. 

Finch Arthur, wks Ontario Sewer Pipe 

Co, h cor Church and Macdonald av 
Finch Henry, mldr, h Church 

h Church 

Free James (Smith & Free), res Toronto 
Gawthroup John A, tinner, h Heman 
Giles George, wks Ont Sewer Pipe Co. h 


Giles Jacob, lab, h Rose av 
Giles James, lab, h Main 

n. h Church 

Gillespie Henry H, furrier, h Lake Shore 

h Lake Shore rd 

Godfrey Forbes, phy Southampton, h same 

Godson Miss Edith, matron Victoria In 
dustrial School, res same 

Gormaly James A, real est, 1 E Stock 

Gormaly Katherine (wid Alexander). 1 E 

Financial Agent, 

Gould George, carp, h Howland av 
Gould George B, dept supt Victoria In- 
Grand Miss C A, relieving matron Victo 
ria Industrial School 
Grand Trunk Railway Station R H 

Skelton agt, Manchester 
Green C Price, h Church 
_ ' ' ! ib, h Manchester v 

Grenfleld Charles, gdnr, h Oxford 

andrey) h 
Grobba & Wandrey (Carl Grobba, Ernest 

Wan.. ts Church 

Hall Wm H. ins agt. h Lake Shore rd 
Hamilton Wm, wks Ontario Sewer Pipe 

Co, h Dean 
Hammond George, lab, h Albert 

ly Thomas, lab, b Windsor Hotel 
Hare Walter, oiler GTR. h Main 
Harris Andrew D, prea The Ontario Sew 
er Pipe Co, Ltd, res Toronto 
Harrison Charles A, supt, h Lake Shore 


Harrison Joseph carp, h Manchester 
Hayward John W, trav, h Main 

. s. tinner, 1 H Heather 
Herbert, tinsmith Station rd 
Henderson Gordon, stone mason, h Grand 

nald. farmer, h Church 
Hendry Francis, farmer, h Lake Shore rd 
v Margaret A (wid James), h Mim- 

Hendry Robert, farmer, h Robert 
Il'iirv Robert, watchman G T R, h Main 

Charles, brkmn GTR, h Main 
Herod James, lab Tor Fire Brick Co, 1 R 
M Herod 

rt M. hrkmkr. h Queen av 
Hicks vUbert M. elk, h Superior av 
Hodgson Joseph, lab, h Superior av 
Holdenby George W, tp assessor, h Rose 


Holland Thomas, lab, h Burlington 
Holmes Wm, gdnr, h Queen 
1 Home Wm S, baker station rd, h same 
Horwood John C B, arch, h Lake Shore rd 
Hughes Chester M, h Lake Shore rd 
J Hughes Samuel R, contr Lake Shore rd. 

h same 
Hunter Joseph, lab Tor Fire Brick Co, b 

T Riding 

, Hunter Wm H, barr, h Lake Shore rd 
Hutchlns Wm, supt. h Lake Shore rd 
Jackson Miss Rebecca, relieving officer 

Victoria Indus Sch, res same 
Jermyn Percy, civil eng, h Lake Shore rd 

inder. dairy Elizabeth 
Johnson Isaac, carp Tor Fire Brick Co. 
h Pigeon av 

M Wm. fireman, h Louisa 
Johnston Wardin, wks Ontario Sewer 

Pipe Co. h Mellrose 
Kay George, elk, 1 John Kay 
Kay James, elk. h Hillside av 
Kay John, h Lake Shore rd 

'hn jr. ins insor. h Victor av 
Kay Wm, agt. 1 John Kay 
Kelrl Frank, tmstr. h Burlington rd 
Kennedy Wm, lab. h Queen av 
Kenny James B. h Lake Shore rd 
Kenny James J. h Lake Shore rd 
Kenny John, lab Toronto Fire Brick Co, 

Ltd, b Windsor Hotsl 
Kirkham Robert, lab Tor Fire Brick Co. 

Kitchen James, yd man GTR h Windsor 

Kolba Joseph. florist Grobba & Wan- 

. h Evans av 
Lawson John, oaretkr, 1 J J Kenny 

'. m T. h Lake Shore rd 
Leigh James, tile burner, h Burlington rd 
LInington Alfred W. night watchman. 

Victoria Industrial School 
Little Andrew, brkmn GTR. h Superior av 
Littleton Arthur, mldr, h Lake Shore rd 
Lubbock Wm, mach. h Victor av 
Lynden Miss Katura, matron Victoria In 
dustrial School 

McAree John V, journalist, h Southamp 

rthy Jane (wid John P), h Elizabeth 
McCarthy Miss Mary, 1 Mrs J McCarthy 
McCarthy Miss Theresa, opr Bell Tel Co. 

1 Mrs Jane McCarthy 
McElroy Patrick, lab. h Simpson av 

McGee Harry, h Lake Shore rd 
McGill Dr Thomas, h Lake Shore rrt 
McGraw John, gdnr, h Buckingham 
McGraw Joseph, pntr. h Albert av 
McGraw Samuel, pntr, h Hillside av cor 

\nnie. 1 Mrs E McGuire 
McGuire Elizabeth (wid John), h Main 
McGuire Francis, lab. 1 Mrs E McGuire 
McGuire Thomas, yd master GTR h 


MoRae Miss Annie, 1 D McRae 
McRae Clifford, lab. 1 D McRae 
McRae Duncan, brkmkr Tor Fire Brick 

Co. h Pigeon av 

McRae Duncan Jr, lab, 1 D McRae 
McRae Jo,hn. lab. 1 D McRae 
Macdonald Elizabeth (wld Roderick), h 


Macdonald Miss Flora, stenog. 1 E Mac 

Macdonald Miss Jane, 1 E Macdonald 
Machell Henry T, phy Lake Shore rd 
M.-ic.N Isabel, tchr Mimico Pub 

lic Sch, 1 J W English 
MacNicol Nicol, foreman, h Church 

Daniel, eng GTR, h Albert av 
Malcolmson Richard, yd foreman GTK, h 

Maloney Frederick, lab, 1 Mrs M A Ma- 

juaioney James, lao, h Queen av 

Maloney Mary A (wid Timothy), h Sta- 


Malost Thomas, blksmth, h Evans av 
Mansfield Gordon B, elk, h Lake Shore rd 
Marks Charles, h Lake Shore rd 
Mead Charles, (Toronto. Fire Brick Co), 

res Toronto 
Mellors Thomas, car rpr G T R, 1 Evans 


Mills Wm, b A Littleton 
Mimico Methodist Church, Rev Joseph E 

Wilson, pastor, Church 
Mimico Planing Mill, Smith & Free props, 

opp GTR station 

Mimico Post Office, Austin Werden post 
master, Church 
Mimico Presbyterian Church, Rev Wm 

Morrin pastor. Church, cor Mimico av 
Mimico Public School, J W English prin, 


Mitchell Alexander, eng GTR, h Victor av 
Moore Allan A, supt Ont Sewer Pipe Co, 

res Toronto 

Moorhouse Joseph, mldr, h Vanevery 
Morrin Rev Win, pastor Mimico Presby- 

>n Church, h Station rd 
Morris Charles, lab, h Mimlco av 
Morrison James, tailor Victoria Industrial 


Munro Miss May P, tchr Mimico Pub Sch, 

res Toronto 

Nation Walter W. h I,ake Shore rd 
Nells Arthur, fireman, b Wm Watson 
O'Mara Mrs Hannah, h Station rd 
Ogden Albert, barr, Ti Lake Shore rd 
Ontario Sewer Pipe Co, Ltd, A D Harris 

pres, J A Zimmerman genl mgr, And'' w 

Dods sec-treas, Min 
Ormsby Albert B. h Lake Shore rd 
Parker John, carp, h Albert av 
Partridge Edward J, agt, h Lake Shora rd 
Perkins John, 


gdnr F B Fetherston- 


(Complete Equipment for any size 




Joseph Lea, Manager 

Office: 35 YOXGE ST. A WADE 
Office Phone, Main 4562 
After Hours, Beach 162 


" NO. 61-65 ADELAIDE ST. E. um "" 







Perry Ambrose, brickmkr Tor Fire Brick 

Co, b C H Vint 
Pettinger Wm E, shoemkr Victoria In. 

dustrial School, res same 
Pinchin Miss Bertha, 1 R Pinchin 
Pinchln Robert, gdnr J J Kenney, h Mim- 

leo av 

Polk Wm, gilder, h Stanley av 
Prest Francis H. h LaKe Snore rd 
Preston George J, btchr, h Newcastle 
Purr John, lab, h Simon 
Raymond Percy, lab Tor Fire Brick Co, 

b J Anscombe 

Raynor Miss Annie M. stewardess Vic 
toria Industrial School 
Read Miss Mary J, baker Victoria In 
dustrial School 

Rendrag John C, mkt gdnr Vanevery 
Renton Thomas, gdnr, h Church 
Riding Thomas, lab Tor Fire Brick Co, 

h Mt'llrose 

Roberts George, btchr, h Queen 
Roberts Richard, btchr, h Churdh 
Rotfe Rev Alfred W, h Lake Shore rd 
Rose Mrs Edith, matron Victoria Indus 
trial School, res same 
Rose John, carp Victoria Industrial 


Rowett George, gdnr, h Grand av 
Royce Isaiah W, tax collr, h Church 
Rush Miss Carrie, tchr Mimico Pub Sch, 

1 Burgess av 

St Leo (RC) Church, Rev P J Coyle rec 
tor. Church 

Salter Thomas L, band instructor Vic 
toria Industrial School 
Sampson Thomas N, druggist, h >ake 

shore rd 

Sausser Harry, yd master GTR, h Church 
Seagram Joseph E (Toronto Fire Brick 

Co), res Waterloo 

Serson John, phy Southampton, h same 
Shafer James (Davidson & Shafer), h 

Skelton Robert H, station agt GTR, h 

Victor av 

Slater John, blacksmith, h Macdonald av 
Small James W, btfhr Church, h same 
Smart Mary (wid John), h Burlington rd 
Smith Charles, h Victor av 
Smith Fredrick, h Lake Shore rd 
Smith George, h Wesley 
Smith Joseph (Smith & Free), h Victor av 
Smith Joseph J, h Victor av 
Smith Nelson, eng GTR, h Southampton 


Smith & Free (Joseph Smith, James 
Free), props Mimico Planing Mill, opp 
GTR station 

Southworth Richard R, mldr, h Super 
ior av 

Statham Harry, mech eng, h Robert 
Stevenson Rev John C, h Lake Shore rd 
Stock Miss Agnes, h Church 
Stock Miss Elizabeth, h Church 
Stock James, elk. h Milton 
Stock Minnie (wld Edward), h Church 
Stubbs George, h Church 
Swain Edward T, timekpj Tor Fire Brick 

Co, h Portland 

Telfer Grace B (wid Wm), h Albert av 
Telfer James H, weighing inspr GTR, h 


Telfer John, ticket agt. h Pigeon 
Temple Andrew, mkt gdnr Church 
Tizzard David, mkt gdnr. Evans av 
Torbitt Francis, shoemakr, h Church 
Toronto Fire B>-ick Co (Joseph E Sea 
gram. A W Wright, Charles Mead), 
Townsend George, contr Windsor Hotel, 

1 same 
Tremayne Rev Canon Francis, rector 

Christ Church, h Church 
Urquhart Miss Kate, stenog Victoria In 
dustrial School 
Vanhorne Wm. h Station rd 
Vaughan Charles, hriekmkr Tor Fire 

Brick Co. b W Douglas 
Victoria Industrial School, Chester Fer- 

rier supt, Main, cor Howland av 
Vint Charles H, h Newcastle av 
Waltes Robert J, h Station rd 
Waltes Mrs Victoria, Indry Instr Victoria 

Industrial School 
Walker John, lab, h Elizabeth 
Walters Henry, carp, h Southampton 

Wandrey Ernest (Grobba & Wandrey), 

h Church 
Warner Miss Nyra, cooking instructor 

Victoria Industrial School, res same 
Warner Russell O, elk, 1 R S Warner 
Warner Russel S, ins agt h Southampton 
Watson Robert, wks Dominion Sewer 

Pipe Co, h Albert av 
Watson Wm coal and wood, h Super 
ior av 
Werden Austin, postmaster and grocer, 

Church, h same 

Werden Austin Jr, elk, 1 A Werden 
Werden Frederick A, elk A Werden 
Werden Lloyd, studt, 1 A Werden 
Werden Wm A, elk, 1 A Werden 
\V.-st Louis J. broker, h Station rd 
Wilkinson Miss Lynda, matron Victoria 

Industrial School 
Williams Fred, wks Toronto Fire Brick 

Co, h Mellrose 

Wilson Harold P, eng GTR, h Southamp 
Wilson Rev Joseph E, pastor Mimico 

Methodist Church, h Mimico av 
Wincott Joseph, eng GTR, h Newcastle 
Windsor Hotel, Wm F Young prop, Man 
chester av 

Woods Patrick J, h Victor av 
Woods Wm J, dentist, 1 P J Woods 
Woram Reginald, engineer Tor Fire Brick 

Co, h Lake Shore rd 
Wright Alexander W (Toronto Fire Brick 

Co), res Xiagara-on-the-Lake 
Wright David, gdnr, h Grand av 
Young Wm F, prop Windsor Hotel, Man- 
Chester av 

Zimmerman Jacob J, gen mngr The On 
tario Sewer Pipe Co, Ltd, res Toronto 


(Seven and a half Miles West of PO) 
Adams Joseph, elect, h Sixth 
Allies James, asst eng Asylum 

Beenu-r Medical Superintendent, Mark 

Keilty Bursar, Lake Shore rd 
Austin Jonn, eng GTR, h Sixth 
Barrow John, attdt Asylum 
erintendent Asylum for Insane, Res 


Beswick Chester, paymaster, h Fifth 
Biddle Thomas, supt Menzle Wall Paper 

Co, Ltd res Toronto 
Blake Michael, farmer Lake Shore rd 
Blum Jacob, Indry man, h Sixth 
Booth George, h Sixth 
Boulton Wm, mgr Asylum Farm, h Mlm- 

Ico rd 

Bowen Richard L, attdt Asylum 
Breen Mise Mary E, prln New Toronto 

Pub Sch, res Toronto 
Bright Ernest, attdt Asylum 
Brown Wm, coremkr, b G M Booth 
Burke Michael, mldr, h Seventh 
Calvert Edwin, carp, h Seventh 
Campbell Albert, 1 J Campbell 
Campbell John, tmstr, h Fifth 
Campbell John A, wks Ritchie & Ramsay, 

1 J Campbell 
Campbelton Samuel, blrmkr GTR, h 


Cane Alberta, mirse Asylum 
Carroll Michael, bartndr New Toronto 


Casey Charlotte, nurse Asylum 
Cashan John, lab, h Fifth 
Century Methodist Church, Rev Charles 

Wilson pastor. Sixth 
Chamberlain Frederick, attdt Asylum 
Chick John, cutter, rms C Beswick 
Chlsholm Erastus J, secy Railway TMCA 

(New Toronto branch), res game 
Chisholm James W. janitor Railway Y M 

C A (New Toronto br) 
Clayflen Frederick, nttdt Asylum 
Cochran* James, farmer Lake Shore rd 
Cockcroft Wm H, mach. h Seventh 
Conolly Sadie, nurse Asylum 
Cooper George, foreman Pease Foundry 

Co. h Fifth 

Corry Edward, attdt Asylum 
Coulton Jowett. grocer Lake Shore rd 
I Cox Ernest, attdt Asylum 

Craib Andrew C, elect Asylum, h Fourth 

Craib Wm, fireman Asylum 

Dalton Wm, carp, h Fifth 

Davidson Alexander, attdt Asylum 

Davidson Frederick, attdt Asylum 

Dea George, baker Asylum 

Devendsh Minnie, nurse Asylum 

Dunn James, lab, h Sixth 

Dunn James Jr, coal and wood Seventh 

Dunn Thomas, messenger Asylum 

Dunning Capt James, mariner, h Sixth 

Dwyer Clara, attendant Asylum 

Dyer Adam, carp, h Sixth 

Eastwood Bros (James, John, Robert and 

Samuel), mkt gdnrs Lake Shore rd 
Eastwood James (Eastwood Bros), h 

Lake Shore rd 
Eastwood John (Eastwood Bros), h Lake 

Shore rd 
Eastwood Robert (Eastwood Bros), h 

Lake Shore rd 
Eastwood Samuel (Eastwood Bros), h 

Lake Shore rd 

Elkin Robert, steward Asylum, res Mim 

KUis Alfred, fireman GTR, rms H Gibson 
Emmons Lillie, nurse Asylum 
wngash George, mach GTR, h Sixth 
Evans Wm, postman, h Sixth 
*'arquharson Collin R, carp, h Sixth 
Faulkner Frank, farmer, h Homer av 
Finlay John, bkpr Ritchie & Ramsay, res 


Flaherty Clara, nurse Asylum 
Forster James, MD, asst supt Asylum 
Forster Thomas, vet surg Sixth, h same 
Fraser Annie, nurse Asylum 
Galimer Rebecca, nurse Asylum 
Gardiner Wm, attdt Asylum 
Gibson Herbert, pntr, h Fifth 
Gilbert Edwin F, mldr. h Fifth 
Hott James, mason, rms E Calvert 
Gourlay John, eng Asylum, res same 
Harris Lottie, supervisor Asylum 
Hennessey Michael, 1 Wm Hennessey 
Hennessey Wm, farmer, h Sixth 
Hennessey Wm J, mach opr, h Fourth 
Herzog Mathias, blksmith, h Seventh 
Hooper John, attdt. Asylum 
Horn Thomas W, sec-treas Menzie Wall 

l-'aper Co, Ltd, res Toronto 
Horner Franklin, farmer, h Horner av 
Horner Robert, attdt Asylum 
Howie Thomas, mldr, h Fifth 
Howson George, attdt Asylum 
Hunt Henry, Iron wkr, h Sixth 
Hunter Thomas, foreman Ritchie 4 Ram 
say, h Lake Shore rd 
Kurd Alfred, brklyr, h Mimico av 
nurd Earney, brklyr, h Mimico av 
Ironsides George, carp, h Fifth 
Jackson John, uphol, h Sixth 
Jackson Thomas, farmer, h Lake Shore rd 
Jackson Wm G, farmer, 1 Thomas Jack 
Janes George E, brkmn GTR, h Lake 

Shore rd 

Johnston Joseph, carp, h Fifth 
Jones Blanche, nurse Asylum 
Jones Frederick, attdt Asylum 
Jones Herbert, attdt Asylum 
jones Thomas, mldr, h Seventh 
Jones Wilbert, treas Pease Foundry Co, 

L,ta, ires Toronto 
Jordan Daniel J, mach, h Sixth 
I KEILTY MARK, Bursar Asylum for 

Insane, Lake Shore rd, Res Toronto 
Kelley James, farmer, h Lake Shore rd 
Kirkwood Christina, cook Asylum 
Krause George, melter, h Fifth 
Krause George Jr, lab, 1 G Krause 
Krauset Wm, lab, 1 G Krause 
Uahbock Wm E, lab Ritchie & Ramsay, 

res Mimico 

I .aughlin Andrew, mldr, b G M Booth 
Leedham Frederick A, lab, 1 J E Leedham 
Leedham John E, h Sixth 
Leedham John E jr, lab, 1 J E Leedham 
Leitch Matthew, lab, h Fifth 
Lotty George, farmer, h Horner av 
Lynn Charles, lab, h Sixth 
Lynn Charles jr, mldr, h Fifth 
Lysaght Francis P, 1 Mrs M A Lysaght 
Lysaght John J, 1 Mrs M A Lysaght 
Lysaght Mary A (wld John), h Lak< 
Shore rd 

Che Canadian Guardian Life Insurance Company 

Head Office Special S1SO Policies Both Sexes Ages 12 to 65. Reliable Agents Wanted TORONTO 



EiUbllihed 1873 Phone Main 1889 


-V-, en. 

Reports on Mining: Locations, 

Assay of Ores, Metals and 

Amalgamation Tests 

McKruli -M.itthew. mach opr, b G M 

th. nurse Asylum 
McCrlmmon Wm T, h Mlmloo av 

i. elk, h Lake Shore rd 
McDonald Miss Flora, stenog Ritchie * 

Ramsay. Ltd. res Mlmlco 
McGhle Margaret F. attndt Asylum 

a J. color mixer Menzie 
u.ii: i'.iper Co, b New Toronto Hotel 
McKniglu Samuel, carp, h Sixth 
McLarty Frederick, fireman Asylum 
McMullen John C. Indryman Asylum, b 

Macdonald John, carp, h Sixth 

i.nn.e. opr. 1 J Mac- 
Maedonald Wm. mach opr. 1 J Macdon- 


Marshall Samuel, engineer, h Seventh 
Masl r J, asst sec Railway 

Young Men's Christian Asoc.ation (New 
Toronto br), res sam. 
Matheson Samuel H. gdnr Asylum, h Lake 

Shore rd 

Matheson Wm W. 1 S H Matheson 
Maxwell James, lab, h Sixth 
Maxwell Robert, carp Asylum 

.1 Pa 
per Co, Ltd, res Toronto 

I'aper Co, Ltd, Robert E 
zie pres. i u Horn see-treas 
s Murray, .opr QTR, res Mimico 

h Kirth 

Moore James, attdt Asylum 
Muir Henry. in;u -I, UTR. h Sixth 
Munro Annur. mngr .Menzie Wall 1'a- 

Co. l.M. res Toronto 
Murray Alexander, attndt Asylum 
Neil John, color mixer Ritchie & Ramsav 

h Fifth 

New Toronto Hotel. Ambrose O'Brien 
prop. Lake Shore rd, cor Mimico av 

ri. Sixth 

Christopher Reid. Postmaster, Lake 
Shore rd 

Toronto Public School, Miss ^ary 
E Breen prln, Sixth 
-N'Ttticote Charles, farmer, h Lake Shore 

Noverre P Walter, shipper Menzie Wall 

Paper Co, h Fifth 

O'Brien Ambrose, prop New Toronto Ho 
tel, Lake Shore rd 
VConnor John, farmer Homer av 

ra Ellen, cook Asylum 
Parker Walter H. millwright, h Fifth 
Patt.-rson Clara, nurse Asylum 
Patterson Wm. attndt Asylum 
Pattison Thomas, asst farmer Asylum 

Paxton Wm. fireman Asylum 

jas u Foundry Co. Ltd, John T Sheri- 
lan pres. JO hn L Ross sec, Wilbert 
Jon PS tress. Seventh 
St^ 8 Cnarle M. porter Asylum 
Phillips James R, supt Pease Foundry 
Co. res Toronto 
'0 Alexander, attdt Asylum 

Roberts Ethel G. attdt Asylum 

lobinson Samuel, barber, h Sixth 
Ross John L, secy Pease Foundry Co 

Ltd, res Toronto 

11 Wm. fireman, h Sixth 
Ruttan Jacob W, supervisor Asylum n 

Lake Sho: 
Sanford Edward, farmer, h Lake Shor 

Sanford Edward Jr. farmer, h Lak 

. n Theodore, shoemkr Seventh h 

S.-l!y Kdwin W, fireman Asylum 
bheridan John T, pres Pease Foundry 

Co. i^td. res Toronto 

Slater John, blksmith Seventh, res Mlmlco 
Smith George, lab, h Seventh 
Smith Sydney N, painter Fifth, h same 

!f James, attdt Asylum 
Btevaoson James, attdt Asylum 
Stubbs George, btchr Asylum 
Sturt Walter P, asst bursar Asylum, ra 


Taylor George, eng. h Sixth 

i'oomey John, 1 Wm J Hennessey 
Trotter John, supervisor Asylum, h Mim 

Ico rd 

Wanes Alexander, lab. h Seventh 
Wallis Frederick N, storekpr Asylum res 


Walton Lelghton. mldr, h Fifth 
Watson Benjamin, mason Asylum, h Mim 

Ico rd 

Whltaker Wm, supervisor Asylum 
w hitehead John, attendant Asylum 
tN hittali Jan . r . ), sixth 

Wilkinson Wm B. asst eng Asylum 

s. pastor Century 
"list Church, res Mimico 
Wilson Ella, nurse Asylum 
Workman James, lumberman, h Sixth 
Terex Nathaniel, fireman Ritchie & Ram 

say. h Sixth 
Young Kerry, lab. h Seventh 



Quinn James, attdt Asylum 
Radcliffe Clarence, attdt Asylum 

Young Men's Christian Associa- 
t-on (New Toronto branch), E J Chis- 
holm secy, x ew Toronto st 

C 11 "'^ N. vlce-pres Ritchie A 
say .' Ltd - Tea Toronto 
?M Ajfnes (wld John) ' Urs Asylum 

Renton Christina. Indrs Asylum 

H * 

Rice James, carp Asylum, h Lake Shore 

Ritchie Frederick A. pres Ritchie * 

Ramsay, Ltd, res Toronto 
Ritchie John, farmer, h Homer av 
Ritchie Wm. farmer, h Horner av 
Ritchie & Ramsay, Ltd. Frederick A Rlt- 

:ble pres, Charles -N Kamsay vice-pres, 

*ifrs of coated paper and cardboard, 

Lake Shore rd 

(Four and a half miles northwest of 

P. O) 

Abraham Rev Robert H. pastor Daven 
port Rd Presbyterian Church, res To 
Adams Alfred J, glass blower, h e s 

saiem av 

Adams George, carp, h e s Salem av 
Adami Joseph, jwlr, h s s Davenport rd 
Adams Robert, real tst w s Somerset av. 
h s. : 

son James, brkmkr, h e s Nairn av 
Alate Frederick, lab. has Derby av 
Aiian wm, 1 Geo 1'. 
Allen Wm M, pntr, h w s Westmoreland 


Allison Duncan, tmstr, h w s Light- 
bourne av 

Allison Hugh. lab. h w s Lightbourne a 
Alton Walter, plmbr, h w s Salem av 
Anderson Bentley, gdnr. I J Anderson 
Anaerson Cecil. 1 J Anderson 
Anderson George A, plstr, h n s Bird av 
Amierson Heber, driver, 1 J Anderson 
Anderson James, dairy w s Earlscourt rd, 

h same 

Anderson Thomas, lab, h n s Brandon av 
Andrews Henry, pntr, h e s Delaware av 
Andrews John, glass silverer, 1 H And 
Andrews John, pntr, h w s Westmoreland 


Andrews Joseph, lab. h w s Delaware av 
Andrews Joseph A, h w s Delaware av 
Andrews Thomas, pntr, h n s Arlington av 
Andrews Wm. lab, 1 J Andrews 
Angus Peter, lab. 1 F Chalmers 
Ankers James, lab. h e s Ossington av 
Antonio Angelo. lab, h n s Dunbar 
Archbold Wm. mach. h w s Primros > av 
Armstrong Wilbert, elk Jamieson Bros. 1 

J Jamieson 

Arnot James, corvnkr, h n s Bird av 
Ashworth James J. sales mer Canada 

Foundry Co, res Toronto 
Aston John, mldr, h e s Westmoreland 
Atherley Wm J, driver, h w s Hamburg 

Atkins James, mkt gdnr. e s Ossington 

avenue, h same 
Atkinson Albert, driver Mrs I Hopkins 1 

w s Salem av 
Atkinson James, glass plshr, h e s Salem 

Atkinson John G, lab, h e s Karlscourt rd 
Atkinson M Leclerc, asst mgr purchasing 
Canada Foundry Co, res Toronto 
Atkinson Thomas, carp, h w s Hamburg 


Austin James, mach, h n s Main 
Austin Wm E, mach. 1 Jas Austin 
Aylard Henry, h w s Hamburg av 

Mksmith, h e s Delaware 

ow Calvin, tmstr. h s s St Clalr av 
George, pipe ftr. h w s Dufferin 
Bober Robert, lab. h s s Dunbar 
Baldwin James, hide dlr. h w s Dover- 
court rd 

Ball Albert, grocer, h e s Hamburjr av 
Ball Richard, lab, h s s Norward av 
Barker James T, glass bender, h w s 

Westmoreland av 

Barr John, tmstr. h e s Hamburg av 
Barrett George, lab, h s s Brandon av 
Barteletto Miguel, h e s Malvern av 
BarUett Harry, maoh, h w s Primrose av 
BarUeit .lames, mldr. 1 H Bartlett 
Bartlett Public School, Bartlett av 
Bate David, lab. h n s Main 

. Alfred E, mach. h w s Dufferin 
Baylis John, mach, h w s Delaware av 
Beareroft M:ss Lillian, opr James Wilson, 

res Toronto 

Beck Harry, uphol, h w s Bartlett av 
Reck James, driver, h w s Somerset av 
Belford Thomas, shipper, h s s Main 
Bell John, coremkr, 1 f Kurchall 
Bennett John, carp, h n s Bird av 
3etan Wm. h w s Westmoreland av 
Sickle George B, coll, h e s Hamburg av 
Biggerstaff Hugh, lab, h e s Primrose av 
Black Catherine (wld Thomas), h s s 
Chandos av 

ai kburn Clifford, opr James Wilson, 
res Toronto 
tsoag James, m:dr, h e s Somerset av 
Bolitho Miss Jennie, opr, 1 Mrs P Bolitho 
Bolitho Phoebe (wid Charles), h n s Main 
Boiitho Richard, sawyer, 1 Mrs P Bo- 


iiolitho Wm, lab, 1 Mrs p Bolitho 
sonham John, lab, h w s Nairn av 
Boone Avenue Methodist Church, w a 

Boone av 

Jooth George, elk. h w s Ossington av 
3ooth Samuel, lab, 1 G Booth 
Boothe Robert, presser, h w s Bartlett av 
iorthwick Alexander, h w s Boone av 
oulding Charles, carp, h w s Primrose av 
Bovett George, shipper, h e s Westmore 
land 'av 

Bowie Miss Annie, opr James Wilson, 1 
J Bowie 

lames, barber, h e s Primrose 
Robert, iron wkr. 1 J Bowie 
Bowles Thomas, foreman Canada Fndry 
Co. h 10 McRoberts av 
Boyd Wm. blksmith, bee Delaware av 
Brazier John, brklyr, h w s Earlscourt 


Braz:er Robert, brklyr, h w s Bartlett av 
reen Walter, cond, h e s Dufferin 

jr L, gunsmith, h e s Salem 
Breffltt Frederick, glass blower, h w 8 

Westmoreland av 

Rrennan Lawrence, agt, h e s Westmore 
land av 

Brett Wm. h e s Somerset av 
Brian Annie (wid John), h w s Light- 
bourne av 
Brooks John, fancy goods n s Main, b 


Brown David, h w s Bartlett av 
Brown John, machr h w s Primrose av 
Browning Bertram, mach, 1 Mrs Brown 

Browning Charles, riveter, 1 Mrs Br 

Browning- Emily (wid Samuel), h w s 
Hamburg av 

Bruce Jessie (wid Donald), h e s Ham- 
burg av 


Aikenhead Hardware Limited 




162 Adelaide St. W. 


Estimates eivcn on all classes ol 
Elevator Work. 

Special attention given to all kind! 
of Elevator Repair Work ant 
Machine Work. 


Bruce Miss Jessie, 1 Mrs J Bruce 

Brundle Charles, driver, h w s Ossington 

Brundle Miss Jennie, opr James Wilson, 1 

C Brundle 

Buckley George, carp, h w s Dufterin 
Buckley Hannah (wid George), h w s 

Salem av 

Buckley Wm. twine mkr. h w s West 
moreland av 

Budge Albert, lab, 1 Wm Budge 
Budge Wm, lab, h e a Earlscourt rd 
Bull Georee H. lab, 1 Nelson Bull 
Bull Grenville, pdlr. 1 N Bull 
Bull John R, h n s St Glair av 
Bull Nelson, tmstr, h e s Salem av 
Buller John, h w s Dovercourt rd 
Bunn Albert, plstr, h w s Somerset av 
Burbidge Benjamin, drover, h e s West 
moreland av 

-Burgess Georg-e, carp, h w s Somerset av 
Burke David J, blksmith, h w s Dover- 
court rd 
Burling Wesley, mach, h n a Highland 

Burman John, shipper, h e s Dovercourt 

Burnle Joseph, moto, h w s Dovercourt 


Burns Bruce, cattle dealer, 1 John Burns 
Burns Hubert, slsmn Mrs I Hopkins. I w 

s Somerset av 

Burns John, cattle dlr, h e s Somerset av 
Burns Wm, engineer, h e s Delaware av 
Butler Elizabeth (wid John), h w s Salem 


sutler Miss Louie, opr, 1 Mrs t, Butler 
Caldwell John, carp, h e a Dufferin 
Galloway John, tool mkr, h w s Dufferin 
Campbell George M, mach, h e s Dover- 
court rd 
Campbell Thomas, mldr, h e s Ossington 

Canada Foundry Co. Ltd, Lansdowne av 

north C P Railway 

canning Kichard, gdnr, h n s Ascot av 
Cant George W, carp, h s s St Glair av 
Carleton John F. bkpr R Leeder & Son 

res Toronto 

Carmichael Andrew, driver, h n s Main 
Caroline James W, agt, h s s Chandos av 
Carroll John, h n s Davenport rd 
Carter George, co constable, h n s St 

Clair av 

Carter James, cond, h e s Boone av 
Carter Wm G. mkt gdnr e s Dufterin 
Cateno Carmona. lab, h e s Dufterin 
Cateno Joseph, lab, h w s Lightbourne av 
Cayton Wm, carp, h e s Nairn av 
Chalmers Frederick, mldr, has Dunbar 
Chard Thomas, contr. h e s Ossington av 
Chase James M, lab, h e s Boone av 
Clasrar John C. fruits e s Delaware av 
Clark Charles, carp, h s s Auburn av 
Clark Oakley, elk. n s Brandon av 
Clark Percy, bed mkr, h e s Hamburg 


Chvke George S, elk, 1 T Clarke 
Clarke James J, stmftr. h w s Light- 
bourne av 

Clarke Thomas, caretkr, h e s Boone av 
Clayton Charles, btch'r n s Main, a same 
Clemence George, lab. h s s Brandon av 
Clentsworth Thomas, lab, h w s Earls- 
court rd 

Codlin John, lineman, h w a Somerset av 
Coftey Patrick J. lab. h n s Main 
Collier George, mach, h e s Somerset av 
Conboy James, mkt gdnr e a Ossington 

av, h same 
Conger Coal Co (tor), D W Jones mgr, e 

s Dufterin, 1 n r r track 
Congregational Mission, e s Westmore 
land av 

Connor Matthew, lab, h n s Main 
Connors Franois, lah, h w s Dufterin 
Cook Arthur A, foreman, h w s Dela 
ware av 

cooper John N. mach, 1 M Cooper 
Cooper Michael H, splitter, has Bran 
don av 

Cooper Sidney, blrmkr, h e s Somerset av 
Copeland George, carp, h w s Bartlett av 
Copeland James, h n s Bird av 
Coquet Manuel, mldr, h w s Primrose av 
Cordell George, shoe mkr, h e s West 
moreland av 

Cordery Albert E, driller, h s s Bird t v 
Corin Charles, painter, h n s Main 
"-xjrmack Kobert, n w s Delaware av 
Corp Charles, lab, h e s Salem av 
Correll Samuel K, comp, h w s Bartlett 


Correll Samuel R, comp, 1 S K Correll 
Cotina Antonio, lab, h s s Brandon av 
Coules John W, printer, h e s Dover- 
court rd 
Coutts Thomas J, pntr, h w s Primrose 


cowe Thomas, stone ctr, 1 Mrs A David 
Craig Frederick, sheet metal wkr, h n 

s -Main 

Craig John, 1 J Strachan 
Crawford Wm H, carp, h s s Brandon av 
Crawford Wm H, mldr. h e a Russell rd 
Croft Elizabeth (wid John), h n s Main 
Crooks Henry, mldr, h w s Somerset av 
Crosby Charles W, blksmith, h e s Duf 
Cutler Harry, glass bndr, h w s Bartlett 


Cutler Henry, mach, h e s Bartlett av 
Dalziel Robert, lab, h e s Malvern av 
Dapson Frank, lab. has Davenport rcl 
Darvell Joseph, lab, h w s Ossington av 
Davenport Rd Presbyterian Church, Rev 

R H Abraham pastor. Davenport rd 
IJavidson Annie (wid Thomas), h n s 

Ascott av 

Della^ Antonio, lab, h s s Brandon av 
Desbretti Arno, lab, h s s Dunbar av 
Deviney Wm. carp, h e s Boone av 
Devlin Charles, lab, h s s Brandon av 
Devlin James J. lab, 1 C Devlin 
Devlin Sarah (wid James), h s s Brandon 


Devlin Miss Sarah, 1 C Devlin 
Dickson Alexander, carp, h n s Brandon 

Di Pitro Dominic, gro s s Brandon av, h 


uixon Henry, lab. h w s Boone av 
Dixon Isabella (wid Frank), h e s Duf 

Dolby Robert, lab, h w s Primrose av 
Donworth John, la.b, h w s Primrose av 
Dorward John, mach, h w s Hamburg av 
IJouglns Wm. plmbr, h w s Boone av 
Isabella Hopkins Postmistress, n s 
Main, cor Dovercourt rd 
urew Charles, carp, h e s Nairn av 
L>nnkwate r Edward, carp, h e s Boone av 
Drinkwater Elmer, blr mkr, 1 E Drink- 

Urinkwater Miss Nellie, 1 E Drinkwater 
Drivell George H, lah, h e s Delaware av 
Duff Frank, coremkr. h e s Hamburg av 
Dufferin St School, Wm McLean prin, w 

s Dufferin 
Duncan George, blrmkr, h e s Delaware 


Uunderdale Wm, lab, 1 A Smith 
Durban Oliver, tmstr. h e s Salem av 
IJurnan James, prtr, h w s Dovercoun 


Dyer Charles, pntr, h e s Earlscourt rd 
K;isly John, lab, h s s Derby av 
Kasby John, lab, h s s Dunbar av 
Echlin Philander M, car bldr, h e s Dela 
ware av 

Kagerley Wm S, lab, h w s Nairn av 
Ellis Gilbert, tailor, h e s Hamburg av 
Kiwin Robert, boilermkr. h n s Dunbar 
England John, 1 Geo Bickle 
Evans Miss Mary, opr James Wdlson, res 


Kynon Miss Hattie, 1 T Eynon 
Kynon John canoe bldr, 1 T Eynon 
Kynon Meredith, canoe bldr, 1 T Eynon 
Kynon Miss Phoebe, 1 T Eynon 
Kynon Thomas, carp, h w s Primrose av 
F.-iirhurn Robert, carp, h w s Westmore 
land av 

Fairneld Wm, lab, h e s Earlscourt rd 
Faragher Hector, elk Jamieson Bros, h 

e s Hamburg av 
Farchat Peter, lab, h n s Main 
Fear Herbert, comp, h e s Hamburg av 
Feast Roland, lab, h s s Davenport rd 
Fee James, mldr, h w s Barcl-;tt av 
.feln Kdward, contr, h n s Brandon av 

Finley Percy, tmstr, IBS Main 

Fitton Frederick, dairy w s Harvey a 

Fltzpatrick Matthew, lab, has Brando 


Fletcher Henry, plstr, h e s Salem av 
Fligiht P Charles, pdlr, h n s Main 
Flock Charles, iab, h w s Nairn av 
i'orbes Edwin, carp, h e s Dufferin 
Ford George, lab, h w s Primrose av 
Ford James, p c, h w s Bartlett av 
Fora James jr, elk Canada Foundry Co, 

James Ford 
Ford Miss Lena, opr James Wilson, 

James Ford 
JJtorst Antonio, lab, h w s Lightbourn 


f'orster Joseph, 1 Wm Forster 
Forster Wm, blksmith, h w s Primros 

Foster Major Edward H, h n s Davenpoi 

Foster Wm, lumber w s Somerset av, n 


Fox John, yardman, h w s Nairn av 
Frasker Antonio, lab, h w s Lightbourne 


Freear Henry, lab, h e s Primrose av 
Prise Thomas, mldr, h e s Westmorelar 


Frost Louis, lab, h n s Arlington av 
Furchall Peter, lab, h n s Main 
Gadway Miss Ethel, elk Mrs I Hopkin 

res Toronto 
Gadway Frank, slsmn Mrs I Hopkins, n 


Gale George, carp, h e s Primrose av 
Gardiner Edmund, h e s Dovercourt r 
Gardner Charles A, pdlr, h e s Dove 

court rd 

Gemmili Wm H, carp, h e s Somerset a 
Gibson Adelaide (wid John), h e s Wes 

moreland av 

Gibson James, pntr, h n s Chandos a 
Gilbert John, h n s Davenport rd 
Gllbreath Hugh, shoes n a Main, res T< 


GUI Herbert, mach, h e s Dufforln 
Gillen Robert, hlpr, h n s Main 
Gillespie Wm, painter, h w s Dufferin, 
Glass Charles, lab, h w s Westmorelan 


Glass Miss Nellie, opr, 1 Chas Glass 
Gold Adolphus, lab, h w s Salem av 
uoidring John A, paymaster Canad 

Foundry Co, res Toronto 
Goodell Eugene, cond. h s s Auburn av 
Gooderham Charles, p c, h w s Ossingto 


Goodwin Wm. cond, 'h w s Dufterin 
Gordon James, tailor, h w s Bartlett av 
Gordon Philip J, painter, h w s Wes 

moreland av 
Gough Harold E. blr mkr, h a a Highlan 


Gould John, h w s Dufferin 
Gourlay Robert, pdlr, h w s Delaware a- 
Grace Robert W. gen supt Canada Four 

dry Co. res Toronto 

Graham George, mldr, h e s Primrose a 
Graham W'm, carp, h e s Dovercourt re 
Granger Alfred, brklyr. 1 G Granger 
Granger George, piano wkr, 1 J Grange 
Granger John, carp, h e s Bartlett av 
Grant Wm. steel wkr, h w s Bartlett a 
Greatwood George, lab, h w s Dufteirln 
Green Thomas, 1 Wm Reddiins 
Greensides Henry A, brk mkr, h w a Ol 

sington av 

GreenVell Francis, lab, h e s Harvey a 
Greer Sophia (wid James), h n s Asco 

Gregory Francis, bkr, h e a Dovercour 


Griffith Robert, mldr, h e s Hamburg a 
Grumble George, lab, 1 Mrs E Rolston 
Guerin Adolphe, baker, h n s Chandos a 
Guinyon Benjamin, lab, h w s Ossingto 

Uwynne Walter, brklyr, he? Delawar 


Haley John, blr mkr, h w s Primrose a 
Hall Charles, ctr, has Davenport rd 
Hall David, mach, h w s Primrose a\ 
Kail Samuel B, postman, h w s Prim 

rose av 
Hamilton Alfred, mldr. h w s Hambur 



400 Feet Higher than Lake Ontario Reliance Bid., 82=88 King St. E. 

Branch Office 





Phone Main 3227 

phones, Fixtures 

134 KIHC ST. W. 

Hamilton Grace (wid Robert) h w s Prim- 
Hamilton Henry, bldr. h a a St Clair av 
u, h e s West 
s' av 
Hanna David, ydmn Confer Coal Co, h e 

s Uovercourt rd 
Janna David Jr, lab. 1 D Hanna 

utter, )i \v s Dover- 
court rd 

:-, lab, h w s Bart let t av 
xrthur, lab, h c s Nairn av 

Harris Kdward. tmstr R I Hon, ti 

w s Salem av 
Harris Samuel J, gen foreman Canada 

!<iry Co, res Toronto 
Harr -sun Win. mldr h w s Dufferin 
Hartley K> ;iklns. 

1 w s Dovercourt rd 

ntr, h w s Nairn av 

Hayes John, brklyr an av 

.nayes Wm, h w s Delaware av 

Boone av 

k:-. h w s Primrose 

Hearnes John J, tmstr, h w s Dovercourt 

pc, 1 T tli-tulip 
Heaslip Miss Ethel opr James Wilson. 1 

Thomas Heaslip 
Heaslip Thomas, brklyr, h w s Oeaington 


Hedley Kdward, carp, h w s Primrose av 
Hembleton Alfred, mldr, 1 Thos Hughes 
Henderson John A, shipper, h n a Main 
HendncK Win. inKt gunr, h n s St Clalr 


Henry John, mldr, h w s LIghthbourne av 
arp, h e s Hamburg 

Hepburn James, brklyr. s e R BartI 
Oilman Robert, driver Conger Coal Co 
Hlrd Mrs Ada, gro e s Earlscourt rd, h 

Hird Benjamin, weaver, h e s Earlscourt 

under, pntr, 1 J T Hislop 
Hlslop Charles, painter, h e a Dtmbar 
wislop James T, mach, h e s Light- 

Uourne av 
Hislop Lon, blksmth, has Main 

tr, 1 J T Hi.slop 
Hobson Frederick, carp, h n s Main 

P. h w s Dover- 
court rd 

Hollins Henry, mach, has Auburn av 
H..IIH..S Albert, rp. : ., - Salem av 
Hopkins Miss Alice, bkpr Mrs I Hopkins 
HOPKINS |N\I;I|.|.A (wid James 
A) Grocer and Postmistress n a Main 
cor Dovercourt rd. h same 
Hopkins James W, slsmn Mrs I Hopkins 
Hore Albion H, painter, 1 J Jones 
Horton Arthur J, gro cor Main and Bart- 

lett av, h same 

House Albert, fnshr, h e a Delaware av 
Howell Charles, carp, h w a Ascott av 
ttugl 8, iron wkr, h w s Ham 

burg ay 

Hunte Edwin, jwlr, h e s Ossington av 
Kurd John W. h w s Lightbourne av 
Hutchings Wm H, tmstr, h e s Ossington 

H Frederick G, lab, h w s 
n av 
Hutchison Allen A, wood wkr, h e a 

reland av 

Ildredge Jabez. lab, has Norward av 
Irving Frank D, stock elk Canada Foun 
dry Co, h s s Davenport rd 
Jackson Wm A. carp, h w s Hamburg av 
Jacob Frederick J, tmstr, h w s Salem av 
James David, foreman, h w s Dufferin 
Jamienon Bros (Norman and James), gro 
cers Main n e cor Dovercourt rd 
Jamieson James tJamieson Bros), h Main 

n p cnr Dovercourt rd 
Jamieson Norman (Jamieson Bros), h 

Main n e cor Dovercourt rd 
Jarv:s Albert, j'lshr, h w s Boone av 
Javan Egbert, b.-lr, h w s Boone av 
Jennings Frederick, pntr, 1 H Jennings 
Jennings Herbert, elk. h w s Bartlett av 

Jennison Frank, brklyr, h w s Earlscourt 

Johnson Edward, mkt gdnr n s St Clair 

h same 

Johnson James, jwlr, h w s Somerset av 
Jotinson Miss Rebecca, 1 E Johnson 
Johnson Wm, gdnr, 1 E Johnson 
Johnstone Smith E. ctr, h w s Salem av 

Albert E, lab, h e s Salem av 
Jones David W, mngr Conger Coal Co 


ge. carp, h w s Earlscourt rd 
Jones John T, stonemason, has Main 

R Harvey, pntr, h e s Westmore- 

iel. lab, n s s Derby av 
Joyce Arthur E, gdnr, 1 W A Robinson 
Henry G. 1 W A Robinson 
Walter D, shipper, h w s Ossing- 
Judson John S, shipper J A Hopkins, 1 55 

nport rd 

Kavanaugh Joseph, mldr, h w s Nairn av 
us Henry, porter, h e s Dovercourt 

Keeber George, h e s Somerset av 
Keen Edwin, brklyr, h e s Salem av 
Kehoe John, h n s Brandon av 

.1. mach. h w.s Dufferin 
Kelly Francis, mldr, h e 8 Primrose av 

vlyr, 1 A J Horton 

Kenney Thomas, carp h s s Davenport rd 
Kidd Herman, oond, h w s Somerset av 

;rp, h n s Main 
n. carp, 1 T Kidd 

Kllpatrick Peter, dyer, h e s Hamburg av 
K Ivington Charles J. mkt gdnr, a s Main 
King Albert tire mkr, h w s Somer? 
King Wm, lab. h w s Ossington av 
Kirkey Peter J, foreman, h n s Main 
Lackey Amos, mldr, ii w s Primrose av 
Lake Ernest, wire wkr, h e s Salem av 
Lane Wm, lab, h w s Salem av 

L. cabtmkr. h n s Main 
Lapin Mrs Mary, drsmkr, 1 J Kehoe 
Larry Alfred, brklyr, h w s Ossington av 
Lauchlan Hannah (wid John), h s s Dun- 

Lauchlan John, dyer, 1 Mrs H Lauchlan 
Lavin Robert, h e s Salem av 
Law Harry, opr, h w s Dovercourt rd 
Law John K. driver, h w s Hamburg av 
Leather Matthew, lab, h n s Main 

s, lab, h s s Dunbar av 
Lederman Joseph, carp R Leeder & Son, 

res Toronto 
Lee George, stonemason, h w s Bartlett 


Lee Jame?. mach, h w s Somerset av 
Leeder Albert E (R Leeder & Son), 1 R 

feeder Ernest, foreman R Leeder & Son, 

1 Bartiett av 

Leeder Frederick H, plstr, has Daven 
port rd 
Leeder Robert (R Leeder & Son), h e s 

nartlett av 
Leeder Wm. carp R Leeder & Son, 1 F H 


I.KKDER R & .^\' (Ro1>ert and Al 
bert E) Planing- Mill and T,nmh.-r Yard 
e a Bartlett av, n of CPR (See card 
Lumber Dealers) 

Leggatt James, brklyr, h n s Auburn av 
Leicester Alfred R, chief engineer bridge" 
dept Canada Foundry Co, res Toronto 

:on Hugh, gdnr, 1 T Leighton 
Leighton John, gdnr, 1 T Leighton 
Leighton Robert, gdnr. 1 T Leighton 
Leighton Thomas, gdnr. h e s Duffertn 
Lemon George, h w s Dufferin 
Lennox Robert C, driver, h e s Russell rd 
Lester Reuben mach, h w s Bartlett av 

i A Smith 

Lines Miss Eilen, opr J Wilson, res To 

Lines George, wks R Leeder & Son, res 

May, opr James Wilson, I M 
J Hendrick 

Littler John, packer, h e s Dovercourt rd 
Lock Wm, lab, h n s Main 
Lockhart Margaret (wid Francis R), h e 

Salem av 

Lodge Peter, opr .Tames Wilson, res To 
Lomax James, lab, h e a Dovercourt rd 

Timothy, packer, h w s Somerset av 
Lowe Thomas B, steel wkr, h w s Nairn 


Lowther Thomas, carp, h n s Main 
Lucioni Paulo, h e a Malvern av 
McArdle John, carp, h e s Westmoreland 


McCafter Ronald, mach, h e s Salem av 
McCallum Alexander, tinner, h e a Salem 

McCallum John, 1 A McCallum 

Hum John, lab, h w s Dovercourt rrt 
McCleary Catherine (wid John), h n s 

Davenport rd 

McCleary Robert, elect, h e 8 Salem av 
McClellan Moses, shoemkr, h e a Primrose 


McCIutchy David, lab, h n s Chandos av 
McCombs Robert, brklyr, h w s Nairn av 
McCormac David, coremkr, h w s Prim 
rose av 

MeCJormack Samuel, gro w s Delaware av 
McCreary Robert, tmstr, h s s Davenport 


McCue Edward, lab, h e s Hamburg 1 av 
illon Frank, h e s Salem av 
nald Amelia (wid James), h w a 
Bartlett av 

McDonald Donald A, lab, h e s Dover- 
court rd 
McDonald Miss Laura, opr James Wilson, 

1 Mrs A McDonald 

McFarlane Robert, tinner, h n a Bird av 
McGinley Wm, lather, h e s Westmore 
land av 

M'.-'.iowan Alfred, foreman, h s s Daven 
port rd 

McGuire George E, plmbr, ] J Weninger 
iicHugh Charles H, fireman, h w s Duf 

McLain Daniel, waiter, h e s Ossington av 
McLauirhlan Miss -\ellie, tlrs, 1 R Mc- 


McLaughlan Robert, lab, h w s Russell rd 
McLean Wm. prin Dufferin St Sch. re 


McLeod Norman M, supt Canada Foun 
dry Co. res Toronto 

rnon James, ship carp, h e s Dela 
ware av 

MeMahon Frank, carp R Leeder & Son, 
res Toronto 

nn John, driver R Leeder & Son. 

-ter Frederick, painter, h s s Nor 
wood v 

M'N-ill Wm, wood carver., h e s Ham 
burg av 
McWhinnle Hugh, cashier R Leeder & 

Son, res Toronto 
Macdonald Charles L, chief sales dept 

Canada Foundry Co, res Toronto 
Macey James, mldr, h w s Primrose av 
MacFarlane George, bldr, h e s Hamburg 

ly John B. bak .!oro- 


Tames, carp, h n s Main 
eks Miss Ixittle, 1 Mrs M A Mad- 

Maddocks Mrs Mary A. h s s Main 

ird, mkt gdnr w s Ossington 
h seme 
i James, lab, 1 Wm Malioch 

h Joseph, lab, 1 Wm Mai 





Office, Main, 4949 

Res., College, 344O 


F. J. SMITH / CO. 

Special Attention given to Man 
agement of Estates. Prompt Returns 

61 Victoria Street 

Malloch Thomas, lab, 1 Wm Malloch 
Malloch Wm, lab, h w s Westmoreland av 
Manock James, lab, h e s Earlscourt rd 
Marco Raffaele, gro w s Dufferin, h same 
Marley Walter, blksmlth, h e s Delaware 
Marr John. lab. h "w s Hamburg av 
Marshall Charles, carriage trimmer, h w 

s Bartlett av 
Marshall Charles, glass plshr, h e s Sa em 

Marshall Charles, wks R Leeder & Son, 

h w s Westmoreland av 
Marshall Edward, ctr, h e s Somerset av 
Marshall Robert, eng, h w s Hamburg av 
Marshman Edward, mach, hag Norwood 


Martin Albert, lab, h e s Harvey av 
Martin Grace (wid George), h w s Prim 
rose av 

Martin James, mach, h e s Dufferin 
Mason John R, h e s Delaware av 
Maton Wm H, mkt gdnr n s St Clalr 
Matthews John K, awning mkr, h e s 

Westmoreland av 

Maundrell Frederick, h w s Somerset av 
Muyhue Justus, eng R Leeder & Son, res 


Maynard Arthur, lather, h e s Westmore 
land av 

Maynard Nelson, lab, h n s Auburn av 
Meades Edward J. mkt gdnr n s Dav^n- 

port rd, h same 

Meish James, driller, h e s Earlscourt rd 
Melanan Joseph, lab, h e s Hamburg av 
Membery Edward, trav Mrs I Hopkins, 

1 w s Westmoreland av 
Membery George E, tool mkr, 1 H Mem 

Membery Henry, pressman, h w s West 
moreland av 
Membery Henry jr, driver R Leeder & 

Son, 1 H Membery 

Mezzi Albert, engineer, h e s Dufferin 
Middleton George J, ctr, h n s Main 
Miiana Joseph, h e s -.amburg av 
Miller Aaron W, slsmn Mrs I Hopkins, 

res Toronto 
Miller Bernard, mkt gdnr e s Dufferin, h 

Milligan Margaret, cook Canada Foundry 

Co, 1 w s Hamburg av 
Mitchell Charles, grinder, h e s Delaware 


Mitchell Henry, bottler, h w s Westmore 
land av 

Mitchell Robert, brklyr, 1 Wm Grant 
Montgomery George, carp, has Daven 
port rd 
Montgomery George W, whol btchr n 8 

Main, h same 

Moore James, h e s Malvern av 
Morehouse Wm, carp, h w s Hamburg av 
Morgan Richard, h n s Chandos av 
Morgan Thomas, lab, 1 Mrs A Davidson 
Morgan Wm, driver, h w s Ossington av 
Morgan Wm A, elk, h e s Hamburg av 
Morris John, mach, h s s Davenport rd 
Morrison Joseph, wks R Leeder Sr Son, 

h w s Primrose av 
Muir David, lab, h e s Bartlett av 
Mulhearn John, lab. h s s Davenport rd 
Mulrooney John, japanner, 1 T Mulrooney 
Mulrooney Thomas, japanner, h w s Oa- 

sington av 

Munslow John, brklyr, h n s Auburn av 
Murode John, acct Canada Foundry CO, 

Co. res Toronto 

Murray Wm, gro n s Main, h same 
Myatt Moses, mach, h e s Hamburg av 
Myles George, mldr, h w s Dufferin 
Nagler Joseph, baker, h w a Westmore 
land av 
Nash George, fitter, h w s Westmoreland 


Nelson Joseph, fireman, h e s Nairn av 
Nevins John, car repr, h w s Bartlett av 
Nevins John jr, piler, 1 John Nevlns 
Newell Alexander, mach, h e s Dover- 
court rd 

Newman John, fireman, h e s Nairn av 
Newman John, lab, h w s Westmoreland 

Nichol Levery, lab, h s s Dunbar 
Niddrie Joseph, h e s Hamburg 
Norgate Ernest, engineer, h w s Salem av 
Norsburn Henry Y, lab, h w s Nairn av 

O'Connor Terrence, lab, h n s Dunbar 
O'Hara John, tmstr, has Davenport rd 
O'Neil James, hotel e a Malvern av 
Ogle Wm, lab, h e s Bartlett av 
Olliphant Oscar, jwlr, h w s Dovercourt 


Oster Mary (wid Henry), 1 H Worthington 
Oster Robert, driver, 1 H Worthington 
Outhwaite Joseph, blrmkr, has Daven 
port rd 

Ovens R Dixon, trav, 1 Mrs C McCleary 
Owens Robert, leather ctr, h e s Dela 
ware av 

Packer George, lab, h s s Norward av 
Paddy Joseph, lab, h n s Arlington av 
Palmer Joseph B, dairy e s Malvern av 
Parkinson George W, brkmkr, h e s Dela. 

ware av 

Parsons Joshua, engraver, h e s Salem av 
Pask Elizabeth (wid Wm.), h s s Main 
Patterson John, pntr, h s s Dunbar 
Patterson Robert, brklyr, h n s Chandos 

Paul George A, bldr Westmoreland av, h 


Paxton John I. gdnr, h w s Ossington av 
Pearcy Wm, mach, h n s Highland av 
Percival Walter, carp, h w s Westmore 
land av 

Percy Gilbert, mach, h n s Davenport rd 
Periot Nicola, lab, h n s Dunbar 
Perrie Wm. mldr. h e s Salem av 
Perry Joseph, lab, h n s Arlington av 
Perry Wm, h n s Arlington av 
Pert Wm, lab, h s s Auburn av 
Fetch Albert, elk Jamieson Bros, 1 Mrs 

H Fetch 

Fetch Glenn, sawyer, 1 Mrs H Fetch 
Fetch Henrietta (wid Wm), h n p. Main 
Fetch Lloyd, tmstr, b Mrs H Fetch 
Fhelan James, mldr, h w a Lightbourne 

Phillips George, slsmn Mrs I Hopkins, 1 

J Rowatt 

Phillips John, carp, h w s Somerset av 
Phillips John, gro w a Delaware av 
Phillips John F, carp R Leeder & Son, 1 

J Phillips 

Philmore Peter, mach ttr, h w s Salem av 
Plcken George, coremkr, b w B Primrose 


Pickering Wm, brklyr, h n s Brandon av 
Pidgeon Wm, grocer n s St Clair av, h 


Piercie George, lab, h w s Duffesin 
Pilkie Wm E, mach R Leeder & Son, res 


Pinkham Wm, h n s Chandos av 
Piper Mrs Frances, h w s Salem av 
Plummer Christopher, h e s Dufferin 
Plummer Herbert, lab, 1 C Plummer 
Pollard Miss Emily, tlrs, 1 W Pollard 
Pollard Miss Nellie, elk, 1 W Pollard 
Pollard Wm, carp, h e s Somerset av 
Pollard Wm J, elk. 1 Wm Pollard 
Poole Walter A, patternmkr, h e s Kar;s- 

court rd 

Porter George, tmstr, h w s Ossington av 
Potter Miss Florence, opr, 1 Walter Pot 

Potter Walter J. lab, h w s Delaware av 
Poulter Wm, lab, h e s Westmoreland av 
Powdrell George, brklyr, h w s Boone av 
Powell John, brklyr. 1 W Powell 
Powell Robert, engineer, h n s Brandon 


Powell Miss Vashtl, 1 W Powell 
Powell Walter, brklyr, h e s Westmore 
land av 
Price George, carp R Leeder & Son, 1 J 


Price James, mach, h s s Brandon av 
Pring John, locksmith, h n s Main 
Proctor Ernest B, cutter, h w s Dover- 
court rd 

Proctor Wm. lab, h e s Dovercourt rd 
Public School, w s Dufferin 
Pudden Wm H. metal wkr, h e s Dov 
ercourt rd 

Pullan Wm, lab, h w s Enrlscourt rd 
Puterbaugh Alfred F, mach, h w s Dela 
ware av 
Quail Wm, mach, h w s Hamburg av 

Quibley Albert, lab, to n s Bird av 
Raspin John, mach, h e s Salem av 
Reagan John, agt, h s s Brandon av 
Redding Wm, brklyr, h e s Boone av 

Redfern Harry, fireman, ih e a Boone av 
Redfern Wm A, gro a a Main, h same 
Reeks Albert, lab, h n s Highland av 
Relf Arthur, printer, h e s Delaware av 
Relf Ernest, barber n s Main, h same 
Rensett Adam, h w s Dufferin 
Rtnsett Raphael, lab, h w s Dufferin 
Renzi Henry, lab, h s a Davenport rd 
Reynolds Frank, carp, h n s Bird av 
Richards John, lather, 1 Thos Richard* 
Richards Joseph H, uphol, 1 Thos Rich 

Richards Miss Lucy, 1 Thos Richard* 
Richards Thomas, cabtmkr. h w e West 
moreland av 
Richardson Harry, foreman Canada Fndry 

Co, h St Clair av, cor Rusholme rd 
Richardson Thomas, hlpr. h n s Arlington 


Richmond David, h w s Primrose av 
Richmond Miss Eva, opr, 1 D Richmond 
Richmond Mlsa Ida, opr, 1 D Richmond 
Ritter Oswald, lab, h w s Salem av 
Roberts Amos A, bldr, h w s Hamburg av 
Roberts Caleb, carp, h w a Bartlett av 
Roberts David, h w s Bartlett av 
Roberts Frederick, lab, h e s Earlscourt 


Roberts Harris K, lab, h w s Bartlett av 
Roberts James H, carp, 1 D Roberta 
Robertson Amos, brklyr, h e a Hamburg 

Robinson John, opr James Wilson, h w a 

Ossington av 

Robinson Wm A, mkt gdnr e e Dufferin 
Rockton Thomas, mach, be a Brandon av 
Rodgers Arthur, lab, h n s Bird av 
Rodgers Charles J, lab, h w s Primrose av 
Rodgers Robert, lab, h w s Dufferin 
Rogers Wm J, postman, h w s Primrose 


Rolston Mary E (wid James), h e s Duf 

Rolston Robert J, lab, 1 Mrs M E Rolston 
Rooking Joseph, plstr, h n s Arlington av 
Rose Elizabeth (wid Robert), h e s Bart 
lett av 
Rose Florenze, driver Mrs I Hopkins, 

1 J H Rose 

Rose John H, carp, h w s Ossington av 
Rose Miss Louise, drsmkr, 1 Mrs E Rose 
Ross Charles, lab, h w s Chandos av 
Rowatt Miss Bessie, elk Mrs I Hopkins, 

1 J C Rowatt 

Rowatt James C, driver, h e s Dover- 
court rd 

Rowley Wm, lab, h s s Bird av 
Rudderham Herbert, tinner, n a a Nor 
ward av 

Rutledge Oscar, tmstr, 1 Mrs H Fetch 
Ryan Edward, lab, h e s Somerset av 
Ryan Wm, pntr, h e B Somerset av 
Ryans Alfred, h w s Dovercourt rd 
Ryans George, carp, h w s Dovercourt rd 
Sablne George, tmstr, h e s Salem av 
St Clair Harry, mldr, h e s Delaware av 
Sargent Joseph, plstr, h s s Brandon av 
Sargent Thomas, blrmkr, h e s Primrose 

Saunders Alfred G. buffer. 1 C H Saund- 


Saunders Charles H, foreman, h e s Dela 
ware av 
Saunders Charles H jr, bottler, t C H 


Saunders Wm B, shipper, 1 C H Saunders 
Savllle John, mldr, I A Lackey 
Sawyer Frederick, plstr, h w s Westmore 
land av 

Schofield Walter, h n s Norward av 
Schreiber Andrew, grocer n 3 Main, h 

Scollan John J. supt erection Canada 

Fndry Co, res Toronto 
Scott James A, elk, h e s Ossington av 
Scrutton Arthur E, carp, h e s Dovercourt 


Seden Miss Elizabeth J, 1 Mrs S Seden 
Seden Sarah (wid Henry), h w s Light- 
bourne av . 
Sellers Alfred, brklyr, h e s Hamburg av 
Sharpley George, driver Conger Coal Co, 

res Toronto 

Shave Harry, lab, h e s Hamburg av 
Shearer Robert, tmstr, h w s Westmore 
land av 
Shearsmith Henry, h w s Salem av 



CEO. R. HARCRAFT, - General Agent 

Phone Main 251 TORONTO 


76 WELLINGTON ST. W. Limited 






bnerry Joseph T, mldr. h w a Llghtbourne 


Sherry Robert, mldr. 1 J T Sherry 
Shewman John M. checker, h e s Salem av 
Shursmith Henry, h w s Salem av 
Shurt John. lab. li w a Salem av 

i wi.l Wm), h w s Dufferin 
Simpson Robert, coremkr, h e s Bartlett 


Sims George, lab. h w B Boone av 
Siran Robert, carp, h e s Westmoreland 


Skippon Arthur. lai>, h w s Somerset av 
Sloane James A. mldr, 1 O Clark 
Smith Alfred, Iron wkr, h n s Brandon av 

bald, shoemkr. I D Bate 
Arthur, tmstr. 1 W Smith 
Smith Charles, btohr. h n Main 
Smr ira. rik Mrs I Hopkins 

Smith Margaret, opr James Wilson. 

res Toronto 
Smith M:ss Minnie, dry goods n s 


Smith Robert, gro n e Brandon av 
Smith Win, lab. h n s Main 
Smith Win. hoemkr. h w a Boone av 
Bmlthaon Charles, driver Conger Coal Co, 

res Toronto 

Sneath George, lab. h w s Ossington av 
Snldr Elijah W, mach R Lee^er & Son, 

b e s Salem av 

Snoddon Mrs Caroline, gro e a Boone av 
Snoddon James, elev opr, 1 W Snoddon 
Snoddon Wesley, tmatr, b e 8 Boone av 

e Catherine (mid \Vm J), h e s 
Westmoreland av 
er Frederick. lab, h w s Salem av 
Spraggett Albert, lab, h e a Primrose av 
knel .Martin, foreman, h e s Ham 
burg av 

Spry Jamea, lab, h w 8 Earlscourt av 
Squires Robert, tmstr, h n s Auburn av 
Stanley Frank, mach, h w s Bartlett av 
Steadman George, cabtmkr, h n s Bird av 
Steane George, lab, h e s Boone av 
Sttnman Alfred, lab. h e s Hamburg av 
Stephenson Robert, coremkr. h s s Bran 
don av 

Stollery Henry, lab. h e s Dufferin 
Strachan James, slsmn. h e s Westmore 
land av 

Strudwick Wm, lab, h e s Hamburg av 
Stuart Helena H (wid Robert), h s s 

Brandon av 

Stuart Robert, gilder. 1 Mrs H H Stuart 
Styles Charles, h w s Bartlett av 
Suddard Louisa (wid Joseph). 1 C Drew 
Suffolk Joeeph. gdnr h e a Hilton av 
Sullivan Daniel, lab, b A Smith 
Button Henry, grocer Elmwood av, cor 

Korwaril av 

Swanton George, pntr, b e a Hamburg av 
Swanton G.-orge Jr. printer. 1 G Swanton 
Tait Jarms. mason, h w s Primrose av 
Taylor Alexander, carp R Leader & Son, 

1 F X Taylor 
Taylor Daniel, blksmith. w s Ossington 


Taylor Frank N, plstr, has Bartlett av 
Tavlor Miss Mary A. ; John Turner 
Taylor Robert H, mldr, has Dunbar 
Taylor Squire, carp, h w s Bartlett av 
Taylor Walter B, elk. h w a Harvey av 
Taylor Wm. plmbr. h w s Salem av 
Teagle Alfred, brklyr, h w s Dufferin 
Teal John, mldr, h w s Primrose av 
Thomas Joseph, mldr, h w s LJehtbourne 


Thompson Charles, ctr, h e e Somerset av 
Thompson James, wks Canada Fndry Co, 

h n s Chandos av 

Thompson Wm, lab. 1 Jas Thompson 
Thorn Joseph, spinner, h w a Ossington 


Thornton Allanson, h n s Main 
Thornton Francis L, pntr, h n s Main 
Thornton Leonard O, 1 F L Thornton 
Thorpe Arthur, cond. h w s Ossington av 
Thwaites Albert, driver Conger Coal Co, 

res Toronto 

Tomlinson James, car clnr, h w s Ham 
burg av 

Tompsett Frederick, plstr. h e a West 
moreland av 

Toms George, mach. h w s Primrose av 
Torrey Edward, h e s Westmoreland av 
Travla Harriet (wid Warren), h n s Main 

Travis Miss Nellie M, 1 Mrs H Travis 
Trojan John. lab. h n s Brandon av 

nan John, brkmkr, h w s Bartlett av 
Troyer Wm, carp, h e s Somerset av 

ITubb Henry, lab, 1 J Boag 

] Tucker Albert, mason, h n s Norward av 
Tucker Wm S, ptrnmkr, h e s Delaware 


Turner John, blr mkr, h w s Hamburg av 
Twydale Charles, h e s Dufferin 
Twydate John C, barber, h w s Bart.ett 


Twy.lai. Mamie, 1 J C Twydale 
Tyson Jamea H, lab h e s Delaware av 
Ure Alexander, blrmkr, h e s Hamburg av 

n John, lab, h w s Dufferin 
Van Busklrk Isaac, h e a Hamburg av 
ntonlo, lab, has Dunbar av 

1 A Vecchio 

o Philip, mldr. 1 A Vecchio 
o Thomas, mldr. 1 A Vecchio 
Vensetta Joseph, lab, h w s LJghtbourne 

'A' in. lith. h e s Westmoreland av 
''eorge H. pntr, h e s Somerset av 
lab, h w s Llghtbourne av 
Walnwrlxbt Arthur F. agt. h w s Prim- 
roae av 

k L, Jwlr, 1 A Wain- 
w right 
Wainwrlght Hastings, steam ftr, h s a 

nport nl 

Wake Herbert R, lab, baa Main 
Walker John, brklyr, h w s Salem av 
Wallace Miss Agnes, opr, 1 Wm Wallace 
Wallace Charles, carp, 1 Wm Wallace 
Wallace Miss Isabella, opr, I Wm Wallace 
Wallac- .V opr. 1 Wm Wallace 

Wallace \\'m, h w s Salem av 
j Waller Alfred, carp, h s s Main 
Walters John, mach, 1 A J Horton 
I Walters Wm, mldr, 1 A J Horton 

ry George, mason, h a a Bird aT 
Wanless John. Jwlr, h n s Davenport rd 
Wanzer Frank mkt gdnr n s Davenport 


Warburton John, carp, bee Westmore 
land aT 

Warr Harry, pntr, h w s Salem av 
Wiitkina John E, engineer, h w a Ossing 
ton av 

Watson Edward, 1 B Wataon 
Watson Ernest, carp, h w s Hamburg av 
Watson George, prtr, 1 E Watson 
Walters John, h. e a Hamburg av 
Watts George W. wks mgr Canada Fndry 

Co. res Toronto 
Watts Wm. lab, h e a Dufferin 
Webb George H, lab, h e s Lightbourne 


Weir George, mldr. h e 9 Westmoreland 

er Edward, mldr, h w s Westmore 
land av _ 
Weller Thomas H. lab. h e s Dufferin 

r Wm J, yardman R Leeder & Son. 
h w s Salem av 

T. lab, 1 D Wilson 
I Wenlnger Joseph, lab, h n a Main 
w- st. rbee George, tiler, h e s Salem av 
Wheeler Arthur, lab. h w a Nairn av 
Wheeler Henry, pntr, h w a Earlscourt rd 
ley Miss AJma, opr James Wilson, 
l Charles Whibley 

Whibley Charles, lab h w s Ossington av 
Whibley Miss Ellen, opr James Wilson, 1 

C Whibley 

White Edward, flreman, h e s Prim 
rose av 

Whltehead Frederick, lab, h w s Nairn av 
im Cuthbert. chief draughtsman 
Canada Fndry Co, res Toronto 
Wilcox Thomas, h e s Dovercourt rd 
Wilklns John, coremkr, h s s Dunbar 
Wilkinson David, h e s Westmoreland av 

; m Robert, mldr, 1 J Thomas 
Williams Alexander, stone mason, h s s 
Davenport rd 

<ms Duncan, mach, h n s Norward 
Williams Griffith, stonemason, h e s Mal- 

vern av 
Williams Griffith Jr, brklyr, has Mal- 

vern av 

Williams Miss Margaret, elk, 1 G Wil 





Williams Miss Mary, cook Canada Fndry 

Co, 1 G Williams 
Williams Owen W, brklyr, has Brandon 

Williams Richard, uphol, h s s Brandon 


Wllllama Mlas Sarah, elk, 1 G Williams 
Williamson Miss Agnes, drsmkr. 1 J Wil 
Williamson James, iron planer, h e s 

Delaware av 

Williamson James Jr, 1 Jas Williamson 
Wilson Alfred, ctr, h e s Westmoreland 

Wilson Miss Annie, opr James Wilson, 1 

Mrs M Wilson 
Wilson Charles, painter, h w s Primrose 


Wilson Charles, waiter, h e s Dovercourt 
.1 David, lab, h s s Main 
i! David T, time kpr Canada Fndry 

s Toronto 
Wilson Frederick tmstr R I^eeder o: Son, 

s Wilson' 

Wilson George, carp, 1 Mrs S Wilson 
Wilson James, mfg tailor w s Ossington 
av, h same 

n James W, caretaker, h e s Dela 
ware av 

Wilson Miss Jessie, opr James Wilson 
Wilaon John, lab, 1 Mrs S Wilson 

i John E B, carp, h e s Earlscourt 

Wilaon Mra Margaret, h w a Delaware av 
Wilson Miss Mary, opr James Wl son, 1 

Mrs M Wilson 

Wilson Sarah (wid Charles), h w s Som 
erset ar 

Wilson Walter, mach, 1 Mrs S Wilson 
Wissott Ernest, lab. 1 H Redfern 
Wood Alexander, mldr. h s s No-ward av 
Wood George, mach. h n s Dunbar 
Wood George, plstr, h w s Somerset av 
Woods Alexander, mldr, h n s Bird av 
Worthlngton Harry, shipper, h e s Somer 
set av 
Wright Henry, wtchmn R Leedor & Son, 

1 J Wright 

Wrig-ht James, carp, h w s Earlscourt rd 
Wuden Arthur, carp n s Arlington av 
Tatea Walter, contr, 1 A Thornton 


(Comprising the Villages of Bedford Park, 

Davisville and Eglinton. three and 

a half Miles North of P O) 

Acheson George, ins agt, 1 J A Simma 
Acheson Miss Minnie, 1 J R Gifford 
Adams Albert, dairy n s Merton. h same, 

Adams Mary A (wid Wm) h w s Tonge, 

Adams Wilberforce G. sismn, h s s Davis 

ville av, DavJsville 
Alcock Miss Jane. 1 Samuel Alcock 
Alcock Samuel, fnshr, h r. r. av 

Alcock Wm, I Samuel Alcock 

Allen Samuel R H, elk, h s s Glen Grove 

av. Eglinton 


The piano made by ye olde flrme of HEINTZ- 
MAN & CO., Limited, 118-117 King St. Welt, 
Toronto, an aristocrat among pianos an 
Instrument standing distinctive and alone 
in a class by itself. 


Residence, 5 Alcorn Ave. 


Ontario Land Surveyor 

34 YONGE ST. TEL. MAIN 2248 


Allum Miss Flora, drsmkr, 1 G Carr 

Alston .Ernest, btchr Davis Bros, Davis- 

ville. res Toronto 
Alward George S, metal turner, h s s 

Glenwood av, Davisville 
Anderson Miss Ada M, 1 J M Anderson 

Anderson Alexander S, acct, h n s Glen- 
wood av, lUavlsville 

Anderson August, musician, h s s Balliol, 

Anderson Clara H (wid Albert C), gro n 
s -Uerton, Davisville, h same 

Anderson Miss Eva H, 1 J M Anderson 

Anderson Hartley R, 1 J M Anderson 

Anderson Aliss Jean, opr, h s s Smith av, 

Anaersun John M, h w s Yonge, Bedford 

Anderson John P, artist, h s s Briar Hill 
av, Eglinton 

Anderson Miss Marion J, 1 J M Anderson 

Antill Frank, plstr, h w s Yonge, Bedford 

Armstrong Catherine (wid James), 1 A E 

Armstrong Elijah, h s s Roehampton av, 

Armstrong George H, coppersmith, b A E 

Armstrong Robert, contr n s Broadway, 
Eglinton, h same 

Armstrong Samuel W, treas York Town 
ship, h w s Yonge, Eglinton 

Atkins Bertram H, elk, 1 E W Atkins 

Atkins Elliott P, elk, 1 E W Atkins 

Atkins Elliott W, h s s Victoria av, Eg 

Atkins Miss Ivy E, 1 E W Atkins 

Atkinson Mrs Amelia M, postmistress 
B.-dfnrd Park P O, 1 J E Atkinson 

Atkinson George (John E Atkinson & 
Sons), h w s Yonge Bedford Park 

Atkinson Henry (John E Atkinson & 
Sons), 1 J E Atkinson 

Atkinson John E (John E Atkinson & 
Sons), h w s Yonge, Bedford Park 

Atkinson John E & Sons (John E, George 
and Henry), grocers w s Yonge, Bedford 

Aull Wm, produce dlr n s Frederick, Dav 
isville, h same 

Austin John, gdnr, b Oulcott's Hotel 

Avery George G, dairy n s Merton, Davis 
ville, h same 

Avury .Hurry H, foreman, h w s Yonge, 
n.gun ton 

Avery Henry T, bldr, hue Merton, Davls- 

Avery Thomas, mkt gdnr, h n s Broad 
way Eglinton 

Ayies Win J, carp, h w s Stewart, Davis- 

Ayles Wm J jr, paper ctr, 1 W J Ayles 

Back W G, pastor Eglinton Presbyterian 

Bailey Duke, car repr, h s s Balliol Da 

Bailey Wm B, tlr, 1 D Bailey 

Baillie Miss Cora, stenog, 1 Wm Balllle 

Baillle Robert C, h a B Victoria av, Eg 

Baillie Wm, carp, h n s Merton, Davis 

Baillie W Harold T, studt, 1 R C Baillie 

Bain Archibald L, plmbr, h s s Glenwood 
av, Davisville 

Baker Alfred P, coll, h n s Roper av, Eg 

Baker Miss Dorothy, stenog, 1 A P Baker 

Bald Joseph, pntr, b A Quinton 

Ball Earl S, dentist/1 G L Ball 

Ball George L, dentist, h w s Yonge Eglin 

Ball Herbert H, editor, h e s Yonge, Dav 
is vt He 

Branch), Douglas A Radcliffe Manager, 
w s Yonge, Eglinton 

Banks Miss Mary E, 1 F Grundy 
.Bankwitz Oscar, litho, h e s Evelyn av, 

Banton John E, draughtsman, 1 T W Ban- 

Kanton Thomas W, editor, h e s Algoma 
cres, Uavisvilie 

Barnes Robert, ammonia powder mnfr, h 
n s Broadway, Eglinton 

Barton David W, tmstr, has Balliol, Da 

Batchleor George, shade mkr, 1 B J Dunn 

Batchelor James, shade mkr, 1 B J Dunn 

Batten Wm H stock kpr, h n s Woburn 
av, Bedford Park 

Bauer Charles J, coffee roaster, h s s 
ivensmgton av, Eglinton 

Bauer Herbert H, moto, h s s Balliol, - 
-Uavisvule | 

Bedford Park Floral Co, Ltd, Albert J 
Houle mngr, s s MacDougall av, Bed- 
lord Park 

Bedford Park Hotel, Frederick Trent prop, 
w s Yonge, Bedford Park 

Bedford Park Postoftice, Mrs A il Atkin 
son postmistress, w s Yonge 

Bell Frederick C, pntr, h w s Yonge, Da- 

Bell Samuel, brklyr, h s s Smith av, Eg 

Bennett John, carp, h w s Gertrude, Dar- 

Berry Malcolm, btchr, b Mrs E McPher- 

Berthelot Joseph F, lab, h s s Soudan av, 

Bescqby Helen G (wid Edward), h s s 
Eglinton av, Davisville 

Bestard Robert, h n s Balliol, Davis- 

tseswetherick Cephas R, h n s Victoria av, 

Bevan Walter, carp, h s s Sherwood av, 

Bevington Wm, h w s Yonge, Bedford 

Birch Ernest W, lab, 1 Mrs S Birch 

Birch Miss Esther, opr, 1 Mrs S Birch 

Birch Sarah (wid Thomas), h n s Castle- 
fleld av, Eglinton 

tsircn Wm J, lab, h s s Woburn av, Bed- 
rorfl Park 

Bird Miss Barbara, stenog, 1 J Bird 

Bird John, gdnr, has Sherwood av, Eg 

Birkett Harry, stone ctr, h s s Balliol Da 

Birrell Charles, h s s Woburn av, Bed 
ford Park 

Black A Percival, mach, 1 G A Black 

Black David M, mach, 1 G A Black 

Black George A, town eng, h n s Sher 
wood av, Eglinton 

Black John, baker, h w.s Yonge, Davis 

Black Richard, lab, b J Hughey 

Blenkin Frank, glass ctr, 1 J B Stringer 

Blong Edward V, h n s Kensington av, 

Blong Margaret (wid Edward), h n s 
Kensington av, Eglinton 

Blume Charles, cigarmkr, h w s Yonge, 

Blunt Ernest F, elk, h e s Yonge, Davis- 

Boggs Albert A, poultry dlr e s Yonge, 
Beatord Park, h same 

Bond Allan F, elect, h a e Soudan av, Da 

Rond Wm L, phy e s Yonge. Eglinton 

Boore George C, printer, has Smith av, 

Booth James, gdnr, has Woodward av, 

Boulden Frederick, reporter, h n s Sher 
wood av. Eglinton 
I Boulden Robert M. studt, 1 F Boulden 

Boulden Wm, trav, h s s Merton, Davis 

Boulden Miss Winifred A, studt, 1 F Boul 

Bouitbee W Mulock, barr, h e s Yonge, 

Bovair Charles, driver, h n s Eglinton av 

Bovair Miss Elizabeth, 1 Chas Bovair 
Bowles Edward, litho ctr, h n s Sherwood 
av, Kgimton 

Boyer John, potter Davisville Pottery, h 
w a Yonge, Davisville 

Branton Henry, mkt gdnr Sherwood av, 

Brasher Miss Ethel, 1 W H Brasher 

Brasher Wm H, tlr, h n s Roper av, Eg 

Brazier Sidney, engineer, h n a Glenwood 
av, Davisville 

Brennan John, real est, h s s Davisville 
av. Davisville 

Bridges Oliver W, acct Bk Montreal (Eg 
linton Br), res Toronto 

Bridgland James, h n s Roehampton av, 

Brierley Joseph, caretkr Davisville Pub 
Sch, h e s Gordon, Davisville 

Brierly Miss Stella, 1 J Brierley 

Britnell Henry, lab, h s s Soudan av, Day 

Broadbent Harold, lab, 1 J Nicholl 

Brookes Zachariah, pntr, b G C Smith 

Brown Alonzo J, jwlr, h w s Yonge, Dav 

Brown Bassett, studt, 1 E C Brown 

Brown Edwin C, grocer e s Yonge, Eg 
linton, h same 

Brown Edwy J, florist Bedford Park Flor 
al Co, 1 J Brown 

Brown James, lab, h e s X'onge, Kglinton 

Brown Norman A, elect, 1 J Brown 

Brown Robert, baker, h B a Merton, Da- 

Brown Robert, farmer, b M Stonehouse 

Brown Wm J, elect, h w s Yonge, Eg 

Brownlow Miss Adelaide, 1 P Brownlow 

Brownlow James W, broker, h w s Yonge, 

Brownlow Philip, harnessmkr w s Yonge, 
Davisville, h same 

Brunskill Lucy (wid Wm), h n s Erskine 
av, Eglinton 

Bryson Miss Elizabeth, Indrs , 1 A J Nich 

Bryce Alexander, dairy w s Yonge, Eg 
linton, h same 

Buchanan Andrew, h n s Balliol. Davis 

Bulmer Miss Edna, stenog, 1 Mrs S Bul- 

Buimer Sarah (wid Richard), h n s Ken 
sington av, Eglinton 

Bumstead Reginald, gdnr J F H Ussher 

Burns Miss Annie, tlrs, 1 Mrs E B Burns 

Burns Eliza E (wid Joseph), h e s Yonge, 

Burns Miss Mezza, tlrs, 1 Mrs E E Burns 

Burns Morgan C, 1 Thos Burns 

Burns Thomas, eng, h s s Eglinton av, 

Burns Walter, h s s Sheldrake av, Eg 

Butson Wm H, pdlr, h n s Sherwood av, 

Calverley T Atkinson, h n s Erskine av, 

Cameron Catherine (wid Robert L), h n s 
ilerton, Davisville 

Cameron RoTaert, caretkr, h s s Merton, 

Canham Alfred E, pres hd, h n s Merton, 

Carey Wm, moto, h n s Balliol, Davis 

Canine Andrew, lab, 1 M Carline 

Carline Miss Annie M, tlrs, 1 M Carline 

Carline Michael, lab, h s s Sherwood av, 

Carline Miss S Eva, drsmkr, 1 M Carline 

Carlton James, lab, b Berford Park Hotel 

Carnrike Miss Margaret. 1 Herbert Hall 

Carpenter Lottie, dom W G Ellis 

uarr George, lab, h n s Castlefleld av, 

Carter Charles, brklyr. 1 W H Wilson 

Carter Ella, dom R G Kirby 

Carter James, gdnr, h n a Castlefleld av, 

Carter Thomas, h w s Beulah av. Davis- 

Cascaden Wm, brkmkr, h s s Balliol, 

Casson Frank, btchr, h w s Alberta cres, 

Cave Wm, S A officer e s Algoma cres, 

Chambers Thomas F, lab, h w s Yonge, 
Bedford Park 

Chandler Wm T, btcftr, h n s Wobum av, 
Bedford Park 

Chapman Albert W, hatter, h s s Freder 
ick, Davisville 

Solder, Sheet Lead, Lead Pipe, 
Brass Ferrules, Traps and 
Bends, Pure Block Tin Pipe 


William Street 



Phones Malr 6214 &nd 2241 

Chapman Annie (wid Richard), h Lincoln 

av. Davis 
Chaoman U a M. elk F J Haddell. 

Chapman Miss Mabel M. furrier, 1 S S 

Chapman Samuel, lather, h w s Gordon, 

plahr, h n a Balllol, 

Aibert, stone mason, h w s 

Chatterley Frederick, elk, 1 A Chat' 
Child Harold O, decorator, h e s Yonge. 


Ctul.Is James A, blksmth e s Yonp 
linton, h same 

i Charles T, mach, h Davisville 
r.den John. lab. b T F Hobbins 
Churchill Wm, tmstr, he* Beresford, 

Clark Alexander, moto, h e s Yonge, 

Clark Elizabeth (wid Kieraan), 1 N J 

Clark Nicholas J, elk, h n 8 Broadway, 


Clarke Charles, h n a Merton. Dav 
Clarke John Stones. 1 Chaa Clarke 

enu Henry, paper hanger, h s 8 

Kensington av. h-glinton 
Clewes Wm D, plmbr, h s a Bnlliol. Davis- 


Cloughley John, tmstr, b Oulcott's Hotel 
Cockerill Wellington, cond, h s s Eglin- 

ton av w, Davisville 
Cockrane Arthur L, drill sergt, h w 

longe, iJav.svule 
Colbome Edward, lab. h s Bali:ol, 

Colb.v Harriet M, stenog. 1 Ed 

Colbran Edward jr. shipper, h a Davls- 

Collett Joseph, pntr, has Yonge. Eg- 

conett Peter, pntr, 1 J Collett 

Collins T Howard, elk Bank Montreal 
(Eglinton branch), res Toronto 

Conley Edward, carp, h e s Earl. Davis 

Conley George, driver, 1 E Conley 

Uonley John H, carp, h e s Earl. Davls- 

Cooch Ernest E. Ins agt, h w s Yonge, 


Cook Mrs Amelia, dom Dr W L Bond 
Cook Bert, tmstr Bedford Park Floral Co, 

1 R Cook 
Oooki Eliza (wid James), h s s Davis- 

'viiie av. Davlsvllle 
Cook George, whol btchr n s Davisville 

av. Davisville. h same 
Cook John, whol btchr n s Daviavllle av, 


Cook Robert, whol btchr w s Yonge, Bed 
ford Park, h same 
Cook Robert, whol btchr n a Dav sville av, 


Cook Miss Teenle, slsldy, 1 Mrs E Coote 
Coombs Thomas B, comr Salvation Army, 

h n a Davisville av, Davlsrllle 
Coombs Wm J. slsmn, has Fred-rick. 

Coon George E. gro, flour and feed w a 

Yonge. Eglinton, h same 
Coons Miss Martha, tchr Davisville Pub 

Sch, b Wm Aull 
Cooper Henry G, drug elk. h n s Soudan 

av. Davti 
Copeland Joseph, concrete wkr, has 

Davisville av, Davi 
Cordingly Wm W, cement wkr, h w s 

Stewart. DavisvlUe 

Cornell Nelson, tmstr. 1 E H Warman 
Corner George W, florist W J Lawrence, 

b Oulcott Hotel 

Cotton Leonard, groom J F H Ussher 
Couch Josiah T. h n s Merton. Davlsvllle 
Courtney Miss Elsie, 1 J Courtney 
Courtney Miss Grace, stenog. 1 J Courtney 
Courtney Herbert, 1 J Courtney 
Courtney John, boots and ahoes w 

Yonge, Eglinton, h same 
Courtney Miss Mildred, 1 J Courtney 
Courtney Samuel. 1 J Courtney 

vford Arthur, carp, has Erskine av, 


Crofton Frederick, carp, h w s Beresford 
1 >avlsvllle 

k Colin J S. sign writer, h n s 

er, h n s 

nk Miss Gladys, elk. 1 C J S 

.arles A, shipper, l T H Tur 

Cummer Albert E, carp, h n s Sherwood 
av, Eglinton 

Miss Mary A, drsmkr. 1 A E 
mer, Eglinton 

isan A, drsmkr n a Sher- 
iv. Eglinton, 1 same 
<'urry Arthur J, farmer, h w a Yonge, 

)rd Park 
Curry James, lab. h n s Balllol, Davi- 


Dack Robert, shoes, h e s Yonge Bed 
ford Park 

Dack Robert G. elk. 1 R Dack 
Dadson Wm F, carp, 1 Wm West 
Dance Arthur, lab. 1 R Dance 
Dance John. lab. h n s Balllol. Davlsvllle 

v. lab, 1 R Dance 

Dance Richard, lab, h n s McDougall av, 
rd Park 

Walter, lab, 1 R Dance 
Darling W Herbert, btchr e B Yonge 
linton. h same 

- John L, carp, has Olenwood av, 

Davles John L jr. tel opr, 1 J L Davles 
Davies Wm, mldr, h s s Merton, Davisville 
Davis Alexander J, trav John Davis & 

h n s Frederick. Davlaville 
Davis Bros (John J and Charles R), post 
office and grocers e s Yonge, Davis- 

Charles, h n s Merton, Davisville 
Davis Charles R (Davis Bros), h cor Fred 
erick and Yonge. Davlsvllle 
Davis Frederick H. produce dlr w s 
Yonge. Davlsvllle. h same 

s Hannah, 1 A J Davis 
Davis Herbert, elk Davla Bros 1 C R 


Slay be had from 



Davisville. P.O. Ont. 

Davis John & Son (Joseph S Davis), props 
Davisville Pottery, e s Yonge, Davis 

Davis John J (Davis Bros), and P M 
Davisville P O, h w s Yonge, Daviavllle 

Davis Joseph S (John Davis & Son), h e s 
Yonge, Davisville 

Davis Joseph S jr. btchr, h n s Frederick, 

Davis Miss Lillie, M, stenog. 1 A J Davis 

Proprietor, e s Yonge, Davlsvllle 

Davisville Methodist Church, Rev New 
ton Hill pastor, w s Yonge, Davlsvllle 

Davisville Post Offlce. John J Davis p 
m. e s Yonge, Davlsvllle 

Davlaville Pottery, John Davis A Son* 
props, e s Yonge, DavisvIHe 

Davisville Public School, Albert W Urmy 
prin. n s Davisville av, Davisville 

Manufacturing Co (James Pears), ji a 
Eglinton av. Davisville P O (See card 
classified Brick Manufacturers) 

Day Miss Beatrice R, stenog, 1 G Day 

Day George, foreman, h n s Roehampton 
av, Eglinton 

Day Henry, carp, b E W Smith 

Day Robert, mkr gdnr, n s Victoria av, 
Eglinton. h same 

Dean Frank, florist R T Dean, 1 same 

Dean Richard T, florist e s Tonge, Davla 
ville, h same 

Deegan Miss Catherine, bkpr, l Mrs M 

Deegan John, driver. 1 Mra M Deegan 

Deegan Mary (wid Michael), h n 8 Eelin 
ton av, Eglinton 

De Ferrario Charles, mkt gdnr n s Broad - 
.k'linton, h same 

Delaney Ann (wid Fenton J), 1 Thomas 

Dingle Samuel, h w s Yonge, Davisville 

Dixon Alexander H, trav, h e s Yonge, 

Dixon Allen J C. ins, h n Broadway, 

Dixon George E, bkpr, h n a Broadway, 

Dixon Miss Helen M, 1 G E Dixon 

Doherty Miss Agatha, studt, 1 W F 

Doiierty Frederick J, phy w a Yonge, Eg- 
linton, 1 same 

Doherty Miss Josephine, 1 W F Doherty 

Doherty Miss Marguerite E, 1 W F Doh 

Doherty Wm F, h w s Yonge, Eglinton 
av, Eglinton 

n Miss Catherine, 1 Mrs M Deegan 

Donnelly Edward, h s s Erskine av. Kg 

Doughty Wm. dairy first street east of 
Beresford, Davisville 

Douglas Miss Edith, 1 S J Douglas 

Douglas George, flonst, h s s Merton, 

Douglas Harton, elk, 1 S J Douglas 

Douglas Samuel J, whol paper, h w s 
Yonge, Eglinton 

Douglas Wm, wagonmkr e s Yonge, Eg 
linton, h same 

DOUGLAS WM J, Town Clerk and 
Treasurer, h n s Roehampton av. Eg- 

Drake Pascal T, elk, 1 P W Drake 

Drake Pascal W, shoemkr, h e s Beres 
ford ay. DavlsviUe 

Draw Charles, grocer Castlefleld av 

Drewry Robert, blksmlth e a Yonee. Dav 
isville, h same 

Drurie Archibald F, eng, h s s Soudan av, 

Drury John, h w s Yonge, Eglinton 

Duke Henry R. acct W J Lawrence, h 
n s Victoria av. Eglinton 

Dukes Mary (wid Robert R), h w s Yonge. 

Dukes Wm, brkmkr, 1 Mrs M Dukes 

Duncan Alexander, lab, has Glenwood 
av, Davisville 

Duncan George, lab, h w s Yonge, Davis- 

Duncan Miss Jennie E. tchr Davlsvllle 
Pub Sch, 1 Wm Aull 

Duncan John, lab, h s s Eglinton av, 

Dunn Benjamin J A, shoemkr, has Mer 
ton, Davlsvllle 

Dunnett Miss Elizabeth, 1 W J Dunnett 

Dunnett Percy, farmer, 1 W J Dunnett 

Dunnett Wm J, farmer, h e s Yonge, 
Bedford Park 

Du Pre Mrs Constance, h w s Albert* 
cres, uavisville 

Du Pre John, glass err, 1 Mrs C Du Pre 

Durand Napier N, musician, ISC Dur- 

F. J. SMITH * CO. 

Properties FOR SALE in ALL 
PARTS of the City and Suburbs 

61 Victoria Street 


Confederation Xife 




Canadian Company 


Durand Stuart C, financial agt, h n s 
Victoria av, Eglinton 

Earnshaw Matthew, cloth examiner, h w 
s Stewart, Davisville 

East Thomas, carp, h n s Balllol, Davis 

Eaton John, h w s Yonge, Bedford Park 

Edwards Frederick M, carp, h w s Earl, 

Edwards Richard, lab, h n s Roper av, 

Edwards Win W, bailiff, h n s Eglinton 
av. Eglinton 

Kiflinton Methodist Church. Rev Nath 
aniel Wellwood pastor, e s Yonge, Eg 

Eglinton Post Office, John McL Whaley 
postmaster, s e cor Yonge and Wood 
ward av, Eglinton 

Eglinton Presbyterian Church, W Back 
pastor, w s Yonge, Eglinton 

Eglinton Public School, W E Hopkings 
prin, n s Erskine av, Eglinton 

Douglas Town Clerk, w s Yonge, cor 
Montgomery av, Eglinton 

Ellard Albert E, tmstr, h e s Gordon, 

Elliott Wm, stone ctr, h s s Kensington 
av, Eglinton 

Elliott George, er.g, b Wm Carey 

Elliott Robert, mason, b Bedford Park 

Eh.s Wm G, jwlr, h w s Yonge, Bedford 

Elphlck Mary A (wid Frederick). 1 P 

Elsey Frederick, lab, h e s Gordon, Davis 

Ely John, gdnr, h s s Kensington av, 

Emery Arthur, acct, 1 T C Orr 

Emerson Charles R, brick mkr, h e s 
Gordon, Davisville 

Emerson Robert F, printer, h s s Erskine 
av. Egrlinton 

Emmerson Robert, lab, h n s Balllol, 

Endean Miss Etta, 1 H Endean 

Endean Harry, florist w a Yonge, Eglin 

English Albert, blksmith w a Tonge, Eg 
linton, h n s Kensington av 

Evans George, hostler Bedford Park 

Fabien Ada (wid Lambert), h s s Ken 
sington av, Eglinton 

Fabien Gordon L, 1 Mrs A Fabien 

Farewell S James, driver G E Coon 

Farquhar Joseph, stone ctr, has Woburn 
av, Bedford Park 

Farr Percy, elk, 1 Wm J Farr 

Farr Wm J, h e s Yonge, Eglinton 

Farr Mrs Wm J, fancy goods e s Yonge, 
Eglinton, 1 same 

Fenwick Ernest Mel, poultry n s Davis 
ville av, Davisville; h same 

Fenwick Robert J, barber e s Yonge, Eg 
linton, h same 

Fenwick Thomas H, agt, h e s Yonge, 

Ferguson Nellie (wid David), 1 A F Bond 

Ferguson Robert W, elk, h n a Glenwood 
av, Davisville 

Fewster Bros (Robert and Thomas), gro 
cers s s Eglinton av e, Davisville 

Fewster Robert (Fewster Bros), h s s 
Eglinton av e, Davisville 

Fewster Thomas (Fewster Bros), 1 R 

Fielding Miss Carrie, 1 J W Fielding 

Fielding Miss Jessie, stenog, 1 J W 


Fielding Joseph W, bkpr, h s s Sherwood 
av, Eglinton 

Fielding Leonard, carp, 1 J W Fielding 

Finch John, real est, b Mrs E E Burns 
Fisher John, Mayor North Toronto, h e 
B Yonge, Eglinton 

Fisher Reginald, fljrist W J Lawrence, 
b D B Johnston 

Fisher Thomas (Fisher & MacDonald), h 
w a Yonge, Eglinton 

Fisher & MacDonald (Thomas Fisher and 
Wm MacDonald), plmbrs w s Yonge, 

Fitch Alfred T, driver, h w s Yonge, Eg 

Fitchet W T m, trav, 1 Geo Guscott 

Fitzpatrick Charles, brkmkr, 1 J Fitzpat 

Fitzpatrick James, foreman J Pears, h w 
s Yonge, Davisville 

Fitzpatrick James jr, I J Fitzpatrick 

Fitzpatrick John, 1 J Fitzpatrick 

Fitzpatrick Miss Maggie, 1 J Fitzpatrick 

Fletcher Wm, boilermkr, h s s Bal.iol, 

Fletcher Wm H, carp, h w s Earl, Dav 

Floyd Arthur, carp, b A Fowler 

Fockner Alfred B, driver, 1 Mrs A Fock 

Fockner Anna (wid Alfred J), h n s Mer 
ton, Davisville 

Forbes Helen (wid James): h s s Albertus : 
av, Eglinton 

Foster Wm, florist W J Lawrence, b D 
B Johnston 

Fowler Arthur, moto, h s s Merton, Dav- 

Freeman Charles, lab, b E H Walman 

l-'risby Arthur, blksmith, h e s Yonge, 

Frogley Charles J, bkr, has Glen Grove. 

Frogley George S, pntr, 1 C J Frogley 

Frohns Alfred, watchmkr, h n s Sher 
wood av, Eglinton 

Furlong John M, elk, h n s Eglinton av 
e, Eglinton 

Fussell Wm, brklyr, h s s Merton, Davis 

Gandier Miss Ruby, mus tchr, 1 Mrs C F | 

Gardner Henry, caretkr St Clement's Ch, j 
h n s Hawthorne av, Eglinton 

Garland Nicholas, b, e s Yoage, Eglinton 

Garland Nicholas L, 1 N Garland 

Garnett Goerge, driver, h w s Earl, Davis 

Garnett Wm, tmstr, h w s Stewart, Dav 

Garnett Wm J, lab, h w s Stewart, Davis 

Gartshore John J, ry supplies, h n s Eg 
linton av, Eglinton 

Gaskin Albert, h n s Davisville av, Davis 

Gaston Miss Anna E. 1 S Gaston 

Gaston Charles, mkr gdnr, h n s Eglington 
av e, Eglington 

Gaston Samuel, mkt gdnr n a Eglinton 
av, Eglinton, h same 

Gaston Samuel jr, mkt gdnr n s Sherwood 
av, Eglinton, h same 

Gates Philip, lab, h s 8 Merton, Davis 

Geary Charles, shoe mkr, b Thos Green 

Gibson Thomas A, barr, h e s Yonge, 

Gifford James R, elk, h e s Yonge, Dav 

Gilbert George, h w s Yonge, Eglington 

Gill Ernest, jwlr, h w s Yonge, Davis- 

Gillespie James, shipper, h n s Soudan av, 

Gilson Charles J, glass wkr, h n s Balliol 

Glen Grove Park, w a Yonge, Eglinton 

Glen-Shaw Jean (wid Dr Wm J). h n s 
Ranlelgh, Bedford Park 

Gordon Alfred, horse dlr, h a a Albertus 
av, Eglinton 

Gorstlge Wm H, brick setter, h s s Sher 
wood av, Eglinton 

Gostlin Frederick, mill hd, 1 1 Gostlin, Da 

Gostlin Isaac, carp, h s s Merton, Davis 

Gough Alfred, dyer, h n s Balliol, Davis 

Gough George E, lather, 1 A Gough 

Gough Wm, fireman Frank Grice, 1 A 

Goulding Frederick W, plstr, h s e Bal 
liol. Davisville 

Gourlay Adam, lab, 1 D B Gourlay 
Gourlay David B, mkt gdnr w s Yonge 
Gourlay Miss Elizabeth, 1 D B Gourlay 
Gourlay James, lab, 1 D B Gourlay 

Graham, Renfrew Co, Ltd, horse import 

ers w s Yonge, Bedford Park 
Graham Robert, pres Graham, Renfrew 

Co, Ltd, res Toronto 
Green Harry, elk, 1 Thos Green 
Green Herbert elk, 1 A Gaskin 
Green Joseph, 1 A Gaskin 
Green Thomas, tmstr W Muston, h s s 

Balliol, Davisville 
Green Thomas jr, 1 Thomas Green, Davis 

Greenhow Christopher, brick setter, h n 

s Glenwood av, Davisville 
Greening George, elk, b Bedford Park Ho 


Gregory-Allen Miss Lena, 1 Rev T Powell 
Grace Frank, florist, h n s Balllol, Davis- 

Grice Thomas, plmbr, h s s Davisvile av, 

Griffin Rev Arthur K, asst rector St. 

Clements Church, h s s Sheldrake av 

Griffin Mrs Louisa A, 1 W J Turk 

Groet Zacnanah, 1 Wm Baillie 

Grundy Frederick (Waddington & .Grun- 

dy), h n s Woodward av, Eglinton 
Guscott George, carp, h n s Merton, 

Haddell Frederick J, baker, e s Yonge 

Davisville h same 
Hagerman Peter, tmstr DavSsville Pot 

tery, h s s Balliol. Davisville 
Hall Frederick F, gdnr, 1 Mrs M Hall 
Hall George, mkt gdnr w s Gordon, Davis 

ville, h same 
Hall Herbert, glass plshr. h n s Merton, 


Hall Herman E F, gdnr, 1 Mrs M Holly 
Hall James, mkt gdnr n s Davisville av, 

Davisville, h same 
Hull Miss Tane, opr 1 John Hall 
Hall John, mkt gdnr n s Egllntoo av, 

Eglinton, h same 
Hall Mary (wid Thomas), mkt gdnr e a 

Yonge, Davisville, h same 
Hall Richard, barber e s Yonge, Davis 

ville. h same 
Hall Thomas, lab, h s s Eglington av e, 

Hanes Carmj A, slsmn, has Sherwood 

av, Eglinton 

Hankin Albert, carp, b A Fowler 
Harcourt Ernest H, litho. h n s Victoria 

av, Eglinton 
Harris W r alter S, h n s Erskine av. Eglin 

Harrison Robert N. policeman, h e > 

Yonge, Eglinton 
Harry oiiver, lab, h n s Davisville av. 

Harvey Edwin J. elk, h s s Soudan y. 


Hawkins Edward, elk, 1 G E Hawkins 
Hawkins George E, ctr. h n s Balliol, Da 

Hayes Thomas, lab, h s s Frederick, Dav 


Hazelton George, gdnr W M Boultbee 
Heacock James L, b S A Heacock 
Heacock Seth A h e s Algoma cres, Da 


Heaney Robert, cond. b Mrs E McPherson 
Heaslop Mary (wid Thomas), h s s Alber 

tus av, Eglinton 
Helmn Thomas, lab, h s s Soudan av. Da 


Hemsley Clement, lab, h n s Albertus av, 

Hepton Robert, lab, h s s Balllol, Davis 


Hepton Thomas A, 1 Robert Hepton 
Hicks John M, carp, h n s Balldol, Davis 


Higgins Robert, gdnr, 1 Miss E Lock 
Hall Charles W, prtr, 1 J Rickard 
Hill Rev Newton, -pastor Davisville Meth 

odist Church, h w s Yonge 
HlnchcUff Miss Alice, 1 C Hinolidiff 
Hinchcliff Charles, pntr, h s s Davisville 

av, Davisville 
Hinchcliff Charles, pntr, h e s Yonge, Da 

Hlnohcliff Charles E, pntr, 1 S Hinchcliff 


Estate, Insurance and Financial Agents 


Make a Specialty of 



Office, 86 King St. East 

Branch OfRc 



Real Estate, Loans and Insurance 


'icllff Joseph T, furrier. 1 s Hlnch- 
HinchclifT Samuel, pritr, has Davisville 

av, Davlsville 

Hinehcliff \Vm H. pntr. 1 S Hinchcliff 
Hinds Richard, lab. has Soudan av 

Binds Robert, brkmkr. has Eglinton 

av. 1 
Hlnves George J. plstr, baa Merton, 


:ab. h e s Gordon Da 
Hobson Thomas E. brklyr, h h s Merton. 


Nursery Company. ra Toronto 
Hogg George, mason, h n d av, 

Hottg Miss Isabella, h n s Merton. Dav- 


Hogg James, lab, I Miss I Hogs 
Hogg Miss Margaret, opr 1 G Hogg 

Hogg Manager, n a Davlsville av, Dav 
Hogg Thomas, roofer, a a a Woburn av, 

Bedford Park 
Hogg Wm. hardware e s Yonge Davisviilf. 

res Toronto 
Holden Esther (wid John), has Eglinton 

av. DavisvlU* 
Holden James H, lab, baa Smith av, Eg- 


Hood Alexander A, Ins, 1 Capt C Hood 
Hood Miss Alison, 1 Capt C Hood 
Hood t_ap Charles, h s s Broadwa\ 


Hood Miss Lena, 1 Capt C Hood 
Hope Richard, plmbr, h n s Broadway 

Hopkings Torry B, blksmtb, h e a Yonge, 

Hopkings Walter E. prin Eglinton Pub 

Sch, h s s Sherwood av, Eglinton 
Home George, timekpr, baa Victoria av. 

Horner Henry, gdnr. h s s Woburn av. 

Td Park 
Hosier Caroline (wid Abel), 1 J Q Klee- 

Houghton Thomas R, plstr, h n a Balllol, 

Houghton Thomas R jr, lather. I T R 

Houle Albert J, mgr Bedford Park Floral 

Co, Ltd, baa Bedford av, Bedford 

Howe Frank, pntr. h n a DavlsvtU* av. 


Howe Miss Lilian M, stenog. 1 F Howe 
Howell Thomas, h n s Davlsville av Da 

Howson Bernard, acct, 1 F Grundy 
Howson Elizabeth B S (wid James G), 1 

F Grundy 

Hoyle Leonard, carp, 1 W A Hoyle 
Hoyle \Vm A, brick lyr, h s s Albertus av. 


Huckstep Charles H. mkt gdnr n s Wo 
burn av. Bedford Park, h same 
Huestls Gervace. barber, h s s Erskine av. 


Hughes Charles D. apprentice. 1 E Hughes 
Hughes Edward, carp, h n s Balliol. Dav 

Hughes John, lab. h Onlcotts Hotel 
Hughes Miss Margaret, apprentice. 1 

Hughey Joseph, coachman h e a Yonf*. 

Hughey Miss Nellie, drsmkr, 1 R Hughey 

Hughey Robert, lab, h e s Tonge, Davia- 

Hunt Ephralm. elk John B Atkinson * 

Sons, l same 
Hunt George C, farmer, h s s Eglinton. 

av Davisville 

Hunt George W, b G C Hunt 
Hunt Miss Gladys E, 1 G C Hunt 
Hunt John M, mkt gdnr, n s Roehamp- 

ton av. Eglinton, h same 
Hunt Walter G, 1 G C Hunt 

Hunter James M, h e Albertus av, Eg 

Hurlbut Edward C. bldr, h s s Eglinton 
av e, Davlsvllle 

6 8 Alberta Cres ' 

Husband Theresa (wid George), h s s Bal- 
1 >avis vllle 

ry. shoemkr e s Yonge, Eglin 
ton. h same 

- \Vrn. tnistr. has Glenwood av Da 
Irwin Rutledge. has Kensington av, Eg 


Jackson Walter, engineer, h n s Balllol 

Jeffs Wm H. phy e s Yonge Eglinton, h 


Johnson Ernest, driver, b G E Hawkins 
Johnson Wm B, shoemkr, h s e Balliol 

Johnston David, h s s Sherwood av Eg. 

Johnston David B. driver W J Lawrence, 

h n s Kensington av, Eglinton 
Johnston Henry, h n s Soudan av. Davis 

Johnston John, mkt gdnr n s Centre rd, 

Davlsville, h same 
Johnston Leonard, tmstr, h w e Gordon 

Johnston Robert, farmer, h n s Centre rd, 


Johnston Miss Velma. 1 D B Johnston 
Jones Bdw-nrd T, driver, 1 Mrs E Jones 
Jones Elizabeth (wid Jesse), h s s Broad. 

way av. Eglinton 
Jones Miss Emma, 1 Mrs I Jones 
Jones George, baker, h e a Beresford av, 

Jones Isabella (wid Benjamin), h n s 

Victoria av, Eglinton 
Jones Stephen, florist, h e a Balllol, Da- 

Jones Wm. btchr, h w a Yonge, Davis- 


Jones Wm, tmstr, h w a Yonge. Davisville 
Judd Elizabeth W (wid H Wells). 1 H 

Jury Ernest C, elk, baa Eglinton av, 

Keene Charles, lab, h s s Soudan av, 

Keith George A. seedmn, h w a Yonge Eg 

Kerby Catherine F (wid Miles R). h s s 

Glenwood av, Davlsville 
Kerr James H S, asst sec, h n a Victoria 

av, Eglinton 
Kerswell Elizabeth (wld Charles H). h w 

s Yonge. Eglinton 
Kerswell Henry, trav, h w s Yonge, Eg 


Kerewell Wm L, 1 Mrs E Kerswell 
King Joseph, brklyr, b Oulcotf s Hotel 
King Wm, brklyr, b Oulcotfs Hotel 
Kirby Richard G, contr e s Yonge, Eglin 

ton, h same 
Kirk Anthony C, concrete wkr, h e s Earl, 


Kirk Robert W, h s s Broadway. Eglinton 
Kleeberger John G, elk, h w s Beresford 

av, Davtevlle 
Klinck Joseph A, carp, h e s Yonge. Eg 

Klinck Robert E, shipper, h n s Sherwood 

av. Eglinton 
Knigtit Alfred, fireman W Muston, h s s 

Davlsville av, Davlsville 
Knight iMss Annie, 1 A Knight 
Kyles John, barr, bet Glen Grove, Eg 


Lacy Wm, apprentice, I A P Frohns 
Laidlaw George, elev opr, h n s Balliol, 


Lalng Andrew, carp, b C Blrrell 
Laing i_ss Jean C, stenog, 1 W J Laing 
Lalng John B, carp, b C Blrrell 
Laing Miss Pansy, 1 W J Lalng 
Laing Wm J, florist s s Broadway. Bg- 

linton, h s n Erskine av, same 
Laird John, lab, h e s Gordon. Davisville 
Lamb Francis T, tmstr, h n a Eglinton 

av, Eglinton 
Lamberton Wm J, moto, h n s Merton. 


e h " s Merton - 

Later Day Saints Church. rg \ D 

pastor, s s Soudan av, Davisville 
Layell Wm H, driver, h n s Davisville av 


Lawless John, lab, h n s Roper av. Eg 

Lawrence Bernard S, elk, h s s Briar Hi'l 

I^awrence Charles, lab, h s s Smith av 


Lawrence Frank, farmer, h e s Yonge, 
Bedford Park 

Davlavlll. ' + C 

Lawrence Henry T. mkt gdnr n s Davis- 
av. Davisville, h same 

Miss Juanita. 1 S B Lawrence 

Lawrence Robert C. florist W J Lawrence 
3 Lawrence 

Lawrence Samuel, farmer, h n s Roe- 
hampton av, Eglinton 

Lawrence Stephen, florist W J Lawrence 
h e s Castlefleld av, Eglinton 

Lawrence Wm, lab, 1 C Lawrence 

Lawrence Wm J, florist, n s Kensington 
av, Eglinton, h same 

Lawrence Wm S, plstr, 1 G H Lawrence 

Lawson Albert 8, elk, h n s Erskine av 

Leach Herbert, lab, b Bedford Park Hotel 

Le Cras Thomas, h n a Kensington av. 

r Thomas E, exp s s Albertus av, 
Eglinton, h same 

Leggott Robert G, cond, has Balllol, 

Lemon Alfred J, carp, 1 T R Fudge 

Lepofsky Abraham, dairy n s Eglinton 
av, Eglinton, h same 

Letsche John M, reporter h s e Sherwood 
av, Eglinton 

.e Louise (wid John), 1 J M Letsche 

Livingston Richard I, contr n s Wood 
ward av, Eglinton, h same 

Loach Frank, jwlr, b J H Webb 

Loaoh George, caretkr Pub Sch, h s s Ers 
kine av. Eglinton 

Loach John, metalwkr, h e s Beresford 
av, Davlsville 

Loach Wm, foreman, h s a Glenwood av, 

Loates Albert E. shipper, h n s Merton. 

Loates Alfred G. mngr, 1 A E Loates 

Loates Ernest A. uphol, 1 A E Loates 

Loates Herbert W. slsmn, 1 A E Loates 

Lock Miss Emily, confy e s Yonge, Eg 
linton, h same 

Lock Frederick T. h s s Merton, Davis 

Logie Benjamin, elk, h s s Erskine av, 

Logie James, trav, has Erskine av, Eg 

Lougheed James, trav, h s s Eglinton av, 

Lovell Eliza (wid George), 1 R J Lovell 

Lovell Robert J, whol stationer, h n s 
Albertus av. Eglinton 

Lowe Hugh, baker, h n s Roper av, Eg 

Lownsborough Miss Maud, tchr Davis- 
Pub Sch, 1 Mrs Thersa Husband 

Lowry Benjamin, casemkr, h s s Balliol, 

Ludford Frederick T, tinsmith, 1 T B 

Ludford Thomas B. town foreman, has 
Davisville av, Davisville 

Ludford Wm T, glass ctr, 1 T B Ludford 

Lynn George, lab. h w s Yonge, Davis- 

Lyrn John. lab. h w s Yonge, Davisville 

Lynn Thomas, eng Davisville Pottery, ii 

n s Glenwood av, Davlsville 
McArthur James, metalurgist, h B s Glen. 
Grove, Eglinton 

McAtf-er Wm J, bldr, h s B Frederick, 

McCann John, plmbr, 1 L McCan.n 


Sole Agents for the "Duplex" Joist Hangers, Etc. 


