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^«P M 






Tb« Ottii li»iir«Ree S^dg., eor, llig & Y«sgd Sts. 

T«3«fthones Main 4124, 412S, 4126, 41:2? 









nlnG ST» CaSI PrIvaU Cx«h«nR* Main 5597 



20 King St. West Phone Main $732 

G. H E R I N G T O NV M«tt«ser T«r»nt« Office 
liHAS. T. LYOM-~Ctty Asenta— rRANK S. KNOWS.AND 




T«i»|»hon«$} m«!n 6795 - 679« -679? 

Nlgh«, Beimone 1943 

E. L. MCLEAN, Limileci 


ai^'<^%#B%J^l^^^lii t«le|»honM M*ln iJ65, 12S8 »d 2059 




^ w 

•* o 

"" €* 


»* Ssi 




Canada Permanent 

Mortgage Corporation 




Pbesident, - - . W. G. GOODERHAM 

F1E8T Vice-Pbesidbnt, - - - W. D. MATTHEWS 

Skcond Vict-Pbesident, - - - G. W. MONK 

Jodrr Genebal MANAOKita: 



Paid-ap Capital 
Reserve Fund (earned) 





Legal Depository for Trust Funds 

Every Facility is afforded Depositors. Deposits of one dollar and upwards are welcomed. 


Three and One-Half Per Cent. 

per annum is credited and compounded twice a year. 


For sums of one hundred dollars and upwards we issue Debentures Bearing a special rate of 
interest for which coupons payable half-yearly are attached. They may be made payable in one 
or more years as desired. They are a 


We shall be pleased to forward a specimen Debenture, copy of Annual Report, and full infor- 
mation to anyone whose address w e receive. 

Associated with the above Corporation and under the same direction and management ia 

The Canada Permanent Trust Company 

incorporated by the Dominion Parliament. This Trust Company accepts and executes trusts 
of every description, acts as Executor, Administrator, Liquidator, Guardian, Curator 
or Committee of the estate of a person of unsound mind, etc. Any branch of the 
business of a legitimate Trust Company will have careful and prompt attention. We have special 
facilities for the safe and profitable investment of funds, management of property, etc. Those who 
employ this Company in any of the various capacities in which it can be cf service, will secure for 
their business the long experience and conservative management which have placed the parent 
Corporation in the front rank of Canadian financial institutions. Canada Permanent ex- 
perience, organisation and management mean for its clients the maximum of profit combined 
with the maximum of safety. 




CAPITAL (paid up) - 







Board of Directors 

Sir Vincent Meredith, Bart., President 
C. B. Gordon, Esq., Vice-President 

R. B. Angus, Esq. 
Hon. Robt. McKay 
A. Baumgarten, Esq. 
Wm. McMaster, Esq. 

E. B. Greenshields, Esq. 
Lord Shaughnessy, K.C.V.O. 
H. R. Dnimmond, Esq. 
Capt. Herbert Molson 

Sir Wm. MacDonald 

C. R. Hosmer, Esq. 

D. Forbes Angus, Esq. 
Harrold Kennedy, Esq. 

Sir Frederick Williams-Taylor, LL.D., General Manager 
A. D. Braithwaite, Assistant General Manager 


Exhibition Branch (Exhibition Grounds) - - J. Morris, Acting Sub-Agent 

697 Dundas Street - ----- W. H. Cutler, Acting Sub-Agent 

1704 Dundas Street - ----- C. F. Foster, Sub-Agent 

680 King Street West - - - - - - A. E. Finucane, Sub-Agent 

577 Queen Street West - - - - - A. E. Hagennan, Sub-Agent 

711 Queen Street East - - - - - - F. C. Carmichael, Sub-Agent 

1271 Queen Street West - - - - - J. J. Bryan, Sub- Agent 

175 Yonge Street ------- H. C. Webster, Sub-Agent 

488 Yonge Street - - - - - - C. S. R. Laidlaw, Sub-Agent 

2444 Yonge Street D. A. RadclifFe, Manager 

Main Office (Front and Yonge Streets) - - - G. G. Adam, Manager 




Paid-up Capital, $15,000,000 Rest, $13,500,000 


SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., President Z. A. LASH, Esq., K.C., LL.D., Vice-President 

JOHN HOSKIN, Esq , K.C., LL.D., D.C.L. H. C. COX, Esq. 





E. R. WOOD, Esq. 


G. G. FOSTER, Esq.. K.C. 
CHAS. COLBY, Esq., M.A., Ph.D. 
G. W. ALLAN, Esq., K.C. 
H. J. FULLER, Esq. 

G. F. GALT, Esq. 

JOHN AIRD, General Manager. 

H. V. F. JONES, Asst. General Manager. 

The Bank has branches throughout Canada, and in London, Eng., St. John's, N'fl'd, 

the United States, and Mexico. 

Commercial Credits issued for use in Europe, the East and West 
Indies, China, Japan, South America, Australia, and New Zealand. 


Every attention given to the Collection of Commercial Paper throughout Canada and all Parts of the World. 

Covin crc Rank liana rfm Ant Deposits of $1.00 and upwards received 
^d VI 11^ a Ddlin li#e|Jciri.lllVIIL 3„j ju,fgn, ,a,e ,f i„,„ej, allowed. 


Main Office, 21-2S King Street West, Cor. Jordan Street D. A. Cameron, Manager: j^'^'^^j^Yrdl /*"*• ***"• 

1129 Bloor West, Cor. DuSerin Street J. L. Hubbell, Manager 

612 Bloor West, Bloor and Lippincott W. C. T. Moraon, Manager 

796-798 Yonge Street, Cor. Bloor Street Jas. Brydon, Manager 

941 College Street, Cor. Dovercourt Eoad E. C. Prlngle, Manager 

Danf orth and Broadview E. K. Jarvis , Manager 

St. Clair and DuSerin (Earlscourt Branch) C. E. Johnson, Manager 

942 Qerrard Street, Cor. Pape Avenue N.St.B. Young, Manager 

144-148 King Street East (Market Branch) T. A. Chisholm. Manager 

J. V. B. Portaouo, Asst. Mgr. 

1333 Queen Street West (Parkdale Branch) W. A. Cooke, Manager 

24S Carlton Street, Cor. Parliament Street A. H. Crease, Manager 

B8S-590 Queen Street West, Cor. Bathurst Street H. Poison, Manager 

744 Queen Street East. Cor. Orant Street D. Davies, Manager 

268 College Street, Cor. Spadlna Avenue H. F. D. Sewell, Manager 

1702 Dundas Street (West Toronto Branch) J. B. McCuaig, Manager 

St. Clair and Vaughan Koad (Wychwood Branch) O. B. Munro, Manager 

460 Tonge Street, Cor. College Street G. C. T. Pemberton, Manager 

197 '.99 Yonge Street (Tonge and Queen Branch) B. W. H. King, Manager 

Safety Deposit Vaults at the Main OG9ce for the cuitody of Securities, Valuable Papers, etc. 




Paid-up Capital $5,000,000 
Total Assets 



Reserved Funds $6,508,000 











THOS. F. HOW, General Manager 
JOHN R. LAMB, Supt. of Branches T. A. BIRD, Chief Inspector 




King St. W., cor. Bay St. 
(Main Office) 

Church & Wellington Sts. 

VongeSt , No. 20o opp. Albert 

Elm St. coi. Elizabeth St. 

King St. W., cor, Bathurst St. 

Spadina Ave., cor. Queen W. 

Dundas St. cor. Arthur St. 

RoDceavallea Ave., cor, Dun- 
das St. Toronto, Dundaa and 
Keele Sts. 

Parliament St.. cor. Queen E. 

Riverdale, Queen St. E. and 
Lo(;an Ave. 


ONTARIO (Continued) 







LONDON (Main Branch) 

Dundas and Talbot Sts. 

" Dundas & Adelaide Sts. 

" Richmond St. N. 



St. James St.. cor. McGill St. 
(Main Office) 

St. Catherine St., cor. Guy St. 

Board of Trade 

512 St. Lawrence Boulevard 

Atwater Ave., cor. St, Antoine 















































Great Britain — The Locdori 
City and Midland Bank, Lim- 
ited, London. 

New York — The National Bank 
of Commerce 

Chicago — First National Bank 
Buffalo — Manufacturers and 
Traders Nationaf Bank 

Detroit — First and Old Detroit 
National B:ink 

Correspondents and Special Agents in every Banking Town in Canada 

Interest paid on Savings Balances at Current Rates. Joint Account opened if required, the 
in which may be withdrawn by either of two persons, and in the event of death 
of either, the money may be withdrawn by the survivor. 

COLLECTIONS made on best terms an(i remitted for on day of payment. 

DRAFTS ISSUED available in Canada and throughout the world. 



TT H F^ 


Head Office - TORONTO 

CAPITAL PAID UP - - - $6,000,000 


TOTAL ASSETS - - - 92,000,000 

Board of Directors 

SIR EDMUND B. OSLER, M.P., President WILMOT D. MATTHEWS, Vice-President 




C. A. BOGERT, General Manager 

A. PEPLER and E. A. BEGG, Assistants to the Gen. .Man. 

27 Branches in Toronto 

Head Office and Toronto Rranch : 
Avenue Road Branch 
Bloor and Bathurst Sts. Branch 
Broadview Ave. Branch 
City Hall Branch 
Danforth Ave. Branch 
Deer Park Branch 
Dovercourt and Bloor St. Branch 
Dufferin St. Branch 
Dundas St. Branch 
Dupont and Christie Sts. Branch 
Earlscourt Branch 
Eglinton Ave. Branch 
John and Queen Sts. Branch 

-Corner King and Yonge Streets. 
Lee Ave. Branch 
Market Branch 

McCaul and St. Patrick Sts. Branch 
Queen St. W. Branch 
Roncesvalles Ave. Branch 
Rosedale Branch 

Sherbourne and Queen Sts. Branch 
Spadina Ave. Branch 
Victoria and Queen Sts. Branch 
West Toronto Branch 
Wychwood Branch 
Yonge and Bloor Sts. Branch 
Yonge and Cottingham Sts. Branch 

Saving^s Department 


Special Attention Given to Savings Accounts 

Travellers' Cheques and Letters of Credit issued. 
Sterling Exchange ]^ought and Sold. 
Accounts of Merchants, Traders, Manufacturers, Farmers, Corporations and Individuals 

received on favourable terms. 

A General Banking Business Transacted 







E. HAY, Gen. Manager W. MOFFAT, Asst. Gen. Manager 

Capital Authorized - $10,000,000.00 
Capital Paid up, $7,000,000.00 Reserve Fund, $7,000,000.00 

PELEG HOWLAND, President ELIAS ROGERS, Vice-President 



WM. HAMILTON MtRRITT, M.D., St. Catharines 


Province of Ontario 
Wellington and Leader Lane 

(Head Office) 
Adelaide and Victoria Sts 
Batburst and Dupont Sts. 
Bloor and Lansdowue Ave. 

Dundas and Bloor Sts. 
King and Sherbourne Sts. 
King and Spadina Ave. 
King and York Sts. 
Queen and Kingston Rd. 
Queen St. and Palmerston Ave 
Queen St. and Roncesvalles Ave 
Wellesley and Sherbourne Sts. 
West Market and Front Sts. 
Yonge and Ann Sts. 
Yonge and Bloor Sts. 
Yonge and Queen Sts. 

















Province of Ontario 















NIAGARA FALLS (4 Branches) 












(3 Branches) 

(3 Branches) 
ST. THOMAS (West End) 
(East End) 


Province of Ontario 








Province of Quebec 

Province of Manitoba 


(North End) 

Province of Saskatchewan 
















Province of Alberta 




(East End) 


(West End) 


Province of British 













" (Fairview) 

" (Hastings and 

Abbott Sts.) 



Gre\t Brit-vin — Lloyds Bank Limited 

NIanchester & Liverpool District Banking Company, Ltd, 
The Commercial Bank of Scotland. Limited 
Bank of Ireland 

France — Credit Lyonnaia 
United States — 

New Y'ork — Bank of the Manhattan Company 
Bank of America 
Merchants National Bank 
National Bank of Commerce 
Buffalo — Bank of Buffalo 

Columbia National Bank of Bufi'alo 
The Marine National Bank 
Boston — National Shawmut Bank 
Chicago — First National Bank 
Detroit — First and Old Detroit National Bank 
Duluth — First National Bank 


SAVINGS DEPARTMENT at ail Branches. 

United States — Continued 

Pittsburgh — Bank of Pittsburgh 

Philadelphia — Farmers' and Mechanics' National Bank 
Fourth St. National Bank 
Franklin National Bank 
St. Paul — First National Bank 
Minneapolis — First and Security National Bank 
San Frr~icisco — Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank 
Portlar. Oreg. — United States National Bank 
China and j.^pan — Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Cor- 
AtJSTR.ALi.A, New Zealand, Tas.mania — 
Union Bank of Australia 
Bank of New South Wales 

Sandwich Islands — 

Yokohama Specie Bank 

Bank of Hawaii, Limited 
South Africa — 

Standard Bank of South .Africa, Limited 

available in all parts of the world 

Special attention to colletitions. 
Interest allowed at current rates. 






Sole Agent for the Cleveland Faucet Company's Celebrated "Champion" 

Hydraulic Lager Beer Pumps and Ale Lifts for Hotels, 

Cork Pullers, Lemon Squeezers, Bottle Baskets, 

Corking Machines, Bottle Filling Machines, 

Beer and Wine Faucets, Ice Boxes 

Work Boards, Metal Polish, Etc., Etc. 

"CHAMPION" Soda Water Dispensing Apparatus and Fixtures 

Telephone MAIN 108 


1917 HEATON'S ANNUAL 1917 

PRICE, $1.25 

DIRECTORIES.— Official Directory (Members of Senate, 
House of Commons, Provincial Legislature, Titled 
Canadians, Government Officials, etc.). Canadian 
Railways, Canadian Steamship Lines, Registry 
Offices (i.e., for Deeds, Chattel Mortgages, etc.). 
Banking Towns (showing Branch Banks, Railway 
Connection, Population, etc.). Insurance Directory 
(List of Insurance Companies Licensed to do Busi- 
ness in Canada in Every Line, with Financial Stand- 
ing, Head Office, etc.). SoHcitors, Customs Brokers 
and Forwarders. 

Companies authorized Trustee Investments, Taxes 
on Commercial Travellers, Regulations affecting 
Joint Stock Companies, Foreign Corporations, 
Patents, Trade Marks, Copyrights, E.xchange Tables 
for all Countries, Weights and Measures, Freight 
and Other Tables, Railway Fares Toronto and 
Montreal to all Commercial Towns in Canada, etc. 
Parcel Post Rates, War Taxes, etc. 

CUSTOMS INFORMATION.— The Official Tariff with 
Alphabetical Index, Orders-in-Council, 4,.500 Depart- 
mental Rulings, Decisions of Customs Board and 
Customs Regulations all revised to date of publica- 
tion. Customs Ports and Outports, Treaties with 
France and Japan, Belgium, Holland, Italy, West 

Copies can be obtained from Heatan' s Agency, Toronto 
and all leading booksellers in Canada 

Indies, etc. Heaton's Annual is recognized as the 
standard work on Canadian Customs Law. 

DESCRIPTIONS OF TOWNS.— A Gazetteer of all Towns, 

with Populations of 1,.500 and over in Eastern Pro- 
vinces, and 400 and over in the West, compiled from 
official returns from the local Boards of Trade, giving 
Population, Shipping Facilities, Hotels in order of 
merit, E-^sting Industries, Municipal Statistics, 
Power Rates, Inducements offered to New Indus- 
tries, also Special Opportunities for New Industries 
and Business Openings. 

cription of districts in each Province to which immi- 
gration is attracted. Price of Lands, Dominion and 
Provincial Regulations affecting Crown Lands, etc. 
Local References. 

GENERAL INFORMATION.— Concise information, offic- 
ially revised covering Agriculture, Commerce, Educa- 
tion (Technical), Finance, Fisheries, Forests, Fur 
Farming, Manufactures, Mining, Game Laws, etc. 

WHERE TO FIND IT.— An Alphabetical Guide to the 
principal contents of Dominion and Provincial 
Government Reports and Standard Publications 
relating to Canada and how to get them. Cross 
references are given to this throughout the text. — 
Absolutely invaluable. 

, The Tim-s Book Club, Oxford St., London, England, 
Great Britain and the United States. 


Established 1849 




THE BRADSTREET COMPANY gathers information that reflects the 
financial condition and the controlHng circumstances of every seeker of mercantile 
credit. Its business may be defined as of the merchants, by the merchants, for 
the merchants. In procuring, verifying, and promulgating information no effort is 
spared, and no reasonable expense considered too great that the results may justify 
its claim as an authority on all matters affecting commercial affairs and mercantile 
credit. Its offices and connections have been steadily extended, and it furnishes 
information concerning mercantile persons throughout the civilized world. 

Subscriptions are based on the service furnished, and are available only by 
reputable wholesale, jobbing and manufacturing concerns and by responsible and 
worthy financial, fiduciary and business corporations. Specific terms may be 
obtained by addressing the company at any of its offices. 








THOS. C. IRVING, Gen. Man., Western Canada, Toronto. 



A Service That Saves 
Customers Money^= 

RETAIL Merchants using Burroughs Figuring Machines 
afford a service to customers that saves them money. 

There are no over-charges in customers' bills when purchase 
items are added on a Burroughs Machine. Clerks, adding 
figures hastily, are likely to make errors that the customer fails 
to notice. The Burroughs never makes mistakes. 

Many retailers use Burroughs Figuring Machines right on 
the counter. Every cash and charge sale of two or more items 
are added on the machine. The amounts, and a correct total, 
are printed on a slip which the merchant hands to the customer. 

Both the merchant and the customer know that the amount 
is right. 

Does YOUR Merchant Give This Service? 

Burroughs Adding Machine Co. 

J. B. Erskine, Sales Manager 

52 Bay Street - Phone Adelaide 3263 






Manufacturer of 



Embossing Dies, Stencils, Daters 
Key Tags and Checks 



A^ent for 





Highest Awards Whenever Exhibited 


77-79 Queen St. East. 


PHone Main 3760 




Rough or Smooth Surface paper 

Commercial Forms, 

may be used. 

Letter Heads, Cheques, 

Gives Accuracy and Detail. 

Folders, Booklets, Hangers, 

Beautiful Soft Effect if Desired. 


(4000 per hour) 

Brings Down the Cost. 

Calendars, Catalogues and 
Covers, Labels, of all kinds. 




Tube Systems 

For centralizing Cash and 
Saleslips in retail stores 
and for carrying letters, 
requisitions, orders and 
other papers from place to 
place in factories, ware- 
houses, business offices, 
etc. Pneumatic Tubes 
Centralize Executive 

Belt and Selective 

For speeding up the de- 
livery of packages in de- 
partment stores and for 
use wherever a Conveyor 
is required for packages 
of moderate size. Selec- 
tive Conveyors may be 
designed to pick up or 
discharge a load at any 
predetermined point. 

Gravity Conveyors 

For handling goods in bar- 
rels, boxes, packing cases, 
etc. This type of Conveyor 
carries packages having 
one flat service with no 
consumption of power. 
Gravity Conveyors are 
flexible — they may be run 
around corners, between 
floors — practically wher- 
ever desired. 


For use in stores, restau- 
rants, factor i e s, ware- 
houses, etc., wherever 
light loads are carried. 
These elevators are often 
furnished with selective 
mechanisms for stopping 
the car, or discharging 
the load at different 









is the only publication in Canada, non-partisan and non- 
political, which in cartoon and type criticizes freely, tren- 
chantly and vigorously the actions of public men, corporations 
and Governments, doing this with humour for all, malice 
towards none, but always in the best interests of the country 
from which it derives its name. 

Adelaide Sireet W., Toronto 

Tel. Main 6384 









SeotLvIcontmninc, a lahob amount of valuable infobmation 


A Complete Street Guide 





JOHN C. GARDNER, ^JS^ Mng. Dir. and Trea.. 



Copyright Canada, 1917 
By Might Directories, Limited 


It has been our custom in previous years to base our estimate of tiie city's population on the last decennial census, but 
1915 and 1916 have been exceptional years on account of so many of our people being absent at the war or in training. 
On this basis we estimate that Toronto at the close of 1916 had a 


Toronto contains 1,789 streets and 101,280 buildings of all kinds, as shown by the Street Guide. Of these 4,312 are shown 
Tftcant as compared with 6,465 last year. These figures include houses and buildings in course of construction. 


According to Assessment Commissioner's annual report, the percentages of the various religious bodies in the city were as 

Anglican 29.95 Roman Catholic 10.86 Congregational 1.10 

Presbyterian 19.21 Hebrew 6.67 Salvation Army 62 

Baptist 4.65 Lutheran 44 

Methodist 17.67 

Disciples of Christ 29 

Christian Scientists . . .25 

Unitarians 08 

Miscellaneous 8.22 

A Suburban Street Guide will be found on pages 11 to 16 
The births, marriages and deaths in Toronto for the past six years were as follows: 


1911 10,050 5,312 6,328 1914 14,500 

1912 11,100 6,158 6,313 1915 13,288 

1913 14,100 6,422 6,947 , 1916 12,866 
The different branches of trade in Toronto are shown by the following tables : 

The yearly clearings of the Banks in the city, as given by Toronto Clearing House, during the past six years : 









1911 $1,852,397,605 1913 $2,181,281,507 

1912 2,170,230,376 1914 2,012,955,006 

The duties collected at the Toronto Custom House were as follows: 

1912.... $19,307,727.68 1913. ... $20,713,371.00 1914. 

1915 .... $18,901,470.00 1916 . 

The following figures were the Post Office earnings for both Montreal and Toronto: 

1915 $1,885,956,257 

1916 2,571,535,613 

. . .$16,476,059.00 
. . .$31,778,731.75 


1911 $1,152,127.27 

1912 1,281,900.48 

*1913 1,479,620.60 


$1,963,065.28 »1914 $1,625,615.86 

2,217,704.91 1915 1,590,395.44 

2,500,527.00 1916 2,216.210.39 

•(April Ist to March 31st.) 



The following table gives the actual number of real estate transfers during the last six years: 



1912 1,976 

1913 about 2,000 

1914 2,881 

1915 Included with 

m West 
























The number of building permits granted and the value of the buildings erected during the past six years: 




1911 7,296 $24,374,539 1914 

1912 7,173 27,401,761 1915 

1913 7,177 27,038,624 1916 


1911 9,869 

1912 10,217 







1913 9,884 

1914 8,953 1916 4,753 

The total assessments of the City of Toronto, as returned by the Assessment Commissioner for six years, were as follows: 

1911 $390,599,148 1913 $588,091,788 1915 $639,914,999 

1912 479,089,397 1914 651,148,947 1916 667,430,230 

The area within the city limits, not including the portion of the city land covered by water, is 20,418.08 square acres. 

There are 670.47 miles of streets and lanes, 552.9 miles of sewers, 579.141 miles of water mains, and 6,440 hydrants. The 
average quantity of water pumped in 24 hours during 1916 was 49,960,000 gallons. 

In conclusion we tender our sincere thanks to our patrons for their support and encouragement. 


March, 1917. JOHN C. GARDNER, President 

Co n feberation Xife 


I Canadian Conpaay 




Addenda 9 to 

Alphabetical list o£ naJTies..471 to 
Business Classifications ..1627 to 
Index to Advertisers 5 to 








Introductory 4 

Miscellaneous Directory. .1819 to 1842 

Street Directory 73 to 469 

Suburban Streets 11 to 16 

Suburban Villages 17 to 72 



Cedarvale 17 

Karlscourt 20 

Fairbank 23 

Humber Bay ■ . . 28 

I^ambton Mills 30 

Little York 32 

Mimico 35 

Mount Dennis 39 


New Toronto 44 

Oakwood 46 

Kunnymede 48 

Silverthorn 54 

S'waneea 65 

Todmorden 58 

Weston 63 

Wychwood 67 


—.5 r Pags 
Ancient Order of United Work- 
men 1836 

Bands 1840 

Benevolent, Fraternal and Na- 
tional Societies 1830 

Board of Education 1822 

Canadian Home Circles 1833 

Catholic Mutual Benefit Asso- 
ciation 1837 

Cemeteries 1828 

Choeen Friends, Canadian Or<ler. 1831 

ijhurohes and Ministers 1825 

City Government 1821 

Clubs 1S40 

Consuls 1820 

Convents 1828 

County of York (Council, etc.).. 1821 

Court House 1821 

Customs 1820 

Daugihters and Maids of England 

Bene-volent Society 1837 

Dominion Alliance 1838 

Dominion Government 1819 

Bducational Dept 1822 

Educational Institutions 1822 

Fire Department 1822 

Foresters, Ancient Order of .... 1831 

Foresters, Canadian Order of... 1832 

Foresters, Catholic Order of.... 1832 

Foresters, Independent Order of. . 1832 


Governor-General and Staff 1819 

Harbor Commissioners 1820 

Hospitals. Asvlums and Homes.. 1824 

Inland Revenue 1820 

Irish Protestant BenevoJent So- 
ciety 1837 

Judges of Ontario Courts 1821 

King and Royal Family 1819 

Knights of the Maccabees 1833 

Knights of Pythias 1833 

Knights of St. John 1833 

Knights of Ma'lta 1833 

Legal and Judiciary 1S21 

Libraries 1825 

Licenses (liquor) 1S21 

Markets 1822 

Masons, Order of 1830 

Meteorological Office 1820 

Military 1820 

Ministry. The (of Canada) 1819 

Miscellaneous Societies 1841 

Misisions 1828 

Missionary Training .Schools .... 182S 

Monasteries 1S28 

Oddfellows, Canadian Order of. . 1833 
Oddfellows. Independent Order of 1833 
Oddfellovrs, I. O. O. F., Manches- 
ter Unity 1834 

Ontario Government 1820 


Orange Association ■' 18S4 

Osgoode Halil 1821 

Parks and Squares 182S 

Police Department 1822 

Post Office 182" 

Pounds 1822 

Prisons, etc 1821 

Province of Ontario 1820 

Public Buiidingrs, Blocks, ■ Halls, 

etc 182S 

Public Schools 1823 

Railroad Organizatlona 184m 

.St. Andrew's Society 183S 

St. George's Society 183s 

St. Vincent de Paul Society 183^ 

Separate Schools 1824 

Sons of Canada Benevolent Assn. 1837 

Sons of Eng'la.nd Benefit Society. 1837 

Sons of Scotland Benevolent Assn 183S 
Sons and Daughters of Ireland 

Protestant Association 183S 

Steamboat Inspection 182" 

Temperance Societies 183.S 

Trades and Labor Societies .... 1S3S 

Water Works : 1822 

Women's Christian Temperance 

Union 1S3S 

Woodmen of the World, Canadian 

Order of 1836 


Aoheson Wm H 

Acme Dairy left bottom 

.\cme Electro Plating Co 

Adams W G Coal Co 

Adamson A & J Co 

Adelaide Vulcanizers . '■ 

Aikenhead Hardware Co. Ltd... 

left bottom 

Alexander Engraving Co, Ltd.. 

490 and opp 

Alexander & Son.. opp 1676 and 

Alliance Ins Co 

American Tent and Awning Co 

1B40 and 








Ames A E & Co • 486 

Ames J H & Son 486 

Ancient Order of Foresters 487 

Anderson Robert & Co 1746 

Anderson & McMaster 490 

Antipitzky Metal Co 1792 

Antiseptic Bedding Co, Ltd 17,")0 

Armstrong Fred Co, Ltd 496 

.Arnold! & Grierson 498 

Arn-ot Construction Co. Ltd 

right bottom corner cards 

Art Metropole 499 

Atkins, Ltd 173S 

Atkinson James L 1627 


Auld John 16.S2 

.^yleaworth, Wright, Moss & 

Thompson 50» 

Baboock & Wilcox, Ltd 505 

Bailey Percy L 508 

Bain, Bicknell, Ma^doneJl & Gor- 
don 509 

BaJmer & Blakely 1764 

Banfield W H & Sons 1746 

Bank of Montreal 3 

Bank of Toronto _ 5 

Bankei's Bond Co 517 

barber Henry & Co 1627 

Barnett L & J 1634 

F. J. SMITH ^^^ CO. 



the UNION TRUST CO., Limited llox\s"^o»'cV 

QgcMiBdSria Deposit viiiih: Temple BIdg., Bay and Richmond Sts. *'i»dmi';nltriS"*T™ 

$2.00 A YEAR AND 

Barton & Henderson 

Bates & Dodds 

BatU, Ltd 1676 and 

Beamish J R & Sons 

Beardmore Belting Co 

Beattle Geo J 

Beaver Brass Co 

Beav«r Flint Gloss Co of Tor- 
onto, Ltd 

Belding Paul CorticeUl, Ltd 

Bell Bros. & Co opp 

Bell Telephone Co 

Bell W J 

Belle Ewart Ice Co 

left bottom lines and 

Bennett & Wrigjht Co, Ltd 

Berger Tailoring Co opp 

Best D M & Co 

Beverley Wood Specialty Co, 


Biokell J P & Co 

Bigigar & Burton 

Bishop Straohan School . .^ . . . . 

Black, James 

Blackburn, A. R. & Sons 

Blake, Lash, Anglln & Casaels.. 

Boase, Ltd 

Bochner, Abraham C 

Bochner & Co 

Bodi-Tone Co 

Boeckh Bros. Co., Ltd 

Boiler Inspection and Insurance 


Bollard Alive 

Bolte Auguste 

Booth-Coulter Copper & Brass 


BoTg-f eldt, Geo. & Co., Ltd 

Bowden, Frank & Sons, Ltd.... 

Bowell, Fred F 

Bowerbank. G. A.. & Co 

Bradstreet Co., The 9 and 

Brayley & Co 

Brent, Noxon & Co 

Brig'gs, Frost, Grosch & Dillon 

Brig-hton Laundry 

Brimstin. Geo. Co 

Bristol & .Armour 

Britannic Underwriters Agency 
British America .\ssuranoe Co. 

right bottom 

British America Assurance Co... 
British America Assurance Co... 
British America Assurance Co. . . 
British Rpyal Cyclone Carpet 


British and Canadian Underwrit- 

P.ritneil,' .Albert' [.'.]..'..'.]]'.]'.'. 

Britnell. .John Son 

Brock. W. R. Co., Ltd 

Brodie, Wm. A 


Brouse, Mitchell & Co 

Brown, Alex.. Milling' and Ele- 
vator Co.. Ltd 

Brown Engineering Corp., Ltd. 

1712 and 

Brown, M« rritt A 

Brown, Wm. J 

Brown & Love 

Brown &• Stainton OPP 

Browne, Mme. N 

Browne, W. A. & W. H 

Brownstein & Walsh 

Bryan, Geo. M 

Bryant Press opp. 

P.uohanan. Seagram & Co 

Bulgarian Orthodox Church 

Bull, Jos. R 

Burk. Arthur W 

Burke, Horwood & White, left top 

Burns. P. & Co 

Burns. Stephen W 

Burns & "Webster 

Burritt. A. P. & Co 

Burroughs Adding Machine Co. 

Burruss &• Sweatman, Ltd 

left bottom lines and 

Bush, Oh.irles. Ltd 

Butler, Miss Katheryn 

Cain, Fussell & McLean 

Cairns, Bernard 

Caledonian Fire Ins. Co 

Calvert, Geo. A 

Cameron & Crooks 

Campbell. Thonipson & Co 

Canada Accident Assurance Co.. 




































































Canada Construction Co 1677 

Canada Electric Co 1696 

Canada Fine Art Co., Ltd 1667 

Canada Lumber Co., Ltd 1744 

Canada Machinery CoiT)., Ltd... 1746 

Canada Metal Co., Ltd 

left bottom lines. . 

Canada National Fire Insurance 

Co front cover 

Canada Permanent Mortgage 

Corp ., 2 and 627 

Canada Permanent Trust Co.... 627 

Canadian Academy of Music... 1756 
Canadian Bank of Commerce... 

4 and opp 628 

Canadian Boat and Engine Ex- 
change 1649 

Canadian Carbon Co 1646 

Canadian Cleaning Co 1816 

Canadian Consolidated Rubber 

Co 629 

Canadian Cork Cutting Co 1682 

Canadian Explosives, Ltd 629 

Canadian Feather & Mattress 

Co., Ltd 1750 

Canadian Fire Ins. Co 629 

Canadian Germicide Co 16-89 

Canadian Independent TeJ. Co.. 1806 
Canadian Inspection and Testing 

Laboratorlfc 1698 

Canadian Kodak Co 630 

Canadian Linotype, Ltd 1782 

Canadian Mortgage Investment 

Co 630 

Canadian Numbering Machine Co. 1760 

Canadian Picture Frame Co.... 1776 

Canadian Rag and Metal Co. . . . 1752 
Canadian Seamless Wire Co., Ltd. 

1655 and 1788 

Canadian Storage & Transfer Di- 
rectory 1802 

Canadian Surety Co. . . 631 and 1730 
Canadian Tailoring Supply Co.. 1805 
Canadian Wrecking and Con- 
struction Co 1818 

Candler, Wm. Co 1663 

Cannon, T. & Son. Ltd 1680 

Canuck. Jack, Publishing Co.... 12 

Oaplan & Co : 1727 

Carter & Co 1705 

Carters Tested Seeds, Inc 

640 and 1793 

Case, Egerton R 

left top lines and 1769 

^■aseels. Brock, Kelley & Falcon- 
bridge 642 

Cavanagh. Prof. F. J 1773 

Central Business College 

645 and 1672 

Central Canada Loan & Savings 

Co 645 

Central Press Agency 645 

Century Insurance Co., Ltd 645 

Chalkley. R. * Son, Ltd 1677 

Chamberlin Metal Weather Strip 

Agency 1707 and 1816 

Chapian, Myer 173S 

Chapman & McGiffln 1636 

City Dairy Co., Ltd 

right top corner cards and 1661. 

1665, 1684. 1685, and 1726 

City Towel, Apron Supply & 

Laundry, Ltd 1810 

Clark, Chas. N 1646 and 1753 

Clarke & Rwabey 664 

Clarkson, Gordon & Dllworth... 

664 and 166.-) 

Clatworthy & Son. Ltd 1802 

Claxton. TJios.. Ltd 175S 

Clemmer. Cecil C 1667 

Coales, George 668 

Cobb. Charles S 1636 

Cobbledick, Nelson B 1S13 

Code & Code 

....right top corner cards and 1803 

Coles. George. Ltd 1664 

Colonial Realty and .Securities 

Corp., Ltd left bottom lines 

r'ommercial Printing Co 1780 

Commercial Union Assce. Co 

left bottom lines 

Commercial Union Assurance Co., 

Ltd left bottom lines 

Confederation Life Association 

left top lines, 680 and 1732 

Conger Lehigh Coal Co. ..681 and 1670 

Connecticut Fire Ins. Co. 6S1 

Consumers Gas Co., of Toronto 

margin, front cover, 683 and 1712 

Contractors Supply Co., Ltd 1681 

Cook, Thos. J. R 1811 

Cooke, James H 686 

Cooper, George H 1778 

Copeland & Fairbairn 1786 

Copp Clark Co 12 

Cotton, D. C 163« 

Cox & Cummings, Ltd left top lines 

Craig-Cowan Co., Ltd 1714 

Grain, Bolla L., Co., Ltd 1743 

Crescent Concrete Paving Co... 

706 and 1680 

Croft, Wm., & Sons, Ltd 707 

Crombie, Worrell & Gwynne 70S 

Crosby, Mrs. C. Thomson 1803 

Cross, Leonard G 1786 

Crown Metal .Weather Strip Co. ..1816 

Cuming, M. A. & Co 1724 

Curry, J Co., Ltd 717 

Dale & Co 720 

Dancy, R. C 722 and 1777 

Danforth Cartage and Express 

Co 1664 

Daniels Coal Co 1670 

Dart, Union Co., Ltd 1800 

Davidson, Walter & Co 

lower balf back cover 

Davy, H. M. & Co 

left tap corner cards 

Deacon. F. H. & Co 732 

Defender Photo Supply Co 1771 

Delamere, Reesor & Ross 736 

DeLaval Dairy Supply Co., Ltd. 1686 

Denison, A. R. & Stephenson . . . 1636 

Denison, Miller & Livingston.... 1644 

Denison & Foster 73i8 

Dennison, Herbert J. S 1769 

Denovan Joshua 739 

Denton. Grover & Field 739 

Designing and Draughting Co. 1636 

Dickinson's Dye Works 1694 

Dictaphone, The 744 

Dictation 744 

Dillon's, Limited IMS 

Dixon, Henry 1769 

Doan & Charles, Ltd 1669 

Dockeray, Robert W 

left bottom lines 

Dominion Artificial Limb Co 1637 

Dominion Auctioneers 1638 

Dominion Bank 6 

Dominion Bridge Co 751 

Dominion Business College .... 1672 

Dominion Envelope Co., Ltd 

■ 1654, 1700 and 1787 

Dominion Fire Insurance Co 

front cover 

Dominion Gresham Guarantee & 

Casualty Co 751 

Dominion of Canada Guarantee 

and -Accident Insurance Co 

left bottom lines and 752 

Dominion Pattern Works 1770 

Dominion Securities Corp 752 

Dominion Transport Co., Ltd... 752 

Dorenwend Co., of Toronto, Ltd. 1722 

Douglas Bros., Ltd 1790 

Doust, Joseph 757 

Dovercourt College of Music .... 1'756 
Dovercourt Land, Building and 

Savings Co., Ltd ■rig'ht toip lines 

Dovercourt Twine Mills 1418 

Downer Pattern Works 1770 

Downs, Miss Eva 1801 

Dun, R. G. & Co 1751 

Duncanson, How & Co 767 

Dunkleman, David opp 168:'. 

Duthie, G. & Sons, Ltd 1790 

Dykes. Philip 772 

Dymond, Emma S 1634 

Earls, John . . . .- 774 

Eaton, Margaret, School of Ex- 
pression 1672 

Eddis, Wilton C, & Sons, 1627 and 1638 

Edison Electric Wiring Co 1697 

Edwards, Harry 1756 

Edwards, Morgan & Co 1627 

EfRcient Pressing Co 1691 

Elder, Robert, Carriage Works, 

Ltd. 1673 

Elgie & Jarvis, Lumber Co., Ltd. 1744 

Elsley, R. D 1776 

Empire Brush Co., The 1658 

Empire Mfg. Co., Ltd 787 

Empire ^Vpewriter ..left bottom lines 

The Dominion of Canada Guarantee & Aeoident Insurance Company 


"" ^FmSVNsugr^cE* "" Head Office: TRADERS BANK BLDG., TORONTO 



77 WELLINGTON ST. W. Umited 





Iniployers Liability Assurance 

Corp. 788 

:iiglish. Fred H 1789 

ui^r.ivers and Die Sinkers Co.. 1699 

::uislievsky, B. & iSon 

left top lines and 1792 

:iiuity Life Assurance Co 1733 

:therington, \Vm 173S 

vans & Goooh ....right bottom lines 

: :verall, Georg-e Co.. Ltd 

....right top corner cards an<l 17S0 

; :\vart & Jacob 1678 

:«inK & Murphy 1817 

Excelsior Electric Mfg. Co 1695 

:xcelsior Life Insurance Co 

left top corner cards 

l-':incy Goods Co. of Canada, Ltd. 796 
]";isken. Cowan, Chadwick & 

Rose 798 

Federal Eng^ineering Co 1647 

Fergusson. G. Tower SOS 

Ferranti Electrical Co 

right top corner cards 

.?rrier Wire Goods Co 1817 

.therstonhaugh & Co 1769 

• therstonihaugh & Hammond.. 1769 

idelity & Casualty Co. of X. Y. SO.i 

field. Love & House backbone 

Finley. Smith & Co S0>^ 

Fire Insurance Exchange Corp... 

bottom edge 

Pirstbrook Bros 

Fiske, A. M., Mra. . 
Reform Wardrobe 



ianasran, E. & J 1786 




^'letcher Mfg. Co., Ltd 

FoHett. Joseph J 

Forbes, Mrs. W. R. ... 
^"i>rd Service Station ... 

Mstor. James 

oy, Knox & Monahan 

J'raser, Wm , , 

P'rind Mercantile Agency 1671 

]"rost, Arthur J 1705 

Frost. Samuel A 1706 

Furness, Suckling & Garrett .... 8:' 
: igne, Mrs. O. A 17S6 

imble. C. & H. D S3S 

irdner. A. & Co 1679 





Gardner, Geo. M, 
Garrett. Geo. S. C. 

Gelber Bros 1818 

■;. neral Fire Equipment Co., Ltd. 846 

• neral Fire Insurance Co 

left top lines 

. rman .\merican Insurance Co. 847 

1 bson, Charles J 

; I'son, J. G., Marble and Granite 


Gil>son. McCormack, Irvin Co., 

Ltd 850 and 

Gibson. R. Louis 

Gibson, TSheron 1S13 

"ilison ,SL- Gibson : . . . ISO:' 

iday. Richard 179i> 

enn Charles 1722 

over, Henry & Co 1S27 

vnn's ISOt! 

Mildberg, A. M. P 1685 

■ 'klman & Co 86: 

■ ildsmiths' Stock Co.. of Canada, 

Ltd ; . 

rdon, Mackay & Co 

■ulding, G. & Sons 
• raham. Howard Co. 
i:rainerer, E. & Co. . 

Gianatstein, M. S: Sons ISO."! 

Grant Contracting Co.. Ltd 1679 

Gray, J. WiUion g79 and 

Gifiy. R. A. L. & Co 

Great West Life Assce. Co 

Grenadier Ice & Coal Co 

Grier, A. Monro 164.5 

'iiundy & Hunt rigrht top lines 

Guarantee Co. of is'orth America 

left bottom lines 








'lett. Robt. M i;„ 

mn, Roberts & Co lljo 


'■unns. Limited 
Gutta Percha & Rubber, Ltd 

Hall, F. & Son ivii 

Hall, ,T. S 1723 

Hall, Wm. A . . . 899 

Hallam, John, Ltd 171f> 

Halliday, F. G.. Ltd 1(;34 

Hambourg- Conservatory 1756 

Hamilton Wm 904 



Hand in Hiand Insurance Co 

top edg'e of book 

Harcourt & Son 908 

Harling, R. Dawson 1800 

Harper, ^\'im 1685 

Harri,s Coal Co 914 

Harris, E. Co., of Toronto, Ltd... 914 

Harris Lithographing Co 916 

Harris, W c^i Co 917 

Harrison, Mrs. Eva 1739 

Harron, Hugih J 1694 

Hart S. R. & Co 919 

Hartz, J. F. Co., The 1774 

Hatcher, Geo 1706 

Hawiey, John S 92.5 

Heatorr's Agencies 8 

Heighington & Shaver 932 

Heil, Casper 1803 

Heintzman & Co., Ltd 

rig'ht bottom lines 

Helpert Bros 1737 

Hepburn, John T., Ltd 1747 

Heys, Thos. & Son 

rig-ht top lines, 941 and 1754 

Hickey'B 942 

Hicks, Harrv Co 1697 

Higgin Mfg. Co 1816 

Higgins, Fred Page & Co 1627 

Hill. Barron L. 1706 

His Master's Voice. Ltd 949 

Hiscott Institute. Ltd 16^88 

Hoidge Marble Co., Ltd 1749 

Holrten-Morgan Co., Ltd 1747 

Holt, Renfrew & Co., Ltd 958 

Home Insurance Co 959 

Hood, Geo. W. P 959 

Hope, George & Son 1648 

Hopkins, T., Auto Top Renew Co. 1638 

Hotel Red Book 1725 

Howard Furnace & Hardware Co. 1709 

Howard Printing Co 1780 

Howe. A. T. & Son 967 

Howell Trading Co 1802 

Huljbert, George 1765 

Huggins, John W 1776 

Hug.hes, R. H 1696 

Hull, Ralpih A 1651 

Hunt, Robt. W. & Co 1699 

Hunter & Deacon 976 

Huntef & Hunter 976 

Hynes. W. J., Ltd 1777 

Hyslop Brothers, Ltd., rig-ht top lines 

Ideal Box Lunch Co 1654 

Illinois Engineering Co 1800 

Imperial Bank 7 

ImpeJ-ial Clothing Mfg. Co 9S3 

Imperial Glass Works 1754 

Imperial Guarantee and Accident 

Insurance Co 983 

Imperial Life Assurance Co. of 

Canada 983 

Imperial Tobacco Co. of Canada, 

Ltd 983 

Imperial ITnderwriters Corp. . . . 983 

Independent Order of Foresters. 984 

Independent Order of Oddfellows 984 

Insurance Co. of Xorth .America 985 
Insurance Co. of the State of 

Pennsylvania 9g6 

International! Mausoleum Co., 

Ltd 1750 

Irish, George L 1776 

Jack Canuck PuWisJiing Co 12 

Jackes, Edwin H 990 

Jackes & Jackes 990 

Jacob, Z 1792 

Jarvis. Aemilius & Co 996 

■lav. Wm. & .Son 1706 

I Jefferson Glass Co.. Ltd 1714 

! Jenkins, B. M. & T., Ltd 

I ' opp. 1634 and 1710 

.Tenkins & Hardy 998 and 1628 

Jewell, Harry 168S 

Johnston, McKay, Dods & Grant, 

1006 and 1645 

Johnstone, Wm left top lines 

Jones Bros. & Co., Ltd 1795 

Jones, T. & Co 1680 and 1704 

Jones & Barlow 1012 

Jules & Co 1722 

Kantel, E. A., Ltd 1016 

Kay, ..\Iex., Cycle Co 1647 

Kent, -Ambrose, & Sons 1027 

Kent-McClain. Ltd 1796 

Kents. Limited 1027 

Kerr. Bull, Shaw & Montgomery 102S 
Kerr, Davidson, Paterson & Mc- 

Farland 102S 

Kerry & I'haee, Ltd. . 

Kilsour Bros 

Kilmei-, Irving & Davit; 

King:, Warden, Ltd 

Kingstone. Symons & Co 

Kirby. Richard G . . 

Kite bener. James 

Klcos. John Co 

KnoH-rand, Frank .S •. . . 

Laidlaw, R., Lumber Co. . ,opp. 

Lai<llaw. R., .t Co 1047 and 

Lai'e .Simoc Ice .Supply and Co!! 

Storage Co., Ltd. . . . '. 

Lambert. Miss Ella 

I>amson Co 

Langley .<• Howland 

Langmuir. Jas. & Co.. Ltd 

LaM-, Union Si Rock Insurance 


Law son, Welch & Co 

Leadley, E. & Co 

Leckie, John, Ltd 

rig'ht top lines and 

Lee-Collins Co 

Lee & O'Donoghue 

Lennox, E. J 1068 and 

Le Vesconte, R. C 

Lindsey, Geo. G. S 

Liverpool & London & Olobe Ins. 

Co., Ltd 

Lloyds' Plate Glass Ins. Co 

Locke, J. T. & Co 

left top corner 

Lof tus, John T 

London Guarantee and Accident 


London Mutual Fire Insurance Co. 

of Canada 

London and Lancashire Fire In- 
surance Co 

London & Lancashire Life and 

General Assurance Association. 

Ltd 1085 and 

London & Lancashire Life and 

General Assurance Association, 


Loretto Abbey 

Lovell, Robert 

Lowe Bros., Ltd 

Lowndes Co., Ltd 

Lucas, John & Co 

Lyman Bros. & Co., Ltd 

Lyon & Plummer 

McBrady & O'Connor 

McBride, Percy A 

opposite inside back cover and 

McCarthy & McCarthv 

McCausIand, Robt, Ltd 

McColl Bros. & Co 

McConnell & Ferguson 

McCord. Samuel 

McDonald & Halligan 

McDonald & Warburton 

IfcFarlane Ladder Works 

McGinnis & Metcalfe 

McGregor & Mclntyre 

rig'ht bottom lines and 

Mcintosh Granite Co., Ltd 

McKay. WinHeld G 

.McKechnie, John 

McKenzie, James 

McKim, A., Ltd 

McLaren, D. K., Ltd 

McLaren, J. C, Belting Co 

McLean, D'Arcy B 

McLean, E. L.. Ltd front 

McLure & Mcintosh 

McMulkin, F. & J 

Mabie, Todd & Co 

top line front 

ALacDonald, Bullock & <^o 

Macdonald, Garvey & Rowland.. 

Macdonald, John & Co 

Macdonald, Shepley. Donald & 


Macdonell & Boland 

Macedono-Bulgarian Orthodox 


Macey Sign Co opp. 

MacGregor & MacGregor 

Mackay, John & Co 

Macnaughton. .\. Cameron 

Macrae & ^Macrae 

Mahafty. "W. S. Co., The 

Maiestic Florist 

Mallory, Frank S. . .■ 

M.ilone. Ma lone & Long 

Malott. AVm. V.'eather Strip Co.. 



1 Oi-', 
- T2S 














165 9 




169 ft 





Phones: Office, Main 4949 
Night Res., Parkdale 3594 



Office, Wtrelrause and Yard: Phone M. 6147 

536-542 QUEEN ST. E. 







1188 I 
1745 I 

1669 ; 

boolc ] 

1199 I 

1741 I 
1204 [ 
1671 ' 

Maltby, C. L. & Co 

Manufacturers Life Insurance Co. 

Majp Co 

Map Specialty Co 

Mappin, Norman H left top 

Marohment, S. W 

Marine Insurance Co., Ltd., of 
London, Eng 

Marion & Marion 

Marks Stamp Co 

Martin Corrugated Paper & Box 
Co., Ltd 

Martin, N. L. & Co., 1638 and 

Maryland Casualty Co 

Mason Advertising Agcy 

Mason & Shaw 

Matthews A., Ltd 

Matthews Bros., Ltd 

Mauehan, John 

Meiarns & Carr & Son left bottom 

Meiir & Linden, Ltd 

left top lines and 

Melsterschaft School of Jja.n- 

Mendelssohn Piano Co 

Mercantile Fire Ina Co 

Merchants Casualty Co 

Merry, Martin N 

Metallic Roofing Co. of Canada, 

Metropolitan Life Ins. Co 

Michell, Roy R 

Mick/le, Dymcnt & Son 

Might Directories, Ltd 

1191. 1756 and 

Millar, Ferguson & Hunter . . . 

Millard, Fredk. P 

Miller, G. M. & Co 

Miller Mfg. Co 

Millers and Manufacturers In- 
surance Co., bottom edge of 

Milnes Coal Co. . .front cover and 

Mineral Steam Bath Co 

1646 and 

■Mitcham, Mrs. Geo. C 

Mitchell, W. & J 

Model Incubator Co., Ltd 

Moftat-Irving Steel Works, Ltd. 

Montagnes, I. & Co 

Montgomery S. E. & Co 

Moore, Benj. & Co 

Morrison, David 

left top corner cards 

Morrison, R. P. & Co 

Mosher Studio of Dancing 

Mouchel, L. G., & Partners, Ltd. 

Moulton College 

Mouterde, Charles 

Mowat, Maclennan, Hunter & 

Mulook, Cawthra & Co 

Mulock, Milliken, Clark & Red- 

Muntz & Beatty 

Murray-Kay, Ltd 

Murray Printing Co 

Murton R. C. & Co 

Nasmiths. Ltd 

National Drug and Chemical Co. 
of Canada. Ltd 

Nationail Fire Proofing Co. of 
Canada, Ltd 

National Surety of New York . . 

Nealon, Martin 

Nedlson, Wm. Ltd 

Nelson, Jeremiah 1701 and 

Nerllch & Co opp 

New Era Mercantile Agency .... 
1238 and 

New Method Laundry 

. . left margin line, front coyer 

New York Plate Glass Ins. Co. 

New York Underwriters' Agency 

Newall. A. G. & Co 

Newman, Fredk 

News, Tihe oipp 

Niajgara Fire Insurance Co. of 
New York 

Nichols Chemical Co 1242 and 

Nichols, J. L. C, Ltd 

Nioholson, Geo 

Nield, Ernest 

Nineteen Hundred Washer Co. . . 

Norris Patterson, Ltd 

North An\erican Accident Insur- 
ance Co 







162S i 



1680 '■ 

1234 1 









North American Life Assur&nce 

Co 1733 

Norwicfh Union Fire Insurance 

Society, Ltd 

right side line, front cover and 1249 

Nugent, W. E 1250 

O'Hearn, James J. & Sons 1765 

O'Reilly T. E., Ltd 1256 and 166« 

Obee, Harvey 1257 

Ocean Accident & Guarantee 

Corp., Ltd front cover 

Ogden & Bowlby 1258 

Ontario Flexotile Products, Ltd. 

left top lines 

Ontario Lime Co., Ltd opp. 1658 

Ontario Paint Store 1815 

Ontario Show Case Co 1796 

Ontario Veterinary College 1261 

Ormsby, A. B. Co., Ltd 1794 

Orr, Bros. Ltd 

inside back cover and 1678 

Osborn Arthur 1710 

Osier, Hoskin & Harcourt 1263 

Osier & Hammond 12«3 

Owen, Lemuel C 1265 

Pacific Coast Fire Ins. Co 1266 

Page Wire Fence Co., Ltd 173' 

Palatine Insurance Co 1268 

Pailmer & Co 1««S 

Palter Bro« 1269 

Palter, Lou 177S 

Pardee Avern & Co 1270 

Parker, A. Dean 

left top lines and rigiit bottom 


Parker's Dye Works ..1272 and 1694 

Pascoe & Hem 1275 

Paterson Mfg. Co 12Vfi 

Paton. James W 1277 

Patrick, W. G. & Co., Ltd 1674 

Patterson. S. & Co 1667 

Peabody, P. E IfiS.T 

Peake & Whittlngham 1771 

Pearcy Sanderson & Co 1282 

Pears James & Son 1655 

Pearson. S. L. & Co 1802 

Pease Heating Co.. Ltd 1285 

Peerless Furnace Co 1724 

Pember, Wm. T 1722 

People's Dairy Co 168fi 

Perkins Erickson & Co 1289 

Perkins. Ince & Co 1289 

Perry, James A 1291 

Petrie. H. W, Ltd 1745 

Phenix Fire Ins. Co. of Paris. 

France 1294 

Phinnemore, James 1766 

Phoenix Assurance Co 1297 

Photo Engravers Ltd 1771 

Pickering, I. G. & Co 1661 

Pike, D. Co., Ltd 

1299, 1641, 1684, 1705. 1722, 1798 

and 1806 

Pike, W. E 

1299, 1641, 1684 and 1806 

Pink. M. C. & Co 1737 

Poison Iron Works, Ltd 1305 

Pontlfex Bryan 162S 

Ponton Douglas .... left bottom lines 

Postlethwaite. Wm 1787 

Potts Pattern Works 1770 

Powell Lumber and Door Co.. Ltd 1310 

Precision Tool Works 1809 

Princess Chic 1739 

Pringle & Booth 1771 

Protectograph Co. of Canada . . 1783 

Provident Investment Co 

'left top lines 

Provincial Motors Livery 

1640 and 1806 

Provincial Paper Mills Co., Ltd.. . 1768 

Pullan, Eiias 

.... left top corner cards and 181' 

Puritan Laundry Co., Ltd. ..opp. 1319 

Quebec Fire Assurance Co 1321 

Queen City Fire Insurance Co. . . 

top edge of book 

Queen Oity Glass Co., Ltd 1713 

Queen Fire Ins. Co 1322 

Queen Show Case Co 1796 

Queen Street Garage 1639 

Radbone. Frank H 1679 

Raffalovich. Mme 1666 

Rams«y, J. G.. Ltd 1771 EJectrotvpe Co. of Canada, 

Ltd 1327 

Ratelift Paper Co 1768 

Rathbone, Fredk. W 132« 


Rathbone, George, Ltd., 1328 ami 1745 

Rawlinson, Lionel 1328 

Reed, Shaw & McNaught 1333 

Reed & Menzies 1630 

Reeve, John T 1333 

Reld, George & Co 1336 

Reliance Engraving Co 1771 

Reliance Harness V.'orks, Ltd. . . 1723 

Remington Business College . . . 1672 

Rennie, Wm. Co., Ltd 

right top corner cards 

Reynolds Bros left bottom lines 

Riches, Charles H 1769 

Richmond, Andrew C. 1679 

Riddeld. Stead, Graham & Hutch- 
ison 1628 

Ridout & Maybee right top lines 

Ridout & Strickland 1346 

Rishworth, Thos 1817 

Ritchie, John, Plumbing and 

Heating Co., Ltd 1348 

Riverdale Lumber Co 174, 

Robertson, Robinson & Co. ...:. 166'5 
Robinette, Godfrey, Phelan & 

Lawson 1354 

Robins & Burden 1355 

Robinson & Colby 1700 

Robinson & Heath ....1656 and 1685 

Rochester Underwriters Agency 1359 

Rogers Electric Co. . . . right top lines 

Rogers Elias Co.. Ltd 

right top corner cards and 

1361, 1670 and 1817 

Rogerson Coal Co., Ltd 1670 

Roncesvalles Ladies Tailoring 

Co 1739 

Rose Coal Co., Ltd 

right bottom corner cards and 1671 

Rosealene Products, Ltd 1689 

Ross, Fred. H. & Co., Ltd 1787 

Ross & Holmsted 1370 

Rosser & Co 1787 

Rothwelil, John 1370 

Rotstein Bros 1737 

Powell, Reed, Wood & Wrigiht.. 1646 

Royal Cloak Co 1668 

Royal Typewriter Agcy 1S12 

Sadler & Haworth 1382 

St. Olair Foundry Co 1383 

St. Margaret's College 1673 

Sale Julian Leather Goods Co. . . 

1384 and 1741 

Sanderson Pearcv & Co 1387 

Sanitary Bedding Co., Ltd 1750 

.Saturdav Night 1389 

Saulter, Wm 1726 and 1790 

.Saunders. Torrance & Kingsmill 1390 

Savoy Candy Co.. Ltd. ..1674 and 1391 

Schipper. X. B. Co., Ltd 1710 

Schnaufer. Fredk 1711 

.Schrader's Son, Inc 1639 

.Schwartz, Louis M 1653 

Scott. James P. & Co 1752 

Scott & Walmsley, Ltd 

edges of boo'k 

Seburn. Ferguson & Baker .... 1628 

Select Ladies Tailors 1739 

Shannon. Robt. J 1778 

.Sharkev Noveltv Co 1630 

.Sharpe. I. N. & Son 1407 

.Shaw Correspondence School . . . 1408 

Shaw. Wm. H 1645 and 1672 

Shaw & Begg right bottom lines 

Shedden Forwarding Co., Ltd . . . 1410 

Shepheard. G. W. & Co 1715 

.Sheppard, Jacob 1412 

Shipman. Harold C. & Co 1769 

Shurly & Derrett. Ltd 1418 

Sibley, E. & Son 1663 

Siche Gas Co., Ltd 1629 

Siigal, Moses 1653 

Simmons, J. & Son 1706 

Simpson. P. & Sons 1222 

Simp<son. John M 1634 

Singer Sewing Machine Co 

back fly leaf and 1425 

Singer, Walsh &• Ford 1646 

Smart-Woods, Ltd 1439 

Smith Bros 1663 

Smith. David Engraving and 

Lithographing Co back cover 

Smith, F. J. & Co 

left top and right bottom lines 

Smith. James C 1671 

Smith, & Hall 1439 

Smith. Rae & Greer 1449 

Toronto Office, 49 WELLINGTON ST. E. 

[on Limited, of 
bill London, Ed|:. 
Tef. Main 251 

GEO. R. HARGRAFT, - Getwrai Agent 
Rmldence Tri. Narth 124 

W. H. HARGRAFT, City Agent 

Rasidane* TcL Hill. 6Se 




.arcestOwners&DevelopersOfReal Estate In Canada 



Smith, R. C. & Son, Ltd 1630 

Soclean, Ltd 1447 and 1667 

Solway & Cohen 1792 

Sonora Talking Machine 17d8 

Soren Bros 1808 

Sovereign Dress Co 1739 

Sparrow, Geo. & Co 1451 

Specialty Paper Bag Co., Ltd... 176-6 

Speig-ht & Van Nostrand 1803 

Springfield Fire and Marine In- 
surance Co 1455 

Bpringman, David 1802 

Sproule. Robt. K 1465 

Stacey-Crumpton Corset Co. . . . 1456 
Standard Fuel Co. of Toronto. 

Ltd 1458 and 1-671 

Standard Reliance Mortgage 

Corp 1458 and 1743 

Stanley & Smith 1802 

Stanway. Geo. & Co 1459 

Stark, John & Co. ..right bottom lines 

Starr, Spence, Cooper & Fraser 1460 

Stauntons. Ltd 1461 

Steele Brigga Seed Co., Ltd 

front cover, 1461 and 1793 

Steele. Wm. and Sons, Co 1636 

Stephen's Auto Livery 

left top corner cards 

Stephen's Inks opp. 1799 ' 

Stephenson, Geo. A 1638 

Sterling Trusts Corp, The 

1465 and 1810 

Sternberg Miss A 1686 

Stevenson Wm. H 1796 

Stinson & Hollwey 1741 and 1787 

Stoneham. Chas. A. & Co 1473 

Stott, Sydney H left top lines 

Stretton, Robert 1787 

Sun Brick Co., Ltd 1481 

Sun Insurance Oftice 1481 

"Swan" Pens top line front cover 

Swedisih General Electric. Ltd. . . 1485 

Swift. Chas, & Co 1652 

Sword. J. A., Neckwear Co.. Ltd. 1486 

Sylvester, Samuel A 1487 

Tarllng, C. & Co 1490 and 1748 

Taylor, J. & J., Ltd 1494 

Telescope Cot Bed Co., Inc 1662 

Tew, Rlohd. & Co 1672 

Thayer, Ira B. & Son 1499 

Thiel Detective Service Co 

right bottom lines 

Thompson, I>ale & Power 1502 

Thomson Bros 1507 and 1678 

Thomson Monument C6.. Ltd. . . 1755 

Thomson. Thomas C 1508 

Thomson, TMley & Johnston . . . 1508 

Thorne, MulhoUand & Co backbone 

Thome, Samuel M 1811 

Tip Top Tailors opp 1685 

Tippet, A. P. & Co 1512 

Titley, Wm. A 

Tod, Geo. H. Co., The 

Toronto Auto Accessory House 
Toronto Automobile School .... 

Toronto Bottle Exchange 

Toronto Carpet Cleaning Co. . . . 
Toronto Conservatory of Music 
Toronto Detective Agency, Ltd. 
Toronto Electric Construction Co. 
Toronto Electric Wiring and Re- 
pair Co 

Toronto-European Agencies .... 
Toronto Furnace and Crematory 


Toronto Grafonola Co 

Toronto Hardware Mfg. Co 

Toronto Laundry Machine Co. of 

Toronto, Ltd 

Toronto Mortgage Co 

Toronto News Co., Ltd. . . . opp. 
Toronto Plate Glass Imparting 

Co., Ltd opp 

Toronto Pleating Co 

Toronto Salt Works 

Toronto Sanitary Coat and Apron 

Supply Co 

Toronto Sanitary Towel Supply 


Toronto Saturday Nigiht 

Toronto School of Languages . . . 

Toronto Silk Shade Co 

Toronto Taxicab and Garage Co., 

Ltd 1640 and 

Toronto Weekly Railway and 

Steamboat Guide Co 

Toronto Wood Turning Works . 
Tovell, Burt 

Townsend, Sherman E 

Tripp, Marie A 

Tugwell, H. C. & Co 

Tyrrell, Joseph B 

Tyrrell, Wm. Co 

Union Asurance Society of Lon- 
don, Eng 

L'nion Carbide Co 

Union of Paris. France 

Unit)n Trust Co left top 

United Paper Mills, Ltd 

Unwln, Murphy & Esten 

. ., 1532 and 

Van Camp, J. C 

Van Horn, CShas. F 

Virtue & Liberty Motor Sales. 

Waddell, R. Ruddock 

Wade. Osier 

Wagner & Harding .... left top 

^Valnwright, Miss D 

1639 ' 

1696 ' 


1715 1 
1517 J 

1741 ! 
1517 ; 

1517 i 
1690 ' 




1806 I 

1518 ! 


1628 j 





lines I 



Walker G. Hawley, Ltd 

Wallers, Ltd 

Walsh, J. J 

"WardeJl's Monumental Work*. . . 

Warden King, Ltd 

Warwick Bros. & Rutter . . . opp. 
Washington Fleury Burial Co... 
Waterloo Mutual Fire Xna. Co. . . 

Waters, Percy 

Watson, Smoke & Smith 

Weatherbe, Albert E 

Weaver Coal Co 

Webb, Geo. H 

Weber, Samuel 

Wegener, A. C 

Weinstock, Joseph 

Weir Specialty Co., Ltd 

Wel-oh. A. & Son 

Weller A. & Co.. Ltd 

Wells W. W 

West Louis. J. & Co 

Western Leather Goods Co 

Western Metal Co 

Wieston, F. J. & Sons 

Weyerstall, A. & Co 

Whale, Albert 

White. L. & Sons 

White Star-Dominion Line 

Wihlte & Thomas 1641 and 

Whitfield. John & Co 

Whitney. J. W. G. & Son 

Whitworth & Restall 

Wilks. R. F. & Co 

Willard, Wm. R 

Williams, Geo. A 

wmianis, H. H. & Co 

inside marginal line front and 

back covers 1590 and 

\Villiams, John H 

Williams, J. C 

WiLliams Mfg. Co 

. left bottom corner carda and 
Williamson Rutherford & Co. . . 

Willis, Faber & Co 

Wilson. Harold A. & Co 

Wilson. Lytle Badgero-w Co., 


Wilson. Munroe Co., Ltd 

"Wilson & Canliam, Ltd 

W^innett, John 

Woltz Moulding Mfg. Co 

Wood, Gundy & Co 

Woods & Co 

Wreyford & Co 

Wrigley, R. F 1725 and 

Wright & Co 

Yafte, Jacob 

Yorkville Laundry 

Young Ohas. V. & Co 

Young, John H 1628 and 

Young, J. D. & Son 

Young. Ralph E. & Co 









ADDENDA— Too Late for Regular Insertion 

Abbott, Albert E. organizer, h 251 

Abel Chas (Abel's), h 32 Mountview av 
Abel Geo (Abel's), h 99 Oakwood av 
Abel's (Geo & Chas). kodaks and sup- 
plies, 76 Queen w 
Abernethy Saml. oaretkr Can Bank of 
Commerce (Parkdale bT), h 67 
Gw^ynne av 
Abramovitz Joseph, tinsmith, h .58 Maria 
Ackman EMwd M, elk Bank of Mont- 
real, b 700 Yonge (on active service) 
Adams Wm G, slsmn, h 34 Annette 
Adgey Fred J, elk, 1 2206 Queen e 
Adgey Leslie E, ctr Eaton's, 1 2206 

Queen e 
Adgey Martha J (wid Wm). h 2206 

Queen e 
Adgey Mary C, 1 220« Queen e 
Adshed Alice, nurse Asylum (1155 King 

w), 1 same 
Ahern John, elk Rova! Bank of Canada, 
1 133 Howland av 

Air-Ator Carpet Cleaning Co, J Wringer 

mgr, 1175 Bathurst 
Aldred Livla (wid Geo R), h 361 Perth 

•■Vldridge Geo, mach, h 32, 160 'Huron 
Aldridge SamJ. munition wkr, h 81 

Dovercourt rd 
Alexander Albert, elk Bank of Toronto 

(Queen & Spadina av) 
.A.Iexander Walter, tmstr, h 17 Saunders 

Alexandroft Bernard (Goldstick & Co), 

h 110 Maria 
Allan Gardens Apts, 121 Carlton 
Allan Daniel, h 63 Gothic av 
Allen Bert, cond, h 98 Humberside av 
Allen Robt W, h 27 Simcoe Park 
Anderson Albert S, staty dept Canadian 

Bank of Commerce, h 18 Williamson 

Anderson Alex J, barr, h 36 Oakmount 


Anderson Duncan, mgr tPublic Health 

Journal, h 28 Wellesley 
Anderson Fred T, deslgmer, h 95 West 

Lodge av 
Anderson Isabel S, elk Innperial Bank. 
Anderson Joan, nrlnr. 66 Bloor w, h 88 

Spadina rd 
Andrew Gladys E, elk Union Bank, rms 

6 Cedar avenue 
Andrew Margt E (wid John B), 1 154 

Jameson av 
Andrew Margt M, 1 154 Jameson av 
Andrew Wm H. drugs 169 Dundas. h 

154 Jameson av 
Antonio J Lewis, elect, h 36 Hughes av 
Aranovitz Saml (Aranovitz & Weinstein), 

1 9 Arthur 
Aranovitz & Weinstein (Saml Arano- 
vitz. Chas Weinstein), tobacco mfrs. 

rear 7S William 
Argue Ida E, bkpr. h 15. 164 Grange av 
Anscott Allan E. elk inspectors Can 

Bank of Commerce. 1 40 College 


Real Estate and Insurance, Properties for Sale, Rents 

Collected, Insurance Effected, Money to Loan 

Phone Residence 
North 874 


INSURANCE Main 3459 

Aspden T Fredk, supervisor of Banking 

Accts and Exchanges Can Bank of 

Com, h 16 Scarth rd 
Atwell Clarence (At well & Sons), 1 162 

Atwell Joseph (Atwell & Sons), h 162 

Atwell Oliver (AtweU & Sons), 1 162 

AtweU & Sons (Joseph, Clarence and 

Oliver), live stock com agents 1131 

Auburn Ford W, mgr Llnde Canadian 

Refrigeration Co, Ltd, h 23 Greenwood 

Auto Renovating Co, J Wringer mgr, 

1175 Bathurst 
Avery Bessie A, elk Union Bank, 1 574 

Aylesworth A Featherston (Aylesworth, 

Wright, Moss & Thompson), h 23 

Whitney av 
Badke Bmil F, elk Imperial Bank, rms 

288 Grace 
Bagley Blanche P (wid James), I 41, 

160 Huron 
Bagley James H, acet Bank of Com- 
merce (Danforth av and Broadview 

av br), h 41, 160 Huron 
Baguley Elsie S M, oik Imperial Bank, 

rms 197 College 
Bailey Ro-bt. h 953 Dovercourt rd ,(on 

active service) 
Bailey Roland, lab, b rear 98 WllUam 
Baines Geo M, acct Royal Bank of 

Canada, rms 660 Huron 
Baker Alfred H, trav, h 22 Ridley 

Hall Wm C, prop Revue Theatre, h 35 

Ijynd av 
Rallantyne James A, paper mkr, ii 66 

Ballard Chas S, watchmkr T H Brown 

& Co, rms 79 Harbord 

and Lansdowne Branch), Kenneth L. 

Golding Manager, 1466 Queen w, cor 

Lansdowne av 
Barger Herbert, butcher, Kobt A Hill, 1 

35 Macdonell av 
Barker Charlotte E, elk Royal Bank of 

Canada, 1 14 Sussex av 
Barker H Letltia, elk Royal Bank of 

Canada, I 18 Simpson av 
Barnsd'ale Wm G, lab, h 3 Less'ard av 
Barr Peter, oik Canadian Bank of Com- 
merce, h S7 Elmer av 
Barrett Wm, mgr St Leger Shoe Co (754 

Queen e), h same 
Barrie Ernest G, elk Bank of Toronto, h 

1660 Dundas (on active service) 
Barry Fredk, h 70 Hook av (on active 

Bartlett Godfrey H, (Bartlett & Hicks), 

h 407 Roncesvalles av 
Bartlett & Hick® (G H Bartlett and R 

L Hicks), elect supplies 407 Ronces- 
valles av, h same 
Basevi Vincent (on active service) 
Bassett Alfred J, tmstr, h 208 Franklin 

Bate Harold, h 213 Ossington av 
Battams Earl, 1 49 Massey (on active 

Battams Samuel, h 49 Massey 
Battersby Heniy O P, elk Can Bank of 

Com, h 621 Spadina av 
Bauckham Alice, elk Bank of Nova 

Seotia. 1 1 Beatrice 
Beames Joseph, ooaehmn, h 183 Manning 

Beamish Thos W, ins agt. h 12 Alhambra 


Beard Carrie, nurse Asylum (1155 King 

w). 1 same 
Beard Pearl, nurse Asylum (1155 King 

w), 1 same 
Beai^lsto Arthur H C. oik Bank of Nova 

Scotia, rms 233 Macpherson av 

ings. Motor Boat Supplies, Etc, 24 
Adelaide w (See card Brass Goods) 
Beckett Edith, stenog, h 36, 160 Huron 
Beddome Norman R. acct Canadian Bank 
of Commerce (744 Queen e). rms 68 

Bedgood Saml. h 342 Leslie 

Beilby Chas J, scc-treas Universal Ap- i 
pllance Mfg Co, Ltd, h 332 Sackville j 

Bell Ida C, stenog Staty dept Royal Bank 
of Canada. 1 42 liobert 

da, Limited, Alexander C McPhee 
Advertising Representative, 26 Ade- 
laide w (See ourd Directory Publish- 

Bell Villa Apts. 96 Lippincott 

Bennett Henry L. chemicals. 235 College 

Bennett Thos H, miller, h 294 Western 

Bermett Vincent, btchr. h 29 Rosethorn 

Birch Wm. caretkr Traders' Bank Bldg. 
h 1382a Queen e 

Bishop Geo. mgr United Cigar Stores Co, 
Ltd (br 452 Yonge) 

Dominion Bank (John St br), res 6, 
2-8 Oriole rd 

Black Ernest, shipper Greenaway and 
Bolton, h 297 Wallace av 

Black Gertrude B, stenog Royal Bank of 
Canada, 1 67 Rose av 

Blake Anna (wid James), h 59 Syming- 
ton «v 

Blake Laura B, opr. 1 59 Symington av 

Blakie Duncan S. art dir R C Smith & ' 
Son. Ltd. 1 Belle Villa Apt 

Blanchet Chas P, elk Can Bank of Com- 
merce, b King Edward Hotel 

Boattger Julius pressmn Murray Ptg Co. | 
rms 853 Manning av 

Bodiam Roland B, Insp. h 34 Moutrav 

Boehm Wm R, elk Bank of Montreal, 1 
123 Delaware av (on active service) ' 

Bommar G, h 5, 464 Quebec av , 

Bond John S, shipper Baths. Ltd. h 228 
Pacific av 

Bonnell Mabel, elk Royal Bank of Can- ; 
ada, 1 1256 Landsdowne av 

Booth Joseph, 1 49 Massey 

Born Arthur, boxmkr, b 90 McCaul 

liorthwiok Hazel, stenog Ontario Pro- 
vincial Museum. 1 22 Fairvlew boul 

Bottomley Bertha, emp Central YMCA, 1 
338 George 

Bowes Geo, gro, h 166 Howard Park av 

Boyle P A. chauffeur Can Bank of Com. 
b 416 Sherbourne 

Bradley Ernest cond, h 156 Rushton rd 

Bradley Marjorie J. elk Bank of Mont- i 
real. 1 105 Oakwood av 

Bradley Wilfred, h 7 Talbot 

Braid Alex (Braid & Son), h 168 W^es- : 
tern av 

Braid Fredk H (Braid & Son), 1 168 
Western av 

Braid & Son (Alex and Fredk H), boot 
and S'hoemkr 313 Roncesvalles av 

Breakey Percy A, garage, 44-46 Carlton, 
h 315 Seaton 

Bridgeland Josephine, stenog, h 46, 160 

Brlsson Archd, linemn. h 40 Jerome 

Brodie Alex. lab. h 109 Marlborough av j 

Brown Archd. trav Alex Brown Milling 
& Blev Co. h 10. 1075 Tonge 

Brown Edgar M. elk Bank of Montreal, 
b 19 Homewnod av i 

BROWN PETER J, Physician 070! 
Queen e Residence same 

Brown Wm. h 4. 226 Campbell av (on j 
active service) j 

Brydon Henry W, elk Bank of Nova i 
Scotia (on active service) 

Bulst Janet, elk Royal Bank of Canada, i 
1 17 Howland av | 

r.unting- Annie (wid Geo A), h 1117 Os- 
sington av 

Burrows Bella, h 7. 592 Church 

Bush Wm A. munition wkr. h 514 Church 

Butterfield Thos H, elev opr. h 3. rear 
352 Adelaide w 

Byers Hugh. eng. h 11 Gillespie av 

Caesar John A. gen agt General Animals 
Ins Co of Canada. 1 188 Jarvis 

Calhoun Jno L. elk Standard Bank (on 
active service) 

Broker, 31 Scott, Residence 112 Glen- 
dale av (See card Insurance Brokers) 

CAMBtKX JOSEPH H, Manager!! 

The Lamson Co, 1 75 Grange av 
Cameron Duncan, insp Imperial Bank, 

130 Jameson av 

Cameron, Peter Campbell), Wo(.h1 ' 
Workers 578 Queen e (See adv Con- 
tractors — ^Builders) 

Campbell Arthur B, trav, h 207 Pacific 

Campbell Thos, h 2 rear 352 Adelaide ^^ 
(on active service) 

Range Manufacturing Co, LIm' 
ed. Room 10. 24 King w 

cals Ltd. 14 Front e 

ohiange. Capt C O Peters Manager. 
Wesley BuMdin'g. 295 Queen w (See 
card Boats and Marine Engines) 

Alfred Landau President X-Cell Bat- 
teries, Master Flashlights, 96 King w 
(see card Batteries and Flashlights) 

Canadian Laco-Phillips Co, Ltd. C C 
BothweU mgr. lamps. 1013. 69 Yonge 

Canadian S K F Co. Ltd. Gordon James 
mgr. ball bearings. 47 King w 

struction Co. lOS Teraulay (See card 
Wrecking Co's) 

Cannon Thos H. 1 95 Marion 

Carson Adelaide V Mrs. h 15 Beaver av 

Caruso John, lab, h liO William 

Cascaden Douglas. 1 10 Bleecker (on 
active service) 

Phrenologist. 101 Bloor w (See adv 

Cave Rosella. rms lOfi Charles w 

Christie H Wm. in,<»pt ammunition, h 43 
Mountview av 

Christie Mabel, timekpr. 1 43 Mountview 

Cleghorn Thos H (Cleghorn & Co), h 
106 St Vincent 

Clemence John, 1 122 Beech av 

Coerswell John A. painter, h 154 Duke 

Coininsky James, ammunition wkr, h 28 
Brookfield \ 

Cominsky Owen, ammunition wkr. h 28 

Congdon Claud, insp. rms 544 Spadina 

Consumers' Gasoline Supply Co. Ltd 
(br), H R Knowles pres. 405 College 

Cooper Mrs H D Drummond-. artist, 120 
Ellsworth av 

Coward Thos S. sec Assessment Com- 
mission. City Hall, h 286 Silver Birch 

Crealock Saml J, printer, 310 Arthur, h 
1186 College 

Crescent Belt Fastner Co. E A Rudin 
mgr, 424, 32 Front w 

Criehton Wm F. agent Dom Exp Co 
(West Tor). 1 413 Roncesvalles av 

Crocker Mary (wid Luke), h 36 North- 

Croley Marion. .1 311 Symington av 

Davey Herbert S (Model Employment 
Agency). 95 King e 

Davies E F Vaughan with Ryrle Bros. 1 
34 Dalton rd 

Davis Wm. soap mkr. b 514 Church 

Breyfogle General Manager (Peter- 
borough. Ont), C W Robinson Manager 
Toronto Branch, Dairy Supplies and 
Cream Separators. 43 Richmond e 
(See card Dairy Supplies) 

Dodds William, baker, h 140 Manning 

Doherty Lawrence, gro, 725 Dovercourt 
rd. h same 

Queen e (See card Auctioneers) 

Dominion Corporation Ltd. 41 Lombard 

Dominion .Sales Co, B L Dyer prop, 
household specialties, 368 Tonge 

Donworth Geo H, studt, h 30 Dundonald 

Donworth Martin, studt, b 30 Dundonnld 

Douglas Chas P. mfrs agt. 709. 69 Yonge, 
1 165 Jameson av 



For over 28 years the name "ACME 
DAIRY" has stood for the purest 
and cleanest in Dairy Products. 

19-21 Essex Ave. 






PhoneADELAIDE 1962 


DUN B G & CO, Henry « Kelly Mana- 

Ker Mercantile Agency, Booms 410-417 
Dominion Banlc Building, 6S \onge 
(See card Mercantile Agencies) 

Bnglert Geo, hotel 1150 Queen w 

Eynon Jno, shipper Rolph & Clark, h b 
St Clair Gardens 

vator 33 Richmond e (See card Hat 
Renovators) _ 

Fltzpatriek J J, hotel 6-8 Teraulay 

Fox Louis (Stephen's Auto Livery), rms 
771 Pape av , 

Fraser Wm F, 'baggageman, h aOl 
Manning av 

Fretter John, eng, h 460 Salem av 

Furness, Suckling & Garrett (R G Fur- 
ness, W Austin Suckling, A Noble 
Garrett), ins brokers, IS Toronto 

President and Manager, H M Kenney 
Secretary-Treasurer Aerated Water 
Manufacturers, 29 Temperance 

Estate, Insurance and Financial Agent, 
Room 6 Manning Arcade, 24 King w. 
Residence US Bedford rd 

Palmer Manager, Publishers, Room 46 
Imperial Bank Bldg, 171 Tonge 

Harper Gordon, porter Paul Hahn & Co, 
1 61 Argyle 

Hart Bruce, insp Guardian Accident & 
Guarantee Co 

First Minister and President of the 
Executive Council of the Province of 
Ontario, Residence 80 Glen rd 

Henry Saral G, gro, 211 Dovercourt rd 
Histed Robt, elk Pure Gold Mfg Co, 1 

236 Broadview av 


Hiirrv H Holland Representative, 
Room r)06. la Melinda ^ 


Limited Mrs Louisa Rogers President, 

3.5 Adelaide w (See adv page 12) 
Jenckes Machine Co, Ltd, Wm R Burge 

repr engineers, 621-624, 67 Yonge 
Johnson Geo A, warhsmn The Bowes Co, 

Ltd, 1 21 Furniss av 
Johnson Jabez. fireman The Bowea Co, 

Ltd. h 21 Furnisa av 
Joyce Albert E, carp, h 21 Harriett 
Kelz Vitaline (wid Joseph), h 108 Leslie 

Minister of Militia and Defence, Office 

Woods Building. Ottawa, Toronto 

Residence, 72 Castle Frank rd 
Kennedy Fredk W, pres Toronto Stamp 

& Stencil Works, Ltd, h 423 Grace 
King Evelyn, studt. 1 59 Avenue rd 
Kotler Wm, lab, h 127 University av 
Lajoie Chas, b 320 Huron 
Laklng Geo, elk, h 332 Huron 
La Monte George & Son, Ltd, paper mfrs, 

319 Carlaw av 
Larmouth Fred C, ftr John T Hepburn 

Ltd, 1 »55 Dupont 
Larmouth John M, ftr John T Hepburn, 

Ltd, h 903 Ossington av 
Lawson J Earl (Robinette, Godfrey, 

Phelan & Lawson), h 188 Glen rd 

Le Drew Robt S, alsmn Morlne & Co, 

rms 192 Beatrice 
Llbertv John, vice-pres Virtue & Liberty 

Motor Sales Ltd, h 112 Lauder av 
Llngh Lunder, Journalist, b 293 Huron 
Lithell Jas, tmstr, rms 290 Sherboum© 
Lobralco Robt, chauffeur Stephen's Auto 

Livery, rms 272 Jarvis 
Lumgair Maurice G, h 11 Mackenzie av 
Electric Sign Manufacturers and Metal 
Stamping, 155 Richmond w (See opp 
Nache Stereat, confy, 41 Shuter 
Partington Albert W, bkpr, h 90 Wroxe- 

ter av 
Prince Albert Apts, 81 Beech av 
Rlddell Walter A, supt of Trades and 
Labour br Dept of Pub Works, h 40, 
197 Wellesley 
St Clair Alice, h 39 Maopherson av 


l^hones and Grafonolas 236 Queen e 
(See card Gramophones and Grafo- 

Svlvester Allan G. sec-treas Virtue & 
Liberty Motor Sales Ltd, h 5, 193 
Dowling av 

Wittet Norman M, mgr Imperial Pub Co, 
h 203 College 

lisher Canadian Storage and Trans- 
fer Directory; also Hotel Directory, 
.>6 Agnes (See cards Hotel Directoi-y; 
also .Storage Directory) 



ADRIEN AV (Scarboro Tonrnahip) 

East from Victoria Park av to Phar- 
macy av, first north of Massey Farm, 

AILEEUr AV (Sllverthom) 

East from Silverthorn av to Black- 
thorn av 

AI/.\MED A .VV — Fntrbank (tormerly 
Crescent av) 
North from Vaughan rd to Eglinton 
av. second east of Oakwood av 

AI/BANI (IMlmlco) 

West from Church to Dwlght av. 
first north of Lake Shore rd 

ALBERT (Cednrvale) 

East from St Stevens to Cedarvale 
av, fourth north of Danforth av 


North from Lake Shore rd to Cavell, 

ALBERT .\ AV (Mlmlco and Lambton. 
West from Jane 

ALECO (Monnt DennU) 

North from 27 Porter av to Black 
Creek bl 

ALEXANDER {Cedarvale) 

West from 46 Gledhlll av to King 
Edward av, first north of Danforth 
av ^ 


North from Lake Shore rd t« Vic- 
toria, second west of Mimlco Creek 

ALGOMA (MImleo) 

East from Church to Grand av 

ALICE (Wychwood) 

West from 4 Markham to Rushton rd 

ALLAN AV (Falrbank) 
South from Vaughan id 

AMELIA (Hnmber Bay) 

A small street between Oliver and 

Frederica (not cut through) 
AMHERST AV (Falrbank) 

West from 400 Oakwood av to Lau-, 

der av 
APPLETON AV (Oakwood) 

North from St. Clair av,* flrat we«t Of 

Oakwood av 
ARNOLD AV (Meant Dennis) 

South from Lambton av, second west 

of Weston rd 
ASHBURY AV (Falrbank) 

(Old Empire av). west from 400 Oak- 
wood av 
A<«ai;iTH AV (Monnt Dennia) 

West from Weaton rd, flrat south ol 

Lambton av 
ATLAS AV (Wychwood, formerly Ken- 
nedy rd) 

North from 804 St. Clalr av west to. 

.\UDLEY (MImIco) 

North from head of Newcastle at 

G T R tracks to Portland 

Stop 20 Kingston rd, radial car Une 

South from Baby Point rd 
B.\L.\ AV (Mount Dennia) 

South from Jane 
BANFF AV (Monnt Dennia) 

East from Gilbert av 
BANNON AV (Lambton Htlla) 

South from Dundas 

B.\RR .VV < Mount Dennia) 

East to 985 Weston rd to Brownville 

UARRIE AV (Oaknood) 

West from 20 Atlas av, first north of 
iSt. Clair av w 

BARTONVILLE AV (Meant Dennia) 
Old Barton av, west from Weaton rd 
to Ravine 

BATAVI.\ AV (Rnnnymede — Old Ger- 
trnde av) 
North from 2570 St. Clair av to 32 
Pritchard av 

BATHCJATE AV (Cedarvale) 

North from Salmon av to Mortimer 
av. seventh east of Leslie 

BAYLISS AV (Mount Dennia) 
North from Lambton av 

BEE (Todmorden) 

East from 279 Don Mills rd to Don- 
lands av 

BEECH ("«'e8ton) 

East from Rosemount av 


South from 203 Lambton av to Ra- 
vine, seventh west of Weston rd 

BELVIDERE AV (Falrbank) 

(Formerly Hig-hfield rd), east from 
Oakwood av to Alajneda av, first 
north of Vauglian rd 


Eaat from Lake Shore rd (Stop 15) 

BERESFORD AV (Swanaea and R«B- 


North from 34 Morningside av to 

2277 Dundas, first west of Runny-, 

ipede rd 




Government, Municipal and 

Corporation Bonds 
Yielding from S per cent, up 

BUILDING Phone Main 7U 

F.J. SMITH i^- CO. 



BERNICK CRES (Lainbton Mills) 

South from Eileen av 
BKRTIB (Wychnood) 

Name changed to Thelma av 
Bli^TH (Little York) 

East from Dawes id, second south ol 

:^t. Clair av 
BI'^XHILL. AV (Scarboro Township) 

North from Dentonia Park Farm to 

6t Clair av e, fourth east of Victoria 


West from Jane 
BIRMINGHAM (New Toronto) 

Ea^st from First to Ninth, first north 
of Lake Shore rd 
av. Mount Dennis) 
West from Black Creek Bridge, Wes- 
ton rd. second south of Liambton av 
BI.VNDFORD (Fnirbnnk) 

North from 11 RoKers rU, first west 
of Oakwood av 
UliOBM AV (BnrlMFOurtI 

West from 2000 Dufferiii to Boon av 
BOLSTiSR AV (Sparboro Tonnshlp) 
Eaat from Dawes rd to town line, 
third south of St Clair av 

East from Woodbine av Cedarvale 
av, second south of C. N. R, tracks 
ItHAnl.KV AV (Olil WntHon nv. Lamb- 
ton Mills) 
North from 20 St Marks rd to 2H1 
BRAnSHAW AV (Fairbank) 

North from Vaug:han rd to Egllnton 
BRANSTONK RD (Fairbank) 

West and north from lonntrdale rd 
BBKNTON (Little York) 

East from Dawes rd to town line, op- 
posite to windmill on Dawes rd 
BRISTOL AA' (Wychwood) 

West from Rushton rd to Glanville 
av. first north of Vaughan rd 
BROOKES AA' (Runnymede) 

West from Jane 
BROOKSiniO AV (Lnmbtoii Mill.H) 

North from 40 St Marks rd 
South from Eslinton av west to Barr 
av. first east of Weston rd 
BRWSAVICK AA' (AVychwood) 

North from R C College (grounds to 
Rowlatt av. yilrd west of Spadlna 

North from Newcastle to Portland 
Bl'DK (Fairbank) 

East from Oakwood av. second north 
of Vaughan rd 
BURGRSS AA' (Hurober Bay) 

Continuation of Salisbury, known by 
i;>oth names 
BVRLEIGH AA" (Todmorden) 

North from opposite 7 Westwood av 
to William, first east of Don Mills rd 
BirRLINGTON (Mimlpo) 

North from Stop 13 Lake Shore rd, 
third west of Mimico Creek 
BURTON RD (AVycbwood) 

I'West from Spadina rd to Elton av, 
fourth north of T^onsdale rd 
niTSHllA' AV (Mount Dennis) 

East from ■Cliff 
BCTTONAVOOn W (Mount Dennts) from 123S Weston rd 
CAESAR AA' (Mount Dennis) 

East from 74 south portion of Free- 
jamma av. fourth south of Lambton 
CALFORD AV (Cedardale) 

North from 46 Salmon av to Morti- 
mer av. second east of Donlancl« av 
CAMERON AV (Silverthorn) 
West from O T R tracks 
CANNON RD (Lambton Mills) 

East from Salisbury av. eecond north 
of Queen 
CARHINGTON AA' (Fairbank) 

East from Harvie av to Fairbank av 
CASTl.ETON AA' (Old Gresham av. 
Runny meile) 
North from 2544 St Clair av to Cor- 
bett av 
CAVAN AV (Mount Dennis) 

West from IISO Weston rd to ravine 
< »\'F.I.I, (Olil Sontliampton. Allmloo). 
FZast from .Station rd to Burlington, 
second north of Lake Shore rd 

CEDRIC (Fairbnnk) 

North from Holland Park rd 
CE.NTHAL .\V < MIniico) 

West from Robert to Church 
CHAD WICK AV (Wychwood) 

West from Spadina rd to Kendal av, 

first south of Eglinton av 
CHESTER AV (Todmorden) 

South from Westwood av, first east 

of Don Mills ird 
CHISHOL.M AV (Little York) 

North from Danforth av to C. P. R. 

tracks, first west of Main 
(HOHLEY AV (Cedarvale) 

East from Gledhill av to Chlsholm, 

seventh north of Danforth av 
CHRYESSA AA' (Monnt Dennis) 

South from 205 Lambton av to ra- 
vine, eighth west of Weston rd 
CHUDLEIGH AV (Fairbank) 

West from Ennerdale rd to Harvie 

cm.RCH (MImipo) 

North from stop 17 Lake Shore rd to 

CHURCH (Weston) 

East from Main 

Huns east from ]54."> Bathurst to 

Westmount drive, first north of St 

Clair av WAst 
CLARK (W'yThwood) 

West from Huron north to Madiflon 

av, first south of Forest Hill rd 
< I,IFF (Mount Dennis) 

South from 2S Lambton av to ravine, 

first west of Weston rd 
CLOVKLLY AA' (Fairbank) 

East from Oakwood av, third north 

of Vaughan rd 
COBALT AA' (Alount Dennis) 

lEast from 9 Fifth av to C P R tracks 

first east Weston rd 
COCKBURN (Hnmber Bay) 

North from Queen, sixth west of 

Humber River 
COLEM.AN A\' (Little York) 

East from Sibley av to Ethel av, first 

north of Danforth av 
COLERIDGE AV (Cedarvale)) 

North from Danforth av to Poulton 

av. first west of Cedarvale av 
COLLEGE AA' (Weston) 

South from W^illiam. second east of 

COMMODORE AV (Silverthorn) 

East from Haverson av to Silver 

thorn av 
CONNAl'GHT AA' (Wychwood) 

Runs west and north from Bathurst 

opposite Lonsdale rd to Egrlinton av. 

first north of St Clair av w 

Head of W^vchwood av 
CONORON PL (Weston) 

East from Main 
CONROY AV (Scarboro Township) 

East from Victoria Park av to Phar- 

macv av. first north of Wyatt av 
CONAVAY AV (Old Mortimer, Oak- 

West from Oakwood av, first north 

of St Clair 
CORRETT AV (Runnymede) 

"West from ."i.t Castleton av to 70.t 

CORHA' (Fairbank) 

East from Gilbert to Prospect Ceme- 
COSBURN A\' (Todmorden) 

East from Donlands av to Woodburn 

COULSON AV (Wychwood) 

East from 433 Spadina rd to Russell 

Hill rd 
Ctmi.TER AV (AVeston) 

East from Main 
CRMG (Swansea) 

^ee Beresford 
CR.ANG AA' (formerly Hazelton rd, 
East from 1S7 Oakwood av, first 
north of St Clair av w 
CRAA'DRN (Mount Dennis) 

East from opposite 11 82 Weston rd 
to G T R tracks 
CRESCENT AV (Fairbank) 
South from Eglinton av 
CREWE AA' (Cedarvale) 

East from Meafjher av to Chisholm 
av. ninth north of Danfortli av 

CRISCO (Rnnnymede) 

North from Henrietta to twp limit 
CRONYN (Todmorden) 

East from 1063 Tape av to Donlanda 

CROSS (Weston) 

North from Church 
CROYDON AV (Cedarvale) 

East from Meagher av to Chlsholm 

av. second south of C P R tracks 
CBOYNE AA' (Todmorden) 

(See Cronyn av) 
DAISY AV (Rnnnymede) 

West from 545 Windermere av to 50 

Willard av 

West from Ea,stbourne cres 

South from Queen opp Macdonald av 
D.AA' AA' (Earlsconrt) 

Continuation north from ISO Day av 
DEAN (Mimlco) 

West from Church to Dwight av, 

eighth north of Lake Shore rd 
DEARBOURNE AA' (Wychwood) 

East from Bathurst to Forest Hill 

rd. first north of Egllnton av 
DBNARD AA' (Mount Dennis) 

East from opp 108S Weston rd to G 

T R tracks 
DBNISON AA' (Weston) 

East and west from Main, second 

north of St John's rd 
DENNIS AA' (Mount Dennis) 

^Vest from 972 Weston rd to Guest- 

ville av. also known as School rd 
DENTON AA' (Little York) 

West from Pharmacy av to Massey 

Farm, second south of C N R tracks 
DENTONIA PARK (Little York) 

North end of Midland av 
DBNTOM.V PARK AA' ( l,lttle York) 

East from 81 Palmer av to Dentonia 

Park, second north of Danforth av 
DKNTONTA RD (Little York) 

North and east from Wyatt. first east 

of Dawes rd 
DEAVHl'RST AA' (AVychwood) 

West from Forest Hill rd. first south 

of Eglinton av 
DIA'KR (Little Y'ork) 

North from end of Second aV to C N 

R track, first west of Dawes rd 
DOBLE (Fairbank) 

East from Seneca south of Vaughan 

DON MILLS RD (Todmorden) 

«!. continuation of Broadview av 

north and east from city limits 
DON A'ALLEY RD (Todmorden) 

North from Don Mills rd at Mrs. Hen- 
derson's Corner 
DONALD CRES (Silverthorn) 

West from Silverthorn av to tracks 
DONC ASTER (Cedarvale) 

East from Gledhill av to Chlsholm 

av. fifth north of Danforth av 
DRUMMOND (Mimlco) . „ „, 

West from Church. 1st south of G T 

R tracks 
DUGGAN AV (Wychwood) 

West from Spadina rd to Kendal av 
DUNDURN AA' (Oakwood) 

North from McNab av. first west of 

Atlas av 
DUNR.AA'EN A A' (Silverthorn) 

East from Silverthorn av 
DURHAM AA' (Wychwood) 

iWest from Ravine drive to Mulberry 

av. third north of Vaughan rd 
DURIE AA' (Rnnnymede) 

North from 638 Annette to Bloor w. 

second west Rnnnymede rd 
DWIGHT AA' (Mimlco, western boun- 

North from Lake .Shore rd to G T R 

DVNEA'OR RD (Earlsconrt) 

East and north from Ennerdale rd to 

Egllnton av 
EAGLE AV (AA'eston) 

East and west from Main 
EARLSCOl'RT AV (Earlsconrt) 

North from opposite 1279 St Clair av 

to Hatherley rd. third west of Duf- 

EARLSD.\LE AV (Oakwood) 

West from 34 Mulberry av to Glen- 
holm c av 





THOS. HEYS & SONS Rooms 77-78 




Analyses of al! Commercial 
Products. Assay and Metal- 
lurgical Tests of Ores and Metals 


West from Oakwood av, second north 

of St Clair av 
EAST AV (Sllverthorn) 

Kast from Prescott av 

West from Jane 
E VSTBOfRXE AV (Little York and 
Scorborb Tonnshlp) 

Kast from 101 Dawes rd to St Clair 


Kast from Church, first north of Lake 

Shore rd 
EASTHILl. RISE (Wycbwood) 

West from Peilatt crea to Connaught 

KDMOND AA' (lUoant Dennis) 

West from Weston rd, first south of 

St. John's rd 
EDWARD (Odnrvale) ' 

West from 199 Cedarvale av to St 

.Stevens, second north of Danforth 


South from Lake Shore rd (stop 15) 
EKJHTH (New Toronto) 

North from lake front to Lake Shore 

EILEEX AV (Lambton Mills) 

Wesf from 720 Jane to Scarlett rd 
ELEVENTH (»w Toronto) 

North from Lake Front to X^ke 

Shore rd 

North from Mimico av to Stanley av 
ELLIOTT AV (Lanibton Mills) 

South from Government rd, first west 

of Fisher's rd 
ELLIS AV' (Humber Bay) 

North from Stop 3 Lake Shore rd to 

Park rd, first west of HiKh Park 
ELM (Weston) 

North from William 
ELM A (Mlmiro) 

West from Church to Dwlg'ht av, 

sixth north of Lake Shore rd 
ELORA AV (Mount Dennis) 

North from Bartonville av to Jane 
ELSMERE AV (Weston) 

East from Main 

South from Dewbourne av to Burton 

rd. second east of Bathurst 
EWERDAI.K RD < EnrlKConrt I 

West and nortii from K\'ersfield av 
EPSOM .*V (Cedarvale) 

East from Gledhill av to Chisholm 

av. seventh north of Danforth av 
ESTHER AV (Falrbank) 

Kast from Alameda av to ^luUierry 

a veil UP 

ESTHER AV (Wyehwood) 

East from Mulberry av to Roach, 
second north of Vau^han av 

ETHEL AV {Little York) 

North from Danforth av to Massey 
Farm, second east of Dawes rd 

EVERETT .AV (Cedarvale) 

rNorth from Wallingrton to Hamp- 
stead av. first west of ^Vestlake av 

EVERSFIELD RD (Enrlscourt) 
"West from Dufferin 

EWART W (Sllverthorn) 
West from Sllverthorn av 

KAIRBAVK AV (Falrbank) 

North from Rochdale av to Kglinton 
av, second east of Prospect Cemeterv 

FIFE AV (Falrbank) 

East from Caledonia rd to McRoberts 

FIFTEENTH (New Toronto) 

North from Lake Shore rd to G T R 

FIFTH (New Toronto) 

North from Lake Front to New To- 

FIRST (New Toronto) 

South from Lake Shore rd to Lake 
Front, first west of Stop 18 

FISHER'S RD (Lanibton Mills) 

South from Dundas to Humber River, 
first west of Humber Bridg-e 

FLORENCE AA" (Falrbank) 
West from 31fi Mulberry av 

FLORENCE CRES (Lnmbton Mills)) 
West from Jane south of Bernice cres 

FLORENS W (Scarboro Township) 
East from Victoria Park av to Phar- 
macy av, second nortli of Wvatt av 

FLOYD AV (Todmorden) 

Kast from Burleigh av, first north of 

Westwood av 
FOURTEENTH (New Toronto) 

North from Lake Shore rd to G T R 

FOURTH (New Toronto) 

North from Lake Front to New To- 
FOURTH AA" (New Toronto) 

North from Stop 25 Lake Shore rd to 

railway tracks 
FR-VNKLIN (Cedarvale) 

South from Salmon av, third eaat of 

Donlands av. 
FREDERICA (Humber Bay) 

^s'orth from Queen, fifth west of 

Humber River 
FREEJ.AMMA AV (Mount Dennis) 

South from 113 Lambton av, fourth 

west Weston rd 
FREEJ.VMMA PLACE (Mount Dennis) 

Rear of 2S Freejamma av 
FRENCH AV (Runnymede) 

North from 2584 St Clair av to 88 

Pritchard av 
GAMBLE AV (Todmorden) 

East from 309 Don Mills rd to Don- 
lands av, first south of Todmorden 

(iATWICK AV (Cedarviile) 

Kast from Gledhill av to Chisholm 

av. fourth north of Danforth av 

South from Mimico av to Hillside 
(GEORGE (Todmorden) 

North from Salmon av to Randolph 

<;E0RGE (Weston) 

North from King, first east of Main 
(iERTRUDE AA'' (Runnymede) 

See IJatavia av 
(ilBSON (Falrbank) 

East from Dufferin to Seneca av 
(;ILBERT .VV (Earlsconrt) 

North from Norman av to Corby av 
GILSON AV (Lambton Mills) 

West from 580 Windermere av to 90 

Priscilla av, first south of Dundas 
(U.ANVILLE .\Ai (Wychwood) 

North from Vaugrhan rd to Guy, first 

west of Rushton rd 
«;LEDHILL AV (Cedarvale) 

North from Danforth av to C N R 

(;LENDALE CRES (Mount Dennis) 

North and east from Lambton av 

North froTii 103fi St Clalr av west 

AVest from Oakwood av to Alameda 

,'iv. second south of Kf^linton av 
GODSON RD (Humber Bay) 

North froTii Queen, first west of Hum- 
ber River 
GOOCH AV (Lambton Mills) 

South from Dundas, first west of 

Lansrmuir av 

West from 142 Dawes rd to Diver, 

first south of C N R tracks 
GOVERNMENT RD (Lambton Mills) 

West from Fisher's rd to Church, 

second south of Dundas 
GOWAN AV (Todmorden) 

East from Locran av north to Don- 
lands av 
GOWER (Little York) 

Kast from Dawes rd to town line, 

opnosite York Mills brick yard. 
GRAHAM AV (Mount Dennis) 

West from 14 Jane 
GRAHAM RD (Wychwood) 

East from Atlas av to Arlington av, 

second north of St Clair av west 
GRAND W (Mimico) 

North from G T R tracks to Queen, 

third east of Church 
GRANDAIEW AV (Mount Dennis) 

South from 245 Lambton av to ra- 
vine, first west of Chryessa av 
GRATTON (AAeston) 

North from Joseph 
GRAY AV (Mount Dennis) 

South from ISo Lambton av , sixth 

west of Weston rd 
GRESHAM AV (Cedarvale) 

East from Meagher av to Westlake 

a.v, first south of C N R tracks 

<;RESHAM av (Runnymede) 

See Castle av 

East from Atlas av to Arlington av, 

first north of St Clair av west 
GUESTHOLM AV (Cedarvale and Tod- 

East from 937 Greenwood av, flrat 

south of Salmon av 
GUESTVILLE AV (Mount Dennla) 

North from Lambton av to Cgrllnton 

av. first west of Weston rd 
GUY (Wychwood) 

South from Egllnton av to Durham 

av, seventh west of Bathuret 
H.\MPSTEAD AV (Cedarvale) 

East from Meagher av to Westlake 

av, first north of Wallington av 
HANLEY AV (Runnymede) 

West from 430 Willard av to Jano 
HANSON RD (Falrbank) 

West from 364 Oakwood av 
HARDING AA' (Mount Dennis) 

South from 11 Marshall av, first west 

of Southport a%' 

South from Simpson to Main, first 

west of Church 
HARUIS' ROAD (Fairhnnk) 

East from 423 Lauder av 
H.ARA'IE AV (Earlseourt and Fair- 

North from St Clair and west to 

Eglinton av, nr Prosuect Cemetery- 
HATHERLEY RIJ (Earlseourt) 

Kast from head of I'iarlscourt av 
HAVERSON BLVD (Sllverthorn) 

South from Eglinton av to Dunraven 

HAWTHORN ROW (Todmorden) 

South from Don Mills rd to Woodvllle 

av, first east from Don Mills rd north 
HAZKLTON RD (Oakwood) 

■EasC from Oakwood av to Roblna av 
HERMAN (Mimico) 

A\ est from Church to Dwight av 
HECTOR .VV (Mount Dennis) 

East from 51 Southport av to Free- 
jamma av, third south of Lambton av 
HELEN AV (Sllverthorn)) 

East from Blackthorn av to railway 

HENRIETT.V (Runnymede) 

West froTO 749 RunnjTnede rd to 43 

Castleton av, second north of C P R 

HERTFORD (Runnymede) 

North from Henrietta to twp limit 
HICKSON AV (Little York) 

A continuation of Victoria Park av 

south from Danforth av to G T R 

tracks, first east of Luttrell av 
HIGH (formerly .Alice, Wychwood) 

West from 102 Raglan av to Ambrose 


Stop 20 Kingston rd Radial car line 
HILLARY AV (Sllverthorn) 

East from Sllverthorn av to G T R 

t ra cks 
HILLBROVV AV (Wychwood) 

"West from opposite 15S7 Bathurst to 

Ravine drive, second nor^h of St 

Clair av west 

South from Mill 
HILLSIDE (Mimico) 

East from Church, intersecting Ro- 
HILLTOP RD (Wychwood) 

North from Strathearn rd to Belt 
•Line Ry, first west of Bathurst 
HOLBORNE .AV (Cedardale) 

East from "Woodbine av to Gledhill 

av, seventh north of Danforth "av 
HOLLAND PARK .\V (Falrbank, old 
Beresford av) 

East from Oakwood av 
HOLLIS (Mount Dennis) 

East from 1041 Weston rd, first north 

of Eglinton av 
HOLLY AV (Weston) 

South from Park av 

East from Ennerdale rd 

W'est from Dufferin to Ennerdale rd 
HOMER AV (Mount Dennis) 

East from 43 Southport av. second 

south of Lam'^ton av 


«. __ . (Incorporated A.r JBSl) HEAD OFFICE, Cor. WELLINGTON and SCOTT STS.. TORONTO 

(Incorporated A.r> USl) 

Fire, Marine and Explosion Insurance 


Losses Paid Since Organization over SS3,0OO,C0O.O0 

^Tr llf A HT li A II AB ^OR THE HOME BUILDER, Easy Terms i Main 2524 
Wlbllfllll IfimiUlI Sole Agents, COX> & CUMMINGS, Limited J Main 472 
■■■■■■■■iHBi^HBMHHHH!^^^ Canada Life BIdg. and 2118 Queen E. IBeacii 629 

HOPE AV (EarUconrt) 

West from 1902 Dufferin 
HO^VI('K AV (Sflvrrfhorn) 

^Vest from IrJlackthorn av to (Jhani- 
liers av, first north of St Clair av 
HO^VLWD AV (Mimlco) 

North from Main to Kvans av, fourth 
west of Church 
HUDSON AV (L,lttle York) 

First north of Danforth av east of 
Ruth rd 
HVMBBR (Weston) 

West from Main 
HVMBER AV (Hnmber Bay) 

West from Oliver to Frederica 
HUMBKK AV (Mount Dennlfi) 

Bee Black Creek blvd 
HlIMBKRVIEVir (Lambton Mills) 

West from Fisher's rd 
HITNTBR (Falrbank) 

West from Dufferin 
HURON NORTH CWychvrood) 

North from 20 Coulson av to Foreat 

mil rd 

Weet from Rushton rd 
INNKS AV (Earlsconrt) 

East from McRoberts av, third north 

of St Clair av 

iSa^t from Bdyth av, first south of 

Lake Shore rd 
JAMBS AV (Falrbank) 

West from Mulberry av 
JANJB ( Sivansea) 

North from Stop 5 Lake Shore rd to 

beyond limits 
JASPKR AV (Mount Uennis) 

^Vest from Cliff, first west of Weston 

JESMOND AV (Falrbank) 

West from Oakwood av 
JOHN (Weston) 

East from Main, first north of Eagle 

JOSEPH (^Veston) from Rosemount av 
KANK VV ISIIverthorn* 

South from Eglinton av 
KEENK (Cedarvale) 

North from 4 Salem av to Mortimer 

av, finst east of Donlanda av 
KENDAL AV (Wychwood) 

North from Forest Hill rd to Eglin- 

ton av 
KENNEDY AV (Swansea) 

North from 4 Morningside av to 

Bloor west 

Northeast from Silverthorn av to G 

1' R tricks ' 

KENWOOD AV CWychwood) 

North from 544 St Clair av west 
KF:^^%•ORTHY av (Old MoTdock av, 
Scarboro Toirnship) 

South from Danforth av to G T R 

tracks, first west of Pharmacy av 
KERSDALE AV (Silverthorn) 

West from Silverthorn av to Vaughan 

KILBARRY RD (Wychvrood) 

West from Forest Hill rd to Russell 

Hill rd. second north of Lonsdale rd 
KING (Weston) 

East from Main 
KING (;R()K<;E (Weston) 

North from Church ' 

KIPPLINK AV (New Toronto) 

North from Stop 24 Lake Shore rd 

to G T R tracks 
KITCHENER AV (Falrbank) 

West from Falrbank av 
I.ACEY AV (Silverthorn) 

Northwest from Silverthorn av to 

Cameron av ' 

LAKE CRES (Mlmlco) 

East from CJhurch. second north of 

Lake Shore rd 
LAKE SHORE DRIVE (New Toronto) , 

"West from First to Seventh on Lake i 

LAMBTON AV (Mount Dennia) 

West from opp 90 Weston rd to Jane 
LAMBTON RD (Lambton Mills) 

;South from Dundas 
LAN.ARK AV (Falrbank) 

East from McDonald ores to Mul- 
berry av 
LANCDON AV (Mount Dennia) 

West from head of Cliff to ravine 

LANGFORD AV (Todmorden) 

North from city limits of same to 

Randolph av, fourth east of Pape av 
LAXGMUIR AV I Lambton MlUa) 

North from 60 St Marks rd to 2507 

LVN(iSIUE AV (Silverthorn) 

North from Kenora ores to Aileen av 
LAUDER AV (Oakwood) 

North from 1081 St Clair av to 

Vaughan rd 
LAUDER RD (Wychwood) 

West from Bathurst to Hilltop rd, 

third south of Eglinton av 
LA VINA (Swansea) 

North to Park rd, first east of Win- 
dermere av 
LEMAIRE AV (Weston) 

iEa;st from Main, first north of Church 
LEOREY AV (Falrbank) 

West from Lauder av 
LESI,.1E (Todni<»rden) 

A continuation northerly of Don- 
lands av. in the city 
LILLINGTON AV (Birch Cliff) 

Stop 20 Kingston rd radial car line 

East from Main, first north of St 

LITTLE AV (Weston) 
' West Trom Main, first north of Eagle 

LIVERPOOL (Runnymede) 

West from 684 Runnymede rd to 21 

•CaiStleton av 
LOCUST AA^ (Mount Dennia) 

East from 10.57 Weston rd 
LOGAN AV NORTH (Todmorden) 

North from opposite 7 Gowan av to 

Gamlble av, first east of Don Mills rd 
LOUISA (Mlmlco) 

North from Stop 12 Lake Shore rd 

to Victoria, first west of MImico 

LOUISE AV (Wychwood) 

West from 114 Vaughan rd to Wych- 
wood av 
LUCY AV (Little York) 

West from Scarborough av to Hick- 
son av. first south o< Danforth av 
LYDIN AV (Lambton Mills) 

East from Scarlett rd 
McCOSH AV (Cedarvale) 

East from Donlands av to Mount 

Royal av. first south of Cosburn av 
Mcdonald av (T'alrbank) 

East from McDonald cres 
Mcdonald cres (Falrbank) 

North from Vaughan rd to Egllnton 

McN.\B AV (Oakwood) 

/West from 62 Atlas av to Dundurn 

av. third north of St Clair av weet 
McROBERTS AV (Falrbank) 

North from 1478 St Clair av west to 

Eglinton av west 
MACDONALD (Swansea) 

West from Church to Dwight av 
MACDONALD AV (Little York) 

East from Chlsholm to Harrington 

av. first north of Danforth av 

North from Queen, second west of 

Humber River 
MACKJE AV (Wychwood) 

South from Eglinton av to Stratheam 

rd, fourth west of Hathurst 
MADELINE AV (Scarboro Township) 

North from Danforth av to C N R 

tracks, first west of Pharmacy av 
MADISON AV (Wychwood) 

South from Forest Hill rd to Clark, 

first east of Spadina rd 
MAIN (Mlmlco) 

West from Church to western limits, 

first north of G T R tracks 
MAIN (-Weston) 

North from St John's rd 

East from Church, first south of Q 

T R tracks 
MANITOBA (Mimico) 

fEast from Church to Grand av 
MARIA (Weston) 

East from Rosemount av 
MARIE AV (Wychwood) 

South from Eglinton av to Patricia 

av, second west of Bathurst 
MARINOSA AV (Runnymede) 

West from 540 Willard av 

MARIPOSA AV (Runnymede, old Scar- 
lett av) 

North from i.".72 St Clair av w to & 
Pritchard av 
MARKDALE AV (Wychwood) 

West from Bathurst to Kendal av, 
sixth north of St Clair av west 
MARSDEN (Mount Dennis) 

South from Deiiurd av 
MARSHALL (Mount Dennis) 

West from opposite 15 Southport av 
to Gray av, first south of Lambton av 
MAYBOURNE AV (Scarboro Tnrp) 
North from Dentonia Park Farm to 
St Clair av east, second east of Vic- 
toria Park av 
MAYFIELD AV (Old Maple av, Runny- 
West from 87 Durie av to Winder- 
mere av, second south of Blotfr west- 
MEAGHER AA" (Cedarvale) 

North from Danforth av to C P R 
track, third west of Main 
MEDHURST RD (Little York) 

East from Dawes rd to town line^ 
first north of Massey Trout Ponds 
MEDWAY AV (Falrbank) 

East from 367 Lauder av 
MELROSE AV (Mlmlco) 

East from Church to Grand av, third 
north of G T R tracks 
MIDLAND AV (Little York) 

East from 113 Dawes rd to Dentonia 
Park Farm, first south of C N R 
MILDRED AV (Lambton Mills) 

South from Eileen av 
MILL (Weston) 

West from Main, first north of Myers 
MILLAVOOD AA" (Lambton Mills) 

South from Government rd, third 
west of Fisher's rd 
MILTON (Mlmlco) 

North trom Portland to Queen, sec- 
ond east of Church 
MIMICO AV (Mlmlco) 

West from Stop 15 Lake Shore rd to 
MINNETT AV (Wychwood) 

North from Normanna av to Hursting 
av, first east of Kennedy rd 

West from 388 Spadina rd, second 
north of St Clair av west 
MONTYE AV (Runnymede) 

west from 414 Willard av to Jane, 
first north of Annette 

West frorni Ellis av to Windermere 
av, fourth south of Bloor west 
MORRISON (New Toronto) 

West from Fifth to Ninth, first south 
of Lake Shore rd 
MORTIMER AV (Cedarvale) 

East from Donlands av to Mount 
Royal av, first north of Salmon av 
MOULD AV (Runnymede) 

North from 2.".4n St Clair av w to 
Corbett av 
MOUNT ROYAL AV (Cedarvale) 

North from Mortimer av to MoCosh 
av, fourth east of Donla,nds av 
MtJLBERRA- AV (Oakwood, old Hilton 
West from Kennedy rd, third north 
of St Clair av 
MURDOCH AV (Scarboro Township) 

Name changed to Kenworthy av 
MURRIE (Mlmlco) 

West from Church to Dwight av, 
third north of Lake Shore rd 
MYRES AV (AVeston) 

West from Main 
NEW RD (Mount Dennis) 

East from Weston rd 

East from Church to Audley, first 
north of G T R track* 
NEWMARKET AV (Cedarvale) 

East from Gledhlll av to CIHiisholm 
av. first north of Danforth av 
NICKEL AV (Mount Dennis) 
East from 1237 Weston rd 
NINTH (New Toronto) 

North from lake front to Lake Shore 
NORMANNA AV (Wychwood) 

East from Atlas av to Arlington av. 
third north of St Clair av west 


123 SCOLLARD ST., near Hazelton 








RORl'Al. (Runnymcde) 

KorLh from Henrietta to towiMhip 

O'BBIK.N AV (Palrbank) 

«uuth from Vaughan id. 
O'HARA AV (Falrbank) 

i^^ust from Crescent rrt 
<VI,i;AI«V AV (Oaknood) 

West from 284 Oakwood av to Glen- 
holme av 
OAK (Weston) 

I'^st from Main 
<»AK\VOOD AV (Oakwood) 

North from 906 St iClair av west to 

Kgliiiton av 
OI.IVKR (Mumber Bay) 

Xorth from Queen, third west of 

Humber River 
(IHMSKIRK AV (!SnunH«a) 

West from Windermere to oid Helt 

bine tracks, second north of Queen 

ORVILLE (Mount Oennia, old Orla av) 

South from Lambton av to ravin«, 

fthird west of Weston rd 
OSTEXn AV (Ronnymede) 

West fram 112 Durie av to Winder- 
mere av, first south of Bloor w 
ODTLOOK AV (Weaton) 

West from Beechwood av 
I'VI.MRR AV (Little York) 

North from Balfour av to Secord av 

first west of Dawea rd 
P.4RK AV (WeatonI 

tKast from Main 
PARK ROAD (Swanaea) 

AVest from Ellis av to Windermere 

:i.v. third south of Bloor west 

North from Queen, first west of Miml- 

<'o Creek 
]'ATRlCI-\^ AV (TVycbwood) 

W'est from Bathurst to Connaught 

av. first south of Eglinton 
PKAREX AV (.Mount Dennis) 

North from Eglinton av west, first 

south of Weston rd 
PELL.VTT CRES (Wjehnood) 

West and northeasterly from Ba- 

thurst, eighth north of St Clair av w 
PEXDEEN AV (Weaton) 

West from Jane 
PERRY AV (Lambton Mills) 

iSouth from Dundas to Government rd 
PHARM.\fY VA' (Srurlioro TonuMhip) 

North froTn Danforth av oppoaite 

ilansior) Hotel to St Clair av east 
ri\E (AVeaton) 

North from William to Beech, first 

east of CoHeffe 
PI\EGROVE .\V (nlreh flHT) 

Stop 20 Kingston rd radial car line 
PIXEHILL CRES (Mount Dennis) 

North from .lane to ravine 
PI\K\V<>OD HO (t'ornierl; Kreilerica. 
AA'Tohwood ) 

North from 62« St Clair av west to 

Hillbrow av 
tr.AIX.S RD (Toilniorden) 

.\n easterly extension of Don Mills 

rd from John H Tajior's corner to 

AVoodt)ine av 
PORTER AV < Mount Dennis) 

West from near f^'t* Weston rd, third 

.'^outh of Lanvhton av 
PORTL.\>D (Miniioo) 

East from Church to Grand av. sec- 
ond north of G T R tracks 
I'OI LTON A\- U'pilnrvnie) 

Rast from Coxwell av to Woodbine 

a venue 
PRESTHOLM AA' (Cedarvale) 

North from Strathcona Gardens to 

Cosburn. third east from Oonlands 

PRESTO>' RD (Fnirbnnk) 

West from Dufferin 
PRIMHO.SE .VA' (Minileo) 

North from Stop IT, T^ake Shore rd to 

Queen's av 
PRISCILLA A\ (Ronnvmede) 

North from 39 Hanley av to 2369 

nundas. first east of Jane 
I'HITrHARD AV (Runnymede) 

"West from m Castleton av to 657 

.Ta ne 

PROSPECT (l,ittle VorkI 

llast from Dawes rd 
PRVOR AA' (Sllverthorn) 

West from Silverthorn av to Clover- 
dale av. first north of St Clair av 

HUEEN'S AV (Mimieo) 

North from Mimieo av to Superior av 
RA^iDOLPH AV (Todmorden) 

East from 1039 Pape av to Donlands 

R.\AI\E DRIVE (Wychwood) 

West from Bathurst to Esther av, 

third north of St Clair av west 
KAV AV (Alount Dennis) 

East from opposite 1100 Weston rd 

to G T R tracks 
R.WBOULD AA- (Runnymede) 

West from Runnymede rd Subway 

parallel *-ith (' 1' it tracks, first 

north of Dundas 

North from Coulter av 
RKDHILL A A' (Falrbank) 

West from Fairbank av to Harvie av 
REED CUES (.Silverthorn) 

East from Silverthorn av to Dunra- 

ven drive 
HEID W (Wychwaod) 

East from Bathurst to Kendal av, 

third south of Eglinton av 
RENHOLD AV (Oakwood) 

North from 1114 St Clair avw 
RIPOX RD (Little York) 

East from Dentonla rd, first east of 

Dawes rd. opp York Mills brick yds 
l«0\CH AV (Wyehwood) 

North from 134 High to Hilllnow av 
ROBERT (Mimieo) 

North from Eastliourne cres to Mimi- 
eo avenue 
ROBERT (Weston) 

lEast from Rosemount av 
ROBINA AV (Oakwood) 

(North from St Clair av, first east of 

Oakwood av 
ROCHD.4LB AA' (Falrbank) 

East from Harvie av to Ennerdale 

ROCKA'ALE (Falrbank) 

North from 35 Rogers rd, second 

north of Oakville av 
ROGERS RD (Fairbank) 

East from Dufferin to Oakwood av 
ROSE AV (Mlmlco) 

North from G T R tracks, first we«t 

of Howland av 
HOSKMOl'NT AA' (WeHtott) 

North from William, first east of 

railway tracks 
ROSETHORX .\A' (Silverthorn) 

North fi'om Kowntree av to Kersd'ale 

ROSEAEAR .AA' (Little York) 

West from 112 Dawes rd to Palmer 

av, third south of C N R tracks 
ROVl'LATT AA' (Wychwood) 

West from Bathurst to Hilltop rd. 

fourth soutii of Eglinton av 
ROY.VL (Runnymede) 

North from 21 Henrietta to Corbett 

av, first west of Runnym'ede rd 
Rl'PERT (A\'ychwood» 

West from Marie av to Mackie av. 

first south of Eg'linton av 
HI SH AV (Humber Bay) 

West from Salisbury av, first north 

of Queen 
Rl SHTO.V RD (A\'ychwood) 

Northwest from St .\lhan .av w to 

^JlanviUe av, first west o^ Hume- 
wood av 
Rl'TH RD (Little York) 

North from Danforth av to C N R 

tracks, second west of Pharmacy av 
RUTHERFORD A A" (Mount Dennis) 

East from 1171 Weston rd to G T R 

RUTH VEX PL (Mount Dennis)) 

East from tu Southport av, first 

south of Lambton av 
ST GEORGE (Mimieo) 

North from Main to Simpson av, sec- 
ond west of Church 
ST JAMES (Cedarvale) 

North from Edward' to Cosburn, first 

west of Woodbine av 
ST JOHX'S RD (Runnymede) 

West from 507 Jane to 39 Langmuir 
avenue ""> •*-' 

ST JOHN'S RD (AVeston) 

East and west from Main 
S'l M.ARKS RD (Runnymede) 

West from 450 Jane to Old Belt Line 


ST STEPHEN'.S (Cedarrale) 

North from Edward to COflbum mt, 
eecond west of Woodbine av 
».*LISBURY AV (Mimieo) 

1 North from Stop 10 Lake Shore rd 
to Bloor west, first east of Mimt«o 

isvijMOV .VA' (Cedarvale) 

East from Donlands av to Cedarvalo 
av, second north ot Danforth av 

I SAVOY AV (Cedarvjde) 

Bast from Woodbine av to Cedarvale 

I av, third north of C N R tracks 

! SC ARBOR0176H AV (Little York, Sc«r- 
boro T^vp) 
East from Danforth av at W J El- 
liott corner to (3 T R track* 

' SCARLETT RD (Lambton Mills) 

North from Dundas to township lira- 
SCHOOL RD (Mount Dennis) 

Also known as Dennis av, West from 
Weston rd ■ 

, SCOTT (Silverthorn) 

I South from Strathcona av 

j SECOND A A (New Toronto). 

; North from T^ke Shore rd to G T R 
tracks •■ 

I SI':CO.\D ( >"en- Toronto) 

-South from Lake Shore rd to Lake 

' Shore drive, second we'St of Stop 18 

1 SECORD (Little York) 

l-^ast from opposite 186 Harrington 
av to Palmer av. second north of 
Danforth av • ■ 

SELLERS A A' ( Earlscottrt)' 

I North from Morrison av . 

: SENFXA (Fnirbnnk) , 

First e'Etst of Dufferin, running north 
and south 

■ SEA'ENTEENTH (New Toronto) 

North from Lake Shore rd to G T R 

I SEA'ENTH (New Toronto) 

I North from lake front to New To- 
( ronto 

SH.Vl'GHNESSA' .VA' (Cedarvale) 
! North from Mortimer av to McCosh 
1 av, second e.sat of Donlands av 
I SIBLEA' (Little A'ork) 
I North from Danforth ,,av to Maasey 
: Farm, first east of Dawes rd 

SIMPSON VA' (Mimieo) 
' West from Church to Howland av, 
second north of G T R tracks 
SIXTEENTH (New Toronto) 

North from Lake Shore rd -to O T R 
I SIXTH (-New Torojito) 
I Nortli from lake fron-t to New Tor- 
ronto, intersecting^ Lake Shore rd at 
I Stop 20 

' SOI'TH ST.ATION (AVeston) 
I North froTn Eagle av. first east of 
i Main 

East from west of Station rd to Bur- 
' lington. second iiort hof Lake .Shore 
1 road 
[ SOl'THPORT -lA" (Mount Dennis) 

South fr'^ni 145 r.aml^ton av. fifth 
west of Weston rd 
Sttl'THPORT RD (Swansea) 

North frotn Queen west to Ormskirk 
a v. first west of Winder-niere av 
SrADI.N-V PARKAV.VA" (Wychwood) 
Scuthwesterly from Spadina rd, first 
noj'th of Lonsdale rd 
STANLEY VA' (Mimieo) 

East from Church to Alexander (west 
half, fromerly Pigeon av) 
S'l-VTION RD (Mimieo) 

North from Mimieo av to Cavell 
S'lEWAHT AA' (Falrbank) 

West from 490 Oakwood av 
SIRADER AA" (Falrbank) 

1':ast from Oakwood av, first north of 
Vaughan rd 
SIRATHCONA .VA" (Silverthorn) 

East from Kane av 
STRATHCONA VV (Todmorden) 

North from 12 Mortimer av to Mc- 
(^osh av 
.gTR.VTHCONA GARDEJViS. (.Cedarvale) 
Nttnh from Mortimer a'v to McCosh 
av .fourth east of Donls^jjdS av 
STRATHE.VRN AA (Wychwood) 

Northwesterly from Bathurst . t£> 
Esther av, fourth north of 9t Clair 
av west 


"Th« irraakMt piano in 
the woiU," l« the iwttt^n 
testimony of De Pachmann* 
the world'* grreat pianist- 
Sea tthi« piano at - 

1»3-19S-1«7 YONGE ST. 


WILLIAM JOHNSTONE I « Adelaide st. east 


b'lHA'n'OA' AV (FairbHuk) 

JBaet from Mcl>onald cres to Oak- 
wood av 
STUBBINS AV (Runnymede) 

From 5-50 Windermere av to 480 Wll- 

lartl av, first north of St. John's rd 

Fouth from Lake Shore rd 
•«| MMIT AV IMount Dennia) 

East from Gilbert av 
«il NDKL AV (Silverthom) 

North from Caaneron av to Eglinton 


West from 1115 Weston rd to Barton- 

ville av 

North from Stop 14 Lake Shore rd to 

MTHKRI.AS8D AV (WychwoOd) 

Must from Mulberry av to Connaught 

av, third north of Vaughan rd 
SYKES IWe8«on) 

West from Main, third north of St 

St John's rd 
SVMOIVS (Mlmleo) 

West from Church to Dwight av, 

fourth north of I^ke Shore rd, 
S-iMMt'ATK AV (Monnt Drnnis) 

North from 3S Dennis av to York av 
'1'Al.BOT AV (Cedarvnle) 

East from Gledhill av to Palmer av, 
, eighth north of Danforth av 
TAUNTON AV (Cedarvale) 

Eaet from Woodbine av to Cedarvale 

av. fourth south of C P R tracks 
TAY AV lAVyohwood) 

North from 260 Vaughan rd to Ra- 
pine, second west of Rushton rd 

West from Boon av to Prospect 

TENTH (XeM- Toronto) 

North from 'ake front to I^^ke Shore 
TMEL.MA AV rwychwood. formerly 

East from Spadina rd, first north of 

fLonsdale rd 
THIRD (N*-»v Toronto) 

South from Lake Shore rd fStop 19) 

to Lake Shore drive 
THIRTEENTH (New Toronto) 

North from fxike Shore rd to O T R 

THORNHILI. \V (Rnnnymede) 

North from Bniby Point rd 
THORNTON AV (Fairbank) 

East froim Harvie av to Branstone av 

THYRA AV (I.lttle York) 

North from Danforth av to Massey 

Farm, third east of Uawes rd 
1'ORRENS AV (Todmorden) 

East from Don Mills rd to Donlands 

av, second eouth of Don Mills rd 
TRENTON AV (Cedarvale) 

East from Woodbine av to Cedarvale 

av. first south of C P R tracke 
TWELFTH (Nev» Toronto) 

North from lake front to Shore 

VALLEY AV (Wychwood) 

West from Wychwood av to Rushton 

rd, first south of Vaughan rd 
VALLEY RD (Little York) 

East from Chisholm av to C P R 

tracks first west of Main 
VANEVERY (Mlmleo) 

West from Church to Dwight av 
VICTOR AV (Mlmleo) 

North from Stanley av to Cavell 

East from Burlington to township 

limit, second north of I>ake Shore rd 

East from Main opposite Myers av 
VICTORIA BLVD (Mount Dennia) 

(East from Weston rd to G T R tracks 
VIRGINIA .^ (Cedarvale) 

East from w^oodblne av to Cedarvale 

av, third south of C P R tracks 
WALLINfiTON AV (Cedarvale) 

B^ast from GledhlQl to Chlsholra av, 

first south of C P B tracke 
WALNUT AV (Little York) 

West from Thyra av to Ethel av, 

first north of Danforth av 
WARDEN (Mlmleo) 

West from Church to Dwight av, 

fourth north of Lake Shore rd 
WARREN CRES (Lambton Mllla) 

South from Dundas, first east of 

Humber River 
WARREN RD (Wychwood) 

•Continuation of Warren rd In city to 

Kllbarry rd 
WARWICK AV (Wychwood) 

'West from Bathurst to Connaught 
I av. seventh north of St Clair av west 
rWATSON AV (Lambton Milla) 
■ South from Dundas 
iWELLWOOD AV (Wychwood) 
I East from Rushton rd to Humewood 
I av. second north of St Clair av west 
j WESLEY (Mlmleo) 

North Portland to Queen, first east 
i of Ohurch 

WBSTBOURNE AV (Scuboro Twp) 

North froTO Dentonia Park Farm to 
451 Clair av east, third east of Vic- 
toria Park av 

East and south from Bathurst, third 
north of St Clair av w 

WESTW^OOD AV (Todmorden) 

East from Todmorden Hotel, Doa 
Mills rd to Logan av north 

WILCOX (Todmorden) 

North from Co<nmd MueHer's (Salmon 
av) to Mortim^" 

WILEY AV (Cedarvale) 

South from opp 46 Salmon av to Poul- 
ton av, first east of Donlands av 

WILLARD AV (Rnnnymede) 

North from 700 Annette to 2S34 Dun- 
das, fourth w of Bunnymede rd 

W^ILLIAM (Todmorden) 

East from 239 Don Mills rd to Bur- 
leigh av 

WILLIAM (Weaton) 

East from Rosemount av 

W^ILLIS (Wychwood) 

South from Eglinton av to Durban* 
avenue, eighth west of Bathurst 

WH.MINGTON (Falrbnnk) 
East from Oakwood av 


North from Stop 4 Lake Shore rd to 

Bloor w 

West from Windermere av, third 

north of Lake Shore rd 
WINDSOR (Mlmleo) 

North from G T R Station to Port- 
WINSTON (Wychwood) 

WTest from Roach to Rushton rd, first 

north of Vaughan rd 

North and east from Hatherley rd 

to Ennerdale rd 
WOODVILLB AV (Todmorden) 

East from Don Mills rd to Donlands 

av. first south of Don Mills rd 
WYATT (Little York) 

East from Dawes rd to town line opp 

Chapman's brick yard 
YBATMAN'S BD (Monnt Dennia) 

East from opp 1070 Weston rd to 

G T R tracks 
YORK AV (Mount Dennia) 

'West from 989 WTeston rd to Guest- 

ville av 



Typewriting in Every Branch 

Public Stenography (Private Rooms for Dictation); 

Multlgraph Letters (ii Muitigraphs) ; 

Typewriting (63 Typewriters); 

If it's Typewriting, we do it 


74-76 CHURCH ST. Phones Ade. 3500-1-2-3 


Phone Adel. 7S0-7S1-75Z 


Prompt depandable service in 
tie ^ " ~ 

I Yelio* Wkcsoni 


156 YONGE ST. 







iEsrOWNERSIt Developers OfRealEstate In.Canada 


82-88 KINC SI E 








(Iccluded in City; 

(iDcluded in Citr) 

(Included in City) 

(See RuDoymede) 


;See Wychwood) 









iSee Little York) 









(Three and a half mllea nortbeaat of 

Abraham Robert J, carp, 3M M»afh«r 

AJcock Albert E <-abt -nkr, h e s Wood- 
bine av 

Allen Wm H, platr. h 91 GledhlU av 

Anderson C Bruce, carp, has Albert 

Anderaon Jame«. engineer, h n s Albert 

Anderson Wm, engineor, h 154 Cedar- 
Tal* av 

Annan Andrew, h 1«7 Salmon av 

Archer Robt J. brklyr. h 86 Guestholm 

Armatrong- Wm, condr, h il Meagher av 

Aahbury John S, stock kpr. h s s Vir- 
ginia av 

Aehby Albert, tmstr, h 44S Meagher av 

Aakin Frank T, maaon, h 12 Coleridge 

Atkinaon John W, wood turner, h 175 
Kir.g Edward av 

3a!lile Wm, stone mason, h <1 KlnK E>d- 
ward av 

Baker Mary (wid Wm). h 2M GledhlU 

Baldwin Alf J, carp, h liS Coleridge 

Baldwin John, h n « Salmon av (on 
active service) 

Balmer Joseph, stoker, h lOJ GledhlU av 

Banning Perclval E A, brklyr. h 20 King 
Edward av 

Bannister Frank E. h 78 King Edward 
av (on active service) 

Barker Robert, mkt gdnr. iS Cosbum 
av, h same 

Barrow Thos W. engineer, h n • Ever- 
ett av 

Barry John, h 165 Salmon av (on active 

Barth Chaa, h 22 Mortimer av 

Barton Robt J, ammunition wkr, h 458 
Greaham av 

Barton Wm G, h 87 Cedarvale av (on 
active service) 

Bates Rlchd F, h 19 Wiley av 

Bath Chaa, lab, h 40 Preatholm av 

Bailey Wm, has Gresham av (on ac- 
tive service) 

Beadle Thoa, driver, h 2 King Edward 

Beattle DanI, h 841 Gledhill av (on ac- 
tive service) 

Beckett Chas, brklyr, h 23 Franklin av 
Beckford Geo W. h S6 King Edward av 
Bell Jamea, mkt gdnr, s a Cosburn av, 

h same 
Bell Walter L, mkt gdnr, h 79 Edward 
Bennett. Reginald J, chauffeur, h 147 

King Edward av 
Bennett Wm, mkt gdnr, IS Mortimer 

av, h same 
Benson John, h 11 Wiley av (on active 

Betsworth Geo. lab. h 223 Gledhill av 
Biggar Wm J. engineer, h «3 Cedarvale 

Billings Chaa, painter, h 170 St Ste- 
Bing E3<jwd, eng, h 84 Gledhill av 
Bird John, h 39 Cedarvale av (on active 

Bishobrlck Catherine, gro 33 Gledhill 

av, h same 
Blackett Geo, elk, h 194 Coleridge av 
Blake Geo, h 12 Guestholm av 
Blood Jesse, brklyr. h 13 Franklin av 
Boveniger Wm, alamn, h 129 Salmon av 
Bone Waller, lather, h 20 Salmon av 
Booth Leonard, ctr, h 1S9 Edward 
Bowery Geo W. h 18T GledhlU av 
Bowland Geo. raach. h 27 Edward 
Bradahaw Herbert, shipper, h 217 West- 
lake av 
Branagh Saml. painter, h 17 Albert 
Branson Wm E, carp, h 21 Prestholm 

Brazier Jaa W, brklyr. h 255 Gledhill 

Brazier Thos, h 257 Oledhlll av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Brewer Geo T. h 21S Cedarvale av (on 

active service) 
Brown Frank, cloth examiner, h ISl 

Cedarvale av 
Brown Wm, mach. h w s Coleridge av 
Bruce W^m, gdnr. h 910 Greenwood av 
Ruckberrough Berta. h 24 Meagher av 
Buckberrough Helen, h 24 Meagher av 
Budd Leonard, tmstr, h 140 Coaburn av 
Burgeaa Chas. lab. h a a McCosh av 
Eurgeaa John F. h 218 Cedarvale ar 
Busby Albert, h 14 Guestholm av 
Butler E Irwin, lithographer. Ji 75 

Guestholm av 
Cady John W, contr. h 93 Gledhill av 
C!allaghan (Jeo. h 197 Salmon av (on 

active service) 
Campbell Wm, h 250 Cedarvale av (on 
active service) 

Cardy James, lab, h w a St Stephens 
Carson Wm W. auto painter, h 79 Odar- 

vale av 
I Carter Alfred, brklyr, h 8 Franklin av 
Carter Arthur, brklyr, h 24 FrankUn 
1 avenue 
'' Castle Geo, engineer, h 411 Weatlake 

' Chapman Harry, lab, h SO King Edward 

Chesney Hugh, folder, h 127 Cedarvale 

Church of the Resurrection (Ang), e ■ 

Woodbine av 
, Clarke Joseph, brklyr. h 81 BVlward 
Clegg Wm, h 421 Weatlage av 
i<3oat6» Sarah (wid John), h 18 King 

Edward av 
Cochrane. Alfred W. elk. h 61 Edward 
Cole Joseph R, Iron wkr. h 81 Cedar- 
vale av 
Coleman Wm. h 3>S Meagher av (on 

active service) 
Collins Albert, ammunition wkr. h 395 

Salmon av 
, CoUIna Robt J. h n a Albert 
CoUinaon Isaac, brklyr, has Albert 
Cook John V. h 107 Cedarvale av (on 

active service) 
Cooke Albert, brklyr, h 90 Queatholm 

Coughlan Jeremiah, lab, h Taunton av 
Cowling Fredlc h 11 Coleridge av 

McGregor & McINTYRE, Limited structural steel shops 

Ornamental Won Work, Stair Work, Etc. 1139 SHAW ST. Phones ""i^f^^J^ ,.„ 

2 —17— 





Phone Reaidenctt 
North 874 


Craig Douglaa, h 112 Coleridge av 
Crawford Jack, carp, h 52 Salmon av 
Crawford Jam-es. h 168 Salmon av (on 

active eervice) 
Crawford John, glazier, h 23 Prestholm 

Crockett Robt, h 2 Mount Boyal av (on 

active service) 
Crcmble David, carp, h 161 Cedarvale 

Crone Percy M, driver, h 313 Salmon 

Crowson Thoa, mach, h 9« GledhlU av 
Cullon John P, raach, h 167 Meagher av 
Cuming Richd C, atenog, h 41 Costurn 

Cupples Geo A, boat bldr, h 9 Poulton 

Curtis Wm, gro n s Walllngton av 
Cutler Alfred, h n a lot 486 Greaham 

av (on active service) 
Daley John W, h 48 Salmon av (on ac- 
tive eervice) 
Dallgan Wm J, shipper, h 169 St Ste- 
Daniels Chas, tlr. has Crewe av 
Daniels Ernest, gdnr, h 18 Mortimer av 
Daniels Fredk, mkt gdnr 14 Mortimer av 
Daniels James (Daniels & Sons), h 16 

Mortimer av 
Daniels James jr (Daniels & Sons), 1 16 

Mortimer av 
Daniels James & Sons (James, James jr 
and Leonard), rakt gdnrs 16 Mortimer 
Daniels Leonard (Daniels & Sons), 1 16 

Mortimer av ' 
Daniels Wm H, mkt gdnr, n s Cosburn 

Darby Edward J, h n s Albert 
Darwin Louis J.- ammunition wkr, h 

n s GsLtwick £LV 
Day Albert, h 87 Gledhlll av (on active 

Deacon Garnet, carp ,h s s Albert 
Dickinson Horace J, h 149 King Ed- 
ward av (on active service) 
Dipben Wallace, h 172 Salmon av (on 

active service) 
Dixon Austin, mach. 1 69 Cedarvale av 
Dixon Jame* H. btchr, h 69 Cedarvale av 
Dixon J Bertram, ctr, 1 69 Cedarvale av 
Dobson Chas W. h 8 Salmon av (on 

active service) 
Dobson John, driver, h 29 Franklin av 
Dobsoh Wm H, lab, h 6 Franklin av 
Dodson Levi, gro a w cor Cedarvale 

and Salmon av 
Doel Carl, laftj;.*' w s Coleridge av 
Dowling Wm granite ctr, h 2>1 Frank- 
lin av „ ^ 
Duckworth Arthur, brklyr, h 155 Cedar- 
vale av 
Durant Robt G, tile eetter, h 407 Weet- 

lolf g 3.V 

Easton Grace, opr, h w s Colerl4ge av 
Ede James, h s e Albert (on active ser- 
Edge Fredk, printer, h 81 Hatnpstead 

avenue _, 

Edwards iC?has H, driver, h 94 Klngr Ed- 
ward av ... 
Edwards John A, bldr. h w a Coleridge 

Elchbaum Frank, wtr, h 10 King Ed- 
ward av 
Elliott Wm. carp, h n a Holborne 
Emmanuel Presbyterian Church. 61 

'CcdSL-rv3.1c fl,v 
Bng-lish James N, gro. h 90 King Ed- 
ward av 
Enston Ernest, pdlr, h 29 Prestholm av 
Farquhar John, h 323 Salmon av 
Felix Joseph, engineer, h w a St James 
Feller Chas. mach. h 30 Coleridge av 
Fensom David, contr. h 85 Gledhlll av 
Fensom Ernest, h 120 Cedarvale av (on 

active service) 
Fensom Geo. contr, h 85 Gledhill av 
FIck Robert, h 419 Meagher av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Flnlay Wm T. watchman, h 87 Cedarvale 

Finlayson James T, h 14 Salmon av (on 

active service) 
Flegg Wm, miller, h 170 Salmon av 
Fletcher Geo, 1 58 Gledhlll av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Fletcher James. 1 58 Gledhill av (on 
active service) 

painter, h 31 Wiley 
lab, h 9% Franklin 
h 121 King Bd- 
, h 11 Shaugh- 
li a e Cosburn 

Fletcher Norman. 1 58 Gledhill av (on 
active service) 

Fletcher Robt, mason, h 58 Gledhill av 

Foster Geo, painter, h 12 Franklin av 

Francis Wm E, printer, h 67 King Ed- 
ward av 

Froomess Joseph B, mach, h 153 Cedar- 
vale av 

Fyfe Albert, expressman, h 1008 Wood- 
bine av 

Gamble Geo H, lab. h 80 Edward 

Garbutt James, gdnr, 198 Gledhlll av 

Garden James A, mason, h 132 Cedar- 
vale av 

Gardener Frank, 

Gardner Geo W, 

Garton Bert, brklyr. 
ward av 

Garvin Russell, driver, 
nessey av 

Gerrard Pvichd. porter. 

Gibbings Alfred E, elk, h 114 Coleridge 

Glbbs Albert E, lab, h s s Albert 

Gibson Thos J. carp, h 43 King Edward 

GiUson Geo, shipper, h 941 Greenwood 

Girard Pau!> mach, h 5 Mount Royal 

Godwin Chas. moto, h 31 King Edward 

Goldsmith Wm, h 25 Coleridge av (on 
active service) 

Goodhead Arthur J, h 32 Coleridge av 

Graziano Antony (Graziano Bros), h 
12 Mortimer av 

Graziano Augustus (Graziano Bros), 
h 12 Mortimer av 

Graziano Bros (Antony, Augustus and 
Samuel), mkt gndrs 12 Mortimer av 

Graziano Saml (Graziano Bros), h 12 
Mortimer av 

Greene Marshall, gdnr, h n s Holborne 

Greenwood Presbyterian Church, e a 
Greenwood av 

Gregory Jamea, tmstr, h 9 Shaughnea- 
sey av 

Griffin Chas. lab. h 6 Salmon av 

Griffith Thos, lab, h 42 Coleridge av 

Grime Robt, lab, h 30 Wiley av 

Groh Gilbert, wood wkr, h 394 Meagher 

Grosvenor Edwd, car Insp, h 25 Cedar- 
vale av 

Grosvenor Wm, brklyr, h 28 Franklin 

Guthrie David, h w 8 Coleridge av 

Guthrie Robert, pdlr, h 31 Prestholm 

Guy Wra, ehell mkr, h 74 King Edward 

Guvatt Thos, lab. h 249 Gledhlll av 

Gus'att Vina (wld Thos). h 195 Gledhlll 

Haberle Henry, h e s St Jamea (on ac- 
tive service) 

Haines Chas H. h. 65 Coleridge av 

Halnsworth Wm B. driver, h s a Hol- 
borne av 

Hall Wm. h 3» King Edward av 

Harland John, lab, h 17 King Edward 

Harman John, h 50 King Edward av 

Harper Chas. plstr. h 195 Taunton av 

Harris Edwd, h 6 Guestholm av (on ac- 
tive service) 

Harris Geo, lab. h 219 Cedarvale av 

Harris Geo E. h 327 Salmon av 
' Harris Walter, pressmn. h 1 Salmon av 
' Harrison Albert, elect, h 7 Salmon av 
i Harrison Aubrey, carp, h 6 Wiley av 
i Harrison Frank, carp, h 57 Cedarvale 
[ avenue 

I Harrison James, h 74% Edward (on ac- 
! ttve service) 
I Hartley Chas, gro 2 Strathcona av 

Hathaway John, carp, has Holborne 

Hawkins Jonathan, h 155 Gledhill av 

Hawthorne Jamea W, lab, h 801 Wood- 
' bine av 

1 Heal Chas, printer, h 22 King Edward 

Helendale Dairy. Joseph A Smith prop. 
1 Cosburn av 

Hensal Andrew, pdlr, h 1006 Woodbine 

Herdman, Walter .stone ctr, h 28 Queat- 

holm av 
Herron Andrew, brklyr, h 427 Gresh- 

ham av 
Hesselden Walter, driver, h 99 King 

Edward av 
Hewett Harold T, lab, h 35 Edward 
Hibbitt Geo. lab. h 27 Wiley av 
Hickey Thos. h 123 Salmon av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Higglns Thos B W. elk, h 288 Westlake 
Higginson J Wm. driver, h 4 King Ed- 
ward av 
Hill Elisha, lab. h 40 Prestholm av 
Hillock Wm, h 26 Meagher av 
Hinde John, h s s Hampstead av 
Hingeley Edwin, grinder, h s s Albert 
Hiscock Henry, h 123 Cedarvale av (on 

active service) 
Hobbs Elizth D (wld Richd), h 20 Mea- 
gher av 
Hodson Walter, h 32« Salmon av (on 

active service) 
Hoflick Albert, carp, h 423 Meagher av 
Hogg Geo M, mach, h 59 Coleridge av 
Hole Wm. h 781 Woodbine av 
Hollow ell Ernest W, cement wkr. h 

743 Woodbine av 
Holt Harry, rec, h 37 King Edward av 
Hood Andrew, shell mkr, h 124 Gled- 
hill av 
Hood Saml, h 26 Franklin av 
Hough AJex J, h 319 Salmon av 
Howarth Ann (wld Harry), h 81 Cedar- 
vale av 
Howarth Edwd, I 81 Cedarvale av (on 

active service) 
Howarth Wm, 1 81 Cedarvale av (on 

active service) 
Howie John, chauffeur, h 496 Weatlake 

Huck Joseph, lab, h 34 Coleridge av 
Huffhes Chas. h 166 Salmon av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Hurst Albert, painter, h 76 Edward 
Hutchinson Thos L, h e « Meagher, n e 

cor Walllngton 
Hutchinson Thos L. h 392 Walllngton 

av (on active service) 
Hutton Ernest, chkr. h 54 Salmon av 
Ibbotson Geo. lab. h 186 Coleride avg 
Ide Alex E. h s s Albert (on active ser- 
Ingham BenJ W. painter, h 30 Prest- 
holm av 
Inaley Chas H. engineer, h 92 King Ed- 
ward av 
Jack John, carp, h 10 Walllngton av 
Jackson Alfred R. h 76 King Edward 

av (on active service) 
Jackson Eliza (wid Alfred), h 107C 

Cedarvale av 
Jackson Fredk, h 72 King Edward 

av (on active service) 
Jarvie James, carp, h 123 Coleridge av 
Jarvis Wm, driver, h 22 Calford av 
Jennings .Albert G, letter carrier, h 46 

Coleridge av 
Jennings Bros (Joseph and Wm), mkt 

gdnrs, s s Salmon av 
Jennings James, brass mldr, h 45 Ce- 
darvale av 
Jermings Joseph E (Jennings Bros), h 

25 Salmon av 
Jennings Wm H (Jennings Broa). res 

Donlands av 
JessuD Geo. lab. h 213 Cedarvale av 
Johnson Jav. elk. h 450 Meagher av 
Johnston Dalbert R. h 426 Gresham av 

(on active service) 
Johnstone Andrew, painter, h 253 .Al- 
Johnstone James W. painter, h 251 

Jolly Geo, trucker, h 145 King Edward 

Jones Arthur C, glass wkr, h 28 Guest- 
holm av 
Jones Chas. slsmn. h 22 Guestholm av 
Jones Robt, genl atorea 937 Greenwood 
Jowett Ernest, sheet mtl wkr, h M 

Kanagy Simon M, h 81 Gledhlll av 
Kear Thos, carp, h 92 Guestholm «v 
Kear Vivian, carp, h 83 Guestholm av 
Keen Wm. h n s Epsom av (on active 


(OiMrantMd by Union AasurinM facMy, UmltMl, Lsndsn, Cng.) 

BUBSUSS & 8WIATMAN, Limited, Qeneral Agentg 12 Wellington St. E. 


Phone Main 1790 

storage Batteries 




PhoneADELAIDE 1962 


Kee^h Douglas A, tmstr, h 97 Cedarvale 

Keith Predk, action mkr, h 89 Cedar- 
vale av 

Kelly Adam, tmstr, h 183 Salmon av 

Kelly James, chauffeur, h 181 Salmon 

Kendle Wm, grdnr, h 9 Wiley av 

Kenn David, h 13 Shaughnessey av (on 
active service) 

Kennedy Christopher J, h 9 Franklin 

Kerrian Chaa. carder, h w s Coleridge 

Kerrigan John, carp, h Z'M Gledhil lav 

Kinggett John, plrabr, h 33% King Ed- 
ward av 

KirkTiam Henry, ctr, h 60 Gledhill av 

Kissach James H ,carp, h 388 Walling- 
ton av 

Klanier Jack, tlr, h s s Crewe av 

Knight Thos C, letter carrier, h 26 
King Edward av 

Knowles John, mason, h 3 Salmon av 

Knowles Joseph, lab, h n a Albert 

Laing Geo R, elk, h 33 King Edward 

Lambert Joseph, pdlr, h 725 Woodbine 

Langridge Henry, shell mkr, h Green- 
wood av cor Mortimer av 

Lasazzeva Donate, pdlr, h 9 King Ed- 
ward av 

Lawrence Archd, h 16 Wiley av (on 
active service) 

Leach Walter, driver, h 12 Strathcona 

Leckes Ben], boxrakr, h 95 Gledhill av 

Lee Arthur, driver, h 162 Salmon av 

Leekes Alfred J, carp, h 114 Gledhill 

Leeming Elizth (wid John), h 82 Gled- 
hill av 

Lemmer Horace, mach, h w s St. Ste- 

Leslie Mary (wid Wra). h 262 Gledhill 

Leaueur Joshua, bldr, h 248 Gledhill av 

Lewis Joseph, h 24 Franklin av 

Lindley Prank, gdnr. h n s Cosburn av 

Long Albert, lab, h 171 Cedarvale av 

Lowe Ernest, tmstr. h s s Albert 

Lowry John H, harness rakr, h 17 
Franklin av 

Lukes Ben] A, cigar box mkr, h 116 
Gledhill av 

McBirney Geo, slsra Eatons, h S3 Gled,- 
hlll av 

McCarthy Dennis, sheet metal wkr, h 
418 Westlake av 

McCauley Edwd, slamn Eatons, h e s 
St Stephens 

McCulloch Allan, h 175 Gledhill av (on 
active service) 

McDermotf Joseph, lab. h n B Albert 

McGregor Norman, herdsman, h 2 Cos- 
burn av 

McGregor R»bt. mkt gdnr, 2 Cosburn 
av. h same 

McKay Frances M (wid Robt S), h 45 
Cosburn av 

McKay Thos C, mkt gdnr, 925 Green- 
-wood av, h same 

McKay Wm, herdsman, h s s Cosburn 

McKay Joseph, piano action mkr, h 9 
Salmon av 

McKim Robt, plstr, h 115 King Ed- 
ward av 

McMaater James, carp, h 100 King Ed- 
ward av 

McMaster Wm. 1 100 King Edward av 
(on active service)) 

McNeigh Alfred, comp, h 7M Woodbine 

McNeill Hugh, shell mkr, has Salmon 

MtfWatters John, lab. h 3 Cosburn av 

Maclntyre Alex, h 119 Coleridge av 

Mackenzie Daniel, carp, h 14 Wiley av 

Mackenzie Norris J W. carp, h 13 Wl- 

MacKinnon Donald, chkr, h 22 Pres- 
holm av 

Magee Harold A, mkt gdnr, 163 Salmon 
av, h same 

Maghey John, h 21 Wiley av 

Maher Patrick J. gro, n w cor Wood- 
lalne av and Edward, h same 

Mallion Caleb, h e s Woodbine av 

Mainwarring Albert, brklyr, h 22 
Franklin av 

Mantle Robert, h 133 Cedarvale av 
%Iarden Geo R, carp, h 2 Salmon av 
Marsh Henry, h 201 Cedarvale av (on 

active service) 
Marshall Lawrence V, druggist, h 64 

iGledhiU av 
Marshall John, printer, h 36 Holborne 

Martin Jas H. printer, h s s Holborne 

Martin Geo W, lab, h 13 Calford av 
May Ernest A, wood wkr, h 399 Mea- 
gher av 
May Henry, h 54 Gledhill av (on active 

Maybee Alfred, tmstr, h s fiWallington 

Maybee John, engr, has Wallington av 
Mayne Saml, lab, h 1 Keene 
Michael James, plstr, h 77 Edward 
Michael Wm, engineer, has Edward 
Miles Henry, mkt gdnr, h 46 Gledhill 

.Miller James, gdnr, h 181 Cedarvale av 
Mills Edwd J, shipper, h 23 Franklin 

Mills Henry A, harness mkr, h 23 V4 

Pranlin av 
Milne Jessie (wid Geo), h 126 Gledhill 

Milner John, caretkr. h 21 Gledhill av 
Milton Robt J. h 2«5 GledhlU av (on 

active service) 
Mitchell Ambrose C, carp, h Strathcona 

Mitchell Danl, h 28 Coleridge av 
Mitchell Geo, shell mkr, h 52 Coleridge 
1 avenue 
] Mitchell Henry, engr, h 111 Cedarvale 

Mitchell Joseph, lab, h 23 EMward 
Mitchell Wm J, concrete wkr, h 245 St 

-Moody John, .tmstr, h 99 Cedarvale av 
Moore Thos, tlr, h 162 Salmon av 
Moore Walter, h 20 Wiley av (on active 

Morgan Chaa, painter, h 139 Cedarvale 

Morris Wm, carp, h 175 Gledhill av 
Moses Florence (wid Wm H), h 7 Ce- 
darvale av 
Moss Albert, carp, h 135 Gledhill av 
Moss Cyril, alsmn Eaton's, 1 135 Gled- 
hill av 
Mueller Conrad, Irn mldr, h 180 Salmon 

Mulock Walter, harness mkr, h n s 

Salmon av 
Murray Alexander G. h 390 Wallington 

av (on active service) 
ilurray David, lumber insp, h w s St 

Murray Lewis, mach, 1 185 Gledhill av 
Xelson Geo, elect, h 5 Franklin av 
Xewman Arthur, action mkr, h 394 

Meagher av 
Newman Geo, lather, h 18 Wiley av 
Newton Wm E, agt, h 8 King Edward 

Nicholla Geo. h 171 Salmon av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Nichols Albert, h 101 King Edward av 

(on "active service) 
Nichols Arthur, tmstr, has Albert 
Nicholson Clara (wid Edwd C), h l.i 

King Edward av 
Nixon John B, h 79 (3uestholm av (on 

active service) 
Norris Joseph, film opr, h 45 Coleridge 

Oakley Geo R, h 105 Cedarvale av (on 

active service) 
Oliver Lemuel, carp, h 27 Franklin av 
Page Geo. plstr. h 404 Meagher av 
Painter Saml. iron wkr, h n s HollDorne 

avenue i 

Palframan Major, blksmth, h 1002 

Woodbine av 
Palmer Jas C, plmbr, h 137 Coleridge 

Parker Frank, h 31 Coleridge av (on | 

active service) [ 

Parker James, slsmn Eaton's, h 38 \ 

Prestholm av [ 

Parks Wm, box mkr. h 19 Franklin av j 
Parsons Archd. h 48 King Edward av ; 
Patfleld Arthur G, h 2 Guestholm av j 

(on active service) ' 

Pattison Edwd, h 98 King Edward av 
Payne Chas. gdnr. h 95 Gledhill av 

Peden Wm C, carp, h 10 Wiley av 
Penny Oeo H, baker, h 47 Edward 
Perry Robt W, 1 179 GledhlU av (on 

active service) 
Penny Sydney J, lab, h w e St James 
Perry Wm J. h 179 Gledhill *v (on 

active service) 
Pickering John, painter, h 26 WUey av 
Pickett Chaa, brklyr. h S03 QledhlU av 
Pickle* Ernest, drghtainn, b 97 Ql«d- 

hill av 
Pickles Wm. brklyr. h 77 Oaedblll av 
Pile Fredk, driver, h 27 King £>dward av 
I'lumber Wm, h 21 King Cdward av 

( on active service) 
I'ollard Chaa, mach, h SO Coleridge av 
l^ope Alfred G, h 41 Cedarvale av (on 

active service) 
Pope .\ if red G, lab, h 84 Hamatead ay 
Porter Geo W, mach, h 89 Gledhill av 
Powell Alkell, h 309 Salmon av 
Powell Frank, cattle dlr, a s Salmon av 
Powell Joseph G, h 175 Salmon av 
Pratt Walter, h 14 Franklin av 
I'rior Jamea, h 37 Coleridge av (on ac- 

ti vc scrvicfi i 
Prior Wm T, lab, h 41 Coleridge av 
Pritchard Robt W, bkbndr, h 71 Cedar- 
vale av 
I'ullen Chaa, h 2© Coleridge av (on ac- 
tive service) 
I'urvis Archd M, lab, h S8 King Edward 

Pyke Win H, gro n e cor Salmon and 

Calford av 
Quick Geo, h w a St Stephens (on ac- 
tive service 
Rae James D, plstr, h 10 Salmon av 
Ratrgett Fredk G, btchr, h n s Albert 
Ralph Walter, lab, h 18 Prestholm av 
Reed Augustus, marble ctr, h 104 Gled- 
Reeve Geo. h w s St James (on active 

Reid Augustus, marble ctr, has Albert 
Reid Edwd H. lab. h 19 King Edward 
Renshaw Fredk H, warehsmn, h 29 V4 

Franklin av 
Richards Gwilym, h 18 Albert (on ac- 
tive service) 
Richardson Edwd, h 20% Franklin av 

(on active service) 
Richardson Wm. plstr. h 128 Gledhill av 
Roberts Predk A. carp, h 36 Coleridge 

Roberts Wm. carp, h 35 Edward 
Robertson Alex, elk, h s s Holborne av 
Roebrtson Joseph, nightwtchmn, h 107 

Cedarvale av 
Robinson Allan, elk, h 950 Greenwood av 
Robinson Susan (wid Hugh), h 11 

Franklin av 
Robson Reginald, carp, has Salmon 

Rogers Wm, h 317 Salmon av 
Rose Annie (wid Rlchd), h 107 Cedar- 
vale av 
Rose Susan (wid Wm), h 25 Franklin 

Rowan Alfred J. bicycle repr, h 398 

Meagher av 
Rowe Henry, lab, h n a Albert 
Rowe Nicholas, h 50 Salmon av 
Roxburgh John McD, carp, h 91 West- 
lake av 
Rudling Ben] C, porter, h 43 Coleridge 

Rudling Wm J. wtchmn. h 35 Gledhill 

Riifflev John R, analytical chmat, h 68 

Gledhill av 
Ruse L Percy, painter, h 199 Cedarvale 

Sackett Wm. h 107B Cedarvale av (on 

active service) 
Proves Predk. painter, h 130 Cedarvale 

Scantlebury John, h 177 Salmon av (on 

active service) 
.Scott Frank A. h 49 Cedarvale ave (on 

active service) 
Scotting John, moto, h 23A Preatholm 

Segriff John R, tmstr. h cor Greenwood 

av and Salmon av 
Shackleton John T. h 75 Gledhill av 
Sheeter Harry, elect, h 35 King Ed- 
ward av 
Shf"wood Robt. tmstr, h 2S Prestholm 





Large or SmeJl Amounts Inoe*ted Carefully 





Shirley Geo S. h 175 King Edward av 

(on active service) 
SIbthorp Joshua, h 27 Franklin av (on 

active service) 
Simpson Geoffrey, elk, h rZl Cedarvale 

Simpson Joiin, carp, ii 134 Cedarvale 

Silcock Henry A, h 16 Guestholm av 
Silver Wm H, lab, h s s Albert 
Simmonds Joseph H, stmftr, h 237 St 

Sinclair Chas, h 34 Franklin av 
Sloan Daniel, tmstr, h 4 Salmon av 
Slosson Geo F, shipper, h 719 Woodbine 

Smith Albert E, h 94 Gledhill av 
Smith Edwd, gdnr, h 43 Prestholm av 
Smith Harry, tmstr, h 7 Prestholm av 
Smith John, shell mkr, h 73 King Ed- 
ward av 
Smith John W, h ft9 King Edward av 

(on active 'service) 
Smith Josepli A, prop Helendale Dairy, 

1 CoBburn av 
Smith Richd L, h 26 Wiley av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Snyd Saml. shell mkr, h 18 Franklin 

Solomon Alfred, moto, h 64 Edward 
Spencer James, pat mkr, h 184Vi Cole- 
ridge av 
Squires VVm, h 17 Wiley av (on active 

Stapley Percy R, mkt gdnr, 250 Salmon 

av, h same 
Starkey Joseph, blr mkr, h 33 Coleridge 

Starling Frank, h 15 Albert 
Stephen Geo, gas stoker, h 84 Guestholm 

Stroud Walter S, h 13 Coleridge av (on 

£ictiv6 service) 
Stryker Chas R, tire mkr, h 136% Cole- 
ridge av 
Styker Norman, rubber wkr ,h 125 

iColerldge av 
Stryker Reuben, hosemkr, h 135 Cole- 
ridge av 
Stryker Vera, opr, 1 135 Coleridge av 
Sturch John, engr, h 159 Cedarvale av 
Surrldge Fredk. elect eng, h 56 Gled- 
hill av 
Sweeney Wm J, blr mkr, h n a Albert 
Swinyard Geo J, condr, h n s Albert 
Tanner John, engineer, h 27 Gledhill 

Tapp James, h 35 Gledhill av (on active 

Tapp James, h 52 King Edward av (on 

active srevlce) 
Tapp Joseph, 1 52 King Edward av (on 

active service) 
Taylor Francis C, painter, h 307 Salmon 

Taylor Frank C, carp, h 41 Prestholm av 
Thomas Geo, lab, h 43 Cedarvale av 
Thompson Thos J, slsmn Eaton's, h *54 

Meagher av 
Thornton Charles B, h 23 Coleridge av 

(on active service) 
Todd Wm, fireman, h 239 St Stephens 
Townsend Geo, brk mkr, h 26 Mortimer 

Tralford David, h 20 Mortimer av 
Treasure Seward G. h 400 Meagher av 
Treasure Wm, h 10 Coleridge av 
Trevitt John H, ammunition wkr, h 83 

Hampstead av 
Trowell Alfred, tinsmth, h 109 Cedar- 
vale av 
Trusley Thos L, h 458 Meagher av (on 

active service) 
Tugwell Phillip, lab, h w s Lakeview 

Turff Thos. carp, h 183 Gledhill av 
Tustln Ch^a, lab, h 18% Franklin av 
Tustin James, mkt gdnr, h n s Salmon 

Tustin Saml, tmstr. h 33 Franklin av 
Tustin ThoB J, lather, h 16 Franklin 

Varley Arthur L, h 23 Wiley av (on 

active service) 
Venman Predk W, plstr, h ml Cedar- 
vale ar 
VIbert Harry H, h 78 Gledhill av (on 

active eervlce) 
Vincent Thos, engr, h 38 Coleridge 
Wade 'Charles, lab, h 11 Salmon av 
Walker John M, elk, h 851 Woodbine av 

Walker Lizzie, gro 19 Coleridge av, h 

Walker Stephen J, brkmkr. h 6 Keene 
Walker Thos H. bldr. h s s MoCoah av 

cor Shaughnessey av 
Walterhouse Annie (wid Thos). h 121 

iColeridge av 
Walterhouse Harvey, stmftr, h 121 

Coleridge av 
Walterhouse Wm, h 2 Poulton av 
Walters Arnold, tanner, h 220 Cedar- 
vale av 
Walters Ernest, h 161 Salmon av 
Walters Roy. h 2il.6 Cedarvale av (on 

active service) 
Ward Fred C, elk, h 24 King Edward 

Ward Fredk. lab. h 171 Gledhill av 
Warren Arthur J. carp, h n a Hamstead 

Watson James, h 303 Salmon av 
Webb Geo, glass bender, h 8 Wiley av 
VVebley Fredk, carp, h 121 Gledhill av 
Wells Chas, brklyr, h 77 Guestholm av 
West Saml, h 5 Salmon av (on active 

Westdyk Harry, piano tuner, h 164 Sal- 
mon av 
Whalley Thos, lab, h 11 Guestholm av 
White Leah (wiu Harry), h 200 Cedar- 
vale av 
White Walter, h 122 Cedarvale av (on 

.active service) 
Wilkinson James, h 3 MoCosh av (on 

active service) 
Wlllcox Arthur, mach, h n s Albert 
Williams Wm, printer, h 1.5 Coleridge 

Whitehead Geo, lab, h s s Albert 
Willis Ernest S, dairymn, h 62 Cole- 
ridge av 
Willis Saml H, h 66 Coleridge av 
Wilson John, h 32 Frartklin av (on 

active service) 
Wilson John C, elect, h 60 Edward 
Wilson Walter, slsmn, h n a Albert 
Windsor Fredk T, tmstr, h 7 Franklin 

Wood Robt D, carp, h n s Holborne av 
Wood Wra, sheet metal wkr, h 243 Gled- 
hill av 
Woodruff Chas A, 1 10 King Edward av 

(on active service) 
Woodruff John T, 1 1 King Edward av 

(on active service) 
^\'oodruft Wm D, h 1 King Edward av 
Yates Peter E, iron wkr, h w s St Ste- 
Yates Sarah, gro. s w cor St Stephens 

and Edward, h same 
Young Albert E. carp, h 72 Gledhill av 
Young Dorman, carp, h 11 Poulton av 
Young Thos. h w s Westlake av (on 
active service) 


(See Little York) 


(Three and a halt miles northwest of P O) 

Adams Wm, etm ftr, h 121 Aacot av 
Addison Thos E, h 41 Bloem av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Agnew Isaac, printer, h 2117 Dufferin 
Aldous Edward W, mldr, h 23 Evers- 

fleld rd 
Aldridge Jabez, mldr, h 21 Eversfleld 

Alder Reginald G, h 1771 Dufferin 
Alywood Harry, lab, h 275 Harvie av 
Anderson Mergt F (wld Alex), h 13 Nor- 
ton av 
Andrews John, chauffeur, h 2 Ravens- 
den av 
Anthony Wm, baker, h 119 Ascot av 
Antonelli Lewis, glass plshr, h 25 

Telgnmouth av 
Argles Agnes H Mrs, h IS Norton av 
Armitage Ernest B, h 100 Hatherley rd I 
(on active service) j 

Armstrong Thos, h 48 Ascot av 
Ashby Arthur, h 294 Harvie av (on ac- i 

live service) 
Ashley Frank, lab, h 285 Earlscourt av 
Auley Muriel (wld Alphonse), 1 56 As- i 
cot av 

Avery Geo A, mkt gdnr, 1971, Dufferin. 

h same 
Babcock Geo W, lab, h 36 Hatherley rd 
Bailey Albert, elect, h 1777 Dufferin 
Baker Arthur F, rubber wkr, h 29 

Norton av 
Baker Geo, h 25.1 Harvie av 
Baker Geo, plrabr, h 19 Eversfleld rd 
Ballard Albert E. elk, h 2013 Dufferin 
Ballard Nellie, gro and btchr, 2013- 

20115 Dufferin, h same 
Banks Florence, rms 62 Ascot av 
Banks Kathleen, rms 62 Ascot av 
Banton James, plstr, h 39 Bloem av 
Barker Geo (Barker & McKay), h 308 

Boon av 
Barker & McKay (Geo Barker, Ida 

•McKay), gro. 308 Boon av 
Barkley Alfred, ctr. h 28 Ravensden av 
Barr John, tinsmth. h 35 Hatherley rd 
Barrington Geo. painter, h 142 Day av 
Barron Fredk F, confy 48 Telgnmouth 

av, h same 
Bathgate Geo, lab, h 220 Nairn av 
Bayliss Arthur, baker 0.3 Holmesdale 

rd, h same 
Beale Wra, chauffeur, h 250 Nairn av 
Beardwood Thos. lab. h 315 Harvie av 
Beatty Thos. printer, h 52 Ascot av 
Beck Wm. h 321 Nairn av 
Bentord Wm. emp T Eaton Co. h 18 

Hatherley rd 
Bennett Wm. h 161 Ascot av (on active 

Bentl«y Daisy, ojjr. 1 24 Ascot av 
Bentley Joseph S. elk. h 24 Ascot av 
Birch Edwd, brklyr, h 2S4 Earlscourt 
Birch Wm. brklyr, h 203 Nairn av 
Bishop Jas, eng, h 26 Ravensden av 
Blackmore Richd A. hardware. Sub 60 

post office. 1 Hatherley rd. h same 
Blakemore Geo. tinsmth, h 4 Evers- 
fleld rd 
Boehmer Jacob B, cooper, h 1766 Duf- 
Bolton Wm, h 39 Ascot av 
Bond Herbert, elk. h 272 Harvie av 
Boulaln Clarence, roofer, h fil Hather- 
ley rd 
Boulain Geo. h 5 Telgnmouth av (on 

active service) 
Boyle Henry, h 240 Earlscourt av (on 

active service) 
Bradley John, concrete flnshr, h 281 

Boon av 
Bradley Joseph, shell mkr, h 317 Nairn 

Bradshaw Nathaniel, engineer, h 41 

Hatherley rd 
Brady Charlotte, elk. 1 55 Eversfleld rd 
Brady Emily (wld John), h 65 Evers- 
fleld rd 
Brady Emily, opr, 1 55 Eversfleld rd 
Brady John jr. I 55 Eversfleld rd (on 

active service) 
Brennan Edwd. slsmn. h 16 Bloem av 
Brettlngham Wm. tlr, h 1794 Dufferin 
Bridge Perclval, h 50 Aacot av (on 

active service) 
Brierley Edmund, mach, h 105 Hather- 
ley rd 
Brlgandl Pasquale, h 2057 Dufferin 
Brlggs John, h 280 Boon av (on active 

Brlggs Saml, lab, h 164 Day av 
Bright Wm J, gdnr, h 236 Nairn av 
Broadmeadow 'Maximillian D, glass en- 
graver, h 36 Norton av 
Brooker Chas. confy 25 Eversfleld rd, h 

Brooks John, h 130 Day av (on active 

Blown Adam, carp, h 1997 Dufferin 
Rrown Charlotte, h 1977 Dufferin 
Brown Joseph, lab, h 22 Tedgnmouth av 
Brown Thos, weaver, h 175 Harvie av 
Browne Harold G, druggist, h 28 Norton 

Bruce John, granite ctr, h 68 Telgn- 
mouth av 
Budge Albert, lab, h 230 Harvie av 
Budge Geo, i>alnt mixer, h 23'8 Harris av 
Budge Gladys B, rubber wkr, 1 836 

Harvie av 
Bulloch Robt, h 59 Hatherley rd (on 

active service) 
Bunting John, h 145 Day av 
Burns David, shell mkr, h 283 Hasvle 

Burns David, gro 311 Boon av 

Solder, Sheet Lead, Lead Pipe, 
Brass Ferrules, Traps and 
Bends, Pure Block Tin Pipe 

The Canada Metal Co., Limited 

Fraser Avenue, Toronto " WE ARE THE METAL men " 

Co n feber a tton Xite 


IxoRO N-ro 


[Canadian Company 

Burpee Lookwood, elect engineer, h 6 

Norton av ^ „ „ »,. , 

Burrows Henry, painter, h 2 Hatnerley 

Burra Chas. painter, h 9 Hatherley rd 
Butler John C, elk, h 87 Hatherley rd 
Butler Wm, brklyr, h 133 Ascot av 
Butterflll Thos., lab, h 36 Ravensden 

Cadotte Oliver D, h 14A Ravensden av 
Cafley Chas, carp, rms 52 Ascot av 
Cain James J, carp, h 1779 Dufferin 
Caldwell John, carp, h 316 Harvie av 
Calverley Henry S, gro 58 Teignmouth 

avenue , . 

CaniiP Arthur, carp, h 270 Nairn av 
Campbell Donald, shell mkr, h 7 Ever«- 

fleld rd 
Campbell Wm, emp T Eaton Co, h 148 

Seller* av 
Cantle Wm J, driver, h 35 Ravensden 

avenue . 
Carle Geo, cabt mkr, h 1790 Dufferin 
Carr John, btchr, h 258 Harvie av 
Carter Geo, Ins agt, h 36 Ascot av 
Carter John A, trav, h 28 Norton av 
Carter Wm G, messngr, h 61 Ravena- 

den av 
Cartrlch Harry, shoemkr, h 97 Hather- 
ley rd 
Casson EMwd, jtlass painter, h 232 Earls- 
court av 
Cater Thos, h 5 Hatherley rd (on ac- 
tive service) 
Chandler Edwd gas ftr, h 70 Teign- 
mouth av * 
Chambers Arnold O, carp, h 1902 Duf- 
Chapman Anthony, carp, h 35A Teign- 
mouth av 
Cheelicom Margt, 1 87 Hatherley rd 
Chlddenton Wm, rms 305 Nairn av (on 

active service) 
Chriss John, painter, h 218 Nairn av 
Circus Ernest, gro 2021 Dufferin, h 

Clare James W, bldr, h 1759 Dufferin 
Clarke Chas, trav, h 34 Norton av 
Clarke Francis, timekpr, h 259 Harvie 

Cleary Wm, shell mkr, h 1983 Dufferin 
Clensworth Thos, well dgr, h 213 Earls- 
court av 
Cliff Daisy, knitter, rms 263 Harvie av 
Clinton John, lab, h 260B Earlscourt av 
Cochrane James, shell mkr, h 145 Ascot 

Cockfleld Arthur J, h 211% Nairn av 

(on active service) 
Cockfleld John G. mldr, h 211 Nairn av 
Coffey James, lab, h 37 Eversfleld rd 
Cole Frank A, ctr, h 16 Ascot av 
Collier Thos, iron wkr, h 137 Day av 
CoIIiet John E, pimbr. h 31 Norton av 
Coots Albert, bookbndr, h 309 Boon av 
Cordery Esther (wid Albert), h 259 

Earlscourt av 
Core Frank, lab, h 121 Hatherley rd 
Cormack James J. carp, h 270 Harvie av 
Costello Wm O, h 28 Ravensden av 
Cowan Fredk A, h 63 Hatherley rd (on 

active service) 
Cowe Thos, lab, h 298 Boon av 
Cowe Thos, lab, h 298 Boon av 
Cox Frank, eng, h 263 Harvie av 
Cox Joseph A, h 279 Harvie av (on 

active service) 
Cox Wm G, mldr, h 200 1^ Nairn av 
Craig John B, h 24 Teignmouth av 
Crawford Joseph H, chkr, h 294 Boon 

Crock Prank, lab, h 116 Hatherley rd 
Croftchick John, shell mkr, h 82 Hath- 
erley rd 
Crosbie James, h 67 Ascot av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Crosbie Stuart, orderly, h 62 Ascott av 
Crosby Ellas E. blksmth, h 54 Ascot av 
Curtis Vletta, stenog, rms 14A Ravens- 
den av 
Daniels Fredk. btchr. h 216 Nairn av 
Davis Harry, h 259 Earlscourt av (on 

active service) 
Davis James, h 48 Hatherley rd (on 

active service) 
Davis Stanley, trav. h 61 Eversfield av 
Dexon James, mldr, h 53 Teignmouth av 
Deacon John, btchr, 43 Eversfleld, h 

Dempsey .Arthur, bkpr, h 2S Teign- 
mouth av 

Devins Benj, elk, h 13 Ravensden av 
Devins Roy. 1 13 Ravensden av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Dick Alex, slsmn, h 95 Hatherley rd 
Dickinson Bert, carp, h 301 Nairn av 
Doig John, rubber wkr, h 35A Teign- 
mouth av 
Donnelly Thos H, mach, h 41 Ravens- 
den av 
Doubleton Thos, lab, h 126 Hatherley 

Doughting Wm, shell mkr, h 2i56 Har- 
vie av 
Drew James E, elk, h 37 Teignmouth av 
Drew Leonard, elk, 1 37 Teignmouth 

Durrant Geo, h 49 Teignmouth av (on 

active service) 
Earlscourt Baptist Church, Rev Wm F 

Roadhouse pastor 75 Ascot av 
Edgar Ernest E, carp, h 1763 Dufferin 
Edwards Geo, blksmth, h 125 Ascot av 
Elliott Albert J, brass fnshr, h 281 

Earlscourt av 
Embleton Thos H, h 20 Hatherley rd 
England John F, elk, h 269 Harvie av 
Essex John R, bldr, h 277 Harvie av 
Essex Lancelot P, bldr, 1 277 Harvie av 
Etherton Sidney, h 6 Hatherley av (on 

active service) 
Farr Percy, fancy gd, 2005 Dufferin, h 

Farr Wm J, dry gds 2007 Dufferin, h 

Farrell Andrew, carp, h 22 Bloem av 
Fawcett BenJ G, oik, h 63 Eversfield 

B'innemore Harry, btchr, h 155 Day av 
Fitzgerald Alice (wid Thos), h 213 

Nairn av 
Flaherty Thos, driver, h 98 Hatherley 

Fletcher Hardy L, bkpr, h 60 Ascot av 
Fletcher Robt, h 52 Teignmouth av 
Fletcher Saml, h 52 Hatherley rd (on 

active service) 
Flood Walter, iron wkr, h 2114 Duf- 

Foreman Onslow J, h 102 Hatherley rd 

(on active service) 
Foskett Fredk, stmftr 2001 Dufferin, h 

Frank Alfred, mach. h 3 Hatherley rd 
Frankland Geo E, shell mkr, h 8 Teign- 
mouth av 
Freeman Douglas, h 28 Hatherley rd 

(on active service) 
French David, h 265 Harvie av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Fullan Thos W, stm ftr. h 65 Ascot av 
Funston Florence Mrs, h 136 Hatherley 

Galbraith Alex, carp, h 60 Ravensden 

Gale Chas R, h 127 Ascot av (on active 

Garner Sidney, piano tuner, h 40 Ascot 

Garratt Saml, plshr, h 12 Hatherley rd 
Garner Thos, plstr, 1 11 Teignmouth av 
Garwood James W, h 109 Hatherley rd 

(on active service) 
Geddes James, gdnr. h 1733 Dufferin 
Geddes Robt C, warehsemn, h 267 Har- 
vie av 
Gibson Chas, lum culler, h 19 Teign- 
mouth av 
Gillette Geo, painter, h 260 Earlscourt 

Gillibrand Walter, carp, h 1798 Dufferin 
Godfrey Fredk J, elect, h 2103 Dufferin 
Golden Elizth, emp T Eaton Co, rms 

1777 Day av 
Gooderham Albert, moto, h 331 Boon 

Gordon Alex, slsmn, h 7 Norton av 
Gospel Hall 19 Ascot av 
Gower Thos. rms 27 Eversfleld rd (on 

active service) 
Gradw&ll Thos. painter, h 290 Earls- 
court av 
Grantham Albert, brklyr, b 147 Ascot 

Grant James, h 26 Teignmouth av (on 

active service) 
Gray Alex, h 14 Eversfleld rd 
Gray James, shell mkr, h B9 Teign- 
mouth av 
Greenan Joseph J, barr, h 33 Norton av 
•^reenlaw James, h 44 Ascot av 


Griffith Frank, elk, h 236 Earlscourt av 
Grist Howard, h 287 Harvie av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Grundy Edwd N, brass fnshr, h 242 Har- 
vie av 
Guilford Ernest, h 39 Ravensden av 

on active service) 
Guscott Raymond S, elk, h 20 Norton av 
Haines Harry, h 10 Ascot av 
Hall James H, tmstr, h 151 Ascot av 
Hall Joseph, mldr, h 289 Earlscourt 

Hall Joseph, car clnr, h 14 Teignmouth 

Hallem Geo H, plstr, h 273 Harvie av 
Hamilton Chas, ins agt, h 1767 Dufferin 
Hanna Margt (wid Edwd), h 305 Boon 

Hammond Herbert, b 54 Hatherley rd 

(on active service) 
Harcourt Reginald, mach, h 262 Nairn 

Harniman Alfred L, carp, h 40 Ravens- 
den av 
Harper Wm, h 248 Harvie av 
Harris Herbert, shell mkr, h 12 Bloem 

Harrison' Claude, trav, h 297 Boon av 
Hardy Alex, Jab, h 260A Earlscourt av 
Hartley Atack, carp, h 139 Day av 
Harvey Chas, tinsmth, h 334 Boon av 
Haslett Arthur, tool mkr, h 58 Ascot 

Hastings Frank, printer, h 153 Day av 
Hatchell Wm G, chauffeur, h 233 Earls- 
court av 
Hawkins Thos, bldr, h 2101 Dufferin 
Hay John G, h 29 Eversfleld rd (on ac- 
tive service) 
Hayward John, Janitor, h 40 Teign- 
mouth av 
Heal Geo. acct. h 18A Ravensden av 
Heath Herbert, tlr, h 289 Harvie av 
Heath Thos, lab, h 214 Nairn av 
Helme Esther A, h 146 Day av 
Helme Jane, opr, 1 146 Day av 
Helme Mary, drsmkr, 1 146 Day aV 
Hendry Alice (wid Robt), 1 146 Sellers 

Hendry Harry, tlr, h 14.6 Sellers av 
Hermstein Alfred. I 64 Teignmouth av 
Hermstein Joseph, lab, h 64 Teignmouth 
Hev Clifford, mach, h 134 Hatherley rd 
Hill John H, painter, h 49 Hatherley rd 
Hill Wm, glassctr, h 149 Day av 
Hill Wm J, opr, h 1810 Dufferin 
Hillman Joseph , elect, h 232 Nairn av 
Hind Chas, shipper, h 32 Ravensden av 
Hirst Edwd, bicycle repr, h 48 Holmes- 
dale rd 
Hitchings David, gas ftr, h 72 Teign- 
mouth av 
Hocker Cornelius, laJb, h 321 Harvie av 
Hocking Thos A, carp, h 2089 Dufferin 
Hogg Arthur, h 292A Earlscourt av 

(on active service) 
Holden Edwd A, lab, h 44 Teignmouth 
Hollinger James R, warehsmn, h 18 

Ravensden av 
Holloway Ernest, huckster, h 305 Har- 
vie av 
Holloway Geo, lab, h 284 Nairn av 
Holman Joseph, h 10 Norton av 
Holman Wm, carp, h 17 Holmesdale rd 
Holmes Ernest, baker, h 330 Boon «» 
Hood Duncan, printer, h 2111 Dufferin 
Hood Geo. knitted goods 2016 Dufferin, 
h eam« 

F.J. SMITH ^« CO. 







Properties Bou{ht, Sold Md Ex< 
duofed in all pirtt of the lity 



Hope Clifford, wdwkr Hope Mfg Co., h 

77 Eglinton av w 
Hope Geo S, pres Hope Mfg Co, Ltd, 

h 77 Egllnton av west 
Hope Harry W, mgr Hope Mfgr Co, Ltd, 

h 4»0 Gilbert av 
Hope MfiT Co, Ltd, Harry W Hope mgr, 
Geo S Hope prea, (aash and door 
mtra), 456-490 Gilbert av 
Houston Adam, ins apt, h 64 Ascot av 
Hoyle John H, box mkr, h -234 Nairn av 
Hubbard Wm, h 32 Telgnmouth av (on 

active Bervice) 
Hurst Langiford S, slsmn, h 32 Norton 

Hutchinson Wm A, tinsmith, h IM Day 

Hutson Wm, h 210 Nairn av (on active 

service) , 
Hyne Noel h 266 Harvie av (on active 

Ingram Geo, driver, b 89 Hatherley rd 
Inkpen Ell, cftrp, h 13'3 Day av 
Jackson Herbert, maeh, h 29 Teltrn- 

mouth ay 
Jackson Wm A, h 10 Ascot av 
Jacques Ernest H, ctr, h 332 Boon av 
Jarvls Saml, lab, h 258 Earlscourt av 
Javan Egbert H, gro 68 Hatherley rd, 

h same 
Jennings John, h 277 Boon av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Johnson Wm, sheel mkr, rms 23 Hath- 
erley rd 
Johnson Young, btchr. h 23 Hatherley 

Johnston Wm. h 20i5i2 Dufferln 
Jones Ellzth (wld James), h 104 Hath- 
erley rd 
Jones Henry, mach, h 283 Earlscourt 

Jones Leonard, h 46 Hatherley rd 
Jones Russell, mldr, h 1'55 Ascot av 
Jones Thos, caro. h 292 Boon av 
Joyce James, hdwre and dry gds 36-38 

Teignmouth av. h same 
Keat Geo. h 62 Teignmouth av 
Kelly Wm. carp, h 35 Bloem av 
Keen Frank, rms 220 Nairn av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Kemp Geo. tinsmth, h 1979 Dufferln 
Kent Thos. mach, h 303 Nairn av 
Kerr Hugh, h 303 Harvie av (on active 

Kerr John T, h 311 Nairn av (on active 

Kertcher Wm H. h 1781 Dufferln 
Kieheller Mander, tir. h 271 Boon av 
Kiernan Wm, gro 20S Nairn av, h same 
King Robt H. bldr. h 1814 Dufferln 
Kitchen Peter, lab, h 280 Earlscourt 

Knight Edward, h 88 CJlovelly av (on 

active service) 
Lappln Rebecca (wld John J), 1 65 As- 
cot av 
Lacey Alfred, h 65 Ravenaden av (on 

iactive service) 
Lacey Chas T, elect, h 65 Hatherlev 

Laok Horace, opr, h.l773 Dufferln 
Lalng Prank R, acct. h 1788 Dufferln 
Lang John, plmbr, h 140 Dav av 
Langley Geo A W, mach, h 37 Ravens- 
den av 
Lattimer, Hugh, h 292 Earlscourt av 

(on active service) 
Lazenhy Geo, h 2S6 Earlscourt av (on 

active service) 
Leach John R, h 2134 Dufferln (on ac- 
tive service) 
Lee Everett, shell mkr, h 38 Eversfleld 

Leeder Albert, h 54 Teignmouth av (on 

active service) 
Leeder Richd, 1 54 Teignmouth av 
Leger Alex, lather, h 2'8 Bloem av 
Legge Christopher, photo engrvr, h 144 

Sellers av 
Lewis Leonard, h 6 Eversfleld rd 
Lewis Oliver, h 238 Earlscourt av (on 

active service) 
Lewis Patk B. shell Insp, 1 1733 Duf- 
Livingston James, mldr. h 24 Norton av 
Llochak Peter, lab. h 57 Bloem av 
Loader Robt, h IS-S Day av 
Long James, n 56 Ascot av (on active 

Lord Harold, painter, h 66 Teignmouth 

Lovewell Francis B, h 11 Hatherley rd 

(on active service) 
Lowe David A, h 2009 Dufferln (on ac- 
tive service) 
Lowe Thos. ctr, h 273 Boon av 
Lowery Andrew, barber, h 30 Norton av 
Lyster Russell W, bldr, h 123 Ascot av 
McAnuel Gilbert, h 237 Earlscourt av 

(on active service) 
McCabe Rev Father, Perish priest St 
Clare's R C Church, h 9 Ravensden av 
McDonald Norman D, ry mall elk, h 12 

Norton av 
MoGlll Mary (wid Wm), 1 1,59 Ascot av 
McGowan Geo, elk, h 19 Hatherley rd 
McGowaii James, elk, h 27 Norton av 
McGowau Wm F, inap T Eaton Co, h 

3'.j Norton av 
McGrell James, h 17 Ravensden av (on 

active service) 
McKay Ida (Barker & McKay), 1 303 

Boon av 
McKeown Thos, h 268 Earilscourt av 

(on active service) 
McKinnon Archd J, h 11 Ravensden av 
McLean Hugh, moto, rms 256 Harvie 

McLean Mary (wid Donald C), h 2i2 As- 
cot av 
McMeneny John, Are Insp T Eaton Co, 

h 129 AsftOt av 
MoMinn Joseph, shell mkr, h 2061 Duf- 
MoNab Geo, lab, h 2000 Dufferln 
McNamara Elizth (wid Patk), h 3DB 

Nairn av 
McTavish Wm, bkpr, h 49 Ascot av 
Macgregor Wm, carp, h 43 Hatherley 

Macpherson Thos, slater, h 296 Harvie 

Main Wm T, painter, h 6 Bloem av 
Makin John, iron wkr, h 34 Hatherley 

Maltby Fredk, h 2061 Dufferln 
Margueratt Wilfrid G, rmjs 127 Ascot 

av (on active service) 
Marley John, mach, h 123 Hatherley rd 
Martin Thos W, mech, h 2i86 Harvie «v 
Martyn Ernest M, trav, rms 1786 Duf- 
Masson James, carp, h 1693 Dufferln 
Maton AVm H, bldr, h 1723 Dufferln 
Matthews CHias, tmstr, h 2080 Dufferln 
Maybee Theophilus J, mkt gdnr 1980 

Maybee Wm E, gdnr, 1 1980 Dufferin 
Maynard Chas, trunk mkr, h 288 Boon av 
Maynard Henry, h 272 Boon av 
Megan Joseph, h 306 Harvie av (on 

active service) 
Merldew Chas, gdnr, h 287 Boon av 
Mlddleton Catherine (wld Richd), 1 254 

Harvie av 
Mlddleton Richd D, engineer, h 264 Har- 
vie av 
Middleton Wm, lab. 1 254 Harvie av 
Middleweek Fredk, iron wkr, h 68 

Hatherley rd 
Miles Fredk H. h 235 EarlscoMrt av (on 

active service) 
Miller Geo. rms 252 Harvie av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Miller Bernard W, mkt gdnr & florist 

1969 Dufferin 
Miller John, h 46 Eversfleld rd (on ac- 
tive service) 
Miller Robt, h 252 Harvie av (on active 

Miller ^VaIter. engineer, h 150 Day av 
Miller Wm, night watchman, 1 252 Har- 
vie a\- 
Milligan James, emp T Eaton Co, h 191 

■Caledonia av 
Milloy John, mldr, h 25 Norton av 
Mitchell Horace, h 23 Teignmouth av 

(on active service) 
Mitchell Omar, elk. h 1830 Dufferln 
Monk Joshua, lab, h 324 Harvie av 
Morris Fredk. h 42 Teignmouth av 
Morris Louis H. acct. h 1808 Dufferln 
Morrison Geo. h 262 Earlscourt av (on 

active service) 
Morrow Hugh, emp T Eaton Co, h 222 

Nairn av 
Mortley Clarence, emp T Eaton Co, 1 IS 

Ascot av 
Mortley Clarence M, pro 43 Ascot av, 

1 18 same 
Mortley Eliza (wld Henry), h 18 Ascot 

Motterghead Albert E, printer, h 234 

Harvie av 
Mounsey John, lab, h 103 Hatherley rd 
Mumford Leonard A, h 256 Earlaoonrt 

av (on active service) 
Mupphy Augustus, h 286 Boon av 
Murray James, rms 2000 Dufferin (on 

active service) 
Murray Wm, gro, 251 Earlscourt av 
Myers Henry, btchr and gro 36a Teign- 
mouth av 
Nash Maurice R, undertkr 1716 Dufferln 
Nash Percy C, slsmn, h 101 Ascot av 
Neil Lester, druggiat, h 16 Ravenaden 

Nelvens Philip h 1989 Dufferln (on ac- 
tive service) 
Xesbitt John, lab, h 225 Earlscourt av 
Ness Christina (wld Robt), h IS Teign- 
mouth av 
Neville Montague, rms 20i3 Dufferln 

(on active service) 
Nevlns Hildred, 1 13 Ravensden av 
Newham John, shipper, h 232 Harvie 

Nlcholl Arthur, carp, h 45 Teignmouth 

Nicolls James, carriage trimmer, h 4 

Ravensden av 
Noble Robt, printer, h 141 Day av 
Nolan John F, h 1766 Dufferin 
Northcott Wm B, h 1792 Dufferin 
Nunn Geo, h 260 Harvie av 
Nunn Robt, h 274 Boon av 
Nunne Joseph, gro, 90 Hatherley rd ,, 
O'Donoghue James W, h 131 Ascot ar 
Cakes Thos J, brass fnshr, h 28S Harvie 

Orrick David, mach, h 157 Day av 
Osborne John, h 51 Teignmouth av (on 

active service) 
Parkin Geo W, gro 16 Teignmouth av 
Parkinson Wm D, slsmn. h 144 Day av 
Pascoe Chaa J, trav, h 73 Ascot av 
Fascoe Eulalie, 1 73 Ascot av 
Patton Francis, carp, h 275 Boon av 
Paul Thos, carp, h 97 Ascot av 
Payne Irwin J, h 27 Teignmouth av (on 

active service) 
Payne Wm, slsmn. rms 18 Norton av 
Peacock James, h 254 Nairn av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Peardon Wm. bkpr. h 53 Ravensden av 
Pearsey Douglas, driver, h 69 Ascot av 
Pearson Percy, h 2SS Earlscourt av 
Pennock Joseph F. 1 21 Norton av 
Perry Wm. shell mkr, h 2063 Dufferln 
Phelps Joseph W. plmbr, h~ 240 Nairn 

Phipps John, shinoer. h 151 Day av 
Pickerin Oscar M, elect, h 2.A. Ravens- 
den av 
Pilley Wm E, bookbndr, h 267% Boon 

Pooke Thos, trav, h 56 Ravensden nv 
Potter "O^m, plmbr, h 17 Eversfleld rd 
Powell Arthur h 43 Bloem av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Powell John, painter, h 291 Harvie av 
Pretsell James, mach, h 47 Ascot av 
Prior Geo. h 317 Harvie av (on active 

Purdin John, shipper, h 143 Day av 
Pyc Arthur, Janitor, h 1 Teignmouth av 
Rainbow Frank H, h 86 C:!lovellv av 

(on active service) 
Rayner Wm. lab, h 64 Hatherley rd 
Reesor Christopher B, cashier, h 20 As- 
cot av 
Reid Fredk, elk, h 56 Ravensden av 
Reid Geo. moto, h 257 Harvie sv 
Reid Wm. rms 257 Harvie av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Revnold.s Henry R, dairyman, h 11 

Norton av 
Rhodes Geo E, shell mkr, h 234 Earls- 
court av 
Rice Geo H, lab, h 33 Teignmouth av 
Richards James, carp, h 2S9% Harvie 

Richards Joseph, gdnr, h 45 Eversfleld 

Ridd John, gdnr, h rear 43 Ascot av 
raiey Saml. lab, h 138 Hatherley rd 
Robertson Alex, shedman, h 261 Harvib 

Robertson Robt E, btchr, rms 6 Bloem 

Robertson Wm G, carp, h 3S Ravensden 

The Dominion of Cinida Gnarintee ft Aeoidenf Insortnoe Conpiny 


"" ^mrffsugrNcV " Head Office: TRADERS BANK BLDG., TORONTO 




NORTH TORONTO Properties our Specialty 
2486 YONGE ST. Phone Bdmonl 116 

Robins Geo, h 278 Boon av (on active 

Rogers Chas J, wtchmn, h 307 Boon av 
Kogers Harry, h 249 Harvie av (on av- 

tive service) 
RoIIison Willis, h 2059 Dufferin (ori 

active service) 
Kopei Irene, opr T Eaton Co, 1 147 Day 

Roper Thoa, harness mltr, h 147 Day av 
Royal Bertie B, plstr, h 147 Ascot av 
Russ Geo, h 26-9 Boon av 
Russell Cnias, lab, h 37 Bloem av 
Russell James, h 24 Bloem av 
Rutherford John, raualcian, h 319 Har- 
vie av 
Ryder Joseph J, munition wkr, h 238 

Harvie av 
St Chads Church (Anglican), Rev A J 

Reed rector, lft95 Dufferin 
Sampson Harry, h 109 Hatherley rd (on 

active service) 
Sand Alfred, carp, h 8 Bversfleld rd 
Sanderson Matthew, h 1981 Dufferin 
San-derson Wm G, watch case mkr, h 22 

Norton av 
Scott Stuart, mach, h 135 Ascot av 
Scott Wm H, flour and feed 342 Boon 

av. h same 
Searl Thos. h 33 Holmesdale rd (on ac- 
tive service) 
Seggle David, h 24« Harvie av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Selway Henry, chauffeur, h 34 Ravena- 

den av 
Serjeantson Jessie M, St Julien Con- 
fectionery 1691 Dufferin. h same 
Serjeantson Robt L, elk, h 1691 Duf- 
Shaw Archd, h 256 Nairn av (on active 

Shaw Elizth, stenog, h 1693 Dufferin 
Shaw James, carp, h 178« Dufferin 
Sheppard Hubert, meoh, h 16 Norton av 
Sherring Predk J, pork pkr, h 1757 

Shuter Jos H. bldr, h 22 Ravensden av 
Slme Henry, h 50 Ascot av (on active 

Simmons Geo, h 278 Nairn av 
Simpson James, h 274 Harvie av (on 

active service) 
Simpson John, emp T Eaton Co, h 32 

Ravensden av 
Simpson Robt, carp, h 130 Hatherley rd 
Sinclair John, rms 255 Harvie av (on 

active service) 
Siattery Joseph, tmstr. h 17 Norton av 
Smedley Geo, iron wkr, h 67 Ravens- 
den av 
Small Geo. h 39 Hatherley rd (on ac- 
tive service) 
Smallrirtge Wm. brklyr. h 14 Hather- 
ley rd 
Smallridgre Wra Jr, brklyr, 1 14 Hather- 

lev road 
Smith, Albert, lab. h 248 Nairn av 
Smith Harry, h 246 Earlscourt av (on 

active service) 
Smith Henry, h 336 Boon av 
Smith John, brklyr, h 20 Telgrnmouth av 
Smith John, florist, h 14 Ascot av 
Smith John C, Insp. h 23 Norton av 
Smith Leopold D, driver, h 328 Boon av 
Spanner Walter, slsmn. h 1832 Dufferin 
Spencer Murray F, h 1713 Dufferin 
Spencer Saml, lab, h 307 Nairn av 
Spink Wm B, trav, rms 15 Ravensden 

Starley Geo. porter, h 148 Sellers av 
Stephens Adeline (wld Albert), h 253 

Harvie av 
Steadman Henrv, bldr. h 63 Ascot av 
Stephens Wm J. h 99 Ascot av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Stiles Stephen, h 309 Nairn av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Stewart Martin, slsmn, h 30 Ravensden 

Stewart RoTjt. brklvr. h 295 Harvie av 
Stubbs Percy W, elk. rms 1812 Dufferin 
Styles Ern«st W, h 60 Telg-nmouth av 
Sunnocke Arthur L, tool mkr, h 230 

Nairn av 
Sutherland Danl, lab. h 244 Harvie av 
Suttle Walter, shell mkr, h 32 Hather- 
ley rd 
Swain Arthur, ins ag-t. h 128 Hatherley 

Swan Humphrey, h 297 Harvie av 
Sykes Brook, carp, h 1796 Piiffprin 
Sykes Wilfred, h 16 Ascot av 

Tatton Oscar, h 314 Harvie av (on ac 

tive service) 
Thompson Alex, stone ctr, h 55 Ravens- 
den av 
Thompson Henry, condr, h 2i55 Harvie 

Thompson Thomas, h 21 Norton av 
Thorne Wm H, painter, h 6'6 Ascot av 
Tipping- Geo H, slsmn, h 1S12 Dufferin 
Titus Irene, 1 271 Harvie av 
Titus Wm J, mldr, h 271 Harvie av 
Tomkina Annie B (wld Wm), h 159 As- 
cot av 
Tomlinson Horace, h 142 Sellers av 
Toombs Robt, trav, h 15 Norton av 
Trevelyan Wm, printer, h 57 Ascot av 
Tiomans Reuben, shell mkr, h 268 Har- 
vie av 
Truman Wm, btchr, h 58 Hatherlev rd 
Turner Alfred, mach. h 242 Nairn av 
United Brethren Mission, 20-22 Duf- 
Urquhart Archd, engineer, h 17 Telgn- 

mouth av 
Urquhart Roderick, driver, rms 17 

Teignmouth av 
Vance & Walker (Mary Vance (Walk- 
ervllle) Elizth Walker), grocers 1997 
Vanluven Wm, h 335 Nairn av 
Vaughan Joseh, h 36 Ravensden av 
Veira Wilfred, h 1729 Dufferin 
Vickery Edwin, h 94A Ascot av 
Vincent Harry, trav, rma 267 Harvie av 
Vokes Letitia (wld Simon), 1 55 Rav- 
ensden av 
Waite John, carp, h 30 Hatherley rd 
Wales Alfred, elect, 1753 Dufferin, h 

Wales Thos A, elect, h 45 Ascot av 
Walker Elizth (Vance & Walker), h 

1997 Dufferin 
Walker Geo, carp, h 1997 Dufferin 
Walker Wra, brick setter, h 140 Hath- 
erley rd 
Walls Harry E. slsmn, h 1769 Dufferin 
Wardrope John, shell mkr, h 202 Nairn 

Warren Bertram H, trav, h 46 Ascot 

Warren Florence (wld Walter), h 246 

Nairn avenue 
Watson Alfred, h 274 Nairn av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Watson Fredk, shell mkr, h 9 Norton 

Watson John, h 322 Harvie av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Watson Wm, h 30 Bloem av 
Weaver Saml Z, dept mgr, h 14 Ravens- 
den av 
Webb Wm, tile setter, h 33 Ravensden 

Webster Geo, cartage, 32 Eversfleld rd 
Webster Harold, trav, h 14 Norton av 
Webster John P, elk, h 24 Ravensden 

West Geo W, h 257 Earlscourt av (on 

active service) 
West Henry, gdnr, h 4 Bloem av 
Wheeler Henry J, carp, h 268 Boon av 
Wheeler Saml, carp, h 19 Norton av 
White Wm H, carp, h 157 Ascot av 
Whyte James C, h 33 Eversfleld rd 
Wlgg-lns Joseph, plmbr 1993 Duffern, h 

Wiles Ross, driver, h 230 Earlscourt 

Wiles Stephen, h 42 Ascot av 
Wilkinson Wm, brklyr, h 107 Hather- 
lev rd 
Williams Herbert E, h 47 Hatherley rd 

(on active service) 
Williams Llewellyn B, phys 17a5 and 

drugs 16»3 Dufferin 
■Wlliams Thos, lab, h 276 Boon av 
Williams Thos, lab. h 16 Eversfleld rd 
Wilson David, h 27 Eversfleld rd (on 

active service) 
Wilson James, engineer, h 13 Ascot av 
Wilson Wm, concrete fnshr, h 338 Boon 

Wins^s Joseph C. h 34 Teignmouth av 

(on notive service) 
Winskill Chas, driver, h 227 Nairn av 
Winter Henry W. h 35 Holmesdale rd 
Wise Fredk. rubber wkr, rms 1812 

Witt Edward, plstr, h 2011 Dufferin 
Wood Horace, h 295 Boon av (on active 

Wood Hubert, trav, 1 2 Teignmouth av 
Woods James, mach, h- 252 Earlscourt 

a vf-nue 
Wrigrht ThoB G, lab, h 281 Harvie av 
Young Allan, exp messr, h 148 Day 

Young David, ahell mkr, h 244 BarU- 

court av 
Young Gilbert F, trav, h 15 R&venaden 

Zolotovsky Saml, shoemkr, h 264 Boon 



(Five miles north WMt of PO> 

Adams Edwin, carp, h 9 Redhlll av 
Adams Reuben J, carp, h 16 Amherst 

Adamthwaite Joseph R, flreman. h 135 

Lynevor av 
Ainsworth Thos, lab, h 10 Ennerdale 

road (on active service) 
Alexander Edwin J, h 37 Blandford av 

(on active service) 
Alexander Geo T, carp, h 9 Ashbury 

Allison Harry, mach, h 9 Clovelly av 
Allsop James, h 130 Seneca (on active 

Ambrose Fred, lab, h 3 Bradshaw av 
Amey Wm, rubber wkr, h 2213 Dufferin 
Anderson Henry, lab, h 415 Lauder ay 
Andrews David, tmstr, h 154 Cedrlc 

Andrews Eliza, 1 423 Lauder av 
Andrews Thos. florist, h 423 Lauder av 
Anorico Lorenzo, lab, h 227 Caledonia 
Anthony John, lab, h 59 Seneca 
Anthony John T, lab, h 37 Rockvalo 

Aplin Geo, shoemkr, h 10 Hanson rd 
Aplin Wm, stone ctr. h 271 McRoberts 

Appleyard Fredk, mldr. h 344 Glen- 
holm av 
Apted Geo, h 5 Jesmond av (on active 

Archer James, shipper h 519 Gilbert av 
Amies Fredk. h 48 Ennerdale rd (on 

active service) 
Armstrong Chas, driver, h 201 Mul- 
berry av 
-Vrmstrong David, mach, h 77 Renhold 

Arnott James, core mkr, h 43 Fair- 
bank av 
Artebello Frank, lab, h 228 Caledonia 

avenue . 
Arthur Alex, box mkr, h 25 Bude 
Attenborough Leonard, shell mkr. h 

166 Ennerdale rd 
Badanis John shell mkr. h 8 Redhlll 

Bailey Sam!, h 20 Holland Park av (on 

active service) 
Baldwin Allen, caretkr. h 415 Vaughan 

Banks David, printer, h 18 Seneca 
Bansley Allan, plmbr, h 29 Strader av 
Bansley Chas, bldr, h 519 Vaughan rd 
Barclay David, steam fltr, h 414 Oak- 
wood av 
Barker Henry A, h 157 Renhold av (on 

active service) 
Barnes Ernest W, gro. 574 Vaughan 

Barnes Saml, tmstr, h 327 Caledonia 
Barrett James T, baker, h 157 Robina 

Barton Chas, h 123 Mulberry av (on 

active service) 
Raulsh Hugh, plshr, h 68 Branstone rd 
Bayer Geo, lab, h S29 Gilbert av 
Baylls Ralph, iron wkr, h 71 Enner- 
dale rd 
Beck Martha A (wld RIchd E), h 602 

Vaughan rd 
Bell Saml. warehsemn, h 9 Blandford 
Bell Wm, lab, h 339 Harvie av 
Bellamy Emily (wld Joseph), I 173 

Ennerdale rd 
Bennett Arthur, brklyr, n 376 Oakwood 

Bennett Predk J, chauffeur, h 19 Allan 

Bennett James, lab, h 403 McRoberts 

Beynon Lance, h 66 Seneca (on active 



Henry W Evans, Phone Hillerest 1245 F. H.Gooch, Phone North tMJ 

26 Wellington St. E. 




Office, Warehouse tnd Ytrd: Phone M. 6147 

536-542 QUEEN ST. E. 


Beynon Richd, h 70 Seneca (on active 

Biddle Harry J, lab, h 3 Olovelly »v 
Blirwood Alfred, carp, h 143 Enner- 

dale rd 
Binnington Annie F, gro 2216 Dufferln, 

h same 
Blnnington Ernest, carp, 1 2216 Duf- 

Binnington Matthew, 1 Z216 Dufferln 
Bishop Albert, silver buffer, h 41 Am- 
herst av 

Black Andrew, h 187 Ennerdale rd (on 
active service) 

Blaln Margrt. opr T Eaton Co, 1 49 En- 
nerdale rd 

Blaln Robt. h 49 Ennerdale rd (on ac- 
tive eervice) 

Blair Kobt, woodwkr, h 36 Falrbank 

Blowes Alfred, h 62 Summit av 

Bloxan Reginald, h 37 Ennerdale rd 
(on active service) 

Bloyce Arthur, carp, Ji 13 Holland 
Park av 

Bluett CbsiB, shipper, h 16 Ennerdale 

Boagey Wm A, h 38 Renhold av (on 
active service 

Bogle David R, h 34 Jesmond av (on 
active service) 

Boice John, shell mkr, h 65 Ennerdale 

Bolton BenJ, janitor, h 52 Fairbank av 

Bolton Chas, cond, h 28 Ashbury av 

Bonham John, lab. h 293 McRoberts av 

Bonhan Chas, shell mkr, h 61 Seneca 

Borland Joseph, carp, h 24 Rockvale 

Borlend John, carp, h 26 Hanson rd 

Boyes Chas. h 101 Seneca 

Brader Danl, brklyr, h 32 Jesmond 

Brady Ita (wid Chas), 1 5 Dynevor rd 

Brankston Oswald, painter, h 19 Stra- 
de r a V 

Brawley Edmund, shipper, h 2 Glou- 
cester grove 

Briscoe Christopher, h EO Seneca 

Broadbent John, jwlr 322 Oakwood av, 
h 21 Blandford 

Broadley Walter, lab, h 468 Caledonia 

Brockman Herbert, h 81 Holmesdale rd 

Bromley RIchd, car chkr, h 108 En- 
nerdale rd 

Brooker Henry, lab, h 45 Holmesdale 

Brown Jesse, shell mkr, h 131 Enner- 
dale rd 

Brown Joseph, mach, h 23 .Mian av 

Brown Tros, gro 71 Holmesdale av, h 

Brown Thos, mach, h 249 Clenholme 

Brown "Wm F, shipper, h 14 Blandford 

Brown Wm, h 22 ISude (on active ser- 

Browning John, h 16 Rockvale av (on 
active service) 

Brudenell Saml R. carp, h 11 Rogers 

Buck Harold, earn, h 8 Jesmond av 

Buchan John, h 28 Blandford (on ac- 
tive eervice) 

Bullock Wm, gro 20 Rochdale av 

Bullough John h 255 Eglinton av w 
(on active service) 

Burford Henry, engineer, h 93 Eglin- 
ton av w 

Burgess Albert, gro, 426 >^ Caledonia 

Burgess Albert jr, 1 42.6% Caledonia 

Burgess Fredk, plstr, h 14 Holland pk 

Burgess Herbert J, painter, h 50 
Holmesdale rd 

Burrell Reginald, h 110 Ennerdale av 

Burton Sydney, plstr, h 332 Oakwood 

Butterworth James, plmbr, h 155 
Roblna av 

Calder Chas h 7 McDonald ores (on ac- 
tive service) 

Calder John, atone ctr, h 59 Branstone 

Caledonia Avenue Methodist Church. 
395 Caledonia av 

Callaghan Marion (wld Joseph), h 25 
McDonald av 

Callahan James, cartage, 395 Caledonia 

Calverley Chas, lather, h 45 Amherst 

Calvert Thos, elect, h 2 Rockvale av 
Cameron David H, h 202 Robina av (on 

active service) 
Cameron James, stons mason, h 356 

Oal*wood av 
Cameron James, h 10 Holland Park av 

(on active service) 
Carlyle James, lab, h 41 Ennerdale rd 
Carroll John, h 19 Fife av 
Carter Fredk, h 401 McRoberts av 
Caruso Joseph, packer, h 271 Caledonia 

Cash Alfred, active eerivce, h 56 Ren- 
hold av 
Chadwlck Owen, lab, h 21 Rogers rd 
Chapman Herbert, h 371 Oakwood av 

(on active service) 
Chappel Saml, mach, h 38 Hanson r<i 
Chaston Alfred, brklyr, h 17 RochilaU 

Chlffero Michaelo, fruits 2085 DufEerin. 

h same 
Christian Herbert, chauffeur, h 102 

Mulberry av 
Christie David, lab, h 54 Summit av 
Clandinan James, h 4 Ashbury av 
Clare Johs, brklyr, h 22 Jesmond av 
Clark Edwd J, paver, h 55 Seneca 
Clark Nelson, lather, h 17 Holland pk 

Clark Thos, lab, h 24 Ashbury av 
Clarkson BenJ, emp T Eaton Co, h 33 

Rochdale av 
Claydon Alfred, carp, h 3 Hanson rd 
Clegg Walter, painter, h 168 Enner- 
dale rd 
Olucas Bessie, opr T Eaton Co, 1 35 

Fairbank av 
Clucas Frank, mach, h 36 Fairhank av 
Clucas Sophia, choc dipper, 1 35 Fair- 
bank av 
Cobham Frank, h 25 Blandford 
Coker Geo, brklyr, h 19 Holland Park 

Coles Fredk G. carp, h 12 Rockvale 

Collick Jas, plshr, h 145 Cedrlc av 
Collins Wm M, painter, 355 Glenholme 

Cook Cha.8. h 57 Branstone rd (on ac- 
tive service) 
Cook Harry, iron wkr. h 52 Renhold av 
Cook John H. h 14 Seneca (on active 

Cook Thos H, pressman, h 37 Branstone 

Coombes Wm, wood wkr, h 3 Holmes- 

(l3.1c crcs 
Cooper Andrew, h 242 Cedrlc av (on 

active service) 
Cooper Thos, mach. h 35 Rogers rd 
Cooper Wm. h 6 Rockvale av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Corney Lawrence A, carp, h 578 Oak- 
wood av 
Cornford Alfred, h 464 McRoberts av 

(on active service) 
Cosgrave James, h 42 Blandford 
Covevduc Wm. carp, h 119 Roblna av 
Cowan Robt. rms 59 Holmesdale rd (on 

active service) 
Cowper Francis, h 2 O'Brien av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Cox Robt. nlstr. h 105 Mulberry av 
Crabtree Florence, labeller. 1 615 Gil- 
bert av 
Crabtree Fredk. bomb mkr. h 515 Gil- 
bert av 
Crabtree Sarah (wid Geo) 1 515 Gil- 
bert av , . , 
Craig Kllen (wid Geo), h cor Glenholme 

and Vaughan rd 
Craig John, h 75 Ennerdale rd 
Crisp Martin, gdnr. h 8 Fife av 
Crltchell Walter G, flremaji, h 3 Hol- 
land Park av 
Crompton James, painter ,h 2i8 Bran- 
stone rd 
Cross Ernest E, painter, h 28 Rockvale 

Croucher Walter H, Jwlr, h 41 Ash- 
bury av 
Crowhurst Percy, lab, h 60 F^airbank av 
Crozier Thos. cond, h 26 Stratton av 
Cudn ore Lewis G, printer, h 8 Brad- 
shaw av 

Culliford Harry, h 25 Rogers rd (on 

active service) 
Cunliffe Albert, rubber wkr, 1 476 Cale- 
donia av 
Cunliffe Ellen, rubber wkr, 1 476 Cale- 
donia av 
Cunliffe Geo, h 476 Caledonia av 
Cumming James, driver, h 73 Mulberry 

Currell Thos, h 297 McRoberts av (on 

active service) 
Curtis Chas, mkt gdnr, 424 Oakwood 

Daniels James, shell mkr, h 121 Gil- 
bert av 
Darby Wm G, h 67 Holmesdale rd (on 

active service) 
Davey John, warehsemn, h 140 Roblna 

Davidson Angus, tlnsmth, h 383 Oak- 
wood av 
Davis Arthur, sawyer, h 20 Kitchener 

navis David, tlr, h 22 Bradshaw av 
i:)avis Ernest, emp T Eaton Co, h 387 

Caledonia av 
Davis John, h 16 Bradshaw av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Davis Joseph, vulcanlzer, 1 20 Kitchen- 
er av 
Dawe Chas, blrmkr, h 3 Rockvale av 
uawe ueo, lab, h 1Z4 seneea 
Dawe Lewis, printer, h 2 Florence aT 
Day W G Rev, pastor Caledonia Ave- 
nue Methodist Church 
Dean John T, shell inspr, h 3 Fairbank 

de Baladres Harold C, h 63 Holmesdale 

rd (on active service) 
de Baladres Wm, blksmth, h 61 Holmes- 
dale rd 
Denholme Wm, h 27 McDonald av 
Denton Arthur A, h 20 Ashbury av (on 

active service) 
Desrocher Leon. carp, h 39 Rockvale av 
Devenish Arthur, h 1 Rockvale av 
Dickinson Ernest A. acct. h 26 Amherst 

Doan John, h 38 Holmesdale ores 
Don Duncan, h 39 Eglinton av w 
Donaldson John, mach, h 17 Rockvale 

Dorrlcott Wm, lab. h 28 Fairbank av 
Downs Philip, h 23 Rogers rd (on ac- 
tive service) 
Dudley Archd, mach. h 169 Renhold av 
Dudman Robt. tmstr. h 1-^1 «en<^on 
Duffleld Wallace, shipper, h 42 .J^mherst 
, avenue 
Duncan John, lather, h 330 Oakwood 

Duncan John L, painter, h 41 Rock- 
vale av 
Durbin Fredk, h 23 McDonald av (on 

active service) 
Durkin Alfred, ctr, h 40 Fairbank av 
Duxbnry Geo W, braid mkr, h 33 Bland- 
ford av 
Dyson Margt'(wld John), h 47S Lau- 
der av 
Dyson Wm, mach, h 15 Bradshaw av 
Eaglestone Rlchd, concrete wkr. h 378 

C!aledonia av 
Earle Thos L. h 12 Preston rd (on ac- 
tive service) 
East Edwd. h 540 Lauder av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Kaston Thos. lab, h 157 McRoberts av 
Eaves Thos. brass fnshr, h 2162 Duf- 
Edwards Fredk, brklyr, h 9 Woodcroft 

c r &s c 6 n t 
Edwards Joseph, emp T Eaton Co, h 

69 Renhold av 
Elbourn Fred, h 12 Jesmond av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Eldridge Albert, h 9 Bude 
Ellen Leonard J. plmbr, h 2 Blanford 
Ellis Walter, painter, h 99 Ennerdale 

Ellison Harry, lab, h 40 Banff av 
Everett Alfred J, piano mkr, h 19 

Ashbury av 
Ewing Arthur, h 79 Mulberry av (on 

active service) 
Fairbank Baptist Church. 137 Enner-- 

dale rd 
Farrell Geo A. carp, h 38 Amherst av 
Farmer Wm T, lab, h ,'323 McRoberts 


For pwionx in poatioas of tnut. 

In Eeu of certified cheques to accompany tenders for supplies. 
For costs in appeal, succession duties. Excise and all Dominion 
and Provincial Government requirements. 


The Guarantee Co. of North Ameriia 

MEDLANO & SON, General Agents 
Mail BIdt , Cor. Kinj tad Bay Str Tel Adelaide 2II$2 




iEStOwners&Developers Of Real Estate In Canada 



Faulkner Joseph, carp, h 29 Ashbury 

Fawn Joseph, h 15 Jesmond av (on 

active service) 
Fergruson John, carp, h 370 Caledonia 

Ferguson Wm, painter, h 18 Woodcroft 
j: crescent 

i Flggures John, chauffeur, h 395 Oak- 
wood av 
Fisher Joseph G, painter, h 19 Holraes- 

dale cree 
Fisher Ira, h 145 Ennerdale rd 
Fitzpatrick Francis, brklyr, h 4 Jes- 
mond av 
; Flint Walter, h 16 Clovelly av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Flood Walter, mach, h 2114 Dufferln 
Flynn Geo, mach, h 349 Renhold av 
Forbes Robt, baker, h 47 Ennerdale rd 
Forsey Chas H, elect, h 3« Ashbury ar 
Foster Alfred E, carp, h 368 Caledonia 

Foster John, concrete fnshr, h 39 Mc- 
: Donald av 

I Fox Thos, h 5 Broadshaw av (on ao- 
j tlve service) 

I Francies Wm, h 72 Dynevor rd (on ac- 
j tive service) 

Fraser Hugh, h 17 Seneca (on active 


Frost Joseph, carp, h 159 Ennerdale rd 

Fry Geo, shell mkr, h 26 Rochdale av 

i Gafflkin Wm, elect, h 16 Ennerdale rd 

Galbralth Thos. concrete contr, h 100 

Eg-Iinton av w 
Gallagher Jame«, lab, h 41 Holmesdale 

crescent , 
Gallagher Matthew, condr, h 37 Seneca 
Galley Fredk, h 122 Ennerdale rd (on 

active service) 
Gammon Ernst, carp, h 411 Oakwood 

Gartjutt Percy, lab, h 63 Renhold av 
Gardiner Margt, h 39 Eglinton av w 
, Gardner Geo, driver, h 8 Rochdale av 
I Gateley Lawrence, shell mkr, h 34 
I Bolmesdale rd 
; Gaunt Saml E, plstr, h 135 Seneca 

Gaunt Wm R, h 19 Rogers av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Gazzard Harry, h 56 Ennerdale rd (on 

active service) 
Geach Stanley, h 23 Falrbank av (on 

active service) 
Geggie Richd, h 27 Jesmond av (on 

active service) 
Goggle Thos, carp, h 29 Jesmond av 
Gibson John, painter, h s a Third av 
Gibson Robt, tlr, h 1 Florence av 
Giesohe Richd, furrier, h, 22 Amherst 

Gilbert John, elk, h 4 Rochdale av 
Giles Ernest, bkpr, h 138 Roblna av 
Gllldm Frank, carpet layer, h 57 Dyne- 
vor rd 
Glilan Thos, h 2156 Dufferln 
Glllard Arthur, lab, h 69 Mulberry av 
Gillard David, printer, h 10 Woodcroft 

Glandfield Frank, woodwkr, h 36 Banff 

Clegg John E, confr 490 Vaughan rd, 

h sam? 
Goddard Francis. 1 2206 Dufferln (on 

active service) 
Goddard Wm, tmstr. h 34 Banff av 
Goldthorpe John, h 23 Strader av 
Goode Walter H, mach, h 58 Renhold 

Gould Edwd, brklyr, h 21 Holland 

Park a» 
Gould John, lab, h 173 Ennerdale rd 
Grady James, carp, h 63 Mulberry av 
Graham Bert, h 32 Banff av (on active 

Grant John A, printer, h 7 Ashbury 

Gray Andrew, mach, h 34 Rockvale av 
Green Geo, watchman, h 318 Mulberry 

Green Hugh, h 650 Harvie av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Green Joseph P, h 246 Cedrlc av 
Green Wm, h 542 Lauder av (on active 

Gregory John, plmbr, h 48 Branstone 

Griffiths Wm. h 135 Cedric av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Grlmble Fredk, h 11 Fife av (on active 

Grimshaw Thos, carp, h 376 Oakwood 

Groundsell Henry, h ZM Glenhoime 

,'tv (on active service) 
Groves Walter, h 78 Almeda av (on 

active service) 
Guinane John, engineer, h 207 Enner- 
dale rd 
Gurney Chas, h 59 Mulberry av (on 

active service) 
Hale Frank, driver, h 10 Ashbury av 
Hale Geo, carp, h 65 Mulberry av 
Hall Alfred, steam ftr. h 5 Amherst 

Hall Chas J. 1 461 Lauder av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Hall Geo. driver, h 384 McRoberts av 
Hall Herbert, h 121 Robina av 
Hall Margt R (wid Saml), h 461 Lauder 

Halston Fredk. tlnsmth. h 389 Lauder 

Hammond Wm, h 118 Cedrlc av 
Handcock John, driver, h 368 McRo- 
berts av 
Hannah John, moto. h 27 Woodcroft 

Hardacre Harry, btchr, h 7 Dynevor rd 
Hardacre Richd, painter, h 34 Holmes- 
dale crea 
Harker Joseph, condr, h 22 Corby av 
Harland Arthur, h 74 Seneca (on active 

Harman Albert, shell mkr. h 544 Har- 
vie av 
Harriman Joseph, h 30 Blandford (on 

active service) 
Harrington Francis, h 8 Bude (on ac- 
tive service) 
Harris Albert T. h 255 Glenhoime av 
. (on active service) 
Harris Henry, h 457 Lauder av 
Harrison John, carp, h 51 Mulberry av 
Harryman Fredk, h 12 Chudleigli av 

(on active service) 
Hart Fredk, h 14 Hanson rd 
Hart James W, brklyr, h 5 Clovellv av 
Harton Geo H. driver, h 296 McRoberts 

Harvey Alex. lab. h 2128 Dufferln 
Harvey Alex, printer, h 2138 Dufferln 
Harvey Geo, h 98 Seneca (on active 

Harvey Thos h 2118 Dufferln (on ac- 
tive service) 
Harvey Wm. stone ctr, h 40 Jesmond 

Havercroft Richd. 369 Oakwood av (on 

active service) 
Haycoek Alfred J. mach. h 459 Lauder 

Hayes David J. printer, h 3 Blandford 
Hearn Thos. rms 56 Renhold av (on 

active service) 
Heath Frank, pattern mkr, h 126 Mul- 
berry av 
Heathfleld Saml. h 7 Fife (on active 

Heaton Chas E, weaver, h 104 Enner- 
dale rd 
Heck Francis J, btchr. h 5 Seneca 
Hedges Chas. h 15 O'Brien av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Heming Prank, h 14 Dynevor rd (on 

active service) 
Henderson Geo. h 71 Mulberry av 
Henderson Geo. tlr. h 33 Seneca 
Hendrick Mlchl .T. h 133 Mulberry av 

(on active service) 
Werbert Wm. brklyr. h 13 Blandford 
Herring Predk. lab. h 25 Ennerdale rd 
Herrington Geo H. mach. h 12 Seneca 
Hester John, brklyr. h 111 Ennerdale 

Hewlett Wm. h 4 O'Brien av (on active 

Hickman John. lab. h 45 Ennerdale 

Htggs Albert, h 23 Woodcroft cres (on 

active service) 
Hill Sydney T, condr h 36 Holmesdale 

Hirst . shell mkr. h 570 Harvie av 

Hobbs Albert P. h 70 Dynevor rd 
Hocking Ernest, painter, h 31 Enner- 
dale rd 
Hodgeman Fredk, emp T Eaton Co. h 

474 Caledonia av 
Hodgeman Robt, carp, h 16 Holmes- 
dale cres 



30 Jesmond 
28 Jesmond 

Hodgen John, baker, h 347 Glenhoime 

Hodges Henry C, elect, h 26 Rockvale 

Hodson Henry A, hdware 488 Vaughan 

rd, h same 
Hogarth Robt, tmstr, h 48 Esther av 
Hogben Wra, carp, h 44 Jesmond av 
Holman Joseph, lab, h 7 Blandford 
Honest Geo. h 281 Mulberry av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Hood Wm J, mldr, h 120 Gilbert av 
Hope Clifford, woodwkr Hope Mfg Co. 

h 77 Eglinton av w 
Hope Geo S. pres Hope Mfg Co, h 77 

Eglinton av w 
Hope Harry W, mgr Hope Mfg Co, h 

490 Gilbert av 
Hope Mfg Co, Ltd, Geo S Hope pres, 

sash and door mfrs 456-490 Gilbert 

Hopkins Stephen J, carp, h 189 Roblna 

Horsepool Frank btchr. h 102 Seneca 
Horsley Wm. tmstr. h 463 Lauder av 
Hossack John. lab. h 17 Rogers rd 
Hossack Wm F. blksmth. h 15 Rogers 

Housley John, painter, 

Housley John A, lab, 

Howard Robt. baker, h 31 Gloucester 

Hudson Wm. lab. h 8 Amherst av 
Hughes Mitchell, carp, h 31 Jesmond av 
Hull Wm. h 60 Summit av (on active 

Hulme Elizth (wid Edwd H). 1 33 Mc- 
Donald av 
Humphrey James. gdnr. h rear 8 

O'Brien av 
Hunt Chas H. 1 2206 Dufferln fon ac- 
tive service) 
Hunt Wm. painter, h 103 Mulberry av 
Hurford Geo. lab. h 422 McRoberts av 
Hussey Nathaniel, carp, h 32 Blanford 
Hutchinson Patton S, bldg contr JT 

Rogers rd 
Irving Albert, brklyr, h 191 T'.ohlna 

Irwin James, h 15 Strader av 
Jeff John, h 24 Stratton av (on active 

Jeffries Benj F, tlnamth, h 6 Bradshaw 

Jenklnson Jamea, printer, h 125 Cedrio 

Joel Albert, elk, 1 2 McDonald cres 
Joel Willis, time kpr, h 2 McDonald 

Johnson Fred, carp, h 191 Cedrlc a» 
Johnston Chas, shipper, h 33 Jesmond 

Johnston Hannah (wid John R). h 20 

Hanson rd 
Johnston Henry, painter, h 137 Cedric 

Jones Corbett T, carp, h 116 Mulberry 

Jones Fredk O. brklyr. h 11 Woodcroft 

Jones Harry B. h 127 Seneca (on active 

Jones Wm. h 390 McRoberts av (on 

active service) 
Jordan Gerald, h 4.50 Gilbert av (on 

active service) 


Real Estate and Insurance, Properties for Sale, Rents 

Collected, Insurance Effected, Money to Loan 

Phone Residenc« 
North 874 

WAGNER & HARDING "*"'' Z youozs^t^r""'*'' 


Main 2446 


Juniper Alfred O, Jwlr, h 7 Holland 

Park av 
Jurbin Thos. h 37 McDonald av (on 

active service) 
Karr Geo, raach, h 36 Blandford 
Keeber Geo W, lab, h 526 Lauder av 
Keeler Saml H, shipper, h 100 Enner- 

dale rd 
Keen Frank, lab, h ti Rochdale av 
Kellett Irwin, h 290 Glenbolme av (on 

active service) 
Kellett Wm, lab, h 294 Glenholme av 
Kent Ernest, painter, h 15 Blandford 
Kent Margt (wid John), h 147 Cedric 

Kldd Wm, blrmkr, h 20 Blandford 
King James, carp, h 10 Lanark av 
Kirby Chaa J. h 61 Mulberry av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Kirkman Arthur, elk, 1 B68 Harvie av 
Klrkman Arthur, shipper, h 568 Harvie 

Klrkman Mlchl. lab, h (568 Harvie av 
Klrkpatrick John, janitor, h 12 Kitch- 
ener av 
Knowles Geo, h 69 Holmesdale rd (on 

active service) 
Knox Robt, h 55 Mulberry av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Labrecque Frank, elk, h 17 Ennerdale 

Lamb Joseph, mach, h 79 Renhold av 
Lamey Chas, mach. h 23 Amherst av 
Lanca,ster Hubert, h 362 Caledonia av 

(on active service) 
Lane Fredk. h 1 O'Brien av (on active 

Lang Richd, stone mason, h 364 Qlen- 

[holme av 
Latimer John, h 21 Lanark av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Lawrenof Hdwin, porter, h 32i5 McRo- 

berts av 
Lawton James, stone mason, h 105 

Corby av 
Leadbetter Thos, painter, h 11 Mc- 

f>onald av 
Lee Edwd, uphol, h 13 Rockvale av 
I^et- James, h 14 Rockvale av 
I^ee "Wm. carp, h 254 Caledonia av 
Lee Wm. ahoemkr. 25 Seneca 
Leggatt Herbert, blksmth. h 35 Mc- 
Donald cres 
Lpprow Leo, mach, h 5 Hanson rd 
Le.'fUe .Alex, apt, h 13 McDonald av 
Lewis John W, btchr, h 94 Ennerdale 

Lewis Thos. shipper. 1 94 Ennerdale rd 
Lindsay Thos D, h 26 Holland Park av 
Lindsay Wm, tmstr, h 164 Robina av 
Linnett James D, btchr. 346 Oakwood 

Lisle Cha5 W. mach. h 400 Caledonia 

Littlewood Herbert, h 21 Jesmond av 

(on active service) 
L^oyd Albert, lab. h 642 VauB-han rd 
Lloyd James, h 421 Lauder av 
Ijofthouse Lily (wid "Robt). h 401 Mc- 

Roberts av 
Loftus John T, lab. h 117 Mulberry av 
Lovett Ernest, h 492 Vaughan rd (on 

active service) 
Lowe ,Tohn. driver, h 3 Almeda av 
Lusk Edwd. ship.per. h 129 Cedric av 
Lynch Margt (wid Frank), h 54 Fair- 
hank av 
Lyons Arthur, m.ich wkr Hope Mfg 

<^ri, res Pilverthorne 
McBride Alex, mach, h 127 Ennerdale 

McCarthy Alfred, bldr, 1 490 Vauehan 

McClutchey James, gdnr. h 476 Lauder 

MoCkitchey Margt (wid David), h 149 

McTree-an David, brklyr, h 141 Cedric 

MoCullouR-h James, sheet mtl wkr. h 

<25« Almeda' av 
McDermott Patrick, stonemason, h 105 

McDonald James, gdnr. h 500 VaHghan 

McDonald Jessie, h 131 Cedric av 
McDonald John C, carp, h 54* Oakwood 

McFee Duncan, h 106 Seneca (on active 

McGreg^or James, h 27 Seneca 

McHarrie John, rubber wkr, h 2160 

Mcintosh Chas, h 15 Clovelly av 
MicKenzie John, shell mkr, h 424 Cale- 
donia av 
McKenzie Wm, painter, h 424 Caledonia 

McKeown Robt, h 4,12 Gilbert av (on 

active service) 
McKnight Wm R, bkpr, h S Blandford 
McLeod Hug-h. shell mkr, h 6 Enner- 
dale rd 
McNab John, mach, h 239 Caledonia rd 
McNeice Edwd, btchr, h 10 Rochdale 

McPherson Alex, stone mason, h 25 

Jesmond av 
McQueen Thos, carp, h 36 Preston rd 
Macnaughton Roderick, h 6 Strader av 

(on active service) 
Maddock Sydney, driver, h 19 Wood- 
croft cres 
Magson Wm, plstr, h 40 Blandford 
Magulre Chas E, carp, h 392 Oakwood 

Main Drummond, meaar, h 10 Amherst 

Maindonald Percy, driver, h 2i5 Hol- 
land Park av 
Male Edwd J, carp, h 21 Rockvale av 
Maltby Tl^ps, mech. h 31 Holmesdale 

Mann Geo, gdnr, h 8 Hanson rd 
Mann Wallace A, contr, h 451% Lauder 

Manock James, mach, h 281 McRoberts 

Manson Robt, mach, h 11 Rochdale av 
Manuel Walter, Iron wkr. h ,17 Dyne- 

vor rd 
Marks Walter H. tmstr, h 101 Mulberry 

Martin Alice E (wid James H), h 485 

Oakwood av 
Martin Arthur C, uphol, h 121 Cedric 

Mason Edwd, huckster, h 30 Rochdale 

Mason Edwd A, blksmth, h 31 Bland- 
Mather Chas R. brklyr, h 21 Allan av 
Matthews Geo R, mach, h 20 Rockvale 

Matthews Jonas, brklyr, h 23 Glou- 
cester Grove 
Matthews Joseph, mldr, h 113 Robina 

Maxted Martha (wid Stephen), 1 12 

Fife av 
Maxted Sydney, lab. h 12 Fife av 
Mayer John, moto, h 322 McRoberts av 
Meadows Saml, painter, h 145 Dynevor 

Melbourne Thos, lab, h 47 Holmesdale 

Mellor Alfred, rms 21 Jesmond av (on 

active service) 
Mercadent Joseph, h 43 Seneca 
Mercer Geo. scorer, h 49 Mulberry av 
Meredith Wm J, shipper, h 52 Holmes- 
dale rd 
Merrlman Alfred, h 83 Holmesdale rd 

(on active service) 
Metcalfe Peter. Janitor, h 60 Falrbank 

MIc(hael Wm A (Stalnton & Michael). 

h 8 Rockvale av 
Millbrook Arthur, plmbr. h 11 Dynevor 

Miller Walter F, bkpr, h 2S1 Glen- 
holme av 
Miller Wm. cableman. h 34 Hanson rd 
Mills Edwd, h 35 McDonald av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Milne Wm, emp T. Eaton Co, h 13 Clo- 
velly av 
JTitchell James mach, h 54 Dynevor rd 
Moir Wm, h 29 Seneca 
Monk Geo. huckster, h 185 Robina av 
Monk Henry, lab, h 130 Branatone rd 
Moody Wm, mkt gdnr, 210 Mulberry 

Moon Philip, h 19 Jesmond av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Moon Robt W. tool mkr, h 95 Mulberry 

Morgan May (wid Osborne W), 1 498 

Vaughan rd 
Morley Albert, brklyr, h 49^5 Lauder av 
Morrison John, tmstr, h 56 Summit av 

Morton Francis h 59 Holmesdale rd (on 

active service) 
Mountain CThristopher, carp, h 1 Jes- 
mond av 
Moxham Wilfrid J, porter, h 16 Hanson 

Mullarkey Esther, rubber wkr, 1 324 

MORoberts av 
Mullarkey Mary (wid Thos), h 324 Mc- 

RoJberts av 
Mullarkey Michl. packer, 1 324 McRo- 
berts av 
Mullarkey Nora, opr, 1 324 McRoberts 

Mullen John, driver, h 37 Ashbury av 
Munday Geo, brklyr, h 4,5 Jesmond av 
Murray .Alex, plstr, h 7 Rochdale av 
Musgrave Saml, fireman, h 410 McRo- 
berts av 
Myatt James, lab. h 109 Seneca 
Myers Thos F, h 539 Harvie av (on 

active service) 
Ne( dham Wm. shell mkr, h 112 Seneca 
I "cil&en Alfred, chauffeur, h 58 Summit 
\'<wsonen Julius, tlr. h 367 Oakwood 
j Niwton James W, gro 406 Caledonia 

a\, h same 
I Newton Wm J, lab, h 49 Seneca. 
' Vioholls Ernest, rms 431 Caledonia av 
'rm active service) 
Nicholls Geo. rms 431 Caledonia av 

(on active service) 
Nicholls Sadie, 1 431 Caledonia av 
Nicholson Wm. h 37 Dynevor rd (on 

active service) 
Nicol Harry, tmstr. h 366 Caledonia av 
Nidd Amos R. h 72 Seneca Jon active 

Noakes RIchd, .ianitor. h 12 Bude 
Novman Thos F. carp, h 24 Blandford 
North Earlscourt Methodist Church, 

n s Dynevor rd 
Nosworthy Saml. carp, h cor Summit 

and McRoberts cres 
Nunn John O. collector, h 5 Holmesdale 

O'Brien John, contr. h 511 I.,auder av 
O'Brien Louise, 1 598 Vaughan rd 
O'Brien Patk, h 598 Vainrhnn rd 
O'Rrlen Wm, gdnr, h 549 Vaughan rd 
O'Dells Wm, h 25 Strader av 
O'Hara Chas, lab, h 386 Oakwood av 
O'Hara James, mkt gdnr, n s James 

O'Hara John, mkt gdnr. 304 Vaughan 

O'Hara Kate (wid John), h 12 Fair- 
hank av 
O'Hara Walter, emp T Eatci Co, 1 42 

Falrbank av 
O'Nel' Wm. Iron wkr. h ^" n'o„ iforri 
O'Reilly Robt, blksmth, h 7.-, Mulberry 

Oak Herbert, barber, h 18 Strader av 
Oldfleld Chas. carp, h 43 Rpfho'd aV 
Ollphant Tohn. painter, h 167 Renhold 

Orr Wm. trav. h 453% Lauder av 
Owen James, dairyman. 479 T.nuder 

Owen Thos. stone mason, h 426 Cale- 
donia av 
Palmer Ernest, mach. h 60 Seneca 
Palmer Walter, h 33 McDonald av (on 

active service) 
Pantry Patk, concrete wkr. h 341 Oak- 
wood av 
Park Wm. la/b. h 536 Lauder av 
Parkers Arthur, driver, h 370 McRob- 
erts av 
Parrict Wm. h 29] McRoberts av (on 

active service) 
Partridge Alfred, painter, h 93 Holmes- 
dale rd 
Partridge Geo. h 60 Branstone rd 
Passant Richd. driver, h 9 Rockvale 

Pntchett Walter, h 151 Almeda av 
Pptience Roibt. lab, h 250 Cedric av 
Patterson Geo. b 71A Holmesdale rd 
Patton Joseph, carp, h 22 Holland Park 

Payne John, h 2206 Dufferln (on active 

Paynter RIchd, acct, h 5 Holland Park 

Pearce Lewis, lab. h 36 Rockvale av 
Pearse Wm J, carp, h 52 Amherst av 

DOUGLAS PONTON ""' ^^^ '"' ""'""' 

Valuator, Arbitrator, Etc. 

37 Adelaide St. E. 


Telephone Main M 





PhoneADElAlDE 1962 


Pearson John C, mach, h 13 Ropers rd 
Pegier Saml, raach, h 408 McRoberta av 
Perkin Harry, h 4 Blanford (on active 

Perraton John, shell mkr, h 30 Fair- 
hank av 
Perrin Fred, carp, h 275 McRoberta av 
Perrv Edwin, shell mkr, h 68 Seneca 
Peters Fredk, h 35 Amherst av (on 

active service) 
Phillips Chas, em^p T Eaton Co, rm« 

459 Lauder av 
Phillips Ethel, winder, 1 107 Corby av 
Phillips Tony, lab, h 107 Corby av 
Phlpps Geo, h 43 Jesmond av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Piccolo Salvatore fruits 2073 Dutterln, 

h same 
Pickett Fredk, carp, h 89 Renhold av 
Pinkett Stephen, h 32 Seneca (on ac- 
tive service) 
Plrrl Joseph, lab, h 35 Seneca 
Pludgett Clement, concrete wkr, h 101 

Dynevor rd 
Pollard Bert G, carp, h 197 Cedrlc av 
Pope Florence, artificial flower wkr, h 

3 Florence av 
Pope James, mach, h 18 Hanson rd 
Porter John, emp T Eaton, h 81 Ren- 
hold av 
Poston Alice. 1 5 Dynevor rd 
Poston Henry, lab. h 5 Dynevor rd 
Poston James, btchr 52 Ennerdale rd, 

h same 
Pratt Geo, moto, h 273 McRoberts av 
Preston Edwd, btchr. h 119 Gilbert av 
Pritchard Alice (wld Eli). 1 69 Mul- 

terry av 
Privett Arthur, mkt gdnr, 51 Eglin- 

ton av w 
Rae Wm, mach. h 5 Strader av 
Ralnford Thos, shoemkr, h 525 

Vaughan rd 
Raisback Geo,, h 47 Renhold av 
Ratepayers Hall, cor RedhiU and Har- 

vie av 
Ramsden Henry, stone mason, h 271A 

■McRoberts av 
Reardon Ernest R, cafp, h 390 Oak- 
wood av 
Redprift Harry, mach, h 1 Rochdale 

Reld Francis, tlr, h 14 Clovelly av 
Reid John, mach, h 41 Jesmond av 
Reid Robt, h 9 Gloucester grove (on 

active service) 
Reid Wm, h 26 Blandford (on active 

Reynold Frank, shipper, h 153 Roblna 

Rhodes Robt, harnessmkr, h 347 Oak- 
wood av 
Rhyndress Frank, painter, h 332 Har- 

vie av 
Ribchester John, blrmkr, h-365 Oak- 
wood av 
Rice Albert, piano mkr, h 181 Enner- 
dale rd 
Rice Frank E. cheese mkr. h 21 Enner- 
dale rd 
Richards Fredk, shoemkr, h 426 Mc- 
Roberts av I 
Richards James, mldr, h 2 Lanark av 1 
Richardson David, h 23 Blandford ! 
Richardson "Walter, shell insp, h 36 
Dyn^ivor rd I 
Richardson Wm, h 38 Banff av (on ac- i 
live service) i' 
Rider Walter, brass fnshr, h 125 Roblna 

Rlgby Arthur H. shoemkr, h 133 Cedric 

avenue I 

Riley C A Rev. pastor Fairbank Bap- ; 
tist Church, h 2150 Dufterln I 

Rimand Cornelius, hair dresser, h 648 

Vaugihan rd 
Rlnderman Chas, h 430 Oakwood av 
RipinRlll Edwd. carp, h 41 Fairbank 

Robb Alex, h 665 Vaug-han rd 
Roberts Dan! H. carp, h 192 .Cedrlc av 
Roberts Thos. g-uard. h 11 Ennerdale rd 
Robertson Geo. h 13 Thornton av 
Robertson Lawrence, h 47 Fairbank nv 
Robinson Mark A. brklvr, h 55 Bran- 
stone rd 
Robinson Thos, rms 452 Gilbert av (on 

activp service ) 
Robinson ^vm. carp, h 413 Caledonia 

Rodhnrd Ernest J. Ins apt. h 16 Am- 

ne»"Ot o 1- 

Rogers Alfred, tmstr, h 360 Caledonia 

l;oUason Fredk, mach, h 6 Rockvale 

FtoIIinson Wra, h 209 Mulberry av 
Rose Fred, glass beveller h 29 Holland 

Park av 
Rose Thos, h 44 Ashbury av (on active 

Ross James, mach, h 46 Dynevor rd 
Rothwell Richard, tmstr. h 19 Brad- 

shaw av 
Roy Robt, h 47 Mulberry av (on active 

Russell John, h 14 Bude (on active ser- 
Russell Wm A lab, h 36 Holmeadale rd 
Russew Arthur, checker, h 248 Cedric 

Ryall Walter, carp, h * Hanson rd 
Ryder James C, carp, h 431 Caledonia 

St Clair Wm, carp, h 16 Ashbury av 
Sales James, elk. h 2^ Gloucester grove 
Salt Chas. h 182 Ennerdale rd 
.Salt Mary (wid Wm), 1 1S2 Ennerdale 

Salvation Army Barracks. 558 Harvle 

Samuel Albert, lab. h 41 Seneca 
1 gangster Arthur, raach, h 196 Roblna 
; avenue 
I Saul Harold J. h 454 Gilbert av (on 

active service) 
Saunders .\lbert, h 39 Ashbury ave (on 

active service) 
Saxon Harold, gdnr. h 651 Vaughan rd 
i .Scheid Henry S. h 329A Gilbert av (on 

active service) 
: .Scott Wm. h 32 Branstone rd 
Scott Wm, stone ctr, h 397 Caledonia 

Scott Benj, carp, h 33 Rockvale av 
Scott Wm, sailor, h 31 McDonald crea 
Seal Richd. h 22 Ashburv av 
Searl Fredk G. fitter, h 128 Seneca 
Sears Henry, brklyr. h 66 Summit av 
Severwrig-ht John, printer, h 7 Belvl- 

dere av 
Seymour Fredk, h 56 Fairbank av (on 

active service) 
Sharp Thos, sheet mtl wkr, r 3S Rock- 
vale av 
Sharp Wm, shipper, h 85 Mulberrv av 
Sharpe Geo. lab ,h 14 Lanark av 
Shaver \Vm C. cabt mkr. h 449 Lauder 

Shaw RaJnh T. h 77 Dynevor rd 
Shaw 'WadP, painter, h 516 Lauder av 
Shenpard Harry, carp, h 35 Holmesdale 

Sheppard John, stone ctr, h 200 Roblna 

Sbirlev ^\'m. h 432 Oakwood av 
Shiilver Fredk \\-. mach. h 398 Cale- 
donia av 
Simmons "«'m J. emp Con Gas Co. h 4^0 

Lauder av 
StmTisnn "Wm J. lab. h fU Rockvale av 
Sinclair .Arthur, driver, h 151 Roblna av 
Sine-leton Geo W. textile wkr. h 3J 
[ Rockvale av ' 

Sine-leton Wilfred, lineman, h 149 Ce- 
dric av 
Sloan Thos B, carp, h 336 Oakwood av 
Small .Aubrey W. h 73 Holmesdale rd 
Smith David, h 3 Bude (on active ser- 
Smith David, lab. h 3 Bude 
Smith Duncan D. orin Fairbank Public 

school, b 2 McDonald cres 
Smith Frank, shell mkr, h 47 Seneca 
Smith Prank, painter, h 430 Calednnii 

Smith Geo. mach. h 2»5 McRoberts av 
Smith James, mach. h 265 Caledonia 

Smith Richd. 1 10 Strader av fon active 

Smith Robt. h 10 Strader av (on active 

Smith Sidney, driver, h 58 SenAca 
Snow Frank, shipper, h 87 Mulberrv 

Snow Fredk. lab, h 1 Rockvale av 
Sohier Walter, mach. h 1 Amherst av 
.Spaynud John, shell mkr, h 459 Gilbert 

SpeiRht Henry W, h 354 Caledonia av 

(on active service) 

Spieg^elhalter James, h 179 Ennerdale 

Spiero Adam, mach, h 183 Roblna av 
Spirits Wm, mach, h U Ashbury av 
Stainton Herbert (Stalnton & Michael), 

h 118 Mulberry av 
Stainton & Michael (Herbert Stalnton, 
Wm A Michael), hdware 314 Oak- 
wood av 
Stearn John, Insp, b IS Aahbury av 
Stephenson James, h ST Dynevor rd 

(on /Lctlr» service) 
Stewart Jan^es, elk. h 47 Jesmond av 
Stewart John. elk. 1 47 Jesmond av 
Stewart Wm, mldr, rms 33 Jesmond av 
Stock Wm, carp, h 17 Jesmond av 
Stockley Geo, carp, h 7 Hanson av 
Stockle-" Saul, carp, h S9 Hanson rd 
Stone Edwd, mach, h 31 Holland Park 

.Storer Wm, candy rakr, h 416 Lauder 

Strader John G, bldr, h 27 Strader av 
.-Strang Thos, baker 114 Cedric av 
Strang Walter, painter, h 25 Thornton 

Stratford John T, concrete fnshr, h 57 

Strathde John, h 11 Gloucester grove 

(on active service) 
Suley Chas F, bkpr, h 18 Corby av 
Suley Wm H, gro cor Caledonia and 

Corby aves 
Suthers Frank, elk, h 37 Hanson rd 
Swabey Henry, piano fnshr, h 105 En- 
nerdale rd 
Swan Alban .\, h 471 Caledonia av (on 

active service) 
Swift John H, carpet weaver, h 133 En- 
nerdale rd 
Taddo Tony, gro 73 Dynevor rd, h 

Taylor Edwd. carp, h 260 Almeda av 
Taylor James, solderer, h 51 Seneca 
Taylor James H, mfg- chemist, h 148 

(jedric av 
Taylor John, iron wkr, h 326 Harvle 

Taylor Mary A (wid Wm), h 106 Dyne- 
vor rd 
Taylor Thos R. h 30 Ashbury av (on 

active service) 
Taylor Wm. lab. h 54 Amherst av 
Thermer lurrn's. h .WG Harvie av (on 

active service) 
Thom Robt. carp, h 16 Blandford 
Thomas John, tinsmith, h 30 Holmes- 
dale rd 
Thomas Wm, mach, 1 30 Holmesdale rd 
Thompson Geo, mach, h 21 Thornton 

Thompson Gordon, h 11 Holland Park 

Thompson Joseph, chauffeur, h 187 Ce- 
dric av 
Thompson Wm E. carp, h 37 Jesmond 

Thorne John, shell mkr. h 24 Corby av 
Thorne Wm. driver, h 21 Ashbury av 
Thorne Chas. lab. h 187 Roblna av 
Timnlo H "Vivian, asst shipper, h 67 

Mulberry av 
Tinker Saml, carp, h 53 Mulberry av 
Tite "Valentine, h 23 Bradshaw av (on 

active service) 
Tiverton Harry, wire weaver, h 353 

OakTvood av 
Tobltt Fredk. slsmn. h 27 Blandford 
Tomnklnson Harrv. tlr. h 123 Cedric av 
Tonkin Harold, bldr. h itn Oakwood 

I'ooie Thos. mach, h 478 Lauder av 
Torrison Geo. shell mkr, h 75 Holmes- 
dale rd 
Torson John, h 62 Ennerdale rd (on 

active service) 
Towner Sydney J, lab, h 29 Fairbank 

Trotter Thos, window shade mkr. h 34 

Preston rd 
Tucker Fredk. uphol. h 71 Seneca 
Tuffs Ernest, h 18 Bradshaw av ,(on 

active service) 
Twycross Alex S, carp, h 6 Blandford 
Underdown Wm, Iron wkr, h 181 Gil- 
bert av 
Tpfleld Chas, agt, h 5 Carrington av 
Upton John A, brklyr, h 17 McDonald 


Real Estate Agent., XSS^S^If 



F.J. SMITH ^v^ CO. 




Urquhart Robt, h 201 Ennerdale rd (on 

active service) 
Urquhart Robt, tmstr, h 111 Mulberry 

Vale Fredk, h 159 Roblna av (on active 

Vale Saml, h 149 Robina av (on active 

Vanderluys Fredk, porter, h 1 Holland 

Park av 
Vandervalk Herman, carp, h 38 Seneca 
Varley Thos, millwright, h 32 Holmes- 
dale rd 
Varley Thos A, pressfdr, 1 32 Holmes- 
dale rd 
VasparviUe Geo, carp, h 24 Glouceater 

Verity Oswald, trav, h 4 McDonald av 
Vigor Geo A, iron wkr, h 54 Branstone 

Vincent James, carp, h 204 Roblna »v 
Vose John, lab, h 46 Amherst av 
Wade Archd, mldr, h 50 Seneca 
Wa^er Bert, brklyr, h 19 Amherst av 
Wager Geo, h 13 Jesmond av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Wainwright Arthur L, motor fitter, h 

20 Woodcroft cres 
Waite Adolphus, cabt mkr, h 116 Mul- 
berry av 
Wakefield Fredk, btchr, 1 349 Glen- 
holm jiv 
Wakefield John, gro. h 349 Glenholme 

Walker Chas E, emp Robt Simpson 

Co, h 120 Ennerdale rd 
Walker Geo, h 181 Cedrlc av (on active 

Walker Rhoda, opr, 1 120 Ennerdale rd 
Wallln Geo H, bldg contr 3 Jesmond av 
Walls Geo. steam ftr, h 41 Branstone rd 
Walsh John, cook, h 6 Bude 
Ward Chas, mach, h 400 Oakwood av 
Ward Chas. plstr. h 97 Mulberry av 
Ward Harry, rubber wkr, h 162 Enner- 
dale rd 
Ward John, mach, h 364 Caledonia av 
Ward .Sidney, mach, h 37 Stratton av 
Warlinsr Edward, h 6 Rochdale av 
Waterman Ernest, mkt gdnr 503 Oak- 
wood av 
Waters BenJ, carp, h 29 Ennerdale rd 
Watkins Fredk. 1 579 Vaughan rd (on 

active service) 
Watson John, driver, h SS2 McRoberts 

Watson Robt, mlnr 358 Oakwood av ~ 
Watt Wm. carp, h SI Dvnevor rd 
Watts Chas. uphol. h 1 Blandford 
Waugh Geo, lah. h 11 Preston rd 
Way Albert B. gro 384 Oekwood av 
Weaver John P, porter, h 12 Holland 

Park av 
Webb David, h 26 Almeda av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Weedon Joseph E, warehsmn, h 4 

Rockvale av 
West Wm, bkbndr, h 460 McRoberts 

Whalen Joseph, Iron wkr, h 31 Rock- 
vale av 
Wheeler Robt, news agt, h 17 Allan av 
White Walter, shoemkr, h 129 Robina 

White Wm S. lab, h 21 Bradshaw av 
White Wm T. h 139 Dynevor rd (on 

active service) 
Whitehead Frank, mach. h 335 Harvle av 
Whitehead Thos, brklyr, h 14 Stratton 
Whiteley Herbert E. carp, h 57 Mul- 
berry av 
Whitmore Sidney, brklyr, h 4 Hanson 

Whitmore Walter, h 24 Hanson rd (on 

active service) 
Whittlesea Wm, h 29 Gloucester grove 

(on active service) 
Wicks James E, gro 1 Branstone rd. h 

Wicks Thos F, driver, h 5 Woodcroft 

Wilcox Bros (Erneet and Wm H Wil- 
cox), mkt gdnr«, 540 Oakwood av 
Wilcox Ernest CWUcox Bros), h 80 

Lanark av 
Wilcox John R, h 549 Oakwood av 
Wilcox Thos, gdnr, h 525 Oakview av 
Wilcox Thos R. elk. h 537 Vaughan rd 
Wilcox Wm H (Wilcox Bros), h 540 
Oakwood av 

VVilkins Joseph W, stone ctr, h 9 Ro- 
gers rd 
Wilkinson Alex, engineer, h 488 Oak- 
wood av 
Williams John H, lab, h 139 Seneca 
Williams McDonald, h 9 Belvldere av 
Williamson Edwd, musician, h 101 

Falrbank av 
Williamson Fredk, brklyr, h 160 Cedrlc 

avenue . 
Williamson Saml, h 85 Dynevor rd 
Wilmore Joseph, lab, h 21 Woodcroft 

Wilson Alfred, h 8 O'Brien av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Wilson Harry, brklyr, h 135 Kane av 
Wilson Harry, stone mason, h 1 Rogers 

Wilson Robt, mach. h 24 Holland Park 

Wilson Wm, h 143 Seneca 
Winskill Fred, stone ctr, h 17 Blandford 
Witt Percy, h 153 Falrbank av 
Wolstenholm John, atone ctr, h It* 

Robina av 
Wood Anna (wid Wm), 1 34 Rochdale 

Wood Chas, h 34 Rochvale av 
Wood Cbas, * 9 Amherst av 
Wood Frank, elev opr, J 34 Rochdale 

Wood Fredk, 1 34 Rochdale av 
Wood James, plstr. h 5'2 Branstone rd 
Woodin Dennis, h 6 Clovelly av (on 

active service) 
Wooding Rlchd, h 35 Blandford (on 

active service) 
Woodman Thos J, h 40 Seneca (on ac- 
tive service) 
Woods Arthur, h 2 McDonald av (on 

active service) 
Woodward Frank, carp, h 77 Holmesdale 
Woolins Geo A. lab, h 132 Branstone rd 
Wooten Geo, fuse mkr, h 42 Seneca 
Worton Wm, carp, h 19 Lanark av 
Wressell Arthur, mach. h 17 Bradshaw 
Wright Christopher, h 4 Kitchener av 

active service) 
Wright Christopher, h 4 Kitchener av 

(on active service) 
Wright Geo, driver, h 338 Oakwood av 
Wright Joseph, lab, h 295 Vaughan rd 
Wright Robt. h 65 Ennerdale rd 
Wright Stephen, lineman, h 2.9 Bland- 
Wyer Herbert, brass plshr, h 39 Jes- 
mond av 
Wylie John, h 10 Seneca (on active 

Wynne Walter, h 123 Roblna av 
Young Chas. brklyr. h 159 iCendric av 
Young Frank R, h 2 Kitchener av (on 
active service) 


4% miles west of Post Office 

Aikens James T, shipper, b Danl E 

Allen James, gdnr. 1 Joseph W Allen 
Allen Joseph W, mkt gdnr w s Salis- 
bury av 
Alsworth Geo boltmkr, h e s Cockburn 
Atkins Chas, shipper, b Joseph N Paul 
Aylmer Chas, gdnr, h s s Cannon rd 
Aylmer Geo, gdnr, h n s Cannon rd 
Bate Wm J, elect Insp, h s s Lake Shore 

Beach Nathaniel B, elk, h e a Cockburn 
Beatty Bllzth, tchr Humber Bay Pub- 
lic Schl, res Toronto 
Beecham Albert, elk, 1 Wm Cameron 
Bell Albert, mkt gdnr, e s Salisbury av 
Biggar Gladys, stenog, 1 Mrs S E 

Blackmore Danl, elk, h w s Salisbury 
Blake Altoert K, chauffeur, 1 Mrs Lil- 
lian Blake 
Blake Chas. mach. 1 Mrs Lillian Blake 
Blake Emma, examiner, 1 Mrs Lillian 

Blake Joseph, shipper, 1 Mrs Lillian 

Blake Lillian Mrs. h e s Frederica 
Bolton John M, carp, h s s Lake Shore 

Boniface Albert G, driver, h s s Queen 
Bo'i'faoe Ernest L, brkmkr, h e s 

Borradalie Leo, gro s s Lake Shore rd, 

h same 
Bracey Thos H, driver, h w s Salisbury 

Bradley Edwd, gdnr, 1 Lewis Bradley 
Bradley Lewis, mkt gdnr, e s Parker's 

row, h same 
Brierly Alfred, btchr, h s s Rush av 
Broderick Annie (wid Fatk), h w s Sal- 
isbury av 
Broderick John J, brkmn, 1 Mrs Annie 

Brookes Wm A, elk, has Lake Shore 

Brown Fredk, blrmkr, h n s Queen 
Brown Geo S, bkpr, 1 Mrs S Elizth 

Brown H Stanley, uphol, h s s Lake 

Shore rd 
Brown John G, mkt gdnr, e s Salisbury 
Brown Nicholas, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Brown S Elizth (wid Chaa B), h Queen 

cor Salisbury av 
Brown Walter E, gdnr, 1 Mrs S Bllzth 

Brown Wm J, upholstr, has Lake 

Shore rd 
Bruce Elizth (wid Henry), has Lake 

Shore rd 
Burbridge Ernest, mkt gdnr, n s College 
Butwell Ben], tmstr, h w a Salisbury 

Butwell Brick Co, Ltd, Henry Butwell 

pres, brick mfrs n s Lake Shore rd 
Butwell Harry, brkmkr, h n a Lake 

Shore road 
Butwell Henry, pres Butwell Brick Co, 

Ltd, res Toronto 
Butwell James, brkmkr, 1 Benj Butwell 
Butwell Laura M, 1 Richard Butwell 
Butwell Mark, brkmkr, h n s Lake Shore 

Butwell Mary E, atenog. 1 Mark But- 
Butwell Reginald N, tel opr, 1 Mark 

Butwell Rlchd, h e s Salisbury av 
Cameron Wm, ilk, h s s Lake Shore rd 
C)ane Evelina, opr, b Joseph N Paul 
Carson Robt T, carp, h e a Oliver 
Carter Walter H, h e s Salisbury av 
Chounds Rlchd, firemn, h e s Cockburn 
Chowns Emma (wid Wm) 1 6 Davidson 

Chowns Fredk K, shipper, h 6 David- 
son crea 
Chowns Wm, brkmkr, 1 6 Davidson cres 
Churchward Alfred, packer, h w s 

Churchward Robt, mach. h e s Frederica 
Collis Frank, printer, h e s Grand av 
Clough Paul, mach, h s s Lake Shord rd 
Collins Bertha, bkpr, 1 James Collins 
Collins Chas, mkt gdnr, e s Salisbury 

Collins Elizth, 1 James Collins 
Collins Fredk, gdnr, 1 James Collins 
Collins Harold, gdnr, 1 James Collins 
Collins James, mkt gdnr. n s Queen 
Collins Joseph, gdnr. 1 James Collins 
Copani August, lab, h n s Lake Shore 

Copeland Robt G, elk, h w s Salisbuiy 

avenue , 
Cox Joseph, mkt gdnr, w s Church 
Cox Gladys M. stenog, 1 Samuel Cox 
Cox Gustave S, gdnr, 1 Saml Cox 
Cox Gertrude S. 1 Samuel Cox 
Cox Joseph jr. brkmkr, h e a Salisbury 

Cox Saml, mkt gdnr, w s Church 
Cox Thos J, painter, h w s Godson 

Cozens Earl, elk, has Rush av 
Crawford James, carp, h s a Lake Shore 

Crosley Wm, lab, h s 3 Queen 
Crowe A Laura, opr, 1 Mrs Catherine 

H Crowe 
Crowe Catherine H (wid Stewart), rest 

s s Lae Shore rd, h same 
Culman Agnes, 1 David Culman 
Culman David, h w s Salisbury av 
Cummlngs Rutherford (Price, Cum- 

mlngs & Co, Ltd), res Toronto 
Dandrldge James, mkt gdnr n s Queen 
Daniels Francis, h w s Salisbury av 
Davis Wm A, chauffeur, h w s Godson 

Devins' Boat House, Isaac N Devin* 

prop, n s Lake Shore rd 




59 YONGE ST. Send f«r our Booklet on 

Devlns Geo, supt I N Devlns. res To- 
ronto , . „,_ J 
Devlns Itaac N, rest n s Lake Shore ra. 

res Toronto 
Dewsbury Franklin H, macn, n e s 

Dewsbury John, maoh, 1 F H Dews- 
bury „ , , 
Dtcklson Wra J, mach, h w s Frederlca 
Dickson John, mkt gdnr, e s Grand av 
Dinaro Peter, lab, h n s Lake Shore rd 
Dinn Alice, opr, b Mrs Ellen S Dono- 
Dixon John, tmstr, h n s Lake Sliore rd 
Donovan Ellen S (wid Patk), h s s 

Donovan John G, confy, s s Queen 1 

Patk J Donovan 
Donovan Patk J, moto, h s s Queen 
Dunn Robt. chkr, h w s Frederlca 
Dutnall John, lab, h e s Cockburn 
Dutnall Robt, tile mkr, h n s Lake 

Shore rd 
Egles Chaa J, bkbndr, 1 Wm Egles 
Egles Ernest mach, 1 Wm Egles 
Egles Geo. mach, h s s Lake Shore 

Egles Wm, painter, h s s Lake Shore 

Elford Isaac mkt gdnr, s s Cannon 

Elford Wm, mkt gdnr e s Salisbury av 
Elliott Eltzth, tchr Humber Bay Pub 

School, b Joseph W Rush 
Elliott Walter, gdnr, h n s Humber av 
Fax James A, vocalist, h Salisbury av, 

cor Queen 
Fax Jessie E, vocalist. 1 James A Fax 
Fielding Simon, carp, h e s Cockburn 
Ford Annie, candy mkr, 1 John Ford 
Ford Ernest, action mkr, 1 John Ford 
Ford John, tile mkr, h n s Lake 

Shore rd 
Ford Roy, maoh, 1 John Ford 
Fordyce Albert, mach, has Oliver 
Forsythe James, mkt gdnr, n s Lake 

Shore rd 
Forsythe James C, prntr, 1 James For- 
Forsythe John W, tel opr, 1 James 

Forsythe Mabel, opr. 1 James Forsythe 
Franklin Arthur, tmstr, h w s 

donald av 
Galbraith Isabel (wid Henry), b Mra 

S E Brown 
Gane James, blksmth, n s Lake Shore 

road, res Toronto 
Gear Fredk, prntr, h e s Cockburn 
Oilman Albert E, tlnsmth, 1 Geo Gilman 
Oilman Chas E. lab, 1 Georpre Oilman 
Gilman Geo, h w s Macdonald av 
Gilman Geo P. boatman, 1 Geo Oilman 
Gray Lucy (wid Geo), h w s Salisbury 

Greenfield Austin B, brkmkr, 1 Thos G 

Greenfield Chas, mkt gdnr w s Grand 

Greenfield Margt G, elk, 1 Thos G 

Greenfield Thos G, brkmkr. h e s Oliver 
Greenfield T Edgar, brkmkr, 1 Thos G 

GrigBby Amos, mkt gdnr n s Queen 
Grlgsby Wm. mkt gdnr n s Queen 
Hanley Robt. mkr gdnr n s Queen, h 

Hanley Walter R, gdnr, h w s Salis- 
bury av 
Hanna John, blksmth, h s s Queen 
Harris Geo. mail elk, h n s Queen 
Harris Raymond, mach. has Lake 

Shore rd 
Harris Wm. mkt gdnr s s Church, h 

Harrison Joseph H, tmstr, h w s Salis- 
bury av 
Harwood Ernest, brass wkr, h 5 Dav- 
idson ores 
Helliwell John R. florist, h w s Salis- 
bury av 
Hicks Amelia E, I Mrs Ellzth Hicks 
Hicks Boat House, Octavlus L Hicks 

prop, s 8 Lake Shore rd 
Hicks Ellzth (wid Thos L), h 8 s Queen 
Hlcka Fredk J, prop Humber Beach 

Inn, res same 
Hicks Octavlus L, prop Hicks' Boat 

House, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Hicks Wm J, h n s Lake Shore rd 

Hill John J, bldr, h s s Lake Shore rd 

Hiscox John, mach, h s a Lake Shore 

Holmes Geo. carp, h n s Queen 

Holmes Henry, bolt mkr, has Queen 

Hotchkinson Albert E, mach, I Levi 
A Hotchkinson 

Hotchkinson Levi A, tile burner, h w s 
Macdonald av 

Hotchkinson May, opr, 1 Levi A Hotch- 

Hudson Edwd G, brklyr, h e s Salis- 
bury av 

Huffman Albert, mach, h s a Cannon 

Huffman Wm C, well driller, h s a 
iCannon rd 

Humber Bay Baptist Ohurch, n s Queen 

Humber Bay Post OfHce (Nlcol Mac- 
Nicol postmaster). Queen cor David- 
son crtscGHt 

Humber Bay Public School. Walter 
Moorhouse prin. e a Cockburn 

Humber Beach Inn, Fredk J Hicks 
prop, s s Lake Shore rd 

Hunter Annie, 1 Grace H Hunter 

Hunter Grace H, 1 w s Salisbury av 

Jecks Tobias, prop Maw's boat house 
res Toronto 

Jefferson Joseph F, presser, h s s Lake 
.'Jhore rd 

Jesson Shadrach. shoemkr, has Queen 

Kemp Alfred, farmer, h 7 Davidson 

Kemp Edith A, leather wkr, 1 7 David- 
son crea 

Kemp Sidney T, mach, 1 7 Davidson 

Kent Carl S. g-dnr, 1 Wm Kent 

Kent Wm, mkt gdr w s Salisbury av 

Kitchener Elizth (wid Robt), 1 M J 

Knight John H, mach, h Dundas cor 

Davidson crea 
Knight Norman, mach, h e a Parker's 

Lampon Joseph, lab, h n s Lake Shore 

Langridge Mlchl J, btchr, h n s Queen 
Legg Archd M, photo engraver, h s ■ 

Lake Shore rd 
Legg Geo F, photo engraver, h s » 

Lake Shore rd 
Legg John, slsmn, h s s Lake Shore 

Leishman David, blksmth, h e s Cock- 
Leishman Jessie, opr, 1 David Leish- 
Leishman Margt, opr, 1 David Leish- 
Lenz Wm. lab, h w e Amelia 
Lipkoi Frank, lab, h n a Lake Shore 

Llewellen Elizth (wid Wm), h n s 

Loin Geo. gdnr, h n a Queen 
Lytle Andrew, police, h e a Frederlca 
McAlIster John, brass mldr, h s s 

McCllntock Frank M, shoemkr, 1 John 

McCllntock John, lab, h s s Lake 

Shore rd 
McCuIlough John, elk, h s s Lake Shore 

McDermot Patk. mach, h e a Oliver 
McFarlane Arthur E. Journalist, h w 

s Salisbury av 
McFarlane Hazel, tchr Humber Bay 

Public Scl, 1 A E. McFarlane 
McGraw Fredk (Orr & McGraw), h w e 

Godson rd 
McGraw James, carp, h s a Queen 
MoLaverty Wm J, bkpr, h e s Cockburn 
McQuarrie Harry C. h 10 Queen 
McQuarrie James H. glaas beveller, 1 

10 Queen 
McQuarrie Mary, packer, 1 10 Queen 
MacNicol Nicol, postmaster and gro 

Queen cor Davidson crea 
Mageean John, elect, h w s Frederlca 
Mahr Geo J. Jwlr, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Major Percy, chkr, 1 Rupert E Major 
M.ijor Rupert E, mkt gdnr, w ■ Salts- 
bury av 
Maw's Boat House, Tobias Jecks prop 

R s Lake Shore rd 
Mplilrum Annie A. purse mkr. 1 Mrs 
Florence Meldrtim 


Meldrum Florence Mra, h e s Cockburn 
Meldrum Mabel, elk, 1 Mrs Florence 

Meldrum Wilfred J, mach, 1 Mrs Flor- 
ence Meldrum 
Alilding Charlotte, opr, 1 Margt Mildlng 
.\Lilding Margt, bkbndr, h w s Salis- 
bury av 
Mitchell Geo, brkmkr. 1 John M Mlt- 

Mitchell John M, brkmkr, h n s Lake 

Shore rd 
Moir Alfred J. opr. h n s Lake Shore rd 
Monteith John, slsmn, h cor Queen and 

Salisbury av 
Montgomery Wm, contr, h s s Lake 

Shore rd 
Moorhouse Walter, prin Humber Bay 

Pub School, res Islington 
Morehouse VVm, mkt gdnr, n s Col- 
Naylor Thos S, flremn. h e a Cockburn 
Needier Arthur, carp, h e s Cockburn 
Newham John A, cook, h w a Mac- 
donald av 
Newport Henry, mach. h w a Salisbury 

Noble Wm, elk. h n » Rush av 
North Geo, mkt gdnr n s College 
North Harry, mkt gdnr, n s Cannon 

North Wm, mkt gdnr e a Salisbury av 
Norton John C, elk, h n a Lake Shore 

Olaen Danl E, tlr, h n a Lake Shore rd 
Orr Arthur B (Orr & McGraw), res 

Orr Jas W, mach, h w a Macdonald av 
Orr & McGraw (Arthur B Orr and 

Fredk McGraw), boat bldra, n a Lake 

Shore rd 
Parker Walter C, mkt grdnr, n a Queen 
Parker Wm H, 1 Walter C Parker 
I^atchett Walter, mach, b Leo Borra- 

Paul Joseph N, moto, has Queen 
Payne Chas, mach, 1 Chas D Payne 
r,Tyne Chaa D, painter, h n a Humber 

Paviie Harold J, mach. 1 Chas X> Payne 
Payne Simon, mach, 1 Chas D Payne 
Pearson Mary E. opr, b Mrs Lucy Gray 
Perinall Henry D, elk, h w s Salisbury 

Pilcher Albert J. slsmn. b G H Knight 
Pollard Fredk. brkmn, h e s Frederlca 
Pomfret Luther, mach, h 8 Davidson 

Presley Alfred, night watchnin, h w s 

Presley Annie L, drsmkr, 1 Alfred 

Presley Ernest A, action mkr, h w s 

Macdonald av 
Presley Florence I, mus tchr, 1 Alfred 

Preslev Thos. mach. h e » Oliver 
Price, Cummlngs & Co, Ltd (Isaac 

Price, Rutherford Cumminss), brick 

mfrs e s Salisbury av 
Price Fredk S, brkmkr, h n s Queen 
Price Isaac (Price, Cummlngs * Co, 

Ltd), res Toronto 
Price John R, mgrr Price, CummlnKl & 

Co, Ltd, h w s Salisbury av 
Pycock James, mkt gdnr e s Salisbury 


SHAW & BEGGl^**''^"^'-"'^^"^'^^^^^^''^^*^^"^'^'"*US^o?% 

(H. BKoo) I Ph«Mt:OlM,MtialNMtfMll. iMMMM.MfflMrtllM IfiSSSSlSi 



Lots in Stewart Manor f": 


cox & CUMMINGS, Ltd. (Main 2524 


CmmOa Ufa Buildinc 1 "*'" *'* 

and m» QiMMi Eart iBaach 629 


Pyout John, lab, h n s Lake Shore rd 
Radmore James M, mach. h s s Queen 
Ramspberger August, piano tuner, h 

B s Lake Shore rd 
Rand Mary, 1 Mrs Elizth Bruce 
Rea Wm. mach, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Reeves Egerton, gdnr, h e s Frederlca 
Reeves Prank, mkt gdnr. n s College 
Reld Ellen (wld Ralph L), h e s Salis- 
bury av 
Rlley John, bolt mkr, h n a Queen 
Robinson Richrt G. barber, h e s' Fred- 
Rowett Ernest, mkt gdnr n s Queen 
Rowell Herbert, mkt gdnr, n s Queen, 

h same 
Rowett John H. mkt gdnr w 's Grand av 
Runnalls Florence, packer, 1 Joseph 

Runnalls Joseph, carp, h w s Macdon- 

ald av 
Runnalls Kate, packer, 1 Joseph Run- 
Runnalls May, packer, 1 Joseph Run- 
Runnalls Wm, carp. 1 Joseph Runnalls 
Rush Daisy, 1 Geo W Rush 
Rush Geo W, mkt gdnr e s Salisbury 

Rush Henry, mach. h w s Frederica 
Rush Joseph W, mkt gdnr, w s SaJi.s- 

bury av 
Sagaskol Mlchl, lab. h n s Lake Sliore 

Sanders Albert, elk, b Wm J Bate 
Savage Chas E. brkmkr, h w s Mac- 

donald av 
Sewell Thos H, rest n s Lake Shore rd, 

h same 
Shadwell Chas. carp, h n s Lake Shore 

Shadwell Fredk C, lab, 1 Chas Shad- 
Shadwell Nellie, packer, 1 Chas Shad- 
Sharp Thos, elk, h w s Macdonald av 
Simpslck Leo, lab, h n s Lake Shore rd 
Simpson Geo, police, h s s Lake Shore 

Simpson Geo H, tel opr, 1 Geo Simp- 
Simpson Wm J, brkmkr, h e s Salts- 
bury av 
Sims Roy, boatmn. h w s Macdonald av 
Skidmore Rlchd D. guard, h w s Fred- 

Slee Ethel, Btenog. 1 Rlchd Slee 

Slee Muriel, 1 Richd Slee 

Slee Reginald, elk, 1 Richd Slee 

Slee Rlchd, engraver, h s s Lake Shore 

Smith Ernest W, pdnr. 1 Henry S Smith 

Smith Henry S. mkt gdnr w s Salisbury 

Smith John, shipper, h n s Lake Shore 

Sproul James, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Stanley Reginald, bkpr. h s s Lake 

.Shore rd 
Steel Geo G, brkmkr, b Mrs Lucy Gray 
Stephens Leonora C, stenog, 1 Henry D 

Sutherland Fredk. artist, h n s Lake 

Shore rd 
Taverner Edwd, lab, h w s Amelia 
Taylor Ethel, opr. 1 Mrs Kate Taylor 
Taylor Geo A, brkmkr. 1 Mrs Kate Tay- 
Taylor Jas, carp, h n s Lake Shore rd 
Taylor Kate (wld Geo), h n a Lake 

Shore rd 
T-aylor Robt J. elect, h s s Lake Shore 

Thomas Robt, blksmth, h e a Parker's 

Tlce Fredk, trav, h w s Salisbury av 
Tiffin Dalton A. mkt gdnr, s s Queen, 
Tilbe Archd E, carp, h s a Cannon rd 
Tizzard David, mkt gdnr, w a Church 

h same 
Todd Jaa. mkt gdnr e s Salisbury av 
Todd Wm, mkt gdnr e s Salisbury av 
Trevethan Joseph, bolt mkr, 1 Phillip 

B Trevethan 
Trevethan Phllllj> B, tmstr, h w s Mac- 
donald av 
Turncy Wm C Rev, supt St James' 

mission, b Geo W Rush 
\'an Wagener Lillle (wld Geo), b Mrs 

Ellen S Donovan 
Vincent Rev Aubrey B, pastor Humber 

Bay Baptist Ch. h w s Frederlca 

Vincent David B, 1 Rev Aubrey B Vin- 
Wallis Edwd T, mldr, h n s Lake Shore 

Warner Geo, elk, b Joseph F Jeffer- 
Weir Deborah (wld Wm), 1 A E Mc- 

White Wm R. chauffeur, h w s Freder- 
Whitehead James J, brkmkr, h e s 

Whitehead Jane, opr, 1 Russell White- 
Whitehead Margt G. opr, 1 Rustiell 

Whitehead Russell, elk, h e s Oliver 
Whitworth. Edwd, mkt gdnr, n « C>i'.l>«t 
Whitworth Ethel M. 1 Geo Whitworth 
Whitworth Geo. mkt gdnr. s ■ Queen • 
Whitworth Geo Jr, mach, h w s Fred- 
Whitworth Wm H. gdnr. 1 Geo Whit- 
Wilkins C Murray, musician, 1 Robt Wil- 

Wilkins Harry F. raus. I Robt Wllklnii 
Wilkins Robt. constable, h s s Cannon rd 
Wilkins Stella J. drsmkr, 1 Robt Wil- 
VVIillB J'ltin. bolt mkr, h w » Macdon- 
ald av • 
Wilson Gertrude L (wld Chas), h s s 

Cannon rd 
Wilson Stephen, slsmn, h n s Rush »v 
■Winger Alfred, bolt mkr, h e s Oliver 
Winters James S, trav, h s s Lokr 

Shore rd 
Woodley Harold, mach, h e a Parker's 

Wright David, tile burner, has Queen 
Wright John H, bkpr, I Saml L Wright 
Wright John H, tmstr, h e s Salisbury 

Wright Joseph, tmstr, 1 Saml L Wrisrht 
Wright Saml L, flour s s Queen 
Yeats Albert, paper mkr, 1 4 Davidson 

Yeats James, bolt mkr, 1 4 Davidson 

Yeats Lawrence, mach, h 4 Davidson 

liAMBTON MlliliS. 

Seven miles west of Post Office 

Adams Chas P, stmftr, h e s Eileen 
Agar Rev Gilbert, pastor Humber Crest 
Methodist Church, h e s Baby Point 
Ahrens Carl H, artist, h w s Fishers rd 
Anderson Harry, mach, h n s Dundas 
Andersen Lars J, carp, h 9fi Brookslde 

Anderson Nellie, opr, b Wm J Scott 
Anthony Fredk A, tinsmth, 1 Robt An- 
Anthony Laura, oprrl Robt Anthony 
Anthony Robt, tinsmth, h s s Govern- 
ment rd 
Anthony Wm, elk, 1 Robt Anthony 
Archer Joseph, lather, h s s Florence 

Armstrong Chas, rooto, h n s Eileen av 
Arnett Alex W, carp, has Bernlce 

Ashman Arthur W, mach, 1 Walter E 

Ashman Gladys E, 1 Walter B Ashman 
Ashman James, pdlr. has Dundas 
Ashman Walter E, pdlr, h s s Dundas 
Ashman Walter K, mach, 1 Walter B 

Ashton Lawrence, mkt gdnr s s Gov- 
ernment road, h same 
Atkinson Albert, gdnr Wm Atkinson. I 

Atkinson CJhas. gdnr, 1 Wm Atkinson 
Atkinson Geo, elk, h 28 Bradley av 
Atkinson Wm, mkt gdnr, w s Gooch av, 

h same 
Ayhurst Chas T, Idgr k!pr Molaons 

Bank, rms same 
Baglie Walter J, stove mntr, h s a 

Bernlce cres 
Baillie Thos, meter insp, h 23 St Mark's 

Bainbridge John, mach, h 54'2 Jane 
Balson Thos, pdlr, h 66 Brookslde av 

Bamford Saml. dog tncr s s Dundaa, h 

Banham Wm, mkt gdnr s a Dundas, h 

Banks Edwd, mkt gdnr e s Church, h 

Bannatyne Alex, plstr, h 106 Bradley 

Bannen John H, h n a Dundaa 
Bannister Saml E, brklyr, h 36 BrSdley 

Bannon Ann (wid Patk), h w s Fishers 

Bannon Elizth M, 1 Airs Ann Bannon 
Bannon James J, carp, h w s Fisher's 

Bannon John P, mkt gdnr w s Fishers 

rd, h same 
Bannon Joseph F, mach, h w s Fishers 

Bannon Joseph, chkr, h w s Fishers rd 
Barker Edwd W, engineer, h s s Ber- 
nlce cres 
Barker Jefferson, porter, h w s Jane 
Barr Saml, mkt gdnr, s s Dundaa 
Barrett Ethel B, 1 1- redk Barrett 
Barrett Fredk. bldr. h n s Dundas 
Barrett Gladys L. stenog. 1 Fredk Bar- 
Barrett Percy, golf Instructor, h s s 

Bates Henry, car rpr, h s s Brookes av 
Beach Geo W, printer, h 3 Bradley av 
Beacler .\rthur W. mach. has Bernice 

Bell Jane (wid Joseph), h s s Dundas 
Bell Joseph, lab, 1 Jane Bell 
Bell Robt J, horse dlr n s Dundas, h 

Bell Thos, mach, h n a Dundas 
Bell Wm, carp, h n s Eileen av 
Bentley Benj. steamftr, h n s Eileen av 
Bentley Elizth (wid Henry), b 570 Jane 
Bentley Herbert J, bkpr, h 556 Jane 
Berry John R, h e s Fishers rd 
Birch James, carp, h n s Eileen av 
Birch Thos. lab. h w s Warren cres 
Birch Wm, lab. 1 James Birch 
Blumlnk Wm, painter, has Bernice cres 
Boak Marlon (wid Wm), h s s Dundas 
Bolton John M. real est cor Dundas 

and Jane, h 74 Bradley av 
Boos Wm A, coal dlr n s Dundas. h 

Bowden Wm H, h e s Florence cres 
Bowler Thos, meter insp, h e a Flahera 

Bowyer Ernest C, asst sec Lambton Golf 

and Country Club, 1 same 
Boyd Geo E. glazier, h 26 Bradley av 
Bracken Wm, condr, h w a (Church 
Bradfleld Wm, stone maaon, h n a 

Eileen av 
Brooks Austin H, tehr. h w s Lambton 

Brooks Irene, tehr. 1 Austin H Brooks 
Brough Ernest, btchr, h n s White av 
Brown Alice, h 2411 Dundas 
Brown James W. elk. h 47 St Marks rd 
Browning Geo A, elk, h 102 Brookslde 

Brownlee Robt T, barber n s Dundas, h 

Bryans John H, harness mkr n s Dundas 
Bull Eliza B, 1 Emerson B Bull 
Bull Emerson B, phy Dundas. coi 

Lambton rd 
Bunting Herbert, mach, h 83 Brookslde 

Butler Wm, pdlr, h e a Warren orea 
Byne Fredk, painter, h n s Eileen av 
Calla Chas, condr, b D J Selvage 
Canning Frank J, gdnr, h n s Dundas 
Capper Saml. steamftr. h s a Eileen aV 
Cspell Wm G, bgemn, h 13« Bradley 

Carlton Arthur, mkt gdnr, s s Dundas 
Carson Jamea. slsmn, h 12 Brookslde 

Carson James Jr, carp, h n a Eileen ay 
Caraon Jamea R, h 10 Brookslde av 
Carter Edwin, shipper, h n s Eileen av 
raruthers Geo, carp, h 98 Brookslde av 
Casson Reuben C, mldr, h 70 Bradley 

Chapman John, piano mkr, h 568 Jane 
Chappell John, blrmkr, 1 Saml Chap- 
Chappell Saml, mach, h e s Millwood 









Chappell Sidney, mach, 1 Sarnl Chap- 
Chard Joseph P, mach, h n a Dundaa 
Chard Leo, cattle dlr, h Church, cor 

Dundas ' _ 

Chownes Thos W, I»b, has Brookea av 
Christie James, lab, h 128 Bradley av 
Clapham John, chkr, h s s Bernice Ci-ea 
Clark Sanil, car repr, h s s Bernice 

Clarke Evelyn, 1 13 Brookaide av 
Clarke Wm C, contr 13 Brookside av 
Clarke Winifred, stenog, 1 13 Brookatde 

Clarrldgre Ellen (wid Geo), h e s Fish- 
ers rd 
Clarridge John, 1 Ellen Clarridpe 
Clayton EUzth (wld Wm), h e B Lamb- 
ton rd 
Clayton Fredk E, btchr W B Clayton, 

h n s Dundas 
Clayton Geo E, sawyer h w s Perry av 
Clayton Thos, btchr, h e s Lambton rd 
Clayton Wm B, btchr, n s Dundas 
Cole Robt E, wei^hmaster, h 477 St 

Johns rd 
Coilett Augustiua G, driver, h H Brad- 
ley av 
Colton Thos, blksrath. h n a Dundaa 
Colton Thos B, blksmth n s Dundas 
Conway Frank, carp, h 104 BrookBlda 

Cook Thos E, knitter, h w s Warren cres 
Cooper Alfred, mach. h 522 Jane 
Cooper Geo A, messenger, 1 522 Jane 
Cooper Mary J, h n s Dundas 
Cordwener Antonio, lab, h s s Bernice 

Cornish Frank, mkt gdnr s s Dundas, h 

Cornish Frank Jr, elk, 1 Frank CornUh 
Cowley Wm, gdnr. h s s Dundaa 
Craig Arthur R, furrier, h 7 Bradley av 
Crane Wm T. blksmth Thos B Colton, 

h e s Perry av 
Creech Geo K, bkpr, 1 Joseph Creech 
Creech Joseph, trav, h s s Dundas 
Creech Josephine, mus tchr, 1 Joseph 

Creech Wm, bkpr, 1 Joseph Creech 
Crocker Chas, tmstr, h w a Lydln av 
Crowther Klrhy D. ydmn, has Dundaa 
Cunningrham John, harness mkr, h » » 

Curry Thos. mach, h 116 Bradley ar 
Catts John, carp, h a Florence crea 
Dall Agnea (wld David), h 554 Jane 
Davenport Edward C, license insp, 1 

Marlon Boak 
Davidson James T, condr, h 132 Brad- 
ley av 
Davidson Wm D. carp, h e s Millwood 

Davidson Wm H, piano mkr, 1 Wm D 

Davis John, baker, h S3 Brookaide av 
Davis Wra. painter, h w s Lambton rd 
Dawson Arnold, engineer, b Q Newlove 
Dawson Ralph, lab. h n s Florence cres 
Day John B. blkamth, h n a Eileen av 
Deacon Fredk H. broker, h e a Flahera 

Devltt Robt, engineer, h a a Dundaa 
DiTon James T, gdnr, h w a Scarlett 

Dorney Arthur J, carp, h 494 Jane 
Downey Peter F. prop Lampton Hotel, 
rea «ame 

Doyle Frank, mach, h a a Dundaa 
Dunbar Robt, car repr, h n s Florence 

Dunlop James T, mach, has Dundas 
Dorling Alfred, well driller 64 Bradley 

av, h same 
Dyer Albert, brklyr, h b s Bfernlce cres 
Elliott Alfred, caretkr, h e s Lambton 

Elliott John T, gro 499 St Johna rd, h 

■Illott Thos, postmasttr, h w s Lamh- 

tOB rd 
■Illott Walter, carp, h e a Millwood av 
HlUna John W, tmatr, h n s Eileen av 
Bllina Ruasell, tmstr, h 109 Brookside 

Ellis Joseph, btchr, h n s Bernice cres 
Bvans Harvey G, acct Molsona Bank, 

rms same 
Everett Jesse, brkmn, h 5 Bradley av 
Farley Wm, lab, h 85 Brookside av 

Farmer Geo, chocolate mkr, h 107 

Brookside av 
Ferguson Albert, brass fnshr, h s a 

Bernice cres 
Finfiley Saml. lab, h n s Dundas 
Fitzpibbons Harold, carp, h w a Flor- 
ence cres 
Fleay Chas, carp, h n s Bernice cres 
Fleming Robt. elk, h 548 Jane 
Fluck Herbert J, slstnn. h n s Bannon av 
Fogg Thos, brklyr, h 14 Bradley av 
Fokens John, carp, has Bernice cres 
Force Wm, lab, h w s Florence crea 
Forker Harry, switchmn, h 41 Marks rd 
Fox Geo S. carp, h n a Florence crea 
Freeman Wm M, golf instructor, h s a 

Furber Henry, mach, h 100 Brookaide 

Gage, Henry J. lab, h n s Bernice cres 
Garner Saml. rnach. h s s Dundas 
Gascoigne Reginald W, mach, h 122 

Brookside av 
Gilbert Geo J, carp, h n s Bernice cres 
Gilbert John, elect, h 73 Brookaide av 
Gilbert Percy, engr. h s s B*^rnice ci-ps 
Gilson Chas H, lab. h n a Eileen av 
Glover Wm, carp, h s a Bernice crea 
Goode Howard D, elk. 1 Wm Goode 
Goode Wm, artist, h w a Fishers rd 
Graham Andrew T. lab, has Dundaa 
Graham John S, gdnr, h n s Dundas 
Graham Thos G, gdnr. h s s Dundas 
Gray James C, carp, has Eileen av 
Greenwood Alfred, h n s White av 
Grieve Walter, wtchmn, h 3 St Marks 

Hales Richd, mach, h n a Bemlce crea 
Hellett Gordon, hdware, h w s Lambton 

Hamilton James, concrete wkr. h n a 

Bernice cres 

ton Station C P R. Res Toronto 
Harper Henry, Ins agt, h n a Eileen av 
Hart Bruce, Ins Inapec, has Govern- 
ment rd 
Hartrick Wm H, chkr, b 117 Brookside 

Harvey Percy G, mach, h n s Eileen av 
Hawkrigg Mlchl, contr, h w s Lambton 

Haynes Arthur, carp, h e a FIshera rd 
Haynes Ellen A, h e s Mildred av 
Helmkay Chas, lab, h n s Eileen av 
Hickey Adrian, caretkr. has Dundaa 
Hickey Annie Mra, rest a a Dundaa, h 

Hicks Chas, elk John Lawrence, h n « 

HIckson Alex P, Ins agt. h n s Eileen av 
Hill Joseph W, lab, h s s Florence ores 
Hogben Joseph, mach, h s s Florence 

Hollingsworth Edwd, carp, h n s Flor- 
ence creacent 
Holman Henry, h 72 Brookside av 
Holmes John, tmstr. h s s Bernice crea 
Holmes Maurice, tmstr, I John Holmes 
Holmea Wilfred, tmstr, 1 John Holmes 
Hopkins Albert, mach, h e s Florence 

Hoaker Thos. condr, h 552 Jane 
Howell David J. trav. h w s Fishers rd 
Humber Cement Brick Co, Ltd.. Lamb- 
ton Mills Post Office 
Humber Crest Methodist Church, cor 

Thornhlll av and Baby Point rd 
Humber Crest School. Margt P Keeler 
prin. cor St Marka rd and Bradley av 
Hunt John M, gdnr, h w s Church 
Hutchison Thos R, tinsmth, h e s Fish- 
ers rd 
Hunt^Wm. lab, has Government rd 
Hyland Nelson A, mgr Molsons Bank, 

rms same 
Illlngworth RIchd. blksmth. h n s Al- 
berta av 
Irwin Archd. h 13S Bradley av 
Jackson RIchd, watchmn, b 105 Bradley 

Jackson Saml. lab. h n s Eileen av 
Jamleson Chaa, btchr, h 11 Brookside 

Jamleson Wm, mach, h s s Bernice cres 
Jeanes Leonard, mkt gdnr s s Dundas 
Johnson Saml. constable, h 15 Bradley 

Jones Harold J, blksmth. h 45 St Marka 

Keeler Margt P. prin Humber Croat 

School, res Toronto 
Kendall Henry, elk, h 17 Bradley av 
Kerr Thos, plstr. h s s Alberta av 
Knell Fredk, concretB wkr, h s s Eileen 

Knight Fredk J, real est agt, h s a 

Florence cres 
Knoic James, elk, has Bernice cres 
Kraft Albert E, carp, h n s Bernice 

Lamb Anne (wid Wm), h s a Dundaa 
Club, Ernest Mason Manager and 
Secretary, w s Scarlett rd 
Lambton Hotel, Peter F Downey propr, 

n s Dundas 
Lambton Mills Methodist Church, Key 

Arthur J Toye paator, n s Dundaa 
Lambton Mills Public School. S Weaton 
Michener prin. cor Lambton and Gov- 
ernment roads 
Lambton Park, n s Dundas w of St 

'Clair av 
Lambton Park Public School, n a Ber- 
nice cres 
A Hannington Agent, n a Dundaa 
west oi Jane 
Lane Chas E, carp, h 88 Brookaide av 
Lawrence John, gro. n s Dundas 
Leacock Emily H, tchr, h e a Elliott av 
Lee-.Efe James G. mach, h 110 Brookside 

Leppington Mark, bartndr, h s a Dun- 
Leushner Fredk P, tel opr, h a a Dun- 
Levlck John J. switchmn, h 105 Bradley 

Lewis Hopkins P. painter, h s s Dundas 
Lewis Thus G. painter, has Dunda^i 
Libby Alex, piano mkr, h 566 Jane 
Lockett Fred H, piano mkr, h e a Fiah- 

er's rd 
Longworth Herbert, pattemmkr, h e « 

Flsher'B rd 
Lovell Adeline, dramkr S7( Jan* 
Lovell a*o R. piano plabr, h S7( Jan* 
Lucken Wm H, flremn, h 481 St Johna 

Lush Fredk, mach, b n a Eileen av 
Lyons Andrew, bkpr, h e s Church 
McBeth Geo L, tmstr, h n a Dundaa 
McClInchy James, h n s Government rd 
McCluskey Isaac A, gdnr, h w s Mill- 
wood av 
McCormlck Chrlatoipher, painter, h n s 

Eileen av 
McChitcheon Frank J. h Dundas. cor 

Lambton rd 
McDonald Annie W M. 1 Alex S Mc- 
McDonald Alex S. barr. h s s Dundas 
McDonald Colin, moto. h n s Alberta av 
^^cG^ol^• Wm C. carp, w s Warren cres 
McKay Alex, carp, h n s White av 
McKinnon Alabel (wld John). h w a 

Lambton rd 
McLean Alex, mldr, h n s Eileen av 
>TcLpan Hugh, 1 Alex McLean 
Marshall Geo H, meter rdr. h s s Eileen 

Martin Wm R. h n s Dundas 
Marx Carl mkt gdnr, s s Dundas, h same 
Mason Ernest. mgr and sec Lambton 

Golf and Country Club, 1 same 
^fathers Fredk G. gro s s Government rd 
Mathers Henry G, surveyor, 1 James T 

Mathers James T, plstr, h s a Bannon av 
Mathewson Harold, elk, li a s Govern- 
ment rd 
Matleas John R, ydmn, h 117 Brookaide 

Maurer Ferdinand, maoh, h 24 Bradley 

Maxwell I'ugh L, engineer, h S4 Brook- 
side av 
Menzies Malcolm, btchr, h n s Florence 

Mercer Fredk W, carp, h w s Lambton 

Merrltt Edwd J, blrmkr. h s s Bernice 

Michener S Weston, prin Lambton Mills 

Public School, h n a Government rd 
Milano Annie (wld Joseph), has Dun- 
Mllham Wm, mach, h 37 Brookside av 


Th« PUy*r*Piano that ia trouble -proof 

and vraather-proof — the Player-Piano 

with an AJuminuni Actioiu 

193-195-197 YONGE STREET 



Estates Managed Financial Broker 

QUEEN AND BALSAM Phone Beach 1675 


Miller Thos, shipper, h e s Elliott av 
Mllllgran John J, mkt gdnr s s Dundas 
Mitchell Henry, elect, h 479 St John's rd 
Mitchell James, fireran, h 105 Brookslde 

Molsona Bank (br), Nelson A Hyland 

mgr, n s Dundas 
Morris Arthur H, elev o-pr, h 94 Brook- 

elde av 
Morrison Arthur I, trev, h n s Dundas 
Mortlmore Andrew G, trav, h 91 Scar- 
lett rd 
Mortlmore Beesie A Mrs, gro 91 Scar- 
lett rd, 1 same 
Mountford Geo, platr, h n B Alberta 

Moyle Arthur S, piano mkr, h Bernlce 

Nash Charles, lab, h e s Elliott av 
Neville Daniel, car repr, h s s Alberta 

Neville Henry, mason, h e a Mildred av 
Newbold Stanford, elk, h n s Bernlce 

Newlove Geo, carp, h w s Perry av 
Newstead Robt E, carp, h 650 Jane 
Nlchol Geo, shipper, h w s Warren cres 
Parrott Geo, shoemkr, h e s LAmbton rd 
Parsons Chas, leather ctr, h 664 Jane 
Perkins Sydney J, mach, h s s Eileen av 
Phillips Arthur J, tool mkr, h 146 Brad- 
ley av 
Phillips Harry, gro s a Dundas, h w a 

Fishers rd 
Phillips James T, 1 Rebecca Phillips 
Phillips Rebecca (wld Wm), h n s Gov- 
ernment rd 
Pickard James W, mach, h n s Eileen 

Pickard Sidney, lab, h n s Eileen av 
Pldgeon Arthur, painter, h n s Humber- 

vlew av ' 

Podgers Harold, carp, has Bernlce cres 
Porter Ohas, mach ,h n a Alberta av 
Pressley Thos, mkt gdnr s s Dundas 
Price Caroline, 1 Mary J Cooper 
Proctor Emanuel, elk, h w a Warren 
Puddy Edgar J, btchr, h 2421 Dundas 
Quin Wm H, mldr, h 108 Brookslde av 
Ralston Wm G, painter, h e 8 Lambton 

Ramsey John A, mldr, h 111 Brookslde 

Rand Herbert F, trav, h 103 Brookalde 

Rankin John V, carp, h s s Brookes av 
Ransom Leonard J, platr, h s s Eileen 

Raymer Augustus L, carp, h s s Ber- 
nlce cres 
Renhold Geo, brklyr, h e a Warren 

Reidford James, carp, h 5 Brookslde av 
Rhodes Arthur C, piano tuner, 1 John 

Rhodes John, grinder, h w s Fishers rd 
Rlddell Ewan, blksmth, h n s Florence 

Rlddell Ewan Jr, leb, h n B Florence 

Rlddell Wm, lab, h n s Florence cres 
Rlddell Wm jr, mach, h n e Florence 

Roadhouse Anson A, shipper, h e s Fish- 
ers rd 
Robb Hugh, h s s Government rd 
Roberts Frank A, lab, h 48 Bradley av 
Robinson Chas, painter, h 487 St John's 

Robinson Ellzth, wtrs, 1 487 St Johns 

Robinson Harold, elk, 1 487 St Johns rd 
Robinson Vera, tchr Dambton Mills Pub- 
lic School, 1 Mary Applebv 
St Regis ( R C) Church w s Perry av 
Scott Henry, mach, h s s Government 

Scott Isaac M, contr, h e s Fishers rd 
Scott Wm J. maoh, h n s Dundas 
SeabrookK James, bldr. h n s Eileen av 
SeJvage Donald J. mach, h n s Eileen av 
Shaw Alfred, musirian. h s s Eileen av 
Shllllns Lewis J, chauffeur, h e s 

Lambton rd 
Sibley Garnet H. picture frmr, h 90 

Brookside av 
Slebelink Geo 1, baker, h e s Mildred av 
Skippen James W, carp, h s s Bernlce 

Skippen Wilfred J, carp, h s s Bernlce 

Sloane Isaac, mach, h s s Dundas 
Smart Harold, rhach, h n s Eileen av 
Smart Wm H, firemn, h e s Mildred a» 
Smith Chas W. architect, 1 580 Jane 
Smith Fred H, carp, 1 576 Jane 
Smith Herbert H, carp, 1 580 Jane 
Smith Loftus R, carp, 1 580 Jane 
Smith Peter, bkpr, h 65 Brookside av 
Smith Ralph, mach, h 115 Brookside av 
Smith Robt, bldr 580 Jane, h same 
Smith Wellington, mgr Smith's Planing 

Mill, h 580 Jane 
Smith Wm, ydmn, b 34 Bradley av 
Smith's Planing Mills, Wellington Smith 

mgr, Jane s of Dundas 
Southwell John Q, mach, h w a Fish- 
ers rd 
Spencer Alfred J, firemn, h n s Eileen 

Stainsby Isaac W, mach, h n s Dundas 
Statz Sophia (wld John), b F G Mathers 
Steadman Phillip, mach, h w s Warren 

Stevenson Peter, blksmth, h 76 Brad- 
ley av 
Stewart John W, pattern mkr, h 72 Wat- 
son av 
Still Thos W, lab, h n s White av 
Stocks Geo, stone ctr, h 140 Watson av 
Strong Henry F. brklyr, h n s Dundas 
Strong, Wm, bldr, h s s Government rd 
Stubbs James, postmn, h 39 Brookslde 

Stubbins Wm. brkmn, h 184 Bradley av 
Suggett Geo S. carp, h n s Dundas 
Suggett James E, constable, 1 Janet Sug- 

Suggett Janet (wld Wm), h n s Dun- 
Taylor Alton I, carp, h 9 Brookslde av 
Taylor Edwd, blr mkr, h e s Warren 

Taylor Herbert A, yardman, h 71 Ber- 
nlce cres 
Taylor Sidney, carp, h n e Florence 

Thomas Henry R, mach, h 121 Bradley 

Thompson Annie (wld Geo), h n • 

Eileen av 
Thomson Robt, bldr, h n s Dundas 
Tlmms Chas R, tnsmth, h 7 St Marks rd 
Tlmms Chas R jr, moto, 1 7 St Marks 

Tlmms James, elk, 1 7 St Marks rd 
Timms Wm, driver, 1 7 St Mark's rd 
Tipper Herbert, lab, h e s Florence 

Tomlin Richd W, piano mkr, h 524 Jane 
Townley Sidney, p.latr, h 21 St Marks 

Toye Arthur J Rev, pastor Lambton 

Mills Meth Ch, h w 8 Fishers rd 
Toye Ellzth (wld Chas), 1 Rev A J 

Traplin VPm J, painter, h s s Dundas 
Trickett Wm, carpet weaver, h 2 St 

Marks rd 
Turnbull John, fireman, h 107 Bradley 

Turner Archibald (Turner & Son), res 

Turner Duncan (Turner & Son), res To- 
Turner & Son (Duncan and Archibald) 
sash and door mfrs n a St Clair av 
w, west of Jane 
Tyler Henry J, shipper, h w s Perry av 
Tyre Thos, lab, h s e Dundas 
Udall Henry, mach, h w a Warren cres 
Upton Henry, mach, has Eileen av 
Vesey John W, yardman, has Govern- 
ment rd 
Voss John, drug elk, has Government 

Walker Ohas, carp, 1 Rlchd Walker 
Walmsley Frank, elect, h 578 Jane 
Walker Richd, carp, h e s Lambton rd 
Wanstall Joseph B G, mach, h w a 

Lydln av 
Ward Geo W, carp, h n s Eileen av 
Ward Wm H, pdlr, h 670 Jane 
Watkins John, platr, has Dundas 
Watkins John W, lab, h s s Dundas 
Watts Wm, carp, h w s Florence cres 
Wellesbury Wm J, concrete wkr, h St 

Marks rd 
Wella Michael, lab, 1 Wm Wells 
Wells Wm, h w s Lambton rd 
Welman Wm, plstr, h n s Florence crea 
' White Cyril R, plstr. h w s J.-ine 

White Fredk J, wood wkr, h n s Eileen 

White Wm, lab, h e s Florence cres 
Wilcox Herbert, wood wkr, h n s Bernlce 

Wildaah Albert, brklyr, has Bernlce 

Wllkinaon Thos, gdnr, h w s Gooch 

Williams James, steam ftr, h 544 Jane 
Wilson Geo, mkt gdnr w a Gooch av 
Wilson Mathew, gdnr, h e « Church 
Wilson Pell, tinsmith, 1 Mathew Wil- 
Wilson Wm, gdnr, 1 Mathew Wilson 
Winson Joseph, plstr, h n s White av 
Wlnson Frank, plstr, h n s White av 
Winters Norman R, elk, h s s Govern- 
ment rd 
Witherston Fredk C, blksmth, h s s Eileen 

Wixson Jacob, driver, h 112 Bradley av 
Rock John H. lab, h 119 Bradley av 
Rogers Fredk H, florist, 1 J G Rogers 
Rogers Gertrude E, opr, 1 J G Rogers 
Rogers John G, harnessmkr n s Dun- 
das, h same 
Rush Wm, mach, h 130 Bradley av 
Russ John B, mach, h 1 Bradley av 
Schultz Henry, carp, h n s Bannon av 
Seriven Joseph T, wtchran, h 35 Brook- 
side av 
Wood Thos. mach, h a a Bernlce cres 
\\ oodard James, chauffeur, h 92 Brook- 
slde av 
Woods Albert, mkt gdnr w a Gooch av 
\N oods Arthur, elk, h 2501 Dundas 
Wright Edwd, mach, has Bernlce cres 
\\ right Henry, slsmn, h n s Govern- 
ment rd 
Yankee Wm J, cabt mkr, h 103 Bradley 

Yates Thos, carp, h s s Eileen av 


(Post Office Coleman — Five and a halt 
miles northeast from Toronto Post 

Adams Fredk, lab, h 84 Palmer av 
Addison Walter, brklvr, h 10 Secord ev 
Alkin John, lab, h 404 Main 
Akerfeldt Carl, gdnr, h 478 Main 
Aldom Rlchd G, tool mkr, h 183 Ban- 

nington av 
Allcroft Ernest F C, h 8 Dentonia Park 

av (on active service) 
Andrews Ralph, oik, h 167 Berrlngton av 
Andrews Walter J, carp, h w s Mav- 

bourne av 
Appleby Thos. driver, h 26 Ethel av 
Appleby Wm H, I 26 Ethel av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Armstrong Fanny (wid Joseph), h 32 

Rosevear av 
Armstrong Harry, h 162 Bannlngton 

av (on active service) 
Armstrong John, tmatr, h 100 Bar- 

rington av 
Armstrong Wm J, lab, h 18 Secord av 
Bailey Edwd, h 389 Main (on active 

B.Tiley Harry, printer, h 134 Barrington 

Bain Alnalee L, chef, h 104 H Bsrrlng- 

ton av ■ 
Bakkeness Derk, 1 41 Dentonia Park 

av (on active service) 
Bakkeness Mary (wid Bertrand). h 41 

Dentonia Park av 
Baldwin Geo H, chauffeur, h 107 Dawes 

Ball Geo H, opr, h 394 Main 
Ballick Albert, chef, h n s Pharmacy 

av Ist a of C N R tracks 
Bangay Sami, letter ear, has Good- 
wood Park cres 
Rajigay Saml Jr, h 144 Dawes rd 
Banks Wm C, h e a Pharmacy av, 6th 

n Danforth av 
Bannister Geo, carp, h 460 Main 
Barlow Susan (wld Mlchl E), h e a 

Pharmacy av, lat n C N R tracks 
Bannes Allan, btchr, h e a Kenworthy 

Barrett Fredk, driver, h 73 Barring- 
ton av 
Barrett Geo L. tmstr. h w s Dawes rd 

Colonial Realty & Securities Corporation, Limited 

Lumsdcn Bnildins, Cor. ADELAIDE and YONGE STS. Adelaide4140 





coMPANV LiMireo 

PK.-?iiof: w ' 


Barrett Helen (wid John), h 6 Midland 

Barron Matthew, h S Palmer av 
Bates Caleb, h 104 Barrington av (on 

active eervlce) 
Baxter Archd, lab, h n a Eastbourne 

Baxter Joseph, brk brner, h 10 Sibley 

Baxter Margt (wid Chas), h w a Dawes 

road , 

Beckett Geo, ammunition mkr, h e « 

Pharmacy av 
Bedford Walter .lab, h 406 Main 
Beel John, gro 128 Dawea rd 
Belham Geo H, stmftr, h 69 Barrington 

Btason Rlchd, gro Hickson av b e cor 

Lucy av 
Beverley Wm J, mach, h 229 Chisholra 

Biggs Thos J, carp, h 9 Hickson av 
Bi^op Ernest C tmstr, h 62 Barrington 

Bland Thos. tool mkr, h 38 Diver 
Bonner Tesse, bkpr, h 20 Dentonla 

Park av 
Bott James H. h 419 Main (on active 

Boville Robt, h 417 Main (on active 

Boyd Robt, farmer, h w s Dawes rd, 

1st s St Clair av 
Boyd Wm J, farmer, h w s Dawes rd, 

1st s St Clair av 
Bradley Thos, carder, h e s Eastbourne 

Bradshaw Chas, h 154 Barrington av 

(on active service) 
Brady John, carp, h 31 Victoria Park 

Breckells Wm, ammunition wkr, h w s 

Madeline av 
Briggs Fredk G, Jewel plshr, h 26 

Britten Thos F, h 497 Main 
Brooker Fredk, plmbr, h 84 Chisholm av 
BroTvn Arthur, caretkr, 1 Danforth av 

s e cor Hickson av 
Brown Geo A, gdnr, h 487 Main 
Brown Mary (wid Wm), h Danforth a 

e cor Hickson av 
Brown Rose (wid Walter), 1 9 Hickson 

Brownlee Archd. coach bldr, h 22 Phar- 
macy av 
Burrell Arthur, slsmn, h 27 Rosevear 

Burton Walter, agt, h 466 Main 
Burton Wm K, chauffeur, h e s "Victoria 

Park av 
Calles James, caretaker, h 506 Main 
Cairns Chas E, moto. h 24 Dentonla 

Park av 
Campbell Alex, tmstr, h 3 Midland av 
Campbell Robt. h n s Chester av 3 w 

Pharmacy av (on active service) 
Camps James H, concrete wkr, h 11 

Hickson av 
Camps Lillian, opr, 1 11 Hickson av 
Caunce Alfred, 1 144 Barrington av (on 

active service) 
Caunce Edwd. h 144 Harrington av 
Caunce Edwd jr. 1 144 Barrington av 

(on active service) 
Caunce Herbert, 1 144 Barrington av 

(on active service) 
Caunce Robt, slsmn, 1 144 Barrington 

Caunce Wm H. 1 144 Barrington av 

(on active service) 
Charapkin Wm, lab, h e s Eastbourne 

Chapman Brick Co (Chas and Halsey 

Chapman), w s Dawes rd 
Chapman Chas (Chapman Brick Co), h 

104 Dawes rd 
Chapman Haleey (Chapman Brick Co), 

h 104 Dawes rd 
Cherry Geo H, fireman, h 58 Barrington 

Chipperfleld Arthur, plmbr, h 414 Main 
Clark Henry E, h 90 Palmer av 
Clear Rlchd H, gdnr, h 49 Rosevear av 
Cleaver Arthur J, carp, h 171A Bar- 
rington av 
Cleaver Kate, gro 171 Barrington av 
Clegg Chas E, shell Inep, h 96 Palmer 

Clendennlng Hillard, h 22 Sibley av 
Coates Agnes V, slsldy Eatons, I 1 

Hickson av 

Coates Ethel S, slsldy Eatons, 1 1 Hick- 
son av 
Coates Lillian V, slsldy Batons, I 1 

Hickson av 
Coates Maude V K, slsldy Eatons, 1 1 

Hickson av 
Coates Rlchd, slsmn, h 1 Hickson av 
Coates Rlchd H, 1 1 Hlckaon av (on 

active service) 
Cockburn Wm, gro 380 Main, h 333 

Coles Chas, lab, h 3 Rosevear av 
Collette Ernest, h 77 Palmer av 
Compton Hugh, bkpr, h 86 Chisholm av 
Cooper Albert, film opr, h 105 Palmer 

Cordingley Wm E, chauffeur, h 17 Mid- 
land av 
Coshall Geo, lab, h 163 Barrington av 
Cowley Nath W, tlr, h 385 Main 
Crate Chas, caretkr, h 116 Barrington 

Critchley Fredk, h 105 Dawes rd (on 

active service) 
Crowe James, plstr, h 5 Sibley av 
Cutting Percy, h 42 Diver (on active 

Dainty Frank, elect, h 21 Dentonla 

Park av 
Darnbrough Rlchd, h s s Danforth av 
Datchler Fredk G, h 158 Barrington 

Davis Albert E, baker, h 148 Barring- 
ton av 
Davis S Llewellyn, blksmth, h 35 Sib- 
ley av 
Davis Saml A. glove ctr. h 13 Rosevear 

Delavigne Herbert, elk, h e s Sibley av 
Derby Russell, lab, h 178 Coleman av 
Dewdney Athelstone J, farmer, h e « 

Pharmacy av 
Dewdney Bessie, studt, 1 A J Dewdney 
Dewdney Edith, 1 A J Dewdney 
Dewdney Grace, studt, 1 A J Dewdney 
Dewdney Robt E. 1 A J Dewdney (on 

active service) 
Dewdney Thos W, 1 A J Dewdney (on 

active service) 
Dicketts Geo W, brklyr, h 498 Main 
Dill H Austin, carp, h 458 Main 
Donald Wm, lab, h 22 Dentonla Park 

Dorgan Timothy J, h 5 Midland av 
Downham Wm, ammunition insp, h 412 

Drenner John E, h 153 Barrington av 

(on active service) 
Duckworth Harry, carp, h 411 Main 
Duke Fredk, tmstr, h 41 Dentonla Park 

Dunnette Geo M, waiter, h 33 Rosevear 

Dushoit James A. elk, h 9 Rosevear av 
Enstauch Herbert, driver, 1 518 Main 
Eby John A, farmer, h n s Eastbourne 

Edmonston Alex G, night porter, h 49 

Chisholm av 
Rdson Benj, lineman, h 434 Main 
Edwards Walter, h 75 Coleman av (on 

active service) 
Edwards Wm, h 111 Dawes rd 
Elliott Helen (wid Thos W), h 98 

Dawes rd 
Elliott Wm J (contr), Danforth av s e 

cor Scarborough av 
Ellis Percy H, h 92 Palmer av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Essex Wm H, lab. h 164 Barrington av 
Etridge Wm, cattle dir, 6 Pharmacy av 
Evans Henry C, h 122 Barrington av 

(on active service) 
Feeney Wm J, tmstr. h 494 Main 
Ferguson Frank, h 19 Palmer av 
Finch Thos, ammunition mkr, h Chis- 
holm av 
Plndlay Fredk. carp, .h 98 Barrington 

Findlay Wm H. mach, h 60 Barington 

Firth Wm E. lab, h 492 Main 
Foster Wm, mach. h 32 Palmer av 
Francis Wm, painter, h 1696 Danforth 
Eraser Donald, baker, h 6 Sibley av 
Fraser Violet, slsldy, 1 6 Sibley av 
Fullerton John, engineer, h B6 Barring- 
ton av 
Cillop Bernard, mach. h 421 Main 

• THE. A 

f ->> -«^ -» 



Garbutt Mary A (wid Fredk W), h 211 

Chisholm av 
Gibb Chas, presser, h 38 Palmer av 
Gibbs Robt W. elect, h 199 Barrington 

Gibson Wm, 1 1 Thyra av 
Gilding Geo, carp, h 97 Barrington av 
Gilding James P, tmstr, h 1 Midland 

Giles Jesse, h 7 Midland av 
GledhiU Thos, driver, h 35 Rosevear av 

(on active service) 
Godier Geo, h 95 Chisholm av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Grant Andrew, gdnr, h 140 Dawes rd 
Grant Fredk S A. mach. h 423 Main 
Grant Jamea, h 99 Dawes rd 
Grant Norraan, bkpr, h 101 Dawes rd 
Gray Arthur, h 94 Barrington av (on 

active service) 
Gray Joseph, lab, h 409 Main 
Green James, carp, h 74 Barrington av 
Greenhalsh James, lab, h 65 Barrington 

Hague Thos, carp, h 87 Barrington av 
Hall Francis, glass ctr, h 27 Ethel av 
Hall Wm B. carp, h 15 Ethel av 
Hamilton Albert R, slsmn. h 25 Ethel av 
Hammett Thos, H P. fllorist, h 330 

Hardy Harry, h 195 Chisholm av (on 

active service) 
Hardy Herbert W. lab, h 151 East- 
bourne av 
Harper Chas H, btchr, h e s Chisholm 

Harris Mabel (wid John S), h 32S Main 
Harris David, h 12 Secord av (on active 

Harris Saml, h n w cor Eastbourne and 

Adrien av 
Harrison Albert W, shoe ctr, h 84 Palmer 

Harrison Henry, lab, h e s Maybourne 

av cor Dawes rd 
Hayes Bertram, glass ctr, 

Hayward Harry, chauffeur. 

Henry James H. emp Mail ord Batons, 

h ISI Barrington av 
Herrington Alfred H, wtchmn, h 341 

Hewett Geo A, h 110 Barrington av (on 

active service) 
Heyes Henry, brklyr, h 13 Hickson av 
Hill John, mach, h 126 Barrington av 
Hillier James D, chauffeur, h IS Secord 

Hiscock Alfred, paper box mkr, h n s 

Hobday James E, blksmth, h 23 Ethel 


chef, h 99 Harrington 

13 Ethel 
19 Ethel 

h 21 Rosevear av 
slsmn. h 16 Dentonla 

Hollow Dennis, 

Holmes Wm J. 

Horan Thos H, 
Park av 

Horton Edwd, tin ctr. h 21 Ethel av 

How^Iand Joseph A, elect, h 6S Har- 
rington av 

Hoyland Annie (wid BenJ), h 66 Valley 

Hull Albert, h e s Pharmacy av 4 n of 
Danforth av 

Hurst Harold, warehsmn. 1 T W Hurst 

MceREGOR & MclNTYRE, Limited 

Ornamental Iron Work, Stair Work, Etc. 



1139 SHAW ST. 

Phones ""-lcrest 

rilViiCa I6i4_ X6i6, 1616 





Phone Rcsidenc* 

North 874 


Hurst Thos \V. ctr, h a e cor Victoria 

Park av and Uawes rd 
Hurst Walter, mach, 1 T W Hurst 
Hutton Geo P. h 16.90 Dantorth av 
Hutton Robt, shipper, h IS&S Danforth 

Imber Bdwd, h 20 Diver (on active 

Ings Herbert, h 98 Palmer av 
Irish Gladys, studt, 1 Wm J Irish 
Irish Howard, lab, 1 Wm J Irish 
Irish Wm J, moto, h s s Lucy av 
Irvine Thos, b 12 Midland av 
Jewell James, h 2i37 Chisholm av (on 

active service) 
Johansen August W, engineer, h w s 

Westbourne av 
Johansen Carl, elect, 1 A W Johansen 
Johansen Sigurd, stenog, 1 A W Johan- 
Johansen Wilhelm, mach, 1 A W Johan- 
Johnson Arthur, lab, h 7 Valley rd 
Johnson Augustus S, plstr, h 37 Mad«- 

line av 
Johnson Fredk J, printer, h 46 Den- 

tonia Park av 
Johnson Wm, lab, h w s Madeline av 
Johnston Wm T, boiler mkr, h 1698 Uan- 

forth av 
Jones Arthur, plstr, h 70 Harrington av 
Jones Harry, shipper, h 70 Valley rd 
Jones Joseph J, mkt gdnr, e a Phar- 
macy av 
Jones Saml, h 3i Diver (on active ser- 
Jones Wm, gdnr J J Jones, e s Phar- 
macy av 
Jones Wm J, mach, h e s Madeline av 

1 n Danforth av 
Jones Wm J, h 173 Harrington av (on 

active service) 
Jones Wm J, contr, h 370 Main 
Judge Walter jr, 1 Walter D Judge (on 

active service) 
Judge Walter D, elk, h w s Pharmacy 

av, 1 n C N R tracks 
KauUuss Rudolph, elect, h 425 Main 
Kellv Hillvard, lab, h 17 Palmer av 
Kennedy Alex, carp, h 54 Valley rd 
Kerr Geo. h 201 Chisholm av 
King Sydney, h n 8 Ruth rd (on active 

Knight John H, carp, h n s Chester av 

4 w Pharmacy av 
Kwlnt Ross, porter, h 36 DentonlaPark 

La Drew Alfred, h e s Kenworthy av 
Laker Sydney, h 20 Sibley av 
Lane Chas, shell mkr, h 415 Main 
Lawrence James, nickel pltr, h 8 

Secord av 
Legg-e Amos A, wool pckr, 1 ISO Bar- 

ington av 
Legge Chas h 108 Harrington av (on 

3.ctivG sGnvicc) 
Legge Emma (wid Michl), h 130 Har- 
rington av 
Legge Jane, drsmkr, I 130 Harrington 

Legge Martha E, opr, 1 130 Harrington 

Legge Wm, elk, h 8 Macdonald av 
Lemmer Joseph F, h 130 >4 Harrington 

av (on active service) 
Lennle John, soap mkr, h 241 Chisholm 

Lester Alfred, 1 415-4 Main (on active 

Lester Arthur, 1 454 Main (on active 

Lester Catherine (wld Ernest), 1 4'54 

Lester Ernest, 1 454 Main (on active 

Lewis Alfred, h 18 Valley rd (on active 

Lewis Robt. tinsrath, h 11 Ethel av 
Lewis Thos, farmer, h Dentonia Park 

LIghtfoot Wm, Ink mkr, h 88 Palmer 

Lindsay Thos F, lab, h e s Eastbourne 
Lloyd Wm. lab, h 37 Madeline av 
tiockyer Alfred, carp, h 16 Diver 
Lockyer Alfred G, 1 15 Diver (on ac- 
tive service) 
Lookyer Ernest W, 1 15 Diver (on ac- 
tive service) 
Lockyer Fredk I. 1 15 Diver (on active 

Locock Wm, h 7 Rosevear av 
Lodge Charley, shipper, h 470 Main 
Lodge Chas, shipper, h 470 Main 
Logan Mary (wid Thos). h 13214 Bar- 

Tington av 
Long Harry, h 462 Main (on active ser- 
Long John A, lab, h 128 Harrington av 
Ludgate Fredk, govt insp ammunition, 

1 \v s Dawes rd 
Lummis Oliver J, bl<ir, h 3 Thyra av 
Lusty Ernest, carp, h 79 Harrington av 
McBain BenJ, comb mkr, h 235 Chis- 
holm av 
McClintock Wm J, bldr, h 4 Palmer av 
McLaughlin John, trastr, h 8 Midland 

McLean John, lab, 1 35 Ethel av 
McQuillan Saml, carp, h 233 Chisholm av 
McWilliams Wm, h 38 Dentonia Park 

MacChesney Joseph, h 46 Dentonia 

Park av 
Magee James, agt, h 2*7 Sibley av 
Maloney Frank, harness mkr, h 42 Mao- 

donaJd av 
Markham Howard, painter, h 452 Main 
Marriott Elizth (wld Alex), 1 36 Palm- 
er av 
Marriott J Arthur, brklyr, h 36 Palmer 

avenue ^ 
Martens Antonius, gas ftr, h 30 Rose- 
vear av 
Martingale Arthur, h 106 Harrington 

av (on active service) 
Massey Susan D (wld Walter EH), h 

Dentonia Park 
Masters Danl. printer, h 40 Dentonia 

Park av 
Matthews Wm J, engineer, h 105 Har- 
rington av 
Mai?well Wm. carp, h Dentonia Park 

May Fredk B, h 92 Harrington av 
May James, ammunition wkr, h rear 10 

Secord av 
May Reginald. I 105 Barrlngton av (on 

active service) 
Mercer James, plstr, h 89 Harrington 

Merrett Chas, h 31 Rosevear av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Meyer John J, painter, h 85 Chisholm 

Miller David, cigar mkr, h 23 Dentonia 

Park av 
Milne John, mach. h 40 Macdonald av 
Minett Ernest, brass fnshr, h 32 Diver 
Mitchell Alfred, brklyr, h 64 Harrington 

Mitchell Benj, barber, h 7 Sibley av 
Mockrldge Ha,mIlton Rev, pastor St 

Saviour's (Ang) (Church, h 325 Main 
Moffatt Anna (wid Alex), h n e cor 

Dawes rd and St Clair av 
Moore Arthur, h 5 Valley rd (on active 

Morley Alfred (Morley Bros), h 144 

Greenwood av 
Morley Bros (Wm and Alfred), brick 

mfrs w 3 Dawes rd 
Morlev W^m (Morley Bros), res Toronto 
Morris Robt. draughtsmn, h 34 Diver 
Morrison Ann (wid James). 1 5 Hickson 

Morrison Chas A, h 11 Midland av 
Morrison James, farmer, h w s Dawes 

Moss Arthur, lab, h s-w cor Dawes rd 

and St Clair av 
Mudge Wm, h 15 Diver (on active ser- 
Murdock Geo T, contr. h s s Danforth 

av opp Madeline av 
Murdock Sadie. 1 Geo T Murdock 
Murdock. Wm. tmstr, 1 Geo T Murdock 
Musgrove Saml, h 413 Main (on active 

Mvers Geo. b 416 Main 
Myers Joseph, lab. h 109 Dawes rd 
Xeaves Wm. h 132 Harrington av (on 

active service) 
Xeilson Harry H. 1685 Danforth av 
Newman Wm. h 112 Dawes rd 
Xixon Geo, brass fnshr. h 30 Diver 
Xoakes Saml. poultryman, h Dentonia 

Park av 
Xorfolk Fredk J. 1 85 Palmer av (on 

active service) 
O'Brien Wm, h' n R Ruth rd 
O'Dell Bertram, elk, h 231 Chisholm av 

Occleshead Percy, stair bldr, h 17 Ethel 

Ockenden Wm, gdnr, h 13 Midland av 
Oliver Bdwd, elk, h 89 Palmer av 
Osborne Edmund, lab, h 10 Midland av 
Oullahan Wm, shipper, h 19 Rosevear 

Paine Ernest O, ammunition mkr, h n a 

Chester av, 2 w of Pharmacy ay 
Palmer John, h 35 Dentonia Park ar 
Parry Saml E, h 393 Main (on active 

Patterson Wm, h .61 Harrington av 
Peirce Percy H, hair dresser, h 68 Bar- 

rington av 
Penfold Albert, lab, h e 8 Pharmacy av 

'2 n C N R tracks 
Penfold Wm, lab, 1 Albert Penfold 
PengUiey Richd G, landscape gdnr, h 

21 Midland av 
Perry Joseph, painter, h w s Maybourne 

Pierce Chas, lather, 1 72 Valley rd 
Pierce John, concrete wkr, h 72 Valley 

Poole John, gro w s Diiwe.s rd 1 s York 

Lun\ber and Brick Co 
Porter Joseph, lab, h 39 Rosevear av 
Potter Arthur, 1 2 Dentonia Park av. 