IN STOCK : Beam, ChaiuMl*, Angle*, Bar Iron and Stee! 
67 to 95 Pearl St. PHONES MAIN 7248, 7248 

Standard Life 

ASSURANCE CO. of Edinburgh 



Manager for Canada 

Charles Hunter 

Chief Agent, Ontario 


Bank of Commerce Bldg, 


McCann Joseph, coll, 1 L. McCann 

McCann Lawrence, lab, h w s Yonge, 

McCann Miss Mary A, 1 L McCann 

McCarter Frank, elk, h w s Yonge, Davis- 

McClelend Thomas J, carp, h n s Sher 
wood av, Eglinton 

McColl Duncan, farmer, has Albertus 
av, Eglinton 

McColl Wm J, farmer, 1 D McColl 

McComb James, stereo, h n s Merton, 

McCormack Miss Florence M, stenog, 1 G 

McCormack George, farmer, h w s Yonjfe, 
Bedford Park 

McCormack George A, farmer, 1 Geo Mc 

McCormack J F Gordon, farmer, 1 G Mc 

McCrae Frank L, elect wireman, 1 H Mc- 

McCrae Henry, cattle dlr, h w s Yonge, 

McCrea Frederick W, dairy a a Davis 
ville av, Davisville, h same 

McCrea Miss Mabel, elk. 1 W McCrea 

McCrea Norman, bkpr, 1 W McCrea 

McCrea Wm, coal oil n s Balliol, Davis 
ville, 'h same 

McCready John, oarp, h s s Balliol, 

McCready Miss Mabel E, bkpr, 1 J Mc 

McDonald Wm A, carp, h w s Yonge, 

McDonell Arthur, mach, h s s Briar Hill 
av, Eglinton 

McDowell George, mason, h s s Roehamp- 
ton av, Eglinton 

McEldon Alfred J, lab, 1 A McEldon 

Mc^ldon ArthuT, gdnr e s Yonge, Davis 

McFee Robert, driver Dr W L. Bond 

McGinnes Wm, tinsmith, h s s Sherwood 
av, Eglinton 

McKay George, h e s Alberta ores, Davis 

McKendry Charles D, mlnry h e s Yonge, 

McLenaghen James, pres Bedford Park 
Floral Co, h w s Yonge, Bedford Park 

McPherson Emma (wid Wm), h n s Bal 
liol, Davisville 

McQuan Thomas, blksmith, h n s Bal 
liol, Davisville 

McQueen Bruce, h s s Sheldrake av, Ee- 

McRae Duncan A, car repr, has Roper 
av, Eelinton 

MacDonald Wm (Fisher & MacDonald), 
1 F N Stephenson 

MacDonald Wm, tmstr, h s s Balliol, 

MacDuft Charles, lab, 1 Mrs S MacDuff 

MacDuff David J, lab, 1 Mrs S MacDuft 

MacDuff Sarah (wld John), h w s Stew 
art, Davisville 

Maguire Durrett, elk. 1 W Maguire 

Maguire Wm, coal and wood, h e s 
Yonpe, Eglinton 

Main Thomas, tilesetter, h n s Kensing 
ton av, Eglinton 

Manton George D, florist n a Sherwood 
av, Eglinton, h same 

Manton Thomas, florist n s Victoria av, 

Marks Hugh, carp, h s s Soudan av. Dav- 

Martin Charles, lab, b John Laird 

Mason Miss Annie, stenog, 1 Mrs B Mason 

Mason Elizabeth (wid Henry), h n s Mer 
ton, Davisville 

Mathieson John, engineer Bedford Park 
Floral Co, h w s Yonge, Bedford Park 

Matthews George H, btchr, h n s Woburn 
av, Bedford Park 

Mattinson Wm K, florist, h n s Victoria 
av, Eglinton 

Maxwell Herbert, cond, h s s Merton, 

Mead Wm, oarp, b H Oliver 

Meaker Ernest, florist W Muston, 1 Mrs 
M J Meaker 

Meaker John, florist W Muston, h s s 
Davisville av, Davisville 

Meaker Mary J (wid Ralph), has Bal 
liol, Davisville 

Meaker Sidney, lab, h s s Balliol, Davis 

Menzies Thomas, stationer, h w s Yonge, 

Merrill Miss Edna M, tchr Davisville Pub 
Sch, res Toronto 

Middlebrook Miss Flossie M, elk, 1 J H 

Middlebrook Joseph H, elect, h s s Bal 
liol. Davisville 

Middleton Robert, gdnr, h s s Erskine av, 

Milloy Miss Lena, 1 Helen Bescoby 

Mills Harold J, florist Bedford Park Flor 
al Co, 1 A J Houle 

Minns George F, dns agt, h e s Alberta 
ores, Davisville 

Mitchell James W, cond, h s s Davisville 
av, Davisville 

Mitchell Robert, lab, b Davisville Hotel 

Moore James, gdnr, h e s Yonge, Eglinton 

Moorhouse John C, elk, h n s Eglinton 
av, Eglinton 

Morgan Alexander, h s s Eglinton av w, 

Morgan Walter R, tmstr, h n s Glenwood 
av, Davisville 

Morris Charles, h s s Sheldrake av, Eg 

Morrison Miss May, opr 1 A Nicholson 

Morrison Thomas, brick lyr, 1 A Nichol 

Moses Wm J. hardware e a Yonge, Eg 
linton, h same 

Moxon John, btchr, h w s Yonge, Davis 

Mull John, shoemkr e s Yonge, Eglinton, 
h same 

Mullaney Harold, Jwlr, h w s Yonge, Bed 
ford Park 

Muller Miss Sophia , elk. 1 C J S Cruick- 

Mullins Arthur, btchr, 1 J A Mullins 

Mullins James A, h s s Balliol, Davisville 

Munns Harwood M, h e s Yonge, Eglin 

Murphy Charles, mnfrs agt e s Yonge, 
Davisville, h same 

Murphy Franklin A, elk C Murphy, 1 

Murphy John, lab Mount Hope Cemetery, 
1 T Murphy 

Murphy Miss Pearl, 1 T Murphy 

Murphy Thomas, caretkr Mount Hope 
Cemetery, h s s Erskine av e, Eglinton 

Murray David, lab, h w s Gordon Davis 

Murray John, lab, 1 D Murray 

Murton Henry M, lab, b J Whitfleld 

Muston Walter, florist n s Balliol, Davis 
ville, h same 

Myles Charles E, h s s Victoria av, Eg 

Nash Hubert F, printer, h n s Merton, 

Needham Miss Alice, drsmkr, 1 J R Rep- 

Nelson John M, elk, h w s Yonare, Dav 

Newman Wallace G, lab, h n s Soudan 
av, Davisville 

NichoH Albert J, Ia.b, h n s Eglinton ar, 

Nicholson Albert, brick lyr, h s s Sher 
wood av, Eglinton 

Nicol Miss Agnes I, 1 Miss J L, Nlcol 

Nicol Miss Jessie L. h n s Ro?hampton 
av, Eglinton 

Nlsbett Colin, florist Peter Nlsbett, 1 same 

Nisbett Peter, florist a a Davisville av, 
Davisville, h same 

Nixon Miss Fanny J, 1 Rev G Nixon 

Nixon Rev George, h n s Sherwood av, 

Nixon Miss Mary E, 1 Rev G Nixon 

Nixon Miss Mary J, 1 Rev G Nixon 

Nixon Wm J, 1 Rev G Nixon 

Norman Addlson, elect, h n s Glenwood 
av, DavlsvJlle 

Norman Wm C, mining, 1 A Norman 

Norris Charles S, h w s Yonge, Davis 

Norris Jane (wld Francis), 1 C S Norris 

Norris Miss Johanna (JAM Norris), 1 
C S Norris 

Norris J & M (Misses Johanna and Mar 
tha), dry goods w s Yonge, Davisville 
Norris Mass Martha (J & M iNorris), 1 

C S Norris 

-<orth Toronto Water Works, George 
Black engineer, n s Sherwood av, E$r- 

O'lirien Miss Aphra, 1 J W O'Brien 

O'Brien James W, bkpr, h n s Merton, 

O'Brien Miss Lucy, elk, 1 J W O'Brien 

Ogle Edmund, trav, h n s Sheldrake ay, 


Olivant Charles, shipper, h e s Yon^e, 

Onley Edward, brick lyr, h n s Merton, 

Onyon John T, brk lyr, h s a Sheldrake 
av, Eglinton 

Oram Edward J, concrete wkr, h s 
Gordon, Davisville 

Orr T Charles, electro plater, has Mer 
ton, Davisville 

Osier Miss Emma, h n s Hawthorne av, 

Oulcott's Temperance Hotel. Wm Robin 
son prop, w s Yonge, Eglinton 

Page Charles H, brick lyr, h s s Balliol, 

Page George, lab, b E Colborne 

Page James, carp, h w a Gordon, Davis 

Page John S, driver Davis Bros, h w 
Yonge, Davisville 

Page Stephen, 1 J McCready 

Page Stephen Jr, carp, h s s Balliol, 

Page Wm, carp, h n s Castlefleld av, Eg 

Palmer Bert T, brklyr, h n s Sherwood 
av, Eglinton 

Park Samuel, moto, has Roehampton 
av, Eglinton 

Parke Wm, mfrs' agt, h s s Glen Grove 
av, Eglinton 

Parkes Joseph, lab, b Bedford Park Hotel 

Parnal Lewis G, gdnr, has Soudan av, 

Parsons Thomas J, h n s Eglinton av w, 

Paupst Alva H, farmer, h n s Albertus 
av, Eglinton 

Paxton Joseph E, carp, has Davlivllle 
av, Davisville 

Peacock Arthur H, piano tuner, h n s 
Merton. Davisville 

Pearce Ritchie E, carp, h s s Merton 

FEARS JAMES (Davisville & Carl- 
ton Brick Manufacturing Co), h n s 
Eglinton av, Eglinton (See card classi 
fied Brick Manufacturers) 

Pears James jr, 1 J Pears 

Pearson Laura (wld Robert), h n a Cas 
tlefleld av, Eglinton 

Pell Ann (wdd Wm), h w s Yonge, Hr- 

Percy John, real eat, has Balliol, Davis 

Peters Albert, carp, h s s Eglinton av, 

Phipps Arthur, mkt gdnr n a Ranlelgh, 
Bedford Park 

Phipps George, carp, h n s Ranleign, 
Bedford Park 

Pirn Albert P, fur ctr, 1 J Plm 

Pirn Henry, driver, 1 J Plm 

Pirn John, bldr, h s s Balliol, Davlsville 

Pinder Adam, 1 R T Plnder 

Finder Robert T, farmer, h e s Tonga. 
Bedford Park 

Plnnlger Emily (wdd Thomas), h n 
Frederick, Davlsville 

Pinnig'er Miss Gertrude, bkbndr, 1 Mra B 

Plnnlger John C, lather, 1 Mrs E Pinniger 

Piper Frederick, agt, h n s Soudan av, 

Pitts Frederick G, contr s s Kensington 
av, Eglinton. h same 

Plain Frederick, foreman, h n s Merton, 

Plant Joseph T, mldr, h s s Merton, Da 

Plumb Ernest, plmbr. b E W Smith 

Pope Wm J B, mach, h n s Merton, Da- 


Reliance Building, 82=88 King St. East 

Estate, Insurance & Financial Agents 





Porter Miss I'.ertrud.-, 1 

Porter John, mkt gdnr w a Yonee, Bed 

ford Park, h same 
Por: h s a Hawthorne av 

. joiner, has Glen- 

in J. plstr, 1 J i : 

s 8 Balliol, Da- 
>ille, h same 
Powell Francis C. tchr St Clements Sen 1 

A K Griffin 

Powell K. v i homas \V. rector 

St Clt 

. - 

ment's Church, his Briar Hill av Eg- 


Industrial Companies a Specialty 

Confederation Life Building 

Rennie Norman J, carp, 1 Geo Rennie 
Keppen John R, lab, h s s Sherwood av 

opr. 1 Jos Rickard 
i, shipper, h s s Merton 

Rlley Matthew, eng, b Oulcotfa Temper 
ance Hotel 

>yd, btchr, 1 J Rist 

, , 

Rist Miss Elizabeth, 1 J R; s t 


Kist Lloyd, btchr, 1 J Rist 

elc. 1 J Rist 

h w s Gordon. 

P powelf 1SS W " ma M " aWrenUce - ' B ' - Vi rb f Li J , 

a Dorcas. 1 G l'i 

Prance George, h s a Broadway, Eglinton 
Pratt Alfred A, bldr. h s s Glen Gro 

Pratt Alfred E. shipper, h, n s Bulli.. 


'Jert, lab. 1 Mrs Maria Roberts 
^Alfred E, lab, h n s Balliol, Da- 

Robert Frederick E, Ins insp. h n s 
Woodward av, Eglinton 

rts John, lab, 1 Mrs Maria Roberts 


Frederlck - 

^"M?^. Davi,vie G " rge l ','- >; v ;'< F. *r Sdnr w s 

Fredrick, moto. h . a Merto, H^'^S. ? M^^aria Roberts 

Pratt Miss Mamie M. mus tchr, 1 P Pratt ' tmma ' sten *- ' A w 

Pratt Peter, barber, h s s Merton. Davis- p,, b l r fs r 

ville on Jolln . '^b, h s s Davisville av. 

Pratt Thomas J, brklyr. 1 P Pratt avisvllle 

Pratt, mo. h s s Merton, Davis- I tt Mlsa Annl . h s s Roper av, Eg. 

George H, foreman, ana Roper av, 

.n T. dairy n s Balliol, DavtU 
vine, h samo 

. H. lead glazier, 1 J T Price 
Richard, h n s Sheldrake ar 

^da, 1 G F Pritchard 


k. h w s Yonge, Da- 

1 loorge \V, h K a Davisville av 

son John, elk W Robinso- 
Robinson Joseph, lab, b R Emmerson 
Robinson Wm, prop Oulcott's Temper 
ance Hotel, w s Yonge, Egljnton 
; ob n Ge rse. h e s Yonge, Eglinton 



. Charles, ,wlr. h s . Hawthorne SSSJSBJ 5 Pdlr?Tw S, ! SS M!SS Sary?T M r^ 

Saunders Miss Elizabeth, opr, 1 G Saun 


Saunders Miss Ethel. 1 I.evi Saunters 
Saunders Frank, florist Bedford Park 

Floral Co, Ltd, b Thos Lynn 
Saunders George, potter Davisville Pot 

tery, h w s Yonge, DavdsviUe 
Saunders George W, driver, 1 G Saunders 
Saunders Miss Laura, elk, 1 G Saunders 
feaunders Levi, brk glazier, h w s Yooee 


Saunders Miss Nettle, elk. 1 G Saunders 
Saunders Sidney, carp, h s s Eglinton av 

e, Davisville 

Scarr Frank, h e s Yonge, -^avis 
Scott David, litho, h s s Sheldrake av, 

Scrac Miss Florence. 1 Mrs M J Scrac* 

Pritcharii G.-nrge F, carp, h s s -Haw 

thorne av, Eglinton 

Pritchard George F Jr, carp, has Erskine 

Margaret, stenog, 1 G F 
Pritchard Miss Nellie, studt, 1 O F Pritch 

Pugsiey Esther (wid Reuben), h n s Roe- 

:pton av, Eglinton 
Pugsiey Francis A, 1 Mrs E Pugsiey 
Pugsiey Miss I^tna G. mus tchr. 1 Mrs E 

trick, h s s Eglinton av, Dav- 

Pursey George G, shoemkr w s Yonge. 
- . h same 

Roddy Charles T, printer, 

, M J Scrace 

Scrace Mary J (wod George), h n a Glen- 

Charles Stev- wood av. Davisvillo 

C, carp, has Davlsville av, 
Rollinson Frank, cond, has Merton 

Rolph Rev Raymond C, pastor Zion .Bap 

tist Church, res York Mills 
Rolyat Gilbert H. bldr Glen Grove 
Rowladge John, b Chas Davis, Davlsville 
Russell Alexander, plstr, h a a Soudan av 


Sedore Albert, moto, b Mrs E McPherson 
Sewell Matthew. 1 Mrs I, Brunskill 
Shackelton Albert, tlr, 1 J Shackelton 
Shackelton James lab, has Roehampton 

av, Eglinton 
Snarpless Edward, stonemason, h n s MC- 

Dougall av. Bedford Park 
Shaw Herbert A, agt. h s s Glen Grove 

av. 6 w Yonge Eglinton 
Shawcross Maud (wid Albert), 1 J B 


John W, lab. h e 8 Yonge, Eglin- I Shephnrd Solomon. 1 Mrs M J Scarce 


Wm, driver, 1 J w Russell 
Rutherford Arthur, bank messr, has 

....erton, Davisville 

Q a'v t E e hn e ton nd h r ' R S}l y ' Ro6ham P to Rutherford Miss Florence, opr. 1 A Ruth- 

Rutherford Miss Georglna, stenog, 1 A 


<. I. \- \.Manager 

Bank of Montreal (ERllnton Branch), 
w s Yonge, Eglinton, h same 
Ramsay Harry L., carp. 1 J Ramsay 
Ramsay James, bldr, a B Victoria av, Eg 

linton, h same 

Ramsay James A, elk, 1 J Ramsay 
Ramsay Roy. litho, 1 J Ramsay 

--iy \Vm R, carp, h e s Tonge, Eg- 


Ransom Alfred, lab, h Oulcott's Temper 

ance Hotel 
Rayner Albert R, painter, hen Merton, 

Rayner Eliza (wid Samuel), h e s Alberta 

cres. Davlsville 
Rayner George, painter, h e a Alberta 

cres. Davisville 

Raynor Miss Fanny. 1 M Raynor 
Rayne.r Miss Mary E. dry gds e s Yonge, 

Eglinton. 1 M Raynor 
Raynor Matthew, contr w s Yonge, 'Eg 

linton, h same 

Rutherford Miss Helena S 

bkpr Davis 

Bros, b Mrs Theresa Husband 
Kutnerford John, elk, 1 E Wilkinson 
Rutherford Margaret (wid James), 1 Mrs 

Theresa Husband 
Ruthven Albert H, gdnr. h n s Kensing 

ton av, Eglinton 
Ruthven Wm M, insp , h s s Castlefleld 

av, Eglinton 

Sheppard John, brlcklyr, h n a Smith av. 


Sheriff Sarah (wid Charles). 1 Geo L Ball 
iy Ernest, stone ctr, h s s BallloJ, 


ter, stone ctr, h s s Smith av, 


Shorey Miss Alma M, 1 E R Shorey 
Shorey Miss Bertha A, stenog, 1 E R 

Shorey Egerton R, trav, h n s Balliol, Da. 


Shorey Miss May E. 1 E R Shorey 
Simeo Mrs Annette, h w s Yonge, Davls 

Simeon John H, lab, h n s Sherwood av, 


Rutter Frederick B, cornice wkr, h a a Simmons Wm J, gdnr, h n s Briar Hill 


Glenwood av, Davlsvllle 
Ryan Thomas, lab, b Oulcott's Hotel 

av. Eglinton 
Simms John A, cond, h w Ynnge, Dav 

Sadler Jesse, trackman, b W W Langley Isville 

St Clement's Church (Ang), Rev T W Simpson Archibald, foreman, has Balliol, 

Powell rector, n a Hawthorne av, Ee- Davlsville 

Hnton Skerratt Edward, brick setter, h n s Bal- 

St Clement's Church School, Rev T W liol. Davlsville 

Powell prin. n s Hawthorne av, Eglin. Skerratt Thomas, carp, has Balliol, 

ton Davisville 

til Germain Alfred H, farmer, h w ' Slingrer John, carp, 1 H Oliver 

longe. Bedford Park 

*av Z E^'lf in D> arUst> h n 8 K Dt S OID * T y , Sanderson James, whol btchr a a Erskine 

Reid John, slsmn. h n s Merton Davis 

Tew Walter, sec-treas Graham, Re- 
>v Co, res Toronto 
Rennie Edgar W, carp. 1 G Rennle 

Rennle George, carp, h s s Smith av, Eg 

George E. carp. 1 G Rennle 

av, Eglinton 
Sanderson John, whol btchr B a Erskine 

av. Eglinton 
Sanderson Percy, pdlr, h 1st street e of 

Beresford, Davlsvllle 
Sanderson Robert H, blksmlth, h e s 

Gordon, Davlsvllle 
Saul George, bkpr. h e a Eglinton av, Dav 


h s s Balliol. 

Jamea. porter, h n s Eg-linton av, Saunders Albert, florist W Muston, h n s Davlsvllle 

Smith Arthur, fireman, 

Smith Mrs Blanche M, dry goods e s 

Yonge. Eglinton, - 1 same 
Smith Charles, farmer, h n s Sherwood 

av, Kplinton 
Smith Charles, porter, h s Balliol. 

Smith Charles R, carp, h n s Balliol, Da 

Smith EJward W, carp, h e s Gordon, 

Balliol, Davlsvllle 


City Office, 152 Bay St., TORONTO 

Agents for Bar row Hatmaflfe Sfel Co. 
Barrow la Fiirness, Lan., Eng. 





Phone Main 5173 House, North 568 


13 Yong* St. Arcade 

1 Allen 

Smith Frederick, cigars e s Y'onge, Da- ; Thompson Miss Adelaide, elk, 

visville, h same Thompson 
Smith George C, pntr, h s s Soudan av, , Thompson Allan, brass fnshr, 1 

Davisville Thompson 

Smith Henry, jwlr, h s s Balliol, Dav- Thompson Allen, lab, h s s Davisville av, 

isviile Davisville 

Smith isa (wid Robert), 1 Mrs A Simco Thompson Wm J, carp, h >n s CasUefleld 

Smith James, h e s Yonge, Davisville av, Kglinton 

Smith John F, pntr, h s s Soudan av, Thorne Richard, bkpr, h .n s Victoria av, 

Davisville Eglinton 

Smith Joseph lab, h s s Broadway, Eglin- Thorne Sydney, bkpr, 1 R Thome 

ton | Thorneloe Henry P, trav, h s s Victoria 

Smith Miss Mary S', mlnr, 1 C Smith av, Kglinton 

Smith Raiph, trav, h e s Yonge, Kglinton Tomlinson Ransom, 1 W Tomlinson 

Smith Miss Theresa, 1 C Smith Tomlinson Wilfred R, pntr w s Yonge, 

Somerville James, trav, h s s Woodward Eglinton, h same 

av Eglinton Tomsett Thomas, lab, h w s Yonge, Da.v- 

Sparling Howard H, tel opr, 1 Rev W W isviile 

Sparling Tooley Miss Ethel, drsmkr, 1 Mrs L 

Sparling- Hev Wm W, h n s Merton, Da- Tooley 

visville Tooley Miss Frances, drsmkr, 1 L Tooley 

Spencer Henry F, pntr, h s s Balliol, Da- Tooley John, gdnr, h n s Glenwood av, 

visville Davisville 

Spittel Charles, foreman, h s s Albertua Tooley Leah (wid James), h w s Yonge, 

av, Eglinton Kglinton 

Spiittell Henry, carp, has Sheldrake Topple Harry, carp w s Alberta cres, 

av, Egiinton Davisville 

Stalker John M, acct, h s s Ersklne av, Toronto Floral Co, Ltd, n s Balliol, Dav- 

Kelinton isviile 

Stanton Miss Ada F 1 T Stanton ! Townsend Charles S, bricklyr, h s 8 Bal- 

Stanton Arthur H A', cond, h n s Soudan liol, Davisville 

av. Davisville I Tredgett Charles, foreman, )i 88 Balliol, 

Stanton Thomas, tmstr W J Lawrence h ! Davisville 

e Yonge, Eglinton I Tredgett Frank, mach, 1 C Tredgett 
StarK Da via, iiiacn, h s s Merton, Da- Tredgett Oswald J, stonectr, 1 C Tred- 

vlsvllle gett 

Stan n .tobert A. elk. h n s Merton. Da ! Trent Frederick, prop Bedford Park Ho- 

vlsville otel. w s Yonge, Bedford Park 
Stemman Miss Ethel M, elk, 1 G F Stem- Trimble Wm, lab, h s s Balliol, Davls- 

Stemman George F, pntr n s Sherwood Trueman Wm, moto, h e s Yonee, Davis- 

av, Kglinton, h same ville 

Stemman Miss Pearl B, 1 G F Stemman Tucker Albert E, lab, h s s Merton, 

Stephen Miss Jane, 1 J Stephen Davisville 
SU-pnen John, stone mason, h w s Alberta Tudge Thomas R, h n s Balliol, Davls- 

r-res. Davisville ville 

Turk Wilfrid, elk, h e s Yonee, Davis- 

Turling Thomas, tmstr, h s s Soudan av, 

Turnbull Wm, carp, h s s Balliol, Davis 

Turner Miss Christina, furrier, 1 C Tur 

Turner Christopher, lab. h n s Egllnton 
av e. Eglinton 

Turner Miss Ethel, opr, 1 C Turner 

Turner Thomas H, acct, h s s Hawthorne 
av. Eglinton 

Tustin Richard. 1 Mrs C H Anderson 

Twiddy Wm A, druggist e s Yonge, 
Davisville. h same 

Urmy Albert W. prin Davisville Pub Sch, 
h s s Davisville av, Davisville 

Urquhart Peter, elk, 1 J Logle 

Ussher John F H, broker, h s s Victoria 

av, Eglinton 

Strader John, 1 W H Lavell jVardon Elizabeth J (wid Robert J). h n 

Str. it Wm tmstr, h e s Beresford, Davis- | s Glenwood av, Davisville 

Stephen John Jr, 1 J Stephen 

Stephenson Frederick N, stone ctr, h s s 

Soudan av, Davisville 
Stevenson George, auto driver, rms John 

Stevenson Henry E, printer, h n s Egl.n- 

ton av, Kslinton 

Stevenson Wm, h w s Yonge, Davisville 
Stibbard John, gdnr, head of Sheldrake 

av. Kglinton 

Stockdale Miss Clara, 1 Jos Stockdale 
Stockdale Joseph, pntr, h n s Woburn 

av. Bedford Park 
Stocker George, contr s s Kensington av. 

Eglinton, h 
Stone Henry 


C, h n s Merton, 


Stonehouse Matthew, mldr, h w s Gordon, 


CHARLES, Proprietor 

Davisville Hotel, e s Yonge, Davisville 

Stringer Joe B, elk, h s s Balliol, Davis 

Stroud George, plmbr, h s s 

Vaudln Philip, stone ctr. h n s Merton, 


iVeitch Richard, carp, b R H Sanderson 
Broadway, ' Virgin George, pastor Later Day Saints' 
Ch. res Toronto 

Sutherland John, bkbndr, h n s Merton, 

Sutton Edward, dairy n s Roper av, Eg 
linton, h same 

Sutton Miss Leila M. 1 E Sutton 

Swinscombe James, pntr, h 1st street 
east of Beresford. Davisville 

Swinton Robert, stone mason, b A Rus 

Tarver Alfred, trav, h n s Sheldrake av, 

Taylor Eliza (wid James), h n s Balliol, 

Taylor George, painter, h n s Eglinton av 
e, Eglinton 

Tench Wm, shipper, h w s Beresford av, 

Terry John, cigars e s Yonge, Eglinton, 
h same 

Thomas Henry, locksmith, 'h s s Broad 
way, Eglinton 

Waddinerton & Grundy (Herbert 
ton, Frederick Grundy), real est, w s 
Ynnge. Eglinton 
Wade Alfred, stone ctr, h s s Kensington 

av, Kgllntnn 

Wnrtton Herbert, mkt gdnr, Eglinton 
Wake George K. engraver, h n s Sher 
wood av. Eglinton 

Wale Charles, elk. b Bedford Park Hotel 
Walman Edward H. lab, h s s Soudan av, 


Walmsley Miss Flossie E, I J Walmsley 
Walmsley Gordon, app, 1 J Walmsley 


James, town commr, 

Davisville av, Davisville 
Walmsley Thomas, app, 1 J Walmsley 
"Waltho Charles J. studt. 1 W Waltho 
Waltho George T, lab, 1 W Waltho 
Waltho Wm, lab, h n s CasUefleld av, 


Ward Charles H, shipper, h e s Yonge, 

Warde Muss Agnes, tehr Eglinton Pub 
Sch. res Toronto 

Warman Edward H, driver, h s s Balliol, 

Warnham Samuel, postman, h s s Balliol, 

Warren Algernon M, bkpr, IRC War 

Warren E Frank, tlr, 1 R C Warren 

Warren Reginald C, slsmn, 1 R C Warren 

Warren Robert C, h n s Woodward av, 

Wairington Henry W, mkt gdnr s B 
Sherwood av, KgLinton, h same 

Warwick James H, plmbr, h n s Eglinton 
av e, Eglinton 

Wase Benjamin (The B Wase & Son Co), 
h 100 Pears av Toronto 

WASE B & SON CO, THE (Benjamin 
and John Wase), Manufacturers C^na- 
dian Fire Bricks, Roofing Tiles, Ktc, 
CPR tracks, East of 11^714 Yonge (See 
card classified Fire Brick Mfrs) 

Wase John (The B Wase & Son Co). 1 
100 Pears av, Toronto 

Watt Alexander, cabtmkr, h n s Balliol, 

Watt George M, tlr. h s s Balliol, Davis 

Waugh Miss Brenda, 1 Mrs C Waugh 

Waugh Constance (wid Spencer), tchr St 
Clement's Sch, h s s Kensington av 

Waueh Donald J N. teller. 1 Mrs C 

Waugh Miss Dorothy J E, stenog, 1 Mrs 
C Waugh 

Waugh Miss Effle, tchr St Clement's Sch, 
1 Mrs C Waugh 

Webb James H, lab, h s s Soudan av, 

Webster Frederick E, driver, h n s Sher 
wood, av, Eglinton 

Webster Miss Lois, tchr Eglinton Pub 
Sch, 1 Dr W H Jeffs 

Weller Mrs Nellie, 1 T R Houghton 
Wells James I 1 ', h n s Glencairn av, Eg 

Wellwood Miss Eva P, tchr. 1 Rev N 


Wellwood Rov Nathaniel, pastor Eglin 
ton Meth Church, h s s Victoria av, Kg- 

West Ebenezer, elk, 'h s s Broadway, Eg 

W, st Wm, ins agt, h s s Broadway, Eg 

Whaley Miss Annie E, elk Eslinton P O. 
1 J McL Whalev 

Whaley Bros (Sidney G and John B), 
grocers e s Yonge, Eglinton 

Whaley John B (Whaley Bros), h e B 
Yonge, Eglinton 

Whaley John McL, postmaster Eglinton 
P O, h" e s Yonge, Eglinton 

Whaley Sidney G (Whaley Bros), 1 J 
McL Whaley 

White Wm, carp, h s s Davisville av, 

White Wm J C. mngr, h s s Erskine av, 

White Wm T, nurseryman n a Krskln* 
av, Eglinton, h same 

Whitfleld John, h n s Merton, Davisville 

Wilcox Catherine (wid Simon E), h e a 
Yonge. Eglinton 

Wilkinson Kdward, packer, h s s ITreuer- 
icjv, Dav'isville 

Wilkinson Mrs Mary, h n s Frederick, 

Wilkinson Miss Sarah, cook, 1 Mrs M 

Williams Miss Ada, 1 T F Williams 

Williams Albert B, pntr, h n s Balliol. 

Williams A Roland, mfrs agt, h cor Eg- 
linton and Beulah av, Davisvil e 

Williams Charles A, pressman, h s s 
Broadway, Eglinton 

Williams Miss Elsie, elk, 1 T F Williams 

Williams Joseph, lab, h n s Montgomery 
av. Eglinton 

Williams Thomas, 1 W J Brown 

Williams Thomas, florist W Muston, 1 T F 

The American DUST-PROOF Weather-Strip 

Dust Proof and Draught Proof Windows and Doors. 

Strip made entirely of brass. Phone Main 2959 




6 Colbome St. Phone Main 4738 

SYDNEY W. BAND, Special Agent A. E. KIRKPATRICK, Manager 

T Franklin, tmstr, h n s Morton. 
Willniott Miss Minnie, supervisor, b S 


Wilson Robert, lnp, h n s Castlefleld av, 

>ii Wm H. carp, has Soudan av. 
Wilt. Hi Richard, tmstr. ; ., s Balllol. 

Wiltshire Douglas W. florist W J Law- 
r< in-''. 1 n a Victoria av, Eglinton 

Kdward, farmer, h e s Yonge, 

Winter Frank, lab, h n s Broadway, Eg 

W.i.t, \Vm P. brick lyr, h n Roehamp- 
ton av, Kglinton 

Klizabeth (wld Henry), 1 Chas Davis 
Miss Mary. 1 Chas Davis 
Win H. sec, li n s Castlefleld av. 

tenholme James A, furrier, h w s 
AlRoma cres. Davisvdll* 
Wood E J, dentist n s Castlefleld av, Eg- 

linton. h same 

Wood James, 1 Robt Cameron 
Woodhouse George, brkmkr, M s s Glen- 
wood av. Davisvilla 
Woodhouse Miss Mabel, bl:nd mkr, 1 G 

Woods Albert, tmstr. h n s Sherwood av 


Woods Miss Edith, stenog, l H H Woods 
Woods George, elk, 1 H H Woods 
Woods Hill H. fireman, h e s Yonge, 


Wonton Albert, bkpr, h B s Merton, Davis 

Arthur, acct, h n s Broadway 

Wright Angus, moto, b Mrs E McPher- 

t Margaret, om J H Kerr 
Wright Wm, lab. b F Antill 

Stanley, dairy, h s s Eglinton av 
w. Davisville 
Young Miss Alexandria, foreldy. 1 a 


Young George, porter, h s s Ba'llol. Da 
Young H Bruce, broker, h s t Glenwood 

av. Davisville 

Young M;ss Margaret V, 1 Mrs M Youn* 
Young Varia (wld Wm E). h s s Balliol. 

:nan John, h w a Yonge. Davisvtlle 
Mzzie, 1 J Zeagman 
Mary. 1 J Zeagman 

Zion Baptist Church. Raymond C Rolph 
pastor, w s Yonge, E^Unton 


(Four miles east of P. O.) 

ADOOU Krank. carp, h Burgess av 
Abbott Frank, carp, h Gibson av 
Aby David, tanner, h Reid av 
Adams Joseph C, prtr. h Waverley rd 
Adcock Edward J, lab, h Reid av 
Allan Eliza J (wid Charles E), h Wheeler 


Allen Anthony P. supt. h Lee nv 
Allen Gerald, studt. 1 Mrs Mary Allen 
Allen John C. elk. 1 Mrs M Allen 
Allen Mary(wtd Henry), h Berkeley ay 
Amorose Herbert, lab, 1 L, Ambrose 
Ambrose Lawrence, lab, n Berkeley av 
Anderhggen Wm. com mer. h Herbert 


Anderson Arthur, mach. h Reid av 
Anderson Frank, h 51 Ashdale av 
Angus Andrew, slsmn, h Waverley rd 
Annandale Arthur W, seedsman, h Berke 
ley av 

Anthony Albert E. lab, h Reid av 
Atcheson Harold J, 1 J A Atcheson 
Ateheson John A, bldr, h 25 Kenllworth 

Atherton James W, shipper, h Woodbine 

Auburn Hannah (wld Septimus), h Cox- 
well av 

Austen James, tlr, h Wheeler av 

Herbert J, carp, h 103 Ashdale av 

s, tchr, i j Austen 
James, h Wheeler av 
Bain Thomas, cond, h Wheeler av 

,ar<l, .la.ry Woodbine av h 

Ball Wm C, 1 F Polsue 

a John L. artist, h w s Kingston rd 

i. r Wm, h Burgess av 
Baptist Church (Mission), e s Reid av 
Barber George H, confr, h Berkeley av 
Barnes Albert E. bkbndr, h Herbert av 

- Charles, timekpr, h 11 Kenilworth 

s Wm J. uphol, h 28 Wheeler av 
Barnett Miss Annie, opr, 1 G Gray 
Ka:n.-tt Robert, carp, h 109% Reid av 
Barras Joseph, lab. 1 Mrs M A Barras 
Barras Mary A (wid Joseph W), h Cas- 

Hi Harvey J, contr, h 30 Bellefalr av 
w Frederick W, muto, h 83 Bellefair 

Bauldry Alfred, framer, h Reid av 
Bauldry David, plshr, h Reid av 
Bauldry Wm, wood turner, h Reid av 
Baynes Reed Rev Wm L. rector St John 

the Baptist Church, h Heyworth av 
Beadle Thomas, driver, h Reid av 
Arthur, com. h Wheeler av 
Bedley Charles, 1 Wm Bauldry 

Vm. cnntr Elmer av. h same 
i Alfred, h 25 Ashdale av 
Thomas, elk, h Coxwell av 
Miss Edna, 1 Mrs Mary Best 
Mary (wid James), h 40 Bellefalr av 
Walter C, painter 110 Coxwell av, 
h same 

Bidwell Frederick, btlr. h Reid av 
Bilby Wm, varnish mkr, h Coxwell av 
Blnns David, carp, h Woodbine av 
II John, plstr, h 1 Ashdale av 
iiarles, tmstr, h 18 Elmer av 
Bird George H, brklyr, h s s Kingston rd 
Black Miss Jean, h Coxwell av 
Black Wm, elk, h 13 Kenllworth av 
Blackwell Dr Benjamin, 1 Mrs. M A 


Blackwell Mrs Mariah. h Waverley rd 
Blackwell Mary A (wld Benjamin), h 

Waverley rd 
Blackwell Miss Mary E, tchr, 1 Mrs M 

A Blarkwell 

in a kwell Wm jr, 1 Mrs M A Blackwell 
Bligh Thomas, pntr, h Wheeler av 
Bliss Miss Evelyn, bkpr, 1 G Cooke 
Bliss Henrick, 1 G Cooke 
Blunden J Wm, photo, h Heyworth av 
Bodley Charles E, pianist, 1 J N Bodley 
Bodley Miss Jessie, opr, 1 J N Bodley 
Bodley John N, iron wkr, h 26 Kenilworth 


Bodley Miss Luclnda, 1 J N Bodley 
Bonsall Wm F, cashier, h Reid av 
Booth Arnold, furn fnshr, h Reid av 

Joseph, mach hlpr, h Cassels av 
Brierly Henry, gro Gerrard and Reid av 
Brock Jane (wid Francis K), h Waverley 


Brock Russell G, elk, 1 Mrs J Brock 
Bromhall John, harnessmkr. h Reid av 
Broome Frank D, photo, h Woodbine av 
Brown Grant G, lab, h Reid av 
Brown James, acct, 1 J H Samuel 
Brown James, poultry dlr. h Coxwell av 
Brown John, lab. h 99 Ashdale av 
Bryant Frederick, mtermkr, 1 H Robert- 

Buchanan Annie (wid Andrew), h 12 Belle- 
fair av 

Burling Frederick W, lab, h Reid av 
Burnham George, carp, h Gibson av 
Burton Ingol S, pntr, h Coxwell av 
Burton Norman, bartndr. h Coxwell av 
Bushfield John W, blksmth e s Kingston 

rd, res Toronto 

Butcher John, piano mkr, h Waverley rd 
Buttonshaw Rosdna M (wid George R), 

h 113 Reid av 

Byers David, exp 15 Coxwell av, h same 
Gale Emily (wld Wm F), h 16 Bellefalr av 
Caley John, carp, h Woodbine av 
Caley Thomas H, carp, h Woodbine av 
Capnerhurst George, wood engr, h 16 El 
mer av 
Carl Albert, trav, h Reid av 




Carlyle David J. bldr. h 25 Wheeler av 
Caron Thomas, elk, h 36 Coxwell av 
Carpenter George, lab, h Erie terrace 
Carter Frederick W, plmbr, h Burgess av 
Carter Joseph, lab, h 107H Reid av 
Chapman George, litho, h w s Kingston rd 
CiiHiitcm Wm, h r>4 Coxwell av 
Chidley Miss Edith, tchr Norway Pub 

Sch. res Toronto 

Chidley Edward D. trav. h 27 Wheeler ay 
Chote Samuel, lab, h Herbert av 
Christie James, elk, h 170 Lee av 
Claffy Nellie, housekpr Rev W L Bayne 


Clark Alfred, lab, h 161 Waverley rd 
Clark John T, brklyr, h 87 Reid av 
Clay Miss Ada, 1 C O Clay 
Clay Charles O, actionmkr, h Wheeler ar 
Clay James, horse trainer, h Coxwefl a* 
Clay James H, 1 J Clay 
Clay Orlando, piano mkr 1 C O Clay 
Clifford Wm, brkmkr, h Ashdale av 
Clysdale Miss Jennie, tchr Norway Fuh 

Sch, res Toronto 

Cockburn Edwin, Joiner, h Ashdale av 
Cole Jamos. lab, h 5 Ashdale av 
Coleman Robert T, shipper, h Reid av 
Collins Albert, foreman, h Lee av 
Collis Wm, btlr, h Reid av 
Conroy Joim lab, h 123 Reid av 
Cook Henry C, concrete wkr, h Reid a 
Cooke George, trav, h Elmer av 
Cooper Arthur, pntr, h Woodbine av 
Cooper Thomas, brkmkr, h Woodbine av 
Cooper W Sherman, gasoline eng mfr, b 

46 Coxwell av 

Cornell Frederick, carp, h Heyworth ar 
Cornell Wm, carp, h Woodbine av 
Cosburn Walter, tmstr, h Reid av 
Cottrell Wm J, blksmth. h e s Kingston r* 
Couch Thomas E, carp, b Mrs R Peckson 
Cowling Alfred, carp, 1 Mrs Maria Cow 

Cowling Mrs Maria, h Wheeler av 
Cowper John, journalist, h Woodbine av 
Cracknell Elliott G, blksmith, h Ash 
dale av 

Cracknell Robert A, baker, h Ashdale ar 
Craven Crandall, hostler, b Norway Hotel 
Craven Frank L, driver, 1 H L Craven 
Craven Henry L, baker Woodbine av 
Creber Frank, monuments Kingston ri 
and Woodbine av, h same 
risp Ernest, brklyr, h Ashdale av 
Cross Charles, plshr, h s s Kingston r* 
Cross George, carp, h s s Kingston rd 
Crowne Albert E, lab, h Reid av 
Cull Patrick, mldr, h Reid av 
Culliton Thomas J, prtr, h Waverley rd 
Gumming George, prof of golf, h Berke 
ley av 

Cummlngs George A, shipper, h Reid ar 
Dale Samuel, core mkr. h 17 Ashdale a.w 
Dalton Frank, lab, h Reid av 
Davies John, contr, h Bellefalr av 
Deacon Alfred, h Elmer av 
Dean Wm S, carp, h Kenilworth cre 
De Mara Albert H, Insp, h Kenllwortfc 


De Mara James, caretkr, I A H De Mai* 
Derrick Mrs Alvlra, 1 G E Gilbert 
Dldlon Celestln, litho, h Berkeley av 

M. C. PINK & GO. 

Dealers in Scrap Paper, Rubber, iron, Metals, 
Ledgers, Newspapers, Books, Bags 

Phone M. 3891 22 FRANCIS ST. 

FRFO MARTIN Real Estate a " d Insurance Broker 
r n t u. u . m n n i m , 35 ADELA1DE SL ttgT phone Main ^ 


Dies Charles H, eontr, h 13^ Kenllworth 


Dillon James, bkpr, h Kenjlworth cres 
Dine* \Vm, lab, h iieywortti av 
Dixon David, bkpr, h Berkeley av 
Dixon John, blrmkr, h Reid ay 
Dixon John J, broker, h e s Kingston rd 
Dodd George F, stone carver, h Cassels av 
Dodd Miss Sybil, 1 G F Dodd 
Donovan Maurice, horse trainer, b Nor 
way Hotel 

Downing Kdward, cond, h Ashdale av 
Downs Thomas h Woodbine av 
Duncan Thomas J, fireman, h 35 Reid av 
Dunn Henry, tmstr, h Woodbine av 
Dunn W Edwin, prtr, h 17 Herbert av 
Dyson Leonard, mach, h Reid av 
Earsman Mrs Barbara, pianist, 1 Berkeley 


Earsman Wm, brass fnshr. h Berkeley av 
Eastman lienjamin, h 14t>V4 Waverley rd 
Eaton Herbert, blksmith, h Reid av 
Eaton John, plstr. li 1ir> Reid av 
Eberle Godfrey, shoemkr. h Berkeley av 
Elliott Wm J. jwlr, h 1O7 Waverley rd 
Elsley Randall D, piano tuner, h Wood 
bine av 

Elsworth George, lab, h Ashdale av 
English Church Mission, e s Ashda'e av, 

n Gerrard 

Evans Arthur, brkmkr, .h Ashdale av 
Ewens Edwin J, glove ctr, h Cassels av 
Fairman John, fnshr, h 133 Ashdale av 
Fawcett Jackson E, prin Norway Pub 

Sen, h 35 Bellefair av 
Fellion John B, cond, h Reid av 
Ferguson James, lab, h w s Kingston rd 
Fieldhouse George, dairy Reid av, h same 
Fisher Allen P, trav, h Wheeler av 
Fitzgerald Miss Mary, elk, 1 Mrs M Fitz 

Fitzgerald Mary J (wld James), h Wav 
erley rd 

Fletcher Edward carp, h 100 Coxwell av 
Foulkes Thomas, hair dresser, 'h 124 Ken 
llworth av 

Fox Miss Gertrude, stenog, 1 A T Fox 
Francis Samuel G, beveller, h Reid av 
Fraser Andrew B, trav, h 152 Waverley rd 
Fray John T, eng, h Reid av 
Freeman Miss Annie, elk, 1 J W Freeman 
Freeman Frank P, golf prof, 1 J W Free 
Freeman John W, stockkpr , h Kenil- 

worth ores 

Freeman Wm M, elk, 1 J W Freeman 
Freeman Miss Wlnnifred, elk, 1 J W Free 

French James, brklyr, h Reid av 
Frewing Alfred, brklyr, h Wheeler av 
Frewing Caroline (wid Henry C), h Lee 


Frewing Miss Caroline, 1 Mrs Frewing 
Fix-wing Xelson, carp, h i> Wheeler av 
Frost Harold R, barr, n Waverley rd 
Fulton Wm, carp, h e s Coxwell av 
Gallagher John, whol btchr Coxwell av 
Galley Charles, brklyr, h 174 Coxwell av 
Gardhouse Frederick M, agt, 1 J Christie 
Garrotty Michael, 1 G Wood 
Gay Rev Robert, asst curate St John the 
Baptist (Anglican) Church, res Toronto 
Geisel Miss Bella, 1 L Gelsel 
Geisel Bernard, carp, h Waverley rd 
Geisel Louis, tlr, h Waverley rd 
Gelsel Wm, carp, 1 L Geisel 
George Frederick, marine fireman, h Reid 


Gibson Archibald M, trav, h Lee av 
Gidlow Robert, carp, h 20 Reid av 
Gilbert George E, supt Can Kodak Co, h 

Wheeler av 

Gillard Joseph W, exp, r 37 Herbert av 
Gillespie Edward, mldr, 1 J T Fray 
Gillespie Thomas, 1 J T Fray 
Glen Win, lab, h 87 Ashdale av 
Good C Leonard R, enameller, h Reid av 
Goodman Albert D, elect, h 146 Waverley 


Goodyear Samuel, tmstr, h s s King 
ston rd 

Gordon Wm. lab. h 91 Ashdale av 
Gorman Arthur, stenog, 1 H Gorman 
Gorman Miss Gussie, 1 H Gorman 
Gorman Hugh, lab, h 98 Coxwell av 
Goss Alfred S, draughtsman, h Belle- 
fair av 

Goss Harry, bkpr, h Bellefair av 
Gould John, lab, h Reid av 
Graham Albert, pntr, h Reid av 
Graham Malcolm, pntr, h Reid av 
Graham Thomas H, stove ftr, h Reid av 
Graham Thomas H jr, paperhngr, h Reid 


Gray George, tmstr, h 49 Ashdale av 
Gray George R, hide dlr Coxwell av 
Green Wm, plmbr, h Ashdale av 
Greenlees John, bollermkr, h Ashdale av 
Greer Robert, mach, h 34 Herbert av 
Griffith Charles A, h e s Woodbine av 
Grigg John R, baker, h 34 Kenllworth cres 
Grogan Charles lather, h Reid av 
Grove Julia (wid David), 1 Wm Hlteshue 
Groves Miss Maud, 1 J Butcher 
Guthrie Agnes (wid Robert), h Cassels av 
Guthrie Miss Annie, elk, 1 Mrs A Guthrie 
Guthrie John, florist, 1 Mrs A Guthrie 
Hackett George J, storekpr, h 33 Reid av 
Hackett Reginald J, elk. h 106 Coxwell av 
Hague James, carp, h 25 Wheeler av 
Hague Wm, contr, h Lee av 
Hall Alfred G, brklyr, h e s Duvernett av 
Hall James, brklyr, h IS6 Bellefair av 
Hall James, brklyr, h w s Bellefair av 
Hall James, gdnr, h Coxwell av 
Hamilton Hugh, pianomkr, 1 J Wood 
Hancock Daniel, elk, h Wheeler av 
Hancock Miss Edith, opr, 1 H W Han 

Hancock Henry W, driver, h Wheeler av 
Hand Thomas W, ins agt, h 14 Bellefair 


Handy Alfred, monuments, h ss King 
ston rd 

Handy Joseph, granite ctr, 1 A Handy 
Hanson John, shipper, li Reid av 
Harding Harold, boxmkr, h Kenilworth 


Harding Henry, ctr, h 16% Reid av 
Harrington Alfred, lab, h Reid av 
Harrington Oscar F, lab, h Erie ter 
Harrington Wm, elk, b Mrs R Peckson 
Harris Sanger, mach, h e s Elmer av 
Harrison Peter, lather, h Reid av 
Harrison Walter, lab, h e s Duvernett av 
Hurvie John, carp, h 41 Wheeler av 
Hawkey Frank, insp, h 45 Wheeler av 
Hawkins Samuel, carp, h 109 Reid av 
Haywood Walter, h Bellefair av 
Heath James E, cashier, h Ashdale av 
Heath Robert W, carp, h Reid av 
Heaton James, tmstr, h Ashdale av 
Henderson Miss Eliza J, 1 W Henderson 
Henderson John, lab, h Reid av 
Henderson Wm H. messr. h Berkeley av 
Heslop John, painter, h 18 Reid av 
Hess Harrison K, huckster, h Burgess av 
Hess John W, packer, h Burgess av 
Hess Samuel, fireman, h e s Duvernett 


Hess Samuel R. entr, h Burgess av 
Hewitt Isaac, h 178 Coxwell av 
Hewson Wm, brklyr, h Woodbine av 
Higgins Willoughby, lab, h Ashda'e av, e 

of 13 Coxwell av 
Hines Emily (wid Wm), h w s Kingston 


Hines John, hotel prop, in w s Kingston rd 
Hines Thomas, steam ftr, 1 Mrs E Hines 
Hird James H A, mngr, h Coxwell av 
Hiteshue Wm, carp, h Burgess av 
Hobbs Thomas W, elect, h Reid av 
Hobson Wm, bldr, h Cassels av 
Hodge Edward T A, lab, h Reid av 
Hodson Walter, lab, h Reid av 
Hole Wm, h w s Kingston rd 
Holman Blanche cook C F Lavender 
Holman Frederick, jockey, IRE Holman 
Holman Richard E, btchr, h w s King 
ston rd 

Holman Richard T, elect, 1 T Holman 
Holman Thomas, trav, h Waverley rd 
Holroyd Frank, lab, h Woodbine av 
Holywell Charles, prtr, 1 G Chapman 
Holywell Jane (wid John), 1 G Chapman 
Hovenden Wm, painter, b C F Lavender 
Howard George, grocer, Gerrard, cor Held 

av. h same 

Howard John, lab, h Reid av 
Howden John, elk, h 25 Bellefair av Thomas W, boxmkr, h 8 Bellefair 

Hulse John, carp, h Burgess av 
Hunter Caroline (wid Wm L), h 148 Wav- 

erljy rd 

Hunter Wm A, acct, h 138 Lee av 
Hurd Allen, pressfdr, 1 Mrs Mary Hurd 
Hurd Bert, pressman, 1 Mrs M Hurd 
Hurd Cedric, jwlr, 1 Mrs M Hurd 
Hurd Ernest, comp 1 Mrs M Hurd 
Hurd Mary (wid Lester), h Wheeler av 
Hutchinson Thomas, plmbr, h Reid av 
Hutchison George O, h Waverley rd 
Imber Frank, painter, h e s Duvernett av 
Jackson Harry C, elk, 1 J W Jackson 
Jackson James W, trav, h Berkeley av 
Jackson Wm H, prtr. h Waverley rd 
James Henry, lab, h Burgess av 
James Horace, lab, h Reid av 
Jennings James, tmstr, 1 J Jennings 
Jennings John, lab, h Reid av 
Jessop George, h Coxwell av 
Jifkins Frederick, btchr, h Reid av 
Jifkins Henry A, cattle dlr, h Coxwell av 
Johnson Ernest, concrete wkr, h Gibson 


Johnson Joseph, pressman, h Burgess av 
Johnson O Arthur, contr, h Burgess av 
Johnson Wm, lather, h Reid av 
Johnston David, studt, 1 Mrs E A John 
Johnston Elizabeth A (wid Robert), h 

Johnston Miss Elizabeth J, 1 Mrs E A 


Johnston James, elk, 1 Mrs E A Johnston 
Johnston John D, prtr, h Reid av 
Johnston Miss Maria, 1 Mrs E A Johnston 
Johnston Miss Mary, 1 Mrs E A Johnston 
Johnston Robert J. elk, 1 Mrs E A John 

Johnston Wm, elk. 1 Mrs B A Johnston 
Joselin Wm H, bldr Herbert av, h same 
Kendall Edward, plstr, h 53 Ashdale av 
Kendall Frederick, b'.ksmith, h 55 Ash 
dale av 

Kenmare Robert J, engineer, h 2 Reid av 
Kennedy John, driver, h Herbert av 
Kerr Thomas, elk, h f> Kenilworth cres 
Kinmond Alexander, shipper, h Reid av 
Kinnear Alexander, elk, h Waverley rd 
Kirkwood Tully L, elk, h 24 Reid av 
Laidlaw Thomas, lab, h Gibson av 
Lamont John, brkmkr, h Woodbine av 
Lancaster Wm A, h 33 Ashdale av 
Large \Vm, h 93 Ashdale av 
Lavender Charles F, prop Woodruff 

House, s s Kingston rd 
Lawson Richard B, paperhngr, h Waver 
ley rd 

Leeks Alfred, carp, h 7 Ashdale av 
Le Huguet Albert, 1 J F Le Huguet 
Le Huguet Miss Blanche, opr, 1 J F Le 


Le Huguet John F, carp, h Wheeler av 
Le Huguet John W, h w s Wheeler av 
Le Huguet Miss Minnie, opr, 1 J F Le 


Le Liever Alfred, carp, h Wheeler av 
Lendrum Robert G, jockey, h Woodbine 


Le Page Chester W, druggist, h 128 Kenll 
worth av 
Leseig Wm, fruits n s Glenwood av 

David J, seedsman, h Herbert av 
Le Sour Philip, shipper, h 66 Coxwell av 
Lewes Alfred M, mach, h Ashdale av, 

of 15 Coxwell av 
Linley Ernest G, mach, h Reid av 
Linley Wm, tmstr, h Reid ay 
Little Alfred, lab, h Reid av 
Logan Alfred, lab, h Woodbine av 
Long John E, cutter, h Heyworth av 
Longmate Ernest G, mldr, h Reid av 
Lucas John, mach, h 117 Reid av 
Lye Henry S, confr, h Norway pi 
Lynn Henry, pntr, h Reid av 

McBride Albert H, elect eng, h 132 Wav 

McBride Edgar G, bkbndr, h Herbert av 
McCarthy Thomas C, insp, h 43 Wheeler 

McClocklin Miss Susan, tchr Norway Pub 

Sen, res Toronto 
McConnochie Robert, lab, h n s Kingston 

McCord Samuel, lab, h 61 Reid av 

Guarantee Company of North America 

MEDLAND & SON, Gen'l Agents, Mail Building, Cor. King- and Bay 


Tel. Main 1067 



PHONES MAIN 45O1 and 1400 




I Annie, tel opr, 1 w H 
hlbald. btchr. 1 W H Mc- 

i Ronald, carp, 1 W H McDonald 

>nnld Win H. LMrp, h Bellefair av 
nald Wm J, carp. 1 W H McDonald 
een James, jilmbr, h Bellefair av 
ntyre Lloyd, app. 1 H Robertson 
Thomas, carp, h 71 Reid av 
-:mon, lab. h 14O Lee av 

ay Wm II, stationer, h 165 Lee 
. iy L Gordon, real est 29 Reid av. h 

George G, coll. h e s Herbert 

v.-nzie Murdoch, elk. h 16O Lee av 
Maclean James, reporter. ! W Maclean 
Maclean Wallace. Journalist, h Woodbine 

Magee John, pdlr, h Reid av 

>lm Archibald, harnessmkr, 1 R Mal- 

>lm John, carp. 1 R Malcolm 
>lm Robert, harnessmkr, h s s King 
ston rd 

>r Henry. Japanner, h Berkeley av 
Mender Wm E, Japanner, 1 Henry Mander 

. mason, 1 D Binns 
Matthews Charles, carp, h Kenilworth 

Maunder Luther M, blksmith, h Woodbine 

Mawhinney Wm. btlr, h Reid av 
Mead Wm R. arch, h w s Kingston rd 
-ure Harry, carp, h Reid av 
rsh Gawen. florist, h Berkeley av 
Millar James W. elk. h w s Kingston rd 
A, postman, h w s Lee av 
Miller Wm, driver, h e s Coxwell av 
Mills Wm. h 2S Kenilworth cres 
Moffett George, pntr, h Reid av 
MofTett Wm J, lab, h Coxwell av 

rge, gdnr, h s s Danforth av, 
cor Coxwell av 

Wm H. acct, h Berkeley av 
Moore Henry, ctr, h 15 Kenilworth eres 
Moore Walter, packer, h He Coxw 11 av 
Moore Wm H. stone ctr. h 77 Bellefair av 
Moorhouse John, piano mkr. h 144 Lee av 
Morgan Francis, moto, h 131 Ashdale av 
Morley George, elk, h Burgess av 
Morrison Augustus B, h 168 Lee av 
Morrison L Judson, engineer, h 136 Lee 


Mortenson Randolph, pnrr, h Reid av 
Mosher James, bldr, h Bellefair av 
Mosher Wm, carp, h Bellefair av 
Moss George A, pntr w s Kingston rd 
Moss Miss Maud, 1 H Schofleld 
Mueller Miss Annie. 1 M Mueller 
Mueller Jacob, app, 1 M Mueller 
Mueller Michael, lab, h Coxwell av 
Mulvaney Alexander, grocer 109 Ashdale 

av, h same 

Mundy Kenneth, uphol, h 30 Wheeler av 
Munro Miss Alice, h 15 Wheeler av 
Munro Angus, slsmn. 1 A Munro 
Munro Arthur, btchr, h 104 Coxwell av 
Munro James A, trav, : Miss \ Munro 

lunro Miss Janet, bkpr. 1 A Munro 
Munro Robert, meter mkr. 1 H Robertson 
Munro Wm F, 1 Miss A Munro 
Murphy Thomas E, moto, h w s Kingston 


Murphy Wm, cigarmkr. h Lee av 
Murray Hugh, blksmith, h 103 Reid av 
Murray Samuel, Iron wkr. h Reid av 
Naughton Michael, iron wkr, h 95 Ash 
dale av 

Newland Frederick, pntr, h Reid av 
Ivewton George, ctr. h Woodbine av 
NIblock Andrew M. h Lee av 

ek Henrietta J (wid James), 1 A M 


>ck Miss Minnie, 1 A M Niblock 
.Nichols Albert, foreman, h Wheeler av 
Mcholson Miss Charity, smstrs. h Ash 
dale av 

Nicholson Margaret E (wid Seth), h Ash 
dale av 

Nicholson Thomas, foreman, h Ashdaie 

James, plmbr, h 99 Reid av 
Nixon John, horse trainer, h w s Kings 
ton rd 

i Walter, h Kenilworth av 

. Samuel Wilson prop e s 
Kingston rd 

Noi:\\AV I'OST OFFICE, Miss Fi- 

a Segriff Postmistress, w s King 
ston rd 
Norway Public School, J E Fawcett prln 

n s Kingston rd 
O'Connor Dennis, caretkr Norway Pub 

w s Kingston rd 

>'Connor James, carp, h Coxwell av 
O'Connor James A. oik. 1 U O Connor 
O Connor ' tlrs. 1 D O Connor 

lab. h 107 Reid av 
liver John, painter, h Ashdale a 

Owler F John, carp, h !>3 Reid av 
ernmkr. h Reid av 
n Charles J, shipper, h Coxwell av 
Page C Edward, concrete wkr, h Gibson 

MiSS Edlth - artls t (china). 1 Wm 

Paget Rev Ed war.]. 1 w H Paget 
Paget Frank, h Norway pi 

' a p^' E, mus tchr, ! Wm H 

Paget Mary (wid Wm P). 1 Wm H Paget 
Paget Wm H. trav, h Berkeley av 
Pape Cuthbert. ti ,seph Pape 

Pape Joseph, florist Woodbine av 

iih Jr. florist. 1 Joseph Pape 
nter. mldr, h 15 Coxwell av 
s Robert, lab. h S3 Reid av 
Parson Clara (wid Henry), h 90 Coxwell 

ns A Edmund D, lab. h Gibson av 
Patten T J Hurt. moto. h Herbert av 

rth Kadford. lab. h Reid av 
Pay ton Martha J (wid Wm), h Berkeley 

Horace C. h 44 Coxwell av 

Mk. 1 Mrs R Peck- 

>n Miss Ethel, mlnr, 1 Mrs P. Peck- 
Peckson Norman G, slsmn, 1 Mrs R 

Peekson Ruth (wid Albert), h 19 Kenll- 

th cres 

Peer Ernest, furrier, 1 T Holman 
Pentecost Ashton, architect, n Berkeley 


Pentecost Norman, surveyor, J A Pente 
Perkins Michael H, prtr, 1 Wm A Per. 


Perkins Wm A. moto, h Reid av 
Perry Wm, tmstr, h Reid av 
Phillips Mrs Margaret, h Herbert av 
Philp George, foreman, h 107 Ashdale av 
Plckard James E mach, h Reid av 
Pickering Frank F, bldr, h 31 Wheeler av 
Pickering Harry, brkmkr. h Reid av 
Pirtgeon Charles, app. 1 T Pidgeon 

"n Thomas, fnshr, h 78 Coxwell av 
Polsue Frederick, fnshr. h 14 Reid av 
Powell Alfred. lab. h Woodbine av 
Powell Richard, plstr. h Wheeler av 

.terian Church (Mission), w a Reid 
n of Gerrard 
Prest Thomas, cricket and foot ball mfr 

St Mary's lane, h same 
Price Abner R. eontr, h Belief: 
Price Adolphus B, carp, h Beliefair av 

Joseph, trav. h 152 Lee av 
Pring James, lab. h 91 Reid av 
Pritchard John, plstr, h 62 Coxwell av 
Pritchett George W, sexton, h e s Cox- ; 

well av 

Probin Harry H. gro Reid av, h same 
Pucknell Walter H, packer, h Reid av 
Punchard Reginald, acct. h 37 Wheeler av 
Purvis James M, h 152 Kenilworth av 
Raines Robert, sailor, ReH 
Ramcr I Dav'd. tmstr, h SO Coxwell av 
Ramsden Albert, h Ashdale av 
Ray Carl, hotel kpr, h 24 Kenilworth cres 
Raymond John, elect, h 21 Kenilworth 


Roddick Dav!d, elk. h 6 Reid av 
Reesor Joseph, tmstr, h Elmer av 
Reeves Wm, tinner, h Elmer av 
Keid Wm, gdnr. h Coxwell av 
Rhlnd Alexander, wood wkr, h Bellefair 

Rhodes John, lab, h Reid av 
Rhodes Miss Loir J Rhodes 

Rhodes . , brklyr, h Reid av 

Richards Edward, mech eng, h Waverley 
Rickctts George, lab, h 77 Reid av 
moto, h Burgess av 

Rlppon Edrlck V, mirror sllverer, h Maugh- 
an av 

Arthur, gas wkr, h 55 Reid av 
Robertson Henry, driver, h 17 Kenilworth 


Robinson Edward, elk, h Berkeley av 
Robinson Harry, carp, h 17 Reid av 
Robison Edgar, prtr, h Cassels av 
Robson Albert E, pntr, h w s Kingston rd 
Rochejocquelejn Alphonse, porter H 4 

Kenilworth cres 
Kogers Joseph, ftr, h Reid av 
Rolls Arthur, mach, h Burgess av 
Rose Mrs De Clara, h 111 Rei.: 
Rose Harry, trav, li w s Lee av 
Rose Miss Helen, studt, I H Rose 
Rose John, elk, 1 H Rose 
Rose Miss Margaret, 1 H Rose 
Rose Richard, foot ball mkr T Prest, b 

n s Kingston rd 
Rose SSirah (wid Alexander), h 1 < 
Rushforth Joseph H, ftr, h w s ! 


St John the Baptist Church (Angl 
Rev W L Baynes Rued, rector, 
Roi> irate Woodbine -iv 

St John's Cemetery, Walter Stevens supt, 
Kingston rd and Woodbine a\ 

\lexander G, brklyr h Hey wort ' 
Salisbury Samuel R, carp, h Reid av 
Samuel J Hughes, nurseryman, U Berke- 

Sanderson Frederick M, safe mfr, h T'i 

Coxwell av 

Sangster George, lab, h 1O1 Reid av 
Sangster Joseph, plshr, h 135 Ashdal. 
Schiek Percy, h 29 Beliefair av 
Schorield Hanson, lab, h Reid av 
Schooley Rebecca (wid Edward G), 1 w s 

Scott Alexander C, tel insp, h 18 Beli 


Seagram Harry M, ins agt, h Herbert av 
Segriff Miss Christine, elk, 1 P Segriff 
Segriff Ernest, tmstr, 1 P Segriff 
mist ray Postof:; <r IT 
Segriff George, lab, 1 P Segriff 
Segriff Mrs Mary, grocer, n 9 Kingston rd, 

1 same 

Segriff Patrick, lab, h n s Kingston rd 
Sewell George, tmstr. h Reid av 
Shand Aleaxnder. carp, h e s Herbert av 
Sharraxd Wesley, Jockey, h w s Kingston 


Snee George H. foreman, h R?id av 
Shuttleworth George, plstr, h Ashdale av 
Simson Edward H. h 15* Lee av 
Skeats Charles A, lab. h 
.Smee Wm J. carp, h Reid 
Smith Albert, h Kingston rd 
Smith James, lab, h w s Kingston rd 
Smith Leonard, sec. h 
Smith Robert, lab, h Coxwell av 
Smith Sidney, h Herbert av 
Smithson Oliver, tmstr, h Reid av 
Smyth Wm R, barr. h Be 


General Insurance Agents and Brokers. OFFICE, 9 TORONTO ST 

Phones, Office Main 856; Res., North 1685, North 2934 


Plate Glass 
and Plate Glass 


Lloyd's Plate Glass Insurance Co. and 

The Queen City Plate Class and Mirror Co. 
NO. 6i-65 ADELAIDE ST. E. Limited 


Sneddon Alexander, pianomkr, h Burgess 


Snell Charles G. h Kenilworth cres 
finell Miss Florence, tehr Norway Pub 

Sch, res Toronto 
Spain Wm, lab, h Reid av 
Spence Duncan, trav, h e s Elmer av 
Spencer John, hatter, 1 S Spencer 
Spencer Samuel, hatter, h Heyworth av 
fipinlove George A, saw flier, h s s Kings 
ton rd 

Spires Miss Maggie, 1 J Nixon 
Bpurier Mrs Marguerite, h 5 Kenilworth 


Stevens Alfred, carp, h 7 Ashdale av 
Stevens James, foreman St John's Ceme 
tery, 1 Walter Stevens 
Btevens John, pdlr, h Norway pi 
Stevens Walter, supt St John's Cemetery, 

h w s Kingston rd 
tevenson George, lab. h Reid av 
Stevenson Harry, carp, 1 Mrs M Black- 

Stewart John, coll, h Herbert av 
Stokes Frederick A, trav, h Berkeley av 
Stoner Wm, lab, h 85 Reid av 
Stratton Joseph E, plstr, h 47 Redd av 
JSlucKy Albert, pattern mkr, h Reid av 
Bully Robert, lab. h Herbert av 
Swarbrlck John G, carp, h Heyworth av 
Symons John, comp, h Herbert av 
Taylor Adam R, steam ftr, h Kenllwortb 


Taylor Jacob, h Herbert av 
Taylor Leonard, shoe ctr, h 13 Ashdale av 
Teasdale George, h Gibson av 
Terry Arthur, brkmkr, h Reid av 
Tew Mark, elk, 1 Richard Tew 
Tew Miss Nora G, stenog, 1 Richard Tew 
Tew Richard, assignee, h Berkeley av 
Thomas Austin, lab, h 29 Ashdale ay 
Thomas Austin jr, app, 1 T Austin 
Thomas Wm, foreman, h 9 Ashdale av 
Thompson Harry, ctr, h 4 Reid av 
Thompson Walter S, acct, h w s Kingston 


Thorne Samuel J, lab, h Woodbine av 
Tilston Percy R, h 159 Lee av 
Tompkins Miss Gertrude, foreldy, 1 Mrs J 

Tompkins Johanna (wid Thomas), h w a 

Kingston rd 
Tompkins Miss Martina, 1 Mrs J Tomp- 


Tompkins Thomas, elk, 1 Mrs J Tompkins 
Tonkin Mrs Nellie. 1 A Deacon 
Toronto Golf Assn, Ltd, Wm Troughton 

steward. Coxwell av 
Troughton Wm, steward Toronto Golf 

Assn. Ltd, h Coxwell av 
Turff Thomas W, watchmkr, h Wheeler 


Turnbull Eunice (wld Wm), h 13 Kenil 
worth cres 

Tyler Miss Emily M, mlnr, 1 S Tyler 
Tyler Samuel, btchr, h Waverley rd 
Valliere Charles A, grocer 53 Reid av, h 


Varriers George A, carp, h 41 Reid av 
Vandecar Frederick, mgr, h 120 Kenil 
worth av 

Varey Bryan, foreman, h 128 Waverley rd 
Waghorn Wm J, packer h 63 Reid av 
Walker Sidney, comp, h Ashdale av 
Wallace Elizabeth (wid Charles), 1 W J 


Ward Alfred R. photo, h 76 Bellefair av 
Ward James, mkt gdnr. h Woodbine av 
Warren Henry, arch, h 154 Waverley rd 
Wasson David, moto, h 58 Coxwell av 
Watson Albert, lab. h Reid av 
Watson Harold (T Watson & Son), 1 T 


Watson James, plstr, l L Taylor 
Watson Thomas (T Watson & Son), h 

1B36 Queen e 
Watson T & Son (Thomas and Harold), 

florists 1636 Queen e 
Weal Thomas, carp, h Coxwell av 
Weir John, gdnr, h e s Woodbine av 
Weir John, lab, h 3 Ashdale av 
Weir John jr, plshr, h Burgess av 
White Alexander, florist w s Kingston rd 
White James, lab. 1 A White 
White Wm, lab, 1 S Thorne 
Whittaker Mrs Emma, tchr Norway i j uo 
Sch, res Toronto 

Wilby Joseph, h Woodbine av 
Wildt'oug Edward, carp, h Reid av 
\Villiams Henry, shipwright, h L6 av 
Williams James, lab, h 163 AShdale av 
Willison Wm H, dairy Herbert av, h same 
Willmot Mary E (wid Wm M), h 142 Lee 


Wilson Harry, auto mach, h McLean av 
Wilson John h w s Kingston rd 
Wilson John, lab. h e s Coxwell av 
Wilson Kate (wid Richard), h Elmer av 
Wilson Robert, barber, h Woodbine av 
Wilson Samuel, prop Norway House, s 

s Kingston rd 

Wilson Wm E, brklyr, h 59 Reid av 
winsper John W, lab, h Reid av 
Winstone Walter, plstr, h 23 Ashdale av 
Wood Amos B, foreman, h 40 Elmer av 
Wood George, leather gds, h Reid av 
Wood James E, mach hd, h 42 Elmer av 
Wood John, knitter, h Woodbine av 
Woodruff House, Charles F Lavender 

prop, s s Kingston rd 
Woodruff Wm D, carp, h Woodbine av 
\\ oodward John, lab, h Wheeler av 
Woodward John C, elev opr, h Gibson av 
Woodward Robert, trav, h Berkeley av 
Worsnop Harry, lab, 1 S Thorne 
Wright Douglas, trav. h Bellefair av 
wngley Thomas, pntr, h Reid av 
Wyatt Philip, piano mkr, h Burgess av 
Wylie George designer, h St Mary's lane 
Yates Alfred, brklyr, h e s Coxwell av 
in John, lab, h e s Coxwell av 


(Four Mi'es West of P O) 
\dams Joseph, lab, h Windermere av 
Aikins Robert I, supt Grenadier Ice & 

Coal Co, res Toronto 
Aishford Joseph J, carp, h Craig 
Aishford Wm H, mach, h Craig 
Allen Frank B, pres Indestructable BriQK 

<jo Ltd, res Toronto 
Allen James, lab, h South Point 
Allen Joseph, tmstr Dominion Sewer Pipe 

Co, h Queen 
Arnold Ernest, Mpr Grenadier Ice & Coal 

Co. h Craig 

Baker George, packer, h College 
Barker Allan, h College st extension 
Barlow Sarah (wid John), h Bertha 
Barnum Lorenzo D, eng Tor June Pump 
ing Station, res Mimico 
Beecroft Wm A, prin Swansea Public Sch, 

h Thompson 

Benness Albert, mount mkr, h Thompson 
Blaekwell Frederick J, timekeeper Tor 

Bolt & Forging Co, res Toronto 
Blair David, mach, h Thompson 
Booth Henry, carp, h Craig 
Brown James, lab, h Bertha 
Browning Frederick, carp, h Queen 
Brydson David, wks Rennie Co, h Thomp 
Tirvdson Miss Elizabeth, elk Swansea Post 

Office. 1 Mrs Sarah Brydson 
Brydson James jr, blksmth, h Windermere 


mistress Swansea Postoffice. 1 Mrs Sa 
rah Brvdson 

Brydson Sarah (wid James), h Ellis av 
Cameron Hueh. stable foreman Gren;ulier 

Ice & Coal Co. h Windermere uv 
Cameron L, Daniel, lab. h Queen 
Canadian Pacific Railway Station. Petrr 

Lauten-Slayer. agt. Lake Shore rd 
Carberry James, h Windermere av 
Carless Edmund, tmstr. h Bertha 
farr John. lab. h Windermere av 
Chappell Joseph, mach. h Windermere av 
Christie Wm, h Thompson 
Churchward Robert, boat bldr O L Hicks. 

res Humber B.ay 

Clayton Alfred C, plmbr. h Park rd 
Clayton Frances G (wid Joseph), 1 J Ellis 
Clayton Frederick W. tinsmth. h Winder- 
mere av 

Cochrane Joseph, lab, h College 
Coe Ann (wid Mark), h Lavlna 
Coe Wm A. lab. h Windermere av 
Pne Zachariah, tmstr, 1 Mrs A Coe 

Collins Wm. carp Grenadier Ice & Coal 

Co, res Toronto 

Collins Wm J. cond. h Windermere av 
Coombs Thomas, h Ellis av 
Cooper Leonard, lab, h Oak av 
Cromwell George, iron wkr, h Craig 
Dale John, market gardener, h Jane 
Davis Wm H. lab, h Craig 
Defoe John, tailor, h Ellis av 
Dominion Sewer Pipe Co. Ltd. John T 

Ryan pres, Thomas Kennedy mng dlr 

and treas, Queen 
Doyle Thomas, tmstr, h Lavina 
Drake Elias J, gro College & Lavina av. 
Drew Richard, lab, h Craig 
Eason Wm O, grinder, h Collegs st ex 

Eastman Charles A, mach, h Ellis av 
Edge Joseph, painter, h Crale 
Edmunds George, tmstr, h Bertha 
Edward Albert, weaver, h Maple av 
h-award John, lab, h Lavina 
Ellis John, JP, h Ellis av 
Elsheimer John, confr, h Made av 
Fairbairn Miss Margaret, tchr Swansea 

Pub Sch. res Toronto 
Farrow Robert, carp, h South Point 
Fenton John, boltmkr, h Jane 
Fielding Simeon, carp, h Windermere av 
Ford John, lab, h Windermere av 
Foreman Frank, lab, h South Point 
Fortier Henry C. sales mgr Dom Sewer 

Pipe Co. res Toronto 
Fournier Thomas, mach, h Thompson 
Fox Lee, h Bloor 
Francis Wm J. moto, h Thompson 
Garlin Andrew, lab, h Craig 
Gemmell John, architect, h Ellis av 
Gillies Allan R. sec-treas Toronto Bolt & 

Forging Co, Ltd, res Toronto 
Gillies George, pres Tor Bolt & Forging 

Co. res Toronto 

Gough John T, slsmn, h Windermere av 
Graham Mrs Agnes, caretkr Swansea Pub 

School, h Windermere av 
Graham John, tmstr. h Windermere av 
Grand Trunk Railway Station, Peter 

Lauten-Slayer agt. Lake Shore rd 
Grant Walter, carp, h Windermere av 
Gratton John W, brklyr, h Thompson 
Gray Richard, mldr, h Thompson 
Grenadier Ice and Coal Co, E W Trent 

mngr, Lake Shore rd 
Hanna Richard, lab, h Bertha 
Harding Thomas, tmstr Grenadier Ice & 

Coal Co. h Craig 

Harris Rev Richard H, h Elizabeth 
Harrison Charles, supt Dominion Sew^r 

Pipe Co, res Mimico 

Haslam Thomas, carp, h Windermere av 
Hawke Frederick, elk Tor Bolt & Forging 

Co, h Thompson 
Hawke Jason, foreman Toronto Bolt & 

Gorging Co, h Windermere av 
Henry Ernest O, elk Tor Bolt & Forging 

Co, res Humber Bay 
Henry Thomas, lab, h Craig 
Henry Wm, lab, h Bertha 
Hicks Octavius L, boats Lake Shore rd, 

res Humber Bay 
Hill Charles, lab, h Craig 
Hillsdon James, eng Tor Junction Pump 
ing Station, res Toronto 
Hood Garfield. elk Tor Bolt & Forging 

Co. res Toronto 
Horning John E, opr CPR and GTR. 1 

Mrs Sarah Brydson 

Howard Alfred W, lab, h Windermere av 
Howard Arthur H, h Elizabeth 
Howard Frederick, pckr, 1 A W Howard 
Howard Lome, mach. 1 A W Howard 
Humber Supply Co (John and Walter A 

McConnell), grocers. Lake Shor rd 
Humber Swinery, Thomas McAllister, 

mngr. Jane 

Hunt Hamilton, driver, h College st ex 

Hutchison David, mach, h Thompson 
Hutchison Margaret (wid Alexander) h 

Imperial Gas Power Co, Ltd, Lake Shore 

Indestructible Brick Co, Ltd, Frank B 

Allen i) res and sec-treas, John O Mer- 

c:er supt, South Point 
Jecks Clarence E, watchman, h Lavina 
Jefferson Charles, lab, h Craig 
Johnson Richard B, h Jane 
Jones Wm, carp, h WinJermere av 

Che Canadian Guardian Life Insurance Company 

Office, Special 2SO Pollcies-Both Sexes Ages H to 65. Reliable Agents Wanted TORONTO 


1O3 Bay St. 



Juleff Charles, engineer Tor Bolt & Forg- 
-. Co. h \Vindermere av 

stina K (wid Charles), h Jane 
John D, elk. 1 Mrs C Kelley 
Kennedy Thomas, mng dl: and tie .3 L)om 

r Pipe Co. Ltd, res Toronto 
Kyle J Fergus, Illustrator, 1 \Vm Kyle 

\Vin. mngr Toronto Bolt & Forg- 
inR Co. h K::JS av 

:iier. h La vlna 
Lauten-Slayer Peter, station agt GTR and 

CPK. res Toronto 
Lea st John, h Windermere av 
Leek uistr Urenadler Ice & Coil 

Co. h Ell 

rastr. h Windermere av 
Leslie Archibald, lab, h Windermere v 
Levis Joseph, nutmkr. h Bertha 
Lockhart Douglas, carp, h College st ex 

Long George, h Thompson 
Loranger Ell J. carp. 1 Lavlna 
Lutkin Win. plmbr, h Craig 
McAllister Thomas, mngr Humber Swin 
ery, h Jane 
McConnell John (Humber Supply Co), res 

Humb-.T Kiv 
McConnell Walter A (Humber Supply Co). 

h Lake Shore rd 
McFarland James R. moto, h Windermere 


McKay Robert, cond, h Windermere av 
McKenna \Vm R. pursemkr. h Thompson 
McLachlan M'ss Maud, tchr Swansea Pub 

res Toronto 
McLaughlin John, fireman Urenadl r 

Ice & Coal Co. h Alice 
McLean Wm. foreman Toronto Bolt A 

Korging Co. h Windermere av 
M 'Mulkin John T, supt Tor Junction 
Pumping Station, res Toronto Junction 
Major Robert, silversmith, h Craig 
Mark Mary cwid Alexander), h Eliza 

Martin Herbert W, acct. h Ellis T 
Mercier John O, supt Indestructable Brick 

CO. res Toronto 

-Mitcnell Albert, cond, 1 John Mitchell 
Mitchell Charles, hlpr O L Hicks, res 

Humber Bay 

Mitchell John, lab. h Windermere av 
Monteflore Eugene F. elk Grenadier Ice 

& Coal Co. res Toronto 
Mornlngxide Presbyterian Church, College 

st extension 
Morton Emmanuel, carp, h Wlndermere 


Muir James, proofreader, 1 J Gemrael 
Mundy Alexander, lab. 1 B Mundy 
Mundy Miss Edith, h Lavina 
Mundy Elgin, carp, h College st exten 
Neff Edward, ointment mfr. h College pt 


Neff John. lab. 1 E Xeff 
Neff Miss Mary. 1 E Xeff 
Nelson Walter S, pressman, h Thompson 
O'Brien Bridget (wid Patrick), h Winder- 
mere av . 
O'Brien James, 1 Mrs B O'Brien 
Odd Elizabeth (w:d Wini. h South Point 
Oster Mary (wid Henry), h Windermere 


Oster Robert, driver, 1 Mrs Mary Oster 
Pape John C. lab. h Lavina 
Parker Allan G. driver Dom Sewer Pipe 

Co. h College st extension 
Patterson Elizabeth (wid Thomas), h 


Patterson Elizabeth. 1 Mrs M Patterson 
Patterson John, lab. 1 Mrs M Patterson 
Patterson Mary (wid John), h Craig 
Price Angus, gdnr. h Jane 
Prosser Samuel, lab. h Lake Shore rd 
Putt Wm F. acct Tor Bolt & Forging Co. 

res Toronto 

Quin John, boilermkr. 1 Wm H Quln 
Quin Richard, boilermkr, 1 Wm H Quin 
Quin Robert, boilermkr. 1 Wm H Quin 
Quin Wm H, gro. Windermere av 
Rabjohn Arthur R, pressman, h Thomp 

Reid Charles C, moto, h Windermere av 
Rennie John, florist, h Ellis av 
Robe Albert, engineer Tor Junction Pump 
ing Station, h Ellis av 
Roberts Edward, carp, h Thompson 
Robinson John R, journalist, h Park rd 

Roes Garnet, elk Tor Bolt & Forging Co. 

md Alexander, elk Toronto Bolt & 
l-'.irging Co, res Toronto 

! Henry R. lab. h Windermere av 
John T, pres Dominion Sewer Pipe 
Co. res Toronto 
St Olive's Church ^AngIican), Windermere 

Salvation Army Barracks. Lavina av 

harles, carp, h Craig 
Smith Miss Ada. stenog. 1 Wm Smith 
Smith Miss Ethel M, 1 Wm Smith 

Martha (wid James), h Jane 
Smith Robert C. adv agt, h College st ex 

Smith Wm. h Park rd 
Smyth Robert, roller Tor Bolt & Forging 

h Windermere av 

Smyth Thomas, lab. h Windermere av 
Snell Herbert, h Windermere av 
Solomon Wm, wks Grenadier Ise & Coal 
Co, b F Leek 

ling Wither G L. dentist, h Ellis av 
Stephens John, supt Tor Bolt & Forging 

Co, res Toronto 

Stewart Charles G. h College st extension 
Stewart Wm. elk Toronto Bolt & Forging 

Co. res Toronto 
Summers Lome I. elk Toronto Bolt & 

Forging Co, res Toronto 
-\\ \N-1 \ HINT OFFICE, Mi 
Kathleen Brydson Postmistress, El'ls av 
(Mblic School. Wm A Beecroft 
prin. Windermere av 

up, h Bertha 

ner Henry, hlpr O L Hicks, res Hum 
ber Bay 

i'odii l "ppersmith, h Ciaig 

Toronto Bolt and Forging Co, Ltd, George 
Gillies pres, T H Watson vlce-pres and 
mng dir, A R Gillies sec-treas. Winder- 
mere av 
Toronto Junction Pumping Station, John 

T McMulkin supt, Lake Shore rd 
Trent Ernest W. mngr Grenadier Ice A 

foal Co. res Toronto 
Urch Austin, hlpr Grenadier Ice & Coal 

Co. h Ellis av 
Vaughan Philip, lab, h Lavina 

r Dav.'l. lab. h Windermere av 
Wallls Ken, bkpr Dominion Sewer Pipe 

Co. res Toronto 

Ward Ernest, brklyr, h Thompson 
Warn George, watchman GTR, h Queen 
Watson Thomas H, vlce-pres and mng- 
dir Toronto Bolt & Forging Co, Ltd, res 
W, i r George S, tmstr Toronto Bolt & 

1-orging Co. h Windermere av 
White George H, eng, h Lavina 
White James, woodwkr. h Craig 
Willis Henry, mkt gdnr. h Craig 
Wilson A John, foreman, h Ellis av 

n Frank, tmstr Grenadier Ice & 
Coal Co. res Toronto 

n James, paper ruler, h Ellis av 
Windsor Stephen, mach. h Craig 

is George, elk Toronto Bolt & Forg 
ing Co. res Toronto 

Woon Bert W, elk Toronto Bolt & Forc 
ing Co, res Toronto 

it John H. elk Samuel Wright, h 
Win.iermere av 
Wrisht Samuel, flour and feed. Lake 

Shore rd, b Samuel Prosser 
Yemen Fyfe H, carp, h CraJg 


(Four and a half Miles East of P O) 

Utchison David. lab', h Bee 

A lei ,;. brkmkr. h Gamble av 

Aitchison Miss Mary, drsmkr, 1 D Aitchi- 


Andrews George, lab, h w a Don Mills rd 
\ndrews Henry. lab. h Don Mills rd 
.vs Wm, tmstr, h Sammon av 
Angus Alexander, mkt gdnr, Davis la, h 


Armstrong Robert J, drover, h end Wil 

Arnold Henry, lab. h George Kerney 
Aslihy Wm. brklyr, h Don Mills rd 

!.-nry, boat bldr, h n s Torrens 

Audsley Wm, carp, b Henry Audsley 
Bagworth George, h Howarth av 

Benjamin, h Gowan av 
i 'aiiey Robert J, lab, h Torrens av 
Bain Miss Jean, prin Todmorden Pub 

h J W Martin 

Baldwin Alfred J, carp, h Gamble av 
Baldwin John T, carp, h Be* 
Barker Robert, mkt gdnr Cosborn av 
Barker Wm, lab. h w s Don Mills rd 
Barren Alexander, mkt gdnr Davis la, h 


Barron James, lab, 1 A Barron 
Barron Joseph, lab, 1 A Barron 
Barron Miss Kate, 1 A Barron 
Barron Peter, brkmkr. h e s Leslie 
Barmn Miss Tena, 1 A Barron 
Barron Wm, lab, 1 A Barron 
uaxter George, tmstr, h Don Valley 
Beckett Charles, brklyr, h Frankland ajc 
I Bell Robert, mkt gdnr Leslie, h same 
Bellamy Clarke, tmstr, h Woodville av 
Bellamy George, tmstr. h Don Valley 
Blagden Miss Adelaide, opr, b John Gar- 

Jesse, brklyr, h Frankland av 
ooulton Henry, h William 
Boulton Henry jr, carp, h Gamble av 
owman James, lab. h e s Don Mills rd 
Brace James, foreman, h n s Torrens a 
Brake Charles, gdnr, b George Andrews 
Bramwell Samuel, lab. b Samuel Vernon 

Samuel, lab, h Hawthorne row 
Brayman Thomas, lab. h Torrjus av 
Brennan Annie (wid Wm), 1 D Smith 
Briggs Edward, elk, h Woodville av 
Brooks Wm. brkmkr, h Don Mills rd 
Brown Elias. earn, h Sammon av 
Brown Thomas, mach, h 28 Frankland av 
Buckingham John, lab, h Bee 
Burgess James, carp, h Torrens av 
Burgess Wm, carp, h Bee 
Burton Joseph, brkmkr, h Don Mills rd 
Burton Samuel, carp, h Woodville av 
Bussell Robert, elk, h n s Torrens av 
Butler Leonard, mkt gdnr Pape av, h 


Byers John, mkt gdnr, h Hawthorne av 
Carter Alfred, brklyr, h Frankland av 

r Arthur, lab, h Frankland av 
Catterall Wm. brkmkr Don Valley Brick 

Works, res Toronto 

Clark Miss Clara, opr, 1 James F Wilson 
Colborne Edward, lab Don Valley Brick 

Works, res Deer Park 
i 'culms Miss Annie, 1 J Collins 
Collins George S, lab, h Hawthorne row 
Collins Miss Gertrude, presser, 1 George 

S Collins 

t '.iinns James S, lab, 1 George S Collins 
Collins Joseph, gdnr, h Don Mills rd 
Collins Miss Nellie, opr, 1 George S Collins 
Collins Tnomas W, wks Don Valley Brick 

Wks, h Don Valley 
Collins Wm. paper ctr. h Gowan av 
Cooper Miss Evelyn, press feeder, 1 Wm 

R Cooper 

Cooper Wm R. mkt gdnr. e s Don Mills rd 
Cosburn Charles, gdnr, h Bee 
Cosburn Richard C, mkt gdnr Leslie 
Cosburn Robert, gdnr. 1 R C Cosburn 
Cottrell James, lab, h Bee 
Coward Andrew, lab, h Torrens av 
Cramp David, elect, 1 Mrs E Cramp 
Cramp Eliza (wid David), h w s Don Mills 


Cramp Frederick. 1 Mrs E Cramp 
Cramp Miss R<ena, opr, 1 Mrs E Cramp 
Crozier Edward, tmstr, h William 
Crozier Frank, lab. 1 E Crozier 
Crozier George, cutter, 1 B Crozier 
Crozier Miss Jessie, 1 E Crozier 
Curlew Isaac, carp, h Pape av 
Curlew Miss Mary. 1 S Curlew 

nrlew Samuel, lab. h Gowan av 
Curtin Daniel, brklyr, h n s Torrens av 
Curtln Thomas, gndr, h Hawthorne row 
Curtis Geortre H. chef, h Woodville av 
Cutbush George, lab, h w s Don Mills rd 
Dallimore Edward, h Woodville av 
I>all:i! papermkr. av 

Dallimore Thomas, lab, 1 J Daliimore 
Daniels James, mkt gdnr, h Cosborn av 
Dart George, mkt gdnr, 1 J Dart 
Dart John, lab, h Gamble av 
Dart Joseph, mkt gdnr. Plains rd 
Dart Wm, mkt gdnr, Plains rd 



Toronto Brass Manufacturing Co. 



Arthur SUOssington AY, 

Phone Park 2345 


Fire-proof Doors and Windows, 
Skylights, Metallic Ceilings, Etc. 


Davey Herbert, lab, h Plains rd 

Davies George, 1 R Davies 

Davies Robert. JP. prop Don Valley Brick 

Works, h Don Mills rd 
Davies Robert W, 1 R Davies 
Delavigne Frank, elk, 1 Laura Delavigne 
Delavigne Frederick, lab, 1 Laura Dela 

Delavigne Herbert, brkmkr, 1 Mrs L De 
Delavigne Laura (wid Frederick), h Don 

Mills rd 

Dobson Robert, lab, h Sammon rd 
Don Mills Methodist Church, Rev S H 

Edwards pastor, n s Don Mills rd 
Don Valley Brick Works. The, Robert Da- 
vies prop. John B Millar supt of works. 
Don Valley, Todmorden, office 36 To 
ronto st, Toronto 

Downes Bowers. 1 Todmorden Hotel 
Dundas Charles M, lab Don Valley Brick 

Works, 1 J E Dundas 
Dunn Thomas, h e s Don Mills rd 
Durrint Wm, lab, h Gowan av 
Dwyer Gorge, tmstr, 1 G Cutbush 
Dwyer Wm. wks Don Valley Brick 

wks, h Bee 
Eaton Joseph, lab Don Valley Brick 

Wks, 1 James Wilkes 
Edge John, lab Don Valley Brick Wks, 

1 J Garllck 
Edge Joseph, lab Don Valley Brick wks, 

h s s Gowan av 

Edmunds Walter, lab, 1 J W Wilkes 
Edwards Edward S, trav, 1 Rev S H 


Edwards Rev Samuel H, pastor Don Mills 
Methodist Church, h w s Don Mills rd 
Elliott Wm. b Wm Briggs 
Emmory Walter, barber Don Mills rd, h 


England Ernest G, drover, h Don Mills rd 
Ensminger John, lab, h e s Don Mills rd 
Ensminger Miss Martha, 1 J Ensminger 
Fallous Thomas, lab, h Gamble av 
Fancourt Alfred, lab, 1 C Fancourt 
Fancourt Charles, tinner, h Torrens av 
Fancourt Edwin, tinner, 1 C Fancourt 
Fenn Ernest, lab, h Torrens av 
Fetherbridge Charlas, luh. h (lainble av 
Fetherbridge Frederick, elk, 1 C Pether- 


Fetterly Peter, harnessmkr, h Haw 
thorne row 

Foley Wm J. contr, h Don Mills rd 
Foster Edwin J, wks Don Valley Brick 

wks. 1 G Foster 

Foster George, painter, h Frankland av 
Foster Wm G, clV, 1 G Foster 
Francis Jami, confr, h e s Don Mills rd 
Frankland Thomas, lab, 1 J Pedlar 
Frood Jo'hn A. wood wkr, h Bee 
Furniss Alfred E. elk, h 16 Frankland av 
Gardner Joseph, pdlr, h Bee 
Garlick Miss Kliza. opr, b John Garllck 
Garlick John, lab Don Valley Brick Wks, 

h Gowan av 

Garrett Robert, lab, b J Hill 
Gazley Reynold, lab, h n s Torrens av 
Gibbard James, gdnr. h s s Gowan av 
Gobeil Alfred, lab, h Gowan av 
Goldsmith James, tmstr, h Don Valley 
Goodson Robert, brklyr. 1 J Macdonald 
Goodwin Ernest, lab, b James Cottrlll 
Grange Albert W, prop Todmorden Hotel, 

e s Don Mills rd. h same 
Green John, h n s Torrens av 
Green Samuel, blksmith e s Don Mills rd 
Green Thomas H. wks Don Valley Brick 
Gregory Wm, h Woodville av 
Griffin George mkt gdnr Plains rd 
Griffiths Mark, lab, h Bee 
Hall JoTin. gdnr. wks R Hall 
Hall Robert, mktgdnr Davis la, h, same 
Hall Wm E, rubberwkr, h Bee 
Hammond Walter, lab, 1 J Garlick 
Harris George, lather, fh Woodville av 
Harris James E. cook, h Frankland av 
Harris Thomas, mldr, h Gamble av 
Hartle Mary (wid Robert), h e s Don 

Mills rd 

Haugh Isaac, mkt gdnr Plains rd, h same 
Hayes Ernest, fireman, h Gowan av 
Hazelton Joseph A, fireman, h Gowan av 
Hazelton Robert drugs, h Bee 
Henderson Caroline A (wid Archibald), h 
n s Don Mills rd 

Henderson Miss Maggie McD, 1 Mrs C A 


Hibbitt Henry, whl btchr Gamble av 
Hill Henry, lab, 1 J Hill 
Hill James, h Bee 
Hill Samuel, h Bee 
Hill Wm J, painter, h n s Bee 
Binkley John, lab, h Don Mills rd 
Hollier Frederick, gro, w s Don Mills rd 
Hoskin Edwin, florist top Greenwood av 
Hoskin Thomas, mkt gdnr, 1 E Hoskin 
Howe James A, lab, h Bee 
Hurst Wm, h n s Torrens av 
lula Vincent, tlr, h Bee 
Jackson Isaac, soapmkr, li e s Don .Mills 


Jebb George, brkburner, h Bee 
Jenkins James H, plstr, h w s Don Mills 


Jenkins Judson, elk, 1 J H Jenkins 
Jenkins Miss Margaret, 1 J H Jenkins 
Jenkins Rolph vet surg w s Don Mills rd, 

h same 

Johnson Samuel, brkmkr, h Wm Brooks 
Kayworth Wm, joiner, b Samuel Vernor 
Kelley Miss Annie, fnshr, 1 J Kelley 
K,lli y Miss Edith, fnshr, 1 J Kelley 
Kelley James, engineer, h Hawthorne row 
Kennedy Christopher, h Frankland av 
Kerney George, uphol, h Woodville av 
Keyes John, lab, h Frankland av 
Ki-ycs Richard, tmstr, h w s Greenwood 


Kimberly John, brass fnshr, h Gamble av 
Kingdom James, dairy w s Don Mills rd 
Larson James, blksmth. h Don Valley 
Latham John, lab, h Torrens av 
Legge Miss Hanna K, 1 R L Patterson 
Lethbriclge Wm, wks Don Valley Brick 

Works, 1 Todmorden Hotel 
Luxton Robert, carp, h Gamble av 
M f.ihlon Robert, lab. h Bee 
McGowan Arthur E, jwlr, b George Ker 

Mi Gregor Alexander, mkt gdnr, 1 W Wil 

Mclntosh George, pntr, h Gamble av 
Mclntosh Mrs Mary, h Gamble av 
Mclntosh Miss Sadie, 1 G Mclntosh 
Mi'Kay John, mkt gdnr Sammon av, h 


McKay Robert, mkt gdnr Cosburn av 
McKay Thomas C, mkt gdnr e s Green 
wood av, h same 

McKenzie Samuel, mkt gdnr, 1 V lula 
McLean John, wks Don Valley Brick 

\Vks, h Don Valley 

McLean Wm. tmstr, h w s Don Mills rd 
McLeod Colin, lab, 1 Mrs I Stewart 
McMaster Wm, lab, b Wm Burgess 
McMinn Joseph, carp, h Torreii* >. 
Macdonald John A, furrier, h i>f 
Macdonald Wm, pntr, h Cosburn ar 
Manwaring Albert, brklyr, h KYankland av 
Marden George R, carp, h Bee 
Martin John W, jwlr, h Gamble av 
Mason Wm B, brkmkr, 1 Todmorden 


Matthews Herbert, lab. 1 J Spencer 
Maynard Alfred, lab, h Hawthorne row 
Maynard Mark, brklyr. h Woodville av 
Mayne Samuel, lab, h Gowan av 
Meaker Thomas, farmer, h n s Don Mills 


Mellor Frank, carp, h Don Mills rd 
Mcllor Frederick, elk, 1 Frank Mellor 
Miles Harry, mkt gdnr Sammon av 
Millar John B, supt Don Valley Brick 

Works, h w s Don Mils rd 
Mitchell Miss Edith, tlrs, 1 Wm Mitchell 
Mitchell Russell, trav, 1 Wm Mitchel 
Mitchell Wm, tlr, h n s Don Mills rd 
Moore Charles, lab. b J Hill 
Morgan Andrew J, pntr, h Torrens av 
Moses Arthur J, plmbr, h Gamble av 
Moses George A. contr, h Bee 
Moses George H, brklyr, h Gamble av 
Moses Joseph, brklyr, h Gowan av 
Mountain Albert, mkt gdnr n s Don Mills 

rd, h same 

Munro Eardley, lab, h William 
Munro Wm R, eng, h Gamble av 
Nichol Wm, lab Don Valley Brick Wks, 

I C Robinson 

Oldham Harry, confr, h Plains rd 
Ollerinstiaw Stephen, blksmith, 1 Wm R 

Osborne Harry, Ironwkr, h Gamble av 

Page George, lab Don Valley Brk Wks, 

res Todmorden 

Parker Alfred, lamp Kg'hter, h Gowan av 
Parkhurst Edward, lab, b George S Col 

Patterson Herbert K, elk, 1 R L Patterson 
Patterson Robert L, h n s Don Mills rd 
Pedlar Charles, brick setter, h e s Don 

Mills rd 

Pedlar John, lab, h Torrens av 
Pedlar Miss Minnie, 1 J Pedlar 
Pedlar Philip, lab, h Torrens av 
Pentney Charles, lab, h Frankland av 
Perkes George, brklyr, h Frankland av 
Perry Wm J, wks Don Valley Brick Wks, 

h Don Valley 

Pewtress John B, agt, b Ann Taylor 
Phillips Wm, mariner, h Gamble av 
Pilling Joseph, coll, h n s Torrens av 
Plttman Charles, tmstr, h Don Mills -d 
Pittman John, tmstr, h Don Valley 
Pratt Walter, lab, 1 14 Frankland av 
Prior Frank, lab, 1 C Bellamy 
Queloh Wm, carp, 1 Torrens av 
Ralph Joseph, tmstr, h Don Valley 
Rea James F, bkpr Don Valley Brick 

Works, res Toronto' 
Rea Miss Maria, 1 C Pittman 
Read Fredrick, lab. h Gamble av 
Read Frederick C, elk, 1 F Read 
Read Miss Rosina, stenog, 1 F Read 
Rear Thomas, tmstr, h s s Don Mills rd 
Rice Charlotte (wid George), h Don Mills 

Rice George, brick setter, h Hawthorne 


Rice Miss Lottie, elk. 1 Mrs C Rice 
Roberts Charles J, mkt ganr Gamble av 
Roberts Malcolm, lab, 1 T Roberts 
Roberts Thomas, lab, h Don Valley 
Robinson Allan, barber, h Frankland av 
Robinson Charles, lab, h Hawthorne Row 
Robinson Frederick, lab, h e s Don Mills 


Robinson Hugh, tmstr, h w s Green 
wood av 

Ro-binson Reuben P. tinner, 1 G A Moses 
Robinson Susan (wid Hugh), 1 H Robin 

Rula Vincent, mkt gdnr, Bee, h same 
Russell Herbert E, carp, h s s Sam 
mon av 

Russell Wm A, brklyr, h Sammon av 
St Andrew's Church, Rev Frank Vipond 

rector, cor Pape av and Bee 
Seigriff John, tmstr, h Sammon av 
Self Gilbert, brklyr, h Gamble av 
Shelvey Thomas, cutter, h Bee 
Sheppard Samuel J, lab, h s s Torrens ay 
Sheridan Robert, tmstr, h William 
Sherrick Asaph, carp, h Woodville av 
Sherrick Harold, printer, h Woodville av 
Shields Wm, packer, h n s Torrens av 
Shipp Francis W, brkmkr, h Torrens av 
Simpson Miss Elizabeth. 1 Mrs I Stewart 
tress Todmorden Post Office, e s Don 
Mills rd, h same 

Smith David, engineer, h n s Don Mills rd 
Smith Edward, mkt gdnr, n s Plains rd 
Smith Harold T, engineer, 1 D Smith 
Smith Joseph, dairy, Cosburn av, h same 
Smith Wm A groom, h Gamble av 
Smith Wm A Jr, ctr, 1 W A Smith 
Sneyd Samuel, lab. h Frankland av 
Snowden Joseph, lab, 1 J Pedlar 
Soper Wm, gas insp. b Peter Fetterby 
Spencer John, lab, h Bee 
Springett Wm, carp, h Torrens av 
Staley Ellis, brkmkr, b Wm Brooks 
Staples Ernest, driver E Rogers, 1 W 

Steele James, tmstr Don Valley Brick 

Wks, h e s Don Mills rd 
Stevens James, mkt gdnr Plains rd 
Stewart Isabella (wid James), h w s Don 

Mills rd 

Taylor Anne (wid George), h Don Mills rd 
Taylor Miss Edna E. 1 Wm T Taylor 
Taylor George A, 1 Wm T Taylor 
Taylor John H, vice-pres, h Don Mills rd 
Taylor Wm T, h n s Don Mills rd 
Thomas James, lab, h Torrens av 
Thomson James, stone ctr, b W Dur 

Todmorden Hotel. Albert W Grange prop, 
e s Don Mills rd 

WADDINGTON & GRUNDYl Reliance Building 

Estate, Insurance and Financial Agents 






Phone Main 7014 

loHMor.1.1 N l-o-l- <>1 I H 1 . Mrs 
Louisa J Simpson Postmistress, e s Don 

- rd 
Todmorden .Public School, s s Plains rd 

ire Wm, h e s Don Mills rd 
Tivl- .. mach. b George Kerney 

muel, tmstr. h Frankland av 
Tustln Wm, mkt gdnr. h oor Leslie and 

Don Mills rd 

Tustin Wm G. mkt pdlr, h Don Mills rtl 
Vanluven George, lab, h Hawthorne av 
Veater Walter, lab, 1 J Hill 
Vernon John, tmstr, b Samuel Vernon 
Vernon Miss Mary, bkpr, 1 Samuel Ver- 

Hi Samuel, lab. h Hawthorne row 
. b Samuel Ver 

i \Vm, 1) .- rnon 

n Win. lab. h Bee 

J>-sse. brkmkr. h Don Mills rd 
Vipond Rev Frank, rector St Barnabas' 
X) Church, res Toronto 

::ib. h Frankland av 
Watts Samuel, lab, h Bee 
Webley Albert F, packer, h Bee 
Westlcott Wm, brkmkr, h Woodvllle av 
Westwood John, mkt gdnr e a Don Mills 
rd, h same 

- Elsie. 1 W v. 

lie, 1 W White 
s Minnie, stenog. 1 W White 
\Vm. shipper Pure Gold Mfg Go, h 
Cosburn av 

I Joseph D. h Woodville av 
Klizatx Alexander), h 

Cosburn av 
Whyte Miss Minnie, stenog. 1 Mr B 


Wilks Jam.-s W, Itb. h Don Mills rd 
W.lsher George, lab. h Frank'.and av 
Wilson Henry, lab, h w s Don MIUs rd 

n James F, poultry dealer, h e s 
Don Mills rd 

in Sarah Ann (wid Henry). 1 Samuel 

Wilson Wm, mkt gdnr Plains rd, h same 
Wilton James h e s Don Mills rd 
Wilton James Jr. lab. 1 J Wilton 
Wilton John W, lab. h w B Don Mills rd 
Witherldge Frederick L, elk, h Torrens av 

; J. florist Bee 
Wool ings George, tlr, h e s Don Mills rd 

win Wm, lab. h Gamble av 
Wyatt Arthur, tmstr, 1 J Wyatt 
Wyatt David, lab, h Woodvllle av 
Wyatt John. lab. h Gamble av 
Wvatt Wm. lab. h Gamble av 
Wyatt Wm. lab. h w s Don Mills rd 


(Four Miles Northwest of P O.) 

Abbey George, shoemkr Irvine Shoe Co, 

res Toronto 

Abbey John lab. h 67 Willoughby av 
Abbey John H, brkmn, 1 oT Willoughby av 
Abbey Wm T. brkmn. 1 !7 Willoughby av 
Abbott Byron, h 236 Louisa 
Abbott Miss Ivy S. 1 236 Louisa 
Abbs Frederick, cond, h 63 Pacific av 



Cut Flowers. Funeral Designs a. Specialty 
Special Attention given to Weddings ami Parties 
12 DUNDAS ST. EAST Phon* Stark 237 

Abel Katharine iwid Victor), florist 12 
Dundas e, h 19 same 

Abel Miss Winnifred, bkpr, 1 16 Dundas e 

Abernethy J Wm. engineer, h 31 McMur 
ray av 

Abernethy Wm L, shipper, I 31 McMurray 

Abram John, painter, h 529 Dundas w 

Abrey Eleanor (wid George B), h 264 
Willoughby av 

Abrey George S (Abrey & Co), h 270 Wil 
loughby av 


I.\M) srilYKYOKS 
Civil Engineers i:i ( . 

.HKY \\ i. 

AHKKY & CO (George""!* Abrey), 

Land Surveyors, Civil Engineers, Etc 

270 Willoughby av 

lab. h 35 Whitney av 
Ackroyd Floyd M, tmstr, h 198 Maria 
Adalr Alexander, section hd CPR, h TO 

Dundas e 

Adams Edmund, lab, h 110 Churchill av 
M Edmund P B, mach hd I 11O 

Churchill av 
Adams Frederick, asst supt Can Cyc'j & 

-Minor Co, i, i:;i Willoughby av 
ADAMS < \IMHI K, n.. mist J Dun 
das w, h IV, High Park 
Adams Harry, hlpr Wrought Iron Range 

Co, res Toronto 

:'lendenan ja av ier Unn8 ' Umlted - b 
Adams Miss Maud. 1 107 Quebec av 

iy St C, Sl sSn A Mc-Au,e y . 

Adamson Robert M. h 131 Mulock av 

>* G. acct. h ->!I3 5undas 
Adie Wm. packer, b 52 Keele e 

Barber, barber 27 Dundas e h 16 
~tern av 

Agin Miss Mabel, mach opr, 1 16 Western 

\Vm A, barber B Agin, 1 16 Western 

Agnew John H, tailor 29 Dundas e b 90 
High Park av 



t *.&&&&&&&, 

Agnew Robert G (Skeans & Agnew), b 4O 

Dundas e 

n T. mach. rms 72 Union s 
:u James, bkpr, rms 30 May 
Ainsbury Miss Annie, artist 26 Dundas e, 

1 same 
Aitcheson Arthur, fireman CPR, b 5O 

Ti n 
Aitkin James B bkpr Gunns I.ii 

rms 3O May 

Alder Mary (wid Thomas), 1 17 Ontario 
Alder George H, driver, 1 68 Hoskin av 
Alder Wm. lab. h 68 Hoskln av 
Alderson Miss L Ida, 1 198 Lakevlew av 
Alderson Wm I, btchr Wm Rowntree. 1 06 

Argyle rd 

AlUerson Wm M, h 198 Lakeview av 
Alderson Wm T. brkmkr. h 66 Argyle rd 
Aldrldge Hubert I. packer Campbell Mil 
ling Co, rms 75 Laughton av 

ndrof Bernard, lab, h t s Bloor, 1 

n Maria 

nder Miss Frances H, studt, b -40 

High Park av 

Alexander George, cond, b 25 Western av 
Alexander Henry, sec-treas Dom Brush & 

Mirror Co. r.-s NVw York. U S A 
Alexander James H, blksmth's hlpr, 1 lot 

Annette e 

Alexander Joseph, lab, h 107 Annette e 
rider Wm J. prof, h 274 High Park 


ieorge, pntr, b 22 Union s 
Allan James, brkmn. b 57 Annette e 
Allan John A, blkmkr CPR, h 120 St 

Clair av w 
Allden Harry W, fly fnshr Heintzman & 

Co, h 512 Quebec av 
Allen Bert, cond, rms 107 Dundas w 
Allen Elizabeth (wid Charles H), h 160 

Vine av 

Allen Frank, fireman, b 402 Dundas w 
Frank, mach, h 77 Mulock av 

Allen Frederick, carp, b 462 Dundas w 
Allen James, hipr, h ^1 Churchill av 
Allen M'Twyn, h ,'!4."i Western av 
Allen Thomas, case mkr Heintzman & Co, 

res Toronto 

Allen Wm. mach, b 66 Uxbridge av 
Allin George, florist 400 Elizabeth s 
All wood Guy. fitter CPR, b 1O6 St Clair av 


Amos Robert .J, moto, h 81 Uttley 
Amsbary Bros (J Franklin and Wm N), 

grocers 257 Pacific av s 
Amsbary J Franklin (Amsbary Bros), h 

r Pacific av m 
Amsbary Wm N (Amsbary Bros), 1 257 

Pacific av a 
Anderson Albert L, grocer 107 Dundas e. 

h same 
Anderson Alexander J (Anderson & Grey), 

h 188 Louisa 
Anderson Arthur, ftr CPR, h 171 Vine 


Anderson David, lab, b 104 Cooper av 
Anderson Emma (wld Wm), h 117 Daven 
port rd 
Anderson Ernest R. plshr Heintzman & 

Co, b 41 Pacific av s 
Anderson Miss Ethel, cook, 1 13 MoMurray 

Anderson James C, carp, h 13 McMurray 

Anderson John T, piano tuner 134 Caw- 

thra av, h same 
Anderson Samuel, engineer, h 73 Brighton 


Anderson Thomas, lab, b 56 Edmund 
Anderson Walter J, brkTnkr, 1 20 Whitney 

Anderson Wm H, plstr, h 106 Annette e 



Solicitor for Town of Toronto Junction 
12 Keele North, Toronto Junction 

Telephone - r i x -S Junction 

Anderson & Gray (Alexander J And< --. 

G Howard Gray), barrs 12 Kecie n 
Andrew Miss Marion, drsmkr <X> Fairvi.-w 

av, 1 same 

Andrew Wm, rms 65 Falrview av 
Andrews Eli C. yardman, h 3" Vernor 
Andrews Francis, eng, h 47 Hoskln av 
Andrews Ivan S, barber, h 412 Quebec av 
Annette Street Baptist Church, Rev 

Thomas stoi . !." - v . 

Anne; rtev. 

J H Hazlewood pastor s s Annette w, 1 

w High Park av 
Annette Street School, D D A' 

prin s w cor Annette w and Clendenan 

Anson Arthur T, v 

Bone, h 165 Clendennr. av 
Anson Miss Edith M, drsmkr, I 

denan av 
Anthony Frederick, apprentice Novdhplm- 

er Piano *- Music Co, res Lambton 



I VJ U I I ^ m< ^ _, . n paid SJn(je Organization over $3O,OOO,OOO.OO 

Fire and 

F. J. SMITH f CO. 

Special Attention given to Man 
agement of Estates. Prompt Returns 

61 Victoria Street 


Anthony James, plate fnshr Helntzman & 

Co, res Lambton Mills 
Anthony Robert, tinner R J Bruce, res 

Lambton Mills 

Antonettl Salvatore, lab, b 35 Whitney av 
Archer Albert (Archer & Fisher), res 

York township 

Archer James, mason, h 202 Maria 
Archer J Henry, mason, 1 202 Maria 


Ladies' and Gents' Clothing ('leaned. 
Pressed and Repaired 

Work Called for and Delivered. Phone Stark 166 

64 Dundas Street West 


Archer & Fischer (Albert Archer, Percy 

H Fischer), dyers 64 Dundas w 
Argent Walter G, pntr Dora Carriage Co, 

res Toronto 

Arkell Miss Ruth, mlnr, 1 130 Annette e 
Artell Lionel! P. elk Can Cycle & Motor 

Co, 1 69 Annette 
Armitage Charles S, fireman Pugsley, 

JJngman & Co. h 80 Annette e 
Armitage David A, tmstr. b 35 Western av 
Armitage Wm J N, engineer, h 73 McMur- 

ray av 
Armour Robert, core mkr Lumen Bearing 

Co, res Toronto 
Armstrong Charles C, eng, h 56 Annette 


Armstrong Edwin H, apprentice Helntz 
man & Co, 1 111 Churchill av 
Armstrong Edwin V, elk C J Stoddart 1 

88 Western av 
Armstrong- George, elk T Armstrong, res 

York tp 

Armstrong Isaac, fireman, rms 107 Dun 
das w 
Armstrong Jane (wid John R), h 169 Vine 

Armstrong Miss Jennie, drsmkr, 1 ill 

Churchill av 
Armstrong John, driver R J Davis - cor 

Edmund and Royce 
Armstrong John C, stenog, 1 80 Western 

Armstrong Margaret (wid Thomas), h 111 

Churchill av 
Armstrong Matilda (wid Reuben). 1 108 

Annette w 
Armstrong Samuel, tmstr, h 12 Whitney 

Armstrong Thomas, grocer 66 Dundas e, 

res York tp 

Armstrong Thomas G, pntr, 1 111 Church 
ill av 
Armstrong Wm J, bldr 114 Western av, 

h same 
Armstrong Wm J jr. carp, 1 114 Western 

Arnall T Edward, fancy goods 101 Dundas 

w, res Toronto 
Arnold Edith (wid Henry), h 133 Pacific 

avenue s 

Arnold Wm. carp, h 203 Willoughby av 
Ash Albert, carp Union Stock Yards, res 

Ash Miss Anna, wtrs Union Stock Yards. 

1 same 
Ash Miss Cecile, wtrs Union Stock Yards, 

1 same 
Ash Samuel, caretkr Union Stock Yards, 

res same 
Ashbury Frederick, foremn Can Cycle & 

Motor Co, res Toronto 

Ashdown Thomas A, car repr, h 523 Dun 
das w 

AshfieM Henry lab. b r,L> Virtorin 
Ashfleld James, brkmn CPR, b Subway 

Ashman John, lab Pugsley, Dingman & 

Co, res York tp 
Ashwood David, mach, h 125 Clendenan 

Askin Bertram M. lab Pugsley, Dingman 

& Co. 1 24 St Clair av w 
Askin Miss Helena L, 1 124 St Clair av w 
Askin Richard, yardman Tor Junction 

Lumber Co, h 124 St Clair av w 

Astle Frank, fireman, b 139 Vine av 
Atcheson Ellen (wid John), 1 60 McMur- 

ray av 
Atcheson Melville P, cond, h 60 McMurray 


Atkin Frederick H, h 200 Dundas w 
Atkinson John W, carp, rms 134 Cooper 


Atkinson Wm E, artist 20 Durie, h same 
Atkinson W Richard, case gluer Helntz 
man & Co, h 47 Clendenan av 
Alton Frank E, sound bd mkr, 1 175 Vine 


Alton George W, action regulator Helntz 
man & Co, h 217 Quebec av 
Atton Margaret (wid James), h 175 Vine 


Atton Walter H, tlr, 1 175 Vine av 
Attwell Miss Christina V, 1 17 Union S 
Attwell Joseph, cattle dlr, h 17 Union s 
Attwell Oliver W, 'driver, 1 17 Union R 
Attwell Roy M, app Heintzman & Co, 1 

17 Union S 

Austin Miss Elizabeth, 1 142 Annette w 
Austin George T, grocer 500-502 Dundas 

w. h same 

Austin Mary (wid Henry), h 142 An 
nette w 

Austin Wm A, engineer, 1 142 Annette w 
Avenue Hotel, J H Leflar prop. 205 Dun- 

das w 
Averill Frank B, elk Dom Carriage Co, 

1 38 Laughton av 

Avery Miss Elsie, bk fldr. 1 22 Hook av 
Avery Miss Hazel, opr, 1 22 Hook av 
Avery Thomas, mach hd, h 22 Hook av 
Axworthy Thomas W. lab D B Martin 

Co, h 34 Whitney av 
Baby Frank, real est 216 Dundas e, h e s 


Bach Selina (wid Wm), 1 7fl Pelham av 
Backus George, train despatcher, h 49 
Vine av 



Backus Miss Gertrude E, elk Gunns', Ltd, 

1 109 Louisa 

Backus John, stone ctr, h WS Louisa 
Backus Wm. 1 10f> Louisa 
Badka Alton, mldr Lumen Bearing Co, 

rms 66 Hoskin av 
Bagley Henry E, eng Stark T L & P Co. 

res Toronto 

agsley C Herbert, elk, 1 32 Victoria 
agsley Miss Hattie, fur fnshr, 1 32 Vic 

Kmsley Mary (wid Wm A), 1 32 Victoria 
Bailey Albert W, bkpr D B Martin Co, 

res Toronto 
Baili-y J Arnot, elk D B Martin Co, res 


Baillie Miss Ida K. 1 324 Willoughby av 
Baillie John, h 324 Willoughby av 
Baillie John, lab, h 54 Edmund 
Baiine Miss Lilias G, elk, 1 324 Willoughr 

by av 

Baillie Miss Minnie, 1 324 Willoughby av 
Bain Miss Estella, tchr Annette St. Sch, 

1 16 Clendenan av 
Bain Francis, ftr, 1 16 Clendenan av 
Bain Francis H, engine turner, h 16 Clen 
denan av 

Bain Miss Jen nie, 1 16 Clendenan av 
Bain John, agt, rms 180 Dundas e 
Baine Albert E, car insp, h 25 Laws 
Baird John, real est. 7 Keele s, h 179 same 
Baird Miss Mabel M J, tchr, 1 179 Keele s 
Baird Thomas, blksmth cor Dundas and 

Bruce, b Occidental Hotel 
BAIRD Wm A, Barrister 7 Keele s, 
also Mayor Toronto Junction. Res 179 
Keele s 

Baker Albert E, brklyr, h 130 Mulock av 
Baker Charles, foreman, h 57 Churchill av 
Baker Edward, b 29 May 
Baker Miss Florence M, elk, 1 330 Que 
bec av 

Baker George A (Yates & Baker), b 128 
Clendenan av 

Baker Henry, carp, h 339 Quebec av 
Baker Henry W, action fnshr Helntzman 

& Co, 1 339 Quebec av 
Baker James, pntr Dom Carriage Co, rei 

Baker Miss Jean, tlrs H N Morrison, I 

13% Dundas -w 
Baker John C, tlr H N Morrison, h 13% 

Dundas w 

Baker Joseph R, lab, 1 57 Churchill av 
Baker Miss Sarah J. enameller. 1 339 

Quebec av 

Baker Thomas W, sound bd mkr Helntz 
man & Co, 1 57 Churchill av 
Baker Walter, lab, b 139 Vine av 
Baker Wm H, lab, h 119 Churchill av 
Baldwin Miss Octavia, elk W H Baldwin, 

res Toronto 
Baldwin Sidney C (Baldwin & Biette), 1 

135 Campbell av 

Baldwin Sidney D, h 135 Campbell av 
Baldwin Wm, contr 87 May 
Baldwin Wm H. stationery 28 Dundas w, 

h same 

Baldwin & Biette (Sidney C Baldwin, 
Percy Biette), props Davenport. Lumber 
Co, 368 Davenport rd 

Bales George, fireman CPR, b 10 Whit 
ney av 

Bales Horace, fireman CPR, b 10 Whit 
ney av 
Balfry Alfred, elk Levack Dresged Beef 

Co, b 142 Annette w 

Balmforth James, fitter CPR, h w s Eliza 
beth n, 5 s St Clair av w 
America, John McEachern Manager, 9- 
11 Dundas w 

Neel Manager, 32 Dundas e 
Bank of Hamilton (br), Stock Yards Ex 
change Bldg 
Hank of Hamilton Buildings, 18 Van 

Banks James, eng Tor Suburban R Co, 

res Weston rd 
Banning Norman E, tinsmith, h 318 

Franklin av 
Barber James, h w s Elizabeth, 3 s St 

Ulair av w 

Barber James, lab, 1 115 King 
Barber John R, carp, h 115 King 
Barbery Marcus, carp, h 140 Clendenan av 
Barbery Melvin M. app Heintzman & Co. 

1 140 Clendenan av 

Barden Stella, dom 270 Willouehby av 
Barefoot George R, mach. h 59 McMur 
ray av 

Barff John G. carp, h 166 Maria 
Barker Miss Annie, bkpr T E Hoar & Co. 

res Weston 

Barker Arthur F. brkmkr. 1 8 Daven 
port rd 

Barker Wm, mach, 1 27 Ontario 
Barnes Miss Cecil, 1 280 Pacific av s 
Barnes Charles L, tchr. h 381 Pacific av s 
Barnes David G, cond CPR. h 99 Hook av 
Barnes John J. cond CPR, h 20 Hook av 
Barnes Josephine (wid Sidney), h 280 Pa 
cific av i 
Barnes J Allen, brkmn C P R, h 63 Hook 

Barnes Miss Lelia. stenog, 1 280 Pacific 

iw s 
Barnes Miss Rachel Jx tchr Western Av 

Sch, 1 116 Western av 
Barnes Thomas E. moto. h 117 Churchill 

Barnett Rachel (wid John), rms 27 

Churchill a.v 

Barnsley Arthur, mldr, h 45 Argyle rd 
Barnslev Oliver, glass ctr. h 81 King 
Barnsley Wm, glass cutter. 1 81 King 
Barrat Stephen, pdlr, h 5.'!6 Campbell av 
Barre Robert, drill hd, b 57 Clendenan av 
Barrett Clarence, lab Pussley, Dingman 

& Co, I L><>0 St Clair av w 
Barrett Loyal, app Kay Electric Dynamo 

& Motor Co, 1 -00 St Clair av w 
Harrett w Oliver, lab Pugsley. Ding- 
man * Co. h U'< St Clair av w 
Barrett \V Roy, lab, 1 2u9 St Cla T av w 
Barrington Frederick. foreman Can 

Cycle & Motor Co, res Toronto 
Barren Paul, gdnr, h 116 Cooper av 
Barrows Wm S. foreman Can Cvcle & 
.Motor Co, res Toronto 

Musical Instrnmenti, Sheet Music and Music Books 
We have the largest and best selected 
stock of these lines in Canada to select 
from. Catalogue Free. 




158 Yonge Street, TORONTO, ONT. 



Office & Works : 630 KING ST. . 

T O :R O 1ST T O . 

Barry John, trav, h 1 Willoughby av 
Bartlctt i.- CPR. h Ua Dundas 

re, plstr, b 3fi Uxbridge av 
Bartlett Thomas, brklyr, h ;"9 Kdmund 

ousekpr 147 Elizabeth 
Barton James G. elk Canada Cyeln & 

>>r Co, res Toronto 

Bam ini mkr H<Mntz> 

man & C Mulock av 

:nan M:ss J.mlm.i. h 433 St dlalr 
av w 

Bates Robert, wtr M H Beatty. res To 

II. h 223 Quebec av 

Batt Charles W, bldr, h 149 Hih Park av 
Batt Robert J, vice-pres Butts, Ltd. h 38 

Quebec av 
Batt Thomas W, sec Batts, Ltd, 1 149 

High Park av 

HATIx I.IM1I I I). \ A Wright Pr,-s- 
Ident. R J Batt Vice-President, T \\ 
Batt Secretary, Planing Mill, Sash, 

" I' 'Phono Stark 127. Phone 

! Junction 4'J7 
Bawt Wm H. driver Richardson 

Humberside av 

Baiter Charles, btchr. h 193 Vine av 
Bayliss John, wtreman Stark T L & P 

Mount Dvnnis 

Bayliss Joseph J, lineman Stark T L & P 
System, res Mount Dennis 

IKmy J. bolt mkr, h 7S Hoskin av 
Reaman Thomas, brkmn. b 61 Annett.* r 
B, ament Lewis E. carp, h 262 Franklin 

-mith J R Jackson, b L"J IV. 
Bean 9 H. local mgr Confer Coal 

guebce av 

Bean George, liver>' 42 Dundas e. h 50 
Van Home 

1U M, stenog. 1 5O Van 
I L 

~* Lena, mlnr The Misses Har- 
snaw 1 ii Van Home 

Walter C, plshr Heintzman .t Co. 1 
110 Pacific av 

Bean Wm. inttr O Bean, h 133 1'ariflc av 
Beard Thomas, lab. h 99 Davenport rd 
Beat.m Duncan, lab, rms X Willoughoy 

:e Cartage Co, see Richardson Cart- 
aye Co 
Beau: h ti.-. M. dland 

M. :ns agt. rms 392 Hlsh 
Park av 

Seattle \Vm J. rlk. 1 tl' Median.! 
Beatty John, bgemn. h 155 Humberside av 
Beatty .Mattii.-w H, rest 117 Dundas w, h 


Bedford Clarence, fireman, h 23 Medland 
Bedford Jay R. brkmn. I. :(.-, Victoria 
Bee Frederick, shipper Gurney Foundry 

Co. res Toronto 

Beech Wm. tmstr. h in M -Murray av 
Beevor Alfnd. genl foreman Gurnev 

Fndry Co. res Toronto 
Begg James, lab. rms 44 Vernon 
Begley Alexander C. app. 1 34 Hosk ; n av 
M ss Ann . . candy mkr. 1 31 Hos 
kin av 
BeKley Emile A. app Heintzman & Co. 1 

loskin av 
Begley James, lab. 1, 57 Dundas c 

?gley James A. Inther. 1 34 Hoskin av 
Begley John E, action regulator Heintz 
man & Co. h -): 
Beilby Wm. mach. h " !{,.<kln rxv 

em Art'iur. hrklyr. rms Is Campbell av 
BeU.r^Thomas O. mach. h IS Uxbridge av 

sons Bank. 2 Dundas w. h 20 Victoria 
:t M. bkpr. 1 .is Clendenan 


Bell Bertha, dom 5 Wilson pi 
Bell George, foreman Can Cycle & Motor 

Co. res Toronto 

Bell Miss Helen, mlnr. 1 1R1 Vino nv 
Bell Henry, pntr Dom Cartage Co, res 


acct, h Irt4 Annette w 
Bell J Russell, mach. 1 24 Dundas e 
Bell Margaret E (wid Wm). h 24 Dundas 


Bell Telephone Co, Miss Emma Weir 

chief opr, 9 Keele a 

1 homas, hgemaster CPR, h 161 Vln 

Bell T George, elk Tnaama*tan-'m *. Q 

Hell \v m H, elk. 1 ici Vine av 
Bell Wm. h 38 Clendenan av 

m -'-M? Miss EvaJisellne M, artist, h 
U*J W illoughby av 

-niith Susannah (wid Henry W) 1 
A'illoughby av 

Harry, carp, b 57 Mulock av 
Sidney, blksmith's helper b 3fil 
nport rd 

Belton James, engineer, rms 15 Union n 

lemroso John L. com- :e rn av 

imin Frederick, elk Canada Cycle 4- 

T Co. res Toronto 

ijamln F. bkpr, h 88 May 
Herbert 3. timekpr Dodge Mfs! 