(on active service) 
Potts John, h 1 Rosevear av (on active 

Poynter Bdney, h 426 Main 
rringle Edwin C, 1 37 Thyra av 
i'ringle Elsie S, h 37 Thyra av 
Purvis James, carp, h 76 Harrington 

Quarrier James C, carp, h 34 Ethel av 
yuinn Ann i wld Rlchd), h e s Scarbor- 
ough av 
Quinn Joseph., lab, 1 Ann Qulnn 
Quinn Sarah, opr, 1 Ann Qulnn 
Raitt Geo H. h 53 Chiaholm av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Read Chas. carp, h 40 Diver 
Reid John R. elk. h 179 Coleman av 
Rest Cottage (Methodist Deaconess 

Home and Training Schl), Dentonia 

Park av 
Restall Joseph, lab, h 106 Barrington 

Ret'ter James, ammunition mkr, h 114 

Barrington av 
Rich Harry, carp, h 6 Secord av 
Richardson Albert W, 1 38 Dentonia 

Park av (on active service) 
Richardson Arthur, cond, h 38 Dentonia 

Park avenue 
Richardson Edgar, 1 38 Dentonia Park 

av (on active service) 
Richardson May, slsldy Batons, 1 38 

Dentonia Park av 
Richer Harry, plstr, h 136 Dawes rd 
Richer Robt, plstr, h 100 Chisholm av 
Hideout Arthur G, 1 4 Dentonia Park 

av (on active service) 
Ruinhart Albert P, ammunition mkr. h 

'29 Rosevear av 
Rishworth Arthur, ammunition Inap. h 

156 Barrington av 
Rivers Tom. h 213 Chisholm av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Rivers Wm G. lather, h 167 Barrington 

Roach Robt. baker, h 57 Chisholm av 
Roach Wm, lab. h w s Westbourne av 
Robertson Fredk. h 38 Macdonald av 

(on active service) 
Robinson Wm. h Danforth av 2 e Hick- 

.SOn av X. 

Rcbin.ion Wm H. wood wkr, h 100 

Palmer av 
Rogers Jas H M, h 448 Main 
Rowe Septimus, gro 161 Barrington av, 
Russell Fredk. lab. h 440 Main 
Ryan Peter, china rlvetter, h 4 Secord 

Savage Geo N, bldr. h 147 Barrineton 

Scheron John H. plshr. h e 8 Madeline 
av 2 s C N R tracks 

Scholes Alfred W. elk, h 118 Harring- 
ton av 

Scott CThas H, gro and btohr 23 Palmer 

Secord Avenue Public Stihool, b s Secord 

Seden Fredk, slsmn. 1 15 Sibley av 

Seden Ceo H, lab, h 15 Sibley av 

Shank Alfred, barber, h 464 Main 




BURRUS8 & SWEATMAN, Limited, General Agents 12 Wellington St. E. 


Phone Main 1790 

storage Batteries 




PhoneADELAIDE 1962 


Shanks Walter, carp, h 166 Barrington 

Sheath Albert, lab, h 166 Barrington 

Slbbett John J. lab, h 382 Main 
Simmons Predk L, printer, h 6 Valley 

Sims Albert W, lab, h e a Maybourne 

Sim3 Fredk. h e s Eastbourne av 
Sims James. I 15 Hickson av (on active 

Sims John. 1 15 Hickson av 
Sims Mary (wid James), h 15 Hickson 

Sims Wm H, h e s Maybourne av 
Small James A, Insp, h 91 Barrington a\ 
Smart Louisa, h 89 Chlsholm av 
Smart Mary, h 83 Chlsholm av 
Sn.iley Fredk, lab, h 277 Chlsholm av 
Smith Arthur J, carp, h e s Madeline av 

(on active service) 
Smith Harry B, h w s Westbourne av 

(on active service) 
Smith Henry, elect, h e s Pharmacv av 

5 n Danforth av 
Smith John, h 516 Main (on active ser- 
Smith Mary, h 55 Chlsholm av 
Smith Thos D, plstr, h 16a Harrington 

Smith Wm, lab, h 181 Coleman av 
Smyth Marshall, h 239 Chlsholm av (on 

active service) 
Snyder Wm H, artist, h 2 Midland av 
South Frank, lab, h w s Dawes rd 
South James, farmer, h w e Dawes rd 
Southwell Joseph, g-dnr, h 13 Valley rd 
Spence Joseph W, car clnr, h 1 Thyra 

Spioer Wm, carp, h 34 Palmer av 
Spooner James, ammunition wkr, h 

370 H Main 
Stafford Ernest, h 85 Palmer av (on 

active service) 
Staimp Wm J, h 82 Palmer av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Stanford Geo, h 98 Barrington av 
Start Wra J, chkr, h 10 Dentonia Park 

Stein John, Ashman, h Dentonia Park 

Stephen John, bkpr. h 71 Chlsholm av 
Strong Wm J, tel opr, h 475 Main 
Strudwlck Wm G, warehsemn, h 3S9 

Stryle Edwd, plstr, h 418 Main 
Stryle Wm. 1 418 Main (on active ser- 
Stubbs David, carp, h 1 Vallev rd 
Sweet Robt, h e s Scarborough av 
Swift Frank, furnacemn, h Dentonia 

Park av 
Tadman Jabez R. carp ,h 36 Ethel av 
Tasker BenJ, h 9 Valley rd (on active 

Tasker John A, pressmn Eatons, h 136 

Harrington av 
Taylor Arthur, driver, h 191 Harrington 

Taylor Harry, mach, h 402 Main 
Taylor Henry, tmatr, h S6 Ethel av 
Taylor Isaac J, contr, h 103 Dawes rd 
Taylor Walnwrlght, carp, h 11 Rose- 

vear av 
Tettley Sydney, btchr, h 38 Ethel av 
Thalr Albert, h 11 Valley rd (on active 

Theobald Wm. elk, h 176 Coleman av 
Thomas Walter J. ammunition wkr. h 

337 Main 
Thompson Walter D, Btonectr, h 98 

Cbisholm av 
Thornton Clarence, tlr ctr, h 446 Main 
Todd Thos, tmstr, 1 Danforth av 
Tomllneon Wm J, h 130 Dawes rd 
Toms Wm, lab, h s s Eastbourne av 
Tordoff Geo, h 68 Valley rd (on active 

Toyne Joseph, elev opr Eatons, h 5 
* Hickson av 

Toyne Sadie, stenog, 1 5 Hickson av 
Toyne Wm, 1 5 Hickson av (on active 

Turner Frank H, chauffeur, h e s Vic- 
toria Park av 
Underwood Joseph W. h n s Chester 

av 1 w Pharmacy av (on active ser- 

Upton Fredk, tlnsmth, h 9 Pharmacy 

L'sher John, ammunition mkr, h 191 

Chisholm av 
Vyse Albert F, jewel str, h 2 Valley rd 
Walker James S, elect, h 179 Barring- 
ton av 
Wallace Albert D, h 350 Chlsholm av 
Wallace James, ammunition wkr, h 193 

Chisholm av 
Waller Fredk, plmbr, h 101 Harrington 

Waller Geo R, painter, h 3 Valley rd 
Waller James, h 430 Main (on active 

Waller John J, h 424 Main (on active 

WalUs Wm, h w s Maybourne av (on 

active service) 
Walsh John T, h 175 Barrington av (on 

active service) 
Walton Chas, carp, h ISO Coleman av 
Wardle Arthur, brklyr, h 14 Secord av 
Waters John, h Z5 Rosevear av 
Watts John, engineer, h 6 Dentonia Park 

Webb Chas, brklyr, h 24 Palmer av 
Webb Sydney, h 19 A Palmer av (on 

active servlce( 
Webster Geo, printer, h 2 Palmer av 
Welden Jacob, ctr, h 15 Rosevear av 
Weller Walter, plstr, n 1700 Danlorth av 
Wells Fred E. driver, h 48 Dentonia 

Park av 
West Wm A, elk, h s s Adrlen av 
Whate Ernest F, h 374 Main 

h 374 Main 
Wilcox John P. h 425 Main (on active 

Wilken Wm J. h 4 Dentonia Park av 

(on active service) 
Wilkes Geo H. elk, h 427 Main 
Wilkinson Arthur, carp, h 39 Thyra av 
Williams Alex. I 343 Main 
Williams Anthony, lab, h 277% Chls- 
holm av 
Williams Chas, h 343 Main 
W illiams Chas E, lab, h 10 Ethel av 
Williams Edwin J, wtr, h e s Victoria 

Park av 
Williams Geo, driver, 1 343 Main 
Williams John, h e a Kenworthy av 
Williams Thos I, carp, h e s East- 
bourne av 
Williamson Howard C, h 327 Main 
Williamson Sarah (wld Wm J), h 327 

Wilson Jane (wld Wm), h n s East- 
bourne av 3 w Dentonia Park 
Wilson Wm E, brklyr, h 76 Barring- 
ton av 
Wingrove Wm. h 16 Diver (on active 

Winstone Herbert, 1 66 Barrington av 
Wlnstone Walter, plstr, h 66 Harring- 
ton av 
Wood Wm C. shell mkr. h 422 Main 
Woodruffe Geo. h s s Danforth av, s-w 
cor Scarborough av (on active ser- 
Woodward Thos, wtr. h 17 Palmer av 
Woodwards Geo, h e s Madeline av 2 

IS C N R tracks (on active service) 
Woolley Robt J, chauffeur, h 47 Rose- 
vear av 
Woolman Wm A, mach, h w s Dawes 

rd, 2 n Chapman's brick yard 
Worthington Arthur, h 94 Palmer av 

(on active service) 
Wyer Joshua, h 58 Valley rd (on actire 

Yarrow Henry A, lab, h 170 Barrington 

York Lumber Co Briek Yards, w a 

Dawes rd 
Young Albert, brklyr, h 9 Midland av 
Young Ernest, plstr. h 17 Rosevear av 
Zinzan John, brklyr, h 72 Barrington av 


(Seven Miles West of P O) 

Adams Albert, fireman, h e s Lake 

Shore rd 
Adams Joseph A, wtohmn, h s s Van- 

Adams Mary, tchr Miralco Public Schl, 

res Toronto 
A i kens Henry, elk, h e a Summerhlll rd 
Ainsworth Robt, mach, h n s Portland 
Alderton Geo N, gdnr. h s s Algoma 

.\Uems Victor, elect, b J W Cook 
Anderson Andrew, brass wkr, h 

Anscombe Jame*. tile mkr. h ■ 

cheater av 
Archer H Fredk, tU* mldr, h w ■ Albert 

; Archer James, nuuon, h n a Malros* ar 
Armstrong John W. antlnear, h • • 

1 Station rd 

I Armstrong Wm, enrlnear, h Wulay, oor 
Armstrong Wra H, mach, k a a Heraan 
Ashton Edmund, mach, ha* ICanchea- 

ter av 
Atkinson Alfred E, elk, h w s Robert 
-Atkinson Mllford J, b a s Symona 
-Atkinson Saml G, carp, h s s Symona 

i -\ymer Geo, mach, h n a Albanl 

j Bailey Herbert T, mach, h n a Drum- 
Bailey Margt (wld James), 1 P L Bailey 

! Bailey Percy L. Ins *gt, h n a Lake 

; Shore rd 
Baker Alfred, arch, h w a Robert 

I Baker Annie, elk Victoria Industrial 

' School 

j Baker ErnesE, brkmn, h s a Manchsa- 

I ter av 

; Ballard BenJ, ins agt, has Church 
Banks James D, mach, h n s Portland 
Barbeau Geo H, mach, h n s Victoria 
Barber Wm, lab, h w s Elizabeth 
Barclay Mary (wld Wra), 1 Alfred Wea- 
Barlow Alan, paper mkr, 1 Robt Barlow 
Barlow Garnet, gaper mkr, 1 Robt Bar- 
Barlow Robt, carp, h n s Mimico av 

I Barnes Edna, stenog, 1 Thoa Barnes 

[ Barnes Thos, trav, h e a Albert av 
Barnum James, painter, h n s Stanley 

, avenue 

! Barnum Lorenzo D, engineer Victoria 

• Industrial Sch, h n s Stanley av 
Barnum .Vorman, painter, 1 L D Barnum 
Barnum Sophia (wld Lorenzo). 1 L D 

Bates Andrew, h Island View boul 

; Bates Geo, gro cor Louisa and Victoria, 
h same 
Bates Robt, fireman, h n s Victoria 
Batstone Gordon, elect, 1 Wm H Bat- 

j Batstone Howard, elk, 1 Wra H Batstone 

1 Batstone Stanley, elk, 1 W^ H Batstone 

I Batstone Wm H, h s s Lake Shore rd 

i Beaton Lachlan, fireman, has Van- 

I every 

! Beatty BenJ, brkmn, h e s Church 
Beatty Geo A, plmbr, 1 Ben] Beatty 
Beatty Wm B, elk, 1 BenJ Beatty 

; Beck Fredk, porter, h s s Cavell 

j Beetham Francis, brass mldr. h s s Van- 

i Behan Elizth (wid Henry), h w a Buck- 

i Behhan Harold, studt, 1 Rev Francla 

j Benford Harold, h s s Lake Shore rd 

I Bennett Henry, fireman, b D. D. McRae 

I Bennett Henry A. plstr. h e s Church 

j Beswick Nellie (wid Henry), 1 E T 

' Harrison 
Hettinger Bella, Indrs Victoria Indus- 
trial School 

: Hettinger Wm. shoemkr Victoria Indus- 
trial Sch 

1 Beynon Albert J, elect, h s s Eastbourne 

I crescent 
Beynon Harold A, elect, 1 A J Heynon 

' Blckerstaff Arthur M, Ins agf, h n a 
Lake Shore rd 

I Bickmore Fredk ,maeh, h n a Warden 

I Biddle Henry, carp, b Geo Monk 
Binning James, gdnr, b J P Stewart 

I Black Geo, h s s Lake Shore rd 

I Black James, mach, h n s Victoria 
Blackburn Miss Alice, tchr MImIco Pub 
Sch, res Toronto 

I Blain Howard, bkpr, h s s Lake Shore 
Blair Edwd D, plstr, h e s Burlington 
Blair James H, mach, h n s Victoria 
Blake John W, bldr, h s s Melrose av 
Bodman Joseph R, cond, h n s Main 
Bonnet Harold, mach, b Geo Greena- 

Borrow John, gdnr. h w a Church 
Boulter \ Wm, mach, h n s Mimico av 
Boultfr Edith M, opr, 1 A Wm Boulter 



STOCKS Bought and Sold on all the Leading 

Exchanges. Prompt Attention given to Orders 



TMnpl* BuUdlng, Bay ud RiebMad SU^ TORONTO 

Authar •! "Th* ttandard-RMord Drawlnc-ShMt," 

(niMl by InvMrtan •nd » n d»rwd by Thama* A. UI- 

(on's Gmcfal CoundV Frank L. Dywi Etq.) 

TtUpkOB* Main S7S7 

Foreign Member Chartered 

Inttitute of Patent 

Agent a, London 

23 Years' Experience 


Boulter Myrtle A, opr. b A Wm Boulter 
Boulter Thos I. ydmn, h e B Church 
Boulton Clement J, florist, h n a Slrap- 

■on av 
Boulton Fredk, elk, has Simpson av 
Boulton Norman E, trav, h s a Lake 

Shore rd 
Bowman Wm J, h b g Lake Shore rd 
Boyce Frank, rubber wkr, h n s New- 
Bradln Wm E, printer Victoria Indus- 
trial Soh 
Brady Roland B, car repr, h n s Vanerery 
Brimstin Geo, mach, h w s SummerhiU 

Brisboys Joseph, brksmn, h s s Man- 
chester av 
Brooke Frank, acct, has Lake Shore 

Brooke Helen, matron Victoria Indus- 
trial School 
Brooks Thos, flremn, h b s Newcastle 
Brophy Fredk, lab, h 8 e Symons 
Brown Agnes Mrs, cook Victoria Indus- 
trial School 
Brown Ernest, driver, 1 Wm Brown 
Brown Miss Letitla A, tchr, Victoria In- 
dustrial Sch 
Brown Percy P, condr, h w a Robert 
Brown Robt, moto, has Dean 
Brown Wm, blksmth, h w s Robert 
Browning Robt H, carp, h n s Warden 
Brownlec W Roy, tinner, h n s Symona 
Brinne Alvin B, bldr, h n s Eastbourne 

Brydson Eva, stenog, 1 Mrs Margt Bryd- 

Brydson Flora, opr, I Mrs Margt Brydson 
Brydson Lome, pjmbr, 1 Mrs Margt Bryd- 
Brydson Margt (wid John), h e s Station 

Brydson Marjory, elk, I Mrs Margt Bryd- 
Bryer Geo E, carp, 1 Newman Bryer 
Bryer Newman, carp, h e s Station rd 
Buchanan Geo, llnemn, h e a Burling- 
Burgess Alice, stenog, 1 Walter W 

Burgess Nellie C, bkpr, 1 Walter W 

Burgess Walter W, h n a Cavell 
Burnett Albert H, elect, h n a i^ke 

Shore rd 
Burns Alex, well driller, h w s Burling- 
Burns Alex jr, chkr, 1 A Burna 
Burns Geo E, car repr, h w s Burlington 
Burna Robt, tmstr. 1 Alex Burns 
Burrowes Albert, well driller, h n s War- 
Burt Wm H, bldr, h e s Burlington 
Burwell Arthur M, engineer, h e s Sta- 
tion rd 
Bnsbby John H, mach, h e s Church 
Bushell Thos, blksmth, h e s Burlington 
Butchard Mrs Rebecca, matron Victoria 

Industrial Schl 
Byrne Mlchl J, tmstr, h n s Macdon- 

Campbell Duncan, engineer, h a a He- 
Cannon Ellen, 1 T E Cannon 
Cannon Emma, stenog. 1 T E Cannon 
Cannon Thos E, h w s Church 
Carson Henry P. prntr, h s s Lake Shore 

Cattalini Antonio, lab, h s s Symone 
Catto David, carp, h n s Warden 
Cavan Charlotte (wid Chas), h n s Mlm- 

Ico av . 
Cavan Fredk A, pimbr, 1 Mrs C Cavan 
Cavan Menza, elk, h s a Lake Shore rd 
Chambers Alfred G, emery wkr, has 

Chambers Thos, brklyr, h s a Manches- 
ter av 
Chappie Thos, carp, h s a Macdonald 
Chippendale Edwin, b F V Hatheway 
Chlsholm Jas W, bkpr, h w s Robert 
Chisholm Manley O, bkpr, 1 J W Chls- 
Christ Church (Ang), Rev Cannon 

Francis Tremayne rector, e s Church 
Christiansen John, florist, h n a Portland 
Christie Henry S, cattle dlr, h s s Hill- 
Clark Walter, gdnr, b C J Boulton 
Clark Wm H, carp, h e s Burlington 
Clarkson Wm, h w s Station rd 

Clement John H, switchmn, h s a Sym- 
Ollssold Joseph H, carp, h n s War- 
Cochrane Agnes J, opr, 1 James Coch- 
Cochrane Eliza M, sisldy, 1 James Coch- 
rane \. 
Cochrane James, mach, h n s Heman 
Cochrane James E, tmstr, h n s Heman 
Cochrane Myrtle, sisldy, 1 James Coch- 
Cockcroft Herbert, organ bldr, h w a 

Cole Isaac S, brass raldr, has Algoma 
Coleman Frank, lab, b J Kelly 
Collett Martin A, druggist s s Lake 

Shore rd 
Cook Frank, brkmkr, h n s Cavell 
Cook John W, elect, h w s Station rd 
Cooper Albert J, steam ftr. h e ■ 

Cooper Roy, mach, h w s SummerhiU 

Cornish Harry, gdnr, h e s Superior av 
Coulton Chas E, 1 Herbert Coulton (on 

active service) 
Coulton Helen, elk, 1 Herbert Coulton 
Coulton Herbert, gro e s Church 
Coulton Jowet, shoes n s Lake Shore rd, 

h n s Stanley av 
Coulton Lily (wid Arthur), 1 Herbert 

Coulton ' 
Cox Jesse, brklyr, has Dartmouth 

Coxhead Arthur C, bldr, h e s Superior 

Coxhead Caesar, bldr, h cor Stanley 

and Superior avs 
Coxhead C Silas, carp, 1 Caesar Cox- 
Crawley Wm, caretkr, h e s Burlington 
Creeden Frank, mach, b John Flowers 
Crewe Catherine (wid Rlchd H), h w s 

Crewe Charlotte, mlnr, 1 Mrs Catherine 

Crewe Jennie, opr, 1 Mrs Catherine 

Crompton Wm. elk, b Fredk Boulton 
Crooks Wm, mach, h n a Victoria 
Crowe Andrew N. brklyr, h w s Milton 
Crux Evelyn, stenog. 1 Mrs Minnie 

Crux Minnie (wid Wm). h cor New- 
castle and Windsor 
Cunningham Edwd, messr, h n s Vic- 
Curtis Arthur B, h w s SummerhiU rd 
Davey Fanny, 1 James Davey 
Davey Gertrude, bkpr, 1 James Davey 
Davey James, mkt gdnr Main cor How- 
land av. h same 
Davidson Bryce T, elk, 1 Douglas David 

Davidson Douglas, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Dear John H, pressmn, h w s Burling- 
Dennis Wm J, fireman, h e a Burling- 
Derbyshire Edwd, tmstr. h n s Portland 
Derbyshire Wm, 1 Edwd Derbyshire 

(on active service) 
Dixon Sarah B, Mrs, matron Victoria 

Industrial Sch 
Dods Andrew D. genl ingr Ont Sewer 
Pipe Co. Ltd. h Stanley av. cor Victor 
Doherty Rev Geo E, rector St Leo (R 

C) Church, h w s Station rd 
Domleo Thos, mldr, b S J Atkinson 
Donnelly Chas, gdnr, 1 Mrs Ellen Don- 
Donnelly Ellen (wid Chas), h n s Main 
Donnelly Evelyn, opr, 1 Mrs Ellen Don- 
Donville Louis T, musician, 1 W J Don- 

Donville Walter J, musician, h w s Mil- 
Doughty John H. plmbr, n s Lake Shore 

rd. h e s Primrose av 
Douglas Thos T, h e s Burlington 
Douglas Wm, tmstr, h w s Albert av 
Dowdell Wm, carp, h n s Simpson av 
Dower John, mach, b D D McRae 
Drummond Evelyn, h cor Church and 

Duck Robt. cattle dlr, h w s Victor av 
Dudley Caleb A. cond. h s s Stanley av 
Dunlop John. 1 Wm H Wallace 

Dunn Geo M Rev. has Symons 
Dunn James G, engineer, h w s Church 
Dyraent Thos H, fireman, h e s Church 
Karl Emerson, mach, has Vanevery 
Eastwood Jane, Mrs, cook Victoria In- 
dustrial Sch 
Eaton Wm, brklyr, h e s Church 
lidmunds Peter, lab, h e s Church 
Edwards Riehd. engineer, h n s Vic- 
Eland Doris A, opr. 1 Mrs E Eland 
Eland Edwd E. contr. n s Mimico av 
Eland Emily (wid Mathew). h e s Sup- 
erior av 
Eland Frank H. carp. 1 Mrs Emily Eland 
Eland Irene, sisldy. 1 Mrs E Eland 
lilkin Robt. steward, h w s Albert av 
Elliott Geo. h n s Vanevery 
Elliott Geo S. flremn, 1 Geo Elliott 
Elliott James, ftr. 1 Geo Elliott 
Ellis David C, flremn, h w s Robert 
Ellis Joseph H, Jwlr, h s s Stanley av 
Ember Stephen, has Lake Shore rd 
Emory Elizth, 1 p A Woods 
English John W, prin Mimico Public 

School, h cor Robert and Hillside 
Everett Edwd J. engineer, h w a 

Queens av 
Everett Reginald C, car repr, 1 T W 

Everett Thos W, carp, h n s Macdonald 
Parquharson Geo S. mach. h w s Robert 
Farrington Ernest, color mixer, h s s 

Farrington James, color mixer. 1 E Far- 
Farrington Mary. opr. 1 B Farrington 
Fear Gertrude, opr. 1 Mrs Lydia Fear 
Fear Lydia (wid Saml), h w a Queens 

Fear Mary. opr. 1 Mrs Lydia Fear 
Fenwick Frank, fireman, b D D McRae 
FERGUSON L ROSS, Manager Vnloa 
Bank (Mimico Branch), res Toronto 
Ferrie Edwin, gro n s Cavell h same 
i'"errier Amy, mus tchr, 1 Chester Ferrler 
Ferrier Chester, supt Victoria Industrial 
School, h n s Main w of Howland av 
Ferrler Irene, tchr Mimico Public Schl, 

1 Chester Ferrier 
Ferrier Victor, 1 Chester Ferrler (on 

active service) 
Ferris Arthur, florist, h w s Burling- 
Fetherstonhaugh Fredk B, pat barr, h 

B s Lake Shore rd 
FIneh Albert, tile mkr, h e s Superior 

Finch Arthur, h w s Church 
Finch Henry, gro and coal dlr n s Ca- 
vell. h same 
Finch Isabel. 1 Arthur Finch 
Fish Thos. plstr. h s s Symons 
Fleming James, mldr, b Alex Gair 
Flowers John, tmstr, h s s Manchester 

Porgie Anne. 1 Wm Forgie 
Forgie Catherine, elk, 1 Wm Forgie 
Forgie Wm, tmstr, h w s St George 
Forgie Wm jr, color mxr, 1 Wm Forgie 
Foster Miss Eudyne, card ctr, 1 Mrs 

Rose I Foster 
Foster Rose I (wid Thomas), h n s Van- 
Fox Hattie, bkpr, b Arthur Finch 
Free Alex, carp Mimico Planing Mill, 1 

James Free 
Free James (Mimico Planing Mill), h 

e s Victor av 
Free Marjory, bkpr Mimico Planing 

Mill, 1 James Free 
Free Wm. carp Mimico Planing Mill. 1 

James Free 
Freeman Fredk M. elev opr. h n s 

Frewer Geo D. mariner, h e s Albert av 
Fulton Elizth (wid Saml). has Van- 
Fulton James, car repr. h n s Vanevery 
Fursman John D. gdnr Victoria Indus- 
trial School 
Fursman Margt Mrs. matron Victoria 

Industrial Sch 
Gair Alex, tmstr, h n s Cavell 
Galr Alex Jr, tmstr, 1 Alex GaIr 
rtair Archd G, chauffeur, 1 Alex Galr 
Galr Ella O, sisldy. 1 Alex Galr 
Gair Margt S, sisldy, b Alex Gair 
Oalr Wm, tmstr, h e s Station rd 
I'.arrett Geo, emery wkr, b Mrs Mary 






The CANADA METAL CO., Limited 



(Tonfeberation %ifc 




I Canadian Comiuuiy 

Garrett Wm, oar repr. b Edmund Ashton 
Gauld Geo R, dept supt Victoria Indus- 
trial School, h Howland cor Evans av 
Gauld J Gordon, elk, 1 Geo R Gauld 
Gauthorpe John, tinsmth, h n s He- 
Gear Alex jr, tmatr, h w s Queens av 
Gearry Frank J, tlr h e s Louisa 
Gearry Wm. lab, h n 3 Miraico av 
Gee Fredk M, tmstr, 1 Saml F Gee 
Gee Peter J, lab, I S P Gee 
Gee Saml F, tmstr, h cor Church and 

Lake crescent 
Gee Wm F, carp, 1 S F Gee 
Gemmel James, barber, b J J Harrison 
Gifford Frank P, cond, h e s Superior av 
Glfford John J, pdlr, b F P Gifford 
Giles Arthur, g-dnr, h n s Main 
Giles Horace, gdTir, h n s Drummond 
Glenfleld Fredk, plstr, h w s Elizabeth 
Gobey Arthur, presser, h n s Symona 
Godfrey Forbes, phy cor Stanley and Al- 
bert avs 
Godward Chas T, engineer, h s s Victoria 
Goodrich Forrest C, elk, b Wm C Hill 
Gordon Andrew, carp Victoria Indus- 
trial Sch 
Gordon Annie Mrs. stewardess Victoria 

Industrial School 
Gordon Beaumont A. elk. b Mrs Elizth 

Gordon Oliver, plmbr. b John Kerr 
Gordon Ralph, chef Victoria Industrial 

Gormaly James, real est Lake Shore 

rd opp Mimlco av, h e s Church 
Graham Wm A, eng'lneer. h cor Audley 

and Portland 
Gray Saml. h s s Lake Shore rd 
Gray Wm G. steam ftr. h w s Robert 
Greayer Albert T, mach, h n s Port- 
Green Cephas L. fireman, has Simpson 
Greenaway Geo, trimmer, h w s Albert 

Greenland Alhert, pro n s Lake Shore 

rd, h w 8 Superior av 
Grlffln Wm, engineer, h D D McRae 
Griffiths Moses T. carp, h s s Manches- 
ter avenue 
Grobba Car! F, florist e s Church, h 

Bucklng'ham cor Portland 
Guppy John W, chauffeur, h e a Bur- 
Gush Wm L, flremn. h n s Main 
Hall Albert T. h s s Lake Shore rd 
Hall Fredk M. acct. h s s Lake Shore 

Hallam Herbert, bkbndr. h s s Mani- 
Hamilton Fredk H, carp, h n s Melrose 

Hamilton Wm, tile mkr, h e s Wesley 
Hannam Ernest J. carp, h w s George 
Hardiman Alfred, rubber wkr, h e s Al- 
bert av 
Harding Albert W, brklyr, h Milton cor 

Melrose av 
Hare Walter, carp, h s s Main 
Harlock Geo C, mach, h n s Drummond 
Harper Walter T, engr, h n s Vanevery 
Harris Catherine J (wld Andrew D), pres 
Ontario Sewer Pipe Co Ltd, res To- 
Harris Saml, tlr, h s a Lake Shore rd 
Harrison Arthur G, painter, 1 J J Harr' 

Harrison Bros (John J and Bdwd T), 

billiards Mimlco av cor Elizabeth 
Harrison Chas. mach, h n s Lake Shore 

Harrison Edwd T (Harrison Bros), h 

s s Dean 
Harrison Ernest J, tel opr, h s s Stanley 

Harrison Frances C, 'bkpr, 1 J J Harrison 
Harrison Fredk, driver, h e a Alexan- 
Harrison John J (Harrison Bros), h w 

a Station rd 
Harrison Joseph J, carp, h s s Man- 
chester av 
Hartonis Fredk, steam ftr, h n s Stan- 
ley av 
Hastings Wm E, engineer, h n s Murrie 
Hatheway Ellen (wld James), 1 P V 

Hatheway Fredk V. cond. h n s Vanevery 
Hatton Thos, mach. h e 3 Queens av 
Hawthorne Ernest B. chkr, h e s Victor 

Hazzard Smith, cond, h w s Station rd 
Heather Chas H, 1 Mrs Harriet Heather 

(on active service) 
Heather Frances, confy s s Lake Shore 

rd. 1 Mrs Harriet Heather 
Heather Harriet (wld Herbert), has 

Lake Shore rd 
Heather Wilton, elk, 1 H Heather 
Hele Carroll C, h s s Stanley av 
Hele Jennie C Mrs, artist cor Stanley 

and Albert avs, 1 same 
Henderson Russell, plmbr. b John Kerr 
Hendry Donald, farmer, h e s Church 
Hendry Francis, h n s Lake Shore rd 
Henry Chas D. phnbr, h w s Windsor 
Henry Edwd J. elk. h s s Lake Shore rd 
Henry John M. cond, h e s Symons 
Herod Archd. brklyr. h w s Queens av 
Herod Zleanor M, stenog, 1 Robt M 

Herod Herbert, btchr, 1 Robt M Herod 
Herod Jas. pdlr. h w s Queens av 
Herod Robt M, brklyr, h w s Queens av 
Heuchan Fredk N, elk, h n a Iiake 

Shore rd 
Heuchan Geo E. brass midr, h w a 

Summerhlll rd 
Hewton Wm, brass fnshr, h s s Manitoba 
Hicks Mabel, stenog, b J W Chisholm 
Hlggins Geo, mach, h w s Louisa 
Hlgglns Wm J, flremn, h e s Louisa 
Hill Wm C, h w s Station rd 
Hilton Ernest, car repr, h s s Macdonald 
Hines Sidney, brkrakr, h e s Station rd 
Hockney Ernest, mldr, h s s Heman 
Hockney Florence, opr, 1 Mrs Jane Hock- 
Hockney Jane (wld John), h s s Heman 
Hockney Wm. carp, h,^ s Heman (on ac- 
tive service) 
Hodgson Mark R. brklyr, h s s Van- 
Hosrg Mary, opr. 1 T Hogg 
Hogg Thos, engineer, h w s Albert av 
llolrienby Geo C. plstr. 1 G W Holdenby 
HOLDEIVBY G W, Postmaster Mimlco 

Post Office, h w s Robert 
Holdenby Gladys, vocalist, 1 Geo W Hold- 
Holland Thos, engineer, h e s Burling- 
Holloway Joseph, flremn. h Lake Shore 

rd, cor Dwight av 
Holmes Arthur W, coll, I Wm H Holmes 
Holmes Wm H, bldr, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Holowell John R. florist, e s Louisa, 

res Humber Bay 
Hornell Agnes, 1 H A HorneU 
Hornell David W. 1 H A Hornell 
Hornell Elizth D. 1 H A Hornell 
Hornell Harry A, h Lake Shore rd anJ 

Edyth av 
Hornell John H. furniture dlr, 1 H A 

Hornlblow Alfred, carp, h s s Macdon- 
Hoskin Wm, sec hd, h cor Elraa and 

Dwight avs 
Hotel Bruce (Bruce Woltz prop), a s 

Manchester av 
Houston Wm, journalist, h n s East- 
bourne cres 
Howard Norman, bkpr, 1 T J Howard 
Howard Th.os J. h s s Lake Shore rd 
Howard Wm H. confy n a Mimlco av, h 

Hudson Albert, engineer, h e s Su- 
perior av 
Hughes Frank J. engineer, h n 3 Main 
Hughes Henry, bkpr. h s s Lake Shore rd 
Humble John, brklyr, h e s Church 
Hunt John. mach. h n s Macdonald 
Hunter Joseph, emery wkr, h n s Ca- 

Hutchlns Alfred, carp, h s s Lake Shore 

Hutchlns Bdwd J, sec Mimlco Bowling 

Club, h n s Lake Shore rd 
Hutchlns Wm, mach, I Alfred Hutchlns 
Inglls Wm S, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Irvine John A. tire mkr, h n s Symons 
Jackson Elizth, 1 Mrs Mary Jackson 
Jackson Henry, ydmn, 1 Mrs Mary 

Jackson John, gdnr, 1 Mrs Mary Jack- 
Jackson Mary (wld Chas), h s s Man- 
chester av ^^ 
James Alfred, brklvr, b s s Algoma 
.Tepson John, mach, h s s Symons 



Jermyn Blizth E (wid Thos J), h a a 

Lake Shore rd 
Jew.ell Geo H, cond, h n s Stanley av 
Johnson Alex Jr, driver, 1 Alex R John- 
Johnson Alex R, dairy e s Elizabeth 
Johnson Cecil, driver, 1 A R Johnson 
Johnson Barla, 1 A R Johnson 
Johnson Ernest, driver, 1 A R Johnson 
Johnson Wm P, stamp mkr, h w a 

Johnston Edith, elk Victoria Industrial 

Johnston Gordon. Utho, 1 J E Johnston 
Johnston Isaac, carp, b Harry Cornish 
Johnston John, carp, b Geo H Jewell 
Johnston John E, baker w s Station rd 
Johnston Kate Mrs, h n a Murrie 
Johnston Warden. engineer, h cor 

Church and Manitoba 
Johnston Wm H, lineman, h w s Louisa 
Jones Elizth. opr, I Wm J Jones 
Jones Ellen A, examiner. 1 Wm J Jones 
Jones Isabella (wid Ezra), 1 Wm J 

Jones Mary A, opr, 1 Wm J Jones 
Jones Mary E (wid Robt), h w 8 Sum- 
merhlll rd 
Jones Wm H. brkmkr, h e a Superior 

Jones Wm J, steam ftr. h s s Vanevery 
Kay James N, Ins agt, h cor Hillside 

and Central av 
Kay John, ins adjuster, h w a Victor 

Kay Wm P, ins agt, h w s Albert av 
Keeble Henrv W. elect, h s s Heman 
Kelrl Frank, brass wkr, b Wm Doug- 

Kelrl Frank jr. brass wkr, b Wm 

Keith Walter, engineer, b D D McRae 

Kelly John, brkmkr, h e s Alhert av 

Kelly Patk, cair, h s s Lake Shore rd 

Kemp James, brkmkr, h n a Lake Shore 

Kennedy Andrew W, ydmn, h e a Su- 
perior av 

Kennedy Ethel M, opr, 1 Wm E Ken- 

Kennedy Geo, llnemn, h e s Alexander 

Kennedy Harold G, printer. 1 Wm E 

Kennedy Laura A, stenog, 1 Wm E Ken- 

Kennedy Olive, opr, 1 Wm E Kennedy 

Kennedy Wm E. tile mkr, h e s Superior 

Kerr John, engineer, h e s Superior av - 

Kilgour Arthur J, pdlr, h w s Albert 

King Chas B, caretkr Mimlco Public 
School, h w s Ellzaheth 

Klrkham Annie, paper fnshr, 1 Mrs 
Mary Klrkham 

Klrkham Mary (wld Thos). h s s Mfm- 
ico av 

Klrkham RIchd, bolt mkr, 1 Mrs Mary 

Klrkham Thos, steam ftr, I Mrs Mary 

Klrkham Wm, mach, 1 Mrs Mary Klrk- 

Klay John J, bkpr Ontario Sewer Pipe 
Co, Ltd. h w s Queens av 

Knechtel Edwd, h s s Lake Shore rd 

F.J. SMITH ^- CO. 



The UNION TRUST CO., Limited 

^wM<s«i.DeiH)«iiv«Mih: Temple BIdg., Bay and Richmond Sis. *" AdmSitSS! Tru.t«,, .».. 

All branches of Real 
Estate business con- 
ducted by Real Estate 


Knigrht John S, bolt mkr, h w s Grand 

avenue I 

Knowles Kobt Rev, has Lake Shor« 

Knox Arthur, rubber wkr, 1 Wm G Knox 
Knox Hugh, fireman, 1 Wm G Knox 
Knox Wm CJ. cond, h n s Mlmleo av 
Lailey Catherine (wid Geo), 1 Wm H j 
iWallace 1 

Lambert Harold, gdnr, 1 W Lambert | 
Lambert Leonard, elect, 1 W Lambert 

Malcolmson Ulihd J. h n s Main 
Maloney i-rcdk T, tile mldr, I Mrs M A 

Maloney Mary A (wid Timothy), h w ■ 

Station rd 
Mason Wm, carp, h n s Vanevery 
Massie Geo B, designer, h s s Dart- 
Maybee Chas H, h 8 8 Lake Shore rd 

Miles Arthur W, undertaker, h Belve 

, dere boul 

Lambert Wallace, florist, has Algoma Milliner Wm J, caretkr, h n ■ Vlotorl* 
Landadale James, painter, 1 David C ; Milner Edwd, cond, h n s Stanley av 

E!li» j Milnes Coal Co Ltd, The (Mlmleo Br) 

Lane Geo, carp, b Mre V Warner e s Church 

Langley Fredk, mach, h e a Heman Mlmleo Bowling Club, E J Hutchlns 
Langrtclge Alex, mach, h w s Loulaa I aec. Lake Shore rd (stop 16) 
Launehburry Horace, printer, h n s Dean j Mimico Methodist Church (Ang), Rev 
Launohburry Percv A, steam ftr, has Joseph E Wilson pastor, e a Church 

Macdonald ! Mimico Planing MIU (Jamei Fre«), 

Laver Albert, h s « Lake Shore rd 
Law Dalton E, ewltchmn, h a a Van- 
Law Wm H, car repr h n s Main 
Lee Bertram, car insp, h n s Macdonald 
Lee Harry, carp, h w s Robert 
Lee James, mach, h w s Burlington 
Lee John T, slemn, h w a Loulaa 
Lecd Arohd, carp, h e a George 
Leggett Wm, concrete wkr, h n s Mac- 
Leindstrom Hugo, h Portland cor Wes- 
Lennox Henry, flreman, b Wm W Spln- 

Lewis Albert, mach, b Mra EUcth 

Lewis Chas. mach, h Symons cor 

Livingstone Clara E, stenog, b H 

Livingstone Edith, tchr Victoria Indua- 

trlal School 
Lord Thoa E, despatcher, h w a Victor 

Lover Russell, h a a Lake Shore rd 
Lowe Thos. civ engineer, has Eaat- 

Ijourne crea 
Lublock. Joshua H, pimbr. 1 Wm E 

Lublock Wm E, paper mkr, h w a Vic- 
tor av 
McAlister Thos. carp, h a a Manchea- 

ter av 
McAree J Vernon, journalist, h n a 

McCallum Wm. elk, 1 Geo Wllaon 
McCarthy John J. h s s Lake Shore rd 
McCarthy Wm, lab, b Mra EUzth Ful- 
McDonald Duncan, emery wkr, h e 8 

Rose av 
McElroy Eva. opr. I Patk McElrov 
McElroy John, tmstr, I Patk McElroy 
McElroy Patk, tmstr, h n a Slmpaon av 
McGee Harry, h s s Lake Shore rd 
McGlll Austin, h e s Summerhlll rd 
McGlll Thos L, dentist, h s s Lake Shore 

McGovern Helen, hsekpr Rev Geo E 

Doherty. 1 same 
McOulre Frank, tile mldr, h B s Main 
McHenry Alex, ydmn, h cor Simpson 

and Harold av 
ATcKlnnon Edwd. brkmn, h e s Church 
McLaren James W. harneasmkr, h n a 

McLelland Wm. tile mldr, h e s Wesley 

Newcastle, opp G T R station 

enby postmaster, e b Church 
Mimico Presbyterian Church, Rev Geo J 

MacKay pastor, e s Church 

Street Librarian, e s Station rd 
Mlmleo Public School, John W English 

prin, e s Church 
tion MsBster, n s Manchester av 
Missionary Rest Home, Rev Alfred W 

Roffe supt, s s Lake Shore rd 
Mitchell Alex, engineer, h w s Victor 

Mitchell Peter, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Mitchell Squire, driver, h w s Robert 
Monk Geo, tmstr, h w s Albert av 
Moon Geo, carp, h n a Portland 
Morrison Annie, elk Victoria Industrial 

School . 

Morrison James, tlr Victoria Industrial 

Morrison Jennie, matron Victoria Indus- 
trial Schoo^ 
Morton Edwd J, h w s Victor av 
Munson Wm E, elk, b Mrs Ellzth 

Murdoch Noel, engineer, h s a New- 
Murphy Maurice J, tinsmith, h s s Mur- 

Nevln Joseph M, brklyr, h n s Lake 

Shore rd 
Nevln Sidney, brklyr, 1 J M Nevln 
Newton John, glass wkr, h s s Heman 
Nicholson Lewis M, driver, h n a Lake 

Shore rd 
Nicholson Roy, carp, h w a Burlington 
Norj-is Archd D, gro cor Lake Shore rd 

and Superior av 
O'Donnell Catherine (wid Chas), h w 8 

Station rd 
O'Donnell Edwd C, 1 M J O'Donnell (on 

active service) 
O'Donnell Mabel, opr, 1 Thos O'Donnell 
O'Donnell Mlchl J, tei opr. h n s Main 
O'Donnell Thos, tmstr, h w a Harold av 
Ogden Albflrt, barr, h s s Lake Shore rrt 
Ontario Lime Co. Ltd. Mimico Branch 

(New Toronto) 
Ontario Sewer Pipe Co, Ltd (Andrew 
Dods genl mgr), Burlington and Ca- 
Ormsby Albert B, h 8 s Lake Shore rotd 
Orr Andrew G, h w s Albert av 
Orr Bruce, mach, h n a Symons 
Orr Josep'hlne, 1 A G Orr 

McPherson Alex C, shipper, h w s Sum- OrriU Wm W, shipper, h e s Victor av 

merhlll rd Oswald Suzan M, 1 Wm H Holmes 

MoRae Duncan D, tile mkr, h n a Cavell Pa'k Jessie A, atenog, 1 Wm H Palk 

McRae James, baker, 1 Duncan D Mc- 

McRae James jr, mach. h w a Ellzaheth 
Macdonald Flora, 1 Jane Macdonald 
Macdonald Jane, h s s Mimico av 
Macdonald John, carp, b Mrs Rose I 


Palk Mildred A, bkpr, 1 Wm H Palk 
Palk Wm H, gilder, h n s Stanley av 
Palmer Ellzth (wid Fredk), h e a 

Parcels Wilson, tile mkr. h w s Milton 
Parker John T, ahoe mfr, has Lake 

Shore rd 

MaoKay Geo J Rev, pastor Mlmleo ' Park es Nina, tchr Mlmleo Public Sch 

Presbvterlan Church | b Geo J Preston 

MacKenzip John, carp h n s Hillside Parkinson Geo, carp, has Vanevery 
MaoKinder Arthur, ahoemkr. 1 John ' Tarrlsh Horace, drover, 1 Robt Duck 

MaoKlnder Paul Henry G. h e s Church 

Macklnder John, carp, h Wesley, cor Pawsey Fredk, elk, b L R Whitney 

Melrose av 

Madden John, h e s CHiurch 

Maddox Ellzth (wid John), 1 Wm C 

Maddox Lillian, 1 Wm C Hill 

Makepeace Thos, engineer, has Bur- 

Peacock Geo, hdware n s Lake Shore rd 

Pearson Ellzth (wid Chas), I John T 

Pearson Ellsworth, chauffeur, b Alex 

PenninKton Thojipey, trav, h n s Mim- 
ico Av 

t ti^i^ei iialiy M, c*K, il li tj Aibani 
1 i,..,.,i i.iclul J. h .s s Lake Shore rd 
I'biilips Martha Mrs. h w s St George 
Phillips Nathan, barr s a Lake Shore 

rd, rea Toronto 
Pinnock Harry, lab, h n s Symona 
Pleasants Percy, elk, h n s Hillaide 
Pleat Margt, tchr Mimico Public Sch, 

b Mrs Jennie N Skelton 
I'oppley Jamea, mach, h w a Church 
Porter Ralph, braas mldr, h n 8 Murrte 
Porter Sidney, mssr, 1 Wm Porter 
i'orter Wm, rubber wkr, h n a Cavell 
Porter Wm J, leather wkr, 1 Wm Porter 
I'otter Frank, gdnr Victoria Industrial 

Powel Egerton R, h a a Lake Shore rd 
Preaton Geo J, btchr, h e a Church 
Price-Green Catherine, bkpr, 1 Chas 

Price-Green Chas, agt, h e s Superior av 
Pruehm Kobt, carp, h w b Elizabeth 
Purdy John, l)aker, b D D McRae 
Purr John, h n s Symons 
Putnam Alfred, brklyr h e s Burlington 
Rae John E, bkpr, h s a Lake Shore rd 
Rawlingson Frank, elk, h s s Lake 

Shore rd 
Redding Wm A, paper wkr, h s a Mim- 
ico av 
Redman Lewis K, color mxr, h w a 

Queens av 
Reid Mary J Mrs, baker, Victoria In- 
dustrial School 
Reid Robt E, brkmkr, h n s Macdonald 
Renton Ada. opr, 1 T Renton 
Renton Clara, opr, 1 T Renton 
Renton Ethel, opr, 1 T Renton 
Renton Thos, brass fnshr, h n s Cavell 
Rhymas Clarence I, mfra agt, h Lake 

Shore rd cor Edyth av 
Rice Thos G, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Rice Walter, has Lake Shore rd 
Rich Fredk J. elk, h n s Cavell 
Richards Thos, cond, b F V Hatheway 
Rlcker A Carmen, phy cor Stanley and 

Albert avs 
Riding Harry D, paper wkr, b Joaeph 

Riding Nathaniel, 1 Thos Riding (on 

active service) 
Riding Sarah, elk, 1 Thos Riding 
Riding Thos, gdnr, h n s Melrose av 
Ring Chas E, ins agt, h s s Lake Shore 

Roach Joseph S, brass mldr, h n s Mac- 
Roach Marj-, opr, 1 J S Roach 
Roach Philomena, opr, 1 J S Roach 
Robertson Wm, guard, h n s Main 
Robinson Chas D, driver, has Cavell 
Robinson Fredk, slsmn, has Heman 
Robinson Thos, paper wkr, h n s Dean 
Roblin Edmund, bkpr, h n a Lake Shore 

Rodbard Alfred, mach, has Lake 

Shore rd 
Roffe Alfred W Rev, Supt Missionary 

Rest Home 
Rogers Hugh A, h s a Lake Shore rd 
Rose Henry, well driller, h n a Symons 
Rowland Marjory, bkpr, b T E Can- 
Rowland Mildred, opr, 1 T E Rowland 
Royce Dora, bkpr, 1 I J Royce 
Royce Isaiah J, real est, w s Church 
Ruff Arthur C, brkmn, h n a Vanevery 
Rumsey Emma (-wid Wm H), h s s 

Lake Shore rd 
Rurasey Isabella G, 1 Mrs B Rumsey 
Rumsey Wm F, elk, 1 Mra E Rumsey 
Rutherford Eulalie L, nurse Victoria 

Industrial School 
Ryan Herman, tel opr, b John Kerr 
Ryan Minnie A, tchr Mimico Public 

Schl. b James Gormaly 
F^kvan Robt, ydmn, b Wm H Stoot 
St Leo (R C) Church, Rev Geo E Do- 
herty rector, w s Church 
Salter Theodore L, bandmaster Victoria 

Industrial School 
Savage Wm E S. planing mill, cor 

Dwlght av and Albanl, res Toronto 
Sawyer Wm, ateam ftr, b Wm H Stoot 
Sayce Geo L, preeser, h w 8 Milton 
Sohaufele Joseph T, Bwltchroan, h n » 

Schaufele Raymond O, awltchmn, 1 J T 

.Sf-ott Annie, opr, 1 E Scott 

The DominioB of Canada Guarantee & Accident Insurance Company 


"" nREyNs^grN^cV " Head Office: TRADERS BANK BLDG., TORONTO 










Scott Ebenezer, grdnr, h e a Robert 

Scott Jean, opr, 1 ^ Scott 

Serson Arthur J, engineer, h n s Main 
Sersori John R. phy e s Superior av 

Seymour Stephen, bkpr, n e s Lake 
Shore rd 

Shannon Patk, brass wkr, h n s Mel- 
rose av 

Sharp Shrank, elect, h s 8 Lake Shore 

.Sharp Mabel, elk Victoria Industrial 

Shaw Eflie, nurse Victoria Industrial 

Sheppard Harvey H, h s s Lake Shore 

Sherrlck Arnle, matron, Victoria Indus- 
trial School 

Shirley Geo W, carp, h n s Dean 

Siddail Hugrh, caretkr, h n s Vanevery 

Simmonds Henry H, mach, h n s Lake 
^hore rd 

Skelton Jennie N (wid Robt H), h w s 
Victor av 

Small James W, btchr. Church cor Van- 
"Smart Ada C, bkpr, 1 Mrs M Smart 

Smart Mary (wid John), h w s Bur- 

Smith Eai 1 G, reporter, h w s Robert 

Smith Edwd G, tile burner, h e b Alex- 

Sii>ith Fanny (wid Geo), 1 Earl G 

Smith Fredk, acct, h n s Lake Shore 

Smith Reginald F, 1 Fredk Smith (on 
active service) 

Smith Robt. switchmn, b \Vm H Stoot 

Smith Walter L, carp, h s a Heraan . 

.'^mith Wellington, engineer, h n s Lake 
Shore rd 

Smitli W'm O, 1 Nelson Smith (on ac- 
tive service) 

Snider Thos S R, elk, h n s Portland 

Spears Arthur M, h s s Lake Shore rd 

Spindler Wm W, brkmn, h n s Mimico 

Stagg H Percy, arch, h s s Lake Shore 

Stanfleld Herbert, carp, h e s Church 

Sterling Herbert P, mach, h n s Warden 

Stewart Frank, emery wkr, 1 W T 

■Stewart Helen, b Austin McGill 

Stewart John F, shipper, h n s Melrose 

Stewart Melitta (wid James), h w s Sum- i „ service) 

merhill rd 
Stewart W Thos, carp, h e s Wesley 
Stinson Herman, engineer, h s s Mac- 

Stirk Gladys, stenog, 1 Joseph Stirk 
Stlrk Joseph, ins agt, h n s Hillside 
Stock Edwd C, elk, 1 Mrs Mary Stock 
Stock James G, elk, h n s Main 
Stocli Kathleen, stenog, 1 Mrs Marv 

Stock Lawrence J, elk, 1 James G Stock 
Stock Mary (wid Edwd), h n s Lake 

Shore rd 
Stock Wilfred, tel opr Mlmlco Station, I 

Mrs Mary Stock 
Stone Chas, cond, h e s Windsor 
Stoneham Fredk, b Wm Robertson 
Stoot Ernest A, brass fnshr, 1 Wm H 

Stoot Laura A, 1 Wm H Stoot 
Stoot Wm H, bdg hse e s Church 
Storrer Richd, acct, h e s Louisa 
Stortz Esther, opr, 1 John H Stortz 
Stortz John H, engineer, h w s Church 
Stortz Martin F, elk, 1 John H Stortz 
Straud Auld, lab. h n s Symons 
Street Harold, lab, I J W Street 
Street James W, plstr, h n B Vanevery 
Street May, librarian Mlmlco Pub Lib- 
rary, 1 J W Street 
Stubbs Danl C, switchmn, h w a CSiurch 
Stubbs Geo, ewitchmn, h w e Church 
Stube Wm J, elect engr, h n a Lake 

Sturtd Ernest P, mach, h s s Manitoba 
imCKEB TKOICA.S K, A^ant Klmlco 

Station, res w ■ Victor aT 
Swain Bernlce, opr, 1 Edwd T Swain 
Swain Edwd T, chkr. h e s Elizabeth 
Swain Isabel, opr, 1 Edwd T Swain 
Sweet Margt J, opr, 1 T O Sweet 
Sweet Olive, opr, 1 T O Sweet 
Sweet Thos O, tlr. h w s Albert av 

Swift Albert T, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Swift James T, trav, h s s Lake Shore 

.Syme Geo, engineer, h e « Summerhill 

Taylor Alfred H, elk, b s 8 Hemnn 
Taylor Eva A, tchr, b Alex Mitchell 
Taylor John E, packer, h n s Victoria 
T;iyIor Robt, elect, h e s Summerhill rd 
Taylor Walter J, leather wkr, h s s Heman 
Telfer Cyril J, elk, I J A Telfer . 
Telfer John A, elk, h Stanley av, cor 

Telford Harold, brass fnshr, 1 Richd Tel- 
Telford Richd, brass fnshr, h e s George 
Thompson Pauline, 1 A G Orr 
Thompson Rose (wid John), 1 A G Orr 
Thornborough John O, plstr, h e B 

Tomlin Wm H, elk, h n s Lake Shore 

Torbitt Joseph, ehoemkr s s Macdon- 

ald, h same 
Traflford Cecil J, mach, 1 W J Trafford 
Trafford Ernest W, mach, 1 W J Trafford 
Trafford Ralph, elk, 1 Walter J Traf- 
Trafford Walter J, engineer, h n s 

Tremayne Charlotte F, Ins agt, b Mrs 

Elizabeth Behan 
Tremayne Rev Canon Francis, pastor 

Christ Church, h w s Church 
Trinor Allan, carp, h n e Dean 
Turley Chester, brklyr, I RM)t M He- 
Turner Herbert T, driver, b Geo Monk 
Tustin Fredk, flremn, h s s Simpson 

Underbill Catherine, bkpr. 1 N M Under- 
Underbill Norman M, cond. h s s Stan- 


Branch), L Ross Ferguson Manager, 

Lake Shore rd, opp Mimico av 
Vaughan Geo E. presser. h n s Warden 
V'ernon Wm, pattern mkr. h n s Svmons 
Vesey Albert, gdnr, b C J Boulton 

Chester Ferrier Superintendent. Main, 

cor Howland av 
Vint Chas. farmer, h e s Vlrtor av 
Vint Lloyd V, elk. 1 Chas Vint 
Vint Roy V, 1 Chas Vint (on active 

Vokes Geo, carp, h n s Lake Shore rd 
Vokes Wm, bldr, h e s Edyth av 
Waites Alberta, opr. 1 Robt J Waites 
Waites John. carp, h n s Symons 
Waites Marjory. 1 Robt J Waites 
Waite.<! Robt J, b1dr. h n s Stanlev av 
Walker Geo, night watchman Victoria 

Industrial School 
Walker G Hawley, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Walker John, car insp. h s s Vanevery 
Wnlker John, lab. h w s" Burlington 
Walker John C. engineer, h n s Mac- 

Wallace Wm H. cond. h e s Superior av 
Walmsley Henry, engineer, h e s Station 

Walsh John, plmbr, h s s Manitoba 
Walsh John W, carp, h n a Dartmouth 

Wanner Bros (Geo H and David M), 

gros. Church cor Vaneverv 
Wanner David M (Wanner Bros), h w s 

Wanner Geo H (Wanner Bros), h w s 

Ward Robt, car repr, h s s Vanevery 
Warner Kenneth, elk, 1 Mrs V Warner 
Warner Victoria (wid Russell S). h s s 

Watt James, tile mkr. h n s Portland 
Watts James C. firemn, h s s Vanevery 
Watts Stephen, engineer, h n s Main 
Weaver Alfred, steam ftr, h s s Mac- 


Weese Chas A. carriage bldr, h n s Lake 

Shore rd 
Weese C Ross, trav, h n s Lake Shore rd 
Weese Florence M, mus tchr, I Chas A 

Wleese Percy, elect, 1 Chas A Weese 
Welch Albert, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Wel.ah Danl. mach, 1 Mrs V Warner 

Werden Austin, h e 8 Church 

Werden Edith A, bkpr, 1 Austin Werden 

Werden Fredk A, 1 Austin Werden (on 

active service) 
Werden Wm A, 1 Austin Werden (on 

active service) 
West Alfred, condr, h n s Vanevery 
West Louis J, broker, h e s Albert ar 
West Walter J, paper mkr, h n s Dean 
Weston Joseph, elk, b John Kerr 
Wheeler John, cond, b D D MoRae 
White Thos. gdnr, h n s Lake Shore rd 
White W'm A. gdnr, h cor Burlington 

and I,alce Shore rd 
Whitney Leonard R, acct, h w 8 Church 
Whyte Sarah (wid Wm). 1 H Cockcroft 
Wlgg Wm G, tmstr, h w s Albert ay 
Wilcocks John, presser, h n s Symons 
Wilkes James N, elk, h s s Lake Shore 

Wilkie Peter, meeh engineer, h s s Mani- 
Wilkinson Linda, chief matron Victoria 

Industrial School 
Uilliams Fredk, mach, h s 8 Algoma 
Willoughby John A, ydmn, h s s Mac- 

Wilson BUzth A, bkpr, 1 Rev J E Wilson 

Wilson Geo, h e s Primrose av 
Wilson Hannah (wid Henry), h e s Sta- 
tion rd 
Wilson Harold P, engineer, 1 Mrs H 

Wilson Joseph E Rev, pastor Mimico 

Meth Church, h s s Mimico av 
Wilson Reginald H. 1 Rev J E Wilson 
Wlnstone Ernest C, bkpr, h a a Lak* 

Shore rd 
Witmer John T, bkpr, 1 Wm Witraer 
Witmer Wm, carp, h n s Portland 
Woltz Bruce, hotel s s Manchester av 
Wood Chas H, elk, h w s Victor av 
Wood, Clarence B, messr, 1 Mrs M Wood 
Wood John, mach, 1 Mrs M Wood 
Wood Leonard, macl* 1 Mrs M Wood 
Wood Matilda (wid Robt), h s a Mac- 

Woodley Wm H, carp, h s s Manitoba 
Woodman Agnes Mrs, head wtrs yic- 

toria Industrial School 
Woodman John, engineer Victoria Indus- 
trial School 
Woods Arthur S, engineer, h w a Bur- 
Woods James M, mach, 1 P J Woods 
Woods Patk A, cond, h w s Victor av 
Woods Patk J, h w s Victor av 
Woods Wm J, dentist Superior av cor 

Stanley av 
Woodward John, elk, h n s Main 
Wooller James S, moto, h e s Burlington 
Woollev Joseph. carp Mimico Planing 

Mill, h s E Hillside 
Wilght Thos, carp, h n s Vanevery 
Wright Wm C. engineer, h e s Church 
Wright Wm T, trav, h e s Primrose av 
Wyatt Chas. mach, h w s Burlington 
York Chas, mach, h e s Church 
Young Frank V, brkmn, h n s Stanley 
avenue ^ 

Young James A, b Edmund Roblin 
Y'oung Wm F. real est. h s s Lake Shore 


(Six miles northwest of P O) 

.-\bbott Walter L. painter, h 6 Cobalt 
Absalom Sarah J gro 27 Gray av 
Agin Wm A, barber 999 Weston rd 
.Aiken John B. dentist 1057 Weston rd, 

h 17 Pearen av 
Ainsbury Wm, lab, h 6 Gray av 
Aitken Jean, gro 27 Lambton av, h 

A kins Thos H, mkt gdnr, 51 Button- 
wood av, h same 
Alcock Geo, raoto, h 14 Syndicate av 
Aldridge Hertoert I, packer, h 14 Hard- 
ing av 
Allan Wm W, painter, h 6 Locust av 
Anderson David, painter, h 6 Cliff 
Andrew Wm, she)l mkr, h 28 Button- 
wood av 

Andrews Arthur G, slsmn, h 16 Mar- 
shall av 

Andrews Burl A, gro 972 Weston rd, h 





Phones: Offiet, Main 4949 
Nfght Ret., Parkdale 3594 

B. ENUSHEVSKY & SON^'s'^ril^'SoEENsTE'"' 



Armatrong Alvlng, h 5 Harding av 

Armstrong: Saml, tmstr, h 84 Freejani 

Arrowsmlth Geo T, alsmn, h 17 Fifth av 

Aahton Ernest, kodak mkr, h 13 Black- 
creek boul 

Afihton Lawrence, stablemn, h n s Por- 
ter av 

Ayllngr John, lah, h 885 Weston rd 
Baker Albert B, h 111 Lambton av 

Baker Geo. ammunition mkr, h 82 
Beechwood av 

Baker Harry, h 9 Cliff (on active ser- 

Baker Helena, drsmkr, h 10 Golden av 

Baker Wm G, 1 27 Blackcreek boul (on 
active service) 

Baker Wm H, shell mkr, h 20 Freejam av 

Bala Avenue Public School, Eva W 
Natrass prln, Bala av 

Baldwin Wm H. slsmn, h 27 Brownvllle 

Balfour Howard N, druggist 1050 Weston 
road, h 35 Guestville av 

Ball John, gro, 30 Jane 

Ball Leonard, carp, h 16 OrvlUe av 

Banfleld Thos H, ammunition insp, h 
5 Freejam av 

Bank of Nova Scotia. James W Mac- 
donald mgr, 1048 Weston rd 

Banks Thos J, lab, h 70 Southport av 

Barber Fredk J, h 20 Marshall av (on 
active service) 

Barber James, lab, h 18 Lambton av 

Barber John R, h 16 Lambton av (on ac- 
tive service) 

Barber Stephen, 1 18 Lambton av (on 
active service) 

Barefoot Thos J, h 1 Rutherford av 
(on active service) 

Barnard H James shell mkr, h 53 Gol- 
den av 

Barney Edwd M, pattern mkr. h 4 Co- 

Barnham Wm, shell"hikr, h 11 Victoria 

Barrett Oliver, foremn, h 24 Eg-linton 
avenue w 

Barrett R Lloyd, ammunition wkr, h 
2 Beechwood av 

Barrett Thos, midr, h r of 1248 Weston 

Barrow Gore M Rev. pastor Church of 
Good Shepherd (Anglican), h 1088 
Weston rd 

Bartlett Albert J, shell mkr, h 51 Lamb- 
ton av 

Bartlett Wm, h 22 Freejam av (on ac- 
tive service) 

Barton Edna, 1 1176 Weston rd 

Barton Edwin, h 1176 Weston rd 

Barton Fredk, mach. 1 1176 Weston rd 

Bath Wm, lab, h 13 Sunny brae eres 

Bayllss John, brick mfr, h 122 Lamb- 
ton av 

Bean Milton, g-ro 99 Lambton av, h 
17 Orville av 

Bean Milton, real est, h 97 Lambton av 

Beardall Fred G, acct, h 4 Rutherford av 

B«ech Geo B, carp, h 9 Rutherford av 

Beevers Amos, Jam mfra 25 York av, 
h same 

Beffort Nicholas h 11 Pearen av 

Belton Geo. h 29 Victoria boul (on ac- 
tive service) 

Bennett Albert, shell mkr, h 2,1 Brown- 
vllle av 

Benson Thos W, engineer, h 2 Locust av 

Best Geo. h n s Craydon av (on active 

Best Henry ,h 3 Nickel av 

Blshenden Louis, shell mkr, h 42 
Brownville av 

Bishop Wm J, h 52 Cliff (on active ser- 

Blake Harry, millwright, h 1 Homer 

Blake Henry, carp, h 11 Hector av 

Blaney Alex, h 20 Gray av 

Blea Wm. elk. h 135 Lambton av 

Bolton John H E. cement fnshr, h 3 Cliff 

Bond Chas V. insp ammunition, h 25 
Victoria boul 

Booth John, barber, h. 11 Grey av 

Borland John, h 28 Cobalt 

Bowman Arthur F, tool mkr. h 31 Ruth- 
erford av 

Bowring Leonard, stock kpr, h 47 Nic- 
kel av 

Boyd Harry, carp, h 7 Blackcreek boul 

Boylen Ernest G, tmstr, h r Button- 
wood av 
Boylen Fredk W. tmstr, h 54 Grey av 
Boylen Nelson, lab. h 11 Orville av 
Bradley Wm J, gro 19 Lambton av, res 

Brandel Florence opr, 1 11 Glendale cres 
Bright Harry, lab, h 17 Freejam av 
Hritton Albert, shell mkr, h n w cor 

Lamliton av and Jane 
Brltton Henry, h 5 Chryessa av (on active 

Britton James, h 60 Beechwood av 
Brodie Alex, shoemkr, h 40 Jane 
Broomhead James W, plstr, h 50 Chryessa 

Broughton Edwd, mach, h 29 Chryessa 

Brow* Albert E J (Brown Bros), h e s 

Weston rd 
Brown Bros (Albert E J and Joseph W> 

brk mfrs, w s Weston rd 
Brown Edgar J, auto mkr, h 957 W 

ton rd 
Brown Fredk, auto repr, 1 974 Weston 

Brown Fredk. brklvr. h 66 Beechwood av 
Brown Geo, h 33 Ray av (on active 

service) , 
Brown John, elect, h 3 Rutherford av 
Brown John A. shell mkr, h 974 Weston 

Brown Joseph, h 9£3 Weston rd 
Brown Joseph. 1 974 Weston rd (on 

active service) 
Brown Joseph W (Brown Bros), h 4 

Dennis av 
Brown Thos W, oik, h 5 Rutherford av 
Brown Wllbert, 1 974 Weston rd, (on 

active service) 
Brown Wm H, plstr, h 33 Blackcreek 

Brownsey Alfred, lab, h 45 Glendale 

Brownsey Harry, lab, h 45 Glendale cres 
Bruno John ,pdlr, h 57 Buttonwood av 
Bryant Albert, elev opr, h 3 Harding 

Bryant Harry, shell mkr, h 50 South- 
port av 
Bryson Leonard S, patm mkr, h 33 Fifth 

Buchel Albert, mkt gdnr 55 Lambton 

av. h same 
Buckley John W, carp, h 30 Grey av 
Burg^ Frank J, h 1115 Weston rd (on 

active service) 
Rurling-ham Lou, h 25 St Johns rd 
Burlington James R, plstr, h 15 Gra- 
ham av 
Burlington Wm H, h 25 Graham av (on 

active service) 
Burns Angus, h 854 Weston rd (on ac- 
tive service 
Calvert Geo. h 41 Southport av (on 

active service) 
Campbell Colin C, h 74 CHiryessa av 
Campbell Elizth M (wld Edwin), h 34 

Rutherford av 
Campbell Nell, bldr, h 1 SummervUle 

Canada NItro Products, n s Sanders av 
Canadian Kodak Co, Ltd, n a EgUnton 

Candlish Levi, brklyr, h e s Arnold av 
Cassidy Elizth R. b 11 Fifth av 
Classon Thos, h 26 Jane 
Castle Percy H, rubber wkr, h 2 Orville 

Chadwlck John M, shipper, h 7 Dennis av 
Chambers Saml R, mach, h 103 Lamb- 
ton av 
Champlain Harry, lab, h 26 Bgllnton av 

Chapell Wm J, h 65 Freejam av (on 

active service) 
Chapelle Geo, h 12 Nickel av (on active 

Chapman John A, h 6 Jasper av (on 

Chappell Alfred T, h 29 Tork av (on 

active service) 
Chappell Geo H, h 7 Orville av (on 

active service) 
Chappell John, lab 11 Freejam av 
Chard Thos, shell mkr, h 11 Ray av 
Charlton Edwd, Janitor, h 16 Pino Hill 

Cheney Archd, h 27 St Johns rd (on 

active service) 

Chessum Geo, painter, h 18 Dennis av 
Chllvers Ada, opr 1 15 Brownville av 
Chilvers Allan, lab, h 15 Brownville 

Clancy Thos, lab, h 5 St Johns rd 
Clark Henry, cabt mkr, h 9 Pearen av 
Clarke Christopher, mason, h 8 Cliff 
Clarke David, lab, h 39 Lambtoft av 
Clarke Ernest, ink rakr, h 13 Pearen 

Clarke Fredk W, h 8 Pine Hill ores (on 

active service) 
Clarke Thos F, steeplejack, h 21 CUff 
Clegg Edwd, lab, h 12 Lambton av 
Clegg Joseph, h 40 Beechwood av (on 

active service) 
Clements Fredk G, shell mkr, h 16 Syn- 
dicate av 
Clough John, h 33 Cliff (on active ser- 
rr>o<-^s Geo, driver, h 48 Brownvllle av 
Herbert J, expressmn, h 27 Porter 
, enue 
vjodd Wm, bldr, h w a Alco 
Codd Wim Jr, shell mkr. h 29 Porter 

Coffler & Wolf man (Bernard Coffler and 
Joseph Wolfman), grocs 989 Weston 
Coffler Bernard (Coffler and Wolfman), 

res Toronto 
Cole Ruth, h 8 Locust av 
Colllngwood Stephen H. h 1 Dennis av 
Collins Duncan, h 75 Freejam av (on 

active service) 
Collins Wm T, tlr, h 43 Beechwood av 
Colvin Arthur J, carp, h 8 Homer av 
Connaught Home For Nurses, n s But- 
tonwood av 
Connor Mlchl J, gro and postmaster 1049 

Weston rd 
Cook John W, bench hd, h 12 Beech- 
wood av 
Cook S Roy, 1 26 Brownville av (on 

active service) 
Cook Wm H, ammunition mkr, h 26 

Brownville av 
Cook Wm H Jr, h 26 Brownvllle av (on 

active serlvce) 
Cook Wm W, gro 1238 Weston rd, h 

Cooke Frank G, h n s Edmund av (on 

active service) 
Cooke Richd H, 1 n s Edmund av 
Cooke Robt. vet surgeon, 63 Blackcreek 

*Cooke Sidney H. I n s Edmund av 
Cooper David, h « Brownvllle av fon 

active service) 
Cooper Wllmot H, Jwlr, h 7 Locust av 
Copeland Geo, h 13 Jasper av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Copping Wra, shell mkr, h 54 Freejam 

Costello Peter, pdlr, h 10 Caesar av 
Cradon Mlchl, lab. h 50 Brownville av 
Crisp Geo C, h 16 Glendale cres fon 

active service) 
Crane Nellie (wld Walter), h 69 Glen- 
dale cres 
Crockett Gertrude. 1 11 Fifth av 
Crompton Abraham, mach, h 47 Freejam 

Cross John E, h 18 Marshall av (on 

active service) 
Cunningham James B, mach, h 14 Mar- 
shall av 
Curtis Jas G, Insp ammunition, h 8 Sum- 
mervUle av 
Curtis Mary (wld John), h 24 Grey av 
Dale Edwd, kodak assembler, h 16 De- 

Darling Andrew, h 33 Rutherford av 

(on active service) 
Davies Joseph, kodak mkr, h 856 Wes- 
ton rd 
Davis Albert, mkt gdnr, 72 Buttonwnnd 
Davis Frank, shell mkr. h 30 Button- 
wood av 
Davis John C, h 14 Lambton av 
Davy Geo, gro 1100 Weston rd. h same 
Day Henry, lab. h 23 Golden av 
Deadman Joseph H. carp, h S Grey av 
Deakln Bert, carp, h 110 Lambton av 
Deans James, h 47 Southport av (on 

active service) 
Deavitt Edwin, mach. h 15 Victoria bl 
Deavitt Lloyd, shell mkr, h 15 Victoria 

Dennis Av Public School s s Dennis av 

Limited, of 
London, Enj;. 


GEO. R. HARGRAFT, General Agent 

Phone Main 251 TORONTO 




iEsrOwNERs&DcvELOPERs.OFREAL Estate In Canada 



Detheridgre Saml, mach, h 1 Grey ay 
Devitt Ralph, shell mkr, h 27 Nickel 

avenue », ^ 

Dicher Alfred, baker, h 74 Grey av 
Dobbie Wm J, phy-in-chlef Toronto Free 

Hospital for Consumptives 
Donnelly Thos, ammunition insp, h 4 

Orvllle av „, ^ ^ 

Dovey Wm, gdnr, h 1175 Weston rd 
Dowler Wm J, lab, h 37 Golden av 
Downham Thos, mldr, h 6« Freejam av 
Dowse Fredk. mach, h 14 Denarii 
Drugan Wm S, h 78 Beechwood av 
Drynan John, tlr, h 12 Guestvllle av 
Ducker Geo, shell mkr, h 2fi Golden av 
Ducker Joseph W, gro 1056 Weston rd 
Duckworth Thos, lab, h 18 Buttonwood 
avenue ^ , . 

Duffleld Percy, grro 107 Lambton av, n 

Duggan James H, h 9 St Johns rd 
Dunk Richd, h 1 Cliff 
Dyke Wm, lab, h 25 Nickel av 
Easto Geo F, carp, h 27 York av 
Edwards Mary, cook, h r 8 Buttonwood 

Elliott Jane, h 10 Denard 
Ellis John, farmer, has Graham av 
Ellis Wm J, bldr, has Craydon av 
England Fredk W, shell mkr, h 48 Vic- 
toria boul 
English Alfred, plmbr, h 11 Locust av 
Evans Walter, h 61 Freejam av (on active 


Everall Thos, pdir, hi Golden av 

Bxtance Emma (wid Sidney) (Extance 

& Son), h n e cor Lambton and Bay- 

liss av „ „ V 

Extance Reginald (Extance & Son), 

1 n e cor Lambton and Bayliss av 
Extance & Son (Mrs Emma and Regi- 
nald), btchrs, n e cor Lambton and Bay- 
liss av 
Feathers John, ammunition mkr, h 9 

Chryessa av 
Fetherston Annie (wid Geo), h 10 

Brownville av 
Findlay James, shell mkr, h 205 Lamb- 
ton av 
Finnie Chas F, mach. h 13 Grey av 
Finnic James W, mldr, h 28 Southport 

Firth BenJ W, painter, h 61 Southport 

Fisher John, h 2 Grey av 
Fitchner John, lab, h r 6 Buttonwood 

Flanagan Chas E, cashier, h 66 Guest- 
vllle av 
Flanagan Mary E, stenog, 1 54 Guest- 
vllle av 
Flanagan Phyllis (wid Peter), h 54 

Guestvllle av 
Fletcher John, lab, h 84 Beechwood av 
Flitton Christopher, h 16 Rutherford 

(on active service) 
Fordham Fredk W, grinder, h 44 Lamb- 
ton av 
Fordham Leonard, h 23 Dennis av (on 

active service) 
Fordham Percy V, h 25 Dennis av (on 

active service) 
Fordham Sidney H, driver, h 13 Brown- 
ville av „ , 
Poster Ernest A, sec hd Turniture »85 

Weston rd, h same 
France John, lab, h 30 Cliff 
Franks Wm A, musician, h 22 Brown- 
ville av 
Froglev James, lab, h 24 Southport av 
Fryer Chas W, carp, h 68 Grey av 
Frver Henrv, h 5 Bushy av 
Gage Wm, brkmkr, h 15 Southport «v 
Gagnor Louis, carp, h 30 Lambton av 
Gaudy Thoa G, mach, h 16 Victoria 

Gardener Alfred, h 1 Craydon av (on 

fictivG ssrvlcc'i 
Gardner Chas, ammunition insp, h 5 

Marshall av 
Gastrel! Frank, tlr, h 32 Southport Ky 
Gibbons Arthur E, shell mkr, h 19 Brown- 
ville av 
Gibson Donald, t 3 St Johns rd (on ac- 
tive service) 
Gibson James P, carp, h 3 St Johns rd 
Glandville Eric, chef, h 63 Buttonwood 
• avenue 
Glason Saml J, insp ammunition, h 28 
Guestvllle av 

Glen John S, raach, h 3 Southport av 
Goddard Thos (Goddard & Marshall). 

h 1112 Weston rd 
Goddard & Marshall (Thos Goddard 

and John A Marshall), 1057 Weston 

Good Shepherd Anglican Church, s e 

cor Weston rd and Eglinton av 
Goodwin Arthur J, lab, h 64 Southport 

Gouge Albert, carp, h 44 Beechwood av 
Gouge Wm, carp, h 46 Beechwood av 
Gowans Clarence A, student in charge 

Guest av Presbyterian Church, 1 11 

Fifth av 
(Rowland Frank, h 9 Hollis av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Graffy Cljas H, 1 23 Brownville av (on 

active service) 
OrafEy Edgar H, 1 23 Brownville av (on 

active service) 
Graffy Geo, h 23 Brownville av 
Graffy John, h 23 Brownville av 
Graffy John Jr. 1 23 Brownville av (on 

active service) 
Graham Malcolm, carp, h 14 Jane 
Gray Giftord, carp, h 8 Langdon av 
Gray Robt, carp, h 29 Cliff 
Greayer John D, tool mkr, h 17 Denard 
Greenwood Saml, shell mkr, h 11 Bushy 

Grey John, lab, h s s Graham av 
Guest Wm. insp ammunition, h 9 Guest- 
vllle av . 
Hadden Albert T, gro 983 Weston rd 
H.agberg Gustavus, carp, h 1 Locust 

Hails Benj A, shell mkr, h 28 Orvllle 

Hainsworth Jamea, h 987 Weston rd 

(on active service) 
Hainsworth Jane, confy 987 Weston 

Haire Henry L, shell mkr, h 5 (Sraydon 
Haley John, lab, h 10 Lambton av 
Hall Geo H, carp, h 6 Lambton av 
Hancock Sam! W, carp, h 37 Giiest- 

ville av 
Hannah Wm J, barber, h 5 Brownville 

Hargreave Louis, mach, h 8 Brownville 

Harris Chas J D, ammunition mkr, h 57 

Freejam av 
Harris Matthew, tmstr, h 15 St Johns 

Harris Thos, lab, 1 11 Locust av 
Harrison Alex C, scale mkr. h 5 I..ambton 
Harvel Robt. ammunition Insp, h 24 

Freejam av 
Haxby Wm S, gro s w cor >6t Johns 

and Weston rds, h same 
Headiey Geo, gdnr, h 11 Sunnybrae ores 
Heaps Luke, h 58 Liimbton av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Hearn Ernest E, blksmth, 1101 Weston 

rd. h 11(^5 same 
Helllker Henry J, mach, h 57 Southport 

Helliker Herbert, h 13 Graham av (on 

active service) 
Henderson Thos W, h 13 Dennis av (on 

active service) 
Henrv Geo, rest 987 Weston rd. h same 
Henry Joseph B, elect, h 10 Beechwood 

Herbertson John, h 172 Lambton av (on 

active service) 
Heron Fredk J, plstr, h 63 Glendale 

Heslip Garnet, h 3 Victoria boul 
Heward Harry, brklyr. h 28 Dennis av 
Heyward Clark, h 12 Grey av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Heyward Wm, h 12 Grey av (on active 

Hibbert Francis B, carp, h 14 Nickel 

HlRman Ernest, lab, h 12 Cliff nv 
Hill Arthiar, auto mkr. h 40 Golden av 
Hill Geo, engineer, h 17 Grey av 
Hinds Robt C, h 5 Orvllle av (on active 

Hisey Geo, h 100 Lambton av 
Hodgins G Lyal. asst phy Toronto Free 

Hospital for Consumptives, h S2 But- 
tonwood av 
Hodgson Geo Ij, boots and shoes. 1050 

Weston rd, h same 
Hogg Andrew, lab, h 6 Caesar av 



Hogg Chas A, ammunition mkr, h 4 

Caesar av 
Holder Geo, h 21 Southport av 
Holland Fredk, chauffeur, h 14 Summer- 

ville av 
Hook Robt, mldr, h 24 Lambton av 
Horton Geo, shell mkr. h 27 Blackcreek 

Howarth Fielding, h 15 Denard (on active 

Howarth Thos, h 15 Denard av (on ac- 
tive service 
Howell John, h 11 Jasper av (on active 

Hoy Andrew, barber 49 Larabtan av. h 

Hunsperger Norman, carp, h 7 Hollis 

Irons Geo H. lab. h 203 Lambton av 
Irving Wm, mach, h 22 Lambton av 
Jackson Bernard, btcbr, h 46 Cliff 
Jackson Fredk, h 15 Glendale ores (on 

active service) 
James Fredk, elect, h 34 Jane 
Jarrett Nelson, btchr 1232 Weston rd, h 

30 Cobalt av 
Jenkinson Horace, engineer, h 6 Arnold 

Jessop Hannah, 1 34 Rutherford av 
Johnson Harold W, carpt weaver, h 4 

Homer av 
Johnson Walter, carp, h 4 Teatmans rd 
Johnson Wm T, carp, h 20 Cobalt 
Johnston Caroline (wid Andrew), h 29 

Freejam av 
Johnston Jane, h 87 Free]am av 
Johnston Miriam, h 87 Preejara av 
Johnston Norma, h 87 Freejam av 
Johnston Robt J, shell mkr, h 8 Caesar 

Jones David, h 29 Lambton av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Jones Ernest E, carp, h 43 Golden av 
Jones John J. elect, h 51 Chryessa av 
Jordan Henry, h 80 Grey av (on active 

Jourard Albert L , boots and shoes 1001 

Weston rd 
Karn Martin, chemist, h 43 Fifth av 
Keating James, h 1053 Weston rd 
Kemp James E P, carp, h 81 Button- 
wood av 
Kemp Joseph, painter, h 42 Golden av 
Kemp Percy, stock kpr. h 24 Chryessa 

Kendall Eleanor, cpr, 1 45 Golden av 
Kendall Fredk, carp, 1 Louisa Kendall 
Kendall Louisa (wid Fredk), h 45 

Golden av 
Kendall Ruth. opr. 1 45 Golden av 
Kendall Wm T. 1 45 Golden av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Kennedy Clinton, brklyr, h 82 Chryessa 

Kent John J, lab, h 26 Grey av 
Kessell Edmond J. carp, h 12 Chryessa 

Ketteringham Bdwd M, chauffeur, h 1 

Blackcreek boul 
Kidd Francis W, h 14 Golden av (on 

active service) 
Kidd John H, h 1177 Weston rd 
Kilborn Frank, 1 18 Dennis av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Killborn Squire, ammunition mkr, h 22 

Orvllle av 
King Robt A, tinsmth, h 12 Orviile av 


Real Estate and Insurance, Properties for Sale, Rents 

Celleded, Insurance Effected, Money to Loan 

Phone Residence 
North 874 


INSLIRANCri""^"* ^ LINDEN, Limited 

■■^^^^^■^^^■^^^■" Main 2459 TRADFR^^ RAMK m nr^ 



Klrkham Robt, mach. h 3 Grey av 

Lach Wm, lab, h 32 Buttonwood av 

Lamantta Josephine, fruits, 1180 
Weston rd 

Lamantia Saml, fruit 1180 Weston rd, 
h same 

Langley Sidney T, carp, h Z6 Chryeasa 

Larg-e Joseph A, carp, h 37 Lambton 

La Rose Harvey, engineer, h 1175 Wea- 
ton rd 

Lascelles Fred, coal and wood, G T R 
track and Ray av, h 4 aame 

Laug-head Edwd, elk, h 38 BrownvlUe 

Lawrence Henry, lab, h 10 Blackcreek 

Leadbeater Lome, mach, h 62 Freejam 

Lee Arthur. 1 22 Rutherford av (on ac- 
tive service) 

Lee Henry. 1 22 Rutherford av (on ac- 
tive service) 

Lee John H. brklyr, h 35 BrownvUle av 

Lee Margt (wld James), h 22 Rutherford 

Lee Morris. 1 22 Rutherford av (on ac- 
tive service) 

Le^row Wm P, painter, h n s Barton- 
ville av 

Leigh Leonard, h 22 Oobelt av 

Lever James, contr, h 3 Fifth av 

Lewis Henry, lab. h 72 Grey av 

Loades Geo mach. h 46 Lambton av 

Lodge Herbert, grinder, h 3 Marshall 

Lodge James, gdnr, h 889 Weston rd 

Lodge Joshua, grinder, h 1 Harding av 

Lovell Leonard, carp, h 18 Southport 

Lowther Thos, carp, h 16 Dennis av 

Lumley Eliza (wld Wm), h 1063 Wes- 
ton rd 

Lyons John, metal plshr, h 29 Ray av 

MoClean Allen, carp, h 1115 Wipston rd 

McCIennand Peter, mach, h 49 South- 
port av 

McCutcheon Andrew, mkt gdnr, 48 
Buttonwood av, h same 

McCutcheon Saml, bldr, h 1248 Weston 

MoCutcheon Saml jr, chauffeur, h r 1248 
Weston rd 

McCutcheon Thos, mkt gdnr, 8 Button- 
wood av. h same 

McDougall Robt, btchr, h 10 Cliff 

McDowell Robt, mach, h 10 Pine Hill 

McEachern Wllliarfi F, tmstr. h 1 Ray 

McGuinness Isabella (wid Robt), h 50 

McKechan John, tmstr, h 10 Locust av 

McLaughlin Norman, pimbr, h 39 Grey 

McLean Alex A. iron wkr, h 38 Brown- 
ville av 

McLean Archd. checker. 1 Alexander 

MacMahon Mlchl F, carp, h 6 Teat- 
mans rd 

McMillan Wm D, pattern mkr, h 14 
Orville av 

McNichols John. lab. h 9 Jasper av 

McPhie John, carp, h 47 BrownvUle av 

Macflonalrt James W, mgr Bank of Nova 
Scotia, h 11 Fifth av 

Mackenzie James, carp, h 949 Weston 

MacMurchy James A, asst phy Toronto 
Free Hospital for Consumptives, res 

Margerson Christopher J, lab. h 28 

Marsh Christie W Rev. pastor Mount 
Dennis Baptist Church, h 43 South- 
port av 

Marsh Frank E. millwright, h 56 Free- 
jam av 

Marshall Alex J (Goddard and Mar- 
shall), n 17 Sunnybrae cres 

Marshall Chas W, mkt gdnr, 8 Arnold 

Marshall James, lab, 1 1035 Weston rd 
Marshall John, gro, 145 Lambton av 
Marshall John A (J G Marshall & Son), 

h 17 Sunnybrae cres 
Marshall John G (J G Marshall & Son), 

res Toronto 

Marshall John G & Son (John G and 

John A), hardware 104S Weston rd 
Marshall Joseph A. action mkr, h 2 

Eglinton av e 
Martin Thos H, h 50 Freejam av (on 

active service) 
Maslno Wm, bldr, h 10 Dennis av 
Maskell Mark A E, carp, h !* Southport 

Mason Alfred, mkt gdnr, s s Eglinton 

av. h same 
Mason Wm C, mkt gdnr a s Eglinton 

av. h same 
Matthews Edwd. mach. h 48 Grey av 
Matts James L. carp, h HO Dennis av 
Maxted Alfred G, shell mkr, h 14 Pine 

Hill cres 
Maxted Stephen, mkt gdnr, 26 Pearen 

Maxted Thos, dalrymn 33 Lambton av 
Maxted Wm, lab, h 9 Lambton av 
Maynard Arthur, h 26 Freejam av (on 

active service) 
Meakins John, h 9 HolUs av (on active 

Melvln B Crelghton, gramophone mkr, 

h 40 BrownvUle av 
Mercer Jane E (wld James), h 49 Gol- 
den av 
Mewhort Daniel lumber Insp, h 9 Elora av 
Middleton Chaa, millwright, h 79 Qlen- 

dale cres 
Millane Cornelius, shell mkr, h 46 Vic- 
toria boul 
Milatratt 'Wm, h 12 Pine Hill cres 
Miller Alfred, painter, h 24 Jane 
Miller James C, h 13 Graham av (on 

active service) 
Miller Thos L, carp, h 1113 Weston rd 
Miller Wm J, shell mkr, h 9 Dennis av 
Mills Harry I, flremn, h 4 BrownvUle 

Mills Wm A. lab, h 24 Golden av 
Milne Geo, h 3 Lambton av (on active 

Mintern Ross N, painter, h 36 Dennis 

Moore Archd M. 1 101 Lambton av (on 

active service) 
Moore John T, carp, h 17 SummervLUe 

Moore Stephen F. h 101 Lambton av 

(on active service) 
Morgan Wm A, h IS Orville av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Morrell Arthur, lab. h 112 Lambton av 
Morrell Benj. brkmkr. h 25 BrownvUle 

Mould Saml. h 9 Glendale cres 
Mount .»lfred. lab. h 27 Golden av 
Mount Denni.s Methodist Church, n s Eg- 
■ linton cor Pearen av 
Mount Dennis Post Office. Mlchl J. Con- 
nor postmaster, 1049 Weston rd 
Mount Dennis Presbyterian Church, 

Rev John T Strong pastor, s e cor 

Guestville and Dennis ava 
Mugford John, carp, h IB Blackcreek 

Muir Allck J, Insp, h 3 Beechwood av 
Murdoch Thos B, shell mkr, h 19 Fifth 

Natrass Eva W, prln Bala Public 

School, res Weston 
NecoUsh Gregory, flremn, h 1244 Wes- 
ton rd 
Neil Geo. carp, h IS Orville av 
Neville Matthew, carp, h 48 Beechwood 

Newman Harry J, mach. h 28 Golden 

Newton John, lab, h 45 Southport av 
Nichol Herbert, carp, h 84 Chryessa av 
Nlcholls Allen, painter, h 1 Southport 

Nlcholls Geo W, lab, h 19 Golden av 
Nightingale Sydney O. marble setter, 

h 56 Lambton av 
Noble Wm, foremn, h 951 Weston rd 
Norton James, lab, h 1031S Weston rd 
Nottingham Geo, carp, h 12 Dennis av 
O'Netl Harry, ammunition mkr, 1 14 

Dennis av 
Oakes Richard, brkmkr, h 152 Lambton 

Obee Harvey, barr 995 Weston rd, res 

Offredi Joseph M, tmstr, h 6 Freejam 

Oldfleld Ernest J C, harness mkr. h 

8 s Eglinton av west 

Oldfleld Thos, lab, h 3 Jasper av 
Outoneo Joseph, plstr, h 39 Buttonwood 

Othen Bruce,- mach, h 36 Golden av 
Othen Wm. mach, h n s Bartonville av 
Overton Edwd, lab, h 84 Beechwood 

Owen Hubert, lab, h n s Jasper av 
Page Geo, h 2 Pine Hill cres (on ac- 
tive service) 
Page Wm E, h 36 Jane (on active «er- 

Parsons Chas M, farmer, h 11 Denard 

Partridge Robt, shell mkr, h 21 Black- 
creek boul 
Pascoe John A, h 9 Sunnybrae ores 
Paterson Thos, electro typer, h 17 

Dennis av 
Patience Andrew, linemn, h 56 Grey 

Patterson Alex, raldr, h 5 Cliff 
Pawley Ernest, shipper, h 16 Locust av 
Pearson Wm E, phy, 1084 Westun rd 
Pease Percy W. elk, h 46 Grey av 
Peck Fredk W, bgemn, h 90 Lambton av 
Peck Geo A, brkmn, 1 Fredk W Peck 
Peddle David, mach, h 51 Southport av 
Pennall Wm B. h 55 Blackcreek boul 

(on active service) 
Peters Nea! D, h 7 (iliff (on active ser- 
Peterson Elizth, gro 17 Dennis av. h same 
Phillip Abraham, mach, h 31 Victoria 

Phillips Alfred A, nightwtchmn, h 5 

Dennis av 
Phillips Coal Co, Geo E Phillips prop, 
e s Weaton rd near Lambton av, h 
59 Buttonwood av 
Phillips Fredk, contr, h 10 Rutherford 

Phillips Fredk A, bldr, h 59 Button- 
wood av. 
Phillips Geo, h 7 Lambton av 
Phillips John, lab, h 49 BrownvUle av 
Phipps Fredk, contr 80 Buttonwood 

av. h same 
PIckard John, piano mkr, h 65 Glen- 
dale cres 
Pickering Geo, lab. h 51 BrownvUle av 
Piggott Geo, brkmkr, h 20 Guestville 

Pike Wm, shell mkr, h 14 Victoria boul 
Pirrle John, Iron wkr, h 37 Freejam 

Pitman Ernest, shell mkr, baa Gra- 
ham av 
Pitney Chas P, h 4 Pine Hill cres (on 

active service) 
Pittman Ernest, carp, h 60 Glendale 

Pleasance Chas E. flremn. h 16 South- 
port av 
Plumbrage Robt, h 6 Chryessa av 
Poole Alex, carp, h 52 BrownvUle av 
Pordage Edwd G, mkt gdnr 39 Eglin- 
ton av w 
Pordage John, mkt gdnr, 11 Eglinton av 
Porter Hedley H, elk, h 7 Rutherford 

Poulton James, 68 Freejam av (on active 

S6I*ViC€ ) 

Price Rowland, lab, h 33 Porter av 
Price Wm B, lab, h 28 Lambton nv 
Proctor Thos N, plahr, h 46 Brownville 

Prudence James, lab, h 3 Bushy av 
Pugh Wm J, baker, 1182 Weston rd 
Queen Mary Hospital for Consumiitivo 
Children, Wm J Dobble phy-in- 
chief, Buttonwood av 
Radburn Walter J, linemn, h 3 Cray- 
don av 
Radburn Wm. lab, h 42 Freejam av 
Ralph Edwd G. lab, h 22 Dennis av 
Ramsay Allen, h »6 Grey av (on active 

Ramsden Albert B, postmn, h 1 Mar- 
shall av 
Ramsden Wm, h 14 Southport av (on 

active service) 
Ramsdin Nathan O, hardware, 150 

Lambton av, h same 
Rayner James, carp, h 31 Golden av 
Redpath Irene R (wid Thos R), h 37 

Golden av . 

Reed Wm, bldr, h 15 Nickel av 
Reeve Arthur J, shell mkr, h 28 Free- 
jam av 



The name "ACME DAmY" 
Ouarantee against impure, 
sanitary milk. 

IS a 

19-21 Essex Ave. 






■ PhoneADELAIDE 1962 


Reynolds Thos, h 12 Cobalt 

Reynolds Thos H, Wrmkr, h 4S Lamb- 
ton av 

Rlchwood John G, brklyr, h 59 Freejam av 
Kiley Henry S, ahell mkr, h 76 Beech- 
wood av 
Roach Chas. tmstr, h 26 Buttonwood 

Roberts Edwd, raach, h 10 Victoria 

Robertson David, trav. h 12 Summerville 

Robinson Jesse D, carp, h 41 Glendale 

Roe \Vm. h 68 Guestville av 

Rogers Rev James G, pastor Mount 
Dennis Methodist Church, h 10 Sum- 
merville av 

Rose Frank, engineer, h 10 Langdon 

Roae Orval, shell mkr, 1 17 Lambton 

Roseveare Stuart, elect engineer, h 41 
Fifth av 

Rush John, h 1 Southport av (on active 

Rus«e31 Arthjr J, palnttr, h 51 Golden 

Russell Chas. lab, h S Jaaper av 

Russell Frank (Russell & Russell), h 
972 Weston rd 

Russell Ralph (Russell & Russell), h 
972 Weston rd 

Russell & Russell (Ralph and Frank 
Russell), real est 972 Weston rd, h 

Rutledge Thos G. h 17 Graham av 

Saddler Chas, h 17 Chryessa av (on ac- 
tive service) 

St Lucco Jean, pdlr. h 2 Jasper av 

Sandeland Thos. plstr, h 2 Hector av 

Sanford Joseph E. carp. 1 e s Arnold av 

Sanson Wto A. elk. 1 3 Brownville av 

.Savell Albert J. carp, 1 43 Lambton av 

Savell Edwd, lab, h 4 Clift 

Savell Ernest E, lab, h 2 CHIT 

Savell Geo, pdlr, 1 4 Cliff 

Savell Mabel, ammunition mkr, h 4 

Scott Andrew, ammunition insp. h 20 Ruth- 
erford av 

Scully Wm C, tool mkr, h 13 Glendale 

Seckinpton James, shell mkr. h 13 
Rutherford av 

Shannon Wm K. bkpr. h 16 Ray av 

Shaw John, stm ftr, h 4 Hector av 

Shaw Robt, h 6 Hector av 

Sheehan Dennis A. shoemkr. 3S Dennis 
av, h same 

Sheperas Theodore, baker, h 50 Grey 

Sherratt Saml, carp, h 7 Beechwood av 

Shevlin Peter F, stove mntr. h 21 Gra- av 

Shore Wm H, tmstr, h 3 Dennis av 

Short Thos, shell mkr, h 50>4 Brown- 
ville av 

Shroud Harry, h 2 Caesar av (on active 

Shuttleworth James, arch, h w s Grand 
view av 

Sllverthorn Matilda (wid Geo), h s s 
L,anffdon av 

Sinclair Domlnac, carriag-e mkr, h 30 
Guestville av 

Slatter Caroline (wid Thos), h 13 De- 

Slaughter Fredk. carp, h 6 Southport 

Slipper Chas, lab. h 76 Grey av 

Smart Albert E, carp, h 7 Chryessa av 

Smith Andrew R, gdnr, h 5 Elora av 

Smith Edwd, shell mkr, h 1237 Weston 

Smith Harry W, sawyer, h 19 Graham 

Smith Henry C, Ins agt. h 21 St Johns 

Smith Henry J, earetkr, h 42 Grey av 

Smith John T, real est 970 Weston rd. 
h 26 Dennis av 

Smith Joseph W. h 14 Freejam av 

Smith Martha M, smstrs, 1 2 Locust av 

Smith Mary, conf 1237 Weston rd, h 

Smith Matilda A (wid Franklin J), I 2 

Locust av 
Smith Roy F, elk, 1 1J37 Weston rd 
Smith Saml, mach, h 31 ClifT 
Smith Thos W, stmftr. h 16 Freejam av 
Smith "WYn A. lab. h SS Lambton av 

Smith Wm M, sheet mtl wkr, h 11 Glen- 
dale ores 

Smithson Gilbert, h 8 Victoria boul 

Sneddon Roibt W ,btchr, h 34 Brown- 
ville av 

Somerset James W, lab, h 12 Freejam 

Southern Alfred G, mach, h 26 LAmbton 

Southern Joseph, real est 1 Lambton av 

Spence Claude, insp aramunition, h 9 
Locust av 

Spence Percy, mkt gdnr s s Egllnton av 

Spencer Chas H, engr, h 21 Dennis 

Spencer Richd R, flremn, h 22 Beech- 
wood av 

Spring Edwd, assembler ,1 72 Freejam 

Spring Frank S, assembler, h 72 Freejam 

Sproule Herman E, phy 1092 Weston 
rd, h same 

Stage Fredk, h 6 Pine Hill crea 

Stamper Thos D, shell mkr, h 19 Den- 
nis av 

Stennlng Fanny, nurse, I 18 Dennis av 

Stephens Wm, lab, h 21 Golden av 

Stewart Archd, shell mkr, I 12 Denard 

Stewart John, shell mkr, 1 12 Denard 

Stewart Mary (wid Wm), h 62 South- 
port av 

Stewart Wm, shell mkr, h 12 Denard 

Stovell Arthur H, h 8 Freejam av (on 
active service) 

Stratford John J, h 41 Golden av (on 
sctivG scrvicfi) 

Strickland Arthur W, piano mfr, h 43 
Huttonwood av 

Strong Walter J, h 5 Nickel av 

Stuart Wm, whiskmkr, h 2 Homer av 

Stutt Andrew, lab, h rear 4 Buttonwood 

Stutt Chas, pkr, h 3 Ray av 

Stutt Ralph, slsmn, h 27 Victoria boul 

.Swan Thos, shell mkr, h 17 Victoria 

Swayze Arthur W, contr, h s s Bar- 
tonville av 

.=:vo Hugh A. pkr, h 6 Golden av 

Pve Joseph, shell mkr, 1 6 Golden av 

Sve Wm, pdlr. I 6 Golden av 

Syme James A, mkt gdnr, 38 Southport 

Syme Lilliam. stenog, 1 38 Southport 

Tavender Geo, shell mfr, h 1185 Weston 

Taylor Albert, ammunition insp, h 11 
Marshall av 

Tavlor Albert E, carp, h 5 Locust av 

Taylor Fredk C. h 15 Sunnybrae cres 
(on active service) 

Taylor Harry G. h 33 Freejam av 

Taylor Robt. h 53 Brownville av (on 
active service) 

Taylor Saml. lab. h 7 Bushy av 

Terry James, piano mkr, h 14 Dennis av 

Theobald Joseph, carp, h 32 Cliff 

Theobald Maud, drsmkr, 1 32 ClICT 

Thoma.s Jas H. h 5 Egllnton av w 

Thompson Alfred, lab. h 10 Freejam av 

Thompson Geo. h 9 Bushy av (on ac- 
tive service) 

Thompson Geo. concrete fnshr, h 7 
Hector av 

Thompson Robt. h 38 Cliff 

Thompson Wm. h 43 Freejam av (on 
active ser\-ice) 

Thornton Geo W. h 30 Golden av 

Tibbie Geo, h 16 Golden av Con active 

Tippett Edwin J, mach, h IS Lambton 

Todd Henry, carp, h 8A Freejam av ' 

Toft Elizth H (wid Thos H). h 12^, 
Guestville av 

Toman John, h 16 Guestville av 

Tomkinson Fredk, shell mkr, h 24 But- 
tonwood av 

Toronto Free Hospital For Consump- 
tives, Wm J Debbie physlclan-ln- 
chlef, n s Buttonwood av 

Tossell Pcedk, mllkmn, h 77 Freejam 

Tcwnsend John, h 5 Hector av (on ac- 
tive service! 

Trimble Harry L, draughtsmn, h 23 St 

Johns rd 
Tripp John E, h 12 Victoria boul (on ac- 
tive service) 
Viiiey John, h 35 Fifth av 
Vivian Percy G, mach, h 32 Guestvill* 

Wainwright Philip, lab, h 8 OrvUle 
Walden John E, carp, h 116 Lambton av 
Walker Clifford, shell mkr, h 2 Brown- 
ville av 
Walker Geo, piano wkr, h 29 Dennis 

Walker Saml, earetkr, h 29 Dennis av 
Walker Wm F, painter, h 2 Brownville 

Wallace Alex, biksmth, h 17 Brownville 

Wallace Fredk, lab, h 15 Golden av 
Wallace Margt, stenog, 1 17 BrownvlU* 

Walmsley Joseph, elk, h 5 Cobalt av 
Walmsley Wra, elk, h 14 Cobalt 
Warburton John, carp, h 14 Grey av 
Ward James, brklyr, h 4 Chryessa av 
Warfe Walter J, «hell mkr, h 1 Free- 
jam av 
Warn Edgar S, carp, h 14 Locuet av 
Warner John A, elect, h 27 Fifth av 
Warnes Chas, h 60 Grey av (on active 

Warnes Chas, shell mkr, h 13 Victoria 

Warren Geo, lab, h 13 Lambton av 
Warwick Wm, carp, h 67 Freejam av 
Waterman Edmund T, shell mkr, h 1 

St Johns rd 
Watson Alex, h 3 Golden av 
Watson Irvine B, messenger, h 68 

Beechwood av 
Watson John, shell mkr, h 11 Graham 

Watson Wm H, trav, h 25 Ray av 
Watt Alex, tnsmth, h 23 Cliff 
Watts Joseph C, carp, h 6 Orville av 
Wearn Ernest R, mach, h 58 Glendale 

Webb Frank, 1 74 Southport av (en ac- 
tive service) 
Webb Gertrude, h 12 Caesar av 
Webb Harry, mach, h 182 Lambton av 
^^ ebster Chas E, printer, h 49 Guest- 
ville av 
Welch Frank, mach, h 68 Southport 

Wessel Aldred, h 13 Jane 
West Alfred, mach, h 10 Grey av 
West Bert, lab, h 31 Ray av 
West John T, btchr, h 40 Cliff 
Westhead Geo, ammunition insp, h 54 

Brownville av 
Whaley Saml, ammunition Insp, h 8 

Ray av 
\VheatIy Arthur, mach, h 16 Harding 

White Percy, carp, h 4 Locust av 
White Wm J, shell mkr, h 14 Guest- 
ville av 
Whitehead Henry, shell mkr, h 6 R:iy 

avenue . , 

Whitehouse John, h 23 Victoria boul 
Wiles Cecil H, fruit, 964 Weston rd, h 

Wilkie Margt, h 17 OrvlIIe av 
Wilkinson Arthur W, shell mkr, h 2d 

Fifth av 
Willev Geo A, btchr, h 34 Lambton av 
Willey Geo H. mach, I 34 Lambton av 
Williams James, watchmn, h 16 Free- 
jam pi 
Williams John, h 44 Victoria boul 
Williamson Joseph, ammunition insp. 

h 7 Cobalt 
Williamson Nell, biksmth, h 10 Free- 
Jam pi 
Wilson Danl, h 27 Cliff 
Wiltshire Geo, lab, h 18 Golden av 
Windiatt Robt, Ins agt, h 29 Golden 

Winkworth Dorothy, stenog, 1 Walter G 

Winkworth Walter G, stove mkr. h 

136 Lpmbton av 
Winter Thos. elect, h a s Craydon av 
Wiseman Alex, h 73 Freejam av (on 

active service) 
Wishart Robt, printer, h 45 Lambton 

Wixson John D, h 12 Dennis av 
Wixson Martha E, 1 12 Dennis av 


Government, Maniei/tal and 

Corporation Bonds 
Yielding from S per cent, up 


F.J. SMITH ^^« CO. 



MOl;\T DEN \ IS 

Wolfman Josejih (Coffler & Wolfraan), 

res Toronto 
Wood Elizth (wid Geo), h 1 Jasper av, 

h same 
Wood Geo, carp, h 20 Pine Hill cres 
Wood Jarvase, ammunition Insp, h 7 

Wood Wm, shoemkr, h 15 Harding av 
Woodcock BenJ, h 50 Glendale ores 
AVoodcock Everett, mach, h 17 Lamb- 
ton av 
Worrall Geo. h 45 Freejam av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Wralght Fredk A, shell mkr, h 17 Mar- 
shall av 
Wrlgrht Geo, h 9 Brownvllle av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Wright Henry, btchr. h 55 Button- 
wood av 
Wrong: Chas H, h 889 Weston rd 
Teatman Chas, mkt «dnr s s Ray av, 

h same 
Yeatman Eliza (wid Richd), h 1063 

Weston rd 
Young Robt. carp, h 8 SummervlUe av 
Young Robt. gdnr, h 107i6 Weston rd 
Young Walter T, shell mkr, h 32 Free- 
jam av 


(Seven and a half miles west of postofflct.) 

Abbott James, blksmth, h w a Sixth 
Adams Benjamin W, h e s Eleventh 

Adams James, flremn, h 2 Seventh 
Adamson Arthur W, barber, has 

Adamson Mathew, btchr, h cor Fourth 

and Lake Shore drive 
Allies James, engineer. Asylum 
Andrew Wm, gro, s s Lake shore rd, 

h same 
Angst Wm, night wtchmn Y M C A (Ry 

br), 1 same 
Angus Isabella, nurse, Asylum 
Ansell Lillian, opr, 1 18 Fifth 
Ansell Louisa (wid Chas), h is F ft; 
Ansell Percy, paper mkr, 1 18 Fifth 
Archer Harold, brass wkr, h e s Sixth 
Ardlng Aubrey, brasswkr, b Geo 

Arland Wm H. h s s Lake Shore drive 
Artingstall Stella, nurse Asylum 
Ashcroft Henry, mach, b Frank Wilbur 
Ashley Geo A. carp, h e s Second 
pital for the Insane 
Austin John B. engineer, h w » Sixth 
Badger Chas, carp, h e a First 
Badger Wm. h n s Lake Shore drive 
Bailey Chas E, mach, h e s Sixth 
Bailey James J. brass fnshr, h n a 

Baker Wm F A. h n s Birmingham 
Barclay Saml P. mach, h w a Sixth 
Barnett Nicholas, pdlr, h e s KIppIlns 

Barnhardt Joseph, carp, h e s Seventh 
Barrelle Norman G. engr, h w a Sixth 
Barrett Reginald C, trav, h e a Fourth 
Barrett Thos C, designer, h e s Fifth 
BBGMRR NF.LSON H, Medlcnl Super- 
intendent Hospital for the Insane, rts 
Bennett John M, tchr, h e s First 
Beresford John J, ydmn. h e a Fourth 
Berry Thos. flremn. h e s Fourth 
Bissonette Edmond, engineer, b N Q 

Blackman Robt, attdt Asylum 
Bland Frank S, h w s Fourth 
Bloom Jacob, agt. h w s Sixth 
Blyth Miss Jessie, matron Asylum 
Bowyer Harry, wtchmn. h w s Four- 
Boxer Reg N. pres and mgr Reg N 

Boxer Co, Ltd, res Toronto 
Boxer President and Manager, Fred- 
erick C Hanson Vice President, Frank 
-M Hulbig Secretary-Treasurer, Manu- 
facturers and Importers of Paper Hang- 
ings, w s Seventh 
Boyd James A, h n s Lake Shore drive 
Brant Emma (wid Wm), h w s Seventh 
Bray Alice, nurse Asylum 
Breen Mary, tchr New Toronto Public 
School, res Toronto 

Breen Patk, brass wkr, b Wm Little 
Bridgehouse Saml, blksmth, b Wm H C 

Frock Christina, head nurse Asylum 
Brown Herbert A G, h w s Seventh 
Brown James, brkmn, h w s Sixth 
Brown John, mach, 1 James Brown 
Brown John F, pres and mgr Browns 
Copper and Brass Rolling Mills Ltd, 
res Toronto 
Brown Mary, opr, 1 James Brown 
Brown's Copper & Brass Rolling Mills. 
Ltd. John F Brown pres and mgr, 
w s Eighth 
Brunne Albert H. elk. h e s Second 
Bunney Ernest, flremn, b John Nell 
Burgess Thos W, asst gdnr Asylum 
Burns Saml F, pdlr, h w s Fifth 
Burton Chas, flremn, h w s Sixth 
Calem Sadie, nurse. Asylum 
Calvert Doris E. elk, 1 Edwin Calvert 
Calvert Edwin, contr, w s Third, h 

Cambray Albert H, carp, h e a Six- 
Cameron John, h w s Eighth 
Campbell Albert E, printer, h w s Sixth 
Cantpbell John, cartage contr, s s 

Lake Shore rd, cor Seventh 
Campbell Joseph, attdt Asylum 
Campbell Percy H, tmstr, 1 John Camp- 
Campbell W*n A, btchr, h w s Third 
Carpenter Annie Mrs. b C H Martin 
Carpenter Myra E, stenog, b Chas H 

Carroll MIchl. brass wkr, b Wm Little 
Carter Harold, flremn, b Chas Burton 
Carty Edward, mgr Ontario Lime Co, 

Ltd, b Fredk G Edwards 
Cave Herbert, flremn. h 6 Seventh 
Chappel Sidney, mach, h e s Fourth 
Charette Walter, flremn, b Chas Crot- 

Chattel CTha«, brass flnshr, h e a Fifth 
Chllds Geo, emery wkr, h e a Fourth 

Chllds Rev Sidney, pastor St Margarets 

Church, res Mimlco 
Cochrane Robt M, sec Y M C A (Ry br) 

res same 
Cockcroft Esther (wid Wm H), h e s 

Cockcroft Henry, elk, 1 Mrs Esther 

Collins Elizth, opr, b J A Johnson 
Collins Margt. nurse. Asylum 
Cooper Geo, brass wkr, h w s Sixth 
Coster Alice, nurse Asylum 
Cork Milton, h s s Lake Shore drive 
Cosby Rebecca, cook Asylum 
Coward Andrew, carp, h e s Fourteenth 
Craib Andrew, elect Asylum, h w » 

Fourth av 
Craib Bella W. 1 Andrew Craib 
Craib Georgina. 1 Andrew Craib 
Crothall Arthur H, rubber wkr. h e s 

Crothall Chas. shoes, n s Lake Shore 

rd, h e s Fifth 
Crothall Sldnev, printer, 1 Chas Crot- 
Culnan CThas, farm hand Asylum 
Cummings John W, tel opr, h w s 

Fourth av 
Cntmore Ernest G, flremn, h e s Sixth 
Dadson Fredk. h e s Fifteenth 
Dagg Treva, nurse. Asylum 
nance Edwd, chef Asylum 
Dance Nellie, kitchen maid Asylum 
Daniels Frank, mach, h w s Sixth 
Davie Andrew, flremn, e s Sixth 
Davis Geo H, gro. Sixth cor Birming- 
Davis Pearl, nurse, Asy'um 
Dea Geo. baker Asylum, h w s Second 

Dea Ruth, 1 Geo Dea 
J)ea Thos. mach, 1 Geo Dea 
Debelle Osro J, cond, h n s Birming- 
Dennis Harry, engineer, b Adam Dyer 
Desmond 'Walter, carp, h w s Fifth 
Dester Wm, h w a Fifth 
Dissette Robt, flremn, b James Abbott 
Dixon David, carp, 1 John Dixon 
Dixon John Vubber cutter, h w s 

Donn Robt, engineer, h n s Birming- 

Donovan Dennis, brass mldr, h w e 

Doverty Elizth, nurse Asylum 
Duffy Joseph, coppersmth, b Wm H C 

Duffy Myra, nurse Asylum 
Dunlevy AVm, painter, h w a Fourth 

Dunn Amanda (wid Reuben), h w « 

Fourth av 
Dunn Fredk, paper coater, h e s Sixth 
Dunn James, h e s Sixth 
Dunn James ]r, coal, n s Lake Shore 

rd, h e s Fourth 
Dunn Joseph, concrete wkr, 1 James 

Dunn jr 
Dunn Mabel A. 1 Mrs Amanda Dunn 
Dunn Minnie, opr. 1 James Dunn Jr 
Dunn Robt, coremkr, h e s Sixth 
Dunn Thos, elk, h w s Fourth av 
Dunn Wm, tmstr, 1 James Dunn Jr 
Durham Frank, brass wkr, h 6 Fifth 
Dyer Adam, carp, h e s Sixth 
Dyer Alfred brlyr, h w s Sixth 
Dyer Percy hatter, h w s Seventh 
Edwards Fredk G. dispatcher, h w s Sixth 
Elkln Robt, storekpr Asylum 
Elliott James W, lumber merchant (br) 
G W Wells mgr, n s Lake Shore rd 
Emery Wyatt, guard, h e s Fourth av 
English John ». engr, h e s Sixth 
Evans Ellis, gdnr, h e s Sixth 
Evans Wm b Albert E Kersley 
Farewell Moody J, engineer, h w » 

Feldt John lab,, h 9 Seventh 
Ferguson Duncan, brass mldr, b Chas 

Ferguson Mabel, b Mrs Amanda Dunn 
Fessey Edwd, ftr, h e s Klppllng av 
Fisher Arthur W, emery wkr, h 4 Fifth 
Forelock Albert, mach, 1 Bernard Fore- 
Forelock Bernard, carp, h e s Fourth 

Fountain Thos H, shipper, h e s Third 
Fowler James B, emery wkr, h w a 

Frampton Robt, mach, h e s Fourth av 
Eraser John A, color mixer, h w s Fifth 
Fraser Wm H, paper mkr, h n s Birm- 
French James S, supervisor Asylum 
Galloway Henry, mach, h e s Fifteenth 
Galvln Mortimer, brass mldr, b Chas 

Gamble Beynon, cond, h e a Second 
Garling Georgina, nurse Aaylum 
Gaunt John, ydmn, h w a Fifth 
George Wm, engineer, h w s Fourth 

German Fredk, flremn. h w s Sixth 
German Margt (wid Henry), 1 Fredk 

Gilbert Edwin F, mldr, h 8 Fifth 
Gillam John H, porter Y M C A (Rail- 
way br) 
Gillam Rose Mrs, cook Y M C A (Rall- 

w-ay br) 
Gillman Edwin, asst sec Y M C A ( Hy 

branch), 1 same 
Gillette Mlchl, emery wkr, b James 

Glover Wesley, carp, b Mathew Adam- 
Gopmaly James, real est n e Lake Shore 

rd, res Mimlco 
Gott Jabez. caretkr New Toronto Pub 

Sch. h e s Fifth 
Gott Lawrence L, paper mkr, 1 Jabez 

Gourlay James, carp, h 1 Seventh 
Oourlay John, engineer Asylum 
Grand Trunk Pumping Station, Jas 

Mitchell engineer, foot of Sixth 
Grav Andrew, flremn, b Frank Weech 
Grav Wm. flrmn Asylum 
Graydon John, brklyr, h e s Kippllng 

Green Wm. stove mntr, h e s Second 
Gregory Sidney, printer, b L Walton 
Griflln John, mach, h w s Fourth 
Grlmshaw Joseph, bldr. h e s Tihrd 
Hall Geo J, h w s Fifth 
Halloran Thos. brass wkr, b Wm Little 
Hamblin Albert, paper mkr, b C A 

Hamblin Geo, painter, h n s Birmingham 
Hanna Kathleen, nurse Asylum 
Hanson Fredk C. vice-pres Reg N Box- 
er Co, Ltd, res Toronto 

AIKENHEAD architectural metal works 







Analyses of all Commercial 
Products. Assay and Metal- 
lurgical Tests of Ores and Metals 

brkmn, b Edwd Sand- 



Harrison Frank 

Harrison John, brkmn, b Adam Dyer 
Haynea Harry, mach, h e s Fourth av 
Henderson Henry, chief attdt Asylum 
Henderson Roy. has Lake Shore rd 
Hennessey Mlchl. color mixer, h e ■ 

Hennessey Wm, calendar mkr, h nr a 

Fourth „ ^, 

Hennessey Wm C h e s Seventh 
Herbert May, nurse Asylum 
Hobbs Fredk, h e s Sixth 
Hopcroft Elsie, nurse Asylum 
Hopcroft Ethel, nurse Asylum 
Hornby Arthur, firemn, h e s Sixth 
N H Beemer Medical Superintendent 
Marcus Kelltf Bursar, s s Lake Shore 
road , „ ^. 

Howell Edwd', brass wkr, h e s I ourth 

avenue , , ^, , 

Huffman Wm. rubber, wkr. b John Mul- 
len „ 
Hullbig Frank M, sec-treas Reg N 

Boxer Co Ltd. res Toronto 
Hurren Chas, attdt. Asylum 
Hutchins Wm. elk Y M C A (Ry br), 

1 S3.tTl€ 

Ironside Geo, carp, h 2 Fifth 
Jackson Geo, brass wkr, h w s 
Jackson Jennie, drsmkr, 1 John 

Jackson John, uphol, h w s Sixth 
Jackson Thos, farmer, has 

Shore rd 
Jackson Wm Q, farmer, 1 Thos Jackson 
Jacobs Harffld, elect, b Geo Ward 
Jacomoson Wra, la;b, h e a Seventh 
Jamieson Maud, nurse. Asylum 
Jaynea Edgar G, ydmn, h e s Third 
Johns Florence, nurse Asylum 
Johnson John A. engineer, h w s Third 
Johnston Roht, h w a Third 
Jones Mary L Mrs, h 4 Seventh 
Kasack Peter, engr, h e a Seventh 
Keddle Hubert W, florist, h e s Fourth 

Keeaee Frank P, Ins agt, b Wm J Mc- 


KEHiTY MARCUS, Bnrsar Hospital 

for the Insane. Res Toronto 
Kelly Peter, flremn, b James Abbott 
Kernighan Adam, brklyr, b J B Fowler 
Keraley Albert E, florist, h w s Sixth 
Ketchell Chas, lab, h e s Seventh 
Keyfetz Mark H, trav, h e s Third 
Kirkiljright Lavina, Indrs Asylum 
Krause Geo, mldr, h 16 Fifth 
Krause Wilhelmlna, nurse Asylum, 1 

16 Fifth 
Krause Wm J, well drlr, 1 16 Fifth 
Krause Zelma B, opr, 1 16 Fifth 
Kryzlak Chas, gro e s Seventh, h same 
Lakeview Hotel, John O'Meara prop. 

Lake Shore rd cor Kippling av 
Langham Daniel E, shipper, h w s 

Langstone Eva, atenog, 1 Wm H Lang- 

Langstone Grace, mus, 1 Wm H Lang- 
Langstone Wm H, h e a Third 
r^angstone Wm K, bkpr, 1 Wm H Lang- 
Larkln John, mach, h w a Seventh 
Larkln Lillle, nurse Asylum 
Lauzon Jamea O. color mixer, h e ■ 

Lawrence Lindsay P, cond, h w s Third 
Legg Joseph F, photo engr, h w a Sev- 
Lettan Walter, attdt Asylum 
Lillicoe Herbert, stenog, h w s Fourth 
Lipton John, lab, h 8 Seventh 
LltUe Wm J. flremn, h e s Fifth 
Littleton Arthur, brase mldr, b Chas 

Littleton Arthur ]r, brass mldr, b Chas 

Littleton Wm H, cond, h w a Fifth 
Livingstone Emma, nurse Asylum 
tongBtaff Frank R, slsmn, h w s Fourth 
Love Sidney, celluloid wkr, h w a 

Lovajoy Adelaide E, smstrs Asylum 
Lovejoy Chas, brklyr, h w s Fourth av 
Lowe Chas M, firemn, b J W Sheffleld 

Lucas Bertram H, brkmn, h e s Seventh 
Lumley Edwd, brass mldr, h e s Fourth 

Lyon Edwin J, phy Hospital tor the In- 


h e B 

McBride Michl, color mixer, 

McBride Peter, biksmth, h w a Sixth 
MoCarroll Edith, fnshr,, b Joseph Earn- 

well driller, 1 Adam 

well driller, li e « 
contr, h w s Kip- 


McConnell Adam, 

J McConnell 
VIcConnell Adam 

Fourth av 
MoCrimtmon Wm 

pllng av" 
McCullum John J, h e s Seventh 
McCullum Roibt, barber n s Lake Shore 

rd, 1 J J McCullum 
McDevitt John C, elk. h w s Second 
McDonald Margt J, gro Lake Shore rd 

cor Sixth, b Chas R Pearse 
McDonald Wm J, paper coater, h e s Sixth 
McElwain Ella, nurse Asylum 
McGiveney Saul, tiremkr, h e s First 
McKnight Saml, carp, b Adam Dyer 
McLaughlin Lavlnia (wld Geo), h w s 

Sixth „, ^^ 

McLean Wm L, engineer, h w s Sixth 
McNally Harriet, kitchen maid Asylum 
Macintosh Alexina, supervisor. Asylum 
MacKenzie Duncan A, supt Reg Is 

Boxer Co Ltd. h e a Fourth av 
Mackie Ross, flremn. b J A Johnson 
Manklow Albert, rubber wkr, 1 Harry 

Manklow Harry, brass wkr, h e a 

Marshall Fredk G, farmer, h w a 

Marshall John, contr, h e s Third 
Martin Chas H, brass mldr, h w s Sixth 
Martin Philip, bartndr, h w s Fourth 

avenue , _^, . 

Martison Wm. engr, h w 8 Third 
Mason Richd H, phy n s Lake Shore rd, 

h same 
Matheson Saml, gdnr. Asylum 
Matthews Alex, brass mldr, h 5 Seventh 
Maxwell Wm, rubber wkr, h w a Fif- 
Meddowes Nellie, nurse Asylum 
Millard RoseM, opr, 1 Wm H C Millard 
Millard Wm H C, county elk, h n s 

Lake Shore rd 
Miller Fredk, tmstr. h w s Fourth av 
Miller James, ctr, h e s Third 
Miller Ralph, brklyr, h w a Eighth 
Mills Alfred E. bkbndr. h w s Sixth 
Mills Ernest, paper mkr, h n a Birm- 

Mills Henry J, h w s Sixth 
Mitchell Jas, engineer Q T Pumping 

Station, h 6 a Fifth 
Moher Kathleen, elk. b Mlchal Hennessey 
Moher Wm J. brass mldr. b Michl Hen- 
Mole Wm H. prin New Toronto Pub 

Scb. res Toronto 
Montgomery Arthur S. chauffeur, b A P 

Montgomery Beatrice, stenog Ritchie & 

Ramsay, Ltd. res Toronto 
Montgomery Saml. cost elk Ritchie ft 

Ramsay. Ltd, res Toronto 
Moore Arthur S, carp, h w s Four- 
Moore Joseph B, plmbr, h e s Four- 
Moore Stewart E, mach, h w s Fifth 
Moorhouse Doris, opr, 1 Joseph Moor- 
Moorhouse Joseph, mldr, h w a Third 
Moorhouse Norman, messenger, 1 Joseph 

Morley Gerald W, JwIt, h s a Lake Shore 

Morgan Isabel, opr, b Joseph Earnhardt 
Mornier Engene, elk, b Wm H C Millard 
Mowat Geo, h w a Fourth av 
Mullen John, h w a Sixth 
Murray Alex M, bur»*i'B elk Asylum 
Neave Fredk L, carp, h w s Fifth 
Neil John, color mixer, h e s Seventh 
Nelhama James, attdt. Asylum 
New Toronto Methodiat Church, Rev 
John A Walker pastor, a a Birming- 
New Toronto Post Offlce, J H Whitlam 
post master, e a Sixth 

New Toronto Public Sch, Wm H Mole 
prin. e s Fifth 


New Toronto Pumping Station (GTR), 
foot of Sixth 

Newell Wm, engineer, b Wm J McDon- 

Noah Mabel, elk, b Eben E Rugglea 
Northcote Chas, h w s Second 
Northcote Ernest B, 1 C Northcote 
Northcote Victor, driver, h w s Second 
Nunn Joseph G, mach, h e s Fourt«*nUi 
O'Brien Douglas, fireman, b James Ab- 
O'Meara John hotel Lake Shore rd cor 

Kippling av ™»»», 

O'Meosky Mlchl, paper mkr, h e s Fifth 
Ontario Lime Co Ltd, Edwd Carty mgr, 

n s New Toronto 
Orr Jane, head Indrs Aaylum 
Osky John, lab, b Mrs £mma Brant 
Owens Coletta, smstrs. 1 12 Fifth 
Owens John, h 12 1 if th 
Owens Joseph, maoh, 1 12 Fifth 
Owens Mary, Indrs, 1 12 Fifth 
Owens Miohl, mach, 1 12 Fifth 
Owens Myrtle, oik, 1 12 Fifth 
Palmer Geo, firemn. b 6 Seventh 
Park Wm, paper mkr. b Robt Wands 
Parker Eleanor T (wid Herbert), h ws 

Pasuick Chas, engineer, b Jacob Bloom 
Patterson, bkpr, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Pattison Margt, stenog Asylum 
Pattlson Thos, asst farmer Asylum 
Paveling Peter, engineer, h e s Seventh 
Pearce Chas R, engineer, h e s Sixth 
Pearson Gerald H, phy Hospital for the 

Pitts Albert E, painter, h e a Ninth 
Pleasants Percy, elk Reg N Boxer Co, rea 

Pollard Lewis, carp, h e s Third 
Pratt Geo, brass fnshr, b Wm H C Mil- 
Price John O, ins Insp, h w a Fifth 
Price Joseph R, brkmkr^ h e s Sixth 
Price Joseph R, brkmkr, 1 J R Price 
Priestley Edwd. shipper, h w a Fourth 

Primrose Edwd, printer, b 18 Fifth 
Primrose Oscar, paper mkr, b 18th Fifth 
Privot Arthur, lab, h 14 Fifth 
Rabinowitz Simon, real est, h e s Third 
Ramsay Chas N, vice-pres Ritchie 

& Ramsay, res Toronto 
Ramsey Harry, elk Ritchie & Ramsay, 

Ltd. res Toronto 
Re<3<Jan John J, engineer. 1 J W Sheflfleld 
Redlok Agnes, tlrs Asylum 
Relf Harry, mach, h w s Fourteenth 
Reveley Prank I (iReveley & Bon), 1 Wm 

H Reveley 
Reveley Wm H, (Reveley & Son), h e 

s Sixth 
Reveley & Son, (Wm H and Frank I), 
hdware, s s Lake Shore rd, h e a 
Rice Alexandra, 1 Mrs Ellzth Rice 
Rice Ellzth (wid Jas), h n s Lake Shore 

Rice Hazel, tchr New Toronto Public 

School. 1 Mrs Ellzth Rice 
Ric« James M, printer, 1 Mrs Blizth Rice 
Rigby Richd, h w a Fourteenth 
Ritchie Fredk A, pres Ritchie & Ram- 
say Ltd, res Toronto 
Ritchie Harold, brass fnshr, b Adam 

Ritchie & Ramsay Ltd, Fredk A Ritchie 
(Toronto), pres, Chas N Ramsay vice 
pres. Paper mfrs, n s Lake Shore 


(Incerporated A.D. 1833) 
Fire, thil and Marin* Incnrsiuia - 



For Attractive HOME SITES [Main 2524 

COX & CUMMINGS, Umited ]Main 472 

CANADA LIFE BLDG. and 2118 QUEEN E. iBeach 62» 


Robelock Mlchl, brass mldr, h w s Sixth 
Roberts John E, mach, h e s Sixth 
iRob«rtson Ella, nurse. Asylum 
iRobloson JameB, guard, h e s First 
Robinson iRalph, mach, h e a nfteenth 
Robinson SamI, barber s s Lake Shore 

rd, h e 8 Fifth 
Robinson Saml G, barber, h w s Fifth 
Redd Ralph, carp, h w s Fourth ev 
Rodgers Chas W, bolt mkr, h 10 Fifth 
Rodgers Thos, elk, b Arthur Hornby 
Rollins James A, asst supt Hospital for 

the Insane 
Rome John, flremn, 1 J W Sheffield 
Ronald Jane, nurse, Asylm 
Ross Wm A, motormn, h w s Fourth «.v 
Rowe Sydney H, attdt, Asylum 
Rugrgles Eben E, carp, h w s Third 
Rushton John, brass fnshr, h w s Sixth 
Rushton Solomon, brass fnshr, 1 John 

Ruskin Saml, lab, b Mlchl McBrlde 
Russell Eug'enle, nurse Asylum 
Russell Wn\ J, engineer, h e s Sixth 
Rustrok Joseph, gro e s Seventh 
Ruttan Jacob W, painter Asylum, h n 

s Lake Shore rd 
Ryan James, flremn, b Jas Abbott 
St Margarets Church, (Ang), w s 

Salmon Albert, carp, h w s Fifth 
Sanders Alex B, flremn, h w s Seventh 
Sanders PYedk, ettdt, Asylum 
Sandford Edwd, farmer, h cor Lake 

Shore rd and Seventh 
Sandford Ellen T. bkpr, 1 Edwd Sand- 
Sandford Fredk T, bkpr, 1 Edwd 

Sandford Norman J, bkpr, 1 Edwd 

Seville Horace, elk, h e s Sixth 
Scott Alex, attdt Asylum 
Scott Geo D, village elk, h e s Sixth 
Scott Thos, paper ctr, h n s Birming- 
Sexton John, attdt Asylum 
Shackleton Fredk, paJnter, h w s Third 
Sharpe Richd, attdt. Asylum 
Sheffield John W, confectioner, n s 

Lake Shore rd 
Shepherd "Wm, lab, h e s Fifteenth 
Slnnott John A, h n s Lake Shore rd 
Slaney Wm S, tmstr, h w s Eighth 
Smart Elizth (wid Henry), 1 Mrs Elean- 
or T Parker 
Spauldlng James A, paper mkr, b C A 

Stiafford Elizth, kitchen maid. Asylum 
Stansfleld Horace, carp, b Mrs Esther 

Staunton Thos M, slsran, h n s Lake Shore 

Stevens Annie (wid Henry), 1 J J Nunn 
Stevens Danl, Indrymn, h e s Fifteenth 
Stevens Henry, studt, b John Mullen 
Stevenson James C, supervisor Asylum, 

h w s Seventeenth 
Stock Wm E, farmer Asylum 
StubbB Geo, btchr Asylum, res Mlmlco 
Sullivan Eugene, brass wkr, b William 

Swift Wm, brass mldr, h w s Third 
Sydenham Geo A, carp, h n s Lake Shore 

Talt Robt, engineer, b J A Johnson 
Taylor Alan M, arch, 1 Mrs Jane Tavlor 
Tayl'i.- Alfred J, mach hd, h w s Fifth 
Taylor Jane (wid Walter), h w s Fifth 
Taylor Thos, h e s Sixth 
Teylor Thos Jr, mach, h e s Sixth 
Terry M'm J. engineer, h e s Seventh 
Theobold Joseph, roofer, h w s Fifteenth 
Thomas Hugh R, elect, h w s Fourth 
Thompson Richd, tmstr, h e s Seventh 
ripler Clara, nurse Asylum 
Todd Alex, engineer, h w s Sixth 
Trebele Chas, wtchmn, h 3 Seventh 
Trebele John, mach, 1 3 Seventh 
Turner Anthony, brass mldr, h n s Bir- 
Turner Wm J, brklyr, h w s Eighth 
Twaites Wm .1, tmstr, h e s Seventh 
Twitohett Ruby, nurse. Asylum 
Vanderbelt Wm, attdt Asylum 
Voight Lawrence E, gro e s Sixth, b 

Mrs Esther Cockcroft 
Waldowasky Bernhard Rev, he s 

Walker John A, pastor New Toronto 

Meth Church, b Nathaniel Tered 
Walton John, elk. b Adam Dyer 

Walton Lelghton, mldr, h e s Seventh 

Wane Barry, caretkr, h w B Fifth 

Wands Robert, engineer, h e s Sixth 

Ward Geo, mach, h e s Third 

Ward Nellie, Indre. Asylum 

Warwick Wm, h e s Fifth 

Waters Patk, brkmn, b Wm J Twaites 

Watson Ben], mason Asylum 

Watts Arthur, trav, h n s Lake Shore 

Weech Frank, carp, h w s Fifth 
Weech Wm J. elk, 1 Frank fWeech 
Weingarten Maurice, attdt Asylum 
Welch Ernest W, paper wkr, h w s Four- 
Wellerton Malhew. flremn, b H J Mills 
Wells Gideon W, mgr James W Elliott 
(New Toronto br), h n s Lake Shore 
West Frank, assts mgr Ritchie & Ram- 
say, Ltd, res Toronto 
White Albert S, blksmth, n s Lake 

Shore rd, h e s Sixth 
White Charles, dairy, b A jS White 
White George, plstr, 1 A S White 
White John, attdt. Asylum 
Whitehouse, Margt, Indrs Asylum 
Whitlam J Harry, postmaster New To- 
ronto P O, h e s Sixth 
Whlttall Elhel, opr, 1 James J Whlttall 
Whlttall Jifmea J, plater, h e s Sixth 
vVhltten Ellen (wid Edwd), h e s 

Fourth av 
\rhltten Fern, opr, 1 Mrs Ellen Whltten 
Whitten Martin O, elk, 1 Mrs Ellen 

Wilbur Prank, flremn, h w s Sixth 
Wilcox Wm. brass wkr, b Adam Dyer 
Wilkinson Wm B, asst engineer Asy- 
lum, h w s Fourth av 
Williams Gordon, brkmn. h e ■ Fourth 

Wills Albert, bkpr, b Beynon Gamble 
Wilson D W Hunter, drugs s s Lake 

Shore rd. h same 
Wilson Ella, supervisor. Asylum 
Wilson Leo H, h e s Sixteenth 
Winkler Frank, attdt Asylum 
Wlnslow Richd, flremn, h e s Kippllng 

Woodbine Albert E, emery wkr, h e s 

Woods Wm, brkmn, h e b Fourth av 
Woolllngs James, gro, h cor Fourth and 

Lake Shore drive 
Wright Flora, cook Asylum 
Yallop Herbert, flremn, b James Abbott 
Yeamans Geo, flremn. b Frank Wilbur 
Yeats Herman, carp, b Mrs Esther Cock- 
Yerex Nathaniel, engineer, h e s Sixth 
Yerex Wilfred, slsmn, 1 Nathaniel Terex 
Young John, brass wkr, b Wm Little 


(Four and a haJf miles north-west of 
P O) 

Abbott James, driver .h 22 O'Leary av 
Abernethy Saml, cond, h 336 Glenholme 

Adkins Henry J, ironwkr, h 61 Elarlsdale 

Adney John, h 42 O'Leary ave 
Alps Edwd, lab, h 74 Barlsdale ave 
Alston Chas M, trav, h 21 Earnscliffe rd 
Alston Ernest W, 1 2i22 Lauder ave 
Alston Geo E, btch, h 222 Lauder av 
Alston Wm J. trav, 1 i22 Lauder ay 
Anderson Richard, gro 289 Oakwood av 
Andrew J Wm, h 90 Roblna av 
As^hdown Ohas R, I 178 Lauder ave (on 

active service) 
Attack Herbert, comp, h 8 O'Leary av 
Ausman Harry C, elk, h 181 Glen- 
holme av 
Attack Herbert, comp, h 8 O'Leary av 
Ausman Henry C, h 181 Glenholme av 
Baird Hugh, h 149 Glenholme av 
Balrd John, elk, 1 149 Glenholme ay 
Bairstow Firth J, brass fnshr, h 216 

Oakwood av 
Bairstow Jonathan, h 214 Oakwood av 

Baker Richd A, telegraplier, h S Barrie 

Banks Sidney, lab. h 220 Oakwood av 
Barnes Richd. coach painter. h 187 

Oakwood av 

Barry Erwln, Ins agt, h 124 Glenholme 
' avenue 
Bartlett Fredk, carp, h 67 Earlsdale av 
Belfry Fredk A, drugs 282 Oakwood av 
Bell Thos. h 206 Oakwood av 
■ Bell Wm Jr, oik, h 152 Glenholme av 
I Bennett John, brklyr, h 2.6 Ctonway ar 
' Berry Fredk W. pattern mkr, h 3( 
j O'Leary av 
i Betts Wm S, painter, h 2 Conway ay 

Birch Joseph, assembler, h 107 Roblna 
] avenue' 

j Bishop John, carp, h 47 Appleton av 
: Blackley Alford G. trav, h 8 Barrie 

I Blackwell Thos, elk, h 4i6 0''Leary av 
Blackwood Wm, tchr, h 204 Lauder ay 
i Blight Thos J, lab, h 8< Roblna av 
I Blunt Jesse A, carp, h 207 Oakwood 
Boldridge Walter B, h 12 Oonway aye 
j (on active service) 
I Bonney Robt. h 166 Lauder av 
( Bouchard Nichols, comp. h 77 Earlsdale 
Bowers Henry, mach, h 56 Bobina av 
i Bowles Isaac, h 144 Glenholme av 
Bowser John, carp, h F 161 Lauder av 
i Brand Susan (wid Wm), 1 130 Glenholme 

, Braun Wm H, laundrymn, h 286 Oak- 
wood av 
Brazier Wm, brklyr, h 49 Earlsdale av 
Brereton Chas H, phy 287 Oakwood ay. 
1 h same 

I Broderick Jas. slsmn. h 47 Appleton ay 
I Bromwlch Sidney E, druggists' agent, 
I h 92 Earlsdale av 

' Brooks Albert, mill hd, h 67 Earlsdale 
Brophy Mlchl J, elect, h 146 Glenholme 

Brown Arthur, h 191 Lauder av 
Brown .Tames, stone ctr, h 318 Glen- 
holme av 
Brown Jeremiah, h 43 Mulberry av 
Brown Lucy A (wid Chas W). h 16S 

iGlenholme rd 
Browne Ephralm, h 216 Lauder av 
Browning Fredk T, messr, h S4 Earlsdale 

Buie Herbert, bldr, 1 42 Appleton av 
Buie John, h 42 Appleton av 
Buie Margt, elk, 1 42 Appleton av 
Burbidge Benj, h 29 Earnsclift rd 
Burnslde Mary, h 14 O'Leary av 
Bushnell Edwin J. gro, 260 Lauder av 
Buxton Geo. tlr h 18 Roblna av 
Byers Albert E. trav, h 150 Glenholme 

Oadman Chas H, engr, h 263 Oakwood ay 
Cairns Wm. h 222 Oakwood av 
Campbell Douglas, slsmn, h 190 Lauder 

Campbell Gladys, bkpr. 1 190 Lauder 

Campbell Margt (wid Anderson), 1 190 

Lauder av 
Camplln Wm C. elect, h 31 Renhold 

Carter Frank, baker. 280 Oakwood av 
Carter James, elev opr, h 233 Oakwood 

Carter Wm H, tmstr. h 243 Oakwood av 
(baswell Wm, painter, h 30 Conway av 
Cavalier Medlam (wid Edwin), h 10 

O'Leary av 
Chamberlain Louise, h 240 Lauder av 
Chamberlain Thos B A. h 210 Lauder 

Chappell Fredk, dry goods 278 Oakwood 

Childs Geo. elk, h 104 Roblna av 
Church Thos, carp, h 40 O'Leary av 
Clark Catherine (wid Wm), h 183 

Lauder av 
Clark Janet, 1 183 Lauder av 
Clark Robt H. brklyr, h 5 Earnscliff 
Clark Sarah (wid Wm). h 184 Lauder 

Clarke Sarah (wid James), h 44 Earls- 
dale av 
Clow Jos, h 3i2 Rololna av (on active ser- 
Coates Geo, mkt gdnr, 4 Mulberry av 
Coates Henry, concrete contr, h 279 Oak- 
wood av 
Collins Thos. brklyr. h 28 Conway av 
Comstlve Richd, poultry dresser, h 3* 

Eaj'Isdale av 
Cooper .Hattie E (wid Saml A), h 200 
Lauder av 


*••"- "' "fHiVoVT'Rt '"""'^ 123 SCOLLARD ST., near Hazelton 






Cooper Lucille, 1 200 L<auder av 
Coulson John H, cartage agt, n i 

Dundurn av 
Cox Geo, pUtr, h 66 Earladale av 
Crang: James, bldr, h 3 Robiria av 
Cressman Geo, h 189 Lauder av 
Cromb Geo, carp, h 8 Dundurn av 
Crook Arthur, sismn h 29 Renhold 

Cummins Peter, lab, h 9 Earlsdale av 
Deacoff Howard, bldr, h 270 Oakwood av 
Dillon Richard J, lab. h 10 Conway av 
Dixie Mary, h 17 8 Laud«r av 
Dixon Doris, 1 39 Appleton av 
Dixon John, elk, 1 39 Appleton av 
Dixon Jchn G. h 39 Appleton av 
Dunlop John, h 60 Clveary av 
Durle Fredk D, btchr, h 38 Appleton 

Earls Elmer mfrs agt, b 194 Lauder 

Edmund Wm, mach, h 303 Oakwood av 

I Edwards Chas, watchmn, h 20 O'Leary 
Edwards Geo M, carp, h 209 Lauder av 

, Edwards Thos, slsmn, h 1(55 Glenholme 

I avenue 

1 Edwards Walter, sihlpper, h 353 Laudar 

I avenue 

i EtherlnKton Geo. driver, h 22 Conway 

I avenue 

Etwell Thos, organ bldr, h n s Cranff av 
Evans James, lab, h 47 Conway av 
Faulkner Philip J, lab, h 300 Glen- 

i holme av 
Fenton John W, staty & tobacco, 210 
Oakwood av 
' Ferris Ernest J, h 35 Conway av 
I Fisher Arthur E, ins agt, h 59 Earls- 
dale av 
Fisher Francis, painter, h 167 Glen- 
holme av 
Fitch Percy, slsmn, h 31 Appleton av 
Foord Henry, h 227 Lauder av 
Foord Stephen, shipper, h 255 Lauder 

Ford Wm H, Janitor, h 24 Mulberry av 
Ford Wm H jr, laundryman, 1 24 Mul- 

l>erry av 
Ford-King Joseph, boot mkr, h 76 Earls- 
dale av 
Foster Christopher, h 28 O'Leary av 
Foster Geo h 32 Mulberry av (on active 

Fowkes B Stanley, trav, h 5 Robina av 
Fowler Alfred, tmstr, h 6 Conwav av 
Fox Chas J, asst insp, h 188 Lauder 

Prankland Edwin, trav, h 126 G-lenholme 
. Fryers Louis W, lab, h 28 Robina av 
PuUerton David B. decorator. h 81 

Earlsdale av 
Purnival Wm, sign writer, h 68 Earls- 
dale av 
Fyfe Geo T, mach, h 28 Appleton av 
Gall Geo A, advt agt, h 11 Barrie av 
Garland John G, carp, h 63 Earladale 

Geddes Wm S, rms 222 Lauder av ( on 

active service) 
Gibbard Thos, elk, h 23 Earladale 

Gibbs Chas, h '247 Oakwoo<3 av 
Giblin Ernest, elev opr, h 42 Mulberry 

Gilbert Chas, carp, h 54 Robina av 
Glassey John I. moto, h 223 Lauder av 
Goddard Walter S. lab, h 228 Oakwood 

Goldwln Wm, carp, h 47 Earlsdale av 
Goodail Alex, slsmn, h 196 Lauder av 
Goode Henry J, slsmn, h 56 Appleton av 
Graham Bernard, mkt grdr, S Jlulberrv 

Graham John J, cartage agt. h 12 Earls- 
dale av 
Graham Joseph, lab, h 10 Earlsdale av 
Gray Ernest D, slsmn, h 170 Lauder av 
Gray Stanley, h 82 Earlsdale av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Gray W Arthur, h D 1611 Lauder av 
Greasley Percy, lab, h 12 O'Learv av 
n^tl" ^^^"- cartkr, h 11 Appleton av 
H^bershaw Wm, sign painter, h 114 

Koblna av 
Hadler^Rlch P, brklyr, h 225 Oakwoo^l 

Hadlow Chas, gdnr, h 361 Lauder av 
Hadlow Earl, mkt gdnr, h 286 Glen-" 
noime av 

^^^'O'y Geo, gdnr, h 367 Lauder av 

Haikener Walter, tlr. h 328 Glenholme 

Hall Lister, lab, h 98 Earlsdale av 
Hallett Walter J, h 231 Oakwood av 
Hamilton Alex S, h 1 Robina av 
Hamilton James, contr, h 76 Robina 

Hammond Ma (wid R R), 1 187 Lauder 

(Harrls-iSmith Wm, h 33 Appleton av (on 

active service) 
Harrison James W. mach, h 73 Earls- 
dale av 
Harrison Joseph E, gro 205 Lauder av 
Harvey Edith (wid Wm H), h 182 Lau- 
der av 
Hayes Edwd. florist, h 274 Glenholme 

Heard Julia (wid D B), h 266 Oakwood 

Redmond Geo, harneaa mkr, h 16 Rob- 
ina av 
Helm! CJeo, h 32 Bralsdale av 
Hlcken Frank, driver, * 10 Robina av 
Hinbest Percy J, carp, h 41 Mulberry 

Hodgson Wm, blksmth, h 30 Robina 

Hogarth Wm, lab, h 9 Dundurn av 
Hogg Henry A, chauffeur, 1 44 Appleton 

Hogg Thos, h 44 Appleton av 
Hopkins Percy E, geologist, h 19 

Appleton av 
Hopper Alfred, slsmn, h 272 Glenholme 

Horton James, tanner, h 62 Appleton 

Howcroft Richard, mach, h 102 Robina 

a v*'nue 
Hoyes Fredk, plstr, h 25 Conway av 
Hubbard Thos. lab, h 93 Robina av 
Huddleston George C, stereotyper, h 13 

Barrie av 
Huggett Geo T, wire wkr, h 14 Conway 

Hulton Edwd, carp, h 116 Robina av 
Hunter Riehd J, bkpr, h 24 O'Leary av 
Hurd Albert J, elk, h 265 Glenholme 

Inglis Louis, pattern mkr, h 151 Glen- 
holme av 
Jackson Edwd A, druggist, h 88 Earls- 
dale av 
Jarvis John, 1 32 Conway av (on active 

Jarvis Maurice, trav, h 122 Glenholme 

Jarvis Wm, brklyr, h 32 Conway av 
Jennison Frank S, brklyr, h 239 Oak- 
wood av 
Jewell Leonard, elect, h 183 Glenholme 

Jilks Wm B, steamfitr, h li5'5 Glenholme 

Johnson Robt. h 92 Robina av 
Johnston Herbert, cashier, h 14 Apple- 
ton av 
Johnston James, carp, h 310 Glenholme 

Jones Henry M. h 224 Oakwooa a-. 
Kearsley Edwd, h 214 Oakwood av 
Keay Adam S. mach, h 5 Conway av 
Keay Bllith, 1 S Conway av 
Keay Helen, bkpr, 1 5 Conway av 
Tvelier Harvey A. ctr, h 17 Renhold av 
Kelsey Allan, lather, 1 25 Earns- 

clifC rd 
Kelsey Harold, lather, h 25 Earnscliff 

Kelsey Lome, carp, h 25 Earnscliff 

Kelsey Sarah (wid Henry), h 25 Earns- 
cliff rd 
Kent Chas. h 237 Oakwood av 
Killackey Bernard T, plstr, h 38 Conwav 

King Chas H, gdnr, h 213 Oakwood av 
King Wm, plmbr, h 15 Conway av 
Kingdon Kenneth H, 1 186 \Lauder av (on 

active service) 
Kingdon Wm, decorator, h 34 Earls- 
dale av 
Kingdon Wm L. acct. h 186 Lauder av 
Kingdon Wm L. jr. elk, 1 186 Lauder 

Kirby Ralph, barber, h 257 Oakwood av 
Lalntr Jean C, h 1« Appleton av 
Laing Pansy, 1 16 Appleton av • 
Laird Frank M. slsmn^ h 22 Barrie 

Lavers Geo, slsmn, h 351 Lauder av 

Law Andrew B, real est, h IJ Apple- 
ton av 
I^e Wm A, h 211 Lauder av 
Leese Noah, h 94 Earlsdale av 
Le Mlere Arthur, driver, h 28 Earla- 
dale av 
Lines John C, h 374 Lauder av 
Lockyer Harry G, Insp, h 139 Glen- 
holme av 
Longthorn James J, h C 161 louder av 
Lowther Thos S, lab, h 88 Robina av 
Lymburner Michl P, h 241 Oakwood av 
McAllister John, h 2 Barrie av 
McCandllsh John J, plrabr, h 208 Lauder 

McCartan John, plstr, h 56 Earlsdale av 
Mcclure Isatwlla (wW ."Wm J), 1 lai 

Glenholme av 
McCulloch John, div supt, h ilfi Appleton 

avenue ^ 

MoDermid Geo. dyer, h 45 Conway av 
McElwain James M E, linotype opr. 

h 6 Dundurn av 
MfKenna Ivan, candy mkr, h 37 Earns- 
cliffe rd 

■^°i^'"t'' 'J^™«?. ""av. h 43 Appleton av 
McMichael John A, slsmn, h 18 Barrie 

McMullen Arthur W, trav, h 27 Earns- 

cJjff rd 
MaoDonald Duncan B, char acct, h 193 

Lauder av 
Mackay Donald, acct, h 2 Dundurn av 
Mactaggart Janet (wid Hugh), h 133 

Glenholme av 
Mactaggart Margt E, tchr. 1 133 Glen- 
holme av 
Me.gee Douglas, h 291 Lauder av 
Maltby Saml C, h 27 Appleton av 
Manley Ohas, mach, h 18 Conway av 
Marshall Wm, plmbr, h 249 Oakwood av 
Martin Alonzo, h 54 Appleton av 
^Jartin Elmore S, elk, h 15 Barrie av 
Masters Thos, driver, h 5 Mulberry av 
Maton Russell, carp, h 173 Glenholme 

Meadows Isaac, h 148 Glenholm'e av 
Merchant Henry, carp, h 82 Robina av 
Middlemass John, carp 30 O'Leary av 
-Miller Edwin T (Miller & .Sons), h 

384 Lauder av 

^'i},V T^''''J^^ "• (Miller & Sons), h 

307 Lauder av 
Miller Jas A Rev, pastor Fairbank Presby- 
terian Church, 1 135 Glenholme ay 
Ml er Wm, painter, h IS O'Leary av 
Miller & Sons (Edwin T and Fredk H) 

nurserymen Laudrr av 
Milllgan Wm, underwriter, h 137 Glen- 
holme av 
Mills Wm A. gro, 212 Oakwood av 
Mitchell Robert J, driver, h 218 Oak- 
wood av 
Moffatt Hillard J, ctr, h 181 Lauder av 
Morgan Geo E, lab, h 28 Mulberry av 
Morland Fredk, confr, h 132 Glenholme 

Morris Joshua C, painter, h 33 Earlsdale 

Mougenel Geo, mldr, h 38 Earlsdale av 
Naylor Joseph D. bldr. h 129 Glen- 
holme av 
NichoUs Hamond. carp, h 39 Conway av 
Mcholle Roland, carp, h 259 Oakwood 

Nlcholls Walter.1 carp, h 80 Earls- 
dale av 
Norrington Norman R, h 7« Earlsdale av 

(on active service) 
Nott Rich H, printer, h 136 Glenholme av 
Nowell Wm F. carp, h 54 O'Learv av 
O Callaghan Reginald, elk, h 7 Mulberry 

O^Hara Geo, gdnr, h 50 Earlsdale av 
O Leary James, bldg contr, h 284 Oak- 
wood av 
Oakwood Presbyterian Church, Rev T 

F^il'll'.'^T "^^5^°^ pastor, g w corner 
Earlsdale and Oakwood ava 
Osman .Raymond, moto, .h 48 O'Leary av 
Owen Geo, brklyr, h 24 Conway av 

i"^^F Arthur C. millwright, h ]09 
Koblna av 
Palmer Edwd, h 23 Earnscllrf rd 
Parent Fredk, baker, h 16 Conway av 
Parish Herbert, blksmth. h 27 Con- 
way av 
Parker Henry R, gro. h 48 Conway av 
Parkes Harry, fireman, h 7 Conway av 
Parkhill John, slsmn, h 18 -Appleton av 
Parsons Albert T, painter, h 62 Earls- 
dale av 


"Th* BTMtaat piano la 

tlia worU," U tha writtas 

tMtiBiony of Da Padunana, 

tha world'* fvaat piaaiat. 

Saathia piano at 

Ia3-19S-l»7 VOWGE ST. 


WILLIAM JOHNSTONE, General Agent 43 ADELAIDE ST. E. Phone Main 3223 


Parsons Harold C, mach, h 100 Roblna 

Passer Frank, plstr, h 26 Mulberry av 
Pearce Geo, 1 .274 Glenholme av 
Pearson Alfred, rubber wkr, h 4 Earls- 

dal« av 
Peck Geo, carp, h 270 Glenholme ar 
Percival Fredk W, acct, h 36 Appleton 

Perry Chas W, photo injtr.aver, h 33 

Itenhold av 
Perry Elizth (wld James), 1 35 Uen- 

liold av 
Perry John, rma 237 Oakwood av 
Perry S Wallace, boiler mkr, h 35 

Renhold av 
Phillips Arthur, h 20 Appleton av 
Phillips Fredk R, bldgr insp. h 10 Dun- 

durn av 
Philpot Predk J, h 1 Barrie av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Pook Elizth P, 1 214 Lauder av 
Pook Gordon P, studt, 1 214 Lauder 

Pook Oliver C, contr, h 214 Lauder av 
Potts John, btchr, h 35 Earnsclllt rd 
Pountney Albert, stmftr, h 6 Barrie av 
Prentice Arthur J, r>hy 20i5 Oakwood av 
Presant Philip, tlr, h 161 Glenholme av 
Preston Jos, brklyr, h 37 Mulberry av 
Priestley James, munition wkr, h 58 Ap- 
pleton av 
Prothero Henry, flremn, h 96 Earls- 
dale av 
Proudfoot Rolph M, tchr, h 20 Barrie av 
Rabjohn Frank S, printer, h 127 Glen- 
holme av 
Rae Alex, watchmkr, h 112 Roblna av 
Rathbone Chas, h 168 Lauder av 
Rathbone Walter L. acct, 1 168 Lauder 

Rathbone Wm M. slsmn, 1 168 Lauder 

Reld Harry E, linotype opr, h 153 Glen- 

holnie av 
Reld Wm M, mach, h E 161 Lauder av 
Reveley Wm B, trav, h 35 Appleton av 
Rhodes Chas, mach, h 283 Oakwood av 
Rickett John, carp, h 24 Earlsdale 

Rickett Joseph, h 111 Roblna av 
Ritchie John, h 44 O'Leary av 
Roberts Wm F, brkmkr, h 209 Oakwood 

Robertson Boyd, bkpr, rms 3 Barrie av 
Robertson Christina (wld Archibald), h 

108 Roblna av 
Robertson Wilburn, adv agt, h 187 Lau- 
der av 
Robinson Geo E, trav, h 46 Appleton 

Robinson James, elk, h 135 Glenholme 

Robinson Robt, ctr, h 14 Roblna av 
Rodda Thos J, btchr, 276 Oakwood 

Rogers John, plmbr, h 1 Earlsdale av 
Rogers Wm I, h 4 Conway av 
Rogers Wm J, real est, h 50 Appleton 

Rook Hannah (wid Edwd), h 82 Earlsdale 

Rose Geo, 1 139 Glenholme av 
Rose John H, carp, h !9 Earlsdale av 
Ryan EUibth (wld John), h 50 Mulberry 

Ryder Henry G, trav, 1 A 161 Lauder 

Sanders Arthur, carp, h 365 Lauder av 
Savage Jos, painter, h 22 Mulberry av 
Schreiner Ferdinand J, acct, h 206 I>au- 

der av 
Schwertscharf Ernest, florlat, h 296 Lau- 
der av 
Scott Alfred E, gro, 274 Oakwood av 
Scott Chas G, carp, ih 40 Oonway av 
Secord Daniel S, trav, h 131 Glenholme 

Shank Walter D, moving picture opr, 

h 19 Renhold av 
Sharp Jonas, mach, h 24i5 Oakwood av 
Shaw Lucy H, Mrs, 1 177 Lauder av 
Shaw Martha V, elk, 1 177 Lauder av 
Shaw Wm J, trav, h 177 Lauder av 
Shearer Henry, h 7 Barrie av 
Sheppard Thos, carp, h 80 Roblna av 
STilpman John, h 154 Glenholme av 
Shutt Geo, lab, h 51 Earlsdale av 
Sibbick Geo H, gdnr, h 229 Lauder av 
Simmons Alfred I, bkpr, h 40 Roblna av 
Simmons John, slsmn, h 21 Earlsdale 

Simmons Eliza (wid Enoch), 1 255 

Lauder av 
Smith Glenn, emp T Eaton Co, h 176 

Lauder av 
Smith James D, elk, h 3 Barrie av 
Smith John, slsmn, h 9 Conway av 
Smith Wm, ins agt, h 281 Oakwood av 
Snarr Harold, trav, h 208 Oakwood av 
Snartt Harold Rev, rector English Ch, 

DufCerin street, h B 161 Lauder av 
Sncath Geo, h 43 Conway av 
Snow Cyril, carp, h 46 Earlsdale av 
Sparks Geo H, foreman T Baton Co, h 

25, Appleton av 
Speller Vernon, mach, h 12 Roblna av 
Spiller Chas. gdnr, h 364 Lauder av 
SpUler Fredk G, printer, h 65 Earlsdale 

Spradbrow Norman H G. draughtsmn, 1 

18« Oakwood ev 
Spradbrow Wm, bldr, h 186 Oakwood 

Steele James F, stone ctr, h 316 Glen- 
holme av 
Stephens John, h 226 Lauder av 
Stephens John Jr, 1 226 Lauder av 
Stephens Louise, 1 226 Lauder av 
Stevenson Simon B, acct, h K7 Barrie av 
Storr John R, furrier, h 22 Appleton av 
Sues Edw* A. trav, h 34 Mulberry av 
Sugden Albert, Insp, h 335 Lauder av 
Sutherland Alex, elect, h 52 O'Leary av 
Swainson Richd H, rubber wkr. h 26 

Roblna av 
Swift Chas, lab, 1 18 Roblna av 
Switzer Albert E, bldr, h 263 Glen- 
holme av 
Tasker Harry, bkpr, h 14 Barrie av 
Taylor Albert, mach, h 94 Roblna av 
Taylor Harry M, slsmn, h 3 Earlsdale 

Taylor T Wardlaw Rev, pastor Oak- 
wood Presbyterian Church, h 19 
Earnscllff rd 
Tee Wm D. h 10 Barrie av 
Telfer Hall, elk, 1 128 Glenholme av 
Telfer James H. h 128 Glenholme av 
Thompson Joseph, mach, h 71 Earlsdale 

Thomson Albert M, Ins agt, h 172 Lau- 

deir av 
Thomson James, elk, h 95 Roblna av 
Thornton Thos, carp, h 62 Roblna av 
Thurwell Alfred, lab, h 97 Roblna av 
Tilbury Alfred, lab, h 84 Roblna av 
Tolfree Harry, iron wkr, h 79 Earlsdale 

Toner [Robt, h 327 Lauder av 
Tuck Ernest H, oond, h 4 Barrie av 
Tuck Harold, bkpr, h 4 Barrie av 
Tucker Wm J, cement fnshr, h 110 

Roblna av 
Turnbull Donald, uphol, h 179 Lauder 

Tutton Arthur, elect, h 25 Mulberry av 
Tytl-er Alex D, baker, h 31 Conway 

Underbill Geo, box mkr, h 42 Earlsdale 

Underhlll Henry T, spinner, h 42 Con- 
way av 
Vale Wm L, bkpr, h 171 Lauder av 
Van Balkom Edwd J, h 41 Appleton av 
Vanzant Annie (wld Geo), 1 2 Mulberry 

Vanzant rwm A G, stearofltr, h 2 Mul- 
berry av 
Vincent Edwd, tlrs ctr. h 16 O'Leary 

Wakelin Alfred J, h 48 Earlsdale »v 
Walker Adam, h 169 Lauder av 
Walker Andrew, gro 45 Mulberr;.' av 
Wallace Colin C, lumber Insp, h 192 

Lauder av 
Wallace Edith E, 1 192 Lauder av 
Wallace Howard C, 1 192 Lauder av (on 

active service) 
Wallbank Robt. h 106 Roblna av 
Walmsley Thos, carp, h 180 Lauder av 
Walter Wm C, ctr, h 174 Lauder av 
Walton Rolph. maoh, h 38 O'Leary av 
Walty Percival D, h 16 Barrie av 
Warner Alfred C, emp T Eaton Co, h 29 

Appleton av 
Warren Wm. h 78 Earlsdale av 
Warwick Wm, rubber wkr, h 4 Earls- 
dale av 
Watling Arthur, carp, h 235 Oakwood av 
Weaver ArthJf. slsmn, h 35 Blarlsdale 

Wemyss James, driver, h 21 Conway 

Whelan Benj, carp, h 37 Conway av 
Wheller Arthur, lab, h 49 Cnnway av 
White Joseph W, h 130 Glenholme av 
White Robt S, optician, h 12 Barrie 

Widner Maria E (wid Harvey), h 198 

Lauder av 
Widner Mary B, 1 198 Lauder av 
Widner Reva L. 1 198 Lauder av 
Williams Riohd, h 15 Renholl av 
Williamson Geo, h 41 Earlsdale av (on 

active service) 
Willock Thos, mach, h 69 Earlsdale ar 
Windsor, Albert, cond, h 176 Lauder *y 
Wood Mathew, driver, h 64 Earlsdale 

Wood I'hos H, h 26 O'Leary av 
Woodburn Jacob, mach, h 15 Earls- 
dale av 
Woodburn Thos E, mach, h 17 Earls- 
dale av 
Wooding Geo. h 211 Oakwbod av 
Wright Danl, h 142 Glenholme av 
Wright Thos, carp, h 32 O'Leary av 


(Five miles north-west of P O) 

Abbott Wm F, steamftr, h 572 Annette 

Abraham Arthur, presser, h 459 St 

Johns rd 
Adams Edmund, soap mkr, h 519 Jane 
Adams Norman I, ctr, h 650 Annette 
Adarason Wm, mason, h 8* PrisoUla 

Agg Henry, tmstr. h 15 PrlscIUa av 
Agg Wilfred, gdnr. h 13 PrlscIUa av 
Altken James Gr-, stock kpr, h 610 Durle 

Alexander James, mldr, h J299 Dundaa 
Allan Sarah (wid Geo), h 21 French av 
Allan Wm, carp, b 412 Runnymede ra 
Allbright Arthur, mach, h 4 4< WlUard 

Allen Fredk, carp, h 31 Henrietta 
Allen Geo, brklyr, h 26 Castleton av 
Amies Harry, gdnr, h 523 Jane 
Anderson Alex, mach, h 9 Corbett av 
Anderson Richd. raaoh, h 21 Montye av 
Anderson Robt S. tinsmth. b 7 Corbett 

Anderson Wm, tinsmth, h 7 Corbett av 
Andervey Lawrence D, carp, h 40 Mari- 
posa av _ 
Andrews Corvin L, mach, h 434 Beres- 

ford av „ . . 

Andrews Ivan S, barber, h 502 Beresford 

Andrews Percy A, driver, h 24 Pritchard 

Angel Demettri, lab, b 3 Ravenal 
Arbour Louis, carp, h 21 GIlsoi av 
Anchbold Edwd, btchr, W8 Annette, h 

Archer Gilbert, tlr, 1 577 Jane 
Archer John W, lather, h 677 Jane 
Archer Susan (wid Elliott), 1 677 Jane 
Archer Thos R. brklyr, h 517 Beresford 

Archer Violet, opr, 1 517 Beresford av 
Archer Walter, lather, 1 577 Jane 
Archer Wilfred, gdnr, 1 577 Jane 
Arden Ernest, elk, h 351 St John rd 
Ardern Harold, elk, h 44 Prlacllla av 
Arraltage Annie, opir, 1 664 Annette 
Armltage Robt. elk, 1 664 Annette 
Armitage Thos W. oonfy. «64 Annette, 

h same 
Armstrong Bdwd, painter, h 639 Jane 
Armstrong Hattle M, weaver, 1 6 Royal 
Armstrong Thos A, mach, h 4i6 Castleton 

Armstrong Wm A. tool mkr, h 6 Royal 
Arnott Ernest, gro 39 Batavia av. h 

Arthur Thos. mach, h 442 Beresford av 
Ashby Bernard, mach, b 434 Durle av 
Ashwood Henry, lab, 1 91 PrlscIUa av 
Ashwood John, tmstr, h 91 PrlscIUa av 
Ashwood Wm, brkmkr, 1 91 PrlscIUa av 
Askin Cyril, mach, 1 14 Hanley av 
Askin Saml C, lab, h 14 Hanley ar 
Atkinson Geo W, mach, h 16 Batavia ev 
Atkinson John W, oik, 1 16 Batavia av 
Baby Frank, h 436 Jane 
Baby F Bert, bldr, 1 435 Jane 
Bailey Albert B, btchr, 1 526 WlUard av 
Bailey Alex A, btchr, 1 526 WlUard av 
Bailey Jane (wld Henry), 1 20 

Jelle ® art Ice (& 

'Phone Adel. 750-751-752 


Prompt dependable service In 
the YsUov Waggons 


156 YONGE ST. 



:rcoort land building ^savingsi 


.argcstOwmers&Developers Of Real Estate iNilANADA 



Bailey Walter T. mach, 1 526 WiUard 

Bailey Wm H, mach, h 52« Willard av 
Baiilie Ethel, opr, 1 495 Beresfard av 
BaiUle John, moto, h 495 Beresford av 
Baiilie John jr, piano mlir, 1 495 Beres- 
foird av , „ ,. j 

Bailiie l^ilHan. opr, 1 495 Beresford 

Baker Frank, mach, h 39 Mariposa av 
BaKer Jaiiit;s, h 6 19 Uurle av 
Baiit-r James jr, tuber, 1^519 Durie av 
Ball Ernest -H. elk, h 5 Gllson av 
Ball Janies, butcr, h n s Eileen av 
Balmer John, agt, b 662 Annette 
Balmforth Elizth (wid James), h 424 

Windermere av 
Banks Thos R, engineer, h 37 Mariposa 

avenue _, , 

Banner Edgar F. cabt m\i.r, .h 12 Crlsco 
Barivise Walter, piano mkr, h 2350 

Barnes Clifford, brkmn, h 9 Ravenal 
Barnsdale Geo A, btcher, 457 St Johns 

Barr Hugh, bkpr, h 15 Ravenal 
Barr John W, brkmn, h 684 Runnymede 

Barris Joseph, lab, h 330 St Johns rd 
Bass John, steam ftr, h 2544 Sit Glair av 
Batenxan Arthur, engineer, 13 476 Durle 

Bavlngton Geo W. pressmn, h 2308 Dun- 
Baxter Archd, elk, h 16 Royal 
Beament iGladys, stenog, 1 411 Durie av 
Beamtnt Lewis C, carp, h 411 Durie av 
Beamish James IH, prin King George 

School, res Toronto 
Beasley Wra A, driver, h 15 Gllson ev 
Beatty Thos G, piano mkr, h 443 Beres- 
ford av 
Beaumont Harold, elk, h 36 iStubblns av 
Beaumont Wm A, Iron wkr, h 476 Wil- 
lard av 
Beckett Hiram G, engineer, h 6J6 Beres- 
ford av 
Bedford Frank, mach, 1 10 Marlnosa av 
Bedford Fredk, mach, 1 10 Marinosa av 
Bedford Fred T, labeller. 1 10 ilarl- 

nosa av 
Bedford James T, piano pilshr, 1 10 

Marinosa av 
Bedford Jane (wld Arthur), h 10 Mar- 
lnosa av 
Begrley John E, cigars, 382 St Johna 

Belcher Geo, mach, h 27 Royal 
Belfall Geo W. mach, h 10 PrJscIlla av 
Bennett Gladys E, elk, 1 36 Mariposa av 
Bennett Robt C, bfcpr, h 494 Beresford 

Bennett Thos, carp, h 2538 St Clair av 
Bennett Wm, brkmkr, h 36 Mariposa av 
Bennett Wm F, h 415 Beresford av 
Benson Fredk, oarp, h 2586 St Clair av 
Bentley Chas H, contr, h 38 Corbett av 
Bentley Dorothy, 1 38 Corbett av 
Bentley Frank, carp, 1 38 Corbett av 
Bentley Harry, bkpr, 1 38 Corbett av 
Bentley Thos, brklyr, i 38 Corbett av 
Bentley Wm, mach, h 416 Windermere 

Berrv Chas B, blrmkr, h 14 Gilson av 
(Berry Wm J, cond, h 460 St John rd 
Billing Robt W, engineer, h 1 Mould av 
Billing Wm .H, messr, 1 1 Mould av 
Blnger Grace, stenog, 1 593 Jane 
Blnger Hilda R, elk, 1 593 Jane 
Binger Theo<3ore, driver, I 693 Jane 
Blnger Wm F, sign writer, h 593 Jane 
Binns, Alfred, cartkr, h 55 Oastleton av 
Black John B, engineer, h 53 Castleton 

Blackstock John, mach, h 511 Beresford 

Bland Edwin, wtchmn, h 414 Durie ay 
Bloomdeld Wm, lab, h 2482 St Clatr av 
Bloor Thos A, piano mkr, h 33 Priscilla 

Blore Florence, drsmkr, 1 931% Jane 
Blore Walter, h 637% Jane 
Blue Gordon, fireman, b 11 Crisco 
Blunt Emily (wid Wm), 1 28 Priscilla 

Bolder Walter, tmstr, h 51 Castleton av 
Bolitho Richd N, cond, h 27 Oastleton 

Bolt Geo A, steam frt. h 47 Mariposa av 

Bonan John, cigar mk,r, h 331 St Johns 

Bond RIchd G, elk, h 2330 Dundas 

Bonser Geo H, lab, h 16 Mould av 
Boorman Albert, blksmth, h 4-5 Batavla 

Bothwell Anna, opr, 1 327 St Johns rd 
Bothwell Evelvn, presser, I 327 St Johns 
Bothwell J Wm, carp, h 327 St Johns rd 

liothwell Mary E, elk, 1 327 St Johns rd 
Bothwell Sophonia M, elk, 1 327 St Johns 

Bothwell Wm A, oik, 1 327 St Johns rd 
Bowering John J, mach, h 680 Runny- 
mede rd 
Bowes Cecil H, mach, 1 413 Gilson av 
Bowes Predk W, elk, h 43 Gilson av 
Howmau Agnes, tchr, 1 304 St Johns rd 
Bowman David, h 304 St Johns rd 
Bowman Jean, drsmkr, 1 304 St Johns 

Bowman Margt, nurse, 1 304 St Johns rd 
Bown Walter, cabt mkr, h 489 Durle av 
Boyd James, mach, h 17 Norval 
Boyer lEdwd J, moto, h 25 Royal 
Brace Ernest, driver, h 14 Batavia av 
Bradley Geo E, mattress mkr, h 1 Pris- 
cilla av 
Bradley Wm, driver, b 760 Runnymede 

Brand James S, elect, h 3 Gilson av 
Brewin Everett barber h 433 Durie av 
Brigden John, gdnr, b 757 Runnymede 

Britten Chas, car rpr, h 28 Daisy av 
Britton iLouis 'W, tmstr, h 4 Priscilla av 
Britton Thelma, tel opr, 1 4 Priscilla av 
Brown Alma, tchr King George Public 

School, res Toronto 
Brown Ohas A, btcbr, 1 432 Winder- 
mere av 
Brown James, slater, h 1 Gilson av 
Brown John, ydmn, h 4(32 Windemere 

Brown Mary T (wid John), h 51 French 

Browning Allison H, shoemakr, h 475 St 

Johns rd 
Browning Henry R, baker, 1 422 Beres- 
ford av 
Browning Thos H, carp, h 4'22 Beresford 

Bruce Saml G, flremn. h 314 St Johns 

Bruce Sidney C, flremn, h 40 French av 
Bruening Rudolph O, btchr, h 106 Cor- 
bett av 
Bryer Raymond W, cond, h 488 Runny- 
mede rd 
Buchanan Mary, tchr King George Public 

School, res Toronto 
Buckley Robt E, piano tuner, h 9 Royal 
Budwit Paul, btchr, h 123 Corbett av 
Bulger Annie G, opr 1 466 Runnymede 

Bulger James J, h 466 Runnymede rd 
Bulger Thos J, mach, 1 466 Runnymede 

Bull Wm, shoemkr 332 St Johns rd. h 

Burns John T, elk, h 508 Beresford av 
Burns Norman, h 8 Crisco (on active 

Burns Thos S, moto, h 434 Durie av 
Burwood Robt, dyer, h 516 Willard av 
Busby Geo, b 25 Daisy av 
Butler Bros (Geo and Leander A), gros 

638 Annette 
Butler Geo (Butler Bros), h 638 Annette 
Butler Leander A (Butler Bros), 1 63S 

Butler Wim T, real est, 507 Jane 
Butterworth Wm A, carp, h 445 Durie 

Byers Bdwd, brkmn, b 424 Windermere 

Byford Henry H, cement wkr, ih 481 

Durie av 
Byles Geo, carp, h 1 Pritchard av 
Caesar Stephen B, photo engr, h 429 

Windermere av 
Cairns Herbert H, driver, h 470 St Johns 

Calladine Elsie, wtrs, I 752 Runnymede 

Calladine Hazel, wtrs, 1 752 Runnymede 

.Clalladine Martha (wld John), h 762 

Runnymede road 
Calladine Boy, brass fnshr, 1 752 Run- 
nymede rd 
Cameron David, bldr, h 49 Priscilla av 

Campbell James A, lab, b 411 Winder- 
mere av 
Campbell John. wel<3er. h 451 Beresford 

Campbell Norman C, maoh, h 324 St 

Johns road 
Camplin, Chas A, chauffeur, h 583 Jane 
Oanham Walter, chauffeur, h 6 Ravenal 
Canning Eva, examiner, 1 74 Langmulr 

Canning Gertrude, 1 74 Dangmuir av 
Canning Edna M. slsldy. 1 7 4 I^angmuir 

Canning Herman L., elect, 1 7 4 Langmuir 

Canning Ju'an E. tmstr, li 74 Langmuir 

Canning WJlda J, mlnr, 1 74 Langmulr 

Capell Joseph, h 42 Priscilla av 
Card Gertrude (wid Herbert), h 48 Pris- 
cilla av 
Carlaw Thos, mach, h 642 Annette 
earless Edmund B, tmstr, h 18 Hanley 

Caron Edna, opr, 1 14% PriBcllIa av 
Caron John Z, painter, h 14% Priscilla av 
Oarson Wm, mach, h 11 Mould av 
Garter Albert J, plstr, h 8 Stubblrai av 
Carter Arthur W, carp, h 487 Durie av 
(barter Geo A, maoh, h 13 Norval 
Carter Louis , elk, 1 487 Durle av 
Carter Martha (wid Nathan), 1 487 Du- 
rie avenue 
Carter Mina, elk, 1*487 Durle av 
Casement Walter, brklyr. b 678 Runny- 
mede road 
Caterine James A, gro 480 Runnymede 

Chalcroft Ernest, ctr, h 437 Willard av 
Chambers John, dairy 431 Windermere 

Chambers Robt S, blksmth, Dundas, 

cor Runnymede road, res Toronto 
Chapman John E, piano mkr, h 521 

Beresford av 
CThapman Wm J, mach, h 468 Durie av 
Chappell Chas E, carp, h 508 Durie ay 
CharlSoneau Danl, engineer, h 509 Durie 

Charboneau Norman, mach, 1 509 Durie 

Cheal Ernest F, sash mkr, h 9 Hanley 

Cherry Grace (wid Thos), h 52 Mariposa 

Chesman Harry G, blrmkr, h 14 Ravenal 
Christie John R, tel opr, h 774 Annette 
Church Edwd F Rev, pastor Scarlett 

Plains Meth Ch, h 48 Batavia av 
Church of the Advent (Ang) n s Prit- 
chard av 
Claridge Geo E, lab, h 20 Priscilla av 
Clark Annie, box mltr, 1 14 Daisy av 
Clark Arthur, slater, 1 14 Daisy av 
Clark Arthur E, draughtsman, h 436 

Runnymede rd 
Clark Margt, opr, 1 14 Daisy av 
Clark Mary F, opr, 1 14 Daisy av 
Clark Robt, driver, h 491 Durie av 
Clark Wm, slater, h 14 Daisy av 
Clarke Horace W, brklyr. h 341 St Johns 

Clarke John, btchr, h 23 Castleton av 
Cleland Annie T, nurse, 1 602 Runny- 
mede rd 
Cleland Archd, oarp, h 502 Runnymede 

McGregor & McINTYRE, Limited 

Ornamental Iron Work, Stair Work, Etc. 

3 —49— 



Phanes hillcrest 




LUMSDEN BUILDING, Main 7739 ''''°;;i:,{*H*87r" 


Cleland Wm J, leather wkr, 1 502 Run- 

nymede rd 
Clelland Archd G, tinsmth, h 463 Beres- 

ford av 
Clelland James^ plmbr, 1 +68 Beresford 

Clements Kate, paper wkr, b 12 Crisco 
Clouston Ellen, stenog, 1 406 Beresford 

Clouston ,Tohn S, bldr,- 1 406 Beresford 

Olouston Marlon, rnlnr, 1 406 Beresford 

Clouston Saml L, bldr, h 406 Beresford 

Coates Edwd, mach, 1 450 Willard av 
Coates John E, mach, h 460 Willard av 
Cocheran John, steam ftr, h 2560 St 

Clair av 
Coffin, ■Chas H, tile flnshr, h 49 Castleton 

Coggans Alfred, car repr, h 26 Prltehard 

Cohen Morris, pdlr, h 12 Batavia av 
Cole BenJ R, h w s Scarlett rd 
Cole Corvin L, carp, h 95 PrisclUa av 
Cole Fern, comp, 1 95 Priscllla av 
Cole John, messr, 1 95 Prlscilla av 
Cole Lulu, stenog, 1 95 Priscilla av 
Coleman Francis J, shipper, h 23 Hen- 

Coleman Frank Jr, engineer, h 540 Beres- 
ford av 
CoUedge Henry, iron wkr, 1 22 Mariposa 

CoUedge James, elk, h 405 Willard av 
CoUedge Louisa (wid Saml), h 22 Mari- 
posa av 
Collins Florence M, slsldy, 1 475 Beres- 
ford av 
Collins Henry R, btchr, 1 475 Beresford av 
Collins Richd A, oaretkr, h 475 Beres- 
ford av 
CoUinson Alice Mrs, gro 22 Gilson av, 

b same 
CoUinson Thos, ftremn, h 22 Gilson av 
Colls Geo, blksmth, h 495 Willard av 
CoUs Mary (wid Thos), 1 495 Willard 

Condon Martin, driver, b 424 Runny- 

mede rd 
Conley JO'hn A, gro 2542 St Clair av, b 

Constable Sidney W, trav, h 9 Priscllla 

Constructing and Paving Co, Ltd, Arthur 

A Ridler mgr (branch), 2322 Dundas 
Continl John, ydran, h 21 Batavia av 
Cook Albert, mach, h 328 St Johns rd 
Cook John, barber 328 St Johns rd 
Cook Wm J, mach, h 4(67 >^ WlUard av 
Cook W T, carp, h 32 Priscilla av 
Coomber Frank, mach, h <5 Norval 
Cooper EUzth (wid Wm), 1 20 Batavia 

Cooper Reginald B, action mkr, h 419 

Willard av 
Cooper Wm H, hlksrath, h 31 Mould av 
Corbctt Emma (wid RIchd), h 2310 

Corbett Richd, mach, h 17 French av 
Cosford Wm E, h 446 Windermere av 
Cosford W Herbert, mus tchr 446 Win- 
dermere av 
Coulson Thos, h 29 Langmulr av 
Coulter Almeda, nurse, h 518 Berresford 

Coulter David W^, real est, h 472 Run- 

nymede road 
Coulter Edwd, mach, h 45 Castleton av 
Coupe Wm H, lineman, h 31 Mould 
CoTvan, John T, mldr, h 11 Royal 
Cowie Edwd, mach, h 11 Gilson av 
Cox Henry J, florist, h 423 Durle av 
Coyne Geo H, mach, 1 472 Windermere 

Coyne James, h 472 Windermere av 
Crabtree Edwd, mach, h 678 Runnymede 

Craps Wm E. earetkr, h 537 Jane 
Crawford Frank W, bldr, h 466 Durle av 
Crawford Lloyd F, 1 466 Durie av 
Crawford Robt B, elk, 1 466 Durie av 
Crawley Ernest W, mach, 1 461 Willard 

Crawley Wm F, mach, h 461 Willard av 
Creed Arthur E, driver, h 2A Daisy av 
Crisp John J, elev opr, h 15 Marlnoga 

Crisp Kenneth C, ctr, h 415 Durle av 
Oookall Fredk, mach, h 27 Montye av 

Crookall John, carp, h 46 Priscilla av 
Cubbi4j;e Sampson, ptrnmkr. h 2592 St 

Clair av 
Culham Wm, lab, h 14 Crisco 
Cummings Alfred P. detective, h 481 

Willard av 
Cunnlngton Wm J, vet surg Dundas, cor 

Runnymede rd, res Toronto 
Deintree Arthur, bkpr, h 6 sCestleton av 
Dai n tree Ethel Mrs, gro 4 CJastleton av, 

h 6 saime 
Dale Frank T, btchr, h 2318 Dundas 
Dalton Warwick, mach, h 36 Priscilla 

Daniels 'Wm G, shipper, h 50I3A, Durle 

Darling Edwd H, h 432 iDurie av 
Darvell Chas A, carp, h 474 St Johns rd 
Daughton Arthur, contr, h 4ul Willard 

Davldge Wm H, ftr, h 2530 St Clair av 
Davies Arthur, painter, 1 636 Jane 
Davies Daisy, indrs, 1 591 Jane 
Davies iGeo, carp, h 29 Priscilla av 
Davies John, raach, h 486 Durie av 
Davies John H. elev opr, h 635 Jane 
Davies Joseph H, slsmn, 1 636 Jane 
Davies May, elk, 1 535 Jane 
Davies iWm, elk,, 1 63i5 Jane 
Davies Wm J, flremn, h 106 Priscllla av 
(Davis Arthur R, tmstr, h 308 St John 

road • 
Davis Geo F, carp, h 614 Durle av 
Dawes James, fireman, h 470 Durle av 
Dean James, carp, h 7 Hanley av 
Dempster James E, ftr, h 43 Batavia av 
Dempster Wm, mach, h 2289 Dundas 
Denney Harvey O, mach, h 119 Oirbett 

Dennis Alfred, gdnr, h 39 Henrietta 
Dewes Lester, blksmth, h 447 Durle av 
Dixon Joseph D, carp, h 26 I>aisy av 
Donald Geo, cond. Ji 28 Royal 
Don worth Wm O, carp, b 438 Runny- 
mede rd 
Dowe Guy. flremn, b 11 Crisco 
Downes Geo, firemn, h 23 Mariposa av 
Downey Alfred J, enameller, h 39 Gilson 

Doyley Joseph O, carp, h 456 Durie av 
Druery Walter J, mach, h 524 Willard 

Drury John T, tmstr, h 16 Priscllla av 
Drury Robt, bridge bldr, h 36 Prltehard 

Duckworth Prank, pilshr, h 479 Willard 

Duncanson Alex, tinsmth, h 404 Winder- 
mere av 
Dunlop Adam M, carp, h 17 Royal 
Dunn E>dgar F, carp, h 470 Runnymede 

Dunn Edwd J, mach, h 4 Norval 
Durrani Harry, librarian Runnymede 
Public Library, h 420 Windermere av 
Dyatt James, mach, h 512 Beresford av 
Dyer Alfred, elk, h 28 Mariposa av 
Dyer Eli, brklyr, h 21 Henrietta 
Dyer Fredk M, wire mkr, 1 21 Henrietta 
Eason Olive G, slsldy, h 6 Daisy av 
Easson Chas B, shipper, h 302 St Johns 

East Arthur F, pulley mkr, h 26 Henri- 
Einboden Fredk A, elect, h 46 French av 
Blburn Geo, tlr. h '14 Priscllla av 
Bldridge Earl W, mach, 1 21 Priscllla av 
Eldridge Norman, elect, 1 21 Priscilla av 
Eldridge Wm N, tuck pointer, h 21 

Priscilla av 
Ellett Geo, lab, h 50 Mariposa av 
Ellis James, driver, h 10 Daisy av 
Elvin John R, lab, h 49 French av 
Endersby Richd, brkmn, h 8 Norval 
Ersklne David, h 454 Durle av 
Evans Allen, carp, h 7 Norval 
Evans Jesse, lab. h 34 French av 
Evans Margt. prln Kunnymede Pub Sch, 

res Toronto 
Evans Thos W. btchr. h 764 Runny- 

n\ede rd 
Paires Agnes M, opr, 1 24 Castleton av 
Faires, Walter S, bldr, h 24 (Castleton av 
Farquhar Ernest, carp, 1 434 Winder- 
mere av 
Farquhar Maxwell, carp, h 434 Winder- 
mere av 
FVirrow Geo, welder, h 2 Mould av 
Farrow Maud, opr, 1 19 Raybould av 
Farrow Rkihd, plmbr, 1 19 Raybould av 
Parrow Thos, painter, h 1 Batavia av 

Farrow Thos, well driller, h 19 Ray- 

bonld av 
Farrow Thos Jr, weaver, 1 1 Batavia ar 
Farrow Walter F, gdnr, 1 1 Batavia av 
Farthing Francis P, carp, h 6 Batavia 

Faulkner Annie (wid Thos), h 21 Cas- 
tleton av 
Faulkner Joseph O, messr, 1 21 Castle- 
ton av 
Faulkner Mary A, opr, 1 21 Castleton av 
Faulkner Percy, cabtmkr, 1 21 Castleton 

Fawcett Ernest I. piano mkr. h 67'6 

Windermere av 
Feckel Danl, mach, h S6 Batavia av 
Field Herbert, postmn. h 435 Willard 

Fields J Wm. brkmkr. h 461 St John rd 
Playhive Timothy P, wtr. h 47 Castleton 

Fleming Anna M, stenog, 1 397 Beresford 

Fleming Augusta L, drsmkr. 1 3;>7 l!pr- 

esfoi-d av 
Fleming Wm, tmstr, h 397 Beresford av 
Fleming Wm 'D, driver, 1 397 Bereslord 

'i'lett Wm J, plmbr, h 479 Beresford av 
Florry Arthur, pdlr, h w s Scarlett rd 
Flower IHenry R, florist, h 444 Willard 

Fogg Wm J, brklyr, i» 406 Windermere 

Fort Richd, engineer, h 409 WlU&rd av 
Fowles Caroline (wid Geo), h 603 Wil- 
lard av 
Fox Geo, lab, h 516A Beresford av 
Freear Harry, mach, h IS Mould av 
Freear Henry, lab, h 18 Mould av 
French Robt, brklyr, h 35 French av 
Friend Chas A, btchr, h 108 Corbett av 
Friend Thos, blrmkr. h 4 (jrisco 
FuUager Albert, engineer, h 510 Beres- 
ford av 
Gage Gordon, mach, 1 312 St Johns rd 
Gage Wm, blrmkr. h 312 St Johns rd 
Garbett Lena, elk, 1 2312 Dundas 
Garbett Stanley, elk, 1 2312 Dundas 
Garbett Susan (wid James), h 2312 Dun- 
Garbett Truman, action mkr, 1 2312 

Garbutt Wm M, pulley mkr, h 446 Durie 

Gardener Oliver T. pdlr. h 2277 Dundas 
Gardener Thos, pdlr, 1 2277 Dundas 
Garth Saml W, h 26 Batavia av 
■Gartshore John, bkpr, h 13 Batavia av 
Garvey John W, shipper, h 36 Daisy 

Gasson Jane (wid Alex), h 486 Durie av 
Gasson Wm. chauffeur, 1 48'6 Durie av 
Gav Ethel L, opr. 1- 43 (Castleton av 
Gav Geo T, lab, h 43 Castleton av 
Geddes Theresa (wid Wm B). h 352 St 

Johns rd 
G-errard EMwd, mach, h 27 Batavia av 
Gerrard Thos, 1 27 Batavia av 
Gibbel Harry, pdlr, h 2 Batavia av 
Gibbs Geo, mach, 1 474 Durie av 
Gibson James, mach, h 46 Priscilla av 
Gibson. McCormack Irvin Co, Ltd (Run- 
nymede br), John W IrvIn mgr, coal. 
2410 Dundas 
Giffg Wm ftr. h 12 Mould av 
Gilchrist Archie, florist, h 424 Runny- 
mede rd 
Giles Joseph H, brklyr, h 29 Mariposa 

Gilmour Allan B, chkr. h ■506 Durle av 
Gilson Thos, gdnr. h 580 Windermere 

Gledhill Annie, opr. 1 83 Priscilla av 
Gledhill Florence, opr. 1 83 Priscllla av 
Gledhill Spencer, weaver, h 83 Priscilla 

avenue -^ 

Gleed Jean E (wid James), h 761 Run- 

neymede road 
Goebel Henry, cajr rpr, b 672 Runnymede 

Goodfellow, Wm J, blrmkr, h 22 Batavia 

Gordon Alex W, cabt mkr, h 15 Royal 
Gould John T, mach, h 64 Prltehard av 
Grade Wm, h 84 Prltehard av 
Gray John, mason, h 476 Durie 
Gray Robt, gro 32 Prltehard av 
Greenwood Frank, btchr, h 9 Mariposa 

Gregson James H, plmbr, h 467 Beres- 
ford av 

BURRUSS & SWEATMAN. Limited I insurance 


12 WELLINGTON ST. E. Phone Main 1790 


storage Batteries 




PhoneADELAIDE 1962 


Griffin Albert W, mach, h 35 Batavla 
avenue „ 

Grlffln Elsie N, candy mkr, 1 35 Batavia 
avenue , „, „ * ■ 

Griffin, Harold G, mach, 1 35 Batavia 
avenue „ _ ^ 

Griffin John D. flremnn, h 453 Beresford 

ay G n U ft 

Grlffln Stephen J, swltchinn, h B Mould 

Griffith Ivan J, engineer, h 470 Runny- 

mede rd 
Gritten Albert, carp, h 13 Marlnoaa av 
Grltten Gladys, opr, 1 13 Marlnoea av 
Hagemans Henry, action mkr, h 436 St 

Johns rd 
Hales Oscar, slsmn, h 3 Liverpool 
Hall Saml, mach, 1 26 PrisoiUa av 
Hall Thos, sagh mkr, h 26 Prlscllla av 
Hallett Henry W, flremn, h 18 Montye 

Hamilton Anne, tchr King George Pub 

iSch. res Toronto 
Hamilton Geo, cond, h 113 Langmuir av 
Hamilton Wm A,- section hd, h 3 Crisco 
Hammond John, gro 467 St Johns rd 
Handel Rosina M, opr, 1 538 Beresford 

Handel Sarah (wid Geo), h 53S Beres- 
ford av 
Handel Wm G, action mkr, 1 53 8 Beres- 
ford av 
Hanna John, cond, h 22 Royal 
Harper Eliza F (wld Richd), h 520 

Durls av 
Harper Helen D, tel opr, 1 520 Durle av 
Harper Wm, maoh, h 480 Durle av 
Harrington Wm J, pulley mkr, h 471 

Beresford av 
Harris Ernest, carp, h 42 Batavia av 
Harrison Fredk M, tmstr, h 17 Marinosa 

Hartley Joseph H, carp, h 413 Winder- 
mere av 
Hartrick Frances L, stenog, 1 492 Beres 

ford av 
Hartrick Mary (wld Wm H), h 492 

Beresford av 
Hartup Bessie, opr, 1 506 Runnymede 

Hartup Fredk, elk, 1 506 Runnymede 

Hartup Geo, elect, h 506 Runnymede 

Hartup Mary, elk, 1 506 Runnymede rd 
Harwood Wm, paper wkr, h 460 Durle 

Haslam Stella, opr, 1 121 Corbett av 
Haslam Thos W, carp, h 121 Corbett av 
Hasted Chas, action rakr, h 16 Marinosa 

Hastings Patk, driver, h 2348 Dnndas 
Hastings Thos B, engineer, h 440 Runny- 
mede rd 
HaveriU Bessie (wid Wm), h 12 Mari- 
nosa av 
Haynes Fredk, shipper, h 18 Crisco 
Haynes Fredk J, gdnr, h 87 Prlscllla av 
Haywood Joseph, flremn, h 499 Wlllard 

Ilayworth Ernest, tmstr, h 464 Winder- 
mere av 
Henderson Barbara A, h 369 St Johns 

Hendricks RIohd, btchr, h 48 Pritchard 

Hibbert Eric C, jwlr, 1 20 Marinosa av 
iHilbert George D, shipper, h 20 Marino- 
sa avenue 
Hicks James, biksmth, h 15 Corbett av 
Hlggs Ada, opr, 1 78 Prlscllla av 
Hlggs Fredk, plmbr, 1 78 Prlscllla av 
Hlggs James, engineer, h 78 Prlscllla av 
Hill Angus J, messr, 1 515 Durle av 
Hill John, gro 2369 Dundas 
Hill Joseph B, mldr, h -515 Durle av 
Hill Lawrence, painter, h 403 Beresford 

Hind T James Rev, pastor St Johns Rd 
, Baptist Ch, h 427 Durle av 
Hlney Alfred F, lab, I 2334 Dundaa 
Hlney Eva M, opr, 1 2334 Dundas 
Hlney Thos, lab, h 2334 Dundas 
Hirons Arthur T, btchr 289 St Johns 

rd, res Toronto 
Hirons John C, tmstr, h 4 Batavia av 
Hofland Fredk E, gro 370 St Johns rd, 
h same 

Hofland Morris, tlr, h 438 Runneyraede 

Hogben Leonard, -soap mkr, h 23 Prlsci- 

la avenue 
Hogge Geo, tool mkr, h llfl iLangmuir av 
Hogge Geo jr, lab, 1 119 Liangmuir av 
Holden Emma I (wid Wesley), h 569 

Holden Gladys, oipr, 1 640 Annette 
.Holden John A, tlr, 1 640 Annette 
Holden Viola, opr, 1 5167 Jane 
Holden Wm, watchmn, h 640 Annette 
Hollingsby Henry J, lab, h n s Eileen av 
HoUins James, gro 3'58 St Johns rd 
Holmes Sophia (wid Albert), h 37 

French av 
Hooley Jane (wid AVm), h IB French 

Howard Robt, mach, h 9 Crisco 
Hughes Henry J, elk, h 522 Durie av 
Hulbert David S, engineer, h 417 Durie 

Hunter Geo, driver, h '63 -Raybould av 
Hunter John, baker, h 486 Willard av 
Huntingford Arthur, mach, h 474 Durie 

Huntingford Mary, opr, I 449 Winder- 

imere av 
Huntingford Rhoda (wid C^as), h 449 

Windermere av 
Hutchinson Henry, carp, h 494 Willard 

Hutchison Clarence, engineer, h 500 

Beresford av 
Hutton Robt, tmstr, h 456 Windermere 

Hyman Charles, steam ftr, h 16 Ravenal 
Hyslop Fredk, mach, h 32 Batavia av 
Ineson Fredk, car repr, h 125 Corbett av 
Ineson Victor, mach, 1 125 Corbett av 
Ineson Walter B, messr, 1 12-5 Corbett 

Irvin John W, mgr Gibson McCormaek 

Irwin Co ((2410 Dundas), Ltd, res 

Irvine Elizth (wid Robt), 1 498 Beres- 
ford av 
Jack David, mach, h 319 St Johns rd 
Jackson Marie, tchr King George Pub 

Sch, res Toronto 
Jackson Peter J, brklyr, h 445 Beresford 

Jackson Robt D, stereo, h 66 Pritchard av 
James Thos M, mach. n 490 Willard av 
Jameson Robt, mldr, h 411 Windermere 

Jay David, carp, h 154 Mariposa av 
Jeckel Reginald, painter, h 399 Willard 

Jemmett Thos W, mach, h w s Scarlett 

Jenner Allan, elk, 1 41 Priscilla av 
Jenner Thos W. shipper, h 41 Prlscllla 

Jennings Geo D, h 557 Jane 
Jevons Emily, wtrs, 1 15 Mariposa av 
Jevons Phillip, core mkr, h 15 Mariposa 

Johncocks Wm, mach, h 41 Gibson av 
Johnston Henry E, flremn, h 28 Prls- 
cllla av 
Johnstone Stanley F, elk, h 8 Royal 
Johnstone Wm, Ironwkr, h 492 Willard 

Jones Fredk H, biksmth, h 516 Beres- 
ford av 
Jones Geo P, paint mkr, h 60 Pritchard 

Jcnes Lillie, tel opr, 1 45 French av 
Jones Mary P, drsmkr, 1 440 Beresford 

Jones Rosa, h 45 French av 
Jones Sarah J (wid Thos), 1 440 Beres- 
ford av 
Jones Wm T, engineer, h 440 Beresford 

Joslin Thos. tinsmth, h 450 Durie av 
Jules Henry, mach, b 763 Runnymede 

Kaiser John T, carp, h 10 Mould av 
Kaiser Sarah Mrs, g'ro 10 Mould av, I 

Karkeck Richd, brkmn, h 56 Mariposa 

Kavanaug-h Thos, enameller 534 Run- 
nymede rd, res Weston 
Kells Claude, mach, 1 36 Priscilla av 
Kells Noreen, opr 1 35 Priscilla ar 
Kells Wm J, carp, h 35 Priscilla av 
Kemp Harold D, pdlr, h 499 Durie av 
Kemp Mervin T, chauffeur, 1 495 Durle 

' Kemp Robt, bldr. h 495 Durie av 

Kendall Geo. elk, h 5 Royal 

Kennedy Harvey C, mgr Kennedy Spring 

Wheel Mtg Co, Ltd, res Toronto 
Kennedy Spring Wheel Mfgr Co, Ltd, 
Harvey C Kennedy mgr, 17-19 Daisy 
Kent Cleveland D, leather wkr, b 8 QU- 

soii av 
Kent Henry, Jwlr, h 4t3 Durie av 
Keyes John E, carp, b 411 Beresford 

Kiokley Richd H, switchmn, h 90 PrU- 

cilla av 
Kidd Wm, tmstr, h 326 St Johns rd 
King Chas E, mach, h 129 Prlscllla av 
Kints George School, James H Beamish 

iJiiii. .Si Johns rd, cor Wlllard av 
King Jas, mach. h 2584 St Clair av 
King James M, carp, h 29 Batavia av 
Kins Wm J, h 653 Jane 
Kinsman Arthur, flremn, b 470 Runnv • 

mede rd 
capping John H, oil mkr, h 2540 St 

Clair av 
Kirk Wm. driver, h 404 Durie av 
Kirk Wm J, carp, h 21 Mariposa av 
Knight Henry, carp, h 6 Montye av 
Knight Levi, bkpr, h 8 Ravenal 
[\nott Sidney, tmstr, h 2418 Dundas 
Knox Wm, ydmn, h 9 Marinosa av 
Kialbb Bryant, baker, h 34 Batavia av 
I>ack Geo, lab, h 10 Montye av 
Lainson John W, elk, h / Marinosa av 
Lamphier Theresa, tchr King George 

Sch, res Toronto 
Lang James P, tmstr, h 4 87 Willard av 
Lang Robt F, tmstr, h 13 Daisy av 
Lapham Herbert, btchr. b 372 St Johns rd 
Lavelle Arthur J, brkmn, li 18 Scarlett 

Lavelle Louise, fnshr, 1 518 Wi'lard av 
Lavelle Walter T, brakemn, h 51S Willard 

Lawlor John T, comp, h 398 Winder- 
mere av ■ 
Lawrie Alex M. carp, h 9 Batavia av 
Lawrie Jeane, opr, 1 9 Batavia av 
Lawrie Margt, elk, 1 9 Batavia av 
Lawrie Mary M, stenoK. 1 9 Batavia av 
Laws Alex, carp, 1 9 Gilson av 
Laws Wm, carp, h 9 Gilson av 
Laxton John, ptrnmkr, h 310 St Johns rd 
Leach Saml T, gro 749 Runnymede rd. 

h same 
Leadbeater Albert E, brklyr, h 413 Wll- 
lard av 
Leadbeater Arthur, carp, 1 413 Wiliara 

Leadbeater Wilbert, elect, h 438 Win- 
dermere av 
Leadbeater W-m, exipress 585 Jane 
Lee James, mach, h 431 Durie av 
Lee Wm G, engineer, h 496 Beresford av 
Leech John W, brklyr, h 2 Pritchard av 
Leech Reginald, bkpr, 1 2 Pritchard av 
Leggett Golden, lab, h n s Eileen av 
Leigh Edwd, millwright, h 127 Corbett 

Lewis Albert W, plshr, h 21 Mould av 
Lewis Allan E, flremn, h 50.5A Durle av 
Lewis Arthur, driver, h 4 Daisy av 
Ley Herbert E. flremn, h 652 Annette 
Libby Louisa (wid Mathew H), h 64 Pris- 
cilla av 
Libby Wilhelmina. opr. 1 64 Priscilla av 
Liddard Frank, flremn, h 484 Durle av 
Llghtowler Doris, packer, 1 473 St Johns 

Llghtowler Joseph A, comp, h 473 SI 

Johns rd 
Llghtowler Muriel, packer, 1 473 St 

Johns rd 
Lillew Isabel, packer, 1 31 French av 
Lillew Margt (wid Wm), h 31 French av 
Lillew Victor, btchr, 1 31 French av 
Lillew Wm. gdnr. 1 31 French av 
Loftus James H, car repr, h 772 An- 
Longhurst Elizth Mrs, dry gds 660 

Annette, h same 
Longhurst Wm A, slsmn, h 660 Annette 
Luckett Chas A, contr, h 87 Corbett av 
Luff Stanley, cond, h 475 Durie av 
Lynch Catherine V, 1 4 Ravenal 
Lynch Edwd J, mach, 1 4 Ravenal 
Lynch Jane H Mrs, 1 4 Ravenal 
Lynch Mary A, 1 4 Ravenal 
Lynch Wm J, brkmn, h 4 Ravenal 
Lyons John M, btchr, h 40 Batavia av 
McAllister Robt. elk, h 637 Jane 
McClelland Andrew, pdlr, 1 2304 Dundas 




Large or Small Amount* Invetted Carefully 




McClelland Frank, brkmn, h 11 Rav- 

McClelland James, pdlr, h 23(H Dundas 
McClelland Thos, driver, h 108 Prlscilla 

McCormack Joseph, bldr, h 2300 Dun- 
M;Cormick James, carp, h 35 Henrietta 
McCreary Ernest, driver, 1 10 Norval 
McCreary Frank W, btchr, h 18 Norval 
McCrearj' Robt. watchmn, h 10 Norval 
MoCreary Robt jr, boatmn, 1 10 Norval 
McUonald Win J, tester, h 37 Batavla 

McDougall Andrew, mldr, h 434 Runny- 

mede rd 
McDowell John, flremn, h 482 Durie av 
McFarland Frank J, metal wkr, h 759 

Runnymede rd 
MoGee Harry T. shipper, h 589 Jane 
MeGill Geo, coll, h 12 Prlscilla av 
McGowan John T. flremn. h 581 Jane 
McGraw Robt, pitmn, h 765 Runnymede 

MdHenry Hugh, mach, h 37 Henrietta 
Mcllearney Bernard, btchr, h 757 Run- 
nymede rd 
Mcllharprey Joseph P, caibt mkr, h 2350 

Mclntyre Christina. 1 543 Windermere av 
Mclntyre Malcolm D, h 543 Windermere 

Mclntvre Margt. 1 543 Windermere av 
Mclnti.-re Sarah, bkpr. 1 543 Windermere 

McKay Alex K, metal wkr, h 8 Stubbing 

MoKav Predk C. mldr, h 430 WiUard av 
McKenzle Chas W D, trav, 1 72 Lang- 

muir av 
McKenzie Danl M. h 72 Langrmulr av 
McKenzie Wm, painter, h 28 French av 
McLaren Annie (wid Jas), 1 3 Marinosa 

McLaren James M, mach, h 643% Jane 
McLaughlin James, btchr, h 12 Rav- 

McLaughlin Myrtle, elk, 1 12 Ravenal 
McLaughlin Nellie, elk, 1 12 Ravenal 
McLean Geo W, carp, h 430 Beresford 

McLean James W, car repr, h 9 Norval 
McLean Wm, steward, b 9 Norval 
McLeod Wm J, trav, h 452 Durle av 
Mc(Mann Ellzth (wid Wm), h 29 Cor- 
bet t av 
McManus John, brkmn, b 11 Crlaco 
McNicol John, mach, h 504 Beresford 

McNicol Robt, brkmn, h 2 Daisy av 
McQueen Wm, contr. h 468 Windermere 

Macauley John, metal wkr, h 485 Wil- 

lard av 
Macdonald Edna, tchr Kins Oeorge Pub 

Schl, res Toronto 
Macdonald Edwrt A, carp, h 517 Durle 

Macdonald John, packer, h 17 Prlscilla 

Macdonald John E, gdnr, 1 517 Durie 

MacParlane Alex, comp. 1 500 WfUard av 
MacFarlane James C. btchr, h 500 Wll- 

lard av 
Mackle Alex B. plstr. h 843 Jane 
MacPherson Donald E. bank messen- 
ger, h 17 Ravenal 
Maddox Lottie, opr. 1 26 Daisy av 
Maddox Robt. barber, h 25 Daisy av 
Malcher Dorothy, opr, I 413 Durle av 
Malcher BliaK. painter, h 413 Durle av 
Malcher Fredk, painter, h s s Eileen av 
Manktelow Frank E, chauffeur, h 957 

Manktelow Thos J, chauffeur, 1 857 Jane 
Manning Bdwin T. Jwlr. h 462 Winder- 
mere av 
Manning: John T, mach, h 117 Corbett 

Mantell Amos, tmstr, h 682 Runnymede 

^antell John, ydmn, 1 682 Runnymede 

Mantell Myrtle, opr, 1 682 Runnymede 

Mantell Ross, drover, I 682 Runnymede 

Mara Thoa, elk, h 20 Royal 

Mavlot Wm, mach, h 99 Langmuir av 
Marchant Walter E. mach, h 46 Pritch- 

ard av 
Mttrples Wm, elk, h 518 Duiie av 
Marshall David, engineer, h 498 Beres- 
ford av 
Marshall Richd, mach, h 3 Mariposa av 
Marshall Wm J, blSTOth, h 22 Ca«tleton 

Martin Bdwd T, btchr, h 46 Alould av 
Martin Geo F, florist., h 28 Pritchard av 
Martin Richd, wood wkr, h 475 Wil- 

lard aV John, switchmn, h 15 Norval 
Mashinter Albert, tmstr, h 509 Beres- 
ford av 
Massey Alfred, mach, h 7 Royal 
Massey Anne (wid Saml), h 16 Daisy 

Massey Anne H, stenog, 1 16 Daisy av 
Massey Arthur, btchr, 1 16 Daisy av 
Meaton Wm, painter, h 52 Priscilla av 
Mellln Arnold, pulley mkr, h 10 Pritch- 
ard av 
Merton Alex G, carp, b 672 Runnymede 

Middleton Frank T, flremn, h 50 Mould 

Mike Geo. lab, b 3 Ravenal 
Mill Tl^«i P, painter, h 13 Royal 
•Miller .K.'idiew. mason, h 8 Daisy av 
Miller Fredk, tinsrath, 1 8 Daisy av 
Miller Harold, leather wkr, 1 463 W'il- 

lard av 
Miller Ida, opr, 1 8 Dalsv av 
Miller Nellie, opr, 1 463 Willard av 
Miller Warwick, carp, n 463 Williud av 
Milligan Hamilton, florist, h 646 An- 
Milne Agnes (wid Robt), 1 25 Royal 
Milne Campbell, tlr, 1 39 French av 
Milne Celina (wid David), h 39 French 

Mitchell Geo J, elk, h 497 Beresford av 
Mitchell Martha J. opr, b 129 Priscilla av 
Mitchell Thelma D, 1 497 Beresford av 
Mockford Philip, mach, 1 9 Montye av 
Montgomery Ross, mach, h 3 Marinosa 

Moore Arthur, mach, h 506 Beresford av 
Moore Elsie, opr, 1 18 Castleton av 
Moore Geo W, painter, h 18 Castleton 

Moorehouse Herbert, artist, h 414 Win- 
dermere av 
Morley Rev Edwd, pastor St Paul's Ch. 

res Toronto 
Morris Arthur, tinner, h 6 Pritchard av 
Morris Fredk, mach, h 43 Mariposa av 
Morrison David, lab, h 34 Royal 
Morrow Chas, flremn, h 476 Runnymede 

Morrow James, messr, 1 13 Gilson av 
Morrow Wm, carp, h 13 Gilson av 
Moseley Arthur, carp, 1 39 Prlscilla av 
Mosele-- Henry, carp, h 39 Priscilla av 
Moseley Wm, carp, 1 39 Priscilla av 
Moss Alfred C, carp, h 53 French av 
Moss Edith S, packer, 1 57 French av 
Moss Edwd C, carp, 1 57 French av 
Moss Ephraim F, carp. 1 57 French av 
Moss Jesaie G (wid Wm), h 57 French 

Moss Susan P, opr, 1 57 French av 
Mould Alfred, brklyr, h 64 Mould av 
Mould Jesse, brklyr^ h 56 Mould av 
Mould Thos, brklyr, h 67 Mould av 
Mount]oy Cephas J, bldr, h 474 Runny- 
mede rd 
Mowat He.nry, elk, 1 418 Windermere av 
Mowet James, elk. h 418 Windermere av 
Mowat John, h 439 Durle av 
Mugi'ord Frank, mldr, h 647 Jane 
Muller Wm, mach, h 329 St Johns rd 
Munger Wm G, mach, h 477 Durle av 
.Murray Gardiner, brkmn, h 69 Pritchard 

Murray Robt, shipper, h 11 Norval 
Myers Joseph, steamftr, h 26 Royal 
Nanos Harry, btchr .h 3 Ravenal 
Nellands Gregory, h 642 Beresford av 
Newbold Arthur W, coll, h 104 Prlscilla 

Newbold Walter, elk, I 104 Priscilla av 
Newlove Isaac M, engineer, h 16 Gilson 

Newton Matthew, car repr, h 672 Run- 

nvmede rd 
Nicholls Wm J, driver, h 6 Daisy av 

Nie Edwd R, mach, h 43 Prlscilla av 
Noble John M, mach, h 15 Batavla av 

Nutt Ben], brakemn, h 23 Royal 
Xye Dorothy, tel opr, 1 483 Durie av 
Nye Lucy (wid Wm), h 483 Durie av 
O'Neill James, tmstr. h 507 Durie av 
O'Neill James E, tmstr, h 516 Runny- 
mede rd 
Ogden Colin, carp ,h 473 WiUard av 
Omer Wm, carp, h 5 Hanley av 
Oster Thos P, lab, h 520 Durie av 
Paladino Saml, concrete wkr, h 2359 Dun- 
Palmateer Arthur E, cond, h 415 Wil- 
lard av 
Palmer Levi, elk, h 14 Norval 
Paolo Cosmosino fruit 2363 Dundas, h 

Park Alex, carp, h 24 Royal 
Parker Joseph H, piano miir. h 460 Win- 
dermere av 
Parker Maud, stenog, 1 46ii Windermere- 

Parm Chas, btchr. h 6 Priscilla av 
Parry Ernest H. btchr, h 56 Pritchard av 
Parry Geo C, btchr, h 57 Castleton av 
Parsons CJeo H, mach, b i684 Runnymede 

Partridge Joseph, lab, h 38 Castleton av 
Pate Walter, cigars 2466 St Clair av 
Patterson Blanche, opr, 1 758 Runny- 
mede road 
Patterson Robt A, mldr, h 758 Runny- 
mede rd 
Patterson Wilfred A, elk, 1 758 Runny- 
mede rd 
Paulo Charles, lab, h 482 Willard av 
Paye Wm R. carp, h 493 Willard av 
Pearson Arthur W, chauffeur, h 103 

Priscilla av 
Pearson Octaiuus, flremn. h 405 Beres- 
ford av 
Recover, Wm L, btchr, h 56 Priscilla av 
Pender Wm I, engineer, h 490 Beresford 

Petrie Herbert W, driver, h 407 Willard 
Phillips Edwd, mach, 291 St Johns rd. 

h same 
Phillips Frank R, chauffeur, h 587 Jane 
Pipe Ernest W, shoemkr, h 44 (Jastleton 

Pittaf Alfred ,H, mach, h 467 Durie av 
Plumley Albert C, bridge bldr, h 72 Prit-- 

chard av 
Plymoton Ernest, bppr, b 404 Runny- 
mede av 
Pooley Glenora, elk, 1 335 St Johns rd 
Pooley Hanna (wid Herbert A), h 336 

:St Johns rd 
Pooley Mary, tel opr, 1 335 St Johns rd 
Poste Bessie, opr, 1 22 Priscilla av 
Poste Fanny, stenog, 1 22 Priscilla av 
Poste Geo, mach, 1 22 Prlscilla av 
Poste Henry T, bkpr, h 22 Priscilla av 
Poulton Chas. carp, h 18 Royal 
Powell Joseph, painter, h 89 Corbett av 
Pratis Geo, porter, 1 2270 Dundas 
Pratis Wm, porter, 1 2270 Dundas 
Pratis Wm J, coll, h 2270 Dundas 
Pringle Harold H, printer, h 522 Wil- 
lard av 
Pritchard Charles, oaretkr, 1 58 Batavla 

Pritchard Edgar, steam ftr, 1 58 Batavla 

Pritchard Mary A (wid Charles), h 68 

Batavla av 
Proctor David W, elk, 1 18 Gilson av 
Proctor Emanuel, elk, 1 18 Gilson av 
Proctor Predk G, elk, 1 18 Gilson av 
Proctor Mary A (wid Wro), h 18 Gilson 

Prosser Robt, bolt mkr, h 439 St Johns 

Pyke James, gdnr, h s s Eileen av 
Quarrington Wm J, lab, h n s Eileen av 
Radford Arthur, blksmth, h 47 Batavla 

Radford Frank, oarp, h 484 Willard av 
Radford P^edk. mattress mkr, 1 484 

Willard ev 
Radford Olive, opr, 1 484 Willard av 
Rae John, bkbndr, h 408 Windermere 

Rally Wm A, blrmkr, h 673 Jane 
Ramsey John, h 12 Norval 
Rapley Geo W, pipe ftr, h 876 Runny- 

me<le rd 
Raven Arthur W, h 46S Durle av 
Raw John, piano mkr, 1 410 Windermere 

Raw Joseph, carclnr, h 410 Windermere 






Confeberation Xife 



Canadian CompMy 

Raw Susan, oik, 1 410 Windermere av 
RayliouW Perry J, elk, li 412 Durie av 
Raymer Henry B, piano mkr, li 478 Win- 
dermere av 
Rayner Raymond, stbleman, h 755 Run- 

nymede rd 
Rayson Sajnl, painter, h 412 Winder- 
mere av 
Readm-an Albert B, drover, h iS Ravenal 
Reardon Matilda (wid James), h 633 

Resan John F, maoh. h 38 Pritchard av 
Keid Geo B, tmstr. h 616 Beresford av 
Reid James I* car repr, h 7 Ravenal 
Reid Jeremiah, tmstr, h 432 Beresford 

Rennle Robt C, harness mkr, h 6 Nerval 
Renton Wm G, elect, h 400 Windermere 

Revel Thos E, car repr, h 60 Ba;tavla av 
Reville Fredk, frro 2361 Dundas 
Revnolds George, b 670 Runnymede rd 
Reynolds Jatnes W, paper ruler, h 485 

Beresford av 
Rich Thos J, elect, h 7 Crisco 
Ricketts Geo H, carp, h 15 Mould av 
Rldler Arthur A, mgr CJonslructing and 

Paving Co, Ltd, The (br 2322 Dundas), 

res Toronto 
Ritter Edwd J, gro 322 St Johns rd 
Robb James, tmstr, h 412 Runnymede rd 
Robert* Lottie, opr, 1 6i28 Willard av 
Roberts Fredk, mach, h 418 Runnymede 

Roberts Edwd, tmstr, h <52S Willard av 
Roberts Margt Mrs, gro 418 Runnymede 

road, b same 
Robson Bdimund V, ydran, h 46 Batavia 

Robson Fredk H, acct, h 499 Beresford 

Robson Geo J, ydmn, h 44 Batavla av 
Robson John, lab, h 54 Batavla av 
Roff Alfred T, btchr, h 54 Priscllla av 
Rollins Harold, bkpr, 1 474 Runnymede 

Rolston Ira, butchr, h 639 Windemere 

Ronald Allan, lab, h 491 Willard av 
Roper Harriet C (wid John), h 34 Cas- 

tleton av 
Rose Edna, tchr King George Pub Sch, 

res Toronto 
Rose Henry W, cond, h 31 Royal 
Ross Donald, biksmth, h 4 Royai 
Ross Margt, slsldy, 1 4 Royal 
Rosa Robt, carp, h 451 Durie av 
Ross Wm J, biksmth, h 762 Runnymede 

Rostron Ernest, car repr, h 14 Oastleton 

Rowlandson, Thos. flremn, h 448 Durie 

Rowntree Sheridan W, gro 377 St Johns 

Runnymede Public Library, Harry Dur- 

rant librarian, 421 Willard av 
Runnymede Public School, Margt Bvans 

prln, e s French av 
Runyon Herbert, oarp, b ^672 Runnymede 

Rush Albert, packer, h ,366 St Johns rd 
Russell Annie <wld Thos), h 11 Mariposa 

Russell Elizth, opr, 1 11 Mariposa av 
Russell Geo, mach, h 80 Pritchard av 
Russell Jane (wid Henry), 1 2356 Dun- 
Russell Jennie, opr, 1 11 Mariposa av 
Russell Martin, lab. h 2366 Dundas 
Russell Martin R, Jlremn, 1 4 Mould av 
Russ«ll Peter, plmibr, h 4 Mould av 
Ryrle Donald, h 466 Willard av 
Ryrie Geo A R, bkpr, h 439 Windermere 

Sadler Wm H, firemn, h 17 Mariposa av 
St Jahn.s Road Baptist CJhurch, Rev T J 

Hind pastor St Johns rd. cor Willard 

St Paul's Church (Ang), Rev Edwd Mor- 

ley pastor, n s Annette 
Salisbury Saml R. mach. h 29 Royal 
Sampson Geo E, mach. 1 2:3 Batavla av 
Sampson Stephen, mach, h 23 Batavla 

Scarlet Plains Methodist Church, s s 

Pritchard av 

Schneider Anthony H. baker, h 38 Mari- 
posa av 

Scholes James, painter, h 641 Jane 

Scott Richd, btchr, h 4 2:6 Beresford av 

Scott Wm. btchr, h 38 Batavia av 
Seabrook John, mech, h 22 Pritchard av 
-Sen wood Percy G, engineer, h 33 French 

Scndali Rlohd, btchr 368 St Johns rd 
S«ymore John, lab, h 16 Hanley av 
Shannon Wm, brmkr, b 2636 St Clair av 
Sharpe Ohas, guard, h 523 Durie av 
Sharps Earl, film opr, 1 623 Durie av 
Sharpe Helen, opr. 1 523 Durie av 
Sharpe Maud E, opr, 1 623 Durie av 
Sharpe Wm T, btchr, h 760 Runnymede 

Shaw Shotto D, mach, h 763 Runnymede 

Shaw Wm. carp, h 468 St Johns rd 
Sheard Harriet (wid Abel), h 2536 St 

Olalr av 
Sheard Wm J, gdnr, 1 2536 St Clair av 
Shearer Thos, plrabr, h 6 Mould av 
Shepherd Thos, carp, h 71 Pritchard av 
Shepard Fredk W, designer, h 26 Mari- 
posa av 
/ .Sheppard Geo W, mach. 1 26 Mariposa 
1 avenue 
Sheppard Mildred stenog. 1 26 Mariposa 

Sheppard Wm E. carp, h 33 Henrietta 
Sheppeard Henry 8, buffer, h 3 Batavia 

Shields Chas H. carp, h 35 Mariposa av 
Khunk Bertha it. 1 410 Runnymede rd 
Shunk Edwd J, carp, 1 410 Runnymede 

Shunk Minnie L, stenog. 1 410 Runny- 
mede rd 
Shunk Nathaniel, carp, h 410 Runnymede 

Shunk Oceana V, stenog, 1 410 Runny- 
mede rd 
.Shunk Octavia R, itenog. 1 410 Runny- 
mede rd 
Shunk Reginald A, maoh, 1 410 Runny- 
mede rd 
Shunk Simon, h 560 Annette 
Shuttleworth Joseph, baker, 5 Mariposa 

av, h saime 
Simmons Leslie, steel wkr, h 428 Beres- 
ford av 
Simpkin Ro'bt G, h 38 French av 
Simpson John, lab, h 427 Windermere av 
Simpson John, maoh, 2269 Dundas, res 

Sims Harold N, tlr. h 36 Langmuir av 
Sims Wm T, carpet weaver, h 71 Lang- 
muir av 
Sims Wm, weaver, h 39 Langmuir av 
Sinclair Peter A, elk, n 7 64 Runnymede 

Slack Priscilia (wid Arthur), h 501 Wil- 
lard av 
Slater Alex, btchr, I 10 Gilson av 
Slater Ivy M, opr, 1 10 Gilson av 
Slater Wm R, carp, h 10 Gilson av 
Sloan James, mach, b 440 Runnymede 

Slowgrove Jacob W, h 448 Willard av 
Small Leander, shipper, h 2 Priscilia av 
Small Richd, brkmn, h 372 St Johns rd 
Smiley Sam!, engineer, h 488 Beresford 

Smith Cornelius, brkmn, h 36 Freach av 
Smith Edwd A, optician 1 3 Royal 
Smith Edwd G lab, h 3 Royal 
Smith Fredk J, harness mkr, h 47 Mould 

Smith Henry J, carp, h 2666 St Clair av 
Smith Herbert N, carp, h 46 Mould av 
Smith Hugh, engineer, h 336 St Johns rd 
Smith James, mach, h 13 Crisco 
Smith John T, flremn, h 2« Batavla av 
Smith Wm. carp, 1 2656 St Olalr av 
Smith Wm, gro 482 Runnymede rd 
Snazel Wm H, trav, h 464 Durie av 
Snyder Herman, baker, h 54 Pritchard 

Snyder Wm, rubber wkr, h 4*7 Willard 

Soanes Geo, carp, h 527 Jane 
Soanes Phylis, opr. 1 627 Jane 
Southall Ezra, shipper, h 414 Willard av 
Southorne Pearl, opr, b 652 Annette 
Sparks Charles R, engineer, h 12 Castle- 
ton av 
=^parks Christopher, lab. 1 7 Gibson av 
•Sparks I>aura, chocolate mkr, 1 12 

Castleton av 
.Sparks Robt C, lab, h 7 Gibson av 
Sparrow James E, brkmn, h 413 Beres- 
ford av 
Specksnyder Jacob, mach, h 88 Pritch- 
ard av 

^^' ^\/'-»'^ 

[Hod E R s, 


Specksnyder Lawrence, glass wkr, h 81 

Corbett av 
Spicer Henry, tmstr, h 532 Runnymed« 

Spicer Lloyd, elk, 1 522 Runnymede rd 
Spickett Ernest H, candy mkr, h 501 

Durie av 
Spiro Stradi, lab, b 3 Ravenal 
SpofEord Alfred, bolt mkr, h 4 Marinosa 

Spofford Alfred, bolt mkr. h 4 Marinosa av 
Spofford Dorothy, opr. 1 4 Marinosa av 
Spofford Queenle, opr, 1 4 Marinosa av 
Spurling Robt. mach, h 337 St Johns rd 
Stabler Leonard, bkpr, h 437 St Johns 

Stamper John W, mach. h 18 Priscilia 

Start Geo, mach, h 107 Langmuir av 
Steele Glen, driver, h 21 Royal 
Steen Ephraim D, miller, h 458 Win- 
dermere, av 
Stephens Arthur, brkmkr. 1 465 St Johns 

Stephens Geo, pattern mkr. h 19 Royal 
Stephens Walter, brkmkr, 1 455 St Johns 

Stephens Wm C, carp, h 455 St Johns 

Stephenson Raymond mach, h 424 

Beresford av 
Stewart Howard R. brkmkr. I 459 Wil- 
lard av 
Stewart Pearl, opr. i 459 Willard av 
Stewart Wm, tmstr. h 503 Jane 
Stewart Wm R, brkmkr, h 459 Willard 

Stocks Martha (wid Robt), h 25 Ray- 

bould av • 

Stocks Robt, cs.rp, 1 25 Raybould av 
Stoianson Christopher, lab, h 16 Crisco 
Stokes Chus, ctr, h 415 Jane 
Stoneham Elizth, opr, 1 483 Beresford av 
Stoneham Ethel, opr, 1 483 Beresford av 
Stoneham John A, piano mkr, h 483 

Beresforc av 
Stonehouse Ross, mach, h 21 Raybould 

Stoner Thos, driver, h 751 Runnymede 

Stones Simon, elk, h 533 Jane 
Stronell Andrew, driver, h 2416 Dundas 
Stubbins Timothy J, gdnr. h 40 Stub- 
bins av 
Sturley Wm J. btchr, h 13A Mariposa 

Sullivan John, btchr, b 467% Willard 

Summerfleld Richd, mach, h n s Eileen' 

Swarlirick Florence, elk, b 29 French 

Swayne Geo M, lab, b 761 Runnymede 

Talbot John, mach, h 58 PrlecHla av 
Talboys Harold W, brklyr, 1 483 Wil- 
lard av 
Talboys Reginald O, bldr, h 483 Wil- 
lard av 
Tamaro Salvatore, lab, h 17 Batavia av 
Tasker Ada (wid James), h 510 Runny- 
mede rd 
Tasker Fredk J, lather, 1 510 Riinny- 

'mede rd 
Taylor Alex T, bldr, h 64 8 Annette 
Taylor Chas D, piano mkr, h 3 Daisy 

F.J. SMITH ^^ CO. 




24 K1N6 ST. W. PHONE MAIN 4774 


Pr«f«rtiM Bou tte , Mi ni Ei. 

itattMi ifl ali ptrtt ti th« litr 



Taylor Geo H. mach, h 31 Daisy av 
Taylor John A. brtmkr. ti 136 Winder- 
mere av 
Taylor Mary E. opr. 1 SI Daisy av 
Taylor Stanley, mach. 1 SI Daisy av 
Taylor Wm H, bMr, h 44-4 Vnndermere 

Taylor Wm J. varnlsb mkr. h IS Montye 

Taylor Wm R. btchr, h 430 Durle av 
Thomas Albert A shipper, h 407 Jane 
Thomas Arthur G. mach. 1 579 Jane 
Thomas Elizth J (.wid Albert R), h 579 

Thomas May F. drsnikr. 1 579 Jane 
Thomas T Edwd. comp. h J8 Daisy av 
Thompson Eftanund H. painter 321 St 

Johns rd 
Thompson John, lather. 1 1 Hanley av 
Thompson Marg^t. opr, 1 1 H«nley av 
Thompson Nettle, opr. 1 1 Hanley av 
Thompson Thos C. lather, h 1 Hanley 

Thornhill James, tmstr, h K) Gllson av 
Thorold Fredk O. mach. h 4S7 Beres- 

ford av 
Tobin Miehl J, gn 113 St Jotana rd. res 

Todd Henry H, mach. h 5S9 Windermere 

Tootell Alfred, tmstr, h 46 Raybould av 
Tootell Harold, tmstr. h 15 Raybould av 
Tootell Minnie, opr. 1 45 Raybould av 
Topham Henry A, engineer, h 491 Berea- 

ford av 
Transom James, h 11 Crisco 
Travers Julia, opr, 1 521 Durle av 
Travers Thos W, brklyr. h 521 Durle 

Troug-hton Geo A, pdlr. h 17 Raybould 

Tuck Japheth P. chkr. h 753 Runnymede 

Tuck Wm. elk. 1 T53 Runnymede rd 
Tucker Eliith J (wld Wm A). 1 5 Cor- 

bett av 
Tucker Geo N. ctr. h 5 Corbett av 
Turner Arthur, car repr. h 691 Jane 
Tushingrhjiin Wm J. chauffeur, h 411 

Tyers' Edwin C. acct. h 404 Runnymede 

Tyndall Herbert V, chkr, 1 6'1« Durle av 
Tyndall Wm A. h 516 Durle av 
Tyndall Wm T. shipper, 1 61« Durle av 
Usher Frank, uphol 5S1 Jane 
Van BrvLssels Christina, opr, b 503A 

Durie av 
Vanderbart Henry, painter, h 50 Priscll- 

la avenue 
Vauffhan Alice, opr. 1 43 French av 
VauaJian Benj. lather, h 23 French av 
Vaughan Fredk. lather, h 43 French av 
Vauphan Geo, gro SO French av 
Vausrhan John R, painter, h 441 Durle 

Vaughan Irfna, opr, 1 4S French av 
Vaughan Wm T. h 129 Corbett av 
Veal Diamond L, stenog, 1 416 Runny- 
mede rd 
Veal Geo. elk, 1 416 Runnymede rd 
Veal Jessie E. stenog, 1 416 Runnymede 

Veal John, carp, h 6 Batavia av 
Veal Wm O. contr, h 416 Runnymede rd 
Voorwerk Frank, painter, h 22 Mould av 
Walker Chas. engineer, h 629 Jane 
Walker Eliza, drsmkr. 1 46 Castleton av 
Wallace 'Wm. carp, h 25 Priscilla av 
■Waller Herbert N. carp, h 425 'Wlllard av 
Walters Wm J. elect, h 16 Norval 
^Vard Enoch, contr, h 402 Windermere 

Ward Fanny, opr. 1 14 Marinosa av 
Ward Fredk E. engineer, h 14 Marinosa 

Ward Geo W, engineer, h S3 Royal 
Ward Henry, drover, h 20 Batavia av 
Wand Henrj-. mach, h 45S Durle av 
Ward Kate. opr. 1 14 Marinosa av 
Ward Mabel, opr, 1 14 Marinosa av 
Warren .\Ifred. coal J290 Dtindas 
Warren Clement, woodwkr. h 3 Norval 
W^arren Danl. tmstr. h 43S Beresford av 
Warren Geo, mach. 1 530 Wlllard av 
Warren Jane (wld Moses), h 530 Wlllard 

Warren Pearl, bkpr, I 2290 Dundas 
AVas John, painter, tt 44 Pritchard av 
Waters Chas J. mach, 1 520 Runnymede 


Waters Frank C. bridge bldr, h S20 Run- 
nymede rd 
Waters Geo, tmstr, h 419 Durle av 
Waters H Roy, mach, 1 520 Runnymede 

Watkins Wm. plstr. h 431 Wlllard av 
Watt John, h 470 Windermere av 
Wearne Arthur T. blrmkr. h 14 Royal 
Webb Ellen E. packer, I 756 Runnymede 

Webb Emma (wid Wm). h 766 Runny- 
mede road 
Webb Mary E, opr. 1 7'5« Runnymede 

Webb Wm. ydmn. 1 756 Runnymede rd i 
Weech Wm J, sash mkr. h 18 Marinosa I 

Weir Frank M. Oremn. h 306 St Johns i 

Weir John M. tinsmith, h 23 Daisy av I 
Wells Ellen, packer. 1 497 Wlllard »▼ 
Wells Harriet (wid Henry). 1 497 Wll- 
lard av 
Wells Herbert, mach. h 497 Wlllard av , 
Wells \\"m. carp, h J480 St Clair av 
Welsh Margt. opr. h 2534 St Clair av 
Welsh Wm. carp, h 2534 St Clair av 
West Edmund, plmbr, 1 520 Wlllard av , 
West Elvln. mach. h S Hanley av i 

West Reginald J. mach. 1 402 Runny- 
mede xd ; 
West Thos. ftr. h 402 Runnymede rd 
West Walter D, btchr. h 520 Wlllard 

West Wm. slsmn. h 2282 Dundas 
Whale Chas H. btchr. h 750 Runny- 
mede rd ; 
White Fredk, tmstr. b 464 Windermere 

White Geo. weaver, h 24S« St Clair av 
White Harold, weaver. 1 4S5 Durie av 
White Jas. mjich. h 2S Daisy av 
White Jas J. weaver, h 465 Durle av 
Whitehead John W, carp, h 29 French 

Whittle Alice, opr. 1 85 PrlscUla av 
Whittle Anne (wld Wm), h 85 PrlscUla 

Whittle John W, tel opr, 1 86 PrlscUla 

Whitworth John W, gdnr. h 25 Mari- 
posa av 
Wieplns Nicholas, lab. h 5M Durle av 
Wilbee Victor J, ydmn, h 8 Pritchard , 

Wilcox Elmer J. mach. h 10 Ravenal 
Wllkins Carrie Mrs, gro 7J0 Annette, 
h same ' 

Wilklns Wm H. h 780 Annette 
Wilkinson Geo T, tool mkr. h 5 Daisy 
avenue j 

Wilkinson Ralph, gro 662 Annette, h 
same ! 

WlUett Edwd. plstr. h 4SS Wlllard av 
Williams Emma. bkpr. b 352 St Johns rd > 
Williams Geo A, swltchmn. h 333 St 

Johns rd 
Williams Hugh C. stereo, h 9 Montye av 
Williamson John W. mech engineer, h 

455 Durle av 
Williamson Sidney, contr. 1 465 Durle 

Willis Geo. brkmkr. h 15 Crisco 
Wilmore Herbert, flremn. h 37 Mould 
avenue ' 

Wilson James, carp, h 13 Mariposa av , 
Wilson John E. brkmn. b 11 Crisco | 
Wilson Murdoch, carp, h S4 PrlscUla i 
avenue ; 

Wi'son Thos .flremn. b 11 Crisco 
Wilson Walter J. cond. h 340 St Johns 

Wilton Geo R, packer, h 47 Raybould av 
Wilton Raymond, printer. 1 47 Raybould 

Wood Wm. mach. h 33 Daisy ar 
Wosdhaus Sidney F. car repr. h 11 Daisy 

Woodhatis Winifred, o-nr. 1 11 Daisy ar 
Woods Albert, p-rtnr, h 9 Mould av 
^'oodward Wm H. ncct. h 17 Crisco 
Woolner Isaac C. confy 318 St Johns rd 
Woolner Vernon C. baker. 1 318 St Johns 

Workman Fredk. driver, h 416 Berea- 

ford av 
Workman Harriet M. elk. 1 502 Durie av 
Workman James, h 502 Durle av 
Workman Viola P. tchr Runnymede Pub 
S?h. I 502 Durie av 

Yelland John W, mach. h 23>4 Batav: 

Young Ernest G, mach, h olS Runny- 
mede rd 

Young Geo E, carp, h 618 Runnymede 

Young- Hugh, carp, h 6 Crisco 

Young Joseph J. h 13 Ravenal *on ac- 
tive service) 


(Fire miles northwest of P O) 

-A.llan John, h 269 Dunraven drive (on 
active service) 

.\Uan Wm. carp, h 176 Silverthorn av 

AHey James, brklyr. h 324 Haverson bor. 

Appleton Alex. mach. h Slfs Strath- 
cona av 

Atkins Herbert, lab. h 209 Blackthorn 

Babbldge Sydney, lab. h 19 Aileen av 

Ball Wm. h 96 Rosethorn av 

Harden Wm. h 277 Dunraven drive (on 
active service) 

Barnes Fredk. lab. h SOI Lacey av 

Barraclough Joseph, h 142 Commodore 
av (on active service) 

Rell Thos. h 133 Kane av 

Bird Wm. lab. h S Silverthorn av 

Birks Wm h 52 Strathcona av (on a. - 
tive service) 

Black Saml. h 33 Aileen av 

Black Wm H. carp, h 242 Reed cres 

Blackburn Thos. h 123 Cameron av 

Blackmore VTm T. hdware. 194 Silver- 
thorne av. h same 

Blain Wm. mach. h 12 Chambers av 

Bolls Herbert, shell mkr, h 106 Ros- 
thorn av 

Bondroff Saml, lab. h 370 Dunrav, 

Bourne Henry W. h 2S2 Haverson bo 

Bridgen Saml. carp, h 311 Aileen av 

Brierley Benj. carp, h 132 Silverthorn 

Briggs Chas. carp, h 57 Chambers av 

Brittle Saml h 125 Silverthorn av 

Brooks Arthur, h 6 Helen av (on active 

Brooks Bernard J. carp, h lOa Rose- 
thorn av 

Brooks Jonathan D. miller, h 45.'> Sil- 
verthorn av 

Brooks Joseph, plstr, h 124 Silverthorn 
avenue • 

Brown Herbert, h 554 L.acey av d 
active service) 

Buldin Fredk. carp, h 193 Blackthorn 

Bulgin Geo. carp, h 331 Kenora cres 

Bunting Joseph, h 2il7 Hillary av 

Burke James, brlyr. h 139 Silverthorn 

Burrow Harold F. h 316 Aileen av (on 
active service) 

Butler Geo S. h 172 Commodore av (on 
active service) 

Butler Jas. h 143 Commodore av (on ac- 
tive service) 

Butler John, weaver, h 69 Rosethorn 

Butterwlck Geo. shipper, h 94 Cannror 

Caffln Frank, elect, h 169 Kenora '-res 

Cannon Harry, mach, h 193 Silverthorn 

Carr Robt. shell mkr. h 207 Blackthorn 

Carroll John, h 417 Silverthorn av lo 
active service) 

Carter Albert, h 125 Silverthorn (on 
active service) 

Carton Arthur, shell mkr. h SI Strath- 
cona avenue 

Chart Arthur, h 87 Rosethorn av (on 
active service) 

Chatwood Wm. shipper, h 229 Black- 
thorn av 

Clare Thos H. gro 127 Silverthorn av. 
h same 

Cockburn Albert, carp, h 445 Silverthorn 

Cockwell Ernest, car repr. h 33 Cham- 
bers av 

Connor Catherine (wid Wm), h 14« 
Commodore av 

Connor Matthew, ironwkr. h '.34 Silver- 
thorn av 

The Dominion off Cinada Gnarantoo & Accident Insurance Company 







NORTH TORONTO Prtpertiet our Spwiilty 
2486 YONGE ST. Phon* MiRoat UC 

Cook Wm, pistr. h 304 Alleen av 
Cooi>er Christoi)her E. carp, h "0 Ro»e- 

thorn av 
CooDer Emma (wid Nathaniel V»), I 

Christopher E Coo?)«r 
Cox Wm. b 4S2 Silverthorn av (on ac- 
tive service) 
CraHford UsldI, «hlpper, h 333 Kenora 

Crawford Jame«, mlUwrlKht, h SS 

Chambers av 
Cross Harry, shell mkr, fa 3S3 Dunra- 

ven drive 
Downing Geo W, h 15 Alleen av (on 

active service) 
Duck Wm, tmstr, h 15 Chambers av 
Du^gart Wm. h 152 Commodore av (on 

active service) 
Duncan Andrew, ehell mkr, h 71 Roee- 

thorn av 
Durose Saml. rubber wkr, h 123 Silver- 
thorn av 

Dykes Richd, stone ctr, h 4 Kensdale 

Edwards Win, btchr, h 340 Langside av 

Fanvell Wm G. h 189 Hillary av (on 
active service ) 

Ferry Wm H, plstr. h 119 Strathcon* 

Flddamant James, mach. b 303 Alleen 

Ford James, lab, h 9€ Rosethorn av 

Fountain Joseph, mach. h 275 Dun- 
raven drive 

Fountain Thos. h 276 Dunraven drive 

Freeman Eversley C. h 12« Silverthorn 

<»ldle.v Richd, emp T Eaton Co. h 222 
Reed cres 

Glfford Leonard, h 448 Silverthorn av 
(on active service) 

Goldsboro Thos. h 5«0 Lacey av (on 
active service) 

Goldsmith Chas, h 101 Rosethorn av 
(on active service) 

Gota*ed Avery, shell mkr, h 21S Reed 

Goulding Chas E, shell mkr, 1 495 Silver- 
thorn av 

Goulding Wm J, shell mkr. h 495 Sil- 
verthorn av 

Graham John, h 357 Aileen av (on ac- 
tive service) 

Hacker Thos, engraver, h 306 Black- 
thorn av 

Hal! Wm J, miller, h 313 Alleen av 

Hammond Arthur, h 491 Silverthorn 
av (on active service) 

Harper Chas. carp, h «7 CThambers av 

Hart Harry, rms 13 Alleen av (on ac- 
tive service) 

Hatton Thos. h 512 Lacey av (on active 

Haworth Fredk, tmetr. h 128 Silver- 
thorn av 

Ha worth Sydney, millwright, h 129 
.Silverthorn av 

Hayball Wm. grinder, h MZ Dunraven 

Hollingsworth Geo. la*, h 395 Silver- 
thorn av 

Horner Albert V, carp, h 557 Lacey av 

Hughes Fredk. elsmn. h 21:9 Reed cre« 

Huehes W Gordon, shell mkr. h 11 
Chambers av 

Hunt Robt. h 493 Silverthorn av 

Hunter Adam, ehell mkr. h 32-6 Haver- 
eon boul 

Hyde Chas. packer, h ft5 Rosethorn av 

Hyde Fredk. b 67 Rosethorn av (on 
active service) 

Inman Lillian, h r 446 Silverthorn av 

Irvine John E. h .303 Blackthorn av 
(on active eervice) 

Jones Saml. shell mkr. h 443 Silver- 
thorn av 

Kane Thoe. tmstr, h 2i2 Chambers av 

Ketteridjre 'Chas H. wtr, h 68 Cham- 
bers av 

KSmber Wm J, gro 247 Silverthorn av. 
h same 

Lane J. Patk. h 322 Dunraven drive 
(on active service) 

Larkman John, carp, h 121 Silverthorn 

Lawrence Oliver J, h 53 Chambers av 
(on active service) 

Leeds John, gro 305 Blackthorn av, h 
7 Helen av 

Leith Hamilton, h 44 Kersdale av (on 
active service) 

Little Wm. ehij/per, h 312 Aileen av 

Lumsden James, elk, h 62 Rosethorn 

llcCormlck Saml, gro 3TS Silverthorn 
a v, h same 

McDonald Kredk, painter, h 403 Don- 
ald av 

McKettrick Edwd J Rev, paetor Sil- 
verthorn Anglican Church, h tf 
Blackthorn av 

McLaren David, shipper, h S Kersdale 

Madgett Gordon, tmetr. h 16 Chambers 

Marks Reuben T, sounding bd mkr, h 
430 Silverthorn av 

Marnock David, driver, h 199 Black- 
thorn av 

Matters Krne«t W, h 334 Dunraven 
drive (on active service) 

Mead Thos J, roofer, h 82 Chambers av 

Melbourne Margt ( wid Aaron ) , h . 1 1 4 
Cameron av 

Mennell John. mach. h 411 Donald av 

Miles Geo. h 135 Silverthorn av (on 
active service) 

Miller Joseph, tmetr. h 132 Silverthorn av 

Milligan Alex, h 302 Alleen av 

Mitchell Alfred, h 519 Lacey av (on 
active service) 

Monnell Chas D. h 47S Silverthorn av 

Morris Joseph, lab. h 12 Alleen av 

Odell John, shell mkr. h 13 Chambers 

Ough Mervin E, shell mkr, h 109 Roae- 
thorn av 

Owers Geo, lab, h 267 Haverson boul 

Palmer John, lab, h 34 Chambers av 

Parks John, lab, h 4-44 Silverthorn av 

Parrott Arthur, stock-pr, h 355 Alleen 

Paul Leonard, carp, h 115 Roeethorn 

Paul Wra, gro 135 Silverthorn av. h 

Payne Harry S, carp, h 208 Blackthorn 

Pelley Edwd H, carp, h 194 Blackthorn 

Perris Albert, mach, h 59 Chambers av 

Pethrick Richd, ehell mkr, h 133 Sil- 
verthorn av 

Pethrick Wm H, shell mkr. h 132 Sil- 
verthorn av 

Phillips Alfred, carp, h 330 Kenora 

Phipps Fredk H, 144 .Commodore av (on 
active service) 

Poulton Norman B, jwlr. h 496 Silver- 
thorn av 

Quemby Andrew J. shell mkr. h 586 
Silverthorn av 

Revle John. elk. h 4 Chambers av 

Revle Sadie. 1 *6 Chambers av 

Richardson Wm. flremn, h 216 Reed 

RolUnson James, wood turner, h 120 
Silverthorn av 

Rolllnson Thos, lab, h 270 Dunraven 

Ross James F, h 217 Reed cres (on ac- 
tive (Service) 

Ross John. mach. h 196 Silverthorn ar 

Royle Thos. h 92 Rosethorn av 

St Jamee Joseph, h 470 Ewart av (on 
active eervlce) 

Salt Ernest, lab, h '510 Lacey av 

Sands Wtn D. h 25 Blackthorn av (on 
active eervlce) 

Scott Alex, b 537 Lacey av (on active 

Sears Alfred, lab. h 200 Blackthorn av 

Shaw James, h 73 Chambers av ton ac- 
tive service) 

Seymour Carl, gro 394 Silverthorn av. 
h same 

Sheldrlck Robt, engineer, h 492 Silver- 
thorn av 

Sibthorpe Cbas F. h 243 Reed cres (on 
active service) 

Silverthorn Amglican Church. Rev Edwd J 
McKettrick pastor, cor Blackthorn and 
.Silverthorn av 

Silvertborn Methodist Church, cor 
Rosethorn av and Dunraven drive 

Silvester Ernest, plstr. h 8 Chambers 

Silvester Geo H. tinsmth. h lli6 Silver- 
thorn av ♦ 

.Sims .-\rthur, tnacb. *> """! TJ-""-. \- 

Smallwood Jamee, Jwlr, 1 2M 8ilv«r- 

thoi n av 
Sniallwood Joseph, biksmth, h 104 

Rosethorn av 
Sniallwood Thos, jwlr, h tit Silver- 
thorn av 
Smith Alfred, ehelt mkr, ix 122 Roa«- 

thorn av 
Smith .Arthur T, abell mkr, b 7.2 Raa*- 

thorn av 
Smith Saml. painter, h 151 Commodore 

Smith Wm. lab, h 6 Kersdale av 
Southby Harry, b 223 Reed crea (on 

active service) 
Southworth Harry, h 561 Lacey av (on 

active service) 
Spaiitoii Harry B, carp, h 19« Black- 
thorn av 
Sijuiies <;uy. driver, h S94 Silverthorn 

Staples AWx .she'll mkr. h 10 Helen av 
Steele James H. h 5i64 Lacey av (on 

active service) 
Stephens Wiii^ h 84 Strathcona av (on 

active service) 
.Stewart Geo. painter, h 341 Alleen ar 
Stittle -\lbert. h 170 Commodore av (on 

active service) 
Templeman Robt. h 590 Silverthorn aT 

(on active service) 
Tinkler Wm J. brklyr, h 127 Kane av 
Tomkin Wm. lab. 1 385 Dunraven drive 
Turner Frank, h 328 Dunraven drive 

(on active service) 
Valentine Robt. biksmth hlpr. h 48» 

Silverthorn av 
Vennell John, slater, h 278 Dunraven 

Vernon Wm. lab. h 333 Haverson boul 
Waltenberry <Jeo. h 185 Silverthorn av 

(on active service) 
Walters Chas C, mach. h 50.6 Lacey av 
Walters Harry, emp T Katon Co, h 30t 

.Alleen av 
Ward Everett, h 171 Commodore av 

(on active service) 
White Cvril K, painter, h SO^S Lrticey av 
Whitehead -Geo. h 13 Aileen av (on 

active service) 
Whitehead Wm. lab, h 885 Dunraven 

WWteley Saml. engineer, h 122 Cameron 

Wilcox Chas. b 33« I.^n«:slde av (on 

active service) 
Wild Walter, shell mkr. h i\'> Reed 

Williams Thos. lab. h 446 Silverthorn 

Williamson .Mfred. shipper, h 143 Hil- 
lary av 
Willis .Mfred L, sblpper. h 281 Haver- 
son boul 
Willis Wm S. weaver, h 283 Haverson boul 
Wiilson Kdwd. h 119 Camenni av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Windsr Stephen. lab. h 69 Chambers 

Wvnne John. lab. h 328 Kenora cres 
youn«-man Chaa K. rms 101 Rosethorn 

av (on active service) 


(Four miles west of Postofflce) 

Abbott John W. tile mkr, h 43 Durie av 
.\bbott Mar- B, packer. 1 43 Durie av 
Abbott Walter T, mach. I 4 3 Durie av 
Aikins Robt J, supt Grenadier Ice and 

Coal Co, r»s Toronto 
Aishford Jas, mach, h 20 Beresford av 
Aishford Joseph J. carp, h 38 Durie av 
.Mshforc! Maud, opr, I 4 Beresfoni av 
Aishford Wm H, lab, h 4 Beresford av 
Allen Jose,ph, elect, h »8 Windermere 

Alrye Albert J, tinsmith, h 55 Beies- 

ford av 
Anderfield Fredk. trav, h Bl Ellis av 
Anderfleld Mary (wid Henry), 1 51 El- 
lis av 
Anderson Geo B, elk, h 20 Durie av 
Anderton Catherine, opr, 1 S3 Runny- 

mede rd 
Anderton John, painter, h 341 Winder- 
mere av 
Anderton Therp'-a. 1 83 Rtinnymede r(3 


Hwry W. Evw, PhoM UBBtKt 1U5 F. U.AomIi, Phone N«rlh 1241 


26 Wellington St E. 3350 


Office, Warehouse tnd Yard: Phone M. 6147 

536-542 QUEEN ST. E. 


Anderton Wm D, shipper, h 8.'< Runny- 

mede rd 
Archer Alfred J, carp, h 347 Winder- 
mere av 
Armstrong Geo, fence bldr, h 66 South- 
port rd 
Arnold Alwyn, weaver, h 71 Park rd 
Arnold James, weaver, h 73 Park rd 
.-vsaby Albert, mldr, h 80 Park rd 
Asliby Eva, opr, 1 14 Mayfleld av 
Ashby Geo H, mldr, h 14 Mayfleld av 
Ashby Percy G, gdnr, 1 14 Mayfleld av 
Ashby Victor, florist 14 Mayfleld av, 1 

Badden Walter, lab, h 4 Durie av 
Banks Alex, car"), h &2 Beresford ev 
Barker Albert, news agt 112 Durie av 
Barker Arthur, carp, n 112 Durie av 
Barker James A, umbrella mkr, 1 112 

Durie av 
Barker Wm, umbrella mkr, 1 112 Durie 

Barlow Joseph ,mach, 1 38 Lavlna 
Barlow Thos, boltmkr. h 38 Lavlna 
Barton John A. weaver, h 53 Southport 

Barton Winifred, opr, 1 63 Southport rd 
Hater Chas, brklyr, h 47 Kennedy av 
Beacroft Wm A, elk, h 64 Ellis av 
Seattle Fredk T, painter, h 22 Mornlng- 

slde av 
Heaumont Alex, acct, h 32 Kennedy av 
Bell Helen, stenog, 1 3-6 Kennedy av 
Bell James, h 36 Kennedy av 
Bell Sarah A, stenog, 1 36 Kennedy av 
Benness Albert L, photo engr, h 3 Park 

Benness Geo B, elk, 1 3 Park rd 
Henness Roy A, gdnr, 1 3 Park rd 
Bentley Chas, tile mkr, b 59 Southport 

Berry Danl. plstr, h 197 Windermere av 
Binning Henry, boltmkr, b 80 Winder- 
mere av 
Binning Joseph, mach, h 67 Southport 

Blair David R, carriage bldr. h 6 Ken- 

111 dy av 
Blair Eva M, stenog, 1 61 Kennedy av 
lilair Ruby, opr, 1 61 Kennedy av 
Blatchford John, caretr, h 1 Durie av 
Blears Harry, ptrnmkr, h 15 Kennedy av 
Blears Henry C. brass finshr, 1 15 Ken- 
nedy av 
Hoi ton Geo, mldr, h 51 Lavina 
Koni Geo. lab. h 19 Southport rd 
Booth Chas, carp, h 15 Beresford av 
Booth Henry H, carp, h 2&o Windermere 
Kooth Lucy (wid Geo), 1 15 Beresford 

Boulter Chas. flremn, h 22 Windermere 

Bowles Albert, brkmn, 1 203 Winder- 
mere av 
Bowles Alfred, driver, 1 293 Windermere 

Bowles Alfred jr, tmstr. h 70 Ijavina 
Bowles Chas. mach. h 174 Windermere 

Bowles John, mach. h 293 Windermere 

Brady James G, piano fnshr, h 45 Durie 

Brewer Annie, opr, b 7.") Park rd 
Bromwick Thos G. elect, h 20 Ellis av 
Browning Predk P, carp, h 43 Southport 

Bryant SamI, carp, h 45 Beresford av 
Brydson David, trav. h 3 Morninsrsul 

Brydson Jemes. blksmth. h 80 Winder- 
mere av 
Brydson Sarah (wid James), h 4 Ellis 

Buckley Saml, carp, h 47 Durie ev 
Bull Chas, chauffeur, h 10 Kennedy av 
Burch Ernest C, pastor St Olaves Ch. 

h 283 Windermere av 
Byles Wm A. elk, 1 122 Windermere av 
Byles Wm J. mldr, h 122 Windermere av 
Calder John G, carp, h 23 Kennedy av 
Canada Bolt and Nut Co (Branch Steel 
Co of Canada. Ltd). Wm A Rowland 
mgr, Lake Shore rd and Windermere 
Carberry James, gro 2i59 Windermere av 
earless Albert A, weaver, h &5 Durie 

earless Edmund L, house mover, h 111 

Runnymede rd 
earless Henry G. elect, 1 111 Runny- 
mede rd 

CarJess Lydla, packer, 1 111 Runnymede 

Carr Harold, blrmkr, h 52 Queen w 
Carr John, driver, h 4 Windermere pi 
Carr John, driver, h 4 Winderineie pi 
Carr John, mach, b 42 Queen w 
Chalmers James, carp, h i'ihi Morning- 
side av 
Chapman Chas T, mach, h 36 Morning- 
side av 
Chapman Emily, opr, 1 36 Morningeide 

Cheyne J Gordon Rev, pastor Morning- 
side Presbyterian Ch, h 38 iCennedy nv 
Clark David B, carp, 1 66 Kennedy av 
Clark Geo A, elk, 1 66 Kennedy av 
Clark Wm B, carp, h 66 Kennedy av 
Clayton Fanny, opr, 1 90 Windermere 

Clayton Fredk W, plmbr, h 90 Winder- 
mere av 
Clayton Harold F, elk, 1 90 Windermere 

Clayton Violet, opr, 1 90 Windermere av 
Clements Henry, leather wkr, h 343 Win- 
dermere av 
Coates Geo A, mach, to 16S Windermere 

Ooates Herbert, brklyr, 1 166 Winder- 
mere am 
Coates Martha E (wid Wm), h 166 Win- 
dermere av 
Coates Wm E, brklyr, h 172 Winder- 
mere av 
Coburn Geo. baker, b 97 Park rd 
Cochrane Mary A ( wid John) 1 57 

Durie av 
Cochrane Robt, mach. h 57 Durie av 
Coe Anne (wid Mark), h 10 Lavina 
Coe Fanny, opr, 1 213 Windermere av 
Coe Florence, candy mkr, 1 213 Win- 
dermere av 
Coe Fredk, mach, h 287 Windermere av 
Coe Gordon, rubber wkr, 1 213 Winder- 
mere av 
Coe Wm A, bolt mkr, h 213 Winder- 
mere av 
Coe Zacharlah S, tmstr, h 17 Lavina 
Cole Wm, hostler, h 14 Ellis av 
Coleman Edmund R, boltmkr, h 21 

Beresford av 
Condon Martin, elk, b 20 Beresford av 
Coombfcs Caroline (wid Thos), h 62 El- 
lis av 
Coombes Florence, 1 62 Ellis av 
Coombes Frank, elk, 1 62 Ellis av 
Coombes Wm, elk, 1 62 EUis av 
Corbett Joseph A, brakemn, h 48 Durie av 
Cotton Geo, flremn b 26 Durie av 
Craig John, mason, h 51 Southport rd 
Crane Henry B, moto, h 18 Windermere 

Criily Wm, driver, h 36 Park rd 
Crombie Mitchell, carp, h 49 Lavina 
Curry Durban, chauffeur, h 16 Ellis av 
Curry Edwin L, picture framer, 1 18 

Ellis av 
Curry Ivy A, opr, 1 18 Ellis av 
Curry Mary A (wid Fredk H), h 18 
Ellis av 
i Curry Roland T, tinsmth, 1 18 Ellis av 
, Currv Sidney B, moto. 1 18 Ellis av 
Dabner Alfred F, tool mkr, h 67 Beres- 
ford av 
Dalda Mark, lab, h 13 Southport rd 
Dancy Henry N. bldr. h 55 Ellis av 
Davidson Isabella (wid Abercromble), 1 

89 Durie ev 
Davidson James, elk, h 89 Durie av 
Davidson Mary, opr, 1 89 Durie av 
Davidson Robt H, tile mkr, h 20 Win- 
dermere av 
Davis Fredk, carp, 1 106 Runnymede rd 
navis Geo. driver, h 12 Windermere pi 
Davis Robt W, carp, h 106 Runnymede 

Davis Vernon, carp, 1 106 Runnymede rd 
Davis Wm, boltmkr, h 38 Beresford av 
Davis Wm H, shoe mkr, h 36 Beresford 

Dearden Ada, opr, 1 29 Beresford av 
Dearden Emma Mrs. h 29 Beresford av 
Dearden Ethel, opr. 1 29 Beresford av 
Dearden John, gdnr, h 73 Morningside 

Dearden John Jr, driver, 1 73 Morning- 
side av 
Dearden Margt, packer, 1 73 Morning- 
side av 
Dearden Walter, mach, 1 73 Morningside 
1 avenue 

i)eer Chas H, carp, h 98 Runnymede rd 
Jennis Chas E, lab, h 63 Morningside av 
Uodds Owen, oil mkr, h 21 Mayfleld av 
Dominion Sewer Pipe Co, Ltd, Thos Ken- 
nedy mng dir. Queen, w of Windermere 
Jonaldson Frank, lab. h 79 Park rd 
I'onaldson Saml, mach, h 51 Beresford 

I'onworth Geo, driver, "b 26 Morning- 
side av 
Donworth John, mach, b 63 Morning- 
side av 
I irew Harry, mach, 1 46 Beresford av 
Drew John G. bolt mkr, 1 46 Beresford 

Drew Mabel R, opr, 1 46 Beresford av 

rew RichjJ, mach, h 46 Beresford av 
Drew Richd jr, tmstr, h 42 Beresford av 
unn Wayman, driver, b 26 Mornlng- 
-side av 
:ason Wm O, grinder, h 49 Morningside 

•:L-kersJey Abraham, dry gds 2/67 Win- 
dermere av 
;dge Ethel W, elk, 1 3 Beresford av 
Sdge Joseph, painter 3 Beresford av 
ddge Walter B, elk, I 3 Berestord av 
rMmunds Alfred, glass ctr, h 44 Lavina 
lOdmunds Geo. tmstr, h 63 Durie av 
;dmunds Nellie, opr, 1 44 Lavina 
i^dmunds Stanley, mach, 1 44 Lavina 
Edwards Fredk L, clk, 1 43 I_^vlna 
Edwards John, tmstr, 1 43 Lavina 
Edwards Pearl, packer, 1 43 Lavina 
ElUis John, h 7 Ellis av 
Entwistle Geo W, tile mkr, h 54 Queen 

Essex James L, driver, h 11 Beresford 

Everdeen Thos H, candy mkr, h 27 May- 
field av 
Ewers Frank V, tmstr, h 52 Durl.2 av 
Farrow Robt, hdware 275 Windermere 

Fenton John E, bolt mkr, h 97 South- 
port rd 
Fenton Lorne E, bolt mkr, 1 97 South- 
port rd 
Fenton Mary, opr, 1 97 Southport rd 
Fenton Robt, elk, 1 97 Southport rd 
Fish John, mach, h 42 Lavina 
Foreman Alfred, boltmkr. h 95 South- 
port rd 
Foreman Frank W. brass wkr, h 93 

Souhtport rd 
Foyle Chas, moto, h 50 Beresford av 
Francis Wm J. elect, h 31 Park rd 
Fraser Geo. painter, h 39 nuri" av 
Fraser Mary A (wid John), I 39 Durie 

Frost Geo W, switchmn, h 263 Winder- 
mere av 
Garbutt Caroline, gro 107 Runnymede 

Garbutt Ernest, tmstr, h n s Park rd- 
Gardy Geo. lab. h 73 Windermere av 
Garvin John. Kdnr. h e s Bloor w 
Oemmell Amelia, I 31 Ellis ev 
Gemmell John, h 31 Bills av 
Gibson Henry, clk. h 33 Ostend av 
Giles Frank J, mldr, h 20 Lavina 
Glrvin Geo. h 2259 Bloor w 
Goldna Peter, lab. h 75 Windermere av 
Goodenoug* Geo C. painter, h 76 Lavina 
Gouinlock Edith, 1 43 Bills av 
cfoulnlock James M, h 47 Ellis av 
tfraham James J, comp, 1 221 Winder- 
mere av 
Graham John C, mach, h 221 Winder- 
mere av , 

Graham Lillian, stenog, 1 221 Winder- 
mere av 
Grav Chas A, brklyr, h 57 Beresford av 
Gray Joan, drsmkr, 1 84 Runnymede rd 
Gray Richd, boltmkr, h 84 Runnymede 

Gray Richd. moto. h 15 Mayfleld av 
Green Alex G. mach, h 16 Kennedy av 
Green Duncan, mach. 1 Ifi Kennedy av 
Green Henry A, mach. 1 16 Kennedy aV 
Green Wm G, carp, 1 16 Kenned yav 
Grenadier Toe & Coal Co (depot and 
vards) Robt Alkins sunt. 1 Ellis av 
Gribble John, gdnr. h 243 Windermere 

Hall Gertrude. 1 37 Ellis av 
Hall Muriel. 1 37 Ellis av 
Hall Wm H, h 37 Ellis av 
Hamersley Ellzth (wid John), 1 3 Morn- 
ingside av 

DA H no AC ^ 1^0' persons in positions o( trust. 

■"' " ■»" "' I In lieu of certified cheques to accompany tenders for supplies. 

The Guarantee Co. of North Ameriaa 
eiiBFTV»uiB fp ~ ~ . ' -.- ---""p' - " 'j „ -"r: MEDLAND & SON, General Agenls 

HIIHH I w xHII' ror costs m appeal, succession duties, fa.xcise and all Uominion ,,.,_., . „. , - \, ■, , ,j , -a «» 

9 U 11 C I I n I r I ,„d ProZd^l Government reqirirements. I -'^"i' BIdg., COf. King and Bay Sf S. Tel. Adelaide MSI 








Hancock Arthur, painter, h 40 Morning- 
side av 
Hansford James, gro 39 Windermere a'< 
Harris Albert, printer, b 26-9 Winder 

mere av 
Harrison Chas. supt Dom Sewer Pipe 

'Co. Ltd, res Mimico 
Harrison Francis, carp, h 64 Beresford 

Harrison Geo, tmstr, h 21 Durle av 
Harrison John, bO'lt mkr, h 54 Beresford 

Harrison John jr, carp, 1 54 Beresford 

Harrison John J, trav Dominion Sewer 

Pipe Co. Ltd, res Mimico 
Harrison Margt, bolt fnshr, 1 54 Beres- 
ford av 
Hasty Hugh K, stone mason, h 6 Ostend 

Hawke Fredk, elk, 1 S Windermere pi 
Hawke Jason B, elk, h 8 Windermere pi 
Hawke Wm H, elk, 1 8 Windermere pi 
Hayes John, brklyr, h 8 Kennedy av 
Hayes Wm O, carp, 1 8 Kennedy ay 
Hearne Solomon, tmstr, h 2 Beresford 

Heets Joseph, lab, h &1 Windermere »v 
Henry Joseph, driver, 1 40 Beresford av 
Henry Thos, bolt mkr, h 40 Beresford 

Henry Wm J, mach, h 87 Durle av 
Hlnton Alfred J, gdnr, h J39 Winder- 
mere av 
Hlnton Matilda (wid Wm), 1 a39 Win- 
dermere av 
Holmes Elizth (wld Geo), h 64 Win- 
dermere av 
Holroyd Albert, mach, h 36 Durle av 
Holroyd Frank, tmstr, h 26 Durle av 
Holt Joseph H, florist, b 339 Winder- 
mere av 
Holt Saml, carp, h 13 Kennedy av 
Holt Sybil, opr, 1 13 Kennedy av 
Holt Wm K. mach, 1 13 Kennedy av 
Honnywill Ernest, gro 29 Park rd 
Horton Wm J, carp, h 75 Park rd 
Howard Abner, gro 33 Lavlna 
Howard Alfred H, designer, h 101 Run- 

nymede rd 
Howard Alfred W. blksmth, h 5 Morn- 
ing-side av 
Howard Bros (Norman V and Fredk 

C). florists 5 Morning-side av 
Howard Fredk C (Howard Bros), 1 5 

Morring-slde av 
Howard Henry, ctr, 1 101 Runnymede 

Howard Ida. stenog, 1 5 Morningsidp 

Howard Ida, stenog, 1 60 Mornlngslde av 
Howard Lome A, mach, h 88 Winder- 
mere av 
Howard Norman V (Howard Bros), h 

3ri Kennedy av 
Howard Sidney H, reporter, h 41 Bills 

Howard Wm. bolt mkr, h 66 Winder- 
mere av 
Howarth Arthur, mach, 1 92 Winder- 
mere av 
Howarth Geo, elev opr, h 92 Winder- 
mere av 
Howarth John W, elk, 1 92 Windermere 

Howarth Joseph E, bolt mkr, 1 92 Win- 
dermere av , 
Howe Annie (wid Alex), 1 51 Beres- 
ford av 
Hudson Wm E, printer, h 12 Mayfleld 

Hue-hes Frank, mach. 1 44 Ellis av 
Hughes James, h 44 Ellis av 
Hughes Lottie, minr, I 44 Ellis av 
Hughes Maud, tel opr, 1 44 Ellis av 
Hunt Ernest A, printer, h 61 Mornlng- 

slde avenue 
Hunt Hamilton L, driver, h 69 Morn- 

Ingside av 
Hunt James, carp. 1 37 Durle av 
Hunt Wm, carp, h 37 Durle av 
Hutchison Alex B, brklyr, h 31 Ken- 
nedy av 

Hutchison David, mach. h 21 Kennedy 

Hyslop John H, brass fnshr. h 68 Durle 

Jacks Caroline Mrs, confy 199 Winder- 
mere av, 1 same 

Jecks Clarence E, flremn. h 199 Win- 
dermere av 

Jefferson Chas, mach, b 37 Durie av 
Jefferson Wm, elect, 1 26 Beresford av 
Johnson Chas C, driver, h 2 Winder- 
mere pi 
Jones Elizth (wid Henry), 1 16 Win- 
dermere av 
Jones John L, photo engr, h 43 Ellis ay 
Jones John W, elect engineer, h e s 

Jones Wm, core mkr, h 16 Lavina 
Kemp John, mach, h 71 Morningside 

Kennedy Thos, mng dir and treas Dom 

Sewer Pipe Co, Ltd. res Toronto 
Kent Allan S, elk, 1 54 Kennedy av 
Kent John A, contr. h 5-J Kennedy av 
Kent J Irwin, bldr, h 56 Kennedy av 
Kent Kate, stenog, I 54 Kennedy av 
Kerfoot Thos R, driver, h 253 Winder- 
* mere av 

Land Geo J, brkmkr, 1 14 Runnymede rd 
Land Thos P, bolt mkr, h 14 Runny- 
mede rd 
Landi Thos P, tmstr, h 14 Runnymede 

Lee Arthur, stm ftr, h 88 Lavlna 
Leedham Edwd, brkmn, h 61 Southport 

Leedham Ethel, opr, I 73 Southport rd 
Leedham Fredk A. flremn, h 69 South- 
port rd 
Leedham John E, engineer,' h 73 South- 
port rd 
Leedham John W, bolt mkr, 1 61 South- 
port rd 
Leedham Joseph, bolt mkr, 1 61 South- 
port rd 
Leedham Thos, bolt mkr, 1 61 South- 
port rd 
Leek Watson, h 59 Southport rd 
Levis Howard, mach, 1 67 Durie av 
Levis Joseph, mach, h 67 Durie av 
Levis Walter, mach, 1 67 Durie av 
Llpcott Andrew, lab, h 79 Windermere 

Lloyd Ernest, elk. h 92 Lavina 
Lloyd Wilfred T, moto, h 63 Beresford 

Lockhart Douglas M, mldr, h 34 Morn- 

ingslde av 
Lockhart Winfleld, elk, 1 34 Morning- 
side av 
Long Geo, mgr Wm Rennle Co, Ltd. 1 11 

Ellis av 
Lovinski John, lab ,h 77 Windermere 

Lowder Emily, opr, I 14 Durle av 
Lowuer John, painter, h 11 Durle av 
Luno Geo H, h 39 Ellis av 
Luno Ivan H, mach, 1 39 Ellis av 
Lutkln Wm, steel wkr, h 17 Durle av 
Lynn James, bolt mkr, h 93 Durie av 
Lyons Dennis, gdnr, 1 29 Mayfleld av 
Lyons James H, mldr. h 29 Mavfleld av 
Lyons James W. mldr, 1 29 Mayfleld av 
McBeth David, mason, h 28 Mayfleld av 
McBeth Donald J, carp, h 29 Ostend av 
MoCormack Wm, coll, h 5 Beresford ay 
McCormick John, elk, h 68 Lavlna 
MoCulla Wm H, btchr 213 Windermere 

McCulIa Wm R, elk, I 235 Windermere 

McFSirland Forbes, opr, 1 84 Winder- 
mere av 
MoFarland James R, dispatcher, h 84 

Windermere av 
McGuynal Edwd, piano mkr, h 119 

Runnymede rd 
McKee John, box mkr. b 24 Mornlngslde 
McKee Saml E, presser, h 24 Morning- 
side av 
McKinley James, shipper, h S2 Beres- 
ford av 
McKlnnon Nell, painter, h 13 Beresford 

McLaughlin John, driver, h 36 Winder- 
mere av 
McLean Agnes, opr. I 6 Windermere p! 
McLean Dawson, piano mkr, 1 6 Win- 
dermere pi 
McLean Fredk D, shipper, 1 6 Winder- 
mere pi 
McLean John, tmstr. 1 6 Windermere pi 
McLean Wm, tile mkr, h 34 Windermere 

McT^ean Wm G. bolt mkr, h 6 Winder- 
mere pi 
McQuerrie John, plstr, 1 6J Kennedy av 
MoOnerrle Rlchd, bolt mkr. h 53 Ken- 
nedy av 
McQuerrie Sarah, opr, I 53 Kennedy av 


Madzo Peter, lab, h 11 Southport rd 
Mane Geo, carp, h 55 Lavlna 
Mark Mary (wld Wm), h 86 Runny- 
mede rd 
Mark Wm, engineer, 1 86 Runnymede rd 
Martin Annie (wid Frank). I 25 Durie 

Martin Bert B, mldr, h 58 Kennedy av 
Martin B Wm, carp, h 94 Runnymede rd 
Martin Chas W, carp, 1 94 Runnymede 

Martin Thos G. carp, 1 94 Runnymede rd 
Masters Job, tile mkr, b 51 Lavina 
May Richd, mldr, b 17 Durie av 
Maylott Albert, mach, h 28 Kennedy av 
Maylott Elmer, elect, 1 28 Kennedy av 
Maylott Leslie, elect, 1 28 Kennedy av 
Maylott Mary. opr. 1 28 Kennedy av 
Mears Chas E. bolt mkr. h 78 Lavlna 
Mlddleton Walter, engineer, h 247 Win- 
dermere av 
Miles James H, btchr. h 47 Beresford av 
Mintboro Geo. bolt mkr, h 48 Lavlna 
Mitchell Albert, bkpr. 1 4 Ellis av 
Mitchell Albert J. bkpr, 1 72 Winder- 
mere av 
Mitchell John, brkmkr, h 72 Windermere 

Mitchell Kathleen Mrs, postmistress 

Swansea P 0. 1 4 Ellis av 
Moncton Chas. tile mkr, h 66 Lavlna 
Montgomery John A, moto, h IS Ken- 
nedy av 
Moore Walter, h 81 Runnymede rd 
Morton Emanuel, carp, h 70 Windermere 

Moulard Frank W, ins agt. h 189 Winder- 
mere av 
Moule Millie, stenog, b 68 Ellis av 
Muir James G, h 33 Ellis av 
Mundy Alex, tile mkr, h 69 Mornlngslde 

Mundy Elgin mach, h 44 Mornlngslde 

Nash Patk M, ptrnmkr, h 70 Ellis av 
Neave Edwd J. painter, h 12 Ellis av 
Nelson Geo, brkmkr, h 84 Beresford av 
Nelson James A, moto. I 84 Beresford 
Nelson John H, elk, 1 34 Kennedy av 
Nelson Marjory J, tel opr, 1 34 Kennedy 
Nelson Rose Mrs, h 34 Kennedy av 
Nelson Rosmand J, case mkr, h 12 Ken- 
nedy av 
Novitzen Antonio, lab, h 15 Southport 

O'Brien Bridget (wld Patk), h 2281 

Bloor w 
O'Brien James, real est agt. 1 22S1 Bloor 

O'Brien Margt stenog, 1 2281 Bloor w 
O'Brien Wm J, bldr, 1 2281 Bloor w 
Orr Arthur B, boat bldr, h 40 Queen w 
Orr Joseph, caretkr, h 301 Windermere 

Orr Roy. oik, 1 293 Windermere av 
Palmer Herbert A, arch, h 1 Park rd 
Parsons Annie (wld Thos), 1 271 Win- 
dermere av 
Parsons Tlios H. tmstr, h 271 Winder- 
mere av 
Peterson Annie H, slsldy. 1 30 Beres- 
ford av 
Paterson Elizth (wld Thos). h 30 Beres- 
ford av 
Paterson Jessie, drsmkr. 1 30 Beresford 

Paterson Thos G. cond. h 86 Beresford 


Real Estate and Insurance, Properties for Sale, Rents 

Collected, Insurance Effected, Money to Loan 

Phon« Residence 
North 874 





Bank of Hamilton Building 

Main 2446 


Pearce John S, mldr, h 88 Park rd 
Pearman Alfred R, mach, h 56 Lavina 
Pendrlth Robt J, gdnr, b 24 Durie av 
Penketh Edwd, florist, h 64 Beresford av 
Perry Arthur R, acct, h 79 Runnymede 

Perry Win, maoh, h 68 Windermere av 
Pettigrew Olive C, 1 43 Ellis av 
Plumb Leonard, mldr, h 74 Lavlna 
Plumb Nelson, mach, 1 74 Lavlna 
Poole IJarry, btchr 69 Park rd 
Pozzi Antonio, lab, h 17 Southport rd 
Priestley Wm, piano mkr, h • s Jane 
Pritchard Geo. gdnr, h 24 Durie av 
Pritchard Hugh, mach, h 24 Durie av 
Prosser Edwd, mach, 1 26 Windermere 

Prosser Pearl I, packer, 1 2t Winder- 
mere av 
Prosaer Saml A, mach, h 26 Winder- 
mere av 
Rabjohn Albert S, mldr, h 46 Morning- 
side av 
Rabjohn Anne (wid Archd), 1 46 Morn- 

ingside av 
Rabjohn Arthur R, printer, h 52 Morn- 

Ingside av 
Rabjohn Earl, driver, 1 52 Mornlngeide 

Race Harry, engineer, h 120 Winder- 
mere av 
Race Harry, eupt Toronto Brick Co, 

Ltd. h w s Windermere av 
Race Riehd A, elect, h 223 Windermere 

Radnor John, elk, b 19 Durie av 
Randal Edwd, bolt mkr, h 41 Winder- 
mere av 
Randal Jules, chauffeur, b 21 Durie av 
Reith Wm. gdnr. b 17 I3eresford av 
Rennle Sarah (wid Wm), h 11 Ellis av 
Rich Richd H, mach, 1 17 Beresford 

Rich Thos H, tmatr. h 17 Beresford av 
Richards Thos, plstr, h 92 Park rd 
Riley Henry, mach, 1 11 Ostend av 
Riley John J, boUmkr, h 11 Ostend av 
Riley Malcolm, slsmn. 1 11 Ostend av 
Robe Albert, engineer, h 74 Ellis av 
Roberts Alvln E, elk. 1 14 Kennedy av 
Rol>erts Arthur, mach. 1 19 Durie av 
Roberts BenJ. liemn. h 19 Durie av 
Roberts Hattie E (wid Wm D). h 14 

Kennedy av 
P.o'berts John, pdlr, h 26 Morningeide 

Roberts John A. mach. 1 19 Piirie av 
Roberts Margt. elk. 1 14 Kennedy av 
Roberts Thos, driver, h 1 Mornlngside 

Robson 'WVn R, slsmn. h 25 Ostend av 
Rowland Wm A.. mKr Canada Bolt S- 

Nut Co. res Toronto 
Rtissell Henry R. gro. 251 Windermere 

St Olaves Church (Ang). Ernest C Bureh 

pastor. 41 Windermere av 
Sanford Wm, painter, b 64 Beresford 

Scriven John. mach. h 2 Durie av 
Sewell Geo, chauffeur, h 7 5 MornlnK- 

side av 
Sharpless Alfred .engineer, h 32 Durie 

Sharpless Theresa, opr. 1 32 D"rie nv 
Shelley Arthur E. box nir. h 49 Ken- 
nedy av 
Shelley Saml T, carp. 1 49 Kennedy 

Siheppard Wm. bkpr. h 1 1 '4 Ellis av 
Sbinnomore Walter, driver .b 75 Morn- 

inerside av 
.Short Roy W. prin ^Vindermere Ave- 
nue Public School, res Toronto 
.Shread Robt. flremn. h 2 Runnymede rd 
Simons Albert E, tmstr. h 30 Morningside 

Simons Alfred, mach. 1 9 Durie av 
Simons Chas. mach. 1 9 Durie av 
Simons Florence E, packer, 1 9 Durie 

Simons Fredk J, mach. h 11 Durie av 
Simons Mabel C. opr, 1 9 Durie av 
Simons Wm J. mldr. h 9 Durie av 
Sinclair James L. mason, b 76 Runny- 
mede rd 
Sinclair Simon D, gro, 2269 Bloor W 
Sinclair Walter, stone mason, h 23 

Ostend av 
Sinclair Walter, A. carp, h 349 Winder- 
mere av 

Sinclair W^m L. mason, 1 23 Ostend av 
Sloan James, elk. b 49 Mornlngside av 
Sloan James H. trav IJom Sewer Pipe 

Co, Ltd, res Toronto 
Smith Adam F, adv agt, h 45 EUIb 

.Smith Dorothy, examiner, 1 104 Run- 
■ nymede rd 

Smith Edwd H, carp, h 76 Runnvmede rd 
Smith Ellzth (wid Wm), h 51 Durie 

Smith Ella. Indrs, 1 51 Durie av 
Smith Ernest C, carp, h 104 Runny- 
mede rd 
Smith Frank, elk, 1 104 Runnymede 

Smith Fredk, elect, 1 46 Kennedy a\ 
Smith Geo, lab, h 65 Beresford av 
Smith Herbert, lab, 1 51 Durie av 
Smith Jessie, examiner, 1 104 Runny- 
mede rd 
Smith John, elk, I 48 Kennedy av 
Smith John W. mach, 1 164 Winder- 
mere av 
Smith Joseph D, brkmkr, h 164 Win- 
dermere av 
Smith Joseph H, carpet weaver, I 164 

Windermere av 
Smith Martha (wid James), h 46 Ken- 
nedy av 
Smith aobt C, adv agt, h 10 Morn- 
lngside av 
Smith Walter, bkpr, h 62 Kennedy 

Smith Wm, h 20 Park rd 
Smvth Cassie, elk, 1 32 Windermere av 
Smyth James B. mach, 1 32 Winder- 
mere av 
Smyth Martha, elk. 1 32 Windermere av 
Smyth Mary (wid Thos), h 32 Winder- 
mere av 
Smyth Robt, flremn, h 16 Windermere av 
Smyth Saml J, elect. 1 32 Windermere 
Sons of England Hall, Lavina cor 

Morningside av 
Soper Harry, mach, h 94 Lavina 
Stanton Frank, mach, b 44 Ellis av 
Steel Ellen (wid Geo), 1 10 Mornlng- 
side av 
Stinson Robt, silver wkr, h 25 Durie av 
Stokes Thos A. oiler, h 13 Mayfleld av 
Stokes Wm, mach, h 34 Mayfleld av 
Suba Frank, lab, h 21 Southport rd 
Swansea Baptist Church, Park rd cor 

Windermere av 
Swansea Post Office, Mrs Kathleen 

Mitchell postmistress. 4 Ellis av 
Tuber Thos. slsmn, h 87 Lavina 
Tatam Lewis, mach. h 62 Durie av 
Thompson Robt. lab, 1 58 Lavina 
Thompson Sarah J Mrs, Idrs, h B8 

TIndall Geo B. cooper, h 35 Park rd 
TIndall Henry, mach, 1 35 Park rd 
Todd Clive. boatmn. h llo Runnymede 

Todd Cyril, fur ctr, 1 115 Runnymede 

Toronto Brick Co. Ltd. Harry Race supt. 

head of Southport rd 
Tran Thos V>. bkpr Grenadier Ice and 

Coal Co. res Toronto 
Vanderwater Roy. pdlr, h 23 Durie av 
Vaughan Arthur H. mach. 1 14 Lavina 
Vaughan Evelvn. 1 14 Lavina 
Vaughan Mabel I, opr. 1 14 Lavina 
Vaughan Olive, opr. 1 14 Lavina 
Vauc.han Phillip H, mach. h 14 Lavina 
Vertigan Arthur, mach. b 15 Ostend av 
Waddington Robt, mach, 1 S2 Winder- 
mere av 
Waddington Wm, tile mkr. b 82 Win- 
dermere av 
Wade Lawrence, shoemkr. h 42 Morn- 
ingside av 
Wade Mary (wid Henry), h 15 Morn- 
ingside av 
Wakelin Fredk C, ptrn mkr, h 11 

Walker David, mach. h 14 Windermere 

Walker Geo E, chauffeur, h 74 Winder- 
mere av 
Walker Gladys, steng Dom Sewer 

Pine Co. Ltd. 1 14 Windermere av 
Walli.'s Thos K. bkpr Dom Sewer Pipe 

Co. Ltd. res Toronto 
Waugh Walter, mach. h 97 Park rd 
Webber Geo. painter, h 38 Mornlng- 
side av 

iv eir Archd, bolt mkr, 1 21 Windermere 

Weir Emily (wid Geo), h 21 Winder- 
. mere av 

Weir Leslie, mach, 1 21 Windermere av 
vS'ells Wm, flremn, h 41 Durie av 
West Ellen (wid Wm), h 54 Lavina 
Westover Chas J, carpet clnr, h 265 

Windermere av 
Westover J(yhn, maoh, 1 265 Windermere 

vVestover Thos H, mach, 1 265 Winder- 
mere av 
Vhillans James A, phy, 20 Park rd 
Wicks Fredk, slsmn, 1 Oscar Wicks 
Wicks Oscar, rubber wkr, h w s Win- 
dermere av 
Wicks Oscar Jr, bkpr, 1 Oscar Wicks 
Willis Edgar, elk, b 82 Beresford av 
Willis Kathleen (wid Henry), h 80 

Beresford av 
Willis Walter H, moto, 1 80 Beresford 

\ ilson Catlierlne (wid Alex), 1 27 

Beresford av 
.Vilson Clarence P, bkpr, 1 72 Ellis av 
tVilson James, paper ruler, h 7 2 Ellis 

Wilson John A, h 66 Ellis av 
Wilson J Gordon, elk, 1 72 Ellis av 
Alison Malcolm J, carp, h 27 Beresiord 

Wilson Robt A, elk, 1 72 Ellis av 
Wilton Wm, lab, b 1 Morningside av 
Wiltshire Thos, mach, b 21 Beresford 

Windermere av Methodist Church, w 

s Windermere av 
Windermere Av Pub Sch, Roy W Short 

prin. e s Windermere av 
Winkworth Evelina (wid Wm). h i)l 

Park rd 
Winkworth Francis W, driver. 1 91 

Park rd 
Winkworth Mabel P, packer, 1 91 

Park rd 
Winkworth Wm, mach, 1 91 -Park rd 
Withers John, moto, b 50 Beresford av 
Wolstenholme Mary (wid James W), 

h 269 Windermere av 
Woodley Mark L, hdware 26 Park rd and 

Kennedy ac, h same 
Woods Geo, elk, h 64 Kennedy av 
Woods Percy, carp, h 58 Kennedy av 
Wooster Henry S, acct, h 68 Ellis av 
^Vooster Percy, elk. 1 68 Ellis av 
Wooster Phyllis, elk. 1 68 Ellis av 
Wright Arthur, elk, 1 76 Windermere 

Wright John H, gro, 76 Windermere 

Yemen Fyte H, carp, h 80 Ellis av 


(Four and a half miles east 'if I" i^> 

.Vdams Ernest A, telegraph opr, h 98 

Murial av 
Abbot David B, h 137 Eaton av (on 

active service) 
Agland Wm, lab, 1 30 Westwood av 
Altchlson David, h 129 Bee 
Aitken Peter, h 239 Don Mills rd (on 

active service) 
All cock Wm. lab. h 69 Gowan av 
.A.llcroft Frank E, caretkr. h 27 Cronyn 

Allen Geo. h 43 Woodvllle av 
Allen Saml, sign writer, h 46H Bee 
.-\ilen Wm. adv agt, h 217 Don Mills rd 
Allen Wm G, bkpr, h 21 Gamble av 
Allinson Geo A, h 6 Westwood av (on 

active service) 
Allpress Amos, boots and shoes 105 

Bee, h same 
Amos Geo, elk. h 25 Westwood av 
Anchor Edwin W, gdnr, h 23 Torrens 

.Anderson Joseph, carp, h 91 Bee 
Anderson Thos. h 27 Fulton av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Andrews Henry, lab. h 224 Woodvllle av 
.^nd^ews Joseph, h 13 Westwood av 
Archer Henry, lab. h 4 Plains rd 
Archer Henry Jr. lab, h 15 Plains rd 
Armour Robt, plstr, h 73 Woodvllle av 
Arnold Percy, brkmkr. h 227 Gamble 
Arscott Stanley Wm. h 153 Bee 

DOUGLAS PONTON 1 ^^ Adelaide st. e. 

— r^w ^ '^— r I .pgLEPHONE MAIN 60 







PhoneADElAIDE 1962 


Arthur Andrew, 1 76 Randolph av (on 

active service) 
Arthur Geo, lab, h 76 Randolph av 
Arthur James, 1 176 Randolph av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Arthur John, carp, h 54 Randolph av 
Ash Ernest, h 334 Don Mills rd 
Ashhy Harry, lab, h 45 Torrens av 
Ashdown Wm J, brkmkr, h 180 Woodville 

Atherslch Herbert, tmstr, h 28 Ran- 
dolph av 
Atherslch Wm, gdnr. h 108 Randolph 

Atwell Wm, lab, h 56 Gamble av;e Harry, carp, h 123 Eaton av 
Baker Reginald, gdnr, h 392 Don Mlllfl 

Baker Thos. lab, h 44 •William 
Baldwin Edwd R, carp, h 65 Westwood 

laldwin Naomi (wid Alfred J>. b ISO Gam- 
ble ar 
Barker Aubrey C. shipper, h 61 

Cronyn av 
Barrett Chas, h 39 Gowan av 
Barron Alex, mkt grdnr 299 Gardeners 

Barron Joseph B, gdnr, h 23 Cronyn 

Bartholomew Lewis E, trav, h 27 

Gamble av 
Barton Arthur, h 179 Gamble av 
Barton Percival J, steamftr, h 82 Mu- 

rial av 
Barton Thos E, tmstr, h 88 Murial av 
Bassant Sidney, h 116 Bee( on active 

Bateman Wm, mkt gdnr 9 Plains rd, 

h same 
Bater Frank G. gro 247 Don Mills rd, h 

245 same 
Bater Louisa (wid Geo), h 158 Don Mills 

Bavaridge John, moto, h 121 Bee 
Baxter Ernest, brklyr, h 69 Randolph 
Baxter Geo W. h 369 Don Mills rd 
Bays Hubert C. h 133 Cronyn av 
Beal Ernest, carp, h 160 Langford av 
Bee Wm, mkt gdnr 115 Gardeners la 
Beecham Aquilla, stamper, h 134 Gowan 

Beer Jacob, tmstr, h 216 Don Mills rd 
Beer Jacob Jr., lab, h 30 Westwood av 
Beesley Chas, h 151 Bee (on active ser- 
Beeton John, h 127 Cronyn av (on ac- 
tive service) 
BeJl Annie (wid Arthur), h 13 William 
Bell Robt, watchmn. h 1139 Donland* 

Bellamy' Geo H, tmstr, h s s Don Val- 
Bellinger Chas, carp, h 10 Gowan av 
Bennett CTias J. engineer, h 43 Torrens 

Bennett David, plstr, 1 135 Cronyn av 
Bennett James, lab. h 37 Westwood av 
Bennett Thos, painter, h 94 Murial av 
Bennett Thos W. painter, h 128 Bee 
Benson David, glass stainer, h 13! 

Gowan av 
Bentley Arthur C, carji. h 142 Gowan a^ 
Berwick Tohn M. h 67 Randolph av 
Beverley John, 1 152 Gamble av (on 

active service) 
Bingham Annie, packer, h 12 Fulton av 
Bingham Thos E. lab, h 166 Bee 
Bird Alfred, shipper, h 124 Bee 
Bird Arthur, h 223 Gamble av 
Bisbee Ebenezer A, carp, h 223 Wood- 
ville av 
Blair Wm G. elk. h 189 Gowan av 
Blight Stanley, lab. h 49 Cronyn av 
Bohn John, h 85 Murial av (on active 

service) » 

Bone Qulntin, carp, h 1 Cronyn av 
Bonfleld Alfred E. photo engr. h 15 

Booker Edwin, h 55 Cronvn av 
Boorne Leonard, mkt gdnr s s Plains rd 
Boulton John. lab. h 121 Torrens av 
Bottoms Alfred J, carp, h 76 Murial 

Booth Alfred J, bartndr Todmorden 
• Hotel, res Toronto 
Boulton John H. 1 121 Torrens av (on 

activp service) 
Boyd Chas. lab, 1 laS Bee 
Boyd David, carp, h 133 Bee 
Bovd James, lab, h 160 Gowan av 

Bradbury Nathaniel, carp, h 227 Bee 
ijiaUkjuiy Wm, biklyi, n 114 liee 
Hiadley Alfred, h 149 Gowan av (on 

active service) 
Bradley Mary A (wid Gibson), I 157 

Woodville av 
Bradley Thos, mkt gdnr 139 Gardener* 

Bradshaw Albert L, tlr. h 849 Pape av 
Bramwell Herbert, gro 121 Gamble av, 

h same 
Bramwell Peter, h 171 Woodville av 
Bray Saml E, lab, h 9 Hawthorn row 
Brayman Thos, mkt gdnr 645 Don Mills 

Brazill Ivan, bgemn, h 123 Bee 
Breckles Anthony G, driver, h 187 Gowan 

Brennan Chas, fitter, h 129 Bee 
Brewer Edwd C, shell mkr, h 179 Bee 
Briggs Edwd C, h 102 Woodycrest av 
Briggs Herbert, lab, h 144 ^Voodville 

Brindley Fredk, h 131 Gowan av 
Britton Wm, h 221 Bee (on active ser- 
Brooking John T, shipper, h 20 Randolph 

Mrooks Edwin, glazier, h 851 Pape av 
rsrown Chas. h 119 Torrens av 
Brown Chas E, driver, h 3 Woodville a^ 
Krown Harry, lab, h 104 Bee 
Brown Henry F. h 1042 Pape av 
Brown Joseph, lab. h 27 Woodville av 
Brown Myrtle, stenog Batons, 1 1042 

Pape av 
Brown Pearl, stenog, 1 1042 Pape av 
Brown Wm E, biksmth, h 137 Bee 
Browning Geo T, shipper, h 81 Murial 

Bryson Thos, paper mkr, h 8 Hawthorn 

Buchanan Marshall, insp, h 42 West- 
wood av 
Buckles Harriett (wid John), h 48 Tor- 
rens av 
Buckles Harry C, slsmn, 1 48 Torrens av 
[!udd Frank, h 133 Eaton av (on active 

Budd Stanley, carp, h 205 Woodville 

Bull James, brklyr, h 56 Westwood av 
Bunce John S, mkt gdnr 15 Plains rd. 

h sam^ 
Burgess Alfred, printer, h 53 Cronyn 

Burgess Wm jr. h 38 Bee 
Burgess Wm M. h cor Logan av n and Bee 
Burns Fredk, carp, h 125 Eaton av 
Burns John J, gro Bee cor Pape av, 

h same 
Burton Elizth. slsldy Batons. 1 1264 

Donlands av 
Burton James, lab. h 1208 Donlands av 
Burton Joseph, brkmkr, h 1264 Don- 
lands av 
Burton Joseph, lab, h 219 Bee 
Burton Louisa, stenog, 1 1264 Donlands 

Burton Mary, slsldy Eatons. 1 1264 

Donlands av 
Burton Wm J, brkmkr, 1 1264 Donlands 

Bussell Robt. boots and shoes 16 Tor- 
rens av 
Batler .Alfred, h 23 Gamble av 
Byers John, tmstr, h 13 Hawthorn row 
Byers Joseph, mkt gdnr 142 Gardeners 

Caden John, letter carrier, h 93 Cronyn 

Call Ernest, chauffeur, h 91 Torrens av 
Cameron Fredk, lab, h 45H Westwood 

Campbell Hugh, lab. h 17 Cronyn av 
Carey Arthur, lab, h 32 Floyd av 
Carlton Edwd, h 51 Torrens av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Carter Ernest, chauffeur, h 182 Bee 
Carter Fred C. btchr. h 58 Gamble av 
Carter Robt, rubber wkr, h 23 Fulton 

Carter Robt W, driver, h 23 Fulton av 
Cartledge Joseph, tmstr, h 15 Cronyn 

Carwardine Alfred R (Carwardine Bros). 

h 1200 Pape av 
i.'arwardine Bros (Alfred R. Chas and 
Harry), mkt gdnrs 263 Gardeners lane 

Carwardine Chas ((Carwardine Bros), b 

263 Gardejiers la 
Carwardine Harry (CJarwardine Broa), 

h 263 Gardeners la 
Gary, Elizth K, gro 1246 Pape av. h 

Chalmers Alex G, baker, h 95 Cronyn av 
Chamberlain Alfred, shoenakr ,h 102 

Chandler Robt, h 841 Pape av 
Chantler Margt (wid Aaron), h Hi 

Don Mills rd 
Chapman James, h 124 Eaton av 
Cheeseman Geo, engineer, h 148 Don 

Mills rd 
Chinery Wm, lab. h 1127 Donlands av 
Chivirs Thos, h n a Don Valley (on ac- 
tive service) 
Churchill Wallace, painter, h 89 Cronyn 

Clark James F, mkt gdnr 1 Don Mills 

rd. h same 
Clarke John, h 34 Randolph av( on ac- 
tive service) 
Clarke Samuel, elk, h 13S Eaton av 
Clarkeson Clara, drsmkr, 1 146 Bee • 

Clelland Saml, h 177 Gamble av 
Clements Wilfred, h 26 Randolph av 

(on active service) 
Clements Wm, h 152 Gamble av (on 

active service) 
Clifton Robt, lab. h 124 Bee 
Close Edwin, lab, h 9 Logan av n 
Close Geo. lab, h 137 Cronyn av 
Cole Edwd. pdlr. h 63 Cronyn av 
Collingwood John, 1 182 Gowan av (on 

active service) 
Collins Francis, mkt gdnr. 1247 Don- 
lands av 
Collins Jane (wid Geo), h 34 Torrens 

Collins Joseph, mkt gdnr 643 Don, Mills 

Collins Phoebe (wid Geo), ft 34 Torrens 

avenue ' 

Conchie James, shell mkr, h 376 Don 

Mills rd 
Conduit Wm, h 43 Randolph av 
Connington James A , engineer, h 11 

"\Vestwood av 
Constable Alex, mkt gdnr. 10 Fulton 

av. h same 
Constable Jennie (wid Thos), h 61 

Westwood av 
Con.stable Stewart, driver, 1 10 Fulton 

Constable Thos, slsmn, h 6 Fulton av 
Cook Arthur, h 70 RandoIt>h av 
Cook Geo H. engineer, h 195 Gamble 

Cookam Frank W, bkpr, h 211 Don Mills 

Cooking Eddie, h 91 Cronyn av 
Coomer Fredk, bkpr, h 117 Torrens av 
Cooper Beatrice, opr. 1 38 Randolph av 
Cooper Chas H. h 38 Randolph av (on 

active service) 
Cooper James, lab. h 34 Gowan av 
Cooper John R. tmstr. h 36 Gowan av 
Cooper Percy, slsmn, 1 21 Cronyn av 
Cooper Wm, harness mkr. h 21 Cronvn av 
Cooper Wm. lab. h 63 Randolph av 
Cosburn Bros fChas, Henry and Robt) 

mkt gdnrs 1161 Donlands av 
Cosbiirn Cbas (Cosburn Bros), h 1161 

Donlands av 
Cosburn Henry (Cosburn Bros), h 198 

Cosburn Robt (Cosburn Bros), h 198 

rosten Albert J. h 23 Woodville av 
r'ottrill James, flremn, h 12-25 Pape av 
r-nusibs Wm. mach. h 17 Floyd av 
Cramp Fredk, lab. h 350 Don Mills rd 
Crane Thos E. h 176 Bee (on active 

Cranston Wm, h 82 Gamble av (on active 

r'r.^ase Fredk, lab, h 20 Gowan av 
Cross Robt. cabt mkr, h 24 Fulton av 
CroBslev .\lfred, steamftr, h 142 Don 

Mills rd 
Crouch James, btchr 1058 Pape av, h 

Crowe David, h 52 Westwood av 
Culver John, h 40 Gowan av (on active 

Curlew Fredk, 1 1167 Pape av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Curlew Geo, h 109 Gowan av 

Real Estate Agents, l^fiS7SnT 



F.J. SMITH .^^ CO. 




Cnrlew Isaac, carp, h 1167 Pape ar 

Curlew Saml, h 141 Gowan av 

Curtis Geo H, mkt gdnr, 85 Woodvllle 

av. h same 
Cutbush Geo A, brkburner, h 33 Gamble 

Cutler Albert, lab, h 56 Bee 
Dadswell Edwd A, rubber wkr, h 119 

Gowan av 
Dalliipore John, gdnr, h 199 Woodville 

Dalrymple James, paper hnsr, h 127 Gow- 
an av 
Darrach Amoa, driver, h 10 Westwood 

Dart Geo, gdnr, h 41 Torrens av 
Dart Herbert, gdnr, h 227 Gamble av 
Dart John (John Dart & Son), h 8 Plains 

Dart John Jr (John Dart & Son), 1 8 

Plains rd 
Dart John (Dart & Sons), 1 13 Plains rd 
Dart John, gdnr, h 160 Gamble av 
Dart Joseph (Dart & Sons), h 13 Plains 

. Dart Joseph jr. mkt gdnr 13 Plalna rd, 

h same 
Dart Malcolm J, gdnr, h 180 Gand;>le 

Dart & Sona (Joseph, John and Joseph 

jr), mkt gdnrs 13 Plains rd 
Darwin Edwd R. 1 117 Gowan av (on 

active service) 
Darwin Joseph W, h 117 Gowan av 
Davidson Andrew, elk, h 18 Westwood 

Davie Robt J, lab, h 198 Gamble av 
Davles Geo T, 1 244 Don Mills rd 
Davies Lester, 1 244 Don Mills rd 
Davies Margt (wid Robt), h 244 Don 

Mills rd 
Davies Norman, 1 244 Don Mills rd 
Davids Wilfrid. I 244 Don Mills rd 
Davis Alfred J, horseshoer, h 12^ 

Cronyn av 
Davis Frank, h 217 Gowan av 
Davis Joseph, h 50 Randolph av (on 

active serivce) 
Davison Jame«, h 44 Westwood av (on 

active service) 
Dawe Geo, gro 150 Gowan av, h same 
Dawe Wm. tmstr, h 150 Gowan av 
Dawson Geo. h 388 Don Mills rd 
Deacon Edwd J. feed and grain 1050 

Pape av . h 879 Carlaw av 
Deadman Thos. baker, h 16 Randolph 

Dean Walter A. stablemn, h 19 Cronyn 

Deeks Ernest, lab. h 170 Gamble av 
Deeks Herbert, h 1 Hawthorn row 
Delaviene T_,aura (wid Fredk). h I6714 

Gowan av 
Delavigne Laurence. 1 167H Gowan av 
Diplook Ernest, h 1S5 Gowan av (on 

active service) 
Disley Elijah, h 138 Gowan av 
Dodge Chas W. lab. h 302 Torrens av 
Don Mills Methodist Church, n 3 Don 

Mills rd 


Donnelly Edwd. sawyer, h 73 Murlal av 
Donoghue Peter, h 92 Bee 
Dowse Oliver R, carp, h 183 Gamble av 
Dunkley Fred. lab. h 33 Burleigh av 
Dunkley Wm, tanner, h 125 Torrens 

Dunn Wm W, mkt gdnr 206 Gardeners 

Dymond Martha, gro 49 Bee 
Dymond Wm H, tmstr, h 49 Bee 
Dyson Edwd. h 152 Gowan av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Eastwood Ernest, lab, h 1010 Pape av 
Eaton Geo. lab. 1 39 Gamble av 
Eaton Henry. 1 39 Gamble av (on ac- 
tive servlcel 
Eaton Joseph, lab, h 130 Gamble av 
Eaton Wm H. lab^ h 39 Gamble av 
Edge Joseph, h 3 Logan av n (on ac- 
tive service) 
Edmonds Chas . lab. h 300 Torrens av 
Blborn Albert A, tanner, h 133 Gowan 

Ellam James S. lab. h 1S9 Gowan av 
Ellis Robt, carp, h 21% Cronyn av 
Ellis Thos C. elk, h 84 Murial av 

England Ernest, herdsmn, h S4S Don 

Mills rd 
Enston Ernest (Griffin and Enston), h 

6 Plains rd 
Embury Saml J, engineer, h 213 Don 

Mills rd 
Ella Leslie, driver, h w s Main 
Evans Chas. Imstr, h 1010 Pape av 
Fairhead Arthur S, uphol, h 173 Qowau 

Farn Frank W. carp, h 155 Woodville av 
Farrant Wm J. h 305 Torrens av 
Farrar Chas W, carp, h 241 Torrens av 
Farrow Geo K, lab. h 12 Randolph av 
I'ield <"ha.s H. h 12.') Cronyn av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Finoli Alfred E. silver stamper, h 66 

Westwood av 
Firth Alphonse, painter, h 121 Cronyn 

Firth Fred, paper mkr, h 48 Bee 
Fleming Anna M H, 1 5 Bee (nurlng 

sister on active service) 
Fleming Catherine, nurse, 5 Bee 
Fleming Edgar E, gro 340 Don Mills 

rd, h same 
Fleming Harloe A, 1 5 Bee (on active 

(Dublin* University), "LC Phy & Surg, 
Ont," late Gynaecologist to Royal Col- 
lege Dublin Hospital and late asst 
Physician Rotunda Hospital, Dublin, 
Ireland, Office and Res 5 Bee 
Fletcher Edmond, iron wkr, h 120 Bee 
Flett Oliver, druggist, h 92 Gamble av 
Flewwellyn Claude E, h 100 Woody- 

orest av (on active service) 
Flewwellyn Martha (wid John E), h 

100 Woodycrest av 
Flook Albert, brklyr, h 17 Fulton av 
Forster Chas. brklyr, h 32 Gowan av 
Fox worthy Warren, wdwkr, h 112 Bee 
Franks David D Rev. pastor Don Mills 

(Meth) Church, h 227 Don Mills rd 
Franks Gwendolyn, studt, 1 227 Don Mljls 

Franks Reginald, studt, 1 227 Don Mills 

Franks Retta. stenog, 1 227 Don Mills rd 
Freeman Robt, h 93 Torrens av 
Friend James, tmstr. h 47^ Cronvn av 
Frood John A, h 125 Bee 
Fry Wm A, h 50 Bee (on a(^ive ser- 
Fugler Leopold A, h 92% Bee (on ac- 
tive service) 
Furneaux John, paper mkr, h 150 Gamble 

Furneaux Thos. paper mkr, h 150 Gamble 

Galbraith John, druggist, h 91 Cronyn 

Gale Wm J, engr, h 22 Gowan av 
Garllck John, caretkr. h 73 Gowan av 
Garwood Wm. h 136 Don Mills rd 
Gazley Reynold, gro 351 Don Mills rd 
Gibson Albert, harness mkr, h 169 Cro- 
nyn av 
Gibson Henry, lab. h 7(5 Randolph av 
Gibson Susan (wid John), h 41 Gowan 

Oiddings John, h 163 Gowan av (on 

active service) 
Goff Wm. mach, h 73 Randolph av 
Goldsmith .Tames, tmstr. h Don Valley 
Goodwin Geo, plmbr, h 129 Baton av 
Gosden Henry, shell mkr, h 184 Gowan 

Oowan Chas .1r, 1 10 Gowan av 
Green Alfred, h 68 Westwood av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Green Edwd. painter, h 3 'Westwood av 
Green Geo. tinsmth, 1 30 Torrens av 
Glreen .Tames, lab. h 168 Gamble av 
Green John, lab .h 26 Torrens av 
Green Joseph, h 35 Woodvllle av 
Green Mary A (wid John), h 30 Tor- 
rens av 
Green Saml. blksmth. n s Westwood 

av. h 2131/2 Don Mills rd 
Greenslade Wm J. brklyr, h 1218 Don- 
lands av 
Grey .\lbert. h 1 Woodville av 
Grey Amos, h 1143 Donlands av 
Griffin CHias F (Grlffln & Enston), h 6 

Plains rd 
Grlffln & Enston (Chas P Griffin, Ernest 
Enston), mkt gdnrs 6 Plains rd 

Grosser Ernest H, tacker, h 203 Gam- 
ble av 
Gudgeon Robt, h 31 Logan av n 
Haden Arthur, h 32 Torrens av (on 

active service) 
Hall John, lab, h 5 William 
Hallam Betty (wid Geo), h 175 Gamble 

Hallam Elijah, 1 175 Gamble av (on 

active service) 
Hallam Geo, brkmkr, 1 175 Gamble av 
Hallam Thos. 1 175 Gamble av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Hambury Nettie (wid Geo), h 31 Gam- 
ble av 
Hampson Albert A, h 121 Gowan av 

(on active service) 
Hannett Harold J, trimmer, h 136 

Eaton av 
Hare Bros (James and Thomas), markt 

gdnrs. Don Valley 
Hare James (Hare Bros), h Don Valley J 
Hare Thos (Hare Bros), h Don Valley 1 
Hargreaves Henry, lab, h 60% West- ^ 

wood av 
Harrison Geo. h 15 Hawthorn row 
Harrison Ralph, h 119 Cronyn av (on 

active service) 
Harrot Frank, shell mkr, h 2-8 Floyd 

Harrott John, shell mkr, h 4.5 Weat- 

wood av 
Hart Reginald, lab, h 165 Gamble av 
Hart Walter, h 201 Gamble av 
Harvey John G, real est 1 Gamble av. 

h 309 Don M'llls rd 
Harvey John P, h 223 Bee (on active 

Hastings Leonard, gro 22 Westwooi 

Hawkins Albert E, blksmth, h 71 

Westwood av 
Hawley Thos, shipper, h 1210 Don- 
lands av 
Haworth Harry, elk, h 1227 Pape av 
Hayden Henry, lab. h 171 Gamble av 
Hayward Geo W. btchr, h 11 Logan av 

Hazelton Albert St G. 1 13 Bee (on ac- 

tlv6 S6rvlc6) 
Hazelton Fred M. stock kpr, h 29 Gow- 
an av 
Hazelton Joseph, lumber dlr, h 7 

Gowan av 
Hazelton Mary A, studt, 1 7 Gowan av 
Hazelton Robt. h IS Bee 
Hazelwood Bertha (wid Thos). li IS 

Randolph av 
Head Henrv T. h 47 Cronyn av 
Healey Hubert, gdnr. h 855 Pape av 
Hr-aton Joseph, shell mkr. h 15S Gam- 
ble av 
Heaton Wm. h 848 Don Mills rd 
Henderson Cnrollne A (wid Archlb;iMi. h 

4r)2 Don Mills rd 
HIbbItt Henrv. btchr. h 47 Gamble ;iv 
Hlbbitt Wm H. btchr, h 37 Gamble av 
Hill Alex, h 135 Bee 
Hill Harry, tmstr. h Don Valley 
Hill James, lab. h 38 Gowan av 
Hill Lorenzo, jwlr tool mkr, h 271 Don 

Mills rd 
Hill Thos F, plmbr, h 48 Westwoo.T av 
Hingley Wm, shell mkr, h 33 Gowan 

Hlnslev Arthur, herdsman, h Don Valley 
Hitohins Frank, engineer, h 91 Bee 
Hodgkins John, furniture mkr, h 14% 

Torrens av 
Hogarth Wm. florist 225 Gowan av. res 

HolHs (Harld, elk, h 1125 Donlands av 
Holmes Frank mach, h 46 Bee 
Holmes Fredk. brkmkr. h 140 Bee 
Holmes John W, painter, h 46 Bee 
Homestead Mission Hall. 1010 Pope av 
Hooker Wm. painter, h 10« Bee 
Hopesmall Geo, carp, h 33 Randolph av 
Hoipklns John W, lab, h 139 Bee 
Hopper Mary A (wid John W), h 105% 

Cronyn av 
Horton John, h 168 Bee (on active ser- 
Hough Alex G. h 1 Plains rd 
Hough David L, h 3 Plains rd 
Hough Thos E, h 5 Plains rd * 

Home Geo, paper mkr. h 147 Bee 
Howe James A, gro 171 Bee 
Howe John, engineer, h 175 Bee 
Hn^ve Wm, mnto. h 14U Gowan av 


High-Grade SHEFFIELD CUTLERY 17-21 TEMPERANCE ST. Phone Main 7066 




Send for our Booklet on 

Howell iCKo H, h 104 Randolph ftv 
Howell Wm J, ih 72 Gowan av 
Hovle Ernest E, lab, h 141 Cronyn av 
Hull .-Ubert G, brass mWr, h 49 Wood- 

H^rat'cr^Geo A, I 237 Don .Mills rd (on 

active service) 
Hunter James, h 48 Westwood av 
Hunter Mary (wld John), h 237 Don 

Mills rd „ , , .. 

Hunteir Tlio«, 1 40 Randolph av 
Hunter Walter, furnace man, h J.SA 

Randolph av _ , , ^ 

Hunter Wm J, h 71 Randolph av 
Hurst Bdith, opr. 1 1202 Pepe av 
Hurst Harry, h 1202 Rape av 
Hurst W^alter, elk, h 1202 Rape av 
Hurst Wm, candy mkk, h 134 Gamble av 
Hydra Bernard, cond, h 79 Cronyn av 
Ing Ernest, shell mkr, h 161 Bee 
Inward Geo, h 107iB Donlands av 
Isbell John, h 35 Logan av 
Jackson Geo, lab, h 40 William 
Jackson James, mach, h 843 Rape av 
Jameson Geo, b 107 Gowan av 
James Thos, pistr, h 85 Gamble av 
Jenkins Geo J, 1 29 Logan av n 
Jenkins James H, h 29 Logan av n 
Jenkins Jos, candy mkr, h 15 Fulton av 
Jenkins Roiph M, vet inspector, 1 29 

Logan av n 
Jennings Wm H, h e s Oonlands av 
Jobin Alphonse, tinsmth, h 112 Ran- 
dolph av 
Johnson Chas H B, slsmn, 1 379 Don Mills 

Johnson Isaac B, h 379 Don Mills rd 
Johnson Saml, h 4'2 Torrens av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Johnson W, carp, h 127 Torrens av 
Johnstone Geo, h 16 Gowan av 
Jones Alice (wld Philip), h 9 Westwood 

Jones Fanny (wld John), h 1147 Don- 
lands av 
Jones Harry, lab, h 49 Westwoocl av 
Jones Harry Jr, silversmth, 1 49 West- 
wood av 
Jones Harry G, b 74 Randolph av (on 

active service) 
Jones Wilfred, carp, h 195 Gowan av 
Jones Wm, elk, h 13 Logan av n 
Jordan Richd, h 77 Randoph av 
Josslln James F, h 146 Don Mills rd 
JossUn Leonard E, elk, h l-4'6 Don Mills 

Jowett Fredk, h 201 Gowan av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Keay Prank, glass ctr, h 98 Bee" 
Kelly James, engineer, h 219 Donn Mills 

Kelly Thos, mach, h 90 Bee 
Kemp Joseph, lab, h 190 Bee 
Kennedy Thos D, gro 1046 Pape av 
Kerfoot Thos, h 68 Randolph av 
Kerr Massey, lab, h 45 Gowan av 
Key Walter W. shell mkr, h 23 West- 
wood av 
Kimberley Arthur H, sheet metal wkr, 

h 7'5 'Gamble av 
Kimberley Horace J, ishell mkr, h 77 

Gamble av 
Kimberley John, brass fnshr, h 1254 Pape 

King Edwd J, h 103 Bee (on active Ber- 

King Fredk, porter, h 24 Gowan av 
King Robt, lab, h 162 Woodvllle av 
Klnnon Elizth, h '58 Bee 
Kirby Albert E, iron wkr, h 130 Eaton 

Kirk Richd, carp, h 105 Cronyn av 
Kirton Thos G, h 15 Westwood av 
Kirton Wm J, h 9 Floyd av 
Kitchener Public School, w s Pape av 
Knight Geo, h 101 Gowan av 
Knowles Wm, glass ctr, h 22 Randolph av 
Koenig Gustav, shipper, h 41 Gamble 

Laird Joseph, carp, h 72 Westwood av 
Lalor Thos, h 184 Bee 
Landon Chas W, brklyr, h 86 Murlal av 
Lansborough Wm C, farmer, h 867 Pape 

Lawrence Benj J, tmstr, h 4i6 Westwood 

Lawrence Wm, h 209 Gowan av 
Leaman Arthur (Leaman & Son), 1 298 

Gardeners lane 
Leaman Christopher J (Leaman St Son), 

h 298 Gardeners lane 

Leaman & Son (Christopher J and Ar- 
thur), mkt gdnrs 298 Gardeners lane 
I>eggatt George, elect, h 47 Bee 
Le Mcsurier John W, stock kpr. h 14 

Westwood av 
Lemon Chas, lab, h 1066 Rape av 
Lemon Chas J. driver, 1 105i6 Pape av 
Le Poldevin Alfred, h 29 Burleigh av 

(on active service) 
Leste>r Wm L, h 2 Westwood av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Lethbridge Wm T, brkmkr, h 215 Don 

Mills rd 
Levey Leon, h 865 Pape av (on active 

IJndsay Chas, lab, h 207 Don Mills rd 
lyoney James, lab, h 28 Westwood av 
Long Henry, concrete wkr, h 52 Bee 
Lowe David, mach, h 199 'Gowan av 
Lustv Nimrod, brkmkr, h 217 Bee 
McArthur .Hugh, lab, h 8 Westwood av 
MoBride John, h 44 Bee 
McBride Peter, h 4 2 Bee 
McBride Robt, lab, h 12 Westwood av 
McCtinn, Louis, carp, h 162 Langford av 
McCann Thos, h 1«9 Bee 
McCauley Cecilia, opr, 1 1221 Donlands 

McCauley Frances, slsldy, 1 1221 Don- 
lands av 
McCauley James (James McCauley ft 

Sons), h 1221 Donlands av 
McCauley James jr (James McCauley & 

Sons), h 1219 Donlands av 
McCauley James & Sons (James, Richard 
and James jr), mkt gdnrs, 1221 Don- 
lands av 
McCauley Lilly, opr, 1 1221 Donlands 

McCaulev Richd (James MoCauley & 

Sons), 1 1221 Donlands av 
McCord Robt, shell mkr, h 145 Gowan 

McCrudden Mary (wld Saml), h 51 Bee 
McDonald Chas, assessor, h 194 Gamble 

McGill Mary (wid John), h 13 William 
McGillivray John, porter, h 60 Bee 
McGivern James, blksmth. h 2 Gowan av 
ilcGulgan Arthur, h 24 Fulton av (on 

active service) 
McKelvie Wm, bkpr, h 149 Gamble av 
McLean Allen, lab Eatons, h 157 Bee 
McLean John W, slsmn Eatons, h 19 

Woodvllle av 
Mca:.,ennan John, ih 80 Murlal av 
Macdonald Clarence A, studt, 1 107 Bee 
Macdonald Duncan, carp, h 40 West- 
wood av 
Macdonald Harry J, 1 107 Bee 
Macdonald Hazel E, 1 107 Bee 
Macdonald John A, furrier, h 107 Bee 
Maodonald Wm, elk, h 1038 Pape av 
Macllvenny Earnest, glass ctr, h 111 

Cronyn av 
Mackintosh Geo', gro 174 Gamble av, h 

Mackintosh John, elk, 1 172 Gamble av 
Maclean Wm, tmstr, h 55 Torrens av 
Macready Percival, h 303 Towens av 
Malley Arthur, bkpr, h 7 William 
Magder Simon, opr, h 131 Eaton av 
Magrath Wm B, h 183 (Jowan av 
Maher Thos, glass plshr, h 24 Randolph 

Maidens Joseph, sdler, h 67 Torrens 

Mander Harry, piano enameller, h 110 

Randolph av 
Mander Wm E, japanner. h 112 Ran- 
dolph av 
Mansell James, shell mkr, h 11-45 Don- 
lands rd 
Marett Wm D. gro 130 Don Mills rd 
Markham T Wilkinson, brick burner, h 

69 Westwood av 
Martin Arthur IH, 1 64 Westwood ave 

(on active service) 
Martin Arthur J, h 64 Westwood av (on 

active service) 
Martin Geo W, mach, h 226 Bee 
Martin Hilda, 1 64 We.stwood av 
Martin John W, jwlr. h 222 QambU ar 
Mason Chas, shlppr, h 203 Woodvllle av 
Mason Ernest, oarp, h 129 Cronyn av 
Mattison Henry C, sailor, h n s Don 

Mnvriard Chas. htcbr. 1222 Pape av, 
h 105 Woodvllle av 


Maynard Geo H, gro 1220 Pape av. h 

Maynard Mark (Maynard & Maynard). 

h 105 Woodvllle av 
Maynard Mark jr (Maynard & Mayn 

ard), 1 105 Woodvllle av 
-Maynard & Maynard (Mark and Mark 

jr), dry gds 1218 Pape av 
Mellor Prank, carp, h 336 Don Mills rd 
Menary James, h 36 Randolph av 
Methven Joseph P, h 78 Murial av (on 

active service) 
Middleton Andrew, shell mkr, h 6S 

Westwood av 
Miles Peter A. lab, h 162 Gowan av 
Miller, Fredk J, sawyer, h 25 Pulton av 
Millsip Saml. h 27 Randolph av 
Mlllward Sidney, h 94 Bee (on active 

Milne David, painter, h 14 Randolph av 
MUne Horace, printer, 1 7 Logan av n 
Mitchell Chas, lab, h 12 Hawthorn row 
Mitchell Wm R, carp, h 126 Eaton av 
Moore Chas, lab, h 26 Westwood av 
Moore, Fredk, h 4 Westwood av 
Moore Mary A (wid Martin), h 147 Gow- 
an av 
Moorehen Wm, photo, h 39 Westwood 
Morgan Andrew J, painter, h 68 Tor- 
rens av 
Jforgan Matthew, h S7 Cronyn av (on 

active service) 
Morley Geo H, fire ins surveyor, h 106 

Randolph av 
Morris Albert J, engineer, h 20 West- 
wood av 
Morris George S, Iron wkr, h 26 Fulton 

Morrison Duncan, maoh, h 32 Westwood 

Moses Arthur J, coal and wood, s w cor 
Pape and Gamble avs, h 29 Gamble 
.Moses Edwd C, brklyr, h 7 Ixigan av n 
Moses Geo A, h 43 Bee 
Moses Geo H, bldr, h 82 Gamble av 
.Mujiroe Wm R, engineer, h 138 Gamble 

Myhlll Alfred, h 108 Bee 
Nash Frank, bldr, h 1 Logan av n 
XeJles Maude, h 31 Torrens av 
Nelson Robert H, cabt mkr, h 114 Ran- 
dolph av 
Nelson Thos A, chef, h 29 Cronyn av 
Nicholson Abel, carp, h 163 Woodvllle 

Nixon Geo C, driver, h 20 Torrens av 
Norley Albert, h 119 Bee (on active 

Nutt Wm, h 129 Gamble av (on active 

O'Donnell Joseph, h 252 Torrens av 
Oakley Mary A (wid James), h 4 Gowan 

Oliphant Percy, brk wkr, h 167 Wood- 
vllle av 
Ollenton Wm, h 41 Woodvllle av 
Olney Geo A, h 87 Murial av (on active 

Orr Robt, brckmkr, h 8 Burleigh av 
Osborne Henry, express, 126 Gamble 

Pape James A, lab, h 126 Bee 
Parker Albert, lab, h 54 Bee 
Parker Albert T, trav, h 25 Gamble aT 
Parker Alfred, lab, h 847 Pape av 
I>!ir<jnTiK .Mfred carp, h 32 Randolph 



Ccr.cral Agents Gore Mutual, Wellington Mutual, Mount Royal, 

Perth Mutual, Nationaie of Paris, American Lloyds, 

Stuyvesant and Provincial FIRE INSURANCE COMPANIES 

OFFICES: 2 COURT ST. (Ground Floor) Phones: Offi<», M. 856 and 3093; Res., Belmont 1148. Agents Wanted 

Lots in Stewart Manor l"i 



COX & CUMMINGS, Ltd. (Main 2524 


Canada Ufe Building V™'" "* 

and 2118 Queen East I Beach 629 


Partridge Edwd, Wksmth, h 139 Crony n 

Partridge Edwd, lab. 1 159 Bee 
Partridge Edwin. lab, h 103 Gowan av 
Pass Chas, lab, h 31 Torrens av 
Patterson Mary A, 1 400 Don MUlB 

Patterson Robert L. h 400 Don Mills 

Patterson R Douglai, elk, 1 400 Don 

Mills rd 
I'earce Leonard A. h 261 Torrens av 
I'earson Henry, moto, h .21 Westwood 

Pedlar (has. brk str. h 17 Torrens av 
Pedlar Philip, brkmkr, h 2.1 Torrens av 
Peebles Alex. carp, h 6(5 Randnli>h av 
Peers Wm, h 44 Gowan av (on active 

Pegley Arthur, lab, h V&5 Oamble av 
Penford Mary (wid Richd), h 164 Gow- 
an av 
Percy Wm E, h 93 Bee 
Perkins John, lab, h 386 Don Mills rd 
Perry Ambrose G, lab, h &3 Bee 
Perry Wm J, shell mkr, h 95 Bee 
Pl.elps Cha.=. ma.-h h r.'- f'.amhle 'V 
Phelps Chas J. 1 Ii2i2 Gamble av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Philps Leonard, tool mkr. h 157 Wood- 

vlllo av 
Phillips Chas C. 1 144 Oamble av (on 

sictivft service) 
Phillips Earl. 1 144 Gamble av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Phillips John D. 1 144 Gamble av (on 

active service) 
l»hiUips Lilly (wid Wm C), h 144 Gam- 
ble av 
Phipps Fre<ik. h 1'59 Gowan av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Pittman John, tmstr, h 225 Gamble av 
Pledger Walter, carp, h 153 Gowan av 
Poole Chris, chauffeur, b 219 Gowan av 
Pope Percy H, h 131 Bee (on active ser- 
Powell Alfred, h 75 Murial av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Prestidge Danl, lab, h 177 Oowan av 
Pringf Wm. lab. h 213 Gamble av 
Pring Wm C, warehmn, h 70 Westwood 

Proudfoot Robt, bank messr, h 146 Bee 
Pugh Wm, brklyr, h 127 Gamble av 
Pugsley Ernest, lab, h 103 Gowan av 
Pugsley Wm, mach, h 149 Bee 
Punch Walter J, bkpr, h 260 Torrens 

Purvis Joseph tR, elk, h 77 Gowan av 
Radford Robt, h Don Valley 
Rar John, carp. 1 72 Randolph av 
Read Fredk C. lab. h 40 Torrens av 
Reading Robt, fruit 353 Don Mills r<3, 

h same 
Rear Thos, h 491 Don Mills rd 
Redfern Chas, h 133 Bee (on active ser- 
Reeve Percy J, elk. h 3 Be« 
Revoy Philip, h 13 Fulton av 
Reynolds Sarah (wid Thos), h 1117 Don- 
lands av 
Reynolds Ernest, fitter, h 70 Growan av 
Rice Charlotte, h 275 Don Mills rd 
Richardson James, h 215 Gowan av 
Richardson Thos, driver, h 376 Don Mills 

Ridge way Wm, tmstr, h 174 Bee 
RIgnall Geo C, cfi •■n h R? r-.amiile a>- 
Ritchie Alex, h 123 Gowan ev (on active 

Roberts Ohas J, gro 167 Gamble av 
Roberts Fredk, fnshr, 1 53 Torrens av 
Roberts Robt, h 105 Gowan av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Robins Geo, 1 158 Gowan av (on active 

Robins Thos. engineer, h 69 Bee 
Robinson Dawson, mldr, h 69 Cronyn 

Rcybinson Fredk, brkmkr, h 133 Gamble av 
Robinson Geo. tmstr, h 131 Cronyn av 
Robinson Geo, trav, h 168 Gowan av 
Robinson James, carp, h 103 Cronyn av 
Robinson Peter, h 76 Torrens av 
Robinson Wm D, 1 69 Oronyn av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Rogers Chas, lab, h 129 Gowan av 
Ronald Geo. h 62 Westwood av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Rose Ellas E, shell mkr. h 51 Gronyon 

Rousby Arthur IH. bkpr, Ji 1229 Pape av 
Rutter John, h 47 Westwood av (on ac- 
tive service) 
St Andrew a cnurih (Arig), ii e- cor Bee 

and Pape av 
Salmon John, h '57 Bee (on active ser- 
SahOij.uok ijfo, s-ilveiplshr, h lyi li'iwan 

Sargeant Hora.ce, h 115 Be« (on a/Ctlv« 

Saunders James, lab, h 1240 Pape av 
Scott Frank, h 89 Murial av (on actlT* 

Scott George, lab, h 144 Torrens av 
Scott John iR, h 127 Eaton av (on active 

Seale Mary I (wid Harry), h 21 Wood- 

ville av 
Searle, Ernest C, chfcr, h 181 Gamble 

Segrirt Hrus (Geo, Ernest and Thus), 

mkt tuinia n s Plains ;d 
Segrlff lirnesl ^SegrlfC Bros), h n B 

I'laliis rU 
Segrill lieo (Segricr Bros), h ii » 

i'lain.s I'd 
SegrllT Thos (SegrlfT Bros), hue 

Plains rd 
Selby John T, h fiS Cronyn av 
Selby Heg^pald, h 213 Gowan av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Self Gilbert, caretkr, h 191 <3«imble av 
Sellers Artuui \V, cuki h ^, Giuir' • av 
Sellers A Beatrice, slsldy, 1 146 Bee 
Sellers Robt, brklyr, 1 146 Bee 
Sellers Robt J, elk, h 146 Bee 
Seymour Francis C, asbestos wkr, h 26 

WoodviUe av 
Sharp Robt, h 158 Langford av (on ac 

tive service) 
Shaw Ithamer. firemn. h 14 Gowan av 
Shelhorn James, scrap Iron, • s Don 

Mills rd, h aama 
SheM>ard Saml J, shell mkr, h 59 Tor- 
rens av 
Sherk Albert, 1 7 Woodville ay (on ac- 
tive service) 
Sherk Asapli E. h 7 WoodviUe aV 
SHERK MICHAEL G, Druggist 315 

Don Mills rd. h same 
Sherwood Geo, tmstr, .h 41 Westwood 

Shields Wm. slsmn Eatons, h 10 Tor- 
rens av 
Shlp'p Francis W, engineer, h 29 Toiren- 

Shirt James, h 118 Bee 
Shoemaker Henry W, h 137 Gowan av 

(on active service) 
Short Hugh, barber, h 7 Bee 
Slgsworth EUzth (wid John), gro 45 

Randolph av 
Sills Chas. shell mkr, h 20 Fulton av 
Simmer Harry, carp, h H22.6 Pape av 
Simmons Albert, h 45 WoodviUe a\" (on 

active s«nrlc«) 
Simone Louis, lab, h 38 Westwood av 
Simpson Chas, mkt gdnr 16 Plains rd 
Simpson Geo, contr, h 158 Don Mills rd 
Skinner John, lab, h 37 WoodviUe av 
Skirrow Margt (wid Wm), h 183 Wood- 
viUe av 
Smith B John, moto, h 81 Cronyn av 
Smith Bdwd, mkt gdnr, 4 Plains rd, h 

Smith Geo C, ctr, h 44 Westwood av 
Smith Harold T, h 504 Don Mills rd 
Smith Herbert F, elk, h 10 Burleigh av 
,Smith James, printer, h 112 Randolph 

Smith Margt (wid Thos H), 1 126 Gam- 
ble av 
Smith Saml J, stockpr, h 132 Eaton av 
Smith Thos, tmstr, h 151 Gamble av 
Smith Thos K, litho, h 96 Murial av 
Smith Wm, h 50 Westwood av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Smith Wm, slsmn, h 166 Gamble av 
Somers, Bernard, mkt gdnr, 118 Don- 
lands av, h same 
Southam John, h 159 WoodviUe av 
Southern Lydia (wid James T), h 75 

Torrens av 
Southgate Alfred, lab, h 12 Fulton av 
Sparkes Herbert, h 73 Torrens av 
Speed Wm, lab, h 180 Bee 
Spence Thos H, elect, h 41 Bee 
Spencer Geo, lab, h 53% Bee 
Spencer John, gro 1236 Pape av, h same 
Spencer John, mail elk; h 1063 Pape av 

Silencer Wmi, sheet metal wkr, h 157 

Gowan av 
Si>icer Alfred, brklyr, h 72 Randolph 

Spittal Wm A, carp, h 65 Randolph av 

Stables Clarence, h 141 Bee (on active 

Staden Ellis, slsmn Eatons, h 17 Ran- 
dolph av 
Stevens Frank, lab, h 31 Cronyn av 
Stewart Harold, stockkpr, h 25 Torrens 

Stewart Isabella (wid Jas), h )«") Do.. 