M S v 
Bennett Percy C, elk Gunns Ltd. 

Bennett Thomas, mach. h 61 Hook av 

ewltz Paul, casemkr Heintzman & 


y \Vm J. case mkr Heintzman A 
b 101 Cooper av 

lllzabeth n 

-tries, brklyr, b 1M Elizabeth * 
Bentley Joseph, contr w s Durie 1 n 

te w. h same 

Hentley Joseph J. mach. h 103 Annette e 

n Harry W. engineer, h 5O ITninn 

Berney J U m , bkpr Dodge Mfg Co. re 


Bernhardt James E. fireman CPR, h 153 
'? n 

r Molsons Bank res- 

-.gton Thomas S. coalman, h 513 
as w 
Garfleld A, mach CPR. b 109 Mu- 



Harry G. ledger kpr Molsons Bank. 

Berry Wm H. switchman CPR. h 22 West 
ern av 

Berthon Miss Sidonia. 1 24 MrMurrav av 
and James A, engineer, h 51 McMur- 


<ton Thomas, soap mkr Pugsley 
I>iimman ,. __( Fairvif-w av 

Alfred, foreman Ontario Paving 
k Co. res Toronto 

Heynon John, wood WKr. h 361 Daven 
port rd 

rge B, cashier Campbell Mill- 
h 6C Uxbridge av 

dph John G, mldr, h 310 Franklin av 
Biilnall Arthur, fireman CPH. b 121 ^^eele 


Biette Percy (Baldwin & Biette). res To 
Big Cities Realty & Agency Co, T Coe, 

agt 2 I'nion n 
Bigham George J, brklyr, h 2T>1 1' 


B neliam John, brk'yr. h 41 Annette w 
Billings Robert, fireman, h 52 McMurray 


Bills Ann (wid Thomas H) 1 43 May 
Binninpton Edward W, lab. h 79 Hoskin 


blnnlngton Fred, j-ardman. h 55 Vtneuav 
Binnington Robert J. lab, h 82 Hoskin av 
All.-in H. 1-ng CPR. h 21 Quebec av 
Binns Stanley H, engineer, 1 122 Dundas' 


Bint David, lab. h 103 Maria 
Bint John, plshr. h 10S Mulock av 

se. slsmn. h 4."i Lakev'ew av 
Birch Reginald E. printer, 1 45 Lakeview 

Bird Joseph, fitter CPR, h 459 St Clair av 


Blrkett James W, elect, 1 211 Quebec av 
Birkett Mrs Margaret, h 211 Quebec av 







Birkett Reginald J. slsmn W J McCul- 

lough, 1 211 Quebec av 
Blrkett Robert B. driver W J McCulloueh 

1 211 Quebec av 

U:rri-ll Wm E, trav, h 1O8 Quebec av 
Bishop Arthur, engineer, b 27 McMurray 


' Christina (wid Alexander) h 52 

Bisset Miss Grace. 1 52 Victoria 
Bisset Miss Mary. <>pr, 1 52 Victoria 
Bithrey Elizabeth (wid Roland C) h 250 

Davenport rd 

Black Arthur, mach. 1 144 Willoughby a 
Black Charles H, brkmn, h Si Vine av 
Black George, shipper Dom Brush & Mir- 

ror Co. b 22 Western av 
Black Rainsford E, foreman Can Cycle & 

M>ti> c.'. ill w.i,,i ighby av 
Black Robert foreman Dom Brush & Mir. 

ror Co. res Toronto 

Blackburn Harry V. packer, 1 15 Charle* 
Blackburn Walter, brkmn. h ni."> Vine av 
Blacklock Frederick, tlr, 1 95 Hook av 
Blacklock George, tlr, 1 96 Hook av 
Blacklock Henry, moto. 1 95 Hook av 

. .ab, h 78 Pelham av 
Blackstock George A. toolmkr, h 461 Dun 

das w 
Blackstock W Henry, raach, 1 461 Dun. 

das w 

Blackwoort Leslie R. acct Can Bank of 
Commerce, 1 38 Dundas w 

> T, carp, h 54 Annette e 
Blair Frank R, elk. rms 18 Van Home 
Blair Miss Jennie M bkpr Noden & Hal- 

litt, 1 104 Conduit 
Blair Wm. mer Piano & 

h 104 Conduit 
Blair W James, elk bridgemaster's dept 

CPR. res Toronto 
Blake Miss Ethel, stenog Dom Carriage 

Co, 1 13 Laughton av 
Blake Frank, tmstr, rms 132 St Clalr 

av e 

Blake George, lab, h 76 Dundas w 
Blake John, air brake t.-ster CPR, b 13 

Franklin av 

Blake Joseph, lab. rms 132 St Clair av * 
Blake Merwin, driver R J Bruce 
Blaklev John J, foreman, h 77 McMurray 


Bland Arthur, cond. rms 109 Annette e 
Blaybrough Miss Lillie B, 1 478 Quebec av 
Blaybrough Wm, plstr, h 478 Quebec av 
Blea Wm, lab Heintzman & Co 
Blevins John, fitter CPR, h Subway Hotel 
Bl.-v:ns \Vm H. ergin .-r. 1 712 Davenport 

Blewett Wm H. car repr, h w s Elizabet* 

N n CPR track 
Block Albert G, casa mkr Heintzman ft 

Co. res Toronto 
Bloomfield Catherine (wid Alfred), 1 37* 

St i 'lair av w 
Bloomflelrl Frederick E, tmstr, h 379 St 

Clair av w 

Bloor Thomas, wdwltr, h 289 Maria 
Bloor Thomas A, apprentice Heintzman 

& Co, 1 289 Maria 

Bloxham Roland, contr 165 Ontario, J 


Remember this is the original sjid genuine 
Heintzman tc Co. Piano made by ye oM 
flrme the piano that li the standard of hlgli- 
class piano building Imitated by others, but 
never equalled. 118-117 King St. W., Toronto. 



Phones Main 2758 
Holidays, Main 4136 

\J\ie9Tl Ot 

Diamond Setter 
and Jeweller 

IRelioious (Soobs 

PLIES, Issuer of Manage Licenses 


Blyth George, moto, h 100 Humberslde 

Blyth George jr, irjch, 1 100 Humberside 

Boehmer Jacob H, cooper, h 302 Pacific 

av s 
Bogart Miss Zelma, tchr Carlton Pub Sch, 

res Toronto 

Bolam Robert, mldr, h 112 Cooper av 
Boland John, case 'mkr Helntzman & Co, 

res Toronto 
Bole Miss Beryl, stenog Benjamin Moore, 

1 77 Willoug'tiby av 
Bole Isabel (wid Donald), 1 77 Willough- 

by avenue 

Bollier Alfred, lab, b Subway Hotel 
Bolton Albert H J, plshr Heintzman & Co, 

1 14o Cawthra av 

Bolton Charles H, mach, 1 140 Cawthra av 
Bolton James, lab, b 57 Dundas e 
1.1 LI ii j .n i, puti, h 140 Cawthra av 
Bolton John M jr, .mach h 31 Mulock av 
Bolton Percy R, action fnshr Heintzman 

& Co. 1 140 Cawthra av 
Bond Miss Aubrey B, opr Bell Tel Co, 1 

193 Keele 
Bond Bessie (wid Phineas T) h 193 Keele 


Bond George T, engineer, h 113 Annette e 
Bond John T, shipper Batts, Ltd, res To 

Bond Miss Maisie, elk, b 237 Louisa 
Bond Thomas, lab Batts, Ltd. b 37 Med- 


Bondh'eld James, sawyer, b 20 May 
Bone Ernest, foreman Can Cycle & Motor 

Co, res Toronto 
Bone Joseph, wood carver, 24 Keele 8, n 

^ I'aciliu av s 

Bonham Miss Margaret, 1 181 Keele n 
Bonham Owen, gro 181 Keele n, h same 
Bonstead Harris, blksmth, h n s Maria 
liouii diaries J, contr 1214 Annette w 
Boon John, baker Robinson Bros, res To 
Boorman Albert, b.ksmith's hlpr, h Tf a 

Elizabeth n, 6 n CPR track 
Both George W, druggist 311 Davenport 

rd, h same 

Booth John, moto, b 124 Annette e 
Booth Joseph S. bkpr, 1 311 Davenport rd 
Booth Robert S. 1 311 Davenport rd 
Boothby Miss Annie, elk, 1 148 Dundas w 
Boothby Benjamin F, baker 148 Dundas w, 

h same 

Boothby Miss May, elk, 1 148 Dundas w 
Borland James, mason, h 84 Pacific av s 
Borland Miss Katherlne, elocutionist 84 

Pacific av n 
Bomholdt Hans F, case mkr Heintzman & 

Co, res Toronto 

Bott James H, cond CPR, h 73 Vine av 
Bourdon Arthur J, action fnshr Heintz 
man & Co, 1 188 Louisa 
Bourdon Wilfred H, studt, 1 188 Louisa 
Bourdon Wm A, drill lid. h ,">;>!> Dundas w 
Bourke WTO J, riveter, 1 127 Edmund 
Bourn Bertie, lab CPR. 1 22 Whitney av 
Bourn Edward, lab, 1 22 Whitney av 
Bourn Frederick, lab, h 22 Whitnev av 
Bourn Frederick jr, lab, I 22 Whitney av 
Bourne David, engineer h 137 Clendenan 


Bowden Charles, carp, rms 31 Dundas w 
Bowden Wm, fireman Stark T L & P Co. 

1 Cockburn n.v 
Bowering Frederick W, caretkr Carlton 

Sch, h 263 St Clair av e 
Bowers Joseph, fireman CPR b" 281 Keele 


Bowes Wm, pump ftr h 34 Birtle av 
Bowes W Frederick, elk Irving Wood & 

Bro. 1 24 Birtle av 

Bowles Frederick, lab. b 30 Whitnev av 
Bowles George M, elk, h 144 Annette w 
Bowles Miss Hattie, 1 143 Pacific av s 
Bowles Henry, lab, h 68 Pelham av 
Bowles John, h 143 Pacific av g 
Bowman Arthur, mach, b 22 Union s 
Boxall Robert, fitter, b 40 Dundas e 
Boxall Wm C, plshr, h 28 Carlton pi 
Boxall Wm H. tinsmith Wroueht Iron 

Range Co. b 40 Dundas e 
Boyce Jacob, lab Pugsley Dingman & Co, 

h 15 Lawn 

Boyce W<m, bkpr Lumen Bearing Co, re 

Boyd Henry J, apprentice. 1 46 Western 

Boyd Isaac C, boiler mkr, h 128 Cooper 


Boyd James, eng CPR, b 40 Dundas e 
Boyd James, foreman Tor Sub R* Co, h 

40 Western av 

Boyd James, lab b 104 Vine av 
Boylan Miss Charlotte, bkpr C M Cutts 

& Co, 1 431 Annette w 
Boylan James F, engineer, 1 431 Annette 


Boylan John, foreman, h 431 Annette w 
Boylan Thomas K, student, 1 431 Annette 

Boyle Michael, eng D B Martin Co. re* 


Boyles Philip, tmstr, h 45 Uxbrldgre av 
Boynton Hannah (wid David), h 58 

Campbell av 
Boynton John H, trav Gunns, Limited. 

res Toronto 

Boynton Wm, foreman Can Cycle & Mo 
tor Co. res Toronto 
Brace Harry, lab, h 31 Hoskin av 
Brack Miss Olive. 1 218 Annette w 
Brack Wm W, gro 218 Annette w, h same 
Bradd John, plstr, h 53 Victoria 
Bradd John jr, 1 53 Victoria 
Braden George, elk Toronto Cycle & Mo 
tor Co. res Toronto 

Bradford Archibald W, elk, 1 50 Fisken av 
Bradford Miss Constance A E, mlnr, 1 50 

Fisken av 
Bradford Leonard J, fireman, 1 50 Fisken 


Bradford Miss Lillian G, 1 50 Fisken av 
Bradford Wm, h 50 Fisken av 
Bradley Harvey, cond, h 32 Brighton pi 
Bradshaw James W, pres Dom Brush and 

Mirror Co, Ltd, h 182 Pacific av a 


Brady James, app Heintzman & Co, res 


Brady Miss Martha, opr, 1 23 Woodside av 
Brady Terrence, coachman, h 23 Wood- 
side av 
Branscombe Walter, mach Batts, Ltd, h 

5U Pacific av 

Brash Herbert, plshr, b 57 Dundas e 
Brass Wm E, painter, 259 Western av, h 

Brawn Clayton, asst W Speers, b 86 Dun. 

das w 

Bray Herbert, brkmn, b 67 Vine av 
Bray James, brkmn CPR, h 17S Maria 
Breathwaite Henry, supt factory Nord- 
heimer Piano & Music Co, Ltd, res To 

Breen Frederick, brkmn CPR, b 40 Dun 
das e 
Brennan Mass Margaret, slsldy, 1 166 

Brett Frederick, driver D W Muir, b 89 


Brewster John, carp, b 117 Annette e 
Brick Miss Bertha J, bkpr Stark T L & 

P Co, 1 164 Humberslde av 
Brick Harry W, chemist, h 121 Conduit 
Bridges Satmiel, pntr Dom Carriage Co, 

res Toronto 
Briggs Charles, carp Wrought Iron Range 

Co, res Weston rd 

Bright Albert E, cond, h 46 Lakeview av 
Brink Miss Alice M, 1 164 Humberside 

Brink Miss Bertha J, stenog Stark T L & 

P System. 1 164 Humborside av 
Brink Charles A, h 164 Humberside av 
Britt Paul J, elk Can Cycle -& Motor Co, 

res Toronto 

Britton Thomas F, ins agt, b 43 Union s 
Broad Charles, grocer 252 Dundas w, h 


Broad Miss Lyda, opr, I 252 Dundas w 
Broad Miss Mabel, tlrs, 1 252 Dundas w 

Broadbridge Henry R, drftsmn Can Cycle 

& Motor Co, h 65 McMurray av 
Brobyn Albert E, brklyr, h 164 Maria 
Brock Ernest, tmstr, h 469 Albany rd 
Brookes David, blksmith, rms 33 King 
Brock Frederick, engineer, h 105 Louisa 
Brooks Miss Grace, packer Pugsley, Ding- 
man & Co, 1 189 Vine av 
Brooks Henry, div storekpr CPR, h 189 

Vine av 
Broughton Charles A, foreman Stark T 

L & P System, h 437 Annette w 
Brown Albert, car checker CPR, rms 26 

Union n 

Brown Alexander, h 110 Gothie av 
Brown Alice, dom 333 Annette w 
Brown Miss Amy E, 1 110 Gothie av 
Brown Andrew T, mach, h 38 Uxbridge av 
Browu Miss Annie B, bkpr, rms 76 West 
ern av 

Brown Archibald, brklyr, h 73 Victoria 
Brown Charles, lab Heintzman & Co, 1 

116 Keele s 

Brown David, shipper, b 285 Keele n 
Brown David A, trav, h 73 Clendenan av 
i Brown Miss Dency, 1 28 Albany rd 
Brown Eliza (wid Thomas W), h 43 Van 


Brown Elliott A, elk, 1 180 Western av 
Brown Miss Elsie, 1 185 Clendenan av 
Brown Euphemia L (wid Sylvanus C), 

h 21 Laughton av 

Brown Frank L, elk, 1 21 Laughton av 
Brown Miss Genevieve, elk, 1 73 Cienden- 

an av 

Brown George A, brkmkr, 1 630 Weston rd 
Brown George E (Hillock & Brown), h 

1'22 Quebec av 
Brown Henry, carp CPR, h 118 Clendenan 

Brown Henry, driver Levack Dressed Beef 

Co, 1 28 Albany rd 

Brown Hubert H, bkpr, h 100 Gothie av 
Brown H Russell, fitter CPR, h 70 Dun 
das e 

Brown Miss I Myrtle, drsmkr. 1 28 Main 
Brown James, btchr, b 285 Keele n 
Brown James, stm ftr, h 94 Cooper av 
Brown Jeffery, shoe wkr, h 27 Union B 
Brown John, brkmkr, h 639 Weston rd 
Brown John, mach, h 179 Pacific av s 
Brown John, plstr, h 423 Weston rd 
Brown John jr, brkmkr, 1 423 Weston rd 
Brown John A, tmstr, h 358 Elizabeth s 
Brown John N, trav, h 180 Western av 
Brown Josephine (wid Benjamin F), h 412 

Pacific av s 

Brown Leonard, apprentice, 1 118 Clen 
denan av 

Brown Lewis, carp, h 28 Main 
Brown Lewis E, lab. 1 28 Main 
Brown Miss Marjorie B, studt, 1 179 

Pacific av s 

Brown Peter, lab, h 104 Pelham av 
Brown Richard H, brass fnshr, h 127 

Brown Sarah (wid Wm), 1 118 St Clair 

av w 

Brown Solomon, btchr, h 116 Keele s 
Brown Susan (wid David), h 28 Albany rd 
Brown Thomas C, rate elk, 1 185 Clen 
denan av 

Brown Miss U Kathleen, tchr, I 179 Pa 
cific av a 
Brown Wm, engineer CPR, h 118 St 

Clair av w 

Brown Wm, iron wkr. b 52 Edmund- 
Brown Wm, lab, h COS Annette w 
Brown Wm A, mach, h 26 Lakeview av 
Brown Wm J, brick mfr 501 Weston rd 

and hotel 630 same 
Brown Wm J, loco foreman, h 185 Clen- 

il-'Man av 

Brown Wm L, mach, 1 185 Clendenan av 
Brown Wm P, brkmkr, h 320 Weston rd 
Brownlee James A, fnshr Heintzman & 

Co, h 28 Fairvlew av 
Bruce Robert J, hardware 2 Dundas e. 

li 2OO Pacific av 8 

Bruce Samuel, fireman CPR, b 10 Whit 
ney av 
Brundle Robert, brkmkr, b 106 St Clau- 

av w 
Bryan Wesley L, plshr Heintzman & Co. 

res Deer Park 
Bryant Albert E, case mkr Heintzman & 

Co., h 64 Humberside av 
Bryce James, cond, 1 3O Fairview av 
Bryer Raymond S, brkmn, h 455 Dundas w 




William Street 



PHONES Main 1347; Park 2399 

Bubolz John. elk. 1 152 Wllloughby av 
\ illoughby av 

undas e 

OPR, h 70 

John J. s,..-ti'>u man. !i .'.:! Mert- 

man Can Cycle 
.;hton pi 

1 77 Brighton pi 
~~ Brighton & 

die Union Stock 

: onto 

Buckley John, lab. rms 34 Uxbridge av 

:m, carp, h 76 Private rd 
Buff- lab. rms 44J Quebec av 

Buis- izabeth. stenog Canada 

T Co. res Toronto 
Buls- J. yardmaster CPK, h 1fi2 

Dundas e 

Bulger Win R, 1 IK1 Dundas e 
Bull Carlton Pub 

s Weston 
Bull Miss Caroline I. tchr Carlton Pub 

Sen, re Weston 
Bull Charles H, mach CPR, h 15 Vine av 


Carri;i!;c and liuoincs* \\ ;I<;<MI 
and SIHnh.- 

The leading Carriage Mir. iti town 
.nntc (.1 ail - ;itly I>one 

WESTON ROAD, Opposite Heydon House 

Bull Joseph R, carrlagemkr Weston rd, 

Bullevment Mance, llorist. rms K"2 Clen- 

denan av 
Bullied Leonard C, action fnshr HelnU- & Co, 1 21 Hoskin av 
Bullied Thomas, carp, h 21 Hoskin av 
Bunker Elizabeth iwid Sheppard), 1 220 

lenan av 
Bunt John, lab Pugsley, Dlngman & Co. 

' Vine av 

Bunt Russell, fireman, b 37 Victoria 
Burbidge Robert, case mkr Heintzman & 

Co. res Toronto 
Burfurd Miss Gertrude, drsmkr 276 An- 

w, l same 
Burford Miss Grace E, tchr Western Av 

Sch, 1 276 Annette w 
Burford Harriett (wid Wm E), h 276 An 

nette w 
Burford Miss Minnie H. bkpr, 1 276 An 

nette w 
Burford Newman W, cashier, 1 270 An 

nette w 

Surge Edward, brick mkr, h 7S Annette- 
Burgess Francis E, carp, h 2S4 Pacific 

av s 
Burgess John, foreman J R Jackson, 1 

1T>7 Clendeuan av 

Burke Edmund M, rms 18 Van Home 
Burke James W. brkmn CPR, b 38 

Hook av 
Burke Joseph J, case mkr Heintzman * 

Co. res Toronto 
Burke Thomas, brkmn, h 57 Medland 

11 Miss A: .-, b R Phillips 

Burkhill Robert, lab, b 117 Mulock av 
Burkholder Alfred, carp, h 145 Pacific 

av H 

Burkholder Frederick H, 1 145 Pacific av a 
Burlace \Vm, coalman, rms 21) Victoria 
Burlelgh Mrs Lottie, 1 181 Keele n 
Burnett Thomas, wd wkr, h 117 Daven 

port rd 

Burrow John J, lab. 1 132 Cooper av 
Burrows Alfred H, mach, h 268 Westoo 

rd s 

Burt Dlo L, eng CPR, h 81 Mulock av 
Burt Moses C, trav, h 50 Clendenan av 
Burt Oscar A, mach, 1 58 Hoskin av 
Burt Wm, blrmkr, h 58 Hoskin av 
Burt \v m j, blksmith CPR, 1 08 Hoskin av 
Burton George, lab. h w s Elizabeth n, 

'PR track 
Burton G Garfield. plate fnshr Heintzman 

'. 1 20 Ontario 

Burton Sarah (wid George), h 29 Ontario 
Burvill James, lab. h 126 Edmund 
Bush Wm T, bkpr, rms 37 Victoria 
Bushell Amos, elk, I 127 Davenport rd 

Imund, lab, h 127 IVivenport r<l 

r Butts, 1 
upon rd 
iu. brick infr, 1 127 Davenport 

:) 1?> 
'Odward. plmbr 112 Dundas e 

1 Jane 
Butler George. 1 112 Dundas e 

n J \Vin. case mkr. h ."* Van Home 
-3 Ethel, mach opr. 1 321 Keel* 

slsldy, 1 321 Keele * 
i Quebec av 
\. ntudt. 1 214 
bee av 

Kdward. engineer CPR. b 5 Hook 

k. !i 4.-il Dundas w 
Caldecott Walter E, trav, h 17 Quebec 


i-aMw-ell Miss Laura I. bkpr. 1 333 Cooper 

well Thomas, lab, h 333 Cooper av 
well Thomas K, a-ppn-utic". 1 333 
Cooper av 

well Wm E. btchr, 1 333 Cooper av 
* .>iin 

nder Charles E, brkmn. h 99 Duiidan 


:a Charles, h 116 Keele s 

Md Robert), h 15 Union n 
Calverley John N. lamplighter Stark T L. 

& P Co. res Bracondale 
Cameron Alexander, stableman Wm M- 

her, 1 50 Pacific av s 

Cameron Catherine A (wid Alexander D) 
1 189 Pacific av a 



ron Duncan, porter, 1 Brown's Hotel 
r->n Ernest, brkmn CPR, b 165 Vine 


ron Henry C, mach CPR, b 05 Hook 

Cameron Hugh D. engineer, h 189 Paxjific 

Cameron Lauchlan, mach, b 36 Franklin 

Cameron Miss Lucy, tlrs H X Morrison. 

res Toronto 

Cameron Malcolm, brkmkr, h 43 Edmund 
Cameron Miss Minnie, tlrs J H Aene/w. 

res Toronto 
Canv Violet C. stenog. 1 ISO 

Pacific av s 
Campbell Archibald. MP. pres Campbell 

Milling Co. Ltd. h 333 Annette w 
Campbell Archibald W. bkpr. 1 333 An 
nette w 
Campbell Miss Beatrice A, stenog, 1 169 

Western av 

Campbell C Robert, cond, h 55 May 
Campbell Douglas A, sec-treas Campbell ', 

Milling Co. 1 333 Annette w 
Campbell Enos M. grain insp. h 175 Que 
bec av 
Campbell Prank J, fly fnshr Heintzman * 

h 22 May 
Campbell Frank J jr. plshr. 1 22 May 

'ell George, mach hd Batts, Ltd, res . 

Campbell George A. elk Wilkinson Plough 

: Cooper av 

Campbell George M, I 46 Vernon 
Campbell Harry T, shipper, h 9 Ferguson ; 

Campbell Hugh, plmbr Robert Patcrson. 

res Toronto 
Campbell Hugh A. slsmn J M Evans <S- 

Co, 1 184 Pacific av a 
Campbell James, carp, h 46 Vernon 
Campbell James, carp, b 22 Union 
Campbell John, lab, b 12 Whitney av 

Campbell Joseph, eng CPR, h 53 Pacific 
av 3 

t.pll Lome, brkmn CPR, b 45 Hook 

l.ulu. slsldy D W Hall, 
1 117 <jue)'. 

r-M i wid John l, 1 117 
Campbell Miss Maud, 1 169 Western av 

Mary, stenog, 1 184 Pa- 
Campbell Miss Mary, vest mkr, 1 46 Ver 

iell Milling Co. Ltd, The. Archi 
bald Campbell pres. John Knight vice- 
iiipbell nmgr and sec- 
i av 
Campbell Miss Minnie, opr, 1 53 Pacific 

av s 

Campbell Nell, foreman, h 169 Western av 
Campbell Norman H, bkpr Campbell Mill 
ing i umette TV 

Quebec av 

Cainpb.-ll Samuel McC, stone mason, h 

(\vid Hugh), l 46 Vernon 
Imbr Pvobert Pater- 

<~*ampbell Wm. li 184 Pacific av 8 
Campbt-11 Wm, driver Huinizman *t Cu, b 

r, Wilson pi 

Camplin Charles A, engineer, h 77 Vine av 
Limited, T A Russell Manager, Manu- 
jrers of Bicycl itor Vehi 

cles. Weston Rd s. Cor McCormack, 
'Phones Junction 49U, 491, 492, 488 
L'anadB Sand-1 sed Brick Co, 

Ltd, Robert Kennedy, mgr w s Symes 


George Lyde Manager, 38-4O Dundas w 

Canadian Express Co (br), H W West 

agt. 110 Dundas w 

CPR Bridgemaster's Dept, Allan Wilson, 
bridge and building master CPR station 
CPR Car Uept. J \V Kelly, div car fore 
man, w s Keele n 
CPR Co's Telegraph branches. 8 Dundas 

w and Union Stock Yards 
CPR Freight Office, John S Hill freight 

agent, ft Weston rd 

CPR Motive Power Dept, Robert Pres 
ton master mechanic. West Toronto 
CPR Roadmaster's Dept. Alexander Ma<-K- 
., roadma; n rrt and 

CPR Station. J S Hill, agt, e s Weston r 

near bridge 
CPR Stores Dept. H Brooks, div storekpr, 

\Vest Toronto 
CPR Trail. 

<ihaw trainmaster CPR station 
CPR Yardmaster's Dept. Thomas Gi 

Kenl yardma-ter \\Vst Toronto 
Canadian Publishing- Assn. Ltd. B B 

X&ftsger mgr, 1U3 Kee.- 
Canavan Edward, blksmlth, h 32 Ux- 

bridge ar 
Canavan Miss May, tchr 1: 

lidge av 

Canning John E, lab Stark T L & P Co, 

. ra Heydon H 


Properties FOR SALE in ALL 
PARTS of the City and Suburbs 

61 Victoria Street 


Confeberation Xife 

Capell Joseph, lab, h 26 Argyle rd 
Carberry Miss Belle, slsidy Koblnson tiros, 

1 29 llumberside av e 

Carberry Miss Elizabeth, dry gds 26 Dun- 
das e, h same 
Carberry Miss .Lillian, elk Postofflce, 1 

56 Hook av 
Carberry Miss Mary E, tchr Western Av 

Sch, 1 66 Hook av 
Carberry Miss Sarah, h 56 Hook av 
Card Oliver, foreman, h 96 Charles 
Carey WTO J, brkmkr, h 84 Pelham av 
Carley Elmer L, piano tuner Heintzman 

& Co, b 24 Hook av 
Carlton Public School, S E Jewitt, prin, s 

8 Carlton, 1 e King 
Carmichael P Edwin, engineer, h 30 Clen- 

denan av 

Carnegie D, tmstr Campbell Milling Co, 
Carp Harold, foreman, rms 47 Hook av 
Carrick John A, asst mgr, h 314 Willough- 

by av 

Carrier John, engineer, b 63 Annette e 
Carroll John, carp, h 38 Lakeview av 
Carroll Robert, wood carver Jaseph Bonn. 

h 87 Golden Gate av 
Carruth Miss Beatrice, 1 64 Pacific av B 
Carruth John, carp, h 64 Pacific av s 
Carruth Robert S, brkmn CPR, h 142 

Pundas w 
Carruth Wm J. piano plshr, 1 64 Pacific av 

Carruthers Annie (wld Robert W), h 151 

Humberside av e 
Carruthers Walter B, eng CPR, h 29 

Carscadden Lucinda (wld Robert), h 238 

Annette w 
Carson David J, cond, h 109 High Park 


Carson Edwin, cond. 1 52 Medland 
Carson Miss Elizabeth, 1 76 Annette e 
Carson Hugh, flagman, h 76 Annette e 
Carson James, ship carp, fa 41 May 
Carson Miss Margaret, opr, 1 76 Annette e 
Carson Margaret E (wld Henry L), h 52 


Carson Miss Martha E. 1 76 Annette e 
Carson Robert H, cond, 1 76 Annette e 
Carson Samuel H, cond, h 73 Louisa 
Carson Wm, app Kay Electric Dynamo & 

Motor Co, 1 111 Mulock av 
Carson Wm J, b 57 Pacific av s 
Carson Wm J, cond CPR, h 111 Mulock av 
Carter Edward T, slsmn R J Bruce rms 

1U Western av 
Carter George A, clothing 105 Dundas e 

res Toronto 

Carter Herbert slsmn G A Carter, res To 

Carter Herbert J, brklyr, h w s Peel av 
Carter Miss Kettle, opr, 1 80 Hoskln av 
Carter John, cond Tor Suburban Ry Co 

res Boone av 
Carter Richard, cattle drover, h 59 Ur- 

bridge av 
Carter Richard A, grocer 210 Dundas w, 

'h s s Dundas w, cor Quebec av 
Carthy John E, mach, h 142 Cawthra av 
Casey Edward, foreman Laces & Braid 

Mfg Co, h Prospect av 
Casey Prank, apprentice Laces & Braid 

Mfg Co, 1 Prospect av 
Caslor Miss Ettle M 1 112 Keele s 
Cassan J Arthur, engineer, h 15 Humber- 

alde av 

Casselman Jacob, lab, h 29 Victoria 
Cassidy J Irwin, phy, 103 Louisa, h same 
Cassln Lawrence, mach, h 125 Churchill 


Cathcart Miss Addle, tlrs, 1 31 Dundas e 
Cathbart Miss Maggie, tlrs J H Agnew h 

31 Dundas e 
Cathrae Frank C, engineer, b 29 Western 

Caulton Wm C, purch agt Dodge Mfg Co, 

b 44 Annette e 

Cavanagh Henry, lab, h 94 Pelham av 
Chaftey Percy E, eng trimmer, h 168 Lou 

Chalmers Wm, painter, h 24 Dundas w 
Chambers George, lab, b 147 Keele n 
Chambers Samuel D, lab h 304 Weston rd 


Champion Miss Elizabeth F, h 24 He- 
Murray av 




Canadian Company 

Champlain Walter C, cond Tor Suburban 

Ry Co, 1 42 Van Home 
Chandler Miss Susie E, tchr Annette St 

Sch. 1 56 Keele s 
Chaperon Georgina (wid John H), h 305 

Dundas e 

Chapman John, h 560 St Clair av w 
Chapman John M, sound bd mkr Heintz 
man & Co, res Lambton Mills 
Chapman Miss Llllie, packer Pugsley, 

Dingman & Co, 1 Dundas 
Chapman Percy, elk Gurney Foundry Co, 

res Toronto 

Chapman Thomas, btchr 55 Davenport rd 
Chappell Miss Charlotte A, opr, 1 33 Hos- 

kin av 

Chappell Miss Emily, opr, 1 33 Hoskin av 
Chappell John, lab, 1 33 Hoskln av 
Chappell Samuel, lab. h 33 Hoskin av 
Chappell Samuel jr lab, 1 33 Hoskin av 
Chappell Sidney, lab, 1 33 Hoskln av 
Chappie Henry S, contr 125 Lakevlew av, 

h same 

Charbonneau Dalton, foreman, b 47 Dun 
das e 

Charbonneau Paul, buffer, b 29 May 
Charles Miss Henrietta, B A, modern lan 
guage tchr Tor Junction Coll Inst, rms 
84 High Park av 

Charles Joseph H, h 110 Annette w 
Charlton Miss Lulu, elk J G Wright, rms 

102 Western av 

Chase George, brkmn, h 147 Vina av 
Chase Harry M, elk Can Cycle & Motor 

Co, res Toronto 
Chaulk Wm, blrmkr, rms 223 St Clair av 

Cherry Margaret (wid Wm), h 207 Keele 

Cherry Miss Mary E, prin Western 4.v 

Sch, 1 207 Keele s 

Chessman Herbert, cond, b 112 Humber 
side av 

Chiddentcn Thomas W, storekpr, h 1O1 


lining Harry, lab, b 28 Carlton pi 
Chlsholm Alexander, boots and shoes 35 

Dundas w, h same 
Chisholm Mrs Eliza, h 147 Annette w 
Chisholm George L, brkmn CPR, b 71 Pa 
cific av B 
Chisholm Morley S, elsmn A Chisholm, 

res Toronto 
Chittenden George, supt Benjamin Moore 

& Co, res Toronto 
Chittenden George H, lab, h 57 Uxbridge 

Chrlstensen Samuel, filer Dominion Brush 

& Mirror Co, b 70 Hook av 
Christie James, signal man C P R, h 52 

Christopher Alfred J, lltho artist, b w s 

Elizabeth. 3 n CPR track 
Chubb Miss Alice, studt, 1 49 May 
Chubb Miss Ethel, tchr, 1 49 May 
Chubb Samuel J, casemkr, h 49 May 
Church of Christ, s a Annette e, 1 e 

Keele a 
Church Orwell, painter, b 13 Humberside 


Churchill Henry, lab, h 312 Weston rd s 
Churchill Joseph, action regulator Heintz 
man & Co, res Toronto 
Cilmer Laurltz, key mkr, h 44 Edmund 
Clague Oswald, mach, rms SI Dundas w 
Clare Thomas, track foreman, h 62 

Churchill av 

Clark Adam, h 212 Western av 
Clark Effela (wid Alexander H), h 96 

Clendenan av 

Clark Elizabeth (wld Samuel), b 60 Ed 

Clark Frederick, h 236 Annette w 
Clark George, lab, 1 18 McMurray av 
Clark George A, mldr, h 4 Dundas w 
Clark Gerald, tmstr, b 19 Dundas e 
Clark Miss Ina, skirt mkx, 1 96 Clen 
denan av 

Clark John, blrmkr, b 144 Vine av 
Clark John, driver, 1 38 Western av 
Clurk Miss Maud E, 1 37 Willoughby av 
Clark Nathan, h 37 Willoughby av 
Clark Robert, elk CPR, 1 38 Western av 
Clark Robert, glazier, h 38 Western av 
Clark Thomas, car repr, b 1U Pacific av s 
Clark Wm L, elk Can Cycle & Motor Co, 

h -'29 Fairview av 

Clarke A, tmstr Campbell Milling Co 
Clarke Edward V, asst timekpr CPR, res 

Clarke Frederick W, fireman CPR, h 07 


Clarke Howard E, studt, 1 90 Humber 
side av e 

Clarke James, h 50 Union n 
Clarke John E, h 50 Willoughby av 
Clark Wm, mach Tor Junct Mach. Co 

h 42 Main 

Clarke Wm A, studt, 1 90 Humberside av e 
Clarke Wm F, mldr, h 123 Churchill av 
Clarkson Robert, 1 10 Kingsley av 
Ciarridge Charles, tel opr, 1 37 Vine av 
Clarridge Ellen (wid George A), h 144 

Vine av 
Clarridge George E, wood wkr, 1 144 Vine 


Ciarridge -Richard, lab, h 37 Vine av 
Clay George, engineer, b 17 Western av 
Clay Henry C, eng CPR, h 24 Union n 
Clay Wm, eng CPR. h 37% Dundas e 
Clayden Robert, brklyr, b 127 Mulock av 
Clayton George, mach hd Batts, Ltd, res 

-Uunbton Mills 

Clayton Miss Jessie, slsldy, 1 241 Keele n 
Clayton Mary (wid Charles), h 241 Keele 


Clayton Walter S, mach, 1 241 Keele n 
Clayton Wm, cattle dlr Union Stock 

Yards, res Lambton Mills 
Cleary Thomas, engineer, b 18 Hook av 
Clegg Edward, lab, b 41 Pacific av s 
Clegg Frederick, stock kpr Dom Carriage 

Co, 1 38 Laughton av 
Clegg Joseph, stm ftr, b 41 Pacific av s 
Cleland Miss Adelina, wrapper Pugsley, 

Dingman & Co, 1 20 McMurray av 
Cleland Archibald, contr 20 McMurray av, 

h same 
Cleland Ernest A, boiler mkr, rms 52 

Keele s 

Cleland Wm J, 1 20 McMurray av 
Clements Alfred E, elk Gunns, Ltd, b 88 


Clements Charles W, coalman, h 33 Whit 
ney av 

Clemmer Abram H, lumber, h 232 Lake- 
view av 

Clendenan George W, phy 130 Dundas w 
Cleverdon Wm G, porter Wrought Iron 

Range Co, res Toronto 
Cline Charles, brkmn. b 63 Annette e 
Cline Miss Mary A, opr, 1 88 Pelham av 
Cline Murt, brklyr, h 88 Pelham av 
Close Charles H, fireman, h 48 Union s 
Clouston Samuel, carp, h w s Peel av 
Clunas Peter, blksmlth T A Rhodes, rms 

18 Van Home 

Clunes James, mach, h 121 Churchill av 
Coats Andrew, lab D B Martin Co, res 

Coats Wm, elect Kay Electric Dynamo & 

Motor Co, res Toronto 
Coburn Elizabeth (wid Sidman), 1 94 

Humberside av e 
Coburn George N, lab, h 94 Humberside 

av e 

Coburn Miss Laura, 1 94 Humberside av 
Cochrane John T, eng CPR, h 124 Pacific 

avenue B 
Code Walter, roadmaster CPR. h 67 Hook 

Coe Charles E, mach hd Heintzman & Co, 

1 129 Dundas e 
Coe Richard, stone mason, h 655 Annette 

Coe Thomas G, agt Big Cities Realty & 

Agency Co, h 129 Dundas e 
Coe Thomas G, tailor, 129 Dundas e 
Cohen Moses, pdlr, h 118 Maria 
Colbeck Franklin C, prin Tor Junct Coll 

Inst, h 142 Louisa 
Colbeck Luoinda (wid Edward), 1 142 

Coldthorp Peter W, barber 204 Dundas 

<w, h same 

Coles Thomas, 1 72 Hook av 
Colgan Thomas, elk CPR, res Toronto 


Reliance Bid., 82=88 King St. E. 

400 Feet Higher than Lake Ontario 

Branch Office 



Manufacturers of Electric and Hydraulic 
Passenger and Krei(?ht ELEVATOKS, 
Hand-Power ELEVATORS and IJumb 
Waiters: also of Ornamental Iron Grill 
Work of Every Description. 

Colhoun John, lab Pugsley, Dingman & 


"in Win, i. ireman Pugsley, Ding- 
man & Co, h 58 Quebec av 

, yardman Conger Coal Co, 
h n s Louisa 
Collinge Frank C, piano tuner Helntzman 

o, h 11 Main 
Collins Miss Ada E, mgr R Vogan, 1 130 

Collins Alvin. lab, 1 68 Annette e 

na Arthur B. Ik CPR. h 31 Pacltie 

MS James, carp CPR, b 270 Maria 
lab. h 68 Annette e 

>. 1 "is Annette e 
MS Ijoonard. btchr Poyntz Bros, b 54 

c av 
Collh earl, c-pr G N" W Tel Co, 

Collins Roy E, elk J G Musson 1 31 

'. M, piano tuner, 1 31 Pa- 
lab, 1 68 Annette e 
John, lab D B Martin Co, res 

Collinson Thomas, lab CPR, h 343 S 
r av w 

i'rank. fitter, h 7,"> Laughton a\ 

nmellne (L i E Colvln) 

Colvin Miss Jessie A. 1 70 Keele a 
Colvin J Herbert, prin St Clair Av Sch 

T.'i Louisa 
Colvin Miss Llbble (LAB Colvin). 1 70 

Keele s 
Colvin L & E (Misses Libbie and Era 

melme), dry goods 2:4 Uundas w 
Colvin Mary A iwid John), h 711 Keele 8 
Colvin Miss Mary A. 1 7O Keele s 
Comfort Herbert, lab Campbell Milling Co 
Conacher Allist, r. carp Union Stock 

Yards, h 2t Keele n 
Conaghan Mandy, lab Union Stock Yards 

h 44 Franklin av 
Conger Coal Co. J H Beamish local mgr 

1O4 \ ine av ami 22 Dundas e 
Conkey John, lab Pugsley, Dingman & 

1 >'*> May 

Connel John, cond, h it" Vine av 
connell Alexander, cond. h 179 Clendenan 

Connell Anastasia (wid John), 1 51 Van 

Connell Coal Co. D F Irvin local mgr. 

Dundas e 

Connell Edward J. eng. h 51 Van Home 
Connell Hugh, painter, l 43 Van Home 
Com: Martha. 1 43 Van Home 

>nnell Peter. mi;r W Powell, h 4O May 
Connell Wesley J, slsmn R J Bruce, 1 43 

> an Home 
Connolly c Frederick, fireman No 1. 1 54 


\\ in A M, civ eng, 

Connolly Edward, excavator 54 Carlton 

h same 
Connolly Miss Lillian, mlnr Misses Har- 

shaw. 1 54 Carlton 

Connolly Miss Nellie, opr. 1 54 Carlton 
Connors Alfred L, slsmn T E Hoar & 

Co, rms 18 Van Home 
Connors Thomas, cattle dlr Union Stock 

lards, res Toronto 
Conron J A Barrie. ledger kpr Bank of 

Hamilton. 1 139 Pacific av a 
CONRON WM J, Town Clerk Town 

Hall. 16-ig Keele s, h 139 Pacific av s 
Conroy Timothy, staty 252 Dundas h 

- . i ; . I 

Conroy Wm A. ftr. h 37 Durie 

Constantino John, arch 181 Keele 8 

Constantino Miss Susan H. kindergarten 
directress Western Av Sch, 1 181 Keele 

Consterdine Joseph E, fnshr. h 14 Whit 
ney av 

Conway Hugh, contr. Keele n, cor St 
Clair av e. h same 

Conwell Charles S, file sharpener Helntz 
man & Co. h 157 Humberslde av 

Conwell Charles W R, fnshr, 1 157 Hum- 
berside av 

Conwell Miss Fanny C, drsmkr 157 Hum- 
berside av. 1 same 

Cook Miss Amy. studt, 1 509 High Park av 

Cook Arnold P, storeman CPR, 1 51 On 

Cook Catherine (wid Wm J), h 53 Church- 
Ill avenue 

George, grocer 515 Annette w, h 

Cook George W, mgr The D B Martin Co, 
Ltd, res Toronto 

Herbert, car checker CPR, 1 St 
ir av w 

carp, h IS Lakevlew av 
Cook Lucy (wid John L), h 76 Evelyn 

T Roy, slsmn Padget * Co, 1 18 
I.M Review av 

Cook Wm, barr, h 5O!> High Park av 
Cook Wm, plstr, h w s Campbell av 

High Park 

Cook Wm W, elk J .M Evans & Co. 1 
18 Lakeview av 

bs Edward, ftr CPR. h 283 Keele n 

fred, lab, b 11O Churchill av 
r Orville C. pntr, b 2 Ferguson av 
Cooper Russell, driver A Hain, l 28 Ed- 
Cooper Wesley, lab, b 110 Churchill av 

Wm, eng ri'lt, i, 21 Gilmour 
Copeland James, driver R J Davis res 

John, driver K J Davis, res 
ton. Ont 

'Man James, tmstr. h 7 Dundas w 
Copp Wm J, range mntr Wrought Iron 
Range Co, res Toronto 

in F Walter, carp, h 44 May 
Corbett Thomas J (Corbett & Henderson), 

res Toronto 

Corbett & Henderson (Thomas J Cor 
bett. John W Henderson), cattle dlrs 

n .-^toek Yards 

Cordingly Wm, mach. rms 14O Vine 
CorkhtU Joseph H. lab, h e s Campbell av 
Cornell Herbert C H, bkpr Nordheimer 

Piano & Music Co, res Toronto 
Cornock James L, car repr CPR, h 31 

Hoskin av 

Corns Arthur, elk, b 117 Mulock av 
Corrlgan Denis, lab, 1 30 Western av 



Corrlgan Thomas J, moto, h 3O Western 


losburn Arthur S, granite ctr M G War- 
dell, h e s Herbert av 
Cosgrove Michael, yardman, b 57 Dundas 


Cosh Nathaniel, car repr, h 44 Uttley 
Coski Patrick, lab, b 64 Mulock av 
Cotterell Margaret (wid Thomas J M), 
h 192 Annette w 

ill Charles, driver H C Frymire, 1 
192 Annette w 

Couch Miss Laura G, slsldy, b a7 West 
ern av 

Coulter Alfred, brkmn, b 56 Hoskin av 
7oulter George, brkmn, 1 51 McMurray av 
Coulter Mrs Martha P, 1 5 W.ilson pi 
Coulter Robert J, ticket elk CPR, res To 
Coulter Wm J, yard foreman Heintzman 

& Co, res Toronto 

Couper Walter, maoh. h 30 Carlton pi 
Coupland Thomas, h 110 Pelham av 
^ourt George A. bkpr Gunns, Ltd, rms 

129 Pacific av s 
Cousins Aylmer B, case mkr Heintzman 

& Co, h 40 Van Home 
Cousins Charles E, tmstr, h 38 Mulock av 
Cousins Edward, app Heintzman & Co, 
1 110 Queen 

'ousins Henry, carp, h 27 Mulock av 
ovey Frederick, carp Batts, Ltd, res To 

rowan James R, elk. 1 100 Annette w 
Cowan John T. studt. 1 100 Annette w 
Cowan Norman, brklyr. rms 20 Western 

'owan Royden G. teas, h 12O Clara 
Cowan Rev Thomas, pastor Annette St 

Baptist Ch, h 100 Annette w 
Cowan Wm A, civ eng, 1 28 Willoughby av 
Cowell Wm, yardman Conger Coal Co, 1 
n s Louisa 
'owie Alexander, tmstr. b 43 Dundas e 

Cowley Percy H. plate plshr Heintzman 

Ac Co, res Toronto 

-ox Emmanuel, brklyr, h 62 Campbell av 
Cos Frederick, driver Wm Davies Co, res 


C rms J ^ n Mty Wd tUr " er *'" - "* 
Cox Reginald O, ledger kpr Can Bank of 

Commerce, rms 38 Dundas w 
Cox Hi. imi. 1, eng- .Stark T L & P Co res 

i George jr, shipper Levack Dressed 
_Beef Co, res Toronto 
>xo n Robert T, mach, h 27 Ontario 

Miss Ella, stenog b 34 .McMurray 

'3 *. driller, h 01 Edmund 

Sl, t l amM H ' dl ' iver Cevack Dressed 
Beef Co, res Toronto 

Crandeil .Minnie (wid Charles), nurse 31 
a, li same 
Cornelius, core mkr. h 14 Kmgsley 

C ''ron Jttheri11 < Cran & Smith), res To- 

Crang & Smith (Jetherlll Grans, James 

smith), brick mfrs 515 Weston rd 
ton Wm, pntr Dom Carriage Co 

res Toronto 

Henry, tmstr Tor June Ice Co 

b 1O4 Vine av 
Crawford Hugh, fireman CPR, b 81 

Keel n 
Crawford Thomas (Crawford & Co) res 

I oronto 
Crawford & Co (Thomas Crawford, Frank 

Hunnisett), cattle dlrs Union Stock 

i arils 

Arthur G, stmftr CPR, h 69 .uiu- 

Creamer Isabel, dom Subway Hotel 
risp John, yardman Nordheimer Piano 
and Music Co, 1 144 Clendenan av 

rvVTr "w";-?' '?'*'.'." ""* Clendenan av 
Croley W Frank, blksmith. h 336 Daven 
port rd 
iMiiey John F, yardman, 1 107 Wlllough- 

Croney Joseph W, carp, h 97 Willoughby 

Croney Wm. lab. h 107 Willoughby av 
Croney Wm J, cond, 1 1O7 Willoughby av 

Chu?eh^av eS W ' r ' Vet mkr ' * 94 
Crosby Wm, blksmth, b 142 Churchill av 
Cross David, steamftr, h 524 Campbell av 
Cross Miss Lavinia, elk. 1 84 Western av 
Cross Win, civ eng, h S4 Western av 
Crossley Frederick, b 166 Humberside av 
Crothers Miss Alethia. labeler. b 153 

Keele n 

Croucher Wm. lab, b 74 Pelham av 
^rowe Thomas J, carp, h 86 Peel 
C'KUSO JOHN, Manager Dominion 

Bank, 44 Dundas w, res Toronto 
Cullen Miss Clara H. drsmkr Miss L J 

Sanderson, 1 29% Abbott av 
Culross David 1 B, action regulator Heintz 
man & Co. h 7 Laws 

Culross Miss Gertrude, stenog 1 76 Laws 
Culver Douglas H, driver John Haines, 1 

34 Medland 
Culver Thomas S, brkmkr, h 409 Weston 

Gumming George R (Gumming & Co), h 

55 Dundas w 

Gumming & Co (George R Gumming), un 
dertakers 55-57 Dundas w 
Cummings Miss Charlotte A. elk P O. 1 

38 May 
Cummings Miss Clara, tlrs A M Gabel. 1 

38 May 

Cummings Herbert H, casemkr Heintz 
man & Co, h 30 May 
Cummings John M, carp, h 25 Union s 
Cummings Margaret E A (wid Albert), h 

38 May 

Cummings Thomas, fireman, b 131 Dun 
das e 

Cunningham Archibald, 

Clendenan av 

tmstr, h 134 

Cunningham Catherine (wid John), h 194 


Cunningham Eldon J A, app, 1 194 Maria 
Cunningham James, shipper, b 23 Carlton 


MeGHEGOB & MelNTYBE, LIMITED Steel Column Sections 

67 to 95 PEARL ST. 

PHONES MAIN 7248, 7249 



Continuous Bias Seam Tapes, 

Bands and Bindings. 
Braids, Tapes and Trimmings. 


1 WELLINGTON ST. L Tel. M. 4417 


Cunningham \Vm A, stableman Levack 

Dressed Beef Co, res Toronto 
Cunnings Miss Mildred, 1 14O \Vi!lougihb.v 

Cunnings Robert C, contr 146 Willoughby 

av, h same 

Cunnington Wm J, vet surg 3O Keele s, b 
. 81 Quebec av 
Curavo Georg-e W, barber 31-33 Dundas 

w h same 
Curiett Henry G, foreman Can Cycle & 

Motor Co, h 184 Humberside av 
Curran Thomas J, brKiiin, h 58 McMurray 


Currle Archibald, mach hd, rms 37 Ed 

Currle Bert, studt, b 306 Pacific av s 
Currie George, 1 149 Dundas w 
Currie James, elect, 1 149 Dundas w 
Curry John, carriage mkr 157 Dundas w, 

h io Keele s 

Curry J Franklin, pntr 1 5O Keele s 
Curtis Miss Annie, packer Pugsley, Ding- 

ham & Co, 1 3 Humberside av 
Curtis A Edwin, mldr, 1 5 Charles 
Curtis Miss Ethel G, 1 5 Charles 
Curtis James, carp, h 5 Charles 
Curtis James, lab L nion Stock Yards, b 

40 Franklin av 
Curtis James E, apprentice Heintzman * 

Co, 1 3 Humberside av 
Curtis Miss May, opr. 1 5 Charles 
Curtis Wm, mach, rms 18 Van Home 
Curtis Wm J, apprentice Robert Paterson, 

1 5 Charles 

Curts Frank, tlr J H Agnew, res Toronto 
Custom House, A B Rice coll, Post Office 

Cuthbert Samuel, tinsmith, b 57 Mu- 

Jock av 
Cutts Charles D, slsmn C M Cutts & Co, 

h 24 Woodside av 
Cutts Clarence M (C M Cutts & Co), h 140 

Dundas w 
Cutis C M & Co (Clarence M and Samuel 

H Cutts), hardware 140-144 Dundas w 
Cutts Samuel H (C M Cutts & Co), h w s 

High Park av, 1 s Humberside av 
Cutts T Hugh, phy 24 Woodside av, h 

Czonzon Samuel, gluer Heintzman & Co, 

b 110 Cooper av 

Dake Miss Alvia, b 153 Humberside av 
Dake Miss Maud, b 153 liumborside av 
Dalby Miss Jane, stenog, 1 28 Fairview av 
Dale Edward, lab, rms 257 Pacific av 8 
Dale Harvey, key mkr Kerr Co, Ltd, 
Dalton Charles W, mldr W J Dalton, 1 

112 Edmund 

Dalton Gilbert, bkpr, rms 75 Louisa 
Dalton Wm, carp W J Dalton, res To 


W. J. Dalton 


Stove Repairs and General Castings 

290 Davenport Road opp. Churchill Ave. 

Phone Junct. 78 Toronto Junction 

Dalton Wm J, prop Pioneer Foundry, 290 

Davenport rd, opp Churchill av 
Daly Miss Eliza, 1 49 Ontario 
Daly Harvey, titter CPR, h 49 Ontario 
Daly Herbert, 1 172 Humberside av 
Daly Joseph, eng, 1 49 Ontario 
DaJy Miss Mary, 1 49 Ontario 
Daly Patrick, mach hd, b 270 Maria 
Daly Peter, boiler mkr, 1 40 Ontario 
Danbrook John H, mach, h 69 Laughton 

Dane Alfred, tmstr Conger Coal Co, b 14 

Daniels Arthur, stove pipe mkr Wrought 

Iron Range Co. res Toronto 
Daniels Miss Edith, mach opr, 1 188 An 
nette w 
Daniels Edward, car repr, h 188 Annette 


Daniels Francis T. lab, h 70 Pelham av 
Dankert Charles, mach hd Batts, Ltd, b 
64 Pacific av s 

Dann George, btchr Levack Dressed Beef 
Co, res Toronto 

Danver John H, fltetr, h 94 Pelham av 

Darby Frederick W, btchr 299 Dundas w 
h same 

Daughton Thomas B. elect, h 49 Annette 

Baldwin, Percy BletUM, Dealers in Lum 
ber, Laths and Shingles Davenport rd 
and GTR tracks (See classified Lumber 
Dealers Retail) 

Davenport Methodist Church, Rev George 
W Dewey pastor, Davenport rd, opp 
Churchill av 

Davey John, contr 220 Quebec av, h same 

Davey John L tinsmith, 1 67 Berber av 

Davey Robert, baker Robinson Bros, res 
York tp 

Davey Samuel J, harnessmkr, h 67 Bar 
ber av 

Davey Wm J, contr 51 Medland, h same 

Davidge Elizabeth (wid Wm), 1 12 Daven 
port rd 

Davidge Frederick J. stmftr Robert Pat 
erson, h 44 Van Home 

Davidge George, lireman No 1. h 123 
Humberside av 

Davidge Wm H, fitter CPR. h 29B St (Jlair 
avenue w 

Davidson Hugh, eng CPR, h 180 High 
Park av 

Davles David, cond Tor Sub Ry, h 38 
McMurray av 

Davies Elizabeth (wid John), h 18 Mc 
Murray av 

Davies John, mach Stark T L & P Co. h 
47 Quebec av 

Davies Wm, apprentice, 1 18 McMurray 

Davies Wm, lab, rms 4 Dundas w 

Davies Wm Co. Ltd (br), F H Irwln mgr 
provisions, 1O-12 Dundas w 

Davis Albert A, elk, 1 4 Ferguson av 


Davis Alfred, plate fnshr Heintzmaii & 

Co. res Toronto 
Davis Annie (wid Oliver N), h 4 Ferguson 


Davis Charles, vet surg, b Mrs S New 
Davis Charles P, coll Stark T L & P Co, 

rms 41 Medland 

Davis Charles T, fireman, h 30 Hook av 
Davis Miss Eva E. I 4 Ferguson av 
Davis George, tinsmith J R Jackson res 


Davis George W, fireman, h 121 Keelu n 
Davis Henry, carp, h 74 Edmund 
Davis Miss Jennie M, 1 4 Ferguson av 
Davis John, lab, b 77 McMurray av 
Davis Oliver J, plshr Heintzman & Co 

1 4 Ferguson av 
Davis Richard J, express 27 Keele s. h 


Davis Wm, fireman, rms 54 Western av 
Davis Wm, lab Tor Junct Lumber Co. b 

81 F/dmund 

Davis Wm, rms 73 Charles 
Davis Wm S, cond, h 122 Clendenan av 
Davison Miss Jessie, nurse 200 Dundas w, 

rms same 
Davison J Harcourt, brkmn, h 168 Vine 

Dawson Charles, comp, rms 41 Uxbridge 


Dawson Fred, gdnr b 184 Louisa 
Dawson George, lab, b 57 Annette e 
Dawson James V, engineer, 1 148 Pacific 

avenue s 

Dawson Richard T, h 148 Pacific av B 
Dawson Miss Vera, stenog Gunns, Lim 
ited, 1 148 Pacific av a 
Day Allan V. brklyr, h 124 Que -n 
Day George H (Day Co), res Toronto 
Day George H jr (Day & Co), res Toron 
Day John, wiper b 131 Dundas e 

Day Maria (wid Charles), h 190 Annette 


Day Walter E, mldr, h 15 Laughton av 
Day Wm H, slsmn W Powell, res Toronto 
Day & Co (George H and George H Day 

jr), clothing 119-121 Dundas w 
Dean Herbert, lab, b 127 Mulock av 
Dean Richard, brkmkr, rms 26 Whitney 


Dean Wm J, tobacconist 41 Dundas e 
Deary Herbert, mach hd, b 53 Western av 
Decher Louis P wood carver Joseph Bone. 

b 37 Western av 

Decker Russell, lab, b 57 Mulock av 
Decker Wm, blrmkr, 1 93 High Park av 
De Coursey James, lab, b 114 Cooper av 
Deering Samuel, carp, h 26<; Franklin av 
Deeton George, hlpr J R Jackson, 1 21 

Pacific av n 

Deeton John H, driver Richardson Cart- 
am- Co, rms 21 Pacific av n 
Defoe G Francis, printer, h 332 Weston rd 
Deisenroth George, wood wkr, h 221 

Keele s 
Delair Chauncey E, wd wkr Dominion 

Brush & Mirror Co, b 19 Dundas 
Delair Leon, sander Dominion Brush & 

Mirror Co, b 70 Hook av 
Delaney Ernest, driver Levack Dressed 

Beef Co, 1 45 Hook av 
De L'horbe Miss Celia, nurse High Park 

De L'horbe M Worth, masseur High Park 


Demaio Fred, lab, h 20 Ethel av 
Denners Hector H, mgr Leader & Record 
er and prin Sterling Business College, h 

2:13 Keele B 

Demo Frank, lab, h 32 Albany rd 
Dempster James H, packer Campbell Mill 
ing Co, res York tp 
Denbeigh Frank D (Denbelgh & Son), 

rms 108 Louisa 
Denbeigh George (Denbeigh & Son), rms 

1O8 Louisa 
Denbeigh & Son (George and Frank D), 

contrs 108 Louisa 

Dt-nnier Ernest, lab, b 10 Whitney av 
Dennis Alfred, lab, h 46 Argyle rd 
Dennis Herman E, btchr, h 60 Whitney av 
Dennis Thomas, rest 43-45 Dundas e, h 


Denny George, lab, b 24 Whitney av 
Dent Herbert, flour and feed 137 Dundas 

e, h same 
Depper Thomas W, shoemkr, h 13 Union 

Dettman George W, regulator Heintzman 

,v C'o, h 56 Laws 

Dettman Miss Hilda, stenog, 1 56 Laws 
Devins Douglas N, mach, rms 1598 Bloor 
Devins James B, caretkr Post Office 

Devy John H, asst town engineer, Town 


Dew James H, mach, h 51 Argyle rd 
Dewar Hugh C, foreman, h 266 Weston 

rd s 

Dewey Arthur W, slsmn. 1 344 Davenport 
Dewey Miss Florence E, mus tchr, 344 

Davenport rd, h same 
Dewey Rev George W, pastor Davenport 

Methodist Church, h 344 Davenport rd 
Dewhurst Wm, detective, rms 60 Dun 
das w 

Dexter Ellen (wid Thomas), 1 237 Fair- 
view av 

D'Eye Henry, elk CPR, 1 38 Franklin av 
Dick Wm, carp, b 197 Elizabeth s 
Dickens Edward, elect, h 556 St Clalr 

av w 

Dickie John B, cond, h 45 Victoria 
Dickin Edward R, asst eng Stark T L 

P Co, 1 556 St Clair av 
Digby Jarvls, tmstr, h 19 McMurray av 
Dine Mark, lab, h 109 Peel 
Dinwoody Charles C, foreman Can Cycle 

& Motor Co, res Toronto 
Dionne Delle, pntr Dom Carriage Co, res 


Dixon Alfred, l 141 Annette w 
Dixon Alfred, brkmn CPR. h 113 Mulock 
Dixon Allen, genl foreman loco dept CPR, 

h 13 Dundas w 
Dixon Edward, yard foreman, h 20 Hos- 

kJn av 

Dixon Elizabeth (wid John), 1 75 Edmund 
Dixon Frederick A, h 141 Annette w 


Estate, Insurance and Financial Agents 


Make a Specialty of 


Office, 86 King St. East 

Branch Oftlc 



Real Estate and Financial Agents 


Dixon John X. elk. h 58 Dundas w 

ab Tor Junct Lumber Co, 
res York t[. 

ry. drsmkr. 1 75 Edmund 
K. pntr To Edmund 
Ini. watchman Wrought Iron 

i, h ^.'1 Uiuisa 

nin 1,, L, elk J G Wright, 1 w a 

;vy E iSouthwell & Doane, h w 
s Clara 
Doan --r, h 388 High 

k av 
Dob.-- m M, brush mkr Dom 

Brush A: Mirror Co, res Toronto 
Uobson Wra B. agt. h 14:: Church. 11 av 
Dodds Miss A May, elk, 1 93 High Park 

Dodds John W, coi.: 1 stern av, h 

-s Myrtle, bkpr, 1 03 High Park 

Is Wm J, night watchman CPR, h 93 
High Park av 

Dodge Mfg Co, Ltd. Samuel May pres. 
H S May vice-pres, Charles F Wheaton 
sec-treas, pulley mfrs, n s Pelham av. 
1 e of Edmilnd 

Dod.- :.evack Dresse : 

Ltd. res Toronto 

Dods U Robertson, carp Union Stock 
Yards, h 71 Mulock av 

Dodson Jam- twid James J), 1 124 Cooper 

Doel Miss Edith E. 1 146 Paclflo av 8 

Doel Jane H (.wid Wm H), h 14*1 Pacific 
av s 

Doheny Charles G, riveter Wrought Iron 
-e Co, res Toronto 

Dollington Arthur, driver May Bros 

UOM1MON HANK, John I rusu Man- 
:ndas w 

A: Mirror Co, Ltd, James 
W Kradshaw pres. Henr>- Alexander 
sec-treas, rnnfrs brushes and mirrors, 
44 Hook av 

Dominion Carriage Co, Ltd, Henry Hors- 
man pres. A G Howse vice-pres. E F 
Henderson sec, carriage mfrs, s s Kings- 
, n of CPR tracks 

Townsend Agent, 49 Dundas w 

Donaldson Miss Christine, drsmkr 181 Pa 
cific av B 

Donaldson Win D, engineer, h 19U High 
Park av 

Doner Miss Amy A. tchr St Cialr Av 
Sch, 1 216 Fairview av 

Doner John H, fnshr, h 216 Fairview av 

Donlan John, mldr, b 5 Charles 

Dorband Miss Meta. stenog. 1 126 Pacific 
av s 

Dorband Mina iwid Lewis), 1 126 Pacific 
av s 

Dorward David P, eng CPR, h 42 Mulock 

Douglas Keattie, elk Can Cycle & Motor 
Co. h 13 Ontario 

Douglas Edward, lab, h 448 Weston rd 

Douglas George B, mach. h 75 McMurray 

Douglas James, foreman mldr Gurney 
Foundry Co, res Toronto 

Douglas John, eng CPR, h 52 May 

Douglas Wm W, carp, h .-2 Annette e 

Dow Roy, tinsmith J R Jackson, b 29 

Dowdell Hamilton T, fireman, h 37 Vic 

11 James, yardman CPR, b 32 Mu 
lock av 

Downes Wm, driver Mrs J Herbert, res 

Downey Augustus N. apprentice Helnti- 
man & Co, 1 181 Elizabeth a 

Downey John E. yardman CPR. h 162 

Downey John W, elk Wilkinson Plough 
Co, 1 1S1 Elizabeth a 

Downey Joseph, moto Tor Suburban R Co, 
res Toronto 

Downey Michael J. h 181 Elizabeth s 

Dow- Xellie. bkpr Can Cycle & 

T Co. res Toronto 

Dowson Clarence, app Kay Electric Dy 
namo & Motor Co, 1' 133" Maria 
Dowson John, lab, h 133 Maria 

Doxsee Lenore (wid Wm M), tchr Carl ton 
Pub Sen, res Toronto 

Doyle Martin, eng CPR h 66 Hook av 

tries, painter, h 443 St Glair 

ny Thomas H, bkpr Gunns. Ltd, res 

: gineer, h ,VS Union s 
Drewitt Robert S, mach, .,rla 

IIK-S, wd wkr. h 70 DHndas e 
Uron Kdwanl. lull, 1 in \\illoughliy av 

.Mm H. ki-y mkr Kerr Co, Ltd, h 19 
\Viil<iughby av 

a Margaret E, 1 19 Willoughby 

.g Francis W, plshr, 1 125 Mulock av 

Druding John F, plshr, h 12.-. Mi:!.. c k av 

-,>phie W, 1 12o Mulock av 

Druery Miss Bertha J. examiner, 1 14 

Willoughby av 

hel L, elk, 1 14 Willoughby 

y James, brklyr, h 14 Willoughby av 
v Walter J, brklyr, 1 14 Willoughby 

Drury Thomas, lab. h 119 Campbell av 
Drury Walter, plstr, h CX> Churchill av 
Dryden Robert G, mach hd. h 15.'. Keele n 

orge A, lab Butts, Ltd, 1 73 

Duff James W, brklyr, h 43 Western av 
Duffle Alfred, rms 41 Medland 

m Miss Agnes, 1 7 Dundas e 
in Archibald M. cond, h 100 Maria 
rnest H. trav Guns. Ltd, res 

Duncan Fannie (wid Adam), h 93 Ed 

Duncan Thomas A. carp, h 330 Willough 
by av 

in Wm G, trunk mkr, 1 03 Edmund 
Duncan Wm J, eonfy and cigars 7 Dundaa 

e. h ame 

Duncan \V George, lab Union Stock 
Yards, h w s K.-i le, 1 n St Glair a\ w 

nk. h 88 Annette e 
Dundas John W, moto, h 64 Western av 




.n H, yardman, 1 88 Quebec av 
Dundin Wm, yard master CPR, h 88 Que- 


Dunham Frank J, pulley bldr. h 21 West 
ern av 

Dunkin Wm. engineer, h 34 McMurray av 
Dunlop Adam M. carp, h 80 Private rd 
Dunlop John, elk, 1 72 Private rd 
Dunlop Margaret (wid John), h 72 Private 


Dunlop Robert W. pntr, 1 72 Private rd 
Dunn Albert, slsmn. 1 135 Pacific av s 
Dunn Arthur, carp, h 52 Main 
Dunn Frederick W, elk Canada Cycle & 

ir Co, res Toronto 
Dunn George, cattle dlr Union Stock 

Yards, res Toronto 
Dunn James, mach hd Batts. Ltd, b 22 

Union s 
Dunn James G, fireman CPR, h 137 Keele 

Dunn Jesse, cattle dlr Union Stock Yards, 

res Toronto 
Dunn John, cattle dlr Union Stock Yards. 


Dunn John, lab, h 22 Franklin av 
Dunne George M, mach, h 50 Campbell av 
Dunwoodie Henry T. watchman Lumen 

Bearing Co. res Toronto 
Durant Sydney, mach, b 50 Annette e 
Durling Alfred, lab Pugsley, Dlngman & 

Co. res Alexandria 
Durrant Harry, preventive officer C H. 

res York tp 

Durrani Wm, carp, b 109 Mulock av 
Lhistin Wm, mach, h 20 Western av 
Dutton Harry, wd wkr CPR, b 19 Charles 
Dwan Joseph, blksmith Dom Carriage Co, 

res Toronto 

Dyer Richard W, carp, h 152 Pacific av s 
Dyson James, mach, rms 31 Dundas w 
Bade Ernest, lab, b 145 Keele n 
Eades George W, eng CPR, h 45 Hoskin 

Eadea Richard W. eng CPR. h 7<l Mc 
Murray av 

Eades Ruth (wid Wm). h G2 McMurray av 
Eades Thomas H. tlr H N Morrison 
Eadie Ellen (wid George), h 90 Laughton 


Eadie John H, mach, 1 90 Laughton av 
Eadie Samuel E, wood wkr, 1 90 Laugh- 
ton av 

Eadie Thomas W, mach, 1 90 Laughton 

Wrn. J. mach CPR. 1 90 Laughton 
Eagen Thomas H, supt Heintzman & Co, 

Ltd, res Toronto 

Earl Charles R, mach, 1 203 Quebec av 
Earl James S. mgr The Marlboro, h 116 

Lakeview av 
Earl Miss Jennie, stenog, 1 203 Quebec 


Earl Mary (wid John), h 203 Quebec av 
Earle Robert H, b 120 Pacific av a 
Karls Clarke, case mkr, h 293 Dundas e 

i Charles, brkmkr. b 147 Keele n 
Eaton Albert E, engineer, h 32 Willoughby 


Eaton Alexander J, trav. h 343 Quebec av 
Eaton Enoch, lab, 1 23 Churchill av 

. Gerald T. elk Bank of B N A, 1 
'.mebec av 

I. mus tchr 372 An 
nette w 

Edgar Arthur S. bkpr. 1 372 Annette w 
Edgar F*derick G. elk. 1 372 Annette w 
Edgar George W. h "7'J Annette w 
Edgar James, maeh Kay Electric Dynamo 

\- Motor Co. res Toronto 
Edgar John McG, blksmith. h 117 Ed 

Edgar Joseph W. cond. h 120 Western av 
Edgers Mi-- ', tchr Western Av 

Sch, 1 55 Churchill av 

Edgers S Wesley, carp, h 55 Churchill av 
Edmonds Charles H, painter, h 61 Hos 
kin av 

.ouis W. engineer, h 28 Pa 
cific av n 
Edmondson Charles B. shade mkr Tor 

Shade Cloth Co, res Toronto 
Edmunds Henry, fireman, rms 38 May 

:ds Blake, cooper Campbell Milling 

Edwards Edith, d- h Park av 

Edwards Joseph, contr 164 Louisa, h same 
Edw..' 'ary, rms 44O j3undas w 

Edwards N'athai - Lir.Jn-er 

Edwards ^ lab Pugsley, Ding- 

man & Co. rms 15 Laughton av 
Edwards Walter, brklyr, b 106 St Clair 

av w 
Edwards Walter, case mkr Heintzman & 

Co. res Toronto 
Beles Thomas, warehouseman Campbell 

'ng- Co. h 72 Annette e 
Eiknar Thomas, mach. b 52 Keele s 
Ellen Ernest, carp, b 70 Pacific av s 
Elliot Frank A. trav Ontario Paving 

Brick Co. res Toronto 
Elliott Edwin, mldr, h 27 Western av 
Elliott Otter, canne'-, =tern av 

V, mldr. 1 27 Western av 
.r, 1 27 Western av 
Elliott Wm E, carp, b 211 Quebec av 

Miss Anna B, tchr Annette St Sch, 
Pacific av 


City Office, 152 Bay St., TORONTO 

Springs, Steel Castings, Switches 





Phone Main 5173 House, North 666 


13 Yonge St. Arcade 

Ellis George, lab, 1 80 Davenport rd 
Ellis Harry, brkmkr, 1 SO Davenport rd 
Kllis Howard C, studt, 1 210 Clendenan 


Ellis James A, arch, h 210 Clendenan av 
Ellis John, mach, b 62 Campbell av 
Ellis Leon Mel, studt, 1 21O Clendenan av 
Ellis Peter, police magistrate, h 22 Eve 
lyn cres 

Kills Robert J, brkmn, 1 80 Davenport rd 
Ellis Wm, contr h 1O4 Cooper av 
Ellis Wm C, tmstr Davenport Lumber Co, 

h 80 Davenport rd 
h-ius Wm J, lab, 1 SO Davenport rd 
Ellison Aubrey, elk car dept CPR, b 120 

Pacific av a 
Ellison Frederick A, mgr Toronto World 

22 Dundas e, rms 59 Annette e 
Ellison James, mldr, b 142 Churchill av 
Ellison James, tmstr, h 21 Union s 
Ellison John G, foreman pntr car dept 

CPR, h 25% Dundas w 
Emerie Robert, furnaceman Lumen Bear. 

ing Co, res Toronto 
England John, mach, b 66 Uxbridge av 
English Frederick, engineer CPR, b 133 

Keele n 

Ennis Nathan D, carp, h 186 Maria 
Enright Edward P, tlr A M Gabel, h 74 

Dundas w 

Erskine David, lathe hd, h 20 Ontario 
Espley Charles, millwright Can Sand-^ime 
Pressed Brick Co, h, w s Symes rd, 1 n 
St Clair av w 

Eustace James H, blksmith, h 203 Pa 
cific av s 

Evans Allan, carp, b 1O4 Vine av 
H-vans diaries, brkmn, h 23 Maria 
Evans Miss Elsie, tchr, b 1O4 Quebec av j 
Evans Herbert, fireman, rms 54 Western 


Evans Jesse, lab, h 166 Pacific av e 
Evans John C, bkpr, 1 62 Pacific av s 
Evans John C, grocer 214 Wllloughby av 

res Toronto 
Evans J Milton (J M Evans & Co), h 

77 Dundas w 

Evans J M & Co (J Milton Evans), gro 
cers 77 Dundas w 
Evans Miss Margaret A, prin Runnymede 

Pub S'ch, 1 106 Quebec av 
Evans Mrs Susannah, h 36 Uxbridge av 
Kvans T Arnold, mldr, h 62 Pacific av 
Evans Wm A, asst English tchr Tor Junc 
tion Coll Inst, h 108 Quebec av 
Evans Wm G, coremkr, 1 62 Pacific av s 
EveraU Thomas, fireman CPR. b 40 

J-'ranklir av 
Everdell John, eng Campbell Milling Co, 

b Annette e 

Everest Sidney, ftr, b Subway Hotel 
Everest Spencer W, fireman, b 62 McMur 
ray av 

Evers Herbert, carp, rms 74 Edmund 
Eversfield Miss Lillian, 1 231 Falrview av 
Eversfleld Thomas H, boiler Insp, h 231 

Falrview av 

Everson John, mach, h 33 McCormack 
Ewens Frederick S, slsmn, h 194 Lake- 
view av 

Faiers Walter S, lab, rms F Knight 
Fairbanks E Vincent, pressfdr The Tri 
bune, 1 13 Humberslde av e 
Fairbanks Lev! E (Fairbanks & Wright), 

h 13 Humberside av e 

Fairbanks & Wright (Lev! E Fairbanks, 
Edwin B Wright), props The Tribune 24 
Dundas w 



Agent for: Liverpool, London & Globe Fire 
Insurance, Ontario Accident & Employers Liabil 
ity Insurance and Lloyds Plate Glass Insurance. 

21} Dundas St. East 

Phone Stark 126 

Falconer A W, real estate 21V4 Dundas 

e. res Toronto 

Fallowfleld Arthur, b 174 Campbell av 
Fancourt Charles A, tinsmith Wrought 

Iron Range Co, res Todmorden 
Fardell George, shoe mkr, b 123 Conduit 
Farley Donald, b Subway Hotel 

Farmery Ernest R, gilder, h 72 Gothic av 
Farr Charles W, bkpr, rms 34 Campbell 

Farr Joseph, mach hd, h 326 Davenport 


Farr Miss Margaret, slsldy, 1 326 Daven 
port rd 

Farr Miss Myrtle, stenog Campbell Mill 
ing Co, res Weston 

Farrance Cnarles F mach, h 31 McCor 

Farrell Wm, storekpr, h 20 Cawthra av 
Farrow Miss Annie, packer Pugsley, Ding- 
man & Co, res Toronto 
Farrow Richard, lab D B Martin Co, res 


Faulkner Hezekiah, brklyr, h 27 Main 
Fawcett Frank, mach, rms 165 Ontario 
Fnyers Herbert, mach, b 61 Hook av 
Fearman Edward, driver Levack Dressed 

Beef Co, 1 38 Whitney av 
Fearman Thomas, btchr Levack Dressed 

Beef Co, h 38 Whitney av 
Fearman Thomas jr, btchr Lavack Dress 
ed Beef Co, 1 38 Whitney av 
Kearniey James F, cond, h 45 Ontario 
Fee George, fireman CPR, h 245 Pacific 

av s 

Feighan George, fireman, b 123 Humber 
side av 

Feiver Roland, lab, h 14 Charles 
Feheley Frederick, trimmer Dom Carriage 

Co, res Toronto 

Felker Frederick, lab, h 40 Kin* 
Felker Herbert, tlr, 1 38 Union n 
Felker John, lab, h 38 Union n 
Felker John W, pntr, 1 38 Union n 
Felker Miss Maggie, slsldy A M Gabel, 1 

38 Union n 

Keiker Neil, prtr, 1 38 Union n 
Fell Arthur S, apprentice. 1 44 McMurray 


Fell Elizabeth (wid Henry), h 44 McMur 
ray av 

t* i.- i* i. L >,{,& '*,,&, , 



Fell J Henry, fnshr Heintzman & Co, 1 
44 McMurray av 

Fell Wm G, action fnshr Heintzman & 
Co, 1 44 McMurray av 

Felton Charles E, carp, b 211 Quebec av 

Fengold Louis, case mkr Heintzman & Co, 
res Toronto 

Fenton John, plstr, h e s Murray av 

Fenton Wm R, supt Wrought Iron Range 
Co, res Toronto 

Fergus Wm, elk Can Cycle & Motor Co, 
res Toronto 

Ferguson Miss Elizabeth, tlrs H N Morri 
son, b 35 Medland 

Ferguson Robert A, driver Levack Dress 
ed Beef Co, h 1O4 Mulock av 

Ferguson Thomas, carp CPR, h 40 Mc 
Murray av 

Ferguson Wm, fnshr Heintzman & Co, 
res Toronto 

Ferson Hannah (wid James A), station 
ery 260 Annette w. h same 

Ffolkes Edward G E, pres Wilkinson 
Plough Co, Ltd, res Toronto 

Fiddes James, plmbr Rydin? & Co, res 

Fleldus Alfred, lab, h 23 Hoskic av 

FIFE BENJAMIN O, Dentist 18 Dun 
das w, Res same, Phone Stark 157 

Finch James, h 124 Cooper av 

Findlay Robert, mldr, 1 79 Cooper av 

Finlay John R, fnshr Heintzmap & Co, 
h 5O King 

Finlayson Donald, teller Sterling Bank, 1 

17 Dundas e 

Finlayson May (wid Charles), 1 85 Clen 
denan av 

Finlayson Nell J, mariner, h 440 Dundas 

Finnerty John, car repr CPR, h 49 Hoskin 

Fire Hall No 1, John Robinson chief, 16- 

18 Keele s 

Ffre Hall No 2, George H Mason depty 
chief, e B King, 1 n Carlton 

Firtn David, carp, b 93 High Park 
Firth Ernest, elect, b 34 Albany rd 
Firth Miss Hattie, fur fnshr, 1 144 Clen 
denan av 
Fischer Percy H (Archer & Fischer), rm 

18 Van Home 

Fisher Charles, lab, b 107 Cooper av 
Fisher John, driver D W Mu.r, b 89 Ed 

Fisher John, fitter's hlpr, h 141 Keele n 
Fitkin Leslie, brickmkr, h 393 Weston rd 
Fitkin Miss Mabel, 1 393 Weston rd 
-KKKin Aliss Violet G, 1 303 Westoi. r<J 
Kitzgerald Alice (wirt Thomas), h 48 Mil- 
lock av 
Fitzhenry John, plshr Heintzman & Co, 

res Weston 

Fitzmaurlce Leo, stove mntr, b 43 Dun 
das e 

Fitapatrick Edward, eng CPR, h 82 An 
nette e 
Fitzpatrick John D, grocer 173 Pacific av 

s, h same 
Fitzpatrick Vernon J, app Heintzman & 

Co, 1 508 Dundas w 

Fitzpatrick Wm H, plstr, h 508 Dundas w 
Fitzsimmons Ernest E, loco fitter CPR, 

li 3S Medland 
Flaherty Martha (wid John), bdg hse 31 

Hook av 
Flanders John, watchman Stark T L & P 

Co, res Erindale 

Flatt Miss Ethel, stenog, 1 445 Annette w 
Flatt Zephaniah, foreman core mkr Gur- 

ney Foundry Co, <h 445 Annette w 
Fleming Albert E, tmstr, 1 47 Keele 8 
Fleming Miss Augusta L, drsmkr 47 

Keele s, 1 same 
Fleming- Miss Dora E, elk Batts, Ltd, res 

Fleming: Miss Dorothy, stenog Batts, Ltd, 

res Toronto 
Fleming Miss Elizabeth, opr, 1 102 Cooper 


Fleming George E, contr 2 Laws, 1 sam 
Fleming Miss Jennie, opr, 1 102 Cooper av 
Fleming John W, pdlr, h w s Elizabeth n, 

2 n CPR track 

Fleming Robert, lab, 1 102 Cooper av 
Fleming Robert A, roofer, l 47 Keele s 
Fleming Thomas, carp, h 467 Dundas w 
Fleming Thomas, lab, h 102 Cooper av 
Fleming Thomas jr, lab, 1 lit Cooper av 
Fleming Thomas A, arch 2 Laws, 1 same 
Fleming Thomas F, contr 2 Laws, h same 
Fleming Vernor O, carp, 1 2 Laws 
Fleming Wm, tmstr, h 47 Keele s 
Fletcher George H, tube mkr, h vr a Eliz 
abeth n, 7 n CPR track 
Fletcher Miss Velma, elk, 1 108 Annette w 
Fletcher Wm H, tchr, h 480 Annette w 
Fleury Alexander, lab Can Sand-Lime 

Pressed Brick Co, res York tp 
Fleury Ernest, tmstr Can Sand-Lime 

Pressed Brick Co, 1 140 St Clair av 
Flint Richard H, eng CPR, h 247 Pacific 

Flint Wm, lab Batts, Ltd, res Lambton 

mintoff George C, chief police dept, h 81 

Pacific av s 

Flood Solomon, brklyr, h 55 Jerome 
Flowers Arthur, mach, b 348 Dundas w 
Floyd Walter, brkmn CPR. b Subway Ho 
Foden David, hlpr Wrought Iron Range 

Co, 1 23 Carlton pi 
Fogg Miss Anna, binder, 1 53 Durle 
Fogg James, asst eng Heintzman & Co, 

h 43 Durie 

Fogg Thomas, brklyr b 447 Quebec- av 
Foggett Wm T, brkmn CPR, h 303 Dundas 

Foley Herbert A, bkpr Levack Dressed 

Beef Co, 1 142 Annette w 
Follis Russell, engineer, h 106 Clendenan 

Fone Wm J C, brass fnshr, h 114 Cooper 


Forbes Angus, brkmn CPR h 48 Hook av 
Ford Albert E, brkmn, h 79 Mulock av 
Ford Alexander, tinsmith, b 98 St. Clair 

avenue w 

Ford Miss Amy, elk J G Wright, 1 32 Mc 
Murray av 


18 TORONTO ST. Phone Main 2959. 

This Strip costs lees, and i* far more effective than Double 
Windows, or Storm Doors, and aleo DUST-PROOF. 


TEL MAIN 5378 



Ford George T. action regulator Heintz 
man & Co, h 55 Laws 
Ford Miss Nellie, elk Canada Cycle ft Mo 
tor Co, 1 8 King 
Ford Percy R. elk. 1 8 King 
Ford Miss Sarah E, elk, 1 8 King 
Ford Win H. gro. 26 Davenport rd, h 8 

t John C, brkmn CPR, b 27 McMur 
ray ay 

Forret Mrs Emma, bdg 31 Western av 
Forret Norman, stonectr, h 31 Western av 
il, elk Canada Cycle & Mo- 

tor Co, res Toronto 
Forth Ernest R, case 

mkr Heintzman & 

rms tU II 
r it-chard B, fnshr, rms 63 May 
: Robert, foreman, h 12 Klngsley av 
: Thomas W, driver Dom Exp Co, 

Hook av 

r \Vm (Stewart & Foster), res 

r Wm H, iron wkr, rms 126 Edmund 
Fowler Miss Annie, 1 4 Dundas w 
Fowler Edwin, carpet weaver, 1 1< Wll- 

loughby av 

Fowl.T Frederick W, brkmkr, h 635 Wet- 
ton rd 

r Percy, carpet weaver, 1 1XS Wil- 
-;hby av 

r Phlllppa (wid Bartholomew), h 4 
Dundas w 

Fowler Richard, brkmkr, h 15 St Clair av 


Fox George. :al>. h 2>vs Weston rd a 
Fox Wm. lab, h 4S Argyle rd 
Francis Miss Annie B, B.A.. tchr of his- 

tory and English Tor Junction Collegiate 

foreman CPR. 1 
tlrs, 1 47 Van 


Charles, section 

31 Hook ay 
Francis Miss Elizabeth, 

Francis Frederick, apprentice Heintzman 

& Co, 1 47 Van Home 
Francis George J, asst elect Tor Subur- 

ban Ry Co, h 130 Queen 
Fran ,,pr, h 47 Van Home 

Fran label, tlrs, 1 47 Van Home 

Francis Robert B, h 106 May 
Francis Wm G. genl mgr and treas Ben 
jamin Moore & Co, Ltd. res Toronto 
Frank Miss Florence, drsmkr, 1 17 Laugh 

ton av 
Frank George E, engineer, h 17 Laughton 

Fraaer Alva V, mach CPR, h 123 Clen- 

denan av 

*'raser Angus, eng, h 87 Annette e 
Ftaser David, fitter CPR, b 145 Keele n 
Fraser J Wm, cond, 1 160 Pacific av a 
Fraser Simon, postman, h n s Alberta av 
Fray Albert, coalman, 1 76 McMurray av 
Fraser A Victor, app Heintzman & Co, 


Frazer Richard H, draughtsman Can Cy 
cle & Motor Co, res Toronto 
Freeman Reuben, Indryman, b 123 Conduit 
Freemount John, slsmn. b '^~ Maria 
Freind Isaac, tlr 129 Dundas w. h same 
French W Thomas, lab h 117 Annette e 
Fretton Mamie, wtrs Occidental Hotel 
Freye Wm F, mono opr 1 lu> Clen 


Oharlee H, mldr. 1 7 Charles 
Frise James, b 7 Charles 
Frise Norman, sound bd mkr Heintzman 

& Co. h 68 Churchill av 
Frise Richard H. asst foreman Stark T I. 

& P Co, res Toronto 
Froet Miss Bertha, wrapper Pussier 

Dlngman & Co, 1 39 Vine av 
Fros-t Edward, lab, h 39 Vine av 
Frost George E, wd wkr Dominion Brush 

& Mirror Co. 1 30 Vine av 
Frost George H (Titley & Frost), h 324 

St Clair av e 

Frost George T, mldr, h 60 Vernon 
Frost Reginald, carp, h 473 Albany rd 
Frost Miss Sarah, packer Pugsley. Ding- 
man & Co, 1 39 Vine av 
Frost Wire Fence Co, Joseph Steele agt 
27 McMurray av 

Fry Samuel lineman Stark T I, & P'CO 


Fry Wm G, btohr, h 78 Pacific av a 
Frymire Henry C, grocer, 15 Dundas w h 

Fulcher James, cooper Campbell Milling 

' 'arlton pi 
Fulcher Joseph, cooper Campbell Milling 

:irlton pi 
Fulford John H, piano mkr Heintzman & 

17 King 

Fullagar Albert G. lab. h 81 Edmund 
Fullager Arthur, oilman, h 66 Pelham av 
Fullager Wm G. mach hd - 
Fullerton Edward J, blksmith W J Fuller- 
ton, 1 12 Annette w 
Fullerton Wm J. blksmith 30 Keele a, h 

12 Annette w 
Fulllngton Moses A, civ eng, h 28 Wil- 

loughby av 

Fulton Mra Ella J. mua tchr 37 Medland 
Fulton James F, real est, h :!7 M. .Hand 
Fulton Joseph, pntr. h 140 Maria 
Furman Gilbert, b 27 Western av 
Furse Wm, foreman Dodge Mfg Co, res 


Fyfe George T, elect, rma 45 Union a 
Gabel August M, tailor 75 Dundas w, h 

High Park av 

Gadsden Richard, lab, 74 Dundas w 
Gaffney Henry, contr 41 Uxbrldge av, h 

Gage Henry J, hlpr, h 300 Pacific av a 
.lohn, lab. b A Boorman 

in, hlpr, 1 
Gallagher Charles, bkpr, b 7 Charles 

-rher Rev Wm M. h 18 Fairvlew av 
-her Rev Eugene F. pastor St Cecilia 
(RC) Church, h 111 Annette w 
Gamble Anne (wid John R). h 165 Vine 
Gamble J W Beynon, apprentice Heintz 
man & Co, 1 163 Vine av 
Gammon Charles, plstr, h 890 High Park 






Gammon Rodger W, 

Park av 
Gammon Wm H. carp. 

plstr, I 390 High 
b 156 Edmund 

Froud Francis T, plahr, h 133 Mulock av 

Froud Wm T, 1 133 Mulock av 

Fry J Sebastian, carp, h 4S Van Home 

stenog. 1 1O2 Western 

Gardiner Josephine (wid Ambrose), h 102 

Western av 
Gardner Frederick foreman Can Cycle & 

Motor Co, res Toronto 
Gardner Herbert, eng CPR, b 40 Dundas e 
er Wm J, storeman CPR, h 117 Mu 
lock av 
Gartley James, fireman, b 142 WillouRh- 

by av 
Gattshore John, lab Johnston & Magil- 

christ, res York tp 
Gascoyne Archibald T H, sheet metal 

wkr Wrought Iron Range Co, res Wych- 

wood Park 

Gates Henry W T , baker, h 460 Quebec av 
Cautt Robert J (Hebdidge, Gautt & 

Lay), res Toronto 
Geddes John, cooper Campbell Milling Co. 

res Toronto 

Gedrim George, lab, h 433 St Clair av w 
Geer Ernest F, pntr, h 527 Dundas w 
Geisel Wm C, mldr, h 21 Ontario 
Gendron Miss Florence, opr. 1 1~>7 Vine av 
Gendron Mary A (wid Joseph), 1 157 Vine 


Gendron Wm J, brkmn, h 157 Vine av 
Genuit Charles H, lab CPR, h 23 Argyle 


George Charles H, h 56 Fairs-lew av 
George John A, contr 196 Western av, h 

George Miss May. stenog Gunns. Limited, 

b 93 High Park av 
George Oliver, supt stores CPR, h <il 

Clendenan av 
Geonre Sydney, platr, b 7 Charles 

German David, wd turner Batts Ltd res 

German Frank, h 136 Vine av 

German James, brkmn, 1 136 Vine av 

Gerrard James C, phy IIS Churchill av 

Gerrard Maurice, woodturner S W Hop 
per, res Toronto, 

Gerrard Thomas, lab, h 446 Weston rd 

Gibb Edward, shipper, h 23!) Pacific av s 

Gibbard George E druggist 203 Dundas w, 
res Toronto 

Gibson Miss Grace G, opr Bell Tel Co 1 
49 Victoria 

Gibson James, driver John HaJnes, 1 a4 

Gibson James C, eng CPR, h 123 Annette 

Gibson James P, carp, h 49 Victoria 

Gibson John W, sales mgr Can Cycle & 
Motor Co. res Toronto 

Gibson Ralph E. pres Tor Junction Lum 
ber Co, Ltd, res Toronto 

Gibson Samuel, engineer, b 93 High Park 

Gigg Wm, lab, h 111 Willoughby av 

Gilbert Albert J, slsmn Gilbert Bros, 1 l<i 
Dundas w 

Gilbert Arthur S, action fnshr Heintzman 
& Co, 1 10(> Dundas w 

Gilbert Bros (Charles E and Joseph C\ 
grocers 127 Dundas w 

Gilbert Charles E (Gilbert Bros) 1 1< 
Uundas w 

Gilbert Frank, brkmkr, b 106 St Clair av 

Gilbert Jane (wid Thomas), h 100 Dunda* 

Gilbert Joseph C (Gilbert Bros) 1 100 Dun 
das w 

Gilbert W Allan, elk, 1 1K( Dundas w 

Gilchrist Archibald, florist w s Elizabeth 
s, U s Louisa, h same 

Gilchrist George R, elk Can Cycle & Mo 
tor Co. res Toronto 

Gilchrist Reginald, elk Can Cycle & Mo 
tor Co, res Toronto 

Gilohrist Robert, mldr h 39 Medland 

Gilchrist Robert jr. elk. 1 .'i!i .Medland 

Gilchrist Wm G, brkmn, h 21 Vine av 
Gilchrist Wm J. cond CPR, h 21 Laws 

Giles Frederick E, watchman, h 122 Ma 

Hies James W. carriage mkr, h It' \\ 
ern av 

Gill Joseph A. brklyr, h 180 Maria 
Gillespie Charles, lab, h 23 Western av 
Gillespie Jennie V, opr 1 23 Western av 
Gillespie John, lab, b 145 Keele w 
Gillies Alfred J (Laces & Braid Mfg Co), 

h 111 Laws 
Gillies Hugh, macr, b ItM Cooper av 

lilies Robert, bldr. n 396 Pacific av s 
Gilmore Alexander, lineman Stark T L & 

P Co, 1 29 iiay 

Gilmore Catherine (wid John), 1 49 Hos- 
kin av 

ilmore Miss Celia, tel opr. 1 115 Maria 
Gilmore Miss Eva, drsmkr, 1 115 Maria 

ilmore John, grocer 208 Dunda* w 
Gilmore Richard W, stm ftr. h 115 Maria 




Phono Main 1481 TORONTO 




Yachts Docked and Wintered. MARINE RAILWAY 



GlLMOrK CHARLES H, Physician 

and Surgeon, Office and Residence cor 

Keele and Annette Phone Junction tut. 

Stark 267 

GUmour James, lab. b i!7 Huok av 
Gilpin Mary (wid Robert), 1 80 Cawthraav 
Gilroy 4Vm, lab L) B Martin Co >vs Tu- 

Gllson Arthur, oiler, h w s Elizabeth n, 

1O n CPR track 

Gilson Charles H, gdnr, h 559 St Clair av 
Gilson James, mldr, h 102 Humberside av 

bersicle av 
Gladwin John H, engineer, h 110 Quebec 


Glanfield Frank, lab, rms 74 Edmund 
GUiss Herbert R. elk, h 30'J High Park av 
Glassey John driver M J Tobin K: Co, 1 .. 

Annette e 

Glassford Wilfred R, elk, 1 134 Annette e 
Glassford Wm E, shipper, h 134 Annette e 
Gleason Charles, brkmn CPR, b 4O l>undas 

Gleiser Charles H, mldr, h 78 Davenport 


Glenn James T, lab, h 287 Maria 
Glover Bernard, pntr Dom Carriage Co, 

res Toronto 
Glover James D, pntr Dom Carriage Co, 

res Toronto 
Glover Wm R, tailor 13 Dundas e, h 3!) 


Goddard Edmund, meter mkr, rms 92 Pel- 
bam av 

Godfrey Thomas, carp, b 408 Dundas w 
Godfrey Thomas, eng, h 40 Whitney av 
Godfrey Thomas G. lab. 1 40 Whitney av 
Godkin Grant, brkmn CPR, b 104 Muloct 


Goedike Bertram F, studt, 1 134 Frank 
lin av 

Goedike Charles, apprentice, 1 134 Frank 
lin av 
Goedike Edward M, brklyr, h 329 St Clair 

av west 

Goedike John F, reporter, h 134 Frank 
lin av 
Golding Ellen (wid Andrew J), h 74 Mc- 

Murray av 
Golding George W, plshr, 1 74 McMurray 


Golding James, lab, rms 113 King 
Golding Norman J, 1 74 McMurray av 
Goldsmith Edward, string mkr Helntzman 

& Co, res Toronto 

Goldthorp Peter W, barber 204 Dundas w 
Gonder Mrs Jennie, h 101 Gothic av 
Good Clothes Makers, Ltd, E W Drake 

pres, tailors 38 Dundas e 
Goode Thomas, driver Heintzman & Co, 

res Toronto 
Gooder Wm, grocer, w s Elizabeth s, 3 

s Louisa, h same 
Gooder Wm A, dairy 189 Elizabeth n, h 


Gooderham Charles, police, res York tp 
Goodworth L Broughton bkbndr, b 53 

Union s 

Gordon Alexander, carp, h 161 Keele n 
Gordon ^olin, shipper, n 112 Giliiiour av 
Gordon James, stone ctr, b 161 Keele n 
Gordon John, brklyr, h 181 Elizabeth n 
Gordon Robert, carp, b 29 May 
Gormican i-dward, blksmith Dom Car 
riage Co res Toronto 
Gorwill Miss F Helen, slsldy, 1 66 St ! 

Clair av w 
Gorwill Miss Mabel, drsmkr. 1 66 St ClaJr 

av w 
Gorwill Mary A (wid Thomas), h 66 St 

Clair av w 
Gorwill Thomas J, sectlonman, 1 66 St 

Clair av w 
Gorwill Wm H, checker GTR, 1 tili Hi 

Clair av w 

Goudge Henry E, mach, h 84 Vernon 
Gouge Frank, carp, 1 101 Mulock av 
Gouge Wm, carp, h 101 Mulock HV 
Gould Edward, shelf maker Wrought Iron 

Range Co, res Toronto 
Gould Jacob, carp, b 161 Keele n 
Gould Jacob, lab, h 159 Keele n 
Gould John, lab, h 141 Vine av 
Gould John Jr, app Helntzman & Co, 1 

141 Vine av 
Gould Miss Margaret, 1 159 Keele n 

Goulding Edgar W (Winyard & Goulding) 

h 113 Conduit 

Goulding Wm, lab, Oi 91 Willoughby av 
Gourdier Amos, gro 58 Cooper av, n same 
Gourdier Louis, painter, 1 58 Cooper av 
Gourlay Richard, B A, math master Tin- 
Junction Coll Inst, h 94 Lakeview av 
Gourlie Charles H, tmstr Tor June Lum 
ber Co, h w s Albany rd 
Gourlie John W. carp, h 32 Whitney av 
Gourlie Wm. carp, h 298 Weston rd s 
Gowan Archibald, btchr, b 1O6 St Clair 

av w 

Gracey James S, h 15 Churchill av 
Uracey Wm, car repr, CPR, h 201 Maria 
Graham Andrew, lab Union Stock Yards, 

res Lambton Mills 

Ghaham Andrew jr, apprentice Nordheim- 
er Piano & Music Co, res Lambton Mills 
Graham David, lab,.b 12 Whitney av 
Graham Edward, lab Union Stock Yards, 

b loti St Clair av w 
Graham Frederick, driver Riahardson 

Cartage Co, res York tp 
Graham James, lab Pugsley, Dingman & 

Co, 1 Albany rd 
Graham John, driver Batts, Ltd, res 

Lambton Mills 
Graham John, lab Pugsley, Dingman & 

Co, h Albany rd 

Graham John H, chemist Pugsley, Ding 
man & Co, h 15 Elizabeth s 
Graham Leon J, lab, h 15 Elizabeth s 
Graham Rachel (wid Henry), h 42 Utley 
Graham Walter, brkmn, rms 68 Pacific 

av B 

Graham Wm D, mach, h 222 Clendenan av 
Graham Wm E, grocer 80 Pelham av, h 


Grainger George J, mach, 1 165 Daven 
port rd 

Grainger James, eng, h 165 Davenport rd 
Grainger Joseph, mach, 1 165 Davenport rd 
Grainger Wm H, 1 165 Davenport rd 

~~~~~~~ ' , 

Grame Edward, drover, b 106 St Clair av 


GTR Station, w a Weston rd, near bridge 
Grant Peter M, dairy 278 Elizabeth s, h , 


Grass George L, draughtsman Dodge Mfg 
Co, h 92 May 

ravel and Construction Co,, Archibald 
Campbell pres, J C Smith sec-treas, Ed 
ward Scarlett mgr St Clair av 
Gray Archibald T, brkmn CPR, h 74 Hook 


Gray Arthur, elk Dominion Bank, res To 
Gray G Howard (Anderson & Gray), b 

193 Keele s 

Gray H, tinsmith C M Cutts & Co 
Gray John, fireman, b 17 Western av 
Grey Joseph, mldr, rms 58 Dundas w 
Gray Matthew, sheet metal wkr wrought 

Iron Range Co, res Toronto 
Gray Robert, driver, h 116 Annette e 
Gray Robinson, expr 101 Hook av 
Gray Thomas, driver C M Cutts & Co, h 

Ml Western av 

Gray Wm P, brkmn CPR, h 87 Edmund 
Grayblel Nathaniel, carp, n 447 Quebec av 
Graydon Frederick W, brkmn, 1 45 Mu 
lock av 
Graydon James E, case mkr Heintzman & 

Co. 1 45 Mulock av 
Graydon Wm, h 45 Mulock av 
G N W Tel Co (br), J G Wright agt, 

33 Dundas e 

Greatrex Christopher, mach, h 1598 Bloor 
Greaves Wm, wd wkr S Phillips, res Wes 

Green Mrs Ellen. 1 183 Pacific av s 
Green George H, glass ctr, h 93 King 
Green Thomas, lab, h 321 Weston rd 
Greenaway George W, blksmth, h 120 

Cooper av 
Greenaway Noble, carp, 1 5 Charles 

Greenhead Elmore, tmstr Stark T L & 

P Co, res Toronto 
Greeniaus David L, cabt mkr Heintzman 

& Co, h 84 Quebec av 
Greenlaw James, lab, h 40 Vernon 
Greenlees Miss Cassie, tlrs J H Agnew, 

b 4i! Western av 

Greenlees John P, mach, h 39 Western av 
Greenshields Thomas E, ftr, h 45 Pacific 

av B 
Greenwood Frederick, lab, 1 16 Kingsley 


Greenwood John E. hlpr, h 16 Kingsley av 
Greenwood Lester E, pntr, h 27 Union a 
Greenwood Wm, real est, h 115 Annette w 
Greer Alexander, lab, h 70 Victoria 
Greer Robert W, eng Stark T L & P Co, 

res Weston 

Gregory Albert, lab, b 58 Whitney av 
Gregory Wm C, carp, h 23 Hook av 
Greig Miss Ella B, mus tchr 125 Pacific 

av s, 1 same 
Greig James, livery 15-17 Keel a, h 125 

Pacific av s 

Greig Miss Lillie M, 1 125 Pacific av s 
Greig Robert E, plmbr, 1 125 Pacific av a 
Grey Amos, lab, h 149 Elizabeth s 
Grice Bailey, fitter, h 95 Edmund 
Grier Miss Lilian, stenog Dom Carriage 

Co. res Toronto 

Grier Wylie, artist, h 400 Western av 
Grieve Medford R, cond CPR, h 71 Ed 

Griffin Charles, 1 233 Willoughby av 
Griffin Thomas, h 233 Willoughby av 
Griffith Evan, fireman, h 217 Maria 
Griffiths Arthur, elect eng, rms 289 Keele 


Griffiths Mark, lab. h 288 Franklin av 
Grigg Alfred, florist, 1 153 Elizabeth a 
Grigg Oliver, florist, 1 153 Elizabeth s 
Grimblett Moses, lab, h 38 Maria 
Grimes George, brkmn, h 24 Lakeview av 
Grimes Mrs Harriet, 1 64 McMurray av 
Grimes Matthew, cond CPR, h 64 McMur 
ray av 
Grimes Thomas, genl yardmaster CPR, 

res Toronto 

Grinnell Joseph, mldr, 1 112 mfw b b gk 
Grinnell Fred, mldr, 1 112 Churchill av 
Grinnell Joseph, mldr. 1 112 Churchill av 
Grinnell AVm, lab, h 112 Churchill av 
Groocock Hananh (wid Matthew), 1 30 

Groom Walter, stock elk Wrought Iron 

Range Co. res Toronto 
Grosphof George, blksmith's hlpr, b 19 

Laugh ton av 

Grosset James, lab, b 36 Union n 
Grout Horace C, eng, h 226 Clendenan av 
Grover Harry R, bkpr Dodge Mfg Co, h 

23 Dnria 
Grundler George J, foreman Heintzman & 

Co. h 43 Clendenan av 
Grundy Wilbur, ticket elk GTR, h 24 

Grundy Wm F, slsmn Wm Rowntree, reB 


Gumbelton Miss Emily, opr, b 68 Laugh- 
ton av 

Gumbelton Wm, apprentice, b 68 Laugh- 
ton av 
Gumm Benjamin, lab, rms 300 Davenport 

Gunn Andrew, vice-pres Gunns, Ltd, res 


Gunn Donald, pres Gunns, Ltd, res To 




Dealers in Produce 

Packinghouse, Toronto .lunrti'm 
City Office, 78 and 80 Front Street I-:. 

Gl'XXS, LIMITED, Donald Gunn 

President, Andrew Gunn Vice-President, 
F M Moffatt Secretary-Treasurer, Pork 
ami Beef Packers and Produce Mer 
chants, cor Albany av and St Clair av 


WADDINGTON & GRUNDY Estate, Insurance & Financial Agents 

Reliance Building, 82=88 King St. East 






Tel. Main 6000 






Gunning John B, eng CPR, h 59 Medland 

Gum Pper, 1 31U 

J 8 

Gurney l-Mwanl C, action fnshr Heintz- 

man & Co. 1 ;tM K. 
Gun: Ltd. boiler and radi 

ator plant, Wm H McCormack supt, 
Jun> n rd 

>rge H, carp, h 4<> Main 
Gusty 11 - 47 Hook av 

h T. brkmn CPR. h 31 Hook av 
Hacker Henry lab, h 80 Hoakln av 
Hackett Miss Annie, mlnry 113 Dundas w 
Hackett Wm T, dentist 113 Dundas w 
ph P, rms is Van Home 
mach, 1 10 Kingsley av 
Hadden Joseph, maoh, 1 1<> Kingsley av 
Miaeh, h 1O Kini^sU 
sash mkr Batts. Ltd, h 171 
Hum 1 
Hadley Albert, fireman, b 139 Vine av 

U'.ilt. r. mus tchr, rms 186 Dundas 

Arthur, brkmn CPR. b 104 Mulock 

dairy 28 Edmund 
Haines George, blksmlth's hlpr. h 148 

thra av 

Haines John, livery 34 Medland. h 3O same 
Hale Frederick, lab. h 51 Western av 

'> 00 Hook av 
Hall vbee, Wilson & Hall). 

res Toronto 
Hall Arthur, boilermkr. h 74 Laughton av 
Hall ukr, h ''4 Uxbridge av 

Hall . Quebec av 

Ha". M Clendenan av 

HAI.I. H \\ll> \\. Roofer and Dry 
Goods. 73 Dundas w, h same (See card 

sifted Roo: 

Hall : r r. pr 'TR, h 5 Dundaa e 

Hall James, h 2 Annette e 
Hall -,, Willoughby av 

Hall Robert, baker, h 98 Humberside av e 
Hall Robert r . Willoughby av 

Hall Thomas, foreman Davenport Lumber 

Co. b 142 Churchill av 
Hall Wm E. toolmkr. h 136 Willough 
by av 

Hallt-tt Grc.rg,> A. 1 4^ I,akeview av 
Hallett Henry C. baker, 1 41' Lakevlew av 
Hallett Henry J, blkamlth, h 42 Lakeview 


Hallett Miss Olive, packer Pugsley, Ding- 
man X- C". 1 ut Western av 
Hallett Roy, driver A McAuley. 1 42 Lake- 

Halliburton Charles, brkmn, b 71 Pa 
cific av 
Halliday James, attle dlr Union Stock 

Yards, res Toronto 
Halliday James I, sander Dom Brush & 

to, res Toronto 
Halli, lay w Norman, teller Bank of Ham 
ilton, h 34 Dundas e 
Halligan .- l.unness & Halligan), 

res Toronto 
Halligan Thomas, cattle dlr Union Stock 

Yards, res Toronto 
Hallitt Gordon (Noden & Hallltt), h 313 

De yen port rd 
Hallman Simeon S. foreman Tor Junction 

Lumber Co. res Toronto 
Ham Charles T, painter, h 110 Annette e 
Hamilton Michael J. mldr, h 48 Union n 
Hamilton Theodore, stenog car dept CPR, 

-. Pacific av s 
Hamilton T Herbert, fireman, h 98 High 

Park av 

Hammer Paul F, hatter, h 341 Pacific av s 
Hammett Wm G, foreman Can Cycle & 

Motr Co, b 39 Ontario 
Hammill Samuel, tmstr (Tor Junct Ice Co, 

-'I Quebec av 
Hammills Henry, wd wkr Kerr Co, Ltd, 

res Toronto 

Hammond Edward, lab, b 145 Keele n 
Hammond Elizabeth (wld Samuel), h 6 
Ferguson av 

Hammond George E, lab. 1 6 Ferguson av 
Hammond James D, lab, 1 6 Ferguson av 
Ham mond Samuel, lab, 1 c> Ferguson av 
Hammond Miss Victoria E. packer, 1 6 

Ferguson av 
Hamshaw Mis-- Edith, stenog Bank of B 

N" A. res Weston 

Hamshaw John, clerk D v Court, 20 Ktele 
s. res Weston, Ont 

i W, tchr Carlton Public 
urchill av 

i"hn A. engineer Dodge Mfg Co, 
> Churchill av 

lohn B, elect fng, h 64 Laugh- 

Miss Violet M, stentjg, 1 Io3 

i Edward, blksmith. h 37 Charles 
Hand Henry, fitter, h 46 Campbell av 
lab. h '.14 Weston rd 
Donald, carp, h UO Churchill 

in Thomas, craneman. 1 5*1 Laughton 

Hanly Wm E. lab, h 63 Hoskin av 
Manly Wm K jr. mldr, 1 i>:i Hoskin av 
Mann Hubert A, elk. 1 16 I . 
Harm Wm J, carp, h 16 Laws 

ss Bertha, 1 280 High Park av 
blksmith W J Fullerton, 
idenan av 
Mam s. trimmer Dom Carriage 

Co, res Toronto 
H.tmiington Henry A, ticket agt, h 12 

le Wm H, brklyr, h 20 Uttley 
"Ur Louis, range mkr Wrought Iron 
Range Co, res York tp 

mr Samuel C, helper Wrought Iron 
>urt George A, cond CPR, h 54 Hoa- 
km av 

Harcourt Harold V, tlr. 1 r>4 Hoskin av 
iurt J Aubrey, cond CPR. 1 54 Hos 

Marion, opr, I 54 Hoskin av 
urt Reginald S. checker CPR, 1 54 
Hoskin av 
Harding Philip, storeman CPR, b 07 Vine 


Hanlman Walter, shelf mkr Wrought 
Iron Range Co, res Toronto 



Hardy James, supt Tor Junct Electric 
Plant, h 35 Van Home 

Hardy \Vm H, trav Gunns. Ltd, res To 

Hare Frederick E, stereoptlcan views, b 
314 Willoughby av 

id Wm E, painter 85 Quebec av 

Hargrave Herbert H, engineer CPR, rms 
11^ St Clair av w 

Harlock George B, slsmn, rms 18 Van 

Harman Albert, lab, b 301 Dundas e 

Harman Ellen (wid Ellis). 1 01 Western av 

Hariiier Harry, brkmn, b 2!i9 Dundas w 

Harper Clifford A, elk, 1 121 Mulock av 

Harper Elizabeth (wid James), 1 293 Dun 
das e 

Harper Herbert, porter Ocident Hotel 

Harpt-r Jefferson, miller Campbell Milling 
Co, res Toronto 

Harper Joseph H. warehsemn Campbell 
Milling Co. h 121 Mulock av 

Harper Robert, car repr CPR, b 10 Whit 
ney av 

Harper Robert, carp, h 40 Willoughby av 
.gton Christopher, carp, h 26 Argyle 

Harrington John L, lab. h 17 Western av 

Harris Charles, lab, b 14 Charles 

9 Charles A, btchr Wm Rowntree, 
:.".'* Davenport rd 

Harris Clarence C, trav, h e e Peel av 

is Constance C S, music tchr, 

Harris Melvin, carp, h 4O3 Pacific av s 

Harris Robert I, apprentice Helntzman & 
Co, 1 96 Falrview av 

Stuart G W, btchr T Chapman, h 
s '_' Kdmund 

Harris Thomas foreman mach Wilkinson 
Plough Co, res Toronto 

Harris Wm, roadmaster Tor Sub Ry, h 
'.it St Ciair av w 

Harris Wm, sec-treas Coll Inst & Pub 

h 86 Edmund 

\S' John, drill hd. h ^98 Davenport 

Harrison Arthur, fireman, rms IS May 
Harrison Mrs Elizabeth, gro 58 St Clair 

u v e. 1 same 

Harrison Hugh, carp, h 27 King 
Harrison H Frank, bgemn. h 65 Lakevlew 

Harrison James H, painter, h 14 Western 


Harrison Lillie (wid Andrew), h 23 Union 
Harrison Richard, driver J Lalnson & 

I: .v; St Cla.r av e 
Harrison Wm, lab, h 38 Vernon 
Harshaw Miss Fannie A (The Missea Har- 
.), 1 31 Willoughby av 
aw Miss Georgie E V, 1 31 Wll- 
ioughby av 
Harshaw Misses (Miss Fannie A Har- 

'), mlnrs 51 Uundas w 
Harshaw Thomas, contr 31 Willoughby 

av, h same 
Harshaw Victor A, trainmaster CPR, res 


Hart Daniel, elk C H. h 54 May 
Hartley Atack, wdwkr S Phillips, b 47 

Hook av 

i Hartley Wm, egg candler, b 1O4 Mulock 
' avenue 
Hartmann Albert, foreman plate dept 

Helntzman & Co, res Toronto 
Hartmann Albert jr, app Heintzmann & 

Co, res Toronto 
Hartmann Frederick, plate fnshr Heinta- 

man & Co. res Toronto 
Hartney Frank B, bkpr, h 22 King 
Hartney Harl.iw M, printer 29 Davenport 

road. 1 22 King 
tiartney Wm P. 1 22 King 
Hartrick Augustus G, entc Heintzman & 

Co, rms 233 Keele a 
Hartup George, stmftr, h w s Elizabeth 

s, 4 s Dundas 

Hartwell Thomas, brklyr, h 462 Dundas w 
Hartz Wm. mach CPR, b 31 Hook av 
Haslam Harry mach hd .Dominion Brush 

.<: Mirror Co. res York tp 
Hasselfeldt Albert, fireman CPR, h 107 

Quebec av 

Hastings Thomas, fireman, h 35 Vine av 
Hathaway Frederick, plate plshr Helntz 
man & Co, res Toronto 
Hathaway Wm A, grocer 64 Edmund, h 

< same 

Haw Wm S, elk, h 128 Willoughby av 
Hawes Frederick, driver J F Mclnerney, 

res Toronto 
Hawker Harry, car checker CPR, b Mo- 

Hawkins Arthur, checker, b 37 Wll- 

loughby av 
Hawkins F Cecil J, elk Bank of SNA. 

rms 200 Annette w 
Hawkins James, asst bridge & building 

master CPR, b 170 Ko. ie n 
Hawkins John, 'PR. rrrs 44 St 

Clair av w 

llawkin^ 1. b !7f> Kee'.e n 

Hawkins Thomas, lab, rms 122 Maria 
Hawver Mattle J (wid Abraham), matron 
Hitarium, 144 Gothic av 
Hay Alexander, bkpr Union Stock Yards, 
res Toronto 


(Complete Equipment for any size Building) 



I Joseph Lea. Managw 

Office : 35 YOKOK ST. ARCADE 
Office Phone, Main 4662 
After Hours, Beach 151 




Insurance, Financial and Estate Agents 



Hav Alexander, insp W W Dept, h 40 


Way Joiin, steam ftr, i 53 Quebec av 
Hay Robert J, cond CPR, h 1ST Keele n 
Hay Wm H, driver T Chapman, 1 40 

Hayden Frank, mach hd. b 125 Churchill 


Haydon Wm, contr 633 Annette w, h same 
ttajnes Frederick, plstr, b 2S Carlton pi 
Haynes George, mach, h 281 St Clair av w 
Hayward Benjamin, brkmkr, h 373 Wes 
ton rd 

Hayward Herbert, lab, b 144 Vine av 
Havward Walter, grocer 375 Weston rd. 

h same 
Hazlewuod Harry C P, acct, 1 177 High 

Park av 

Hazlewood Rev James H, DD, pastor An 
nette St Meth Ch, h 177 High Park av 
Heal Tom, oontr 159 Clendenan av. 'h 


Heaps Luke, pntr 99 Dundas e, h same 
Hearts George, mach, 1 32 Brighton pi 
Heaslip Robert, truck repr CPR, h 38 


Heasltp Robert jr, harness mkr. 1 38 Ut 

Heath Wm, fireman CPR, b 156 Edmund 
Heathfield Mark, brlcksetter, h 97 Wil 
loughby av 

Hebden Miss Ethel, opr, 1 26 Carlton pi 
Hebden Francis J, carp, h 26 Carlton pi 
Hebden F Henry, mach, 1 26 Carlton pi 
Hebden Miss Ida, opr, 1 26 Carlton pi 
Hebden Miss Minnie, opr, 1 26 Carlton pi 
Hebden Wm T, car repr, 1 26 Carlton pi 
Hebdidge Arthur H (Hebdidge. Gautt & 

Lay), res Toronto 

Hebdidge. Gautt & Lay (Arthur H Heb- 
didge, Robert J Gault. Samuel B Lay), 
props Toronto Shade Cloth Co, s s Carl- 
ton av, cor Laughton av 
He.numan Charles T, 1 2!t4 High Park av 
Heintzman George C, pres Heintzman & 

Co, Ltd, h 288 Annette w 
Heintzman Miss Gertrude L, 1 294 High 

.Park av 
Heintzman Herman, vice-pres Heintzman 

& Co, Ltd, h 294 High Park av 
Heintzman Herman T. 1 291 Hlsh Park av 
Heintzman Mary J (wid Charles T), h yti 

Jivelyn ores 
Heintzman Wm F. insp Heintzman & Co. 

Ltd, res Toronto 

Heintzman & Co, Ltd, George C Heintz 
man pres, Herman Heintzman vice- 
pros, Wm Ray sec-treas, piano mfrs, 
Van Home, 1 a CPR tracks 
Heller Max, watchmkr 62 Dundas w, h 

Hi in ncn August, tlr H N Morrison, h 

63 Vine av 
Hember Aubrey J, elk Dodge Mfe Co. h 

189 Wllloughby av 

Henderson Alexander, tmstr. 1 99 Frank 
lin av 

Henderson David, slsmn, 1 20 Union s 
Henderson Edward, driver Levack Dress 
ed Beef Co, res Toronto 
Henderson Edward F, sec Dom Carriage 

Co, Ltd, h 2o2 Willoughby av 
Henderson Jessie, dom 117 Laws 
Henderson John W (Corbett & Hender 
son), r.'s Toronto 

Henderson John, cooper, rms 54 Annette e 
Henderson .Miss Minnie, tchr Carlton Pub 

Sch, 1 20 linion s 
Henderson Robert J, brkmn CPR, h Mil 

Keeln n 
Henderson Wm, lab Union Stock Yards, li 

iili Fntnklin av 

Henderson Wm. mach, rms 103 Dundas e 
Henley John B, fnshr Heintzman & Co, 

I) : J .*i 1'n on n 

Henney Miss Bessie, mach opr, 1 206 LMU- 

Henney Miss Maria M, 1 206 Louisa 
Henney Miss Nellie, drsmkr, 1 206 Louisa 
Henney Patrick stmftr, h 20fi Louisa 
Henry Frederick, G, mach, 1 62 Wil 
loughby av 

Henry John, fireman, h 28 Lindner 
Henry Joseph, plshr Nordheimer P^ano & 

Music Co, h <!2 Willoughby av 
Henry Miss Maud F, 1 62 Vv illoughby av 

Henry Thomas, chief eng Stark T L & 

P Co, h 39 Laws 

Henry Miss Viuiet M. 1 62 Willoughby av 
Hepburn Andrew, lap), b 29 May 
Herbert Helen (wid Charles), h 75 Ed 
Herbert Julia (wid Charles J), wine and 

spirit agt 74 jjundas e, h same 
Herbert Miss Maria G, drsmkr, 1 75 Ed 

Range Co, res York tp 
Herdman Joseph, 1 92 Dundas w 
Herdman Joseph W, dairy 92 Dundas w. 

n same 
Heron Alexander, apprentice NordheJmer 

Piano & Music Co, 1 30 Fairview av 
Heron Elizabeth (wid George), h 30 Fair- 

view av 

Heron Miss Lillian, packer Pugsley, Ding- 
man & Co, 1 3O Fairview av 
Heron Miss Mary, opr, 1 30 Fairview av 
Hersey Allan, packer Campbell Milling Co, 

h 56 Mulock av 

Hersey Louisa (wid M L), 1 262 Dundas w 
Hertfelder Henry, foreman Dodge Mfg 

Co, res Toronto 

! I ss John, police, h E izabeth 
Heston Samuel C, contr 1O8 Annette w, li 

Hewitt Miss Beatrice E, housekpr 2<x; 

Dundas w 

Hewitt Eliza (wid Win), 1 160 Maria 
Hewlett Miss Florence, elk, 1 301 Dunikis 


Hewlett James F, mldr, h 301 Dundas e 
Hewson John C, miller Campbell Milling 

Co, rms 62 Hook av 

Hey Clifford, mach, h e s Campbell av 
Hey Norman, carp, 1 C Hey 
Heydon Alexander J. h 132 Davenport rd 
Heydon Miss Bertha T, 1 48 Davenport rd 
Heydon Charles M, phy 48 Davenport rd. 
h same 





Heydon House (Apartments), Geo W Par 
ker, mgr 132 St Clair av e 

Heydon Isabelle (wid Francis), h 48 Da 
venport rd 

Hickey Euward T, elk Wilkin-son Plough 
Co, i 23 v me. av 

Hickey Patrick J, h 15 Hoskin av 

Hicks Albert E, lab, h 115 Churchill av 

Hicks Miss Annie, elk W Powell, 1 :;:; 

Hicks Jane (wid Ryerson), 1 77 Cooper av 

Hicks John H, elk, h 46 May 

Higgins Edward, tinsmith R J Bruce, res 

Higgins George B, cond Tor Suburban Ry 
Co, 1 130 Queen 

Higgins James, boilermkr, h 4 Lindner 

Higgins John, cond, h 57 Durie 

Higgins Thomas, mldr Lumen Bearing Co, 
res Toronto 

ated With Battle Creek Sanitarium!, 
For Treatment of Chronic and Consti 
tutional Diseases, 144 Gothic av, 'Phone 
Junction 444 

Higham Arthur H, exp 34 Union n, h 

Higham Krnest, lab, b 14 Charles 

Hill Charles W, piano mkr Heintzman & 
Co, res Toronto 

Hill C F James, sander Dom. Brush & 
Mirror Co, b 64 Union s 

Hill Miss Florence, opr Bell Tel Co, b 
21 Laws 

Hill Frank, elk. 1 60 Laws 

Hill Frederick T, case mkr Heintzman & 
Co, res Toronto 

Hill James K. elk Dodge Mfg Co. res To 

Hill John, RTOcer 266 Dundas w. h same 

Hill John, lib, h 68 Victoria 

Hill John, mldr, 1 63 Vine av 

Hill John S, freight agt C P R, h 60 Laws 

Hill Joseph B, mldr, li 4( Dundas w 

Hill Norton, mach, b 286 Pacific av a 
Hill Robert H, mach CPR, 1 142 Mulock 


Hill Wm, lab, h 68 Victoria 
Hill w Henry, blksmith, h 142 Mulock ay 
Hilliard Miss Elizabeth, tel opr. b 56 Mc- 

Murray av 

Hilliard Emily, dom, 1 47 Laws 
Hillier Wm. car repr, h 166 Humberside 


Hillock James A, h 61 Annette e 
Hillock West, mach, b 47 Dundas e 
Hillock Wm (Hillock & Brown), h 187 

Western av 
Hillock & Brown (Wm Hillock. G B 

Brown), grocers and btchs 39 Dundas e 
Hills Wm, lab, b 110 Churchill av 
Hillvard Miss -Lizzie, opr CPR Tel Co. 1 

5t> McMurray av 
Hilyer Clarence,, messr Can Cycle & Motor 

Co. 1 52 Laushton av 

Hilyer Wm T, foreman, h 308 Daven 
port rd 

Hilyer Zenas. mldr. h 52 Lauehton av 
Hind Harry, lab, h 12 Lindner 
Hind John, blrmkr. h 6 Davenport rd 
Hind Wm H. cond CPR. h 25^ Dundas w 
Hinde Arthur R (Hinde Bros), 1 1O3 King 
Hinde Bertram D (Hinde Bros), 1 103 King 
Hinde Bros (Wm A, James H, Arthur R 

and Bertram D), brick mfrs St Clair 

av e, 1 e Weston rd 
Hinde Miss Edith, stenog Can Cycle & 

Motor Co, 1 1O3 King 

Hinde James H (Hinde Bros) h 101 King 
Hinde Richard, wks Hinde Bros, h 1O3 

Hinde Wm A (Hinde Bros), h 117 St Clair 

av (> 

Hiney Thomas, lab Can Sand-Lime Press 
ed Brick Co. res York tp 
Hirons Thomas, cond CPR, h 80 Cawthra 


Hislop John. lab. b 30 Edmund 
Hisson Robert, lab, h 65 Mulock av 
Hisson Sarah (wid Robert), h w s Keele n, 

1 n St Clair av w 
Hisson Walter J, foreman Can Cycle & 

Motor Co. h 132 St Clair av w 
Hoad Ernest, slsmn Wm Rowntree, res 

North Toronto 
Hoar Thomas E (T E Hoar & Co), h 159 

Pacific av B 

Hoar T E & Co (Thomas E Hoar), hard 
ware S2 Dundas w 
Hobbs Miss Florence, 1 35 Dundas w 
Hobson Wm J, tmstr Conger Coal Co. b 

J7 Hook av 
Hodge George, engineer CPR. b 121 Keele 


Hodges George E, contr, h 456 Dundas w 
Hodges Henry, lab D B Martin Co, b 50 

St Clair av w 

Hodgin Robert, blrmkr, b 145 Keele n 
Hodgins Miss Gertrude, elk Can Cycle & 

Motor Co, res Toronto 
Hodsrins Miss Marie, bkpr W J McCul- 

lough, 1 80 Cawthra av 
Hodgson Miss Barbara, opr Bell Tel Co. 

res Toronto 
Hodgson Clarence B, contr (to Durie. h 

Hodgson Wm W, mgr Union Stock Yds. 

res Toronto 
Hodson Wm H. btchr Whetter Bros, h 

272 Louisa 
Hogan James, lab D U Martin Co, b 104 

St Clair av w 

Hogan John, mason, h 115 Campbell av 
Hogan Wm, manh hd, b 53 Western av 
Hogarth James A. mach. h 101 Cooper av 
Hogate .Tudson B. horse dlr, h 53 Laws 
Hoge Walter E, 1 50 High Park av 
Hohensee Frederick W, supt Dom Car- 

r'.uz Co. h 18o High Park av 
Hollands John, blksmith's heloer. b 76 

Laughton a.v 

Holley Susan A (wid Oreville). h 74 Clen 
denan av 
Holliday Miss Jessie M. tchr Annetto St 

Sch, 1 244 Annette w 

Holliday John L, mach. b 121 Churchill av 
Hol'.ingsbee Harry, lab. 1 24 Albany rd 
Hollingshead Wm H, pntr, I 15 Union 
Holllngshead Wm K. gdnr, h 15 Union s 
Hollingsworth George, lab, h 499 Camp 
bell av 

Cbe Canadian guardian Life Insurance Company 

Head Office, Special 91SO Pollcies-Both 8*xes Ages 12 to 65. Reliable Agents Wanted TORONTO 



TECHNICAL CHEMISTS Established 1873 

Assay and Analytical 

124 TO\GE ST. Phone Main 1889 

Holloway Frederick W. apprentice Robert 
: son. 1 IS Hook av 

se. eng. h 34 clendenan 
Holloway Mary (wid Francis J). h 18 

Holloway Norman C. apprentice 1 Ik 
Hook av 

resser. h 123 Clendenan av 
Holmes Edward A. pntr Wrought Iron 
Range Co. res Toronto 

mkr Wrought 
'rnn Range Co. h 2fl Whitney av 

ieorge B. brkmkr. h 84 Pelham 

Holun Herbert, en* Campbell Mlllinn (Jo 
-y Thomas. h <58 La ._ 

Hood George D. fireman CPR. h 40 Hook 

G. W. P. HOOD 

Bell June. 83 Phones Stark 103 

Barrister, Solicitor, Xot:iry. Ktc. 

Solicitor fur the Bank (.f Hamilton 

4 Dundas St. Weit Toronto Junction 


Hood George W P. barr 4 Dundas w. h 

17 I. 

Hooper Frank, brkmn CPR, b 153 Keeie n 
Hooper Wm, cupola man. 1. 57 Mulock av 
Hoover Jacob H. ins. h 480 Campbell av 
Hoove.r John R. ins insp, 1 1O6 Davenpon 


Hoover W Edgar, fireman CPR. h 54 Kln 

Hope Amanda (wid John f). \ 47 Law 

Hope Frederick B. hardware, h 47 LAWS 


and Medical Health Officer. KM Pacific 

av s. Res same. 'Phones Bell Junction 

md Stark l.v. 
Hopkins Thomas H. stock cik Wrought 

Iron Range Co, b 52 Edmund 
Hopkirk Arthur A. mach. h 138 


Hopper Edward, lab. 1 24 Whitney v 
Hopper Herbert, lab, 1 24 Whitney av 
Hopper Herbert J, cond CPR, h 12S Fair- 
view av 

Hopper James, lab, h 114 Annette e 
Hopper John, lab Pugsley, Dingman A 

Co, l 10 Jane 
P! Mabel, packer Pugsley 

Longman & Co. i in Jane 
Hopper Robert P. h 96 Annette w 
Hopper Samuel W. ptrn mkr 17 Medland. 

h 319 Keele a 

Hopper Wm. lab. b 51 Western av 
Hopper Wm, lab. h 24 Whitney av 
Home George, foreman, h 1U4 Annette e 
Homer Joseph A. elk. h 21 Lansdowne av 
Homer Joshua C. trav. h 171 Lei: 
Hormr !>>slie O T. slsmn. 1 171 Louisa 
Homer Wilbur H. h 25 Lansdowne av 
HorsfK'ld Ernesf, barber E Montgomery. 

res Toronto 

Horsley Isaac R. cond CPR, h 122 Queen 
Horsley James, moto Tor Suburban R Co. 

h 124 Queen 
Sorsman Henry, pres Dom Carriage Co. 

Ltd. res Toronto 
Horton Margaret (wid Alexander), h R-> 

Keele s 

Hossack Miss Annie H, directress Kin- 
dergarten. Annette St Sch. 1 I8t) High 
Park av 
Hott Charles, apprentice Heintzman * 

Co. 1 Birtle av 
Houghton Perclval. foreman CPR. h 164 

Pacific av s 

Houghton Thomas, foreman Dom Car 
riage Co. h 38 Laughton av 
Houle Wm O, brkmn. b 130 Vine av 
Hounsell Albert H. action regulator 

Heintzman & Co. h 46 McMurray av 
Hounsell Mrs Helen. 1 46 McMurray av 
Hounsell Miss Helen E. 1 4rt McMurray av 
Houston Janet (w*d Alexander), h 1<* 

Mulock av 

Howard H A, elk Dodge Mfg Co, res To 

Howe Annie (wM Thomas), h 34 Lake- 
view av 


Howe Arthur, b 115 . r .- 

1 34 Lakevlew av 
ell Mil Beatrice, mus kindergarten. 

Howell Miss Phoebe. 1 104 Louisa 

Louisa 3 W> C ' k H Wel1 & CO ' ' 
11 Wm W (Howell A Co), h 1O4 

HOWELL & CO (Wm W Howell). 

Drugs and Toilet Articles, s Dundas w 
Howes Miss Btrdle, 1 37 Pacific nv s 
lowland Robert. Janitor Runnymede Pub 
. h 4O Main 

't Archibald S, carp, 1 si Clara 
tt Bernard G, carp. I si Clara 
Hewlett Miss Gertrude, drsmkr. 1 81 

tt Samuel, carp, h 81 Clarn 
> Alonzo G. vice-pres Dom Carriage 
Co. Ltd, res London, Ont 
Howson John A. contr 9!> Laws, h same 
Uowaon Joseph, mach. h 452 Campbell av 
Howion T Alvert. apprentice, 1 90 Laws 
Hoxley Mary (wid John), h 48 Campbell 

I".v James, tinsmith, h 221 Mara 
Hoyle Robert C, air brake insp CPR h 

420 Pt Clalr av w 

Hubbard Wm T, contr 29 Churchill av 
h same 

irak. car repr. h 112 St Clair av 

Hubel Lemuel, cond CPR, h 18% Dundas 


Hubert Frank, fireman CPR. 1 62 McMur 
ray av 
Hubert John H. eng CPR. h 80 High Park 

n Arthur, brkmn. h 119 Westeni av 
"n Charles H. btchr Levack Dressed 
f Co. h 105 Mulock av 
Huether Harry, tlr, rm< 47 H >ok av 

* ~ ~ 



Hughes Alfred G. brkmkr, h 261 St Clair 

Hughes Miss Gertrude, 1 1O3 Quebec av 
Hughes Gwlym, lab D B Martin Co, 1 601 
Campbell av 






ughes Mary J (wid Wm), h 103 

Hughes Robert, fitter, h 513 Dundas w 
Hughes Robert, lab, b 113 King 
iiugnes T Wm. eng. h 22:1 Keele s 
Hughes Wm. lab, 1 5O1 Campbell av 

- Wm, lab, b 24 Whitney av 
Hughes Wm G, lab, h 113 King 

i Geo rge , carp, b 111 King 
II Thomas, carp, h Mil K ng 
Hull Barbara (wid Robert). 1 316 Pacific 

av a 

H i in. Wm A. plstr, h 21 Victoria 
Humphrey George, ranee mkr Wrought 

Iron Range Co. res Toronto 
Humphrey Wm, ranee mkr Wrought Iron 

Range Co, res Toronto 

Hunnisett Frank (Crawford & Co), res To 

Hunt Emma (wid David), h 112 Quebec av 
Hunt George, brkmkr. h 36 Oarlton pi 
Hunt Jesse, brklyr. h 336 Pacific av. s 
Hunt Wm. carp, 1 112 Quebec av 
Hunter Eliza (wid Harry M). h 453 Dun 
das w 
Hunter Harry M, engineer. 1 453 Dundas 


Hunter Wm J. eng CPR. h 32 Hook av 
Kurd Margaret (wid Kilborne). h 77 Wil 

loughby av 

Hurden Wm A. brkmn. h 117 Dundas w 
Hurl Miss Louisa G. opr, 1 57 Willough 
by av 

Hurl Miss Mabel, opr. 1 57 Willoughby av 
Hurl Robert W. 1 57 Willoughby av 
Hurl Miss Ruby G, opr, 1 57 Willough 
by av 

blksmith. h 57 Willoughby av 
John H, hreman CPR. h 54 Mu- 

John. brklyr. b 7(1 Hook nv 
George W, cabtmkr, h 9 Lindner 
John, plshr, 1 9 Lindner 
Wm, blksmth, b 165 Vine av 

, Alice, drsmkr b 346 High 

James, mach CPR. h 15 Vic- 
Joseph, elect, b 23 Union 
Hutchinson Miss Josie, bkpr Wm & Henrv 
Rowntree, b 66 Laughton av 
oast 1 '" 30 " Wesley J ' ma ch. b 61 Annette 

nee, flreman. rms 18 May 
[utchison Krnest, barber P w < 'oldthoro 
res Toronto 

Hutton Charles, eng CPR. b 45 Hook av 
Huxley Miss Ruth, opr, 1 4.S Camnhell av 
Hyatt Isaac, lab Batts, Ltd. 1) :r> Pacific 
av * 

Charles, lab D B Martin Co, b 285 

Hyde Henry, lab. b 319 Franklin av 
Hyde W m, flreman, b 285 Keele n 
Hyde Wm. lab D B Martin Co res Toron 

I J Frank, .-ncinevr. ]i 184 Quebec 

Ibbertson Samuel, lab. b 1O4 St Clair av w 
Ulingworth Richard, blksmith W J Fuller- 

n s 

Ulingworth Skene, ftr, h 52 Union s 
Imrie Ebenezer, cond CPR. h 58 Hook av 
Imrie Maud (wid John), b 128 Clendenan 

Farrar. piano wkr Heintzman & 

Co, h 2 Lindner 

Ineson Fred, lab, h 19 Charles 
Ineson Frederick F. lab Pugsley. Ding- 
man & Co, 1 7 Lindner 
Ineson George W F. stringer Heintzman 

'. 1 - Lindner 
Inesan Harry, wheel Insp car deDt CPR. 

h 7 Lindner 
Ineson Richard, stringer Heintzman & Co. 

I '_' IJndner 
Ineson Wm F. stringer Heintzman & Co, 

h 15 Charles 

Ineson Wm jr, stringer, I 15 Charlen 
Inglis Clarence S, brkmn CPR, h 151 

Keele n 
Tnglis Clive. teller Bank of B N A. b I'.r, 

Keele a 

Ingoldsby Miss Annie, stenog. 1 158 Ed 
Ingoldsby Joseph, action fnshr Heintzman 

/"rt V* -t ^O TT- ,*_.._ J 

Inman Margaret (wid James), h 19 Cen 
tral avenue 

Inman Robert, elk, 1 19 Central av 
Innes Charles, pntr, h 535 St Clair av w 
Innes Edward J, pntr CPR, 1 197 Keele n 
Innes John, lab, h 197 Keele n 
Innes Wm G. slsmn C R Von Dusen. I 

l!'7 Keele n 

Ireland Agnes (wid Wm), h 1!>7 Mar a 
Ireland Lewis, messr Can Cycle & Motor 

Co, 1 197 Franklin av 
Irish Hlain,. wd wkr Dominion Brush * 

Mirror Co, 1 13 Ontario 
Irish John A. engineer, h 39 Victoria 
Irish Wm D, driver, h 13 Ontario 
Irvin Charles, bkpr Toronto Juno Lum 
ber Co, h 46 Quebec av 
Irvin D Fred, local mgr Connell Coal Co, 

res Toronto 

Irvin Miss Eth'-l M. I 46 Quebec av 
Irvin John C, bkpr Tor Junct Lumber Co, 

1 46 Quebec av 

Irvin Wm C, mng dlr Tor Junction Lum 
ber Co. h 46 Quebec av 
Irvine Alexander, elk CPR. res Weston 
Irvine Edward, mer Irvine Shoe Co. h 57 


Irvine John, hlpr, h" 75 Clendenan av 
Irvine John H. carp, h 156 Pacific av B 
Irvine Miss Mabel F, elk, I 43 Keele a 
Irvine Samson, blksmth W J Fullerton. 

h 43 Keele a 
Irvine Shoe Co, Edward lrv:ne mgr, shoes, 

63 Dundas w 

Irvine Susan (wid Andrew), h 63 Dundas 


17-21 Temperance St. Phone Main 3800 

Plumbers' and Steamfitters' Tools 

Trimo Pip* Wrenches 
Oster Stocks and Die* 

Barms Pipe Cutter* 
Armstrong Pipe V!*N 



162 Adelaide St. W. 



Irvine Miss Violet A, drsmkr, 63 Dundas 

west, 1 same 

Irvine Walter E, tlr, 1 63 Dundas w 
Irving- Henry D McL, apprentice W 

Lowndes, 1 23 Van Home 
Irving Win, mach, h 23% Dundas w 
Irwin Archie, apprentice, 1 88 Quebec av 
Irwin Frank D. apprentice Robert Pater- 
son, 1 OS Quebec av 
Irwin Frank H, mngr Wm Davies Co. 

Ltd, h 220 Clendenan av 
Irwin Hamilton, brickmkr, b 18 Hook av 
Irwin J Bruce, brklyr, 1 68 Quebec av 
Irwin Robert D, pressman, h 66 Quebec av 
Irwin Wm J, contr 68 Quebec av 
Isbester John, yardman Tor Junction 

Lumber Co, res York tp 
Ison Henry J, brkmkr, b 106 St Clair av w 
Ives Alexander A, dry goods 115 Dundas w 
Ivy Permelia (wid Henry). 1 198 Lakeview 

Jackson Charles J, brkmn. 1 28 Uxbridere 

a venue 
Jackson Miss Elizabeth A, 1 106 St Clair 

avenue west 
Jackson George R, mach, 1 251 Lakeview 


Jackson James, call boy, h 24 Dundas w 
JACKSON JA.MKS T, Town Treasur 
er, Town Hall 1*5-18 Keele a, h 230 Hleh 
Park av 

Jackson John, drover, b Subway Hotel 
Jackson John R, tinsmith, h 157 Clenden 
an avenue 
Jackson Mrs Margaret, bdg hse 106 St 

Clair av w 
Jackson Miss Olive I, slsldy, 1 28 Uxbridee 

Jackson Percival A. civ eng, b 23 Central 

Jackson Richard, maah hd, h 28 Uxbridge 

Jackson vVm, comp Leader & Recorder. 

rms 38 Van Home 
Jackson Wm H, apprentice, 1 106 St Clair 

avenue w 
Jackson Michael, yd foreman Conger Coal 

Co, h 62 Annette w 
Jackson Wm R, mgr W.Milnthorpe, h 60 

Dundas w 
Jakiem Jacob, lab Helntzman & Oo, b W 

Mulock av 

James Albert H, lab, h 84 Maria 
James Arthur, fireman, b 29 Maria 
James Benjamin, pntr 180 Humberside av 

e, h same 

James David tlr, rms 129 Dundas o 
James Miss Linda M, bkpr Laces & Braid 

Mfg Co. 1 ISo Humtierside av 
James Wm, harness mkr. h 151 Gilmour 


James Wm A, foreman Davenport Lum Dei- 
Co, res York tp 

Jamieson John, miw \V J Dalton. res To 

Jamieson Robert, mldr, b 4O Dundas e 
Jarman Arthur T, lab, b 28 Lindner 
Jarratt Charles, bicycle hd, rms l;i Onta 

Jarvais Frederick, brkmn, h 74 Annette e 
Jarvis John W, carp CPR. b /WiO St. Clai"- 

av w 

Jarvis Miss Mary A, 1 1.17 Pacific av 
Jarvis Willis, fireman CPR, b 34 Mulock 


Jecks Herbert F, oik. h 121 Annette e 
Jeffers Miss Chall, tchr Carlton Pub Sch, 

res Toronto 

Jeffers Henry, mach. b 31 Western av 
Jeffers Norman W. elk Sterling Bank, res 


Jeffrey A Victor, elk. b 166 Humberside ftv 
Jeffrey Thomas, b 166 Humberside av 
Jemmett Thomas W. brkmkr. Ti 28 U hit 

ney av 
Jemmett Walter J, tmstr Tor Jnnct Icf 

f-o, rms 28 Whitney av 
Jennings Alfred, trimmer Dum Carriage 

<^o. res Toronto 
Jennings Carl, 1 89 Coooer av 
Jennings Mrs Isabella, h <Sfl Cooper av 
Jennings Mass May, 1 143 Lakeviw av 
Jennings Robert, financial agt, h 143 Lake 

view av 
Jewitt Samuel E, prin Carlton Pub School 

h 60 Kingsley av 
Jewkes Wm H, lab, b Subway Hotel 

Estimates given on all classes of 
Elevator Work. 

Special attention given to all kinds 
of Elevator Repair Work and 
Machine Work. 

Johncock Frederick J, storeman CPR, .> 

36 Carlton pi 

Johns Edward, postman, h n a Alberta a- 
Johnson Albert E, foreman, h 321 St Clair 

av a 
Johnson Elmo W, action fnshr Heintzmai 

& Co, 1 55 Western av 
Johnson Jacob, apprentice Heintzman & 

Co, 1 37 Western av 

Johnson Lewis S, mach, 1 55 Western av 
Johnson Oscar, barber G Curavo, rms 69 

Haciflc av a 
Johnson Robert, brkmn CPR. b 57 Mulonk 


Johnson Robert R, lab, h 37 Western av 
Johnson Samuel, mach, 1 107 Churchill a 
Johnson Sylvester, apprentice. 1 37 West 
ern av 
Johnson Wm, caretaker Western Av Sch, 

h 56 Western av 
Johnson Wm. ,h 107 Churchill av 
Johnston Alexander S, engineer Tor Junct 

Waterworks, h 156 Edmund 
Johnston Miss Alice, elk Post Office 1 

56 Hook av 
Johnston Miss Catherine, tlrs A M Gahel 

b 22 May 

Johnston Craig, engineer, b 13 Union ; 
Johnston Edward, brkmkr, li 622 Weston 


Johnston Follis, cashier CPR, res To 
Johnston Frederick J. science master Tor 

June Collegiate Institute, h 30 Lakeview 

Johnston Joseph E, tool sharpener, 1 36 

Hook av 

Johnston Joseph R, trav. rms 176 Ontario 
Johnston Lizzie, dom 105 King 
Johnston Noble H, stone mason, h 59 Quo 

beo av 
Johnston Thomas (Johnston & Magi' 

christ), h 229 St Clair av w 
Johnston Thomas, trav, h 231 Lakeview av 




Johnston Wm, engineer, h 27 Maria. 
Johnston Wm, lab D B Martin Co. res 

Johnston W George, tmstr Tor Junot 

Lumber Co, h 127 Mulock av 
Johnston Wm T, elk, h 38 Hook av 
Johnston & Magilchrist (Thomas John 
ston, Robert Magilchrist), props St 
Clair Avenue Foundry Co 233 St Clair 
avenue w 

Jolly Miss G-ertrude B, drsmkr, 1 400 Que 
bec av 

Jolly James, pntr, h 400 Quebec av 
Jones Charles A. contr 113 Maria, h samfl 
Jones Charles S, bkpr, 1 113 Maria 
Jones Cora, oapt S A, h 114 Dundas o 
Jones George H, elk Wilkinson Plough Co. 

h 62 Kingsley av 

Jones Heward P. elk. 1 62 Kingslpy av 
Jones James, brkmkr, b 147 Keele n 
Jones James, plmbr Robert Paterson, re" 


Jones Jonas, carp CPR, h 138 Annette e 
Jones Miss Olive G, tchr Western Av Sch, 

res Toronto 

Jones Robert, brkmn, b 185 Pacific av s 
Jones Thomas, hlksmith Wrought Iron 

Range Co. b 23 Carlton pi 
Jones Wm J. bldr. h 2.%4 Weston rd s 
Jordan Leonard, trav, 'h SO King 
Jov Miss Alice J, slsldy T J Sheppard, b 

85 Dundas w 

Joy Frank S. trav. I STiT, High Park av 
Joy Wm L. h 356 High Park av 
Joyce Joseph T, h 94 May 
Joyce Miss Mabel M. 1 211 Pacific av s 
Joyce Percy, bkpr, rms 40 May 
Joyce Thomas, lab, b 29 Mis 
judge W T m, brkmn, b 63 Annette e 
Juniper Arthur, blksmith, 1 92 Charles 
Juniper Ernest, blrmkr, h 92 Charles 
Junner James, rms 52 Union s 
Justason Wm H, brkmn, 1 49 Victoria 

Kaiser Daniel, carp, h 250 Lakeview av 
Kaiser Edwin F, carp, 1 250 Lakeview av 
Kaiser Eliza (wid Benjamin), h 5 Wil 
son pi 

K.iisi-r Karl, carp, b 5 Wilson pi 
Kane Edward, eng CPR, b 40 Dundas e 
Kay Electric Dynamo & Motor Co, Ltd, 

Thomas L Kay pres and mgr, office 

and factory Weston rd 
Kay Percy, bkpr Kay Electric Dynamo 

K.- Motor Co, rms 238 Annette w 
Kay Thomas L, pres and mgr Kay Elec 
tric Dynamo & Motor Co, Ltd, res To 
KAYLER WM B, Physician and Snr- 

g'-on, 143 Annette w. Phones Bell Junc 
tion 87 and Stark 187 
Keaney Edward, lab. h 120 Quebec av 
Keaney James J, apprentice Heintzman & 

Co, 1 120 Quebec av 
Kearns James, trimmer Dom Carriage Co, 

res Toronto 

Keast Robert, pntr, 1 125 Churchill av 
Keating James, carp, h 13 Davenport rd 
Keating James, carp, 1 29 Vine av 
Keddie Harry, fireman, b 43 Dundas e 
Kee Joseph, contr 19 Dundas e, h same 
Kee Miss Ruby, 1 32 May 
Keech John H, blksmith, h 74 Dundas w 
Keele Charles, h 146 Keele s 
Keevil Frank H, elk CPR, res Toronto 
Kelcher Eliza (wid Henry), 1 129 Pacific 

av A 

Kelcher Wm H, trav, h 129 Pacific av a 
Kellam Bertram, acct, b 65 Medland 
Kelland Orlando, foreman Kay Electric 

Dynamo & Motor Co, res Toronto . 
Kelly Andrew, electro plater, h 299 


Kelly Mrs Annie, h 295 Maria 
Kelly Miss Annie, packer Pugsley, Ding- 

man & Co, 1 296 Maria 
Kelly Dennis, switchman CPR, h 67 Ed 

Kelly Francis, filer, 1 295 Maria 
Kelly James, lather, 1 295 Maria 
Kelly John G, cond, 1 295 Maria 
Kelly John W, div car foreman CPR, b 

liiii Humberside av 
Kelly Miss Rose, 1 29K Maria 
Kelly Wm J, studt. 1 67 Edmund 
Kelsey George, carp, b 107 Wllloughby 


Kelsey Robert J C, cond, h 237 Louisa 
Kemp Edward, painter, 1 94 High Park av 
Kemp Miss Georgina N, furrier, 1 94 High 

Park av 
Kemp J E Playter, contr 94 High Park 

av, h same 

Kemp Miss Maud C, 1 94 High Park av 
Kemp Miss Pearl A, furrier, 1 94 High 

P:irk av 
Kemp Wm, mkt gdnr 226 Keele 8, h 

Kemp Wm J, pntr w s Indian rd, 1 n 

Bloor, h same 

Kempher Thomas, fireman, b 29 Maria 
Kempster George, mkt gdnr 235 St Clair 

av e. h same 
Kendall John F, supt Wilkinson Plough 

Co, h 90 Cooper av 
Kennedy Angus, moto Tor Suburban Rv 

Co, b 5 Wilson pi 
Kennedy David, supt Can Sand-Lime 

Pressed Brick Co, Ltd, h 57 Clendenan 


ifennedy James, h 351 Pacific av s 
Kennedy John, fireman, h 16 Hook av 
Kennedy J Jarvis, mgr A C Stanners. re 

Kennedy Miss Mamie, elk The Marlboro, 

res Weston 
Kennedy Miss May, mlnr The Misses Har- 

shaw. 1 179 Keele n 
Kennedy Michael J, bldg insp CPR, h 179 

Keele n 

i-nnedy Robert, mgr Can Sand-Lime 

Pressed Brick Co, Ltd, res Toronto 
Cpnnpdy Robert, vet surg, h e s Kennedy 

Kpnney Hilary G. sound bd mkr Halntz- 

man & Co, h 335 Pacific av a 
Kenny Edward, brkmn, b 139 Vine av 
Kenyon T H Gordon, elk, 1 167 Louisa 
Ker Miss Margaret, cashier Wm Davies 

Co, res Toronto 
Kerns Frank, riveter, b 235 Dundas e 

WADDINGTON & GRUNDY Reliance Building 

Estate, Insurance and Financial Agents 



Phone Main 3227 

phones, Fixtures 
134 KING ST. W. 

i it J. barber G Ouravo. b 2U 
Quebec av 

-'.i Gilmour av 

Co. LtJ. Th.% L O Kerr pres. J E 
is, piano key mnfrs. 
Pelham av 

. key mkr Kerr Co. I,t<J. 
1 1. av 

A. pntr Dom Carriage Co. 

Ken '. elk Dom Carriage Co. b 

'umlas e 

carp, h 37 Gilmour av 

. sec-treas Kerr Co. Lid. 
ridge AV 

pres Korr Co. Ltd. h \tK 
n v 

foreman K_rr Co. Ltd. b 
Park av 
Key John S, carp, h 64 Vernon 

Thomas, carp, h 68 Pacific av a 
'A'm H. brkman, 1 CS I'aein> av 
Kr\ . Hoot av 

.aujthton iv 
ighton av 
i k W. tlnnmith J R Jackson. r* 


Ph: i Surgeon, !>;.". Quebec av, 

Kilpatrick Andrew C. elk, h 300 Wll- 

loughby av 

KImber Herbert, lab, h 450 Weston rd 
Kinn: >iui 

\Vhitney av 
Imour av 

Klni: Ada. mus tchr. i. H>3 Kin* 
Agnes, h 36 Evelyn /crea 
md'T. tmptr 77 Quebec ar 
King Arthur E. acct Can Cycle & Motor 
Co. res Toronto 

l>"ra L. bkpr l!nj,imin iT'>or 
>. res Toronto 

i:th. stenog-. 1 1"3 Kins, 

in kr *i Gilmour 
av. I same 

James J. lab Pugsley, D.ngman & 
Co, h IT Victoria 

Max F. checker CPR. 1 IT Victoria 
i!> Johnston A Mafilclirinl. 
1 V> Franklin av 
Kingsley Mtas Annie, mus tchr 84 Cooper 

v. 1 same 
Kingsley Helen (wid Thomas), h 84 

Cooper av 

Kingsley Miss Helen. drsmkr84 Cooper av 
Kingsley Miss Kate, 1 84 Cooper av 

irte John R. lab, ! 2>', Albany rd 
Kinrade Ralph A. apprent c. Hointzmao 

A: '-'o. 1 _, Albany rd 
Kimade \Vm. brkmkr, h 2O A'.bany rd 

. aska, 1 79 Vine av 
Kinsman Daniel, elk Tor Suburban Ry Cfo 

h 79 Vine av . 

Kinsman Miss Edna O, tel opr 1 79 Vint 

nan Herbert H, brkmn CPR, 1 7D 
- av 

Kinsman Roy E, plshr. ; 70 Vine av 
Kipping Albert E. foreman fuel dept CPR. 
h 21 Lambert av 

John C. bkpr Canada Cycle & Mo- 

" Toronto 
Kirby Richard, pntr. h 49 Western av 

fireman Tor Suburban Ry 
: .Veston rd 
Kirk George E, blksmlth, h 43 Pacific 

av s 

Kirk Thomas, erne CPR. h 22 Laws 
Kirk Thomas H, bkpr Heintzman & Co, 
Ltd, 1 -22 Laws 

-Mr? Martha J. 1 ' Dundas w 
Klrkby Reuben F. ene CPR. h 148 Mulock 

Kirkland Alexander, mlHwrieht, h UW 

Humbtrside av 
Kirkness James W. asst mgr Union Stock 

Yards, h 24 Annette e 
Kirkwood Alexander S. studt 1 62 Ai>- 

netta w 

Klrkwood Emily F (wld Alexander), h 468 
Quebec av 

KIKKWOOI) JOHN S, Postmaster 

Toronto Junction Post Office, h 6? 
Annette w 

Kitchen Wm, oiler, h 667 Weston rd 

;ank, tlr 11 N Morrison, h 61 
i av 
Klinok Ellas, foreman CPR. h 23 Hook 

Kline Alfred C, mldr. h 84 Uxbridge av 

: na, drsmkr, 1 21<> West 
ern av 

Rosena ( wid Petre). I 210 Western 

Knapp Kber C, cond, h 30 May 

Jane (wid Charles). 1 59 May 
A . brkmn, h 26 Hook a 

tm.-tr s \V Hopper 
; ;. lab, h 24 Albany M 
Knight (Vf<l, lab. 1 lito Annette w 

Ounda* w 

Knight Ephralm, car Insp CPR, h 32 Me 
iy av 

Dundas w 

k. lab, h w s Kllzabetli 
!'K track 

mkr. 1 143 AJ- 

irold. slsmn J M Knight, b -18 

, '.ngman & 
l.:i Dundas w 
Knight John, lab, h 431 Dundas w 


h Us Amictt" w 
Knight John A. phy. ! us Annette w 

Dundas e. b 48 

y Foundry Co. 

irge, 1 90 Cooper av 

Koffn: i. shoemkr 454 Dundas w. 

i me 

, mldr, h 12i> Cooper av 
in, mach. 1> 72 Annette e 
f-iham, case mkr Heintzman 4i 
Co, res Toronto 

ue, helper Wrought Iron 
Range Co. res Toronto 




Kurtz Miss Almina, 1 4<>S Pacific av s 
Kurtz Miss Rosetta A. bkpr, 1 408 Pacific 

Kurtz Sarah (wld John C), h 408 Pa- 

av s 
Kyle Alexander, plshr, b 235 Dundas e 

Uniun s 

Hugh F, litter. I IS Union s 
Kyie Hugh G, eng CPR, h 19 Union a 
Laces and Braid Mfg Co. A J Gillies mgr 

and prop, 549 Campbell av 
Laidley Wm H, h 176 Maria. 

\mner J (J Lainson & Sons;, 
h 1O5 King 

son Miss Ann . M, : 4nl Weston Td 
Lainson Arthur W (J Lainson & Sons), 

h 119 King 

Lainson John \V (J Lainson & Sons), h 
401 Weston rd 

:tta M, 1 41 Weston rd 
Lainson John W jr. brickmkr, 1 4U1 Wes. 

ton road 
Lainson J Henry (J Lainson & Sons), h 

Weston rd 

Lainson J & Sons (John W. Arthur W. 
Amner J, Leonard B, and J Henry'. 
k mfrs St < .2 e GTR tracks 

Lainson Leonard B (J Lainson & Sons), h 

117 King 

Laisnman James, lab. b 27 Hook av 
LaMarche Nelson, fitter, b 40 Dundas e 
Lamb Wm, mach. h 34 Uxbrids- 

rt Thomas, tn Hoskin av 

Lambert Wm L. mgr accessories dept 
Canada Cycle & Motor Co. res Toronto 
Tximbkin Arthur, apprentice Heintzman * 

Co. 1 45 Charles 

Lambkin Mrs Ellen, rms 4.". Charles 
Lammertz Louis E. asst mgr D B Martin 

Co. Ltd, res Toronto 
Landry Wm, mldr, b 44 Mulock av 
Landsborough James, carp, h 180 On- | 

Landsky John, app Heintzman & Co. res 


Lane George, plstr, b :'.i \V. st. rn av 
I.ang John, brkmn, b X'. Vine av 
Lang Josiah, tmstr, h 107 Edmund 
Lamr . rms 14<.> Edmund 

Lang Miss Sarah, tlrs J H Ag n -w. h ya 

Vine av 

Uingclon Joseph, plain, mkr, h 205 Que 

Lanxrldge Wm, plmbr Ryding At Co. res 

.11 Franklin, elect, h 33 King 
Lang^ .rban 

Ry Co. b 5O4 Dundas w 
Lankln Albert E, driver Robinson Bros, h 

127 Ciendenan av 

Lankin Wm, mach. h 29 Pacific, av s 
Lanpl, ,r Runnymede 


Lansing Wm, barber 84 Dundas w. vms :::, 

\Veslc -I'll :iv 

Lantz John, blksmith 1 >nm Carriage t:o. 

h 4'.' L xbrulge av 

Lappage Wm, car repr CPR, h 24 Victoria 
Lappage Wm G. steam ftr, h 17 Laws 
Large Edward C, carp, h 3O7 Dundas e 
Large George H, contr lie Western av 
Large John J, contr 114 Western av 
Large Miss Norina. stenog. 1 307 Dundas e 

'undas e 

Larkins Thomas, carp, b "J5 Western av 
La Rocque Bernard, cond CPR, h 143 

Vine av 
La Rocque Joseph, slsmn W Powell. 1 J IS 

Vine av 
La Roc<iue Walter B. action fnshr Helnlr- 

man & Co, 1 143 Vine av 
Larose Daniel, h K17 i' . nJenan av 
Lascelles Arthur, h 124 Annette e 
Lascelles Frederick, brick mkr. h 2ol Que 
bec av 
Latchford Joseph, case mkr Heintzman & 

<Jo, res Toronto 
LauKham Emma twi.l Daniel), h 49 Hook 

Laughton Francis P. pntr. h 6S lixbrlrtew 


Laughton Peter, b 96 Gilmour av 
Laughton Samuel F. mark<*t edn 1S9 Da 
venport rd, h same 

Lavender Albert, brklyr, h 6S9 Annetto w 
Lavender Mrs Martha, h 45 Chcries 
Lavery James, police, rms 30 i 
Law Austin, uphol, b 5'.< Annette <. 
Law Benjamin R. carriage trimmer, h IS 
Dundas w 

W, hlpr. h 72 Davenport rd 
Lawrence Albert, lab. 1 M>3 Mulock B.V 
Lawrence Miss Eliza, h i:37 Fairview av 
Lawrence Ernest, brkmkr. rms 93 Kd- 


Lawrence Miss Helen, 1 221 Louimi 
Lawrence Miss Sadie. . *>'' 

Lawrence Miss Sara^ 
Lawrence Wm, lab. li 

:e George, m'.dr. h 11C Churchill av 
m Harry, shipper, h 18 Langhton 

Lawson Peter, bridge bldr. h N 
Lay Samuel B (HetxJ 

Lea George T, h 321 Wllloughbj 
Lea Percy T, shade mkr T 
Co, res Toronto 




i AL. B. BO YD, Manager 

Office, Main. 4949 

Res., College, 3-140 





Leach Frederick, app Heintzman & Co. 

res Toronto 

Leachman Henry, plstr, h 348 Dundas w 
Leachman Robert J, plstr, h 60 Fairv) 

avenue , 

Leadbetter Lome, lab Pugsley, Dingman 

& Co, h Jane 

Leadbetter Nelson, driver Richardson Car 
tage Co, h 35 Hoskdn av 
Leauer and Recorder, H H Demers mgT, 

71 Dundas w 
Leake Frank, tlr 311 Dundas e. b US 


Leamon Miss Elizabeth, bdg hse 71 Pa 
cific av a 

Leamon Miss Emma, h 5 Dundas e 
Leamon Miss Maud M, bkpr Pugsley, 

Uingman & Co, 1 5 Dundas e 
Leask Kuphemia (wid Wm), li 197 Vine 


Leask Miss Isabella, 1 107 Vine av 
Leatherland Miss Ena, drsmkr, 1 54 Med- 


Leddy Wm, brkmn, b 139 Vine av 
LedKerwood Wm, blrmkr, b 165 Vine ' 
Ledin John, foreman Can Cycle & Motor 

Co, res Toronto 
Lee Miss Annabel!. 1 3O Durie 
Lee Charles, cattleman, b 1O4 Mulock v 
Lee Esther A (wid Andrew), h lO2Vi Clen- 

denan av 

Lee Helen A (wid Wim McN), h 3<> Duri. 
Lee Miss Helen M, opr, 1 30 Durie 
Lee Joseph, shipper, h 28o Keele n 
Lee Louisa (wid Samuel), h 30O Bloor 
Lee Wm J, ctr A M Gabe , h 11 Union n 
Leech Robert, brkmkr, b 139 Vin* av 
Leflar Joseph H, prop Avenue Hotel, h > 

High Park av 

Lefroy George. 1 365 Western av 
Legg James, lab D B Martin Co. b ,M> S! 

Clair av w 
Legg Joseph, sawyer Kerr Co. Ltd. rea 


Leggitt Herbert, brkmn, rms 30 May 
Legier Tobias C, wood carver Joseph 

Bone, res Toronto 
Legrow Matthew, painter, h 410 St Clair 

avenue w 
Leigh Robert J, town assessor Town Hall, 

h 16 Lansdowne av 
Le Masurier John L, storeman CPR, res 

Lemon Francis H, mach CPR, h 126 Wil- 

loughby av 
Lemon Margaret (wid Justus), 1 206 Wost 

em ay 
Lendreville John T, plmbr. h w s Jane. 1 

n Bloor 

Leonard Frederick E, mldr. h 4 uunrta w 
Leonard Thomas, eng. h 126 St Clair av 
enue w 
Leopard Edward, foreman Dom Oarnaet 

Lepplngton Mark, stock elk Wrought Iroi 

Range Co. res Lambton Mills 
Le uoy Albert, birmk'i 1 , h 73 1'aciflc av s 
Leslie John A. plshr Heinlzman * <-o. j> 

52 Vernon 
Leslie Wm, elect Kay Electric Dynamo & 

Motor Co, res Toronto 
Letts Harry, slsmn Wm & Henri- TOown 

tree, I 86 Edmund 
Lavack Alexander, pres Levack Dressed 

Beef Co, Ltd, res Toronto 
Alex Levack, President, Wm B Levack. 
Vice-Presldent Andrew Dods. Secre 
tary, Keele n, cor St Clair av (See adv 
in Toronto Directory) 
Levack Walter F, coll Levack Dresqp.i 

Beef Co, res Toronto 
"Levack Wm B, vice-pres Levack Dresss ( 3 

Beef Co, Ltd, re* Toronto 
Lever Henry, carp, h 40 Pacific av n 
Lewis Albert, slsmn G T Austin, b 'V-; 

Dundas w 
Lewis Arthur, helper Wrought Iron Ranv 

Co, res Toronto 

Lewis Henry, brklyr, b 284 Pacific av 8 
Leygour John, florist n s Elizabeth w 
LiMl>y George, eng, b i-Jl Vine av 
Licence Bros (Frederck J and Robert F) 

sporting good* 58 Dundas w 
Ucence Edward, slsmn Licence Bros. T- 

Licence Frederick J (Licence Bros). n>/ 

Licence Robert F (Licence Bros), rei 

i o ron to 
Licence Stephen, slsmn Licence Bros. m 

License Commissioners Office 13V> Dundas 

Liddle Arthur B, tlr W R Glover, res 'rn 

Lightfoot James E, apprentice Heintzman 

& Co, b 30 Dundas e 
Liliew George, h 211 Maria 
l.illrw George J, app Heintzman & Co, 1 

56 Union s 

Lillew John, eng CPR, h 56 Union s 
Lillow \Vm, air brake inspr CPR, h 13 

Franklin av 
Lillicrop Joseph, lab D B Martin Co. rof 


Lillie Howard, bicycle hd, b 63 May 
Lilly Miss Alda, slsldy W Duncan, 1 20 

Pacific av n 

Lilly Alexander, moto, h 20 Pacific av n 
Lilly George W, elk Can Cycle #-. Moto- 

Co, res Toronto 

Linden Alexander, mach, h 25 Car'.ton pi 
Lindsay Alexander, moto, h 57 McMurrav 

Lindsay Arthur S, sec Benjamin Moore K- 

Co, Ltd, res Toronto 
Lindsay Francis B, cond Tor Suburban Rv 

Co, h 128 Queen. 

Linfoot Henry, cond CPR, h 43 Hook av 
Linton Alfred J, foreman case mkr 

Heintzman & Co, res Toronto 
Linton Hannah (wid John), h 163 Vine av 

iii'M .l;imcs. !ab. h 47 Victoria 
Linton John J, case mkr Heintzman & C" 

1 163 Vine av 
Linton Louis L, lab S Phillips, 1 163 Vin" 


Linton Richard W, elk, 1 47 Victoria 
~ inton Wilson, driver Yates & Baker, 1 

47 Victoria 



Lockhart James A jr, mach CPR, h 20 
Clendenan av 

Tx)cock John W, carp, h 701 Annette w 

Lodge Charles A, painter, rms 75 Hoskin 

Lodge John, case mkr Heintzman & Co, 
res Toronto 

Logan Alexander, helper CPR. h 22 Al 
bany rd 

Logan Richard M, brkmn, h 31 Victoria 

Lomas Reginald, apprentice Heintzman 
& Co, res Toronto 

Loney Byron S, elk T J Sheppard, 1 5.S 
Annnette e 

Loney Milton R, elk T J Sheppard, 1 58 
Annette e 

Long Frank, elk, h rear 156 Willoughby 

Long Frederick R, mach, h 215 Pacific av 

Longmore John, carp, b 451 Dundas w 

Looker Andrew, fitter CPR. b Subway 

Lorimer Miss Lena, cashier, b 200 Dundas 

Lorta Miss Augusta, skirt mkr, 1 130 
Clendenan av 

Loudon Frederick A, foreman motor dept 
Can Cycle & Motor Co, b 412 Quebec av 

Loughead Elmer, lab Batts, Ltd, r.s To 

Loughead Frank, foreman Batts, Ltd, res 

Lougheed Edward A, lab Heintzman te 
Co, b 5 Wilson pi 

Loughrin Patrick J, trav, h 00 Edmund 

Love Charles, key mkr Kerr Co, Ltd. res 

Love John, bkpr Conger Coal Co. res 

Lowe Miss Annie M, elk, 1 37 Edmund 

Lowe Charles, porter, 1 116 Quebec av 

Lowe Robert H. h 37 Edmund 

Lowery Frank, elk car dcpt CPR, res To 

Lowndes Arthur, mach, h 76 HosKin av 

Lowndes James H, painter, h 136 An 
nette e 

Lipplngton Mark, driver Richardson Car 
tage Co, res Lambton Mills 
Liscumb Hiram D, night agt CPR, h 82 

Littl. Archibald, lab Tor Junct Lumber 

Co, res York tp 
LUtle Reginald W, eond Tor Suburban Ry 

Co, res York tp 
LUtlefield Arthur M, painter, h 47 Ux- 

bridge avenue 
LUtlefleld Miss Carrie, opr, 1 47 Uxbridge 

Littl 'field Miss Edith, opr. 1 47 Uxbr dge 

Littlefield Miss Edith, opr, 1 47 T'xbrxlfjv 

Littlefleld Miss Jennie, opr, 1 47 Uxbridgo 

Littlefleld Miss Lillian, drsmkr, 1 47 Ux- 

bridge av 
Livingston John M (Livingston & Scott). 

res Toronto 
Livjngston & Scott (John M Livingston, 

Wm Henry Scott), ladies' dress skirts, 

li'D-131 Clendenan av 
Lloyd Albert, shipper Wilkinson Plough 

Co. res Toronto 
Lloyd Arthur E. wood carver Heintzman 

* Co, h 120 Louisa 
Lloyd James, lab, b 30 Whitney av 
Lloyd J Skelton, foreman erecting sh(jp 

\Vilkinson Plough Co, res Toronto 
L'.oyd Miss Myrtle, tchr. b 412 Pacific av a 
Lochead Miss Rebecca, artist 26 Dundas 

e, 1 same 
Locke Frank, brkmn CPR, b Subway 


Lockhart George A, sound bd mkr Heintz 
man & Co, h 55 McMurray av 
Lockhart James A, pattern mkr CPR, h 

42 Quebec av 



23-25 .Van Home St. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed, Contracts Taken, Esti 
mates Given, Repairs promptly attended to 

Lowndes Wm, plmbr 23 Van Home 
Lmvtht-r Armstrong, h w s Campbell av 
Luckhurst George, lab, b 3O Whitney av 
thaniel K P Patch Manager. Bras* 
Founders, w s Weston rd Hud CPR 
Lunness Joseph (Lunness & Halligan). 

res Toronto 

Lunness & Halligan (Joseph Lunness, 
Sylvester Halligan), cattle dlrs Union 
Stock Yards 

Lunnon Robert, mldr, rms Heydon Hods* 
Lunnon Robert, watchman, h iifl Daven 
port rd 
Luxton John, cabtmkr Heintzman & Co 

rrs Toronto 

LYDE GEORGE, Manager Canadian 
Bank of Commerce, Res 104 Annette W 
Port Credit. Ont 

Lynd Gough P, teller Dominion Bank, res 
Lynch Joseph, car insp, rms 26 Pacific 

av s 
Lynde Robert J, photo 59 Dundas w. b 

250 Willoughby av 

Lyng Miss Ethel, nurse High Park Sani 

Lyon James, carp, 1 52 Union n 
Lyon Mrs Martha, h 52 Union n 
Lyonde Robert, photo, h 250 WillnushBy 


Lyons Miss Annie J, 1 290 Pacillo av 8 
i^yons George, 1 5f> High Park av 
Lyons Miss Kate, bkpr Poyntz Bros, res 

Lyons Miss Mary A, h 290 Pacific av 


Toronto Office, 49 Wellington St. E. 

London, Eng. 

Tel, Main 251 

QEO. R. HARGRAFT, Gen/I Agent 
Residence Tel. North 134 

T. C. BLOGG, City Agent 

Residence Tel. North 1S4 


76 WELLINGTON ST. W. Limited 

Waterproof Wagon Covers 

Cement and Concrete Covers 


Gymnasium Mattresses 

ilia, wtrs Occident Hot-1 
in Kali', cook Occident Hotel 

':! Vine v 
'r.\ :el. h L'7 Dundas e 

iliur Alexander, asst supt Pugslejr. 

[ii:ui & Co. res Toronto 
thur Charles, lab, b M7 Edmund 
ihur Robert. Iller. h -JHH Dtindas w 
Mexander, grocer W! Dundas w. 

Miss Annie, firs, 1 7 Ferguso/i 

iiertha (wld Burnett), h 7 Fr- 

n av 

die Francis, lab. 1 7 Ferguson av 
Mcliride Frank, assembler, h 4.'( Union s 
McB i w:d ,1am s). '.i: 1 . King 

Miss May, opr, 1 7 Ferguson av 
McCallum Duncan, mach. h t!6 Laughton 

McCallum Miss Elizabeth W, librarian 

ic Library, 1 1)7 Hook av 
McCallum Miss Kmma A, 1 115 Clendenau 

McCance John McL, eng CPR. h 33 Mu- 

lock uv 
McCann Samuel H. tmstr, h 68 Campbell 


McCann Miss Sadie, opr Can Cycle Ir 
Motor Co. 1 68 Campbell av 

irthy Cornelius, lut>, 1> 7s Pelham av 
i- thy Win J, cond, h 174 Pacific av * 
itney Albert E. lab, 1 90 Pelham av 
McCartney John, lab, h 4O Western 

rtney Sarah A (wiU Robert), h 9u 
Pelham av 

rtney Thomas, tmstr, 1 90 Pelham > 
rtney Wm J. tmstr. h 77 Chart 
rty Thomas M, engineer, h 4UO Dull 
das w 

il A Clarkson. elk Wilkinson Plougn 
h Indian rd crea 

ul Eilward, brkmn. rms 'J<>4 DunUas 
i il John D. elk Wilkinson Plough Co. 
h 'JK> Western av 

McCauley Albert E. plmbr Robert Peter 
son, res Toronto 
McClarty Archibald, rubber Heintzman * 

Co, res Bracondale 
McClellan Miss Kate. tchr. 1 1<)0 Annette 

McClelland George. we'thmaster Union 

Stock Yards, res Tovonto 
McClelland Wm. cattle dlr Union StocK 

Yards, res Toronto 
McClement Harry, slsmn M .1 Toom * 

Co. b 4<> Dundas , 
McClure Andrew, carp, b 111 Kins 
McClure David C. trav. 1 I'M Warm 
McClure Fullerton, case mkr Nordheimer 
Piano & Music Co, 1 70 Pacific av 
rt C. plshr, 1 :<.' Cxliriilir 

McClure John, h 70 Pacific av 
McClure Johnston, carp, h 39 Uxbrldge av 
McClure Johnston, painter. 1 HO Parian 

av s 

McCollum Charles H. mach hd. h 144 AD- 

nkey Charlotte (wid Thomas), h w. 
-M onkey Frederick, tlr A M Gabel. I fS 

McConkey Herbert G. slemn J M Evn 

& Co. 1 60 May 
McConkey John. lab. 1 6T> May 

nnt-ll Ernest N. one ncrr. n M Hign 
Park av 
McConnell Kenneth, chief elk to master 

mechanic CPR. res Toronto 
McCord Thomas, carp, rms 47 Hook av 
McCormack Carson, studt. 1 3.'W Annette 

mack Rob rt I., vice-pres Tor Junc 
tion Lumber Co. Ltd. h r(i Annette w 
McCormack Wm H. supt Gurney FounOry 
Co. boiler and radiator plant, res To 
McCormick Alfred J. mach hd. h 27 Hua- 

kin av 

McCormick Florence D, MD, asst supt 
:k Sanitarium. 144 Gothic av 
mick James, carp, h w s Campbell 

rmiek John, pntr Dom Carriage Co. 

MrCormick Wm J. MD. supt High ParK 
Snnitarium h H4 Gothic av 

McCi : unie. h.lj; l:s- 45 Hook av 

ina. 1 4.-. Hook av 
McCrudden John, helper, h 4.". 

.1 "Ugh .\iisg Harriet, studt. 1 J'.i UIKB- 

Plough J Frank, elk, 1 140 Willougu- 

i Hough Miss Mildred, bkpr. I no 
Willoughbv av 
Mci'ullouHli Win. plshr, h 14O WIIIouBnbjr 

:i !] 

"isrh Wm J. gro 2O Dundas w 
mt Denis 

M 'ill.iiiKh W Norman, hkpr, 1 HO Wli- 
lounliby av 

Itohi on Hugh W. driver John Haines. 
i ::i Medland 
M I'uteheon Wm, night opr Bell Tel Ot>. 

res Toronto 

McCutcheon Wm J, driver, b -Jl Union 
M'-I'ermld Thomas, fireman, b 12O Quu 

mott John A. brkmn, h 19 Vine av 
McDevItt John, h 104 Pacific av 9 
McDonald Archibald, wiper CPR, b 31 

1 look av 
McDonald Arthur W. veneer hd Helnt*- 

man & Co. res Toronto 
McDonald Miss Bessie E. 1 102 My 
McDonald David (McDonald & Maybee). 

res Toronto 

McDonald Dennis, lab, h 80 King 
McDonald nugiild. fireman, h 33 Vin.- av 
M I 'onald Elizabeth (wld Thomas), h r>7 

M I >onald Frank, foreman boiler liop 

CPR. res Toronto 

Hadstone. elect, 1 102 Mav 
M -DoiKild Hugh, lab Pugsley, Dlngman 

& Co. h Alexandria av 
McDonald James, carp, h 102 May 
McDonald James F, apprentic Heintzmap 

& Co, 1 89 King 
McDonald John, mach, h w s Elizabeth 

n. I' s St Clalr av w 



McDonald Susie (wld Wilson), 1 38 Mu- 
lork av 

McDonald Wm J, lab, 331 St Clair av w 

AI,'l>on,tM >* Maybee (David McDonald. 
Albert W Maybee. D McDougall), cat 
tle dealers Union Stock Yards 

McDonnell Frederick, mach, b 88 Pacific 
av s 

McDougall Donald (McDonald & Maybee) 
res Toronto 

McDowell Henry, tmstr Tor Junct Ice Co. 
h 1O4 Vine av 

M I 'owell James, driver Batts, Ltd. b 51 
Pacific av s 

M Dow.ll Robert, rn^ch CPR. D 283 Keele 

McKACHKRX JOHN, Manager Hank 
of British North America, 9 Dundas w, 
h -Ml High Park av 

Miss Alice, mus tchr 102 Pa- 
riflc av s, h same 

MrEnaney Ann (wid Patrlckl. 1 102 Pa 
cific av > 

McEnaney Archibald J, engineer. 1 J02 Pa 
cific av 

McEnaney Dugald T, cond, 1 102 Pacific 

av 8 

McEnaney Miss Lizzie, furs and drsmkr 
in Dundas w, h 102 -Pacific av s 

M.'Kwcn Xorman R. moto Tor Suburban 
Ry Co, h 138 Franklin av 

McEwen Wm. engineer, b 100 Charles 

M Farlane Alexander, slsmn, 1> 10P An 
nette e 

Mr-Farlane Christopher, lab, h 25 Western 

McFarUne Miss Jennie, 1 18 Lawn 

M --Farlane Robert, tinsmith T E Hoar & 
Co. res York tp 

McFarlane Wm, landing wtr C H, h IS 

Wm G J. elk Bank of B N A, 
Weston. Ont 




M< Furlin Jami-s. tmstr, b Suliwav Hot-'l 
M'-Faul Elizabeth J (wid Rev A Alex 

ander). 1 2(>2 High Park av 
McPaul Miss May, 1 202 High Park av 
M. Gilivray A Watson, hardware 2S8 Dun 
das w, h same 
McGilivray Frank, tinsmith, h IS St 

John's pi 

i I. bldr 46 Victoria, h same 
McGill Donald, h M) Quebec av 

1111 Miss Edith A, 1 500 Quebec av 
McGill Miss Eveleen, sec-treas Tor Juno 

College of Music, 1 18 Dundas w 
M<-Gi!l John, cattle Insp, b Subway Hotel 
McGill John, cond, b 71 Pacific av s 
McGill Mrs .Marie S. directress Tor June 

College of Music, 1 18 Dundas w 
McGill Robert, lab, h 44 Western av 
McGill Wm E. cond, 1 500 Quebec av 
McGillivray Donald, car repr, b 29 May 
McGlaughlin Stewart, driver R J Bruce, 

b 26 Union s 
M (Penning John F. foreman Ontario 

Lime Assn. h 47 Western av 
MeGnvern Albert, cond CPR. h 104 OUP- 

bec av 

M draw Joseph, painter, b 32 Mulock av 
McGregor Andrew, carp, h 110 St Clair 

av w 
McGregor Andrew, tlr H N Morrison, res 

McGreeror Bessie (wid Alexander), h >> 

Uxbridsre av 
McGregor Duncan C, pntr, h 441 Quebec 


McGregor John, mach, h 13 Carlton pi 
McGregor Joseph A, plshr. 1 80 L xbridse 


McGregor Mrs Mary, h 301 PaciPc av s 
McGregor Robert, carp, h 356 Elizabeth s 
M Hregor Robert L, elk C F Wright. 1 

> I'xbridge av 
McGregor Wm. eng Laces & Braid Mfg 

Co, 1 549 Campbell av 
McGuire Frank V. shipper Can Cycle & 

Motor CD. r -s Toronto 
McGuire John, engineer CPR, b Subway 

M 'Ciare Samuel, leading hd car dept 

CPR. res Toronto 

McGuire Wm. maoh CPR. h 31 Hook nv 
Mclnerney John, engineer CPR. b Subway 

Mclnerney John F, btchr 286 Dundas w, 

res Toronto 
Mclntosh Alexander. cattl= dlr Union 

Stock Yards, res Montreal 
Mclntyre Margaret (wid Joseph), 1 60 Ed 

Mclvor Gordon, brkmn. h 1SP Vine av 
McKay Ada (wld John), h 200 Annette w 
Mi-Kay Miss Fern, stenoer. ' 20O Annette w 
McKay James, lab. h 2.10 Keele n 
McKay Wm. lab D B Martin Co. 1 259 

Keele n 

M'-K- - O' -nru''. macn. li ."S Union s 
McKee Wm, nlghtwatchman, h 76 

Western av 

MeKeen Wm. saw flier, h 33 Western av 
McK>-nzie Ernest A, elect, b 57 Mu'.ock av 
izie George, packer Campbell Mill- 
ins Co 


The piano made 67 ye olde flrme of HEIKT2- 
MAN ft CO., Limited, 116-117 King St. West, 
Toronto, an aristocrat among pianos an 
Instrument standing distinctive and alone 
In a class by Itself. 



Residence, 5 Alcorn Ave. 


Ontario Land Surveyor 

34 YONGE ST. TEL. MAIN 2248 

McKenzie Kenneth, brkmkr, 1 131 Queen 
MeKrnzie Wm, brkmkr, b 139 Vine av 
McKeown Robert, elk Can Cycle & Motor 

Co. 1 is Ontario 

McKetrick Ernest A, switchman, h 72 Mc 
Murray av 

McKetrick Robert, lab. h 77 Hoskin a.v 
McKetrick W^n G, shipper Pugslcy Ding- 
man & Co, 1 77 Hoskin av 
McKibbin S H, tinsmith Wrought Iron 

Range Co, res Toronto 
McKillip Henry, h 1O4 Louisa 
McKillip Thomas H, studt, 1 104 Louisa 
McKim Catherine D (McKim & Co), h 82 

Davenport rd 
McKim Miss Jean, opr Bell Tel Co, 1 82 

Davenport rd 

McKim Joshua (McKim & Co), h 82 Dav 
enport rd 
McKim & Co (Catherine D and Joshua). 

genl store 82-86 Davenport rd 
McKindley Charles P, helper Wrought 

Iron Range Co, 1 28 Western av 
McKindley James, nut mkr, h 28 Western 


McKinney James, lab. h 05 Argyle rd 
McKinney Louisa (wid James), 1 88 Mu- 

lock av 
McKinney M Wesley, carp, b 88 Muloek 

McKinnon Archibald, spring mkr CPR h 

189 Keele n 
McKinnon Donald J, furn insp, h 127 

Lakeview av 
McKinnon Miss Louise M, stenog 1 58 

Annette e 

McKissock Wm, mach Davenport Lum 
ber Co, res Toronto 
McKnight George, mach. rms 31 Dundas 

McKnight John, lab, rms 124 St Clair 

av w 
McLachlan Donald, contr 33 Durie, h 

McLaughlin John, btchr, b 106 St Clair av 


McLauKhlin Wm. h 81 Louisa 
McLaughlin Wm J, frav, 1 81 Louisa 
McLean Angus, trav, h 240 Pacific av s 
McLean Miss Edith O, 1 196 Louisa 
McLean Miss Harriet A, h 196Louisa' 
Mcl*an Miss Helen, stenog, rms 18 Van 

McLean James, h 142 Dundas w 

McLean James W, mach, rms 22 Pacific 
av n 


Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public 


Toronto Junction 
lelephone Junction 454 

McMaster Wm A, ban- 26 Dundas w 
McMillan Miss Georgina, 1 2L'3 Keele s 
McMillan James H, painter, h 111 Annett 

McMillan Miss Martha, opr, rms 22! 

Keele s 
McMillan Thomas, foreman tool mkr 

Gurney Foundry Co, res Toronto 
McMulkin John T, supt W W Dept, h 44 

Annette e 

McMullen Arthur, brkmn, b 61 Annette e 
McMullen Samuel G, elk CPR, res Wych- 

wood Park 
McMurchy Miss Dora, studt, b 408 Pacific 

av s 

McNab John, mach, h 103 Dundas e 
McNair Donald, blksmith W J Fullerton, 

h ISO Beatrice 

McNair James, mach, h 17 Lambert av 
-UcNair Samuel S. foreman Js'ordheimer 

Piano & Music Co, h 52 Hook av 
McNaughton George, trav, b 112 Louisa 
McNaughton Thomas H. carp, b 112 

McXeal Arthur H, chemist, h 292 Wil- 

loughby av 
McA'EEL JOSEPH, Manager Bank ot 

Hamilton, h 43 High Park av 
McNeel Miss Myrtle, 1 43 High Park av 
McNeel Ralph E, elk, 1 43 Higb, Park av 
McNeeley Alexander, corid CPR. "h 'M 

Union n 
McNeeley Miss Lillian, fnshr, 1 30 Union 


McLean Lauchlan, pattern 
Cooper av 

mkr, h 

McLean Levern, tmstr, h 567 Dundas w 
McLean Miss Lottie, stenog, rms IS Van 

McLean Malcolm, carp, b Subway Hotel 
McLean Miss Mary L, 1 196 Louisa 
McLean Neil. lab. h 24 Hook av 
McLean Percy S, studt, 1 249 Pacific av 8 

McLean Richard F H, lab, h 265 St 
Clair av fl 

McLean Miss Teresa, slsldy W R Shep- 
pard, 1 24 Hook av 

McLellan Alexander, tmstr, h 13 Dundas e 
McLellan Miss Catherine, comml tchr Tor 
Junction Coll Inst, rms 141 Annette w 
McLellan Francis, lab, 1 13 Dundas e 
McLellan Martin, lab, 1 13 Dundas e 
McLelland James, elect, b 29 May 

McLelland Robert, tinsmith, h 314 Daven 
port rd 

McMahon Charles E, trav, h 317 High 
Par"k av 

McMahon Charles R, contr, 1 317 




Park av 


McMahon Clarence A, shipper, 1 317 High 
Park av 

McMahon Wilson, lab, b 57 Dundas e 
M'-.Master David A, string spinner Heintz- 

man & Co, res Toronto 
McMaster Isabella (wid Robert D), 1 180 

Quebec av 
McMaster Miss Margaret, stenog. 


1 109 

McNichol Miss Maud, mlnr The Misses 
Harshaw, 1 69 Annette e 

McNulty Anthony J, engineer, 1 17 An 
nette w 

-MeNulty John A, fndry hd, 1 17 Annette 

McNulty Patrick, watchman, h 17 An 
nette w 

McNulty Miss Tessie, elk W T Willard, 
1 17 Annette w 

McPhadden Daniel, hlpr J R Jackson, b 
Subway Hotel 

McPherson Donald, foreman Can Cycle & 
Motor Co, res Toronto 

McPherson Duncan L, bkpr Wilkinson 
Plough Co, res Toronto 

McPherson Miss Sadie, stenog Can Cycle 
& Motor Co, res Toronto 

McRae Miss Josephine, stenog A M Wil 
son, res Toronto 

McRae Robert, eng Wrought Iron Range 
Co, res Toronto 

McShane Thomas, driver Levack Dressed 
Beef Co, res Toronto 

McTaggart Wm, engine tester, h 136 Gil- 
mour av 

MeWtbb Thomas H. h 36 Willoughby av 

McWilliams Robert S, blksmth, h 60 
Camobell av 

Mably Frederick M, action regulator 
Heintzman & Co, 1 93 Clendenan av 

Mably Joseph M, fly fnshr Heintzman & 
Co, h 93 Clendenan av 

Mably Miss Mary M, 1 03 Clendenan av 

.MacArthur John. lab. 1 OO Campbell av 

Macaulay Joseph J, lab, h 39 McMurray 

Macaulay Wm, lab, 1 39 McMurray av 

Macdonald Alexander, cattle buyer, b 104 
Muloek av 

MacDonald Donald A. fireman, h 41 Clen 
denan av 

Macdonald Donald C, cooper, h 116 Louisa 

MacDonald Donald D, prin Annette St 

Sch, b 417 Annette w 
Macdonald Ivan S, 1 116 Louisa 
Macdonald James, contr 102 May 
Macdonald James E H, artist, h 475 Que 
bec av 

j Macdonald Kenneth W, bkpr, 1 116 Louisa 
-Macdonald Stanley J, fireman, 1 116 l^ou 8a 
Mack Miss Alice, packer Pugsley, Ding- 
man & Co, 1 40 Union n 
Mack Miss Beatrice, packer Pugsley, 

Dingman & Co, 1 40 Union n 
Mack Wm, h 40 Union n 
MacKay Miss Annie, mus tchr 232 Clen 
denan av, 1 same 
MacKay John T, brkmn, 1 75 McMurray 

.MacKay J Harold, elect Starto T L & P 

Co, h 03 Fail-view av 
MacKenzie Alexander, roadmaster CPR, h 

138 Willoughby av 

MacKenzie John, fireman, h 27 Victoria 
MacKenzie John, mach, b CO McMurray av 
MacKey Miss Claudia M, tchr Western 

Av Sch, res Toronto 
MacLachlan S Irving, uphol D Sanders, 

res Toronto 

MacLauchlan Arthur H, trav, b 27 Cen 
tral av 

Maclean Wm, pattern mkr, h 450 Camp 
bell av 

and Surgeon, 106 Davenport Road, 
Phones Bell Junction 26, Stark 201 
Macnamara George A, slsmn R T Palmer, 

1 108 Pacific av s 
Macnamara James J, acct Batts, Ltd, h 

108 Pacific av s 
Macnamara Theophilus J, 1 108 Pacific 

av s 
MacTaggart James W, elect, h 18 Dundas 

MacVicar Alexander C, sales mgr Gunns, 

Ltd, res Toronto 

Madden James, lab, h 262 Maria 
Madden James T, apprentice Heintzman 

& Co, 1 262 Maria 

Maddocks Edward, ftr. h 259 St Clair av 
Madget Charles, mach, h 19 Uxbridge av 
MmlK.'tt Verryjn, mldr, b IS Hook av 
Magee Robert S, mach, h 86 Uxbridge av 
Mag-ilchrist Robert (Johnston & Magil- 

christ), h 39 Medland 

Maher Wm, livery 24 Keele s, b 36 An 
nette e 
Maheux Joseph, prop Occidental Hotel, h 

40 Dundas e 
Mahimosky Stanley, case mkr Heintzman 

& Co, res Toronto 

Mahoney James, eng CPR, h 36 McMur 
ray av 

Mahoney James, sound bd mkr Heintz 
man & Co, 1 15 Victoria av 
Mahoney Margaret (wid Cornelius), 1 38 

Hook av 

Mahoney Wm, fireman, b 43 Dundas e 
Mahony Alice (wid Patrick), h 9 Hum- 

berside av 
Mahony Miss Alice, drsmkr,, 1 9 Humber- 

side av 
Mahony Miss Anna, cashier, 1 9 Humber- 

side av 
Mahony John P, piano mkr, I D Hum- 

berside av 
Mahony Miss Margaret, 1 Humberslde 

Vlahony Miss Minnie, elk. 1 9 Humbernide 

Mahony Miss Nellie C, sl^ldy W R Shep- 

pard, 1 Humberside av 
Malnprice George, brkmkr, h 110 Queen 
Maitland John A, foreman, h 183 Pacific 

av s 

Ualcher Eli, painter, h 284 Franklin av 
Malcolm Wm, mach, b 57 Dundas e 
.lallahy Peter J, janitor Annette St Sch. 

h 224 Clendenan av 

Malloy Maud (wid Hugh), rms 26 West 
ern av 

Mandar Henry, printer, h 1672 Bloor 
Mann Miss Annie, 1 195 Elizabeth s 
Iann Guy, pntr Dom Carriage Co, re 


Mann James, mach, rms 31 Dundas w 
lann 5ohn, shoemkr, h 195 Elizabeth a 


The CANADA METAL CO., Limited 

Galvanizing and Tinning William Street 



Thfi Canadian Opfprtivp Riirpan I imitprl Crown Life Buildin s 


VMM; .niiivwvi 

Mann w . Robert Pater- 

th s 
Manning Thou: Wm Rowntrfte, 


Manser Frederick, plshr, 1 Jam s Task r 
ib, h 76 Laughton av 

Dundas e 

hlksmlth. 1 70 Laugh- 

it Albert, mach lid. h 80 Kd 

1 Harry A, asst elect, 1 < 

Marchmi'iit I.loyd H. mldr, 1 OO Kdmund 
Mark A. tli email, li 4i Hook av 

Marlboro Tin. James S Earl mgr, dry 

goods, etc 23 Dundas w 
Marlett Frank, pntr Dom Carriage Co, res 

Marlow John. sales mgr Can Cycle & 

Motor Co. res To: 

Marr Gordon A, painter, 1 +8 Van Home 
James C, fur ctr, l> 41 Annette w 
Marr John, contr 2O Keele s, b 184 Pa 
Marrett Edward J. lab. mis 3." Gllmour 

Marritt Miss Caroline, tctn-. I 412 Pacific 

av s 

Marritt Miss T.ynn, tchr. 1 412 Pacific av g 
Marseles Wm. driver O T Austin, b 500 

Dundas w 
Mnrsell Frederick, driver r> w Mulr. b 

89 Edmund 
Marshall Charles, trimmer Dom Carrlaee 

Co. res North Dovercourt 
Marshall James P. cabt mkr Helntzman 

,< Co. h .'.: Hook av 

Marshall Joseph A. sound bd mkr Helntz 
man & Co. h IDi' W. st.-rn av 
Marshall Matthew, ftr CPR. h 327 Frank- 
lin av 

nil Robert, foreman Can Cycle & 

North Doverooun 
Marshall \Viu, apprentice Nordheimer Pi- 

an Co, 1 ..27 Franklin av 

Marshall \Vin. ptnr Dom Carriage Co. re8 


Marshall Wm C. carp, b 30 May 
Martin Alfred W. florist 27 Clendenan av 
Martin David, fireman, \> 12 Quebec av 
MAUTIX 1> |J to. I IMITKI), George 
\\' Cook Manager, Packing House Pro 
ducts. Keele n, cor St Clair av w (See 
card in Toronto Director:, ) 
Martin .Miss Ethel, elk, 1 128 Annette e 
Martin Frank G. asst supt CPR. h 117 
Evelyn ere* 

.n George F, grocer 262 Dundas w 

tool mkr. h w s Eliza 
beth s, 5 s Dundas 

Martin Herbert C. brkmn, 1 128 Annette e 
Martin Miss Margaret A. tlrs, 1 lul HiKh ! 

Park av 
Martin Richard, lab Batts, Ltd. h Herbert 

Martin Samuel G, eng CPR. h 101 High 

Pajk av 

Martin Stephen, opr. rms 33 Hoskln av 
Martin Wm, lab. h x> Davenport rd 
Martin Wm J, brkmn, h 128 Annette e 
Martin Wm J, eng D B Martin & Co, h 

104 St Clair av w 
Masecar John R, supt PugIey, Dhigman 

& Co, h 168 Quebec av 

Mashinter Frank, driver Richardson Cart 
age Co. h w s Elizabeth n, 1 n CPR 

Mashinter Wm, tmstr. h 59 Elizabeth n 
Mason Arthur, mldr, b 142 Churchill av 
Mason Frederick W. carp, h 208 Maria 
Mason George, harnessmkr, .h 23 King 
Mason George H. dep chief Fire Hall No 

2, h 12 Davenport rd 
MASOX HOMER, Physician and Sur 
geon, Office and Residence 5 Dundas e. 
Phones Bell 64, Stark 124 
Maaon Jane (wld Alfred), 1 130 Aanetta 
Mason Robert W, brkmn. h 443 Campbell 

Masson David S, freight agt, h 182 West 
ern av 

Masson Miss Olive P, stenog, 1 182 West 
ern av 

Masters Wm, tobacconist 72 Dundas e 
Masto John, lab. b Subway Hotel 

i'-rick, sander Dom Brush & 
Mirror Co, b 42 Franklin 

Iiarles. brklyr, b 447 Qu bee RV 
Mathers Samuel, lab, h 103 Willoughby 


Mathfeson Robert, brkmn. h 56 McMur- 
ray av 

Edward T, tmstr, li n s An- 

y P. tlr J C Wilard, h 
ias W 

xl '"' B, carp, h 84 Charles 

Man ;; st Clair av w 

M ''" >el B, asst kind dlr 

An>!' !h, res Toronto 

or. elk C Schmidt & 
Tl Dundas w 

Maund Robert, fireman, b 120 Qu -bee av 
y Albert F, studt, : 
ty Alexander c. phy t;9 May, h same 
Maw Mrs Florence, h 46 Annette e 

Iriver Wm Maher, 1 VI 

"II S 

mach, h 14 Annette w 
Maw Mark, carp, h 72 Union s 
Maxwell Bert, cond, b 2!i Western av 
Maxwell Charles, lab Batts, Ltd, res To 


Maxwell Charles, mldr, b 4<5 Laughton av 
MaxM.'l M.'ii.-ild, key mkr Kerr Co. Ltd, 


Maxwell Hugh. 1 163 Clendenan av 
Maxwell Richard S. sound bd mkr 

Heintzman & Co, h 60 Franklin av 
Maxwell \v m , i a b, h 13 Clendenan av 
11 Wm J, lab, h 57 Edmund 
Arthur, lab CPR, b 114 Cooper av 
Uros (George E and Harris B), hd- 
14 Dundas w 


i: . \I ,v Bros), b 59 Annette e 


Karris B (May Bros), b 5fl Annette e 
May Harry S. vice-pres Dodge Mfg Co, 

res Toronto 

May M:s Maud L, mils tchr 36 Laws 
May Richard, trav, h 36 Laws 



C E R S 



ton Albert T, apprentice, 1 172 

Humberside av 
Middleton Arthur J, brush mkr Dominion 

lirush & Mirror Co, 1 172 Humberside av 
Middleton i iwid Thomes), h 172 

Humberside av 
Maidleton Wm J, elk, 1 172 Humberside 


Miles Edward, lab, b 76 Laughton av 
Miles George A, brkmn, b 54 Medland 
Millar Miss Ida V. i, Av Sen, 

res Toronto 
Millar Mary A fwld James E), grocer 00 

Annette e, h 92 same 
Mlllard Frank L. mldr, b r>2 Edmund 
Millard Glen D, driver, 1 7* Davenport rd 
Millard John, eng CPR, h 72 Laws 
Miller Archie, plmbr Robert Paterson, 

rms 27 Union s 

Miller Arthur R, confr 1 174 Campbell av 
Miller Arthur W, car checker CI'K. 1 :<n 

Clendenan av 

Miller Charles O. eng CPR. 'h 26 Dundas e 
Miller Conrad, gro 38 Carlton pi, h same 
Miller Edward, case mkr Hetntzmin ,v Co 

h 40 1 jive s 
Miiler Miss Emma B, mus tchr 38 Carl- 

ton pi 

| Miller Miss Florence. 1 174 Campbell av 

[ Miller Henry, lab, h 97 Vine av 

Miiler James, ftr, h 50 Durle 

May Samuel, pres Dodge Mfg Co, res To 

May Wm J, chipper, h 30 Annette e 
Maybee Albert W (.McDonald & Maybee), 
res Toronto 

Ellsworth (Maybee, Wilson i 
Hall), res Toronto 

Maybee, Wilson & Hall (E Maybee, 
Joseph Wilson and Andrew Y Hall). 
cattle dlrs Union Stock Yards 
Mayhew Frederick, fireman, b 165 Vine av 
Maynes Albion, foreman CPR. h 208 Que 
bec av 

Wm C, mach CPR, h 239 Annette 

Mead Thomas J, lab, h 107 Cooper av 

Robert H, carp, h 1<J3 Laws 
Melbourne Sidney, lab. h 140 Edmund 
Melhulsh Arthur E, vet surg 15-17 Keele 

s, h 37 same 

Miller James, pntr, h 39 Clendenan av 

.lam s 1C. brkmn. h :$4 Fairview av 
Miller Miss Jennie, bkpr, 1 26 Central av 
Miller John, fireman D B Martin Co, res 


Miller John, gate kpr. h 174 Campbell av 
Miller J Frederick, pntr, ] 39 Clendenan av 
Miller Lancelot, apprentice Heintzman & 

Co. 1 67 Vine av 
Miller Lome, shaper rd. 1 4O Laws 
Miller Miss Margaret, 1 49 Van Home 
Miller Miss Margaret, stenog, 1 26 Cent 
ral av 

Miller Miss Mary, 1 26 Central av 
Miller Miss Mary E, elk Robinson Bros, 

1 44 Dundas w 

Miller Miss May, drsmkr 40 Laws, 1 same 
Miller Robert, insp, h 26 Central av 
Miller Robert A, pntr, 1 39 Clendenan av 

Miller Thomas, storeman l.'PK, > 

Melliship Walter, carp CPR, h 348 Dun- : ,, H , ook r ,?'V 

das w Walter, eurp. h IL' 

Mellon Arnold, brklyr, b 151 Elizabeth s M !!! er ?> ?. ? r ean bldr.Ji 17 Ontario 

Melson Sidney H, elk Dodge Mfg Co, h 

110 Conduit 
Meiizies Wm, wood carver Joseph Bone, 

P-S Toronto 

Mercer Frank T, 1 158 Louisa 
Mercer Miss Helene, 1 158 Louisa 
Mercer Malcolm S, barr, h 158 Louisa 
Mercer Miss Margaret E. 1 158 Louisa 
Mercer MIsa Mary M, 1 158 Louisa 

er Russell, studt, b 408 Pacific av s 
MI rrett Charles, car clnr, h 164 Maria 
Merritt George B, mach hd Kerr Co, Ltd, 

h 33 Hook av 
Merryweather George T, yardman. h 4 

Dundas w 

Metcalf Robert, fitter, h 32 Laws 
Metcalfe Francis A, painter 1606 Bloor, h 

Meyer Mrs W, h 119 Dundas w 

Miller Wm J, fireman CPR. i, :;> K.lmund 
Millett Thomas, filer Heintzman & Co, 1 

504 Dundas w 

M llaate Henry, b 20 Pacific av n 
Mi!ligan John W, painter, h 73 Hoskln av 
Milling: James M. cfk, 1 7(5 Pelham av 
Milling- Wm M, foreman, h 76 Pelham av 
Mills Edward, lab, b 30 Whitney av 
Mills Herbert, mach. h 76 l"xbridr-> av 
Mil! ward Miss Hirdie. -slsldy, 1 47 Pacific 

avenue s 

Miilward John, eng Batts. Ltd. h 47 Paci 
fic av s 

Miilward John jr, eng, 1 47 Pacific av a 
Milne Albert R, tlr J C WUlard, 1 75 

Keele a 

Milne John E, cond, h 75 Keele s 
Milne Miss Maud V, slsldy D W Hall, 1 
7.*, Keele s 

F. J. SMITH * CO. 

Properties FOR SALE in ALL 
PARTS of the City and Suburbs 

61 Victoria Street 


Confeberation %ife 




Canadian Company 

'!<_/, .^ JUNCTION 

Milne Thomas, brkmn, b 29 May 

Milne Wm, fireman, b 97 High Park av 

Mime Wm H, w<J carver Joseph Bone, h 
209 Keele s 

MHner Kershaw, carp, rms 37 Whitney av 

Milnthorpi Wim, rest 6O Dundas w, res 

Miner George O, barber W A Miner, h 242 
Pacific av s 

Miner Walter A, barber 107-109 Dundas 
west, h same 

Minto Miss Berenice, slsldy T E Arnall, 
rms f*9 Dundas w 

Minty Sidney E, Sander Dominion Brush 
& Mirror Co, b 42 Franklin av 

Mitchell Clarence M, elk CPR, res To 

Mitchell George J, lab Pugsley, Dingman 
Ai Co, h SO Vernon 

Mitchell George S, case mkr Heintzman & 
Co, res Toronto 

Mitchell Helen (wid Thomas), h 47 Dun 
das e 

Ai.-^ueii Samuel B, lab, h 203 Maria 

Mitchell Spence, elk Can Cycle & Motor 
Co, res Toronto 

MUune,! \ d J, ledger kpr Bank of 
BNA, 1 9 Dundas w 

Mitchell Wm, cond CPR, h 58 Annette w 

iiucueil Wm A, watchmkr A C Stanners, 
res Toronto 

Mitchell Wm H, trav, h 408 Quebec av 

Mitchell Wm J, lith, 1 58 Annette w 

Moffatt Alfred K, shipper, h 65 Fail-view 

Moffatt Miss Annie, stenog, 1 27 Central 

Moltau Catherine (wid John), h 27 Cent 
ral av 

Motratt Miss Clara P, nurse 27 Central 
av, 1 same 

MofEatt Frederick M, sec-treas Gunns, 
Limited, h 60 Lakevlew av 

Moffatt Henry A, acct Gunns, Limited, 
res Toronto 

Mcffatt James, mgr Ont Lime Assn, h 18 
Dundas w 

Moffatt Miss Maggie, opr, b 65 Hook av 

Mogridge Hannah (wid Wm), 1 46 St Glair 
av w 

Mole Charles A, stenog, 1 204 Annette w 

' ' Jo n. carp, h 2O4 Annette w 

Mole Joseph S, casemkr Heintzman & Co, 
1 204 Annette w 

Mole Walter J, case mkr Heintzman & Co, 
1 204 Annette w 

Molson Otto W, varnisher Heintzman & 
Co, h 13U Clendenan av 

MOI.SOXS BANK v ^r), John T Bel 
cher Manager 2 Dundas w 
iwuiiaglum James, carp, h 18 May 

Monk Wm, mach, b 622 Weston rd 

Monkhouse Robert, elevator opr Campbell 
Milling Co, h 171 Western av 

Monnell George, wks Kerr Co, Ltd, 1 7 
Carlton pi 

Montgomery Edward, barber 135 Dundas 
e, b 65 Hook av 

Montgomery John B, mach hd, h 43 Que 
bec av 

Montgomery Samuel, foreman mach CPR, 
h 38 Quebec av 

Moon Peter, street commr, h 136 Clenden 
an avenue 

Moon Wm F, wireman Stark T L & P 

System, 1 136 Clendenan av 
Mooney Chester N, studt, 1 100 Cooper av 
Mooney Jeremiah, lab, b 127 Churchill av 
Mooney John, contr 100 Cooper av 
Moore Alfred T, lab, h 30 Whitney av 
Moore Benjamin, pres Benjamin Moore 

& Co, Ltd, res New York, USA 
Moore Benjamin & Co, Ltd, Benjamin 

Moore pres, Arthur S Lindsay sec. Wm 

G Francis genl mgr and treas. paints 

Cawthra av cor Grove 

Moore Frederick, coalman, h 74 Pelham av 
Moore George R, trav, 1 25 Pacific av a 
Moore Harry, lab, b 14 Charles 
Moore James E, lab, 1 74 Pelham av 
Moore John, h 71 Quebec av 
Moore John G, eng, h 92 Quebec ar 



Office, 105 Quebec Avenue Toronto Junction 

Phonps i Be "> Junction IOC 
Humes j gtark ly(J 

Moore John T, real est 105 Quebec av 
Moore Miss Mary J, 1 180 Quebec av 
Moore Miss Olive M. <bkpr. 1 25 Pacific ay 


Moore Thomas, carp, h 25 Pacific av s 
Moore Wm, lab, b 14 Charles 
Moore Wm J, staty 53 Dundas w 
Moore Major Wm P, h ISO Quebec av 
Moore Wm T E, cond, h 24 May 
Moorhouse George T H, case mkr Heintz 
man & Co, res Toronto 
Moorehouse Wm, carp Lumen Bearing Co. 

res Toronto 

Morgan Albert, blksmith, h 4 Dundas w 
Morgan Margaret A (wid Richard), h 38 

Morgan Wm V, moto Tor Suburban Ry' 

Co, h 106 Cooper av 

Morley Brock F, trav. h 131 Evelyn cres 
Morom Herbert, tinsmith C M Cults & Co, 

h 1< Gilmour av 

Morphy John W, road foreman, h 33 On 

Morphy J Wesley, fireman 1 33 Ontario 
Morphy Miss Violet, elk, 1 33 Ontario 
Morris Alfred G, fireman CPR, h 114 Dun 
das e 

Morris Arthur, moto, h 8 Lindner 
Morris Edward, moto, h 8 Ferguson av 
Morris Joseph, lab D B Martin Co, res 


.Morns Victor J, carp, rms 20 Uxbridge av 
Morrisey Daniel, barber W H Riches, 1 138 
Cawthra av 


Morrison Alexander, tmstr Campbell Mill 
ing Co, h 81 Klngr 
Morrison George, concrete wkr, h 16 Ux- 

brid^e av 
A10KU1SOX HENRY N, Merchant 

Tailor Co Dundas w, h 358 Annette w 
Morrison Robert, fireman, b 57 Dundas e 
Morrison Scottburn B, cond CPR, h U55 

Keele n 
Morrison Wm J, eng CPR, h 160 Pacific 

avenue s 
Morrow Aloysius F, eng CPR, h 130 Wil- 

loughby av 

Morrow Armstrong, lab, h 29 Hoskin av 
Morrow Wm, h 10 Whitney av 
Morrow Wm, lab, b 56 Edmund 
Morton Arthur, lab Campbell Milling Co 
Morton Charles, gdnr, h 281 St Clair av c 
Morton Frank, mach, b 31 Western av 
Morton James, mkt gdnr 299 St Clair av e 
Morton Wm W, elk CPR, res Toronto 
Moseley George, cond, h 70 Dundas e 
Moss A Edward, app Heintzman & Co, 

1 406 Pacific av s 
Moss Henry, action regulator Heintzman 

& Co, h 4O6 Pacific av s 
Moss John R, 1 406 Pacific av s 
Mottram Frank, wood turner, I 305 Dun 
das e 
Mougenel George, mldr, rms Heyden 

Mould Miss Annie, mlnr Misses Harshaw, 

res York tp 

Mould Arthur, baker, h 134 Cooper av 
Mould Wm. brklyr, h 76 Charles 
Moule Edwin, carp, h 157 Keele n 
Mount James, lab, b 30 Whitney av 
Mowatt John, elk, h 567 Dundas w 
Moyle Arthur S, lab Heintzman & Co, h 

3 Ferguson av 

Muir David W, dairy 89 Edmund, h same 
Muir John, elk Bank of BNA, b 193 Keele 


Mullin Frank, tmstr, 1 232 Davenport rd 
Mullin John, contr 232 Davenport rd, h 


Mungham Charles, lab, b 24 Whitney av 
Mungovan Edith (wid Sarsfield), sewing 

machines 180 Dundas e. h same 
Munro Donald, baker Robinson Bros, res 

Munro James H, loco foreman, h 24 

Murby Henry, cattle dlr Union stock 

yards, res Toronto 
Murby Wm, cattle dlr Union Stock yards, 

res Toronto 
Murch George S, engineer, h 80 Western 


Murch Louis, eng CPR, h 64 Hook av 
Murdoch Charles H, trav, h 51O High 

Park av 
Murdoch Charles W, trav, 1 510 High 

Park av 
Murney Miss Elizabeth A, cashier, 1 58 

Western av 
Murney Henry J, draughtsman, h 58 

Western av 

Murphy John, carp, h 26 Fairview ay 
Murphy Robert, lab, b 104 Vine av 
Murray Angus G, shipper, h ISO Cawthra 

Murray Donald, elk Gunns, Limited, b 47 

Pacific av s 

Murray George E, mldr, h 98 Western av 
Murray John L, oiler, h 427 St Clair av w 
Murray Wm, eng CPR, h 46 Union n 
Murton James, cattle dlr Union Stock 

Yards, res Toronto 
Musson Edward T, asst supt Can Cycle & 

Motor Co, res Toronto 
Musson John G, stationery 17 Dundas w, 

1 24 Clendenan av 
Myer Charles J, btchr T Chapman, b 55 

Davenport rd 
Myers Francis L, foreman Dom Carriage 

Co, h 77 Cooper av 
Myers John, slsmn, h 220 Pacific av s 
Nation Miss Charlotte, 1 84 Fairview av 
Nation Miss Elizabeth, 1 84 Fairview av 
Nation Miss Gertrude, 1 84 Fairview av 
Nation John, phy 84 Fairview av, h 


Nattress Isaac, h 72 Pacific av s 
Neal Edward T, laundryman, h 54 Union 


Neale Isaac, mach CPR. b 31 Hook av 
Neil David T, elk Bank of BNA, b 199 

Keele 8 

Neilands Gregory, lab, h 36 Frankland av 
Neish Alexander, fitter, 1 146 Cawthra av 
Xeish Miss Georgina, 1 146 Cawthra av 
Neish James, lab, 1 146 Cjwthra av 
Neish Mary (wid George), h 146 Cawthra 


Neish Robert, fitter, 1 146 Cawthra av 
Neish Thomas, lab, 1 146 Cawthra av 
Nelson Adam J, elk roadmaster's dept 

CPR, res Toronto 
Nelson Alexander, prop Subway Hotel, 

Keele n, s w cor Vine av 
Nelson Emma (wid John W), bdg hse 70 

Hook av 

Nelson Wm, broommkr, h 100 Pelham av 
Xevin Alexander, btchr, 1 287 Keele n 
Nevin Miss Lillian, drsmkr, 1 287 Keele n 
Nevin Miss Victoria M, opr, 1 287 Keele n 
Nevin Wm, mach, h 287 Keele n 
Newall Robert, trav Wi.kinson Plough Co, 

res Toronto 

Newell Thomas, engineer, b 197 Vine av 
Newman Albert, shoemkr. 118 Dundas e 
Newman Arthur, engineer, b 17 Western 

Newman Miss Caroline S, kind tchr, 1 472 

Elizabeth s 
Newman John (Newman & Topham), h 

458 Dundas w 

Newman John A, eng C P R, h 142 Vine av 
Newman Samuel, lab, b 126 Edmund 
Newman Sarah (wid Harry), h w s Elia- 

beth, 1 s St Clair av w 
Newman Victor, car repr CPR, b IT 

Franklin av 
Newman & Topham (John Newman, 

Frederick Topham), plmbrs 45S Dundas 


Newson Alfred W, gdnr, h 70 Vernon 
Newson John G, plshr, h 58 Whitney av 


400 Feet Higher than Lake Ontario Reliance Bid., 82=88 King St. E. 


Branch Office 



Real Estate, Loans and Insurance 


Newson Reginald J, casemkr Helntzman 
& Co, h 45 Union 

Jrlver Levack Dressed 
' Co. res Toronto 

hard H. yardman CPR. 1 299 
Dundas e 
Newton Stanley, tel opr, b 62 Willoughby 

Newton Walter W. elk,, b 62 Willoughby 


Newton Wm J, btchr Levack Dressed 
Beef Co, res Brocondale 

\rthur, foreman blksmlth CPR. 
h 02 Pacific av s 

Nlchol!s George, asit car foreman CPR, h 
96 Fairvlew av 

'Us James R, veneer hd Helntzman 
" Co. res Mount Denis 

Nicholls Richard, 1 92 Pacific av 
Nicholls Richard, tmstr. h ITS St Clalp 

av e 

Nichol'.s Wm J, range mkr Wrought Iron 
ige Co, h 32 Argyle rd 
is Frederk-k, fireman Campbell Mill 
ing Co 
Nichols Robert J, contr 37 Laws 

ler UJto U. phy 20 Annette e 
Nlemeler Otto W, studt, 1 -M Annette e 
Nimmes Horace, lab, b 27 Hook av 
Nlven David, shipper, b lofi St Clalr av W 
Nixon Henry, lab, rms 23 Hook av 
Noble Jesse, blksmith, h 113 Kdmund 
Noden Frank A (Noden. & Ha litt), b 59 
Annette e 

* Hallitt (Frank A Noden, Gor 
don Halliott), hdware 32 Dundas e and 

3 Davenport rd 

Noftsger Butler K. mgr Canadian Pub 
lishing Assn. h 13 Keele n 
Nordheimer Piano and Music Co Ltd 
Henry Breathwaite supt. 41 
Hook av 

id, mariner, h 34 Albany 

Norman Sidney J, driver Noden & Hal- 

! Hugh, phys 142 Dundas w, 1 
-4 av 

.-d C. mldr. h 75 Charles 
Norris M:ss Edith, mus tchr 443 Dundas 

Norris Emma (wid Wm). 1 191 Keele n 
Norris Phoebe (w.d Arthur), h 443 Dun 
das w 

Norris Miss Rebecca, 1 443 Dundas w 
Norr.s Walter, fireman, b 79 Quebec av 

\Va.ter G, lab. 1 191 Keele n 
- Win T, lab. h 10 1 Keele n 
North Wm J, lab. h 37 St Clair a. 
Norton James, tmstr, h 18 Queen 

Mien, 1 134 Cawthra av 
^overre John H, b 134 Cawthra av 

s Wm H. section foreman CPR, res 
Nunn Charles, gdnr. rms 515 Dundas w 

\I ss Edith, elk, 1 52 Campbell av 
Njre Wm J, mach. h 52 Campbell av 
1 Br:en George, trav. h -"7 Quebec av 
O'Brien Miss Mary J. tchr, 1 201 Que 
bec av 

O'Brien M J, watchman Stark T L & P 
Co, res Erindale 

I'Brien Miss Teresa, 1 207 Quebec av 
'Brien Wm G. ctr. 1 207 Quebec av 
> Brien Wm J, yard foreman CPR, h 27 
O'Connor Alfred, pntr Dom Carriage Co. 

3 Humberside av 
O'Connor Andrew, section foreman CPR, 

h 08 Pacific av s 

O;Oonnor C-iarles A. eng CPR. h 50 Laws 
) Connor John, lab, b 139 Vine av 
O'Donnell Fr derick, slsmn Hillock & 
Brown. 1 13s Cawthra av 
'Donn-11 James R, stone ctr, h 127 
Churchill av 

O'Donnell John, cattle buyer, 1 138 Caw 
thra av 
O'Dnnn i; driver Hillock & 

Brown, 1 138 Cawthra av 
O'Donnel! Patrick J. lamp trimmer Tor 
Junct Electric Plant, h 24 Franklin av 
O'Donnell Thomas, drover, h 138 Cawthra 

O'L ary John J, apprentice He ntzman & 

Co, res Lambton Mills 
O'Mara Daniel, cond, b 165 Vine av 

Oakes Floyd, fireman, rms 55 McMurray 


Oatt Charles D, cond CPR, h 19 Victoria 
Occidental Hotel, Joseph Maheux prop 40 

Dundas e 

Wm, eng Stark T L & P Co res 

Odell Joseph, brkmn CPR, h 70 Frank 
lin av 

Oehring George J, elk Wilkinson Plough 

Co. b 61 Hook av 
Ogsden Robert, fireman CPR, b 121 Keele 

Old Win. jap. inner Heintzman & Co res 


-'. hrickmkr. h 29 Main 
Onroe Henry, plshr, b 64 Pacific av 8 
Ontai ^n (br), James M. ffatt 

mgr .., rd 


m Pears Manager. Phone Junc 
tion rd s, l n McCur- 


/ d v gine.-r, rms M3 Vine av 

Urmondy Robert, coal trimmer Stark T L 

& P Co. 1 I-;, Kl zabeth 
Osbol] ^e mkr Heintz- av 
Jsborne H. nry. lab, rms 115 Edmund 

ne Mary (wid Thomas), h 10 Clen- 
n av 

Osborne Thomas C, 1 102 Clendenan av 
Osborne Wm J. brkmn, 1 102 Clendenan av 

Kva, 1 Wm J Osier 
Osier Miss Florence, 1 Wm J Osier 
Osier Frederick W. photo engraver 1 Wm 

J Osier 
Osier Wm J. shoemkr. has Annette w 

cor Jane 

Oster Thomas, lab, h 425 St Clalr av w 
Oswald Miss Mary, studt, b 346 High 

. av 

Oswald Peter, foreman Can Cycle & Motor 
Co. h 302 Weston rd a 

* Mot " 

Tor suburban Ry 

Page Miss Rebecca, 1 148 Clendenan av 
\Vm, lab D B Martin Co, re* York 
Paget James N, carp, h 298 Western av 

Pajek Michael, blksmlth, b GO Mulock av 
Pa ey Arthur, carp, b 70 Hook av 
Calmer Miss Alice. 1 "0 Western av 
Palmer Miss Elizabeth h 7U Western av 

a,m er n e i a ' , capt S A - h n4 Dundas e 
rainier Richard T, boots and shoes 37 

Dundas e, b 70 Weston av 
Pa.mertree Charles, brkmn, b 165 Vine av 
Panter Miss Ida, mlnr, l 4S M. dland 
Panter Maxy A (wid George), h 48 Med- 


Park Thomas, lab, h 27 Vine av 

Parke Elizabeth, elk. b 56 Laughton 

Parker Miss Annetta. 1 115 Queen 
Parker Archibald R, bkpr, h 170 Humber 

side av 
Parker Frederick, veneer hd Helntzman 

Co, rms 3 Ferguson av 
Parker George H, cond, h 44 Lakeview av 

a -%, nf, rge W ' msr "eyden House, 
l - st Clair av e 

Parker Miss Jaquetta, 1 115 Queen 
Parker John, moto Tor Suburban Ry Co 
h 399 Weston rd 

Joseph H> brkmk r. h 615 Weston 


Othen Daniel, plshr, h 284 Weston rd a 

Wm E. mach, h 47 Ontario 
manuel M, mach, h 17 Churchill av 
i.'orge, brklyr, rms 061 Annette 

tdman, h 15 Ontario 
Overs Reginald, key mkr Kerr Co, Ltd, 

1 15 Ontario 
| Owen Miss Ettie, tlrs A M Gabel, 1 78 

:'idge av 

n James, plshr, h 78 Uxbridge av 
Owen Miss Sarah, stenog, 1 194 Annette 


Owen Wm J, wood wkr, h 29 Vine av 
J Owens Andrew, brklyr, h 20 Lakev.ew av 
s Miss Elizabeth, elk, 1 20 Lakeview 

Owens Miss Estella, mlnr, 1 132 Willough 
by av 

Owei. ' ; rgaret, 1 20 Lakeview av 

Owens Robert, mach, h 132 Willoughby 


Owens Wilfrid M, tel opr CPR, b 132 Wil 
loughby av 
Pace Wm M, produce and express 210 

Dundas e. h 2 Union s 
Packer Alfred, lab, rms 54 Edmund 
Packer Frederick, lab, h 136 St Clair av w 
iPackham George, lab, b 70 Hook av 
Paddle Rachel (wid James), 1 73 Brighton 


Paddon Wm. b 48 Mulock av 
Paddon Wm H, varnisher Nordhelmer Pi 
ano & Music Co, h 92 Laws 
Padget Miss Frances, bkpr Padget & Co, 

1 123 Dundas w 

Padget Robert (Padget & Co), h 123 Dun 
das w 

Padget Thomas P (Padget & Co), h 62 

| Padget & Co (Robert and Thomas P 

Padget). grocers 123 Dundas w 
Page Ellen (wid Thomas), h 100 Keele s 

Parker Joseph H. carp, h 46 St Clair av w 
Parker Miss Minnie, stock kpr Laces & 

H^ aid vi lfs Co ' ' 615 Wcston rd 
Parker Wm, eng. h 24 Uxbridge av 
Parker Wm, tmstr, h 115 Queen 
Parker W Lowrey, tinsmith R J Bruce, 

38 May 

Parkes Wm J, mldr. h 37 McMuiray ar 
Parkin Miss Ada, smstrs, 1 77 Edmund 
Parkin Miss Clara, smstrs, 1 77 Edmund 
Parkin George, lab, h 77 Edmund 
Parkin Robert W. fireman, h 2!l Maria 
Parkinson John P, express 35 Hook ar, 

h same 

Parr Alexander, painter Heintzman & Co. 
b 41 Pacific av 

'Parris Albert E, mach, 1 64 Union 
Parris Wm, lab, h 64 Union s 

I Parris Wm J, pntr. 1 64 Union s 