Mills rd 
Stewart Wm, lab. h 1119 Donlands av 
Stickland Wilfred R, elk, h 42 William 
Stock Harry, h 30 Floyd «v (on active 

Stone Fredk, carp, h 12 Gowan av 
Stoyle Henry T. shell mkr. h 95 Tor- 
rens av 
Strachan Alex, shell mkr, h 96 Bee 
Summerhayes Saml, h 47 Westwood av 

(on active seivi.i'e) 
Sun Brick Co. Lid. Don Valley 
Sutherland Wm. printer, h 25 Randolph 

Swain. Chas. h 857 Pape av 
Swift Jos J. brkmkr, h 168 'Gowan av 
Talbott John, lab, h 169 WoodviUe av 
Taylor Ann (wid George), h 332 Don Mills 

Taylor Chas, hog dlr, h n s Don Mills 

Taylor Geo D, 1 200 Don Mills rd 
Taylor Henry R, lab, h 12016 Donlands 

Taylor John H, h n e cor Don Mills and 

[Plains rds 
Taylor J Leonard, comp. h 125 Cronyn 

Taylor Lawrence L, 1 200 Don Mills rd 
Taylor Norman, plmbr. h 93 Bee 
raylor Wm T, h 200 Don Mills rd 
Templeman James, tmstr Paper Mills, 

h e s Don Valley rd 
Templeman Louis, mach. h "•e Floyd av 
Thompson John, h 1044 Pape av 
Thompson Robt, h 43 Gamble av (o-n 

active service) 
Thompson Wm, lab, h 18 Gowan av 
Thrush Chas M, engr, h 35 Gamble av 
Thurnell 'Geo, ishell mkr, h 155 Gowan 

Tidy Thos, h 177 Bee (on active ser- 
Till Herbert C, shipper, h 110 Bee 
Tippen John, mach, h 174 Bee 
Tobin Albert, elk, h 128 Gowan av 
TOSMOSDEN F O, 247 Son MlUa rd 
Tolhurst James H, lab, h 149 Cronyn 

Tomlin Geo, mkt gdnr Hi Gardeners la 
Torrens Av Public School n s Torrena 

Totton Rowland, h 16 Westwood av 
Traecey Thos, agt, h 14 Hawthorn row 
Trim Wm C, h 192 Bee 
Trowell Ernest, shell mkr, h 205 Don 

Mills rd 
Tucker Predk, baker, h 132 Bee 
Tucker Geo, lab, h 158 'Gowan av 
Tucker Robt. ,h 1S% Westwood av (on 

active service) 
Tucker Wellington, bldr, h 64 Gamble 

Turner Geo H, leather wkr, h 148 Gowan 

Turner John, h 180 Gowan av (on active 

Turton Ernest, platr, h 178 Bee 
Turton Sidney, carp, h 71 Gowan av 
Tustln Florence, packer, 1 14'6 Gamble 

Tuatin Wm, gdnr, h 146 Gamble av 
I'ustln Wm G, pdlr, h 639 Don Mills rd 
Tustin Wm H, tinsmth, 1 146 Gamble 

Underwood Joseph, moto, h 135% Bee 
Urben Fred, h 27 Burleigh av 
Usher Chas, concrete fnshr, h 107 

Cronyn av 
Vaughan Bd^ar T A, h 60 Westwood 

av (on active service) 
Veater Walter, h 38 Gowan av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Vinuols John E, ftr, h 221 Gowan av 
Vivian Harold F, engineer, 1 31 Murial 

Wade Thos H, lather, 1 48 Torrens av 



Reasonable Charges. Prompt Service 

123 SCOLLARD ST., near Hazelton 







Wblnes Geo H, packer Batons, h 6 Bur-| 

leigrh av 
Walnes Henry, h 199 Gamble av 
Weines John. lab, h 5 Westwood av 
Walker Alfre<i C. stm ftr, h 185 Gowan 

Walker Richd, painter, h 31 Gowan av 
Walker Saml, carp, h 49 Torrens «v 
WBlme'- Arthur W F. tlr. h 223 Don 

Mills rd 
Walsh Chas R, leather wkr, h 31 Bur- 

Walters KUas. paper fnshr, h 139 Eaton 

Walton Benj L. h 25 Oronyn av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Walton Sidney, concrete wkr, h 60 Gam- 
ble av 
Ward Henry W, brk mkr, h 1&4 Gamble 

Ward James, h 16-3 Bee (.on active ser- 
Ward Leonard, tm-str, h 152 Gamble av 
Ward Richd (Ward & Son), 1 116 Ran- 
dolph ev 
Ward Wm (Ward & Son), h 116 Ran- 
dolph av 
Ward & Son (William and Richard) mkt 

igdnrs. 116 Randolph av, h same 
Warner Geo W. driver, h 372 Don Mills 

Warner Hcndrie. chauffeur, h S63 Pape av 
Warner Herbert, dairvmn, h 231 Don 

Mills rd 
Warner Wm, prop Linden Dairy, h 22S 

Don Mills rd 
Warren John, barber, 1223 Pape av, h 

Watts Saml, lab, h 135 Gamble av 
Waygrood Harry, lab, h HI Gowan av 
Webb Fred, h 223 Gowan av 
Webb Walter J, mach, h 45 Bee 
Webblev Albert, lab, h :13TA Bee 
Weblev Frank L, 1 134 Don Mills rd 
Webley Ruth (wid Frank G), h 134 Don 

Mills rd 
Weeks Albert, driver, h 77 Crony n av 
Weller Henry G, h 6 Gowan av 
Weller Percy, chkr, h 8 Gowan av 
W«l]s Henry J, shipper, ,h 33 Westwood 

Wells Wm T, h 1 Westwood av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Wenman Joseph, lab, h 58 Randolph av 
Westecott Thos, lab, 1 1260 Donlands 

Westcott Wm J, chkr, h l!260 Donlands 

Westwood John, h 140 Don Mills rd 
Westwood Percy, mkt gdnr, e s Burleigh 

Westwood Percy E, h 150 Don Mills rd 
Wheeler Mary (wid Thos), ,h 375 Don 

Mills rd 
Wheeler Thos, lab, h 365 Don Mills rd 
Whiston Bertram, slsmn (Batons, 1 124 

Oamble av 
Whiston James M, 1 124 iGamble av (on 

active service) 
Whiston Thos W, lab, h 113 Gowan av 
Whiston Wm, lab, h 124 Gamble av 
White Frank, tmstr, h n s Don Valley 
White John, wood wkr, h 248 Torrens 

Whitehouse Isaiah, iron wkr, h 3 Haw 

thorn av 
Whitehouse Walter, shell mkr, h 846 

Pape av 
Whithey Joseph, h 135 Gowan av 
Whitmore Wm, F, h 37 Torrens av (on 

active service) 
Wickham Gordon, slsmn, h 1204 Don- 
lands av 
Wiggin Richd, mlkmn, h 19 Fulton av 
Wignall Lewis, h 187 Woodville av 
Wilkins Frank, elk, h 79 Murial av 
Wilklns Joshua, brkmkr, h 156 Gamble 

Wilkinson Arnold, lab, ,h 19 Randolph 

Wllks Wm, night wtchmn, h 146 Tor- 
rens av 
WlUett Francis, mkt gdnr, 1125 Don 

lands av, h same 
Willis Walter S, h 182 Gowan av (on 
active service) 

Wllsher Geo N, h 144 Gowan av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Wilson James F, h 279 Don Mills rd 
Wilson John W, lab, h 21 Westwood av 
Wilson Wm, painter, h 83 Murial av 

Wilton James J, watchmn, h 53 Tor- 
rens av 
Wilton James J jr. 1 53 Torrens av 
Wilton Lewis, varnish mkr, 1 53 Tor. 

rens av 
Wiltshire Francis H, elk. h 4 Burleigh 

Wood Jame.s, slsmn, 1 115 Gowan av 
Wood. Walter, brk burner, h 211 Gowan 

Wood Mary (wid Thos), h 90 Murial av 
Woodhouse Saml P. h 22 Randolph av 

ion active service) 
WooUev Arthur, h 47 Torrens av 
Woollvin Wm. lab, h 157 Gowan av 
Woolven Fredk. h 889 Don Mills rd 
Worsfald John, h 4'2 Gowan av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Worsfold John ]r, 1 42 Gowan av (on 

active service) 
Wrayfleld Harry, h 12 Torrens av (on 

active service) 
Wright Geo, express, 26 Randolph av 
Wright John, millwright, h 14 Torrens 

Wright Walter M, jwlr, h 5 Logian av n 
VVyatt Arthur, h 7 Gaimble av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Wyatt Davul, lab, h 202 Woodville av 
Wyatt Deborah iwid John), h 11 Gam- 
ble av 
Wyatt Saml, lab, h 74 Murial av 
Wyatt Wm, h 5 Gamble av 
Wynne Edwd J. driver, h 19 Torrens 


(Eight and one-half miles northwest 
of post-office) 

Ackrow Jane (wid Jonathan), h s s 
Rectory rd 

Acton Beatrice M. nurse Toronto Free 
Hospital for Consumptives 

Acton Norah. nurse Toronto Free" Hos- 
pital for Consumptives 

Adams Gertrude L, nurse Toronto Free 

Adamson Ada E, stenog Moffat Stove Co 
Ltd, 1 John B Adamson 

Adamson John B, foreman Moffat Stove 
Co Ltd. h s s Sykes av 

Altchison James, prop Balmoral Dairy, 
res Toronto 

Altchison Wm, h w s Main 

Alexander Harry J, prjn Weston Public 
School, h e s Rosemount av 

Alexander Memorial Baptist Church, L 
H Coles pastor, e s Main 

Allan Robt J, watchmn. h n s Maria 

Allen Edith 'P, 1 Jeremiah Allen 

Allen Jeremiah, carp, h w s Main 

Allen Joseph A, carp, h e s Main 

Allen Wm J, elect, h e s Main 

Ambler Brian E P, surveyor, 1 Thomas 
E Ambler 

Ambler Mollie, 1 Thos E Ambler 

Ambler Sydney E. 1 Thos E Ambler 

Ambler Thos E, h e s Rosemount av 

Anderson Murray R, steward Toronto 
Free (Hospital 

Anglln Gladvs, nurse Toronto Free Hos- 

Armstrong Gladys, stenog Moffat Stove 
Co. 'L.XA, 1 John Armstrong 

Armstrong Robt, h w s Rosemount av 

Armstrong Robt R, elk, 1 Robt Arm- 
I Avery Mabel M, nurse Toronto Free 

Avery Norma, nurse Toronto Free Hos- 

Averv Stella J, nurse Toronto Free Hos- 

Bailey John, express e s South Station, 
h same 

Bailey Reuben, printer. 1 John Bailey 

Balrd Laura B, nurse Toronto Free Hce- 

Balmoral Dairy, James Altchison prop, 
w s Main 

Ball Joseph H, btchr, h n s St Johns rd 

Bank of British North America (Wes- 
ton branch). Nelson J McEwen mgr, 
e s Main cor John 

Bank of Nova Scotia (Weston Branch), 
Alonzo G Maclennan mgr, e s Main 

Banks Wm, h e s George 

Barker Aaron J, postmaster Weston P O, 
h s s Maria 

Barker Gordon A (Barker & Farr), h ns 

'^'arker Joseph, ins agt, h n s Maria 
Barker Richard R. blksmth, n s Hum- 

lier. h e s Main 
Barker <& Farr (G A Barker and C G 

Farr). garage w s Main 
Baine.s Joseph, millwright, h s s Con- 

ron place 
Barnett James, coachmn., h s s William 
Barrett Wm. mgr Canada Lumber Co. 

Ltd, b E^gle House 
Bartlett Lome R. undertaker s s Main, 

1 same 
Barton Alex M. florist. Arthur J Barton 1 

Barton Alfred M. florist, w s George, h 

Barton Arthur J, florist e s Maili 
Barton Elwood, florist Arthur J Barton, 

1 same 
Barton John, florist Arthur J Barton. 1 

Arthur J Barton 
Barton Wm G. florist. .Arthur J Barton. 

1 .ArtV^ur .T Biirfin 
I'Jeach Edwd P. barber s s Main, h same 
Beach Edwd T, barber, h e s Main 
Beamiish Richd H, dairy w a Main, h 

Beckwith Cora M, nurse Toronto BVee 

Beeston Albert, plshr, h n s Denlson av 
Bell Atcnes E, stenog, 1 Mary J Bell 
Bell Ellzth (wid Robt J), h e B Main 
Bell Florence C. stenog. 1 Mary J Bell 
Bell James E. mach. h w s Main 
Bell Jii.-i..i. <nrp. 1 liouglMS Webster 
Bell Marv .1 (wld Richard T). h n s 

Bell Richd. steel wkr, h w s King 

George rd 
Rell Robt A. elk. h n s Park av 
Bell Telephone Co, Ltd, Saml J Totten 

mgr, e s Main 
Bell Telephone Co, Ltd, (Plant office), 

w s Main 
Bell Wm H, elect, h w s HIU Crest. rd 
Bennett Percy C, bkpr, has King 
Bentley Esther, 1 Robt Greer 
Beat John, mkt gdnr, n s Denlson av, 

h same 
Best Thos L, shipper, h n s St John* rxj 
Bilton Geo, painter, h w s Main 
Blair Wm, night watchman, h e s Holly 

Blake Robt J, lab, h n s (:?hurch 
Bletcher Richd. watchmn, h s s John (on 

active service) 
Boake Bartholemew J. h n s King 
Boake Vernon, elk. 1 Bartholemew 

Bobbette Constance T. nurse Toronto 

Free Hospital 
Boddv Eleanor E, tchr. 1 Mary S Boddy 
BoUly Mary S (wid Thos). h s s Sykes 

Bodger Albert, painter, 1 Bessie Smith 
Rolton Thos. 1 Deborah Dixon 
Bolton Wm T. driver, h s s Church 
Bonham Chas R, gro s s Denison av, 1 

n s Maria 
Bonham James, h n s Maria 
Bonner Predk. lab. 1 Alex F Hamilton 
Bookless Catherine, h s s Rectory rd 
Boot Harold, mldr, h n s St Johns rd 
Berwick Doris Mrs. nurse Toronto Free 

Bourke Wm J. hotel w s Main 
Boustead Robt C. packer, h n s Conoron 

Boylen John E, carp, h s s Lippincott 
Brett Catherine (wid Wm), h w s Main 
Brett John, watchmn, 1 Mrs Catherine 

Bridger John, brklyr, h n s John 
Briggs Arthur A. h w s Rosemount av 
Brookbanks Christopher, painter, s e 

Brookes Absalom, brklyr, h n s King 
Brookes Ethel, 1 Absalom Brookes 
Brookes John, carp, h n s Victoria av 
Brown Avellne, 1 John Brown 
Brown Alvin W, printer, I Fredk W 

Brown Dorothy, tel opr, 1 Fredk W Brown 
Brown Fredk W, h n s Elsmere av 
Brown John, h e s Main 
Bryden Jean D. nurse Toronto Free Hos- 
Bull Alice, tchr, 1 Jacob Bull 
Bull Carrie I. tchr. h n s Church 


The Player-Piano that is trouble - proof 

and weather-proof — the Player-Piano 

with an Aluminum Action. 

193-195-197 YONGE STREET 



QUEEN AND BALSAM Phone Beach 1675 


Bull Edwd W, h s s King 

Bull Florence, stenog, 1 Ja<cob Bull 

Bull Frances A, 1 Carrie I Bull 

Bull Jacob, h n s John 
Bull Robt J, h n s Kingr 

Burgess Alfred J (Burgess Bros), h n 
s Denison av 

Burgess Bros (Alfred J and Jehiel W), 
tinsmlhs e s Main 

Burgess Fredk, elk, h n s Denison av 

Burgess Jehiel W (Burgess Bros), h 
n s Church 

Burke Susan, nurse Toronto Free Hospi- 

Burrage Wm C, bldr, h b b Joseph 

Burrage Wm R, h n B Kinjr 

Burslam Charles F, raach, h s s Beech 

Burton ^, Franklin, lecturer, h n a 
Mari*^ '' 

Butler Joseph, h n s Denison av (on ac- 
tive service) 

Cairns Archd, stove frt, h e s Main 

(ialdwell Isabella (wid Henry), h w s 

(Caldwell Percy L, shipper, 1 Isabella 

Calhou,! Chas E, mach, h w s Rose- 
mount av 

Campbell Annie, 1 Mrs Isabella (Camp- 

C.Tmpbell Archibald L, ln*p pub scho»li, 
h 8 s Chnrcb 

Campbell Donald W, h n s Maria 

(Campbell Irene, stenog Moffa.t Stove Co, 
Ltd, 1 Wm Campbell 

Campbell Isabella (wid Duncan), h e 
s Main 

Campbell Kate W, tchr, 1 Archd (Jamp- 

Campbell Wm, town constable, h s a 

Barrett mgr Canada Lumber Co, lum- 
ber manufacturers 

Canadian Pacific Ry Station, Albert J 
Pritchard agt, n s John 

Carruthers Hannah (wid James), h w a 
Rosemount av 

Carton Joseph A (Graham & Carton), 
res Toronto 

Catbcart Kobt A. pedlar, b s s Chnrch 

Chamber Jemes L, engineer, h s a John 

Chambers Arnold, carp, h w s Main 

Chandler Wm T, h s s John 

Chapman John, h w s Main 

Chapmen Stanley B, elk, 1 JohnChap- 

Charbonneau Albert, gdnr, 1 William 

Charbonneau Charlotte, 1 Paul Chiir- 

Charbonneau Eva, 1 Wm Charbonneau 

Charbonneau Herbert, printer, 1 Paul 

CJharboneau John, gdnr, I Paul Char- 

CJharbonneau Paul, caretkr, has Croaa 

Charbonneau Wm, btchr, h n s William 

Charbonneau Wm, shipper, h n s Eagle av 

Charbonneau Zella, I Paul Charbonneau 

Charlton Wm J, phy and mayor, a a 
Rosemount av, h same 

Chase Charlotte A (wid Wm B), h a s 

Church Herbert J, engr, h w s Main 

Clark Nelson, trav. h e s George 

Clarke James C, h n s Church 

Clarke Walter, stove mntr, h n a St 
Johns rd 

Coe Harry E, h e s Main (on active ser- 

Cole John H, bkpr, h s s Beech 

Coleman Wm E, gents furngna, w a 
Main, h same 

Colhoun Joseph, tmstr, h n s Lemaire 

Colhoun Nelson W, dk, 1 Joseph Col- 

Comben Robt S, lab, h n s Beech 

Conron James, h e s Rosemount av 

Cook Adam M, a«ct, h w s Main 

Cook Alice, 1 Martha Huggett 

Cook Wm, 1 James Bent 

Coon Hervey A, h n s Beech 

Cottrlll Beatrice M, mus, 1 Chrlatlana 

Cottrlll CJhrlstlana (wid John T),h • ■ 

Coulbourne Fred T, carp, h e s South 


Coulter Andrew, painter, h w s Main 
Coulter Geo W, vet surg w s Main, h 

Coulter 'Harold L, mach. 1 Levi L Coulter 
Coulter James W, mach, h e s George 
Coulter Levi L (Weston Foundry), h w 

s Main 
Cousins Henry G, agrl impts e s Main, 

h s s Dufferln 
Cowaxi Benj A, trav, h n s Denison ev 
Cox Wm, mach, h w s Main 
Craven Elizth (wid James), h n s CJhurch 
Craven Gertrude, 1 Mrs Elizth Oaven 
Craven John, elk, 1 Mrs Elizth Craven 
Crookes Wm H, lab, h n s Coulter av 
Crossley Jean V, nurse Toronto Free 

Crulckshank Alex, wagon mkr. J Cruick- 

shank & Son, 1 Wallacfe J Cruickshank 
Crulckshank Fredk, shell mkr, 1 Wallace 

J Cruickshank 
Cruickshank James, h w B Main 
Cruickshank J and Son, Wallace J 

Cruickshank prop and mgr, wagon 

mfrs w s Main 
Cruickshank Wallace J, prop and mgr 

J Cruickshank & Son, h w s Main 
Crumble Robt J, fruit w s Main, h same 
Crumble Beatrice, 1 Robt J Crumbla 
Crump Fredk C, h n s Denison av (on 

active aarvioe) 
Culham Amy, 1 Mrs Harriet Culham 
Culham Harriet (wid Truman), h w a 

Rosemount av 
(^ullinge Raymond H, arch, h n s King 
Cummings David, shell wkr, h w s King 

George rd 
Dalby George E, lab. h w s Cross 
Dale Sarah, has King 
Dalton John J, surveyor, h n s Maria 
DANKEST CKAS B, Tard Mjrr Canada 

Lumber Co. h e s Main 
Davidge Wm. bldr, h n s Sykes av 
Davidson Andrew, mach, h s s Denison 

Day Chas W, carp, h s s John 
Day Geo A. chauffeur, 1 Chas W Day 
Dean Frances, nurse Toronto Free Hoa- 

Deckhert Edwd W, mach, h n a 3c/bn 
Denison Chas W, slsmn, h n s Denison 

Dennis Arthur, h n s John 
Dennis James R, h n s Joseph 
Dent Edith, h w s Rosemount av 
Derry Saml, engineer, h n s St Johns rd 
Derry Saml F, painter, 1 Saml Derry (on 

active service) 
Dickln Gordon, tile str, 1 Wm A Dickln 
Dtckin John, h e s Main 
Dickln Rlchd W, ledger kpr Bank of 

British North America (Weston Br), 

1 Wm A Dickln 
Dickln Wm A, elect, h e s Main 
Dickson Edith M, lady supt Toronto 

Free Hospital 
Dixon David, h n s Myers av 
Dixon Deborah (wid John) h e a Rose- 
mount av 
Dixon Emma, h w s Rosemount av 
Dixon Florence A, tchr, 1 Deborah Dix- 
Dixon James R. engineer, h e a Croaa 
Dobbie Wm J, phy Toronto Free Hos- 
Dobson Edwd, mach, h s s Lipplncott 
Dobson MMison (wid Thos), h w s Main 
Dodgson Robt, carp, 1 Mrs Susan Mc- 

Dollery Lewis, printer, h n s St Johns 

Dolphin Chas, tmstr, h n s Denison av 
Donnell John, elk, h w s King George 

Dov«r Henry, mach, h w a Main 
Dover Morris, elect, 1 Henry Dover 
Downham Geo, has John 
Draper Isaac N, agt, h e s Pine. 1 s of 

Draper Leonard, 1 Robt Draper 
Draper Robt, lab, h n s Couilter av 
Drinkwater Thos W, elk Moftat Stove Co 

Ltd, 1 J H Rolllnson 
Duffy Eliza (wid James T), h e s Rose- 
mount av 
Dunmore Henry, brklyr, h n a Victoria 

Dunning Wm, mldr. h e s Main 
Eagle (3has. 1 Edwd Eagle 
Eagle Edwd, mkt gdnr, has William 
Eagle House. John B Eagle prop, e a 


Eagle John B, prop Eagle Houae 
Earley Oliver, Iron wkr, h n a Mill 

BJastwell Fredk, steel wks, h w s George 

Edgar Andrew, tool mkr, h n s Myeri 

Bikemaar Alice. nurse Toronto Free 

Ella Ernest C, driver, h w s Main 

Elliott George, caretkr, h s s John 

Elliott James, h n a King 

Emberson Emma A (wid Robt). h s a 

Evans Geo B. elk. h e o Main 

Evans James T, mach, h n s Denison 

Faichnle Wm, mldr, h w s Main 

Fall Arthur C, section hd C P R, h 8 s 
Coulter av 

Fardell Harry, lab. h w s Main 

Farley Bros (Wm J and Stanley H), 
barbers, e s Main 

Farley Stanley H (Farley Bros), h s a 

Farley Wm J (Farley Bros), h w s 
Rosemount av 

Farr Charlotte (wid Edwd M), h w s 
Rosemount av 

Farr Clark G (Baker & Farr), 1 Lousia 

Fido Fredk J. stone ctr, h w s Main 

Finegan Harold, painter. I James Fene 

Finegan James, gro, w s Main 

Finegan Laura, elk. 1 James Finegan 

Finegan Marion, 1 James Finegan 

Fisher Oeo, elk, h w s Cross 

Fisher Gladys, elk, 1 Geo Fisher 

Fiske Rose E, nurse Toronto Free Hos- 

Fleming BUzth (wid Saml), h s a 

Flynn Elizth (wid Robt), 1 Robt J Flynn 

Flynn Robt J, h e s Main 

Ford Isabelle, nurse Toronto Free Hos- 

Forrester Wta J, acct, h s s John 

Forsyth Chas, h w s Main 

Forsyth Margt, music tchr. 1 Chas For- 

Fortune Geo A (Weston Coal & Lamber 
Co), h w s Rosemount av 

Foster James. 1 James Irvine 

Foster Mary A (wid Wm), h n s Church 

Fountain Fredk J, steel wkr, h n s Deni- 
son av 

Fraaer C Lome, barr. e s Main cor Duf- 
ferln. h w s Scarlett rd 

Eraser LlUie, nurse Toronto Free Hospi- 

Frost Wm A, btchr, h e s Main 

Fudge Chas, h n s St Johns rd 

OAI^BSAITH TKOS, Town Treaanrer, 
h s s Maria 

Gardhouse James, chief Weston Fire 
Hall garage, h s s Little av, h s s 

Grardhouse James M, cattle dlr. h e s 
Rosemount av 

Gardhouse John, h n s Lemaire av 

Gardhouse Wilbert, 1 James M Gard- 
house (on active service) 

Gibson Delia, elk Moftat Stove Co, Ltd, 
b Robert Armstrong 

Limited, Ralph E Gibson President. 
Robert L McCormack Vice-President, 
Wm C Irvin Managing Director, Lum- 
ber and Coal Dealers e s Main 

Gibson Ralph E, president Gibson, Mc- 
Cormack. Irvin Co, Ltd, res Toronto 

Gillette Margt R, music tchr. h s s 

GHlis Chas. tmstr, 1 Rlchd A Wade 

Gipson Mary O, nurse Toronto Free Hos- 

Gomm Frank, tmstr, h w a Main 

Gordon Emma J, (wid Geo), h e s Main 

Gordon John A, shipper, h s s Denison 

Gordon Pearl L, bkpr, 1 Mrs ESmma J 

Gordon Stewart, h n a Park av 
Gouldlng Alfred Q, h a s King 
Graham ChSLB A, garage, h n s King 
Graham Chas G (Graham & (3arton, h 

n s King 
Graham & Carton (Chas C Graham and 

Joseph Carton), garage e s Main 


Colonial Realty & Securities Corporation, Umited 

S;CR[K£?''£;gS&%''^^^KoMEs 1 Lumsden Building, Cw. ADEUIDE and YONGE STS. Adelaide 4140 



:rcoort lunp building &$I1VIHGS| 


.ARGEsrOWNERs& Developers OfRealE]state In^anada 



Gram J Irwin, studt, 1 Wm B Gram 
Gram Wm B, carp, h w s Main 
Grand Trunk Ry Station, Fred T Hill 

agt, e s John 
Gray Alex, en&neer, h s s King 
Gray G Howard, barr e s Main, h w s 

Roeemount av 
Gray Hamilton K. trav, h n s William 
Greaves Arthur,, bldr, h e s Cross 
Greenwood Percy, carp, h e s Holly av 
Greer Matthew C, lab, 1 Robt Greer 
Greer Robt W, elect, h e s Main 
Greeg Chas, h n s Coulter av 
Gregory Wm C, bldr. h n s Robert 
Grelg John W D, arch, h n b William 
Griffith Ada, 1 Fredk R Griffith 
Griffith Annie, 1 Fredk R Griffith 
Griffith Bros, Francis W jr prop, btchr* 

e s Main 
Griffith Eliza J (wld Abraham J), h ■ 

s Church 
Griffith Francis ir (Griffith Bro), h es 

Rosemount av 
Griffith Frank h n s John 
Griffith Fredk R, stock kpr, h w s Rose- 
mount av 
Griffith Jane, 3 Joseph Griffith 
Griffith Joseph, h w s Main 
Griffith Thoa, h w s Rosemount av 
Griffin Wm, btehr, h e s Rosemount av 
Growcoek Dorothy M, nurse Toronto 

Free Hospital 
Hackett John T, dentist w s Main, h 

Haltord Bertram H. agt, h n s John 
Hall Fthel M, tchr, 1 Sarah A Hall 
Hal! Sarah A (wid Wm), h n s King 
Hamilton Alex F, gdnr, h s s John 
Hands Fredk, firemn, h e s Main 
Harrington Wm E, metal wkr, h n s 

Coulter av 
Harris John, h n s St Johns rd 
Harris Maud, 1 Michl J Harris 
Harris Michl J, elect, h e b South Sta- 
Harris Patk, mkt gdnr. rear n s St Johns 

Harris Percy, llnemn. 1 Patk Harris 
Harris Thos, lab. h s s King 
Harrison John, mlrtr. h w 8 M.nin 
Harrison Oliver, gdnr, b Alfred Smith 
Harrison Thos. acct, h n s Mvers av 
Hart Albert A. elk, 1 Hector Hart 
Hart Francis C, h s s John 
Hart Hector, contr. h s s King 
Harvey Edward (Masihinter & Harvey). 

h -w s Main 
Hassard Marian (wid Wm). h n s King 
Hawkins Edith F, nurse Toronto Free 

Hayes Harold S, h s s Rectory rd 
Hayward Geo, lab, 1 Fredk J Fountain 
Heacock Wm, elk, h w s Holly av 
Healey Geo L, baggage agt. h n 8 

Heatherlngton Edith M. nurse Toronto 

Free Hospitai 
Heighington John B, h n s Coulter ev 
■ Henderson David G, shoes e s Main, b 

w s Main 
Hendry FYedk B, caretkr, h w s Main 
Heslop John H. mach, h n s St Johns rd 
Heslop Llla, slsldv. 1 John H Heslop 
-Hewglll Frank, h n s St Johns rd 
Hewgill Le Roy F, 1 Frank Hewglll 
Hickman Arthur E. elk, h s s Maria 
Hicks Augusta. 1 James Hicks 
Hicks James, mach. h e s Main 
Hicks James B, blksmth, 1 James Hicks 
Hill Fred T, station agt G T R, h n s 

Hill John, carp, 1 David Dixon 
Hill Stephen H (Hill & Shiells). h e b 

Hill Thos J, bldr, h n s Maria 
Hill & Shiells (Stephen H Hill, Wm 

Shiells, gros, e s Main 
Hinch Wm J, h s s John 
Hodgins, Geo L, phy Toronto Free Hos- 
Hogate JudBon B, horse dlr e s Main, 

res Toronto 
Holley Ellerton, carp, 1 Thos J Holley 
Holley Francis M, tmstr, 1 Joseph J 

Holley Joseph J, gateman, h e s Main 
HolJey Milton, stove ftr, h e s Main 
Holley Thos J, h n s Beech 
Holley Wm R, elect, h n s Beech 
Hollingshead Joseph J, Jwlr, w s Main 

Holllnsworth Harry, mfrs a^t, has 

Hopcroft Robt, lab, h e s Main 
Houston Helen, nurse Toronto Free Hos- 
Howitt Riohd, h e s Main 
Howlings Frank H, tool mkr, h w s 

Howlings Geo A, elk, 1 Frank H How- 
Huggett Lucy, opr, 1 Martha Huggett 
Huggett -Martha (wld Robt), h s s Maria 
HugUl Eric, cik, 1 James Hugill 
Huglll James, hdware, e s Main, h w s 

Rosemount av 
Humber Home Development Co The, 

Frank A Pearson sec-treas, e s Main 
Humphries Annie, slsldy, 1 John Hum- 
Humphries John, caretkr, h e s Main 
Huppert Maud, nurse Toronto Free Hos- 
Hurren Chas S, plstr, h w s Main 
Hutchison Alex, lab, h e s Holly av 
Hutchison Bessie, stenog, 1 Minnie Hut- 
Hutchison Isobell, elk, 1 Mrs Minnie Hut- 
Hutchison Minnie (wld Wm L), h n s 

Eagle ar 
Hutty Ellzth (wld James E), 1 Edith Dent 
Hutty Minnie, -1 Edith Dent 
Inch Wm J, confr and druggist, e s 

Main, h s s John 
Independent Order of Foresters, n s 

Irvin John C, local mgr Gibson McCor- 
mack Irvin Co Ltd, h s s Denlson av 
Irvine Harry, elk, 1 James Irvine 
Irvine James, h s s John 
Irvine May. tchr, 1 James Irvine 
Irwin E Franklin, phys w s Main, h 

Irwin Fredk, barr, h e s Rosemount av 
Irwin John C, mgr Weston Ice Co, h s s 

Denlson av 
Irwin Nellie A (wid Henry P), h e s Main 
Irwin Wm C, mng dlr Gibson, McCor- 

mack, Irvine Co, Ltd, res Toronto 
Jackson Alfred S, lab, h e s Main 
Jackson Louisa (wid John), h w s Main 
Jacques Wm C, steel wkr, h e s Main 
James Thos, pattern mkr, h w s Main 
James Thos jr, h s s Oak 
Jennings Harry P, florist n s Beech 
Jobson Ada, 1 Emma J Jobson 
Jobson Emma J, h s s King 
Johnson A BenJ, pattern mkr, h e s 

Johnson Frank, mach, 1 A Benj Johnson 
Johnston Margt, h n B Mill 
Jolly Albert E, acct Bank of British 
North America (Weston br), res To- 
Jones Bassard, h w s Holly av 
Jones John H Rev, rector St John's 
(Ang) Church, h e s Rosemount av 
Jones Robt, lab, h s s Myers av 
Jones Walter T, elk, h n s Robert 
Joyce Wm, h w s Main (on active ser- 
Kaake Andrew, h w s Main 
Ivavanagh Francis H. bkpr. 1 Mary 

Kavanagh Jo(hn P, section foreman GTR, 1 

Mary Kavanagh 
Kavanagh Mary (wid John), h s s 

Kavanagh Peter, 1 Mary Kavanagh 
Kellam Annie, 1 Wm Kellam 
Kellam Herbert, 1 Wm Kellam 
Kellam Wm, h n s (Church 
KeJlaway Wm, lab. Irs s John 
Kennedy Lillian F, nurse Toronto Free 

Kersey Thos, h e s Main 
Keys Geo A, plmbr, h w s Main 
Keys Sarah F (wid Harry), h n s John 
King Scott H. h n s St Johns rd (on 

active service) 
Knight Percy, shipper, h n s Church 

Knothe Gerrard J, artist, h w s Hill 
Crest rd 

Holberg CSias A, lab, h n s Denlson av 
Kruse Louise, nurse Toronto Free Hos- 

Laeeby J Percy, riveter, h s s Llppln- 

I>afrancois Adelard, elk Moffat Stove Co, 

JA<1. \ Mrs Grace Leask 

Lake James, tmstr, h n s Denlson ay 
Larose Russell, engineer, h w s Main 
Lavell Cecil P, h s s John 
Lawrence David, lab, h w s Main 
Lawrence Wm J, h w s Main 
Leask Ella, slsldy, 1 Grace Leask 
Leask Grace (wid John S), h s s John 
Lee Edith M, tchr ,1 Geo A Lee 
Lee Florence M, 1 Geo A Lee 
Lee Geo A, ammunition wkr, h s B 

Lee John D, gro ji s John 
Lee John L, carp, h s s John 
Leith John, 1 Lewis H Vaughan 
Lenehan John, watchmn, h s s Church 
Lenehan John J, prtr, h s a Church 
Lenehan Sadie, 1 John Leneham 
Lenehan Thos, 1 John Lenehan 
Lcngbridge Alice, nurse Toronto Fre« 

I Hospital 

I Lennox John, h s s King 

' Leroux Ursule, nurse Toronto Free HOB- 

' pital 

[ Lindsay Martine, h s s Eagle av 
Lindsay Wm K, h n s Rectory rd 
Lindsay John, agt, h n s William 

! Lithgow, Albert P, brklyr, h e s Geor£:e 
LIttley Harry, mldr, h n s St Johns rd 

[ Livingston Albert E. well driUer, h n a 

j Conoron pi 

1 Livingstone Nell M, h n s Maria 

1 Long James A Rev, pastor Weston 
Methodist Church, has Klncr 
Longstaff Reuben, pump mfr. e s Main 

; Longstaff Sarah J, h e s Main 

J Longstaff Walter, pump mfr w s Main 

I Luckett Thos E, tmstr, h n s John 

I Lukes Lewis, h n s William 

' Lund Chas W, lab, h e s Main 
Lunn Amy P, stenog. 1 Walter E Lunn 
Lunn Annie, bkpr, 1 Walter E Lunn 

' Lunn Walter E, bldr, h n s Sykes av 
Lyons Genevieve, music tchr, 1 Geo M 

; Lyons Geo M, dry gds, w s Main 

I McAllister Sarah (wid John), h w » 

i Main 

I McClatchie Lewis R, h s s Denlson av 

I McConnell Mary (wid John), h w ■ 

I Rosemount av 
McCormack Robt L, vice-prea Gibson. 
McCorraack, Irvin Co, Ltd. res To- 
McCormick Margt, h s s John 
McCormiek RIohd, lab, i Margt McCor- 
McDonald Bernard, bldr, h s s Coulter 

McEwan Alex, lab, 1 RIchd Barker 
McEwean John K, auctioneer, h w s Main 

, McJGwan Lome, cattle dlr, 1 John K Mc- 

I Ewan 
MdBwan Manning, cattle dlr, 1 John K 

! MaEwan 
McEwen Nelson J, mgr Bank of British 

North America, h s s Eagle av 
McEwan W Addison, cattle dlr, h w s 

1 MoFarland Wm, messr, h n s William 
McGInnIs Joseph, has Joseph 
McGinnis Joseph, mldr, h w s Main 
MoGrady Bdwd, carp, h n s Lemalre av 
Mcintosh Coleman C, acct, has King 

I >rcKinIey Susan (wld John), h e s Main 
McKritterick Kenneth, elk, 1 Wm J Mc- 

j Krltterlck 

{ McKritterick Wm J, tax coll, h s s John 
McLean Jennie, h n s Maria 

McGregor & McINTYRE, Limited 

Ornamental Iron Work, Stair Work, Etc. 


1139 SHAW ST. Phones " YafffJ.. 






McLean John A, tchr, h w s Main 
McLean Marion J, 1 Wm McLean 
McLean Thos W., artist, h w s Main 
McLean Wm, carp, h s s Denison av 
McLennan Donald M. civil engineer, h 

n s John 
MoMurchy Agnes, 1 Thos McMurchy 
McMurchy Bertha, tchr, 1 Thos McMur- 
McMurchy Thos, h n s Church 
McNally Eliza (wid Saml), h w s Rose- 
mount av 
McNeil Colin, shop supt Toronto Struc- 
tural Steel Co, Ltd, h w s Main 
McPhail Archd, lab, h "w s George 
McPhall Rosa M, elk, 1 Archd McPhail 
McRae Andrew C. h "w s Main 
McRae Ronald G. studt, 1 Andrew C 

McRae (on active service) 
McVean Isabel, tchr, 1 Thos Kersey 
Macdonald Donald, h e s Main 
Mack Bertha, bkpr Canada Lumber Co, 

Ltd, b Robt Armstrong: 
Mack Wm, track man, h n s Coulter av 
MaoKay Melville J, plshr. h e s Main 
MacKay Phillip J, prro w s Main cor 

Denison av, h s s Sykes av 
MacKay Wm M Rev, pastor Weston 

Presbyterian Church, h w s Cross 
MacKenzie Mary A (wid Wm F), I Alex 

Mackenzie Murdoch, chkr, 1 Edgar C 

Mackle "W-m. lab, h n s Denison av 
Macklin Edwin R, tellpr Bank of Nova 

Scotia, 1 Sidney Mackie 
Macklin Sidney A, h n s King 
Maclellan Alonzo G, mgr Bank of Nova 

Scotia (Weston br), h n s King 
MacMurchy Jo'hn A, phy Toronto Free 

MacNlcol Geo, trav, 1 Wm MacNlcol 
MacNlcol Wm, h s s Myers av 
Madget Henry, lab, h w s Rosemount 

Maguire Elizth (wid David), h e s 

Maguire Eva B. 1 Mrs EHzth Maguire 
Mallaby Arthur E. h n s Humber 
Marsh Thos. lab. h n s Beech 
Martin Ella L. tchr, 1 Grace T Martin 
Martin Grace T (wid Wm), h s s Maria 
Martin Wm A, hkpr. h s s Maria 
Mashinter Geo (Mashlnter & Harvey), 

h e 8 Main 
Mashlnter & Harvey (Geo Mashlnter, 
Bdwd Harvey), agrl Implts s s Eagle 
Masters Oliver, broker, h n a Maria 
Mather Alex T, acct, has Maria 
Mattison Fredk J, elk, 1 John Mattlson 

(on active service) 
Mattison Gordon, elk, 1 John Mattlson 
Mattison John, messr Bank of British 
North America (Weston br), h n s 
Eagle av 
Mattison John Jr. gdnr, 1 John Mattl- 
son (on active service) 
Maxwell Sarah( wid John), h e s Elm 
May Edwin J, carp, has King 
May Reva, tchr, 1 Edwin J May 
Meldrum John A, phy e s Rosemount av 
Mercer Levi H, coll, 1 Eliza Griffith' 
Mertens Frank W. carp, h n s Church 
Middleton James, h n s Eagle av (on 

active service) 
Middleton Wm, gdnr, has Myers av 
Moffat Alfred B, real est e s Main, h 

n s Church 
Moffat Elizth B (wid Thos L), h s a 

Denison av 
Moffat Fredk W, genl mgr Moffat Stove 

Co, Ltd, h n s Denison av 
Moffat John K, pres Moffat Stove Co. 

Ltd, h s s Denison av 
Moffat Stove Co. Ltd. Fredk W Moffat 

genl mgr. s s Denison av 
Moffat Thos L. sec Moffat Stove Co. 

Ltd, has Denison av 
Moody Bros (Duncan D & Edwd), flour 

and feed, e s Main 
Moody Duncan D (Moody Bros), b 

Eagle House 
Moody Edward (Moody Bros), res To- 
Moody Geo E, teller Bank of British 
North America (Weston br). 1 H A 
Moody Harvey, elk, h n s Church 
Moodv Thos. h e s Cross 
Moogk Geo B, contr e s Main 

Phone Residence 
North 874 

Moore Ann (wid Patk), h n s King 
Moore Fanny (wid Geo), h w s George 
Moore Thos J, gdnr, 1 Ann Moore 
MORRIS WALTER J, Branch Manager 

London and Lancashire Life and 
General Assurance Association, Ltd, 
Office Toronto, res The Chestnuts, n 
s King 
Morrisey Edwin, shoemkr, h e s Main 
Morton Howard M. trav, h n s William 
Mossy Victor, mldr, h w s Main 
Muldoon James, elk, h n s King 
Muldoon Kathleen, elk, 1 James Mul- 
Muldoon Thos, 1 James Muldoon 
Munshaw Carl, elk, 1 Frank Munshaw 
Munshaw Frank, contr, h w s Hill Crest 

Murray Louisa (wid Geo), h s a Sykes 

Murray Walter A, carp, h n s Church 
Musselwhaite Constance, 1 Mrs Edith 

Musselwhaite Edith (wid Albert), h 

e s Main 
Musson Edwd J, ins agt, h s s Elsmere 

Myers Catherine, 1 Mrs Sarah Myers 
Myers Eliza M, drsmkr, 1 Sarah Myers 
Myers Sarah (wid Oman), has King 
Nason Joseph, T)nrr, h e s Main 
Nattress Eva W, tchr, 1 Thos Nattress 
NattresB Thos, h w s Main 
Nicholls Francis, carp, h e a George 
N'iddery Garfield L, driver, h n s Sykes 

Noble Clifford. 1 Thos Noble 
Noble Thos, mldr, h s a Denison av 
Norman Sydney, shipper, 1 Sarah DalQ 
Oldham Alex M, hdware, & s Main, h w 

3 Rosemount av 
Osborne Evelyn, nurse Toronto Free Hos- 
Packham Geo W, mgr Reliable Bedding 

Co, Ltd, h n s John 
Parker Joseph, lab, h s s Maria 
Parker Lucy, mlnr n s John, h same 
Paterson Harvey R, steel wkr, h e s 

Rosemount av 
Pearce Alfred, tool rakr. h s s Sykes 

Pearen Jabez M, h n a W^llllam 
Pearse Fredk W, atove mntr, h w 8 

Main (on active service) 
Pearson Alex, prin Weston High Schl, 

h n a William 
Pearson Allan G, supt Weston Water. 

Power and Light Co, h n a Church 
Pearson Arthur W, civ engineer, h a 8 

Pearaon Henry, h n a John 
Pearson Wm J, harneasmkr, -w s Main 
Pelraon John A, bldr, h s s Church 
Pelrson Thos, h n « Church 
Peters AUred, mach, h e Main 
Petersen Marie, nurse Toronto Free 

Philip John M. arch, h e s Holly av 
Phillips Bernard L, mach, h e s Holly 

Phllnott Amy M Mrs, nurae Toronto 

Free Hospital 
Pollard Bruce G, shell wkr, 1 Geo Pol- 
Pollard Geo, blksmth, w a Main 
Pope AVm A, steel wkr, h w a George 
Poultney Robt J. carp, h w a Rose- 
mount av 
Prltchard Albert J, station agt C P R, 

res County of York 
Purkis Norman W, timekpr, h w s 

Pusey John, h e s Main (on active ser- 
Qulrle Robt G, lab, h s « King 
Rawlence Wm H, 1 Wm Wilkinson (on 

active service) 
Redmond Edwd J, plstr, h e s Main 
Redmond John J. florist, h n s King 
Redmond Michl. gdnr, h n s Maria 
Redmond Thos. h s s Maria 
Reekie John, h e s Holly av 
Reifl Kate M. elk Moffat Stove Co, Ltd, 

1 Coleman Mcintosh 
Reliable Bedding Co, Ltd, Geo W Pack- 
ham mgr. bedding mfrs, e s Main 
Pfnwick James, btchr. h s s John 
Rif'bards John A. h s s King 
Richardson John C. h n s John 
Rip-glesford Wm T. h a s Maria (on 
active service) 

Roberts Robt, h n s Eagle av 
Robinson Fredk E, 1 Geo E Robinson 
Robinson Geo E, agt, h n s Eagle av 
Robinson Joseph, shipper, 1 Martha 

Robinson Wm J, gro w a Main, 1 Wm 

J Bourke 
Rogers Margt, nurse Toronto Free 

Rollings Geo W, tele opr G T R Sta- 
tion, h 8 B John 
Rollings Wm G, opr, has John 
RoUlnson John H, carriage bldr, h e s. 

Roman Stone Co, Ltd s s Oak 
Rorke Elizth R (wid Geo), h s s Joseph 
Rorke Jessie, artist, 1 Elizth R Rorke 
Rorke Loulae R, Journalist, 1 Elizth R 

Rothery Eline C (wid Jesse C), h n s 

Rothery Ruth, 1 Ellne C Rothery 
Rowat Geo. carp, h e a Conron pi 
Rowntree David, h s a Eagle av 
Rowntree David jr. btchr and gro w s 

Main, h n a John 
Rowntree David G, ledger kpr Rank of 
Nova Scotia (Weston), 1 David Rown- 
Rowntree Ernest C, ahipper, h w s 

Rowntree Fredk T. h w » Main 
Rowntree Fredk W, elk, 1 Fredk T 

Rowntree Garnet L, cattle dlr, 1 David 

Rowntree Hazel R, 1 Fredk T Rowntree 
Rowntree Robt, btchr, 1 David Rown- 
Rowntree Vernon W, cattle dlr, h ■ a 

Eagle av 
Roy Edgar C, acct, h n s Maria 
Rudolph Herbert H (Weaton Coal and 

Lumber Co), h n s Maria 
Rumney James, elect engr, has Coul- 
ter av 
Rushworth Arthur, shell mkr, h s a 

Conron pi 
Rushworth Roger T, carp, h e s Holly 

Ryan Margt A, nurse Toronto Free 

Ryan Susie E, nurse Toronto Free 

Sainsbury Fredk, plmbr, e s main, h 

n s Church 
Sainsbury Geo, bldr, h n s Coulter av 
St John's (Ang) Church e s Main 
St Johns Catholic (Thurch, Rev Arthur 

J Staley pastor, e a George 
Saunders John A, blksmth w s South 

Station, h n a William 
Savage Ethel M, I Mary J Savage 
Savage Mary J (wid Thos T), h e a 

Savage Sarah, nurse Toronto Free Hospi- 
Schell Dalton, carp, h n 8 Park av 
Scott Mary A, gro w s Mam 
Scott Wm. stone ctr. h w s Main 
Scythes Albert E. ins agt, h n s King 
Scythes Geo. bldr. h n s King 
Scythes Harvey L. h w a Gratton 
Scythes Laura. 1 Geo Scythes 
Scythes Roy L. trav, 1 Geo Scythes 
Selhy Rena L. nurse Toronto Free Hos- 
Shallabeter Mlchl, tab, h w s King 

George rd 
•Shannon Albert, plshr, has Lipplncott 
Shannon John, gdnr, 1 Robt Shannon 
Shannon Robt, plshr. h n a Denison av 
Sharpe Edna. 1 Emma Dixon 
Whaw .Tames J. confr. vr s Main 
Shaw Margt (wid Arthur), h s s King 
^hnw Tlllie. 1 Mrs Eliza Duffy 
Shaw Wm J. mldr. 1 James J Shaw 
Shiells Wm (Hill & Shlells), h e s 

Rosemount av 
Simon Phoebe Mrs. feed e a Main 
Simpson Fredk. elk. 1 Thos Simpson 
Simnson Ray. purser, 1 Thos Simpson 
Simpson Thos. contr, h e s Rosemount 

Si"i"son Wm D. pattern mkr. h e s 

Pkplton .Tames, mldr, has Sykes av 
Siro'ton Wm J. elk. h s s Myers av 
Smith Alfred, lab. h n s Coulter av 
."mith Alvln E. h n s Rectory rd 
Smith Alvln E. trav, H Wm J Smith 



BURRUSS & SWEATMAN, Limited, General Agents 12 WELLINGTON ST. E. Phone Main 1790 


Storage Batteries 




PhoneADELAIDE 1962 


Smith Arnold R, elk, 1 Wm J Smith 
Smith Arthur, shell mkr, h n s St 

Johns rd 
Smith Arthur L, oik 1 Wm J Smith 
Smith Bessie, h s s King 
Smith David. 1 Joseph A Allen 
Smith E Stanley, elect, 1 Arthur Smith 
Smith Ilia, ) Wm J Smith 
Smith John, tmstr, h n s Beech 
Smith Percy G. tel opr, 1 Wm J Smith 
Smith Wm A, lab, h s s Beech 
Smith Wm B, gdnr, h e s Pine 
Smith Wm J, lumber dlr. h s s King 
Smithson Edwd, h n s King 
Smithson Percy, 1 Edwd Smithson 
Snashall Isabella (wid Henry), h e s 

Snashall Rlchd W. ftr, I Isabella Sna- 
Sosnoskv Flora, elk, 1 Marian Sosnosky 
Sosnoskv Marian, h s s King 
Sosnosky Toney, lab, h e s Main 
Staley Arthur J Rev. pastor St Johns 

Catholic Church, h e s George 
Stanfleld John, lab, 1 Henry Madget 
Stedman Edwin J, timekpr. h n s St 

Johns rd 
Stedman Nellie, opr. 1 Edwin J Stedman 
Stevens Wm. opr, h s s Coulter av 
Stewart Annie (wid David), h n s Coul- 
ter av 
Stewart James A, chief mgr Toronto 
Structural Steel Co, Ltd, h cor Deni- 
son and Fifth av 
Stewart John, h w s Rosemount av 
Stone Harry S, stove mntr, h w s Cross 
Stone Thos, foremn plant dept Bell 

Tel Co, Ltd, h 8 8 Myers av 
Strickland Harry F, Insp, h w s Rose- 
mount av 
Strong Annie (wid Alfred), h n s Con- 

ron pi 
Summerhayes Jamea H, h n s William 
Sutton Richd, tmstr, h n s John 
Sylvester Geo, lab, h n s St John's rd 
Svivester Victoria. 1 Geo Svlvester 
TAYLOR JAMES H, Town Clerk, h 

n 8 King 
Teasdale Clara, 1 Jane Teasdale 
Teasdale Geo, 1 Jane Teasdale 
Teasdale Jane (wid Thos), h s s King 
Terrell Wm J, stone ctr, h w s South 

Tew Wm P, phy Toronto Free Hospital 
Thomas John. 1 Richd H Thomas 
Thomas Richd H, agt, h s s King 
Thomson S John, confy e s Main, h 

Timpson John H, lab, h n s Victoria av 
Tipnett Lavina, dsmkr e s Main, 1 

Harry E Coe 
Toronto Structural Steel Co. Ltd. James 

A Stewart chief engr. e s Main 
Totten Saml J, mgr Bell Tel Co Ltd, h 

n s Myers av 
Tottle Chas V, elk, h s a King 
Tredgett Oswald J, stone ctr, h n b 

Treen Evelyn S, nurse Toronto Free Hos- 
Trim James, h n s William 
Trinkwon Chas H, carp, h w s Holly 

Tyrell Joseph B, min engineer, h s s 

Tyrwhitt Phillip St A, acct, h n s Wil- 
Vanalstine Chas C, mldr, h n s Denison 

Vanston Evangelene D, nurse Toronto 

Free Hospital 
Van Zant Norval, trav, h n s Lemaire 

Varcoe Arthur, mach, h e s George 
Vardon Elbert T, tchr, h n s William 
Vardon Muriel D, tchr, 1 Elbert T Var- 
Vaughan Lewis H, gro w s Main 
Verral Beatrice, elk, 1 Geo W Verral 
Verral Geo W, h w s Main 
Verral Helen N. 1 Geo W Verral 
Verral Kathleen. 1 Geo W Verral 
Wacey Chas F, h w s Main (on active 

Wade G Allan, driver, 1 Richd A Wade 
Wade Richard A, express cor Coulter 

av and Rectory rd 
Wade Robt W, h n s Church 
Wadsworth Ellzth (wid Thos R) h e s 
Rosemount av 

Walker Albert E, mldr, h w a Main 
Walker Peter, h w s King George rd 
Walker Saml R, mldr, h e s Main 
Wallls Ernest, painter, has Myers av 
Walsky Michi, lab, h s s Lippincott 
Ward Geo F, h e s Rectory rd j 

Ward Wm J, undertaker e s Main, 1 ; 

L, elk, 1 Henry J 

h n B Church 
broker, 1 Henry 

e s Main 
studt, 1 Henry 

(wid Alex), h s 

n s 

Wardlaw Eugene 

Wardlaw Henry J, 
Wardlaw John T, 

Wardlaw Julia, h 
Wardlaw Marjory 

Wardlaw Mary J 

Watson Fredk, shoemkr. w s Main 
Watson Janet E, 1 Sophia Watson 
Watson John, bldr, h n s King 
Watson Mary I, 1 Sophia Watson 
Watson Sophia (wid Wm), h 

Webb James, btchr, h n s Eagle av 
Webster Douglas, painter, h e s Rose- 
mount av 
Webster Ernest, painter, I Walter 
I Webster Walter, painter, h w s Rose- 
mount av 
I Westmins-ter Church School, w s Main 
I Weston Coal and Lumber Co (Geo A 
.Fortune, Herbert H Rudolph, coal 
dlrs s s Eagle ev 
Weston Exhibition Co, s s Eagle av 
Weston Fire Hall, James Gardhouse 

chief, w s Main 
Weston Foundry & Machine Co, Levi L 

Coulter prop, w s Main 
Weston Golf Club w s Main 
Weston High School w s College av 
Weston Ice Co, John C Irwin mgr, e s 


Weston Lawn Bowling Club e s Main 

Weston Methodist Church, James A 

i Long pastor, cor Main and King 


I Barker Postmaster, cor Main and 

1 W«ston Public Library, cor Main and 
! King 

Weston Public School, H J Alexander 
1 prin. n s King, near Marin 

I lor Town Clerk, w 8 Main 
I Westover Bdwcl C, boiler mkr, h n s St 
I Johns rd 
Wcstphal Edwd G, mldr, h n s St Johns 

Westphall Eldwd J, stove mntr, 1 Valen- 
I tine "Westphall 

I Westphall Valentine, mldr, h e s Main 
: White Chas E, civ engineer, h s s King 
Whitehouse James, lab, h e s Main 
I Wilby Millie (wid Wilson), 1 Edwd J 

j Wilding Albert, chauffeur, h s s John 
Wiley Wm D. h e s Cross 
Wilkinson Arthur, h s s Victoria av 
^Vilkinson Wm. tmstr, h w s Main 
Williams Emallne (wid Thos). h w s 
! Wniiams Mildred, 1 Emallne Williams 
Williams Owen, tmstr, h n s Denison av 
Willie Eleanor Mrs, h e s Main 
i Willie Ernest, wdnr, 1 Mrs Eleanor Willie 
! Willie John, 1 Mrs Eleanor Willie 

I Willson Alfred T, h w s Main (on active 

I Wilson Fredk C, tel opr Canadian Paciflc 

Ry Co, b Bessie Smith 
Wilson Helen R, music tchr e s Main, 

res Toronto 

Wilson Jessie K, nurse Toronto Free 

Wilson Saml, printer w s Main, h same 

Winters Wm G, brklyr, h e s Main 

Witty Harry N, barber, e s Main, h s s 

Els.inere av 
Wood Robt, tinsmth, has C!hurch 
Wood Wm G, h n s William 
Woodend John T, lineman, h n s Mill 
Wright Prudence (wid Wm), 1 Norval 

Van Zant 
Wright Robt. trav, h n s King 


(Five miles northwest of Post Office) 

Allan Gerald G, 1 68 Wychwood av (on 

active service) 
Allan Kathleen, stenogr, 1 58 Wychwood 

Allan Lawrence F, 1 £8 Wychwood »▼ 

(on active service 
Allan Wm G, lab^ h 58 Wychwood av 
.\nen Florence (wid Gilbert), h 2 Thel- 

me avenue 
Alley Fredk C, gas ftr, 1 41 Wych- 
wood av 
.\lley Geo J, chauffeur, h 41 Wychwood 

Alley Walter J, chauffeur, 1 11 Wych- 
wood av 
Anderson Francis, lab, h 20 CoulsOQ 

Anderson Henry C, h 25 Tay av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Anderson John, slater, h 341 Lonsdale 

Ankers James G, lab, h 208 Atlas aT 
Annis Geo, plmbr, h 23 Coulson av 
Anzer John, wtr, h 1547 Bathurst 
Appleyard Chas H, woodwkr, h IJl 

Vaughan rd 
Archer \v"aldeck, acct, h 12 Huron n 
Arkell Wra, gdnr, h 35 Thelma av 
Armstrong Geo H, 1 James Armstrong 
Armstrong James, real est broker, b 

e s Forest Hill rd n 
Armstrong Letitia R, 1 James Arm- 
Armstrong Marian B, 1 James Arm- 
Armstrong Sarah M, 1 James Armstrong 
Arnot Byron, auto repr, h 426 Rushton 

Ashby Alice D, 1 232 Vaughan rd 
Ashby Edwin, carp, h 232 Vaughan rd 
Ashdown Mary, h 119 Kenwood av 
Ashley Wilfred J, brklyr, h 134 Vaug- 
han rd 
Aston Geo, shipper, h 158 Atlas av 
Atkinson James, lab. h 139 Vaughan rd 
Atkinson Joseph, editor, h 237 Warren 

Avis Chas. 1 87 Wychwood av (on active 

Avis John, gro 141 Wj-chwood av, h 

Ayton Jonas, warehsemn, h 97 Vaugh- 
an rd 
Backhaujer Chas H, wtr, 1 6 Wychwood 

Baird David F, elk, h 8 Wychwood av 
Baker Frank N, bldr, h 31 Wychwood 

Baker Geo, chauffeur, h 420 Spadina rd 
Baker Henry T, carpet clnr, h 36 Wych- 
wood av 
Bakewell Clarence, furrier, h 85 Ken- 
wood av 
Baldwin Archd, 1 Lawrence H Bald- 
Baldwin Bessie M, h 120 Dunvegan rd 
Baldwin Chas M, h 110 Dunvegan rd 
Baldwin Edith. 1 Lawrence H Baldwin 
Baldwin Edwd, 1 Lawrence H Baldwin 
Baldwin Lawrence H, h w s Forest 

Hill rd n 
Baldwin Wm, 1 Lawrence H Baldwin 
Bale Percy, litho. h 1291/2 Vaughan rd 
Barnes Sarah, 1 Ernest Wright 
Barrett Thos, gdnr. n 107 Vaughan rd 
Bartlett Wm H, gdnr, h 9 Thelma av 
BatterShill Lewis, carp, h 119 Vaughan rd 
Bayley David, lab, h 26 Kenwood av 
Beames Cecil, 1 162 Vaughan rd (on ac- 
tive service) 
Beames Joseph, bldr, h 162 Vaughan rd 
Beaumont Francis, packer, h 3 Tay av 
Beers Edmond. contr, h 89 Vaughan rd 
Beers AVm H, slsmn, 1 89 Vaughan rd 
Beeston Chas P, plmbr, h 96 Raglan av 
Beeton Fredk, packer, h 260 Vaughan 

Beggs Hugh, lab, h 63 Huron n 
Bell John, mach, h 1520 Bathurst 
Bennett Henry, messr, h 1 Bristol av 
Benson Wm C, bkpr, h 17% Wychwood 

Benzie James, h 18 Raglan ave (on ac- 
tive service) 
Bertram Melville, h cor Westmount 

Drive and Bathurst 
Bevis Alfred, brkmkr, h 69 Pinewood rd 
Bilbrough Norman, h 96 Humewood av 



STOCKS Bought and Sold on all the Leading 

Exchanges. Prompt Attention given to Orders 



I #*% I ^hI^ I ^7 Chartered Patent Asent. 23 Years' Experience 

leoKi«« om R*qij*«t 


Bay and Richaond Sts. 


Blngley Walter, chauffeur, h 10 Mont- 

clair av 
Bird James, h 433 Spadina nj (on active 

Black Andrew, tile Better, 1 91 Kenwood av 
Black James, sweeper, h 91 Kenwood 

Black John, caretkr, h 9S Kenwood av 
Black Marion, opr, 1 91 Kenwood av 
Black Mary, opr, I 91 Kenwood av 
Black Mary M. slsldy, 1 84 Kenwood av 
Black Peter, carp, h 84 Kenwood av 
Black Walter, 1 91 Kenwood av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Bland Geo T, bldr, h 48 Pinewood rd 
Blatherwlck Irene, 1 66 Wychwood av 
Blatherwlck Mabel, mlnr, 1 66 Wych- 
wood av 
Blatherwlck Walter, carp, h 66 Wych- 
wood av 
Bond R Burns, h s s Burton rd 
Boot John, painter, h 34 Glanville av 
Booth Sidney, lab, h 16 (JlanvlUe av 
Boreham Albert G, trav, h 40 Atlas av 
Boaworth Ernest W, mach, h 86 Ken- 
wood av 
Bottle David, brklyr, h 31 Glanville av | 
Bottle Ernest. 1 31 Glanville av (on ac- 
tive service) I 
Bould Jeraes, mach, h 148 Atlas av 
Bowley Fredk J, h 176 Arlington av 
Bowley Mary, 1 176 Arlinston av 
Bowman Emma J (wid Henry), 1 222 

Vaughan rd 
Boyd Wm B. engineer, h s s Strath- 
earn rd 
Boyle Ernest, h 57 Wychwood av (on 

active service) 
Bradley Catherine (wid Francis J), h 52 

Pinewood rd 
Bradley CSatherine, opr, 1 52 Pinewood 

Bradley Cornelius, lab, h 1576 Bathurst 
Brady Alex, gdnr, 1 31 Thelma av 
Brady Saml,, gdnr, h 31 Thelma av 
Braund Wm D, stereo, h 43 Pinewood rd 
Bray C5has, lab, h 56% Glanville av 
Brayley Lionel R, mfr agt, h 22 Wych- 
wood av 
Breakey Edwd, caretkr Humewood Pub- 
lic School, h 37 Shaw n 
Breach James E, caretkr, h 10 Thelma 

Breard Jules, chef, h 85 Kenwood av 
Breen Jeremiah, presser, h 128 Vauehan 

Bridges Wm, h 81 Wychwood eif 
Brlmacombe Wm, h 92 Kenwood av 
Broadbent Percy, brklyr, h 62 Glanville 

Brobst Bruce K, tree expert, h 19V4 

Wychwood av 
Brodie G S Rev, pastor Wychwood Bap- 
tist Church, res 61 Ellsworth av 
Bromley Wm H, lab, h 103 Huron n 
Brookbank Mary, li 43 Raglan av 
Brooks Matthew, plstr, h 64 Glanville 

Brookshaw Bertram A, printer, h 45 
" Wychwood av 

Brown Alex G, painter, h 26 Tay av 
Brown Edwd, gdnr, h 1603 Bathurst 
Brown Edwd Jr, gdnr, 1 160S Bathurst 
Brown Geo, elk, h 147 Wychwood a» 
Brown Herbert W, painter, h 53 W^ych- 

wood av 
Brown Robt G, real est agt, h 362 Rus- 
sell Hill rd 
Brown W Gladstone, vocal tchr, h 34 

Atlas av 
Bruff Henry, carp, h 168 Atlas av 
Bruns Henry, elk, h 54 Wychwood av 
Buck Alfred J, brklyr, h 127 Pinewood 

Buck Fredk W, shipper, 1 127 Pinewood 

Bucke Harold L, civ engineer, h 303 Lons- 
dale rd 
Buoksey Geo. driver, h 2 Tay av 
Bull Leonard, chauffeur, h 125 Vaughan 

Bureh Jeremiah, lab, h 230 Atlas av 
Burkhart Otto F, h C 315 Lonsdale rd 
Burk Henry J. elk. h 192 Atlas av 
Butcher Reginald, reporter, h S3 

Vaughan rd 
Butler Hubert, ctr, h 234 Atlas av 
Caden John, car bldr h 154 Atlas av 

Cairns James G, ehkr, h 118 Kenwood 


I Callicott Saml, lab, h 41 Kenwood av 
Calow John, brklyr, h 156 Wychwood 

Cameron Colin, brklyr, h 87 Raglan 
Cameron Wm, carp, h 170 Atlas av 
I'arlton Ernest J, carp, h 21 Tay av 
! Carmlchael D Allister, chauffeur, I 62 
1 Wychwood av 

j Carmichael John D, lab, h 62 Wych- 
wood av 
Carmichael John G, elk, 1 «2 Wychwood 

Carmichael Luella, opr, 1 62 Wychwood 
I avenue 
i Carney Francis A, draughtsman, h 30 

Atlas av 
: Carruthers Chas W, dairy, 60 Kenwood 
I avenue 
(3arter James, h 124 Wychwood av 
I (^asselden Albert H, tlr, h 6 Wychwood 
'i avenue 
Casson David A, h 56 Glanville av 
Caven Wm P, phy, h 122 Dunvegan rd 
! Celin Chas, h 93 Kenwood av (on active 
I service) 

I Chadwlck Robt E, carp, h 21 Thelma av 
I Chalmers Stewart, h 52 Wychwood av 

(on active service) 
Chamberlain Chas, lab, h 109 Wychwood 

Charles Geo it, artist, h 126 Atlas av 
C5harlton Thos M, h 1490 Bathurst 
Charlwood Fredk, h 240 Vaughan rd (on 

active service) 
Cheatley Florence, opr, 1 143 Vaughan 

Cheatley James P, 1 143 Vaughan rd (on 

active service) 
Cheatley Patterson, h 143 Vaughan rd 
Childs Geo F, chauffeur, h 18a Raglan 

Childs Wm A, lab, h 81 Glanville av 
Christie Alex C, chauffeur, h 19 Ken- 
wood av 
Christie Wm, driver, h 80 Kenwood av 
Clark Wm H, h WA Tay av (on active 

Clarke Chas, chauffeur, h 200 Atlas av 
Clarke Frank, driver, h 69 Wychwood 

Clarke Fredk, h 102 Raglan av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Clarke Geo A, printer, h 228 Atlas av 
Clarke Henry, confr, h 67 Kenwood av 
Clayton Geo W, jwesser, h 149 Arlington 

Coates Saml, lab, h 144 Atlas av 
Cochrane James, carp, h 65 Glanville 

Cole Henry W, lab. 1 1 Tay av 
Cole Wm G. elect, h 123 Wychwood av 
Cole Wm J, brklyr, h 1 Tav av 
Coles Emily Mrs, gro, 212 Vaughan rd 
Coles Geo. millwright, h 212 Vaughan 

Coley Robt J. elect, h 136 Vauglian rd 
Collier Albert J, gdnr, h 210 Vaughan 

Collins Mary (wid Wm), h 117 Kenwood 

Cook Arthur, ehoemkr, h 7 Louise av 
Cooke Albert C, painter, h 133 Wychwood 

Coon Stephen B, archt, h 356 Russell 

Hill rd 
Cooper Arthur W, lab, h 212 Atlas av 
Corner Walter J, mkt gdnr 3« Montclalr 
Cotterlll Ellzth B (wid John), h 1545 

Cotterlll Kathleen, 1 1545 Bathurst 
Cotterlll Saml, tmstr, 1 1545 Bathurst 
Coulter Wm, shipper, h 1504 Bathurst 
Covell Alfred E. h 315 Lonsdale rd 
Coward Alice, opr. 1 28 Glanville av 
Coward Annie (wid James), h 28 Glan- 
ville av 
■r-ward Frances, opr, 1 28 Glanville av ' 
•^'iward Fred. litho. h 30 Glanville av i 
"ri!>pen Edwd H. h B 315 Lonsdale rd 
Cross Herbert, landscape gdnr, h 93 

VflUEThjm rd I 

rrosswell James, birmkr. h 7 Thelma] 

Cruickshank Isal)el, 1 61 Wychwod av | 

Cruickshank Wm, painter, h 87 Ken- ' 
wood av 

Cull Geo, h 55 Wychwood av (on ac- 
tive service) 

Cunnane Patk J, gdnr, h 364 Lonsdale 

Cunningham Rott, gdnr, h 135 Wych- 
wood av 
Currey Charlotte, trtiade mntr. 1 27 

WychTvood av 
Currey Walter R, lab, h 27 Wychwood 

Currie John, carp, h 53 Kenwood av 
Curry Walter R, comp, h 42 Raglan aV 
Curtis Emily, opr, 1 96 Kenwood av 
Curtis Florence, 1 96 Kenwood av 
Curtis Saml, carpt lyr, h 96 Kenwood 

Curtis Saml jr, elk, 1 96 Kenwood av 
Cuthbertson Frances A (wid Thos), h 

20 Pinewood rd 
Cutts Harry, lab, h 30 Tay av 
Dalton Joseph R, mach, h 160 Atlas 

Dampier Wm T, wood wkr, h 36 Rag- 
lan av 
Davey Geo W, mfrs agt, h 29 Pinewood 

Davldge Wjn J, brklyr, h 42 Wychwood 

Davidson Chas, gdnr, h 4 Pinewood rd 
Davidson Fredk Ia custom broker, h 

148 Arlington av 
Davidson James, h 73 Kenwood av (on 

active service) 
Davis^ Percy, mldr, h 44 Glanville av 
Deegan James, h 11 Pinewood rd 
De Guerre Guy J, insp, h 154 Arling- 
ton av 
Delany Anna, h 15 Pinewood rd 
Dever Wm, contr, h 110 Raglan av 
Dew Chas. gdnr, h s w cor Eglinton 

av and Forest Hill rd 
Dew John W, gdnr, h s w cor Eglinton 

av and Forest Hill rd 
Dickson John, stonemason, h 214 Vaughan 

Dolman Geo, lab. h 95 Kenwood av 
Donley Harry, shoemkr, h 74 Kenwood 

Downer Wm A. pattern mkr. h 19 Rag- 
lan av 
Drage James, carp, h 127 Wychwood av 
Duncan James. 1 76 Kenwood av (on 

active service) 
Duncan Margt (wid James), h 76 Ken- 
wood av 
Dwan Dennis, horse dlr. h 343 Lons- 
dale rd 
Dwan Patk, h 340 Lonsdaie rd 
Earnshaw Harry, mach, h 1 Durham 

Edgar Geo W. lab. h 3 Glanville av 
Edis Thos. h 155 Arlington av 
Kdwards David, mach, h 1522 Bathurst 
Edwards Wm J, brklyr, h 64 Wych- 

wood av 
Ellaby Edith, packer, 1 198 Atlas av 
Kllaby Thos. lab. h 198 Atlas av 
Elliott Geo H. engineer, h 12 Thelma 

Elliott Wm, h 214 Atlas av (on active 

Flllott "Wm V. li 29 Wychwood av 
Ellison Wm F, shipper, h 43 Wychwood 

Elson Andrew G, elk. h 30 Pinewood 

Evans John W, printer, h 55 Pinewood 

Evans Pryce. lab. h 12i9 Vaughan rd 
Everton Ernest, farmer, h w s Forest 

Hill rd 
Everton John, lat), h 356 Lonsdale rd 
Everton John, thresher, h w s Forest 

Hill rd 
Kwins Percy C, bicycle mkr. h 106 

Kenwood av 
Palvev Wm P. elk. h 29 Coulson av 
Fanning Danl. 1 124 Kenwood av (on 

active service) 
Fanning Wm Jr, 1 124 Kenwood av (on 

active service) 
Fanning Wm J, lab. h 124 Kenwood av 
Faiiltless Herbert, mach, h 224 Vaugh- 
an rd 
Feary Thos. driver, h 406 Spadina rd 
Fenning Geo S. acct, h 15 Wychwood 

Fenning James, bkpr, 1 15 Wychwood 

Ferguson Allan, carp, h 63 Glanville av 
Ferguson Grace, nurse, 1 24 Wych- 
wood av 
Ferguson Hector, mfr agt. h 24 Wych- 
wood av 



Ingot Metals Frater Avenue, Toronto 



Co n feberationXife 



I Canadian Company 

Ferguson Jamea, rubber mkr, h 24S 

Vaugrhan rd ^ , ,„ . ,. 

Ferguson James G, ctr, h US ArUng- 

ton av 
Ferris James, bkpr, h 23 Atlas av 
FUzakerley Johtu lab, h 13 Tay av 
Fltzakerley Leonard, lab, 1 13 Tay av 
Fltzakerley Wm, 1 13 Tay av (on >ic- 

tive service) , „^ , 

Flemington Alfred E, gdnr, h 4 Thelma 

Foley Frank J, barr, h 150 Arllng-ton 

Foley John H. lab, h 53 Raglan av 
Follett James, h 13 Pinewood rd 
Ford Ernest, lab. h 236 Vaughan rd 
Forest Hill Presbyterian Church, Rev 

David MacLaren pastor, n e cor 

Spaldiner and Thelma av 
Forsey Joseph B. elect, h 5 Wychwood av 
Fortler Henry T, realest agt, h 471 

Spadina av 
Foster Arthur F, bldr, h 493 Ruahton 

Foster Frank, gdnr. h 156 Atlas av 
Foster Wm, tmstr. h 18 Thelma av 
Foulds Wm C. civil engineer, h 157 

Arlington av 
Foulston Jane (veld James), h 138 

Arlington av 
Foulston Wm. piano fnshr, I 138 Arl- 

lng:ton av 
Fowler J Herbert, contr. h 1550 Bath- 

Freer Arthur B, designer, h 104 Atlas 

French Edwd, fnshr, h 39 GlanviUe a» 
French John, h 70 Kenwood av 
Frost Harold H, elk, 1 64 Atlas av 
Frost Herbert, painter, h 64 Atlas av 
Fry Stanley L, optician, h 82 Roach av 
Fullerton Chas H, h 44 Wychwood av 
Gaby Fredk A, con engineer, h s w cor 

Spadina and Burton rd 
Gage Geo E, printer, h 226 Vaughan rd 
Gardiner Ernest A. slsmn, h 46 Glan- 
viUe av 
Gaskin James, car repr. h 110 Atlas av 
Gaskln Saml, g<3nr, I 110 Atlas av 
Gates Ernest, packer, h 68 Wychwood 

Gates Nellie, opr, 1 68 Wychwood av 
Gayner Wm, auto repr, h 35 Montclair av 
' , Hry Ambrose, leather dresser, h 88 

Vaug-han rd 
Geary Ambrose K, carp, h 95 Wychwood 

Geary Geo J, druggist, h 23 Wychwood 

Geary Jessie M, opr, 1 88 Vaughan rd 
Geary Wm, barber, h 111 Kenwood av 
Geldard Percy, printer, h 37 Kenwood 

Gemmill John A, carp, h 16 Kenwood 

George Ernest, cond, h 55 Kenwood av 
Gilchrist James S, painter, h 463 Spa- 
dina rd 
Gill Geo H, carp, h 246 Vaughan rd 
GImblett Wm J, metal turner, h 13 

Kenwood av 
Glasspool Walter, plstr, 1 26 Coulson 

Qleeson James, engineer, I 166 Vaugban 

Glendening Chas E, trav, h 26 Pinewood 

Glover James, mach, h 34 Coulson av 
Goodchlld Geo E, leather ctr, h 103 

Wychwood av 
Goodlngs Robt, lab, h 91 Vaughan rd 
Goodwin Arthur, painter, h 14 Raglan 

Gould Fredk, h 63 Raglan av 
Gracey Thos J, acct, h 144 Arlington 

Qreham Delia, stenog, 1 25 Atlas av 
Graham Fredk P, gdnr, h 54 Atlas av 
Graham Mary A (wid Thos), h 25 At;as 

Graham Patk D, gro 270 Vaughan rd 
Graham Thos, mkt gdnr 25 Atlas «v 
Graham Vlnnie, studt, 1 2.5 Atlas av 
Graham Walter, gdnr, h 50 Atlas av 
Graham Wm M, contr, h 48 Atlas av 
Gray Geo A, btchr, h 81 Kenwood av 
Green Rlchd, lab, h 8 Kenwood av 
Greene Harold A, h 315 I,onsdale rd 
Greer John, h 5 Pinewood rd 
Gregory Henry E, wool puller, h 105 

Wychwood av 

Gresham Geo E, underwriter, h e » 

Humewood av 
Griffln John, able seaman, h 56% Ken- 
wood av 
Groves Chas, mkt gdnr 84 Atlas av 
Uunnlngham Robt, shoe ctr, h 116 
Kenwood av 

V ihos. painter, h 161 Wychwood 
Gwilliam Herbert, h 78 Kenwood av 
Haker Otto, elk, h 48 Wychwood av 
Hall Chas, inspr, h 6 Raglan av 
Hall John N, tmstr, h 103 Kenwood av 
Hall Wm. elk, 1 108 Vaughan rd 
Hall Wm C, acct, h 475 Spadina rd 
Halle'tt BenJ. carp, h 14'5 Wychwood av 
Halward Henry C. brklyr, h 12 Mont- 

clair av 
Hamel Herbert J A, photo engraver, h 

46 Kenwood av 
Hamp Geo, wtr, h 61 Huron n 
Hancock Sidney, carp, h 3-17 Lonsdale rd 
Handrehen Isaac, slsmn, 1 14 Wychwood 

Hanes Oarmi A, slsmn, h 17 WychVood 

Hann Geo, cond, h 240 Atlas av 
Hanna James, driver, h 11 Kenwood av 
Harrington, Lilian C, tchr, h 133 

Vaughan rd 
Harris John, mach, h 64 Kenwood av 
Harrison Albert, carp, h 16 GlanviUe 

Harrison Arthur, shell Inspr, h 1506 

Harrison Estelle Cwid Fredk), h 133 

Vaughan rd 
Harrison Robt, driver, h 350 Lonsdale 

Harrison Thos ,H, lab, h 188 Atlas av 
Harvey Emma (wld Wm), h 310 Atlas 

Harvey James H, tinsmth, 1 210 Atlas 

Harvey Wm, h 176 Atlas av, (on active 

Har\'ey Wm, lab, h 11 Taylor 
Hatcher Cecil, dairyman, h 62 Kenwood 

Hatton Rlchd, mach, h 27 GlanviUe av 
Hawgood Trevor, h 187 Arlington av 
Hawkins Wm, h 43 Thelma av 
Haycock Albert, shipper, h 14 Atlas av 
Head Ernest J, lab, h 137 Wychwood 

Heath Elizth (wld Ernest), h 56 Wen- 
wood av 
Heatherington Rachel (wid Geo), h rear 

103 Wychwood av 
Helliwell Grant, h n s Burton rd 
Henderson John B, brklyr, h 136 Atlas 

Henderson Walter, presser, h 7 Dur- 
ham av 
Hendrlck Irene, 1 15 Atlas av 
Hendrlck Wm, gdnr, h 15 Atlas av 
Henry Mabel, elk, 1 8 Louise av 
Henry Thos, contr, h 8 Louise av 
Henwood Geo, stonemason, h 93 Wych- 
wood av 
Herring Geo, sllversmth, h 50 Glan- 
viUe av 
Hewett Alvyn W, lab, 1 33 Thelma av 
Hewett Hazel, slsldy, 1 33 Thelma av 
Hewett Henry A, lab, h 33 Thelma av 
Hewett Myrtle I, drsmkr, 1 33 Thelma 

Hewett Vera A, opr, 1 33 Thelma av 
Heyworth Frank P, barber, h 63 Pine- ; 

wood rd 
Hibberd Wm, driver, h 302 Lonsdale av 
Hickey Francis, bkbndr, h 10 GlanviUe 

Hickey Fred, lab, 1 18 Wychwood av 
Hickling Horace, shoemkr, h 166 Vaughan 

HIckson Alfred, 1 108 Vaughan rd (on 

active service) 
Higgins Arthur, tanner, h 24 Glan- 
viUe av I 
Higgs Arthur, box mkr, h 108 Atlas av | 
Hill Arthur, engineer, h 346 Ixinsdale : 
road i 
Hill Gertrude, h Humewood cor Well- j 
wood avs 1 
Hill Harry, lab, h 1558 Bathurst I 
Hilton John, tmstr, h 220 Vaughan rd j 
Hilton Thos, postman, h 95 Raglan av j 
Hirlehey Eliza (wid Wm). h 8 Thelma' 

HItchman Edwd F, lab, h 91 Wytfhwood 

Hitchman Mary P, opr, 1 91 Wychwood 

Hitchman May, opr, 1 91 Wychwood av 
Hodges John C, h 86 Vaughan rd 
Hodgman John, lab, h 113 Kenwood av 
Holder James A, painter, h lOH Glan- 
viUe av 
Holland Albert, brklyr, h 120 Atlas av 
Holland Doris, opr, 1 142 Vaughan rd 
Holland Fredk G, painter h 142 Vaug- 
han rd 
Holland Geo, 1 142 Vaughan rd (on ac- 
tive service) 
Holmes Arthur, driver, h 184 Vaughan 


Holmes John W, plstr, h 85 Wychwood 

avenue . 

Honess Basil H, painter, h 82 Kenwood 

Hooper Agnes, opr, 1 116 Atlas av 
Hooper Doris, embosser, 1 116 Atlas av 
Hooper Henry, lab, h 116 Atlas av 
Hooper Kathleen, opr, 1 118 Atlas av 
Hope Ernest H, brklyr, h 52 GlanviUe 

Horton Bertram, 1 Chas W iHorton (on 

active service) 
Horton Chas W, tehr, h e s Humewood 

Hossie Kathleen (wid John), h 315D 

Lonsdale rd 
Howell Harry, tnsmth, h 68 Atlas av 
Hozack Martha (wid Robt), h 40 Wych- 
wood av 
Hughes Alfred H, contr, h 14 Wych- 
wood av 
Hughes Henrj', carp, b 18 Wychwood av 
Hughes John, glass ctr, h 50 Wychwood 

Hughes Kendrick, h 218 Atlas av (on 

active service) 
Hughes Robt B, ]wlr, h 59 Pinewood rd 
Hulbert Wm H, lab, h 227 Vaughan rd 
Hume Peter, plstr, h 75 Wychwood av 
Humewood Public School, Wm B Hume 

prln, n e cor High and Humewood av 
Hume Wm E, Humewood Public School, 

1 80 St George 
Humphries Frank, caretkr, h 9 Wych- 
wood av 
Humphries Percy, mach, 1 9 Wychwood 

Hunt Wm R, h e s Spadina rd 
Huntley PrisclUa (wid) Walter), h 

1514% Bathurst 
Hurrell Alfred, brklyr, h 5 Thelma av 
Hutchinson Wm A, h n s Burton rd 
Innis James, slsmn, h 6 GlanviUe av 
Irwin Mary, drsmkr, h 3 Thelma av 
Isaac Wm J, real est agt, h 18 Pinewood 

Jackson Harry F, chauffeur, h 204 

Vaughan road 
Jackson Henry O Capt, h 33 Pinewood 

Jackson Thos, mach, h 57 Kenwood av 
Ja,ckson Wlm, h 19 Tay av (on active 

Jarrett Arthur H, h 1 GlanviUe av (on 

active service) 
Johnson Fredk A, lab, h 57 GlanvJIle 

Johnston Birdie, h 10 Pinewood rd 
Johnston Gordon, 1 10 Pinewood rd (on 
active service) 

F.J. SMITH ^^^ CO. 



The UNION TRUST CO., Limited 

Offices and Sate Deposit Vauitt: TCHiple BIdg., Bay and Richmond StS. ^'jt^!^^ executor 

listrator. Trustee, ate. 

$2.00 A YEAR AND 


Johnston Ina, stenog, 1 10 Pinewnod rd 
Johnstone Robt, cheuffeur, h rear 433 

Spadlna rd 
Jones Chas F, janitor, h 136 Vaug-hen 

Jones David S, carp, h 65 Plnewood rd 
Jones Percy, stone ctr,- h 120H Atlas 

Jones Richd, trav, h 133 Pinewood rd 
Kamber Andrew, cigar mlir, h 76 Atlas 

Keeler Wilfred J, tmstr, h 2*2 Vaughan 

Keith G Alan, h 27 Pinewood rd 
Kelk Fredk, h 354 Russell HIU rd 
Kennedy Patk, h 57 Wychwood av (on 

active service) 
Killarney Mansions, 315 Lonsdale rd 
King Ernest W, carp, h 53 Glanville 

King John, printer, h 222 Vaughan rd 
Kirkland Saml B, leather ctr, h 134 Hig*!! 
Knell John, tmstr. h 238 Vaughan rd 
Knight Duncan A, h e s Brunswick av 
Laird James, steel wkr, 1 65 Kenwood 

Lambie Garvin, carp, h 131 Wychwood 

Lancaster Phoebe (wld Henry), h 242 

Atias av 
Langlands David, ship plater, h 85 Ken- 
wood av 
Langlands Wm, ship pleter, h 114 Ken- 
wood av 
Lark Henry O, gro 178 Vaughan rd 
Latimer Thos, assembler, h 20 Tay av 
Lavielle Emile, elk, 1 149 Wychwood av 
Lavielle Emily, tlrs, 1 149 Wychwood 

Lavielle Eugene, tlrs, 1 149 Wychwood 

Lavielle Gaston, elk, 1 149 Wychwood 

LavieUe Marie (wld Edmond), li 149 

Wychwood ay 
Lavielle Peter, btchr 111 Vaughan rd 
Lawrence John H, plstr, h 11 Atlas av 
Lawson Joseph, h 107 Vaughan rd (on 

active service) 
Lawther James trav, h F 315 LonsdaJe 

Learmonth Jean, stockpr, 1 49 Wychwood 

Learmonth John, umbrella ctr, h 49 

Wychwood av 
Leaver Geo, h 32 Pinewood rd 
Lee Patk E, sheet metal wkr, h 14 

Montclair av 
Lehmann Chas, trav, h 129% Vaughan 

Le Quesne Adolphus J, driver, h 240 

Leslie ^Vm H, printer, h 2S Kenwood 

Lever John, bldr, h 20 Atlas av 
Levett Alice (wid Saral), h 469 Spa- 
dlna rd 
Lewis Fredk, shipper, h 130 High 
Lewis Fredk J, carp, h 92 Pinewood av 
Libby Fredk, mach, h 1560 Bathurst 
Lightfoot Chas H, stove mntr, h g Tay 

Lindsay Geo M, stablemn, h 18 Durham 

Lippett James D, btchr 258 Vaughan rd 
Llpsett James, gdnr, h 337 Lonsdale rd 
Lister Geo, pdlr, h 27 Kenwood av 
Little Geo, h 42 Thelma av (on active 

Lloyd Frank E, elk, h 6 Montclair av 
Logan Herbert, cont. h i39 Thelma av 
Lomax iHenry, watchman, h 24 Raglan 

LiOmkx Henry, watchmn, h 33 Raglan 

Long Geo J, gateran, h 113 Wychwood 

Loveland Chas, gdnr h 137 Vaughan rd 
Lovell Reginald, slater, h 16 Wych- 
wood av 
Lowrey Wm, bkpr, h 30 Huron n 
Luckhurst Wm Q, caretkr, h 5 Ken- 
wood av 
Luggers John J, piano fnsbr, h 47 Ken- 
wood av 
Lujidy James, gro 109 Vaughan rd 
Lundy Letltia (wld Wm T), h e s Forest 

Hill rd 

Lynn Henry, carp, h 180 Vaughan rd 
Lynn Percy J, otr, h 59 Raglan av 

Lyttle Elsie M. stenog. 1 102 Keiivvcio'l 

Lyttle James A, mach, h lu2 Kenwouu 

Lyttle Johnston A, 1 102 Kenwood av (on 

active service) 
McBeth John J, asseasor, h 144 Vaugh- 
an rd 
McBride John, lab, h 1570 Bathurst 
McClure Norman, mail elk. h 88 Raglan 
■ avenue 
McCluskey James, plstr, h 7 Kenwood 

McConkey James A, trav, h 3i2 Raglan 

McCuUoch Geoffrey, h S3 Wychwood av 

(on active service) 
McCusker Archd R, trav, h 46 Pinewood 

McDermid Malcolm, stableman, h 86 

Glanville av 
McDonald John, h 122 Atlas av (on ac- 
tive service) 
McEachern Carlton, h e a Forest Hill 

McFarland Chas O, elk, h 139 Vaughan 

McKay Andrew, chauffeur, h 367 Lons- 
dale rd 
McKay Geo, h 1597 Bathurst 
McKay Jamef, contr, h 45 Thelma av 
McKay Thos, gro 309 Lonsdale av, h 

McKay Thos jr, groom, h 41 Thelma av 
McKenzie Jessie, 1 10 Pinewood rd 
McLachlin John R, mach, h 19 Pine- 
wood rd 
MdLennan Colin, carp, h 260 Vaughan 

MoLeod Archd, lab, h 17 Tay av 
McLeod Gordon, elect, h 111 Wychwood 

McMullen Fredk A, leather wkr, h 132 

McMullen James E, county constable, 

h 85 Vaughan rd 
MdMullen Victor, baker, h li2a Pine- 
wood rd 
McPhie Danl, carp, h 152 Atlas av 
McWhinnie Hugin, bkpr, h 47 Wychwood 

Macdonald Duncan M, h e s Bathurst 
Mackay Wm C, elk, li 9 Atlas av 
MacLaren David iRev, pastor Forest 
IHIU Presbyterian Church, res Toronto 
Mactaggart Wm A Rev, pastor Wych- 
wood Presby Ch, h 12 Westmount 
Madgett Danl, lab, h 23 Huron n 
Magee Alex, ateamftr, n 11 Wychwood 

Majury Alfred, engineer, h 29 Kenwood 

Malloy James T, color mixer, h 2 Glan- 
ville av 
Maltby Rlchd, gro 54 Glanville av 
Mann Florence, I 91A Wychwood av 
Mann Geo, 1 31 Raglan av (on active 

Mann Hilda, opr, 1 91A Wychwood av 
Mann Mary J (wld Thos), h 91A Wych- 
wood av 
Mann Maude, opr, 1 91A "Wychwood av 
Manning Thos, lab, h 31 Raglan av 
Mark Arthur iM, h 124 Atlas av 
Mark James, h 89 Wychwood av 
jrarks Ernest, tmstr, h 20 Raglan av 
Marshall James, shipper, 1 1518 Bath. 

Martin Norman L, assignee, h e s West- 
mount drive 
Martin Wm, h 305 Lonsdale rd 
Martin Wm, lab, h 1514 Bathurst 
Mason Walter J, brklyr, h 59 Huron n 
Mason Wm J, lab, h 65 Huron n 
Massie Peter, tlr, h 100 Raglan av 
Masters Geo, gdnr, h 2BH Vaushnn rd 
Matthews Richd, h 194 Vaughan rd 
Maxwell James, driver, h 5 Pinewood 

Mayhew Athol D, h 28 Glanville av 
Mead Henry, glass ctr, h 143 Arlington 

Mead Wm, mach, h 8 Durham av 
Meddlngs John, plstr, h 48 Glanville 

Mean Harry, elk, h 140 Arlington av 
Mercer Joseph H, trav, h 134 High 
Meredith Wm E, moto, h 21 Kenwood 

Messer Wm F, carp, h 94 iRaglan av 

MiiltlJetDii :Horace, h 1564 Bathurst 
MidiUetcin fiorace A. 1 1564 Bathurst (on 

active service) 
Midgley John, carp, h 4 Coulson a> 
Mildred Wm. brushmkr, h 15 Huron n 
.Miller Chas G, lab, h 83 Raglan av 
Miller Henry W, leather ctr, h 72 Glan- 

Tille av 
Millward Fredk, h 83 Wychwood av (on 
active service) 

Milne Geo J, plstr, h 491 Rushton rd 
Mitchell Frank H, oik, h 61 Raglan av 
Moftatt Wm, bkbndr, h 138 Atlas av 
Monck Geo, gdnr,. h 23 Kenwood av 
Monkman Clifford, elk. I 92 Raglan av 
Monkman John, carp, 1 92 Raglan av 
Monkman iLawrie, tchr, 1 92 IRaglan av 
Monkman Lillian, 1 9'2 iRaglan av 
Monkman Margt (wid James), h 92 Rag- 
lan av 
Moody Fredk W, lab, h 22i2 Atlas av 
Moore Henry H, carp, h 14 Kenwood 

Moores Geo A, bkpr, h 7 Wychwood av 
Morgan John E, carp, h 202 Vaughan 

Morphet John, carp, h 8 Glanville av 
Morrow Mary (wid Joshua), h 142 Ar- 
lington av 
Mortimer Clifford, lab, '■ S Louise av 
Mowat Douglas, bkbndi, h 31 Coulaon 

Mowa't Fredk, ,h 239 Warren rd 
Mulr lEdwd, gro 37 Wychwood av, h 

Munro David L, tool designer, h 136 

Pinewood rd 
Munroe Wm, h 133 Vaughan rd 
Murphy Geo S, macn, h 145 Vaughan 

Murray John, chauffeur, h 84 Vaughan rd 
Musselwhlte Reginald. chafteur, h 61 

Raglan av 
Musselwhlte Wm A, chauffeur, h 9 Ken- 
wood av 
Mutton Geo, carp, h 99 Vaughan rd 
Xelson Anthony, contr, h 122 Wychwood 

.Velson John M. elk, h 39 Kenwood av 
Nieholls "Harold J, moto, h 150 Pinewood 

Mlcholson Geo, gdnr, h 503 Spadina rd 
Nicholson Geo Jr, tmstr, 1 503 Spadlna 

Nicholson Maud, opr, 1 503 Spadlna rd 
Nicholson Roy, 1 -503 Spadina rd (on ac- 
tive service) 
Nixey Walter T, lab, h 35 Raglan av 
Norrington Edwd C, housemn, h 24 

Kenwood av 
North Huron Public School w s Huron 

Norton John H, plstr, h 14 Glanville av 
O'Brien Chester R, h 316g Lonsdale rd 
O'Brien Timothy, trav, h 156 Arlington 

O'Connor Ella, h 16 Pinewood rd 
O'Hara Margt (wld Wm), h 52 Atlas av 
O'Hara Wm, tmstr, 1 52 Atlas av 
O'Leary Edwd, plstr, 1 2 Montclair av 
O'Leary Ernest, 1 5 Montclair av (on ac- 
tive service)' 
O'Leary Herbert, 1 5 Montclair av (on 

active service) 
0''Leary James, 1 5 Montclair av (on ac- 
tive service) 
O'Leary John, driver, h 2 Montclair av 
O'Leary Mabel, mlnr, 1 2 Montclair av 
O'Leary Margt (wid Patk), h 5 Mont- 

cl&.lr fl,v 
O'Leary Ursula, 1 5 Montclair av 
O'Leary Wm B, h 1492 Bathurst 
O'Rourke Arthur, lab, h 1525 Bath- 
O'Rourke John, lab, h 1539 Bathurst 
Oborn Harry, lab. h 1556 Bathurat 
Ogier Wm V, painter, h 6 Tay av 
Oldenhouse Hiram, h 26 Raglan ave (on 

active service) 
Oliver Ellas N, tmstr, 1 226 Vaughan rd 
Olley James, chauffeur, h 33 Kenwood 

Olson Louisa (wid Christian), h IS 

Montclair av • 
Ormsby John Y, h e s Foresit Hill rd 
Otter Wm H, tmstr, h 101 Wychwood 

Outhet John R, btchr, h 151 Arling- 
ton av 
Packer Fredk, lab, h ,204 Atlas av 

The Dominion of Canada Guarantee & Accident Insurance Company 











Packham Arthur C, bkpr, h 129 Vi 

Vaughan rd 
Page \Vm S, express 160 Vaughan rd 
Parmiter Arthur B, carp, h 101 Pine- 
wood rd 
Paterson Wm A, slsmn, h 25 Pinewood 

Patterson Arthur, elk, h BOO Rushton 

Peace Horace, lab, h 89 Kenwood av 
Pearson James, lab, h 339 Lonsdale rd 
Pearson Joseph, carp, h 94 High 
Pellatt Wm, lab, h 4 Montclair av 
Perry Wra J, h 4 Glanvllle av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Pickering Chas T, h 4 Kaglan av 
Piper Arthur G, h 12 Hlllbrow av 
Plat Edwd S, lab, h e s Rushton rd 
Postill Harry L, sheet metal wkr, I 

1502 Bathurst 
Postlll Mary A (wid Stephen J), i 1502 

Power Fredk, piano mkr, h 3 Raglan 

Precious Cavid, plmbr, h 180 Atlas av 
Preston Henry H, elk, h 21 Atlas av 
Priestley Orley. h 9 Glanville av (on 

active service) 
Proctor Geo, h n s Hillbrow av (on ac- 
tive service) 
Pryke Wm, carpet lyr, h 106 Kenwood 

Quinn Patk, btchr, h 228 Vaughan rd 
Rankin Peter, lab,-h 422 Spadina rd 
Raymond Maria E (wid Saml T), h 16 

Huron n 
Reaman Alfred E, contr, h 6 Hume- 
wood av 
Redpath Alfred, elect, h 120 Kenwood 

Reid Chas C, h 192 Vaughan rd (on ac- 
tive service) 
Reigate Geo H, plmbr, h 100 High 
Rennie John, police, h li526 Bathurst 
Revill Harry, poultry dlr, h 154 Vaughan 

Rlbchester Francis, carp, h 182 Vaugh- 
an rd 
Rice Alex T, moto cycle repr, 1 1552 

Rice Wm, h 1552 Bathurst 
Richards John, hldr, h 301 Lonsdale rd 
Riley Jane E, h 24 Pinewood rd 
Rimmer Wm, painter, h 121 Wychwood 

Ritchie Harold, h s s Burton rd 
Robblns Wm, lab, h 4 Bristol av 
Roberton John, pdlr, h 114 Vaughan 

Roberts Edwd, carp, h 150 Vaughan rd 
Roberts Thos, mldr, h 126 Vaughan rd 
Robertson Emily, 1 159 Pinewood rd 
Robertson Miriam, stenog, 1 159 Pine- 
wood rd 
Robertson Thos, h 5il Glanville av (on 

active service) 
Robertson Wm, h 159 Pinewood rd 
Robertson Wm C, carp, h 20 Wych- 
wood av 
Robertson Wm M, bkpr, 1 1-59 Pinewood 

Robinson Thoa A N, elk, h 15 Tay av 
Rochat Paul, tchr, h fil Pinewood rd 
Roddy Fredk N, elect, h 424 Ruston rd 
Rogers Fred G, acct, h 108 Vaughan rd 
Rogers Henry, driver, h 79 Kenwood 

Rohan John, lab, h 20 Thelma av 
Rollinson Geo, express 266 Vaughan 

Roots Albert E, slsmn, h 6 Durham av 
Roots Arthur L, elect, h 105 Kenwood 

Roots Chas, stove repr, h 206 Vaugh- 
an rd 
Ross Adelaide M (wid James F W), h 

235 Warren rd 
Ross David, music tchr, h 44 Pinewood 

Ross Gordon F, 1 108 Dunvegan av (on 

active service) 
Ross John L, h 108 Dunvegan rd , 
Ross Thos, dairyman, h 1516 Bathurst 
Routery Frank T, tlr, h 19 Wychwood 

Rowell John T B, real est act, h w » 

Westmount drive 
Rudge Caleb, carp, h 21 Wychwood av 
Ruehl John, painter, h e s Spadina rd 
Rushby Harry W, plmhr. h 61 Wych- 
wood av 

Ryan Arthur, lab, h 71 Kenwood av 
Sainsbury Horace C, chkr, h 17 Ken- 
wood av 
Saunders Alfred G, h 70 Wychwood av 
.Saunders Arthur, lab. h 74 Glanville av 
Saunders Edwd, lab, h 101 Vaughan rd 
Saville Albert, watchmn. h 246 Atlas av 
Schofield Albert, carpet lyr, h 28 Wych 

wood av 
Schreiber De Leslie W. h e s Forest Hill 

Schrier David, hostler, h 12 Kenwood 

Scott Richd, tmstr, h 86 Glanville av 
Scott Thos. chkr, h 196 Vaughan rd 
Sear Benj. h 352 Lonsdale rd (on active 

Seokington Viotor, lab, 1 26 Coulson av 
Seekin^ton Wm, marble ctr, h 26 Coul- 
son av 
Sells Harry, gdnr, h 115 Wychwood av 
Shepherd John, gro 252 Vaughan rd 
Shepherd Thos, carp, h 12 Glanville av 
Sheppard John M, h" 16 Pinewood rd 
Shibley Morley H, trav, h 400 Ruston 

Shilton John T, h 14 Pinewood rd 
Shipley Herbert, h 98 Vaughan rd 
Shipley John T, h 154 Atlas ev (on ac- 
tive service) 
Shorey Amos B, excise ofBcer, h 1510 

Shrimpton John, h 30 Raglan av 
.Simpson Ethel, opr, 1 22 Kenwood av 
.Simpson Geo, bkpr, h 122 Kenwood av 
Simpson James, h 67 Wychwood av 
Simpson James Jr, draughtsmn, 1 67 

Wychwood av 
Simpson Joseph R, printer, h 104 Ken- 
wood av 
Simpson Mary, opr, 1 22 Kenwood av 
Simpson Thos, lab, 1 67 Wychwood av 
Simpson Thos. plmbr, 1 22 Kenwood 

Simpson Wm T, carp, h 22 Kenwood av 
Sinclair Alex J Capt, h 489 Ruston rd 
Sinden Harry, baker, h 87 Wychwood 

Skinner John W, comp, h 123 Vaughan 

Suc-e Louis T, cartoonist, h 139 Arling- 
ton av 
Sleigh tholm Francis J, slsmn, h 3il5E 

iLonsdale rd 
Sloane Algast J, acct, h W Atlas av 
Smart Fredk J, elk, h 37 Raglan av 
Smart Thos C, carp, h 65 Wychwood av 
Smethern Wm, stone ctr, h 42 Kenwood 

Smith Arthur G, oarp, h 151 High 
Smith Edwd, carp, h 244 Vaugiian rd 
Smith Edwd, elk, 1 39 Wychwood av 
Smith Geo T, carp, h 73 Pinewood rd 
Smith James H, elk, h 97 Kenwood av 
Smith James W J, tester, h 22 Glan- 
ville av 
Smith John, contr, h 112 Kenwood av 
Smith Kate I (wid Chas), h 28 Atlas 

Smith Louise (wid Edwd), h 39 

Wychwood av 
Smith Robt B, printer, h 40 Thelma av 
Smith Walter J, carp, h 41 Glanville 

Smith Wm, oarp, h 138 Atlas ov 
Smith Wm, wood wkr, h 19% Tav av 
Smith Wm E, carp, h 89 PInewood'rd 
Smithson Chas, lab, h e s Ruston rd 
Sowden Cecilia (wid Walter), h 9 Tay 

Sparks Alfred, painter, h 121 Vaughan 

Sparks Arthur E, Painter, h 80 Atlas av 
Spencer John, h 13 Thelma av 
Spiller Arthur, I 1565 Bathurst 
Splller Effle, 1 1565 Bathurst 
Spiller Geo, h 1565 Bathurst 
Spratt Rudolph, slsmn, h 115 Kenwood 

Stadden Walter, glass trimmer, h 150 

Atlas av 
Stepleton Clayton U, sis agt, h 153 Ar- 
lington av 
Steele John W, merchant, 1 19 Wych- 
wood av 

Stephenson Wm, h 49 Raglan av 
Stewart Ebenezer, janitor Killarnev 

Mansions, h 315 I Lonsdale rd 
Stewart Wm J, slater, h 32 Coulson av 
Stollard 'Herbert, h 61 Kenwood av (on 

active service) 

Stoner Chas H, elev opr, h -2120 Atlas av 
Strong Geo H, shipper, h 1 Coulson av 

Strongitharn Geo, lab, h 230 Vaughn 

Submmerfleld Annie (wid Joseph), h e s 

Humewood rd 
Summerfield Chas R, h e s Humewood 

avenue ■ • 

Summersides John, brklyr, h 58 Atlas 

Sutton Albert, driver, h 130 Vaughan 

Swan Edwd D, lab, n 16 Montclair ay 
S.vlvester Ellen (wid Edwd), h 232 Atl*a 

Taber Henry B, -gdnr, h n s Hlllbrow 

Tackerberv Wesley, h ,10 Conanught av 
Tattle Henry W, h w s Kendal av 
Tattle Wm W, h w s Kendal av 
Taylor Archd N, tmstr, h 173 Vaughan 

Taylor Gabriel, lab, h 3 Montclair av 
Tavlor Geo T, lab, h 58 Kenwood av 
Tavlor Henrv, gdnr, h 37 Thelma av 
Taylor Herbert W, carp, h 358 Lonsdale 
Taylor James, tmstr, h 109 Kenwood 

Taylor Robt, cabt mkr, h 32 Glanville 

Temple James, h rear 59 Huron n 
Thelnlng Anna, stenog, 1 8 Montclair av 
Thelnlng HUma (wid Fred), h 8 Mont- 
clair av 
Thelnlng James, bkpr, 1 8 Montclair av 
Thompson Alex, lead glazier, h 10 Huron n 
Thompson James E, gro ,170 Vaughan 

Thompson Thos, Jwlr, h 71 Wychwood av 
Tinslev Chas, slsmn. h 72 Huron n 
Tomsett Henry, tmstr, h e s Spadina 

Townsend John, lab, h 1512 Bathurst 
Trotter W Cecil, dentist, h e s Forest 

Hill rd 
Tulloch Jas. carp, 1 55 Raglan av 
TuUoch Peter, carp, h 55 Raglan av 
Tulloch Wim G. engineer. 1 55 Raglan av 
Turner Anna, stenog, 1 2il Pinewood rd 
Turner Frank, ledger kpr, 1 ;21 Pinewood 

Turner Frank, slsmn, h 91 Roach av 
Turner Herbert A, cond, h li6 Raglan av 
Turner James R, artist, h 21 Pinewood 

Turner John, I 21 Pinewood rd 
Turpett Geo H, painter, h 5 Glanville av 
Turville Fredk C, printer, h 17 Thelma 

Twltchln Mlchl, lab, 1 la Tay av 
Vallance James, painter, h 40 Glanville 

\'andemark Joseph, polisher, h 7 Mont- 
clair av 
Vanderburg Andrew J, carp, h 32 Atlas 

Varey Eber B, contr. h Connaught circle, 

head of Wychwood 
Vaughan Road Church of Christ, n s 

Vose Alfred, 1 7 2 Atlas av (on active 

Vose Thos, lab. h 72 Atlas av 
Waites Frank, trav, h 99 High 
Walker Edwd. carp, h 90 Humewood av 
Walker Joseph, lah, h 31 Tag av 
Walker Robt T, bldr. h 39 Pinewood rd 
Walker Jos«ph, lab, h 31 Tay av 
Walker Robt T, bldr, h 39 Frederica 
Walker Stephen J, gdnr, h 100 Ken- 
wood av 
Walker Thos, watchmn, h 146 Vaughan 

Waller O -W, h 360 Russell Hill rd 
Walton Edgar, mach, h 5 Tay av 
Walton Martha (wid James), h 7J 

Wychwood av 
Ward Edwd, gdnr, h 22 Thelma av 
Watt James W, h 140 Vaughan rd 
Watts Ernest A, carp, h 83 Kenwood 

Weales Geo J, moto, h 12a Pinewood rd 
Webb John S, confr 254 Vaughan rd 
Weeks Harry, gdnr, h 11 Thelma av 
Wellwood Wm I B, h 1 Pinewood rd 
West Thos, mach, h 24 Taj- av 
Westbrook Ben] W, concrete fnshr, h 

107 Kenwood av 





Phonet: Offic*, Main 4949 
Night Rm^ Parkdal* 3S94 

B. ENUSHEVSKY & SON^rr^'U^uEEN-sT!"/'" 



Wheeler Frank, carp, h 53 Kenwood av 
Wheeler Fredk J. lab, h 29 Thelma av 
Whltal Thos H, baker, h 125 Wychwood 

White Ernest, printer, h 3 Kenwood av 
White Wm G, sawyer, h 22 Raglan av 
White John, h 397 Spadlna rd 
White L Geo, elk, B 23 Tay av 
Wlddowson Wm, rubber wkr, h 15S4 

Wlghtroan Christopher, oik, 1 21 Atlas 

Williams Florence, grro 31 Kenwood av 
Williamson Clara (wld Wm), 1 47 Wych- 

wood aT 
Williamson John, lith'o, h 69 Wychwood 

Wilson Chas, bldr, h 60 Wychwood av 

Wilson Geo S, pdlr, h 4»2 Spadina rd 
Wilson Herbert, carp, h 2 Coulson av 
WUson James, insp. 1 402 Spadina rd 
Wilton Arthur R, shoe mkr, h 25 

Glanville av 
Winkworth Edwd, carp, h 88 Kenwood 

Wise Anthony J, contr, h 117 Vaughan 

Wise Thos J, cond, h 123 Plnewood rd 
Wood Hugh, h 87 Vaughan rd 
Wood James, carp, 1 87 Vaughan rd 
Wood Richd, tmstr, h 200 Vaughan rd 
Woodhead Thos, carp, h 1593 Bathurst 
Woods James, tmstr, h 3i6'4 Lonsdale rd 
Woods Stephen, carp, h 102 Atlas av 
Woodward Fredk, h IB Thelma av 
Wooley Edwd, engineer, h 6 Louise ay 

proofreader, h 12 

Wocley Lewis W, 

iPinewood rd 
Woolgar Wm, gdnr, 1 11 Thelma av 
Worthlngton Frank, lab, h 23 Glanville 

Wretham Percy, lumt>er pller, h tM 

Wychwood av 
Wright Chas S, gdnr, h 24 Thelma av 
Wright Daniel, janitor, h 139 Wych- 
wood av 
Wright Ernest, poultry dlr, h e s Forest 

Hill rd 
Wright Herhert J, carp, h 226 Atlas av 
Wright James, bkbndr, h 20 iHuron n 
Wright Roy L, plmbr, h 3 Huron n 
Wychwood Baptist Church, Rev Q 

Brodle pastor, 1 Wychwood av 
Wyre Alex, lab, h 18 Montclalr av 



Is a new word, it means 

Typewriting in Every Branch 

Public Stenography (Private Rooms for Dictating) 
Multigraph Letters (11 Multigraphs) 

Typewriting (63 Typewriters) 

Duplicating by jelly -wax -type -ribbon -carbon, or fibre 
paper processes 

If it's Typewriting we do it 


Phones Adelaide 3500-1-2-3 



Limited, of 
), London, Eng. 

Toronto Office, 49 WELLINGTON ST. E. Tel. Main 251 



GEO. R. HARGRAFT, - General Agent 
Residence Tel. North 124 

W. H. HARGRAFT, - City Agent 

Resldene* T*l. Hill. 686 





82-88 KING ST.E. 




The Profession, Business, Etc., of Individuals and Finns is only given at their respective places of business ; to find 
the occupation of householders refer to Alphabetical List of Names 


Bast from 37 Sherbourne 
to Princess, ward 2. 
Not built on 


(Old Blrtle), w from Dun- 
das to Indian rd cres. 
first n of Glenlake, wards 
6 and 7. 

North Side 

2 Welghlll John A 
4 Syme Elizth Mrs 
6 Thompson Walter C 
8 Whittaker Richd 

10 Carroll Ronald W 
12 Ferguson John 

14 Baird Joseph A 

11 IiOdse Mrs Mary A 
18 Irwin Wra J 

20 Terry Geo T 
22 Dean Fredk 

24 Flood Solomon 

88 Sweatman Seymour 

K Rev 
22 Maybee Wesley E 

21 Candy James 

26 Moftatt James N 
18 McLellan D Stewart 
40 Grant Verena Mrs 
42 Levack Donald H 

^ Indian rd Intersect* 

84 McOlure John 

88 Worsen Harry E 

88 Bowes Wm 

»4 Jackson Fred W 

96 Temple Jno B 

98 Miles Thoa 


South Side 

1 Awde Robt B 

7 Oakley Harry 

9 Kerr Geo C 
11 Macpherson Duncan L 
11% Tos'sell Alf D 

May Geo A 
IB Hume David D E 
17 Bell LouUe M 
, 19 Clark Alfred 
21 Ferguson John Li 
M Armstrong James H 
25 Porter Mrs Mary A 
27 Dwyer Arthur 
29 Reddlck Ernest J 
MM Leavitt Mrs Margt 
SI Pack Alfred 
88 Wood Arthur O 
35 Marsden Geo H 
87 Toovey Fredk W 

39 Daley James 
41 Brown Alfred B 

48 Till LouU A 

Till Rowena mua tchr 
4S Knight Percy 
47 Perry Robt A 

49 Harris Oswald 
5.1 Landry Win D 

# Indian rd Intersects 

81 Vacant 

ABBS I from 16 Brock av : 

to rear of O'Hara av, j 

"ward 6 . i 

North Side 

2 Newman Albert 

8 Pearson Richd 
10 Minchln Aaron 
12 Hatfull Walter 
14 Dadgson John 
16 Furber Arthur 
20 Johnston Walker 
22 Eversfleld Albert 
24 Lloyd Alfred 
South Side 

1 Edwards Chas 
5 Clarkson Jas 

7 Boyd James A 

11 Skldraore Margt A Mrs 

13 Gray Thos 

23 Repole Joseph 

2."> LoKiin Charles 

27 Marshall Margt Mrs 


North from Sudbury to 
opp. 1140 Queen w, ward 

Ea;St Side 

Not built on 

Weet Side 

10-48 Canadian Rumcly 
Co, Ltd, machinery 
Rumely Products Co, 

Inc. agrl tmpts 
Ormsby A B Co, Ltd, 
sheet metal work 


East from 483 Ontario to 
tParllament, ward 2. 

North Side . ." 

2 Copland Wm 
Copland Mrs Agnes B, 

Buchanan Miss Martha, 

• Lefrn John W 

8 Evenden Emily Mrs 
8% Picken Sydney J 
10 Coxwell Edwd F 
12 Poole Wm A 
14 Walden Chas H 
16 Phleeger Lewis H 
18 Moore Ernest U 
20 Beale Wm L 
22 Pennington Laura 
26 Gravdon Gertrude Mrs 
2S Hay^s Jas R 
30 Harris Frank S 
32 Hurley Francis H 
34 Green Henry 
36 Hamer Elsie 
88 Delaforce Sydney 
40 Hayman Saml T 
42 Dixon Dorothy Mrs 
44 Rogers Noel 
46 Boddy Wnj A 
48 Scarborough Chas 
50 Davles Geo 
Weir Alfred G 
Fox Reginald 
52 Cresswell Jear> A Mrs 
64 Little Mrs Sophia P 

South Side 

1 Faulds Edwd A 
3 Kay Agnes Mrs 
5 O'Byrne Emma Mrs 
7 Dewey Fredk A 
9 Dewey Mrs Louisa E 
11 Bailie Geo H 
13 Trenor Miss Marie, drs- 
Trenor Miss Agnes 
15 Anthony Alice 
*17 Jamieson Rene Mrs 
19 Taffe Jacob 
21 Knox Annie Mrs 
28 Metcalfe Frank 
25 Warrack James 
31 Hill Joseph H 
S3 Haslett John 
85 Dunn Albert J 
39 Tapscott Ernest H 
Hill Chas 
Morrison Kate C 
Morrison Margt 
Turner Christina Mrs 
41 Hogg Henry 
43 Kearney John D 


(Old Shaw pi) west from 
Shaw to Osslngton av, 
third s of C P R, Ward 5 

North Side 

2 Duncan A Sydney 
2a Perry Chas E 


4 Middleton Albert 
Pogson Clarence 
6 Cochrane Leopold 
8 Evans Wm J 
10 Redpath Edwd 
12 Dtpree Thos C 
14 Brlggeushaw .U>\ia 
16 Hamilton Wm F 
18 Banning Henry 
20 Grindall Sidney 
22 Clark Ja.s U 
24 Whitney Geo 
26 Cundy James 
28 Billings John H 
30 Hall Alfred G 
34 Ostrom Harry J 
36 Castle Geo A 
38 MacKay Donald 
40 Robb Daniel 
42 Kaines Jas 
"44 Webl) Wm 

South Side 

1 Falconer Charles 

3 Sanderson Maxwell R 

5 I'orrill Wm 

7 Wakeflieild Albert E 

9 McQuinn Wm H 
11 Mercer Richd 
13 Marsh Harry 

16 Vacant 

17 Satterthwalte Wm 
21 King Stephen 

23 Hodgins Robt J 

25 Turnbull John 

27 Smith Wm 

29 Lord Chas W E 

31 Barrager Chas F 

33 Conlln Richd J 

%5 Smith Leonard 

37 Buckton Alfred E 

39 Cordwell Wm H 

41 McRae Margt 

43 Hickman Mrs Nancy B 

45 Woodward Wtn J 

47 Baker Mrs Lilian 


Real Estate and Insurance, Properties for Sale, Rents 

Collected, Insurance Effected, Money to Loan 

Phone Residence 
North 874 




West from 440 Perth aT, 
ward 6. 

North Side . . 

Net balk ob 

Bouth Side . 

1 Nowack Michl 

3 Housi Mlchl 

S Vaug-han John S 


(North Toronto), north 
from Lawrence av e to 
"Wanless av, 5th e Yonge 
Ward 2 

Not built on 


East from ill Yong-e to 
Jarvis. ward 2 

North Side 

6 Lumsden Building 

Stoddart Geo A, Ojarber i 
Waldon Co, Ltd, heating i 

Rooms — 

JOl-202 Ross Fred H A 
Co, real est 
Jackes & Jack«s, 
lOS MacKenzle John A. 

204 Vacant 

105-206 Globe Indem- 
nity Co of Can 
207 MacGregor & Mao- 
iGregor, barra 

808 Lig-htfoot Stanley, i 

pat atty 
209-210 Commercial 

301 Vacant 

303 Vacant 

304 Fisher John & Co, 

real est 
306-30" Mills J S & G G 

Mills Geo G 
Mills Jesse S 
Taylor Jas Q 
Mutual Life Ins Co of 

809 Vacant 
310 Vacant 

401 Johnston - Suther- 

land, Ltd, bonds 
Johnston J R & Co, 

Ltd, bonds 
Angllns. Ltd 

402 National Graphite 

Co, Ltd 

403 Vacant 

404 Maybee "W G, op- 


405 Macdonald Jaraea, 

A, barr 
408 Lanston Monotype 
Machine Co 

407 Morton A R & Co, 

Carr E S Rubber Co 

408 Universal Export 

Import Co, Ltd 
Deeble P C, mfrs 

Grain Rolla L Co, 

Ltd. office sup 
McAndrew John A, 


409 Imperial Munitions 

Board, Steel In- 
spection Dept 

410 Vacant 

501-502 Miller Roger & 
Sons, Ltd, contrs 

603 Canadian Press as- 

504 Archibald & French, 

605 Vacant 

506 Universal Tool 
Steel ICo, Ltd 
Canadian Steel & 
Brass Products 
Co. Ltd 
Simplex Puncture 
Proof Tire Co 

607 Dodge Bros, auto- 

608 Martin & Evans- 

Lewis, barrs 
Parker A Deane, 
real estate 

509 Dominion Paint 

!\Vka, Ltd 

510 Mason, Gordon & 

Co, lumber 
Deacon Robt S, as- 

Forest Hill Land Co, 
601 Dictating Machine 

602-605 Colonial Real- 
ty & Securities 
Corp, Ltd 
Chadwick Chaa W, 

fin agt 
Spadina Park Land 

'^° * 

604 Denovan Jbsbua, 


Whitney OhM I F. 
real est 

605 Boas J, diamonds 
<06-607 Ontario Motor 

Canadian Motorist 

60S Vacuum Gas & Oil 

Co, Ltd 
Macauley Alex P, 

SO 9 Courtney Basil. 

theatrical attrac- 
610 Carnes Artiflclal 

Limb Co 
<11 Goodman ft Qal- 

bralth, barrs 

701 Spauldlng W O U 


702 Tetrault Shoe Mfg 

703-704 Keystone 
Watch Case Co 
New York Stand- 
ard Watch Wlcs 
705-708 Dominion Al •' 
Spence F S, pub 
Pioneer, The 

709 Vacant 

710 Kerr Chas W ft Co 


801 Autographic Regis- 
ter Co of Canada 

802 Dictating Machine 

Co. Ltd 

803 Vacant 

804-805 Lake of the 
Woods Mlllingr 

806 Perry & Perry, 
brokers • 

Mcldrum James A, 
(estate of) 

807-808 Prack & Per- 
rlne, archs 

809-810 Beaver Consol- 
idated Mines, Ltd 
Tlmlskamlng Min- 
ing Co, Ltd 
Beaver Auxiliary 
Mines. Ltd 

901 Baldwin, Dow & 
Bowman, chart 

901-910 Bain, Bloknell 
Macdonell & Gor- 
don, barrs . 

1001 Northwestern Miller 
The, (weekly) 
Bellman, The 


1002 Harbour Brick Co. 

1003 Jose & Withers, 
real est 

Caesar John A, 
real est 

1004 Curaralnge C C, 

agt Lumsden bl 

1005 Brown, Erichsen 

& Crawford, barr 
Weatherbe Albert 
E, acct 
Davidson & FoUns- 
bee, barrs 
1007-10O8 Smith, Den- 
ne & Moore, adv 

1009 Canadian Defence 

Canadian Aviation 

1010 Christian Science 

Reading Room 
10 Canadian Mortgage In- 
vestment Bldg 

Booms — 

1 Canadian Mortgage 

Investment Co 
1 Clapp & Anderson, 
Factories Ins Co 
11-17 Vacant 
21 Vacant 
Z2 Vacant 

31 Tlckner & Suther- 
land, real est 
14 Flanagan E ft J, 

real est 
25 Abitibi Power & 

Paper Co, Ltd 
16 Kilmer, Irving ft 
Davis, barrs 

30 Vacant 

31 London & Lanca- 

shire Life Ins Co 

32 Vacant 

S3 Christie John Co, 
mfrs agts 

14 Canada Wire ft 

Cable Co 
Wallberg Emll A, 

15 Boulton & Nord- 

helmer, real est 
tS Vacant 

87 Locke J T & Co. 
real est 
Walton & Locke, 
real est 
40 Doe Harry, janitor 
11 Toronto Electric Light (3o 
Electrical Development 

Co of Ontario 
Salisbury Henry G, arch 
Toronto Power Co 
Toronto and Niagara 
Power Co 
H-18 Home Life Bldg 
Copeland & Fairbairn, 
real est 
10 Small Sidney, real est 
^ Victoria St intersects 
22 Vacant 

22-24 Equity Chambers 
Rooms — 

Second Floor — 

Public Works of Can- 
Third Floor — 
10 Beaumont Robert B. 

12 Vacant 

13-15 Davidson N Fer- 
rar, barr 
Fourth Floor — 

16 Choate A P, broker 
17-18 Vacant 

19 Welton Herbert B, 

to Canadian Legal Pub 

Fifth Floor — 
21 Dominion Engineer- 
ing and Inspection 
Hammersley Heenan 
J, con engr 

22 Smith John P, care- 
26 Savigny R A, mer tlr 
28 Premier Vacuum Cleaner 

30 Price Walter Ward, 
Adams John A, shoe 

Adaros Wm J, shoe 
32-34 Imperial (humbers 
AND Pipe Co, Ltd, 
pip* mfrs 
Rooms — 

3 Vacant 

4 Alien Enemies Of- 


5 Vacant 

7 Owens Edwd W J, 

11 CJameron Duncan O, 

Coe Jno W, barr 
Simpson Robt L, 

Crichton Alex H. 
mining engr 

12 Vacant 

13 Vacant 
It Vacant 

16-17 Pearce Jos, care- 

18 Vacant 

19 Vacant 

20 Galbralth Frances 

H, artist 
34 Jahn Theodore, confy 
36-52 Postoffloe building 
38 Customs Postal Pack- 
age Dept 
Post Office Inspector's 
Office, A Sutherland 
Railway Mail Service, 

Supt's Office 
Rosa George 
88-62 Genl Post Office 
44 Weights & Measures 

44% General Enquiry Di- 
48-52 Dead Letter Office 
64 Smith, Mackenzie & 
Hall, Ins agts 
Homer - Warren Co. 

post cards 
McLean E L, Ltd, Ins 

Cotton D C. arch 
Designing & Dranerh- 

ting, draughtsmen 
Hood Alex A. real est 
Brown Archd. artl.^t 
66 Ritchie John Plumbing 

6 Heating Co 

58 Doust Jos, law statv 
60 Llghtbourn Edmund T, 

real est 
60% Adelaide Chambers 
James & Williams, 

Beal Casslus W, mfrs 

Rooms — 

1 Flannery F C 

2 Vacant 

3 Canadian Motor 

Boat, Ltd, publrs 
Canadian Motor 
8-9 Winton Robt H. ' 

14 Vacant 

15 McMaster Miss M 

H. stamp vendor 

16 Johnson Rachel 
Mre^ caretkr 

18 Jones Chas, junk 
«2 Orlex Mfg Co, hair 

tonic mfrs 
64 (Street Number) 
1-2-3 King Suspender 

Co, The 
5-7 Vacant 
fi Toronto City Messen- 
ger Co, Ltd 
(8 Vacant 

A^IUIF ^AIRY For over 28 years the name " ACME 
^^^■"■t I^MII% I DAIRY" has stood for the purest 


and cleanest in Dairy Products. 

19-21 Essex Ave, 






PhoneADCUIDE 1962 


70 Vacant 

Fisk James 
72 Beattie Geo J, electl 

repr shop 
74 Brigham R. pipe mfr 
74% Kunze Paul, barber 
76 Sheehan John J, cinr 

♦Church It Intersect* 

78 Moody L#awrence 

10 Steel & Radiation. Ltd 
. fbr). boilers 

82-84 Maxwell W R & Co, 
Commercial Delivery 
MoCormack & Carroll 
wood carvers 

11 Merchant! Fire Ins Co 
Merchants Fire Bldg 
Walker A J, acct 
Mitchell & Ryerson, Ins 

Sterling Realty Corp. 

Williamson, Rutherford 
& Co, accts 
18 Muckle Wm H, carta-gre 

10 Scott Wm. barber 
SJ-94 International Stock 

Food Co 
96 Jardine J B & Co, whol 

98 Roy R & Bro. cigar- 
100 McTamney James A Co 

102 McTamney Jas, baililt 
102a Badgley Alfred F 
104 Cooper W H & Co. stor- 
age batteries 
108 Magann Air Brake Co, 
Baer Adam, confr 

110 Earsman Bros, brass 


112 Vacant 

118-122 New Schiller Hotel 
Fitzgerald Thos, liverv 

124 Sourey & Nugent, sil- 

111 rreclslon Tool Works 
128 Rennie Wm Co, Ltd, 


South Side 

1 Merchants Casualty Co 
Arts and Letters Schl 
Shea B J, real est 
Code J R. barr 
Davison R c, real e.=t 
Karrys Wm, shoe j.ilshr 
Marconi Wireless Tele- 
graph Co 
3 Hunter James, barber 
Wizard Tire Inflator & 
'Fire Extinguisher 
Co, Ltd 
5 Meyer & Venis, printers 
7-9 Hotel Imperial 
11 Martin F J, mer tlr 
13 Stouffer & Lee, prtrs 
Boole Printing Co 
Armstrong, R M & Co 
real est 
15 Vacant 
17 Pearson Bros, real est 

Northern Assce Co 
,»,F«arson B P, ins agt 
17% Pearson Chambers 
Rooms — 

S Vacant 
7-8-9 McKeown S W 
Boone C S Dredging 
io T ** Construction Co 
i; XPT? '^«° ^' stamps 
21 Clubb A & Sons. Ltd 
cigars ^' 

23 Land Security Cham- 
Kerr, Davidson, Pater- 
eon & McFarland, 
25 Vacant 

♦ Victoria St Intersects 

M Imperial Bank of Cana^li 

35 Great Western Ry Co 

of Eng 
17 Ponton DouKlas. real 

.39 Shannon Jas P, real 
McKitrick Harry E, barr 
Library Bureau Systems 

& Cabinets 
Lowe-Martin Co, Ltd, 
office supplies 
41-45 Canadian SsirlnKi 


Steward Frederick J, 


3 Davis Thos E & Co, 

real est 

4 Vacant 

6 Gibson T A, barr 
Bath Island MlnlnK 

6 Cavell & Cavell, 


7 Vacant 

8 Butler Ernest W D. 

real est 
Butler B Aubrey, ar- 
Butler Everard B, 
9 Vacant 
li' Johnstone Wm, Ins 
British & Canadian 
Underwriters of 
Norwich, Eng 
45 Globe Land & Invest- 
ment Co 
Phirow Real Estate 
Trading Co, Ltd 
47-53 Excelsior Life Bid 
Higgins, Fred Page 
cS Co, accts 
49 Anderson Wm J L, tlr 
51 Rawbon Jno L, opto- 
53 British Columbia Lum 
ber Commissioner 
♦ Toronto st ends 

57 County of Tork Munici- 
pal Hall 

Rooms — • 

1 High Constable's Of- 

County Clerk's Office 

2 County Treasurer's 


3 County Council Cham 

County Police Court 
4-5 County Engineer's 
Barber Frank, clvU 
5 Board of Highway 
Commrs of Tork Co 

7 Arts and Letters Club 

8 Lawrle Wm D, care- 

61-6J London & Lanca- 
shire Building 
London & Lancashire 
Guarantee & Aec Co 
of Canada 
London & Lancashire 
Plate Glass & In- 
demnity Co 
Mallory Frank S, 
St Lawrence Underwri- 
ters Agency 
British Empire Under- 
writers Agency of 
the Western Assur- 
ance Co 
Cawthra H Victor, real 

Empire Securities, Ltd 
Empire Agency, Ltd 
87 Raw J Frank, artlsU 

89-79 St James Chambf-rs 







Sewell, Harry C, 



Cigar Mkrs" Union 


-108 Trenches Rem- 

edies, Ltd 

Christie Thompson, 

mfr* agt 


-109% Flem 1 n ■ 

Bros, chemists 


Ledvard T D, bro- 



Sani Mist Co, pol- 

ish mfrs 




Pollard Frank H, 





■117 Vacant 




Raw J Frank, Ltd 

(work »hop«) 



Second Floor— 




204 Gordon W H 

Lockhart, barr 






208 Vacant 


Crosby C Thomson 

Mrs, electrolysis 










Finney Percy H, 







Pease Joseph A 

Son, mfrs agts 



302 Map Specialty Co 

304 Vacant 

305 Vacant 

306 Vacant 

307 Vacant 

309 Vacant 

310 Willson Jo'hn. de- 


311 Goodwin Frank, 
elect contr 

312 Vacant 

313 Vacant 

314 Mlddlemlst Henry 

W, civ engT 

315 Vacant 

318 Mlddleton Bdwd. 
71 Noller Realty Co 

Noller Henrv, real est 
73 Vacant 
77 Vacant 

♦ Church st Intersects 

135 Plumptre Rev Henrv P 
141 Christian MIsa Maria 
143 Vacant 

145 Adelaide Vulcanlzcrs 
147 Pitt Henry E, electn 

♦ Francis st ends 

149 Parsons. Brown & Co, 
whol gros from 118 Tonge to 
Bathurst, wards 3 and 4. 

North Side 

8-10 DunloR J H. florist 
12-14Consumers' Gas Co, 
sales dept 
Capp T W Co. The. jwlr* 
Vacant room 2d fl 
16 Vacant 

18 Williams Mfg Co, Ltd, 
24 fl vacant 
3d fl vacant 
20 Recruiting Station 
2d fl vacant 
3(1 fl vacant 

22 Muirhead Rlchd J, rest 
24 Goldsmith Bros Smelt- 
ing & Refining Co, 
Beaver Brass Co, 

Canadian Laboratories. 

Sherk Bros, embosser* 
Anthony Bros, mfg 
Ludford W H, book- 
26-28 Tanner-Gates Bldg. 
Tanner & Gates, real 

Monarch Realty & Se- 
curities Corp, Ltd 

Basement — • 


Rooms — 

3 Seitz & McEveiiue, 
Ltd, ins brokers 
10 Walsh James J. rl 
Rudel-Belnap Mach 
Co. Ltd 
12-13 Lown Alex S, barr 
Wilkins Matthew, 

Russell Thos C O, 
14 Vacant 
• 21 Coughlln Jas F, barr 

22 Can Tube & Iron Co, 


23 Vacant 

24 Bell Telephone Co 

(adv dept) 
26 Weld Wm Co, Ltd, 
(London, Ont), 
Farmers Advocate 

26 Rooke, Blckle & 

Co, brokers 
Provincial Invest- 
ments, Ltd 
Equitable Land Co, 

Ramsden Sand, Gra- 
vel & Brick Co. 
Hamilton Alex S. 

Queen City Land Co 
Favary Tire Co 

27 Vacant 

31 Canadian Informa- 
tion Bureau 

St Macdonald & Mac- 
intosh, barrs 

it Lunne**, Roger.s & 

14 Covington Wm J, 
Exhibition Illustrat- 
ed & Exhibitions 
Masonic Blue Book 
of Toronto 

3S Martin Clara Brett. 

Fourth Floor — 

Heyd, Heyd & Mc- 

Larty, barrs 
Rowlatt F Albany, 

adv agency 

Fifth Floor- 
Day, Ferguson & 

Goughs & Sellers 
Investments. Ltd 

Sixth Floor — 

65 King Geo, arch 

28-Ontario-May Oatway Fire 

Alarms. Ltd 
10-84 My Valet. Ltd 

Second Floor — 

Maulson & Somervllle 

publrs supplies 
Hall Earl C, engraver 


Government, Municipal on/ 

Corporation Bond* 
Yielding from S per cent, up 



F.J. SMITH ^- CO. 




BUhop W S, enam- 

Jackson, How & Co, 


Clark Geo M, prntr 

Third Floor — 

34 My Valet Workshop 
Lobraico Bros, pool 
36 Central Electric Sup- 
ply Co 
38 Vacant 

40 National Cash Register 
American Club 
42 Imperial Products, 

plrabrs supplies 
44 Gibson Bros, real est 
Gibson Goodwin, barr 
Hustwitt A S Co, The, 

Second Floor — 

Mack C W. seals and 

McQuillan lOhas H. 

Smith Geo H, mfrs 
4fi Hardware Co, of To- 
48 Vacant 
BO Milton Pressed BrlcR 

63 Copeland - Chatterson 
Co, Ltd, loose leM 
54 Vacant 

♦ Bay St Intersects 

•4 Lester Reuben, bicycles 
Tt Telephone Building 

Bell Telephone Co, genl 

Second Floor 

205 Vacant 

206-208 Vacant 

209-216 Cromble, Wor- 
rell & Gwynne, 
Heward Geo C, 

217-224 King-stone, Sy- 
mons * Co. barrs 

226-230 Roblnette, God- 
frey & Phelan, 

2S1 Jackson-Lewis Co, 
Ltd, The. contrs 

Third Floor — 

Bell Telephone Co (On- 
tario dept) 
S05-323 Bell Telephone 

824 La Presse (Mont- 
126 Provincial Paper 
Mills Co, Ltd 
Perolin Co of Can- 
ada. Ltd 
181 Trimble Wm J, 
Interlake Tissue 
Mills, Ltd 
335 Vacant 

337-338 Construe t i o n 
Supply Co, ry 
350 Porto Rico Rail- 
ways Co. Ltd 
Mexican N.orthern 
Power Co, Ltd 

Fourth Floor — 

Bell Telephone Co rest 

Fifth Floor- 
Bell Telephone Co, oper- 
ating rooms 
t( Dunlop Tire & Rubber 
Goods, Ltd, ealesrooms 
90 Vacant 
92 Vacant 
94 Vacant 

# Sheppard st commences 

lOS-im May Samuel & Co. 

billiard tables 
108-108 Johnston W S & 
Co. printers 
Dominion Independent 
Oddfellow (monthly) 
QUlIs Herbert, paper 
110 Mendelssohn Piano Co 
McLuro & Mcintosh. 
wood carveis 
112 Toronto Wood Turning 
Rlshworth Thos, wood 

DavlB Saml G, mach 
Whitworth ft Restall, 
mattress mfrs, rear 
114 Logan Hugh J, bkbndrs' 
Jarvis Harold, gt^a 
llfl Vacant 

118 Eureka Mineral Wool * 
Asbestos Co 
Johnson Temperature 
Regulating Co of Can 
120 Banfield E J, mach shop 
Bartifield W H & Sons, 
122 United Shoe Machinery 
Co of Canada 
Fairbanks H C, Ltd, em- 
124 Douglas Bros, Ltd. roof- 
126 Vacant 
128 Crulckshank & Young, 

cartage agts 
4Y«rk St Intersects 

132% Fifrud Emmanuel 
134 Shelletto Antonio, confr 
1S6-140 LIttleJohn * Vau- 

ghan, eleotrotypers 
142-158 Fire Dept Head- 
162 Blectrlcal Maintenance A 

Repairs Co 
164-170 Boeckh Bros Co. 
Ltd, The, brush mfrs 
Armstrong Mervln, mach. 
17 2 Vacant 

180 Economist Ptg & Pub 
Dudgeon A. Thornton. 

Traders Mercantile 

182 Eze Manufacturing Co, 

184 BuslnesB Printing Co 
Donovan Harry B, pub 
Canadian Poultry Re- 
view (monthly) 
Poultry Advocate 

186 Wallace P B & Son. 

Second Floor — 

Third Floor — 

Gill Ernest W, mfg 
188 Levy Maurice L, print- 
Newsome TV B & Co, 
190 Chinese Indry 

^ Slmcoe St Intersects 

196-198 Saunders, Lorle & 

Co, Jwlrs 
Cornellle David & Co, 

meat extracts 
Model Dress House, 

ladles' wear 
Goodman & Yudashkln, 

ladles' wear 
200-206 Warden King Ltd, 

heating apparatus 
Ontario Publis.hlng Co 
Best T H, Printing Co 
Canada Lancet 
Canadian Magazine 
Toronto Clothing Mfg 


208 His Master's Voice 

Gramophone Co 
210 Heseo Co, elect supplies 

212 Vacant 

214 Finnish Hall 

Linaberg- Fredk 
216 Vacant 
218 Thompson James 
218% Ellis Thos B 
220 Caldersarso VIncenxo 

Skyers Dempsey. tlr 
222 Vacant 
224 Geary Jas 
226-228Mitch«ll Frances Mrs 
230 Osmanly Peter G 
2.'!2 RoeersT.n Charles, cigars 
234 Corin Wm J, sign painter 
236 Prince Jos 

213 614 Vacant 

238 Rooks Electrical Co 
trlcal Co 

^Duncan et Intersects 

244 Edmanson. Bates & Co, 

pro med 
246 Veronl Jas 
248 Komorowski Alex 
260 McKenzle John 
252 Vacant 
254 BanHeld Wm 
256-8 Matthews A. Ltd. 

galvanized iron wks 
260 Ferguson Wm H, carp 
262 .Tennings Ida 
264 Haslam Henry J 
266 Solway Manuel 
268 Randall Ida Mrs 
270 Puxman Cella Mrs 
272 Wood Fredk 

♦ John 8t Intersects 
280 Weinstein AbraJiam, 

282 Chinese Indry 
284 Richmond Frank 
286 Kerr Jas, blksmth 
288 DeCoursey Harriet Mrs 
290 He! pert Jacob 
Vllinl Ugo, rear 
Areato (Jarlo. rear 
292 Yorke-Norburn Henry 
292% Benetello Joseph 
294 Vacant 

Jennings Jas, brass fd, 

296-300 Jones & Moore Elec 

trie Co 
302 McGrath Thos 
304 Mares Stephen 
306 Cowllshaw Ada Mrs 
308 Paladyczuk Peter 
310 Richardson Chas S 

♦ Wldmer st Intersects 

312 Michael Ivan 
314 Warlnsch George 
316 Munn Robt 
318 Bennle Wm 
320 Sacks Nathan, tlr 
322 Montone Luca 
324 Montone Domlnloo 
328 Brown Sylvester 
326^4 Chinese laundry 

♦ Drnmmond pi commMices 
328 Sanchos Michl 

330 Goldman Hyman 
332 Zaidman David 
334 Malesk Stephen 
386 Peters Anna Mrs 
338 Mohan Patk 
340 Jessell Harry, gro 

♦ Peter st Intersects 
S42 Robertson Jane Mrs 

Holden Co, Ltd, ry sup- 
344 O'Brien Henry 
34-8 Kovlnsky Morris 
350 McCurdy H Wesley, 

352 Alexnnder Engravlnf Co 
Manifold Ernest, aklrt 

Jentsch Chas O, confr 
Kaustlne Co of (janada, 
sewage disposal sys- 
Leslie Press, printers 
Mackintosh Isabella 

35214 Campbell Thos 

354 Prolcuk John 

356 Miller Fredk. cartage 

358 Vacant 

360 Vacant 

362 Vacant 

364 Goodman Albert, gTO 

366 Campbell, Geo 

368 Niblett Frank 

370 Vacant 

372 Vacant 

374 Gallagher Mrs Marv 

376 Vacant 

378 Nickolas Angelus 

380 Dominion Stained 
Glajse Co 
Cooper Saml, embroi- 

382 Morel Lorenzo E. piano 

384 Curtis Wm R 

386 Barrie Peter 

388 Hunter Geo W. exp 

♦ Spndlna st Intersects 

392 Wackett Douglas 
394 Norman Wm 
396 Bakewell Isabella Mrs 
398 Hhaw Jo-seph 
400 Jarvis Albert E 
402 Sharpe Albert 
404 Moislo Victor 
4041,4 Walker Wesley W 
406 Foreigners 
408 Strauss Peter 
410 Sone Chas, gro 
412 Danski Stephen 
414 Bucrkowski Karl 
418 Ross Hugh 
420-424 Colonial Fixtures, 

Ltd. The 
426 Shaw Harry 
428 Lambert Hyman 
430 Silverman BenJ 
4S2 Pearlston Harris 
434 Tyket John 
438 Caplan Harris 
442 Dolgin Alexander 
444 Rashkofsky Louis 

♦ Brant st Intersects 
St Andrew s sq 

♦ Maud st commences 

490 Vacant 

492 Denesh Mary Mrs 

494 Vacant 

496 Chllapata Alex 

498 Alleyne Evans 

600 Smith Michl 

602 Kosty Geo. tlr 

♦ Portl.ind at Intersects 

604 Chinese Indry * 
506 Mason Geoffrey 
608 Pett Henry G 
BIO Williams Walter 
612 Crottie Mri Ann 
B14 Thompson Albert 
516 Waters Wm H 
518 McDonald Edward 
620 Cunningham Henry 
622 Burke Michl J 
524 Mlddleton James P 
B24H Flaven James, rear 
526 Day Mark 
526% Roberts John 
B2i8 Harmon Jas W 
530 Eraser John G 
532 Gibson Jas B 
534 Russell Josiah 
536 Richa>rdson Alf 
638 Shelford Theodore C 
640 Ryan Mary Mrs 

Hogg Jnmes, contr, r 
542 Keating John 
644 Keenan Edwd 
646 Mooney Kate 
643 Jackson Thos P 
660 Morrison James 
552 Foreigners 

Madden D & M J, con' 
tractors, rear 

554 ForelgneiTS 

656 Vacant 

668 St Mary's Club 








M. 1889 

Analyses of all Commercial 
Products. Assay and Metal- 
lurgieai Tests of Ores and Metals 

South Side i 

^ Grand Opern la commences 
9 Dowling Rlchd J 
9% Howarth Geo E, bar- 
tl Grand Opera House 
13-15 Grand Ooera Hotel 
^ Jobnson 8t ends 
17 Vacant 
19 2nd fl Vacant 

Third Floor — 

21 Booth Q & Son, pntra 
Co, Ltd 

23 Schlifer Max, tobaccon- 

W Canadian Writing- Maoh 

27 Regent Theatre 

29-31 Jones Bros & Co, 
barbers' supplies 

tS-89 Burgess Building 

85 Jack Canuck Pub Co 

37 Crown, blue prints 

19 Rooms — 

1 Vacant 

2 Vacant 

3 Dunfleld & Co, shirt 

i Dunlop & Rose, prln- 
" terfl 

Third Floor 

JackBon J H & Co, 
Ltd, engravers 

Burgess Alf E, rafg 

41 Dalianis Geo, conf 
43 Bohan Bros, wooJlens 
♦Bay Bt Intersects 
53-69 Mlllew John & Son, 

Ltd, gas engine sup- 
Athenaeum Bowling 

Club, Ltd 
41-63 Pearcy Sanderson S, 

Co, paints, oils anl 

«T-71 Wilson bldg 

Basement — 
First Floor — 

Second Floor — 

Merker & Co, mnfg 

North American Tail- 
ors, Ltd 

Third Floor — 

British and Colonial 

Press, Ltd 
Esple Ptg Co 
T8 Truth Building 

Wilson Publlshlngr Co 
Truth (weekly) 
Wilson S Frank tt Sons. 
real est 

Second Floor — 

Third Floor — 

Doyle Thos C, mfrs agt 
Parker Bros, Ltd, prin- 
Jessop * Co, cloth fnshrs 
Fourth Floor — 
The Lion Dreaa Co 
77 Sachs W R, auto sup- 

7« Firth Thos & Sons, Ltd. 

II Ontario Motor Supply 

o. ,,^°' ^** '"*o tires 
SS Vacant 

»1 Qllmore Isaac, cartatre 

M-97 Morrison James 

Brass Mfg Co 
97% De Guerre Chas, furs 
The National Pad Co, 

tlra trimmings 

99 Vacant 
101 Bunxer & Son, rubber 

lOS Gowanlock Andrew G, 
AUatt Machine & Tool 

Canadian Shell Co, 
cloth mfrs 

Patent Products Co, 
Stern B & Sons, tlrs 
105 Vacant 
107 BroTvnsteln & Walsh, 

109 Allatt Machine & Tool 

Co, office 
109 H Ogden J Edwd & Co, 
Limited, expansion 
Dominion Pattern Wks, 

Second Floor — 

Lauder & Co, brass fln- 

Co««y Geo, electro 


Third Floor — 

m Wilkinson & Kompass, 
carriage hdware 
Toronto Electrotype & 

Stereotpye Co 
Belcher Printing Co 
I,evlne & Barrett 
Peltzmaker & Son, tlrs 
119 Adelaide Bldg 
First Floor — 

The Knight Metal Pro- 
ducts Co 
Empire Mfg Co, Ltd, 
plmbrs supplies 
Second Floor — 
Canadian Raincoat Co 
Toronto Envelope Co, 
127 Vacant 

129 Michael Anthony, lodg- 
ing hse 
131 Vacant 

♦ York St Intersects 

139 Toronto Gold & Silver 
Stamping Co 
Barash Leon 
Hawkins Henry 

143 Israel John 

1-45 Metcalfe Sign Co 

147 Welcome Mission 

149 Vacant 

159-161 Colored Men's Busi- 
ness Club 

161 Vacant 

163 Western Printing Co 

165-90 Brown S, carriages 

171 Maguire T M & Son, 

173 Samuels Mrs Leah 

175 Vacant 

177 Vacant 

179 Kent John A, bidr 

181 Schwartz and Little, 

1S5 Skene Alex, express 

187-89 Delslnger Catherine 
Mrs, drsmkr 

189 Parliament Geo 

191 Goodall Dlstributlngr 

Basement — 


Second Floor — 

Ideal Vending Co, Ltd 
Novelty Embroidery Co 

Third Floor — 

Broad & Toungr, novel- 
193 Clark H J Co, tool rprs 


I RoR-ul Alex, Jwlr 

I 196 Richardson Geo 
: plmbi 

♦ 61mn>* st Intersects 


203 Brown Bros, Ltd, fac- 
tory entrance 
22.3 Publishers, Ltd 

Carswell Co, Ltd, bk- 
♦Duncan st Intersects 

287-61 Toronto Hat Mfg Co 
263 Purman Bldg 

1-3 Industrial & Tech- 
nical Press, Ltd 
Canadian Mining 

2 Vacant 

4 Russell Motor Car 

Co. Ltd 

5 Canadian Machine 

Telephone Co, Ltd 
Canadian Independ- 
ent Telephone Co, 

6 Richards Glass Co, 

7-8 Canadian Machine 
Telephone Co. Ltd 
Canadian Independ- 
ent Telephone Co, 
9 tPIctorial Review Co 
10 Beardmore Wra Mfg 
Co. brass wkrs 
11-12 Canadian National 

Carbon Co, Ltd 
14 Seamless Rubber 

Co, Ltd 
I? Canadian Machine 
Telephone Co, Ltd 
Canadian Independ- 
ent Telephone Co, 
16-17 Mansell Predk T 

♦ John st Intersects 
295 Bates Jas C, dentist 
297 Clarke Douglas 
299 Vacant 

301-303 Readman Michael 

P. gro 
♦Wldmer st intersects 

SIS Richards Ellen Mrs 

315 Cook Phillip 

317 Hunter John W En- 
gineering Wks, The 

♦ Peter st Intersects 

331 Electrotypers Ltd, The 
333 The Osborne Co. Ltd, 
Fremes S & Co, mfg 

Stone B & iCo, clothlngr 

Baker Skirt Co 
Alco Mfg Co Ltd, skirt* 
SSiS Vacant 

1 Astola John, rear 

2 Va<^ant, rear 

3 Vacant, rear 

4 Vacant, rear 
337 Vacant 

839 Vacant 

341 Vacant 

345-49 Maclean Building 
Maclean Hugh C, Ltd, 

Ansco Co, photo supls 
Stewart Wm J, bkbndr 
Canadian Panama Hat 
Co, Ltd 
♦Charlotte st ends 

351 Vacant 

S55 Foreigners 

357 Przeslwek Thos, gro 

359 Ralman Harry 

363 Miller Wm 

365 Bel! John 

S67 McCormack James M, 


♦ Spadlna av Intersects 

STl Ruud Mfg Co. hot wa- 
ter heaters 
381 Educational Book Co, 
Lltho-Prlnt Co, litho- 
Canadian Collapsible 

Tube Co, Ltd, The 


'"O R ON ^ "- 

Anthony Elgin K 

Hurw^etz Jacob 

Adelstein Abraham 

Smith Ezra 

Slattery Catherine Mra 

Saborosky Max 


Evans Christopher 

419 Gurney Foundry Oo 

Morando Bruno 
Cain Thos J 
Drysdale David 
Hay John, gro 
Brant st intersects 
Brant Public School 
Cook Sidney 
Wliliaraa Edwd H 
Levlnsky Phillip 

Morrison st ends 


Cooper Wm H 
Kltson Robt 
Connell John 
Bobbins John 
Gingras Telesphore 
Jordan MichI 
Buchan Chas 
Murray John 

Prychada Gystyn 
Portland st IntersscU 





4'; I 



487 Foreigners 
497 Warner Harry 
499 Jacobs Mlchl, tlr 

Manning John 
TiOl Battesta Pasquale 
503 Antlpltzky Mecal Co 
505 Clapp Wm R 
507 Murray Malcolm 
509 Grady Wm 
511 Hlrlehey Chas 
♦ Adelaide pi commencss 

521 Jenner Thos 
525 Hatley Roy 
527 Norgard Verner 
531 Vacant 


South from 511 Adelaide 

w, wa>rd 4 . 

East Side 

1 Murphy Mary Mrs 
3 Sinclair Robt 
5 Hay John 
7 McArthur Roderick 
9 Lowell Jas H 
11 Chamberlain James 

West Side 

Not built on 


North from opp 71 Low- 
ther av to St George, 
ward 4. 

East Side 

1 Vacant 
5 Brodie Wm A 
9 Turner Harry R 
11 White Walter J 
13 Scott Charles W 
IB Stupart Robt F 
17 Macfarlane Angus H 
19 Mackenzie Alex J 
21 Ross Chas A 



Fire, Marine and Explosion insurance tm~ Losses Paid Since Organization over $63,000,000.09 


ii A 11 AD ^^^ THE HOME BUILDER, Easy Terms i Main 2S24 

IflllRvlI Sole Acenti, cox & CUMMINGS, Untiled JMain 472 

■^BlB^HBi Canada Life BIdg. and 2118 Queen E. (.Beach S3$ 


23 Parsons Chas S 
n Brereton Mrs Victoria M 
27 Mason Catharine Mrs 
29 Martin Wm 
31 O'Malley Jose.i>h L 
S3 Hislop Thos 
35 Hunter Carl 
37 Bensley Benj A 
41 Suckling Isaac 
43 Barr A Fordyoe 
45 Calvin Delano D 
(S McCausland F H 
59 L^sh Zebulun A 
81 Swabey Chas 
63 Capreol J Lonsdale 
77 Deeks Geo S 
81 Watson James P 

1^ Bernard av IntGrsects 
101 Scott Mrs Harriett 
105 Patteson Maxiel L Mrs 
111 Henderson Velylen B 
121 Ewart John H 
133 Scandrett Harold 
131 Turner Frederic A 
136 Scott Wm S 
141 Bonnlck Chas 
147 Heaton Edwin P 
149 Abbs Chas B 
151 Wilson Mrs Maude 
153 Harman S Bruce 
157 Vacant 
159 Barber John S 
161 Murray Agnes Mrs 
1S3 Clarke Fredk C 
1&5 Dunn Louise Mra 

Weat Side 

12 Simpson Erneet A 
14 Smith Margt 
18 Fernow Bernard E 
20 Young McGregor 
24 Moss Charles A 
28 Hall Thomas H 
30 Marriott, Ohais 
32-34 Admiral Apts 

Fergusson David 

Boyden Katherlrfe O 

Perrier Walter F, min- 
ing engr 

Fox Harry A 

Chrlsp George 

Nicholson Ewart R 

Abraham John 

Dunoan C Grant 
38 Bnrnand J Lewis 
40 Stollery Frank 
42 Budd Albert T 
46 Mackenzie Erne«t C 
48 Morris Jamts 
50 Strathy Prances Mrs 
52 Thompson J Enoch 
54 Tyrwhitt Mrs Emma 
68 Clarkson Fredk C 
60 Morrison Curran McK 
62 Deacon Robt S 
64 Smith. J Herbert 
86 Bally Ethel M 
68 Kerr Hugh L 
72 Ridout Denzll G Rev 
74 Hopklrk Freda M Mr» 
76 MaoLean Annie Mrs 
♦ Bernard av Intersects 

78 Arthurs Mrs Alice 

oy Kent BsnJ 

82 Robertson Llewellyn H 

84 Harwood Harry S 

88 Donald Roht C 

88 Findley Thos 

90 Fraser John C 

92 Wilson John 

84 Wallace Rev Wm Q 

96 Cameron J Home 

98 Campbell John L 
100 Jones Chas S 
102 McDonald W J 
104 Grelsman Harry 
106 Steiner Ernest A 
108 Alexander Llille 
110 Merrick Wm T 
112 Sheppard Saxton T 


North from a point south 
of Egllnton av w to 
Jackes av, second west 
of Avenue rd, Ward 3. 
Not built on 


West from Wiltshire av 
to Cooper av, 1st north 
of C P R tracks, ward 8. 

North Side 

2 Jackson Leonard H 

4 Bond John T 

6 Burns Alex 
Brown Robt 
10 Blyth George 
12 Feather Elizth Mrs 
14 Rose Fredk 
16 Worthlngton Harry 
18 Taylor Edwd W 
20 Brunton Geo W 

. . . . South Side 
Not built on 


West from 218 Llsgar to 
Northcote av, ward 8 

North Side 

2 Margerison Chaa 
4 Smith Mrs Isabella 
6 Thomas Saml I « 
8 Eriwarcs Amos N 
10 Dale James A 
12 Bennett Edwin J, conf 
14 Gill John, fruit 

♦ Lisgar st commences 

16 Naughton Annie Mra 

18 Bryant Jas E 

20 Watson Geo F 

22 Monaghan Fredk P 

24 Terrell Mary Mrs 

26 King Robt T 

28 Smith John 

30 Bromley Geo F 

32 Cook Jasper 

34 Matten Thos 

38 Brodle Frederick 

38 Martin Thomas 

40 Brad'Shaw Joeeph 

42 Strain Robt 

44 Ferrier Robert C 

46 Sexton John 

48 Leech Thos 

50 Jessop Walter G 

52 Mission Hall 

♦Beaconsfleld av Interaecta 

54 Porter John 
56 Waring Wm 
68 Verrai Mrs Mary 
60 McDonald Wm S 
62 Cowan Wm A 
88 Taylor Nell A 
70 Duke Hartford 
72 Scott Robt 
74 Jones Herman 

South Sid* 

1 McKenzle Wm C, gro 
3 Pepper Geo H 

6 Bryant Jeanette Mrs 

7 Wesley John 

9 Gamble John F 
U Pollnrd Richard F 
13 Mackreth Thos 
15 Smart John 
17 Mlllen Norman 
19 Lendon Gordon 
21 Vanstone Edgar E 
23 Nlchol James 

26 Jeffrey David McC 

27 Harding Harry J 
29 Batten Frank 

31 Cawthorn-Page Thos J 

# Beaconsfleld nv Intersects 

39 Meron James 

41 Berry Alfred 

43 Drew, Wm J 

45 McGraw Henry 

47 Watling Wm 

49 Broderlck Miss Bessie 

51 Arnold Henry C 

63 Sterling Joseph L 

55 Kennedy Alex 

61 Hill Henry 


West from 302 Yonge to 
University av. ward 3. 

North Side 

8 Thomson Alex, harness 
j mkr 

I Ruuaock Cut Glass Co 

10 GogoCt Geo 
12 Hygiene Kola Co. Ltd. 

14 Vacant 
16 Vacant 
18 Vacant 

20 Nadelberg Solomon, bi- 

28 Vacant 

SO Stein'wortzel Abraham 
32 Niren Max 
34 Dufranzi Alex 
36 Vacant 

38 Slgnore Antonio 
42 Donor John 

44 Stella Peter 

46 Vacant 

48-52 Isenstein Nathan, exp 

54 Vacant 

68-68 Armac Press, Ltd 

Fullerton John A, pub 

CroMT Products, polish- 

Cooper Calendar Metal 
Supply Co 

McEl'heran, Lane & Plant 
mfr jwlrs 

Wrigley R F. publr 
60 Rocco Frank, gro 
62 Fedora Dominic 
84 Wrzak Wladyslaw, 

66 Soul Joseph 

Coutrick Tony, rear 
68 Harman Herch 

Koski Stephen, rear 
72 Brltt James 

Lake James 
74 McCleary Geo 
80 Lyric Theater 

^Teraulay st Intersects 

82 Druks Hyman. genl store 
84 Cinnani Frank, fruit 
86 Brandwein Abraham, 

S8 Brill Louis, confr 
90 Steinhouse & Green- 

baum, tlr 
92 Halterman Max, clothes 

94 Ladowsky & Goldberg, 

96 Mitz Gilbert, barber 
96 '^ Mitz Annie, conf 
98 Royal Printing Co 
100 Abromowich Saml 
102 Poloneky Morris, poul- 
102% Karnitzky Max 
104 Sturman Saml, billiards 
108 Kleiman Nathan 
8 Cognoskl Joseph 
25 Fauman David 
2i6 Brentwein Abraham 

29 Zimmerman Prank 
3'5 Banks Benj 

S7 Koloski Walter 

39 Levi Hyman 

40 Somer Saml 

41 Blell Zygmunt 

108 Goloslcl Abraham, dry gd« 
110 Weinstein Regina, clg- 

113 iClarenah Abraham 
114 Rittenberg Nathan. 

116 Jacobs Benj, barber 
118 Koff Saml 

15 Eaton Enoch 

16 Lee Geo 

17 Koff Saml 

18 Fromstein Simon 

19 Zahladoskey Louis 

21 Katz Abraham 

2i2 Davidson Max 
120 Fromstein Bros, dry 

^Elizabeth st Intersects 
122-124 Letvak Abraham, 

126 Glytman .Saml, conf 
128 Hoffman Etta Mrs, 

130 Chvickel Max. confy 
132 Caplan Myer. flsh 
134 Solomon Philip, fruits 

Goland Jacob 
138 Northern Crown Bank 

^ Chestnut st intersects 
140 Caplan Benj, hdware 
142 Sugarman Jacob, rest 
144 Katz Morris, gro 
146 CornHeld David 
148 Koflevitch Benj, conf 
150 Drewning Victor, fruit 
152 Rosenberg Morris, clha 

166 Ontario Grocers Ltd 
160 Moleski Saml, fruit 
162 Kash Joseph, jwlr 
164 Pancer Joseph, gro 
164V4 Vacant 
166 Cohen Jacob, cleaner 

^ Centre av interaects 

168-170 Shifman Joseph. 

172 Chinese Laundry 
174 Rosenberg Joseph 
176 Cornblum Jacob 
188 Vacant 

South Side 

6-9 Adams Mfg Co, trnks , 
13 Vacant 
15 Vacant 
17 Vacant 
19-23 Central Auto Garage 

Co, Ltd 
31 Pugliese Dominic 
33 D Alesandro U 
41 Lipcott Jacob 
43 Petrozzi Vincent 
45 Cleghorn Wm 
47 Isenberg Sadie 
49 Kling David 
51 Grandon Reuben 
53 D'Angelo Rocco 

D' Angela Euge;nlo 

steamship agt 
67 Scheohter Nathan 

Satz Joseph 
63-«6 Police Station No 2 
67 Chinese Indry 
69 Mutual Gold Leaf & 

Reflnlng Co 

♦Teraulay st intersects 

71 SUberman Simon, cigars 

75 Mencielson Saml 

77 Edmonds Louis, clothes 

79 Menovitch Louis, jwlr 
81 Bower Aljraham, gro 
83 Heitner Ephraim 
85 Fleishman Saml, conf 
87 Kozner David, barber 
89 Cristoi Louis, rest 
91 Gang Wolff, dry gds 
93 Goldberg Harry, signs 
95 Greenberg Fanny Mrs, 
Greenberg Harry 
97 Vacant 

99 Morrison Abrahani, 

101 Silverman Solomon, dry 

103 Tovbis Morris, plmbr 
105 Chinese Laundry 
107 Goodman Rachel, dry 

109 Caller Jacob, flour 
111 Cinnamon J W (est), 

♦Elizabeth st Intersects 

113 Levenson Saml, tobac 
lia Sllversteln Storrls, 

117 Elie Jacob, flsh 


Agents , or STRAKER SQUIRE * CLEMENT ^23 SCOLLARD ST., ncar Hazeltoii 








119 Gruber Abraham 
121 Levenson Israel, fruit 
1J3 Rubinstein Israel, pUry 
125-127 Krevetz Peter 
129 Nobs Elluken, shoemkr 
131 Gollant Jacob 
^ Cheitnut at Intersects 
133 Dvoretzsky Saml, gro 
ISIb Mllgram Morris, bar- 
ber . 
135 Vacant 
13T Finger Simon 
13'9 Linden Harry 
141 Fish Jacob 
143 Hlmel Saml 

146 Swartz Abraham, nsh 

147 Chudland Joseph, btchr 
149 Wenroth Chas, shoe- 
mkr , ^ 

lEl liockath Aaron, clthi 

16S Lefkowitz Louis, prin- 
1S5 Goldberg Isidore, baker 
167-59 Schecter John, gro 
^ Centre av Intersects 
161 Stelssel Max, barber 
163 Hlmel Saml, bicycle dlr 
165 Kitchener Solomon 
165H Rinaldo Morris, tlr 
167 Davis Faber 
171 Swartz Morris 
173 Castelluccio Pasquale 
177 Hall Alfred 
181 RobertsQn Rose Mrs 


(Old Centre rd). Easterly 
and westerly from Arun- 
del av, first n of Dan- 
forth av, ward 1. 
Not built on 


East from 7 Lee av. ward 

North Side 

2 Parrls RIchd 
4 Vacant 
6 Vacant 
8 Taylor Bert A 
10 Gaston Wm E 

South Side 

BewltDf Green 


North from Bloor w, first 
e of Bathurst, ward 4. 

East Side 

7 Ball Priscilla Mrs 

9 Good Joslah R 
11 Stalker Colin J 
13 Snowdon Alfred V 
16 McKeohnle Frank R 
Iff Holliday Thos 
lO Wllkltis Money P 
21 Gay John R 
23 Fisher Jnraes 
25 Slater David D, music 

27 Muir Leonora Jlrs 
29 Gllmour J(i«pi>h 1. 
SI Mathlson Robt 
S3 Predam Alice Mrs 
37 Robinson Mrs ArvlUa 
19 Bennett Wm B 
41 Bredner Robt W 
43 Noble Colin .T 
49 Morrow Thomas C 
51 Kraft Ezra 
63 Reford Rose C Mrs 
55 Lowe Anna B 
57 White Alf 
69 Lean Bdwd C 
61 Andras Emily Mrs 
83 Leigh Charlotte R Mrs 

68 Chlnn John 

67 Phillips Sarah Mrs 

69 Parks Wm A 

71 Bowen Thomas P 
73 Conley Matthew T 

76 Conley Newton H 

77 Graham Anna Mrs 
79 Gallanou^h F J 

81 Sklrrow J Edga;r 

83 Starr David E 
♦Barton av intersecta 

125 Musgrave Chas B 
127 Brett Geo S 
129 Thornton Catherine Mr* 
131 Clarkson Percy B 
133 Cooper Asbton B 
135 Smith Arthur B 
137 Meek Edwd J 
139 Montgomery Wm S 
141 Davies Wallace S 
♦Wells st Intersects 

177 Gillespie Nelson W 

179 Esten John f 

181 Jackson Joseph A 

186 Harris Mrs Christina 

187 Le Gro.w Joshua 

189 Imrle Mrs Elizabeth 

191 Simmons Enoch 

193 Procter Wm 

195 Young Minnie A 

197 Allen Whitman J 

199 Haramlll Robt Q 

201 McQueen Percy H 

203 Browne Harry J 

205 Vance Alex W 

207 Wooster Thos H 

211 Coath Edwd E 

213 Ferguson Thos A 

215 Stoneman Mrs Marsaret 

217 Keeling Alfred 

219 Squire Miss Sarah 

221 Morgan Harry C 

223 Pugh Edgar 

22.5 Jenkins Mrs Mnry B 

227 Ash Henry J 

229 Cook Joseph H 

231 Dav Quincy D 

233 Day Edmund A 

2.3,'5 Harvey George 

237 Moncur Wm L 

239 Bears Mary J Mrs 

241 Bonthron Jas 

243 Keay Arthur 

24 5 Sandusky Fred L, tlr 

?4 7 Craig Robt 

249 Halson Kate E 

251 Johnston Fredk A O 

253 Sver J Roy 

255 Malone Mlchl J 

267 Rice Thos L 

259 Thomas Sarah Mrs 

261 Moffatt Rlchd 

253 Miller Wm C 

26S Smith John M 

2fi7 McCaffery Annie J Mrs 

269 Morrison Arthur J 

271 Brooks Wm 

' ♦Dupont at intersects 

♦ C P R Intersects 

321 Bailey Rlchd & Son, 

brk mfrs 
323 Carmody Mrs Matilda 
327 Cotton Arthur 
329 Edmonds Chas 
331 Wretham Chas T, exp 
333 Bannister Chas 
335 Smith Frank 
337 Phillips Geo 
339 Murray Alex 
341 Carter John H 
343 England Wm 
345 Ellis James 
347 Medlock Amos 
349 Winslow Wm Q 
357 Crawford James 
ifli rriiwford Robert 
3fi3 Melville Andrew 
3i65 Barron Geo W 
369 Worth Thos 
381 Buckborough Chai 1. 
383 Knowles Chas 
385 Consterdine Geo 
387 Groves Wm I 

West Side 

2 Allerston Alf C 
10-12 Albanv Apts 
Hedge Chas 

10 A Merrick Clare 
lOB Meggalt Agnes 
12A Stuart Ellzth 
12B Lawson Alma R 

14 Hai per Wm E 

16 Ferrah Robt 

18 'Robertson James M 

20 Brlggs Henry 

22 Reburn Henry 
14 Parr Wm W 

26 Piersol Wm H 

28 Pippy Walter H 

80 Wlllraore Edith 

3 3 Campbell Wm U 

34 Bastedo Harriet Mrs 

36 Groves Wm E 

S8 Montgomery Henry 

40 Whinton Walter B H 

42 Medland Wm J 

44 Cochrane Robt B Rev 

46 Mollard John T 

48 MacKechnle Charles W 

BO Paul David 

BOA Ooiaon Lucy 

■it Fulton Wm J 

B2A Darnley Annie Mrs 

64 EUds Mary J Mrs 

56 Cowing Margt Mrs 

68 Philp Saml C Rev 

60 McCormick Mary A 

78 Clancy Frank M 

72 Clemens Mathew W 

74 Clark Adelaide L Mrs 

76 Foster J Milton 

78 Taylor Harold E 

80 Devanev Ellzth Mrs 

82 Elliott Chas 

84 Ferguson Henry C 

86 Kennedy Harry 

88 MacNelll Rev John 

90 Jamieson James B 

92 Devltt Jas W. bldr 

.♦Barton av intersects 

96 Cook Merrill H 

9i6A Elliott Robt 

98 Bernstein Barnet 
100 Lltster Thomas H 
102 Larkln Alice Mrs 
104 Lindsay Margt Mrs 
106 Brown Alice Mrs 
108 Hargreaves Wm A 
110 O'Brien Patrick 
112 Smith Wilson R 
114 Mitchell Fanny M Mrs 
116 Faye Mabel K 
118 MacPherson Alice Mrs 
120 Gunn Hector 
122 Stevenson Jean 
124 Wilson G Douglas 
126 Hall Wm A 
128 Parmley Henry 
110 Rose George M 
132 SeUery Frank A 
114 Tatt Maud Mrs 
136 Dlstln Henry H 
138 Murray Jas D Rev 
140 Van Dusen Frank E 
142 Laishlev Lonson C 
144 Codd Henry F 
146 Cheeseworth Fredk J 
148 Hammond M O 
150 Spink Ellzth 

♦ Wells St Intersects 

1B8 Hartman Frank A 
160 Montgomery Jas 
162 Allman David W 
1*4 Moreland Mrs Sarah 
Baker J Langton 
166 Jessiraan Geo W 
168 Grose Wm R 
170 Thompson Reginald 
172 Kennedy Warring O 
174 Metzker Geo 
176 Mathewson Neil B 

Mathewson Nellie mus 

178 Marrln Frnncls X 
17 8 A Irewln Wilbur M 
180 Ferguson Hugh 
180 H Conquergood Chas R 
182 Forest John T 
184 Sinclair Henrietta Mrs 
1R41.4 Ash Henrv V 
186 Helliwell Minnie F 
188 Randall Wm H 
190 Glassford Robt J M 


193 Lappage Geo 
Ralston Henry W 

194 MaOLennan Duncan Rev 
196 Nichols Chas A 

198 Tobln Mary Mrs 
200 Balrd Henry 
202 Mcintosh Wm A 
204 Birks Henrv G 
206 Black Geo S 

208 Dickens Thos 

21U Glynn Mrs Mary J 

212 Toms Wm 

212% Davis Thomas J 

214 Harvey Leslie J 

216 Bardsley John H 

218 Mennie Adam G 

220 Corp Walter 

222 Blow Sidney 

222% Wright Lucy Mrs 

22>4 Rowney Mary Mrs 

2216 Hilton Robt 

228 Dorn Wm Q 

230 Kldd Ell W 

232 Lackey James 

♦ Dupont St tntersects 

246 Gostlin Walter E 
248 Bugden BenJ 
250 Westerley Thos F 
2>52 Coward Chas C 
254 Varey Fred B 

♦ C P R intersects 

274 WMtall Bert 
276 Abram Percy R 
282 Pflug Frank 
2S4 Davis Roland 
304 Sharp John 
306 Pickles James H 
308 Dixon Wm 
310 Johns Albert J 

Bailey Arthur 
312 Clover -Geo R 
314 Nash Fredk H 
316 Turner Sidney L 
318 Jones Robert C 
320 Woolmer David 

322 Macaulay Thos 
3 24 Wood Geo W 
126 Scull Frank 

323 Johnson Arthur W 
330 Penton Geo 

332 Petrle James B 
S34 Abbs Frank 
336 Summerfleld Wm 
338 Davidson John T 
3 40 Paget Thos 
342 Abbs Florence, gro 
344 Papworth Radfoith 
346 Russell David McK 
348 Boyd Robt J C 
350 Tucker David 
352 Mayo John W 
354 Putt Frank T 


East from Hampton ar 
to Logan av, ward 1. 

North Side 

2 Huf^sey Benj 
4 'WTiite Arthur 
6 Rolles Ernest H 
8 Jones Hartman 
10 Jones Earl J 
12 Macfarlane Wm 
14 Douglas Mlchl 
18 Murphy Wm J 
18 Prlngle Lome M 
20 Allen Wm E 
22 Keating J Percy 
24 Dennison Wm J 
2.6 Blackwell Wm 
28 Jaffray James C 
30 Cremer Joslah S 
32 Veltoh Robert 
34 Laister Thos B 
3^ JlaoLeod Norman 
38 Brook Arthur 
40 Peers Henry J 
42 Rann Herbert F 
44 Hamilton Saml 
46 Daniels Geo J 
4 8 Wauchope Thos W 

South Sid* 

1 Wright Eliza Mrs 

6 Thorburn Jno 

7 Ferguson Hallie Mrs 
11 Galway John J 

11 Lummlss Frank 

15 McCnlloch James 

17 Wilson Ellzth Mrs 

21 Swlndlehurst Harry B 

25 Corson BenJ 

27 Ford Eugene 8 

29 Howe Ralph 

31 Young R Hamilton 

83 Vnmplew John H 


"The creatMt piano In 

the world," U th« writtan 

t*«timony of De Pachmann. 

the world's ^eat planiat. 

Sea this piano at 

193-195-197 YONCE ST. 







35 Johnston David M 
37 Andrews Richd 
39 Shlpway Chas R 
41 Alden John K 
43 Balson Samuel 

46 McCaffrey James 

47 Rae David 

East Sld« 

19 Boyce Thos E 

01 Barnes John 

M Choquette IVobt A 

J5 Abbott Geo C 

27 Pink Wm G 

29 Lackle Robt J 

21 Van Der Voort O Mer- 

3S Payne Wm H 
35 Crowley Mary 
37 Arnold Wm 
43 Barnes Marlon Mrs 
45 Pedwell Milton 
47 Templeton Robt P 
49 Smith Alf E Rev 
51 Paterson John M 
5S Wlokhara Robt 

♦ Tyrrel ar ends 

81 Ray Volney A 
M Stewart Chaa 3 
S5 Cole "Wm J 
71 Guild Robt T 
73 Brlcknell Wm J 

^ Benson av intersects 

123 Ainley Wm L, 


West from 218 Tonse to 
Chestnut, ward 3 

North Side , 

4 Nordihelmer Bldg j 

Note. — For streetlng see ! 

220 Tonge st j 

^ Albert lane commences j 

10-14 E^ton T & Co, warhse 

l«-24 S A Temple 

S A Printing Hoaiie 
8 A Immigration Dept 
Young Soldier (weekly) 
War Cry Offlelal Gazette 
All the World (monthly) 
Men's Social Dept S A 
Women Social Work 
^Jimea st intersects 
48 Eaton T & Co, fur 
^ Teraulay st Intersects 
66 Vacant 
68 Vacant 
70 Vacant 
72 Maslello Joseph 
76 Vacant 
78 Vacant 

80 Swartz Harry, lunk 
S2 Vacant 
84 Vacant 
88 Vacant 

^ KUsabeth st Intersects 

90-106 Registry of Deeds 
and Land Titles 

South Side 

# James st Intersects 
^ Teraulay st Intersects 
ei-«3 Pordy - Mansell, Ltd 
Gundy-Clapperton Co, 
Ltd, cut glass 
♦Elizabeth st Intersects 
103 Hillock Frajik, lum ber 


North from 8 Albert to 
Alice, first w of Yonie 
ward 3 

T Eaton Co, factory 


(North Dovercourt Annexe. 
North from Davenport rd 
to St Clair av w, 1 east 
Oakwood av, ward 5. 

125 Vacant 

133 Mowbray Robt 

West Side 

IS Gordon Alex C 

20 Dewar Stewart R 

22 Vacant 

a MoMaster Wm A 

2« Keeler John 

28 Keeler Fredk 

80 Reeve Chas W 

32 Vacant 

34 Floyd. Wm N 
36 Reid Clarence 

35 Reid Albert 

40 Corner Horace C 

42 Macaulay Leopold 
44 Murray James 

48 Calder Alex C 

43 Eldt Geo H 

50 Robertson W F 
52 Blomfleld Reginald 
54 Rosa Jas T S 
6-6 iHerbt P 

♦Mount Royal av e«Kl» 

♦ Burlington cres ends 

♦ Rosemount av ends 

♦ Blggar av end^ 


(North Toronto), west 
from OOP 2601 Yonge to 
Courtleigh boul 

North Side 

2 Y M C A (br) 
24 Dojtsee Geo W 
46 Sheppard Wm J 
48 Stiles Thos K 
50 Cuttell Wm L 
52 Madlll James T 
54 Pangman Chas W 
56 White Saml A 
70 Stiles Harry B 
72 Gordon Alfred 
78 Fletcher James C 
82 Gibson Malcolm 
88 Collins Wm W 
90 Smith Shelburne 
92 Vacant 
96 Dowell Wllli.s 

110 Vacant 

112 WTilte Percv 

114 Margrett Albert A 

118 Thompson Fredk W D 

122 Snyder Ellen 

124 Tve Cameron 

126 Schmidt Cornelius 

128 Terry Wm B 

South Side 

5 Magee Francis A 

7 Wynne Annie Mrs 
S Goldhart Robt 
11 Henry Wm S, contr 
IS Forbes Ellen Mrs 
25 Leuschner Wm, contr 
33 Fraser Douglas W 
35 Montgomery Albert H 
'65 Young Wm 
57 Splttel Chas 
69 Hunter Mrs Barbara B 
73 Hoyle Wm A 
85 Sloan Wm B 
92 Jones Darwin C 
95 Todd Leigh C 
97 Beard Fredk H 
99 Vacant 

101 Musselman J Doan 
103 Fife F Howard 
105 Wilkes Wm B 
lis Dodlngton Edwd 
115 Paton James F 
123 Graham Howard 
127 Jerreat Walter 
141 Humphries Wm H 
145 Arnold Prank W 


West from 1368 Bathnrst to 
Braoondflle nv, ward 5. 

North Side . 

6 ^'acant 
8 Wilson Wm 
10 Fntilkner Wm H 

12 MoGarry Edwd 

14 Reid John 

10 Heron Tliomas 

22 Bell Mrs Elizabeth 

24 Welham Ernest G, pntr 

26 Carruthers Geo 

28 Roberts Herbert L 

30 Wall Alma G 

32 BJcknell Wm 

34 Mlshaw John 

38 Kennedy John 

40 Moftatt Wm 

44 Wilson Wm H 

46 Sayera Robert J 

48 Loveland Chas 

SO Ward Edwd 

52 Breen Simon V 

54 Cross Edwd B 

56 Bint Thos ■ 

58 Fairey Albert H 

60 Rider Henry 

62 Porter Saml 

64 Jones Wm J 

66 Lusted James 

68 H«I] Sarah Mrs 

70 Winch Emma 

72 GostUn John W 

74 Reid Alexander J 

76 Unfinished house 

78 Unfinished house 

80 Jones Saml 

82 Godfrey Alex 

84 Badger Henry J 

88 Clack Joseph B 

88 Adams Alex 

90 Rennle Wm 

93 Bartlett Chas F 

94 Olbson John 

96 Relgate Joseph 

98 Waterton Arthur J 

102 KlTldge Elijah 

106 Vacant 

108 Kennedy Jas 

110 Smith Janet Mrs 

112 Smith Wm J 

South Side 

9 Allen James C 
11 Westwater Frank 
13 Davenport Wm 
19 Wass John B Rev 
21 Strachan N«U 
2.1 Pellow Clarence P 
52 Absent 
27 Vacant 
31 Fitzgerald Sidney M 

45 Clarkson Geoffrey T 
49 Owen Eric T 

67 Walker Edmuiid M 

69 Wrlnch Agnes 

71 Burnett Geo O 

81 Reid Geo A 

91 Sullivan Alan 

97 Shann Alfred 
103 Hogarth Wm 
10."> Tlhhs John 

113 Rummers George A 


(Including old Wlckson av) 
West from 1222 Yonge to 
Avenue rd, ward 3. 

North Side 

24 Halg Thos, stables 

36 Dowling Thos D 

38 Stephens Mrs Jerusha 

40 Pirrle Geo 3 

42 Vacant 

44 White Henry J 

46 Hlggins Albert 
48 Vacant 

50 Chambers Fredk 
52 Tester James 

Hopcraft Alfred 
64 Gibson Wm R 
56 Lesser Eldgar 
68 Shedden Chas M 
58A Humphrey Alfred 
58b Vacant 
58% Boegel Jeremiah 
60 Carter Chas 
60A Fegan Arthur 
80B Vacant 
60% Coyne Hugh 
62 Graves Raymond 
64 Davis Jas 
66 Graves James 
70 Absent 
72 Lewis Wm A 

74 Salla Wra 

76 Matthews Geo 

78 Vacant 

80 Fry Edwd J 

82 Gilrav Jno 

84 Challia Geo H 

816 Dentelbeck Chas 

88 Kit.son Jno B 

94 Buchanan Alex 

98 Simmers H, stables 
100 Cox (jeo 
102 Dj-mond Walter 
104 Pulman John 
106 Blair Henry 
108 Dates Geo, contr 
110 Blckmore Henry 
11)2 Thomson James 
114 Morris Walter 
116 Wheat Fred 

♦ Walker av Intersects 
li26 Beatty Robt J 
128 MoGiflfen Saml 
130 Wllllsort Beatrice Mrs 

South Side 

21 Woodward Ernest 

23 Whelan Edwd J 

25 Lehto Carl 

27 Ahlquist John W 

29 Vacant 

31 latva Jno 

33 IMawby Joseph A 

35 Dear Chas G 

37 Townsend Blizth 

89 Mathews Harry 

41 Mosher David 

43 Brown Fred 

49 Andrews Donald 

61 Payne Harry 

W Albin James 

65 Grant John 

57 Stiles Wm 

69 Colman David 

61 Bra-den Wm 

63 Wheat Chas 

65 Hackett Mrs Mary 

67 Curry Ernest 

69 Richards Mary Mrs 

73 Gill Raymond 

75 Rooth Wm P, contr 

77 Haley Thos D 

79 Coyde Saml 

81 Lord Milton G 

83 McCrea Mary Mrs 

85 Rodgers Mrs Ellta 

87 Pearson Robt 

89 Jar vis Fredk 

91 Le Bar Benj 

95 Lovls Ernest J H 

96 Stevenson Gee 
99 Kane Bernard 

103 Stephens Martha Mrs 
107 Hogg Henry K 
111 Murphy Thos J 
113 Kingdom Fred E 
115 Hipgrave Wm 
117 Spence Benj 
119 Gaynor Bridget A Mrs 
121 Dowling Geo 
123 Salmon Jno 
125 McDonnell Mrs Margt 
127 Turner Miss Alice 
129 Vacant 
131 Porteous Wm A 
133 'Webster Jas 
135 Trollope Oarman 
♦ Oaklands av ends 

149 Oaklands Lawn Bowling 

161 Robertson James S 
153 Hiekey Jas M 
155 Seweli Henry de Q 
157 Foy Constance Mr,«j 
159 Htmt Alfred E 
181 Meredith Arthur P 
163 Gillespie Annie S Mrs 


(Old Ferguson av), west 
from Woodbine av, north 
of G T R tracks, ward 1. 

North Side 

4 McCord Thos 
S McKernan Jas 

South Side ....... 

17 McCord Saml, coal yard 


'Phone Adel. 750-751-752 


Prompt dependable service la 

I Tellow Warsoiu 


156 YONGE ST. 










South from Danforth av 
to GTR tracks, tlUrd w 
ot Greenwood av, ward 1. 
Not built on 


iEa£t from 4»3 Yonge to 
Mutual, war<l 3. 

North Side 

4 Held & Kerr, white wear 

6 Curtis & RatclifT, auto 
tire repr 

10-14 White Co, Ltd, auto« 

16 Smiler James 

18 Duncan Allan 

to (Fletcher Arthur 

22 Martin Edwd 

}4 Caldwell Joseph 

2« Hartwell Mrs Isabella 

28 McKeown Catherine Mrs 

80 Conlan Bros, painters 

32 iSeaton Richd H 

34 Mason John 

S6 Patterson Jas 

38 Creighton Arthur T 

44 Oasselman Jenny 

46 Ockley Alfred 

48 Duhlg Alice 

BO Martin John 

62 McColm Clara Mrs 

G4 Glasley Peter 

S6 Va<»nt 

K8 Vacant 

«0 Funnell Henry 

62 Weaver Francis 
Mattliews Roy 

<4 Boyd Wm J 

(( Falrty Joseph J 

(8 Robinson Arthur S 
^Chnrcb st Intersect* 

88 Graham Roland 

«0 Oulllck Gilbert 

< Alexander pi commences 

92 Newell Jas J 

M BUshford Walter A 

96 Simmons Edwd W 

98 Steward Joanna C 
104 CrowsOD Daniel 
106 Lent Eli E 
108 Taber Chas J 

South 8ia« 

T Smith Gladstone 

9 Nunn John 
11 Phillips J^ion Mr« 
IIH Mooney Geo 
13 Vauphan Bllisa Mr» 

16 Clarke Geo H 

17 Butterworth Arthur 
19 Macdonald John 

21 Dunklin Mary 

23 McBurney Margt Mrs 

bdg hse 
15 Ripley May Mrs 
»7 Forsyth Thos 
39 Burns Margt Mra 
81-89 Winn Chas D, oar- 
pet cleaner 
McGinness & Metcalfe, 

fum flnshrs 
Scully Albert, painter 
41 Vacant 

43 Morrison Catherine Mrs 
4S Munroe Alexendrla Mrs 
47 Harlow Charlotte Mr* 
49 WatU Thos A 
81 Waite Francis G 
£3 Swalne Geo 
II McKlnnon Miss ChrisUna 
S7 Moore Blanche 
69 Mount Luke 
61 Ferguson Chas 
(1 Stephens Richd M 
CI Scully Albert 
«l PhiUp Marjorle Mrs 
«7 Warden Miss Mlna 
49 Melntyre Eliza Mrs 
^ Church st Intersects 
93 [Emsley Enr>lly Mrs 
96 Hurren Mary Mrs 
•7 Jeflfery Frank P 
99 Bishop Geo 

101 Thawaltes Perclval 

103 Grainger Robt A 

105 Rusg-rove Edmund Q, 

107 Webster Wesley J 
109 Walsh Augusta Mrs 
111 F:pk Sherman E 


North from 90 Alexander, 
ward 3 . 
Bast Side 

1 Macaiilay Chas 
3 Coates Wm 

West Side 

Not built on 


(North Toronto), West 
from o,pp 2702 Yonge to 
Avenue Rd, ward 4. 

North Side 

2 Grundy Henry, phy 
12 HammiU Jas H 

20 O'Reilly Jno J 

24 Vacant 

■n) BtocKoaie juawa ti 

44 Butler Alfred 

48 Vacant 

4 Chancellor st Intersects 

62 Bryce Alex 

i64 iMJdlntosh iRobt D 

68 McLeary Jean E Mrs 

72 MacDonald Mervil 

76 Ketcheson Chas W 

84 Whittemore E Frank 

85 Whittemore Louisa Mra 
96 Hunter Alex 
♦Heather st intersects 

134 Jones Henry 8 
146 Kllgore Thos H 

Public School 
^Rosewell av commences 
166 Westwood BenJ 
182 Obee Harvey 

North Toronto Bowline 

South Side 

27 MaoPherson G Aylmer 

31 Baldwin Wm E 

35 Walker -G Hawley 

39 Lawson Edwd E 
♦Chancellor st Intersects 

71 Rushworth Wm A 

79 Stagg Wm 

87 Begg Herbert 
♦Heather st Intersects 

99 Brown Alonzo J 

107 James Ed^ar A 

127 Gooch Geo B 

139 Dundas Jas E 

143 Chapman Ernest A 

147 Norrle Wllloughby 

197 Ryan Harold 


North side Alexandra 
Boul, opp Bridge. 

North Toronto Bowling 


(Old Cherry av), w from 
Indian rd to High Park, 
second n of O T R cross- 
ing, ward 6. 

North Side 

2 Dawson Alex ReT 
4 Aston Whitfleia 
6 Stilwajigh Sydney P 
8 Husband Mary A Mrs 

10 Bell Fred J 

12 Hughes Herbert T 

14 McCulloch Geo O 
16 Pell Harry S 

15 Minehan Bartholomew 
20 Brandon Richd A 

22 Kauffman Wm P I 

24 Roman Wm 

26 Scott Adam 
28 Parsley Thos W 
Wilson F WaJter 

South Side 

1 He Wm 

3 Majury Hans 

B Parkes Robt C 

7 Colwell Wm W 

9 Hancock Clemence J 
11 Hunt Henry 
13 McCleary Wra J 

16 Ross Alex H 

17 Potter Alfred P 
19 Torkston Jas 

21 Gilpin D'uVlton MoC 
23 Campbell Wm E 


North from Boustead »v 
to Bloor w, first w of 

Dundas, ward 6 . 

East Side 

3 Mowry Richd B 

6 Kelly Joho P 

7 NeeJands \fm O 
9 Lyons Arehd 

11 Hamilton Frank 
13 Stewart Jno 

16 Graham Wm. iphy 

17 Adamson Wm R 
19 Yorston Jas 

21 Chamberlain, Albert 

23 Dale Thos 

25 Bovs Margt Mrs 

27 Shantz Allan B 

25 Gaj' James B 

SI Clark Annie E Mrs 
33 White Annie 

36 Russell Wm 

37 Coulter Jos 

39 MoArthur Arch C 
41 Guillet Oeo 
43 Thring- Percy E 
45 Pentecost Albert iB 
51 Anderson Henry W 
63 Burgess Wm J 

55 Atkinson Joseph 

57 Wagstafte Jno A 
69 Price Arthur B 

61 Mark Arthur B 

63 Golden Harry J 

West Side 

4 Ray Archd <C 
6 Hunter Jas P 

8 Laing A Leonard 

10 Wells Mrs Floreno* A 

12 Vacant 
♦Radford av Intersects 

80 Lu* Laen K 

22 Hogan Wm 

24 Shaw Albert 

26 Worth Mrs Julia 

28 Leeds Maxwell 
30 Parker Wm H 
32 Hill Richd 

84 Kemp Wallace 
3( McCalluTO Hobt 
88 Conover John H 

♦ Thorold av commencM 
12 Davles Wm J 

64 Morrison Agnes Mrs 

56 Bird Wm R 

58 Emmett Henry R 
60 Maguire Predk J 

62 Hinton Alf W, mus tohr 
64 Leigh Benson G 

66 Reesor Milton W 
68 Wilcox Sarah J Mrs 


(Moore Park) nam* 
changed to Wellanfl >T 


West from 280 Tonga't* 
Teraulay, ward 8. 

North Side 

6-8 Chapman '& Norman, 
1I-18 Dempsey Joseph H, 
Iron wks 

Montgomery & Kllpat- 
Tlck, jwlra 

14 Clark Saml 

U Impolski Saml 

18 Seidenberg Joseph 

18H Brasher Wm H 

20 Jackson Jessie B Mri 

Williams Percy O 
22 Bailey Harry 
22% Anderson J D mus 

Anderson W J, mus tchr 
24 Price Morris gro 
2i6 Sidenburg Joseph 
34 Sherbourne Frederic* 
86 McClure Robert 
38 Cameron Archibald 
40 Myrtle Mrs Mary 
42 'Goldhar Benj 

Tlpperman Joseph 
42HMattachlone Joseph 
44 Machtinger Isaac 

Smith Antonio 

Maruk Michael 
46 Barnik Esther Mrs 

Bobbin Joseph, rear 

Barbreo James 
48 Oreisman Moses 

Bobyk Fredk 
60 Wolflah Louis 

McCarthy John 
62 Rosenberg BenJ 
M Krasman Isaac 

Labelle Joseph 
It Nicholson Geo 

Vacant rear 
(0 Hardcastle Arthur 
•4 Prokopovltoh Thos 

Srlachetka Louis 

South Side 

1 Vacant , 

3 Vacant 

♦ Albert larje ends 

5 Elsman Harry 
7 Belosky Joseph 
9 ©onn Dinah Mrs 
11 Vacant 
13 Clayton Harry 
16-23 Smith J Hungerford 
Co. Ltd. mfg chemists 
Perfection Cooler Co. 

26 Godfrey Wm 

27 Godfrey Robt 
29 Vacant 

31 Cavell Frank 
J5-<7 T Baton Co 


East from 268 Broadview 
ar lo JBouon av, ward 1. 

North Side 

2 Chinese Laundry 

8 Watson Geo T 
10 Gordon James 
12 Oroxall Fredk 
14 Beresford Isaiah 
16 Bowyer Fredk 
18 Pearson Fredk 
20 Butcher Wm T 
22 HHl Albert 
24 Smith Susan Mrs 
2i6 Pett Henry C 
32 Robinson Geo. contr 
84 Robinson (jharles O, con- 
36 Brooks James A 
i38 Barrett Chas 
40 Ennis Jane Mrs 
42 Smith Arthur 

McGregor & McIHTYRE, Limited 

Ornamental Iron Work, Stair Work, Etc. 



Phones ""-lcrest 





Phone R*sidenc« 
North 87< 

ai.l,e:n av 

44 Bailey Thos H 
it Hibbins Arthur 
48 Sheval Bertram 
*0 Haaler Harry 
tt Chown John H 
B4 Ford Faulkner 
54% Jackson John 
&6 Simmons Walter W 
58 Grandage Fredk 
60 Porter Percy R 
82 Vacant 
64 Scott Joseph 
66 Swan Jas 
•8 Holding; Jamea W 
70 Pullman Geo 
72 Mllllgan Thos 

South Bid* 

7 Page John 

9 Gadd Ethelbert W 

11 Martin Sidney H 

13 Bldgood Chas 

15 Cordner Jamoa 

17 Russell Fredk 

19 Stuvert John 

21 Treblen Charles 

25 ColUson John 

26 McEwan Thoa 

27 Sootheran Jno 
SI Goode Joseph 
33 Reid John 

37 Glover Richd 
39 Caulkwell John 
41 Vacant 
43 Lindsay Wm 

46 Dennis Jas 

47 Holden Mrs E A, nur(* 
49 Johnston Wm A 

El Dickson Thomas 
63 Reynolds Ernest 
59 Talbot Geo A 
61 Pearson Jas 
(3 Simpson Saml 
85 Bullock Wm G 
67 Morrison Alex 
(9 Darley Cheis C 
73 Arnold Edith Mrs 
75 Bloor Emma Mrs 
77 Kester Orvil 
79 Qazey Thos 
81 Oealy John 
83 Oox Ernest 


West from 78 Gladstone 
aT, to Dufterln, ward 6. 

North Side 

8 Sherbrooke Geo 
10 Llttlejohn Jas 

12 Robinson Nellie Mrs 

14 Doran Robt 

16 Pembevton OlWar 

18 Brooks S Wm 

20 Grav Bdwd 

22 Sterenson Robert 
24 Mortson Henry 
26 Smith Geo 

28 Cooper Thos H 
30 Algate Wm C 

33 Gnay Mary A Mrs 

South Side 

7 Beho Thos 

9 Murphy Alex 
11 Barker Wm T 
13 Milne Wm 

16 White Robert 3 

17 Perry Wm 
19 Hill Fredk 

21 McCormlck Cornelius 
23 Delaney John 

26 Hannan James 

27 Tracey Peter 
29 Smith Robt 

31 Seddon F M Mrs, gro 
Seddon Jas H 


West from head ot Saclc- 
vllle, ward 2. 

North Side 

2 Coulson Robt W 
4 Brown James 
« Riley Bdwd R 

8 Bain Victor 
10 Brown Albert 

12 Couch Isabella Mrs 

14 Vacant 

16 Stone James 

18 Hendon Elizth Mrs 

South Side 

1 Corlett Wm 
3 Lee Manson 
E Kealy Eleanor Mrs 
7 Swaffleld James F 
9 Shock Albert P 
11 Millar Elizth A Mrs 

13 Small Jno 

15 Newman Harriet Mrs 

17 Harper Richd 


(Old Humberslde av.and 
including old William av), 
w from 84 Edwin to rail- 
way tracks, ward 6. 

North Side 

12 Stum Chas 
14 Wbltlock Mrs LatIdU 
16 Whltlock Robt 
18 White iiMwd J 
20 Halmkay Philip H 
22 Craig Matthew » 
24 Kennedy Michael 
26-82 Canadian Tool St«el 
Co fiictory 

Canadian Steel & Brass 
Co Ltd 

Flexllac Paint Co 

South Bid* 

il Kitchen Geo 
3 Hubel Barry 
5 Penny Geo 

7 iLabelle Chaa H 

8 Clarke James 

11 Coad Walter J 
13 Gordon Fred 
15 Winslow Joseph W 
17 Isaac Francis J 


North from 1308 Queen 
e to beyond Stanton ar, 
first w of Greenwood av, 
ward 1. 

East Side 

9 Laraway Herbert 
11 Jones Frank 
13 Upper Arthur 
15 Crawford Jno 
19 Bertram Wm Q 
21 Altobelll Tito 
41 Wood Mary J Mra 
43 Marriott Geo 
45 Southam Geo 
47 Pring-le Roland 
49 Chllds Jas H 
89 Brown John 
91 Arnold James 
93 Krltzer Wm 
95 Smith .Chas 
101 Walker James 
103 Davles Sidney 

West Side 

48 O'Boy.le Austin 
50 Cole Sidney 
56 Giles Fred 
58 Wright Henry 
60 Mollet Clarence W 
62 Bush Walter F 
64 Davles Thomas 
66 Norman Joseph H 
68 Papavar Lois 
70 Moore Wm P 
76 Brown John 
78 Gilks Wm 
SO Gardner Robt 
82 Mace Ernest W 
S4 Gormley John V 
86 Parker Fredk 
88 DouKles John W 
90 Walsh Thos F 
92 Chapman Wm 
94 Shaw Geo 
96 Latimer Wilson 
98 Hayter Geo 
100 Kritzer Jacob 
10(2MarshaU John 
104 l^TnTTtr>Virp\- Wm 

106 Weston Arthur E 

102 Vacant 

lOS Vacant 

110 Howlett Wm P 

112 Corney Edwd 

114 Crvderman J Frank 

11« Boddy Mary Mrs 

118 Moore Wm A 

IBO Unfinished 

152 Unfinished 

♦ Sawden av ends 

154 Green John 

156 MCCulsh Donald 


(Including old Gordon av) 
north from St Clair av E 
Tonge, ward 3. 

East Side 

13 Cross Albert E 
15 Rawlinson Jno 

17 Armstrong Robt U 

19 Hale Watson 

21 Richardson Fredk R 

23 Browne Ernest a 

25 Lee Geo J 

27 Walker James 

29 Brooke Henry A Rev 

31 Sanderson Thos 

33 Maher Bridget Mrs 
35 Armstrong 6 Howard 

37 Pearse Wm W 

39 Robinson W Percy ' 

41 Warnica Louis H 
43 Price Saml J 

45 Dowson Erasmus C H 
4i Heath st Intersects 
49 Turvey Geo 
53 German Geo A 

55 Hall Richd H 

57 .Monkhouse Bertram L 
61 Edwards Chas H 

West Side 

12 Haskett Mrs Elizabeth 

14 Giles Albert E 
1« Ross David W 

18 Hocken Horatio O 

20 Hayward A B 

22 Beatty Saml 

24 Scott Shotto C 

26 Burwash E Nathaniel 

10 Graham Arthur C 

32 Tilt John J 
84 Inrig Frank 

38 Colborne Mary L Mrs 

40 Lugsdin S>-dney Q 

42 Gain Joseph H 
^ Heath st intersects 

56 Nixon Henry, carp 

58 Ritchie Alex 

60 Bannister Arthur 
«2 Young Geo C 


East from opp 663 Par- 
liament to Hill Crest 
Park, ward 2 

North Side 

12 Robb Geo 
14 Andrews Walter 
16 Lamb Saml P 
18 Roberts Wm G 
20 Cohn Saml J 
22 Biggar Alf C 

Pike Robt 
28 McLean Robt 
30 Scott Richd 
86 Van Iderstlne Theophl- 

38 Porter R H 
40 Hill Mrs Mary J 
40^4 ISd wards Tenison 
42 Baker John I 
48 Gibson John 
50 McClelland Jno 
62 Mulrhead Daniel 
64 Dewev Benjamin P 
66 Blain Bessie Mrs 
58 Langley W C 
62 Keddie Robt G 
64 Dean Percy 
68 Apartments 
1 P.osers Geo C 

2 Williams John Mrs 

3 Beaver James F 

68 Coker Bessie Mrs 
70 Darling Jas 
72 Campbell Ueorg* F 
74 Gleeson Joseph 
76 Nicholson Joseph 
Jermey Gertrude 

^ Sackville st Intersects 

78 Cranfleld B S, drugs 

80 McKee Roy 

82 Findlay Saml 

84 Jackson Charles 

8( Henry Hugh R 

Simpson Phoebe Mra 

88 Bell Emma Mrs 

90 Bowes Frank 

92 Lewis Walter F, coBtr 

94 Ford Walter 

96 Ivey John C 
100 Blagdon Alfred E 
102 Dawson Charles E 
104 Dowdell Mrs Mary 
106 Wallace Saml R 
108 Hull Nelson B 
110 Tlchbourne Mary Mra 
112 Hull Wm 
114 Gillam Wm 
IK Rutledge Wtoi 
118 Godwin Chas 
120 Caldwell John R 
124 Davis Hannah Mrs 
126 Temple Reuben 
128 Houghan Herbert 
130 Bull John O 
132 Gorrie James 
134 Beck Mrs Mary 
136 Green Mrs Margt 
138 Robinson Joseph 
142 Jackson Thos 
146 Benson Susan Mrs 
148 Hipgrave Fredk 
150 Dunn Thos B 
152 Jackson Harry 
Jackson Lillian 

^ Sumach st Intersects 

154 Pavne Inez Mrs 
156 Osborn Arthur P 
168 Wright Gertrude 
160 Moyses Wm 
162 Fleming Mrs Isabella 

South Side 

9 Sullivan Mary 
11 McMahon Arthur 
13 Stark John 
15 Leonard John 
17 White John 
19 Absent 
^ Metcalfe st ends 

36 Ayre Alfred 

37 Klopp Otto W 
39 Spies Chas 

41 Mitchell Thos J 
43 Tate Thomas 
45 Absent 

47 Deacon D Charles 
4'9 Kruch Kate Mrs 
51 Forsythe Danl G 
^ Sackville st Intersects 
85 Fleury Arthur 
87 McKnight Jas 
. 89 Hawkins Dennis 
91 Reid Wm 
93 Reil Wm 

96 Seccombe Geo A 

97 Devitt John E 
99 Mlarshall Geo 

101 Boyce Geo 

103 Brookes Mrs Fannie L 

105 McLaren Francis J 

107 Hannah Wm D 

109 Haydon Geo E 

111 Beers Wm 

113 Southern Richd J 

IH Shuttle Wm 

119 MoDermott Rose B Mrs 

121 BUery John 

123 Hodgson Fredk 

127 Freemantle Harry 

129 Cummlngs Joseph 

133 Harris Frank 

136 Mild Joseph 
187 McGIvern Frank 

Dickenson John 
139 Cole Fredk 


(euarantssd by Union Assurana* Saslaty, LImMad, LaiMton, Eng.) 

BURBUSS & SWEATMAN, Limited, General Agents 12 Wellington St. Z. 

Phone Main 1790 


storage Batteries 




141 McEvay James 
143 Wolfe Mary Mrs, gro 
^ Sumach st Intersect? 
Toronto Ne cropolis 


Northeast from Woodbine 
av, first south of Dan- 
forth av, ward 1. 

East Side 

9 Thomson Fredk J 
21 Gough Wm 
28 Clay Ernest 
35 DIggle Wm 
37 Hole Alfred 
89 Blnns BenJ 
41 Stott John W 
45 Kendall Wm 
49 Ideson Harry 
61 Emmott Albert 
57 Andrews Jesse 
69 Hughes Wra 
61 Handy Wm 
63 RushB-orth John 
65 Deas Wm E 

West Side 

6 West Godfrey 

8 Evans Frank 
14 Blnns Horace 
16 Lockwood Wm 
1« Fish Chas 
22 Hemmings Thos 
24 Worsnop Harry 
30 Smith Wilfred 
34 Nelson John 
36 Stamp Christopher 

40 HoUev John W 

42 Sumpner Hudson 

46 Wilkinson Smith 

48 Waddell Alex 

50 Blnns Arthur 

64 Rushworth Albany 
66 Whitaker Thos 

58 Royle Frank 
60 Cliffe Albert 
«2 Vacant 

64 Vacant 

70 Sargent John 

72 Penfold Thos 


West from opp 139 Uni- 
versity av to McCaul, 
ward 4 . 

North Side 

2 Cottier Wm 
4 Fogler Maurice 
> 6 Forelgnerfl 

8 Dimond Joseph 
Kraftje Jacob 
10 Caplan Morris 
12 Herman Morris, dyers 
14 Kruger Saml, delicat- 
^ Slmcoe st Intergects 
28 International Time Re- 
cording Co of Canada 

4 WlllUm It iDtenecU 

60 Lewis Isaac H, opti- 
62-54 Tolllver apts 

Riley Wm 

Ellis Alice Mrs 

South SI<Je — 

♦Simcoe st intersects 
♦William st intersects 
39 Penofsky Abraham, bar- 

41 Silversteln Maurice 
41% Swartz Maurice, shoe 


43 Ryman Jacob 

4£ 'Wilson A Berenbaum, 
wall paper 

47 Freeland Walter, gasftr 

49 MaJone Mary Mrs, to- 

Pare Avila 

51 Vacant 

53 Back Abraham 

66 Chinese Indry 

67 Cunningham Henry 

59 Balcon Sydney 


(Old Maplewood pi), 
north from 648 Front w, 
ward 4. 

East Side 

1 Brown Arthur 

3 Wa.iker Thos 

5 Vacant 

7 Vacant 

9 Taylor Win 
11 Templeton James 
13 Hurley Matthew 
15 Bourne James H 
17 Cann Wm 
19 Phillips A.lbert B 

West Side 

2 England Chaa H 

4 Williams Thoa 

B McDonald James 

5 Kelley Patk 

10 Thomas Sidney 
12 Walte Herbert T 

McGlll John P 
14 Mallen Robt 
la I'llklngton Chsrle* 
18 Reilly Geo 
2u Cameron Robt 


East from 431 
Mutual, wai<l 3 

Yonge to 

North Side 

a Calvert Predk 
4 Vacant store 
6 Risk Chas A, 

W, tir 

Stapelle Arthur R, 

Oldfleld Bernard, 
24 Balfour Harriet Mrs, 

l>dg hse 
42 Rcbb Geo 
42V4 MlUward Joseph W 
44 Watts Eflie H Mrs 
48 Dillon Thos 
50 Ingle Wm A 
52 Lord Waater 
54 Perry Frank J 
56 GUiespie Charles 
68 Morltz Victor, contr 
60 Asher Wm 
92 Steen George 
64 Skellv Ellen 
66 Hyland Addie 
72 Harper John 

74 Bemcnt Arthur 

75 Sullivan Patrick 

♦ Churcn st Intersect* 

92 Martin S Robt 

94 Hodgson Mrs Mary A 

96 Adams Nicholas 

98 Pee Lillian Mrs 
100 Bruen Miss Theresa 
102 Fosdick Chas 
104 Ritchie Harold C 
108 Bowes Frederick 
108 Yakley Herbert 
110 McRae John 
112 Baynham Geo 
114 Murphy Prank 
118 Robinson Wm H 
118 Harvey Robt 
120 Macdonald Mra Sarah 

South Side 

39 Jones Walter A 

41 McFayden Elizth Mra 

43 Jones Hannah 

45 Smith Arthur 

47 (iotterson Miss Alice 

49 Robert Thos 

49 Vz McCreadie Jessie 

51 Askew Edwd W 

Gunner Wilfred 
51% Lamarcraft Arthur W 
53 Scott Adelaide Mrs 
55 Perry Harrv 
57 Irwin Robt 
59 Williams Geo 
«1 Mlln Mri Elizth 
63 Ball Geo S 
65 Bamber Henry 
67 Tomlinson Wesley F 
71 Townley JMwd 
73 Brown Hugh 
75 Nash Arthur 
77 Leece itittzin 
79 Stamper Saml 
81 Bray Jsls 
83 Crookshanks Geo 
♦ Church st intersects 

S9 Vacant 

95 Penn Wm 

97 Lambert Patk H 

99 Maldment Wm 
101 McCartney Marie 
103 Weston Alfred J 
105 Mauthe Florence Mrs 
107 Cook Joseph 
109 Wilkinson Edwin H 
109% Jones Rlchd 
111 Bodley Geo 
Dalzell Anna 
113 Lynch John 
115 MacLaurin Mrs Alary 
117 Walsh Alex 
119 Sher Geo 

Zeldv Mlchl 
121 Shaw Mrs Marv 


(West Toronto\ w from 
810 Indian rd to Jane, lat 
» of Dundas, ward T. 

1 Matthews MelvlUe 
3 Sinclair Fred 
B O'Nell Alexander 
T Rutherford Fred R 
9 Dunster Fredk A 

11 Loohead S Alba Mrs 

13 Kenny Margt Mrs 

li5 Mead Arthur 

21 Keyte Wm 

26 GoodaJl Sarah E Mrs 

27 King Minnie 

29 Cameron Mrs Martha 
29% Hughes Maria 
31 Roberts Annie 
31% McMahon Percy C 
33 Johnson Clara Mrs 
35 MoDonough John 
37 Harper Annie J Mrs 
Tantnn Aiirellx Mr? 

North Side 

2 McCuIlum Chas 

4 Purvis Jane 

6 Ristow Ida Mrs 

5 Glassford Wilfred R 
10 Bnand Philip 

12 Glassford Wm E 
14 Archer Fredk 
16 Aahton Jane Mrs 
18 Folland John 
20 Usher Lewis J 

25 Winkler Einlle J 
24 Morrison John M 

26 Hopper Minnie Mrs 
28 Earls John 

30 Wicks Wm 

34 Adams Wm 

38 Home Georc* 

4< Millar Mrs Jlary, gro 

♦ Western ar Intersects 

48 Breakwell Frank B, 

50 Vacant 

66 Fltipatrlck Edward 
M Armltage Charles S 
60 Torpey Hugh 
62 Carson Robert H 
64 Jarvls Fredk 
66 Eeles Thos 
68 Purtle Mary Mrs 
70 Wilkes Geo A 
72 Brann Thos 
74 Thompson Elizabeth 
76 Blair Francis T 

♦ Indian Grove intersects 

78 McVeigh James 
80 Tassell Wm 
82 Newington Geo 
84" Vacant 
88 May Norman 
90 Shaver Peter, dairy 
94 Nlemeler Otto G, phj 
96 Smith Walter S 
98 Wagner Herbert W 
102 Meihuish Arthur E. vet 

PtnneADELAIDE 1962 


♦ Keele st tnteraaets 
112 Hamilton John 
114 Maw Jamas 
120 Coe Emma Mrs 

4Mavetr st iatsrSMts 
128 Tovell Japheth A 
Stokes John A, 

130 Kirkwod John S 
182 Taylor Robt S 
134 Mitchell Wm 
130 Jackson MlchasI 
138 Walsh Mrs Marr 
142 Smrth Thoaaa J 

♦ Medland st Intarsects 

Victoria Preg Chnrcb 
168 Andrews Robt 
160 Kellam David 
162 Watson Wm H 
164 Goedlke Fredk B 
166 Fulton James F 
16» Burch Rev Arthur 

♦ Pacific av interseota 
182 Greenwool \V m 

184 Austin Mary 
188 Knight Mrs Anna 
200 Baptist church 

♦ High Park av inter- 


218 Stinson Robt 

220 Lowndes Arthur 

222 Goodman Marcus I* 

Goodman Elizth drsmk 
224 Todd Thomas W 
226 Rosevear James M 
228 Carruth Robt S 
230 Douglas John 
232 Holzhey August 
236 Kilbourn BenJ, »hy 

♦ Quebec av Intersects 
2J8 Birkelt Robt Q, gpo 
240 Maude I *i Son, plmbra 

Maude Isaac L 
Maude Ida F, confy 

242 Kellock Jas F, drugs 
Baehu.s Melissa M 

244 Davis Win D 

246 Rosslter Wra 

280 Clarke Frederick 

SS2 Carscadden Mrs Lucinda 

3D8 Williams Edward H 

258 Avery Percy 

MO Simpson Chas 

2ft2 Person Mrs Hannah 

♦ Clendenan av latersscu . 

27 8 Johnston Robt J 
2S0 Burford Mrs Harriet 
t88 Hetntsman Wm T 

^ Laws av commeoces 
J38 McCormack Robert L 

McCormack Carson 
380 Wilson Wm 
368 McCualg John B 
364 Rojce George C 

^ Evelyn av lutersects 
372 Edgar George W 
390 Horner Leslie O T 
396 Wlllard Walter T 
402 Duffin James A 
Ry crossing 

^ Fairview ar intersects 
424 Birchall Herbert N 
456 Tucker Ralph 
42* Dickie Reginald 
430 Pitney Abel W 
432 May Geo E 
4319 Day Lawrence 8 
438 Bristow Robt F 
440 Sinclair Simon F 

^ Gilmour av intersects 
462 Baker Henry J 
464 Smith Wra H 
466 Crawford Wm 
468 Osborn W J 
470 MlUer James B 
474 Hill Harry G 
478 Gardner Keith V 

^ Barber av commences 
502 Wearne Thos H 
604 AjBi\ Saml 
."Ofi Kalbfleisch Dr H M, 

50S O'Halloran James 





Large or Small Amount* lnv»tted Carefully 





610 Taylor Joseph 

♦ Runnymede rd intersects 
Mb Shiink Simon 

67J Abbott Wra F 
^ Beresford av Intersects 
SOO Chinese laundry- 
Cox Joseph B, shoemkr 

♦ Durle St Intersects 
638 Butler Bros, grros 
640 Holden Wm 

G42 Wilson Wra H, real 

6+6 Milligan 'Hamilton 
648 Taylor Alex T 
660 Adams Norman 1 
652 Ley Herbert 
658 Archbold Edwd, btchr 
660 Longhurst Wm A, dry 

6«2 Wilkinson Robt, gro 

♦ Windermere av Inter- 

664 Armltage Thos W, confr 
Runnymede Presbyter- 
Ian Ch 
^ Wlllard av intarsecta 
7J0 WUklns Wm H, gro 

fit Pauls (Ang) Ch 
772 Lottus Jas H 
774 Christie John R 

South Side 

17 Russell Francis H 

19 Jecks Herbert P 

21 Paterson Robt 

23 Llghtfoot Jnmea 

25 Kason Fredk W 

27 Cla>-ton James S 

29 Ferguson Joseph 

31 Alexander Rachael Mrs 

♦ Entrance to Ferguson »v 
35 Bentley Joseph J 

♦ Western av Intersects 

59 Moore 'Mercy C Mrs 
61WakeIy Josoph H 
63 Calverloy Henry S 
65 Wellington James S 
67 Jackson Margt Mrs 
69 Harris Lilly Mrs 
71 Carter Chas 
73 Haines Wm 
, ^ Indian Grove Inter- 
83 Glenny Andrew 
97-101 Keele St Ob ot Ohrlsr 
^ Keele st Intersects 
117 McNnlty Patrick 
119 Mason Homer, phy 
121 Reld Joseph, cartage 
123 Crawford James C 

♦ Mavety st Intersects 
125 Reld Minerva E, phy 
127 Behan David W 

129 Bingham Fannie Mrs 
131 Hall Hiram D 
133 Newson Reginald 
133 Dixon Allan 
137 Smith L Gerald, dent- 
4 Medland «t Intersect* 
Public Library, western 

Masonic Temple 
^ iLSiel st commences 
161 Tracey Jas P Rev 
163 St Cecelia RC Church 
^ Pacific av intersects 
181 Atkins Dr Joseph H, 

1S3 Kayler Wm, phy 
185 McCoy Joseph M 
18T Chlsliolm John R 
201 Perfect Alfred H, phy 

4 High Park nv Interaects 

f2S Carson Wm J 
225 Telford Wm 
227 Mably Fredk M 
231 Pearl Thos 
233 Campbell Saml 
^ Quebec av Intersects 

2i51 Vacant 

253 Slingerland Mary Mrs 
Z6G Maddlgan James 
269 Watts Hugh B, grro 
^ Clendenan av Intersects 
Public school 
289 Smith Rev T Beverley 
333 CampbeU Mrs Archi- 
J43 Campbell Archd W 
855 St Cecilia's (RC) Schl 

♦ Evelyn ay Intersects 

411 Stewart John 

416 MacDonald Donald D 

417 Smith Clarence D 

♦ Falrvlcw av Intersects 

419 Christie Hugh B 
42S Green Gertrude Mrs 
425 Traiwor Patk 
427 Kaake James A 
431 Boylan John 
435 Hillock Geo 
437 Webb James 
439 Chubb Fred T 
441 Kellock James 

^ Gllmour av Intersects 

445 Collette Wm 'F 
449 Jones Jonas 
457 Williams Clifton 
493 Reading John Wm 
495 Carlisle Robt J 
497 La Page John 
499 McEwen Dunoan K 
601 Moon Wra 
503 Ward Bdwd 

506 Smith Geo E 

507 Butt Wm H, phy 
509 Dalton Ernest 
511 Brown Wra J 

616 Forrest Fredk, ^ro 

^ Runnymede rd Intersects 

S^ei Hargrave Geo 

563 Syrae Wm 

565 Crompton John P 

567 Raslelgh Wm J 

569 Brown Robt J 

571 Dyer Fredk 

573 Naylor Ernest 

675 Bannon David J 

577 Lougheed Reuben 

579 Dusto John 

581 Beatty James 

583 Lewis Beatrice M Mrs 

585 Burnett Wm 

687 Hopper Harry 

589 Tinkhan John 

691 James Arthur 

593 Abbott Albert E 

595 Schwartz Saml J 

597 iPatnode Philemon 

597% Tushlngham Fredk 

^ Beresford av intersects 

699 Wilcox Walter J 
ass Pugh Samuel A 
637 Flatt Zephanlah 
639 Vacant 

^ Durle st intersect* 

641 Perry Jas J, pntr 

556 Coe Chas 

661 McKenzie Mary Mrs 

4 Windermere av inter- 

667 Self James B 
669 O'Donnell John 
671 Greenwood Geo W 

Greenwood Albert B 
673 Leonard Geo 
675 SUnger Herbert 
677 Chambers Robt S 
689 Wheeler Ernest 
•91 Plow Chas, mu« tchr 
693 Hughes Edwd 

♦ WlUard av Intersects 

699 Crawley Jrthn G 

701 Locock John W 

707 Ward Chas E 
^ Evans av commene** 
^ Spears av commence* 

825 Osier Wm J 


(North Toronto), north 
of Glen Grove West, 
west of Yonge, ward 3 
Not built on 


(Old Irving av), west from 
Northern Ry to Franklin 
av, second n of Bloor w, 
ward 9. 

North side 

t Imperial Oil Co Ltd 
22 Mitchell John K 
24 Bowser Chas 
26 Burroughs Thos H 

28 GarlaTid Hubert 

30 Irvine Fredk S 
80 Coplthorn Luke 

South Side 

29 Thompson John 

31 Home Arthur W 


East from Morley av to 
Rhodes av, first n ot 
Queen e, wnrrt 1. 

North Side 

3 Lannlng Margt Mrs 

10 Edmonds Henry 

12 Barnett Robert 

14 Rolls George 

18 Carthew Ernest 

18 Weale Geo H 

20 Goreham Jo-icph 
Pearce Edwd 

22 Fazackerley John, gro 

♦ Hiawatha rd commences 
26 Stone Harry 

28 Wllfong Harry 

30 Verney Joseph 

32 Jonea Edwd 
>4 Ford John 

36 Craig Wm 

42 Hall John T 

44 Campbell Wra 
Lester Wm H 

44% MoNaughton Robt 
^ Ashdale av Intersects 
^ Erie ter intersects 
South Side 

11 Wlnmlll Robt J 

13 McKlnley Dougall 

15 Siillens Grace 
15% Llndfielrt Chas A 
17 Ayres John 

19 Marsh Leonard 

♦ Kent rd ends 

♦ Ashdale av Intersects 

♦ Erie ter Intersects 


(North Dovercourt Ann*z), 
North from 998 St Clalr ar 
w to beyond city limits, 
ward 6. 

' East Side 

11 Gurion Wm R 
IS McCulloch John 
17 Vacant 
19 Hopkins Percy E 

21 Green John 

23 Johnson Chas H 
86 Sparks Geo H 
»7 Maltby Saml 

29 Warner Alfred 

31 Fitch Percy P 

33 Harris-Smith Wm 
35 Reveley Wm B 

37 Wilson Wm 
39 Dixon John G 

41 Harvey Edith Mrs 

43 McLarty James 

45 Rlelly Fredk D 
47 Broderick Jas V 
53 Bishop John 

West Side 

12 Law Andrew B 
14 Johnston Herbert 

16 Laing Jean 

18 ParkhlU John 

20 Phillips Arthur 

22 Storr John R 

28 Fyfe Geo T 

30 Eastbury Arthur W 

36 Perclval W Fredk 

38 Durle Fred D 

40 MeCandllsh J M 

42 Bule John 

44 Hogg Thos E 

46 Robinson Geo E 

50 Rogers Wm J 

■52 Horton Jas E 

54 Martin Alonzo 

66 Goode Henry J 

58 Priestley Jas 

60 Vacant 

62 Vacant 


(Old Brighton pi), n from 
Cobourg av, and (Old 
Brampton pi), w from rear 
of Dufferin Driving Park 
to rear of 447 Brock ar, 
ward 6, 

East Side , 

Not built on. 

West Side . . 

Not built on 

North Side 

2 Burley George 
4 Mullln Alblna 
6 niekle James 
8 Vacant 
10 Baker Thomas 
12 Spencer Wm H 
14 Brick Daniel 
16 Bessell Wm 

South Side 

1 O'Connell Patk 

» CamDhell Thos 
5 Dyer Walter 
11 Whalley Ralph 
13 Dodda Jas 
McDade Jas 


(West Toronto), west from 
Runnymede rd to Durle av, 

2 B of Annette, ward 7. 
Not bnilt on 


West from 192 Shaw to 
Gladstone av, wards 5 and 

North Side 

2 Gibson John H 

4 Haw Thomas 

6 Teagle Chas 

8 Fell James T 
10 Gibson Frank L 

13 Hill Wim 

14 Verral Charlotte Mr* 
16 Shelford Harold 

18 Verral Geo E 

20 Benson Abraham 

22 Trowern Margt Mrs 

Trowern John O 
26 Puddy Thurza Mrs 
26 Puddy Hhursa Mrs 
28 Chapelle Wm H 
30 Moore Albert 
32 Borrowman Edwin 
♦ Glvens st Intersects 
34 Vacant 
36 Bell John 
38 Penrlce Walter F 
40 Harnden Wm H 
42 Hood Garfield G 
44 Hood Joseph B 
M Scott Andrew 
■48 Hewitt Fredk 
50 Grant Jane Mrs 
52 Pinkney Saml 
64 Miller Arthur 
66 Atkinson Chas 

^ Dundas st intersect* 

6«H Vacant 
58 Perry John 
60 Peay Wm 

Solder, Sheet Lead, Lead Pipe, 
Brass Ferrules, Traps and 
Bends, Pure Block Tin Pipe 

The Canada Metal Co., Limited 

Fraser Avenue, Toronto "WE ARE THE metal MEN" 

Co n feberation %ifc 



(Canadian Company 

C2 Lambert Wm 

64 Atkins Robt 

(t Irwin Robt 

(g Reid John 

7fl Vacant 

ra Skelley Eliza Mrs 

74 Montgomery Benj B 

76 Crawford Joseph 

78 Van Luben Myles 

go O'Brien Wra 

82 Brown Wm 

86 Sarg:eant JamM 

88 White Geo 

10 Verral John 

H FurlonK Moiei 

94 Kellj Jamea 

»« Britton Arthur C 

$8 Black John L 
100 WhlUans Ja« 

Whlllans & Co, contn 
104 Shaw Seymour 

Jonas Maude Mra 
10< Cooper Geo 
108 Erwln Alice Mrs 
110 Harris Geo 
112 McCullough Earl S 
114 Paterson Cha» J 
116 Waters Chaa 
US Cowley Thoa W 
120 Barrett Arthur, coal oil 

123 Manes Frank 

124 Johnston Wm 
126 Vacant 

128 Pendrlch Chaa 
IJO Norton Fredk R 
1S2 Kirkpatrick Chas 
134 Allen Wra 
13« Cooper Percy 
Snell Arthur 

^ DOTercourt rd Intersects 
140 Dovercourt Rd Bapt Ch 
142 Stlnson John 
144 Tebble James 
146 Armstrong Henry 
148 Brown Wra 
150 Absent 

152 Atkinson James S 
1B4 Absent 
158 Lee John W 

^ Liagar st Intersects 
158 Dempster James, gro 
16C Aldrieh Tiios W, pntr 
184 O'Regan John J 
166 McRae Mrs Jennie 
170 Chambers Daniel 
172 Googe Fredk 
176 Hall John E 
178 Vacant 

^ Beaconsfleld ar inter- 
180 Dodds Fredk 
18a Tozer Norman 
184 Glover Ernest 

Clegg Joseph 
186 Shocker Chas 
188 Williams Victor 
190 Greaves Percy 
•192 Dowell Arthur 
194 Fowles Henry 
196 Seattle John 
198 Worsley Geo 
200 Ballantyne James 
202 Campbell GeorRe 
204 McDonald Dan 
J06-8 Durle Mrs Flora A. 

♦ Northcote av Intersects 


South Side 

♦ Glrens st intersecti 
88 Lllburn Saml 
85 Carter Mary A 
17 Iseman Mark 
^ Argyle pi ends 

M Dominion Couch Co 
41-43 Military Quarters 
51 Stevens Sa^nf 
^ Dundas st Intersects 

53 Vacant 

65 Henry Martin 

67 Burke Edwd 

59 Skelly Wra 

81 Harper Fredk G 

(3 Matson Frank 

65 Clarke Philip O 

67 Shearer Geo 
69 Mitchell Jaa B 
71 Kitchen James 
7J Eckenswlll Jacob 

76 Douglas John 

77 Leonard Martini Mrs 
77H Smith Joseph L 

79 Gray Fredk J 

79 Vb Hancock Robt W 

81 I'eacey Geo 

88 Waterfleld Albert 

86 Emmett Lister 

87 Cork Chaa J 

89 Calhoun Robert J 
91 Price Margt 

93 Nicholas Harriet Mrs 

96 Stoble David 

97 Rae Thos 

99 Gurney Thos 
103 Rogers Wm J 
105 Smart Frederick 
107 Carroll James J 
109-121 Osier Playground for 

125 Britton Robert 
127 Seymour Marlon 
129 Musson Jas 
131 Moore Wm V. 

188 Chlnfese laundry 
135 Vacant 

^ Dovercourt rd Intersects 
147 Pettitt Robt 
149 Lawford Geo E 
151 Wells Robt 
153 Rlelly Jas 
155 Harmer Chas 
167 Vacant 

159 Butler Edith Mrs 
161 Douglas Chas 

^ Llsgnr st intersects 
163 Turner Fred, gro 
185 Clark Cnas W 
1«T McKenile Charles 
169 Golding Thos 

Hayward Walter 
171 Neely Edgar J 
173 Stewart Melitta Mrs 
175 Wright Wm H 
177 Stubbs Mrs Mary H 
^ Beaconsfleld av Inter- 
179 Godfrey Arthur 
181 Watts James 
Stock Arthur 
183 Deller Fredk W 
185 Vacant 
187 Bell Robt J 

189 Bard George A 
191 Rogers Geo 
198 Wheeler Kobert 
195 Adams F W. pro 

197 Hamilton Gavin H, drgs 

^ Northcote av intersects 
205 O'Neill Mary 


(North Toronto), north 
from Wanless av to be- 
yond Waverley av, first 
st e Ronan av 
Not built on 


North from 24 Bruce to 
Argyle, ward 5. 

East Side 

31 Sylvester Mictol 
33 Beaumont Walter 
35 Reid John 
87 Fairbanks John 

We«t Side 

Not built Oti 


North from 138 Tyrrel av 
to beyond limits, ward 5 

East Bide 

17 Hilton Albert 

21 Greenwood Mstthsw 

23 Thomas Wm 

2i5 Gavin John 

29 Chinese laundry 

^ Ilford rd commences 

87 Cooper Joseph, gro 

39 Templeton Andrew 

41 Hastings Samnel 

43 Hart Mary E Mrs 

45 Froud Geo 

47 Clarke Arthur 

49 Allard Jas 

61 Clark John W 

^ Benson av intersects 

65 Stevens Frank 

87 Hall Wm 

71 Pearson Chas 

73 Collins Reginald F 

75 Stafford Edwd J 

79 Speller Stewart 

83 Curtis David 

87 Canning Geo 

91 Griffiths Florence Mrs 

98 Schwalra Geo P, coatr 

# St Clair av w intersects 

133 Gillespie Archd C 

135 Redgate Edwd 

137 Hawgood Trevor 

139 Skuce Louis 

143 Meade Henry 

149 Clayton Geo D W 

IBx Outhet John 

168 Srapleton W 

155 Edis Thos 

157 Foulds Wm C 

West Side 

14 Whiles Harry 

16 Whytock John 

18 Cundy Wm 

20 Wells Wm 

32 Sheldon Geo 

34 Ware Thos 

2i6 McKee Sarah Mrs 

28 Klrby Walter J 

SO Jones Robt 

34 Jones Thos 

36 Hobson Ernest 

38 Blackett Thomas 

40 Clare Alfred 

44 Roe Caroline 

48 Fee Wta S 

50 Shepherd Anlval C 

52 Mattenley Joseph 

54 Kev Arthur 

58 Clarke John 

58a Street John H 

4» Benson av Intersects 

60 Bartlett Jamea W 

64 Bennett Thoa 

6« Bennet BenJ 

68 Robinson Ernest C 

70 Cox Alex 

72 Knight Hilton 

74 Ward Albert 

76 House Edgar W 

78 Burgess K Atnslle 

78a Mullen Edwd 

82 Greenwood Alfred 

Schwalm Danl 
!6 McGlnnls Percy 
88 Massey Wm 

^ St Clair av w Intersects 

134 Marritt Mary Mrs 

136 Sutherland Wm J 

138 Fulston Jane Mrs 

140 Meen Harry 

142 Morrow Mary Mri 

144 Gracey Thoa J 

146 Ferguson Jaa 

148 Davidson Fredk L 

150 Foley Frank J 

152 Vacant 

154 Du Guerre Guy 

158 O'Brien Timothy 

176 Bowley Fredk J S 


(North Dovercourt) name 
changed to Geary av 


(North from Bloor w to 
CoJbeck, first east of 
Jane, ward 7 

. . . . East Side 
Not built on 

West Side 

Not built on 



South from Burgess ar, 
1 e of Woodbine ar, 
* ward 1 

East Side 

33 Cross Alfred 

35 Shirley Harry G 

37 Nlchol Fred G 

43 Childs Andrew 

45 Bird Geo H 

47 Davis Geo 

49 Nicholson John 

61 Mason Leonard 

53 Runge Mary 

55 Bellenger Percy P 

57 Robertson Robt 

59 Burridge Ernest, contr 

63 Vacant 

65 Home John W 
69 Lythe Maria Mrs 

71 Ward Sidney 

73 Bristow Edwd J 
75 Nixon Joseph T 
77 Coward Thos S 

West Side 

38 Fletcher Jas 

44 Burridge Robt 

46 Johnson Herbert 

48 Crook Wm 
52 Collins Fredk 

^ Du Vernot av intersects 

64 Currle Thoa 

66 Whittington Frank 
68 Cullum John 

72 Blakeman Edwd W 

74 Bartholomew Geo H 


West from 69 Chestnut 
to University av, ward 3. 

North Side 

2 Rumberg Philip 

4 Sollsh Louis 

6 Sugarman Jacob 

8 Plpick Moses 
10 Steinberg Tirma 
12 Mandel Harry 
14 Dode Michl 
ifl Ickler Saml 
♦ Centre av commenceB 
32 Traynor Wm 
34 Yates Thos 

. . . . South Side 



West from 1186 Dutferln 
to Emmerson av, 2 n 0( 
Bloor w, ward 6. 

North Side 

2 Nolan Wra 

4 Boss Arthur G 

6 Lewarne Geo 

8 Lewarne Alfred 
10 Verney Wm H 
12 Ovell Wm O 
14 Cook Alfred E 
16 Noble Harry 
18 Birnes Alfred T 
20 Mobley Emily Mrs 
32 Jones Ernest F 
38 Davidson John 
40 Durnford James 
42 Murray James 

F.J. SMITH ^^« CO. 






Propertiet Bought, Sold and Ex*. 
ohHged ia all parts of the eity 



4S Guest Mary Mrs 

48 Thornton Wm C 

60 Sams Stanley 

B2 Clarke Geo 

64 Lansing Walter J 

66 Oliver Wm J 

68 Cathcart Wm 

60 Bryce John G 

64 Vacant 

66 Lovatt Herbert 

68 Paton Albert E 

70 Budge Jas A 

72 Edwards Walter 

74 Herson Geo H 

76 Green Margt 

80 Williams Adrian E 

82 Harris Alex 

ta^ Hess John A 

84 Gerrard Ernest W 
Luscott James W 

8i6 Menagh Wm R 

88 Stafford Nathaniel 

90 Vacant 

92 Boland Mlchl 

94 Doucett David 

96 Carl John 

98 Harkness G E 
100 Johnston Georgre 
102 Babey Wm J 
104 Simpson Agnes Mrs 
166 Reynolds Louisa C Mrs 
108 Wilson Robt 
110 Jenkins Ernest 
112 Greg»on Sydney 
114 Burtcih Delbert 
114% Preusser Carl 
U6 Rice Dorman 
118 Hamilton John 
120 Greenwood Oliver 
122 Waitkins John ^Y 
124 Beadie Robt W 
126 Davis Arthur E 
128 Life Henrv E 
130 Woods Jas D 
132 Partridge Sydney 
184 Clarke Ernest S dairy 
136 Ridflell Wm J 
138 Fraser Martin 

South Side 

3 Smith Alex 

5 Hobson Chas W 

7 Wilson T.ios G. contr 

9 Alexander Robt 

11 Vacant 

13 Chesson Wm 

15 Gaylor Chas 

17 Williamson George 

19 Dyment Xathaniel 

21 Crampton Geo 

23 Walker Wm B 

26 Purtelle Mortimer 

27 Dunn Wm 

29 Ritchie Jessie 
81 Jefferson Fred 
36 Hull Wm H 
»7 Bright Chas 
89 Burrldge Edwd 

Hines Wm 
41 Brook Geo 

45 Hammett Chas 

46 Alkins Herbert' 

47 Miller Henry 

49 Close Edmund J 
61 Marklew Alfred 

68 Mitchell John A 
55 Johnston Wm C 
67 Crowe Wm 

59 Stevens Thos L 
61 Lake Wm 
63 Whlffln Thos 
63a Vacant 
65 Burghan Thos 
Jenkins Willis 
67 Bentley Edwd J 

69 Oldfield Bert 

71 Forrester Agnes Mrs 

Gray Geo B 
73 Unfinished house 
75 StockhUl Albert 
77 Stephens Emer&on L 
79 Harrison Alfred 
81 Durand Edwd 
83 Avison Annie Mrs 
85 Priest Geo 
87 Arthurs Wm 
89 Berkovitz Israel 
91 Kllpatrick Wm 
93 Humphrey Percy 

96 Kirby BenJ R 

97 Parkinson Robt H 
99 Richardson Thos 

101 Graham James 

103 Gardner Robt 

105 Harrison David A 

107 Robinson Geo L. contr 

111 Whlttaker Malcelm 

118 Cardy Edwd 

115 Shlpway Wm E 

117 Roden John 


South from a lane 
between 37 and 39 
McMurrich. ward 3 

East Side 

Not bull! on 
Weit Side 

1 Vacant 
t Armstrong Robert H 

3 Vacant 

4 Vacant 

6 Summers Henry 


North from 54 Sydenham 
to WHton av, ward 2. 

East Side 

♦ Sutton av commences 
O'Neill Play Grounds 

♦St David St intersects 
49 Smith RIchd H 

61 Crewe Arthur 
53-57 Vacant 

63 Sloan James H, biksmth 

West Side 

2 Clark Geo 

4 Wes.t Esther Mrs 

6 Walson Wm 
28 Brusseau Geo 
80 Strutt John G 
32 labell Mary Mrs 

♦ St David St Intersects 

40 Tomkins George 

42 Moore James 

14 Lagace Julia Mrs 

46 Kavanagh Henry 

48 McKean Wm 

50 Chapman Wra John 

62 Robinson Leslie 

64 Smith John 
56 Vacant 

58 Cullen John 
60 Martin Wm 

62 O'Leary Sellna Mrs 


West from opp 341 Bath- 
urst to Dundas, ward 6. 

North Side 

6 Boyce John R 
8 Young Thos Wm 
10 Magners Morris, bar- 
12 Rineberg Isaac 
14 Dode Michl 
16 Israelson Harry 
18 Mansell J G. btchr 

♦ Markham st Intersects 
20 Vacant 

22 Picture theatre 

2214 Zydenverk Morris, 

shoe repr 
24 Clark David, plmbr 
28 Miceli Michl, fruit 
30 Wall Max, btchr 
32 Churchill Elizth Mrs, 

dry gds 
Sub P O 40 
34 Siegel Chas, barber 
36 Goldstein Harris, dry 

38 Haberman Abraham. 

40 Bloch Leah Mrs, genl 

42 Cowan Abraham 
44 Brock Alfred, flour & 


46 Sibick John 

48 Bagnato Jas, gro 

♦ Palmerston av intersects 
60 Mirochnick Mooney S, 

60 H Roth well Benj, confr 
52 Woolfe Wexler, real est 
54 Klaluk Saml, fish 
56 Nelman Benj, gro 
56a Rubenstein Abraham, 

58 Jessel Solomon, gro 
58>4 Chinese Lndry 
60 Price Abraham, painter 
62 Cuslmano Saml, fruit ' 
64 Vacant 

66 Starkman Jacob, floor 
70 Israel Joseph, barber 
7014 Levison Saml, shoe repr 

♦ Euclid av Intersects 

74 Quance Geo, liquor agt 
76 Feldman Arron, gro 
"78 Zeleriko Louis, gro 
80 Gatto August, fruit 
82 Heron Wm 
84 Fox Saml, dry gds 
86 Dalley Albert, staty 
88 Collins John, pictures 
90 Patent Alex, gro 
92 Salkowitcli Morris, btchr 
96 Friedman Wm, clothes 

98 Johnston F & Co, coal 
98^4 Scott Jas H, btchr 

♦ Manning av intersects 
100 Billinger Harry, shoe 

100% Persovsky Morris, 

102 Alllston Harry, flsh 

♦ Claremont st intersects 
104 Woods Wm 

110 Vacant 
112 Unfinished bldgs 
118 Chinese lndry 
♦Bellwoods av Intersects 
120 Garbutt John, gro 
122 Thomas Herbert E, 

dry jgds^ 
124 Buchanan"^ Mary Mrs, 

126 Collins Leonard B, 

128 Korn Mark, barber 
130 Bartlett Claude W 
132 Phillips Geo 

St Francis R C 


♦ Orace st commences 

152 Hamlin F V, phy 
154 McClelland Geo W 
166 Glynn Daniel 
168 White John . 
160 Staley Danl. confy 

♦ Beatrice st commences 

170 Gray Emma, gro 
172 Laverv Bert 
174 Hay John B 
• 176 McDonald Mrs Minnie A 
178 Wilkinson Geo C 
ISO Chapman Emma Mrs 
182 Goddard Wm 
184 Lloyd Harry T 
186 Norris James 
188 Milne Ross 
190 Keating James J, gro 
♦Montrose av commences 

192 ThornpsiDn M.axwell F, 

194 Jackson Reed T 
196 Smith Saml 
198 Web.ster Robt 
200 Rosenberg Aaron 
202 Vacant 

♦ Crawford st intersects 
224 Johnston James 
226 Deacon Mrs Eliza 
228 Baird Saml 
230 Turner Walter H 
232 Quinn Arthur B 
234 Vacant 

236 Gould Sarah E Mrs 
238 Sheridan John 

240 Totten Wm J L, dry 

242 Hardy Garnet C, gro 
Connell Anthracite 

Mining Co, Ltd (br) 
♦Sha^v st Intersects 
260 Vacant 
262 Morrison Chas 
264 Vacant 
266 Duthle Joseph 
268 James Mrs Elizth 
270 Vacant 
27 2 Lawrence Wm 
♦ Roxton rd commences 
296-302 Prince Arthur Apts 
2i96A Edwards John G 
B Williams Geo 
C Maltman Norman 
D Selby John P 
E Hutchinson Thos 
F Stobie John 
G Cavell Ernest 
H Corman Wm E 
298A Vacant 
B Vacant 
C Legassie Fredlc 
D Hall Wm 
E Vacant 
F Vacant 
300A Vacant 

B Hungerford Wm 
C Edgcumbe Geo H 
D Selby John P 
E Butchart Mary E 
P Welch Stanley 
G Brodie Oscar L - 
H Vance Susan Mra 
302A McMurdle EfBe 
B Vacant 
C Vacant 
• D Vacant 
E Vacant 
P Vacant 
G Cavell E Ernest 
H Milne Geo 
304 Vacant 
306 Vacant 

308 Markle Mary Mrs 
310 Halse & Brown, prlnt- 

312A Smith John N 
312C Fromton Fredk 
312D Ellis Chas M 
312E T.anglols Wm P 
31 2F T.ovegrove Wm J 
314A Wishart Geo 
314G Ellis Chas M 

South Side 

1 Ijorwenstein Max, clnr 

3 Vacant 

5 MoCuen Jno 

7 Gray Jno 

9 Aronovitz Saml. tobac 
11a Wllkofsky Joseph, tlr 
13 Vacant 
15 Love Florence 

♦ Markham st Intersects 

21 Chinese Laundry 
23 Helpert Max, barber 
25 Gatto Giusepoe. b^Ver 
29-31 Pullman Ben5, black- 

33 Levy Harris 
35 Katz Philip, tlr 
37 Rvan & Son. undertkrs 
39 Winick Sam!, genl store 
41 AVronzberg .Saml, gro 
43 Summers David H, har- 

45 Spence "\A^m. shoemkr 
45H Mitchell Chas 
47 Vacant 
49 Davey Edwd 
51 Rosenfield Harry, gro 

♦ Palmerston av intersects 
53 Chinese Laundry 

67 Drohan Mrs Mary C 

5!) Shore TiTax 

59% Goldman Saml. btchr 

61 Holman Richd, barber 

63 Vacant 

66 Hurling C E, pictures 

69 Shaw Geo 

71 Andrews Wm 

♦ Euclid av Intersect!' 

The Dominion of Canada Guarantee & Acoident Insurance Company 


°" »wri"s»gANl/ '"' Head Office: TRADERS BANK BLDG., TORONTO 




NORTH TORONTO Properties our Specialty 
2486 YONGE ST. Phone Belmont 116 

73 Rizza Michl 

79 Chinese Indry 

gl Lorabrick Thos 

83 Toon Jennie Mrs 

85 Richmond Abraham, 

■hoe repr 
17 L»rman Stanley, gro 
89 Blbock Morris, shoe 

91 Haw James 
93 Kreiger Bros, produce 
^Manning av Intersects 

96 ?4 Vacant 

97 Adcock Edwd, barber 
^ Claremont st Intersect* 
II Cohen Isaac 

101 Fine Frank 

IflS Vacant 

105 Delany Francis, teas 

Nelaon John 
107 Chinese Laundry 
109 McWUltams Martha 

111 Davis Mrs Harriet 
lis Zaml Nathan 
115 GeWrtig Louis, dry 

117 Jones Tho» 
119 Adkin Fredk 
ISl White David 
123 Sleeman John 
1J6 Shantz Abraham 
^ Bellwoods av IntersectB 
• ^Qorevale ends 

Grace Church 
lit Bertello Robt 
145 Bellevedere Federly, 

147 Seattle Wm 
149 Casslna James 
161 Connor Thos 
153 Naylor Clarence, uphol 
155 Macdonald Mary Mrs 
187 Smith Albert N 
159 Strohmayr Edward J 
161 Goddard Annie Mrs 
167 Jahnson Geo 
16 McConnell Chas 
171 Dunnett Jennie Mrs 
173 Coulter Saml A 

176 Page Geo 

177 McFarlane Thos 
179 Scott Robt 

181 Daniels Vincent 
183 Tyler Wm 

186 Appelbaum Layton 

187 Scott Marv Mrs 
189 Prentice Angus 

♦Crawford st Intersects 

Bellwoods Park 
♦ Shaw st Intersects 

266 Ewlng Wm 
265% Phillips Francis 
257 Vacant lot 

if! Turner WnwJ 
261 Bourke Wm 
>8S Sprlngett James 
265 McKinney Benj 
265% Vac|tnt 

267 Veughan Joseph 
2*9 Ivory James 

871 Brloux Alphonae 

273 Grossman Thos 

275 Reed Fredk D 

277 Banks Wm 

279 Godfrey Edwd 

281 Quirlon Wm 

283 Thuresson Susan 

285 Thornton Vesta Mrs 

287 Newman Joseph 

289 Gray John 

291 Toronto Wet Wash 

Laundry Co 
293 Vacant 
295 Wylle T H, dentist 


(Old Whitney av) north 
from Danforth av to be- 
yond Fulton av, 1 w of 
Logan av, ward 1. 

East Side 

Mounce Co, Ltd, cart- 

9 Leaman Geo 

11 Morley Bernard 

13 Van Camp Silas E 

15 McKay Geo 

17 Gardiner Geo F 

19 Taylor Arthur J 

21 Canner Thos 

21 Tobin Georgr 

25 Bruton Martin A 

27 PantUng Frank 

29 Davidson Jessie V Mrs 

21 Thorne Wm 

35 Flemming Wm 

37 Bobbins Fredk J 

39 Burrell James 

41 Lindsay Wm H 

43 Farr Gordon G 

45 Staden Jno 

47 Vacant 

♦ AInsworth rd InterMCts 

49 Waddell John 
51 Ruthven Geo J 
53 Coutts Melville C 
55 Roach Albert 
63 Lumb Saml H 
65 Riley Almond C 
69 Simpson Stanley W 
71 Ollnnore Robt 
73 Phllps Bertram W 

76 Van Busklrk Robt 

77 White Wm D 

71 Carr James W A 

81 Cayley Isaac 

83 Cay Ralph S 

85 Carradus Fredk 

87 Hodgkinson Geo 

91 Poole Albert E 

93 Arthur Herbert 

95 Welford Thos W 

97 West Joseph 

99 Bruce Margt Mrs 
101 Mercer John 
103 Clumpus Wm 
105 Hamilton John 
107 Hamilton DevM 
109 Hay Elmer 
111 Ware Chas H 
113 Sprague Edgar 

116 Wood Peter M 

117 Webster Wm N 
117a Losee Ernest 

119 McClure J Lawson 
121 Shephard Geo, gdnr 
123 'Maokav Geo 

126 Wllmot Percy D 
♦Browning av IntersectB 

127 Mutton Wm G - 
129 Benford Joseph 
131 Cooke Geo 

133 Swackhammer Biffin 

♦ Pulton av fnter«ectf 
137 Faulkner Wm 

West Side 

2 Edmonds Walter 

4 Long Alfred 

6 Burden Arthur E 
10 Carradus Geo R 
18 Bates Reginald 
20 Woods Oliver B 
22 Ough John C 
24 Greenwood Arthur Q 
26 Gunnel! Robt A 
28 Fellman Arthur H 
30 Cox Walter 
32 Barnes Wm H 
36 Craigie Wm 
♦ AInsworth rd Intersects 
50 Howe Herbert 
62 Hallam John T 
54 Bullock Wm 
56 McKechnle Jessie Mrs 
68 Piggott Wm 
60 Patterson Geo W, contr 
62 Calendar Abe 
64 Stewart Wm 
66 Rodgers Saml 
6614 Unnnlshed 
68 Unfinished 
70 McCkllum James P 
72 Henderson John 
74 Chapin Deloss J 
Ku Perclval Alfred 
94 Campbell Saml 
96 Harmer John H 
OS Stewart John S 
100 I'rench Robt J 

103 Whately Harold E 

Sharpe Lucy A Mrs, 
mus teacher 
116 Unfinished 
118 Black Chas J 
120 Hudson Frank W 
122 Vacant 
124 Dawson Delbert F 
126 Vacant 
128 Saunders Thos H 
130 Fursman Frank E 
132 Jeffery John A 

♦ Browning av Intersects 

138 Bllbrough Albert 
14U Mason Thos 

♦ Fulton av Intersects 


(North Toronto), name 
changed to Wanless av 
and cres 


(North Dovercourt Annex), 
west from 1772 Dufferln to 
Prospect Cemetery, 1 n 8t 
Clair av w, ward t. 

North Side 

6 Vacant 

8 Haynes Harry 
10 Jackson Wm A 
12 Morris David 
14 Smith Jno 
16 Cole Frank A 
18 Mortley Eliza Mrs 
20 Reesor C Bertram 
22 McLean Caroline L 
24 Bentley Joseph S 
3o Carter Geo 
40 Cunningham Joseph 
42 Wiles Stephen 
44 Greenlaw James 
46 Warren Bertram H 
48 Armstrong Thos 
60 Bridge Percival 
Ausman J Wesley 
Sirne Man-y 
52 Beattie Ttios 
54 Crosby Elias B 
66 Long Jas 
58 Haslett Arthur 
80 Fletcher Hardy L 
62 Crosby Stuart 
64 Houston Adam 
66 Thorne Wm H 
68 Robertson Allen C 

♦ Boo;i av Intersects 

Earlscourt Central Me> 
thodist Cnurch 
92 Forster Jas E, druggist 
94 Walker Fredk, barber 
96 Vacant 

98 Horsepool Fredk, but- 
100 Loblaw T P, grro 

Earlscourt Post Office 
106 Earlscourt Fire Hall 

♦ Earlscourt av Intersects 
122 Vacant 

♦ Nairn av intersects 
136 Vacant 

138 Hawkins John 
142 Goddard Albert 
144 Romlgnoli John 
146 Romlgnoli Camlllo 
148 Banks John W 
150 Chaytor John 
154 Fenwick Thos 
156 Watkins Reginald 
158 Mitchell Ernest 

South Side 

13 Carlton Janet Mrs 
15 Sykes Wilfred 
17 Coleridge James H 
19 Gospel Hall 
39 Bolton RIchd 
43 Mortlev Clarence, gro 
45 Wales Thos 
47 Pretsell James 
49 McTavish Wm 
61 Vacant 

♦ St Clair Gardens Inter- 

63 Steadman Henry 
6,"> Fullam Thos W 
67 Crosbie James 
69 Percy Douglas 
71 Blair Chas McV 
73 Pascoe Chas J 
75 Vacant 
♦Boon av Intersects 

17 Paul Thos F 
99 Stephens Wm G 
101 Nash Percy C 

♦Earlscourt av Intersects 

115 Unfinished 
119 Anthony Wm 
121 Adam* Wm 
123 Lyster Russell W 
125 Edwards Geo H 
127 Gale Chas 
129 McMenemy John 
131 O'Donoghue Jas 
133 Butler Wm 
135 Scott Stuart 
♦ Nairn av Intersects 
141 Vacant 
145 Cochrane Jas 
147 Royal Albert B 
151 Hall James H 
155 Jones Russell 
157 White Wm H 
159 Tomkins Annie Mrs 
163 Vacant 


East from Coxwell av, 
third n of Queen e, warn 

North Hiile 

2 Hazlett Jas 

4 Thompssan Hugh 

6 Brltton Ernest 

8 Bell Chas 
12 Low Edwd 
16 Vacant 

South Side 

5 Fenney John C 

7 Smith Wm H 

9 Ferguson Geo 
11 Green Fredk C 
13 Lutley Jno 
15 Freeman Geo ' 

17 Pape David W 
19 Reeves Wm J 
21 Canlvan Edwd 
23 Robertson Jas C 

25 Wiltshire Wm P. 

27 Marshall Frank 


Foot of Cherry, east of 
Fisherman's Island, ward 

Brltlsh-Am Oil Co, Ltd, 

Toronto Iron Works 
Maciver Bros Co 


(Old Hertel av), west 
from McFarland av to 
Greenlaw av, 1 n Daven- 
iport rd, ward 6. 

North Side 

26 Verrall Albert 

28 Legge Fredk 
30 Cowan Wm H 
32 Falrley Sinclair 

34 Murphy Joseph E 
86 Hogg Joseph 

18 Hall Saml B 

40 Palmer RIchd J 
42 Rodman Julia Mrs 
44 Weaver S Roy 
48 Mlddleton John 
48 Waugh Robt A 
50 Vacant 
52 Beemer Henry 
54 Earl Sydney B 
56 Dillon Mary Mrs 
58 Houston Thos F 

♦DImwood av Intersect* 

72 PhylllJ Wni H 

SO Brooks Frances Mrs 


Henry W. Evan}, Phone Hillcrest 1245 F. H . Qooeh, Phone Nerth 124S 




26 Wellington St. E. 3350 


BUYERS of all kinds of SCRAP IRON and METALS 

Office, Wareliouse and Yard: Phone M. 6147 

536-542 QUEEN ST. E. 


82 Telford Homer 
84 Towse John 
88 Glover James 
90 Smethurst Geo 
92 McNaughton John T 
94 Knox Joseph R 
98 Falser Albert R 
96a Blades Henry 
98 White Harriet B 
100 Davies J Angrel 
102 Roberts Geo E 
104 HolJen Johii T 
108 Dlehl R Ernest 
108 Vacant 
110 Smith Vincent 
IIJ Whetter Herbert t 
114 WJId John 

South Side 

S7 Scott Wm 
If Price Wllbert Q 
41 Asplnall Robt 
4S Hnddart Mary J 
47 Patterson James A 
49 Glendennlng Robt 
61 Chapman John 
SS Reed Harry 
67 Seattle Mary E 
t9 Mole Wm H 
«1 Ellis Albert A 
(3 Lee Gordon S 

^ Elmwood av lntersect< 

73 Tompson Danl 

75 Monk Chas 

77 Perclval Ernest G 

81 Dickinson Geo F 

85 Jones Emily Mrs 

87 Watson Robt 

89 Davidson Robt D 

»1 Sheard Chas P 

93 Vacant 

99 Aufderhelde Alvin C 

101 Cleaver Frank 

103 Vacant 

105 Carlisle Alfred 

107 Huston John A 

109 Johnston Jno 

111 Cowan Robt 

113 Chlddenton 'ihos W 


North from 498 Kins 
ward 2. 

East Side 

1 Vacant 

2 Vacant 

3 Jeffrey Frank 

4 O'PIahertv Wm 

5 Walsh Arthur 

6 Beaven Henry G 

7 Evans John 

8 Harbor James 

9 Thompson John 
10 Peters Chas 

xj Evden Percv 
12 Wren Chas 

West Side . 

Not built on 

ashdale: av 

North from Queen e to 
Danforth av. first east of 
Morley av, ward 1 . 

East Side 

16 Blrohall Jno 

19 Blackburn Thos 

21 Cole Jas 

26 Harper Wm 

29 Thomas Maud Mrs 

35 Burley Chas 

39 Thomas Isaac J 

41 Dale Saml 

43 Cox Mrs Kate, pro 

46 Willetts Albert E 

49 Glynn Wm 

63 McLelsh Geo 

55 Law Albert E 

69 Duff Fredk H 

61 Lanpr Norman 

63 Goldsby Daniel 

67 Porter Thos 

71 McGowan Herbert E 

73 Carter Percy P 

. 75 Fisher Geo 
77 Ellsworth Geo 
81 Wrigrht Robt C 
83 Eatough Alfred E 
87 Gray Geo 
91 Palmer Joseph 

96 Anderson Frank 

97 Stanfleld Sidney 
99 Kendall Fredk J 

♦Applegrove av intersects 

103 McKinlev Jas, hdwars 
107 Clifford Walter 
109 Vacant 
113 Goodwin Alf C 
117 Downing Bdwd J 
119 Williams Gertrude 
123 Legerton Frank, btchr 
127 Ablltt John H 
l/2i9 Wilson Saml 
131 Macklem Fredk 
133 Perki/is -Sidney 
135 Westaway Blchd 
137 Milne Geo 
139 Trunan Frank i 

143 Younger Wallace 
145 Hutton Geo 
147 Gordon Wm 
151 Nosworthv Jonathan 
155 King John 
167 D'Eall Albert §1, ero 
161 Ker Fredk 
163 Ritchie James 
167 Hogarth Percy 
171 Phllp Geo 
173 Vacant 

17 5 Mulvaney AJex, grro 
181 Woolcott Henry 
183 Gough Jno 
191 McGowan Harry 
193 Skinner Wm 
195 Vance Ernest C 
197 Cracknell Jno 
203 Irwin David 
205 Cox John I 
207 Kent Robt 
209 Morgan Francis 
211 Cohn Ellen Mrs 
215 Ford Louisa 
217 Root Geo 
21 s Wilson -Robt 
223 Vacant 
235 Long Harry 
227 Proctor Chaa, bldr 
229 .Muschamp Wm 
231 McNab Alex 
233 Thonnpson Chas 
2B'5 Pearson Margt Mrs 
239 Partington John H 
245 Daniel Geo 
247 Kemp Chas 
249 Patton Thelmon 
251 Vacant 
263 Vacant 
255 Coleman Fredk 
259 Barber Frank 
261 Crierle Vernon 
263 Calder QtO 
265 Campbell Wm G 
269 WJlliams James 
4 Gerrard e intersects 

277 Burman Wm 

281 Pritchard Jno O 

287 Mackay David 

289 Haves Alf W 

291 Taylor Edwd B 

293 Cane Geo 

295 Earle H Roy 

297 Cook Fredk 

299 Brereton John 

303 Balm Geo R 

305 Pallinger Joseph 

309 Edwards Joseph 

311 Hargreaves Greenwood 

313 Keilly John 

316 Harwood Raymond J 

317 Wong Kim 
319 Linney Thos 
321 Price Norman 
323 Grace Alfred 
326 Hatton Jas T 
3'27 Ridout Frank 
329 Mitchell Jno 

S37 Brennan Thos T 
341 McLean Thos D 
345 Richardson Wm 
347 Vacant 
351 Jones Geo 

353 Hilis Wm J 

3511 Bower Heniy 

371 Philips Jacob 

373 Hargreave.s Wm 

375 Hamilton Jno, dec 

37 7 Bayes Richmond 

383 Witherldge Howard N 

386 Vacant 

393 Hatton Fredk 

401 Boston Albert H 

403 Lindsay Parnell 

40'5 Edwards Cecil R 

411 Crisp Thos 

413 Crisp Alf 

415 Ferguson Wm J 

419 ;ShuitUeworth Annie Mrs 

421 Jackson Chas 

426 Hartley James 

427 Greenless John 
431 Knott Edwd 
433 Knott Wm 

436 Waite Walter 
439 Brya.n Ellen 
453 Vacant 

♦ G T B Crossing 

629 Hoffman Wm 

631 Darby Joseph 

637 Shaw Jno 

539 Parkinson Frank 

645 Everard Joseph 

547 Shay John 

549 Absent 

681 Smith Annie Mrs 

685 Mackie Reuben 

587 Jackson Wm J 

691 Muckleston Thos W Jr 

597 Moorcroft Wm 

601 Cleara John 

603 Carlton Wm A 

605 Burrows Thos 

607 Dennis John 

609 Thomson Geo 

611 Gribben James 

613 Bowers Henry W 

616 Burley Elizth Mrs 

617 Ward Jno 
623 Deer Thos W 
625 Grimshaw Jno 
631 Owens Jno 
633 Chilton Chas 
835 Brawn Leonard 

637 Blackmun Sidney C 
649 Hunt Alfred B 
651 Farrow Jno 
653 Bedford Harold 
655 Hawthorne Fredk 
661 Labelle Emll 

♦Stacey st Intersects 

677 Booth Arnold, gro 

679 Carter Herbert 

681 Green John C 

689 Hopcroft Edwd J 

691 Crocker Jno 

693 Ellis Thos G 

695 Codnere John 

697 Dorricott Albert 

899 McKlhzev Jeremiah A 

701 Benson E Frank 

705 Parker Clifford 

713 Llttlehales Harry 

715 Jacobs Rioard 

♦Oanforth av intersects 

West Side 

4 Unfinished 
12a GrifUn Thos 
14 Ward James 
141/2 Stone Wm A 
16 Funston David 
16% Lathrope Wm 
18 Parker Wm .\ 
18a Cousineau Wm 
20 Dlggon Harris 
20a Robertson Robt 
22 Henrv Bert 
22a Walker John 
24 Hyde Saml 
24a Bald Wm 
26 Absent 
26a Dav John 
28 Ward Sidney E 
2Sa Bennett Henry 
30 White Harry 
30a Lee Erne.-t 
32 MaGee Sidney 
32a Linge W^m J 

34 Freeman Daniel 
34a Johnson Lyle 
36 Gormley Harry 

36a Morris Jno 

38 MazzaviUa Alfred 

40 Brafleld Geo 

42 Heiu Hoht 
44 Cornish H Victor 
46 Calldine Alfred 
48 Brough Robt A 
60 Bray James 

5ji Harir<i t-'-.wd 
64 Butler Thos 
♦Applegrove intersects 
112 Maby Arthur 
114 Jones Jno H 
116 Taylor Arthur 
118 Brown Arthur G 
120 DorvilJe Wm A 
124 Crone Harvey 
130 Flude Edwd 
132 Doyle Geo 
140 Blllinghurst Geo 
142 White Harry 
146 Reid SanU 
150 Hazlett Thos G 
152 Tiavis.s Robt 
1S8 Van Home Mary Mra 
162 Davis Bdwd 
164 Vacant 
168 Barker Harry 
172 Mason Frank H 
176 Hicken Edwin 
178 Teltord Jas 
188 Wardle Thos •< 

190 Boyd John 
192 Calver Percy 
196 Calver Richd 
200 Duke Margt Mrs 
204 Avery Wm 
2IV6 Barber Walter 
210 Plaster Saml J 
216 Bird Geo 

228 St .Monicas Pflrish hse 
230 Wenless Gilbert 
232 Johnstone Robt 
234 Tinkler Ernest W 
238 Harlow A'hert 
242 Kennedy Wm 
244 Seednoiise Thos 
a48 Tomaliu Wm H 
260 Burns Fredk 
284 Thornton Wm G 
266 Wren James 
268 Abery Henry R 

^Gerrard st p intersects 
SIO Public School 
334 Wilson Richd 
338 Burton T'-^•^ 
S*4 Wright David W 
346 Jones Geo 
3 50 .Teff.f Gen r 
358 Blerwirth John 
360 Murphy Jno 

♦Fairford av Intersects 
368 Kelk Wm 
370 Moodv Arthur 
376 Duncan Wm F 
S80 Lock Arthur, express 
382 Green Herbert J 
392 Simpson Hen^ J 
396 Gallently Gershom 
398 Mole FranoLs 
402 Malcolm Jno W 

♦G T R Crossing 

♦Fel stead av ends 
650 Gregory Frank 
652 Ward Rebecca Mrs. 

♦Mountjoy av engs 
688 Joyner Alfred 
690 Moase Arthur 
692 Lark Bert L 
694 Vacant 
698 Compton Chas 
698 Booth .\Ihert 
706 McDougall James 

♦Danforth av Intersects 


EJast from Coxwell av, 
second n of Queen e, 
ward 1. 

...... North Side 

2 Alcock Alfred F 

R A H nC A F 1 ^"^ V^*'"^ i" politic"* <>' biMt 

Dw n liw W r 1^1,, lieu of certified cheques to accompany tendert (or supplies. 

SURETYSHIP I ^"^ '*"*' '" ^PP**'' succession duties, Excise and all Dominion 
WUIIfcl I Will f/ and Provincial GoTernment requirements. 

. — 8&- 

The Guarantee Co. of North AmerUa 

MEDLAND & SON, General Agents 
Mail Bldg. , Cor. King and Bay Sis. Tel. Adelaide 20SZ 






82-88 KING SI.E. 

4 Jacobs Christian B 
t WynoBkl Alex 
g Jacobs Bll 

10 Vacant 

12-18 RIdout Win, contr 
20 Akrey Francis 

22 Hedrick Andrew 

14 Donohoe John 
26 Vacant 

48 Stuart Jamea 

30 Absent 

S6 Williams Reginald 

38 Bright Thos 

40 Grewar David 

46 Appleby Fred T 

48 Wlndle Harry 

50 FUk Araoa 

South Sld« 

1 Forchon Wm 
9 Good Ernest 

11 Wilson John 
13 Dean Harry 

15 Bailie Saml 
17 Bowie Jamea 
19 Gardiner Olivar 
Jl Mason Chas 

23 Edwards Wm 

28 Trezise Sydney L 
86 Williams Ellaa G 


Bast from Christie first 
aouth of Davenport rd, 
ward B. 

.... . . North Side 

198 Vacant 
800 Vacant 

210 Cober Jacob R 
212 Ray Thad W 
214 Malone Mary Mrs 
J18 Gorrle Danl 
Jerrett /ohn 

218 McConnell Wm J 
224 Joll Geo 

226 Kemp Luther 

228 Atkinson Geo H 
280 MilUgan Jas Q 
J32 Lewis James 

234 Plowman Chas H 
2S6 Spring James 
388 Davey Fredk W 
140 Calllcott Jose, '.i 

South Side .. .... 

191 Johns Thos 
183 Lennon Geo 
195 Woodruff Percy J 

Oaln Harry 
197 Woodcock Marshall 

199 Eaton Wm 

201 Eisenhofer Stanley 

227 Salter Wm 

229 Roberts Geo W 
231 Russell Howard 
233 Kitchen Brlce 

235 Eckold Gustave A 
237 Porte Edwd H 

219 Cooke Edwd F 
241 Jack David 


(Old Bismarck av) eaat 
from 775 Tonge, ward 2. 

North Side 

2 Groves Rosa 
Lytle Oliver J 

4 Hogg Robt P, sign 

6 Vacant 

8 Carter Vivian 
10 Nichols Mary 
12 Griffiths Edwd T 
14 McMahon Wm P 
16-20 Parker R & Co (br) 
22 Fayter Wm 
24 Crown Caroline 
26 Wayman Russell D 
18 Hubertus Mary A Mra 
10 Vacant 
84 Vacant 
34 Manning John 
36 Ogg Jessie C, drsmkr 

38 Lawrence Jas 

40 Vacant 

42 Flinn Thos 

44 Johnston Orphia E Mrs 

46 Hardlnge Geo M 

48 Johnston M Louisa 

^ Park rd intersects 

i50 Markle Wm J 

52 Hill Simpson 

54 Waters Geo A 

S6 Thornton John W 

58 McGhie Wm C 

60 Thurgarland Wm 

62 Morton Ja« W 

64 ChoIwlII Elizth A Mrs 

66 Keachie John D 

68 Lowther EUzth 

70 Hewitt Chas 

72 Clark Sarah A Mrs 

74 Dame Arthur 

76 Frost Walter 

78 Harvey Walter C, piano 

Harvey Sarah M Mrs, 

mus tchr 
80 Allen Wm 
82 Hogg Sidney S 
84 Gorflnkel Max 
86 Trew Mary 
88 Heyes Fleming W 
90 Jaffray LilUe Mrs 
92 WalUs Emma 
94 Wilson Emma 
96 Sanders Herbert J 

South Side 

9 Downs Jeremiah 
11 Willis Wm 
13 Bell Telephone Co 
19 Spence Thos 
21 Dickson Wm J, printer 
23 Badlano Arthur 
27 Wilson Frank 
29 Llndley Frank 
S3 Dvson Wm 
35 Cook Freiik H 
♦ Park rd intersects 
67 Ashhy Wm 
69 Dickson Wm J 
71 Smith Elizth 
■ 73 Loveys Wm J Jr 
75 Menzles Chas 
77 Elliott Fredk 
79 Wllford Edwa 
81 Walton Thoa K 
83 Moyle David 
85 Harris Geo G 
87 Burgess Jefferson C 


North from Douglas 
Drive to C P R tracks, 
first e of Standlsh av, 
ward 2. 

East Side 

9 Patterson James 
13 Waterman Henry 
IB Pell Chas F 

West Side 

18 Mlddleton Rlchd N 
26 Burton Wm T 
38 Murray Chas B 
40 Watts Harry H 
42 Garrett A Noble 
44 Purness Robt Q 


(North Toronto), north 
from Egllnton av w to 
Jacques av, fourth w of 
Avenue rd. 
Not built on 


West from rear of 154 
Sheridan av to Brock av 
■ward 6 

North Side 

* Anderson F'redk G, dairy 

8 Brown Robt 
10 Irwin Jno J 
12 Brltton Fredk 
14 Lockhart John 
16 Young Saml ^ 
18 Young Wm J 
20 Simpson Wilfred 
22 Woods George H 

24 Vacant 

26 Lavery Patk 

28 Smith Morley L 

South Side . 

1 Absent 

3 Tracey Jamea 

Booth Wm 
5 Townsend Joseph 
7 Gallagher Wm J 
9 Fraser Edwd A 
11 Corrlgan Robt 

18 Heftron Wm, orchestr* 
15 Readman Joseph 

17 McLeish John 

19 Baird Charles S 

21 Chapman Alfred J 
23 LIddiard Arthur W 
25 GIbney Roy 
27 Wood house Robt 


North from G T R tracks 
to King w, first w of 
Subway, ward 6. 

East Side 

Bradshaw's, Ltd, waxed 

Woolley Edward H & 

Sons, pro med 
Warner's Safe Cure Co, 

prop med 
St Jacob's Oil, Ltd. prop 

Green G G, prop med 

Wast Bid* 

S« High Grade Oil Co, Ltd, 

2B-4.4 Cluft Ammunition 
Co Ltd, forging plant 
46 Warehouses 

Ont Wind E & P Co Ltd 
^ Liberty st Iptersects 
60 St David's Wine Grow- 
ers' Co 
Lee J W & Co, wine 
18 Bank of Commerce 

book vaults 
102-104 Regal Shoe Co, Ltd 
112-120 Tower Canadian, 
Ltd (warehouse) 

.*.TL,AS AV 

(Old Kennedy av, North 
i)overcourt Annex) north 
from 804 St Clalr av w to 
beyond city limits, ward 

East Side 

9 McKay Wm 

West Side 

14 Haycock Albert E 
16 Sloane Algus J 
18 Patterson Jno G 
20 Lever John P 


(North Dovercourt Annex), 
west from 1602 Dufferln to 
Greenlaw av, 2 n of Davan- 
port rd, ward 6. 

North Side 

4 Lewis Thos 

6 Blackburn Wm 
10 Brlggs Walter 
12 Munslow John C 
14 Sutherland J 
20 Smith Stephen 
26 Frampton Lionel 
28 Gordon Thos 
80 Wright Oliver 
32 Cameron Hugh 
84 Currle Th'os 
86 French Albert E 
88 Harper Aiex 
40 Berry John 
42 Keetley Wm 
44 JackSQB Wm 
48 Robinson Thos J 
50 Bowman Clement W 
52 Blain Wm 
5>4 Bryant C!etherlne Mrs 
56 Harcourt Fredk Li 


58 Marka B Walter 

60 Reld Wm J 

^ Elmwood av Intersects 

62-66 Vacant 

68 Ball Frank W 

70 Robinson Saml 

72 Mcintosh Fredk P 

74 Wakcman Henry 

76 Absent 

78 Hill Agustus 

80 Roe Harry 

82 Leggatt Jamea Q 

84 Norrldge Frank W 

92 Bell Geo 

94 Correll Ernest 

98 Achber Henry, gro 
100 Binder Joseph 
102 Donald Chas 
104 Sellers Walter 
106 Cassin Lawrence 
108 Logie Wm 
110 Darbyshlre Robt 
11:2 Pierson Wm 
114 Boddis Wm 
116 Russell Richd 
Bandy .Arthur 
118 McCaul Alex 
120 Sinclair John 

South Side 

1 Plummer Chas S 

3 Ncrthcote Reginald H 

7 Brvers John 

9 Hibbert John C 

9a Shantz Perlus 

II Moore Grace Mrs 
13 Hall Herbert F 
13a Day Robt 

15 Russell Wm W 

17 Bailey Henry 

25 Kilvington Sarah Mrs 

27 Richardson Alfred 

31 Bunting James 

33 Le Galloude C Louis 

35 Stephenson Mary A 

37 Stainton Prank 
39 Slack Ellen 
39a Jackson Chas B 
41 Dallas Thos T F 
43 Powell Herbert 
45 Johnston John 
47 Blight Wm 
49 Plndlay Millard H 
49 H G-ray Wm A, gro 
51 Elaston Jno 
Bla RobWns Etta Mrs 
^ Elmwood av Intersects 

61 Hodglns Frank 

67 Bartlett Harry 

(5 Molr Wm J 

69 Reed Arthur J 

71 Turpln Henry 

73 Collier Mrs Isabella 

77 Brown Jas T 

79 Murray Robt 

88 Delaland Mrs Augus- 


86 Hayden Frank 

87 Sproul Alex 

89 Wetherhead Joseph 
91 Hughes Geo 

93 Hughes Thos 

95 Houghton Chas 

97 Mason Thos 
103 Wright Geo 
105 Herron Wm H 
107 Fisher Chas 
109 Dawe Wm 

III Coleman Wm Q 
lis Trigger Henry 

^ Greenlaw av Intersacts 


Real Estate and Insurance, Properties for Sa!e, Rents 

Collected, Insurance Effected, Money to Loan 

Phone Residence 
North 874 

WAGNER & HARDING '*'*'^^%"*::<i'/°'*„^^''-'='^*^ 


--ij» f 

. u V 

# 5t F*trtri ac So.- 

U4 F%f IjiD >^^«U 

. ,-i Hananan HkeJI 

B ft. 

Axnnr at 

2IJ6 F1i9C i.> 

tt VK««B AliFX 





PhoneADEUlDi 1962 


it jkJlen John M 
18 Jackson Wm T 
30 Levoir Wm 
S2 Green Alfred W 
J4 Bamford John 
16 Williams Airrea 
]S CrWland Francis 
40 Mlddleton Fredk 
42 Durston Robt 
44 Poulter Henry 
4« KioselUe Frank 
48 St Dennis Wm 
00 Levoir Wm 

Cotton Charlotte Mrs 
IS Denham John 
54 Ashworth Wm 
56 Prior Melvin 
68 Relllnger Geo R, prova 
«0 Hester Wm 
«2 Smlthson Geo A 
<4 Paradine Wm 
a Simmonds Thos 

South Side 

15 Wiles Jas 

17 Wellings George W 

26 White Wm 

27 Pamenter Malln 
27>r4a Hones N Jas 
Zliiii McGinnes Edwd 
29 Garllch Geo 

11 Gibbons George 
83 Hester James H 
35 MoGee David 
87 Tetman Alex W 
3» Smith Thoa 
41 Cross Elijah 
43 Alexander Wm 
45 Fisher Charle* 
47 A{>ps Chas 
49 Philcox Jas W 
61 Lynch Nora 
63 Kehoe J&a 
55 Clark Robt 
57 Umpleby John 
59 Morris Gordon 
61 Bull Robt 
63 Fowler Alfred T 
63a Freeman Walter 


West from Spadina rd to 
Hill av, first n of Daven- 
port rd, warr: i . 

North Side . 

Pellatt Reginald 

South Side 

Pellatt Henry Sir Brig- 


North from 170 Bloor w 
to Lonsdale av, wards 3 
and 4. 

East Side 

IB Cooper Rev Wm B 
17 Bell Andrew J 
19 Scott Paul L, phy 
^ Camb«rland st end* 

21-29 Hampton Court Apta 

Rooms — ■ 

2 iBennlng M Jennie 
4 Stewart Minnie A 
6 Pierson Cory 
8 Gedhlll Robt A 
10 Dlngman Wm S 
12 Harrison Harry A 
14( Jenkins Geo J 
tt© McKBnley Jean 
IS Rutherford Jas L 
20 Dicken Stephen P 
22 Horton S C 
2-4 Browne Gavin jr 
26 Campbell Gordon A 
28 Mclnerney Edwd B 
JO McQueen Fredk 
12 Arkell Robt 
34 Wlckett J J 
36 Willmire Fisher 
38 Rutter Frank M 
40 Cridland Andrew 
42 Hall Jno G 
44 PavldRon LouWa 

48 Vacant 

fiO Davidson Caroline 

52 Patterson Ohas T 

54 Parkinson Robt W 

M Rose Daniel A 

68 Calverley Jno F 

go O'Brien Wm B 

«2 Morrison Jno P 

64 Fitzpatrick Jas 

66 Mills S C 

68 Paynes Wm Q 

70 Huyck Thornton 

72 Flatt SamJ A 

74 York Henry H 

76 Benson Maudaun' S 

78 Hey Shackleton 

80 Stewart Jas A 

31 Hart Henry 

Bwlnerton Robt 'W 

33 Johnston Marg't Mrs 

36 Bertram John A 

37 Baker Robt 
Denne Wm 

4 TorkTllle av ends 

39 Kemp H Gross, phy 
41 Jones W Warner, phy 
43 Gibson Robt 
45 Bauld Eliza J 
47 Giles J Ferguson 
49 Lander Wm J 
61 Hastings Georglna Mrs 
53 Adams Mercer J 
65 Hooper Drug Co 
57 Wagg- Arthur B 
59 Jack Addle 
67 Anderson Mary K 
71 Ciarkson Edward R C 
81-85 Wolseley Motors, Ltd 
87 Keys David R 
89 Rvmal John W 
97 Wood Herbert 
103 Armour E Douglas 
107 Corlis A Walker 
111 Meikle Wm B 
115 Mct/ennan Helen Mrs 

St Paul's Meth Ch 
♦Webster av ends 
131 Cole Edmund H 
133 Boyd Edwd J 
135 Flynn Katherlne 
137 Simpson Jas, phy 
141 Ritchie Chas H 
163 Canada Lawn Bowling 

Club, Ltd 
167 Watson John H, phy 
Edwards Miles S, den- 

169 Rolston Catherine Mrs 
171 Davies Wm Co, Ltd, 

173 Dominion Bank I'orl 
173% Crawford Percival E, 


♦ Davenport rd intersects 
175 Stone James C, btohr 
175a Crawford Percival E 
177 Milne Alex 

179 Wilsun Mrs Martha 

181 Best Wm H 

183 Woodley Edwd G, cojjtr 

185 Vacant 

187 Woods Emanuel N 

189 Steele Wm H 

191 Meehan Mrs Mary 

193 Bell John 

♦ Pears av intersects 
195 Bone Saml. gro 
197 Cohen & PregUa 
199 Lee Robt R 

101 Smith Walter 

203 Browne Reginald F 

206 Aura Lee Athletic Club 

207 Armstrong Mary Mrs 
209 Scott Martin, btchr 
211 Cuthhert Robt 

213 'Lerlch Alfred 
215 French Wm 
217 Lawrason Wm W 
21'J JBrerKeii Walter L 
221 Emery Frank 
223 Rose Ida M 

♦ Roxborcugh it w end* 

I Avenue rd Presbyterian 

245 Hunt Harry W 
247 Ross & Black, real est 


249 Standard Bank of Can- 
251 Wood Jeffrey W, dentist 
263 Mackenzie, Seyler, Ltd. 

Thomas Reginald J 
26S Graham Geo W, phy 
257 Tomblyn G. Ltd 

Tibbtts Wm E 
259 Brown Bros, btchM 
261 Lee Wm H, drugs 

♦ Macpherson av Intsr- 


♦ Marlborough av ends 

♦ C P R crossing 

♦ Sidney st Intersects 
281 Thomas Wm S 

283 Ganter Fredk W 

286 McArthur Martha Mrs 

287 Johns Annie E 

289 Armstrong Harry W D 
291 Smith Miss Sarah S 

♦ Cottlngham St inter- 

299 Schelbe Susanna Mrs 
301 Locke Robt 
303 Porter Elizth 

306 Adams Geo A 

307 O'Hara Joseph 
309 Glass Chas B 
811 Sear John A B 
313 Jackson Margt 
315 Fisher Wiimore 
317 Reed Alex H 

319 Dinsmore Robt S 

♦ Alcorn av ends 

423 Vacant 

426 Clark Wm 

427 Brown Thos M 

^ Farnham av ends 
441 Worts James G 

♦ Balmoral av intersects 
44t Toung Alfred J 

♦ Foxbar rd Intersects 

465 Clapp Chas R 

"U'alker Hnrold E 

459 Golman Chas 

461 Park Andrew 

Park Frank S, phy 

465 Bradgate Apartments 

1 Ka.ppe!e Kate R 

2 Corey Harry 

3 Burger Reamy 

4 Warrlngiton S'tam- 


5 Boeckh Raymond R 

6 McCall pouglas 

7 FHeury Lila Mrs 

8 White Aubery 

9 Wood Wm 

Methodist Church Dea- 
coness Home 
469 Norater Henry 
♦ St Clair av intersects 

661 Dean W Geo 

565 Williams Herbert H 

675 McAllister John E 

♦Heath st intersects 

581 McCuaig Edith M Mrs 
68S Miller Wm McC 
589 Malone Anthony L 
609 Milne John A 
613 Duncanson Andrew E 
817 Chalmers David C 
619 Lonsdale Apartments 

1 Fritch Louis C 

2 Campbell Geo C 

3 Porter .Albert R 

4 Foy Mnrv ^f^s 

5 Snider Fletcher C 

6 Massey Arthur L 

7 Williams Frank D 

8 More Fredk 

9 Washington Bar- 

10 Coulthord Emma 

11 Foster Archie 
12 Simpson Jas R 

15 Cullen Henry 

16 Ciarkson Ernest P 

17 ZIck Harry 

18 Foy Percy L 

19 Smith H S 

10 Massey Rhoda Mrs 

11 McCollum Chas S 
21 Crockett Henry 
S3 Farquharson L 

24 Gordon Wm Q 
S( Pe&r*on Jas 
II McAlde Hsnry i 
Trsw Waltsr 

Wsst Sid* 

IS McCollum John W, phy 
28 Clark Wm Mortimer Sir 

♦ Prince Arthur av com- 

30 Mitchell Thos A 
32 Somers Francis 
34 Robinson Edith 
36 Maule Henrietta L Mrs 
38 Somers Jas W 
40 Trick John 

Currelly Mary Mrs 
46 Young Elizah, mus tdhr 

Jacey Judson C T 
50 Rose Jean M Mrs 
52 St Clair Nerval A 
54 Blair Elizth 
56 Rice Rebecca M Mrs 
58 Vacant 

♦ Lowther av commences 

60 Torrance Wm P 
62 Robertson Sarah J 
64 Ball Mary H 
Bell John A 
68 Symons John T 
72-76 Rotherwood Apts 

1 Mehl Geo H 

2 Mulholland J 

3 Buckle L E 

4 Brodie Sinclair Mrs 

5 Thompson D G 

7 Grifflths John J 

8 Ferris Roland B 

9 Brodie J S 

10 Moriarity Jno C 
23 Nicholls Bruce F, 

Si GlUeland Annie E 

86 Monro Edith 

88 Ogden Wm E, phy 

90 Vacant 

92 Phillips Ernest J 

921/^ Freek Mary 

94 McDonald & McCann, 

♦ Boawell av commences 

96 Haight M fl. pliy 
98 Shortreed Mrs Caroline 
100 Bagshaw D Jtnison, den- 
102 Howard Ernest A E. 

104 Clark Levi J 
106 Syer Stephen 
108 Johnson Saml. phy 

♦ Tranby av commences 
110 Badgley F N, dentist 
112 McPherson J Gordon, 

vet aurg 
IK Klnnear Thos J 
116 Tweddle Thos. masseur 
118 Moffatt Thos 
120 Vacant 

122 Homuth Milton S L 
124 Bates Burial Co 
Maddocks Rlchd 
4 Bernard av commences 
126 Wallace Carrie Mrs 
128 Vacant 
130 Shoemaker Henry 
138 Shrlner Rlchd 
140 Shellds Alex P, staty 
142 Treleaven Wesley W, dry 

144 Munholland Joseph, gro 
149 Royal Bank of Canada 
Brown Jane Mrs 
♦Davenport rd intersects 

148 Ellis Wm A, drugs 
160 Robinson Chas, gro 
152 Turner W R, btohr 
154 Oirrf^ai- .Tn.oe'^^i. confy 


Reaf Estate Agents, l^tiS^iR? 




F. J. SMITH ^^^ CO. 




156 Caron Louis, govt arti- 
ficial limb mkr 
16S Watne Wm J 
U0-«4 Canada Bread Co, 
Utd, The 
^ Pears av intersects 
174 Wlllifl Annie, confy 
174 H Ozard Walter 
17« Vacant 

178 Hlrat-Smytlj Kenneth 
180 KyJe Eliza 
182 Smyth Thos B, plmbr 
184 Cairns Bernard 
186 Morse Robt 
1»8 Brad Wm H 
190 Amy Wilm&r B T. den- 

♦ Chlcora av commences 
2316 Warwick Manor Apts 

1 Vacant 
r fiaxton Helen 
3 Kendall Sydney 
Church of the Messiah 
#Dupont St commences 

244 Hatcher Geo, florist 
246 Cole Wm, gro 
248 dark IDavld W. gro 
2B0 Av«ry Ernest W, cigars 

Bentiey Archd, barber 
264 Tuck Chas, conty 
2B6 Chinese Indry 
268 White Fredk, gro 
2B8H Contractors' Supply Co 

♦ C P R crossing 

^ Macphereon av intoriects 
262 C P R engineering dept 
264 Moore Chajs 
266 Graham Robt H 
268 Dann iDavid D 
270 Batty James 
272 Jones Sarah N 
274 Lochhead Thos 
276 Galloway Robt W 
27 8 Calder Geo 
280 Guthrie Jas 
2«2 Brown E Irving 
284 Macdonald H R, vocalist 
286 Noble Thos H 

♦McMaster av commences 

290 O'Brien EUzth 
29 2 McTavish Robt A 
294 Robertson Neil M 
296 HaUworth John B 
298 Ripley Blair 
300 McWlIliams Jas D 
SiUifant Montague 
302 Grant Russet R 

♦Cottlngham st Intersects 

312 Walker Sarah Mrs 
J14 Plummer Edwd 
316 Morphy H Basil 
350 Mackenzie Sir Wm 
430 Grace James C 

♦ Clarendon av commences 

43 2 Miles EUzth .Mrs 
436 Pike W S C 
438 Hoskin E J Mrs 
440 Brown Alan, phy 

^ Balmoral av Intersects 

450 Henderson Jas B 
454 Brown School 
460 Carlaw Major Jno A 
462 Grimshaw Wm S, phy 

♦ Lynnwood av commences 

♦ 8t Clair av Intersects 

482 Absent 

488 Tilley W Norman 
494 Burden Chas B 
600 Helntzman Geo C 

♦ Heath intersects 

584 Wright Henry 

588 Absent 

602 Absent 

604 Miller Thos W 

606 Connolly John F, conti- 

614 Mitchell Jno L 

616 Woodland Chas W 

620 Manning Jas 


(Including old Otter cres. 
North Toronto ) , north from 
Upper Canada College to 
Lawrence av w. 

East Side 

7 Wright Joseph 

West Side 

8 Corner Geo 

♦ College View Intersects 
98 Gamble Susan 
Jury Carrie M Mrs 


North from head of Rose 
Hill av to St Clair av e, 
first e of Yonge, ward 2. 

East Side 

Xot built on 

West Side 

4> Pleasant boul interaects 

18 Verner Fredk J 

20 Becket John Itev 

22 Clewlo Orlando S 

24 Ellis Harvey E 

26 Cohen Madeline Mrs 


West from Park rd to 
Rosedale rd, ward 2. 

North Side 

20 Woods Jas W 
30 Woods Jas D 

South Side 

17 Piper Laura M Mrs 
19 Lyle John M 


West from 962 Dutterln 
to Brock av, ward 6. 

North Side 

54 Clifton Wm P 

S6 Smith George E 

58 Cowan Edwd 

"60 WUson Geo W 

62 Hodson Chas 

64 Rutherford Robt 

66 Mankey Mary K Mra 

68 New Herbert 

70 Mcllmoyle Harry 

72 Reid Harry 

74 Clifton Harry 

76 Koonle Edwin 

78 Bell Geo 

80 Roberts Aaron 

82 Armstrong Herbert 

84 Syme James 

85 Jones Albert 

88 Lightfoot Chas, mkt 

90 Calwell Robt 

South Slds 

Toronto Seventh Day 
Adventist Church 
73 Wiles Ernest 
75 Martin James A 
77 Gaboon Fredk J 
79 Scott James 
81 Strachan Robt 
83 Tucker Edwd 
85 Gibson Walter C 
87 Robertson Hugh 
89 Forsyth John 


(Old Forrest rd). e from 
931 Tonge, ward 2. 

North Side 

Not built on 
South Side 

15 Murphy Deuts J 

17 Mowat John 
19 Houtby Geo H 

21 Stevenson Mrs Annie 
23 Armstrong Mrs Mary 
25 Maynard Miss Prances 

27 Gunn Robt E 
29 Oliver Louisa 
31 Martin Chas A 
33 Mortimer Margt Mrs 
35 Auerbach Otto 
37 Morris Annie W Mra 


(West Toronto), north 
from Humberslde av to 
Annette, third w of Keele, 
ward 7. 

East Side 

11 Burge Edwd 
13 Black Allan 
15 Wilson Alf 
17 Amos Walter 
19 Wilklns Thos E 
21 Francis Chas 
57 Wylie Thoa 
59-61 Andrews Ernest, ex- 

63 Andrews Wm 

65 McEnaney Gordon 

67 MoDonald Fredk A 
69 Uttley Herbert 

71 Schwalm Wm 
73 McDonald Wm H 
75 Andrews Thos 

West Side 

60 Mungovan Ellen 
62 McEnaney Frank 

64 Grelg James 

68 Grelg R Edwd 


A continuation of Annette 
west from Jane, flrist n 
of Raymond av, ward 7. 
1 Smith Holmes 
8 Bates Frank W 


(Formerly Osslngton pi), 
w from 20 Osslngton av to 
Lakevlew av, ward 5. 

North Sid© 

t Vacant 

8 Lyons Jno R 

10 Lavender Herbert 

12 Hogg Robt 

14 Richmond Chas 
U Sims John B 
18 Brown Geo 

20 Vacant 

22 Logan Margt Mra 

24 Mclntyre John R 

at) lui siae 

7 Vacant 

9 Smith Edgar 

11 Wensley James C 

13 Simmons Fredk A 

15 Rounding Albert Q 


East from 367 Carlaw ar, 
ward 1. 

North Side 

4 Ashley Hedlev D 
6 Burns Patk 
8 Everest Geo 
Brooks Edgar H 
10 Gow Wm 
12 Bate Caleb 
Smith Sydney 

14 Turner Percy 
Thomson Arthur 

16 McCormack Jno 
Nell Thoa 

15 Manning Thos 
20 Thomas Frank 
22 Wilkes Geo 

^ Boston av intersects 

24 Pearson Felix 

26 Wilson Catherine Mra 

Wilson Saml 
28 MoKee Herbert H 

iO McColeman Flora 
32 Galla-her Cha» 
34 Pincombe Jno 

♦ Pape av intersects 

36 Long BenJ 

38 Heakes Saml H 

40 Armstrorig Robt J 
42 Martin Clarence R 
44 Stevens Wm U 
52 Jeasop Selina 
54 Newton James A 
56 Holland Patrick 
58 Ballennie Peter 
60 Buck John 
62 Sawdon Geo 
64 McClyment Alejk 
66 Heslop Thos Jt 
68 Ferguson Jas 
70 Williamson Alex 
72 Swanston Robt 
74 Wootton Emanuel 
76 Best Wm 
78 Harvey Alfred 
O'Donnell Robt 

South SW , 

1 Hoey Robt 

3 Thompson ^/'alter 

6 Strain Tho nas 

7 Milner John H 
9 Newton v-. m 

11 Greenwc >i Chaa H 
II Browes Maurice 
15 Sharp Win R 

Evans Frank 
17 Fowler Chas H 
19 Patteison John Q 
21 Cullen Eliza Mrs 
^ Boston av intersects 
23 Baker Gilbert 
25 HaJl Wm 
27 Firzpatiicii Danl 

Coomby Geo 
29 B.-illinger Joseph 
♦ Pape av intersects 
35 Hamlett Jas 
3/ Peacock Chas 
U9 Hamilton John 
41 Ward John J 
43 Myles Wm 
45 Hilland James 
47 Smith Wm J 
49 Eastman Harold D 
51 White Joseph 
63 gmith Sydney 
65 Shea Peter 
»7 Trott Albert J 
59 McAulifCe John 
61 Terry Arthur 
63 Johnston Hugh 
65 Cody Margt Mrs 
67 Banner Geo 
69 Walton Geo A 
71 Maltland Peter 
73 Elliott John W 
75 Yates Wm H 
77 Barnes Thos H 
81 Barnes John J 
83 Brown Merritt A 


East from 513 Broadview 

av to Klswick av, first 
n of Wlthrow av, ward 1 . 

North Side 

2 Upton Harold C 
4 Berry George 
6 Malby Albert C 
10 Shea Timothy B J 
12 Green Frank 
14 Bent Geo 
16 Hall Wm E 
18 Potter Mrs Margt 
20 Russell Herbert C 
22 Redway Sydney O 
24 Hill Frank 
26 Alllngham Arthur W 
28 Bartlett Geo W 
30 Haynes Frederic G 
32 Collins Fredk 
34 Wright McKenzie 
36 Gonder Jane Mrs 
3« Lugadln J Harvey 
40 Baker James 
42 Timma Chas 
44 Westney Alice 




Phone Main 7066 


59 YONGE ST. 8«nd (or our Booklet on" ••■^- -w 

46 Silk ■Wm A 

^ Millbrook cres ends 

Si Peacock Wra C 

S8 1 Beesley Frank M 

2 Ord Harry M G 
S8 1 McKerracher Benj 

2 Copp P Edwin 


The Maples 

1 Alexander Wm 

2 Green Wm H 

4 Laing Peter M 
6 Smith Leo 

6 Redwood Bernard 

7 Scott Saml 

5 Pcttridge Wm 

9 Nlchol Fredk 

10 Robinson Edwd 

11 Brown Thos 

12 Pecker Hug-h R 

13 McKay John W 

14 Jeffrey Joseph H 

15 McKerracher Gregg P 


16 Babbage Chas H 

17 McKav Norman 

18 GiUes,pie EMwd 

19 Scott John 

15 Groocock Sydney G 

20 Groocock Sydney G 

21 Emmerson Ethel H 

22 Nixon Martha 
Stllson Edith 

23 Harper BenJ 

24 Girdler Harry 

25 Falrchlld Walter H 

26 Mason Harry 

27 Hunt Janet Mr» 
2S Brooker Sidney 
29 TcKJd Geo A 

SO Scarlett Cha» L 

31 Harpley Thos 

32 Graham Devld 

33 Unwln Edgar 

34 Stubbs Margt 

35 Creighton Wilfred D 

36 Des Brlsay Lucertla 
87 Barker Harry H 

38 Fletcher Elizth Mrs 

43 Carpenter Fre<Jk 

44 Martin Franklin P 

45 Taylor Jas 

46 Nendlck Nellie 

47 Black LlUle Mrs 

48 Hartley PhlUp 

49 Frame Elizth 

50 Coombs Chas V V 


51 Knight Jno W 

52 Lynch Chas A 
63 Woo-dai! Jas 

54 Joseph Stella 

55 Zimmerman Flora H 

56 Chapman Wm H 

57 Lvndon Frank 

58 Kreh Wm 

69 Ferguson Watson 

60 Justice Jno 

61 Sirman Robt 

62 Abraham John 

Th« OakH 

1 Bell Thos ^ 

2 Parisean Rene 

3 Grady Earl 

4 Brode Philip S 
6 RIts Herman 

6 Garnhftii Wm H 

7 Donaldson Thos G 

8 Field Percy 

9 Hargrave Robt 

10 Pearson Stewart L 

11 Becker Hugh 

12 Bowdry Jamei 

13 Elliot Lillian M 

14 Crosby C Thomson 

16 Hargreaves Thos O 

16 Absent 

17 White Brian 

18 Gray Jas E 

19 McCualg Jas F 

20 Almas Edwd 

21 Lockerbie Arthur 

22 Whale Henry 

23 Woodrow Geo 

24 Lacy Fredk 

25 Taylor John 

26 Johnston Frances Mrs 

27 Smith Kate R Mrs 

28 Sawers Alex 

29 Hyde Wm 

30 Henderson Wm 

31 Thurston Arthur 

32 Morris Fredk A 

33 Taylor Thos C 

34 -Mitchell Wm J 

35 Hunt Thos 
86 Cowan Wm 
37 Cornish Wm 
3S Watt Robt 

43 Gaiger Hugh 

44 Martin Frank 

45 Konkle H N Rev 

46 Webber Wm 

47 Price Norman 

48 Redwood Fredk A 

4 9 Lewis- Watts Geo W 
60 Rahikainen Walter 
51 Absent 
53 Tomkins Geo 

53 Love Wm 

54 Lynch Percy A 

55 Wigmore Wm H 
5« Howatt Olga B 

Londry Marg't W 

57 Deajdman Albert 

58 Carpenter Harvey A 

59 Johnston Percy 

60 Gallagher Chas R 

61 Baker Albert E 

«2 Matthewson Bllzth 

The Lindens 

1 Lodge Wm H, elect 


2 Conyers- Hamilton 

3 Brooka Chas 

4 Shaughneasy Alf 

5 Schliman Saml 

6 Schwalm Mary Mrs 

7 Campbell Emma 

8 Vacant 

9 Bradv Francis X 

10 Eagle Fredk 

11 Philpott Chas 

12 Stark John 

13 Smith Frank 

14 MoGillivray Je«8i* 


16 Vacant 

J« Jenkins Ethel 

17 Frame Chas 

18 Langworthy Mary 


19 Chalmers Andrew 
JO Taylor Chas 

21 Monteith Mary 

22 Lake Foster 

23 Sproule Wm A 

24 Adams Fredk O 
26 Campbell Geo 

26 Gray John M 

27 Taylor Gavin M 

25 Wannaraaker Asa 

29 Basneitt Jas 

30 Eaton Russell 

31 Jackson John W 

32 Adams Chas 

33 Magnan Isabella Mrs 

34 Little Robt A 

35 Doughty Thos J 

36 Absent 

37 Davis Edwin T 

38 Perkins Harry 

43 Lauder Wm 

44 Cope Frank 

♦5 Griffith J Chas 

46 Lugodln Joseph 

47 Oldfleld Arthur 

48 Carphiin Donald 

49 Blake Ernest M 

50 Mitchell Henry 

51 McGregor Donald 

52 Reed Ernest 

53 Armstrong Wllbert 

54 Harris Wm H 

55 Poste Lyllian Mrs 
66 Henry Leonard 

57 Carglll George 

58 Clapp Harry 

59 Kirby Cora E 

60 Jefferles Wralter 

61 Skeiton Elizth 

62 FoUiott L Ruston 

63 Warner A Gordon 

64 Brock Vlo-la 

♦ Logan av Intersects 

Toronto Housing Co 
Power House 
188 Wilson Albert B 
190 Grattan Hamilton 
192 Douglas Geo 
194 DaJe Adam 
196 Woodward Hedley J 
198 Mitchell Douglas M 
200 Kidney Wm T 
202 Newman Frank J 
204 Shivas James 
206 Ramm Harry 
208 Henderson Wm 
210 Marquis BenJ T 
212 Swanson Chas C 
214 Startup Thos H 
216 Ward Geo W 
218 Preston John 
220 Preston Walter, plmbr 
222 Bea,rt iOrnest A 
224 Rea Wm J 
226 Worrell Tnos 
228 Whitney Wm 
230 Hutciilnson Win T, jrro 

♦ Carlaw av intersects 

233 Ogilvy Frai.k 

234 Elliott Robt 

i!36 Dickinson Geo F 
238 Daniel Wm 
244 Jelleries Edward 
248 Baldry Henry 
260 Wilson Wm 
252 Lougheed John 
252a Hermltag* Qeo 
254 Spears Norman N 
266 Cowlev Colin 
258 Trusty Edwd 
260 Page Alfred 
262 Frazer Henry 
264 Caskle John 
266 Hill John S 
268 Parrott Thos 
270 Nieminen Anthony 

273 Smith James 

274 Devonshire Geo 

♦ Pape av intersects 

282 Hardy Frank 

284 McGregor Adam A 

286 Blenkarn Geo P 

288 Hlllier Archd D 

290 Nlcholls Frank W 

a>2 Hamilton Ada 

294 Pollard Chas H 

296 Couch Jas P 

298 Lake Elizth Mra 

300 Ridge Francis 

303 Tilbury Wm 

804 Witty Reginald H 11 

306 Wilson James 

308 Hunt James 

310 Kempling Josepli 

812 Vear Jas 

814 Lane John 

118 Elo Wm 

318 Salmela Henry 

320 Cannon Wm J 

322 Reid Andrew 

324 Jones Wta G 

326 Mercer Horatio 

328 Loughman John 

880 Todd Saml 

332 Stradling Richd H 

334 Miller Ernest 

336 Denlson Leslie 

338 Woodyard Gordon 

South Side 

1 Ahner Mrs Anna 
3 Fullerton John A 

6 Baker Stewart J 

7 White Patk J 

9 Lynch Mrs Helen 

11 Crlghton Thos A 

15 Smith Sydney 

17 Kyle Geo T 

19 Walker Frank 

21 Thorne Saml M 

23 Berry Fredk J, chiro- 

25 Hellcms Arthur L 

27 Ibbotson Jarrls 

29 Mercer Alfred E 

31 Fleming Mrs Mary 

Fleming Miss Cilia, 
mus tchr 

33 Long-bottom Saml H 


8S Row« Alfred J 
37 Mullen Joseph W 
39 Bouttell Alfred 
41 Third Saml 
43 Farquhar John D 
45 Burroughs John J 
47 McCuUough Thos 
65 Kllbrook Walter G 

67 Evans John 

68 Blackstone Francis 

Aberdeen Olub 

1 St Hill Eric G 

2 O'Connell Margt T 


3 Flexman Ernest 

4 Brewer Myrtle M 
Stephenson Margt 
Stephenson Lillian 

5 Smith May Mrs 

6 Rolston Agnes 

7 Walker Allan 

8 Baker Rilla 

9 Absent 

10 Irvine Minnie L Mra 

11 Ingram Herman S 

12 Russe'ii ;\iary Mrs 

13 Glaister Helen 
Dobson Lillian 

14 Harvey Wm H 

15 Bicknell Lena 
Thrush Alice K 

16 Byrch Frances S 
Ross G Delia 

17 Smith Jane Mrs 
li8 Hutchfson Wm 

19 Vacant 

20 Mead Wm 

21 Irvin Eliza M Mrs 

22 Hurlburt Hazel R 

23 Smith John 

24 Anderson Alex M 

^ Logan ST Interaecta 

175 Crelchton Alex 

177 Caton Wm H 

177 H Day James H 

179 Leitch Alex 

181 Manning Jessie Mrs 

183 Hayden Geo A 

186 Field Mrs E G, drsmkr 

187 Robbins J Howard 
189 Miller James 

191 Whalen Thos 
193 Thompson Alex 
195 Mllligan J Lewis 

197 Fleming Joseph 

199 Scrutton Arthur 
201 Clarke Wm J 

2(i3 Laverv Wm G 
205 Hunter Arthur 
207 Leslie Frank 

209 Bennett Wm K 

211 Lyndon Herbert W 
213 King Herbert 

215 Kerr Wm R 

217 Cockrel! James 

219 Browning Ralph 

221 Monk Thos 

223 Bowen Henry 

226 Devlns Milton C 

227 Marshall Hugh S 
229 Hepburn Geo 

♦ Carlaw av Intersects 

231 Lehan Fredk C C 

233 King John 

235 Phillips Jno A 

237 Carr Judd 
239 Green Jas 
241 Harrison Harry 
243 FelUon John B Jr 

SHAW & BEGGI general insurance a6ents and brokers 

JTocT) \ Phow: OM«a. KMa tW «ad Hil. Bi a d tM e, B t k io ri 1148 



(CrMtod Fl«*r) 


Lots in Stewart Manor !L'I 


cox & CUMMINGS, I 


Canada Life Building 

and 2118 Queen East 


Main 2524 

Main 472 

^Beach 62S 


246 Palmer James 
M7 laaby John 

249 Brown Thos C 

261 Murray Hugh N 

^53 Dorman Jus 

35'6 Caskie James 

269 Knig'ht Harry 

L'61 Anderson Saml T 

263 Daly John 

i^S Baker Ernest H 

367 Fallowdown Wra A 

369 Staughton Stephen H 

271 Pt-rklns Catherine H 

271 Given Wm J H 
275 Thicke Phillip 
277 Pennell Reuben 
27» Wabb James S 
3!1 Klncaid Alex 

♦ Pape av intersects 
286 Martin Herbert 

306 Steele Wm 

307 Dudley Guilford 
309 Morrison Francis A 
311 Hayford Harrv 

313 Donnelly Edwd 

316 Cohen Heiirv 

317 Spowart John 
319 Kemp Eliza 
321 Clarke Joseph 
323 Vacant 

325 Dug-gan Chas 
327 Dobson Edwd 
329 Woodward Harold 
^31 Vacant 
341 Buttery Wm 
343 Griffin Thos 
345 Bradshaw Fredk 


(Formerly Fennlngs), e 
from Jones av to Condor 

av. first 9 of Danforth av. 
ward 1 

South Side 

1 Miller BenJ 

2 Butler Geo A 

6 Thomas Henry C 

7 Pezzack Thos 
11 Vacant 

13 MoCallum Isaac 


North from Lons^lale rd 
to Walmsley boul. first w 
of L.awton av. ward 3. 

West Side 

1 Cowan Amelia Mrs 
3 Tate Martha Mrs 

6 Cleland Francis L, 

7 Ormoby Sidney H 
9 Diplock Thos G 


West from 1S2 McCaul to 
Augusta av, ward 4. 

North Side 

2 Cosentino Vincent, gro 

4 Klein Rebecca Mrj 

6 Vacant 

8 Vacant 
10 Elchler Max 
12 Mundell Victor 
14 Isaacs Max 
1« Dowltz Philip 
18 Bllberman Max 
20 KazakofE Aaron 
20^4 Fenkel Joseph 
22 Schulman Saml 
24 Londes Rebecca Mr» 
26 Goulet Vincent 
♦ Henry it commences 

28 Schlffer Abraham M 

30 Schlffer Elslg 

34 Wllks Jacob 

36 Roth Victor 

38 Rico Auretro 

40 Bloom Jacob 

4 3 Rosenfeld Abraham 

♦Beverley st Intersects 

70 Cutler Ernest H 

7 2 Tanbe Nathan 

74 Donley Henry 

76 Rosenberg Harry 

78 Barnea Mlsg Sophia 

80 Monhein Joseph 

82 Brookstein Louisa Mrs 

84 Gillard Harry 

86 Goulden Jas 

88 Darwin Henry 

90 Moore Ellen Mrs 

92 Amable Vincent H 

94 Bennett John R 

96 Baldwin apts 
Skie Fanny JIrs 

98 Foreigners 
100 Tater Louis 

♦Huron «t Intersects 
102 Schumacher Saml 
104 Handelman Isidore 
^106 Zener Abram 
108 Levy Myer H Rabbi 
110 Top,p Harry 
112 Bridger Richd 
114 Corln Mrg Sarah C 
116 Lytle Walter 
118 Prager Dora Mrs 
H8V3 Vavcant 
120 Cassman Albert J 
122 Cl.irke Mrs Jane 
124 Morgan Mrs Marian 
126 Holmes Wm A • 
1128 Kelly Jamea J 
130 Burns Robt 

♦ Spadlna av IntersecU 
142 Stoner Walter 
144 Hemstreet John 
146 Levy Louis 
148 Cutler Archibald 
150 Starkman Nathan 
152 Fox Harry 
154 Kerzon Moss 
166 Halllwell Catherine Mrs 
158 Broomhead Edwd 
160 Goldburg Nathan 
162 Teffer Max 
164 Slnden Estelle Mrs 
166 Nelkin Robt 
168 Wineberg Abraham 
170 Selesnlck Louis 
172 Steinberg Morris 
174 Schwartz Chas 
174 H Fruchtman Harry 
176 Weil Julius 
178 Smoodln Naman 
180 Vacant 
182 Leabowltz Max 
184 Hickey Fredk 
186 Kernsner Max 
188 Dean Harry 
190 Garton Isaac 
192 Minella Louis 
194 Foreigners 
!»6 Balfour Louis 
198 Pachler Ben] 

South Side 

1 Mumford J & Son. btehrs 

3 Ross Archd 

5 Bergsteln Moses 

9 Schwartz Harry 
11 Greensteln Abraham 
13 Campbell Jacob 
15 Goodman Hyman 
17 Keltz Moses 
19 Schwartz Saml 
21 Schwartz Max 

28 Roffeno Frank 

25 Del Angela Antonla 
27 Scop Harry, btchr 

29 Yurklewler Nick 
31 Lerner Jacob 

33 Zamek Harry, gro 
35 Brookstein Ephralm 
37 Deturse Frank 
39 Daly Frank 

Grenefsky Bernard 
41 BUman Isadore, fish 
43 Suposnik Solomon 
45 Ganstwige Annie, gro 
47 Blldner Saml. gro 
49 Fish Hoffman, gro 
61 Bllversteln Max 
♦ Beverley st InterseoU 

66 James Philip 

67 Yolles Saml 

69-71 Baldwin Apartments 

1 Pingerhaut Rebecca 


2 Brookstone Morris 

3 Vacant 

4 Baker Mary Mrs 
."1 Shuliiian Saml 

B Tin Saml 

7 Gelber Gereon 

5 Lubelsky Sarah 

9 Goldstein Isidore 

10 Axler Max 

11 Schipper Frank 

12 Harnick Louis 
73 Sobol Hyman 

75 Greenspan Esther Mrs 
77 Groskopf Miltchie Mrs 

Pearlman Ohas 
79 Rlngold Morris 
81 Hemelstein Trattle 
83 Douglas Walter 
85 Healey Joseph 
87 Green Murk 

89 Sllverstein Nathan 
91 Stalberg Thos 

93 Klegelsteln Isaac 
95 Brody Slgmund 
97 Zener Solomon 

90 Spink Mrs A, drtmkr 
101 Murphy Mrs Beatrice 
103 Dean Thos 

105 Frllech Saml 
107 ITalllsran John C 

♦ Huron st intersect* 
109 Herman Saml. gro 
111 Foreigners 

113 Zemarfald Saml 
115 Katz Esau 
117 Black Simon 
119 Katz Max 
121 Pearl Rudolph 
123 Spreckman Hyman 
IL'5 RltersburK Moses 
127 Novak Abraham 
129 Wiseblaum Hyman 
131 Lavlne Max 
133 Maynard Harry 

Musgrave Wm F 
135 Buckland Thos 
137 Clark Henry 
141 O'Rourke Jas 

♦ Spadlna av interaeots 
14 5 Everett Mabel Mrs 
147 Roberts^ Wm Cha« 
149 Rogers Sydney 

101 Bonney Chas 

153 Horrocks Jno 

155 Micks Mav Mrs 

157 Robinson Edwd 

159 Spector Sam 

161 Katz Saml 

16.3 Vacant 

165 Warwick Percy 

167 Herman Robt 

169 McNulty Mrs Mary N 

111 Faith At'iaiiam 

173 Rondo Aaron 

175 Perlmuter Aaron 

177 Cass Aaron 

179 Spector Sftmuel 

181 Pearl Gabriel 

♦ Kensington av end* 
1S5 Nyman Abraham, lUh 
187 Vacant 

189 Wiener Julius 
189H Moren Saml 
191 Lachman Nathen 
191% Tiahcoff BenJ 

Dlsakoff Peter 
193 Magill Wm T 
195 Magill John, carp 
195% Smith Sarah, fish 
197 Dessan Abraham, shoe- 

Weldman Roy 
199 Maver Geo A 
199a Cosnett Gordon 
199b Gearon John 


(East Toronto) east from 
Barrlngton av to Dawes 
rd, second n of Danforth 

North Side 

6 Darling Rubin 
8 Leman James 
12 Davis Malcolm E 
14 Ward Hector 
16 Sylvester Wm 

18 Mason Abbot L 
20 Gilbert H Henry 
22 Flewelliiig Henry 
34 Harris Arthur j 
26 Kenny C R 
28 Deamer Thos 
30 Wilson Richd 
32 King Richd 
34 Lewis Thos A 
3« Wilkinson Wm C 
38 Fudge Saml B 
40 Comer Albert E 

43 McKay Joseph 

44 Peers Wm 

46 Braithwaite Geo 
48 Brock Andrew 
50 Davis Berna rd 
52 Mason Joseph 
64 Townsend Wm 
56 Ellis Chas 
68 Harrison Albert 
60 Prankish Thos 
62 Warner Herbert 
64 Miller John 
66 Johnston Thos 
68 Milling Robt W 
74 Smith Rebecca Mrs 
80 McKennay Thos 
S<i W'iyun Geo H 
88 Ball Ross R 
90 Torrance DruslUa Mrs 
94 Salmon Henrv AV 
98 Cherpaw Edwd D 
108 Wise Henry 

South Side 

5 Decks Bertram S 
7 McAlpine J Perclval 
9 Howlett Frank A 

11 Howlef Alfred W 

13 Brown Wm F 

15 Abernethy David A 

53 Spencer Jno E 

55 Unfinished house 

57 Curtis Wm L 

59 Needham Thos 

63 Williamson John F 

65 Wynd David 

73 t,abow Edwd 

77 McGregor Albert W 


(North Toronto), east 
from 1867 Yonge to Bay 
View av 

North Side 

32 Bond Arthur 

34 Chadwlck Emily Mrs 

38 McCrea Wm 

44 Carey Wm 

50 Hawkins Geo A 

52 McKerrihan Robt 

66 Simpson W E Bruce 

58 Malone Luella Mrs 

60 Beamish W Ross 

62 Glenister Wm J 

64 Bowser Chas W 

68 Milliken Henry 

74 Pratt Alfred E 

80 Hannah Geo 

82 Day Henry W 

86 Watt Wm I 

• Adarason Geo 

94 Mclnnis Wm E 

98 Houghton Thos K 

102 Baldwin Arthur 

106 Skerrait Fredk 

108 Bannan Wm 

112 Houghton Thos R jr 

116 Vacant 

120 Gough Alfred 

124 Thorn Chas E 

130 Edwards James 

132 Brown Robt 

134 Price John T 

140 White Walter T 

142 Price Ernest J 

144 Hodgson Neesam 

146 Virtue Frank C 

148 McQualn Thos, bldrs 

154 Campbell Robt M. Iter 

160 McClelland Leonard P 

166 Hardman Edwd 

204 Muston Walter, florist 

210 Mcintosh Robt 

212 Saunders Albert 

248 Griee Frank 


123 SCOLLARD ST., near Hazelton 









358 Skerratt Homer 
260 Wakeman Chas 
262 Clark Francis 
294 Tallamy John 
296 Carter Sydney 
298 Jack Archd 
JOO Rimmer Chas E 
S02 Hohbs Frank 
SOS Reid Howard 
312 Hunter Wm F 
S30 Baron Geo 
♦Mt Pleasant rd Intersect* 
344 Botham Percival 

Botham Mary, nurse 
360 Abbott Fredk W 
366 Pears Benj 
368 Batchelor Jas V 
J76 Smith Chas R 
382 Way Walter G 
886 Roberts Francis E 
892 Sutton Robt \V P 
194 Davis Wm 
396 Henderson Mlchl 
400 Dance John 
414 Simone Andrea 
418 Laldlaw Geo. contr 
424 Vacant 
42i6 Melninch Isabel 
430 Buchanan Andrew 
432 Lamb P Moriand Rev 
434 MaivJ-on Thos R 
440 Maxev Chas T 
446 Skerratt Lawrence B 
448 Roberts Alfred E 
4B0 Hunt Walter G 
488 Hunt Geo C 
846 Turner Thoa 
666 Welwood John E 
670 Vacant 

674 Taylor Eliza Mrs, «ro 
684 Currle James N 
70J Crowther Harold 
78J Page Harry 

South Side 

19 Edwards Arthur W 

27 Tredgett Chas 

S3 Tweddle James 

36 Barton David W 

45 Stephany Robt 

51 Davie Chas 

87 Cunningham Joseph 

51 Dutton Wm 

63 ToUervey Wm N 

65 Chappell James D » 

67 Cross Levi 

69 Charnock John 

77 Clinton Wm 

81 Tweddle Ernest 

83 Arnott Albert W 

87 Johnson Wm B 

95 Mlddlebrook Joseph H 

17 DavisvlUe Gospel Ml»- 
106 Porter Wm J 
lis Cattle Thos 
117 Williams Thos 
121 Bailey Edwin J 
123 Green Thos 
125 Heathcote Thos P 
129 Bradnara Ernest J 
Its Crulckshank David J 
135 Nor^rove Fredk 
139 Wlnfield Frank 
145 Cascaden Wm 
153 Tavlor Hannah Mrs 
181 Burdy Geo 
167 Hinchcliffe Cha.rles M, 

171 Heacock Lome 
173 Shier John 
176 Mitchell Geo A 
18! Skerratt Thos, gro 
^Pallton cres ends 
225 Stephenson Arthur 
233 Vacant 
239 Mead Jane Mr« 
Ml Gllea Richd B 
»49 Blrkett Harry 
S57 Cralgr John 
281 Hlglnbotham Jftmes 
277 Neale Wm J 
!I79 Forbes Mary 
291 Fletcher Aehton 

#Mt Pleasant rd Intersects 

366 Jones Emily Mrs 
J69 Williamson F Joseph 
S73 Chalmers James M 
387 Mullins Arthur 

393 Hood Herbeirt 

401 Garrioch Robt 

405 Holm Orvilie D 

411 Wallace Margt 

415 Prentice John H 

419 Lawrence Geo H 

425 Fisher Albert E 

411 iieaker Sydney 

439 Barker Geo W 

461 Sne.'ling- Percy 

469 Mellon David 

4*5 Watkins Edwd Q 

499 Topple Arthur H 

503 Ricketts Geo 

605 Page John S 

511 McCrea Walter N 

617 Brassey Wm 

523 Clewes Wm D 

&31 Vacant 

539 Wilcox Elizth Mrs 

543 White S Alex 

547 Watt Geo M 

551 Saul Wm L 

555 Watson John 

&59 Chandler Clarence C 

561 Hutton Thos W 

569 Trimble Wm E 

675 Hutton Chas 

579 Huttnn Albert 

5S1 Brvant Wm J 

593 Claire Annie Mrs 

611 Bradley Wm 

615 Bradley Arthur 

619 Vacant 

625 Macdonald Wm 

643 Altken David 

845 Bond Harry 

653 Halton Geo H 

857 Rounds Albert E 

663 Warnham Saral W 

673 Sauve Joseph R 

677 Coe Wm S 

683 Vacant 

689 McFarlane Wm 

697 WUlaugham James 

699 East Herbert F 

701 Wells Wm H 

713 Risk Chas 

717 Hlnves Joseph H 


West from Tonge to west 
city limits, first n of 
Farnham av, wards S 
and 4. 

North Side 

Fireball No 24 

34 Grainger John O. tloTlmt 

36 Tearney John 

38 Gardiner Thos 

40 Hesson Wm W 

42 Hodgson Geo W 

46 Mills Wm F 

48 Botham Annie Mrs 

to Grant Jessie Mrs 

52 Fellowes Duncan C 

64 Lawrence Albert W 

66 Lipset RIchd N 

68 Saul Wm 

60 Hatcher Geo 

62 Reston Arthur 

64 Hawkins Wm 

86 Robertson Wm J 

68 Odell Alice R Mr» 

70 Roulston Thos 

14 FuUerton Robt 

86 Harwood Wm C 

88 Mulr Thos 

90 Morse Geo F 

92 Thomas JennI* 

94 Wlancko Alex G 

S6 Newton Mary L Mrs 

98 Teeter Jas R 
ion Temple Chas W 
102 Gerow Wm B 
104 Sealy Thos A 
106 Fair Harry 
108 Miller Mary Mrs 
110 Burnham Reuben 
112 Varkemp John 
114 Asmnn Henry O 
116 McPhedran Catherine 

120 Campbell Frank 
122 Hand Havelock B 
130 Burden Wm M 
182 Thomson Arthur J 
134 Oliver Frank W 
136 Lauder James 
138 Forrest James W 

140 Clement Arthur H 
144 Whvie Alex 
146 Laing Albert T 
148 Case Mary E Mrs 
^ Avenue rd intersects 

170 Webb Thos F 
174 Vacant 

176 Langton Laura Mrs 
178 Davles Wm 
186 Fitzgerald Gerald 
1»S Beliiune AUss Marlon 
2M lieiii Junn B 
^ Popiar Plains rd Inter- 

206 MaclJougall Mrs AUai. 
208 Morrow Alfred D 
210 Lailey Oswald O 
212 Llnd Robt G 
:16 Snow A J Russell 
222 Hargraft Wm 
228 Hunter Horace 
240 White Peter 

South Side 

25 McGulre Agnes Mrs 

27 Taylor Harry 

31 Copp John H 

33 Harris Bert 

35 Wapshott Ohas 

37 Flewelling Lewis 
• II' Graham Arthur E 

41 Thompson Margaret M 

4t Hewlett James 

45 Fooks John W 

53 Taylor Reginald 

55 Amos Thos T 

57 Siwdon Chas 

69 Stuart Wm H 

61 Hlnves Joseph 

61 Taylor Albert 

65 Armstrong John 

67 Scott Geo A 

71 Gibbons Wm T 

73 Ferris Stephen T 

75 Monk Evan 

77 Windeler Harold H 

79 Mlnett Harry C 

81 Brechin Judson A 

83 Evre Edwd. contr 

85 Banton Thoa H 

87 Gain Thos 

91 Watt Saml D 

91a Passmore Alphon«o F 

93 Soanes Randolph S 

93a Kennedy Joseph J 

97 Dowsor ^\• J, baker 

99 Dexter Thos N 
101 Adams Wm H 
103 Copeland John D 
lO^ Burgess i;e(irgc V 
107 McLeod Rev George B 
109 Cobb Charlewood F 
111 Foord Alice M Mrs 
lis Campbell Glenn H 
115 Hodgson Mrs Mary 
117 Brockman Chas 
119 WllHams Arthur R 
121 Bricker Gordon J 
121 Chalmers Wm J _ 

126 Meredith Mrs EUxth F 

127 Hendry George M 
129 Loener Herman M 
131 Slater Miss Lois 
133 Klnnear James 

115 Jarvli Fredk S 

187 Rvan Laura Mrs 

119 Mlddleton Augustln N 

141 Clark Caroline 

145 Gray Miss Jane 

147 Topp Mary Mrs 

^ Avenue rd intersects 

167 Marshall Louisa Mrs 

169 iMoMurrich Arthur R 

171 Morris Cecil 

173 Humphrey Ross F H 

177 Donald Rlchd A 

179 Heber B 

181 Grantham Arthur U 

185 Heaton Ernest 

# Poplar Plains rd Inter- 

a07 O'Reilly Henry B 
209 Laird O Gordon 
211 Wright Wm 
71S Moss Mrs Amy 

319 Bmith Qcorc* H 
22J Jones Fredk C L 
227 Bourlier Harry C 


North from opp 1» Charle 
w, to Bloor, wa.rd 1. 