Parrott George, shoes 18 Dundas e rms 

1 4 Hook av 

Parry Martin, baker B F Boothby, res 

Parsons Miss Agnes, opr, 1 112 Humber 

side av 

Parsons Miss Alice. 1 1O7 Louisa 
Parsons Edward, foreman, h 112 Humber 

side av 
Parsons Miss Ethel, skirt mkr, 1 107 

Parsons Farrer, plstr, 1 9 L nden 

i Parsons J Edgar, studt, rms 1SJ Western 

Parsons Trafford. fireman, rms 18 Van 

Parsons Wm. engineer, rms 208 Dundas w 
i-tnn Miss Agnes E. 1 3O Dundas e 

Partington Harry, mgr Mrs H Partington 

1 30 Dundas e 

, Partington Henrietta J (wid Herbert), 
furniture 30 Dundas e, h same 

Parting-ton John, fireman, rms 135 Paclfl" 

Partnoff Joseph, casn mkr Nordhelmer 
Piano & Music Co 

Parton Robert, blksmth, h 379 Wpston rJ 

Partridge David W. lab. h 79 Mulock av 

Patch Nathaniel K P, mg: Lumen Bear 
ing Co, res Toronto 

Patching Thomas, fireman, rms 76 Ed 

Paterson Miss Elizabeth C, 1 41 High 

Park avenue 

Paterson Miss Janet. 1 41 High Park av 
Paterson John, mnCT Robert Paterson, h 

41 High Park av 
Paterson John jr. bkor Robert Paterson. 

rms 18 Van Home 


Sole Agents for tlie "Duplex'' Joist Hangers, Etc. 


IN STOCK : Beams, Channels, Angle*. Bar Iron and Steel 
67 to 95 Pearl St. PHONES MAIN 7248, 7249 


Standard Life 

ASSURANCE CO. of Edinburgh 



Manager for Canada 

Charles Hunter 

Chief Agent, Ontario 


Bank of Commerce Bldg, 


Paterson Lewis, helper Wrought Iron 

Range Co, res Toronto 
Paterson Mary M (wid Alexander;, 

drsmkr 150 Dundas w, h same 
Paterson Robert, plmbr 11-13 Keele s. h 

13 same 

Faterson Robert, slsmn, b 36 Union n 
Patterson Charles, wiper, b 131 Dundas e 
Patterson Gordon, carp, h 57 Jerome 
.Patterson James, mach, b 5 Wilson pi 
Patterson James, pntr, b 72 Private rd 
Patterson John, mach, h 32 Edmund 
Patterson Thomas, fence mnfr, li 231 WK- 

louKhby av 

Pattison Thomas E, mach. h 75 Hoskin av 
Paul Jessie, h 07 Mulock av 
Payton A James, lather, 'h 9 Carlton pi 
Peace Harvey \V, ioreman Can Cycle & 

Motor Co, 1 D4 Pacific av s 
Peace Wm, bicycle mkr, h 94 Pacific av s 
Peacock Arthur, millwright, h 94 Peel 
Peacock Hotel, Mrs Annie Watts, prop, 

235 Dundas e 
Peacock Joseph H, mldr, h 306 Davenport 


Peacock Wm J, lab, h fll Pacific av a 
Peake James, b 72 Annette e 
Pearce Arthur, wood turner, b 7 Charles 
Pearen Miss Clara, 1 439 Dundas w 
Pearen Mary (wid Rev James) h 439 Dun- 

das w 
Pears Wm, mngr Ontario Paving Brick 

Co. res York tp 
Pearson Arthur W, slsmn Wm Rowntree. 

b 164 Cooper av 
Pearson Augustus, shoemkr J Pearson. 1 

2.M Dundas w 
Pearson James, case mkr Heintzman & 

Co, res Toronto 

Pearson John, shoemkr 254 Dundas w 
Pearson Octavius, case mkr Heintzman & 

Co, b 423 Weston rd 

Pea.rt Wm. lab D B Martin Co, res To 
Peavey Charles E, watchman Nordheimer 

Piano & Music Co. h 50 Hook av 
Peavey Edward H, elk stores dent .,PR. 

rms <il Annette o 

Peck Wm, yardman CPR, h 65 Dundas w 
Peekham Alfred, ydmn Crang & Smith. ; 

450 Weston rd 

Peel Frederick J, pntr mkr, h 61 Gothic av 
Pemberton Edward, lab, h 22 Whitney av 
Pergelly Miss Grace, opr, 1 L'8 Hook av 
Pengelly Miss Ida, opr, 1 28 Hook av 
Pengelly James, bldr 28 Hook av, h same 
Pen hale Richard, engineer, h 33 Mav 
Penn Frank M, tool mkr, h 73 Lauehton 

Pennal Frederick G, supt Canada Cycle 

& Motor Co, res Toronto 
Pennant Joseph, driver W J McCullough, 

b 211 Quebec av 
Pennington Clifford, contr, h 119 Dundam 


Pennock James G, tmstr Davenport Lum 
ber Co, res Toronto 
Penny George, night foreman Union Stork 

Yards, res Toronto 
Penrice James, contr 48 Laughton av, h 


Penwright Wm, lab, rms 14 Whitney av 
Pepper George, brklyr, h 184 Maria 
Pepper Rev John, h 191 Quebec av 
Pepper Miss Pansy, opr Bell Tel Co, 1 191 

Quebec av 
Pepper Walter, shipper, h 108 Churcftlll 

Peppiatt Philip G, brklyr, h 99 Wlllough- 

by av 
Percy J Howard, slsmn R J Bruce. re 


and Surgeon 135 Annette west, cor High 

Park av, h same 
Perlcin Herbert W, slsmn Noden & Ha>- 

litt. res Toronto 
Perks Herbert H, glass ctr. h e a Laugrh- 

ton av 
Perry Miss Kdna E. mus tchr 641 Annette 

w, 1 same 

Perry Ernest L. studt, 1 641 Annette w 
Perry Frederick W, genl car foreman 

CPR, b 47 Pacific av a 
Perry James J, painter, h 641 Annette w 
Perry John C, cond CPR, h 133 Keele n 

Perry Selby D. elk. h 223 Lake view av 
Peters A Burton, police constable, h 115 


Peters James C, carp, h 150 Gilmour av 
Pettigrew Miss Sarah C, 1 300 Bloor w 
Phair Miss Charlotte, nurse 142 Louisa 
Phelan Thomas, eng CPR, b 45 Hook ,iv 
Phillips Alexander, tel opr b 174 Camp 

bell av 
Phillips Edward, foreman Tor Shirt & 

Overall Co, res Toronto 
Phillips Frank, mach hd S Phillips, 1 

131 Maria 

Ips Fi-fdi-rick C, driver Richardson 

Cartage Co, 1 54 Clendenan av 
Phillips Frederick M, wd wkr S Phillips, 

h 167 Vine av 

Phillips George E, tmstr, h 195 Maria 
Phillips Harry A, Chief draughtsman Can 

Cycle ,V- Motor Co, h 145 Annette w 
Phillips Herman L, ftrs hlpr, 1 54 Clen 

denan av 
Phillips James T, rubber Heintzman & Co, 

res Lambton Mills 

Phillips Miss Jennie, opr, I 204 Louisa 
Phillips John L, stableman Richardson 

Cartage Co, h 54 Clendenan av 
Phillips Oscar F, foreman carp CPR, h 126 

Vine av 
Phillips Richard, maoh hd, h w a May. 

L 1 s Dundas 
Phillips Ross, fireman S Phillips, 1 131 

Phillips Solomon, planing mill 23 Keele n, 

h 131 Maria 
Phillips Wm E, foreman S Phillips, 1 131 

Phinn Harry E, draughtsman Can Cycle 

& Motor Co, res Toronto 
Phipps Arthur E, engineer, h 75 Louisa 
Pickard John C. cabt inkr Heintzman & 

& Co, res Toronto 
Pickering John W, foreman D B Martin 

Co, h 50 St Clair av w 




Pickett John, timber buyer, h 197 Pacific 

avenue s 
Pickrell Wm J, engineer, h 63 Willougnby 

Picton James, lab D B Martin Co, res To 

Pidgeon Rev George C. pastor Victoria 

Presbyterian Ch, h 117 Laws 
Piggott Charles, fireman No 1, h 31 Vine 

Piggott George, foreman Ontario Paving [ 

Brick Co, res York tp 

Piggott John, fireman No 1, h 18 Ontario 
Piggott John, tmstr, h 131 Queen 
Pilkey Edith (wid Peter), h 112 Queen 
Pilkey Miss Elsie, opr, 1 112 Queen 
Pilkey Miss May, opr, 1 112 Queen 
Pilling Paul, plshr Nordheimer Piano * 

Music Co, h 203 Willoughby av 
Pinder Bennison A, oasemkr Heintzman 

& Co, 1 89 Quebec av 
Pinder Miss Henrietta L, tlrs, 1 89 Quebec 


Pinder John C, mach, h 89 Quebec av 
Pinder John W, apprentice Joseph Bone, 

res Davenport 

Pinder Miss Josephine M, 1 89 Quebec av 
Pdnkney George J, carp, h 212 Maria 
Pinkney John E, eng, h 32 Pacific av n 
Pioneer Foundry The. W J Dalton prop 

Davenport rd 
Pirle Miss Bertha B, elk, 1 185 Pacific 


Plrie Miss Ida M, elk, 1 185 Pacific av t 
Pirie James, switchmn, n 185 Pacific av e 
Pittam Alfred H, plate marker Heintzman 

& Co, h 28 Franklin av 
Pittam Charles W, car repr GTR, ti 281 

Keele n 

Plant Harry, cond, h 43 Vine av 
Platt Walter S, mach, 1 257 Keele n 
Platt Wm G, mach, 1 257 Keele n 

Platt Wm W, engineer CPR, h 257 Keele 

Flatten Stephen W, painter 457 St Clair 

av w, h same 

Playter Henry M, carp CPR, h 26 Union r 
Pleasance Charles, mach, b 64 Campbell 


Plow Alfred A, mach repr, I 114 Conduit 
Plow Charles W, mach, 1 114 Conduit 
Plow H Godfrey, carp, 1 114 Conduit 
Plow James, pattern mkr CPR h 114 

Plow Stanley E, apprentice Joseph Bone, 

1 114 Conduit 

Plumly Harry, brklyr, b 127 Mulock av 
Plunkett Joseph, plmbr, Robert Paterson 

res Toronto 

Podmore Edwin, storeman CPR, res To 

quarters, Town Hall, Keele s 
Pollard Alfred, stone mason, b 70 Hook av 
Polser Joseph, lab, b 259 Keele n 
Poole Charles, carp CPR, b 114 Cooper av 
Pope Charles, lab, b 30 Whitney av 
Pope Wm, lab, b 147 Keele n 
Porritt Robert B, contr S6 Pelham av, h 


Port Frederick, arch, b 1.S4 Pacific av a 
Porter James, carp, h 45 Quebec av 
Porter Wm, fireman CPR, h 37 Pacific av 


Post Eligha, carp, h 50 Fairview av 
Postil Solomon, tinsmith Wrought iron 

Range Co, res Toronto 
Potter Alfred, sawyer, b 123 Conduit 
Potter George H, driver John Haines, i 84 


Potter Miss Isabella, tchr, b 37 Willough 
by av 

Poultney Robert J, carp, b 2 Ferguson av 
Poulton Charles W, Japaner Heintzman & 

Co, res Toronto 

Povey Henry C, inaeh CPR, h 28 Vic 

Pow George B, lab, 1 72 Pelham av 
Pow James, tmstr Conger Coal Co, b 79 

Cooper av 

Pow John, lab, h 79 Cooper av 
Pow Wm G, lab, h 72 Pelham av 
Powell Walter C, shoes 21 Dundas e, h 

25 Quebec av 

Powell Wm, shoes 16 Dundas w, 1 25 Que 
bec av 
Powley Adelaide (wid Alfred E H), h 134 

Vine av 

Powley Alfred E, elk 1 134 Vine av 
Powley Lewis, barber, 1 134 Vine av 
Poyntz Arthur (Poyntz Bros), res Toronto 
Poyntz Bros (Robt J ana. Arthur), btchs 

-. <*'< IXmdas w 

Poyntz Robert J (Poyntz Bros), res To 

Pratt Nathaniel A, car starter, h 15 Cen 
tral av 
Preston Robert, master mechanic CPR, 

res Toronto 

Pribram Ernest, plshr, b 121 Keele n 
Price Angus, mkt gdnr e s Jane, 1 n Bloor 
Price Christopher C, elk, 1 36 Annette e 
Price Miss Elizabeth, tchr, 1 156 Pacific aV 


Price Ernest R, leather wkr, 1 36 An 
nette e 

Price Jackson E, tmstr Tor Junct Lum 
ber Co, res Toronto 
Price James, elk, 1 36 Annette e 
Price Richard D, mldr, h 100 Churchill av 
Price Thomas R, brick mkr, h 36 An 
nette e 

Price Miss Zoe E, 1 36 Annette e 
Prince Wm, brkmn, b 63 Hook av 
Prince Wm T, mach, h 86 Clendenan av 
Pringle Charles H, agt Can Cycle & Motor 

Co, res Toronto 

Pringle Frank, sodder. h 169 Ontario 
Proctor Charles, mldr, b 7 Charles 
Proctor Charles E, contr 112 Pacific av s 
Proctor Miss Dora C, stenog, 1 85 Clen 
denan avenue 
Proctor John S. contr 85 Clendenan av, h 


Proctor Louisa J (wid James), h 23 Cent 
ral av 

Proctor Miss Louisa A, bkkpr, 1 23 Cen 
tral av 


Estate, Insurance and Financial Agents 

Make a Specialty of 


Office, 86 King St. East 

Branch Offlcc 


TEL. nvryviisr 1513 

Maud, mlnr. 1 23 Centra] a 
Mln. i C, 1 _':: Central av 
Albert, lab, h Hi4 Dundas e 

alter L. Iron wkr. rms 6 
Dundas w 

:>n B, eng. 1 28 Medland 
Poffee Alfred W. wood carver Joesp 

Bone, b 117 Edmund 
Pugh Albert E. lab VV J Dalton. h 127 Ki 


Pugh James J. plshr, h 3 O&rlton pi 
Pugh John 13. mldr \v J Dalton. 1 3 Car 

ton pi 
Pugsley, Dingman & Co. Ltd. soap w 

A thra av 

Pugsley Urban, wks Pugsley, Dlngman 
Co. res Toronto 

rn a 
Purse Robert, brkmn CPR, b 127 Muloo 


Purtle Miss Annie, packer Pugsley Ding 
man . Annette e 

in Home 
Pui J. fnshr Heintzman & Co 

\nnette e 

Purtle Mrs Mary, h 7o Annette e 
Putman Mary (wid Aaron), 1 ji>i Annett 


Pye Arthur L, carp, h 161 Weston rd 
Pyke Frederick, tmstr. h tH L>undas 
Pym Mary (wid John) 1 24 Dundas 
Quantz Alfred, carp, h 1<H> \Villoughby av 
Quantz Frank, flier. 1 l> \\Mloughby a\ 
Quarry Alfred J, lab. h 4:*> Campbell av 
Q u " innet-r Nnrd!..-imer Hi 

ano & Music Co. h 42 v 
Quennell James, lab. h 100 Charles 
Quennell Win \V. mach hd Batts, Ltd, !i 

33 McMurray av 

Quillman Miss Anna I. elk. 1 28 Medland 
Quillman Jacnlj \v. lah Heintzman & Co 

Quillman John, brkmkr. 1 Fire Station >,'. 

Quillman Peter, section foreman CPR h 

2s Midland 

Quillman Mln Sarah A. 1 28 Medland 
Quinlan John, lab 1 433 Weston rd 
Qulnlan Mary (wid Patrick), h 433 We- 

ton rd 

Quinlan Norman, lab. 1 4X! Weston rd 
Quinn Thomas R, oar checker CPR, res 


Quinn Wm. ensr CPR. h 157 Pacific av 
Quirt Harv.-y. lab. 1. :: 1-Mmund 
Radburn Wm, rubber Heintzman & Co. 

Mount Denis 

Radford Charles H, carp, h 3."> Gilmour av 
Radford Herbert, carp, b 144 Vine av 
Raffan Agnes (wid Joseph), h 522 Camp 
bell av 

Rafterty James P, cond CPR. h 37 Clen 
denan av 

Rafferty Wm F. brkmn. h 429 Dundas w 
Ramesbottom Miss Jessie, slsldy W R 

Sheppard. b 41 Hoskln av 
Ramsay John, h 341 Western av 
Ramshaw Garfleld. plstr, 1 145 Mulock av 
Ramshaw Harold R. elk R J Lynde, 1 145 

Mulock av 
Ramshaw Leslie, driver i Albert Bros 1 145 

Mulock av 

Ramshaw Thomas, carp, h 145 Mulock av 
Rangee John H. cJk Can Cycle & Motor 

s Toronto 
Rankine Charles A, bkpr J A Tovell, b 

McMurray av 
Ratcliffe Harold G. pay elk Can Cycle & 

Motor Co. res Toronto 
Ravalle Reuben J, Indrymn. h 44 High 

Park av 

Raven John A, carp, h 226 Franklin av 
Raven John T, brush mkr Dominion Bmh 

& Mirror Co. 1 226 Franklin av 
Ravensdale Harry D, lab, h 23 Churchill 

Rawlinson Arthur, brklyr. rms 58 Dundas 


Rawnsley Walter, tinsmith, h 90 Charle* 
Rawson Hannah (wid David), h 75 Barber 


Rawson Richard, plstr, h 348 Dundas w 
Rawson Walter W. painter, 1 75 Barber av 
Ray Thomas C, terminal Insp. h 232 Clen- 
denan av 

Ray Wm. sec-treas Heintzman & Co, Ltd. 
res Toronto 

Raybould Perry J, action fnshr Heintz- 
nian & Co, res York tp 

Heintzman & Co, 


Mining Properties Incorporated and Financed 
Confederation Life Building 

Rayner John C. pntr, rms 36 May 

Henry, craneman, h 147 Keele n 
sad Walter, mach. b 156 Edmund 
avemfe 1161 F> plmbr ' rms 15 Franklin 

Rn V ' SS E 2' th , E ' clk - ! 45 Western av 
J** ny | Iowar ,'J B. clk. 1 45 Western av 
Reany Samuel J, harness ftr h 45 West 

ern av 

Reavle Miss Elizabeth, tlrs. b 38 Hook av 
Reddaway Joseph H. mach. h M Lausrh- 

ton av 

Roddick Ernest, clk Gurney Foundry Co 

ran \^ Van Home 

'" J ' lm -" : i'rkmkr. 1 199 Maria 

Redman Hannah (wid Edward), h I'M Mi 


Thomas, bldg Inup CPR. h 36 
Laugh ton av 

Redmond Michael, lab Union Stock Yards 

I -in ina (wM Jackson), h 1% K.'ele 

\Vm. lab Tor .Tunct Lumber Co res 
r George, engineer, b 29 Western av 

r t J. hrkmkr, h Li) \Vhifn. y av 
Reeves Miss Hattle 1, mlnr, b 54 Quebec 

Reeves Miss Isabella M. drsmkr, 1 54 Que 
bec av 

Reeves Jane (wid Harry), h 54 Quebec av 
Reeves Richard, baker Robinson Bros res 

Alice, bkpr, 1 H2 Annette e 
:thur L, mach, h 447 Dundas w 

tmstr. h 105 Maria 
Reid George W, blksmith, h 69 ilcMur- 

C E R S/ 



Stark 173 



16-18 MKDI.ANI' viu .IUNCT1ON 

nni! nf Furniture 
a bprualt.y. J>i:n, ( i.s Carefully Moved 


eid Gilbert, stonemason, h 109 Churchill 

teid Henry C, lab, h 109 Queen 
=teid James, stonemason, h 106 Pelham 


ieid John A, brklyr, h 36 Fairview av 
*eid Joseph D, tmstr, h 32 May 
teld Miss May, stenog Stark T L & P 
System, res Toronto 
=teid Thomas, mach, h 112 Annette e 
eid Wm, fireman, b 29 May 

d Wm G, foreman mldr Dodge Mfg Co, 
h 130 Pacific av s 
eilly Wm, lab. h 187 Pacific av s 
emington Wilbert R. bkpr Ontario Par 
ing Brick Co, Ltd, res Toronto 
eynolds Eliza (wid James), 1 139 Vine av 
<>ym>Ms Louisa (wid Henry), rms 149 
Keele n 

.eynolds Stephen, lab, b SO Edmund 
eynolds Thomas R, loco foreman CPR, h 
106 Clendenan av 

Rhodes Arthur. apprentice Nordheimer 

Piano & Music Co. res Lambton Mills 

Rhodes Thomas A, blksmith 15 Keele n, 

h 70 Medland 
Rice Allan B, collector of customs, h 216 

Clendenan ar 

Rice A Gordon, studt. 1 216 Clendenan av 
Rice Wm, lab, h 455 St Clalr av w 
Rich Edward, carp, rms 120 Pacific av s 
Rich Henry H, carp, h 26 Pacific av s 
Richard Harry E, clk Can Cycle & Mo 
tor Co, res Toronto 

Richards Lottie (wid Edward), h 15 
Franklin av 

Richards Miss Mary, 1 216 Western av 
Richards Oscar, piano mkr Nordheimer 

Piano & Mus Co. b 22 Union s 
Richardson Andrew H, prop Richardson 
Cartage Co, h 200 Western av 

Richardson Frederick, postman, h 67 

Hook av 
Riches Wm H, barber 3 Keele s, h 13 

Dundas e 

5!^?7 J P hn T - mach. h 33 Edmund 
Riddlford Abraham J h 40 Uxbridge av 
Riddiford Allan F, mldr, 1 40 Uxbridge av 
Riddlford Miss Florence, opr, 1 40 Ux 
bridge av 
Riddiford Miss Luck, winder, 1 -a) Ux- 


Ridout Hector, brklyr, h 2 Wilson pi 
Riley Henry, glass packer 1 125 Daven 
port rd 

Riley Wm H, glass decorator, h 62 Ux 
bridge ay 

Ristow Miss Mamie, 1 140 Annette e 
Kistow Philip, cabtmkr, h 140 AnnetU e 
iachie James G, lab. rms 98 Western av 
Ritchie John E, eng CPR. h 14 Laws 
Robb James, tmsr. h 41 Vine av 
Robbins George F, printer, b 98 St Clair 

avenue w 
Roberts Ar.thur E, case mkr Heintzman & 

Co, res Toronto 

Roberts Miss i^llen L, clk, 1 548 Quebec av 
Roberts Miss Emma M. 1 548 Quebec av 
Roberts George, mach, 1 239 Keele n 
Roberts James D, clk. h 548 Quebec av 
Roberts J Dawson, clk, h 544 Quebec av 
Roberts Miss Sarah A, clk, 1 548 Quebec 


Roberts Wm, lab, h 50 Uttley 
Roberts Wm F. brkmkr. h 239 Keele n 
Robertson Alexander, pntr, 1 178 Ontario 
Robertson Miss Alice, 1 178 Ontario 
Robertson Miss C Maud. 1 178 Ontario 
Robertson David, clk, b 68 Annette e 
Robertson David, lab D B Martin Co, res 


Robertson Miss Elizabeth, 1 178 Ontario 
Robertson Miss Elizabeth M 1 ll'.t Dundas 

Robertson Ella (wid James), h 299 Dundas 


Robertson Francis J. mldr, I 57 Mulock av 
Robertson James, pntr, h 178 Ontario 
Robertson Joseph, door mkr Batts, Ltd, 

h 77 Quebec av 

Robertson Miss Mary. A, 1 119 Dundas w 
Robertson Nicholas, lab Pugsley, Ding- 
man & Co, b 50 Laug-hton av 
Robertson Rebecca (wid Robert J), h 119 

Dundas w 

Robertson Thomas, carp, h 57 Mulock av 
Robertson Wm, tlr. h 160 Bloor 
Robertson Wm, tel opr, b 50 Laughton av 
Robins Samuel H, brkmn, h 54 Medland 
Robinson Albert J (Robinsin Bros), h 21 
Dundas w 


City Office, 152 Bay St., TORONTO 

Manganese Steel Castings 

Signal Interlocking Plants 
Electric Railway Trucks 




Phone Main 5178 House, North S66 


13 Yonee St. Arcade 


Robinson Alexander W, watchmkr W J 

Sheppard, b 47 High Park av 
Robinson Arthur, lab, b 155 Vine av 

A. J. Robinson W. C. Robinson 



Wedding Cakes a Specialty 
21 DUNDAS ST. WEST Phone Stark 179 

Robinson Bros (Albert J and Wra C), bak 
ers and confs 21 Dundas w 
Robinson Cecil J, apprentice The Tribune, 

1 1O1 Willoughby av 

Robinson Charles, carp, b 116 Annette e 
Robinson Miss Christina, 1 1O6 Quebec av 
Robinson Frederick, sales mgr Dodge Mfg 

Co, res Toronto 

Kobinson George, lab, h 114 Quebec av 
Robinson George H, moto, h 64 Churchill 

Robinson Gilbert, roofer, rms 30 Western 

Robinson Henry J, shoemkr R T Palmer. 

h 123 Conduit 

Robinson James, mldr, b 112 Cooper av 
Robinson James R, bdg hse 2'J Mi'y 
Robinson John, chief Fire Department, h 

47 High Park av 
Robinson John, foreman Dom Carriage 

Co. h 293 Dundas e 
Robinson John R, elev opr, h 101 Wil- 

loughby av 

Robinson J Wesley, mach, 1 21 Dundas w 
Robinson L Harvie, bkpr, 1 47 High Park 


Robinson Miss Maggie, 1 21 Dundas w 
Robinson Miss Matilda, tlrs A M Gabel, 

b 54 Annette e 

Robinson Thomas, carp, b 155 Vine av 
Robinson Wm C (Robinson Bros), 1 21 

Dundas w 
Robinson Wm J, shipper Wrought Iron 

Range Co, res Toronto 
Robinson Wm T, yardman CPR, h 160 

Robson Clarence M, -treas, 1 138 Pacific 

av s 

Robson George S, trav, h 23 Ontario 
Robson Matthew G, h 138 Pacific av s 
Robson Wm J, mngr, 1 138 Pacific av s 
Rodgers Edmund H, chief elk Gurney 

Foundry Co, res Toronto 
Roger Arthur, blrmkr, b 165 Vine av 
Rogers Edwin R, insp prisons, h 137 

Lakeview av 
Rogers Elias Co, Ltd, coal, G H Webb 

local agt, 26 Dundas w 
Rogers Eliza (wld James), h 40 King 
Rogers Harvey B, rubber Heintzman & 

Co, 1 78 Pacific av s 
Rogers Wm, lab, h 521 Dundas w 
Rogers Wm, painter, rms 24 May 
Rogers Wm, varnisher Heintzman & Co, 

res Lambton Mills 
Rolph Carl D, harness mkr W Rolph, 1 

116 Dundas e 

Rolph Miss Edna, mlnr. 1 116 Dundas e 
Rolph Miss Grace, stenog, 1 116 Dundas e 
Rolph Miss Nona, stenog, 1 116 Dundas e 
Rolph Wm, harnessmkr 116 Dundas e 
Rome George A, tool mkr, h 142 Wil 
loughby av 

Rooney Fred, driver, 1 115 Conduit 
Rooney James, driver, h 115 Conduit 
Rork Miss Mary, tchr Annette St Sch, 

b 98 High Park av 
Rose Ausbert, slsmn T E Hoar & Co, 

b 5 Wilson pi 

Rose George, h 233 Pacific av a 
Rose James, boilermkr. 1 233 Pacific av 8 
Rose Joseph, lab, h 209 Maria 
Rosevear John W, brkmn, h 223 Pacific 

av s 

Rosevear Matthew C, tmstr. h 97 Hook av 
Rosevere James, h 214 Fairview av 
Ross Alexander, cond, h 77 Pacific av s 
Ross Kdward T, 1 121 Keel n 
Ross Frank, record elk CPR, b Humber- 

side av 

Ross James, fireman CPR, h 70 Dundas e 
Ross Capt John, h 251 Lakeview av 

Ross Lev! L, bridge bldg master CPR, h 

40 High Park av 

Ross Miss Margaret A, 1 40 High Park 
Ross Miss Olive, 1 121 Keele n 
Ross Thomas A, teller Molsons Bank, res 


Koss Wm A, grocer 309 Dundas e, h same 
Ross Wm J, switchman CPR, h 121 Keele 


Rossi Charles, lab, h 52 Argyle rd 
Rossiter Wm, lab, h 147 Keele n 
Roth George, cond CPR, h 139 Keele n 
Roth Henry C, carp, h 149 Pacific av s 
Kothwell Thomas H, carp, h 41 Medland 
Routery Herbert, blouse mnfr. 1 102% 

Clendenan av 
Routley Wm H, tinsmith J R Jackson, h 

466 Dundas w 
Rowan John, slsmn Wm Davies Co, res 

Rowbotham Ephraim, driver Padget & 

Co, res York tp 
Rowden Thomas, yardman CPR, h 1G7 

Rowe Lucy (wid James A), 1 16 Lans- 

downe av 
Rowley Arthur T, caretkr St James Hall, 

h 129 Dundas w 
Kowntree Miss Annie, slsldy, 1 130 St 

Clair av w 
Rowntree Charles, elk Wm Rowntree, h 

i:ii; Cooper av 

Rowntree Miss Emma L, bkpr Wm Rown 
tree, 1 164 Cooper av 
Rowntree Miss Harriet, mus tchr 164 

Campbell av, 1 same 
Rowntree Miss Hattie, tchr Carlton Pub 

Sch. 1 164 Cooper av 
Rowntree Henry (Wm and Henry Rown 
tree), h 37 Dundas w 

Rowntree John, btchr, h 130 St Clair av w 
Rowntree Joseph H, grocer 295 Dundas 

w, h same 



Rowntree Robert (R Rowntree & Co), res 

Rowntree R & Co (Robert Rowntree), 

btchrs 76 Dundas w 

Rowntree Mis Sarah, bkpr Wm Rown 
tree, 1 164 Cooper av 
Rowntree Wm, grocer 317-319 Davenport 

rd, h 164 Cooper av 
Ruwntree Wm and Henry, grocers 37 

Dundas w 

Royal Charles V, wine elk, 1 185 Vine av 
Royal Esther (wld Charles P), 1 185 

Vine av 

Royal Henry P. elk, h 185 Vine av 
Royal Miss Margaret, stenog Can Cycle 

& Motor Co, 1 185 Vine av 
Royal Miss Minnie, 1 185 Vine av 
Royal Miss Theresa, opr, 1 186 Vine av 
Royal Thomas M, chef, 1 185 Vine av 
Royce George C, mngr Tor Suburban Ry 

Co, h 364 Annette w 
Royce James, brkmn, b 2O Hook av 
Ruddock Wm, h 220 Fairview av 
Rumball Roderic, fireman, b 19 Western 

Rumble Frederick J, mach CPR, h 97 


Rumble Frederick J jr, mach, h 98 Ed 
Rumble Wm E, confy 95 Davenport rd, 

h same 
Runnymede Public School, Miss Margaret 

A Evans prin, s s Louisa, cor Elizabeth 


Rushby Harry, plmbr, b 123 Conduit 
Russell Charles, mldr. h 127 Queen 
Russell Charles, lab Pugslpy, Dlngman 

& Co, 1 207 St Clair av e 
Russell John, lab, h 207 St Clair av e 
Russell John T, lab Pugsley, Dlngman & 

Co, h 76 Edmund 
Russell Peter, plmbr Ryding & Co 
Russell Thomas A, genl mgr Canada 

Cycle & Motor Co, res Toronto 
Rutherford John H, elk, 1 46 Laws 

Kutherford John W, eng, h 46 Laws 
Rutherford Wm, elect, h 24 Medland 
Rutledge Wm J, car repr CPR, h 35 

Argyle rd 

Ryan Frank, brkmn CPR, b 270 Maria 
Ryan John J, tinsmith C M Cutts & Co 
Kyan Mary S (wid Arthur P), h 26 Law 
Ryan Minnie, cook Subway Hotel 
Ryan Rose, wtrs Subway Hotel 
Ryan Wm, mach, rms 129 Dundas e 
Ryckman John, mining eng, b 301 Dundas 


Ryder James C, lab CPR, h 28 King 
Ryding Samuel (Ryding & Co), h 206 Dun 
das w 
Ryding & Co (Samuel Ryding), plmbrs, 

206 Dundas w 
Sage Wm, 1 81 Edmund 
St Cecilia (R C) Church, Rev Eugene P 

Gallagher, Pacific av, near 

Annette st 
St Clair Av Foundry Co (Johnston & 

Magilchrist), props 233 St Clair av w 
St Clair Av School, J H Colvin prin, n a 

St Clair av w 

St Clair Edmund, tool mkr, h 55 Clara 
St James' Hall, W R Sheppard prop, 129 

Dundas w 
St John's (Ang) Church, Rev T Beverley 

Smith, BA, rector 
St Mark's (Ang) Church, Rev R Seaborn, 

MA, rector, n s Carlton, cor King 
St Mark's Church School, e s King, cor 

Salisbury Mary I (wid Thomas), h 7 

Carlton pi 
Salmon Miss Ada M, opr, 1 74 Davenport 


Salmon Mass Alice E, opr, 1 74 Davenport 
Salmon Arthur E, plshr Nordheimer Piano 

6 Music Co, 1 74 Davenport rd 
Salmon Frederick C, car checker CPR, 1 

74 Davenpc-rt rd 

Salmon Miss Rose E, opr, 1 74 Davenport 
Salmon Susan (wid Richard J), h 74 

Davenport rd 

Sanders Caleb, painter, h 1 Hoskin av 
Sanders David, furniture 10 Dundas e 
Sanders Henry, tinsmith Wrought Iron 

Range Co, res Toronto 
Sanderson Miss Caroline J, drsrnkr Miss 

L J Sanderson, 1 2 McMurray av 
Sanderson Eliza J (wid Wm), h 2 Mc 
Murray av 

Sanderson Rev Joseph E. 1 45 Medland 
Sanderson Miss Lillie J, drsmkr 2 Med 
land, 1 2 McMurray av 
Sanderson Miss Mabel, drsmkr, 1 2 Mc 
Murray av 

Sanderson Thomas R, blrmkr, h 132 Coop 
er av 
Sands Walter, tailor 146 Dundas w, h 85 


Sansom Wm, driver Padget & Co, 1 Al 
bany rd 

Saulter Wm, brklyr, b 116 Annette e 
Saunders Gerald F, acct Bank of B N A, 

b 70 Medland 

Savage Alfred P, burnisher, 1 44 Medland 
savage Andrew, mach, h 44 Medland 
Savage Edwin, lab Union Stock Yards, b 

103 Annette e 

Savage George, tmstr, b 7 Wilson pi 
Savage Wilfred S, 1 44 Medland 
Saville Edward, drill hd, 1 66 Campbell av 
Saville Henry, engineer, h 82 Uxbridge av 
Saville Henry, foreman, h 66 Campbell av 
Saville John W, mldr, 1 66 Campbell av 
Saville Robert G, mach, 1 66 Campbell av 
Saville Wm A, pntr, 1 66 Campbell av 
Sawyer Wm, lineman Stark T L & P Co, 

res Toronto 

Saxton Fred, elect, h 165 Ontario 
Scales Mrs Annie, rms 132 Cooper av 
Scales Wm J, brkmn GTR, rms 114 

Cooper av 

Scanlon P Joseph, cond CPR, h 113 Que 
bec avenue 
Scarlett Edward W, contr 64 St Clair av 

w, h same 
Schelfier Gilbert, wd wkr, b 19 Laughton 


Scheltz Robert J, messr, h 212 Quebec av 
Schleihauf Ada (wid Christopher), hsekpr 

7 Dundas e 

Schmidt Charles (C Schmidt & Co), h 71 
Dundas w 


Telephone Main 2959 


Any kind of Windows and Doors made absolu 
tely Dust and Draught Proof at little cost. 
Last a Lifetime. 






A. E. KIRKPATRICK, Manager for Canada 

8IDNEV W. BAND, Special Agent 
Phone M. 4738 

rles Schmdt). bakers 
71 IHmiliis w 

r Janus Grcig, 

;ilt Uoii. sit iwiil Frank), h 70 Dundas li \V Hall, 1 

. mill, r Campbell Milling 

Schrelber Thomas O, h 24 Carlton pi 
Bchultz John, contr 37 High Park av 
Setiultz Robert J, messr ("0:1 Bunk of 
'. 1 11- Quebec av 

wood carver Joseph Bone, 

l'. lab Pugsley, Dingman & Co, 

h 197 Elizabeth s 
apprentice Hr ntzman V- 
Us w 

Ik. b 47 Pacific av a 
James, dairy 351 High Park av 

n n 
Scott John, mach, h 34 May 

' ::l M:iy 

rv, I :-~.i 1 1 wii Park av 
Scott John G, h 470 Campbell av 

\hs .Miirgar.-l. ttroi.'' r _".>:; Dumliis \v. 
1 :r.l High Park av 
Scott Miss Margaret J. dremkr, 1 361 

High Park av 

Scott Kalph. plmbr. b 14fl Dundas w 
Scott Samuel H. dri\ 

k av 

Scott Thomas F. driver J Scott 1 361 
High .Park av 

!' Van Home 
Scott Walter, h 98 Charles 

Win H (Livingston & Scott), res 

'ilk, lab, h 68 Private rd 

k, lab, h 64 Private rd 
k J. i-ngin. er. h 89 Clen- 
n av 

Ceorge. lab. h 339 St Clair av w 

Sermon Floy.l W. i.-l kCPR. n-s Toronto 

I. designer, 1 l.Vi Dundas w 

Phooe Bell 7n i. i:;j 



Open day and night TOKOMo ,11'Ni "I'll i\ 

Scruton Louis, undertaker 155 Dundas w 
Scully George, shipper, h 72 Hook 
Scu,,y Gerald, brkmn CPR, b 29 May 

>rn Rev Richard. M A, rector St 
Marks (Anglican) Church, h 129 Daven 
port rd 

s. lab Pugsley, Dingman & 
Co, res York tp 

ry J, driver, 1 65 Clara 
Sewell John P, moto, h 65 Clara 

ab, b 3 > Whitney av 
Shand James, foreman Dodge Mfg Co. h 

1 Pelham av 

Shannon Wm, tmstr Tor Junction Lum 
ber Co, res York tp 

Sharps Miss Alice, nurse High Park San 

Sharpe Francis T, pressman, rms 20 Fair- 
view av 

Sharpe Ingham N (I N Sharpe & Son), h 
133 Dundas 9 

Sharpe J Frederick, h 472 Elizabeth s 
Sharpe Katherine C, stenoir, 1 472 Eliza 
beth a 

Sharpe 9 Ernest (I N Sharpe & Son), 1 
133 Dundas e 

Win M. striimcr Hcint xm.ii) , 
>: Fairview av 

A me is W. carp, h 231 Keele s 

Ituby A, opr, 1 2i 

aril Miss Sarah L,, opr, 1 2 

Angus W. contr, 41 Onl 

SHAW JOHN A, Manager Standard Fuel 

Company, res 47 Medland 
Shaw J.>i,n A, litti-r, 1 40 Franklin av 

John K. lir man CPR, 1 41 Ontario 
Mis Maggie J. 1 46 Franklin av 

- Mary, drsmkr 31 M.-<lland 1 

<:k, lineman Stark T I. \ P Oo 
b 29 May 

it, h 2S6 Dundas w 

anklin av 
Viola. 1 41 On- 

id Albert, lab Pugeley, Uinjrman \ 
CO, res York tp 

Sin anl Wm. lab Pugsley, Dingnian o. Cu. 
York tp 

iiert M V, carp, h 4 
STielson Martin, cooper, 1 4 Dundas w 

rick J, cund, h r.7 \\'. 

rd Charles, driver John I lain. s. 1 

Miss Emma, musician, 1 ta M.-.I- 

>ard Frederick E, slsmn W R Shep- 
pard, 1 63 Medland 

n A, tchr. 1 23O High 
Park av 
Sheppard John, h 63 Medland 

ard John G, engineer, b 120 Quebec 
Sheppard Joseph, b 127 Mulock av 






Sheppard Thomas J, dry goods 83-85 Dun 
das w, res same 

; ard Wm H W. 1 23o High Park av 


Watchmaker, Jeweler and Optician 

of Watches, Clocks, Jewelry 

:tlv, :t;, > ,m hand. Repairing a specialty 
Phone Stark 192 

Sheppard Wm J, jeweller 46 Dundas w, h 


Auctioneers and Real Estate Agents 



Office 133 DUNDAS ST. EAST 

Phone Bell Jet 107 

Sharpe I N & Son tlngham N and S Er 
nest Sharpe), auctioneers, insurance and 
real estate agents 133 Dundas e 


131 Dundas St. West, cor. Pacific Ave. 

Phones Junction 456 and Stark 134 

Largest and Best Dry Goods Stun- in Toronto 

Sheppard Wm R. dry goods 131 Dundas 
w, h 56 High Pars av 

Sherbott James, lab D B Martin Co, res 

Sherman Miss Aleina M, drsmkr, 1 163 
Pacific av s 

Sherman Isaiah, carp, h 163 Paclflc av s 

Sherman J Robert, cond CPR, h 23 Vic 

Sherman Miss Maud E, tchr, 1 163 Pacific 
avenue B 

Sherwin Ann (wid Charles H), 1 64 WU- 
lougnby av 

Sherwin Charles H, action regulator 
Heintzman & Co, h 64 Willoughby av 

Sherwood Annie (wid James), h 153 Mix- 

abeth a 

ing Ellen (wid John), h 532 CamjK 
Dell av 

Shew-ring Miss Fannde, 1 532 Campbell av 
Shields Richard, fireman, h 45 Van Home 
Shinglair Edward W, moto, h 136 Mulock 


Shook Miss Diana R, h 35 Medland 
Shore Charles S, tlr A M Gabel, h 37 

u i.ioughby av 

snore Janet (wid Wm), h 56 Mulock ar 
Short Charles R, mach, h 278 Pacific av 
Snort Frederick M M, 1 246 Paclflc av a 
Shortt James, h 96 Quebec av 
Shunk Miss Bertha, 1 Nathaniel Shunk 
Shunk J Edward, apprentice, 1 Nathanle' 

Shunk Nathaniel, contr, w s Elizabeth 8. 

1 s Louisa, h same 
Shunk Simon, carp, h 560 Annette w 
Shurtleff John, mldr, b 80 Uxbrldge av 
Shuttleworth Edwin J, carp, h 125 Dun 
das e 
Shuttleworth James, draughtsman 1 125 

Dundas e 

Shuttleworth Mrs Janet, grocer 125 Dun 
das e, 1 same 
Sibley George H, mill foreman car dept 

CPR, 1 134 Vine av 
Slddall Wm E, wd turner, h 84 Laughtoa 

Sidebottom Samuel, lab D B Martin, res 


Siegner Miss Rosa, 1 191 Quebec av 
Simms James, eng D B Martin Co. re 

Simpson Rev Alexander N, h 311 Quebec 


Simpson Miss Beatrice, 1 250 Lake-view av 
Simpson Boyce, lab Butts, Ltd, res To 
Simpson Charles, bkpr Baats, Ltd, res 


Simpson Charles, brkmn, b 57 Annette e 
Simpson Miss Florence, mlnr. 1 1 Ferguson 

Simpson George, foreman Can Cycle 4 

Motor Co, res Wvrhwood Park 
Simpson George A, painter, h 168 Maria 
Simpson Herbert V, veneer hd Heintz- 

man & Co, res Toronto 
Simpson Rev James M, h 48 Medland 
Simpson Joseph C, foreman, h 156 W:l- 

loughby av 
Simpson Robert, apprentice NordhelmT 

Piano & Music Co, I 1 Ferguson av 
Simpson Wm. cooper, h 1 Ferguson av 
Sims Charles W, uphol CPR, 1 61 McMur- 

ray av 

Sims Wm, tlr, h 61 McMurray av 
Sincliar Albert, driver Batts, Ltd, h 17 

Quebec av 

Sinclair Albert D, carp, 1 193 Keele n 
Sinclair Albert E, mach, 1 179 Quebec ar 
Sinclair Allan H, hlpr Batts, Ltd, 1 37 

Quebec av 
Sinclair Christopher, brkmn, b 29 Western 

Sincliar Frank L, lumber insp CPR, b .11 


M. C. PINK & GO. 

Dealer* In Scrap Paper, Rubber, Iron, Metals, 
Ledgers, Newspapers, Books, Bags 

Phone M. 3891 22 FRANCIS ST. 


FRFR MARTIN Real Estate and Insurance Broker 

ILU. U. Ifinil I 111, 35 ADELA | DE ST> EAST Phone Main 2179 


Sinclair Harry C, chief timekpr CPR, res 


Sinclair Miss Jennie, opr, 1 193 Keele n 
Sinclair John A, carp, h 193 Keele n 
Sinclair Simon, night watchman, b 105 

Sinclair Miss Stella, cashier, 1 34 Western 

Sinclair Wm P, yardman CPR, h 59 Hook 

Skeana Charles, pntr Dom Carriage Co, 

res Toronto 
Skeans Wm A (Skeans & Agnew), u 258 

Lakeview av 
Skeans & Agmew (Wm A Skeans, Robert 

G Agnew), barrs 3 Dundas e 
Skldmore George H, dairy, 1 Hoskln av, 

h same 

Sklmerton Wm J, mldr, h 55 Hoskin av 
Skinner Charles H, sound bd mkr Heintz- 

man & Co,, h 322 Franklin av 
Slack David, tool mkr, h 213 Pacific av B 
Sladen Alfred, lab, b 14 Charles 
aiater Arthur S, presser, h 44 Union n 
Slater Wm, carp, rms 47 Hook av 
Slaughter Frederick, carp, rms 166 Paci 
fic av s 

email George, lab, h 293 Maria 
fimalley Albert, tinner T E Hoar & Co, 

res Toronto 

Smart Elswood, h 124 Lawa 
Smart Miss Ida. bkpr, 1 124 Laws 
Smart John T, store foreman CPR, b 127 

Smart Joshua M, messr Bank of BNA, 

rms 169 Vine av 

Smeeth George E, lab, h 29 Carlton pi 
Smith Adam, blkmr, h 152 Edmund 
Smith Alaster O, app Helntzman & Co, 

res Toronto 

Smith Albeit, car repr, b 29 May 
Smith Andrew J, tel opr CPR, h 35 Vic 
Smith Arnold M, slsmn Padget & Co, 1 51 

Pacific av a 

Smith. Bernard, apprentice Robert Pater- 
Smith Bertram B, btchr Levack Dressed 

Beef Co, b 285 Keele n 
Smith Charles W, pattern mkr, h 113 

Churchill av 

Smith Claude, stenog CPR, 1 35 Victoria 
Smith C Roy, tel opr CPR, b 13 Humbert 

side av 
Smith David, day egt yardmaster's office 

CPR, h Humberside av 
Smith Edward J, wiper CPR, h 44 St Clair 

avenue w 

Smith Everett J, lab, h 22 Uxbridge av 
Smith Miss Florence E, 1 57 Charles 
Smith Frank, brickmkr, 1 679 Weston rd 
Smith Frank, lab, 1 48 Argyle rd 
Smith Frederick O, fnshr, h 41 Hoskln 

Smith George, pressman, h 187 Wlllough- 

by avenue 

Smith George L, mach, 1 57 Charles 
Smith George T, carp, h 447 Campbell av 
Smith Gordon, driver James Scott, b 351 

High Park av 

Smith Gordon, mldr, 1 113 Churchill av 
Smith Hannah (wid Thomas C), 1 168 

Pacific av a 
Smith Harry, fireman CPR, h 143 Keele 


Smith Henry, carp, h 116 St Clair av w 
Smith Herbert, elk Can Cycle & Motor Co, 

res Toronto 

Smith Herbert G, carp, b 39 May 
Smith Hewt, plmbr Rydlng & Co, b Maria 
Smith Jacob P, carp CPR, h 22 Pacific 

av n 

Smith James (Crang & Smith), h 679 Wes 
ton rd 

Smith James, stove mntr, h 23 Carlton pi 
Smith Jesse C, grain buyer, h 145 Pacific 

av s 
Smith John W, mach Ld, h 46 Laughton 

Smith Joseph, hides 194 Dundas e h 48 

Rowland av 

Smith Lawrence, elect, rms 18 Van Home 
Smith Louis R, h 94 Central av 
Smdth Lydia (wid James F), h 51 Pacific 

av s 
Smith L Gerald, dentist 142 Dundas w, 1 

88 Thomas 

Smith Mark, mkt gdnr 240 St CLair av e, 

h same 

Smith Miss Maud, 1 202 Willoughby av 
Smith Miss Meta, slsldy W R Sheppard, 1 

41 Hoskin av 

Smith Mrs Minnie, 1 123 Annette e 
Smith l.iss Olive I, stenog Tor Suburban 

Ry Co, res Toronto 

Smith Ross, mach, I 113 Churchill av 
Smith Samuel V, tmstr Campbell Milling 

Co, h 57 Charles 
Smith Miss Sarah, tchr Carlton Pub Sen, 

res Toronto 
Smith Stewart, apprentice J R Jackson, 1 

Smith Thomas, watchman, h 2OO Weston 

road s 
Smith Thomas W, btchr, h 458 Campbell 

Smith Rev T Beverley, rector St John 

(Ang) Church, h 289 Annette w 
Smith Walter A, mldr, b 17 Laughton av 
Smith Walter T, mach, 1 169 Pacific av s 
Smith Wm B, brick mkr, rms 48 Undon s 
Smith Wm H, slsmn A A Ives, h 655 An 
nette w 

Smith Wm J, roofer, h 169 Pacific av s 
Smith Wm P, mach, 1 38 Ciendenan av 
Smylie Samuel, engineer CPR, h 67 Me- 

Murray av 
Smyth Harvey, blkmkr, h 258 Maria 


Real Estate and Insurance Agent 


Phone Junction 486 Toronto Junction 


Smyth Thomas J, real estate 3 Dundas e, 
h 76 Annette w 


Smyth Wm S, receiving elk stores dept 
CPR. h 126 Maria 

Snazel Amos W, mach, h 79 Edmund 

Snuzel Wm H D, stenog, 1 79 Edmund 

Snazelle Roland W G, elk, rms 18 Van 

Snelgrove Charles, fireman, b 16 Hook av 

Snell Edmund, cattle dealer Union Stock 
Yards, h 312 Lakeview av 

Snell Ernest H, storeman CPR, b 13 Carl- 
ton pi 

Snell Harvey T, studt, 1 312 Lakeview av 

Snetsinger Alfred, mldr, h 41 Charles 

Snider Aeton, tmstr, rms 27 Hoskin av 

Snider W Arthur, carp, h 185 Keele n 

Snoddon Elisha W, car repr CPR, h 17 
Franklin av 

Snoddon Miss Mary E, stenog, 1 17 
Franklin av 

Snowden Francis, apprentice Helntzman 
& Co, 1 47 Van Home 

Society Hall, 129 Dundas 

Sockett Miss Alice M, elk, 1 150 Wil 
loughby av 

Sockett James, mach hd, h 150 Willough 
by avenue 

Sockett Miss Louisa M, mlnr, 1 150 Wil 
loughby av 

Sockett Miss Mabel S, bkpr, 1 160 Wil 
loughby av 

Sockett Miss Ruth G, drsmkr, 1 150 Wil 
loughby av 

Solomon Max, piano bkr Helntzman & 
Co, res Toronto 

Somerville Thomas, tmstr, h 296 Daven 
port rd 

Songhurst Frederick, fireman CPR. u 106 
St Clair av w 

Sorley Peter, mach. b 56 Laughton av 

Southall Ernest, foreman Can Cycle & 
Motor Co, 1 210 Maria 

Southall Ezra, jmipper, h 210 Maria 
iuuthby Margaret (wid Henry J), h 120 

Pacific av s 
Southwell Charles J (Southwell & Doane), 

rms 63 Fairvlew av 
Southwell John Q W, mach, h 93 Hook 


Southwell, Percy E Doane), Hats and 

Mens Furnishings 61 Dundas w,' Phone 

Stark 170 
Spacey Edwin J, foreman mach Heint*- 

man & Co, res Toronto 
Sparks Charles R, lab Pugsley, Dingman 

it Co, h 215 St Clair av w 
Sparling Wm, fireman, b 52 Victoria 
Spears Cecil J. grocer 138 St Clair av w, h 

Spi-er Edwin A, insp CPR Tel Co, h ISO 

Uundas e 
Speers John, tmstr, b 136 Clendenan av 




speers Wm, undertkr 86 Dundaa w 
Spence Walter L, fireman CPR, h 34 Mu- 

lock av 
Spencer George, packer Campbell Milling 


Spencer Wm, lab, b 259 Keele n 
Spicer Ernest, lab, h 39 Charles 
Spicer Henry, tmstr, h 83 Elizabeth n 
Spicer Wm H, tmstr, h 7S Mc.Uurray av 
Spillett Robert, wiper CPK, b 7 Charles 
Spink Elizabeth (wid Wm), h 50 Mc- 

Murray av 

Spink Wm S, fnshr, 1 50 McMurray av 
Springford Miss Emily H, 1 168 Pacific av 

Springford Richard, night watchman, h 166 

Pacific av a 

Sproule Miss Annie, 1 87 Cooper av 
aproule Frederick A, eng CPR, h 77 

Sproule George W, eng Kerr Co, Ltd, h 87 

Cooper av 
Sproule Herman F, lab Batts, Ltd, 1 77 


Sproule Miss H Pearl. 1 77 Louisa 
Sproule Miss Irene, 1 87 Cooper av 
sprowl Arthur T, brkmn, h 122 Annette e 
tiprowl Hannah (wid Ellett), h 130 An 
nette e 

Squier Aaron, h 116 Pacific av s 
Squier Miss Margaret, 1 116 Pacific av a 
Squier Wm T, 1 116 Pacific av s 
Srigley Enoch V, carp, 1 71 Hoskin av 
Srigley Joel, carp, h 71 Hoskin av 
Srignel Robert J, moto Tor Suburban Ry 

Co, h 538 Dundas w 

Stacey Harry C, elect, 1 544 Quebec av 
Stafford Ernest F N, elk Can Cycle & 

Motor Co, rms 50 Vernon 
Stait Miss Mabel, elk, b 45 Western av 
(Branch), J A Shaw. Manager, Junction 
rd cor Weston rd, 'Phone Junction 42, 
and at 6 Dundas e. Phone Junction 43 
and Stark 103 
Standish J Philip, cashier Dodge Mfg Co, 

h 101 Quebec av 

Stanfield John, driver Batts, Ltd, h 7 Wil 
son pi 

Stanfield Wm T, lab, 1 7 Wilson pi 
Stanners Alexander C, jwlr 111 Dundas w, 

res Toronto 

Staples James, carp, 1 125 Maria 
Staples John J, carp, h 125 Maria 
Stark Alexander M, mngr Stark T L & P 

System, Ltd, h 202 Pacific av s 
Stark Joseph, blksmth, b 60 Mulock av 
Stark T L & P System, Ltd, A M Stark 

mngr 25-27 May 

Steadman Geoffrey C, ledger kpr Domin 
ion Bank, res Toronto 
Stearn Edward, lab Union Stock Yards, 
b 98 St Clair av w 

Guarantee Company of North America 

MEDLAND & SON, Gen 1 Agents, Mail Building, Cor. Kin? and Bay 


Tel. Main 1067 


PHONES MAIN 4501 and 1400 





!. wd wkr. h 11 Lindner 
igt Frost Wire Fence Co. 
Murray av 

nd Cr'R. h 48 Cawthra 


Tor Jim 
b 33 Hook av 

.i \v. elk Can Cycle & Motor 
: on to 

: E Gibbar.l 
Vine av 

Stephens Wm. lab, b 4O Franklin av 
Stephenson George, lab. h '._' Pilham av 
Stephenson Wm T. carp, h 4o McCormack 
i \V Henry, tmstr Robert Pat- 
erson, h 5 Hoskln av 
Sterling Bank of Canada, C W Buchanan, 

mgr 17 Dundas e 

Ml i:i.l\(, r.l MM s~- i <)|. 1. 1 .| . ,1 
II Demers. I'nncipal 8O Dundas w. 
Phone Junction bo 

Sterling Mary (wid Alexander). 1 238 

us John W. brkmn. h 117 Dundas w 


Stevens Wm, Lab, rms 114 Annette e 
l<^ Dundas w 
Stevens Wood, ftr, rms 'MO Ktele a 

John H. brkmn CPR, h 38 Ed 

. lp,-r Wrought Iron 


sun Linden, btchr Levack Dressed 
Beef Co, rms 48 St Clalr av w 

I), pntr Wrougli' 
Range Co, res Toronto 

arp CPR. h 53 Quebec av 
Stewart A W Otter, acct Sterling Bank, 

n to 
Stewart Donald A M. tun.- k|<i 


Stewuu Edith, tchr Annette St Sen. 
1 I'tiO Annef.i 

::mma, bkpr, 1 JU9 Paciflo 
av s 
Stewart harvey H. tlr. 1 5-'i Qu-ti.-c av 

.rt James (Stewart & Foster), h l<; 

tor Tor Junction Coll 

Int. h 417 Annette w 

aura W, tchr Annette St 

Sen, 1 417 Annette w 

Stewart Keuben, mason, h 20 Western av 
Stewart Sarah A (wid Thomas), h 2U 

facitic av s 
Stewart Wilfred, piano plshr. 1 53 Quebec 

Stewart & Foster \James Stewart & Wm 

Foster), m-os liuiMlas w, cor McMurra> 

Stinson George, fireman CPR, b 77 Mulock 


Stlrk Arthur, mach, b L'G<> Dundas w 
Stirrett Miss Alice, 1 67 Central av 
Stirrett Krn -st Z. studt, 1 67 Central av 
Stirrett George, hdware, h 67 Central av 
Stoddart Charles J. druggist 95 Dundas w. 

h L'SO High Park av 
Stocks Sidney H, pntr Dom Carriage Co. 

Stokes J Agar. mus tchr 48 Annette w, 1 

Stolte Frank H. foreman Can Cycle * 

Stoneham J Dalton. piano mkr. h 318 Paci. 

flc av s 

nan David A, mach h 34 Carlton pi 
Stoneman Elmer N, mldr. h 19 Carlton pi 
Stoneman George E. lab. h 15 Carlton pi 
btoneman Henry, lab, 1 r.l Carlton pi 
Stoneman Isaac W, boiler tester, h 32 

Carlton pi 

'h D, casemkr Nordhelmer 

Piano & Music Co, 1 318 Pacific av s 

:nan Joseph T. foreman, h 7 

man Richard (). api ; Ed 


nan Wm. watchman CPR. h .V. E.I 

:nan Wm H. apprent. . imun.! 

Storey Miss Agnes, elk. b 47 'Western ax- 

Storey Miss Cecelia, bkpr, 1 181 Clenden- 
an av 

i Vine av 
Storey James, mach. h 181 Clendenan av 

L. opr. 1 l.v. 

Storey Sarah (wid Henry), h 155 Vine av 
m, bkpr Gunns, Limited 
b 51 Pacific av 

Ain tlr H N Morrison, res 
N.M r , >urt 

Strange Frederick, mgr Peacock Ho; 
Dundas e 

lab. li tn Mulock av 
Stregolskl Joseph, carp, b W Mulock av 



.'.' HiinduSt. Ewt Residence: 280 Keel. 
Telephone 10 

i. Real Estate and Insur 
ance and Agt Conger Coal Co, 22 Dun- 

:. s 
Strong Charles, contr Subway Hot.'!, 1 

Strong Wm, brklyr, h 135 Keele n 
Strowger Mary A (wid Wmj, 1 9-J Annette 

Strutt John, fireman Batts, Ltd , res 
North Dovercourt 

i Francis H, clock mkr, h 70 Gothic 

A', tinner Wrought Iron Range 

in av 

Stuart Wlnfleld S. elk Ideal Women's 
r. h 405 Quebec av 
y Win. -arp. h 78 Fairvlew av 

. action fnshr Heini. 
1 5O Clendenan av 



^perance), Alexander 

^'>n, prop Keele n, s w cor Vine av 

a Raymond, glass plshr. rms H H 


Suggltt Francis, lab Batts, Ltd, h '^0 An- 


.1 Hyacinthe, lab. h lls Coop r av 
.11 Frank, shipper, b 285 Keelr n 
Sullivan Miss Irene, cashier, 1 -J^o Clen- 
UQ a v 

an John J. btehr. h 48 Franklin av 
loseph, foreman Lumen Bearing Co. 

Thomas, mldr Lumen Bearing Co. 
Surridge Frederick, brick mkr, 1 31'.' 

ton rd 

Surridge James, excavator, h .".10 V 

n*.- Thomas, tmstr n s Si 
Sutherland John, carp, h 130 Hawthra av 
Sutton James, painter, rma 68 Pacific av 


Sweanor Arthur P. mach I 110 Annette e 
Maud (wid Wm). 1 s>> Pelham av 
n Wm S. presser. 1 W Pelhni 
fireman. ' 

civ eng, b 69 Annette e 
- Daniel, gdnr. 1 Geo Symes 
s George, gdnr. h w s Elizabeth, 1 
n St Clair av 
Taggart David, lab, h 145 Keele n 

. rt Robert, blksmth CPR, b 38 
nklm av 
Talbot Henry A, glass decorator, h 1L'.". 

Davenport rd 
Tamblyn Otentia (wid Arthur), bdg 2L' 

Union B 
Tanton Steplien, carp, rms 54 Union n 

^ Daniel W, grocer 75 Victoria 
Tarzwell Robert, driver John Haines, ! 

Tasker James, h w e Elizabeth a, 2 f 

Tassell Alfred K, yardman Tor Junction 

Lumber Co. 1 39 May 

11 Wm J, engint-er. h :fii May 
Tattle Wm L. carp CPR, h 411 Weston 


Taylor Alexander, mWr, b 30 Carlton pj 
Taylor Arthur E, yardman Conger Coal 

Co, 1 r 321 St Clair av e 
Taylor Bros (Wm J Taylor), btchrs 127 

Dundas e 
Taylor Charles, plate fnshr Heintzman * 

Argyle rd 

Taylor Christopher, pedlar, h 240 Pa 
cific av 
Taylor Daniel, eng CPR h 31 Laws 

r Charles S, h 53 Argyle rd 
Taylor George, iab b 13 Franklin av 
Taylor Harold R, elk W Taylor, 1 503 

Dundas w 

: Harry, engine turner, b 19 Laugh- 
ton av 

Henry. lab. h :W Van Home 
Taylor Herbert A, yardmaster CPR, b 32 

Mulock av 
Taylor H Robert, btchr I. .'gsed 

Beef Co, h 48 St Clalr av w 
Taylor James, pork packer, h 92 St Clalr 

av w 
Taylor James H. elk Can v^ycle & Motor 

Co, h 122 Wliloughby av 
Taylor James W, grocer 264 Weston rd 

a, h same 

Taylor Jeremiah T, lab, h 176 Ontario 
Taylor John, packer Campbell Milling Co, 

res Toronto 
Taylor John, ptrnmkr, 1 121 llumberside 

av e 
Taylor John E, lab, I 98 Humbersid* a* 

Tavlor Joseph blksmtha hlph b 74 Dnnr 

Taylor Lucy M (wid Heber), h 246 Pa- 

ciflc av a 
Taylor Margaret (wid John E) 1 98 Hum- 

berside av e 
Taylor Miss Mary. 1 130 Annette e 

' try A, h 4O Laughton ar 
.Miss Margaret, mlnr, 1 Ul Hum- 

berside av 
Taylor Richard, leading hJ car dept CPR, 

!> T'ttley 
Taylor Robert, fly fnshr Heintzman A Co. 

h TJ1 llumberside 
Taylor Miss Teresa M, tchr Western AT 

Sch, 1 39 Van Horn- 

r Wm. asst warehseman Campbell 
ng Co, res Toronto 
Taylor Wm, blrmkr, h 55 Gilmour av 

r Wm, btchr 501-503 Dundas W, 


Wm, lab, h 8O-Franklin av 
Taylor Wm A, trav. h 19 Hoskln av 

Wm J (Taylor Bros), h 127 Dun- 

Teasdale Marion M (wid Anthony), h 3M 

Quebec av 
Teeple Lewis, furnace mntr. n 138 Cln- 

aenan av 

.1 James, plstr, rms 341 Pacific a 
Telford Wm, eng CPR. h 241 Annette w 
Temple Helen L (wid Frederick), h MS 

tilgh Park av 

INSURE QTT A TIT" J0V O17PP General Agents Gore District Mutual, London Mutual, 
WITH.... Oil AW O6 DErfVJVJ Perth Mutual, Traders, Ottawa and Montreal, Can. Fire Ins., Go's 
Office 9 Toronto St. Phones, Office M. 856; Res., North 1685, North 2934. AGENTS WANTED 

Accident Insurance 

| The ONTARIO Accident Insurance Co. 

No. 61-65 ADELAIDE ST. E. 

Temple Wm, shoes 19 Dundas w, h same 
Temple Wm Jr, watchmkr, 1 68 Dundas w 
Terry Alfred C, mach, h 30 Pacific av s 
Terry George T, porter, h 65 Hook av 
Terry Sarah (wid Robert), h 115 Annette 

Tewsley John D, mach, h w s Elizabeth 

8, 1 s Louisa 

Theobold Edward, lab, b 24 Whitney av 
Thomas David, carp, b 43 Dundas e 
Thomas George O, carp, h 106 Weston av 
Thomas Mrs Hannah, h 58 Annette e 
Thomas Harry, lab, b 39 Uxbridge av 
Thomas Harry J, h 435 Annette w 
Thomas John H, lab Davenport Lumber 

Co, h 96 Pelham av 

Thomas John L, mgr W Sands, res To 
Thomas Richard, plmbr, h 286 Franklin 

Thomas Samuel A, carp, h 35O Pacific av 

Thomas Wm D, slsmn C M Cutts & Co, 

h 130 Clendenan av 

Thompson Miss Agnes J, 1 72 Quebec av 
Thompson Albert, fireman CPR, b 121 

Keele n 

Thompson Albert R, dyer, h 55 Edmund 
Thompson Alexander, h 100 Lakeview av 
Thompson Annie (wid Atchison), 1 1 

Thompson Catherine (wid James), h 72 

Quebec av 
Thompson David, signalman, h 104 

Churchill av 
Thompson Miss, E Maud, drsmkr, 1 96 


Thompson Francis H, mldr, 1 96 Maria 
Thompson Frederick W, acct v h 30 

Thompson George, mach, b 142 Churchill 

Thompson Henry, night watchman, h 88 


Thompson Henry jr. painter, 1 96 Maria 
Thompson Howard, b 48 Mulock av 
Thompson Ira -M, elk Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co, res Toronto 
Thompson John, foreman Union Stock 

Yards, h 67 Mulock av 
Thompson John D. gro 1 Charles, h same 
Thompson Miss Maria A, 1 72 Quebec av 
Thompson Miss Muriel, studt, 1 20 Row 
Thompson Miss Sarah C, drsmlcr, 1 72 

Wuebec av 

Thompson Thomas H, h -9 Western av 
Thompson Walter C, elk CPR, res To 
Thompson Wilfred J, foreman Can Cycle 

& Motor Co, res Toronto 
Thompson Wm, driver Hillock & Brown. 

res Toronto 
Thompson Wm H, bvkmn, h 23 McMurray 

Thompson Wm J, blksmith, rms 44 Union 


Thomson Alfred I. eng, h 130 Cooper av 
Thomson Arthur W, tmstr, h 144 Maria 
Thomson Miss Bessie, 1 70 Quebec av 
Thomson Charles J. carp, h 37 Hosktn av 
Thomson Charles T, printer 61 Dundas 

w, h same 

Thomson Miss Elizabeth, h 58 Annette e 
Thomson Miss Lettie, slsldy T J Shep- 

pard, 1 79 Quebec av 
Thomson Miss Margaret F, studt. 1 ,"8 

Annette e 
Thomson Miss Mary, stenog, 1 58 Annette 


Thomson Neil, carp, h 79 Quebec av 
Thomson Miss Sarah B. tchr Annette St 

Sch, 1 58 Annette e 
Thorndyke Edward T. lab Union Stock 

Tards, 1 27fl Keele n 
Thorndyke Robert, lab. h 279 Keele n 
Thorndyke Thomas K. lab, 1 279 Keele n 
Thorndykp Wm G, oar repr CPE, 1 1'7'J 

Keele n 

Thornton Joseph, much, h ]51 Elizabeth s 
Thorpe Wm S. eng CPR. h 32 Fairview av 
Tickle Wm, fitter, h 471 Albany rd 
Tiffin Wm J, yardmaster CPR, h 47 Mu 
lock av 

Tillcocks Charles, lab, b 43 Dundas e 
Timbers Joseph, porter Wrought Iron 
Range Co, h 93 Hook av 

Timbers Joseph H, apprentice Heintzman 

& Co, 1 95 Hook av 

Timmins Thomas, carp, b 31 Western av 
Tindale Wilbert E, mach, h 55 Argyle rd 
Tindall Charles W, wd wkr, h 188 Hum 
berside av 
Tindall David B, watchmkr W J Shep- 

pard, 1 188 Humberside av e 
Tindall George, 1 188 Humberside av 
Tindle Clifford, lab, h 60 HOOK av 
Tinline Benjamin, foreman pntr Wilkin 
son Plough Co. res Toronto 
Tinline Robert, foreman wd wkr Wilkin 
son Plough Co, res Toronto 
Timlne Thomas C, sales mgr Wilkinson 

Plough Co, h 288 Willoughby av 
Titley Frederick, cond Tor Suburban Ry 

Co, 1 121 Queen 
Titley Rupert (Titley & Frost), h 121 

Titley Wm, lab Titley & Frost, I 121 


Titley & Frost (Rupert Titley. Georee H 
Frost), brick mfrs, n s St Clair av e, 1 
w Campbell av 

Toase Arthur, baker, 1 141 Maria . 
ioase Henry, brkmkr, h 141 Maria 
Toase Thomas S, baker, h 47 Union a 
Tobin Michael J (M J Tobin & Co), h 9 

Dundas e 

Tobin Miss Minnie, 1 9 Dundas e 
Tobin M J & Co (Michael J Tobin), gro 
cers, 9 Dundas e 
Tobin Miss Nellie, 1 9 Dundas e 
Todd Frank, plmbr, b 31 Hook av 
Todd George, brklyr, b 73 Victoria 
Todd Miss Jennie, drsmkr, rms 120 Pa 
cific av s 

Todd Thomas W, mldr, h 194 Annette w 
Todd W Albert, wd wkr Dom Brush & 

Mirror Co, 1 194 Annette w 
Todgham Albert J, mach hd Heintzman 

& Co, res Toronto 

Toles Edward, fireman CPR, b 121 Keele 


Tolman Frederick, plshr, b 57 Annette e 
Tolmie Alexander, lather, h i!6O Weston 

rd s 
Tomlinson Miss Edna M. mus tchr, 449 

Quebec av 

Tomlinson Miss Evelyn, 1 133 Pacific ac s 
Tomlinson John L, foreman, h 449 Que 
bec av 
Tonkin Edward R, action regulator 

Heintzman & Co, h 230 Pacific av s 
Tonkin J Wm, auto fnshr, h 425 High 

Park av 
Tonkin Wm C, plshr Heintzman & Co, 1 

42.-> High Park av 
Topham Frederick (Newman & Topham). 

h 458 Dundas w 
Topham Harry A, fireman CPR, h 111 


Topham Wm A E, carp, h 56 Main 
Topping Charles, foreman, h 47 Vine av 
Topping C Frederick, elk Heintzman & 

Co, 1 47 Vine av 
Toronto Junction College of Music and 

School of Elocution, Mrs Marl- S Mc- 

Gill dir. Miss Eveleen McGill sec-treas, 

18 Dundas w 

Toronto Junction Collegiate Institute, F 

C Colbeck, BA, prin, Quebec av, opp 

Humberside av 
Toronto Junction Electric Plant. J;mifs 

Hardy supt, w s Weston rd, near Bridge 
Toronto Junction Gun Club, P Wakefield 

sec, 33 Dundas e 
Toronto Junction Ice Co, 104 Vine av 


LUMBER CO., Limited 


Shingles, Lath, Cedar Post, Lime, Cement, Sewer 

Pipe, Fire Brick, etc. 
KEELE ST., COR. VINE AVE . Phones Bell 

Junction 428 and Stark 177 


Phone College 4043 

Toronto Junction Lumber Co, Ltd, R E 
Gibson president, R L McCormack vice- 
president, W C Irvin mng director, 
vine av. cor Keele n, city branch, Bath- 
urst cor Dupont (See adv Lumber Deal 

Toronto Junction Machine Co, R J Batt 
mgr t machinists, 30 Keele s 

flee, John S Kirkwood Postmaster, s w 
cor Dundas and Keele 

Toronto Junction Public Library, Miss E 
W McCallum librarian, Bank of Ham 
ilton bldg, n s Dundas e 

Limited, E G E Ffolkes President, 
Brandon av, cor Campbell av (See adv 
Railway Supplies) 

Toronto Shade Cloth Co, Hebdidge, Gautt 
& Lay props, s s Carlton, cor Laugh- 
ton av 

Toronto Shirt & Overall Co (factory), 
Edward Phillips foreman, w s Bruce, 
cor Hook av 

Toronto Suburban Ry Co, G C Royce 
mngr, 5 Keele s, powerhouse s w cor St 
Clair av and Weston rd 

Toronto World. F A Ellison mgr, 22 Dun 
das e 

Tottle Charles V, elk Can Cycle & Motor 
Co, res Weston 

Tout Edwin J, eng CPR, h 201 Pacific 
avenue s 



Estates Managed, Houses Rented, Collections 

Made, Insurance Effected 

Office 12 Keele St. North 


Tovell Japheth A, real est, insurance, etc, 

12 Keele n, h 4S Annette w 
TOWN HALL, 16-18 Keele s 

Townsend Cecil G, elk Dom Exp Co, 1 

1M Western av 
Townsend Thomas R, agt Dom Exp Co, 

49 Dundas w, h 184 Western av 
Townsley George H, mgr G H Townsley 

\- Co, h !M> St Clair av e 
Townsley G H & Co, G H Townsley mgr 

514 Weston rd 

Townsley Miss Grace, 1 514 Weston rd 
Townsley Miss Lillian, stenog, 1 514 Wes 
ton rd 
Townsley Martha (wid George S;, h 514 

Weston rd 

Townsley Miss Meta, 1 514 Weston rd 
Traplin Wm, lab Union Stock Yards, res 

Lambton Mills 
Travis George, lab Union 'Stock Yords, h 

Albany rd 
Travis James, lab Union Stock Yords, 1 

Albany rd 

Travis Wm R, hatter, h 343 Pacific av s 
Treadgold Albert E, slsmn, h 36 King 
Treble John H, mach, h 132 Gilmour av 
Tivhurne Miss Alice, stenog, rms 5 Dun 
das e 
Tivharne Miss Lucinda, stenog, 1 89 High 

Park av 

Trenchard Frederick, carp, b l.VS Edmund 
Treppe Basil, lab, h 60 Mulock av 
Tribune The (Weekly), Fairbanks & 

Wright props, 24 Dundas w 
Trimble George D, barber 35 Dundas *. 

h 68 Willoughby av 

Trimble Miss Mary A, fnshr. 1 63 May 
Trimble Mrs Matilda, h 63 -May 
Trott Albert G, tmstr, h 32 Victoria 
Troyer Claude E, chief elk train master's 

dept CPR, res Toronto 

Canadian Guardian Life Insurance Company 

Office Special S25O Policies Both Sexes Ages 12 to 65. Reliable Agents Wanted TORONTO 


1O3 Bay St. 



Trueman Miss Ella E, 1 83 Quebec av 
man Frederick H, tmstr, 1 88 Que 

bec av 

>rge. cement wkr, b U>3 Cooper 

B venue 

Tucker John. mach, b 57 Edmund 
Tucker Robert, cement wkr, b Us Cooper 

a\ el 

TucKer Wm, lab. h 120 Maria 
Tuck M. contr 337 Western 

av. h SM - 

Tufts Win \V, mach, rms 44 \S 
Tunnah M;ss Margaret Q. tchr Carlton tit 

Ue e 

Tuppin Wm. rms 54 Western av 
Turner Hugh, mach. h 377 Western nl 
Tun i ;:,kr Xord 

Piano .v M usl< ' '. n-s> 
Turpin Win. blksm:th. b lo W 
Xushingham Edward, elk Bell Tel Co, r i 


Tutty Frederick, lab, h 69 Pacific av a 
Tutty Philip, engine trimmer CPR, h 32 

Pacific av 
Tutty Thomas A, engineer, h 177 Clenden- 

an a 
Tuxford Jolm W. jiainu : .nklin 

Tye John G. engineer, h l;i Clendenan ax- 

. , 

Tyler IvlwarcJ. lilksmith Cl'H. 
ney av 


Tynilall Edward \\ ker CPR. 

res York tp 

Tynegate Watson, lab. h 19<> Maria 
Tynegate \Vm. lad. 1 l!n Maria 

". Wm H. brkmn CPR. b 73 Paclflo 

BV s 

Uden Ernest W, lab. h 115 Cooper av 
Umphrey Robert, prrxiuce. h -KM Pacific 

av 3 
Underdown Thomas J, postman, h 061 An. 

nette w 

Undrell John, lab, 1 39 Hoskin av 

Undrell Thomas, coalman. 1 39 Hoskin av 

Undrell Wm. lab. h :' H-.pkin av 


W w Hodgson M .ok Yards 

and Cattle Market, n CPR and Horse 

Exchange. Herbert Smith Manager, w . 

of Keele n, 'Phone Junction 414 and 4-' 

Upper ton Charles E. tmstr. h 149 Vine m.v 

art Alexander B. lab. h 44 Vernon 

Urquhart Miss Jessie M, bkpr Richard 

son Cartage Co, res Streetsvllle 
Daher John, apprentice Nordheimer Piano 

x Musi Co. 1 IT.', Keele n 
Usher Wm. h 175 Keele n 

Vernon Elgin, pntr, 1 2 Ferguson av 
n Mrs Eliza, h 2 Ferguson av 

lohn, moto, h 124 Maria 
Victoria Presbyterian Church, Rev G C 
Pidgeon, DD, pastor, n w cor MedlanJ 
and Annette w 
Vincent &eorge L, fireman CPR, h 41 VI.'. 


Vogan Robert, baker and oonfr 139 Dun 
das e, res Toronto 

Harry, rep. rms IS Ontario 
Wadsworth James. 1 loo Pelham av 

John, car repr. b 29 May 
. Wm J. -isst car foreman CPR, 

Wadsworth Wm J Jr. act:on fnshr. I -O4 

Waghorne Frederick C, billiards and 

cigars 72 Dundas w, h same 
Wagner Charles, lab Union Stock Yards, 

:look av 

Wagner Herbert W. coll C F Wright, 

vrlght Albert, lab D B Martin Co, 
h 319 Franklin av 

Aright Job H. slsmn Wm Rown- 
tree. b 46 Laughtoi. 

Walsh Gordon, core mkr, i 9 Lindner 

i Hannah (wid John), h 157 Vine av 
Walters John, fireman CPR. rms 47 Hook 


Walters Joseph, ftr. h 20 Ontario 
\\ niters Thomas G, elk Can Cycle & 

Motor Co, res Toronto 
Walton Albert H. lab, h 314 Devenport rd 
Walton Arthur H, elk J G Wright 1 260 

Clendenan av 
Walton David C, contr L'IO Clendenan av, 

h same 

Walton Miss Lena G, 1 2fio Clendenan av 
.-amuel, bricklyr, b 167 Louisa 
\\ anless George, engineer, h 150 Pacific 

av s 
Wansbrough James W, train dispatcher 

CPR. h \fj Mulock av 
Wansbrough Martha (wid Edward) h 44 

Ward Miss Clara, mus tchr 475 St Clalr 

av w, 1 same 

Ward Edgar, engineer, 1 475 St Clair av w 
Ward Elizabeth J (wid, Alfred), h 84 H gh 

Park av 

W CM Enochl Banltary inspr, h 475 St 

stenog Can Ward Miss Lillie, caretkr St Clalr A 
Co, 1 2- Union s Sch. 1 475 St Clalr av w 

Waketield Edward, brick mfr, h 28 Union Ward Mrs Louisa, grocer 475 St Clair av 

Wak.-rield Walt-r R, in.ner. h 1(10 St Clair 

w, 1 same 

Ward Mary A (wid Thomas), h 21 Pacific 
avenue n 

Wakelin Arthur, strlneer Heintzman & Ward Michael, car repr CPR. h 270 Marls, 
Co. h 52 King u ar !i Robert, moto Tor Suburban Ry Co. 

Ward Thomas E, eng CPR, h 4 Wilson pi 
Ward Miss Victoria, drsmkr, 1 475 
Clair av w 


Wal.l.-n Miss Kdith. slsldy. 1 41 Victoria 
Walden Edward, yard foreman CPR, h 

74 K 
Waldie Andrew, h 43 St Clair v e 

-h George, lab. h :ui Will.ughbv av Ward Miss Violet, wrapper Pugsley Ding- 
Walker Albert H, carp. - 

side av e 
walker Alfred, mldr. h 62 Annette e. 

96 Humber- man * 9- ' 473 st clalr -v w 

Wardell Clifford, granite ctr M G Wardell, 

1 188 Dundas e 

Wardell Manford G, marble wks 190 Dun 
das e, h same 


Wardlaw John T, ctr, h 74 Clendenan av 
Wark George K, engineer, h 186 Pacific 


Uttley Herbert, lab D 

B Martin C 

Van Allen Miss Mary, nurse High Park 

Vanderheart Miss Lena, packer Pugsley. 

Dingman & Co. res York tp 
Van Dusen Clifford R. gents furnishings 

"jndas w. h O'J Clendenan av 
Van Dusen Whltford. h 334 Lakevlew ar 
Van Pusen Whitford J. studt, 1 334 Lake- 


Vanes Harry, fireman, b 131 Dundas" 
Van Nostrand Daniel, cabt mkr. h .",1 .M; 

Van Wyck Miss Abigail. 1 63 Annr 

Van Wi k Gertrude A, 1 69 Lake- 

Van Wy,-k Gilbert S. carp, h 69 Lakevlew 

Van Wyck Miss M Mildred, elk P O. 1 68 

Lakeview av 

Van \Vyek Miss Nancy. 1 63 Annette e 
Van Wyck Thomas, h 03 Ann-tie e 
Van Zyle Harry, rest 68-70 Dundas w. h 


' Wark Samuel J, eng CPR, h 40 Argyle 

Warner Sarah J (wid John J), 1 451 St 

Clair av w 

Warner Wells, stenog, h 451 St Clalr av w 
Warren Alfred, leading lid car dept CPR, 

Walker Arthur T, tinner, h 97 High Park 

"'Henue 8 A ' fred> ^^ " 4T Uxbr ' dee WarSn^Airred H. eng Stark T L & P 

Walker Edward, r-ond, h 8 i Lakeview av w'irWn^DanVef'firerna, k T T Co 

Walker George H. brkmn. h 56 Hoskin ^La^Mon S T L * ' 

Walker Harry, engineer. h 55 Pacific 

av s 
Walker Harry W. acct Molsons Bank, h 

fi Keele n 

Warren Henry J, mach, h 36 Union n 
Wasdell Henry, brklyr, h >2 Campbell av 
Wasdell Thomas H, mach. h 150 Clenden 

an av 
Wattrs Miss Bertha, opr, 1 155 Keele n 

Walker Tosio^ T ctaam ttr V, 1 *> r-l,r. cnua, op[ , 1 loo iveeil 

saac J. steam rtr. h 132 Clen- waters Miss Eva, opr, 1 155 Keele n 

denan av 

Waters Frank, eng CPR, h w s Eliza 

_. Walker James, carp. 1 100 St Clair av w Keth s 1 s Dundas 

oke- walker James W. mldr. h 115 Mulock av Watkins KrnestOrtstr b 51 Western av 

walker John L. baggageman, 1 97 High Watkin! Hugh! iVpugsley, DlnSSSk I 

e Park av Co h m Hnnlf av 

Walker John S, elk Bank of Hamilton. Watkins John, plstr, b 151 Elizabeth B 
.,?:'. \ I , l !L . ck ~*r . .VVatk.ns John, plstr. h 535 St Clair av w 

Walker Miss Otta. stenog, 1 97 

Park av 

Walker Robert, h 100 St Clair av w 
Walker Robert J. 5'ardman, h 50 Victoria 

High Watkins Thomas B. plstr. b 51 Western 

Watklnson Henry, contr w s Bruce. 1 n 
Dundas e, h same 


Walker Samuel, car repr CPR, h S watmouih Reuben, brklyr. h 142 Clenden- 

Franklin av an av 

Walker Samuel. lab, h 96 Humbersid Watson Christian W. h 251 High Park av 
venue e Watson Cyril, apprentice Heintzman * 

\\ alker Thomas, lab. b 120 Edmund Co res Weston 

Walker Violet (wid Isaac', 1 .>> Hoskin av \ Va tson James D carp h 228 Pacific av 
Walker Wm. brkmkr. h s Davenport rd south 
Vardon Mary (wid Alexander), h 291 Ma- Walker Wm. btchr. h 310 Weston rd s Watson James S oil producer h 13 Laugh, 
rla Walker Wm J, cond CPR, h 102 An- ton av 

-han Frederick P B. nut mkr. h US nette w Watson Lloyd, driver T Chapman, b 5S 

herine L, stenog, 1 158 Davenport rd 
Edmund , Watson Lyman M, cond CPR. h 8 Dundas 

Watson Wm, sound bd mkr. b 50 Edmund 

Churchill av 
Vaushan Miss Mary, 1 :v; L'xbridge av 
Vaughan Wm, acct, h 308 Willoughby av 

Veal Harry, brklyr. h 15 Uxbrldc~> av 
Veal Wm G. contr 34 Cawthra av, h 

John. lab. h S>1 Conduit 
Wallace John W, lab. h 42 Edmund 

Wallace Thomas B. iron wkr. 1 158 Ed 

ace Wm. carp, h I5S Edmund 

Velmon Lazarus, case mkr He ntzman & Wallace Wm W. carp Union Stock Yard?. 

Co, res Toronto 
Venables Frederick W. fnshr Heintzman 

s Toronto 
Venn John W. h 497 Campbell av 

h 66 Franklin av 
Walls James A. mach. h 70 Laughton av 
a (wid Joseph), h 76 Mc- 
; y av 

Watson Wm H. blrmkr, h 345 Pacific 

av a 
Watt Allan, who! flour, h 144 Lakeview 

Watt Martha (wid Richard), 1 320 Quebec 

Watt !. mantle mkr. 1 320 

Quebec av 

Oat Cleaners, Feed Boxes 
Chicago Clipping Machines 

Tisdale Iron Stable Fittings Co,, Limited 

Office, 17-21 Temperance St. Phone M. 3800 


Arthur St.&Ossington Av, 

Phone Park 2345 

Slate, Tile, Felt and Gravel 

Watt Thomas J, postman, res Weston 
Watts Abraham, h 671 Weston rd 
Watts Annie (wid Prank), prop Peacock 

Hotel, h 235 Dundas e 
Watts David, fitter, h 142 Maria 
Watts John, helper Tor Junct Ice Co, b 

261 St Clair av w 
Waverley Club, 72 Dundas w 
Wearing Joseph, elk loco dept CPR, res 

Toronto .. 

Weatherill John E, coal dlr, h 123 Dav 
enport rd 

Weaver Cecil R, elk, 1 124 Western av 
Weaver Harry W, brkmn CPR, h 124 

Western av 

Weaver H Burwell, foreman, h 289 Q de- 
bee av 

Weaver Lorenzo, foreman, h 45 May 
Webb Frederick, bicycle hd, b 81 Clara 


Real Estate and Financial Broker 

Estates Managed, Insurance Effected, Money 
to Loan, Marriage Licenses 

Office 26 DUNDAS ST. WEST 

Phone Junction 454 Open till 9 p.m 

Webb George H, agt Elias Rogers Co, 

Ltd. and real estate 26 Dundas w, h 

199 Keele s 

Webb Miss Jean, bkpr, 1 199 Keele s 
Webb Miss Lucy, stenog, 1 199 Keele s 
Webb Thomas, lab, b JIS St Clair av w 
Wedgewood Josiah, eng Pugsley, Dlngman 

& Co, h 42 Union n 
Wedrick George W, foreman, h 128 Clen- 

denan av 
Weekes James, trunk mkr, h 44 Mu ock 


Weeks Charles H. h 43 May- 
Weeks James W. driver T E Hoar & 

Co, res Weston rd 
Weeks Wm J, slsmn T E 'Hoar & Co, 

res Weston rd 

Weese Albert, fireman CPR, b ."0 Union n 
Weese Oscar B. elk stores dent UiMt, n 

19 Dundas w 
Weiderick George, lab Pugsley, Dlngman 

& Co, h 128 Clendenan av 
Weight Arthur, cond CPR, b 23~> Dundas 


Weir Miss Christina H, bkpr, 1 192 Pa 
cific av s 
Weir Miss Emma, chief opr Bell Tel Co, 

1 192 Pacific av B 

Weir James, mach, h 192 Pacific av a 
Weldon Miss Elizabeth, pack r Pugaiey, 

Dingman & Co, b 17 Ontario 
Weller Wilfred, fireman, b 33 Vine av 
Wells David E, pntr, 75 Vine av 
wells Wm A, lab, b 50 Lnlon n 
Welsh Cecil J, plshr, 1 37 Van Home 
Welsh Edward L, piano fnshr, h 37 Van 


Welsh James J, mach, h 97 Davenport ra 
Welsh Miss Mabel, elk Standard Fuel Co, 

1 37 Van Home 

Welsman George, painter h'pr, h 213 An 
nette w 

Welsman Oliver, elk CPR, 1 213 An 
nette w 

Welsman Wilfred, carp, 1 213 Annett ? w 
Welton George M, brkmn. h 31 Victoria 
Wensley George A, case mkr Heintzman 

& Co, res Toronto 

Wenston John, tmstr, b 232 Davenport rd 
West Edward B, brkmn CPR. 1 108 Mu- 

lock av 

West Frederick, lab, b 24 Whitney av 
West Henry W, agt Canadian Express Co, 

h 116 Dundas w 
West Reginald J, apprentice, 1 Thomas 

West Thomas, mach, h w s K iznbeth s, 

6 s Louisa 

West Wm H. tool mkr, 1 Thomas West 
Westcott George, switchman, h <!6 Hos- 

kin av 

Western av School. Miss Mary K Cherry 

prln, 1 s 59 Western av 
Whaley David B, engineer, h 2 Medland 
Whalley Maud (wid Wm), nurse 31 Maria, 

h same 

Wheadon Wm E, trav Wilkinson Plough 
Co, res Toronto 

Wheale John, lab, rms 115 Churchill av 

Wheale Lillie. dom S9 Kcimund 

Wheatley Albert, trav, h 114 Dundas e 

Wheaton Charles F, sec-tress Dodge Mfg 
Co. res Toronto 

Wheeler Clarence A, mach, h 142 Pacific 
avenue s 

Wheeler Ray S, apprentice Joseph Bone, 
b 88 Pacific av a 

Wnetham Thomas B, mach, h 56 Camp 
bell av 

Whetter Bros (Wm H and Frank G I) 
btchrs 139 Dundas w 

Whetter Frank G I (Whetter Bros), h 2 
Pacific av a 

Whtter Wm H (Whetter Bros), h 52 
Lakeview av 

Wheway Charles, brkmn CPR, b Subway 

Whitbread John, lab, b 7 Charles 

White Albert E, dyer, h 33 Carlton pi 

White Archibald, contr 146 Mulock av. h 

Whiite Charles N, maoh hd, 1 237 Annette 

White Miss Edith J, mus tchr, 237 An 
nette w, 1 same 

White Edward C, elk bridgemaster's de 
partment CPR, rm'h 128 Willoughby av 

wmte Elizabeth (wid Albert), 1 23 

White Ezra, carp Tor Sub Ry Co, h 197 

White Frederick J, despatcher, 1i 60 

White Herbert H, comp Leader & Record 
er, res Toronto 

White John D, tinsmith R J Bryce, h 49 

White. John L, sawyer Conger Coal Co, li 
74 Hoskin av 




, , 

White Martha A (wid Richard), h 237 

Annette w 
White Morley R, stenog, 1 205 Maria 

White Robert T, car repr CPR, h 205 

White Thomas, carman Tor Suburban Ry 

Co, l 197 Beatrice 
V. hite Wm G, car repr CPR, h 272 Maria 

Whitehead W George, trav, h 78 Clenden 
an av 

Whltehouse Harry, fireman, b 19 Western 

WMtelaw Ivan R, cutter, 1 31 Carlton pi 
Whitelaw John, mach, n 31 Carlton pi 
Whiting Frederick G, fitter, h 79 Eliza 
beth n 

W'hitley Charles, key mkr Kerr Co, Ltd, 
res Toronto 

Whitlock C Victor, apprentice Heintzman 
& Co, 1 14 Humberside av e 

Whitmore Lafayette, h 115 Clendennn av 

Whitson Lydia (wid Adam), 1 77 Louisa 
v> nittaker John H, mach CPR, h 260 

wmttington Ernest W, mach, h 64 Camp 
bell av 

Wicks Arthur M, foreman, h 72 Hoskin 

Wiicks David E, mach, h 40 Annette e 

Wicks Ralph, stock kpr, h 46 Annette e 

Wicks Wm J, cond Tor Suburban Ry Co, 
I 197 Franklin av 

Widdison Ernest, mldr Lumen Bearing 
Co, res Toronto 

Wiggins Benjamin, lab, h 129 Edmund 

Wiggins Robert C, fitter CPR, h L'.TC 

Wlgle Miss Nina, slsldy, b 57 May 
Wllber Charles, boiler mkr, h 59 Pacific 

av a 

w liber Frank, repr, 1 59 Pacific av s 
Wllcox Ann J (wid Wm H), h 117 Conduit 
Wilcox Daniel J, trav, h 218 Quebec av 

Wdlcox Miss Gertrude E, stenog, 1 117 


Wllcox Miss Laura A, stenog, 1 117 Con 

Wllcox Miss Louise A, 1 218 Quebec av 
wiicox Miss Mabel M, 1 218 Quebec ar 
Wildey Wm, lab, b 30 Whitney av 
Wilds Ellas, h 51 May 
Wilkes Frederick, bkpr, 1 120 Louisa 
Wilkes Horace, elk, 1 120 Louisa 
Wdlkes John T, action fnshr Heintzman 

& Co, in 433 Dundas w 
Wilkes Louis, brklyr, h 120 Louisa 
Wllkie John, mldr h 37 Carlton pi 
Wllkie John R. prtr. h 22 Carlton pi 
Wilklns Lawrence L, grill mkr s w Hop 
per, h 321 Keele a 

Wilklns Wm, rest 68 Dundas e, h same 
Wilkinson Arthur, case mkr, b 7 Charles 
.u*inson Frederick W, brkmn, h 35 

Lakeview av 
Wilkinson George T, tmstr, h 223 St Clair 

avenue w 

Wilkinson Hugh, watchman, h 602 
Campbell av 





Wilkinson John H, crockery and glass 
ware 66 Dundas w, h same 

E G E Ffolkes, President Brandon av 
cor Campbell av 

Willand Miss Abbie, tchr Annette St Sch, 

b ^44 Annette w 

\\1LLAKD JAMES C, Merchant Tail 
or and Gents' Furnishings 15 Dundas e, 
'Phones Bell Junction 586 and Stark 136, 
h 292 Lakeview av 

Willard Walter T. dentist 13 Dundas w, h 
396 Annette w 

Willcox Walter J, h 599 Annette -w 

Williams Miss Agnes, 1 306 Willoughby av 
Williams Alfred H, mldr, h 27 Churchill 

Williams Miss Annie, tchr, 1 306 Willoug<h- 
by av 

Williams Arthur, contr 457 Dundas w, h 

William Bert, timekpr, b 46 Laughton av 

Williams Charles, core mkr, 1 140 Mulock 

Williams Charles, plmbr, I 71 Victoria 

Williams Charles, tinsmith C M Cutts & 
Co. h 28 Laws 

Williams Clifton, fireman, 1 119 Quebec av 

Williams Curtis H, foreman Dom Carriage 
Co, h 88 Laughton av 

Williams David, h 306 Willoughby av 

Williams Edward H, car insp CPR, h 244 
Annette w 

Williams Ernest, shipper, b 58 Campbell 

Williams Frank, blrmkr, h 71 Victoria 

Wiilliams Frank, fireman, b 139 Vine av 

Williams George A, engineer CPR, h 140 
Mulock av 

Williams George W lab Union Stock 1 

Williams Gordon C, apprentice Heintz 
man & Co, 1 110 Clendenan av 

Williams Herbert, driver, J M Evans & 
Co, 1 264 Willoughby av 

Williams Miss Ida E. elk, 1 13 Union s 

Williams Jacob J, lab, h 141 Vine av 

Williams Kate (wid George E), >h 119 Que. 
bee avenue 

Williams Joel, fly fnshr Heintzman & Co, 
h 110 Clendenan av 

Williams John, brklyr, rms 54 Western 

Wllldams Leslie, trimmer Dom Carirage 
Co, 1 88 Laughton av 

Williams Miss Louise, stenog, 1 244 An 
nette w 

Williams Robert J, carp, h 13 Union s 

WADDINGTON & GRUNDY Estate, Insurance & Financial Agents 

Reliance Building, 82=88 King St. East 







Main 7014 

ims Miss V Gertrude, envelope mkr 
ii a 

coalman CPR b 17 
Franklin av 
Wllllan plmbr, 1 71 Victoria 

unson Irving, apprentice Heintzman 
1 !!."> Davenport rd 

res York tp 

(it Williamson & Son), 

Williamson Robert, florist 115 Davenport 

road, h same 


son & Son. l R Williamson 
Williamson R & Son (Robert and Win) 

nil 145 Campbell av 

Williamson Wm (R Williamson & Son), 

in, lab. b 22 Whitney av 
in F. tinsmith 196 Keele n 
ton Charles, lather, h 20 Falrview 

on John K harnessmkr h 142 Gll- 
mour av 

rank, slsmn R J Bruce, res To 

Miss M Cordelia, rms 74 Laugh- 
ton av 
Wllloughby John, brkmn, b 18 Hook av 

Nicholas R. engineer CPR, h 
25 Victoria 
Wllshaw Daniel S. mkt gdnr 707 Weston 

Wilson Agnes (wid Reuben), h 150 Louisa 
*v. .isun Alexander, car repr, 1 286 Pacific 

av s 
Wilson Alexander, hostler, h 523 Dundas 

Wilson Allan, bridge and building master 

CPR. res Toronto 
Wilson Andrew M. real estate 22 Dundas 

w, h 84 Laltevlew av 
Wilson C Roy. studt, 1 350 Annette w 
Wilson Miss Emma, stenog, 1 150 Louisa 

> iison George, lab. b 2 Western av 
Wilson George, mach hd, h 54 Campbell 


Wilson George A, wtr M H Beatty, b 34 

<n George M. flour and feed 200 Dun 
das w. 2O4 same 

Wilson Henry, shipper, h 32 Western av 
Pllson Isaac, 1 18 Medland 
vllson James, carp, h 467 Dundas w 
vilson James H. r"nd. h 15 Gllmour av 
Wilson Jasper, b 117 Conduit 
'"son John, h 54 Laughton av 

CPR, h 40 

Wing Miss Mary E, opr, 1 61 May 

.1 (wid Philip), h 61 May 
"ing Miss Rose K, drsmkr 61 Mav 1 


Winger Erman E, fireman, h 24 Dundas w 
v\ IH.I.T Emu J. pishr Heintzman & Co 

Ii li'n Annette e 
Wink worth George, ca 

Franklin av 
Winkworth Walter G. range mkr 

W rought Iron Range Co, h 42 Franklin 


Wlnlaw R w, h 40 Lakeview av 
Frank P, 1 202 Dundas w 
\\ ntt-r Norman R, boots & sn^.es o> Dun 
das w. h same 
Wise Miss Annie, opr Can Cyi-l 

1 o. 1 42 Hoffman av 
Wise D Aldwyn. wd wkr, 1 42 I-auehton 


H Harvard, wd wkr, 1 42 Laughton 


Wise Norman R, apprentice Heintzman & 

<'o. 1 4L' Laughton av 
Wise Sophia M (wid Henry), h 42 Laugh. 

ton av 
Wiseman Sydney, elk b 81 Clara 

ridge Christopher W. bgemn CPR 
h <>2 Hook av 

ridge John, eng CPR h 2O Union r 
Witherspoon J Franklin, slsmn. b 24 
-. av 

ic. h .%.-. Hoskin av 
i John D. pntr. h 117 Maria 
\\ >v<on Joseph, sand blaster, h 17 Hos 
kin av 
Wixson Mis? Martha E, tchr St Clair Av 

Sch. 1 117 Maria 

Wlxson Samuel J. painter, h 445 Quebec 

,ria (wid John M), h 139 Vin,. 

hel. lab. h 50 Maria 

, & 

BEST IX WEST YORK Wright George, ; lab,~h' i;*f CawFhra'a'v 

Woods James, blrmkr, b 142 Churchill at 
Woods Miss Mary, opr. 1 nm Annette 
Woods Wm J. carp, h 217 Pac He av s 
Woolner Lloyd W, trav, h l3 High Park 


Wooldridge George E, bkpr Dom Car 
riage Co, b 59 Annette e 
\.orthlngton Wm, fireman, h 113 Ed 

Wright Adam A, cond. h 43 Uxbrldge av 
Wright Alexander A, pres Batts, Ltd res 


Wright Miss Amelia. 1 65 Pacific av a 
Wright Arthur J, apprentice, 1 13; Caw 
thra av 
Wright Charles F, news dlr -!_ May n 

-l Western av 
Wright Edwin B (Fairbanks & Wrlgnt), 

h .'! Western av 
Wright Ernest A. brkmkr. h 20 Uxb.-ldge 


Wright Ernest R, eng CPR. h 12fi Pa 
cific av 

Wright Francis, mach, b 121 Churchil' av 
' Wright F Albert, lab, 1 136 Cawthra av 

W 1 5*&f org " B> barber G Trlmble - h JM 



Wilson Johnson, 

car repr CPR. h 112 

Wilson Joseph (Maybe*, Wilson & Hall) 

res Toronto 

n J Benjamin, btchr, 1 54 Lauphton 

Wilson Margaret (wid Wm B), h 286 Pa- 

clflc av s 
Wilson Miss May. slsldy T E Arnall, 1 457 

Dundas w 
Wilton Mi-lville, brkmn CPR. b S 

Vilson Murdoch N. carp, h 182 Ontario 

<n Percy S. driver Wm \ Henry 
Rowntree. 1 30 Lakeview av 
Wilson Peter, pntr. 39 Lakevlew av 
llson Roy, apprentice b 117 Conduit 
Wilson Thomas R, action fnshr Heintz 

man & Co, 1 286 Pacific av s 
Wilson Walter, barber B Agin, 1 102 Ed 

Wilson Wellington, cond. h 72 Western av 
Wilson Wm. supervisor Annette St Sch, h 

Wilson Wm E. eng CPR. h 69 Annette e 
Wilson W Xnrman. slsmn Wm Rowntree. 

1 54 Laughton av 
Wilson P. ^mith R J Brur 

St Clalr av w 

Wilton Thomas G. lab D B Martin Co h 
dr av w 


Campbell av 
Wlndeat Miss Emma, h Indian rd ores 

131 Dundas e, h same 
Windover Miss Laura, bkpr T Chapman, 

Wing Miss Annie, dressmkr. I 61 May 

Wright George H," 
'right Herbert J, 
& Co, 1 229 Keele s 

, h 153 Vine av 

W cS^&Ml.' r IelntZman * S e h n t ue Herbert W ' ""* h '" Fai "' :eW 

Wo^ ErTma^. 'olrp^OS Pelham av. "?'"" ^fTr^'c ^''aa"" 1 
Wood Frederick, shipper. 1 321 St Clair av **' So^^ Tel C ' ** Uundas e - 

Wood' Harry, signalman, h 20 r" a rlton pi ^ r .' B ? t t l n - carp : r , m! !,- 15 lv La !" 

* , Harry ' 2 ^ arlt n Pl John" J m fab h ; * Ma e r?a era " 

"m Trv ' n f ' Irvln ^ Wood & I ; ' Wright Joseph L. 2nd eng Tor Suburban 
" "loushby av Ry Co b 94 St Clair av w 

Wood Irving & Bro (Irving and Arthur). Wright Mary A (wid John). 1 111 King 

tobacconists 59^4 Dundas w Wright Percival R, h 2<> Rowland 

Wood J Albert, lab Pugsley, DIngman & Wright Robert, brkmn CPR, h 36 Albany 

w 00 :, 'r 108 Pelham av i Wright Sidney H, lab, 1 136 Cawthra av 

W ood Lawrence N. lab Pugsley. Dingman Wright Thomas, lab. rms 23 Hook av 

Wright Thomas P, contr 240 Clendenan 
\\ ood Wm, h 595 Weston rd av, h same 

Woodburn Christopher, carp, li Wright Thorpe E, h 65 Pacific av a 

avenue Wright Wm. carp Union Stock Yards, 

Woodburn Christopher, foreman Heintz- rmg 33 McMurray av 

an & Co, h 46 King 
Woortburn George, carp, 1 70 Campbell av 

Wright Wm G, veneer hd Heintzman & 
Co. h 229 Keele s 

W be > n b anu^ rSe *' ""**' h ~" ""'"" Wri ^ ht Wm T - Iab ' h ln KIn e 

Woodcock Robert. Insp. rms 18 Van Home 

Woddhouse Harold, lab, b 70 Hook av 

Wood'house Samuel. lab. b 1O7 Lx> 

Woodland Isaac, carp, h 12 Van Hoi 

Woodruff Ernest, slsmn Wm I 1 Wyatt Wm E, cond. hi- w av 

Wright Wm T, plmbr, 1 38 Albany rd 
Wrought Iron Range Co, Ltd, factory, 

Wm R Fenton supt, 51-53 Vine av 
Wyatt Chester A, engine?r, h 41 West'' n 


res Toronto 
Woods Alfred, glass ctr. b 7 
Woods Daniel, btchr Levack Dressed Beef 

Co. res Toronto 
Woods Edward, baker Robinson Bt" 


Woods Edward P, lab, 1 108 Annette, e 
Woods Frederick T. eng. 1. 

Wvl.s Wm, mach, b 14^ Churchill av 

e James A, engineer, 1 1J9 Lo 
Wylie Wm, bkpr, h 14y Ixnitsa 
Wynn T Harry, prtr, h 147 Elizaber 
Wynne Elizabeth (wid Thomas L), 1 -ia 

stern av 

Yallop Wm G, yd master CPR, h 12i> 


; rtP^ Losses Paid Since Organization over$3O,OOO,OOO.OO 

Fire and 






Tarnold Hugh L, mngr G E Gibbard. li 

34 Quebec av 

Tales Joseph, lab, b 68 Laughton av 
Tales Walter J (Tales & Baker), h 290 

Dundas w 
Tales & Baker (Walter J Yates, George 

A Baker), grocers ^90 Dundas w 
Teats Harry, grocer 149 JJundas w, h 


Telland John W H, lab, h 50 Argyle rd 
Young Alfred, elk, h 78 Edmund 
Toung Miss Beatrice, elk, 1 78 Edmund 
Young M,iss E Annie, slsldy, 1 78 Ed 

Toung George, brkmn, b 61 Annette e 
Toung George A, mach, 1 78 Edmund 
Toung Miss Georgina A. drsmkr, 1 30 

Toung Isabelle (wid James ^V), h 36 May 

Toung Thomas A, brkmn, 1 36 May 
.Touoar W David, checker CPR, res To 
i Zavitz James B, mach, h 172 Paclflc av 


Ziaki John, tmstr, h 40 Mulock av 
Zilmer Louis, kep mkr Kerr Co, Litd, 1 

44 Edmund 

Zummach Alexander K, tlr H N Morrison, 
i b 54 Union n 

$100 Reward. 

The Association of American Direc 
tory Publishers Will pay $ 1 O O 
reward for the arrest and conviction 
of any person or persons attempting 
to collect money on fraudulent direc- 
tory advertisements. 


21 University Place, 

New York City. 

Musical Instrnments, Sheet Muslo and Music Books 
We have the largest and best selected 
stock of these lines in Canada to select 
from. Catalogue Free. 



158 Yonge Street, TORONTO, ONT. 



Office & Works : 530 KING ST. E. 

T O -& O IsT T O. 

acct. accountant. 

adv. advertisement 

nut agent. 

frl. Impts, agricultural im- 


pp. apprentice. 
arch, architect. 
Assce, Assurance. 
assi. ion. 

asst assistant. 
utult. attendant. 
iui>. attorney. 
av. avenue. 
bgemn. baggageman. 
barr. barrister, 
b. boards, 
bilg. boarding. 
i >t 'tween. 

blksinth. blacksmith 
birinkr. boiler maker 
bkbndr. bookbinder, 
bkpr. bookkeeper 
btlr. bottler 
br. branch, 
brklyr. bricklayer, 
brkmn. brakeman 
bldr. builder 
bldg. building, 
btchr. butcher, 
cabt. mkr. cabinet maker 

nadian Express, 
carp, carpenter 
C. F. Central Prison, 
chkr. checkt-r. 
elk. clerk. 

coll. collector. 

com. mer. commission mer 

comp. compositor, 
comr. commissioner, 
cond. conductor, 
confr. confectioner, 
confy. confectionery, 
contr. contractor. 


Corp. corporation, 
co. county, 

cir. cutter. 

C. H. Custom House, 
dlr. dealer, 
dept. department. 
IJom. Dominion. 
Dom. Ex. Co. Dominion Ex 
press Co. 

drsmkr. dressmaker, 
e. east. 

ast side, 
elect, electrician. 

' trutyper. 

>pr. elevator operator, 
emp, employees 
x.-ini. examiner. 
inslir, finisher, 
ft. foot of. 
furn. furniture, 
gdnr. gardener, 
irenl. general. 
G.T.R. Grand Trunk Ry. 
hdware. hardware, 
hlpr. helper, 
hsekpr. housekeeper, 
h. house. 

In. Rev. Inland Revenue. 
Ins. Insurance. 
Insp. Inspector. 
jvslr. jeweller or watchmaker 
lab. laborer. 

lilg. wtr. landing waiter, 
la. lane. 

Indrs. laundress. 

Indry. laundry. 

I-td. limited. 

lith. lithographer. 

1. lives. 

mach. machinist. 

mach. hd. machine hand. 

mkr. maker. 

mlslr. maltster. 

mgr. manager. 

mng. dlr. managing director. 

mt'r. manufacturer. 

mtg. manufacturing. 

mki. K dnr. market gardener. 

sr. messenger, 
mlnr. milliner, 
moto. motorman. 
mldr. moulder. 
mntr. mounter. 
inus. tchr. music teacher 
n. north, 
n. e. northeast, 
n.s. north side. 
w. northwest. 
nr. near. 
"PP. opposite, 
opr. operator. 
Parlt. Parliament, 
pdlr. peddler, 
photo, photographer 
Phy. physician, 
pl. place, 
plmbr. plumber, 
plstr. plasterer. 

plshr. polisher. 
P. O. Post Office. 

prin. principal, 
prop, proprietor. 

publr. publisher, 
rep. reporter. 
r epr, repairer. 


ry. railway. 
ri-t. retail. 
Rev. Reverend. 

Ry. M. S. Railway Mail Ser 

R. C. Roman Catholic. 
:. C. D. Royal Canadian 

R. C. R. I. Royal Canadian 
Regiment Infantry. 

rms. rooms. 

S. A. Salvation Army. 

sdlr. Saddler or harness- 

slsldy. saleslady 

slsmn. salesman. 

smstrs. seamstress. 

s. e. south east. 

s. s. southside. 

s. w. southwest. 

sec. hd. gds. second hand 

sec. secretary. 

sew. mach. sewing machines 

sq. square. 

stn. station. 

S. S. steamship. 

stenog. stenographer. 

stereo, stereotyper 

studt. student. 

tlr. tailor. 

supt. superintendent 

tlrs. talloress. 

tchr. teacher. 

tmstr teamster. 

tel. telegraph o r telephone 

ter. terrace. 

T. \V. \v. Toronto Water 

tp. township 

trav. traveller. 

treas. treasurer. 

uphol. upholsterer. 

vet surg. veterinary surgeon. 

wtr. waiter. 

w. west. 

w. s. west side. 

whol. wholesale. 

wid. widow. 

Wm. William. 

wd. wkr. wood worker. 

wks. works. 




The Profession, Business, etc., of Individuals and firms is only given at their respective places of business ; 
to "nd the occupation of householder refer to Alphabetical List of Names. 



Receives Best Attention 




Ka-t from 37 Sherbourne 
to Princess, ward 2 
Not built on 


(Old Birtle), w from Dun- 
das, first n of Conduit, 
ward b. 

North Side 

2 Johnson Miss Ethel 
1 Thompson Walter C 
8 Whittaker Richard 
10 Carroll Ronald W 
12 Davidson James 
14 Galbraith Thomas 
16 Paget James 
18 Irwin Wm G 
20 McWilliams George H 

& Kent Wm 
24 Rosser Frances E 
2<i Minns George E 
2 Beevor Alfred 
32 Maybee Thounaa 
3* Candy James 
36 Moffatt James X 
38 Rockwell Emory 
*0 Grant Mrs Rena 
4^ Neill Major W J 

South Side ... 

1 Griffin Robert 

7 Oakley Harry 

9 Kerr George 
11 McPherson Duncan 
13 Howard Horace A 
iS Hume David 
17 Bell John 
19 Clark Alfred 

21 Kee John 

23 Armstrong James H 

25 Porter Miss Marion 

27 Dwyer Arthur 

29 Awde Robert E 

29U Leavitt Mrs Margaret 

81 Smith Alfred 

33 Tibblei Harry J 

35 Nancarrow Richard 

J7 Toovey Frederick W 

39 Guthrle Alfred 
41 Brown Alfred E 
43 LIU Lewis 

45 Knight Percy 
47 Christie John R 

40 LJndsay John J 
51 Creighton Henry 


West from 10 Brock av to 
rear of O'Hara av, ward 61 

North Side 

2 Wlgg Wm 

8 Gain Johnson F 


Remember tills it the original and genuine 
Hemtzmaii & Co. Piano made by ye oide 
flrme the piano that Is the standard of high- 
class piano building Imitated by others, but 
never equalled. 115-117 King St. W., Toronto. 


V/Al U XL Wll kJ XIX JL JsUAJLjkJ LonjcDl.tne. 416 Q ueen St. 

416 Queen St. W. 

Main 2758 Holidays, M. 4136 


10 Ml n rM n Aaron 

12 ChepHeman Alfred 
M Meldrnm Wm 
M Hazard Norman 

Fortune Frederick 
96 Johnston Walker 
IS Belt! John 
*i Trotter John W 

- ....... South Side 

1 Welch Mrs Mary C 

Sinclair Duncan 
1 Caldwell H F 

Prosser Walter 

11 Crosswell Arthur 

I Stuvnrdson Samuel 

Barfleld Joseph 
27 Currte Margaret 

North from Sudbury to 
PP. 1140 Queen w, ward 6. 

East Side 

Not built on 

West Side 

W-48 Amerlcan-Abell En- 
fine & Thresher Co, 


Bant from 483 Ontario to 
Parliament, ward 2. 

, North Side 

2 Buchanan Mrs Agnes 
Buchanan Miss 

Lrarn John W 
8 Vacant 
tt Vacant 

10 Coxwell Edward F 

11 Poole Wm A 

M Graham Mrs Elizabeth 
1C Phleeger Louia H 
M Waldrn Charlei H 
1 Beale Wm L 

Robinson Mrs John C 
8 Black Lawrence G 
40 Paris Wm 
42 Mackenzie Wm A 
44 Flood John 
49 Vacant 
48 Vacant 
BO Vacant 
62 Vacant 
M Vacant 

> South Side 

1 Faulds Edward A 

8 Woods John 

6 Smith Misc. ;if g, drstnkr 

7 Oliver John O 

9 Dewey Mrs Louisa E 
11 Clay George 

18 Pennlgton Miss Annie A 

n Btarr Caleb B 

SX Baldwin Albert 

25 Buchanan Robert J 

81 Hill Joseph H 

BS Gurnett Mrs Eleanor 


West from 44O Perth av, 
ward 6. 

North Side 

Not built on 

South Side 

1 Tucker John 
3 Clarke John J 
5 Welsh John D 


East from 111 Yonge to 
Jarvis, ward 3. 
North Side 

2 Yokes Hardware Co, 8 e 
6-8 Vacant 
13 Toronto Electric Light Co 


Borne Life Building 

18-18 Wills & Co, brokers 

a> Small Sidney, real est. 

4> Victoria st Intersects 

22 Canadian Casualty and 

Boiler Insurance Co 
23-24 Equity Chambers 


6 Denoran Joshua, barr 
uacdonald Donald, barr 

8 Standard Louu Co 

Williams A J, barr 
7-8-9 Dovercourt Land. 
Bldg & Savings Co, 
10-12 Henderson. Small 

& Beaumont, barrs 
Joues C G, barr 
13-15 Henderson A Dayld- 

Son, real estate 
Henderson Elmes & 

Son, real estate 
Henderson Percy, real 

16 Choate A P, broker 

17 Coe John W, barr 
Cameron Duncan O, 

Drake Frank A, barr 

18 Grothe G W, barr 
lit Nlcol A Nlcol, naiTi 
2O Canadian Legal Pub 

Co, K A Wbarton, me 
22 Druery Thomas, care 

24 limes John, artist 
29 Savigny K A, nier tlr 
3H-80 Carswell Co, law books 
u-34 Imperial Chambers 
Crown Coal Co 
Jones T & Co, coal 

3 Vacant 

4 Bucklaud H G, real est 

Greenwood Rnssell, 

real est 

Hynes J P, architect 
5-6 Gormaly, Tilt & Co 
real estate 

7 Owens IS W J, barr 

8 Vacant 

10-13 Imperial Loan and 
Investment Co of 

11 Terra Gotta Pressed 

Brick Co, Ltd 

12 Rolph & Brown, barrs 
West Indies Planta 
tions, Ltd 

14 Burns D A, acet 
15-17 Pountney Wm H. 

18 Maokensie John A, 


19 Vacant 

20 Vacant 
34 Vacant 

86-42 Postoffice Building 

86 Customs Postal Package 


Postoffice Inspector's Of 
fice, James Henderson 
Hallway Mall Service 

Supt's Office 
Dead Letter Office 
Ross George 
38-42 Gen) Post Office 
44-46 Evans C J, rest 
48 Lawson Wm A. real est 
50 Nesbitt John A (estate), 

real estate 
n2 Troy J I,, fin aprf 
Hinder S B, real est 

Pape Mrs Cecelia M, pro 

Anglo - Canadian Oom 

64 National Agency Co 

Union Life Assurance Co 
Century Life Ins Co 
Nlagara-Welland Power 


International Electric Se 
curities Co 
Toronto Life Ins Co 
British & Continental 

Agencies, rear 
66 Vacant 

58 Doust Jos, law ataty 
60 Llghtbourn Edmund T, 

real est 
60H Adelaide Chambers 


1 Greenwood John, real 


2 Vacant 
3-4 Vacant 

6-6 Hartman M & Co. 

Shupnlk & Hanisch. 

8-11 Wlnton & Leyden. 

shirt mfrs 

14 Vacant 

15 McMaster Miss M H, 

IB Johnston John 

17 Whalen John, tlr 

18 Bernstein Samuel, fur 

62 Underwood * Underwood, 

stereo rlews 
64-86 Ritchie John Plumbing 

* Renting Co 
1-2-3 Empire Suspender 


4 Allin Samuel, tlr 
5-6 Mullln T H, clothing 

7 Varant 
8-9 Barbeau Elzear. rare 

70 Woodward Wm A 

Vacant, ptoro 
72 Vacant stor'> 
74 Vacant store 
74i Shore Thomas, barber 
76-76% Vacant 

4 Ohnroh nt Intersects 

78 Sawyer John 

80 Public Library Reference 


82 Vokes Herbert, sculptor 
84 Marwell W R 4 Co. 

McCormack & Carroll. 


86 Stead Thomas 
8* Muckle W H. cartage 
00 Scott Wm. barber 
92-04 Bluittleworth FJ W 

06-98 frown Art Stained 

Glass To I/rrt 
100 Flemlne A MoTamney. 

102 Flemlne & McTamney. 


nomine .Tohn 

irx TT-* r ^ PnHd. nnwrvhrlcr 
10S Tates Bros & Sheopard 

Co. grocers' sundries 
110 Earsman Bros, brass 


112 Disston Henry & Sons, 

Ltd. saw mfrs 
118 Nasmlth & Co. stables 
120-22 Cryderman House 

Imperial Soldiers & Sail 
ors' League 

124 Toland A C. rest 

126 Ontario Office Specialty 

Everall George & Co. 

Veil Garnet, printer 

125 Toronto Salt Works 
130-fl Rennle Wm & Co, Ltd. 


South Side 

1 Knight C F. dentist 

Imperial Optical Co 
Philadelphia-Cobalt Min 
ing Co, Ltd 
Code J It. liarr 
Davison R C, real est 
7-8 United Typewriter CO 


Freeth Wm H, caretkr 

6 United Typewriter Co, 

emp rooms 

7 Kennedy Shorthand 

9-1O United Typewrite* 

Co, repair rooms 
Monarch Optical Co 
Dominion School of 
Telegraph and Rail 
26 Vacant 

11 Martin F J. mer tailor 
13 Sutcliffe John I, acct 
Stouffer & Lee, prtrs 
Soole Printing Co 
Hewitt Arthur L, prtr 
15 Lockhart Photo Supply 

Co, Ltd 

Walker F W, broker 
17 Pearson Bro. real est 
Northern Assce Co 
Pearson B P. Ins agt 
17% Pearson Chambers 


2 Sloan J W, real est 
Sheppard L C & Co, 


S Wright J A. barr 
4 Gasson & Cavendish, 

ins brokers 
6 Vacant 
7-8-9 McKeown S W. 

Boone C S Dredging 

& Construction Co 
19 Williams & Poole, real 


21 Markle W B, real est 
23 Land Security (Tinmbers 
Kerr. Dnvidson. Pntersol 

& McFarland. barrs 
4> Victoria st Intersects 
33 Remington Typewriter 

Co, Ltd 

35 Martin Frederick J, real 

37 Walsh J J, est broker 
Walsh John J, real est 

38 Boss F H & Co, Ins 
41-45 Canadian Savings 


43 CaTell * Gibson, barrs 
liartln & Eyans-Lewli, 


Allen & Jones, real est 
Eyer A W & Co, lumber 
Ponton Douglas, real et 
Cobalt Diamond Drill 
ing & Development Co. 
Jenkins Stuart, mining 

Walsh Frank J, broker 

46 Higgins J D. real est 
Barber H C, broker 
Canada Mines. Ltd 

47 Wood F A, real est 
Douglas R A. watehinkr 

49 Sullivan Fredk, real est 
4> Toronto st ends 
Public Lavatory 
67 County of Vork Municipal 

1 High Constable's Of- 


2 County Treasurer's 

8 County Council 


4 County Engineers' Of 
6-6 Brown Alfred, mln- ' 

ing broker 
Dickson Robert G, 

mining broker 
Austin Luclen E, min 
ing broker 




1'HOXES Main i:U7; Park 2399 

Noble Miss Ada, 


Lawrle Wm D, care 

(D-06 ! * Light- 

bourn, Ins arts 
Herbert F H. arch 
Cowan J M ,t Co. archs 
Anglo American Fire Ins 

OB Phillips Eugene F Eleo- 

trical \Vks Ltd 
79 St Jnmes Chambers 

102 Urayton P H, barr 

1O4 Roaf James R barr 
106 Lyon - Taylor Co. 

whol Jwlrs 
in Clir:ir v.iker's Union 

110 Ledyard T n. broker 

111 Fleming Bros, chem 

Lawrason John P, 

real estate 
Jnckson Wagon Co 

114 Daughters of the 


115 N.ig-et Polish Co.Ltd 
119 Valentine & Sons, 

Ltd publrs 
Second Floor 
201-204 Cordon A Fowler, 

205 Public Drug Co 

Scientific System 

Brick Co 
2W Vi-int 

2O7 Arnott Chemical Co 
2< ' George W 

211 Ha-rls n & Co, leath 

er soods 

212 Vacant 
2H Vacant 

2KVJ17 P'tM'shersj. Ltd 
CamHlin Po'tery & 
Glass Gazette 

218 Lev tus Charles.mfrs 


219 Pairt Frank J. 

mfrs agt 

Fr-'nco American 
Toilet Co 

Third Floor 
802 McGaw & Russell. 


805-6 Lugsdtn L J. publr 

Hess Selmar. publr 

310 Armour Percy G. 

mfrs agt 
314 Salatone Co, pat 


310 Patterson A D, artist 
317 C1emns L W. artist 
818 Philip Frederick F 
Tl Noller * Hill, real est 

(V-ary & lx"v|s. eon'rs 
73 Kahle Advertising Ser 
vice. Ltd, The 
Robinson & McCurrah. 

real est 
Rod and Gun and Motor 

Sports In Canada 
Hamilton ^nslne Co 
Byrne Arthur H 
TB Davl* J * Co. real eet 

Havls Lumber Co 
77 Vacant 

+ Church r Intersects 
J23 Mlllen Charles E 
UK Welch Rev Canon E A. 
141 Christian Ml Maria 
148 Alexander ft Ron. pntrs 
145-47 l.nmbers John, flour 
Francis nt ends 


West from 118 Tonge to 
Bathurst. wards 3 and 4. 

North Side 

8 Copeland & Fairbalrn. 

r-al est 

10 Henry & Findlay, turn 
Wilson ft McCluro, bar 
ber school 

12-14 Levetug H & Co, mfrs 


Bruxer Joseph B, tlr 
Merganthaler Co. Ltd. 


Spiers John & Co, Jwlrs 
14H Capp T W Co, The, 

Jackxon J II 4 Co, en 


18 Alexander Engraving Co 
Wilsc.n 1' R 1'rlating Co 
18 I'atou J W. pnlnt 
30 It.'fl Frank. billiards 

Bartlett Wm & Son, 

shade mfrs 
22 Chinese rest 
24 I'oliru Bros Ltd, mf( op 

36-28 Saturday Nleht Rldg 
Saturday Night. Ltd 
Gagnier H. Ltd. publr 
Gagnler Advertising Ag 

Press-Copy Bureau, The 
()Hii,-i;i: L;ins 

1-4 Amerlran Consulate 
8 Slieppard Pub Co. l.tii. 

8 Whltehead A Hoag Co 

adv novelties 
8-10 Vacant 
11 Storeroom 
12-14 Elliott A Hume, 

l.-.-lli Maxwell W R & 

Co, printers 
17 Toronto School of 


18-lfl Sentinel Pub Co 
2O Scntt W R. mfra' agt 
26-30 Saturday Nlg'-.t, 

comp room 
40 Vacant 

30 Fountain Wm, tailor 
.T.' Mv Vnlet 
34 Majestic Brass Mf(f Co 

<ler G J. clo contr 
Collins Mfg Co, hardware 

Blnshford W A, pap*r 


Henderson John M 
Goldstein B, mfg Jwlr 
86 Central Klpctrte * School 

Supply Co 
S8-4O Crown Tailoring Co 


Clatworthy A Son, dis 
play fixtures 

40-42 Mcl.eorl & Allen, publrs 
Eaton Hurlbut Paper Co 
McClelland & .GoojlchilcJ. 


Book Supply Co, Ltd 
44 Hiilibard C H Co, dental 


NVsl.Itt Puh Co 
Dnminlon Thread Mills 


46 Smith Bros, bkbndrs 
Little Jackson L. bar 
bers' supplies 
48 Vacant 
(50 Vacant 
52 Vacant 
06-60 Stair Bids 

Hnr ft Intersects 
n Sid** entrance 

84 Perfection Delivery * 

Cartage Co 
Mahaffey Wm O 
72 Vacant 
74-76 Vacant 
78 Vacant 
8ft Storeroom 
82-A4 Modern Machine Co 

Russell Elevator Co 
84 'Vacant 
86-S8 Brown & Stalnton, 

90 Mashlnter W * Co, 

02 Nelson H W * Co, 

Durham Rubber Co, 

M Darling Robert A Co 


Sheppard st comment** 

l(Xi-l(M May Samuel tc. Co, 

billiard tables 
106-108 Johnston W S & Co, 

Bryan & Bedlngfleld, 


Rubber Tire Wheel Co 
110 Mendelssohn Piano Co 
llOto Black James, blksmlth 
112 Fryers A E, contr 

Toronto Wood Turning 

McClure ie Molntosh. 

wood carvers 
Dominion Novelty Mfg 

Whltworth & Restall, 

mattress mfrs rear 
114 Cnini'llan Show Case Co 
116 Kinsey Bros, machs 

McMnllpn Charles Bicycle 
Plating and Enamelling 
116 Johnson Temp Reg; Co, 

of Canada 
118 Eureka Mineral Woot * 

Asbestos Co 
111) H.intlc.M W H A Sons, 

Grau & Co, Ltd, mfg 


122 Victoria Shoe Co 
124 Douglas Bros, Ltd. roof 

126 Barrash Leon, confy 
128 Smith Peter, cartage 

* York st Intersects 
133% Thomas Tannour 

184 Trangeletta Nicola, fruits 
136 Lewis Albert 
138 Psllakos Wm 
14'.M5 Vacnnf 
1<K F.'evator Specialty Co 
Electrical Maintenance 

& Repairs Co 
164 United Factories Ltd, 

brushes and brooms 
1W Armstrong Mervln. maeh 
170 Dunkclman Ellas, but 
tonhole mkr 
172 Herman Harris, button 

hole mkr 
180 Dominion Jewelry Mfg 

182 Batty Stove & Hardware 


184 Stevenson Printing Ct> 
186 F'MlsohnKinn ft Co. yeast 

Gill E W Co Jwlrs 
188 Nuttall Edward, cloak 

190 Chinese Indry 

Simcoe st Intersects 
196-198 Saunden Lorle A 

Co. Jwlrs 

Ounther BAA. Jwlrs 
Ladies' Novelty Mf* Co 


200 Chinese Indry 
202 O'l^nry Mlcbsel 
2O4 Dawson Mrs Alle* 
206 Onhorne Malrln 
208 O' Byrne Frank 

Young Men's Hebrew 

Athletic Club 
Toung Men's Zlon Assn 
210 Frankel Joseph 
212 Radford W. hat mfr 
214 Llndblg Frederick 
U16 Thomson Engraylnc Co 
218 Smith Wm 
218*4 Skinner James D 
220 Badgley Harry 
222 Ephraim Hyman 
224 Dawson Miss Charlotte, 


OS Morrison Robwt 
228 Harran Walter 
230 Nudd John S 
232 Rogerson Charles, cigars 
2B4 McGllI Martin 
236 Klrby Jamefl 
X Armstrons; Oeo, halll* 
240-242 Kazel Joseph, gro 

Dnnrsn st Intersects 
244 Ed man son. Bates A Co, 

pro med 

24fl Pariah Mrs Ellen 
248 Roberts Stanley 
250 Vacant 

252 Hall Newman A 
254 White Mrs Annie 
256-8 Matthews Asa, galvaa- 

Ized Iron works 
260 Woods Mrs Margaret 
263 Jennings Miss Ida 
liiiJ (iailiiKlit-r Mrs Mary 
266 Mellor John F 
268 Wlcklum Edward 
270 Rowllnjon Albert J 
272 Pedlow Mrs Jane 
Carveth Wm H, phy 

John st Intersects 

280 Wager Wm. shoemkr 
282 Chinese Indry 
24 Kllfedder Mrs M Q 
286 Kerr James, blksmlt* 
288 Slute Mrs Eliza 
290 Schlifka Samuel 

Funk August, rear 

Coates Wm G. rear 

Wllen John, rear 
K>2 Ellberg Wllhelm 
Z94 Gloucester Mrs Mary 
296-300 Jones & Moore EE- 

ctrlo Co 

800 Zock 3 J Co, Ltd, rate 

Canadian Silk Co Ltd 

809 O'Orortr John A 
SU4 Johnston John 
8<W Hlnifle.T Wm 
SOS Brltton Mrs Llla 

810 Scott Abraham B 

Wldmer st Intersects 
812 McLeod Angus 

814 Cart well Mrs LoTlns. 

S1 Mnnn Robert 

818 Harrard John, pntr ' 

320 Alexander David 

322 Montone Luco 

324 Montone Domlnlco ' 

326 Radjin Frank 

326% Chinese Indry 

Dnimmond pi comment** 
328 Daubert John 

Emerson Sidney 
330 Murphy Wm 
SS-2 Campbell George 
S34 Mitchell B W 
336 Hawkins Mrs Je*ale 
338 Coffer Mrs Mary 
340 McKenzIe Sidney 

Peter st Intersects 
342 Mearte George, bdf 
344 Lundy David 

Lundy Mrs Marj, dM- 


S46 Wilson Joseph 
850 Tomllnson Westley 
852 Taylor Mrs Joanna 
Coles John, rear 
O'Brien Charles, rr 
Elliott John F, rear 
3M Jacobs Solomon 
856 Jackson Peter, exp 
358 Jannetta Lulgl 
SflO Foster Wm G 
862 Brltton Wm 
S4 nilmnre O D, teas 
S8 Meyer Louis 
868 froshy Charles / 
370 Sheffer Noah 
872 Smith Wm 
374 Mnrpny Wm 
37 Playter Thomas H 
878 Warner Christopher 
880 Mahony Miss Ellen 
882 Hobbs Henry 

F. J. SMITH * CO. 

Properties FOR SALE in Alt 
PARTS of the City and Subnzta 

61 Victoria Street 



384 Krlss Frank 

Smith Anthony, rear 
Abraham Max rear 

386 Howe Mrs Margaret 

888 Polley Arthur S 

Spnaina av Internet* 
39<> Chinese Indry 

392 Woldenger Joseph, gro 

394 Mitchell Henry 

896 Bakewell Wm H 

398 Pache Paul 

400 Green Louis 

4O2 Silherman Abraham 

404 Weinreich Simon 

408 Fromstein Morris 

408 Mendelevich Morris 

410 Mazerkovitch Benjamin 

412 Epstein Louis 

414 Weber John P 

418 Kinsella James _ 

420 Lennox Reginald 

422-24 Imperial Chemical 


426 Hills Benjamin H 
428 Harrington Mrs Elisa 

430 Ross George 
432 Manning John M 
434 Arnott Henry 
4o Lake Jasper 
442 Ferguson Mrs Bridget 
444 Tommas Wm 
4 Brant st Intersects 
St Andrew's BQ 

Maud st commences 
490 Pullan Ellas, Junk 
492 Palmer Arthur 

494 Keeley James 

496 Beaty George 

498 Taylor Thomas 

500-502 Wiide Martin, liquor* 

^ Portland st Intersect* 
504 Chinese Indry 
50ti Sharpe Thomas 
508 Toppin Alexander 
510 Beauregard Joseph 
612 Tracey Henry 

Lynch John H, exp 
514 Shire Richard J 
616 Brown Thomas H 
518 McDonald Edward 
520 Dine Henry 
622 Mooney Mrs Mary 
624 Middleton James P 
524% Flaven James 
526 Burns Charles J 
526% Hanson Thomas 
D!t8 Mains Archibald 
530 Sweetlore George A 
532 Gibson James B 
534 Locke John 
5SO Burton Wm R 
638 Kerr James L 
640 Ryan Joseph 

Hogg James, contr, r 
642 Jones Mrs Jessie 
544 Doyle Stafford M 
546 Welsh George 
648 Vacant 

680 Evans Mrs Mary 
652 Hlggtns Wm 
654 Elsteln Jacob 
556 Sullivan Mrs Rhoda 

South Side 

Grand Opera la commence* 
9 Vogue Tailoring Co, Ltd 
8% Thompson 


11 Grand Opera House 
18-15 Grand Opera Hotel 

Johnson st ends 
17-19 Worden House 

Counter Jethro W, phytj 
21 Booth G & Bon, pntrs 
23 British Am Sign Co, Ltd 
Wilkinson Charles, bar 

Doughty John H, bil 

26-27 Majestic Theatre 
27 Kyle James, confy 
89-31 Jones Bros & Co, bar 
bers' supplies 
83 Bohan Bros, woollens 
88 Burgess A E & Co, jwlis 
Gowanlock Printing & P 




Canadian Company 

Walker G H, tlr 
Dominion Watch Case Re 
pairing Co 

37 Kyle James, confy 
88 Worth-Martin, Ltd, elec 

43 Stewart W T & Son, 


* Bay st Intersects 
63-69 Century Telephone 

Construction Co 
Provincial Long Distance 

Telephone Co 
Ford Motor Co Ltd 
61-65 Pearcey Sanderson & 
Co, paints, oils and 
87-71 Canadian Seamles* 

Wire Co. Ltd 
Canada Wall Paper Co 
Dominion Wall Paper 


Minister. Myles Shoe Co 
73 Truth Building 

Wilson Publishing Co 
National Electrotype & 

Stereotype Co, Ltd 
Williams J S, printer 
Oxford Press 
Parker George & Sons, 

British-Am Wax Paper 

Co, Ltd 
Eastman Machine Co, 

Malln Charles, clothing 


Diamond Rubber Co 
Hamilton Carhartt, 

Eastman Machine Co, 


75 Merker & Co, jwlrs 
79 Llttlejohn & Vaughan, 

elect rotypers 

81 Orr & Cresswell, electro- 

87 George Owen, shoemkr 
03-97 Morrison James Brass 

Mfg Co 
97% Vacant 
99 Vacant 
101 Vacant 
101% Defoe Building 

Toronto Piano String 

Mfg Co 
Jackson & Dowdell, 

Bengal Nathan, clothing 

Bacher Norman, clothing 

108-109 Simonds Canada Saw 

Co, Ltd 
109% Laiiflpr & Co, brass 

Barthelmes F L ft Co, 

piano actions 
111 Coates A E, piano string 


Big Four Cap Co 
Rolston Electric Laun 
dry Co. Ltd 
Standard Star Laundry 

Co. Ltd 
Townsend G W Laundry 


City Laundry Co. Ltd 
Star Laundry Co 
115-117 Morrison James 
Brass Mfg Co, ware 
125 Vacant 

127 Corln W J, painter 
T> Simons Wm. rest 
131 Fisher Robert, barber 

York ft Intersect* 
139 Dunnoff Kostl 

Vasllina Stephen 
143 Ayers Miss Sarah A 
145 Fletcher Dennis 
147 Hohbs Ernest 
149 Chinese Indry 
161-153 Storehouse 
155-157 Hibberd & New- 
combe, contra 
16 Lelth Frederick R 
Ifll Bernstein Rev Harris 
lfi.1 Hanford John 
165-69 Brown S, carriage* 

171 Maguire T M & BOB, 


173 Samuels Solomon 
175 Lazarus John 
177 Karnofsky Llpman 
179 McAdam Walter 
1S1 Lawrence Alfred C, prtr 
183 Vacant 

185 Touakim T E, barber 
187 Pelslnger Mrs C 
189 Smith J Herbert 
191-193 National Plumbing 

Supply Co, Ltd 
ly5 Richardson George W. 


^ Simcoe st intersects 
203-205 Blackball & Co. 


207 Gllmore Isaac, cartage 
209 Robinson J H, horse- 

223 Debar Wm J 

^Duncnn st Intersects 
2R7-61 Toronto Hat Mfg Co 
261 Barber E & Co, prtr* 

.Tohn st Intersect* 
196 Bates J C, dentist 
297 Melville John H 
299 Long Wm 

101-3 Readman M F. gro 
D'Arcy Mrs Bridget 

Wlduier st Intersect* 
313 Tooker Mrs Isabella 
315 Mclntyre Mrs Agnes 
317 Ryder Carriage Co 
327 Sparrow Mrs Mary 

Peter st Intersect* 
831 Rogers J J. gro 
333 Levie Jacob 

Berger & Mildine, cloth 
ing mfrs, rear 
335 Hastings George, bdg 
Wilson Simon, r 
Letowitz Nathan, r 
Graham Frederick, rear 
Miller Samuel, r 
337 Feldsteln Samuel 
3*a Antlpltzky Metal Co 
:i4l Waskofsky Ike 
34l> Antipitz Metal Co 

Charlotte st end* 

351 Hobson Miss Elizabeth 

355 Dorfman Samuel 

357 Sachs Mrs Toba, gro 

35! Goldstein Morris 

363 Coo Mrs Eliza 

Davis E Claude, rear 
365 Chapman Mrs Mary 
867 McCormack James M, phy 

Spadlna av intersect* 
X71 Taylor Mrs Margaret 
373 Jones Frederick 

375 Moscovitch Mrs Bertha 

377 Milne Benjamin 

379 Thompson Mrs Ciara 

381 Hoffman Barnett 

383 Bearman Louis 

3Nf> Kradmen Ephralm 

387 Sherman Samuel 

389 Atkinson John 

tell Slattery Patrick J 

:i'.-!T7 Storeroom 

3!X) Cohen Philip 

4O1 Hoffman Snmuel 

403 Wright Wm J 

421 Howe Dennis 

423 r-nln Thomas J 

425 Hammerton Wm J 

4L'7 Lindsay James C 

4'Jy Hay John, gro 

Brant st Intersect* 
Public School 

439 Edwards Richard 
441 McDonald Mrs Eilia 
443 McVlcar Dugild 

Morrison st ends 
445 Ouy Wm J 

447 Cosgrave Mrs Annie 

449 Uhllg Paul 

451 Wehrle Frank 

453 Cochrane Abraham 

459 Ulngras Telesphore 

461 Milne Wm 

McKeown John, r 
Babcock Thomas H. r 

463 Martin Charles D 

Footill George E, rear 
Jack James A, rear 

45 Ford Thomas A 

467 Blnnle Wm. grocer 
Hlckey Mrs Ann, r 

473 Miller Sidney H 

475 Donal James 

477 Braithwaite Benjamin, 

shoe mkr 
Fleming John, rear 

479 Crawford Mrs Susan 

* Portland st Intersecti 
487 Haskayne John 

4in Gregg Henry 

499 Marvyn Felix 

5O1 Finlay Armand L 

501% Murphy James 

503 Dunn Thomas 

303% Hart Frederick G 

505 James George 

507 Patterson Laughlln N 

509 Hornby Wm, real est 

511 Conway Jofhn P 

Adelaide pi commence* 
521 Robbie Frank 

525 McCann Thomas 
527 McPherson Charles 


South from 511 Adelaide 
w, ward 4. 

East Side 

1 Murphy Mrs Mary 
3 Dumoulin Edward X. 

Martin Charles 
7 Outlrwaite Mrs Elizabeth 
9 Walklnshaw Edgar 
11 Hentlg John D 

... West Side 
Not built on 


North from opp 71 Low- 
ther av to Bernard av, 
ward 4. 

East Side 

1 Maclnnes Charles S 
Llntom Miss Annie 
11' White Walter J 

13 Bastedo Samuel T 
15 Miller Daniel 

17 Sims Rev Robert A 

19 Lloyd Mrs Sarah B 
21 Ashworth James J 
23 Deacon F 

25 Brereton Richard L 

27 Mason Frederick 

29 Rust Charles H 
31 Nlcholls Bruce P 

33 Cubitt W Churchill 
35 White Aubrey 

37 Burton Mrs Minnie 
55 McCausland F H 

59 Bongard Robert R 

61 Swabey Charles 

63 Capreol J Lonsdale 
81 Watson James P 

West Side 

12 Simpson Ernest A 

14 Robertson James E 
Iti Fernow Bernhard E 

20 Sharpe Mrs Henry 
-'4 Cargill Wellington D 

28 Hall Thomas H 

30 Vacant 

34 Urquhart Frank H 
46 Schrieber W Delisle 
48 DIngman Archibald W 
50 Bunting Mrs Mary E 
52 Michle Edward R 

54 Tyrwhltt Mrs Emma 
58 Apted Wm H 

60 Morrison Curran McK 

62 Smith J Herbert 

64 Bayley Wm B 
66 Bailey Wm G 
68 Kerr Hugh L 
72 Hume Robert D 

74 Brodlgan Frank H, acct 
Brodigan Miss Laura, 

mus tchr 
76 Chapman G A 

WADDINGTON & GRUNDY Reliance Building 

Estate, Insurance and Financial Agents 




Manufacturers of Electric and Hydranlio 

-'IT mid Freight ELEVATORS 

Hand-Power ELEVATO RS and Dumb 

Waiters: also of Ornamental Iron Grill 

Work of Every Description. 


West from 216 LJsgar to 
Northcote av, ward 6. 
......... North Side ......... 

- Vacant 

4 Smith Mra Isabella 
Thomas Samuel I 

8 Edwards Amos N 
Green Lewis H 

10 Dale Albert 

; 'eland Sisters, confrs 

14 Mills Arthur, confy 

I.lsgar tt .recommence* 
16 Ward Wm L 

15 Routledge Robert 
20 Wllcox Mre Carrie 
22 Monaghan F P 

1M IVrn-l" Wm T 
26 Crosson Jacob 
2J Smith John 

30 Saunders George A 
32 Hunt Fred C 

34 YeUowleea Nell 
36 Park Andrew 
38 Martin Thomas 

40 Harris Frank 

42 Maloney George A 

44 Ferrler Robert C 

46 Cook Wm C 

48 Cnnnlngton Matthew 
50 Jessop Walter G 

52 Vacant 

4> Brarontfleld ay Intersect* 
54 Pierce Gordon 
66 White Charles I 
88 Nye Wm 

60 McDonald Wm S 
62 Gee James 

68 Taylor Nell A 
70 Caddell Hugh 
Ti Stephens Robert 
74 Jones Herman, contr 
........ South Side ........ 

1 Wltmer Amos M. gro 
3 Hntchcroft Albert B 

5 Bryant John W 

7 McKenzle Archibald 

9 Gamble John P 

11 Follnrd Richard F 

L3 Hamilton Mrs Emily 
15 Gllliam Mrs Annie 

Gilliam John 
:7 Robertson I.cwl 
19 Gllle-ple Wm 

1 Watson James A 
23 N I chol James 

'-> Jeffrey David McC 
T7 Swanton Wm I 
29 Harris John W 

31 Breen Robert T 

Beaconsfleld av Intersects 

3!i Robertson James F 

41 Fawcett John 

43 Rutherford Thomas 

45 Herod Wesley J 

47 Worth Mrs Julia 

49 Donovan Michael 8 
~>1 Knight Arthur 

53 Rlley Thomas 

'ley Edwin R 

61 Patterson Jo*hn S 
Spencer Albert C H 


West from 302 Tonge to 
University av, ward 3. 

........ North Side ........ 

2 Stenson William 

6 Docter Mrs Elizabeth 

8 Blake Mrs Christina 
1O Sprachman Jacob 
10H Ainsworth Wm 

12 Albert Hiram F 
12^ Ix>ve Dnrld 

14 Kott Arthur 

rbinen Samuel 
Cutler Ephraim, r 
Greenspoon Joseph, r 
Fine Morris 

Klrschenbaum Samuel r 
'iinsberg Simon 
Korn Samuel 

rtz Wm 
i ben Max 
sbaum Henry 
Brown Jacob 
Trevers Mrs EllzabeU 




W Cusack Daniel R 

36 Herbert Mrs Ada M 

38 Harris Wm H. ip 

40 Harris Mrs Jane 

42 Bourell Nounslo 

44 Cossetln John 

iarfunkel Solomon 
iittenaporn Morris 

50 Galsky Harry 

"tman Isaac, rear 

63 Sllverman Isaac 
Orenburg Vaunyr 
\\';irvensky Louis rear 

M Creamer Herbert 

S;itt.Tl.-e John, rear 
58 Vacant 

4> Teraulay st Intersect* 

64 Vacant 

'; <; ..Idst.-in Philip, btchr 
68 Luney Mrs Margaret 

Wallace Albert J 
i" Sagara Joseph 
72 Shreiber Isaac, gro 
74 Rosenberg Louis 

ii'-. gro 
leinder Isaac 
80 Schrelber Isaac 
80% Selger Abraham 

n Joseph 
i "ant 

4> Elizabeth st Intersects 
96-8 Star Hotel 

talene Vincent 
102 Goldstein Abraham bar 
104 Dolgoff Louis, irro 

' Myer. fruit 
1'^ Kropywka Joseph 
11" 'lurofsky Louis, Ins 
3 1- Vacant 
112^ Gurofsky J W 
Crown Bank 

Chestnut st Intersect* 

114 Levl Asher. baker 
11B Turkell Solomon, gro 

51 S Palak Eize, btchr 
I'- 1 " Vacant 

123 Karp Jacob 

124 Lavine Perter 

128 Granatstein Mendel 
K!" Tenenbaum Charles 
\ltwerger Solomon 
'nkier Joseph, junk 
"..'14 Phipps Harry 

Sigmund. gro 

* Centre ST Intersect* 

:. :--< i Dvoretzky Samuel. 


14J Mnmford Bros, btckrn 
144 Barker Mrs Mary 
14 Garfunkel Charles J 
156 Schwartz Louts M, coal 

South Side 

6-15 East's factory 

Baer Samuel 
17 McGregor Andrew 

Moran Thomas 
17% Toney Frank 
19 Collie Mrs Annie 
21 Crowe Martin 
23 Henry Robert 
K Colby Mrs Jane 
27 Oldham Samuel, ezp 

Duffy Robert 
29-31 Colleran Michael, blk- 


-I '-ercel Michael 
35 D'Alesandro D, mnsldaa 

Sarll Joseph, mus tchr 
:rr Stibbert Mrs Mary 
SB Glockllng Robert 
41 McCluskey Mrs Margaret 
43 Cooper Charles 

Clifford Mrs Alice 
*.-. Siddall Mrs Bella 
47 Kawlin Francis 
49 D'Angeto Roceo 

D'Angelo EugenJo 

Swerling- Charles 
53 Ungaro Michael 
55 Regal Joseph 
S7-9 Police Station No J 
n Christopher Carl 
03 Shapiro Benjamin 
4> Teraulay st Intersects 
>'>.""> Ziff Louis, tobacco 

:msberg Jacob 

69 Peczenek Saul 

il Goodtain Max 

73 Rosenbaum Joseph 
Roher Isaac, bottles 
Herman Herbert, gro 

. . i ^ris Soda Water Mfg 

7! Rogaginsky Hyman 

Caplan Bros & Lazevsky 
83 Lifsich Frank, gro 

Crantz Barnett, r 

dorfinkel Gason 
87 Benjamin Zed 
>'" \Veinreb Joseph 
91 Lewosky Abraham 

non Frederick staty 
'' <"hinese Indry 
97 Caplan & Son, g,ros 

Ooodman Gabriel, btckr 

Elizabeth st Intersects 

* Chestnut t Intersects 
107 Somers Charles 

10 Ridley Walter M 
111 Ltten Wm 

3 Dickson John 
115 Goddard Samuel 


lilt Winerlp Peter 
121 Golde Charles 

Padlock Abraham shoes 
23% Schwartz Samuel 
125 Winerlp Peter gro 

Turofsky Isaac 
^ Centre ar Intersect* 
l-"> Rosenfeldt Charle* 

J Brown Samuel 
:.;.' Harrison Mrs Mary 
137 Tresldder Charles 
139 Nlcholls Mrs Bridget 


East from 7 Lee av, ward 

North Side 

2 Turnbull James F 

4 Worden Wm A 

6 Spanner Charles 

ilor Frederick 

10 Wright Mathw 

South Side , 

Bowling Green 

Lawn Tennis Grounds 


North from Bloor w, first 
e of Bathurst. ward 4. 

East Side 

11 Stalker Collin J 

13 Wells Richard 

15 McKeohnie Frank R 

17 Brooks Percy C 

la Milner Wm S 

21 Jemmett Francis G 

23 Pettit Mrs Helen C 

25 Granthatn C H 

^7 Mies Wlllett S 

2U Cross George 

'2 unfinished houses 
37 Banks Thomas 
3U Donaldson John 8 
41 Parker Mrs Annie 
43 Noble Collin J 
4 Kathbone Frederick W 
51 Davles Charlee E 
53 Reford Mrs Rose C 
50 Lowe Arthur T 
57 White Alfred 
50 Lawson Arthur T 
61 Canavan Mrs Virginia 
63 Phillips Mrs Sarah 
65 Chlnn John 
>;7 ("hamp John S 
G9 Parks Wm A, B A, Ph D 
71 Bowen Thomas B 
73 Conley Matthew T 
75 Conley Newton H 
77 Graham Mrs Margaret 
79 Gallanough F J 
81 Urqnhart Thomas 
83 Armstrong T M, phy 

Barton av Intersects 

Wells st Intersects 

177 Brown Rev John Q 

17!i McVittle John 

1M Jackson Joseph A 

185 Smith Wm Q 

187 Le Grow Joshua 

ix; i Imrie Mrs Elizabeth 

191 Simmons Enoch 

193 Jeffrey John M 

195 Miller Thomas 

197 Allen Whitman J 


201 Goodwin James 
lii>3 Browne Harry J 
205 Smyth Sydney D 
207 Wooster Thomas H 
211 Coath Edward C 

Ferguson Thomas A 
215 Bottomley Samson 
217 Keeling Alfred 
1119 Browu Wm 
221 Battv Wm A 
J23 Bryans Charles B 

uith Edwin W 
227 Ash Henry J 
i--"." Cook Joseph H 
Jai Rook Leslie 
1TJ3 Spradbrow Wm contr 
\XT> Trevley Mrs Elizabeth 
237 Brydon George S 
-3! Ashdown George 
-41 Taylor James G 
^4a McCartin Mrs Jane 
245 Ford Mrs Elizabeth 
-47 Neate Mrs Nellie 
249 Halson Mrs Catherine B 
251 Johnston Frederick A O 
iVi Fisher Allan B 
255 Taylor Percy C 
257 Rice Thomas L 
-."ii Watson George 
261 Purtlll Thomas J 
263 King Henry W 
265 Sell Thomas 
26T McCaffery Mrs Ann J 
269 Doxsee Mrs Lenore 
271 Torston James A 

4>Dupont st intersect* 
325 Carmody Mrs M 
327 Young John 
320 Rossiter Mrs Ida 
331 Carmody Wrn J 
333 Bannister Charles 
335 Smith Frank 
337 Phillips George 
339 Smith Joseph F 
341 Vacant 
343 Norman John T 
345 Shepherd Benjamin R 
347 Bingham Sidney 
349 Felton Edward 
K57 Crawford James 
.'tro Vacant 

361 Paget Thomas W 
:Xi Vacant 

West Side 

14 Harper Wm 
16 Nesbltt Samuel 
18 Robertson James M 
'M Briggrs Henry 
22 Rebum Edward T 
24 Woodland Joshua M 
26 Plersol Wm H 
28 Trout Wm E 
.:'> Langskill James 
32 Taylor James F 
34 Armstrong Fred C 
36 Groves Wm E 
38 Dllworth Robert J 
40 Glasgow Robert P 
4^ Roberts Henry N 


Sole Agents for the "Goetz" Post Caps, Wall Boxes, Etc. 

Circular Stairs, Window Guards, 
Truss Rods, Bolts, Castings, Etc. 

67 to 05 PCAML ST. PhOMt Main 7148, 7149 



That are not in Trust 

Silk, Cotton and Linen. Best 6 Cord for 

hand and machine sewing. All 

lengths and numbers for the 

manufacturing trade. 

The Andrew H, McDowell Co, 

1 Wellington St. E. Telephone M 4417 

44 Ferrali Kohert 
46 Mollard Jcihn T 
48 McKechnie Charles W 
50 Leigh Edward 
52 1'innerton Graham 
64 Ellis T Walter 
S6 Linstrum Charles B 
58 Vacant 
6O Vacant 

70 Collins Charles H 
72 Clemens Matthew W 
74 Clark Malcolm S 
76 Foster J Milton 
78 Taylor Harold B 
80 DeTaney Mrs Elizabeth 
82 Elliot Charles 
84 Ferguson Henry 
86 Kennedy Harry 
88 Macneill Rev John 
'.HI Kennedy Michael 
82 Devitt James, bldr 
Barton av Intersects 
96 Ruddock John 
98 Witherell James E 

100 Lltster Thomas H 

102 I.aiUlu Mrs Alice 

KU I.lmlsny John K 

108 Vacant 

1O8 Hii weaves Wm A 

110 Johnson A Sterling 

112 Smith Wilson 

114 Henderson Mrs Esther 

US Taoknlierry H W 

118 MacPhersbn Mrs Alice 

120 Gunn Hector 

122 Bussell Edward 

124 Klnuie Mrs Amelia 

126 Hall Wm A 

128 Spink John L 

130 Rose George 

iaa Kins Henry J 

134 Talt Wm E 

136 Mabee Robert O 

138 Davidson Leslie A 

140 Van Dusen Frank I! 

142 McNairn Samuel 

144 Codd Henry K 

14fi rheeseworth Fred J 

148 Hammond M O 

150 Wyndham Wm 

s st Intersect* 
]."* t-mith J Harry 
160 Montgomery Jamea 
162 Molloy Joseph 
164 Rowe Arthur 
166 Jessiman George W 
108 Grose Win K 
170 Higgins Rev Frank L. 
172 Kennedy Warrlne 
174 Young Charles W 
370 Vacant 
178 Vacant 
ISO Vacant 
1*2 Vacant 

ISti Crawford Mrs Margaret 
188 Randall Wm H 
19O Irwin George 
194 Cnrry George 
16 Milburn Henry H 
ins WalnwrlRbt Mrs Annie 
20O Rnird Henry 
202 Mclntosh Wm 
204 Johnston Robert 
206 Stonge Harvey B 
208 Fisher Joseph 
210 Meagan Joseph 
212 Toms Wm 
212% Davis Thomas J 
214 Harvey Leslie J 
216 Wheatley John 
218 rtrnce George 
220 Corp Walter 
222 Klrkland Samnel B 
222% Gordon Archibald 
224 Birch Wm 
22H Hilton Rohert 
228 Snyder Salem 
230 Hough Clinton 
232 Dressens Jules F 

^Dupont st Intersects 

246 Dletsch Emll 

248 Harsch Eugene 

250 vacant 

252 Macpherson Mrs Bella 

254 Steels Thomas 

260 Wretham Charles 

202 Brunt John 

264 Sanford Thomas 

266 Skelsey Miss Minnie 

2t!S Joyce John 

27O Thomson Thomas 

272 JIcGrevy Thomas 

-74 Cowen Wm R 

276 Flood Christopher M 

278 Pickles James H 

280 Smith Frank 

282 Sales Harry 

-M lOd wards George 

286 Bell Hugh 

288 McClarty Archibald T 

2UO Tressider Charles W 

2112 Buckle Arnold 

294 Wilson Thomas 

296 Wood George 

298 Jones George 


East from 585 Broadview 
av, ward I. 

North Side 

6 Kowles Ernest H 
32 Beitch Robert 
34 Laister Thomas B 
86 MacLeod Norman 
38 Vacant 
4O Williams Ernest 
44 Hamilton Samuel 
40 Williams Ernest 

South Side 

Not built on 


West from 218 Yonge to 
Chestnut, ward 3. 

North Side 

4 Hayward F G & Co, lad 
ies' wear 
Elliott W Foster 
McComb John 
6 Workshop 
8 Robinson H M & Co 

Albert lane commence* 
10-14 Eaton T & Co, warehse 
10 24 S A Temple 

S A Printing House 
Young Soldier (weekly) 
War Cry Official Gazette 
All the World (monthly) 
Miller Wm, caretkr 
Horn John M C mar 
riage licenses 
Men's Social Dept S A 
Women's Social Work 

Central Ontario Prorln- 

clal Headquarters 
Noble George H, tlr 

James st Intersects 
26 Lev! Jacob 

28 McDonald Mrs Blliabetb 
80 Berry Frederick 
32 st Ours Henry 
34 Alspector Morris 
36 O'Brien James 
88 Wilkinson George 
40 Ritchie W J, horse clip 

Ritchla Mrs Jane E 

42 Turner Samuel B 

Turner Mrs E C, dyer 
44 McGill Benjamin 
46 Drake Wm 

Teraulay t Intersects 
60 Conklin Joseph H 

88 Gray Edwin 
6X Prltchard John J 
70 Bargman Jonas, bdg 
72 Levy Harris 
76-78 Leach Concrete Co, 

Ltd, yard 

Tor Del Co's stables 
82 Lavlne Peter 
84 Felderman David 

Elizabeth st Intersect* 
92 Most Nathan, rest 
92 Mi Vacant 

94 Vacant 

96 Blackman Nathan 
98 Atkins Henry 
100-102 Storehouse 
104 Sapero Maurice, barber 
106 Scarrone Leopoldo P, 

ticket agt 
Lagagna Eugenlo 

South Side 

James st Intersects 

Teraulay st Intersects 
">:! Currie David 

55 Janetos James 

5!> Graham Robert 

tfl-63 Purdy-Mansell, Ltd, 

Stewart & Thomas, bk 

McCall Co, The, pattern 


Gundy-Clapperton Co, 
Ltd, cut glass 

Elizabeth st intersects 
103 Hillock Frank, lumber 


Name changed to Ward 


Runs n from 8 Albert to 
Alice, first w of Yonge, 
ward 3. 


East from Avenue rd, first 
n of Cottingham, ward 3. 

North Side 

Not built on 

South Side 

1 Irvine Mrs Minnie L 
3 Robb Mrs Isabella 
5 Sewell Henry de Q 
7 Vacant 
DIxon Lewis M 


(Old Lakeside av), n from 
the lake shore to Do 
minion, first e of Dunn av. 
ward 6. 
Not built on 


Kast from 493 Yonge to 

Mutual, ward 3. 
North Side 

6-8 Stables 
1O Pountney Wm 
14 Jackson Joseph 
16 McLaughlin James 
18 Collard Mrs Catherine 
20 Wadds Mrs Maria C 
22 Scrimes Graham 
24 Zlngg Mrs Mary M 
2(i Hartwell Mrs Isabella 
28 Hanna John 
30 Skinner Alfred K 
32 Davidson Walter 
34 Bell David 
36 Taylor Lewis A 
38 Mills Robert 
44 Chrysler J H, painter 
46 Drury Robert 
48 Cooke John 
50 Reid John H 
52 Warner Wm S, tallr 
54 Reeve Mrs Harriet B 
no Hutchlnson Charles 
88 Minaker Mrs Phoebe 
60 Graham Miss Helen E 
62 Mitchell Mrs Emma 
64 Mitchell Rev Geor** A 
Mitchell Miss H G, mus 


66 Fairty Irving S 
68 Snell Mrs Charlotte 

Church st Intersects 
88 Boddy Mrs Annie M 
90 Hagen Joseph 

Alexander pi commences 
92 Reid Wm H 

1>4 Blnshford Walter A 

9fl Edmonds Albert J 

98 Stewart Miss Joana C 

1O4 Decrosson Benjamin 

1O6 Lent Ellas E 

108 Taber Wm 

........ South Side ........ 

7 Wright Charles 
!> Wright Frederick 
11 Ovens Robert 
11 Mi Jackman James 
13 Nearly Mrs Jane 
15 Day Wm A 
17 Jackson Frank W, bldr 
1'J McCrimmon Ward G 
21 Switzer Nelson, lulj 
23 McBurney Mrs Margaret 
25 Lewis Mrs Elizabeth 

Jackson Hubert R 
27 Sherman George 
21! Belding Mrs Sarah 
81-39 Vacant 
41 Barlow Wm H 
4S Wood John 
45 Conlan Bros, putrs 
47 Passmore Miss Alary A 
49 Coleninn Arthur 
61 Staughton Wm S 
53 Stilwell Mrs Marion E 
55 McKlnnon Miss Christina 
B7 Vim Gi'onre. m-ct 
5!i Adlam Mrs Charlotte 
61 Stephens Richard 
63 Gillesple Mrs Kllza 
65 Heard Miss Charlotet 
67 Mitchell Mrs Anna L 
i NYwcll Mrs Mary 
Church st Intersects 
93 Burns John 
U5 Adams Wm S 
97 Jpffj-r.T Fr.-ink P 
!>!> Parsons Mrs Olivia 

101 Culling Wm 

103 Hawken Wm J 

10.1 Ilndley Ertwnnl .T 

107 Townsend Mrs Edith 

10ft HugKPtt Mrs M A 

North from 90 Alexander, 
ward 3. 
........ East Side ........ 

1 Foot Charles 

8 Milne Thomas A 
........ West Side ........ 

Not built on 


(Old Hioga av), w from 
Indian rd to Kobe av, first 
s of Howard Park av, 
ward 6. 

Not built on _ 


(Old Cherry av), w from 
Indian rd to High Park, 
first n of GTR crossing, 
ward 6. 
........ North Side ........ 

2 Jones Wm 

........ South Side ........ 

Not built on 


North from Boustead av 
to Bloor w, first w of Dun- 
das, ward 6. 
.......... East Side ........ 

3 Vernon Charles E 

5 Bundy Gurney 

7 Sleightholm Richard 
13 Spence Wm J 

...... West Side ...... 

4 Mitchell Charles 

6 Balson Frederick J 

8 Peart Chester E 
30 Parker Wm H 
32 Hill Richard 

56 Gilchrist James 
5S Emmett Henry R 


West from 280 Yonge to 
Teraulay, ward 3. 
........ North Side . ....... 

8 Arerjr Thomas, hlksmlth 

Gold Samuel, r 
8 Canadian Vacuum Clean 
er Co, Ltd, The 


400 Feet Higher than Lake Ontario Reliance Bid., 82=88 King St. E. 


Branch Office 



Industrial Companies a Specialty 

_____ TEX^ IMI^IIsr 1513 Confederation Life Building 

Mfg Co 

is, shirts 

us Ink & Wax Co, 
12 Thornton I B. mach 

irry Mfg Co, gro 

14 I'- nan 

If Brenlln Charles 
18 Freslln Solomon 

. m 

22 Hewer John R 
22% Amlrr-cin J D, mas tchr 
Anderson \V J. uiui tchr 

24 N.Ttn-, l.r-n-r N 

M JsekVon Kdw:irrt II 

>tterill Harry 
80 Osborne Wm 
32 Marchanz Isaac 

nnlng John B 
36 Hurst Charles R 
38 Bnrn s John 
40 Wei ton John J 
Lazes Jacob, r 

43 Dillon Jame* 

44 Flneerhut Jncob 
Golden Thomas, r 

48 Stelnworzel Max 
I.anda Henry, r 
00 Tobias Max 

Morris, r 
52 (!oM 1 

Rumack Solomon, r 
58 Mc'iitosh Alrx.inder 

:it r 

58 Jean Mrs Elizabeth 
6U Flnkelsteln Jacob 
84 Spring Jacob 

South Side 

1 MrGnbcy Koht J. dentist 

Anderson David 
S St John's llnll 
4) Albert lane ends 
7 O'Connell Miss Ellen 

9 Burns Thoma 

11 Pollard John H 

13 Cuthbert Mrs Elizabeth 
16 McLachlan - Joy Electrlo 

Pearce Mfg Co. envelope 


Lan?<lon-Davles Motors 
(Canada) Ltd 

21 Queen Citv Ptg Ink Co 
Canadian Time Record 
ing Co Ltd 

Smith J Hnnjrerford Co, 

rnfjz chemists 
Cohen Samuel, tlr 
Lockwoorf & Co. mldgs 
Harris Abraham, clotfc- 

Ine mfr 

Kelly Sllkstone, tlrs 
2f> Maxley Andrew 
27 Lazofsky Solomon 

'1 Joseph, violin mkr 
31 Avery George 
:! Myrtle Mrs Mary 
IS Dillon Thomas 
37 Sherburne Fred 
89 Cotter Patrick H 
41 Rabinovitz Simon 

45 Pnsltz Alhert 

45 Mnloner Martin J 
47 Gillie, Mrs Mnry 
4fl Hornsteln Louis 
SI Christie Mrs Maria 

S3 Griesman Moses 

SS Martin Patrick 
7 Nieholls Thomas B 

8!l MeyerhotTer Julius A 

Downey lone ends 

ttl Dager Joseph X 

63 Fosbury Alfred 

B7 Walker' Samnel S 


East from 2fi3 Broadview 
av to Bolton av, ward 1. 

North Side 

'2. Bryson Henry 
8 Bayley Wm 

10 Edmonds Manley M 

12 Garbutt Edward 
1 Valliere Wm 

18 Hill Arthur 

20 Butcher Wm T 

22 Roffe George 

24 Smith James 

20 Hicks Thomas 

32 Robinson (Jeorre. contr 

34 Robinson Charles G, con 


3tt Robinson Harry J 
38 Curtis David 
40 Emits Wm 
41' Sinirn Arthnr 
44 Bailey Thomas H W 
46 Ferry John 
48 Corhett David 
BO Prettle James 
62 Chown John H 
54 Tuckwell Albert 
54H Thompson David 
iffith Thomas 
Msmlth \Vm J 
mths Thomas, 
i Vacant 
64 Taylor John 
BM Porter Thomas P 
88 Chestnut Frederick C 
7O I.e Coeq Nicholas J 
72 Ansell Richard 

South Side 
Pollard George 
Redley Emnnitel 
Pollard Charles 
Bldgood Charles 
Corner James 
Scott John 
nilmore Alfred 
Brodle John H 

Miller John S 
Jones Robert 
Goorle Joseph 
Kelly Thomas J 
Cook Wm 

frglns Wm O 
I.nw .Tnme 
Bracey Albert 

rs Eliza. 
Holden Mrs E A. nnrst 

n James 
Whlto Henry 

t-kett Thomas 
Caldwell Joseph 









8S Talbot Edwnrd C 
87 Lougheed Wm 
<W Phllcox James 
73 rnnstnhle Thnrlen R 

Pnflnlshed houses (2) 
77 M<-rnhe John 
T.I Brooks James A 
81 Barrlball Alfred W 
83 Devonshire Alfred J 


West from "S Gladstone 
av. to Dufferin. ward 6. 

North Side 

8 Conley Wm 
1O Mortson Henry 
12 Trlml.le Phnrles E 

14 Winter* Emery O 
16 HlokK Mrs Annl* 

15 Brooks Samuel W 
20 Gray Wm G 

22 Stevenson Robert 

U Lillle James 

2 Sutherland Edward 

28 Modeland John M 

80 Alente Wm C 
32 Gray Mrs Mary A 

South Side 

7 Jackson John 

Perks Walter 
11 T?enry George 
13 Milne Wm 

Jaques Albert 
15 White Robert S 
17 Waring Wm 
ly Hill Frederick 
21 Vacant 
23 Mitchell Charles 
X Dornn Robert 
27 Jarvls John 
U"j Parker John 
81 Seddon Mrs F M, gro 
Seddon James H 


West from head of Sack- 
vllle. ward 2. 
North Side 

2 Dash Wm J 

4 Walker \Vm J 

6 Elliott Wm B 

8 Baker Thomas 
11) Thompson Wm 

12 Coui-li Mrs Isabella 

14 Maltman Mrs Sarah 
18 Foster Wm J 

18 Armstrong Mrs VI E C, 
South Side 

I Dlpple John R 

3 Kussell Alfred B 

5 Fltzpatrick Wm 

7 Chirk Thomas 

9 Middleton George H 

II Waterworth Wm J 
1.1 Wilson .lames W 

15 ^ it C 
17 Pott.-r Joseph 


East from opp 562 Parlia 
ment to Hill Crest Park, 
ward 2. 

North Side 

12 Wilson John T 

14 Unlrhead James 

IB Mulklus Wm H 

It) Monanan Mrs Minnie 

M \ViiiMuw Mrs Mina 

22 Shannon John 

28 Hawthorn Wm I 

30 Empey Wm 

86 Gagmon Armand D 

38 Smith Frederick J J 

40 Bowman Alfred 

42 U.-iker John I, dairy 
Wllby HerbertA, r 

48 Sullivan Mrs Emetine 

50 Brookes Alfred 

52 Mnlrhead Daniel 

54 Scott Robert 

56 Gillam Wm 

r> Gellnas Henry 

62 Wicks Joseph 

64 Hawtln George W 

66 Marshall John T 

S Coker John T 

70 Cullen Mrs Elizabeth 

72 Campbell George 

74 Rouse Israel G 

78 Nicholson Joseph 

4>Sckvllle st Intersects 

78 franfield E S, drugs 

80 Duggan Thomas A 

"J Benson E Frank 

84 Vacant 

8ti O'Brien John J 

83 Eunson Wm 

90 Bowes Frank 

92 Harrison ft Lewis, contrs 
Lewis Wnlter 

94 Lundy John O 

'.> Maclean Mrs Flora 
ino Plagdon Alfred E 
102 Dawson Charles E 
104 Dowdell Georee C 
106 Smart Charles D 
108 Kemp Charles 
110 Ashenhnrst Alexander 
112 Fortner Charles H C 
114 Goss Henrr A 
116 Hannah Wm 
12(> Caldwell John R 
124 Murrant Robert E 
12fl Brett Foster C 

iz8 Owen Herbert 
ISO Knowlton Joseph 
132 Gorrle Jnmes 
134 Beck Thomas W 
l.lfl Green Joseph 
ITS Mertens Frank W 

142 Hlcklngbottom Jos N 

144 Baker Albert B 
14fi Benson Henry T 
14M Allen Richard L 
152 Dudley W Howard 

Sumach st Intersects 

154 Kellythorne Jack A 
156 Snodgrass Thomas 
158 Wright Thomas 
160 Lewis Samuel M 
102 Fleming Mrs Isabel 

South Side 

B Hesson Alexander 

II Corrigau Richard 
13 Ayuiuug Ruck A 
15 Gray John 

17 Higgerson John 
19 Elliott Wm 

4> Metcalfe st ends 

35 Quackenbush Edward B 

37 Ward John 

39 Rosar Wm J 

41 Thomson John P 

43 Tate Thomas 

45 Williams George 
47 Deacon D Chajles 
49 Moore Harry 

61 Tremble Robert C 

Sackvllle st Intersects 
85 Moore Ernest 

S7 Starling Win 

89 Locke Fred J 

91 Ililiotson Jiirvis 

93 Grade John 

!'."> Love Walter F 

1)7 Seccombe George A 

99 Ratcllffe J Byron 
101 Wel.l. Win G 
103 Brookes Mrs Fannie I* 
105 McLaren Francis J 
1H7 I'urvls Wm L 
109 Hamlll John 

III Swift Samuel 

113 Southern Richard J 
115 I'ickie Herbert A 
119 Hickman John 
121 Nobes Edward 
123 McDonald John 
127 Jones Mrs Elizabeth 
12JI Steele Wm H 
1SS Dewe George 
135 Crowe James 
137 Genron Edward 
139 Robinson John B, pntr 
141 McEvay James 
143 Wolfe Mrs Mary, gro 
^Sumach st lntrsf ts 
Toronto Necropolis 


East from Sherbourne n, 
first s of Maple av, ward 

North Side 

Not built on 

South Side 

3 Llghtbourn Francis J 

5 Sinclair Angus 


West from opp 113 Uni 
versity av to McCaul, ward 

North Side 

2 Burgess Mrs Margiret 

4 McManaman Thomas J 

6 Daniel Walter J 

8 Cummlnss Mrs Catherine 
10 Cnllarton Edward 

Slmcoe st Intersects 

28 Watson-Smith Mfg Oo, 
window shutters 

William st Intersect* 

40 Shaplra Emll 
42 Ruben Jacob 

44 Harrison Robert 

46 Calppex Max M 


City Office. 152 Bay St., TORONTO 

Agents for Thos. Firth & Sons, Ltd. 

Tool Steel, Speedient High Speed Steel 






48 Gordon Solomon 
60 Gorbuzenko Louis 
62 White Frederick 

South Side 

3 Cockburn James C 

Slmcoe st Intersect! 
21 Ling Mrs Almira 

23 Cochran Mrs Elizabeth 
25 Grady James 

27 Boomer Robert C 
29 Fogler Morris. Jwlr 

William st Interact* 
39 Mason Wm 

41 Kenny Wm 

43 Bliss Harry 

45 Brookstein SInay 
4T Douglas Walter S 

49 Lawlor Mrs Mary 

51 Mullaly Michael 

53 Glfford Mrs Elizabeth 

55 Tohln C James 

57 Shawcross James 
69 Kurtian John 


East from 431 Yonge to 

Mutual, ward 3. 
North Side 

24 French Miss F, bdg he 
40 Cates George 

42 Bell Mrs Emma. bdr 
42% Fitzpatrick John P 

44 Hines James H A 

46 Stark Miss Ethel 
48 Weston Mrs Jane 
50 Robinson John 

52 Knell Oliver J 

B4 McKeown Miss Margery 

56 Gillesple Charles 

58 Pratt John J 
60 Hansford W W 

64 Flanagan Michael 
66 McGill Mrs Margaret 
72 Shnpter Frank 
74 Roden George B 
78 Sullivan Patrick. cbi 

Church st intersects 
94 Hodgson Henry 

96 Hodgson Wm 

98 Amer Walter W 
100 Bruen Miss Theresa 
102 Cruickshank Alex R 
106 Hawkins Mrs Annie 
10S Kenney Miss J K, dr- 


110 Stewart Mrs Ellen 
112 Grant John C 
114 MIddleton John 
116 McClure Wm 
118 Stewart Mrs Ellen 
120 Martin Alexander 

Phone Main 5173 House, North 56s 


13 Yonge St- Arcade 

South Side 

8 Buckingham & Boyle, re 

Istry office 

6 O'Neal Alexander 

7 Rockwell Frank 

9 Muirhead Mrs H A 
11 Good Harry J P 

13 Fowler Miss Annie 
15 Willson Ferdinand C 
21 Emerson Charles R 
35 English Nelson G 
29 Ferrier John 
29% Cunningham Wm 
31 Spies Charles L 
31% Parkes Alfred 

Wallace Robert, bldr 
33 Collard Wm L. 
35 Brown Mrs C 
37 Terry Simon 
39 Howson John E 
41 Johnson George 
4H Whalen Mrs Julia 
45 Ba/rrett Mrs Elizabeth 
47 Gurnett Miss Helen 
49 Marks Mrs Kat 
51 Stephens Mrs Lucy 
51% Sands John A 
53 Coleman Isaiah 
55 Erz John 
57 Erdman Charles 
59 Phillip Wm 
61 Mlln Mrs Elizabeth 
63 Eccles Wm 
65 Campbell George 
67 Teevln Mrs Sarah 

71 Hunch Adam 
73 Jarre tt Mrs Mary C 
75 Wilkin Samuel 
77 Doyle Bernard 3 
79 Saunders Reginald 
81 Haygarth Frederick 
Church ft intersects 
89 Cairncross J H 
95 King Miss Maud 
97 Lambert Patrick H 
99 Duke Wm C 
101 Dale Adam 
103 Squire Mrs Jennie . 
105 Donaldson Thomas H 
107 Brown Andrew 
109 Stewart John A C 
109% Armour Samuel H 
111 Vacant 
113 Blewett Rollie 
115 McLaurln Mrs Mary 
117 Edmonds Walter 
119 Bredin Hawtry. phy 
321 Barker Mrs Hulda E 


(Old Irving av), w from 
Northern Ry to Edwin av. 
second n of Bloor w, ward 

Not built on 


West from 194 Shaw to 
Gladstone av, wards 5 and 

North Side 

2 Melntosh Wm D 

4 Haw Thomas 

6 Bryan Miss Alice 

8 Armstrong Charles S 
10 Gibson Frank L 
12 Hill Wm 
14 Verral Robert 
16 Woods Alfred 
18 Verrall G E 
20 Easton David 
22 Trowern Peter T 
26 Puddy George 
28 Chapelle Wm 
30 Hahndorf John 
32 MacMahon John 

GIvens st Intersecti 
34 Cooper Wm W 

36 Baldwin Alex H 

38 Bell Andrew R 

40 Steen Samuel 

42 McClelland Charles, bldr 

44 Hood Mrs Jane 

46 Rockall Frederick W 

48 Carroll John 

50 Smith Hugh 

52 Grant John G 

64 Hunter Wm 

Dundas st Internects 
56% MacKay John 

58 Holmes Jonathan J 

60 Masterson George 

62 PineJ Cyrua D 

64 Smith Henry 

66 Maxwell Thomas 

68 Montgomery Benjamin 

TO Carr Alexander 

72 Reid John 

74 Peterman Alfred E 

76 Watts Charles B 
Klnley Thomas 

78 Dobbdn Frederick A 

80 Mnnderson Alexander A 

82 Forster Wm 

86 O' Byrne Bernard 

88 Memory Miss A M 

Memory T A, mus tchr 

90 Hendry Alexander 

92 Bolton John 

94 Kelly James 

96 Ford Henry 

98 Whillans Wm J 
100 Whillans Jamea 

Whillani & Co, contra 
104 Lev! Judah, coal 
108 Vacant 
108 Vacant 
110 Harris George 
112 Bell Joseph R 
114 liny ward Mrs Ellxa 
116 Bell John 

11!) Drinkle Wm 

Barnum Edward 
120 Barrett Arthur H 
122 Laughton Mrs Ann 

Laughton Miss Leah 


124 Hlbbert John C 
126 Dempster Thoma 
128 Hall Thomas E 
130 Hines Wm 
132 Pendrlch Mrs Harriet 
134 Swan Edward - 

136 Turner James 
13 Dempster J & T, baker* 

Dovercourt rd intersect* 
142 Crookshank Mrs E A, bd 
144 Harris Wilhelmlna. dr- 


146 Patterson Wm H 
148 Behan Jeremiah 
150 Braden Mrs Harriet 
152 Atkinson James S 
154 Qnlnn Mrs Ann 
156 Lee John W, dairy 

Llsgar st intersect* 
168 Orr Robert, gro 

Laws on John 

160 Crosthwalte Mrs Hen 
rietta M 
164 Ralner John 
1R MrRae Daniel R 
170 Chambers Daniel 
172 Walton Brooks W 
176 Wilson Patrick T 
178 Vickers Mrs Alice 

Beaconsfleld av inter*eet 
180 McQuillen Edward J 
182 Mason Wm 

184 Armstrong George W 
186 Davis Mrs Mildred 
188 Burns Mrs Elizabeth 
IflO Pettet Joseph C 
192 Davidson Charle* 
194 Fowle Henry L 
196 Seattle John 
198 Smyth Albert I 
200 Pennal Frederick A 
202 Campbell George 
204 McDonald Mrs Janet 
206-8 Dnrle David, btch 

Northcote av intersect* 

South Side 

1 Clarke Charles H 

1% Wesley John E 

3 McQuarrie Mrs Mary A 

5 Roberts Harold G P 

7 Telfer Alexander 

9 Emerson Thomas J 

11 Browning Charle* 

13 Thompson Wm J 

GIvens st Intersect* 
35 Hayes Edward 

Argyle pi ends 
89 Moore Wm D 
41 Vacant 

43 Mcllroy Samuel 

Dundas st Intersect* 
53 Vacant 

55 Dodds George 

57 Cassidy Ralph 

5!i Mack Miss Margaret 

61 Stuart James 

63 Matson John B, bldr 

65 McCrea Kenneth 

67 Stock Luke M 

69 Clark John 

71 Clark Wm, exp 

73 Broome Mrs Sarah A 

7B Soules Walter 

77 McCreath Robert 

77% Gibson Robert 

79 McKinney John 
Peacey George 

79% Learmonth John F 

81 Scott John E 

83 Briley Thomas 

85 Wilson Robert 

87 Gray Frederick 

89 Calhoun Robert J 

91 Price James 

93 Nicholas Mrs Harriet 

95 Emmett Charles L 

97 Gonrley Hugh 

99 Dickey Albert 
1O3 Olinns Joseph O 
105 Playter Charles H 

107 McKay Ashel 
109 Paterson Charles 
113 Irwin Miss Mary 
117 Marshall Wm 
121 Clifford Jesse 
125 Brltton Robert 
127 Loney Mrs Elizabeth 
129 Taylor Frank 
131 Heffer James B 
133 Chinese Indry 
135 Lawton James 
Irvine Robert, r 

Dovercourt rd Intersect* 
147 Peters Christopher S 
149 Lowens James 

151 Slean John 
153 Scott John 
155 Scott Alexander 
157 Buchanan Charles 
159 Lament Allan N 
| 161 Stlckells G T, express 

Llsgar st Intersect* 
163 Dawson Wm J, grocer 
163% Mitchell Miss Christina, 


165 White Thomas 
167 McKenzie Charles 
169 Drain Wm D 
171 Paterson Daniel J M 
173 Stewart James, contr 
175 Pearson Joseph 
177 Stubbs George 

Beaconsfield av Intersect* 
179 Ritchie Jamea 

ll McLean Wm 

183 Fitzgerald John J 

185 Ross David 

Webb Miss Minnie, drs 

187 Bennlngs John 
189 Bard George A 
191 MacKenzie John J 
193 Wheeler Robert 
195 Adams F W, gro 
197 Hamilton Gavin H. drugs 

Northcote fiv Intersects 
205 Whltehouse John 


North from 24 Bruce to 
Argyle, ward 5. 

East Side 

31 Cormack Robert 
33 Thornton James 
35 Francis Wm 
37 Barnes Miss Sarah 

West Side 

Not built on 


Name changed to Sudbury. 


West from 69 Chestnut to 

University av, ward 3. 
North Side 

2 Schuman Max 

4 Rosen Harry 

6 Rosen Nathan 

8 Gluckstein Barnet 

1O Jaffrey Kaby 
12 Schwartz Joseph 
14 Goldstein Samuel 
Hi Goldstein Max 
Centre av commence* 
112 Cronden Wm 
34 Gelber Mrs Annie 

South Side 

Not built on 


West from 1182 Dufferin 
to Emmerson av, 2 n of 
Bloor w, ward 6. 

North Side 

6 De Warne George 
8 Le Warne Alfred 

10 Vacant 

12 Vacant 

14 Vacant 

American DUST-PROOF Weatb-Stiip Co, 


18 Toronto Street 

Phone Main 2959 

Windows and Doors fitted with this Strip 
(made entirely of brass) are absolutely 
Dust and Draught Proof. 


TEL MAIN 5378 



It Vacant 

18 Elsworthy Thoma* 

88 Atherl.^y Richard 

88 Karl Charles 

40tf Vacant 

4> liui'st Francis 

84 Pargeter Hdward 

T North Hugh 

80 Williams Adrian BJ 

82 Harris Alexander 

84 Martin James A 
80 Martin Thomas 

88 Tanner Robert 
00 Cole Wm 

82 Vacant 
04 Vacant 
90 Phillips Thomas 
100 Foster Thomas 

102 Clougrh Wm 

104 Chorley Frederick W 

106 Eddy Wilbur 
108 Willis Edward 
11/5 Balson James C 
122 Campbell Wm R 

124 McKInnon Johnson 
126 Poulton John 

South Side 

5 Roberts John 

6 Hobson Charles W 

7 KIrby George 
11 Roberts Albert 
13 Hogan Wm 

is Thelnlng Frldolph 
17 Neilson Carlos 
47 Foster Wm M 
51 <;iass Samuel R 
53 Steele Harry R 
B5 Rlppen Wm 

85 Polton George F 

89 Littler A!'- 

93 Harmon Frank 
87 Young John 

103 Crtttenrtpn Charles 
10K Watt Fr:v 

107 Carney Thomas 
Gooderham Albert 

100 KIrby Benlamin 
111 Anderson Philip 
V.3 Whlttakor Malcolm 

125 Cardy Edward 

1^7 Robinsnn John, contr 


South from a lane between 

37 and 30 MeMurrtch. ward 


East Side 

Not built on 

West Side 

- ott Wm 

2 Armstrong Robert H 

a Long \valter 

4 Glronx Louis 

6 Summers Henry 


North from 54 Sydenham 
to Wilton av. ward 2. 
East Side 

Regent av commences 

St David it Intersect* 
4:> Huberts Mrs Elizabeth 

51 Sheppard James 

53 Sloan Herbert, blksmith 

West Side 

- Williams Mrs Amelia, 


4 West Wm 

6 Lettore Joseph 
28 Boddy James 
30 Stringer John 
82 Beamish Thomas 

St David st Intersect* 
40 Mulr Frederick B 

x>k Ralph A 
44 Pickering Francis 
46 Johnston David E 

Patterson Robert A 
60 Lennox Wm 

52 Anderson Alexander 
Anderson Mrs M, drsmkr 

54 Rtubbs Samuel 
66 Rowe Wm 

58 Pellow John 

00 Klpley Charles H 

<B Dlckson Mrs Angelina 

AIM MI i; 

from opp 341 Bath- 
urst to Dundas, ward 5. 

North Side 

Lappage Geone 
8 Lyall Henry S 

10 Adamson James 

12 Harrington Wm 

14 KI.M Henry 

16 McGinn James 

18 Mau&ell J G. btchr 

Markham st Intersects 
J<> Forth Richard 

--' Rutherford Wm P, pntr 
24 Clark Dnvld. plmbr 
28 Mitchell Michael, fruit 
3O Brownlee Kohert 
32 Dalton Wm. hldr 

<port Wm 
<Ylor James C 
iimn- 1'atrick 
W fainter Walter J 
42 Newman Joseph 
44 MeMullen Thomas 
4<; M.-rann Edward 
48 Page Henry J 

Palmerston av Intersect* 
80 L-nttrell Mrs Esther, gro 

Luttrell Miss E M, mm 
\damson Alexander, 


54 Whlttem Wm 
58 Bennet Mrs A, dry gds 

Post Office (br) 
tW Redpath Miss Nellie, gro 
64 Pease Mrs Lisle W confr 

Mansell Richard, contr 
W Willis Cephas J confr 
(W Haggert Daniel 
72 Adamson Mrs Elizabeth 
^ Euclid nv Intersects 
74 McGrath Robt G. wines 
76 Johnstone Mrs Sophia T 


80 Sanderson Charles H 
S! CrHlilar.l Walter 
84 Patterson John 
86 Cousins John 
88 Atkin Frank F 
90 Mclntosh Thomas 
M niley Wm B 
94 Thompson Richard 
!W O'Brien John D, real est 
OS Johnston F & Co. coal 

Manning av Intersects 
!"> Fritzley Joseph, tlr 
102 Barron Joseph, grocer 

Claremont st Intersects 
'"I s. -holes Matthew 

11O Chinese Indry 
112 Mahaffy Wm J 
118 Topping Nicholas 

Rellwoods av Intersects 
I- 1 " I>eans Wm G, gro 
1-- Kyan Frank P. btchr 

in son James W 
124 Smith John A 
ll'tl Powrie David 
128 Dann George 
130 Lawson Christian 

Bancroft Frederick 

St Francis' R C C 

Grace st commence* 

152 Mllligan Arthur A, phys 
Mllllgan Robert J 

154 McClelland W J, cattl* 
156 Glynn Daniel 

155 White John 

^ Beatrice commences 
170 Thompson James C, 


irtello Raphael, gro 
174 Hay John H 
17(1 McDonald John A 
178 Wilkinson G C 
ixii Kennedy George M 
iv-' Goddard Wm 
184 Anderson Mrs Annie 
186 Riddle Wm 

188 Milne Ross 
lao Taylor James, gro 
1". Thompson I Albert, 


Scott Miss Margaret, drs 

Montrose av commence* 
l'.4 Jackson Reed 

!'.> N'uxon Allan, phy 
198 Orr John 

t* Edwin J A 
nith Paul 

Crawford st Intersect* 
~ 4 Sal,- Uordon N 

Mrs Eliza 
i cant 

Shaw st Intersec's 
2tiO Pope George F 

Eaton Thomas 
262 Macklln Mrs Sarah A 
204 Dlckson Wm W 
'Mi Thompson Wm 
268 Andrews Alfred E 
270 McCleary Fred E 
-i- Thompson John D 

Glvens st Intersects 

298 Miller Robert, blksmith 
:: Mi -11. -ti ry Hugh S, roofer 

South Side 

>t>er Arthur E 
3 King Miss Florence, drs 

5 McCuen John 
7 Bell .Miss Martha 

Bell David 

9 Pooley Richard, shoemkr 
l"i Xitz.- Frederick 

Markham it intersect* 
21 Skayles John, gro 

S3 Davenport David, barber 

iiVL'7 H.-run Wm, Produce 

-".i-:(l Kvans F M. livery 

S3 Hall Thomas 

35 I.aroi* Arthur, tlr 

37 Ryan & Son, undertak 

39 Page \Vm R 

41 Ross Mias M R, conff 

43 Summers Darld H 

45 Spence Wm. shoemkr 

45H Mitchell Charles 

47 Powell John T 

4;i Michull Charles E 

51 Plncombe John L 

Palmerston av Intersect* 
53 Vacant 

57 Drohan Mrs Mary E 
59 Alton Mrs Eliza 
.".:PI.J Dunlop Wm E, tlr 
61 Dunseath Wm. barber 

Eaaton Alexander 
63 Gardiner David 
> Rurllng C E. picture* 
69 Thomson Edward 
71 Curtis Frank 

Euclid av Intersects 
73 Roberts Albert 

7!i Chinese Indry 

81 McGowan Matthew J 

S3 Elliott Robert D, broker 

.<" Barr George W 

87 Bowman Aaron, gro 

Bowen James 
W Roe Lot jr 
'.'1 Simmons Wm 
:<t Kennedy Wm, gro 

Manning av Intersects 
95 Side entrance 

95H Hewer Frederick, fruit 
97 Clarke John W. barber 
W P^nnock Angus 
l"l Wright George S 

Ferguson Miss M A, nrs 
1< LInton Robert J 

- ollon Michael 
!"7 Bailey Printing Co 

Bailey Joseph 
l<i!t Woodruff Emerson 

Claremont st Intersect* 
113 Harrison Henry P 

11. " Vacant 

117 Collier Thomas 

lilt Erlglnton Alfred J 



Eec9lv3S Best Attention 



ll'l Bond John 

123 Pugmlre Joseph S 

Bellwoods av Intersect* 

Oorevale ends 
Grace Church 

143 Barker Wm G 

146 Morris Wm L 

147 Beattle Wm 
149 Bero Vincent T 
I'll Perry Thu- 

3 ">3 Lawrence Wm J 
155 Langfleld Fred 
157 Clarry Eadmer R 
15U Strohmayr ^dward 
161 Wallace Laughlin J 
167 Johnson George 
169 Wagner Nicholas 
171 Ingram Arthur T 
'lt.-r Samuel A 
175 Eccles George 
177 Hodgins Thomas 
179 Morley John W 
181 Gay Hobi-rt J 
183 Crawford John 
1S5 Bmlth John C 
187 Holdsworth George 
18 Coyne John M 
Carroll Mrs Ellen 

Crawford st Interjects 
Bellwoods Park 

Shaw st Intersects 
5 En-Ing Richard 

Hecklln John, r 

Kullerton Mrs A, r 
259 Dlplock James A 
-''1 V arant 
JSi Pritchard Walter 

Faulkner Mrs Mary 
209 Ivory James 
1'71 McBeth Duncan 
-7.: McGregor Neil 
275 Reed Frederick G 

Bryson Herbert 
'111 Galiaher Charles D 
279 Bush Walter F 
281 Hurd Albert J 
283 Thuresson Mrs M A 
1!8T> Thornton Mrs Vesta 
3*1 Berry Thomas 
289 Goddard John A. canine Goddard John A 
295 Wylle T H, dentist 

London Life In* Co 
(west end br) 


Foot of Cherry, east of 
Fisherman's Island, ward 

British-Am Oil Co, Ltd. 

Don Foundry Co, The 


North from 498 King e, 
ward 1. 
East Side 

1 Sheen & Hatton. decora 


2 Atchison Edward 

3 Shea Jeremiah 

4 chapman John 

~> Flashman Frank 
ii Lambert Wm 
7 Dlffey James 
Nokes Ellas T 
siple Wm 

10 Miller Elizabeth 

11 Hutton John 

12 Kennedy Steven S 
West Side 

Not built on 




Phone Main 1 * 81 TORONTO 




Yachts Dooked and Wintered. MARINE RAILWAY 



North from Queen e, first 
east of Ashport av. 
East Side 

1 Blrchall John 
3 Weir John 

5 Cole James 

7 Leeks Alfred 
9 Thomas Wm 

13 Taylor Leonard 
15 Vacant 

17 Dale Samuel 

23 Winstone Walter 

25 Benham Alfred 
SSI Thomas Austin 
33 Lancaster Wm 
35 Cox James 

41 Ellsworth George 

47 Gray George 

61 Anderson Frank 

West Side 

Not built on 


North from near 1400 

Queen e, ward 1. 

East Side 

Not built on 
West Side 

6 Worthington Thomas 

8 Hazen George L 
10 Capps Frederick D 

Cappa F D. I allow factory 


Kust t'rom Coxwell av, first 
n of Queen e 
North Side 

1 Oliver John 

5 Higgins Willoughby 

9 Lewis Alfred M 
South Side 

Not built on 


West from rear of 154 
Sheridan av to Brock av, 
ward 6. 
North Side 

6 Anderson Frederick G 

8 Hoar Wm 

10 oordon Mrs Harriet J 

12 Kerr Robert J 

14 Scott Donald 

10 Scarlett Kdward 

15 HuU's J times A 
2U l!u.\frs Jolin A 

22 Woods George H 
24 C'ulleu Juuvf* L 

26 Wooanouse Robert M 
28 Thompson Mrs Janet w 

South Side 

1 Trebell John 
3 Hums Mary J 
5 Todd Francis W 

7 Gallagher Win J 

9 McNelee Robert 

11 Corrlgan Wm 

13 Heffron Win 
15 Graham John 
17 Deuuie Jotiu El 
19 Balrd Charles 8 
21 Conk John 

23 Wltham - rederlck 


North from G T R tracks 
to King w, first w of Sub 
way, ward 6. 

East Side 

Bradshaw I D & Co, 

chewing gum 
Woouey Edward H ft 
Sons, pro med 

West Side 

84 Metropolitan Oils ft 

Soaps, Ltd 
44 Human Jiimes 
49 Nesbit Wm B 
48 Warren Joseph S 

Liberty st Intersects 

60 St David's Wine Growers' 


112 Clarke John Jr 


East from 219 Pape av, 
Ward 1. 
North Side 

2 Neale Wm 

4 O'Brien Charles 

6 Grabill John 

8 Lyons Mrs Margueretta 

10 Brown A Samme 
12 Baker Alfred 

14 Mader Joseph 
24 Chandler George 

26 Crocker Mrs Melora 
South Side 

Not built on 


North from ISO St. Patrick 
to College, ward 4. 

East Side 

1 Dow A M. drug* 

3 I'ym Albert 

5 Hull George 

7 Sleeman Charles 
'i Warren Samuel . 

11 Craig Mrs Mary A 
IB Boomer Joseph B 

15 Chapman Joseph W 
I.nwrle James, r 

17 Pike Thomas G 

Spottiswood James, r 
lit Williams Wm G 
21 Metcalf John 
23 Richardson Wra J 
ZS Greenway Frederick W 

27 Cowley John 

20 Humphreys Albert 
BS Havlland Snnmel 
35 Baker Herbert H 
87 Rose Alexander 

50 F.IM.itt Win M 
41 Irwln James 
43 Reeder Henry 
4i> Le Page John 

47 Kerr Wm 

48 Bunker Oeoree 

51 Foster Frederick H 

63 Longbottom Charles A 

Olmstead Ira C 
IW Tingles Richard 
67 Podee Oscar F 
59 Kennarrt Stephen 

61 Cote Albert 

BH Moore John, contr 
65 Smith Mrs Mary Ann 
67 Stephenson Joseph 
69 Ntesser Mrs .It-nnle 
71 Burke Frederick 
73 Kvason Joel, painter 
75 Sockett Geortre 
77 Given Wm J H 
71) Chpshr Wm J 
81 Neil Miss Aeele 
81% Lipman Simon, shoe 

Bnlrtwln Rt end* 
83 Barker John, gro 
85 O'Hara John 

K7 Phillips Wm 
S!) Praphies Abraham 
91 Sherman Thomas 
93 Clarke John P 
<r. Lichfield Joseph W, 
!i7 Robinson Edward 
'M MacCarl Albert 
101 Cadesky Jacob 
103 Robinson Wm J. gro 

Nsssan st intersrrts 
W> Telford Wm. plmbr 
107 Wrobel Albert 

KH) Glenday James 
111 Aitken David 

113 Torke Mrs Margaret 
nr> Woods Charles 

117 Parrett James 
119 Hlrks Wm 

Munro Duncan, plmbr 
121 Smith Wm F 
123 Axworthy Wm 
125 McLaren John 
127 Birch Henry 
121) Tilly Mrs Elizabeth, gro 

Oxford st intersects 

131 Darch Jas A, carriage- 


133 Phillips James 
135 Walls. Thuujiia H 

137 Jamieson Wm 
13'J James Charles 
141 McUae Archibald 
143 Achfbuu Mrs Jane 
14.j ilurley John W 
147 Larala James 
14',i isereslord Frank 
151 French 11 ugh 

153 Kichardsou Mrs E 
155 Sheppard Jobn 
157 Dalby George C 
157 Vi Johnson Alfred 
15i) Dalby Miss Mabel, elo 
Dalby George E 
161 Jocelyn John 
161 Calms Robert 

107 Chinese Indry 

West Side 

14 Sykes Mrs Sarah 
16 Liltle Wm 
18 Kelly Henry J 

Kelly Miss Edith V mu 

20 Williams John 

Pear 09 John 
22 Conn Wm 
24 Koster Matthew J 

Bellerue pi commence* 
Denlson sq 

CO Fiegenen Charlfs H 

52-4 Redemption Horn* 
York Mrs Eva R 

56 Brent Wm 

58 Ablitt George W 

60 Vesey Charles, uphol 

62 Douglas James S 

64 Henderson Mrs Emily 

66 Gale Charles W 

68 Cbiilkley Mrs Al.c 
Gardner Harry B 

70 Raditt Miss Elizabeth 
Gershon John J 

72 Mullov James J 

78 Kelly John 

78 Moore fcugene 

80 Anderson Farquhar 

84 Collins Kobert N 

86 Sheppard Samuel 

SS Chinese Indry 

+ Nassau st Intersects 

90 Muuro B D, drugs 

92 Dunn Miss Mary 

94 McKay Alexander 

l>6 De Fint Charles 

1)8 Hyman Samuel 
100 Oakley Samuel 
102 Johnston Mrs Melissa 
104-106 I'eter Bros, bkrs 
Peter August J 

108 Cameron Benjamin 
110 Forsyth John K 

+ Oxford st Intersects 
112 Brown Lorenzo 
114 Carlton Ernest J 
116 McCann Martin E 
118 Laur Edgar L, artist 
118% Dickinson Walter 
120 Gallagher Mrs Ellen 
124 Gordon Robert H 
1211 Me Arthur Gemmlll 
128 Alexander Mrs Maud 
130 Onley Charles J 

132 nnmllton Alexander 

134 Spain Bartholomew 
136 Watson Charles 

138 Herring Austin 
Langlols Miss Grace 


West from 50 Augusta v, 
ward 4. 

2 Davidson Henry 

3 Duvil Jules 


East from 305 Pape av 
to Jones av, ward 1. 
North Side 

2 Wells George A, hard 
4 Burkholdcr Albert 




Toon Benjamin 
Pettlt Wm H 
Robinson Frederick 
Montgomery Norman B 
Branton Wm 
Kldley Joseph 
Boyd Wm 
Strugnell James H 
Davidson W'alter 
Green Alfred W 
Bamford John 
Pick Wm 
German Samuel C 
Maklu David 
liurston Robert 
Nottingham Wm J 
Howell Wm 
St Dennla Wm 
Macdonald Mrs Effle 
Cochiana Wm 
IVakf Oliver 
Parading Wm 

South Side 
Clifford Mrs Caroline 

Wellings George 
White Wm 
Pnmenter Malln 
Garlich George 
Gibbons George 
Hester .Tnmes H 
Harris George 
Smith Kdn-arrt J 
Sutherland James 
Crane Mrs Anne 
Fisher Charles 
Lynch Miss Nora 
Snnnrtera Wm H 
Deamer Thomas 
Smith Thomas 
Taylor Joseph 



Name changed to Web 
ster av, 


North from 170 Bloor w to 

city limits, wards 3 and 4. 

East Side 

15 TioherHin w m J 
17 Bell Andrew J 
19 Scott Paul I., phy 
Scott Mrs Jessie L 

Cumberland st ends 
25 Clark I'eter M 

31 Crook George 
33 Phillipeau Wm 
35 Paul Joshua 
37 Smith Wm 

Yorkvllle av ends 
39 Kemp H Gross, phy 
41 Bradley Richard 3 

43 McDermld Donald, contr 

45 BauM Ebenezer H 

47 Vacant 

5S Adams Mercer J 

57 Petrle G M, drags 

59 Jack Mrs Annie 

Thomas Julia, phys 

63 fartwrlebt John R 

67 Eckhardt H P 

71 Clnrksnn Kdward R C 

77 Sewell Fane 

79 Macpherson Alexander 

81 Doel Rev John 

87 Keys David R 

89 Burwash Rer John 

97 Wood Hon Samnel C 
103 Armour R Douglas 
107 Helghlngton Joseph 
111 Vacant 

115 McLennan Roderick 
St Paul's Meth Ch 

Webster av ends 
131 Pole Kdmond H 
133 Bastedo Mrs Emma 
335 Smith Mrs Amelia 
187 Dunk George M 

Lacey J C T 
141 Ritchie Charles H 

Canada Lawn Tennis and 

Bowling Club 
187 Watson John H. phys 
169 Old Robert J 
171 Davles Wm Co, Ltd, 

WADDINGTON & GRUNDY Reliance Building 

Estate, Insurance and Financial Agents 





Tel. Main 6000 

G K N E R A L 






DSTenport rd Intersect* 
173 Addlson George 


171 Wi!s..n Mrs Martha 
181 Btat Wm H 
183 Woodley Edward O 
itvi Fru.-i Herbert 

Joli -rt M, r 

1ST Woods Etnnnurl N 
189 Sharp Peter 
191 Meelian Krancli 
198 Bell John 

Pears IT Intersects 

ood Charles B M 
197 Harper George R 

alder Jan 

All M irphy Mrs Harriet 
103 Pi-nrs Ix-onnrd 

Pears Benjamin, bldr 
L1'7 Gri-en Mrs Anna 
2UW Emmel Frederick W 
211 Cuthbert Robert 
2ia Dunlop Thomson 
215 Bate Wm N 
217 Huston Wilfred 
21:> Moi>r. Mrs Jenny 
-Jl Varty Mrs Mary 
223 McWaters David 

Roxborouch st w ed 
241 Ross Wm J 

249 Graham Geo W. phy 
253 Mackenzie. Seyler Co, 


Seyler Mrs Elizabeth 
2S5 Woodley H B. bldr 

.V J. confy 
257^ Wallace John 

250 Hathway Frederick J 
Caldwell W E. btchr 

261 Lee Wm H. drugs 

Maepherson ar w ends 

Marlt>oro2h aT ends 
275 Vokes John, contr 

C P B crossing 
288 Vacant 

2!l smith Miss Sarah 8 

Cottlngham st ends 
303 Crane George 

aid Meredith John 
807 Lennox Richard 

.endish Wm D 
311 Pearson Edwin 
31." Lvsl:,. Miss Christina 
815 Black Mrs Mary 
817 Fennell Wm J 
819 Elliott Abraham H 

^Alcorn av commences 
423 Vacant 
425 Clark Wm 
427 Clubb Azarlah 

Farnham av 
^ Balmoral av 

Cronyn Benjamin B 

St Clalr av Intersects 
Macdonald Duncan M 

> Heath Intersects 

McCuaig Mrs Edith M 
Chalmers iJavid C 

West Side 

28 McGaw Mrs \V A 
^ Prince Arthur av com 

Toronto Relief Society 
O Mitchell Thos A 
32 Soiners Francis 
34 Smellle Robert S 
M Maule Mrs Henrietta L 
88 Somers James W 
40 Trick John 

Cnrreller John 
46 Aylward Richard 
80 Rose Mrs Jane M 

Rose D Albert phys 
02 Chant Clarence A 
64 Mcllwralth Kennedy C, 

56 Rice Thomas O 
58 Coleman Arthur W 

^ Lowther av commence* 
80 Torrtnce Wm P 
62 Balmer Mrs Elizabeth 
64 Clarke \Vui A 
68 Symons Mrs Isabel 
72 Georce Tbcmas H 

rthnagel Miss Johan 

own Francis N 
80 Godson Lionel F 

Elf iu av commences 
S4 Smlly Thomas 

86 IJjas Mrs Emma W 
88 Appiri;at h Llewellyn J 
90 Ralph Horace 
M Guay Theophile 

Boswell av commences 
!Ki Reid John T 

S8 Shortreed Mrs Caroline 
100 Bagshaw D Judson 
1U2 Her vc Mrs Jouuua M 

lllne Mls Kditb F 
104 Clark Levl J 
1W SniTidan John T 
lue Syer Stephen 

Tranby av commeocrs 
110 Badgley F N. dentist 
112 Dunstan Kenneth J 
114 KoblDsou Hearj 

116 Balfour Mrs Josephine A 

Mmuth John J 
12i > NiUou James B 
Frank L 
124 Edwards Samuel 

Eiiw s s. dentist 

Bernard av commences 
12U Gray Mrs Mary I 

128 Nichols Richard E 
iau Tonkin Charles H 
138 Home for Incurable Child 

140 Lyman Mrs Helen 
' *- M hu A 

144 Armstrong Robert 
146 Traders' Bank (br) 
Aiken Alexander 

Daveiiport rd Intersects 
US KI1U Wm A. drugs 
150 Robinson Chas grro 
1.~.2 Turner \V R, btchr 
1.VJ Wills J R. confr 

156 Allen John S 
158 Bredln Wm J 
16U-04 Iiredlu bread Co Ltd, 

Pears av Intersects 

174 Wright Johnson, hard 

174V4 Rice Wm J. shoemkr 
1'JU Amy Wilmer B T. den 

Chlcora av commences 
1'3 Thomas Charles H, phy 

Church of the Messiah 

Dupont st commences 
244 Peake Lewis C 

-46 Cole Wm. gro 
248 Clark David W. gro 
2SO Wright A R. fncy gds 
^04 Pain Clifford btchr 

Darling Wm 
">*; Chinese indry 
258 Mayes Charles, gro 

C P R crossing 

^ Macpherson av Inter 

ItM Bray John 

2t;2 Hale Miss Carol B 

-ij4 Gardner David B 

2!fl Boys Thomas R 

268 McLaren Mrs Agnes 

-Y" \acant 

272 Anderson James L 

274 Sargant Thomas 

276 Maoklem Herhert O 

278 MacGregor Alexander 

280 Gnthrle James 

282 Proctor Wm R 

JM Macdonald H Ruthven, 

2S6 Noble Thomas H 

McMaster av commences 

lagruire George 
L-.ti; Meredith Miss EBIen 

294 Robertson Neil M 
294 Love Fred R 
28 Llvlnestone Harry R 
HI Cllison (Joodwln 
3oa Spence Kuliert F 

CottliiKham st Intersect* 
310 Douglas James S 

:;ii: Walker Miss Grace T 
314 Best James C 
S16 Morpby George 8 
8.V) Mnrkencie Wm 
I-J4 Kerr Howard 

wrence John W 

Clarendon av com 

McKinon Sidney F 

Balmoral av commences 
Henderson James B 

St Clalr av Intersects 
486 Baldwin Mrs Margaret F 

Heath intersects 
580 Eyer John 

614 Sandham Ernest A 
;>b Thomas F 

\\OM)\I,K AV 

North from Park rd to 
Rosedale rd. ward 2. 
Not built on 

\\OM)\|.K |>[, 
Name changed to Genoa. 

V^ I.MKK \\ 

(Old Forrest rd). e from 

931 Tonge, ward 2. 

North Side 

Not built on 
South Side 

15 Barber Charles T 

17 McDougall Douglas H 

19 Thrall Mrs Margaret 
!1 Stevenson Mrs Annie 
23 Armstrong Mrs Mary 

23 Gouinlock Walter F 
1*7 Watson Thomas M 
29 Morris Mrs Julia A 
31 Maudsley Edwin 

33 Gray Frederick W 

35 Owen Rev Derwyn D 

37 Taylor Frank R 


(Formerly Ossington 
place), w from 20 Os 
sington av to Lake- 
view av, ward 5 
North Side 

6 Armstrong Miss Alice 

8 Lane Lewis E 

10 Munily Mrs Catherine 

12 Newton Alfred G 

14 Richmond Charles 

16 Tate John W 

18 Newhlgj-Ing Andrew C 

20 Castle George H 
22 Graham Frank 

24 Wilson Stewart 

South Side 

7 Mowbray David 

9 McKagne Albert P, coal 

11 Wensley James C 

13 Gilbank George W 

15 Haskett Mrs Ella S. nrus 



East from 263 Pape av, 
ward 1. 

North Side 

2 Edwards Charles 
4 Heakex Snranel R 
6 Slack Robert W 

12 Stevens George R 
26 Jessop Arthur 

30 Holland Patrlck.cattle dlr 
32 Baker Fred 

34 Buck Franklin S 

- iwdon George 

38 McClyment Alexander 

40 Heslop Thomas M 
4^ Bishopric Charles 
44 Williamson AU-xandsr 
4IS Swanston Robert 

48 Armstrong Charles 
50 Best Wm 

South Side 

47 Barnes John J 

49 Owen Mrs Sarah 


East from Broadview av 
to Pape av, first n of 
Withrow av, ward 1. 

North Side 

! Kills Arthur J 

4 Staples Francis A 

10 Shea Timothy E J 
12 Stewart Wm J 

14 Bent George 

;>< Kussf-ll Herbert C 
:."_' Keclway Sydney G 
L't; Vacant 
28 Bartlett Wm G 

Mlllbrook st commences 

Logan av Intersects 
WO Etherington Aaron 
1'JU Maber Patrick J 
210 Pollock Jackson S 

212 Henderson Wm 
214 KIMmaster Robert 
-lii Swanson Charles T 

f Curlaw av Intersects 

238 Caskle Allan 
ii'i Jefferles Kdward 
I!."' .V'.lsoD Wm 

L'.V) Harris Jesse 
-'5X Harris Albert 

200 Catlln Ernest 
24 Caskie John 

South Side 

1 Ahner Mrs Anna 
3 Kullerton John A 
B Patterson Thomas O 
7 Strath George 
'.) Vacant 

11 Crighton Thomas 

15 Greer Richard H 
17 Walker Wm 

l:i Walker Francis 
Si Blackstone Francis 

Logan av Intersects 
r.iT I>w1ght Albert 

}'.'.i Kleming Joseph 

201 Buchanan Thomas 
-.~> Cook Alfred J 

-i>7 Floyd Henry 
2ou Bowers James T 

213 Vacant 

L'15 L,aister John W 

Carlaw av Intersects 
229 Hepburn George 

231 Harris Wm T 
233 Harris Francis G 
235 Bullock Albert E 
237 Dale Francis 

239 Stewart Miss Annie 
241 Llmpejt Frnnrls 
-!43 Branch Frederick 

ey James 
J47 Vacant 
-!49 Gardiner Wm 
J.51 Heighington John 
255 Caskle James 
259 Sturdy George 
261 Ai rune! 

U'i Ijeech Henry 

;lston Thomas 
281 Armstrong Walter S B 


(Complete Equipment for uny size 




Joseph Lea, Manager 

Office: 3-i YONGE ST. Ar.CADK 
Office Phone, Muni *562 
After Hours, Beach 162 

Plate Glass 
and Plate Glass 


Lloyd's Plate Glass Insurance Co. and 

The Queen City Plate Class and Mirror Co. 

No. 61-65 ADELAIDE ST. E. Limited 


(Formerly Fennings), e 
from Jones av to Leslie, 
first s of Danforth av, 
ward 1. 

...... South Side ...... 

2 Miller Benjamin 
4 Horscroft Cyril 


West from 182 McCaul to 
Augusta av, ward 4. 

North Side 
2 McLean Donald, 

8 Downing Mrs M J 

f? f e "' man Mr Elizabeth 
12 Butchart Walter A 
14 Walker James 
10 Dineen Daniel 
18 Rotterman Lazarus 
20 Gurofsky Louis 
20% Hiley Louis 
22 Parlow Herman G 
24 Rosa David 
26 Urquhart Alexander S 
^ Henry st commence* 
28 Sullivan Miss A 
30 Mclnnis Wm 
34 Dunn Mrs Sarah M 
L Carney Miss Helen 
38 Mllllgan Miss Elizabeth 

Beverley st Intersects 
TO Schadel Charles 

72 Cndow Algernon S 
74 Donley Henry 
76 Stewart Wm W 
78 Barnes Miss Sophia 
80 Clarke John F 
82 Goldman Henry 
84 Duthie Robert R 
88 Domelle James H 
88 Sandham Alfred 
90 Bourne Richard C 
92 Swallow Mrs Louise 
94 Sauuders Henry J 
06 Campbell Wm B 
88 Baker Richard A 
100 Taylor Arthur 

Huron st intersects 
102 flrnham .Wm J 

104 Spence Mrs Elizabeth 
]<; Morell Mrs Georgina 
108 Annable Vincent H 
110 Kehoe John 
112 Braithwaite Wm 
114 Corin Mrs Sarah C 

Booth George A r 
116 Corin Frank 

May Ernest, r 
118 Doughty James P 
118% Corbett Mrs G 
120 McDonnell Thomas C 
122 Plnrke Mr* June 
124 Gibson Robert 
126 Hnll Mrs Mary 
128 Lillie Charles E 
130 Mahood Miss Bella 

Spndlna av Intersect* 
142 Bee Robert 

144 Gillesple George 
146 Low Charles 
148 Cutter Archibald 
ISO Flynn James 
152 Fox Henry 
1B4 NPW Stephon 
156 Corney Alfred L 
158 Heyde Henry 
160 Oldacre Charles E 
162 Batters Wm 
14 Legroiie Joseph 
166 Magill Robert A 
168 Mnglll George 
170 Bate Walter 
172 Tnshlnehiim J, bldr 
174 Brill Joseph 
174% Mcllroy Hugh 
176 Wineberg Harry 
178 Clark John W 
ISO McLeod Donald 
182 Steacy Frederick 
184 Broomhead Frederick 
18ft MoKlllop John 
188 Thompson James J 
100 Legassicke Benjamin J 

102 Clark John 

194 Armstrong Wm Jr 

196 McNeil! Wm 

198 Carmody Mrs Martha 

South Side 

1 Mumford J & Son, btchn 
3 Cosgrove Michael 
6 Fowler George 
Peirce Edward L 
11 Parr Miss Jane 
13 Pollard James H 
15 Bryant Wm < 

Rees Charles F 
17 Lindsay Robert 
19 Maguire Edwin 
21 Martin Lionel 
23 Force Edwlu 
25 Drake Dempster 
27 Slatkoff Lewis 

29 Oshorne John 

81 Mclntosh Miss Mary 
33 Collier Bros, fruit 

30 Vacant 

37 Watson Ernest 

39 Soltz Jacob 

41 Klnsey Charles F 

43 Taylor Alfred H 

45 Kllng James 

47 Watman Thomas W 

49 Tanner Mrs Louisa 

51 Keyfetz Mark 

Watson John, r 

Lindsay Mrs Elizabeth, r 

Buckle Joseph, r 

Beverley st Intersects 
65 Walsh Frank J 

fi" Burton Albert 

73 Kenrick Mrs Emma M 

77 Bennett Archibald U 

79 McKillop Duncan 

81 Benevati Joseph 

83 Wlnsor Henry 

85 Hobson Mrs Hannah 

87 Reynolds Mrs Eliza 

89 Tutton Mrs Katherlne 

91 Ferguson Hugh 

93 Radcllffe James H 

95 Hopkins Samuel 

97 Gather Lavens M 

99 Splnk Mrs A. drsmkr 

101 McGovern T C B 

103 Dean Thomas 

105 Spotton Mrs Louisa 

107 Halllgan John C 

Huron st Intersects 
109 Rankln Ernest, gro 
111 Suddard Thomas M 
115 Hngiranl John 

119 Scully Mrs Annie 

121 Gibson Wm 

123 Beckett John C 

125 Emery Frederick B 

127 Minims George 

129 Mc<n-ry Wm J 

131 Vacant 

133 Somple Robert W 

135 Page Harold 

137 Allan Mrs Jane, uphol 

141 Barrett John 

Spadlna av Intersects 
147 Rorchank Frederick W 

Unfinished houses (5) 
157 Simpson Albert E 
159 Harrington K \V 
161 Corker Miss M E, drs 

163 Carpenter Christopher 
165 Sims Peter 
167 Erskine Thomas 
169 McNulty John 
171 Carley Wm 
173 Armstrong Wm 
175 Kynn Thomas 
177 Lilburn Samuel 
179 Slee Wm 
181 Worden Mrs Martha A 

+ Kensington av ends 
185 Glynn Frank 
187 Slnden Lewis 
189 McKlnnon Archibald 
189% Malone John 
191 King Jos H, bldr 
191% Johnson Albert 
193. Maglll Wm T 
195 Maglll John 
197 Gordon Wm P 


West from east city limits 
to Poplar Plains rd, wards 
3 and 4. 

: . . North Side 

114 Asman Henry 

116 McPhedran Mys Cath 

erine i 

120 McKenzie James 

122 Kilgour David E 

2 Thomson Arthur J 

136 Vacant 

133 Macdonald Mrs John 

144 Whyte Alexander 

146 Lalng Albert T 

Avenue rd intersects 
(Inglewold) Webb Thomas F 

176 Ten Eyck Charles D 
178 Davies Wm 

188 Bethune Miss Emily 

200 Stephens J.ohn H 

South Side 

117 Brockman Charles 
119 Edy Mrs Mary B 

121 McBride Wm E 

123 Graburn K P A 
1J7 Hendry George M 
129 Loeser Herman N 

131 Mackintosh Mra Sarah 
133 Sutherland A 
135 Pickett James K 

137 Vacant 

145 Huntzberger John W 

147 Vacant 

171 Lefroy A H Fraser 

177 Fullerton James S 
17S) Ecclestone Walter V 

Ecclestone Herbert W. 


181 Granham Arthur M 
185 Baker Francis S 


North from opp 19 Czar to 
Bloor w, ward 3. 
East Side 

5 Rye Miss Mary 

7 \\ebb Mrs Mary 
13 Allin Wm N 

15 Mortimer John S 
17 Wray Mrs Sarah 

19 Leitch Wm 

21 Pickett Mrs Annie 

23 Llttlefalr Wm A 

25 Lloyd Ellis 

27 Owens Edmund 

29 Shaw John 

31 Wttlte George 
33 McKenna Fellr 

So Donaldson J & A, ladles' 


DonaMson John 
37 Hermon Edward W 
39 Macklam Frederick T 
41 Northcute Heorf 

West Side 

2 Turner John 
4 Speers John 

6 McLaughlin Mrs Mary 

8 Lord Howard 
Parkinson Miss Marie 

10 Bartley Joseph 

12-18 Crean Robert C & C 

Ltd, straw and felt hat 

mf rs 

20 Brunt Wm 

T2 Brown Mrs Mary A 

24 McLennan Miss 8 K 

26 Hlnckman A J 

28 Baggs Miss Elizabeth 

30 Sanderson Mrs Amelia 

32 Lusby Wm J 
S4 Watson W E 


West from 24 Charlotte to 
Spadlna av, ward 4. 

North Side 

2 O'Farrell Mrs Margareto 

4 Clark John 

H Graham Wm H 
8 Anderson James G 
10 Dawes James 

South Side 

T Duff David 


North from the lake to 
Queen, third e of Lee av, 
ward 1. 

East Side 

1 Vacant 

3 Vacant 

5 Snow Russell 

7 Vacant 

* Fernwood av commences 
9 Vacant 

13 Vacant 
17 Vacant 

21 MacNalr Malcolm 
35 Gendron G Albert 
37 Deeks Miss Emily 
39 May Joseph 
43 Craig Arthur K 
45 Borsh Frederick 
49 Fox Frank 
79 Hardy Horace N J 
87 Arthur John S 
93 Harvey Charles A 
103 Carswell Wm E 

Oak Walk intersects 
105 Sinclair Alexander 
107 Willmot John W 

113 Phillips Arthur J 
119 Marrs Joseph B 
125 Lawson James 
127 Edmonds Wm L 

+ Pine st intgrsects 
131 Corner Horace C 
137 Simmons Andrew J 

Public School 
157 HolIIngworth Wilfred 
161 Cummer Wm E 
183 McMenemy Jame 
185 Vacant 
193 Lobb Arthur 

West Side 

2 Vacant 
4 Vacant 
R Vacant 
8 Vacant 

10 Vacant 

12 Vacant 

14 Burt Joseph A 

1'i r'aswell Edward S 

18 Searle Frederick H 

20 Vacant 

22 Vacant 

38 Barker R J Wlnsor 

4O Oakley George D 

42 Smith George H 

44 Barker Fred M 

4rt Lyonde Frederick 

48 Davey Philip 

fi<> Hodson O M 
^ Qu Q en st e intersects 

60 Gibson Wm H 

62 Campbell Charles .' 

6fl Riley Robert 

70 Myers Joseph 

76 Ahern Henry J 

SO Collins Walter 

82 Case Leon 

84 Ramsey John 

9O T^orimer Benjamin D 

92 Sherris Percy 
100 Mclntyre Rev Edward A, 
1O4 Shavr Jason S 
118 Orr Wm E 
120 Berkinshaw Edward C 
122 Lowdon John 3 
130 Lowden John 
132 McColl John B 
144 Duncan Charles 
150 East Wm 
168 Woodman Frederick 
178 Aggett John T 
1R8 Standish Ira 
212 Scott Walter 


(Old Louis av), e from 
Carlaw av to Pape av, 
fourth s of Danforth av, 
ward 1. 

Cbc Canadian Guardian Cifc Insurance Company 

Head Office, peclal *50 Policies Both Soxes- Ages 12 to 66. Reliable Agents Wanted TORONTO 


Established 1873 Phone Main 1889 

Vy,,n, C* 
YOIlge bt. 

Reports on Mining Locations, 

Assay of Ores, Metals and 

Amalgamation Tests 


fr";n .v.i Dufferln to 
Sheridan av. ward 6. 

North Side 

2 Neilly Arthur 
4 Vacant 
e Elllns Wesley 
8 Wanless Duncan 
10 Nell John 
12 Johnson Wm 

14 Donovan Harrjr B 

20 Whetter Henry R 
22 Wood David O 

M Johnson Daniel 

28 Price S Alexander 

82 McConnell Mrs Elizabeth 
South Side 

6 Montgomery Mm Edith If 

7 Holland Wm 

Coxhead Caesar 
11 Toiler Wm J 

15 Forest Edward 
15 Meades Joseph 
17 Kodway F K J 

19 Burllngham TJeweUrn 

21 Haines David 

20 Malnprice Char)** 

!7 Andrew* Mr* Catherine O 

29 Macdonald Donran 
1 Shaw James 

83 Montgomery John 
8.1 Mlln James 

87 Mar Oeorgf 

nnon J Edward 
41 Berwick Robert J 


North from opp 85 Ed 
ward, ward 3. 

East Side 

1 Sherman David 

8 Kinkier Isaac 

5 Rtaugh Abraham 
7 Helndleman Abram 

9 Maneilla Llebun 

11 Rudnitzky Victor 

15 Sprechman Hyman 
+ Elm st Intersect* 

West Side 

10 Stepel Joseph 

12 Kesllpsky Simon 

16 Goldman Harry 
Bell 1>l fn 1 * utorcn 
Sproule Georg F 


North from Chelsea, av to 
Conduit, first w of Sinclair 
av. ward 6. 
East Side 

11 Reid Rev Joseph B 
-i Rooney Thomas 

43 Doyle Wm F 

West Side 

88 Vacant 

40 Thomson Harry G 


North from Bloor w to 
city limits, second e of 
Dufferln, ward 6. 

East Side 

7 Dower James H 
Htanrien Frank 

13 Ikenbaum Morris 
15 Sparr Wilfred J 
17 Nosworthy Henry 
19 Sanderson Hugh A 

Freakly Henry 
S Kidney Robert W 
5 Morgan James H 
27 Cormack John W 
29 Smith Edgar G 

Williams James T 
*> " att Arthur J 

Perry Henry 

Philbrook George 
39 Harris John H 

Bavlngton Oliver G 
45 Miles Wm 
47 Harper Thomas W 
49 Ley Frank J 
51 Dlnwlrtdv Robert A 
53 Cole Robert E 

55 Hornell Robert 

Turan Edward 

Tarver Frank 
63 Smith George 
65 Talt George B 
7 HIscock Wm 
to Robinson Jamest 

T.owry Mr* Margaret 
73 Switzer Wm R 
'5 Price Wm A 
77 Jehn Ct 
79 Day Edward C 
81 Dyer Robert 
83 Morell Percy 
87 Eaton Wm M 

Shanly st Intersect* 

106 Robinson Herbert K 

107 Hornell Arthur 
109 Spence John 
111 Coulter Wm T 
118 McGowan Mark J 

5 McGowan John 
117 Oaf Jam** Jr 
lit) McBrlen Mn Abbl* 

Hallam it Intersects 
227 Collins Thomas 

281 Rannden Wm E 
285 Wllcox Wm J 
239 Vacant 
241 Vacant 
243 Banford Arthur 
256 Helllwell Wm 
86 Dixon Robert 
27 Rowerman Hiram M 
2S3 Evans Georpp H 
285 Hill Frederick 
287 Lowery Arthur 
28H Hobb Joseph 

Van Home av Intersect* 
West Side 

30 Fraser Robert 

32 Russell Hugh 

34 Vacant 

36 Bowman Harry 

3*1 Kursier Wm II 

40 McMnllen Oliver J 

42 Bell Jame 

44 Vacant 

40 Kerr Mrs Jeanette 

! Fuzzen Alfred 

52 HIckton James 

08 Orensteln Samuel 

68 Hltchin Edward 

80 Churcher Charles 

94 McDougall Peter H 

98 Vacant 

98 Vacant 

+ Sbanly st Intersects 
126 Curtis Norman L 

Wregg-itt Wm H 
12S Kennard Alfred E 
130 Bishop Walter S 
132 Glover Mrs Elizabeth 
134 Bolton Thomas D 
138 Wilcox Charles L, 
146 Blanford John 
148 McFarlane George W 
150 Borthwick Hugh 
Io4 Mount Frederick C 
156 Eagen Arthur J 
158 Parker Edward 
160 Busby Joshua 
164 Montgomery \Vm 
166 Sandford Charles W 
168 Kyle Robert J 
170 Patterson Charles H 
17-j Walton Robert 
174 Cross Stephen 
176 Kerrison Mrs Elizabeth 
173 Dill Charles 
I 1 -' Wickham Wm S 
182 Vacant 
184 Boston Albert 

Hallam st Intersects 

Simpson John 
J"i4 Saunders John 
256 Mann Edgar 
258 Ridley Wm 
2tti Winterfield James 
262 Panther James 
264 Anderson Alexander 
266 Moore Mrs Sarah. 
3*>8 Marcum John D 
270 Watterson Walter G 
'^2 Chambers John W 
-74 Hymus Stephen 
1T76 Winterfleld Jonathan 

278 Brennan Albert 
280 Johnson John 
2o2 Burgess Wm C 

* Van Home av Intersects 
294 Dunn Mrs Margaret 
296 Forbes Wm M 
CPU tracks 


West from 378 Brunswick 
av, beyond Christie, ward 
North Side 

Howiund av Intersect* 

Albany av Intersects 

8 Brink k-y Mrs F-ances J 
10 Davidson Edward G 
12 Andrew Wm M 
14 Vanstone Byron 
16 Barton Mrs Sarah 
18 Simpson James 

Batbnrst st Intersect* 
St Paul's Pre* Cb 

Harkbam at Intersects 
28 Rice Jesse 

30 Murless Joshua 
82 Bryan Charles T 
34 Searle Wm M 
88 Powell Cbsrles A 

Palmerston av Intersect* 
54 llsrton Joshua J 

56 Tupper Mrs Charlotte 

58 Gedge Frederick G 

60 Curry Edwin L, 

62 Valiant George J 

64 Brennan Richard, btchr 

68 Chinese Indry 

68 Bromley John 

70 King George W 

72 Broderlck Wm J 

74 Croft David 

78 Hall Stewart W. gro 

Euclid av Intersect* 
84 Yates James A 

86 Gordon T R, pntr 

88 Klug Jobn 

90 Badams Wm 

!i-J Smith K'lward B 
100 Senn Ardie 
102 Tambllng Henry 
104 Nlcholls Owen 

Manning nv Intersect* 
108 Sneath Fred S, jro 

Clinton st Intersects 

South Side 

Howland av Inter*- .; 
7 Clarkson Mrs Amelia 
9 Muir James R 

11 McCauley Robert 
13 Bishop Charles P 
15 Gibb Mrs Isabella 

Albany av Intersects 

Batburst st Intersects 
17 Vacant 

19 Vacant 

Markhaui st Intersects 
21 Vacant 

23 Vacant 

Palmerston av Intersects 

Euclid av Intersect* 
91 Hare David 

Fryers James, r 
Coath Edward, r 

97 McNabb Wm 

99 Knox Alfred C 
105 Wright James 
107 Vacant 
113 McGuire John W 
115 Fox Charles J 
117 Vacant 
119 Vacant 
123 Duke Ernest W 
129 Prince Lewis 
131 Button Richard 
133 Pippy George A 
135 Bibby John 
137 Adcock Albert E 
139 Harris Francis ti 
141 Riley Philip 
143 Damp George A 
145 Fenton Vfm 

14 LJnch David W 
Manning tr Intersects 
^ Clinton st Intersects 


South from 665 Queen e, 
ward 1. 

East Side 

1 Jones Thomas 

2 Corlsh Mrs Elizabeth 

3 Spencley Gordon 

4 Reynolds John W 

5 Kickman Oscar 

6 Weatherill Charles D 

West Side 

Not bnllt on 


North from the Queen's 
Wharf to city limits, in 
tersecting King w at 667, 
wards 4 and 6. 

East Side 

Qneen's Wharf sod 

Allen John M 
National Yacht and Sail 
ing Skiff Club 
Bauckham Alexander 
Housev Kdwin. boats 
Connell Anthracite Mining 

Co's yard 

Elliott J W, whol lumber 
15 McBean & Verrall, lumber 

Front st w ends 
Can Shipbldg Co 

Niagara st Intersects 
29-31 Beaumont J C, gro 
33 Donald 1 Robert 

35 Bashford Mrs Clara 

37 Ash Wm 

39 Williams A M 

41 Griffin John 

43 Gillam T P 

4.-> Fletcher John 

4H Chinese Indry 

Wellington w Intersects 
51 Hnbbard Wm P 

63 Glady John 
55 Hubbarci Frederick L 
.17 Lamb Mrs Catherine 
59 Van Dyke Arthur 
61 Armstrong W J 
3 McGee Harry 

Stewart st enn> 
KHiance Knitting Co, 


King st w Intersect" 
*"> Robson John 

91 Hoover Arthur A 

:i:: .Moulston Leslie 

95 Richardson A J 

97 Ferrier A E. wire wkr 

99 Sullivan Mr* ElltL 

Brown la oomu en<- 
KJ1 Smith Wm J 

la-; Hunter Charles 

105 McNellis Lowrey 

11/7 Wood Robert 

109 Milne James 

111 Carter Richard 

113 Byrne Sylvester 

115 Kyan Dennis J 

117 Christie Mrs Mary 

llli Bartaelmes Miss Augusta 

121 McMabon Thos F, pby 

Adelaide st w ends 
125 Vacant 

r_".t Ferguson Edward 
131 Lewis Samuel, hair wkr 
133 Vacant 

135 McNIchol Mrs A J 
137 Tnion Mfg Co, clothing 
Taylor Isaac 

139 Shipman George S 

141 Dennlug Wm 

143 Uhrig Jacob 

145 Parker Mrs Rebecca 
1 }T Hamilton James 

149 Holland Charles 
Wilson George 


17-21 Temperance St. Phone Main 3800 

Plumbers 1 and Steamfitters' Tools 

Trimo Pipe Wrenches 
Oster Stocks and Dies 

Barnes Pipe Cutter* 

Armstrong Ploe Vise* 



162 Adelaide St. W. 


BATHURST White J Stuart 

153 Young Mrs Mary E 

153 Grant \Ym 

157 Leathers George 

159 Uoran Alexander R 

161 Curran John J 

^ Farley aT Intersect* 
163 Chinese Indry 
105 Burton Richard J H 
167 Davey Francis 
16D Turuer Edwiu 
171 Christian Temperance Bi>j 

Ruff Mrs M, caretkr 

Lodge Rooms 
173 Borsh Frederick C 

Shields Wra R, caretkr 
175 Occident Bldg 

i .uilge I looms 
4> Queen at w Intersects 
IT'J Slade J A, dentist 

McMulkin F & J, den 


181 Wells Thomas E 
183 Wells Wm U, photo 
185 Vacant 
187 Kidd Henry, carp 
18S) Linnell Wm H 

^ Wolseley st Intersects 
197 Corner Thomas D, coal 
Itiy Barnes John J 
201 Prince Mrs Nora 

Dowsley G W Ogllvie, 


203 Ellis Mrs Helen 
20o Spanner Wm 

Estimates given on all classes of 
elevator Work. 

Special attention given to all kinds 
of Elevator Repair Work and 
Machine Work. 

211 Little Mrs Mary J 
213 Mcquillan Mrs Mary A 
215 Scott Wm 
217 Kelleher Wm 

Eden pi commences 

219 bannock Roy 
221 Greenwood Charles 
'-M Camm Robert 
22r Alexander John 
XX Phillips Edmund D 

} Riordan Thomas 
231 Hook Miss Alfreda 
233 Daniels John 

IT) Drummond Hugh L 
237 Graves S A 

7^'"^V^ urchison Br os, rink 
^4rf Muldoon vVni L 

245 Kllloran J F L, phy 
247 Cameron Joshua 
24! Harvey Wm 
251 Murchlson Herbert W 
279 Alexandra Park 
fat Gardiner George 

McPherson Alexander 
^ St Patrick st ends 

311 Oster Peter L, cigars 

i :Nixon Frank J, plmbr 
315 Murphy Joseph 
317 Moss Wm. hldr 

Moss John A, bldr 

319 Coulter Wm J 

821 Wood Peter M, dairy 
Wood Isabella s. phy 

323 Chalkloy Richard 

Chalkier R * Son contra 
Thompson Mrs Susan 

327 Martin Patrick B 

320 McGinnis Samuel 
331 McCabe M T 
333 Allan Arthur T 
335 Lawson Miss Mary 
337 Chinese Indry 

Finnie Joseph 
33!l Wilson Charles, drugs 
341 Cox John E 

13 Oreig Warren H 
rf45 Bailey Mrs Eveline 
347 Peaker John W. phy 
34:1 Pork-Ins M John, pay 
.'Wl Gladwin George S 

+ Roseherry jtv eommenreii 
381-410 Tor Western Hospital 

Nassau st ends 

411 Procter Henry, sboemkr 
423 Bliss Mrs Harriet 
425 Leake Benjalmn 
427 Sanderson Maxwell R 
429 Marchlone Louis 
431 Gardiner Wm H 

433 King Alexander L 

437 Hambly Charles 

439 Currle John 

441 Clapp E M 

443 Mole Win, ret surg 

445 Milling Jnmes, shoemkr 

447 Lapello John 

449 Craig Miss Harriet 

451 Cotton Wm T 

453 Edwards Richard W 

Ayre Edwin, plmbr 
455 Latlmer Mrs Sarah J 
457 Walker Kdward 
459 Lee Jonas T B infra' agt 
401 Jex Wm C 
463 Sherwin John W 
405 Moore James H 
467 Ablltt Wm 
469 Kitcher Mrs Mary, bdg 


471 Hargrove Mrs Maria 
473 Ambler John 
475 Schrolner Joseph 
477 Bonthron James 
479 McCormlck Frank L 
481 Bush Miss Murca 
483 Splcer Benjamin B 
4> College st Intersect! 
495 Anderson Jas, floor 

Clarkson Percy B den 

P^ase Edward, whips 

French Mrs Mary 

King Edward School 
507 Church of Christ 
559 Oakley Cornelius J 
561 Austin Charles W 
563 Millar David 
565 Sowton Charles 
567 Rowen Charles W 
569 Ewing Alexander 
571 Bolder Mrs Mary 
573 Rowley Mrs Nora 
ri7." Dixon Riley 
577 Morton Hugh 
579 Hart James 
581 McLean J Joseph A 
583 Terry Frank 
585 Campbell P W, mech 


589 Schneider J P 
591 Garvie W A 
593 Eastman Mrs Mary C 
595 Thompson Joseph 
597 Sexsmlth Mrs Mary 

Hamilton Wm B 
''M Clarke C Langton 
001 Taylor Wm 
603 Thompson Mrs Charlotte 
605 Dickinson Noble 
607 Craig John 

Dixon E C, phy 
609 Berry James 
611 Campbell Mrs Flora 
613 Buck Wm E 
615 Adams Wm 
617 Cox Arthur L 
Ul'J McAlpin Mrs Isabel 
623 Galbraith Mrs Martha 
62; > Kleiser Augustus 
627 Flanagan R J 
629 Miller James L 
631 McAllister J N 
633 Pettit J D 
635 Rice Mrs Elizabeth 
B7 Ramsay James 
639 Gay Rev Alexander 
641 McLachlan Joseph 
643 Jones Henry 
645 Boyd S F 
647 Abell S D 
<49 Prentice Angus 
tl Hawkins Henry G 
653 Ogletree Frank A 
655 Smith Lawrence H 
657 Vacant 

659 Davenport Mrs Alice 
(>m Moss Myron 
665 Cooper Henry E 
W!9 Drover Joseph E 
671 Alexander Wm 
073 Jones Mrs Elizabeth 
675 Lougheed Joseph 
677 Taylor Robert 

4> Ulster st Intersects 
679 Taylor John 
6S1 Becker Frederick C 
Harbord st Intersects 

6X7 Le Maitre Joseph H, tlr 

Le Maitre Mrs Christine, 


689 Graham Wm J 
689% First Christian Ch 
695 Tooze Mark, uphol 
699 Gale George, hardware 
701 Cradick Mrs Alice C, 

Barnett Shaw, tailor 

Cradick Robert H 
703 Turner Wm G 
705 Smith Charles 
707 Vacant 
709 Dee John J, pntr 
715 Topping Chas. fruit 
717 Grlerson James F 
719 Reid J E 
721 Temple G E. shoemkr 
4> Herrlck st Intersect) 

Thistle Lawn Bowling 


737 Appleton H C G, contr 
739 McCullough Mrs Jane 
741 Kidd David S 
743 Davenport Mrs Jennie 
745 Brawley Robert 
747 Mclntyre Arthur 
749 1'otter Thomas 
751 Gardiner Thomas 
753 Taylor George 
755 Burnside Oscar A 
757 Martin James A 
709 P retty Thomas 

Pretty Herbert 
761 Todd Henry C 
763 Chadwick Richard 
765 Toppin Henry 

4> Lennox st Intersects 
767 Smith Edward 
769 Hall Miss Mary J, confy 
773 McGowan Wm J 
775 Long Francis 

St Peter's (UO School 

St Peter's (RC) Church 
7111 Wilson -Herbert H, tlr 
795 Hobley J H. cigars 

Cook Charles 
797 Wood Edward C F 

Bloor st w Intersects 
799 Harmony Union Mlrnlon 
8O1 Cole David A, barber 
SOS Sanderson Robert H, 

Stroud A B, arch engr 
SOS Harris Gustavua E Co, 

real estate 
807 Chinese Indry 
809 Walker Mrs Sarah H, 


811 Pearcy David, harness- 

Smith Edward 

Softley Sidney 

Gill Wm J 
813 Harrington Andrew J, 


sir, Campbell James F 
817 New John 
M'.i Gardner George 
821 Cole David A 
823 Morris Miss Sarah 
s-'.i Kidd Mrs Jane 
827 Turner Charles 
SLII Millard F P, osteopath 
831 Maguire Thomas 
833 Vacant 
83.'> Vacant 
837 Griffith Wm N 
839 Maybee J W 
841 Ker Allan 
843 Smyth Fred H 
845 Wllcox Mllford A 
847 Rlddell Alex St C 
M!> Stroud Mrs Susan 
851 Michell Francis J 
851% Campbell George C 
853 Snider Rufus O. phys 
855 Blackball Krtward A 
857 Cairns Oporge 
85! I Walton David 
wn.i, Wingate Frederick L 
S61 Thwaltes Arthur 
s<!3 Munro Robert L 
865 Hackney Charles W 
867 Wilson G D 
873 Brownlee Samuel 
875 Starr David B 
879 Leitch Mrs Sarah 

881 Gahan J J 

883 Purvis W J 

887 Man-in Stuart A 

4> Barton av Intersects 
891 Burt Frank H 
803 Quinlivan M T 
895 Fleming A G 
S!>7 Rogers Mrs Hetty 
81>9 Williams Wm T, phy 
899% Hewett Alfred E 
HOI Stone Ernest A 
903 Heudell Archibald 
905 Dnnn Jnmi- II 
907 Dwyer Philip 
'.MJO Morrison John 
'.ill Dame Leslie 
911% MacFarlane Mrs Har 
riet E 

913 Seager Rev C A 
915 Dunn \Vmils 
917 Esten John P 
919 Owen Mrs Clementina 
921 Hall George E 
923 Champion Alexander H 
925 Hudson Mrs Dors 
'.i27 Perry Mrs Margaret 
929 Arnott Wm G 
931 Irvine Wm J 
933 Filsinger Frederick B 

Morrow John 
935 Phillips Leslie H 
937 Jennings Herbert N 
039 Morrow Rev John D 
941 Page Thomas J 

4V Wells st ends 
n Forbes Miss Catherine 
1005 Lane Miss Edith 
1007 Hughes Mrs Lavlnia 
1009 McCollum Thomas E 
1011 Masten Allan 
1013 Klon Thomas, vet sure 
1015 Elmes Wm J B 
1017 Haney W T 
1019 Cope W L. 
1021 MaoDonaM Donald M 
1<{ Pearce Ernest 
1053 Collins Andrew E 
loss Welch J<inn W, vet sort 
1057 Heagle John 
1059 Roberts Frederick W 
1061 Curry Geo. shoemkr 
Auchincloss James, r 
1067 Fell W T. hardware 
1079 Paul John V 
1081 Tuxford Thomas 
1083 Hoskins David 
10S5 Moss Fred 
1087 Carey John 

4>Dupont st intersects 

4> C P R crossing 
1W7 Blackball Joseph P. 


Smith Francis H 
11) Bugler Wm O 
1173 Stockford Mrs Sarah 
1175 Southwell Richard 
1177 Plumb George 
117i Shnnley Michael 
1181-9!) General Leather 

Goods, Ltd 
1203 Glassey John I 

West Side 

rPTS storehouses 
Wheler Coal Go's yards 
Collins J W. whol lumber 
Park, niackwell Co. pork 

packers and provisions 
Old Fort 
Peters & Cain, whol lum- 


fins tank 
S8 Roeers Ellas Co, coal 

Broomer James 
^ Niagara st Intersects 
40-42 Mav Flower TTntri 
44 .Mitchell Mrs Rebecca 
46 Reynolds Wm J, contr 
48 Wllllamo Jnmes 
6O Robb Daniel 
62 Leach John 
4> Wellington w Intersects 
64 Kennelly Andrew 
66 Wray John C 
70 Turner Robert 
72 Kennelly Wm J 
74 Hamilton Mrs Minnie 


Reliance Building, 82-88 King St. East 


Estate, insurance & Financial Agents 




Phone Main 3227 

134 King St. West 

T4-76 Fletcher Mrs J S 

Fletcher W J, gro 

Murby Harry 

'. John, r 
78 Fltzg.-rald Wm J 

May Thomas 

Turriff Mr-; Carrie, r 

Ayres Ceoree. r 
80 McKeon John 
82 Holden Jacob 
84 Flaherty Miss Catherine 
88 Roche Mrs Eliza 
88 Hand Mrs Mary 
SW \\ 
92 Gentleman C W 

King et w Interwu 
Entrance to McDonnell q 

t Mnry'n (I1C) Cliurch 
Bt Mary's (RO School 
Entrance to Mclionnell so 
140-148 St Mary's roorpnt 
152 M.'I>. rick 

154 Oliphant Alexander 
lt Robertson John 
182 Coulter Robt. shoemkr 

Coulter C E. printer 
164-66 Union Hotel 

Farley nv Intersects 
168 McGlll Wm * Cn-. coal 

r8 Adams Mrs Jessie, cigars 
180 Summers Martin, barber 

Qneen lit w Intersects 
184 Weatherston Nicholas 

Sbeppard lane commences 
194 Logan Frnncls 

196 Boswell W C 
I 1 .'* G.ifT i-;dw:ird 
200 Brown Win A 
21 rj Bll Albert E 
204 Armstrong Christopher, 

Wolseley st Intersect* 
206 liaker Henry 

208 Knapp Kzra II 
21H Talnter W .1 
212 Smith Mrs Hattle 
214 r.lbb.r Martin 
216 Halnes Thomas 
21 s Swaftield Fergus 
2-. 1 " X.d.l.- John 
222 Sharman Eli 
224 Hagarty George J 

in Wm 
22* Chinese Indry 

^ Robinson st commences 
230 Stipe Frank 0. gro 
232 Dimma Martin 
234 Rudd Georpe \v 
23i; Crandail Stephen 
238 Campbell Mra Mary J 
238Vi White John A 
24l l.eeper James H 
242 Ward Charles 
244 McPherson I) A. phy 
iMt; Hill Mrs Maria, drsmkr 
248 Way Mrs Man- C 
25<i Uonson James A 
252 Syme E J 
2->4 Hay George 
2.-,i; Robinson Mrs Maud 
5R8 Smith Frank L 
260 Stamford Wm 
i2 Nichols Myles 
264 Pole Jnmes G 
2i*i McGinn Wm J 
268 Gow James 
27O Kobsou Frederick J 
272 Thompson Mrs Elizabeth 

Murphy John, r 
274 Koffe Alfred W 
276 Christian Workers' Ch 
280 Dedman James H 
282 Mason Frank J 
284 Henley Wm 
286 S.iunders Mrs Mary 
288 GTOBSI Achllle 
290 Benson John R. dairy 
292 Thorpe Henry W 
294 Adams Wm M 
^ Uram Miss Emily 
298 Lackle James A 
SOO Montgomery Mrs Sarah 
SKi Fulton Kobert 
3O4 Hlekey James J 
300 Hnhh.ird Jmlson R 
MS Hamilton Walter, phy 
310 Lake Wm J A 
312 Marshall C W 

Dealers Electric Supplies 
Telephones and Bells 
Electric and Gas Fixtures 

314 Morley George J 

318 Turubull Kev John A 

Ferguson A K. phy 
318 Ferrier Mrs Emily 
320 Munro E F 
322 Beatty W H 
324 Mlllw.inl C \V 

'Irs Mary 

olan Mls s Elizabeth 
3::ci r.'itlent Julia L 
332 Plercy John 
334 King John 

smith Kdward 
338 i : ,,es 

-eott Alva C, confr 
::)2 c 'outes Marshall gro 
'ill Hall Frank, barber 
vart Wm 

illA Smith Albert E. gents' 


344B Zurhorst Charles H 
^ Arthur st commences 
34U Wright \Vm II. dentist 
848 Macdonald Mrs I J ero 
350 Higgins Mrs M M 
352 Carolan James 