East Side 

5 Rye Miss Uyra 
t Webb Mary Mrs 

11 Elliott Henry 

15 Jarrett Sydney 

17 Ray Arabelle, drsmkr 
19 Allin Wm N, contr 
21 Pickett Annie Mrs 

23 Tyte Geo E 

26 Ball Edwd 

27 Turner William J 
29 Stlnson Mary Mrs 
31 Heath Ernest O 

18 McLean Mrs Ellen 
35 Nichols John B 
17 Hermon .^ iwin W 
39 Wells Philip J 

41 Northoote Hfhrj 

West Bide 

2-10 Balmuto Apts 
2 Gibson Wra J 
Bonyun Ernest A 
A Henderson Gerald 
B WTiite Sarah J Mrs 
C Clark Alex 
D McKay Bessie 

8-10 Balmuto Apartments 
A Blnner Thos 
B Bonyun Gerald L 
C Jackson Arthur 
D Irvine Frank 
E Denning Albert 

X8-1S Crean Robt & Co. 
hat mfrs 

30 Robinson Douglas 

22 Shelmerdine Harriet Mrs 

14 Crawford Frances 

38 Blackman A James 

28 Verltv Robt 

10 Flavelle Mrs Uargt 

32 Doble Alex 

34 Vacant 


East from Silver Birch *v, 
2 n of Lake Front, Ward 1. 

North Side 

2 Moscrip Jeanett, aum- 

mer res 
4 Taylor David 
« Weale Edwd 
8 Vacant 

South Side 

1 Gunn Campbell 

3 Edmonds Geo 

5 Butler Wilfred H E 

7 Marshall Geo B 

9 Cross Herbert 

11 Risch Herman 

13 Adams John 


North and northeast from 
lake front to Kingston rd. 
Intersecting Queen e at No 
East Side 

5 Summer residence 

9 Summer residence 

13 Summer Residence 

17 Summer residence 

31 Summer residence - 

^ Fir av commences 

21 H James Gordon 
23 Pljoen Joseph 
23% Allen Jacob H 
Sheppard Geo F 

26 Mackid John P 

27 Taylor F Denlson 
39 Winter Emma Mrs 
31 Wiles WUmot 

IS Lovatt Wra A 
35 Gendron J Albert 
37 Duffln Harry C 
89 Miller J Stanley 
43 Oakley Albert 


The Player-Piano that is trouble - proof 

and weather-proof — the Player-Piano 

with an Aluminum Action. 

193-195-197 YONGE STREET 




Estates Managed Financial Broker 

QUEEN AND BALSAM Phone Beach 1675 


46 Akin Harry B 

47 Bandel Mary Mrs 

^ Haxel av commences 
61-S3 Beaches Masonic 

^ Queen st e Intersects 
61 Hawkins Geo B 
63 Williams James E 
67 Scherk F Hershey, phy 
71 rungman SHiram J 
7:3 Cummer Wm B, dentst 
77 Hardy Horace N J 
79 Taylor Percy C 
81 Trowell John V 
83 Begg Gordon J 
87 Arthurs John S 
89 Myers Joseph F 
93 Pepper Wm H 
97 Martin Geo 
99 Fosdlck Wm R 
103 Carswell Wra B3 

♦ Sycamore pi commences 

105 Charles Leo 

107 WlUnot John W, phy 

WlUmot Miss Hazel C, 
111 Levy Wm J jr 
113 Cassldv Margt L Mrs 
116 Burt Joseph A H 
119 Marrs Joseph E 
121 Rollison Robt D 
125 Peterkin Fredk A 
127 Edmonds Wm L 
^ Pine av intersects 
131 Ellis Robt 
137 Curtis Thos 
149 Calgey Wm J 
151 Wilkinson Ernest A 

168 Badgley Chas H 

156 Griffen Mlchl 

157 D'Eye Wm A 
161 Moody Fredk H 
163 Peacock Arthur H 
165 Cant Joseph 

167 Buchanan Edgar L 

169 Mader Julius R 
171 Marshall Ada Mrs 
173 Watklnson Geo L 

ParkhiU Jemes M 
175 Annis Edith Mrs 
177 Foster Wm 
183 Skinner Geo 
1,85 Macdonftld Helen Mrs 
193 LaJng Ralph D 

♦ Beech av Intersects 

♦ Willow av intersects 

IftS Stephen Reay 

197 Smith X,orne K 

199 Patterson Fannie Mr» 

201 Walker Jno T 

308 Pepper Mary 

205 London Prank 

205% Henry T Wesley 

207 Absent 

209 Watson Caleb 

211 Mel^arln Alvln 

213 Roulston Wm 

216 Dowdell Fredk W 

217 Watson Robt M 
219 Brignall James G A 

West Side 

6 Haldcnby Chas N 
10 Brooks Frank 
14 Vacant 
16 Snook Headley 
20 Summer res 
2'2 Summer res 
24 Martin James 
26 Kendig Ralph H 
28 Summer res 
30 Murphy Thos A 
32 Ball Wm 
34 Bunting- Hugh J 
38 Barker R J Wlnsor 
40 Moffitt Christopher C 
42 Readman Chas W 
44 Baker Fredk M 
46 Smith Caroline 
48 Mason Mary Mrs 
80 Harris Roland C 
^ Queen ct e Interieeta 

64 Dalloway Ethel 
60 Gibson Wm H 
62 Campbell Charles J 
66 Harrison Joseph 
(S Graham IiOUl* 

70 Taylor Joserph 

76 Ahern Hlenry J 

80 Collins Walter 

82 Case Leon 

84 Bate Wm B 

88 Smith Percy, dentist 

90 Sherrls R Perclval 

92 Burkart Anselm T 

98 McCurrah John 
100 Nlven Edith M Mrs 
104 Whyte Joseph S 
10i6 Chadwlck Jasper W 
108 Botaford John A 
112 Brethour H N 
116 Campbell Joseph 
118 Bell Wm L 
120 Berkinshaw Edwin C 
122 Caswell Bdwd S 
ISO Lowden John 

^ Pine av Intersects 
132 Sanagan Albert L 
134 McCarthy Geo A 
142 Jaqulth Hubert C 
144 Pittts Fred E 
148 Vacant 

1160 Maxwell Francis R 
166 Lyon F Harold B 
168 Arno-t Colin M 
178 Aggett John T 
180 Mclntyre Edwd A Rev 
182 Garliek Harrv S 
184 Clark Frank R * 
186 Robinson Geo A 

♦ Balsam rfl commence* 

192 Williams Walter H 
194 Tygard James W 

♦ Beech av intersects 

204 Walklnsh«w Aubrey C 
206 Potts Wm 
208 Scott Ida Mrs 
210 Buckham Herbert D 
212 Clarke Wm D 
214 Cooper Chas B 
218 Stratton Lisle 
220 Reynolds Nelson 
^ Willow av Intersects 


West from opp 191 Bal- 
sam av, first north of 
Pine, ward 1. 

North Side . . 

6 Heron Archd 
14 East Wm 

South Side . . 

3 Watson Archer Q 
13 BuUen Wm L 


(Old Fifth av), east from 
Jones av to Donlands av, 
third north of Danforth 
av, ward 1 

North .Side 

2-6 Vacant 

8 Knight Walter S 
10-12 Vacant 
14 Cloke Norman 
16 Watts Stanley 
18 Hunter Jas D 
20 Vause Amy Mrs 
22 Bottrell Geo W 
24 Stltt John 
26 Hodgetts Robt C 
28 Lendon Chas W 
30 Swindells Saml 
32 Tustin Bllzth Mr« 
34 Jo'hnson Ernest 
36 Fromow BazU A 
38 Round James 

South Side 

1 Newell Henry C 

3 Moore Fredk 

B Bailie Annie Mrs 

^ Abernethy Carman M 

9 Mclsaao Hector 

11 McDowell Alex 

13 Storry Nathan 

15 Marston Albert E 

17 Cawardine Chas 

19 Martin James 

21 Fra^ser Wm B 

27 Edwards John R 
29 Childes James 
31 Cale Harry 
33 Duncan Jas 
3(5 Fytfle J Jules 


(Old Hudson av) west 
from 272 Huron to Spa- 
dina av, Ward 4. 

North Side 

Baraca Club 

. . . . South Side 
City Dairy 


(Old Beck av; North To- 
ronto), north from Sou- 
dan av to Eglinton av e, 
sixth east of Mount 
Pleasant rd, ward 2. 

East Side . 

Not built on 

West Side . 

64 GUI Thos 
66 Cox Harry T 
68 Arnott Fredk B 
76 Horsley John 
82 Russell Alex 
90 Eggett iHarry 


West from 554 Dufferln to 
Sheridan av, ward 6. 

North Side 

2 Sharp Elwood 

4 Martin Chas 

« Wills Emily Mrs 

8 McCorry Arthur 
10 Gulp Geo A 
12 Sullivan Eugene 
14 Donovan Harry B 
20 Whetter Henry R, plstr 
22 Shaw Jas 
22a Cowan Jas 
26 Johnson Danl 
18 Price S Alex 
32 McConnell Lillian M 

south Sid* 

5 McCallum John 

7 Sweetman Charles M 

9 Holland Wm 

11 ToUey Wm J 

11a Croxall Wm J 

15 May Thomas 

17 Rodway Fredk E J 

19 Reekie Mrs Jans 

31 Malnprlce Henry C 

26 Malnprlce Walter E 

27 Andrews Catherine G 


20 Macdonald Duncan 
81 Ballantyne Robt 
33 Cooke Thos A 

H MUn James 

37 May George 

39 Beettam Thos A 

41 Vacant 


(Old Orchard PI), west 
from Spadlna rd to west- 
ern city limits, second 
north of St Clair av w, 
ward 4 

Not built on 


(West Toronto), n from 4S0 
Annette to Maher, first a of 
Runnymede rd, ward T. 

East Side 

17 Bourne David 

19 Corbett Wellington 

2a Hawson Walter W 

26 Patterson Oscar W 

27 McNulty Anthony J 
29 Thomson Geo H 
31 Scruton Floyd W 
33 Kennedy John 

36 Shirk John 

37 Lindsay James 
41 McClure Sarah 
43 Jameson Geo 

45 Gower Alfred W 

47 McConnell Saml J 

49 Butters Francis C 

61 Sparks Eldwd 

55 TImmlns Eliza Mrs 

57 Bowman Josephus B 

59 Taylor Wm 

61 Morgan James 

63 Gillis Hprbert 

6S Ballantyne Duncan 

67 Sheldon Wm 

89 Ward Mlchl 

71 HIrons Arthur T 

73 Gill Thos D 

West Side 

34 Cooper Arthur 
36 Scott Geo 
52 Shnrrnrd Amos W 
54 Ball Fredk G 


(See Price's Lane). 


(East Toronto) n from 
Danforth av to beyond 
limits, 1 e of Main, Ward 
East Side 

♦ Coleman av commences 
33 Welsey Walter 

35 Wade Chas 

♦ Balfour av commences 
59 Rogers Joseph 

61 Thornton Wm 
63 Howland Joseph 

66 Greenhaigh Jas 

67 Vacant 

■69 Belham Geo H 

71 Rib We Fred W 

73 Barrett Fredk 

City limits 

West Side 

8 Taylor Fredk G 
8 Eastman Chas G 
14 Hollows Levi 
1'6 Sheridan Matthew 
36 Simmonds C Wallace 
3S Robinson Herbert J 
44 Flatt Albert E, gro 
46 Bangay Wm 
4'8 Witter Richd W 
62 Clocker Edwin L 
62 Butterick Saml 
64 Unfinished 
66 FuUerton John 

City limits 


North from Davenport rd 
to St Clair av, first west 
of Osslngton av. Ward S. 
Not built on 


North from Bloor w to 
Davenport rd, Fecond e of 
Dufferln, ward 6. 

Bast Side 

7 Dower James H 
9 Sanden Arthur R 

11 Vacant 

IJ Buckhurst Walter. 


13a Monks Ellxth Mrs 

16 Wilson Samuel W 

17 Smith Bentley S 
19 Scudimore Stanley 
21 Parkin Robt 

ii Clarke Emily Mr* 

26 Darlington Maurice 

27 CormacK John W 
29 Corbett John 

31 Williams James T 
tS Mitchell Henry T 
35 Knight Harry 
37 W^Ise Mrs Annie 
39 Addis Saml 
39a Pearce Darld 

Colonial Realty & Securities Corporation, Limited 

Lumsden Building, Cor. ADELAIDE and YONdE STS. Adelaide 4140 

cnry properties, farm lands, 





compANV LiMireo 




il Notter Vivian 

49 Mitchell Rlchd 

61 Adams Fredk W 

(3 Kent Arthur H 

C6 Wolf Alfred 

B7 Dore Annie Mrs 

H Watt Robt 

(3 Kelly Walter P 

«B Sutton Joseph 

(7 HIscock Wm, contr 

69 Gillespie Jolin 

71 Lowry Margt Mrs 

7« McKay Alex 

76 Price Eva Mrs 

77 Jehu Chas 

n D»r Edward C 
81 Bennett John 
n Black Wm 
Sg Oill Frank 
87 Bennett Chas G 
89 Eaton Wm M 
•S <5egnac Saml 
•S Baskerville Harry 
97 Dlckfion Wm iM 
99 Waring Wm J 
101 Corrlgan Mary Mrs 

108 TurnbuU Wm 
10« Dale Henry 

^ Shanly st intersects 

109 Lawson Wm 

111 Webber Robt L 

115 Robinson Herbert H 

117 Fenton Wm 

119 Bird Ceo W 

1121 Fife Chas 

123 McGowan Thos 

125 McGowan John 

127 Vacant 

189 Srlbbell Wm 

^ Southvlew av end! 
Dovercourt Park 

^ Fernbank av endi 
179 Cheyne Roht I 
181 Wilson James 
183 Nlcol James 

186 MCGahev Jas 

187 Taberner Herbert 
Redding David 

189 Fowler Robt J 
191 Rice Wm 

Rice Walter 
193 Kinsman Wm 

196 Pridmore Horace 

197 Binnie Wm, gro 

^ Hallam st Intersects 

886 AUworth Walter 

827 Nickls Gordon 

229 Toms Ada Mrs 

231 Trotter Wm 

iJ3 Vacant 

835 Smith Walter C 

2187 Huddleston James B 

Byrd Harry 
239 Adams Cecilia Mrs 
241 SwinR Wm 
843 Monkhouse Stanley 

Ayrea Fredk 
245 Dowslev Mary A Mr» 
847 Pilcher Fredk T 
249 Qalimbertl Joseph 
251 Edwards James E 
253 Rose Geo 
255 Jarvis Harold G 
257 Stevenson Robt 
2B7a Cheyne Ralph F 

Saskel Edwd H 
219 Snow Azariah 
261 Kelley Wm 
263 Gray Wm R 
265 Dixon Robt 
267 Tutt Wilfrid A 
269 Garblg Harry 
2i69a Martin Mary Mrs 
271 Muckle Henry E 
271H Bush Oliver 
273 Munson Alvln W 
275 Ellis Joseph 
277 Thomson Win H 
279 Townsend Oscar W 
281 Garner Klrby 
283 Watson Chas 
283% Vacant 
285 Hin Fredk W 
287 Struthers Wm 
289 Newport Saml 
♦ Van Home av Intenects 
291 Prince Chas 

♦ C P R crossing 
^ Geary av intersect* 
311 Warner Henry 
313 Allely Thomas 
317 Notlay James 
319 Vacant 
ZZl Simpson Robt 
823 Taylor Francis N 
831 Pyne Public School 
341 Marks Margt Mrs 
343 O'Hara Flo 
^ Bartlett p] commencM 

345 Russell Wm 
3 47 Lankre« Wm J 

Lankree Emily Mrs, gro 
349 Miller John 
361' Vacant 
353 Reid Albert W 
365 Morrison Annla Mrs 
357 Pratt John 
359 Reld Harry 

Coward Annie Mra 
365 Vacant 
367 Butt Chas J 
369 Freethy Wm J 
171 Orr David A 
175 Rose Mrs Ell«th 
877 Bake Alfred 
883 Walta John 
385 Lehtinen Wm 
387 Torrey James B 
389 Watson Herman 
3®! Rutter Florence Mrs 
39(3 Dowling Wm H 
399 Lowe Cecil C 
403 Purkis John 
405 Wells Felix J 
407 Gourlay Robt 
409 Duns Hattie Mrs 
411 Hook Wm H 
413 Hoag Mrs Florence, gro 
415 Grainger John 
417 Crump Albert A 
419 Mcintosh Jas 
421 Trenchard Howard J 
423 Nevins John 
425 Bulmer Danl 
427 Moulton John 
429 Hines Geo 
431 Lynham Wm A 
433 Whiteford Thos 
435 Twlgg Henry 

West Side 

2-4 Stanfield Apts 

1 Vacant 

2 Vacant 

3 Carson Wm 
Wright Bert 

4 Griffiths Fredk C 

5 Maddock Robt 

6 Patton Geo B 

7 Hogan Porter 

8 Mankey Wm C 

9 McEachern Fredk J 

10 Wood Harold Wm 

11 Wvman Cassie Mrs 
Kerr Allan B 
Wyman Sidney A 

10 Christie Ella S 

12 Limon Herbert 

14 McKechnle Ellzth 

116 Connell Wm R W 

18 Kane Mary Mrs 

20 Quinn EHzth J Mrs 

22 Belfr-^ Walter T 

24 Walsh Rlchd L, 

216 Vacant 

28 Woolham Alfred 

30 Nixon James 

32 Wallace Chas 

34 Catherwood Roy S 

36 Chatterley Alfred 

38 Lavlgne Jacob, tlr 

40 Tugwell Harry 

42 Ebert John 

44 Cronk Bruce 

-46 Kerr Jeannette Mrs 

48 Heenan Albert D 

52 Hlgton James W 

54 Barless David 

68 Rldout Charles 

58 Hourlgan Danl M 

60 Cowle Jas 

64 GIbb Wm G 

«6 Micks Wm 

68 MaoGowan John F 

70 Gordon George A 

72 McGilllcuddy Thos 

74 Vacant 

76 Parker John W 

78 Sharp Tnos 

80 V«oant 

82 Eurman john 

84 Turnant Harold I 

86 Townsend Geo F 

92 Fleming John 

94 MoDougall Peter H 

96 Baker Geo W 

98 Eveleigh Chaa 
100 Johnson Clarence W 
102 Wing Jessie Mrs 
104 Constable Geo W 
106 Creech John A. gro 

# Shanly st intersects 

108 Vacant 

110 Waters Ernest 

112 De Gruchy John A 

114 Crabb K:arlby S 

116 Blake Louis 

llij Mayo Chas 

12u Hodgins Ella 

122 Bramhall Horace C 

124 Scandifflo Joseph 

126 MoGrand Rev J J 

128 Prosser Wilfred 

130 Vacant 

182 Glover Mrs Ellzth 

134 Turner Wm J 

136 Barton Thos J 

138 Wilcox Chas L 

140 Butterneld Wm I 

144 Moffat John H 

14'6 iLye Allan 

148 Mchmond Waldo A 

Swaffleld Fergus 
150 Scanlon Geo 
152 Finlav Alfred B 
154 Hartry Edwin 
166 Campbell Geo G 
158 Wood Chas J 
160 Fitzpatrlck Mrs Mary 
162 Mountford Albert V 
164 Churchill Albert 
166 Collier Wm J 
168 Mayes Geo 
170 Forsey Rott G 
172 Culhert James 
174 Mitchell Herbert 
17i6 Manton James N 
178 Bowers John S 
180 Vacant 
182 Somers Thos H 
184 Thompson Minnie Mrs 
186 Cross Stephen 
188 Kerrison Mrs Elizabeth 
190 Dill Mrs Nettie 
192 King Mrs Julia 

Stokoe Wm H 
194 O'Neill John 
196 Cannon Edgar J 
198 Vacauit 
200 Smith Cecil 
202 Gracey George 
204 Richardson Isabella 

206 Hayes Wm J, shoemkr 
208 Tombs Edwd, confy 

♦ Hallam st intersects 

Dovercourt School 
254 Simpson Alf B 
258 Ackroyd Louis 
260 Wlnterfleld James 
262 Pouncett Harry 
264 Anderson Alexander 
2G5 Moore Mrs Faran 
266a Sheehan Dennis 
268 Town Wm B 
268a Cook Charlotte Mm 
270 Moore Israel 
272 Chambers J Wm 
274 Hymus Stephen 
276 Bentley Fredk G 
278 Rigden Edwd 
2S0 Johnson John 
282 Fullford Bdwln 
♦Van Home av intersect* 
294 Bell John 
296 Forbes Wm M 
C P R crossing 

♦ Geary av Intersects 

326 Bell John 
328 Brown David 
330 Phillips Henry 

Cromble James, rear 

333 Cockshutt John 

334 Werner Chas A 

336 Vassila Robt H 

338 Fee James 

340 Waring Geo 

342 Lester Reuben 3 

344 Chapman Wm 

348 Correll Saml K 

350 Grant Wm A 

3"62 Correll Reginald S 

354 Roberts Jno A 

356 Jelly Sidney 

358 Von Vallenhoven Frank 

3'60 Kerr Robt 

362 Sara Wm 

368 Nevins John T 

370 Cowan Chaa 

372 O'Connor Terrance 

374 Andrews Harry 

376 Bond Wm 

378 Bagley Wm 

McMullen Clarence 

384 Cutler Harry 

385 Biddlecombe Frank H 
f88 Coulter Loulfja 

392 Ogle Mary Mrs 

394 Stananought Jno H 

306 Beck H^irry 

406 Stansfield Joseph 

408 McKenzie Geo 

412 McDonald Mrs Amelia 

Vacant rear 
414 Kane Jennie Mrs • 

416 Ostler Herbert 
418 Sharp John 
420 Murpny Fredk 


East from 313 Bartlett 
av, ward 6 . 

North Side 

Not built on 

South Sld« 

6 Shostack Sylvester 

7 MIckleyuna Michl 


West from 3S6 Brunswick 
av, beyond Christie, ward 
North Side 

2-6 Melrirum Court Apts 

1 Ferpuson Wm C 

2 Stockton Amelia Mra 

3 Low Fredk W 

4 Taylor Walter 
Taylor Mary Mrs 

6 Tyrer Clement L 
6 Morris Ernest A 

♦ Howland av intersects 

♦ Albany av intersects 

8 Binkley Mrs Frances J 
10 Davidson Edwd G 

12 Vacant 

14 Peters Ernest H 

16 Rea Edith 

18 Williami5 Wm T. phy 

♦ Bathurst st intersects 

St Paul's Pres Ch 
it Mlllsap Wm T 
24 Roberts Miss Mary 
26 Scantlebury W J 
28 Wilson Geo M S 
30 Connor Dora 
32 Dodds Thos H 
34 Allen Frank 
4 Markham st Interescts 
38 Bunce Saml 

McGregor & McINTYRE, Limited 

Ornamental Iron Work, Stair Work, Etc. 




Phones ""-lcrest 

rilUIIC» 1614, 1616. 1616 





Phone Residence 

North 874 



38 Walker Fredk 
. 40 Hailey James 

Mortimer James W 
Browning Arthur J 
Dunraven Apts 
Apted Wm E 
Magrwood Mary Mrs 
Hollway Annie 
Jewett Eva M 
Lloyd John W 
Paul Walter, janitor 

♦ PaJraerston av intersects 
H ORoulston Andrew W 
66 Hocklnp Clara Mrs, ^ro 

Hocklns John C 
48 Forward G«o 
«0 Carp A 
62 Valiant George J 
6i Chinf ■■■1 laundry 
7J-78 Auburn Apartment* 

Lew Mortimer L 

McWilliam Isabel 

Becker Fredk C 

Denny Christina Mrs 

Bernstein Saml 

Wilson Isabel 

Wilson Jessie 

Beer Maurice W, Jenltor 

♦ Euclid av Interaecti 
XO Simpson Wm J, btchr 
82 Fopcrty Wm J 

14 Bracke» Eugene M 

86 Weatherup Geo 

88 Dennis Lewis G 

90 Maher James 

>0a Spencer J Rowland 

S2 Smith Edward B 

94 Steele Daniel J 

96 Henry Fredk W 

98 Senn Ardle 
100 Donoaster Leonard W 
100a Lewis Freemont A 
102 Tambling Henry 
104 Nlcholls Owen 

♦ Manning av tntsriecta 
106 McKenzle John, sro 
108 Thomas Albert G 
110 Stinson Elizth Mrs 

113 Smith Wm F 

114 Housey Edwin 

116 Topping Wm, com mer 
118 Croft Mrs Mary A 

Croft David H 
120 Vanderburg Sarah Mrs 
122 Duke Ernest W 
124 Doyle Terence J 
126 Coates Marshall, bldr 
138 Henderson Thomas M 

♦ Clinton St Intersects 
184 Bremner Fredk 

186 Jeffrey James 

188 Thorogood Joseph W 

140 Stanley Robert H 

142 Booth Edwd 

144 McNichol Sarah Mrs 

146 Rutherford John C 

148 Bllton Geo 

150 Mitchell Archd C 

162 Riley John 

♦ Christie st lnt«r«eots 

South Side 

♦ HowJand av intersects 
7 Clarltson Mrs Amelia 
9 Mulr James R 

11 Neill James 
1» Storey Milton 

♦ Albany av Intersects 
IB Bates G & K. phys 

Bates Gordon 

Bates Kendall 
^ Bathurst st Intersects 
17 Perry Johnston 
19 Watson Carrie J 
^ Markhsm st Intericcts 
21 Thomas G Nevll 
IS Ward Archd 
2C Struthers James 
27 Passmore Jas E 

♦ Palmerston av Intersectt 

35 ScoUon Michl 

♦ Euclid av Intersects 

87 Foggett Prank C 
89 Hall Wm J 

111 Broderick Frank 
Coath Edwd, rear 
Elford Sydney, rear 

♦ Manning av intersects 
!)7 Jay Arthur 

119 Stephen Samuel 
101 King John 
103 King Henrv 
105 Kennard Geo H 
107 Cobbtf Andrew 
109 iMoClelland Leland P 
111 Tackaberry Ebenexer B 
113 Plttman Walter 
115 Henry Mrs Charlotte 
117 DeClute Chas 
119 Parker Cedric 
121 Lindsay John, barber 
123 ijuke Ernest W, gro 

♦ Clinton st intersects 
125 Bockus Edwd H 

127 Cameron Catherine Mr» 
129 Bennett Fredk C 
131 Smith John C 
IJ3 Anthony Kobt 
135 Lunt Wm 
137 Adcock Ellen Mrs 
139 Vacant 
141 Rilev Philip 
143 Norrls Herbert P 
145 Fen ton Wm \ 
149 Conley Geo 
151 Lee Geo E 
^ Christie st Intersects 


South from 665 Queen e, 
ward 1 . 

East Side 

Annis Ezra H 
Butcher Agnes 
Vann Thos W 
Hodgins Wm 
Bryant Fredk 


(Old Linden ay), north 
from G T R track to Dan- 
forth av, third e of Cox- 
well av, ward 1. 

East Side 

Hitch Wm 

G T Ry pump house 

♦ Hanson st Intersects 

Blrks Elijah J 

♦ Stacy st intersects 
West Side 

24 GlUles James 
28-Jack»on David 

♦ Hanson st Intersects 
30 Attwood Beron 

104 Clare Henry 
10« Vacant 
♦ Stacy st intersects 


North from Felstead av 
to city limits, first w of 
Ashdale, av, ward 1 

East Side 

39 Stallln Ernest G 

^ Mountjoy av intersects 
77 McDougal Thos T 
79 Vacant 

West Side 

2 Bradley Joseph C 

4 Chapman W Bertram 

■6 iMorhan Robt 

8 Wallace Gordon 
28 Price Chas 
30 Edwards Llewellyn N 
32 Macmillan Danl 
34 Campbell John J 
36 Vacant 
38 Murray Alexander 

40 Taggart James G 
4 2 Baker Herbert W 
44 PrGser Chas 
70-7,2 Vacant 

74 Cudmore Albert 

76 Paterson Leonard T 
♦ Danforth av Intersect* 

222 Grav Wm 
224-228 Vacant (3) 


North f!om the Queen's 
Wharf to beyond St Olalr 
av. Intersecting King w 
at 667, wards 4 and 5. 

.Cast Side 

Queen's Wharf 

National Yacht and 
Sailing Sklft Club 

Thor Iron Works, Ltd 
6-9 Housey Edwin, gaa 

Connell Anthracite MIn 
Ing Go's yard 
15 MoBean &■ Verrall. lum- 

♦ Front st w ends 

27 Amalgamated Ammuni- 
tion Machy Co 

♦ Niagara st Intersects 

29 Vacant 

31 Vacant 

33 Macaulev Robt 

15 Badgley Wm 

37 Patterson Alex 

39 Baxter Thomas A 

41 Bailey Joseph H 

48 Ferguson John 
45 Tandy Ernest 

49 American Hat Frame 

Mfg Co 
Royal Cloak Co 
^ Wellington w Intersects 
51 Vacant 

63 Dunn Mrs Julia 
55 MoCaul Alice Mrs 
'67 Cameron Hobt 
59 Hughes Jas, cartage 
61 Henry Joseph 
63 Martin Henry 

♦ Stewart st ends 



Knitting Co, 

♦ King st w Intersects 

91 Munro Jas 
9(3 Vacant 
95 Harrison Wm 
97 Dunning Wm 
99 Master Wm 

^ Brown la commences 

109 Lupson Richd 

111 Vacant 

113 Bisseli Geo 

115 Goodwin Herbert C 

117 Christie Mrs Mary 

119 Berger Katharine 

121 Mathews Wm. gro 

♦ Adelaide st w ends 

125 St Mary's C L & A A 


129 Smith Joseph 

131 Conway Peter 

133 Woods Michl 

[Regan Martin 

136 Stewart Annie Mns 

137 Vacant 

139 Shipman Geo 
141 Hughes Geo 
143 Vacant 
145 'Ryan Ellen Mrs 
147 Sloper Fredk Wm 
149 Green Christopher 
151 Carson Elizth Mrs 
153 Flannagan Ellen Mrs 
156 Rumac Solomon 
167 Foreigners 
159 Bourdon Wm A 
159 Brooks Thos 
161 Foreigners 
^ Richmond st w intersects 

163 Vacant 

16S Brookman Eva Mrs 

167 Davey Harold A 

169-171 Storehouse 

173 Presbyterian Institute 

175 Occident Bldg Lodge 
Poultry Society 
Rlddell Joseph 
177 Deamont & Loukldis. 
♦ Queen st west Intersects 
179 Home Bank Building 

1 Vacant 

2 "S'acant 

3 Slade J Arthur, dent- 

4-5-6 Vacant 
Lawrence Arthur E 
♦Wolseley st Intersects 
197 Ball Harry A. barrel 

199 Vacant 
201 Elston Jacob 
203 Smith James 
205 Sable Ann Mrs 
207 Cohen Isaac 
209 Baker Harry G 
211 Benton Hayden 
213 Thomas Alfred 
215 Coley Rachel Mrs 
217 Kelleher Wni J 

^ Eden pi commenca* 
219 Konecny Andrew 
221 Mitchell Geo 

228 Lawrence Bidwd 

226 Alexander Mary Mrs 

227 Langmead Henry 

229 RIordan Hannah Mrs 
231 Daniels Joh^ 

233 Green Kphralm 

235 O'Heara Peter J 

237 Lemelin Edmond 

239 Vacant 

241 Vacant 

243 De Rocher Leo V 

245 Hall John 

247 Flaherty Miss Katherln* 

249 Vacant 

251 Scott Henry W 

Alexandra Park 
4 St Patrick st ends 
311 Genos Ikelos, oonfy 
315 Walker Robt 
317 Taylor Isa&c 

Taylor Fanny H 
319 MoCurley Arthur 
J21 Wood Peter M, dairy 

Wood Isabella S, phy 
323 Williamson Ernest L 
.^25 Thompson Mrs Susan 
327 Martin Fred D 
329 Goldberg BenJ. photo 
329a Lawlor Francis 
331 Davison John, gro 
333 Wilson Chas. drugs 
335 Chinese Indry 
S35H Dode Michl, candy 
837 Select Ladles' Tailors 
3'37a Lawson Caroline E 

Lawson Mary A 
339 Standard Bank of Can- 
ada (br) 
339% Blaine Margt 

Morgan Prank 

Hoggins Robt 

Gentle James 
341 Vacant 

Becker Prod C, dentist 

Lafferty Annie Mrs 
3411* Vacant 

343 Ibbotson Geo H, hdwre 
34'6 Cranston Mary Mrs 
347 Thomas Charles H, phy 
349 Rnlllle Wm, pliy 
361 Vise Mrs Katharine 
353 Estelle Jno 
355 Brown David, Ids tir 

♦ Roseberry av conimences 
381-419 Tor Western Hospital 

♦ Nassau st ends 

421 Procter Henry, shoemkr 
4213 Wilson Robt H 

426 Abercromble Wm 

427 Tout Arthur B 
429 Marchlone Louis 
431 Vacant 

433 King Alex L 
437 Taber Norman L 
439 Hughes Joseph E 
HeaJey Patk 



BUKRUSS & SWIATMAN, Limited, General Agenta 12 Wellington St. E. 


Phone Main 1790 

Storage Batteries 




PhonoADELAIDE 1962 


441 Penfield Sax 

443 Chalatsky Joseph 

4145 Milling James 

447 Vacant 

449 Slngal Daniel 

451 Anson Wm F 

463 Ayre Edwin L, plmbr 

455 Cotton Wm 

467 Pettingrer Alfred 

469 Lee Jonas T B, mtra agt 

461 Crook Chas 

46:3 Vacant 

465 Kidd David 

467 Shiner Hyman 

Bromberg Aaron 
469 Gllmore Geo D 
471 Hargravo Mrs Maria 
473 Harlow Fredk 

476 lilzniore Alfred 

477 Lewis Mrs Jane E 
479 Whltcombe Frank 
4*1 Bus-h Murca 

483 Brown Henry 

^ College St Inteiraects 

495 Bruee Alex 

1 Allan Jas C, dentist 
Richerdson Harold K, 
,2 Vacant 

3 Vacant 

4 Vacant 

♦97 Forsyth Gordon, flour 
499 Ball & Co., suspender 

Canada Clothes Pin Co 

King Edward Sohool 
B57 Church of Christ 
559 Pratchett Anne Mrs 
561 Penny Xorah Mrs 
563 Robinson Sarah Mrs 
665 Elrlck Emily Mr» 
567 Rowen Maria Mrs 
669 Ewing Miss Mary, nrse 
671 Bolger Mrs Mary 
673 Martin Lionel 
575 Lee Alice Mrs 
677 Cosgrave Mary Mra 
679 Hart James 
681. McLean Joseph A 
683 Lawrence 'Sarah A 
686 Campbell P W, mech 

Dunn Wm E 
689 (Duncan Lyttle J 
681 Garvie Wm A 
593 Eastman Mary C 
595 Alt Shiffre Mrs 
COT HamlltOQ Wm B 
599 K.:ys Jane 
601 Taylor Mrs Margaret J 
603 Thompson Charlotte Mrs 
605 O'Connor Mrs Johanna 
«07 Fitzgerald Wm J 
609 iMoNamara Fredk D 
611 Dewe Wm 
613 Holmes Miss Mary L 
616 Williams Percy A 
817 Palmer Tho« B 
619 McAIpine Isabel Mr» 

McAlplne MIsg Edith, 

McAlplne Mls« Margaret, 

♦ Ulster at lnter«eot» 

621 Fairman Claude, drugs 
621^ Marshall Minnie 
Sit Oalbratth David, chiro- 

626 Branston Mary Mr« 

627 Flanagan Robt J 
629 Ells Joseph L 

631 McAniater Mellaae Mr» 
633 Thomson Florence Mr« 

636 Elder Wm P 

637 Newman Jessie Mm 
639 Flood Ellzth Mra 
641 Vacant 

843 Good Henry J P 

846 Bell Richd 

647 Thody Sarah Mr» 

649 Green Ohao B 

651 Hawkins Henry G 

McOreery Alicia 
653 Hargrave Alf W 

Tuck Alice 
659 Stewart Geo L 
653 Moas Myer 
555 Bowerman SheMon 

669 Brown Candace Mrs 
671 Elliott Mrs L'anlet 
i673 Overen<J Mary 

676 Lougheed Joseph 

677 Taylor Robert 

679 Cameron Annie Mrs 
681 Wright Sarah J Mr« 
iMacdonald Wm W, den- 

♦Harbord st intersect* 

685 Vacant 

687 Talbot Louis, barber 
689 Cohen Harry, Shoemkr 
'693% First Christian Ch 
'695 Bluett Nelson W, uphol 
Hunter Etta Mrs, dairy 
699 Muir Robt, tlr 
701 Cradick Robt H 
703 Turner Wm G 
705 Wyllie Mary E Mra 
707 Currie Duncan C 
709 Dee John J, pntr 
715 Topping Maria Mrs, 

mkt gdnr 
717 neFIeece Joseph, oonfy 
719 Vacant 
721 Chinese Indry 

^ Herrick st inte.rsects 

723 Thistle Lawn Bowling 

737 Hally Millie Mrs 
739 Henderson Harold D 

McBride Wm J 
741 Hall .Selina M Mrs 
243 Virgin Albert B 
74.'5 Gorman Jno T 
747 Hammond .Albert E 
749 Potter Matilda Mrs 
751 (Marke Jno 
753 Patrent Lily M Mrs, gro 
755 Altken Henry 
757 Dwelly Thos 
769 Legree Edwin 
761 To:ia Catherine F 
763 Chadwick RIchd 
765 Bain Ida Mrs 

^ Lennox st Intersects 

767 Talbot Louis 
769 Nash Jane, confy 
773 McGowan Wm J 
77i3a Kennedy C Victor 
775 Long Frank 

St Peter's (RC) Scliool 
789 Vacant 
791 iMoClure John A, tlr 

'MdCne Robt 

Dentson Frank 
703 Morley Gerald W, jwlr 

Denison Jno 
795 Tweed Jno, cigar« 

lifnilng Mrs Alice 

Hawkey Susan J Mrs 
797 Clarkson C Harold, den- 

Amory Phoebe Mrs 

♦ Bloor st w intersects 
801 Cole David A. barber 
803 Hamhrook Wm T, real 
Conger Lehigh Coal Co 

Ltd, (br) 
Canadian Express Co 
805 Gordon H D, Co, drug- 
gists' sundries 
«07 Cllinese Indrv 
809 Poulton Joseph S, Shoe- 
McKarnan Hugh 
811 Vacant 

813 Harrington Andrew J, 

816 'Rowe Jean Mrs 

817 Dumble Wm C, phr 
819 Drone Wm N 

821 Cole David A 

82} Jones Richd 

«25 Whitton Isaiah 

S27 Turner Charles 

829 Hutchison Joseph W, 

881 Ferguson Walter S, phy 
83S Noxon Allan, phy 
8S3a McLean Nell A 

Tennant D Croiiiftr 
8'36 Vacant 

8S7 Waugh Wm 
839 Forbes James 
S41 Ker Mrs Lulu M. mlnr 
843 Smyth Fred H, printer 
845 Kllner Bdwd 
847 Rlddell Alex St C 
849 Millthorpe James B 
851 Bufford Chas 
851% Carter Walter I 
853 St Micliael's Nurses' 
O'Connor Ellzth 

866 Crocker Sydney C R 

867 Forster Frederick C 
iMulr Harvey 

859 Kenney Henry 
S50% Patterson Wm F 
381 Morse Wm M 
563 Mattson Elmer W 
S65 Hackney Chas W 
867 Sinclair Carrie 
869 Harron Hugh J 
869a Vaug'han Geo 
S71 Cuthbert Wm A 
173 Smith Frank M 
876 Vacant 
879 Speara Robt M 
881 Gahan John J 
883 Sohmitt Nora Mrs 
887 Marvin Stuart A 

^ Barton av intersects 

891 Burt Frank H 

893 yulnlivan Margt aum 

Madden John J 
895 Morson Jeseie D Mra 
897 Walters W 
899 White Thos E 
899 Vz P.obeson Joshua B 
901 Bryce Reuben J 
903 Bloom Mary Mrs 
905 Barber Timothy 
907 McLaren Haxry W, 

909 Morrison Jno 
911 Taylor Wm G 
911% Giles Jas E 
913 Snelgrove Fredk J, phy 
915 Sheridan Edwd 1 
917 Mldwood Frank C 

iHynds Perclval 
919 Vickers Jas R 
S21 Johnson W Irwin 
92^ Corbett Fredk 
925 Coatee Mrs Annie 
927 MacDiarmld Archd 
929 Postlll Ben] 
931 iHancock Ernest J 
933 MoMurran Joseph 

936 Warren Fredk W 

937 Metzker Geo J 

339 McQuarrie Donald 
941 Page Thos J, phy 

^ Wells at ends 

>99 Forbes Miss Catharln* 
1001 Dickinson Margt Mra 
1003 Curzon Root T 
1005 Found Mrs Annie 
1007 Cottle Annie Mrs 
1009 Tozer Ephraim 
1011 Cascaden Douglas 

Barry Evelyn Mrs 
1013 Absent 

1016 Cope Wm L 

1017 MacDonald Donald M 
1019 Tuttle Jennie Mrs 
1021 Newman Eliza A Mrs 
1023 O'Boyle Owen 

1025 HIckey Patk J 
1027 Popham Edwd R 
1029 Sutherland Donald 
1031 Cohen Jacob & Son, 

1033 Woodhouse Geo E 

1036 Edwards James 

1037 Stacev Mrs Matilda 
1039 Smith Mary Mrs 
1041 Graham James B 

Dann Christopher A 

1045 Copp Albert 

1046 Jenner Oron J 

1047 Roberts Francis li 
1049 Logan Thos A 
1051 Wright Wm J 
1053 Collins Andrew E 
1055 Welch John W 
1.157 Chadwick Joseph 
1059 Roberts Frclk W 
1061 Hooper Chas 

1067 Parker John p, hard- 
1069 Vermont Theatre 
1071 Nea.1 Albert W, druff* 
1071a Anderson Kathleen, 
Perrin John T 
1073 Leouela lAnaatorloa, 

1073a Cerre John 

1076 Gllmore ABA Sons 

real est 
1076a Cleave Walter E 
Halght Geo D 

1077 Cadleux iLyla Mrs, 

children's wear 
1077a Jackson Alfred J 
1079 Marshall Clifford L 
1081 Tuxford Thomas 
1083 Phalr John T, phy 

1086 Mobs Fred 

1087 Gill Alfred 

1089 Tamblyn Jas Q, gro 
1091 Pountney Joaeph H, 

Mouston James D 

Sevenor James 
1093 Frost Thos H, ataty 

Prankland Garrett F 
1095 Davie<8 Wm Co, proTS 

MiciDonald Erneet C, 

^ Dupont st Intersttota 

1101 Vacant 
1105 Chinese Indry 
1107 Mlddleton Thos 
♦ C P R crossing 

Bridgman st ends 
1169 Toronto A Niag'ara 
Power Co, construc- 
tion dept 
1175 Winger Je««6 
1177 Plumb Geo 
1179 Shanley Michl 
11S9 Cecilian Co, pianos 
1191 General Leather 
Goods, Ltd 
Western Leather 

Goods Co, Ltd 
Canada Thread Killa, 

Halliday & Cameron 
1201 Bromley Harry 
1203 Battersby John T 
1215 Mlddleton Arthur J 

Isbester Wm 
1217 Wilson James 

1219 Bolton Herbert 
1221 Tinker Arthur L 
1223 Manson Geo 

1225 Young Thos 
1227 Warren Wm 

1220 Clem Rcbt A 
1231 Watt Jaa 
1233 Vacant 

1235 Chalue Rldid B 
1237 Archer Wm B 
1239 Graham Miss Mary 

^ Davenport rd Intersects 
1275 Convalescent Home 
1289 Winter Francis W 
129i5 Wingate Fredk L 

^ Hilton av Intersects 

1819 Edwards John IS 

Hlllcrest .school 
1347 Griffin Wm 
1349 Cooej' Joseph, contr 

Cooey Herbert W 
1351 Meredith Hareourt T A 
1353 Crow Wm P 
1355 Fair Wm 

^ Nina av ends 

1357 Hughes Fredk N, phy 
IS^eS Vacant 
1365 Vacant 
1367 Vacant 
1369 Vacant 

1399 Bell Telephone Co (br) 
1403 Martin Wm H, bicycle 
1415 Wychwood Garage 
^ MelRimd rd ends 



STOCKS Bought and Sold on all the Lmadbtg 

Exchanges. Prompt Aff»ntion given to Ordera 



Temple Building, Bay mi RMinond Sto., TORONTO 

iMithor of "TiM Stamlard-ltocord Drawinc-SiMat," 
(used by Invmiton and •ndened by Thomas A. Edi- 
son's Genofal CouncI', Frank L Dysr, Esq.) 

Ttiepboiie Main 3717 

Foreign Metnber Chartered 

Institute of Patent 

Agent*, London 

23 Years' Experience 


Wychwood Branch Pub- 
lic Library 
8t Clair av Interaeots 
City Limits 

Weat mda 

Allen John M 
Toronto Harttour Com- 
missioner, res engi- 
neer's office 
Pullan Ellas, shipping 

Collins J W, lumber 
McGill Wm Co (br 

Matthews, Blackwell, 

Ltd, ipork packers 
Old Fort 

Peters & Cain, whol lum- 
Car line eastern entrance 

to Exhibition 
Oas tank 
as Rogers Ellas Co, coal 

Broomer James 
^ Niagara st interaeota 
40-42 Vacant 
44 Carr Geo 
4< Gaffey Edwd 
48 Easby John H 
62-62 Dominion Cloak Co 
Exclusive Children's 

Cloak Co, Ltd 
Fibre Boxes, Ltd 

e Wellington w Intersect* 

(4 Kennelly Andrew 

M Vacant 

TO Turner Robert 

72 Kennelly Janet Mr« 

74-76 Fletcher W J, gro 

Saul Arthur 

Twllley Geo S 

Kelly Patk, raw 
7» Jollille John H 

iMcKeon John, rear 

Ayres Geo, rear 
80 West Fredk Q 
82 Tennant Sarah Mrs 
84 Waywell Thos 
8« Sims Geo B 
88 Bailey Wm Q 
to Lees Alfred 
92 Alberts Ewd 
84 Chinese Indry 

♦ King st w Intersects 

104 Soss Invisible Hinge 
Co, Ltd 
Entrance to McDonnell sq 
St Mary's (RC) Church 
Entrance to McDonnell sq 

140-148 St Mary's Convent 

162 Samarco Peter 

154 Klnsella Katherlna Mra 

IfiO Mills Joseph 

1«2 Coulter Emma Mra, to- 
Coulter C E, printer 

164 Chinese Indry 

166 Tudkowitz Saml, gro 

♦ Richmond st w Inter- 

168 McGill Wm & Co, coal 
178 Adams Mrs Jessie, cigars 
ISO Summers Martin, barber 

♦ Queen st w Intersects 
184 Wells Commercial Col- 

Wells Katharine Mra 
^ Willis st commences 

194 Logan Francis 

196 Johnston Saml 

198 Golf Edwd 

200 Brown Wm A 

202 Bell Albert E 

204 George & Co, gro 
e Wolseley st intersects 

206 Baker Henry 
208 Sable BenJ 
210 Painter Wm J 

Franks Christopher J 
218 MacMillan Donald 
214 Libby Martin 
216 King Joseph 
218 McMillan Donald 

220 Cooper Chaa 

22i2 Smy Maud 

224 Gould Aldrldg* 

226 Vacant 

228 Chinese Indry 

e Robinson st commences 

2.''0 Stipe Franklin C, gro 
232 Marrlkln Maurice 

Brown Geo 
234 Brooka Walter 
236 McCauley Hugh 
238 Absent 
23 81/4 Reeves Edwd 
2-10 Leeper James H 
242 Hook Miss AUreda 

244 Loree Sarah Mra 
McPhenson Duncan A, 


245 Rudd Geo W 

248 Brownlee Wilfred 

250 Sharman Ell 

252 Boot Alfred C 

2S4 Mossman Robt D 

266 Vacant 

258 Home Rufua 

2160 Webb Wm 

262 McPortland Thos 

264 Mcllroy Frank J 

2i6« Taylor Alex 

2«8 Beigman Geo J , 

270 Home Emma Mrs 

272 Eminson Walter R 

Vacant, rear 
274 Thompson Saml H 
276 Christian Workers' Ch 
280 Henry Bertha Mrs 
282 Mathews Mary Mra 
284 Henlev Wm 
286 Saunders Mrs Mary 
288 Sprlngman David 
290 Kasman Abraham 
292 Ahiert Dominic 
294 Adams Ellzth Mra 
296 Conneliar Frank 
298 Hayhow Wm 
800 Montgomery Mrs 3arab 
302 Absent 
304 Hiekey Jamea J 
306 Ronson James A 
808 Hamilton Walter, phy 
810 Lake Wm J A 
312 Marshall Chas W 
314 Vacant 
316 Barnes John J 
318 Vacant 
318a Vacant 
320 Vacant 
320a Vacant 
322 Vacant 

322a Howarth Mary Mrs 
324 Farrell Robt, cigars 
324a Farrell Robt 
326 Fieldhouse Mary A 
328 Maloncy John C 
330 Mackenzie Roy 
332 Vacant 
334 May Saml 
33«a Parr Frank 
336b Anderson Albert 
338a Bailey Eveline Mrs 
33&b McClay Thos J 
340 Richmond Max, tlr 
342 Manaceveth Joseph N, 

ladies' tlr 
J44 Singer Sewing Machine 

Co, br 
344a Race Frank P 
344% Beaton Donald H. 

344b Callan Saml M. confy 

♦Arthur st commences 

846 Franks Joseph 

348 JIacdonald Mrs Isabell* 

J. gro 
350 Hig-gins Margt M Mrs 
862 Carolan Jamea 
354 Tannahill Alex, expreaa 
356 Hazelton Mrs Annie M 
358 Keen Thomas 
360 Hazlitt Wm S 
362 Savoy Candy Co, Ltd 
364 Hendron Thos 
366 Murphy Wm K, under- 

Hauck Louis 
368 Burns Mrs Hannah 
368% Scott Rlchd H, horses 
and carriages 

370 Hayden James M, plmbr 

872 Birmingham Rlehd 

174 Jones Chas H 

376 Cook Arthur 

378 Mills Miss Miiry E 

380 Galllnger Miss Sarah 

382 Walters Michl 

884 Brown Harry J 

388 Ward Robt B 

S88a Purvis Albert M 

390 Archibald Annie Mrs 

890H Adams James 

404 Odd Fellows' Hall 

40« British Fur Co 

SUverberg David & Son, 

dry gds 
408 Silverberg Esther Mr« 
410 O'Halloran Mrs Annie 
412 Burton Mrs Mary 
414 Rea Mrs Mary J 
418 Western Hospital 

Nurses' Home 
420 Weston Geo. Ltd. bkrs 
444 Taber Laundry Wks 
448 Ahlltt Wm 
450 Swayze Beatrice 
462 Smyth Mrs Maria 

Maxwell Miss Margt B 
454 Bell Joseph W 
466 Johnstone Thos H 
458 Auehlncloss Wm A 
462 Ashelford Wm A, livery 
464 Fowler Wilfred J R, 

vet surg 
+66 Vacant 

468 Ward Edwin, clothes clnr 
470 Bookless John, gro 
4T2-474 Vacant 
480 Elliot Woodworkei*, 

Ltd. mach 

♦ Collage st Intersects 

506 Lees Harry 

508 Robsoii May Mrs 

610 Matthews Edwd 

61i2 Rutherford Morvllle, 

614 McKeown Chas O 

Cox Minnie B Mrs 
618 McCaffrey John 
B20 Woltz Geo 
S2i2 Wade Wm, vet surj 
524 Lavender .'^ara Mrs 
528 Vacant 
628 Gogglns John 
630 Linton Wm W 
5(34 Morgan Clara 
536 Macdonald Esther J, 

Macdonald Margt Mr* 
638 Camplin Isaac 
540 Vacant 
542 Huxtable Wm 
644 McGill Mrs Annie 
54C KIpp Herbert M 
648 Crosby Miss O Mae 
660 Miller BenJ J, plmbr 

Clark Alex C 

Brown Helen Mr» 
652 Meston ATalcolm 

Macdonald Mary Mrs 
654 McPherson Catherine 1 

65* MoPherson David W, 

558 Struthers, Wm E, phy 
560 Duncan Lyttle J 
560 Absent 

562 Lindsay Joeeph T 
664 Morden Caleb 
686 Vokes James L 
668 Moffatt James 
570 Fisher Jas W 
572 Husband Horatio W 
572a Maxwell Jas S 
674 Phillips Ixjuls 
676 Newton John B 

Lee Mrs Sarah M, nrse 
578 Walker John 
580 Loudon Hannah Mrs 
582 Chadwick Thos J 
684 Farrance Walter O 
688 Henderson Edwin 
"iSS Brown Geo A 
690 CoUaton Thos 
592 James Archd, real est 
594 Findlay Isabella Mrs 
596 Jackes Edith Mrs 
898 Munro Mrs Annie 
600 Coons Mrs Ann 
602 Glionna Geo. phy 

604 Tuck John A, phy 

♦ Ulster st Intersects 

606 Wells Josephine Mn, 

608 Hlder Arthur H 
610 Staddon Fredk 

Evan-Jones Minnie 
mus tchr 

Evan-Jones Ethel Urs 
812 Castleman Mrs Mrgt A 
614 Cox Airs .\iinnie E 
616 Haight Wm 
618 Elder Miss Elixth 
620 Carr Freeman 
622 Craig Wm H 
624 Henderson Albert ■ 
626 Henderson Thos M 
628 Roach Edwin J 
630 Denny James 
632 Wilkes Leonard H. 

Wilkes Robt W 
634 Gaudet Peter B 
636 Klon Thos 
638 Strachan Ellzth 
640 Furner Annie Mrs 

Eaklns Robt S, mus 
642 Galloway Wm O 

Galloway Eva, mus ' 
644 Greig Edwd 
846 Parr Wm 
648 Vacant 
«50 Gray Annie M 
652 Caswell Mary A, Ids tlr 

Caswell Geo C 
05* Wilson Richard J 
656 Thompson George S 
658 Bronsdon Catherine W 

660 Rabkin Saml. optician 

♦ Harbord st Intersects 

662 Gaby Robt E, phy 

Fisher Margt Mrs 
664 Gale Ellzth 
666 Lament Ida, chlroprac- 

Lament Hector, chiro- 
668 Wingfleld Ursula Mrs 
670 Wood Miss Ellzth 
672 Heatherman Wm J 
674 Sutton Mrs Maria 
676 McLean Dougald 
678 Pearce Wm Q 
680 Slason Frank J 
682 Haines Thos 
684 Plette Delbert R, mus 

686 Vacant 
688 P.ichnrason Robt 
690 Shantz Saml P 
692 Merrick Miss Llllie 
694 Tuck Eliza J Kerr Mrs 
696 Lunn Walter E 

Anger Annie Mrs 
700 Ferguson Mrs Ellsth 

♦ Herrick Pt intersects 

702 Knox Jane Mra 

704 Beauchamp Walter N 
706 Beauchamp Geo N 
708 Rock Elizth Mrs 
710 Podger Albert B 
712 Wilkinson Bmliy Mrs 
714 Fields Harry 
716 Bain John G 

Bain Mrs Coutts. vocal 
718 Appleton Geo 

Methodist Church 

♦Lennox st intersects 

738 East India Mfg- Co, 

laundry supplies 
740 Vacant 

742 Bottrell Albert J, bicy- 
Mason Wm J 
744 Anglo-American News 
Pocock Emma Mrs 
McNlcoll Wm 
Warden Jas 
746 Keane Chas H, bicycle 

7 48 Kinkaid Lewis J, rear 



The CANADA METAL CO., Limited 



Co n f e6e r a t ionXife 



Canadian Compmy 

TSO Farmer Jones H 

Farmer Mrs Cara. mus 

Farmer Enid L, n>ui 

tchf ^ 

Farmer Broadbus B, 
mus tchr 
762 West Mrs Marion 

Manson Bruce 
T64 Vinson Thoa 
766 Candy Wm H, cartage 

TBS Cunningham Andrew, bi- 
75S^ Cunningham Andrew 
7«0 Ludlow Bros, tlr« 

Troyer Claude 

Weeks Sarah Mm 
762 Welnstock Joaeph, Ids 

Sutherland Wra 
784 Goldman BenJ, plmbf 

Tobln Joseph J 

Hearn John 
766 Horwood Ruth Mrs 

Vacant store 

Waring Joseph F 
768 Fuller g, Perrin. gro 

Tipple Sydney 

Finch Fredk H 
770 Perrin Jno 

Fuller Jno 

Bennett Margt, Srsmkr 
772 Cordlngley EUith J, 

1 Hunter Nellie 

2 Crane John B 
774 Vacant 

776 Vacant 

778 Watson Thoe. tinsmth 
♦Bloor St w Intersects 

106 Ferrah Robt, drugs 
Q N W Tel (br) 

Cox James 

Sullivan Josle 

MoGurk Sarah 
»08 Flfleld ,Wm, btchr 
110 Vacant 
*10a Tyner Henry J 

Giveen Robt J 
812 Rouda Herman, tlr 
812a Bennett Ernest W 

Hall Peter A 
S14 Crummy Dan!, confy 
814a Crummy Danl 

Pratt Sidney 
816 Ennis Thomas, blksmth 
820 Hollinga Jno C, shoe 

822 Vacant 
824 Vacant 
82« Vacant 
888 Chinese Indry 
830 Adare Fredk J 
844 Croft Arthur W, 
848 Patenaude Odele, dTs 

848a McElroy Joseph 
860-850a Suffrln Oslas, tlr 
862 Weeks Stanley B, sta- 

^London st commences 

S64 Hutchison Eldon T. un- 

856 Mathewson Chas S, bkr 

Tlcknor Fredk S 
8S8 Stevenson Minnie Mrs, 

860 McConnell Walter, 

862 Poyntz Arthur, btchr 
864 Vacant 
8(6 Doherty John 
8(8 Jordan Joseph, shoe- 

870 Carmichael Sandy 
872 Eeader Walter, rest 
874 Whitelaw John & Son, 

876 Harron H J, dver 
878 Credlcott Rlchd" 
880 Bastow Ann M Mrs 
882 Pringle John N, vet sure 
884 Roberts Edwd C 
886 Brown John 
888 Hughes Bernard B 
880 Wills John 
888 Fisher Fredk, vet surg 

894 Turner C B & Co, boiler 

896 Mann Isabelle 
898 Corrlgan Mary C 
902 Vacant 
908 Wenman Chas 
910 Vacant 

♦ Barton av intersects 

912 St Paul's Presby Ch 
962 Wright Chas E, tlr 

Ryan Arthur, tinsmth 
964 Vacant 

1 Marks Fred 

2 Fisher Melville E 

3 Elliott Arthur N 
Wallace Agnes B 

966 Vacant 

^Follls av commences 

968 Dole Wm T, gro 
970 Chong F G, bicycles 
972 Curtln John H, gro 
974 Jackson Sarah J Mrs, 

P O Sub Station 34 

Jackson Wm R 
976 Morrow H, dry gds 

Hay's iltg Co, polish 
978 Chinese Indry 
980 Doug-hty J W. florist 
982 Gooderham Prank, bar 

Fahey Martin 
984 Clayton Joshua, btchr 
986 Sheepway Claude, fruits 
988 Stevenson Archd, btchr 

Stevenson John 
990 Owl Drug Stores, Ltd 

♦Olive av commences 

994 Einarson Bros, gro 
996 Plenty Henry, shoe repr 
998 McCartney Roy, confy 
1000 Scheck Herman A, 

1002 Belyea Bros, pimbri 

Belyea Isaac K 
1004 Lennon James H 

Lennon Miss S M, nurse 
1006 Gold Wolf, ladles' tlr 
1008 Irvine Chas W, flour 

and feed 
1010 Moore Bert C, gro 

Moore Wm 
1012 Vacant 

1014 Spragge Caleb, tinner 
1016 Seemann Martin 
1018 Curtis John 
1020 New John 
1026 Chapman Arthur H 
1028 Adam Chas H 
1030 Smith Frank 
1032 Wilson Archd, phy 
1034 Van Sickle Wm D 
1036 Arnold Ernest F 
1042 Jackson Wm 
1044 Perkins Alvin 

Norman Agnes Mrs 
1046 Sheerin & Dictsch, rl 

1046 U a Gledhlll David W 
1048 Simpson Frank M. tlr 
1050 Haves Siaml, mlnr 
1062 M u m f or d Wm R, 

♦ Vermont av commences 

1070 Eaton Wm E, printer 
1072 Cornwell Apartments 

1 Trethewey Capt Jno 

2 Cornwell Alfred 

3 Vacant 

4 Petrie Mary Mrs 

5 Rrice Herbert E 

6 Roberts Annie Mrs 

7 Moore J Allan 

8 Vacant 

9 Nicholson James 
Roy Napoleon A. shoes 

Stephens Rlchd, shoe- 

1090 Pearce Mrs Rose, dry 
Fawcett Wm J, gro 
Vivian Edwin, confy 



1096 Woodward Chas H, 

1098 Seals & R i d s d 1 1 1, 
Rldsdili Henry 
UOO Imperial Bank (br) 

♦Dupont St Intersects 

1104-6 Dickln Chas, gro 
1114 Glbson-McCormact-lrvln 
Co, Ltd, lamber 

1116 McLean Alex 

McKenzle Alex, contr 
1118 Storehouse 
♦ C P R crossing 
1130 Hillcrest race course 

♦ Davenport rd Intersects 
13S2 Lawrence James 

1356 Wychwood Theatre 
1358 Hilton Wm; cigars 
l.a58a Bell AUan, real est 
IJSO Walker Henrietta M 
English John 
1362 Munro Donald, confy 
1364 Bell David, gro 

# Alcina av commencec 
18(6 Holmes Reuben, baker 

Holmes Mrs Ellen, gro 

1368 Chinese Laundry 

137S Vacant 

1378 Parker Amy, florist 

1880 Glass Gerald S, btchr 

1382 Argue Wilfred A, 
boots and shoes 

1384 Crosby Ellas E, black- 

1388 Loblaw Theodore P, 
gro (br) 

1390 McArthur Seignior V, 

1392 Sharpe Wm, news dlr 
1394 Jinks Saml T, coal 
1S96 Lankin Clarence, barber 
1398 Brown Edwara, shoe- 

♦ Helena av commencM 

# Vaughan rd commencca 
1410 White Mrs ElUabetb 

♦ St Clair av intersects 
1482 Miller Eliza J Mrs 
1484 Wilder Chas S 

# City limit 


(Old Ashvale av), east 
from Coxwell av to Small 
Pond, first n of Queen •, 
ward 1. 

North Side ... 

2 Christian Percy 

4 Oliver John 

6 Hewlett Fredk W 

8 Smith Delbert 
12 Lewis Alfred M 
78 Laville Herbert 
20 Mills Thos B 

South Side 

1 Barrett John 

5 Eaglefield Chas 

7 Smith Frank 

9 Burton Ingol, painter 
11 Holmes Austin 
11 H Reeve Elizth Mrs 
13 Wahrer Wm F 
15 "Davis Arthur 
17 Gamble Wm 
19 Hunter Joseph E 


Eajt from 927 Tonge, 
ward 2. 

North Side 

2 Vacant 


North from the bay to 65 
Queen w, ward 3. 

East Side 

♦ Lake st Intersects 

♦ Railway crossing 


♦ Esplanade st w lDtera«cti 

Louis John, fruits 
Moran Annie Mrs, 

♦ Front st w Intersects 

61-55 Allan Bldg 

61-56 Allan A A & Co. 

whol hats & caps 
55 Silks Ltd, whol silks 
Oaosell & Co, Ltd. 
63 Ogllvie Bldg 

First Floor — 

Ogllvle Thos & Sons, 
Ltd, whol woollens 

Second Floor — 

Dominion Textile Co, 

cotton goods 
MalliBons Ltd, cotton 

Montreal Cottons, Lt4 
Walker W S, mfrs agt 
Canadian Converters 

Co. ladles wear 
Black John P & Co, 

Ltd, ladles wear 
McQuillan Thos, mfrs agt 

Third Floor- 

Fourth Floor — 

Central Agency, Ltd, 
spool cotton 

Fifth Floor — 

Clarke & Clarke, wara 


Sixth Floor — 

Jennings & Wilson, mfr 

Campbell, Metsger & 

Jacobson, fancy gds 

Seventh Floor 

Clemens Matthew W, 

mfrs agt 
Welch Margetson & Co, 
Ltd, dry goods 
65 Bourcier J O Ltd, mfrs 

♦ Wellinffton st w Intersects 

67 Pullan M & Sons, Ltd, 

oloak mfrs 
69 Vacant store 
71 Cronyn Bldg 
71 Brouse, Mitchell & Co, 

stock brokers 

Second Floor — 

Saunders, Torrance & 

King»miU, barrs 
Summit Golf and Coun- 
try Club, Ltd 
Neebish Mining Co 
British American Coal 

Co, Ltd 
Highland Mining Co 
Fru© Shebandowan 

Gold Mining Co, Ltd 

Third Floor — 
Cronyn Edward tt Co, 




The UNION TRUST CO., Limited 

oacei md uh Dtpotit Vtyiii: Temple BIdg., Bay and Richmond Sis. *^A'd'^^ISfstfa""*T'iste«,«te. 




Fourth Floor— 

Oobb Chas S, arch 
Harrlea & Hall, archs 

78 Tugwell H C & Co, Ltd, 
photo supplies 

73% Street number 

1 Thompson Pub Co, 

music pblr 

2 Hubbell Electrical Sup- 

ply Co 
3-4 Denman & Silver, 

6 Giroux F J, printer 
7-10 Thompson C H J 
75 Jose, Ltd, furs 
77 BroTvn & Stainton. sta- 

Second Floor 

Third Floor — 

Fourth Floor — 
81 Telegiram Bldg 

Evening Telegram (dally) 
Canadian Associated 
^ Melinda st ends 

8B-82 Toronto General Trusts 
Toronto Genl Trust* Cor- 

Rooms — 

Third Floor — 

Malone, Malone & Long, 

Bongard, Ryereon & 

Co, stock brokers 
Fulford G T Co, Ltd, pro 

Macintosh & Hyde, ac- 
Barton Mayhew Co, 

Fourth Floor 

Reed, Shaw & Mc- 
Naught, Ins brokers 

Connecticut Fire Ins 

Insurance Co ol" the 
State of Pennsyl- 

Liverpool & London & 
Globe Ins Co. Ltd 

Lloyd's Plate Glass Im 

Employers' Liability 
Assce Corp Ltd 
(accident and liabil- 
ity dept) 

Marine Ins Co of 
London. En*? 

Century Ins Co, Ltd 

Mercantile Fire Ins Co 

National Surety Co of 
New York 

Pacific Coast Fire Ins 

Nlddrle Wm L, Ins 

Waterloo Mutual Fire 
Ins Co 

Fidelity & Ca,sualty Co 
of New York 

Fifth Floor— 
Cassels. Brock, Kelley & 

Falconbridge, barrs 
MacKay John & Co, 

Canadian Rail Joint 
Co, Ltd 

Sixth Floor — 
Thomson. Tllley & John- 
ston, barrs 

Seventh Floor — 

Rldout & Strickland. 

Ltd, Ins agta 
North American Acci- 
dent Ins Co 
Law Union & Rock 
Fire Ins Co, Ltd 

London & Lancashire 

Life Assce Assn, Ltd 
Phoenix Assce Co of 

London, Eng 
MoMuIkin F & J. ins 

Earls John, ins agt 
Holden & Grover, barrs 
Dunlap David A, office 
Ferguson, Sanson & 

Graham, investment 


♦ King St w intersects 

93 Sterling Bank of Can- 
ada, The (head office) 

95 Sterling Coal Co, Ltd 
Conger Lehiffh Coal Co, 


96 V4 Clubb A & Sons, Ltd, 


97 Deacon F H & Co, 

99-103 Jarvis BIdg 
99 Wilkinson Chas, barber 
101 Rice A Gordon, phys 
103 Jarvls Aemilius & Co, 
stock brokers 
Dominion of Canada 
Postage Stara^ Vend- 
ing Co, Ltd 
Toronto Safe Deposit & 

Agencv Co, Ltd 
British Columbia Pack- 
ers' Assn 

Second Floor 
Amoldl & CJrlerson. barrs 
High Grade Oil Co, Ltd 
Dlaphone Signal Co, 
Ltd, The 

Third Floor — 

McKIm A, Ltd, adv agy 
Fourth Floor — 

Segsworth R F, barr 
Segsworth W E, mining 

Seneca-Superior Silver 

Mines, Ltd 
Commercial Acetylene 

Welding Co 
Gas Accumulator Co 

(Canada), Ltd 
Arnoldl Exhaust Ven- 
tilator Co 
Co-Operatlve Music 
Supply Co 
1C5 News Publishing Co 

News (Daily) 
108 National Club 
111-113 MoConkey Ernest 

G E, rest 
115 Canadian Powers Regu- 
lator Co, Ltd, heat reg- 
117 McLean Wm G, signs 

Vacant store 
119-21 Bay Tree Hotel 

Toronto Baseball and 
Amusement Co, Ltd 
^ Adelaide st w Intersects 
121 Recruiting office 
123 Stair Building 
Rooms — 

101 Recruiting office 

102 Vacant 

105 Vacant 

106 Vacant 

108 "Bentley," real, est 

109 Dudley Arthur N, 

whol lumber 

110 Rattray A J, arch 

111 Vance E C & Co, 

adv novelties 
lli2 Buckley's Ltd 

114 Martin W T, pblr 
Montreal Gazette 
Noble Ada, public 

Gregory Wm T, 

115 Toronto Invest- 

ments, Ltd 
Monteith Pulp and 
Lumber Co, Ltd 

116 Vacant 

117 Vacant 

lis Desbarats Adver- 
tising Agency, Ltd 

201-202 Dictaphone Co, 

203 General Sales Co, 

mfrs agt 
Fetzer Bernard C, 
waste paper blra 

204 Crowtiier Bernard, 

mtra agt 

205 Cresswell Thos & 

Co, woollens 
Watson Geo A. 
mfrs agt 
Spencer H H & Co, 
mfrs agts 

206 Glover Henry & 

Co. accts 
Stephenson Geo A, 

207 Toronto MUltajy 

Training Aasn 
Cooke Wm, Ins 

208 Somme Music Pub 


209 Vacant 

210 Vacant 

2111-212 Clark Edwd & 
Sons, whol Imbr 

214 Absent 

215 Skinner Leonard E, 

mfrs agt 
Caldecott Fredk, 
mfrs agt 

216 Vacant 

217 Absent 

218 Smith Alfred H, tlr 
301 Vacant 

303 Vacant 

304 Vacant 

305 Vacant 

306 Vacant 

307 Scully A A, ry sup- 


308 Stair F W, office 

309 Diggins Alex T, 

prop medlclnea 
McTaggarfs (Dr) 

310 Banfleld Edwin J, 

mech engineer 

Mfg Co, mchy 

Glfford - Wood Co, 
ice machy 

Daylight & Ventil- 
ation Co, hdw ape 

Guarantee Con- 

struction Co. 

power hse equip- 

311 Vacant 

312 Vacant 

314-316 Davis John B, 
mfrs agt 

317 Butler Geo, adv de- 


318 Canada's Tobacco 

125 Francis A D, clgrar8 
127 Defender Photo Supply 

lit Rosenthal J & J. pawn- 
181 Hewitt Robt L. tlr 
133 Benham E & S, box 

188 Fire Hall No 1 

^Temperance st intersect^ 

145 Vacant 

1B8 Chlnn Wm H, barber 

1B3-161 Continental - Life 

Rooms — 

2 Winters J R E & 
Co, coll agta 
Toronto Mercantile 

iCo, The 
Toronto Reporting 
& Collect's Agrcy 
Victor Fire Extin- 
guisher Co 
Niagara Spray Nozzle 

4 Vacant 

10 Vacant . 

11 Williams M H & Co, 

real est 

101-117 Genl Accident 
Assurance Co of 
Genl Accident Fire 
& Life AssiC Corp 
of Perth, Scotl'd 

201-204 Coatsworth & 
Richardson, barrs 

205 Killackey F S & 
Co, mfrs agts 
iBoynton njawa, ri 

206-19 Continental Life 
Ins Co 

301-3 Balfour & Park- 
er, barrs 

304 Shaver H H, barr 

306 Vacant 

306-8 Corley, Wllkie. 
Duff & Hamilton, 

309 Allen Bernard, dia- 
mond broker 
Backes & Strauss, 
diamond Ijrokers 

310-12 Vacant 

313-314 Davies & Short, 

'31'6-317 Unwin, Murphy 
& Esten, survey- 

318 Vacant 

319 Vacant 

401-2-3 Hydro-Electric 
Power Comm 

404 Garlock Packing 
engineers' sup- 

405-408 Ritchie, Ludwig 
& Ballantyne, 

409 Hydro-Elec Power 


410 Nason Joseph, barr 
411-414 Payne J Web- 

Hall W Carleill 

416-419 MacMu Hen, 

Riley & Durley, 

consulting engrs 

501 Foy, Knox & Mon- 

ahan, barrs 
505-506 Boiler Insp & 

Ins Co of Can 
50-8 Vacant 
509-12 Denison, Miller & 

Livingston, barrs 
518-519 Inst of Chapter- 
ed AcapuntahtB 
Accountancy uooK 
Pub Co, Ltd 
601-3 Mitchell John, 
Ridley A P, barr 
604a Thomson Thomas 

C, barr 
604-b Davis BIdwell N 

& Grass, barrs 
606-607 Lennox & Len- 
nox, barrs 
608-9 Eddls Wilton C & 

Sons, accts , 
610-611 Lane, Stephens, 
McNally & Taylor, 
613 Can Churchman 
614-619 Vacant 
701-706 Gregory, Gooder- 
ham, Campbell & 
Coleman, barrs 
709-12 Wherry Robt, 
15i9 Leishman Alex 
161 Galium Robt, cigars 
^ Richmond st w intersects 

163 Hotel St Charles 
165 Wheaton & Co, gents 
167 Gentile Frank, bar- 
. ber 
169 Bates Gordon A, phys 
Batea H Kendal, phys 
Bowles BIdg 
Lightman Saml. news 
Bowles Lunch 
Llg'htman SamV shoe 

iBowles Lunoh, Ltd, 

The Dominion of Canada Guaranteo & Accident Insurance Company 


^""^^S^SiE^"" Head Offices TRADERS BANK BLDG., TORONTO 



77 WELLINGTON ST. W. Umitcd 

Waterproof Wagon Covers 

CMnmt and Concrats C«v*fs 

Gymnasium Mattresses 

West Side 


Canada Stmship Llnei 

^ Lake st Intersects 
10 Northern Bolt & Screw 

Co, Ltd 
^ Railway crossing 
^ Esplanade st Intersects 
^Front st w intersects 

SO Otls-Fensom Elevator 
Toronto Harbour Coma 

^Plper st ends 

52 Hees Building— 

Hees Geo H & Co. Ltd 

window shades 
Jenner & Co, laces 
Auburn Woollen Co 
Turner F A. mfrs' 
Ball Geo E, mfrs agt 
Hoskin Thos, mfrs agt 
Tucker Herbert, mfrs 

Phillips Chas, mfrs agt 
Walsh E H & Co, Ltd, 

mfrs agts 
Burroughs Adding Ma- 
chine Co 
54 Daliors Geo, frulta 
B6 Bachrack Co, Ltd, whol 
dry gds 
-6S Brock W R Co. Ltd 
whol dry gds 

♦ Wellington st w Inter- 

70 Hayes & Lailey, whol 

Marcus & Co, furriers 

Fisher Mark, Sons & 
Co, whol woollens 

Addressograph Sales 

Norrie E J C & Co, 
mfrs agts 

Whelpley & Searle, 
mfrs agts 

Ward W N Fur Co, fur- 
72-74 Paul Bldg 

Weiss B & Son Ltd, 
whol clothing 

Mack Harry, furn 

Canada Fine Art Co, 
Ltd, pubirs 

Dodds Medicine Co. Ltd, 

Schwartz J & Co, furs 

Ross Geo D & Co, mfrs 
76 Dickinson John & Co, 

Chantler John A & Co, 
mfrs agts 

Abbott Bros, whol mlnry 

Shapiro S & Co, fur- 

Teller & Teller, laces 
78 Allcock, Lalght & West- 
wood Co Ltd, Ashing 

Cluett. Peabody & Co, 
Inc, shirt mfrs 

Colder Mason T, mfrs 

Biton Walter & Co, 
Ltd, rubber clothing 

Stowe J Howard, mfrs 
80 Jessop Wra & Sons, 
steel mfrs 

Ritchie & Ramsey, 
coated paper 

Simon Louis, pipe mfr 

Gordon John & Son, 
mfrs agts 
82 Clavlr Harry, hat mfr 
84 Canaila Law Book Co, 
pubirs Annual Fin- 
ancial Review 

MacDonald, Bullock & 
Co, brokers 

Parisian Corset Co 

Houston's Standard Pub- 
86 Toronto Stk Exchange 

88 Monroe Calculating 

Machine Sales Co 
Mechanical Accounant 

Sales Co 
Multlgraphing Sales 
Co, Ltd, adding mchs 
Murray Mather & Co, 

Laldlaw & Co (New 

York), brokers 
Rotary Club. The 
90 Fletcher, Macfarlane & 

Co, brokers 
92-94 Toronto Women's 
Patriotic League (Em- 
ergency Work Rms) 
96 Ames J hi & Son, llrs 
98 Kleine Geo, films 

Canadian General Se- 
curities Co, Ltd. rl est 
Port Weller Securities 

Corporation, Ltd 
Bartram Vivian T, 

Bartram & Wadsworth. 

Lindsey G G S, barr 
Watson Chas G, care- 
♦ King st w intersects 
in6-Hn Mail Building 

Creed Albert E, barber 

Rooms — 

1-4 Clarke & Swabey, 

5-6 Canadian Milk 

Products, Ltd 
7-S Booth Promotion 

Co, Ltd, The 

10 Brodie John K, 


11 Rushforth Matthew, 

mfrs agt 
12 -12a— 14 Cowlin Wm 
& Son (Canada) 
Ltd contrs 

15 St Clair Oil Refming 

Co. Ltd 

16 Hamilton T H Co, 

Ltd. brokers 
17 Sherwood Construc- 
tion Co Ltd, contrs 
18 Sherwood & Sher- 
wood, contrs 
101 Norris - Patterson. 
Ltd, adv agency 
Economic Advertis- 
ing (monthly) 
102-3 Tor Paper Mt^ 

106 Sylvester Saml A, 

Ins broker 
lOT Wabasso Cotton Co, 

lOS Hopkins F H & Co, 
ry supplies 
Dominion Wire Rope 
Co, Ltd 
109 Vacant 

110-11 Vanderhoof, Scott 
& Co, Ltd, pubirs 
Canada Monthly 
112 Vacant 
113-114 Meek Edward, 

115-116 Holladay Mil- 
ton .A, 
Oliver G B, mfrs 
117 Hankln Francis & 

Co, Iron 
201-202 Black Building 

Supply Co 
203-205 Chlpman & 

Power, civ engrs 
Riordon Paper 
Mills. Ltd 
208-209-220 Mail & Em- 
pire eomp rooms 

301 Storehouse 

302 Slater & Co, com 

304 Ardagh Irwin J, rl 

PS tri f fl 

Patricia Park Ltd, 

real estate 
McQueen Fredk, rl 


305 Lllllco Richd J, rl 
108 Plummer & Co, stock 
McKendrlck, Nicholson 
<Sb Co, real est 


6a-&3 Amalgamated Co- 
balt Mines Ltd 
Kemerer Robt E & 

Co, brokers 
Audit & Realiza- 
tion Co, accts 
57 Thompson F W, 
newspapei" agent 
56 Irvine W Henry, 
ins agt 
Mutual Life Assce 
of Canada 
110% Genos Paul, confy 

♦ Pearl «t commences 

iia Lincoln Paper Mills Co 
Canada Paper Co 

114 Molsons Bank 

120 -126 Trusts & Guarantee 
Co, Ltd 

12'8 Toronto Office Lunch 
Vacant over store 

1'30-13'2 Harbun Albert V, 

134 Canadian Electric Fix- 
ture and Contracting 

136 Gordon & Gotch (Can- 
ada), Ltd, news dlrs 

138 Dodge Mfg Co. Ltd, 

140 Widmer Hotel 

♦ Adelaide st w Intersects 

143 United Cigar Stores 

Ltd (br) . 
142a Mattacchione Joseph, 

142ib Trombetto Michele 

barlif r 
142o Rosman Louis, clothes 


144 Remington Typewriter 
146-150 Dominion Automo- 
bile Co, Ltd 

152-154 Peterkin Buildingr 
Rice A R & Co, elect 

Saulter Wm, roofer 

ftooms — 

1-2 Thompson Enoch, 
Ltd, real estate 
Spanish Consulate 
Panama Consulate 
3-4 Halsted J A (est 

of), brokers 
6 New John, real est 
Patterson Alex, of- 
6 Vacant 
7-S Canadian Supply 

Cn. cotton gds 
9 Appleford Counter 
Check Book Co, 

10 Little & Little, 

mfrs agts 

11 Bellinger Ernest, 

mfrs agt 

101 Le Feuvre Edmund, 

real est 

102 Downes E R Misa, 

pub stenog 
Consumers Gaso- 
line Sup,ply Co, 

103 Medical Agency of 

Canada, coll agts 
Business Alliance i 
• 104 Markle Wilson B, 

real est | 

HammiU Robert G, ) 

broker 1 

105 Canadian Incuba- ! 

tor Co ' 

Schmletendorf A 

Co, accts 
Skitch John, acct 

Whitelaw E Fer- 
gus, acct 

Candee Incubator 
& Brooder Co 

Stuttaford A J, 

Lohmann A P & 
Co, drgsts sndris 
106-107 Toronto Daily 
News (br) 

108 DeGruchy & Heron 

mfrs agt 

109 Eastwood John P, 


110 Vacant 

111 Sheppard Oliver B, 

113 Vacant 
113 Vacant 

201 Pepper Gep, rl est 

202 Thompson Enoah, 

Ltd, real est 
Spanish Consulate 
Panama Consulate 

203 Tow Wm J, mfr» 

204-205 Canadian Press 

206 McEnroe Bernard, 

mfrs agt 

207 Taylor .Scott & Co 


208 Regan Hugh, tlr 

209 Vaiant 

210 Vacant 

»11-I3 Edwards Harry, 
circular letters 

♦ Temperance at inter- 

156 Natural Tread Shoes, 

Ltd, shoes 
ISS Cohen Jacob S, mfr 

160 Macbeth-Evans Glass Co 
Barton D M, phy cul 
Watson Fredk J, real 

Stacey John R, brok«r 
Greenspoon Fur Co 
Toronto Testing Lab- 
oratory, Ltd 
162 Alberta Financial 
Brokers, Ltd, rl eat 
Ailin Samuels, tlr 
164 Lennox E J, arch 
166 Crowther Bldg 

1-2 Lockhart Fredk 

R, photo 
4-5 Reeve John T, 

real. est 
6 Vacant 

7-S Burns-Starr Sales 
Co, distributors 
101-102 Vacant 
104 Stevenson & Hevey, 

107 Holland W H & 

Sons, ins agts 
108 Dixon Henry, pat 


201 East Henry M, barr 

202-207 Franklin M & 

M A, ladles' tlrs 

301 Crowther James, 


303 Culp & Howell, real 


304 Vacant 

306-307 Foulds Leonard 

Fourth Floor — 

402 Fenn Edwd .S, care- 
168 Delco-Llght 

Second Floor — 

Shapiro Bros & Rose- 
man, furriers 

Third Floor- 
170-172 Carrlck A W, 



♦ Richmond st 

174-176 L'nion Trust Co 





Phones: Office, Main 4949 
Nitfit Res,, Pariidale 3594 



Office, Warehouse and Yard: Phone M. 6147 

536-542 QUEEN ST. E. 


1(2 Montreal Star, The 

Family Herald & 
Weekly Star 

184 Vacant 

186 Halck Saml, ghoemkr 
188 St Tslrllea Kostl, fruit 
190 Volpe Mlchl, shoeshlner 


(Toronto Island), n of 
Olbola av, w of Pontlac ay 
177 Argent Henry 

185 Twisit Joseph G 


(Toronto Island), s from 
Hanlan's Point througrh 
Hanlan's Memorial Park, 
first e-of Lake Shore av, 
ward 4. 

1 Durnan Arthur W 
S EngUah Edwd A 

3 Vacant 

4 Schneider Joseph P 

5 Stanbury Arthur 

« Humphreys Joseph 


(North Toronto), north 
from 478 Merton to 
Broadway av. 

Bait Side ! . 

In York Township 

We«t Side 

t Dempster Robt 

♦ Merton rd ends 
8 PIra Alfred 

1(5 Vacant 

SO Dalbo Laurence 

♦Balllol St ends 

22 Thompson Joseph 

3t Brock Chas E 

28 Powell Edwd G. contr 

♦DavlsvUle av ends 

♦ Millwood rd ends 
♦Glebe rd ends 

1J4 Green Thos Q 
Itfl Bailey Geo W N 

♦ Hillsdale av ends 
♦Soudan av ends 

1«0 Cawthorne Chas 
♦Eg:lInton av e Intersects 
♦Broadway av ends 
Klrkwood Francis L 

♦ Blythwood rd ends 


(Ward's Point) runs 
north and northeast from 
before 2 Lake to Third 

East Side 

♦ Willow av ends 

1 Vacant 

2 Watson Chas 

3 Kirk Herman 

5 Ward Frank 

6 Jardine Norman F 

7 Reid Geo A 

8 Wlndeyer Walter N P 

9 Christman Predk P 
10 Hunter Edwd G 
12-18 Spanner Albion H, 

Spanner Albion H, ho- 

♦ Main st ends 

WIman'a Park 
20 Dodd Walter F 

♦ Sixth st ends 

22 Staughton Steiihen H 
24 Boutell Alfred 

♦ Fifth st ends 

26 Hubbard Lewis M 
28 Hillock Wm H 

♦ Fourth st ends 

80 Henderson Robt G 
82 Fleldins Fredk C 

♦ Third st ends 


(Glenraount Park), south 
from Qerrard e to View 
cres, first west of Brook- 
side drive, ward 1. 

Not built on 


(Scarboro tp). east from 
Victoria Park av to Blan- 
tyre av, second n King- 
ston rd. 

North Side . , 


Bangray Herbert 

Mahoney Wm J 

. . . . South Side . , 
Whyte Ernest 


North west and north 
from Glenmount Park rd 
to Gerrard e, first south 
of same, ward 1. 

East Side* 

Not built on 

West Side 

30 Brindle Gilbert 
32 Fielding Fredk C 
34 MoGowan Jamea A 
36 Johnson Joseph 
60 Kent Walter R 
62 Slemin Wm 


North from 1164 Queen w 
to Durdas, ward t. 

East Side 

9 Smith Hugh 
11 Roach Edwd 
13 Mowat Saml 
15 Johnston Saml 
17 Dearborn Barbara Mm 
19 Quantz Mary 
21 Wright Harry A 
23 McRae Alex 
25 Donoghue Wm G 
27 Hill Thos 
29 Ramsay Bertha Mrs 
31 Katzman Raphael 
33 Harbour Chaa 
35 Twiner Wm 
37 Brown Harry P 
39 Information refused 
41 Gorrill Mina Mrs 
43 Bannerman Jolin 
45 Gill George 
47 Ross Wm R 
49 Saunders Saml 
51 Wilson Donald 
63 White J Leslie 
55 Balden Geo 
57 Tremble Sarah Mrs 
59 Golbeck Clayton 
61 Learmouth Jno F 
83 Harris Wllhelmln* P 

66 Hall Thos E 

67 Lee William 
69 Weeks Chas 

71 Hicks Mary Mrs 
73 Withey Ernest J 
77 Mix Thomas A 

♦Argryle st intersects 

85 Sherk David 

87 Scott Geo 

89 Gros Solomon 

89 % Martin Thos A 

91 Vacant 

93 Richardson Thos 

95 Rew Saml 

97 McAdam Wm A 

99 Barton Wm F 
101 Donovan James 
108 Harding Harry J 

108 Speers John B 

♦Afton av intersects 

107 Peterraan Albert E 

109 Vacant 

111 Slean Wm J 
113 McCoy Edwd 

115 Codling Jas \V 
117 Wright Matthew H 
119 Austin Geo 
121 Hardy Wm J 
123 Archer J Harry 
125 Prawley Jno 
127 Tutt Chas 
129 Boundy Wm R 
131 Pickrlil John 
133 Kearney Joseph 
135 Wells Jas 
137 O'DonneU James 
137 Mi Rowciiffe Albert E 
139 Forrester Geo A 
141 Hardwick Richard 
143 iCarruthers Wm 
145 Marks Abraham 
147 Francis George 
♦McKenzie cres ends 
169 Macgregor Peter 
161 Mnir George C 
163 Todd John H 
165 Powrie Mary Mrs 
167 Hearn B PhlUls 
169 Christie Geo 
171 Talbot Alfred 
173 Graham Robt H 

176 Macdonald Marie Mrs, 


177 Apartment house 

1 Green John A 

5 O'Neill Marie 

3 Armitage Robt 

4 Rumney Robt 
■5 Farley Fred C 

6 Harley John 

7 Pritchard Fred 

8 Burtch Lloyd G 

West Sid* 

10 Lawless Thos V, contr 

14 Woolnough John W 

16 Turner Thos F 

18 Boye Edwd H 

20 Vacant 

22 Morrell Thos W 

24 Thetford Edwd J 

26 Bolton Chas R, under- 

28 Beckett Lena 
30 Wetherup Arthur 
32 May John W 
34 Martin Mrs FJUzth J 
38 McElroy Wm A 
40 Culford Thos 
42 'Banks Alex 
44 Vacant 

48 Cllnkunbroomer Jas H 
iClinkunbroomer M, drs 
60 Gallagher John G 
62 Robinson Wm 
64 Robinson G A 
66 Reid Wm 
68 Pletzer Geo 
68 Harris John 
70 Chester Sarah Mrs 
T2 Ball Fredk 
74 Emuck James W, phy 

♦ Argyle st intersects 
76 Farquhar Chas 
78 Vacant 

Dlneen Wm 
80 Blair Allan K 
82 Long Rebecca Mrs 
84 Cottenden Albert 
86 Clift Thos H 
88 Vacant 
90 Lawson Andrew 
96 Pearson James 
98 Pearson James, gro 
♦Afton av intersects 

104 Smeall Maxwell F 

106 McMurchy John 

108 Downing Harry, dairy 

110 Spence Alex 

112 Fraser Jas H 

♦Cross st commences 

114 Smith RIchd 

114a Edick Arthur 

116 Mintern Elizth J Mrs 

118 Till Thos E 

120 Mumford James H 

122 Sharland Gilbert 

Enouy Miss Louisa, nurse 
124 Good Wm H 
126 Price John I 

128 Wright Gouiaie 
130 Henry Mary Mrs 

Pollock Agnes Mrs 
132 May Sidney H 
134 McCartney Patk J 
186 CoUard Harry 
136% Curtis Chas H 
1'3'8 Hannah James 
140 Peace Metal Weather 
Strip Co 
Everett Jas 

143 Gilbert Eilzth Mrs 

144 Clarke Geo 
146 Norris Wm 

148 Sneath Ernest J 
150 Watson Fred W 
162 Perry Walter E 
164 McCormack J Thos 
156 Rogers Mrs Mary 
158 Marquis Lewis A 
160 Cooper Josei)h 
162 Guinane Mrs Jane 
164 Rogers Joseph 
166 Sinclair Robt W 

♦ Collahie st commences 

168 Hill Robt H 
170 Mobey Richd 


North from Wrenaon rd 
to Falrmount eras, first 
east of Cannon av. ward 

Not built on 


North from Arthur to 
Bloor w, second w of 
Bellwoods av, ward 5. 

East Side 

1 Bauckham Alexander 
3 Finmark Henry 
5 Clark Mary A Mrs 
7 Gaynor Mary J Mrs 
9 Kassel BenJ 

11 Copeland John 

13 Woodruff Catherine 

15 Bennett Thos 

17 Staley Frank J 

1» Hunt Wm 1 

21 Wvlie Wm J 

23 Bennett Jacob 

26 Jeffrey Janet 

27 Smeall Edwd 
29 Ross D Cully 

31 McEiwain Mrs Margt A 

33 Odell Geo B 

36 Watts Moses 

87 Firth Thomas H 

t> PhUUps Wra H 

41 Horning Chas E 

48 Roden Geo 

46 Stiles Martha A 

47 Gibson Ernest S 

49 Cahoon Saml 
61 Biakey Joseph A 

68 Berry Samuel N 

66 Keyes Wm J 

67 Anderson Marlon Mrs 

69 Wells John 

61 Barber Reginald A 
83 Stalker Mrs Helena B 
85 Oatzel Andrew 
87 Bannen Mary J Mrs 
89 Fawcett Mrs Martha 
91 Nunn Benjamin 
Clyde Ella, nurse 
Cooney Annie, nurse 
Turton Luria. nurse 
Wlce Jessie, nurse 
93 Wickett John A 
05 Schrelner Joseph 
97 Lldkea Robert 

101 Smith Mrs Annie 

103 Bush John 

105 Guyett Joseph 

107 Cassldy Edwin 

Johnston Isabella Mrs 

109 Callan Thos E 

111 Linton James 

113 Godard Edward L 

115 Phillips Joseph 

117 Dolphman Robt 

119 Buckingliam Albert 

121 Lord Arthur S 

123 Ross Mrs Mary J 


Limited, of 
London, Eng. 



R. HARGRAFT, General Agent 

Phone Main 251 TORONTO 




ircestOwners&Developers OfReal Estate InXanada 



120 Bemlster Mrs Sasao 

127 McKenzle Conlin 

128 U'Toole Michael J 
131 Ryan Thos 

133 Nalsh Wm, phy 

135 Mcintosh Ellrth. nurse 

137 Colb>- M'ss Enillv 

139 Sellers Ellzth Mrs 

141 Harad John 

143 Bewley Isaac S 

146 Dunsford Henry 

147 Morrison Catherine Mrs 
149 Ainlay Roy V, contr 
161 Crowe Francis W 

163 Bradley Mrs Charlotte 
Bradley Arthur L 

186 Henry Frederick 
157 Davis John L 
169 Brlggs R Nelson 
161 Rosenberg Saml 

^ College St Inter?-, -IS 

163 Hay Jas 

165 MoGee Patk 

167 Gaudaur Andrew Mrs 

169 Currle Alfred J 

171 Wright Alfred 

173 Campbell Alex C 

176 Shorey Annie Mre 

177 Lemon Wm 
179 Kellam Geo 
181 Rose Wm 

188 McGregor Mrs Jare A 

187 Tjrquhart Frances Mrs 

189 Currle Wm 

191 Weatherill Henry 

193 White Wm F 

195 Paton Chas E 

197 Worden Martha A Mrs 

199 Paterson Wm 

201 Schiller Donald D 

203 Hayward Wilbert W 

205 Batters Mary Mrs 

207 Snell Albert E 

211 Cronan James 

213 Pond Haryey G 

216 Greer Hanna Mrs 

S17 Braden Wilbert E 

219 Nott Henry 

221 Young Jas 

223 Cashman Rlchd J 

22S Bottomley Wm 

227 Fonseca Edith Mrs 

229 Malcolmson Louis H 

231 Thompson James C 

Shorey Wm 
233 Hlgglnbottom Fredk V 
235 De Guerre Eli H 
237 Gllleon Mrs Maria 
239 Vacant 

241 McQuay Homer O 
243 Purvis John 
345 Caspar Geo M 
247 Crammond George 
249 Webb Wm 
251 Jacot Mary Mrs 
263 Regan Herbert L 
255 White Ernest E 
267 Densem J Arthur 
269 Prime Lionel 
261 Harris Annie Mrs 
283 Senior Robt 
285 Lynch John H, exp 
267 Girvin Chas 
269 Waj-d Jas 
271 Williams Moses G 
273 Cowin Fredk Rev 
27B Mitchell Peter B 

Wlllowvale Park 

West Side 

2 Magulre Edward A 
4 Ney George J 
6 Calhoun Wm 
8 Coughlln James 

Dunsmulr Miss Myra 

Brydon Ellzth Mrs 

Greeniaus Garnet 

Bulkley Wm H 

Armstrong Sidney J 

Lawrence Catherine 


O'Connell John R 

Wilson Alice 

Graham Saml J 

Ash Albert 

Lamphier Miss: Margt 


Wright James 




36 MacMurchy Donald 

38 Barber Letltla Mrs 

40 Lowthlan Herbert 

42 Schiedel Abram A 

44 Scott Wm A 

46 Macdonald Dougald A 

48 Stewart Annie G Mrs 

60 Peer John A 

62 Conron Wm J 

54 Lawrence Theodore J 

56 Francis Andrew 

68 Holme Gordon W 

60 Robertson Miss Jane T 

62 Braime Thomas E 

84 Turnbull Rev John A 

68 Commetord James W 

68 Fielding J Edgar 

70 Henderson Geo W 

72 Woolley Edwd H 

102 Thompson John F 

104 Smith Harry A 

106 Penrose Bruce 

108 Bessey Mrs Margt 

Bessey Miss MaDel. 

110 Hugill M Burton 

112 Vacant 

114 BrouKhton Albert J 

110 Keillor Jas 

118 Richardson Wm J 

120 Carson Andrew 

1?" Tiussell John 

124 Webb John D 

126 Varley Hannah lire 

128 Vacant 

130 Reid Edwin B 

132 Shean Wm J 

134 CrowTey Isaac 

136 McKay Edwd R 
Broadbent Jno 

138 Foster Enoch L 

140 Robson John 

142 Peaker Arthur L 

144 Campbell Daniel 

146 George Agnes A M Mr» 

148 Caldwell Albert W 

150 Thompson Moses 

152 Alien Thomas 

154 Corin Frank 
156 Apted Fredk 

♦College St intersects 

176 Duggan John 

178 Harrison Mrs Marcella 

180 Bennett Mrs Margt 
182 Dorland Sarah M Mrs 
184 Harrison Robt N 
186 Potter Geo 

155 Coulthard Ernest A 
190 Forbes Janet Mrs 
192 Watson Jared E 
194 Geddes Martha Mrs 
196 Breckenrldge Hannah 

Ouderkirk Martha L 
lf)8 Carroll John L 
200 Lavelle John 
204 Waters Wra 
206 Dazeli John 
208 McCandllsh James 
210 Duperow Norman 
212 Thompson John 
214 Steele Archd W 
216 Chisholm Geo M 
218 Holbourn Squire W 
220 MacGregor Robt J 
222 Leppard Sandford 
224 Holmes Thos 
226 Bremner Harry H, plstr 
228 Holllday Joseph W 
230 Sherman Mcs Rnchel 
232 Holland Wm J 
234 LeakVTilabel Mrs 
236 Barrett Mrs Sarah 

Peters Frederick D 
238 Bramley Harrv 
240 Gillies Thomas 
242 \Vhltlng J Arthur 
244 Quarrington Clarence 
246 Gould Geo H 
248 Sinclair Edward L 
250 Powlesland Wm G 
252 McJIillan Jane Mrs 
254 Sharpe John E 
258 McCollura James H 
2i58 Polly James 
260 Dunn Jas H 
262 Cllne Hiram 
264 Caslor John H 


North from 1498 King w to 
Queen w, ward 6. 

East Side 

3 Horsfall Herbert H 
5 Wilson James 
7 Fish Frederick A 

15 Brandon' Edgar T J 

17 Colter Chas F 

19 MoCloskey Leo C 

21 Coates Lome 

23 Jewell Harry 

25 Hathaway Jeffrey W 

33 Freeland Geo P 

Bmbree Luther E 
27 Clarke John 
39 Clarke Wm 
41 Barrett George T 
4t Laurence Henry A 
45 Ogllvie John M 
55 Heyes Helen Mrs 
57 Norton Andrew C 
61 McCullough John W S, 
6S Waller Geo H 
85 Holmested Arthur W 
67 Welch Albert 
<9 McNeil John J 
71 Hudson Fredk W 
78 Fegan Warren T 
77 Armstrong Silas H 
VJ Herod James S, Dior 
81 Phillips Mrs Eliith J 
83 Thurston Hazel 
85 Barron James 
87 Lancey Blake 
89 Ecclestone Wm R 
Bl Meyer Henry L 
93 Parkdale Mansions 

(For streeting see 1501 

Queen west) 

West Side 

28 Stiles Mrs Mary I 

22 Adams Arthur W 

24 Vacant 

26 Muriioch Donald 

28 Hamilton Wm 

20 Nixon Wm E 

22 Godson Arthur W 

39 Cluff Robt J 

38 Evans Mary A Mrs 

40 Vacant 

42 Meyers George O 

50 Llnecar Harry 

62 Allwortn Mrs Grace 

54 Harris Robt B 

56 Blainey Wm J 

58 Garfat J Frank 

82 Wardlaw Thos D 

64 Clokev Harriet Mrs 

66 Sefton Frank H, Dr 

88 Lorlmer Egbert S 

70 Reld Thos B 

72 Rathbone Joseph B 

74 MacGregor Marshall 

76 Johns Saml H 

78 Schneider Joseph P 

80 Henderson Reginald S 

84 Church of Epiphany 


Name changed to South 


(North Toronto), name 
changed to Rosewell av 


East from Glen rd, first 
North of Ravine bridge, 
ward 2. 

North Side 

1 Watts Geo W 

2 Robinson Geo L 

3 Parsons Wm O 

4 Andrews Walter S 

5 Wilson Andrew 

6 KUgour Robert 

7 Thorley Albert B 

8 Wlllson Ohas H 

.... South Side 
Mot ^ollt on 



(North Toronto), name 
changed to Coldstream av 


(Old Dunbar av. North 
Dovercourt), west from 
1484 Dufferin to St Clarene 
av, 1 s of Davenport rd, 
ward 6. 

North Side 

2 Momeo James 

4 Morelie Joseph 

6 Linsick Louis 

8 Curran John 
10 Grefon Nicholas 
12 Triess Michl 
14 Burke Thos 
16 Chrisopolls Augustus 
18 Humberts Dominic 
20 Rocco Padua 
22 Cortoize Joseph 
24 Cantels Peter 
26 Pecco Leo 
28 Vacant 
30 ZuhanakofC Peter 
32 Vacant 

34 Stewart Hugh B 
36 Vacant 
38 Zarcher Joseph 
40 Francisco Bert 
42 DoUery Jno T 
44 Vacant 
46 Lee Nora Mrs 
.48 Vacant 
50 Vacant 
54 Ranzetti Tony 

56 Dofro Louis 
58 Vacant 

♦ LIghtbourne av Intersects 

78 Pittaway Edith Mrs 

80 Thompson Geo 

82 Simpkin Walter 

84 Leah James 

86 Hail rrancis 

88 Colombo Chris 

90 Graham Christopher 

92 Sebastian Antonio 
100 Vacant 
104 Depasquale Dominic 

♦ Primrose av intersects 

South Side 

1 Donofrio Joseph 

3 Jones David 

5 Samaro Dominico 

5a Berry John 

7 Dominicum Plus 

9 McGregor David 

11 Sansonne A 

13 Enfraso Joseph 

15 Vacant 

17 Skifflngton Geo 

19 Haines Gerry 

21 Wooldridge Stephen 

23 Malloch Wm 

25 Cousins Jno 

27 Giovanni Damato 

29 Delvlcu Hem mi 

31 Tralee Philip 

3'3 Celesto Gabriel 

35 Parellin Antonio 

37 Rlcco Louis 

39 Tambasco Joseph 

41 Gulseppe Dolores Mrs 

43 Donners Tony 

45 Creber Carmen 
-47 Vacant 


Real Estate and Insurance, Properties for Sale, Rents 

Collected, Insurance Effected, Money to Loan 

Phone Residence 
North 874 

INSURANPril^E"* & LINDEN, Limited 

■■^^^^^■^^^■^^^"" Main 3dSfl TRADPRC RANK Rl 



49 Hatch Nicholas 

51 Choch Philemon 

61H Rafenella Vonelly 

53 Flaminio Peter 

^ Llghtbourne av Intersect! 

St Cazzola Joseph 

1^ Primrose av ends 


(North Toronto). Name 
changed to Banff rd 


(North Toronto), west 
from 3164 Yonge to 
Avenue rd, ward 3. 

North Side 

66 Ballard Chas F 
84 Stephens Henry F 

72 Wood Arthur C 

• 74 CunnlnKham Geo I' 
100 Munro .las K 
152 Clark Edmund 

♦ Greei- rd intersects 
168 Broddy James C 

150 David James J 
tS3 Losee Donald E 
2S2 Southgate Wm J 
284 Thompaon Geo G 

Ellis John J 

South Side 

15 ElllB Reginald C 

16 Houle Albert J, florist 
69 Routledge Geo G 

^ Jedburgh rd intersects 

73 Bayly Saml J 
87 Gibb John J 
89 Graver E Roy 

141 Whitney Henry S 
143 Carman Arthur 
145 Whitefield Henry 
147 Charles Alfred 

151 Domless Thos A 

♦ Greer rd Intersects 
195 Boone Jess 

203 Clark Henry H 
211 Saunders Geo 
257 Gibson Fr edk 


(North Toronto), north 
from Eglinton av w to 
Roselawn av, flr«t w 

Avenue rd. 
Not built on 


North from 244 Bloor w to 
Dupont, ward 4. 

East Side 

1 Stevensoii Matthew M 
S Roe Albert F 
5 Lea Margt Mrs F 
7 Madden Gen F 
9 McLaughlin Thos 
11 Patterson A Bradley 
16 Talt Andrew 

♦ Prinoe Arthur av Inter- 

23 Hobbs Wm R 
25 Clarke Chas E 
27 Vacant 

29 Masten Hon Cornelius 

♦ Lowther av Intersects 

85 T'leurv Wm J 

87 Campbell Aixl.d H )r 

♦ Elgin av ends 

91 Brune Alex 

93 Cas-sels Riohd H 

95 Wallace Rev Francis H 

97 Ferguson Hugh M 

99 Wylie James 
103 ^'onnL' Alexnnder L 
103 Needier Geo H 
105 Macdonald Jas A 

♦ Boswell av ends 

107 Jackson Edwin J 

169 MacDonald Mrs Sarah • 

1)1 Featherston Arthur M 
Featherston Miss Grace 
n3 Cumining Walter W 

115 Brydon James 
117 Pope Wm W 

119 Wigmore Alfred S 
^ Tranby av ends 

121 Boyd J Tower 
123 Walsh Jas E 
^ I'liff Wm E 
127 McConnell Neaven 
129 Corsau Mrs Alma 

♦ Bernard av intersects 
131 Vacant 

133 Commins Wm A 
135 Taylor Margt Mr» 
137 Middleton Frank H 

139 Jameson David W 
141 Clilllas Harold R 
143 Alexander Geo E 

McKinley Wm W 
145 Blogg Albert E 
147 Hawkins Thos 

149 Strathy Hugh 

151 Alexander Harriet Mrs 
153 Alexander Harry S 

^ Davenport rd intersects 
^ Pears av ends , 
^ Chlcora av ends 
241 Bedford Apartments 

1 Cross Alfred J 

2 Huckvale Robt 

3 Love Ethel B Mrs 

4 Kertland M M 

5 Walsh Tho» 

6 Gorrio John 
243 Giles Thos R 

245 Wlndeyer Walter F N 
247 Tait Wm G 
249 Ross James 
251 Overholt Jerome 
253 Bennett Herbert 

West Side 

8 Gooderham Wm H 
10 Hargraft John R 
12 Macdonald Albert A, ph 
♦Prince Arthur av Inter- 
40 Chalcraft Mrs Clara 
42 Conlson Francis L 
44 Gnle J Wm 

♦ Lowther av Intersects 

SO Langton Wm J 

S2 McLauR-hlin Robt J 

84 Hughes Wm A 

86 Smart Howard E 

85 Kirkpatrick Joseph R 
92 Dohertv Wm K 

98 Lummis Wm D 
100 Vacant 
102 Green Walter H 
104 Elliott Wm J 
106 Badgerow Abram H 
110 I.nbatt Charles B 
112 Macklem Margt M Mrs 
114 Burton Alfred 

116 Selwyn Sydney A Rev 
r]8 Greenwood Russell 

120 Burrows Acton 
122 Wheaton Chas F 
124 Robinson Elizth Mrs 
136 Stewart Wm B 

138 Gilmour Jno W 

140 Pearce Wm K 
142 Laidlaw Chas 

♦ Bernard av intersects 

146 Urquhart Frank H 
148 Wanzer Haviland P 

150 Shapley Harold W 

152 Abbs Geo H 

154 Wicks Elizth Mrs 

♦ Davenport rd intersects 

158 Cooper Elizfh Mrs 
164 Vacant 
168 Norton Fredk C 
170 Bradley John 
172 Churns Wm 
174 Glaze Arthur T 
176 Robinson Herbert M 
184 McMillan Archd 
186 Von Kunitz Ludwig 

188 Scott Wm 

190 Speers Alex R 

192 Woolnough John J 


North from Balmy Beach 
Park to Kingston rd, In- 
tersecting Queen e at No 
2377. Ward 1 

lOast Side 

Balmy Beach Bowling 

♦Park av commences 
15 Murray John 
29 Stamper Mary Mrs 
33 Wilkinson Christopher 

41 Acres Chas R 
49 Summer residence 
55 Crowther Geo 
67 Bond Chas F 
69 McPherson Wm 

♦ Queen st e intersects 
8I-8314 Prince Edward 

81% Richardson Helen 

Jones O Pryce 
83 Cook Adam M 

Colloton Reginald B 
83% Carllne Mlchl 
85 Bee Robt 
91 Webster Alan R 
Green Henry W 
93 Maclean Wm R 

Fraser Hugh 
99 Street Robt 
109 Balmy Beach College 

♦ Pine ter commences 

♦ Cedar av commences 
163 Harrington Fredk A 
155 Bradley James N 

De Podesta John 
161 Marshall Fredk 
165 Lorimer Alex R 
169 Miller Archd M 
171 Home Arthur W 
177 Langley Bertram 
181 Slade Jas 
183 Budd Edgar 
185-187 Unfinished (2) 
189 Vacant 
193 Bonn Wm 
195 Vint r.has 
197 Hand Thos G 
1 !^9 P.ic''mnn John 
203 Jones Geo G 
205 Jones Herbert J 
209 Jones Fredk G 
211 Coleman Walter 

♦ Pine av intersects 
217 Snider Jno E 

227 Snider Harvey G 
237 Peterson Chas A 
245 Methodist church ■ 
253 Strang-ways Brltton R 
Gray Marv J Mrs 
267 Galster Fredk W 
261 Matthews Fraser 
263 Scott Douglas L 
265 Snelgrove Chas A 
267 Hartwick Theodore 
271 Brown Alfred P 
281 Walker Wm M 
283 Browne Percv R 
285 Cornish Albert W 
287 Cox Emma Mrs 
31S Blake Abram E 
317 Adams Lloyd 
319 Gurnett Eleanor Mrs 
.^21 Brlen Edwd J 
323 Scott Fred 
325 Ogden Geo J 

♦ Balsam av Intersects 

West Side 

Balmy Beach Park 
♦ Fir av ends 
12 Bunting Margt Mrs 
14 Vacant 

16 Vanzant Frank M 
22 Wilson Wellington A 
24 Botsford Wilmot G 
30 Longmore Horace C 

32 Lauder David J 

40 Waddington Percy 
44 Crawford Arthur M 

♦ Hazel av ends 
48 Lyon Wm G 
5« Vacant 

60 Absent 

64 Nelles & Clark, prod 

Nellea Stalker W 
66 Buckle Annie E Mrs 

♦ Queen st e intersects 
86 Manes Margt Mrs 

90 Commins Wm J 

94 Burnett Jas F 
100 Porter Wm A 
104 Burt Fredk B 
106 Jtaundrell Mary Mrs 
110 Peden Archd 
116 Bell Jane Mrs 
122 Hazlewood Jas F 
124 MuuTO Chas R 
126 Green Fanny Mrs 
128 Heywood Norman D 
138 Allen Alfred 
140 Smalley Ralph L 
1401/2 Flack James H 
142 Clark Noel L 
144 Goddard Hugo V 
146 Burns Albert E 
148 Field Reginald 
150 Sugden Raymond 
152 Roach Henry 
154 iBronsdon Joseph H 
156 Gibson Wm 
158 Kay Wm O 
160 Ashton Wm J 

♦ Sycamore av ends 
164 Trump Leonard 
166 Lorimer Harold B 
170 Paterson Alex J 
178 Langton Jno L 
178 McGill Peter 

180 Brock Russell 

182 Haynes Walter J 

184 Rudge Cyril E 

186 Keeler Geo A 

188 Hill Wm B 

190 Smith Christopher A 

200 Brandham Wm 

204 Wilson Henry A 

210 Stanley Geo J 

♦ Pine av intersects 
214 Sanderson John C 
216 Tabor Geo W 
218 Break John 

222 Winlow Robt C 
228 Harvey Thos W 
230 Grant Wm 
234 Wingate Chas E 
248 Hawkes Arthur 
262 Toye Geo B 
256 Capel Reginald 
258 Clarkson Freeman L 
262 Aggett Wm C 
264 Gillls Wm 
266 Thomas Frank E 
268 McMichael Albert R 
270 Allen Wellington A 
272 Lewis Ernest J 
• 274 Armstrong Herbert 
276 Hemsworth Sarah J 

278 Urquhart Rlgg 
280 Grant Fredk G 
282 Stanley Philip C 
284 Nesbit Robt 
286 Mowat Edmund 
294 Thompson Maurice G 
296 Vaughan Hubert W 
300 Brandham Richd S 
♦ Balsam av intersects 

322 Hague Clare 
324 Bird Jno L 
326 Clogg Leslie 


(North Toronto), north 
from Belsize Drive to 
Manor rd. second e of 
Forman av. 

East Side 

2 Johnston Robt 

W^est Side 

Not built on 



The name "ACME DAIRY" is a 
Guarantee against impure, un- 
sanitary milk. 

— 106-- 

19-21 Essex Ave. 






Phon&ADEUIDE 1962 



(Kingsmount Park), 

south from Gerrard e to 
Patricia rd, fourth e of 
Coxwell av, ward 1. 








East Side 

Wrenson rd commences 
Basley Edwd H 
Gulston Henry 
Falrmount cres Inter- 
Miller Sidney G 
Moore Jno 
Smith Maud Mrs 
Craig Thos B 

West Side 

Cox Paul 
Clark Geo 
Powell Richd E 
Brandt Chas G 
Thomas Christopher 
Taylor James B 
Falrmount cres Inter- 

East Side 

3 Russell Vincent A 

B Kenncrsley Jno 

7 Bunt Gordon E 

9 Luft Harry J 
11 McGulre Edwd 
13 Wlllmot Mansell 
15 Jamleson Charlotte Mrs 
11 Giroux Leonard J 
IS Tresldder Herbet , U 
21 Taylor Albert E 
23 Derrick Geo J 
25 Wrisrht Geo A 
27 ToutlofT Ben] M 
29 Reeve Jno 
31 Reive Wm, real est 
S3 Giddlnes Walter 
87 Fawcett Jackson B 


East from 195 River, 
ward 2. 

South Side 

1 Mitchell Alex 

9 Milllngton Maria Mrs 

11 Klinck Wm 

13 Snooks John 

15 Walker Joseph 

17 Puscas John 

ITA Puscas Geo 


(North Toronto) names 
changed to Proudfoot and 
Tugwell avs 


North from 82 Bloor w to 
YorkvlUe av, ward 3. 

•- East Side 

9 Tunnah Robt 
♦Cumberland st Intersecta 
11-13 French Joseph T, exp 
15 Jones Walter 

17 Roberts Geo 

19 Madill Wm 

21 Oyler Tlenthame 
43 Bryan Wesley L 

25 Tannirr Richd 
27 Sykes Hanson 
29 Davies Thos 

West Side 

♦ Cumterland st Intersects 

18 Carlin Hugh 

20 Boyles Arthur E 

22 Smith Andrew 
24 Goglin Arthur 

26 Gutlirie John C 


North from Queen e 
to Juniper av (East To- 
ronto), second w of Lee I 
av, ward 1. 

J9 Qulnn Francis 

41 Childs G Geo 

43 Goddard Lavinla Mrs 

45 Johnstone Albert G 

47 Meecham Wm E 

47% Duffy Fredk C 

49 Jenkins Gertrude Mr« 

61 Thompson Alex 

53 Fessenden Roy A 

55 Mackenzie Alex J L 

67 Thomas John C 

59 Armstrong Wm J 

fi5 Rhlnd Alexander 

69 Tait Walter 

73 Case Wm A J 

77 Wood John A 

79 Smith Major 

81 Barth Frank W 

8S Bremner Mary T Mrs 

89 Wickena Albert M 

91 Sunnucks Clement 

93 Bastow Fredk W 

95 Lilly Francis G 

97 Popham Sidney H 

99 Smellie Wm 

101 Comba Wesley 

105 Brooks Wilfred H 

107 McKInnon John 

109 Clark John 

111 Withers Jno 

113 Clark Sarah Mrs 

131 Vacant 

135 Tuck James J 

139 Masters Roy J 

143 Moore John 

155 Vacant 

IBl Vacant 

169 Frost Tlios 

171 Lyon Alex 

176 Read Albert 

177 Wells Robt R 
179 Churchill Walter 
ISl Jarvis Edwin 
183 Gallagher Andrew 

West Side 

Bellefalr Av Methodist 
2 Coutle Nell 

4 Hume Tho« W 
6 Loner Marv 

5 Sneddon David R 
10 Pvmer Marcus 

12 Smith D Malcolm 

14 Dyson Abel 

IB Ruffev Walter E 

20 Down Chas W 

22 Hall Geo 

2fi Dynes Oliver 

28 McLean Dougal, painter 

30 Smvth Wm J 

32 Hal! James E 

34 Dunn John F 

36 Jackson Jas 

38 McDonald Arohd B 

40 Worden Judson L 

42 Allen Geo W 

44 Tolson Fred 

46 Stuart Emma Mrs Q 
Morgan Geo B 

48 Darby Chas 

50 McLean Archd G 

54 Lvttle James 

56 Lloyd Geo 

60 Taylor John F 

62 Barron Geo A 

64 Jennings Reginald 

66 A'acDouH-all Alex K 

68 Morgan Philip 
Jones R Leopold 

72 Goddard Albert W 

76 Lockhart Fred R Jr 

78 Stark Loftus T 

82 Westren Thos Mrs 

84 Welch Frank 

<!B >f<Kpe Fercns 

88 Greer Robert 

90 Shill P Richardson 

92 Pi'k.stone Geo B 

94 FrrK-uson Georglna Mrs 

96 Hines Allen J H 

98 Moreland Harrv 
100 Burns Percy H 
102 Holllngsworth, Ellery R 
162 Adair Samuel 
172 Shepherd Thos B 
174 Skidmore Thos A 
178 iGibbs Wm F 
180 Robertson Byron A 
1S2 Hiiehes Bernard V 

184 Stowe Albert J 

186 Bishop Geo 

192 Cobb Edwd H 

194 Smith Geo H 


North from 42 Bellevue 
pi to College, ward 4. 

Bast Side 

Denlson sq 

2i5 Vacant 

27 Aarbes Joseph 

29 Variant 

31 Zulofsky Harry 

33 Litovitz Alter 

BlechaTOVitz Louis 
35 Kamarner Harry 
37 Klein Chas 
39 Vacant 
41 Schwartz Jacob 
43 Cooper Harry B 
4S Charlton Jane Mrs, toy 

Charlton Abraham 
47 Beeton Chas 
49 Leaka Joseph 
51 NichoUs Stanley 
53 Gourlay Wm 
53% Deering Wm 
55 Martin Helen Mrs 
57 Markovitz Philip 
69 Harrison Miss Jane 
fil Good John, gro 

♦ Nassau st intersects 
63 Gooding Margaret Mrs 
65 King Geo 

65% Hughes Alfred 
67 Ramsay David 
67a Brock Jane Mrs 
67b Lynn Jas 
69 Hunter Wm H 

Wilson Richd T 
71 Jakeway Albert A 
73 Alcott Joseph 

Alter Joseph 
73% Cohen Sam! 
75 Weisbrod Harry 
77 Egan MichI 

Bint Sam! H, rear 
79 Dallas Annie J Mrs 

Sedgwick Alfred, rear 

♦ Oxford st Intersects 

87 Believi.8 Home for the 
Bellevue House 
91 Vacant 

95 Salvation Army Rescue 
Stitt Mary Mrs 
99 Wallace Rev Thos Q 
St. Stephen's Church 

West Side 

2 Rashkofsky Lazarus 

4 Kyfyz Harry 

6 Vulicow Hyman 

8 Nelson Joseph 
Gold Morris 
10 Lerman Max 
12 Eisen Abraham, reel est 
14 Blackman Albert 
16 Gla&sman Ben] - 
18% Shipley Chas B 
18% Mahoney Dan! 
20 Harris Mlchl 
20% Vacant 
22 Kopchinskr Caslmir 
24 Sax Abraham 
26 Sax Saml 
JO Hyman Sam! 

Shapira Saml 
82 Graner Joseph 
34 Sclsky Abraham 
34% Vacant 
36 Adamson John N 
38 (Cambers Wm 
42 Sheppard Edwd 
44 Capirchio Frank 
46 Leake Harold J 
48 Wilson Jane Mrs 
60 Burley Thos 
52 Cowley Arthur 
64 Davidson James W 
56 Dubiner Max 
58 Muscowltz Ethel Mrs 
60 Etinzon Max 
Lowenthal Alex 

62 Alpert Hyman 

64 Sigal Benj 

66 Rudner Harry 

66% iRenwick Altamont A 

68 Cohen Manuel 

♦ Nassau st Intersects 

70 Mitchell Isabella Mrs 
72 CJreenberg Isaac 

Bruntraan Saml 
76 Breckman Izzie 

Adelmann Joseph 
7 8 Siegel Simon 

Peretz Peretz 
80 Dlckert Jacob B 
82 Hind Jas T 
84 Martel! Thos. bldr 
88 Powell Harry 
88 Wilson Wm H 
90 Boomer Robt C 
92 Pepper Alvln 

Eaton Benson 
94 Atlwerger Saml 

Macdonald Hugh 

♦ Oxford st Intersects 

>6 Sheppard Miss Harriet 
Smith Henry 

96a Moore Jesse 

J8 James Wm R 
100 Maxwell Thos 
102 Marshall Joseph D 
104 OuUahan Robt 
106 Lovelock Harry 
108 Beams Albert C 
110 Bitten Mary W Mrs 
112 Howard Miss E 
114 Rodger Arohd 
116 Zimmerman Max 
118 Vacant 
120 Teeter P T 
122 Jones Nellie 

Fire Hall No 8 


West from 160 Augusta 
av to Carlyle, ward 4 

North Side 

DenUon sq 

♦ Bellevue av commsnces 
44 Harris Henry 

46 Eisman Harry 

Geller Max 
48 Crangle Sarah A 
50 Sax Joseph 
62 Jacobs Chas 

Grosman Fanny Mrs 
64 Morric David 
56 Sher Max 
58 Shapira Mary 
60 Herman Harry 
62 Gordon Harry, painter 
64 Hurst Geo 
66 Berkenbaum Solomon 

Wilson Harry 
68 Rlncover Joseph, gro 

♦ Leonard av commences 
72 Amsterdam Herman 
74 Korman Harry 

76 Snowsky Julius 
78 Crowe Martin 
80 XJnwIn James C 
82 Snyder Burwell 

South Side 

1 Ryerson C Arthur 

3 Feldman I^ouis 

6 Kosowltz Israel 
Wolfish Harry 

7 .Samuel Simon 
9 Samuel Edwd 

11 Brown Dora Mrs 
13 Shloissberg Max 

Hillsberg Israel 
15 Schnittman Meyer 

Richardson Bessie Mrs 

Hebrew School 

Shuben Aaron, tchr 
19 Glassberg Nathan 
21 Belatzky Max 

Zidat Morris 
23 Tenebaum Louis 

Danezlger David 
25 Herman Joseph 
27 Anisman Fredk 

Sheftel Saml 
♦Denlson av ends 


Government, Municipal and 

Corporation Bonds 
Yielding from 5 per cent, up 



F. J. SMITH ^ CO. 




29 Vacent 

33 Neveren Louis 

Baker Norman 
S5 Hoffman Benj 

Noble Harry 
37 Feldman Max 
39 Sacks Joseph 
41 Handelman Abraham 
43 Schunck Wm C 

46 Waterhouse Mrs M A 

47 Gtelinsky Philip 
49 Lucas Alexander 
51 Marks ,lohn 

53 Pearson Fredk 
6S Cohen Harry 

Switzer Harry 
57 Fox Morrla 

Wilnick David 
69 Bush James W 
61 Novlck Israel 

Rosin Harry 
63 Wabileft Ohas 
67 St Christopher House 
73 Miller F Thos, cartage 

T5 Weller Ches 

iMorley Harry 
77 Smith Francis S 
79 Fedder Saml 
81 Mudrlck Joseph 

Fox Louis 
8B Connors Catherine Mrs 

O'Hagan Jamea 
8 7 Barrett Albert 


North from 76S Uueen w 
to Mansfield &v, ward I. 

East Side 

1 Culhane Thos 

la Roberts Chas 

3 Mills Bella 

5 Culhane Leo 

7 Dalton Catherine Mrs 

DaJton Helen, mu8 tohr 
j) Vacant 

^ Crocker av enfls 

II Long Nellie, mus tohr 
13 Ashbury Joseph 

15 Peacock Wm H 

17 Williamson Matthew 

19 Jenkins Mary 

21 Hudson Robt G 

SS Keaphalakos Peter 

25 Palmer Robt 

27 Llfchls Jennie Mr» 

29 Clark Wm A 

SI Davjtt Wm 

23 Bouchler Edwin H 

36 Reld Wm A 

^ Robinson st ends 

37 Philips Wm 

41 McNeigh Henry O 
45 St Matthias' Chureh 
61 Hartley Rev Frank H 
65-67 Coca-Cola Co, The 
Canada Mineral Waters, 

69 Cessford Geo 

71 Henderson Thos 

73 Rolan John 

75 Payne Frank 

77 Clark John 

79 Andrews Henry E 

81 Kerr Jno 

83 Boland jr'atK, gro 

85 Knox Geo 

87-89 British Royal Cyclone 
Carpet Cleaning Works 
Powell John T 

01 Shelton Ernest L 

93 Thornton Joseph 

95 Webster James H B 

99 Moynihan Ellen 
101 Bryans Mrs Bessie 
103 Cochrane Albert 
105 Wllllnmson (Jeorge H 
107 Rimmer Wm 
109 Eldridge John 

III Harper Franda 
113 Henry Mtrgt 

115 Jenkins Francis Mr» 
117 Goodwin Thoa O 
119 Glynn Daniel J 

# Bellwoods pi ends 

121-33 Newcombe Piano Co 

135 Copley Wm S 
137 Strauss Carl 
139 Trotter James A 
141 Donaldson Henry J 
143 McNabb Jno 
145 Murphy Wm P 
147 Denman Arthur C 
149 Hardy Fredk C 
151 Cuneo Joseph 
163 Vacant 

165 McBratney W^m 
157 Cardman Isaac 
159 Mateman Joseph 
161 Vacant 

163 Bennett Wm H 

166 Furniss Alfred 

167 Duke Gertrude Mre 
169 Peevin Max 

^ Arthur st Intersects 
175 Chinese Indry 
177 Vacant 
179 MoGuIre Jamea 
181 Sorrell Robt 
183 Johnson Wm 
185 Coffln John 
187 Wood Chas 
189 Hawkins Wm 
191 Morton Howard 
193 Trueman Geo 
195 Cook Sarah Mrs 
197 Clarldge Ernest •• 

^ Plymouth av intersects 
199 Pesce Mlchl 
201 Dod Alfred J 
203 Ferris John 
207 Caster Nettle Mrs 
209 Levinson David 
211 Vigus Ches 
215 Greenshleld Walter 
217 Budman Abe 
219 Casitcito Joseph 
2.21 Armstrong Prank 
223 Dowrle James 
225 SardeU Domlnlck 
227 Bennett Wm 
229 McGarry M&rg<t Mrs, 

^ Treford pi ends 

231 Beaton Maggie 

233 Napolltano Frank 

235 Shaughnessy James E 

237 Vertolll Henry 

239 Leo Joseph 

241 RoS'S Anthony 

243 Kussrener John 

245 Harrison Henry 

247 Thompson Geo 

249 Laughlin John 

261 Kerr Mrs Agnes 

253 Hosle Walter 

255 Snider Danl M 

257 Doris Patk 

259 Dale Albert 

261 Manson James 

West Side 

2 Hutchlns John C A 
4 Callaghan EHzth Mra 
6 O'Connor Mrs Alice 
8 McKee James 
10 Hodgson Charles 
12 Wilson James 
14 Nurden Oscar 
16 McChesney Mary Mrs 
18 Mitchell Edwd J 
20 Lawson Margt 
22 Wells James J 
24 Stoneburgr Fannie A B 

26 Walker Robt 
28 McGarrlgle James E 
SO McCoIl Mra Sophronia 
32 Walker Jno 
34 Weingarten Morris 
34% Laundrevllle Joseph 
36 Williams Fredk 
38% SIntzenlch Frederick 
18 Llghthart Chas N 
40 Thompson George A 
42 Johnson Thos B 
44 MeConnell Wm C 
46 McGIU Sarah B Mra 
48 Wallace Harry 
60 Esple Wm J 
52 Swanwlck Henry 
64 Dingwall John B, dairy 
54a Graham Ernest 
69 Whltaker Wm 

60 «hackelton Charles 

60% Meade Alfred 

62 Power John Rev 

64 O'Brien John D 

66 ^Talone .Tas 

68 Davis Alfred J 

70 Bath Wm H 

72 Brown Wm 

74 Mockford Alice 

76 Curtnev John W 

78 McAfee Thos 

82 Weeks Sidney 

84 Arnott Wm R 

86 Shep^ard Wm 

88 Vacant 

90 Adams Frank 

92 Altilla NIch 

94 McCoy Wm 

96 Pinkus Polly Mra 

88 O'Meara Patrick H 

98% Latray Thos 
\00 Sprin,? Mrs. Charlotte 
102 Balrtock James G 
104 Jolley Hiram W B 
106 Denning William 
108 Reld Wm R 
110 Goodman Arnold 
112 Bell Joseph 
120 Selesnlck Nathan 
120% ForeiKners 
122 McAllister Robt 
124 Bertram Henry C 
126 Keegan Mlchl 
128 Burnett Harrv E 
ISO Hoffman Harriett 
IS2 Clancv Saml 
134 Higgins Thos 
1S6 Stephenson Mrs Mary 
138 Montgomery Wm 
140 Llpsltt Saml J 
142 Breen James M 
144 Pitt Geo 
li46 Perawich Peter 
148 Geare Mrs Mary 
148% Pinkerton Mrs Annie 
150 Bennett Henry M 
162 Giles James W 
164 Green Eliza A Mrs 
156 Pudnev Sidney H 
158 Shlers Saml 
160 Mucclno Geo 
162 Roberts Ernest 
164 Baxter Jane Mrs 
16'6 Berland Morse 
168 Denning Stephen 
170 Rvan Wm 
172 Keatini? Patk J 
174 Levy Jacob 
176 Lovegrove Wra J, gro 

♦ Arthur st Intersects 

180 1 Garbutt John 

2 Clarke Alf B 

3 Palmer James 

4 Miller John 

5 Holmes Sam! G 
1«4 Atkinson Wm 
188 Jaffrey Geo 

190 Minchinton Fredk 
192 Minchlngton Fredk W 
194 Drnean Wm R 
196 Easton Alex 

^ Plymouth av Intersects 

198 Weston Fredk 
200 Sutton Mary Mra 
208 Turetto Joseph 
204 Bell Jeremiah 
206 Fine Morris 
208 Iceton James W 
210 Stopeck Louis 
212 Cosintine Joseph 
214 McCuIIough Robt W 
216 Frederick Paul C 
216% Mancuso Jno 
218 Rlakeley Robt A 
220 Chlapetta Patsy 
222 Broome Enoch H 
114 Thornton Saml 
226 Bernard DomlnlcO 
228 Bush Antonio 
230 Waiznico Joseph 
SSS Capotosto Pasquala 
234 McGreco Patk 
236 Brown Geo H 
238 Hart Edwd O 
240 Greenberg Joseph 
242 Hawley Joseph 
244 Dunlon Wm 
244% Taft Jaimes 

246 Robinowltz Abie 

248 Llovd Fredk 
250 Hammill Saml 
252 Costello Dominico 
2i54 Snitman Hyman 
266 Burns Micni 
2-58 Francis Wm B 
260 Smith James E 
262 Wilkinson Harry 
264 Sutton Harry 
264a Amey Gordon 
266 Gohn John F 
268 Hunter Edwd 


West from 240 Crawford to 
Shaw, ward 6. 

North Side 

Not built on 
South Side 


1 Mackensle Mlchl A 
X Rillscourt Apts 
Temple Percy H 

Mcl-achlan Annie Mrs 
Hunter Catherine J 

■2% Moore Thos 

3 St Francis Club 


West from 128 Claremont 
to Bellwoods av, ward 6. 

North Side 

Not built on 
South Side . 

3 Every Arthur J 

5 Vacant 

7 Patenall Horace 



West from 982 Yonge, 
ward S. 

North Side 

21 Rice Roht 
2% Chapman Chas 
4 Kettlewell Wm 
6 Selkirk Montague 
8 McKee Robt 
10 Berry Fred W 
12 Carr Mrs Hannah 
14 Jackman Jas 
18 Ashmead Henry A 
18 Brown Wm T 
20 Faith Geo 
22 Currie James 
22% Roe John 
24 Galer Thos 
26 Garlick Geo 
30 Ribey Emma Mrs 
32 Ungles Wm 
34 Gillespie Geo 
38 Forsythe Matthew 
40 Lovachio Joseph 
42 Vacant 
44 Scales Sanil 
46 Hewitt Thos 
48 Farino Joseph 
50 Cain Sidney C 
62 Iris Chas 
54 Martin Chas 
5'6 Ross Barbara Mrs 
68 Stewart Harry 
60 Hunt Thos 
62 Gough Saml J 
64 Martin Wm 
66 MeConnell Wm Ji 
68 Fleming Fred C 
70 Pellett Wm 
72 Haidman Wm 
74 Wilton Saml 
76 Downes Fredk 
80 Debney Geo 
82 Gillesrle Chafe 
8i6 Shepperd Elizth 
88 Kendall Harry 
(2 Jordan James 
94 Connell Harold 
98 Sheppard Gordon 
100 Magili Robert J 
104 Ford Mrs Rosaona 
106 Sefton Jno 
108 Wright Frank F 
112 Jlroux Fred 

AIKENHEAD architectural metal works 


— loa- 





THOS. KEYS & SONS Rooms 77-78, TORONTO ARCADE | m. isss 

Analyses of all Commercial 
Products. Assay and Metal- 
lurgical Tests of Ores and Metals 

114 Calvy Nicollna Mrs 

116 Phillips Geo 

118 Wyatt Mark J 

120 Jefferson Wm 

122 Toombs Ida E Mr» 

124 Munro David 

South Side 

4 Sarah st commences 

7 Pearce John 

9 Held Robt 

11 Weskett Henry 

13 Jarvls Uavld 

15 Taylor Ernest 

17 Smith Jno 

19 Lovett James 

21 Derry Anson 

23 Ledingham James 

25 Burt Geo 

27 Magowan Jno 

29 Madlll Jno 

31 Bell George M 

33 Howard Lucy Mrs 

4 McMurrlch st ends 

43 Industrial Refuge 

SI Aged Men's Home 

55 Agred Women's Home 


South from 325 'Wilton av, 
ward 2. 

East Side 


1 Flood Sarah A Mrs 

3 Cardley 'Wm 

5 Trotman Sarah 

7 Sarame Joiaph 
9 Daly John 

11 Ellis John 
13 Searle Alfred 
15 Hackett Patk 

17 Rae Joseph 

19 Philcox Jno 

'West Side 

2 Crittenden Bdwd 

4 Cracklen Fred W 

5 Thomson Mrs Annie 

8 Beach John 

10 ■VVestlake Fredk 

13 Carter Alex 

14 Carter Frank 

18 Boylan Alice 

20 'Vacant 

22 Crock James 
24 Morrison Joseph 


(North Toronto), east 
t'rorn 1959 Yonge to Bay 
View av, first n of Joseph 
av, ward i. 

North Side 

2 Brick Gough R 
2a Jones Olivia 
16 Smith RoM M 
IS Garrett Hamilton C 

20 Ramsay Frank R 
22 'Wlckes Geo B 
30 Jennings Albert B 
32 Norman Amazian 
34 Ferrier John J 
42 Spencer Herbert P 
76 Dinnlck Saml D R«T 
18» Morlne A Nevlll 

Davisvllle Presby S Sch 
♦ Mt Pleasant rd Inter- 

South Side 

39 Entwlstle Thos A 
S3 Gregory France* Mr« 
85 Manson Fredk W 

101 McKennedy Arthur 

lOJ 'Vacant 


(East Toronto) northwest 
from Main to Norwood 
rd, first n of Kingston rd, 
ward 1. 

North Side 

'20 Hodge James 
24 Ashng Arthur K 

28 Kennedy Alex H 

30 Rogers Ilev Thomas H 

34 Tanner Louis E V 

36 McGuire Thos 

4 2 Barr Lydia 

44 Connor Alfred L 

South Side 

1 Poison Hugh 
3 Martin Louis L 
11 Ciimeron Donald 
19 Morgan 'Vivian E F Rev 
21 Martin 'Walter H 
35 Cunningham A Char- 
lotte Mrs 
45-47 Crescent Heights 
Blair Alex 

Robinson Frank A Rev 
Ambery Henrietta F 

Ambery E Foster 
Burgar Geo H 
Heron John B 
Stevens 'Wm R 
Mackechnle Hugh P 
Muirhead Thos E 
'Weston Horace Q 
Walker Geo E 
Miller Alex McF 
Benjamin Harold M 
Brady John A 
57 MacLeod Alex, bldr 
59 La Trobe James 
61 Shaw Robt A 


West from Bracondale av 
to Shaw, first n of Tyrrel 
ar, ward 5. 

North Side 

36 Hamilton George 
46 Powell Chas A 
48 O'Brien Jam«s J 
50 Cross Gordon T 
62 Jaynes Alfred 
54 Edwards Arthur J 

^ Christie st Intersects 

70 Chinn Thos 

72 Smith James L 

72a Callow Arthur 

74 Andrews Geo W 

76 Maddiiford Wm J 

78 Crlpps Bernard H 

^2 Sw:intvu .lohn 

84 Foley Thos A 

86 Foley Jno 

88 [Robinson Sidney H 

90 Goodenough Fredk 

92 Jackson Francis J 

90 Holland Charles 

98 Hollowell De 'Witt C 

100 Kelly James 

102 McCaffrey Mae, gro 

♦ Rnshton rd commences 

104 Parcels Harry 

106 Parrott Joseph 

108 'Wakefield Thos 

110 Deller Archd 

112 Taylor Reuben 

116 Kent Ellen Mr» 

120 Tltmarsh James 

122 Grey Thos 

124 Dennes Wra A 

126 MlUlgan Frank 

130 Stevens Francis S. baker 

♦ Arlington av Intersects 

South Side 

^ Christie st intersects 

8E Lamb Fredk 

♦ Rushton rd ends 

103 Wintemute Robt H 

106 'Walker Alonzo 

1»7 Thackeray Bthsl Mrs, 

dry gds 
121 Martin James 
123 Martin "Wm 
125 Vacant 
127 Blackwell Wm J 
129 Vacant 

^ Arlington av Intersects 

137 Klon Robt W 


(Old Peel. West Toronto), 
n from Bloor w to Annette, 
first w Runny.mede rd, 
ward 7 

Bast Side 

31 Doyle Mary Mrs 

76 Mzette Chas E 

^ Colbeck av Intersects 

165 Peters A Burton 

171 O'Neill Edward 

205 MeWiUiams Geo, contr 

209 Bow Alex S 

213 Vacant 

# Ardagh Bt Intersects 
^ McGregor av intersects 

317 Bruce Stevenson 
319 Buck Joseph 
321 Cook James 
323 Rowland Geo 
325 Parker Prank 
327 Banks Frank 
329 Vaughan Geo 
331 Gumming 'Wm G 
333 Holbrook- Harold 
335 Dawson Chas 
337 Luce Chas 
339 Dyster Geo 
341 Moore Wm J 
343 Sills Jno W 
345 Revers Frank 
347 McLean Norman 
^ Lincoln av ends 
367 MCHaige 'Wm 
36ti Thomas Richd 
371 Cox Joseph E 

West Side 

146 Baker John 
150 Matthews Thos E 
162 King Wm 

♦ Colbeck av intersects 

178 Day Allan V 
180 Beck Alec M 
182 Peacock Arthur, contr 
188 Crowe Annie Mrs 
194 Schofleld Frederick C 
200 Anderson John T, 

piano tuner 
Anderson Mildred Mrs, 
mus tchr 
218 Barker Percy 

♦ Ardagh Intersects 
314 Cramp Jas A 
316 Hadaway Alfred 
318 Vacant 

320 'Wall Jos L 

322 Scott Walter 

324 Johnston Harry E 

326 Vacant 

328 Brown Fredk J 

330 Burkhardt Jacobus 

332 Revers Henry 

334 Prosser Robt 

336 Tectonburg John 

338 Dawson Louisa Mra 

340 BlackstafT Clement W 

342 Kent Emily 

344 Dodd M Alice 

346 Maxwell Wm K 

348 Garner Geo 

350 Wharton John 

352 Langston Jas 

354 Mash Inter Wm 

SB6 Watts James 


(North Toronto), name 
changed to Redpath av 


(Old Curson, North To- 
north from Castlefleld av 
to St Clements av, flrat 
e Avenue rd. 

East Side 

29 Blakeman Fredk G 
Jl Freeman Roy D 

West Side 

Not built on 


Head orf><^^ 


North from the bay to lU 
Carlton, ward 2. 
Bast Side 

PntersoD Mfg Co Ltd, 

^ R R crossing 

^ Front st e Intersects 

^ King st e intersects 

53 Absent 

55 Butt Albert 

57 Kenorklan HarrU 
Dennis Geo J 

59 Watson Jane Mra 

61 Burch James 

63 Geball Frank 

65 Pauluk Dominlck 

67 Brett Herbert W 

69 Piper Julius 

71 Carma Geo 

73 Nosey Fredk 

75 Loclk Harry 

77 Winter Robt 

79 Arbour Francis X 

^ Duke st intersects 

89 Padget Wm 

97 Absent 

99 Belknap Franlt 
13 Sutton Thos 
105 Goldberg Chas 
107 Dimatroff Andrew 
109 Rowan .Vnnie Mrs 
111 Arbour Louisa Mrs 
113 Murpliy Mrs Jane 
115 Scrlver Jacob 
117 Merino Frank 

^ Duchess st intersects 
119 Rogers "Wm J 
123 Nickle Margt Mrs 
125 Dawson Percy L 
127 Williamson Ellen 
129 Durnan John R 
131 Goodwin James A 
133 Goodwin Grace Mr« 

136 Burch Edwd 

137 Morgan Wm 

139 Bradshaw Georgfe 

141 Chinese Indry 

143 Delaware Apartments 

Fenn Robt 

Arland Henry 
^ Queen st e Interssct* 
153 Berkeley Apartments 

1 Walsh John W 

2 Simpson James 

3 Smith Nelson 

4 Nichols Fredk 

^ Ramsey lane intersects 

157 Haywood Walter 

159 McCaffrey Wm J 

161 Hackney Miss Sarah 

163 Brown Sidney 

165 Adams Wm 

167 Burley Wm 

169 Comper Geo 

171 iQregorv .\lbert L 

173 Till Wm 

175 Kennedy Stephen 

177 Martin Julia Mra 

179 Buckley Clara 

181 O'Brien Frank 

185 Gardiner John A 

187 Martin Duncan B 

189 King Joseph 

191 Buttertieia Wm 

^ Sydenham st intersects 



Fire, Hail and Marine Insurance sw- Lossw Paid Since Organization over $39,000,000.00 


For Attractive HOME SITES! Main 2524 

cox & CUMMINGS, Limited Main 472 

CANADA LIFE BLDQ. and 2118 QUEEN E. I Beach 629 


1»» Smith Jas 

201 O' Sullivan Ellen Mrs 

208 Cox Annie Mra 
205 Hans Patrick 
207 Cain Augusta P 

209 McGlinn Wm J 
211 Saba Killea 

213 Nicliolls Jolin H 
J16 Hall Mrs Eugenie 
217 Hyman Harry 
21714 McKibben Saml 
219 Happaport Moses 
221 Crandell Wm 
223 Jordan Chas 
225 MacDonald Chas 
227 Comper Louis 
231 James Norman 
Its Carter Wm A 
239 Steele Peter 
241 Tizel Frank 
243 Thompson Miss Jane 
247 Williams Christopher 
249 Houg-hton Allen 
261 McElrea Sophia 
265 Wright Arthur 
267 Morgan Wm 
259 Crudden Geo 
261 Knapp Wm 
263 Hobson Chaa 
2ft6 Powell Wm 
267 Christie Mlohl 
269 Kilpatrlck Stephen D 
^ CoatRworth Intersects 

277 Jones Wm H 

♦ Wilton av intersects 

2S1 Whatling William 

283 Vacant 

286 Eraser Al«x 

387 Vanstone Alfred 

289 Fields Archie 

291 Veltch Albert 

293 Defraunt Chas 

295 McConnell Edwd 

2*7 Jameson Wm W 

299 Somers Kathleen >Irs 

301 Bready Thos O 

303-25 DufTerin School 

327 Williams J Frank 

829 Winnott John 

331 Rivers Frank 

335 Tanner Ezra M 

337 Spark Geo 

339 Eagle Sarah A Mrs 

341 Mortimer Jamas 

843 Hamilton James 

345 Gibson John 

347 McLean Hector, uphol 

349 O'Keefe Bridget Mrs 

351 Knowlton Frank 

353 Thomas Sam! 

366 Irgfam John 

357 Eowen Chaa H. phy 
369 Mansell Charles F 

# Gerrard st e intersects 

365 McVean Fredk A 

367 W-ickett John 

369 Wallace Richard B 
371 Galrns James C 
373 Payne Wm 
375 Porter Jas O 
37 7 Brown James 
879 Johnston Albert 
381 DixoM Robt 
383 Christie Jane Mrs 
385 Elliott Herbert 
387 Hartley John M 
3«9 McKay Geo A 
391 Westman Mary A 
381a Storin Alice 
U3 Burns John J 

West Side 

^ R R crossing 

^ Esplanade st e ends 

8-12 Tor Knitting Factory 
♦ Front st e Intersects 
38 Cleves James 
40 Cordir Desire 
42 Foreigners 
44 Vacant 
46-48 Strauss & Singer. 

60 Jobson John 
56 Oreenshtelds James H 
Fire Hail No 4 

^ King st e Intersects 

♦ Duk^p st intersects 
72 Shapirof Melan 
74 -Heron Wm 

76 Healy Mrs Margt 

78 Miller Saml 

80 Laliberte Hector 

82 Young John 

84 Ollrer James W 

&6 Searle Wm 

88 House Carl 

90 Redcliffe Henry 

92 McGulre Jonu 

94 Austin George, exp 

96 Stott Wm . 

98 Houtlng Wm 
102-104 Bacon Wm H 
106 Fraaer Kenneth 
108 Fecteau Ernest 
110 Martin Napoleon J 
112 Robinson Albert 

♦ Ouckess st intersects 
116 Vacmnt 

118 Graham Mrs Maria 
120 Forsyth Walter 
122 Arthurs Robt 
124 Owens Wm 
126 Harrison Jas 
128 Perry Annie • 
130 Walmsley Wm J 
132 Rosrens Margt Mrs 

♦ Queen st e Intersects 
144 Flumerfelt Chas H 
146 Hanson Joseph 
146% Loobey John 

4 Ramsey la intersects 
148 Slean Wm 
150 Foster John 
152 Kelly Mlchl 
154 Boyce Henry 
156 Walsh Patk 
158 Snook John 
160 Ayles Wm James 
162 Rodden John 
164 Hunter Fredk 
166 Sullivan Harry 
1S8 Lynch John 
170 Curran Wm 
172 Breen Fredk 
174 Nve George 
176 Ellis Thos Wm 
178 Watson Wm 
180 Manning James 
182 Scott Thos C, gro 
Sydenham st intersects 

184 Marsh Oliver 

186 Chafen John 

188 Miller Harley 

190 Conway John T, gro 

192 Lambert Geo 

194 uSaba Chas N 

196 Skene Geo 

198 Sheridan James F 

200 Woodstnek Wm H 

202 McQuillen Annie Mrs 

204 Dixon Norman 

206 McGrath Thos 

208 Bradley Wm 

210 Hamilton John 

212 Wilson Johnston 

214 Burchard Geo E 

21« Miller Joseph 

218 Tidev Lilly Mrs 

220 Hawkins Mary 

222 Green Matthew 

224 Leggett Wm 
226 Hills Wm J 

225 Matthews Thos 
230 Hawkins Fredk 
232 Armstrong Wm 
234 Walton Harry 

236 Harrison Joseph E 
238 McQuillan John 

242 McSherrv Mrs Louisa 

244 Stinson Albert 

246 Howard Wilbert 

248 Tiech Lewis 

250 McKenzie Alex 

252 Dann Fredk 

254 Hutton Chas 

♦ 'Coatsworth intersects 

^ Wilton av Intersects 

270 Morton Jane Mrs 
272 McNeill Florence 
274 Thomas Alex 

276 Edwards Wm N 

278 Portman Fredk 

280 Brown Herbert E 

282 Owens Albert 

284 Gallagher Margt Mrs 

286 Anderson ^Wni 

288 Pogue John 

290 Coddington Elizth Mrs 

292 Smith Mary S 

294 Barcroft Ernest 

296 Armstrong Frank, bldr 

298 Wemyss Ansley 

300 Tomlinson Sarah Mrs 

302 Woodman Joseph W 

304 Aveline Marv Mrs 

808 O'Hara Annie Mrs 

308 Hlnde Fredk W 

310 Walsh John 

313 Duggan Thomas 

314 Vllllers Wm 

316 Stephenson Wm G 

311 Patterson Saml 
Patterson S & Co. vine- 
gar rafrs 

3120 Vacant 

tii Swain John L 

324 Mitchell Wm 

326 Boyd Emma L Mrs 

328 McCaffry James R 

330 Christie Mary Mrs 

132 Snead Wm 

334 Starr Joseph 

836 McWaters John 

IS8 HamMy Fredk P 

340 BiOTvn Wm W 

342 O'Connor Wm T 

344 Scholey Mrs EUith 

Rowland Henry A 
346 Stewart Lillian Mrs 
^ Gerrard st e Intersects 
354 Toule G S, carp 
356 McFarlane Clara Mrs 
358 Handley Ellen M Mrs 
360 Olley Alfred 
362 Doran Annie Mrs 
364 Quackenbush Jas W 
366 Logan Martha 

Alexander Sarah, dress 
368 Orr Helen Mrs 
370 Arnold Geo W 
372 Tungate BenJ 
874 McLauchlin Alex 
376 Hart RIchd J 
S78 Mogan John W 
3S0 Scholey Henry 
SS2 Busteed Fredk 
384 Harris Stewart 
386 Clarke Edith J 
388 Blackburn Arthur R 
390 Pennylegion Wm, 



West from 126 Avenue rd 
to Brunswick av, ward 4. 

North Side 





64 Pepler Arthur 
58 Hill Annie Mrs 
60 Aehworth Jas J 
62 Watson Geo E 
64 Easson Chas 

# Admiral rd Intersects 

♦ St George st intersects 
102 Keens James H 

104 Morson AVm T C 
106 Vacant 

Downey Amy Mrs 
McCullough James 
Wallls Mrs Minnie 
Stewart Alex 
Sutherland John 
Thompson Harry P 
Lyal! Chas W B 
Weaver Elizth D Mra 
Pease Joseph 
McLaughlin Rev John F 
Mitchell W Griffith 
Gee Herbert F 
Gower Ada L 
Irwin jno 
McMurfry Wm E 
Rolph Alfred J 
Dixon Cecilia A Mrs 
Kenin Emanuel I 
Bedford rd intersects 

108 De Witt Norman W 
^ Huron st intersects 
112 Macdonald Alex A 

♦ Madison av Intersects 

♦ Spadina rd Intersects 

♦ Walmer rd intersects 

♦ Kendal av intersects 
148 Raitt Tho» It 

South Side 

7 Storey Wm T 
9 Arnot Jtmes W 
11 Arnot James W 
Hopkins Harry 

13 Anderson Morey G 

15 McPhedran Fletcher 

17 Livingstone Lauchlan It 

19 Murphy Mrs Marian 

11 Qunn Wm 

23 Laughlln James E 

25 Currv Alex 

27 O'Neill Dermott J 

29 Bruce Arthur E D 
81 TIbb Rev R CampD"!! 
tt Sails Guy J 

35 Lawson Mis Charlotte 
37 Bales Mrs Hannah 

39 O'Gorman John 

41 Taylor Matilda H Mrs 

43 Bonnell W Herbert M 

45 Beison B H, Lt-Col 

47 Kennel! Jno 
49 McDiarmid 

61 Fleming Charles E 

♦Bedford rd intersects 
53 Henderson Robt W 
♦ Admiral rd Intersects 

89 Horsey Albert A 

71 Stapleford Mrs Margt 
73 Carlisle Lincoln T 
♦St George st Intersects 
88 Blackmore George 
91 Armstrong Wm G 
93 Porter Fredk D 
96 Sanderson Mis.s Margaret 
♦Huron st Intersects 
♦Madison av Intersects 
105 PoTvell R Newton Rev 
♦Spadina rd Intersects 
♦Walmer rd Intersects 

113 Frlnd Max A 

116 Rottenberg Louis 

117 Pearson Herbert W 
119 Wilkins Nicholas B 
121 Clark C D 

♦Kendal av Intersects 


West from 95 Davenport 
rd to Hazelton av, ward 
North Side 

12 Dickie David B 

14 Wood Arthur G 

16 Beckett Wm G 

18 Lamountaine Geo 

20 Brown Andrew 
22 Kemt> Chas 

24 Henwood Sidney 

26 Tuttle James 

28 Chen Wm J 

30 Emory Geo W 
32 Bailey Henry 
34 Caldwell Hugh 

36 Veal Thos 

40 Lockley P'redk 

42 Eraser Duncan 

44 Whimsett Charles 

46 Paudemel Alfred 

48 Buttery Thos N 

South Ride 

1 Stannard Albert 
9 Worthy Joseph 
11 Loudon Mrs Eleanor 
13 Lusty Chas 
15 Priest Jane Mrs 
17 Tucker Mrs Johanna 
19 Campbell Wm J 
21 Jarvis Geo 
23 Martin Walter H 
25 Catterall Wm 




B«as«nabte Charges. Prompt Service 

123 SCOLLARD ST., near Hazelton 







J7 Gliddon Alfred L 

31 Taylor Wm 

33 Berry Ethel Mrs 

35 Meade Geo W 

17 Plowman Charles W 

39 Blth James 

♦1 Mevel Frank 

43 Atkinson Wm 

a Irish Henry J 

47 BolKer John J 

49 Rainford Rlchd 


Kortu trom 5S Elchmonfl 
t to Qneen e, wird 3. 

East Side 

8-5 Guide Motor I>arap Co 

West Side 

1 Sons of England BIdg- 
e Scott Calendar Co, The 
8 Ent to Lodge Rooms 

Ross Wm T A 
10 Grand Orange Lodge 
of British America, 
Benefit Fund 
County Orange Hall Bldg 
12 Grand Orange Lodge of 
British Am 


(Wychwood) Name 
changed to Thelma av 


North from Queen e to 67 
Dagraar av, first e of 
Brooklyn av, ward 1 

East Side 

9 Adams Geo 
11 Sheldon Harry B 
13 Abbitt Wm 
IB Shearer Alex 
17 Henderson Malcolm 
19 CUdero Wm B 
31 Grant Alex 
23 Johnson Wm E 
S5 Johnson Carl 
27 Meredith Wm H 
29 Kent James H 
81 Sutherland Hugh 
It Badgerow Jesse 
15 Stinton Hannah Mrs 
37 Berry Leniel W 
39 Adams Wm 
41 Vacant 
43 Brook Eliza Mrs 
45 Walte Geo F 
47 Galloway James 
49 Rowe Lot 
Bl Wllklns Harry 
53 Lavery Roy 
55 Coffey Margt 
,B7 Conlon Jas 
59 Moffltt Albert 
Llvesey Robt 
67 Thompson Gordon B 
69 Glendinnlne Harton 

Sheridan Clarence 
71 Coy Chas B 
73 Elliott Jane 
75 Luttrell Percy 
77 Adamson Geo 
79 Lavery Thos 
81 McGregor Gordon J 
83 Grant Frank 
85 Blackburn Saml 
87 Brewster Louis 
89 Jamieson Cecil 
91 Conley Jno 
93 Ross J McPherson 
95 Denroche Wilfred S 
97 Sheldrake Mark 
99 Bartlett Elijah 
101 Hamson Frank K 
103 Waterfleld John W 
lOB Starkey Albert 

♦ Mallon ar begins 
107 Hall Geo 
109 Gibson Joseph 

W«st Side 

4 Alley Tobias 

8 McKeag Alice Mrs 

8 Scott Susan Mrs 

10 Corrigan Catherine 

12 Bowen Jesse 

14 Nursey Alfred 

16 Hales Chas W 

26 Chamandy Habib 

28 Capps Chas 

30 Oke Isaac F 

32 Pearson Geo 

34 Frestone Robt 

36 Allen Wm 

38 Bougourd Henry J 

40 Prltchard EUith Mr» 

42 Ford James J 

44 Davis Wesley E 
46 Edwards Walter 
48 Hyatt Frank • 
50 Llndley Edwd 

Colllnson Jno 

52 Bralogreckl Walter 

52a Brown Thos 

54 Campbell Walter 

56 Nesbltt James 

58 Beacock Fredk 

60 Rimer Chas 

62 Bee Harold 

64 Duffy Thos 

66 Donovan James M 

68 Burk Clarence E 

70 Wells Wm H 

72 Vennels Arthur H 

74 Thompson Rlchd 

76 Jameson Armour P 

7 8 Currell Leslie 

80 Johnson John 

S2 Bryan Thos G 

94 Cooke Henry 

96 Staines Thos 

98 Loane Wm 
ion Deariiig Fred 
102 Brown Wm 
104 Manning Geo A 
106 Fldler John R 
108 Priest Arthur 
110 Johnson Thos R 
112 Clegg James E 
114 Sadler Edwd 
116 Deans Saml 
118 Williams Robt 

120 Smiles Thos 
122 Vacant 
124 Carroll Thos J 
126 Jago Richard F 


West from Tonge, oppo- 
site Soudan av, ward S. 

South Side 

43 Munro Hugh A 

45 Hutty Geo 

North Side . 

38 McAdam James 
44 Dezorzi Julian 
46 Dezorzl Antonio 


North east from Mlllbrook 
cres. first south of Ho- 
garth av, ward 1. 

North Side 

38 Rowley Wesley 

South Side 

7 Cox Wm 

9 Fairweather Fred H 
37 Tregwin Wynn 
39 Sparrow Henry 


East from a lane oft 
Bruce, first w of Shaw, 
ward 5. 

North Side 

56 Maxted Harry T 
68 Turner Samuel P 

South Side 

52 Eddie Geo 
Dilger Albert 

54 Mel >owell Jas 
David Louisa 


(North Toronto) North 
from Sheldrake blvd, 1st 
e of Tonge 
Not built on 


(North Toronto), north 
from Sherwood av to 
Stlbbard av, 1st e of 
Mount Pleasant rd. 
Not built on 


North from 272 Queen w 
to College, ward 4. 

East Side 

1 Levine Morris, ladles' 

la McGleary Wm H, 

3 Attwell Lawrence 

5 Sedore Eliith Mrs 
(Junn Bruce 

7 Prouse Sid 

9 Snook Roy 
11 Sedore Beni J 
13 Manach Aitham 

15 Grose Geo 
17 Phanik Hyman 
19 Stelner Wm 
21 Nicholls Bernard J 
23 Malloy Jas 
25 Curtis Jno H 
S9 Rodgers Mrs Mary A 
31 Loucks G Clayton 
33 Swartz John 
86 Shaw Frank H 
37 Cohen Benj 
89 Morrison Mrs Mary 
^Stephanie st ends 

41 Brenner Harry 

45 Messenger I'lilllp 

47 Malloy Francis 

49 Reiser Max 

Bl Wlnestalk Chas 

53 Clark Helen L Mrs 

65 Nursing Mission, The 

^ Grange rd ends 
109 Bullock James N 

Marwood Walter 
123 Cohen Aaron 
125 Y.M.H.A. (Jewish Club) 
129 Ford Mrs Angelina 
131 Vacant 

♦St Patrick st Intersects 
133 Bailey Fredk G 
135 Kjlborn Alfonso 
137 Schwartz Morris S, den- 
139 Carr Maxwell 
141 Kennedy David 
145 Mullins Mary M 
147 Gibson Geo A 

♦ D'Arcy st Intersects 

149 Pollock Maurice A, phy 

151 Sidle Anna Mrs 

153 Dodds Walte.r S 

155 Brass Maurice 

157 Brasseur August 

157a Greenberg Benj 

169 Lavlne Samuel, phy 

161 Granatstein Jno S 

163 Singer Abraham 

179 Bristol Edmund 

♦Baldwin st Intersects 

181 Lackner Jno L 
183 Little Joseph 

186 Donnelly Patk 
185^4 Bennett Chas A 

187 Caldwell David 

189 Hanlan Mrs Margaret G 
191 Sapera Kasel 
193 Ecks Lucy 
193a Berk Louis 
193b Aronson Harry 
193c Leverman Frank 

Stone Barnett 
195 Stutt Edwd, phy 

W^Uliams Solomon 
197 Gearln Mrs Ellen 

199 Wilson Thos D 
201 Doyle Thos C 
201a Felkin Mary-Mrs 
201% Papernlck Harris 
♦Cecil st Intersects 

203 Peters Hugh 

206 McOann Wm 

207 Gllonna Rocco V 
209 Singer Jacob 
211 Jacob Zola 

213 Kenny Jghn 

215 Holmes Ethel 

317 Kllng Gustave 

219 Walters Chas 

221 Hordenlck Harry 

223 Bloom Henry 

225 Mahtengir Abraham 

227 Siigarman Maxwell 

229 Sinerer Solomon 

231 Halpern Rev Isaac 

233 Manovitz Abraham R«T 

235 Enushevsky Bernard 

237 Spiegel Israel 

2 39 Blakoe Margt Mrs 

241 Cable Wm 

243 MacMUlan Amy Mrs 

245 Nerrol Moses 

247 Browne Gavin 

West Side 

6 Koranbloom Morris 
8 Foreigners 
12-14 Crashley Thos, exp 
16-18 Storage warehouse 
20-30 McKissock Thos, 

Emery Manufacturing 
Co, toys 
32 Vacant 

34 Imperial Refining & 
Smelting Co 

♦ Phoebe st commences 
40 Kelly Mrs Nellie 

43 Emersort '"■••n 

44 Gemnu'Il Robert 
46 Morris .lohn 

48 Norris Alex 
50 Rundle Wm 

Rundle Miss Etta, mus 
52 Crispin Wm H 
54 McDowall Fredk 
56 Monaghan Henry S 
58 Alter l.ouls 
60 Sonshine Benj 
62 Alter Max 

64 McKinley Minnie Mrs 
66 Quackenbush Anna Mrs 
68 Bridgwater Wm 
70 Mitchell Herbert 
♦Sullivan st commences 

Beverley St Baptist Ch 
76 Shaw Morris 
78 Feldman Barnet 
80 Tarry Albert Edwd 
84 Robertson Robt 
88 Pullan Joseph M 
88 Doust Leonard C 
90 Rooney Joseph 
90a Babcock Eva Mrs ' 
90b Robinson Julia W Mrs 
90o Catley Herbert 
92 Radley Harmon 

♦ Grange av commences 

94-98 H Beverley Apts 

94 Graburn Klngsforth 

94a Morrow Garde 

94 1^ Back Wm 

96 Healy Wm 

96a Ltmpert Leonard 

96 V4 Wilkes Max H 

98 Levin Abraham 

98a White Milton 

98% English Belle Mrs 
100 Collins John R 
100a Harris Saml 
102 Collins Zoro M 
104 Lee-ColUn Co, stencils 
106 Georglna House 
108 Mclntyre Andrew 
110 Gibson Rev John E 
112 Brown- Abraham 
114 O'Brien James 
116 Stenhens Percy 
118 Lawrence Thos 

♦St Patrick st Intersects 


tha worlo," la the writtan 

tsstimony of Da Pschmann, 

tha world'* (raat pUniat. 