'"! sturgeon Mrs Lydla 
358 Hazelton Joseph K 
358 Duncan Lytle 

l.'izlitt \Vm 8 
362 Hazllu Samuel 
364 Leckey Hubert 

nlngton Ernest J.pntr 
368 Hurn* Mrs Hannah 
370 Hayden J M plmbr 
372 West George E 
374 Klodla.T John G 
371! Close Charles 
"7s Mills Miss M E 
380 Thomson Win 
382 Matthews Miss Harriett 
SS4 Hrowu Harry .! 
4ux Rosenberg r'hlllp 
4I<| O'lla!l<ir:in Mrs Annie 
412 Burton Wm 
414 Rea Mrs Mary J 
418 Tomlln II r 
42t> Toronto Bakery 
448 Nellly Dai. lei 
45O Johns Harrison 
4T.2 Smyth Mrs Maria 

454 Poyntz Wm S. wholsle 

456 Johnstone Thomas H 

Johnston? Miss F Lit 
linn, mils tchr 

455 Anohlncloss Wm A 
462 TreloMer Mrs Siimh 

iif M.irniw Archibald, liv 

4t; Readman Henry 

468 Macmullin Miss Lothe, 

Maomultin Wm H 

47O Bookless John ern 

472-74 Min.'rva Mfg Co, Ltd, 
ladles' \\ 

College st Intersect) 
:**> \Valker Henry J 

Adams Miss Octavla, 


.">* .\l;i!!i-on Mrs Mary B 
.~>Hi Roden Ephraim P 
512 Mathews Edward 
514 McKeown Charles O 
516 McCaffrey John 
520 Woltz A E. med elect 
.1-2 Woltz George 
">_' I Vacant 
.~>2t; Post Norman 
,~.2 Aitken Mrs Jane 
63O Oakley Albe rt 
534 Slight Mrs Martha 
538 Black \\'m 

'ampltn Isaac 

lacking Henry 
542 Wcbstt-r James E 
5+4 Fraser Mrs Margaret 
54r, Klpp Herbert M 
548 Leadlay Allanson 
5f>0 Bennett Joslah 
552 Bennett James 
554 McPherson Mrs C I 
65 McPherson D W, phy 
538 Stuthers W E. phys 
560 MacNeill Hector 
.V.2 lancisav Henry 
5tH Shea Daniel 
:>i; Vokes J.-inies I, 
568 Henderson Jnmes B 

570 Ashfield Wm P 

572 Rynex Samuel 

574 Kplib Robert K 

. r i7<> N'ewton John E 

578 Smith Mrs Annie 

580 Schindler F Wm 

582 Chadwlck Thomas J 
584 Thompson Alexander 
S8(r Henderson Kdwln 
5SS Brown George A 
.".!> Crowley Frank R 

r.!>2 Hewitt Wm A 

."i!P4 Findlay Wm M 

506 Nell.l Mrs Harriet 

5'.ix nykes Philip 

000 Madlll Walter K 
VUt Harrison Frank 
U4 Tuk Joan A, phy 
^Ulster st Intersects 

806 Boyd Charles E 

>'<* Hlder Arthur H 
BIO Fletcher James J 
till' Hradshaw George W 
614 COT John L 
!iH> Henderson Joseph 
iis Henderson Thomas M 
820 Mulvihill Thomas J 
tc."-' Craig Wm H 

624 Henderson Albert B 
tCMJ Henderson Kobert I 
KM Ranch Kdwln J 

630 Denny James 

632 McKinney Mrs S E 

634 Stanton Mrs S A 

6S8 Irving Edwin 

638 Shaw James 

MO Stayne Mrs Clara 
H2 (Jnlloway Wm O 

Ml Skill Leonard J 
4 Chamberlain Watson P. 

048 Boll Walter 
<;. nray Wm M 
652 Scovel A O 
is.14 Wilson Richard J 
656 Thompson George S 
W Bronsrlon Joshun r/ 
660 Canfleld A W. phy 
WE.' Croft on John S 

* Harbord st Intersects 
''M itoy Alfred 

ii<*l U-int-stalT Mrs Louisa F 
fitw Wlnpneld Wm A 

70 Wood Miss Elizabeth 
672 Mason Thomas 
74 Sutton Mrs Mnrln 

i'.7<; Ah. nvthy Mrs Phoebe 

'i7s Huglll Burton 

i:s " Ri 'land 

Campbell John 
682-4 Davldge * Lunn, contri 

Davldge Wm J 
686 Brosner Timothy 

88 Farthing Robert 

* Herrlok st Intersects 

'arr Charles Y 

"kenzir. Mrs Laura G 
Shier .Martin 

70O Ferguson Alexander K 
T02 James G H 
7O4 Menzies Wm 
708 Beauchamp G N 
708 McCuaig Duncan 
710 Hall Mrs S M 
712 May John 
714 May Thomas 
71 Bain John G 

Bain Mrs Coutts, vocal 


718 Roberts Wm C 
Methodist church 
^ Lennox st Intersects 
738 Jones Wm, flour 
740 Darch Mrs Margaret 
742 Bottrell Albert J. bicycles 
744 Swan John II. barber 
746 Keane Charles H, bi 
750 Farmer Jones H 

Farmer Mrs Cara, mus 


Farmer Ernest, mns tchr 
7.12 Manson Mrs Marion 

tervelt Harry 
754 Vinson Thomas 
756 Tooze Mark, nphol 

Slocombe Thomas B, 

758 Cunningham Andrew, bi 
7o Ludlow Bros, tire 


7<!4 Knight Richard 
7Wi Mann David, hdware 
7US Metropolitan Ladies' 

770 Plowman James W & 

Son, painters 
Shanley Robert H 
772 Wood John R, barber 
Scott Arthur 
M' nonald Charles 
^ Hloor st w Intersects 
*>* Chinese Indry 
sit; Eccles & Rae, machs 
*2o Vacant 

822 KIdd George, shoernkr 
824 McDonagh James 
826 Murphy J A, dry gds 
828 Corker Ernest A. sec hd 


83O Jackson Geo. jrtioemkr 
S32 I locker Cornelius 
848 Croft & Son. cut stone 
s.12 Thomas Charles H, pntr 

London st commences 
860 Moroney Wm 

$02 Ottawa V E. painter 
$04 Rolls Alfred 
866 Mn<ree Wm 
SfiS Jordan Joseph, shoemkr 
870 Lowey Jnmes 
874 Kice Walter, staty 
876 Harron H J, dyer 
S7S Oedieott Richard 
s^'> 1-largraves Alfred W 
882 McCelland James, real 

McClelland Robert 
v*t Mundy Alfred C 
-M; Stevenson Mrs Elizabeth 
sss I'n.otor Walter H 
$fio Pliiflair Mrs Henrietta 
H!>2 Thompson John I 
1)08 Turk James E 
1(10 Kalley Wm J, btch 

Wenman Charles 

Barton ar intersect! 
Rt Paul's Presby Ch 

962 Ryan Arthur 

'.HH ("larkson Henry I, gro 

!06 Marks Frederick, htchr 

Follls av commences 

t>68 Tomlinson Mrs Eliza 
beth, gro 

Arnott Ambrose 
970 Partridge Miss A, drj 

Adams Miss Alice, staty 
!>72 Curtin John H, gro 
'174 Harniman Alfred, hdwre 
!*7i; Morrow Hush, gro 
!>78 Chinese Indry 
990 Halt G H. gro 
982 Wood J R 
984 Hettger Mrs Bertha 
986 Kalns Charles 
990 Reld'G D, drugs 

+ Olive av commences 
!K>4 Cork Wm C, gro 

Murray Alexander 

Baldwin Wm E 

ffy Albert 

iXS Shannon Eugene J 
inoo Cnlrter Wm Jr 
10O2 Vacant 
KM)4 Vacant 
nil I Spraspe Chas. hdware 



nth.r f CHICAGO, DJ 





ST. PAUL, Minn. 






1018 Delworth C D 

Delworth James, plstr 
1O18 Curtis John 
1O1!0 Shtnstoue Saxon 
1026 Hancock Henry jr 
1O2S Vacant 
1O32 Vacant 
1O34 Vacant 
1O36 Vacant 
1044 Jackson Win 
1O40 Fuerst Arthur M 
1052 Mumford Wm R, btohr 

Vermont av commence* 
107O Cornwell Alfred 

10UO Gordon Henry, gro 

Young Charles 
1092 Naylor Charles 
1<K4 Coyle James, confr 
1086 Prankland G F, plmbr 
1098 Goodman John, 'btchr 
1102 Madden Bros, gros 

Dnpont st Intersects 
1104 Downs Albert, gro 
1106 Downs Albert, confy 
1114 Tor Junction Lumber 

Co (br) 

1116 McLean Alexander 
1118-1122 Lucas John * Co, 

Wars' supplies 

Railway croimlntr 

1340 Langmuir James & Co, 
Ltd, paints 


East from 927 Yonge, 
ward 2. 
North Side 

2 Barber Harold 
South Side 

7 Emery Georre W 

9 Lowe George 


North from the bay to 55 
Queen w, ward 3. 
East Side 

Sommerville George 

Lake st Intersect! 

Railway crossing 

Esplanade st w Intenccti 

Front at w Intersect* 
51-53 Allan A A & Co, 

whol hats and caps 
63 Ogilvie Thomas & Sons, 
whol woollens 

Wellington st w Intersects 
67 Home Charles M, Urs 


67% Wade Osier, acct 
69 Sinclair D J. whol florist 
Kelz George, tlr 
Canada Screw Co 
Embroidery & Quilting Co 
71 Bachrack Co. Ltd, The, 

whol jobbers 
71 Vacant 
73 Tugwell H C & Co, Ltd, 

photo supplies 
75 Crown Hotel 
77 Library Bureau of Can 
ada, office furn 
Bartrum. Harvey & Co, 


Boulter & Co. woollens 
*1 Telegram Bldg 

Evening Telegram (dally) 
J Ross Robertson pnblr 

Mellnda st ends 

83 Weston Tool & Novelties 

Co. Ltd 

85 Wickward C B, barber 
87 Bunker Geo & Son, rub 
ber stamps 
B Ramsey J G & Co, Ltd, 

photo supplies 

91 Paine J B Co, chemicals 
93 Anderson A. elec supplies 
White Elephant Billiard 

Klne st TO Intersects 
!i.v.i7 Vacant 

97% Colonial Doloment Co, 

Ltd, wood floors 
97-103 London & Canadian 


99 Boulton Melfort, stock 

1U1 Hopkirk Henry G, rl est 
Mortimer Co, Ltd, The, 

printers' supplies 
London & Canadian Loan 

&. Agency Co 
Edwards Unas, adv nov 
Defoe Daniel M, barr 
Bellinger Ernest.mfrs' agt 
Jose Henry, millinery gds 
103 Kidout & Maybee, solici 
tors of patents 
Ridout J G, barrister 
Chipman Willis, civ enf 
Snelllng & Segsworth, bar 
McMurrlch. Hodglnt ft 

McMurrlch, barrs 
North British Can Inv Co 
Meaney & Co. wliol lum 

Bristol & Armour, barrs 
Arnold! & Grlerson, barrs 
Carter-Powell Land & 

Lumber Co 
McArthur Bros Co Ltd, 

whol lumber 

Toronto Humane Society 
105 Printers' Club 
1O9 National Club 
111-113 Brooks-Sanford Hard 
ware, Ltd 
115 Thomson Paper Co 

Wolfisch & Shere, vest 


Tompklns H K. printer 
Bloom & Goldman, but 

117 Lampert Abraham, cloth- 

Saulter Wm J. roofer 
Beaver Lock & Machine 


Roberts Ointment Co 
117% Vacant 
119-21 Bay Tree Hotel 

* Adelaide st w Intersects 
123 Stair Building 


1O1-1O3 Farmers' Bank of 

106 Corby H Distillery 

Co. Ltd 
l(rt Vacant 

lutt <jranston Novelty 
Advertising Co, The 

109 Jackson & Waller, 

adv agts 

110 Gas & Electric Pow 

er Co 
Dodd H S, mech eng 

111 Martin W T, publr 

112 Spink J L. Ltd, grain 

114 Lahee Philip, elect 


115 Times Newspaper 
Canada Newspaper 


116 Globe Time Recorder 
Tanner F R, rl est 

117 Loggie, Harvey & 

Co, ins agts 
Canada Carbon Co, 

typewriter supplies 
Canadian Appraisal 


118 Ont Motor League 
Wilcox E M, pub 

201-203 Canadian Oil Co, 

204-206 McAinsh D T & 

Co, publrs 
2OO Creswell Thos & Co, 


207 Vacant 

208 Concrete Engineer 
ing & Construe Co, 


L'tiO Helion Electric Co 

210 Vacant 

'.ill -16 Bell Telephone Co 

217 Vacant 

21S Foley John, mfrs' agt 

3OO-4 Berlin Construction 
Co, contrg engs 

:'.<>.""> Seaman, Kent Co, 
Ltd. lumber 

:!>; Federal Electric Con 
struction Co 

308 Stair Fred W 

Wilbur Iron Ore, Ltd 

3UO Forbes D Fraser, 

310 Hammond Typewrit 

er Co 

311 Claxton James C A 

Son, contrs 

312 Barton, Parker Mfg 

Co, jwlrs 
314 Georgian Bay Power 

Co, Ltd 
Standard Securities, 

McLaughlin Thomas, 

31,~> Vacant 
316-318 Teller Theodore, 


125 Oke Wm H, cigars 
127 Collins & Sparling, brok 
Minnehaha Mining Se 

Smelting Co 
Simpson, Walters & Co, 

real estate 

111) National Refining Co 
131 Defender Photo Supply 

133 Thompson J Enoch, real 


Real Estate Agency Co 
Hlme H L & Co, real est 
135 Fire Hall No 1 

+ Temperance st intersects 
145 Dominion Automobile Co. 

151 Canada Cycle & Motor 

Co, Ltd 

IXt-lKl continental Life Wdg 
15!) Reeve J T, real est 
101 Title & Trust Co, The 
2-3 Vacant 
4 Bell & McMaster, 

real estate 
'J-1O Vacant 

1U1 General Accident As 
surance Co 
105 Vacant 
114 Vacant 
110-117 Vacant 
11(1-^)4 York Fire Ins Co 
2OO-214 Continental Life 

Ins Co 
Drake Frank A, barr 

216 Solway Miss Flor 

ence, manicure 

217 Vacant 

-i:i Stroucl ,<t Saunders, 

301-303 Coatsworth & 

Richardson, barrs 
3O4 Vacant 
305-300 Vacant 

308 Jones J Gordon, barr 
Mackenzie H Gordon, 


309 Mackenzie Ewen, 

310 Vacant 

311 Drake Frank A, barr 
313-314 Vacant 

315 Vacant 

310 Unwin, Murphy & 

Esten, surveyors 
31 Dill C W & Co, 


319 Leach Wm H, em 
401 Pinkerton, Clute & 

Co, barrs 

4O4 Bowerman L H, barr 
Nason Joseph, barr 
Globe Land Cs^ Ltd 
405-4O6 Vacant 
4OS-4<) Vacant 

410 Tolman D H. loans 

411 Church Thomas L, 


412 Hall & Payne, barrs 
4KS-417 Vacant 

41S-41!) Vacant 

5X1 Foy & Kelly, barrs 

5Of>-5<H; Vacant 

5O8 Vacant 

-*'.i Young McGregor, 


r.1o-.->n vacant 
.>1U DC I.aplante Lumber 

Co. Ltd 
.114 lluchl.-it it Co, med 


51 Corley Price & 

Price, barrs 
Otn-003 Winters J R E & 


Toronto Mercantile 
Reporting & Col 
lecting Agency 
victor Fire Extin 
guisher Co 
Niagara Spray Noz 
zle Co 
Cameron Duncan O, 

OO4A Thomson Thomas 

C, barr 
004B Davis Bidwill N, 


006-611 Vacant 
012 Macallum, Parke & 

Royce, civ engrs 
610 Dom Tel Mfg Co Ltd 
Swedish - American 

Telephone Co Ltd 
018 Langley & Howland, 


619 British Colonial Em 
ployers' Assn 
Grote George W, barr 
701-704 Railway and] Ma 
rine World 
Canadian Street Ry 


Burrows: Acton Bur 
rows, Ltd. publrs 
7CJ6-7OO Vacant 
709 Hydro-Electric Pow 
er Commission 
8O1 Terry Herbert E, 


Richmond st w Intersect* 
165 Langham D, rest 
167 Spain Abraham, barber 
1(W Alver Ole P. herbalist 
171 Balnbridge R S, cigars 
17f> Rutherford Wm, rest 
177 Ritter Philip, shoemkr 
17!) Little H C & Co. tlrs 
181 Connor-Ruddy Co, Ltd, 

West Side 

Lake st Intersects 
Koofers Supply Co, Ltd 

Esplanade st Intersect* 

Hallway crossing 

Front st w intersect* 

52 Hees George H & Son, 

window shades 
Clarke & Clarke, leather 

Pocock Bros Co, Ltd, 

Wrinch, McLaren & Co, 

Turner & Hamilton, 

mfrs' agts 
84-68 Krock VV R <V Ltd, 

whol dry sds 

+ Wellington st w intersect* 

7O nun R <J & Co. mer agcy 

Dun's Bulletin (trl-weekly) 

Debenham's (Canada) 

Ltd. silks 
Monypenny Bros & Co, 

70 DiPckerhoff. Raffloer 4 

Co. smallwares 
72-74 Belding. Paul & Co, 

Ltd, silk mfrs 
Ross Geo D & Co, mfrs' 


Collier P F & Son, sub 

Co-operative Publication 


Canadian Collection Agcy 
Dodds Medicine Co Ltd, 

Western Steamship Co. 


Newbold David, hosiery 
7tt Anderson & Macbeth Co 

Ltd. hnts 
Phillips & Wrinch. Ltd, 

whol smallwares 
Fisher Edwin W. mfrs' 

Stowe J Howard, mfrs 

Fisher John, Son & Co, 





GEO. R. HARCRAFT, - General Agent 

Phone Main 251 TORONTO 


76 WELLINGTON ST. W. Limited 

Oiled Clothing 

Cotton Duck, Cordage 
Oakum, Marine Glue 

Fishermen's Supplies 


T8 Allcock. Lalght & Went- Co Ltd, fishing 

1'niKK Kri'd II. Importer 
Dominion Corset Mfg Co 
Blzzey J E. mfrs agt 
Kothschlld Bros * Co, 

buttoo uifrs 

Hoskln Tliomns. mfrs agt 
80 Jessop Win * Sous, 8tel 

Morrice D Sons * Co, 

mnfrs agts 
Gordon John & Son, 

mfrs' agts 
H nchison R B Co, Ltd, 

whol woollens 
83 Mulrhead Andrew, wl 

M Fisher Mark Sons & Co, 

whol woollens 
Westwood C H * Co, 

Ltd smallwares 
Dignum E J & Co, wool 
Toronto Tpholsterers' 

Supply Co. Ltd 
Hughes J E ft P. mfre' 

Mian Carpet Co 
Sov.Tcitin Jewelry Co 
86 Payne W 11 Ac Co, com 

88 BeKg Wm It. mfrs agt 
Bain & Cubltt, staty 
W.-ll.-r A 1C. firs' trim 

M rnnndn Paint Co T.trl 
Frontenac Ink Wks 
McGIHlvTay Bros, sta 
l>iiviilson & Cantwell, 

cartage agts 
n Toronto Eneravlne Po 
Hlgflns ft Sannders, tail 
!M Wood. Vallance & Co, 

whol hardware 
66 Ames J H ft Son. tlra 

H Va 

Klne ft w Intersect! 
106-110 Mall Building 

Creed Albert E. barber 


1-4 Clarke. Bowes & 

Swabev, barrs 
V7 Vacant 

8 Storerooms 

9 Thompson J & Son, 

die mfrs 

101 Woods-Norris, Ltd, 


102 Toronto Paper Mfg 


Riordon Pulp & Pap 
er Co 
Barber Wm & Bro. 

paper mfrs 
Mansell Chas F, mfrs' 

Challes G E. mfrs' 

106-107 Cnnadlan Milk 


1"* TTavil] James L. arch 
110-111 North Ender 

Publishing Co 
Kast Knrter 

Rnd Echo 
Wilson C A A Co. 


IT-' Levering \V J. lum 

113 Vacant 

114 Meek Edward, barr 
Hil-117 Vacant 

-'- .Nat Credit Clearing 

1508 Toronto Import & 

Supply Co 

204 Gagen Robert F art 

->; Vacant 
207-220 Mall and Empire 

comp rooms 

110 Dudgeon & Thornton.prtrs 
Speers A & Co, printers 

Economist Ptg ft Pub Co 
Ames Walter, inachs 

Pearl st commences 

112 Carey Philip Mfg Co, 


Canada Paper Co 
i u Moisuns Bank 
111" Canadian Salvage Co, 


r-M Smith K <; Printing Co 
121-1^1; standard Automobile 

Co, Ltd 
128 Hynes John, signs 

Doogtai Bros, printers 
13U Aiphaduct Mfg Co, Ltd, 

i rolliluif 

ISU Millcn John & Son, cycle 

Itn -hardson J L & Co, 

mfrs agts 

134 Lyons & Marks, bar sup 
':''<'> l.cman H J, bookbndrs' 


138 Dodge Mfg Co of Toron 
to. Ltd, mach mfrs 
140 Golden City Hotel 

Adelaide st w Intersects 
14'J Jnckson ft Co, emp agcr 

III Miller Louis, confy 
140 (;ylasaryan Arteen, 


148-154 Peterkln Charles R 
^ Temperance at intersect* 
152-154 Peterkin Building 

ivterkln Charles R Jr, 

whol lumber 
Patent Exchange and In 
vestment Co 


1 Malr Wm, mfrs agt 

2 Dominion Life Assur 

ance Co 

8-5 Acme Loan A Sav 
ings Co. The 
r, i:,)\v,di & Co. rl est 
7-S Supply Dept, Int 

Corres Schl 

9 Canadian Oliver 

Typewriter Co 
Toronto Staty Co 
Canadian Floor Sur 
facing Machine Co 

10 Hamilton & Ball, real 


11 Peterkin Charles R, 

real estate 

ikin Charles R 
Jr, who] lumber 
101 Le Feuvre Edmund. 

real estate 

111' Nicholls Bruce F, 

103 Medical Agency of 


Business Alliance 
Forstcr Miss E M, 


104 Vacant 

1".". Donald & Miller, 

106 Vacant 

107 Vacant 

108 Vacant 

109 Vacant 

130-111 Burns Wm Q, 

112 Vacant 

113 Vacant 

201 C P R Law Dept 

202 MacMurchy & Denl- 

son. barrs 
203-205 C P R Law Dept 

206 MacMurchy & Denl- 

son, barrs 

207 Taylor, Scott ft Co, 

209 Gray Malcolm H, 

J1O Vacant 

211 Woodburn Sons Co, 
Ltd. adv specialties 
!."*', Xew John, real estate 

ter R M & Co, whol 
dry gds 

R L, furs 

l'> Tilley Charles, leather 
Hollins J 
Shaver H H, barr 
ricmmer A H, mfrs' agt 

I'L" Vacant 

HJ4 Watson John, tlr 

Warren Bltnmlnons Par- 
Ing Co 
Sturtevant B F Co. 

heating engs 

Lennox E J. arch 

166 Crowther Building 

Martin Clara Brett, barr 
Carscallen. Ltd, real est 
Lesi o, Ltd, pat- 

nt specialties 
Martin J H, financial 


Crowther James, barr 
Sutherland Miss Ida M, 

Finch J L & Co, stock 


MoljiriMi J J, photo 
Thompson David, caretkr 
Ulxon Harry, pat sol 
168 Jones J L Engraving Co 
170 Robertson Alex, tlr 

Bovair Miss Janet, drs- 

172 Carrlck A W. baker 

Richmond st w Intersect* 
174-176 Union Trust Co 

ISi Sovereign Life Assce Co 
Canadian Gunagathon Co, 

Ltd, pro med 

186 Iredale James, tinsmith 
1SS Vacant store 


(Toronto Island), w from 
I^akc Shore av, w of 
Ward's Point, to Chippewa 
av, ward 4. 

175 Goodwin Joseph Jr 
177 Miles Wm 

Is", Vacant 


North from opp 521 Front 
e to Eastern av. ward 1. 

Not built on 


North from 1154 Queen w 
to Dundas, ward 6. 

East Side 

9 Nixon Frank 
11 Carveth John 
13 Graham Mrs Margaret 
13 Orr Mrs Mary A 
17 Dearborn Charles C 
1'.' Collins Wm 
21 Grlner Wm R 
23 McRae Alexander 
25 Rlchey Aylmer 
27 Church Johu 
29 Calvert Thomas J 
31 Qulnn Mrs Cecelia 
33 Tuck Ellns 
;io Kerr Mrs Jennie 
37 forrevon Mrs Sarah 
41 Holmes Wm 
43 Conlin Arthur T 
-!* Uloomcr Edward 
47 Ross Wm R 
4^i Saunders Samuel 
51 Aldrlch Wm R 
53 Baiden George 
55 Fleming John 
">7 Foster Mrs Mary J 
59 Curry Orville J 
61 Williamson George A 
63 Jefferson Joseph F 
ti.~> Arnold Henry C 
7 Stevens John 
li!l Coppland \Vm H 
71 Hicks John 
73 Powers Capt John 
77 Mix Thomas A 

Arcyle st Intersects 
85 LIghtfoot Robert J 
87 Scott George 

89 Cordinsley Ernest J 

-51'., Theobald Richard 

91 Maynnrd George A 

! Klchnrdson Thomas 

95 Smith Harry 

97 Vasey Richard 

!!'. Whittakvr .Mrs .Matilda 

A \ Y \VH KHK I X ( 'A \ \ II \ 


Receives Best Attention 




101 Jacobs Isaac L 

103 Jones Mrs Mary E 
105 McLean John 

Afton av Intersectt 
107 t'ettiford Charles 

113 Galbraith George H Jr 
115 Ualbraith Frank E 
117 Wright Matthew 

11* Austin George 

121 Hardy SVm H 

123 Henderson Richard 

125 Pentecost Albert B 

127 Coon James F 

129 Miles John 

131 Wilson Edward M 

3 Westwood Louis J 
135 Mnlcolmson Herbert H 
137 Mills Thomas 
137H Hodge John 
no. Forrester Georee A 
141 Forrester Andrew C 

Forrester Miss Bllzah<'ttt 
A. drsmkr 

B Peters Christopher 
1 r. I lavidson \Vm D 
147 Thomas Charles 

MoKpn*lp ores ends 
159 Secor Frank 

161 Mulr Oeoree 
I'*': Watson Albert E 
165 ninpk Hneh C 
107 Codling Martin A 
I'l'l rnfllin-r Wm M 
171 Tovell Frank C 
17S Harvey .1 H 
175 Macdonnld Mrs M, gro 

West Side 

10 Glllespie Wm 
14 Martin Wm K 
16 Griffith George 
18 Rove Edward H 
20 Anderson John 
22 Smith Jnmes T 
24 Anthony Jnmes 

It; May Albert 
28 Beckett Miss Lena, hd 

30 Edmonds Wm J 

33 Allison Andrew 

34 Martin Mrs Elizabeth 
: Duncan Mrs Hattle E 
40 Vacant 

44 <:aby Joseph 

60 Hewitt James W 

M Mi- Adam Mrs 8 R 

54 Robinson George A 

.'rt: Held Wm 

~>* French Ernest R 

68 Harris John 

7O Chapman Thomas E 

72 Tuck Wm H 

Cooper George A 
74 Smuck James W, phy 

Argyle st Intersects 
76 Berner Mrs Mary 

Berner Miss E. drsmkr 

78 T'rquhart John 
80 Walker Mrs Sarah B 
82 Lone Gilbert R 
84 Meyers Mrs Amell* 

86 Idenden Mrs Matilda M 

88 McNIchols Charles 

!K) quinn Frederick 

t> Savage Wm 

y Savage Miss Louisa, gro 

Afton av Intersects 

104 Smeall Maxwell P 
100 McMurchy John 

105 Ling Charles 

11O Sedgewick Russell 
112 Fraser John 

Cross st commences 

114 Moseley Wm H, dentist 
118 Mtntern Walton 

118 Till Thomas E 
li'O 1'arkcr George 


The piano made by ye olde flrme of HELNTZ- 
MAN & CO., Limited, 116-117 King St. West, 
Toronto, an aristocrat among pianos an 
Instrument standing distinctive and alone 
In a class by Itself. 



Residence, 5 Alcorn Ave. 


Ontario Land Surveyor 

34 YONGE ST. TEL. MAIN 2248 

122 Stiarland Gilbert 

Uuouy -Miss Louisa, none 
124 Barton Arthur W 
136 Gray James 
128 Moss John A 
130 Fowler Charles H 

132 Hooley Wm 

134 Robinson Tliomas G 

13U Snelgrove George F 

136% Abernethy George E 
138 Kea Mrs Mary 1 
140 Martin Percy 

142 Colgan John 

144 Woolnough \Vm W 

149 Teedy Michael 

148 Mulholland Wm J 
1BO Grlgg Duncan 

162 Perry Walter B 

154 McConnack J Thomas 
156 Rogers Mrs Mary 

168 Beaton Alexander 

160 Crawford Thomas J 

162 Scott John 

164 Archibald John 
166 Wallace John A 
(Tollable st commences 

168 Miller James 


North from Arthur to 
Bloor w, second w of Bell- 
woods av, ward 5. 

East Side 

1 Busmen Charles, bldr 
3 Clark Mrs Mary 
5 Godfrey Mrs Mary E 
7 Patterson James A 
J McCathney Wm 
11 Irwin Wallace 
13 Coulter Crozier, bldr 
IB Somers George A 
17 Earnhardt D'Arcy 
19 Mosher James, bldr 
21 Kelly James J 
23 Bennett Jacob 
:io Chalmers Mrs Agnes 
27 Smeall Edward 
Davis Tnomas 
Townley Mrs May 
81 McElwaln Mrs Margt A 
33 Udell George E 
35 Templeman John H 
37 Westrop Robert 
39 Drury diaries L 
41 Horning Charles E 
43 Koden George 

Unfinished houses (2) 
53 Berry Samuel N 
65 Keyes Wm 
57 Anderson Mrs Marion 
voelKer Henry G 
81 Barber Reginald A 
83 Lyon Theodore A 

86 Dodds Andrew 
Loggie George 

87 Norrie Willoughby 
89 Fawcett Mrs Martha 
91 Nunn Benjamin 

Mctiporriin Archibald 
Unfinished houses (4) 

Utt Wright T Frank 

1O5 Guyott Joseph 

1W7 Cassidy Edwin 

Johnston Mrs Isabella 

1U9 Bateman Lewis 

113 Godard Edward L 

116 Phillips Joseph 

117 Foley Patrick 

lit* Wells Albert, contr 
321 Lord Arthur 

12:1 Warren Frank 

125 Bemisten Mrs Susan 

127 Vacant 

129 Henderson John 

131 Ryan Thomas 

133 Farrell Wm H 

335 Mclntosh Daniel 

Mclntosh Miss Elizabeth. 


137 Hood Howard W N 
139 Baker Thomas G 
141 Seymour John 
143 Bewley Isaac S 

Bewley Edmond, painter 
145 Dunsford Henry 
147 Morrison Mrs Catherine 
149 Ainlay Wm 
151 Crowe Francis W 
153 Weaver Mrs Anne 

woodcock John M 
lo.~> Dale Thomas 
157 Browning Wm J 
lo'.i Hardy Morgan 
11 Moran George W H 
^ College st Intersects 

Unfinished houses (2) 
lt Fobert Albert E 
Kjo \Vheler George 
!71 Wansbrough Cuthbert C 
173 Henry Alexander E 
17.', Puddy Albert 
177 Lemon Wm 
179 Kellam George 
181 Iteed Henry E 
183 McGregor R/ev Malcolm 
187 Woods John 
189 Henry Frederick W 

Sharp Mrs Caroline 
Ml Jordan Charles E 
1! White Wm 
105 Paton Mrs Annie 
107 Crawford Robert 

!'.''.< i'aterson Wm 

2<>1 MeGillicuddy Thomas 
203 Hayward Wilbert W 
205 Dewar Arthur S 
'MO Hendrlck Edward W 
ill Belfry Mrs Rebecca 
213 Pond Frank J 
21 :> Grecr Mrs Hannah 
217 Cozens Joseph 
21 Nott Henry 
221 Young James 
223 Cashnmn HIchard 
22.~> Heron James H 
227 Fox Mrs Mary 
22U Merrick George E 

Bloom Samuel 
231 Wright Wm 
233 Kaymann Adolph 
235 Simpson Sidney 
237 Gilllon Mrs Maria 
-:?.< M"ii7.ies Oliver J, contr 
241 O'Neill James J 
243 Parkin Miss Dora 
245 Thompson George L 
247 Crammond George D 
249 Sills Wm C 
251 O.-rrett -\'ert 11 
253 Regan Herbert L 
255 White Ernest 
257 Den sera J Arthur 
2.-,!> Whiting James A 
-01 La Bree John 
2<i3 Senior Robert 
2W. r > Leith Eldriclge W 
207 Dibb Joseph 
269 Stubbinga Walter 
2i3 Struthers Miss Mary K 
28K Ovens Wm 

Unfinished house 

West Side 

2 McGulre Edward A 
-McKellar George 

4 Ney George 

6 Mitchell Peter P 

5 Jenkins Isaac 

10 Dunsmuir Miss Myra 

12 Gowans Alexander 

14 L'Jder James 

It; Peerless Mrs Ellz 

18 Montgomery Wm H 

20 Dever John J 

22 TImpson George J 

24 Ferrell John R 

26 Campbell Mrs Anna 

2v Cornish Rev George H 

:{o Duperow Wm E 

31' Gordon Frank W 

34 Wright James 

36 Dushman Saul 

08 Baruer Nathaniel 

4<j Scott Nelson J 

42 Merker Samuel 

44 Scott Wm A 
Metcalf Holtby 

it; Mucdonald Dougald A, 

4S, Mason Frederick B 

SO Peer John A 

,'>2 Gilpin Richard S 

54 Carson Andrew 

iti JJuff Frederick S 

L'nrinished houses (4) 
101 Smith Harry A 
l<; u allace Charles J 
1OS Franks Alfred H 
110 Shutt Robert A 
112 Foster W mj 
114 Broughton Albert J 
lit; Keillor James 
12< Purchase Edward 
122 Russell John 
124 Webb John D 
126 Varley Patrick 
13 Edwards Albert 
132 Dundas George 
134 \\oolley Edward H 
13t; McKay Miss Christina 
138 Foster Enoch L 
140 Robson Jo'hn, mus tchr 
142 Taulty Anthony 
144 Burgess Russell W 
148 Blaikie Wm 
148 Caldwell Albert W 
160 Dennlson Herbert 
152 Allen Thomas 
154 Hallman Simon 
15i; Mills Edward W 
^ College st Intersects 

150 Gooderham Mrs Mary 
1S2 Uodell Wm 

151 Rowland Wm. dalrv 
l(i .Davis Thomas W 

Weasels Ernest 
INS Coulthard Alfred E 
190 Forbes Mrs Janet 

Forbes Miss Minnie, mu 

I!"'.' Girvin Charles A 

Lavelle George 
1!>4 Geddes Mrs Martha 
198 Kenney C Le Roy 
198 Carroll John L 
200 Lavelle John 
204 Waters Wm 
206 Dazell John 
2us j,awson Robert 
2K> Duperow Norman 
212 Thompson John 
214 Stoele Arch W 
21H Sohnles Louis F 
218 Holbourn Squire W 
--ii Jlowat Wm K 
222 Leppard Sandford 
224 Book Wm A 
221; Stevenson Robert 

Peters Frederick D 
228 Holliday James W 
230 Sherman James 
2.-I2 Wear John T 
234 Leake Frank 
236 Barrett Mrs Sarah 
238 Laishley Wm 
240 Gillies Thomas 
212 Hunt Joseph J 
244 Campbell Andrew J 
246 Edminson Rev Henry 
248 Deitch Frank E 
2.'j<> Vacant 
2.'i2 Armstrong Wm 
i>4 Kitwards Arthur J 


North from 1500 King w 
to Queen w, ward 6. 

East Side 

3 Ely Ernest F 
5 Hobberlin A Matthew 
7 Fish Frederick A 
.uallyn Frederick E 
33 Kyan Michael P 
37 Clarke John 
39 Plnrkc Win 
55 Duthie George 
t'l Marrow Miss Lucy 
63 Waller George H 
65 Holmested Arthur W 
67 Chadwick Charles W 
6!) McNeil John J 

71 Hudson Frederick W 

75 Fegan Warren T 
77 Vacant 

79 Herod James S 
81 Boyce James G 
83 Knox Ambrose A 
JSE Crowe John 
87 Lancey Blake 
S9 Vacant 
91 Vacant 

West Side 

24 Stewart Benjamin 
26 McKenzie John R 
28 Hamilton Wm 
3O Nixon Wm 
32 Godson Arthur W 
3 Cluff Robert J 
50 Koherts Edmond L 
52 Allworth John . T 

54 Trebilcock Frederick 
56 Chalue Anthony J 

55 Taylor Mrs Sarah 
62 Wardlaw Thomas D 
64 Clokey Wrn J 

6 Coulter Wm 

iw Austin Ricnard 

7O Husband Mrs Mary A 

73 Suddaby Arthur 

74 MacGreeor Marshall 

76 Johns Samuel H 
150 Church of Epiphany 


North from Elm av to n 
of South Drive, first e of 
Glen rd, ward 2. 

East Side 

13 Osier Edmnnd B 
Holder John, r 

West Side 

4 LJoble Wm 
12 Jamlesnn Philip 


East from Glen rd, first 
over the bridge, n of South 
Drive, ward 2. 
North Side 

1 Wntts Oeoree W 

2 Robinson George L 

3 1'nr-aons Wm (5 

4 Hellmuth Isadore F 

5 Wilson Andrew 

6 Poison Mrs Elizabeth 

South Side 

Not liullt on 


North from 244 Bloor w to 
n of Davenport rd, ward 4. 

East Side 

1 Robertson Mrs Julia D 
3 Morton Henry K 
5 Lea Mrs M Forbes 
7 Madden George F 
9 McLanchlln T O 
11 Fisher Edward, musician 
15 Vacant 

Prince Arthur av Inter- 


23 Clarke Charles E 
27 lioomer Henry C 
29 Masten Cornelius 

Lowtlier nv Intersects 
85 Fleury Wm J 

87 Campbell Archibu'd H Jr 

Elgin av ends 

91 Bruce Alexander 
93 Cnssels Richard S 
95 Wallace Rev Prof F JJ 
97 Ferguson Hugh M 
!t!l Wylie James 
101 Young Alexander 
103 Needier George H 
106 I.aliiK John R 

Unfinished house 
+ Tloswell av ends 
109 MacDooald Mrs Sarah 
111 Featherston Arthur M 
113 Gumming Walter W 
nr> Walton George A 
117 Cole Albert B 
119 Wigmore Alfred S 

Tranliy av end 
121 Boyd James T 



William Street 



General Offices : TORONTO, ONT. 

Crown Lifts Building; 
Cor. Queen * 

123 Kirkpatrlck Arthur B 

t B 
127 McConnell Nenven 

ville John, phy 
+ Bernard av Intersect* 
Elgin C 
\bram R 

C J. phy 

137 Bain James W 
: 'aniel \Vm F 

Albert W 

* venport rd Intersect* 

Chicoca av intersect* 

M'l\ K 

West Side 

8 Gooderham Wm H 
10 Gooderham George B 
u MacduiiaM Albert A, phy 

Prince Arthur av lnt*r- 


40 Chalcraft Mrs Clara 
42 ifyawell Humphrey E 
tf Lnwther av Intersect* 
80 Langton Wm J 
82 Prt-ntli-e David 
84 Moyle Henry 


88 Grant Wm H 
92 IKihrrty \Vm K 
98 Lummls Wm D 
100 Foster Mrs Jane M 
if- ' iiarles T 

104 Elliott Wm J 
106 Mnlholland Frederick 
ullay Mrs Mary E 
112 Bowers Robert H 
114 Barton Alfred 
116 Denness George J 
118 Greenwood Russell 
130 Burrows Acton 
123 Gllmour John W 

inson Tit 
ltt Burton Phineaa W 

.vorth Wm R 
140 Held Thomas A 
14- Laidlaw Charles S 

Bernard av Interprets 

Davenport rd Intersect* 

Idell R R 

Fullan Thomas W 
18 Tweddle John 
170 Bradley .lohn 
172 Churns" Wm 
174 Glaze Arthur 


North from O T R track to 
Smith, second e of Pape 
av. ward 1. 

East Side 

1 Egan Jam 
* O'Hei 

Hearn John 

West Side 

Not built oo 


East from 195 River to Don 
Terrace, ward 1. 

South Side 

1 Moylan Patrick 
Mlllington Mrs M 
U CaldweU Wm 

Glllesple Mrs ElUabetb 
15 Fowles Nathaniel 
17 Dalsall George 
17^ Woods Frederick 

Bnlerlaw George 
21 McCleary George 


North from 82 Bloor w to 
Torkville av, ward 3. 

East Side 

9 Marchment George B 
<> Cumberland st Intersect* 
11 Pyne Charles 

.1 T 
IS Alloway Walter Q 

7 McDonald James 
19 Lynch Dennis 
21 Bobby Mrs Mary 
23 Wainwrlght John 
2- 1 ) Tanner Richard 
27 Caswell Wm A 
2W Davies Thomas 

West Side 

+ Cumberland t Intersect* 
18 Barber George H 
20 Waldon John C 
22 Smith Andrew 

24 White Thomas 
26 Davies Thomas 


Xorth from Queen e, se 
cond w of Lee av, ward 1. 

East Side 

7 Vacant 

Belcher Wm G 

r.dall Walter J 
Jl Lloyd Harold F 
k George 
1-.' Schiek Percy 
31 Rycroft Stanley 
35 Fawcett John 

n Frederick S 
*i Allan James 
4.p Crew Mrs Margaret 


o isiacKstone J'Tedertck 
ttl Khind Alexander 
-t'pner Richard 
OU Goss Arthur S 
. 1 Vacant 
73 Davies John H 
J7 :. 11 

Mowden John 
Aickens Albert M 
aston Frederick W 


1 Mcllwen James 
95 Withers John 
lark George 
UNO Robertson Byron 

: ackwell Mrs Maria 

l'.H Stevens John H 

West Side 

2 Coutie Nell 

4 Vacant 

B Hume Thomas W 
12 Buchanan Mrs Annie 
14 Hand Thomas 
16 Cole Mrs Emily 
OH Alexander 
22 Down Charles W 
ao Barron Harvey 


34 Price Abner R 
ao Hall James E 

38 Blancliard George 
411 Best Mrs Mary 

4.' McOunald Archibald 

venson Harry 
iy\vood Walter 

'4 Davis Harry 

68 Richards Walter 

ird Alfred 
i.ocKliart Frederick 
VJ Downing Arthur 

rd Mrs Emily 
'.H Price Adolphus 
'.Hi \v right Douglas 

vdalr Samuel 

Murphy Louis 
190 Clinatie Samuel 
1UU Hind Herbert 
l'.'4 Jiurslem Alfred 


North from 42 Bellevue 
pi to College, ward 4. 

East Side 

Denison sq 

25 Kerr Mrs Jane E 
'21 Hamilton Alex, phy 

Totton Mrs James 
29 Slater Murray W 
31 burtis Charles F 
33 Hardy Thomas B 
:j.~> Fraser George A 
37 Brennand George 

39 Fraser George A 
41 Anderson George A 
43 sharpe John E 

45 Charlton Mrs A. dry gd* 

Charlton Abraham 
47 Phillips Thomas, bldr 

Carline George 
49 Leake Joseph 
M I'oung James 
S3 Williamson Mrs Jane 


Ottawa, Ont Winnipeg, Man. Dawson, V.T. 
Montreal, P.O.. Rcgina, Sack. New York, N.V. 
St. John, H.B. Edmonton, Alta. London, En*;. 
Halifax, N.8. Vancouver, B.C. Paris, France 

53^4 Freeman Edward 
55 Martin Mrs Helen 
57 GnllowaT Wm 

hell Joshua V 
61 Prowse James H, gro 
Nassau st Intersect! 
63 Ooodlng Mrs Margaret 
65 Merryday Henry 

1 Lachlan 

Rivett Frederick, shoe 

Bannon Charles, r 

Storey Thomas H, r 
OTVi Laing Robert 
69 Whltlams Joseph 
71 Chesson David 

nam George A 
73^4 Sanderson Joseph M 
75 Comartin Frank 
77 Kgan Mirhael 

* ege Thomas 
83 Bell Telephone Co (br) 
4 Oxford st Intersects 
87 Believue Home for the 

Bellevue House 
01 Moore Charles F. phy 
!>." Marhi- 1 ; lU-nry T. phy 
ighall Rev J S 

St Stephen's Church 

West Side 

2 Jones John 

4 Grelg John 

6 Farriince Walter C 

8 Uolllnger James 

1O Voung Jas D & Son, bldr* 
Younjr James D 

12 Thornton Mrs Caroline 

14 Nelson Joseph 

16 Skltch John 

1BH McKay Thomas 

1SV4 Gynane John 

L'i> Laws. .n Mrs Harriet 

20i4 Thorogood Walter F 

22 Robertson Mrs Ellxa J 

24 Wllkes Mrs Theresa 
McCall Harry 
irrison Harold 

3L' Ilddgxin Kr.-rj,. r ick T W 
:i .vin'ii-iiand John C 

3414 Hodgson Thomas S 

3 White Mrs Mary A 

88 Stoner Frederick 

4a O'Brien Johc 

44 O'Brien David 

46 Garde John 

48 Wrleht James C 

50 Wlllson John K 

r>'^ Fowls James 

54 Dnvldson James W 

56 Carr Wm 

58 Verey Frederick A 

GO Wilson Thomas G 

62 Cunningham Walter 

64 Lewis Charles H 

66 Milne Frederick Wm 

66% Friendship James 

68 Chalkley John E 

^ Nassau st Intersects 

70 Mitchell Jame* 

72 Mltr-hel! A S 

76 nidrtell Mrs Jane 

7X Johnstnn Mrs Marlon 

80 Diekert Jacob 

82 Hind James 

i>4 Mnrtell Thnmss. bldr 

irdon John M 
I all Wm 

94 Johneton Andrew S 

Oxford st Interned* 

96 Pheppnrrt Mrs Ann 

98 Mason Mrs Sarah J 
100 McCulIy Wm 
102 TIpton 'Richard 
KM Deans Wm S 
106 Lovelock Henry 
108 McLean Dngald 
110 Grant Mrs Mary J 
112 Astleford Thomas H 
114 Hose Roger H 
116 Johnston Mrs Emily 
118 Brines Henry 
120 Teeter P T 
122 Goss Mrs Ida 

Kaynor & Lyall, contrs 
Fire Hall No 8 


West from 24 Augusta av 
to Carlyle, ward 4. 

North Side 

Denison so. 
^ Bellevue av commence* 

46 Belyea Isaac 

48 Brayley John B 

so Armitage Mrs Marguer 

52 Byers Mrs Annie S 
."4 Walls Thomas C 
.iti Davidson Thomas 

58 Jamleson Wm 

60 Bowman John W 

6a Schartel Emil 

04 Fitzgerald Wm E H 

66 Mason James 

68 Mercer Mrs Jennie 

* Leonard nv commence* 
74 stalker Abraham J 

76 Wooldrldge Samuel 

South Side 

1 Ryerson Cornelius A 
a McMahon Joshua 
5 Wlllcocks Mrs Annie 
7 Foster Mrs Mary 
9 Hannon Charles L 

11 Bernard Gustave 

13 Hanuey Charles M 

! McQueen Algernon 

17 Cohen Saul 

19 Cohn Abraham 

Phillips Benjamin 
21 Finnegan Frederick 
-i -Norton Earl 
-o Johnson Maurice 
27 Kelly Joseph J 

Denison av ends 

20 Peterkln Charles H 
Jl V acant 

as Vacant 

as Vacant 

39 Burroughs Albert B 

41 Peterkln Charles H Jr 

43 Schunck Wm C 

45 Waterhouse Mrs M A 

47 Gonrlle Wm H 

49 Lncas Alexander 
51 Mains Alex 

53 Bryan John 

55 Blackwell Mrs Eleanor 
Snnrrow Thomu 

59 Fulton David 
HI cooper George 
63 Walsh John 

67 Anger Michael M 

IS Brentford Mrs Rebecca 

7:"> Dohie James E 

77 Smith Francis S 
79 Hammett Alfred 
81 Hills Hfinry. dairy 

87 Connors Mrs Catherine 


North from 768 Queen w 

to Mansfield av, ward 5. 
East Side 

1 Couch .George 

5 Creber, Son & Co, mar 

Crocker ar ends 
11 Perkins Thomas 
13 Tinney Frank 
i.'i HutcfTlngs Emanuel 
17 McKean Scott 
31 Cook Mrs Sarah 
33 .Tolley H W B 
35 Reid Wm A 
+ Robinson st ends 

F. J. SMITH ^ CO. 

Properties FOR SALE in ALL 
PARTS of the City and Suburbs 

61 Victoria Street 


Confeberation %ife 

87 Phi Ips Wm 
41 Simons Robert 
43 St Matthias' Church 
< Hartley Rev Frank H 
65-67 Coca-Cola Company, 


69 Brereton Mrs Eliza A 
71 Taylor Albert W 
73 Finstein Henry 
75 Lindsey Joseph 
77 Tye Frederick W 
79 Bottrell Wm 
81 Corbet Thomas 
83 Boland Patrick 
85 Mulligan Patrick J 
89 Repath Jabez E, uphol 
91 Shelton Mrs Emma 
93 Thornton Joseph 
95 Webster James H B 
99 Moynlhan Mrs Nora 

101 Vahey Michael 

103 Luckhurst G H 

105 Clarke George 

107 Bartholomee Mrs A H 

109 Eldridge John 

111 Belfry Wm H 

113 Burns Frank 
Bellwoods pi ends 

121-33 Newcombe Piano Co 

135 Copley Wm S 

137 McCallum Wm 

139 Trotter Jamss A 

141 Donaldson Henry J 

143 Comisky Mrs Jennie 

145 Murphy Wm P 

147 Deuman Arthur C 

149 Pearson Wm T W 

151 Brltton Mrs Theresa 

153 Whlttlnghain J W, pntr 

155 McBretny Wm 

157 Peacey Edward 

159 Carter Edward 

161 Lee Mis Eva D 

103 Bennett Wm 

165 Furniss Alfred 

167 Cormauk Mrs Mary 

161) Struclwick Wm G 
^ Arthur st intersects 

175 Topping Nicholas, grocer 

177 Boddy Charles F 

179 Tomlln George 

181 Basden Richard 

183 Campion Thomas W S It 

185 Coffin John 

187 Spring Mrs Charlotte 

18!l King John 

191 Wilson Alexander 

193 Lawrte Charles 

]!.") Barber Thomas 

197 Carnegie James 
+ Plymouth av Interiecti 

199 Wright J George 

201 Smith John 

203 S.ivlllp Harry 

207 Wnrd Rntnuel A 

209 Defoe Oscar 

211 Parry Mrs Jane 

215 Beddow Alfred 

217 Kirk .lonn D 

219 Fearnley Edward 

S21 Rlohter Wm H 

223 Squires John 

225 M<-Fanl John 

227 Wilcock Thomas 

229 Fraser Augusta 
+ Treford pi ends 

231 Beaton Farquhar 

233 Noble John 

235 Shautrhnessy James 

237 Tushinsrham Anson 

j:m Loscombe Gerald 

L'4l Duncan Wm 

24<i O'Byrnp James 

1:4."' Samuel James 

247 McCorquodale John E 

24!) I.iiutrhlln John 

251 Phillips Wm, contr 

253 Stewart Joseph 

255 Totten Wm J L 

f>1 Donnelly Wm 

259 Daren James A 

261 Manson James 




Canadian Company 

West Side 

2 Downs Wm 
4 Callaghan Thomas 
6 O'Connor Mrs Alice 
s McKee James W 
10 Hodgson Charlea 
VI Wilson James 
14 Cromwell John W 
16 McChesney Isaac 

18 Mitchell Edward 

20 Milligan Samuel R 

22 Wells James J 

24 Mclnerney Mathlas 

M Walker Robert I 

28 McGarrigle James E 

3O McColl Mrs Sophronia 

32 Danielson Daniel 

34 Doyle Liouis 

a*Vi Neale John H 

'M Roberson George 

3*iMi McKenna John 

38 Cuneo Mrs Maria 

40 Thomson Mrs Mary A 

42 Pullen Joseph M 

50 Bailey Samuel 

60 Vacant 

t>2 Josslin John 

t>4 O'Brien John D 

00 Vacant 

US Gostic Thomas 

7O Vacant 

72 Hamilton James J 

74 Murdock Robert 

84 Telford Mrs Mary 

86 Chapelle John 
Fox Mrs Caroline 

04 McCoy Wm 

!*s Spellman James 

US O'Meara Patrick H 
100 Crook James H 
102 Baldock George J 
3O4 Wilson James 
JOB Con way Joseph 
108 Reid Wm 
122 Vent Wm 
124 Bertram Henry C 
126 Keegan Michael 
128 Fewer Richard 
130 Jarrett Walter O 
132 Clancy Samuel 

14 Brown Thomas W 
136 Stephenson Mrs Mary 
138 Jackson Charles 
14O Uadway Wm J 
142 Manachewltz Joseph 
144 Irons George H 
148 Henderson Mrs C 
34 t s Geare Mrs Mary 
I4si., 1'inkerton Mrs Annie 
ISO Whaites Miss Isabel 
l. r .2 fitles James W 
154 c.-een Jonii H 
156 Pudney Sidney 
158 Holmes Miss Catherine 
iui Macojougall Gilbert 
162 Wickett John A 
164 Baxter James 
166 Topley George A 
168 Minson John 
170 Ready George 
172 Ball Mrs Mary A 
174 Pirrie John R 
176 Vacant 

Arthur st Intersects 
184 Scully Mrs Mary A 
188 Beasant George 

1UO Miles John B 
192 Allan John 
11H Lepage August 
I'.xi Hook Thomas G 

Plymouth av intersect! 
l' N .UeGrath Arthur 

200 Mose Mrs Isabella 
202 O'Leary Arthur 
204 Townley Wm H 
206 Jenkisson Walter 
208 Williams Moses G 

\\ Hliams George Jr 
210 McMahon Mrs Elizabeth 
212 Wellmann Edward 
214 McCullough Uubert W 
216 Heeds Joseph 

Peacey Charles 
218 BIMlngsley Mrs Sarab 
2'M Brown Charles W 
'2'2'2 Broderick Louis 
224 Sullivan John 
226 Platt John 
-2* \\ r ilkes Jacob 
230 Harkins Miss Jennie 
234 McMillan John 
236 Lefneski Henry 
238 Wolfe John 
1MO Thompson Robert 
2V Clint Frank 
244 Moir James 
!MR Rhodes Fred 
248 Akins Thomas 
150 Tatton Joseph J 
52 Mole John W 

854 Willmott Mrs Agne 
i56 Mole Anthony 
158 Wiggins Wm 
260 Searle John 
262 McDonald Wm 
L'lii; Golm John F 
208 Fox Charles 


West from 240 Crawford 

to Shaw, ward 6. 

North Side 

Not built on 
South Side 

1 Mackenzie Michael A 

2 Broaigan Charles A 

3 Coleman Richard H 


West from 128 Claremont 
to Bellwoods av. ward B. 

North Side 

8 Vacant 

South Side 

3 Jeffs Thomai 
5 Lowrey Wm 

7 Harbour Wm G 


West from 982 Yonge, 

ward 3. 

North Side 

' 2 Button Clarence P 

2% Oldham Wm 

4 Lawrence John 

8 Sheppard Peter 

8 Crouden Wm 

10 Belsey Edward 

11 Carr Mrs Hannah 

14 Garllck George 

16 Ashmead Edwin F 
18 Grant Alexander 
2O Quigley Edward 
22 Vacant 

2^'jt, Johnston Robert M 

24 Richards Maurice 

2ti Rolph Rev Raymond C 

28 Halfhead Ernest B 

3D Hallawell Wm 

32 Gleeson Edward 

34 Hammond John 

86 Hunt Thomai 

38 Goff John C 

40 Chapman Miss Sarah 

4J Young Donald 

44 Glllespie George 

46 UoManus George 

48 Stewart Henry 

5O Carr Thomas 

52 Wright Charles A 

54 Wills Alexander, erp 

66 McConnell Wm M 

58 Harris Henry 

UO Richards Wm 

82 Sinclair Malcolm 

64 Wilton Samuel 

66 Ough Wm 

8 Routllffe John 

70 Jacobs Mrs 9 

Jacobs Miss F, drsmkr 

72 Shepparfl Frederick 

74 Smith Wm C 

7t> Tweddle Ernest 

78 Dowling Wm H 

8O Tomsett Charles 

82 Magill Robert J 

84 Ford Mrs Rosanua 

86 Wilson Wm H 

88 Allor Frank 

90 Brennan Frank 

Ki -rnomson Wm 

94 Morrison Wm 

!Ki Stockwell John R 

98 Jefferson Wm 
100 Price Mrs Margaret 
102 Madlll Robert H 

South Side 

t Sarah si commence! 
Pearce John 

9 Matthews George 
11 Brown John 

18 Saunders Richard 

15 Kitchen Wm 

17 Brace Miss Bertha 

19 Lovett Jamei 

21 Derry Anson 

23 Ledingham James 
--> Sutherland George 
27 THman Frank C 
29 Warner Thomas J 
31 Warner Eli B 

33 Hester Wm 

McMurrlch st end* 
43 Aeed Men's Home 

53 Aged Women's Home 


South from 325 Wilton av, 

Ward -2 

East Side 

1 Gorbam Edward A 
3 Taylor Edward E 

5 Macdonald Alexander 
7 Sammle Joseph J 

9 Duncan Lytle J 
11 Gasclen Henry 

3 Wheeler Cecil R 

15 Garner Wm 

17 Cranston Wm J 
19 Mackenzie James 

West Side 

'2 Russell John 

4 Evans Noah 

6 Thomson Mrs Annie 

5 Fleming John M 
10 Benhewltz Paul 

i'2 Dmgwall Alexander 
14 Vose George H 

16 Smith Peter 

18 Boylan Miss Catharine 
LSI Taylor Frederick C 

22 Hawkins Wm 

24 Robertson Mrs B 


North from the bay to 
215 Carlton. ward 2. 
East Side 

R R crossing 

Front st e intersect! 
35 Canada Foundry Co 

King st e intersect! 
53 Follifield Henry 

55 Smith Isaac 

5i Healy Mrs Marguerite 

all Kennedy David 

61 Robertson Hugh 

J Burns Frederick 

65 Campbell Alexander 

67 Mounce John 

69 Brlndle Johu 

71 McGlone James 

73 Reid James 

75 Kerr Walter 

77 Croskem Wm 

75) Haylett Charles 

Duke st Intersect! 
89 Padget Wm 

97 Rogers George 

99 Best Wm J 
1O3 Grace John 
1O5 Bond Ralph 
107 McRae John 
109 Ilnstlen Mrs Maud 
111 Snooks Wm 
113 Murpliv James 
115 Farrow Alfred A 
117 McGoldrlck Mrs Mary A 

Duchess st intersects 
119 Pudsey Mrs Mary 
123 Nickle Adam 

12,- Cuss Albert 
127 Hadley John 
129 Human Miss M, drumki 
129^ Vacant 
131 Goodwin James 
133 Goodwin Joseph 
135 McPherson Mrs E 
137 White Mrs Phoebe J 

White Miss Theresa, dr- 


139 Montague Frank 
141 Fletcher Mrs Nettie 

Kane Clarence, r 

Spotteswood W S, r 
143 Berkeley Apartments 

JJonognue Wm 

Queen st e Intersect* 

151 Cooper Geo H, warehse 
153 RothwHl B, shoemkr 
McQulllen O, blksmlth 

Ramsey lane Intersect! 


Estate, Insurance and Financial Agents 

Make a. Specialty or 


Office, 86 King St. East 

Branch Office 


Real Estate, Loans and Insurance 


1ST Jewell Frederick 


161 Vaunnan George 
163 Farley Mrs Christina 
165 I jap Ian te Mrs Agnes 
17 Hoyland George H 
1SB Coker Walter 
171 Martin Michael J 
17.1 Nye George 


l?.i (Griffiths James 

185 Gardiner John A 
187 Ix>Dsdnle Richard 
189 Fogarty Wm J 
181 Butterfleld Wm 

* Sydenham st Intersects 

'hln.-se Imlry 
in Wm 
101 O'SnlllTan Michael J 

207 Sullivan Joseph J 


211 Carson Wm J 
113 Fleming Wm O 
215 Hall Simon 
217 Downham Thoma* 8 
217V4 Scott Jamee 

wood Henry J 

JZ1 Cosbnrn Richard J, dairy 
223 Marshall Robert O 
225 Nell Wm 
127 Langton Thomas 
231 Higgmbottom Thomas 
235 Carter Wm A 
139 Rlalr Francis, expreto 
141 Kelnney John 
243 Thompson Mrs Jan* 
247 Thompson Mrs Jane 
149 McBrlde John R 
251 Roddy Janv 

lohnston Wm 
57 O'Connor Mrs Margaret 
9 Poole Thomas H 

ulross Wm B 
263 Smith Malcolm 
185 Smith Mrs Barbara 

269 Patrick Mrs Margaret 

+ Coatsworth lane intersects 
277 Calgey Wm J 

* WHtnn av Intersect! 
281 Ooniam Charles 
2S3 Hamlll Wm C 

ing Wm 
;ek James 

-vi iiiiiman Frederick 
281 Dear Frederick W 
293 McKlnnon Alexander 
295 Pike Thomas 
297 Devane Maurice L, 

.fflt Martin H 
301 Corscadden A Q 
303-25 Dnfferln School 
327 Williams J Frank, confy 
329 Wlnnett John E 
11 Rivers Francis 
335 Starr Rev J Edward 
337 Felkln Wm D 
339 Eagle Mrs Sarah 
341 Mortimer James 
343 Hamilton James 
34.-. Bingnam Archibald 
847 Mi-Lean Hector, nphel 
349 O'Keefe Mrs Bridget 
Sol Vacant 
353 MoOaw David 
855 Ingram John 
367 Bowen George H 
S59 Mansell Charles F 

* Gerrard st e Intersects 
365 Melady James T 

S67 Wlrkett John 

Richard J P 
371 Copeland Harmon S 
373 Ijf Oour Richard H 
175 Hrnes Mrs Margaret 

Hynes Jnmei P 
7 Mllnes James H 
S79 Johnston Albert 

!1 Bollard Arthnr 
883 Christie Mrs Jane 
S85 Ridley James McO 
387 Howarth Samuel 

House Julius P 
389 McKerracber .Tohn. bldr 

Westman Miss Mary A 
893 Darragh Alexander T 
West Side 

* R R crossing 

* Esplanade st e ends 
10-12 Tor Knitting Factory 

'son John 

Burlelgh Wm 
41 -Montgomery John 

Front st e intersect* 
4 Beber Mai, Junk 

48 Belier Max 

:iliott Alfred 
64 Vacant 

King st e Intersects 
Fire Hall No 4 

Duke st intersect* 

73 DobVe John 

74 Bray James 
7ii (iorflnkel Max 
78 Traverse Edward 

Foote Mrs Elizabeth, 

S2 Cooper John 

M -Morgan crtarlea 

80 Hunter George B 

88 Hunt Thomas 

90 Redcllffe Henry 

92 McUulre John 

:>4 Jones Joseph 

IW Peregrine James A 

98 Long George J 

Bradburg John r 
102 Bacon Wm H ' 
104 Bacon Henry W 
lUtt MrUolpin James A 

McGolpln Mrs A, rocalltt 
!* Baker Joseph B 
110 Crqnhart Uunald 
112 Lyttle Wm 

Duchess st Intersect* 
118 Graham Robert 

120 Knrsytn Walter 

123 Flynn James J 

124 Richards Francis 
126 Halllnan Miss Annie 
128 Perry Mrs Sarah 
130 McGolpln Wm J 

132 Earle Franklin P 

Queen st e Intersect* 
144 Lotz Henry J 

146 Uowell George F 
. Loughlin John R 

Itamsey lane intersects 
148 Cooper Mrs Margaret 
150 Fallen John J 

132 Ferrle Richard 
154 Clark Lewis W 
156 Curran Joseph 
158 Snook John 
10 Lotz Edward M 
162 Cotterell Joseph 
164 Farrall Francis J 
166 Greene James 

A'eir Maxwell 
l.o De Kosa James 

Uobbins James W 
1T4 i. OOHI! :ina 

:it> Ford Walter R 
178 Cnrran Mrs Sarah 
180 Muir Wm 
182 Scott Mrs Susan, gro 

Sydenbam st Intersect* 
:M Moulton Daniel 

lv; Kiiey Mrs Maria 

-cully John C 
190 Henderson Mrs MB, 


192 Magone Mrs E 
194 Carscadden Mrs Sarah 
HKi Armstrong Hobert M 
itts Roland W 
"arroll Mrs Amelia 
202 McQulllen Owen 
204 Watman Mrs Margaret 
200 Woodst.jck Win H 
208 Cox George 
210 Cox Wm 
212 Reesor George EJ 
214 Barchard George 
-Hi Humphrey Frank 
-I** Jepson Percy 
220 Woods Gilbert 
222 Roddy Mrs Sarah 

224 Walsh James 

225 HInde Fred W 
228 Ward Mrs Mary 
230 Stewart Jnmes I? 
232 Gnthrle Nathaniel 

234 Towers Mrs Birdie, dr*- 


236 Johnston Lewis N 
238 Stlnson Albert 
242 Penberthy Albert J 
-44 Vacant 
246 Wlnnett Vernon 
248 Holtze August 
250 Storm Miss Annie E 

2.12 Hawkins Frederick 
254 Rogers Wm J 

* Coatsworth intersects 
^ Wilton av Intersects 
27o Burns Jeremiah 

Cooney Joseph A 
272 McNeil! Mrs Catherine 
L'74 Sleeth Oliver 
276 MeClay James 

MeGIrr Samuel 
--" tiamiii \Ym C 
-VJ Owens Albert 
'-"-I i;iinn Wm 
286 Bulk Wm 
288 Pogne John 
us tYank 

''lark Mr? Mary L 
-:u Kussell Wm 
296 Armstrong Frank bldr 
298 Burns John J 
300 Tomlinson Thomn 

Booth Mrs Caroline 
.'>4 McKendrlck Neil V 
306 Hughes James 

Her Joseph L., 
com mer 

m Wm B 

312 Dusgan Thomas 
:tl4 Villiers Wm 
:ilH Patterson Samuel 


322 Swain John L 
: -i I'iatt Eilward S 
S2fi Boyd Alexander 
:128 MfCafTry Jnmes B 
330 Christie John J 
332 Mlllage Joseph 
334 Treliiheck Albert E 


338 Harnbly Frederick P 
340 Poole Miss Elizabeth 
342 O'Connor Wm 
344 Scholey Joseph 
34 Stewart Mrs Lllllas 

* C.orrard st e Intersects 
856 McFarlane George 
S58 Rolls Henry J 
;KXI Taylor Wm 
S62 Doran Jnmes 
364 Booth Fred 
366 Brown Mrs Frances 
368 Challes George E 
370 Smith Mrs Isnnel 
372 Bum Mrs Catherine 
374 Leeson Hnrry 
S76 Jackes Mrs Kate 
378 Rennle Robert B, roofer 
:f*> Scholey Henry 
8S2 Pnsteed John 
384 Hopkins Edward 
386 Lapralk David 
3S8 Rlarkbnrn Arthnr R 
390 Pennyleglon Wm 


West from 126 Avenue rd 
to Brunswick av, ward 4. 

........ North Side ........ 

Nlcol Mrs Jane 
Chambers Wm T 
Wallis Mrs Minnie 
Piper Edward S 
Ewart John H 
McCarthy Henry B 
Weaver Mrs Elizabeth D 
Pease Joseph 
McLanghlin Prof J F 
Parker E Gartly 
Haskins Mrs Elizabeth S 
strathy John H G 
MeKeuuey Mrs Annie F 
Brownridge Mrs A M 
\ acant 

Rolpb Alfred J 
Dixon Mrs J B 
Thomas Wm 
Bedford rd Intersect* 
Pepler Arthur 
Fleming Frank A 
Van Allen Mrs Letitia 
Campbell Miss E S 
Admiral rd Intersects 
St George st Intersect* 
Keens James H 
Parker Mrs Annie 
Durand Miss Caroline 
Hnron st Intersects 
Clarke C H Stanley 
Madison av Intersects 
Spadlna rd Intersect* 









Walmer rd Intersect* 
Kendal av Intersect* 

.South Side 

7 Kennedy Dr P S 

9 Lillico Wm F 
11 Matthews Robert C 
13 Ambridge Henry A 

15 Brittain Charles 
17 Brush Seeley 

19 Mnrphy Mrs Marlon 
21 Hall Mrs Martha C 
23 Laughlin James E 

20 Stewart Joseph u 
27 Murray John I 

29 Malcolm Augustus G 
81 Tlbb Rev R Campbell 
33 Bauld John O 

u.i i .a. Alired 

37 Bales Jpsepb 

39 Anderson James E 

41 Taylor Mrs Tilly H 

43 Bonnell W II M 

45 Young Ralph E 

47 Green Charles 

49 Wisener Charles t, 
51 Fleuilug Charles E 

Bedford rd luterdvct* 
53 O'Hara Henry B 

Admiral rd ends 
69 Horsey Albert 

.1 .-tapietord Mrs Margaret 
73 Carlisle Lincoln 

St George st i:iterect 
89 Haynes Walter G 

91 McConnell Mrs Margaret 

93 McMichael John 

95 Spry DUB 
113 Mitchell Charles 
115 Fairburn J M R 
117 Chenoweth Mrs Margaret 
119 Murphy Charles 
1-1 \ acant 

Huron st Intersect* 

Madison av Intersect* 

Spadlna rd Interject* 
^ Walmer rd uteraect* 
^ Kendal av Intersect* 

186 Raltt Thomas 


West from 95 Davenport 
rd to Hazelton av, ward 3. 

North Side 

2 Canfleld Arthur L, 
11 Cheyne Henry G 
a-l Owen Peter 

16 Cole Wm 

IS Lamountain George 
1*0 Cox Wm E 
22 Catterall Wm 

24 Caldwell Hugh 
26 Newby Joseph 

25 Kobertson James H 
30 Woods Mrs Annie 
.;_: u oods John 

34 Dickie Samuel 

30 Storey George 
40 Green Samuel 

42 Fraser" Duncan 

44 Schroeder Otto 

46 Brennan Henry 

48 Worthy Robert P 
South Side 

I Shnnk Frederick M 

1 Benvllle Mrs Catherine 
9 Worthy Joseph 

II Loudon Mrs Eleanor 
i:> Madill Samuel 

15 Palonge Peter 



87 to 9fi Pearl St, Phone* H T24, 7M 


Standard Life 

ASSURANCE CO. of Edinburgh 



Manager for Canada 

Charles Hunter 

Chief Agent, Ontario 

17 Tucker George 
19 Campbell Win 
21 .Freakley Ernest A 
23 Begg Dantel A 
25 Smith George G 
2.1 yuinlan Patrick 
31 Lusty Charles 
13 Butfery Thomas N 
35 McClure Joseph 
37 Plowman C W 
39 Kawlinson Alfred H 
41 Headers Ernest A 
43 Cambridge John J 
45 Nunn Mrs Alice 
47 Bolger John J 
49 Hooper Frederick C 


North from 52 Richmond e 
to Queen e, ward 3. 

East Side 

1 County Registry Office 
West Side 

8 Bnt to Lodge Room 

10 Grand Orauge Lodge of 

British America 

12 Grand Orauge Lodge of 


14 Lee Wm 


East from a lane off 
Bruce, first w of Shaw, 
ward 5. 

North Side 

56 Chambers John H 
68 Turner Samuel P 
South Side 

52 McKlnney George 
54 David Miss Louisa 


North from 272 Queen w 
to College, ward 4. 

East Side 

1 Hill Albert 
3 Hern James 

6 Gray Wm 

7 Warrlngton Thomas 

Broley Joseph A, pntr 

11 Weaver Leslie G 

13 McLean Wm 
Bannen E C, livery, t 

15 Phelan Miss Sarah 

17 Sutcliffe Mrs Elizabeth 
19 Carrier Joseph L 
21 Oosgriff John 
23 Villlera Miss Sarah 
25 Kelly James, dairy 
27 Kelly James 
'M Rodgers Mrs Mary A 
31 Home Mrs Emma 
33 Moxon John 
35 Hidden Horace A 
37 Fairbanks Arthur 
39 McQuay Mrs Mary 

Stephanie st ends 
41 Plfko Charles 

43 Hughes James G 
45 Cogblan Christopher 
47 Andrews Walter 
49 Williamson Robert C 
61 Oleary Dennis 

53 Patton Mrs Martha 
Clark Rev Wm 

55 Nursing Mission, Th 

Grange rd end* 
109 Bullock Jame* N 

Jackson Herbert 
Stllloway James W W 

123 Irish Charles S 

125 Thornhlll Miss Sophia 

129 Adams A A 

131 Jarvls Mrs Mary 

St Patrick it Intersect* 
133 1'ownall George A 
135 Maclver Charles 

137 McLean Nell 
139 Carr Maxwell 
141 Sampson Mrs Mary A 
140 Mulllns Mrs Catherine 
147 Travis Mrs Amelia 
^ D'Arcy st InteneeU 
159 La vine Samuel, phy 
Ibl McGuire James 


Bank of Commerce Bldg, 

163 Hawthorne Miss Marga 
179 Bristol Edmund 

+ Baldwin st Intersect* 
185 MacMahon Hon Hugh 
187 Caldwell David 

189 Haulan Edward 
193 Waste Alphonso D 

Model School of Music 

190 Lowry Thomas L 
197 Gearin Airs Ellen 
199 Brandon James 
901 Sherris Harry 

Sherris M R, vocalist 
2O3 Elliott George, phy 

+ Cecil st intersect* 
2O5 Hamilton George A 
207 Auplegath Jesse 
309 Weller Heury L M 
211 Baines Mrs Amelia 
i!13 Blggar George C 
215 Roberts Mrs Alicia 
217 Quigley Miss Lillian P 
-19 Miliigan Oswald M 
221 Marshall Mrs Elizabeth 
-23 Brown Albert 
225 Orrick Miss Mildred 
l Webster Mrs Helen 
229 Wood Samuel T 
231 McMaster Robert S V 
233 Smith Sidney 
235 Muntz Eugene G 
237 Shields Charles 
23M tiimson Frank 
241 Cable Wm 
243 Parsons Rev Henry M 
245 Jubb Mrs Margaret 
247 Brown Gavin 

West Side 

12-14 Crashley Thot, exp 

16 Smith Robert F 

18 Ingram Wm 

20-30 National Drug and 
Chemical Co 

',"1 \\aterbury chemical Co 

34 Elliot & Co, mfg chem 

Phoebe st commence* 
40 Kelly Mrs Nellie 

42 Gathers Charles 
44 Gemmell Robert 
46 Syuge Mrs Amelia 
48 Norris Alexander 
50 Uundie Wm 

Kuudle Misa Etta, mug 


62 Crispin Wm B 
54 Philip Wm B 
56 Browning Edward J 
;>s Ostertag Joseph 
6O Dee Richard H 
62 Thompson Mrs Annie 
64 Smith Mrs Flora 
6 Quackenbush Wm A 
68 Breen John T 
io jjuncan Archibald 
+ Sullivan st commences 

Baptist Church 
76 Kirby Joseph 

Gordon Mrs Minnie 
78 Hare Charles 
80 Langton Thomas 
84 Dever Wm 
86 Purland Alfred R 
88 Shain Miss Annie B 
90 Phillips Edmund 
96 Houlgrave Wm J, livery 

Grange av commence* 
98 Stewart Misa A, bdg 

100 Strathy Arthur O 

106 School of the Sister* of the 


los Mclntyre Andrew 
HO Vance Rev Wm H 
112 Cooper Isaac 
114 Cooper Barnet 
116 Malone Wm 
118 McLean D'Arcy B 

St Patrick st Intersect* 
136 Beardmore George W 
150 Cawtfcra W Herbert 
:."i4 Smyth Mrs Bridget 
156 Fryer Mrs George 

158 McLean Mrs Caroline 
160 O'Connell Miss Margaret 
162 Vacant 
14 Rogers Mrs Mary 

D'Arcy st Intersect* 
174 Cosmopolitan Club 

Baldwin st Interject* 
186 Coulson Duncan 

194 Gunther Ernest F 

196 Kells David 

198 Winnett Henry 

200 Alexander Mrs Ellen J 

202 Vacant 

204 Hammond Mrs Maria 

^ Cecil st intersects 
200 Spragge Edward W. phy 
210 Downs Martin 
U4 Eby Wm P 
216 Brock Henry 
218 Swabey Mrs Eliza A 
220 Macdonald Donald 
222 Meehan Mrs Anne 
224 Cnrrey Matthew 
226 Mallory Marshall B 
228 Thompson Chrl* W 


East from end of Roxbor- 
ough e, ward 2. 

North Side 

City limits 
Dundns Alex, dairy 

Ritchie cres commence* 
70 Kddis Wilton C 

Vacant houses (3) 

Glen rd intersects 
98 Martin Arthur W 

100 Adams Arthur W 
lot Heron Orlando 
1US Adams J Frank 
110 Evans H Tollman 

116 Sale Julian 
122 Gordon Wm 

124 Thomson Alexander 
128 Trethewey Wm G 
South Side 

:CIty limit* 
Pelham pi commences 
Rosedale Golf Club Ltd 
IHxon Mrs Mary, caretkr 
Tyrrell Joseph B 

Glen rd intersects 

117 Alexander David W 


West from 1196 Tonge to 
rear of Avenue rd. ward 

North Side 

2 Littlefair John 

10 White James 

14 Fan- Mrs Isabella J 

1U Johnston Frederick 

18 Barber Hiram R 

20 Stephens James 

22 Barradell Wm 

24 Armour ilrs Maria 

26-28 Toronto Whip Oo 

30 Tomllnson Manuei 

32 Tomllnson Gco W 
34 Cook Arthur 

38 Hodson Harry V 

38 Ouley Thomas G 

Unfinished houses (3) 

4fl Hofland John J 

48 Farley James 

50 Shea Samuel 

52 Holmes Miss Emily L, 

60 McBride Peter 

62 Macey Mrs Eliza 

64 Ross Mrs Ellen 

06 Windsor Clifford 

68 Warmington Charle* 

70 Cousins Henry 

74 Carpenter Wm H 

76 Wedekamm Albert 

78 Shi'll Richard 

80 Cameron Angus 

82 Taylor Charles T F 

86 McBride Archibald 

88 McBride Edward 

90 Mrltrlde Wm 

92 Gillies Wm 

JH Grainger Arthur 

96 Coburn Rev Jaiue* 

98 Coss Robert E 
100 Jessamine Joseph 
l<2 Kose Harry 
104 Williams Joseph A 
106 Hunt Frederick 
108 Fetch Reginald 
110 Tanovsky Ladislaus 
112 Harding Mrs Georglna 
114 Ashwood George 
110 Stephens James 

South Side 

17-19 Uaig Thos R, coal 
'21 Charters Charles M 
23 Edwortby Walter J 
2,> Menoar Joseph 
27 Clark Frederick W 
29 Abbs Mrs Catherine 

Abbs Miss A L dramkr 
+ Gauge av ends 
31 Glhxou William 
33 Brown Edward 
35 Jobnsou Andrew 
37 Elliott Bryan 
S9 Lye Arthur H 
41 Brlgg* John 
-4.'i Johnson Munro 
45 Henshall Arthur J 
65 McBride John 
69 Prince Wm 
71 Fontaine Albert B 
73 Smith Robert 1 
75 Davis Arthur E 


West from 113 Davenporl 
rd, ward 3. 

North Side 

2 l>ark John 

4 Hilhorne Albert 

6 Proctor George 

8 Magee Robert 
1O Harris Heury 
12 Tigert John 
14 Kane Thomas 
16 Adams Wm 
18 Prior Richard 
2<i Hamilton Thomas 
22 Galloway Henry B 
24 King Robert 
2tj Taylor John 
28 Madill Benjamin 
3O Hirst Robert 
32 Turner Edward 
34 Brown Cecil 

South Side 

1-3 Queen City Prtg Ink 

5 Sheffield Joseph 

1 Watklns Thomas 

9 JSlkerton Wm 
11 Brown Samuel 
13 Robinson George H 
15 Hlrons Mrs Annie 
19 Hlrons John H 
21 Hirons George C 
23 Indbolton Mrs Ida 
25 McDougall Hugh 
27 Carrie James 
29 Glllett Richard 
SI Lambert Herbert 
33 Avli-swnrth Anrll B 
35 Refausse Walter 
37 Wood Jnhn 
ay Hawes Mrs Margaret 

Comrie John 
41 Fowler Thomas 


(Old Russell pi), n from 
934 Queen e, ward 1. 
1 Allen James 
3 Downs Lee 
5 Ince Thomas 
7 Watson Arthur 
9 Richmond Charles 
11 Woodward Frederick 

West Side 

Not built on 


East from 775 Yonge, ward 

North Side 

2 Johnston John A 
1O Speers Miss Margaret, 

bdg hse 

12 Flinn Thomas 
14 Allan Mrs Catherine 
18 Crown Frederick A 
20 Crown Robert, pntr 

22 Nicholson Wm B 
24 Crown Miss Caroline 
26 Trimble James 

23 Hubertus Mrs Mary A 


Estate, Insurance and Financial Agents 


Reliance Building 



TVT A TTq- 513 

Real Estate and Financial Agents 


30 Norman Wm 
82 White Frank 
34 I>Mvld*nn Mrs M:irearet 
36 Ogg Miss Jessie, drsmkr 
SH I : meg 

40 Wilson Abraham H 
42 I,-k-..n Win J. prtt 
44 Johnston Mrs Orpha E 
4<> Sin:t:i Thomas 
4> I'ark rd Intersect* 
:<> Hi Ln-:i Alfred 

n Kooert 

M McKay Mrs Nellie 
66 Plumraer Miss Elizabeth 
68 McOhl.' Wm C 
<M Defries Mrs Agne 
63 Hart Alexander S 
4 Cholwlll Mrs Elizabeth A 
66 Kearhle John D 
1 Iraham John 

Mrs Eva P 

72 Flzle Robert B 

74 Kemp Mrs Emily 

,dlr Mr Margaret 
78 Sykes Samuel FI 
SO I owes Charles J W 
82 Smith Charles 
84 Bourne Edward 

86 Ttew Miss Mary 
88 Heyes Fleming W 

80 Taggart Mrs Emma 
92 Push Mrs Rachel 
94 Crooks Miss Jane 
6 Goggln David J 

South Side 

9 Downs Jeremlan 
11 Willis Wm 
15 Harris Jesse K 
19 Key Wm H 
21 Dlckson Wm J, prtp 
'.ley Tom 
:by Mrs Fannie 
29 Cullen Richard G 
X{ Bailey Matthew 
S5 Staeey John 

Tyte Mrs Georjrlna, r 
4> Park rd Intersects 
69 Williams Walter H 
Tl Simmons Alfred M 

73 Rodger Wm P 

75 Staunton Victor C 
77 Rogers Thomas O 

rton John 

81 Wethey Charles H 

vie David 
85 Browne Rev George 

87 Cobb Charlewood F 


North from Mountstephen 

to Gerrard e. first e of Don 

Kiver, ward 1 
East Side 

1 Pearson Wm 

1A Holt Ernest 

IB Patterson Robert 

lu Jonnston Robert 

3 Pearson Felix 
. \Vm D 

7 Petry Thomas 

B Norton John 
11 Allcroft Ernest 
13 Allendorf Mrs Emma B 
15 Mason Henry 
17 Lynch Walter 
19 Smith John H 
21 English Robert 
23 Holman Mrs Sarah A 

West Side 

Not built on 

North Side 

2 Wilson Garfleld 

4 McMaster Thomas 

6 McRae Wm 

8 Cowley Patrick 
10 Bradley Edward 
12 Stockey Mrs Catherine 
44 Axbey Henry 
4'! loung- Samuel, exp 


Bast from 70 Davenport 
rd ward 3. 

Itl.AlK AV 

North from 92 Sydenham 
to Wilton av, ward 2. 

East Side 

4> Cnrrle pi commence* 
4> Regent av Intersect* 
4V St David st Intersect* 
41 Bernard Frederick 
43 (Jraham Mrs Catherine 
53 Evans Mrs Catherine 

55 Chute Charles 
67 Osborne John 

iiith \Vm 

61 Mllteon David ]r 
;:; Strickland Charles 
65 O'Donnell Mrs Alice 
67 Matthews John 
'i'.' 1'ickett John 
fl Jefferson Henry T 

73 Wright Robert 

West Side 

2 Vacant 

4 Parnsh David 

6 Duffy Wm 


4> Regent av Intersects 
4V St David st Intersect* 
46 James Walter ' 

48 Cordon Wm 
50 Faulkner Ford 
32 Banks Mrs Louisa 
64 Marks Thomas 

56 Fielding Lees 

:llen Wm 

Mrs Agues, nurse 
IK Bennett John 
70 Onenshaw Alexander 
7'J <;arrett Edward 

74 Corfleld Wm O 

South Side 

Not built on 


North from G T R track. 
first west of Jones av, 
ward 1. 

East Side 

;ff Banks Ernest 

'ilth Frederick 
43 Clan* Wm 

"ianey Henry 
47 Butcher Wm 
t" wade James 
">1 Sergentson Arthur 
West Side 

2 Butler John W 

20 Barrett Wm 

22 England George 

4V Bonitbee av Intersects 

40 Page Arthur 

! mpbell Joseph 
Russell Brick Co. yard 


North from 186 Carlton to 
Howard, ward 2. 

East Side 

Tumbull James 
11 Thompson Wm 
13 Hahndorf Henry 
l.> Thompson Miss Reba 
17 Beatty Alexander 
lit Vivian Ernest 

21 Armstrong Wm 

-.: Kinagin Frederick 

25 Hlnes Lewis 

L'I Thompson Wm EJ 

31 Laurie Alfred A 

37 Bruce John 

;::' M^Kinnon Donald 

41 H.vnes Wm J 
O'Nell Michael, r 

45 Cutts Wm. artist 
47 Colleran Thomas W 
49 Vnnnevnr James 
(1 Chapman Alfrel 
65 Winters John R E 
5:1 Falrcloth Mrs Sarah 
61 Chattoe Jos, shoemkr 

King James, r 
63 Webb John W 
<55 Norrln Henry 
67 Bannister Mrs Jane 
KB Johnston John W 
71 Meyer Henry L 
Howell John, r 
TlMi Lnirnan Walter W 

73 Ellison Harry W 

'ey Wm R, r 
7u Purdue George 
77 Scully Robert 

:n J 

81 Elsey Alfred 

ken Miss A E, nurse 
87 Macdonald Mrs Jane 
03 Gale Edmund A. contr 
1)7 Smith James 
9 Tompkins Albert 
1O1 Brown Albert W 
1 orster Edwin 
1113 Fletcher Oswald B 
100 Kirk Ilcnjamln 
1O7 Uammle Alexander 

; urijhy A: Clarke, carps 
. ' -id Henry 
4> \\>llcs!ey st intersect* 

i luck Wm G 
111 Scott John 
113 Turner Hubert 
Fugan Hugh, r 
11.1 Spaikis Mrs Mary 
117 liurfoot Mrs Jane 
11U Adams Wm. bldr 
121 Lambert Thomas 
125 Fowler Edwin 
127 Splcer Robt'rt J 
129 Schoff Elgin 
:;;i -New Wm G 

McClung Mrs Ann, nurse 

rrin A P. mus tchr 
137 Jamleson C It, coal oil 
i::;i Cnrdner Charles E 

liouldstone John F 
Marnlc David 
-Ni-wton James A 
Buck John V, T 
143 Fettlt John 
14."> Andrews Mrs Isabella 
4V Kleecker pi commence* 
14V Key Mrs Agnes 
sslon Edmund 
Mrs Janet 
int Henry 

155% Newton James 
157 Hill Frank 

\tcKinnon John 

Mrs Matilda, dr*- 

161 Allison Thomas R 
163 Porter Orlando 

166 Anderson Albert S 

167 Middleton Henry J 
167% Travis Ellas 

1B9 l,alor Thomas 
171 Moore James K 

Donovan Mrs Joanna, r 
173 Marsallles Egbert A 
175 Broom Mrs Mary 

iarlrs U , pnot 
181 Hunter \\ m 
183 Lawson Mrs Elizabeth 
183H Parker Wm H 
183 Jardme James 

m Michael 
187 White Harry G 
189 Richards Charles H 
191 Powell Joseph 
191% Richardson Frederick 


193 Haslam Thomas G 
1!W Bell Mrs Margaret 
197 Plant Wm 
All Hammond Mrs Marfartt 
203 McKeag Mrs Margaret 
205 Boynton Edward 
207 McEwan Wm J 
;.'ntley Ernest 
211 MacDonald Archibald 
213 Cobean Joseph 
215 Tozer Matthew 

Cooper Wm, r 
217 THIman Henry T 
219 West Mrs Mary 
L-.1 Bryan Mrs Elizabeth 

West Side 

6 Dew Mrs Eliza 

8 Lougheed Mrs Susan A, 


10 Gibson Miss Jessie C 
Gibson Miss M W, mo* 


12 scaife Theodore J 
14 Blakely John H 
16 Cohn Joseph 
IN Woods John 
28 Tibblts Mrs Ellen 
44 Jackson Domlnlck O 

4 Flowers Albert 

48 Rose Mrs Sarah N 

50 Charlton Jgbn A 

.'- 1-loiils Wm J 

54 Marsh C Wm 

; >awson Willis 

w Howe Kobert J 

62 Robson Mrs Marlon L 

04 Earl Sidney B 

OB Clcgg Edgar T 

4> Wellesley st Intersect* 
110 Hodklnson Mrs Martha 
112 Foote Oliver E 

ill Vacant 

116 Balgent Francis J 
US Waddell Mrs Margaret 
1ZO Kox Wm D 
122 Davidson Robert 1 
124 Hendry Charles A 
l-.'O I>avy "A Harry 

Mlmer Miss Sara B 
rw Simpson Wm, contr 
132 McMaster Mrs Helen 
134 Dorrlen Flenry J 
15^ McDonald Mrs Ellra A 

"st Robert 

I"" Dunn Mrs Katherine 
102 Fletcher Robert 

\Hhworth Wm 
166 Lukes George P 
108 Deacon E J 
170 Arthurs Jolm S Jr 
172 Milker Reuben H 

174 Casslman Mrs Elizabeth 
176 Giles Wm 

175 Walsh John, pro 
180 Taylor Mrs Mary H 
1-1-' .Tillard Frank D 
184 Sannders John W 
190 Smith James 

l'->- Laurie Justus A 
r.H cousslon Thomas 
196 Williams Samuel 

Mitchell Miss Mary 
200 Martin Mrs Mnry A 
-"J Pollock Mrs Fannie 
JH Hyde Benjamin T 
206 Prance George J 
212 vacant 
214 Boyd Robert J C 
210 Putnam Wm H 
218 Tomlln James H 
L'Li> Harrison Walter L 
222 Hon-Mrrt Richard H 
224 MrKlnnon Mrs Jessie 
-jr. Millward Robert L 
230 Greer James 


East from 149 Blecker, 
ward 2. 

........ North Side ........ 

1 Picket! Edward 

2 Klchardson Reginald 

3 Mercer Wm H 

4 Flnlayson Mrs Elizabeth 
........ South Side ........ 

Not built on 


East from 143 Sumach, 

ward 3. 
........ North Side ........ 

2 Vacant 

4 Ulll Thomas. J 

6 Glhbarrl Mrs Jane 

8 Kennedy Lawrence 
10 Bums Thomas 
12 Dore Wm 


City Office, 152 Bay St., TORONTO 

Manganese Steel Castings 

Signal Interlocking: Plants 
Electric Railway Trucks 




Phone Main 5173 House, North 566 


13 Yong* St. Arcade 


14 Harrington George 
J.U Potter Wm 

McKinley Daniel 
18 Stoutter Jason 

20 James Mrs Mary 
'2. Nelson Peter 

24 Kindley Wra H 

26 Tankard John 

28 Albright Charles 
SO Harris Walter F 

V2. Silk Wm 

34 White George C 

86 Woodhouse James H 
38 Reid Joshua 
South Side 

1 Close John E 

3 Crawford James 

5 Brain Wm J 

7 Lake Mrs Hirriet 
9 Marsalas Frank 
31 Cummings John 

13 McArthnr Archibald 

15 Graydon John 

17 Gallagher George A 

la Wrigiev Mrs Catherine B 

21 Hillyard George 

23 .Daniel Mrs Edith 

25 Hobson Richard 

27 Sanuders Thuuias 

29 Gravel Peter 
31 Dorraiue Harry 
S3 Bradford Wm 

35 .freeman Joseph 
37 Bach Edward S 


East from Pape av to XT 
of Brooklyn av, second n 
of Queen e, ward 1. 
North Side 

2 Moorcroft Arthur 

4 Kox Joseph 

6 Chandler Fred H 

5 Parker Frederick 

10 Freeman Harry 
12 liinchclifle Wm 

12> Meysehein Nicholas 

14 Heys Edwin 

16 Jewett George 
is Mitchell Charles 

20 Currle Mrs Elizabeth 

22 Gilbert John, contr 

24 Thlrsk L'Uarles E, eip 

26 Donnelly Leslie 

25 Smith Alfred 

South Side 

1 Ensmlnger George W 

3 Chambers Arthur 

5 Button Arthur 

7 Davis C Wayman 
9 Rlley Robert W 

11 Chandler George, baker 

13 Surman Henry G 

23 Kerfoot Thomas 

27 ISnmford James 


East from 737 Yonge to 

Sherbourne, wards 2 and 3. 

North Side 

2 Traders Bank Apart 


Burnnam G Herbert, phy 
Hamilton Mrs Alice 
Adams Wm R 
Holland Frederick M 
Yates Peter B 
Cummer W F, dentist 
McLean R Gordon, den 

4 Carnahan W J A & H. 


6 Bell Wm J E, barber 

8 Macdonald Wm A, phys 
10 Holmes Arthur W, arch 

12 MeKenzle R. phy 
Allin Edgar W 

14 Richardson George A, 

Ifi MeKenzle Bart E 

18 Carr Mrs Snrnh 
20 Elliott John S 

24 Warwick Guy P 
34 Monitor Colleee 

Thrall Miss Charlotte 
Centra) Meth Church 
Park rd commence* 
48 Reeve Richard A, phys 

64 Bruce Herbert A, phy 
W Vacant 

88 Caven James G, phys 
90 Allan Wm 

102 Branksome Hall 

118 Halliday David 

134 Graham Mrs Mary J 

144 st Margaret's College 
152 Vacant 

104 Helutzman Gerhard 
172 Reid John B 
176 Orr Wllilnm H 
180 Rowland Thomas M 

152 Vacant 

+ Huntley st Intersects 
184 Follett Joseph J 

188 Catto John 

194 Ansley Alfred 

236 Leslie Joseph E, bdg hse 
South Side 

1 Gow George, dentist 
Hume Guy G, dentist 

7 Brighton Laundry Co 
Dyer George H 
I'offley .Inmes A 
9 Taylor & Co, painteri 
11 Harp Asa A 

13 Galbralth Wm J 

15 McCurry Henry 

17 Cheesum Arthur C 
1925 Mnlier P, livery 
2f> Vacant 

X Prlngle John 

31 Brett Mrs Sarah J 

3 Goodchild John F, phy 

37 Fliair Mrs Eliza 

89 Bonter Miss Minnie 
43 Cnssldy John J, phy 

45 Shnttleworth Charles B 

Westminster Pres Ch 
57 Boone Charles S 

65 Arnett Philip J 
67 Grattan Francis 

69 Elliott John E, phy 
Tl Ireland Alexander H 
^ rtinreb st enas 
7B Fenton Frederick, phy 
81 Wood Thomas H 
85 Sutton Mrs Elizabeth 
87-115 St Paul's t'ti (Anc) 
117 Shepard Mrs Eliza 

119 Boycl Hon Sir John A 
12!) Laing Thomas 

131 Jenkins Benjamin B 

Jenkins Miss Abble L, 

153 MacMurchy Archibald 
MaeMnrchy Helen, nhy 
Canadian Nurse, The 

Jnrvla ft end. 
130 Sproatt Henry 

145 Stevenson K A. nhy 
155 Joseph Miss Mary 
I!>9 Clow Win 

165 Duncan J T, phy 

Huntle.T st Intersects 
167 Bo.rd Geoffrey, phy 
171 Rnrkllnc Wra J ' 
175 Stenhonse John, nhy 
177 Rae George M 

1RI Boyd Wm T 

187 Barrett Robert G 

189 Clemes Mrs Emily, big 
193 Millichamp George E 


195 Moore Herbert E 
199 Hallam John 

201 Bra try Adnm A 
205 McLean R Gordon 
207 Nasmlth John D 


West from 7!M Tonge to 
city limits, wards 3, 4, B, 
and 8. 
North Side 

2 Reade Roliert T. dentist 
Heaven Miss Ethel, art 

Risdon Fulton G. dentist 
Mallory F R, dentist 
Hathaway Ernest J 

14 Husband C F, dentist 

16 Hunt Alfred E, osteo 


18 Hermiston George M, 


Wllnon Hnhert J. phy 
14 Brown Frederick D 
10 Christie Robert 

80 Van Camp Jared C, un 

82 Webster A F. dentist 
4O Foy Mrs Gertrude A 
48 Nevltt R i!, phy 
62 Johnson A J, pn.v 
62 Roberts James A ,phys 
64 Donald Mrs Klly.abeu. 

Gordon Mrs M E. dentist 
66 Caven John, phys 
"68 } arker George W 
7S Parson* Harold C. phy 
80 Scanlon Murk 
82 Hodgson John E 
+ Bellalr st commences 
80 Bull Thomas H 
93 Pearcy Sanderson 
100 Toronto Orthopedic Hos 
I 108 Robertson Llewellyn H 

110 .Ferguson Hugh V 
! 112 Easton Mrs Catherine 
114 Hall Mrs Elizabeth 
116 Burns Michael 
118 Byrne Miss Mary 
120 Kaulkuer Misses, dr&mkri 
122 East bury Wm 
124 Hodges John 
126 Macleunau D N*. phy 
128 Richardson T H. phy 
134 Cook George E 
142 Delta Upsilon Fraternity 


144 Macdougall Mrs Mary 
14<i .Ferguson Mrs Annie 
148-158 Westminster College, 
160 James Rev <; J 

Church of Redeemer 

Avenue rd commences 
170 McDowell Franklin M 
182 Scaddlng II C. phy 

192 Dickson Charles R, phys 
194 Billings Mrs L F. bdg hse 
196 Patterson Abraham B 
2O6 Rowan Thomas A 
208 Wilson Robert S 
210 Wood Win G. dentist 
220 Hamilton Herbert J. phy 
224 Starr Clarence L 
228 Balnes Allen, phy 
232 Medcalf Mrs Mary E 
234 Layton r>nvl<l B 
236 Ingram Wm A 
238 Monypenny James 
>40 Clark Arthur D 
242 Crean Mrs Jessie 
244 Thomson Thomas C 

Bedford rrt commences 
246 Heyden Miss Barbara 
1W Mead Mrs Mary A, bdf 
2ti vacant 

+ St Georee st Intersects 

Knowles F MacGillivray, 
840 Westbourne School 

Curlette Miss M. B A 
860 Langnnilr Matthew 

+ Huron st Intersects 

Klnor Rt Pr Oh 
396 Rudolf R D, phy 
400 Magee James 

^ Madison av commence! 
402 Vacant 
408 (Jag Mrs Isabel 
410 Clarke J T, phy 
412 Trotter W C. dentist 
414 Milner Beverlev Z, phy 
418 Burgess Herbert W, 

+ Spidlni rd commences 
428 Covert Mr Mary 
434 Gage Wm J 

:Walmer rd commences 
Brunswick av Intersects 
+ Howlond nv commences 
4!H> Ormsby Robert J, gro 
498 Slater Alfred, btchr 

Allmny av commences 
630 McDonnell Al"v refr 
.>38 Williamson John flour 
540 Hafiie C H. btcbr 

512 Vaisey Edgar, shoes 
544 Slean Thoni" W pimi>r 
54ti Anderson Robt, confr 
548 Rnrfoot Geo. grn 
550 Prince & Co. hdware 
652 Hall Wm G. gents' furng 

Hall James 
554 Bartlam H S, dentist 

Insle Wller 

Douglas Hall 

556 Home Bank of Canada, 
The (br) 

Hathurst st intersects 
568 t Alban's Hotel 

560 Buist James P, watcbmkr 
562 Lennon James H, gro 
572 Minelian Rev Lancelot 
St Peter's (RC) Church 

Markhaui it Intersects 
^ Palmerston av intersect* 

612 Montreal Loan & Bldg 
Co (br) 

Ball W J & Co, mfrs' 


620 Brecken Edward J 
622 Frost Wm A 
628 Finch Albert L, gro 

WaJteford Wm E 
630 Chinese Indry 
634-3t> Paddou Mrs F A, r 

Paddon Frederick E 

Euclid av Intersects 
638 Hagan John -B, yr 

640 McCarrolI Miss Catherine 
642 Furnival Edward 

Furnlval E & Son, metal 


644 Munro Donald 
irMi Plein Charles 
648 Benson Wm A 
LT><i Haw Frank 
652 Derby Wm J 
tiT>4 Forsyth John 
656 Selby Benjamin L 
UGS Manuel Tobias 
UOO Stinson Wm 

Cooper Frederick 
662 Powell K P. carpet clor 

Manning sr Intersects 

664 Thompson J Albert. drugs 

Hutchings Harvey M 
666 Andrews Walter, dry gds 
668 House Bros, gros 
liXB Royal Skating Rink 
88 Cohen Samuel, tlr 
690 Curry E L, hair drsr 
602 Thompson Wm A 

Clinton st Intersects 
694 T.emon .Tames, btchr 
704 Singer Henry 

712 Davis John 
714 Carter Henry 
72O Cochrane James 
722 Tlnsley James 
724 Ford John A 

Ohldlev Mls J. drtmkr 
726 Furnival E & Son, metal 

fhrltle st commences 

Crawford st Intersect* 
S14 Whitworth Mrs Matilda 
S24-6 Brighton Lndry Co 

Shaw st Intersects 
828 St Croix Wm 
830 Spence Mrs Sarah 

Reid Miss H E, phy 
SX ilunroe Wm R 
858 Ide Willis A 
80 Mitchell Austin R 
882 .Figary Wm H 
SIM Spratt Edward 

Carllng st commences 
86B-872 Vacant 

876 Chinese Indry 

Osslnefon av intersect* 
896 Thompson & Barnhouse, 


MI8 Scott Rev Wm J 
900 Langley Henry S 
' ' - Vacant 

!Hi4 \voodoridge James 
!XHS Croft George H 
iKIS Stevenson John 
1)10 Zlngg Frederick H 
I'll' Scott W & J, clothes 


B14 Benns George F 
916 Haughman Charles M 
ins Robinson Herbert H 
920 Hope George S 

Concord av intersects 
924 Strachan David, shoemkr 
:i26 Vacant 

028 Clooney Mrs Kate, w'nes 
Ryan Daniel, excavator 

C'lrioney J"hn 
U30 Waters Thomas E, fish 

Stewart Mrs Mary 
II.TJ wiles Chas A. btchr 
934 Bone Samuel, gro 

Wood Frank 

936 Creamer Fred J, restr 
!i3s Fiopeson Norman, confy 


18 TORONTO ST. Phone Main 2959. 

This Strip costs less, and is far more effective -than Double 
Windows, or Storm Doors, and also DUST-PROOF. 





I F E. gents' 

^ Delaware av intersects 
95(1 Kinerv \\'m. hardware 
ytW Henderson Heding, staty 
; ence Henry J. jwlr 

M W Harvey 

966 White R H A T J. real 

r Henry 

970 Johnstone J W confy 
972 Lush Albert E. gro 
974 Cartwright Henry btchr 
irles E, 'barber 
Conger Coal Co (br) 
rTS-Ro Varey John It, ,|rv gds 
982 Pretty S Byron, drugs 

rtler tbri 

Dorrreonrt rd Interprets 
984 Davle.v Win <'o l.fd prors 
you .\i.-i>t'.in Bros, tlrs 
968 Ringer Jas H. gro 
990 Erwm George K. barber 
992 Cauipbrii li n. ,.,,ufr 
WJ4 Horwood Mr 11. dry gds 
VIKS Chinese Indry 
998 Green Oliver J gro 
1""' MctrKn F G, hdwre 
1U02 Cardweil J A. M,.,,. 
10W Coulioy Kiehard S. phy 
Conboy Fred J. dentist 
+ \\>r niorrlnnd av rouj 
1006 Burch Bros, gros 
* ulh real 

Orchard G E arch 
1012 Horwood Mr Msry B 

Horwood Bros, express 
Men) \ .tcunt 
Hr_-j \ acant 
IC6 IJruiy John, gro 

Brand Clarence, phy 

1038 Gay Frederick B, (ro 

Horwood John H 

imi' I'-viri; All,, n 

Twydale John C. barber 
MtoO Irving Albert 
looo inchs John, btchr 

Harilrt; av couiiursc** 
1078 Itovcrrnnrt Twlnr Mill* 

"phy Arthur L, phy 
1.SM Cook Wm R, pny 
1094 Helson Geo H. gro 
mf j^ HalMlit: rr a v i-omuirnces 
1096 Summerfeldt Wra H C 

Rogers Ellas Co. Ltd. 


UOS Vacant 
111" Vacant 
.11--' Rutledge Wm H, gro 

Raymond Mr* W confy 
s Chinese Indry 

...* I , ) -""'' rl " " "'teraeets 
' Kerr Angus 
Kutnerford Wm N bar 

1142 Amry Grorrc 
1144 Butler Wm H 


. E. KIRKPATRICK, Manager for Canaste 

SIDNEY W. BAND, SpcciaJ Agent 

Phone M. 4738 

"".'i ^ n " 1r " w H btchr 
1148 Bedser & Leaman. ,-os 
; 8ulre uol btohr 
1166 Brooks Jolin. gn> 

han D A. sboemkr 
Chinese Indry 
U7a niion \v n. htchr 
1174 Krrnachan John, gr 








1 t. 



Gillam Frank 
> '" r '-'" er "" T ' "' lnterrcts 
Smith Georg-e H irro 
Palmer Robert L 

' rkins Charles 
Handler Rashlelch 
1,-iwrence E hdware 
sau -,.u rs Wm J. dry gds 
Gnthn J A. btchr 
I e=mr Mrs Agnes 
p offlce (br) 
Leslie \Vm 

Fmnirraon av rommeneea 
Sr r 'ri-n av Inirmects 
-pecht C F, shoemkr 

I.ansdowue av Intersects 
Imperial Bank 'br) 
Pepper David A, gro 

Shipman John T, btchr 

Brigden Wuj 





Mitchell Mrs Matilda 
nivernart Wm 
Huntley Joseph 
Kailwuy cnuming 
Hancock Bros rlanlne 


B < M.iry J 

Beckett Miss Catherine 

:Bynilufiuu nv Intersects 
1'enh uv InterftefTK 
n Lumber Co 
^ Knllway 'rdf.sine 
1496 Huntley G J. mkt gdnr 
* I Hindu - -t irui-r.^cti 

ell James 
McNamara John 
l.VW \\.iik, T Joseph A 
1578 Cooper John 

lough Joseph 
1530 Roberts John. niki rdnr 

reatrex Christopher 
1OW Mi-n-iill,. Kn.nns A 

South Side 

11 lleuwuud J M. i)Uj 
13 MufC.Ml.uai .M, phy 
15 Roddy K;izabeih 
17 Nudel Mrs Isjbel 
iw Lender Jubu C 
21 Kran-ley l>r S L. dentist 
^ Balm: to st end 
'23 Uudgiuu Thomas 
Baptist Church 

Xnrtli t t-nd 

71 Dutton Benjamin M. os 

'3 Busby Albert B 

75 Ridley James 

77 Uartwrtcht Ueorge A 

79 Brown Kilwnrd 

SI Shakespeare Wm, mm 

83 Anderson Norman, phy 
Macdouell Mrs Isabel 

86 Smith Philip 

JSt Kicnarcison Miss Jessie 

91 McMonagle Mrs Flor 
.ens Mrs Lillle 

96 Hoch Percy 

^ St 'l'liiuiia< st euil* 

97 Gamble Charles B 
99 Lusk Charles I', phy 

1U1 Blakeley Mrs Elizabeth 
KiO Hoskin Kichard 
1O7 KofHin;; ! iwiird 
109 Rathbun Mrs Jane 
111 Hill Jirlin. contr 

Church Mrs Elizabeth 
113 Hurwash Uev Nathaniel 
r.'7 Hlalkli- J.'hn I, 
131 Heaven Mrs Louise P 

Heaven Miss Ethel, artist 
137 I'uaslry Juhti 
143 Phi Delta Theta 
147 Kennedy George 
151 Url'bnfran Alex, phy 

Entrance to Queen's Park 
HeMrtSter t'niv>-r*lty 
L'nlrerslry of Toronto Ath- 

leilc Field 

^ Devonshire pi enda 
31 Brick .lubn G 

St George t Intersects 
33H Thorhnrn J L). i.ny 
S31 AiiBHSttK 8 

s;:; Temple J Algernon, phy 
341 Westman Samuel, phy 
IMS Gordon A K, pny 

Huron it Intersects 
*O3 Vacant 

Spadina ar ends 

41.1 Ilfxnit-r Kalph K. phy 
417 iianow Frederick W, pny 
4i". Shore AlUu. phy 

Kohert st rnd 

Trinity Methodist Chnreh 

Major st ends 
459 leaver Geo. jrro 

47 Nornabell J L, C drugs 
ti-\> Sloan .1 l>. ponfr 
471-3 Doyle Harry J. gro 
475 Chinese Indry 
Crichton John 
481 Brunswick Hotel 

Brunswick av Intersects 
483 Cas-.-iiay Miss M A, 


485 Ilnlebt Horace, harber 
499 Blunle J W, gents' fur 

501 Blnnle Mrs A, dry ids 


503 Armstrong John 
5O5 Campbell Thomas 

Clarkson C Harold, den 
509 Norrls Richard D, drugs 

Korden st ends 

511 Muttgravv Jnmeo, phy 
513 Chowne Mrs Aueot 
515 Joyce Kedmoml 
517 Orr Mrs Annie L 
519 Brown Josrpn 
521 Learltt T W H 
ranner Henry 

Ulster av end* 
.1-7 Chinese Indry 
ft'-".' Hnnlen Win 

531 Robinson David H, confy 
KKI Cameron F J, coal 

Llpplncott st end 
638 Drhnch C A. florist 

rarker Leonard, Or 
.l.l'.i .Vuble George, dry gds 

e George W K den 

;"rson Alexander H 
>; Ferrah Drug Co 
583 Nasinltli Co Ltd (br), 

565 Dominion Hank 

Bathnrst st Intersects 
67 Davles Wm Co Ltd 

Murkliani st Intersects 
.IV. \\ rigl y Bros, grocers 

I'slinerston av Intersects 

Enelld nv Intersects 
1^ 1 nimbi- \Vm C, phy 
B Vacant 

600 Jenkins Mrs Marlon 

: Manning UT Intersects 
Clinton st Intersects 
721 Butwell Henry 
723 rtntwHl II. brick mfr 

LnmMon st ends 

Kent st ends 

tMontrose av ends 
Crnwford st Intersects 

Shnw st Intersects 
839 Henderson & Co. _ 
841 Browning Ernest W 
843 Dean Samuel 

851 Goodsir James F 
'hinese Indry 

Glvena t eiuli 

(S50 Jlannighan James, gro 
861 Thompson J A. drugs 

'iaompson Wm 
863 McKechnle Samuel 
865 Saker George W 
867 Steger Louis 
88B Ashman Mrs Eleanor 
S71 Hewitt John 
873 Major Wm 

Mnjor Mrs Jpanie. ro 
B75 Taylor Thomas, furn 
881 Cork J H, btchr 
^ussincton aT Intersects 

rsan George H 
icConneil Rev Wm 
-'.'7 Perry Samuel A 
!". Perrj- Samuel A, under 

MeKlnley Wm B 
:KH Krooks Benjamin 
903 Plewman Richard 

Plewman Miss B B, 


fO5 Parry Lambert 
907 Hambly Mathew C F 

Concord av ends 
927 GHks Henry H 

935 Lewis & Stevenson, gros 
+ Delaware av Intersects 

971 Jackson Wm H, coal 

975 Loree George B, hard 

Ii77 Clapp Edward M, boots 
and shoes 

977H Sinclair Robert, clothes 

979 McTaggart W O * Co, 

r-;i! estate 

Mercer & Bradford, barn 
981 Dominion Bank (br) 

Doverconrt rd Intersects 
987 Bowen G H. baker 

Richardson HEW, den 
Clough Richard 



Eeceives Best Attention 



997 Emery Miss Annie, 

Parkinson Frederick A 
999 Blair J W, shoes 
1001 Woods Albert E metal 


luoa Carter & Co, florists 
<nt stores (4) 

Kusholme rd ends 
llnvHo.-k st ends 

1073 Mlddleton J Edgar 

1"7.". Ivlinon.tsiin \Vm H 

1077 McMurtrle John 

VT.i Scarlding Reginald 

1<JB1 Michael Jonn, carp 

1085 Gosnell George 

10M7 Merritt Wm H ; 

Glmlstonc av ends 

Dnfferln st Intersects 

Brock ar Intersects 

L'nHnishcd houses (2) 

Mamierma st Intersects 
^ St Clarens av Intersects 

1261 Moore A H, gro 

Watt Robert (br), coal 
1^71 Wilson George O, bar 


1V7.1 Honey George, dry go* 
12S5 Heath Everard M 
1287 Cairns J A. drugs 

A T.nn<l < *downp nv Interxefts 
1293 Bank of British Nort 

America (br) Balrd Norman, bldr 
ia< Slater Richard C 
1805 Fenruson Howard 

Varey Joseph 
1307 Vacant 

Sf Helen nr ends 
i^l!i Wood Albert 
lo-T Smyth & Ryan, bldrs* 

Ii31 Mann Coal Co (br) 

^Rollwnr crooning 
lb,J-1387 Fairbanks - Horse 

Canadian Mfg Co 
]S?)1 Boland Walter J 
13!tt Soott Georgre. rest 
3403-11 Lochrle Jas. bicycles 

Syminetoii nv intersects) 
1423 Tochrle Daniel A 

1437 Prntt Stewart, gro 
146J Milnes J H Co. coaJ 

Perth nv Intersectf 
1457 Ralivl Norm.nn 

Parish Mrs Lells. 

Railway crossing 

^ Dnndn st lnt*TW*its 
1547 Tnrp Charles, florist 
^Alhnmhra st ends 

Indian rd Intersects 


North from 800 Queen e tm 
Gerrard e, ward L 

........ East Side ...... . 

7-9 Canadian Camera C* 
9 Standard Bedding Co 

15 Weston Mrs .Maria 

23 White Georze 

25 O'Reilly John B 

i".i -McKay Mrs Alice 

33 Glover John J 

Ko Kell.'y Wm 

39 Wadham Joseph A 

45 Johnston -i> nn 

49 Stevens Wm 

51 Watts Georpe 

*-. Morrison Samuel 

aa si. . m T 

< mo Js'apoleon 

59 Graham Wm E 

63 Pasre Edward 

65 Wlckens James 
ae Joseph 

M. C. PINK & GO. 

Dealers in Scrap Paper, Rubber, Iron, Metals, 
Ledgers, Newspapers, Books, Bags 

Phone M. 3891 22 FRANCIS ST. 


FRED J MARTIN Real Estate and Insurance Broker 
n t u. u. if i M n 1 1 11 , 35 ADELAIDE 8L tt8T pho 

67 Rutsay James 
69 Casement Joseph 
71 Mollington Wm J 
73 Grant Charles 
75 Allen John 
77 Cashman James H 
7 Graham Henderson 
SI .Farrow iTederlck 
83 Clifford John 
85 Groves Walter 
87 Bennett Samuel 
91 Graham Robert, milk 
93 Barkey George B 

96 Hunt Mrs Rebecca 

97 Campbell Wm 

99 Stevenson Wm C A 
1O1 Stevenson George 
103 Reid James 
105 Whiteside Thomas 
107 Cascle Frederick W 
109-111 Harrison John E, gro 

* Cummlngs st Intersects 
113 Boden Thomas 
121 Adamson Albert 15 
123 Schmidt Gustav A 
141 Graham Geo T. dairy 
145 Kvoy James 
149 Power Charles 
153 Heaman John 
159 Barnett George A 
103 Swift Samuel 
105 Tnylor John 
167 Ware Edward J. gro 

Dawson James 
18H Little John J 
171 Bullock Wm G 
173 Clark Frederick 
175 O'Brien Bernard 
177 Scott Albert E 
179 Booth Benjamin H 
]1 Hone Albert 
183 uaunt George 
1S"> Ploovard Charles A 
187 Luke Jacob 
189 McCartney Thomas 
191 Hellicar Joseph 

198 Seale Prank H 
195 Thompson Thomas 
11*7 Langston James J 

199 GUI Mrs Mary 
203 Donald James 
205 Farr Wm J 

207 Dunlop Frederick O 
109 Leslie Mrs Mary 
1 McDonald Alexander 
217 Richmond Wm A 
219 Hoag George B 
'en. Mulvey Arthur 
221 Scott Wm H 
223 O'Brien Jonathan 
225 Stokes Edward P 
227 Banks Edward C 
229 Godwin John J 
231 Trengrove Richard 
233 England Wm 
235 Chinese laundry 

First BT Intersect* 
Bolton Av Sen 

West Side 

4 Masonic Hall 

Davidson Frsnk 
6 Public Library (br) 
8 Cowley Thomas W 

10 Buiton Thomas 

1:2 Sprague Charles 

14 Muller Alexander 

16 Hutchlngs Charles B) 

18 Thome George A 

20 Fielder Wm A 

22 Marshall Robert 

24 Coughlln Thomas 

Clark st ends 
SO Crozler Joseph 
32 Hughes Wm J 
34 McCaffrey James 

HC Calver Percy 
38 Huston Albert B 
40 WInn Frederick W 
42 Wlnn Frederick W, livery 
42% Johnson John B 
44 Chestnut David 
46 Grnrty Henry F 
48 Wllkes Frederick 
50 McGlll Wm 
62 Stock-well James* 
54 Coyne Mrs Ruth 
56 Fleury James R, 
65 Paddon Thomas C 

St Anne's (RC) Seh 
T8 Harris George 

80 Green Wm 
62 Canner Edwin 
S4 Milnthorp Walter 
SO Astill Wm J 
88 Barrick John 
iX> Anderson Kobert 

96 Taylor Alfred 

98 Youens James 

106 Worters George W 
JOB Uurle Wm 

110 Taylor Frederick W 

112 Valiant Alfred 
114 Ramage Wm 
J.i Turner Charles 

Cummings st intersects 
120 Burney Robert 

122 Lynn Wm 

IL'O (Jiindinning Wm 
128 Wlnn Edward J 
130 Roberts Thomas 
131' Gladwin Charles H 
134 Marshall Robert J 
136 Dlxon Robert J 

Elliott st ends 
140 Jarvis Samuel 
146 Henderson David 
148 Perkin Arthur W 
15t McLeod James W 
152 McCllntock Thomas 
154 Barnes Wm 

156 Rouse Wanford J O 
158 Townsley Wm 
Allen nv ends 

Fire Hall No 12 
160 Vacant 
162 Hunter David 

Caulfleld Hugh rear 
164 Whittaker Kobert, mas 


10(5 Lougheed George 
168 Routley James 
170 Glllam Alfred E 
17t Hinder Samuel 
174 Burnev Thomas 
176 Nelson John 
382 Jones Hugh 
184 Wright Wm H 
186 Fisher Mark S 
192 Barrett Christopher Q 
194 Williams Mrs Elizabeth 

Woods Wm 

First av Intersects 
I Dawkes Cedric E 

236 Lee Wm H 
238 Spears Norman N 
240 Douglas Michael 
242 McKnight John 
244 Gee James P 
246 McAulay Martin 


North from 44 Queen e to 
Gould, ward 8. 

East Side 

Cleaver Rev Solomon 

Shuter st Intersects 
St Mlcnael's Cathedral 

79 St Michael's School 

I Loretto Convent 
83 Loretto Academy 
Brophy Michael 
St Aloyslus School 

Wilton nv Intersects 
Congregational Cbnrcb 

97 Kaiser Harvey E 
Kaiser Mrs Sarah, bdg 

99 Green Thomas 
101 Riddell John 
1(>3 Meehan George 

106 McRrlde Robert H 
109 Wilson Mrs Annie 

111 Bayley James 

113 Tranter Thomas I 
115-121 Holy Blossom Syna 

Goldzaeler Mark, caretkr 

123 Lennox Mrs Catherine 
125 Hicks Mrs Elizabeth 
137 O'Keefe Eugene 

West Side 

2 Clarke Thomas 

4 Allison Mrs Margaret 

6 Allison Wm 

8 Padbury Arthur 
10 Firth Wm A 
12-40 st Michael's Hospital 
42 Vacant 

44 Wilson Alexander 
46 Henderson Charles M 

48 Lawson Andrew 

50 Gordon George A 
Gordon M, phy 

Shuter st Intersects 

52 Kirkuby James, dyer 
Narr Rev H M 

64 White Joseph 

60 Barrick Eli J, phy 
00 \\aruica Mrs Annie 
70-74 Mullun F T, contr 
76 O'Neill Miss Laura 
80 Foley Miss Margaret 
82 McCarthy Elias A 
84-80 Sanderson S M, Indry 

*J Faye Miss Lizzie 

92 Griptou Mrs Catherine 
94 Bowen James 

Wilton av Intersects 
98 Wills Charles 

100 Eaton Joseph B 

1O2 Stewart Mrs Margaret 

;<H Cook Mrs Mary 

106 Maltby Mi-s Mary, bdg 

108 McGrath Mrs M, bdg 
110 Coady Miss M, drsmkr 

112 Farquharson Mrs Jane 
114 McCutcheon Miss Flora, 

Wilson Macgregor 

116 German Lutheran Ch 
118 Coad James 

120 Cowie George 

122 Owyer Mrs Margaret 

124 Kerr George 
126 Leonard D 

128 Dear George C. exp 
130 Gosnell Edward A 
132 Devereux John A 

134 Staunton The Misses, 

140 Truscott George 


North from Ashbridge's ' 
Bay to Jemima, Intersect- [ 
ing Queen e at 841, ward :. 

East Side 

43 Brough John G 
45 Knights Mrs Isabel 
47 Kyan John 

49 Ayre Thomas W 

51 Foote Wm H 

53 Gordon Duncan 
.v> < 'rowe James 

57 Macdonald Frederick S 
59 Sprowl George 

61 Cowan Thomas 
65-67 Private stables 
71 Keamlsb George 

73 Beamish Mrs Anne 
75 Lewis Herbert J 
77 Gibson Alexander 
79 Smith Hugh 
81 Farm Mrs Elizabeth 
87 Cox Varnish Co 

Bailey John A 
89 Inch Frederick 
91 Coleman Edwin A 

93 Farrow Albert 

93 Carscadden Walter 
95 Taylor Alfred 
97 Sullivan Mrs Catherine 
Sullivan Patrick, cartage 

Eastern av Intersects 

107 Ward John 

109 Annis Wm G 
111 Nelson George 

113 Call Robert G II 
115 Hilton Thomas 

117 Benson Miss Edith 
119 MacFarlane Angus 
121 Squires Mrs Rebecca 

125 Vacant 

133 Wlddlfie.d James H 

135 Wilson John W 
145 Watts Charles E 
147 Watson Charles P 
149 McCartney Andrew C 
151 Pearson Robert 8 
153 Platt George 

163 Orr Henry 

165 Hamilton John 

167 Calne Solomon 

Hi*.) Alley James 

171 Swallow Frank 

173 Burrows John 

175 Dlxon Wm H 

191 Buckner Charles 

193 Vacant 

195 Harding Wm 

i:'7 Vacant 

1!K> Lewis Thomas G 

201 Simpson George 

Queeu st e intersects 
205 Thompson Wm H 
207 Grigg Francis J 

Williams James C 
209 Robertson Harold Q 

Kmo Alfred 
211 Smith Wm J R 

Clark Robert 
213 Minnice Henry E 
-l.i Ciirr Thomas 
21 1 JJurnaii Arthur W 
211) Wright John 
221 Hodgkinson Wm. 

Natalie st intersects 
22s> Gillesple Wm 

i31 Vennels Arthur H 
233 Burchmore George 
235 Tambling Alfred 

2." i Van Buren Mrs Mary 
239 Havues John 
241 Beale Wm T 
243 Oke Mrs Mary J 

245 yennels Charles 
247 Kelly George 
249 Kellett Wm J 
Martin Frederick 

251 Curry Frank 

McLean Archibald O 

253 Keid Wm 

255 Shea Peter 

157 Lancaster Joseph J 

259 Hardy David 

2B1 Laplante-Courvllle Jos I* 
2(i3 Craig George 

265 Stevens Wm G 
267 Bright Alfred F 
2! )5 Palmer Thomas 
297 Kirby Albert 

West Side 

Boat bouses 
Athletic grounds 
Consumers' Gas Co plant 

Eastern av Intersect* 
Cricket grounds 

Queen st e intersects 
188 Buckner Henry 

190 Matthews Ha'rry B 
192 Annlng Charles 
194 Hogg Edward A 
190 Gibson Frank 
198 Ruckner Charles 
200 King Joseph 

202 Phillips Robert 
204 Buckner Samuel 

Natalie st Intersects 
Dunlop Tire Co (works) 

262 Hardy David 

264 McLaughlin George 

266 Martin Albert 

265 Preston Jonathan 
270 White Willis F 
272 Smith George 

274 Cahill Patrick C 

276 Cahan James 

278 Oakley George & Son, 


284 Teskey James 
'-". 12 Black George 
S94 Cleland Wm 
296 Graf John 


North from 380 College to 
Bloor w, ward 4. 

East Side 

1 Nicholson Frederick E 
7 Fitzpatrick Wm 
9 Hogg Mrs Margaret 
11 Sievert John A 
13 Broughali Rev Abraham 
15 Myers Wm C 
17 Job Mrs Phoebe R 
19 Glover Wm 
21 Ireland Harold 
23 Nimmo Andrew R 
25 Thompson Joseph P 
27 Sawtell John 
29 KntherforrI Mrs Sarah J 
31 Beatty Miss Elizabeth 
811 Wolfe George T 
35 Richmond James H 
37 Ferris George B 
39 Montgomery Henry 
41 Sinclair Edwin G C 
43 Switzer John C 

Guarantee Company of North America 

MEDLAND & SON, Gen'l Agents, Mail Building:, Cor. King- and Bay 

Tel. Main 1067 



PHONES MAIN 4501 and 140O 




45 Llnall Henry 

Costello John L, 
47 Wesl, y John 
4'.i LauKhlin Robert 
51 Hall George II 
63 Stoddurt \Vm W 
53 McOymont \Vm A 

Gilmore Henry 
B7 Little ''arker 
68 Colqtihoun A H n 

Mrs Ellza- 
ii A 

63 Kltngner Wm M 
66 Kennedy Mrs I.etitia 
. 67 Brethi.ur Fred il 
89 Mearns Frank 8 
71 Mapes James A 
73 WtiLtson James 