Saa thia piano at 

1»3-1»5-197 YONGE ST. 


WILLIAM JOHNSTONE, General Agent 43 ADELAIDE ST. E. Phone Main 3223 


136 Beardmore Geo W 
IBO Cawthra W Herbert 

Adanison Agar 
^ D'Arcy 8t Intersects 
154 Smyth Miss Annie 
156 Stone Beatrice Mrs 
158 Vacant 
160 O'Connell Margt 
16'2 Armstrong Andrew 
164 Caplan Meyer 
174 Cosmopolitan Club 
176 Marshall Chas 
17'8 Cass Marion Mrs 
180 Rycus Goodman 
163 L»vlne David 

♦Baldwin st Intersects 
186 Coulson Duncan Jr 
194 Jewish National Radical 

196 Glnman Chas 
198 Henrv Emily Mrs 
200 Yager Clara Mrs 
202 Franklin Henry 
204 Davis David 

♦ Cecil St Intersects 
206 Zionist Institute 
210 Hagerty Martin M 

Morgan Ellen Mrs 
214 Orick Sarah M 

Hamilton J Ernest 
216 Carr Blanche Mrs 
218 Mayrlnt Gussy 
220 St Faith's Home for 

222 Caplan Jacol) 
224 Levine Most* J 
226 Blrnbaum Louis 
228 Levi Paul 


(Old Brechin av. North 
Toronto), east from opp 
3290 Yonge to Ronan. flrst 
s of Snowdon av, ward 2. 

North Side 

34 Bickle Av Baptist Mis- 
42 PantUng Geo 
46 Panning Jesse 
48 Jar vis Wm 
52 Curry Arthur 

♦ Bocastle av Intersects 

92 Rowles James I 

100 Hall Saml T Jr 
112 Duncan Wm 
126 Westcott Wm 
142 Wheeler Donald 
144 Gould Wm 

♦ Hilda av intersects 
208 Garrett Frank 

21,2 Whltelow Harry 
220 Robins Saml G 

♦ Ronan av Intersects 
South Side 

31 Redhead James T 
, ♦ Bocastle av Intersects 
79 Vincent Fredk J 
85 Harris Frank R 
91 Clark Saml 

Clark Emily Mrs 

93 Crump Philip 

101 Drysdale Robt 
117 Bedford Jno 
119 Thornton Henry 

♦ Hilda av Intersects 
161 Tough John 

163 Wardle Fredk 
211 S toner John 
213 Hills Geo 
217 Weaver John 
219 AsplnaU Thos 
227 D' Argent Gustave 
23S Dollery Perclval I 

♦ Ronan av Intersects 


(Old Northern av. North 
Dovercourt Annex) , East 
from Oakwood av to Alber- 
ta av, ward 6. 

10 Tucker Geo 

14 Willoughby John S 

16 Espenschied Fredk F 

18 Cameron Wm M 

20 Allen Thos A 

22 Bowles Wm 
24 Dunning Geo 

26 McCutcheon Fredk W C 
32 Rolls Allison M. phy 

South Side 

11 Tanner John 

13 Gemmell Leslie A 
Musson Chas J 

15 Mooney Saml W 

17 Eaton Arthur 

19 Bell Chas B 

21 Don Carlos Henr, C 

23 Menzies Geo U 
29 Marquardt Wm F 

31 Von Metzke Herman 


(Old Glendale av), n from 
Bracken av to Gerrard e, 
first e of Klngswoo<J rd, 
wand 1 

East iSld»« 

179 MoCrone Matthew 

Wes.t Side 

6 Lang Hillyard 

74 Rook Geo H 

# Kingston rd intersects 
128 Touchbourne Robt 
130 Milton Archbd 
138 Cramp Edwin H 
140 Pettitt Earl 
142 MoiCrone Geo 


East from 86 Highland 
av, ward 2. 

North Side 

4 Mitchell Howard E 
8 Mitchell Geo A Rev 

12 Harvey Fredk R 

14 Drury Chas L 

16 Carter Henry J 

18 Thorburn Magdalene 

20 Eddls Wilton C 

22 Kantel Emll A 

24 Reld Chas 

26 Jackman Harry B 

30 Rutherford Saml J 

3 2 Cashman Patk W 

34 Hulblg Frank M 

36 Scully Hugh D 

38 Elliott Geo A, phy 

40 McKlnnon O A 

♦ Glen rd intersects 

44 Davles J Edgar 

4'8 Dean John H 

50 Alvey Wm 

52 Burton Ohas L 

54 Langton Thos 

58 Martin Rmily Mrs 

60 Adams J Frank 

64 Heron Orlando 

70 O'Neil Jas 

78 Sale Julian 

78 Phlbbs Rlohd J 

80 McAndrew John A. 

82 Clarke Fred C 

86 Gordon Helen 

88 Thomson Alexander 

90 Wellington John R 

92 Brayley Geo A 

94 Inglee Jas F 

96 Glllbard John W 

98 Church Thos L 
100 Draper Chas H 
102 Petrle Henry W 

South Elde 

North Side 

8 Wear John T 

1 Langley John 

5 Foster Geo B 

7 Berber Frank 

9 GUlooly Chas J 
11 Despard Wm H 
13 Johns Cheater D 
IB Wadsworth Wm R 
17 Dunnlgan Franels J 
19 Beamish Thos W 
Nasmlth John D 

♦ Olen rd intersects 
35 Chlsholm Geo T 
41 Meredith sir Wm R 
m Meredith John K 
87 Alexander David W 
81 Miller Joseph R 
83 Boehm M Stanley 
85 Morlne Horace A 
87 Hammond Henry G 
89 Roessel Max L 


West fro-m 1196 Yonge to 
rear of Avenue rd, ward t 

"korth Side 

14 Tew John 

L6 Thompson Christopher 

18 Wilson Harry 

20 Stephens .las 

34 Cook Arthur 

36 Hodson Harry F 

38 Onley Thos G 

42 Bullions Thos 

44 Beare Charles 

44% Harris Wm 

46 Carr Thos 

48 Robinson Alex 

50 Mawer Alfred 

62 Smith Alex 

54 Ballantine Geo 
56 Breman John B 
58 Tozer Edwd 

60 Klliott Krnest 
62 Fisher Thos 
64 Ross Mrs Ellen 
66 Phillips Geo W 

Cheshire & Hulme, 

painters, r 
68 Mitchell Alex 
70 Gibson Josephine Mrs 
72 Johnson Andrew 
74 Carpenter Matilda Mrs 
76 Morrison Geo 
78 ShlU Rlchd 
80 Wedekam Albert 
82 Palmer Laura Mrs 
86 Near John 

55 McBrlde EMwd 
90 Taylor Robt P 
92 Simpson Wm S 

94 Grainger Arthiir T 

96 Near John S 

11 Coss Robert B 
100 Miller Wm J 
102 Burton Mary 
104 Thomson James 
106 Adams Jas J 
108 Rlckard Wm 
110 Harding Mrs Oeorglna B 
112 Ross James H 
114 Ferguson James 
116 Robertson Wm J 

South Side 

17-19 Toronto and York 

Radial Ry Co 
21 Lott Ohaa 
23 Edworthy Walter J 
25 Pearce Harry 
27 Tavlor David 
29 Vacant 
81 Tail David A 
33 Davis Alex 
16 Charters Chas 
37 Parker Arthur 
39 Jones Wm 
41 Cor nor Wm 
- 43 Davidson Geo 
45 Truen Geo H 
65 McBrlde Mabel 
♦ Grange av ends 
75 Walters Arthur 


Stop 21 Kingston Rd Car 


(North Dovercourt Annex), 
West from 1626 Dufferln to 
Greenlaw av. 2 south St 
Clair av w, ward 6. 

North Side 

14 Ingram M M 
fi Aldrldge Charlotte Mrs 
12 Dickson James M 

14 Loney Edwd 

1'8 Burniston Geo 

18 Hillier Walter J 

20 Sheath Albert G 

2:2 Dickenson Walter 

24 Whelan iPatk 

26 Cudmore Reuben 

28 Arthur 

30 Penfald Chas E 

32 Maguire Ella 

34 Blgelow Albert J 

3i6 King Fredk L 

38 McDowell Wm R 

40 Berry John 

6)2 Herron Wm A, lumber 

♦ Elmwood av Intersects 
56 Anderson Harry, gro 

Osborne Bert W 

58 Watson Horace 

60 Cudney Andrew 

66 iHurrell Wm 

68 Hill Fredk 

70 Vacant 

7 2 McKee Frank 

74 MacDonell James F 

76 Carter Chas 

78 Wood W'm 

82 Corkln Elijah 

84 Anderson Geo A 

86 McKean Gordon 

88 Linton James 

92 McTaggart Wm 

94 'Hogue Wm 

96 Spraggett Albert 

98 Norris Chas 

98a MacDonald John 
100 Barrett Arthur 
102 Plymouth Brethren Ch 
104 Reid Wm 
106 Forster James 
108 Seeds David 
110 Wagner Edwd 

♦ Greenlaw av intersects 

South Side 

1 Millar Benj 

'3 Wilson Robt W 

!5 Yenney Harold E 

7 Sharpe Jas A 

9 Aylward David 
11 Crockford Wm 
13 Vacant 
17 Vacant 
19 Triller Byron 
2B Leach Harry J 
27 Edwards Joseph 
29 Vacant 
31 Curran John 
33 Shepherd Andrew 
35 Vacant 
37 Vacant 

39 Henry Jane J Mrs 
41 Kinsman Alfred 
45 Fltzpatrlck Joseph 
'51 Devlns Wm 

♦ Elmwood av Intersects 
55 Sanders Chas A, gro 

57 Abbott Rowland 
59 Hamilton Wm 
■61 Young Thos E 
63 Smith Wm 
65 Wiseman Robt 
67 Walker Joseph 
69 Warren John 
71 Walker Lambert 
73 Horsepool Rowland 

76 iTIredler Louis 

77 Llvsey James T 
83 Sim Maurice 

85 Britten Geo 

87 Norfolk Wm R 

89 Lewis Arthur 

91 Hislop Chas D 

93 Mills Allan 

95 Meacher Harry 

97 Taintey Frank 

99 Hampton Norman 

♦ Greenlaw av intersects 


(West Toronto), name 
changed to Abbott av. 


West from 118 Davenport 
rd, ward 8. 
North Side 

2 Hill Geo H 




^eHe ^ort |ce (^ 

Thone Adel. 750-751-752 


Prozupt dependable serrle* in 
the YeUcw Waggons 


156 YONGE ST. 






82-88 KING SI.E- 

Hllborne Albert 

Howell Mary Mrs 
Copeland Saml 
King Robt G 
Watson Wm J 
Cashford Geo 
Adams Wm 
Crittenden Frank 
Hamilton Thos 
Worthlngton Edmund 
Taylor Albert W 
Taylor John T 
Stewart James 
Hurst Wra G 
Blssett Jessie 
Ross Robt J 

South Side 

1-3 Bush C, Ltd, Inks, rear 
I 6 Sheffield Joseph B 
! 7 Watkins Thomas C 
I 9 Gleason Jas J 
il Burns Thos M 
13 Cain Sidney C 
.5 Kemp Mrs Margaret 
.9 Kerr John 
!1 Giroux Mary Mrs 
',3 Hall Joseph 
',5 Judge Joseph 
Ii7 Conacher BenJ 
!9 Roberts Rowland G 
tl Bell Wm 
13 Norman Wm 
55 Talbot Riehd 
17 Britt Edwin 
i9 Hirst Herbert 
(1 Dunford James 


(Old Russell pi), n from 
884 Queen e, ward 1. 

: East Side 

1 Ferguson Geo R 

i 3 Moores Jas A 

' 6 O'Donovan Patk 
7 O'Neill Michael J 
9 Jackson Fredk 

;ll Jones Wm H 

. . . West Side 
Not built on 


Name changed to Asqulth 


North from Mountstephen 
1 to Gerrard e, first e of 
i Don River, ward 1 

East Side 

;IS Morgan Wm H 
17 Tong Edwd 
21 Llvesey Harry 
23 Ohalk Cha;S 
25 Depew Ernest A 
27 Mercer Rlohd 
29 Candler Roy 
31 Savage Edwd W 
53 McCaul Norman 
36 Llvesey Isaiah 
'37 Mason Harry 
39 Joseph Timothy 
U Meldrum Robt A M 
43 King- Georgre 
\t6 Insley Robt M 

West Side 

I Kot ttuin on 


Bast from 70 
i rd, ward S 


North Side 

t Kettlewell Wm 

4 Reld James 

t Hampton Wm 

8 Dodds Wm 
; 10 Rndktn Beni 
112 Stockey Mrs Catherine 

South Side 

1 Worralngton Thos W 
3 Patton George 


South from Rockwell av, 
first east of Silverthorn 
av. ward 7 

East Side 

39 Murray Elizth Mrs 

47 Dodd John 

49 Hough Thos 

51 Robinson Wm S 

75 Wilson John 

77 Rlghton Spencer 

79 Clegg Wm S 

SI Lafferty John 

83 Fowler Geo 

93 Haywood Ernest 
115 Spencer Fredk N 
117 Pope John 
119 Erwln James 
121 Smith John W 

♦ Rockwell av intersects 

173 Vacant 

181 Llttlefleld Arthur M 

211 Radvk Michl 

209 MoKittrick E J Rev 

271 Reid Geo 

273 Wilson John 

279 Smith Mathew 

28 1 Campbell Geo 

2183 Rout Chas H 

285 Ferguson Jno 

West Side 

36 Benham Walter 
38 Byfleld Percy 

44 Hall James 

58 Vacant 

60 Cobb Ernest W 

70 Seabourn Arthur A 
76 Owen James 

♦ Howlck av commences 

♦ Rockwell av Interseots 
150 Cameron Geo 

184 Hess Chas H 
196 Pladger Harry 
236 Pig-ott Harry P 
258 Walford Geo R 

260 Collier Chas A 

262 Clark James D 

264 Chlsholme Wm 

270 Tooth Harry 


North from 92 Sydenham 
to Wilton av, ward 2. 

East Side 

♦ Currie pi commences 
^ Sutton av Intersects 
^ St David St Intersects 
41 Day John 

43 Graham James 

45 Mulr Chas 

47 Barron Peter 

49 Pearks Albert 

51 Allen Eugene 

63 Evans Mrs Catherine 

55 Pratt "Wm 

57 Osborne James 

59 Crabtree Chas 
61 Thoman Wm H 
63 Green Arthur 

65 Mlllson Sarah Mrs 

67 Matthews John 

69 Rlngrose Patrick 

71 Robinson Henry 
78 Wright Robert 

West Side 

2 Foley James 

4 Potter Alfred 
6 Vacant 

5 Otto Frank 

^ Sutton av intersects 
^ St David st intersects 

46 Muir Chas 
48 Hayes Chas 
50 Caley Wm 
52 Macedonians 
54 Sirrell Edwd J 
56 Frangey John 
58 Vacant 
60 Vangeloff Jas 

62 Norbury Jesse 
70 Doyle Roae Mrs 
72 Burt Claude 
7 4 Jones Wra 

76 Vacant 


North from G T R tracks, 
first west of Jones av, 
ward 1- 

East Side 

39 Woods James 

3914 Linham Walter E 

41 Fiedo A!f 

43 Barham Wm 

45 Hooke Thos 

47 Monk Thos 

47% Thomas Wm 

49 Knight Chas 

61 Mokedanz Arthur J 

6'3 Cook Arch 

West Side 

6 Law Geo 
20 Vacant 
22 Vacant 

^ Boultbee av Intersects 

40 Russell Joseph, bricks 
42 Anderson Jas 


(Scarboro Township). 

North from Queen e to 
Gerrard e, second east of 
city limits 

East Side 

15 Summer residence 
17 Cornish Frank 
21 Lea Evelyn J 
23 Summer residence 
25 Summer resldenc* 
27 Unfinished house 
33 Hicks Elizth 
37 Sklppon John, jfro 
75 MacKae Alex G 
93 Dies Herbert L 
99 Garland Wm J 
101 Booth Wm E 
103 Bryant Thos A 
105 Rekers John H 
107 Wilkinson Wm 
109 Hanmer Jno 
111 Cowell Sidney G 
115 Williams Henry 
121 Spence Bertram W 
123 Powditch Ernest P 

Logan Alex 
133 Morris Henry 
♦Kingston rd Intersects 
Pearce Chas 
Tuskin Joseph 

West Side 

10 Mvers Barry J 
12 Home Herbert H 
14 Lea Eliza Mrs 
14a ^Vhitney Wm C 
16 Milner Annie Mrs 
20 Thompson Alan C 
22 Harrison Jarvls 
24 Dowson Austin 
26 Fleming Mrs Catherine 
2.8 Edmond James W 

Unfinished houses 
68 Neate Nellie Mrs 
60 Jackson Harvey B 
♦Windsor av ends 

80 Gillespie Richd L 
82 Gowllng Geo 
98 Croker Edwd 
♦Kingston rd Intersects 


North from 186 Carlton to 
Howard, ward 2. 

Fast Side 

9 Turnbull James 
11 Thomson Wm J 
13 Hahndorf Henry 
15 Morison John R 
17 Beatty Alexander 


19 Duval Jules 
21 Anderson Edith Mr« 
23 Sharpe Edwd 
25 Patterson Jane Mra 
27 Edwards Alfred 
31 Moore John S 
37 Bruce John 
39 Cummlngs Ada Mrs 
41 Hynes Mrs Mary 
41a Wilkinson Frank 
Moore Harry 

46 Blashford Frances 

47 Johnson Sydney 
49 Vannevar James 

51 Young Norman St 

55 Winters John R E 

59 Johnston David 
61 Horchover Joseph 

63 Wilson Fredk B 

60 Luckett Walter 
f)7 Burr James 

69 Johnson John W 
71 Ferguson Ira 

Dunlop Alex, rear 
71a Durnan Walter W 
73 Saye Jas R 

Godfrey Wm R, roar 
7B Taylor Harry W, dairy 
77 Scully Robt 
7J Jefferles Wra J 
81 Neales Miss Josephin« 
83 Meagher Jas 

86 Smythe Albert B 8 

87 Macdonald James A 
8* Vacant 

93 Peruglnl Ignace 
97 Amberson ThoB H 
99 Stephens Walter N 
101 Bradfleld Alfred 
1011^ Foster Annie Mrs 
103 Brown Wm D 
105 Kirk Benjamin 
107 Dowding Bertram D 
107a Dowding Bertram D, 

107^4 Shannon Mary Mra 

♦ Wellesley st Intersects 

109 Back Wm G 
111 Loach Geo J 
113 Vacant 
115 Sharpe John 
117 Burfoot Jane Mrs 
119 Barker Wm 
121 Lambert Thos 
12.5 Lowson Jas 
127 Wilson John 
129 Schoff Elgin 
181 Shafer James 
13'5 Williams Frank 

Bud "Walter, garage. 
137 Jamieson Charles K 
139 Vacant 

130H Gouldstone John F 
141 Goodman Harry 

Kirkwood Matthew, rear 
143 Armstrong Henry T 
145 Vacant 

♦ Bleecker pi commences 

149 Cousins Philip 

101 Cusslon Edmund 

153 Cox John W 

156 Vacant 1 

1551^ Ryan Wni P 

167 Dodds Ernest 

167% Diack John, exp 

159 Charlton Robt 

161 Vacant 

163 Stevens Chas 

McGregor & MgINTYRE, Limited 

Ornamental Iron Wcrk, Stair Work, Etc. 


1139 SHAW ST. Phone 


1614, 1615, 1616 




166 Peirce Henry W 

167 MIddleton Henry J 
167 'i Hopper Eliza Mrs 
169 Martin Jno A R 
171 Douglas Wm J 
171% Styles Wm 

173 Butler Sydney 
175 Broom Mrs Mary 
177 Collins Wm 

Hayes Wm E 
1«1 Griffiths Luther 
1S3 Thompson John 
183 '/i Pierce Jno J 
185 Vacant 
185% Vacant 
187 Olney Fredk H 
189 Wllbee James 
lyi Downev Joseph 
191% Buckley Peter 
193 Taylor Geo 
195 Davis Harriet Mrs 
197 Caesar Thoa J 
201 Perry Edwd L 
203 God ward John 
205 Boynton Edwd 
207 Mallory Robt 
209 Hanna Wm A 
211 Mahinney Jaa 
213 Grimwade Louisa Mrs 

216 Tozer Matthew 
215% Stroud Jesse 

217 Tillman Henry T 
219 Kendall Frank 
221 Mannoch John 
227 Pearsall Saml 

Pearsall Fredk 

West Side 

6 Finch Leonard B 
Knott Joseph 

S Matthews Wm 
10 Page Albert 
12 Silk Elmer 
14 Blakely John H 
16 Cohn Joseph 
18 Woods John 
28 Marrs John E 
44 Bax Jacob 
46 McAuley Bernard 
48 Ewen Christina 
60 Walker Joseph 
52 Cowan Susan Mrs 
64 Trent Fredk 
56 Weir Fredk W 
68 Dawson Willis 
60 Rutherford Alex 
62 Brown Thos W 
64 Lyne John 
66 Mackenzie Elizth Mrs 

^ Wellealay st Intersects 

108 Badgerows Auto Uvery 

110 Runney Violet Ura 

112 Defoe Frank 

114 Broadbridge Ernest 

116 Sim Robt 

118 McNamara Margt 

120 Reld Allison J 

122 DsTldson Mrs Jessl* 

124 Greengrass Harry 

126 Hall Wm 

128 Vacant 

130 McCadden Henry 

132 McMaster Miss Minnie 

134 Davie^ Wm M 
156 Bailey Myrtle 
158 MaoGregor Caroline 

160 Humphreys Albert W 

162 Wiggins John J 
164 Dowey Thos 
166 Lukes Miss Carrie 
168 Pollock Jas 
170 Chamberlain Geo 
170a Foster Wm 
172 Ottley Arthur 
174 King Wm 
176 Loomls Roy D 
178 Walsh John, gro 
180 Taylor Mrs Mary H 
182 JUIard Frank D 
184 Saunders Jno W 
190 Ward Robt J 
192 Vacant 
194 Pooley Wm H 
196 Williams Saml 
198 Elton Chas H 


LUMSDEN BUILDING, Main 7739 ^*'°Z' 1"W«c« 

I'ortn 874 

200 Sherwood Walter 
202 S'hackleton Walter 
204 Chamberlain Hairry 
206 Prance George J 
208 Trott Edwin 

Cox Reginald A 
210 Dewev J Henry 
214 Vacant 
216 Vacant 
218 Tomlln John J 
220 Inwood Harry 
222 Pratt Fredk 
224 Fee Henry S 
226 Smith James 
230 Greer James 
234 Patterson Joseph, gro 


East from 149 Bleecker, 
ward 2. 

North Side 

1 Pickett Edward J 

2 Flnlayson Albert E 

3 Jenner Alfred 

4 Tolley Wm 

South Side 

Not built on 


Binat from 
Mfard 2. 

148 Sumach, 

North Side 

2 Foreigners 

4 Andoff Dobrie 

6 Elijah Angelo 

8 Kostoft Geo 
10 Rotskos Chris 
12 Nlkolov Alex 
14 McMillan OlUe 
16 Foster Henry W 
18 Lyman Edwd 

20 Shadof Constantine 

22 Cooper Chas 

24 Johnson Christopher 
26 Andrew Geo 

28 Vacant 

30 Vacant 

32 Vacant 

34 Bates Fred 

36 Saunders Robt 

33 Vacant 

South Side 

1 Close John E 

3 Mawhlnnlng Harry 

6 Burns Miss Mary 

7 Lake Mrs Harriet 
9 Aggee Jotin 

11 Taylor Wm 
11% Vacant 

16 Sykes Henry 

17 Crofts John H 
19 Ryan John 

21 HlUyard Geo 

23 Farr Albert 

26 Georges Jean 

27 Pedneault Ovide 

29 Gravelle Pierre 

31 Strong Nixon 
33 HInton Wm E 

35 Vacant 
37 Vacant 


East from Pape av to w 
of Brooklyn av, first n of 
Queen e, ward 1. 

North Side 

2 Fuller Jno 
4 Fox Joseph exp 
6 Butler John 
8 Empey Francis 
10 Gillen Fredk 
12 Murphy Frank 
12% Mcintosh John 
14 Johnston Robt 
16 Rogers Sarah Mrs 
18 Ryan Patk 
20 Stone Harry H 
22 Le Froy Herbert 
24 Allen Montague W 
26 Donnelly Leslie 
28 Piatt Charles 

South Side 

1 Thlrsk Chas E, exp 

3 Hogg Ernest A 

6 Ashman Stanley W 

7 Jepson 'Saml 
9 Baker Wm G 

11 Chandler Fredk. baker 

13 Surman Henry G 

15 Miskimniins Jas 

25 Bolton Ephraim 

27 Bewick Alba ny 


West from Greenwood av 
to Prust av second n of 
Gorrard e. ward 1. 

North Side 

2 Hurst Thos W 

4 Benns Wm C 

6 McEwen Hugh 

8 Johnson Esther E 

10 Williams Chas 

12 Baker Percy 

14 Bilton Geo E 

16 Bourne Arthur A 

18 Matthew* Charlotte 

20 Thrasher Harry 
22 Ramsey Duncan 
24 Hamilton Jno E 

26 Robertshaw Milton 

28 White Jno A 

30 Chassels CatheriTie Mrs 
32 Hollinger Wm G 

34 McCann Geo 
36 Johnston Jos 

38 Schmidt Ernest W 

40 Calvert Joseph W 

42 Williamson Andrew 

44 O'RIley Cecil H 

46 Fee Alex 

48 Pearson Joseph H 
60 MacDonald Thos A 
62 Dignan Bruce 

South Side 

1 Davis John J 

3 Virtue Jas R 

6 Vacant 

7 Shannon Agnes Mrs 

9 Carter Albert S 

11 MacMIrean E 
11a Greenwood Chas 
IB Sadler Thos 

17 Chlsholm David 
19 Thomson John J 
27 Bewick Albany 

29 Dawson Wm A 

31 Duffy Wm J 
33 Wilson Robt J 

35 Hall Wm H 
37 Edwards Wim 

39 McEachern Donald D 

41 Proutlng Arthur 

43 Dawson Mary Mrs 

45 Jacques Arthur H 

47 Chessum Alfred J 

49 Chessum Harry 
81 Sheckleford Geo 

53 Lansing Russell S 

55 Brown Arthur 

57 Henley Wm H 

59 Charles Fredk 

61 Fair Chas H 

63 Vincent Jas J 

65 Howden Wm 


East from 737 Tonge to 
Sherbourne, wards 2 and 3. 

North Side 

Royal Bank Apartments 
Burnham G Herbert, 

Cummer W E, dentist 
Van nuzer Fredk C, 

McLean R Gordon, den- 
tal laboratory 
Daly Chas L. dentist 
Dawson T Walter, den- 
Frawley S Leigh, dentist 
Brooks Clarence E, 
, dentist 

d'Artigues Comtesse, 

French tchr 

Xicholls Bruce F. den 

Allen Albert C 
Sherman iHarold A 
Amsilen C Ethelwolfe 

l.allamnie Wra J, den 

Wright Harry 
Sprouie Jane P. phy 
Abbott Edwd C. den- 
Ball Geo L, dentist 
McUonagh Andrew J 

Hillery Othur W. ost« 
iHIllery Grace H, osteo 
Black Wm A. dentist 
Arnold Ernest F. den- 
Simpson John F 
Li^iKhton Mary A Mrj 
Whynn Ethel 
Woods Wm J. dentlsl 
Husband Fredk C, den- 
Anderson Howard W 

Grieve Geo W. ortho- 
Pearson Cha.s E. den- 
Stewart Archd A. den- 
McCarthy Charlotte, 

Durnan Wesley L. os- 
Macdonald Alex N 
Sutherland Ida M 
Dyas A E Miss 
4 Carnahan W J A & H.I 
drugs i 

6 Toronto Opticians. Ltct 
8 Stewart Minnie, nxln-r j 
Porter Ettie. staty ' 
Williams iMary. cos-i 
10 Holmes Arthur W. arch' 
12 Verrall Walter S. orth- 
opedic surgeon 
Stewart Elizth L, phy 
14 Richardson Geo A, den- 
16 Adams E Herbert, phy 
18 Ontario Motor Car' Co, 
Ontario Machine Co, Ltd 
20 Cotton J M. phy 
24 Warwick Guy F 
34 Moulton College 

Central Meth ' Church 
# Park rd commences 

48 Reeve Richd A. phy 

64 Bruce Herbert A. T^hy 

66 Leslie Joseph 

.88 Caven Jas G, 

90 Allan Wm 
Allan Geo W 
Merritt Wm H 
134 Vigeon Henry 
144 St Margaret's College; 

Dickson Geo Mrs 
152 Home for Incurable 

164 Heintzman Gerhard 
172 Campbell Colin, phy 
176 McLaren Geo H. phv 
180 Culham Jennie 
182 Farquharson Schl 

^ Huntley st Intersects 
184 Anderson Harry B, phy 
188 Catto Jno 
190 McFarlane Murray, phy 
200 Vannhower F'redk 
204-206 Reformed Presby Ch 

Dempster Rev Saml 
210 Ainger Apts 

1 Clegg Wm J, caretkr 

2 Haverson Jas 

3 Marshall E 
Hodgson Thos 
McNab Mary 

Simpson Kenneth 
Young Cyril T 
Davis Frank E 





9e Vacant 


BURRUSS & SWEATMAN. Limited I insurance 

12 WELLINGTON ST. E. Phone Main 1790 



storage Batteries 




PhoneADELAIDE 1962 


10 Widdup John W 

11 MacMurchy Lucy 

12 Charlebols Chas P 

14 Jensen Abbie G 
Crlsfield Elizth Mrs 

15 Anderson John 

16 Cowan Wm L 

17 Dannenberg Fre<Jk C 

18 McDunnogh Chas H 

19 Lines Stanley L B 

20 Sublett Edwin H 

21 Cusack Thus 

232 Stanley Apartments 
A Haylock Arthur F. 

B Pisher Thos L. 
C Moore Harry A 
D Foreman Henry G 
E Gibsun J Garfield 
F Dyas Jno H 
G McLeod iHenry C 
H Kichmond Andrew C 

234 Florence Apartments 
A Morris Julia Mrs 
B I>aimelhuber Saml H 
C Woodley Harold 
IJ Sine. air Jas 
E Fitzgerald Margt A 
F Babayan Levon 
G \\#iker Campbell K 
H Forman B Ueo 

236-240 Dominion Bank 

238 Vacant 

Boy Scouts Council for 

Daughters of the Em- 

South Side. 

1 Daymen! Frank K, den- 
IH Cohen Saml, clothes 

3 Chinese laundry 
5 Chinese Laundry 
7 George Thos H, llquora 
9 Taylor & Co, painters 
11-13 Wilks R F & Co. 
piano tuners 
Cooper Geo 
15 Hele Jenny 
17 Leonard Frank 
19 Gibson Electrics :Ad 
23 Somers Thos H 
25 Trotter Frances Mrs 
29 Pringle Jane Mrs 
31 Ruddy Wm 
33 Goodchild J Fleming, 

37 Lindsay Jessie, frn rms 
St Dutton BenJ B, osteo 
43 Vacant 
45 Vacant 

Westminster Pres Ch 
57 Cleland Fredk A, phy 
65-67 Hospital for Women 
e9 Elliott John E. phy 
71 Ireland Alex H 

♦ Church st ends 

75 Fenton Mary J Mrs 
81 Wood Thomas H 
85 Crawford Lillian G 
87-127 Pt Paul's Ch (Ang) 

129 Howie Sophy Mrs 

131 Brandon Arthur 

IM MaaMurchy Helen, phy 

♦ Jarvls st ends 

139 Peterson Johanna Mrs 
145 Stevenson R A, phy 
155 Joseph Marv 
169-165 Clow "Emma Mrs, 
bdg hse 

♦ Huntley st intersects 

167 Boyd Geoffrey, sure 

171 Suckling Wm J 

176 Stenhouse John, phy 

m Rae Geo M 

181 Boyd Harriet Mrs 

187 Vacant 

189 Dannhower Fredk 

193 McKelvey Alex D, phy 

185 Moore Herbert E 

199 Hallam Jno 

201 Beatty Adam A, phy 

206 Wilson Geo B, phy 

207 Vacant 


West from 794 Y'onge to 
city limits, wards 3, 4, 5, 
6, and 7. 

North Side 

2 Reade Robt J, dentist 
Hull Rlchd W, dentist 
Graham T Howard, den- 
Brockle Robt 
Nothnagel Johanna, 

14 Vacant 
16 McCullough H Allan, 

18 Hermiston Geo M, 
Waite Isaac N 
20 Hanley Thos R, phy 
2'4 Ahlgren John, ladies tlr 
26 Christie Agnes Mrs 
30 Van Camp Jared C, un- 
32 Webster A F, dentist 
Robert Joseph X, phy 
Hesselberg Edouard, 
40 Foy Gertrude A Mrs 
46 Nevitt R B, phy 
52 Johnson A J, phy 
62 Tirapani Edwards, Ids' 
Ormerod Reuben J, hair 
64 Miiton Jean, ladles' tlr 
Koenlgsgartner Jos- 
eph, tlr 
66 Anderson Joan, mlnr 
68 Tripp Marie A antiques 
72 Sutton Laude, rest 
80 Horning James E, phy 
Horning Mrs M Ivor, 
82 Shields Wm, corsets 
Shields Margaret Mrs, 
^ Bellair st commences 
86 Vacant 
92 Pearcy Sanderson 
100 Toronto Orthopedic Hos- 
108 Evelyn, mlnr 

Ward Gerald Hon 
110 Ticehurst Septimus 
112 Smithers Wm A 
U4 Ross Wm 
116 Vacant 

lis Speller Jennie Mrs 
120 Faulkner Misses, drgmkrs 
Faulkner Clara & May 
122 Lyon J Mortimer, phys 
124 Greene E Herbert, phys 
!26 Maclennan D N, phya 
128 Richardson T B, phys 
134 Alkins Wm H B, phy 
142 Odell Mrs E, bdg hse 
144 Cunningham Stella A, 

146 Moorhead Andrew S, 

148-158 Westminster College 
!60 Marrow Miss Lucy E, 

166 Church of Redeemer 

^ Avenue rd commences 

182 Scadding H C, phys 

19 2 Dickson Charles R, phy 

Reid G Russell, phy 
194 Billings Mrs L F, bdg 

196 Shenstone Norman S, 

206 Rowan Thomas A 
208 Wilson Robert S 
310 Parker S Gothrold. phy 
220 Hamilton Herbert J, phy 
224 Starr Clarence L, surg 
228 Batnes A'len, phys 
233 Gibson Robt J 
?34 l4ivton David B 
23G Ingram W^m A 
iriS Vacant 
240 Clark Arthur D 
242 Crean Jessie 
244 Smith Geo E, phys 
♦ Bedford rd commences 

L, dentist 

246 Lumbers Earl V 

250 Lusl^ Chas P, p^hy 

252 Crydernian Deborah J, 

Meadonia Hotel 
^ St George "t intersects 

27> Crowther James 

Havergal Preparatory, 
288 Langmulr Matthew 
^ Huron st intersects 

Bloor St Pres Church 
302 Rucolf Robt D, phy 
310 Thomas Adeline M Mrs 
p Madison av commences 

316 Vacant 

320 Bralthwaite .Mrs Lydla 

Mitchell Jno I', phy 
122 Noble Robt T. phy 
126 Mills John, orthodon- 

Trofter W Cecil, dentist 

Ante Bros, dental lab- 

Ante Irvln H, dentist 
328 Mllner Beverley Z, phy 
332 Bank of Nova Scotia 

Y \\- C A 


Palmer Geo 


English Edwd A 

M'cKibben Thos 

Palmer Geo L, dentist 

English Edwd .A. 
^ Spadlna rd commences 
336 Owl Drug Stores, Ltd 
338 Bucher Fur Co 
340 Stewart Alvin. barber 
342 Sutton Elizth Mrs bdg 
846 McGill John D, under- 
858 Gage Wm J 
^ Walmer rd commences 
380 Wilson Wm J, phy 

Wilson Norman K, surg 
884 Clouse Ellas, phy 
^ Dalton rd commences 
386 Brown W Chapman, 

894 McCullough James, phy 

McCullough John S, 
398 Frankish Edgar R, phy 

# Brunswick av Intersects 
400 Cleland Fredk E. gro 
402 Stewart Alfred, barber 
404 Curtis .Alfred T. staty 
406 Cohen Harry, tlr 
408 Thorn Geo, btcr 
410 Unser Wm, baker 
412 Ferllto John, fruit 
414 Phillips Percy W 

Goodsir Peter 
416 Harper Raymond, 

418 Rapkin Henry J 
420 Watson James 
422 Cumpston Alfred L. 


424 Comyn Margt Mrs, confy 
426 Woelard Minnie L Mrs 
426a McLellan Colin 
428 McCaffery Walter 
428a Hewitt Rebecca M Mrs 
430 Barlow Jno A. shoes 
432 Mulr Wm B. hdwe 
434 Smith Thos 

Simpson John M 
436a Spellman Jno 
436b Absent 

43 8 Smith Thos D, mus 
440 Murch Walter. Jwlr 

^Howland av commences 

444 Haywood Chas R. furrier 

446 Rahikalnen John 

448 Defoe Edwd F 

460 Defoe Edwd F. optician 

452 Woods Henry, gro 

456-458 Chaplan Meyer. 

472 Macdonald Murdoch 
Ppr<5 Hr-hrrt 



474 Tarmller Wm R, gro 
476 Mlchell Roy R, elect 
478 1 Burtch Cry 

2 Beckley Harold 

3 Vacant 

4 Vacant 

480 Pook £llen, f«ao7SO«tf* 
482 Watson Chaa W, baker 
484 Lennle Ch*a ■ 

Hugheon Harry J 

Uylnff Cluui 
488 CDonohue Hujch, btehr 
488 B,lppon B V, adV noTeU 

490 Urbach Chaa A. florist 
492 Blgwood Tho« H, shoe- 

4M Little Matthew W, gro 

♦ Albany av commencee 

496 Slayer Peter L, shoes 
498 Grupe Geo. furrier 
500 Hunt Harry W, confy 
500a Tench Wm J 
500b Cay Chas 

Rodgers Chas A. dentist 

504 iHarlow Ida M, mlnr 
606 Madison Theatre 

505 Rabkin Saml. optician 
610 Madison Theatre Office 
512 Phoeni.x Haruld R. mlnr 
514 WllUatiiMiM John, flour 

Tee E John 
516 Akrey & Son. fruit 
518 Valsey Edgar, shoes 
520 Mc.Muiiay Saml. brbr 
Finch Chas H 
United Cigar Stores, Ltd 
522 Anderson Robt, baker 
524 Burfoot Geo, gro 
526 Princi; .V; Co. hdware 
526a Stalker Gilbert, ladles 

628 Hall Wm G. gents fur- 
Hall .inrucn 
630 Home Bank Bldg 

Sellerv F Addison, den- 
London Life Ins Co 

Cornell N' W. caretaker 
556 Home Bank of Canada, 
The (br) 
London Life Ins Co 

^ Bathurst st intersects 

668 Ferrah Robt. drugs 
558% Metheral Geo B, furs 
560 Mishe Kris, tobaccon- 
662 Birrell Norman, gents 
Lynch James 
664 Lynch James, barber 
606 Demme John, fiults 
668 King George Theatre 
570 King George Apart- 
Cummings Harry, rest 

1 McAneny Bernard 

2 Kennedy Jane Mrs 
Cardie Frank 

3 Hill Chas H 
57 2 Staren Peter 

St Peters (KC) Church 

♦ Miirkham st intersects 

582 McLaughlin Joseph M, 

584 Harvey Wm J, btchr 
586 Carnegie Chas, rest 
688 Saunders Frank, florist 
590 Younder Joseph, fruit 

592 Keys & Co. hdware 
600 Chesher Wm J. gro 
602 Smith Saml. tobacco 

604 Meadow Gold Butter 

Strange Wm H 

1 Clark Edwd 

2 Taeger Theodore 

3 Vacant 

toe Abdo Frank, confy 
Charles Fredk 

605 Coftree Haydn ,\. dry 

Mnrrlce .\dam B 





Large or Sntatt Amountt Invtted Carefully 



229VONCE: ST. 



tie Struthers J W & Sons, 

♦Palmerston av Intersects 
612 Vacant 
614 Neale Alfred, shoes 

Jamie:SOn Robt 

HaMane Jno 
6t6 Taylor R & W, btchrs 

Har<3y Wm J 
B18 Brown Bros, btchrs 
618a DriscoU Ann J Mrs 
620 DriscoU Keginald W, 

,620a Wells John E 

Worne Wm G 

Isaacs Maria Mrs 
-62,2 Central Social Club 
•622% Lilly Ellen Mrs 
624 Armstrong- Wm H 
626 Chinese laundry 
<2S WlUlams Marie Mrs, 

630 Du Maresq Chas H, 

632 Rowe Wm, tobacconist 
634 Kening Berry, fruits 
638 Silverman Jacob, shoe- 

^ Euclid av InterseoU 

638 Hagan John B, (TO 
WO Chinese Indry 
642 Vacant 
644 Munro Donald 
646 Croot Wm H 
648 Crosby Norman 

Barber Walter 
650 Brod Emanuel, tlr 
652 Appleton Maurice 
654 Gillespie Wm 
656 Giroux Mary Mrs 
658 Granatstein Sarah Mrs 

Granatstein Louis, um- 
658% Allan Robt 
•i60 W'iltse Thos 
660% Wilson Thos, tlr 
662 Buckley Geo P. baker 
^ Manning av intersects 
M4 Ijazzara Joseph, fruit 
666 Hill Geo, toy gds 

Plewman Richd, gro 

Root Wallace 
668 Riddell Herbert, gro 
6'7« Pullan John J, oonfr 
67(6% Hansom Mary Mrs 
678 Mount Forest Produce 

Manuel Peter 
680 Keating Joseph F, drugs 
1)82 Barreca Gaetano, shoe 

Conway James J 
684 Ham Phil, btchr 
684% Hughes F.redk 

Mcintosh Phemy Mrs 
686 Phillips Morris, hdwre 
lisS Chinese Lanndrjr 
690-692 Union Bank of Can 

♦ Clinton St intersects 

704 Krlbbs Harry R 
7W Carter Chas 
712 Davis John 
714 Ellis Ann Mrs 
720 Davidson John C 
722 Lawson Thos 
724 Snow Fredk C 

Pickett Ruth Mrs 
726 Vacant 

^Christie st commences 

Willow Vale Park 

^ Crawford «t Intersect* 

798 Koftler Leo, gro 

Johnston Chas W 

West Benj 
800 Cordwell Wm J, ladles' 

800a Phillips Ellen Mrs 

Wood, Alice M Mrs 
800b Farr James H 
S02 Barker Francis W, shoe- 

80>2a Kelly John J 

Barlow Reginald M 
804 Moore Jas, contr 

804a Byers Allan S 
Cook Philip, dairy 

806 Burton G Ernest, hdware 

806a Davidson Firman W 
Walker Edgar 

808 Vacant 

Daggett Frank E 

810-12 Vacant 

814 Vacant 

824-26 Brighton Lndry, Ltd 

^ Shaw st intersects 
828 St Croix Wm 
830 McLean W T, phy 

Canning Jno A 
832 Briliinger Bros, real est 

Bush EUwood G 
83'2% Wlllson Herbert C, Lo- 

834 Hooper Wm J, gro 
836 Walton Mathew, confr 
838 Hamilton Geo, btchr 
840 Fine Saml, confy 
S42 Singer Sewing Machine 

Gibson Wm R 
844 Wiggins Harry, staty 
844a Hare Mary Mrs 
846 Adams Edwd J 
848 Adams AMR fane:'' 

8-50 Cumberland Ethel, minr 
8S0a Hrown Mary J Mrs 
8'54 Woods Frank J 

Burns Benj, Jwlr 
S56 Singer Max. tlr 
868 Creamer Fredk J, poin- 
S60 Carr Wm B, gro 
862 Davis Thos. S'hoes 
864 Gillespie Alex, barber 
♦Carling st commences 

866 Brown (David, frulU 
868 Ferris Walter, confy 
870 Looser O, photo 

Grisewood Elizth Mrs 
872 iSuroff Joseph, hdware 

Yearnsley Edwin 
878 Chinese lndry 
878 Prescott Mary Mrs, flor- 
880 Lament James, elect fix- 
880a iLenehan Wm J 

Hutton Robt 

Prescott Mary Mrs 

Bole Isabel Mrs 
882 Godfrey Chas, jrro 
S82aBruce Wm 

Bull, Joseph H 
884 Maclean Emma P, dry 

884e, Dean Fredk 

Kastlaar Carl 

Eraser Henderson 
886 Eraser Harry, confr 
888 Leeder Albert E, bar- 
888a Jenkins J Harold 

890 Whithead Wm, drugs 
^ Osslngton av Intersects 

892 Standard Bank of Can- 
894 Cherry Isidore, ladlea' 
Cherry Cella, mlnry 
896 Sproul G Burt, shoes 
898 Hoover Frank Y, Jwlr 
900 Sanderson Isaiah, barbr 
902 Wright Wm H, btchr 

Robinson Thos 
30* De Crlstofaro Antonio, 

906 Fletcher Cope, staty 
908 Denoon Ina, mlnr 

Denoon John 
910 Copeland Annie, confy 

Dankert Israel 
912 Plenty & Wilson, real 

914 Muir Thos, hdware 
916 Mitchell Joseph, fruits 
918 Kelt Bessie Mrs, dry 
Heljt Gaday 
920 Dowdall John M, deil- 

^ Concord av Intersects 

922 Ingram & Shenk, grcrs 
922a lodd-Dummett Alice 

922% Kay Malcolm F. dry 

924 Young Marshall B, shoes 
924a Young Marshall B 
924% Macey Wm J. tlr 
926 Chinese lndry 
928 Ryan •& Co, ale and 

928a Ryan Danl 
930 Mayer Aaron, gents furn 
932 Poyntz Robt J, btohr 
934 Slade Albert, confy 

iDodds Richd 
9316 Vacant 

938 Hopeson John N, confy 

940 Soules IHarry G, bU- 


Bloomer Edwd, barber 

942 Rosenfield Myer, dry gds 

^Delaware av Interseeta 
946 Hill F T Co, Ltd, gro 
948 McCreery Alicia, mlnr 
948a Calhoun Wm 

Robinson Ei-nest 
950 Cronk A L. shoe repr 
McCullough Jno, shoes 
950a Sherwood Percy F 

OIHalloran Mary Mrs 
932 Gatto, Antonio, fruits 
952a Bacot Louis F 
964-6 Peoples 5 & 10c Stores, 
Hutching' Co, Ids' wear 
(Dovercourt Billiard Par- 
9156 Weller Gustave 
958 Easson & ijon, mens 

960 Charters John, cigars 

Trott, Wm H 
960% wmite R H & Son, rl 
Skitch Wm H. tlr 
962 McTaggart W O, real eat 
962% Dovercourt Hall 

Harris College of Mu- 
964 Barrett Chas. gro 
966 Huddert & Elliott, btchrs 
968 Vacant 

970 St Ledger Shoe Co, Ltd 
97 2 Tamblyn Drug Store 
Churchill Arthur E 
Cleeland John 
974 Vacant 
976 Peterson & Zervakea, 

976a Bain Ellen Mrs 
Brown A\'m J 
Eraser Ernest 
978a Bellerose Maud L 

Buckley Mary E Mrs 
978 Burlington Store Co, 
ladies' wear 
♦Dovercourt rd Intersecta 

984 Royal Bank of Canada 

9»6 Thompson Bros, photo 
9S6-98g Woolworth Co, V W 
>»0 McKeith Wm, barber 
992 Gerace Gus, fruit 
in Horwood Mrs H, dry gds 
9916 Vacant 

998 Hill Walter F, confy 
1000 McLean Gillian, hdwr 
1002 Cardwell J A, shoes 
1004 Franze Santo, fruits 

♦ Westmoreland av com 

1006 Small Andrew S, ^uarla 
1006% Absent 

1008 Bloor Palace Theatre 
wm Horwood Mary E Mr» 
Horwood Bros, exp 
Richardson Geo. shoe 
1022 Fleming Bros, gros 
1024 Pringle Thos, confy 
1026 Marshall Thos L, shoes 
1028 Cox Edgar 
Buyers Wm 

Ingram & McMaster, 

1030 Constable Thos, oonfy 

Richardson Gordon 
1032 Hunter & McDowell 
Hopkins Isabella Mrs 
Jackson Jno B, real 
1034 Sherrlffs John, gro 

Woolrloh Herbert 
1036 Brand Clarence W, ph> 

♦ Salem av commencea 
10138 Battaglla Saml, fruits 
1040 Chinese lndry 

1042 Vacant 
10£0 Furse Herbert W 
1062 Munnlngs Alfred A. 
Taylor Eva O 
1055 WItherspoon James P, 

1058 Law A Scott, flsh 
1060 iMltchell Emma Mrs. 
Carter Wm iH 
1062 Palbston Thos, fruits. 
10()4 Poyntz R J. btchr 

♦ Bartlett av commences 

1066 Owl Drug Store 

1068 Smallwood T & J, jwlra 

1070 Wyman Cassia Mrs, 

1072 Wyman Sidney 

Johnson Perrin 
1076 Challenger Wm F 

Kirby Geo, printer 
1078 Balnes Thos, gro 
lObO Dovercourt Twine Mills 
Shurly & Derrett, Ltd. 
twine mfrs 
1086 Munn Kreuk .), phv! 
1088 Cook Wm R. phy 
1094 Bartello Antonio, fruit 

♦ Gladstone av Intersects 

1096 Summe-feldt Wm H C, 

Branch postofflce 
C P R Tel (br) 
Rogers Ellas Co. Ltd, 
1098 Doric Theatre 
1100 Aitchieon Frank, gro 
1102 Richardson & Wilson, 

1104 Davidson & Wilson, 

1106 Auger Mrs Sarah, 

1108-1110 Mazza Angelo. 

1112 Brophey Laura H Mrs 
1114 Lean Hymer. furn 
1126 Forgie Hergert M, 
1128 Morreno Frank, frulta 
1128% McKee Abvam L, 

♦ DnfTerln st Intersecta 
1130 Hodgson Earl O & Co, 

real est 
11S2 Skinner Wallace, bar- 
1132a Collard BenJ P. gro 
1154 Jackson Wm K. flsh 
lli34a Nicholson George B. 

1136 Forgie Herbert M, 

1136a Milburn Wm W, confy 
1138 Wilson Wellington J, 

dry gds 
1140 Curry Wm T, confy 
1142 Amey Geo J 
3144 McBroom W T, phy 
♦ Russett av commences 

1146 Squire W H, btchr 
1148 McCabe Herbert S, gro 
1150 Gilmore Richd W. 

1152 Bedditt Bessie S, staty 
Redditt Greta M, nurse 
1154 Vacant 
11B6 Thomas Walter A 

♦ Pauline av commences 
1166 Guinta Vineenzo, fruit 
1168 Berenbaum Jacob, dry 

1170 Battaglla Thos, fruit 






Con fcbcvation %ifc 


JTORO rsixo 


[Canadian Company 

1172 Chinese Laundry 
U7< Greonblatt Solomon, tlr 
1176 Broderick Furniture Co 
1178 Bell W H & Co, fur- 
llkO Dixon W H, btehr 
^ Brock av interse.cts 
1196 Barefoot Wm R photo 
1198 Saunders Frank, florist 

Hunter Jas 

Sully Thos 
1200 Pearsall Frank L. Jwlr 

White J Maxwell Earl 
1202 Tenute Rose Mrs, fruit 
^ Mnrgueretta «t intersects 

1204 Rose Milton P, drusa 

Losee Ellen E Mrs 
1206 Lafrange Phillip 
1208 Ireland Albert B, Iwlr 
1210 Halre Wm J, dyer 
1216 Lawrence E, hdware 

Adams Herbert A 
1218 St Leerer Shoe Co, Ltd 
1220 Saunderi Wm J, dry git 
122i2 Symons Geo, barber 
ia24fW-ebb .Harriet K, confy 
12126 Montgoniery Howard, 
Dow J Bae 
^ Emmerson av eommencee 
1228 Lahay (Louis J, gro 
1230 Anderson 11 & M, dry 

1232 Chapman Bros, gents 

t2S4 Queen John A, shoes 
1236 Turano C & Son, fruit 
12S8 Henderson Allen, barbr 
1240 Hudson Jean Mrs, mlnr 

Hudson Fredk W 
1242 Alderson Wm, btchr 
^ St Clarens av Intersects 
1248 Phoenix Harold R, 
Academy Theatre 
Gladwell Wm H, bll- 
1J50 McCall Shoe Co, Ltd 
1250 Apartments 

1 Absent 

2 Southwick Ada Mrs 

3 Morris Geo E 
1252 Barr Arthur J, confy 
1854 Klnaman Thos M. uenta 

1266 Wllkln Car! £, cigars 
1S58 Manjuris Thos, confy 
1260 Patterson Wm H, genu 

1262 Hetherington Ja» C, Ins 
G N W Tel Co (br) 
1264 Markus Bdwd & Son, 

senl stor* 
1266 Tamblyn G, Ltd, drug's 

# Lansdowne av Intersects 
1270 Imperial Bank (hr) 
1280-4 Alexandra Theatre 

Mullin's Hall 
1286 Acheson Wm. fruit 
1288 Franklin Thos B, 

1304 Little Jennie Mrs, gro 
1306 Chinese laundry 
1308 McQueen John P 
1310 Ooran Wm F 
1312 Manninsr Ernest, 

Hurd Sidney 
1326 Graham Wm 

Greenaway & Bolton, 
flour and feed 
^ Kailway crossing 
13T2 Hancock T H, lumber 
14112 B&ckett Mary J Mra 

♦ Symington av Intersects 

W14 Holohan John F, gro 

Raymer Wilmot 
1416 Watson Wm, drv gds 
1418 Clarke Loftus J, confy 
1420 Hartman Fredk 
1422 Hartle Frank 

Firstbiook Wm C 
1424 Sadler Fredk W 
1426 Whaites Wm 

Cupplrs Ar.-hd 

1428 MoGahey Thos 
1430 McGahey Wm 

Smith Wim 
1432 Martin Fredk W 
1434 Loader Henry 

Mothers' Lunch Co 
1436 HajstingB Judson B 
'1438 Rhodes Joseph H 

Pi-hodes Laurence, mus 
1440 Brown EUtOtt 
1442 Kelly Patk 
1444 Lemon James, btcbT 

# Perth av intersects 
1446 Mickle, Dyment & Son. 

planing mill 
14(56 Gatehouse, G T R 

^ It.iiln ay crossloc 
1478-90 Canada Bread Co 
Imperial Bank (br) 
^ Dundas at Intersects 
1536 Tait Wm B 
Odett Danl 
Sinclair Duncan F 
1538 Beal Wm F, confy 
1&40 Tait Wm B, produce 
♦Dorval rd commences 
1574 Toronto Civic Ry car 
barn and offloa 
^ ladlan rd intersects 

# Indian Grove intersects 
^ Keele st Intersects 

1753-60 Cluft & Son, grew 

♦ Mountview av com- 

^ Oakmount rd commences 
1844 McCall Sam! B 
1S46 Marshall Thos P 

^ Paciae a^i commences 
^ High Park av commences 
1930 Blackmore Geo J 
1932 Denyes Chas 
1934 Vacant 
1936 Vacant 
^ Qoebcc av intersects 

High Park Mineral Baths 
2000-12 High Park Sani- 
2014 Whatmore Percy 
^ Clendenan av commences 
^ Glendonwynne rd com- 
^ Kennedy nv corameaoos 
^ Runnymede rd inter- 
2232 Hart Wllbert, drugs 
2246 Bullock A Gordon 
^ Beiesford fiv commences 

22i60 Morrison Saml 
2270 Calvert Fredk W 
^ Driie av commences 
^ Windermere av Inter- 

.^ Wlllard av commences 
^ Spears av commences 
^ Jane st commences 
South Side 

5 Singer Sewing Machine 

Co (br) 

6 Apartments 

1 ColvlUe Annie, drs 

2 S t a c e y-Crumpton 
Corset Co 

Ideal Skirt Support- 
er Co 

3 Bickell Laura, dress- 

5 Henderson W M, 

7 Forbes J Colin, 


7 Davles Wm Co Ltd Tb' 
(br) provs 

11 Kenwood J M, phy 

13 MacCallum Jas M, Ph> 

1'5 MadCallum Josephine 

17 Webber Elizth J Mrs 
19 Roberts James A, phy 
21 Dymond Emma S Mrs, 
Madgley Gertrude, dl»- 
^ Balmuto st ends 
23 Horrocks Trevor 3 

Baptist Church 
^ North st ends 
65 Clark Chas N. baths 

Schuch Edwd W, vocalist 
75 Robertson Jane Mrs. 

ladies wear 
77 Frlpp Chas, tlr 
79 Bryan John D 
8'1 iMcM^Innes Katherln*, 

813 Quipp Harwood W Mrs 
Weller, Elizth employ 
S5 Work Depository and 

Woman's Exchange 
89 Liston Montrose 
91 Folkes Reginald W, an- 
Hamilton Mary 
Stewart Mary Mrs 
93 Donohue Michl 
95 Hoch Percy 
95a Consaul John A, furni- 
^ St Thomas st ends 
97 Pattlnson Miss Jean, 

99 Wright C Stewart, phy 
Kirby Geo 
Dive Arthur J 
101 Cavanagh F J Prof, 

103 Ridley Walter McQ 
105 Hoskin Rebecca Mrs 
McCalium Rlchd 
Thom J Fraser 
107 Roeddlng Edwd, Ids tlr 
109 Conover Carrie E Mrs 
111 McKendrick Barbara 
113 Watson Ida E Mrs 
127 Waldie Fredk N 
131 Morando Otto 
137 Pugsley Lucy E Mrs 
143 Phi Delta Theta Chapter 

147 Vacant 

151 McPhedran Alex, phy 
McPhedran Fletcher, phy 
Household Science Bldg 

♦ Entrance to Queen's Park 

Museum Toronto Uni- 
Royal Ontario Museum 
273 McMaster University 
University of Toronto 
Athletic Field 

♦ Devonshire pi ends 
Meteorological Office 

319 Chesson David 

♦ St George st Intersects 

329 Mayburry Arthur W, 

S31 Vogt Augustus S 
333 Hardy E A Patk, phy 

341 Biggs Geo M, phy 
345 Gordon A R, phy 

Henderson Ernest M, 

♦ Huron st intersects 

University Schools 
371 Faculty of Education 
403 Vacant 

♦ Spadlna av ends 

415 Hooper Ralph B, phy 
417 Mario w Fredk W, phy 
419 Mabee Oliver R phy 
4-21 Clarkson P Arnold 
425 Mc Williams Victor phy 
Bheppard Oliver B 

♦ Robert >>t ends 

Trinity Methodist Church 
^ Major st ends 
4 59 Haftey & Co, gros 
461A Young Arthur H 
iR3 Toiintr .\ H. picturps 

465 Nornabell J L C. drug* 

P O (br) 
465a Cornish Mabel, drsmkr 

Abbott Annie 
467 Brown Madame N, Ids 
Campbell Harriet, mlnr 
4«» Haeberlin Walter, bakar 
471 Parks Wm J, btchr 
Molntosh Ella W 
Shepherd Percy J 
4 73 Parks Wm J, gro 
47 SA Brown Mlas Clara 
Glynn James 
Maas Herman C 
475 Chinese Indry 
481 Brunswick Hotel 

^ Brunswick av Intersects 

483 Greydons, confy 

485 Vacant 

487 Vacant 

489 Brunswick Apartments 

(3ain Geo 

Gall David H 

fDavenport Leslie A 
491 Scott W Ernest, mlnr 
493 Gilmour & Bond, gro 
493a Henley Kussell B 

Bradley Jas 

Webber Arthur C 
495 Sams Stanley G, btchr 
495'a Graham Jane Mrs 

Dilts Herbert 
♦ 97 Cornfield Jacob, ladles" 

497a Emery Frank 

Scott Miss 
499 Harris Nathan, clothes 

Anderson Lizzie 
499a Germain Fredk 

Clapp Harry S 

Shone May Mrs 
501 Cook Merrill H, dry gd« 
601% Anger Mrs Annie 

Weatherhead Richd 
503 Rayne Frances Mrs, 

605 Kent Ellen Mrs 
607 Donaldson Mary Mrs 

Wood, Jos A, rear 
509 Norrls Richard D, drugs 

♦ Borden st ends 

511 Musgrave James, phy 

Waddell Charles 
513 Murphy Maude Mrs 

iMurphy Wm 
515 Finch Fdwd 
617 Brown Mergt 

Cameron Fredk J 
519 McKeon Annie Mrs 

Goodwin Rlchd 
621 Busby Edwd 
S26 Chinese 
525a Chinese Indry 

^ Croft st ends 

627 Rydall John, wagon mkr 
629 Cameron Fredk J, coal 
629a Stevenson Duncan, 

631 Cameron Fredk J, coal 
633 Holden Geo R, tire repr 
5»3a 1 Trimbles Margt Mrs 

2 Pearl Wm J 

3 Wilson Geo 

4 Holden Geo R 
535 Stone Jennie, mlnr 
535a Russell Music Co 

F. J. SMITH ^^« CO. 







Properties Bought, Sold and Ex- 
ehanged in all parts of the city 



637 stone John 

Clarkson Percy, dentist 
Robertson Duncan 
iMcKelvie James 
'Mein Wm 
C3'7a Kehoe & Keogb, hdwre 
♦Llpplncott st ends 
Stt Canadian Bank of 
MadlU Wm S, dentist 
Hi Haley Mfg Co. chil- 
dren's furnshgs 
Haley Wi& R, children's 
549a McKinnon Isabella Mrs 

Haley Wm R 
R51 Allen Cha-s. confy 
551a Bennett Edwd G 

Shlpman lionise W Mrj 
653 Kekel Otto N, ladles' 
Langley George S (br) 
B53a 1 McKay & McKay, 
2 Selby Nellie Mrs 
655 Smith G T Co. Ltd. dry 

5>69 Noble Predk, dry gds 
Noble George W K, den- 
661 Strachan & Bennett. 

Bi81a Strachan Nellie 
R63 Roy Predk J. staty 
6^3a 1 Becklngham Maude 
2 Dalton Mary J 
563% Weeks Sarah Mrs, 

rf65 Dominion Bnn» 

♦ Bathurst st Intersect* 
.■IfiT Dnvics Wm Co. Ltd 
B'67% Morley Gerald W,« 

569 Apartment House 

1 Jaffey Kaby 

2 Skinner Marie Mrs 

3 Porter Ernest J 

4 Bond Herbert R 

5 Greenfield Victoria 

A L Mrs 
B'69% Sinclair iRamsay E, 

Ltd, real est 
571 Absent 

673 Telch Dsvis, ladles' tlr 
575 Cooper Predk. gents' 

f Ti rn e*s 
677 1 Doyle Mlchl B 

2 Pratt Clarence V 

3 Burnett Clare J 
Keith Mary S. nurse 
Burnett Sara, nurse 

4 O'Hare Mary Mrs 
679 Wilson T A & Son. shoe* 

^ Markham st Intersects 
186 P O (Station E) 

Carlile Chas K 
685% I Wurts Wilmot B. 

2 Gregory Thos 

3 Sanborn Frank B 
587 Hull Wm A. statv 

F99 Ball Albert E. furniture 
621 Holdse Edwd T. phy 
^ Palmerston av Interseetn 
623 Hav Stephen M. phy 
Wesley, Robt W, phy 
62!7 Greenberg iLouls, ladl&s' 

627a Livingstone Miss Mary 

Elliott Emma Mrs 
629 Andrew Wm 
Walker Annie 
629A MacAffer Miss Janet, 

♦ Enclld av Intersects 
6S3 Brown James 

655 Kerr Ancrus 
657 Haskell Alfred 
659 Best Elizth Mrs 
Sutton Geo 
^ Manning av Intersects 

689 Porter John H. gro 
691 Willowvale Theatre 
Root Wallace 
Young Herbert H 

♦Clinton st Intersects 
693 Keenea Misses, gro 
699 Malott William Weather 

Strip Co, The 
6'99a 1 Macna;mara Geo A 

2 Nicholson Thos J 
701 Curry Edwin L. barber 
701a Thomas Wm 
715 Buchanan Chas W, phy 
717 Tlnsley James 
719 Torry Mrs Llllle 
721 Butwel! Henry, brk mfr 
735 Hincks Clarence M. phy 
- ♦ Grace st ends 

737 Miller Lambert J 

739 Currier Geo M 

741 .'^ulliyan Jno 

743 McNair Geo, express 

Bickford Ravine 
779 Whirlwind Carpet Clean- 
ing Co 
781 Brownie Candy Co 

♦ Montrose a\ ends 

806 WUlowdale Apartments 

1 Mee Walter 

2 Sutton Carleton H 

3 Monckton Frcdk 

4 Ellerlngton Margt, 

nurse • 

5 Hankln John W 

6 Archer Thos 

7 Lillle Janet Mrs 

8 Taylor Prank 

9 Graham Wm H 

807 Brown Alfred 
809 Gilbert Thos. tlr 
811 Noyce Arthur 

lAvery Edwd J 

♦ Crawford st intersects 
815 Swain Wm J, gro 

817 Sldley Wm J, carriage 

817a Easton Prank T 

Mara Norman S 
819 Grand Morris, tlr 
319a Wilson Harold R 

Ronan Gilbert J 
831 Alexander Davis 

♦ Shaw st Intersects 

839 Spottiswood Henry, gro 
S41 Jennings Albert E 

Cramp Alfred 
843 Stevenson David 
845 Breuls Robt W, phy 
847 Turner Geo W 
849 Poster Geo 

Wlllison Arthur 
849% Emery Chas W J 
851 Gibson Wm. confr 
855 Chinese Indry 

♦ Roxton rd ends 

859 Walklnshaw James A, 

861 Brown Mary Mrs. confy 
863 Edwards Annie Mrs 
865 Moran James 
867 Anthony Edgar 
8«9 Riches John C 
871 McDonaVl Mrs Annie 
873 Major Wm 

Major Jessie Mrs, gro 
875 Tavlor Thomas, furn 
181 Cork J H. ntclir 
887 McDonald John H. coal 
♦Osslngton av Intersects 

Osslngton Baptist Ch 
893 Doolittle Edwd B 
895 McConnell Florella S 

897 Jackson Saml J 

McGlvern Miss Isabella 
899 Stonehouse & Son, un- 
901 Adaskin Saml. furn 
903 Day Jno 

Pentland John 
90.'^ Willaoott Wm J 
907 Beaumont Geo A 

Bartlam Heber S. den- 
909 Vacant 

909a Bartlam James L. den- 
911 Tnfhil) R-'-bert. drug«i 
Arnold Miss Emma C 

♦ Concord av uitersecis 
913 Robertson W H, phy 
923-925 Irving Alfred, furn 
927 MacMullan J H. bi- 
Chapman Chas 
933 Elder Donald, btchr 
933a Brown Charlotte Mrs 

Downie Geo 
935 Liphchltz Max 3 
937 Peppiatt Edwin O, stnry 
9.37a Wripht Geo A 
939 .Sihereck Danl. tlr 
941 Elliott & Hackett, real 

' ♦ Delaware av Intersects 

965 Lannen James, real est 

971 Vacant 

975 Amodeo Saml, fruit 

977 CI.ipp Miss Ellen M. shoes 

9S1 Dominion Bank (br) 

♦ Doverconrt rd Interseots 
983 Davles Wm Co, Ltd, 

985 Hvde Jas. confv 
987 Bovle Saml G, dry gds 
989 Baker Wm H 
991 Taylor Eleanor, jwlr 
993 Dickie Herbert A, har- 
Buchanan Chas A 
Turner Malcolm C 
993% Eagen Clara, mlnr 
993%a Purdv Predk J 

Hodge Robt J 
995 Merner John Jr, shoes 
Moore Chas 
McBaIn David 
997 Parker's Dye Wks (br) 
Devlney Garnet 
Tod Wm 
999 Blair J TV, real est 

Blair Emily Mrs, mlnr 
1001 Lordong Albert, rest 
Woods Albert E. tin- 
smith, rear 
1003 Carter & Co, florists 
Carter Edwd J 
Matthews F W & Co, 
(br), undertakrs 
1005 Wilson Chnrles F, tlr 
1007 Snider Drug Co 
1009 Adams Variety Store 
1011 iBlack & Tufts, bicycle 

1013 Pindlay Ellzth J Mrs, 
Nelson Henrv J 
1015 Murrell Geo "P, btchr 
Rlmmer Kichd 

♦ Rusholme rd ends 

1041 Murplir Arthur L. phv 
1043 Conbov Predk J. dentst 
1045 Conboy Richd S. phy 
Unfinished buildings 
1047 Lummiss Wm. barber 
1047a Absent 

1 Berry Joseph 

2 Robinson BenJ 
1049 Martin Florence, mlnr 
1049a Koden Frank A 

2 Crawford Arthur 
10.51 Thompson Wm H. fey 


1051a FuTlerton Annie Mrs 
2 Shaver Clarence E 

1053 Noble & Fisher, picture 
Bloomer Edwd 

1053a Barrett Gordon D 

1055 Dearing Geo A 

♦ Havelock st ends 
1061 West Chas S 
1063 A'acant 

1063a Spry N Leonard 

1065 McKendrick Bros. 

mnfg furriers 
10167 Vacant 
1073 Burns Mary Mrs 
lOT.-i n.'ivls Philip 
1077 Middleton Arthur 

Fletcher John 
1079 Langridge Emma H 
108il Cullen Archd 
1083 McDnnough Vincent A 
phy ' 

10S5 Crapper Wm F 

Crowhurst Pannle Mrs 
1087 Phllp Wm H, phy 
♦ Gladstone av intersects 
Public library 
1129 Can Bank of Com- 
♦ Dufferin st intersects 
Factories T Eaton Co 
1161 Douglas John, confr 

Anderson Wm 
llS3a Mustgrove Albert S 
ll«3-ir65 Vacant 
liesa Broderick Henry 
1167 Sumberg David, tlr 
1169 Levinter Jacol:). future 
1171 Starr Chas H. mlnry 
Brown S Ross, muslo 
1173 Salvation Army Hall 
MaLean Margt 
Hayward Alice 
1175 Smith Jas B, btchr 

Morrison Neil 
1177 Clark Wm L, delica- 
Taylor Margt I' Mrs, 
1179 Weir Mary, confy 
1181 Carnegie Geo, fish 
1183 Eyers Joseph G, gro 

Gordon W James 
1185 Conklin Ellztn. dry 
Dunphy Harry B 
1187 Ashby Mary, mlnr 
McGowan John M 
1189 Owl Drug Store 

♦ Brock av intersects 

1193 Pry ^^' S & Co. gros 
1195 Macdonald Herbert. 

bicycle repr 
1201 Duff T A Jamieson. phy 

Johnson Roland 
1203 Moore .Saml, phy 
1205 Settles John T, hard- 
1207 Kasky Myer, tlr 

Lucas Harry, shoemkr 
1209 McKnight Saml, stoves 
1211 Ross John & Son, 

♦ Margueretta st Intersects 

1219 Metcalfe & Parvin, 

1221 Elmes Chas M, gro 
1223-1225 Economic The, 

dry gds 
1225 Hughson James F 
1227 Warriner Henry B, 

1229 Ogg & Harold, minrs 
1231 Prout Alfred S, elect 

1237 Aikins Arthur D, confy 
1239 Huddart Harry J O, 

1241 Graham Jno. gro 
1243 Warriner Geo W. shoe 

1245 Veroche Alfred, fruit 
1249 Mills Charlton A. den- 
Mills Minnie Mrs 
1251 Bank of Nova t^cotia 

♦ St Clarens av Intersects 

1261 Moore A H, gro 
1263 Chinese Indry 
1265 Roe Jas W. gro 
1267 North Wm G & Co, hat 

1269 Cawker Bros, hdwe 
12i69a Frost P Liston 
1271 Wilson Geo G. barber 
1273 McVIcar A Joseph, rest 
1275 Raynor Predk M. sew- 
ing machines 
1277 'C!artwright Victoria, 

1279 Caldwell Prank R, dry 

goods " 

1281 Ray's, 5, 10, 15 and 
25o Store 
Calhoun Geo G 
Robinson Marget Mrs 

The Dominion of Canada Guarantee & Aocidenf Insoranoe Company 


°" nRE7N^sugAN°cV ° Head Office: TRADERS BANK BLDG., TORONTO j 

118 - 


#!|DMMOY 1^^ HUNT I '^^'"^ TORONTO PnMesoiirSiH^^^ 

1 2486 YONGE ST. Pbont Belnont 116 

1283 Murray G & J, staty 
Kobinson Margt Mrs 
)iME Gerald's Cafe 
iaS7 United Cipar Store 

Naylor Geo W, barber 
1289 Toplis Marv, drstnkr 
liSSa Mclnnes Lusetta 

Macpherson Carrie 
lUl Davlea Wm Co, Ltd 
(br) prov 
Dunlop n A, dentlit 
Calrna Geo 
^ lAoadowne at Intersect* 
IMS Bank of British North 

America (br) 
IMS Began Frank N, den- 
laW Wlghiim John W, ph7 
1101 Balrd Norman, bldr 
1803 Booth Robt 
ItM Pearson James 

Pearson Chas 
1807 Fleming James, contr 
end garage 
4 St Helen ar ends 

1819 Vacant 

1827 Smyth & Ryan, bldrs' 


1831 Jones John H, coal 
^ Railway crossing 

1379-138" Canadian Fair- 
banks-Morse Co. Ltd, 

1891 Boland Walter J 

1893 Chinese Indry 

1403^1405 Hudson Bros, 
cooking utensils 
Lochrie James, ammu- 

1411 Lochrie James 

1418 Wood Henry 

1419 Cooper Maude, gro 
Cooper Herman 

1421 Lort EMwd. shoemkr 
Splttel Henry, tlr 
McKay Wra J, dairy 

i^ Symington av Intersects 

1423 Vacant 

1426 Spenoe Wm J 
14251/2 Sharp Frank, bldr 

1427 Lunau Wm J 
Buchanan John 

1429 Stewardson Harry C 
1431 Lee Danl A 

Fuloher Chas L 
1433 Whltham Geo H, Rro 
1435 Held Wm. barber 
1437 Grant & Clinton, grocs 

Emiaw Albert 
^ Perth av intersects 
1439 Milnes Coal Co 
♦Rai!,way crossing 

C P R freight yards 
♦ Dundas st intersects 

1543 Cruise Martin, horse 

1B46 Atkins Wm S o 

1647 Grace Catherine Mrs 
1S49 Newbery Augustus B 
1*51 Kinsey J Herbert 

Klnsey Albert 
1S63 Case Mrs Margt 
1555 Palmer Gilbert 
Smith Alice Mrs 
1657 Kennedy Wm P 
^ Alhambra ends 

Presbyterian Church 
1575 Patterson John F M 

Doney W J 

Milburn Isabel, ImuiB 
1577 Maddox Fredk P 
1879 Scarborough Noah T 
1626 Ewlng John 
1829 Deavitt W W, under- 

Deavitt John 

1639 White John 

1641 Clarke Nellie, mlnr 

1643 Vacant 

1645 Cox Fredk, btchr 

1647 DeGiierre Frank, statv 

1649 Durle Alex, gro 

♦ Indian rd Intersects 

♦ Jndlan Grove Intersects 

1721 Ashby May, dry gds 

1723 Vacant 

1725 Lawrie Wm M. clothea 

1727 Haygarth Percy, btchr 
1729 Vacant 

1731 Cook Wm W. gro 
1733 Crawley Chaa E, 
^ Keele st Intersects 
^ Runnymede rd (Swan- 
see) ends 
2259 Gervln Geo J 
^ Durle (Swansea) ends 
^ Beresford av (Swan- 
sea) ends 
2269 Sinclair Simon D, gro 
2281 O'Brien Bridget Mrs 
^ Windermere av (Swan- 
sea) ends 
2331 Garvin John 
^ Jane st (Swansea) ends 


(North Toronto), east 
from 2695 Yonge to limits 

North Side 

20 Gibson Thos A 
44 Kerr Jas H S 
^ Mogridge av commences 
56 Elgle Herbert 
64 Farewell Jl^ancelot 
80 Putnam Alanson H 
88 Lawrence Franklin 
98 Wright Goldsmith MoL 
112 Rogers Wm K 
124 Jones Isabella Mrs 
132 Boyd W T, Hlllyer 
142 Russell John 
168 Thorne Richard 
194 Thorne Alan O 
222 Harron Hal S 
294 .Birch Oliver 
450 Lovell Robt J 

Little Annie Mrs 
460 TuUooh Jesse 
WUshlre Walter 
Manton Thos 
Davis Henry 
Allen Gertrude 

South Side 

St Clements College 

Grlffln Rev Arthur K 
lis Faliis Robt J Rev 
123 Crysler Joseph H 
129 Ramsay James 
137 Garrett Bruff 
149 Martin Herbert W 
151 Hall Alfred D D Rev 
157 Harper James 
177 Borrelll Vincent 
185 Imri John M 
189 Megan Frank P 
193 RymaJ Harold C 
^ Mount Pleasant rd ends 
223 Warburton Geo A 
241 BallUe Robt C 
255 Day Robt 
279 Young John H 
307 Shaw Geo B 

Doig Ann E Mrs 
4-51 Ru Hedge Oscar E, mkt 

McCulloeh Harold, mkt 
grd 11 r 

bocastIjEi av 

(North Toronto), north 
from Botvood av to Ted- 
dlngton Park boul, first 
e of Yonge. 
'Not built on 


(Old Rowntree, West To- 
ronto), west from opp 607 
Indian Grove to rca.r of 
houses on Keele, first s of 
Dundas, ward 7 

North Side 

in Clark 'Gerald 

18 Broadbent Joseph 

20 White Mark 

22 Canning Arthur 

24 Hunt Jesse 

South Side 

9 Bagnall Alnslie 
Phillips John 
11 Fetch Henrietta Mrs 

19 Pearce Henry 

21 Kaiser Jas 


(West Toronto), n from 
Maria to C P R tracks, 
first w of Clendenan av, 
ward 7. 

East Side 

1 Smith Thomas 
5 Vacant 

23 Sock D 

25 Macedonians 
27 Balletto Luigi 
29 Vacant 

West Side ....•.., 

16 Air Liquide Socletle, 


North from 800 Queen e to 
Gerrard e, ward 1. 

East Side 

9 Reeves & Helbeln, tin- 

15 Weston Edmund O 

23 White Alice C Mrs 

25 Bilbrough Chaa 

29 Buckler Albert B 

31 Rickey James W 

33 Glover James 

35 Vacant 

37 Wadham Joseph A 

39 Louthood Alfred 

45 Johnston John 

49 Ray James 

51 Bova Peter 

53 Raven Reginald 

55 Grahame Wm E 

'67 McEwen Thos 

59 Curnmings J(.*in 

63 Burke Maxwell 

65 Mlnter Ernest J 

67 Cowan Norman 

69 Collier Edwd 

71 Really Wm 

73 Clark Robt B 

75 Allen John 

77 Farron- Frederick 

79 Crocktord Geo 

81 AstiU Wm J 

83 Holland Terra noe 

S5 Lackey Robt 

87 Paul Jas 

91 Graham Robert, milk 

93 Shonski Solomon 

95 Hunt Harry B 

97 Camps Margt A 

99 O'Leary James 
101 Sanders Thos 
103 Glosepplna Tlbando 
105 Whiteside Thos 
107 Scrlver Wm 
109-111 Strange Fredk E, 

^Cummings st Intersects 

113 Boden Thos 

115 O'Rielly Thos E 

121 Groves Walter 

123 Schmidt Gustave A 

125 Robinson Frank M, 

141 Graham Geo 
145 Evoy Jas J 

Evoy Mary, mlnr 
153 Wheeler Henry 
159 Barnett George A 
161 Cannons Fredk 
163 Swift Mrs Betsy 
165 Friend Edwin J 
167 Cronan Margt, gro 
169 Bell Henry M 
171 Pem.berton Thos 
173 Mediand Wm 
17'E Blunt . [Herbert 
177 D'Arcy Jas 
179 Law Peter 

181 McvVtamiie.v Mrs Mai\ 

1S3 Noakes Margaret Mrs 

18 5 Hart Jno B 

187 McNaughton Bllzth Mrs 

189 McCartney Thos 

191 Justice John 

193 Allathan Alex 

195 Vacant 

197 Thompson Edwd 

199 White Geo 

2(H Secor Joseph W 

203 Heffernan Edwd E 

205 Glover Geo 

207 Little Wm J 

209 Huntley Ellzth Mrs 

211 Smith Thos 

218 Richmond Wm A 
217 Pitman Wm 

219 Taylor Geo 
221 Vacant 

223 Round Arthur 
225 Stokes Edwd P 
227 Ri^tler Jas 
iii'S McKiiiglit 'Jeorgi- 
"M Trengrove Rirha'.l 
233 Furlough MIchI 
23* Chinese laundry 
^ First av iiilersec'..-' 
Bolton av Schl 

West Side 

4 Masonic Hall 
Davidson Frank 

8 Carter Joseph 
10 Gordon Margt Mrs 
12 Haines Hannah Mrs 
14 Mullen Mary M Mrs 
16 Willis Henry 
18 Langstone Percy J 
20 Tapp Walter 
22 Stewart ('b:is 
24 Coughlin James 
26 Coughlin Thos J 
^ Clark st ends 

30 Vacant 
32 Rubin Ijewis 
34 Brock 'Chas 
36 Halliday Wm 
38 Stoner Edwd 
40 Morrison John 
42 Secor's Livery 

44 Napper Chas H 
46 Garnham Walter 

45 Loforte Salvador 
50 Wilcocks Geo 

52 Oronan Thos 

54 Special Augustine 

5i6 Fleury James R 

i62 Paddon Thos C 

St Anne's < KC) --School 

78 Schyndel Harry P 

80 Moore Geo 

S2 Bott l''redK' \V 

84 O'Keefe Margt Mrs 

86 Peterson Jno 

88 Barrick John 

90 Preno Joseph 

96 Williamson Isaac 

98 Y'ouens James 
100 Grav Walter 
102 Whiteside Wilson 
106 Worters Geo W 
108 Macdonak! Walter 
110 Taylor Frances .\ Mrs 
llOH Axtens Herbert 
112 Valiant Alfred 
114 Knowles Alfred J 
114a Mclntyr^ Murdock 
lis Thorpe Wm J 

♦Cummlngs si Intersects 

li20 Burney Robt 

122 Dixon James A 

126 Cllndlnnlng Wm 

128 Wltheridgp Fredk L 

130 Roberts Thos 

13'2i MoGovern Edwd A 

134 Marshall Robt J. exp 

13e Ezard Albert J, news 

138 Kandse IHarns 
♦Wilton av ends 

140 Davie Ellen Mrs. gro 
146 Rowering Chas. exp 
148 Bennett Walter O 

150 McCarthy Mary Mrs 
152 Mi-GI.»nnnn .lohn 

151 Kingston Heroert 


Nawr W. Evans, PboiM HUerest 1245 F. H . QMch, PboM NerMi 1141 

26 Wellington St E. 




Office, Warehoute and Yard: Phone M. 6147 

536-542 QUEEN ST. E. 


\m e-wift Win 

158 Townsley Wm 

♦Allen av ends 

Fire Hall No 12 
162 Hunter David 

Summers Isaac J, rear 
164 Hannam Willis J 
166 Mav Geo J 
168 Harris Geo 
170 Glllam Alfred 
172 Hinder Samuel 
174 Burnev Thomas 
176 Nelson John 
1«2 Stanlforth Danl, shoe- 

184 Payne Arthur 
1*8 Sing-leton Wm 
1«2 Hyde Albert A, exp 
194 Williams Elizth Mra 
196 Kinpslev Sarah Mrs 
198 Scott John 

♦ First av Intersects 

2i34 MoCully Eliith Mrs, gro 
2I3« Conley Geo H 
23S Tomkins Joseph 
240 Lavole Chas R 
242 BoUons Thos W 
244 Robinson Wm 
24l6 Robinson Horace 
148 Fletcher Joshua 


North from 44 Queen e 
to Gould, ward 3 

East Side 

61 Alkens J W Rev 

♦ Shuter st intersect* 

67 Catholic Register 
St Michaels Cathedral 
Separate Scbool Board 

Catholic Truth Society 
Catholic Order of For- 
esters offices 
'Extension Print Co 
79 St Mlcb.iel's School 
81 St Michaels High Schi 

♦ Wilton av intersect* 
Congregational Chuich 

97 Oppermaii Chas 
99 Bridges Mrs Kate E 
101 Ketley Wm 

Spanis SamI 
103 Janetos Geo 
105 Curry & Sparling, arch- 
Goad Chas E Co, civil 

Hynes. Feldnian & Wat- 
son, archs 
109 Goldberg Morris 
111 Calderone Krank 
118 Tranter Mrs Mary 
116-121 Holy Blossom Syna- 
Measures Harry 
123 Cooney Helen Mrs 
126 See RoM S 
137 French Helena C Mrs 

West Side 

2 Wagner Catherine, mas- 

2H Murphy Ada D Mrs 
4-6 Padibury Martha Mrs 

furn rms 
8 Clark Henry 
10 Firth Isabella Mrs 
12-40 St Michael's Hospital 
48 Crowhurst & Co, agts 
and Imptrs 
McGahey Robt J, den- 
BaldTvin Aletha Mrs 
60 Allan & Allan, real eat 
♦ Shuter st intersects 
62 Nasr Attore Mrs 
54 Lockhart Ellen Mrs. bdg 
60 King's Daughters. The, 

618 Warnioa Annie Mrs 
De Valadares J Edwd, 
auto rpr 

Canadian Office Aj>pll- 
ances and Supply Co 
iLockhart J Coates, mua 
70 MaeMillan Co of Canada, 
Ltd. publrs 
Burrows : — Acton Bur- 
rows. Ltd. publrs 
Canadian Railway and 

Marine World 
Canadian Electric Ry 
Photo Engravers, Ltd 
Caulk L I) Co, dental 

'MclOall Co, pattern pub- 

Coleman Fare Box Co, 
76 Sutherland Marg^aret 

Dalgleish Helen 
80 Doyle Patk 
82 McCarthy Ellas A 
84 Sanderson Arthur B 

Sanderson Alice 
8'6 Bond st laundry 
90 Faye Belinda 
92 Gripton Catherine Mrs 
94a MoClure Robt B 
94b Marchant Thos 
♦ Wilton av intersect* 
98 Browning Ellen Mrs 
100 'Vacant 
102 Vacant 

104 Mulvey Miss Louie 
106 Vacant - 
108 Scott Wm T 
110 Coady Maria T 
112 Sherwood Joseph 
11'4 Hay Henry A 
116 German Lutheran Ck 
118 Sannalle Joseph 
120 Vacant 

12i2 Livingstone Wm J 
12'4 Cox Albert 
12i6 Beleteh Wm 
128 Dear Geo C, novelties 
130 nosncll Kdwd A 
132 Hanev Frank 
134 Hicks Lvel! 
140 Riiddock Chas A 


(North Dovercourt An- 
nex), north from 1244 St 
Clair av w to city limits, 
ward 6. 

East Side 

1-7 Boon av Baptist Ch 
39 Davies Geo B, tlnsmlth- 

41 McDonald Margaret Mrs 
43 MacDonald Hector 
45 EspHn Jane Mrs 
47 Campbell Alf W 
4i9 Halnsworth John A 
61 Sheard John W 
6!3 Machon Ellis R (hard- 
wood factory) 
55 Saunders Sarah Mrs 

Hollins Lemira M Mrs 
57 Smith Wm C 
59 Wimpenny Geo E 
61 Drake Chas 
63 Sexton Dennis J 
65 Hamhly Knox H 
67 Rankin Joseph W 
69 Walker Saml 
71 Child RIchd 
73 Anderson Sylvanua I S 
75 Chalk Chas S 
77 Morrison P Lindsiy, 

♦ Ascot av intersects 

93 Drinkwater Stanton E 

96 Regan Thomas 

97 Moss Wm 

101 Ames Fredk C: 
105 Green John 
111 Wells Walter W 
113 Cooiper Leslie 
115 Penprase Albert 

♦ Goodwood av ends 
127 Dillon David 

133 Pock EMgar 

Ii3i6 Hutton James 

139 Kembley Arthur G, 

143 Deviney Wm S 
145 Laird Annie Mrs 
'^( Settle Sarah Mrs 
151 White Mary Mrs 
153 Rogers Francis J 
159 Quincy Alfred 
161 Whelan Wm 
lt>3 .Sloiie iOnitil 
1G5 Schofield Ceo II 
167 Johnson John W 
1C9 Murgairoyd Hairy 
♦ Hope st Inurseots 
177 Wye Edwd 
181 Bateman James 
183 Elwell Joseph 
185 Pullan Aitlnir 
187 Horner Geo 
189 Donaldson Alfred 
191 Skelton Harry 
193 Vacant 
1915 'Vacant 

t95a Woodliffe Josepli 
197 Holder John 
1-99 Norman Emltv Mrs 
201 Osier Jane UStb 
203 iSiddall Leonard 
205 Griffith John 
207 Vacant 
209 WaUord Geo 
21>3 Tait Jam«s 
223 Fraser Frank 
225 Trevelyan Wm 
227 Witham Fredk 
231 Gregory Richd H 
233 Campbell Robt 
261 Parrell John 
253 Boag Reynolds 
255 Caven 'J'hos 

267 Smith Wm;- Geo 

♦Morrison st intersects 

268 Spence Wm M 
265 Partridge Wm H 
267 Cooke Geo 
2187% PiUey Wm B 

269 Russ George 
271 Kahilas John 

276 Patton Francis 

277 Jennings Jno 
281 Bradley John 
283 Meridew John 

•296 Wood. Horace A 
297 Harrison Claude 
301 "Vacant 

306 Gray James 

307 Rogers Ches J 
309 Coots Albert' 

311 Burns David, gro 

♦ Teignmouth av intar- 


West Side 

6 Anderson Cecil F, dairy 
8 Anderson Heber S 
1* Paul James 
18 Chaplin John F 
22 Pavne Albert 
26 Wright Henry E 
34 Snears Wm 1 
36 Christopher EJdwd 
38 Stephenson Fred 
40 Skinner \Vm 
4 2 Nicol A C Burnett 
44 Ivos.<; M,alcnlin 
46 Huntley Albert 
48 Gow Donald 
60 Pullan Wm 
62 CecUberg Joseph 
54 Hec-!ey vll.crt 
62 Brown Adolphus 
68 McHattie Charlotte Mrs 
70 White Herbert 
72 Allen T H 
74 Fraser A Mrs, gro 

♦ Ascot av Intersects 

102 Public Library (br) 

104 Knight Prank C 

106 Proctor Parker 

108 Blllson RIchd 

110 McCormack W G M, phy 

114 Vacant 

118 Tate Arthur 

120 Vanderwater Alton 

124 Javan Egbert 

Rogers Joseph T 
126 Lake Lewis S 
128 Yardley Oeo 
130 Lavei Hem v 
132 Beck j\---nW' 
134 Miles Alfred 
138 Luxton Wm 
144 Rogers Joseph 
1416 Vacant 
160 Long Wm 

♦ Hope st Intersects 
194 Stier Ernest 

J 96 Howard cnas 

202 Vacant 

206 Simmons Harry 

208 Harding Edwd 

210 Sinclair Jane Mrs 

216 Hutt John 

218 Hutt Herbert 

220 Jones Saml 

224 Tucker Geo 

230 Graham Sidney E 

232 Vagnall John 

24(5 North Wni C 

248 Vacant 

260 Oolantz ELoree 

252 Vacant 

♦ Morrison av int«ra«ct« 

254 Galatnsky Simon, shoe 

256 Chinese laundry 
268 Wheeler Henry J 
272 Minot Harry 
274 Nurm Robt J 
27« Williams Thos 
278 Robins Geo 
280 Briggs John 
288 Mayiiai-d Chas 
292 Jones Thos 
294 Crawford Joseph H 
298 Cowe Thos 
308 Barker .?- McKay, gro 

♦ Teignmouth av inter- 

828 Smith Leonold 
&30 O'Connor Peter 
33'2 Jacques Kiuest H 
334 Haryey Chas 
336 Smith Henry 
838 Wilson Wm 
340 Craig Ellen Mrs 
342 Scolt \V::i. flour 

♦ Eversfield i-i intersects 


North from .Ashbridge's 
Bay to Paislev av. inter- 
secting Queen e at 841, 
ward 1 

East Sid.- 

43 Brough Jno (; • 
45 Davidson Adam 
47 Vacant 
49 Ayre Thos W 
51 Vacant 
53 Gordon Duncan 
B5 Vacant 
57 Vac.Tnt 
. 69 Harris Thos 
61 Cowan Thos 
65-67 Private stables 
71 Beamish Geo 
73 Beamis'h Anne Mrs 
75 Brown Rolit W 
77 Pateraon Robt 
79 George Isaac 
81 Vacant 
85 Vacant 
87 Ga.rdener Peter 
89 Inch Fredk 
H Corscadden Frank It 
913 Colwell Joseph 

96 Bunsch '^n^m 

97 Slater Chas 

♦ Eastern av intersects 
107 Rodwell Robt 
109 Welch Jno W 
111 Bradley Ceo H 
113 Call T I'ercy 
II."; \nthonv SaMiI 
117 Stonehouse Ann Mrs 

Lehman John 
119 MacFarlane Wanlel 
121 Squire? Mr? ne'oecra 
12(5 Campbell Robt 

■i For persons in positions of trust. 

I In b'eu of certified cheques to accompany lenders for supplies. 


SURETYSHI P I ^"^ '^'"'' '" 'PP'*'' succession duties, Excise and all Dominion 
*"'"■■■ ■•■■■■ -' and Provincial Gorernment requirements. 


The Guarantee Co. of North America 
MEDLAND & SON, General Agents 

Mail BIdg., Cor. Kin{ and Bay Sts. Tel. AdeUide USt 




.arcestOwners&Deyeljopers OfReal Estate In Canada 



133 Glynn Jas 

1'35 Wilson Jno W 

137 Geary Harry 

145 Watts Chas E 

147 OBborne James 

149 McCartney Andrew Q 

151 Barker Freilk 

1B3 Piatt Geo D 

155 Ferryman Wm C 

157 Mvatt Moses 

163 Stoner Norman 

165 Wall Jno 
167 Calne Solomon 
IM Murray AlexandM 
171 Shaw Albert 
173 Burrows Ellzth Mrs 
176 Hackett Wm 
^ Queen st e Intersects 
191 liOmas Geo 
193 Maddeaux Chas 
195 Toutant Eugene 
197 Finnegan Jas 

199 Oaunt QeorKa 
201 Simpson Geo 

JOS Thompson Wm H 

206 Stra<ler Frederlok 

207 Bewler I>«tM 

200 LlTingstnne John 
211 McGrath John 

213 Connelly Henry A 
J15 Bright Saml F 
J17 Conway Jame« 
219 McClellan Margt Mrs 
121 Winter Robt W 
123 Wallace John 
2t6 Booth Bd(r«r 
^ Natalie ends 

229 Gllleaple Wm 

tSl Fr«6dman Loul», «ro 

233 Burchmore Geo 

235 Burns Mrs Amelia 

237 Van Bur en Mrs Mary 

239 Banks Wm 

241 Lambert Joseph 

243 Coons Arthur E 

245 Vennels Chas 

247 Kelley Geo 

249 Kuffett John 

251 Wallace Wm J 

253 Reid Wm 

JB5 Cinrk David A 

257 Wilson Edith Mrs 

259 Hardy David 

Ml 6pon? Cham B 

263 Philpott Arthur 

265 Mallory Fredk 

867 Gray don Jnne Mrs 

9(9 Dougherty John J 

271 Mnsslngham John T 

173 Dales Wm R 

275 Win hall Walter 

277 Rose Arthur R 

279 Harradine Albert E 

281 Dnnigan TCdward 

283 Baker Wm 

285 Philpott Arthur H 

287 Watson Jas T 

189 Rose Alfred 

193 Wright Saml 

295 Palmer Thos 

297 Barrett Wm 

299 Newman Mrs Emma 

801 Goldrlng George H 

103 Moase Leslie 

806 Marengenr Alfred 

West Side 

Boat houses 

Athletic grounds 

Consumers Gas Co plant 
♦ Eastern nv Intersects 
98 Hallowav Harry 

100 Oldfield Geo W 

101 Skene Thos 
104 Debold iMlchl 
106 Black Alex 
108 Chalkley Wm 

110 Pearson Robt 
116 Brown Benj B 
118 Fenwlck Stanley 
120 Holdsworth EJdwd 

111 Secord Bdwd 
124 Pearson Geo 

126 Cadwallader Arthur 
128 Perks Thomas 
130 Colwell John 
132 'Cole Robt J 
134 Woodman Alfred 

136 Ross James 
138 Robinson Wm F 
140 Rvron Jno .1 
142 Kitchen Wm 
j44 Baird Andrew 
146 Hubbard Walter A 
148 Brennen Hu^h 
150 Petti t Saml 
152 Francis Arthur 
164 Tuckwell Albert 
166 Mclnerney James 
158 Dales John E 
160 Peak Fredk D 
162 May Harry 
164 McAlpine Wm T 
166 Elliott Archd 
168 Anscombe Mrs Sarah 
170 Ward Eliza Jane Ura 
!72 Buchanan Wm 
174 Pearce Bdwd 
176 Lennon Wm E 
178 Charters W^m J 
180 Love Wm 
182 Buchanan Rcbt 
184 Piper Chas H 
1S6 Bancroft Geo 
♦ Queen st e Intersects 
188 Denny Thos 

190 Bailey A A. shoemkr 

191 Martin Joseph 

Andrews Susan Mrs 
IM iRaason Maurice 
196 Monaghan John 
198 Sykes Wm 

200 Seery Teresa 

202 Andrews Sidney B 

204 Piokett Geo F 

244 Dunlop Tire Co, ofBce 

and works 
262 Hardy David bdg hse 
264 Hunt Robt S 
266 Mercer Emma Mrs 
288 Roberts John 
>!70 White Willis F 
272 MacLean Jas D A 
274 Osborne Jas 
276 Brown Robt 
278 Oakley Geo & Son, Ltd, 

2»2 Pemberthv Albert J 
204 Cleland Wm 
2fl« Wheeley Wm 


North from Boultbee av, 1 
east Jones av, ward 1. 

East Side ... 

1 Bedford Phlneaa 

3 Matheson Kenneth 

5 Shannon Lewla 

7 Graydon Wm 

9 Bedford Wm T 

11 Welllngs Frank 

13 Strange James E 
IB Boothroyd Arthur 

West Side ... 

2 Hornby Joseph 

4 Ritchie Geo 

6 Wretham Cecil J 

8 McKInnon Alex 
10 Moss Fredk 

12 Cowan OaTln 

14 Hall Hnnry 

li6 Coles W RaidforA 
18 Boardman James 
20 Williams Joseph 


North from 380 College ti 
Bloor w, ward 4. 

East Side 

1 Maclver John C 

7 <McKay Donald 

9 Langton Annie 
11 Slevert John A 
13 Cadesky Jacob 
15 Smythe Wm B 
17 Job Mrs Phoebe R 
19 Glover Wm 
21 Sharpe Geo P 
23 Southcombe Albert E 
25 Grobei Jacob 
27 Vacant 

29 McDonald Margt Mre 
31 Beatty Miss Bllzth 
33 Brody Moses 

35 Goldstein Wm A 
37 Perugini Mlchl 

Peruginl Joseph 
39 Llohtenberg Aaron 
41 Sinclair Edwin U C 
43 Webster John 

46 Arnold Chapman C 

47 Vacant 

49 Moodie Annie 
51 Hashenall Benj 
53 Vise Matthew 
^5 Brown Pauline Mrs 
67 Ryan Mlchl 
59 Colquhoun A H U 
i61 Weingarten Ans*l 
Hi Andrews Harris 
65 Rinewine Abraham 
67 Heenahan Catherine 

69 Barsotti Saml 
71 Allen Jno A 
73 Fell Geo A 

76 Pearce John S 

77 Gollom Michl 
79 Worth Kate 
81 Stein Max 

83 Applebaum Moses 

86 Shleser Jacob 

87 Davis Morris D 
89 Levy Abraham 
91 Greenberg Israel 

93 Burgoyne Mary Mre 
9^5 Summers Win 
97 Applebaum Abraham 
99 Camipbell Duke A 

101 Bitten Mery Mr« 

103 Clark Helen Hra 

♦ Ulster st Intersects 

103% Sloane Mrs Sarah 
105 Conklin Joseph H 

Davis Rose Mrs 
107 Todd Miss Isabella L 
109 Oliver Wm H 
111 Howard Sarah Mrs 
lis Bacchus Chaa 

116 Firth John u 

117 Herder Richd 

119 Campbell Marlon Mrs 

119% Cohen Jacob 

121 Greisman Michl 

123 Stewart Robt 

125 Hallam Thomas 

127 Lennox Wm J 

129 Friedman Jacob 

131 Babe Wm 

133 Le Rose Margt Mrs 

135 Whittleton John 

137 Scher Abraham 

139 Vacant 

141 Coward James 

143 HiUler Nelson H 

14-3% Scott Wm 

146 Atkinson Wm J. oils 

147 Bogart Fred C 
161 Campbell Dugald 

♦Harbord st Intersects 

153 May Percy J 
157 Richardson OawttlA 
169 Taylor Thos 
161 Campbell Thos M 
163 Griffiths Geo 
165 Vacant 
167 Jarvis Geo 
169 Hyder Thos, carp 
171 Parrott Wtn 
173 Williamson Margt Mre 
178% Williamson John W 
Williamson Mary A Mre, 
175 McGregor Orran P 
177 Kane Mrs Ellen 
179 Conwell Chas S 
181 Riley Robt F 
183 MoCann, Arthur 
18 5 Murley John 
187 Lowry Herbert 
189 Atkinson Mrs Ellen 
191 Jessop Walter 
193 Murphy Denis 
195 Lennie Geo F 

Watson Stanley J, gro 
197 Vacant 
199 Davis Claude 
201 Acheson Stanley 
203 Oldroyd James 
207 Beban Patk 

♦ Sussex av ends 


309 UUIer BmUy B T Mr* 

211 Ball Wm J 

213 Moreland Allen H 

ZIS Allport Albert 

2'17 Vacant 

219 Greenwood James 

2i21 Cooper Clara 

223 Vacant 

2123% Querrle Geo J 

3215 Howard John 

225% Lowther Gerald F 

227 Stantuti .-Vide.) 

229 Garwood John 

231 Vacant 

233 Lennox Apts 

Chapman Edwd J 

Downev Alex J 

Raven Richd C 
23'5 Bailey Catherine Mr« 
237 Harbord Wm 
239 Hubbs Hattle Mr» 
247 Danby Wm 
161 Steed Robt J 
a63a Talbot Bdwd T 
253b Williams I'hineas A 
2i65 Suter Henry P 
257 O'Eeilly Ellzth Mw 
259 Jewell Frank 
261 Bawden Saml 
2163 Kerswell Albert 
26'5 Macey Harry 
269 Swan Geo T 

West Side 

10 Guy Capel 

12 Matts Wm 

14 Ferguson Robt 

16 Watson Anne Mre 

18 Myers John 

20 Adams Wm 

22 n^rinskv Hvmai: 

2i4 Vacant 

2i6 Hawke Chas 

28 Sonil Ln ,s 

30 Rupert Chas 

32 Graham May Mrs 

34 Wray Harriet 

36 Balllle James L 

40 Manly Gp.i W 

44 Jordan David J 

46 Martin ','iara 

48 Taylor James R, pntr 

60 Palmer Fredk D 

EOa Pearce Claude B 

&i Turner Leonard 

54 Llttbome Benj 

5C Litvack Harry 

♦Vankoughnet st com 

63 Fewson Albert 

•4 Vacant 

66 Stevens Wm I 

68 Shapiro Max 

TO Reynold* Geo 

72 Crane Albert 

74 Howard Wm E. plmbr 

76 Ellacott John * 

78 Russell John 

80 Smith Chas D 

81 Forbes Alex 
84 Bums David 
8)( Vacant 

88 Barrett John 

90 Moore Chas J 

92 Tomp'kinjS Wm J I* 

34 Vacant 

96 McKlllon Thos G 

98 Elliott Harry 
100 Hvde Walter J 
102 Kassel Mrs Sarah 
104 Owston Mlchl 
106 Forsyth Mrs Mary A H 
108 Johnston Wilson, exp 


Real Estate and Insurance, Properties for Sale, Rents 

Collected, Insurance Effected, Money to Loan 
LUMSDEN BUILDING, IVIain 7739 '''"'S:rrh'87:"" 





Bank of Hamilton Building 

Main 2446 


110 Mlkel Chas G 

lia Vacant 

114 Reid Saml F, painter 

118 Newman Bllza A Mr» 

118 Houston Jno 

122 Graham Mary Mr« 

124 Tipping Wm 

128 Jackson Mary Mrs 

128 Kenney Heggla 

13U Armsirong jonn 

# Ulster St Intersects 

142 Davies Margt Mrs 

144 Jordan Harry 

145 Ruddle Fredk 
lEO Shutler Wm 

152 Lubotsky Harry 

Levy Harry 
154 Hirschorn Alex 
1B6 Kerr Edwd, exp 
158 Hague Frances Mrs 
1«0 UoMlchaal Mutilte Mrs 
162 Wood Jamea 
164 Davis Henrv 
166 Parks Miller E 
1.6S Burgia Wm L, 
170 Vacant 
172 Liannon Wm 
174 Vacant 
176 Sagel Joseph 
178 Crust Edgar 
180 Wiseman Abraham 
182 Vacant 
184 Gleason. Owen 
186 Shaughnesay Mary Mrs 
188 Vacant 
190 Shrlner Oeo A 
192 Buckley Bupherala Mrs 
194 Nelles Wm B 
198 Honsberger Oscar J, «ro 

Sul) P O No »« 

^ Harbord st intersects 

Technical School bldg 

^ Lennox st commancM 

276 Monnicks Louis 

278 Campbell Thos 

280 Thompson Letltla Mrs 

2S2 Hoover Henry 

284 Ball Mary J Mrs 

2?fi Mvers Thos W 

288 Overend Wm 

290 Parrett Wm 

292 Uougall Jno O, painter 

294 Jlill Rendell 

29C McLeod Neil 

300 Wright Bertram E 

304 Vacant 

308 Sharp Chas M 

310 Nelles Joseph 

312 Booth David 

314 Lltovltz Nathan 


North from 1020 Qurfn e 
to Qerrard e, between Car- 
law and Pape avs, ward 1 

East Side 

1 Woodruff Arthur H 

3 Owler Thos 

5 Kelly Joseph 

7 Kennedy Juhn J 

9 Hawes Alfred 
11 Armstrong Jos 
13 Poulton Robt 
15 Gray Geo 
17 Coates Geo 
19 Broderlck I.ouls 
21 Jackson Wm C ' 

23 kUsby Arthur 
25 Parkinson Thos C 
27 Long Joseph 
29 Crowhurst Horace 
31 Mitchell Fredk 
33 Spence Wm 
35 Marr Wm 
87 Hlbblns Harry 
89 Downs Leander 
39a Gregg' Geo W 
391^ Saunders Laura 
41 Andrews John 
43 Minnett Chas 

48 Oswald Chas F 
47 Aimers Saml jr 

49 Dexter Harry 
il Gray Wm H 

63 Mattlson Elizth Mrs 

55 Euddenhagen Wm 
f7 Woods Wm 

69 Watson Henry 

tt Satindera 0<M 

83 Andrus Wilfred 

•S Church Thoa R 

67 Grainger (Jeo 

#9 Parsons Saml Q 

71 Murray Patk 

TS MoCleery invamt 

75 Pell Peter J 

77 Amers Wm 

83 M'?Murray Saml 

56 Donald Geo 

89 Hoult Ohauncey E 

91 Plckard Wm 

93 McAulay Martin 

97 Dearlng John G 

99 Dearing Geo 
101 Rock.hill Fredk 
W)3 Hunt John S 
105 Hawksworth Frank 
107 Perry Fredk A 
lOe Smith Ernest 
111 Westwood John 
1X3 Miville Alfred 
115 Waghorn Edmund T 
117 Porter Saml 
IW Jones Chas 
121 Rowe Wm 
123 Malpass Davl« 
125 Gledhlll Geo W 
127 Shier Agnes I Mrs 
129 CoIIings Thos 
131 Hiscott Wm 
133 Kennett Fredk W 
1X7 Nlcol John 
13 9 Lonsr Emma M Mrs 
141 McNamara Harbart 
145 FredenburK <3«o A 
147 Keogh Frank W 

♦ Badgerow av intersects 

2«1 West Frad 

263 Vacant 
265 Penfnrd Geo W 
267 AVatt Arthur J 
269 Walden Richd H 
571 Kemii^h Chas 
273 Dowling Patk 
J75 Lai'amme Wm Jr 
277 Moore Joseph 
279 Yelland Carl H 
281 Piegehen Louis A 
283 Stevenson Arthur B 
-60 Hums Wm H 

West Side 

^^ Badgerow av Intersects 

256 Macmillan Wm 
258 Graham Kenneth 
260 Quinn Thos 
,262 Simons Andrew 
264 Bond Frank 
266 Campbell Leonard 
268 fJf Denis Wm 
270 Shuttleworth Wm 
272 Given Saml n 
274 Blaikie Wm 


West from 96 Avenue rd 
to Bedford rd, ward 4. 

North Side 

8 Carson John 
10 Fisher Alice 
12 Miatt Wm H 
14 Wase Benj 
1:6 Canning John R 
18 Argent Thoa J 
20 Leman Jane Mrs 
22 Pope Owen 
24 Smith W Jlorgnn 
26 Frier Robt H 
28 Fox Wm H 
30 Leavens Lily Mrs 
32 Ford Sarah Mrs 
32% Dancy Isabella Mrs 
34 Rumble Robt H 
3'6 West Thos 
38 Pearen John H 
38V> Hunt Aui'iey 
40 Patterson Harold 
4014 Swinhourn F. drsmkr 
42 Jones Wm A 
44 Arnold S!()ney R 
4'8 Veck Geo 
48 White Thoa H 

50 Watson Adam D 

62 Welch Thos 

64 Coggs Mrs Georgina E 

56 Praser Donald 

58 Poole George C 

60 Carew Wm F 

62 Deeks Chas A 

68 Hunt Wm 

South Side 

15 I^awrason Elizth C Mra 
17 Waldron John H 
19 Duff Maria B 
23 Galvin James G 

26 Hunt Ralph W 

27 Eastbury Wm T 
29 Johnson Ethel Mrs 
31 Garrod Wm 

33 Soper John, tlr 

35 Wattle John 

37 Kissock David 

39 Brigden Wm H 

4.1 Shields James R 

45 Morrison Thos If 

47 Wrinch Walter G 

49 Harris James 

51 Brennan Catheiine 

53 Moat John B 

65 Teagle & Son, eontrs 

67 Bowman Arthur M 

59 Sutherland Walter S 


East from Klswlck to 
Condor av, first n of GTR 
tracks, ward 1 

North Bide 

♦ Blake st Intersects 
32 Hayes Wm, exp 

34 Baker Henrv J 
36 Crocker Wm 
88 Arnold Edward J 
40 Craig Stephen 
42 Arnold Sidney R 
44 Rapp Lucy Mrs 
46 Lougneea ueo v^ 
4fl Allan Thomas J 
SO Vacant 
60% Vacant 

♦ Jones av Intersects 
52 Johnston Wm 

54 Hewett R Herbert 
56 Holman Geo 
68 Harris Fredk H 
68V4 Jones Thns 
90 Mllner Bdwd 

63 Berrington Thos 

64 Howell Henry P 
66 Treliving James 
88 Smart Joseph 

70 Hall Wm 
72 Stocks David 
74 Simpson Robt 
76 Breadon Wm J 

♦ Boothroyd av com- 

84 Goddard Herbert 

86 Marker Wm 

88 Hackett Geo 

90 Hayes John 

92 Allen Maria Mrs 

34 Williams John 

96 Evans Arthur 

MS Hoiner Ralph , 
100 Rack John 
102 Thornell Burt 
104 Williams Harry 
106 Say Henry W 

♦ Condor av commeneea 

110 Quinn Edwd 

112 Newton Thos 
114 Webster James 
116 Laird Jamfis 
118 Hipperson Geo 
120 Jaffrav Wm 
122 Tavlor Thos 
124 Bartley Joseph 
126 Cuthbert Thos 
128 Seniscal Fred 
130 Palmer Ira W 
132 Drage Arthur 

♦ Seymour av commences 
134 Sagar Wm 

136 Duffin Wm 
138 Bogart Colin 
140 Moore James H 

142 Brydon James 
144 Smith Alfred P 

South Side 

1 Davis Wm T 

7 Hayes Henry 
11 Woodward Geo 
^ Blake st intersects 
^ Jones av intersects 
B9 Vacant 
61 Brittain Walter 
63 Angus John 
65 X>eslle Josle 
67 Weeks Wm 
69 Williamson Alex 
71 Baker Arthur 
7J Glencross Robt J 

76 Allen John 

77 Auger Wm 

79 Brimblecomhe Jno 
SI Yorke James 
81 Vi Jones Albert A 
83 Cardy Robt 
85 Bailey .Ino 
87 Bates Wm 
89 Watts ,I()N, ph 
91 Pell Joseph T 
93 Newsome Frank 
95 Carlton l^lliztli 
97 Walker Wm C 
99 Howaid Thos 

101 Totty Eliza Mrs 

103 Brown John 

105 Norton Herbert G 

107 Cons Ji'O 

109 Kilner Thus 

111 Worsick Cornelius 

113 Thorpe Wm 

115 Vacant 

117 l.iii.lsay Fredk 

119 Murphy Wm J 

121 Matthews Norman 

123 Smith Harry 

125 Mill Krntst 

127 Sycamore Ernest 

129 Goaiman Wm J 

131 Parker Geo 

1S3 Patem.-tn .iiiun W 

135 For.i ^\ "n 

137 Tustin Fredk C 

139 Bink.. V \. ,|. 

143 Billinger Walter 

14'5 Vacant 

147 Fieid Fr&d Q 

149 Burnep Ttios 

161 Murray John 

153 Bird J.'hn 

1'5« Seale Arthur 

157 Shutt hi., 

159 Pollard Ai 1 • , 


West from RoncosvaUas 
av, opp Dundas to Indiaa 
rd, ward 8 

North Side 

10 Boustead Apartments 

1 (ioodall Jno ,v 

2 Stokes Fredk A 
Berkhout James 

i Cormack John 

12 Cochrane Airs I'Jliza 
14 Smith Martha 

Perfect Margt Mrs 
18 Douglas James 
20 Ellis Joseph 
♦ Alhambra st commences 
26 Long Georgina 
28 Jordan Arthur 
30 Cox Andrew D 
32 Delemere Thos H 
84 Wells Charles P 
36 Arnott Robt 
38 Sparrow Ernest 

44 O'Brien Geo 

46 Watson Olive Mrs j 

45 W.I hue .Miilri'W ' 
'60 Wilson Fredk F 

52 l.lnd Adam A 

,^4 Edwanls Arthur J 

76 Stevenson Geo 

78 Ewlng Robert * 

88 Hogg Wra P 

90 Grav John 

92 Smith Robt W 

94 Reid Wm 11 

96 Weldon Isaac H 

98 Whatmough Florences 










South Side 

7 ApartmtnU 
Howe Fredk 
Hodgens Jane Mrs 
Rooe Robt H 

Gibson James C 
9 Barber Ethel G, mas- 
11 Vasey Isabella Mrs ,gro 
.13 (irabam Marsrt Mrs 
IS Drummond John- 
IT Fielding Walter ti 
18 Moore Kobt K 
21 Falconer Thos 
23 Taylor Thos H 
15 Goebel Qeo 
27 Brundrett Albert E 
J9 Brown Mary li Mrs 
SI McKee BUzth Mra 
3S Rcyworth Thoe 
37Nesbltt Baml 
89 Champion A Chas H 
41 Bell Wm T 
45 Stevens Thaddeus H 
47 Bedlngfleld Geo 
49 Gunn Alex 
61 O'Nell, Maude 

O'Nell Rose 
S5 Leveck Alex 
57 Corljett Thos .1 

(9 Johnston Wm J 
61 Echlin John A 
63 Kerr Wilbur B 
85 Jaffray Geo G 
67 Fleck James 
69 Stirton David 
71 Miller Rlchd T 
73 Jaques Louisa Mrs 

Plnkham John W 
75a Mavi)ee l-;ilsworth 
75b Hicks Albert C 
77a Morg-an Clarence B 
77b Dimmock Ohaa 
79 Stitt Geo A 

Parker Chas J 


North from Hosrarth *T 
to Danforth ev, ward 1 

East Side 

1 Bell Alex, contr 
la Soucy Geo J 

3 Brvce Walter 

S AngllD Robt W 
7 Alberrv Herbert 
• Watson George A 

11 Bulley Saml 

^ Woolfrey av Intersects 

13 Cav Chas 

IB Parr Wm H 

17 Salisbury Henry O 

19 Dennis J Harrv 

S3 KInRStone Edwd 

25 Rugg Arthur J 

27 Irving James 

29 Fernandez Victor 

31 Watkins Caroline Mrs 

33 Millward John 

35 Richardson Fredk H 

87 Currie Mary Mrs 

39 Barker Fredk 

41 Mason Wm J 

43 Brown Wm J 

45 McCauley Thos 

47 McCrea Geo L 

49 Brydon Geo H 

(1 Bowen Geo T 

63 Stone Edlev 

15 Dickey Wl'fred 

57 Vacant 

59 Barnes Ernest 

West Side 

2 Webster F Percy 
4 Fitzgerald Ella 
8 Tarnold Robt J 

lU Madden Thos R 

12 Pearson Wm 

14 Davis Martha J Mrs 

16 Whealey Mary I 
♦ ^Yonl^rpy nv intersects 
^ Fnirview noiil ends 
^ Dearbounie av ends 

30 Sinclair Geo 

Danforth Av Bapt Ch 


North from 330 Carlton 
to SackvUle pi. ward 2 

East Side 

3 Stonebrldge Geo W 
7 Smith John 
9 Morgan Frank 
11 BlfBn Chas 
13 Ross Wm 
15 McDowell John 
17 Rorke Mary J Mrs 
West SMs .... 

2 Culross Chrlstln* Mrs 
4 Hughes Hugh 
« Bifnn J Harry 
8 Woodley Albert 
10 liobl) Wm 
12 Thain James 

Stansfleld Mrs Jane, r 
14 Parkes Wm 
Covey Alex 


(Kelvin and Kingsmount 
Parks), north from a point 
south of Small st to Ger- 
rard e, Srd east of Coxwell 
av. ward 1. 

East Side 

9 Vacant 
^ Small St Intersects 

39 Stuckey Albert 

♦ Wrenson rd Intersects 
53 Housey Percy 

55 Richardson Leslie 
57 Faram Saml T 
59 Kurata Takatsuna 
61 Francis Saml N 
69 MitcheJ! Robt J 
71 Riggs Arthur 
7S Watermcm Ralph 

♦ Fairmount cres begins 

West Side 

Not built on 

nowooD AV 

(North Toronto). east 
from 3235 Tonge to Ash- 
field av. 

North Side 

6 Stein John 
38 St Clement's (Ang) 
♦Bocastle av commences 
96 Forth John R 

108 Sons of England Hall 

112 Frost Svdney 

130 Sllngsby Lizzie Mrs 

132 Jarratt Aubrey 

134 Gildner Edwd 

140 Aldridge Walter L 

144 Bond Saml 

148 Hester Joseph 

^Hllda av Intersects 

162 Hutcheson Chas A 

168 Vacant 

180 Little Alfred H 

♦Ronan av Intersects 
♦Kappell av Intersects 

South Side 

31 Fowler Wilson H 

37-39 Vacant (2) 

89 Lyons Geo M 

99 Masters Walter 
ini Fowler Sidney J 
107 Manning Henry M Rev 
115 Wright Geo J 
117 Marti ndale Chas 
127 Vacant 

135 Matthews Henry Q 
143 Bradshore Herbert J 

4Hllda av Intersects 

177 Vacant 

193 Withers Ernest G 
205 Wilson Rachael Mrs 
?"1 Findlayson Donnld 

235 Maodonald John 
237 Young Wm C 

♦ Ronan av intersects 

♦ Kappell av intersects 

♦ Ashfleld av ends 


(North Toronto), north 
from 14 St Clements •▼ 
to Briar Hill av 

East Side . 

Not built on 

West Side . 

12 Sewell Joseph C 


(North TcTimt'O. north 
from Belsize Drive to 
Manor rd. 1st e of Lin- 
coln av 

Not built on 


East from Scarborough rd 
to ritv limit--. I'l'st south 
of Kingston rd. ward 1. 

PhoneADElAIDE 1962 



(Wsst Toronto), w froM 
lan Dnndas, first n M 
BsBbsrstd* ST, ward 7. 

North Side 

U VUtt N«UI» IM 
U Bsmard WnA 

18 Rymlll Alfred 
to Morrow Jaa 
11 Sanderer Fred Q 

Noith Side 

12 Lynd Jos W 

♦Kings-wood rd intersects 

20 Jackson Harvey 
134 Hill Albert Q 
South Side 

69 Vacant 


North from foot of Tyr- 
re! av at the head of Al- 
cina av to St Clair av, 
ward 5. 

East Side 

♦ Alclna av ends 

2 9 Carlson Knut 

31 Smith Allen A 
33 Kent Thos 

35 Davies Wm E. contr 

37 Dickinson Saml 

39 Hassen Henry 

41 Vacant 

43 Topping Edwd 

45 MoClure Mary Mrs 

47 Cairns James 

♦ Helena av ends 

♦ Hocken av ends 

♦ Ellsworth av Intersects 

129 Yeo Geo P 

131 Brown Fred A 

133 Bickford David S 

135 Lawson John R 

137 Jamleson Caroline Mra 

West Side ...^.... 

28 DInwoody Jeremiah 

32 Vacant 

♦ Benson ar commences 

134 Bagley Wm Q, «r« 

♦ Ellsworth av Intersscts 

130 Harris Thos H 

132 Shone Wm A 
134 Nurse Chas A 

136 Hewett Herbert 

138 Jones Chas H 


North and east from Dav- 
enport rd to '"'ir.ner rd, 
second west of Christie, 
ward 5 

North Side 

23 HUl Whittaker M 

24-26 VAoant 

28 Wylle Thomas H 

32 Weller Alf J 

34 Millons Florence L 

. . . . South Side 

South Side 

3 Mitchell Joshua J 
e Sinclair Arthur 

7 McBrlde Wm B 
9 Osbomo Doaa 
11 Brown Wm 

13 Clark Wm 
15 Tran Thos D 
17 Prior John A 
19 Welford Walter 
21 Thorne Jeseph 


East and north from 509 
Christie, forming a cir- 
cle '.nrough Wychwood 
Park, ward 6 

East Side 

23 MacLachlan Jno P 

Gilchrist James 
25 Tytler John 

West Side 

14 Ross Donald C 

North Side 

22 McNab Joseph W 
24 Davies Wm H 

28 Brown Kenneth C 

30 Harlow Geo 
32 Hay John C 

South Side 

29 Warren Frank W 

31 Taylor Frank S 


(North Dovercourt an- 
nex), west from 1406 Duf- 
ferin to G T R tracks, 
ward 6. 

N<»rth Side 

12 Briscoe Alfred 

14 Head Wm 
16 Vacant 

15 Vacant 
20 Vacant 

36 Pickering Wm 

♦ Llghtbourne av Inter- 

58 Stevens Wm 
60 Henderson Chas 
M Porter Geo W 
68 Seden Elizth J 

74 Hurd John W 

80 Dickson Leonard C 
82 Dickson Jas 

110 Kennedy John P 

112 Kendall Martha Mra 
120 Bible Truth Mission 
122 Tompkins Wm 
124 Smith James 
126 Smith Robt, gro 

♦ Primrose av intersects 

1B6 McColIum Chas 
158 Day Edwin A S 

♦ St Clerens av Intersects 

Canada Foundry Co, yds 

South Side 

1 Stuart Hanoria Mrs 

♦ Llghtbourne av Intersects 

75 Cooper Michl H 
77 Thorne Wm 

79 Clarke Wm 

81 Roden Thos 

111 Scales Wm J 

lli3 Rutherford Henry 

115 Nelson Peter 

117 Vacant 

• • '■ M ;• II n s Wm 


Real Estate Agents, arbitrators 



F.J. SMITH ^« CO. 




121 Mathewson Philip 
123 Liambert Grace Mrs 

126 Tomllnson Fredk 

127 Ross James 

^ Primrose av Intersect* 
149 St Clarens sub-station 

T E L Co 
149 Vacant 
167 Vacant 
^ St Clarens av Intersects 

Canada Foundry Co, yds 
^ Lansdowne av Inter- 


North from 534 King w to 
Richmond w, ward 4 

East Side 

17 Houses torn down 
26 Oana<3Ian Hotpolnt Elec- 
tric Heating Co, Ltd 
23 Vacant 
^ Adelaide st w Intersects 

S'B Ra^hkofsky Louis, bto 

117 Vacant 

39 Meltz Nathan 

41 Krangrel Morris 

43 Tookey John . 

45 Foreigners 

47 Vacant 

49 iHlseock Thos 

^ Camden st ends 

51 Vacant 

53 Vacant 

55 Vacant 

67 Vacant 

West Sld« 

8 iHasIett Saml 
10 Counter Fredk 
12 Moore Ernest S 
14 Martin Alfred 
16 Foote Nelson 
16% Pavne Wm 
18 Abbott Luke 
20 Brown Harry 
22 Baker Harry 
24 Rooks Julia Mrs 
26 Stokes Fredk 
28 Prank Geo B 
30 Tomlin Wm 

^Adelaide st vr Intersects 

St Andrew's sq 


South from 529 King w. 
ward 4. 

East Side 

1 Robbins John 
3 Ro-senberg- FIval 

6 Katzraan H 

7 Grant Oscar 
9 Elkoo Michl 

11 Foreigners 

13 Reynolds Robt 

15 McLean John H 

West Side 

2 Vacant 

4 Lebofsky Julius 

6 Olaski Tony 

8 Gurewltch Frank 
10 Taylor Joseph 
12 Bialogrecki Victor 
14 Brown Wm 
16 Kezwier Saml 


West from 630 Yonge to 
Surry pi, ward 3. 

North Sid* 

2 Pollta Antonio 
12 Vacant 
14 Toronto Pleating Co 

Cambridge Glove Mfg Co, 
16 Peaslind Sarah Mrs 
18 Jordan Harry 
20 Wilson John T, upbot 
22 Allan Arthur J 
24 Beamish Saml 

26 Mulholland Miss Mabel 
28 Marsh Harry J, bakers 

30 Webb Wm O 
32 Dunn Ellen Mrs 
32a Powell Emma 
34 Pepplatt Geo 
34a Rowland Jas 
36 Henry Elizth 
38 Stephens Rlchd 
40 ^'a^ant 

42 Wilson Wm P Rev 
46 Chas Harry 

^ St Vincent st mtersects 

South Side 

1 Carter Alex S, arch 
5 Ferguson Joshua 
7 George Green Welding 
9 Vanderhart Arle 
11 Dingle Nellie Mrs 
13 Harrison Bernard 
ISH Terry Mrs Annie 
15 Turle Joseph W 
17 Asselstlne Lena Mrs 
19 McKeyes Isabella Mrs 
21 Wilson Miss Mary 
23 Pitman Agnes Mr( 
25 Eaton Wm 
27 Authors Hartley G 
29 Altona Apts 
31 Weyms Eva Mrs 

Grainger Olive E, mus 
33 Garmey Sarah Mrs 
55 Sims MJss Florence 
37 Bickley Walter 
39 Kerchir. Miss Emily 
45-47a St Vincent Apts 
45 Nolan Margt Mrs 

Henderson A Mabel 

Rose Florence Mrs 

Sails S Guy 

Arnold Chas E 

Dornbush Robt E 
47 Redfearn Otto L 
47a Fitzgerald iLouisa H 
♦ St Vincent st Intersect* 
55 Grimn Geo R 
B7 McTnrish Rev Daniel 
59 Armour Archd 
61 McKenzle Martha Mr» 
63 Vise Jacob 
65 Elmore Franklin H 
67 Shuttleworth Lottie 
69 Mllloy Miss Mary A 
71 Roden Geo E 

Staines Emma R Mrs 
73 Turner Jo hn 
75 Carnahan Wm J A 
77 Wallace Edgar W 
89 Watson Thos C 
91 McNlsh Margt Mrs 
93 Parker Mary E Mrs 
96 Watklns Edwd J 


(North Toronto), west 
from opp 2559 Yonge to 

South Side 

North Side 

20 Whaley Fanny Mrs 

28 Cousins Joseph W 

34 Arnold Henry 

40 GifTord James R 

44 Coutts John, landscape 

50 Stevenson Geo B 

♦ Duplex intersects 

68 Woods Robt 

72 Elliott Wm U 

80 Proctor Wm 

86 Oldham James 

92 Currey Thos 
106 Speers Jos 
112 Taylor Fredk W 
116 Darby Wm J 
122 Helm Henry P 
128 Stevenson Alfred E 
168 Vacant 
172 Webster iRalph T 
176 Greig Wickliffe K L 
192 Blakeman Arthur W 
Um; "\\'oilson Henry M 
200 Tomllnson Wm S 
212 Button Clarence P 

12 Vacant 

27 Large Pearson 

41 MacLauchlan Arthur H 

53 Greene Albert R 

^Boydell pi ends 

67 Fldler Arthur J, Rev 
106 Speers Joseph H 
109 Buckland ClifTord 
113 Lewis Orlando T 
117 Scott Chas 
121 Mortey Herbert C 
127 Oxley Duncan M 
131 Vacant 
137 Mayo W T 
147 Cuttell Chas 
151 Jackson J Herbert 
153 Sorley P McGregor 
157 Hewitt Robt E 
159 MacLaren Jas H 
163 Allln Rlchd W 
166 Jewett Florence M Mn» 
169 Willis Wilbert C 

♦Curson st ends 

♦Avenue rd intersect* 


(East Toronto), east from 
Norwood rd to Main, first 
n of Gerrard e, ward 1 

North Side 

2 Nicholls Geo 

8 Parker Thorold B 

10 MoLauglilln Jas 

12 Broadbridge Rebecca 

- Mrs 

14 Woodland Fredk 

16 Fossey Joseph W 

18 Ellis Wm 

♦ Enderby rd Intersect* 
20 Cathcart Robt 

22 Hughes Jno 

24 Lyle Robt G 

26 Jackson Wm J 
28 Thomson James 

South Side 

16 Dowsett James 

25 Johnstone James 

27 Paynter Emma Mrs 

♦ Ende'rby rd intersects 

31 Vacant 

33 Somerville Percy 

35-37-39 Vacant 

41 Vacant 

43 Vacant 

45 Vacant 


West from Davenport rd to 
Bathurst, first n of Dapont 
ward 4. 

North Side 

♦ Huron st Intersects 

♦ Madison av Intersects 

♦ Spadina rd intersects 
Farmers Dairy Co, Ltd 

♦ Walmer rd intersects 

♦ Kendal av Intersects 
Boake Mfg Co 

♦ Dartnell av commences 

2 Logan Geo 

4 Buston Herbert M 

e Bamett Henry 

8 Coulter Maud Mrs 
10 Smith James L 
12 Maxwell Wm M 
14 Robinson Robt W 
Ifi Hosgood Wm 

♦ Howland av Intersects 

♦ Alb.nny av intersects 

♦ Bathurst st Intersect* 
South Side 

Not hnllt or 


South from Taylor, first 
w of Sumach, ward 2. 

Blast Side 

1 Waller Wm 

3 Mawhinny Wm 
5 Vacant 

7 O'Leary Bernard 
9 Sheridan Edwd 

West Side 

2 Hudson Kdwd . 

4 Pegler Thos B 

6 Edwardson Jitmes 

8 Absent 
10 Crosson Danl 
12 Stookdale Ernest 
14 White John 
I'e Magil! Mary Mrs 


North from 460 King a 
to Queen e. ward 2. 

East Side 

11 Popovlch Chas 
13 Tlpe Traian 

16 Delbroccolo Louis 

17 Vacant 
19 Vacant 

2il Curran Thos 

23 Curran Francis J 

25 Dooley Thos 

27 Montreull Ulrlc 

29 Corln Wm J 

31 Antonacci Pasqualle 

33 Blakeley John 

3<6 MOLennan Mary I Mr* 

37 Buchan Jennie 

119 Myers Archbld 

41 Connor Russell 

43 Noonan Ambrose H 

West Side 

10 Latour Joseph 
12 Vacant 

14 Pember Albert H 

15 Vacant 
18 Vacant 
20 Vacant 

22 Brown Wm A 
24 Thompson Edwd L 
26 Sargant Saml 
28 Blakeley John 
30 I-atimer Arthur 
32 Costlcan Matthew 
34 Meldgehob Chris 
36 Lavine Venty 
Shapira Paul 
38 Vacant 
40 McNichol Joseph 
42 Griswold-Grisoid' Harrv 
44-50 Vacant (3) 


East from 181 Pape av 
ward 1. 

North Side 

2 Wallace Malcolm 
4 Scott. Donald C 
8 Dunlop Patk 
10 Shnughnessy Wm, contr 

1 Maxwell Alex 

2 Howe Wm 

3 McAgherty Arohd 

4 Kruse Wm, rear 
'5 Warwick Wm 

6 Fletcher Wm 

7 Vacant rear 
18 Slowman Wm 
20 Thompson Wm 
22 Tovey Saml 

South Side 

1 Walker Mrs MlUlcent 

3 McAlIster Annie 

5 Reed Wm G 

7 Bird W Fredk 
11 Morton Albert 
13 Lumsden Chas E 
15 Brown Joseph 
17 Hayes Andrew 
19 Coull James 
21 Martin Rlchd 
213 Underwood Walter 
25 Clarke Albert J 
Sloman Henry 




Phone Main 7066 



59 YONGE ST. Send for our Booklet oo " '^ ■ ^ ■ 'w ■ ^^ 


(Old Hamburg av), north 
Dovercourt Annex, north 
from 208 Geary av to Da- 
venport rd, ward 6 

East Side 

6 Duff Frank 

7 Swanton Oeo 

37 Roberts Amos A 

39 Jackson James 

•tl Ironmonger Alfred 

43 Plant Lillian Mrs 

4B Petry Jacob C 

Bl Bruce Mrs Jessie 

615 Downs James 

63 Burns Wm 

05 Parkinson Joseph 

67 Blunt Louis 

69 Mountford Annie Mr» 

71 Dean Mary Mrs 

76 Vacant 

77 Waters John 

79 Reld Ferlina Mrs 

83 Duboklnen Alme 

S5 Kivinen Exel 

87 liangford "Wm 
Henson Albert W 

93 Ure Alex O 

9S Mitchell Chas 
101 Pasquale Chas 
WJ Willmott Albert 
109 Saarlnen Henry 
111 Levo EmM 
1T3 Bdhouse Arthur 
11^ McGuire Albert 
117 Walker Denl 
119 Jarvis Fredk 
121-125 Parkdale Planing 

1-27 King Prank 
129 Ardls John 
131 Perrey Reuben 

West Side 

8 Ferguson iHugh 

10 Winterford John W 

12 Stotesbury Alfred 

14 Mlnogue Wm 

18 Marr Mark, dairy 

18 Briscoe Gamellai 

44 Bro-wnlng Emily Mrs 

46 Luck Alfred 

64 Reed John 

6'6 Roach Thoa 

*6 Fergus Wim 

«8 Marshall Robt 

70 Quail Wm 

72 Burns Wm 

74 Downes Harvey 

7* Rlddell John 

7'8 Vecchia Antonio 

80 Bacon Fredl. 

82 Burleigh Robt 

84 Brain Gilbert 

96 Hunter Henry 

98 Molntyre Sarah Mrs 
100 McKay Wm 
102 Annen Archd 
104 Hatfield John W 
122 Austin James 
124 Garvle James 
12<; Elton Harry 


East from 151 George to 
Sherbourne, ward 2. 

North Side 

4 Warehouses 
26-30 Green Bros, cabt 

34 Sovereign Oil Oo 
48 Beasley Wm Canly A 

Jam Co 
♦ Stone Cutter la Intersecti 

South Side 

9 Mlddleton Elijah 
11 Swlnton Chas 
3'6 Toronto Feather and 

Down Co, 1/td 
41 Bias Corsets, Ltd 

Snider J E & Co, mfr« 
43 Paper Goods Co, Ltd 
Fisher Electric & Mfg 

Jersey-Creme Co, bot- 
tlers' supplies 
♦ Stone Cutter la intersect* 


(Old St Clair Av Sqtiare) 
North from St Clair av 
w, second e of Runny- 
mede rd, ward 7. 

East Side 

9 Hollands Chas J 

11 Yaskori Gustav 

13 McNish Jno A 

15 Gregory Edwd 

17 Baker Archd D 

19 Bradley Joseph H 

21 Floyd Wm R 

23 Jouffret Archd 1. 

25 Murray Jno 

27 C3ett Vincent 

219 Grlmsey Sidney 

31 Procter Archd B 

33 (iiirns Robt 

35 Fleury Peter 

West Side 

10 Fleming Albert B 

12 Duncan Jutson 

14 Smith Henry 

16 Odam Geo 

18 Bush Elim J 

20 Winship Walter 

212 Vacant 

24 Taylor Herbert 

26 Hutchinson John W 

28 Smith Ernest A 

30 Bales Geo B 

32 Maughan Geo 

34 Osborne Fredk 

36 Powell Herbert F 


(Including part of Don 
Mills rd), north from 
Eastern av to Danforth 
av, crossing Queen at 
712, ward 1 

East Side 

1 Buck James 

5 (juest Hannah Mrs 
11 Conway Jas 
13 Powers Frank 
li6 Hurley James 
17 Wheeler Tho« 
19 Rose Harriet Mrs 
27 Paddock James 
29 Ryan Mrs Eliza 

Pim Henry 
31 Kilpetrlck Wm 
33 Weaver Thos 
35 SulUvan Cornelius 
37 McGregor Helen Mr« 
39 Revoy John S 
41 Pearson Geo 
4,3 Glover Sarah Mrs 
45 Sklllen Samuel E 
Sklllen Annie Mrs 
17 Kitchen Wm T 
49 Mcllveen Geo 
51 Anderson Frank E 
53 Crawford Alex 
55 Reid Robt 
57 Slomnn Henry 
B9 Nepean Reginald N 
61 Folev John J 
63 WilUanuon Alex 
73 Fahev Michl 

76 Batten Blehd 

79 Foote Arthur 

SI Terry Mrs Elizth 

83 Brocher Chas 

85 Foster AUwrt 

87 Lamb James 

89 McCrone John 

91 Storle Albert 

93 Smith Chas W 

1)5 Cruise Bros, roofers 

♦ Queen st e Intersects 

105 Duffln H C, dentist 
Nimmo Annie 
Brown Chas H 
Flowers Chas C 

109 Chinese laundry 

111 Hine Mrs Jane 

113 Coleman W John 

116 Wood W.m F 

117 Crawford Wm T 
119 McEaehern Nell D 
1^1 H\inlit's Kiiliriiim 
125 Odd Fellows' Hall 

131 Royal Canadian Bicy- 
cle Club 
135 Todd Frances Mrs 
137 Labelle Anthony 

139 McLaughlin Mlchl J 
141 Anderson Robt S 
143 Watson Thos J 
145 Hasler Gilbert 

147 Florlo Frank 

140 Fraleigh Alliert J, phy 
151 Bowles Harry W 

155 Church of God 
Hebden James 

♦ Klntyre av Intersects 
161 Labelle Arthur 

163 Peak Joseph 

165 Belleghen Jas 

167 Moynes Oral G 

169 Ford Robt 

171 Murdock Wro 

179 Queen City Concrete 

Paving Co 
199 Queen Alexandra School 
221 Albert Hall 

Fowler Albert O 
22H4 Bennett Arthur, pain- 
223 Daines Geo E & Son, 

2215 Vacant 

227 Bolnn Wm V. gents furn 
229 Scott Annie Mrs, cigars 
231 Lavote Richard 
233 Thackray John F 
235 Argue Wilfred A, shoes 
235% Vacant 
237 Tomlln E A, btchr 

♦Wilton av Intersects 

239 Bible Frank H, gro 
241 Keeling & Co, btchrs 
243 X>lnovo Leo, fruit dir 
i4S Ebbs Wm. barber 
247 Selwav David 
251 Selway Alfred H 
257 Bibet Auguste 
259 Tustln Wm H, flour 

♦ Allen av commences 

263 Chinese Indry 

2«5 Veoant 

267 Patterson Wm 

275 Broadview Y M C A 

Broadview Rink 
289 Andrus Mortimer, photo 
291 Vacant 

293 Hollv Albert, shoes 
301 Hamilton Wm T. phy 
303 Weller Henry S, clothes 

305 Bunting Bllzth Mr« 

♦ First av commence* 
337 Miller S J A Co, Ltd 
339 Vacant 

S41 Maunder Thllbert C 

343 Schmidt John C. hdwrr 
345 Dunstan Robt .T, barber 
347 Grady Joihn, dry gds 
349 Berrle Thos. gro 
349% Wallace James S 
R.11 Miller Wm. Ero 
353 HIII RIchd J. cigars 
355 Shields Bros, confrs 

Shields James 
357 Chinese Indry 

Azzarello Bros, gro 
369 Dove Thos P, btchrs 
sai .Taoob.s F A. drugs 

♦ Gerrard St e Intersects 

363-365 Bank of Ottawa (br) 
Butler Thos E C, den- 
Standard Brick Co (of- 
369 Tamblyn G. Ltd. druge 
371-73 Boyd Mrs E J, dry 
Boyd Wm J 
375 Fernley Clarence B. 

S77 Steele Peter P. shoes 
Fernley Clarence E 

^^1 1 V' 


379 Woodward B M 

381 Woodward B M, drugs 

PostofHee (br) 
188-85 Sneath Chas R, phy 

♦ Simpson av cnmmenoes 

387 St John's Pres Ch 
421 Campbell Roderick 
423 Staley Austin A. phy 
4 215 Unfinished house 
427 ArmstroiiM ,).i«t.|.ii B 
429 Gould Thomas D 

♦ Victor av commences 
4.31 Addison Wm L. phy 

436 Forman James C 

437 Steele Peter P 

441 Bartley Thos E Rev 
446 Gallagher J A, phy 

♦ Langiev av vommenoes 
463 Toronto Conservatory of 

Music (br) 
459 Jupp James 
465 Walt'in .Albert K 
469 Cook Jean Mrs 

♦ Rlvenlale av commences 

473 Stuart Geo 

475 Finder Joseph 

477 Cowdy Oliver 

479 Zarfass Bros, gros 

483 Zarfass Henry, baker 

485 Gilbert Mrs Janet 

487 Gegg Edwd 

489 Gilbert Wm 

491 Butler Wm 

493 Ryan Mrs Winifred 

49'5 Purvis Wm L 

♦ Wlthrow av commences 
501 Redway Horace P 
503 Jennings Maud Mrs 

506 Coulter Wm 

507 Jupp James W 

509 Reginald A, phy 
511 Jefferles Arthur K 
513 Cowling Thoe 

♦ Bain av commences 
515 Harris Wm T 

533 Logan Thomas 
535 Robinson S Ross 
587 Scott J McP Rev 

♦ Sparkhall av Intersects 
543 Plewes W Francis, phy 
545 McGlashan Mrs Georgl- 

547 Werlhner Christian 
549 Gadway Frank 
5.51 Freeman ilia Margaret 
553 McDermott John A 

♦ Mlllbrook cres com- 

♦ Tennis cres commences 
623 Smith Wm H 

6I2S Flint Edgar 
627 Landell Chas D 
629 Whitfield John 
631 Forsyth Arthur G 
633 Campbell Wm 
635 Hunter Mary Mrs 
637 Sparks Robt 
639 Clarkre Robt C 
»41 Bond Jas W 

Bond J Ernest, phy 
647 Richardson Robt S, phy 

♦ Hogarth av commence* 

S49 White Geo A „ ^ 
S51 Summerhaycs Wm F 
6'53 .Hewitt Louise Mrs 
656 Crane Jeremiah D 
Crane R Edwin, ohy 

SHAW & BEGGl«""™';;'N«"»f ''«f*<«!"«"^,"'|?««»|2^EI,?&. 

(M. B e o a) I Pbontt: OfEce, Main tS( and 3NS, Residence, Belmont 1141 I (enund Ftoor) 

— 19K — 

Lots in Stewart Manor 1*1 


cox & CUMMINGS, Ltd. [Ma 


Canada Life Building 

and 2118 Que«n East 

in 2524 
.Main 472 
(Beach 629 


U7 (Mrman Louise Mrs 
les 'WarnauU Octave 
Ml Kl<Jd Trueman W 
863 Funk John 
61616 Corking Emma Mrs 
S67 Moore Harriet E Mrs 
669 Thompson Esther Mr» 

Pewtress John B 
671 Matthews Reginald A. 

673 Jacobs Fred A 

^ Wooltve.v av (.■ommenceB 

676 Cardy James H, gro 

677 Haines Elisha V. gro 
679 Paton Frank 

681 Miller Geo W 
683 Martin Thos H 
685 Martin Mary Mrs 
687 HalUday AUie 
689 Calgev Geo M. titchr 
691 Barron Joseph S. gro 

♦ Fnlrvlew b"iil ('"inineni-eii 
698 Burns J Lloyd, phy 
89B MIchell Wm C 
^ Dearbooirne av com- 
781 Fell John F, gro 
733 McFadden Claude L, 

hair goods 
735 Crockatt David, sewing 
McCartney Wm 
Parsons Harrv 
TS7 National Transfer A 
Storage Co 
Jones Geo 
737^4 Russell Herbert C, rl 

739 Tomlln Wm M, furn 
741 Hyde Harry M, dry 

743 Powell Walter, dyer 

746 Vacant 

747 Hlltz Herbert O, confy 
7-49 Davles Wra Co, Ltd, The 
7*1 Trull Lome W, under- 

TM Anderson J D, plmbr 
756 Vlckery Wm R, barber 

Chapman Wallace 
767-59 Downes-Dunlop Co, 
mens furns 

♦ Danforth av Intersects 
761 Bank of Commerce bidg 
781 Ingham Joshua 

791 Kelly Bernard 

♦ Erlndale av commences 
803 Bray John, contr 

807 Plcken James A 
809 Hopes Isaac 
111 Rainbow Saml J 

818 Munro James 

815 Orockford Albert, tin- 

♦ Pretoria av Intersects 

537 Larlway Wm, gro 

819 Barry Faith Mrs 
821 Reesor Geo E 
813 Whealey Henry 
826 Brick Thos jr 
831 Orozler Bdwd H 
883 Wood John 

S36 Roberta Thos, dairy 
337 Fenn Fred 

Bralthwaite John 
839 nibchester Jeremiah 
343 Brooks Albert E 

346 Sh«rrlfts Danl 

347 Tuff Valentine 
349 Adams Wm 

853 Benson Edith Mrs 
355 Schofleld Margaret Mr« 
857 Bennett Thos, btchr 
86S Smith James C 
369 Smith Hamor P 
883 Robinson Harry M 
^ Browning av com- 

♦ Fulton av commences 
« City limits 

West Side . . . 

74-78 United • Drug 

80-84 Vacant 


86-94 Riverdale Roller Rk 
96 Bailey Geo 

♦ Queen st e intersecis 
110 Haire Wm J, clothes 

112 Florio Frank, barbtr 
114 Stone Geo 
116 Currle -Ralph H 
118 Vacant 
120 Bradford Wm 
122 Thompson John Jr 
124 Farr Terrence 
126 Carnegie Wm J 
128 Vacant 

134 Spooner Ellen Mrs 
Ii3i6 Pridmore Thos 
140 Bond Fredk W 
142 Glover Thos J, phy 
144 Adams Ernest 
148 Nailer Herbert F 
160-162 Glbb Jno, dairy 

♦ Klntyre av Intersects 
164 Price Margt Mrs 

166 Gray Henry S 
168 McCulloug'h Geo 
170 Elliott James 
172 Overholt Esther Mrs 
174 Bond Sidney 
17i« Goodwin Erneat 
178 See Sarah « 

180 See Russell 

183 Dunnell Mary A Mrs 

184 Ingram Albert E 
186 Wilcock Stephen 
188 Johnston Thos 
190 Wilbur Raymond 
192 Allen Fredk 

194 Plymouth Brethren 

Gospel Hall 
200 Allen Fred 
206 McGregor John P 
208 Blackburn Ellzth Mrs 
210 Bryan W«»ley 
212 Lowry Saml 
214 Foulkes John 
216 Harmsworth Walter J 
218 Stover Albert 
220 Spencer Fredk 
224 Free Methodist Church 
226 Miller Charlotte Mrs 
228 Redford John W 
230 Buckland Albert J, 

232 Walker Edgar 
234 Riggs Ellen- Mrs, gro 

♦ Wilton av Intersects 

236-240 Home Bank of 
Canada (br) 

Harding Chas B, drugs 
242 Robinson Wm J 
244 Kennedy Rlchd J 
246 Rorke Harry 
250 Glover Richardson, exp 
252 Osborne James 
254 Fraser Charles 
256 Crowley Mis Rllun - 
2158 Anderson L«o 
260 Hefferlng Harold, phy 

Hefferng ,Tohn J 
262 Morrison Laughlln 
364 Qraham Wm 
266 Harvey T Mills 
272 Hesse Frank, sho« repr 
274 Miller Mark D, plmhr 
276 Vacant 

276% Scriver Ida Mrs. jro 
278 Balfour Mary J, lea 

280 Lewis John T, staty 
282 Ellis Ernest 
284 Spofford Geo 
286 Cribben Fred C 
288 Glen Mary Mrs 
200 Knowlton Wm J 
294 Kitchen Wm 

Congregational Ch 

♦Mountstephen av ends 

302 Rea Miss Annls. gro 
104 Halpren Isaac, ladles 

306 Ollvant Henry, confy 
S08 Hlbbert Fred 
310 Maw Martha Mr» 
312 Urquhart Thos 

Salvation Army Cita- 
318 Todd John 
320 Downing Thos H 

324 Standard Bank of Can- 
ada Kidg 
Moyas Construction Co, 

Scnoir Elytn, barr 
.Veltch Ernest C, den- 
326 Davis Joseph 
32i8 Peckham Mrs May. mlnr 

Payne Arthur R 
330 Rogers Richd A 
346 Johnston & Bro, hats 
Empire Business Col 
348 Broadview Theatre 
350 Calladine & Baldry, 

pp Q I pot 

352 Moses !•' H, hdware 
354 Speare Emanuel, tlr 

Johnston & Bro, hats 
356-8 Johnston Frank, confy 
360 Bowers Wm A. florist 
362 McNally Saml A. barber 
366 Vacant 
368 Davles Wm Co, Ltd, 

♦Gerrard st e intersect* 

Public Library 
380 McMillan John 

Lowry John 

Addy Henry 

Lonergan Thos 

Brown Joiin 
Riverdale Park 
646 Harris James 
656 Wagstaft David 
658 Cruttenden T W D, contr 
680 Hubbard Wm P 
862 Hubbard Frederick L 
664 Thomson Wm J 
670 Treloar Elizth Mrs 
672 Booz Frederick 
674 Fair Robert 
678 Fish Wm A, phy 
flS2 Hiltz Wm W 
6?6 McKichan Matthew D, 

688 Hallman Frank A 

Moskowitz Bernard 
690 Elder Alexander B 

Rothwell T Henry 
700 Brick John 
712 WarJ Archeson T 
716 Brick Thomas, contr 

Brick Miss Sarah, nurse 
718 Mitchell Wm J, drugs 
720 Klrkpatrlck Wm E 
740 Gallagher Annie Mrs 
742 Chapman Geo J, un- 

744 Chinese Indry 
746 Perfect Dyeing and 

Cleaning Co 
148 Kirkpatrick Wm BI, 

750 Vacant 
752 Vacant 

764 Woods Oliver, auto repr 
♦ Danforth av intersects 

754% Vacant 

T56 Gallagher Gertrude B, 
Sharpe Miles 

768 Holmes Geo V 

762 Oakley Henry, oils 

766 Salvation Army Bar- 
Teg Webley Frank G, JwlT 

770 Chinese Indry 

T72 Phillips Henry, shoes 

778 Oakley John 

790 Vacant 

794 Sheridan Robt 

796 Smith Jacob 

798 Hart Edwd J 

800 Hutchinson Herbert 

802 O'Dea James 

814 Pritchard Bdwd 

818 Gordon Chas 

822 Isbell Jno T, flour and 

824 Hodgens & Roberta, 

826 McCutcheon Wra C, OOO- 

828 McManns Wm, gro 
^ Pretoria av Intersects 

832 Salvation Army Bar- 

840 Cudmore Elizth Mrs 

842 Cleaver Percy 

844 Sutherland Chrlsto 

8i4l6 Wallwln Earl 
848 Edwards John 
850 Wellbanks Wm 
852 Jerdan James 
854 Eaiden Jno 
SOS Young Geo A 
860 Trowell Matilda Mrs 
864 Luman E & Son, gro 
866 Vacant 

868 Lunau Edwd & Son, 
Lunau Edwd 
870 Dougall M Mrs, gro 
87 4 Brooks Joseph V 
876 Wright Albert R 
880 Rothwell Percy 
8S6 Brown Percy G, phy 
888 Weller Percy G 


(North Toronto), east 
from 2377 Yonge to Bay 
View av. Ward 2. 

North Side 

28 Greenway Geo 

32 In-vore Geo C 

34 Slmmonds Arthur C 

4U St Monicas R C Ch 

44 Dollard Rev James B 

48 Cruickshank W H 

68 Cherry Jas 

70 Price Leonard Q 

78 Armstrong Robt 

88 Dixon Geo E 

94 Clark Nicholas J 

♦ Redpath av intersects 

102 Dickson Frank M C 

104 Leman Arthur H 

110 Worth Arthur 

124 Avery Thos, mkt gdnr 

132 Harrington Daniel C 

136 Vacant 

138 Shannon James P 

♦Mount Pleasant rd inter 

206 Saurlol Jas 

214 Vacant 

222 Brigham Wm 

228 Lee John 

244 Raynor Alfred 

256 Kidd Wm, mkt gdnr 

South Side 

11 Bell Francis J 

13 Davis Fredk M 

15-53 North Toronto Hl^h 

55 dandy Chas A S 
57 Bravbon Walter 
63 Peddle Robt A 
71 Stroud Geo 
77 Vacant 
79 Vacant 
81 Love Walter F 
83 Taylor Geo 
89 West Ebenezer 

♦ Redpath av Intersects 

103 Barnes Robt 
117 West Mary A Mrs 
127 Witney James 
129 Johnston. Thos T 
131 Vacant 
133 Atkinson Jno W 
151 Bowie Wm M 
153 Vacant 

♦Mount Pleasant rd Inter 

189 Willis Wm R 
199 Jones Mrs Elizth 

♦ Rawlinson av ends 

Ml Carr Fredk 

235 Elliott James H 

♦Park av ends 
♦Mowat av ends 
♦Waldcr av ends 


Name changed to Wllli- 
son sq. 


123 SCOLLARD ST., near Hazelton 








North from 1352 Queen W, 
to north of Bioor w, ward 

E!ait 8Id« 

1 Boyle Lawrence E, 
Standard Apts 

1 Barker Stuart 

2 Moflatt Geo S 

3 Oakley Frank 

4 King Jno W 

5 Babbitt Richd 

6-7 Robinson & Boy»«. 
flour and feed 
Connell Coal Co 

9-11 Hooper Saml F 

17 Ryan Thos, liver jr 

^ Noble St ends 

19 Goldthorp ElizthBMrs 

21 Mliiiioch Alexander 

23 Millar James 

25 Fox Wm 

27-31 Eureka Refrigerat- 
or Co, Ltd 

35 Klnuear IMilllp 

41 Dukelaw Peter 

43 Wilson Geo M 

45 MacBeth Wm. phy 

^ Earn bridge st ends 

47 March Mrs Mary 

49 Wilson Ceorge 

51 Lloyd Emerson 

63 Dougherty Hugh 

56 Petrie Jamas 

57-63 Harrison J A Coal 
Co, Ltd 

65 Pordage Wm 

67 Dixon John 

71 Smith Wm W 

73-79 Cannon T & Son, 
Ltd. contr» 

81 Cook Wm 

83 Vacant 

86 Vacant 

87 Vacant 

^ Railway crossing 

^ Florence at endi 
123 Cox Albert 
125 Perry Geo 
127 Laughran Mrs Annie 
129 Butler Robt D 
131 Collins Thos W 
133 Pyne Chaa A 
135 Barber Frank W 
137 Green Wm 
139 Grunwell Wm J, cartage 

141 Fleming Alex 
143 Leach Leonard 

146 Slack Thos 

147 Vacant 

149 Rodway Arthur J 
161 Wilson John, gro 

^ Mlddleton st endi 
153 McCormlck's Hall 

^ Frankish st ends 
2-93 Vacant 

205 Irish Chas, ihoemkr 
307 Oldham John, gro 
209 Chinese Indry 
J09% Strutt Henry 
211 Hlgglns Wm 
211% Sheltz Wm P 
JIS Godfrey John 

216 Vacant 

217 Chambers Edwd 
219 Summers Alex 

221 Pickering Alfred T 
223 Cusack Thos 
225 Murray Hugn 

Muir Miss E. drsrakr 
227 Vincent BiwA M 
227 H Liddiard Geo, gro 
^ Marshall st ends 

tii Marshall Mrs Mary 
2S3 Bowe Maurice 
216 McDonald Joseph B 
237 Bond Walter 
239 Cray John 

♦ Brockton pi ends 

241 Marshall John, btchr 
243 Marshall John, gro 

245 Blakeman Fredk 
247 Adams Henry 
249 Woods Alex 
251 Jerred Ernest 
25.1 Bvrne Jns 
2 55 Gould Adelia Mrs 
257 Paine Walter 
259 Wexman Joseph F 
261 Correll Geo F 
253 Duckworth Wm. produce 
265 Dunn Mary Mrs 
367 Brock Av Gospel Hall 
^ Dundas st intcrsecu 

^ Atkin av ends 
31:3 Clifton Fred W 
315 Shand Wm 
317 Hastings John 
319 Murphv Mrs Magdalen 
321 MadlKan Catherine Mr» 
323 Brooks Mrs Mary J 

326 Patterson James N 

327 Markle Wm J 
♦Moutray st ends 

329 Walder EmiUe 
331 Jenkins Irwin A 
235 Vacant 
339 Brown John T 

♦College st Intersects , 

357 Ernest 
a5» Liitchforrt Joseph I 

.381 Wilson Wm H l 

363 Somerset Miss Delia i 

.365 Allen John W ; 

367 Beddis Frank 1 

♦ Llndsey av ends j 

359 Sprout Jas. produce 
371 Burns Thos J 
373 Dodd Mlchl J 

376 Johnston Thos 

377 McKenzle Lome A 
379 Coles Robert 

381 Harrington John 

383 Holland James F 

385 Whale Thos 

387 Haynes BenJ W 

389 Brown Frederick J, confr 

391 Vince Herbert E. gro 

♦ Mulr av ends [ 
393-395 Crottle Jas. gro 

397 McFadden Lawr«nce R 

399 Whitaker Chas M 

401 Kendall Herbert R 

403 Oldfleld Geo 

405 Hillock Patk J 

407 Leach Jas 

409 Pedrlck Roslna Mr« 

411 Bird Tbo* 

413 Bvthell Reuben 

415 Edgerly Arthur 

417 Crosier Robt J 

419 Wallace Simon 3 

421 Conroy Kelly 

♦ Chesley av ends 

42» Sykeg Thos L D, bldr 

431 Kerr Robert 

433 Arey Charles F 

435 Woodward Jas 

437 Harper Jno A 

439 Monroe Geo 

441 Reynolds Sydney B 

443 Kendall Robt 

446 Saddlngton Walter 

447 Prettv John, shoemkr 
449 McLeod Mrs EUzth 

McfDermott James 
461 Vacant 
4611,4 Wilson Wilfred 

♦ Cobourg av ends 

452 Holllngshead Frank N 

455 Pitts Alfred 
457 Burge Ellen Mrs 
469 Hobbs Robt 
461 Campbell Fredk R 
463 Angold Saml 

466 Smith Thos 

467 Harrison Geo 
459 Watts Geo F 

471 Taylor Kev Bdwd H 
4T3 Rhodes Mrs Mnry 
475 Fry Mrs Levenla - 
477 Leflar Mrs Annie B 
479 Sedgewlck Thos J 
481 McLaughlin James 
483 Hamilton Miss Marion 
486 Johnson Ward 

487 Dow James 
489 MoMahon John 
491 Hopper Wm J, gro 

♦ Newsham st ends 

615 Hodgson John T, real 

617 Darroch Wm F 
519 Hepburn Frank 
521 Hlngstone Wm 

626 Jackson Harold B 

627 Graydon Joim T. contr 
529 Slmmonds Chns 

633 Mitchell Thos 

(36 Cameron Joshua 

537 Roberts Herbert W 

5.39 Colvllle John E 

541 Wag-horne Georglna 

643 Colvllle Robt J 
645 Cameron Wm 
847 Brltton John 
649 McDsrmott John 
651 Macpherson Donald J 
553 Bayllss Sarah Mrs 
656 Hall Earl C 

♦ Ande st ends 
559 Cowan R Wesley 
561 Van Blarlcom Geo B 
5i63 Patterson Alb»rt B 
566 Littler Albert 
5«T Harrison Thos 
589 Geer Frank 
573 Sheldrlck Harold B 
»76 Sanderson John 
577 Mulock James 
587 Connors Jeremiah 
689 Ogden Mrs .Adeline 
591 KInchen Geo A 
B93 Hlnchcllfte Henrr 
695 Sheppard Geo H 
5S7 Kerr John F. pntr 

♦ Brock cres ends 
699 Holbrook John 
nni Mnlr Alex 

603 Garrett Ernest, piano 

606 Adams Robt 

607 McLean Wm 

609 KInchen Geo A, Rro 
813 Cook Chas A 

Fogg Alex 

iMlller H C 

Barker F 

♦ Bloor st w IntsrsscU 

617 Hall Alfred 
619 Cook John H 
621 Ford David 
623 Smith Stanley P 
(26 Holllngshead Thos 
627 Shinn Robt 
629 Goodinsky Chas 
831 Brltton Amos 
633 Wice John 
1 636 Sanlger Geo 
637 Hill Francis T 
641 Bishop Willis E 
643 Stewart Ellen E Mr» 
647 Irwin Joseph 
649 Allen Wm S 
659 Allen Chas H 
661 Foden David 
663 Turan Edwd 
666 Bell Robt 

687 Thompson Jesse L, gro 
e71 Hill John H 

Hill M Elsie, mus tohr 
67i3 Gurr Geo 
I7B Thompson J Saml 
677 Moxon Emma Mrs 
679 Jones BenJ 
681 Bowland Wm 
683 Kerr Alox 

686 Bailey Thos 

687 Hill John B T 
689 Jo.ies James E 

689a Colborne Margt Mr« 

Kenne<ly BUzth Mr« 
691 Gilchrist James 
693 Pearson