7B Penrce John S 
77 Newton Philip W 
70 Worth Wm 
(SI stain-land Samuel 
83 I.everty Martin 
85 Clark Herbert 

87 Yates Wm T 

88 Wallace Wm 

91 Hopper Samuel T 
93 Gilmore Joseph 

95 Burrows Mrs Myrtle 
W7 Davis Thomas A 

W Thomas Mark B 
101 Cameron Alexander B 
103 Clark Mrs Helen 

^ Ulster st Interswts 
. Sloane Mrs Sarah 
1U~> Anderson Mrs K A 
107 Todd Miss Isabella L, 
109 Durham Sydney 
111 Amory Alfred H 
113 Johnson Jeremiah 
115 Firth John O 
117 Leaden Michael J 
119 Diment John 

1 1 yams Mark 
121 Outline Wm 
123 Greenaway Thomas A 
i-.'i Lennox \\'m J 
1-7 FimtotT \Vm J 
129 Elision Mrs Emily 
131 Maxwell Mrs Sarah E 

Maxwell Miss Ella, mu 


133 Whetler Herbert 
135 Wlilttleton Jonn 
137 Hurt Joseph 
i;::i MrK.-n.Mu Herbert 
141 Courtney Samnel 
143 Morrison Mrs Emily 
143^, King James 
140 Atkinson Wm J 
147 Bogart Fred C 
151 Mitchell George H 

* llarliord t Intersect* 
153 Bundle Wm G 

>7 Bklppon Mrs Catherine 

159 McCracken James S 
181 Campbell Thomas M 

Mien .Mrs Barbara 
!'."> Mercer Robert 
167 Flowers Mrs Annie 

160 Hyiler Tin, mas. carp 
171 Eddlngton Wm 

173 Williamson Mrs Margaret 
173V4 Williamson John W 
175 McGregor o 1'. paper dlr 
in Kppy John D 
179 Wilson Mrs Ella 
181 Klley Robert F 
183 Major Hugh 
185 Major Hobcrt. shoemkr 
187 Vaughan Mrs Eliza 
189 Atkinson Mrs Ellen 
IH1 .lessc.p Waller 
193 Kent Walter W 

5 Varcoe James D. gro 
197 1'rlestman George 
1!" Storev Hiiffh 
201 Haddow Alexander 

Jenkins Charles D 
2fM M.-n.i Wm H 
207 RlnrhrllfTe Benjamin 

^ Sussex av ends 
209 Miller Mrs Emily E T 
211 Armour Wm 

Trimble Charles 
21:: Macauley John 

'igweed Henry 
-1 . Vacant 

219 Greenwood, Mrs Susanna 
221 Cooper Miss Clara 

13 Brown John 
223% Wilcox Mrs Eliza 

ring Arthur B 
Paul James T 
227 Staiium Alfred 
229 Gllmour John 
Ul Lee Wm 

^3 Sarah 

235 Ross Henry O 
S.-.l Allison J Osi-ar 
1!.'!H HocUhill Mrs Charlotte 
247 Mi-Connell John K 
2Til I-l\v Wm A 
253 Roulston Andrew 
L.V> Suter Henry 
257 O'ltfll y Mrs Kllzabeth 
I'.,'.) Harden Wm J 
-'01 Hawden S.umiel 
263 Murray Mrs Martha 

Keen James I 
269 Shelbrook WelsK-y 

West Side 

2 .Miller Mrs Sarah 

1C) Carson I'rinh 

1- 11 n H 

) M'' I 'h'-i son James 

18 Watson Mis Annie 

IS Myers John 

20 Dyment Mrs Barbara 

'-' White Wm 

-'. I'nckburn David B, contr 

28 Woods Frank A 

SO Rupert Charles K 

32 Harrison Wm S, phy 

34 Wray Miss Annie, dra 
nk r 

Wray Miss Harriet, dr- 

36 Bailie James L. 

4(1 Manly George W 

44 Goudy Henry 

4ii Churchill Mrs Agnes 

48 Taylor Jame K. pntr 

" Armour James 

.v_> Itergln Wm 

1 :aguley George T 

58 JelTery Thomas 

60 Stuart James 

^ Vankonghpet st com 

62 Feenson Albert 

I Buckingham Walter 

IMI Williams " 

68 Drysdale Wm 

70 Dougherty Mrs Emma 
72 Popham Edward 

74 Howard Wm E 

7<i Joynson Miss Jan H 

75 Oraham Robert 
M> \Villiams George 

M' Mi'K. inlry Alexander 

84 Webster John 

86 Hallamore John C 

88 Mason John W 

92 Mllroy Andrew 

B Ball Arthur P 

98 Shaw Edwin 
im Davies Simon 
nrj Stephens Taimyr 
HU Owston Michael 
106 Forsyth Mrs Mary A H 
108 Johnston Wilson, exp 
11O Eisehauer Harvey 
112 Williams Win M 
114 Hewitt John 
lie, Newman Mrs Eliza A 
118 Abbey Charles W 
122 Fraser Mrs Lena 
124 Clayton Alfred H 
126 Woodcock Charles A 
128 Armstrong- John 
ISO Sheehan Patrick 

^ Ulster st Intersects 
142 Davles Mrs Margaret 

144 Jordan Ilenrv 
148 Huddle Frederick 

15O Summers Frederick 
152 Parker M r It 

T.".4 Cullen Robert 

15ii Alexander John 

l.v< Hague Krank 

11:11 MoMichael James W 

162 Vandemark Delbert 

UU McKay Angus 

166 Wood James 

1(1* Yack John 
170 Madden Daniel 

]'(a Stephens Edward 1 

1 : < < 'arruthers Edward K 

17i Tarlton Wm 

Ii.s Hawthorne David 

180 Gill Samson P 
182 Smith Charles D 
184 Gleason Oweu 

1S Stalnton Wm H 

188 Johnston Hugh 

Ui Armstrong Mrs Mary A 

192 Malloy Peter 

I!i4 Chapman Albert C 

I'.Hi llonsberger Oscar J, gro 

4> Harliord st Intersect* 
198 Mulholland Isaac 
202 Firth Arthur 
20(1 Dunnett James 
_"s -M,.c,, y David W 
210 Roulston Thomas 
212 Reynolds H R, dairy 
214 Bromley Albert B 

Public School 
* Herrlek st commence* 
230 Hallett Samnel 
238 Mougenel Arthur 
-10 Hamilton Hicharu W 
242 Blackmore Wm 
244 Mougenel J C, shoemkr 
246 Bruce Edward W 
2 IS Lang Archil-aid 
\nderson Wm 
252 Patterson Richard 
-''I Kees Mrs Anna M 
256 Rozenblott Jacob B 
258 Green Miss R 
260 Pannabecker Oliver 
2B2 Donofrlo John 

Moore Wm 

204 Jeftery Solomon H 
-'w Thompson David 
288 Llnehan John 
270 Magner Edward 
272 Dowson Wm. tlr 
274 Taylor James, gro 

^ Lennox st eonmieucei 
27<; Walker John 
-7s Mutton Wm A 
2SO Pirn John 

2,s2 O'Connor Miss Lena, 
ladles' tlr 

O'Connor John, shoemkr 

11 Mrs Mary Q 
I'aylor Henry 
->s .Martin Melson 
290 Rowlett Harold 
2; 12 Scott Mrs Elizabeth 
2iH Mill Heudell 
21M1 -Nicholson J T 
300 Banks Mrs Harriet 
3O4 McKlllop Thomas 
'Kis l>ackey James 
310 Stephens Mrs Margaret J 
312 Lee Ernest W 

' 'arey Flynn B 


South from Gerrard e, be 
tween Carlaw and Pape 
avs, ward 1. 
West Side 

Nicholson Daniel 
Cruise Wm 


West from 96 Avenue rd 
to Bedford rd, ward 4. 

North Side 

s Jones Wm 

10 Fisher Miss Alice 

12 Mlatt Win H 

H Wickson Ross 

18 Crawford Aimer W 

18 Allan Mrs Emma 

20 Leman Mrs Jane 

Leman Mis* Clarlbel,nnn 

22 Daly Mrs Mary 

24 Smith W Morgan 

26 Brown Ernest W 

28 Forson Mrs Agnes 
ivens Mrs Lily 

34 Vacant 

36 Bemrose F E 

3K Sellers Robert L 

3Mi ^arsons Albert 

4O Patterson Mrs Fanny 

40V4 Swinbourn Miss F, dr 

42 Wood Frederick 

44 Thompson Mrs Elizabeth 
46 Vernon Charlei W 

45 Wills John 

50 Watson Adam D 
52 Welch Thomas 
64 Sunter James McBrlde Charles Q 
68 Poole George C 

60 Clarln John C 
62 Deeks Charles A 

South Side 

15 Shields James R 
17 1'arker Charles, bldr 
19 Duff Miss Maria B 
23 Galvin James O 
25 Palln John H 

Bowbanks John S 
27 Allum David 
29 Douglas Alfred Q 
31 Frier Robert H 
33 Soper John, tlr 
35 Long Wm 
37 Norwich Mrs Mary 
39 Brigden Wm H 
41 Grandloan Philippe 
4.1 Voegtle John E 
47 McKittrick Mrs Kllen 
49 Welland Wm H 
51 Brennan Miss Catherine 
.">:; Halfour A Edmund 
56 Teagle & Son. contra 
~n Bowman Arthur M 
59 Sutherland Walter 8 

Boui/ri5i;i: AV 

East from Macdonald to 
Jones av, first n of O T B 
tracks, ward 1. 

North Side 

2 Hayes vVui 

4 Crocker Wm 

6 Arnold Edward J 

8 Marker Wm 
12 Blllinger Walter 
14 Robinson Henry C 

is Allan Thomas J 
58 Felstead George P 

South Side 

35 Cardey Robert 
.tit To\vnsend George 
43 Jones Thomas 
49 McAdam James 


West from Roncesvalle* 
av, opp Dundas to Indian 
rd, ward 6. 

North Side 

12 Cochrane Henry J 

14 Maybee Charles H 

18 Douglas James 

L'" Kllis Joseph 

Alhamlira si commence! 

-ii George 

is Kincher Robert 

30 'i'nomson Wm T 
82 Wallace Andrew 
34 Halls Wm T, contr 
86 Halls Frederick W 
3 Morris John 

40 Watson Mrs Olive 

Howard S.-hool 
76 Ewlng Robert 
90 Johnston Hugh R 
92 Page Frederick E5 
94 Reid Wm II 
90 Hahn Gustav 

South Side 

21 Falconer Thomas K 
J3 Cudmore George F 
25 Walker Thomas 
L'7 Male Frederick J 
29 Brown Joseph 

31 McKeu Mrs Elizabeth 

QUA \KF %r 15 17 P P General Agents Gore District Mutual, London Mutual. 
DJTIAYY OC JD IJ VJVJ p er th Mutual, Traders, Ottawa and Montreal, Can. Fire Ins., Go's 

Office-9 Toronto St. Phones, Office M. 856; Res., North 1685, North 2934. AGENTS WANTED 





Insurance, Financial and Estate Agents 


85 Rayworth George 
7 London Arthur 
39 Robinson Alfred J 
49 Izzard Wm 
47 McGraw Sidney A 
1 Vacant 
W Pierce Mrs Mary M 


North from Hogarth av to 
Danforth av, ward 1. 

Bast Side 

1 Cobb George 

West Side 

Not built on 


North from 330 Carlton to 
Sackville pi, ward 2. 

East Side 

3 Sharratt Mrs Jane 

7 Ennls Mrs Eliza A 

8 Newman Robert C 
11 Balkwill John 

13 Rosa Wm 
15 lluir Wm 
17 Vacant 

West Side 

2 Culross Charles 
4 Lepper Arthur 

Dawson Delbert 

8 Woodley Mrs Ann B 

10 Thnln Joseph 

13 Thain James 
Stansfield Mrs Jane, r 

14 Metge Alexander 


West from rear of Dufferln 
Driving Park to 475 Brock 
v, ward 6. 

North Side 

Not built on 
South Side 

1 O'Connell P 

11 Hauna Wm II 
18 Price Jackson C 
4> Brighton yl ends 


North from 534 King w to 
BVrley av, ward 4. 

East Side 

17 Beasley Thomas 
39 Cairns Thomas A 
2a Allen Charles H 

23 Alcoek Mrs Susan 
25 Shaw George 

* Adelaide st w Intersects 
to Martin James, gro 

fl Bregertus Wm 

89 Kichardson Mrs Mary 

41 Rafferty Ja-mes 

43 Keele.y Wm 

45 Blevins Wm 

47 Nicholson James 

49 Kemp James 

4> Camilen st ends 

61 Snodgen Abraham 

68 Dancyger Alfred 

OO Kornrlck Henry 

67 Marsh Albert J 

i West Side 

8 Corrtgnn Mrs Mary 

1O Bourgard John 
12 Klnsella Richard J 
14 Allen James 

16 McLaren Robert 
Vacant, r 

18 Pearsnll James A 
20 Dnnnett Peter 
22 Golden Patrick 

24 Lewis Thomas G 
Pearson Joseph 

ZW Bryce John G 
28 Munro Arthur 
to McGaffin James 

Adelaide st w Intersects 
St Andrew's sq 


South from 529 King w, 
ward 4. 

East Side 

1 Bond Sidney 

3 Johnston Joseph 
o Berry Peter 

7 Greeu Frederick H 
9 Busbv John 

11 Van Dewater Wm N 

13 Myers Ed~ward 

15 McClean John H 

West Side 

2 Welsh Mrs Mary 

4 O'Hanley Leslie J 
6 Fuchs Richard 

8 Goss Frederick 
10 Sills David 

12 Ross Charles 

14 Morrison Mudor 

16 O'Leary Miss Mary 


West from 530 Tonge to 
Surrey pi, ward 3. 

North Side 

10 English Frederick H, 


14 Myers Mrs Elizabeth 

16 Ewin John 

18 English Frederick H 

20 Watkins L N. laus tchr 

Watklns Miss H, mm 

22 Wiggins Mrs Christine 

24 Oliver Mrs Margaret E 
McCarl Edward 

2 Miilbolland Mrs M A 
28 Granfield Wm 

30 Kincnrte Robert 

32 Vislck Arthur C 

34 Grainger Mrs Elizabeth. 


36 Burgess Mrs Maria 
38 Robbins George H 
40 Read Walter J 

42 Clegg Thomas 
40 Cat to Charles J 
4> St Vincent st Intersects 

South Side 

1 Uutty James H 

y Hues Hurry 

11 Matthews Henry F 

13 McKinnou Malcolm 
13.% Muuro Mrs Klizabeth 

15 Kerr James B 

17 Slack Mrs Mary 

19 McKyes Mrs Isabella 

21 Wilson Mrs S U 

23 Pitman John 

Pitman W J, mas tchr 

25 Devine Mrs Annie 
Smellie David 

27 Thomson James 
29 Cooper Mrs Mary 

31 Weymes Mrs Eva H 

33 Sullivan Mrs Mary A 

35 Sims Miss Florence 

37 Fitzgerald James P 
4> St Vincent st Inierseets 
89 Douglas John D 

91 Woods James W 
03 Monahan Mrs E 
95 Watkins Edward J 


South from Taylor, first 
w of Sumach, ward 2. 

East Side 

1 Terrell Frank 

3 Duggan Thomas 

5 Jenkins Thomas 
7 Hilton Thomas J 

Matthews Mrs Elizabeth 
West Side 

2 O'Neil Peter 

4 Greenwood James 

6 Bag? Edward G 
s Wallace Ernest 

1O Price Mrs Elizabeth E 

12 Parrington Mrs Nellie 

14 Shepherd John M 
16 Lund Mrs Mary E 


North from 460 King e to 
Queen e, ward 2. 

East Side 

11 Crute Samuel 

13 Speight John 

lo McLennan James 

17 Renardson Richard 

21 Curran John 

23 Cnrnin Fr.-incls J 

25 Dooley Thomas 

27 McCabe Mrs Ella 

29 Hill Robert G 

31 Palter Ephraim 

33 Le Clerc Joseph S 
35 Charters Win J 

37 Richardson Miss May 
3!> Dunlop Hugh 

41 Avery Joseph Q 

43 Dufour Daniel 

West Side 

10 Bowsklll Wm 

12 King Mrs Mary 

14 Angus Wm 

16 Marsh Chamberlain 
Miller Joseph S 

18 Perkins John R 
2O Vacant 

w umsmore Wm 

24 Curran Mrs Bridget 

26 Latimer Mrs Hester 

28 Buchan Mrs Jennie 

30 Herbert Ueurge 

32 Costigan Matthew 

34 Johnston John 
3U Trotter Wm 

38 Mouutralt Ulderlc 
40 Armstrong Jehu A 

42 Shangraw E B 

44 \\ atson \Vm 

46 Staneland Wm C 

45 Stalker John 

50 Thompson Edward 


Enst from 181 Pape av, 
ward 1. 
North Side 

2 Ireland Charles 

4 Atkins Mrs Sarah, nurse 
s Gibble Herbert F 

10 Shaughnessy Wm, contr 
Miller Joseph P 
Beckley Frank, rear 

15 TMvnn KmP=< 

20 Hannigan Daniel 

22 Clancy James 

South Side 

1 Wuest Wm 

3 Evans Richard 

5 Gloster Thomas J 

13 Bling Mrs Susan 
15 Johnson Harry 

17 Gage Wm R 

19 Hoover Isaac 

21 McPortland Thomas 

23 Ebbs Wm 
'.> vacant 


North from Cobourg av to 
13 Brampton pi, ward 6. 
Not built on 


East from 151 George to 
Sherbourne. ward 2. 

North Side 

2 Bppk Ailam, cigar boxes 
Toronto Machine Tool 

4> Stone Cutter In Intersects 

South Side 

9 Vaschleski Julian 

11 Prindiville Morris 
13 Johnson Arthur 

17 Hoult George 

29 Venniner Albert J 
Mitchell James, r 
Harman Mrs Ellen, r 

31 Koblnson Edward 

33 Bnylan Plini-l.- 

35 Cane Albert W 

4 Shea Mrs Margaret 

47 Denholm Wm 

51 Bevidge John E. exp 

4> Stone Cutter la Intersects 


North from Eastern av to 
Danforth av, crossing 
Queen at 712, ward 1. 

East Side 

1 Derrough Mrs Mary J 

R Guest George, \vuol btchr 

11 ISalloy Wm 

13 Taylor Samuel R 

!."> Mcl'herson Robert J 

17 McAtee Wm J t 

19 Banks Wm R 

27 Boyd Robert 

29 Hyu Mrs Eliza 

31 Walkem George A 

33 Tustin Frederick 

35 Weller James 

37 Horton Frank 

3!> Reid Robert 

41 Sanderson Charles 

43 Sheehan Mrs Mary 

4o Kelley James 

47 Cox Walter 

4y Adams Mrs Elizabeth 

51 Anderson Frank K 

53 MoAvoy OWPII J 

55 Mitchell Thomas 

57 Sloniau Henry 

59 Smith James O 

61 Fo'ey John 

73 Fahey Michnel 

75 Hamburg Wm J 

79 Pett Wm F 

81 Laferty Daniel 

83 Sellon Mrs Isabel 

85 Stewart Wm R 

Si Scott Kobert 

89 Cruise Wm F & Co. 

91 Knowllys Thomas J 

93 Smith Charles W 

4v Qnppn st P intersect* 
1O5 Dobson Edgar A. dentist 

McLaughlin John A 
1<K> Adams Thomas, shoes 
111 Hlnp Simnpl 
113 Coleman Wm J 
115 Wood Wm L 
117 Crawford Wm T 
119 McEachern Neil I) 
121 Corby Henry 
125 Odd Fellows' Hall 
131 Royal Canadian Bicycle 


!.{."> Todd Mrs Frances 
137 Dickinson James, mus 


139 Care Thomas 
141 Mny Mrs Elizabeth 
143 Watson Thomas J 
145 Milne Alexander 
147 Irwln Mrs Martha 

KIntyre av Intersects 
1R1 Humphreys Thomas S 
1R3 Hamilton Andrew 

IfiH Scott Mrs Snsannvh 
IU7 Hopkins Mrs Amelia 
169 Pompllp Gporge T 
171 Schofield Rev John 
179 Gibbons Samnel H 
199 Queen Alexandra School 
221 Defrips Robert L 
-!( vacant 

231 Hagerman Robert P 
233 Thackeray John P 
235 (Irinnell Thomas 

(Jrlnnpll T & Son, col 
235% Zarfass Herbert A. gro 
237 Tomlln B A. btchr 

Elliott st Intersecti 
239 Plhlp Frank H. grocer 
241 Hlne II S. btchr 

243 Hnrrold Frprt. harhpr 
245 Mertens & Rush, furn 

Rush Frederick N 
247 Relwny Pnvlrt 
251 Selway Alfred 
257 Lord George 
2T.9 llnrrls Alliprt, wlni 
^ Altpn nv comnipncos 
23% Chinese Indry 
265 Madder Fredi-rlck. linker 
267 Barrett Mrs Christina 
275 Broadrlpw Boys' Institute 

Atkinson Christopher J 
:n Cleland G S, phy 
303 Weller Henry S 
::ivr, Bailey Arthur 
337 Coggms A E, gro 
:'"< ''.raily John, dry gils 

Cbc Canadian guardian Life Insurance Company 

Head Office Special 8260 Policies Both Sexes Ages 12 to 65. Reliable Agents Wanted TORONTO 


103 Bay St. 




41 Elliott J W, confy 

P. shoes 

.eorge H, hard 
M7 Evoy Miss Mary, mlnr 

Casey Wm J 
^ Mrst av commences 
84!) Rerrie Thomas, gro 
S51 Robinson Wm G oonfy 
m R G. plmbr 
-e Indry 

SS!i Mos.-. Kr.iuk H. hdware 
881 Jacobs F A. drug* 

*(!err:ir<l st e Intersect* 
363-365 Van Loan Richard 


387 Bank of Ottawa 
Robertson John J 
69 Hord W J 

Bo<rd Mrs F. J. dry rdi 
871 Gibson W 
73 Gll>on John 
379 Brown Harry H 
881 Sneath C R. drugs 

Postofflce (br) 
MB f*neath Churles R. phy 

Sjmpson nr rnmmnre 

st John's Pres Church 
425 Grnele Mrs Marian 
4Tt Armstrong Joseph E 
42! > <,l Thomas D 
^ Victor T commence 
!'. Wm L phy 
4;r7 steele Peter P 
441 Kallls Rev Samuel W 
44.-. Gallagher J A, phy 

Lanrlpy BT commences 


pp James 
4t \\ a I ton Albert E 

Tilt Richard W 
4i!> Gardner Oliver T 
. * Riverdale av commences 
. 473 Red way Wm E 
4i.i Pmd.T Joseph 
483 7rfas G F. hnker 
4S5 Gilbert Wm T 
4>-7 Peacock M E 
Kowan John M 
RontclilTe Charles H 
Richardson Mrs Emma 
4f*., NIPOII Arthur F 
*Witl,row nr commences 

ay Horace P 
801 Grer 'Mrs Harriet 

7 Jnpn .1 Warden 
MN Vacant 

Rain nv commences 
633 Logan Thomas 

5H5 M:i!,lv Albert C 

Snnrkhnll nv commence* 
543 Poucher John 

545 M-min Wm L 

547 Werthner Christian 

540 T^adley John H 

M Fr- man Mrs Margaret 

Mne Mrs France* 
585 Wrlrht Snjnnel 

Matthew's Lawn Ten 
nis Club 

Unfinished houses (2) 
Hogarth T!i 

,-. ??') iritrtn " T commences 
<.4!> White George A 

05 1 Vacant 

Robertson John 
S7 Germann Charles 
6!W Smith Gooree F 
<W1 HMtz Wm W 

Wehsfer Robert 
WK Corklne Mrs Emma 
W-i Mefalf Xorman 

WBI MCK..O John 

'1 Lloyd Felix G 
73 McKInchln Matthew, phy 

Woolfrey av commences 
nenrhonrne v commences 

Wrst Pide 

8-f>4 Riverdale Roller Rink 

Qneon st Intrmects 

Cellan Herbert E 

hell Wm E tlr 
114 Oaven George 'j 
.... < Ir? T " n Mr. I. drrokr 
* Thomson Wm 
! -;uwards Wm 
1> Harris 1: 
122 Thompson John Ir 

14 Farr Terrence 

'-'' -M' lard 

128 Hallburton Jiim 
1^4 Cooney Charles 
136 MiicMl.luu \\ lu J g 
14O Gogel Solomon 
H- > ates inumaa B 
144 Rpsrks Hubert 
1&<) spurts Mrs Anne 
162 Gihb John, da4ry 

^ Kintyre av intersects 
164 Hum Jesse 
166 Gray Henry S 

MCI Timiuon Daniel 
170 Samme Mrs Marjorle 
172 Taylor Arthur 
174 Allison Wm H 
ltj Ma>on George J 
17-- S,.,. .Stewart A 
1O Murray Imnlel 
182 Church Wm 
1*4 Ingram Albert B 
1 WaltOD Mrs Caroline 
1SS Jiihii.sion Thomas 
100 See Frauds A 

nghurst Thomas E, 

194 Plymouth Brethren Gos 
pel Hall 

200 Lynn James 
102 Solomon Jnanua 
aue Annls Levl E 

burn Thomas 
Jl" Miller Russell 
212 Payhonen Matthew 

<>tt David 
i :rnwnrigg John T 
stover Albert 

encer Frederick 
224 Free Methodist Church 
26 McGovern Edward A 
Z Hedford Jobn \V 
230 Uuckland Albert J, pntr 
2:<2 Rame Walter 
-.'14 l:i Annie gro 

Elliott st intersects 
236 Bourbonnals Leopold 
238 Benneyworth John H 
L'4n 1'atterson Harmon J 
-TJ Cobinson Wm J 

-44 liichmond Mrs Maria 
^4ti Thompson Charles 
250 Glover Ulchardson. exp 
'J--J ( i^l'ni'ne James 
^.^4 Frascr Charles 
258 Leno Edgar 

nes Mrs Catherine 
260 Heffrine John 

Fraleigh Albert. pb_7 
262 Clark Alexander 
264 Vacant 

upey Wm 

2Ti Counter Frederick, shoe 

Johnston George, r 
27 George Cuthbert, dry gds 
2SO Burridge Bros, exp 
2S-J Wilcock Stephen J 
2R4 Cheetham Harry 
2S6 Charlton Albert, btchr 
28S Boyes Thomas H 
ltt*i Knowlton Wm J, pntr 
2W Button John S 

Congregational Chnrch 

Mnnntstpplien Rt ends 
\'att Peter A. gro 

304 Hall Frank W 

SOB Ollvant Henry 

308 Watklnson George L 

310 Plm Wm A 

312 S A RnrrncKs 

.eny John 
31fl Leader Oscar 
318 Downlne Thomas 

Unfinished house 
328 Peckham Gforge C 
33H Collott Charlen 

rntlnished house 
.".-V4 Wmithson C H. baker Moore Mrs Mary J 
3.". Teer Wm 
ARO Rcntt A. Mksmlth 
368 Hnvles Wm To. prors 

Gerrard st e IntorsecW 
380 McMillan John 

Wilson Thomas IT 
T,owry John 
Norrls John 
Ix>nerirnn Thomas 
Riverside 1'nrlt 
G5S Cruttenden T W D, contr 

712 Smith Alfred J 

Unfinished houses (2) 
710 Brick Thomas, contr 
I- Davis AmmoD 

sandier George 
74ii Dn-we John B 
74S Klrkpatrlrk Win B 
750 Richard* George A 
732 Humphries George gro 
..jl rosnoy Bros, btchrs 

1:1:0 \D\\.\V i'i. 

Spadina av, 
ward 4. 













North Side 
Morris Richard T 
Whalen Mrs Frank 
Nowry Hubert J 
Little Johnston, bKr 
Smith John 
Kyle James 
-Miaplro Morris 
Markey John 
Truelove Wm 
Allen Wm 
Lee Daniel F 
Griffith Mrs Matilda 
Jaquee Robert H 
Carlyle Frederick B 
Sutton Albert F 
Scott Wm 
fe Morgan Thomas 
Price Wm H 
Brown George 
Jones Thomas 
Wood Charles A 
McCarthy Mrs Hanora 

........ South Side ........ 

7 Amory Wm J 
9 Sperren Wm 


North from 1352 Queen W. 
to north of Bloor w, ward 
........ East Side ........ 

5-7 Henry Robert, blksmith 
9-11 McQuiLlen Jas, blk- 

17 McMiilluo J. sboemkr 

Noble at ends 
19 Rolston Johu J 
21 Massie Wm E 

'-', Uriiiin James W 
J.'i .Maloney Patrick J 
35 Klnnear Philip 
45 Burrows Harry 

Earnlii -ldj;e st ends 
47 \\arnock Charles E 
49 Clarke Lewis 

51 Long George I B 
53 Moodey Albert J 
.".", Wniy John D 

Harrison J A, coal 
'-> \\ ait Aaaison 
67 Payne James 
71-79 Cannon T & Son, con 


81 McElroy Mrs Mary 
83 Gammage Silas 
85 Hickerson Gex>rge A 
87 Hickerson Marshall C 

Railway crossing 

Florence st ends 

117 Ontario SteI Ware Ltd 
123 Cassln Mennotti 

12n O'Connor Jeremiah 

IZi Laughran Mrs Annie 
12!l Puck Francis H 
131 Hennessy James 
13S Horner Win 

i:;r, McFarlane James 
137 Hnrrls Edwnrrt 

i: 1 .!" .McComb Mrs Mary ^v 
141 Fleming Alexander 
143 Clnrk TI 
145 Slnck Tliomns 

147 Clapp Walton 
149 Mnlone George 
151 Wilson John, ero 

Mlddleton st ends 
Frankish nv ends 

a Herbert 

-h Charles, shoemkr 
J"7 McFarland Thos, gro 
Li'.i Chinese Indry 

-'"'_ Stewart John 
215 Hughes Samuel 
217 Chambers Edward 
21!> Summers Alexander C 
221 Stacey Benjamin 
223 Cusark Thomas 
225 Murray Hugh 

Mulr Miss B. drsmkr 
227 Hill George H 
22714 Llddlard Geonre, gro 

^ Marshall st ends 
229 Marshall Mrs Mnrr 
233 Tabb Frederick C 
235 Sheardown George 
:7 Arnott George C 
239 Thompson Wm 

^ Brockton pi ends 
241 Marshall Jotin. (>t< hr 
245 Kyte Ambrose 
247 Baker Frederick A 
L't!< Bennett 'Ih. unas 
251 Strong John 
253 \Vaugh Wm 
255 Stone Wm T 
257 Freeman Thomas II 
259 Adams Walter 
261 Hutchlns Wm 

Plymouth Brethren Ch 

Dundas st Intersect! 
2!C( Sanderson R O 

'-,'' Parker Sydney 

^ Atkln n v **uo* 
313 Thompson James E 
315 Shand Wm 
317 Fallls Rev Robert J 
::i!t Muir Andrew R 
321 Coleman J H, contr 
323 Brooks John A 
: J .i'5 Patterson James N 
327 Fairgrieve Archibald 

* Moutray st ends 

329 Murton J J. who! btchr 
331 Falkiner Richard H 
335 Woods Cornelius, wool 


339 Cairns Mrs Emily C 
^ College st Intersects 
355 LevacK A. whui ntchr 
357 ('arbors Mrs Nettle 
359 Latchford Joeenh 
inie Alexander 
nmerest Miss Delia 
,stin Mrs Fay 
307 Perkins Sidney '"' 

+ Llndsey av ends 
369 Rosslter Esau 
371 Greenwood Joseph 
373 Vacant 
''!'> Kemp Robert 
377 Porter Mrs Jessie 
:;7!> roles Robert 
381 Gallagher Wm F 
MK.M Holland James F 
3S5 Whfile Thomas 
3S7 Feldman Wm 
389 Williams Mrs Elizabeth, 


3511 uncnrist Mrs Isabella, 

Canfleld Bros, gros 
S07 Hooth John J 
3! Knlzht Georpe 

^ Mulr nv ends 
401 Travers Joseph 

4a3 Tin-. it .1 

4<fi Hillock Patrick 
407 Harrison Thomas 
409 Redd In I 1 
411 Wilson George A 
413 Pythell Reuben 
415 Wlllett Albert T 
417 Pilkes 'R'alter 
419 Bartlett Wm C 

Bartlett Miss R F G, 

ladies' tlr 
421 Smith Wm 

^ Cbefilny nv ends 
44.'! Palmer Richard 
44S Rnsh Win H 
447 Preftr John shnemkr 
44!) Winstone George 
+ Cohourc ay ends 

-kle Donald, furrier 

! H 

461 Vareoe Joseph A 
iv-'lzer Leonard 
George A 


473 Ockenden Henry L 
475 Fry Samuel 
Brampton pi ends 


17-21 Temperance St. 

Phone Main 3800 


Plumbers' and Steamfitters' Tools 

Trimo Pipe Wrenches 
Oster Stocks and Dies 

Barnes Pipe Cutters 
Armstrong Pine Vises 


Arthur St.&OssingtonAv, 

Phone Park 2345 

Slate, Tile, Felt and Gravel 


573 Llghtfont C. mkt gdnr 

687 Ball Percy W 

589 Harrison George 

591 Kinchen George 

693 Thomson George M 

090 Manstield Arthur 

597 Kerr John F 
+ O'Connell av ends 
Bloor st w Intersects 

tall Hall Alfred 

621 Willis Charles 

623 Smith Stanley P 

625 McClure Joseph 

t>27 Walsh Wm F 

629 McDonald Donald 

631 Jackson Mrs Sarah A 

633 Wice John 

Houston Miss Nettle, 

635 Saniger George 

637 McCann Donald 

641 Uolilnson Uobert 

643 Stewart James E 

647 Irwin Joseph 

64'J McGowan John F 

659 Allen Charles H 

661 Webber Wm 

663 Thomas Frederick H 

665 BodcJiujjton Charles T 

607 Clegg Edgar, gro 
Cullington Walter 

671 Hill John H 

673 Stevens James 

675 Thompson J Samuel 

677 Moxon Thomas W 

679 Seetev Thomas H 

681 Bowland Wm 

683 Kerr Alexander 

**5 Gotthardt George 

689 Wensley George 

691 Young Alexander P 

tiny llugiics Oscar E 

701 Simpson Mrs Annie 

703 Braden Matthew 
^ 1'aton st Intersects 

706 Higgs Kichard P 

707 Mt-rrick Mrs Emma 

West Side 


*.\^^j\j rv til JO.1J 

10 Wilson Henry a 
12 Gracey John J 

Errington George A 
^ Abbs st commences 
16 Hulse Wm J 
18 Smith Wm A 

Greene Mrs Margaret 


20 Deall Mrs Eliza 
22 Crews Mrs Eva 
24 Walker James 
26 Stark John 
28 WorsoQp Miss Mary 
30 Worsnop Eli 
32 Stone Edward C 

Stone Mrs Jane, riramkr 
34 Dnkelaw I'eier 
M Taylor Edwin 
^ Maple Grove commence* 
* *r'""Ki-f(,'!itional CUnrch 
56 Todd Thomas W 

Todd Allss A B. mus tcttf 
58 McKlnlfly Duncan 
60 MacBeth Wm J 

<$ ?" f i )r ; 1 . 1 nv commences 
bf Uoodchild James 
64 Coultherd Mrs Matilda 
66 Bailey Charles, contr 
<* Lambert Mrs Ada E 
70 Irwin George 
72 Doble James 
74 fJnrlmtt I'.l<-hard, exp 
78 Ryan David 
80 Berg Carl 
14 Klein Edmund E 
86 Hunt Richard 
> Cunningham av com 

122-44 Onrwonfl Coal Co 

122 Forsyth Thomas 

150 Wadhani Isaac 
152 Skelton James 

^ Delaney cres commence* 
164 Colwell Edward 
174 Craigie George 
176 Dalton Richard 
178 Rlntherwick Henry 
ISO Vacant 
182 Vacant 
184 Vacant 
190 Grogan James, contr 

1112 Winning George 
194 Fentom -Frederick 
196 Shaw Jabez 
1!)8 Smith George 

Wyndhnm st commence* 
208 Macnamara Edward 
214 Bridger John W 

210 Sharpe Mrs Annie 
218 Holden Mrs Auuie 
I'M Danlt AutolTip 
222 Churchill Edward J 
224 Aiklns Robert O 
228 Scott Robert 
230 Harpey Joseph W 
232 Palmer Levl 

Shirley st commences 
234 Hamm W V P, contr 

Hamm Mrs A 1'. gro 

230 Brooks Herbert 

238 Hamm Robert 

24O Hill Mrs Esther 

242 Caldwell Philip 

244 Chamberlain Mrs Susan 

240 Fayter Arthur G, dairy 
J-'ayter Mrs Minnie, 

248 Kemish Wm J 

25O Ewing Mrs Elizabeth 

252 Rlley Thomas 

254 Benson Wm A 

250 Parke Mrs Elizabeth 
258 Woods Harris R 

260 Kendall Uobert 
274 Warehouse 

276 Brockton Hall 

Dumlns st Intersects 
282-28U Moroney John, livery 

Melhuish A E, vet surg 
288 Baker Miss Dorinda, dn- 


290 Baker Miss Helena, drs 

2!>2 Chinese Indry 
298 Ahl. Uobert. florist 
314 Vacant 

318 Gannon C J, who! btcnr 
320 Brimer John 

322 Elliott Arthur V 
324 Salter Theodore 
32<l McLeod Angus 

323 Millman Rev Robert M 
33(1 Wilson Albert J 

^College st Intersect* 
344 Dickey John 
346 Marriott Alfred 
348 Powley Charles, bldr 
350 Wark Thomas 
352 Barnsdale Thomas E 
854 Brennan James J 
356 Clancy Henry J 
::.v,i;, Robertson David 
;,-.* McCulIough Herbert 
K0i> \Vinn Charles 

y- Lambert C Howard 
King Mrs Margaret, 


:-;i!2 Vacant 
304 Pennell Henry 
::oi'i, Vacant 
::iic. Vacant 

368 Jackson Joseph, btchr 
K7O White Henry 
372 Everden Thomas E 
874 Jaekson .lames 
376 Hunter Wm J 
378 Martin George 
880 Thackeray Ethan 
382 Lowden Charles M 
384 O'Brien John 
386-400 Brock Av Sen 
404 Maloney John 
414 Newton Edmund D 
410 Patterson Wm 
430 Ball Richard 
44-1 Weaver Courtland 
440 Fullerton Edward 
44* Bums Thomas J 
459 Candy Wm H 
452 Johnston John 
454 Babe James 
456 Griffln John 
458 Montgomery Samuel R 
4i;n Davison Harry B M 
4U2 Cubero Joseph 
464 Mitchell Samuel, pntr 
4(i(i Collins Daniel 
408 Tralnor Wm 
47(1 Holmes Thnmn 
472 Dunlop Miss Mary 
474 Graham Thomas 
478 Croshle James 
478 Gambles Charles W 

568 Boland T J. mkt gdnr 

^ Bloor st w Intersects 
618 Ipe Ira S 
(fM Haskett H John 
i,22 Tuero Joseph 
624 McLean Reginald 
626 Kefter Mrs Barbara 
628 Lawrence John 
63O Ankcorn Wm 
632 Barker Frank 
634 Sedgewlck Thomas J 
(tfti Lee Mrs Anna 
638 Moad Charles H 
640 Galliralth John 
t>42 Reynolds Thomas 
644 Musgrave Benjamin 
046 Jerreat John 
618 Vacant 
(:.:<> Vacant 
(2 Vacant 
(i.>J Parsonson John 
65fl Barry Joseph 
658 Hollivger Wm 
G60 Seitz Charles 
r.62 vacant 

664 Stevenson George 
666 Paul! Rev E F 

Brock Av Mission Ilonse 
6!K> Turner Richard P 
692 Clark Richard H 
694 Loach Wm E 
698 Hunt Wm C 
608 Middlebrook Joseph N 


West from 112 Sheridan av 
to Brock av, ward 6. 

... North Side 

8 Grossman Rev Abraham 

10 Plunkett Samuel, contr 

12 Slbley F G, uphol 

18 Kent John 

20 Banks Alexander 

.. ..South Side 
Not built on 


North from 1032 Queen w 
to Humbert av, ward 5. 

East Side 

1 Weir Harry 
3 Crane Henry, marble 
7 Dawson Mrs Mary 
;i Thomson George 

11 Smith Wm 

13 Hart James M 

15 O'Connor Frederick 

17 Brown Mrs Uachel, bde 
19 Black Wm 

21 Bayllss H W, ran* tcbr 
23 Sherk David 

Black Harry 

27 Brown John 

31 Watson Murray B 
33 Hutton John 
35 Young Charles 
37 Francisco John 

39 Curtis Peter 

41 Shepherd Alfred 
43 Booth Wm 
45 Cotts Mrs Sarah 
47 Reid Wm T 

40 Hansch Charleg J 
61 Kelly James 

53 Reid James 

Lindsay Mrs Christina 
55 Hawkins George W 
57 Rahey Chas W 
59 Hill Joseph A 
61 Connolly Mrs Elizabeth 

Lindsay Mrs Christina 
63 Stover Abraham 
<15 McCreary Wra 

McArttinr Mrs M, Dane 
67 Islow Wm 

West Side 

8 Brown Charles L 
1O Carson John 

12 Wise Mrs Annie 

14 Carter Miss Sophia 

16 Anderson James E 

18 Edwnrd Charles 

22 Bedford James I 
14 Dance Mrs Sarnh 
26 Oonrlle K TJ. dairy 

28 Hall Joseph 

30 Parker Richard 

32 Service Robert 
34 Banger Henry 

36 Johnson Oliver B 
S8 Rossltter Michael J 
4O .Freeman Wm 

42 Linn Daniel 

44 Allen George H 

40 Radey Morton 

SO Barclay Alexander 

52 Richardson Wm 

r>4 Stud holme Thomas G 
on (Jamil Tnomas 
58 Michie George T 

60 Cassldy Mrs Mary 

62 Graham John 

64 Eaton B Ilyerson 
66 Christie George 
68 Andeidon Thomas 

70 Richworth Thomas 


North from 1098 Queen e 
to Dagmar av, ward 1. 

East Side 

St Clements (Ang) Ch 
17 Toy Walter B 
19 Montgomery George W 
21 stein Frederick 
23 Smith Wm E 
25 Redican Frank J 
27 Ralner Charles H 
29 Fleury Ira 

31 Gibbard James 

33 Young James 
85 Wilton Robert 
39 Flett Oliver 

41 Hart Jeremiah, contr 

43 WInsfleld Harry 

45 Bolton James 
47 Philpot Wm 

53 Sweetman A F 
55 Galsford Edward 
f>7 Taylor Warren 
5! Klorio Henry 

61 McLachlan Mrs Lucinda 


63 Grafton Edward W 

65 Blackmore Arthur 

71 Ftirey Bryan O 

73 Winters Joseph T 

75 Frame James 

77 Frame James R 

79 Robinson Wm F 

81 Atkins George S 

83 Vandeburgh Georg* 

H7 Thomas T Joseph 

ill Stewart Wm N 

!>:t Vacant 

M7 Vacant 

99 Vacant 
1<>"> Korhes Louis 
111 La Chanteur C D 
113 Findlay Mrs H J 
115 Rainbow John 

West Side 

2 Tomlln Henry 

4 Moore Charles W 

10 Thompson Henry 

12 Sweetman Wm D 

14 Bushell Rev John 

15 Howarth Richard I 
26 Edkins Albert E 

30 Hownrth John J 

32 Bell David 

34 Stephenson George 

36 Andrew James T 

38 Sohoenfeldt Lewis 

40 Robinson Charles W 

42 Heintzman Mrs Caroline 

44 Houghton Thomas H 

46 Elliott Robert H 

48 Fitzgerald Louis 

50 Jeffery Arthur J 

52 Chinn Henry 

36 Hogarth Thomas J, exp 

62 Vacant 

04 Craig Joseph S 

06 Honre James C 

8 f?y Albert J 

70 Hoare Walter H 

72 O'Brien Mrs Bridget 

+ liriL-h! UN u v cmlM 

to Cnilnril Charles 
104 McGregor James M 
IIMJ (Jrpcinvnoil Joseph 
108 Makings George 
112 Lewis Wm 
114 Ritchie Isaac 


400 Feet Higher than Lake Ontario Reliance Bid., 82=88 King St. E. 

Branch Office 





\rmstrong Edmund 
IL Lo tee Silas R 
124 Klinherlfy \Vm H 
126 Ibbetson Wm. painter 
128 Oulton George 
ISO Oormley Robert 
i:<2 ! 'nlliT Abraham 8 

BROOKMOI vi i;i> 

North from Queen e, third 
e of Kingston rd.ward 1. 
Not built OD 


East from ! Bathurst, 

ward 4. 

North Side 

Not built on 
South Side 

Blnnle David 
13 Vacant 

15 Vacant 
17 Vacant 


West from 150 Shaw to 
Dundas, ward 5 

North Sid 

2 Smith Mrs Emma 

4 Nlcholl Hugh 

Heasley Mrs Elizabeth 
8 Hosier Mrs Annie 
^Ulveus Bt Intersect* 

Argyle pi commence* 
24 Hudson Mrs Ann 

26 Grlggs Samuel 

South Side 

1 Volk John W 

8 Free James 

5 Douglas John 
7 Sevmour John 

9 Sullivan Dennis J 
^ Glvcns st intersect* 

4" Lambert Mrs Mary 


North from 354 College to 
Dupont, ward 4. 

East Side 

1009 McBean's Hall 

Pickering Samuel 
Felton Clement, lock 

Johnson Duncan 8. tlr 
Manning Mrs Emma, 


Hooper Ebenexer phy 
1023 McMurray Mrs Eliza 

1029 Hay Wm D 
1031 Southcombe Robert R 
Hamilton Mrs Hannah 
1041 Raymer David 
1045 Davies Sidney J 

IT Qulgley Mrs Mary E 
1053 McQuillan Thomas 
1081 Prout Miss Mary 
1063 Daniels Miss Jane 
060 Saunders Bernard 
10,1 Wilson George H 
1OR1 Chambers Joseph 
1087 Wilson Wm A 
1089 Carey Johnston 

Wnlter Mrs Annie 
1097 Hill Rev Louis 

)1 Stewart Alexander M 8 
1105 Duthie John B 

1109 Galloway Harry A 
13 Scott J Falrbaln 

1115 Bryce Wm 

1110 Boyd John 

3 Panter Benjamin 
1125 Saul John C 
1129 Kennedy Lyman A 
1131 Gilbert Albert T 
13S Sharp Sylvester J 
1139 Bender Charles A 
1143 Xewcombe Mrs Bertha 
1147 Hammill James H 
1149 Hopklrk Henry G 
1151 Cockburn Rev Edir 
1153 MoConnell Wm G 
11B9 Cowen Charles H 
1161 Lindsay Mrs Annie E 

Phone Main 7014 

1163 Squire Norman M " 
lira Ryan John J 
1167 Anger Wm H 
1171 Curran Alfr.-d 
1173 Levee Louis S 

Ulster st Intersects 
1187 Butler Michael J, gro 
11.89 Hooper Wm J 
1193 Parry James D 
1195 Hales James 
11W9 Albert 
1201 Baggs Wm 

1206 Benneyworth Albert H 

1207 GilmouT Joseph H 
1211 Williams Wm J 

1215 Gross Mrs Eleanor C 
1217 Worrell Mrs Edith K 
1221 Langl.-y Vivian 
1227 Miles Esten 
1229 Taylor Robert 
1231 Brethour Miss Eliza 
beth, nurse 

1233 Burkhoider Aaron 
1237 S.iwver Edward M 
1239 MeRae Txniis 
1247 Cummlngs Michael J 
1255 Jones Wm R, contr 
1257 Johnston Robert 
IL'.Vi Vacant 

1263 Hall Alfred E, shoemkr 
1265 Hicks Wm 
1267 Cairns Charles 
1269 Hathwny Richard H 
1271 St John Charles J, dry 


+ Harbord st intersects 
1281 Knowlton Walter 
1287 Farrance Arthur R 
1289 Rennie Wm 
1293 Healey George L 
1297 Smith Albert E 
1301 Bentley Wm 
1303 Parry Mrs Susan 
13O5 Chessman John 
1300 Bethal Menonlte 


1313 Uavey Dudley 
1315 Rydail John 
1319 Vacant 
1323 Cox Harry J 
1325 O'Neill Charles 
1329 Stevens George 


1333 Alexander Mrs Jessie 
V.'3~t Bromley John 
1337 Tweedle Charles 
1341 Collins John N 
1345 Corn John L 
1347 Maltby Wm E 
1351 Ralson Charles W 
1357 Grady Oswald W 
1361 Dlckin Charles, grocer 

Sussex av intersects 
1377 Follett Eleazer 

1379 Scott Charles W 
1383 Littlehales Henry 
1385 ivnlght Wilfred 

1389 Mclntosh James, pntr 
1391 Pearce Thomas H 
1393 Kennedy Jame, florist 

Kennedy Mrs Jennie, 

1390 Hare George 

1401 CampbIl Mrs Jane 
1405 Morell James 
1407 Hart John B 
14O9 Byrnes John 
1413 Henley Herbert J 
1415 Thompson James 
1417 Jackson James H 
1423 Milne Alexander S.carp 
14^9 Milne George 
1431 Wipshott Charles 
1433 Clancy Wm P 

Paul George, r 
1437 Parkes Mrs Mary 
1439 Davidson Rev John 

Specht Arthur, r 
1441 Abbott John H 
1443 Brown Robert 
1447 T-ancaster Thomas S 
1449 Garny Arthur B 
14." McCormark George 
1459 Rodgers James, dairy 

Bloor st Intersects 
1529 Johnston George W 
1533 Dickson Raymond A 



1571 Bennett Rev J Walter 
1591 Gray Wm 
1595 King Joseph H 
1597 Partridge Wm H 
1601 White Hugh 

^ Lowther av Intersect* 
1627 Magee Mrs Emma H 
1629 Mallon James W 
1635 Little Jackson ti 
1641 Eaton Robert T 
1049 McMahon Frank 
lfl-83 Thompson Wm I 
iw.'J Smith Wm J 
1701 Smith Robert 
1709 Colwell Albert H, lum 

1717 Evans Morgan J 
1723 Wakefteld Mrs L'Uza- 

Wells Robert 
1735 Clarkson Geoffrey - 
1755 Smithett Charles E B 
1759 Gilbert Samuel 
1765 Cork Wm C 
1769 Chute Wm O 

^Wells st intersects 
1835 Burns Robert B 
1859 Coombes James 
1867 McCrlmmon A Lincoln 
1887 Matthews Isaac G 
1S91 McQuhae Mrs Susan 
iv>;i Vacant 

MacDonald Hugh H 
l.W Evans Wm F 
1903 Mannon James N 
I'M.-. Pray Wm R 
1!X>7 Gordon Frederick T 
inn Evans Xorman 
1913 Bulmrr Wm 
lal5 Pritchanl Mrs Kmily 
1H17 Keburn Henry Jr 
1921 Grant Thomas S 
1923 Pjpon Mrs E Louisa 
1927 De La Matter Henry 
1929 Fielding Wm M 

West Side 

Galloway Harry A, 


1008 Dunnlngton Miss Nel 
lie G. nurse 

Geddes Mrs Isabella G 
1010 Weatherhead Wm J 

uorman Miss Kate, 

Ahern Miss Susan, 


1012 La Belle Clarence, tlr 
1014 Dominion Business Col- 

Mltchell George F, 

1020 Sellers Charles 

1023 Brown Wm J 

1024 Sanderson Thomns 
1026 McKinley Mrs Mar 

1030 Vacant 

1032 Hunt Henry, phy 

1038 Brown Abner 

Parker Mrs Anna, vo 

1O4O Bell Wm C 
1046 Henderson Mrs Eliza 

1048 Wilson George L 
1054 Miller Archibald M 
1056 Watson Mrs Charlotte 
1062 Henderson James 

Shepherd H E. phy 
1064 McArthur Mrs Mar 
1070 Parke Wm R, osteo- 


1071! Brawn John 
1078 Nixon Mrs Mary J 
1O84 Conlin Mrs Julia A 
1086 Hav Mrs Mary E 

Phillips Wm A 
10RS Vnn Hnrn Rev JaB M 
1OOO Clement Wm A 
1OS4 Rogers Asa C 
1096 Duncan Lytle 
11OO Bartlam James 1, 
11O2 Morden Nathaniel S 
1lOfl Chesher Alfred 
linq Browne Wm A 
1114 HelHwell Frank H 
1113 Cook Wm 


1124 Ward Wm 

1128 Fox Wm C 

1133 Tisdall Henry W 

11-4 Murray Charles B 

1140 La timer Miss Margaret 

114J Ward Robert A 

1148 Searle George 

1100 Fax George E 

liM Forfar Charles 

1158 Lowe George W 

1160 Mitchell Mrs Sophia 

1164, Robson Albert 

1166 Boyd Wm B 

1172 Paterson Mrs Florence 

1174 Kennedy Thomas 

Ulster st intersects 
1190 Batt Thomas W 
1200 Parry Mrs Susan 
1202 Coutle David 
1204 McArthur Mrs Mary 
1206 Dunbar Mrs Jane A 
1208 Armour Samuel J 
1210 Peters Arthur E 
1212 Zelinskl Jacob M. phy 
1* Keefler M rs Adelaide 

M V 

1216 Livingston James 
In IS Braund James B 
1222 Vernon Walt -r 
1224 Palmer Charles E, contr 
1228 Bastedo John H 
1H30 Bowers Abiel S 
1233 Hastings Herbert 
12H4 Brown Chnrles T- exp 
1236 Clendenen Albert W 
12.3S Jamleson Edward 
1242 Bromley James 
1244 Rosebateh Bros, pntrs 
1248 Collins Frederick 
12r><> Thompson Mrs D 
1254 Pattenden Mrs Harriet 
1258 Farewell Frederick 
1260 Benson Adam 
l-.>2 i;.jyrt Georee H 
I Li; I nod ward Edward 
12W Parett George, dairy 
12W Vacant 
1270 Walker Joseph H, gro 

^Harbord st intersect* 
1280 Clsterna Paul, cabtmkr 
1286 Saunders Alfred, shoe 

1290 Schubert Wm, butcher 
Schubert Miss Ann N, 

mug tchr 

1292 Glover Albert D 
i-'M Bambrldge Mrs Annie 


liSW Adams Charles 
13<K Adshead Thomas, fr"'- 
1304 Connery Joseph, bldr 
1306 Sutton Waltsr T 
1308 Hague Wm 
1312 Darwin John 

1314 Trustrum Walter J 
132O Baldwin Mrs Kden 

Jones Mrs M E. nurse 
1322 Hamel Herbert J 
1326 Bailey Wm 
1328 Bradshaw John H 
1332 McDonald Wm 
1334 Scully Henry C 
1336 Purvis Thomas R 
1343 Davey James H 
13H Goudie David W 

15 IS Howard Gr 

!".:._ Kimmerly Thomas L 
]M.'.t Mr-Ci'Pvrav Aroli 
1358 Glasspool Henry 
136H Morrison James N 
Sussex av intersect* 




Losses Paid Since Organization over $3O,OOO,OOO.OO 

Fire and 

F. J. SMITH f CO. 

Special Attention given to Man 
agement of Estates. Prompt Returns 

61 Victoria Street 


1.372 G-reenaway Francis & 

Co, gros 

1374 Drew Alfred H 
1378 Pattlson Miss Jang 
1380 Cochran Wm 
1384 Johnston Percy 
1388 Wood John A 
1392 Hanson Herbert 
1396 McKnlght Matthew 
1398 Grady John 
3402 Kendall Mrs Mary 
1406 Young John Jr 
1410 Robinson George H, 


1414 Parker Frank 
1418 Ferguson John D 
1420 Bolton Mrs Elizabeth 

H, nurse 

Munns Miss J H, nurse 
1422 Conner Carlton W 
1424 Lanceley Mrs Caroline 

1428 Webb Henry C 

1433 Christie Mrs Mary 

1434 Suttie Alexander 
1436 Rutherford John 

Kutherford Mrs Kate, 


1438 Rankin Albsrt C 
1440 Robinson John T 
1442 Waius George T 
1444 Gourly Mrs Sarah 
1450 Vaughan Alfred A 
1454 Puritan Laundry 
1458 Rydall John, blksmlth 
^Wells st Intersects 
^ Bloor sf w Intersects 
1526 Bansley Benlamln 
1530 Jenkins Stuart 

Jenkins Miss H E, vo 


1532 Joyce Richard 
1530 Halnes James A 
1540 Brume'' Walter B 
1542 Cull Arthur G 
1548 Southworth Thrmas 
1652 Sanderson Stewart 
1554 Reeve Herbert J 
1WH Porter Edward 
1562 Laird Mrs Johanna B 
1568 Phllpott Herbert C 
1570 Gourley Mrs Lottie 
1574 Ang-lln Mrs Marian 
15S2 Vacant 

15R4 Ashworth Edward M 
1590 Musgravel Rlohard 
1502 Harrison Mr= Marsaret 
1594 Van Sickle Wm I> 
1000 Hinr-h Mrs Kffle J 
1602 Thompson Wm S 
104 Vacant 
106 Allen Edward 
1612 Roererson Wm 
1614 Spenee John 
1618 Macks John W 
1R22 Snvder Noah S 
1626 Bolton Norman E 
16.?4 Love Robert B 
1R3R PlnVerton John M 
HMO Goldle Mrs Isabella 
1642 Allan Frank B 
1648 Harvard Samuel H 

Barton av Intersects 
1654 Rorden Bradford 
WT76 Nlddrle Wm H 
16SO Vanstone Lucius N 
IfiSfl Brunei Mrs Emily 
1694 Lloyd Henry 
ir,(W Vacant 
170/3 Clute Arthur R 
1706 Wills E Gordon 
1711 Beckett Samuel G 
1720 Stovel Albert E 
1724 Jennings John 
1736 HlPk'me Charles 
1738 Gambipr Mrs May 
1742 Waller O Hawley 
17+S Pearson Mrs Km'lly 
17-5 PmHh Harry T 
1756 Redfern John W 
1758 Kerrigan Dennis 
1762 McDonffal Duncan J 
17R6 MilUchnmn Reuben 
1770 Thompson John T 
1R36 TCpTinerly Alfred E 

1844 McDonald James F 
1848 Shurly Ray F 

1852 Hamilton Magne D 

1856 White Murray A 

1860 Milne Wm S 

1862 Bone John R 

1868 Vacant 

1870 Reggin John 

1S?4 McKenzle Donald 

1876 Dodgson John H 

1878 McGowan Sheridan C 

1882 Butler Mrs Margaret 

1884 Boake George W 

1888 Enouy Wm S 

1890 Merrill Rev Herbert W 

1892 McDiarmid Hugh H 

1896 Young Samuel S 

1898 Tow Wm J 

1902 Wlnlow Charles J 

1D04 Forbes Wm J 

1906 Marmlon Augustus G 

1910 Whiton George L 

Whiton George E, elect 


1912 Taylor Wm J 
191 fi Medealf Duncan M 
1918 Parmelee Wilfrid H 
1926 Phinnemore James 
1930 Johnston Wm 


West from 424 Yonge to 
Teraulay, ward 3. 

North Side 

2 Richardson James D 
4 Perren Richard 
6 Foster Wm 
6% Brown Archibald 
8 Hart Mrs Isabella 

10 Robertson John D 

12 Simpson Mrs Maria 
14 Staples John 

Ifi Laurence Paul F 

18 Shiman Wm 

20 Warner Frederick 
22 Brown Chnrles S 

Pouth Side 

13 Coates Lome 

jr. TomllMOD Mrs Annie B 
17 Ronner James 

19 Taglietti John J 

21 Taglietti Nicholas 
2.T .?n Wpiiii's hnkery 

31-35 Webb's candy factory 
37 Scurrah Arthur E 
39 Egan Mrs Catherine 
39 M? West Alfred H 
41 Green Mrs Rachel 
43 Webster Wm 

47 TV.'l-ih Hall 

51-59 Thompson D W Co, 
undertakers' supplies 


West from Klppendavle 
av, 1 south of Queen e, 
ward 1. 
North Side 

4 Taylor James 

6 Stanalan John 
8 Vacant 

South Side 

1 McLeod Daniel 

5 Harper James Jr 

7 Walker Clarkson 

11 Lacey Mrs Mary 

13 Hetherington Thomas 


West from 12 Soho to Spa- 
dina av, ward 4. 

North Side 

4 Cheifetez Max 
6 Drialovski Samuel 
8 Schwartz Samuel 
10 Goodman David 
12 Safcovits Samuel 
14 Shermon Arthur 
16 Friedman Samuel 
18 Robchinsky John 
20 ^vozakov Aaron 
20% Jacobson Abraham 
22 Smith Mrs Mary 
Frlchs Samuel, r 
24 Rubin Isaac 
26 Davis Rezepki 

28 Fine Jacob 
o^ Pitt George H 

32 Maywell Thomas 

52 Vacant 

54 Crelghton Abraham 

56 Coulson John H 
B8 Purmon John 

South Side 

1-3 Storehouse 
15 Trumbley Wm, cooper 
15% Sproats Miss Eliza 
beth E A 
17 Cohen Moses 
1!* Mowat James 

21 Canniff W M 

25 Henderson Joseph 

27 Scott Mrs Margaret 

31 Vacant 

35 Chesterton James 8 
37-39 Scott M E & Co, fac 

41 Drake Lewis 
43 Anchlncloss Georje C 
45 Bishop Richard E 

49 Davlea Charles 

51 Mortson Mrs Maria 

53 Lane James R 

55 Mnlone Mrs Rose 

57 Rannne John J 

59 Barker John J jr 
Barker Mrs Emily 


West from 1066 Shaw to 
Osslngton av, Ward 6. 
North Side 

4 Stevens Wm 

8 Whalen Wm 

10 Whitehorn Wm 
12 Whitehorn John 

20 Routery Frederick J 

22 Held Thomas 

24 Held Josephus 

26 Marshall John 

28 Prior Wm S 

50 Bevis Alfred W 

,. . South Side 

5 Jujian Wm 

7 Hughston James 

33 Keith John C 


North from Chatham to 
Danforth av, 1 e of Leslie, 
ward 1. 

East Side 

3 Slous Edward 
3 Mlllard Wm 

9 Law Harry 

West Side 

Not built on 


West from head of Simcoe 
to 161 McCaul, ward 4. 

North Side 

McCuul School 
Erskhie Pres Church 
20 Grifttn Mrs Martha 

22 Yates Win H 

24 Best P E, stationer 
^ Murray st commences 
26 Miller George 
28 McCaw Mrs Eliza 
30 Corney H W Co, Ltd. The 
Corney Henry W 

32 Williams George 

54 Bullock Abraham 
South Side 

t Simcoe st ends 
Telgmann Ferdinand B 
3 Hanly John 

6 Savage Wellington 

7 1'yne Miss Mary 

9 Riley Wm B, plmbr 
91;, Riley Mrs Elizabeth 

11 i'auman Bros, soda 


William st end* 
13 Brooks John R 
15 McLean Mls Annie 
17 McManus Patrick J 
19 Richardson Frank 

23 Williams .Solomon 

25 Manning James A 

2J Knowlton Roebrt 

29 Guerin Mrs Margaret 

31 Monks Thomas 

83 McKnight James 

85 Belsky & Rottenberg, 

37 Vacant 


South from 307 Wilton av, 
ward 2. 
East Side . . ., 

1 Gibbs John jr 

2 Polntou lleury G E 

3 Spiers John 

4 Kprrison Edwin J 

5 Lytle Henry B 


North from Queen w, first 

w of Sorauren av, ward 6. 

East Side 

7 Allen Charles C 

9 Libby Robert C 

11 Freeman Wm H 
Allen Thomas 

21 Streeter Thomas E 

23 Craggs John 

25 Galloway John L 

27 Van Malder James 

29 Grant Walker J 
31 Cook Adam W 

33 Bennett Wm P 
35 Macdonald Donald 

41 Murray Thomas W 

43 Gibbons John A 

45 Barry Maurice 

47 Loean John F 

49 Matthews Michael 

53 Garbutt Charles E 
55 Blake Frederick C 
67 Le Bar Wm F 

59 Eaklns George R 
61 Norwich Joseph 
63 Green Walter H 
65 Stewart Charles 

Adams Alexander W 
67 McHolm Ernest R 

West Side 

16 McCammon L Bertram 

22 Ramsperger August 

26 Millar George 

Harvard av commences 


West from 124 Spadina av 
to Brant, ward 4. 

North Side 

2 Hall Philip H 

4 McCully Wm J 

6 Emery Charles 

8 Brokenshire Mrs Jane 

10 Ayres James W 

12 Clarke Alfred G 

14 Bell Mrs Margaret 

16 Landon George A 

18 Hyinls Samuel 

20 McMellis Willmer 
22 Midwood Arthur 

24 Seahrook James 
26 Court Wm A 

28 Hartford Jonathan 

30 Hughes Henry 
'VJ Smirh .John 

34 Le Mesurler Alfred H 
30 Morrison N 

:is Ford Huch O 
40 Correll George 

42 Martin Albert G 

44 Davles Richard H 
40 Correll George 

48 Armstrong Thomas J 

50 Wardman John H. exp 

54 Clancey John 
56 Sheldon George 

South Side 

5 Newton John B 

7 Ward Mrs Mary 

9 Gibson Allen 
in Prlnele Roland 

15 Wooton Ernest 

17 Davey Frank 

19 Moore Robert M 
Rportrani7Pd Church of 

Jesus Christ 
23% Holder Henry 

Musical Instrnmenti, Sheet Music and Music Books 

We have the largest and best selected 
stock of these lines in Canada to select 
from. Catalogue Free. 



158 Yonge Street, TORONTO, ONT. 



Office & Works : 530 KING ST. E. 

James S 
err \Vm 
29 Myers Win 

Hrtnvn Mrs Matilda 
'31 MacConnell \Valter, pntr 


Davey Thomas 
S3 May I-'rederick 
3.'. Smith Kicliard A 
37 Hagerty Mrs Bridget 
39 McDlarmld Robert 
43 Palmer James 
63 Vacant 

47 Golding Mrs Catherine 


en w, 
to Camrron pi. ward 4. 

1 Sheppard David 

3 Zettcr Airs Caroline 

5 Maxwell \\ in J 

7 Thornton David 

9 LevinolT Isaac 
11 Urowu Juuivs 11 
13 Rows Walter 
1.". M.-c;ill Dugald 
17 Rellley Mi hael 
19 Wilson Miss Sellna 
21 vacant 
23 Bennett Wm 
23 McNaught James 
37 Neil Michael J 

well Mrs Martha 
41 Slean Wm 
43 Warne Wm J 
43 Yard Kclwln 
47 Francis John A 
'.' N" <sh .Tames 
61 LJne Joseph 
63 Creeltnan \Vm 
;".", Taylor Frederick C 
57 Bowels James 
1 -'hv.'ml Ivlwln 
fil Davidson Mrs Mary 
63 Wilson Richard 
65 Stewart Joy-n 
67 Hermlstan Jam s 
69 MoTaen* 1 Mrs Ann 
71 O'Brlen Mrs Annie B 


'2 Thurlow James 

4 Parliament Mrs Carrie 
Gargan Matthew 

6 Thompson James C 

8 Ashiii-iil Mrs Margaret 
10 Clarke Wm 
12 McColl George D 

14 Glazier Soloman 
Hi Smith John 

15 Holmes Charles E 
Holmes S A: Sou, atair 

biJrs, r 
Turuer Harry W, wood 

turuer, r 
20 Grossman Mrs Caroline 

Constable James 
20% Sare John C 
22 Brislove Moses 
24 Powell Price W 
2ti Broomstein Isaac 
->> K"s i.berg Sigmund 
:v< Kornfeldt Samuel 
32 LJfchis Barnett 

Bui-gar Abraham 

yle Mrs Catherine 
*> Srntt Thomas A 

42 Feldman Wm N 
44 Finemark Israel 
4 Voddeu Kol>ert 

43 O'Tnole James 

50 Marks Mrs Fanny 
52 Creelmnn George D 
34 Stephens John T 
50 Magowan Hugh 
58 Pollard Arthur F 
*> May!..-,.- Mrs Rachael 
62 Hlssctt \Vuj F 

Blssett Mrs L E. dramkr 
Levnsseur Mrs Clara mem 
orial wreaths 
70 Gofte Mondel 
Cameron pi commences 


from 7 Cameron to 
iuley, ward 4, 

North Side 

2 London James N 

South Side 

1 Elton Samuel 

'' Maryolis Bernard 

oper Hobert A 
Cooper Robert H, rau 
7 Manson Max 
;i M.-Knight Hugh 

MeKiii^-ht MU O U E, 

mus tchr 
11 Embury Mrs Elizabeth 

mi'in Max 
!."> Schmidt Joseph 

< AMi'MCi.i, AV 

North from Wallace av to 
city limits, first w of 
Northern Railway, ward 6. 

East Side 

l'4'.i McBurnie John Jr 
2J3 Mcliurnle John 
205 Laseelies George 

West Side 

i mt Ephraim T 
Mat-key Arthur A 
Us Isaac 

-<> A 

I laniel George 
!">'. I'earce Charles 
IN* Davey Walter S 
1'JO \Vimpenney Mrs Margar 


Moliison John 
'umminjrs W m H 
200 Ezard Abraham 
i 1 "--' Xagy Paul 
24 Watson Wm H 

Sewell James 
212 Neish Frank 
-1 4 Xeish James G 
21U nines Abraham O 
Vest Thomas 

mdall Thomas 
228 Hooker Francis 
2MO Mnrnn John 

iftln Thomas T 
2:14 Scott John 

lunowany Laurence 
rotter Miss Eliza 
-lo Mackenzie Frank 
242 Knster Richard 
244 Ellis John H 

Antler intersects 
310 Groean John J 

Koyce av Intersects 

CA HI I !00 AV 

(Old Herbert), w from 
Osier to G.T.R., second n 
of Royce av, ward 6. 
Not built on 


North from Ashbrldge's 
Bay to city limits, crossing 
Queen e at 943, ward 1. 

East Side 

1-!' Vacant 

15 Moss chemical Mfg Co 

17 Vacant 

19 Curtis C. pntr 

33 Stewart Vm X 

35 Connell Mrs Isabella 

:;, steer Mrs Johanna 

4.". Chanter Wm 

47 I Iyer Robert Jr 

51 Loverldge James 
owie Thomas 

'. Donatt Herman 
1O1 Alexander Wm 

Eastern av Intersects 
105 McLauehlln Michael 3 
107 Bird Bernard, poultry 
109 Kllby Daniel 

111 CHrhton Oeorire 
113 Millar Samuel 

11. "i Ford Wm 

117 Qulnn Wm 

121 Clark John 

l'J3 Johnson Charles, dairy 

U".' Weir James 

131 Beaumont Fred S 

3 Johnston Mrs Margaret 
13o Jennings Charles B 
167 Fogany Joseph, florist 
^ Queen st intersects 
otton Thomas 

(Jerrard st e Intersect* 

i : T R bridge 
International Varnish Co, 

^Wlthrow av Intersects 

Bain av Intersect* 
"' S 7 Vlpond Rev Frank 

Frlzzell av commences 

West Side 

2 Schofleld - Holdeu Ma 
chine Co 
4 Haslam Charles W 

ii- Albert 
yo Vacant 
::-' Harper John 
Fuller George 

'' lv. inces 
38 Stock David B 

rj Connell Ueorce 

74 De Lone Abraham 

78 Hamilton John J 

78 Roger Wm 

80 Muiin John 

82 Johnston Mrs 8 A 

S4 Pollard Wm 

SB Boden Oliver I 

Eastern av Intersects 
100 Flemming Mrs Maria 
102 itenve Alfred 

108 Fleming Robert 

114 WUkln Matthew 
11 n Ford Frederick 

115 Sparke Wm 

120 Alderson James B 
124 Tlinson Burton 
1211 Taylor James 

D'Brlen Wm H 
128 Wilson Charles 
i:;o Krueger John 
132 Cooper John 
134 Cooper Gavin 
13B Mace fieorce W, contr 
138 McGaw George 
140 Newherry Chrle 
142 Cubitt John T 
144 Oke I Franklin 
14 \Vatkins John 
148 Charron Wm 
ISO Rvott Wm C 
162 Howell Mrs Caroline 
15ii Rickard Nicholson J B 
158 Stephens Arthur K 
160 Klnpdon George 
160 I* HIT Dnvicl J 

Le Roy Chemical Mfg Co 
IRS Smallwond Wm 
172 Flint Reoree C 
174 Leslie John K. 
176 Relnholt Wm 

Queen st e Intersects 


North from S64 Bloor w to 
city limits, ward 6. 

East Side 

1 Hailett Miss Letltla 

Anderson Miss Elizabeth 
S Ellis Thomas W 
.". Vacant 
7 Vacant 
17 Gascoyne Thomas 

West Side 

2 McFarland Mrs Anna 

4 Vacant 

6 Sleman Mrs Mary 

s Mutch James 
10 Tait Mrs Agnes 
12 Symons John 
14 Faithful Britton 

nolds Richard 
ix Scott Albert W 
2<i White Samuel S 



Receives Best Attention 





from 443 Yonge to 
the Don, wards 1, 2, and 

North Side 

2 Forster Edwlu, dentist 

4 Marshall Herbert A, bldr 
6 Podger George S 

Brandwen Jacob 
Noaks Mrs Margaret 
Jones Mrs Jennie 
Rosenfeld Samuel 

5 Koblin Ernest 

1O McCullough Allen, phy 
12 Jones Mrs Minnie M 
14 Emory Wm J H, phy 
18 McFarlane M, phy 
22 Denison Harry 

Denison Mrs Flora McD 
28 Gibson Miss Minnie 
.'t< McAionan James 

Thompson Miss Margaret 

Kefiirmed 1'res Church, r 

Jackson Robert, r 
32 Stone Wm H & Co, un 

Stone Robert U, em- 


34 Anderson H B, phy 
36 Martin H P, phy 
38 Arnette Mrs Elizabeth, 

Beck Joseph 
40 Skinner E Leila, pay 
42 Nattress Wm. phy 
44- Friends' Church 
4s Marchalleck Solomon J 
50 Watson Archer G 
52 Cox Mrs Sarah M 

Mathewson Miss Elea 
nor, nurse 

M"tlcalfe Miss Nellie, 


66 Colleran John J 
60 Greene E Herbert, ph 
02 Chinese Indry 
64 Jerreat Walter, barber 
86 Smallwood Horace, tlr 

Church st intersects 
72 Cameron Alfred B 

84 Goldsmith Perry, phy 
HO Scott Mrs Jessie 

Mutual st intersects 
98 McNaught Wm K 

100 Howitt Wm H, phy 

1"2 Vacant 

108 Allen Norman, phy 

110 Butier Miss Matilda, bdg 

Jurvls st intersects 
114 Haldenl>y Wm 

118 Lucas Mrs Louise 
12O Weese Mrs Margaret 
124 Stenhouse Mrs Jane 
12ti Jones D Ogden, pby 
130 Thomas M Augustus 
132 Owyer Mrs Florence 

McGee John A 
134 Pyne Albert R. phys 
140 McDonagh George It, ptoy 
142 MacMillan Evan B 
144 Seccombe Wallace, dent 

Seccombe Wm H 
146 Ellis Charles S 
148 Neil John W 
150 Fletcher Benjamin 

153 Ivey John D 

Homewood av commences 

154 Oldright & Mackent'e, 

Oldright Wm. MD 

lfl Blaehford Horace P 
r.iachforil Charles E 
Blaehford Frank, mns tear 

172 Vacant 

174 Orpen Abraham M 

Remember this Is the original and genuine 
Helntzman & Co. Piano made by ye olde 
flrme -the piano that Is the standard of JiigH- 
class piano building imitated by others, but 
never equalled. 115-117 King St. W., Toronto. 

1 39 


Diamond Setter, Jeweller, Etc. 

416 Queen St. W., TORONTO, Canada 


Long Distance Telephone* 
M. 2758. Holidays, M. *13O 


4> Sherliourue st Intersect* 
176 Ford Mrs A 

Adams Jamea 
178 Hougii 1'tiilip M, carp 

Pierce Samuel 

180 Wilson Mrs Annla 

181 Dimock Mrs Isabella 

184 Gregory Miss Sarah J. 

188 Strong & Co. drugs 

Bleecker st commence* 
St Peter's Church 

190 Wilkinson Rev Frederick 
102 Hawtin George 

iff Ontario st Intersect* 
300 Browne F W, gro 
2OOH Schoenchen C, furrier 
203 Simpson Robert, baker 
'Mi McKinnon John 
306 Sterling Waller 
208 Ivens Richard 
210 Wilson .Mrs Louise 
212 Forfnr JHMH'S E, phy 
214 Hardwell John 
216 Don u ICnlicn \\ 
218 Vanzant Robert 
220 Murray F VX, dentist 
222 Holmes John 
224 Gausby K, aeet 

Gausby Miss N S, mus 

Gausliy K I., dentist 
228 Hume G G, dentist 

Hume Miss R G D, phy* 
228 Hennessy James W 
230 Kryans XVm K. phy 
232 Brown Francis N W 
234 Parker Mrs Deborah 
286 Colby Alfred F 
238 Alexander W II, phy 
240 McAulifTe John 
242 Stephany Wm. barber 
244 Baycroft George E, dry 


240 Byron Edgar A, staty 
248 Raich Wm II. baker 
250 White Hros. grocers 

White Richard H 
252 Clayton Meat Co 

I'nrllniniMit st Intersects 
264 Williamson Thomas 
25(5 McLean Alexander 
268 Uermltt George G 

Russlll Vincent 
260 Dales Richard 
262 Kegg .In lues G 
264 BegR Charles G 
266 Cocking Rev Charles T 
288 Mutton Fr.-mk K 
270 Parsons Arthur R 

^ Metcalfe st commences 
274 Burgess Jeff C 
276 Johnston Mrs Sarah 
278 Thompson Andrew 
280 Miller Allan F 

Miller Frederick 
282 Van Norman Charle* C 
28fi Kennedy Dnnlel 
288 Lumbers Henry 
Vn Vacant 
ZIH Logsrie James 

Loggie Miss Lucy A, 


290 McBridP Mrs Harriet 
298 Jones Arthur R 
300 Mills Wilson B 

^Sackvlllo st Intersect* 
808 Brick Benjamin jr 
814 Corrignn Thomas S 

Woodley pi commence* 
318 Wythe Albert E 
321) Conoily W Loring 
824 Fair Charles H 

326 Ross James 
328 West Ernest G 

* Bowman st commence* 
330 Ardern Thomas 

XW Mnlrhend Robertson 
338 Mackenzie Andrew 
340 Ingram Alfred E, pntr 
342 Armstrong Kobert 
344 Bracklnreld Thomas 
340 Ross John 

* Sumach st Intersects 
Rlverdale Park 

......... South Side 

1 Canton Chambers 

Anderson Howard W 


Walton-Ball Wm. dent 

Dlckson U O. dentlt 
Stewart Archibald A, den 
3 Parker Miss Berenice, 

3 Clipsham Miss Lillian C, 

mus tchr 

Schuch E \V, mus tchr 
MacBrien Miss Julia E, 

mus tchr 
7 McLellau Miss Isabella 

Methodist Church 
21 Stark Thomas H. phy 
23 Kyle Miss Sarah J 
25 Paton Miss B, drsmkr 
27 Wilson Hiram E 
29 Cameron Mrs Minnie 
31 Thomson Walter P, phy 

Lyon Mortimer, phy 
17 Brown Price, phy 
39 Dean W Earnest, phy 
41 Warner Albert K. phy 
43 MacFadden Wm A 
47 Playter Miss Fanny 
49 Moore Gideon B 
51 Gold Edward H 
53 Pepiatt Arthur 
55 McCnrdy Mrs c, bdg 
57 Williamson Mrs E 
Trow Charles, phy 
59 Slaughter Joseph 
61 Meagher James 

* Church st intersects 

67 Max-well Leslie A, den- 
Clarke's Eclectrio Short 
hand College 
Clarke Joseph C 
Small-wood Horace, tlr 
73 Pettlgrew ilobert. bicycle 


75 Seals Wm & Son. bi 
cycle reprs 

77 Clifford Mrs Margaret 
79 Watt Miss Isnhel E 
Wtt Miss Mary A 
Rankin John S 
Thomas Walter H 
85 Arnotl Miss Scotland 
87 Kothwell Clemens J 
8!) Mehr Hvmnn 
01 Wright n. plmbr 
4> Mutual st ends 
93 Foster G B, dermatolo 

Ipo Snelgrove C V. dentlat 
!"' JerTrev Andrew 
1<W Vacant 
ill Vacant 
113 Howard G P, dentist 

*Jarvis st Intersects 
117 Simr.nskl A A. com meat 
nn t sim nski Maxlmillian 
9 Lambert Miss E, confy 
121 Clark David A. phy 
Williams Mrs Mary A 
Allan Gardens 

, * * 1 ?,';r'' " rn '' st Intersect* 
1(55 \^ Illfonsr Emannel 

Mirnis Mrs Jan 
167 Wilson Wm H 
16!) Johnston R. phv 
171 Lowe Mrs Julia 
173 Slilell R Telfer nh 
17.T Storv Fn><] \V 

Nelson Joseph B 
177 Klnnear James 
17!) AiiBi-.s Mrs A M 

* Renton st ends 
181 Vacant 

IKS MacLaehlnn Arch W 
185 Piper John M. phy 

187 Crooker Mrs Isabell 
189 Bugg Alfred 
1U1 Wrsiuiau Samuel J 
193 Hancock Thomas, confj 

O'Neill Gordon 

yuinte LauuUry 
195 Smart Eli, btchr 

^ Ontario si Intersect* 
197 Hendry Wm B, phy 
1'jy Markle Mrs B 
201 Copelaud Edward 
203 Ormsby Robert P 
'Ma Mclntosh Mrs Jennie 
207 Wisker Thomas 
209 Craig Thomas B 
211 Bailey Mrs Marie T 
213 Mueller Kev Paul W 
215 McLean J Stanley 

+ Berkeley st ends 
219 Noble John, phy 
221 RobertsoB Alexander 
223 McMinn Daniel 
225 Brennan John 
22 1 Crites Henry A 
229 Vacant 
231 Gearing Thomas V 
233 Home Harry 

Anderson Miss Ella, 


2.':!ri Yeomans R M, plmbr 
237 Hope Clarence B 
23 Becker Mrs Mary 8 
241 Piske Frederick 
245 Canadian Bank of Com 

Parliament st Intersect* 
251 Henderson R H. dentist 
255 Vaniderstein Theophilus 
2.->7 Noble Gerrard 

259 McKinnon John 

21 Williamson H W 

263 Waldron John 

265 Cooch Herbert C 

267 Rowley Miss Etta M 

269 Hambly Lewis E 

271 Rosenthal Joseph 

273 Hammell Walter 

275 Cherry John, horse dlr 

277 Harding Mrs Annie 

27ii Waring James 

281 Gardner Francis E 

Dermott pi ends 
283 Galloway Robert 

>-> Hill Charles B 
2S7 Hurlburt Charles 
2S9 McColl Angus B 
ail Bradford Wm 
295 Netlson Hugh 

Neilson Miss Janet, nra 
Brown A J. contr 
303 Cooper Robert J 
305 Sanderson John 
.107 Feusom John Jr 
3O9 Dixou Robert 
811 Butler Kdward P 
31S Frcysens Kdward J 
815 Freyseng Peter 

Siickville st Intersects 
317 Miller Wm M. grocer 
31f> Beatty Robert J 
321 Miller James 

323 Flynn Mrs Agnes 
325 \Va.lo \Vm P 
.T-'i Irwin Mrs Alice 
329 Irwin Walter C 
331 Firth Thomas H 
333 Wilkie Mrs Agnes 
335 Holland Edward E 

GIlTord st ends 

337 Schmidt Albert B 

339 Logan Wm J 

.'ill MoLi'od J Norman 
343 Beatty Wm 

340 Minchln Joseph H 
347 Lyons- Mrs Kllzabeth 

Ewing George 
Stn n.ilkwill Wm 
351 Cole Wm J 
^r>.^ Aflauis Isaac 
::."> Peers Charles 
:i.">7 Lawrence Alfred C 
::.->!i O'Leary Mrs Selina 
.'liil Thomas George 
.'!:; McFadyen Allan 
365 Colbert Mrs Agnes 

Mason Miss A. drsmkr 
367 Vacant 

369 Mercer Mrs Eleanor 
.'171 Taylor George 
373 Woodcock G M 
375 Mechesney Joseph 

Flatt Charles 



Etherington George 
Skelton George 
Ball Charles K, eonfy 
Jeffs J & Sons, gros 
Sumach st Intersects 
Scott James P 
Goodrlck Wtlber C 
Town,- XV Fremont 
Lennie Alexander 
Blackburn Mra M J 
Shea Jeremiah 
Howie Mrs Sophie 
Lydiatt James 
Qulsrley James 
Lawrence James 
Fuqua Charles M 
Turnbull Thomas 
Morris Gordon 
McClelland Mrs Margaret 
Jewell Charles II 
Gorman James 
Hlckey David 
Smith Walter G 
Covne Wm P 
Hodgson Mrs Mary 


North from 250 St Patrick 
to Bellevue pi, ward 4. 

East Side 

B Jones Thomas 

7 Dods Thomas 

11 Vinehan Joseph W 

West Side 

2 Botsford Mrs B H 
6 Knight D George 

8 Kirk Wm R 
10 Hill Thomas H 

12 Thomas Mrs Sarah H 
14 Wansbrough Wm 
10 Black Alexander 
18 Tremble Mrs Matilda 
20 Johnstone Mrs A, nurse 
22 Heron Mrs M A 
24 Keuiuure Wm J 
26 Powers Louis 

Smith Mrs Emllie S, 

mus tchr 

30 Lillie Frederick W 
32 Barker Miss Jessie 
34 White David L 


North from Eastern av to 
Queen e. second e of Pape 
av, ward 1. 

East Side 

Not built on 

West Side 

3O Norfolk Frederick J 
42 Evans Edward 
44 Stewart Wm J 
46 McKenna John J 
48 Hurley Mrs Mary 
5O McBrlen Thomas 11 
52 Hopkings Edward J 
64 Goddard Wm R 
fiC Keillecr Wm A 
58 Cameron Andrew C 
60 McFarlane Wm 
62 Virgin John A 
64 Secor Walter 
66 Crowley Isaac 
68 Furious Michael 
72 McCabe Frank J 
74 Carmichael Duncan 
7f, \Vhltlam Thomas P 
78 Jackson Wm 
80 Weldon Malon 
82 Turner Thomas 
84 Switiii'r Ailarn W 
MI McCann John 
88 Peebles Peter 
90 Harris Wm H 
!t2 Nesbitt George 
04 MnrrN (5orcr H 
96 Hastle Robert 
ISO Armstrong Robert 
102 Dawson Wm H 
104 Butler Charles W 
106 Storey Wm J 
110 Charters Alexander 


31 William St. 



PHONES Main 1347; Park 2399 

< AKI; 

from 58 Esther to w 
of Kyerson uv, ward 4. 

North Side 

+ Denlaon av intersects 
22 Slack John 

. Mwln A 





84 Madott Frank 
3(i I'arker Arthur J 
8 Skin-eft Martin 
40 O Connor Patrick 
+ Kyerson av Intersect* 
44 Wilson Miss Maggie 
46 Irwiu Julin 
48 Warren Thnmna 
SO Elliott Mrs Anna 
52 Tmlcl Mrs France* 
W Christy John 
66 Martin John 
68 Tooze F \V 
60 M.'Nei 1 Michael 

. South Side 

* Penison nv Intersect* 
17 Bennett Wro K 
1!) Welch John 
21-31 Lawrence George, bakr 
33 Mi-Cnrtt-r w m 

85 Stewart Mr* Mrgaret 
37 Douglas George 
8 Coward James 
41 Armstrong Wm R 

^ Ryerson av Intersects 
43 Nichols Wm F 
45 Kenmily Kdward 
49 Pnvpnport Wnltpr 8 
61 Knlbbs Frederick 
65 Ctinprty James 


North from M4 Queen e to 

Thompson, ward 1. 
........ East Side ........ 

1-9 Vacant 
11 Qnnrrlnirron John 
........ West Side ........ 

10 Munro Charle* 

13 Culley James 

14 Pike Arthur 

16 Clarke l-Y.niklln D 
18 White Thomas 
20 Johnston Mrs Ada 

North from 240 St Patrick, 
ward 4. 
...... East Side ........ 

3 Dimlop James H 
B George Mr* A*-n* 

7 Davies lit. .fire * 

Gilbert Miss Annie 
13 Davis Samuel 

4 Budd Mrs Julian 

6 Sharpe Mrs Ellen 
8 I'ettlp Mr^ M.-iry J 
12 Noonen Wm 

West from Spadlna rd to 
Kendal av. first n of Low- 
th>T av, ward 4. 

North ami s across the end 
of Dale av, ward 2. 

East Slrtp 

Jackson MauQsell B jr 

West Side 

6 Anderson John O 

CASTLE ll'\\.v OUN. 

Forms a circle from com 
mencement of Castle Frank 
av, wards 1 and '2. 


1 Jones Wilbur O 

Couch \v ni 
t Hutcblnson Wm B 

East Side . . 

Not built- on 
North Side .. 

1 \ acant 

' Vacant 

19 Dymond Allan M 
West Side . . 

4 Carroll Hubert 

West from i;jo Peter, ward 

North Side 

8 Wilson Wm T 

10 Klnnuenen Charle* 
12 Mackerrovv James 

14 Beiz Frank 

19 Morton George 
lit Glazier David 

20 BruU.) JonepU 

South Side 

7 Onhorne Win 

B Kelly Mrs Miry 

11 Spnut Julin 
Londsbrough Mrs Mary, 


15 Wells Mrs Phoebe 

19 Dickinson Reuber 


West from 490 Jarvls, 

ward 3. 
North Side 

6 Bealey Leopold W 

8 Owen Trevor R 

Owen Miss Gladys, none 
10 Grnpe George 

12 Horsman A J 

Smith Side 

1 Francis Wm U 
3 Holden John B 
5 Wright Jam** 

7 Wren Charles 

9 Wlthrow .Mrs .Margaret 
11 Trowell John V 


West from 34 Henry to 
Spadlna av, ward 4. 

North Side 

+ Beverley st Intersect! 
Hi SnragKf K W. pliy 

<>ok Mrs Mary 
22 King Samuel 

24 Deiauiere Joseph M 

26 Watson Mrs K.ihe'la 

ROBS st ciunmenri'" 

28 Macdonald M'** Stella 
30 Hatton Henry 

32 Lynch Mrs .Miry 

34 Fowler James B 

M SImington Mrs Rebecca 

38 Howarth Mrs Mary 

40 Guerln Michael 

42 Farewell Arthur 
+ Huron si intersects 
(Jakley Frederick O 
4B Constantine Mrs Rosa 

Wilkinson Charles 
48 McManon Mrs Catherine 

50 Wright Thomas 
Bennett II M. humorist 

52 Batty James B 
54 I.nwlor Mrs I.ouUa 8 
60 Montgomery James H 
+ Glasgow st commences 

Chnrrb of ("hrlst 
60 Chinese Indry 
+ Beverlej st Int* meets 

South Side 

23 Elliott Claude H 

25 Harman S Bruce 

27 Ryerson C Eirerton 

20 Long Win K 

51 Cassel* Hamilton 

33 Burton Mrs Elsl 

35 Banks G 

37 Barnhnrt Mrs rath-rln 
y.i Hasskln Frederick 

41 Plpon Mrs Maud 

43 No , \imute 
45 Vacant 

Huron st Intrrvrrtf 

53 Clark C Uy 
55 Bruiu Jusepli A 
07 Layuiiiikou Aaron 

M liuines Wm B 

61 Cauulff Henry T 
63 Cooper Mr l-.sther 

tk> Lxitnem Ueorge 

67 LJoyd Thomas 
OU Mui-iuii Mis.-, uebeoca 
71 Ciodard Kdwurd E 
73 Slocombu \Valter G. bldr 


North from Armoury, opp 
Drill Hall, to chestnut pi, 

Kast Side 

1 Cukier Joseph 
3 Magar Isaac 
o Goldberg Louis 
7 Alaas \\ in 

iiuiL'iiiiison Mrs Mary r 
U Davis Nathan 
11 Sachs uavld 
13 MuneasKy fajmou 
Vacant, rear 

16 Whalen Airs Annie 

17 Nishmaus Lazar 
Itf Bouhnek Herman 
21 Hoffman Samuel 
23 SJtlofsky Abraham 

Bochnek David, rear 
25 Alberger Nathan 

Bochnek Hyman, rear 
29 Jewish Synagogue 
S3 Toronto Jswlah Mission 
35 Downs Thomas 
S7 Shullman Wolf, grocr 
o'.i Cohen Joseph 
89-41 Jewish Synagogue 
41 Blver Henry 
43 Charoskl Abraham 
45 Cornish Samuel 
47 Belmore Miss C, drsmkr 

Belmore Miss H, drsmkr 

49 Bochnek Max 
51 Blumm Jacob 
53 Blumm Louis 

Taylor George J, rear 
oo Vacant 

Longeard Joseph, rear 
67 Vacant 

50 Gubsman Philip 

Agnes t Intersects 
1 Kudbeck Samuel 
63 Shar Maurice 

65 Rublck Isaac 
67 Eisen Mechel 
<B Jeffers Wm 
71 Bregman Louis 
73 Dnlton Miss Catharln* 
75 Bledoe Nateo 
77 Haley Wm 
^ ndwnril st Intersects 

tapan Francis 
s "' Salaman Louis 
ffi Lenner H 
*>! 1'i-arlsten Maurice 

* Elm st Intersects 
111 Defalco Antonio 

113 Dldbartule Tomasso 
115 Tnylnr Alfred 
117 Mlvllle Hospice 

Vacant, r 
119 Cohen Max 

Bercovltz Elecune, furs 
121 Schmidt Hiram 

Orp|nifin Pnlomon r 
123 Slskraut Abraham 

May James, rear 
125 Marlnelli Lulgi 

Zona Frank, rear 
127 Kobinsky Maurice 
12 Nepa Felix 
131 Pilligrean James 
133 Chlrcosky Henry 
135 Kappel Aaron 
137 Kopman George 
139 Welngarten Anshel 
141 Moldover Reuben 
143 Hall Charles 
145 Henry Samuel 
147 Mohofsky Alexander 
14'J McCallum George 
ini Cohen Alexander 
163 Applebaum Morris 
!.">."> Arrow Francis 
l.">7 Krantz Bennett 
159 Davis Budlsh 

wiiklns Kobert, rear 

161 Albert Barnet 

Collel Mrs Mary, rear 
163 Colell Joseph 
US Verrall Charles 
187 Plcariello Mrs M M. gr 

Christopher st Intersects 
loy Goldstein Isaac, gro 
171 Vacant 
177 Tofano Francis 
179 Friedman Morris 

Pelt* Morris, r 
181 Marks Slmoa 
1!S3 Jackson John 
185 Powell Mrs Martha 
1S7 Saracini John 
:o!po Antonio 
191 Daichensky Jacob 
1113 Richmond Max 

Johnson John 
1!'5 Ausbrech G 
199 Lombard Knrroel 

1 Alblanolo Joseph 
203 Poanesse Thomas 

2O5 Bossln Max 

207 Aronfeld Nathan 

2U!t Lechosky Benjamlm 

211 Sardell Franc 

113 Madran Eugene 

West Side 

2 Buonomost Stephen, rr 
Kanaslc Isaac, r 

4 Bass Morris 

Schwartz Moses, r 

8 Marks James 

10 Buonomost Stephen 
Pasquadillo Nicholas, r 

12 Chapla Maere 

Cabadosta Pasquale, r 

14 Archote Pasquale 

16 Polinski Louis 

18 Bergman Frank 

20 Jaffee Jaooib 

23 Bochnek Abraham 

24 Davenport Mrs M 
2<! \Vi,rt,,,.| ..,muel 

28 Halpern Samuel 
30 Lehr Samuel 
32 Roe .Tames 
84-56 Refzran ft 

38 Fitzgerald Wm 

Sauble Samuel, r 

Zeigler Mark, r 

I J inkus Joseph, r 
4 dinard B. coal 
42 Goodman SamnH 
44 Applebaum Harry 
46 Itnpp Samuel 
48-58 Romanian Hebrew Sy 
52 Miller Aaron 
54 Goldhar Max. trtchr 
5(i Silverman Louis 
58 Chalkoff Hyman 
^ Allies st Intersects 
t>4 Carflnger Sarah 
6 Nltkln Joseph 
68 Wlnstoka Barnet 
7<> Shoon Bros, grocer* 
72 Swartx Jacob 
74 Black Harris 
76 Shapero Abraham 

78-80 "Nlcolettl" ^ancewa^ 

88 French Mrs Mary 

90 K-irrell Krtwill 

99 Hyde Maurice 

04 Vacant 


98 Pauledo Joaenn 
lt) Ginndo Vincent 
102 Cornelia Michael 


Properties FOR SALE In AL> 
PARTS of the City and Suburbs 

61 Victoria Street 


Confeberation Xife 




Canadian Company 

+ Elm st Intersects 
1O8 From Isidor 
110 Jackson Wm 
112 Pinkus Benjamin 
114 Berkowitz Kev Isaac 
11 Flammio Pietra 
118 Sacacio Antonio 
120 Jayya Michael 
122 Levinsky Bernard 
Cohen Solomon, r 

124 Harris Oram 
126 Ferlmen Joseph 

125 Glass Samuel 
130 Grasig Samuel 
132 Bossin Joseph 

134 Hoffman Nathan, gro 
136 Shapiro Abraham 

Shapiro Samuel, r 
14O Korohitz Abraham 
142 Gpodman Hannah 
144-40 Dlneen Mrs Annl* 
148 Gazart Pasquallo 

Cascalto Pasquale, gro 
150 Truna Frank 
152 Komninker Rev Abrow 
154 Wienig Albert 

Kaufman Abram, r 
156 Miller Mrs Fanny 
158"Perilla Mark 
160 Robinson Wm 
162 Vacant 

164 Colobrace Gabriel 
166 Ezzo Pasquale 

Holman John, r 

Ciocla Giovanni 
168 Flora Pasquale 
170 Marco R D I, grocer 

<> Chrlstonher st Intersect* 
172 CoJlel Joseph, gro 
176 Perre Louis 

Croffet Moffet 
178 Lever Louis 
180 Cohen Samuel 
182 Hershaw Louis 
184 Jazinbank Aaron 
186 Felnhoz Jacob 
188 Beleg Nathan 

Brun Joseph, rear 
19O Letridge Harry 

Brown Yossll, rear 
192 Wachstein Benjamin 
194 Manzo Nicola 
196 Brancacio Senate 
198 Shapiro Joseph 
200 Pattl Angelo 
2O2 Elsenberg Louis 
204 Gold Simon 
2O6 Jacobs John 
208 Blustein Abram 

Shapiro Samuel 
210 Black Maurice 
12 Gautz Wm 


North from 40 St. Joseph 
to St. Mary, ward 8. 
East Side 

:irwln av ends 
Inkerman st ends 

9 Adam John W 

11 Henderson Gerald M 

13 Pern her Henry 

16 MeKenzie Thomas 

17 Mlllan Wm 

West Side 

St Michael's Coll grounds 


East from 675 Tonge to 
Jarvis, ward 3. 

North Side 

6 Postal Station P 
8 Franklin Mrs E D 

10 Brlggs Mrs Annie 

12 Kerwln Percy 

14 Cannell Wm H 
16 Baker Charles B 

18 Thorne Mrs Victoria 
20 Davlson John L, phy 
22 Ban-on George 

80 Davidson Mrs S F 

38 Nell Rev John 

40 Rae Henry C 

42 Crelghton James B 

44 Gow George 

46 Henderson Charles W 

48 Fotsch Beta 

BO Bain Urquhart A 

02 McKay George P 

54 Pratt Frank M 
56 Krans Mrs Aunle 

58 Harnngtou George W 
OO tinea warren A 

.Newman George, r 
62 Ames J nines 11 

64 Livingston L M 

66 Johnstonb Robert C 
Church st Intersects 
74 Ewart Woman's Mission 
ary Training Home, 

76 Rubbra Alfred L J 
Newman George, rear 

78 Ulucas Henry 
7S% Irving Joseph 

80 Shields Mrs Matilda E 

82 Howe Ktnn 1) 

86 Glllespie Walter 

88 Bond Hedlelgh H 

90 Booth Walter E 

94 Davison John B 

96 Moure Ferdinand E 
LaPlaza Apartments 


1 vacant 

2 Mackinnon Ross B 

3 Vacant 

4 Orchard Wm H 

5 Vacant 

6 Sheppard Edmund E 

7 Stanton Harry G 

8 Sheppard Ernest T 

9 Sherratt Wm 

10 Hessin Sidney E 

11 Kezin H Leroy, phy 

12 Aylward Frederick J 

13 Vacant 

14 Vacant 

15 Sutton Wm H 
IB Vacant 

17 McDonald John 

18 Ramsey Frank 

19 Tilley John J 

20 Shaw Edwin R 

21 Hill Thomas S 

22 Rudd George A ' 

23 Bertram Mrs Christina M 
Smart Miss Mary H, vo 

cal tchr 
........ South Side ........ 

1 Scott C G. dentist 
Smiley Miss Caroline, 


9 Startup David J 
11 Leworthy Wm T 
'A McMullen James B 
15 Huzza Murk 
17 D'Esterre Mrs Annie 
19 Gamble George 
23 Thorne Mrs Victoria 
Drummond Charles 8 
King Cecil 
25 Green John 
33 Mncdonald John K 
41 Salvation Army 
43 Hardy John C 
45 Joselin Edwin J 
Joselln Arthur 
47 Moses Frank 
49 Crowe & Murray, hone 

61 Murray James 

03 Adamson Mrs Bertha 

D, mus tchr 

55 Stlbbs Wm J 

59 Fraser Robert L 
Hodgson Thomas 

65 Dobson Wm E 

^ Church st Intersects 

77 Vlgeon Harry 

79 Dockray Thomas D 

83 Jopling Miss Elizabeth 
85 Blackburn BYank J 

87 Wood Thomas 

89 Smellle Thomas 

91 Grlerson Thomas 
)3 Gooch Mrs Emma 

95 Loosemore Herbert H 
P7 Pate Wm J 

99 Gooch Fred H 
101 Campbell SherHan 
103 Provan Alexander 

North from 426 King w 
to Adelaide w, ward 4. 
........ East Side ........ 

11 O'Longhlln Andrew 

13 Kennedy John 

15 Mooring George C 

17 Ward Albert E 

19 Ault & Wiborg Co of 
Canada, Ltd, printers 

23 Antipitzky Metal Co 
West Side 

Balsam st commences 

24 Kupitz Edward 
2fl Gibson W Ross 

25 Springer Max 
30 Vacant 


East from w of Byron av 
to Greenwood av, first s of 
Danforth av, ward 1. 
North Side 

^ Byron av commences 

46 Ryan James 

50 Jobln Arthur 

58 Dunn George 

62 Jones Wm 

South Side 

1 Reed Henry E 

47 Smith Edward 
49 Vacant 

51 Vacant 

53 Hibbitt George 
51) Crew Charles 


(Old Soho av), w from C 
P R to city limits, second 
n of Bloor w, ward 6. 

North Side 

8 Simmonds Henry, i ool- 

^Dundas st Intersects 

South Side 

Dundas st intersjrts 
19 Taylor Robert N 


(Toronto Island), n from 
St.Andrew's Church. Lake 
Shore av, ward 4. 

East Side 

5 Phillips John 

7 Sheedy Patrick 

ii McQueen Thomas 

11 Vacant 

13 Vacant 

15 Linton Robert J 

West Side 

4 Eddis Wilton C 
G Cole Drill A 
Cook Henry W 

8 Luke Wm A 

12 Vacant 

14 Darlington Wm H 


North from bay to St. 

Lawrence square, ward 2. 

East Side 

G T R frt office and sheds 

+ GTR crossing 

Mill st intersects 
41 Pallett Samuel 
43 Hunt Mrs Ada 
^ CPR crossing 

CPR frt office and sheds 
+ Tate st commences 
53 McGinn Patrick 
55 Sharp Mrs Caroline 
57 Hulmes Albert 

59 Dunsmore Simeon 
til Ashdown David 

63 Edgson Alfred J 

+ Front st e Interesects 
Can Northern Ont Ry frt 

offices and sheds 
97 Williamson James 
1O1 Hayes Wm 
103 Brown Robert 
+ Worts av commences 
St Lawrence Sature 

West Side 

Don Rowing Club Home 

GTR crossing 

Mill st Intersects 

* CPR tracks 

.Mi Kerrigan John 
r>2 IKMcham Edward 

54 Willetts Thomas 
<>(j Dellar Henry 

Front st e intersects 
vl - I lay wood Charles R 
!") Payne James A 


West from rear of Duf- 
ferin Driving Park to Brock 
av, third n of College, 
ward 6. 

North Side 

Unfinished houses (2) 

South Side 

1 Firth Wm 
9 Vacant 
11 Dawkius Wm 
13 Barefoot James 
15 Fenton Wm 
17 Fuller Henry W 
l!i Taylor Jeremiah 


North from 114 Queen w 

to Chestnut pi, ward 3. 
East Side 

7% Centner N 

:> Golinger Louis 
11 Bandell C 
13 Saunders Albert E, 
1") Frankfurt Hyman 
17 Brown M A, barr 
19 Mendel George 
21 Frailmore Abraham 
23 Greisman Meyer 
25 Bireukrauz Morris 

^ Albert st ends 
37 Grosso Emilio 

Cohl Mrs Annie 
41 Mark >' rs irta 
43 Eaffa Mendel 
45 Seidenberg Meyer 
47 Nushaum Eisig 
40 Cohen Abraham 
51 Seidenberg Louis 
53 Gottesman Nathan 

55 Roson Louis I 

57 Grismur Mrs Helen, gro 

+ Louisa Bt ends 

51> Salkowitch Louis 

61 Halpern Rev Isaac 

63 Strlsfelt M 

"> Zipper David 

67 Laevisky ...naliam 

6!) Schnitzer Samuel 

71 Wolf Moses, fish 

7.'; Levine Harry, gro 

7f> Vacant 

77 Simon Charles 

79 Ruben Loins 

81 Oohon Jncoh 

83 Krouse Samuel 

85 Weintraub Wm 

87 Griesman Michael 

89 Osier Abraham, barber 

91 Sharman Jacob 

93 Wilder Charles S 

05 Jackson Albert C 

1*7 Xairl'^ John 

99 Fuxgold Leon 
101 Padnass Abraham 
103 Dees Gilbert A. caterer 
15 Krugel Benjamin 
107 Roher Gabriel 
113 Mitnick Joseph, fish 
1131/2 Kozda Dumil 
!!."> Newman & Wall, btchrs 
119 Zipper Louis, coal 

Robinoff & Borrls, plm- 

Aenns st Intersects 
123 Vacant 

1 _'."> Brown Abraham 

127 Goodman Harry 

120 Davis David 

131 Crakofsky Abraham 

133 Barenbum Jacob 

135 Molllca Oarlo 

137 Colby Frederick 

139 Mandell George 

141 Mossman R D, grocer 

Edward st Intersects 
14g Dancy Wm, btchr 
145 Chinese Indry 

Elm st Intersects 


Estate. Insurance and Financial Agents 

Make a Specialty of 


Office, 86 King St. East 

Branch OfRc 



Manufacturers of Electric and Hvlraiilio 

L;LT nd Freight ELEVATORS, 

Hand-Power ELEVATORS and Dumb 

Waiters: also of Ornamental Iron Grill 

Work of Every Description. 


>n John 
i Frank 
>r Davis 
171 \Vflnsti-in Mrs Fannr 

ichtman Davis 
17.', Robin Harris 
177 Kuan Max. ifro 

n Louis 
!' Ki .>T Hyman 

sebrook Morris 
191 Zlehr George 

;feldt Morltz 
d Samuel 

201 H..rr.-y Miss Elizabeth, 



-tein Barnett 


1.1 n Mishkin Jacob 
211 Spezile Andrew 
213 Popham Mrs E bdg 

:oldhart Myer 

H.iyicr *t ends 
-".'."> Cardlnsky Samuel 

Joseph, gro 
udd Frederick 

rin Abraham 
;irley John G 
-Iverman Max 
'nson Nathan 
J.-.:i IVncock Harry 
241 Preet John 

imill Alexander 
245 Gllliert Wm O 

Mrs Rachel 
2 4'. i Uice Victor 
251 Bertram David 

Boome David 
West Side 

Armoury st commence* 

lesmun Moriti 
ulman Morris 
74 Speigel Israel 
Hleedner Max 
''iplin Nathan 
80 Friedlander Simon 
82 Frisch Mrs Sophia 
82V4 Houzer Philip 
84 Peiman Samuel 

Rottenberg Jacob, wall 

b8 Sherman Davis 

Singer Jacob 
!>4 Hrltlsh M K Church 
IXi rtamhrlck Win 
98 Brown Mrs Mary 
igowitch Isaac 
aerman Isaac 
104 Bnrnes John. cab 
106 Gertsbein Nathan 
Gertsbein Abraham 
Burns Samuel, r 
108 Bohn Abraham 

Gertsbein Samuel 
Hit Ross Louis 

- Vacant 

114 Cancelll Achille 
118 Grelsman Mrs B, fro 
US Spence Thomas 
120 Patterson Mrs F 
122-4 Siimers Charles, fro 

Agnes st intersect* 
126 Bockner Charles 

larwlnsky Abraham 
1M" Yanikoft Samuel 
132 Soltz Jacob 

:ducci Antonio 
"trlow James 
138 Bernaro Antonio 
140 Katz Abraham 

. Letterman Meyer 

142 Glionna Frank, gro 

*Kdwnrd st Intersects 

144 (llionna R T. hotel 
14"'. Murello August 

145 Lara I a Mrs Amelia 
150 Bailey Robert 

1"2 Mnccino (Jporep 
154 Lobraico Nunzio 
15fl Lobraico Pietro 
:ucko Thomas 
l< Zenel! Julius 

Manfrida Thomas 
164 Zincome Stanislaus 

Elm st Intersects 

ioldstein Joseph, btchr 
rg Morrn 

Applebaum Joseph 
Ii2 Leatherman Israel 
174 Gurofsky Uuvtd 


U'ozzi Vincenzo 
180 Carumone Joseph 

1S2 Trob Abraham 

1S4 Brak.itskv Lewis 
ISO Rothsteln David 

it Jacob 

19Oi Fruhmun Abraham 
1V2 Vassiimer Wolfe W 

I iarry 
i:i Pike Levy 


:-aren Uavid 
202 Zeskewitz Mrs Dora 1', grocer 

Mrs Jane 

210 Henry George J 
212 Cooper Samuel 

212^ \\ ntsoil \Vui 

214 M Mann John 
216 Goldberg Solomon 
Shienac"ff John, rear 

wag Max 
Shapiro Max 

Patrick J 
226 Yenoves John 
Christopher st commence! 

*taz Domenico 
\Iei Grazlano 


234 Perrl Jamps 
236 Powers Mrs Mary 

II Mr-; n-irrlet 

24-i Florin Michael 
242 Cuneo Mrs Annie, gro 
244 Sebastian John 
246 Harnesman Jacob 
J4s ,-trossberg Abraham 
2.VI Rosso Frank 
252 Kzzo Joseph gro 
2.">4 PIVPT Robert 
2.V5 Shapiro Morria 
'ounter Joseph 
j,;r> pvrf, jfr,, Carrie 
22 r-xnnono Mlrhell 
2<VI Neln Domt^ 

2'N Katz Abraham 


North from Roxborough e, 
then east and then south 
t" same, first east of 
Yonge, ward 2 

W" = t Side 

Not built on 

North Side 

8 Matthews Wilbur C 

10 Mara Henry a 

14 Gibson Ralph E 

in Ri.tsell Wm B 

18 Kleiser Albert 

y> Greig Robert 

22 Falconbridere John D 

24 Kamerer Robert C 

26 Rolph Joseph " 

30 Husband Cameron 

H2 Korr Charles W 

34 Puydnm Henri H 

4f Foy James C 

44 Anger Humphrey 
4<5 Irish Mark H 

45 Smart Worts D 
50 Gundy Samuel B 
52 Bryant George M 
54 Dixon John 

58 Wood W Lloyd 
FItzsImons James B 
7O Armstrong Henry I 
72 Vacant 

74 Clubb Arthur F 

75 Nprlich Henry 

82 Gaenler Harold T 
84 Fensom George H 
Rfi Mlckleboronffh James W 
88 Freeland Edward B 

South Side 

13 Watts F E, phy 
19 Watts Edward 
39 McLeod Norman M 
43 McKenzle John 

4rt Fitzgerald F W Gerald 
57 Smythe Robert G 
ii7 M icMurchy Angus 
77 Ak-xander John W 

( HI:STM T ri, 

;n 242 Elizabeth to 
University av, ward 3 

North aide 

W Ilmlgkinson Walter 
44 Sharpe Robert J 
48 Masters Alexander G 
South Side 

1 Caeb Solomon 

3 De Mars Dominlck 
^ Chestnut st ends 
2M Harris Mrs Aim 
L-.I McGrath John 
31 Gibbs Julius 
^ Centre av ends 
41 Wolfson Isaac 
43 Storey John 
4o coldstock Robert 
47 Smale Wm 


West from Avenue rd, se 
cond n of Davenport rd, 
ward 4. 
North Side 

2 Des Bresay Mrs Sarah E 
4 \\ithni\v John A 

Murrisiiu Mrs Annie 
:''k H G 

10 Rowland Frank M 
12 McKay Rev Wm J 

aster Univ athletic 
South Side 

3 Hamilton Miss Edith O 

i thews Rev Henry 3 
7 Putnam George A 
!> Campbell Miss Rhoda 

11 Scott Mrs Jane 
IS Pooler Herbert G 

17 Thomson Mis? Jessie M 

19 Westervelt Alex P 
21 Tinning John B 

23 Martin Mrs Annie D 
2", Boone Edward 
27 Morrison Wm H 

20 Buchanan J H 
31 Maulson Fred H 

33 Drummond Henry A 

sr, Holden Richard 

37 Barton T Herbert 

3fl Gelger Henry J 

41 Elderkln DeWitt T 

43 Brown Thomas 

4." E 'I ward Harry O 

47 Lewis Adam 

40 Ross Fred H 

51 Barber Wm H 

53 Anderson J Weir 

55 Jardlne Georpe B 

57 Wade Mrs Mary E 


(Toronto Island), n from 

.ake Shore av, ward 4. 

Royal Canadian Yacht 

McCheyne Robert M 

209 Hargraft John 

210 Smith C Carrington 
ai Reid Thomas A 

212 Jarvls Aemillui 

214 Rolph A J 

215 Goad Charles B 

217 MacKendrlck Wm G 

219 Vacant 

221 Vacant 

227 Vacant 

229 Vacant 


North from 726 Bloor w 
to city limits, ward 5. 

I East Side 

7 Newborn Samuel, who! 


97 Brock Charles 
99 Wilson Frank 
101 Baker Wilfred K 

103 Robertson Edward 
1O5 Peeler John 

4V Marlon av euds 
135 Sykes George E 
liJ7 Graham Harry 

139 Harper George 

141 Mepham Joseph E 
143 Harris John S 

145 Grosvenor Frank 
147 1'i; rontr 
14(1 Hart Juan J 

151 Greenwood Albert 
153 Heney John 

k George, exp 
Harper Thomas W 
13 Lever Uloliard 
168 Wise Alfred 
171 Cnndnll Itoliert .1 
173 Dockery Wm J 
175 Dnrktray 1! \> . dairy 

Fnllis av ends 

Walmer Rd Baptist en 
203 Larter Wm 

'fron John R 
207 Woodhouse T W 
211 Sr-ott Wm J 
213 Kenyon John 
215 Boyce John 
2T!n I'rince Edward 
241 Sinclair Wm 
243 Roach Thomas 
1M.-, Duff Frederick 
247 THIMfirrt Ernest H 

249 Link John 

Yarmonth rd Intersects 
'-'"') Ahley Wm 

2R1 Vevl'ip Henry J 
277 Manuel Joseph 
270 Barrett Patrick 
2S7 Lf Coque John 

250 M ; I'er Clarence J 

Illcott Charles 
32'. McRonald Thomas A 
^ Dunont st Intersects 

West Side 

18 Tipping John 
18 Hanley Michael 
Carruth James 
20 Keloher Wm n 
U'- Arnold Wm M 
24 Cameron Archibald 
26 Prust George 

Plnke av commence* 
13S Thorp Samuel W 

140 Plowman Charles 

142 Fitch Edward 

146 Walker Thomas F 
146% Earl Walter J 

Prndrlth av onmmpnce* 
14S Phllpott Arthur H 
1T.4 Kenvon John II 

1S Cordon Albert E 

153 Ingham John K 

>b4 Mayo Robert 

1W Armstrong Robert 

170 Colbourne Mrs Daisy, 

Colbourne Frederick 

+ Fusex ST commences 
176 Brown John W, gro 
178 Curtis Charles E 
ISO Kills Mr M A. fcr t"' 
182 Fitzgerald Wm. grocer 
1M Porter Wm J 
104 Waugh Joseph 
19H Merrirteth Hareourt T 
191 T>nnox Albert 
2"O Hartford Thomas 
2O2 Full Robert 

*Ornpt nv rommences 
108 Mannel Vetfr 


&HJr/%f\TTVDC I imit^H Circular Stairs, Window Guards, 
MClNl I Kfc, Limited Truss Rods, Bolts, Castings, Etc. 

Sole Agents for the "Goetz" Post Caps, Wall Boxes, 



67 to 95 PEARL 8T. 

Phones Main 7248, 7148 

The Andrew H. McDowell Co. 


Manufacturers and Importers Garment 

Manufacturers' Trimming's and 



21X) Thorburn James 

212 Manuel Walter 

214 Aidous Wm, jr 

218 WaUdell Johu, gro 

220 MlU-uell Mrs Catherine 

230 Morrow John H, drugs 

253 Payne Alfred E. dry gds 

Yarmouth rd Intersects 

Melville sv coniuiriici a 
272 Warr Mrs Elizabeth 
28O Wills Mrs F L 

Dnpont st Intersects 

28U LJave.v Charles 


West from 228 Chestnut to 
University av, ward 3. 
iNorth Side 

10 Kitchener Saul 

la >...- L-nj juilug, Juuk 

22 Corelli John 

ivuu-r v luterseeu 
2O lieuiu FraucU 

28 Schnatield Henry 
30 Murray Mrs Ellen 

ouuih Side 

9 DOWMIU Alfred 

11 Eastman Marlow 
13 Moore Alexander 
16 Adams Joan 

( rum- a> mter*eet 
27 Marks Joseph 

Miles Samuel 


North iniiii 80 Esplanade e 
to 71 Bloor e, crossing 
King at iol, ward 3. 

East Side 

City Weigh ScaJes 
6-13 Tor Cuid Storage Co 

Front st e Intersects 

23 Thompson & Thompson, 

Fearman F W & Co, 


23% Ontario Chambers 
S5-Z7 M. -XVI Ham & KverUt, 
whol fruit 

Hiiiki-r i- red, apples 
27 Peterson A B W, apple 

Club Coffee Co 

29 Rexall caemtcal Co. 

parkage dyes 
Ewlns S H & Sons, cork* 
Bayley Wm B, mfrs' agt 
James F T Co, Ltd, nsh 

C.Ml.,,1 ni< st intersects 
81 ftllllriL'lnirst A J, teas 
8ta Vacant 

83 Stronach & Sons, whol 

83% 1' Mfg Co. clothing 

Specialty Mfg Co, silver 

Art Embroidery Co, car 
riage rugs 

Imperial Mfg Co, Bhlrt 

Beinls D A, whol Jwlr 
35 Meakins & Son, Ltd, 

McBrl.le Bros, ^nlt 

American Hat Frame 
Mfg Co 

Ash H J, whol f-ult 

Clemes Bros, whol fruit 
+ Rlne -=t e Intersects 

Pt .I:imps' Pnnrt.iT School 

St .Tnmes' Cathedral ves 

Art'-'-'irte st P Intersect* 
75 Public Library 

81 Thi-eso Irv'rv 
83 Mo'covltch Israel, carp 
&3% Ward Rowland B 
8.V87 Mc-er Rros. laundry 

85% Mnrtln John A 
^Tml>n-d t Intersect* 
89 McLend & Kenney, 

m V;i ant 
M Ford Douglas Printing; 

95 Merrill Medical Co 

Rice Dr W S 

07 Stone John J, dyer 

uu Wk-kett A K, barber 

101 Fernandez Victor, cigar 

103 Dominion Photo Supply 


Smith Samuel 
Atracto Co, adv novelties 
Scott George & Co, photo 

106 Jobnsuni Joseph, prrr 

Richmond st e Intersects 

107 Young Bros, fey gds 
loa Rochester Lamp Co of 


111 Wilson H A. cigars 
113 Cooper G H, plumber 
Lettie Miss Elizabeth J, 


115 Skedden Brush Co 
119 (iloyns Mrs Margaret 
121 Guest & Co, plmbrs 
121% Lettau Charles, prtr 

Mumford A W, vet surg 
123 Blake W E, church sup 

123% Bell Charles B. dentist 
125 Nettleton J W. gro 

Oieen t Intersects 
1M Carey Herbert, rest 
131 Chinese Indry 

Canada Laundry Supply 


131% McMullen S 3, barber 
3X3 Covle Edward, rest 
133% Rodgers Victor 
13R *,,thnr X- Tox. nrr llmb 
137 Toronto Stamp & Stpncll 

'Works. Ltd 

Fell I C & Co, engravers 
Hicks Henry G, plmbr 
137% Mehlhorn H P & Co, 


Partrlte Samuel 
139 TTIr-ks T L. elec snppllt* 
141-3 T.ron N T Glass Co Ltd 
145 Vacant 
145% Vacant 
147 Wphh Mrs Mlna 
14!l Thompson Mrs FH1za 
1K1 Pnnltnn J S. shnemkr 
1S3 Sutherland Hnerh. tlr 
153% Tremaln Supply Co, 

lialr tonic 

155 Orasley Mrs S S 
157 Chinese Indry 
JIW Allen Wm. tnllor 
161 Koch Albert A 
1R3-R Armstrotie Mrs B 
167-169 Labor Temple 

T.nhor Temple Co Ltd 

Shuter st Intersects 
179 King John S, phy 

183 Daust Miss Rachel, bdg 
185 Jasmin Mrs Odile 
187 Wade Philip, bdg 
189 linick Mrs H M, bdg 
1B1 Peterson Mrs Agnes, bdg 
193 T.oiiKheed David, bdg 
195 Sutherland Wm A, bdg 
197-199 Hatch James C 
Hatch Mrs Mary, bdf 

Baxter Mrs Isabella 
201 Lord John A 
203 Lewis George S 
20.1 Hawkins James, contr 
207 Chinese Indry 
209 Johnston Henry W 
211 Smith D L Elect Co 

Smith D L 

213 Carson Armour S. barber 
215 Benson & Murphy, cigars 

Benson Wm N 

Murphy Mrs Rose 

Ralph James 
217-210 Hawlev John, provn 

Martin F>ank K 
}M9 Blanchl Joseph, photo 
221 Brown Charles 
223 Henderson Donald M 
225 Chinese Indry 
227 Wallace Miss I D. staty 
229 Squire T W. gro 

Wilton av Intersects 
241 Jones Mrs Margaret Q 
243 FVnrleht W J, hoseshoer 
245 Taylor Harry 
247 Dion Thomns, sboeinkr 
249 Chinese Indry 
251-3 Good John & Co, crocer 

Good John 

255 Hawley John 
257 Todd Percy, btchr 
261 Spicer George W 
263 McCarthy John 
285 Brett Wm 
267 Fransolino Frank 
2a Rose Mrs Mary B 
273 Spooner Frank 
273%-275 Spooner Frank gro 
275 McCrimmon Alex, Ur 
277 Jinks Mrs Elizabeth 
279 Chinese Indry 
281 Hernon A T, htchr 
287 Hamilton Harvey 
White Wm H 
Evenden Mrs Emily 
Gould st Intersects 
289 Woods G M. gro 
289% Howes Ernest 
291 Forbes Alex, shoemkr 
191% Johnson J S, tlr 
193 Saulter Miss Mary J 
295 Roy Warren 
297 Duncan Miss Jennie 
299 Wilson Charles J 
il Mowry Mrs Eliza, bdg 
303 Ford T J & Co, pblrs 
University Medical So 

American Technical So 
Canadian Text Book Co 

307 Shuma Lewis 

309 Moore Thomas 
S11 Wjiterson Wm 

313 Chinese Indry 

315 Slanker Wm J 
Campbell Wm 

317 Adam Arthur H 

821 Caven Mrs Margaret 

323 Williams Herbert H 

325 runmilngs K J 

327 Stinson Miss Rebecca 

329 Vacant 

331 O'Brien Miss Mary 

333 Thompson Charles 

335 McConnell John 

337 Fnllou Miss Agues 

339 Virtue & Co, publrs 
Williams Robert M 

S41 Anderson Mrs Jane 

Gerrard st e Intersect* 
349 Hughes Mrs Janet, bdg 

351 Boake Mrs M A, bdg 
353 Phillips Mrs Agnes L 

355 Burnham Albert L 

Burnbnm Mrs S, bdg 
S57 Flnnlgau Mrs M E, tlrs 
359 Ross John, plmbr 
361 McLeod John, shoemkr 
McLeod G, mus tchr 
363 Bee Miss M E. baker 

McGlll st Intersects 
365 Lamb Charles W 
369 Plckard Wm J, exp 
371 Pickard Wm 

373 Chinese Indry 

875 Lobalco Nicholas, fruits 

877 Cairncross J H, carp 

Anne st Intersects 
379 Gunn Mrs Jessie 
381 Corby Wm 

3!S3 Strachan James 
385 Burns Mrs Christina 
387 Jamieson Wm, btehr 
389 Miller Alex, gro 
391 Stuart & Giles, wines 
893 Curnahan W J A & H, 

^ Carlton st intersects 
411 Hugo Mrs Louisa 
413 McDowell Wm 
415 Colwell Lev! H 
417 Keating Mrs Mary 
419 Doncaster Mrs P A 
4i. Smith Mrs Mary 
423 Bennett Thomas 

+ Wood st Intersects 
425 St John Wm C 

427 Hallatt Mrs Allison 

428 Booth James 

431 Banks Mrs Eleanor 
433-443 Public School 

Alexander st Intersects 
445 Jardlne Stanley 
447 Buchner John L 
451 Peacock James 

Peacock D A. pntr 
449 Livingston Thomas 
453 Robinson Mrs Annie S 
455 Rice Wm M 
457 Peardon Mrs Rebecca 

459 Mclninch Miss Isabella 
461 McAlUter Mis Cecilia 
463 Thomas Noval C 
465 Smith Wm 
467 McCaffrey James 
469 Henning Miss Annie 
471 Purkls Kred'k J 
473 Perry MJss M J, drsmkr 
473V4 Lotta Walter 
475 Humphrey Julius A, un 

Maltland st intersects 
477 Chinese Indry 

481 McMurtrie Albert 
483 Kinsman Mrs Rosa 
4h5 Dolmape Mrs Sopnla 
487 Farquharson Wm J 
489 Starkey Mrs Sarah 
4H3 Giles Mrs Kllza 
497 Truax Philip 
499 Speight Win B 
507 China Inland Mission 
Helmer Joshua S 

Welleslev st Intersects 
511 Slater Wm 

513 Clubine Wm F A 

519 Granite Curling and 

Skating Co, Ltd 
Granite Curling Club 
539 Crawford George 8 

Mulock av commences 
551 Carroll Miss Kate 
653 Torrey Mrs Alda 

Torrey Miss Grace, nu:se 
555 Florence Joseph L 
559 Grant Mrs Mary 
561 Castor Ira 
563 Stewart R L, phy 

Gloucester st Intersects 
563% Podmore Mrs M A 
Krtfi Kewln Edwin 

55% Sudrtaby Wm A 
567 Vacont 

567% Robertson James 
569 Smith Rev Nathaniel 
671 Cummings Titus 1 
573 Morrow Mrs Caroline 
575 Jackson Mrs Margaret 
577 Burns Mrs Ellen 
579 Macdonald James 
683 Stewart Mrs Mary 
585 Sylvester G P, phy 

Isabella st Intersect* 
589 McCutcheon Miss Nettle 
691 Graver Mrs Marearet 
693 Webb Edward H 

6!Pf> Ellerhy Mis* Lucy 
597 Hilton Frederick 
599 McRae John 
601 Slater Frank 
603 Pentecost Ashton 
605 Mncnnmnra Michael J 
607 Watts Ernest D 
611 Bayles Thomas S 

Charles st Intersects 
815 Pryne Wm 

617 McKeown Thomas 
81J Henry Mrs